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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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12946484Repressing: I think im gonna join the military to repress considering that trans people are banned f…[View]
12936437I-I want to hold down a strong masc cutie like this and i-impregnrate his boipuss.[View]
12942302Is it normal to cry a lot after starting HRT? I never cried before but now...I just can't hold …[View]
12946811We are winning: our poison spreads across social media new memes are born awareness of the AGP menac…[View]
12946679How do I stop being an AGP cumbrain?[View]
12946481I'm making my bf dinner tonight...should I give him a...'special' dinner?[View]
12946500i like older women. but do they like me, will i ever find one?[View]
12945157hi /lgbt/, i have question. how come after receiving anal penetration i end up feeling so weak, some…[View]
12946231>Suicide attempts among trans men (46%) and trans women (42%) were slightly higher than the full …[View]
12945330If a straight-identifying cis man has sex with a female-presenting AFAB non-binary person who uses t…[View]
12946084Hypothetically speaking, if you're taking spiro and you had a nighttime accident how much time …[View]
12942516Is it true that FFS doesn't feminize the face completely?: I had a discussion on discord today …[View]
12945317Men and women of the same height: How come if you take men and women of the same height and weight t…[View]
12943697Tricked: >be lesbian >get hit on by this cute butch >exchange numbers >hang out a few ti…[View]
12944011This Really just happened: >it’s a little brother walked in on you camming in the living room at …[View]
12946036Reminder that political beliefs are rational structures floating on top of irrational moral intuitio…[View]
12943092>loves to crossdress and be feminine >hates women but also lusts for them >is very high IQ…[View]
12944084I have no idea what to think, my younger sister is saying that shes a trans man. I dont know how to …[View]
12944257Holy shit why are mtfs so forming of exclusive cliques? I am in international community and all the …[View]
12945528>this board is piss ass shit >trans reddit is fucking stupid for the most part i feel like I d…[View]
12936535Does your hands pass? Mine feels too masculine from all the years in the gym working out during my t…[View]
12943341Fact: If the internet didn't exist 98% of tranners would live as happy, well-adjusted cis folks…[View]
12942074Say I'm a male-passing American FtM, and I go to Poland, Russia, or some other Slavic country, …[View]
12945146/mtfg/ transwoman general: Qott: does your voice pass? post your voice! NAVY IS INNOCENT, SHE DID NO…[View]
12928573How the FUCK do I shave without getting razor bumps?[View]
12944838>well how do you know you are not straight if you never had sex with someone of the opposite sex?…[View]
12945598Does she pass?[View]
12945082Split Ends: I havent cut my hair in 1.5 yrs. How much should I expect to have taken off to remove th…[View]
12939624>Be me, 5 years old > Best friends with this boy in my neighbourhood. >He's muslim, …[View]
12937557why do i like being femme and having people call me cute names estrodial sucks, being agp sucks, get…[View]
12945588ive been crying over my ex for months and months now and it feels like its never going to stop. shes…[View]
12944451Does she pass?[View]
12945326Timeline thread?[View]
12935551isn't sneaky taking things a bit far?[View]
12942445Should it be okay for gay black boys to date white boys?[View]
12940266Imagine having so little self control that you can't just stop being a faggot.[View]
12943365Hon Bangs: How many of you fell for the “just get bangs” meme?[View]
12944419I want a real straight girlfriend!: I do not want a girlfriend who is attracted to other women as we…[View]
12942803Why are AGP's like this?[View]
12943015Can you damage your body by swallowing too many loads? Can it fuck up your esophagus, stomach, diges…[View]
12938603Asexual: If your sexuality ,and all your pre conceptions about it would be deleted,what sexual orien…[View]
12940630anyone else sick of the dysphoria debate?: who fucking cares if some 14 year old tumblr bitch wants …[View]
12944003How can people still deny transgenderism is social contagion and a cumbrain consequence?[View]
12944650I'm not gay but I want a cute mtf girlfriend, however all of the trannies now are cumbrain stra…[View]
12941463how to forget past?: after spending two years holding a conservative right-wing mindset, i found out…[View]
12936638Is it possible to be trans and not suffer from more than one mental illness? Like I get that you guy…[View]
12941374What will you do if you don't pass after FFS?: We all know there are limitations to how much yo…[View]
12944378Picture: My bi aunt here ?![View]
12944288Heero women is minority?: Whyyyyyy this?[View]
12944181Why the most girl are bisexual?: Every woman that i meet os bisexual.... why?????[View]
12943162You shall not pass![View]
12944176>Be obviously FTM >Gay retard replies to your photo 'You are such a cute twink, get on HRT and…[View]
12940662What exactly is the cotton ceiling? Is it just transbians being incels?[View]
12943958What the fuck does AGP even mean[View]
12941881I wish I was a very handsome man. It’s not fair, bros. How do I grow a penis and become a chad?[View]
12923190VOICE GEN & Vocaroo thread: How is your voice training, notice any interesting things? share tip…[View]
12943658I hate being male:: I don't like idea of being of female either, I will wait until humanity wil…[View]
