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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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11570078Why is B infront of T? Why is B in the acronym at all?[View]
11570364Binge drinking on cypro Should I care? If so, why[View]
11566010>fresh revelation that I'm bi-sexual >Started with just traps 'only because they're …[View]
11567567Does anal hurt?: Cis het man here who’s curious. What’s bottoming like?[View]
11568637im extremely lonely and wish i had a bf, but im a boymode mtf who doesnt pass. would it be easier to…[View]
11564598Why is /tgtt/ so blase about birthing bio kids?: Think of it this way, let's consider 6,000 yea…[View]
11563573Is Anal Good?: I'm a bi-curious dude who's been thinking to try men recently. That said, i…[View]
11569324What's wrong with being androgynous? Why do trans people have to make their lives an elaborate …[View]
11569192Tinder/Grindr: So which is better for a relationship Tinder or Grindr. Also do either link up to soc…[View]
11532162/repgen/ #1.5 Repression General: First Edition of 2019 What kind of repressor are you? >all tran…[View]
11567561>meet girl here >she visits >goes terribly Fast forward >keep waking up in the night…[View]
11568765Passing trans women deserve to be loved and accepted. Non passers should repress[View]
11567186/gaygen/ - music edition: previous thread >>11565029[View]
11564350why are mtfs the most tranphobic bunch: 99% of mtfs who see b4 & after pics of ftms like pic rel…[View]
11567811How to solve all trans problems: It's not currently impossible to solve many medical issues. Pr…[View]
11569172Why is there such a huge influx of 'trans women' in online communities within the last couple years …[View]
11557684RIP Grindr: Remember when this app used to be good? Now it’s just an ad / paywall ridden piece of sh…[View]
11565602Anon dates a tranny: >Anon: So you were a guy then changed into a transwoman Tranny: No i am a wo…[View]
11567058drag is not valid.: how do FTM feel about drag? why do children need to be exposed to makeup? dysph…[View]
11567111anyone feel like life doesn’t change no matter if you transition, detransition, desisit or whatever?…[View]
11568518Getting caught: So, any of you gays or hons got caught by your parents? Green text are welcome…[View]
11567080>meet a cute guy >have common interests >have chemistry >fuck >get cold feet >sabo…[View]
11523103Who is this girl and why do I see her get posted here so often?[View]
11559206>guy professes his love for me >love him back >realise that as soon as he sees me he'l…[View]
11567296/MTFG/: Everyone can find love. This thread is for our favorite duo racury, i hope we all find love …[View]
11566485Why should trans people be allowed to participate in athletics with their preferred gender? If there…[View]
11566943Who here /transcel/?[View]
11563630what is gay?: where is the thin line between being sexually curious and being gay? What defining tra…[View]
11566075Did my Boyfriend respond right?: So I am at my boyfriends house and cleaning in a cute outfit. A fri…[View]
11560774Anybody else really wanna be fucked by a homophobe ?: I just imagine it'd be an interesting exp…[View]
11565974Lgbt Parenting Fantasies: I recently came across some complaints that there were few sane trannies t…[View]
11566914I bet half of you leggbutts didn't even get cummies from Daddy today.[View]
11565792How do we help gay men learn to love?[View]
11560918How to stop being a chaser?: How do I get rid of my fetish for HSTS?[View]
11566378what does it mean to love someone ? do i experience love ? how uncommon is it to not experience love…[View]
11566873innate unalterable sexuality theory BTFO: assuming the gayest gay guy was given viagra and made tips…[View]
11562515Why are Straight Men so insecure and easily triggered by anything that deviates from their perceptio…[View]
11565821In the past 10 years I have only asked for 1 thing, just 1 thing. After waiting patiently I finally …[View]
11530697Way to flush your female privilege down the toilet LOL[View]
11565029/gaygen/ - Virgin x Chad edition: old: >>11560299[View]
