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107081161This existed.[View]
107085359Post yfw: You hear the screeching of an owl.[View]
107085728What is the best joke on The Simpsons?[View]
107086911ITT: Tropes you like: >character is about to get hurt >SCENE MISSING >in the next scene, th…[View]
107083978KELLY DOES IT AGAIN! Janitors this is satire, it's from the Onion. Please don't ban me aga…[View]
107085392Space Captain: So what would be the perfect design for a captain. What would you consider good face …[View]
107079283Was King of the Hill a good representation of Texas?[View]
107075139Are we going to watch the show with these bird girls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZybYIJtbcu0…[View]
107086694Did Adult swim lose the Family guy license? they keep circling back after Season 15, but now FXX is …[View]
107086552Based Chadka[View]
107086590I talked to the mushrooms and the mushrooms spoke back. Right before I ate them.[View]
107086085Will the Loud House fandom still be as autist and degenerate if instead of ten sisters Lincoln had t…[View]
107084136sonic comics thread? https://drive.google.com/file/d/13BXGa0JqTYOMgJGrXuDOFQKN1iYeRoux/view?fbclid=I…[View]
107085902Doomsday Clock #10 delayed for the SEVENTH time! The series is being canned isn't it? https://w…[View]
107069657Who was your cartoon crush? Mine was Raven. I dug the leotard.[View]
107085926OK KO: Why did nobody tell me this cartoon was so good? Most fun i've had watching a new toon i…[View]
107084686So, if the only kind of Kryptonite that affects Earth 2 Superman is from his version of Krypton, how…[View]
107081241For me, it's Tiny Toons Adventures[View]
107086012>Really wish we could get more animated web series on youtube. I know the reasons why we aren…[View]
107086014Who would win ?[View]
107086179Rob liefeld is still getting loved despite drawing some memetier artwork for marvel.[View]
107083681Tony Cervone drops the Scooby Doo! title logo on his Instagram.[View]
107082070Characters with unbearably annoying voices[View]
107074743You will watch my show...: R-Right, /co/?[View]
107086067Where can I find the leaked footage? I'm convinced its existence is a conspiracy at this point.[View]
107064917Disney Duck Storytime: Tonight's theme, brand-spankin new high-quality polish, that's what…[View]
107083623Name ONE character who could possibly beat him.[View]
107073612How come only minority legacy characters get any page time these days? DC is actively trying to make…[View]
107085036I remember reading the first few issues in Junior High. They were full color. Apparently, the series…[View]
107084798What does /co/ think of 101 Dalmatian Street? Gives me some slight gravity falls vibes[View]
107082019Shhh.. Post /co/ characters sleeping.[View]
107082952Me conocían como Adam, Príncipe de Gayskol[View]
107084718>find this in your cupboard What do?[View]
107082921Ullman shorts, Christmas show, Marge's fling, Homer's bro, Bart in well, Flanders fails, W…[View]
107085063/co/, are you pondering what I'm pondering?[View]
107075426Marvel July 2019 Solicitations: MARVELS EPILOGUE #1 Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross (W) • Alex Ross (A/C…[View]
107081567>Not even a remotely interesting person >2 million subs Why haven't you become an animati…[View]
107075370Does everyone in the entire world follow Superman religiously?[View]
107080469Why won't you come out of your cave, anon?[View]
107079802TONIGHT: >You're a big 'un ain't ya? Edition Hey /co/! We're back TONIGHT wit…[View]
107084187why is Mera so based /co/?[View]
107080736>'Thanos used the stones again.' For what though? I'm genuinely curious about this. By the l…[View]
107083963Yogi Bear: Was Ranger Smith insane?[View]
107082895But did Thanos wipe out all the trees?[View]
107069330What a ginormous pile of dogshit. Everything about this narratively is fucking idiotic. Thomas Wayne…[View]
107081674Why didn't Thanos just turn everyone into girls?[View]
107081720Political cartoons thread[View]
107082924oh huh[View]
107084382Super Lopez: What did /co/ think of Super Lopez? I thought it was a pretty fun ride. Are there any m…[View]
107082906What do superheroes with secret identities do to make sure that their blood or any other kind of gen…[View]
107067885'HOW COULD HE STOP LOVING ME?': Is Nora about to go full yandere? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp…[View]
107056100Uncanny X-men #16 storytime: Because why not.[View]
107061853Well boys?[View]
107083947So who dose he let live when he eventually shoots up the school?[View]
107081063>Hellboy's destiny is to whore himself out for nostalgiabux until no one remembers him anymo…[View]
107084058Hi, I'm Batman. You may remember me from comics such as Batman, Batman in Detective Comics, Bat…[View]
107082621Is Mr Krabs a good businessman?[View]
107084018Capeshit fags need to sit down and respect the new king. The Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe (HBCU)…[View]
107084011Did anyone else keep up with pic related? It isn't gonna live on through the ages or anything, …[View]
107082037I’m legitimately much more excited for Dark Phoenix than Avengers: Endgame.: The last X-Men movie be…[View]
107080527Is Two Face a good villain?[View]
107082658post pages you like: this is pure poetry.[View]
107082157Thunderbolts trilogy confirmed by undetected leaker: If you've seen the Endgame leaks, you can …[View]
107081514So now that DC Universe has an abundance of comics. What does /co/ recommend? So far on my reading l…[View]
107083119Shadow tits[View]
107083305Spider-Man Homecoming: >Fight on the Washington Monument with nothing around it to help Spider-Ma…[View]
107082799She cute.[View]
107082863Cyjinx, Robstar and Bbrae thread: Any Cyjinx shippers that also ship Robstar and Bbrae here ?[View]
107044715ITT: Vehicles You’ve Always Wanted[View]
107082594Novelty grills?![View]
107080568When are people gonna stop being impressed or shocked at the fact that kids cartoons can have dark m…[View]
107071174Doomsday Clock #10 and Doomsday Clock #11 Both Slip Another Week: DClock #10's been delayed for…[View]
107077852What is your opinion of Eclipsa?: What do you consider her moral alignment?[View]
107082563You know your teams, you know your missions.[View]
107081798This is Wilbur /co/. Say something bad about him.[View]
107082068Do you like the X-Brats /co/? Which one is your fav?[View]
107075191Did anyone actually like the Venom movie?[View]
107081273Do you think they’re okay?[View]
107082827Where do you torrent your comics /co/?[View]
107078504What site do you browse to read comics?[View]
107078808Unironically my favorite take on this character. First time since the Batman Beyond movie I found hi…[View]
107082706The Incredible Hulk: So I guess this one doesn't really count anymore in the MCU timeline ? …[View]
107078433What are the best or most important runs and storylines involving the Fantastic Four? I got gifted a…[View]
107082015WHERE IS IT[View]
107081333Does anyone really even like Cyborg? He's shoved into a ton of series but there's never re…[View]
107056881X-Men General: New Trailer Edition!: New Dark Phoenix trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQsK…[View]
107081252serious question what the FUCK went wrong?[View]
107077800Are people in Marvel 616 universe still calling Cyclops Hitler?[View]
107082286>go to order trade >look at reviews >my 8 year old loved it! >4 year old daughter loved …[View]
107082228Lafleeze: What would have /co/ done with this?[View]
107081454Why is he so fucking smug?[View]
107082083Spider-Man with black eyes: >Spider-Man with black eyes Spider-Man with black eyes…[View]
107082120Who wins this one? Moon Knight...[View]
107080394Why did Jessica let herself be fucked by Batman and Catwoman? She was supposed to be cute and pure.[View]
107081922Why aren't there more animated pornos outside of Japan?[View]
107081939ITT: shows literally nobody remembers[View]
107079119I bought some European Disney comics[View]
107048278Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime pt 20: Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. Finally finishing up the Treasure…[View]
107081841Earthy: found this on an instagram ad, locking all my doors tonight[View]
107080058>During his years with the Justice League of America, this superhero sometimes used the identity …[View]
107071643Hi co What cartoons are you looking forward to this year? I know I’m not looking forward to Vulpwood…[View]
107079741this is snufkin. say something nice about him[View]
107078217Black Cat or Catwoman?[View]
107078542I love meaningless violence with no rhyme or reason, it reminds me of just how boring the human imag…[View]
107072020Wonder who started that fire. guess we'll never know.[View]
107080062Peabody Award Winner[View]
107079878Where's Marvel's rainbow Kino?[View]
107075085Any boomers here? Is the clone saga really that bad. I really like ben reilly is it not worth readin…[View]
107078198Why was Van Partible kicked out of his own show? Also, Johnny Bravo thread man, I'm pretty.…[View]
107068830Do other countries also have equivalents to capeshit that oversaturated the market? >Generic slap…[View]
107081235Hope Cap gives Bucky a peck on the cheek before he goes.[View]
107079008What's her tax policy?[View]
107079626>Based on the 2002 bestselling novel by Yasmina Khadra, the French/Luxembourg/Switzerland co-pro …[View]
107080922Doctor Strange recommended reading: Beyond the obvious relatively standalone stories like Triumph …[View]
107078862Doctor Fate: Did anyone else on /co/ read this? If so what did you think about it?[View]
