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108240272Traditional animation always will look the best. 3D looks like crap and tween animation is an abomin…[View]
108240574Rumble Jaw: new CN show that we literally know nothing about: source comes from this site http://igg…[View]
108235526Liking these girls is a proof of patrician taste.[View]
108238657Remember when Loss was about actual jokes and not just autistic pattern recognition?[View]
108239570What would dating a hero be like /co/? Would it be the ultimate waifu experience or a complete night…[View]
108235520Disney's Tarzan 20th Anniversary: Today is the 20th Anniversary of Disney's Tarzan[View]
108240441*LOOMS OVER YOU*: pathetic.[View]
108236900What if these 3 were one single character?[View]
108238749Happy belated 10 yaer anniversary to cn real: Did /co/ talk about it on the 16th ? I wasn’t here…[View]
108239722Disney fucking sucks. I hate them and I want them to die.[View]
108236696Behold, Perry the Platypus, my Feed-and-Seed-Inator! You like it? I got it from a guy named Sneed af…[View]
108211880This is Kamala Khan. Say something to comfort her[View]
108237854Yhwach shows up in the setting of the last /co/ related thing you watched or read. What happens?[View]
108229218>show ends with Dipper rejecting his dream job to waste his time in the public school system beca…[View]
108238521have you ever agreed with a villain's ideology /co/?[View]
108232344Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny: Season two is coming out July 5th. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
108239833Itt: non-/co/ characters that would make great Batman villains https://youtube.com/watch?v=NSQZqVsaK…[View]
108221786Moms vs Dads: Which side would win in a men vs women Survivor style episode?[View]
108239426Why Is Flash Conservative?[View]
108230551Symbiote Thread: Venom has cute feet edition[View]
108237219Why are kids in cartoons always drawn down to be midget sized?[View]
108235898Do you like the Disney theme parks? I just got back from EPCOT and Mulan flossed at me. I had to tel…[View]
108227063>character is a cute, naive, innocent and idealistic young heroine >she dresses in a thong bot…[View]
108238712Who could beat them?[View]
108224690>You can get blacklisted from the animation industry from critizing cartoons This can't be s…[View]
108239347If Reed=Dr.Light and Doom=Dr.Wily, then who is Doom's Zero, who Dr.Wily's greatest creatio…[View]
108239301BOBO NO![View]
108233871https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsVYETqTmac >What about Captain Marvel? >Don't invoke her…[View]
108236174>X-Men >There are several women on the team…[View]
108239240/sci/ and /co/: This is pretty awesome, there was a science and comics convention to /co/llaborate t…[View]
108239235>characters get into flying vehicle >'do you know how to fly this thing ?'…[View]
108239104Smithers, who is that queer dandiprat sullying my forum 'thread'?[View]
108238910I forgot this was even a thing. was it any good?[View]
108228179Crossover thread?[View]
108221977FUCK the Starks[View]
108238719What's his full name again?[View]
108238202How would Arjuna Alter fare in the DCU?[View]
108238328So what's the deal with the giant penny and t-rex?[View]
108232886DuckTales? More like Yuck, It's Stale![View]
108223271Superman thread: lets have a comfy Superman thread, try to keep negativity to a minimum, post >Fa…[View]
108238045She's pregnant.[View]
108238322How did a kids cartoon end up with the best couple on TV right now?[View]
108226616MARVEL NETFLIX: https://www.vulture.com/2019/06/marvel-netflix-shows-what-went-wrong.html >For on…[View]
108235146oh dear..[View]
108222084Ludi Lin And Ross Butler Eyed For Marvel Studios' SHANG-CHI: http://thathashtagshow.com/2019/06…[View]
108214836WAIFU THREAD[View]
108211977But seriously what gender is Stevonnie?[View]
108229777WebMs & Gifs thread.[View]
108238031Best Girl: Chel Best Guy: ???[View]
108235075Monsters Inc Laugh Factory Sid Arc Storytime[View]
108235684im really loving this run[View]
108236356How would they fare in the DCEU?[View]
108210003What was he thinking here?[View]
108233662Making aSupervillain for ms marvel kamala khan.: 'One type attracts another, similar type. Gods agai…[View]
108234682Warner Bros. Developing A Red Hood Movie?: >Sources close to We Got This Covered have confirmed t…[View]
108230828Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: >Hoooot Soooouuuuup![View]
108237771Sanaa Lathan is the new voice of Catwoman in the adult Harley Quinn show. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
108237710Why did Blob have pink hair?[View]
108236795If western IP's were creator-owned instead of company-owned like they are in Japan, would stuff…[View]
108231395SpongeBob SquarePants just turned 20. What’s your favorite episode, /co/?[View]
108236824What are some good villain-led comic series?[View]
108231773Is Mao Mao the only good cartoon we have to look forward to this year? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
108236242Can Superman ingest Kryptonite without dying?[View]
108237621How old is wolverine supposed to look?[View]
108233975>Amazon has signaled to producers that it is no longer interested in developing new projects aime…[View]
108225801>big character dies >oh shit >one year later >jk lol What's the point of comics? It…[View]
108221130>it will never be shown in the U.S. >you will never get an English dub >Disney would immedi…[View]
108237115I'd love to have Power Girl as my girlfriend. Are there any negative sides to it?[View]
108235742Here's your gameplay, bro.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnvRLn2pbtg[View]
108232725Ben 10: Why did they try to replace XLR8?[View]
108231515I'm just getting into comics. Do you guys mainly buy physical or digital?[View]
108237182How does Hawkman's reincarnation work: I'm interested in the character thanks to all the t…[View]
108234408Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
108222590Cursed /co/ related images[View]
108234979What? Hulk and Black Widow are in love? Where did THAT come from? was there something in the tv show…[View]
108232534Why do male fans despise shipping so much? >it's self-indulgent and delusional so is having …[View]
108232740Jessica Jones: Is that line definition of the 3 season? What went wrong?[View]
108236606>Character doesn't believe in magic and instead finds logical explanations for the events ar…[View]
108236567what the fuck is her and the other newly uncorrupted gems jobs? Just be a spiker topaz?[View]
108236468I really really REALLY love ATLA. it is my favorite TV show of all time. Should I even give this a c…[View]
108233695Are they gonna use the old DC logo?[View]
108228804This is a Schway thread. For Schway posts only. Take all un-schway things and other schwarbage somew…[View]
108234484How would you have improved the final boss fight for pic related?[View]
108235077Classic meme aside, is the 60s spiderman any good?[View]
108232520We’re getting a new Local58 this month What does /co/ think of Local58? https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
108236273>female breasts with nipples >characters getting openly drunk >evolution >literally Sata…[View]
108236216Top Tier Tropes: >The most intimidating member of the evil organization is a bro/the nicest membe…[View]
108228125Reminder that the people who hate King’s Batman and Catwoman are insecure men who can’t handle when …[View]
108233947A while back I stumbled onto a Gravity Falls AMV that used the Panic! at the Disco song 'Turn Off Th…[View]
108233533>it's a character discover the true nature of his universe and breaks the fourth wall episod…[View]
108235992>2019 I'm forgotten[View]
108235978'Mysterio's gonna be a good guy in Far From Hom-'[View]
108233615SUCK MY BALLS! >succ mai bawls? SUK MEYE BALZ![View]
108236041How would you rewrite this ?: Re write her character[View]
108233627>Cries for DECADES about getting to continue his Miracleman run. >A lawyers from Marvel finall…[View]
108226824Are kids making cartoons on the internet anymore?[View]
108235952Your favorite story focused cartoon and SoL/MotW cartoon get a crossover with each other. How does i…[View]
108232721How do most non-mutants-superheroes see mutants in 616?[View]
108233336The 90s Nick geometrical pseudo-soviet style is just as bad and artless as the Calarts style As a ma…[View]
108228782Why Batman has such a big family? Isn't he supposed to be a loner and a bad person?[View]
108234836How would he and his army/Omnidroids fare in Marvel or DC?[View]
108232837Eh... could be worse[View]
1082257412019, I am forgotten...[View]
108230359When I was a kid and saw this poster, I almost flipped my shit. I don't know if I've ever …[View]
108212343Hey psst, anon, I have son Best Girl here, real premium stuff, wanna try?[View]
108234366I miss it, lads..[View]
108234386ITT: Favorite TNBA Revamps: The revamps of most of the designs were a mixed bag, some where good, ot…[View]
108235266>>108124254 WTH is Knull's deal (endgame)? Can somebody please 'chronology project…[View]
108235240Villanoinous: Was a Villainous an actuall series or just one full episodes and short?[View]
108232204How do we save DC from WB?[View]
108233447Okay, so about the nick names Ben gives his alien forms. So it makes sense that a 10 year old would …[View]
108230993Busted Live Action feat. Dan Povenmire: Is /co/ aware this is a thing? https://youtu.be/Y8IBMucNAOY…[View]
108233982who could beat him?[View]
108138563Transformers #7 Storytime: In which the story finally continues after last flashback, the art change…[View]
108234830Futurama: What did Leela tell Bender?[View]
108210657Billy and Mandy: What do you think of Mandy?[View]
108234371how do I make a disney princess fighter without getting C&D by disney?[View]
108205016*ruins your show*[View]
108225268Disney pair critics to make people think it was bad[View]
108231694Jew characters[View]
108231715Are you excited? I'm about to preorder it. also The Adventure Zone/McElroy Family Thread[View]
108234577Post your top 5 gumball episodes now or else >The Sweaters >The Flakers >The Detective >…[View]
108233641How come Gumball's social media campaign hasn't been done since for other shows? Back in 2…[View]
