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112648106yes i do teach english in japan how could you tell?[View]
112648183>I met a fan-dancer >Down in south-side Birmingham >She was running from a fat man selling …[View]
112647672does your country have foliage /int/? what region has it the best?[View]
112614520/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția Ciprian Porumbescu. Precedent: >>112561724[View]
112646833I love sticking my dong in pussy, but I hate licking eat. Why is that? I want to be able to please m…[View]
112637642/balk/ - balkan thread: Balkan edition old >>112612164[View]
112646735What's your favourite thing about America? For me it's the second amendment. It's ki…[View]
112640661>Stop right there, criminal![View]
112645428How do you cold approach german girls?[View]
112639073Black metal fags, don't come to Norway. We don't listen to that crap: Bergen, the so calle…[View]
112646667>Brothers are like hands and feet; wives are like clothing. You may mend your torn dress, but who…[View]
112646435>let’s give everyone fat fetishes because it’s easy and Society is bad enough as it is so why not…[View]
112642800Greta is only 14: and she didn't go to school many times But how can she speak English so fluen…[View]
112603622/flag/ + /extraflags/: Black nationalism edition Old >>112541500 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lo…[View]
112643413Switzerland looks like a 3rd world country compared to Poland[View]
112618746kurva anyátok[View]
112646011>'Haha stupid Arab larper, you're not Gree-'[View]
112646850Sverigetråden Assadupplagan[View]
112647376I just saw Native Americas prancing around the town centre beating drums and looking like chickens..…[View]
112644412I'm not gay! I love pussy! Stop trying to convert me into a gay, you fucking faggots![View]
112647431>ugh... im so ugly i just want to fucking die[View]
112633893/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Кoлхoзный eдишн[View]
112644088It seems, in the developed world, more than half of the variation in happiness is explained by the f…[View]
112647279Do companies in your cunt use black people to sell their products?[View]
112647065>be european >be retarded[View]
112647070Who the fuck thought it was ok to make this the flag of Colombia[View]
112646066happy indigenous peoples day![View]
112647132Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
112643266Is it really that bad being asian in anglo nations?: I constantly hear asian people living in anglo …[View]
112613921/ex-yu/: komedija izdanje[View]
112646926What are you having for dinner? >inb4 hurrr 2 carbs[View]
112647015It's almost Christmas season again. How do you feel about this, /int/?[View]
112643702>NOOOOO, you can't assume this dog is violent just because his race has bigger violence indi…[View]
112646733What's their endgame?[View]
112616282/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Rise and shine edition[View]
112646855someone stop this pls[View]
112646635/norgetråden/: Hivladnings-utgaven fordi fökk Kina og fökk Samer-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>11263…[View]
112644186>Brother, you should praise your body as you praise Allah.[View]
112646753wow japã![View]
112646747what will jupiter do now?[View]
112646719Chicanos what part of mexico are you from? Costa grande guerrero here[View]
112642485>the free market will fix it![View]
112643942/brit/: Swimming lessons edition[View]
112644242WTF is wrong with European immigrants?: I've meet three; two from Wales, another from Ukraine. …[View]
1126435381. Your cunt 2. Would you defend Turkey with your live?[View]
112642269Exotic thread: Post everything exotic you got. Asian, african, oceanian, latin american, anything. P…[View]
112626884/lat/ - /conosur/: Hilo anterior: >>112597092[View]
112645668Is teen pregnancy common in your country?[View]
112645571>be me >watching jap porn >male pp is 1 inch and pixelated >females crotch bushy af a…[View]
112646207>Alright bro I'm logged in with my warrior, let's meet up at the obvulisk (sp?)…[View]
112643772Is this seen as white in your country??[View]
112643518are any of you actually self hating about your race or something else?[View]
112645845>i just love being an asshole online[View]
112645224I have three questions: >1) Your country >2) Do you have an arab girlfriend? >3) Do you wa…[View]
112637242/Norgetråden/: De ser han rulle-utgaven Forrige: >>112611345[View]
112628462>your country >are you still slave to the caffeine jew Poland not anymore since tomorrow, dran…[View]
112627510>At least med countries have good arch-[View]
112644618Post average families from your knut https://youtu.be/oNEeNNIzSdE Pic unrelated[View]
112645829Rate me and my gf[View]
112638158Fuck fr*nchoids[View]
112644693I love Kenya: I would die for Kenya. My dream is to live in and be accepted by Kenya. I am learning …[View]
112644179genetic map of argentine. lol[View]
112632995Pajeeta, Hapa, or Chinky?[View]
112642321post mutt you would fuck[View]
112645375I think Hungary should be the 26th Bundesland, if you know what I mean.[View]
112635949Everyone knows how awful Chinese and American tourists are, but I'm curious what other countrie…[View]
1126409951. your cunt[View]
112642568> omg Anon thank you for taking me Brazil, it's so fun and cultural!…[View]
112645321Why yes I do know more about your country than you do, how could you tell?[View]
112640496Sverigetråden - Jönssonligans upplaga[View]
112644367I FUCKING HATE CATALANS EXCUTIONS NOW NOW NOW NOW NOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwWwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
112642734Square watermelons cost $200 in Canada. How much do they cost in your country?[View]
112643236What's the meaning of unironically? This pic is NOT related to this question. thread![View]
112645160Viktor Frankl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8-aOAj2HRs[View]
112645139Animefags should be killed on sight and their conventions glassed.[View]
112633788/med/: Valérie edition[View]
112643036Ive thought that only in povertyball the french team was 100% kara boga: Why are there so many n%gge…[View]
112644867we wuz samurais n sheeeit: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-48542673 >Almost 500 years ago…[View]
112644564Freedom, prosperity, peace, power. Me? A European![View]
112636067>'China best countly in the wold! China numbah one! Chinito quiele comel aloz!' >okay so why …[View]
112642073Do you prefer being sold to IMF or China?[View]
112642657>Make a Scandinavia thread >it reaches a million replies because nordics are too autistic to s…[View]
112634887V4: this meme was brought to you by election gang edition[View]
112644646Incel chinlet American Minister of Defence vs Chad Turkish Minister of Defence with warrior skull[View]
112644558i am happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvLS2ocVgHI[View]
112642830how do i become nordic/western?[View]
112644324Are Bolsonaro supporters the boomers of Brasil?[View]
112643456>Your cunt >Is TNG your favorite Trek?[View]
112630053Vocaroo thread For the occasion I'll read a part of Thatcher's famous 1976 speech https://…[View]
112643452Finally Bashar al-Assad, the Lion of Damascus, took the right decision and will help the Kurds with …[View]
112643135https://youtu.be/r1gp8Qx5YPQ Korean kid meets an American kid for the first time[View]
112639695National anthem of Brasil: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6f9Ph_IFA08[View]
112642956show me more based photo than this, protip: you cannot. seethes avr*peans, k*Rdoids, l*btard mutts …[View]
112639950why the fuck do they smell so bad? Why is it hard for them to take showers and clean their fucking c…[View]
112635072When will EVROPA rise up?[View]
112643399Why are Anglos so terrible at learning a foreign language?Almost every continental I’ve ever met has…[View]
112641768New promotional image for upcoming Amazon TV series 'Hernan'[View]
112640605/brit/: Classic edition[View]
112641300I'm mestizo and I think this is cute. I have no problem with this. I think mestizos should mix …[View]
112639535Guess the map! hint: non-red countries are shit[View]
112641939What do you call this in your country? We call it 'flyktning' or in English it would be 'flightling…[View]
112641774Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
112636934I love Finland: I would die for Finland. My dream is to live in and be accepted by Finland. I am lea…[View]
112642878>thanks to the splendor of the British emperor, I can visit continental Europe and get around jus…[View]
112642029Ugh... what could have been...[View]
112641281Why are they so racist?[View]
112638863>I LOVE BRAZIL[View]
112643224oh look, it's worse America[View]
112642349>when someone doesn't love Japan[View]
112643364How do I get a finish gf?[View]
112635377/polska/: edycja od której się w głowie pierdoli[View]
112634756What accent makes you go pic related?[View]
112641117>tfw got BLACKED by an ethiopian girl Is it over for me?[View]
112640585>American education[View]
112641814>a HOME RUN![View]
112642943I'm 25 since yesterday tfw: >https://youtu.be/8N-qO3sPMjc >https://youtu.be/aSLZFdqwh7E…[View]
112640251This would be Spain without Catalonia[View]
112643094/italo/ edizione Colombo: >Kristifur Culimbous didn't discuver america! The native americans…[View]
112643035I'm interested in learning a new language, to add more to my biology resume. I've been res…[View]
112641515Whats the meaning of unironically[View]
112638828/deutsch/: dicce weibers uezs[View]
112642901>mfw a smug wh*toid call me a mexcrement[View]
112633206/fr/ - le francofil: BLONG édition. Ancien fil : >>112613092[View]
112641684Could you live as a salary man? https://youtu.be/po8IPh64rVM[View]
112641896>NOOOOOO, you can't respect this person he's from a different race what are you doing s…[View]
112632971hey anon i am your new government assigned latino bf to help reduce loneliness, racism and extremism…[View]
112641932Why do people hate this country?[View]
112642621how does it feel to be downstream from American culture[View]
112642265Acording to DNA studies, colombia has the same amount of white people as argentina. Colombia whites …[View]
112641734Send me some love (and blonde women if you have some)[View]
112640948Why do Arabs suck at music?: Saudi orchestra has absolutely mangled the russian anthem. And the same…[View]
112640099Russian girls are cute! CUTE![View]
112642342https://twitter.com/rt_com/status/1183792079622701056?s=21 do this happens in your cunt?[View]
112640449>your cunt >what would you do if your enemies had a 500m long spaceship capable of firing hun…[View]
112642468>Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name[View]
1126262301. Cunt 2. Do you support Catalonia 1. Flag 2. No, I think that all separatists should kill themselv…[View]
112642137Bulgarian hate thread: Rite listen 'ere folks, I iz a patriotic english man meself and I hate t…[View]
112642114>why yes, i'm PRUSSIAN, how did you know?[View]
112640027please don’t come to our country pls don’t fuck our women: .[View]
112613025/mena-مِنا/: edition edition[View]
112640700/carib/ + island friends: Swole crabs edition[View]
112641279>mfw everyone is going to talk about us tommorow >literally 95% of the population doesnt care …[View]
112638931I just did 100 push ups in less than 10 minutes and I am ready to do 100 more[View]
112642091Richest east european country[View]
112641635>50% off for any number of pizzas at domino's >buy 2 x strawberry lychee mirindas >ord…[View]
112641479You wake up tomorrow: >This is Europe Post your reaction in an image…[View]
112634436Portugal supports Catalunya. Anything to destroy the Castillian enemy.[View]
112637711/danmarktråden/: kan nogen linke mig til den gamle tråd?[View]
112640745ok so imma feel kinda downgraded since i didnt get any phone calls to my secret agent phone from my …[View]
112640897Hello, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, how are you?[View]
112628680Baltics: Please, tell me about these countries. Are they good? How the natives behave agains't …[View]
112641306This is what the average brit looks like: Most brits look like pic related. It isn't a surprise…[View]
112639572>Why yes, this is Gigachad. Who is calling?[View]
112637132What countries are Muslim majority democracies?: I say iran is a fake one and Lebanon is a real one(…[View]
112639808is she anglosaxon or celtic?[View]
112633781Here's my opinion about other Euro cunts: Post yours[View]
112640465US bases[View]
112641161yup, im thinking based, FUCK SEPARATISTS[View]
112637871https://youtu.be/zrv78nG9R04 damn so this power of chinese civilization[View]
112637505the baby dey kick[View]
112640984Is this phenotype desirable in your cunt?[View]
112431487Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
112636696/int/ is based: How are we so based? Most of the people on this board are funny, smart, most of us h…[View]
112639797where is this phenotype common?[View]
112639742Why do Westerners use Turk and Mongolian as insult against us? They don't that our Turanic bret…[View]
112640801>seeding? nah bro, that's for pussies[View]
112640570Why is this river so brown?[View]
112640825ACTVM SANCVTM: Anteção, Anões! Esta semana(A partir da próxima segunda, 14 de outubro de 2019) eu ir…[View]
112639113>Serbia? You mean that country that committed genocide against poor innocent muslims and is a his…[View]
112639296>mfw ruskies and chinks are ok being poor & miserable as long as their ruling caste can be ri…[View]
112640412>aaaaahhhhh she has the same face shape as my gf, my gf also had a face >she has two eyes, a p…[View]
112640514Sverigetråden - Självmord: Ni måste göra det[View]
112640347Southern Rhodesia, the former name of Zimbabwe was a country created by the United Kingdom in order …[View]
112640193le sing[View]
112639223How can nords even compete??[View]
112638925I really wish for a big war so I can kill people in fun ways like burning them alive with napalm and…[View]
112640384>Move out of my parent's house >Lost 5kg in 2 and a half months Does your own mother sabo…[View]
112640003MY VELOURIA[View]
112637958>Perfect democracy by not allowing women and slaves (minorities) to vote >Wh*te people complet…[View]
112640310how do we stop the destruction of proto-american culture at the hands of the neo-'anglo' aristocrats…[View]
112638259I beat my grandmother[View]
112639133Why are they so rude and mean?[View]
112639201OY VEY!: >go downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of beer >fill a glass full of beer, go upst…[View]
112637771What do you think about international couples?[View]
112639986>your cunt >what would you do if you enemies had mechs equiped with a 120mm minigun that shot …[View]
11263991040% growth in a year: https://brandfinance.com/images/upload/nation_brands_100_2019_free.pdf so... t…[View]
112637667What's the problem with non-Southern states which don't have Africans?[View]
112639796Post the god tier movie from USA[View]
112639497What would happen if you shot someone in the head with a 20mm high explosive round from a NTW-20 rif…[View]
112638601Any cuban anons here?dont think ive ever seen one of them[View]
112639666Would you win in a 1v1 against a Spanish BVLLfighter?[View]
112639552Do you like car brands from your cunt: or you'd prefer to buy a car of a brand from another cou…[View]
112632904I just heard a gunshot outside, does this happen in your kunt?[View]
1126397251. Cunt 2. When did you realize life was just earning enough to live and buy chemicals that make you…[View]
112639100Would Napoleon Bonaparte protect the Kurds?[View]
112639045Why is it so efficient?[View]
112639279>Ki tudja merre, merre visz a végzet >Göröngyös úton, sötét éjjelen. >Vezesd még egyszer gy…[View]
