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104649362Who was your favourite recurring Simpsons character and why was it Lionel Hutz? >Milhouse, baby! …[View]
104651387Stylized Or A Step Back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zRjyHuaYNY[View]
104650660Aquaman critic consensus[View]
104622213Milo Murphy's Law & Phineas and Ferb Possible US Premiere Announcement: We might have final…[View]
104652806Dylan O'Brien Set To Star In Sony's HARBINGER: >Dylan O'Brien ('Teen Wolf', 'Maze …[View]
104652755hey min my name is korg[View]
104650478ELSEWORLDS Talkback Thread: Tonight's episode: 'Elseworlds - Part 3' >THE BATTLE CONCLUDES —…[View]
104650290>Phantasm > 89 > Begins = 66 > TDK >>>>> TDKR > LEGO > Forever >…[View]
104648525Star Wars: Lando: Darth Vader ends next week so I'm storytiming all the relevant issues Obi-Wa…[View]
104613694Mortal Kombat 11 is coming out /co/ I need a quick run down on what the fuck is happening why are th…[View]
104600044Elsa & Anna: Why are they the best female characters in Disney?[View]
104651312>literally immune to cancer[View]
104649687>assholes >apathetic >petty Whos better /co/?…[View]
104636221Why are the fanfics for this show unironically better than the actual episodes?[View]
104650143The Amazing World of Gumball: What Does The Rainbow Factory produce?[View]
104646681What went wrong?[View]
104558620Nancy: Olivia is lit[View]
104652132Cartoon Network is a place of heroes: Mr. Warburton and Pen Ward are heroes for showing kids' s…[View]
104652159So what will be the final score after all critics give their reviews?[View]
104621799How do we fix her?[View]
104651075This was the best 'CG cartoon characters in the real world' movie. Prove me FUCKING WRONG.[View]
104640066>Haters will deny this.[View]
104632002>the voice actor for your waifu isnt that attractive[View]
104633522Voltron thread: The series ends this Friday and there's no thread up? What's going on? ht…[View]
104574871The worst character in the series[View]
104647459RWBY/RT General #1518: Pants Weiss Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell…[View]
104632236Lolirock: Give your love for Lolirock and we might get a season 3.[View]
104641815Why, I do believe it's time for Doctor Who! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFpuIqDKErk But eno…[View]
104651024You got to be fucking kidding me.[View]
104641718THUNDERCATS ROAR - LEAKED FOOTAGE: Cartoon Network's 2019 highlights were leaked online. We got…[View]
104646616Condorito thread[View]
104650909I miss the days when tony stark was an arms manufacturer not the new breed of virtual reality mogul …[View]
104648258Are there a more vile creature in the universe than a Marvel civilian?[View]
104650921Make this /co/ related[View]
104643558Animated Western Films outside the Big Studios: Can you name some more recent ones? I sat down yest…[View]
104650653What are /co/ thinking about DCEU's Victor Zsasz?: It's Chris Messina from Argo.[View]
104649848Ōban Star-Racers: Season 2 when?[View]
104649431ITT: Music that you think suits /co/ characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k14pE_BHR9c[View]
104577715Why was Clarence so much better than all the other Cal Arts cartoons that infest Cartoon Network?[View]
104642273Canon Lewd: Not to mention that her name is literally 'Sharron Spitz'[View]
104649105what /co/-related characters could survive to Third Impact and resist to Rei's giant tits and t…[View]
104646693Loki: Why is he so weird?[View]
104650445why does dkr joker look like orange man?[View]
104637311OK /co/. Choose your canidate and make your case: who was the best grinch? criteria can vary-- just…[View]
104644598I finished yesterday pic related. It was a great game and all, but why does everything has to be tie…[View]
104650107morbid curiosity got the best of me, about to watch pic related, what am i in for?[View]
104648096How can we fix the Land Before Time sequels?[View]
104644056NO CRACKERS![View]
104649950>'Incredibles 2 is just a retread of the first but with SJW feminist bullshit added in! Animation…[View]
104648568Yeah this shit needs a reboot, it worked for transformers. This time hire a competent producer like …[View]
104640996Why was this show so good[View]
104643218IT'S HERE!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs4ELJwA5D8[View]
104604459This is my husbando. Who is yours? Waifus allowed too[View]
104647658>Who's the super cool cop, that always gets the bad guys?[View]
104644889Is this the best page in cape comics story?[View]
104638964Why do cartoons suck these days?[View]
104645714Niko and the Sword of Light - Season 2: Coming out on December 28th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
104637513Wolverine and the X-Men: Can we talk about this show? Just finished watching for the first time and …[View]
104649879Neo Yokio: Did you watch the Christmas Special yet?[View]
104641371champions spoiler[View]
104641864DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY: 24 hours remain: written by Gamergate's victimized queen illustrated by …[View]
104642386The Brand-New Adventures of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Storytime Thread #5: Rudolph's nose …[View]
104646387>Everyone's already forgotten about High Guardian Spice Lel[View]
104636187just how many jokes did regular show get past the censors?[View]
104647996KSD’s Captain Marvel: This was complete garbage. Can any fan of this explain why they like it? I’ll …[View]
104645507Is this the only cartoon that actually has the main in different outfits in each episodes?[View]
104643683Fables 22: The New Adventures of Jack and Jack: Alright, I'm going to give this to you straight…[View]
104646757A runabout... I'll steal it! No one will ever know![View]
104635526Border Town is cancelled after author has been #metoo'd: https://archive.fo/4oDgT https://archi…[View]
104631159First Look at the Art Style for Netflix's Carmen Sandiego Animated Series!: https://ew.com/tv/c…[View]
104647965Azula Zuko: forbidden love[View]
104645294It's not That bad.......... ....okay, this is terrible[View]
104647683>Heroman will never be integrated into any Marvel Universe >It will never get a second season …[View]
104648387>/co/ films only you like[View]
104639996FUCKING CONFIRMED Can this be the next spin off after Batwoman? Maybe after Arrow ends? Come on, CW,…[View]
104647505Spider-man: Into the spider-verse: I really hope they don't do this in the sequel.[View]
104633530MegaMan: Upon a Star: Tell me about this OVA. who did the music? sounds gorgeous. Watched it with my…[View]
104643306Bootleg thread[View]
104647071Rocko's Modern life Static cling: Hey Anyone around here who's got their hands on the the …[View]
104647526Unironically best Joker[View]
104624301DC & Marvel are dead: https://archive.fo/oW4WL >free Manga chapters >access to the back ca…[View]
104642118would you watch a Bone film adaptation?[View]
104638460Do people pretend to like Marvel movies only because they get good reviews?[View]
104640569why is tintin considered high art?[View]
104642195The Other History of the DC Universe postponed indefinitely: https://www.newsarama.com/43065-other-h…[View]
104647166>yfw another Marvel comic reboot event next year[View]
104642532Bumblebee: So,is Transformers saved?[View]
104647199I got the book with the first few issues of John Ostrander's Suicide Squad but it does not have…[View]
104646778MARVEL HISTORY IS DESTROYED: What does it all mean?[View]
104641535Post Ships[View]
104640283Aquaman got better reviews than BP in Douban because they don´t care about the KANGZ factor in China…[View]
104622050Why didn't loli Moon just have Rhombulus freeze Toffee?[View]
104643943Why does Thanos care if humans don't have enough ressources ? I mean, he obviously doesn't…[View]
104643549If we show this video to the whole Academy, will Pixar get snubbed for the Oscar?: https://youtube.c…[View]
104642010A superman who isn't a boring boyscout sack of shit? Sign me the fuck up.[View]
104646518Cartoon Cartoon Thread: Post some old toons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iVf0pPHvjc[View]
104644331Ewings Ultimates: Is this worth getting the trades?[View]
104642589Seriously though why is hypnosis such a common thing in cartoons[View]
104646635This fucker scared me[View]
104643984>Bruce and Batman have been gone for 3 years >'He didn't leave the city without a fight' …[View]
104646469We all know that she's gay for Penny, right?[View]
104641967Any other fancomics come close?: Finally got around to reading this and now I'm kinda depressed…[View]
104628577Why is Wreck-It-Ralph 2 Flopping?: Is it all the extraneous Disney bullshit?[View]
104639573Holy Fuck, it Begins hahahhahah[View]
104646042If Miles Morales does one Venom Blast in this movie I'm walking out[View]
104639691RWBY/RT General #1516: It was a Good Episode for Reactions Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, jus…[View]
104631710Ed Edd n Eddy: Favorite or least favorite >episodes >characters >seasons >inventions/sca…[View]
