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Basic Barbell Lifts:

Stronglifts is agreat resource for the five basic barbell exercises.

Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

Yoga forathletes: Yoga can be done anywhere without any equipment and isexcellent for building flexibility.

MayoClinic basic stretching guide

Athlete'sguide to foam rolling

Makeyour own foam roller

File: india-times.jpg (22 KB, 725x497)
22 KB
Do some pranayama with me /fit/.
Do you want to
>have more energy
>increase lung capacity
>clear brain fog
>improve focus
>reduce symptoms of depression and OCD
>lower blood pressure
>relax muscles after a tough workout
>live in a state of bliss instead of suffering
If you answered yes to any of these then I only ask for 5-10 minutes of your time.
Meditation and other exercies like this are great for the mind, and should he practiced, but pranayama is the most forgotten about, most powerful and easiest method we have naturally to help our mental health and willpower.
People try to overcomplicate this in the west, and sell you expensive courses on how to breathe to get superpowers, but really all you need to do is regulate your breathing in a way in which you have control over it.
Spend 5 minutes practicing with me and see for yourself of you like the results.
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To begin you first must learn how to yogic breathe.
This is simply breathing utilizing every part of your reparation system, allowing for the deepest and most powerful breathes you can have. It's very simple but I may be a bit of a challenge for those who have had their breathing cut short by a lifetime of sitting and improper posture.
Yogic breathing separates the breathe into 3 places, all of which must be utilized when breathing.

The first place is the belly.
Practice breathing into the belly, you want it to expand all the way, like you're mimicking being a fatass. When you exhale squeeze in the belly like you're talking to that gym qt while bulking. Squeeze it all out, their shouldn't be any air left in the tummy.
Oh and it it wasn't clear all breathing must be in and put the nose.

The second area to practice is the ribcage. Breathe into this area and feel the ribcage expand, like you're pretending you actually work on your pecs. Then as you exhale pull the ribs in until their is no more air left.

The final place is the neck or lower throat. This is the place most of us naturally breathe into if we have improper breathing. Just breathe into the throat and let it go, pretty self explanatory.

Yogic breathing requires us to put all these together in a fluid motion.
So you breathe into your stomach, watch it inflate then continue that breathe into your ribs, watching them expand forward, then finally that breathe into your throat and up to your nose until their is nothing more you can do.
Now reverse it.

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Awesome, thanks for this dude
is that achievable natty?
Meditation guy here. Only do this for 10 minutes or so per day at first. You are inviting a sudden spike of consciousness into your life. You need to ease into it, lots of people with mental issues who vibrate at a low consciousness make their symptoms worse because they end up doing this shit for longer than an hour
File: ezgif-7-0c1f526e7b63.jpg (17 KB, 560x272)
17 KB
People over simplify the technique with a variety of moves and closing off one nose at the correct time. Those are great exercises, but for a begginer all you need to do is basic controller breathing.
This is a famous and well used form of pranayama called Kumbhaka. It's simple, easy to remember, and is highly effective at increasing lung capacity and endurance. Look up other forms if you wish but for the average /fit/ user I think they will find the most use out of this.
Really simple.
Inhale a deep breathe through yogic breathing and begin to count.
Get a count going in your head. Probably just do 1 a second but as you do more you can increase this to have the breathe be longer.
Quickly exhale this breathe out the body, have it roll out in only a count of two, gently force it out, it may and probably should make an decent noise as you breathe out, like you're really stressed.
Then immediately as soon as that belly is empty and pushed in all you can, begin to inflate it again, this time a little more relaxed. Have a count of 4 to fully inflate the stomach, ribs and cervix, this should be about as long as it takes normally so dont feel a need to be rushed.
Then you simply hold it for 8 counts. Yep 8 counts. Try to be meditative and zen during this time, but you'll find your mind is not going to be worried about some petty shit while its concentrating on counting seconds and hiding in breathe.
Then simply repeat. Force that air out again in 2 counts, inhale for 4 and hold for 8. It's really that simple, no need to over complicate something like this.
I would reccomend 5 minutes your first week. Just 5, and hopefully in a week you will already see some benefits. You can then begin to add 5 minutes per week as you feel comfortable.

File: 1569909967399.jpg (18 KB, 200x200)
18 KB
did your sexuality change after lifting and becoming strong?