12940755/gaygen/ - pets edition: do you believe that your pets can sense that you are.. you know.. previous:…[View]
12940784If a tranny gets dysphoric after I suck her dick will she get euphoric after I blow it? Some food fo…[View]
12939244Are transpeople who have had dysphoria and feelings of being trans since early childhood more valid …[View]
12941833Yaoi: I like pp ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ[View]
12917819/ftmg/ - Art Edition: Rumor has it ftms like art. What kind do you do? > resources: https://paste…[View]
12942950>dad walks in[View]
12943454Gender identity and mental illness: Okay, agp/hsts is crap and here is why: I'm neither, but I …[View]
12943411Whats with the lisp/voice that gay guys tend to have? Shits painful to hear, why does it happen?[View]
12913331Does my mother understand how fucking humiliating it is for me that she knows I wish I were a woman?…[View]
12942881Finding a tranner gf: I want a super clingy tranner gf with separation anxiety. One who is afraid th…[View]
12937600Dysphoric suffering and pain: Tell me about when you're hurting the most from gender dysphoria.…[View]
12927582The bottoms on this board are hypocrites: Why I should date the thing of the right instead of the cu…[View]
12942075>>12941956 agps who call their dicks 'pussy' are weird as hell. i understand when ft…[View]
12936223Why do other tranners make sexual advances to me even though I said I only like boys? I don't l…[View]
12939752I only have one life. And my one life is gonna be spent as a faggot... How do you get over the fac…[View]
12942338My sexuality is driving me mad: I always knew I liked guys to a certain degree since my teenage year…[View]
12941853>For me, it's a biological woman or a twunk[View]
12940573>thought my bf loved and accepted me >turns out he's been cheating on me with a cis woman…[View]
12943018I hate my breasts: I hate my tiddies so much who wants to trade their wiener for my tits? I’ve been …[View]
12937555I told a guy I was trans after our date and he's demanding I pay him back for the dinner he pai…[View]
12943049Is it weird for me to like feeling like im younger or small? I like it when my friends treat me like…[View]
12941518Story Time: I got hate fucked by a person I used to bully in high-school.: > Be me in high-school…[View]
12939214Do transwomen make good trad wives?[View]
12942065i'm pretty sure that my friends have caught onto me being a tranner but they aren't tellin…[View]
12942904/nonbinary/: Support thread for non-binary folk. I'm an AFAB nonbinary bisexual in a relations…[View]
12942850MD / LG: Fucking hell my life is crazy. I've been off the grid for a while, sorry. I kinda got …[View]
12941129gay twitch streamers?[View]
12942071should I detransition?: my face is wide as fuck and i've never seen a woman with a face as wide…[View]
12941877/mtfg/ transfeminine male and transsexual female chat thread: QOTT: What is a mistake you keep maki…[View]
12939082I want to bottom but I have never done it and don't know what to do. I haven't had a bowel…[View]
12941666Memes like this about transwomen: Are there any memes like this about transwomen?[View]
12941262I'm going to the next Trump rally in August with my boyfriend, it should be a swell time. Shoul…[View]
12941677AFAB Nonbinaries: Why are so many AFAB non-binary people hyper feminine? I’m gay so I know a lot of …[View]
12941750>Be gay guy >Like MTFs >Look at /passgen/ for hot MTFs >The FTMs are somehow more attrac…[View]
12937002COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: If you accept that transwomen are women and women can be lesbians, then you /m…[View]
12941783Anyone else like grabbing a tranny's girldick during sex and watch them cry while you ignore he…[View]
12942390Check Please updated http://checkpleasecomic.com/[View]
12942134Gay is disgusting: What is gay sex like?[View]
12936373am i gay?: >molested prepuberty for a few years by male and female family members >stop doing …[View]
12941077Sometimes I feel like I threw away my natural beauty to become an uncanny, androgynous freak who doe…[View]
12938750Is it normal or eggy to self-insert as one of the girls when watching or reading Yuri? I know fujos …[View]
12941516can i look just like the female filter on faceapp just by using makeup as a guy? or does it change y…[View]
12941422Do post-op transwomen jizz?: Can neovaginas jizz like penises do? https://archive.fo/FpKCE[View]
12935603This boy has had more sex than most of you: He will not see his 30th birthday either. Prove me wrong…[View]
12935067Why are you miserable?: Why are you miserable? Bad luck. The cruelty and negligence of others? Your …[View]
12934710Why do you think so many transgirls are autistic? Do you think autistic transgirls are valid and wor…[View]
12936421This guy used to be a Crossdresser...: .. now he is a 'transgender' Why is that? He used to make ent…[View]
12940571Is it HSTS or AGP to only have sex with white males?[View]
12937740What's your thought about this one /lgbt/ ? (found on a LGBT meme page)[View]
12935183Is it weird for a tranner to have 'virgin' as a requirement for a bf? I want us both to be virgins t…[View]
12941246What exactly is a chaser?[View]
12934923Hon fashion show: post hons and other tranners with awful fashion sense Scour reddit, discord, where…[View]
12941384Crotch Bulge Aesthetics PSA: Some trap-y anon was looking for how to achieve a round crotch bulge an…[View]
12941033Uh, where could I find a boyfriend? Where did any of you find your bf? I'm boymode and I'm…[View]