104620420Awkward Zombie: It's time for this again.[View]
104635049spider loli thread[View]
104643285Was there ever a chance for Disney to go under? Will there ever be a chance or are they in too big t…[View]
104645108So I guess Alan Moore wrote a movie but really I just wanted to post this picture of him as the moon…[View]
104644186>Best thing to ever come out of the shitty comics >We didn't had the chance to celebrate …[View]
104644278What the Superman´s farewell needs?: 1 - His cells are unable to hold solar energy appropriately bec…[View]
104641057CW ARROWVERSE ELSEWORLDS CROSSOVER: What did they mean by that?[View]
104642499what happened to disney's ambition? why dont they try to make movies like this anymore?[View]
104641768Tits: Women with open shirts är great.[View]
104643950>we just got a letter >we just got a letter >we just got a letter I wonder who it's fr…[View]
104642350OK, /co/ artists. Let's talk about influences and inspirations! We all have artists and IPs th…[View]
104640916I love Ms Marvel.: If kamala khan creator goes off the book will it be canceled? And if kamala khan …[View]
104628794SUPERMAN CW SERIES: >Speaking recently, Lois Lane actress Elizabeth Tulloch confirmed that there …[View]
104641484Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 2nd Week of December, 2018: Previous threads: https://desua…[View]
104642458Okay, how many of you kids would like your cartoons to be about random humor and have episodic burst…[View]
104635607What the Superman´s farewell needs?: 1 - His cells are unable to hold solar energy appropriately bec…[View]
104638352Ok, real talk, /co/. How would you fix him for the inevitable DreamWorks reboot? >Reminder that y…[View]
104641619Venom: What if Eddie became Spider-man instead of Peter Parker?[View]
104640918I want to get back into the CW verse but I stopped watching Arrow at the end of season 5, Supergirl …[View]
104624403November 2018 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 500+'s: November 2018 Comic Book Sales to Comics Sh…[View]
104635887They specifically said it wouldn’t be endgame What the fuck[View]
104635208>I exist only to protect Krypton. That is the sole purpose for which I was born. And every action…[View]
104635589the grinch it's terrible: In the town of Whoville, the Whos are eagerly anticipating Christmas.…[View]
104630758When does Zombie Simpsons begin?: I've heard people say it starts around season 12, others seas…[View]
104643245Nancy thread: Nancy is lit[View]
104638101Was there any good Inhumans comics from this past era of Marvel?[View]
104643421Dumbing of Age: Fake emails and round butts.[View]
104637952Who is she and what is she from: i need names /co/ please[View]
104635431Ive waited years to see a real live action starfire and I cant even jerk off to her. my life has bee…[View]
104641699Remember me?[View]
104642219How Sick is Busiek?: >Creature of the Night #4 delayed AGAIN until end of May Is anyone else legi…[View]
104636433Cole MacGrath: Do you think he'd be in Gotham or Metropolis? How do you think he'd fair ag…[View]
104638953I've only seen 4 episodes, but I think I officially hate this guy, he so far comes off as both …[View]
104641194Create a avengers united squad.: It has been decided by good captain america. About the same number …[View]
104630998TKO Studios: So did anyone else here about these guys? New publisher that seemingly popped up last w…[View]
104637481Why are professional film critics such morons? https://rogersmovienation.com/2018/12/09/movie-review…[View]
104639489>Whole episode is just bojack giving a speech >'Best episode in the series' >…[View]
104631276https://twitter.com/SpiderVerseJP/status/1072249598725500929 >Japanese trailer for Spider-Verse W…[View]
104635450Green Goblin: How do you all feel about this version, especially compared to Amazing Spiderman 2 Gob…[View]
104640810Wanna talk about shitty Batman games?[View]
104640677Exactly what are Dark Horse left with in the way of licensed properties at this point? Even Whedonsh…[View]
104642238I never watched them so I have no idea but are the old Filmation and Hanna-Barbera DC cartoons in th…[View]
104642087ITT: Times Being a Comic Book Fan Improved Your Life: >be named Matthew >go into law just to b…[View]
104640999comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting December 5, 2018: Previous threads: http…[View]
104641111>takes his dog >abandons it because of her bf's allergies Why didn't she just give …[View]
104640782>that time wasp cheated on hank with hawkeye[View]
104628015>Say, how long have you been sittin' there? >Thirty-five years.…[View]
104636678Darth Vader ends next week so I thought we would catch up on Charles Soule's Star Wars.[View]
104640998>Characters are trapped in a difficult situation >They might actually die >Writers freak ou…[View]
104639031Quiz time /co/: can you name all the villains pictured aswell as the comic this is from?[View]
104641528This was my favorite christmas special as a kid but I feel like I enjoy it less and less every year.…[View]
104639393>So, King Randor is having a party, is he? Well, we'll just see how festive he feels when I …[View]
104640734Would a magical girl starring Disney Princesses work?: Frankly I think it would be amazing and be a …[View]
104639379Spy Kids: Mission Critical is it somewhat decent or total garbage?[View]
104636480rick and morty: SEASON 4 HYPE[View]
104624025Salvage this /co/[View]
104617813/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #14: It’s beginning to look a lot like /co/hristmas. The days grow colde…[View]
104641078>Oh no![View]
104639710Watched yesterday. Better than BP. Beautiful cgi. God fights. Average capeshit/action movie plot. Tu…[View]
104640295Trinity of best superhero shows. Don't '>' me bro[View]
104626395with all the female characters that already exist in the Spiderman lore, why go throught the trouble…[View]
104639291Ms'Marvel vol 9: I just finished reading volume 9(25-30)of Ms'Marvel it was Awesome.…[View]
104640736https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liJDwFOzAY0 WHAT IS THE WORST DECADE FOR CARTOONS?[View]
104637357Devil's Candy: >Next page to post on Friday, thanks for waiting! --Rem http://devilscandycom…[View]
104619283Buyfag thread: post 'em[View]
104640604Print runs: How do you find how many issues of any given title were printed?[View]
104639315Make a Cartoon Challenge: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random#/random Make a Cartoon on t…[View]
104639269John Romita Sr or Steve Ditko: Well, who drew Spider-Man better?[View]
104632743Venom Storytime Pt.15: To the anon that previously requested it, I present The Exile Returns! Hope y…[View]
104639518ITT we redesign the old shows with calarts style[View]
104637334>Do animals talk to you?[View]
104637851Who's that girl?[View]
104639964Funny /co/ moments? https://youtube.com/watch?v=GZdAad0H-7U[View]
104635587Old comic Ads/ old advertisement: Aim 1950 ish. . .[View]
104633926the only good thing from the show[View]
104639593>fat guy couldve gotten laid >leaves[View]
104629381Now that the dust has settled, what was the best episode of Clarence?[View]
104637558'I don't get you. First you're hot, then you're cold.' 'Bart, there are some things a…[View]
104633727Ahsoka is best girl.[View]
104634460Is he a sainte or a grunch?[View]
104639444How do you like your DCEU Reverse Flash, lads?[View]
104639175how well would 'Crazy' Joe Davola fare in Gotham City?[View]
104632193Why did ultron make her tits so big?[View]
104621769Tim Drake is gay in canon .[View]
104638380Heathcliff sits on Mr. Nutmeg's head.[View]
104637747>Bruce and Batman have been gone for 3 years >'He didn't leave the city without a fight' …[View]
104629686When was the last memorable superhero created?[View]
104638874what are some shows with the urban slacker late 90s/early 2000s asthetic[View]
104639001Clone high: >Clone college what's this? are we having sequel?…[View]
104628991could a live-action SPIDER-MAN tv show work /co/?: given the right budget, the structure of a tv sho…[View]
104638920Post more of these.[View]
104638564Hi Everybody!: I'm Dr Nick[View]
104629713TITANS: did you like the introduction of Donna Troy /co/?[View]
104629694Detective Comics #994 Preview: First issue of Tomasi's run and what will lead into Issue #1,000…[View]
104638584Have DC comics always been so edgy?[View]
104635037Reminder that he did literally nothing wrong.[View]
104637418I AM THE GREAT GAS HEAD[View]
104626051Why hasn't it happened yet? Does it make fox that much money?[View]
104632621Why the fuck are Incredibles and Ralph getting nominated to all these awards? They’re very underwhel…[View]
104631705RWBY/RT General #1516: Kisses For Oscar Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to…[View]
104626194If Power Girl is genetically identical to Supergirl, why are her tits so much bigger?[View]
104630924What the fuck is wrong with Liz Allan? Why does she keep teaming up with Norman Osborn? Why is she g…[View]
