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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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12520612Hey /tttt/ passing trans F here. How does lesbian courtship work? I'm at a complete loss here b…[View]
12520227>tfw you will never have a virgin catholic gingerboy bf >tfw you will never get to spend long …[View]
12519834Asian lesbians into white chicks?: How common is this? I want an asian GF but i'm a white lesbi…[View]
12515894Really mad at my bf: There's a guy I've been going out with since January. I'm 19, he…[View]
12519211/gaygen/ - picnic edition: previous thread: >>12517542[View]
12520399Why is there so much animosity towards 'breeders' here?[View]
12518083how do i fuck my gf?[View]
12512930childhood memories: trannies, do you have any childhood memories of subconciously 'knowing it…[View]
12514038Attempted suicide rate of transgenders in the west: 40% Attempted suicide rate of transgenders in th…[View]
12519292Tall FTM x short MTF is the superior form of relationship. Change my mind.[View]
12518992Grindr Tips: What are some tips for this fucking app. also this is my first time trying this.[View]
12514184Hon(k), Hon(k)[View]
12513000skin whiteners: Redpill me on skin whiteners I'm sick of being 1/4th black, it's not cute…[View]
12520294Freddy is based: Now I know why I liked Freddy more than shaggy in Scooby Doo[View]
12519898Sexual tension: What's the most sexual tension you've expirenced while in the closet?…[View]
12505761Ask a HON - T Damage Edition: Hello anons, long time no speak, I'm a hon, ask me anything you…[View]
12520115So why did you decide to become trans?: Give us stories and feelings related to the realization that…[View]
12517373Okay real talk, what do you think the landscape of our society is going to look like in 10-15 years …[View]
12520111i am super cute: honestly i think im gonna pass well into my 30s. I'm not a tranny but i absolu…[View]
12520011Gay categories: To be honest I don't know where I fit in. Am I a twink or am I regular? What…[View]
12520104Neo vegene: So girls, when are you getting your new fish vagina? https://youtu.be/9Tml-OB5XYA[View]
12519412t-tards and fags, how to stay safe during sex apart from condoms? should i look out for any abusive…[View]
12517905I feel like 'non binary' is just an excuse to boy mode.: My friend is a tranny, mtf, she took pills …[View]
12515595>be me >always imagine im the girl when i watch porn >gets me hard >want to suck dick …[View]
12519764How do you come to terms with the fact that you are a filthy disgusting faggot freak who isn't …[View]
12518741I am gay.: I do not wish harm on transgender women. I do not think of them as women. They are closet…[View]
12519897>Someone on the internet accuses me of typing like a woman >Lie about being MtF and thank them…[View]
12518521Is it possible to keep gynocomastia after loosing weight? Asking for a friend[View]
12519430I find myself jerking it to gay porn now. Usually it's comprised of doujins/hentai or 3D animat…[View]
12518529i crave cock so bad, but i dont want to meet some aids ridden guy on grindr and allow him to spread …[View]
12514987LGBT Pokemon?: Could Pokemon surprise us with LGBT Pokemon? New play dynamics with attract moves, br…[View]
12517730Hey everyone so I've been talking with this super hot dude, so hot I thought he was a catfish t…[View]
12515056When will they learn?[View]
12512506Help me skeletons of /tttt/ I'm too fat to pass for anything as a fridge bod, I want to fast an…[View]
12519738I feel I'm not attracted to men per se, but I enjoy gay sex: I love both giving and receiving b…[View]
12519723>When you realize this place is Emily Just wait Rachel.[View]
12519609>currently 19, female, bi >hated being a girl when i was 12 >hated uncomfortable, tight, sc…[View]
12510765I hate my life, I have literally never had friends I have really bad anxiety I’m a disgusting hon …[View]
12509749>ftm has sex with a woman Repressed lesbian >ftm has sex with a man Predatory yaoi uwu What th…[View]
12481303The Doctor Is In: I'm back bitches. same as last night, you tell me your problems, I talk to yo…[View]
12511460can any trans women actually pass? i've never seen one? can anyone post a video or gif of a pas…[View]
12477440/c-ftmg/ cis trans man general: New version of /ftmg/ for ONLY cis ftms. Rules: please ignore the re…[View]
12517472Can someone explain cross dressers to me?: Are they guys who just like to LARP as girls or are they …[View]
12519030how do i get a best friend gf like this as a passing tomboy transbian?[View]
12514639Do your parents accept you for being LGBT?: Hello everyone. I am currently writing a research paper,…[View]
12517885God, seeing happy passing transgirls makes me so incredibly depressed. Why did I think repressing wa…[View]
