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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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12059249Shouldn’t transgender suicide statistics be a deafening alarm for more people to help and support us…[View]
12049404“happy gay sounds”: Very weird to see AGP MtFs, who are essentially just intensely girl-obsessed het…[View]
12066905If a masculine, male oriented site like 4chan is where non-trender MtFs post, then wouldn't log…[View]
12067697here's your food ma'a-SIR.. sir[View]
12067672/mtfg/ trans girl general: incel edition QOTT: is she right? • Kate's AGP/HSTS survey: https://…[View]
12049015Chasers, what do usually think about while getting your ass smashed by femcock?[View]
12057765Are FtMs still more likely to be sexually assaulted/raped post-transition than MtFs are?[View]
12059238I can't go on hormones for an indefinite time but still want to reduce my masculinity and testo…[View]
12067573What’s the psychological reason behind social dysphoria and the need to socially transition[View]
12067255Question for the trannies: What the hell are TTTT, AGP, and Hon?[View]
12056115An AGP Gift: So.... I happen to have two agp novels. I will share them now as best as I can. I might…[View]
12062366Have you ever been bullied for being lgbt?[View]
12045521>dad told my sister (mtf) and I that he is also trans now Oh no.[View]
12057168Let me tell you something, Anon. I'm an egalitarian. And I don't know how I feel about fem…[View]
12067843Goodnight everyone: Your local not quite fully gay migrant signing out. May your pluming be smooth a…[View]
12066985Is Glam Metal AGP?[View]
12067375discord invite if anybody wants to discuss trans/trap/femboy stuff: invite link: sXrcap2[View]
12065847are any other MTFs obsessed with yaoi like me ? i started reading yaoi romance comics when i was 16,…[View]
12066361Trans? even if female, it's noteworthy that she has masculine facial features, and is an academ…[View]
12067088How do I go from a skinny fat lump to twink mode? I hate my body so much[View]
12066878Anyone else have confusing parents ?: > (bi dude) long story short coming out didn't go well…[View]
12067324Do guys like this end up being trans[View]
12057475Do you also feminize your hands and feet? I usually have them done at the nail salon and afterwards …[View]
12060558>mfw I was little (10-17) I had long hair >used to be mistaken for a girl fairly often >aro…[View]
12066556Why do ftms sip out of mugs that say 'Don't even TALK to me before I've had my coffee' and…[View]
12065312Here is a cis femoid without make-up, so don't feel too bad tranners.[View]
12059679Let's assume for a second I am a heartless bastard who only wants people for sex. I am not, I v…[View]
12051464Surgery General (mtf/ftm): ask here question about surgeries that you are interested in < 3 feel …[View]
12063881Do transgender people use sóy and other testosterone decreasing methods to decrease test and increas…[View]
12062840/gaygen/: Thiccums edition previous >>12059526[View]
12066276I cut stand it anymore: I can't handle this. Knowing that I'm trapped in this body. Nobody…[View]
12066290Transgender A.I: So i work for an A.I company and we have in the past had male and female A.I s, Of …[View]
12065792when will stupid ass trannies realize that pictures are not real life?: any tranny can look halfway …[View]
12064373Is there any reason to live knowing no one will ever love me? Every time I manage to get close to an…[View]
12062629I'm a sick trap I like it when cheeks clap suck dick for a supreme cap always carry a strap[View]
12066666Who is this[View]
12056011Enemas: Hello, fellow trans girls. What are your preferred methods to clean yourself for some (solo …[View]
12066630Typology Adjustment: AGPs/Cluster Bs are the trans women who choose to transition late because of fe…[View]
12044260Comfy thread, all sexualities welcome.: 4chan is being specially retarded and violent today, probabl…[View]
12063422I went out on Sat. for a 'me' night. I went to a show that started way too early for my tastes @ the…[View]
12064688All non-passing trannies should repress and become gay guys instead[View]
12063264Are there any febfems in here? What's it like just dating other females rather than both sexes?…[View]
12065722/mtfg/ trans girl fun time thread: Musical edition! QOTT: What's your favorite instrument to pl…[View]
12065887Transbian here. 12 years ago, on my 20th birthday, I told the mtf nextdoor that I had been in love w…[View]
12066064Why don’t mtfs just get one of their balls removed so they’d have a more feminine penis and to halt …[View]
12063012how to deal with having an intense crush on someone((who at a point had an interest in you and you c…[View]
12062392Grindr: Welp I finally made a Grindr. What should I expect going forward? It made me realize how muc…[View]
12065178Why is gender recognition software so bad? It'll tell you that you are a girl unless you are a …[View]