104638001He seemed like a pretty chill guy, why did everyone have a problem with him?[View]
104637640What other cartoons have a million 20somethings dickriding them for the 10% of the time they became …[View]
104637312Does anyone remember the name of this show?[View]
104633106Thoughts on The Clone Wars?[View]
104630628Are the Japan only series of Transformers like Victory and Headmasters /co/ or /a/?[View]
104637754>That Captain Planet episode when he gets caught in a grinder and is shredded alive while Ma-Ti c…[View]
104636535Now that live action Pokémon and sonic the hedgehog movies happening. How soon until the 90s TMNT kn…[View]
104633555ITT: Shows only people who know nothing about animation say are the best[View]
104627495its MARY MARVEL Monday /co/: post Mary Marvel[View]
104637908Have you got you Blu-rays in the mail yet, /co/?[View]
104606663Bow to the King MCU faggots. Where are all you retards that said this would flop? Kek. This is Venom…[View]
104627687Hey! Zombie Simpsons made a funny joke[View]
104637195One week until Runaways season 2. Will we get through Vol. 1 or are they going to drag out the Pride…[View]
104621894Why do so many people say her costume is so fantastic?[View]
104637160>it's a Kelly Hu gets BLACKED episode[View]
104630176Could she get her own series?[View]
104637095This fucking pimp...[View]
104636686What did he mean by this?[View]
104617846has he ever had a series worth reading?[View]
104623302Why, I do believe it's time for Doctor Who! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN7pCuNtO6Q But eno…[View]
104630900Oh my god, we're locked in an elevator with the devil! Just like that movie, 'Devil'![View]
104626186Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: You might think this is turning the weirdest part of the preceding cha…[View]
104580159Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
104633626He's going to be alright r-right guys?[View]
104634767YouTube Annotations: What's the best way to download those annotations? I can't just let t…[View]
104634140I'M HUNGRY[View]
104632929Grinch 2018: Spoiler: It's as bad as it looks[View]
104635493Wonder Woman is too SExy for tumblr: wtf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1jaxradmeU[View]
104635786ITT: Shows that have or will be completely forgotten because no one cares for them outside of shippi…[View]
104608042Which version of Scooge McDuck, if any, do you like, /co/ anons? I've honestly got to say, it m…[View]
104632941Opening Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-CCeiMIQhc[View]
104631134Has /co/ thanked John K today for saving you from this stuff?[View]
104631073One writer, one Earth: >all Marvel and DC titles are cancelled. >each individual writer gets h…[View]
104632377Have you ever cringed at a cartoon before? Can be disgust, embarrasment, etc.[View]
104634998it sucks[View]
104635317Negan is now the main character of the last /co/ related thing you watched or read. how does this ma…[View]
104635027I miss her.[View]
104630444Is this an accurate depiction of French police work?[View]
104632030Let's talk about the Barks-penned Scrooge McDuck classic short that never was...: Long story sh…[View]
104633897Can anyone recommend me some good South Park episodes, preferably from each season? I haven't w…[View]
104627577Chris Ryall Returns to IDW Publishing as President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer: >SAN D…[View]
104631210What are some /co/ franchises that have loyal fanbases despite most of their mayor releases being to…[View]
104634760It's time once again to discuss the holy duck himself, it's Mr. Ping[View]
104628917Is this show supposed to be watched on ketamine? I binged the whole thing throughout a week last sum…[View]
104581752I was watching TV and saw this. It is a cutesy Brazilian cartoon based on the pop star Anitta of all…[View]
104628488Could Jerry's cousin beat Nicole?[View]
104634531Daily Blake & Mortimer storytime 21: The Oath of the Five Lords, originally published in 2012. P…[View]
104634443I liked season one Susie.[View]
104622883LEGS AND ARMS[View]
104630986What theme would you like to see in a future South Park RPG? (If any.)[View]
104602604So what's the news on SWAT Kats Revolution?[View]
104632725This is Jeffrey 'Jeff' Boomhauer. He's a Texas Ranger and a loyal friend, so say something nice…[View]
104633925Is there a /co/ character that jobs more than Jobseid himself?[View]
104627835Who here remembers when Nickelodeon aired a lot of acquired programs?[View]
104633117I just finished the transformers IDW lost light run and Drift really did fuck Ratchet to death huh.…[View]
104631571ELSEWORLDS Talkback Thread: Tonight's episode: 'Elseworlds - Part 2' >THE BATTLE CONTINUES -…[View]
104633313https://www.inverse.com/article/49779-big-mouth-season-3-release-date-story-trailer Yes motherfucker…[View]
104619094What is the most disappointing aspect of the MCU for you? MCU Star Lord is entertaining but I loved …[View]
104620821Is this the greatest relationship in a cartoon?[View]
104633167They'll never stop the Simpson's. Have no fear we got stories for years.[View]
104541421You're beautiful.[View]
104631801>no one's talked about mike judge's documentary show[View]
104629975What do all the people who hate capeshit have to say about The Boys?[View]
104629831Fables 21: Witches: More of our riveting new villain 'Balding Sandman', as we approach the 100th iss…[View]
104585453This is your girlfriend. Say something nice about her.[View]
104632553>Group of characters are trapped in a room >The female character has a great idea >She pull…[View]
104631494whose got the link boys?[View]
104631146Fun isnt something one considers when balancing an image board, but this does put a smile on my face…[View]
104610629Hubert, Deuteronomy and Llewellyn: Which one of them is gay?[View]
104632019>Not a Single Eggnog Theard You guys disgust me[View]
104624906Hey Arnold: Let's talk about this amazing cartoon. Name your fav character, fav episode, things…[View]
104632411Are Spider-Man and a bunch of his villains massive furries or what?[View]
104629894Is there a sexier character than Joker?[View]
104630692Skribbl.io: Comic book related 'Pictionary' game going on join us for some fun. Will start once ther…[View]
104628036Should the MCU adapt any of the Spider-Man villains already featured in previous live-action films? …[View]
104603284Enid: What if we were to combine the outfits?[View]
104616853'Hey Anon, wanna ride bikes'?[View]
104624243Post badass girls that are interested in soft boys[View]
104622572Let's Go Luna!: Joe Murray's new show gets an hour Christmas special today at 9 EST from P…[View]
104630764Anyone who says that he's Sailor Moon's crazy brother gets a cookie[View]
104537957Have you read the new OTGW comic?: Has it changed how you perceive the characters or the story?…[View]
104626258Why did Lila want Arnie's dick so bad? Everyone else could see he was uglier than Arnold and al…[View]
104618217What were they thinking?[View]
104625327Important /co/ questions thread: If Shazam eat a big meal and then turns back into Billy, does Billy…[View]
104603610Puerto Papel: I love Matilde.[View]
104627655War of Jokes and Riddles: This event was shit, I think we are all pretty much in agreement about tha…[View]
104629124Post songs that were masterfully used in cartoons soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXiZ3VE…[View]
104626889Mao Yu Tao Hua Yuan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn03fOIEZPQ from the people who saw Secret Life…[View]
104631127There are two kinds of people in the world...[View]
104626553You know, Venom does rule.[View]
104612322ITT: Best /co/ Games[View]
104620963I wish JG Quintel was my best friend he seems like a really cool dude I'd love to hang out with…[View]
104630944>>Best girl in MCU >>Nowhere in comics Why is Marvel so bone headed?…[View]
104610862>Character that should have appeared again or even been reoccurring is only used in one single ep…[View]
104630580Guys, I've figured it out. Batman is Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent![View]
104627320just saw the r. crumb documentary: i want to get into crumb. my budget is $100. what do i buy?…[View]
104631043>santa claus is real in cartoon >the adult characters don't believe he exists Where do th…[View]
104630985Field Tournament Style Up and Down on the Ground[View]
104630115Why is Space Punisher but With Blood Magic so hard to write consistently well?[View]
104624844DANTE'S INFERNO: It's Monday, let's all go to HELL[View]
104629367Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make an entire animated feature-length movie based off a …[View]
104623395Why couldn't it have been them?[View]
104606618Favourite Simpsons lines >Hey, I thought you said Troy McClure was dead. >No, what I said was …[View]
104617682I'm finally going to start drawing my own art, and that means getting a tablet. Can any drawfag…[View]
104630721Dwarfs: Who employed them for their mining work? What was the exchange rate of diamonds and other ge…[View]