11566182Cock slut: Why did i become such a cock slut when i started hrt? all i think about now is sucking di…[View]
11547382Are you proud of your bulge?[View]
11564596Genderbent Dreams Thread: I woke up with this dream last night, and I'm..... kinda terrified ab…[View]
11565692Is suicide a reasonable solution? I'm tired of all this pain. My body will never be female and …[View]
11562581Hello /lgbt/ I'm trans. This is the first time I'm admitting it anywhere. I've been i…[View]
11557385Does the rainbow flag need black and brown stripes? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-46860693…[View]
11551224The Series 'You' on Netflix: So Hari Nef plays Blythe on You and she does a pretty good job, and the…[View]
11566469I had a dream about transitioning m2f and it felt natural n'shit, even though I have never even…[View]
11566669Like is all sexuality just a meme invented by (((them))) and humans just have a preference to who th…[View]
11566431Maxillo-Facial Surgeons: Im interested in some bone work FFS but I see little reason to go to an FFS…[View]
11563489daily reminder that if you have a sissy fetish you are just a pervert, not trans[View]
11565324I wonder how many of you actually pass? The majority of you probably look like Chris Chan wearing a …[View]
11563819Changing sexualities: have you ever successfully changed someone's sexuality? or your own? I…[View]
11566397How many of you tranners are actually ILL MCs? The GameStop tranny has bars.[View]
11554460Do trans girls make good wives/mothers?[View]
11566189problematic mother: yesterday a job came up to me, its an opportunity, teach some 'special…[View]
11562388fagtow: Anyone else in the closet because you don't want to have sex with men? Not because of s…[View]
11565149idk why im still on hrt when i look like a man i feel like someone else could use this better, and i…[View]
11564806Fuck actual problems: xd xd xd I’m so trans it’s not even funny! Being missgendered is worse then de…[View]
11563528This shit has got to stop or it's going to end very badly for all of you.[View]
11563240I hate trannies All they ever do is whine about their lives and make everything about them They keep…[View]
11564000Is it gay to drink your own cum?[View]
11560299/gaygen/ - roastie taco edition: old >>11554596[View]
11563635Detransition Thread: Who else is considering detransition? I don't know what tf I'm doing …[View]
11565225Rethinking my views on transgender women: I just don't know how to feel about them anymore afte…[View]
11565795Is eating ass gay: My friends and I eat ass but one day he are my ass is that gay?[View]
11562570>tfw trans woman >tfw masturbate to the before pictures in FtM timelines and then get angry th…[View]
11558290Why do lgbt people hate Europe so much and are striving to ruin it?[View]
11532712Really makes you think...[View]
11565771>think I’m gay >see Hannah Wtf I’m straight now?!…[View]
11564380is hrt medication in combination with drugs dangerous? i'm mtf and love to do dxm, kratom, weed…[View]
11555352how do i deal with liking women when i dont have a penis lesbian sex doesnt interest me at all but i…[View]
11565684What are your favorite transvestigations?[View]
11564697But you can’t have kids[View]
11562322WHO THE FUCK IS YOUR LEADER: Who is you’re leader and what are you people planning? World domination…[View]
11550479>state legbutt letter >opinion on Islam I’m a bi ftm and I don’t trust Muslims for shit. I’ve …[View]
11564445This doesn't get said a lot here, but I think that transphobes and homophobes should be gutted,…[View]
11564593Jesus told me to delete my trap folder...[View]
11564546It’s not gay anymore if I wear a dress and makeup right?[View]
11558374You know it’s true /lgbt/, how do we deal with them? W: Well?[View]
11559773would you still be trans in a world without anime?[View]
11563988The Kinsey Scale: I'm a supposedly straight guy who's had sex with a few transwomen. I wan…[View]
11564372MTFG: Everyone can find love • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments…[View]
11564737What is the difference between a chaser and the trans afficionado? >inb4 looks…[View]
