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109485104New interview and photos on JOKER https://www.gamesradar.com/joker-movie-images-exclusive-joaquin-ph…[View]
109479438Why do people say that this did not feel like an ending? Zim's entire motivation gets destoryed…[View]
109484739Gordo, B.J., Doogie and The Blimp all lost their virginity that summer, together during that one mag…[View]
109476074Whats the angriest youve ever gotten over a cartoon or comic? One of my own experiances would have t…[View]
109484238Is Mandy goth?[View]
109481572>unlabeled booze >wide mouth too! >just got excited the vodka I chose tonight is wide mou…[View]
109480223Dumbing of Age: in sickness and in health[View]
109484083Curious question: What would happen if Vivziepop dies in a car accident before the Hazbin Hotel pilo…[View]
109478469How would YOU do another Spider-Man reboot that's not tied to the MCU?[View]
109483785Because we're gonna SING, that's why.[View]
109484248Since Professor X can read and change the minds of every person on Earth and beyond, why doesn'…[View]
109483773Do shows start terribly now or is it just me? I was watching the first episode of Infinity Train, af…[View]
109466914Dipper and Dib switch places.: What changes in both shows?[View]
109479913Spidey love interests will be qt again[View]
109471425This is pretty fucked up now that Fink sees Venomous as a dad.[View]
109478254This man never takes off his mask[View]
109483032Sony's (New) Spider-Man predictions: >Kraven solo film being cancelled in coming months. …[View]
109483177The fake health inspector has been captured, here is his picture If a health inspector comes to your…[View]
109457198There will never be a cartoon like this again[View]
109479879How would he do in Marvel/DC?[View]
109483097ITT: Post The Best Cartoon Feasts In History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0BjuArHiJ8…[View]
109483576How has the MCU cultivated a fanbase like this? Worse yet, this shit is coming from people who'…[View]
109466171Boy howdy, there have been some dumb fucking characters in DC in the past but this one is on another…[View]
109483007ITT: /co/ opinions: >Spongebob is overrated trash that's only praised by manchildren and nor…[View]
109477056DA comic storytime: Cyberchase Twisted Space: Good evening /co/. It's been too long since the l…[View]
109483565Fred Membrane is my favorite character from Invader Zim: https://twitter.com/JhonenV/status/11639334…[View]
109476161>You will never have an Irken bf.[View]
109481746He used to be so based What the fuck went so wrong[View]
10946955121 years later, why are people still discussing Gargoyles? I see people on twitter and tumblr talkin…[View]
109475270>People saying Lion Guard ruined this franchise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz6EiSqF8yA…[View]
109403152DC SHG: SuperWaifus64: Vidyas edition DC SHG SuperShort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHMzY1nX3-8…[View]
109483308A thread dedicated to the casualties of cape movie politics: Let's remember the true 10/10 adap…[View]
109481312Spiderman the new aniamted series. This show is really underated.[View]
109475989Apologize. Every time this show got brought up in the last 5 years here it got ridden into the dirt …[View]
109477757Don't worry kids, I'll handle it[View]
109481249Feels like these were taken right out of the show[View]
109472588Amphibia Thread until Season 2 arrives: Fuck tribefags Let's have a good ol' fashioned thr…[View]
109475904What's Dib's opinion on InfoWars?[View]
109482931Looks like amphibias getting merch[View]
109476876I can't believe Titmouse makes this show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNFwcO7PXYc[View]
109475741What makes spider-man? Is it the spider powers?[View]
109482110SPIDER-MAN CASTING IDEAS!: Share![View]
109482527Do you guys think there will be a boycott on the Morbius movie now or will people have forgotten to …[View]
109482002El Goonish Shive: The Cat Returns[View]
109472344How would he do in Young Justice?[View]
109447358Did Scar ever fuck her?[View]
109482034What did matt groening mean by this ?[View]
109482315What's his deal /co?[View]
109480539I miss him, bros[View]
109481996Heathcliff is napping.[View]
109481843Theme Parks: Will there ever be a roller coaster to top Manta?[View]
109478088Who owns all the cards?[View]
109473594Two movies that Sony could make[View]
109472193>UPDATE: Variety reports that a deal could still be reached between Disney and Sony. Furthermore,…[View]
109475325How would you do a Color Kid Comic? Hard mode: no yellow bullshit against the Green Lantern Corp.[View]
109481915https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fILG1J6gMBs How long until people start using this for porn?[View]
109481204How would she hare in the DCEU?[View]
109478011What the fuck? George Bush Sr episode was funny. These are just fucking awful. https://youtu.be/Erha…[View]
109478271I’M BACK! I’M BACK![View]
109479492ITT: Stuff you REALLY regret seeing....[View]
109481547>Dreamworks films >Bad[View]
109479669Calling it now, Sony and Disney will reach a new agreement by the end of the week. Everyone preempti…[View]
109473259Hill House Comics: which title are you guys most interested in?: >>>Written by: Joe Hill Ar…[View]
109475069Adventure time: Name one single flaw with this masterpiece.[View]
109480366New film added to the MCU for phase 4: Starring Tam Netherlands as Pavitr Prabhakr, a young Brit-Ind…[View]
109481133How would he fare if he joined the brotherhood of mutants ?[View]
109464510AU 10 a happier Marvel universe thread: Being a superhero can be a Job. The X-mansion is where all t…[View]
109473445>Stories where Superhero becomes a father >Great at best, average at worst. >Stories where …[View]
109476055What happened?: They have only uploaded a pilot episode and it's been 3 years since then[View]
109469144She killed millions.[View]
109470608>January 10th 2019 It got delayed, wasn't it?[View]
109477665Can someone toss me a link to that webm of Thomas the Tank Engine as a grotesque spider-monster craw…[View]
109475041Wtf were they thinking?[View]
109478670>all this snoy capeshit drama >don't have to worry about it because real kino is coming O…[View]
109478503Pepper Ann was gay, right?[View]
109479856Post cartoon foes who legitimately hate each other[View]
109480768Why spidey needs to stay: There was a time before they started showing up. These mutants. There were…[View]
109474774Parker - Thunderbolts Pt. 4: Sorry for starting late. Gonna try and keep on this Storytime so there …[View]
109476974Since Zoomer nostalgia is now upon us, how long till shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show get …[View]
109480345Overrated episodes thread: Pic may or may not be related. I don't know, it was the first titlec…[View]
109480551Hmm... Yup.[View]
109476183>Hey... Quesada was it? Well, whoever it is, I want the entire line of Spider-Man comics CANCELLE…[View]
109479385Think of your favourite voice actress. Go to IMDb and see their credits. Add three inches to their h…[View]
109479733Why the fuck does sugar revre things such as “reverse escapism”? The real world sucks and is boring,…[View]
109469720Why is Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie getting so much shit now? When this released it was getting prais…[View]
109475611Haven't read a comic in about 3 years. Last Marvel comic was Civil War 2 and I stopped partways…[View]
109477025So are street sharks making a comeback or something?[View]
109451206Toon of the 2010s: Nomination Thread 2: The decade is almost over. It's time to crown /co/…[View]
109461474Square Enix's Avengers game full gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqGZwz3GUII Why does…[View]
109434756Questionable Content: There are no human characters in Questionable Content[View]
109391698Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
109479977ITT: Jack Kirby appreciation thread[View]
109478028We need to have a discussion on the absolute state of comics right now. How did we end up with so mu…[View]
109423722Let's discuss Disney parks and other /co/ related theme parks. Do you think the use of IPs for …[View]
109479193Why Hate Garfields Spidey?: Best spidey flicks imo and i been a spidey comic fanatic since the 80s I…[View]
109473463Scalped: I just finished it and Im not sure how I feel about the ending. Will definitely be rereadin…[View]
109469242Last Kids on Earth 'special' coming in September https://www.animationmagazine.net/streaming/netflix…[View]
109463675Damn the new Gwenpool sucks: She lost all of her character growth from the original run. The memes a…[View]
109469803>anti-lifed the most powerful Green Lanterns in the Corps, along with the entire Justice League …[View]
109455027Twelve Forever for a While: I enjoyed this show. Reggie's super cute and her friends are nice.…[View]
109472085Little Cato: Why does Olan make him suffer so much?[View]
109454504She-Ra asks Us to pray for He-Man: She-Ra has asked that we all pray for her brother so that he does…[View]
109476697Is there some similar space adventure stuff I should check out? I generally like space adventure typ…[View]
109479002Spider-verse was an awesome film. I think Sony really has a good handle on the spider-man character …[View]
109472387How are they going to write him out of the series?[View]
109477832ITT: Moments before disaster[View]
109478620Hey, remember this?[View]
109472003Post cursed /co/ images[View]
109478721Glen and Fred: Lord Death goes emo[View]
109467038He did nothing wrong[View]
109476847So, are we finally going to get a proper Spider-Man movie?[View]
109478611>remember the best day of my life >went to a little cafe next to the river >order a cup of…[View]
109477673Has anyone ever actually tried this on real ducks?[View]
109477045Why are Marvel's female villains so rubbish? I can think of maybe three that are any good at a …[View]
109472513Hey Disney! Forget about Spiderman. Where's my movie?[View]
109473089Gravity in the MCU: With Spidey out, is it finally Gravity's time to shine?[View]
109477561How would he fare in the DC universe?[View]
109477809Have you read it? Is it woke[View]
109471867>Korrasami kiss occurs right after the show ended (according to the comics); in the actual show i…[View]
109477974I watched it for the second time, was two times better than the first viewing. Should I watch it a t…[View]
109476593Have you ever confused a chair for a toilet?[View]
109466007I don't remember Gaz being so goofy in the show[View]
109477531He did nothing wrong.[View]
109476590Comicbook Questions: I'm kinda new to physical comics. I have just some questions: 1. I overhea…[View]
1094774398/31 8:31 stevewhitmire.website[View]
109378972Edit Thread: Old edit thread died, let's get this new one going! Posting some edits I did last …[View]
109473876ITT: Examples Of When A Character Was Single-Handedly, Irrevocably Ruined[View]
109476073Nice girl bike![View]
109477024What did they mean by this? https://youtu.be/0jDTCND2_Kk[View]
109474976It was all a big hunk of nothing[View]
109472932Which animal would you say deserves to be /co/'s official animal mascot? >Duck >Mouse …[View]
109474704So could Disney announce something interesting now at the D23 this weekend or it will be all sad fac…[View]
109470928Only scrubs walk around volcanoes![View]
109475464Spectacular Spider-man: can it come back now?[View]
109474323Batman: rank them /co/[View]
