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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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13362573Is there any non-surgical way to fix this disgusting M male hairline? I heard finasteride doesn…[View]
13361957Would it be weird for a femboy to wear a wedding dress instead of a suit during his wedding?[View]
13363609/gay gen/ Bowie Edition: Old >>13361286[View]
13338560/femgen/ - osteoperosis edition: thread for feminine/androgynous boys. QOTT: >what are you doing …[View]
13365068Post potential stealth FtMs[View]
13348145other than HRT, what meds does /lgbt/ take? >drop your letter and your dosages >L, 150mg Welbu…[View]
13361885>son... who used the name Chanel when dressing as a woman this is how you will be remembered…[View]
13365987The boy I'm dating told me he is a virgin, he's 30. Should I be concerned about this? He…[View]
13357450Would it be a bad idea to date an an autistic robot from /r9k/?[View]
13363739Repulsed by gays: Is anyone else slightly repulsed by the sight of gays in public, or at least feel …[View]
13364430Why would you support islam if you support lgbt or women's rights?: >Hijabs are symbolic of …[View]
13359459I love you[View]
13364691/lgbt/ anthem: Everyone rise for the board anthem - thank you~ https://youtube.com/watch?v=FN7r0Rr1Q…[View]
13364357Is anyone else into gore or violence? Is that more common for gay guys than for straight guys? Pic u…[View]
13357998>Bi cis dude, start dating cis bi girl >I'm equally attracted to both sexes, I'm mor…[View]
13364799NCR >HSTS Mr House >Transbian/AGP BoS >Straight FTM Legion >Cis gay Yes man >Ayyden F…[View]
13363614Why are you gay?[View]
13363327Hi I'm new. What is a TERF and what is an AGP? Thanks[View]
13363104What is the best & easiest way for a tranner to make bank? Preferably a way that is specific to …[View]
13360571Broke up with my boyfriend recently. We're mutually friends with this trans girl, that I went o…[View]
13357285The problem is the idea of someone being a homosexual or a bisexual. This concept of being a homosex…[View]
13362944Post trapspo: I wish I could pass half as well as she does[View]
13364614>MtF name themselves dumb shit out of movies and games because they're still dumb boys >F…[View]
13344660what is your letter? were you breastfed? were you circumcised? were you a c section baby?[View]
13288292-misogyny-: Why do you hate women? mtfs, ftms and gay men Why do you exhibit passive aggressive miso…[View]
13358632do any other mtfs want to be friends with a 'terf'? i dont really know why i feel like that exactly,…[View]
13353663Can a straight guy become AGP?: Can you be a guy and be attracted to women but later in life also fa…[View]
13352577Do lonely lesbians (female) start being AGP about their own bodies, or is that extremely rare?[View]
13363165OHNONONONONO: Is this schizophrenia or a habitual liar? Literally no one is dumb enough to believe H…[View]
13364702Have any tranners decided to become a teacher? Whats it like being a teacher as a tranner? What fear…[View]
13363836WTF can't straight people just let us have kids??[View]
13340447If you are a man, why don't you just transition? 90% of men aren't even desired by straigh…[View]
13361333Is it gay for a straight guy to date a cute crossdressing femboy who passes as a girl but identifies…[View]
13362658>people who say transgenderism goes against the Bible Can someone give me a single verse that imp…[View]
13364851I'm looking for a homosexual male to explain 'docking' to me. Is it a sexual act, why is it don…[View]
13364457I'm nearly at 6 months hrt, and I feel that the most I've become is a twinkhon. I have no …[View]
13342975>transition >get into a comfy lesbian relationship with a cis girl >it's way better th…[View]
13363655/mtfg/ saturday caturday: Caturday edition Qott: do you want a hug • How to navigate starbucks FFS h…[View]
13216816Go to beach, see women in swimsuits, triggering my AGP. Know I can never walk around dressed like th…[View]
13359943Help me out Im an 18 year old twink and I fucking hate body hair as a whole and want to find a way t…[View]
13358043dating a trans girl tips?: I met this trans girl. She is awesome and very cute. Tomorrow is our seco…[View]
13364527FFS and Neoteny: Hi friends,i'm pretty passable as is but i wanted to get one or two FFS proced…[View]
13363515Should twinkhons that don't pass just identify as femboys? Posts pictures saying theyre trans …[View]
13362135Becoming a transbian: I am transitioning just to have sex with trans girls. Doing it as an cis man s…[View]
13364115>started dating a non-passing trans girl >she started bragging about it on social media and ac…[View]
13359577>birthday today >have online friend who I play games with for a couple of years now >nobody…[View]
13362759I dont like UWUposters: It feels so unnatural 'UWU IM SO CUTE I ALSO LIKE DIAPERS' How can you be co…[View]
13364124>gay bottom >all but a gincel >don't drink >black Is it possible for me to get a …[View]
13363340My boyfriend asked me if he could call me his girlfriend from now on and refer to me as a girl. I as…[View]
13353971The BMQ. What do we do about boymoders invading male spaces?: The Boymoder Question. Apparently they…[View]
13362062@uk anons is it bad that i just ignored the gic after i got referred to them a while ago? i also ign…[View]
13362871How to grow up for relationships?: I feel like i know nothing about this world.. I have almost no ex…[View]
13360417spot the tranny: pic related[View]
