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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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14001423/gaygen/ - hairy butts edition: last thread >>13999662[View]
14004333Can someone please explain what apg and all the other acronyms mean? If you tell me I'll give u…[View]
14004503OC: >My football husbands name is alistaire, such a powerful name. >After work, he's stil…[View]
14003862Cis people are weak.[View]
14004211Feminine Mannerisms: I'm a man and have a very masculine 'alpha' type personality, but I'm…[View]
14001061I'm so sad and lonely. My friends never want to hang out with me. The boy I like doesn't t…[View]
14003922how do i bottom for a guy if i take between 3 and 9 runny diarrhea shits a day? immodium doesn'…[View]
13982027Make friends thread!: What is your >ASL >Orientation >Looking for >Primary interests …[View]
14003329hey, real quick, how do we cure wanting tit pains stop but also hurt even more?[View]
13993607Do you or did you used to self harm? I'm struggling with it right now, I can't stop thinki…[View]
13997552Why are mostly white people being pushed to transition?: Moreover, why are MtF's (estrogenized …[View]
13991514/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Indoor plant edition Do you keep plants /c…[View]
14002583fem bottoms are women Only straight acting subs are real men.[View]
140012371.Post mtfs or ftms 2.Guess their sexuality I have a pretty strong feeling pic related identifies a…[View]
14003791Whats wrong with me: Am i stupid why do i keep on crushing on boys i know they arent gay and they do…[View]
14003386Yes hello I would like one (1) attention for a moment Cute animals thread? Cute animals thread.[View]
14002972I have wanted to be a woman since I was 8 but I kept it repressed until I was 25 when I realized tra…[View]
14002419Is it bad to have a cute trans gf but also want to fuck other cute short trans girls? Not as a trans…[View]
13993634We need to purge the trenders: Call them out, bully them, drive them out of our spaces. Let them kno…[View]
14002746Kim Petras trolling irl. This is something only a man would do. https://twitter.com/kimpetras/status…[View]
14003706Tattoos and body measurements: Can a tattoo work in advantage or against your body measurements? My …[View]
14002696/mtfg/ tranner hangout zone: winter sickness edition qott: how are you surviving the tough winter mo…[View]
14000017why do you want to be a woman[View]
14003079>hate cis girls for not liking me cause I'm a fag >like cis girls for making sure 99% of…[View]
14002759>Be me >Raised by republican atheist parents in microscopic house with my brother. Lots of yel…[View]
14001608I think my bf may be a boymoder...: He wears feminine undies and stockings now, and acts a lot like …[View]
14003032Reminder that only 1% of men have a height of 5'4'' or less so if you ever see one, t…[View]
13997706cis gay bottom here can I get photos of cis gay femboys on hrt so I can see what I can expect from a…[View]
13992390Truscum/transmeds: Are they correct?[View]
14002404Pornograffiti: Futa on futa and passing trans girl on passing trans girl is based as fuck porn Don…[View]
14002813Throatpassing General: Does the sound of you clearing your throat pass Record a vocaroo of you clear…[View]
14002975Is claiming rape on an FTM a good way to test if people genuinely view them as male?[View]
14002039Does anyone here exclusively bottom for “straight” guys? I don’t know what it is but being some marr…[View]
14002650Should we coin a new phrase in the vein of 'men who have sex with men' but for tranners? I know a lo…[View]
14000591transgenderism is a fad, just like my little ponies and colored wristbands. except the repercussions…[View]
13992038There are no chicks with dicks. Only guys with tits.[View]
14001931Are tops even gay, or are they just LARPing as gay to avoid dealing with women?[View]
14001137Why do you like bottoming?: It is really physically pleasurable? Do you like bottoming because you …[View]
13979833/lgbt/ memes thread![View]
14001281I have an internet friend who's a straight tranner. How do I know if she likes me or not? > …[View]
14002357Who here has BDD and is on hrt because they just don’t want to turn into a bald hairy guy?[View]
14002509Why did straight LARPing snowflakes / straight-passing bi-traitors take over the LG'B'T co…[View]
14001105>x character is trans! Any other trans people sick of this cringey shit? Not to point fingers but…[View]
13997768Gay bottom here I feel so bad for all the straights that have a girlfriend who demand they get to fi…[View]
14002258There are nude sexy women pics all over this site, but being gay the pictures do nothing to me. Is b…[View]
14002380Why is it whenever I take a poo my penis throbs and I get a sense of sexual satisfaction?[View]
14002448Is it cute to be really small and skinny but also mad hairy?[View]
14001947Is it inappropriate to ask your boyfriend, who has daughters, to be your daddy and treat like you li…[View]
14001722Does she pass?[View]
13999777What's a good swimsuit I can wear if I generally pass (long hair, had FFS, under 6' tall, …[View]
14002148>boymoding for a long time >going clothes ahopping >decide to get a nice hoodie from the wo…[View]
13987673/repgen/ S.T.A.L.K.E.R. edition: What is your favorite /rep/ Vidya?[View]
13998867Please post guides and videos on voice training.[View]
13997905Why are the vast majority of detransitioners FtM?[View]
13998190Does being trans usually coincide with some form of autism?: Asking for a paranoid tranny[View]
13999684Inspirational: Post pictures that inspire or galvanize you to keep going. These are not necessarily …[View]
14001732How can I brainwash myself into becoming gay? Straight male here. I'm tired of dealing with wom…[View]
13997957Jung and tranniness: Being MtF is just projecting your anima onto yourself. Discuss. Also if you hav…[View]
13999640When did we get to the point where cis gnc lesbians and cis gay men are classifying themselves as “n…[View]
14001677Anyone have experience with self hatred and dealing with it, particularly about being trans despite …[View]
14001781>tell my dad I'm depressed + suicidal and need to see a shrink >'just suck it up and stop…[View]