109476259We need an animation revolution here in the west! No more cutsey kiddy shit and Family Guy wannabes![View]
109434842Last thread reached image limit just when I got this master piece https://www.bgreco.net/garfield/[View]
109473576They ran out of the special spice![View]
109474275Who's cuter? >Debbie >Debbie >Debbie >Debbie…[View]
109471651Why doesn’t he have sex?[View]
109472090This series is fucking awesome. Who's your favorite Bitch Planet character /co/?[View]
109475244What was the worst episode of B:TAS and why was it The Underdwellers?[View]
109469398Name a more incompetent company, I dare you[View]
109476113Hitler kid in Enter the florpus: I I know J V said he hates cameos and nostalgia but can you guys fi…[View]
109472334>Gets caught doing accounting fraud >Gets caught manipulating the Disney community to coup exe…[View]
109474879Best animated Doc Ock swinging in[View]
109475458What do you think of metal family?: I cant help but think that victoria looks like eep crood[View]
109475722>Sony manages to get some financial and critical success with their Spidey projects as of late, a…[View]
109474021Dragon Prince: Sorry I'm late, but this guy was definitely sealed in a mirror for being a massi…[View]
109475735If you had to make the 80s-est reboot/throwback/fanwank series, referencing whatever you want from c…[View]
109358124Heard some mixed things about Wakfu, is it worth watching?[View]
109470624What are your thoughts on Tribore?[View]
109474595I remember when cartoons were good.[View]
109453768Which one, /co/?[View]
109395712PROGRESS limit Edition Thread topic: What is one defining trait about your protagonist? Antagonist? …[View]
109474766Characters you identify with for reasons outside of personality >Maria Pappas from Arthur >We …[View]
109459373>I don't need you to respect me, I respect me >I don't need you to love me, I love m…[View]
109474946Spider-man is dead. It's time for a Sideways movie[View]
109474965Who needs Spider-man when Disney already has the best potential addition ready to go?[View]
109470159Sorry MCUfags, its time for MAXIMUM KINO. SYMBIOTE TIME[View]
109474352okay back on track. spider-man 4 please[View]
109471883Hank Pym? More like CUCK Pym!: No, but seriously, where is this pic from?[View]
109471919Peter's replacement right here.[View]
109468797Seen a lot of people fancasting this lately: Good choice or too obvious? Either way this dude is MCU…[View]
109471047What was his deal?[View]
109471210Does Captain America have a dark side?[View]
109472684Who’s ready to see him die again in the fourth Spider-man film reboot within the past 20 years?[View]
109467413cartoon ideas: what are some types of cartoons you would like to see more of/cartoon ideas you have?…[View]
109392256Post your ancient waifus (80s and earlier)[View]
109472074If Gir had a Harem who would be in it? Who'd be in Minimoose's?[View]
109473561Is this comic any good? I see people promoting it on YouTube[View]
109474157>Cruella delayed to Memorial Day Weekend 2021. Thanks For Your Service. Here's Puppy Murder.…[View]
109468536What would you want to see from a new Fusionfall game?[View]
109469395Unironically based.[View]
109470505>Ending a movie with a property you don't fully control on a cliffhanger lmao…[View]
109471636Korra was 9 years ago[View]
109470105You're given 10 million dollars to successfully find a way to write out Spider-Man from the MCU…[View]
109465305>hook up the main character with best girl >do absolutely nothing with her Who hurt these writ…[View]
109472253BPD AND ECSTASY[View]
109471490Yes Fox, I SHOULD buy Sony. It would cost me less than our wedding.[View]
109473839Go to google, save a pig and turn him/her into your favorite /co/ character.[View]
109468557Infinity Train: So was the train 'real'? Like did the show take place in an actual alternate dimensi…[View]
109470751Anon he’s kicking. Would you like to feel?[View]
109469003CODE LYOKO Series Bible: https://en.codelyoko.fr/bible_graphique.cl RETURN TO THE PAST, NOW!…[View]
109473291All Raye wanted to do was create a cute cartoon of cute girls doing cute things. But then the evil w…[View]
109473396Was Petunia Pig a mistake?[View]
109471371Step aside Iron-Boy: Leave the MCU to us[View]
109471835Choose one.[View]
109472451S2>S4>second half of S1>S3>S5>first half of S1[View]
109471011Does anyone here watch the new Where's Waldo show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DakyVoIPEzU…[View]
109463643Catwoman: So what's the consensus regarding this character these days? I know a lot of people s…[View]
109469480What do you think Jimmy did to Cindy?[View]
109472738Did any of you guys seriously thought Lobo had a chance?[View]
109463475Is this your King?: The one who was said to revitalise Batman? Who would tell a new story? That…[View]
109470135How long till Iron Boy fans will make a campaign to boycott sony?[View]
109449232Why are non-Disney animated movies doing so poorly at the box office?[View]
109472510I can't remember if it's real or not, but I remember seeing a page from a Spider-Man comic…[View]
109469218I remember one time on /co/ there was an alleged second episode to this furry fanfic named 'Mike and…[View]
109469592Hey King-Fags!: Have fun white knighting this one.[View]
109471100Is he going to be working on the next Spider-Man movies?[View]
109462833ITT: We remember the good old days when comics totally weren't political[View]
109471416Insomniac Spider-Man Universe: I had a blast with this game, and still do. Did you know that there…[View]
109459158Who is the better role model?[View]
109469886>Wake up. >See this. Wat do?[View]
109471562He’s not lying, Zola never made it clear how the Starks died[View]
109471105How do you pronounce HEEEEEEEHN?[View]
109470025Are you hype?[View]
109471138wtf i love golden age comics now[View]
109469708The Hulk never killed anyone.[View]
109466479Who can beat god-tier Gotham Girl?[View]
109470515Does anyone remember this movie where this comic artist got transported into this golden age style d…[View]
109457861How do you feel about this ship?[View]
109471263In Spider-man 3, Sony can easily change the Spider-man into being non-mcu related + give him a secre…[View]
109471191Hidden message in Final Space: There's a hidden message in the latest episode according to Shel…[View]
109465031When do you think Hobo Piss will come back to the Big 2? Him, Hickman and Lemire were the early-mid …[View]
109471166HE'S COMING HOME[View]
109470689I have a question for God. Why?[View]
109471076This is definitive proof the tallest had been to Earth before sending Zim there.[View]
109470718Is he going to get XMEN'D? FUCK I really loved Superior spiderman[View]
109469638I didn’t know that Spider-Man was really Peter Palmer![View]
109471014Remember when enerjak just fucking killed everyone?[View]
109470835Did they fuck?[View]
109469927They’ll just buy Sony[View]
109425179What's Danny up to lately? Is the Brisson run pretty good?[View]
109465580Does /co/ like dominant comic book girls?[View]
109469337DISNEY SONY DEAL IS NO MORE: https://www.cbr.com/sony-kills-spider-man-deal-with-marvel/[View]
109470700Is it time for the goopy gang to reunite?[View]
109468618What are best comics about conspiracies? No capeshit! From Ancient Aliens to Illuminati shit[View]
109466117>Hey, this isn't gonna make it so that next time I fuck my wife my testicles somehow generat…[View]
109466050what is his endgame?[View]
109465180how would these guys handle in the Marvel/DC Universe?[View]
109469567Are you interested? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpp1pUuK_AE[View]
109470319Peace is nice[View]
109470308So when did Itchy and Scratchy go full zombie?[View]
109468028Are you hyped for Tom King's new comic? What do you think will be Tom king's new take on t…[View]
109444100Why Aang first two sons were such a failure?[View]
109465534New Titans S2 poster, with the best look at Deathstroke so far.[View]
109470010Does anybody else agree that the show was better than the movies?[View]
109469114Meanwhile on the Leigon of Doom’s official Minecraft server...[View]
109466493This is some uncanny valley shit. It's her dead, glassy eyes. >(Comedy/adventure, 52x11 min.…[View]
109469722I don’t get it.[View]
109469170Best girl didn't come back.[View]
109453136Damian ruins everything: Remember that Tom King promised a total change of the status quo in Batman?…[View]
109427164One Page Thread: Convince someone to read a comic by posting one page from it.[View]
109469750https://youtu.be/mvS-Urgg_4o Why doesn’t Superman kill bad guys? He moralitycucks himself too much[View]
109468232Why doesn't Cyclops carry a gun? I know he have eye lasers and all but a gun would be useful fo…[View]
109458775Out of the three of them, who do you think suffers the most?[View]
109467457How do you write super-intelligent characters without having them just being able to make whatever s…[View]
109469321SONY! YOU DONE FUCKED UP!!![View]
109469527We are finally getting a Miles movie bros[View]
109463984Is there anything new in public domain?[View]
109469375Iron Lad is out of the MCU: Hahahahahaha Reimi always wins.[View]
109457554Reminder to everyone that the new episode of Rocko's Modern Life is up on netflix. It's fu…[View]
109460121Post silly images you can't or don't post often.[View]
109459465Cannon Busters: Cannon Busters was completely ridiculous, over-the-top, and brainless. I enjoyed eve…[View]
109463272>believed in female superiority >was in polyamourous relationship >was clearly into BDSM Le…[View]
109466632He’s stronger than Superman[View]
109463990Will these two ever get married when they grown up?[View]
109469077What was the tipping point where politics became so intertwined with cartoons? I can't just wat…[View]
109450233Why didn't we get him over cyborg?[View]
109463086Earth 919 general: Basic rundown (From the older threads): >Web Shooter (Spider-Man) went columbi…[View]
109466528I'm so glad I get to work at a Thai restaurant just like her![View]
109465413No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.[View]
109468025>official stats say kiryu is 60 meters and dragonzord is 40 meters >in the comics and games ki…[View]
109467989I just got back from Disney World: You guys can ask me how it was.[View]
109469102Superman's Guy in Gotham: JIMMY OLSEN[View]
109465131Is the new Hawkman run worth a read or should I avoid it? Or any of the Hawkman books for that matte…[View]
109468153Do you know of any character designs that have been simplified for easier/cheaper animation? Pic unr…[View]
109464853Could Steven redeem him?[View]
109464945>At this point, mindcontrol must be some writer's fetish[View]
109467184Who would dom?[View]
109463671Who /b-b-brightsideofthedarkside/ here?[View]
109465629>Who would win a fight? Nocturne (daughter of Nightcrawler) Earth2182 or The Freeze Girl from the…[View]
109468582I love Doctor Doom so much. He is, like, literally me.[View]
109462749>heroes are often responsible for the making of their villains >tons of heroes exist in NY/Got…[View]
109451510Could Steven redeem *you*, /co/?[View]
109464891Miss me /co/?[View]
109464318There's 1 comic book shop in my city of about 100,000 people. It's in the middle of nowher…[View]
109468132>everyone in the Cul-De-Sac(except Rolf and Jonny) has a smartphone now >Rolf dismisses them a…[View]
109467968What is your favourite superhero vehicle?[View]
