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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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11297444/mtfg/ /twg/ transwomen general: Husband edition QOTT: what's your LEASE favorite color • Trans…[View]
11280770I hate early transitioners Do NOT talk to me if you transitioned earlier than me THANK YOU t. Transi…[View]
11297700How do I develop a female-passing voice?[View]
11297755How to I gaslight my bisexual girlfriend into being straight?[View]
11298011>try online dating >every other profile is a transbian who doesn’t pass…[View]
11297940What is /lgbt/‘s opinion on the humble MILF? Are they based? Also, DILFfags allowed in this thread t…[View]
11295535any other early transitioners who dont pass here? >started transitioning at 15 >now 19. 4 year…[View]
11297668How losing my virginity ruined hayday: >be me >be bisexual 14 year old autist >have guy fro…[View]
11297459Help me figure out what I am: >male 21 >hate all secondary male features about myself >like…[View]
11295497Am I a 'girl'?: Hello, I am a transgender girl, I experience severe gender dysphoria every day, and …[View]
11288968Has anyone else become a literal Nazi afternoon transitioning? Even if a modern day fascist revoluti…[View]
11297472Some tall dude SPAT on me (25f,5.2) and then in my girlfriend's hair (23f, 5.2, superthin) on t…[View]
11297524This man is unstoppable.[View]
11297286Am I bigoted for finding it disturbing and fetishistic for men who are not yet on hormones (and don…[View]
11297458I'm down for feeling some dysphoria right now. Reccomend me some good yuri anime/manga. Prefera…[View]
11297175This is a PSA for Ksenia. I am now your designated tripfag stalker and fangirl. Please contact me or…[View]
11291721>tfw you live in New Zealand >tfw you'll never get to be oppressed for being trans Feels …[View]
11290615>a trans woman IS a woman Ummm, explain? t. gay guy[View]
11280720Why do gays want to fuck straight men so much? I mean not just crushes that happen to be straight bu…[View]
11296403When is it too late to start transitioning? I want to transition but im afraid that I might end up b…[View]
11295286It should be a human rights violation for a tranny to go to sleep without a boyfriend to snuggle up …[View]
11295174do chasers who look like this exist?[View]
11297212DIY way to anal bleach?: An old friend is visiting in a week, and I'm like 80% sure we're …[View]
11297050I'm gonna have a little bit of a ramble about my experience with trans women. I've had sex…[View]
11293014Is it possible to get tired of the opposite sex and become gay instead? What if you can fap to too m…[View]
11297104bye: this place used to be nice for a few days and then fucking /pol/ had to ruin it again. so much …[View]
11295534who's the qt on the left?[View]
11296427Is it worth getting your testicles cut off but still keeping your penis for convenience?[View]
11296954should i tell my parents i want to transition? i know they'll accept me but i don't want p…[View]
11293682any of you boys have boy crushes?[View]
11287038Is lifelong boymode sustainable? >have already accepted that HRT won't make me pass >stil…[View]
11296428Heh /LGBT/, what do you guys all think about monogamy? I want honest answers, please. I've alwa…[View]
11296640Fetish vs. Preference: What's the difference and how do trans feel that only porn addicts like …[View]
11296579>tfw your chest starts hurting so you get exited for your cone tits but realize you're gonna…[View]
11296493>be black cis girl >I weigh 103 lbs at 5’6 >6’1 white troons make fun of me for being “man…[View]
11295418help me lgbt why am I so scared to meet up with a dominant guy and suck his dick? I'm 33, and…[View]
11296049My cis lesbian girlfriend sent me this meme recently and i related to it a lot, I remember crying a …[View]
11291183>tfw no gay best friend to comfort you when >tfw no gf[View]
11293140>parents suspicious of HRT changes >call me out on it >ask why I'm getting boobs >r…[View]
11295939Is it gay to like futa?[View]
11294058Ebf Discord: Looking for eboys, please join we are very nice. No trans. kEaRTn[View]