108153067I FUCKING LOVE TANGLED!!: This is where we talk about Tangled. God I FUCKING love it so much.[View]
108229515How come they've never gotten any real episodes?[View]
108228231Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Get New Series in September from Jim Zub, Lan Medina: >Ma…[View]
108227503Static Thread: Let’s talk about the easily forgotten part of the DCAU, Static. How it was ahead of i…[View]
108233374Does anybody know the source of this image? Also general source thread I guess, post 'em.[View]
108229615post pictures of my wife[View]
108233963Purgatony: This would have worked as a short film or something, I have only seen the first couple of…[View]
108231427What would she say about the MCU costumes?[View]
108232080nickelodeon: How would you save this once decent channel /co/. You have full creative control and su…[View]
108203567Toy Story 4 is at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes: /Ourguy/ is about to make history again.[View]
108210487RWBY is a wasted potential and the series died the moment monty is dead. Im still not giving up abou…[View]
108231518Cartoon you where have see is not for the art styles?[View]
108233541>dinners ready, where's grandpa?[View]
108229105comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting June 12, 2019: > 1. Event Leviathan (…[View]
108228331Name a more kino friendship story.[View]
108229143Peter no, you're a married man. Think of what Uncle Ben would do if he saw you cheating on your…[View]
108231953Hawkman VS Aquaman:: Who Wins?[View]
108231665The DC Universe would be perfect if it combined the CW Universe with the DC Films and made shows/fil…[View]
108232170>lmao just dump all of your insecurities onto the person you like in public and they will magical…[View]
108217210Damn, this show is actually pretty goo-[View]
108231186Tell me a single reason why X-men aren't a sex cult[View]
108229651Why was this dude talking about Thanos mission like dying was some religious thing? Thanos made zero…[View]
108232085What's Hawkman's Personality?: Just angry?[View]
108228727The way I see it, I think she is one of the most complex characters in DC comics, and yet she hardly…[View]
108231417Guys what if Carnage was a girl?[View]
108232432Grant Ward Appreciation Thread: I miss him bros, let's have a thread to the MCU's greatest…[View]
108217399Favorite dead webcomic?[View]
108232460wtf they're GAY???? I always thought they were brothers[View]
108224892Shit End for Rick: > survive for almost 200 issues equaling 5 years in a zombie apocalypse, sever…[View]
108230307Dumbing of Age: g o o n[View]
108232403/co/ Tournament: Theme Song Edition: Gonna keep making these threads until next Monday, when the Bra…[View]
108232095which of the DC Animated Universe shows would you consider the best one?[View]
108218128Any cartoons you wanna see rebooted? How would a rescue rangers reboot work?[View]
108209439Gunnerkrigg Gort: >Chapter 71: Page 28 >Seems regular.…[View]
108227295Did anyone actually watch this show?[View]
108167560How's Your Webcomic? #571: What is your opinion of self-inserts? Where do you think the line be…[View]
108226855Does the MCU have the same impact on society today as StarWars did back in the 80s ?[View]
108231388all dreamwork does is reprise existing songs and insert them in their films they're so lazy the…[View]
108229812What do we have to do to get this movie in theaters, nationwide? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX7…[View]
108218130tfw your entire existence makes it obvious you're the reincarnation of Jean Grey (aka the cosmi…[View]
108216253ITT we post an obscure, hated or otherwise forgotten character and say something nice about them (or…[View]
108215707Do you also live vicariously through shipping between cartoon children?[View]
108229346People who were too young to watch classic Simpsons when it was airing (born 1993 present), what is …[View]
108216960Literally perfect casting: Seriously, the casting in this movie was perfect. She has the smile of a …[View]
108226139CW DC ARROWVERSE BATWOMAN: Hahaha they're really desperate for that batwoman show, the series p…[View]
108228628There was a three year gap between her parents’ deaths and her coronation, so who was ruling the kin…[View]
108230009Devil's Candy: At last the time of hot wolf on frog action is upon us.[View]
108221849The Miraculous Ladybug: I don't get it...[View]
108231887This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no…[View]
108225407New Battle Chasers Comics: https://www.newsarama.com/45640-joe-madureira-says-battle-chasers-10-12-s…[View]
108231167X Men: Just read the first Claremont omnibus, which is #94-131. Also read the Dark Phoenix/Days of F…[View]
108205701Tom Cruise's IRON MAN Movie From 2004: Would you have watched it, /co/? >Inventor Tony Stark…[View]
108231543>Craig McCracken never got to make the Powerpuff Girls / Batman: TAS crossover that he wanted Thi…[View]
108228525Why I believe it's time for an Australian thread[View]
108220612Would have taken Canon Zutara over having LoK existing[View]
108226455So what the fuck was that all about[View]
108227708Cast it.[View]
108227714Predict his future.[View]
108227297soul, soulless[View]
108174963Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
108230704What does /co/ think of the Seven?[View]
108228547Rank them[View]
108223309Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN 4: Since /co/ fooled themselves into believing Marvel was releasing it i…[View]
108230454Now that the dust has settled What was his problem?[View]
108230723SRMTHFG Thread: because of what i was becoming i created you to protect the universe from a great ev…[View]
108230266ITT: Relatable Images.[View]
108228199If I could change one thing about Into the Spider-Verse, I would have had Spider-Man Noir say the pe…[View]
108229788Cast her[View]
108228975Was he really that bad?[View]
108228326I have a number of comic ongoing series.How long are they probably going to stay?: Black Cat,Friendl…[View]
108219937X-O Manowar (2017) Part 1: At long last, the last part of this pointless journey[View]
108228743Hey just found out there's a new Spider-Man show on Disney XD. It worth watching?[View]
108228825Has this ever happened?: Some artist creates some sort of comic, he designs the visual elements and …[View]
108230052Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of June, 2019: Previous threads: https://desuarchi…[View]
108229851Is Suki pretty /co/?[View]
108223217So he’s the best villain from Pixar and Disney’s 3D films, right?[View]
108225130Why are /co/ dolls so cute?[View]
108222759'You can't stay in there forever!' 'I can try.' 'March your butt right out here!' 'No way, man.…[View]
108229656mean-spirited episodes: >that episode when Red tornado wants to learn the true meaning of christm…[View]
108229090>baggy hoody - massive DDs >skin-tight outfit - flat as a board hmm…[View]
108227753What's the Soul Eater of /co/?[View]
108229292Pitch me a good idea for a Wander episode[View]
108227666Uncle Ben: I just realized that Uncle Ben doesnt exists in the MCU, Tony Stark is his uncle ben and …[View]
108216467Post your favourite American Dad jokes >Ethics he wants to talk about. Jewish history is a histor…[View]
108220802>its not 'bladies for ladies'[View]
108228034What does /co/ think about Oswaldo?[View]
108206733Why are the Avatar 'comics' so fucking bad?[View]
108227589Batman White Knight: Does this get any better or is it just as stupid for the rest of the book?…[View]
108225966>exposed to kryptonite and calls it by name >when next exposed to kryptonite, asks 'what is th…[View]
108188056Questionable Content: Oh look, more[View]
108228188You know what would go great with pizza, some raviolis[View]
108227797I want Amanda to sit on my face[View]
108222461But what are his actual powers?[View]
108227703What's his tax policy?[View]
108225704Well, /co/, as you all know, for security reasons, my name is changed daily. Today, you may call me.…[View]
108227724Your favourite sayings from animation: >Hey kid, the house ALWAYS wins…[View]
108227221He can't be serious, right? >Get In The Car, Nerd...Sean Gordon Murphy Is Driving The Comic …[View]
108223240Only a Week til' the BEST Series based off a Comic returns.[View]
108226181This is Riri Williams your new Ironman.[View]
108228399Do you eat?[View]
108223835Marco, my boi![View]
108227210>Arthur has a gay marriage for a main support character >CBS doesn't go on a 'OH LOOK AT …[View]
108227055Shen gong Wu or 12 Talismans?[View]
108223632Early 2011 script for Suicide Squad by Justin Marks https://drive.google.com/file/d/10pBWB9ZPxGo3sr3…[View]
108226830Now that the dust has settled, was she a slut?[View]
108227888How did they keep giving Magneto plots more interesting than what was happening on screen? >Magne…[View]
108222449Commander Clark: A new episode has been uploaded, just when I was preparing to give up: https://www.…[View]
108227857something seems... off.[View]
108227874X-Men vs. Street Fighter: Would you play a new X-Men vs. Street Fighter game with this roster? How w…[View]
108227816What's the most valuable piece of /co/-related memorabilia you own?[View]
108227796An 'owl house' in a magical land? And a witch too! This sounds suspicious enough! Aren't witche…[View]
108225870Buyfag thread? Buyfag thread.[View]
108227705Stark’s Facial Hair: The mustache is outdated, the beard is overplayed, and the goatee is downright …[View]
108223568Why is he so good bros? He is the second character that started out in a Cartoon but then moved into…[View]
108218837Marvel Played us for saps. It was not a Spider-man 4 spinoff comic[View]
108223268Weed Eater[View]
108227476Think of a super hero or villain. Got it? their super identity is now a split personality with powe…[View]
108214842New character designs House of X and Powers of X: With some redacted notes from Hickman. >https:/…[View]
108210827Why couldn't Wanda be the new face of the MCU if we're choosing a woman? She solo Thanos f…[View]
108226367This is literally the best Batman story ever written Change my mind https://readcomiconline.to/Comic…[View]
108225300Both iZombie protagonists are cute! CUTE![View]
108223667It's been 3 hours and 147 days Since you took your love away I go out every night and sleep all…[View]