13361725Cis couple looking for trans date?: Question for the trans anons : I'm in a cis couple, and we …[View]
13363538is this worth buying? I am so confused and I just feel like doing a hero. anybody have a torrent?[View]
13363206this is Pabllo vittar, a drag queen. she doesn’t use padding and yet she has a super feminine body s…[View]
13362484Slavic men are women and slavic women are men.[View]
13363417>be straight >catch myself thinking gay thoughts >recall that my first romantic relationshi…[View]
13359614What do you do if you're a tranner with no friends[View]
13362653So I just got deadnamed at work, but I'm not trans. I'm a cis gay male. My given name is v…[View]
13361286/gaygen/ - I Love Pud edition: old: >>13357367 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8mt9Ogzi_Y…[View]
13362940am i ftm: Ive been feeling more and more like shit. Like I feel like i dont belong in my female body…[View]
13361213>be me >good christian all my life >know i'm tranner since i'm 11 >don't …[View]
13360431story time :O: story time! >be me post orchiectomy >don't need to worry about anti androg…[View]
13363190Is being a HSTS a good idea? I’d like being a woman and dislike being gay. Should I just take the pi…[View]
13361367Is social dysphoria bullshit?[View]
13363064If you come out to your parents as gay, should you at least tell them that you're a top to soft…[View]
13362503>want to get pounded >download Grindr >feel disgusted at the thought of having sex with tho…[View]
13362640>came out as bi a few months ago >go out on a few dates with some gay bottoms >they all jus…[View]
13358495>boymoding transbian >not terribly unattractive on a good day, sorta feminine for being on no …[View]
13363001Keanu is not one of Cyberpunk 2077's romance options, if you were wondering: https://www.pcgame…[View]
13362534What kind of men does she attract?[View]
13361521My gay friend is a femboy and he decided to go on HRT to look prettier. He looks like a girl now, an…[View]
13357979ftms, when did you get your first short haircut? if you still lived with your parents/were a minor/e…[View]
13362177Is it weird to think that teenage me would want to have sex with current day me? I'm in my 20s …[View]
13361585Man fired for wishing not to participate in an LGBT event: >We just wan't to be treated equa…[View]
13357462Are their any other BASED trans YouTubers? Pic related[View]
13353109unpopular opinions: gay man here anal is fucking gross and uncomfortable, can't fucking stay ha…[View]
13360510Gay or straight?: If you enjoy wearing your sisters clothes, shoving things in your ass and inhaling…[View]
13353889>tfw your dad does something sweet for you and you feel turned on How do I stop these feelings?…[View]
13361999>be 26 Question my sexuality and feminine nature, realizing I like men. Find a handsome chap and …[View]
13360598is it agp to name your tits? what should i name mine? what names did you pick, if applicable?[View]
13353083/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General - This could be us but you won't make …[View]
13355076What does /lgbt/ think of Wandering Son?[View]
13361392Trans-women are _._._._[View]
13361892Genital Fetishism: I'm only sexually attracted to masculinity. I'm attracted to women, fem…[View]
13361381Anal / Tips / Hacks?[View]
13345660post AGP: I'll start[View]
13361744>be me >repressing >going strong, no tranner feelings, avoid anything that causes dysphoria…[View]
13292287/HRTGen/ HRT General 194: Universal Postal Union Exit Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medicat…[View]
13358672>Be trans lesbian, newly studying at university in a nerdy course >Lucky enough to be cute-ish…[View]
13304069crossdressing stories: hi /lgbt/ i'm too ugly and gross and anxious and agp to girlmode so post…[View]
13360597>We called your last listed employer, and they said they had no record of an anonette working the…[View]
13351559What are the most AGP and HSTS college majors?[View]
13358343Boymode trans girl here. I went to a gay bar with my friend and I thought it would suck because nobo…[View]
13360090>be me >Have XXY sexual chromos >TERFS tell me I need two X chromos to be a woman >Conse…[View]
13359590Will anybody ever love me?: I'm 19, first year of college, living on my own, mtf tranner for 3 …[View]
13361214MTF confusion with boys: Will someone please explain to me what's going on? I'm a transgir…[View]
13360667I'm addicted to porn and living at home with a traditional Christian family. I know my dad will…[View]
13361014need help picking toys: MtF here, recently I brought one of those 'Magicwand' type vibrators for che…[View]
13360638Boycravings: I'm a Bi twink and I got boy cravings, how do I get rid of them.[View]
13357062>tfw the non-binary crazies have invaded the LGBT club at your uni People say trannies are crazy,…[View]
13359901>be me >med student >we get told that if a patient only wants nurses of specific gender we …[View]
13359199I want to get fucked up the ASS by a trans/femboy near Eindhoven <3[View]
13361042How different would being trans be if gays and lesbians never existed? Would it be better or worse i…[View]
13355155getting the boy out of a transgirl: How do you get all the boy out of a transgirl ? :O Like whats th…[View]
13361015I ghosted a guy and I feel like a complete piece of shit for it. How do I respectfully turn down guy…[View]
13344050>go onto OkCupid >search for asexual women within 50 miles of me >1 result >search for a…[View]
13360000/mtfg/ trains femoid general: no drama this time edition • How to navigate starbucks FFS healthcare:…[View]