12054055>jerk off and blow huge load to gay shit >think I'm gay >jerk off and blow huge load t…[View]
12057969passing = beauty?: Can you be beautiful (mtf) and not pass or handsome (ftm?) Lots of cis people are…[View]
12065844gay dreams: i keep having homosexual dreams even though i think im straight. last night i had one an…[View]
12065574Why are so many terms for sex/gender/etc, especially when it comes to lgbt, so fucking trashy? They…[View]
12065760>stops eating because I heard being underweight helps with dysphoria >lost my tits and everyth…[View]
12057220Statistically speaking, how much of this board are tranny/femboy fetish males?[View]
12065359/tttt/ needs to stop hugboxing non-passers, especially at earlier stages of their transition. It doe…[View]
12065616Does she pass?[View]
12065552Were/Are you the creepy ex?: Have you ever done anything that would label you as such? Stalking? Tr…[View]
12055769Is /LGBT/ /fit/ or is it just a myth that lgbtfolk are more fit? t.would be doing bench press etc us…[View]
12064197>be a heighthon >see a (cis) woman of my height >oh, maybe things aren't so b- >rea…[View]
12065076That's it, I don't wanna be trans anymore: I wanna make it end for good[View]
12065445Is non-binary,trans,gender queer etc just a way to gaslight us Into to questioning the nature of rea…[View]
12065320>6'0 220lbs submissive bottom Kill me please[View]
12063745Do I pass?[View]
12054017LGBT or LGBTQ+?: Title[View]
12065174a wake up call to trannies who think they pass: look at this pic. Gamestop hon to the left, how he r…[View]
12060759You don't look as good as this and they're just doing it part time[View]
12064985How can a non-passing tranner compensate her lack of looks in a relationship with a man?[View]
12063543How do trans people make it to Hollywood?[View]
12064976This is the reason I decided to become a woman[View]
12034166/Chasergen/ - not just for fuckin anymore Edition: Chasergen, the thread, is a place for men who lik…[View]
12063961Help me anons. How do I successfully repress being a tranny? I've tried many times over the yea…[View]
12052525>tfw gay top trapped in a 5 ft tall 88 lbs female body[View]
12063427You shall not pass![View]
12058040shaving help: Can I get some advice on body hair? What's your preferred method to get smoother …[View]
12059723Where can I find good selfie naked and clothed image packs of MtF trannies that still have their dic…[View]
12053185Which are there more of, man-hating FtMs, or woman-hating MtFs?[View]
12049067/r/detrans made me realize that anti transition bigots are just retarded. They claim shit like there…[View]
12061774>21 >Realize I'm gay >Want to remain boyish looking at the very least >Have no chan…[View]
12051407Were any trannies raised by a single mom or single dad?[View]
12049791To the 'it's okay to be AGP' posters: Are meta-attracted AGP MtFs capable of romantic love towa…[View]
12063872How do you cope if you want to be a woman but you're so ugly, old and masculine that it's …[View]
12064544Prejudice Part 2: In a previous thread, I asked how people seem to 'cast aside logic' and subscribe …[View]
12063646Is there a correlation between being MtF and liking cheese? Some of the most delicious traps dated l…[View]
12057446UK: How does /lgbt/ feel about getting cucked by Britain >pic related…[View]
12000846despite making up 3% of the threads, /mtfg/ makes up 40% of board traffic thoughts?[View]
12062974>tfw you finally have a conservative /pol/ gf >she calls you a retard and gives you fuzzys …[View]
12058459the average male ejaculate is 2.5375 g (0.0025375kg). with me weighing 61.235kg, this would mean the…[View]
12058534>want to be a cutre girl >look like a fucking physics professor instead day 1/9999+ of wating…[View]
12056297Saw a porn vid of a mtf talking about what hormones did to there body and I got hella envious. I’ve …[View]
12064194Been a closet transgirl since like 12. I tried resisting the urge but when i got the chance, I would…[View]
12057627Assuming that you're bi and you also have a relationship with a person you really really should…[View]
12033089Why do so many MtFs become feminist activists after transitioning while most FtMs stay anti-male?[View]
12063182Y are u geh?[View]
12063314I tried to quit traps a few days ago, but real women are just not the same. It was like the sun didn…[View]
12055489How many people here are victims of sexual abuse or physical trauma from a parent/parents? Growing u…[View]
12063781Why do most fags look so ugly: Why is it that all fags who like me look like shit. The guy in this p…[View]
12063132/mtfg/ /twg/ male to female general: let's all be nice edition QOTT: who do you like most here?…[View]
12063912ugly niggers. yall better pass when i wake up[View]
12048972Is it possible for a transgirl to pull off being being a tomboy without looking like a regular boy?[View]