1126376411. Cunt 2. Do you love your sister?[View]
112636670As Whites, we must NEVER take for granted what our heroes died for, what they left for our societies…[View]
112635926Norway vs Sweden vs Finland: Which one has the hottest girls?[View]
112638285was that fact that fortnite shut down also all over the news today in your cunt? denmark : yes https…[View]
112635303Love myself a nice glass of milk desu.[View]
112639415FORESKINLESS STATES OF JEWGOLEMS STRIKE AGAIN: >Pelosi announces that she has agreed with Republi…[View]
112639034Are black Americans even humans ?: Pic related is saqon Barkley a black American zoomer who is 21 ye…[View]
112635479Why are they like this?[View]
112639173is he jomon?[View]
112636713Do you want to find love in Norway or Sweden?[View]
112638953racemix makes me laught and i don't know why[View]
112634999How do i aquire a white mexican gf?[View]
112638348You wake up in Greifswald, Germany: wat do?[View]
112635614>me listening to Portuguese god damn what a fucking foul and utterly useless language…[View]
112638562>The most common name in my city? it's mohamed of course.[View]
112637153What ethnicity is this?[View]
112636947Do romanians ever become more polite? pic unrelated[View]
112634572Another day, another mass killer on kohlchan...[View]
112637488Oh ok Confederfat[View]
112637087>Watching a British Let's Play >Player says the game has a lot of trumpets, 'it sounds ve…[View]
112638570>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to pr…[View]
112638636Democratic Dinasties[View]
112633055BREAKING NEWS Czech Republic GDP PPP per capita is accrording to OECD now higher than Spanish Next t…[View]
112636341Before /int/ I used to think Brazil was excusively a black country with people coming from Africa. N…[View]
112634273Why don’t they also go on massive strikes like they did in Ecuador?[View]
112634163An average of 36 people a day, one every 40 minutes,: Suicide in Korea. rest in peace.[View]
112638049Anime? Nah I don't watch that bro. It's US funded propaganda to turn young boys into faggo…[View]
112636486what's worse, being an ugly girl or ugly guy?[View]
112635551>Provide the names of three people (not relatives) that have known you for at least five years, w…[View]
112633664Sverigetråden - Nåården Bradders-upplagan[View]
112638037>log? Relativity? Phases of the moon? E=mc^2? The stock market? International relations? Nah, bro…[View]
112637882/CUM/: Columbus Day edition[View]
112636836Is Singapore hiding something?[View]
112636750>What do you mean you're using accessible equivalent ingredients to the Italian ones ?…[View]
112624765/Nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ Morrowind editie. Kom Nederdraad, vriend of verrader, kom, kom en kijk na…[View]
112634867/brit/: all the leaves are brown >all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey >and the sky is…[View]
112637698What happened with voxed?: Hey, any other Argentinians here knows what happened with voxed? I can…[View]
112611651/ita/ - il filo: Edizione lunedì mattina[View]
112634045Why do italians look like arabs and nafris?[View]
112634626What phenotype is this?[View]
112636498>tfw no american gf[View]
112634180>Why yes, I'm lover of American consumer culture.[View]
112602105Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112598434 View Learn Japanese Thread:>>>…[View]
112633275I obey Putin: if he tells me to kill european children and cannibalize their remains I will do so…[View]
112636068Me in 30 years The kot clown[View]
112637193What country is this: Hello my beutifull friends from /int/, it is time for that gameshow you all kn…[View]
112635163Where can I find Mexican women like Aislinn Derbez?[View]
112635806West, East or South?[View]
112636979xicanx thread: other browns invited[View]
112635641>'No, I am not a loser for living with my mom in my 30s, I just identify as italian'…[View]
1126367552019 was supposed to be the year of the MENA gf. 2 months left right haha[View]
112632170What are some one-poster countries?[View]
112611345/norgetråden/: Oppfordring til han som lot tråden do - utgaven Forrige: >>112595648[View]
112632788Which one is better?[View]
112635328There is a glitch in GTA San Andreas where the NPC passenger will get back onto the motorcycle with …[View]
112634872generic dalmatian mountainnigger[View]
112634422>poster from my country sees my post >goes to country general, quotes my post and whines about…[View]
112636250/sag/- superpower 2020 general: General for Bharat, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the other less relevant…[View]
112636599How do I get an Arab bf? Pic semi-related[View]
112632813What's the most roman country?[View]
112635165Nordic Gamer: Is this the best meme template /int/ has ever created or what?[View]
112633125SAME PEOPLE[View]
112636458Why is this board so rude towards us? What did we ever do wrong?[View]
112634581>listening to american rap >british driller gets featured in a song…[View]
112624770finland thread: I love finland![View]
112636316Nerfing Cuban genetics is overdue, we can't even compete at this point[View]
112635089>can we take a moment to talk about how[View]
112630404Is your country safe for black queens?[View]
112612164/balk/: nier automata edition[View]
112634818Have you taken the Vancouver Island pill?: >leaf >yes…[View]
112636083/carib/ + island friends: Still alive (every once in a while)[View]
112635205Are Indian men the most sexually deprived men in the world ?: Statistica has a list of the countries…[View]
112632844do italians really do this?[View]
112634329How is your country's political system? Is it fucked? Ours is. >no legitimate party system …[View]
112633952>so you're really gonna obsess over this fictional character from a hollywood movie to the p…[View]
112631087I am legitimately struggling to name 3 living chinese people. Can you do it?[View]
112635914>why yes I crossed the border illegally to fuck my bf, how could you tell?…[View]
112629425This is Qatar: Thoughts?[View]
112631280/brit/: are mark edition[View]
112627061In honor of Columbus Day, I'm gonna suck off my one gay Native friend as repayment for my ances…[View]
112635853itt: post spooky movies from your cunt[View]
112634254why are amerikkkans obssessed with iq??[View]
112632578where can I find a berber, arab, caucasus, iranian, afghan or phoenecian bf that is not muslim?[View]
112634069it's 22:52 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
112631805Nordic girls can't resist the charm of the med man[View]
112635407What are your thoughts on the Kurdish people?[View]
112635131When I wake up tomorrow, I am a citizen of the Italian Republic.[View]
112627114Is your country one of the good guys?[View]
112629132/polska/: gyaru edycja[View]
112633927How TV news looked like in 1990 in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKwGw4bbZ8U[View]
112635212I´m an ary*n and my place is with my ar*an brothers!![View]
112635103>Step one, step two, do my dance in this bitch (huh, huh) >Got a hunnid some' drums like …[View]
112635094Do Americans really rage over an extra McRib?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrSsjdzlUSw…[View]
112635145The Average FRENCH BVLL in 2050: Tell me how, in the closest way, on this planet, this solar system,…[View]
112632511Girls of Many Lands: Found some old scans I did of cigarette cards from the 1920s, they give a descr…[View]
1126321391. Your cunt 2. How is your mental health[View]
112633387What race is this?[View]
112635032Guess her ethnicity /int/[View]
112628525Why are they always so butthurt?[View]
112634213What are election cycles in other countries?: The US election cycle is insane, as you all saw in 201…[View]
112620483/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Эcтeтики тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий тpeд: >>112599494[View]
112634909V4: Australian wine edit[View]
112632965This is me Rate[View]
112632013Czech medieval commie bloc[View]
112631735Average phenotype from your country?[View]
112633471Perfect world[View]
112634820Square watermelons cost $200 in Canada. How much are they in your country?[View]
112633518How do you feel about Portugal anon?[View]
112634650**BHHWWRRRR** sssssssSSWWRRRRRaaassshhhhhhhhhhhhhh[View]
112634036/You now remember/ thread: You now remember Atomic kitten[View]
112631500None of the men in my family can grow beards on their cheeks even though their genes are 100% Europe…[View]
112631537/deutsch/: Nationale aber auch soziale Ausgabe[View]
112631311French Canadians have the most beautiful women on the planet. There's a certain jenny say kwah …[View]
112634445is this the power of Asian 'men' https://youtu.be/H21vBrmbbjQ[View]
112634527KC-Faden: Servus Bernd, da lauere ich aus Gründen ein paar Tage nicht, und schon ist mein Brett wek.…[View]
112629346>tfw you'll never have a qt granddaughter[View]
112621932>country >ideal female body type[View]
112632646>The human rights of the palastinian people[View]
112632446Post the ordinary street view pic you taken[View]
112634061>According to a Gallup survey conducted from June to September 2012, 4.3 percent of Asian America…[View]
112634177nnnnnnng im dyijng i/int./ plhej hejklppp ij giwod celll yhr ambulambe[View]
112634294Charge enemy machine gun positions men![View]
112621482How do qt korean girls look, without any plastic surgery or heavy makeup? Better than japanese qts?[View]
112634058Chinamen be like >eeeew, these human rights be 2 spicy[View]
112631602Is there any way to stop balding?[View]
112634038>you will never kill an*Lo-c*Nadians with your QVÉBÉCOIS bros Why even live…[View]
112587802/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Georgia edition[View]
1126322695.7 million Brazilians have no bathroom at home: https://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&sl=…[View]
112621280Hwich lever are you?[View]
112633959Just a thought, how easy would it be to rape a woman in your country and not get caught, just thinki…[View]
112631450This is your average American[View]
112623632/mämmi/: Nyymin muodonmuutos-painos[View]
112631156Describe your country as if it were a person >Spain >depression has led him to spend a lot of …[View]
112631182Kirikou n'est pas grand, mais il est vaillant! Kirikou est petit, mais c'est mon ami![View]
112614532>tfw no terroni gf[View]
112631827What’s the most pornhub country?[View]
112633722>why yes I crossed the border illegally to fuck my bf, how could you tell…[View]
112632333Is this the cold war 2.0?[View]
112632662faces of /int/[View]
112632721wtf columbus[View]
112633512>ok zhang[View]
112615532/tr/ - BOKİSTAN edition: bokistan dünyanın EN bok ülkesi midir?? -dünyada en ZOR sikiş yapılan ülke.…[View]
112626734What is the most 4chan country?[View]
112631229>ugh... did you just throw that plastic bottle into the middle of the street? buddy, there's…[View]
112633317what do punks look like in your kkkountry?[View]
112633308Average Palestinian man.[View]
112632982Why are people north the Alps so racist, discriminatory, and arrogant?[View]
112630730Asians are by far the least attractive race. The only ones that look acceptable (barely) are the one…[View]
112631264How would this man be treated in your cunt?[View]
112628836Do you work out in your country, /int/? If you do, how did you start? Is being lean and fit common i…[View]
112613703What's the most reddit country?[View]
112609461What is tinder like in your city ?[View]
112632948Fuck you hacjer pieces of shit[View]
112632935the americano is coming. HIDE![View]
112630170The national motto of brazil is order and progress >ORDER >PROGRESS >BRAZIL Laugh with me …[View]
112632745Fuck Gelflings.[View]
112632741How did Koreans end up dominating japans media and entertainment and other niche stuff like garbage …[View]
112629494>You dont have friends? >Never had a girlfriend either????????…[View]
112630952Everyone on /int/ is my fren[View]
112632128Go to google images and search “meanwhile in [your country]” and post results[View]
112632060We should treat all Peoples with kindness, for all of us suffer.[View]
112632494What did he mean by this?[View]
112626019A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to…[View]
112627221What's wrong with Argentina?[View]
112631471What did your kunt use to be about? Sweden Pic related[View]
112632427>tfw when you see Asian samurais or black bvlls walking around, holding hands with local blond ch…[View]
112629530How many girlfriends did you have?: Me(24) Only once And maybe I would never meet a girl til I die…[View]
112632406Is this your local?[View]
112632360Are you satisfied with your life?: The rate of Yes in Japan Red: 20-29 YO Blue: all generations…[View]
112628524About time we get one for ourselves[View]
112632387>french celestial gf[View]
112632233What do you think about the ICELANDIC BVLL?[View]
112630775Russians be like >Hello my name is Sergay Semenvitch[View]
112628912Hypothetical Scenario: *ding* *New iMessage from Ngo Thi Tran* >huh that's the exchange stud…[View]
112632152The pinata has indigenous origins Mesoamericans did not have deities Mexicans do not use spices Cann…[View]
112627405I'm a Portuguese guy. AMA[View]
112627894western european countries deserve to get blacked for blacking the americas[View]
112630504wtf is wrong with Americans?[View]
112629899>noooo take away pizza is not REAL Italian food! >REAL Italian food is cooked by a 70 year old…[View]
112631905>Ahem. Uyghurs are getting what they deserve.[View]
112630143>your cunt >what's the most times you've ever coomed in one day?…[View]
112632125Is your cunts constitution respected by the government? The road to socialism is my constitutional r…[View]
112629290Do Italians really SCOSSA everytime?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkX7HQtUepU[View]
112629765Is gathering mushrooms common in your cunt?[View]
112631848>Why yes i dont know english but i memorize few words and sentences in English so i can talk with…[View]
112631141Is she Anatolian?[View]
112630229Why haven't you married a cute Chinese doctor yet?[View]
112630836Brazil is white.[View]
112627435What’s the most facebook country?[View]
112631576Can I buy testosterone online? What should I take? Im sick of looking like a boy at age 22.[View]
112630550This Bernd was lurking at krautchan until 2017. Now its down. I know, this isn't new. Where r a…[View]
112631828>my girlfriend can sleep with any guy she likes! I'm happy to help her explore her sexuality…[View]
112625530Sverigetråden - Mångfaldsupplagan[View]
112628550Finland explain[View]
112631729>log? Relativity? Phases of the moon? E=mc^2? The stock market? International relations? Nah, bro…[View]
112627456Would you breed with a Turkish girl?[View]
112628385Post the war songs of your count https://youtu.be/wOTD2KaAVjc[View]
112628282Tfw no Colombian thick gf[View]
112630075Does your country have a tipping culture?: We do. I usually tip around 18-20 percent.[View]
112628295Monaco: The smartest people on the planet No savages live there[View]
1126272391. your country 2. how do you say “you’re a feesh :3” in your language?[View]
112628387/brit/: damp[View]
112631406Im asian and 4chan made me legit hate wh*Te '''people'''' i would rather side with muslims, blacks a…[View]
112624579>BURAKKU PIPORU...[View]
112617968In your country who is worse Christians or Muslims ? Here it depends on the party that they follow[View]
112631297Extra large triple triple, a pumpkin spice muffin, 2 breakfast sandwich and a honey cruller. Thank y…[View]
112630240I'm scared of China. We're going to become like E*rope. We're going to get China-ized…[View]
112631275How do Dog fags find this acceptable?[View]
112613092/fr/ le fil francofone: Edition du lundi Ancien : >>112600471[View]