12517542/gaygen/ Gay General: before: >>12514387 smoke weed (almost) every day man https://www.youtube…[View]
12515888Humans haven't evolved to be monogamous. It's entirely a social construct. Every 'argument…[View]
12519090>uh wait that's true? ummmm uhh well I'm not an expert but my trans friends tell me....…[View]
12518137/mtfg/ male to female general: Barbarian edition QOTT: What is best in life? • How to navigate starb…[View]
12517590Chaser Talk: Orchiectomy: Okay so I'm trying to get chasers' opinions on orchiectomies. I…[View]
125155812 months after ffs update: What do you think of the results? unfortunately the fat grafts i got on m…[View]
12513464My therapist is making me girl mode and idk if I'm ready yet. I've only been on hormones f…[View]
12515455Trans kids: Do you know cases of trans kid who when under treatment since they were a childs? Especi…[View]
12483932Chart thread: Time for a chart thread[View]
12515051just some banter: tell me, how was your day today? What did you do that you're really proud of?…[View]
12516859Are all trannies lonely? I myself am a tranny and don’t have anyone, even on the internet.[View]
12511172LGBT Pride: I'm well aware of all of the /pol/ style 'Reeee degenerates' arguments But have any…[View]
12510237What are the etiquettes of casual sex/friends with benefits?: So on Wednesday I hooked up with a guy…[View]
12511736Are you fighting for abortion rights? https://archive.today/2019.05.19-154921/https://www.them.us/st…[View]
12512549Can you end up more masculine from estrogen??: What happened here??? They look so much better on the…[View]
12518450>when you're bisexual it's a choice >there are people who choose other than a tradit…[View]
12518381>doctor in 20s/30s germany had a better view of trans people than pretty much any doctor now what…[View]
12516928>tfw a TERF made this absolute banger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFUIZfyIbxk[View]
12513508How can I destroy/crack/crush my balls to make them incapable of producing testosterone the easiest …[View]
12517559Why can't I quit hrt?: Every time I decide to quit hrt I see a balding beer gutted hairy man ou…[View]
12517864How do I tell my transgf that I want her to dutch oven me?[View]
125153082 years ago, a transgirl who was a good friend of mine texted me her feelings, at that point in time…[View]
12517114Any self hating hon wanna form a friendship in which we make self depreciating jokes about ourselves…[View]
12517393>Tfw not an ftm chad[View]
12516750Having GCS in 6 hours AMA: GCS in six hours, currently on nil per os.[View]
12502721Why are you gay?[View]
12488621How many lonely gay guys do you think will send him fan mail? Nikolas Cruz has hoards of fangirls (s…[View]
12517532Is converting straight guys possible or is it just an urban myth?[View]
12514387/gaygen/ - /gaygen/ on the left edition: old: >>12512694[View]
12517057Most gay men don't exist. They are bisexual men who took the easy way: Prove me wrong.[View]
12513925My high school glowup. Gained 20 lbs between junior and senior year but it worked out.[View]
12515145Help: How do you know that is time to break up with your boyfriend (we're gay) even you still f…[View]
12510983Should I come out to people as bi (mostly straight) guy?: Serious question.[View]
12512195Is it gay of me to date another guy if he has a vagina? I think he has one.[View]
12517233>Imagine if I lived my life to please my peers, I'd be dead https://youtu.be/sBKu3fK4P9k?t=6…[View]
12516542how to cum from anal: I have not ejaculated for 2 weeks, havent even touched it for 2 weeks, I'…[View]
12513548Is getting an escort greasy? Asking for a friend.[View]
12512108Most self styled gays are not exclusively gay: >Are you a gay male ? >Do you occasionally watc…[View]
12516847Why are bottoms so stubborn?[View]
12515391Came out as bi but have gf: So I concluded that I am most certainly bi (or at the least I’ve confirm…[View]
12499990Hey. How do you transition from being a skinny guy to a plus size woman. I have always wanted to be …[View]
12509041>surgeon says my horsecock is too fucking big for SRS >says the amount of blood it contains wo…[View]
12513726A sexpat's preceptive on transwomen in Thailand: The deal for men. The deal for ladyboys https:…[View]
12516890Transgenda: Are all U.S. Democratic politicians compromised by the trans agenda, as promoted by WPAT…[View]
12509574would you marry a /pol/lack if he promises to pat your head every day?[View]
12506632I'm not cis so it doesnt even matter any more: >6mo HRT >its setting in that i will alway…[View]
12515840I'm a white guy. What do Asian guys look for in a white? How high are there standards for looks…[View]
12504583We're you ever on the way to becoming generic SJW trash? What stopped you?[View]
12513692I have a terrible, overwhelming crush on my straight co-worker. I cannot think of anything else and …[View]