11562615Troons: BTFO: >yfw Trev Lawrence passes better than all of you[View]
11564200Other gay guys, whats it like to be deeply in love with another man? ive had one sided crushes but w…[View]
11560439How do married CDs do it?: So mostly happily married crossdresser here. My wife knows I dress but is…[View]
11565025Thanks /lgbt/ You cured my GD. it took about a year total. I’m happy living as a fag. Ask me anyth…[View]
11562658Do you think it’s acceptable to let your gay teenage son and his boyfriend have sleepovers in the sa…[View]
11564927>tfw mommy is your daddy[View]
11527273/femgen/ - Thread for femboys and feminine males!: Any and all sexualities welcome of course as long…[View]
11564728Secretly half of /lgbt/ wants to be put in a black room with black people. Don't lie. https://y…[View]
11563756Being this niave: Imagine being under 18 on /lgbt/ and not understanding, 'The stories and informati…[View]
11562990Animals: How do animals react to you? Do you think animals would misgender you? Or would they know s…[View]
11557958How do I tell if I’m asexual or depressed[View]
11560491Advice for bottom: Hi, I'm guy, (probably AGP whatever that means) and I have a bf, he naturall…[View]
11560262HOW DO I MAKE MY SHOULDERS SMALLER!?!?!?!?!?!?[View]
11536736Did you girls have more guy or girl friends before transitioning? I have a lot more guy friends pers…[View]
11564084regarding androgynes: if you're a man or a woman, is fucking a (successfully gender-confusing) …[View]
11563492flowchart: Hi guys! Just here to remind you that your sexuality is an obtuse parody of conception an…[View]
11563163Why is my dad's penis so much bigger than mine? Its unfair.[View]
11561721i dont think that i feel dysphoria, but I hate myself and especially hate being male. i have never m…[View]
11557844How do I act more demure and fem so that guys want to fuck me?[View]
11561212>fap to straight porn (self insert as sub, usually female) >people say it's gay…[View]
11563595Any close calls in public boys: Anyone have some close calls in public Let me clarify I mean any em…[View]
11557136would you say this is a slightly feminine look or is it quite masculine?[View]
11559138So... How do you actually know that you're trans?[View]
11563498bruh help.: >be me >Freshmen >Not gonna have a relationship because i'm asexual >In…[View]
11561967gay people who have had sexual encounters with a female: what did it feel like for you?[View]
11562806I'm about a month into HRT but the more I look at myself in the mirror, I realize that it'…[View]
11540806/HRTGen/ HRT General 149: I Ordered Homebrew Injections from Ukraine Edition: >Help, advice, guid…[View]
11560112Faggot Thread: Why do you faggots always have to whine and complain that your carpet munching/dick g…[View]
11556069Straight guy here with an honest question. Ok I know there are tops and bottoms in gay relationships…[View]
11560988>ask a black trans girl out at college >she looks at me like complete trash and asks me if I…[View]
11557349Is a trans woman really a tranny if they don't use linux?[View]
11561640Trans woman here, been transitioning for 5 years now Sort of considering detransition after reading …[View]
11560179Is it unnerving to anyone else that basically all most MTF would have to do to “detransition” and li…[View]
11562788Crash diet before HRT?: Finally getting on HRT in a month. Is it worth it to be at as low of a weigh…[View]
11554847Is >>>/pol/ right?[View]
11558617Hey guys How do I get revenge on all the people who turned their backs on me after I came out? I am …[View]
11531916>transitioned after 30 >not a hon >get fucked by chad men and hot women >get paid for it…[View]
11551986>gay character isn't a whore jumping on every cock he sees >'he wasn't gay, he just …[View]
11555115New on Twitter. Who there talks about LGBT stuff ? Wanna follow some ppl. Thanks in advance /lgbt/[View]
11559620I Have a question if I'm a man who likes dressing like a girl and I get a girlfriend who like m…[View]
11554559Chasers, a question for you.: A: Looks beautiful, but sounds like a man B: Looks okay, but sounds li…[View]