13360715I know nobody cares but I'm just so sad and lonely, I can't take this pain anymore, it fee…[View]
13356894>transbian logic says that because they idolize girl on girl relationships, they must be women …[View]
13337323Finding a cute twinkhon gf: How to? Pic related is pretty damn cute. Can’t believe those guys weren’…[View]
13359072>boyfriend takes his dick out of my mouth >slaps me with his cock…[View]
13350392Bi women who want to date women thread: Is anyone here who is a bi woman who wants to date women and…[View]
13360641Oh fun, drug addiction!: >23 >Just past 7 months transitioning >Also been unemployed for j…[View]
13354765Bisexual ex-muslim here, AMA: Everything is fair game.[View]
13359717Oh fuck, alcohol addiction: I'm becoming addicted to alcohol. I feel miserable during most nigh…[View]
13359680>new owner took over the hair salon I go to >she told me they won't do my hair anymore be…[View]
13355004Stoicism is the epitome of masculinity. Yet repressers are the epitome of stoicism. We truly are the…[View]
13360512is this a trans? i always see people post it is and even in her underwear people say she is good at …[View]
13359593Is it just me or are mtfs getting hotter?: I’m straight and never was into dudes but these mtfs are …[View]
13360586Hillary Clinton a dominant lesbian who haters her sexuality and has to be drunk to have sex[View]
13360542when did you realize melania trump is a lesbian[View]
13360522is this what you would consider an egg?[View]
13358302/chasergen/ - Boutta start STARING Edition: Chasergen is a thread where guys who are interested in t…[View]
13360232Join Belle Delphine's God tier patreon or go through the arduous task of of finding a femboy su…[View]
13360257Why are you gay?[View]
13357047How long have you been on hrt? Has anyone been on hrt for longer than 10 years? Or is it just a phas…[View]
13360267Intersex thread: What makes you intersex? What is your life story? How do doctors react? How does it…[View]
13358696LGBT+ community, what is your view on the subject of foreskin restoration?[View]
13356079Why is /lgbt/ not called /LGBTTTQQIAAP+/ Way to be exclusive shitlords[View]
13360030Should I feel bad about accepting donations from chasers when I already have a bf? I dont really tal…[View]
13357367gaygen - björk edition: last: >>13355729[View]
13353694You shall not pass![View]
13359953Are Slavs literally incapable of understanding the concept of transgenderism, in particular how to a…[View]
13347916Reminder that shoulder/rip ratio is the biggest indicator of femininity and passing. Your hands, che…[View]
13351403What type of men will I attract with a look like this?[View]
13358566Question for trains: If you could choose ONE: Primary sexual characteristics >Genitalia, hormones…[View]
13354296Is Kiernan Shipka a good ambassador for the /lgbt/ community?[View]
13348490Do fembois even exists irl? 99% of men I don't find attractive.[View]
13360021Now that I’m passing as a cis I feel myself becoming more distant towards the trans community. I fee…[View]
13357733>be me >represser >be having tranny thoughts for a while >life is not good >ponder sh…[View]
13353699Would it be a bad idea for two trans girls to share the same boyfriend?[View]
13359858is the only hope for non-passing tranners fully immersive virtual reality? i don't think it…[View]
13354307I can’t tell if I have gender dysphoria and it’s driving me nuts. I don’t freak out when I look in t…[View]
13353354Why do hons exist? I mean, literally the most minimum of effort is needed to not look like a hyperma…[View]
13359175>bf cums inside my pussy >immediately sticks his dick in my ass for a second round >cums in…[View]
13353767>queer >Ally >Pan >Enby >Demisexual >Asexual >Aromantic >Two spirit >Gend…[View]
13358352>one shot at life >demisexual >the lesbian in me has tasted love enough to want it again …[View]
13358576Do you guys even realise that everything that you perceive as a fact of reality is only contained to…[View]
13353345I do not care for anal[View]
13357213It's too late. It's too late. I'm twenty now. I'll never pass. I never would…[View]
13356144>tfw having this muscular black massesue coming over later tonight for a 1-hour session with a ha…[View]
13346979trans gf getting more clingy by the day: Im a guy and Ive been dating a trans girl for 6 months now.…[View]
13356742Cis women looking for a trans gf apply here when discord[View]
13358101>was gay femboy >had lots of female cis friends >realized lately that being a girl is just …[View]
13357407>I’m not trans I’m just nb >no mom I’m not gay for the hundredth time >I don’t understand w…[View]
13354698>been sexually active for 7 years >had over 100 different sexual partners Am I an undateable n…[View]
13357665I decided to work towards FFS and transition without hormones. Late transition hrt is a meme. It giv…[View]
13358189What 2 do with my sexuality: >Be mtf >Can't feel physically or romantically attracted to …[View]
13358977>ask boyfriend to be honest and tell me if I pass >he looks at me and says 'not really but I t…[View]
13358648What's the best way to seduce a nerdy autistic wizard boy as a teenage tranner?[View]
13354787>tfw infected with the trans okay, maybe not infected exactly, but you know what i mean. i wasn…[View]
13357110I wanna do laser and get rid of my facial hair I hate my hair it cause me distress and anguish. I…[View]
13358638Why bother?[View]
13356446Sam Smith changes pronouns to “they/them”[View]
13357966wHaT dO!?: >be me >be Male >be thonking you like homosex >try homosex but don’t like …[View]