14000564If some girls have penis and trans girls are girls then why do they need sex reassignment surgery? C…[View]
14000789Body Modding: Is anyone else here into body modding and wants to share the things they have done or …[View]
14001214Why: Why do I come on this website. All it does is just make me feel like shit and now I say things …[View]
13999947What psychological/emotional changes did you experience when switching from testosterone to estrogen…[View]
14001506Single: I breathe fresh air. I think the breakup might stick this time, because I finally procured a…[View]
14001089How do we feel about her /tttt/? Does she pass?[View]
14001606Ever since I started HRT the smell of boys colon is making me crazy. Is this the effect it has on ci…[View]
13999316It's refreshing to see China give no shits about pandering to minorities: Seriously, why do you…[View]
13998859How the fuck does this happen?: I though you gay boys had better taste baka[View]
13999647reverse conversion therapy?: is it possible for a straight cis man to intentionally brainwash himsel…[View]
13999036Teach me how to dominate: I'm bisexual woman in a lesbian relationship. Originally we are both …[View]
13997841I need some dank tranner vaporwave memes: I know you have them, most of you are /ttttpol/ anyway…[View]
14000835Okay so im having sex with this big dicked guy, havent been analed before. How do i avoid getting hu…[View]
13999896My brother said I'm the cutest girl he knows even though I'm a boy. Is he messing with me?…[View]
13990923TOXIC FEMININITY: How do we prevent cute girls from chopping their dicks off and ruining their lives…[View]
13999662/gaygen/ Grinch edition: Old >>13997762[View]
14000164Day 5 of nofap to cure my AGP: Hi /lgbt/ I am on day 5 on nofap to cure me of being AGP. I broke dow…[View]
14000054Bluff: Ok so for a few months I've been trying to be a normie cishet male IRL (no comments on t…[View]
13998592Trannies were a mistake[View]
14000681What’s the deal with Trannies and petplay?: What’s the deal with trannies and petplay?[View]
13988440Trannies, do you have a YouTuber crush and if so who is it? Mine is picrel[View]
13999924Gay men refusing to date transwoman are transphobic and misogynist[View]
14000049Did you see Euphoria on HBO? What did u think of the portrayal of the trans character?[View]
13999574There are only two genders you sick freaks. Prove me wrong faggots ill wait[View]
13997251Why do so many trannies seem to have weird fetishes?: As a tranny myself, I used to be interested in…[View]
13994251Any way to remove body hair on hard to reach places like your back, butt, etc.? I'm ftm, passin…[View]
13998781Why are conservative hons so delusional? https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/12/04/republican-transgende…[View]
14000233Question for bottoms: At what point does dick size start to turn you off? I'm really insecure a…[View]
13998226So everyone here was molested right? Share your story's.[View]
13999623All NBies are trenders. i will not elaborate[View]
13999586Straights are part of the Q General #2: >constant LGBTQ pushing in media >Men are 'toxic…[View]
13997704Can someone post results of Deschamps Braly?: I am looking particularly for the result from a girl w…[View]
13994269meanwhile, on bizarro /lgbt/...[View]
13989737I’m 98% sure I’m an ftm but I’m not transitioning because I can use my massive AGP and forced femini…[View]
13997516The trans girl I (was/am?) dating jerked off a dude who she hitched a ride across a few states, and …[View]
13998387I'm bi and I don't like trannies: I like more or less feminine girls and more or less masc…[View]
13999259boymoders deserve nothing but love and respect[View]
13992515I would like to take this opportunity to thank bi men for their service in regards to dating trannie…[View]
13999613what am i?: i consider myself straight: i'm sexuall attracted to cis women, trans women, cross …[View]
13999184LGBT Culture: I have recently come out as LGBT and I feel the need to explore LGBT culture in more d…[View]
13999678>be me >18 yr old bi mtf, transitioned at 15, am senior in hs >liked guy in grade 2 and ga…[View]
13998399/mtfg/ trans identified male general: rescue cat edition qott: what's your next surgery? • What…[View]
13996125Is this peak trans performance?[View]
13997762/gaygen/ gay edition: old >>13995159[View]
13999592Can fagpilling be trad?[View]
13997447I don’t understand mtfs and especially transbians who are racist towards blacks. 90% of you are ugli…[View]
13999246we are ALL trans women on this blessed day[View]
13989186Why are bi tops usually fucked up in the head?[View]
13998857Hmmmmm... really makes you think....[View]
13998474Is this really how the average /lgbt/ poster spends their weekend?[View]
13998456Advice/Help?: Hello everyone, I just want some advice that could maybe help me out during this sligh…[View]
13997361This is me a year ago (28) People say I still look like a 23 year old. Are they just being nice? Als…[View]
13998924someone please tell me im not a tranny because i was just memed into taking drugs from r9k shitposts…[View]
13992335Wanna surprise my bf for new year!: Im thinking of doing something sexual, hes really horny a lot of…[View]
13998249Beauty and Gender Roles: To all legbutts, how early did you learn that being beautiful was important…[View]
13998511All men want to be women, some just cope with it better than others.[View]
13998671Meta attraction is actually the purest form of love.: Prove me wrong.[View]
13992090How do you cope being alone on christmas without bf?[View]
13995454>be me, trans mtf pre-everything >lift up shirt, catch sight of chest hair >don't comp…[View]
13993939Do gay bottoms crossdress to get straight dick because straight dick is better? Think about it logic…[View]
13998242>join a LGBT themed discord >it's all trannies posting the exact same selfies with the sa…[View]
13994461Hoping to become a femboy/trap Any advice? Pic is me![View]
13992785Do bisexual men exist?: Like genuinely bisexual men? It seems the only ones ive ever met are either:…[View]
13992591Are submissive total bottoms practically women?[View]
13991092Cis AGP male here. How do I break down my male identity? It'd be arousing.[View]