11295269>be me >22y/o socially awkward mtf >make lots of friends >out myself to break the ice …[View]
11296139How do you come out as AGP? >as a tranny? >as a cis male/repressor?…[View]
11290898I was supposed to start detransing today, but I never dropped AA and my anxiety got the better of me…[View]
11288324skincare: I know this has been asked before, but how do you get that soft femmy skin? How do you avo…[View]
11295726>FtMs can transition even in their 40s and still pass >for a lot of MtFs transitioning even in…[View]
11287591Does anyone else find it ironic how many 'queer' people fall under the Cancer zodiac sign?[View]
11274686>you're bi >you're not a real lesbian >you're being pressured into the relat…[View]
11294786Do people watch couple YouTube channels? I'm thinking of starting one with my mtf gf. We'r…[View]
11294968How do you avoid stares as a boymoder? It seems most people just can't mind their own business.[View]
11287097Is Amy Schumer a bigot?: https://twitter.com/amyschumer/status/267787196092792832[View]
11290147>can't take repressing >throw out my guy clothes and force myself to go out in public as …[View]
11278382>be me, figure i'm transgender at 7 >plan to come out at 13 >come out to bestfriend …[View]
11295246I'm Trans Now? Diagnosing Rapid Onset Dysphoria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_WrULzuNvs…[View]
11295363Happiness thread: >tfw woke up next to my cis girlfriend again just like i have the past 510 days…[View]
11275431ITT: examples of FtM and MtFs that pass perfectly.[View]
11295270>homoerotic moments with straight friend >make gay passes and jokes >he stays straight and …[View]
11289615What other meds do you anons take? Besides my cypro and estrofem I take amitriptyline, gabapentin an…[View]
11295245Should I be feeling really sore after bottoming for a guy? He was kinda rough with me but at the tim…[View]
11293264>be having a pretty good day >not thinking of any trans shit at all >haven't been on /…[View]
11295115What should i do?: >come out to mom as trans >she has no problem eith it but she won't he…[View]
11253770Surviving Loneliness: I'm getting so depressed, all this talk about 'just live your life lol' i…[View]
11286513Why are all chasers in their late 20s? I want a chaser bf who isn't 10 years older than me ;-;[View]
11294430/mtfg/ trans girl general: boyfriend edition QOTT: what's your favorite color • Transitioning g…[View]
11292956This is a totally speculative question, but what if sexual dimorphism in our species was different? …[View]
11294925How do you push yourself to train voice? Every time I open my mouth I just want to die, so I have ha…[View]
11294645TwitchTV bans the word TRAP: Why is it that big corporations are now suddenly so opposing toward sex…[View]
11292055Finding a cute, petite trans girl to cuddle and explore my sexuality with: Tried about a week ago, t…[View]
11294842*Nuts to gay porn* = is gay?[View]
11290498/gaygen/ santa's sack edition: ye olde: >>11286480 what do you want for christmas, fa/gg/…[View]
11294673MtF mma fighter crushes skull of female opponent UFC's Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fal…[View]
11290907How do i turn heterosexual?[View]
11287874>Compounds own injection >Get stupid level like 6000 pmol/L (1700 ish pg/mL) >Tells pillhon…[View]
11290888I hate having to live in fear because of fucking bigots.[View]
11286428What do you want?: My associates would like to know.[View]
11294073What happened to Kalindra?: I wish she would come on one of the many transgirl discord servers. Come…[View]
11289590Hair: Is it down to genetics if your hair grows out looking like this or is it avoidable with proper…[View]
11293237>been having mild dysphoric episodes for about 3 years now >every year they become more freque…[View]
11290298>you look so good in a dress >you're so small >you'd make a great girl >awww…[View]
11293864Mtf binding?: Hello, ftm here I was just wondering - do boymoder mtfs ever bind to hide their breast…[View]
11293681When I wear panties occasionally I get pain in my right ball that seems to come and go at random I d…[View]
11285934Why do so many trans girls want older wealthy boyfriends? What about younger guys?[View]