104625799RWBY/RT General #1515: Preview When Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tel…[View]
104630643ITT; good theories about white diamond and her pearl[View]
104629794i miss him /co/[View]
104628523Honestly. The Sonic Movie makes me wish that Live Action adaptations never ever existed. Why can…[View]
104625401DISNEY SUCKS NOW: Remember when Disney made really good groundbreaking movies like The Little Mermai…[View]
104583957Why do they say 'Fuck' so much?[View]
104630261PPG Thread: Old School Edition Now... Someone explain to me how this sick son of a bitch was not the…[View]
104620065Name a worse popular modern cartoon than this overly repetitive disappointing shitshow Pro-tip: You …[View]
104627530What the goodbye of Superman in the DCEU needs: 1 - His cells are unable to hold solar energy approp…[View]
104627306Star wars: Galaxy of adventures: https://youtu.be/dVCO0J7ccMo Thoughts on these shorts? I think they…[View]
104628186Realize that in 2018, 3D officially became better than 2D in cartoons[View]
104621932The Dark Age of Kid Culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJxdqxVbI9M Why was everything during t…[View]
104629139Why was the 90s full of so many movies about overworked/distant dads (often divorced, or with a wife…[View]
104628502My sister sent me this as an early Christmas present since she won't be able to visit due to wo…[View]
104626749How can one man be so based?[View]
104629690Whys is it called Capeshit when capes aren't all that common?[View]
104629789HOLY MOTHER OF CUTE!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea4pKrfYw4s[View]
104579788Netflix's She-Ra: So why did anti-SJWs hate this show again?[View]
104619965HellBoy (Remake): WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TRAILER?! IT COMES OUT ON APRIL 12th, 4 MONTHS & 2-3 DAY…[View]
104628921Don't worry, everything will be fine[View]
104612384butts in comics: oh, you like that, huh? well, poop comes from there[View]
104628023What are the Vegas odds on there being a good live action Green Lantern movie existing at some point…[View]
104625989the MCU timeline and continuity is now more broken then the X-Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e…[View]
104625213The Peak of Entertainment: Was 2007-2012 the peak of Television, Film, Music and Video Games?[View]
104622602Alright /co/ who is best princess?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17017191[View]
104627746Kieron Gillen made a table top game for his /co/ meets /t/g book: Storytime of a play session https:…[View]
104626544Rapunzel should be...[View]
104622147FLASH: OK so in this 4 part series, we get to see John in his old 90's costume from the first f…[View]
104581477What other shows handled touchy subjects while they aired and did it well?[View]
104624534What would you call their style? They say they're from 85 but they seem really disco to me.[View]
104629068I've got a nose I've got a nose lalalalalala[View]
104628430Megatron would honestly be a great parter to the Joker.[View]
104626174Usagi Yojimbo: Usagi or Usagi?[View]
104587570>'What if Superman bad?!!' >For the millionth time https://youtu.be/dLiI6jGMHZY…[View]
104624082I like Achewood.[View]
104628360>you actually liked Pepe in Boy's Club for his chilled but at the same time anxious and vuln…[View]
104594058Transformers: Bumblebee Edition Anyone else see the screening?[View]
104626249X-Man Argues for Civility in Politics in Next Week’s Uncanny X-Men #5: Kitty Pryde recently announce…[View]
104628734what are the top 3 books currently running?: and what are they running from lol[View]
104618897unsounded: >Hey she worships my dream waifu Did Duane not notice the titty bird windows at Rahm…[View]
104625715OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
104615636Is this the greatest moment in a cartoon?[View]
104624983What would you consider to be the quintessential Batman storyline?[View]
104627932What are /co/'s favorite fairy tales?[View]
104628213Zucest: intimate as fuck for a brother and sister.[View]
104604045How strong are beings in the 40k universe when compared to DC? Dudes like Khorne and Abaddon especia…[View]
104622553https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCvzfOj8spk Will nostalgia basically end with the 1990s https://www…[View]
104624710Ed Edd n Eddy: Do I need to elaborate any further?[View]
104619144>'Oh this new comic book movie uses the same word in the title as a 20 year old arc I worked on f…[View]
104627188What are /co/'s thoughts on Thomas the tank engine trying to be progressive again?[View]
104608222Here you post your idea for a last Superman movie[View]
104627042Ling Bouvier: Whatever happened to her? Last I know she showed up in an episode a few years back loo…[View]
104626681Why do you hate 3d animation so much /co/? You're not just jealous because it's superior t…[View]
104623250Team thread, post your favorite teams in comics and cartoons, for me its valiants unity.[View]
104622897Greatest moment in animation history: >Queen/king doesn't fall for his trusted advisor'…[View]
104626650when curly shot up the school: could they get away with this today?[View]
104625081this (and a few other wolverine comics) is the only good marvel comic honestly.[View]
104618823How the fuck am I supposed to create my own animated cartoon I have a script but I can't draw f…[View]
104624474ITT:pick a character a from History/Folklore/Legend/Myth and insert him/her in last show you watched…[View]
104623029Why does the younger one have more curves?[View]
104625860Bobsheaux is absolutely disgusted by the JunglePedo Hugo who's fondling and grooming an underag…[View]
104622984>There’ll never be a download link of all 60 episodes in 1080p iTunesRip >Instead you’re stuck…[View]
104626019Romita Sr.: Man, Romita Sr's Venom sure does look goofy![View]
104623256In fact, you might even say we just RAPED Uter, and he's in our psych ward right now![View]
104619988Hey /co/ would you ever put your brain in a robot body?[View]
104621050The Dark Age of Television: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzImrs4-r7Q Remember when television was…[View]
104624959What's his plan? Who is the One Below All?[View]
104625588I don't like this new Kelly, it's too absurdist[View]
104624840Would you?[View]
104624495Ninjas: Holy shit, Ninjas! Run![View]
104625979/co/ samurai thread: Please. I have yellow fever.[View]
104625842Is this real? Please tell me it's real[View]
104625478Amy Adams Done Playing Lois Lane Because DCEU is Being Revamped: >Which brings us to this weekend…[View]
104621014Thanos. I'm taking your gauntlet.[View]
104611514>Amy Adams is out of the DC universe. WB fucked up so badly from the start, HOW DO YOU FUCK UP A …[View]
104625566What is the most well-written comic book of 2018? (Creature of the Night started in 2017, so I guess…[View]
104611209>tfw we could have had chel go nearly naked through the whole film[View]
1046218562007 Was The Best Year Ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IafB6r4hi6g Why was 2007 the best yeasr…[View]
104606675It was okay[/spoilder][View]
104614547What does /co/ think of Netflix the new Saint Seiya show: Knights of the Zodiac? I love how people a…[View]
104624960bro can you time this shot for me?[View]
104623789Let's talk about Drew.[View]
104624765PG 13 Edits.: Big boobs please. No nudity.[View]
104624794How adept should Peter be at web constructs? Should it be limited to just utilities such as parachut…[View]
104623204Are webcomics good sources of investment advice?[View]
104623678Lets make an original Villian for Wonderwoman. She could use some new Rouges >Hard mode no greek …[View]
104625117Leia' first speaking episode. >not Rachel Butera The replacement sounded nothing like Carrie…[View]
104615919>that Bart Jesus.[View]
104615064>why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively Unironically what did she m…[View]
104592400Ever After High: Did they manage to hook up before Briar pricked her finger on the spinning wheel? O…[View]
104620720Remember that time a villian tried to beat Adam Warlock by getting him to drink a love potion[View]
104624601>limes >yellow I hope somebody got fired for this blunder…[View]
104622114left or right[View]
104610563ITT: Dream /co/ character casting, whether possible or not.[View]
104623492Well anon you are down on your luck You where fired from your company following the Wayne buyout Wit…[View]
104622515A Look at Jewish Magneto.: Magneto: the master of magnetism, alternating friend or foe of the X-Men,…[View]
104622733ITT: Characters that ruined everything: Double points if they are one-shot characters.[View]
104618709RWBY/RT General #1514: Picnic With Penny Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try t…[View]
104621256>Foot Feta-ish Burger[View]
104623724/co/ brainstorming ideas: Alright /co/ come up with your ideas. Ohohho not your cartoon ideas, sport…[View]
104614550Venom Storytime Pt. 14: Going to finish the Bunn arc and then switch things up. To the anon that ask…[View]
