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106065292Dubs/International translations thread: >Raven and Starfire are Stella Rubia and Corvina in Italy…[View]
106077327IIT: You hear it you loose[View]
106075497Wait, so is this show good or not?[View]
106077624Is CN going to do ANYTHING to celebrate Ed Edd n Eddy's 20th Anniversary? Complete blu ray set …[View]
106073561Eastern european animation thread.[View]
106075995I unironically think that she could have been an interesting character. To explain how ther aren…[View]
106075749Which one /co/? And who else will be disappointed if The Mouse doesn't re-release either of the…[View]
106064150>been avoiding it because everyone said it was a huge disappointment >drops on Netflix >Eh …[View]
106078929/co/co: Do you like coco? I liked coco[View]
105982948Animated Music Videos: Haven't seen one of these in a while. What are your favorites? https://w…[View]
106074289How do I get a girl to look at me like Roxanne?[View]
106075327Fiending more Conan: What are some good Conan runs?[View]
106071709ITT: Movies you want to see direct by your favorite animators: Ralph bakshi making a disney film abo…[View]
106078075How does /co/ feel about him?[View]
106075816I wish I had an infinite supply of weed![View]
106072600Are you ready for some TESTOSTERONE /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twG7f-9pdaY&t=94s >…[View]
106076487Hank Pym: I know my reasons why I love this character but I would like to hear why you like him?…[View]
106057886Leni is literally the cutest character on tv at the moment[View]
106078438How do they keep it the funniest and most socially conscious show on TV for 20 years running?[View]
106078489>all these years later people still think she was a good character >all these years later peop…[View]
106078176What the fuck was Howie Mandel's problem?[View]
106077294Bluey: /Bluey https://iview.abc.net.au/show/bluey Australian kids TV show that kicks ass, good for …[View]
106078029Could Zatanna resist a potential manipulation by the Mad Hatter?[View]
106070694>mfw 3 billion >mfw 98% at RT >mfw she kills Thanus…[View]
106077725>HIIYII!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnCwg9VzNsw Mmmm...Dat Dr. Fox.…[View]
106077645IT: 90s - Early 2000s Little Kids Show Thread: This is a thread for little kids shows that aired in …[View]
106004527Jesus fuck why are the French so fucking horny in cartoons?![View]
106076242wtf im literally crying and shaking rn i cant beliee the avengers hq is saluting hitler wtf the prog…[View]
106077510When are they gonna kiss again?[View]
106075879JLA - Pt. 16 redo: Let’s try this again.[View]
106071951Why does he seem dumber in the comics and post-(second) redemption? Is it a requirement to be a brai…[View]
106077296AND HIS VIDEO PALS![View]
106076699can someone explain why superheroes and the police even try to arrest or largely look down on Frank …[View]
106073887Tiny Toons reboot fucking when?[View]
106068421Well, /co/?[View]
106071463Anon Cartoonnetwork wants you to come up with the next big teen hero action show like Ben 10 and Gen…[View]
106076481You WILL watch his new show anon[View]
106076907Why is he so strong?![View]
106074920Why wasn't she in Into the Spider-Verse?[View]
106075651JLA - Pt. 16: Had a really good day. Let’s post some JLA.[View]
106076553Is Jason Blood always this entertaining?[View]
106076697Into the Spider-Verse: Are these comics available online anywhere? I'm not in a situation that …[View]
106069794favorite villain?[View]
106076773Who's your favourite Marvel/DC character and what would be your ideal writer/artist creative te…[View]
106075427I wonder what my life would be like if I robbed the Kwik-E-Mart.[View]
106076652ITT: Comics only you read[View]
106074444I’M GOING TO SAY THE N WORD, /co/[View]
106076586>that one time Jean made a bunch of guys shit themselves[View]
106076259So she's endgame, right?[View]
106072574He has to be specifically hit on his back to multiply? Seems like a long way to go for a pun[View]
106068215Hey /co/ how about some love for the Bonelli comic books?[View]
106074715How do you pronounce sword /co/?[View]
106074079Just watched this. Thoughts? Probably my favorite Pixar short in a while.[View]
106072461What if I just post some comics? And then you talk about 'em.[View]
106074392Raven thread: What do you thinks the story of this new upcoming series is going to be play out ?…[View]
106069859What the fuck is Roger Moore's problem? Why does he even bother reviewing non-Pixar/indie anima…[View]
106066772What was /co/'s consensus on Mavis and the Hotel Transylvania series?[View]
106075411I just rewatched Up. 6/10. Maybe 7/10. Probably a 7/10.[View]
106075129>2020 release date theres no way[View]
106074837The only good part of GotG2 If they truly kill him off the Guardians are done[View]
106075660Alan Horn Talks Pixar Post John Lasseter: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/alan-horn-talks-dis…[View]
106070618Oh boy, a Carnage crossover event, surely that won't suck ass.[View]
106064076What happened[View]
106073213Why is hand holding getting more accepted in cartoon for kids? What the fuck is wrong with people?[View]
106075414Canadian Centre for Banshee Preservation: If you pause at the right moment (https://loopvideos.com/z…[View]
106073450See I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.[View]
106066699WAKFU/Dofus: Are they telling me that I have to be black if I want to score a French cutie pie elf w…[View]
106074515>parents letting their kids watcher Spongebob after season 3[View]
10607517690's /co/ thread: sup /co/wabungas! it's the 90's, let's wig out some fresh cart…[View]
106073567>I worked on a reservation... >Who would believe >they would love me and leave >on a bus…[View]
106075072Unlike you, how would you feel if your son or daughter, when they grew up along with their friends, …[View]
106063805who was in the wrong here?[View]
106072163What now?[View]
106059665Questionable /Co/ntent Thread: oh look, we're back on 'white man bad'[View]
106067708Doom patrol episode 2 discussion: Dropped today, at least on the east coast. it's going into …[View]
106071980Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #2[View]
106074270Is she a virgin?[View]
106070795You gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?[View]
106074535What Dora the Explorer merchandise did you have as a kid?[View]
106074286When is my boy Genndy gonna come back and do that cap story he wanted to do[View]
106073285rememer simpsonsposting? it’s back!, in YouTube form. https://youtu.be/VMuuWNfZ89E[View]
106055456*ruins your charming first series by making every character unlikable and insufferable*[View]
106073288How was this allowed?[View]
106059789Would any of you actually hang out with Steven when you were his age?[View]
106073776What were their names again /co/?[View]
106073054>Yes, we were just about to go watch the Steven universe movie, what about you ?…[View]
106074357Alright, here's the next latest and greatest Spider-Man foe. Skip Wescott, Peter Parker's …[View]
106065180>he gets on the plane How does television or animation history change? They would have just wrapp…[View]
106069820OK KO: What did you think of the crossover?[View]
106060819unsounded: Does it really count as child soldiers when plats only live to be 30?[View]
106073839Why animate something with such a weak plot?[View]
106058433/a/ crossboarder here. I've watched a ton of anime, but basically no cartoons. I watched all o…[View]
106069350Avengers: No Road Home #3 Preview: Strap in fellers, next issue is gonna be Rocket-centric.[View]
106072124DING.... DING....[View]
106073193Can you say his name three times /co/?[View]
106072686ITT: Characters that did everything wrong[View]
106054575New Birds of Prey images[View]
106055457Space Jam 2 is filming soon: https://www.thescore.com/news/1719892 Who do you hope is given more of …[View]
106064546Rooster Teeth Thread: Has she finally managed to become a good voice actress or is she just good eye…[View]
106072905Angry Birds 2 Teaser: So thoughts i think it will be as bad as the last one https://youtu.be/PpZ89E7…[View]
106071153Tropes you love: >character in a cartoon is named 'Tiny,' or 'Shorty,' or some other name that im…[View]
106063196>in the movie, Hans gets punched in the face by Anna and is sentenced to shovel shit for his crim…[View]
106065893Man, hype for Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame is killing me. When they finally come out I prolly…[View]
106072382Why are all adult cartoons comedy's (It wouldn't be that big of a problem if 99% of them w…[View]
106068188i miss this show[View]
106072583I liked the idea of Tony going into space. Shame it was written by Bendis. If you could take a hero …[View]
106072963We read your script, anon. It's a solid pilot and we're interested in it. However, we noti…[View]
106067609How much longer until Image overtakes DC?[View]
106069646Do you think a Justice League Unlimited approach for JLA or Avengers comics work? You still have you…[View]
106072956>23 hours, 26 minutes , and -(looks at watch)- 14 seconds until you die!…[View]
106064955Dutch Comics: Hey lads, I was looking into learning Dutch. I'd probably read anything DC, Marve…[View]
106070709Over The Garden Wall: Holy shit just finished this, not a big fan of CN as of late but damn did this…[View]
106072594>/co/'s secret! What did he mean by this?[View]
106054137/TPG/ Segway at Disney edition >Favorite park to ride a Segway? >Favorite Segway themed ride? …[View]
106067943Why is the second season of OK KO so fucking bad? The plot is a mess, they didn't do anything w…[View]
106072714Is anyone informed on the develope of humor? I want to say, with the passing of time has been develo…[View]
