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111775372I’M PICKLE RICK[View]
111772351>turn into a corridor and Mysterio is standing in front of you What do you do?…[View]
111768558Why is he so dumb?: He kicked Remy out right before Ego would come. He didn’t even bother to learn t…[View]
111719977What makes a male character sexy?[View]
111775307I'll never stop haunting your friends. You'll have to rape me![View]
111775173>in the movie, Veidt is an evil psychopath with no remorse for his crimes, but in the comic, he i…[View]
111773859Who could defeat Tintin? And I'm not talking about any Tintin, I'm talking about Tintin fr…[View]
111763880SHAKE ZULA THE MIC RULER THE OLD SCHOOLER: Remember during Season 1 the Aqua Teen's used to cal…[View]
111776697who was best Optumus prime Peter Cullen or Garry Chalk?[View]
111776632Infinity Train Book 1 Soubdtrack: It's up on Spotify and other music platforms.[View]
111774222Over the Garden Wall reanimated: Excuse me what the fuck https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7nkkc1…[View]
1117712801. When is Marco's monster arm getting fixed? 2. Where are the fucking DVDs?[View]
111769266IT WAS ME, /CO/! I RUINED BATMAN'S BOOK!!!!![View]
111776217Thoughts on this video and this animator https://youtu.be/RUaOpH31IRU[View]
111775308Another one of these: Could Steven redeem Beth?[View]
111772641Your master Darkseid demands the true formula of the Anti-Life Equation from you /co/.[View]
111770176What are your hopes for Michael B. Jordan’s Superman?[View]
111770664Before the MCU, this was the hypest shit right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbm3mBCzF7w Sim…[View]
111770672It's the thirst-[View]
111775343which decade is pixars best?: /co/'s thoughts on Pixars greatest decade.[View]
111775470ITT: /co/ milfs[View]
111775297Why is there no Fantastic Four cartoon in the vein of Venture Bros? Seriously, it'd be great.[View]
111773952Heathcliff is singing.[View]
111772632ITT: times when shit like this happened >https://twitter.com/catsuka/status/1202187253889601539 …[View]
111775176Lads I had a dream I was surfing the net (I know, it's very sad - I'm a sad man) and I ope…[View]
111774337CARTOON OF THE YEAR: Thank You Seck Studio for this wonderful serie. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
111774434Stripes: A Spy thriller about an FBI agent searching for an international terrorist only known as …[View]
111774455Which Wonder Woman has the biggest tits?[View]
111772592They're teasing us, aren't they?: They wouldn't really do BatMoth, right?[View]
111773527ITT: Kino forgotten blocs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y062mp3GuTA[View]
111768631Venture Bros could have been what Rick and Morty is now if they didn't take so long to make sea…[View]
111767113Villainess's thread: You ever discover a character because of their rule34, then discover you a…[View]
111754017I HATE FAIRYLAND ISSUE: Keep the party going >>111753231[View]
111773201The robber girl warming up to Greta and letting her go save Kay instead of being her pet seems rushe…[View]
111774072Grimmel was based. Infinitely better than Drago. >Sits in Stoick’s chair, talks shit, then burns …[View]
111774369What's his alignment?: Hero? Anti-Hero? Villain? I've been hearing conflicting reports.…[View]
111774345ITT: provide limitations on established powers: Super Stretch >user cannot physically extend thei…[View]
111771672You are writing Wonder Woman, and an exec tells you she needs a kid like Batman and Superman have: h…[View]
111773535Damage(2018): Is it any more than a DC Hulk ripoff?[View]
111768716Do you prefer edgy or prime Spinel?[View]
111774245Star Wars Land finally opened: https://youtu.be/TCsvZT1VsSs[View]
111769466This weeks X comics: I got a good larf out of Rictor this week. His only statement upon passing thro…[View]
111770486TOMMYFAGS BTFO[View]
111774136This is Courage. His parents died in the Holocaust. Say something nice to him.[View]
111752139guys i have a good idea for a cartoon, it will be like this movie but the dragon is female and can t…[View]
111774155How about a UPA thread?[View]
111762285Steven Universe Future: New clip: https://mobile.twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/12026805668622704…[View]
111765369This is where the brazilian Comic Con is happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTAWZS1CdXQ htt…[View]
111756839Man, what’s on TV? >click[View]
111773658Dumbing of Age: Skeptic Joyce and horny Becky.[View]
111765419/shelf/ and recent purchases: running out of room edition Don't know where to buy? Try these: h…[View]
111767205ITT: hear it, you lose[View]
111773930>spergs out over everything >motivation is that GigaChad made him look like a fool so now he h…[View]
111772398/co/ makes yulelads: This is from yesterday-ish. In icelandic folklore, the child-eating Yule witch …[View]
111772095X-men: What would be your way to keep the original cast of X-men into theinevitable MCU collaboratio…[View]
111759968Previously on Avatar...[View]
111761702>Neal Adams charging R$60 for signatures (writes the plural for ‘Real’ wrong, by the way, couldn’…[View]
111773768>Be reading a thread on /co/ about the Powerpuff Girls >See someone mention Bleedman's co…[View]
111770451Remember the time Bart became a jazz drummer and Lisa got so butthurt that she sic-ed a tiger on his…[View]
111771422It's dead Jim.[View]
111727216What did she say /co/?[View]
11175998115 Ways Teen Titans Is Better Than Young Justice: Saw someone shitpost about YJ being better than TT…[View]
111770644To anyone that needs to this, you are special, you are unique, and you deserve to be loved.[View]
111767004Hey guys somebody dropped this ar15 on the floor whos is it?[View]
111637117Waaang: Twelve Forever Thread. Isn't Reggie cute?[View]
111772664Are they just joking?[View]
111773038'Woah, I think there's a problem here.': Beavis' Peyote Trip scene from Beavis and Butthea…[View]
111772998Ever notice how super powers are mostly inconsequential in comic books? You often have guys like Haw…[View]
111769512Blacksad 2019: i love Blacksad.A french film noir comic set in a postwar America with anthromorphic …[View]
111769178Why has there never been a story where batman becomes a tyrannical ruler? Why is it always superman?[View]
111772044Caption this[View]
111772376>Morrison remarks on several details behind the genesis of the work: [Arkham]'s themes were …[View]
111769696She Venom thread: gold edition[View]
111770148Ma Hunkel and Irving Forbush get into a fight. Who wins?[View]
111766037What went wrong?[View]
111678398TMNT 2012: Now that the dust has settled, what do you think about it?[View]
111759800So.... Was he Bombshell or Skywarp?[View]
111763685Hey /co/, guess which two of your favorite animators got married yesterday.[View]
111771607Grant Morrison thread: Grant Morrison thread[View]
111770185There’s no fucking way Disney is gonna keep this in Season 7.[View]
111771709SANDI GOT DUMPED[View]
111768432Gods School: So I guess there’s a second episode of this out now. https://youtu.be/Yt7_qfIwE1w What…[View]
111768891Terry Long accomplished what you never could, /co/. He was a man with bad facial hair pushing 40 tha…[View]
111771750Do you think Ivy has ever tentacle raped Harley?[View]
111770746What's the /co/dict?[View]
111754888Frozen 2: Disney just uploaded the Into the Unknown sequence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIOyB9…[View]
111770026Klaus: I want him inside me[View]
111771373Why was Dipper such a decent character?[View]
111771562I'm Scott Malkinson and I have a girlfriend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyEs6SPNmcE…[View]
111771477Is it true that Psylocke's history is that she was a white psychic, an Asian writer was told he…[View]
111766496Birds of prey - Scene Description: https://www.thewrap.com/birds-of-prey-ccxp-margot-robbie-rosie-pe…[View]
111766003Now that there's a meme reason to talk about it, can we admit that it is objectively superior t…[View]
111770079What a cunt.[View]
111771245Was he a cuck?[View]
111767240Marco and the Forces of Rock Thread[View]
111767959*grabs household object*[View]
111766832>Great Artist >awful at character design every George Perez costume is an eyesore (taskmaster…[View]
111768663Gwen and Miles should go back to their respective universes, 616 is so boring (for them both)[View]
111762218Still sad this never got a proper end: I wanted to see the rabbit guy finally get with the fox chick…[View]
111768092>Congratulations, Elsa! Your destiny is to be banished from civilization as you know it, far away…[View]
111761253Who would win?[View]
111770890>Mutant power is prehensile dreads The absolute state of 'Homo Superior'.…[View]
111697289Epithet Erased thread: Anyone else ship this[View]
111770396How do we defeat calarts and stop their evil plot in trying to make every cartoon possible look like…[View]
111766083It's pretty surreal to think Kamala is going to be in the MCU soon.[View]
111763575What went right?[View]
111770803https://youtu.be/nXg1TWPPiDo >mfw she’s the chosen one who make my dick gone diamonds >pic rel…[View]
111769669Bros what the fuck is going on in this comic, I’m being pleb filtered so hard. Just finished issue #…[View]
111740848Superman up in the sky #6: Superman is finally found that girl he´s been trying to rescue for the la…[View]
111767049>brings ultimate norman osborn and 616 miles back >does absolutely nothing with it What the fu…[View]
111765347The kids and teenagers super-hero want to go to the mutant Orgy.: Can they? And Ms marvel is asking …[View]
111751388>French 'humor'[View]
111750464Qubo Thread[View]
111759554What should ezran do as king now?: Season 3 is done[View]
111768168Batman Christmas[View]
111765294ADRIAN: Unironically a masterpiece ending. The whole series is so fucking underrated.[View]
111769438SpongeBob Christmas[View]
111769351Tropes that you actually like >New season >New wardrobe…[View]
1117681252019, I was never known in the first place...[View]
111741429/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #: The days grow colder, the nights grow longer. That means /co/ Christm…[View]
111763359So, Karl. What did you think of Joker?[View]
111767361One is fast with the blade, the other is fast with the gun. Who will be faster to strike the other d…[View]
111765820Predict the Oscar nominees and Oscar winner Bonus: Do the same for the Golden Globes One rule: No we…[View]
111756882I STILL don't fucking get it. What's the joke?[View]
111755955God I fucking love White ![View]
111725837She knows: Is Lauren our girl? https://twitter.com/Fyre_flye/status/1202042240232615937[View]
111769329A DC Comics Party Brawler.[View]
111769210Family Circle Christmas[View]
111769119I'm a pretty good artist and a decent story writer and I'm thinking of creating a characte…[View]