12516384FTM subjects: Why do FTM expect to not be treated like objects? You're literally seeking after …[View]
12516260What is a woman?: When a mtf says they identify as a woman, what are they identifying with? Do women…[View]
12516391Routine PSA: Sometimes when I'm upset, I go and enact to others what I wish someone would do fo…[View]
12498968/femgen/ - kink edition: thread for feminine people who identify as male. >what counts traps, fem…[View]
12516047Is there a test I can take to determine if I'm a lesbian or not? I like cute anime girls and tr…[View]
12515939Is a woman who has removed her penis off more valid than a woman who still has her penis?[View]
12516068Why do I want to be the daughter?[View]
12515946how do i know if im really trans?[View]
12512478When does one stops being a youngshit? when does late transition begins?[View]
12512786God-Tier Transitions: Only the best![View]
12513772The boy who I love and support in nearly everything, wants to do something I really can't suppo…[View]
12513338Why: Why put yourself through this Read pic[View]
12513211Me the 230 pound, prehrt 32 year old mtf in a nightie with hairy manboobs poking through while paint…[View]
12510173Why do ppl lie about passing when literally no man can footpass as a woman?[View]
12511529Bis aren’t faithful. Discuss.[View]
12515757>>12489114 Made new terms for bisexual women. Damme Bi - A bi woman (or nb) who subverts socie…[View]
12504537/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Dany Rapes Sansa Edition You're next.…[View]
12513136I want to fucking die already: 4 years on hrt already with ffs and still cant pass no matter how muc…[View]
12515647Rant post from a cis dude In case you mtfs all ever wondered why if it's difficult to date us b…[View]
12511866How do I get a cute tranner twink boyfriend?[View]
12515273Can't tell what my sexuality is help.: I love men. Day and night love dick. Love man ass. Want …[View]
12513194is Masochistic Emasculation Fetishism a valid reason to transition?[View]
12515633If your pardner has a diddly get in here!: gay, straight, bi, trans whatever what are some of your f…[View]
12515430Wholesome chat thread!: Ask a gay bicurious bear any thing! (Long as it's not too sexual. And n…[View]
12505151>be straight crossdressing boy >take HRT to look cuter >now i cant cum and my orgasms are v…[View]
12515398i fucking love trannies, especially their cocks, but i would prefer if they didnt exist so that i co…[View]
12501485Let’s discuss. Who’s “valid”, and who isn’t?[View]
12507904What’s it like: For those of you who have had girlfriends and boyfriends, what is the experience lik…[View]
12508644After multiple years, how much could HRT affect my face?: After multiple years (Let's say five …[View]
12514013I'm sorry but is it normal for transgenders to hate their family when they don't unconditi…[View]
12509636when u see 'would a tranny marry a strong masculine /pol/ chad like me' threads: always remember tha…[View]
12505926Anons help, all I want is a cute bear bf. Preferably close to my age (early 20’s), full beard, firm …[View]
12511670Why are transgirls so alluring? The ones which pass decently are like goddesses, how do you get rid …[View]
12514992So lately I've been really confused about my sexuality. So recently my roommate has been acting…[View]
12509474/cbg/ - Cis Bi General: Travel Edition Previous Thread: >>12467356 Thread Q: Where is /cbg/ tr…[View]
12509787>In a survey of over 1,000 women, conducted by Glamour in 2016, 63% of women said they wouldn’t d…[View]
12509884'Stages' of HRT: What are the 'stages' of HRT? Like, what would someone expect during each year of H…[View]
12507703How do you cope with being a fucking faggot freak who isn't attracted to men?[View]
12513560Radical Feminist limitations, sex/gender, and class: With radical feminism gaining popularity, what …[View]
12477189Do you hate cis gender straight white boys for supporting policies that marginalise you and keep you…[View]
12508104why the fuck am i so mad right now girls aren't supposed to get this fucking mad over nothing i…[View]
12506985Are there any other gay Asians on /lgbt/?: What kinds of guys do you prefer- race, body, etc Are you…[View]
12514256hey everyone, I'm in an odd situation. When I started HRT I knew that my penis would decrease i…[View]
12514275/MTFG/ leave cherry alone: im trying to manifest suicidal ideation right now leave me alone • How t…[View]
1251131710 months hrt with 6mg Estradiol and 600mg spiro, also added progesterone a month ago, I have a test…[View]
12514943TERFs are AFAB AGPs, just no one will prescribe them estrogen and T blockers so they can be real wom…[View]
12514752>used to think chasers were a silly meme >never actually took them seriously when people broug…[View]
12514451>be gay >fuck a tranny[View]