107081030Would you challange the Kahl, co? https://youtu.be/puxjtmU7H70[View]
107063022Wonder Woman: Discuss Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman related stuff[View]
107052330Gunnershitty PISS: >Chapter: Page >Fuck you…[View]
107070165Tony Stark - Iron Man #10 Storytime: Nobody did this, so... eh, might as well. In this issue, nearly…[View]
107079612Where is this from?: I've been looking everywhere for this old cartoon, but I can't find i…[View]
107053753Unpopular Opinions Thread: JGL fucking killed it as Cobra Commander. Easily the best part of Rise of…[View]
107074771Has anyone ever heard of this comic? I only know it because of the game. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
107078176I'm going to post this every fucking day until you like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M37h…[View]
107073857Predict the endgame cameo[View]
107057616Memes before memes Doctor Sivana's children are literally Chad, Stacy, Virgin, and Becky[View]
107051419My SD card full of images broke. Cheer me up.[View]
107078692I bought 20 floppy issues of the original Sandman printing today. I have almost all of it and Morris…[View]
107077902>ITT:This moment How did your theater react on opening night?[View]
107061532ITT: Characters that have had the least degradation in latter Simpsons: After watching a decent amou…[View]
107079760How do you like 'Spider-Man: Life Story' by Zdarsky and Bagley so far?[View]
107078278Jason Todd and his vibes: Is it weird that I think Jason Todd is the kind of guy who would always ha…[View]
107075061We recently got a Kim Possible live action film out of nowhere Will Disney do the same for Star vs t…[View]
107080561So where's Mark 51 through 84?[View]
107056637storytime: The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2 brown girls woohoo[View]
107079466Bill Mantlo in need of medical care, brother has opened a gofundme: Bill Mantlo, writer for ROM, Mic…[View]
107078520Bo triggers my autism[View]
107079969Will they ever resolve their relationship?[View]
107075454>this is a Marvel comic[View]
107078779I know they said they would never explain Kitty's past in the show, but isn't the premise …[View]
107077856She was better and more interesting than Wendy in every way.[View]
107071629what did she see in green lantern ? why not fall in love with superman, the flash, superman or marti…[View]
107080217So, this is on the Nick Jobs listing website. Does that mean the CG Rugrats movie is actually happen…[View]
107080049How much can The Hulk lift? Lotta sourxes keep saying different, some say it's about 100 tonnes…[View]
107074305>Daniel Way is back Hey Marvel, about that Ant-Man MAX series (or like Way calls him, 'that guy w…[View]
107079650Is anyone else watching this show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3KSUB2fy2A[View]
107079582Omg i just stumbled onto this while watching AMVs on youtube. Why have i never heard of this movie b…[View]
107076547>come home after long day of work >just want to sit down and relax >open door >darkse…[View]
107075215whats the biggest pleb filter in comics?[View]
107075979Haven't seen the Simpsons in a while, they still do stuff like this right? https://www.youtube.…[View]
107079345Digital Comics: So I'm looking to buy comics again to support creators (not specifically from M…[View]
107071830Storm: What does /co/ think of Storm? I ship StormxWolverine,anyone else?[View]
107074490Annecy 2019 list of animated features: Feature Films In Official Selection – In Competition >Buñu…[View]
107073631Why is she so perfect /co/?[View]
107078618Why are they trying so hard to subvert pic related until endgame? They're just gonna end up tog…[View]
107078614Do you think learning a trade like graphic design would be a better choice over going to art school …[View]
107079271https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FcKf9huJaw Don't know if anybody know's who this guy is. …[View]
107073077Why is rainbow 2.0 so cute?[View]
107066888Questionable /Co/ntent Thread: at least the hair covers up the gauges but something has to be done a…[View]
107054335What would/co/ think of Billy Batson being Carol's sidekick?[View]
107078242why is this book so boring and this entire franchise/label so wasted will we ever get a Majestic ser…[View]
107079013What characters do you think will become popular, or at least more well known to casuals, in the nex…[View]
107078571You just KNOW[View]
107076221How's this subculture called?: I watched Heavy Metal (1981) a few days ago and was absolutely m…[View]
107077347Mouse Guard movie cancelled: Two weeks in, Disney gained control of the Mouse Guard project from FOX…[View]
107075610>flaming orange hair >green eyes >big titties >pixie cut Name a better Jean Grey…[View]
107078837just saw this today in an empty theater all by myself. i never cried at the last 10 minutes of a mo…[View]
107075830is lemongrab autistic? serious question[View]
107073706Gifted Cancelled: Are you excited for the fully safe and bland combined Disney Marvel universe?…[View]
107078782>literally yellowface played by a white woman How the fuck did they get away with this this?…[View]
107078003Are any of the current Aliens comics good? Last thing I read was pic related.[View]
107078301Do you think she and Greg ever smashed?[View]
107076442>its been so many years of constant edgy ultra-violent/corrupt incarnations of heroes that a hope…[View]
107078273Beefaroni or Beefaghetti?[View]
107040798Big Hero 6 has been renewed for a third season and the second season starts May 2[View]
107078388>some fucking day[View]
107075267Was it rape?[View]
107078258Spidergwen thread[View]
107077142The Goon Movie: Any news on this project? Is Netflix or some other company interested in it?[View]
107076661What are you expecting from Illumination's Shrek?[View]
107075366Animation Cels: What are some animation cels you've wanted to own? Animation cels/storyboards/m…[View]
107066661What went wrong?[View]
107074726Thanos killed half of universe yet no watchers?[View]
107078234Is this truly the best written character in all fiction or are Marvelfags just illiterate in general…[View]
107078060So are you going to be alive when they make the live action versions /co/?[View]
107072079THOR 4 Has Reportedly Been Pitched To By Taika Waititi says Tessa Thompson: What do YOU want out of …[View]
107077269ITT: Custom made Justice League: Here I'll go with one theme(Assassin) >Deathstroke >Dea…[View]
107074044>Marvel's most popular character in the center, the first thing the viewer notices, all the …[View]
107077334Goon #5 Preview: Eric Powell 'Tom Sniegoski and I are co-writing a very important chapter in the Goo…[View]
107066445is steven universe good[View]
107063179How did this lucky bastard bag eclipsa?[View]
107075942Considering video games and comic book movies are no longer allowed to have pretty sexy women, how l…[View]
107077921Why did they turn Bigby into a stoner?[View]
107077920>Conan now lives in the 616 Savage Land Gee, I wonder they will ever mention this detail in his t…[View]
107061268Mary seems god-tier at sex.[View]
107075654>Marvel's characters are more relatable than DC's because they have flaws and aren…[View]
107077063Before Courage: Courage's return soon? sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwsv4Tl5Ttw…[View]
107070945predict the Rotten Tomatoes score[View]
107076541>its a hero fights bad guy with caption box monologue explaining the themes of the story to you i…[View]
107013194>Ray Park did motion capture for the Ahsoka vs Maul fight for the Seige of Mandalore Discuss. Wh…[View]
107074723ITT: anime that looks like /co/[View]
107075365Unironically the most underrated romance of the 2000s[View]
107077515What do Matt and Trey do between seasons? What are they going to do after South Park dies this year?[View]
107059111ITT:Canon big /co/ butts[View]
107055919Spider-Man: Life Story #2 storytime: Wherein our hero goes to the disco[View]
107036835Why do so many people give Zipher a ton of shit even though nothing was ever his fault, and he actua…[View]
107072161Male Characters who turn women on with just their bodies: In-Universe anyway.[View]
107062840John Cena will join The Suicide Squad: According to Variety, John Cena is in talks to join The Suici…[View]
107077046Batman is widely considered a martial arts master. So what other masters could he take on, one on on…[View]
107077027ELF: ELF[View]
107052397Justice League #22 Storytime: The First Crisis! Featuring the return of someone you might like...…[View]
107062538ITT: Personal Trinities: Post your 3 favorite characters from /co/. I'm limiting it to three, b…[View]
107066500Disney Cancels MOUSE GUARD Two Weeks Before Production: https://deadline.com/2019/04/mouse-guard-hal…[View]
107058671Time to find out what kind of a man you truly are: Which is the best, /co/ >A) Original Newsprint…[View]
107074190He'll eventually turn evil and break korgs heart[View]
107075410What's with these homies dissin' my girl, yo?[View]
107075574Pilots that differ greatly from the final product.: >'World War who?' https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
107058748I need some /co/ material woth hot demon girls in it quick[View]
107076876BATMAN: Say it fast. Really fast. As fast as you can. Over and over. So, what do you hear?[View]
107075256Ludo: Post Ludo[View]
107074829what would happen if furries got loose in the Wild Lands?[View]
107074150>Event has Daredevil and Punisher >tons of Snu-Snu waifus >She Hulk no longer looks like a …[View]