11557717>be me >62 years old >genetically engineered to be female and regress in age when exposed t…[View]
11562703Well guess im gay now[View]
11558695https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFqDRs2YRzQ I am surprised by this video, I looked at this youtuber …[View]
11562205> be me > shy awkward 10 year old > meet 3 boys and a teacher in 5th grade who end up chang…[View]
11541821I had hip surgery: I'm so disheartened. I had hip implants put in recently and I feel as though…[View]
11562423Nofap for bottoms: Day 16 lads. Already feeling the confidence increase and malaise being lifted. Th…[View]
11562392Help.: Im your average and happily married straight white guy, but I keep venturing into trap and tw…[View]
11560707Daily reminder that if you're not strictly androphilic you're AGP. This includes bisexual…[View]
11542921funny /lgbt/ memories from when you were a kid: does anyone have any cute stories from when they wer…[View]
11562251>be asexual >get offered head by some raver thot >politely dab on her >mfw she calls me …[View]
11561387/mtfg/ trans girl general: rate my crepes edition they all look a little misshapen, just like I do •…[View]
11507533Do girl chasers exist[View]
11554402Is it common for FtMs to think of themselves as 'replacing' or 'improving on' cis men, the same way …[View]
11561168Does it pass[View]
11561558As a gay guy am I transphobic if I am willing to let a trans woman fuck me in the ass?[View]
11558202Skin flaking off: Anons please help My facial skin is always flaking off and i don't know how t…[View]
11552243Question for Gay/bi ftms: would you date other ftms, even if they were pre-t? Would you date them re…[View]
11555217Is FFS A Scam?: I used to really want FFS, but then I started passing and now I am unsure whether I …[View]
11560030The struggle of being absolutely gorgeous.: Am I complaining? maybe a little, but I certainly don…[View]
11561463>tfw you wish you were born a girl >tfw you are trans >tfw dont want to transition though b…[View]
11559486The term 'Tranny': I am a a mtf trans girl and I have boyfriend who seems to disluke the fact that I…[View]
11558769The entire world hates me because I'm gay and now the LGBT community, the one place I thought I…[View]
11554208My friend confessed his feelings to me in front of our entire class and forced a kiss on me. I'…[View]
11548411Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement: Is sexy surfer army…[View]
11558360Dear lesbians do you actually enjoy scissoring? Poll: https://strawpoll.com/f1xx3fyf[View]
11558921is anyone else here a cuckold? i really think cuckolding should be part of the lgbtqip banner as its…[View]
11557902BLACKED but it's black ftm's on little white twink tranners[View]
11555667>meet a guy >he tells me he has a gf but it's an open relationship >makes me think I…[View]
11559121I want women to insult me for liking futa[View]
11555571help with bi stuff: hey, i want some advice. i’m bi, male, 25 and really confused i’ve had five boyf…[View]
11544593How did you guys find out you were gay/bi/trans or whatever? >Was watching porn >Stared at guy…[View]
11556524How can i buy estrogen in germany without a doctors order? Where can i purchase and take them and ho…[View]
11549337Should we go back to how tranners where represented in the media 15-20 years ago? Pic related[View]
11553671A question to transgender anons: If there was a treatment (like a pill) that cures gender dysphoria …[View]
11560318self(kinda) orchiectomy: Thinking of removing my testicles with an elastrator like they do cattle. T…[View]
11556215how do I come out?: >be me, mtf tranny >super young teen who could probably pass as is >wan…[View]
11559066Is it even possible to be a tranner while also practicing high self-awareness?[View]
11558938Is it possible to boymode after FFS? Do I have to hide from people at my workplace or can I say a li…[View]
11558479gonna come out as transgirl to my mom today, thank you to everyone who told me to get on hrt asap, a…[View]
11558321Why did Allah give me this gay Does he not like me[View]