106071138>'We're no strangers to dead memes' >'Marketing rules, 101' How good was Ralph 2 in comp…[View]
106069336'That Was Real?' Obscure Cartoon Share/Request Thread: Let's face it; there's been a lot o…[View]
106072064Was it ever explained why so many mutants are blue?[View]
106065544I thought that Civil War would never end. Now to soothe my head with an evening at Ford's Thea…[View]
106063247Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 70: Page 21 >Excuse me, princess.…[View]
106069786>we will never get the BvS Snyder wanted to make worst timeline bros[View]
106072322What would an ork that's part of the Green Lantern Corps be like?[View]
106069620Charlize Theron & KiKi Layne Comic Book Action Feature ‘The Old Guard’ Lands At Netflix: >Cha…[View]
106039434>Looks like trouble for our hero, Spider-Man, also known as Kamala Khan. Er...wait. We mean Ms. M…[View]
106070893ITT: Most beta characters[View]
106071599Jesus... this episode doesn't do justice to these characters. It portrayed almost all of them a…[View]
106070149Bucky O 'Hare: Do you remember it, /co/?[View]
106070481Goose is live https://youtu.be/Uky_Y_7JevE[View]
106070967What prevents heroes from single handedly eliminating their country's enemies[View]
106067188Yu-Gi-Oh! D-Stortion Bonus Chapter Storytime: Well, I said I would do this sometime this week, so he…[View]
106058169NO MORE GYM[View]
106070602Isn't there any sort of quality control the prevents writers from putting their fetishes in chi…[View]
106069861Scrooge is a bottom.[View]
106065800Have you ever roleplayed /co/?[View]
106064185Cassandra Fatgirl Caine.[View]
106068832Where's my drink?[View]
106070806John Ashbery's Daffy Duck in Hollywood. Can you make sense of it? poets.org/poetsorg/poem/daffy…[View]
106071843I need pictures of Spiderman! NOW![View]
106068424Post cartoons you'll never watch[View]
106071713What non-/co/ characters do you want to receive /co/ content?[View]
106070672The Last Airbender recap: These are actually good wtf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOyhcW9JjLc…[View]
106062456Who was in the wrong here?[View]
106065793Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics! But enough about me, what've you got pl…[View]
106026117What went right/wrong for this show?[View]
106068282What happened after this? I haven't read comics in quite some time and as far ad I can remember…[View]
106065647Is he right, /co/?[View]
106063467Hulk is back and a majority of Marvel readers are eating it up like hot cakes. Issues selling out, b…[View]
106061613He was #1[View]
106066118>Here's your JJJ /co/[View]
106071436What's that sound Donald makes when he's angry again?[View]
106069447so where do anime characters and other non-comedic animation genres fall in the world of Who Framed …[View]
106070169>start chopping down trees for a business >weird tree guardian comes out and says, 'stop doing…[View]
106066326Favorite plot twist in cape comics?: And why are they so uncommon?[View]
106070912Who are the greatest comic writers working today that no one talks about?[View]
106064836Janaury 2019 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 10's: TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS BY UNITS INVOICED > 1. T…[View]
106070716How would he handle the unforgettable luncheon with Chalmers?[View]
106056951Return of Wolverine #5 storytime: Let's not waste time on preamble I started it, I'll fini…[View]
106057832shen: shen[View]
106065449Raven thread: I like that Raven is going to have another new love interest. But could any anons told…[View]
106069306>Aren't you ashamed anon? >You ought to be locked in a hoosegow, you should! >The thin…[View]
106070195Y'know, for kids.[View]
106050223Reminder that any complaint against Captain Marvel means you hate women.[View]
106065494I miss Bryan O Malley[View]
106069644So since Billy goes by Shazam now instead of Captain Marvel, does Freddie still go by Captain Marvel…[View]
106065450Why are people so against Superman for having other love interests than Lois Lane?[View]
106066373Where would he rank in the DC and Marvel Universe herowise? He is way stronger than street level at …[View]
106064599Titan's Life is Strange comic adaptation is now ongoing series: LIFE IS STRANGE #5 (W) Emma Vie…[View]
106069578What went wrong?[View]
106058639Viren: I'm rooting for him partially out of spite. It seems that no matter what he does, the na…[View]
106067987https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3N2pQmzodQ New DuckTales clip confirms how Della survived on the Mo…[View]
106065375Venom: ... Did Eddie fuck his stepmom?[View]
106062992Paranatural Duckpond: >trying to get included in the marvel universe to improve my SEO >I…[View]
106069805Crossovers: My bet is on the magical Princess ,[View]
106045113Unstoppable Wasp #5 Storytime.: I'm bipolar too and I thought this issue was super-legit about …[View]
106054075Susie: I just wanted to say that Creepy Susie is cute, Thats it. Thanks for reading.[View]
106067832So we know judging by Danny Antonucci’s other shows and pilots that he was definitely not what made …[View]
106051957Tangled: The Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOXIg7U5iDk >acknowledging the show >new …[View]
106069836What is /co/'s thoughts on the fact that a Dora the Explorer film will be coming out this year?[View]
106061019What's this I hear about Bendis ruining my little older brother?[View]
106055385CAPTAIN MARVEL Extra Scenes Revealed: Mid-Credits Scene. It's a scene from AVENGERS: ENDGAME. C…[View]
106069255Who would win in a battle?[View]
106063809Cartoon adressing school shooting ?: Pic is from tumblr, I know, but honestly wondering, You know ho…[View]
106068746What's the worst episode?[View]
106065783Man for someone that actually knows MCU timeline and plot this movie makes no sense. It's even …[View]
106055949TONIGHT: >A bald Joker 4u Edition Hey /co/! We're back TONIGHT with a new episode of the FIN…[View]
106063280OH SHIT HE BA oh no there he goes again[View]
106060839How did she become a show runner without belonging to the CalArts™ clique?[View]
106069220Nancy, you loveable you![View]
106069074Help: I swear to god I remember “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees being in an episode of Scooby Doo…[View]
106059750These two just ruin the entire DC universe. Ruin. Completely. All other heroes and their villains ar…[View]
106068690Gotham is a malignant genius loci and The Joker is its avatar.[View]
106068694Whatever happened to these dorks?[View]
106068627Post early concept art[View]
106066355John Byrne: Is he considered a great comic book writers solely because it was him who created the co…[View]
106061263>There is an alternate timeline where the Aladdin remake is not only goo, but gets good sequels …[View]
106066411Will she be born?: Days of Future Past was set 32 years in the future. In that, Rachel was...upper t…[View]
106000599How's Your Webcomic? #541: If you couldn't do your story as a comic, which medium would yo…[View]
106068121there's no way this could go wrong, right?[View]
106063354How do you write the perfect 4 panel webcomic?[View]
106053019Could a non-prequel animated Star Wars series ever be as popular as The Clone Wars?[View]
106066599Omnipotent Man: What are the best Omnipotent Man stories?[View]
106067751Fuck (you), I'm hyped. It's gonna be cheesy, A-Team/Expendables-esque fun full of testoste…[View]
106049486DC Super Hero Girls: New short is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIHO0MMl3Vo[View]
106054111Alright kurtfags, what do you think?[View]
106067738SMWT 1: Spawn Marathon Watching Thread. Spawn 1 HBO series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6v64kfBB…[View]
106062458This is Ultimate Mary Jane Watson. Say something nice about her.[View]
106064895>You want the fucking job or not?[View]
106025265Let's talk about this movie and why it's amazing. I rewatched it this past weekend after y…[View]
106063455 [View]
105950909>420 kids Jesus Oswald, calm the fuck down.[View]
106037671I'm not complaining but what the fuck was the point of this episode.[View]
106065584A hotel that rehabilitates sinners?! This idea sounds like garbage. How the fuck does Vivzie think s…[View]
106043173When did Teen Titans Go become kino?[View]
106066595Why is wolverine such a fucking manlet in the comics ?[View]
106060041Oa, New Genesis, Mogo. Superman, the great hero of truth, justice, and the American way, visited the…[View]
106063958On-going story > episodic format Episodic format needs to be killed. What the fuck is the point o…[View]
106066936GOTTA GIVE IT UP[View]
106066466How would Angel Dust pass a drug test?[View]
106063186remember that time Ed tongued Sarah ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVjNFtp04gQ[View]
106064759You guys told me it was good, this is even worse than Slott Spider-Man, why the fuck you lied to me?…[View]
106066998Wouldn't it be more devastating if I left the room?[View]
106060740ITT Your favorite alt costume: I'm old, and it was actually destroyed in the first issue I ever…[View]
106063524Sell out? And turn the site into some ad for a profit-hungry corporation?[View]
106047748Was it Spite?[View]
106064847Gwenpool design looks motherfucking awful in every single style except Gurihiru or mangaka in genera…[View]
106066711Love, Death + Robots: Love, Death + Robots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFwunMKa4E[View]
106060978So...who else is looking forward to hot disney anime villain dudes?[View]
106058938ITT: Characters you want to read into more[View]
106055816Stand Still Stay Silent Thread: Oh boy, looks like the adventure's about to begin! Any predicti…[View]
106061692Thoughts on the REGIS MK-V? How would you stop it?[View]
106063656Why is Gwen so perfect bros?: >tfw I will never make a faux pas and injure her. I will never be t…[View]