109464468What would be his solution for climate change?[View]
109464539spiderman the new animated series: It's a crime this show didn't get a second season.…[View]
109468063Name ONE cartoon that[View]
109465027What is a X-man fan ideal type of Comic?[View]
109466864Full triforce vs Marvel Universe How does he fare ?[View]
109448153Final Space S02E09 - The Closer You Get: https://mega.nz/#!D9lgHS5J!DyA_sh4VK_qbX7ZSf3GwbX6PlbnzzShY…[View]
109454922Are the Mickey Mouse shorts ending?: >pic related tweet happened earlier this year >2 of the o…[View]
109448868What does /co/ think of frankie[View]
109467205What are considered the best Hellboy trades/arcs/ one shots. I've seen all the films so I know …[View]
109464364Kratos and Atreus are stuck in the DC universe How do they fare?[View]
109467960What is the weakest Scooby Doo series?[View]
109467406What are the chances it won't be shit?[View]
109467819So tell me /co/, do you prefer Holiday Specials and Movies from the distant past or the ones closer …[View]
109454202>Spider-Man is not allowed to look up to other superheroes[View]
109394937Is the 2015 Ultimates comic any good? I love cosmic stuff and cool sci-fi setpieces.[View]
109459574Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: Post your favorite moments. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
109466754What Cape/Anime Crossover would you unironically love[View]
109447026The Chin comics went to shit the moment she was shoehorned into the series.[View]
109464067Star wars: I cant believe nobody try to bring mace windu back to life. But they keeps on bringing ba…[View]
109467410Robert downey jr wasn't really that good at playing Tony Stark. The entire narrative that he wa…[View]
109460377'Hey, I wasn't a weirdo! I was in the audiovisual club.' 'Me too. Then I got kicked out because…[View]
109457069>I want to fuck the drunk manchild instead of the ageless prettyboy What did she mean by this?…[View]
109467141Old threads: Looking for the archive threads that had pic related and http://is2.4chan.org/co/156627…[View]
109465444name 1 bad thing about this show that doesn't have to do with the old shoe[View]
109465338You know what’s strange There is a white screen in the background[View]
109467114Water Comics: post your most lol water comics.[View]
109467011>When your PUG(pick-up group) is more interesting than the main team.[View]
109466892So how are these Hulu/Marvel shows going to work out? >We just started looking through things tha…[View]
109467049What's his fucking problem? What's his endgame?[View]
109467029Almond Milk as superior Also Steven Thread[View]
109464141>SCP-style horror >Monster fucking How are you fags not into this?…[View]
109446949Homestuck Epilogues: https://twitter.com/VIZMedia/status/1163498250277543942 Will you buy it, /co/?…[View]
109461236MWAHHHH the Cybertronians: 'You know what I did this morning? I played the voice of a toy. Some terr…[View]
109466588Anon he’s kicking. Would you like to feel?[View]
109466809Do you guys open the door for Superman to see you pee, /co/? https://comicbook.com/thewalkingdead/20…[View]
109465263Golden age superman storytime[View]
109464581You'd think this movie took place during sixties or fifties, but it weirdly takes places during…[View]
109466296How would he yare in the DCEU?[View]
109462080Anyone else like Chick Tracts?[View]
109464791We live in a society[View]
109463032Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
109466377Steven Universe Sonic OC Rip-Off: >tfw the main antagonist of the movie is really just one of the…[View]
109465127Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of August, 2019: Previous threads: https://desuarc…[View]
109466166Came across this at Goodwill. Looked interesting, but U didn't pick it up. Anyone here know any…[View]
109466012New Cartoon Network Shows: Do you see any of these shows going past 3/4 seasons like AT RS Gumball a…[View]
109460452Before anybody else posts about it, I'm going to call the rumors of a 'Proud Family' reboot com…[View]
109466102Clark vs J'onn: DEATH BATTLE: In a fight to the death, who wins in a battle between these two, …[View]
109461967How did the tallest have a sandwich or even know what a sandwich is in the Invader Zim pilot?[View]
109462888Nick and CN are trash: These channels make me sick to the stomach, I can't believe how many goo…[View]
109465845How would Zidane fare in the DCU?[View]
109444827Nedroid: There's another new nedroid comic! That's two comics in five days. The last time …[View]
109464785Will Hickman let these two hang out again?[View]
109465703I still don't get it. Yeah, I know he only really cared about his own interests, but so does ev…[View]
109461414Why isn't their rivalry given more focus? Considering that they're pretty much parallels t…[View]
109465546What is /co/ watching now that Legion had a series finale and Krypton had a season finale? pic unrel…[View]
109462347Does Dunnhier ever show up in the comics?[View]
109464644What are your thoughts on Courage the Cowardly Dog? Do you think they'll bring it back like the…[View]
109462880https://youtu.be/8R9iptEurj0 Isn't this nice. A whole marathon of the show right at the end of …[View]
109462977ITT: YOUR FIRST /co/ RELATED CRUSH: my love will never die, I want to marry her damnit[View]
109461997Simpsons: Ever read Bartkira?[View]
109454236This is just a Runaways relaunch. Doc Justice is actually a Doombot that decided to be a hero. Marve…[View]
109449748Best Potential Mother’s Thread: Post your waifu and ask if she would be a good mother, and if yes, w…[View]
109464855Who was better?[View]
109457681Ships that has canon kids: Does your ship have canon kids ?[View]
109462465Is the New52 Phantom Stranger run worth a read or should I avoid it? Or any of the Trinity of Sin bo…[View]
109463014Why is Jade Nguyen so perfect /co/?[View]
109462716Superfamily: I've been out of the loop ever since Bendis got brought on board, but how badly di…[View]
109461746>redemption arc[View]
109458564is underage nudity allowed in animated works?[View]
109463767Bee is perfect and I love her.[View]
109464410>Covers you should like but don't. >I'll start >Should like the idea of Superboy …[View]
109464196comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting August 14, 2019: Previous threads: https…[View]
109463179You know what's great and needs to show up more often? Frog warriors and knights. I can only th…[View]
109461340Why does everybody care that Smithers was originally black, but nobody cares that Lou was originally…[View]
109463464All the recent MOTU talk has me wondering: New Adventures of He-Man. How many of you have seen it? W…[View]
109463948Invader anon, to commemorate you for you service, I award you the sandwich of honor.[View]
109463017Garfield: Let's have a comfy Garfield thread![View]
109461461Would she be as popular as her Male self?[View]
109461831He-Man: How come He-Man was super popular early on but then never managed to get a commercially succ…[View]
109463910How would they fare in marvel/ DC universe ?[View]
109432891>1996- How the hell has this show lasted for so long?[View]
109458469You know looking at people like Moviebob and such, I can see why people have such disdain for superh…[View]
109463805Marvel Comics Solicitations today?[View]
109430647Who is the most talented Simpsons voice actor?: Let's settle this.[View]
109462874>Co? Cococo co coco co! What did she mean by this?[View]
109456325Reminder that Phineas and Ferb had better songs than Steven Universe.[View]
109462976Rick and Morty: Season 3 was significantly weaker than the first two ones.[View]
109458287Duck season![View]
109461356A-Anon... I’m pregnant...[View]
109460299Why is he so awful? All the other Irkens are mostly normal but why is he so awful when compared to t…[View]
109455634Got around to watching that 20th anniversary Spongebob special. It was OK, but when did Spongebob…[View]
109463472Why are the villains more sympaathetic in this show?: Literally cared more about Psimon and Devastat…[View]
109462791Masters of the Universe/Thundercats shared Universe: It's coming right?[View]
109460628Tell me there's a season 5. I just saw Father Daughter Dance, this is the cutest shit[View]
109454665Why didn't NiGHTS everget a cartoon? Sonic's got at least 5. It ain't fair for SEGA t…[View]
109459811Name a cartoon with a better series finale[View]
109459998So what revival movie is next?[View]
109429360>Jim is helpful EVERY time he becomes aware of XANA: >They never recruit him >They keep wip…[View]
109461138Looking back... was she a prostitute hired by Iroh?[View]
109456271Has there ever been a cartoon or comic with this premise: >Guy from a scifi world needs to save a…[View]
109447196Menage a trois: I think this is somehow metaphorical, but I don't know.[View]
109450377Al/co/holism: Post it.[View]
109460265What would have happened had he not betrayed her?[View]
109462532Post holiday specials.: i love modern adaptations of holiday specials. Doesn’t matter if it’s Hallow…[View]
109462634ITT: Movies that felt like shitty fever dreams[View]
109457901Upcoming Disney/Pixar Movies: Nov 22 2019- Frozen 2 March 6 2020- Onward June 19 2020- Soul November…[View]
109462426Is Morbius on his way to the big leagues?[View]
109390476Infinity Train:: Where all my Infinity Train homies at??[View]
109461905He is so sexy.[View]
109461591What did he mean by this?[View]
109457883Why is SHE so perfect?: God she is so cute[View]
109462058How would the Boys react to these guys[View]
109455502Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
109461673What are the best Hellboy story arcs/ one shots? I've seen all the films so I know the basic id…[View]
109462205>Bruce Wayne was raped[View]
109461093You guys are the REAL heroes[View]
109453718Parker - Thunderbolts Pt. 3: Parker did a nice job with Ghost and now he’s taking a shot at Man-Thin…[View]
109460430Name one thing villainous either of them have done besides being viciously adorable and cuddly. They…[View]
109458888For no reason, here's Apu.[View]
109454923Icky Vicky, you make my pants all sticky: HNNNNNNNNG[View]
109458822'I DESIRE....MACARONI PICTURES!!!!!'[View]
109461221ITT: Movies that you want to see based on these designs: Disney should try and experiment making a f…[View]
109448504The Boys season 2 trailer is here https://youtu.be/ovsct8lg36A Featuring based Homelander[View]
109454989I wanna fuck the ancient one[View]
109461757Cartoon music videos.: Post your favorite cartoon music videos. Here’s a picture of particle man.…[View]
109454047Which show will be the best?[View]
109460932Was cyborg war machine one of the stupidest comic runs?[View]
109452096>Double D! This book just gave me the most amazing idea![View]
109461648Weir airings.: I remember seeing the Pac-Man show Christmas special airing on boomerang. Weird that …[View]
109461559The ability to command creatures of the sea is a neat power when you think about it, so how did Aqau…[View]
109446685Cosmo! Wanda! I wish I was a harem protagonist![View]
109454367the ultimate charatcher >ladys man >likes goth puss >has a creepy stalker >gotta a lot …[View]
109457865Why is she so perfect?[View]
109459464Think of your favourite voice actress. Go to IMDb and see their credits. Add three inches to their h…[View]
109457565Do -pol-Do -pol- people hate the great kamala khan?[View]
109458970Damn Boi He THICCC[View]
109461285Heathcliff sits on a bird house.[View]