13998298I went to my first appointment with a gender psychologist yesterday, I was there for 20 minutes and …[View]
13990944AMA I guess: I went to a psychiatrist two days ago I went to get diagnosed with gender dysphoria wha…[View]
13990932I'm done larping as a gay conservative. It's a cocoon of privilege to soften feelings of A…[View]
13993453/tttt/ when you knew you were trans did you come out instantly or repress for years?[View]
13993198Hello, LGBT. I am giving a persuasive speech on Friday over why business owners should keep/have the…[View]
13997190Why shouldn't I only date guys as a bi?: Bi top here. I'm about a 3 on the kinsey scale. …[View]
13997118>sign up for the military >go to MEPS hotel >F on drivers license so they put me in a room …[View]
13993034What: the fuck...?[View]
13997554Does anyone else see him or herself as a woman but male, or a man but female? I'm not taking ge…[View]
13997253Anyone else only feel dysphoria when looking at animu girls? I'm post-transition and reasonably…[View]
13990354What's the deal with gay bottoms and impregnation/pregnancy fetish? The amount of tranny/femboy…[View]
13989324So this is who tranners look up to..[View]
13998076outlaw straight / and gay, pan conversion therapy. also underlining branches of psychiatry, even spi…[View]
13997738Is it true that FFS is a scam? Or not?: I am confused.[View]
13996923Passing in photos is not the same as passing in real life: A lot of you post staged photos phishing …[View]
13995948LGBT humor thread: Post your funny LGBT cartoons, memes, jokes, etc.[View]
13993959I ate too much food, I'm horny and my bf won't fuck me. What do?[View]
13997442Are these the biggest killer of LGBT today?[View]
13993202ITT: Rep fuel[View]
13996025My exbf is now my friend: As the tittle says. A while back (like 2 years ago) my first bf ended our …[View]
13993510How to breakup with boyfriend?: >be me (30) >femboy bf (29) >been dating for 9 years >he…[View]
13994674WHY did you come out? Seriously?[View]
13997458if we had the technology to swap minds between two bodies, would you pay to swap with someone from t…[View]
13997038Could you date this man who suffers from a psychic X-Men mutation that makes him forget he's we…[View]
13989154How common is it for gay guys to have size kinks?[View]
13995352Why is it that every boymoder likes men? I don't think I've ever heard of a transbian boym…[View]
13997142I am love with best friend and idk wat to do. I came out to my friend a few months ago, he accepted …[View]
13997528Me and my mom were chatting in the car about my dating life, and it accidentally slipped out that im…[View]
13995654What does GD feel like to you?: I am curious to see what the prevaling themes are here for this boar…[View]
13996675if you post a cis girl on here not wearing lolita or anime girl clothes, they're passed as a ho…[View]
13996700who did contrapoints ffs?[View]
13997538>mtf + ftm couple[View]
13992198>you CAN’T deny me the right to have sex with you I’m so sick of these fucks in our community and…[View]
13997156WATCH OUT: if you're on the fence about hrt, taking hair loss medication could push you over th…[View]
13993519>get groomed as a teen by online transfags >realize I'm not trans I'm just a faggot …[View]
13993427I’m an incel because I’m afraid a potential partner would think I’m a tranny for having gyno. T. Bi …[View]
13997338For me, it's Zelda Cross.[View]
13996177Your sexuality isn’t valid unless it started as a child Prove me wrong[View]
13996936Is it true that even if you pass in your 20s when you get older in your 30s and 40s you'll be s…[View]
13996548Breast cancer linked to permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners in study of almost 50,000…[View]
13984668Unironic Thoughts on a Trans Ethno State: I know it’s been thrown around in the memey sections of th…[View]
13995580Hi guuuurls!! My name is Tammy and I'm a 45 year old T-Girl!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 So I wa…[View]
13996421Is it safe to try HRT for a year? Would there be any permanent damage other than maybe gyno if I dec…[View]
13995159/gaygen/ Saint Nicholas edition: Old >>13992575[View]
13992616If you call yourself a trans girl and not a trans woman, then you're a fetishist.[View]
13994443I had homosexual sex in a dream, and when I woke up I could feel the dick in my ass but when I moved…[View]
13995737would you still want to transition if you never paid attention to any media?[View]
13987855>be trans >surrounds myself with trans people >lots turn out to be annoying SJWs who talk a…[View]
13996239do you ever get over the loss of your family’s love?: even when we reach closeness, I see my mom set…[View]
13996392dog bark woof-woof: What's it all about? Honestly[View]
13995401Why should we accommodate trannies anymore? There are far more contributing LGB members to society t…[View]
13996301Get rid of lgb: Only T is not a fetish[View]
13996078I started epilating my leg hairs but stopped partway because i had shit to do so now I'm hairle…[View]
13995800Let's See: Have you tried NOT basing your entire identity around your sexuality?[View]
13995157/mtfg/: Christmas kitty edition • What gender dysphoria is: http://archive.li/PG34m • Basic DIY horm…[View]
13996015Why is /tttt/ so horny? I thought estrogen was supposed to lower your sexual drive, not increase it.[View]
13954827/bmg/ /ssbbg/ /bddg/: Found out I was dressing too girly for my face edition: boymoder/soft skinned …[View]
13994125Traps?: Alright ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between: I have a conundrum. Basically, Traps.…[View]
13993158How does it feel to wake up with a guy who sees you as an angel and just hugs you tightly[View]
13994180ITT: Famous Repressors[View]
13995625Am I gay or straight?: I have dreamed about having homosexual sex before where I was a bottom and I …[View]
13991733How do I become a transgirl if my penis is almost seven inches when flaccid?[View]
13994421For anyone who was wondering what lats are: they’re the damn cobra wings under my man Bruce’s arm pi…[View]
13993105Why does it look like the frontal bone is barely attached to the skull in the after pic? Is it suppo…[View]