106065629Large, awkward, subtle as a semi, and cause more destruction than the mutants they're hunting: …[View]
106064966How do I condition myself to stop being instinctively repulsed by singing in cartoons? It doesn…[View]
106065906HTTYD3: Who's seen it? How was it? And why was there zero hype about it here?[View]
106065895I've done it I've raped the Joker[View]
106063124Do you enjoy bully/humiliation episodes/scenes?[View]
106061512Just a reminder. This is the 7th reboot in 5 years.[View]
106055698How badly will they fuck it up?[View]
106062606Why I didn't see any discussion about this? >https://www.marvel.com/articles/tv-shows/marvel…[View]
106064466This was a bigger asspull than bubbline They at least did a little bit of legwork to hint at bubbli…[View]
106064903I'M SAD Does anyone else still read this shit? Because I still read this shit.[View]
106064357I am the lone locust of the apocalypse, think of me when you look to the night sky[View]
106064816Ya'll are waiting for the new frozen movie, while I'm already wishing for a live action ve…[View]
106032668Toonami Ratings for 2/16/19: Attack on Titan will restart in the same timeslot from season ONE start…[View]
106058859regular show: how was the movie?[View]
106044556Who's best boy?[View]
106065004Time to step into the squared circle, /co/[View]
106061778Ok. This is going to sound crazy as fuck. But a couple of weeks back, I suddenly had an overwhelming…[View]
106064614are there any other examples of Heroes having improv costumes?[View]
106063680Where’s my Ben 10 comic book series: >If you want to read a slighty darker and mature comic book …[View]
106060291Obscure cartoons.: Post cartoons only you watched.[View]
106062192The most forbidden love!: >Role model and idol to millions Kurt Wagner (better known as Nightcraw…[View]
106063033>That time Thanos and Terrax killed the X-Men before Secret Wars 3 Now, this is something that fl…[View]
106059387What male superhero would have made the most money as a porn star?[View]
106046543You know who we haven't seen in Young Justice yet? Jericho.[View]
106064407Peter Parker dates Supergirl. What happens?[View]
106060082What is /co/'s thoughts on Madeline?[View]
106064223/co/'s ancestor :)[View]
106062224Would you read a dmc marvel crossover comic featuring Dante from the devil may cry series [View]
106064275>22 days until Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path #3[View]
106063815What the fuck is Pete from Disney? A cat? A bear? A dog?[View]
106058893she looked so good, what went soo horribly wrong?[View]
106052357What's under his hat?[View]
106059106Vengeance of the Moon Knight - Shock and Awe: I’m shocked that I could love Hurwitz’s Moon Knight bu…[View]
106058067WBB Thread: Latest episode was in mid 90s Japan. I don't know how much of this is accurate or j…[View]
106047504You laught at that idea /co/ now you won't laugh anymore[View]
106048142Disregard /v/'s dumbassery, I'm still coming to Smash. Anyways, how are you guys enjoying …[View]
106063028Dumbing of Age: Seems they're both garbage[View]
106063416Damn so I just had a random thought and had no idea who to share it to. I was just watching some cli…[View]
106055699This is Kaa the python. Through no fault of his own he's become the epicenter of a decades long…[View]
106059282Captain Marvel: So is the black girl that features prominently in the new trailer going to become Ir…[View]
106060861Heathcliff plays poker.[View]
106062155For me it's Janey.[View]
106040686ITT: 'Oh yea, I forgot that came out'[View]
106061230Could Netflix or Kickstarter bring them back? I mean weirder shit has happed.[View]
106060056What is /co/'s thoughts on Dora the Explorer?[View]
106063107What's his damn problem for being a skinny twink ?[View]
106060142Is he a hack?[View]
106059500Autographed Swag Thread: Just got back from having my Thanos 13s signed, making them the crown jewel…[View]
106059184Batman & Superman in World's Finest - The Silver Age volume 2 storytime part 2: Batman …[View]
106061344New X-Men #154 and Joe the Barbarian Vimanarama >>105363357 Sebastian O >>105364560 Near…[View]
106054762I thought most people forgot about this franchise[View]
106061874You are now a generic RPG Slime and cannot verbally communicate, you will end up becoming subservien…[View]
106060398Naomi: She has white parents. Who didn't see this coming?[View]
106061087SPACE JAM 2 PLOT LEAKED: Plot to the upcoming space jam leaked. Some highlights: >The Looney Tune…[View]
106058140And he's only been at this since 1997.[View]
106061298Thoughts on Oliver Copiel?[View]
106059583Protect Marry Kill?[View]
106054780CAPTAIN MARVEL Confirms The True Identity Of Mar-Vell: When Carol encounters the Supreme Intelligenc…[View]
106057842Are you satisfied with the roster?[View]
106054024This little guy shows up in the DCU. How do things go for him?[View]
106061444So was he Chinese or Japanese?[View]
106057631Scrooge loves his nephews.[View]
106061257is she, /co/?: is she addicted to Dark Magic?[View]
106062313Asian supers on the big screen: I know Hollywood hates Asians, but which Asian superhero should be t…[View]
106054320Why does Rwby handle racism so poorly?: How would you improve apon it?[View]
106005927I like this librarian[View]
106047576What is the most uncomfortable/unnerved an animation has made you?[View]
106060447Remember when she was American?[View]
106054318ITT: Magic: Marvel, DC, Other; whatever. Anything and everything goes. Favorite characters, ships, f…[View]
106056027THOUGHTS ON KITE MAN ?[View]
106049328Superior spider-gwen?: Should we fuse these two together? Imagine![View]
106056312Batman & Superman in World's Finest - The Silver Age volume 2 storytime part 1: Batman …[View]
106059149When Marvel Comics turned on this piece of shit?[View]
106061414Well taaaaarnation, I'm Jiggle Billy! C'mon y'all, commence the jigglin'![View]
106057899New X-Men #144-153 Vimanarama >>105363357 Sebastian O >>105364560 Near Myths >>10…[View]
106060470Real Life Super Hero: https://youtu.be/kq1Qnma5oVI[View]
106059956Is this any good? I've never read it and I've never seen anyone talk about it.[View]
106058125Worst part about this scene is Patrick's faggot ass just sat there and didn't even help Sp…[View]
10605877690's FLASH: >Make show about the most over-the-top Silver Age character >Copy Burton…[View]
106061058ITT: Great characters from bad shows.[View]
106049286Buttlord Storytime: Anyone has the Crusher Saga? I couldn't find it anywhere, just a few tidbit…[View]
106059406Titans, I've come to say the t-word[View]
106060114I’m a Reddit fag: Made this back in 2012 https://youtu.be/gtWZmcjc_ow Great silly times[View]
106057767Comfy Steven Universe thread[View]
106044555Liv is the best incarnation of doc ock, and i reject any dissenting opinions[View]
106060899This show is actually pretty decent. What did /co/ think of it?[View]
106059995This is my wife, say something nice about her![View]
106049819This is the best post-movie episode.[View]
106056213gogo bomango: Seems Gogo hasn't taken /ss/pill yet[View]
106049635Barbara, I can't sleep. What if Batman is actually a woman? They say he's the smartest det…[View]
106060549For me, it's Janna[View]
106056556Fucking gold.[View]
106056807>comedic relief characters >big guy and small guy…[View]
106060116>he's fucking dead[View]
106055917>Doug is 11 Why does he looks around 14-15?[View]
106059907Guys, this is real, this is the advertising in Spain. #WomanHadToBe[View]
106042979Japanese Steven Universe: Why is the Japanese dub of Steven Universe so much better? I actually can…[View]
106054924Good God What Fresh Hell Did You Just Unleash On This Cursed Land?: ITT: Cursed Characters[View]
105998284ITT: awful ships that keep being pushed for some reason[View]
106059039Imagine this >Captain Marvel acts in the vein of GoTG and Aquaman, being totally unashamed of bei…[View]
106058638What did they mean by this?[View]
106041224when you consider the Joker is evil enough to disgust DARKSEID, why doesn't Batman make an exce…[View]
106045036storytime: Black Order #4 And so we have reached the Black Swan chapter[View]
106058572Remember that time Disney ripped off Madagascar?[View]
106058475Spiderman, Into The Spiderverse: I saw this at a spontaneous house party and I have to say, it has m…[View]
106056859JLA - Pt. 15: Dropped off some killer assessments for he head of Univ 100. I really wanna see her ta…[View]
106048716Moon Knight in the MCU. Yay or nay?[View]
106046464APRIL'S MEMES ARE SO LIT: Just a daily reminder this is an actual line that was put in the show…[View]
106056370This is one thread you're not going to SCREW with![View]
106041861What'd /co/ think[View]
106059687Do you hope Dora gets a new series? I hope the new movie is successful enough for this to happen[View]
106056830ITT: first /co/ crushes[View]
106028719I think the biggest crime the Thor movies did was not giving her a proper role as heroine or villain…[View]
106048295Dan DiDio Tells Retailers That DC is Cutting Back Their Comics: Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, h…[View]
106057744Is there a stronger sign of irrelevance than being gender-swapped?[View]
106059427How many people has she killed?[View]
106054579South Park: I rewatched this episode recently and checked if this was actually the case, it is. Pret…[View]
106054370Cannon Busters: After god knows how long pic related will finally air on Netflix. Coming out March 1…[View]
106046259>it's a swimsuit episode[View]
106047718WOW, she is 100% right about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBkYc-K1_UM[View]
106056804Did you get it?[View]
106057913Why does Aaron have a problem with masculinity?[View]
106049019Who would you cast for a Zatanna film? Hint: It's an impossible task. No real women could even …[View]