104622078Jesus definitely existed and is the son of God in the Marvel universe Does this mean he died for the…[View]
104618760I feel the glory days of Filmcow were The Cloak and Spatula Madness, and that it stopped being funny…[View]
104623857Post your reaction when The Simpsons finally ends: >And now the show is over now!…[View]
104620910Wakfu: Wait, what? I'm way behind in Wakfu, planning on catching up, when I happen to stumble o…[View]
104622784Spider-Man likeable why?: Quite literally how the fuck do people relate/adore Spider-Man so much? Hi…[View]
104611154its really not that good[View]
104620868Do you guys rock any /co/ merch or are you afraid of looking like a dweeb? Get any recently? I just …[View]
104622339Cassandra Nova Not Adhering to FAA Regulations: It looks like Cassandra Nova wasn’t paying attention…[View]
104621677Mixing the 3d with the 2d Thread: Thread about the miraculous act of mixing 2d-3d properly French ar…[View]
104623093What is the consensus, Was Huck any good?[View]
104618134what was your first /co/ related fap who/what was it, how old were you and how did it happen[View]
104609525>Christmas special >Takes place in BC time…[View]
104620332Is /co/ a fan of Thomas the tank engine? Who's your favorite character?[View]
104620765Wally West: What went wrong?[View]
104605472Final Space: I went in expecting laughs, left with sadness and feels. What are thoughts /co/?[View]
104617354What are the ultimate Early Zoomer nostalgia cartoons? (released mostly in the 2007-2009 era)[View]
104588726has anybody watched this modern classic[View]
104622626>that episode where Bobby gets statutory raped[View]
104620232ITT: Obscure /co/ childhood crushes[View]
104620901I don't know if there's any hope for any current western comics and cartoons. In today…[View]
104618117I'll have you know that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
104588843It still hurts.[View]
104612302Thoughts on Trash Knight?[View]
104611407Your new Ed, Edd n Eddy.[View]
104603252Why there were so many short-lived good adult cartoons in the late 90's - early 00's?: Dil…[View]
104577697>What did he do wrong?[View]
104622104Dumbing of Age: Mike's back.[View]
1046222553 X-men videogames like bat-man.: I was thinking about a X-men videogame series. At the end of the f…[View]
104620379The gentle laborer shall no longer suffer from the noxious greed of Mr. Krabs! We will dismantle opp…[View]
104622169Any /co/ character molested more times than him?[View]
104620124MiB: International: Expect a Trailer sometime Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. NDAs make it so I can…[View]
104606865/shelf/: >ctrl+f >”shelf” >0 results Shelf thread…[View]
104612084Which is the better song; fame and fortune or we're a couple of misfits?[View]
104620651>Magic Hair? Check >Magic Hands? Check >Do animals talk to her? Check >Was she poisoned?…[View]
104574875I like this sequel[View]
104600496What did Dini mean by this?: >Hey, this isn't gonna make it so that next time I fuck my wife…[View]
104610017>>MCU Spider-Man just a Highschooler who brown noses the Avengers >>All of his cast is r…[View]
104618583shit not from the big 3: discuss pic related[View]
1046208731. MORE. WEEK![View]
104621075Rate the Steven Universe fanbase.[View]
104611737https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VawSnaxtSI Is /co/ hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3? >#1 Trending on …[View]
104610778I am The Watcher: Show me your AUs.[View]
104619839Which Rankin/Bass Christmas special is the best? Which one's the worst?[View]
104605476Who is /co/'s favorite dad?[View]
104620377Dark PhoeniX: it's gonna be better than Avengers: Endgame.[View]
104619505Were they really that bad? Wishes should have clear and safe legal proceedings, granting kids any wi…[View]
104621350Total Drama Thread[View]
104618161Which is better, and why is it Digimon War Game???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27B8z7hu2Ys…[View]
104621191Hey guys, check out my original character, Blark Blent[View]
104616237What are objectively the most kino moments in all of western cartoon? I nominate this as one of the …[View]
104612472Shima Luan: Does anybody remeber her? Does anibody know (and have proof) of what happened to her…[View]
104617302Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's off to wait 2 hours in line for a children's roller coaster we go…[View]
104619895Heathcliff gives advice.[View]
104618467ITT: Stupid animation tropes you love When someone gets yelled at and their is permanently blown bac…[View]
104609776Fables 20: The Great Fables Crossover: The crossover that no one asked for![View]
104600398I can't believe the ride is over guys[View]
104620638Hawk: making him the Theo Flurry of Titans is actually brilliant. Titans has a lot of fuck ups but m…[View]
104613795Spider-verse: If the movie becomes successful, how would it effect the comics?[View]
104620215Do Shrek exist in the Fables universes?: characters such as Pinocchio and Mowgli were created well a…[View]
104612246Animation Domination General #1: Posting this gay retarded stupid shit from work Edition: THIS SUNDA…[View]
104615574Write the final episode /co/[View]
104612828would you /co/?[View]
104620447>In the space of weeks, Marvel went from proudly announcing a new Darth Vader miniseries at New Y…[View]
104616250Pepe has appeared on Family Guy, I repeat, Pepe has just appeared on tonight's new Family Guy.[View]
104617277If this new no pornography thing ends up killing Tumblr, will we finally be rid of all these pussy a…[View]
104603811Scrooge and Donald Duck: Have you been buying the Fantagraphics Don Rosa Collections? Did you like t…[View]
104617871ITT: /co/ in 1980[View]
104615741Would you watch a Cool World sequel? What would it be about?[View]
104619558Front page, Kent: 'SUPERMAN'S SEX DWARF EATEN BY PARADEMONS'[View]
104615644Were they actually delicious or is Bob just a contrarian?[View]
104619265Seasons 1-5 of this show, and the original books, were beauty beyond belief.[View]
104619454Looking for some good Aquaman runs, came across this series. Is Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis any good?[View]
104617877If Japan can make a anime about a bookseller that work at a manga store, why can't America make…[View]
104553138Why are there no 40k comics besides that Ork one and several short Space Marine ones? There's s…[View]
104619162Check this one shot comics: check this out i did this[View]
104610732Would it have worked better as a cartoon instead of live action?[View]
104605679Let's all love Luz![View]
104612473Who would win in a fight, the Phantom Zone or the Negative Zone[View]
104616462What's your favorite villain team?[View]
104617949>ITT: Things that happened The Generation X movie[View]
104616859Best Asian characters ever (especially Kahn)[View]
104550553ITT: Times characters cross-dressed convincingly. https://youtu.be/VKP6RD91K10?t=104[View]
104614354Skribbl.io: Hosting a game of 'Pictionary' with a super hero/villain theme. Join us for a couple of …[View]
104618735This is one of the biggest pieces of self-loathing garbage ever animated. And I've never identi…[View]
104585084Disney Gigantic: Will this ever get finished? Disney said they couldn't make it work, despite i…[View]
104599554Bojack Horseman: >5+ seasons of adult comedy sitcom about depressed talking animals >it's…[View]
104585469Dexter's Lab seasons 3 & 4: Oceanbird Astronomonov is the only good thing that came from it…[View]
104617335>Do you like Sabretooth better as a hero or villain? >Should Peter and Mary Jane stay married …[View]
104616774>It's a Pearl episode[View]
104615881What is it about girl spiders?[View]
104605175Eastern Bloc: What was it really like being a /co/mrade during the Soviet Union in the Eastern Bloc?…[View]
104617341Haven't been on /co/ for a bit, so did anyone see this yet?[View]
104581784ITT: Cartoons with wasted potential There's so much more they could have done with this premise…[View]
104617689Do you think the 'no statute of limitations for murder' ends when the murderer fucking dies?[View]
104607384Why, I do believe it's time for... The Daleks?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuBJ5H9m3Sc But…[View]
104613069Kovu and Vitani were only in one episode of The Lion Guard, but scuttlebutt says they'll have a…[View]
104600495The Thief and the Cobbler: The finished scenes aren't even that good. Could this have really be…[View]
104616461Why is Star such a QT patootie? Also who was in the wrong with the Photobooth kiss?[View]
104584223Can't really get a sense of the voice acting due to the stupid britbong narrator, but here…[View]
104616508I've read Spider-Man up until it gets real stupid in the 90s. What else should I read post-Clon…[View]
104617589https://youtu.be/LMeqY7ogdF8 First Umbrella Acadamy is out. Anyone spot a monkey shaped body suit?[View]
104613267ELSEWORLDS Talkback Thread: Tonight's episode: 'Elseworlds: Part 1' >THE BATTLE BEGINS - Whe…[View]
