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110716161Anyone know the artist?[View]
110677464Why are the latest two episodes so late to hit the App? Cartoon Network usually puts them on the App…[View]
110715693>we may look bad but we dont care >all of them actually look like supermodels boy i hope someo…[View]
110714244Who's your favorite momfu?[View]
110714360Robotboy thread.[View]
110716233For me, it’s both Thompson and Love God.[View]
110710315how would he fare in DC? who is the strongest villain he could defeat[View]
110711911Best Cartoon intros i will start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtZ-cz-3zqo https://www.youtube.co…[View]
110710406Alfred Pennywoke[View]
110716391This bitch has been in SU since Season 1 and chose to become an eyeless mutation over redemption...a…[View]
110713966Captain Marvel a shit. She doesn’t have any badass momen-[View]
110712789Does she like him?: Two possibilities >Saturn Girl has a crush on Jon. Or >We're about to…[View]
110714532>ywn fall in love with the rule63 version of yourself[View]
110713787Pilot Dib is the best iteration of Dib. Prove me wrong.[View]
110713611Pirate Dentist: Underrated Gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-AfhybrBJk[View]
110711215Virgin/Chad thread: post em[View]
110714533>It ain't gonna suck itself, bitch[View]
110715841Does /co/ like witches?[View]
110713019Hey /co/, is there any cartoons or comics that deal with war and politics that Legend of The Galacti…[View]
110712400Carciphona: She was being honest but it was a lie. https://carciphona.com/index.php[View]
110714205Simpsons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fakAMcmM-ik[View]
110715070This is Putin What will he do next? You decide! I draw it![View]
110715887>Jerry, I'm pregnant[View]
110706080Gir: Gir appreciation thread[View]
110696864Nora is cute. CUTE[View]
110709123>villain is the only character that doesnt underestimate the hero Best trope…[View]
110713607/co/ characters that everyone wants to fuck Pic related. Goth girls are hot[View]
110707916DuckTales thread: Hopes or predictions for Season 3?[View]
110715168SHADOW STONE PARK IS AN UNDERRATED GEM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VOe80LGwdc[View]
1107151972019... I am forgotten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ReltA7xtbM[View]
110715806What changes?[View]
110714403>tfw you will never be as cool as Powerline[View]
110714054Why does everybody say this movie is dark. I'm literally watching this right now.[View]
110715389A man![View]
110706852Did y'all actually approve this shit? I leave this board for 2 months and find this randomly[View]
110710710That pizza had no business looking that delicious!![View]
110712382It's confirmed that the Justice League are being replaced. Batman will be Luke Fox Outside of t…[View]
110714159What does /co/ think of Monkey Dust? I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on here bu…[View]
110710735WE MUST GO DEEPER[View]
110711189>I'm gonna beat my brother because he dared to keep his friend's secret. Why is Wren su…[View]
110715049Anyone here take the SPandMe test? I was initially Scott Malkinson, but that disappeared when i fini…[View]
110712994Good musical numbers in movies that aren't musicals: I hate Shrek, but I kind of like this part…[View]
110714028What a sexy gal.[View]
110623600/shelf/: Show off your shelf of shit. Show off your latest purchases What purchase are you most exci…[View]
110676198Primal: Most sympathetic and likable hero in animation we've had in years. He hasn't even …[View]
110699106Infinity Train thread[View]
110710642So why wasn't 101 Dalmatian Street listed by Disney Plus today? Are they really not going to ma…[View]
110708613ITT: Power Girl: What has Power Girl been doing lately? She's on a new Earth 2, possibly came b…[View]
110704539>Hey kids[View]
110711990Why people were so obsessed with this show when it aired? I'm glad that this unnecessary hype e…[View]
110711043What are the WORST adapted storylines in the MCU?[View]
110713168Imagine the smell: this just seems right up our ally[View]
110710070> You've lost, Slylock Fox! Your almost pathological need to smugly defeat me by letting my …[View]
110713925>When your cartoon gets cancelled because 'lack of views'. >Reboots everywhere except for the …[View]
110693889Redpill me on webcomics. What are the must-reads, which ones are the most popular? I read 8-Bit Thea…[View]
110712761ITT-/co/ characters only you want to fuck[View]
110709246see this coming at you wyd[View]
110707224ITT: Comic Trivia: Batman is bad at cooking[View]
110697681/co/ would you PLEASE put your pants back on and help me over here![View]
110713339Can't wait for this[View]
110713199Does it hold up?[View]
110710593ITT: Movies/shows that take mythological/religious tales that are kinda bland and make them into a g…[View]
110713513Do those legs go all the way up?[View]
110697605Bartholomew JoJo Simpson's Bizarre Adventure[View]
110709236Was it ever explained how this joker went back to being a villain? Is it linked to the 3 jokers thin…[View]
110709901There's a shortage of chairs....[View]
110699311Be honest lads. Would you?[View]
110709858The Avengers Unity Squad should be reconstituted.: The Unity Squad was destroyed by that alternate c…[View]
110712593I don't know how much /co/ talks about this comic, but there is a Monstress TV series in develo…[View]
1107104172019...................i am literally forgotten[View]
110709805I want to go back /co/!!![View]
110712263The 60's[View]
110707746Starlin & The Infinity Saga: So I just re-read the Infinity Guantlet, wanted to get some good ol…[View]
110702908This is Paulina: Make up a story about her[View]
110709213What did /co/ think of Krypto the Superdog's first live action appearance?[View]
110711893>Hey garnet, do you have any idea what amethyst is up to? >I HAVE EVERY IDEA WHAT EVERYONE IS …[View]
110707490After reading HoxPox and catching up with X-Men, I must admit: X-Men Are the best thing that marvel …[View]
110681114What is your expectation for Steven Universe Future[View]
110708193Is it that hard for western cartoonist to make a comic about strong, independent women without pande…[View]
110692788In all honesty, what do you consider to be the most overrated animated movie in your opinion ?: pic-…[View]
110710323Erma: So anyone else reading this. Looks like the main story will be on break during the Halloween s…[View]
110700024Superman: What 'mainstream continuity' Superman do you prefer /co/? What live-action version? (I…[View]
110711232What need to happy for longtime piece to happy now?[View]
110712090Holy shit, this is the single most annoying and entitled bitch in any cartoon ever watched. I compl…[View]
110711328My biggest dream is getting into animation and eventually making my animated series However >I do…[View]
110712306just finished this what did I think of it?[View]
110703586Unsounded: Greatest wright in centuries.[View]
110712103Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April or Angel?[View]
110712068>Show superhero movie >It doesnt have a Mid/Post credit scene…[View]
110710600Can we have a thread about the people in the animation industry known to lurk/post on here?[View]
110710448Can't believe they spent all that money to make the show and the first time they acknowledge it…[View]
110711404>It has like 5 comedic reliefs. More than half are children. >Themes are never tackled in-dept…[View]
110710661This man, this man right here is responsible for nearly every dumbass creative decision for DC over …[View]
110711242Never posted here before, so forgive me if I clip a few rules, also SPOILERS FOR ADULT SWIM'S P…[View]
110707481Harvey Beaks: Time for the occasional 'Please don't let this show be forgotten' thread. Full Se…[View]
110707671It's over bros...[View]
110706108Could Steven....?[View]
110709166I wanna _____________ Sandy Cheeks.[View]
110710877Which /co/ character is most likely to eat purple yam and cheese ice cream? HARD MODE: You can…[View]
110695663I did not care for Samurai Jack[View]
110694922genndyverse thread: >Black goo makes Spear and the Ape Men into giant green monsters >In PPG, …[View]
110683316>2010s cartoon >finale confirms a lesbian ship why is this allowed? Why don't gay guys ge…[View]
110663372Carmen Sandiego: >the netflix carmen sandiego cartoon is actually good and not 'sjw shit' like pe…[View]
110688170Favorite Tara Strong role?[View]
110709093ITT great artwork[View]
110709983A new way to handle the development stage: Does this development stage sound good to you? 1) Hire pe…[View]
110695758Books you wish were scanned: Not sure what this is, but going by the next pages it's a drawing …[View]
110709600ITT: Shows that nobody watched and nobody remembers Why was the Hub such a graveyard guys[View]
110708731>'Gee, Anon. Don't tell me you actually consider superhero movies to have artistic value whe…[View]
110703051Daily reminder that we got Emoji Movie instead of this movie. And years later we got a crappy Popeye…[View]
110693821Asians: Post asians[View]
110687931Fang redesigned by a paleoartist: would you watch?[View]
110707976Was the 2000s peak cartoons ?[View]
110708154Reminder that Joker no longer 'Certified Fresh = any chances for this getting into any Academy Award…[View]
110706523Is Futurama an Isekai?: >main character gets sent to another world, in this case the far future …[View]
110710008They would have produced the most unfathomably OP offspring[View]
110695030I can't wait for Kronk to win to prove that /co/ loves the handsome big boy. Let's make it…[View]
110708954Totally not Nazis: Post 'we wanted to use Nazis but couldn't get it past censors'[View]
110710130Is Paul Dini a spergy boy? Just read the graphic novel based on that night he got fucked up. It…[View]
110705228ITT: Simpsons shitposting.[View]
110710089Why the FUCK...[View]
110686139Who is the best Marvel girl?[View]
110707143Great Opening and endings.: Post Kino openings (and endings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK_t…[View]
110709866Jewish kid in Fairly Oddparents?: Is it just me who noticed this, or is this kid sitting next to Ver…[View]
110674684Things everyone on /co/ can agree on >Barbara never should have regained the ability to walk and …[View]
110700597Questionable Content: Booo, get back to the better robots[View]
110707867Make a cartoon about her, /co/[View]
110707401So... mutants are minority, right? Then how come that 90% of the crimes in the USA are committed by …[View]
110702806'CRISIS' POTENTIAL SPOILERS: Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were spotted filming a scene for the '…[View]
1107063295G: So whats the over under on this existing for like 3 moths to a yeah and then either backpedaling…[View]
110708243>What does /co/ think of SuperDrags?[View]
110709763>show is successful >sells merch >has good ratings >execs mess with it by taking it in a…[View]
110707488ITT: Heroes meeting for the first time and immediately fighting for stupid reasons: People complain …[View]
110706016Has anyone else seen it?[View]
110709714Good Marvel superhero for a crossover what the X-man?[View]
110697215Why is the Joker so popular?[View]