12938762Does anyone else not have a problem with androgyny but also hate the stereotypical onions look? I th…[View]
12941280How do I accept the fact I'll never be treated nor seen as a girl?[View]
12937111Is being smart AGP?[View]
12938597LGBT+ 'safe zones' in Poland: 'LGBT ideology are an imported threat to Polish identity, to our natio…[View]
12931861Cryptids: Is anybody else here a complete nerdo about cryptids like I am?? I am so completely obsess…[View]
12940819grindr?: im curious abt guys so i wanna try meeting a dude on grindr. any tips? i want to be total b…[View]
12939971Why does every trans girl act like a depraved slut? Where are the modest conservatively dressed tran…[View]
12937295I go through an entire roll every time I shit but I’ve got no clue on how to shave my ass. So I figu…[View]
12940952>cis boys starting talking about how I should let them fuck me >they start groping me and won…[View]
12940976>used to look like FTM pre-tansition >'wow, HRT is like magic!' Why do lucky late transitioner…[View]
12937163Are bisexual top men who look like this interested in soft skinned boobie boys?[View]
12940903does anyone else have a hard time finding people to wax their balls?[View]
12940540*Transgenderism is a mental illness. We need to treat these people! >Okay then, all international…[View]
12940666Looking for a discord gf/bf apply in this thread[View]
12938649> not bisexual I pity you[View]
12934847Why do homosexuals not pair-bond? I suspect it must be a biological or evolutionary reason, but I ca…[View]
12940324>friend has been having a hard time >has drastic mood swings >recently made drastic changes…[View]
12936810A little wordy but please bear with me. I'm very sexually confused. Things that make me think I…[View]
12935014What’s the best chain restaurant to take a transwoman date to? Outback, Red Lobster or Olive Garden?[View]
12935491It's hard dealing with fatphobia and transphobia. It seems like cis lesbians only want to date …[View]
12934166are there any other transmed amab demiboys on this board?[View]
12933352What am i?: I know this going to suck and some of you will hate me but ive no idea anymore. I try to…[View]
12938894/mtfg/ sisterhood of transwomen AKA male to feminist general: QOTT: The first feminist gesture is t…[View]
12937328I saw a woman giving oral to some big black guy with a huge penis and it's making me want to be…[View]
12939534Closeted trans-guy in a straight(?) relationship with a girl (she's one of the few people who k…[View]
12938419I hooked up with a straight guy: He's in rehab as of Wednesday, I've been visiting him eve…[View]
12923027I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking but I'm doing a DIY meatotomy and I d…[View]
12938935/gaygen/ kisses edition Previous: >>12937539[View]
12920918why are you gay?[View]
12935947As gay, I only feel attraction for twinkhons, I can't really explain why, but I want to fuck th…[View]
12926614Do cis boys like it when you call them daddy? If so, why?[View]
12935080I tried out to be a cheerleader at my college and I got accepted. Am I obligated to tell them I…[View]
12939714If everyone with XY chromosomes and a penis is called a 'man', why don't we call male babies me…[View]
12928637My boyfriend wants to join the military but I don't want him to. He's the only boy to ever…[View]
12939318Questions?: What if you're biologically a male, dressed like a man. But consider yourself as a …[View]
12937365Why would you want to become the inferior version of a human? Why would you want to become stupider,…[View]
12934929>i'm bisexual >i'm only attracted to feminity…[View]
12937117Are you a top, bot, or vers and whats your height?: 5'10 bot[View]
12937473Just asking for advice. Ended my first relationship where out in public bf would cd and wear trappy …[View]
12935802Tranners are 90% right[View]
12934906Question from bicurious female: I'm finally ready to explore my bicurious side that I've h…[View]
12937439Help: >routinely malefail in public >still too afraid to girlmode Anyone here have any stori…[View]
12930934Is it true that bi women usually like femininity in women but want men to be Chads? It explains why …[View]
12938823Sublimation and me: So I thought I was trans for the longest, turns out I’m actually just a gay bott…[View]
12922465How fat are you /lgbt/?[View]
12937539/gaygen/ - fit edition: let's all be nice to each other. last- >>12935877[View]
12934956is getting drunk an agp cope?[View]
12934358My uwu sparkly discord server says I’m at a good starting point and won’t call me ugly. Will someone…[View]
12921121How to stop giving a fuck?: How do you stop giving a fuck about other people opinions, including you…[View]
12938017Being depressed and falling on TERFs video is honestly depressing. Not because of the video itself b…[View]
12935734Which letter should be removed and why?[View]
12932984My dad is a chaser, should I be concerned? t. MtF tranner.[View]
12936731>be me >he an abnormally huge and feminine butt like pic related >try to lose weight so it …[View]
12936738How did gay men clean themselves before enemas were invented?[View]
12938146i genuinely believe that every transperson who says they’re happy are flat out lying >be mtf >…[View]
12923347/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Heat Edition How are you handling the heat…[View]
12933603Thoughts on wannabe-transgirls who wish to transition just to escape the life of a loser male? The s…[View]
12936367Words like 'tranny', 'sissy' etc sound much more humiliating and detogative than the neutral word 't…[View]
12938079My father wants to kick out my little sister for being trans. How can I convince him to stop this? S…[View]