13358447Posting the same image of big lez everyday #289[View]
13357236Is it true that if you end up changing sexuality on HRT, changing your hormone dose might change it …[View]
13348393Do muslim chaser bottoms who look like this exist?[View]
13348825Is transsexualism comorbid with extreme stupidity?: Never have I met a collectibe of people more stu…[View]
13349058Do trans women really have female brains?[View]
13355103>go to female bathroom >get laughed and yelled at >'GET OUT OR ILL CALL THE COPS' Oh ok I…[View]
13358247Dominant trans women: Why is finding an AMAB with gender dysphoria rare? As a switch there are tons …[View]
13343372so if I post a pic of me with no makeup and in a guys T-shirt will this board tell me what gender I …[View]
13354022Am I the only one that loves to subtly tease straight boys? It's so fun to flirt with them, if …[View]
13344649Mastectomy: How bad of an idea is it to get a mastectomy if you’re a femboy with dysphoria? Got too …[View]
13357017All you transgirls are very pretty, yes. But I am afraid I have the cutest gf in the world! Sorry l…[View]
13356352I love to assert my manhood as an FtM by farting and belching loudly in public. Who else can relate?[View]
13357296It is over.[View]
13352401>browse r/transpassing lmao how are you guys so delusional?[View]
13354616I’m not trans, but took hrt because I fear further masculinization and have some sort of Peter Pan s…[View]
13350224discord: How true is this? I can definitly say I've seen all four types on discord[View]
13355148Black Ops Hon: Black Ops Hon[View]
13355921Do mascgrils even exists irl? 99% of girls I don't find attractive.[View]
13357691Is everyone with a gender bender fetish a repressor or in denial? Or do some cis people legit just h…[View]
13353004was he trans?[View]
13357574my friend keeps saying that i could pass but id get clocked a lot. what does she mean by this, isnt …[View]
13354617Do I pass? FtM[View]
13357175Spent the night spooning with the guy I've had a crush on for the past year, and >Spend the …[View]
13349860Is it normal for transitioning, presenting trans girls to not shave? Similar to pic related, I have …[View]
13355725>consider going on HRT >read comment about sexuality change >feel viscerally horrified and …[View]
13355729/gaygen/ - friday edition: i gotta work tonight boys :( previous: >>13353677[View]
13353164/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Groundhog Day Edition If you could relive …[View]
13346859transition goals: post your trans goals :3[View]
13354353lifestyle and feminization: hey lgbt im on hormones, but i know a lot of 'feminizing' honscience get…[View]
13343788Anyone know why marijuana makes me feel girly and flirty and feel more attracted to men than usual?[View]
13355926Why yes, I am taking spiro. How could you tell?[View]
13349244How can i stop being trans. this is torture and i am willing to do anything to make it go away. im n…[View]
13355312/mtfg/ - males that fight general: QOTT: What was your last date like? DO NOT REPLY TO QUID DO NOT A…[View]
13346395Lmfao this Reddit late-transitioning AGP admits that his ex-wife feels unsafe around him. I can’t ev…[View]
13354601Why do people assume that only AGPs exist?: I have seen this so many times, anons thinking that only…[View]
13355855What criticisms do people make of this term and its use?[View]
13354794how do I find a boymoding tranny gf? t. boymoding tranny[View]
13353311Are there any truth to the 'lesbians hate men' stereotype?[View]
13355023Straight guy here, why do you guys choose to live up to every true stereotype we make about you? Art…[View]
13355697I'm OP so therefore I am fag therefore I am one of you.[View]
13346661Whats it like for bisexual men to come out to their parents? Is the blow softened a bit because they…[View]
13352592Why are you gay?[View]
13355353>closet boymoder on HRT mtf >for some reason since I'vesstarted HRT, I have a lots of fem…[View]
13355238>tfw no transbian hon gf to be miserable with[View]
13355339I had severe gender dysphoria this morning. It really surprised me because I hadn't had it in l…[View]
13354992Can you not deserve transition?: I feel like I dont deserve it. I'm not as bad as Yaniv but I…[View]
13353677/gaygen/ - missed youth edition: Don't respond to trolls, be nice to each other. Previous threa…[View]
13347223>be trans girl >be math major >professor wants me to join math club at uni >they have ma…[View]
13350459How do I get a sexy 45 old man to like me as a 19 year old tranner?[View]
13345222is 'tranny' transphobic?: Hey, so after getting into an argument with a cis guy (I'm mtf) over …[View]
13351743being a neet is so great but i have to find work now i think i might seriously cry just thinking abo…[View]
13354823Trans girls who are into forced feminization and then dating the guy they forced feminized as transb…[View]
13350955Should straight people just take the Tranny-pill already?: Think about it. Trannies are the biggest …[View]
13353082Is it wrong: to date teenage transgirls if i'm in my 40s, i get a weird attitude from people wh…[View]
13348575>literally never masturbated in my life >hate my penis >end up in the minority of trans gir…[View]
13349023Just called my mom and came out to her. Doubts she will get some sleep this night, but she took it b…[View]
13353644'fuck the boy out of me.': i've never seen this being expressed out of this site so i'm as…[View]
13354818what y'all actually look like rn[View]
13328643Picrew Thread: Another picrew thread https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097[View]