12059901> be ftm in pc and sj circles > get ripped apart by vindictive cis girls who secretly view you…[View]
12063681Polyamory: Any tips on polyamory relationships? Thank you guys!![View]
12061325How do we get 'her' to come out?[View]
12061444/Pol/lack here. I don't know how to ask this but I've accidentally discovered that my litt…[View]
12062807WHY ARE THERE SO FUCKING MANY: 90% of this board is trans and if not it's all we talk about 90%…[View]
12063665What level of lgbtqwerty+ is this?[View]
12063705Is this the most wholesome sissy hynpo video of all time?: https://xhamster.com/videos/the-sissy-who…[View]
12063162Is it wrong of me to want to take HRT so I can become a Femboy?[View]
12055129Is she the /lgbt/ approved tranny pornstar?[View]
12062754What are some AGP-core television shows / films? What are some HSTS-core television shows / films?[View]
11979588/big/ - Bisexual General: 'I'm perfectly normal' edition. Previous threads: >>11837215 an…[View]
12063244Advice? Talking?: I just wanted to make this post to ask what other gay men here around my age (19) …[View]
12058309Is it true that trans doctors will purposely put less effort into the SRS/FFS surgeries they preform…[View]
12062410Women of Warhammer Show Us Their Finest Work: We spoke to female fans about their passion for the ga…[View]
12063210why do you say every short man is a ftm tranny? I'M NOT A FUCKING TRANNY![View]
12013337/HRTGen/ HRT General 164: Morning Caffeine Fix Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medications an…[View]
12063148Any boys toys want a tranny? Hit me up, i'll do anything. OneLastSpock#5395[View]
12061311Your opinion on ((her))?[View]
12062323I want to be friends with Ksenia. She seems really intelligent. And no, I don't agree with ever…[View]
12054226haha: >painfully bored >blast up Grindr >some faggot twink invited me to his place >fuck…[View]
12058510>want to be fucked by some buff dude >sexually attracted to women, can't get off to men W…[View]
12057955Am I really Bi?: I have always thought certain guys were cute. I was raised ultra conservative, and …[View]
12058114How do I find other right-leaning lgbts? Pic related.[View]
12057337Why be polite to trans ?: 'Society doesn't exist' - Hontra 'lol what is society anyway? Define …[View]
12060246how common is crossdressing for trans people before they realise they're trans and actually sta…[View]
12058464>be me, chaser >meet really pretty and cute mtf on tinder >talk to her a bit and she says s…[View]
12059473turned down by lesbian: >be me >45 year old mtf >after a year of therapy decide to start hr…[View]
12062729LGBT i need your help: i asked advice and they missed the point. i meet a girl at the bar, she said …[View]
12054178I could almost swear I was ftm in my last life and have thus reincarnated as male look at this shit,…[View]
12045815Identity Defense model: What do you think of New Zealand transwoman Dr Terri C. Lomax's 'Identi…[View]
12059526/gaygen/ - Imagine the smell Edition: >>12056072[View]
12053357Trans Rights Activism is a cult. Change my mind.[View]
12061272Male gender fluid fag here: Ay I’m not sure if this is the best place to post seeing as there’s an i…[View]
12059899What would people's opinions on AGPs be if they had the same passing rate as HSTS trannies? Or …[View]
12057294Meta attraction is the purest form of love! AGPs should be proud of their newfound sexuality![View]
12057336How far along into transition were you: when you realized that AGP is a meme?[View]
12061742Sexual problems: I have this problem with getting aroused during sex and after I fuck anyone, I inst…[View]
12053485Do bisexual men exist? Pic related.[View]
12057877Nipples: Rank these nipples in order of hotness. Let's see /lgbt's taste in man tiddies.…[View]
12050759Why the fuck couldn't I have been born a girl? WHAT THE FUCKKKKK[View]
12061193eye changes on HRT: So while visiting my dad after being on HRT and living at a different address fo…[View]
12061379How do I find normal gay guys? Every gay guy i've ever met has been a hyper-normie that listens…[View]
12061693when i dildo my AGP-hole i get a tingly cute feeling. are you okay with that?[View]
12029609Tranny Job Thread: >What do you do for a career or what field are you trying to get into >What…[View]
12057945I am a homosexual and I will die of AIDS. I got infected from fucking random guys on Grindr. Do you…[View]
12061429lmao: >spend entirety of my younger yers thinking about having a dick, wanting to be a man, ect …[View]
12061182>be small skinny feminine Eastern European lesbo for years >realize I’m ftm and transition to …[View]
12057981I got a scholarship to study in Florence for a couple of years. I'm gay, Australian and have be…[View]
12056545>tfw your massive head offsets the size of your huge shoulders checkmate, bonefags.…[View]
12060710/mtfg/ male to female general: QOTT: What's your least favourite animal? • Kate's AGP/HSTS…[View]
12055711NSFW V SFW CLOWN WORLD DEBATE: >World politics >Wew this might trigger someone - NSFW >Lgbt…[View]