11553922Gamestop tranny gave an interview: https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/as-video-goes-viral-transgen…[View]
11556222>on college campus >normals pull out their MacBooks and I pull out my vintage 2011 trannypad …[View]
11558337*takes estradiol* Oh hey there wagie, just wanted to say (hope I'm not interrupting your one te…[View]
11559956Thoughts on her transition?[View]
11558001how do bring up sexual topics with your bf? i'm an autist who doesn't understand stuff lik…[View]
11554213Straight guy here,: Is it homophobic if i wish every gay guy would tranition so i could fuck them?…[View]
11556337Does the queer acronym have too many letters? https://youtu.be/b1A5ANMvsMM[View]
11556877So I have been engaged in the offline trans community for a while now (not so much this place becaus…[View]
11559832Is this accurate?: Are all attractive witches tranners?[View]
11554596/gaygen/ - Latin tops edition: previous >>11549817 Have you worshipped a latin dom gg[View]
11559616>Be me >MTF boymodder, still going by my birth name because worried of passing >Job searchi…[View]
11558898/mtfg/: helpful tips for using your switch edition QOTT: Have you ever lost a Switch joycon? • Trans…[View]
11558677Where did the cross dressers go?: Is everyone suddenly transgender? Whatever happened with regular c…[View]
11557290I'm cis and people initially confuse me for a guy all the time, used to bug me when puberty sta…[View]
11544336It's official: AGP is not a fetish. Mario eternally btfo[View]
11545022As a transbian if I date a bi girl will she subconsciously see me as a man and expect me to top and …[View]
11556555What is an “identity”?: https://surveyanon.wordpress.com/2019/01/12/what-is-an-identity/[View]
11557883This is Kyrsten Sinema, the first publically atheist and bisexual senator. Say something nice about …[View]
11556173believable girl?[View]
11559008Average /lgbt/ poster[View]
11548576Post your letter and your fictional L/G/B/T (whichever is your letter) icon. Unrelated pic.[View]
11558345Trans girls and chasers, tell us about yourselves so we can make totally platonic friendships with e…[View]
11557987pakistan first transgender news reporter. Is it normal to be transgender in pakistan?[View]
11557812Is there a way for trans people who just want to live normally and fit into society as their desired…[View]
11552922I am attracted to a post-op transgirl. What does the pussy feel like?[View]
11558181why do i like femboys?: i think im gay.[View]
11542363How common is it for trans girls to neglect bathing or even basic hygiene?[View]
11558142I’m not racist but I think all transbians should be euthanized[View]
11557475https://youtu.be/uJb_y8KJQTY?t=79 This is why 'stealth' aka successful, integrated trans people don…[View]
11554629Still can't decide if fem gay or trans...[View]
11553475i wish there were more lesbians on this board[View]
11557671>get told as child by straight people it's ok to suck dick >grow up and spend years on 4c…[View]
11555276>Already 25+ >Haven't even started hormones or transitioning yet >Live with my parents…[View]
11552181>its another episode of 'Profound and existential dread over being trans and not passing'…[View]
11557896holy fuck is this the most chad hon to ever live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOkdR7on6Ok >ac…[View]
11557791So... How does bica feminize you? Does it widen your hips? Does it shrink your shoulders? Does it c…[View]
11552372Lesbians and Threesomes: Hello, there. Two lesbian (well, maybe bisexual) girlfriends want to have s…[View]
11538187/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Saturday Night Edition What are you no lif…[View]
11557769https://youtu.be/hDqrX_WpnbM Is he low key gay? Skip to 25:00. He compares them to pedos[View]
11557621i'm not a transgirl i'm a guy who likes 'dressing up' as a girl and wearing things that ma…[View]
11555684Do white guys like hispanic transgirls?[View]
11550089Imagine taking E sublingually.[View]
11555590How do I convince my ftm boyfriend to carry my seed? He keeps saying dysphoria prevents it and blah …[View]
11551801Daily reminder that Ksenia is the most based tripfag here: >Russian culture appreciation edition …[View]