110709222>Calls himself a Social Justice Warrior and fights against large oppressive regimes and industrie…[View]
110704142>4 months post-bag >NYCC/SDCC happen >still nothing…[View]
110708213Has /co/ seen this episode of Phineas and Ferb yet?[View]
110708298>don’t mind me, just here to beat the shit out of a mentally ill man who was abused from childhoo…[View]
110700983The Superior Spider-Man arc just ended. What did you think of it? How would you rank it compared to …[View]
110709114/CO/ MICKEY'S IN TROUBLE!!! HELP HIM!!!![View]
110709271The JSA, based, trad, golden age. So much so that modern woke DC had to cuck and gay them ala Jay Ga…[View]
110667521If you have cable and pay for premium next week’s Tangled Series episodes are up. Here are some spoi…[View]
110708374One more month, bros![View]
110708877>oh shit Amazon prime have the OG ben 10 >only 10 episodes >just random episodes so is thi…[View]
110708127Not to be that one guy but... Amphibia totally won the tribe wars in the end[View]
110708810Jokes that flew over your head when you were a kid[View]
110706597The citizens of South Park are moving toward a completely plant-based diet. Cartman is pretty sure t…[View]
110662338Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
110695112It's that time of year bitches[View]
110708600>Sandy, I'm pregnant[View]
110708477How do you think the Justice league could deal with a Necromorph outbreak? Could they also stop the…[View]
110706345Is it any good?[View]
110708420Protect his smile[View]
110700716Batman #237 'Night of the Reaper' storytime: This one's a classic[View]
110694486/co/splay: post /co/ cosplay[View]
110704952Dumbing of Age: classic b[View]
110695873Betty Ross & Thaddeus Ross To Appear In Disney+'s SHE-HULK: Marvel Studios is also looking …[View]
110700777what's the secret to the success of the MCU?: is it really just good individual movies and a fa…[View]
110707537What was her problem with bobby?[View]
110707659this guy smokes weed[View]
110705698The best /co/ trilogy of all time.[View]
110707494Is this porn?[View]
110692684Is there literally anyone that can play him that isn’t Michael Ironside?[View]
110702191So now that mutants are 'immortal' how hard are they going to job now that death doesn't apply?…[View]
110706839Heathcliff is performing.[View]
110706957how do you catch a cursor-fish? click bait[View]
110705413How many times have we seen the Waynes get shot by Joe Chill?[View]
110707019Speedster: Who is the fastest? And NOT fuckin hammer Space bullshit showing up at the entrance. That…[View]
110707353So, /co/ which one do you choose?[View]
110706408Could your favorite /co/ character win a fight against Boog?[View]
110676641Erfworld shuttered permanently: >Because of horrific and unbearable events in our personal lives,…[View]
110705897Fun fact about Steven Universe, did you know that originally, every episode was suppose to feature a…[View]
110704403ITT: Think of tropes you're sure that haven't been done, and other anons try to prove you …[View]
110707223Could raven destroy a planet?[View]
110703014Name a more a fucked up scene from any cartoon[View]
110706769What's your favorite thing about Halloween? For me it's witches.[View]
110697065Thread for everyone who didn't make the nomination list for Mr. /co/[View]
110664148ITT: Horrific deaths of /co/ villains.[View]
110707150>'It's not cinema, it’s something else,' he argued. 'We shouldn’t be invaded by it. We need …[View]
110697491The David Pumpkins Halloween Special: >HOW'S IT HANGING?! >I'M DAVID PUMPKINS! >I…[View]
110707142What were your fav childhood cartoons from the late 2000s-early 2010s?[View]
110699666With SUF being confirmed as the final season: Did you Believe In Steven?[View]
110703764First off, I always slay it, queen.[View]
110592964Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
110696643BARRY IS GETTING REPLACED: Fucking finally. For those that don’t know, check >>110691024 Now,…[View]
110704289Why did they call him first mutant?[View]
110705147How to become a DC/Marvel comics writter : Is it nepotism only?[View]
110706847Is he right about cartoonists? Are they really crazy in the head?[View]
110703373Mr. /co/: Round 7/Finals (Results) Kronk vs Grim: Keep all tournament talk ITT. Round 1 (End): >…[View]
110706784Season 2 Hotel Transylvania: The Seriesseries season 2: So I JUST found out that season 2 of this sh…[View]
110705134AcceleRacers: I still REALLY like Hotwheels: AcceleRacers. It did a good job of upping the momentum …[View]
110705381Is it too late to nominate Fang for Ms. /co/ 2019?[View]
110706530Previously on X-Men...[View]
110706607ITT: Only the saddest /co/ moments are allowed in this thread.[View]
110705714/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: Thread Guidelines: >Provide references for all requested characters and …[View]
110706424Can Gotham be saved?[View]
110640702>Episodes that awoke something in you[View]
110705369The only Harley Quinn worth reading right now. Plus, H.Q a sexy in that leather jacket & doctors…[View]
110705355Fanboy and Chum Chum: It's been ten years since the worst Nickelodeon show next to FRED and Mr …[View]
110706124Is there a church scene in the Kingsmen comic books? It would be very...patriotic...if you could tel…[View]
1107042662020s Cartoons: Are you ready for a brand new generation of cartoons?[View]
110703183Post villains that are based on historical figures.[View]
110692936Watch Voltron: WATCH VOLTRON[View]
110702933will it ever be topped?[View]
110645099DC 5G relaunch and 2020 Crisis: Now that it’s being reported on from sides other than BC and with ev…[View]
110703512Will we ever get a show that starts with the Wayne murders all the way up to and through him joining…[View]
110701133Thoughts on this?[View]
110701181Melusine is for fucking.[View]
110704281Asterix thread: Asterix thread[View]
110698358THE DOWNFALL OF ANIMATION: Why do animated movies suck nowadays?[View]
110702819why is Mary Jane Watson so based /co/?[View]
110705272>female character has a midriff[View]
110704772ANIMATION DARK AGE: Both Disney and CN went through a slump in the previous decade , which would you…[View]
110703116Pick one. They will defend you as if you were their own son. The rest will try to murder you.[View]
110700430Seriously what was the point of making him gay? It wasn't bad enough that it was a stupid retco…[View]
110702661>post yfw you realize you could've taken the whole day off[View]
110703197South Park: Is there a new episode this week or are we in the first gap week?[View]
110699452ITT: Superheroes you created: >Name: >Powers: >Misc. Skills: >Quirks and Personality: …[View]
110705361So, when are we getting that X-Men/Roger Rabbit crossover?[View]
110705039Why are monster girls so popular in cartoons these days?[View]
110699529/co/ goths[View]
110700340Am I the only one that watched this?[View]
110699631What's your favorite version of the Legion?[View]
110688889When did Family Guy start sucking? Personally, I say it was around the episode Bonnie gave birth.[View]
110694846>IDW >Fleetway >Archie Which is the best Sonic comic series?…[View]
110702198ITT: Elseworlds/non canon/alternate continuity stories that'd make great standalone movies.[View]
110703933How would your favorite /co/ characters talk someone out of suicide? Just curious.[View]
110703729Black Widow: Do you think we will get more butt shots of Braap Widow in her new movie?[View]
110698146Dick Tracy part 2: >>110687218 Well, it's been a very interesting bunch of years we'…[View]
110703057Is jasper gay too?[View]
110702321So we all know we're getting a second attempt at a Justice League movie. The question is: how w…[View]
110701889>Everything from the SCP universe gets thrown into the DC universe all at once Would DC be able t…[View]
110704708ITT: Bad scenes of animation in otherwise good shows.[View]
110704707Have a good night's sleep Anons.[View]
110602207/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
110664962ITT : questionable shit[View]
110704396What comic scenes should they include in a possible Joker sequel?[View]
110702043Why have John Constantine and Lucifer Morningstar never met? Would they just combine and create an i…[View]
110691863Why is Harvey Dent criminally underused? He has great storytelling potential, probably more than guy…[View]
110695691There's never been a good Batman run in the past 30 years that didn't feature Ra's al…[View]
110588354Purest form of love thread.[View]
110688997>”sheldon, do you have this issue of science friction?”[View]
110703343>Thats funny it wasn't reaching out to 911, it was trying to reach a private number >Is t…[View]
110703833What did /co/ think of Krypto the Superdog's first live action appearance?[View]
110693772What do you think about Saudi Arabia's upcoming 2D movie, Catsaway? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
110674077Hi.: My name is Lion-O and I'm a Thundercat![View]
110702118What does /co/ think about Eclipsa?[View]
110698383JSA Storytime: Top 10: Good evening owls, we'll see how far we get[View]
110701044I just realized that the animated Addams Family movie came out two days ago, to anyone that watched …[View]
110702859What were your top three favorite nicktoons as a kid?[View]
110688200Anyone else notice the LITERAL mouse cursors in the lake?[View]
110701617That....was actually a good episode of 'The Walking Dead': I now understand who the Whisperers are. …[View]
110696071Villains: 1) Who has the best rogue's gallery 2) Best Individual Villain 3) Best Villain Group …[View]
110702391Good evening Nighthawks, we’ve been expecting you.[View]
110701653Harvey Beaks: Other than its cancellation, did anyone even watch this show? Or even care about it?…[View]
110699076I got you now! Wait until I tell Mr. Krabs you're a..[View]
110702459Adventure beckons![View]
110702297GOMU GOMU NO![View]
110693520Titans confirmed to be in Crisis on Infinite Earth[View]
110687218Dick Tracy: Why, I do believe it's time for Dick Tracy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enMx6Rd…[View]
110678633What comics would he read, how much of a spaz would he be about it?[View]
110693275DC Super Hero Girls: Even Villians need their time MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!eUkTQIrb!poHvtkewX9jvdUD…[View]
110692808What happened to the previous voice actors from season 1 and also Dragon Hunters thread[View]
110702090>Farmer #1, I’m pregnant.[View]
110701666Are there any Total Drama characters that you dislike or characters you think don't bring anyth…[View]
110701992Oh no![View]
110643932Steven Multiverse thread: Including >Steven Belcher >Steven Parker >Steven Kent >Steven…[View]
110698564Is there a another example of the least good character becoming the best character in a later adapti…[View]
110667062Geronimo Stilton: What does /co/ think of Geronimo Stilton?[View]
110699462Mr. /co/: Round 7/Finals (FINALE) Kronk vs Grim: Voting Ends Tonight. Keep all tournament talk ITT. …[View]
110698113when did disney lose all it's soul?[View]
110666007Battle of the Planets: With a movie coming out from the Russo's in the next year or so, do you …[View]