12060707Stalker: how do I deal with an irl stalker? This guy keeps ok coming to my work and asking me super …[View]
12060241Question to trans dudes: Cis bi dude here, but why do you some many of you dress like emo dykes ? T…[View]
12053327Do any of you non-passing trannies actually have a job or am I doomed to be stuck in boymode at my s…[View]
12056954News flash: Every “anti-trans” thread on this board, specifically anti-trans threads, are made by re…[View]
12060358Look at a picture of myself. Look like a trannie. But I look completely normal in a mirror.[View]
12055984Spot the tranner.[View]
12060280how to find safe play partner? scared of tinder / fetlife ive been bicurious for a while (only ever …[View]
12057016Where can I find cute traps to talk to[View]
12057388Tiddies: I didn't know this was possible. I'm 3-4 years HRT. My first breast growth was du…[View]
12058388I desperately want to be shorter. It's driving me fucking crazy. I have a baby face and I hones…[View]
12054830Nudity: Are you comfortable with nudity? Around lovers, friends, strangers? I'm split. Part of…[View]
12059818How do I learn to coyly flirt with everyone literally all the time but yet remain as chaste as a vir…[View]
12058897/mtfg/ Male To Female General: No drama edition QOTT: What's your favourite animal? • Kate…[View]
12053044Fagapore, I've integrated Sexuality: Heh heh, I have no friends and you're the only who se…[View]
12056072/gaygen/ - wholesome and comfy :) edition: old: >>12052179[View]
12057295Do AGP love their boyfriends?[View]
12055896Alright, i'm convinced. I've been living a lie all my life. Seeing so many people coming o…[View]
12056052Bi guys, have you ever been with a girl that sort of fetishizes or at least is into your bisexuality…[View]
12057115Any other trans people (MTF or FTM) ever think 'Oh, I obviously can't be trans, so I'…[View]
12048627Do chasers who look like this exist?[View]
12051488explain pic related in the context of gender dysphoria.[View]
12058906I’m not racist or anything but I think we should gas all the transbians[View]
12055476When will his egg crack?: https://youtu.be/Bo3lUw9GUJA >feminine looking long haired soiboi compu…[View]
12054955>tfw depression and dysphoria hit[View]
12054150You meet two women. They are in a relationship with each other. They are both cis and bisexual. You …[View]
12055448Why don’t MtFs like being hugboxed? It’s not very feminine to reject others trying to comfort you an…[View]
12051885>be straight ftm >dysphoric as fuck >dissasociate >masturbate to own body Is this AGP?…[View]
12049608Scarlett is my favourite trans gamer: What's your favourite trans gamer?[View]
12056755Redpill me on asexuality /lgbt/. Is this shit real?[View]
12057753Does anyone else feel like they were bullied into dysphoria. When I was younger people smelled the f…[View]
12057940egg: ex-eggs and eggs alike, what's some of the shit you've done/thought while in denial? …[View]
12040481How do early transitioners feel when late trans constantly talk about being “jealous” of them?[View]
12052798Do most shemales want to have their dick touched, played with or ignored during sex w a straight guy…[View]
12055585How do you cure a years-long obsession with someone (a MtF in this case) when all other basic techni…[View]
12057700trenders: >be me >18teenager comes out to you as having 'gender issues' Must_protect_smol_bean…[View]
12056639How will hons who are now in their 20s look like in 20 years?[View]
12057237ITT: When you first realized that you weren't straight.: I'll go ahead and start. >Be m…[View]
12054424how do you meet lgbt-accepting friends in real life?[View]
12056957THE GREAT HONBATE: Time to settle it once and for all: why do hons prefer the names Zoe and Alice to…[View]
12049897It is over.[View]
12043240What were some of your earliest signs of having gender dysphoria? Did it worsen as you grew more mas…[View]
12052404Why do so many mtfs fall for the marxist shit? Is it correlated with mental illness?[View]
12047673hope for heighthons: I thought I was 5'8' for a really long time, then I went to the doctor and…[View]
12040961I find it sad when people latch onto the AGP label. The whole thing is extremely poorly defined and …[View]
12047508The reason people hate mtfs is because they see them as men. Transmisogyny against mtfs=misandry. Th…[View]
12054145Is Grindr Worth It?: I'm a 19 year old boy, and I have the big gay, but I'm still a virgin…[View]
12054740seeing young girls makes me furiously envious, i feel horrible for staring since it would definitel…[View]
12055188As a Twitch streamer, do you tell your fans that you're a tranny or just not mention it for as …[View]
12057198Should transition be denied to those who won't transition well?: The entire purpose of transiti…[View]
12056388Bisexual Question: Anyone else have a really specific taste for one gender but a much wider pallet f…[View]