13991087Can I look like this if I transition?[View]
13994782Is she a lesbian?: >How can a straight guy know if a girl is a lesbian? I know how this thread mi…[View]
13995299Powerful music video about lesbian abuse: Please seek help if you are in an abusive lesbian relation…[View]
13986042A straight guy is being too nice to me ..: >im a tranny mtf >get a lot of matches with straig…[View]
13995094I'm not sure if I'm trans but I'm not sure if I'm cis either[View]
13992575/gaygen/ - Gay Stuff Edition: That blessed feel when you hear a really gay song and you think 'hey t…[View]
13994745Gay undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer Exposed: Gay Undercover Citrus Heights CA Police Office…[View]
13991229i heard that the words 'incubus' and 'succubus' mean 'top' and 'bottom' respectively. i guess it mak…[View]
13992982I'm dying. I don't know what to do. I hate how people treat me as a 'man', the way that I …[View]
13993114What's worse for a gay father to find out? Finding out your son is a bi bottom or finding out y…[View]
13990934why is 'incel' the goto tranny insult?[View]
13993546I'm a nice guy inside but when I'm here I turn into someone toxic, can anyone drive me off…[View]
13991458How do you get a bf without guys running away[View]
13970149The various subtypes of TERFs: 1. The trans widow >Her former husband transitioned and she doesn…[View]
13986735Straights are part of the Q general: >constant LGBTQ pushing in media >Men are 'toxic…[View]
13989560Life isn't fair: I wish that I was a pretty young white cis girl. Instead, I am an old, fat, ba…[View]
13989078>be ftm with cis boyfriend >dysphoric about my chest and never take my binder/t-shirt/sweatshi…[View]
13990051Post your ideal partner /lgbt/: >Letter >Your ideal partner…[View]
13985048What's happened to the trans community recently? Saying things like 'you need dysphoria to be t…[View]
13993656How to turn anal plug into non-anal: This is kind of a diy-lgbt question, because if posted anywhere…[View]
13994215Board Lingo: Please define Edge and Cringe as precisely as possible. I understand Edginess is a mean…[View]
13990595reminder for /lgbt/: be confident in yourself and just put in a bit of effort. if he can look handso…[View]
13992140How Homosexuality is Autogynephilia: Hello, I'm Doctor Ray Blanchard. You may know me from my w…[View]
13994231What do you think the future will look like regarding gender? Will everyone just use neutral pronoun…[View]
13993912I have dysphoria over all masculine traits ever except for my chest. I've been taking estrogen …[View]
13991616Writing: Can I write something for you? Record something? I've made threads for counseling, cat…[View]
13994110Hey Guys, so i came out and made a video. Can you guys comment and like it? Also lets talk about out…[View]
13986811What are your thoughts on self ID? Should anyone who identifies as a woman be legally recognized as …[View]
13993266I'm bi but...: I watch straight porn 99% of time and I like some trans actresses. But I don…[View]
13990072Self-hating fag thread: >listening to old episodes of common filth radio >thinking about doing…[View]
13992989The amount of white trans women that want black men to pound their pooper is lowkey creepy for me as…[View]
13990451More Escapism: What are your favorite means of escapism? I've been playing Starcraft Coop so I …[View]
13992215How to come out: I need tips on how to come out to parents as trans. I am very GNC for a guy so they…[View]
13990129Clocking Male Behavior: Hating cis women is the most manly thing you can do, tranon.[View]
13987849What's it called when you are sexually attracted to a guy but you are repulsed by their soul?[View]
13993549>ur banned for stating and escalating situations that made us feel uncomfortable having u around …[View]
13989860Realized my parents will only love me if im straight. Unconditional love doesn't exist anons[View]
13987168>bf needs to wake up at 730 >set alarm to wake me up at 630 and set to a volume only I will he…[View]
13990239Is she /our'girl'/[View]
13993209Where the Lesbians At?: Hey guys, I'm noticing an absence of lesbian threads on here so let…[View]
13992764How do I know if I'm not true gay and have, for lack of a better term, internalized attraction?…[View]
13993052All drag queens are pedo niggers[View]
13992357how do you aquire a life?: hey i'm a boymoder and i don't have any friends or even family …[View]
13991068So i had this dream...: So i had this dream last night and wanted to know what do you think about it…[View]
13992719Can any of you faggots explain this?[View]
13991285Read a fanfic as a joke, but now I just feel empty >tfw no wholesome bf to hold hands with while…[View]
13992618itt: say nice things about boymoders >boymoders and so cute and lovely[View]
13989285How do you guys shave your bodies? especially sensitive areas like pubic hair[View]
13981576Share your rapey transbian stories / Post the rapiest transbian you know[View]
13992177you fucks figure out artificial wombs yet?: /pol/ack checking in for updates on the reproduction sit…[View]
13986710Boyfriend appreciation thread !: How do you guys show your bf you love them? Tonight I’m cooking tor…[View]
13984597Best place on thighs to inject?: I was taught to inject within this blue rectangle. Is it correct?…[View]
13991029/mtfg/: society edition • What gender dysphoria is: http://archive.li/PG34m • Basic DIY hormones: ht…[View]
13989087/cisgaygen/: HRT edition[View]
13988336Lilith Lovett is the best transwoman, prove me wrong. https://twitter.com/lilithlovett[View]
13988006If you are purely transitioning for a fetish and/or attention, what makes you different from a trend…[View]
13994396roll to start you new life[View]
13985372>straight transgirls post about wholesome things like how to find a man, and whether they made a …[View]
13991904All fujos are trans men. However I mean no disrespect when I say this and wish them the best with th…[View]
13990040Nofap to cure my AGP: Day 4 of nofap to cure my AGP. Things are going good. Today I even had my firs…[View]
13991903So my wife has given me permission and I shall begin scouring the internet for cock. It has been 15 …[View]