I'm real skinny and don't have too much strength, and I find myself getting off to submissive positions, femdom, etc. and I feel horrible after I'm done.

has anyone noticed a shift in their sexual desires after becoming stronger?
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>fat coomer alcoholic
>jerked off to trap, tranny, twink porn constantly
>fucking hate children
>fast forwaes about 2 years
>now reasonably fit, noporn, occassional masturbation
>now strictly interested in women
>really want to be a dad
Assertive women basically.
How do I into prostate stimulation? How do I get a girl to peg me and do I want that?
Wouldn’t you feel silly bending over for a lady like that?
“Yes dear, right in my tight ass if you would.”

File: HUGE.png (114 KB, 599x598)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
No useful shit in the OP as a punishment for waiting for FIGGY to make the new thread.
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>Back=posterior chain
>not ANTERIOR chain
I feel the deadlift in the ass mainly, thing preventing me to do more reps is cardio mainly
>addwhatever gay accosseries
If you were smarter and less lazy you wouldn't have a trans-herniated disc.
I'm working on using a little more quad (>>54075166) but my normal DL position is very flat/almost parallel to the floor (>>54053638) based on my proportions and whatever, you can mess around with your angle to find what's strongest for you as long as your lumbar spine is safe

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being slim doesn't mean you are healthy. There is a lot of shit going on inside our body and being slim is not a good measure. granted, actors and professional athletes are not a good health role models.
Of course not, I'm just saying she's probably healthIER than when she was a fat fuck. Even if not, she'll be healthier once she gets back on a maintenance diet with all the extra weight gone.
>no goyim you have to spend lots of money every day and make sure to get your impossible whopper in!
>if you don't eat enough every single day you'll go into starvation mode and get fatter!

>1000 calories isn't good
>put yourself in a 500-700cal deficit
>he thinks Adele's maintenance would be above 1700cal
File: 1547927581702.jpg (427 KB, 1600x1258)
427 KB
427 KB JPG


You’re about to deadlift when this chick smacks your ass and tells your girlfriend your her property now
What do you do
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gon coom thibkn of your coomy coomidy coom
File: sweat.gif (2.01 MB, 260x260)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
>your her property now
Top kek
“Hahaha you crazy bitch why are you talking to someone who doesn’t exists.”
Gf and I look at each other and laugh at this silly bitch.
Proceed to deadlift

Arnold Pro Strongman Santa Monica watch thread PART 3

Old thread >>54088630


Log Press (380lbs) Results:
Maxime Boudrealt - 5 Reps
Rauno Heinla - 4 Reps
Rob Kearney - 4 Reps
Martins Licis - 3 Reps
Jerry Pritchett - 3 Reps
Wesley Claborn - 3 Reps

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Severe projection
Get help
Solid 8 Reps by Martins
looks like having that crackpot old biomechanic retard around to coach deadlift works
looks healthy :^)

File: Snapchat-174271698.jpg (1.67 MB, 2000x3793)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
/fit/ meal thread
yuck its fucking raw
File: 20200118_180352.jpg (3.46 MB, 4160x3120)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
Bench, machine decline, curls, tri ext, dips, quick burnout on machine incline. Recover with:

Quarter Pounder
Big Mac
Large Sprite for the insulin spike

File: 1577981690837.jpg (153 KB, 884x738)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>no fph thread

A disgrace. Let's get it rollin
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Pic related is the author.
Hold on, could you make money just bloating yourself and cutting it off?
Says the weigh-ins are done just by you posting a video about it. Seems really easy to cheat.
File: images (39).jpg (20 KB, 618x496)
20 KB
I did not talk about bullying. I spoke of corresponding respect and the deserved lack thereof for those who cannot even respect their own bodies enough to do the right thing. Respect is earned, not freely given, otherwise it has jo value.

Additionally you are wrong. I was once pushing morbidly obese on the bmi scale. It was not a mental disease anymore than a lack of willpower and discipline is a mental disease. Calling it a mental disease is an insult to those with actual mental diseases.

Also you are wrong to say fat people shouldnt be made to left out. Fat people become a burden not just on themselves but a hazard on others in emergency situations. They waste money that could have gone to a decent cause just to treat easily preventable symptoms which are their own fault.