104617114 S O O N [View]
104598675So I just binged The Dragon Prince, why was she so cute?[View]
104612801RWBY/RT General #1513: That's what Killing Bites is Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just …[View]
104589743Dumbing of Age: F W U M P[View]
104612193DONNY OSMOND![View]
104615212'I used to play the field. I used to be a roaammerrr. But season's turning around for me now. I…[View]
104612786Adult jokes hidden in kids cartoons[View]
104614832The Shounen Jump thread got me thinking. Are LCSs to blame as well, are they just another victim of …[View]
104613341with the upcoming MCU-esque dc movies, will we ever get more deep super hero movies? what does /co/ …[View]
104603017So do you think Posey is going bald because of one of her hippy medicines or just shitty genetics?[View]
104611069What do you think of rescue rangers /co/ ?[View]
104612010Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas: Was there truth to the story? Is this how the series ends?[View]
104616419Thoughts on Batjokes?[View]
104611265ITT: Overly sexual moments in children's cartoons.: I don't just mean your run-of-the mill…[View]
104604844Alright /co/, fuck, marry, kill?[View]
104613794Who wins?[View]
104612629>they're actually going to wear these in A4 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
104612394Why WAS there so much inflation, gross-out, or big squishing butt jokes in 90's cartoons? Did …[View]
104616010Daily Blake & Mortimer storytime 20: The Curse of the 30 Pieces of Silver, part 2 of 2, original…[View]
104609181Oh, shit! Sym!Spiderman is about to rape Shocker and only your favorite /co/ character can save him?…[View]
104613877Men in Black: The Animated Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmH6qIqBboU This show is pretty k…[View]
104581073/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #13: It’s beginning to look a lot like /co/hristmas. The days grow colde…[View]
104568329>Constantly shows more interest in the younger ladies and lets them live with him Is Scrooge a su…[View]
104615579BLOW IT ALL UP[View]
104612774Masha and the Bear: Why this episode had too many dislikes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYniUCGP…[View]
104614310ITT: We Discuss Theme Songs: Post Your Faves And We Talk About The General Beat,Tone, And Overall Vi…[View]
104613201ITT: Pecola Thread: Why does Pecola and his friends want to get Steamer's pussy?[View]
104593537Name one thing positive about her[View]
104614669Who in their right mind goes for a crazy girl?[View]
104613975Not for kids: What's your recommended list of books that are more explicit than your typical DC…[View]
104611272We have a thread like this every week so lets switch it up: Which one /co/ ?[View]
104613112end of year cart: trying to catch up on the best stuff i missed this year what am i missing? i also …[View]
104608598>it's a Grinch episode[View]
104601949Rimba Racer: Live stream of episode 17 starts in 30 minutes come join if interested. https://www.dai…[View]
104612816Okay so she signs paperwork so the elves won't evict her forcefully from the land, but what exa…[View]
104605157This is your spiderman now. Say something nice about her.[View]
104612185Why are DC heroes that are telepaths much more moral on how they use their powers than Marvel telepa…[View]
104608340gay thread: Is there any ship name better than Dickstroke?[View]
104611879Busytown Mysteries: Who else remembers this show besides me?[View]
104612266Can we have a mortal kombat thread?[View]
104613048Would have been a better ending[View]
104613921Why is magic in the Marvel Universe so bland and boring?[View]
104612891Arrowverse Elseworlds: This starts tonight and no thread? Streams, discussion, etc.[View]
104601673Based Brie, she’s perfect for captain marvel[View]
104582968Thrillseeker what you think ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YyPA_j1Q10 in Russian https://www.yo…[View]
104611024How could a Venom video game work? Provided the focus wasn't on Spider-Man's gallery of ro…[View]
104609622My friends please. We must not fight against eachother! We must unite to humilate the mouse![View]
1046136396teen: So on YouTube you can watch every episode of 6teen now. Any anons here fan of that show?…[View]
104613572Wanna know how he got those scars? My dick was too big.[View]
104606312The Brand-New Adventures of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Storytime Thread #4: The archives are bac…[View]
104594991How did you anons feel about Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet? I quite enjoyed it, despit…[View]
104609716What exactly is the appeal of Carnage? Venom, I can understand. Toxin, sure. But Carnage is just rep…[View]
104613176There gonna be a talkback thread? They seem to have stopped recently.[View]
104610934This is Belit, Conan the Barbarian's love interest. Say something nice about her.[View]
104599863no joke: id fuck jaiden animations[View]
104607215>No awards whatsoever What went wrong? DC games always win their fair share of awards.…[View]
104612309ITT: Post /co/ edits you made that you never get to post[View]
104611791Name a better cartoon dad.[View]
104608434OH MY GOD HE'S GOT A GUN: Name a single /co/ character powerful enough to stop him You can…[View]
104608790Thoughts on Rick and Morty S3?[View]
104611239How is season 22 of South Park making you feel? Are you disgruntled? Dissatisfied? Unamused?[View]
104612612What a collection of /co/ qts[View]
104612372What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
104611688This is what a Nazi Spider Man would look like.[View]
104609488Azula Zuko: Zucest fascinates me, what can I say?[View]
104608070what did /co/ think of City of Heroes and City of Villains? what do you think about Statesman?[View]
104612277Trapster? more like dragster[View]
104587150ITT: Lip Bites[View]
104611729Caption this[View]
104609223How old is the joker supposed to be?[View]
104609289I kinda lost track of Batman Rebirth after I Am Bane, has anything come from this twist since?[View]
104612019What was his fucking problem?[View]
104589128>A lesbian knight who goes around saving women from towers and dragons in hopes they'll kiss…[View]
104610378I just finished reading Red Son, and is it just me or is red son batman way better than regular batm…[View]
104607085'Sick Day' shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CwMcDXiet4[View]
104608949Ok guys, we need a good story to put in the front page. Does any of you have any idea?[View]
104608776RWBY/RT General #1512: THREE YEARS Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell…[View]
104611615What will they do in the sequel? Bring back KIllmonger?[View]
104608342CAP: 'So, T'challa, you have hover troop carriers, but no fucking tanks. We invented those over…[View]
104601776They did it. They made the worst episode of Family Guy ever.[View]
104603795>>Spend two entire Captain America films hyping up Bucky and defending him. >>Even gets …[View]
104610727Glasses girls thread: Post your favorite.[View]
104591150This is the demon queen of hell. Say something nice about her or she'll eat your soul.[View]
104608094Mickey is a small time crook in a slum of NYC[View]
104578915What is your honest opinion regarding The Legend of Korra?[View]
104605101ITT: canonically gay characters: Bonus points if they are in a relationship.[View]
104606782are ya ready co ?[View]
104608906ITT: /co/ Christmas specials that actually acknowledge Christ[View]
104603157Let's have a redesign thread. What do you think of this Spoiler redesign?[View]
104609207Hi, my name is Carter, and my fiancée cheated on me with her black coworker.[View]
104608347Floppie thread: To anons who still read and collect floppies/trades, and not /co/mblr. How are you s…[View]
104608897ITT: jokes that aged poorly[View]
104610815Injustice Ground Zero: What the fuck happened. Injustice was so good up until this point. Granted th…[View]
104604880Post PSA comics, whether you agree with them or not.[View]
104604650>Every fucking day there's a thread shitting on Dr. Doom here now You suck, /co/.…[View]
104603883I think I love the Joker[View]
104610293This is ______girl________! Say something nice about _______girl______ /co/![View]
104587336Why does /co/ praise ed edd n eddy when it looks almost as lazily drawn as the calarts cartoons this…[View]
104606111Modern Cartoon Media: So are we seeing a shift from Cal-Arts or just an evolution of it? And at what…[View]
104604651>knock on the door >Lebron wants to offer you a Sprite Cranberry What do?…[View]
104539458>He doesn't like Finnish comics.[View]
104609699I don't get it.[View]
104602858Why does Bendis keep getting hired?[View]
1046047414channel I've come to bargain[View]
104610103Do you like to play kickball /co/?[View]
104608280>that time emma frost dated bruce wayne[View]
104604814Crossover when?[View]
104605540BUMBLEBEE Reviews: Predict the final RT score /co/.[View]
104604798Why dont more comic artists give women saggy titties?[View]