13990030Why if I like men I don't want to top them?: With women and very feminine males (femboys, trans…[View]
13991799What does it mean if you're gay and you couldn't stop masturbating to this scene and felt …[View]
13988026Why are progressive subtly saying that black people are more oppressed than LGBT people even though …[View]
13991792Dear /lgbt/, have you ever tried the stick of butter method? Where your sexual partner puts a whole …[View]
13987101Get off your PC and get a bf[View]
139899307 Reasons I can't be gay: 1. Gay people don't support Donald Trump 2. Gay people don'…[View]
13990371How does it feel that you will never have a boyfriend who will love you and hug you and give you gif…[View]
13990527The Importance of Sex: How important is sex to you? I'll be getting a zero depth vagina. This …[View]
13990531What are my chances of getting beaten/aids on grindr if put 'groups only'? I am mtf.. Anyone ever do…[View]
13990764Why do so many tranners on this board have an anime trap fetish You know they aren’t real and you’ll…[View]
13990258How come the majority of posts here are not LGBT but lgbT?[View]
13988897Repression is turning me into a bitterhon. I don't think I can be in a healthy hetero relations…[View]
13985440Question on conversions: Greetings. I am a muslim and I wish for my girlfriend who is trans to also …[View]
13991150Tranner gamer general /tgg/: Hey girls how are you finding halo reach?[View]
13986986how do i stop being a chaser? i'm only attracted to cis & trans women. my #1 fetish/desire/…[View]
13990969People always made fun of me for being a cringy autistic virgin boy before. Now that I'm a girl…[View]
13990680:3 kissy kissy kissy the boyfriend smooch the boyfriend *smooch* :3 I love kissing my boyfriend mwah…[View]
13990549>when big bro calls you your girlname[View]
13990912>every time I see a traps face with no filters[View]
13990259Why are MtF tranners so shallow and obsessed with looks? All they want are 6'0 handsome Chads. Does …[View]
13985570Are bi tops just trannychasers?: Most of them say that they only will fuck women and feminine males …[View]
13990657When and how do I tell a gay guy I've met on tinder/grindr that I'm taking HRT?[View]
13983750This is a secret... I will never say this to a soul ever again after this post. And you probably won…[View]
13988595I think I’ve fallen in love with one of you. Not like, one of you who are reading this right now, bu…[View]
13987352Rank the types of legbutt anons on this board, gaybros > bichads > straight ftms >>> …[View]
13988527Are chasers really that bad?: I'm a pre-transition ftm and a friend alerted me about chasers. T…[View]
13990525>God sends a stone from heaven saying you shouldn't get hard looking at married females …[View]
13987033If a gay bottom would rather be a straight woman but doesn't have dysphoria is he still trans? …[View]
13990382i need your help: Hey Anons i personally would really apreciate your help i myself am attracted to t…[View]
13989840Is the Gay Community a Place of Love and acceptance?: Is the gay community nice, or is it mean?…[View]
13986084>sudden intense attraction to wealthy mature older guys >still in senior year of high school S…[View]
13987980Hi guys. Don't you get kinda sad at the internet? Everyone sort of screaming and shouting and c…[View]
13990323>Seriously expecting 99% of people to conform to your delusional fantasies of gender identity mat…[View]
13984925All Repressors Should Be Forced to Transition: In the future when we have mind reading technology we…[View]
13987314I hate being a tranny. Life would have been so much fucking easier if I were born cis. I hate dyspho…[View]
13990276Wheres /lgb/?: I'm bored of tranny talk[View]
13989433Passing is a myth. When I look at r/transpassing/ and /transtimelines/ I see that only 1 in a 100 of…[View]
13988965Presenting Female: So next semester of college I'm planning on starting to present. My college …[View]
13990287How do you explain: your mental illness to regular people ? Or are you still thinking it isn't …[View]
13984443Yaniv 2: Electric Boogaloo: Ready for round 2, bigots?[View]
13990222Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
13976143>tfw act like a super bro-y masculine chad to compensate for my increasingly feminine looks They…[View]
13990219>tfw you will never be kidnapped by a qt tranny and forced into HRT while your wrists and ankles …[View]
13990088>Be me >Never done anything gay >Occasionally get an urge to suck dick Why does this happen…[View]
13929536/ftmg/ trans man general: Female to femboy edition QOTT: what are your hobbies, and did they change …[View]
13985631I wish i was a cute girl[View]
13987798Just got my 6 month blood work back. Got it taken 4.5 days after weekly injection. Estradiol 372.4 p…[View]
13990132Why do you hate APG ? I'm talking about the one who don't pretend to be trans[View]
13990152LGBT Gay (pic unrelated): It's...not wrong, right?[View]
13985662Why are straight people so boring? Literally all they do is watch Netflix and take photos of whateve…[View]
13990102Can chronic cooming lead one to become LGBT?[View]
13989628>no motherbat gf[View]
13989980why LGBT?: Since Transgenderd are the most oppressed and Lesbians the least. Why isn't it TGBL?…[View]
13987304Are any /lgbt/ users married? I'm a cis dude but I'm getting married to my trans gf next y…[View]
13982306Hey this might not be the right board for this, but how do I shove my balls in my ass? My balls swin…[View]
13989557What do you think of masc guys who crossdress?[View]
13988967Is having a strong urge to scream randomly a sign of autism?: Asking for a possible autismo.[View]
13989514People like Hunter Schafer and Kim Petras should be the public’s image of the trans community, not H…[View]
13989587My gf has gotten kinda bored with the power dynamics of mdlg and we decided to branch out into unico…[View]
13987498How do we get rid of it[View]
13989077We’re just different from the others, right?[View]
13975534Why are transphobes so extra? Going out of their way to bully trans people. I found out selfies from…[View]
13987424silly cis girls: >be trans with cis female friend >my voice doesn't really pass, aka gay …[View]
13989435Isn’t it fucked up how cis people are fetishists have hijacked the trans community? You can’t mentio…[View]