12937554I have gynecomastia since I was 12. Very puffy nips Literally first guy who was interested in me saw…[View]
12928562Thoughts on this?: https://twitter.com/ContraPoints/status/1151935206699491333[View]
12937992since starting hrt I’ve lost pretty much all attraction to women and trannies i really only attrac…[View]
12937633>cisperson here Many anons on other boards use the term 'tranny' to talk about trans people, is t…[View]
1293729315 y/o twink on grindr wants me: Should I do it? I'm 22. He's easily a 10/10 before knowin…[View]
12925392Is it true that some trans women are hit on more by women after transitioning?[View]
12936515Be honest /lgbt/. Have you ever tried to stop being gay?[View]
12936875How do I get my boyfriend to exercice more and get a flat tummy? (He's not even really fat, jus…[View]
12937184Magic Button: There's a magic button that when you press it you gain the body of your desired g…[View]
12928825is this accurate[View]
12935877/gaygen/ fuck discord retards edition: old >>12933860[View]
12936488Need advice: I need some advice. Earlier today I waited for my parents to leave the house. I was rea…[View]
12937223>talk with my friend who's totally not trans >Wants me to teach him makeup >Wants me t…[View]
12936536Straight guy here, spent a day with my wife and daughters. >mfw you hons will never have a little…[View]
12936913Luigi is a trans ally, that is why he's number one[View]
12936528How do I stop being a retarded tranny whore and simply be happy with my wholesome cis gf? I constant…[View]
12933670Why are so many gay men more like women than men, and into some weird ''gender politics…[View]
12934468We deserve to use the women's bathroom. We aren't perverts! Also trannies: Can you fucking…[View]
12936651Straight men. Some gays actually turn themselves into women in a bid to get this ultimate prize. Ju…[View]
12936406how the hecc do i have a prostate orgasm? y'all have any tips?[View]
12936098Are trannies doomed to be lonely forever[View]
12932877HOW TO EASILY TELL IF YOU PASS: Here's the easy way to tell if you pass: 1. Get faceapp on your…[View]
12935155So yesterday two of my coworkers tried grabbing my hair to feel it without asking (I have kinda nice…[View]
12936288I think I might be having a meltown/psychiatric episode: I constantly wanna have sex with men, prett…[View]
12936429I am a transbian enjoying femininity while y’all androphilic trans women are sunk in depression and …[View]
12935389How do I take female hormones without growing breasts!?! I'm nearly at the end of my tether whe…[View]
12935790Where or how do I find a tgirl gf? <_>[View]
12936324Why does everyone hate transbians so much? Everyone seems okay with straight trans girls, what makes…[View]
12936315>tfw my trans gf broke up with me because she doesn't want to be my gf anymore >tfw she w…[View]
12933860/gaygen/ - gay general: sleeping anime boyo edition last >>12930847[View]
12936204Neither male nor female: Why some nonbinary people are 'microdosing' hormones: https://www…[View]
12926473Why is asexuality disproportionately claimed by women? Pic related, I counted 3 men.[View]
12935617Lets make this most disliked video on yt - i know im late[View]
12935632anyone wanna take a lonely boymoder on a date[View]
12936035Yes I'm prison gay, so what? I'll still blow you better than anyone[View]
12934453help: bi here. I have a huge problem where one week I'll like guys more than girls, but then il…[View]
12935339i am considering either: throwing acid into my own face or carving deep mutilating lines into it, ju…[View]
12934864/mtfg/ - transfemme general: a thousand days of pandora edition QOTT: who's your role model? • …[View]
12931860Peak queerness. Context: https://archive.is/MDFi0[View]
12933283Damn, Jessica Yaniv looks like THIS?[View]
12935662Henlo peeps me and a fren just made a new server for anyone to join and chill. If you feel like stop…[View]
12934117Massive irony: Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the massive irony that a board devoted to…[View]
12933192Why is the logo showing a male symbol transforming into a female symbol even though FtMs exist?[View]
12935188You shall not pass![View]
12931746You know what i've noticed? So called 'AGPs' never detrans for some reason. It's usually t…[View]
12935694Are women naturally submissive in bed? if not why are trannies behaving so subby?[View]
12932147How do you ACTUALLY get rid of dysphoria?: I’m an FTM in the middle of transitioning, I’ve been out …[View]
12912051Would you date a chaser who >doesnt want you to use your dick >wont use you once then disappea…[View]
12927766Is there anything more blissful than being a passing, meta-attracted, self aware AGP? I'm so ha…[View]
12935265how do you meet people without getting murdered? everyone online is basically looking for AIDS at fi…[View]
12921878There's going to be a Trans march in Montreal soon, is it a good place to hookup with a tranny?[View]
12935533To continue on the 'X make the best Y' meme... Repressors make the best soldiers/mobsters/suicide bo…[View]
12933247Ok so I don't hate trans people but I just don't understand ftms, like I get why mtfs what…[View]
12931764FTMs and MTFs can never possibly get along or at least maintain close relationships. FTMs don't…[View]
12935129Chasers are so cute! How do I find one who will put his cummies inside my buttpussy?[View]
12934554Anyone want to kill me? I'll help you make it look like an accident. Serious inquiries only.[View]
12935221I just want my daddy to plow me and cum inside, is that so much to ask? How do I get daddy love?[View]