112631019I burned my tongue on my meat soup.[View]
112631060do white girls really?[View]
112626939If someone from a blue country likes a person from a different blue country, it is homosexual, even …[View]
112631082Radio Garden Thread: 1 Go to https://radio.garden 2 Find some good tunes 3 Get comfy example : htt…[View]
112630173When will EVROPA rise up?[View]
112630921We need more ASİAN BVLLS to impregnate our women so we can become GENGHİS KHAN[View]
112630122I suffer without the possibility of a convenient death[View]
112630929>be Jamaican[View]
112628193Why do Asian women behave so well while Asian men behave like petulant children?[View]
112627449would you marry a Portuguese girl like me?[View]
112630102>Carmel Dansen wasn't original Japanese[View]
112630640I proudly voted for Confederation (づ。。)づ[View]
112630431Do they REALLY do this? Just saw this comment on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1gp8Qx…[View]
112614279REMINDER : /int/ is a pro China board: Being anti China is being Reddit[View]
112629839How can I go back to 2005 and live my life again?[View]
112630603What would you do if your son told you he was a leaf?[View]
112630589You will pay for this,England https://www.madeiraislandnews.com/2019/10/young-madeiran-in-critical-c…[View]
112630571The Irish are spiritual brothers of the Polish https://youtu.be/oEygbbZK-u0 Oppressed for centuries …[View]
112630534>The world population:7.7billion >Despasito:6.3billion…[View]
112629854Learning Chinese mandarin: This is my very first word. gonna cry of happiness desu..[View]
112614731/danmarktråden/: dǿdsmarktråden[View]
112630389why is PLA so cool?[View]
112630185Is your country neutral?[View]
112629789>girlfriend? for what? I don't want limits in my life[View]
112630340What are your fantasies?[View]
112628824Average American high school class visiting Italy[View]
112629995>i'm glad i made all those shitposts on 4chan[View]
112630276Chicago has been cucked by New York AGAIN[View]
112629039>'oh sorry small guy, didn't see you there'[View]
112629629Should I get a gun?[View]
112628414Why are zoomers such absolute fucking faggots?[View]
112624714/leaf/+/tree/: Lebanon and Canada frenship thread[View]
112630099>Europeans are people too you know!!!!!!![View]
112629372>your cunt >what book(s) did you recently read I just reread most of the dune series and isaac…[View]
112629097Im mentally unstable Canadian incel ask me your questions.[View]
112629198Big Brother is watching you.[View]
112630010I feel so sad for people not living in 4 seasons climate Top tier comfy[View]
112629922Why yes I’m Muslim and middle eastern, how could you tell?[View]
112629813I must've eaten something bad: I'm literally pissing with my ass. How do you deal with th…[View]
112629792Hello. I am half Armenian, but I wish I was full Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
112627038How many times do you boner a day? and which site do you check every day for fapping?[View]
112629684I post on /int/ because it is sexually exciting to talk to foreign men I often fap to random posters…[View]
112626712>Free Tibet >Free Uighur >Free Hong Kong >Free Macau >Free Ainu >Free Okinawa >…[View]
1126296561. Cunny? 2. Do old men in your neighborhood hang out with each other? Here where I live the old men…[View]
112627348>brazil is not the south american ameri...[View]
112626033What is your favorite country?[View]
112625941why do russians write like this?[View]
112629442is it true that americans chew the flesh of the dead and also worship idols and bathe in the mud in …[View]
1126209141 Your cunt 2 Do you support the Free Nation of Catalonia?[View]
112623589Why are they just... Better?[View]
112629359Why are Mediterraneans so bluepilled about society and Anglos so redpilled?[View]
112628487>central europe doesn't exist[View]
112628915>Do you like my car?[View]
112625790Are you ready?[View]
112629050What's it like to live in a major city?[View]
112623043/polska/: edycja anonów którzy mieli gf[View]
112622550Poland is the worst country in the world.: -Hated by everyone on this planet (apart from stupid , an…[View]
112626879Do you consider yourself stupid by your country standards? I will be honest, I am pretty stupid.[View]
112627344Do you think the world would look at these countries in a more positive light if they hadn't cr…[View]
112628787>SOY JACK, did you win the game?[View]
112620860Turks BTFO[View]
112595655/asean/: Edisi 'We don't need sex, life fucks us everyday' randomly assigned btw[View]
112625260>tfw no public transportation from work to home so you have to crawl under 2 fences and a sewer t…[View]
112626787Why is loving all peoples such a difficult task?[View]
112627655Monday general: I hate mondays edition[View]
112624251I'm Swedish, ask me anything[View]
112628800>Why yes I only used my starter throughout every pokemon game, what gave it away?…[View]
112625052Why are americans like this[View]
112626737How can I convert my country in a Nationalist Nation? Nobody here is proud to be Colombian, childre…[View]
112628711>yes, I do browse www.wikifeet.com >how did you find out?…[View]
112628566Which countries Microwaves water?[View]
112618617/r/Europe is seething at Poland again. What did they do?[View]
112624633Have you had any encounters with softbois, /int/?[View]
112563714DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2267.67: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ interes…[View]
112628208What’s the most liveleak country?[View]
112628263there's a really cute boy from spain in my class[View]
112626480/brit/: bleak[View]
112624440>ecuadorian demonstrations >no support on /int/ >shunned by the mass media >attacked by…[View]
112628393>Why yes, I am an ardent defender of Germanic Civilizaton >How could you tell?…[View]
112625605>God I wish I had a fat virgin white boy with acne and far right political views as a boyfriend…[View]
112628310I like to LARP as a ODST in my spare time.[View]
112624620Do you wish you were Italian?[View]
112624878Why are they so based? No joke, they culture is georgerous. Pretty handsome people, such beatiful co…[View]
112625020The 'fat mutt' meme is false. The fattest people are the boomers who are either super white or super…[View]
112628115Tell me about your country Is it nice?[View]
112628179refugee: where are all my bernds? kohl is dead, kraut is dead, which board are bernds using now?…[View]
112626785Is this the most famous Lithuanian person?[View]
112628014this angers everyone but americans because they have been bought by china[View]
112617252Why are europeans so rude towards americans?[View]
112627027Do you like Portugal? Do you think we are honorable? ;)[View]
112627280>daddy... do we have to make another baby if the one im pregnant with isn't a girl?…[View]
112626295comment allez-vous[View]
112625241im really tired of life anons: >be me >5'7 with a big head, 21 years old carpenter who ha…[View]
112624927They beauty of white women must not perish from the earth: /int/cels will seethe at this[View]
112625348>Real ass nigga, give a fuck 'bout a bitch >It is what it is, this some five star dick …[View]
112625885>why yes I don't own a driving license, what gave it away?[View]
112627766long live hong kong.[View]
112624842Can't wait to fucking stab them in the back once the opportunity arises.[View]
112625910>be Med >pass by moss-covered castles and ruins on morning strolls >live in a comfy stone h…[View]
112622924I have a celestial Swedish gf. AMA.[View]
112626808>tfw mutt with no identity[View]
112626182>Canadian bacon Disgusting. I feel sick just looking at it.[View]
112626125Ahhhh, good ol cup o joe[View]
112627471Who is the last hero in your country? What had he done?[View]
112627097Post more Indian girls getting BLEACHED please. I want Ranjeet to suffer.[View]
112625025Can this woman pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
112623254As a redneck, what part of your country would I feel most at home in?[View]
112627427why are jews so based?[View]
112625768Made it to the most autistic border in the world. You proud of me, /int/?[View]
112627375>meet me some motherfucking where bitch >amma smoke you…[View]
112627301Wishin I could go back bros... things could've been so different.[View]
112627081>be american >be circumcised >need lube just to masturbate >need 3 hours to finish duri…[View]
112625704The 5 continents as described by Apple.[View]
112626150Do you love Japan?[View]
112626629hahahaha fucking based[View]
112625618I realized Australia and Brazil are similar. Both have green and yellow on their national team unifo…[View]
112624791I am from the northen marina islands and I love to suck dicks .[View]
112626561How do these countries justify being American colonies?[View]
112626619How do you say 'Based' in your language?[View]
112625201>Eins Zwei Polizei >Drei Vier Grenadier >Funf Sechs Alte Hex >Sieben Acht Gute Nacht... …[View]
112625998Happy Columbus Day! Don't let the liberals tell you that he was some kind of monster. https://w…[View]
112622697>you're a cunt >your favourite youtuber pic related…[View]
112626755guess their ethnicity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qesXIWOQAJg[View]
112626896Whichever Austrian nutcase came up with hay milk has my seal of approval. This shit is delicious. No…[View]
112625206Post your country’s CO2 emissions.[View]
112626829scandinavian wife: i think they are for me[View]
112626828We're gay[View]
112626783xicanx hate thread: thred to vent and talk about your hate for chicanos[View]
112597092/lat/: Lat hilo latANO[View]
112626216>Big black dick into tiny Asian girl - A visual disrespect of the yellow man's woman…[View]
112626704Istanbul not Constantinople Kibris not Cyprus لندن not London The Anglo, why does he do it?[View]
112626608Amerilard Uber driver strangled and robbed by black thug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dStKp4CETB…[View]
112626533Are there skinny americans?[View]
112624235smoll and cute[View]
112625783what's the japanese writing systems like: do they have one or several overlapping ones? Is it h…[View]
112623875/brit/: sharing the night together edition[View]
1126263831. Your cunt 2. What did you eat for breakfast 3. How has your day been so far and what will you get…[View]
112622668/Int/post Your favorite song: https://youtu.be/bCDIt50hRDs[View]
1126247881. cuntree 2. Are you struggling for independence? Kungariket Svenskfinland Yes, please send arms.[View]
112625387Why are white people so gay?[View]
112626055JANNIES ARE DEAD[View]
112626305>yes I do hate myself, how could you tell?[View]
112622766Your ancestors fought in wars, suffered in famines, perished in natural disasters just so you could …[View]
112625203>americans call wojak woah-jack[View]
112624192You may only post in this thread if you are a spy.[View]
112625147Yoko has bigger eyes than Lennon's: stop calling us slant eyes, you fucking racist[View]
112620459Hello what are your thoughts on Indonesia?[View]
112624201Why do they all look the same?[View]
112624067can a foreigner visit Crimea then go to Ukraine after?[View]
112618776>girlfriend sends you this Lörs response?[View]
112623525You have a button that will erase every person from a certain country - and its diaspora. The land a…[View]
112624390Back when I was in school, I'd write essays about topics like gun control, healthcare, or other…[View]
1126240371. Your country 2. Do you sleep with a teddy bear or a body pillow (doesn't have to be an anime…[View]
112623542green=huge cucks[View]
112625577>tfw no hot popular and regionally famous Germanic French friendboy I could crash at his mansion …[View]
112624966The most popular nations in Czech Republic[View]
112625362/sverigetråden/: Psykfallsupplagan Bara riktiga knäppskallar bjudna, hihiohohohähäh[View]
112625518Girls of int, why aren't you dating an incel RIGHT NOW[View]
112623726I'm thinking about moving to Britain here for higher studies and a job. What kind of people wil…[View]
112624153Hello friends I'm back from uni[View]
112625183>Someone is talking about being an immigrant to Canada >I tell him to fuck off because I'…[View]
112623040>your country >thoughts? Have you ever felt like you were locked into a small cage? That’s how…[View]
112624527Jesus Cristo É O Senhor: Do it for him.[View]
112614149/NEDERDRAAD/: editie[View]
112616983how do I cope with being from the ugliest race on earth: :([View]
112625219Mitä mielipiteitä suomalaisilla on Meksikosta?[View]
112623705Why do Americans worship their police more than anywhere else in the developed world?[View]
112622415>I swear for my Nonna's soul if you break that pasta again...[View]
112623653Sorry I am attracted to White men: Why are they like this? https://streamable.com/m6nrj[View]
112624944Deus, como é bom ser um vira-lata.[View]
112622951Russian Kosovo[View]
112624417Why are americans so religious?[View]
112621980Culture Pals /cp/: We're back (again) edition: Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg los…[View]
112624948You wake up in Teotihuacan in the ancient times[View]
112624939how is colorado a mountain redneck town? i thought it was weed lmao the state[View]
112622540Reminder they're Brothers misled into hating each other because their once common ruler kept hi…[View]
112624611Asian women are fucking perfect there really is no competition[View]
112622683>you are now imagining the life of living in Italy and going sightseeing with your oneitis…[View]
112624848I want to marry this american raisin box girl. Do you like american girls?[View]
112623529If youre an incel Why not just kys?[View]
112622404/int/, something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. I had a couple of kilometers …[View]
112623841how do you get a job in your country?[View]
112624536Being large was always a trait of powerful and desirable men. Europeans are skinny and women mock th…[View]
112624613we wuz kangz. wuz u kangz?[View]
112624421Yar har fiddle dee dee Being a pirate is all right with me Do what you want 'cause a pirate is …[View]
112618893please come to the USA and fuck their women[View]
112620363>In brownoid countries women have to travel in female-only metros and taxis because otherwise br0…[View]
112622192you will never stop us 屌你老母[View]
112618947My heroes :)[View]
112623436>omg culture is like so important. ignore the fact that i consume american media, eat american cu…[View]
112624504>after play kingdom come over the 100+ hours >i'm a Czech now…[View]
112619397country of cringe.[View]
112624353Things better than sex I am just drinking Triple Kumaru BBA beer. Iunga hops. Sweet, dense imperial …[View]
112623610Brazil btfo[View]
112623257Why do incels do this?[View]
112618375/deutsch/: Empörung Ausgabe[View]
112622890Imagine if a NATIVE OF CANADA was barred from returning to her home after going to another province,…[View]
112619099What if there was no black ppl?[View]
112623897The GF and I are making dumplings now. We have enough for everyone so just raise your hand ITT if yo…[View]
112624207Sir, The Brick isn't a hotel. You can't sleep on the display beds.[View]
112623956Is Korean cyberbullying really this evil?[View]
112618568Sverigetråden - Myskaffeupplagan: Ni tar väl en kopp kaffe och myser med oss här i tråden?[View]
112621689Is this the ultimate good guy of history?[View]
112615979Sulli, an ex kpop star, killed herself today: F[View]
112613611Is this a common occurrence in your neck of the woods?[View]
112616790Please cum to kazakhstan and fuck our women[View]
112622012>Congratulations, you have destroyed 200,000 years of evolution, I'm sure your ancestors are…[View]
112623795>black queens ONLY You mad wight thots?[View]
112623655But wait a minute...isn't Kosovo a legit Serbian land?[View]