106052078whats this show about?[View]
106054918Grant Morrison Storytime: New X-Men #133-143 Vimanarama >>105363357 Sebastian O >>105364…[View]
106058343THE FLASH: Unused Concept Art For Impulse: Nora's brother and Barry and Iris' son from the…[View]
106048278>Offensive language in the form of a poem. Donald Duck is Best Boy[View]
106055109The Chaos Gods show up in Marvel/DC. Who do they corrupt and how do they fare in general?[View]
106055586How come the PPG looked better in the crossover with TTG than in their reboot?[View]
106051864https://www.cbr.com/marvel-black-cat-ongoing-series/amp/ we made it, Feliciafags. how shit do you th…[View]
106054561Blood & Guts & Guns: This board is too sissified. Full of waifuposting and faggotry. Post so…[View]
106057142Here is France's newest film due out in early April. What do you think of it? https://www.youtu…[View]
106057129Why is so much of Harvey Pekar's work out of print?[View]
106057468Reminder that Disney fucking killed Jim Henson.[View]
106057209Look everybody, it’s DORK and beans![View]
106055129Jenny vs DBZ 18: Who wins? Going by DBZ's scaling, Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game stat…[View]
106056759Would you still watch it today? Did it have any good characters? I don't remember.[View]
106049807Storytime: Grimtales from Down Below: Before there was Night of the Were Ed... before there was Camp…[View]
106057504What is their worst show?[View]
106057427if this comic were a band it would be Tobacco, prove me wrong[View]
106056782Was it kino?[View]
106053763Who was in the wrong here?[View]
106050548*snarls* *grunts* *snarls* Bub... *growls* *unsheathes claws* Snikt, bub... snikt... *snarls* *glare…[View]
106056089Why don't you like Harvey street kids, /co/?[View]
106043659Your body has been bestowed with the power of the 12 talismans >Rooster - Levitation / Telekinesi…[View]
106043603>Don Bluth wanted to include his own version of Jessica Rabbit in the animated movie Rock-a-doodl…[View]
106056615What did it do right that adult swims attempts to replicate it failed at?[View]
106055748What episode of Bobs Burgers is this picture from? Google has failed me, 4chan is my only hope[View]
106055589>People still defend Ramos[View]
106053569Which will die first?[View]
106054690Tom King: This man is not our enemy, /co/.[View]
106052829Toph vs Peridot: Who would win?[View]
106052756hey, can somebody storytime wild storm #20 please? pretty please[View]
106056552Nickelodeon Superhero appreciation thread[View]
106053140I download every comic free. Am i bad for never supporting the medium that i love?[View]
106054779Hey /co/, I was wondering if you wanted some POCKET SAND![View]
106055566Bendis next target.[View]
106052802https://twitter.com/Marvel/status/1098670336202166277 Make sure to vote for Skrull.[View]
106049742THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - Official Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egDqXpwKwnk >M…[View]
106048455ITT Costumes too sexy for today's Marvel Comics[View]
106047695>DC doesn't publish enough books! >Marvel is publishing too many books! It's almost …[View]
106054115Are they the greatest cartoon martial artist? If not who are and who would win between the 3 of them…[View]
106056100She's hot. Is her comic/cartoon good?[View]
106053017Is there literally any way to write a minority characters without pissing off /co/? What did Alien …[View]
106055523ITT: Underrated cast lineups As a kid I thought this was the best Scooby-Doo lineup. Basically Daphn…[View]
106052065What if Jeff Goldblum does a guest voice in the Invader ZIM movie?[View]
106053296I am Time Warner! I’ve traveled to your TIME to WARN you about using my intellectual properties or i…[View]
106041679Why was this greenlit?[View]
106053715Ready for a story about Dr. Doom conquering the world? More stories about Dr. Doom conquering the wo…[View]
106054571What the fuck was his problem? And more importantly, how did a bunch of different bug species, spide…[View]
106054365>the episode where Jen and Alex fuck[View]
106052731what's this show really like? tried watching the pilot but the animation and character designs …[View]
106052293Stay out of my city, /co/.[View]
106054640Hi, guys. We're going on a national bikini tour, and we're looking for two oil boys who ca…[View]
106055105New Deathbulge. >Ian paused for a second, wondering if that meant I was gonna be in the game too.…[View]
106055247When was the last time a comic made you sad?[View]
106055230Iron Man used to be a straight-up badass. A supergenius hunk in a state-of-the-art mecha without a n…[View]
106047507Captain Marvel: Why do people want this movie to fail?[View]
106045360Terry loves pictures of Spider-Man: Yes or no? Hard yes for me[View]
106053358>Wonder Woman gets booted from the UN for being a bad role model according to female staffers …[View]
106050911Sequential Art: >gorgeous https://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
106055120pwnt: I like the 'brute strength' type villain for Supes. Fite me.[View]
106047588White eyes mean power surged power[View]
106023712Post the cartoon character that is most like you. I'll start[View]
106046958Avengers #15 storytime: Oh no not robbie![View]
106054972Would you shower her with coconut cream pies?[View]
106052054how come lightyear toys are the only ones who aren't self aware?[View]
106054377ITT: How do they smell?[View]
106054773Find a better cartoon than this Protip: You can't[View]
106054737/co/'s thoughts on Eek! The Cat?[View]
106053249newfag here, any good streaming sites?Trying to watch this gem, but so far quality is shit on all of…[View]
106052185I really enjoyed this, any comics that do the whole dysfunctional family/pairing really well? Or eve…[View]
106054205Does anyone know if there's any more of these covers? Sorry to waste a thread, but I gotta find…[View]
106038228Teen Titans #27 storytime: Teen Titans #27 storytime[View]
106044650So what was the fourth flavor?[View]
106054572Remember when The Disney Channel was full of comfy kino?[View]
106052567>”Gotham dudes are the best. We have deep manly voices and insanely ripped pecs. We're Affle…[View]
106050706Oh great another story about TV superheroes. Be honest /co/, have you hung yourself yet?[View]
106045303ITT: characters only you like[View]
106050457Conan is fucked already: >The creative team of Gerry Duggan and Ron Garney wrap up their run on S…[View]
106053092thoughts on Don Hertzfeldt?[View]
106052654Why, Batman?[View]
106030565Does /co/ like Miss Martian?[View]
106048876She is Spider Gwen: 10 days to next episdoes. Say something nice about her[View]
106054099/tpg/ - Theme Park General: IMAAAAAAAAAAGINAAAAAAATION edition Wonders Of Life to be replaced by MOR…[View]
106048814>his name literally has the word 'rat' in it >people refer to him by said name all the time …[View]
106051818Who was in the WRONG Here?[View]
106052043Cast them[View]
106052255What’s the Planescape Torment of /co/?[View]
106053826Kings most heinous crime in HiC/Batman is not playing up Booster being mad at Bruce for getting Ted …[View]
106050449Is he the definitive superhero writer, /co/?[View]
106045966Doctor Strange #11 Storytime: Last week ended in a hell of a cliffhanger. Let's see how the goo…[View]
106053689The Blue Beetles: Let's try this again, this time including all 3 of them. Who's your favo…[View]
106048087Are there any cartoons with half-Gypsy/half-Aboriginal Australian characters?[View]
106049640>having to watch him go from nice to narcissistic borderline sociopath from season 1 to 4 You can…[View]
106053691So, who's worse?[View]
106049877>Speedy Gonzales is racist >Zorro is not Unironically explain this shit.…[View]
106052101'Like, literally.'[View]
106038607Why do cartoons get away with such incredibly bad writing all the time? I don't really watch ca…[View]
106053306Think of (and post a picture of) a random comic character. That character has to become part of a dy…[View]
106048612Could the avatar setting work with other cultures besides Asian[View]
106049977Anyone else pissed that American dad dropped the ball on Jeff’s Cliff hanger? We’re currently on the…[View]
106048106>Captain Marvel's site references Annihilus Please tell me they wouldn't fucking do Ann…[View]
106051608>Venom Dunno how it'll fit with the solo, but whatever. >Frank ...Well, he was in Thunder…[View]
106052074what flavor is the milkshake guy from aqua teen hunger force?[View]
106049965Well fuck batman, this isn't bad. Pacing could use some work... seems to be a common problem in…[View]
106053553So Lois is Veronica and Lana is Betty?[View]
106033970Rips are slow so have Aquaman while we wait. I'm really thinking KSD never wanted to write Aqua…[View]
106050172Kyoshi comic: do you guys think it'll be any good. I've never heard of the author before a…[View]
106053390This day belongs to EVILLLL![View]
106052971How do you make a crossover cartoon fan fiction comic not suck. I want to start my own but don'…[View]
106053272*ruins your charming first series by making every chatacter unlikable and insufferable*[View]
106053204Batman is the best hero. He could beat anyone. Even if someone is invincible and way more powerful a…[View]
106049926Adam knows[View]
106050091storytime: Wolverine Infinity Watch[View]
106050663New X-Men #123-132 Vimanarama >>105363357 Sebastian O >>105364560 Near Myths >>105…[View]
106050050New Batman Cartoon: >Beware The Batman was 6 years ago What do you want to see in the next Batman…[View]
106052923Batman Pursues Road Runner in Sequel to King & Weeks' Elmer Fudd Team-Up: >Long held sec…[View]
106048938It's this time again frens' Muumit kierre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNIgsBQ3KZ4[View]
106052676>Luke became the villain so nobody else could fuck netflix, give me Luke S3…[View]