110701054Anyone have any weird /co/ merch from over the years? I asked my mom to order these EEnE shot glasse…[View]
110701269Summer thread: How's your Summer going so far, /co/?[View]
110701233Who had a better love story overall, /co/?[View]
110692601Hey Phineas let's have sex![View]
110696917Goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time[View]
110696405Animation Domination General #1: Who gives a fuck Edition: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY. Disney'…[View]
110691304Why do webcomics tend to start like this? What will it take for people to learn that titles like 'Bo…[View]
110700434Squidward Torture: Why did Squidward get tortured so much during Seasons 6-8[View]
110698709>AT ended >RS ended >Star vs ended >Gumball ended >MLP ended >SU is ending nex…[View]
110700813How do country bumpkins git so rich? Where does that trope come from?[View]
110700151Just had the worst idea: They introduce the MCU X-Men through the MCU Champions. The team is >Ang…[View]
110696716How long is Marvel going to keep Miles Morales in High School? Will he ever go to college? Peter Par…[View]
110697528Tiny Titans Storytime: Let's do this lads[View]
110700585i gotcha: >no! not the Wuxi finger-hold!!![View]
110688264I LOVE EMMY[View]
110698882WORST ERA FOR ANIMATION: How does it feel like currently living in the worst era for animated movies…[View]
110698995Toy Story 4: I just watched, I didn't know the plot or spoilers outside of the fork guy, how di…[View]
110696916Is TDK the best batman movie?[View]
110689319Nobody gives a shit about Bendis legion . Bendis's part to make 'teen' Jon happen by leeching o…[View]
110698258How would he fare against the JL?[View]
110698712Since it appears that DC is rebooting again.: Guess the new Justice League line up. Hard Mode: Must…[View]
110699041Was this movie good?[View]
110690963Earth-7642: Elseworlds of What If?: >Trial of The Centuries : Booster Gold, Rip Hunter & The …[View]
110693973Teen Lantern: How was this character approved?: How was this character approved? We need more GL lan…[View]
110689252you fuckin' feel me /co/?[View]
110694675What went wrong?[View]
110697794>'Hey there young adult cartoon watchers and aspiring cartoonists! Can't help but notices yo…[View]
110698151does he deserve to be happy or does he have to be Captain America forever?[View]
110664027What the fuck went so right with the Joker. At this point, it's seriously going to challenge bo…[View]
110699264At shortest how long will it go on for before Roiland and Harmon(or Adult Swim)pull the plug?[View]
110693797for me it's Watchmen Noir. FUCK COLOR[View]
110696965Chop Socky Chooks: What the hell happened to this, i haven't heard one thing about this series …[View]
110698561>Al Leftwing ruined and make him marvel universe worst villain >nu-co loves it…[View]
110697079Why yes, i did enjoy joker, how could you tell ?[View]
110697964Do you ship them?[View]
110698145What is canon with the X-Men now?: So I didnt read the new X-Men stuff with Hickman but I heard that…[View]
110698615I can't believe Grant Morrison fucking died![View]
110698654Has there ever been a leak on the size of [REDACTED]?: Where the raw files used to make the show wer…[View]
110693015Finishing the Spider-Geddon Storytime Part 1 >>110689848[View]
110698335So is this the natrual evolution of what happens after batman rapes the joker?[View]
110697409Does /co/ like the Addams Family?[View]
110692091my 'story' animated: I don't fucking care if it's completely made up, Don't pull shit…[View]
110686673I realized something about the Joker movie. Gary will become Gaggy Joker's original sidekick be…[View]
110698250i wanted to play Mouse Trap. Ya roll your dice, ya move your mice. Nobody gets hurt.[View]
110684136Raina Telgemeier: What does she have that every other Western comic creator doesn’t?[View]
110698162Barnacle MAAAN.[View]
110696083Haven't read a comic in about 2 years. Last Marvel I read was Civil War 2 and the last DC I rea…[View]
110696572ITT: Post and describe your favorite comics of the modern era (1985-now). I really love space operas…[View]
110688457Team Fortress comics: Started a thread yesterday about these, someone started a storytime of them an…[View]
110697982Dankmus thread: Post your favorites. youtube.com/watch?v=a4HuUmwWesA youtube.com/watch?v=vEMhtDMD4G0…[View]
110669145You put your down, DOWN![View]
110695539Now /co/, for your first man task you must plunge your fist... into the pain hole![View]
110696554Do you prefer Barbara as Batgirl or Oracle?[View]
110696707>MFW character is designed by George Perez How could such a great artist have so many misses when…[View]
110682129Mr. /co/: Round 7/Finals (Part 2) Kronk vs Grim: Keep all tournament talk ITT. Round 1 (End): >…[View]
110694805ITT: Mutants you want to see return: So now that the resurrection floodgates are open, what long-dea…[View]
110685485Is Bow gay, straight, or bi? He's quite flamboyant, but also we've only ever seen him date…[View]
110674934ITT: Cartoons that could pass as anime: ITT: Cartoons that could pass as anime[View]
110613692MEGA Thread: >My Life as a Teenage Robot S01-S03 [DVD Rip] https://mega.nz/#F!CREQ0QSI!ot901isZmV…[View]
110697398Now that the decade is over...: Is this the biggest success ever achieved?[View]
110669837Whats the appeal? Is this just a show for zoomers and underage used up thots that pretend to be depr…[View]
110696631Red hood >>> tim >>> ric grayson >>> alfred >>>damian[View]
110693210>What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats …[View]
110688366Two new episodes of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired yesterday. One of them I think wa…[View]
110697265Are we just not gonna talk about how cute miles is?[View]
110674860how do you cope when your favorite /co/ show ends?[View]
110697073Post characters from a specific country and say where, I’ll start with an obvious one. America.[View]
110677203Western magical girls: Well we come every get a western magical girl show as good as Lolirock, Winx …[View]
110696557Help me! I've fallen and I can't get up![View]
110696683>big bad is defeated by the power of music[View]
110692790If you were given a single infinity gem, which one would you want?[View]
110689484What was stopping PD from taking spinel with her?[View]
110668198The Lion Guard: What is /co/'s opinion on this excellent show?[View]
110696819>Tony Stark >self-made Can someone explain this to me? Even the whole 'he lost his company and…[View]
110687622Western Fan Service: Does anyone know of any Western fan service out that that actually good. So fa…[View]
110670910Post your fave /co/ goths, my guys.[View]
110696494Finally picked this up. What am I in for boys?[View]
110694366when did you realise that dreamworks were better at fantasy?[View]
110696715Ron vs. Shaggy, who wins?[View]
110685084Are there any good comics where the hero just fucking dies in the end?[View]
110696053Where is he /co/?[View]
110693532Outsourcing: How did Korea get better than Japan?[View]
110695552what does /co/ think of Kyle Carrozza?[View]
1106749622019, I am forgotten.[View]
110695168Should Todd Philips try his hand at Watchmen?: I mean, he's no Snyder but...[View]
110693598Too much pizza.[View]
110692127Why do so many people like this show again? The voices are like nails on a chalkboard. Morty's …[View]
110692234How is he able to walk on walls if he's wearing thick boots? That's my only criticism with…[View]
110628011Miraculous Ladybug: What went wrong?: And how do we fix it?[View]
110693669south park: for me, it's kyle also predictions for this weeks episode, or next weeks if they de…[View]
1106943002006 Animation: Was 2006 was the best year for animated movies[View]
110695747PLANKTON X HELGA: HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS!!! Plankton X Helga is the best motherfucking Nicktoons shi…[View]
110695703Why does c-3po look like beavis and butthead now?[View]
110695678I just wanted people to see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEteMtrbRcg[View]
110695148Season 6 when?[View]
110689361What would be bad about this going public domain?[View]
110695187I think we can pretty much all agree that THIS origin of adults episode in KND is 100% noncanon. It …[View]
110695247Post your punished waifus.[View]
110639442Titans: New episode today, featuring the best bois and a potentially spoiler-y synopsis: Conner >…[View]
110695392What went right?[View]
110694757We're around the time season four would have been released.[View]
110695401What does /co think of clasharama?[View]
110694772Brother Bear 2: What the hell were Disney thinking?[View]
110695327Homer is angry. What do?[View]
110661231Why haven't you seen her show yet?[View]
110694370https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdhfDCt3I9k Did they had sexual intercourse?[View]
110695059Anyone have any other good examples of the whole 'Bruce Wayne is Batman's alter ego' thing? It…[View]
110654985I need more of those retarded /co/ gangster/edgy images[View]
110687937This show was unexpectedly good.[View]
110694442Are you dressing up as anything /co/ related this holloween? I want to make a skeksis costume.[View]
110694727Was he an ultimate boomer? >born in 1946 just in the ere of USA's baby boom >wife bad bec…[View]
110676938The Hazbin Hotel/VivziePop fanbase.[View]
110677770What race is Gaz?[View]
110689848Spider-Geddon Storytime[View]
110694463What was his fucking problem?[View]
110692379Old cartoons intros: How about some good ol' songs from Saturday morning cartoons? Post your fa…[View]
110690531Did Thomas Wayne actually receive her letters?[View]
110694249Villainous ARG: Nobody has been able to crack it thus far. http://blackhatorg.com/[View]
110692635WORST DISNEY ANIMATED MOVIES: What are the worst Disney movies in your opinion? 15. Incredibles 2 14…[View]
110692190Kelly is going to push that shark like, Donny Cates using cosmic ghost rider.[View]
110684713/co/ villain song thread: post em, rate em, rearrange em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V53lOLjgiw…[View]
110684800What do you think about the school inspector from Gumball[View]
110670381Boy there’s someone about this that seems familiar[View]
110630633>Nobody: >Not a single soul: >Peridot: STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE…[View]
110686961You don't UNDERSTAND \co\, I have no INTEREST in your super heroes and attractive girls from sp…[View]
110692669>And that’s that for this lil chapter! Next week we’re on to chapter 13 where second worst girl (…[View]
110689506Considering: >They Made Star Lord look like a whiny bitch compared to Thor in IW >Made Star Lo…[View]
110692998This is Paulina, /co/: She likes to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog and Billy & Mandy What’s your…[View]
110689450Marvel's Spider-man: New episode today. He's back![View]
110690878What would a cartoon adaptation of Gex be like?[View]
110693516Anyone can reecommend me comic books that came out this year? So far loving pic related. Euro and ja…[View]
110691459/co/ of 2019: What do you think of the cartoons and comic books that came out this year? Has it been…[View]
110691850The minds behind the Emoji Movie knew it was going to be shit but banked on it becoming a meme throu…[View]