111760792ITT: we write a Bart and Lisa episode[View]
111765926If the Snyder Cut be a success on HBO Max, probably they will let Snyder finish his tetralogy Netfli…[View]
111761199RWBY/RT General #1742: Ashes to ashes edition: >1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY, would you like a sequel …[View]
111762667Is Big Comfy Couch /co/ or /tv/? Molly's technically a puppet.[View]
111768795Not sure of right board for question. Best website for torrenting cartoons?[View]
111768803Pinky and the Brain Christmas[View]
111761598The Legend Of The Blue Marvel: Was this mini the most blatant case of self-inserting and Donut Steel…[View]
111761488Why is he such a hack?: >still can't put out a Blu-ray release of the show that his own comp…[View]
111694160This is Pacifica Northwest The best girl in all of Gravity Falls Enjoy your day[View]
111762492I hope time skips become more norm. Are there any another western shows that have done this? Rugrats…[View]
111760387I don’t remember this episode.[View]
111768522ITT: post cringey irl /co/ related moments >be at work >guy showing girl pickle rick clip on h…[View]
111767335Best Adult Jokes hidden in Cartoons?[View]
111768127>find a cool new show >its a musical[View]
111764178Underrated Cartoon Villains Thread? Underrated Cartoon Villains Thread. I'll start off with Dr.…[View]
111764729Which of the Geoff Johns created Flash rogues (I.E. Girder, Murmur, Tar Pit, etc.) was the best?[View]
111763713>The HD remasters of Spongebob’s first 8 seasons are just upscales fiddled with some DVNR At leas…[View]
111767623ITT: Members of /co/ thot patrol.[View]
111760884What do you think they went on to do as adults?[View]
111767896ITT: We post only the most alpha of /co/ chads.[View]
111765941Nativity cartoons: This one is my favorite https://youtu.be/AhuKeFX9HpE[View]
111759328So marvel Harry Potter is going to be a thing >Through its history, the Marvel Universe has seen …[View]
111766008My fan theory is that her epithet is Crepuscule[View]
111767786Have you wished Walt a happy birthday /co/?[View]
111757725Well, it looks like Games Workshop is releasing some official 40k animation. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
111766753What are /co/'s thoughts on this animator?[View]
111763712>Implying you wouldn't[View]
111765633The main thing about Lazlo is that he was portrayed as being a natural force for good.[View]
111755647>Not making Frank Laminksi a Red Lantern who learns that the green lantern power ring was suppose…[View]
111766645Post a panel or a page that sums up a character.[View]
111765853I want to be forced chocked by these two[View]
111765451Do /co/ like Cartoon Saloon?[View]
111767132Kino one off Simpsons characters[View]
111763221The Boys - Season 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA8W7dkkE9o fan of season 1 and/or the …[View]
111765887Just the worst: Post the absolute worst iterations of a character or characters.[View]
111765911BIRTHDAY HAPPY[View]
111766305>So uh...Big purple bloke comes to this planet, picks up a glove, snaps his fingers and uhhh...Ha…[View]
111759383Would you let her out /co/?[View]
111766488Reminder cartoon network said the word DICK on tv.[View]
111766842it still hurts /co/[View]
111757234Roger Ebert gave Watchmen 4/4 stars https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/watchmen-2009 >The film is…[View]
111765350Batman the brave and the bold.: Batman the brave and the bold: thread.[View]
111762705>animated in a different style than other characters that required help from a renowned japanese …[View]
111763358What is /co/'s thoughts on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters?[View]
111766476Cabbage Patch Kid's Christmas[View]
111759411Oh, wait! You don't believe in any religion because 'RELIGION IS FOR IDIOTS'[View]
111764973>The next episode is a Beth episode. It opens up with the family having breakfast, Beth walking o…[View]
111732396Summer camp island is a pretty fun show Who’s best character and why is it Alice? >pic not relate…[View]
111766013How come we never got cartoon episodes about THESE bullies?[View]
111766118>Character is moving fast/flying >WOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO Please stop doing this. It's so cl…[View]
111763483Are there any comics, films or television shows where the Anti-Mutant crowd aren't boring evil …[View]
111765743Injustice: Wow this is awesome, love the art, the concept of superman forcing the world to behave ra…[View]
111764612This is a WEIRD question but Years ago someone here linked me to a video of Alan Moore talking about…[View]
111764053Okay I need an idea for a few pieces of artwork with a mimic and a human. Last thread had some pret…[View]
111763584Granted, I don't have an irrational hatred of Tom King like a vocal minority on this board, but…[View]
111762990Mulher Maravilha is like Mujer Maravilla, right?: Is this in Brazil or Portugal (i can not say for s…[View]
111762747Christopher Priest's first arc of Vampirella finished this week, let's get caught up[View]
111764675Leave Doctor Manhattan to me.[View]
111763433Rank the Batmen[View]
111765632Best Parody ever. And the hottest.[View]
111764944Happy December /co/: Y'know despite all our differences and disagreements I really do wish ever…[View]
111762951Magic Vs. Science: Which one has the better aesthetics? Which one has the better stories? Which one …[View]
111765494Post your fav fight scenes. I'll start with a weird one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBUrvp…[View]
111754881How would you feel if they made him a Pacific Islander in the comics?[View]
111761521Is 4 years too much of an age difference?[View]
111763667What if Netflix created an animated LazyTown show?[View]
111765135Football referee hogs the replay booth so he can watch an episode of 'The Family Guy', which he find…[View]
111761229NEW EMMY CONTENT[View]
111745236New Year's Evil #1 STORYTIME: Gather around /co/ but some monstrous tales of some of our favori…[View]
111763096Why was Mr. Smithers standing instead of sitting at Dr. Nick's clinic?[View]
111758906Modern Day Comics: How do you go from this....[View]
111761423Make a cartoon about her, /co/[View]
111764881Post petty fuckers >My last concert didn't completely sell out >Better summon a demon to …[View]
111760270Are his books good?: Also, is he an interesting character? I've seen the threads ehre the last …[View]
111762298'Well /co/; give me one reason I should spare your miserable life'[View]
111764075>We have a character with Hulk powers, but he's red instead of green, now lets come up with …[View]
111764647Are there any female characters who can't be improved by being turned into a giantess? I don…[View]
111762417What is the closest thing to a Hadoken in western drawn media?[View]
111763389Chipmunk Christmas[View]
111754898Can somebody tell me what this thing is all about?[View]
111747324Harley Quinn: What went wrong?[View]
111758773name me a more forced villain hard mode: no batman who LMAOs >DOOOOOOOOOOOD HE'S BEHIND THE …[View]
111763986Next week on Jaffrey[View]
111761590Reminder Black Panther stole Wonder Woman's W pose[View]
111752339Am I a retard for thinking Sonic the comic is better than the archie comics? >had a likeable ass…[View]
111757851So, who was in the wrong here?[View]
111761338You ever think about how all the ghosts in Ghostbusters are creepy monsters? Were they formerly peop…[View]
111763865Smurf Christmas[View]
111749568Usagi Yojimbo(2019), #7: How sweet, it's a new issue! And we get to see some old friends!…[View]
111739429Amazing Spider-Man #35 Storytime[View]
111762550So I think most of us can agree The Court of Owls was a half baked idea that never went anywhere. Qu…[View]
111763587Jetsons' Christmas[View]
111762301Garfield Christmas[View]
111752939Manifest Destiny #39 STORYTIME[View]
111762258frozen 2: did disney put in elsanna fuel or they killed the ship? I don't support incest, but i…[View]
111763484Spoople: I love Spoople https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPKsQ4FAluI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
111760719Despite making up only 13% of the population, ISOs commit over 50% of violent crime[View]
111762710He's got my vote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sb7jep9VBs[View]
111763438Name ONE fight scene from the last 5 years of western animation better than this Sunny D commercial …[View]
111761325What's the best one?[View]
111746814ITT: Shows everybody likes but you don't, so everyone is wrong and you are right because it suc…[View]
111741028What South Park episodes aged poorly?[View]
1117608672D animation: Post good 2D animations. Recent ones, if you can. This one is Hair Love. https://www.y…[View]
111760430I’m shocked[View]
111761751>she pulls out a real ass goddamn sword![View]
111760428post the exact moment you dropped a show[View]
111758382What do you mean, 'I can't have a baby?'[View]
111754103Who's the target audience?[View]
111760663Is he gonna die next week?[View]
111762695I hope they introduce her as an easter egg or just a cameo in Black Widow movie[View]
111762002Why did his show turn so shit after season 7?[View]
111762805God school: new episode does nobody care ? Or can we only like one independent animation ?[View]
111762300What would Superman do in Doctor Manhattan's position? Let's say that Superman finds himse…[View]
111762137Did Fred Fredburger ruin the show?[View]
111761806Who is driving? Oh my god bear is driving, how can this be?[View]
111762074Milkykau Appreciation Thread[View]
111745093>Came for the porn, stayed for the story What's its name /co/?[View]
111761952>worst interpretations/writing of comic book characters: I'll start: >The Joker being 'mu…[View]
111760015What are some more obscure but highly based cartoons like The Maxx, Aeon Flux or Xavier?[View]
111758435Why was almost every black man in comics back in the day always written as a contrarian that was mad…[View]
111760424Fast and Furious is still relevant?[View]
111760278Were the 80s THE year for villains?: I mean, consider all the mad lads we got out of them: >Shred…[View]
111760630>most of the side characters are either punks, rockers, goths or alt girls Is this supposed to be…[View]
111757267I’ve heard that Hal has like the most willpower than any other Lantern. But are there any actual pag…[View]
111761864Have they made any Arthurian Legend cartoons including Queen Guinevere?[View]
111759844DC Showcase: Thoughts? Best short so far? Worst short so far?[View]
111757245Has DC ever written something as deep, realistic and well-written as Dr. Doom defeating Mephisto usi…[View]
111732454Green Lantern : Blacked Edition #2 Storytime[View]
111741482Why do europeans like ducks so much?[View]
111759323God I wonder what the crazy and unpredictable Joker will do now? Kill people ti get Batman's at…[View]