11557102/PEG/ - First edition: Welcome fellow Tranners to the first Passing and Euphoria General Thread. Thi…[View]
11556301/mtfg/ - female (formerly male): love isn't real • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/…[View]
11492348what's the deal with trannies and diapers[View]
11539170I'm a straight cis girl with pretty severe PCOS and I larp as a non-passing trans girl here, yo…[View]
11483014Drag Race All Stars 4: Are you ready for an even bigger trainwreck than All Stars 3? Vh1 is rushing …[View]
11556176Are ftm femboys valid?[View]
11529625are you a Harper or a Lily ?[View]
11553357> be me > recently started hrt > 18 year old tranny > stopped growing at 14 > “I-I co…[View]
11551454Can an individual be both an autogynephilic transvestite, and be exclusively homosexual? In other wo…[View]
11556419Ok /lgbt/ share some sexual fantasies you have I need some fapping material ok thx[View]
11552414>when you're such a degenerate you take herbal HRT for a sissy fetish…[View]
11550181Do autistic twinkhons deserve boyfriends?[View]
11555931How can I tell if I'm trans or if I have a sissy fetish: How can I tell if I'm trans or if…[View]
11555317I'm a trans man and I'm dating a cis man. He's never been too concerned with what his…[View]
11555523Is it possible to be post-op for ffs and not have your parents suspect a thing? Like could I boymode…[View]
11555956Guys how do I find a doctor in the greater NYC area that will let me pay them to chop my balls off? …[View]
11555676The definition of an AGP[View]
11555844Pets of /lgbt/: Attention gays and transgenders, you may now pull out that hidden album in your phon…[View]
11555767HRTgen is kil. Is it better to take your fem'n'ems sublingually every 3 hours to match the…[View]
11554871How can a manlet like myself find a beautiful trans girl: How can a 5'3 noodle arm manlet like …[View]
11550893Gender??: Bi cis woman here. I’m 25 years old, and have known I’m not straight since I was 12. For m…[View]
11555212How do I come out to my family that I'm trans (and maybe a little bi)? I know that my mum would…[View]
11555443sonic fox[View]
11551242Are cis women capable of loving? bonus question: are ftm capable of loving?[View]
11555458>thicc is the new fat~~ Why?[View]
11552863Minorities against Minorities: Why is it that Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and Lesbians, all minority gro…[View]
11555226good trans feels thread: the lady at my laser hair removal appointment today said I'm gonna mak…[View]
11546494XDD facepalm[View]
11554944Corinthians 6:9-10[View]
11551303agp closeted feels thread: I don't post here EVER but hopefully you fags can relate >be secr…[View]
11555186Hon thread[View]
11539695How real are 'mental effects' of HRT anyway? Do they exist for non-passers? I've seen people cl…[View]
11550427I don't care what you think, just answer. Its just a matter of satiating my bettersoundingsynon…[View]
11554228Positivity for Transwomen.: Thank you, my fellow girls for being so strong. Thank you for pushing to…[View]
11546100/agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: >Sleepover Edition QOTT: What are socializing with women and wit…[View]
11552173Sup /tttt/ Need some support from my fellow gender minorities. Essentially, I hate men. They have no…[View]
11543659Who is more likely to detransition HSTS or AGP? Also which is HontrAGPoints?[View]
11546134I was delusional for ever thinking chasers could be straight: I looked up this Daisy Taylor tranny a…[View]
11549273How long do you dysphoria would sets in if a cis man took HRT?[View]
11553055Where to find BBC: I want to be anally devastated by a big black dick. I use 10 inch, thick dildos o…[View]
11553911While AGP is very real, HSTS is pseudoscientific BS that doesn't exist in real life. Prove me w…[View]
11551700Why are lesbians on average more dominant and masculine than straight or bi women?[View]
11544563Is it my responsibility as a fully transitioned and passing HSTS to gatekeep and harass AGPs for bei…[View]
11547301Why are men whores?: >be bi guy >99% men who want to fug me >women probably get this 5x Why…[View]