13354326How much of being gay is having fun parties and doing drugs all the time and how much of it is being…[View]
13346892Are there trans girls with rich parents?[View]
13349633What's so great about guys anyway? Like what's the appeal other than just degenerate anima…[View]
13353978Trans Christmas: Hey all, I will be posting a thread on /lgbt/ onn Christmas eve. So keep an eye out…[View]
13353225Is Mr Clean gay?[View]
13351511How do I meet a girl(male) or twink that looks like this so I can make them my wife(male)?[View]
13353018Little question for repressers: Do any of you have any specific celebrities, internet celebrities, m…[View]
13354244Don't you feel like the cat would directly talk to you while you would like at this picture, re…[View]
13349612Any other ftm guys use Xyosted? I’ve been on it for about a month now, wanted to see if anyone who h…[View]
13349865TRANNY FIGHT: Which of these absolute units would win a fight to the death? Femoids provided adjacen…[View]
13353636Reminder that Sex is real and Gender is fake bullshit![View]
13349616What now?: I've transitioned, and I'm living my life as as a stealth transgirl, but I…[View]
13345214lesbians & beauty: Why are there no good looking REAL lesbians? the ones sometimes potrayed as p…[View]
13348801Do I pass?: Be honest[View]
13352180I can't stop being gay: I want off this wild ride, I date girls, Flirt with them, presue them b…[View]
13352621As a lesbian/gay/bi/trans person, you owe your allegiance to the LGBT alliance which has won and wil…[View]
13345185Trans Girls: Hi guys! Yes, you, the guy who likes trans girls. Did you know that all of us girls wil…[View]
13353658>have to write a paper that has to do with personal growth and struggle >could totally write a…[View]
13353711Is there such thing as feminine gay?[View]
13351610I'm a gynosexual man, but I'm hopelessly attracted to boymodders. Am I gay yet?[View]
13351376I want a trans girl to shove their fat cock down my throat and cum in my mouth. I want them to dirty…[View]
13350677Is Clover trans?: >the most feminine on the show and concerned with fashion & looks >the o…[View]
13353310Does progesterone.. actually do anything? Can I get it on the NHS?[View]
13350528/gaygen/ - Timothée Chalamet edition: old: >>13349483[View]
13345196How's your dating life /tttt/?[View]
13338867How to stop being attracted to guys: I like girls too, but mostly guys. I want to not be attracted t…[View]
13353234Why the fuck can't i just cry Overslept and arrived late for my morning class, have felt terrib…[View]
13353198I made this thread before but got no answers that weren't just aggressive, so I want to try aga…[View]
13353065I am in my late 20s and don't feel comfortable. I'm not sure what or how I am but I love d…[View]
13352067>be me >Math Major at Uni >Head to math club one day >Sit next to a new girl >Kinda c…[View]
13352887I stopped posting on an online community because I was busy, and someone claimed that I had died for…[View]
13352452Hey, I am a Transgirl, who wants to buy some Girl Clothes, but, I don't know how to acquire the…[View]
13341839bros is this true?[View]
13348955Hon thread: Post hons itt[View]
13351848how do i get a cute girl face? someone told me to take hormone blockers but i just want a cuter face…[View]
13347895You wanna hear a joke?: What happens when you take a gender non conforming homosexual male and place…[View]
13352420What the hell am I?: >Be me. >Find women attractive. >Find vaginas gross. >Find masculi…[View]
13352502>be me >math professor >hosting math club meeting >see a new girl in the club, think not…[View]
133409411. Post your job or profession. 2. Guess other anons' letters (L, G, B, FTM, MTF, etc.) based o…[View]
13349306>Find MTF/FTM transition timeline on the internet >Reverse the images so that it looks like a …[View]
13351908/mtfg/ Many transgirls Follow God: QOTT: what is something you would like to change about mtfg? DO N…[View]
13351875jennifer lawrence confirmed lesbian who loves licking ass[View]
13349776I'm kind of bored and drunk, so I thought I'd pose a question I've been half ponderin…[View]
13352019The Kinsey scale is retarded and obsolete.[View]
13352105is it true the trans murder rate is only high because of nonwhite guys who have to kill the transgir…[View]
13351669I demand cute detailed date stories about going on cute butterflies in ur tummy stuff like ahdjdi le…[View]
13350221How do I force myself to stop getting boners while wearing girl's clothes? HRT killed my penis …[View]
13349064How are hats for trans women?: I hate every picture of myself but then I discovered HATS does anyone…[View]
13351406I'm NB. I get dysphoria but I don't want boobs /: Should I take HRT?[View]
13350427What percentage of men would transition if they could be cute and young forever? What percentage of …[View]
13351783i really like the super mutants in fallout they just like me big dumb sterile just want to smash th…[View]
13352036How do you cope with the fact that a 'transfeminine enby' is just a binary girl who doesn't lik…[View]
13350911Why are we still using this stupid acronym and tacking on letters so that we hinder our ability to h…[View]
13348966What is it called when I like manly, muscular FTMs, but with small - but still apparently female - b…[View]
13343208No mtfs around, lost tranner: I feel like a polar bear in the middle of the sahara desert I know lgb…[View]
13348702How to get a nice body: What exercises should i do to get a nice body? I started hrt about 9 months …[View]