13974102/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /mu/sic Edition What're you listening…[View]
13985566How do I cope with being a 5'4 top that looks like a twinkhon I downloaded grindr but all I got…[View]
13988153Religion and LGBT: What are your thoughts on religion? Myself I don't blame God for other peopl…[View]
13980586I can say with extreme confidence that 90% of transphobes have zero clue what they are talking about…[View]
13988982Gay media: Hey /lgbt/, I'm looking for anime, manga or cartoons with gays in it and I figured t…[View]
13984749Controversial opinions/lgbt/ edition: I'll start. asexual females do not exist . only males ca…[View]
13987981/mtfg/ trans identified male general: qoot: Why are happy trails so sexy • What gender dysphoria is:…[View]
13987326/gaygen/ Devo edition: Old >>13984833[View]
13984573>be ftm >say im a girl in offsite 4chan groups >get vigilantly called a man and people INSI…[View]
13984412>2020 >STILL no sex change pill that instantly changes your gene expression to that of a femal…[View]
13987670Outsider here with a few questions for research purposes: >How popular/unpopular are TERFs in nor…[View]
13985318I just got a bicycle I like to bicycle I do not like exercises that are not friendly to bottom aesth…[View]
13988534>be me >6' >Powerlifter >Power Top >5 inch dick Every single one of my partners,…[View]
13988086Hello, closested trans girl here. I'm basically invisible in the real world, so please give me …[View]
13979233Skin Care Tips: MtF on HRT for about 2 months. I am struggling with skincare. I shower daily and hyd…[View]
13987277where were you when Trump secured the gay vote?[View]
13968055What's lgbt's political ideology?: post yours and comment on others https://8values.github…[View]
13987226Clearly sexuality is malleable. Porn made me gay. How do I go back to being straight?[View]
13988553Why do repressors have better musical taste than youngshits?[View]
13975054Mad shit that your AGP has made you do: I pretended to have Anorexia Nervosa because it's a gir…[View]
13987887What do you think of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guwoMmKhkFo&feature=emb_title S…[View]
13981239Would straight bangs fit me?: My forehead got stretched up by FFS and im considering getting bangs t…[View]
13969268Is gay bottoms taking HRT to attract bi tops a bad idea?[View]
13987003Do you ever feel:: Like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again?[View]
13986132>tfw falls for trans/agp/sissy/trap/cd meme >havent crossdressed in almost 2 years >spend $…[View]
13988389why am i a sexual sadist i literally can not get aroused without someone else's discomfort/pain[View]
13959958/wlwgen/ Oh god oh fuck don't let this thread die edition: This is a thread for women who are a…[View]
13980078So You Want To be a T-Girl: This rant is ancient--probably from the late 90s or early 2000s. How muc…[View]
13988087Questions to ask on a phone call: I need questions to ask this cute guy. He’s bi-curious. I don’t wa…[View]
13978974Why do cis femboys passes better than 99% of trannies?[View]
13986667>tfw I, a cis male, have girl ADHD[View]
13986525Muslim Transwomen: How do I find a good muslim husband if I'm trans?[View]
13986950For my black trans sisters (specifically Haitian) how did ur parents react do u have any tips as we …[View]
13987902what does anal feel like?[View]
13983863My bf keeps making remarks about me being a loli in his eyes: We met when I was 14 but we only start…[View]
13987176Want to hear a depressing fact? Hot big-dicked chicks with dicks are biologically impossible. If the…[View]
13987721Repression general: >He had been suffering from a lifelong, soul-crushing depression and a myster…[View]
13956044Things hot straight men do that turn you on: >big ripped black friend calls me a 'good littl…[View]
13986591Lesbian relationship drama...: 32 year old transbian (trans woman lesbian) and I just got dumped by …[View]
13983547Your Favorite Threads: What kind of threads do you like to see? >Debate >Memes and shitpostin…[View]
13981148Flip f***ed a versatile black tranny again: damn that skinny little booty and 9 inch dick w/ natural…[View]
13987077Hey /lgbt/, so uh. I think I like a trans girl from my University a lot but I'm very conflicte…[View]
13984196Boomer hon hate: Hi. I am a late transition boomer hon. I wish you all werent so embarrassed by us. …[View]
13985965Does anyone else find it uncomfortable to read serial killer biographies because you have too much e…[View]
13984833/gaygen/ - Sindel edition: Previously >>13983575[View]
13983926Legbutts, this is the week. It will happen. I will make it happen. I started my transition five year…[View]
13986513to the boymoder in walmart who's cirno hoodie i complimented you were pretty cute[View]
13982865I hate homo's but God I love me some cute fag fembois[View]
13984510Seeing cis woman on this board worries me. This place is almost as bad as /pol/ when it comes to har…[View]
13986085Femboys are supposed to look like boys, if you take HRT you are just a trannie in denial, if anyone …[View]
13986558Now more than ever, women are identifying as bisexual, especially millennials. This can be attribute…[View]
13978890>this is a woman[View]
13986547prostate orgasm: so i finally had a wet orgasm from strictly anal. it was definantly less intense th…[View]
13986917Apuposting FtM's are in fact the most based people on the planet. Prove me wrong.[View]
13945953/repgen/: Repressor General Repressors are not a burden edition How are you coping today reppers?…[View]
13981027I'm gonna greentext this to condense all this info >Early 20's, male >Look borderlin…[View]
13986585>cute chad guy says 'thanks darlin' to me at my job >get turned on Is this AGP or HSTS?…[View]
13986738Is going out of your way to try to make lgbt friends a bad idea? I find most lgbt people have nothin…[View]
13985429new TF2 item is starting to be sent out to all trans players[View]
13986281big fake: I think all the thing about 'sexual orientation' is bullshit. Guys don't have sex wit…[View]
13984093Tranny discords: I don't seem to be able to find any trans discords I really fit into. Any sugg…[View]