109455663Literal perfection[View]
109459982Any news on the Bumblebee sequel? Will best girl be back?[View]
109461242Why hasn't there been a Runescape cartoon?[View]
109461210Mike Nolan's Long Weekend: Any of yous cunts been watching?[View]
109459441I wish this show had just been irredeemable dogshit from day 1 instead of breaking my heart with end…[View]
109457203Niko and the Sword of Light: This next set of episodes is the Grand Finale. https://twitter.com/Pri…[View]
109460946>When you see a Thicc waifu in a mediocre show[View]
109436628Good Matchups For The Irken Armada?[View]
109428371Come September...: >What Ever Happened To Donald Duck?! >Donald and Penumbra must break out of…[View]
109455386Can Steven redeem him?[View]
109444421BATWOMAN Posters, Character Portraits & Pilot Stills[View]
109456437How Well Would Zim Fair Against Other Cartoon Heros?: Such as Steven Universe, Dexter, Ben Tennyson …[View]
109456033So the Mask is a bad guy or a good guy?[View]
109456043>TFW most modern cartoons being released these days are entirely based on comedy and have no cent…[View]
10945830910 years ago today, she became Batgirl. Say something nice about Stephanie Brown![View]
109450930so hellboy[View]
109457399Was this show Millennial or Zoomer?[View]
109458293Avengers: I haven't read it since Bendis. What did I miss?[View]
109448524What was everyones reaction the first time they saw this back when the movie came out?[View]
109455457>Seasons 1-2 are the only true Simpsons seasons with heart. The 'golden age' (s3-8) lost the emot…[View]
109441367great non-capeshit comics: https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/106964644[View]
109445610Webms and Gifs Thread[View]
109455851>The herbivores can all talk: That's uncomfortable, in the original the only speaking charac…[View]
109459961Why is this comic so easy to get lost in?: Whenever I go to get an image from this comic I usually e…[View]
109456550>final space thinks service jobs are the backbone of the economy DROPPED…[View]
109457507>Characters who should be canon[View]
109454949SPOILERS: The movie opens with a flashback that takes place 25 years before the first film, a young …[View]
109459070Been meaning to get into Green Lantern. What are some good places to start?[View]
109458929ITT: Moments you love in comic books. I love when writers can contrast big cosmic stuff with small e…[View]
109455808Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: Well? Did you like it?[View]
109456145>Anon, how should this imp be punished?[View]
109459166The kid from Iron Man 3: https://twitter.com/Lunwi88/status/1163492636063338496/video/1[View]
109458862Why is he/she so BASED?[View]
109456837Characters that should be in the next movies for Marvel.[View]
109453843Hey /co/, Joss Whedon here Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be writing and directing t…[View]
109457211I've been rereading my complete Eightball collection and really fucking enjoying it. Undergroun…[View]
109455269>Well that's call beginners luck[View]
1094557952015... We are forgotten[View]
109458686So how long do you think capeshit will be popular in the mainstream media for now that the mainline …[View]
109458284The only thing I remember about this show is that the opening theme is very nice.[View]
1094388922019...I am forgotten.[View]
109456876Is this good or bad? I'm kind of interested in going to see it.[View]
109455667Can anyone stop her?[View]
109458565>”Ta-dah!” I laughed like a hyena. These characters were never intended to be scary and the movie…[View]
109458338Too subtle, Joel McMurray[View]
109454871Why are there no 'parody' comics based on Marvel?: By 'parody' I mean stuff like…[View]
109457165Does Marvel hate Batman?[View]
109456401Have you guys ever thought up of your own original DC or Marvel character you kind of wish was canon…[View]
109455020Meanwhile, at the Legion OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!![View]
109458258Hey my Tallest!: My Tallest! My my Tallest! Hey! Hey! Hey TALLEST! My Tallest! My Tallest! My Talles…[View]
109458165How would you rewrite the earlier episodes to be as good as the newer ones?: Since up until Not Impr…[View]
109456346What if you found out Gurihira was just a fat American dude? What do you think of Akira Yoshida…[View]
109455463Guess who thread: Huh, the last few episodes have actually been pretty good.[View]
109454167You get to bring one Disney cartoon back for more episodes. What do you pick? Goof Troop? The Weeken…[View]
109456862Would people still ship them even though they're just gender-swapped versions of the same chara…[View]
109454307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiMqAc6K2kA What did he do to Cindy?[View]
109457923Is there a site that lists every Valiant Comics publications from 2012 onwards, like a catalogue?[View]
109457884What's the matter?[View]
109451764How do you feel now that Bendis is at DC creating more original characters and stories? How would yo…[View]
109457467What are the most unforgivable crimes in comics?[View]
109456058Dear DCBros. We are sincerely sorry that you have are stuck with Bendis and his bullshit, but he…[View]
109456468What if they make a pepe cartoon?[View]
109440097Krigg Courtgunner: >Chapter 1: Page 2 >Antimony is the protagonist of the story. As with most …[View]
109449297Thoughs on the Blue's Clues reboot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YChMTlpnXsI[View]
109454221New American Dad @ 10PM EST: >Eight Fires >Roger helps Francine with her terrible cooking by b…[View]
109454942Why did they make her so hot?[View]
109455534OK KO? More like No Way, Can Do![View]
109455613What happened to this franchise? We could have been experiencing the theoretically the modern star w…[View]
109457177>The wild man of Borneo. See you around. What did he mean by this?[View]
109453348>Jon is upset that Damien won't allow him to join Teen Titans >Superman mentions how he u…[View]
109455904ITT: Cursed images.[View]
109456988Could Zim beat Thanos?[View]
109455294Is there a more based character in the dcau?[View]
109451868do you know what a fursona is, brendan? it's like if you were an animal but also yourself it…[View]
109454438You can pinpoint the exact moment where it became shit, kinda crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
109453014wait, He-Man was originally a She-Ra spinoff?[View]
109452508holly fuck poor kid[View]
109454390He did nothing wrong. Watch this movie from the Egyptians' perspective and he comes off as more…[View]
109455781Molecule Man: What are his powers?[View]
109455587why doesn't he just make iron man suits?[View]
109430066Original He-Man series Sequel Announce: https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1163198902943670272 …[View]
109456049Batman killing people or not is NOT the problem. In the end, Batman should be the LAST person who sh…[View]
109453840>Best friend sacrifices himself to save the universe >Can only think about leaving Earth defen…[View]
109454248Has anyone noticed ever since a certain knockoff chan went down for good, /co/ has gotten dramatical…[View]
109451447I want to become an awesome cartoonist & comic writer like my idol, Vivziepop . This typically r…[View]
109451040Why didn't they just go around???[View]
109451771What went wrong?[View]
109454578What did /co/ think of Justice League vs The Fatal Five? I personally enjoyed it, and can't rem…[View]
109452312Are the newer DC animated movies any good? Crisis on Two Earths and Under the Red Hood were great.[View]
109455065As bad as the toe nail scene was, you have to admit the tour of Squilliam's new place was comfy[View]
109453857Is the 2005 Red Sonja series worth reading?[View]
109454719I just found out that they made a Norm of the North 2, and they're working on a Norm of the Nor…[View]
109450167Invader Zim : Enter the Florpus: Discuss the mov.[View]
109396454Let's love Luz together.[View]
109452769Cursed images of /co/: ITT:EXTREMELY cursed /co/-related images.[View]
109450859Could Steven redeem them?[View]
109452615We have threads about characters that Steven couldn’t redeem but what about characters he COULD rede…[View]
109454908>You know something janny? One of these days I'm gonna have a banhammer of my own...…[View]
109452058>CN hates Steven Univer- https://youtu.be/Z59eLdimDt8 https://youtu.be/M6L8EAPa_c8…[View]
109445287I used to think my life was a tragedy, but then I realized, it's a comedy.[View]
109453325I bet you shota nerds loved this[View]
109454587>Rocko movie comes out >REEEEEEEEEEEEEE RACHEL >ZIM movie comes out >omg why is dib so f…[View]
109453806Why is there still a Cold War in Watchmen? America can send Manhattan to curbstomp any commie warlor…[View]
109454338I guess Betty White and Snoop Dogg really needed a paycheck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S72YTzk…[View]
109448409>Prometheus was originally going to be Tommy Merlyn, revived by Talia Al Ghul and trained by the …[View]
109436578They're not going to stop pushing Ghost Spider, are they?[View]
109442334Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your weekend?[View]
109451453*Top 3 directors on the wishlist are F Gary Gray, Johnathan Levine, and Malcom D. Lee. *Christian Ba…[View]
109454468I'm thinking about buying The Simon and Kirby Library: Crime hardcover I was wondering from oth…[View]
109454377>RED BEANS.[View]
109449816Animated music videos: There wasn't a thread about it in a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
109453294Shadow should get his own show. He's the coolest.[View]
109449212Wondy: Why am I so in love with her, bros?[View]
109452259D.N. Ace thread[View]
109452943Deviantart autism thread[View]
109453360Fuck marry kill?[View]
109451850Joker scene at TDK voted as the most memorable movie scene of the last 21 years.: Why didn't Th…[View]
109447946Does anyone still care about the Valiant Universe?[View]
109450694Pirate-themed comics and cartoons?[View]
109453107I know this is on spanish but i will translate it. >Cartoon Plot Then: Character A chases Charact…[View]
109452059Invader Zim Enter The Florpus somehow managed to be better than the original show.[View]
109453900I know everyone loves to suck the Transformer's movie's dick but GI Joe was a better film …[View]
109450362How would you feel if Storm and Wolverine had a kid together?[View]
109451432Suki is underrated: Sexiest girl of ATLA[View]
109453735What is your favorite character? Mine is Doctor Doom because he reminds me of myself.[View]
109452960Diana has always been a better match for Bruce than Selina would ever be.[View]
109446864What will you do with your comic book collection when you die?: Had a long term relationship breakdo…[View]
109434127Why would anyone with Superpowers ever become a superhero?[View]
109453669So umm... Are they fucking burning in hell? Lol[View]
109451504He's worse than Peggy by wide margin[View]
109451491Chad Greg (and beta Steven) thread - - - - Good Old Fashion[View]
109422306There's still hope?[View]
109451077ITT: Big Two characters that have never been in a cartoon or videogame before: One of the reasons th…[View]
109451734I already miss this show /co/ and Im going to miss it even more once it ends for real[View]
109440973How can such a tremendous level of artistry and effort amount to such a bland and instantly forgetta…[View]
109428535Does /co/ Like White Rabbit?[View]
109435590Twelve Forever and ever and ever but actually not for that long: Finally finished this show. Goooood…[View]