112623384>moshi moshi, Xi Jinping desu >Eh?! The plan for one belt one road has been finalized?! >It…[View]
112618567Am average flip spends 19 years of his life stuck in traffic (in a 40 year lifespan) How about your …[View]
112623777>Ugh, grandissimo cornuto!!! Did you seriously just use more than 5 grams of mozzarella for your …[View]
112622824Why do they?[View]
112623625> all Americans are fa- Lemme stop you there[View]
112620103In Europe it's so easy to get a gf unless your gay or have autism.[View]
112621410Evil women thread. Post stories of women that made their countries look like shit to you. For me it…[View]
112623594tfw no american bbw girlfriend: how can i get an overweight american gf, i need one[View]
112622164>your cunt >do you wish you were a little bit taller and/or a baller? Sweden Taller yes, i…[View]
112623262am I an incel if I practice longsword when I'm an Asian? i've been joining Liechtenauer lo…[View]
112623191Post speed of your mobile LTE connection. Still not 5G but such speed is pretty enough for me. I can…[View]
112623474ANALysis ASSessment[View]
112620952>Hi, reader in France, it seems you use Wikipedia a lot; that's great! It's a little aw…[View]
112604492/mämmi/: Ninjapainos[View]
112617882/brit/: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 1780 –1867[View]
112623189>tell Canadian that I didn't know they have famous food >he calls my country a shithole …[View]
112614455I'm on IV right now Do you have any questions about Kyrgyzstan?[View]
112621955am I based?[View]
112617748are there nuns in your country?[View]
112620937The name Vladimir translates into 'ruler of the world'[View]
112623361what do Austrians and South Germans think about their Rhaetian (Med) heritage?[View]
112623415thoughts on the african world war? I didn't even know this happened until recently.[View]
112621859Can you make friends in your country?[View]
112621001i wish i were Greek[View]
112623179Time to wipe my ass with this worthless crap[View]
112621461Enosis: I want to bring back home a girl from Belarus or Estonia. I know if I flash my passport 9/10…[View]
112621322Why are we still so divided about the european union? We could be the greatest power in the world i…[View]
112618910What are Pakis like in your experience? I've genuinely never met one[View]
112611607Notable /int/ users: >that Chinese living in Singapore that always defends the PCC in every threa…[View]
112621538Every Russian I've met has been a really cool, kind person. I wish our countries could be frien…[View]
112621947Vous aimez les pommes?[View]
112621622That next female thread you're about to create? how about not doing that at all? it's a go…[View]
112613343>your country >how many previous sexual partners would a girl need to have to be a deal breake…[View]
112601854Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
112622893>Sorry Mr. Policeman, I didn't see or hear anything.[View]
112622513>tfw brown eyes Just end me[View]
112616631/polska/: edycja mejdo[View]
112622334Post your celestial gf[View]
112622467How do you call this in your country?[View]
112622515Is BJJ regarded as an alpha or 'cool' sport in Brazil? How is it regarded in your country? In Swede…[View]
112617798The absolute state of Norway. You can drive the same distance in half the time in my country.[View]
112622023My dick stinks.[View]
112622029>Why yes I am from Metru Nui. How could you tell?[View]
112620044Why are they good at philosophy?[View]
112621697>B.A.D. >BIG AUSTRALIAN DICK[View]
112619118The rest of Canada treats us like subhumans. They never respect our wishes, or even consider that we…[View]
112622320Is there nowhere to eat in this country? What the hell is a 'pek-to-pah'?[View]
112616880'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'[View]
112611030You made her cry, Japan. Apologize.[View]
112621402Are they really mutt?[View]
112618956I am so fucking tired of seeing everyone on this board worship Asian women. They are the ugliest, mo…[View]
112622101Fuck Sp*Niards Hail KuKulKaaaaaN![View]
112618939>Muslims breed like rats When will this meme end?[View]
112616798Damn French soldiers look like THAT?[View]
112619840NEGO NEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqQVyjHTd6w[View]
112621894Discussion (serious): Why are yanks such weak fatties?[View]
112621922cum in mart[View]
112615679this place legitimately makes the west look 3rd world tier[View]
1126217631 your country 2 are you chad? South Korea I am[View]
112621594thinking man's breakfast[View]
112617483/Morocco/: Spain is such a pig hypocritical country https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49974289…[View]
112621630Fucking hell lads, just came home from a hard days work to find out my gf has been cucking me for an…[View]
112618285Do you love Japan?[View]
1126174431. Your country 2. What size gloves do you wear Flag L or 9[View]
112614079>Your mother tongue >Which part of your language is fucked up in your language? Grammar? Spell…[View]
112614286No historical achievements, just like pooland.[View]
112621404>kek fucking based, fpbp[View]
112613093Post your favorite Polish: Anything is ok People movie music ..[View]
112620520Do you ever want to kill yourself because of your ethnicity and heritage? Because of how other peopl…[View]
112618760How does this make you feel?[View]
112621279>you can't just[View]
112619624>be nordkek >travel to Canada from Greenland easy mode >get blasted by natives so hard you …[View]
112614358World without e*stern 'europe': It really makes you think, doesn't it?[View]
112614818Dear /int/, would you describe these women as 'sex bätäng'? Awaiting your reply, Finland[View]
112621237Reminder that this is still the best board on this site[View]
112619457That feel when no culture of pies. Please, America. I want some delicious pies.[View]
112621359I barely leave my room and earlier this year I permanently deleted the last social webpage of mine s…[View]
112617920Dutchbros, need help. Can you tell me if I should avoid any of these areas: Vlaardingen, Brielle, S…[View]
112618321>polish cashier girl in aldi licked her lips when she scanned my sausages…[View]
112619440They are Germanic not Slavic: Their economy is based on prostitution and porn industry. Their capita…[View]
112621214for me it's Aya[View]
112621116>fucking shitskin >go back to Syria >stop moving to Europe, why don't you seek refuge …[View]
112617626Would you unironically die for such smile?[View]
112620742japs doesnt like gaijins, but what do they think about nikkei? https://youtu.be/zue7hFOFjtQ[View]
112615600WTF SHE IS DEAD: http://naver.me/FTUNKTNm Fx sulli[View]
112621083>black queens ONLY You mad wight thots?[View]
112617928/brit/: Poonger edition[View]
112619140What do you like the most about protestant countries and their culture?[View]
112619352It is my salary. Please rate and post your salary.: Age: 26 Nationality: South Korea Family: Alone S…[View]
112618414From today's gondola ride in Venice[View]
112620984based laowai[View]
112618491I love Eastern Europeans so much. I wish I were born Slavic or Baltic, but since I'm not, my pu…[View]
112619254That's more like it[View]
112618286>there are languages that replace singular pronoun with plural pronoun[View]
112620813Why are we meds such normies?[View]
112620792Is cheating common in your country? Yes, it's really common here. Religion is just a myth, hous…[View]
112614692What did he mean by this?[View]
112614491/brit/: what the FUCK janny edition[View]
112620348>ahhh... good morning world! i'd better brush my teeth before having breakfast...…[View]
112619310spicy hot latinas[View]
112620463Is having sons the ultimate cuckoldry? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than hav…[View]
112619449Do the women in your country believe in Astrology? Literally every woman under 30 here does and its …[View]
112619782How often do you take creepshots in your country??[View]
112620026Why do most American and British people base their entire lives and existence around having sex and …[View]
112620316I miss him bros.[View]
112616549Guess my gf's ethnicity[View]
112620214What ethnicity is she ?[View]
112617573>Hear a Swedish song in my recommendations >Literally sounds like a song from the Sims when yo…[View]
112615026Hey Portugal?!? FUCK YOU![View]
112617406The most unhappy country in the world: One day a girl asked. 'Sir, where is the most unhappy country…[View]
112613685/deutsch/: Am Aufwachen-Ausgabe[View]
112619983What ethnicity is that[View]
112617855we rule[View]
112615685Norway created Denmark. But since we now have found out that it's just a flat swamp shithole we…[View]
112617953american women are the most beautiful in the world[View]
112619575What’s the deal with wheat beer? I drank 4 of these and I just woke up farting uncontrollably. This…[View]
112619111/kc/: Come home, Bernd man. Post menes from times gone by.[View]
112618302>w-what do you mean I can't say the n-word?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY FREE SPEECH…[View]
112617987eastern europe is shithol‐[View]
112619792>this post is extremely low quality[View]
112615602'Member when 4chan was fun?[View]
112617815How are nationalist party leaders like in your kunt?[View]
112619342Norway is the greatest country in the world we just can't compare to them[View]
112614604Are French the Chinks of Europe?[View]
112618430TL note: When Sanya came into my mouth.[View]
112619115Damn! Brazilian boys look like THIS?[View]
112612400Why japs are so obsessed with us?: >Japan Top News >Korea Law Minister resigned…[View]
112618497Hey America. Which uh.. which nationality is this supposed to represent?[View]
112614640What's up with Japan, are they dead from typhoon or not? It sounded like it was a bretty big de…[View]
112618098>check the top lists for different cunts >get to Canada >number one song: >https://www.y…[View]
112616459Vain tahroja paperilla, älä siis suutu Ei niistä asiat miksikään muutu Ei se että meillä oli retkemm…[View]
112617814North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests 北达科他州接入管道抗议 Ferguson Riots 弗格森暴动 2017 St. Louis protests2017年圣…[View]
112618757>Yeah I ate half-cooked Schnitzel because I fucked up the heat settings and the crust was about t…[View]
112618176Damn. Good times.[View]
112618222Is this common in cities and towns in your country? Flag Yes[View]
112618273Oakland, CA 2011 vs 2019 What went wrong?[View]
112618379FUCK CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
112617548What do they eat?[View]
112618434ქართული თრედი: აბა ძმებო, იმედები არ გამიცრუოთ, ეს ბოლო დროა ქართული თრედი არ მინახავს და ამიტომაც შ…[View]
112618406Do people in your country have console or PC? Netherlands: only weirdos game on PC here. Think of th…[View]
112615725Should Ukraine pay reparations for this? :)[View]
112612550America is an Anglo nation: Lol, euromutts[View]
112618178Americans want to give Germany shit about muh 6 Gazillion like we just went around killing innocent …[View]
112614412For me, it's muslim women[View]
112618161>samina mina eh eh uakka uakka eh eh[View]
112613776I am wondering about Braille and sign language. It seems like these work very well, for the most par…[View]
112618047uh oh i'm feeling a lil bit poopy again hehe all you cleanboiz better watch out, i'm aimin…[View]
112613869Why do they like traveling to Vietnam so much?[View]
112612583>there are biological girls on /int/ RIGHT NOW >they may be cute and/or have large breasts AA…[View]
112610710kurva anyátok[View]
112614021/savižudybė/: Vilnius edition Estonia, Latvia and Finland welcome[View]
112616720I think I found the most american picture ever[View]
112617383Do you know who his grandfather is?[View]
112616265>women can't mem-[View]
112617356What do they eat ?[View]
112602493turks really did it bros[View]
112616030Do politicians get JUSTed in your country?[View]
112608981What is the rarest flag /int/ has ever seen on 4chan? For me it would be Isle of man, Sudan, and Nor…[View]
112617136Do int like feet?[View]
1126086221. Your cunt 2. Are you a disgusting incel freak? Flag Yes.[View]
112579996Do people in your cunt take the political compass test? https://www.politicalcompass.org/ >Econom…[View]
112617182>hahaha Die Amerikaner are le fat and das stupid lmao! Wait, what? Putin is invading? PLEASE HELP…[View]
112612395>tfw u will never have a cute family >tfw u will never have a traditional wife >tfw you wil…[View]
112615928How common is renting in your country?[View]
112613876This is the kind of girl I would call 'sex bätang'. Really hot.[View]
112616422Is he right?[View]
112611767Why do so many ppl choose right instead of left? Humans are fucking disgusting![View]
112616366Do people listen to music on their phone speakers in public places in your country?[View]
112617115Let's invade Romania and take all the sexy vampire gf's for ourselves.[View]
112614875Is she our mascot /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzTG_1Xun54[View]
112609289Ur cunt >Sunni or shia Sunni +50 skill points Shia -25% chance of being detected while at stealt…[View]
112605253Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
112613504Why Anglos hate Irish people so much?[View]
112614162Your country Do YOU have a PhD? https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/56837/univ…[View]
112611604>Hey bro thanks for coming over for dinner. My daughterwife made some banging Tamia and sambusa…[View]
112615938l want the end of the world.: My life is so boring and predictable that I am I am just waiting for e…[View]
1126109111. Ur cunt. 2. Do you have an Asian waifu?[View]
112615094Italy: best /med/ country Sweden: best /nord/ country We are made for each other[View]
112616576Free 'good ol' Shoe' Schumann now!: This photograph has just been released of soldier…[View]
112610749/polska/: Edycja zoomerów[View]
112610340>Why yes, I'm one of the most under-developed nations in the world. How could you tell?…[View]
112612597>his '''country''' never hoarded nukes[View]
112615832For me, it's babs[View]
112615356How do you say 'pregnant'/'pregnancy' in your language, /int/? Do you have different words for pregn…[View]
112605549>Princess Diana was literally getting BLACKED by an EGYPTIAN BVLL a full decade before mass immig…[View]
112616273>Why yes, I think Carl Benjamin should be Prime Minister, Mark Meechan should be Chancellor, and …[View]
112615884Why is suicide so common in South Korea, even more than in Japan? Does society not take care of thos…[View]
112612136How are the beaches in your country? I know most of the ones in Europe are shit.[View]
112615334>racist fucks Hop in >Non racist fucks keep doing you bro…[View]
112614199>why are americans like this? >do americans really? >be american, get shot >shut up fat …[View]
112610149/balt/: У мeня ceгoдня дeнь poждeния[View]
112615210What do you think the biggest cause of depression is in developed countries?: i think internalized s…[View]
112615181>le Northern Italy is white >le Southern Italy is full of criminals Polentoni absolutely BTFO…[View]
112615315>richest >most free >most suicidal What's wrong with white people?…[View]
112613576What phenotype is this?[View]
112608094/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson, Arizona edition[View]
112615648Do you know Sulli?: The member of FX She's dead[View]
112615448we are first world[View]
112615378Why do cumskins fetishize asian women so much? It's not only on 4cancer or incel forums too it…[View]
112614031What if Greece were to print a trillion dollar coin and then ask Germany for change? Eat shit nazis[View]
112615609A mi me pela la verga todos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPxQbgnpX4w&list=RDMMZXPz20w_1Xs…[View]
112615461Your nation Do you believe in Yakub? Flag Yes[View]