108221982It didn’t deserve to bomb[View]
108225944Cliffside: I just want Cliffside to be made so we get more of her[View]
108220141https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivlY1n4mGaM Bitchy, life weary milfs with atrocious attitudes are th…[View]
108224356Post for me the strongest /co/ related super genius. Pic probably not related.[View]
108225772>Grrr, I hate Zombie Simpsons because they have way too many celebrity guest sta...…[View]
108223565>Golden Age 1938 to 1956 (18 years) >Silver Age 1956 to 1970 (14 years) >Bronze Age 1970 to…[View]
108226500DC vs. Marvel: which has the cuter boys?[View]
108226698Magic The Gathering series.: Told ya it would be Chandra. Now Jace fags can hate her for a whole new…[View]
108226691Is the Fairy Godmother Cinderella's [ S T A N D ]?: Discuss other characters with STANDs as wel…[View]
108202340fuq the mail monster: Previous thread died, here's another.[View]
108220706Why does even china put effort in its posters but Sony doesn't bother to[View]
108118578I hope season 2 has even better music.[View]
108226236You guys think this episode is why Robin Williams killed himself? Think the thought ever crossed Se…[View]
108222595What was his fucking problem?[View]
108226189Why didn’t Daredevil show up to fight Thanos?[View]
108226144Let's ignore the art style (and the not-so-subtle /pol/ raids going on at this moment) for a mo…[View]
108223288The Sentry MCU: They should cast a nobody. Have The Sentry be his first movie role. >https://www.…[View]
108216227>Start a Spider-Man countdown with the number 4 after widespread public interest renewell in the …[View]
108226254What would you have done if you were in her situation /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsQXHQWA…[View]
108223521Should I start reading Grant Morrisons Doom Patrol or the one by Gerard Way?[View]
108225761Pick three female characters They are now the new Batwoman How does it work out for them?[View]
108209897DUDE SHOWBIZ LMAO[View]
108223412We all know that the last season was a huge let-down, but Can we at least admit that this scene made…[View]
108222298where`s sersi now?[View]
108224421Where's the joke?[View]
108227228Reminder that she kept saying she did her own stunts[View]
108213746we always have Euro animation threads, let's have a south American animation thread for a chang…[View]
108217384can we have a chaotic thread?[View]
108225308Maybe it'll surprise us and be the best cartoon of this year[View]
108224995Superfags stfu: Hawkman beats him[View]
108225652Did they intend it?[View]
108222202>I am Mary Jane[View]
108222201At least we are getting one competent looking Avengers game, after seeing the leaked gameplay I get …[View]
108212854Amphibia: The show just aired its official TV premiere, and new episodes continue all this week. Let…[View]
108223010Seriously? It's one thing (and fine) to care or not about Frozen 2, but to dismiss it because y…[View]
108224196What went right?[View]
108224482Are You Enjoying Hawkman By Robert Venditti?: Buy it it's good![View]
108223433Apart from the internet references being incredibly basic, normie, boomer-accessible bullshit, this …[View]
108223851So what would some of the modern Marvel heroes/villains like Deadpool, Kamala, etc. and the lesser f…[View]
108224428What the f**k is this nigger's f**king problem?[View]
108224919UM, EXCUSE ME? TWIN TOWERS IN MANHATTAN? This is so offensive I don't even have words. My fathe…[View]
108224438Remember that breadwinners episode where the protagonists gave accidentally her friend a triple choc…[View]
108223754Achewood: Anyone have the subscriber comics from webcomicsnation? Site went down a few years ago and…[View]
108224083Best couple in the MCU: Fitz is one of the best characters in the MCU, movies or television[View]
108224800Any cartoons that are lost forever?: I actually grew up with Nanalan, I remember a song going 'Nana …[View]
108222582Totally Spies!: Your fetish-induced show returns to national television on Universal Kids, coming ne…[View]
108224697Final Space S2: One more week. You watching?[View]
108223351You have competition from Netflix, Disney+, Apple+ and sometimes there are casualties. >Amazon Pr…[View]
108223498Tiny Bad Wolf has been given a new name. In France, at least. It's now Les Contes de Lupin. It…[View]
108149950/shelf/: Post/discuss recent purchases, shelves, collections, current reading, etc. Don't know …[View]
108209461Why did it take me so long to realize that Dee Snider provided the voice for the Duke of Detroit?[View]
108224453Would you?[View]
108223446I have to admit, if the rest of the Asgardians actually have actors who made an effort on their acce…[View]
108222814Batman VS Hawkman:: Who Wins?[View]
108223967If you want to watch an animated movie that, for just a few minutes, fills you with the most intense…[View]
108222237Avengers: Endgame: I finally saw this movie tonight. They were making a big deal about not disturbin…[View]
108222652Thoughts on Hydro-Man and his power?[View]
108219386NWAR: Holy shit, how the hell is this little web series so underrated? This is gold. https://www.you…[View]
108220221How do you guys feel about the 'novelization' (for lack of a better term) of comics? Comic…[View]
108223218Perfect boys don't exis---[View]
108223315Do you think Vin Diesel's jumping ship on Marvel? It really does look like he's attempting…[View]
108222537>it's a foot grinder episode[View]
108221546Darkness swallowing us Into its nether black void For that should we make a fuss? Who can say? In th…[View]
108222797I just started watching this and I'm actually enjoying it: So when does it get bad?[View]
108215317/co/ Tournament: Theme Song Edition: I don’t actually have an idea of what shows to include, so go a…[View]
108222894What was the shittiest joke in a cartoon that actually made you laugh[View]
108223640Annoying question: does the Vision/Scarlet Witch story from Avengers #0 (where Vision erases his emo…[View]
108222359>Infinity War: “Stark... I hope they remember you” >Endgame: “I’m going to destroy this univer…[View]
108221081why peter dumb but stewie smart[View]
108220090Will comics become popular again or will we forever be in the second dark age?[View]
108223528Sengoku Catwoman[View]
108219912give me your own Suicide Squad line up. (not the most powerful one but what characters would make fo…[View]
108221928Is Richard Watterson a NEET? If So, Should NEETs Have this Lifestyle (I.E; Having a Wife)?[View]
108222711Is Jason worse than Donna Troy?[View]
108213656What if Coop was Steven’s dad?: What would change[View]
108223121Did you find Waldo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPZiAXR5Q5I[View]
108223344first impressions: >DUDE WHAT IF CRICKET WAS A FROG LMAO should I even continue watching?…[View]
108219879Redpill me on The Boys Trailer looks okish. but is it just /co/sponsered SJWness masquerading as gri…[View]
108221426Why are some super-villains written off as lame and pathetic losers who can never amount to more? W…[View]
108222813Is the original one better? SMILE.[View]
108222753Oh Ashi...: I wish you were real :( so i can cuddle you and be happy....*cries in pillow*[View]
108215032Girls like Transformers: What the fuck, /co/, I read someone claiming this, but never actually thoug…[View]
108222649How many lives have copyright laws claimed?[View]
108223145ITT Funniest Moments in Cartoon History[View]
108201199>1990s >people complained about how cartoons were only nasty and vulgar and how they tried to …[View]
108223026DC/MARVEL/DUNNO: I need help finding a specific villain I remember him from an episode i watched of …[View]
108214325Who’s the most tolerable?: Snyder, King or Bendis? For me it’s Snyder, he can do cool shit at least…[View]
108220038JSA Storytime: Gen13: Good evening owls, more time shenanigans maybe?[View]
108221931Pitch your idea on how you would do a Silver Surfer solo movie in MCU.[View]
108219143So, is there any character with powers similar to [STANDS] ? I only know about Jakeem Thunder and Ne…[View]
108222271Puppets Thread: Puppets thread now![View]
108155529The new episodes of Summer Camp Island are out on a few platforms. Can I get some thoughts on them? …[View]
108220424Jsa thread[View]
108222617Why was Thanos so skinny in the first avengers movie?[View]
108214003She has red hair now bros. There's no going back[View]
108216621What went wrong?[View]
108221752Why's he so cool[View]
108212379How does it feel knowing this show killed OK KO?[View]
108222523Ok faggots its time, fuck 'hurrr I don't read big two' you can only pick one to read for rest o…[View]
108211830Were you a Nickelodeon kid or a Cartoon Network kid?[View]
108216539Any good Kaiju comics?: Well you gay boys got some good shit or what.[View]
108220936Remember when Cartoon Network mocked the hell out of Disney XD shortly after the network launched? T…[View]
108222378howd i do[View]
108217374Is this accurate, and do either J’onn and Alec really count?[View]
108220915What are your thoughts on the widely-acclaimed independent comic book series Sonichu?[View]
108196641Remember when Burton's Batman just killed The Joker because he already killed hundreds of peopl…[View]
108218474Cast them.[View]
108217329how the fuck did they get away with this?[View]
108215216Where were you when Amazon saved Cape Kino?[View]
108211956Post your predictions. I unironically predict that Aang will be black. That katara will be white. An…[View]
108220616just imagine...[View]
108214700Reminder that a SATam creation appeared in a Sonic game[View]
108214135Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse: We can take it easy at the dreamhouse. https://megaupload.nz/54pd7…[View]
108222035I would ship Red Skull with Adam Warlock. Red Skull should be the one who turns him purple. But it d…[View]
108220107We are coming back from hiatus early on Wednesday. See you then.[View]
108214819Right now, what's the best network for a cartoon? I'm between Disney and Cartoon Network[View]
108221938If I could change one thing about Into the Spider-Verse, I would have had Spider-Man Noir say the pe…[View]
108214709Reminder Batman wants to fuck his own mom.[View]