12482275voice thread: drop a clip and we'll try to guess your letter you know the rules, reply to the o…[View]
12512722I know I'm not the first and only hon to ever exist but I legitimately don't know how the …[View]
12506639>be unpassing hideous boymoder >see a hon thread >post in it thinking ill be amongst peopl…[View]
12513724Understanding Straight Men Who Have Sex with Men: 'For straight men who have sex with men, same-sex …[View]
12496525/ssbbgen/: Soft skinned boobie boy general Boymoders, how's life going? Ever plan on exiting b…[View]
12510170/lgbt/ humor thread[View]
12513937I ended up having sex with the girl who constantly bullies my trans gf. Before you call me a piece o…[View]
12512380Daily reminder that the 'only girls can be bi' meme is female privilege[View]
12511442>your 19 year old protege shills somebody else's fraud pills instead of yours >ruin his l…[View]
12513293Planning to create a libertarian/anti-sjw raw black metal/crustgrind/noisecore project consisting of…[View]
12514401Chill tranny discords: Hmu with those tranny discords senpai[View]
12512694/gaygen/ edition: the one before this one >>12509469[View]
12513818>you're really attractive and I want to have sex with you but I'm gay so I can't…[View]
12513860This is a heterosexual couple to most people. One has XX chromosomes, one has XY chromosomes.[View]
12513663What's your dream bf like?[View]
12512065Born male, identity as male, transition to male.[View]
12513743Is there any Dating app (for Men) where you won't be flooded with degenerates and bots? That…[View]
12513383If you like women and dick, but not men, can you be straight?: Asking for a friend.[View]
12512516My crush said I was 'super rapeable' today. Should I be concerned or excited?[View]
12500790Remove G[View]
12502700I need hair transplant but...: Had hairline lowering but I still need to make my hairline rounder at…[View]
12511915haha isn't it weird how 99.99% of transbians watch moe anime / have watched moe anime in their …[View]
12510257Bulge general: Transgirls tell me your thoughts regarding bulges and bulge management. “Customer se…[View]
12512201Explain Anal Sex to me, please: Please, explain anal sex to me. I am a gay man, who really wants to …[View]
12502992Bangs: Do bangs make you look younger? More feminine?[View]
12511122How do you reconcile with the fact that you'll never be a normal girl?[View]
12516007Is this face salvageable for passing as a female?: About to be seventeen, finished puberty, and I am…[View]
12507685Have you ever just thought about the one event that made you realise you were gay? Like which point …[View]
12500196Equality Act: >House passes Equality Act which would add LGBTQ individuals to the Civil Rights Ac…[View]
12511811I'm writing a short film and in it there is a character who is a teenage pre-surgery trans boy.…[View]
12500814what's the point of being a tranny when no one will accept you and your gender they might not …[View]
12506678Fuck sake: Trying to talk to people, but as soon as they find out I'm gay they want a 'Gay best…[View]
12512411>TL;DR self hating homo wants help to embrace the homo. How do you come to terms of being LGBT? I…[View]
12507510Cute boy general: ITT pics of cute boys Fictional or not Personally I think Doppio is my favourite. …[View]
12512727/memequeens/ - Original Thread[View]
12504482Is it gay getting your muscular ass licked by a trap and cumming hands free from it, your knees and …[View]
12512665Pro LGBT.5 here I will fight vehemently for yohr rights, ftm yall are alright Mtf can Fuck right off…[View]
12512356i admit it, 3 years hrt and im coming to terms with myself, i want to transition into a girl because…[View]
12512631how to deal with realizing you're gay?: I call myself a bi bottom (with a mental expectation of…[View]
12512589Shoulder devils: Do you enjoy my edit? thank you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3[View]
12512463When a grill won't give you a prostate orgasm.[View]
12504539How long until the public accepts the existence of femboys and traps (as in, guys that totally look …[View]
12511066por favor senor. they tell me you no like women what can i do to convince you otherwise?[View]
12508187Can asexuals watch porn?[View]
12511992It almost feels like I have two personalities struggling for dominance. I'm a 22yo CS student a…[View]
12509469cis /gaygen/ - jesus was a bottom: last - >>12507786[View]
12510067Do I pass?[View]
12512376hey my levels are 350pg/ml on estradiol patches. I am on 6.5mg/d cpa. My T has been around 15ng/dl, …[View]
12503192How do I get people to respect me as a guy?: I'm a very feminine boy, I get mistaken for a girl…[View]
12504781everyone here is a feminine male or a trans person. what fucc?[View]
12512135>not trans or gay >have been posting on this board for 5+ years Im so out of place…[View]
12509555Anonymous: help i'm a femme girl who likes femme girls but only butches like me hElP mE[View]