107073333No but seriously who's dick do I have to suck for this kind of shit to be standard in the moder…[View]
107071008Character who hasn't raped anyone...: ...but you wouldn't be surprised if he/she did.…[View]
107071316Disney Princesses: Why the fuck isn't she part of the Disney Princess franchise? She deserves t…[View]
107073382What are the best animated DC movies of the decade?[View]
107076115Be it hero or villain, do you prefer to work as a solo act, a duo, or with a team?[View]
107071293thoughts on george lucas's Strange Magic ?[View]
107017307‘Missing Link’ Bombs At The Box Office: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/box-office-report/missing-link-b…[View]
107076098did they do it /co/?[View]
107074952>Just like my old man Who thought this retcon was a good idea? It destroys the concept of the sho…[View]
107067606>We've had a child, Zod. A boy child. Krypton's first natural birth in centuries, and h…[View]
107075965Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: These are screenshots from the second season's finale, the third …[View]
107074472animations from youtube: i loved this animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BIIAeFsPNQ…[View]
107057076Daredevil #4 Storytime: Frank Castle enters the fray! 'Know Fear' Part Four.[View]
107070052Heathcliff practices on Mr. Nutmeg's head.[View]
107075320they made Little Huey American and wont include nudity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0xdqOYAzkM j…[View]
107064461WELP >Jane Foster is Revealed as the New Valkyrie in This July's New Ongoing Series https://…[View]
107072950was god complex discontinued?[View]
107046837Outfits & Redesigns thread!: > Share your favorite outfits > Share redesigns you like or f…[View]
107074901Thano Is Great: Hey Carol, I'm going to whoop your ass yo~[View]
107062463ITT: Times heroes did seriously unheroic things.[View]
107056897War of Realms #2 Storytime: Where 'deaths' mean less than usual[View]
107058372Atlantis:The Lost Empire: What does /co/ think of this animated masterpiece? Live action remake when…[View]
107074196What's the /co/ equivalent of this? For both comics and cartoons[View]
107068729Same character thread.[View]
107074765Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Who is best Turtle?[View]
107074888Are these comics any good? I don't read xmen that much.[View]
107074937>April 18th 1939 >Batman Begins >http://www.mikesamazingworld.com/mikes/features/comic.php?…[View]
107074488Bender Grey Matter Scene: Looking for the scene in Futurama where Bender multiplies infinitely by ea…[View]
107071396when did you realize Blossom is worst PPGirl ?[View]
107067352Hormone monstress is unironically sexy.[View]
107074803Batman vs Superman...in 1992. Kek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvSIoGbU2cc[View]
107074501Am I the first to notice that the bad guy in the Rambo cartoon is Dale Gribble?[View]
107073908Dofus/Wakfu: It's Ravioli Day! Started watching Wakfu after all of Dofus and the movie and it…[View]
107047484So, what was their deal?[View]
107068983So let's talk Tank girl, I watched the movie the other day. It sucked. I hear the comics good t…[View]
107073397Superbros: What pairing do you think works better in terms of storytelling ability and chemistry/con…[View]
107073758He was more evil than Loki, Hela, Red Skull and even Thanos.[View]
107074263ITT: characters that did the right thing I'll start[View]
107072074Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
107074128You're gonna catch the sequel to my movie next week, aren't you Anon?[View]
107072821Why is it cool to take classic children's characters and make them edgy to appeal to the masses…[View]
107021429Could a Shezow reboot happen?[View]
107074221DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!!!![View]
107073402The Playmobile Movie: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS[View]
107072759What was the point of Crafty?[View]
107064888Ultimate Jean Grey: With Dark Phoenix coming soon, what do you think about Earth 1610's version…[View]
107068865Shazam: What will their superhero names be?[View]
107074029The biggest female perverts in comics[View]
107073988Front or back ?: Take a look front or back ?[View]
107049981Fuck Endgame. We have the best superhero movie right fucking here.[View]
107066864Now that the dust has settled, can we agree Music Hole was best waifu?[View]
107073289What does Hank think about Disney?[View]
107071714DC SWAMP THING: DC UNIVERSE | THE ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP | Swamp Thing Reveal https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
107068367Why didn't The Wizard Shazam's seeking spell find young Bruce Wayne?[View]
107073516So what’s going to happen to family guy under Disney ownership? Are they keeping it or selling it of…[View]
107068470THE ETERNALS Adds Ma Dong-Seok & Conrad Ricamora: >Ma Dong-Seok ('Train to Busan') has joined…[View]
107065980Now that the dust has settled and the Endgame's near. Who was right?[View]
107063949The first look at Scooby for the new Scooby Doo CGI movie.[View]
107073429ITT: Characters who would make good Lawyers: As in: you would trust to defend you against a murder a…[View]
107062983cotc made me realize how much I want a cartoon about kids playing card games. No magic bullshit, di…[View]
107071456>shows cutest/sweetest character >either gets written off, purposefully ignored, or ruined bey…[View]
107070217Avengers Busiek: I welcome, Anons! I as that looked through tops of comics about avengers and there …[View]
107072880>show has canon lewdity and fanservice, borderline porn plot[View]
107009248Clown Thread: Clowns will be the dominant species on the planet. Post clowns[View]
107071634KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS: 'The war of wars.' “Weeping mother of chaos! Give me the strength to set my…[View]
107067387Count Vertigo had a hard life.[View]
107070891What was the best Chuck Jones era Tom and Jerry short? I've always been a Hanna-Barbera guy mys…[View]
107063408Dc demons vs marvel demons[View]
107072211X-Ladies thread: They got every type, cups with the ice and we do this every night.[View]
107071554Judge Death was right.[View]
107072242so why is this a thing?[View]
107052580Be honest, /co/mrades: How long would it be before you started abusing your superpowers? I give myse…[View]
107071780Why people even bother creating the same boring flying bricks or energy blasters characters when Spi…[View]
107064316JSA Storytime: Angel Love: Good evening owls, Because I couldn't remember what we were going to…[View]
107071315Guys, I think Stonetoss has gone completely insane. Either than or he’s just been playing the long c…[View]
107070847ITT: (Dumb) Headcanons: Basically take a character and come up with headcanons for them. Hard More i…[View]
107072054Mr. Tawky Tawny Thread: Lets appreciate Tawny[View]
107071754cartoon network sucks: >be me >study my whole life to become a great artist & animator …[View]
107072320https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsZ4dnMWejY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVZYsAyrLmU So, was ther…[View]
107066278Does Cartoon Network need more action shows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9kSZN3J8tY On another …[View]
107071783They have the chance to undo the biggest fuckup the MCU has ever made, I wonder if they will.[View]
107071117has anyone seen this French KINO ?[View]
107071582Did you guys like Donald Duck's temporary voice change?[View]
107067855I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's![View]
107041381Edit Thread Post and request edits (/co/ related obviously), provide the image and/or reference mate…[View]
107048042>Western cartoon attempts to parody anime >Always ends up being either a shallow take on eithe…[View]
107069528Marvel is only good at making comics. They're movies are overrated and are getting old.[View]
107071595Weapon X clone?: Is this how they explain Wolverine being in so many places?[View]
107059342>in the end nobody made any good porn of a depressed, wheelchair-bound Korra This series was so f…[View]
107070396/co/ who has the most comfort in this image?[View]
107053898Varian from Tangled: As much as it results in an interesting villain, I can't get over the fact…[View]
107056955What are the requirements to being 'worthy'?[View]
107056754'Realistic' 3D Animation: Did anyone else feel like all the ones that were super 'realistic' were th…[View]
107068218Post suffering.[View]
107070186Would anyone know these character needed to inflate?[View]
107070148This is Raven's best design in any teen titans media: prove me wrong[View]
107061660“Hey steve, look what the president gave me for saving the world again”[View]
107061374There will never be a show that has the same feel like Ed edd & eddy[View]
107067776So for someone who's only ever seen the cartoons and movies for Marvel, is this 'fresh start' t…[View]
107069723Which season did Marge's voice start getting bad?[View]
107041934Why hello there young one...[View]
107070477Bub...... What did they do to ya[View]
107065325alfie: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107068354Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107059695The Amazing Nightcrawler #3 Storytime: Where are my Kurtfags at?[View]
107064725Aquaman #47 storytime: I started it I'll finish it The is the end of KSD's first arc on Aq…[View]
107057087This week's Star Wars comic >Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Special #1 >Star Wars Tie Fighter…[View]