109450868Would you have been able to resist Laddio's sweet cheeks?[View]
109450331Who's the best girl from current cartoon era?[View]
109452124So he’s gonna be in the Pattinson Batman movie?[View]
109441350Sword Master #2 Storytime: Didn't see this in the archives, so I'm storytiming it[View]
109452897Did you watch Toonami on Kids WB?[View]
109452541Im having an almost bad trip reaction to my new meds, watching enter the florpus like this is a new …[View]
109448320Motorcity: I miss it every god damn day bros, is there anyway for it to come back?[View]
109453004Is Karate Kid the only DC hero to take the Goku/Shonen approach, by training everyday till he broke …[View]
109452929Alright let’s see here, when I grow up, I want to be a tree. Any thoughts on what this could be /co/…[View]
109453150Wait a minute...: >purple and green motif >made up in the 30s >goofy nonsensical antics …[View]
109452887Why is he so beloved?[View]
109449451wtf I hate gravity falls now[View]
109449609Was the Mayor's wife just okay with him having such a smoking hot assistant?[View]
109445503Why are they so great, /co/?[View]
109395581Anne fucking sucks! Why can't the show just focus on Sasha and make her the main protagonist?[View]
109452539A Hopefully Easy Hunt: Looking for help tracking down a little known animated series. From what I ca…[View]
109341328Let's talk about Tangled: I like Tangled!!!!![View]
109452347I hate how much this meme'd me into thinking SU would be good. Imagine if they put as much care…[View]
109452841What should he do as king?[View]
109451243Reality can be whatever I want.[View]
109445323How do you think black characters should be drawn? Do you think artists should go out of their way t…[View]
109399677Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
109452654Itt: shows you used to watch that you completely forgot existed.[View]
109444674How does the hive mind feel about the new boondocks redesigns? I sort of like it.[View]
109447367Jurassic World LEGO Mini Series: I heard the first episode aired. Did anyone see it and is it a good…[View]
109436182I want an SCP cartoon. What would one be like?[View]
109442195Horror: So I’m trying to get into Pre-code horror comics but they seem hard to track down. What do y…[View]
109447508King Hell Heroica Storytime Pt. 2: Previous Thread: >>109445152 Continuing on with a storytime…[View]
109452327Fat Albert: What other cartoons had this much soul?[View]
109447181‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Rumored To Be Re-Releasing In August 30th with Extra Deleted Footage: …[View]
109446438THE FLASH: Why weren't people weirded out by a grown-ass woman publically calling a couple roug…[View]
109450225What /co/-related media encapsulates feelings of nihilism the best?[View]
109447984Why is no one reading Hawkman?: It's a good book guys[View]
109448088OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.avclub.com/legal-action-is-underway-against-artist-who-drew-a-peni…[View]
109449275>I'm glad I'm not crying, because I would hate for you to think that what I'm abou…[View]
109451343in b4 shitstorm[View]
109445509Why were they so great /co/?[View]
109443366So what ever happened to Tab, /co/?[View]
109449019ITT: Boomer Humor[View]
109441223Heres your green goblin bro[View]
109450677Was this the last year comics were worth caring about?[View]
109435857he raised someone elses child. he is literally a cuck[View]
109449575this would've had more punch to it if he actually believed Dib.[View]
109450171Well this failed: The gag only works for the English version.[View]
109447384Anyone else remember how the theme to the fucking Rugrats movie was a hardcore rap song? What the he…[View]
109448583Was he the best uncle ben?[View]
109443122R63 Scarecrow?: Thoughts, /co/?[View]
109450078Best film plot ever[View]
109448543alfie: I wonder if Goat is made about Alfie being a dick or she just realized Alfie isn't monog…[View]
109445152King Hell Heroica Storytime: Someone requested this a couple of days ago, but finally got everything…[View]
109451211ITT: Yeah that was a thing[View]
109448671What boards would he browse?[View]
109451113why yes mtv, this is what i look like trying to get my best friend to show me her tits[View]
109446866>That episode where gnomes force Finn, a 13 year old boy, to pole dance How did this show get awa…[View]
109448580So could he actually communicate with Kat or was she just hallucinating his entire existance?[View]
109450589Which cousin would you adopt?[View]
109442126name a worse wife[View]
109448962Bros , I miss the old EEnE Youtube community[View]
109446640What are some good Poison Ivy stories? Any similar seductress characters you know of?[View]
109442661/oz/ - 12 OZ MOUSE GENERAL[View]
109426186Are you going to read the new Gwenpool book, /co/?[View]
109449685Wordless comics: What are some of your favourite 'silent' comics, /co/? Can be one shots, …[View]
109449403Out of Context Screenshots: ITT: Post a OOC screenshot Someone who does not know the context, try to…[View]
109450161Has a comic book ever made you cry? For me, its JLA #14 when fucking amazo dies and when wonder wo…[View]
109450301After watching The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, I totally get why Hank would slap Jan. S…[View]
109386533Mao Mao New episodes probably soon.[View]
109450142What was her problem?[View]
109446986Should Marvel just be outsourced to Japan?[View]
109447075Hickman’s X-men: Why is apocalypse helping mutants? Isn’t he all about survival of the fittest? If m…[View]
109435428Why isn't she in the Justice League? Do they have a diversity quota that they need to fulfill t…[View]
109450483Miss Martian or Supergirl?[View]
109449105Is Utopia considered /co/? It is all about a graphic novel.[View]
109444595The next great Super Hero team...: Alrighty then.[View]
109450089Why does this series have a majority of a female fanbase?[View]
109429942can we have a thread to make fun of writers/artists/animators? no political shit (from either side) …[View]
109450082Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I hate Krang. I hate his original backstory, I hate the confused statu…[View]
109425316Could Kratos beat Wonder Woman?[View]
109449218A young Al Pacino plays an impetuous man who robs a bank so his gay lover can afford gender reassign…[View]
109449148Marco and The Forces Of Rock thread[View]
109440531Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: Disgusting human edition. Discuss the movie.[View]
109449426Look at Batman[View]
109446214What boards does he browse?[View]
109442739Are they fucking?[View]
109449189Bayformers appreciation thread[View]
109449305What's the most comfy cartoon series and why is it Winnie the Pooh? [View]
109449757Why would Disney fans look like this ?[View]
109446486Does this look about right?: How could I update and/or improve it?[View]
109448596Can we have another Kylie thread, ghostbuster bros?[View]
109431271What the fuck was his problem? The explanation made no sense, was he just insane?[View]
109436491'Mulan' faces boycott in Korea after Chinese actress Liu Yifei's 'support' …[View]
109436853What's a good way to measure the integrity of artists?[View]
109447526Netflix Super hero girls: Who is the best of the line-up? Who would make the best school girlfriend?…[View]
109449014It seems to me that you’re just hating on Riley because he stacks paper the the ceiling and rides on…[View]
109447976(No spoilers) I forgot to see Invader Zim Enter the Flourpus and still have yet to see it. Should I …[View]
109445762I can't belive Jack aborted his own wife[View]
109448491BUT WUB IF STARLI-[View]
109446240ARROW Star Stephen Amell Believes Oliver Queen & Marvel's Tony Stark Wouldn't Get Alon…[View]
109351231Cannon Busters anime is coming to Netflix tomorrow: https://twitter.com/NetflixJP_Anime/status/11615…[View]
109444462Squidbillies: Impregnating your cousin is wrong[View]
109448071just fuck already[View]
109448454Did you say board us?[View]
109448364Remember when Wakandans were likable and not smug pricks?[View]
109447099ITT: Cursed images[View]
109447997Ian should make a CN City show once OK K.O! ends. I've always loved the concept of CN City sinc…[View]
109438412Devil's Candy: http://devilscandycomic.com/[View]
109448259This is your reminder that Niles Caulder is a monster.[View]
109446726D23 Expo Schedual[View]
109444860Let's settle this, /co/ https://strawpoll.com/7kca7wr9[View]
109398590The movie was a major letdown, it was mostly focused on Dib nd reducing Zim to 30 measly minutes of …[View]
109446786TIME HEIST: Who did it better?[View]
109444148Reminder that Logan and Doreen slept together.[View]
109445631Could Steven redeem her?[View]
109425612The next ones in line in the representation bandwagon.: Latinos need more representation in both car…[View]
109447265Is cartoon network trying to kill themselves? Why is every new show released is progressively more j…[View]
109447311So, why is Czechoslovakia still a thing in the Marvel Universe? Is there a real explanation for that…[View]
109436448KSBD/K6BD: >Contest announcement will be Wednesday! Like teacher, like student…[View]
109447774Imagine being bossed around by a floating ball with no particular offensive capabilities.[View]
109443896Personality in writing: Every person writes in a specific way. Based off your personality, mentality…[View]
109443642How are her legs so damn skinny?[View]
109447743If he was in End Game would Tony still be alive?[View]
109447717Was he Kevin's dad? was he an alien?: the retcon confused and frustrated me[View]
109435431oh my, ahm goin' to hold ye down and rape ye[View]
109447667Post reaction images[View]
109445774Agni arrives at the universe of the last comic you read. Who can stop him? How does he fare?[View]
109442188What does her pussy feel like?[View]
109444367He was Hong Kongese. So would he give the protesters some magical help?[View]
109439348Is there a comic book with a proactive hero or team of heroes who takes on villains proactively inst…[View]
109423750Rick and Morty: What do you think of Summer?[View]
109441875Is it Pat? Is he finally gonna come back after unceremoniously jobbing to Blackheart?[View]
109446339Someone needs to convince me that this is a good character combination. Because it feels like these …[View]
109445047There’s not a single /co/ character who could beat her.[View]
109447052What the fuck is Iron.....[View]
109438785>Black teen girl super hero >Steals the power instead of earning it Is Bendis trying to tell …[View]
109446925Could she be an Avenger?[View]
109442823>everyone can be Spider-Man Why? What's the point?[View]
109446673I know we're so saturated in cape media nowadays that we're also saturated in cape deconst…[View]
109446598Richard Rider in Endgame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7wgC0-xOZE (12.40)[View]
109443342>cucked by Billy Pathetic[View]
109442390So how does it works? Does Wonder Woman's dress become invisible but it's still there? Doe…[View]
109441765How did they fuck this up so bad? the comics are an irreverent piss-take on heroes with some post-9/…[View]
109446492>That time Lightray slapped Wonder Woman's ass[View]
109441439What board(s) does she browse?[View]
109445868Is Jason Fabok a good artist?[View]
109438517Lauren Faust Thread[View]
109442950ITT: Sequels Better Than the Original[View]