106051633He did it bros[View]
106052563Playmobil The Movie will premiere at the Annecy Festival at June. Will it be good? Or decent enough …[View]
105988014/tpg/ - Theme Park General: Let's desperately try to keep the thread alive edition >Favorite…[View]
106050497Why is GuriHiri jap traitors and draw for americans instead of jap manga?[View]
106050458YOUNG JUSTICE #5 written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS art by PATRICK GLEASON and KRIS ANKA cover by PATRI…[View]
106048705Protect Marry Kill?[View]
106050974Friendly neighborhood spider-man 3 storytime: Peterparker going adventure while johnny storm babysit…[View]
106049041Pitching to Image Comics (Cover letter help): I'm pitching a comic with a completed first issue…[View]
106050701>it will take place before Change Your Mind >Harmony Core will be the main concern >October…[View]
106043451Avengers: No Road Home #2 Storytime: Poor Little Hawkguy Edition.[View]
106049932What is /co/'s favorite episode of Dora the Explorer?[View]
106052089This was actually really good. Robotman is definitely the best part of the show.[View]
106046912The Gifted: Name a bigger lot of fuck ups than the Mutant Underground. Protip: you can't…[View]
106025223Pick one[View]
106050255These two teams go to fight the weakest villain of the last cartoon you watched. Do they win or lose…[View]
106046420>Shadow Base has declared total war on Bruce Banner — and one by one, death is touching everyone …[View]
106035419Why the fuck does he hate Bob's Burgers so much?[View]
106046920what's this image from?[View]
106051619>comic artists[View]
106051072What kind of esoteric hobbies do you pick up when you’re an immortal, just because you need to kill …[View]
106051546>Marvel '''heroes''' get so excited when meeting a ruthless dictator that rapes women and torture…[View]
106044756Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Storytime: In before /pol/ shitposting.[View]
106050955Cartoons were there are no other characters than established ones are the best ones Fuck introducing…[View]
106026848When FOX wanted to make a sequel to the classic film 'Aliens', they contacted William Gibson (the [d…[View]
106029961Captain Marvel “early reviews”: Marvel shills?[View]
106040680I've been spoiled by Netflix, waiting for the next episode is torture[View]
106047098Please just give me ONE SCENARIO where this poor guy wins.[View]
106050387Why is Garfield from Oklahoma?: In the Garfield Show, Garfield watches the weather on TV and it clea…[View]
106049679SJW Marvel Has No Moral Compass Left...None: Have things really got this bad, /co/? Pic related http…[View]
106050821This makes me so happy to see[View]
106049502'Buck Cluck, may I give you a Fuck-Fuck-Fuck for a Buck-Buck-Buck? It is Cheap-Cheap-Cheap!' said Al…[View]
106048961AFTER TODAY[View]
106046886How Come Post-Crisis Hawkman Was Always So Angry?: What's up with this?Why was Carter always su…[View]
106043788who would you hire to make a Warhammer 40k cartoon?[View]
106050095Is he best villain?[View]
106047912Luan is my favorite cartoon character, say hello /co/[View]
106050416Is Peanuts a good comic?[View]
106048603Oscars: The Math Points to a 'Spider-Man' Animated Feature Victory: >Spider-Man: Into t…[View]
106047927What does /co/ think of this pairing?[View]
106049690Into the Spider-Verse: Does the movie's universe have a universe number attached to it yet? How…[View]
106049782I think it is innovative for an entire show to be made on Microsoft Powerpoint... Seriously why are …[View]
106014755Mutafukaz (MFKZ) by Ankama & Studio 4c: The french Bluray is out and it had the english dub on i…[View]
106041338WooOOooOOooOOOOOO!!! AHHA HA HA HA HA[View]
105998596New OK KO episode preview released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx47dfyvbNw[View]
106045665>23 days until Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path #3[View]
106048936DC Super Hero Girls: why is this allowed?[View]
106047902The Executioner[View]
106044925>Brings about the demonic apocalypse to the universe. >Part of creating the apocalypse require…[View]
106045416Storytime: Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (Bleedman): Before there was Night of the Were Ed... before the…[View]
106047849I just asked the Invader Zim VAs what their favorite animus are[View]
106045524Do you miss this faggot?: Why Marv Wolfman even used him in Raven series?[View]
106049394Unpopular Opinions: >Carol Danvers is cute and her confidence makes her adorable…[View]
106046740The Order of the Stick: Did they reduce the font size at some point? Ever since I finished the arc f…[View]
106047122Why does he want him dead? He has the magic juju snake, just get him back home and swap bodies with …[View]
106049607Who is best Endless and why is it Delirium? Why did Despair get almost no screentime? She was damn i…[View]
106048586Create a new Captain Marvel/Black Adam character using mythological gods/goddesses and characters wi…[View]
106032908“Pinks father said this is the perfect choice of attire for the beach setting”[View]
106049235Hey, kids! Now there's three new Winnie the Pooh videos with Playtime fun with Pooh and all his…[View]
106048911What did you learn from Dora the Explorer as a kid?[View]
106043068Hate all you want but this show rocks![View]
106045319Why is he so underrated ?[View]
106048100What did Jim Davis mean by this?[View]
106046345sonic is a racist franchise: I don't know if you have ever noticed, but the Sonic games are ful…[View]
106048995BertStrips: Continued from here >>106004710 Personally I like this one so much I want to make …[View]
106047199How come nobody is talking about the fact that there's a new movie coming this year?[View]
106032181Why did marvel choose her out of all their female characters to push?[View]
106039266Who would win?[View]
106045504Ducktales has a huge fandom, so why can’t Russian Gravity Falls have one?[View]
106030885Are you touching yourself again /co/? Can I see you?[View]
106046952>Harrison Ford is Rooster the farm dog in The Secret Life Of Pets 2. Also Duke is still here... h…[View]
106047764How would uzay function in a toy story world?[View]
106048110Haha look at this stupid virgin nobody beats based boi trobadour haha.[View]
106046284What does /co/ /co/nsider the best animated performances in the history of the medium? Disregard ge…[View]
106047151Who is the Marvel equivalent of Booster Gold?[View]
106047186>Fascar I don't get it Is it an allusion to fascism?[View]
106048273Tell ya what this is gon' be one a dem Boomhauer threads, man, talkin' bout postin' l…[View]
106047822What's your favorite animated music video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZbkF-15ObM…[View]
106046779Is anyone buying EXTREME AVENGERS: THE RETURN? - On one hand, I love me some old fashioned 90s edge,…[View]
106047244Honestly, Rex should have dated Holiday's sister or Breach. They were both better than Circe[View]
106046195https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_XvQdQGnmA Is he right?[View]
106031700The Amazing Nightcrawler #1: Wherein Kurt continues being perfect[View]
106046724Cosmic DC & Marvel: What are some good cosmic comics from DC and Marvel? Something which is more…[View]
106048080Would /co/ do a bottersnike or gumble? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZUN0GbbIu8 https://www.youtu…[View]
106046578Need help remembering a comic. I'm pretty sure it wasn't DC or Marvel and it was only a 2 …[View]
106027884ITT: Best cartoon moms[View]
106040905DC Publication List Prediction Post-Downsize: So following the newsthat Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane ar…[View]
106046078Mabel Pines: Which version of Mabel is the best Mabel?[View]
106040245JLA - Pt. 14: So so sorry for the delay. Power was out for the past five hours so I’ve just been her…[View]
106038576Admit it, you cried for Annie: You cried.[View]
106045518I just realize this was the inspiration of the red hulk general eiling from the Dc Aka the shaggy ma…[View]
106030925ITT: crossovers: post /co/-related you want to see[View]
106046190Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April is cute.[View]
106045132Heathcliff uses a bassoon.[View]
106047332We used to hold weekly Natty generals /co/. What happened?[View]
106042078How do you think Rebecca Sugar feels about her show giving birth to one of the most toxic fandoms AN…[View]
106037172The Peanuts Movie: What are your opinions /co/? I've loved Snoopy since little so I see it with…[View]
106028497Batman #65 Storytime: 'The Price' (of Vengeance) Part Three![View]
106043335Barring the theme song, was this show really that bad?[View]
106030244Venom #11 storytime: Here we go[View]
106045502Blue Beetles: Which one, /co/?[View]
106040954Name a more iconic crossover OTP[View]
106042375Fuck Marry Kill: Jason Momoa, James Wan, Amber Heard[View]
106044475Why was he retconned into being the son of Aboriginal Australians when he always just looked black?[View]
106040117You guys down for this I got nothing better to do.[View]
106032511These two are Girlfriends[View]
106044675curious as to what /co/'s thoughts on mark little's show are. anyone seen it? first episod…[View]
106045727ITT: Villians who got away with it[View]
106046992Would you read a book about Best Reed? What would you like to see in it? What stories and supporting…[View]
106043409Lorax: Even if it is a cautionary tale for th environment, the Once-ler slowly bulding his Industry …[View]
106046057>ywn have this crossover series[View]
106046236Would you say that Regular Show's preoccupation with insanity would indicate a rejection or at …[View]
106045832On what would have been his 75th birthday, a little Calos None thread[View]
106045954is this some kind of sick joke or something ?[View]