111760950New series when?[View]
111748303>The Future of Disney Television Animation[View]
111760496Say Nefcy decided to make Tomco canon at the last minute, would that have been a better ending than …[View]
111761544>pretending this is good[View]
111758874What went wrong?[View]
111749074ITT: Shit plots and endings: >It's a character(s) must be quiet episode. >Main character …[View]
111761478How would your favorite comic or cartoon character deal with the baby shield[View]
111760786How long would it take for her to make Steven Universe into a full fledged Broadway musical like Spo…[View]
111760712Beautiful Christmas cartoon: It's a shame though that even back then Disney took all the Christ…[View]
111761095Did you all forget about best girl?[View]
111760239Ben 10 was weird. It had good animation and it seemed the writers really cared about comic books... …[View]
111761091this all looks like just another misunderstanding[View]
111748459Ghost Rider 2099 storytime[View]
111737271was Greg Heffley an incel?[View]
111758081Wait a sec, is this... Is this actually funny? Am I enjoying this? What's going on?[View]
111752320Dr. Two Brains from WorldGirl: This was the best villain from the show, Worldgirl oddly had a lot of…[View]
111756433>”worlds smartest man” >his plan is uncovered by the comedian, a mercenary in his sixties, bec…[View]
111747455wtf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i2rwDUiJZ4[View]
111750291Questionable Content: Screw the human relationship drama, go back to the robofucking[View]
111758171I'm sick and watching season 1 of spongebob on a sony trinitron. Can we talk about Spongekino?[View]
111756636Have we seen what other Marvel heroes think about the X-Men being immortal now thanks to clones?[View]
111760540ITT: The best superheroes I'm a fan of good, old fashioned heroes. Plus, being a master of magi…[View]
111756680fool Mysterio is no mere magician doing parlor tricks >Mysterio is a master of the arcana…[View]
111760399He's got a hat now.[View]
111760186>Rev up those fryers, because I am sure hungry for one! Was he seriously planning to eat an entir…[View]
111756558So let me get this straight: this soulless bitch, this absolute sociopath was willing to get all of …[View]
111754377What is it with adult cartoons and making their characters as ugly as humanly possible? Why is there…[View]
111760229Whatever happened to that Lara-Su comic Penders was working on?[View]
111717652WAIFU THREAD[View]
111736855X-Men#3 storytime: Or 'Scott and Emma's Big Day Out'.[View]
111756269This is me.: Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is n…[View]
111760125Will it ever be addressed what is the stance of the mutants who don't interact with the X-Men? …[View]
111751306Milo Murphy’s Law: What went right? What went wrong? Did everything that could go wrong, go wrong?…[View]
111748697RWBY/RT General #1741: Hacked edition: >1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY, just don't tell us it'…[View]
111732202Silver-Age Superman storytime: One of the greatest and rarest underground comics. Possibly the great…[View]
111754648At this point, Bendis is parodying himself, ain't he?[View]
111759648so how is it?[View]
111734701He cute[View]
111757259Harvey Comics' Ultraman v1 & 2: Why, I do believe it's time for... Ultraman https://ww…[View]
111759111What did they mean by this?[View]
111739191Deathstroke #50 Storytime: It all ends here[View]
111741046Nazz > May > Marie > Lee > power gap > Sarah[View]
111755104NoFNA (Nature of Nature's Art): Any NoFNA (http://www.nofna.com/) readers here? It’s my favouri…[View]
111738162The Dragon Prince: I love how wholesome these two were, with no drawn out will-they-won't-they …[View]
111758095SOUL vs SOULLESS thread: sneed vs sneedless edition[View]
111757278Reminder that this is how proto-Chel was dressed.[View]
111757306Imagine an Earth where The Justice League parodied popular eastern franchises; >Super Saiyan Supe…[View]
111756604I picked up the first Gwenpool trade fully expecting it to be awful and unfunny (Especially after re…[View]
111756315The new Mulan movie looks badass[View]
111727876Helluva Boss thread.[View]
111734103Not gonna lie, fellas. This is probably the most hype capeshit movie moment of the year for me.[View]
111758505Here’s your fat best friend, /co/. please don’t lewd him. Judging from all the chubby shota lovers o…[View]
111759030Is there a character that can beat Golden Mao Mao?[View]
111755558ITT: Characters with this pose......Because I love this pose.[View]
111755492What happened next?[View]
111756067Remember back around 2010 when YouTube ranters bashed every single cartoon made after 2004/05, and f…[View]
111751798Who wanted this? This shit is all that's being advertised on Nick and its terrible. Tom Kenny s…[View]
111734641ITT: fan theories better than what we got: For any show[View]
111749257Savage Avengers #8 Storytime: It's a Conan hates wizards issue[View]
111757832Black Panther 2: It should be revealed they saved him with some Vibranium bullshit and he gets redee…[View]
111757922How bad was this shit that Dreamworks has not made it even a direct to dvd special?[View]
111758399>is a degenerate alcoholic and sexaholic >has literally been fucking and drinking excessively …[View]
111716391New South Park episode: >its a scott episode We have two episodes left this year and they waste o…[View]
111692291Recommend me non cape comics.[View]
111737719Storytime: Secret Reverse aka Tony Stark and Spider-Man playing Yugioh: From the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh…[View]
111753001You DO have a Water Buffalo, right /co/?[View]
111756669Okay I need an idea for 1 piece of artwork with a mimic and a human.[View]
111756365>Marvel dont draw sexy females now[View]
111754924Have you been enjoying Watchmen After Story?[View]
111756240>Stewie is frightened of a mall Santa despite meeting the real one before Are the writers even tr…[View]
111756597Dinner's ready. Where's grandpa?[View]
111750204Infinity Train - season 2: Starts January 6th[View]
111755978Tournament toons of 2010s (unfinished): Alright I have 196 cartoons since September 2019 and I still…[View]
111734724ITT: Movies only you watched I remember watching this after my mom picked it up at a flea market on …[View]
111757738Redpill me on this show. Is the creator BASED or sjw? I really don't want to build my hype for …[View]
111749423What is the purpose of teen titans go?[View]
111752876was he right?[View]
111757610Would you go to Disney alone?[View]
111755938A forgotten bloc, but also the most kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y062mp3GuTA[View]
111758210So, what was this about?[View]
111754413Do you like sulfur?[View]
111757437Elsa and Anna will be confirmed to not be related by blood: Does this basically justify Elsanna if t…[View]
111756123Why did the Simpsons have such good animation?: There's a bunch of examples of 3D camera moveme…[View]
111756451How does /co/ feel about Howard the Duck?[View]
111749711Ejen Ali Thread: what do you guys think of the movie?[View]
111757782Was this the closest she'd ever go to flirt with Chat as Ladybug?[View]
111748557Please Forgive Me[View]
111756699Let's play a game of rogue switching between Terry and Bruce. Choose a rogue, transplant them i…[View]
111753906How would Sonichu and the Chaotic Combo fare in the DC Universe?[View]
111755565Have you ever read comic book series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog media property?[View]
111748515Stop calling The Joker insane, he does not fall in the medical diagnosis of insanity.[View]
111754082Favorite animation style thread mine personally is rubberhose[View]
111754085Why do they make them like they used to?: >'It would appear your plan to learn the gargoyles hidi…[View]
111754408What's your favorite obscure not-meant-to-be-shit animated movie?[View]
111748763canon ships with canon kids thread: Don't you just love it when your ship has kids ?Does your s…[View]
111753804https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGVAEut0yw8 >go see Frozen 2 >watch previews >see this >…[View]
111736809Annihilation Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 Storytime: Alright folks, the Annihilation Scourge mini-even…[View]
111756537What is the Deco ofncomics?[View]
111756494The troll prince[View]
111754263ITT: Cute cartoon grannies.[View]
111756318Speaking as someone from a multiple birth cohort, there is no way in hell someone who came along 11 …[View]
111755875Is this some kind of JOKE ???[View]
111638174Tangled: Do you think we're going to see Rapunzel and Cassandra fight? Will we see the power of…[View]
111756234Best /co/ screencaps of the 2010's: What was your favorite moment of the decade?[View]
111754910Imagine if they did a third game with Neversoft back on it, Green Goblin as the main villain, Venom …[View]
111756172What are your favorite comfy Christmas cartoons?: I'm looking to make a cartoon playlist for th…[View]
111734181Justice League #37 Storytime: Someone in another thread claimed no anon has enough will to storytime…[View]
111752933what do you think of papa john https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T27F5N2km8&t=0s[View]
111736573Excalibur #3 storytime: Today in 'the Adventures of the Mutie Formerly Known as Apocalypse and His D…[View]
111753623Popeye and Bluto: Popeye and Bluto are now the protagonist of the last cartoon you watched, how bett…[View]
111752439What the fuck /co/...why is this comic so great? It’s legitimately and genuinely a great and enterta…[View]
111753601Heathcliff uses bubble gum.[View]
111753644Dumbing of Age: Is dina super hot?[View]
111753779Blacksad: Under the Skin: Rough game, but damn, that story was pretty good. Last stretch of it was a…[View]
111755340Making a comic series: So I want to submit to Dark Horse. Here are some rules they made: https://www…[View]
111755196Are you apart of the future anon?[View]
111742539So, now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
111752696More than a year after his death, Stan Lee's official Facebook page is constantly being used to…[View]
111754565Could you imagine the outrage?[View]
111737929Was this the most poorly executed incarnation of superman?[View]
111746276so, /CO/, you're just gonna sit there and pretend Walt Disney wasn't a literal by-the-book…[View]
111746636This was the most pathetic attempt of a cartoon trying to be relevant I’ve ever seen[View]
111754684Is this a good edition of Tank Girl?: I love Jamie Hewlett's visual style and his work on Goril…[View]
111754903Neo Advent Calendar SFX Selection: Ever notice how many Hanna-Barbera SFX TNT uses in their animatio…[View]
111754953What did they mean by this?[View]
111752856What are the 12 Yule lads of 4chan?[View]