110693221Does /co/ like Gumball?[View]
110693160Which episodes of the original Teen Titans series would you consider the best? Are there any you wou…[View]
110693136How would a certain village in Brittany do against Lex Corps attempts to remove them? Assume Superma…[View]
110692610>THEY'LL DESTROY US ALL[View]
110691049Meaningful Animated Short Films: What animated shorts do you find meaningful and of value? I'll…[View]
110691718How would Numidium fare in the DC/Marvel universes?[View]
110688618Would Jack make a good mentor for Steven?[View]
110671739Spooktober! Week 2 Saturday Night: The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoons…[View]
110690557Marvel's Superior Spider-Man saga finale: The time has come for Superior Spider-Man to meet his…[View]
110686660>trains on 1100 ton weights >dies by having his chest crushed by a fat man Why didn't the…[View]
110691377bless the harts: i like this show so far[View]
110689836'It's Walky: Year Zero' Storytime: All these recent DOA threads have reminded me of the last go…[View]
110692299What was the point of this episode?[View]
110689742Happy lazy Sunday! Could we have a thread for girls in their robe/towel/pajamas?[View]
110689204Why isn't the original avatar on Netflix?[View]
110689947What are your thoughts thus far on Gotham City Monsters? Alright idea I suppose, but perhaps a bit o…[View]
110686881Will we ever see him back in his former glory?[View]
110692052Scary Episodes: >It's a rape episode.[View]
110687790>Piece of shit Thomas Wayne >Dickhead Alfred How well will this Bruce Wayne turn out as Batman…[View]
110692024UP is overrated, this was the greatest love story ever told by Pixar[View]
110690120well that show was cute. Did you watch it Anon?[View]
110680808DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Updates: - The Scarlet Witch creates the “Multiverse of …[View]
110690005Is this true?[View]
110690424What if Superman had actually remained dead?[View]
110691197Batman: 'I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you': Is there a precedent in the comi…[View]
110691748Why do you keep calling him ____?[View]
110691742A-minky-minky-minky-minky-minky-minky-minky momo! The Minky Momo is an attitude, The Minky Momo is a…[View]
110690672-Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) and the Government does not want Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) to be …[View]
110691136Could any super team stop them?[View]
110687389Holy shit[View]
110691607Lincoln, hurry up our bath is ready![View]
110691537Post Deadpool's funniest moments. Pic related.[View]
110691403The avatar comics were pretty weird: Fire Lord Izumi’s backstory, for example was pretty explicit. I…[View]
110680204Can someone tell me why can't villains be someone you just fucking hate? What happened to villa…[View]
110688920I did not ask for the future these animators are pushing. But I will gladly accept it.[View]
110690687Is Batman lawful good or lawful evil? I ask because he mainly beats up the mentally ill, as a billio…[View]
110688025>Superhero >doesn't have a cool secret hideout haha...seriously??? whats the point of bei…[View]
110689108How could batman possibly stop this joker?[View]
110689384Is this the most pathetic villan ever?[View]
110690331Official Expression Charts: Do you have any on hand? Post 'em. I always like these things.…[View]
110688209Why do nostalgiafags hate on this show?[View]
110690127Realistically, how long could one of the street-level heroes keep crimefighting with as much physica…[View]
110686382Favorite gags: Anyone else feeling miserable? ITT post your favorite gags and other moments that mak…[View]
110687396Just read all of it. So... let's see... the current status is that all mutants are welcome on …[View]
110687084>A black character in a recent cartoon who wasn't the voice of reason or the nerd.…[View]
110690199Titan III: Cold Steel: Been trying to find this forever not and cant find it anywhere. I am now here…[View]
110637610>show has been around 30 years >No good porn…[View]
110689028>Roll a random superpower http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random >Edit pic related …[View]
110689880this is your new superhero band.[View]
110647273When will people stop pretending that it was good?[View]
11068998812 Oz Mouse 2020: https://youtu.be/V3YNry4AreA Going by https://www.awesomeinc.com/commercial/12oz-m…[View]
110689189Smallville Green Arrow is gonna be in Crisis too[View]
110684974Thoob: Thoob appreciation thread[View]
110679068Here’s your fat best friend, /co/.[View]
110686820What is the best website for cartoons? I used to love pic related, but they don't even have the…[View]
110672262CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Guest Stars And Set Pics Round-Up: >Brandon Routh as Clark Kent / Super…[View]
110690869Apocalypse graphic novel/comic: Looking for a graphic novel. Tried googling and couldn't find i…[View]
110689333Starfire waifu: Which one, /co/?[View]
110687060Why was JLA cancelled? Was it bad? I watched a few YT clips and it was no JLU but it was entertainin…[View]
110688349This dopey fuck is fucking a hot ass Vampire on the reg and basically you’re a piece of shit[View]
110674794Elseworld Storytime: I am sick, but tomorrow going to a Lamborghini festival. Tonight I will start B…[View]
110689087>Arthur, your mother didn't tell you what happened to your father...…[View]
110669747DC Super Hero Girls | New episode[View]
110688898>Aku, I'm pregnant. You'll take responsibility, right?[View]
110682873Has Diana ever farted in front of Steve?[View]
110686869Fisk: >It means that I'm not the Samaritan. That I'm not the priest, or the Levite. Tha…[View]
110625175>Finn, I'm pregnant[View]
110682832She's your daughter[View]
110688602Clone Saga: >The original clone saga had a few follow-ups before the 90's clone saga >Ben…[View]
110670569What makes Azula so compelling?[View]
110686877Could Steven redeem him?[View]
110653914Reminder Steven Universe could beat up your favorite character[View]
110687401What are some all-time classic cartoons worth downloading/torrenting?[View]
110681625What are some good X universe (X-Men, X-Force, X Factor, New Mutants ..etc) stories? I'm not t…[View]
110655096she cute[View]
110688300>10 seconds to curtain mr fleck[View]
110687441Adventure Time: Why did PB create a race of morons again?[View]
110687262Which is the best version of eggman?[View]
110688113Even when it was at its worst, I enjoyed Adventure Time for the world, exploration, and D&D elem…[View]
110678694>almost 4 hour Crisis movie starring fucking everyone I can't believe it's actually hap…[View]
110670747Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal thread: What do you think of the Series so far? Do you think Fang i…[View]
110684775>I am the leader and keeper of peace on Earth >Why? >Because I'm the Avatar >Why? …[View]
110687523This is my wife don't post her without my permission[View]
110686945What the hell was in that sauce?[View]
110680040is there a bigger meme than le golden age/zombie simpsons? >m-muh celebrities simpsons sucked cel…[View]
110686114Where the fuck is it[View]
110687131Ratatouille: Rewatched this for the first time in four years and at the 50 minute mark I found mysel…[View]
110684931ITT: /co/ incels[View]
110687564Do you listen to any /co/ related podcast?[View]
110673543What are some of your favorite /co/ ayy lmaos? Pic related is best love interest Shaggy ever had.[View]
110663577Lmao, they fucking got Lucifer in COIE[View]
110687093Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why was Shredder gay for an Utrom in the Fred Wolf cartoon?[View]
110687145>Grim, I'm pregnant.[View]
110687228Adventure Time Tier List: I know I'm late to the party but I just finished binging the entirety…[View]
110686584ITT: animated music videos you really like. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtv40bOE3U4[View]
110686791>Bobby, I'm pregnant[View]
110685068ITT: things even the MCU will inevitably fail at >making Reed's stretching powers look good …[View]
110686861Western Comics & Copyright: Why don't Western copyright laws follow the same business model…[View]
110686805Is she right, /co/?[View]
110679564Why does she has photos of both Popeye and Bruto?[View]
110686685Skeletor Thread: Skeletor is love.[View]
110685156Superman: What 'mainstream continuity' Superman do you prefer /co/? What live-action version? (I…[View]
110685972Absolute Carnage: Scream #3 Preview[View]
110685975Harley Quinn is a better character now than she was before. While all her other qualities remained c…[View]
110679290husbando/waifu thread[View]
110640995My dream harem[View]
110681788ITT: /co/ characters that are blatant copies of other existing characters[View]
110676467Ruber posting.[View]
110686328>like eighty SU threads >no Aqua Teen thread you look at this board and tell me there's a…[View]
110685243Toonami General #9: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110686249The Ventriloquist and Scarface: I wish he was used more.[View]
110681905>girl falls in love with her friend >her friend ignores her advances and pretends everything i…[View]
110676431So Joker: I'm assuming you've all talked this movie to death. I stayed as unspoiled as I c…[View]
110686985Why was this Jokers laugh so good bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0eIwQhEJi4[View]
110670563October 2019... I am forgotten...[View]
110648543Name a better run, you can't[View]
110683362We live in a waffle, dude![View]
110686057Aw, man.[View]
110680593underrated villians: >be despero >be a ruler of an advanced planet >can outlift superman, o…[View]
110678961Should Murray Franklin be canon in the batman comics?[View]
110683576https://youtu.be/lL2cD5MfIMc Post your fucking face[View]
110660569brown girl thread: post cute brown girls[View]
110678276Will DC try to make Joker an anti-hero the way they did Harley Quinn?[View]
110664170How close was he to the Riddler character in the comics at that time?[View]
110672620Why is there so much social stigma against comic and animation fans? The Sal from the comic pop podc…[View]
110641884He was too good for the show he was in.[View]
110684823Alexander Luthor Jr: So what's the deal with Alexander Luthor Jr? In Forever Evil it was reveal…[View]
110644979Avengers - PS4: So, any hype at all for this? What do you think of Kamala Khan as the main lead? htt…[View]
110675198>Black goo makes Spear and the Ape Men into giant green monsters >In PPG, Chemical X is a blac…[View]
110640826ITT: Cultural appropriation in modern comics[View]
110683953Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110684783Spider jerusalem: Best spider jerusalem momentos thread[View]
110666628south park: >ruins your show[View]
110676090This show is surprisingly good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-O1gCcVyVY[View]
110682473>Rui feels like a generic self insert probably demanded by higher ups >The bodies of the chara…[View]
110668702Joker fucking mapped out the Warner Bros' entire plan for the DCEU, Just remake movies but add …[View]
110684485Dumbing of Age: wangst?[View]