13343858Is this normal?: My boyfriend's parents are coming over so he's making me stay in the bedr…[View]
13344010How do i find a cute trans gf as a trans girl[View]
13343655How big did your breasts get on HRT? I'm 4 years in and I'm a 32C.[View]
13350925Reminder that trans propaganda preys on twinks[View]
13338246>go outside >analyse every face i see >estimate midface ratio instantly >examine the dis…[View]
13351546Why does is tranny music like Lauren Bousfield, Against me, Black Dresses etc. always the edgiest at…[View]
13347292HRT causing height reduction, fact or fiction? I've seen a lot of M2F claim that they lost an i…[View]
13349904How can I get a hrt prescription without being gated/denied because of my depression? I want to be h…[View]
13349402How do I stop being attracted to trannies and start being attracted to cis women again?[View]
13344933Bi men: Are they the second most hated part of LGTB?[View]
13345829I'd like some trans people's opinions. Does this look like a biological woman to you? Or d…[View]
13339033Do any other trans girls feel like they go into heat?: So maybe this is cringy or whatever, but I ge…[View]
13351017Hey, I’ve been going back and forth with transitioning for a while. I’m only 18 and I’m pretty sure …[View]
13346328What should bisexuals with a preference for women do?: If you're a bi woman with an 80/20 prefe…[View]
13331664Believing a transgirl can't fuck a man in the ass is the same as believing a woman can't h…[View]
13349960How to make trans girl cry?: I have a trans gf, and I want to make her cry, it's a fetish thing…[View]
13346789>ywn suck a dick why im live[View]
13324752>tfw too fat to transition[View]
13349483/gaygen/ - happy edition: previous: >>13348419[View]
13348162Transition Goals: ITT: Transition goals I'm already quite close to Cole Sprouse but I have thes…[View]
13349650A boy asked me out and I told him I was trans and he called me a gross faggot. Why do cis boys have …[View]
13350526I'm a young closet bi male. I'm attracted to all types of men really. But sometimes gay po…[View]
13340905message to all mtf trannies: stop wearing diapers[View]
13344301>Be FtM >Want to look like an autistic MtF twinkhon trap…[View]
13350267Anyone else have CIS Women act nicer to them in boymode? >Older cashiers or Waitresses always say…[View]
13350345> It's easy to get into a gay relationship. Unless you are afflicted with mentalceldom.…[View]
13350233source of poppers in canada?[View]
13348714Why are so many trans girls in STEM?[View]
13348615Bi women who have trouble dating women: Be a female betabux: Not saying to be sexually repulsive but…[View]
13349893I hate trans people: Am I the only one that has a raging hate for trannies and bullies them on every…[View]
13349888>tfw cisles with le epic anger problems™ >severe trust issues >long distance w/ gf >auto…[View]
13342950/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Ice Cream Edtion What are your top and bot…[View]
13345986Why do gays always feel the need to talk about their sex lives: We get it. You like to suck dick or …[View]
13346982Sup, cis guy here. Started college a couple days ago and an MtF like pic related is there. Just grea…[View]
13346915>be taking E pills with low levels for a month >decide to start bicalutamide 50 mg a day >f…[View]
13342264Does anyone have any good transition timelines with masculine men turning into cute girls? I am losi…[View]
13348419Gaygen - Sports edition: >no bf to watch football with Why live lads?…[View]
13347749Getting nongendered: Does anyone else get nongendered a lot? For example today I gave some answer in…[View]
13347941Trans women often become jealous of East Asian trans women because they supposedly pass more often. …[View]
13346849What's so bad about spiro? Why does everyone talk shit about it? I asked my Doctor initially an…[View]
13349230Help plz: I want to be a bootyslut but I need advice for getting a good body n stuff. Is my ass good…[View]
13334652What do straight women think of femboys? How do I explain the manboobs if I dated one?[View]
13344589How do transwomen prefer to have sex?: Transwomen, how do you like to have sex? How should we make y…[View]
13348006/mtfg/ - More Trannies For God: Bruh edition QOTT: Bruh • Subreddit for autistic girls http://reddit…[View]
13346303Any YouTube channels of an MTF who actually passes, with a large female following? I'm starting…[View]
13345694This is a cis woman.[View]
13324555Being gay (or lesbian) is literally just a form of being intersex, but y’all aren’t ready to have th…[View]
13348790Why are so many straight men into femdom and pegging? They're just closeted bi right?[View]
13341367AGP no fap: Have any AGP repressors actually tried no fap? I do largely think it’s bro science bulls…[View]
13348447>started becoming really attracted to trans, actively trying to find one to date or talk to (whil…[View]
13346495>measure myself >line on the door measure at just a hair over 5'10.5 >maybe 5'10 …[View]
13345151Why are mtf's so hard to be friends with. My friend (so called on my end) never responds when I…[View]
13347310/gaygen/ - wypipo out edition: previous: >>13343630[View]
13347486>It's another day of repressing.[View]
13346665doesn't gender abolitionism also mean transgender abolitionism[View]
13343668Redpilled gays? I like where this is going[View]
13348103i'm trying to lose some weight since hormones have given me some more belly fat for my tdee do …[View]
13329166Can I get some improvement ideas?: I’m pic related and I obviously don’t pass, I’ve been on hrt for …[View]