109446012Lower Middle Class vs Upper Middle Class: Which one do you prefer?[View]
109443854Now that the dust has settled, I only one question? Was it good?[View]
109438162I miss the old Carol[View]
109444587Spider-man: Life Story #6: So what do you think will happen ?[View]
109443265LEAKED TEEN TITANS GO EPISODE SCRIPT >beast boy walks in 'YO dude I just pee pee'd on YO cou…[View]
109437421Do you still like Rick and Morty even after all the bullshit? I stopped enjoying it the day I saw a …[View]
109445752/co/ raiting: It's time to decide. Pro mode: explain your decision.[View]
109445264Gaz was a lot more chill in this movie. Has she finally grown out of her serial killer phase?[View]
109443663Euphoria in cartoons: I need a cartoon that can give me euphoric RELAXING feels. Anyone got somethin…[View]
109440287This is Falka. She is lieutenant Dan Cornell, a space agent who transformed himself into an amazon t…[View]
109438730The fuck did I watch? They said this was the epilogue to Endgame, they brush off all the endgame rel…[View]
109445185She wanted the Ran(D)y[View]
109444405Yesterday, the Disney comics artist and writer Giulio Ernesto Chierchini is dead. He was the oldest …[View]
109433923Parker - Thunderbolts Pt. 2: Picking up with the giant sized issue 150![View]
109444174What DID he do to Robin?[View]
109444850what's that art style called? where everything is clear and crisp,the panel design is made to e…[View]
109442630Goof Troop: I didn't like it. Pete's family and himself made me feel like shit because let…[View]
109443598/a/ just hate american anime. What was your thoughts on this /co/[View]
109433894Kyliebros rep.[View]
109442133You guys keep criticizing all these current cartoons for PC shit but you always give Static Shock a …[View]
109437441Unsounded: Don't forget, you're here forever.[View]
109437023ITT: intros that get you hyped as fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx-zJqwrLZk[View]
109440059What board(s) does she browse?[View]
109444696Post good interviews/BTS shit with creators, specifically stuff that talks about the creative proces…[View]
109443943Now that the dust has settled. What did you think of this ? Will you by buying Beast Boy? I persona…[View]
109444261Name me a more boring animated series than Victor and Valentino, a show where even the fetish fuel t…[View]
109440193ITT: We post characters that you were or are friends with IRL[View]
109402355why was link so bent on going after worst girl zelda when he had a qt fairy with a crush on him ?[View]
109433618Would you take her back /co/?[View]
109443932>someone does something >Gets retconned later on…[View]
109422836Hans was the hero of the story: Elsa is a psychotic bitch and Anna is a immature idiot, it’s obvious…[View]
109439980New brazilian cartoon to be released in CN next september. http://anmtv.xpg.com.br/ninjin-cartoon-ne…[View]
109428015Hey, that looks pretty hot.[View]
109439911So why does he hate soup so much?[View]
109442488>shapeshifter character never shows his/her true form[View]
109444028I just watched both Aladdin movies and holy shit I want to strangle this fucker until he shits and d…[View]
109431043What are your favourite single issue/ one shot comic stories?[View]
109437326a sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic it would be the most beautiful thing that…[View]
109443002OK mutie and Hickman nerds, lets figure out the redacted parts.[View]
109441946This is Mickey: Say something nice about him[View]
109437717So, in the end... What exactly was the point of this character?[View]
109439763Can we get an off-model thread going?[View]
109441990I really love the grotesque artwork on this cover. Has bolland worked on any other batman comics?[View]
109443436I love you too Supes.[View]
109440448Can we agree that Wally West is the correct way to do a legacy character, unlike Miles?[View]
109440662Please tell me you guys put up a tribute thread for him. How could I have missed this news? Thank yo…[View]
109443089What are some good webcomics that have no lesbians?[View]
109443288I still can't get over the fact that this was so popular that Spongebob actually did an episode…[View]
109435757The tallest are big gay you can't disprove this.[View]
109441903What’s his power level?[View]
109438939Now you remember Vampblade.[View]
109421736WHY DOES IT KEEP HAPPENING ???????[View]
109438097Cast him.[View]
109439602*ring ring* *ring ring* Uh Oh[View]
109440093Any word what this will be about, or if any good?[View]
109442506The Impact of Bendis: So we have like a dozen hate threads. So lets be positive here. What are some …[View]
109435900Discuss the other works besides Zim of Jhonen Vasquez[View]
109439464'Homer, what's wrong?' 'Oh yeah, like you don't know. We're gonna have sex.' 'Oh. Wel…[View]
109438047How would they fare in the Big 2 universes?[View]
109442331Now anon, it seems to me that you’re just hating on Riley because he stacks paper the the ceiling an…[View]
109441907>episode about a major change happening in the character's lives (friend moving away, one of…[View]
109438856 So they’re probably going to drop the clone twist, right? He would’ve destroyed Kimiko if he really…[View]
109437820Is it even possible to make a spider-villain who's origin wasn't because of a Stark hate-b…[View]
109440750So will the next Dr.Strange introduce Mephisto?[View]
109436277Does Jhonen understand that Gaz means fart in spanish?: I've always thought her name itself was…[View]
109437885Her name was Lola She was a showgirl...[View]
109438655Edgeshit but good edgeshit[View]
109439752Bob Iger: Has his run truly been good for Disney? Sure it’s more financially successful than ever be…[View]
109385523I will never understand Hanna Barbera.: >Space ghost is now a talk show host >Sealab is now li…[View]
109439187WTF Darkseid what did Superman ever do to you?[View]
109441311What are your favorite less known, obscure, or smaller animators anons?[View]
109427385Five episodes of Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese have been online for two months and nobody noticed. h…[View]
109432760Martian Manhunter: Let’s show some love for this absolute good boy[View]
109440110Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 72: Page 21[View]
109440602What comic book artist has the best looking sound effects in their pages?[View]
109440415Rank the Spider-Verse villains.[View]
109440788ITT: /co/ media you remembered watching but forgotten and quickly thought as some fever dream: >I…[View]
109439002>you now remember Jammers[View]
109432284>Episode ends with a selfie[View]
109434988He was an actual hero[View]
109440117hey lets talk about this[View]
109436310The Casagrandes: New article about the show, anybody planning on watching it?[View]
109435860Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: We discuss why ZIM is cute.[View]
109432243Bet you do! Bet your Daddy's little girl.[View]
109437854Whats next for them?[View]
109423407>'I'm putting together a team.'[View]
109440019>Character has thick thighs and a fat ass[View]
109401413OK K.O. Let's be Heroes!: Let's discuss the latest episodes for the love of corn keep the …[View]
109433911Harley Quinn Hate Thread: I hate this character. Why is she so sympathized and the joker so hated? S…[View]
109433554So Medievil is now /co/ >MediEvil will make its triumphant return on the PlayStation 4 this Hallo…[View]
109439565Do you think we'll ever see some of these new Marvel characters in more traditional superhero o…[View]
109434410What’s the western equivalent troupe for magic eyes in Japanese media?[View]
109438185ITT: Worst shows of all time[View]
109437627Best voice casting Giving Grim a Jamaican accent, it just works somehow, I can't imagine the ch…[View]
109431812Who would be in Gir's Harem?[View]
109435726What the fuck happened to Lyman?[View]
109436172>adam strange travels back through time due to a time aberration that is causing superman to disa…[View]
109433751How long does it take for him to solo the DC/Marvel universes?[View]
109438482Reminder that the last original timeline time we saw Charmcaster she had transformed herself into a …[View]
109439033but Batman was right though[View]
109438855This special needed Povemire, Swampy and Hillenburg.[View]
109437349Could they beat the Irkens if they ever tried to invade Earth?[View]
109437479Best Potential Mothers Thread: Post your waifu and ask if she would be a good mother, and if yes, wh…[View]
109414182Monkey Pawed Thread - Come Make a Wish!: Give me a proper Flapjack finale, paw.[View]
109434231And open the floodgates for dozens of superhero rape allegations the world over...[View]
109435776>Rocko Its okay to be nostalgic but the past is the past, cherish it and embrace the future >Z…[View]
109433262Hey bastards, would you be happy if Disney died?[View]
109438585Could Steven redeem him?[View]
109402111Our new queen.[View]
109438669lmao Imagine hating a show so much you make like 4 threads hating it but none of them get more than …[View]
109437807What is /co/ verdict on Regular Show? Was it kino or reddit?[View]
109436289At least some artists carry on Richard Williams' legacy[View]
109438481How would he fair in the marvel universe?[View]
109434639Mechagodzilla vs Dragonzord: Is this another obvious stomp for Mechagodzilla?[View]
109433917Which is it /co/? Libertarian Egoism, or Postcapitalist Cybernetic Corporatism?[View]
109435160Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said ______![View]
109437855Are there any good Mexican cartoons that aren't polluted by chicanos?[View]
109437403Are there even good art schools in Leafistan to get into animation?[View]
109434965I saw a girl ask her mom for a Star Vs book at Kroger's today and the mom said 'No, she ugly.' …[View]
109437618Multilingual Simpsons's thread: >1. Post a memorable screencap from The Simpsons >2. Anon…[View]
109437842White Knight superman: Am I supposed to believe the wife getting beat would not be pissed with super…[View]
109437013Squidbillies new episode: 2 new episodes of the Squidbillies will be on in 25 minutes or less! If so…[View]
109434564Is Season 3 of Young Justice what happens when you have too many ideas but no overlaying theme?[View]
109428062Pennyworth Talkback Thread: New episode of Pennyworth came out today, what did you think of it /co/?…[View]
109421441This is Ned Leeds. Say something nice about him.[View]
109426523>'And they smell a lot better than jockstraps.' >'Well maybe to you.' Are we going to ignore t…[View]
109427117>be Viacom in 2006 >throw a bitchfit when your content gets sent to YouTube for free >sue Y…[View]
109394400Garfield Generator: https://www.bgreco.net/garfield/[View]
109434518DID WE WIN?[View]
109430229UNITED STATES[View]
109431555Been binging Adventure Time. Is Ward's other show, Bravest Warriors, worth watching?[View]
109434872I see a lot of people on here voicing their disdain over new characters, and a lot of times they…[View]
109436665I'm thinking about reading up on the Metalmen and I'm curious. What's your personal f…[View]
109437311Journal of Charles Darwin. Day 93 aboard the Beagle. I have, today,discovered a new kind of barnacle…[View]
109437158You mind watching this little guy for a minute while I drain the lizard?[View]
109429856What should he do as king?[View]
109436961Post the worst current comic book and the worst current cartoon.[View]
109431018They really are the most realistic way superheroes could go.[View]
109437323be girly ok?[View]