108219685Alfred Alfer and Emily Youcis thread: WE LOVE ALFRED! WE TREASURE HIM ABOVE ALL! WE KISS HIS BOO-BOO…[View]
108218718'Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda' series in September by Jim Zub: Starring Black Panther, Wa…[View]
108216308Dance Of 100 Smurfs: II's that time of the year: time to perform dance of 100 smurfs. each anon…[View]
108221019David Mack: Why does he not really get talked about all that much in comic circles? I find him to be…[View]
108220446Plot the final episode[View]
108217985From my understanding, Peters powers come from his connection with the spider totem ( Please correct…[View]
108211138Continuing John Campbell's webcomic 'Pictures for Sad Children'. If you've read it before …[View]
108215895Jesus christ does this bitch ever stop complaining?[View]
108221366Just saw these, thought they were fun.[View]
108220952I'm out of touch with Arsenal since new 52. How's my boy doing?[View]
108202586For me, it's Foxtrot, the best Sunday morning comic strip[View]
108217045is it better to hire a fan, or someone who's never experienced the property before? think caref…[View]
108176454this is still the best thing to come out of Endgame.[View]
108221054Am I the only one who likes Season 3 more than Season 2. The good episodes of Season 2 are gold, of …[View]
108218497What are some characters that can defeat pentachad?[View]
108220430Does any animated show have a future on Fox? >Written by DuVall, Crittenden and Allan, Therapy Do…[View]
108218105Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your weekend?[View]
108220286ITT: Good cartoon villains.[View]
108220640ITT: We pick a /co/ character and we give him/her a theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gDt…[View]
108220603Jonah A VeggieTales Movie: Anybody else see this? I was surprised at how much depth they gave the c…[View]
108211433Tom and Jerry: is there no Blu ray collection that contains all episodes of Tom and Jerry? couldn…[View]
108215228This is...garbage: When will Bendis go away[View]
108208813Aquaman: This was actually a great comic book movie.[View]
108219905Has there ever been a cartoon with the jock as the maincharacter, or he was at least given a charact…[View]
108219792>'I'd F Thor, marry Iron Man and kill Hulk.' >Dates this…[View]
108217633Get a job? Were they serious? I didn't realize it at the time, but a little bit of my childhood…[View]
108218492Here’s your mcu MJ, bro[View]
108219002The Wonder Twins: >Batman is 75 issues of padded shit >Superman falls victim to BENDIS >Sny…[View]
108220005So...this is Jean and Bishop's daughter, right?[View]
108212157Cartoons Never Told You This: Her pouch is NOT for you to ride on[View]
108219138Gumball doing the Fornite dance: Is there another cartoon with EPIC references?[View]
108218570Funky Kong's sun glasses: Twas stronger than me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMRWLuFXVEM…[View]
108218574Would your favorite hero be disappointed in your life choices?[View]
108217407So: I dont normally post ob /co/ due to the surplus of capeshit. But anyone want to talk about this …[View]
108214365Pewdiepie on Marvel movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7mc3TygO4 Do you agree with him?…[View]
108209874Fellas what went wrong[View]
108216223How was it?[View]
108218719Best Female Villains: Any competitors?[View]
108211801party party sudan party party sudan party in sudan sudan party sudan party party in sudan[View]
108218354now that there's only 4 issues left to go, how do you guys feel about East of West? Do you thin…[View]
108219343Is she a stacy?[View]
108206080So the Eternals... ... ... ...the fuck is Marvel Studios going to do to get these nobodies popular? …[View]
108216984Werewolf Jones from MM&O: Okay /co/, what the fuck was his problem? Why was he such an asshole?…[View]
108215551So, you think ADHD Babs is still gonna get shot and turned into oracle?[View]
108218638>it’s a special episode/movie >a whole bunch of side characters and some main characters get c…[View]
108217544>boy MC cartoons are finishing up >all upcoming cartoons have girl leads >the most recent t…[View]
108169305Looney Tunes 2019: Last one reached bump limit. NEW Looney Tunes preview short is out and it's …[View]
108213702How strong is Venom?[View]
108214768Who was in the wrong here?[View]
108219514Could Batman beat and occupy the whole country of Vietnam during the cold wars?[View]
108207309Fuck off sue[View]
108216489Favorite /co/ movie thread: Pic highly related for me, this is a new perfect movie for me. The humor…[View]
108216410Heathcliff has a mustache.[View]
108219560Why is Disney easing the greatest Bi icon in animation?[View]
108217903Why don’t any writers use Solaris the Tyrant Sun more often?[View]
108207411How is having 75 golden camels impressive?[View]
108218491Go to her steven, shes waiting[View]
108204275Zack Snyder reveals Darkside[View]
108219238Discussion: What are /co/s thoughts on James Woods Owlman?[View]
108210782She's the only woman who understands him She's been Batman's friend longer than anyon…[View]
108218540desu this should have been the endgame[View]
108197214Lilo is HOT.[View]
108219126ZIM's going to cry in the Florpusovir, ain't he?[View]
108211288.EXE/men: Would a Cyberpunk X-Men AU work? If yes, how would you do it? What characters would you fo…[View]
108212044Is there any hope for season 3? Why'd it have to die when Steven Universe continues to live?[View]
108215763Young Justice Outsiders: The second half of season 3 should be back soon, right? Are you prepared to…[View]
108218935So thanos lifts right? How else could he get those muscles? Does he have a private gym?[View]
108217393Why am I so bad at art?[View]
108218698Could the ghostly wail from Danny Phantom damage a Kryptonian? On account of it being a supernatural…[View]
108207805Is this the worst cartoon to ever have weekly 500 post threads on /co/? There was an entire fucking …[View]
108201221what did they mean by this[View]
108212767ITT: Weird cartoon commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPcZHtRYipk[View]
108210829>Had the entire Justice league under their controle So they know the secret identity of all the h…[View]
108217657Cyberpunk Iron Man: Why has nobody done this? 2020 kinda counts, but even then he’s been rarely give…[View]
108211426What’d you think?[View]
108214050What if the Black Panther was a white woman?[View]
108214759What would he look like wearing a symbiote?[View]
108213587How does /co/ feel about Poonstruck?[View]
108216563Golden Age: Why don't Marvel use their Golden Age characters that much?[View]
108216066Why does no one ever seem to mention how X-men work pretty well as a allegory for gun owners/gun rig…[View]
108217395Where do i start?[View]
108217195MU super villains who at the end of the day actions make things better after they are loss?: Movie u…[View]
108215156Welcome to the Wayne: I enjoyed this show, anyone else here watch it? Also, apparently this show fi…[View]
108209547Legion thread[View]
108216527Why people hate those 2 so much? I saw a lot of comments wishing them dead for good and that they ma…[View]
108217392This scene with the extreme Close-Up of Lisa face for no reason has always bugged me, it gives me a …[View]
108216148IIT: Dub openings superior than the English version: And other non-english / non American intros htt…[View]
108217387Doge comics?[View]
108215455>Creative >Well choreographed >Good animation Can we agree that the Chicken fights are a h…[View]
108214021DUDE: Hey dude, what if... like, drugs?[View]
108208201Why is unnecessary text in webcomics so common? It seems like every comedic webcomic these days is t…[View]
108215272Could I actually pester you around and ask for some recommendations? Started reading with New 52 and…[View]
108212687How ugly do you like your Jonah Hex to be?[View]
108216923Never got into[View]
108216933was he an incel? could he had not get married and have kids the natural way?[View]
108217156Will we EVER read the end of Miracleman?[View]
108186327does /co/ like Hellcat?[View]
108216027so when is this coming out?[View]
108201982ITT: Adult cartoons everyone forgot about[View]
108176050Why is Hawkman so unpopular?[View]
108216949There are so many Green Lanterns now Can anyone tell me which one this is?[View]
108210486Best Webcomic?: Never been a furry, never will be. But this may be the best webcomic I've ever…[View]
108205681So you have a cartoon pitch for me?[View]
108214685What the FUCK was this face supposed to be expressing?[View]
108214176I recently watched The Dark Knight Returns and really enjoyed it, Its obviously the culmination of a…[View]
108213668Spiderman 4 Comic Adaptation: Are you hyped for this?[View]
108216554Why doesn't Batman kill Jason?[View]
108211391I'm looking to get more into the wonderful world of comics and capeshit. What's your favor…[View]
108208680Transformers the Movie >Optimus and others are killed off, and are replaced by then literal who…[View]
108180641ITT: Sum up your life in a single /co/-related image[View]
108211465How was in the wrong here ?[View]
108216181jesus juice: they drop in the last cartoon/comic ,who do they save?[View]
108213153>I'm walking you out so that I know that you're safe. And if there is a door, I am open…[View]
108201163I think the x-man should be running the unity squad.: Whenever they can , including when there'…[View]
108205280VENOM: It was actually pretty fun. Needed to flesh out the Eddie/Venom bond a little more, but I gue…[View]
108208512Water thread?[View]
108213564I've been reading comics for over twenty years and I have no idea what Dr. Dooms powers are[View]
108207857ok/ko: (tiger roar)[View]
108207498>sozin and roku were born on the exact same day What is Sozin was the Avatar and not Roku?…[View]
108215552ITT: Good boys that are bad[View]
108187416Gravity Falls aired seven years ago today.[View]
108213628Showing a character's culture: How to do it right? How to do it wrong?[View]
108192816Owl house worries: >sample line ”No one liked me back home, no one likes me here. I’m never getti…[View]
108212567She's my favourite character in the series. And it's because she puts on a nice accent. Wh…[View]
108214286Please help me: Recently rewatched KotH on Hulu and finished all the episodes. I swear there was an …[View]