12876509/AGPgen/: Legs Edition This is a place for AGPs to hang out and talk about AGP things. QOTT: Which f…[View]
12934849I know it's a stereotype but I just want to be a cat girl and get headpats from qt boys[View]
12929276How do I find a bf who will call me kitten, lock up my useless girldick and fuck me into the bed unt…[View]
12928235Dear AGPs: I don't think you belong in LGBT, but I also don't hate you. In fact, it's…[View]
12931726Trans girls in college or have gone to college, what is your major?[View]
12932473Rhinoplasty 4 days ago: I just had a rhinoplasty 4 days ago. The surgery went well and I'm reco…[View]
12934288how come no trans people actually pass irl?[View]
12933664Trutrans: Would you rather be an obese woman or a fit man? If you wouldn't choose the former, y…[View]
12933752>ftm joins my male friend group What are some subtle ways I can bully him?…[View]
12934989Male and Female brained YouTubers: Do you think ftms and mtfs tend to watch certain genres on YouTub…[View]
12933840How do I reach the level of delusion needed to go outside looking like a caveman who just headbutted…[View]
12934438Today I will remind them: AGP-Nyaa~~ uwu kawaii animu catgirl!!! HSTS-Yassss girl slayyyyy![View]
12930659My problem with dildos: >buy a dildo >ride it for some days >decide to to to be a day anymo…[View]
12934064Why are we conditioned into finding this repulsive? Why is it that someone who is quite masculine lo…[View]
12934746So just to clear the record, are all those pictures of MtF bottom surgery gone wrong from people who…[View]
12927384To all gays here: I'm a BI and I'm going to fuck and kiss another BI all weekend, and Mond…[View]
12915504When you are trying to change your gender you are in one league with Satan. How does it feel like kn…[View]
12930099Whats the secret to not feeling like garbage after anything sexual? Like masturbating or whatever. I…[View]
12934517how true is the 41% maymay?[View]
12930810Cutting off your balls: I need them off now please I’ll take any method so long as there’s a small c…[View]
12930293hi so what kind of girl haircut would look good on me excuse the weird eyes I drank too much cough s…[View]
12914120>guy driving me to dinner >conversation going great >he puts his hand on my thigh and sta…[View]
12934395does this /fit/ anon have the potential to pass?[View]
12927047Tinder: Should i make a tinder to make friendships or even find some casual sex as a lonely mtf that…[View]
12934346Bisexual women can identify as lesbians.[View]
12933261Oh no, I'm getting those urges to crossdress again. What do I DOOOOOOO?[View]
12931656Question for those who have experienced both as a top; what's the difference between pussy and …[View]
12928452Hey, little girl/boy: What are you doing alone here?[View]
12931798Would there actually be more MtF detransitioners if estrogen was a powerful as testosterone?[View]
12934035i THROW UP with the masc bottoms from this board: sorry, im drunk and fucking my femboy bf[View]
12933470Any other AGP here call her dick 'pussy'?: and am i chaser if she keep saying 'suck my pussy, play w…[View]
12929552Reminder that transbians are just straight men who transitioned to get a GF without having to take t…[View]
12929570My latest work: Studies show that TiMs suffer from extreme separation anxiety. Possible reason for t…[View]
12933594Sugar babies/ daddy relationship: >Be me >21 gay Male >browsing grindr as usual because I…[View]
12933693Anyone else feel like homosexuality is only hot when the bottom is feminine or looks like a girl? Se…[View]
12933848>tfw my best friend came out as transexual almost 2 years ago and I'm still in the closet We…[View]
12923451to other ftms with bottom growth, does your clit rub against your underwear and get you kinda horny …[View]
12932094Does masturbating regularly to avoid atrophy prevent a loss of penis size?[View]
12930847Gaygen /gg/ dominant feminine top #12: Gaygen Dominant fem top #12 The erectioning >>12928497…[View]
12919929Why do trannies get so triggered with being called 'male?' Because that's what you literally ar…[View]
12913474Why are the voices of transgirls so damn sexy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsQrZldUVv4[View]
12932016Why are so many AGP's into cringe roleplay?[View]
12927381> 'girl smash player' > all of them are trans what gives…[View]
12931202I-I tried so hard to quit, but estrogen feels too good... I ended up taking it again, haha... H-How …[View]
12925578How's that hairline coming along /tttt/?[View]
12930514Are they still queer icons?[View]
12928692What do you expect from the chasers here...[View]
12929705I need an hug :( Pic unrelated[View]
12932620He can overcome his nature right: Long time lurker first time poster so idk if this will get me bann…[View]
12930165HRT after puberty is a scam. 100% of passing late transitioners either had ffs or could pass pre-hrt…[View]
12932669>trans women aren't women >cis women aren't women >no one is a woman what's …[View]
12930639Just a friendly reminder that if your any man who dates a tranny is just as if not more mentally deg…[View]
12929265>tfw dominant gothic fem top[View]
12933053To all the beautiful and sweet trans girls out there. Remember, it's not abuse if I'm enjo…[View]
12927397Am I a pedophile if I want to be the little girl who gets raped by an older man?[View]
12931264Men will always prefer a woman with large natural breasts over any hon with pointy misshapen cone ti…[View]
12932061Closeted gay here, reached horny breaking point and let this random guy take me back to his flat and…[View]