109395881Post /co/ husbandos[View]
109435814HenryEd: What happened to his old art, can it be found anywhere?[View]
109435520Bruce Wayne laughs at a cripple: Bruce Wayne laughs at a cripple[View]
109436836How did the CW manage to create a more successful live-action universe than the DCEU with a quarter …[View]
109436142The SUPERIOR Gaz?[View]
109435622MLAATR: >teaching kids about Birds and the Bees >'Okay kids, turn your text books to page…[View]
109436577I think Venomous might just like bullying and fucking with her.[View]
109435234>next Final Space episode is supposed to be the darkest of the series How will it be darker than …[View]
109436346what went wrong?[View]
109432435Anyone remember Randy Cunningham?[View]
109365326/shelf/ and recent buys: Post comics you've spent money on itt Don't know where to buy? Tr…[View]
109414620Will it live up to the hype?[View]
109426341Shhh, mabel is asleep[View]
109436144Does a genuinely good hero x villain pairing exist?[View]
109431330Choose your Megan[View]
109432589Do you like when Aunt Fritzi cuts it?[View]
109436386I want characters to be able to hit each other with deadly weaponry in my kids cartoon. I was thinki…[View]
109432273ITT: Characters whose push for you don't understand: What does he got in comparison to Captain …[View]
109363476What is the best body type for male super hero?[View]
109424213A-AH, GENERAL KENOBI...[View]
109436026Hey guys, need some advice for drawing superheros and such. Any tips would be appreciated. Also, OC …[View]
109376760can we have a favourite fanart thread? and show, movie or comic welcome[View]
109434909How can the MCU even compete with this level of CGI and action kino?[View]
109424262Why are the french so degenerate when it comes to cartoons?[View]
109422636>Garth was a comic strip in the British newspaper Daily Mirror from July 24, 1943, to March 22, 1…[View]
109434754So why didn't Rhodey or Pepper get Nanotech armor?[View]
109393019>Character the creators didn’t intend to become popular becomes far more popular than the intende…[View]
109434774How would the Alpha Couple from the Mountain Goats fare in the marvel/DC universe's? https://th…[View]
109422441soo...if all new cartoons feature lesbians...and the daria reboot is coming out soon (i hope) that m…[View]
109434033Has any /co/-related material ever acknowledge the fact that realistically speaking, invisibility po…[View]
109431746Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: We continue to discuss the movie and show in general[View]
109432393What kind of Phenotype is this? He doesn't look like an Anglo at all to me. And he's a Cat…[View]
109430181Hazbin Hotel thread: Kind reminder that the creator of this show is a hack who is responsible for ar…[View]
109431115And one last thing, baby.[View]
109435272Holy crap Lois! It's Johnny Test from the hit Canadian cartoon: Johnny Test![View]
109434736does anyone have the source for these fuckin fairly oddparents comics i downloaded them when i was l…[View]
109435223I like this guy, any other comics that are similar to him[View]
109434831How would the Cluster fair against the Irken Empire?[View]
109429958This is not a hero[View]
109435112What is Isabella angry about?[View]
109426691When did comics became so creatively bankrupt?[View]
109434980Who wrote the most sexed up X-Men? Claremont started it but both Ellis and Gillen really played up t…[View]
109433912did the smoke weed?[View]
109433678>I said we need a backup.[View]
109434914south park thread: what do you think would be the best ending for the series (considering that it se…[View]
109433805Ok, Marvel is getting ridiculous with these Xmen titles.[View]
109434082>Alright listen up, how do we make one of our most goofy yet charming villains completely bland a…[View]
109433327clarinet: solitude in e minor. plays f major instead[View]
109434690So who was Max Damage based off?: If Plutonian was a Superman expy?[View]
109433738What did /co/ think of the ending?: I thought it was strange that Kirkman was so insecure as a write…[View]
109433375decluttering x-men continuity: what would you cut away?[View]
109434363>Character is bound and gagged and there's a scene of them struggling to untie themselves I …[View]
109432965https://youtu.be/vWEIAY_yHZw >10:03 who was in the wrong here?[View]
109431433>only fucks pale, big tittied brunette/ravenhead mommygfs Based Doom. Post other characters with …[View]
109433750redpill me on Final Space[View]
109433603I dont know how contrarians walked out of Infinity War STILL believing the MCU isn't the epito…[View]
109421244>8 million intake from a 38 million budget. >critically panned >most didn't even know …[View]
109433174This run is great so far[View]
109384763Bryce Wayne: It's another one of /those/ threads.[View]
109432616Why is every version of shield a bag of cunts?[View]
109422675I want him to fuck me.[View]
109433500Here’s your Hex Girls bro[View]
109420259What would Selina be like as a mom?[View]
109430662Why is he so great, /co/?[View]
109430333ITT:Red haired characters[View]
109433789Won't this get old after a while? Didn't everybody hate those old cartoons, or Mindy &…[View]
109431136Who were the best guest stars in your opinion? The Globetrotters were great.[View]
109433081How long until he reaches Penders-tier?[View]
109431444>that episode where Bart and Milhouse freeze time for 15 years[View]
109424338Stephanie Brown: Describe her character without talking about any other Batgirl[View]
109430799ONLY TROLLS ALLOWED: 8/31 8:31 stevewhitmire.website[View]
109417395Stevonnie: Is it weird that I find her/him? kinda hot? I can't be the only one.[View]
109432123W-Wow Diana...[View]
109360189What female superhero has the best abs?[View]
109429298Hol up[View]
109428836ITT: Great Concepts Ruined by Bad Writing[View]
109351203ITT: comics that less than 50 people on /co/ have read[View]
109431996There is one thing about comics I never understood. Instead of sending robot assassins to kill the h…[View]
109432240Why is O'Neil the only writer to handle the Question while also keeping his religion in mind? A…[View]
109410968/co/'s Toon of the 2010s Tournament: Nomination Thread: The decade is almost over. It's ti…[View]
109433042Characters only you care about[View]
109429007Comics have always been political! Look at how Marvel heroes treat fascist![View]
109430965Listening to an audiobook and sharing one of my favorite Joker stories.[View]
109427767Why does everyone hates the original Etta Candy? She is just a simple fatty ginger woman and best fr…[View]
109432730It clicked at the 3rd watch.[View]
109429615Humans: Post humans.[View]
109432680The classics[View]
109422965What was the point of this?[View]
109428316Disney's 'Chicken Little' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect…[View]
109417644What if Twelve Forever was instead Twenty-one Forever?[View]
109432490Trolland: Definitely best movie of all time https://tubitv.com/movies/451637/trolland[View]
109429802which oswald do you prefer? sophisticated or weird?[View]
109421230it is a shame this guy who cared so much about animation now wants to burn bridges with all his anim…[View]
109432307CatDog revival when?[View]
109319740/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
109413415ITT: The best versions of /co/ characters.[View]
109428153Disney's Penn Zero part time hero: Anyone here watched Penn Zero? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
109423439Are you guys ready for her to go lesbian at the end of the series?[View]
109425956Is there a cartoon with more exquisite prose in its dialogue and monologues than Xavier: Renegade An…[View]
109430261These guys are too likeable in the mcu, who's gonna make you sad if they happen to turn insane?[View]
109409291What powers does Stormbreaker actually give Thor? It healed him after he wa burned by a star?[View]
109418661ITT: All About Tintin[View]
109430740My name is Peridot and I'm here to discuss the Planet Trade Organization. Do you hate freedom, …[View]
109422176Are you fine and dandy /co/?[View]
109428552New to comics, where to start reading Spider-Man?: Hey, I am brand new to comicbook world and I…[View]
109431808Prologue: Although Williams' final vision will never be realized, this remains the greatest art…[View]
109429336>liked that the show felt more mature & darker back in S1 & S2 >started watching seaso…[View]
109430143>complain about lesbians in cartoons because it's sexual and children shouldn't be subj…[View]
109430927/co/ from your country: Post screenshots of cartoons from your country[View]
109431045ITT: Legitimately god awful cartoons People shit on Gene Dietch's Tom and Jerry's, and rig…[View]
109430027How did they become the go-to company for every recent PBS cartoon?[View]
109418908Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: We continue to discuss the movie and show in general.[View]
109400776Which male writers are actually good at writing female characters?[View]
109429799What exactly did he do wrong, that’s worse than a galactic/universal race of space rocks who destroy…[View]
109430423So they are dead right?[View]
109429643>they had an entire choreographed musical number prepared in case of an exile So do they have on…[View]
109430824What are some 2D animated films done entirely on ones (24fps)? The only one I know about is Akira, I…[View]
109428007What was their fucking problem?[View]
109428491You haven't forgotten the rainforest, have you, /co/?[View]
109424987This is the Cheese. Say something nice about the best character on the show.[View]
109428513Why in every live action adaptation, Bruce never has blue eyes? The fact that he has midnight hair p…[View]
109427069post a Spongebob screenshot that represents your job. Others anons guess and post their screenshot[View]
109430022does /co/ like Firestar?[View]
109429617Sidekicks are they good? Who is the best?[View]
109427453How would the jojo villains fare in the marvel/DC universe's?[View]
109427697NO ONE...[View]
109430226ITT: Weird Crossover Pics[View]
109430332>Absolute Carnage I don't care how much they try to push Cleetus and Knull as a threat, over…[View]
109428111Why does everyone hate Dark Empire again? I thought it was pretty good.[View]
109426659the boys: >you stay back!all of you!you stay back!you stay the fuck back or i'll lazer you g…[View]
109424846how can i watch Rocko's modern life uncut? surely someone must have tried restoring the show li…[View]
109428812Could Steven redeem the DCAU?[View]
109426354this show is garbage[View]
109428439I'm probably the only person on Earth who remembers this show. I don't even know if there…[View]
109427040What did you think of the movie?[View]
109428262What is Dib's stand?[View]
109430123How would Marvel stories happen in DC, and how would DC stories happen in Marvel?[View]
109430092Can your favorite supervillain take over South Park?[View]
109428378Shhh, Lisa's sleeping.[View]
109387956ITT: /co/ characters the creators are known to hate[View]
109421501*ruins comics forever* heh nothing personal kid[View]
109424092Since lesbians are mainstream in modern cartoons, if Total Drama was still alive for a new season, i…[View]
109425542I think it's time we look back over this movie and figure out what the hell went wrong. >Fi…[View]
109428592What are they talking about, /co/?[View]
109399261Camp Camp thread thread: Apparently today's Camp Camp episode will be an intense one, get ready…[View]