11293557Day 2 of no fap success: So I almost gave in, I rubbed it a little but I didn't cum. I'm s…[View]
11293845I am completely alone. I wish I had never been born. Life, what a curse.[View]
11293372>Decide to check out this board to see how it compares to places like tumblr or twitter >Trann…[View]
11289706How well known is the bi pride flag? I was thinking of buying a bi pride bracelet to try and lowkey …[View]
11293637Any chubby boys getting fit for the new year? Excercise is a pain in the ass and dieting make me wan…[View]
11281065Do you enjoy letting your nails grow and getting mani pedi?[View]
11290057I think in the future society will be just cis men and their mtf lovers and cis women will be kept i…[View]
11281578Trans Children: What are your thoughts on transgender kids?[View]
11278841Best FFS surgeon?: Who is the best person to go to for FFS?[View]
11291146ITT: post overly specific bfs/gfs that you’ll never find :(: why the FUCK is finding a dominant momm…[View]
11269967Grindr: Let's talk about Grindr, and more specifically Grindr etiquette. What are some of the …[View]
11291577>LGBT now stands for Latinos, Gamers, Bigots, and Truckers How does your life change?…[View]
11282552https://www.politicalcompass.org >your results (image pls) >your age >your letter hurry it …[View]
11283397Fellow Femboys, have you noticed that the guys who seem attracted to us tend to be unattractive?: Th…[View]
11292429/MTFG/ 'male' to female general.: BF EDITION QOTT: if you had to have a personal slogan what would i…[View]
11290161>I liked dragons as a kid and wanted to be one >watched Anastasia and see woman transform into…[View]
11289352i am a straight cis male and addicted to yuri. what does this mean.[View]
11292648What's the ultimate fate of ultra masculine MtFs? Is there any hope for their happiness?[View]
112876905 years, +100lb: Why aren't you fulfilling your BEAR potential, /lgbt/? “My weight gain was on…[View]
11286480Gay General: Balls Edition: If god doesn't exist why do balls smell so good? checkmate atheists…[View]
11292339any other trannies getting bad period farts? could it be my dosage?[View]
11286890Transbians: Would a transbian let me fuck her for the weekend if i gave her pic related. I have a we…[View]
11283842Self ID: Should people be allowed to self ID as whatever gender they choose?[View]
11291118Am I fake trans or just broken after three decades of male socialization? I hate being a man most of…[View]
11292048What happened to her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ptXVXouFLQ[View]
11290794She is very brave! A transwomen athlete, proud of her and the progess we've made in society and…[View]
11285877what are some good gay mangas to read like love stage?[View]
11290136Passing, accidentally: > tfw I'm male and straight yet most people mistake me for a girl eve…[View]
11284769I just booked my first client. I never thought i'd do this, but honestly the costs of everythi…[View]
11292068You ever just get specific fancies for cute guys? I just thought about how cute it would be to have …[View]
11287622I'm a good girl: I take my pills like a good girl[View]
11287519What sort of men do early transitioners attract versus what sort of men do late (post-pubertal) tran…[View]
11281851Ending boymode: How did you start girlmoding? What was it like? I've been on HRT for a year no…[View]
11289309>think I have shitty hair that's a pain in the ass to deal with and looks like dried up garb…[View]
11287941Anon, what would you do if a cute misogynist boy started hitting on you? He always seems so gloomy a…[View]
11290923What's up guys gays and gals, I need some help. So my family is really accepting apart from the…[View]
11282401Can someone explain me right wing trans? Like I get maybe gay because young normalfags republicans m…[View]
11286776The /LGBT/ caliphate takes over America: Finally absolute freedom from oppression and absolute power…[View]
11290979Fapping to trap porn is the least gay thing there is.: Fapping to trap porn is the least gay thing t…[View]
11287811general confessions thread: I don't identify as gay but I prefer the company of other men and w…[View]