12932946genuine question srs replies only: what would happen if I injected some of my estrogen in my (male) …[View]
12929337>your letter >are you going to take your spouse's last name when you get married?…[View]
12932253my boyfriends been asleep all day and im losing my mind help im so lonely[View]
12932970Involuntarily Nofap: >be me >probably repressing MtF >Bi >Is cut >not really into vag…[View]
12923103END DISCRIMINATION AGAINST CHASERS: Accept our love.[View]
12932077/mtfg/ mediocre to fabulous general: let the little transes come to jesus edition QOTT: favorite fas…[View]
12928433Passing trannies, would you say life as a girl is easier than a guy's life?[View]
12930364My boyfriend wants me to bareback him and cum inside but I'm really worried that we'll cat…[View]
12929098I-I want a nice strong man to h-hold me down and i-impregnate my buttpussy!![View]
12931939>too mentally and socially disabled to succeed as a man >too ugly to be a woman, hormones don…[View]
12931956A man is a human adult that weighs 70 kg or more. A woman is a human adult that weighs less than 70 …[View]
12925928Too many matches on dating apps: Promise I'm not a troll. I started online dating and I found a…[View]
12931680D-Do cis boys mind if trans girls are clingy? I just want a bf I can cuddle and pamper with yummy fo…[View]
12932148Take hormones Wear a dress Change your gender Get a clue[View]
12928671How long do you have to be on HRT before your body odor shifts from 'male' smell to 'female' smell?[View]
12930843/gaygen/ - dominant feminine bottom edition: me on the left. previous: >>12928497[View]
12921864Transbian here. I want a GF that will cook for me, scratch my head and jiggle my balls[View]
12931934where are all the hot ftms who like cis girls? how do i go about finding a qt ftm bf without being o…[View]
12927802HBL?: Is anyone else transitioning to avoid ageing into a HBL (Hairy, Bald, Large) man? I'm not…[View]
12931805Is it possible to out grow a sexual orientation? Be me. Start hrt >Be into weird furi, yaoi, any …[View]
12930138Question for the grills How does it feel to be hot, standing on all fours with meat inside of you?[View]
12930833I'm glad I have normal parents that aren't fags >Be 9 year old me >12 year old frie…[View]
12929159A tranny and a man enter a bar. The tranny says she doesn't believe in God. The man asks how th…[View]
12931403Detransitioning: Ive been transitioning for 2 years and i dont feel like continuing anymore. I dont …[View]
12931571>bi >like only feminine features >lean towards liking women more than men >for men, onl…[View]
12930655Oh no...[View]
12929314This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
12931436You guys listening to the red hot preaching conference tonight? Last night was Johnathan Shelley and…[View]
12924264What's up with 'gay culture'?: Despite not fully buying the idea that people are 'born gay', I…[View]
12931265Does anyone have an edit of this but it says 'That's a vagina' instead of 'That's a penis'…[View]
12930412Well played /lgbt/, well played: https://www.thepostmillennial.com/another-b-c-woman-forced-out-of-b…[View]
12930656Hair removal: I'm aimimg to remove my hair and be smooth for atleast three days. What kind of i…[View]
12930158Is it possible for a gynephilic HSTS to exist? I know by definition it is an oxymoron but think abou…[View]
12930365Am I a chaser even though the sole reason I date traps is because I couldn't get a 'real girl' …[View]
12930844Sup 4ch! what a U thinking about typical russian informal couple?): these are ordinary villagers who…[View]
12930839>Have autoimmune progesterone dermatitis/allergy that was worsening as time went on and could hav…[View]
12929879What's the difference between a HSTS and a gay AGP?[View]
12930573>Hey 'lady', you look like a tranny, of course women don't grow that tall! You'll never…[View]
12929502Anyone else male attracted but not 'gay': i've never been attracted to females, alway…[View]
12916513Self worth: How do you deal with inconsistent self worth, /lgbt/? Are you doing anything to help imp…[View]
12928497/gaygen/ - dominant feminine top edition part 11: you may have thought it was over but you thought w…[View]
12928845Tranner hobbies: What are some hobbies that would be typical form tranners?[View]
12930474Costume hunks: There are more pics of each of these guys. Which one do you want to see more of?…[View]
12930557Oh god I wish I wasn't such a failed sack of shit and had a job so I could find a cute tranny g…[View]
12929080Ok: Sorry for the shitpost this is my first post on here >so l like this one girl but she wants t…[View]
12929352Should I join the 60%? Or the 40%...?[View]
12929336anyone else here transition without telling anyone? I just got (light) FFS and I haven't told …[View]
12929158How do you find monogamous love as a trap?[View]
12927469chastity cages i can tuck in?: my bf wants me to wear a cage 24/7 but i don't want to get the s…[View]
12921826Help me think of hentai-like phrases to say when my boyfriend is plowing me. He likes it when I say …[View]
12915874Why is the society trying to persuade that just because I'm an lgbt person automatically means …[View]
12927251I like dicks!!!!?[View]
12928694>dysphonia over genitals >taking it up the ass is disgusting >SRS is disgusting is sex even…[View]
12925400Orchies cure AGP: All you need to stop having the tranny fetish is to lower your libido. This could …[View]
12928967Is it okay to practice sex with boys before you do it with girls?[View]
12929348are your parents LGBT?[View]