12511695Jeffree Star deletes dozens of suggestive tweets sent to 17-year-old fan amid scandal.: James Charle…[View]
12504298Mtf here.. why is my cute bitcoin millionare bf OBSESSED with my poo? i thought i met the perfect on…[View]
12508125Will getting a gf or bf alleviate my dysphoria?[View]
12511697How many genders are there?: - There are only 2. You are retarded if you think there are more than 2…[View]
12512021Can HRT prevent this?[View]
12507147Im fucked: Family found out I'm gay Family hates gays Extended family now know. Wat do? Heard …[View]
12511447>have to accept that I will always be alone No guy would date me, let alone one nearby. My person…[View]
12510965Is Surrogacy Cucking?: I feel like surrogacy is cucking and an insult of the highest tier. Am I the …[View]
12505083>'Bullying is fucked up man'[View]
12498837Why the fuck are trannies so slutty? I'm straight but when I see a tranny slutting out online a…[View]
12510411Why are the public opposed to teenagers starting their transition early when nearly most trans perso…[View]
12511819Why do non-binaries do this?[View]
12511802welcome to /lgbt/ kate edition[View]
12511351I'm a bit hungover so I'm edging in bed and I need material...what I want is to hear the w…[View]
12510421How do I get gf?[View]
12511288I no longer want to be a girl.[View]
12510806/mtfg/ male to female general: Make eachother happy edition QOTT: What is something that makes you h…[View]
12510619Regret: What's the one thing you regret most up until this point? Plenty of people might say th…[View]
12509763Marks on legs: Does anyone know what these marks are? I am seeing a guy who has them on his legs. Ar…[View]
12509426>be me >22 >been on HRT for over 4 years >been passing living fulltime for 3 >go to m…[View]
12505872I'm AGP. so WHAT? I'm still trans and my experiences and feelings are just as valid.[View]
12509034Can a boymoder be like picrel?[View]
12505588why do I look like a snacc in the mirror but like a goblin in all the photos I take???[View]
12507097Prove me wrong, homosexual relationships are better than heterosexual ones due to the lack of gender…[View]
12507601How do I know I have gender dysphoria and if transitioning will be good for me long term? I’ve been…[View]
12504068Imagine your dead feminine penis suddenly rising up and getting hard when you shoot thick titty juic…[View]
12505010I'm currently lasering my beard off but the results are slow. Is there any way to hide the shad…[View]
12501487Straight Bisexuals: Anyone else bisexual but still chose to not have sex with men?[View]
12506882Add W to LGBTTQQIAAP: Can we add a W (white) to the LGBTTQQIAAP. There are too many letters, and we …[View]
12503599We all hate each others fucking guts correct. ?[View]
12504669Sometimes I daydream about being a girl but I dont really feel dysphoria. I just sigh in awe when I …[View]
12506260Every time I see someone post 'gender is fake' on Facebook I die a little more inside knowing I…[View]
12508123When is she going to admit she is trans. I absolutely refuse to believe someone would keep doing thi…[View]
12498317>pic rel Anyone have this experience? It happens to me very often, wondering how/if I can fix it.…[View]
12507497Passing transwomen are still biologically male: No amount of hormones, surgeries, and hugboxing chan…[View]
12508397is this a male or female? asking for anon[View]
12505555>tfw feel disgusted that i want to be a trad housewife with a husband and kids yet no matter how …[View]
12510369Should I start HRT to avoid going bald even if I'm not a tranny? Will HRT give me mantits? What…[View]
12508076I [M] like big tits, but I'm repulsed by both vaginas and penises: What the fuck am I? I can ge…[View]
12505046I tried to masturbate to gay porn but I always end up changing to hetero porn: I [M] mostly fap to w…[View]
12508786Looking for a femboy bestfriend [DISCORD]: Leave your discord in the comments and ill be messaging y…[View]
125075844 months on estrogen and still growing facial hair: It barely even slowed down! I dont even fucking …[View]
12510032What happens if you stop dilating after SRS?[View]
12504148Can anyone explain what make sissy boys so attractive? Because if you really think of this, women ar…[View]
12489252/passgen/: /passgen/ pout edition[View]
12507970Is it possible for me to get a boyfriend if I have niche fetishes? t. Homo[View]
12510129Remember you need to be 18 to posts.[View]
12508685I've met a lot of guys who are straight, as in they have gfs and everything but are only bi for…[View]
12497710My boyfriend bought a handgun yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it. He snuck a package …[View]
12506684>anon, you know I love you right? >yeah love ya too >well... I was kind of thinking about g…[View]
12505074Is it wrong that I want to start a new life and just become the queen I know I am. I hate feeling li…[View]