12054987What do I do ?: I'm 32 MTF , pretty far Into transition. I guess I pass ok , I haven't bee…[View]
12055597With hons now competing in female sports in the Olympics are we gonna see a major backlash of trans …[View]
12040052Sam Smith comes out as non-binary transgender: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/03/16/sam-smith-non-b…[View]
12056869There is nothing wrong with being gay: Haha nothing[View]
12055541You shall not pass![View]
12056130/mtfg/ The Diner edition: Take a seat, your server will be Alice. QOTT: If you go to a cute little d…[View]
12056689my bf came out as trans do i dump him? gayboy here[View]
12048825How hard is it to find love ?[View]
12051937The very existence of ex-gays proves that homosexuals are able to change, even if it's difficul…[View]
12056240Why did ftms destroy the world in 2012 and trap humanity in this bizarre simulation? Was it because …[View]
12054396My hair being long with bangs is enough to have strangers 'mistake' me as a woman. I haven't st…[View]
12049037Is it gay if I get aroused by the idea of being a gay bottom when I'm a straight guy? So like a…[View]
12047609Is the reason why transgirls want to be fuck by their dads so bad because it's the ultimate way…[View]
12044072/lgbt Icons.: Post ‘em Picrel.[View]
12055287I told my dad I was trans today. He looked at me sternly then went he went upstairs. After a few min…[View]
12052179/gaygen/: Kiermaier edition previous >>12047316[View]
12054550I'd really like a trampy bf. Someone I could sing and dance in the streets with. Trekking for m…[View]
12053034Opinions on this hon from Outlast 2? (Speaking as a chaser, I'd prefer if she had her dong)[View]
12053537CONTRAPOINTS: he was cute[View]
12053335>be me, tall, skinny, attractive mixed boy >join chasergen >ask for access to boy channel …[View]
12051262Why do ftms never rinse out their bowls after having oatmeal for breakfast, allowing it to harden to…[View]
12051456Why do ftm rappers always have lyrics like 'E'rrybody wanna be like me, dropped 2k last week on…[View]
12055245Should I use Grindr if I am straight and only like people who have penises if they are girls?[View]
12055500I don't know any kind of yaoi source, and I can barely sleep I need something to distract me, d…[View]
12055256To all the gays out there: Ever bang a 5 or below woman just to feel a little normal or to steer cow…[View]
12054921Wheres my handsome 5'2 ftm bf who lets me lay my head in his lap and plays with my hair telling…[View]
12055343I live in a place with roommates and sometimes I have urges to crossdress. I nearly got caught this…[View]
12051543Trip Songs: Well, so long as you guys like talking about trips, how about a trip music thread? What …[View]
12054394Question to FtMs who like MtFs: To FtMs who want a trans gf; would you like wiggling her pickle?…[View]
12055133>tfw no femboy bf who plows your ass in the sheets but acts like a girl in the streets…[View]
12053898Why do ftms always complain about having to use margarine instead of butter when I have them over fo…[View]
12054902What time do you usually visit 4chan? What time zone? Do you only browse through the top pages of th…[View]
12054976Transgenders aren't even real. They're just men/women in disguises. They're just too …[View]
12048403Is it possible to find a tranny gf that: >isn't into ageplay, incest, or scat/watersports/di…[View]
12054064>be me, demisexual >the only person I love in this world is my bf >people call me gay anywa…[View]
12053445>Get invited to christmas with family by a boy I fool around with sometimes >He ends up fighti…[View]
12049958How to socially transition when you have a job and have been working there for the last 3 years and …[View]
12053705How true is this?[View]
12054189why do trannies believe that with SRS they will pass?: Lots of trannies have srs before ffs and befo…[View]
12053740/mtfg/ - Trans Feminine General: Pizza Edition QOTT: What are you favorite pizza toppings • Kate…[View]
12049609Society is accepting of LGBT individuals IF they are attracted to post-pubertal and clearly aged fea…[View]
12050226Which online video game has the highest population of MtFs and femboys?[View]
12050018Question to GB cis manlets who have issue with own height. If you buy trousers that are too long, do…[View]
12054281How exactly do you find femboys irl?: Long story short is that I realized I'm not quite as stra…[View]
12053272Discord servers for mtf's: I'm bored. So much I feel ready for small talk. Help.[View]
12048635Michelle Catlin: What do you guys think of her?[View]
12048915I've been out as MtF transgender for several years, but I never went on horomones. I've be…[View]
12048691Bi male first time poster here. Can you guys give me any tips on how to find a cute trap gf? I live …[View]
12051397Is the name Kleo too trans sounding like Angelia, Stella and other shit like that?[View]
12004988Bad Day: Sigh... I suppose my voice still doesn't pass. No matter how helpful and sweet or rest…[View]