112613772Did you know - Poland and Ireland are best friends? Yes it's true![View]
112614673Is there anything in this world more important than lovve?[View]
112609978There is nothing worse than losing teenage love for a man It scars you for life, you'll always …[View]
112613195What do serbs think of us švabos?[View]
112608683>parents placed a tissue box right next to my computer while I was away What did they mean by thi…[View]
112614812The neighborhood I lived in my entire life turned into an absolute crime infested shithole. I always…[View]
112609874That's it. I've fucking had it with this retarded eurofaggots being constantly obsessed wi…[View]
112612376How did Italians manage to pull the wool over Americans' eyes?[View]
112613609>tfw no gelfling gf[View]
112613931what is public transportation like in your cunt?[View]
112615225Should stop being cucks and grow some balls.[View]
112612200What happened? lol[View]
112608992I have a crush on a korean girl[View]
112614550Why don't Americans want black women? Why are SE asians so cucked?[View]
112610324Can you imagine a world without _____?[View]
112614993anglos be like >babylon but then be like >baby…[View]
112614976It's not coming back, is it bros?[View]
112608943Can you solve this puzzle in your country?[View]
112614882Filipino food is actually quite good. Why do people complain about it? The first time I ate at a Fil…[View]
112611793I really wish this place wasn't so badly organized. If this whole region was constitued of many…[View]
112614496/brit/: bum edition[View]
112613802What’s with anime fans and Germany?[View]
112609723>americans think 'scots-irish' means irish >they think this means guinness, ooh ah up the ra, …[View]
112612141Jungian typology thread? Ur cunt Ur type Ur cuntrys type[View]
112610325>My country produced it's first world women's boxing champ and first world gymnast cham…[View]
112613215Why are Suf Efrikins so rude and why is their accent so retarded? These are completely normal questi…[View]
112614630is he /ourguy/?[View]
112593668/nederdraad/: 'Lang leve de republiek'-editie[View]
112614577As I was goin' over The Cork and Kerry Mountains I saw Captain Farrell And his money, he was co…[View]
112612590/fren/ general: fren[View]
112613538International News Sources: Where do you watch/read news? Also, post livestreams from your country o…[View]
112610738The pit bull was once known as 'America's dog' until dog fighting became popular in the 80s and…[View]
112612202>you'll never again be a 8 year old waiting to watch the premiere of Drake & Josh Go Hol…[View]
112611948Well... are they?[View]
112613347How about that weather, huh?[View]
1126127071. Cunt 2. Does the idea of being a woman make you horny? Yes.[View]
112604810Why are there so many Chinese shills here? You're all fucking idiots. HK and Taiwan are both mu…[View]
112613084DO AMERICANS REALLY: https://youtu.be/K73axenxJuw[View]
112612740>drank expired chocolate powder Am I going to die bros[View]
112604390How do i cope with the fact that i'll never be 100% evropean?[View]
112611739I want a mena bf, do all muslims hate homos?[View]
112612139There's literally nothing wrong with darker skin.[View]
112612429Language learning methods: Those of you who became fluent in another language and have a high profic…[View]
112611387What should I name my puppy? Help me /int/[View]
112614023What's flirting like in your country?[View]
112613953oppai wo kudasai[View]
112609635Every lunch break, i see at least a handful of couples comprising of an asian woman, and a white guy…[View]
112613794Is your ideal bf/gf type common in your country?[View]
112613727>I already converted two of my friends to Atheism and will continue to do so until the last imam …[View]
112613568Americans will defend this[View]
112613973Did they do this just to be dicks or what?[View]
112612306>How dare you demanding your money back, you fucking nahzee >remember the six million dead gre…[View]
112613414>be American >wants to kill your neighbor >calls the police and tells them there is somethi…[View]
112611517> Sent from my Huawei[View]
112613691>america bad[View]
112613386What's life like in Coomertown?[View]
112613534I will never be ethnic french I will always be a manlettuguese That hurts bro[View]
112612890poor elliot[View]
112613864>Move out of my parent's house >Lost 5kg in 3 months So my mom was sabotaging me this ent…[View]
112613183Soccer is a sport for commies and shouldn't be played by anyone over the age of 15[View]
112613501What are nationalists like in your cunt[View]
112613053This picture is very important for me, it symbolizes my fight with Finnish autism. Please /int/ give…[View]
1126116481. Cunt 2. Do you like males? Yes.[View]
112612970You are angry at Americans, because you are intimidated by us.[View]
112612711Why do Japanese deny the Nanking Genocide? There are even pictures proving it happened.[View]
112610993I am. You are. We are Australian.[View]
112613379>mfw wasn't born in china[View]
112613450I want to spank a stuck up and spoiled girl's butt[View]
112612530The only thing I jealous about Thailand is they're never been colonized so it's understand…[View]
112612607>Why yes my favorite game is heritage for the future. how could you tell?…[View]
112612408Wheat or rye, which is the whiter grain?[View]
112613331The only non-white person I knew was this korean exchange student who had ghetto black accent and li…[View]
112612674Discussion (serious): Why are americans so stupid fatties?[View]
112611261The Squad Of Hong Kong: We need a picture of Mei making a bigger wall than the Great Wall use the wa…[View]
112613167does this happen in your country?[View]
112611644WOW! German girls look like this?[View]
112612896For me, its the BR-77.[View]
112606155/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >eu entendo vocês, meus amigos do tiktok e do chan Tema do fio: https://ww…[View]
112609377What is the Harvard of your country? By that I mean the school that is typically thought of as wher…[View]
112611159>man I just LOVE travelling and exploring other cultures![View]
112612037Enough is enough, that's it I'm moving to Russia.[View]
112599884/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico: Texan edition[View]
112611702Blizzard still refuses to delete my account. How can i sue Blizzard in EU court for violating my hum…[View]
112612752How often do you visit museums, /int/? What's the last museum you visited? >Not that often …[View]
112612956Redpill me on amerikkkan one drop rule. Was it applied thru all country??[View]
112612994Lets say en masse everyone in the world magically got gills and they had to live underwater to survi…[View]
112610732Couple in Florida adopt what they think is a six year old girl from Ukraine. She turns out to be a 4…[View]
112612378Here we post average white brazilians[View]
112611756Why is a Mexican richer than anyone in any first world country?[View]
112612933Australia vs Canada: Which is geographically more inhospitable?[View]
112603278/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/: nachtschicht[View]
112612676Straight up embarrassing lmao https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lithuanian_inventions https://e…[View]
112600471/fr/- le fil francophone: Edition LAREM ancien : >>112587062[View]
112612345Do you ever watch old silent films for entertainment, /int/? Not just because you have to for school…[View]
112611080>go outside >literally see this wat do?[View]
112609767https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxvpebjY_YU americans are forcing churches and mosques to marry fagg…[View]
112612250>That's it. I've fucking had it with this retarded eurofaggots being constantly obsesse…[View]
112610801roma monke[View]
112589723/ita/ - il filo: edizione best Emilia[View]
112610771https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff0oWESdmH0 do mexicans really have pictures of virgin mary in their…[View]
112611320>russian anon enters the thread[View]
112612270>my job? I moderate an anime message board.[View]
112605950Damn it feels good to be an Anglo. Why is the rest of the /int/ always jealous[View]
112609416Why do so many Asian girls pick white men?[View]
112611129WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?: he has balls for shoes[View]
112604914I would still only want to fuck the white one. I am not racist, but it is smth about my genes : my d…[View]
112611722I'm constantly getting offer to marry people (for a pay and 'free') to get PR but I always decl…[View]
112609976this is what /int/ used to be about[View]
112610621>Free Hong Kong >Free Tibet >Free Uyghur >Free Inner Mongolia for me I support FREE HUI …[View]
112605180What will history say about why America collapsed?[View]
112610915why is Finland always depressed ?[View]
112609543>island covered in bird shit >germans came and colonized it what does this mean?…[View]
112611988What’s it like being Portuguese?[View]
112608296/brit/: Quack edition[View]
112610154> Yank asks for directions > Send him to the worst neighborhood in a 3rd world country Sayonar…[View]
112598751>american niggas be like 'hi my name is bill jones and im from iowa'[View]
112611046That's it. I've fucking had it with this retarded eurofaggots being constantly obsessed wi…[View]
112611902>Came inside Riley Reid in a dream and there is nothing she can do about it…[View]
112611724You wake up in Germany...[View]
112611244>There must be a superior power which dominates all the other powers, with enough authority to fo…[View]
112609378Post your breakfast or lunch or dinner: This is my lunch[View]
112611889Again, yet again, I went out on a date with a girl, and some chad taunted me, trying to provoke a co…[View]
112610722WTF this is what people in Florida look like? https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/florida-mans-mugshot…[View]
112610018>Why yes I am from Sweden[View]
112598974Brown, short[View]
112611879webm related will be the first sikh Prime Minister in leafland[View]
112610785What's the most beautiful town/village in Russia to visit? Like a stereotypical russian village…[View]
112611027A toast, to /int/![View]
112604906Why do women in Europe not wear a bra?[View]
112597629>credit score[View]
112611399>at supermarket yesterday >this dude walks up to the self-checkout line and just...starts yell…[View]
112608519Sometimes German sounds a lot like French. Especially when it's spoken fast.[View]
112609367These people: what is to be done?[View]
112609770Why the fuck are there two Carolinas[View]
112609336How do you deal with fact that most of modern races are just Sapiens-Neanderthal mutts, and only Bla…[View]
112611481What americans hate or bother about latins?: I'm a sudaca too so...[View]
112610734Why yes I am a portuguese policewoman how did you know?[View]
112611237What ethnicity is this?[View]
112610834>Why yes, we're scandinavian, how could you tell?[View]
112610657>bordel j'ai hâte de mourir[View]
112610725What is Brazil's problem?[View]
112609054Success breeds jealousy[View]
112609061Are you mading when you see the beauty of Paris ?[View]
112610567>America has wide swaths of nature AND good road systems that are convenient Why can't Euro…[View]
112606303whats the difference?[View]
112603347Unironically, how do we stop China?[View]
112609695Post your favorite classical music from your country: https://youtu.be/fkAY_Xm9htI[View]
112608768I am 11/16 French and 5/16 Scottish. I am a mutt... god why? why do people mix with other ethnicitie…[View]
112610809Illustration from 1624 showing Chief Powhatan ordering Captain John Smith to be executed, but Pocaho…[View]
112609051>your country? >did you go to college/university? >what did you study? >do you regret it…[View]
112610564>your cunt >your job Flag NEET[View]
112609920would u like to be as good as messi u could make millions of dollars by playing football[View]
112610277Is your country a Chinese vassal?[View]
112610413Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
112598227Why do Yuropoors always cope so hard about being outperformed by a country with almost half the popu…[View]
112608536I support Hong Kong wholeheartedly.[View]
112608749will argentina become little venezuela after elections?[View]
112609846Freedom of press index by country: This is how you separate the first worlders from the shitholes…[View]
112610082This ogre created #Metoo. Who the fuck wanted to rape this thing?[View]
112606211What happens here?[View]
112610702>look up statistics of my city >1 in 3 people is literally obese…[View]
112607871I miss the old times[View]
112610573We Australians stand with Hong Kong and their struggle for freedom and democracy.[View]
112608294Pic of my friend who died in 1998. What's she doing now?[View]
112609963do Americans really?[View]
112609898That's it. I've fucking had it with this retarded eurofaggots being constantly obsessed wi…[View]
112609187Explain this shit, Portugal.[View]
112607299what is your countries opinion on nubian queens?[View]
112610235This is my flag[View]
112608928What happened? https://youtu.be/zqlaMz8GPjI[View]
112608958Why does this trigger non-Americans?[View]
112610213If honestly all you fucks were in the same room I would get a mg-3 with 200 round mags and mow you …[View]
112607372Do kuffar unironically like the taste of pork?[View]
112610210wtf was his problem?[View]
112608367Is this common in your country?[View]
112610174You now realize there are 40 million morrocans in the world.[View]
112605122well, /int/? is he right?[View]
112610075I wanna kill wh*Tes what video are best for simulating killing wh*Te people especially wh*Te incels …[View]
112608901I hate how everybody these days thinks right and wrong is up to them and everyone is their own god. …[View]
112608151People outside NY don't fold they pizza?: Mamma mia...[View]
112609010Friendly reminder that nothing south of roughly the 40th to 35th parallel can be considered white.[View]
112606534ENGLAND WTF[View]
112610006Cattle mutilation in oregon: Five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead on the ranch this…[View]
112609284Do rich people fetishize the working class in your country? Rich kids were wearing mechanic shirts w…[View]
112609841Bankers BTFO[View]
112600923When will they wake up from the TurcoMongol brainwashing?[View]
112604920White girls are for made for latinas[View]
112609752Based Erdogan[View]
112608483>why yes, i am a cuban-american from miami how could you tell?[View]
112609759they are the good guys, I love them[View]
112609625>Don't you dare breaking that pasta I don't care if it won't fit the pot…[View]
112609734how do you feel about ginger leafs, /int/?[View]
112607817hehe pssst up here hehehe it's me, the moon hihi hehe[View]
112609345Wtf is happening in Ecuador?[View]
112608989please sing a song, upload to vocaroo your beautiful voice. my request song: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
112609587I wage war unto the blackamoor stronghold of London. may Woden and my ancestors and down on us.[View]
112601015Does this even happen in any other developed nation besides America?[View]
112609593A train bearing Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev, and Gorbachev stops suddenly when the tracks run …[View]
112566385/ex-yu/: /ex-yu/ neko u banjaluci? placam pivo[View]
112609313>t-taiwan isn't real!!!!!! shut up lingling[View]
112605781Mexican trans[View]
112607680euroanons (and MENA friends) why are you awake right now? shouldnt you be asleep ?[View]
112609430americans are like: um, this national collapse and civil war is too spicy.[View]
112607032> Papa, maman je suis amoureux[View]
112606648holy mother of cringe![View]
112609325So to everyone on this board that makes fun of Americans for being non-white (or at least assuming t…[View]