107070161Adventure Time DVD Covers: Does anyone have high-res images of the Adventure Time DVD/BluRay box cov…[View]
107069906ITT: Films that were stuck in development for decades: I'm looking at you thief and the cobbler…[View]
107062339What's Tom's power level?[View]
107054672Avengers No road home #10 storytime: It all ends here![View]
107067752Whats /co/'s thoughts on Super Drags?[View]
107068667The Boondocks: HEY Y'ALL MASSA'S A COMIN' HEESSA COMIN', Y'ALL MASSA'S…[View]
107068791>That sure is a nice comic book you got there...[View]
107066473Why did golden and silver age comics rely so heavily on unnecessary narration boxes? I know the art …[View]
107066358For me it's Prunella[View]
107066105Is this series a parody, or a deconstruction? It seems to bounce between the two[View]
107062213Is this show good[View]
107064952Why do Flashs do everything wrong?[View]
107068031THE FLASH: They're really sticking with that makeup, huh?[View]
107063073Leave Thanos to me[View]
107063932What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107067192what happened?: https://youtu.be/M1lzJuwJD9k[View]
107064273Why does it sound like she smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day?[View]
107066301Cursed /co/ pictures[View]
107052464ITT: Reaction images[View]
107065924If you can select 1 talisman, which talisman would you choose? What would be your reason for choosin…[View]
107051823Why is Carol being pushed ahead of him? Carol was selected to be in Endgame over him. I know this de…[View]
107065750Random Ninjago Thread: So I haven't watched Ninjago in years, but I saw the trailer for the 10t…[View]
107054554Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Storytime: In which there's a big battle or whatever. Will Star-Lor…[View]
107068054What went wrong?[View]
107067894cartoon families where dad was the favorite parent (instead of the mom as in most families): it seem…[View]
1070436483x3 thread: You know the drill. Show 'em, rate 'em. You can post animated one too.[View]
107067290THE GIFTED CANCELED: F https://deadline.com/2019/04/the-gifted-canceled-fox-2-seasons-marvel-drama-n…[View]
107068117>Adventure Time is almost 10 years old[View]
107064759When are they gonna do something?[View]
107065738Is there a character that can even hope to defeat Bugs in battle?[View]
107067754I want you to hit me as hard as you can. if it's your first time in Fight Club, you have to fig…[View]
107065598Would /co/ a Sister Psyche?[View]
107065570I miss the 90s bros[View]
107067932Will there be an episode named Thot Patrol?[View]
107067961Disney or Fleischer?[View]
106958146How's Your Webcomic? #554: What are your go-to places to find references? Do you have any ref i…[View]
107053185ITT: Genuinely good gay /co/ couples[View]
1070672522019 . . . I am forgotten[View]
107041662Dilbert turns 30 today. Say something nice.[View]
107066731ITT: Times when cartoons made jokes that came back to haunt them: People talk about 'Pinky & The…[View]
107063341Naomi #4: >an entire chapter of spread pages Impossible that's absurd even for Bendis -anon …[View]
107061650Itt:: Forgotten cartoons from your childhood I remember watching this in French though. I can't…[View]
107045524Netflix dropped money on a new African toon. Mama K's Team 4 >The series follows four teenag…[View]
107063394Legend Quest: Creative Director for Legend Quest posted this update. Do you think it's supposed…[View]
107063662>no more FoX-Men ever again after 2019 How do you feel about this, /co/?…[View]
107065019Are there any new western cartoons worth watching? Last things I saw were: Adventure Time, Grabbity …[View]
107055506Are you going to see Dora the Movie ?[View]
107055128Amazing Spider-man #19.HU storytime: Where lizard is the star[View]
107038583Tuesday Carolthread: Short hair is best hair edition. This week: War of the Realms #2 Magnificent Ms…[View]
107064535>I was bred to be a warrior >I trained my entire life to master my senses >Where did you tr…[View]
106965928You kinda like Chuck, don't you, sir?[View]
1070502198:55....Right on time[View]
107064780This is Lois Patrice Griffin (Pewterschmidt-Hebrewberg). Say something nice to her.[View]
107054762B.P.R.D. - The Devil You Know 15 Storytime: Jump in.[View]
107056324Lisa was never good. There is a common notion that Lisa only became bad in later seasons with the re…[View]
107060024Swamp Thing: First look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8TKZu5PbdA[View]
107066486Jim...Tonight, we bond like lovers through their firstborn.[View]
107032387post your favorite /co/ bootlegs[View]
107052278The Fate of the Industry: Hey, you know what's weird? Despite the collectivist ancestor worship…[View]
107048953Mayor dewey and his personal pearl chilling on the front page[View]
107066142>>Best girl returns in 8 days My body is ready[View]
107007221But cats and snakes eat mice...[View]
107065562What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
107065487'YOU. LIED. TO. MEEEE'[View]
107064521What was his problem?[View]
107065616>Brian Bendis writing Spawn How did he unironically get away with this.…[View]
107065408Help: What is the name of this show? I'm thinking Where is Robot Jones because of the kids face…[View]
107064480just read tom king's mister miracle run after hearing about all of the praise. It was pretty me…[View]
107056960Frank getting Franked[View]
107063823 >calls Rocket 'Ratchet' Holy shit, is Tony Stark a gamer?! Is he gonna rise up, kill Rhodes, bo…[View]
107062917hi i'm a marvel…and i'm a dc.[View]
107044587What is the best azula ship?[View]
107061590ITT: teasers that got you hyped as fuck, but then the final product disappointed you: >oh shit, a…[View]
107056430Garth Ennis here. Want you all on /co/ to be the first to see the full teaser trailer for The Boys. …[View]
107064017Sony is the devil. Disney mafia is real. But, WB is pure. :3[View]
107061206Ava DuVernay’s New Gods movie: I know I shouldn’t be looking forward to this DC project given Ava Du…[View]
107062025>DC allowed their films to be serious and have stakes with with a dedicated vision, raking in the…[View]
107060671OTP thread: r8/h8/masturb8[View]
107064688Xena: Warrior Princess: good reboot? lets find out![View]
107061007This short was so embarrassing: Can Disney just fucking kill the simpsons already? Marvel and Pixar …[View]
107064277Say the gems let Greg talk to the Diamonds, would the universe charm actually work?[View]
107063979Wake up and see this looking back at you. What do you do?[View]
107063960What episode is this from?: I cannot find the episode where this is from and I wanna relive some nos…[View]
107064183>Australian animation >is literally 11 minutes of pure nonstop shitposting Of fucking course…[View]
107064141Would you prefer your favorite /co/ property to get an accurate film/television adaptation that skyr…[View]
107064180>Wilson Fisk is relaxing on a blacony in his penthouse overlooking HIS CITY, thinking thoughts of…[View]
107063977ello poppets its me agin, gath innis, jus' poppin' een ta tell ya e aven't wreeten a …[View]
107052357Homestuck’s back: So, /co/ ? Meat or candy ?[View]
107060216Bat-Family Arch-Enemies by member: Bat-Man: The Joker, Ras Al Ghul, Hugo Strange Dick: Deathstroke, …[View]
107052958Didn't knew Hal straight-up killing someone who isn't even armed or attacking him just to …[View]
107057597ITT: (You)r top 5 favorite pencilers. Drawfag bonus: List your major influences. I'll start. I…[View]
107060497The visuals were worth the price of entry, yes, but the story and themes of the movie didn't re…[View]
107063355Hey so I'm looking for information regarding these Ok Ko boarders who were attacked for 'suppor…[View]
107063120'Tis true.[View]
107060478What is /co/'s thoughts on Jim Henson's Sam and Friends?[View]
107062921Family Guy is on the Mouse owned channel, Freeform. Press F for Adult Swim.[View]
107057038Today I will remind them...: >'rubber toys shaped like bananas'[View]
106994265>what's that behind ur ear? > its NOTHING YA GOT NOTHING…[View]
107063409Why didn't they use the one song with Horton Hears A Who in it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
107052296Batman #69 Storytime: 'Knightmares' Conclusion! Nice.[View]
107062591Technically the best movie based on a TV show, right?[View]
107062770So he's only killed two people a year?[View]
107058912Kwik E Mart in Myrtle Beach: I don't think I've seen anyone talk about it but I thought yo…[View]
107018482Unsounded: Just clearing a minefield, no biggie.[View]
107063018Who can beat him?: Serious answers only bros[View]
107062915>rich, famous and good looking, decides to dedicate his life to sleepless, brutal crime fighting …[View]
107061941Nova centered event when?[View]
107036365What went right? Also should DC go back to calling him Captain Marvel? If we call him Shazam then we…[View]
107058046West Coast Avengers #10: It's the final chapter[View]
107060645What happened to Cartoon Network?[View]
107061665Why didn’t you subscribe to dc universe?[View]
107039258What Is Batman 'European' Ethnicity /Co/?: I always wondered what Bruce European Ethnicity is? A fri…[View]
107056986DCU might be kill: >According to a local news outlet in Wilmington, North Carolina, crew members …[View]
107058113So how will the direction of the company change when he steps down?[View]
107057951Why couldn't Disney get the Muppets to work?[View]
107057785French KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC-M2rgWUlc Belphegor was the Batman TAS of France…[View]
107062616>they taught me the world only makes sense if you force it DEEP[View]
107062447>is one of the most intresting DC characters >still no movie appearances[View]