12053312bisexuals: *exist* The LGBT community:[View]
12033851Vice made a video on Contrapoints: Thoughts?[View]
12048351Know ive posted before but thoughts on my cross dressing.[View]
12052433Survey Thread: Post your: >Age >Race >Gender >Sexuality >Height >Weight >Hair C…[View]
12051461How am I supposed to live now that I doomed myself to hondom? I couldn't stand this crap as a m…[View]
12050741Can somebody please explain to me exactly what facial planes are, what it means for them to be 'expa…[View]
12053517Opinions on this hon from Outlast 2? (Speaking as a chaser, I'd prefer if she had her dong and …[View]
12048643Im worried for myself. I’m a 23 year old gay male and im single as ever. I seem very straight so its…[View]
12053306>tfw you get a whiff of that MtF stench[View]
12045604This is a straight man with a fetish. Straight autogynephilic men have no place in lgbt and should …[View]
12022589is it true that FFS won't make your face pass?: Has anyone had FFS here and feel their face doe…[View]
12053093>be trans >super homophobic dad >alcoholic/verbally abusive all my childhood >wouldn…[View]
12050311Let me tell you something, Anon. I'm an egalitarian. And I don't know how I feel about fem…[View]
12050069Is heterosexuality not a strong enough idealized faustian deal to make humanity ascend to godly heig…[View]
12029377/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: LOTR Edition Which fantasy race and class …[View]
12045630contra is so agp it hurts[View]
12052695Spiro apparently sucks?: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5944393/ This is only one stud…[View]
12052129uhhhh: If any transgirls out there need it i got a spare coochie, never used nor wanted, hmu, will t…[View]
12042714I am the coworker of carmen that gave him meth after he sucked my dick. AMA[View]
12051967I just met a bisexual woman who was disgusted by bisexual men. Most lesbians I know also seem to onl…[View]
12047898Since the term AGP is outdated and loaded with Blanchardian baggage I propose to replace it with PCI…[View]
12047316/gaygen/ - Our Ancestors Edition: Previously on /gaygen/... >>12041745[View]
12051225What percentage of masc are masc4masc and what are masc4fem?[View]
12051649How to find asexual bf or gf?: Everyone is so sex obsessed and I'm just not interested. It…[View]
12051641Why do I keep getting tranny thoughts? Maybe being a virgin damaged me.[View]
12047778We're too late. This entire board must be purged.[View]
12050074Why do ftms always cook their beef far overdone until it has no moisture, yet when they make a pizza…[View]
12051210Why do FtMs always tell me to clean my room and get a job? FUCK YOU DAD[View]
12049504Is being cute more important than passing 100%?[View]
12048928I already pass but will FFS make me prettier?[View]
12051194Is the extent to which transwomen get offended by things inversely proportional to how well they pas…[View]
12041303GBT anons, what drives you wild in members of the same biological sex? >fat bellies, especially w…[View]
12050449/mtfg/ Male To Female General: Anti-Hair Loss edition >QOTT #1: What supplements do you take/use …[View]
12050068How's everyone's Weekend been ?[View]
12048003Spot the trap.[View]
12047945why are all mtf's (and ftm's and nb's) so valid and adorable?[View]
12050570Bisexual Uprising when ?: We makeup the majority of the LGBT community yet we have to deal with filt…[View]
12045499Does anyone else keep making LGBT friends only to find that they believe in stuff like witchcraft, p…[View]
12050790Why Plastique Tiara Already Lost; Self Sabotage and Pop Culture: Drag Fan, come let me hear your opi…[View]
12042743Imagine having a goal competing in female sports. As unpopular in comparison to mens sports it'…[View]
12049204Should people who 'don't want to conform to passing culture' even be considered trans women?[View]
12049890I'm gay and have a thing for lesbians;: Would you let me fuck you?[View]
12002370/repgen/ - Detransition Edition: I started HRT at 20. It's been 2 years and I've only dete…[View]
12050371Based & Molester pilled: Why do religious conservatives simultaneously love to send their kids t…[View]
12041994Awareness Media & The Social Justice Crisis: https://twitter.com/infinaught/status/1106962764289…[View]
12046944You shall not pass![View]
12048728>Be the first person in family to go into higher education >Come out as bi > Where did we …[View]
12047312Why do FtMs lift at the gym all the time? Is it female socialization? Only females are this concerne…[View]
12050181Guys on Facebook who add you just to ask if you're single: >if you tell them you're tak…[View]
12050156Is wanting a strong bishonen bf with big arms AGP? Serious replies only.[View]
12047696>therapist called me a fashionhon because i wear sweatpants and a tshirt every day…[View]
12021093/ltg/ - Late Transition General: Coming out edition: A thread for people who started medically trans…[View]