106011730BB and his Harem.[View]
106026169Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 70: Page 20 >No waiting.…[View]
106032752Ed,Edd, n Eddy thread: Best character coming through[View]
106011957is Marinette a good character ?[View]
106032790Marvel Comics Solicitations for May 2019: SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 GERRY DUGGAN (W) • MIKE DEODATO JR. (A)…[View]
106041924questionable /co/ntent: dude clocks lmao[View]
106042598I'm flunking math, and the other day I was a little attracted to Milhouse![View]
106045362If he was so willing to accept his inevitable death, why did he have guards stationed outside his be…[View]
106035911Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot 2019: “TAKE THAT DISNEY” edition.[View]
106042491Which show/comic/film gave you this feeling?[View]
106045998I think BoJack series is underated![View]
106039485>it's a trey and matt do a new thing bad episode[View]
106030994Webby is a hero.[View]
106032120Why does he have that voice? The other ducks don't.[View]
106044540Dumbing of Age: Do you have a garbage roof?[View]
106036759Remind me what the webcomic with the chick with floating cyborg arms is called /co/..[View]
106043739Ideas fot Tattoo[View]
106040203Why does Pooh live at Mr. Sanders' house?[View]
106043347Alien the animated series in development: https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3547602/r-rated-alien-iso…[View]
106028178Justice League #18 Storytime: Wherein Lex does an oopsie[View]
106037470storytime: Guardians of the Galaxy #2 With all the cosmic kids[View]
106045040Imagine every cartoon ever.....With no cis or straight people! >Imagine the same thing with /co/…[View]
106042687Why did none of the other shows just do a slight remix of the original opening? How are you gonna d…[View]
106041805Grant Morrison Storytime: New X-Men #114-122, New X-Men Annual 2001 Vimanarama >>105363357 Seb…[View]
106044902What are you doing on the streets /co/?: Don't you know Dance Gazebo is on?[View]
106038509BIG FAT MUTANT ASS: Is this the greatest Marvel Animated ass-shot in all of Marvel's Animated h…[View]
106043738Why didn't M&Ms get their own series?[View]
106038372JSA Storytime: Grendel: Good evening owls, we're going to read some random Grendel, starting fr…[View]
106043909>going through Teddy Ruxpin series >suddenly an episode where Tweeg and LB plan to start a rac…[View]
106044711Pete is better than mickey: Why's mickey such an ass the whole time ? He always a hypocrite, a …[View]
106044386The Death Note shows up in the last cartoon you watched. Scenario 1: The ‘villain’ or main antagonis…[View]
106044423Why haven't you signed up to the Jowett Institute of Body Building /co/?[View]
106035358Why does it evoke such anger from us?[View]
106040089Was Bobby wrong or right?[View]
106040530Okay /co/, what episode is this from?: Why the fuck did butch give a 10-year old a thicc short-stack…[View]
106040550What does /co/ think of hotdiggedydemon?[View]
106043119Are we allowed to like this yet[View]
106040066Hey wait a sec: Gwen says when she arrived in Miles' universe, her spidey-sense immediately tol…[View]
106038680Stacy is still best girl.[View]
106042840Borrasami is canon endgame until proven otherwise.[View]
106029771Hulkverines #1 Storytime: Since no one else is bothering to.[View]
106041994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoS74R-qKIY Name a better scene in MCU[View]
106038969Hey /co/, why do you hate Sad Horse show again?: inb4 >WAAAH REDDIT LIKES IT which has always bee…[View]
106030046>*Has only 5 good seasons out of 30 in your path* Can we all finally admit that The Simpsons need…[View]
106038021What are some good examples of Western (American or Euro) comics made for black and white? Are there…[View]
106030023Dancing is allowed[View]
106042751Big City Greens' 'People Watching' Is One of The Best in Animation: Alongside the episode 'Hiya…[View]
105989538/shelf/: Post your shelves[View]
106041130ITT: Post cartoons from your country that are loved and hated at the same time Americans don't …[View]
106042742What a waste of money this tree was.[View]
106042902why wont anyone talk about how zuko was going to knowingly let azula tell their father that the avat…[View]
106035485Getting rid of junk/swap meet: ITT we go through our /co/ folder, post anything we have no use for i…[View]
106042771Does /co/ like industry trade magazines? A bunch of old issues of kidscreen are archived on their si…[View]
106039008DEADLY CLASS: thoughts on the show so far /co/? New episode later tonight.[View]
106041667Are you excited for the new movie?[View]
106043088DC Primal Age: So the first wave has been out for a bit the second wave is on its way and they just …[View]
106041382SCUD IS REAL MHARTI[View]
106043094I turned myself into an asshole, Morty! I’m douchebag Ric![View]
106040015You’re favorite character is told they have a child they didn’t know about, what’s their reaction.[View]
106043148The CW's Batwoman pilot has found its Jacob Kane: Snatch‘s Dougray Scott has joined the CW’s Ba…[View]
106042468>he's in charge of watching over all the infinity gems This is beyond retarded.…[View]
106040424GREEN EGGS & HAM - Season 1 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LAUBQTyE5M but why /co/?…[View]
106039103This show is absolute garbage. The art design is flat and boring, Tina and Linda's voices are a…[View]
106037706Who would you cast in an IT HURTS!! animated series?[View]
106041167they did nothing wrong. post best comic strips[View]
106030847craig of the creek: craig of the creek[View]
106041110i thought it was a good movie[View]
106040965Calarts is not new: Look at this worm mouth /co/[View]
106041233What was with the gospel talk and all the 'Amen's' when this was a story about ancient Greek re…[View]
106034513why do Dexter and Freakazoid act like they are two separate people ?[View]
106036582The Tick season 2 trailer: FINALLY the trailer drops https://youtu.be/Nrb_pvjx-io[View]
106042103Why Does Hawkman and Hawkgirl look so different now?[View]
106040315prompt: butch hartman uses his oaxis kickstarter money to make a danny phantom live action movie, wh…[View]
106039776Why it was so shit[View]
106039957Korra's canon abs![View]
106035313CAPTAIN MARVEL Chinese Spoilers: Don't know if legit. https://movie.douban.com/review/9985193/ …[View]
106002919Female Transformers Plus- Extra Edition: Seeing as it's a long weekend, let's have one mor…[View]
106040942Will the MCU have the balls to introduce Madame Web? You know since they pride themselves for doing …[View]
106041283Dora or Boots? Choose wisely[View]
106038099What's her problem?[View]
106039513How would you have made Poochie work?[View]
106037161ITT: 10/10 animated specials[View]
106041004Daily Corto Maltese Storytime 6: Corto Maltese. by Hugo Pratt. Welcome to the lagoon of mysteries! P…[View]
106039741The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: What’s the /co/nsensus of this show?[View]
106036298What went wrong?[View]
106039764That one song in Persepolis: In one scene in Persepolis, Marjane gets a tape with a song on it that …[View]
106040847>>Why haven't you raped the Joker yet? MORE LIKE WHY HASN'T THE JOKER RAPED YOU?!…[View]
106039365>this is gonna be the norm for 2019 I fucking HATE Tom King.[View]
106039737Scrooge a cute.[View]
106033919Why isn't there a Villain->hero conversion therapy? Imagine how easier Batman's job wou…[View]
106040953DCAU into Comics: I've Recently started watching a DCAU show then watching every associated Liv…[View]
106040305So I heard that finally salvaged Riri and made her a half decent character in her solo series. Is th…[View]
106037310What’s gonna happen to them when The Mouse’s purchase of Fox is finished?[View]
106037938>Season 2 never >Issue 6 onward will never be translated It hurts so much…[View]
106037742>They'd only think I was hiding something. You know what I mean? What did he mean?…[View]
106034775Why does /co/ get triggered when i say i mostly prefer newer comics (after the year 2000)? Its a fac…[View]
106028978G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #259 apparently came out last week, and it looks like no one bothered …[View]
106034461Rick and Morty vs Bojack Horseman Pick one[View]
106028619Hey guys, remember this?[View]
106038507MB: This is a Mighty B! Thread[View]
106016085Soren Warrior-Poet: Worry not sister This destroyer of knife-ears Armour of plot has[View]
106032530What drove him insane?[View]
106040185When was the last time Lucky Luke killed anyone?[View]
106040204>7 Spider-Man movies >3 reboots >Miles x Gwen is canon >Yet still no sign of SpiderCat …[View]
106034572A toy-maker begins making action figures out of Batman's rogues gallery. Are the individuals wh…[View]
106035212Spider-Sona. Because why not?: Post anything Spider-Sona PERSONAL NOTE: Thinking of using this pic f…[View]
106019284A cute[View]
106036767John Lasseter Resistance Grows As Lightbox Expo Nixes Skydance Sponsorship: https://www.cartoonbrew.…[View]
106039217'Look! It's the perpetrator!'[View]
106031013Are comics artists just tracing porn stars right now?: Wtf is up with that?[View]
106038324Is this the coolest use of eye beams in a cape film?[View]
106032818Is this the worst SpongeBob game /co/? I played it and I was really bored while playing it. Its so t…[View]
106039341Well I just got finished watching bird box and while I may not of enjoyed the movie all that much I’…[View]
106038003Am I the only one that felt weird watching this episode of Duck Dodgers?[View]
106032341Why didn't his 'friends' help him?[View]
10603652290's MCU: Would /co/ watch it?[View]
106014876Thoughts on Reboot Kevin?[View]
106037754>AH! Too slow you fucking idiot Jesus flash, tone it down[View]
106033521Favorite x-men character: Short and simple I know like 10 people are gonna say Nightcrawler but mine…[View]