13983680Can schizophrenia give gender dysphoria? Asking for a friend[View]
13986002>straight trannies[View]
13986070what's with trannies and infecting everything with plushies. keep your plushies in your degener…[View]
13984791AGP: How is your AGP treating you today?[View]
13975641Okay more incels than normal are transgender but you really can't believe ALL of them are trans…[View]
13985803Was it AGP?[View]
13977808Is it possible to be 'prison straight'? I had a gay man confess to me, but I'm a cis woman. He …[View]
13986279What's the connection between autism and transgranderism? Should autistic kids be screened for …[View]
13985399>Be a kid >Watch the Rankin-Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special on TV >Secretly wis…[View]
13985633Presented without comment.: https://www.economist.com/open-future/2019/12/03/gender-identity-is-hard…[View]
13986203is a cute, loving boyfriend enough to put a broken girl back together again?[View]
13985900stop conflating gender abolitionism with nonbinaries. the concepts are completely unrelated.[View]
13978383pass thread 2: do you think my body passes?[View]
13984305Can being Christian be justified as a gay and/or trans person? Asking for a friend.[View]
13984691How do i get an older sugar daddy? I don’t ever want to work i just want a rich older man to take ca…[View]
13980382Traveling to Romania: Hello, I'm a MtF tranny from Cambridge UK (very safe city) and I work in …[View]
13985630When Will I Become Biologically Female?[View]
13983114Well? We have a deal, right?[View]
13971015ITT: Tranners, post your girl name and rate other names. My name is Erika.[View]
13982848Me (mtf tranner) and my bf are planning to have multiple kids, but surrogacy is super expensive and …[View]
13968727epilators are fucking terrifying: im not fased by injections but as soon as i put the epilator on i…[View]
13985665who is this boards most hated person?[View]
13984309Trannies with Tourette's, did HRT have any effect on your condition? Asking for a friend.[View]
13981636Trans porn board: Why isn't there one?[View]
13984531/mtfg/ tranner hangout zone: in for the long haul edition QOTT: how much has your life changed since…[View]
13985270After seeing this thread: >>>13970706 I learned that apparently bottoming hurts a lot of yo…[View]
13985284ain’t it a little transphobic that i’m not allowed to hold anti-trans opinions as a trans person wit…[View]
13985293>be me >can't stop thinking about making friends with a girl and her making me wear girls…[View]
13985288Where do you to larp as a woman online LGBT?[View]
13985292In the past month ive sought therapy for what i thought was bpd. My family has a history of anxiety …[View]
13981144Can teenagers and twinks dabble in AGP and still grow into fine men?[View]
13970706What does it feel like to have another man mount you?[View]
13984645I don't wanna be trans I never chose to be trans I hate being trans Why was I born trans I wann…[View]
13985129How to be more appealing: Hi /lgbt/ I know I said like many anons I'm leaving for real this tim…[View]
13984455So why are all shrinks unanimous across the country on giving out hormones to depressed guys? >be…[View]
13983255Why do other boards hate us so much? Seriously what did we ever do to deserve this?[View]
13981217Post your favorite trans flags I'll start[View]
13983575/gaygen/: hue edition >>13980802[View]
13984772>be me, late 20s >masculinized hard through combination of my 20s and hard manual labour >w…[View]
13984751being tranny: based being cis: cringe[View]
13979698/teGen/ - Trans Ethnostate General: Looking for a place to meet and talk with transwomen and those t…[View]
13982655Fellow faggots, is it normal to cum black?[View]
13984699Daily reminder that trans girls with bladder problems have nothing to be ashamed about. It's so…[View]
13983908How do I be less submissive? I fucking hate how spineless I am and how every single fantasy and feti…[View]
13984515I feel like a man in a man's body.[View]
13982658How does it feel that you will never have a boyfriend who will love you and hug you and give you gif…[View]
13984475Trans people, how did you let Jessica Yaniv happen? Gay people appointed their best, most talented …[View]
13984593I will vote for any party at the election that will make euthanasia available on the NHS for gender …[View]
13984044>tfw no trad nazbol bf to marry and start a homestead with[View]
13984481Why: Im a year on hrt I thought my boobs stopped developing already My right boob keeps hurting cons…[View]
13984266Anyone else a bisexual versatile? I top all women and some feminine guys, but I want to bottom for o…[View]
13982594What are you planning on getting your SO for Christmas, /lgbt/?[View]
13984025Day 3 of nofap to cure my AGP: Hi, /lgbt/ Today is my third day of nofap to try to cure my agp. Thin…[View]
13982610How the hell do you get your eyes off the round, perfectly juicy, and fertile butts of boymoders? Ev…[View]
13941748To other chasers on here, what would you write on your trans GF? For me, it's gotta be >Sis…[View]
13983051Am I doing something wrong?: >be me >3 months hormones >BMR 1675, eating at least 2500 cal…[View]
13984181>be skinnyfat, 150 lbs >bitchboy bottom, strong desire to cd and look like a girl >get musc…[View]
13984109Odor: What does boysmell smell like? Because I mostly smell body odour, a minty rotten meat smell. A…[View]
13984241When will boymoders learn?[View]
13983772Why do roasties assume we're gonna be best friends when I tell em I'm a faggot. How do I p…[View]
13983735Daily reminder: People who stutter-type are confirmed bottoms[View]
13983500How do you do it? I feel like I cant reach quite up there with my fingers. Are there any things you …[View]
13984092Is it assumed that the more feminine and delicate looking partner in a relationship will automatical…[View]
13981285Wigs during sex: How are you supposed to keep wigs on during gay sex? I know you can just tell your …[View]
13975154is it possible as a trans girl to find a guy who meets these standards? >preferably virgin or at …[View]
13980030Why are gay people more emotionally strong then trans people? Asking for a friend[View]
13981486Dispute this.[View]
13978881Why do trannies hate him so bad?[View]