108213300>be Batman >World's Greatest Detective >don't realize that your arch-enemy, the J…[View]
108214153One of these. I'll start: I've been reading comics for over twenty years and I have no ide…[View]
108207746Lesson 1 : Never run from a Wolf!: Woof. Woof[View]
108212636The foreshadowing in the first film is truly brilliant and frightening.[View]
108210122You can tell with this that the animation director so, so did not want to show Marge and Lisa in the…[View]
108212535>Never send an Iron Man to do an Iron Woman’s job A little on the nose I thought…[View]
108207631It's going to be terrible.[View]
108212866ITT; Shows that haven'r aged well[View]
108213598>And you're next line i- oh wait, wrong show[View]
108213840Anybody here read Judas? It’s basically Jesus Christ Superstar fanfic.[View]
108213225how based was he?[View]
108214048Alright, rabbit. Where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?[View]
108213726Terra is for forgiving![View]
108208782Thoughts on new joker: What you guys think will this guy save dc or what?[View]
108213815I SAY “MUTIE” YOU SAY “SCUM” MUTIE![View]
108211490https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/06/16/joe-madureira-battle-chasers-10-12-image-anthology/ >Have…[View]
108194531Cartoon intros that are pure fire: Doesn't matter the quality of the show, if the intro was awe…[View]
108210636>one day i will ask you back a favor and you just do it Was that a godfather reference?…[View]
108152553Villainous Pilot: Am I the only one who thought she was cute?[View]
108207765Unsounded: Good fucking job Jon, you principled faggot[View]
108205786>opens with a scene that takes place in the 1970s involving a tragic car accident with 3 family m…[View]
108213617What is the current canon origin of the Justice League? Who were the founding members? It can't…[View]
108212194Love this: https://youtu.be/N7nJaSsjq_Q[View]
108210614The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt is cute…[View]
108211383JUSTICE LEAGUE by MONKEY PUNCH: SuperFujiko to the Rescue.[View]
1082072852019.....16 Years Later.....and I have yet to be topped.....[View]
108196543This should be its own series[View]
108212701>character is disfigured due to an acid attack >is called “two face” because of it Isn’t this …[View]
108211694Why was Hank Pym so despised? Is he gone for good?[View]
108210402How come there never was an animated TV series of The Phantom outside of Phantom 2040? It's one…[View]
108208709objectively flawless opening lyrics: Who's gonna help when the ginger overwhelms and the meaaf …[View]
108213396Do you think they could get away with casting danny devito as steven universe[View]
108210574Is this the best Moon Knight comic out there?[View]
108204065>Low-budget television franchise is highly popular, about to have their own Endgame-style event. …[View]
108213147She-Ra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reqhrbXyNzc it's a new short with the two worst charact…[View]
108210014Predict the full slate of the next MCU saga in no particular order: Eternals trilogy Shang-Chi trilo…[View]
108212344What comic reader do you guys use? I want something that remembers what issue I was up to and doesn…[View]
108213069'but Chuckie if we don't go faster how are we supposed to get a ticket??'[View]
108204326Since there’s infinite universes and timelines, is this technically canon?[View]
108210974The Enforcer: ... Why?[View]
108211760>/co/ is not talking about this kino What the fuck is wrong with you[View]
108211901Why is Lizzie Mcguire the best thing that happened in the early 2000s ?[View]
108211884Hey /co/, fellow /co/mrade here in need of assistance. I have a group of girls that are interested i…[View]
108210416Redeemed villains[View]
108210153/co/ What's your thoughts on Bheem.: This character is Bheem from Chhota Bheem(lit.Little Bheem…[View]
108212489What if?: Tony Stark becomes Captain America.[View]
108210787>tfw we don't live in the timeline where Walt Disney made The Snow Queen after Sleeping Beau…[View]
108211963Was it kino?[View]
108207683What If: But really, why Wolverine? Also: What are your favorite What If books? Mine are this and In…[View]
108212465Hey eter. Got something for me?[View]
108212287Anyone else remember this game? Also /co/ games thread[View]
108212063Galactus: About Galactus being the last survivor of the previous universe, was it like in Futurama w…[View]
108212267Attention, the fake health inspector had been caught, here is his picture If a health inspector came…[View]
108212203>cartoon youtuber >rantsona >reviews easy target 'hilariously shitty animated movies' inste…[View]
108211619Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
108209688A lot of people are into Batman x Wonder Woman But what about the time Batman BECAME Wonder Woman[View]
108210143Marvel Studios' New Mutants in the MCU: Disney pushed New Mutants back again by 8 Months and Da…[View]
108205678Yo fryman,check dis out. The friggen WORLD.[View]
108211979discontinued channel: What happened with Animated James (aka REDACTED)? Is he ok? Did that fart-furr…[View]
108205418What was the 1st CBM you saw in Cinemas?[View]
108211411Thunderbolts: She's 1000% right, y'know. World domination is fucking stupid. Also, Karla …[View]
108210966Would a PG-13 Marvel Studios Moon Knight movie work?[View]
108211428100% necessary pages[View]
108199625/co/ reaction thread: Post 'em[View]
108206976This was so underrated. I can't believe people haven't seen this.[View]
108210324So how does this rank in the Laika canon? I'm thinking about watching it this week as soon as I…[View]
108209359Let's fix Snyder's DCEU: He's a Project clone[View]
108209622Should he get his own show? (Real life, not in-universe)[View]
108199563whats your opinion on Zeta[View]
108210703>girl is massively obsessed with a boy >boy is very much creeped out by it >potential rela…[View]
108209271Immortal Hulk: What went right?[View]
108210173DC Comics Used to Smuggle Crystal Meth into Australia: >Gold Coast police have shut down the Aust…[View]
108208069Batgirl thread: Who is the best Batgirl and why is Cassandra Cain?[View]
108206646anyone notice that ping's got some fine ass?[View]
108209706DoomsdayClock 10[View]
108208822I'd like to apologize to /co/ for besmirching Garth Ennis' good name. After giving him a 1…[View]
108194157why is she so big[View]
108208406Hypothetically speaking, if Disney somehow gets the solo movie rights to Namor back, how would you m…[View]
108199510CN Father's day: Who is your favorite Cartoon Network dad, /co/?[View]
108208055>series is buried with her[View]
108208673Cute fly[View]
108207951So what's the /co/nsensus on Steven Universe? I'm still on S1 and honestly other than a fe…[View]
108206751There's been an uptick in caveman cartoons recently, with shows like Rocky Kwaterner, Patapwal …[View]
108205757>Gets an amazing game >Spiderverse happens and its great >Becomes new face of mcu alongside…[View]
108187212Terrible decision, terrible writing: Reminder that Batman is responsible for almost all of the Joker…[View]
108209220So does 'cartoonist-driven' means 'no plot'?[View]
108204586>'We can't spray the Wiggies with water, they're made of chalk. Water will erase them f…[View]
108205784>it's a Dora episode[View]
108206292When Hydra members say “Hail Hydra”... What, or who are they actually hailing? A person? Who? An ide…[View]
108206165So how do i read this in not-shit quality?[View]
10819546210/10 alt costumes[View]
108207017I called it a while ago but it keeps being more true with every reveal. >Sam Raimi originally pla…[View]
108207934The Bellybuttons vol 8: Does anyone know what happened to this? OR where to read it? I havent been o…[View]
108208585What are the secrets of scary people, exactly?[View]
108206850I still get teary-eyed 9 years later[View]
108205914Well then, as the challenged, I choose the battlefield. I assert Reality.[View]
108208014Would you?[View]
108205148Is X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Finally Vindicated?: >Great cast >Good character interactions >Sol…[View]
108209631Bullshit death battles: What was going on in their head when they made this? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
108162346Victor and Valentino S01E20 - A New Don: https://mega.nz/#!IW4zhKiB!LrKVfD3yLJvPoItqdYPWJha4W8m0aOQ9…[View]
108209018Why does the Transformers opening sequence say, 'More than Meats DI'? Who is Meats DI? Does he appea…[View]
108207506I miss the show[View]
108199944Canon nudity thread.[View]
108205712Characters mounting other characters: Am I the only one who thinks it's adorable to see small c…[View]
108206154PSA: free /co/ movies on yt: just in case anybody’s interested youtube movies will let you watch the…[View]
108200619How would Solomon fare in the DCU?[View]
108207775Why did they lose all cultural power/relevance? In the 90s they were still huge despite it having be…[View]
108183768TMNT thread. Discuss the cartoons, movies, and all that good stuff. Fave turtle? Fave artists? Fave …[View]
108173167>episode 69 >locks door >shuts window blinds >turns phone off >turns intercom link of…[View]
108199136Pages you only ever see posted out of context and in bad faith[View]
108206789UNCA HANK?!?[View]
108206527Who was in the wrong here?[View]
108204266Retcons: Guess Carol is happy that her mom wasn't one of the blue ones.[View]
108207965Why do we hate Agents of SHIELD again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41bMESCMBpA[View]
108209048who is the biggest Stacy among superheroes or villains?[View]
108179897CHECK ME OUT! No seriously! Check me out![View]
108207387ITT: /co/ dabs[View]
108178831Disney uploaded the first two episodes of Amphibia to their YouTube channel. Well /co/, what's …[View]
108207628>A good cook >doesn't take spider-man beating him personal >likes to fight >congrat…[View]
108198485Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: Hmm...I don't know why... but I think we need another Oswald thread?…[View]
108206123Pixar: How long until Pixar makes a movie about Divorce?[View]
108206619You can always tell when the writer of something doesn't have kids or didn't have siblings…[View]
108206191ITT: Characters introduced later that turned out better than expected[View]