111750013Any other zoomers out there remember this show? I remember being obsessed with it from ages 6 to 9.[View]
111754955Hey! Three Caballeros habbening (probably). https://twitter.com/MattyDanner/status/12024706685261783…[View]
111752880kelly thread: starting with family vacation story arc[View]
111727844Edd, Ed, n Eddy[View]
111748100Becky Prim idea: If this gets a show, how would a beach episode play out?[View]
111751324This fucker here...[View]
111754267Where are the white men?: Doesn't the CW care about representation?[View]
111752397You finally get to make your passion /co/ project! And it comes and goes and nobody cares and it fad…[View]
1117528202020... I am forgotten[View]
111754139Lisa with a bag on her head[View]
111752333What music does she listen to?: Apart from Powerline of course[View]
111751712I thought the creator said he'd continue the comic after the game. What happened[View]
111749150So how come Darkhawk never caught on? Was it because Marvel couldn't decide whether he should b…[View]
111752315>Punisher 2099 new book >they kill him off and swap with a random spic >Venom 2099 book …[View]
111753677I'm Mr. White Christmas I'm Mr. Cool. I'm Mr. Icicle I'm Mr. 10 below[View]
111752806Thought for the Day: power level threads > shipping threads. Death Battle stuff may be immature, …[View]
111754024Editorial Cartoons from Newspapers.org general: Choose a state/year >Minnesota Between '81 a…[View]
111753873There's No Place Like Home: Spider-Man: There's No Place Like Home https://www.youtube.com…[View]
111749862Why Spider-Man movies became 2 hours straight of jokes when they used to be emotional[View]
111749762Was this the perfect ending?[View]
111727463Daily Ghostbusters Storytime part 1: Hello all! Time for IDW's Ghostbusters! Taking it a few is…[View]
111749853Just what exactly IS Black Adam? Is he a hero, villain, anti-hero, or anti-villain? Would you call h…[View]
111750375For me, it's Roger.[View]
111751466Boomers humor[View]
111742562Comfy Family Guy thread.[View]
111733666Oh look, it's an event tie-in. Written by Zoë Quinn. What could possibly go wrong?[View]
111752216Filename thread?: Filename thread.[View]
111748243MMPR/TMNT #1 Storytime[View]
111752835TEEN TITANS GO! (2003) ISSUE #53: What if Leonard and Lisa Snart where in teen Titans and not as fuc…[View]
111740394Eallin Animation Studio has deleted Kevin Bao's animation page: JUST[View]
111751690Why would a rabbit like a fox?[View]
111750716are we counting Radiant as weeb shit or /co/ shit on account that its made by a french guy and publi…[View]
111751955So... Superman Up in the Sky>Batman Universe>Wonder Woman Come back to me?[View]
111753295You were trying to cross the border, right?[View]
111748255Hey buddy hows it goin?[View]
111752718It’s okay /co/, bodies are nothing to be ashamed of...[View]
111730110The G1 Transformers movie is the most notable thing from G1. Optimus dies, Rodimus becomes the new l…[View]
111752035I thought this bitch died?[View]
111727576Neil Gaiman’ Says DC Films Should Make Superman Inspiring, Not Relevant: Neil Gaiman is the right gu…[View]
111742292so is the whole point of the Black Widow movie to just set up Yelena as the new 'spy girl'…[View]
111750889What the fuck happened here. Cartoon Network dropped the creator of Eliot From Earth, the cartoon th…[View]
111713395Tuesday Carolthread: >THIS WEEK IN CAROL Preview for #13! >Carol-adjacent The Magnificent Ms. …[View]
111751319I know next to nothing about the Eternals, and since they announced to get their own movie, could yo…[View]
111745573How would Kirby fare in the DC universe?[View]
111744433Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 Storytime: Kamala vs Hyde[View]
111732449Batman #84 Storytime: City of Wayne... 'City of Bane' Part Ten![View]
111751586>Release the Snyder cu-[View]
111748268Do you think Max smoked pot?[View]
111747329You can only pick 1.[View]
111751708Just finished this fucking Gem. Why did it end the way it did? why did he have to die? I feel like I…[View]
111748273South Park - 'Basic Cable': Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters, and gee whiz I …[View]
111751405Why did Byrke do this?[View]
111743008Beastlands #1 and 2 Storytime: Storytiming a kickstarter comic no one cares about https://www.kickst…[View]
111742694How does /co/ delineate artistic value in comics and animation?: Animation fans of all varieties con…[View]
111750633What comics should one read if they want to get into Nightwing? What's the quintessential Night…[View]
111750660Did everybody just forget about this special? Why do I see nobody talk about this[View]
111749509THIS COULD'VE BEEN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, /co/: Say something nice about them.[View]
111745138James Bond 007 v2 Part 2: >>111738944[View]
111750038This comes out on Friday. Does anyone care?[View]
111748825Left or right: Paulina or this gothic bitch[View]
111751654>Hooded Justice was the first hero in Watchmen >The show gives him an origin in the Tulsa atta…[View]
111746870So marvel’s starting a magic school series soon Who should the teachers/students be?[View]
111742341>Animation isn't in a dark age, you're just old and don't like new things…[View]
111751345What does /co/ think of Ed Pinsent?[View]
111749125Sup /co/, you have been my home for almost 5 years. I just want to say, thank you. You have given me…[View]
111751193Beautiful Darkness: Please explain to me what was this. As far as I get everyone is a part of the de…[View]
111750863So now that the dust has settled, what do we think if Busman?[View]
111750693Are indie comics really any better than Marvel and DC's offerings or are they just more of the …[View]
111746338The sequel for Zootopia doesn't come out until Thanksgiving 2021. How are you satisfying that i…[View]
111750877Why registering mutants and metas are a bad thing? I am watching a japonese cartoon called Superhero…[View]
111750574i need to find the origin of this image, i belive that it has background stories that i want to know…[View]
111711588>being pissy about Guy not trusting him when Sam built their entire relationship on a lie This ni…[View]
111749800Original Colored Sandman Issues: Anyone have a link/page/torrent that has all the original volumes o…[View]
111733294Dragons of /co/[View]
111747566Why are comics characters so powerful compared to anime?[View]
111738944James Bond 007 v2 Part 1: Why, I do believe that it's time for James Bond! https://www.youtube.…[View]
111744024anyone have any more information about this?[View]
111748724Is he a degenerate?: Or is he just a Man's Man, a Chad? What are his politics?[View]
111748432>Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Man >Peter is radioactive ...So wh…[View]
111750061Why couldn't the writers just make her Pelswick's girlfriend[View]
111749920>Columbus Day >Channel celebrates >Channel airs new episodes of cartoons >There's …[View]
111748712/co/ bosses: Talk about the bosses of /co/ and use the arbitrary scale of Buck Strickland to Benson …[View]
111748737I am Rick from Rick and Morty in real life: I have his intelligence, his ideas. I think I'm Ric…[View]
111747756Zack Snyder reveals justice league cut: 214 min[View]
111738078Dance with me /co/[View]
111744842What is /co/'s thoughts on Rocko's Modern Life?[View]
111738095Boomer Humour[View]
111749653Would you like this to get renewed?[View]
111743422Looney Tunes Show: Anyone remember this? It aged better than you think. Why was Sam so fucking buff …[View]
111743551Didn't SU literally trace shit before though? https://youtu.be/TmTKDviyiaM[View]
111748952>this is a Romani man In what world do Marvel writers live? Seriously, after all these years, why…[View]
111749577Disney, are you stupid?, we have a DC super hero girls cartoon with characters that people don'…[View]
111747966Where do you draw the line between homage and theft of intellectual property?[View]
111746242Kill Whitey #1[View]
111748276Post moments of extreme catharsis[View]
111730923if they can make a Religion out of her. why can't we make another religion out of another /co/ …[View]
111723412ITT-post yourself as a cartoon character[View]
111749007Just saw pic related, what did I think of it?[View]
111737776Wednsday White Rabbit Thread: Discuss Spider-Man’s most sinister and superior of foes. Lorina buys T…[View]
111745317*suck suck*[View]
111746315why the world doesn't care anymore?[View]
111737253This is the MCU Taskmaster. Say something nice about him.[View]
111749000How many people do you think suffers the Frank Laminski's syndrome in the DCU? I mean, I'm…[View]
111745497choose one and only one[View]
111743318ITT: Moments where series irrevocably jumped the shark[View]
111748150Blazing Samurai: So Blazing Samurai is coming back from the dead in 2021. (Maybe?) It's a kids …[View]
111736788Marauders #3 storytime: Wherein Kitty is in another castle.[View]
111747766I know there was already a Brawlhalla thread a few hours ago, but I just wanna know, what other cart…[View]
111747231Always hated Batman, and been ambivalent towards the Joker, but after some YouTube breakdowns I’m al…[View]
111745115Would you fight a /co/ bear? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OOcQb005-c[View]
111746461COPRA #3 Storytime: In which the Punisher gets taken out once and for all.[View]
111738960give me a kiss anon[View]
111738006What does co think of Giovanni Potage?[View]
111731001Buy the Book[View]
111747155Like it or not, Nickelodeon's on a reboot/revival streak. What should they reboot or revive nex…[View]
111742717What is Metamorpho's base form made of?[View]
111746588I saw that! It was one of those red mushrooms! They're always doing mean stuff like that![View]
111742416New Birds of Prey Poster[View]
111727903Be honest /co/, Would you told him?[View]
111747441Saw this late last night. What are /co/'s thoughts?[View]
111747478Better ending than season 4[View]
111746498Professor Milo: Does someone working on DC animated shows hate this guy? >His 2 'Batman the anim…[View]
111742661What /co/ character would be able to defeat Berg Katze? (besides, Shaggy)[View]
111738777Doctor Doom #3 Storytime: Time for your monthly seethe check Tommy.[View]
111740948RWBY/RT General #1740: Tired Weiss edition: >1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY, just don't tell us it…[View]
111745950What is the hottest Ryona scene in animation history?[View]
111716173Okay hear me out; what if they casted a black actor for the MCU but still kept his Holocaust backsto…[View]
111709859What do you guys think of the best /co/uple of the year, dare I say the decade.[View]
111740829>The best animated film in 2019 Even if the bar is quite low this year, but I enjoyed this. Real…[View]
111744599JUST: >'So let's just go out, let's walk to get a coffee amongst all of the fans,'…[View]