109427702Most redpilled film in recent years: >Zim is an alien who reports back to his (((homeland))) as h…[View]
109429488ITT: Cartoons that only you have watched[View]
109429019Can't beleive there isn't a single thread on this. Press f[View]
109428963How can such a cute girl be a villain?[View]
109429315I've been reading dc more, and now I want to read more about Robins. I want to know what are th…[View]
109429272Swords Thread: >Alt text: Can't make a sword omelette without enslaving a few sword chickens…[View]
109429262Upcoming Invader Zim movie idea: On the planet Irk, someone opens a hotel whose main purpose is to r…[View]
109409640Parker - Thunderbolts: Been a long while I storytimed anything. Hope everyone enjoys some fun Thunde…[View]
109425301Scooby-Doo Team-Up[View]
109403755>Batman's rogues can carry and ongoing >So can Spider-Man's Does anyone else have a …[View]
109428185Watching the jungle movie for the first time: 15minutes and 15 seconds in and the movie is already k…[View]
109428177Invader Zim Movie: Did He Died? [View]
109386976Characters that Steven couldn't redeem[View]
109428107The movie so far is decent. One of the better parts is Tak's ship >is it possible to be sex…[View]
109426955ITT: Unfappable characters: characters that nobody, not even the hardest contrarian weirdo, can fap …[View]
109424142Hidden powers that characters have: Reed Richards still has the omnipotence that Molecule Man gave h…[View]
109406866Is Bojack and Diane endgame?[View]
109427115Their best work[View]
109426092Do they ever kiss together when they grown up as teenagers? PPG x RRB[View]
109424790When will they have another crossover event again? It has been long enough.[View]
109402233So does it hold up?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k1IfrKO4Nk Intro is catchy at least…[View]
109422561Why aren't graphic novels as popular as mainstream books: Why won't normies read them cons…[View]
109424941This is Star Butterfly, say something useless and dangerously dumb about her.[View]
109427840What are some comics that have romantic melancholy?[View]
109427119I like to sit on my pancakes[View]
109424224Joking aside; how is there no Fortnite cartoon series yet?[View]
109424816These movies weren't as awful as everyone says.[View]
109421972I'm still mad[View]
109426199https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnmvaWRBDA4 So I'm posting this cause I'm genuinely curiou…[View]
109427276Dragon prince season 3 the new ship Ezran and Aanya.[View]
109424096Have you ever fallen in love with a capeshit character?[View]
109425534So, this is Pat, right? We saw Scream come back with Donna’s mind imprinted into the symbiote, do yo…[View]
109427250What's he smiling at ?[View]
109416848Webcomic artists Patreon thread Who is doing well? Who needs more support? Why does anyone give Dobs…[View]
109426711I can't believe this show ended after two seasons: Battle for Mewni was a great series finale b…[View]
109420950Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham storytime: Remember the 90s?[View]
109389098Did zero people during production see this as being a shitty moment? Did no point out during review,…[View]
109402513Redesign thread! Post redesigns. Remember that if you don't like a redesign to ignore it instea…[View]
109427177How would he fare in Marvel/DC?[View]
109424435https://youtu.be/F_1zoX5Ax9U In Season 2, Episode 20 of CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' (titled 'Th…[View]
109420546America Storytime of Pain: Because I fucking hate myself. Previous thread >>109401919[View]
109419448Dearest friends, dear gentlemen[View]
109402618Why didn’t people like this twist again?[View]
109421997Do you think Shanti fell so quickly because Kaa's hypnosis set him up as an authority figure to…[View]
109425052Let me know if I should post this elsewhere, but I am trying to find a webcomic and can't remem…[View]
109420968Pops Vs. Hulk: Who would win?[View]
109426043Gir was really cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=189gSbEkaeg[View]
109421506So when is the Rocket Power Netflix original?[View]
109409614Okay I just watched all of the Boys and I have to say that was great. What did everyone else think o…[View]
109426347What if scooby doo was gritty and realistic?[View]
109424146Does your country make cartoons? Mine does and have a movie out right now. Here's a couple of …[View]
109425912Maybe this previously Inhuman Princess can be the Inhuman ambassador to the new mutant country.: New…[View]
109425004Hank Hill here, assistant manager of Strickland Propane, and proud addition to the Disney family![View]
109425807I don't see the purpose of this type of character. >He's an annoying piece of shit but …[View]
109425671this show is garbage[View]
109426214A-Force at 99.9% Power[View]
109426156How should he fare in a Disney movie ?[View]
109407603Is there REALLY a single /co/ character that can defeat Giorno and GER?[View]
109424254No Invader Zim thread?: This is not scientifically possible![View]
109425888Could Steven redeem her?[View]
109424300What is she up to now?[View]
109424153How would the Alpha Couple from the Mountain Goats fare in the marvel/DC universe's?[View]
109425597I don't get it[View]
109387372Esad Ribic's Conan the Barbarian: Exodus #1 (It finally got ripped, so now we're going to …[View]
109424117It's Sunday: Let's discuss/co/ related bunnies, and the cartoons that feature them.[View]
109425190So how much does the Simpson family pay in hospital bills?[View]
109421381*ahem* Que se joda Suga Mama. Es una troglodita fea, gorda y repugnante que sigue encima de mi polla…[View]
109420999>if you give Frodo a lightsaber you have to give Sauron a Death Star >Germany gets superpowers…[View]
109424768ITT: post a /co/ character to turn gay for no reason[View]
109384895So is Disney just gonna leave this franchise alone now? Thought Incredibles 2 ended in a way that co…[View]
109417747Just now noticing the weight difference between then and now.[View]
109425082Heteros no more - Scarlett Witch to cartoon/comic creators[View]
109425245BLUNDERERS! FOOLS! We posses power greater than any on Earth. Yet our conquests are stripped from us…[View]
109419419This is Lisa Loud, say something smart about her.[View]
109423931>cant read >cant fight >cant use magic >loses fights to regular humans >loses fights …[View]
109421240What if the Synoptic was in 616 Marvel? How would it tie in to Knull and shit?[View]
109422795Making up a song about /co/aline[View]
109424168I miss her She hardly even appears anymore[View]
109424949What's the best and safest way to frame comics? I have a few sketch covers done and now I'…[View]
109403413How many kids should Peter Parker have?[View]
109424697I what marvel Psych Ward again.[View]
109406934I would kill for a new season of Hey Arnold.[View]
109421576>actually disfigures her opponent in combat >entirely fine with attacking the villain's l…[View]
109424103>/co/ said pic related was bad because not much Zim screentime, the plot didn't make sense, …[View]
109421099Avengers:MCU: Just rewatched Avengers Now watching TWS Whedon is.....lmao Its crazy how the Russos a…[View]
109423384How did Morrison do it bros? How did he make Hal Jordan into /ourguy/?[View]
109424186>Aren't you going to wish me a happy birthday, /co/?[View]
109422195So, we all know Crash Bandicoot is a better Sonic the Hedgehog. Dies this mean Crash could have a b…[View]
109420704I miss her bros... She was my first cartoon crush...[View]
109420110ADMIT IT: Horror comics are better than other comics in every way. >but muh capeshit capeshit no…[View]
109421804Now that the dust has finally settled, what did /co/ think about it?[View]
109423065Vivziepop Hazbin Hotel thread: I really can't wait for the pilot. Courtesy to my friend for pro…[View]
109424075Still the greatest season of television basically ever[View]
109417902Who wins in a fight?[View]
109421357Expalin this shit: So Sokka and Hahn are from the same original tribe right, same ethnic group. So i…[View]
109405045What if Dib had Mabel as his sister? What if Dipper had Gaz as his sister?[View]
109411824How did he become the most compelling villain in all of western cartoons recent history?[View]
109421884Was it rape?[View]
109420482What’s the best Scoobie Doo movie/episode? I’m hankering for some Scoob.[View]
109423314>You shouldn't compare it to the original, let it stand on its own Why does this get brought…[View]
109410810Summer Camp Island: I cant believe the love triangle stuff from the pilot actually made it into the …[View]
109422691Why do people pretend this show is bad again?[View]
109409631*Set 3 months after Endgame. *Vision is remade by Shuri. *Morgan Le Flay and Chthon are the main vi…[View]
109418172Why doesn't /co/ enjoy Tom King's run on Batman? >Highly acclaimed. Won 3 Eisners in a …[View]
109399250What the fuck was the point of this? https://youtu.be/_NT2ZiPIukw[View]
109422297This dude's spinal fluid is being used as a Lego piece a ginger serial killer and his soul is b…[View]
109419319Is there a single /co/ character that cares as much for true gender equality as Kazuma?[View]
109423295>spic normiebook fags are editing our memes to 'Stop lewds' Its not fair Amphibros…[View]
109403380GUYS, LISTEN TO ME: Guys listen to me I just had a brilliant idea An idea never ever even attempted …[View]
109420967>first issue of a new run >first page is all caption boxes from the main character's pers…[View]
109422766THE HOLY TRINITY OF SHIT: Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Star Vs Forces of Evil. I wonder what …[View]
109420871Why are people to autistic/uncreative when it comes to IW Thanos surviving?: Take this video: https:…[View]
109420841Jeph Loeb is the worst thing that’s happened to Iron Fist >Pitches a character with an outlandish…[View]
109420667Based off your mentality and experience tell us how you'd write: If you ever put me to write fo…[View]
109419810'Lisa, there is no room for crazy bebop in 'My Country 'Tis of Thee!'' 'But Mr. Largo…[View]
109408856Tropes that you really hate.: >goofy skinny big nose guy that somehow win something at the end of…[View]
109421819>homer, organized labor has been called a 'lumbering dinosaur >*screams*…[View]
109422465It's dead. At least, for now.: Giffen said, that there are only four issues left to write.…[View]
109393002>main characters of Amphibia and Infinity Train, respectively, Anne and Tulip are just normal gir…[View]
109406370Was he a school shooter that commited suicide afterwards? Reminder he and the people that bullied an…[View]
109421780The best trope: >The villain genuinely loves his sidekick[View]
109420575>it's just a cartoon How far does this excuse hold? At what point does it become obvious you…[View]
109406876/co/ tiddy thread[View]
109407427How come such a dark person as him went full reddit with his famous creation?: and remember, you nev…[View]
109417368Does anyone know the name of this ultraviolent short animated thing that used to get posted in the h…[View]
109403919Will we ever get a new season considering of Netflix is picking old IPs up?[View]
109420282This is Lana Loud, say something gross about her.[View]
109421190Why was he black?[View]
109402353Thoughts on Professor Membrane?[View]
109410250Did the French ever make a cartoon that wasn't utter tripe?[View]
109419536was it good?[View]

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