108197405G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #263 STORYTIME (This was one of the only things this week that didn…[View]
108198955Zachary Levi Reveals When Shazam! 2 Plans To Start Filming: >The actor said scriptwriting for the…[View]
108206748100% nessicary pages[View]
108200597BoyStar / Trap Marco Thread?[View]
108208062So why were they seen as the core Avengers?[View]
108207721The man that saved cartoons[View]
108203461>There was a time above... a time before. There were perfect things... diamond absolutes. How thi…[View]
108207834>Tigger took a long sniff of the open air, having been nearly fifteen years since the last time h…[View]
108206810Daaamn son Superman is confirmed to be the literal center of the metaverse and by extension the mult…[View]
108203828Who is Bruce’s favorite robin?[View]
108205212Gotta ask, can we talk about chinese cartoons here on /co/. I know there's a no anime policy bu…[View]
108203968Well, /co/, would you?[View]
108206225Which of the Cancelled THE FLASH Movie Would You Rather See?: David Goyer's THE FLASH. >Barr…[View]
108203504>Jackie wasn't a mermaid, but a lesbian What was the point of foreshadowing mermaid stuff th…[View]
108200512nu ducktales thread[View]
108200228Have you ever noticed Gumball & Harvey Girls both share similar personalities in their character…[View]
108197238Why is Thanos so beloved in the LGBT community? Several gay bars in my city have pics of him on the …[View]
108204972Mufasa was a bigoted, racist, cishet, toxic male that enforced racial segregation, building walls an…[View]
108205969Still the coolest superhero ever. Change my mind.[View]
108196923>>2 weeks until Spider-Man Far From Home >>No real sense of hype or buzz building around…[View]
108203501what does /co/ think about The Ultimate universe ? I'm barely halfway through , finished the cl…[View]
108203991>Severley enhanced Durability thanks to some Asgardian Wolf dicking >Killed by some average no…[View]
108198487/wanda/ - General!: > Opinion on her last comic series? > If she was to get another series wha…[View]
108207339What did they mean by this? New Tobey Maguire film?[View]
108207371can someone shoop this with rdj instead of krusty?[View]
108207292I unironically love all the dialog from the Frost Giants in Squirrel Girl.[View]
108205457In honor of Father’s Day, let’s discuss the two characters who each willfully decided to deprive a k…[View]
108205289The Music Meister sings the song that /co/ wants to hear![View]
108207195/co/lympic games 2019: and we are back to the /co/lympic games! this year opening event is the alwa…[View]
108191078What was the first Disney movie you saw in theatres?[View]
108205640Is his origin still that post-Flashpoint jumbled mess?[View]
108206979Well, /co/? Do you think Battinson should go full slut in the upcoming movies? Just man-whoring it u…[View]
108206793What did they mean by this?[View]
108205402For me, it's Dawn.[View]
108205878What is his problem?: Does he have daddy issues? Or did he feel insecure about him being a man since…[View]
108203248I saw Frank Miller today in London: Ask me anything.[View]
108200540>Family Guy has been running for 17 seasons >South Park has been running for 22 seasons >Am…[View]
108205692Left or right?[View]
108205259Did anyone read Galaktikon? I've been listening to both albums on repeat listening and followed…[View]
108196895ITS TIME TO PLAY BEAN ME MOTHERFUCKERS https://garfield.com/games/bean-me[View]
108201542Marvel posted this. What could it mean? A comic adaptation of Raimi's Spider-Man 4?[View]
108204829What do you think about Stjepan Sejic takes on hwo comics relantionships should work? Is he right? H…[View]
108198383Heroic Henchmen: How come heroes never have mooks? Seems like it would make things a lot easier to h…[View]
108203737Continuing John Campbell's webcomic 'Pictures for Sad Children'. no longer generally available …[View]
108206348Guys, I saw a person in a comic book that wasn't white. Is this forced diversity? Someone hold …[View]
108204843What is it about Spongebob that makes it well-suited for memes?[View]
108202083Not so fast, bus boy![View]
108205872Comic Misfits: Let's have a thread honoring characters that are often pushed aside, made fun of…[View]
108205645'Ey Mags, if that big blue boyscout really wanted to make himself useful, he's zoom over t…[View]
108203609Will Disney eventually try to capitalize on the 'Big hunky monster men you want to bang' market with…[View]
108204810has anyone seen this? It’s playing in a theater around me[View]
108203228I have an idea, this young one will be my… what's the word?[View]
108205266Avatar: The last Airbender: Who would her most popular pairing be?[View]
108204646I miss 2000-2010 Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network[View]
108205793She does not deserve us[View]
108204925Elsa Bloodstone....who?[View]
108205591Non superhero/villian love interests are always shit.: After years of reading comics I have come to …[View]
108205647Why did he suck so much after season 1?[View]
108196813Happy Father's Day, /co/!![View]
108200647How does Superman shave his asshole? Does he ask Mon, or Kon, or Jon, or Kara for help? It feels lik…[View]
108205842Misunderstood genius or talentless hack?[View]
108205768is this the most kino animated scene of all time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXE1w4m5G1c…[View]
108205407Give me some vampire hunting /co/ related material, literally every other medium isn't providin…[View]
108201925UPCOMING DISNEY/PIXAR MOVIES REVEALED: https://animationinsider1.blogspot.com/2019/06/upcoming-disne…[View]
108200060Still waiting...[View]
108205312Is he the most beloved member of the Batfamily?[View]
108202337>watch the 90's x-men cartoon >Rogue is a flirtatious outgoing southern girl >watch fo…[View]
108205272Could Grant Morrison be a good screenwriter?[View]
108205456Is his hatred of comic book movies justified?[View]
108205422>Alright Mr. Krabs, are you ready for your handjob? How did Nickelodeon get away with this episod…[View]
108197379FiXing The X-Origin: >dude, I’ve got a gene that lets me manipulate the elements and shit >dud…[View]
108202999>one skrull left unaccounted for at the end of the captain marvel movie where is he now?…[View]
108203736So does Lex Luthor still know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? If so, why isn't he using that knowle…[View]
108204493ITT: Post Xochi art: I need more of this latinx.[View]
108205327He's in.[View]
108192204early in the series, the writers had said they won't participate in any shipping between the ma…[View]
108204910Man Cartoon Network sucks nowadays, all their shows are now are just stupid calarts Style shows like…[View]
108202230Hey, Mario, look what I made![View]
108202871Gamora: I've read Infinity War recently and some Warlock and the Infinity Watch tie-ins. Was Ga…[View]
108201304Why does this boy have such strange powers? What was the reason? Is he secretly the result of a supe…[View]
108204962Get 'TalkToTransformer' to write episodes of cartoons: With data from said cartoons! https://colab.r…[View]
108204533Describe any girls you’ve met IRL that reminded you of cartoon character. My cousin reminds me of Be…[View]
108200238What is the best 'bad future'' in X-Men comics and why is it Here Comes Tomorrow?[View]
108197338>This will never be real[View]
108197732What would Quicksilver need to become A list? A) A power boost like making his powers time manipulat…[View]
108203040How would Korvac fare in the DC universe?: Would he be just another Tuesday for the League or a walk…[View]
108202095Colonel Dan Dare must save the gaalxy from the evil Mekon and his vile plans. Same old, same old... …[View]
108201256Hello /co/. I’m here to inspect your board to see if it isn’t a waste of space. I will be notifying …[View]
108203367>Fucking a cute brown teen had to be a top experience >Hal feels his asshole being widened by…[View]
108202437>Black Cat was sexually assaulted as a teenager and lost her viginity to her rapist, but denied h…[View]
108201856Do you guys have any hopes for the Monsters at Work series on Disney+? It's gonna have both Joh…[View]
108195723Remember that one Judge Dredd spinoff that featured the Scooby Doo gang? Let's have a Judge Dr…[View]
108191624King acts like a crazy tumblr shipper.That is why I can't take anything what King writes about …[View]
108202135News Updates on Upcoming Nicktoons: https://animationinsider1.blogspot.com/2019/06/infromation-on-up…[View]
108199376so did this show die? I dont recall hearing that it got cancelled or anything. But its been ages and…[View]
108202211Are they ever going to try again or did Korra ruin the series for good?[View]
108201656Why doesn’t he care about Uncle Ben?[View]
108199639Who is faster?: Superman or the Flash? I'd say it must be the Flash, because he has the speedfo…[View]
108202596hi /co/ im trying to find something i saw years ago i remember seeing at like 2am in something like …[View]
108203066le bad influence white girl ring leader 'yaawwwwnn' [rolls eyes][View]
108200681Who was in the wrong here?[View]
108199792You have the ability to make any single character of your choosing FoTM. That means any type of fan …[View]
108203421*plays nothing but the same ten episodes of Gumball and TTG all day* I want Adventure Time back as s…[View]
108129397DIC animation.: Was DIC as bad as people make it out to be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOGPjgt…[View]
108201470>is self conscious about being seen as an animal and not a man >calls himself “beast” and uses…[View]
108202683Why don't you care about comics?[View]
108202783CN Real 10th Anniversary Thread: Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the infamous CN block CNReal…[View]
108196453Disney hate thread: Why do Disney and it's fans make me cringe ?[View]
108196930How would you fix this character?[View]
108187807 [View]
108201282Aladdin 2019: what's the /co/nsensus?[View]
108203343it's amazing how the MCU can take a character created for latex fetishes and turn her into some…[View]
108202394What would sex with your Arrowverse Waifu be like?[View]
108195225>that concept art where chel is essentially naked Hnng, imagine living in the timeline where we g…[View]