12929855My therapist is a fat diabetic 48 year old who lives in a house with her 'sister' and multiple pets …[View]
12929612yfw you tie your hair back like this guy sometimes to keep it off of your face my mom and sister bot…[View]
12915594>start transitioning >come out to family as trans >mom despises me and calls me faggot, a f…[View]
12929690Everybody keeps talking about having these in order to have a successful transition. Where do I buy …[View]
12913482How does /lgbt/ feel about media reinforcing negative stereotypes? Recently Young Justice just had a…[View]
12929550A regular tranner will never be able to pull off this pic related naturally. You all just can't…[View]
12929645>be me >be 18 >discover /hm/ >browse /hm/ >still think I’m straight >date girls wh…[View]
12929573Help a grill out My girlfriend is a natural beaut and doesn't wear any make-up. I so badly wan…[View]
12926297> are u happy with being a top/bottom?[View]
12915676Red pill me on contra points, is she just agp? >those shoulders[View]
12929525>bearded obese or musclefat faggot >wears tight jeans >supports leftism >listens to crap…[View]
12893105How fucked am I?[View]
12928790Hot take: the “chasers out” posters are defensive and insecure transbians[View]
12929262I just want a cute sexy femboy or a cute transexual. Call me chaser all you want, I just like femini…[View]
12916861Bruh Sound Effect V3: What went wrong anons?[View]
12929031Funny how you'll never meet someone who identifies as 'bisexual' over the age of 25, isn't…[View]
12928811Is it possible to crossdress with a somewhat muscular body? I like the idea of being a cute crossdre…[View]
12918909Are agps women? Do you hate me and others for being agp?[View]
12928884Help!: How can I cure my tranny addiction? I can't stop with that and even when I had sex I wan…[View]
12923094So I like girls but nothing makes my dick harder than an effeminate boy. The girlier the boy is the …[View]
12928752Need some help regarding a friend: Hey, I don't usually frequent this board but I had a few que…[View]
12928785Crossdressing hookup without passing: I don't pass, I'm too old to transition, and wouldn…[View]
12928962>Why are you gay?[View]
12928872>nearly guaranteed to pass physically >people are too riled up by mtfs to know or care you ex…[View]
12927541/mtfg/ - male to chaos lesbian general: QOTT: which one are you? (you don't need to be gay to r…[View]
12928358Is there a place for me in the LGBTQ community?: I’m a white cis male who’s more attracted to femini…[View]
12915748How do I pass? What do I need to do in order to pass before I begin my transition?[View]
12914802Can we have a serious discussion on how even youngshits don't pass?[View]
12928607Underworks binders: Boymoder here asking my FtM cousins, is it worth buying Underworks binders? Do t…[View]
12928047Friendly reminder that if you’re a trans person that calls somebody cis scum, you you are also insul…[View]
12927960I have several friends who are trans. What steps should I take to avoid catching ROGD myself? Should…[View]
12927736I demand a new letter be added your silly acronym, LGBTQP whatever the fuck it was. Just add a new l…[View]
12928495Does bambi sleep work?[View]
12922989why do so many adult transes call themselves transgirls/transboys instead of transwomen/transmen? is…[View]
12927747>see cute girl >you cannot be a cute girl yourself…[View]
12927433>Trying to look up some nice shemale/tranny porn >Looking for the latest and best amateur vid…[View]
12928214I want to top Spongebob.: I’m gay. The exact moment I knew I was gay is when I first started watchin…[View]
12927487>Yes honey, I'm not fucking any gross twinkhon trannies while you're at work. What did …[View]
12926048Why are the sissy and feminization fetishes so massively popular recently? What's their origin,…[View]
12923855oh god oh fuck: Yesterday someone told me I'd make a cute girl and that I should transition. My…[View]
12927926I (passing, pretty mtf) would like to find a cute Daddy bf to impregnate my buttpussy. Is this so mu…[View]
12927299Why is this (ironically) the straightest board?: Seems like everyone here is into actual girls, ftm …[View]
12927305/gaygen/ - kiss edition: why aren't you kissing your bf right now, gaygen? previous: >>12…[View]
12927122Why the fuck did none of you tell me that FTM vagina fucking reeks of death? This is the last time I…[View]
12926883One person here said I would become a cute girl if I transitioned. Is that true? I desperately want …[View]
12927232How do I meet a transgirl that lets me lock her in chastity and lets me call her a sissy?[View]
12927875i've fallen for one of my guy friends and i have never dealt with these feelings before so i do…[View]
12920531transitioning: Is it worth transitioning at 26? I'm 6 ft, 182lbs, and muscle bound with a gigan…[View]
12925721Can absence of father make you big gay?: I know gay are born this way, but can absence of father add…[View]
12926062pre-hrt probably a tranny here why do I get so depressed when I see pictures of passing trans girls …[View]
12927092Name two groups that deserve each other more than trannies and their chasers.[View]
12926940You guys told me that trans girls can't hold their pee and really like wetting themselves... Wh…[View]
12927178What can I talk about with my cousin??[View]
12927642How do I accept I want to date men.: I get that some people figure out their sexuality later in life…[View]
12923367>nhs has production problems with cypro >now has problems with prog too very cool…[View]
12924277why cant i handle being stared at by people? doesnt matter if its friends or strangers just the feel…[View]