13342927>Take opioids >Forget all about dysphoria and all my problems Holy shiy is this the solution t…[View]
13347555I'm a bi guy and I have a preference for women: Should I be openly bi or just semi-out (only to…[View]
13346075Bisexuals need to leave LGBT: There's no point to being in the LBTG movement for a bisexual. If…[View]
13332575/k/ here. What is /lgbt/'s view on the pink pistols organization? Given the last post on their …[View]
13342465Where to find a male girlfriend?[View]
13346265What's with this meme that chasers tend to be trans repressors/in denial? How true is that?[View]
13347048sexually confused: Going to start out with a bit of history. My best friend as a kid was a girl, she…[View]
13344795How do I make (normal) trans friends irl? All of the trans people I've met from online pretend …[View]
13343902Are there any queers on the forum tonight?[View]
13347252What does /tttt/ think of the transvestigation, a theory which asserts that every famous Hollywood c…[View]
13345990>chasers are so gross, stop fetishing people[View]
13346305Post srs smell. What do[View]
13345723Body noises?: How do you deal with deep or low pitched body noises besides your voice? >Inhaling …[View]
13346463I switched from swallowing my estradiol valerate pills (progynova) to taking them sublingually becau…[View]
13345524Movies or shows about trannies: This is an ideal start, I don't even want to spoil it for those…[View]
13342951>dad asked me if I'm a tranny >ask why he would ask that >he says my long hair makes m…[View]
13345867Do you know gay men that now are straight?: Would you tell some anecdote about gay men 'going straig…[View]
13343630/gaygen/ - Eemu Edition: Previous: 13341910[View]
133470125 months ago today I was happily with my gf, now I'm lying on the floor with puke on my shirt a…[View]
13343477In the future I want a mtf daughter. I want her to post on /lgbt/ and make threads about how she…[View]
13345648NOOOOOO: Shiri trap is planning on getting a neo vagina! The biggest trans porn star after Natalie M…[View]
13313516European LGBT person here. Convince me I shouldn't vote for right wing and anti-EU parties.[View]
13346758>remembering life before I transition gets my dysphoria going Good thing he remembers it so I don…[View]
13343077How do I kill my sex drive and my desire for a a boyfriend? Also how do I kill my desire for friends…[View]
13346705Magic Button If you press it, you become a cis female, BUT the review doesn't go on[View]
13345190Traners in lesbian spaces: Why do lesbian trans women dominate lesbian spaces? They are a minority a…[View]
13346544twf it's 2070: >tfw it's the 2070s >the gender reverse gene mode hits the market, fu…[View]
13346031What did they mean by this?[View]
13344146I turn 30 this year, when I was a teen/early 20s I was androgynous and cute. Now I'm nearly 30 …[View]
13341107Does anyone fear the possibility they will end up regret transitioning and detrans? https://www.yout…[View]
13338436Trans Men, what would you do/think/feel if you woke up tomorrow with this body? Suddenly 6'4',…[View]
13342502How do I look /LGBT/? 6 months on htr[View]
13338591How can you be gay: lol how can you be gay? Having sex with men is gross.[View]
13345138I wish I was AGP fetishist. At least, they seem to be enjoying it all. Does anyone else feel the sam…[View]
13345327posting the same image of big lez everyday #237 fucked up on xanax again sedition[View]
13349045>i hate jews >nah, i didnt mean it, here have 50,000 dollars >SIKE lmao get fucking JUKED r…[View]
13341424How do I stop the trans thoughts?[View]
13346160Lesbians are Misogynists: They think straight and bi women need to put up with bad behavior from men…[View]
13343505Name a more Transbian album: Tell me how you've never felt Delicate or innocent Do you still ha…[View]
13345014Former repessors, what made you decide to transition?[View]
13288302/ltg/ - Late Transition General - Night Biking Edition: A thread for people who started medically tr…[View]
13344964How do you stop wanting to be a girl if you're a worthless and unpassable gay bottom with no lo…[View]
13344356How to suck off your straight friend?: Or just see him naked lmao I will have my last chance soon, w…[View]
13345346How can you be gay?: I understand bi's, but not the homos.[View]
13343547Do white guys feel uncomfortable when they are fetishized by non whites? t. Spic bottom with a white…[View]
13344055Is sucking dick gay if even straight girls do it too?[View]
13341858>tfw you wanna be a housewife but you can never have kids How do I deal with this? I don't m…[View]
13339420How to lick an ass without getting hepatitis? Which other diseases can you get by licking an ass? Is…[View]
13345265What superpowers did you get by choosing to be gay?[View]
13336534is there anything more agp than a trans girl being into bimbofication?[View]
13345543Why did God have to make me a fag?: I could've been like all other boys and just like girls- yo…[View]
13345120Are there any older, long term trans folk on /lgbt/? I'm especially curious about mtfs and whe…[View]
13344550This is more directed at the LGB's: How can you comfortably sit with the Republicans or the rig…[View]
13323550/repgen/: Repressor general, trembling finger over the black button edition. What helps you cope? Ha…[View]
13344114>be tranner >rejected autistic boy who liked and respected me because he was unattractive and …[View]
13318119What is the youngest age hrt should be allowed at?: How many years of counseling does it take to det…[View]