108203526Funniest Cartoon Memes: Behave.[View]
108187181We need more cartoons based on R rated movies It's hilarious.[View]
108202179Do you think there will still be new episodes of SpongeBob being made in ten years? What about fifte…[View]
108202221Remember this old meme? I gave it a good use[View]
108203422Random Webcomic Storytime[View]
108200571Remember that time when Butch Hartman was trying to be in on the meme scene?[View]
108200447John Wick: How are his comics? I finally saw 3 last night and I can't shake the feeling that a …[View]
108202728Thoughts on Comic Negro?[View]
108201906Was this the perfect ending for a show?[View]
108201525Getting sick of all these god damn Brits clogging up American capeshit movies. Marvel and DC movies …[View]
108195325What are some good things that came out of Korra? Pic related[View]
108201592Im gonna paint this on the back of my truck[View]
108199709Post superheroines and villains in revealing costumes[View]
108198756i forgot she existed.[View]
108199084Happy Father's day, /co/[View]
108198213What would Batman do if he had Superman's superpowers?[View]
108202110Cheeto dust philosophy if I ever saw one.[View]
108191131this is important[View]
108201433I think the Simpsons Movie is underrated as one of the worst animated blockbuster films of all time.[View]
108200516Is this Millennial or Zoomer?[View]
108200030what are some characters you wish were canon[View]
108199580I always like the idea of alternate world where the good characters are evil and evil character are …[View]
108200086BB harem[View]
108201413Is Cyclops a more stable leader for the X-man after getting kid Cyclops mannerly?[View]
108179799WHAT. IS. THE. JOKE ??????????[View]
108201735Where the fuck is it?[View]
108196680Allright, let's waste everyones time, make your own, post it, and lets judge each other https:/…[View]
108196074Starfleet seems too stuffy and conservative to provide trademarked skintight form-fitting sleepwear.…[View]
108195556Even wonder what happened to The Joker's sex dwarves from The Killing Joke?[View]
108201186How would modern Disney handle this property?[View]
108200846If DC were going to release a story where Batman actually finally kills the Joker do you think they’…[View]
108201503Batman is for Zatanna ONLY: She's the only woman who understands him She's the only woman …[View]
108200418Why doesn't Superman just kill The Mandarin?[View]
108201500>Comfy show What happened, /co/? This is a terrible month for modern animation. >Fetish Camp …[View]
108200023Superman & Shazam SpinOff will be kino.[View]
108199988Cat-Pussy makes the Batman weak. Pussy is Batman's Kryptonite .[View]
108200719>You are not normal...[View]
108196394Legion of Super-Heroes: The Bendis announcement has put me in a LoSH mood. I'm looking for HD r…[View]
108197706Have you all prepared your apology letters to Zack Snyder yet?[View]
108195803Post Felicia[View]
108201228Write this crossover[View]
108195306>there's never going to be a Lisa cartoon why live[View]
108198016The show was shit but rambamboo was adorable[View]
108196521I read these a lot when I was a kid. It had a weird Chick Tract vibe, but with murder and tits. Why …[View]
108180831Toy Story 4 Is the First Pixar Movie in 23 Years to Debut Without an Animated Short: https://slate.c…[View]
108182634Never forget: The best carol.[View]
108160386I got bored so I made Mighty B webms.[View]
108201170What is your favourite webcomic?[View]
108200736Did he do anything wrong?[View]
108200887Any love for the Bat-manga?[View]
108200923Samurai Jack: 9:23 'Goodbye' https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6pbdrf https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
108201013What went wrong?[View]
108199992Now where can my pipe be...[View]
108199324The Pink Panther: >Made only for the introduction to a live film with no actual relation to the c…[View]
108200916The eternal dystopian[View]
108198519Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria>Rite of Spring>The Nutracker Suite>The Pastoral Sympho…[View]
108197926Why are this little girl lekku so long, who made this and why didn't they give a shit[View]
108199475I wish all shoes and socks would disappear. I wish there was a lego block under everyone's feet…[View]
108199705Antonucci originally pitched Ed Edd n Eddy to Nickelodeon. What if they had picked it up? How would …[View]
108197729'Greg, were you taking pictures of me in my sleep again?'[View]
108185618Let's be honest, /co/. There can only be one: Either Batman dies alone, or he married Selina or…[View]
108200399Evil Shiro was a good twist. Fight me.[View]
108199271No looking up: Do you even know his last name?[View]
108198040So help me I just can't hate Liefeld. Dude's a bro, draws what he wants how he wants and m…[View]
108168121Where did DC started to go wrong, /co/?[View]
108198503Is this the best comic out right now?[View]
108198804>hey steve we're in ohio. let's go to the zoo and see that big gorilla…[View]
108194783ITT:characters with large chests[View]
108192837Which one was the superior show?[View]
108182459WB Reportedly Rebooting THE FLASH With Lucas Till: Pitch your ideal plot and cast the supporting cha…[View]
108199150Why does everyone forget this exists when Pixar is discussed?[View]
108188146Will it be better or worse than 3?[View]
108200057What are your thoughts on characters who usually wear icon costumes, sporting the casual look? The o…[View]
108199993Rule one to become spiderman, kid: Pant off.[View]
108199189What would you see in your black mercy fantasy?[View]
108198456not enough Scream[View]
108199762What's some good comics or cartoons with a urban fantasy setting?[View]
108199813Times when the villain won[View]
108199258Is it me, or is there an increasing amount of clickbait articles and videos getting their 'informati…[View]
108183780For the next... some amount of time, i'll be posting John Campbell's webcomic 'Pictures fo…[View]
108197464SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN STORYTIME: PART FINAL: The end for real this time. Part 1: >>108181233 Pa…[View]
108191312Is this one of the best endings without ruining the entire series in all of Cartoon history?[View]
108198249Shitty Theory Thread: Post your Shitty Theories here Spongebob is a satire on boomers >50s inspir…[View]
108171554Ralph Ralph: I remember when I was leaving the theater after seeing Wreck-It Ralph with my brother, …[View]
108198482The world really didn't need a Chinese-French co-production. This movie is going to be terrible…[View]
108179216strong female characters go for females you never see strong male characters go for male why ? i…[View]
108197637Were they good fathers?[View]
108193364Remember when Jason Aaron created a future son for Bobby and Kitty?[View]
108199323Would the DC allow Bibleman to join the Justice League if he were in the DCU? This is assuming that …[View]
108199305ITT:Sociopathic sidekicks[View]
108195047So it's not just me, right? Space Ghost objectively went to shit after its move to the newly fo…[View]
108197528Seeing as how 4chan took Star Vs.'s finale...: How did everyone else (Tumblr and Twitter mostly…[View]
108199221How would the Excrucians fare in the DC/Marvel universes?[View]
108183004Congrats faggot, you’re now in the X-Verse. What’s your self-insert like? Who do you fuck? Are you a…[View]
108197115>so many fine Simpsons ladies >90% of fanart is just pedoshit of Lisa or Jessica Lovejoy or so…[View]
108199002Happy Father's Day![View]
108198811Why does /co/ get so fucking bad on Sundays in particular? It's when the most boring and/or dis…[View]
108198124Happy Father's Day: post only the best /co/ dads[View]
108198586>quits her team over a cute boy[View]
108193189/cyb/: Are there any CyberPunk /co/mics? I know there's Marvel 2099, but I also hear it's …[View]
108197698I've been rewatching archer(haven't watched in years) and I just finished season 5, so why…[View]
108185315>Thank you for coming to my lecture on Thai Culture and History, Anon >Today we will be talkin…[View]
108193331the Lego incident: Anyone have the screenshot of Dana Terrace sperging out over Lego Friedns on Twit…[View]
108198584All hail king Homer.[View]
108198592What kind of writer/creative vision would you be based on your life experiences, anon? For example I…[View]
108195407Can you believe this was made in 2000? Everything about it screams 'mid to late 2000s'[View]
108198134Happy Fathers Day![View]
108196273Pearl: Black Pearl?[View]
108198000>You plunge into the fire and it’s really hot >You have to stay forever whether you like it or…[View]
108187766Squirrel Girl is a refreshing break from the rest of the schlock Marvel is putting out nowadays.[View]
108175489Camp Camp thread thread: Did someone say Camp Camp thread? New episode comes out in a few minutes!…[View]
108189906Reminder that he gets to make love to Leni and you don't.[View]
108140964Steven Universe: The Movie: It's a musical! https://youtu.be/kGj11tYHO5E[View]
108197195>Cartoon show for children posing as wholesome family entertainment >It's nothing but cha…[View]
108195421Canon nudity thread.: Only official stuff no fanart.[View]
108197829I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie completely destroy and ruin a character so fast. She was great …[View]
108195136Do you think they'll try a live action Tarzan next? Would you prefer another studio take a whac…[View]
108196775Dingo Pictures General: Most of the animals are so STUPID![View]
108195373Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character /co/?[View]
108197976Aqua Teen Thread.: I think it's time for another Aqua Teen Thread. Daily reminder that all epis…[View]
108192130Jesus christ, Havoc was on fucking point this week. Please watch Thunderbirds, /co/.[View]
108185900WHAT... DID YOU SAY?[View]
108182169Rank the Bat-family[View]
108197752>Watch a caper flick >Sees a main female be better and smarter than the male characters…[View]
108189138*click* *click**click**click*[View]
108197232Anyone else looking forward to this? I’m just happy they got Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn, excited to…[View]
108195078what is some animated content about the Syrian civil war[View]