11553989>Straight >Attractive but lazy and anti social >can't stop thinking about sex >fuck…[View]
11554236I don't think MTFs are real women, but i do find some of the passing ones atractive. There…[View]
11552152Redpill me on trans escorts: I want to hire a trans escort. I found pic related (charging €150) and …[View]
11524084do men integrate to society only because of pussy-thirst? does that mean that solely AGP sexually or…[View]
11553281Would I be a bad person if I broke up with my trans girlfriend because she wants to detransition?[View]
11547147who else got molested/raped[View]
11554274>2020-1 >somehow still unaware that men are garbage…[View]
11549817/gaygen/ - adonis belt edition: previously on gg >>11545876[View]
11546876Trans women who don't like chasers are bigots and kink shamers. I can't help the fact that…[View]
11541168Why are gay men so unfaithful and promiscuous? Is a same-sex relationship downright not worth the ef…[View]
11550437Where do i find a e-bf/gf, anons? It seems like it would be easy to make friend or relationships onl…[View]
11553369/mtfg/ lonely girl general: rooty tooty balooty edition QOTT: why are men so perfect • Transitioning…[View]
11541462>Her sex drive is just vigorous as yours Nope. Most trannies have barely any sex drive from T-blo…[View]
11548508Gender identity: I don't know what I am. I hate my breast and my other parts, but I don't …[View]
11549590What is the best way for me and my fellow transbians to get a girlfriend :3: What is the best way fo…[View]
11553484How exactly do trans people date?[View]
11551791i think about men a lot[View]
11541792>The most mainstream porn parody is Wonder Woman as a transgirl >She fucks/tops the guy in the…[View]
11497559/chasergen/ - Back to School Edition: Chasergen is where all the CHADsters and transgirls intermingl…[View]
11547640>back from the job >dress up like a girl and cry in bed until tomorrow's shift im sure gl…[View]
11517076>HSTS are more legi...[View]
11548239Background: 18 y/o mtf, 3 years off and on hrt. I have a bone to pick with how absolutely fucked the…[View]
11550732I just passed It was on the internet but still. This server is very transphobic. I’ve been told I pa…[View]
11550381>gender isn't a social construct!!!1 >can suddenly go from being considered a boy to bein…[View]
11551979>tfw bifag trap: >be recognizable 4chan trap >started dating ex-gf/best friend again. I am …[View]
11451092/wcg/ - lets give up these webcomics and start a sex cult: Comics we know of, all of which are named…[View]
11543414Should the T in LGBT be renamed to AGPHSTSFTM If yes, should we also slap EGGS on the end too?[View]
11545707Why is reddit such a cesspit for trans stuff? I tried going to r/traaa and there were MtFs posting a…[View]
11549872>AGP isn't rea-[View]
11542194how do you deal with the fact no one will ever love you?[View]
11550845Hello fellow boys What’s it like being an ftm who’s invalidated because masculinity who[View]
11553284mtf and ftm proportions: an ftm and mtf kissing, animated[View]
11553179Would the Gerudo accept a trans woman into Vai-only spaces? What if she took feminizing Hylian herbs…[View]
11549596You're gotten your ears pierced? it helps you look like a girl right? RIGHT?[View]
11552753Local MC and rapper... wrote a song... creating a music video...: This person is tragic and terrible…[View]
11543738>How many more hons until we just decide to make it illegal to transition after puberty? >But…[View]
11552933Is Strasserism compatible with transgenderism?[View]
11550873>my dad died 5 years ago today >my birthday is in 7 days >he was stabbed by a homeless pers…[View]
11545936How do you avoid getting clocked as a boymoder?[View]
11552843Ask a straight man who exclusively fucks lesbians into being straight anything[View]
11552393On videogame interests and trans legitmacy: All the time transphobes are questioning the validity of…[View]
11547713Height Reducrion: Hello everyone. I’d just like to share with you all my research into leg shortenin…[View]
11527144>Mom found the repression drawer >She saw my Bible, the Jordan Peterson books, and alpha male …[View]