107062310Which is that comics series that made you feel 'oh...what now?' and kinda empty once you finished it…[View]
107060357Imagine taking a shitty pulp magazine and turning it into a piece of artistic brilliance. Moore is a…[View]
107053570Hrrrrrrnnnngh Charles, I'm trying to snikt around but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my…[View]
107059565Meet the Skrulls #3[View]
107046918cartoon chads[View]
107061521The Arch-Enemy: Arch-enemies are pretty much a staple in comics particuarly of the super-hero variet…[View]
107036906Sherman should have punched her in the face.[View]
107057466What is your opinion of Brick Chick?: I.e the Queen from 'Lego Movie 2'.[View]
107061488SAY MY NAME[View]
107059672>Disney buys out Fox >X-Men embargo lifted >Marvel's most popular character is back in…[View]
107056644Patrol 03: thoughts on this show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhb7RYMTCDA[View]
107058808Today I learned Mark Hamill made a comic book which he's been trying to get turned into a movie…[View]
107051395Imagine being a robot[View]
107046345The FLASH: 5x18; GODSPEED: TONIGHT, blah blah drama..blah ...GODSPEED >Barry and Iris disagree ab…[View]
107059730So the first issue was Ellis, second was Morrison, third Millar. What’s this supposed to be?[View]
107061223Oh I don't know about that. What about Rapunzel?[View]
107056631If Shonen Jump did a crossover with one of the big Two (DC and Marvel), which one would you rather i…[View]
107059456What If...: So let's say DC had their own cinematic universe that was as big and successful as …[View]
107044257the premise was supposed to be about a magical princess from another dimension having funny hijinks …[View]
107059332why the fuck do you give a shit about original plots and shit, /co/? there's nothing original. …[View]
107061068Is Exiles western isekai?[View]
107059825That was great! Season 3 when??[View]
107050264>thanks to Disney's efforts to pander to the Chinese market in the last 6-7 years, we'l…[View]
107056690What I saw.What I expected.What I got.: How about one of these, again?[View]
107043802What went wrong?[View]
107057060So what exactly happened to Rachel? Girl hasn’t even made a cameo appearance in the void Yet.[View]
107058938Who is even reading this? I'm not trying to be facetious either, I've never seen anyone ta…[View]
107059044why everything seems to be animated in korea? don't we have the technology for that here or wha…[View]
107060067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8TKZu5PbdA Looks good. Hopefully they didnt butcher the episodes.…[View]
107048796Here's your Civil War 2, bro.[View]
107059184>And where is the Batman? He's at home, washing his tights! But Batman didn't wear tigh…[View]
107058783Revelations by Clive Barker: Can someone help me find this comics? I've been looking for it eve…[View]
107059824>'One of my goals for Steven Universe is that, because it’s a coming of age story, from being a k…[View]
107058940Share nostalgic games based of western-styled cartoons&comics: https://youtu.be/VudX0fpfWSM…[View]
107058729Who does parrel dimensions better?: In the grand scheme of things, who handles the multiverse, and t…[View]
107059483You ever watch/read something and get a craving for whatever food shows up in it? I started rewatchi…[View]
107052334>2049 spinoff >XS, Arrow daughter, and Terry…[View]
106969346/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
107049630>It's a pity Lex Luthor has become a multinationalist; I liked him better as a bald scientis…[View]
107059323I always wanted to make my own cartoon someday.....: For the longest time, I always wanted my own an…[View]
107056668WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?![View]
107059015'I've died before. It was boring, so I stood up.': DAMN!!! That's so BADASS and DEEP!! Is …[View]
107058843Has Lex Luthor ever loved a woman ?[View]
107056235I liked it[View]
107058489What are some comics out there you would give to someone just getting into the hobby? It doesn'…[View]
107058839You know, Animosity would actually be close to excellent if it was penciled by someone who knew how …[View]
107057083Disney Princess show when?: Wreck it Ralph 2 was obviously a pitch for this to happen.[View]
107058511Looney Tunes x Zoo Crew: I was just thinking since both properties are owned by WB they could make a…[View]
107057354Who is the most to blame for how RWBY turned out?[View]
107058427We all know whats the worst but what does /co/ consider to be the greatest capeshit film to currentl…[View]
107057868This of type character has appeals to nerds more than Spider-Man: Alongside Dante from the devil may…[View]
107048690WTF kinda body shape is this?[View]
107056484Artists are such prima donnas[View]
107043706what exactly is his personality even supposed to be?[View]
107057687Best character in 'Miraculous Ladybug': Astruc will find a way to ruin her and squander all the dram…[View]
107058455Why haven't you read Moomin comics[View]
107052582so what exactly is wrong with Brie Larsen?: Every other actor in the movie seems to do just fine wit…[View]
107054005Has any Armando Huerta superheroines appeared w/o watermark?[View]
107057632What if they made a reboot of Street Sharks?[View]
107058260>Nothing personnel, liebchen[View]
107050409K6BD - Kill Six Billion Demons: >The war of wars “Weeping mother of chaos! Give me the strength t…[View]
107055163>Monopoly is releasing a 'Lion King' board game, and it comes with a mini Pride Rock th…[View]
107051538How can people actually enjoy Silver Age comics these days? All these early Superboy and Legion comi…[View]
107058140This guy is called Six Finger (from comic Brenda & Solomon).[View]
107052690EGS: Are gams legs?[View]
107054952Korean comics: Hey /co/, do you know any Korean comic that doesn't look like generic manga wann…[View]
107056425>'Batman wears a mask because he got raped in prison' What are your thoughts in this interpretati…[View]
107056805I think it was on cartoonnetwork and it was a 90/s (or early 2000s?) cartoon and it was beach themed…[View]
107057665Seriously, though. Where is Mr. Boots?[View]
107053773How the fuck is Superior Spider-Man STILL one of the better spiderman stories out there?[View]
107053117Whomp: Ronnie clutched the ham tightly as his roommate drove him home. He worried that, perhaps, Agr…[View]
107057349City of Heroes: I know I've been a part of discussions about this on here before, so I can only…[View]
107057125Frozen: Seriously, how was this the villain? He did more for Arendelle than the royals ever did.…[View]
107056223>mfw I realised the Wizard was the true villain[View]
107057064Edits Thread: post your Funny/Cringey edits[View]
107056612So...Did Globgor just chill in the Butterfly castle while the royal painter was making his portrait …[View]
107056792Who's worse, Disney Australia or Disney Japan?[View]
107039639Where is she?[View]
107055459Who else remembers reading these before the app was taken down years ago?[View]
107055423Does anyone else prefer this version of Raven and Robin over the 2003 ones?[View]
107006766Waifu Thread: Post em. What boards to they browse? \ /cgl/ and /diy/ perhaps[View]
107050418ITT: complete monsters[View]
107056318>movie made a billion >10x more charisma than brie Why isn't he getting the push again?…[View]
107055754Garnet: Explain why Garlic's powers aren't used all the time.[View]
107054090any other bongs want to talk about how trash cartoon network is over here?[View]
107037410I love the kids in this comic[View]
107050285Cheer the fuck up.[View]
107056395Who need the Phoenix to look like a bird?[View]
107053905Adventure Time: Simon and Marcy Issue #4 Storytime: Alright lads here we go. Beware of the ship that…[View]
107049672*blocks ENDGAME's path*[View]
107046495Is she the best black representation in cartoon history?[View]
107056211Bad Girls: Why do people find them so appealing?[View]
107047709/co/ characters nobody likes: did anyone like these two characters?[View]
107055565how long would he survive in Hub City[View]
107053003Do comics and cartoons need more action girls in MGS style sneaking suits?[View]
107055820His favorite movie is 'Homeo and Juliet' and he watches it every day at his house after school.[View]
107055604Whenever the X-Men are introduced into the MCU, I really hope this stupid fucking hair misses the cu…[View]
107051120Has there ever been a story where Bruce Wayne runs for mayor?[View]
107043121Acts of Evil First Look: https://www.adventuresinpoortaste.com/2019/04/16/first-look-marvel-comics-b…[View]
107052130What's the best depiction of a person's mind/soul that you've ever seen? Why did you …[View]
107053236>September 2018: Smallfoot >April 2019: Missing Link >September 2019: Abominable Who…[View]
107046713ITT: canon genderbends[View]
107055485Stupid tree![View]
107054632Over 20 years of sexual tension[View]
107048469Villain Tier List: Post em if you got em[View]
107053034Wait so if the food is alive, does that mean any time they eat, they're committing murder?[View]
107044979If Young Thaddeus had resisted the Sins: Did anybody else feel for young Thaddeus? Kid gets whisked …[View]
107055352were do i start with charlie brown? i've seen some specials in school but that's about it[View]
107049536Fuck this bastard and fuck every revised take on him. I hope Kraven gets him. I hope he never even c…[View]
107053052What does /co/ think about this hunk?: What kind of characters you want him to work on?[View]
107055185What boards would he browse? i think /x/ and /tv/. What do you anons think?[View]