12503773>tfw mother found the AGP drawer It was literally just leggings, panties, jeans I made into shor…[View]
12505280I have a trans gf who apparently passes quite poorly. I show her off to my friends without mentionin…[View]
12500648Do youngshits respect repressors?: I feel like repressors like me do much more for youngshits than a…[View]
12497509How not to break down crying when i look at myself in the mirror? It's been hard even putting o…[View]
12507786/gaygen/ - cat edition because dogs suck: old >>12505483[View]
12505378Is it AGP or HSTS if you would only transition if you knew you'd be an attractive woman (to str…[View]
12509269The Crying Game: Thoughts?: What's your thoughts on it?[View]
12509119Envy: Vent to me, tell me of your envy. What have you laid your eyes upon recently? I don't go …[View]
12506459I just can't fucking believe that all these disgusting TIM transactivists and their libfem alli…[View]
12507090>had male hairline at 15 >some people start hrt in their late 20s and still have female hairli…[View]
12501978Which #s can FFS fix? Is 50<x≤95-th percentile female range acceptable if I'm 175cm (5'…[View]
12504991anyone knows any /tranny/ discords? im a transgirl and i wanted to join one or another, i wanna make…[View]
12501641Everyone wants to be a trap these days but very few actually are.: But you won't read that here…[View]
12505483/gaygen/ - gold star edition: Previous >>12503528[View]
12507503Am I an asshole for fucking my ex-gf's sister after breaking up with her and ruining their rela…[View]
12499182h-how do i stop lusting after cock?[View]
12508258Why is it so easy to get fucked but so hard to find a bf? Everyone just uses me as a booty call and …[View]
12508512Is the best definition of a woman rather or not you post your chest on a blue board and if you get b…[View]
12504546I can look like this in my 30's if I just throw enough money at surgery right?[View]
12505065I want to transition (ftm) but I also have fantasies of being a cute traditional wife living in a fo…[View]
12508402>met my cisles coworker's gf They looked so cute and lovey dovey. I will never have that. Wh…[View]
12507909Being gay in the current year seems like living life on easymode. >gay marriage is legal >if y…[View]
12507003/mtfg/ estrogenized incel males+ a handful of transwomen: What’s wrong with you edition QOTT: Whats …[View]
12505371OK, how can I get into a threesum with a femboi and a girl? Girl will be bottom while me and femboi …[View]
12506962What am I even meant to do if I'm agp?: >transitioning makes me a faketrans hon who everyone…[View]
12498068>I p-promise anon, transwomen are completely normal![View]
12503888How does the bi-cycle work?: Yo so I tend to switch between being 100% straight and 100% gay, why do…[View]
12507748Does anyone else have expanded facial planes? Serious question. I have several clocky features but …[View]
12507614>the cute person at the mall will never spit on your face how can I live anons share your feels …[View]
12505125Realization: Once I started to stop worrying about my sexuality and not having a boyfriend, and inst…[View]
12506608Friendly reminder that it's always been flaming AMAB androphiles who have been on the frontline…[View]
12503311>mfw every time some idiot makes a new how-to-chase-trans-girls thread Tranny chasers are literal…[View]
12502502>attracted to woman but disgusted by vaginas >not attracted to men but lust for cock I'm …[View]
12507327How do you deal with internalized homophobia? I’m a bi female but I’ve always leaned heavily towards…[View]
12497227Tell us how you flunked out of boyhood, anon[View]
12499904Taiwan Legalizes Gay Marriage: Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legally recognize gay marriag…[View]
12506805The Gay Eyes: Is it a thing? Pic related[View]
12506673Congratulations!: Congratulations to our recent graduates. Post your letter and what diploma you…[View]
12503513Gender inclusive restrooms. What happens if a cisgender female is using it and a cisgender male ente…[View]
12505850How long can I be off Hrt?: The pharmacy is taking forever and its been like a week, and they still …[View]
12494662Hi /lgbt/. Just got back from a bad grindr hookup's place and I feel gross. >Be me, 24 y/o c…[View]
12501860Why do so many traps have swimsuit tans?[View]
12505194How do I stop having a panic attack every time I give myself an injection?[View]
12506584Withdrawals: What are estrogen withdrawals like? What are testosterone withdrawals like? My anti-dep…[View]
12503070What is this square shape almost every trap has on their stomach?[View]
12498362How do I keep and stop having feelings for my bestfriend who's transitioning? She just keeps ge…[View]
12505234Wew lad[View]
12491924>tfw no gf, gf (male), bf (female), or bf[View]