111746397Illegal immigrant[View]
111747055Kitty Is Not A Cat: Well, it wasn't Disney or Netflix. It was Roku. A channel that nobody knows…[View]
111747039Reminder this is peak comic art you LITERALLY cannot get better[View]
111744156How do you feel about dancing as one of The Joker's gimmicks? I think it fits really well.[View]
111743857smack jeeves: So, that has to be one of the worst screwing the pouch a webhosting has done in recent…[View]
111746207How would you adapt her into...: Injustice DC Super Hero Girls (2019) Batman '66 Snyderverse No…[View]
111745915Can we have a Bootleg thread?[View]
111743713Dragon Prince/Lotr: Sauron vs Aaravos Who would win?[View]
111739646How funky, I regret not watching this movie already.[View]
111728014It's true.[View]
111744124Help me find this comic: It is a french comic I think, I forgot its name, but it was in black and wh…[View]
111742305>$745,248,362 Frozen 3 when? Also what will Elsa's gf look like?[View]
111745514Disney Coonsumer Xmas Special: What's up fuckers, today i visited Home Depot and what i found i…[View]
111700902Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
111738684Daredevil #14 Storytime: My Dinner With Daredevil 'Through Hell' Part Four[View]
111740240Did you notice the artstyle change when you were a kid?[View]
111738145If Avengers Endgame can make a joke about Steve Rogers' ass, can Wonder Woman 84 do it with Dia…[View]
111741011>$100 budget >HBO watchmen can’t even get Batwoman ratings >Damon Lindelof made a sequel m…[View]
111733470Alfie: Well look at that, still a couple pages until penis in mouth. What a fucking hypocrite…[View]
111742498A few months ago I went full Morrison. I dropped an inordinate amount of LSD and spent an evening ha…[View]
111743212>Classic superhero has a descendant who is younger, stronger and black/asian/latino/a woman End t…[View]
111745330Gunnergunner Bananafanafofunner: So it's confirmed now that Kat is some kind of weird technolog…[View]
111745123Remember when some people claimed that Marvel Rising was going to be good?[View]
111738140Pesterquest Vol 6 - Tavros & Aradia: It exists, I guess? https://mega.nz/#!K5pEHYSI!2nA3IKCieX_F…[View]
111744673The Art of Becky Prim: Anyone got this yet?[View]
111745111Red sky at night, villain's delight. Red sky in morning, hero's warning[View]
111744332Is he right ?[View]
111641728Steven should have shattered the diamonds. They are guilty of irredeemable intergalactic war crimes …[View]
111741321Could a Star Wars cartoon set between Episodes VI and VII work?[View]
111724207Who's the least attractive Disney princess?[View]
111729170Reflekta: What the hell is the point of this villain? Is she supposed to be threatening? Even by the…[View]
111744594What the fuck was his problem[View]
111738620/co/ filename thread: you know the drill[View]
111743700Some Sr Pelo vid i cant find anymore: Aight so idk what board to post this but since sr pelo does ca…[View]
111735884How come they didn't produce a single good cartoon this decade?[View]
111740428why does everyone hate him?[View]
111738314Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: Squad Special #1[View]
111742450Alright lads, now that the decade is coming to an end, who was the best /co/ milf in the 2010s.[View]
111743224I live in the middle of nowhere and my work schedule doesn't really allow for the whole convent…[View]
111743163Throwing a wrench at the lesbo show. What were they thinking? >Tigra & Dazzler Show showrunne…[View]
111731648im gonna watch the hercules movie right now, what am i in for? hopefully this starts a hercules movi…[View]
111723663Giant Days (cont.): Previous: >>111693669 >I kept my word. Once the thread dies, I make a n…[View]
111743684>one of the few, if not the only cartoon that included nearly the entire marvel earth-616 univers…[View]
111743591Ok. So I've been reading Batman: Hush, and they have this flashback of Bruce as a kid, seeing t…[View]
111741983Literally the only reason to watch Bobby's World.[View]
111741506ITT: Mainstream comics where the writer might have inserted their fetish: I'll go first. This s…[View]
111740769WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: The Dark Knight Saga: Batman Begins (2005) >Ashton Kutcher was WB's to…[View]
111738791Infinity Train: Cracked Reflections: January 6. https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/1202271594…[View]
111741234What a boring premise for a movie. >'Upside Down' is a feelgood drama comedy that takes place in …[View]
111737148This dude could convince you to buy a bucket of rust shavings for 30$ plus tax[View]
111741178Marvel fan here. Is this 'Sandman' thing any good? Isn't this Morpheus guy a little too powerfu…[View]
111735154So...: A cartoon about a hero who does good deeds, but tried to win back former friends of his who w…[View]
111738846Bojack Horseman: What's the /co/nsensus on this show?[View]
111740067Why did the cops make fun of him for being short and smelling bad? You’d think they’d like him for m…[View]
111715801Finally, a show with no gay charact-[View]
111739716 Hot[View]
111742838What are some of the best webcomics to read?[View]
111732037How to fix Superman - give your idea: 1 - Get rid of the stupid strongman cape 2 - Makes him go back…[View]
111742546Bill: So guys, did you watch kimetsu no yaiba?[View]
111738037What non-mutants can save the day have?[View]
111741058Rob Liefeld is pretty much based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COzFzRdV-LM[View]
111734735New Sonic the Hedgehog (Film) Poster[View]
111741215huntik: this is onm of my favorite show which is despite not having much character development it ha…[View]
111726447What was their problem?[View]
111741515Which one do you prefer ?[View]
111737411>it’s a swimsuit episode >everyone appears in a bikini / speedos…[View]
111724732How do we save cable cartoon networks?[View]
111741122She is right, you know. ENNUIGO THREAD![View]
111679979And the award for biggest hack of the decade goes for...[View]
111739157Turd McFartlane[View]
111740664I cant fucking believe it that Big City Greens made fun of Pewdiepie. Good job.[View]
111740575Since 2020 is around the corner let’s have some ideas as to where they’re going to go, also give any…[View]
111736613How come she doesn't talk?[View]
111739634Which one?[View]
111740410Megg, Mogg, and Owl[View]
111731119Super hero comics were created as a cheap way for teens to have some fun. I think CW shows are much …[View]
111741243FROZEN II: Discussion: The Elsanna fuel was off the charts in this movie. I know it will never be ca…[View]
111737709Is he right about Spider-Man?[View]
111729497BEST-SELLING COMICS OF ALL TIME STORYTIME: FINALE: Finishing off the storytime with the best-selling…[View]
111739560Jim: EarthWorm Jim thread.[View]
111740834/co/ images you can hear[View]
111740658Now that the decade is almost over Which was your favorite cartoon of this decade?[View]
111740373I really hated this design, Why couldn't they just design to appear more dark and gothic? I mea…[View]
111733738Rick and Morty and You: I'm putting together a team. You in?[View]
111699949ITT: We post characters that without a doubt had an impact on your preferences.[View]
111644881Cleopatra in space: >Episode 3 https://mega.nz/#!COIGFSBS!jy3NZdEb3SHLNfvVjFyINZZNPwc7_LD3JBPkY4D…[View]
111729576How would your favorite superhero fare against the Omnidroid?[View]
111727700Disney is currently working on a new animated Pooh series for Disney+: Here is the known voice cast …[View]
111714938/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread # 4: The days grow colder, the nights grow longer. That means /co/ Chris…[View]
111739628As Ronnie's globulous body bobs down the river, he considers his options. He figures that, if h…[View]
111735453Who agrees that the Elsanna in Frozen 2 was obviously intentional?: It was more apparent due to how …[View]
111739435What was with Nicktoons Network and their habit of shilling stuff that they didn't even own the…[View]
111738501conrad: Why is he so cute?[View]
111738870Did you like anything about it?[View]
111736940People who don't draw or animate are missing out. I've only been doing it as a hobby for a…[View]
111739685Miraculous - Cat Blanc aftermath: What do you think would've happened if Ladybug fixed the futu…[View]
111739209What did you think of this show? I fucking loved it.[View]
111734848Brawlhalla x Steven Universe: https://youtu.be/BJS2F7qPzgM[View]
111737643This week's Star Wars comics >Star Wars Saga #1 >Jedi - Fallen Order: Dark Temple #5…[View]
111644222/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
111731842what is it about big mouth that makes it so divisive?[View]
111726452Questionable Content: Bad[View]
111729310>Human women in armor bikini? Bad! >Furries strippers? Good!…[View]
111737853It's finally happening DCbros, we're going home[View]
111728127RWBY/RT General #1739: MAY Edition: >1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY,may saves the day >2. Read the p…[View]
111735184Conan: Serpent War #1 storytime: Where a DnD party is gathered[View]
111715773Elseworlds/What Ifs/AUs: Pitch your own. If there were no rules, what kind of story would you write …[View]
111735220Judge Dredd thread[View]
111731917Would you let your children watch this show?[View]
111738643Who noticed the Elsanna fuel in Frozen 2?: Who agrees that this was definitely suggestive?[View]
111727533thoughts on gumball?: ranked CN shows: 1. Regular Show 2. Gumball 3. Adventure Time you're a co…[View]
111738356Shouldn't Green Lanterns have some degree of mind-control resistance due to having more willpow…[View]
111730907SnyderCut on the way!!!: CCXP news on Brazil. Snyder Cut will be shown in the event https://www.yout…[View]
111733058>Sony animators rip off fucking Steven Universe for their PlayStation promo now this is fucking e…[View]
111736315Miles Teller is in final talks to play Harvey Dent in THE BATMAN[View]
111727381X-Men #3 spoilers: The Krakoan Harvest Center is located in the Savage Land. This is where the flowe…[View]
111731891DC Comics Year of the Villain: Who thought this event would be a good idea?[View]
111737876When I was a kid this scene was weirdly hype for me. The idea of a cartoon acknowledging something i…[View]
111735021This is why Alan Moore doesn´t like Rorschach: ' Her ideas [Ayn Rand] didn't really appeal to m…[View]
111735825Does anyone remenber the name of that series of animate movies where a talking cricket had a magic g…[View]
111736534If it’s called X-Men why are the women in the team?[View]
111707702What made Ed so charming?[View]
111733133I just rewatched Oban Star Racers, and while the series holds up I gotta say this fuck hole is the m…[View]
111730952How come Nintendo never teamed up with a publisher to make Mario comics? I mean SMA was pretty good,…[View]