11289517/mtfg/ - Trans women general: “Long Legs” edition. • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/a…[View]
11285277>tfw came home and all my girl skittles have been thrown away Well, I guess back to being a guy..…[View]
11290673>be me >used to date mtf >not into cis dudes >sucked her off all the time >dated cis …[View]
11279551Repression beards: How many of you have or have had repression beards?[View]
11287645What is the safest way to get a buttpie? Friend without internet keeps pestering me to ask.[View]
11290580What’s the best?: What’s the best way to bleach my ass and get rid of hair down there as well Also …[View]
11277158Why is it that whenever politics or social issues come up about trans people, its always centered ar…[View]
11285659>be cis gay bottom >ftm's try talking to me on grindr >reply back that I am a bottom …[View]
11286298>18 >moving out soon >going to start HRT in 1 month hopefully I'm not doomed to be a h…[View]
11279400Stop calling every anti trans person a terf Some of us are gay guys who are not feminists[View]
11289731New MRI Studies Support the Blanchard Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism: I'll leave thi…[View]
11260524Are TERFs feminists?: Evidence For and Against?[View]
11288511other thread is full of feminazis screaming at the little boy, and people wonder why i dont like gir…[View]
11286730I just topped a tranny bareback what chances do I have hiv: I’m so scared it’s my first time with a …[View]
11287214Getting Kicked out for belifies and sexuality: I live in a very religious house hold and due to me b…[View]
11288956any other trans girls way too sensitive to temperature post transition ? i’m wearing a sweater at wo…[View]
11290160Does being fearful of feminity make you trans like being fear ful of gays makes you gay? I am fearfu…[View]
11290202Hi everyone, I'm a 22 year old guy with not much of a sex history. Whenever I've been with…[View]
11280226Who is gayer: trap tops or trap bottoms?[View]
11286833:(: I fucking hate the LGBT community. Is this normal? At least for 4chan standards? I like /lgbt/ b…[View]
11289371Tsdates: Is this site worth it? Anyone have any experience?[View]
11289851My cat: Garfield is dead :([View]
11283421The Detransitioners: They Were Transgender, Until They Weren't: https://www.thestranger.com/fea…[View]
11289822no clue what I am: So recently I was talking to a boy and he was really keep about fucking, I was ke…[View]
11289220Am I bi If I am only attracted to femboys and women?: I like all women in general and some kind of s…[View]
11286045Breast Feeding: Any other MtFs into having milk sucked out of their tits? Any tips on producing mor…[View]
11281250Where do you guys hide your toys? I live at home and share a room, but I just really want a dildo so…[View]
11277183/passgen/: There hasn't been one in a while.[View]
11287048Post which books are you reading and let anon's guess your letter: I am currently reading All S…[View]
11289444This one goes out to all the cishet lurkers here. We're glad to have you here on /lgbt/![View]
11285850Religion: How religious is /lgbt/? What's your letter and beliefs? Personally, I believe we are…[View]
11287229Tranny confessions: I actually would like to have a bf who sucks my dick occasionally. The problem w…[View]
11286798I'm gay myself, and I don't get why anyone would be proud of being gay. No one I know is p…[View]
11287877/mtfg/ /twg/ transwoman general: Straight edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/a…[View]
11287738Hello /lgbt/. Don't really browse here but I'm in need of some advice. I'm a young gu…[View]
11282207How does height affect passing in your opinion/experience? Can people clock based on height alone? D…[View]
11281059I think many of you share my hate for the 'lgbt community', but these pedos are trying to sneak thei…[View]
11284561>stop browsing /lgbt/ >stop feeling gender dysphoria Explain this…[View]
11287101y'all just larping pseudobisexual men who will never be cute girls.[View]
11287475street abuse?: how often do you get people shout abuse at u in the street or laugh behind your back?…[View]
11278324I dont misgender or anything but when I talk to a mtf online Im acting like im talking with a guy an…[View]