12500666Asians transsexuals pass completely: Pic related is an Asian transsexual who passes amazingly well. …[View]
12505756>mtf >takes biacromial and bideltoid shoulder measurements >puts into database What What d…[View]
12502833Which one do you prefer and why? L, G, or B?[View]
12502787>be me >raised christian >conservative family >latch onto the idea that being gay is a c…[View]
12504397is she a trans icon?[View]
12504572If you're attracted to males which look as estrogenized as pic related and sound like this http…[View]
12500181Do any of them pass?[View]
12498033>don't repress my attraction to the same sex, become a practicing homosexual >go to Hell …[View]
12499347Is it cute for a femboy to have a small penis[View]
12504520Repressing Hard: I'm obviously transgender. Like very obviously. Dysphoria kicks my ass almost …[View]
12503196m: everybody at my school is hella homophobic so everyone who's gay is scared to come out.…[View]
12500211FTM appreciation thread: This is a thread for anyone not ftm that also appreciates them. my ftm fri…[View]
12501006No wonder the LGBT isn't taken seriously anymore: Look at all those 'identities' who are mostly…[View]
12503277Say there was a magic pill that would allow you to completely change your sex and become a biologica…[View]
12500685>Desire to be a girl vanishes during masturbation >Desire to be a girl comes back after mastur…[View]
12505521Have anyone here tried pick-up artistry?: http://www.pickupguide.com/layguide/catwoman.htm…[View]
12505515>hsts arent fetish-[View]
12502018Why cant I find a femboy to cuddle? I'm a 6'2', 200lbs cis bisexual male[View]
12503528Gaygen-Whatever Edition: old >>12501820[View]
12505385I want to start HRT to prevent hairloss, but I don't want boobs. What are my options?[View]
12483296Regret General: I think I made the wrong decision[View]
12503051the time I asked my male crush out: >be 14 >be bi guy >after a week of preparations I final…[View]
12504521How did he pull off masculinity so well?[View]
12467043/HRTGen/ HRT General 176: Desperately Looking for My Next Cypro Fix Edition: >Help, advice, guida…[View]
12502903If you're a think top, could you get a think bottom?[View]
12504678Regarding the Neil wanting a straight badge: Neil is actually a gay man living in the Manchester are…[View]
12504062AAP mtf boymoder: >mfw boymoding has unironically given me an AAP yaoi fetish…[View]
12502754Boymoding only for family?: Anyone here m2f but hiding it from your family? Advice needed, I live on…[View]
12502197You can be 'AGP' and not 'trans' Just saying...[View]
12496160Can a tranny ever be thicc? Most trannies I've seen are rail thin or full of silicone. Are ther…[View]
12504075>in the 50s most people just thought of tranners as weird curiosities and marvels of medical scie…[View]
12472355Are there men out there that actually want to settle down and build a life with a tranny?[View]
12498690>'straight' man >Will let me suck their dicks until their knees are weak Every time…[View]
12495914how did you meet your SO /lgbt/?[View]
12504685You shall not pass![View]
12504456How do you feel about freshly shaven men, /lbgt/? Hot or not?[View]
12502582>Clock trans woman in public >Undress her in my imagination >She surprises me with her girl…[View]
12489900Post your gay crushes[View]
12503544Holy shit just tried out the new shitchat gender filter and stared at it for like half an hour, my p…[View]
12500030i'm not gay but this kinda turns me on[View]
12502742/mtfg/ crossdresser +transfeminine general: What is a woman edition QOTT: Why are you a woman? >n…[View]
12503558Am I good looking?[View]
12499047>Brother is homophobic >When I'm 14, he finds out I'm gay >Tells me exactly what …[View]
12503905If I'm straight but wouldn't mind having sex with a man due to horniness, am I bi?: Though…[View]
12492881I genuinely don't know if i'm okay or not. I realized in december that i can't stand …[View]
12503957Why cant I be happy with myself. I'm always second guessing myself with my gender and sexuality…[View]
12503996So, is NYC where you guys dream of living?: So, is NYC where you guys dream of living? It seems to b…[View]
12476567This is a thread for repressors to wallow in misery. Also post invites to repression discord(s) if …[View]
12495102>tfw gone from gay leaning bi bottom 'but hetero romantic' to gay leaning bi bottom and into both…[View]
12502962If you sexy top but have a small jaw could you get a cute bottom with a nice jaw?[View]
12503769Downloaded Grindr again: Why can’t I find love?[View]
12503866If I'm gay but wouldn't mind having sex with a woman due to horniness, am I bi?: Thoughts?…[View]
12502451If homosexuality WAS triggered from past experiences or trauma, what would be your reason?[View]
12503604Is onlyafro an egg?[View]
12503055Why is it so hard to find yourself attractive?[View]