11550912>Come on baby we’re BOTH girls after all >You can totally feel comfortable around me >*For…[View]
11551040Why is LGBT so hateful ?: Why are members of LGBT so hateful? does being gay make you a hateful pers…[View]
11552538Is it bad I smoked so much weed being a faggot doesn't bother me anymore no matter how hard str…[View]
11552242Lesbian Abuse: Is it true that lesbians abuse the fuck out of each other more so than any other coup…[View]
11552450Why are they never arrested?: Is it because it would be homophobic to arrest them?[View]
11552036need some peer review: i've been spending quite a lot of time on this board and i am still unab…[View]
11551898>draw yourself >put a pic of someone you really wanna look like on the right side…[View]
11551871Reminder to get your butt checked for STDs.[View]
11551038Hey I live in the uk and im dealing with the NHS sandyford: Recently I seen the endocrinologist for …[View]
11551191MTFG: Transgender love! • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5xuo…[View]
11544018how 2 hide boobs in boymode????: so im in highschool boymoding and have been on hrt for a little bit…[View]
11551950>be 4 months hrt boymoder >malefail frequently since first month HRT >have only gotten sir…[View]
11551235When does it turn gay?: When do you believe the level of sexual contact turns gay? I think taking it…[View]
11550081Hi /lgbt/, I don't come to this board at all but I need to know what's going on. Let me pr…[View]
11550855Is it just me, or does anyone else’s mood become very very shitty after browsing /LGBT/? I could be …[View]
11548252Tru-AGP: How can you call yourself an AGP if you didn't have a computer programming degree at a…[View]
11538586I'm a cis female (early 20s) trying to become more feminine. Testosterone already ravaged me so…[View]
11548774I'm not mad I just feel bad for them.: Honestly, seeing all the hons and tranners on here weari…[View]
11551599any MtF or FtM pursuing a career in art like concept art or 3D modeling? it requires a lot of talent…[View]
11550907What is the chemical in semen which makes cisgendered women crave cum like an addict craves heroin?[View]
11549082MTF top surgery: I'm male, in an ideal world I would have been born a cis woman. However, I rea…[View]
11550215Almost got into a fight with my faggot neighbor next door. What could I have expected? Some of you f…[View]
11551413So, my girlfriend's father just asked her if I'm gay 'or what'. It's not the first ti…[View]
11551534i just want to be pretty and socially respectable and accomplished. i want this one boy on discord t…[View]
11546877>tfw little brother asked me why my parents call me his brother when I'm a girl…[View]
11551113Where does /lgbt/ go to buy cute girl clothes online? Still not passing and too shy to buy in public…[View]
11429700How did you come up with your trans name thread? For me it's Chihiro. Was going for a spirited …[View]
11534546to all pre ffs mtfs. have u ever used faceapp/facetune to see what would look like post ffs? me pic …[View]
11536701>Gay people are unnatural. Change my mind. pic unrelated[View]
11551106PostGen / Post-Gender General: History is gay addition[View]
11549414Are girls into bi guys?[View]
11548597I am feeling sexually lost: Hi, I am a 25 yo man. I indentify myself to man. I always been attracted…[View]
11550006>crossdressed, all dressed up with makeup and jewelry >hungry >cant go outside unless im w…[View]
11548825What is an “AGP”?: I’ve seen the term used a lot in this board. My question is simple: what is an AG…[View]
11550037its not normal to be transgender: for lesbian/gay/bi i get it your born like that. but to say your a…[View]
11548314The T in LGBT stands for tetrissexual[View]
11495614Who else loves looking at pics of before and after traps and transwomen? Post what you have![View]
11550582Where can I find 3d gay interactive visual novels for android? I've found plenty of straight an…[View]
11550335How do men generally react to finding out they have an MtT stalker?[View]
11535987yewwwww might be a tranny if[View]

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