112608216Sleeping giant. Thailand will be the fifth Asian Tiger and will dominate Asia in the future[View]
112609333I have a crush on a Russian girl[View]
112607821Portugal is honorable. Honor me[View]
112609107europeans are like: um, this taxation is a bit too spicy[View]
112609184Are people scared of police in your country?: How scared are people of the police in your country?…[View]
112609247>I’m the sheriff ‘round these parts.[View]
112600794would he pass as local in your country?[View]
112608526What do you think of phone posters? What country has the most phone posters?[View]
112606646How fit are you?[View]
112607754Thoughts on AMWF (Albanian men, white female) relationships?[View]
112603153How Americanised would you say your country is?[View]
112609050Is it true that Anglo women have insatiable lust for us American Bvlls?[View]
112605888Anti-American Europeans are kind of retarded.[View]
112609035Why are East Africans so much more based than West Africans?[View]
112599207When will EVROPA rise up?[View]
112609003What is Budapest like?[View]
112608505> Welsh niggas b like > Hi my name is UAjfhiasjmfhwh sjdkfsjdbuhfdkms and I'm from shdf…[View]
112607903>wake up at sunrise with the sound of the traffic bullets >get a clogged bus >to get a clog…[View]
112608175Could I pass as white in your country?[View]
112608941Nobody cares that erdogan sent his army out to hunt kurds. What did they ever do wrong?[View]
112595648/Norgetråden/: Stor svensk kuk-utgave. Forrige: >>112566942 >>112566942 >>11256694…[View]
112604528How do I get a qt brazilian gf?[View]
112608817Black strong girls.: A week ago I saw a black muscular woman at the supermarket and I can't sto…[View]
112599314Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
112608441Wow , is this real ?[View]
112606376Wow!!! Finnish girls r like this?[View]
112604555American pizza[View]
112608593so are the turks in the top five chadest countries now?[View]
112608249>That's a nice country you have there, Anon. You wouldn't mind if we emigrated to it, w…[View]
112607483Share this somewhere random and post results here[View]
112607406how do non-English Britoids even function in day to day lives?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOIG…[View]
112607414Is the moon beautiful for you too, /int/?[View]
112607215this is the most desired man by women here these days, thoughts?[View]
112607616>tfw too autistic to get a job does this happen in your cunt too?[View]
112608577So are all kurds Christian now? What happened to the Muslim kurds?[View]
112592333What is the deal with Finnish women? Are they all autistic? I was dating one and she had no personal…[View]
112606738What good/negative has Americanization done to your country?[View]
112607808Turkish men look like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSafea3qEFo[View]
112608321Come home to Daddy, Hong Kong.[View]
112608393>this board has gotten better ever since Australia range banned itself[View]
112599783Which are your favorite /int/ feuds: Which countries shit talking each other produce the best salt/b…[View]
112608383/tr/ work and travel edisyon[View]
112607493metro in this country is inhumane: https://youtu.be/rPZaeCJwoCk[View]
112608254everyone talking about north korea dictator or china ethnic cleansing of hong kong's muslim min…[View]
112604302Is it just me or is this just quacking crazy?[View]
112608002What countries are you planning to visit in 2020?[View]
112608118this is what we have in australia. thoughts? https://www.facebook. com/ABCNews/videos/21271378775813…[View]
112602620Worst posters on /int/: Well? https://www.strawpoll.me/18785619[View]
112570854What food is mostly associated with poor times in your country? 'You eat it in poor times' example w…[View]
112608104.: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3697451/Mother-three-daughters-aged-8-14-STABBED-French-…[View]
112608135>Taiwan number 1 >Japan number 2 >France Number 3 >China Number 4 >Israel number 5 …[View]
112606999What country has these people?[View]
112605496/brit/: flight sim edition[View]
112605125I just don't understand the appeal... Look at his fucking face,he looks like an alien[View]
112606055Is this cat going to win again ?[View]
112606483>you can't just[View]
112603240Why do white people get bald[View]
112601709/polska/: edycja królewska[View]
112607906gamers rise up[View]
112607453>Sparta was bas-[View]
112607610> Finnish niggas be like hei my name is perkele perekleinen[View]
112607125Why are Asian women like this?[View]
112604392He cute[View]
112607544Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
112606603Is USA not white anymore?: I am visit USA, Los Angeles. I watch Dragnet show reruns on TV as kid. Ev…[View]
112607604Japanese in 2019[View]
112606452Should I take up smoking?[View]
112606605I found out recently with a DNA test that I'm partly Ashkenazi Jewish. I've never known an…[View]
112607581GOD bless america. Bow down to the greatest country in the world![View]
112605922>Google has announced the addition of 57,000 public toilets located across over 2,300 Indian citi…[View]
112607626PIE Greentexts Thread: >wonder why in every IE language the word for 'in' is the same …[View]
112606166Do germans really do this? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlkm8v[View]
112607127If your country is not green on this map it does not exist. Special thanks to my flag for being the …[View]
112606656>median adult wealth in Ukraine is just $40 Just fuck my shit up. What the hell is going on in th…[View]
112607374󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ̊ ̊̊ ̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊̊ ̊̊̊…[View]
112607443>finally decided to not be a pussy and search for a partner >eat nothing and send 2hrs touchin…[View]
112606492Hold up... German boys look like THAT?!?[View]
112607353Our friend Poland soon has a judgement day: Let's hope their success[View]
112607348I know most brits are sleeping but i'm sure there are ones wake up. Is UK a country or not? I…[View]
112607337what is your personal opinion about commieblocks, apartments, flats, etc.[View]
112597448/ameribrown/: thred for brown people of the americas[View]
112596400/مينا/: البلجيكي يصلي فينا جماعة edition[View]
112604663>hear somebody speaking ch*Nese >day ruined…[View]
112607210Do you want to find love in South Korea?[View]
112606370What’s this ethnicity called[View]
112602494why do asians desire so much to be BLEACHED?[View]
112607169>What happens after you die? Well, let me ask you this, do you remember anything from before you …[View]
112607170>why yes I do support operation peace spring even though it's fall, how could you tell?…[View]
112607153I got my amateur radio license, /int/. Now I can talk to you guys in voice or Morse code over the ai…[View]
112594788If you could choose a country to replace the UK once they are out, which one would it be?[View]
112605266are there any new zealanders on /int/? can you guys tell me about internet censure and lolice on tha…[View]
112605852What is it about this 'religion' (term employed loosely) that makes its adherents such uniformly awf…[View]
112606728Why so fat: Why so fat and ugry. He eat too many baozi?[View]
112606921There's apparently a Florida in Uruguay, is it as bad as the real Florida?[View]
112601798>As a European...[View]
112602282https://twitter.com/Dispropoganda/status/1183485594963456000?s=20 Do your cunt support the Syrian al…[View]
112606814In the whole of human history there have only been 4 Americans worthy of respect. They are as follow…[View]
112605355I know one day I'll have a regular status here.[View]
112604429How'd your day go: >went to grandma house and my family gave my mom birthday gifts >ate …[View]
112604645What the fuck is that little russian with the portuguese soccer jersey https://youtu.be/r53SUoFNYAc[View]
112604897My face when I'm not the only Arizona poster[View]
112606558Hey, janny! Tell your colleagues over at /tv/ to chillax for fuck’s sake.[View]
112597909Would you racemix with a Colombian shemale?[View]
112597880How common are Mac's in your country?[View]
112603447Which cunt is the roomiest?[View]
112606443whose are the incel countries?[View]
112563722/savižudybė/: Rusgaidžiai pavogė baltijos temą edition[View]
112606348Why are wh*toids so cringey[View]
112606295Canada is the safest country or territory in all of the Americas. Aruba is nice too.[View]
112601563Do you know that Poles were gay since forever?[View]
112606115I may not have accomplished anything in my life, but I'm pretty sure I'm the smartest pers…[View]
112605332were jomon light skin australoids?[View]
112603636Post 19th century photographs from your country.[View]
112605802Why are all /int/ posters like this?[View]
112596806You will never get over your obsession with us, you will never defeat us, submit.[View]
112602760Everyday I wish I were born an ethnic french. Everyday I fucking wish I looked like my french family…[View]
112605130>norwegian mention historic norwegian person >look him up on wikipedia >he's danish ev…[View]
112601079My name ends with berg does this mean I'm jewish?[View]
112602239https://www.strawpoll.me/18785571 Answer this poll right now, or I'll give you a bad grad in yo…[View]
112605565why are americans turned on by farts and burps?[View]
112604250Your country What's the most wrongly discriminated against minority? America Pedophiles[View]
112605660>Why yes I swipe left all the hoes on Tinder except Latinas, how did you know ?…[View]
112605074from todays march on kiev[View]
112569024/luso/ - fio lusófono[View]
112605594Take the AMWM pill.[View]
112604476>Salvini >Orban Are you prepared for the EVROPEAN century?…[View]
112597647/brit/: https://youtu.be/CGw1w9aXLXM[View]
112602880>american 'men' still play super mario as adults[View]
112605478/brit/ more like /shit/ lmao[View]
112604737do they really[View]
112602073What is you thirdies opinion on the degeneracy of firsties? Would you like our level of freedom or …[View]
112604308big funnish butts: Why is it that finnish men have big butts?[View]
112599093What are the famous people from there apart from Varg Vikernes, Anders Breivik, Apetor and other 'pe…[View]
112604656Just tried to enjoy a pleasent kayak trip with the lads but paddleboardniggers and ghetto-ass puerto…[View]
112604152American criminal stories in Europe and Japan: You know any American criminal stories in Europe and …[View]
112605257SVERIGETRÅDEN: barbar-upplagan[View]
112601928ITT: Post Finns[View]
112574127/balk/: Serbian autism edition >>112562205[View]
112605016Heard my irl first tchip yesterday.[View]
112602277My dick can't get any harder.[View]
112603875Brasil... Who have you been talking to?[View]
112600515Average day in China[View]
112592529How come japan's population is dying? Can the women not find anyone to breed with?[View]
112603753Add bunda.[View]
112603004What are you thoughts on this alliance?[View]
112603262itt post rappers from your country[View]
112603716What are your thoughts on middle-class English women?[View]
112604313>phone battery says 56% >I laugh out loud in a quiet church Thanks /int/…[View]
112604704We don't fear death We fight for ourselves We're survivors Oorah[View]
112601616Is religion declining in your country?: Religion in general, particularly Christianity, seems to be …[View]
112604713>The reason I like and support Chis Half those niggas in the Groove Street stabbed me in the back…[View]
112602281Post your look-alikes.[View]
112603172>USA is the only country on earth that have actually used a nuclear bomb against people, twice, i…[View]
112604592Every day see this dystopia liberals vs right when this shit will end[View]
112604488i regularly defend china and its government online on several websites. who's ready for the chi…[View]
112585195Why is life so boring and predictable?: Why can't life have superheroes, superpowers, elves, go…[View]
112604432Shut up turk[View]
112603561This could be you if you moved to Puerto Rico and helped increase birth rates[View]
112600148They stole all bad sides from Poland but took none of the good sides Theyre self-hating complex-ridd…[View]
112602585/dp/: depression, the language we all speak [spoiler] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVzWqqvxVDI [/…[View]
112603928Are bald men discriminated against in your kunt?[View]
112599375are americans women good at sex?[View]
112492401/lang/ - Language Not-Learning General: >no one made a thread for hours >Don't share lang…[View]
112604161>My commute? The Waterloo and Bank Line of course.[View]
112579280/med/: Imbeciles out edition[View]
112584737/mämmi/: Kokkailijanyymipainos[View]
112604080New frens: Where can I find frens who have gone for a citizenship by investment? Surely there has to…[View]
112604040SUPER POWER[View]
112598186For you is it thin Aya or THICC Aya[View]
112597378>people thought it would be a good idea to have a political union across three different continen…[View]
112603196/mena/: طبعة البولندي ايضا تاسع منشور هنا يحب اكل الإندومي[View]
112603020Are stores closed in your kunt?: I want to eat some falu korv but all the stores are closed[View]
112603853>Why yes, I save every rare Uber Chad I see, how could you tell?[View]
112589901WWIII odds/evens thread: First post from each country determines your side, OP excepted. Odds: Red E…[View]
112603155>be europeans >complain about circumcision >all the most subscribed pron sites are dominant…[View]
112596066Why do white people fetishize black men?[View]
112598963Brahmins and White Nationalists are fighting on twitter.[View]
112596703>Yes, i'm obsessed with asian girls , how could you tell?[View]
112566728/danmarktråden/: Jesus er harri, á halleluja!![View]
112596676Aryan, Northern men need to come to Southern Europe and start impregnating the brown whores until /M…[View]
112603401/deutsch/ und /Nachtschicht/: Wilkommen in unserem Faden. hier sind alle Arten und Sorten von mensch…[View]
112595272What's their endgame?[View]
112598355Do they really . . . ?[View]
112602686Meds...: you created us...[View]
112602938What am I in for?[View]
112601743what race are indians?[View]
112597633I plan to wear my HRE shirt when I go to Germany. Will people be angry?[View]
112596191Why is there so much propaganda against China when Hungary is literally fascist rn?[View]
112601346are women in your country useless sluts?[View]
112597109shut up faggot[View]
112602921Woman is truly the nigger of the world.[View]
112561724/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția Ploieștilor. Precedent: >>112516726[View]
112599820Nostagia Thread: >Summer of 2000s >Laying on my tatami mat whilst reading my kochikame manga …[View]
112595950Rate my English pronunciation: https://vocaroo.com/i/s171tVh87hEb Brits especially welcome Note: I…[View]
112596438Sverigetråden - Kommunistiska upplagan: UPP TILL KAMP MOT RASISM, SEXISM, HOMOFOBI, TRANSFOBI OCH KA…[View]
112541500/flag/ + /extraflags/: Rome of the Caribbean edition Old >>112473979 Welcome to /extraflags/, …[View]
112600928Do people in your cunt like Scooter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RneoccuJwY[View]
112593871/deutsch/ am Abend: Das höchste Gut des Mannes ist sein Volk, das höchste Gut des Volkes ist sein Re…[View]
112602525Literally who's behind European flags in /int/[View]
112597297I hate having brown eyes so fucking much.[View]
112601041kinda dumb, help me with visa trouble: >went to chinese consulate on thursday >give the girl m…[View]
112592773This is a proud swedish nationalist and his BLACK QVEEN. Thoughts?[View]
112602081Is Bannerlord /int/ relevant?[View]
112601093I unironically want to leave Europe. I hate it here.[View]