12927269Uh, how does my lower body look appearance and passing wise? I have boobs, hips and ffs but I get wo…[View]
12917578TERFs: >trans girl has a moment of happiness looking at their body >terf bullshit happens why…[View]
12927365Where can I buy this DVD?[View]
12926128Crotch Bulge Aesthetics: How do you get your crutch bulge to look like pic related, /lgbt/?[View]
12925448/gaygen/ - dark souls edition: >tfw no dark souls bf dang :/[View]
12926665>5' 5' twink >top I'm really tired of this shit. I wanna be like half a foot taller …[View]
12926609>transition >dad all the sudden become alot more protective >helps me by building shelfs an…[View]
12920229i need help: is rong to not except my wife being Asexual we have been together for 7 years and the f…[View]
12926979here to support my trains man. stay strong trains man.[View]
12926822Serious question to all trans girls and trans boys here: It's kinda gross tbqh [spoiler]Why is …[View]
12926492Black Transgender Women in Porn: What are your perceptions/thoughts/attitudes on black transgender w…[View]
12926867>you argue like a man, your sense of humor is like a man's, this isn't how a woman beha…[View]
12923736what the fuck is wrong with me: Gay bottom here, whenever I'm looking at porn, I only ever get …[View]
12904181Recommend me some good youtube trap channels.[View]
12922968>tfw terfs have made me mistrust cis women >already mistrusted cis men >mfw the only people…[View]
12913408It's bizarre how tranny haters believe that trannies are severely mentally ill, but yet somehow…[View]
12925113>*ting ting ting* >*Ahem* Thank you all for gathering here today so that I may share my wisdom…[View]
12926346Hey all, we've got a small friendly server we'd like to expand, where everyone knows each …[View]
12926106Is anyone else both agp and aap? Pic unrelated[View]
12926428How (not) screwed are straight trans men? Seems like it would be very hard for a manlet with a vagin…[View]
12926254Theres something that has been on my mind for the past eight months, is it normal to just walk into …[View]
12926233That's why bis and trans need to be kicked out: This is the type of person infecting our commun…[View]
12926228>tfw no smol pp trans gf[View]
12925085Why are hons so delusional?[View]
12926175>tfw no bi trans gf to feminize me and help me transition Not a chaser but it would be cute…[View]
12923691Anyone else fap to themselves sometimes?[View]
12917916Please help. I think I want to sleep with my father.: >become estranged from mother post transiti…[View]
12922460Sup guys? It's me again. Seems like last thread was pruned https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/129…[View]
12921781What percentage of trannies are hons?: Irl are most trannies hons, say 90% ? I have yet to see a pas…[View]
12925568How do I afford both law school and extensive feminizing surgeries and body modification >inb4 es…[View]
12924440How do I go about sucking my straight roommate’s cock? I’m finding it really difficult. I can tell h…[View]
12916232What are some good pranks to play on a trans girl that joins your sorority?[View]
12925798What wrong with me?: I mostly like males, especialy femboy ones, some times I like chads, but I don…[View]
12925327Tranners are hypocrites: Tranners try to infiltrate themselves in to cis spaces. They try to date re…[View]
12923549Daily reminder if you say 'bisexuality only exists for women' you are a cuck for straight men That m…[View]
12925141Is it normal for cis guys to want to be the girl[View]
12925743Does she pass?[View]
12924759Detrans Data[View]
12920878Friendly remember: 90% of masc chasers are agp fags who will eventually take hormones and become tra…[View]
12918473Problems due to dating trans women?: I refrain from seriously dating trans women because i am afraid…[View]
12925319Why do transgender folk(Both men and women) have a subculture with a god complex? When you hear peop…[View]
12925182Should we allow AGPs to dress like girls in public if they are sexualizing their lost masculinity by…[View]
12922674Any ideas on how to stop transgenderism/dysphoria forming in humans once and for all? Pre natal of c…[View]
12914973What's the point of topping if bottoming feels this good?[View]
12923859Any personal stories about finding a partner while both of you were in the closet?[View]
12923699/gaygen/ - old age edition: prev >>12919802[View]
12925120I derive pleasure and satisfaction from the bullying of trannies and there's nothing you can do…[View]
12922253>be 29 year old expat in Amsterdam currently exploring his sexuality >meet this trans woman on…[View]
12923955Why do AGPs do this? Do they think anyone actually believes them?[View]
12919126Best friend likes me: My best friend said he likes me and I don't know how to feel. We've …[View]
12922484Post anime / vidya characters you want to be Mine is (pic related)[View]
12915745Why don't you guys ever talk about Stef Sanjati?[View]
12924930No luck then: Thought of coming out to a friend so I could discuss some personal stuff. >Ask him …[View]
12911310>be lonely straight femboy >wish i were gay so i wouldn't be an incel for life >get in…[View]
12917961>Tfw you and your best friend cuddle naked and sleep together >It's supposed to be no hom…[View]
12924661What did he mean by this? ...Does he have a point?[View]
12921910I wish I had a tranner wife to tell how much I love her while we cuddle all tired in the morning... …[View]
12923302Were any of you the 'last' person to figure out you were gay? I'm finally accepting it myself a…[View]

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