11286002Where to find depressed trans ppl irl? (Specifically western Europe) I want a depressed gf/bf and t…[View]
11287602>god gave me wide hips >god gave me a fat ass >god gave me a penis excuse me what the FUCK …[View]
11283327>How old are you? >What is your sexual orientation? >Are you trans? >Have you ever faced…[View]
11284625I am a transgender guy. I have known this since before puberty and told my parents during high schoo…[View]
11286501Transition Goals: Trannies of /lgbt/ who are your transition goals? pic related[View]
11281846Is it too late to transition at 18 ;-;[View]
11287221why do straighties assume we're all a hive mind and all agree on the same issues and if ONE /lg…[View]
11286590Masculine Homosexual Fascists?: I believe in a natural order as in the smartest most talented people…[View]
11287209So I found a Narcissa clone on Grindr. What do?[View]
11279005How do we stop the harassment of furries in the LGBTQZ community?[View]
11281409Is my bf a diaper fetishist?: (1/2)My bf keeps bringing up the topic of diapers in various situation…[View]
11277775Things trans women have never done (and never will): Daily reminder that the terfs are right[View]
11278628So, if it's 100% unequivocally proven that trans people are in fact a real thing and not just m…[View]
11282037How would the MtFs here react if your dad or brother eventually came out as trans?[View]
11280297Does anyone actually like this douchefag I'm pretty sure I never liked vaginas no matter what t…[View]
11284557Does your Androgyny Index pass?: Androgyny Index = 3 X Biacromial Diameter - Biiliocristal Diameter …[View]
11281704Any transbians here find it easier to get into relationships after transitioning? Maybe it's be…[View]
11286858Transcosplay: Post your cutest MtF/FtM cosplayers![View]
11286632>be me, 18 year old cis girl >loving parents, great childhood >wear makeup, shave legs, dre…[View]
11281069Gender Doesn't Fucking Exist You Idiots: https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/david-reimer-and-john-mon…[View]
11286618>Crushing on this bi guy for a few months, fucked around a couple of times >Ask him on a date…[View]
11281938Chasers of /lgbt/, how old are you and what are you looking for in a partner? Do you see yourself wi…[View]
11284949I'm super confused with my friend[View]
11286202Honest question for you people why do you post r9gay threads in r9k when you have this board?[View]
11274103>Around 2 weeks ago >Lost a bunch of weight >Actually look good and have some confidence …[View]
11249471HELP ME IM SO HORNY ON HRT: i feel like im constantly turned on but i dont have an erection. its lik…[View]
11257819/no pass/: How are you holding up?[View]
11285565/mtfg/ transgenderwoman general /twg/: Gay edition • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/…[View]
11281880/GayGen/ bara edition: previous: >>11276175[View]
11286063mtf hair is shit: >NW 2-3 male pattern baldness Did HRT restore your hairline? How long did it ta…[View]
11284988>be a good little christian tranny >pray to god every day >attend church every day >live…[View]
11285604>Be me >Go to my bathroom >Look in the mirror for a good 2 minutes >Start sobbing becaus…[View]
11283316Machine learning of brain gray matter differentiates sex in a large forensic sample: https://onlinel…[View]
11285278Hello this probably will be a really stupid question for much people here but I really need to know …[View]
11281633Every time I use any sort of dildo it just hurts really really fucking bad and comes out covered in …[View]
11285510How do you meet /LGBT/ people in rural areas? I'm in a rural college town and finals just ended…[View]
11283688Is permanent boymode pretty much the same as giving up on transitioning?[View]
11267025/ftmg/ - Trans Guy General: Friendly Orc Bros Wrestling Edition previous >>11226298 >Genera…[View]
11278040GENDERSWAP: Why haven't you legally changed your gender yet, cissies?[View]
11255337why do trannys on this board pretend agp is a symptom of being trans and not a potential cause?[View]
11284401TERF Wendy's has graced us with her presence.[View]