13983913Can someone give me some false hope? I want to read 'realistic' stories where someone claims they be…[View]
13982719How would you rank the various factions by propensity for mental illness and history of abuse? 1. mt…[View]
13983862>has to buy 3 dollars worth of item to protect 'his' egg (lol) >asks to up the limit to 5 doll…[View]
13972193Reminder that bi males and transbians are in an unholy alliance with the devil. Whether the individu…[View]
13981074Why do normies associates HIV with gays when trannies have it a higher rate?[View]
13979058is it legal to rape boymoders? asking for a friend, not me of course haha. Just a friend you know.[View]
13974459I'm completely fucked: My family is close to finding out I'm a disgusting tranny and will …[View]
13982980Apart from useful bits of information on HRT general, trans community has been useless and gave me a…[View]
13979532Why is the trans community all dirty commies? Every time I talk with others and politics gets brough…[View]
13975347So I don't understand, reading this board it seems AGP is bad? why a fetish is bad?[View]
13976308Wachowski brothers confirmed AGP: >Adams, who is trans, kicked off the discussion with a simple q…[View]
13983377How do you excuse yourself from someone who is really desperate for you without admittung you'r…[View]
13982852Hello /lgbt/. How do I get a qt femboy bf? Where do they usually gather? Excuse me if the answer sho…[View]
13983396The most important part of being gay being comfortable with who you are: Its not really about how yo…[View]
13980802/gaygen/ - true gay personality edition: where my fellow infp's at? back -> >>13979188…[View]
13974499Can people tell im a tranny?: Or do they think im a really weird library boy[View]
13977552>tfw no musclegirl gf[View]
13980925What comes first the gender dysphoria (hsts) or the clingy neediness? What comes first the gender eu…[View]
13982479Ate my transgfs ass last night and woke up with severe food poisoning with 104F temperature :([View]
13977823Friendly reminder: If you are trans, you should vote for Bernie Sanders: https://www.hivplusmag.com/…[View]
13979119Are tiny penises with phimosis considered cute and feminine on a tgirl?[View]
13975110>tfw freed myself from autogynephilia >not playing exclusively female characters anymore >n…[View]
13982301i wanna be in chasergen. I WANT A BOYFRIEND![View]
13981522Is this the truth about boymoding?[View]
13979481Non-binary thread! Anyone here identify as nb? Want to share a little? I recently started using they…[View]
13980042>be me >age 15 at the time >repressing tranny >9th grade >teammate/classmate on xc te…[View]
13970656>I identify as an attack helicopter[View]
13978244Why isn’t trannyism a mental disorder? T. Self hating man on hrt.[View]
13981903>i want someone to give me their babies >i want to have babies right now if you have ever had …[View]
13980941>be mtf (or so i thought) >go on hrt, all that shit >get soft, get curves, get hairless, do…[View]
13980746Chasers what’s your favorite kind of train?[View]
13980402>Low profile Brazilian tranny YouTuber Thoughts? I'm cis can't can't judge her too…[View]
13982545do tranners dance like this owo[View]
13982118how do i know that a guy would be okay with me being a transgirl? i've got a bit of a crush on…[View]
13981331I just got a bicycle I like to bicycle I do not like exercises that are not friendly to bottom aesth…[View]
13974090What’s with all the hate for black guys on this board? >They’re all tall >They’re all straight…[View]
13982398Wedding: Plan your wedding. I once had a dumb idea. Rappel upside down and kiss my bride/husband. Co…[View]
13982409why do so many tranners wanna be girls instead of women?[View]
13982213Dad might have heard my porn: >home alone >wake up horny, class had been cancelled >jerktim…[View]
13981051MtF/FtM general #1 - we need a better name edition: Since the best kind of relationship has gotten m…[View]
13982073I noticed that men and women have very different images: If someone saw your reaction images folder …[View]
13982289did my period come back or did I have some blood in my poop? t. ftm[View]
13982079Aaaah! Finally had my first slumber party: I had my first slumber party experience. And it was a mix…[View]
13981429/mtfg/ - Man, that feels good: tfw no bf edition QOTT: How to get bf if you're ugly and unpasab…[View]
13981347My weight has been up and down for years and I've dealt with 'moobs', but after 4 months HRT an…[View]
13981896Transbians: Have you noticed something in the media? They are quick to point out that the rapist, pe…[View]
13977124Christ loving tranners: Any other christian tranners here?[View]
13980744I'm a straight, fit, and older guy (early 30's) and lately I've had this urge to bull…[View]
13978013Do y’all really care about lgbt rep in video games or shows[View]
13981967/lltg/ - Late Late Transition General:: A thread for people who started medically transitioning at 4…[View]
13981773>mfw a solid percentage of incels who used to complain they were 5'9 manlets now complain th…[View]
13981093Coomer gay: I'm a coomer who desensitized himself to straight porn and only watch gay shit from…[View]
13981703Does anyone have a punchline for this?: One Feminist says to another, 'Men are literally worthless t…[View]
13977498i just wanna say i'm not really LGBT but this board has always been fairly comfy and i'd l…[View]
13979943Is transitioning at 20 too late? I was going to do it at 18 but I’m only just now earning enough to …[View]
13977926dubs decides what my grindr crossdressing name will be[View]
13980631How do I find the cure for my transgender self hatred? I'm an FtM in the middle of transition …[View]
13981226How Bad is Nair For You?: Pic unrelated ofc. Sometimes when I Nair myself down it gets itchy. Will t…[View]
13980611Being transgender is too complicated. Can't I just satisfy my AGP by being a gay bottom who cro…[View]
13980715>tttt is a pool of bitter jealous repressors, autistic boymoders and mentally ill or sadistic mtf…[View]
13974482Consider myself a dissident right identitarian, still want a tranner gf[View]
13980923Sex is to Gender as Race is to ______[View]

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