12024726Do cis lesbians like trans girls?[View]
12049730How do you stop lusting after your friends GBT bros? One of mine scratches all of my itches and it…[View]
12049556First Threesome (MMM): Hi there, In a couple weeks I’m going to have my first threesome. It will als…[View]
11966377What is your most lewd sexual famtasy?: Hi /lgbt/, this is my first post so sorry if this looks very…[View]
12046029Chart thread: Its been a while since I have seen a chart thread here. Welp here is the template /lgb…[View]
12046034What is the best portable massager that stays in place walking/driving, hits all the right places an…[View]
12045919dear gay men and trannies,: did you know that male circumcision is better for womens health? welp, g…[View]
12022807How many transgirls here date other transgirls?: I'm at the point where I can't reasonably…[View]
12027822Who here cracked because of Faceapp?: I already knew I wanted to be a girl before I heard about it, …[View]
12047307I am officially 2 months on E: Just one more month and then the real fun begins[View]
12049018Ex-bisexual: >used to be bisexual >my first time was with a woman >dated 4 females and 7 …[View]
12046283Question for the L, G, B, T and those who don't spontaneously combust under harsh sunlight beca…[View]
12048359How do I explain it to a trans girl that the reason she makes me uncomfortable isn't because sh…[View]
12042339“AGPs are not trutrans” >picrel retweeted by Ray Blanchard >AGPs are the ones killing themselv…[View]
12043187Do FTMs still tend to see themselves as being highly at-risk of sexual violence from men after trans…[View]
12048752>biggest school bully bullies you in front of others/ obsessively talks shit about you but secret…[View]
12039459Is it possible to be gay/bi and hold far-right political views without being self-hating?[View]
12048393DR that there's GD and the feminization fetish, and the two exist independent of each other: th…[View]
12047697Fake lesbians: I'm a guy here and went to a My Favorite Murder event with my wife. The event wa…[View]
12047240LGB /T-girl positivity thread/: This is a thread for all members of the queer community who have a p…[View]
12042619Do trannies tranny because they think sucking dick as a man is gross?[View]
12041614/ftmg/ trans man general: Egg boi edition > resources: https://pastebin.com/gzYTPgak last thread:…[View]
12044356Does liking colorful cartoons count as an AGP behavior? Asking for a friend[View]
12048352This got posted on r/detrans Most threads there get ~8 comments. This one got 50+ It wasn't ex …[View]
12030809If someone says this is a male and intentionally uses he/him pronouns, is that as bad as a calling a…[View]
12048589Should I paused and think about these things I do? > Paint my nails > Wear earrings > Cross…[View]
12048844Relationship Problems: Thank you all so much for helping me understand myself and relationships. Now…[View]
12048500Let's be real, how many straight guys that are into pegging are really straight[View]
12048903Opinions on this hon from Outlast 2? (Speaking as a chaser, I'd prefer if she had her dong and …[View]
12042866Why are only married men into me? What can i do to attract not retarded single guys... i hooked up w…[View]
12048594Ls Gs and straight Ts - would you date a gender special [aka someone who thinks they are and aims at…[View]
12048812Alright anons, a scripthon in distress story time. >be me >knows how to brew and compound AA a…[View]
12048254Bi guys, have you ever been with a girl that sort of fetishizes or at least is into your bisexuality…[View]
12009101Straight men, do you find the idea of a cute femboy turning themselves into a girl for you appealing…[View]
12042841>trannies can look at this photo and sympathize, even defend, this monster…[View]
12045665What was it that caused the general public to basically immediately stop caring about gays and to st…[View]
12048384Wake Up, Darklings!: The sun is down and the moon is out! This is your reminder to do your best. …[View]
12048553Is it possible to be bi enough to fantasize about men and find them attractive but be iffy about wan…[View]
12048545Everyone who believes in Autogynephilia: read Moser. https://sci-hub .se/10.1080/00918369.2010.48624…[View]
12048435MtFemanon here How do i explain to my bf what AGP is that i am AGP[View]
12048344How can I experience a lezbian relationship when I'm a straight white femboi? I have skinny jea…[View]
12047956Advancements in technology: I'm curious anons. Are there any recent advancements in technology …[View]
12025090Does this hold true?[View]
12048315Opinions on this hon from Outlast 2? (Speaking as a chaser, I'd prefer if she had her dong)[View]
12044609Do trannies approve of violence?: Do trannies approve of the unlawful use of violence and intimidati…[View]
12040681What is the weirdest thing a guy has wanted to do with you sexually? My boyfriend thinks my belly bu…[View]