11281795Anyone else here have their dysphoria almost instantly go away after starting hrt? Side note, I most…[View]
11284036Is there a way to make money with JUST a passing voice?[View]
11283401Why does every other LGBT combination hate transbians?[View]
11283969>it's the year 2050 >trap transhumanist utopia >no hons >live forever >millions …[View]
11284333>I am male and I want to look feminine >but I do not want to take female hormones Why are some…[View]
11281242>Am dominant when am with a woman >Am submissive when am with a man…[View]
11283449Is it a really stupid idea to tell my girlfriend that I want to watch her have sex with a man?[View]
11278790If transgirls were really trans then why would they willingly sterilize themselves? Have they no mat…[View]
11278729At what age of hrt should you give up when you don't see progress? I'm 3 years hrt, tried …[View]
11284027I'm a cis man, but i want to appear more feminine physically. What are some ways i could achiev…[View]
11283937I'm not into anime but I came across the idea of 'tsundere' and I realize that pretty…[View]
11283861I've been a boy for a while now, when is it my turn to be a girl?[View]
11283340/mtfg/ translady general: Post cutes • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/…[View]
11282057Hey /lgbt/ pol here can you redpill us on lesbians?[View]
11281811>imagine being a sexually frustrated incel >imagine being brainwashed by porn/anime/the cult o…[View]
11280848Is being LGBT a choice?: Has this been discovered yet? It's 2018, we're capable of making …[View]
11283755Is it normal to have only ever felt bad about myself with regards to my transition? When do I get to…[View]
11282678Why do people call me a faggot when I tell them I want to get my balls hurt by a girl?[View]
11280010>be me, boymoder at work >see an unpasssing tranner >deliberately act as kind and as genero…[View]
11261684Like Traps: Who here likes traps? I do, and I wanna see who else likes em.[View]
11279264Woman who might have sex with another woman for the first time soon. Trying not to talk myself out o…[View]
11275317>start hrt >drops of milk come out of boobs after few months >amount increases over the mon…[View]
11277832Are there any MtF transgenders who are nice or caring to FtM transgenders to even a little extent?[View]
11283527homophilia (aka homosexuality) is a mental disorder[View]
11281336#cis straight opinions matter: before spending much time with LGBTs, this was my grading. Ls number …[View]
11283155>Q YAMETEEE!!![View]
11278016anyone have any theories as to why trannies are more likely to be in to music than traditional art? …[View]
11283101Dating dudes as a dude just for a bit: If you're (mtf) not likely to pass for a long time, does…[View]
11279892I think Autumn is gorgeous but for fucks sake PLUCK YOUR FUCKING BROWS That look works on my 16 yo s…[View]
11282283Contradictory Agenda: >sex and gender are not the same >sex is 'female' but gender i…[View]
11281971The meaning of the word QUEEER: >>1279766 >''early 16th century: considered to be…[View]
11282961Browser progrram that Identifies face: A little bit back this year there was a program I was introdu…[View]
11281911I am fed up with MAPs, y'all[View]
11282863ITT: post cis women who are believable as ftm tranners. I'll start.[View]
11262089Bisexuality: It's kinda weird being bi, like I want a sexy dude to anally fuck me until it hurt…[View]
11281818Immigration AMA on YC: All you /lgbt/ people who want to move to the USA: https://news.ycombinator.…[View]
11279475Prove to me bisexuality actually exists and bisexuals aren't just self hating gays pretending t…[View]
11269541Name a worse enemy for lgbt than Islam. Brotip you can't[View]
11269445>tfw will never look cute/beautiful enough be desired by guys of all creeds and colors >tfw wi…[View]
11277491How do the TERFs here feel about us regular ass crossdressers?[View]
11268884hello /tttt/, how do I stop obsessing over my appearance? every time I look in the mirror I get this…[View]
11279830ive been on hrt for three years but im a hiki neet and afraid of actually transitioning or going out…[View]
11281519Do you ever feel bad for complaining about bathrooms and pronouns when there's famine, disease …[View]