1060306272000AD/Judge Dredd Thread. Press F to Pay Respects[View]
105976513Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
106037211>OK KO cancelled >Chad Universe to continue for all eternity Best timeline…[View]
106034880Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #2 Storytime: cause why not, I'm kinda enjoying this one. Willaims is d…[View]
106036898Y'know /co/, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity.[View]
106038186Does anybody know where I can get that 'timmy is an average kid and he got a gun' video from?[View]
106038459Damn robin looks like that???[View]
106036764*Quietly surpasses DCEU in franchise earnings*: You are now aware that Ice Age 6 will push the franc…[View]
106035527How do Mandrill's powers work? I know they're pheromone based. But what's the mechani…[View]
106038704Do you think he would do a better job ruling over planet Earth?[View]
106037460Guardians of the Galaxy: So the GotG movies are easily the loosest adaptations in the MCU, right? I …[View]
106038312The Gifted: 2 eps into the show, is everyone besides Polaris and Blink’s group Donut Steels or REALL…[View]
106038612January 20: Birthday of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)[View]
106026537Uncanny X-Men #12 storytime[View]
106026578Nightwing #57 STORYTIME: First storytime of the day[View]
106031842How can I get into Bionicle?: What should I ignore? What can I read that not necessary, but fun?…[View]
106038320You know I am a righteous cop Of my virtue I am justly proud Then tell me, Barbara Why I see him dan…[View]
106036869What should the X-man classified being a mutant as legally?[View]
106022284Remove one character from a show to improve it as much as possible Starting off with this piece of s…[View]
106026328What's with Bendis and his huge boner for Black kids and Tim Drake ?[View]
106029046How until we start having trans characters in cartoons? How would you even introduce a trans charact…[View]
106035543Inside Out: One of the best post Toy Story 3 Pixar movies. It lacks substance sure. It’s still a ver…[View]
106017377Redheads are the best Valentine[View]
106021564The Gifted - Live Thread: new episode at 9pm[View]
106032293Djinn is thousands of years old… she an old woman who looks like a kid. Damain is 13 Someone of that…[View]
106035719>the Ancestor replaces Lex Luthor as Superman's archrival How fucked do things get?…[View]
106033870>Alfred Pennyworth isn't the most important member of the Bat-Family…[View]
106035139Phil Lord and Chris Miller: Thoughts?[View]
106037429Boo Boo no[View]
106011306Will Zutards ever heal, or is this a seethe they'll take to their graves?[View]
106027202Greg Land thread: Is he the greatest comic book artist of all time?[View]
106033063This shit is way better than i thought. Why did i miss it?[View]
106037772>generic shit Why is this so successful?[View]
106033628When are they finally going to talk about this again?[View]
106029052Captain Marvel Reactions[View]
106033491Who has the better gay relationship between Steven Universe (Garnet), Adventure Time and The Dragon …[View]
106026304Is Stitch a Pedo? Does he have Yellow Fever?[View]
106021360Does anyone know which episode of Gravity Falls this is from?[View]
106037625just a reminder that this show and it's sequel sucked so much that a show for little girls from…[View]
106037566Blade film movie project: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btl7DM1As8C/[View]
106025363Write the caption, /co/[View]
106037447/CO/ Geniuses: We talk about 'who's stronger?', but seldom 'who's the most intelligent?'. …[View]
106033490Digital Comics Killed Physical: I have my entire 20,000 graphic novels with me at all times on iPad …[View]
106024850Heathcliff worked out at the gym.[View]
106034947>Our new series based on “Green Eggs & Ham” premieres this fall and features the voice talent…[View]
106019501Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane getting new ongoings: SUPERMAN: LEVIATHAN RISING SPECIAL #1 written by BRI…[View]
106022086Brian Bendis Has Given Superman a Brand New Super Power: >Clark goes undercover in issue 1010 of …[View]
106030164Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 storytime[View]
106031600Anyone else looking forward to seeing Wally Wreck the Justice League when the Justice League find ou…[View]
106037153What happened to you, man?: You used to be so cool. A gal on one hand, an armored glove on the other…[View]
106006483Do studios think kids aren't going to notice when a cartoon goes through constant redesigns or …[View]
106035137Guardians of the Galaxy #2 last page spoiler Sorry this aint a story time, but this issue made me re…[View]
106036230Storks: I saw some of this on TV today, is it worth watching? Tulip is kind of hot NGL.[View]
106035934It's time /co/.[View]
106036502Should DC make a space-based hero that's just John Crichton? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or…[View]
106036289Who is going to land the finishing blow on Thanos?[View]
106027819Asians: Priyanka or Minh?[View]
106035295> Be 13 > Fall in love with a girl > She's eventually kinda into me > It can't…[View]
106030084Sorry, only 10/10 /co/ themes belong in this thread.[View]
106035444What would they even do with an animated Gorillaz series?[View]
106015666So, how is this show /co/?: the girls look pretty cute[View]
106019358Will the generations of the future know the lion king, tom and jerry ?. Or will thier entertaiment b…[View]
106026955I'll let you go if you can tell me which came first: ranch or cool ranch.[View]
106012982Based on the lack of shitposting about this I'm going to assume nobody actually liked the Umbre…[View]
106031791So with a few more Xmen confirmed to show up and Doom in the new trailer is this the end of disney i…[View]
106026322So what did you guys think of this movie?[View]
106020098I think these two are very cute.[View]
106035757How long until they befriend white diamond?[View]
106032993Big Lucky Rapes the Marvel Universe: Write the story, /co/[View]
106035767What are the new spider-man 616 books?: SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-…[View]
106033049When does it get good?[View]
106032437these movies are awful wtf[View]
106030971Honestly, what the fuck was Dracula even on about?[View]
106028723Cast her in a movie: I don't think they've ever cast her very well.[View]
106032337Not an anime thread: You ever notice how many cartoons say they were influenced by Sailor Moon? Why…[View]
106033336New Tick Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrb_pvjx-io For the few that care, new Tick traile…[View]
106034512It's been a year since the animated series was announced. What's happened with it?[View]
106024213questionable /co/ntent: Can Brun make it to the bank safely on the dangerous streets of Massachusett…[View]
106029654Wow she really wasn’t evil.[View]
106033463Teen Titans Go!: How will TTGO end?[View]
106022599why does this show fucking suck so much and why is Animated so much better in every way?[View]
106032817Hazbin Hotel thread: I ship him with Charlie[View]
106032088Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel who ya taking and why?[View]
106034409Only the greatest duos are allowed in this thread[View]
106032062Islam: Depictions of Islam in comics and cartoons.[View]
106026086The Venture Bros: Any time table on when it will be back? Also who is wearing the bear suit?[View]
106034101He-Man: I know He-Man wasn't shy about using stock footage due to budget reasons, but did the t…[View]
106032346 [View]
106033598/co/ cursed image[View]
106033089Is there to salvage Grail? I was always under the impression that there are no bad characters, just …[View]
106014686What went wrong?[View]
106002101Ballmastrz 9009 season 2 confirmed: https://tombcartoonmonkeyskeleton.blogspot.com/2019/02/work-arou…[View]
106026185She's not going to win is she? ;_;[View]
106033684You can only post in this thread if your character has a B I G P L A N[View]
106031010Was Willie’s punishment severe enough?[View]
106024612> 2D sparkshort. > Better animated then the 3D ones.…[View]
106029591Might not be the best day to ask for this kind of stuff, since is drop day, but man coming back to c…[View]
106020842How did Del Toro do it? How come 2004 Hellboy looks better and more natural than 2019, is it budget,…[View]
106029846Which is your favorite episode, and which would you consider the best episode of the show?[View]
106033444To all the ladies In the place With style and grace[View]
106031749Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.[View]
106033354Superhero couples: Post the superhero couples you don’t like or feel forced Mine:[View]
106030873This season is pretty good[View]
106032351What Makes A Good Bert Strip?: Obviously a follow-up to the Bert Strip Thread earlier[View]
106005816This could've been the next Goof Troop: What went wrong?[View]
106032763“You really think someone would do that, just go on the internet and get angry over cartoons?”[View]
106004728vampire/goth girl thread[View]
106032449Characters you wanna see come back.[View]
106028151Mikel Janin: Why does no one address the fact that this guy is clearly tracing cgi for his art?…[View]
106027929Reaction Pic Thread: Give me your rarest /co/ reaction pics[View]
106031302Doom Patrol vs Justice League: Which team would you rather Cyborg be on. No posting Titans because t…[View]
106025630New Popeye: Popeye was/is blonde the whole time?[View]
106030594Are these all true or just a load of bs ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5qL_m1YnBM[View]
106026211Why is it Totally Spies could never keep the parents' designs consistent?[View]
106032020avatard thread: This doggo showed emotion in front of Koh, the facestealer press f to pay respects…[View]