12047561/mtfg/ Male to Female General: saturday night is alright for fightin edition qott: how will you spen…[View]
12046550>choosing to having a hideous man face and man skeleton why would anyone do this…[View]
12047902I'm a 6'1', 200lb, dom bisexual cis Male and I want a mtf gf or a femboy bf.[View]
12042709Weird childhood sexual thoughts thread: Be me 8 years ago >be 11 >in middle school or smthn …[View]
12047459do socially successful men ever develop gender dysphoria, or is it only for the incel, anime-watchin…[View]
12047834I think I'm bi: I saw a gay thread on /gif/ and this guys big ass gave me a hard on. I seriousl…[View]
12044009>tell mom I'm gay >she said she's been suspicious for a while and was waiting for me…[View]
12041442Do you think your dad or brother masturbates while thinking about you?[View]
12043222I know being born a boy is considered shameful, but in a way isn't it beautiful that you could …[View]
12043391What do normal people think when they see a (visibly trans) transbian couple? Do you think it's…[View]
12047702Why do MTFs all wear purple beanies on a Tuesday when they go to visit their aunt at the local flowe…[View]
12046097Is being trans the new fashion?[View]
12040439Will straight men as a whole ever be comfortable with dating trans girls without the stigma of being…[View]
12041081Anyone else done with chasers and going transbian?: >meet hot chaser >talk all night and he w…[View]
12046584>finally start hrt >get more weed >take my skittles for the day >smoke some weed is ever…[View]
12046300All this stress and I'm back on cigarettes I guess: I went from cigarette smoker to vaper (good…[View]
12046435>boyfriend said my personality is so male he has a hard time seeing me as a girl Time to suicide.…[View]
12019900>Mfw my boomer age dad gatekept me from mtf transition because he thought I was a perverted fetis…[View]
12041745Gaygen: Image Edition: Let's try to hit the Image Limit this gen Old >>12034407[View]
12046588Why is there so much resentment towards early transitioners and passing tranners?[View]
12046128How do i get people to like me? everyone thinks i'm a faggot with mental issues when i just lik…[View]
12046867Why do MtF trannies smell so bad? I have never smelled that stale musk anywhere else.[View]
12046297Why do feminine gay men on 4chan hate straight MtFs, while irl straight MtF celebrities like Kim Pet…[View]
12046662Admit it. You watched a lot of anime and acquired autogynephelia.[View]
12046136/mtfg/ Male to Female General: alignment chart edition qott: do you want srs? • Kate's AGP/HSTS…[View]
12042333Why do mtfs eat a diet consisting of pizza rolls and chocolate milk and only poop every 4 to 5 days?…[View]
12041858Why do MtFs hate black women so much? I've encountered a lot of MtFs who despise and attack the…[View]
12044333Makeup boys: How do they DO THIS? they always manage to look fit while be feminine pic of brendan j…[View]
12046306I've come to make an announcement, Shadow the Hedgehog is a bitch ass motherfucker he pissed on…[View]
12046134Hey anons, I wanna do anal play, but have no dildos or lube or anything. I could find maybe one or t…[View]
12044540Why would anyone not like guys? Why would anyone not want to get fucked by cock? Serious question.[View]
12045151Why are FtMs always horny? Isn't it feminine to be a slut?[View]
12036440do you guys ever think your movement had more credence when it was just LGB?[View]
12045436Question to poly people: Human biology is naturally polyamorous. This is undeniable from the fact th…[View]
12042147I just found out my mom doesn't give my dad blowjobs. Is there a way I can use this to my advan…[View]
12024413I think I fucking broke myself. Cis female. I used to be able to.. I guess, enjoy dating and having …[View]
12028082You know how studies show that people spiral into post-op depression, because they lived thinking th…[View]
12021563Estrogen makes me boycrazy. Instead of using my time productively I keep thinking about boys and I c…[View]
12036856Damn this place turns me on: I love the trannies trying to convince AGP-ers that they are trans. It …[View]
12045488i need somewhere to vent i have nobody im sorry: i cant fucking take existing rn im stressed, parano…[View]
12029169L I want you to say something nice about transbians G I want you to say something nice about B B I w…[View]
12042552There is a lot of shit I could say about Ksenia but I think the thing that confuses me the most is w…[View]
12041087How do you trannies feel about being used?: How do you feel about the fact that Jews are using you a…[View]
12044355Howm'st the fuck do i know if i'm trans or not?: i had my dick sucked by some twink on gri…[View]
12045485My parents are Catholics and I am very afraid to tell them that I want to make the hormonal transiti…[View]
12044428First time back here in a few months. Here's something I made before the depression from stayin…[View]

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