108195448'You're bad, Bart Simpson.' 'No really, I'm not.' 'Yes you are. You're bad. And I lik…[View]
108196194Are the League of Legends comics worth checking out even if you don't have much interest in the…[View]
108196634>Thanos sees an army of Asgardians, Africans, wizards and superheroes come out of a bunch of magi…[View]
108163548Was she just fetish fuel and a weeb magnet?[View]
108183848What emotion is this face trying to convey?[View]
108194779ITT: /co/ Bad-Asses: Guns. Muscles. More Guns. 80s Mullets and Shades. Chomped Cigars and even more …[View]
108195902Literally Tom[View]
108191655Spongebob SquarePants: Oh my God you guys, CalArts it's fucking at it again. They're ruini…[View]
108196462I still miss it bros. What made it so unique?[View]
108193989Is there any reason he never became canon? Especially since Marvel went all diversity first, you’d t…[View]
108190728How did Funko Pops manage to get so prevalent? 99% of them are completely hideous, yet they seem to …[View]
108196934Happy Father's Day /co/[View]
108196899Designs that make you stop watching the show.: Designs that rub you the wrong way.[View]
108196632Samurai Jack: 9:23 'Goodbye' https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6pbdrf https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
108175238Was Flash right?: Did Parker deserve his childhood bullying?[View]
108196869I read these a lot when I was a kid. It had a weird Chick Tract vibe, but with murder and tits. Why …[View]
108193506SHAQUILLE O'NEAL[View]
108167878Suki's kinda hot[View]
108183856>huge army of superheroes and soldiers and wizards comes out of magical portals >Thanos has z…[View]
108196719What do you think /co/?[View]
108196486Do you think any superheros cosplay as other superheros? Do cosplayers ever get mistaken for the rea…[View]
108196619Choose your character[View]
108195441what the fuck is her problem?[View]
108176443GOTTA GET UP[View]
108191879Has shipping EVER benefitted a show?[View]
108196561https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGoD8Lj7zjE If this commercial aired today, who would be in it?[View]
108196265NIGGA yeah, that's right I just dropped the n-bomb nigga, right in front of you what you gonna…[View]
108196256How the fuck does this threaten The Fastest Man Alive?[View]
108188202Arby 'n' the Chief: Arby 'n' the Chief[View]
108193950Thoughts on characters having underboobs? Should it become used more in comics[View]
108194978>let the gas on so he doesn't have to use another match[View]
108193930What the hell happened to Maverick? Has marvel completely forgotten him? He was never a big guy, but…[View]
108177116At what point capeshit costumes stop being fun and become ridiculous? What are some costumes you per…[View]
108127098I like Star vs Forces of Evil. This show makes me happy, and always makes me smile. It may not be th…[View]
108195129>They did a comic adaptation of the PS4 Spider Man game Is it good?[View]
108191921Name any Character you think could beat him[View]
108192715who wants a body massage?[View]
108195030MTV Spider-Man: Well that ended on a bleak note[View]
108196127BANNED 1920s Cartoon 'Blue Bawls: https://youtu.be/RJ85VVDSbG8[View]
108171786It wasn't 'Home on the Range' bad, but, like... it WAS pretty bad, wasn't it?[View]
108194555What did he mean by these lips?[View]
108191897Enough Hawkman Threads: Stop posting this B-list loser no one cares about. Fucking Hawkman and his 5…[View]
108195901Old Lady twerk work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upTH058h7zw[View]
108194966Why do people so hate the fact Geoff Johns are trying to introduce metafictional fact into actual se…[View]
108195675Oh no no no no no no[View]
108190016Heathcliff plays catch with his dad.[View]
108191497Hello /co/ fans I'm looking for a team to join any recruits ?[View]
108183503Damn Mertle looks like THAT?[View]
108182909who thought hip hop variants were a good idea?[View]
108192318What are the best /co/ related podcasts?[View]
108121539Why do people pair them?[View]
108190825What was his name again /CO/: I can never remember it.[View]
108175810Why did you eat my fries? She was molested, right? [View]
108185883Were they ever good?[View]
108195144Scooby Doo: Can we take a moment to discuss just how bizarre this show really was? Teenagers driving…[View]
108158420Favourite American Dad jokes >Lately, I've been thinking about all the people I've had …[View]
108194280ha,: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfFYn7QFqhQ[View]
108184375As much as I thought the movie was generic and middling, I thought genie was adapted as good as coul…[View]
108192547hahaha EYEphone get it??[View]
108190154Marvels Annotated: Can someone give me the rundown on this? I keep seeing different/new issues and s…[View]
108194935How come these companies do not have collections for sale, for a few hundred bucks, that sell you al…[View]
108194903Why did Chiro try to cuck Jinmay with two random aliens he just met?[View]
108191079X-MEN ARE ACTUALLY UNDERRATED. Started reading some old x-men comics and stuff and was surprised to …[View]
108193827this is a very bad channel[View]
108190274SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN STORYTIME: PART 3: Last thread, let's go. Part 1: >>108181233 Part 2:…[View]
108171092Leaked from Boomerang's site. It's almost here. Expectations?[View]
108193036>They try to suck in you with Spider-Verse style cover >Inside art is boring house style with …[View]
108185104What the f*ck was her problem?[View]
108186464You guys still watch cartoons? What a bunch of dorks! I bet that Robot Jones dork is better than you…[View]
108184125Now /co/, don't you eat this pie...[View]
108189044Thoughts on Frank Miller doing superman? I have high hopes for some reason DC made this https://www.…[View]
108189117'I Lost My Body' wins best film at Annecy: >It’s hard to imagine a more perfect start f…[View]
108186797>hear about that new white fang movie >excited because I read it's supposed to follow the…[View]
108193064Toonami General #9: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108180557The dark age of Marvel.[View]
108193287Vigilantes/Street level heroes: Writing a story about a street level hero, so basically a vigilante,…[View]
108188721Marvel Studios Phase 4: Black Widow - May 2020 The Eternals - November 2020 Untitled Marvel Studios …[View]
108191197Pitiful anons of /co/, I am Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate, commander of the Harlem Globetrotters.…[View]
108189451Best Cartoon Girl[View]
108176506Same Sex Couples seem to be the 'in' thing in cartoons lately...[View]
108180489>he cares about simpsons 'canon'[View]
108193352Would this make a good crossover?[View]
108172590Anybody else kinda like Kyle? I wouldn't say he's my favorite Lantern and I don't thi…[View]
108181261Captain Planet needs a reboot[View]
108191736Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108180704Why is there barely any porn of this bitch?[View]
108185961>WHAT did you just say about my feet you creep?! What do?[View]
108175663Could The Loud House be Nickelodeon's next big show after Spongebob, like how Spongebob was aft…[View]
108180442cursed ships[View]
108182310Do you consider clones as siblings or children of their genetic donor?[View]
108184007Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Tom Grummett explore ARCHIE: 1955: >The writing team that brought …[View]
108092580Ollie & Scoops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8biPUXNXzyM Well, it's better than Too Loud…[View]
108161374Jessica Jones: Final season dropped today and no thread?[View]
108184547SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN STORYTIME: PART 2: Time for more SpOck. Part 1: >>108181233[View]
108170032Karate Kids Street PSAs Thread: https://youtu.be/HGtaBVVAAxA https://youtu.be/HGtaBVVAAxA These are …[View]
108190724Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108182140CAST THE MCU X-MEN: I think Jack O'Connell could pull off Wolverine. He's a good actor, ap…[View]
108187539Valentino and Isabella: Is Valentino and Isabella the best ship in V&V? Also do you all agree th…[View]
108182469Geewun transformers thread: When will Magnus ever do something useful at once ?[View]
108190287This movie came out, did anyone see it?[View]
108129417Would you /co/?: Well?[View]
108185818'MEEP!!!! MEEP!!!'[View]
108189838Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108182109Going off to college in the fall, what /co/ shit can I bring without seeming like a man child?[View]
108190223Who was in the wrong here?[View]
108181307Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree this was a good movie?[View]
108189180This one says 'best paper towel in town' and this one says 'best paper towel around…[View]
108188672I don’t have the energy to be angry anymore.[View]
108188934Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108187084You have the willpower to wield a green lantern ring, But your final test is to psychically hand ove…[View]
108184306Mysticons: Why did Nick mistreat Mysticons ? They didn’t even give the show a chance.[View]
108180208>is named the Scarlet Witch >isn't a redhead What was up with that?! he 90s costume was p…[View]
108189258Cassandra Cain thread: Lest talk about the best Batgirl and the star of the new Outsiders book!…[View]
108173660Miraculous Thread - Fighting Game Edition: The harmless game episode that makes you wish for an actu…[View]
108188655THREE(3) chances to create INFINITE RESOURCES and he doesn’t even ONCE think about doing it?[View]
108183722Cosmo! Wanda! I wish I acquired a taste for freeform jazz![View]
108187860Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
108184970How does he do it?[View]
108185569You now remember Bob and George.[View]
108185030Sasha is cute[View]
108184915Post cartoon mommys or else[View]
108178396Venture Bros S07: >BluRay rip finally available to torrent >commentary and bonus features not …[View]
108184458WALLY WEST FLASH STORYTIME PART 2: A few days ago a started Story timing Wally's Flash run beca…[View]
108181233SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN STORYTIME: That's right, it's Dan Slott's divisive series that pu…[View]

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