110672633What are the chances they get their own episode in the new season? Its already 2019 after all?![View]
110675327absolute unit[View]
110684386Barnyard thread Otis has won[View]
110682939Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110681560Are you from Bali? You look a little ball in knees.[View]
110683733PLANKTON X HELGA: HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS!!! Plankton X Helga is the best motherfucking Nicktoons shi…[View]
110672254Forgotten /co/ movies[View]
110677899Which of the episodes was the best?[View]
110679063Earth-7642: >Trial of The Centuries : Booster Gold, Rip Hunter & The Exiles are tried by The …[View]
110681390Heathcliff and Sonja use cannons.[View]
110681298Best girl.[View]
110681840Toonami General #6: Bread is best food Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto s…[View]
110680303Wiccan & Speed To Appear In WANDAVISION: >Casting is underway for twin babies. They are part …[View]
110665523 [View]
110677861Who greased jons weiner?[View]
110682500Why isnt he funnier?[View]
110633058The Anime Club Story Time: I had the sudden urge to post about the Anime Club. So here it is.[View]
110681028Who’s gem would you polish?[View]
110666578Hypothetically, could Adam get away with a school shooting if he had the right permits?[View]
110682013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYhtC1JWiG8 vulgarcito is literally peak spic cartoon.[View]
110676831Do you dispute the legitimacy of the Cousins?[View]
110680786Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110672616Absolutely terrifying.[View]
110677998>Be me >Favorite show ends >The main character last lines are meant for us >Main charact…[View]
110671876Why are they so lewd?[View]
110674930Now that the dust has settled... OK KO was bad right? The art was constantly shit, the writing sucks…[View]
110658216The Owl House: *Ahem* Good evening, 4chan. I am not very happy with you guys at all. Don't thin…[View]
110675674Diversity equal black characters?: So with the rumors that DC will change all their major characters…[View]
110628782What the hell was Fleetway Sonic's problem?[View]
110604063What's one of the worst moments in any cartoon you're aware of or seen?[View]
110672272What was /co initial reaction?[View]
110669428Oh hey anon! Did you want some?[View]
110680862How would your favorite /co/ character talk someone out of suicide?[View]
110668479The Oblongs: This show was great, how come it only lasted 13 episodes?[View]
110679258Hey /co/, wanna hear the exact time and date of your death?[View]
110674892This is pretty good. Why aren't we getting a tv show of this while meaningless shits get their…[View]
110676796Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
110680118Is there any Marvel equivalent to this? Something with great art and lots of cool space action.[View]
110679168>the main character in the last cartoon you watched has been replaced by patrick bateman what ha…[View]
110679697Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110677730Last Moments Before Disnintegration: You learn you're going to disintegrate today, how will you…[View]
110675916Legacy Characters - what's your opinion: Which are done right?[View]
110680373Does GotG have a future?[View]
110679831I am trying to remember if a scene in my mind came from King Arthur and the Knights of Justice or an…[View]
110650019Would you?[View]
110672890JSA Storytime: Top 10: Good evening owls, MORE SMAX[View]
110673379THE FLASH's Bloodwork: What do we think about him so far?[View]
110669979That comic that isn't Zoophobia will be back. The creator wasn't happy with her level of a…[View]
110673231Did Ben Neglect Me?[View]
110675790Was this considered sexy/cool/badass back then?[View]
110673826Mr. /co/: Round 6/Semifinals (Part 3) & Round 7/Finals (Part 1): Don't forget to Vote. Keep…[View]
110678953Hey! This was fun! They put all the shitty jokes in the trailer for some reason To be honest, it is …[View]
110678606Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110673759You should stop bashing Injustice, It is the most original, risk taking ADULT Justice League stories…[View]
110679294Have you watched Seis frames per second manos yet?[View]
110676066Why are side comics better than an author's main comics?[View]
110676790Which one, /co/?[View]
110677547RICARDO DIAZ: Is he the worse villain in the Arrowverse?[View]
110673052Erfworld is kill: Looks like after many years of waiting at portals, tabletop games, talking around …[View]
110597165What were these expressions trying to convey?[View]
110676634It has been 13 years and this is still objectively the best cartoon ever made[View]
110666296Loss thread?[View]
110677047Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110672836How big is too big /co/?[View]
110665214This is Aisling, say something nice about her![View]
110661264Web animation waifu: post web animations with good waifu material https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC…[View]
110665999Valt the Wonder Deer: In this week's episode, Valt meets his final companion, the phoenix Alia.…[View]
110664632Disney plans to buy Spider-Man for 5 billion dollars: So according to some guy called Mikey Sutton, …[View]
110675648Rise of the TMNT: Two new episodes air tonight at 10:30 PM EST on Nicktoons. Then, two new episodes …[View]
110668576What are some good manga-inspired comics?[View]
110675745Whaddaya know, Haddi-Man?: We'll have an adventure, and several long trips. We'll make som…[View]
110672623So I just saw this: ...Now of course I had heard how it ended and I will confess the expected nosedi…[View]
110666458>Wait, What if we just make a good film but we name characters after Comic Book characters? This …[View]
110672700Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
110674430Are the two Lesbian?[View]
110671536What the fuck was her problem?[View]
110675479Separated at birth?[View]
110674644Why did they make Mr Krabs raid his own mother's panties?[View]
110676423Imagine how based would that be and how much money they could make if they sit at the table and make…[View]
110646033Bendis posted the cover to Legion of Superheroes 3. Damian's visiting the future! I've wan…[View]
110675048Thanks to the DCEU, Injustice and that one episode of Superman: The Animated Series, Most normies th…[View]
110674603Why was he so based?[View]
110672267ITT: Pointless Characters: What was the point of her? As far as I remember, her personality was iden…[View]
110670477Meanwhile in the phantom zone...the current and possibly permanent resting place of...The Legion of …[View]
110673266Do you think this will become a big crossover hit like MLP did?[View]
110669129Is this the best thing to come out of the MCU?[View]
110674562Look at how happy they are[View]
110672882Sonic Underground: The Movie: Starts in 5 minutes bitches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BaQDAokUb…[View]
110673720>Turn a lighthearted hero into a grimdark Batman-lite in the 90's. >It's actually ki…[View]
110675587Jason (Todd): Imagine if Jason Todd was brought back as a revenant similar to Cyrus Gold. How would …[View]
110667269ITT: /co/ characters beating up anime characters.[View]
110670865What was his endgame?[View]
110634021What if there were male versions of gems based on metals instead of gems or some shit?[View]
110675317Tonight's guest claims to have a very efffective way to deal with these killer clowns! Ladies a…[View]
110672891If Wonder Woman is supposed to be a heroine why is the always portrait as a psychopath bitch that ki…[View]
110672591Why was this scene so satisfying to watch?[View]
110673639Could crossover cartoons be the next big thing?: Autism aside If someone had the resources to create…[View]
110667923Here is your prostitute for the evening.[View]
110670354Yfw the Queen of Mars is brought back but they turned her into a ditzy chatty goofball like Lola and…[View]
110674082ARROWVERSE CROSSOVERS: Rank 'em so far.[View]
110674740You have to admit, that was the last cartoon.[View]
110674421>teen hero >family doesn't know his secret >oh no I'm going to be late for class …[View]
110655041New Mao Mao episodes air on Saturday, 10am Anyone hyped for them?[View]
110673542Why the thundercats 2011 show looks like a shitty hentai[View]
110661498Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Which one?[View]
110673528Who would win?[View]
110662978Team Fortress comics: Will this year finally be the year that we are released from this endless torm…[View]
110672696>portrayed as a clownish stereotype of a criminal instead of a criminal with a clown motif When d…[View]
110674380Do you remember this show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XlCyayPN1Q[View]
110663855Post characters Steven can redeem[View]
110670074Goosebumps: It's October guys. Is it almost time? Or is there always time to talk about this se…[View]
110668278>we’re supposed to buy that this dude can go toe to toe with Batman Seriously?…[View]
110673104Donut Steel Thread: How are you original characters coming along, /co/? You're, of course, taki…[View]
110671850Fuck this finale made me cry. I really didn't expect it to, but KOs realization that time wasn…[View]
110672677Team Fortress 2 Storytime: Previous thread >>110662978[View]
110673898What if Batman wasn't but Batmen were? Here me out : You saw Superman's last animated movi…[View]
110671200The Arkham games are the only ones that got batman right: And that includes every single comic book.…[View]
110665120Seis Manos: How come nobody is talking about this? Its adult action animation that isn't cancer…[View]
110667900The third season of big mouth was a dissapointment[View]
110672888Tiny Titans Storytime: We are in the final 5 issues[View]
110672228What are some one-off/side spongebob characters that should return in future episodes?[View]
110673126What’s your first impression on this chick, /co/[View]
1106689561 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2[View]
110671726Isekai to Gravity Falls: Okay this is a more focused version of a thread i already made but here goe…[View]
110657550Best examples of growth[View]
110672941Sonic Underground The Movie: Battle With The Boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BaQDAokUbc GET T…[View]
110672341What if Katara had a sharing kink?[View]
110637318Spinel is...[View]
110668380Looney tunes: I've been in a classic looney toons mood lately so what shorts would /co/ say are…[View]
110670211What's worse /co/, poorly written and drawn mid-'90s edge or modern identity politics-focu…[View]
110664029Defend this.[View]
110670717Caveman vs astronaut, no items, final destination[View]
110670922How many copies of Doom Patrol’s blu ray are you, personally, going to buy for various people for Ch…[View]
110665443What should they do to make the FF as popular as Iron Man?[View]
110659287Does SJW culture has negative impact on comics?[View]
110666697American Dad: >ruins your show[View]
110635847Gunnercringe Bad: Tom is an idiot and so are you![View]
110667272Why do we hate this show again?[View]
110668468This is The Batman (yes that's actually what they called it. I don't get it either) It was…[View]
110671809CONAN: I haven't read a lick of Conan and want to get into, what's the best place to start…[View]