13341610Oi one of you give me the fag pass[View]
13334282In your opinion what is the minimum chest size required to pass?[View]
13337813dildo x dick: I have a dildo that's around 15cm long and 3,5cm of girth. I tried it multiple ti…[View]
13333444Gay bottoms would you rather be in a LTR with A bi top A gay versatile[View]
13344728What do you do if girls own your heart but guys own the rest of your body?[View]
13340714/mtfg/ trans girl general: qott: What is your backstory for the /mtfg/ lore compilation? • Subreddit…[View]
13339397I'm not trans, I just wish I was a cute girl so that I could make a lonely lesbian on /clg/ hap…[View]
13341194reminder that ftms are perverts and they perv on men in the men's bathroom too this post descri…[View]
13344575I wish I didn't have a dick[View]
13327464Being a mommy as a tranner: My boyfriend asked me to move in with him, he has two kids. We've b…[View]
13342101What motivated you to live an LGBT lifestyle? To what extent, if at all, do you believe others are e…[View]
13340445Change my mind: masculine ftms are the only valid trannies they are real men feminine ftms are women…[View]
13342507Excess body hair is unequivocally unattractive: Debate me[View]
13333844Trans lesbian greentexts: >Be trans lesbian >Transitioned young, pretty passable >Voice is …[View]
13339138How do I dress so people know I'm a transbian, currently, here's how I dress: https://stre…[View]
13343280hello why do trans identified men think it's okay to ask me out after I've stated that I…[View]
13337819Blanchard BTFO Hontra: He's calling an AGP an AGP HONtrapoints can NEVER defeat a tru trans lik…[View]
13341213lgbt >there's 9000 billion genders, you can be whatever you want and everyone is valid lgbt …[View]
13331508Keeping muscles on HRT?: I wanna keep my arm muscles on hrt. I worked hard as fuck to get them and I…[View]
13339218why so many lgbt/queer people plays fighting games?: there's any reason in special?[View]
13338433Lesbians: Does anyone find it interesting that all the lesbians I've met were abused by men?…[View]
13336156Can somebody explain to me the difference between transbians and straight men?[View]
13339454Why do people (probably just ftms) say that estrogen is super easy to get like you can just have Ama…[View]
13326526What is the next upgrade after non-binary? So far bi, has been displaced by gay, then gay for trans …[View]
13340652I hate being a submissive masc bottom. It's literally the worst combination for a gay man and d…[View]
13341162Clocking is hard wired in mammals.: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-01/sm-mmh012419.php…[View]
13343645Trans People: Trying to be friends with trans people is very difficult. I feel like a lot of you peo…[View]
13340034Who else here has permanent brain damage from a decade of depression, after being forced by your par…[View]
13331866Can I get some repression fuel?[View]
13343952I'm a gynosexual man, but I'm hopelessly attracted to boymodders. Am I gay yet?[View]
13343904Is the new iPhone gay?[View]
13343888You shall not pass![View]
13338322I want a guy to choke me to death while fucking me. Do you think anyone would be willing to do this?[View]
13342712Should I just leave /lgbt/ and 4ch altogether?: I'm honestly just really addicted to but really…[View]
13343821What's with all the positivity on this board lately? Is there no place for bitterhons and repre…[View]
13343603How does one properly tuck if you already had an orchiectomy What kind of medical tape should you us…[View]
13330786How do you feel about boys crossdressing? Do you think it's a good way to tell if someone is ga…[View]
13341629HE TEXTED BACK BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm the girl from two nights ago that was…[View]
13328842Straight Cissies Won't Fuck MtFs: This bigotry needs to end.[View]
13326166Blanchard used the term 'tranny' How can anyone take him seriously anymore? First he claims that an…[View]
13341553Is it true that HRT causes liver failure?[View]
13341910/gaygen/ - dominant feminine bottom edition part 2: previous: >>13340576[View]
13343426What's a nonbinary?[View]
13343384I love you[View]
13336814does anyone else feel like absolute scum because they don't have dysphoria as bad as the people…[View]
13343060Help me >be bi >hate females with passion >but still want pussy to fuck >only intereste…[View]
13336558Is this how a transbian couple is born?[View]
13342801Am I still trutrans FTM if I like Anne Rice's books and vampire lore in general?[View]
13341823I'm not good enough for a boyfriend[View]
13338669New world filters for /lgbt/ when: 'Lesbian' to 'transbian' 'Cis' to 'chaser' 'Chaser' to 'chad' 'Tr…[View]
13342313>not using the same angle as in the 'before' pic You're not fooling anyone, trannies. When y…[View]
13337747What do you think of bi tranners in comparison to transbians[View]
13338521clothes for andro body?: >MFW femboy with long term HRT habbit >Guy jeans cause nonstop pain i…[View]
13322528Have you ever traveled to go out crossdressing? how was it? im planning to do it. Any adivice?[View]
13336707Fellas, I'm ftm and some time ago I made a thread saying I had a pimple on my inner vulva. Well…[View]
13338759I want to talk about monogamy. Is it uncommon among gay men? It's been just few weeks after com…[View]
13340576/gaygen/ - dominant feminine bottom edition: previous: >>13339197[View]
13278854/bmg/ /ssbb/ - BOYMODER SNAKE SKINNED BOA BOY GENERAL: SNAKE EDITION It's been a few weeks sinc…[View]

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