You say words like "I think" and "I feel" and yet you appear to ignore how selfish and uncaring of others it is to be obese.
Being fat is the incest bastard child of overabundance and wastefulness and should never be tolerated. Do not be upset at these truths, be upset that you were bestowed with frail knowledge from others.
That post was godly. I remember being there for it

So which one is the better food pyramid?
102 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Eat copper
Again, only /fit/ autists have this constant hunger optimization issue. The average normie will just order a burger or whatever. If he's feeling unhealthy, he'll eat a salad or some fruits for a couple days and lose a bit of weight. The average normie doesn't scale food, doesn't do macros, you're a fool to think they think about food satiety and percentages and macronutrients and insoluble fiber levels and trans fats and all that shit.
Hell, the average normie thinks in terms of single digit kilograms when "cutting". How many times you've heard someone say "Yeah I need to lose 2-3 kg". Bitch I take a shit right now and lose 2-3 kg.
The average person is overweight and has an unhealthy addiction with food. Obesity is a goddamn epidemic.
Yes, and the food pyramid is made for the average person, obviously.
Fruits do have some micro nutrients but there are just better sources (animal products) that have less sugar and better absorption rates of the micronutrients. Same goes with veggies. Most if not all of the nutrients from veggies will be lost through poor absorption rates (protein for example) and through anti nutrients that bind to your minerals. No need to cut all of it out though, just eat less of them.

File: mark.jpg (42 KB, 382x499)
42 KB
I just discovered his youtube channel and watched a ton of videos and most of it seems retarded. For example, he has a video on how to make a protein shake which includes 3 scoops of protein powder, diet soda, and half-&-half. The dude is as fat as Jason Genova.... I just don't know how to take him seriously at 30%+ bodyfat.
124 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
For a beginner looking to get familiarity with core lifts and make a decent job of actualising linear noob gains for the first year or so, you could do worse than SS.

For an intermediate familiar with autoregulation and program specialisation, you couldn't do worse than SS.
Rip is all about strength at the cost of aesthetics. He's a fucking football coach, his specialty is turning people into refrigerator shaped cannonballs. I don't know why people overlook this when they consider his training advice.
>For an intermediate familiar with autoregulation and program specialisation, you couldn't do worse than SS.
>A beginner program isn't suited for intermediates requiring specilization
>In other news, the sky is blue
>the sky is blue

Out of curiosity, what kind of intermediate programs do you advocate? Especially for those who have completed starting/novice programs

At what bf% will I lose my love handles? I'm losing fat everywhere apart from there and its triggering the fuck out of me.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Can you pump iron on a fast
That's the only way to pump.
For me they are pretty fucking bad at 13-15% bf (right now). They get progressively better from 10-12%. I don't really go below 10% unless I started running cycles.
I have veins all over my forearms, bicep veins, have good visible abs and dont have an ounce of fat. Only have love handles and on lower abs. Shit sucks, I pull my lovehanldes back and see how aesthetic I would look without them :(
Post picture. Probably exaggerating. I had forearm veins and bicep veins at over 200lbs, abs in good lighting at 190, currently 155. Prob have waay more fat than you think
>won't die from a ten day fast
>at sub 15% body fat

That's 2800 calories a day.
I would be fucking dead after about 6 days.

File: rekt.png (1.24 MB, 1362x1324)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
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ty 4 the yous
This, it's how i learned
Nobody works a high paying full time job while they are in school
Pick 1
Except that's an outstanding cost/benefit ratio for any insurgent group. A completely untrained civilian, a woman at that, in exchange for multiple soliders who required tens of thousands of dollars to train and a multimillion dollar piece of equipment. This is exactly how successful insurgencies work.

This version of /fraud/ is gonna be a little different. Instead of reading that retarded ass wiki and visiting re- red- I cant fucking say it, you’re gonna put all steroid related content here.

Questions, experiences, before and after pics, etc. are all welcome here. However, like the traditional /fraud/ threads, ABSOLUTELY NO STEROID SOURCE TALK!

Have fun
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I said post body, not face not name. Getting body doxxed is unheard of. Heck, if its a profile pic of yours just MS paint a black box on your face and greyscale the image, completely untraceable, not even your mother would recognize thats your body. Put up or shut up.
hi /fraud/, what would happen if a 25lb female dog was given 5mg of test-c intramusc once a month?
asking for a friend.
Yo boys, I took a pin in the glute but now it hurts a bit, skin is elevated but it’s not red. This spot had a bruise on it last week but it cleared up before I pinned again. What does this mean??
Ok, here.

For those of you faggots who don’t skip leg day, post your routine
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do pplppl.

Go heavy 1st legs session 5-6 rep range- 4Xsquats 4X weighted lunges then 4X glute thrusts or whatever the fuck they are called 8-10 reps finish off with calf raises 12 reps for 4 sets. Train abs this day as well
2nd session is lighter do GVT squats or deadlifts. Then finish off with calf raises
only doing OHP would give you pretty decent aesthetic
4x5 back squat
3x5 front squat
3xf hanging leg raise
3x12 barbell hip thrusts
5*5 SQ. 4*10 hack-squat. 4*10 leg extensions. 4*10 leg curls. 4*20 sewing machine raises.

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