12496204Head on his chest: something you guys will never experience: Women lay their heads on a man’s chest.…[View]
12499878What's a good MMO to make a female make a female character and train your girl voice? I knew of…[View]
12494920>mom, why does that guy over there look like a girl?[View]
12502718how to hrt: stuck living at home for the next 2 months but really badly need her where can i get it …[View]
12499761What does it mean if you get off to girls telling you how much of a faggot you are, how you should j…[View]
12499917I’m Conflicted: Can someone either lure me into posting a picture to get ratings or talk me out of i…[View]
12503017THIS IS A FACT: if you accept the existence of intersex people, and you accept that men and women ha…[View]
12502244'Trap' is just a word that anime poisoned people use to cope with the mental load of the concept of …[View]
12501820/gaygen/ - sonic edition: Previous >>12500295[View]
12502841>still a month before hormones arrive AAAAAAAA, how do I cope?[View]
12503275what does it mean if i'm aroused by women but am disgusted by the idea of having sex with a wom…[View]
12497952gaining weight makes you look more feminine: I gained like 20 lbs this year and I look much much mor…[View]
12495705Peak AGP moments thread: >be AGP computer science student living as fulltime grille >on campus…[View]
12499020Femboy or tranny?: At which point does a femboy turn into a tranny /lgbt/? When he starts hrt? We he…[View]
12487968/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Death To Our Enemies Edition Post yfw when…[View]
12502983are femboys enbies? why yes? why not?[View]
12502941FFXIV is the most AGP MMORPG Disprove otherwise. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/…[View]
12502771Did people invent the delusion of transgenderism because they think it's not okay to cross dres…[View]
12502272Relate?: I’m a super distressed repressor / questioner or whatever but my mind is constantly shiftin…[View]
12500724Love: Have you ever been in love? Are LGBT people even capable of love or is it just for Heterosexu…[View]
12501415Why is fucking people on grindr so much easier than tindr.[View]
12502717Why do girls think tall men are all masculine? I'm 6 foot & I cry at sad stories and someti…[View]
12493199Fucking a FTM isn't gay because they are just flat women[View]
12501488someone explains to me why ffs is 37 years old and no upgrade has been implemented. No new methodolo…[View]
12496356do you respect chris chan's gender identity?[View]
12502498Gay: This is a thread for gay shit. Gay to be gay, to be gay. Gay.[View]
12502605My life story, would like advice anons.: My name is Pixthony Elmer. I'm 17 years old. I live in…[View]
12498495If I *can* fap to gay porn, am I gay?: Thoughts?[View]
12496842Based on personality alone which animals embody which tripfag to a t? Would the result make anyone m…[View]
12501023In the Heritage Foundation videos about 'transgender ideology' Walt Hayer, a straight white male fun…[View]
12501916>be me, mtf trans >decide to check out sissy hypno videos, just to see what the meme is about …[View]
12501687Is there a gay version of Blacked.com: Is there a gay version of Blacked.com as in not just BBC fuck…[View]
12502036Marriage: Do you plan on getting married in the future, /lgbt/? I've met many on this board who…[View]
12501421Why do people blame SRS? SRS is not the problem!: Head size is the biggest clocking factor. We saw a…[View]
12501094where can i buy cute, trappy lingerie and clothes to be an e-thot in? i only have street clothes tha…[View]
12501408Can straight trans women successfully use tinder?[View]
12502223>Be me >Come to the conclusion that I'm bisexual almost two years ago >Have already co…[View]
12500260>I'm sexually attracted to X but romantically attracted to Y What is this even supposed to m…[View]
12501735Is there anymore obvious a sign that a man is repressing than him acknowledging he knows what the te…[View]
12493660is there any good boy-removal erotica? ideally with some dominance on the part of the boy remover bu…[View]
12501346Is a face like this even fixable? This is pretty much my face. My features look like a goblin/Nosfer…[View]
12498048How come some people say that lesbianism and bisexuality don't exist, but no one, not even the …[View]
12501101Growing hair out: I've heard that you still need to get it cut for maintenance and to keep it f…[View]
12498224How do you cope with bpd?[View]
12500295/gaygen/ - wizard daddy edition: previous >>12498145[View]
12484071Post-Op Trans girls full disclosure before sex: There are some trans women who do disclose their bio…[View]
12500967What's the best way to overcome the self-hatred and admit I'm attracted to guys and that I…[View]
12501265Is it possible to turn someone gay? I think my friend is doing that to me. He was always pretty femi…[View]

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