110656264Mr. /co/: Round 6/Semifinals (Part 2): Keep all tournament talk ITT. Round 5 (End): >>11064840…[View]
110663083Choose wisely[View]
110669984Was Thor a jobber in Endgame?[View]
110660276Is this worth reading? I heard that Kent Nelson joined the team later on and I like him[View]
110670973>Called Hydra >Their logo is a skull with a bunch of octopus tentacles instead of a snake with…[View]
110669256Why is animation still seen by people as objectively inferior to live action?[View]
110670414Would you fuckers please stop with your 'ebin shared universe theory'? The black goo in Primal and A…[View]
110670191>literally blue wolverine Why does this character exist[View]
110671092What are the best /co/ space operas?[View]
110669922Do you prefer Man Thing or Swamp Thing?[View]
110667845Intense comics thread: >What comics had you holding it sweating and trembling? >which got the…[View]
110668044Things that almost happened: >that Bee movie scene where the queen has a gangbang http://www.yout…[View]
110662609How much longer will it last?[View]
110654720Spooktober! Week 2 Saturday Edition: The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoo…[View]
110663129megahex thread[View]
110668937teaser for Abraca: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8s5gajvMJw Seems like a teaser for the pilot ins…[View]
110658355Why are her lips so thick?[View]
110588828Donald Thread: Cabs, Comics, Nutales and all else right here >Nutales is going to bring back the …[View]
110670866This show kind of sucked.[View]
110659952Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: Last thread hit bump limit. All episodes thus far: >https://m…[View]
110670266How would they do in the DC universe[View]
110670626Speed equalized only base form powers active who would win in a fight to the death?[View]
110669655>The vampire master can't bring himself to kill people even teens so he turned the hunter in…[View]
110669752How do I read Infinite Crisis: I'm new to comics, what do I need to read for Infinite Crisis? I…[View]
110670508Crossover Nexus: Is there a more hype moment in animation? I don't believe there is. https://ww…[View]
110658649Stupid shit in cartoons: >Family is 'lower middle class' that don't have much money >Live…[View]
110662071/co/rror: What makes comics such an ineffectual medium for horror? Even prose novels are more effect…[View]
110666248Is Cyclops a more stable leader for the X-man after getting kid Cyclops mannerly?: His knowledge of …[View]
110667886How would you adapt it for live action?[View]
110669804What was Jimmy's most autistic/retarded invention/creation?[View]
110669519What did he mean by this?[View]
110660454Here's your character design for the evening.[View]
110658092Wow. I dont think ive ever said this before, but the live action adaptation is SO much better. What …[View]
110668186Does it hold up?[View]
110665989Damn: I still can’t believe they couldn’t work something out after nearly a century of living in the…[View]
110668642Which generation had the better X-Men here?[View]
110670067>The dimensional merge tears the fabric of reailty apart >In Central City lighting strikes eve…[View]
110667280If your so smart anon, tell me is it Cara-mel or Car-mel?[View]
110668058History of the marvel universe #4 preview[View]
110663135Defend this[View]
110669774Would a faithful adaption on film of late '80s - early '90s X-Men be palatable for modern …[View]
110669634Will she be added to the regular Muppets?[View]
110663614No Ivy League storytime[View]
110650329>Network wrote it off because it was too expensive to have a show with decent animation and an ar…[View]
110669548does anyone else feel the lore is kinda forced in?[View]
110669258Gordon would be a great antagonist for Joaquin's Joker to keep it grounded. Give ideas for a Go…[View]
110668841Redesign Thread. You know the drill, post ones you like, or post your own designs yourself.[View]
110656145/co/ cringe thread I’ll start[View]
110659193>Doctor Doom is a Trekkie What other pop culture media is Doom a fan of? What music does he liste…[View]
110667575The premise of this cartoon is that every animal can fly simply by spreading their arms, so two rabb…[View]
110669053Wasn't he supposed to be a Britfag?[View]
110663567What will be their role in the story ? What will their episode be about ?[View]
110668261Who you calling pinhead?[View]
110668388when you realize Joker 2 is going to be a bad Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal ripoff with Harley[View]
110664881>literally saves American Animation you're welcome anon[View]
110658353Why did they make pre-orphaned Bruce so stoic? Was it suppose to be a clue that Thomas's genes …[View]
110668375Eye-Scream: Remember Eye-Scream? The one Marvel villain that had one appearance and has been frozen …[View]
110668599How would Oma Zi-O fare in the DC/Marvel universes?[View]
110660375What made it so good?[View]
110668547Vader Comics: >TFW NO EDGY GOTH IMPERIAL GF >TFW you will never rub her head and tell her the …[View]
110667189When are we gonna see more of him? I miss him.[View]
110608775>there are people who unironically prefer the Lucas/Filoni Grievous over Tartokovsky’s https://y…[View]
110668488>Todd Phillips had been offered to direct comic-based films a number of times, but declined becau…[View]
110668252Is this racist?: What is it with hollywood and the ginger hate and attempted genocide in media this …[View]
110668282Imagine having to work on your granddad's boomer comic.[View]
110668237how much prior knowledge do I need for this? I know the basic JLA but there's so many character…[View]
110662344What was your favorite issue of the comics[View]
110662944If she's from Thailand, why is she black?[View]
110663971what the hell was Lauren Faust thinking?[View]
110667495I want to have multiple Fanboy and Chum Chum threads up, even if the threads get no replies[View]
110630557>Anon, we need to talk...[View]
110662934Steven Universe FAQs: @GETTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH do you think that Steven Universe's healing powe…[View]
110667373What is this faggot's problem?[View]
110665690>Stark's protege is branded a criminal by JJJ >Sam and Bucky didnt do 'time' due to the b…[View]
110640024Memes aside, why are some cartoons drawn so unpleasant to look at? It makes me want to avoid watchin…[View]
110665013How badly will Addams Family do in the long run?[View]
110662845Henchman: Which comic/movie/tv/cartoon boss would you like to henchman the most and the least? perso…[View]
110660680>A low fantasy character in a high fantasy world.[View]
110665997Is there a more kino catchphrase? Also Green Lantern thread.[View]
110661527What's his (tax) policy like?[View]
110667169Gridiron Heights: I am The Choker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijR6YCNdH-w Also. Anyone on /co/ …[View]
110663421I wish Forky was aborted.[View]
110666276who's this asshole?[View]
110667022Are you the Batman or are you the Joker?: Are you the Batman or are you the Joker?[View]
110665608Secret butt fun![View]
110664079Oh no Peter.[View]
110662816Should Steven get with Kevin in SUF?: Think about it. Everyone expects last minute lesbian, but no o…[View]
110662925Tentacle beast wraps around petite Asian teen mommy and she loves her pet.[View]
110666012You think he should've survived?[View]
110666673Imagine the smell[View]
110666871Revisiting this show, it's impressive how good the animation is. It combines 2D techniques with…[View]
110664482I've heard that people think Steven's talk-no-jutsu is overpowered and while I would agree…[View]
110665988Waiter, there's a joker in my soup.[View]
110664082Kill 6 Billion Demons (K6BD) Thread: King of Swords 9-95 “I cannot remember my home,” said Yaun. “We…[View]
110664100What are some good shows with Aliens? I fucking love Aliens.[View]
110661681Why do all non-Disney movies seem to bomb? Does Disney have a monopoly?[View]
110665018The Origins of Klaus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHxhr6KAaUw[View]
110623300Cococo, coco cocococo. Cococo co coco cococococo coco coco co, coco cocococo co cococo coco coco co.…[View]
110649157Would you, Killer Frost /co/?[View]
110663600this is a show for kids?[View]
110648387We have the first images of the Suicide Squad cast in costume on set.[View]
110663995Peter Pan: Now that Disney owns Fox why won't they put Fox's Peter Pan and the pirates on …[View]
110654295Dick Grayson should be de aged and be back as Robin: He's the only one that really works[View]
110663865>Feb. 2020 >Last Star Wars: The Clone Wars season Are you hyped? Scared? Indifferent?…[View]
110665121Which one of (you) did this?: Spill the beans, I know it's one of you. There's no way ther…[View]
110664975exactly how many issues of comics have either marvel and DC published? what percentage of them have …[View]
110662277Is this giving you the fetish?[View]
110664447Here's your stepdad Candace.[View]
110659058Does the Joker have the worst fanbase in the history of western comics?[View]
110663492>Is objectively the best episode[View]
110603788Frozen II (new spots every day): New Japanese trailer with a fuckton of new stuff. https://www.youtu…[View]
110663299Other DC characters in the Nolanverse: How would other DC characters fit into the nolanverse? Like h…[View]
110662686star sapphire will never rape you.: why even live bros?[View]
110661796I feel like the MCU has ran out of those 'Major' stories that people wanted to see. Like, Infinity G…[View]
110663848What is the best stand-alone GN you can think of?[View]
110663142OK how did he doo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VNC_ZIakec[View]
110654474Post stupid images from official /co/ media or merchandise. Can be bootleg merch or licensed games, …[View]
110660911ITT: Satirical cartoons from Russia[View]
110663485SRMTHG: Anyone else used to watch this? It's been 15 years[View]
110662869Characters who look like rejected muppets[View]
110661177>movie about a clown >is not funny What a fucking ripoff. When the JOKER finally appears, he d…[View]
110655823>Anon! I knew you'd come. I have something for you. its an over the garden wall thread…[View]
110661221Why is this alowed ?[View]
110658422Sith /co/rds: Which /co/ characters do (you) think would make for good Sith?[View]
110660020ITT: Meanwhile at the Human High Council: Gentlemen, how do we defeat the mutants this time?[View]
110659851Peter Parker: Find a flaw[View]
110661270The Joker and Rick and Morty attract the same type of mouth breathers, They watched like a 15 minute…[View]
110660700Who would win?[View]
110661067virgin vs chad memes: post only the best /co/ related memes[View]
110661529Was he too good for this world?[View]
110662232Realistically what are the chances Jhonen actually makes a new season? And if he did would you want …[View]
110660496Last show you watched but Stacey is now the MC: How does it change?[View]
110662069I'm resurfacing this theory now that it's pretty clear Joker is supposed to be set in the …[View]
110649614>comic film character is actually human Why is this so hard to accomplish? I can't think of …[View]