11278020>be straight >get offended when good looking gay doesn't notice you >get nervous and o…[View]
11276175/gaygen/ unfriendlyposting edition: Previous: >>11272092 Say something mean about the anon to …[View]
11279907how do you know if you have a masculine or feminine personality[View]
11281180>tfw blessed with not being a beta self hating cuck[View]
11275621Top Songs: Everyone post your top songs of 2018 and everyone guess what letter you are of LGBT Also …[View]
11281130>get headpatted in school by classmate >over and over >classmate invites you to his dorm …[View]
11262980I just had FFS recently and I’m still pretty swollen but I don’t pass :x What do I do?[View]
11280340/mtfg/ Hats Edition: Post cute hats • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/c…[View]
11270250>Be mtf >Haven’t come out to parents yet >Only have come out to one really close cis friend…[View]
11280673why do people keep lying to hons??? I think its the opposite of being nice, you're literally sh…[View]
11277572>just bought a plane ticket for a girl to come spend two weeks with me at the end of the month I …[View]
11280987/lgbt/ is the only board I wouldn't delete when I acquire billions and buy 4chan[View]
11275955looking for a really depressing /tttt/ comic strip. it was this dude fantasising about how putting g…[View]
11278623i'm straight but at night when i'm trying to sleep i fantasise about getting pounded again…[View]
11275452Lamentations of a hon: Driving home through a university district was like a tour of shame. I saw hu…[View]
11280273AGP Fetish and transitioning: Hello Guys and Girls, i may have an Problem. I have a strong AGP Fetis…[View]
11280258Ugh being a tranny whore: So I am a poor retail beauty worker. I don't make enough to live. I h…[View]
11278277powerlifting while trans: i have nice legs and butt but i feel like i can never show them off becaus…[View]
11277901>every guy I like is always straight as a fucking line[View]
11277925Identity Evropa: Does anyone else here on /lgbt/ want to join IE just to get a piece of Patrick Case…[View]
11280342I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A GAY BAR: How was your first time at a gay bar? I'm curious, but I have no…[View]
11268878Is being a hon worth it?: Are there any other repressors who keep thinking you’re going to do it, ma…[View]
11280451The result of Male Ego?[View]
11231340/ace/ experiences: Asexuals, > tell me the best reactions you got from telling someone you'r…[View]
11277450Parents: Hows your relationship with your parents /lgbt/?[View]
11279787>Tfw your MtF gf begs you to impregnate her and give her your babies >Tfw gently massaging her…[View]
11278175where is skullchan? He's right, BTW: skullchan, is you there? what happened to him? he don…[View]
11279922Ksenia: I made this for you, Mommy. Why won't you love me? ; _;[View]
11276610why do i constantly feel like an unpassable ugly hon even tho i am actually passing irl without putt…[View]
11280026Being a faggot is fine. Lesbians are fine. Bisexuals are fine. Trannies/traps are alright too. But t…[View]
11276780any other trans girls with abusive parents ? i didn’t realise there were trans girls WITHOUT abusive…[View]
11276715I have a friend who is MTF trans. She dresses very plainly but she likes to draw women in very elabo…[View]
11275401>hanging out with guy >he starts looking at porn >he gets super horny and starts coming ont…[View]
11280208FIERCE: Why does 'fierce' just mean spending 4 hours on your makeup and looking pouty[View]
11248135>walk around the house topless >dad sees my conetits >'you're a girl now, you should c…[View]
11280116I want to be a girl, but I'm just an ugly hon instead.[View]
11279179>bio father is 'gay' (he's bi but claims he's gay, you can't be married …[View]
11271033hons: post some hons[View]
11277733If transgenderism is caused by autism, doesn't that mean it's not a choice and it's n…[View]
11275641Male socialization is truly devastating: I'll never be a girl or belong to them. I'll alwa…[View]
11274649Letter Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out? >A inb4 aces aren't real, aces aren't…[View]