107053395Is this the most fanfiction-tier concept to come from Batman? The whole thing reads as if it were wr…[View]
107052359Only took them like 3 years, but there's finally a good looking Marvel Nendoroid.[View]
107053339Eddie Brock is one of the blurrier characters in Marvel comics, most definitely one of the most inte…[View]
107008659>start reading Uncanny X-men with Giant Size >Somewhat endure it up to Phoenix Saga >It…[View]
107053016Was it meant to look like a derpy face?[View]
107052279NOW HOW BOUT A HUG[View]
107054893Underrated villains thread: I'll start. This is Dredd's real arch-nemesis. Unlike Judge De…[View]
107052892ITT: Shows you're glad you gave a chance: When I was a teenager with thin skin who couldn'…[View]
107052618He could get in every hole.[View]
107053564'It happened again Alfred.': >'Harley Quinn set off another gas bomb. In the Gotham Metro this ti…[View]
107048316is Immortal Hulk actually good? I heard it makes hulk part demon or something which sounds shit but …[View]
107050128Hey, when's Captain Liberty getting a movie?: or I guess The Tick thread[View]
107047636Thoughts on the nu-wars movies aside, what would you like to see in future star wars cartoons? Perso…[View]
107051139What does /co/ think of Dick Grayson being the canon greatest hand-to-hand fighter in the DCU?[View]
107049243Would you let your pearls hair grow out?[View]
107025794Mr Mind: How dangerous is this little guy?[View]
107005402New LordBung SCP animation special is out, our boy is really getting better at animating. https://ww…[View]
107053989batman vs spiderman: Who had it worse?[View]
107053257Is this character underrated?[View]
107048152How does this make you feel?[View]
107052711Can we talk about this movie /co/?[View]
107045862Who's the best 'average kid' character?: There have been countless 'average kid' protagonists, …[View]
107049772Beata Maria[View]
107053388Why do people still compare Deadpool to Deathstroke?, Lobo is actually the closest thing to being DC…[View]
107049933Boomerang: I like rebel taxis review on boomerang I like rebel taxis review on boomeranghttps://www.…[View]
107052593'BORDERTOWN' On FOX: Was it really that bad ?[View]
107050578why aren't you...: watching this show?[View]
107050052So wait: Even if they had kept the Gauntlet off him, what then? Thanos was still physically superior…[View]
107035369Cheescake Thread: Also, is this the lowest move from the show to stay relevant and back on the minds…[View]
107030554Guillermo Del Toro's HELLBOY 3 Pitch: Would it have been better than the reboot? >Hellboy an…[View]
107052760Dumbing of Age: That shoe thing happened in 2012.[View]
107047601Aw yes now we're getting somewhere[View]
107050844Will Bonesaw get his own series?[View]
107048318Does The Thing look Jewish, /co/?[View]
107010420We want the Mexican audience[View]
107051549What went so wrong when everything went so right?[View]
107051040Imagine having a spiderman show without trance music Yuck[View]
107040445And just like that...: all the hype for Endgame died in just one night.[View]
107048262Please shoot me and put me out of my misery.[View]
107052407Same beer, same... show[View]
107016944Are The Lion King sequels any good?[View]
107052333>Watching Season 1-2 Family Guy on Adult Swim this show was so good, /co/mrades. What happened?…[View]
107050702Heathcliff is staring at Mr. Nutmeg.[View]
107046075Just read Batman #69: Batman breaks out of the nightmare by acknowledging his greatest fear: that h…[View]
107047355ITT: Best characters of their respective shows.[View]
107047499Remember everyone, Ultron could have looked way, way, WAY worse.[View]
106989838DC SuperHero Girls: Is CN trying to kill the best show of the last decade? Are they afraid that peo…[View]
107051603Biographical comics: Whats the general opinion on biographical comics? Ive heard that they are more …[View]
107041948Priyanka Maheswaran: What do you think of Priyanka?[View]
107049748How and why is DC universe turning a profit? /co/ you told me it flop as a streaming service. Now it…[View]
107044555Can someone explain the acclaim for this comic? I read the first 2 volumes, and I thought they were …[View]
107050091Nonheterosexual /co/ pairings thread? No headcanon and no shipping allowed, only what's officia…[View]
107051348Uh oh, guy in the bat suit the guy in the bat suit a real nasty guy in the bat suit that guy in the …[View]
107046385>Asked a girl if she wanted to dance at least he believed Stevonnie to be a girl >Is the most …[View]
107047415>muh silver age[View]
107051080Please help me /co/. I’m scratching my head trying to find a specific Green Lantern comic. I think i…[View]
107049528How would she fare in the DCU?[View]
107049222I'm trying to find a show that uses that gag of 'child of character has a face that looks EXACT…[View]
107050616Seriously what the fuck is her reason for existing in the show? You could remove her from the entire…[View]
107050664>that time Bendis tried to make it in TV[View]
107048229Mutafukaz: RZA is apparently in the american dub. My million dollar question, is it actually good?…[View]
107049027Yo, does anybody remember this cartoon? It's kind of sort of a South Park but in the UK. When …[View]
107051110Will he ever win?[View]
107029251Broke: the national anthem Woke: liberty’s kids theme song[View]
107048068Why is this cute little penguin always so sad?[View]
107045432тиг и лeв: What does /co/ think of Leo and Tig?[View]
107046640Did Timmy ever think about doing stuff with Chloe he couldn't do as a kid?[View]
107050930Hey /co/ up for a game of Poodle Wolf and the quest for the golden chew toy? Poodlewolf, half wolf/…[View]
107039210Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: New cover art, with more confirmed characters: >Spider-Gwen >Mile…[View]
107023650Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how have you been?[View]
107050590You have to wake up, /co/.[View]
107050053This is the trinity of superhero shows. fight me.[View]
106987239Friendly reminder you're never ever ever going to get a faithful adaptation of She-Hulk, despit…[View]
107048280are Superman shirts the only nerd clothing acceptable for Chads?[View]
107043130How'd he get so skinny?[View]
107049350>tfw you want Batman to carry you to prison with his strong manly arms but the bitch get you firs…[View]
107049675What would you do if a wizard changed you into a middle aged man? Also I really enjoyed the Shazam f…[View]
107049817Hey! You should probably let me in.[View]
107049908This was one of the greatest moments in early Steven Universe, prove me wrong.[View]
107046145I'm having a Spider-Verse birthday party. What should I do for it? >inb4 kys…[View]
107048472Would you stay at the Hotel Transylvania?[View]
107040416Why exactly was Cap so against the creation of Ultron?[View]
107045294This sexy mother fucker[View]
107048668>Enid gets to be as rude as she wants to customers with no repercussions even if the customer was…[View]
107044103Here is the newest trailer for the Playmobil movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYCazhnSmIw[View]
107044655Are they never gonna address the fact that Spiderman is second only to Hulk/Thor when it comes to ph…[View]
107048091Smallville Season 11 Finale: Crisis of Continuity >>107010047 >>107022628 >>107025…[View]
107048113I just realised they are called the X-Men because Xavier’s name starts with an X.[View]
107036495Why was it so good?[View]
107039817Does /co/ like XKCD?[View]
107048083So Wacom isn't the only game in town anymore and I've been out of the art/animation scene …[View]
107049178Green Lantern General /glg/: Last thread was great. It’s really been a long time since we actually d…[View]
107048319Continuity thread. I was thinking about this. What other wars do you think could qualify for this li…[View]
107040784ITT: We fix comic book movies: >Replace Andrew Garfield with a younger actor like Logan Lerman …[View]
107045691The Metabarons: How and where do I get into this? And should I, even?[View]
107046054If the Doctor asked your favourite comic book character to come with him in the Tardis, and to pick …[View]
107038610Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
107035438with all the leaks all i want to know is what the credit scenes are they will help tell us what the …[View]
107046422Cels thread?[View]
107045462Imagine existing solely to get cucked: read the title[View]
107048540Which cape characters have the best fandoms? Flash used to be good until the Wally-Barry rift reache…[View]
107046532Moomin: Hey guys, do you have the new Moomin episode? I totally forgot about it yesterday. Please te…[View]
107047364Birds of Prey has finished filming and it seems like it went by pretty fast. Low budget or smooth pr…[View]
107045839menage a 3 pixie trix: Those better be good comics[View]
107048345Electric Warriors # 6 Preview: Superman? What the heck...[View]
107046249Long story short, I fell out of reading comics in June, 2016. Anyone have a good strategy to get cau…[View]
107044400oops I dropped my pen[View]
107048248The hot wind blowing, jagged lines across the sand. The crumbling buildings in our minds are that st…[View]
107044185This is the ideal Spider-man. You may not like it, but this is what peak character dynamic looks lik…[View]
107033915Loki Storytime Gillen JiM Part 1: Terrible news! Let's continue! Loki's dead! Thanks to s…[View]
107046194I'm jealous of marvel[View]
107042110Underrated or straight up hated stories you love.: I'll start: Emerald Twilight remains one of …[View]