106031364Hazbin Hotel 's release has been announced[View]
106027016Who's a better Hawkman?:: Katar Hol or Carter Hall?[View]
106030423Do you want Batman to have a black sidecick outside of comics?[View]
106029824'Summer Camp Island' Thread: Is Summer Camp Island a good cartoon series or is your opinion similar …[View]
106029455>Tries to take over the town with his army >gets fucking owned by the US Army What a failure…[View]
106029279Old Captain Marvel: We all know Carol sucks now, but how was her old stuff? There's an omni com…[View]
106027173Mastermen versus Freedom Fighters: >Grant Morrison writes a comic called Mastermen, in which he i…[View]
106031846How do you say 'She's in.' in Arabic?[View]
106031527A COVER IS NOT THE BOOK IS ON YOUTUBE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNvV6N7veRs[View]
106023364What is /co/'s thoughts on PJ Masks?[View]
106031402Would the Black Racer be better if it was a cute girl on skis instead?[View]
105939248/co/ Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post…[View]
106028955/co/ self portrait thread - birthday hat edition: Haven't seen one of this in a while and since…[View]
106031174Are you looking forward to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2?[View]
106021127What is Nekron's connection to Death, the person?[View]
106028228Ms. Marvel: I want to get into some of the Ms. Marvel comics but not sure where to start. Is pic rel…[View]
106029821ITT: fucked up ideas which require a lot of badassery and tact, meaning no virgin /co/mblr could eve…[View]
106030821Thoughts on the Life is Strange comic? It’s now ongoing as opposed to just a miniseries.[View]
106029911/co/ If you think Mr Enter spergs too much, then you haven't meet this faggot yet.[View]
106028838would you date Shatter anon?[View]
106027236How do I get my ten year old sister to start watching GOOD cartoons? I've had enough of listeni…[View]
106023492Just created Peni Parker in Soul Calibur 6 with the new creation items. Couldn’t quite get the patte…[View]
106026909What does /co/ think of the Pleasure Island Cinematic Universe (PICU)?[View]
106013783You know Disney’s done for when even normies are sick of them winning the Oscar: https://www.cartoon…[View]
106020298The Bendis Train continues on Superman: Remember that he expects your apologies to be forthcoming, l…[View]
106018580is Evil Superman a good character?[View]
106031069Silver Skeeter or Quailman?[View]
106030431Oh, I'm sorry I Thought this was the bathroo-[View]
105989529East vs. West debate can finally be put to rest.[View]
106030894Zack Snyder: This is talent unlike /co/[View]
106028453Shazam (Film): Unexpected kino and box office hit.[View]
106027388Joker moves to Diana's city and starts messing things up Eventually, since WW isn't the mo…[View]
106030243I love how she talks like she's engaged to him, her voice actress really sells it. But what sto…[View]
106024114Is it safe?[View]
106027948ITT: Your favourite costumes I'll start![View]
105992656do american girls really talk like this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ-_3n4iXvk I believe it…[View]
106030149Is this how people view us?[View]
106023994Thoughts on the Crow?[View]
106025714Seriously thought what's her problem?[View]
106028554Hawkman?: I keep seeing threads, and I'm interested! I saw the current series in my local shop …[View]
106028478Where the hell is Wakfu Tome 5?: Seriously, it's been 2 years since Tome 4. 7 years since Tome…[View]
106027146Spiderverse: Spiderverse has leaked online but i cant find it on pirate proxy or anything, would any…[View]
106026647DETENTION UH OH![View]
106025776Webtoons: What’s /co/‘s opinion on this platform? Has anybody even liked the comics posted on there?…[View]
106029000Can Superman eat Taco Bell without getting diarrhea?[View]
106029903Deathbulge: Do you think the game will be good and will be worth the wait or is the hiatus from post…[View]
106029742People of /co/ Show me your EDCs or whatever it is in your bag - your cosplay bag - your daily lolit…[View]
106024434sokkla: Whats your underrated obscure OTP?[View]
106029793ITT: shows that started meh/alright and became kino after a couple seasons[View]
105926889Yandere: It's Valentine's Day. Post some western yandere. Especially from DC and Marvel.…[View]
106027826Adventure Time: Simon and Marcy Issue #2: Hope you weren't expecting Simon and Finn interaction…[View]
106017281Who in the DCU could stop him?[View]
106026240What's with Scott Snyder and his huge boner for Carter Hall?[View]
106025812What will it be? Genuine magic or just some whack human technology or weird alien technology[View]
106019130It begins.[View]
106026563Guess who's back...back again[View]
106028104Lyfe imitates art: https://superfriends.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Snyder[View]
106024185Unsounded: Ashley: Jon is probably my favourite character this chapter. He secured a sit-down job mo…[View]
106029353Hot damn, I know superheroes are spoilt for choice but Shayera rejected that? Getting GREEN'd …[View]
106029113Why did she give me a massive boner with the face reveal?: Please make some rule34[View]
106017849All resources considered, who wins?[View]
106025651Shaggy Thread. Enough Said. :): Please Insert whatever pictures you have of shaggy, memes, comics, a…[View]
106026767Today, I will remind them.[View]
106028085Brains & Bloodlust: Are there any characters that match together the whole super-genius master p…[View]
106026060Terrible /co/ parents thread: Which /co/ parent/child relationships do you find most relatable?…[View]
106028399Is this the best Rugrats game /co/?[View]
106027334How can one man be so based?[View]
106028535Wtf is it with comic artists just tracing porn stars??[View]
106000938Rule 63/Genderbend Thread!: Show me your favourite genderbent /co/ character. Which one would work m…[View]
106027241Rate my review of Avatar TLA: There's also an analysis of Zuko Alone at the bottom. http://sep7…[View]
106027171Why Do People Like Hawkman?[View]
106028257Hey, can somebody pass the sauce?[View]
106028218Famous Popeyes: Volume 1 turned out to be a smash hit.[View]
106014142ITT: Characters that were meant to take over their predecessor's title, but got bumped down or …[View]
106026128If you were a transformer what kind of vehicle would you want to turn into?[View]
106027579Captain Marvel: >Mar-Vell, created in hopes of sponging off Billy Batson's popularity. >T…[View]
106027266Here's your guard bro[View]
106026669Literally Dexter.[View]
106014999Batman Faces a Zombie Outbreak in 'DCeased': A fast-spreading virus. People instantly turn…[View]
106027013>clip show episode >half or more of the flashbacks are of episodes that don't exist…[View]
106027840ITT: We discuss the plot of a sequel to A Bug's Life, as inspired by the popularity of ant keep…[View]
106027708what was the Issue of preacher where their was an argument between a radical feminist and conservati…[View]
106022246Comics you read because the art was god-tier: What comics did you guys read simply because the art w…[View]
106017226>Pic is post-Endgame MCU. YIKES![View]
106014400Now that we got the soft and feminine She-Ra reboot, can we now have the hard and masculine He-man r…[View]
106027017 [View]
106026177Dumbing of Age: Is that a hoverboard?[View]
106026085Holy shit, Captain America owned![View]
106018584>Redesign doesn't really look like the original character >but you love it anyway. what a…[View]
106026728change my mind[View]
106022322>Hey Anon, Do you want to come to my party? You might have to die first though. https://www.youtu…[View]
106026303George Lucas must be rolling in his grave[View]
106025828>Be me >Playing Nicktoons Punch Time Explosion online >Fight Zim main >Get fucking rekt…[View]
106003426We all know Crocodile is cooler than Gaara and more worthy of Toph.[View]
106020235Would she fare better in the Marvel or DC universe?[View]
106011685You find this what do you do?[View]
106025905https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XxOkqkDBn8 >MCU movies so forgettable even the actors forget the…[View]
106023659Would you?[View]
106023569*AHEM*...MEEGA, NALA KWESTA![View]
106026718Our Army at War #217[View]
106026505Live Action Kim Possible: where can I watch it ?[View]
106022488This PPG episode was pretty fucked up, actually[View]
106025731>Yeah I'm ready to order[View]
106021836Remember when characters used to have to develop trusting and deep friendships before they fell in l…[View]
106024095Do you believe in unions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxn3aASFZGw[View]
105983436Have you watched her movie yet?[View]
106024687I liked the new lorax movie fuck you I think it did a good job at modernizing the classic book and p…[View]
106016727Has a woman ever wanted to receive your manhood this badly?[View]
106024608Was it good writing?[View]
106024878Jax-Ur: So he's Zod?[View]
106009533The live action remake of Aladdin will have her, right /co/mrads?[View]
106006940Your comic or cartoon guilty pleasures?[View]
106022873Zuko Alone is the most well-made episode of any cartoon out there, change my mind.: http://sep7agon.…[View]
106020782Does the light have a point about the justice league?[View]
106019636>watching young justice >terra is a spy working for slade is this the only thing she can do?…[View]
106023611>WARNER BROS!!! https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1041401-hanna-barbera-series-the-banana-sp…[View]
106025153oh no[View]
106017263This is the most wholesome show I've ever seen[View]
106020021Hey, can someone please pass the sauce?[View]
106023762ITT: Songs that get you Nostalgic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipaoBFU46ek[View]

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