112601980HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Join me in celebrating the one true Thanksgiving! What are you thankful…[View]
112599380PΩΣΣИЯ: What region do Russians consider 'Russia proper'? What do Russians think about the Communist…[View]
112599797The life of a typical Brit looks like THAT?[View]
112593766>south Italians can never make blonde ki- What's Varg's excuse for this one?…[View]
112602169Do you like (yes LIKE not LOVE) Japan ?[View]
112593679>there are girls on /int/ RIGHT NOW >they may be cute AAAAAHHHH…[View]
112592977Does any other countries have this type of duo?[View]
112598981People always criticize us for having an interventionist foreign policy, but why are a bunch of coun…[View]
112601749Hating women does not make you a homosexual. Being a handholdless virgin does not make you a homosex…[View]
112601901work tomorrow[View]
112601844im making pizza[View]
112601804drinking pastis[View]
112599254> tfw no MEDITERRANEAN Stacy gf[View]
112597483This is the most interesting part of the world[View]
112600989>your cunt >when did you lose your virginity…[View]
112599917What do you call the turkish airline? Dön air[View]
112599013Countries ranked my life quality Source: my fat ass[View]
112598805This post pays its respects to the personality cult of Francisco Franco and the Falange movement[View]
112600536I’m 25yo and failed at the game of life. All the important moments that I should’ve had are passed. …[View]
112596701Do Swedes really look like this?[View]
112598173itt: we post old-timey photos of our cunt[View]
112598997What's your opinion about Slavs?[View]
112582146/v4/: no friends edition[View]
112598806God Save Our Queen[View]
112596720Imagine the smell[View]
112598522>In Europe all the shops close on Sunday so Europeans can spend time with their gf Feels bad man.…[View]
112598520why are welsh people so beautiful?[View]
112598295>blah blah race blah niggers blah blah shart blah freedom blah blah heritage…[View]
112589408/tr/: 'bizim tiradlara dadanan yunan kanserini yakalarsam anasını sikicem' edition[View]
112597821>EEEY! I'M WALKIN' ERE[View]
112601118what do you think of polish music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCcIx6bCcr8[View]
112593166What make cuba the best country in the americas? >no degeneracy >no favela culture >no hype…[View]
112601398Damn Americans really love the big European cock huh? https://youtu.be/DlQApT-2hcg[View]
112598746What the is their problem. Whenever you are neutral or conpletely dont give as shit about they call …[View]
112597019>4chan in 2012: 'Born in 98???? Cancer. Jesus christ, if you don't even remember the late 90…[View]
112579847/éire/: eárgan tayto ceapaire[View]
112601364Reminder that Nords and Meds are WEAK. Atlantids are the source of the biggest Empires on earth that…[View]
112600643>mfw listening to scandinavian metal[View]
112599709How popular are this pants in your country?[View]
112601034>British niggas be like 'can you chew this for me?'[View]
112601376HILO LATINO: >Qué están haciendo en una tarde de domingo? Yo estoy tomando café y disfrutando d…[View]
112601218BAN this bigot and his hateful “music.” Sacred cows and chauvinists like him have no place in today’…[View]
112601061Why are Czechs so primitive, aggressive and uncivilized? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxVUfOeKZJc…[View]
112591068Guess her ethnicity.[View]
112601128I wish i was born in the german empire in the late 1800s[View]
112601031>americans be like ' just call me john my father is mr. johnson'[View]
112600791>Toronto Bluejays player slides into Texas Rangers player >Texas player gets mad and punches T…[View]
112600837Do you like these islands?[View]
112593578I actually feel bad for Euros since most of them have never had real Mexican food. In my opinion, it…[View]
112600554holy shit what a shithole[View]
112592638Biking from Austria to Thailand: How do I travel from Austria to Thailand with no documents such as …[View]
112591562How often do you see blonde white girls in your city? Flag Rarely in my university[View]
112595763How do you deal with earning 40k instead of the 50k which is a usual salary for your experience and …[View]
112593445kurva anyátok[View]
1125999511. you're cunt 2. is it full of weebs ?[View]
112600243do Americans really?[View]
112600856>Oui en effet je compte mettre fin à mes jours d'ici les 5 prochaines années comment as tu s…[View]
112592887These countries are now up for grabs: Who gets what?[View]
112599686Quality of life in Poland: I’m an American who works for a global engineering company. We frequently…[View]
112597657/brit/: Holocaust remembrance edition[View]
112577187how do I cope with being from the ugliest race on earth: :([View]
112597778there is cum all over my screen /int/ I just busted to giantess lesbian unbirth[View]
112600662I'm hyped guys[View]
112573164Why do so many people need our women?[View]
112599861Does /int/ listen to radio? flag yes[View]
112596929Did you know indoor toilets didn't become prevalent in Finland until the 1970s[View]
112598804>tfw b*lto-sl*ve it's not fair bros... I could've been a nordic chad…[View]
112595192America? YOU have a gun problem.[View]
112599137Will God give me a girlfriend in the after life? I hate this world because it's full of sufferi…[View]
112599568I worship them: They are my gods[View]
112600001German menace: Why are germans such menace to europe and the rest of the world?[View]
112600377Were the Vikings as subhuman as: Potraied in this series?[View]
112598434Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112575331 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
112595077/polska/: edycja artystyczna[View]
112582478/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Failure edition[View]
112597428Daily reminder, it wad Ronald Reagan who started the whole American Patriotism meme that the country…[View]
112599746Turkish No-Fly zone: Turkish Airforce hit journalists. What next? https://twitter.com/vvanwilgenburg…[View]
112599002You wake up and Scotland looks like this: wat do?[View]
112598345ALERTE: Alerte Macron organizes a special security council at 10pm to take measures against Turkey. …[View]
112587062/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Diogène de Sinope Avant: >>112572351[View]
112596366Why is this allowed?[View]
112590233why are you all twinks[View]
112592717Your country Would I be beaten up in your country if I wore anime clothing?[View]
112599141Why did South Korea embrace waito piggu's jew worship, unlike glorious Japan, which still honor…[View]
112598583I'm CHI but I look Turkish[View]
112598293Do you eat sparrows in your country?[View]
112594607>tfw no tomboy gf[View]
112572181How do Americans, Italians and Spaniards feel about this?[View]
112596433Canadians really do this?[View]
112596016I have to choose to study one of these languages or german. Wich one do you think is easier for an i…[View]
112595754Wow he's just like me...[View]
112578014/مينا/: النسخة الفينيقة[View]
112595795Places you've been to thread. Post map[View]
112593848/sozialismus/ ggf. /deutsch/: Gerechte Ausgabe[View]
112586068>le Swedish paradise meme https://youtu.be/iERLyAxddVE[View]
112598275I absolutely love the single market. Fast delivery, no paperwork, no tax, huge selection. Praise mom…[View]
112593462what is a hasbeen country on your turf you'd like to live in.: This is the flagof the catholic …[View]
112595060What are thugs like in your country?: Does your country have any form of 'thug culture'? In Romania…[View]
112596753Cunt Can girls love girls[View]
112593344fascist boys look like this ???[View]
112597329What happened to our yellow-fever austrian? Did he snap or something?[View]
112597680/brit/: Wind in the willows edition[View]
112597289Praise The Lord Jesus Christ.[View]
112597384The cruelest thing in life is that you can find a woman who doesnt conform to roastie norms, who sha…[View]
112588895Based MED[View]
112587724>your cunt >will you ever experience pic related…[View]
112571803/lat/ - edición bunda[View]
112597308The quintessential unitedstatian movie theater experience[View]
112590805What OS does /int/ use?[View]
112597116>the US government didn't collaborate with Patterson and Gimlin to massacre the entire bigfo…[View]
112593998/brit/: Canary Wharf views edition[View]
112591706Why yes, I always take all the soaps, shampoos, tissues and toilet paper rolls with me after my stay…[View]
1125787171. You are a cunt 2. How tall are you >flag >6'2'…[View]
112595745I’m 25yo and failed at the game of life. All the important moments that I should’ve had are passed. …[View]
112597151I just realized Porter Ridge show is all staged Why the fuck was it on the fucking Discovery Channel…[View]
112594695How do qt korean girls look, without any plastic surgery or heavy cosmetic?[View]
112596265Let's discuss Finnish culture[View]
112590356Why are brazilian men so handsome?[View]
112595213They told me I could be whatever I wanted. So I became fish food.[View]
112596540Why is there so much discrimination against Akariposters?[View]
112591693>you will never have a smirky British gf[View]
112590129If your country was a Pokemon, what would it be?[View]
112579704Is wh*te self-loathing a problem in your country?[View]
112596394My evening meal.[View]
112593169Why do so many asian (Chinese) girls prefer Med BVLLs?[View]
112596507Map of countries where malaria is endemic: Discuss[View]
112595528Where are you?: Roach you cringe retard.[View]
112594474Have I managed to nail the stereotypical irish leprechaun accent? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0bU6al8ShU…[View]
112594449Is the letter in older English prints that often replaces 's' for some reason the same as the archai…[View]
112587679Why are Asian girls so insect like and uncivilized? They either have zero human decency and only car…[View]
112591930Are people in your country generally laid-back?[View]
112593517/skandi/: 'Grod' kväll.[View]
112595775Japanese be like >this water and wind is too spicy *drowning noises*[View]
112595613>americans let their children die painfully of preventable diseases because their churches tell t…[View]
112595726Kurdish social media is not hating on America. Rather they are terrified of who Trump has forced th…[View]
112588643Some of you may already know this, but I wanted to share this with those who don't: https://rad…[View]
112594768Do you have room friends? I just found one.[View]
112593505>Americans beat up their children if they get bad grades[View]
112593248Did the media already forget what happened to the Danish and Norwegian girls in Morocco?[View]
112594336wtf russia is this true?[View]
112592867How do you say 'have sex' in your language?[View]
112593324>Zoomers use Snapchat I don't understand Snapchat[View]
112566942/norgetråden/: Ernst-utgaven Forrige >>112540184[View]
112582072Post yours.[View]
112595610>one chance at life >born indo-uralic anybody else know this feel?…[View]
112595553>动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiana…[View]
112595168>OMG YOU CAN'T LIVE AT YOU'RE PARENTS' EXPENSE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …[View]
112590319Hey, euroanons (or Euronimus, whatever), did you or your relatives had any experience with left and …[View]
112591527Have you prepared for the Indo-European century? You have 80 days left.[View]
112593111Do Norwegian girls look like this?[View]
112592297Do you ever get sad about the quality of the threads on int?[View]
112593569>mfw a non european enters my threads >mfw a non european replies to my posts…[View]
112593374What is it about italians that makes this man so assblasted?[View]
112593528Ask a Canadian incel anything.[View]
112594158>w*men can insult men >w*men calls sexual harassment if you call them a dumb bitch Wh*Te soci…[View]
112581980why are you hate china[View]
112594365Do you play Pool in your country?[View]
112594124Let's play the most autistic game ever:: >Go to Google maps >Calculate the distance from …[View]
112594283Your cunt What's your opinion on vandalism? Sweden It's a based and redpilled activity.[View]
112579230Cooking with ukranon: So, today i deciced to visit an exhibition, there were one non-related stand w…[View]
112594411Why are they so violent?[View]
112594180Lizzy can't simply get away with supporting Brexit. Hail the future English king![View]
112589487You're cute.[View]
112587536what is the worst thing the CIA has done?[View]
112594076Adibou 2[View]
112590862Sverigetråden - Debattupplagan[View]
112588039/brit/: slowthai edition[View]
112590599Why do Latinas call you papi during sex? Is there a cultural reason for this?[View]
112593800/polska/: cunny edycja[View]
112591456/polska/: edycja wiecie kto wiecie w co utwór przewodni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mSX2x_qrxc…[View]
112593420How dare you pollute you fucking worthless piece of shit! You ruined my childhood and my dreams! Bec…[View]
112593444reminder that 4chan was always for normies this site was always for normies, with the occasional fre…[View]
112591696Why are threads about women so popular on /int/?[View]
112586151/Nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ Koemer editie.[View]
112591934>2080 >be Chinese >go to work from the other side of the country to Shanghai, arrive in 5 m…[View]
1125904971. You're a cunt 2. Are you a mutt? >España >Yes, I'm part castil*an, part b*sque an…[View]
112593268> Italian journalists had written that Santiago was a backwater dump where 'the phones don't…[View]
112588099Citizenship: If you are rich would you buy Citizenship? if possible sell it would you sell it?…[View]
112592261Why is this board full of sex obsessed faggots and incels? They can't go one hour without thin…[View]
112591977Why does Spanish sound so much better than French?[View]
112580267Brazilian-Irish gay couple attacked in Ireland Why is Ireland so homophobic? This shit is Russia-tie…[View]
112593106do you love America?[View]
112591854>travel to italy >find yourself in a beautiful beach >this is the first thing you see what …[View]
1125944751. Flag 2. Do you like males? Yes.[View]
112560552kurva anyátok[View]
112592904Why are poltards so obsessed with trannies? I swear they can't go 3 hours without talking about…[View]
112592979Another day in a BRS: https://www.elvocero.com/ley-y-orden/captan-en-v-deo-fatal-balacera-en-el-expr…[View]
112588246R8 your public transport from 1 to 10.[View]
112591548>aaaaaahh why didn't I register winzip after the trial period?[View]
112591342>he actually unironically bought a dna ancestry kit >he posts the results on /int/…[View]
112592754>Error: Ban evasion. Your original ban was for violating Global 2 - Underage User, and expires on…[View]
112592707what went wrong?[View]
112588408Why don't they like us? other countries don't like us, but I feel like it's more bant…[View]
112587919/deutsch/: wü a oide[View]
112592491Am I retarded or do other people have trouble understanding Brits: >Be me >get invited to join…[View]
112589236Why does /pol/ take Uzbekistanis, Syrians, Iranians, Afghans, Armenians, Turks, and Saudi Arabians a…[View]
112592436if youre not vietnamese you were born as the wrong kind of asian[View]
112579958do women's feel good when they do this[View]
112592282Countryballs - /int/: Is countryballs /int/?[View]
112590451Every single part of former Austria-Hungary would be better off if it rejoined, except maybe the Ita…[View]
112592164Yellowstone Zone of Death: The Yellowstone Zone of Death is the name given to the 50 sq mi (129.50 k…[View]
112591504Every time I happen upon an article detailing the dangers of plastic pollution, I buy a 20-pack of p…[View]
112590853This triggers the europoors. Gotta import more africans. :^)[View]