111734450Toon of 2010s in the making: Alright I have 196 cartoons and I still have yet to add more like Polly…[View]
111734213First co-production between neighbors Argentina and Chile. >Part sci-fi feature, part modern fair…[View]
111735952Why did nobody until now worked with the concept that Superman is a solar battery and can discharge …[View]
111730414ITT Discuss how this is never getting a 2nd episode[View]
111730151Becky Prim: Would Becky wear a one-piece or a bikini?[View]
111735523Brave sequel in the works, right? >Not because the original was good or a sequel is necessary, it…[View]
111737458>We're Here With Anon. Are You Ready For Christmas? >Where's Your Fridge?…[View]
111737487>multiple award-winning animator has been stealing work from other artists for years before final…[View]
111734987Underrated Villians: >has the best song in the movie >has an old school Disney villain persona…[View]
111736386>comic is just a pitch for a tv show Why is this like 90% of comics these days? Its the same with…[View]
111736013THE ETERNALS Might Introduce Mutants To The MCU: >The movie reportedly centers around the 'war fo…[View]
111699624I think that Roxanne is pretty cute.[View]
111736542Think of a /co/ character. Preferably Marvel or DC, but it can be any one. They are now the servant …[View]
111698582So now that Marvel is going to start printing Ultraman comics, how long until DC responds with Kamen…[View]
111736491December 2019...I am forgotten[View]
111735969Does this movie feel similar to any other movies? Will you watch it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
111734277Funny how quickly this movie was forgotten[View]
111732525Will Superman be forgotten and dead in next century? Even now, Warner is struggling to make him 'rel…[View]
111723633What does /co/ think of Mighty Magiswords?[View]
111736737always preferred this design for star lord a little over the movie design[View]
111736618Old Artists: Post artists that just can’t seem to catch up with the times. Denys Cowan is a prime ex…[View]
111734299Here, pretend to hate yourself just to be contrarian: Old 4chan Comics Thread on it's way to 'p…[View]
111728682Has no one talked about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMhfbLRoGEw[View]
111733353Has anyone else read through all of this? I’m reading through it now, and am midway through Bat-Mang…[View]
111725303Steven Universe Future: How do you think it'll end?[View]
111724148She has become the new Editor of Batman. How do you feel about it?[View]
111733515Dead Eyes #3 storytime After a long time waiting, the story finally continues....[View]
111730171Could it be adapted?[View]
111726733Who wants more Catbug?[View]
11173324620XX #1 Storytime: While we are waiting for the other comics, let's storytime this.[View]
111736074Has Pixar always been overhyped or do their good movies deserve the neverending acclaim? Your though…[View]
111733183Is this any good and if so when I do read it? Right after Soule's run? And how's Chip…[View]
111735681What was his problem?[View]
111732517'You'll have lots of special people in your life, Lisa. There's probably some place where …[View]
111735989Devil May Cry/Hazbin Hotel is an untapped gold mine. Vergil goes through douchebag detox while Dant…[View]
111735560Rick and Morty season 3: So I just finished rewatching the first three seasons of Rick and Morty, an…[View]
111734301Will it ever be anyone but him?[View]
111731056Is sexuality something that cartoons, mainly those in time slots meant for children, should be explo…[View]
111734345>Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo[View]
111734693MARY WORTH THREAD: So is Iris pregnant or is she just turning into Amy Schumer?[View]
111707982Since you fags forgot what it means to be /co/. Im gonna post 10+ yr old /co/ images that Ive collec…[View]
111734918Ricky Gervais Show Animation Errors: The show is full of animation errors especially with continuity…[View]
111732464BEHOLD! DC's brand new trinity[View]
111727839Are people running out of idea today to make new shows? Because I feel like everything is repeating …[View]
111735064Was he planning to shit the key out later?[View]
111734119Nightwing Is A Romani Gypsy: Dick Grayson is a descendant Of Romani Gypsies. https://arousinggramma…[View]
111734524Female rabbit and male wolf being friends. GO ON... http://difference.webcomic.ws[View]
111719196'When will all these fools learn that you can be perfectly healthy simply eating vegetables, fruits,…[View]
111728612Commander Kitty will return in 2020. Does anyone care to react?[View]
111728122Does any Marvel film have this level of detail in their set design and deep symbolism ? I feel like …[View]
111729440Why is it so hard to replicate the quality of the original Watchmen graphic novel?[View]
111732199Given the success of Spider-verse, could a Cho-Hulk animated feature work /co/?[View]
111731884Hazbin Hotel: I was thinking /co/ since they've not gotten on yet with Netflix or Hulu, what if…[View]
111734231imagine 'Green Eggs and Ham' but now it's the plot of 'Dumb and Dumber'[View]
111729267What’s their beef with eachother?[View]
111730317Would you buy it if it existed IRL?[View]
111733576I'm sorry I can't reward your challenge by giving you peace.: So whomever is in charge of …[View]
111733790> LOL shut up meg[View]
111728779/co/, it's Santa Claus, I need you to save Christmas.[View]
111729757Supes really does only work as a villain.[View]
111728948Does Wonder Woman have a good rogues gallery?[View]
111733150Do we know if this kingdom come superman also takes place in the continuity of superman, superman 2,…[View]
111733321'Forgotten' Series.: Okay, I keep remembering this show that I used to watch. A lot of the detail I…[View]
111732469Disenchantment: So it's shit, I take it?[View]
111731011Dumbing of Age: ok she just looks like zoidberg now[View]
111733239Michael Moorcock Praises Alan Moore’s Watchmen: Michael Moorcock praises Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Mich…[View]
111731806You call THAT a penis?[View]
111733204What did they mean by this?[View]
111731070Marvel husbando thread[View]
111731732Who had the best adultery episode?[View]
111732987Who would win?[View]
111727434Season 1 dragons look better, Season 2 humans look better. Any questions?[View]
111732673Hey guys it's me Goofy from the hit animated television show Mickey Mouse.[View]
1117294352019... I am forgotten...[View]
111731366He is clear in the end when talking to his wife 'we are alone, all we have is trying to help each ot…[View]
111722450If a white supremacist gained Doctor Manhattan powers, would he even remain a white supremacist? Kin…[View]
111730349/co/ karate girls. Discuss.[View]
111713027The Dragon Prince: Dark Magic is the best magic.[View]
111730030> Okay, I'll tell you. You are the worst person I know. You constantly hit on your best frie…[View]
111731709I liked black mask in under the red hood but am more of a casual when it comes to comics, what are s…[View]
111728413New Mutants: Will this ever see the light of day?[View]
111729624With globalists getting more and more desperate with climate change propaganda, I'm surprised t…[View]
111730318Have they done it yet?[View]
111723690Have you fucks watched 2019's future Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature yet?[View]
111687617Which mutant girl would you fuck? My choice is the cuckoos.[View]
111726170What Christmas cartoons are you watching this month?[View]
111729091The first Simpsons episode is turning 30 in two weeks. Even if the show hasn't been good for th…[View]
111724935Brian Bolland is peak comic artist you literally cannot be better than this[View]
111726611I thought this scene was funny, yet it triggered /co/ for being 'mean-spirited'. I guess I'm a …[View]
111728160Are Kid Shows Better Now Than Ever?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXpWAO0F7ck Is he right?…[View]
111726694OK Boomer[View]
111728624Madness Combat: What exactly was Jesus's problem? If he wanted the Madness to end, he could hav…[View]
111731336Phineas and Ferb is officially dead at Disney Parks, say hello to Ducktales World Showcase Adventure…[View]
111720121American Barbarian Storytime: let's go[View]
111727555Why was Total Drama so OBSESSED with farts? Which writer can I blame for this?[View]
111724956BEST-SELLING COMICS OF ALL TIME STORYTIME: Because everyone knows that sales = quality, I'm goi…[View]
111707934What are some good /co/ games?[View]
111731779Alan Moore: the super hero genre was born from the white supremacy, as a white supremacist dream. Th…[View]
111723687>make webcomic >it becomes the poster child for clickbait advertising >seeing this face is…[View]
111728816Can we talk about Ziggy for a minute?: Like, he's supposed to be human I guess? But he doesn…[View]
111720596What the FUCK[View]
111726319Star Wars Canon Catchup Storytime: Two threads a day using this as a guide https://starwars.fandom.c…[View]
111718329Would this show be the same if everyone was Human? The humor and story's are reliant on anthrop…[View]
111727917why did she have to die bros IT WAS HER TURN[View]
111727538Rude Dog and the Dweebs general: Rude Dog and the Dweebs general. This is the official Rude Dog thre…[View]
111727867Any sonic expert here ? I'd like to read the sonic comics with this new style but there's …[View]
111727833Post 10/10 opening themes. Themes that are meh, but have 10/10 animation and detail along with them …[View]
111727864How would he do In Earth-616?[View]
111615267TRANSFORMERS: GALAXIES #3 storytime: Termagax finds her ambitions eclipsed when the Senate becomes i…[View]
111588101Amphibia: what's your favorite episode?[View]
111727802Who are your favorite Female Bully characters from cartoons?[View]
111722151Why does it feel so different?: Is it just me or do seasons three and four feel like an entirely dif…[View]
111730869Could anyone in the justice league beat him?[View]
111702285>french humor[View]
111729465Toon of 2010s: Alright I have 196 cartoons and I still have yet to add more like Polly Pocket, pilot…[View]
111719197>ancient mythology cartoon >the underworld god is the bad guy…[View]
111730689So is the power puff girls dead forever?: Think the failed reboot basically put it in a shallow grav…[View]
111726301>watchmen >abysmal ratings, getting worse every week. cancellation all but confirmed >batwo…[View]
111711623who asked for this movie?[View]
111723941Daily Owl House Thread #1: Here's another daily thread for an up coming show /co/ will likely h…[View]
111728399one animation/live-action hybrid team will protect you, the rest will hunt you: choose wisely /co/…[View]
111707922Think of a magician in Marvel or DC. Got it? Good. They just stumbled upon the physical headquarters…[View]