11277454Autistic twinkhons deserve boyfriends, too![View]
11279266Why do transfemales on here ERP all the time ?[View]
11275544PSA: Before you commit to any sexuality or gender identity, it's probably best to quit porn and…[View]
11274890Is it true?[View]
11258968Are androphilic AGP transgirls the cutest transgirls of them all?[View]
11279647these things. these broken/dilated/burst capillaries (all those words describe the same thing) are p…[View]
11278909Bisexuals and trannies, why do gays want to erase us so bad? Are they threatened by our existence?[View]
11273529>many trans women think life will be on easy mode and that guys will start showering them with an…[View]
11278445How do I actually make transition a reality? I can't stand repressing these feelings for even a…[View]
11279832Why do I want a man to dress me as a girl, tell me to shave my body completely smooth then fuck me w…[View]
11279670Dysphoria lingers after 2 and half years of hrt: I still have dysphoria. Im told i pass and people a…[View]
11271868things AGPs will never get: Post things autogynephiles will never get. AGPs will never know how cis …[View]
11277453>look at girls >'fuck I wish that were me' >get sad bc not a real girl >hate masculine b…[View]
11278854Bi chat rooms: I'm bored at work and was looking for a chat room for bi/gay discussions. The on…[View]
11278972Self-Harm: Who here self harms? Does anyone feel the way I do about it? I need it. I love it. I can…[View]
11278834is there any chance of ftm bottom surgery technology ever improving? i have really bad genital dysph…[View]
11279050>be me >cis male >5'8'' >long hair >walk onto buses 'Thank you ma…[View]
11278566/mtfg/ queer and trans girl general: • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/…[View]
11278758Just marathoned this social media post in one sitting.: What did I think of it?[View]
11277219Trannies opinions on cissies: Trans people who support cis people, tell me your actual raw thoughts …[View]
11279205falling in love: Damn, I can't take it anymore, I'm constantly thinking about my best frie…[View]
11277866I'm just going to wageslave until I can get ffs and if I don't pass after that I'm co…[View]
11278965NO FEMS: I want a masc bf so bad where do i find him>>???[View]
11190688/big/ - Bisexual General: Previous Thread: >>>11135790 Last thread: > Most anons would l…[View]
11278547>internet is the one place where no one could clock you as mtf no matter how you look if you choo…[View]
11277861Why are people harrassing /our guy/ Kero so much?[View]
11277135is transitioning due to trauma common?: i've transitioned and detransitioned twice. i have heav…[View]
11278480Why dont you UK/European/Canadian hons do something about your horrible trans medical system? t. Bur…[View]
11278709Honest thoughts on casual sex and hookups?[View]
11278563Why can’t they change the ilium crest, the top part of the hip, so it looks female? Just cut it, mov…[View]
11277446>join grindr >90% married closeted gay perverts who wanna top you and guzzle cum >life is a…[View]
11277367Anyone have a perfect diet to help go girl mode? I'm losing weight and can drop/gain weight eas…[View]
11270545Why do you all hate each other: I've never seen a board with more infighting, even /b/ is unite…[View]
11278530Should children be allowed to transition?[View]
11275655Trump incels are building another shit game: this one sees hitler, jesus, trump and putin declaring …[View]
11276054Honest question; does anyone care?[View]
11277544>be gay bottom >having sex with fwb >really pounding me >little light on lube >ass st…[View]
11277829This is now how the rest of the world sees all you guys, have fun![View]
11259604My little sister is 12 and I think she is closet gay. When she had a female friend over on Monday, s…[View]
11277768How to get the facial/skin effects of hrt but without the manboobs and erectile disfunction/orgasm p…[View]
11274194Ok which one of you fucking Jon’s was this?: The dog too? >A teenager who said she killed her pa…[View]
11277575Who here /detransitioning/: Passing is impossible for 18+s it's better to repress if ur only in…[View]

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