107048013Why did Warren Ellis get a special thaks for Captain Marvel? Was it just Nextwave? Monica was a kid …[View]
107046586Rick enslaves an entire universe and then threatens to stomp on it just so he can power his car, but…[View]
107048137Make sure to do this /co/[View]
107044726Lila is radicool[View]
107045065More Smallville Season 11 >>107010047 >>107022628 >>107025336 >>107043579[View]
107045483WOULD YOU FUCK A MINION /CO/?[View]
107048070Is Lara archway superman's mom? I can't find anything about her. Is this just an old name …[View]
107017525ITT: Cursed /co/ images[View]
107047711So what is /co/'s opinion on The Most popular girls in school?[View]
107023580Tangled the series: Fucking cliffhangers. I'm just so tired of the Zhan Tiri shit.[View]
107047097Funny little subtle jokes: Little subtle gag where the king has the same sprite in ever panel while …[View]
107044505Short/Indie Comic Thread: Let's see if we can't share some fun comic book style stories he…[View]
107043053Did they remove the trans thing?[View]
107046381Sentai like characters in /co/: What sentai like characters have appeared in cartoons and comics?…[View]
107047491Sponge? It's okay. Sponge?[View]
107009301Tropes you love. >season 1 villain permanently joins the good guys[View]
107047336Hypercrisis: Morrison AMA Edition: Grant Morrison is doing an AMA tommorow. Lets bring him in on the…[View]
107045853So now that it's been a good amount of time, did Steven Universe end on a good note in your guy…[View]
107041975Im having another manic episode as we speak, whats a good cartoon i can watch to calm myself down.[View]
107043281>>107038610 ... Robert Bloch was born 102 years ago...[View]
107045009redemption arc[View]
107047134So... Thor kinda just turned into Volstagg[View]
107047091What does /co/ think of nefarious?[View]
107045519>Weakness: Fire so just the same as every living creature on Earth? LAME.…[View]
107046453>I don't sing Ouch, my feelings[View]
107039840ITT post the cringest /co/ you have withessed: I dont know why everyone is up in arms about hazbin h…[View]
107046843So do you think Cass is perma-evil now or do you think she gonna go back to normal?[View]
107046146So out of all of these fusions the only ones that actually mattered in Steven Universe were Stevonni…[View]
107045590Help me /co/, I'm in love with a talking avocado with a lisp.[View]
107041489You know, when you think about it, she didn't actually do anything wrong. Steven Universe shoul…[View]
107042092>The best gem in Steven Universe >Somehow the worst ranking gem in popularity Why, is it becau…[View]
106973244Dofus / Wakfu: Currently halfway through Kerubim's show. It's a lot of fun and Simone is b…[View]
107045854Talk about endgame, I guess.: Pic semi unrelated[View]
107045704when is Bart gonna come out as transgender already?[View]
107041511This show was truly good. Just /co/ has bad taste...[View]
107046268Joe is the worst Family Guy character. He's a handicapped cop who goes on crazy adventures with…[View]
107046299What time is the Flash on tonight lads? i'm from the UK so and is there anywhere I can watch it…[View]
107044604Alfie Thread: If she makes this goatgirl cry I am going to be so fucking mad[View]
107032462thoughts? opinions?[View]
107046151I saw some dipshit made his own alien tier list generator, except he fucked it up by excluding Way B…[View]
107034146Secret City of Heroes Server Leaked to the Public: >https://massivelyop.com/2019/04/15/score-city…[View]
107041759>every normal person irl is hyped out of their minds >$1 billion projected opening weekend …[View]
107040549How good were these movies?[View]
107044362The Origin of Liv: >'It was a normal day. I thought it would be a normal day anyway so a normal m…[View]
107033933ITT: One trick pony VAs[View]
107043429You have just 5 minutes to explain to Stardust the Super Wizard why your degeneracy on 4chan does no…[View]
107033914Remember when Tom was a pedophile?[View]
107044692Out of all the evil Batmen that METAL shit out, it figures the worst one, 'The Batman Who Laughs', g…[View]
107045702Combine a picture of a cartoon character with the plush version of it.: >EXISTS…[View]
107043548>best daughteru of the 00s >best waifu of the 10s How did they do it?…[View]
107043110>hulk >split >moon knight Who is the goat multiple personalities guy?…[View]
107044462This was The Horse Show of its day[View]
107009160The Dragon Prince: >Take Sokka >make him the protagonist unironically genius. so is season t…[View]
107045383what episode am I thinking of?: Anybody know the episode of AWoG where Gumball and Darwin get Rocky …[View]
107043674Is this show any good?[View]
107044771Would western comics and stories be much better if they were self contained stories separate from ea…[View]
107045306'I look like who?': >'Dick Grayson? Never heard of 'im.'[View]
107037599Why are Catwoman and Elektra still widely cited as the all-time low point of superhero movies as a g…[View]
107040887Sequential Art: >There https://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
107045192Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice League: Part 1 of 3[View]
107044133Will we ever see him in the MCU?[View]
107045171(You)r cartoon thread: it's that time again: share with us your ideas for a cartoon and possibl…[View]
107043579Continuing Smallville Season 11 >>107010047 >>107022628 >>107025336[View]
107040249Why my peepee goes berserk when some girl is carried like this Holy Fuck I just don't get it.[View]
107043379I've just started reading Sonic from the beginning with the intention of fulfilling my childhoo…[View]
107042737Beano Thread: What was your favourite Beano comic strip?[View]
107041900He's pretty cute.[View]
107043428used to watch this as a kid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWbHxmJ5Bck did anyone else ?[View]
107043310Can Demon Knights be canon again? Please?[View]
107037893What went wrong?[View]
107017550Questionable /Co/ntent Thread: remember kids: just because one bad decision you made kind of turned …[View]
107044775SGCTC Turns 25: Feeling old yet /co/? https://decider.com/2019/04/15/space-ghost-coast-to-coast-25-y…[View]
107044840Uh oh, guy in the bat suit the guy in the bat suit a real nasty guy in the bat suit that guy in the …[View]
107035881ITT: Oh yeah that happened[View]
107004108Dumbing of Age: Politics continue[View]
107044620What went wrong with this? I mean if it wasn't for vrv no one would have even known this stream…[View]
107044213How did this happen anons?[View]
107044551Do we like Omega Men?[View]
107043568Evil Stark: With Endgame being upon us, it got me thinking upon what antagonists are left, and of co…[View]
107041704Comics Sivana: A hunchbacked gremlin-Jew scientist Movie Sivana: An alpha handsome chad with superpo…[View]
107011214It's not fair, bros..: >I have to go now, the netherzone needs me! Higgs died on her way bac…[View]
107039954I want a cartoon based on this.[View]
107041988>Buckley went from making gamer comics to this DAMN! This wouldn't be acceptable in today…[View]
107040539>ultimate antagonist of the quadrilogy was the protag's lover Kino…[View]
107039951Lame niggas wanted Candace Gay niggas wanted Vanessa Real niggas wanted stacy[View]
107041782ITT Girls that are literally perfect: Lapis from Steven Universe[View]
107040496Is anyone else bummed Talky Tawny didn't show up in the Shazam film?[View]
107043219>I'm gonna put a baby in you! Why would Hayley say this?[View]
107031412Official Legends and Arrow Talkback thread #1: Official talkback thread for the most fun show on CW …[View]
107041607So why did Steven Universe have all the extra gems shoved into the barn before? It's not like t…[View]
107042273Is Cyclops the best x-character? How did you react to him losing one eye?[View]
107041987Subway Surfers: NEW CARTOON SHOW. LET'S WATCH AND RATE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6Z0pM5…[View]
107042805'Hey Clark.': >'You know what's kind of weird that I just noticed?' >'What's that Lo…[View]
107042290When the FUCK is it gonna be her turn? White Diamond got introduced and subsequently redeemed in a s…[View]
107038375Why Anons?: Why do you ship characters who hate each other and want each other dead?[View]
107029098>i want to speak to your manager please[View]
107043656Canada made Uglydolls before Uglydolls. Laugh at Canada /co/! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NOX1C…[View]
107043762Damn right he is[View]
107043750Will Deadpool get revealed as Spider-Man's long-lost older brother?[View]
107042205Superman reboot in the works: >The director of Shazam!,David F.Sadenberg,has been chosen to reboo…[View]
107030855Fifi hangs with the wrong crowd[View]
107040080Infamous issue 1: Story time[View]
107040692Let's Go Luna: I really like the premise of Let's Go Luna: >let's showcase culture…[View]
107020437ITT: Rare OTPs[View]
107043421Sabrina the half witch: Daily reminder that she turned herself into a buff French male cat to seduce…[View]
107040244Why'd this do poorly? I thought it was fun.[View]
106984868Black Daria > Autist Mechanic. Fight me. I'm hyped as fuck for S2 of She-Ra.[View]
107037971Are Popular Kids Fake?: Did popular kids never exist? We see them in practically every cartoon, eve…[View]
107043381Anyone know who animated this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQd_x6vrx4c It looks a lot better th…[View]
107030488>shit Peter >shit Gwen (Emma Stone is cute tho) >absolutely fucking shit Harry >shit Ele…[View]
107040079When will HE come to the MCU?[View]
107037522why doesn't DC Comics buy Dick Tracy already[View]