111719877How could such a crappy self-absorbed webcomic produce such kino characters?[View]
111724819>Hey Sedna, bad news I just caught a guy doing [REDACTED] >what the fuck! That’s it! No more…[View]
111728093Woo!: The board is MINE![View]
111726219I'm really ashamed to have grown up with 90's cartoons. 90's cartoons were incel fact…[View]
111729107>there are more shitty superman movies than good ones[View]
111729359A Decade's Flavor: According to Mr Enter every decade's flavor starts at a particular year…[View]
111727812Take a Successful Show and Make it a Failure With a Single Change: Change the show's name to Ri…[View]
111726121Why is Megatron so cool, and what is your favorite Megatron[View]
111729360Why did he say this?[View]
111727796What are a couple of the best Marvel ongoing books at the moment? I love waiting for new issues, and…[View]
111729171Was Artemis Crock at all an interesting character before Young Justice reimagined her?[View]
111729123>dude, it’s all a joke, lmao So what was the deep philosophical position Alan Moore wanted to dep…[View]
111727554Does /co/ remember this?[View]
111715033Did you like her movie?[View]
111728345Are there no other animals he can hunt? Why not go for rabbits and ducks that aren't human-like…[View]
111724986Dick Tracy: My grandfather passed away recently and he was a huge fan of comic strips, specifically …[View]
111723815cartoon reviewer GOATs: appreciation thread for the greatest cartoon reviewers OF ALL TIME.[View]
111725260Titans Season 2: Now that it's over, what's the consensus? I really lost interest around t…[View]
111725410>'Comics are for kids!' >'Comic's aren't cool!!!' >'You're too old to like…[View]
111727001What are his 'Bad' books?: For my money they're Happy, Wonder Woman Earth One Volume …[View]
111724444Is she a acceptable waifu[View]
111728291b.b free 2#: where can i read this masterpiece?[View]
111722887Doomsday Clock: We're approaching the end now (fucking finally). Will it all come together? Wha…[View]
111727020How come there was never any traffic in Gotham? The only cars you see is the Batmobile, police cars,…[View]
111727901Wow, BO Derek![View]
111727874What do you think about their relationship?[View]
111704841What's your animation program of choice? I'm using Photoshop like a caveman.[View]
111723069So, before this decade ends, do you guys believe Mr. Lordi has a chance with this the same way Craig…[View]
111727556Why was Rugrats so shit when it came back for Season 4 onwards?[View]
111727208CN Nick and Disney: Why is there such a nostalgia bias when it comes to comparing the old shows to t…[View]
111718186The Sith are right, and the Jedi deserved to be destroyed.[View]
111726742> Begins to see living beings only as particles and waves > Realizes that for some reason livi…[View]
111709612What the fuck is his problem >takes some randos word that he's a serial killer, does no rese…[View]
111719697BLACK WIDOW LEAKS: How well do they line up with the trailer? >Natasha Romanoff returns to Budape…[View]
111721354Calvin and hobbes: it wasnt that bad[View]
111724763MCU Villain Motivations: >Obadiah Stane: Hates Tony Stark >Emil Blonsky: Insane >Whiplash: …[View]
111727300>'You must take your place in the circle of life' But isn't a lion's place in the circl…[View]
111727293>Endgame: Claims to have never known her parents' names >Black Widow: Meets both her pare…[View]
111715932James Bond: Origin #1-6: Why, I do believe that it's time for James Bond! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
111688481Oh cheer up /co/, there may not be a New Rick & Morty this week, but you you still got 2 New epi…[View]
111727132That one thing that rips into your soul.[View]
111723040DARK ERA OF DISNEY: 2017-2020 will be remembered as the worst era for Disney animated movies since t…[View]
111727108ITT-characters youre excited to see in steven universe future[View]
111727101Help i need money badly: https://twitter.com/asyraaf12 <----for my twitter DM[View]
111724328Friendly reminder that season 8 of Beavis and Butt-Head was made because MTV didn't want to pay…[View]
111715920Who are the edgiest /co/ characters?[View]
111727065Jews are funny: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fxHWtw_GZIk [Open] >doesn't consider Italians …[View]
111727025well, it took me forever to finish and I'm not particularly happy with the end result, but a fe…[View]
111710297Post shows/movies that actually had satisfactory endings.[View]
111699482For me it's Queen Evil.[View]
111723604The best Harley Quinn cosplay ever was done by a black girl.[View]
111710762> Lately there has been a lot of negativity about American animation aimed at an adult audience. …[View]
111715917If Moore hated him so much why did he make him so sympathetic?[View]
111698506Abraca/Wakfu/Dofus/Ankama/Mutafukaz: Uhm yeah, so this new Ankama show called Abraca was supposed to…[View]
111726629Post DreamWorks faces: make my night lads[View]
111705586Women aren't funny[View]
111726095Why'd they drop Wide Wale and the local superheroes in S7?[View]
111719943WHICH IS THE BEST ORIGIN MOVIE?: These three are often cited as the golden stardard. Do you agree?…[View]
111722406Who'd win and why?[View]
111725666What the joke of the white?[View]
111722104Star Wars Canon Catchup Storytime: Two threads a day using this as a guide https://starwars.fandom.c…[View]
111725615Forgotten Best Girls and Waifus of /co/: What's her name, /co/mrades? What made you love her? W…[View]
111725316Can we get a “costumes over time” thread, I love seeing the evolution of our favorite hero’s looks. …[View]
111724596what the fuck was his problem?[View]
111721414You know what’d I really like, Batman?[View]
111719863ITT: cringe comics made by autistic people[View]
111722543*Banjo plays*[View]
111724283Do you think Rick and Morty’s status as a franchise is doomed to deteriorate further or is it on the…[View]
111722443CAPE ACTORS WHO VERY NEARLY PLAYED OTHER CAPE CHARACTERS: >Before Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was…[View]
111722211AHHHHH SAAAVE ME LOIS!!!!!: >https://youtu.be/hwh1koMSlHY What did the CW mean by this?…[View]
111715595RWBY/RT General #1738: NEVER MISS A BEAT Edition: >1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY, just don't tell …[View]
111719462James Bond: Origin #7-12: >>111715932[View]
111717961Pick a Character, write an Epic: We had this thread a couple of months ago, and it was a lot of fun,…[View]
111720191He cute[View]
111722743What's left for toons when they lose their shows?[View]
111724038A SEX farm for SEX hookers[View]
111724579Ultimate Showdown toon of 2010: Alright I have 196 cartoons and I still have yet to add more like Po…[View]
111721579Hasbro cinematic universe: How will Power Rangers fit in the Hasbro cinematic universe? Connect them…[View]
111720015Humanizations Thread: I only have some TF humanizations saved but post fan/canon humanizations of no…[View]
111722903WONDER WOMAN #750 variant covers: Starting wth Artgerm vintage[View]
111721470Writing a comic about a female bodybuilder: I'm writing a romantic webcomic about a huge, butte…[View]
111707944Hot Mess Mom: Can she be FOTM, please?[View]
111722723What does /co/ think of pic related?[View]
111725017I don't get it.[View]
111725005Since the last thread went well let’s have an Iron Man thread. Post your favorite suits and your tho…[View]
111722774Will Ian McDiarmid be voicing him in the Clone Wars' final season?[View]
111719069>'It's not like I'm your boyfriend-'[View]
111722264Is there any good reason why they decided against killing him in that episode when they regularly ki…[View]
111712191Crisis on Infinite Earths: We are literally 5 days away ftom the biggest tv crossover ever. What are…[View]
111719084Remember when /co/ was pretending these were good just because they weren't made by the big sca…[View]
111718791Jello revealed the ages of the characters on his tumblr >Molly is 12 >Giovanni is 19 >Sylv…[View]
111718402Every comic character is just a variation of these seven[View]
111722122>That one time Ghost Rider fought a demon Sailor Venus[View]
111723463Is Linda the worst belcher?[View]
111721149Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse: What went right?[View]
111724033Marvel: What went wrong?[View]
111711747Why did he get Blacklisted?[View]
1117241822010s Nickelodeon: Looking back on the 2010s, it really wasn't a great decade for Nickelodeon c…[View]
111719991This show was pretty great.[View]
111724106Why doesnt it come with his power tools as accessories[View]
111713440Who's this guy?[View]
111720445Unga bunga, I'm a homosexual caveman.[View]
111719411Episode 2 when?[View]
111720869Is it worth watching? I remember liking the movie, I tried watching Rebels too but I just couldn…[View]
111721896The Disney Revival: What are your thoughts on the Disney revival era that started with Bolt in 2008…[View]
111723605>THUNDER, FEEL THE THUNDER, LIGHTNING AND THE THUNDER. Was Inuyasha airing around the same years …[View]
111715966ITT: Toddler shows that were your jam. As a kid, I found all the scenes of them creating color spri…[View]
111722635Why in frozen 1 she has big firm tits and in frozen 2 she has small saggy tits? Did she aged THAT po…[View]
111723325Snerz's crimes include but are apparently not limited to... >Chickeraffenapping >Endanger…[View]
111723316Just, what a shit costume for my boy task[View]
111718214I'm watching this, Let's have a thread on this.[View]
111716493Calling it now, the Nat from Endgame was a clone and this is the real one.[View]
111721959I'm going to be completely honest, I see it fizzling out soon. Like the fandom will get hyped a…[View]
111721842Who would win?[View]
111714128Was this the first bad Nicktoon?[View]
111722885Does Jason Todd just not exist in the DCAU?[View]
111720499ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
111719077What are some of the hardest retcons you can think of, /co/? Times in comics where an author just sa…[View]
111718589what the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
111722162Green Eggs and Ham is shit. Prove me wrong. You can't[View]
111712046Who could beat The Mask?[View]
111716490After watching the first 2 seasons, I feel that Humans get an overly bad rap in this story: It just …[View]
111710994Will anyone be able to unfuck his shit after Aaron's great JUSTing or is he done?[View]
111721400I liked Stan more with the nail in his head[View]
111721947I just read all #11 issues of the flaming Iceman story, and I actually liked it although I still hat…[View]
111722107Does anyone know who this character is: I've been trying to figure out who this character is fo…[View]
111695080Can Irkens love[View]
111716955>the cutest girl of the kingdom is at your mercy and wants you to make out >he just lets her d…[View]
111721881NEW EMMY CONTENT: instagram.com/dommcell[View]