104609539Could the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future diverge Grinch to like Christmas?[View]
104609678There will be a joke where he wants to call himself something other than Shazam so he can introduce …[View]
104609331We're in the Avengers 4: Endgame now: are you satisfied with this title[View]
104608597>his most viewed videos are all cartoons and you thought animation was dead…[View]
104595502Asking for help: Since Superman as a character is done for Warner Brothers and the last thing outsid…[View]
104609613how do you go about collecting a comic book artist's complete work? are there sites that make i…[View]
104608224Based Bendis: Uh-oh[View]
104607092What was Johns thinking?: Earth 2 Dick was like 20 years older than her and changed her diapers…[View]
104609035Left or right?[View]
104585199SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME First Look: Trailer coming later today.[View]
104534494/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: Da Rules: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them…[View]
104609129BadEgo: do it with BadEgo[View]
104606939Would Batman be a more realistic and relatable character if he was a 3-year-old toddler?[View]
104605510So, with over 50 years of hindsight, how much damage did this show do to DC comics?[View]
104606212NEW Baman Piderman: 'Baman, Noir Detective': For those who haven't seen it yet, a new BP episod…[View]
104609012How and why did cartoons lose 'legitimacy' in the eyes of mainstream audiences? It's one of the…[View]
104606032Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Art of the Animated Series artbook scans: For some reason I had a …[View]
104605742Let's get a good old fashioned obscure characters thread going.[View]
104606529Brazilian animation on HBO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DhwTiGKt5A[View]
104607760Superman: This character first appeared a little over 80 years ago. He has consistantly been the sta…[View]
104608132Reading a comic in an image format: Hey /co/ its been a hot minute. I downloaded a scan of a long ou…[View]
104602437Judge Dredd by Grant Morrison[View]
104607797>she didn't mean to kill almost forty people! give her the benefit of the doubt! what did An…[View]
104596298Mogo is the most based of the Green Lantern Corp. He's perfect in every way, shape, and form[View]
104607486Here's Your Future DC.[View]
104607853>students attend an ultra-secretive assassin school where literally every single teacher is a sea…[View]
104587640>The animation studio which made Emoji movie Did the best animated movie of this year. I still ca…[View]
104605163How can one fan base be this degenerate?[View]
104601881Amazing Spider-Man #11 preview: Spider-Man #11 (W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Ryan Ottley • J. JONAH JAMESO…[View]
104605826Bobsheaux is absolutely disgsusted by the JunglePedo Hugo who's fondling and grooming an undera…[View]
104607749we need some more Hanazuki in here: post any and all[View]
104603291RWBY/RT General #1511: Kitty Molests Puppy Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try…[View]
104589429Hey guys, remember me? Why aren't we discussing Star Wars Resistance?[View]
104607445Think of your favorite hero. You got him/her? Now his/her rogue gallery is replaced by these guys. H…[View]
104595057Who would win?[View]
104604252I might sound like a shill, but have you got your Popeye DVD's and Blu-rays yet, /co/? Komrowsk…[View]
104603077Aquaman: It's heading to an easy $300m in China. If it's world wide gross is at all propor…[View]
104604693Boy Mr Krabs you sure are sweetie[View]
104606027This is the future of the dcu[View]
104605046Superheroines getting beat up/humillated[View]
104606846Rick and Morty: >I watch them dressed as Superman.[View]
104606525>it's an Angelica episode[View]
104598087Why does she looks a white latina?: Her surname is Nordic right?[View]
104598271Gods' School pilot is coming out on the 20th of Dec. Do you think it will at least be a step ab…[View]
104605513I know plankton failing to steal a krabby patty is a running gag of the show but I do recall that he…[View]
104606476K I N O[View]
104589686Rogues Gallery Challenge: Come up with a new villain for Superman that posses as a unique and capabl…[View]
104604379am i the only one who didnt like this portrayal of batman?[View]
104598447The Shivering Truth: A new stop motion anthology series by adult swim released online recently. Will…[View]
104605906Why is she so perfect?[View]
104606175Hello? We received a distress call coming from your ship.[View]
104603554Is jan a slut?[View]
104602544Connie Maheswaran: Why is Connie so thirsty?[View]
104605960Avatar: Why are they making a live-action remake? Isn't that kind of pointless?[View]
104605603Just saw this, yeah, pretty cool film. Works just fine as an AU Venom, and actually I was surprising…[View]
104603139>S-sweetie... >Before we c-climb into the futon... >D-do you think, m-maybe you could... …[View]
104604049This is Meechee.[View]
104605496Here's is my Aang Harem made to work. What is yours.: How should Aang polygamist marriage work …[View]
104567069Anyone else see the new Neo Yokio Christmas Special: 'Pink Christmas'? I thought it was possibly the…[View]
104586233Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer shown at CCXP18: Delayed online release. Nick Fury asked Mysterio f…[View]
104604661so this maybe how supes get the power needed to beat manhattan he got juiced by on of the most power…[View]
104593398Any love for Crossed?: Love me some comics that push the envelope.[View]
104594839Who was at fault here?[View]
104595924>they made kaa a hoe again Why is it so hard for people to just adapt him faithfully? If he'…[View]
104595166>a rotten review time to admit it's complete trash[View]
104604135Could he kill Raven? Would he do it?[View]
104605045New X-man universe.: So imagine a new X-man comics universe (not like ultimate universe) more realis…[View]
104602452November 2018 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 100's: OP was absent last Friday edition.: TOP 100 …[View]
104604821Do you think ths comic book movie will be good?: Dile que eres mia, mia Tu sabes que eres mia, mia T…[View]
104604691Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?: Since Superman as a character is done for Warner Brothers…[View]
104604601>Thank you, my friend. Post satisfying villain redemptions.[View]
104602935So what did we think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMeqY7ogdF8[View]
104603437HAWKMAN gets new Origin in this week's Hawkman #7: Here's the preview: https://13thdimensi…[View]
104594698Just read Caligula and Caligula: Heart of Rome: Loved it. Loved the hedonistic descriptions and the …[View]
104601175https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue8knZnY_H8 How hard is it to catch one clown?[View]
104604420What’s your favourite sandman volume? Just finished this one. What a masterpiece.[View]
104588902>1985 >only 50's and 60's pop culture >The Day the Earth Stood Still is still in …[View]
104603506What's his problem?[View]
104603541What was the joke here?[View]
104593170How can Thanos even know that the universe is overpopulated? Our sun is one of hundreds of billions …[View]
104604580I WANT THIS NOW[View]
104597349Damn. J'onn J'onzz is related to THAT?[View]
104588341I was an extra on a bunch of Marvel Netflix shows: Anything you want to know? I've been a extra…[View]
104604429Avengers ENDGAME: There is no way Marvel/Disney is going to convincing show us the Chaos that would …[View]
104604170Adam Warlock vs Dio[View]
104604337X-man and not X-man superheroes at a party together.: Please add images.[View]
104587117Fact: Towelie is only considered to be a bad character because Cartman said so, thereby putting the …[View]
104603432Mark Waid's Irredemable: Will I enjoy this if I think Mark Waid is a hack? I've often hear…[View]
104604128Supervillains who are independent of a heroe rogues gallery.[View]
104587461>good early reviews >good early box office numbers So this confirms the has always been Zack S…[View]
104604019Why didn't they just use this?: >be Warner Bros >Literally have like half the script/scre…[View]
10460418110 Rare Comic Books That Are Worth a Fortune: Back in the days when our favourite superheros made th…[View]
104598390I'd ship her with Batman.[View]
104604171This is the most kinographic relationship in a movie I've ever seen.[View]
104590304Can they be stopped? Are they gods? Will they ever make a movie that isn't great?[View]
104587776Why, I do believe it's time for Doctor Who... and Star Trek: The Next Generation?! https://www.…[View]
104599963>aggressive girls almost raping you every time they see you >choosing to stay home and lick ja…[View]
104596364Meanwhile on /soc/...[View]
104578885Who is the best kanker sister? And why is it Marie?[View]
104567189New Kim Possible TV Movie Tralier: youtube.com/watch?v=TNRQT9ODqDI[View]
104603882SABRINA: >hey anon, wanna join our club?[View]