107041190HOT NEW TAKE:: Batman as a youngster sold his body to old pervy masters in order to learn their anci…[View]
107037742Gen Z/Zoomer childhood nostalgia for 2007-2012 is beginning to take off on social media. What cartoo…[View]
107039490What is the 'brown bricks' thing and why do people treat it like sneedposting?[View]
107041287Yellow Diamond: Buff Diamond[View]
107042026Bats... easy on the bat-milk and cookies...[View]
107040577Worst Asterix movie: I'm rewatching all animated Asterix movies, they're all ranging from …[View]
107041474Captain Marvel: So why is it called a “cockpit”?[View]
107039937In 9 days you can just leave Thanos to me, boys. I got you.[View]
107037799Why are so many (fictional) cat-burglars women?: I'll guess... it's something to do with l…[View]
107042018https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p555-S7P3ag has Garfielf gone too far?[View]
107041386Hi, hi, hi Hi Leave thanos to me[View]
107024277How do comic books compare to other mediums: >A classic of literature Stories about the human con…[View]
107042322Would Amelia give him actual shingles and axle grease on a raft?[View]
107041823>they wasted 4/12 of the very FINAL episodes of TCW on pointless Ahsoka Filler Where is the Anaki…[View]
107016753Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime pt 19: Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. Previous threads: >>1068165…[View]
107032910The movie teased leather hotpants. You make a promise like that, you FUCKING. DELIVER. LEATHER. HOTP…[View]
107040894Well, batfags?[View]
107040535Thor Thread: Kill Me Now Edition!: > Thoughts on his part in the leaked footage? > Hopes for h…[View]
106976808Give me all your Virgin Vs. Chad pics NOW![View]
107035363Why is it so rare for there to be protagonists that are in a lasting relationship?[View]
107037437Hey Anons: Recall when the Powerpuff Girls robbed a bank?[View]
107040648So.......someone’s supposed to die in tomorrow’s issue. Does anyone want to share who dies with the …[View]
107014631/co/ theater experiences? Tell some stories. >see Missing Link last night >character near the …[View]
107041615What's something you enjoy about the NewSimpsons™? I'm glad that even though Bart becomes …[View]
107037422She chose the fire[View]
107030839I'm putting together a team...[View]
107041167Venture bros... Overrated, or Underrated?[View]
107039282Why couldn’t have Enchantress looked like this?[View]
107038753This is gonna be great You guys are just mad because you got spoon fed too early[View]
107032409What was his beef with the Addams Family?[View]
107041390Cat-Woman and Adrenaline Rushes: Does adrenaline turn her on? Are there any other characters where t…[View]
107041308So Marvel released these twitter emojis of Endgame characters. There's a certain character ther…[View]
107036085Go for it! Hot stuff[View]
107038455What was the lesson here?[View]
107041023Man I wish that was me[View]
107038579The only acceptable and perfect version of her. Fuck, do i miss this show. Also i just have to menti…[View]
107038495What's the nyaa equivalent of nyaa[View]
107038069See this, what do? Pull out my gun and yell 'Its a free country!' and then shoot her[View]
107007610Lantern Thread: Honestly, I kinda just wanna post some Lantern related content for everyone who…[View]
107039466How did Powerpuff Girls manage to put blood in the intro pass the censors? And how it is possibile t…[View]
107039837Would this have been better?[View]
107038641Tropes That Are Boring: Tropes that you neither hate or enjoy, they just make you sigh >Any episo…[View]
107037427I'm becoming more and more frustrated with my inability to catch new shows. The Pirate Bay is u…[View]
107038482Does anybody wonder of what is inside of double d's hat ?[View]
107040137Playmobil: The Movie First Trailer Released: https://youtu.be/xgyP9GG9Ecw >made by frogs Who care…[View]
107032845How many of yall have children? Do you watch cartoons or read comics with them?[View]
107039599The Drake Format <<<< The Superior Boog Format[View]
107038309Do kids still watch cartoons nowadays? Cartoon Network only pulls off stupid gay shit made for hipst…[View]
107034097How is one man able to contain that much sass?[View]
107037086Why does he get cucked all the time?: I'm not memeing here, it's just something I've …[View]
107040265Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of April, 2019: Previous threads: https://desuarch…[View]
107039143Hotel Transylvania series: Does /co/ like it?[View]
107040166Was the fire unintentionally the best promotion for this movie?[View]
107040015>'This pussy is gonna eat some lasaga, but you Jonathan, can't get any pussy to eat. You fee…[View]
107040072Running Man Animated Series: Anyone know where to find this online?? I think it looks pretty interes…[View]
107038613She was good and the babyface in civil war II, but always wrong. Then in Secret empire she had a mi…[View]
107030240Hi. I am Grup and I like to do things. I'm a dragon with a tail and a nose and little wings.[View]
107039608comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting April 10, 2019: Previous threads: https:…[View]
107036110Heathcliff is eating.[View]
107035192Post /co/ characters being mad, angry, upset, or similar[View]
107039963Spanish cartoon: looks decent, anyone here seen this ?[View]
106991950Posting in this thread means that you have agreed to the terms of my 900 page user agreement.[View]
107037163What was up with the pacing of these movies? The former felt like it immediately rushed to the clima…[View]
107035397Hellboy Thread: 1 issue left, 1 unfinished trilogy, and 1 critically panned reboot. It feels weird s…[View]
107039250No threads about the huge comic dump on DC Universe?[View]
107035990Why is she so sad?[View]
107039525What did Marvel mean by this ?[View]
107039765Marvel solicitations today?: And if yes what time?[View]
107023873Why did he kill everyone, /co/? Will Tom King make Wally become the biggest hero killer of all time …[View]
107014785Moominvalley: Another week, another episode of Moominvalley courteously translated in the middle of …[View]
107038608This was something I really anticipated but ended up becoming one of the biggest letdowns of the yea…[View]
107035224LEAKS: FUCKED UP THOR in Avengers Endgame: These are my thoughts on Thor in the upcoming Avengers mo…[View]
107032352Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the best Disney's films. Prove me wrong.[View]
107038814TOMMOROW I'LL[View]
107036404Could aang give anybody bending if he could take it away? Why didn't he go around energy bendin…[View]
107035361Why would Superman brother with a seatbelt?[View]
107038660>That time the avengers fought hulk close to a city and blew it up[View]
107035563So did they intentionally go fucking nowhere with space pirate Lars because the only purpose it serv…[View]
107029894>Riddler is better at being smart >Catwoman is better at acrobatics >Freeze is better at co…[View]
107034332Other than Steven Universe, what are some /co/ shows that have kino soundtracks? Been listening to t…[View]
107037590What happened with this lady who turned back to flesh and bone with her arms suddenly missing?[View]
107038529>character loves cooking, but his/her food is TERRIBLE. >to not make him/he sad everyone lies …[View]
107022989This ending was good. We all knew Jack was going to go back to the past and defeat Aku, no one knew …[View]
107036206Just you, personally, in your own headcanon, are Thomas and Martha proud, ashamed, or horrified?[View]
107024832He...put his father, the ruler of asgard and protector of the 9 realms, in a fucking retirement cent…[View]
107036338Who are some criminally underused Simpsons characters?[View]
107037100How effective would a super hero with the powers of Jesus be?[View]
107026587What 90s cartoons you wanna see remade?[View]
107037806to slap someones brains[View]
107021067Clone Wars S7 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6mn1rvU2Tc WTF I love mousecock now!…[View]
107033453Gen;Locke is shit: It was mediocre and squandered whatever potential it might have had. At least RWB…[View]
107021507ITT: Accepting nominations for sexiest X-Woman[View]
107034464What’s your favorite animated short, and why?[View]
107033544I am disappointed that we are not discussing the return of best girl Let's change that[View]
107036707oh i'm a registered something[View]
107037536New Hellboy is brilliant, it is gorgeous and awesome. Guro at maximum power with weighing eyes, guts…[View]
107034403Why doesn’t Laika make stop-motion movies for adults, like pic related ?[View]
107016111Perfect Casting: I want to know Comic Book roles that were perfectly casted I’ll start John Wesley S…[View]
107037323I'm watching this right now. Pros: nice BTASish aesthetic. Cons: having trouble listening to Ra…[View]
107034599Please come talk about Flight of Dragons with me.[View]
107036702This unaired pilot turns 60 today: How do you think the show would’ve turned out if the supers weren…[View]
107036751Five minutes of endgame (HUGE SPOILERS): https://youtu.be/VTIBcLNAELY[View]
107037398>what's with the south african accent was this a believable south african accent? I have nev…[View]
107035979>Only fat guy on a team full of lithe muscular men >Marries best girl Is Bouncing Boy truly th…[View]
107035150Discussion: Which of these Oni Masks would you wear and what would you do with the powers and limitl…[View]
107030334We've GOT to have...[View]
107034480Why did Buzz stay still in the first movie with Andy around if he didn't believe he was a toy?[View]

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