111712684Devil's Candy: >Sassypants Comics back. Updated at a dead time of way though. http://devils…[View]
111718513Best canon ENF (embarrassed nude female)[View]
111715482What does any of it have to do with libertarianism?[View]
111714357What are some /co/ material where the term “mean-spirited” actually applies?[View]
111721561>Hooded Justice had to hide his face because white men in masks are heroes, and black men in mask…[View]
111721866Is Netflix Green Eggs and Ham as good as people say? The animation looks pretty, but i can't se…[View]
111720817Filename thread, /co/ edition.[View]
111721756Good crossovers: Post crossovers that were made with actual effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
111719718What the fuck is going on?[View]
111715868What does /co/ think of Rotting Hills? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckKpUEiMHgU[View]
111720606I have a feeling he will steal this movie, the idea of a fat old washed up former superhero is alway…[View]
111720687Why do I want to fuck literally everything in this show?[View]
111697199What is /co/'s thoughts on Doug? Also interesting to note that the creator later went on to do …[View]
111718558new episode when?[View]
111721583Ok, realistically, how often would he get laid?[View]
111721394Was Joe really just a texture swap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPvKhFXc7ck[View]
111650932Big City Greens Thread: It's a Gloria episode[View]
111716916Alright I have 196 cartoons and I still have yet to add more like Polly Pocket, pilots like Hazbin H…[View]
111720526How do collectors of superhero stuff in the DC or Marvel universe could tell which items are autenti…[View]
111661345How's Your Webcomic? #614: Your comic ever give anybody any feels? Share those. Or don't. …[View]
111693669Giant Days: Besides Giant Days, what are some other comfy comics?[View]
111719750I never watched this as a kid, only the Wild Thornberrys movie, was the show any good? I got some fr…[View]
111713165Summer Smith: What do you think of this dumb bitch who ruins everything?[View]
111720327Is it better for a cartoon to have shit animation but great storytelling, or for a cartoon to look g…[View]
111714067>'Everybody lost interest in the Marvel Cine-'[View]
111720544Post comics that make you LOL[View]
111720861Post your family in one (1) /co/-related image. You don't need a new car or toaster every year …[View]
111718873Hazbin Hotel: Hazbin Hotel sucks. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB[View]
111720040TRON: Uprising: Any shows nowadays that match the aesthetic and animation style of TRON: Uprising?…[View]
111711820SpongeBob thread.[View]
111718048You forgot about her, didn't you?[View]
111713227FOTMonica Thread 4: >Who is FOTMonica? She started as a parody of /co/ waifus and then ironically…[View]
111719394What did they mean by this?[View]
111719032What are the employees at your LCS like?[View]
111718099The Raccoons: Where is it?[View]
111720384It's not so bad. Smells like... diarrhea.[View]
111715647Do you guys like the Insomniac Spider-Man universe? Loved the game, shame the DLC sucked. Any charac…[View]
111719730Which disappointing /co/ movie had the hypest trailer?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlCEtoMusjY …[View]
111717694Would you?[View]
111719416I just don’t get why people keep watching South Park, yes, some episodes are funny but come on the a…[View]
111715468Primal: Primal thread.[View]
111718674Vintage super hero cartoons: So why exactly did they use uninteresting weird filler as the plot. Why…[View]
111719122Makes much more sense than actual guns[View]
111705772Could the Flashes beat him?[View]
111712746i have to pick out a steven universe episode for a person who's never seen the show. what would…[View]
111717061TAKUUUUUUUA! TAAAAKUUUUUAAAA! Bionicle thread please[View]
111719636Is Bendis sundowning? What the fuck is happening recently with his dialogue. Like, its not even funn…[View]
111717043> Begins to see living beings only as particles and waves > Realizes that for some reason livi…[View]
111715519I hate 'dark' knock offs so much[View]
111716958The 2010s have been the worst decade for Marvel Comics ever. Prove me wrong protip: you can't.…[View]
111719412Think Ezran will tap dat?[View]
111718827Daphne or Velma?[View]
111717949How should they make the Inhumans push?: My opinion.1. The terrigen mist should not become poisonous…[View]
111708191She did nothing wrong.[View]
111695581Show Yourself is the best song in Frozen 2 that's not cut. Prove me wrong.[View]
111717947What if satan was a hot party girl? And god was a stuck up holyer than thou bitch [View]
111718022Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
111717641Hello, this is the worst cartoon of the decade Say something ___ about it[View]
111716904Robot Jones: Why didn't this show catch on?[View]
111718841ITT: comics and cartoons not even boomers care about[View]
111717202Was Smithers actually married?: Or did he spend $10,000, including a lab fee, just to indulge his Te…[View]
111711038https://twitter.com/MarvelStudios/status/1201771802382307328 Teaser is up for black widow[View]
111718793Episode 5 when[View]
111713602SHANG-CHI Plot Rumors: >Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), the Master of Kung-Fu, is the estranged son of The …[View]
111711208Haha, what the fuck[View]
111718426who is this character?: Any idea who this character is? He showed up in issue #9 of the Bane Conques…[View]
111714577How the fuck does anybody think this movie won't be a disaster. Like, the BW trailer I'm w…[View]
111702904Shazam animated series when?[View]
111716715Shitty dads: Post bad fathers.[View]
111686318Do you guys think BvS was underappreciated in its initial release? All those vero posts where he exp…[View]
111716695Marvel made multiple films this decade that will be remembered for decades to come. Has DC made any?…[View]
111715491Would you watch a cartoon about...: A guy trying to get a former friend back after she ghosted him? …[View]
111714861The Butlering: Name a more hype moment.[View]
111695564Green Lantern: Blackstars #2 Preview: Where were you when Morrison shat on Scott Snyder, Dan Didio, …[View]
111710857Sad pages thread?: I’m strangely emotional right now for some reason[View]
111716908This was probably the most satisfying moment in all the Marvel Netflix shows.[View]
111687540>DC has seven Green Lanterns >Marvel can't handle two Spider-Men…[View]
111717803Big Mouth is a good show, you guys are just mean.[View]
111714985Epithet Erased: Let’s play a game. Whoever can make the most memes using this image, wins.[View]
111709352https://youtu.be/BQRHStbwWus She's sweet[View]
111715030Are there any good guides to drawing like silver age artists? I wanna draw in the style of Wayne Bor…[View]
111711687Why didn’t he just create more resources?[View]
111717269Who the hell is that in the top right, next to Thanos’ head?[View]
111716559The Shogun is saving the comics industry[View]
111716317Is it just me or these characteristics seem familiar like you seen it before[View]
111712499It's not fair, it was her turn[View]
111717000What is /co/'s thoughts on Rugrats?[View]
111713469Who is the most powerful clown?: There are a lot of clowns in comics and animation, but what I want …[View]
111712643>people complain about Punsher killing >never complain about any of the 'heroes' like Wolverin…[View]
111715118Bird Trogg and Zombie: Bane is usually written as a callous asshole who only really cares about hims…[View]
111713634/co/related /co/nversation: Here's something to do while I'm away. New X-men Guessing Game…[View]
111660621Helluva Boss thread: https://youtu.be/OlahNrlcgS4[View]
111705178Whats the most depraved thing you've ever seen in a /co/ product? >slowed pic related down …[View]
111715581Holy Crow! black widow![View]
111715317>Here's your taskmaster bro[View]
111712155Alan Moore ruined comics: >Alan Moore insults, condemns and hurls baseless accusations at his con…[View]
111707964What's his name again?[View]
111700959And the award for the sexiest animation of the decade goes for...[View]
111715200ITT: Shows only you like and/or know about: Did anyone besides me actually watch this ?[View]
111714871Does he have rhythm?[View]
111715495Nuke this gay earth.[View]
111715226ITT: we reimagine character in hazbin he is Alastor without the radio fetish[View]
111716037Why is Cardiac's forehead so HUGE?[View]
111703162DISNEY ANNOUNCES BRAND NEW ANIMATED MOVIE FOR 2021: >Byron Howard (Bolt, Tangled, Zootopia) and L…[View]
111713122The Sentry in The MCU: Imagine a black screen, then suddenly you hear in a tired but determined voic…[View]
111714314dipping the guy[View]
111697805A reminder that the dumb Eskimo lost all the past avatar’s because of a spirit bending hippy and his…[View]
111707328Reboot it Come on Do it faggot Come up with a way to make this shot work[View]
111713902Here’s your fat best friend, /co/.[View]
111711953Since a single gif with some unrelated e-thot caused Anons to suffer a terminal mental meltdown let…[View]
111710942Spiderman: So I usually stick to /a/ stuff but I've always had a soft spot for Spiderman. What …[View]
111713257TRON LIVES[View]
111715396Should magneto be a super-hero or super-villain?[View]
111706412Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
111711877Such a bad design >inb4 that one artgerm cover You can draw big titties with a good costume…[View]
111707419Super Mario Movie 2022: Seems the new movie will based on the Mario Adventures comic https://www.ni…[View]
111715535X-men AU.: A 5 to 10 year AU series of X-men base comics. With metaphors to the black civil rights m…[View]
111714431Same VA Thread: 'Gotta Blast!' 'Just a little sodium chloride.'[View]
111714762Kim is the best Batman villain, why did he never appeared outside the DCAU like Harley and Lock-Up d…[View]
111714672what comic series do you think should get it's own cartoon ?[View]
111715286Would they get along?[View]
111714845Merry christmas anon![View]
111711107Bananas in Pyjamas are coming down the stairs...[View]
111715356What could have been...[View]
111713974PPG's one-time villains were infinitely better than the trash that got promoted to recurring ch…[View]
111670172PPG Thread: What would be the best direction to take for a good Powerpuff Girls reboot? Also, does a…[View]
111714075comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting November 27, 2019: Previous threads: htt…[View]
111706546ITT: /co/ image you relate too.[View]
111703443>Don’t get married. >I wasn’t gonna. >Good. Don’t. ITT: Times Family Guy accurately parodi…[View]
111714415SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: ALIEN REALITY variant covers: 7 alternate covers in total >In addition to th…[View]

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