110662352OK so apparently my little nephew is hooked on this and people are saying it's actually good. I…[View]
110641530Is this show a forgotten gem or should it be forgotten forever?[View]
110660666Say another one of the Gems fell for Greg instead of rose, how might the story have changed.[View]
110658549What's his deal?: Sell me on Iron Man. What makes him an interesting character? Is he complex? …[View]
110661703/co/ bootleg thread[View]
110653850What the fuck, /co/, this show is actually pretty funny. Is there anything actually wrong with it ot…[View]
110661104Conan: >Within the United Kingdom, as in many other countries, the works written by an author fal…[View]
110661227Anybody else notice that nothing at all has happened? Even in the tie-ins? A Ghost Rider temporarily…[View]
110660834Which one of her lives is the currently continuity supposed to fall under? The 10th? If so, where ex…[View]
110654062Why did they all take shit from him? The gang could've easily killed him and stole the throne.[View]
110662095Reminder he did nothing wrong. Toad hall would’ve been managed 10 times more responsibly with him in…[View]
110662208What went wrong?[View]
110661207Based? Be honest.[View]
110646843Why is everyone so buttmad over the crows in Dumbo but literally nobody blinks an eye when Peter Pan…[View]
110660740Raising Dion: I just started watching the show, and I'd like to check out the comic afterwards …[View]
110660636South Park: pick one[View]
110661084Excuse me but what[View]
110660900Oh my god This show fucking sucks, The only good episodes are the first 3(Three robots, Aquila Rift …[View]
110661685Batman written by a bot: Are those really written by bots, or just witters who pretend to?[View]
110635654>Look uhh, Joker, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say that word on my show, alright?…[View]
110660036If I slice Deadpool or Wolverine exactly in half, what happens? Which half regenerates? Do both halv…[View]
110648091Eltingville Club storytime: There's an Anime Club thread rattling around in the catalog and I s…[View]
110654731/co/ don't talk about the greatest cartoon of our modern times: Fuck you, /co/ This show is ama…[View]
110661468What ever happened to John Campbell?[View]
110661051Did Batman kill Harvey by throwing the coins in Batman Forever? He knew he would fall and Batman did…[View]
110659277>Oh no, it's the Democratic candidates![View]
110658080Voltron: Wow, I can't believe they use a premise so simple to make a show so good. I'm ama…[View]
110661478_ ____ __ ____ ____ ____[View]
110654072Am i the only one on /co/ who finds new wednesday attractive?[View]
110659796When I was a wee teenager I used to like Spawn, but after issue 100 there was a real change in tone …[View]
110627888Rare/forgotten /co/ntent: Our dear Kopeck (1961, USSR) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lTY_vkT02Y…[View]
110661095Thinking of adding this to my collection of foreign animated movies. Was it ever subbed officially, …[View]
110660605Where the fuck is this from?[View]
110659606Okay let me restart...: I think I posted my Cartoon Idea yesterday, but only described the character…[View]
110657448holy fucking shit I had no idea that it took this much effort to animate a show 0_0 wtf https://www.…[View]
110659375>Dream cartoons that will NEVER be made. A Ducktales-esque series adapting some of the key more o…[View]
110640973What does /co/ think about the works of Cartoon Saloon?[View]
110660837Beck played me like a fiddle, Happy. I trusted him....I loved him.[View]
110643533Heres your Task Master[View]
110661014How would this guy fare in the Big 2?: In Marvel or DC's main universes, I mean.[View]
110660795Can cartoons ever be as hype as TTGL? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF0EM1_6BgM https://www.youtub…[View]
110660651When the Magic School Bus featured a (Close) suicide.[View]
110660567Hi folks I'm new here and I'm new to comics and stuff My big bro forced me to sit through …[View]
110657501I know it was originally an educational show, but these segments feel out of place and break the nar…[View]
110660521what animated movie has the most out-there premise?[View]
110660470Do you have a favorite Jimmy Neutron episode? Also mods it appears you forgot to remove an off-topic…[View]
110653413Isekai to cartoon: You are going to be transported to the beginning of season 1 of a cartoon of your…[View]
110649837Why Pink Diamond? Why not Red?[View]
110658237X-Men cast: Alternate Earth, 30 years ago X-Men cast got announced[View]
110658049How would you write an alien villain for Batman?: So, Superman has plenty of alien villains, why not…[View]
110660340Tinkerbell.: Also now that Disney owns Fox why won't they put Fox's Peter Pan and the pira…[View]
110660268What'd /co/ think of Addams Family 2019?[View]
110658828WTF I love Wonder Woman now!?[View]
110632930So, I didn't see a thread on this show but I was wondering what /co/ thought of this series? I …[View]
110658577So it's not going to be its own series like Ben 10 Alien Force?[View]
110650451Think of a show and/or movie You got it? You sure? There's no going back on this, is that your …[View]
110653756List of best animated films ever after factoring both RT and IMDB scores: 40. HTTYD2 39. Millennium …[View]
110658939Is this really the greatest graphic novel of all time?[View]
110658629What did they mean by this?[View]
110658583Dumbing of Age: shields on[View]
110657930Confess your sins.[View]
110658699When is Wonder Woman finally gonna have her own video game?[View]
110659527I just read this whole run and while I wouldn't say it was 'good' I think it sucks that they un…[View]
110658480Do you want some ....order?[View]
110659725>Fire Lord Ozai: 'Nice. Azula's seems to have impressed Father. Maybe we can get through thi…[View]
110659128I liked the 'Garfield' parts but didn't really care for the 'and Friends' bit. Also, the party …[View]
110659644>Treehouse of Horror episode is genuinely disturbing >waaaaahhh it's TOO disturbing! Pick…[View]
110647366Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: Ep.5: 'Rage of the Ape-Men' live premiere general/talkback thread:…[View]
110656213Kill Six Billion Demons KSBD: “I cannot remember my home,” said Yaun. “We will beat it out of you ev…[View]
110658819Heathcliff looks outside.[View]
110659481THeGloFriends: On the left Nails, next to her Jester brothers. The right King and Queen Mole.[View]
110657890DAMN YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrbxjNtWnn8[View]
110656445Batwoman: So uh, what the hell was wrong with it? I've seen it get some low rating by practical…[View]
110651519HOXPOX: So now that it's over, what did you think? Personally, I think it's a mess and it …[View]
110658174Will there be another one this year?[View]
110658586Based Doom.[View]
110656839ITT: Characters that get too much hate[View]
110658162SHIT JUST GOT REAL![View]
110657378Post your headcanons Daffy Duck is secretly a martian[View]
110658777Is it good?[View]
110656034Yes the rumors are true: >Marvel is planning a Nova movie for Phase 5. The film is set be release…[View]
110622984I WANT TO DATE EMMY[View]
110650507Are there any 2D artists or specifically animation industry people who had a successful career in bo…[View]
110658370CWverse Crisis on Infinite Earths: So...I'm actually getting kind of hype. Is the COIE comic ac…[View]
110653128Is he ruined forever now?[View]
110658392Why's the third one always crap?[View]
110629328>'It's not cool to mack on your best friend's sister, Tommy.'…[View]
110653168Same actor, two waifus.[View]
110656105Greetings, allow me to introduce myself, I am Uncle Deadly, Phantom of the Muppet show And fashion d…[View]
110645770Why did they make him French ?[View]
110656171How did the fanbase react to Kamala's gag scene?[View]
110652900Do the GotG comics have a future?[View]
110654428Does anyone else want to see Joker being a big brother to Bruce?[View]
110657843What reason did she have for being such a cunt?: Full disclosure, I stopped watching after the Pink …[View]
110654915Doug's Nutty Nudity: It was 7AM and he walked into the kitchen where his parents and sister Jud…[View]
110630894>‘Lore Olympus’: Webtoon And The Jim Henson Company Will Partner For YA Animated Series https://d…[View]
110654642Why did Disney kill it?[View]
110654970Friendly reminder that this is the only good version of Jean Grey[View]
110643766Ass: Post butts[View]
110655166That girl ain't right.[View]
110652890Why didn't Jimmy invent a mind control device to have sex with her?[View]
110570771Confess your sins to father hulk, father hulk smash puny sins[View]
110657504Steven universe is terrible: It's terrible[View]
110646103Why do we call this the Dark Age of Disney despite all these films being good ? I'd watch Robin…[View]
110652695Moomin: I recently got into the Moomin series from the 90's and I watched some episodes. I love…[View]
110649723At a certain familiar building, the forces idiots of evil conspire.[View]
110653437Why was every episode so fucking epic?[View]
110649467What are some comics with a reflective , melancholy feel? Like Spider-Man Blue or Silver Surfer : Re…[View]
110647291Rad shit more people should watch thread[View]
110652230Ready for our daily Fanboy and ChumChum thread?[View]
110655523Worst Babies: Seriously, what was their fucking problem?[View]
110653285I am inevitable.[View]
110656824why no one gives an opportunity to this woman?[View]
110654840Apex Luthor: So uh...what powers did Lex Luthor gain out of this again? He had a hard time fighting …[View]
110653624>in the next episode of steven universe future[View]
110656190Well, /co/, what did you think?[View]
110649717This is the future of Marvel. Say something nice about her![View]
110656528Amphibia Part 2 Poster[View]
110651452Spider-Man: Fake Red Storytime: Chapter 5 dropped earlier today[View]
110646980Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: Is /co/ ready for tonight's episode? https://mega.nz/#F!NpwD…[View]
110655767Is it just me or are they actually really good parents?[View]
110655620Think of a cartoon, got it? beetlejuice is now a member of the main cast, what happens and what does…[View]
110655105How would Jack fare against the bounty hunters from the Star Wars franchise? Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Ja…[View]
110655451The first 4 or 5 episodes and enjoying it live with others made the horrible other half worth it[View]
110646965Sandman: Do you prefer him as good guy or bad guy?[View]
110649490Would you watch it, /co/?[View]
110655310Are you excited to see his manifesto on tv?[View]
110653864Can we just take a minute to appreciate this underrated masterpiece? How come it was so far ahead of…[View]
110652994Is this really the greatest graphic novel of all time?[View]
110653065Miraculous Ladybug: Akumatized[View]
110646166>Gravity Falls: 2012–2016, suspiciously little outward support from the mouse even though it was …[View]
110642033Theme Park Thread: So they're making a Jungle Cruise movie. At least that ride will be sticking…[View]
110652876I just want to start off by saying if you want an answer at the end, prepare to be disappointed. The…[View]
110654818THE CW'S BATMAN: For me, it's Eric Bana.[View]