104588269Anybody else a fan of these guys? Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg are going through each issue of Wizard maga…[View]
104601236Strange could've put up more of a fight....[View]
104600316>it's a Ginger whines about not being popular episode[View]
104603106Teen Titans Go!: This happened.[View]
104595707Why do people hate this run again?[View]
104600964How does Modern Sonic exist in Wreck-it Ralph if his only plugged in arcade game is Sonic the Fighte…[View]
104603326Every once in a while I sit down with myself asking: 'anon why are you an anon?' And I cringe, I don…[View]
104603155What is it like to fuck jocasta?[View]
104603054God damn it, Bullock, do you realize how much your little stunt is gonna cost the department?!?! I h…[View]
104589927Venom Storytime Pt. 13: Continuing from yesterday with more of Bunn’s run.[View]
104602878I’m working on a comic 'Zane and the Diesel Crew'. The campaign is expected to go live Jan.1. the co…[View]
104602647Young Justice S3: Anybody else super pissed off about them using the shitty movie art style now?…[View]
104602064hello. I'm trying to draw a comic, but I have no idea how comic book pages should look like. H…[View]
104602357Will this buggy piece of shit ever be fixed? It won't even let me sign into their app.[View]
104597889I actually really like this[View]
104602037Heathcliff waves to the birds.[View]
104600232Better than Smash Ultimate[View]
104589054Look a happy banshee[View]
104584594ava's demon: Saturday update, will the thread survive?[View]
104597671Okay, anon. Let's say you finally get to make your dream pitch project into a pilot... Nobody w…[View]
104592271YOU WHAT?[View]
104599815this thing tho[View]
104574044Could Mandalore have survived under her rule[View]
104601440Literally me[View]
104587255I just got home from a sneak preview of Into the Spiderverse. It's certified Kino, bros. The po…[View]
104601107Why can't Kellogg's into character design?[View]
104601273>Will defeat Thanos and btfo the patriarchy >No one gives a shit about her How can we save her…[View]
104601213>>According to set photos, Tony is running around in a shield uniform. He probably becomes the…[View]
104597577CCXP18 - Captain Marvel[View]
104595135It's almost time...[View]
104598701RWBY/RT General #1510: Lewd The Ice Cream Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try …[View]
104601379Well, they're going to blow Voltron the fuck up and seal the interdimensional rifts so no more …[View]
104600578>/co/, you gonna gonna join Suga Mama in the hot tub?[View]
104600830freefall thread: >2000 year old early net humor strip >keeps going on >starts developing a …[View]
104592684>its another ant-man saves the marvel universe episode again when will this antman wanking finall…[View]
104580977New camp camp christmas special. This one is about Neil and Hannukah.It was pretty cute https://yout…[View]
104599640Its okay /co/, lots of people who make cartoons can't draw![View]
104599639Toonami General #9: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104601124>it's a Susie and Kimi act like bossy brats episode[View]
104596125>'All Dogs Go To Heaven' >In the movie there's a dog Hell and some dogs go there when the…[View]
104599628Marvel comics: so i'm not gonna pretend that the marvel movies haven't inspired me to try …[View]
104598023>the episode where Hank joins Nine Rivers[View]
104588440Miraculous Ladybug Thread: The Love Tease Continues Edition: https://youtu.be/lSCtcET0dbc Basically,…[View]
104599560What was his problem?[View]
104597962>2012 or so >buy this DVD for myself >end up giving it to a qt girl and she keeps it afte…[View]
104589095It's time for a Superboy. Tonight Superboy goes to the Atlantic to fight for and against sea mo…[View]
104598585>watching Shrek Retold >All of the 2D animation is 'lol funny faces and shifting shapes' >G…[View]
104599091I just spent the last 4 years in university completing an engineering degree. What comics came out i…[View]
104599709The Chad Krypton Man[View]
104598648Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104567405See this hat? ZONE hat.[View]
104599335So /co/ should we create our own Disney/Magical Girl/Sentai series: I mean, the promise is there and…[View]
104584286Would you wear a dress for her, anon? https://youtu.be/XLXW6GZJFpk[View]
104599024>These chinks were actually minding their own business, I'm just beating them up for a 'raug…[View]
104587084ITT: Times Your Fanboyism Fuck Your Life Up: >study biology because Peter Parker does >after t…[View]
104598998Do any of you ever buy custom sketch covers? How much would you pay for a really well done sketch co…[View]
104598497Has there ever been a movie about that one talking ape from the comic books? Pic unrelated.[View]
104578087>it's a Connie episode[View]
104598546Big and ugly[View]
104597638Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104591105New 'Aquaman' Poster[View]
104596475/co/ I just: slashed your tires[View]
104590974IT'S THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY TRAILER. GET IN HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhNIDzIUcow…[View]
104597291Poor Jon[View]
104595299>'Omg, LITERALLY me!': The Show[View]
104593255For five minutes...[View]
104595522Yesterday I started a thread about doing one’s own version of Drawn Together with pre-existing chara…[View]
104596513Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104595198Who's your favorite jedi, /co/? Mine is Jar Jar.[View]
104583227What's the best dog-based superhero?[View]
104589659Which male /co/ would enjoy getting pegged?[View]
104571362What does /co/ think of Darkman? I know he's more of a /tv/ character, but still. As a characte…[View]
104585943James Kochalka: So i'm not very familiar with James Kochalka, which of his books should I buy f…[View]
104596202I liked this show. It's uh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvRWeX-ZtU[View]
104595366Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104587634Characters who should have a symbiote.[View]
104589350It's trash.[View]
104589031I just want to start off by saying if you want an answer at the end, prepare to be disappointed. The…[View]
104590374New hot take: Batman is NOT a Gary Stu and only stupid Superman fanboys complain about Batwank.[View]
104588287Okay, so hear me out. You’ve probably heard of both of these shows before, and you either love or ha…[View]
104576293Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century - the Series: So, I’m rewatching some episodes of Duck Dodgers, an…[View]
104595030Other than the red guy, where are they now?[View]
104594301What's his name again?[View]
104594363Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104595313James Gunn’s Superman Horror Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6eB0JT1DI4&app=desktop&…[View]
104589560Doesn't even say goodbye to her residents in Sugar Rush: >Abandons her friend without saying…[View]
104593733Bumblebee Thread: The RT results aren't so far away but the Critics Choice page has just update…[View]
104584781Could Superman and the Justice League manage to beat Mercurius?[View]
104590508RWBY/RT General #1509: Sexy Reaper Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell…[View]
104589220How do they compare to DC / Marvel's cosmic threats? How would the DC / Marvel universe fare ag…[View]
104448982Heavy Metal Magazine (1977-2017) Enjoy. Get it while it's still here. https://mega.nz/#F!aspACQ…[View]
104591463Best animated film of the year?: >Spider-Man: into the spider verse Sony made the best spider ma…[View]
104592971Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104594010What was Snyder thinking?: >telling an insane mass murderer who you are right after you take an o…[View]
104592142Why are Japanese robots so much better than western robots???[View]
104593718>actually caring about elf practice in 2018 when there is a major climate crisis So who do YOU re…[View]
104593895..............I don't think this is a good idea..........[View]
104593706can we get another mk run: ok so when is he getting another run? the shit writer left[View]
104593579spongebob: Anyone else like the out of water Sandy?[View]
104585201The two on the left are safe. The other three are expendable and one of them will be replaced for an…[View]
104589592Would Lex Luthor be a more realistic and relatable character if he was a 3-year-old toddler?[View]
104587988NO MORE MUTANTS![View]
104578683What happened to Dofus and Wakfu? Are the frogs on hiatus? No new season show, no new movies?[View]
104591903Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
104583997'Now Sophia, I know you think your daddy's perfect...' 'No I don't.' 'But I did a bad thin…[View]
104581333Steven Universe science failure.: So this is funny in a meta way. For you who don't know or don…[View]
104591373Hank pym is the best ant man[View]
104592613Why didn't we get more of them?[View]
104590270Hey /co/, I'm leaving these chocolate creme cake cookies here, make sure nobody eats them while…[View]

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