110648832In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night: No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evil'…[View]
110654563Who can stop him?[View]
110647995Horrorverse Thread: 'Tis the season of horrors, after all. Come on in and have some treats.…[View]
110637620>What's /co/ opinion on The Last Kids On Earth?[View]
110646004Jack vs Spear: Who would win?[View]
110653759Based Nightcrawler.[View]
110640452Spooktober!: Week 2: The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoons, comics, and …[View]
110649545What other shows have that dream girl feel? I love it[View]
110648111Watchmen: >The essence of Watchmen, both the comic book and the television series, is to use the …[View]
110654055Wish we get a tranny episode so we get Marjorine again[View]
110652334You'll never believe what happened to me today: all the popular kids at school made fun of me f…[View]
110581656What would their kid be like?[View]
110650399Now that the image has your attention, how would you improve TMNT to make it more popular?[View]
110650330So what was the /co/ consensus on this adaptation?[View]
110640547I'm not sure what's worse: the low budget or thje god-awful Australian voice acting. But t…[View]
110647712Greg Weisman: Find a flaw[View]
110648404Mr. /co/: Round 5 (Part 4) & Round 6 (Part 1): Keep all tournament talk ITT. Round 4 (End): >…[View]
110653703The Truth about Rugrats: The entire series is about Stu struggling. His only friends are effeminate …[View]
110651898/PWG/ Pelswick General: Previous Thread: >>268165305 >Beginner's Guide: https://nickel…[View]
110651803I've heard great things bout this show. Should I watch it?[View]
110653708Am I the only one who honestly wants this person to just finish her comic so we can move on with our…[View]
110645142DIABOLIK Comic Adaption Set Pics: New Italian adaption of the Italian comic[View]
110653682Infinity Harem[View]
110647499i mean...well ...would you ?[View]
110649419>Whats the good news? I named my nickel Phillip! >Then what's the bad news? It's a G…[View]
110652936Hank Pym is a cool guy[View]
110651497Bones: it's so fucking good[View]
110652556>So many media outlets and users on Twitter tried to frame picrelated as an incel, right wing mov…[View]
110649919Moonbeam city is criminally underrated and deserves another season. Agree with me.[View]
110652155Meanwhile on rule 63 /co/...[View]
110651895Not even the same character anymore. The personality and body language have completely been altered.[View]
110652454He did nothing wrong.[View]
110649846How do you feel about Dreamworks after their 25th anniversary?[View]
110652923OH NO, IT'S BEN![View]
110625850ava's demon: Late edition[View]
110646259>WAHHH ME NO WANT KILL FIREMAN 'moral highground' mcs sukc[View]
110650632husbando thread: talk about /co/ husbandos. and post them in halloween costumes because it's oc…[View]
110651878Tiny Titans Storytime: Today we meet the best show on DC Universe[View]
110652921Hickman X-Men threads: If her sixth life was the one where she realized that mutants couldn't d…[View]
110650984>Random side villain from first guardians movie becomes a fucking Avenger for 5+ years while actu…[View]
110618806South Park: >Haha, get it? We know everybody hates these Randy episodes. >No, we're not g…[View]
110652348>tfw preferred Teen Titans as a kid but now find I prefer the grittiness of 90s DC. Anyone else f…[View]
110652162F is for Family: Man, I didn't expect this show would be this good. Any news on S4? …[View]
110651586This show sucks and so does 4chan[View]
110643525would you read a comic about the joker being the hero of gotham instead of the batman ?[View]
110650530>Dude sleeping sickness lmao What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
110651605What did Raven mean by this?[View]
110650380OTGW original graphic novel: I'm having an hard time finding a cbr/cbz of Distillatoria, the OT…[View]
110642944Nova: He's coming![View]
110651913Wouldn't it be crazy if squirrel girl kept her original design? I think the character would be …[View]
110646384Why was every villain in ATLA so well written? >Zhao Pretty cookie cutter cartoon villain, but sh…[View]
110651927So her purpose in stopping crime and corrupting is to avenge her billionaire criminal dad wow okay[View]
110642405Why did the old Adora not wear pants?[View]
110651581What games do you think spinel plays with the diamonds?[View]
110621921Its finally fucking out. Well at least part 1 is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HvyUSZcDk4 Thought…[View]
1106507514th season/movie/reboot when?: >2000's nostalgia will peak soon >unjustly killed by nickt…[View]
110650386How would he do in Big Mouth?[View]
110649058I miss my mom[View]
110640052EAH: I still miss it,the fuck happened? it seemed to have such great potential[View]
110651216Think of a /co/ related character. Got 'em? Good.[View]
110620552As you may know, the original poll to kill Jason was decided by one autistic faggot using some kind …[View]
110650219How come you're perfectly fine when shows end or when today's kids aren't aware of th…[View]
110649707Tascorp... the new Meta. A massive mega corporation response for many new and advanced technologies.…[View]
110650159How would Thanos and his army fare during the Clone Wars?[View]
110609235Here’s your date for the night, /co/[View]
110650396Will these two lovers ever unite in the comics?[View]
110647458Why did the cartoon animation showcase/ anthology series die out? Stuff like What a Cartoon, Oh Yeah…[View]
110645170South Park: >We're gonna making those Sam Marsh episodes soon. Fuck you.…[View]
110618630Mao Mao would make for a great game setting, though balancing classical weaponry with cybernetics an…[View]
110649568>creator draws official on-model lewds[View]
110644743Why aren’t you watching Joker the second weekend? You want it to beat Infinity War, right?[View]
110626850Okay, /co/ Let’s get a debate going. Frankenstein girls or Vampire girls?[View]
110648682>What's wrong, Peter. The big boys didn't let you sit at their table?…[View]
110649883Do kids still like this show? It doesn't seem as popular as it was in the early 2000's. Ba…[View]
110649666Poor Aqualad, he always gets the short end of the stick. Be a dear and find him a nice girlfriend, …[View]
110634850Pitch a new DC film: ripping off a /tv/ thread >Joker was >Psychological Thriller >NYC e…[View]
110623397Tangled: New episode every day! Links: https://pastebin.com/AUjKmCzH https://pastebin.com/hE0MPEXx…[View]
110646909>No Artgem variant for Mary Jane's comic What the fuck Marvel[View]
110650199Is this worth the re-watch? How does rebels hold up? Why is Ventress best girl?[View]
110650814Hiro should combine the Cartoons part of /co/ & the Anime part of /a/ to create /a/ - Animation …[View]
110596742Amphibia: What do you think of the main characters in this show? Are they as developed and layered a…[View]
110649868In which we write a sbemail one word at a time[View]
110631770How is a villain named 'Cheetah' supposed o be intimidating? Cheetahs are the most timid and docile …[View]
110645900>Someone making a Fantastic Four MCU pitch >'SO THEY'RE FROM THE SIXTIES-'…[View]
110649476>webcomic you like suddenly becomes a webnovel[View]
110642496Unfinished, Unreleased & Cancelled Comics!: Why is pic related allowed? https://readcomiconline.…[View]
110649803Who would win?[View]
110644359was this really necessary?[View]
110649728Post kino moments in shows[View]
110649513>the Chad ThunderCock Stark >the Dicklet Virgin Von Doom…[View]
110630994Netflix's HE-MAN Anime Will Focus on Teela: >After a ferocious final battle forever fracture…[View]
110642542Why did they make him black?[View]
110640556Searched the catalog and didnt see a thread for it so if anyone cares, heres Wonder Woman #80 >…[View]
110647351Legion Thread: Unlettered art preview for number 1[View]
110637478why does a woman in her mid-40s dresses as a cat and goes to steal stuff ? is she autistic ? is this…[View]
110649001Guys, you ever feel kinda...funny around Private Lemon?[View]
110648167Post templates[View]
110648901halloween time: spooky stuff & shit images[View]
110646762But what if Rose left Spinel in the Carrefour?[View]
110648083Objectively speaking, Season 3 is the best season of Rugrats[View]
110648480What if one of the Tallest fucking died?[View]
110645060What would be the most satisfying way to handle a 'Steven gets corrupted' storyline?[View]
110647020Marvel Stands With Hong Kong ... r-right guys?!: You know that DC/Warner Bros. is poised to out-woke…[View]
110646110Which is it,/co/?[View]
110644478https://www.strawpoll.me/18774945 Let's settle this[View]
110637599Hey Hey /co/ /co/ Hey /co/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WzqGKntf2s [View]
110647719what's a type of character disney will never have as a heroine?[View]
110644834Why doesn't Marvin just turn the earthlings against each other so they can destroy each other m…[View]
110647945LET'S PLOT A COURSE[View]
110632646The Coachman gives you your own donkey for half price since it can talk. What would you have your do…[View]
110647505>endgame is the most ambitious crossover event of all ti- Who here /crisishypertrain/?…[View]
110644291What are some shows that you feel don't hold up well? While we're at it, I think the only …[View]
110647030Why does Alan Moore reuse panel compositions in Promethea like pic related? It's getting tiring…[View]
110644029Reminder that Kocoum did nothing wrong.[View]
110634900New Addams Family is painfully generic: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_addams_family_2019/…[View]
110642287Dear fans of Steven Universe, Given that: 1. It’s stablished in canon that gems can be used to creat…[View]
110645071>2019 >I am forgotten Post characters that actually ARE forgotten, and haven't been seen …[View]
110646961Post based boomer cartoon characters[View]
110637166will it be good ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn5QmllRCn4[View]
110646792How come the old episodes of SpongeBob do poorly with kids nowadays?[View]
110645842Yes I have an ugly dolls poster in my room and I loved the movie How could you tell?[View]
110642004Now that first season is finished, what does /co/ think of it?[View]
110647363Liane Cartman: What did Trey and Matt mean by this?[View]
110647552It's time /co/.[View]
110645800How are Fang and Spear going to survive the inevitable final boss?[View]
110641879Daredevil: Born Again Storytime: From the writer/artist team behind Batman: Year One comes one of th…[View]
110639621GUESS WHO'S BACK[View]
110642044Batwoman storytime part 7: 1 >>110554345 2 >>110556714 3 >>110559452 4 >>1…[View]
110647129Get in the Konga line /co/.: Get in the line!.[View]
110644490Batman: The Long Halloween: Is The Long Halloween the most kino Batman comic to read around a cold s…[View]
110645153You want forgiveness? Get religion.[View]
110645317It's Harry, isn't it[View]
110644852>It's a 'I felt funny watching this as a kid' episode >Bonus points: it's also a 'ho…[View]
110646554How come kids don't like to watch stuff from before they were born?[View]

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