112590994do you like dogs or monkies /int/[View]
112591997do you support this?[View]
112590529Why did the fat stupid american cross the road? To get into the mcdonalds[View]
112590148*sends refugees to your country*[View]
112586013Shut up poor[View]
112591816>girl >brownish skin >medium-length black curly shinny hair >full colorful lips >ful…[View]
112590795It's Canada's special turkey day, please say something nice about us[View]
112576089What country have you been to?: Paint the country you have been in green. https://mapchart.net/detwo…[View]
112590933How do you deal with earning too little considering your education and skills in your country?[View]
112587113Hum,hello anon. How are you?[View]
112587260Heres your seat brah t. low cost airline[View]
112591284Serbian girls are for _______[View]
112591308Hello, I am Thomas Rodriguez Chang. I am a 15th generation Englishman from Maryland. I might have a …[View]
112587586/polska/: edycja wyborcza podedycja srania na tfu demokracje[View]
112591143Quick, name your three (3) favorite foreign national anthems (so not your flag). I'll start: …[View]
112590249Will Japan and South Korea ever legalize gay marriage or even legalize weed? Is this a possibility?[View]
112591268Move yourself You always live your life Never thinking of the future Prove yourself You are the move…[View]
112591129Do most young European guys have MILF moms?[View]
112591234Wageslaves assemble![View]
112590953>My haplogroup? E of course[View]
112580904>you support Israel anon, right?[View]
112589913You wake up in Liverpool[View]
112589506Is it true that Northern Italy is the closest place to paradise on earth ?[View]
112588951My dick is dry, my hearth is bitter and my eyes are moist /int/[View]
112590961Americans love hash browns. Yeah, it's not so good.[View]
112586495Look at him go[View]
112590852Sverigetråden - Pot pol upplagan[View]
112590547I saw on the news today how millenials and zoomera trolling normie boomers on the facebook and socia…[View]
11259074180 days until 2020[View]
112588158How do you guys deal with cuck fantasies? It feels really thrilling when you imagine it but you feel…[View]
112585581/brit/: Hallowe'en edition[View]
112583567What is his ethnicity?[View]
112590589europe, europe watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when we come for you?[View]
112589380Is this true?[View]
112587994/brit/: fast food delivery adverts that innocuously feature white women in committed relationships w…[View]
112590320Cultureless and futureless shithole[View]
112590465how are your plans for this year going?[View]
112588888miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
112575677>If you're white i ain't swapping right Do white girls do this in your cunt?…[View]
112590314Thank you for your service.[View]
112586504Do you want to find love in Thailand?[View]
112586652Us, Europeans.[View]
112589415Gonna play Granada in EU4 Going to do a tall/colonisation game. I'm only going to take back Jae…[View]
112589977Say something you dislike about mexico[View]
112585379>Why yes, this is Gigachad, who is calling?[View]
112587193Us leftbros need to stick together[View]
112589493Nigeria today has the same or more GDP than nazi germany.[View]
112588633Latinoamerica is closest to the traditional old european culture than whatever garbage europe is tod…[View]
112587446would ronaldo be considered a chad in your country? turkey, no[View]
112584147makes you think[View]
112587915Ahhh...Muhammad. I used to pity your *BLORP* non-*BLOOP*huwiteness but ever since discovering my *BL…[View]
112589890You have the power to make an entire generation disappear, which one do you choose? https://www.stra…[View]
112582429/ita/ - il filo: edizione capolavoro genetico russo[View]
112588370Tell me a good movie of your cunt, for me see later[View]
112588869The vast majority of people in India are not lactose intolerant. So who made the meme map where Indi…[View]
112589773How would boys from your country reach if a girl sends them this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
112581544The Japanese stereotype map of Europe: I love Finland and Turkey![View]
112582579>the /int/ faggot poster gets banned on 4chan >he literally opens up pornhub account and sells…[View]
112589089>quintessentially British[View]
112589708First world ponderings on the balkans: From what I’ve experienced, read and learned. The only humans…[View]
1125832311. Your country. 2. Are you happy?[View]
112575331Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112555356 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
112586298SJW destroyed American and Canadian comedy movies and series. Why did you let this happen, North Am…[View]
112587049Belgium used to be that big. Now you know why Belgoids are always angry.[View]
112587854What are they like? How come they never post here?[View]
112589349I don’t give a fuck about countries I’m just here to coom[View]
112582827Sverigetråden - komediupplagan[View]
112586524How often do you see black people in your city?[View]
112585784do they really ?[View]
112587173We took american coffee and made it better You're welcome[View]
112586709The entire population Spain must relocate to your country immediately. What happens?[View]
112589264Everything is your fault and you deserve to die[View]
112587267Carbonara is actually one of the hardest dishes to make. The eggs are either too raw or too cocked m…[View]
112589019Serious question: do you think Poland could add question about race (like in the uk, canada, ireland…[View]
112576976>do whatever you want, anon[View]
112587979/grossdeutsch/ heute leider nur /deutsch/: Einzig wahre Ausgabe[View]
112580272Ojo, cuidao, que la cosa se está poniendo seria.[View]
112588999Is this an accurate representation of an American female prison?[View]
112588913>What? No, that's wrong. Why would you think that?[View]
112588754I'm cute[View]
112588296How did India, despite being more ethnically/religiously diverse than China, successfully transform …[View]
112587448Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
112588458Im Korean and I love it here I think going to get all my relatives here as well.[View]
1125885441 cunt 2 what do women in your country smell like? korea pic related[View]
112587973g-guys *sob* i think i fucked up[View]
112582984i need your advice, b is full of pron, so i'm gonna ask here: so here is the story >my cous…[View]
112586603What kind of meat do Israelis eat?: Do they eat pork?[View]
112583088Why does everyone act like Sweden is a shithole? They never have any arguments either[View]
112585523Did you visit Israel? What did you do here? What was your impression of it?[View]
112588664This is Ecatepec de Morelos A lovely city near Mexico City It's one of the most peaceful and sa…[View]
112567534Are you lactose tolerant?[View]
112588269THOT PATROLLED: China Edition[View]
112588225I hate poor people. I hate how they dress, how they behave, how they're a blight on otherwise n…[View]
112583697Iraqi-born Danish scientist surprised that he is considered White in the US: Recently an Iraqi-born …[View]
112586032Expectation: Ever thought you'd found a soulmate but what you ended up finding is that you…[View]
112588086>Why indeed I'm posting Warsaw images on 4chan to show the greatness of Poland What gave it …[View]
112587752DAMN, North African women look like THIS ??[View]
112588031/brit/: Probs not even gonna post itt just feel like making a new edition[View]
112585513post upper middle class neighborhoods from your cities[View]
112585014who is more central asian?[View]
112587939/so einfach ist das/ ehemals /deutsch/: Bipolare Edition[View]
112587556Things Europeans will never understand[View]
112581684remove romania[View]
112587247>see thread bantering the US >read thread >americans start talking about black people, BLAC…[View]
112540468/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: ancient caturday meme edition[View]
112587741I bought one Christmas so shitty gifts for parents they never want gifts from me.[View]
112583680/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
112587619>zoomers ask girls out trough their cellphones does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
112576817great culture[View]
112583476What’s your country’s capital like: It used to be that DC was a place no one wanted to live, but now…[View]
112587328Fuck Warsaw[View]
112587492/ee/+/lv/+/lt/: thread for discussing estonian, latvian and lithuanian culture post in estonian, lat…[View]
112582809/polska/: edycja brzuszkowa[View]
112579670Can we all agree on this ranking of world regions, from Best down to shittiest?: Northern Europe U…[View]
112579329ask a drunk mexican anything. AMA[View]
112587377Imagine thinking literal bongo niggers from Africa are the equals of masters such as these artists. …[View]
112586026Why is it always latinos that repeat the most retarded rightie talking points? Especially brazilians…[View]
112584709>start online dating >get plenty of messages >it's all niggresses,poos, chinks, flips …[View]
112587189Is your country redpilled or bluepilled?[View]
112586754I am cute.[View]
112586881I don't want to fucking go to work tomorrow[View]
112587031The Seated Woman of Çatalhöyük[View]
112586583Are Lithuanian Baltic or Mongol?[View]
112577378What was your major in the univ or college?[View]
112585715PYBTT: Places you've been to thread. Post map, expand on experiences. Judge other anons' w…[View]
112586795do amerikkkans really believe the earth is flat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7yvvq-9ytE[View]
112582576Do american schools really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHstigtbyGA[View]
112585716What's the meyers brigss of diferent nations here?[View]
112572126>American tanks[View]
112577145/Nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ Leo editie.[View]
112586734Do non-Americans really?[View]
112585730Would it be worth it to visit Canada? It feels weird that they're up there and I've never …[View]
112581613Does this happen in your country?[View]
112586350Swedish niggas be like 'Hallå! My name is Mjölknilsson.'[View]
112574817Are Talk shows a thing in your cunt?: What is even the point of these shows?[View]
112583089PanHispanic Thread (AMA): Yesterday was PanHispanic pride day. So we try to debunk myths about Latin…[View]
112582459/ita/ - il filo: edizione resettone a 5 stelle[View]
112586321*makes an absolutely abhorrent post, further decreasing the quality of the board*[View]
112586361What do people living in the Americas think about United Statensians call themselves Americans and t…[View]
112585917Press S to spit[View]
112586223>What do you mean racketeering is a crime? This is the land of opportunity. I never hurt nobody. …[View]
112585699Why are you hate Sweden?[View]
112586369>Why yes, people my age in my country are getting engaged and starting their real lives while I a…[View]
112584879How do I make my emotions come back? I want to feel things.[View]
112582466Do people do this in your country?[View]
112585751Why doesn't he speak any German?[View]
112586264Thank you for your service[View]
112581948How do we liberate Egypt from white supremacists and give it back to its rightful owners, the BLACK …[View]
112580918/RARE/: only RARE flags are allowed in this thread. i am the exception[View]
112583353What do people call centimeters in daily life? The world 'centimeter' is so many syllables, woah. I…[View]
112586122Is this based or cringe?[View]
112583151Anyone else is getting annoyed by the city life and is thinking about buying a house in a village an…[View]
112585703Me and my dad like watching funny clips on our Chromecast, but he isn't very good at english. W…[View]
1125860041. Country 2. Is sex popular there among young people? Yes. Unfortunately, It’s all most young peopl…[View]
112585998Why do Germans wear G-Star shirts ? They are outdated since mid-2000's.[View]
112567588/tr/: 'ohk hayır türbanlı pilot waifu' edition[View]
112581486Guess my gf's ethnicity[View]
112585761must... rape...[View]
112574504are french the only good looking white people?[View]
112584142Tell me about Cologne, why do its citizens drink watery beer?[View]
112585343it's 21:43 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
112585072Message for Bernds: Kohlchan is up. Please go there. https:// backdoor. kohlchan. net/int/[View]
112581702How long until he becomes caliph?[View]
112584405We have questions for Americans.: Japanese google search autofill Why are Americans: >are friendl…[View]
112583889I am half Armenian, and I wish I was full Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
112584704Kohlchan: What the hell is happening to kohlchan? So some jewrnalists wrote some bullshit about how …[View]
112585291Anyone here LARP like airsofting with halo weapons.[View]
112584600Fasten your leafbelts.[View]
112584438>your cunt >do you drive high 1. Leaf 2. Yes.…[View]
112572351/fr/ - le francofil: Edition gromanche[View]
112581625/eesti and frens (mämmi, latvia, '''''lithuania'''''): Sita ilma edition[View]
112578653Small cities with a population around 50-200k are the best places to live. Discuss.[View]
112582266Im half nordic half med and I look french so therefore french people are only half french[View]
112584520What's a must try dish in your country? Bonus points for specific resturants.[View]
112579098> In 50,000 years due to lunar tides decelerating the Earth's rotation, the day will be one …[View]
112582996Have you ever feel nostalgic watching 80s Hong Kong movie anon?[View]
112584337>why yes I’m an 18-year old Dutch male, what gave it away?[View]
112585053are you more into men/women within or outside your race? not meant to be a racist thread, just curio…[View]
112582208Flag Do you love Spain Argentina Yes, I love España[View]
112582803Is the scenery in Half-Life 2 Episode 2 based off of Romania?[View]
112584232Why do grown Americans dress like they're 8 years old?[View]
112584211/mex/: vivimos en una sociedad egoista. Un dia tipico en mi rancho miado. ¿Gael Bernal es chanero?…[View]
112584326Why are Turks so based?[View]
112583718>Error: Ban evasion. Your original ban was for violating /int/ 1 - Off-Topic, International Cultu…[View]
112573753/mämmi/: Mike ”Nurmion” Lanki-painos[View]
112583622Post the view from your window right now r8 others[View]
112580242This is who you are talking to when addressing a Norwegian user. Be gentle please[View]
112582661Welcome to the Netherlands, please enjoy our cousine.[View]
112582735>fuck off we're full[View]
112577072How true is this in your country? American here. Yes sadly.[View]
112583899do you guys think i can pass off as an english person online? here we go: wagwn wagwn BIG UP UB2 END…[View]
112582414>Why yes, Im Vietnamese, how could you tell?[View]
112583107>raptur happens >your entire cunt gets left behind Tf you do?…[View]
112583265tell me about this cat[View]
112582557Which European country have the hottest face admixture?[View]
112583530You wake up in Liverpool[View]
112583585>Teutons BTFO >Prussians BTFO >Nazis BTFO Berlin taken TWICE by Russians, both in 1760 and …[View]
112583453Do you agree that Anglo-Irish chicks are top tier? Both the English and Irish. They are very attract…[View]
112582547Great Sunday morning. Post your breakfast lads.[View]
112581561What do you think about commitment, fidelity and adultery? Have you ever been cheated on or cheated …[View]
112578803>perfect Europe doesn't exi.....[View]
112583164Why do Russians and Ukranians like him so much?[View]
112582315Based Afghanistan[View]
112582860We are not the same.[View]
112583113Why do people value their lives like on some fucking crystal pedestal? I laugh when I hear normies t…[View]
112582814What makes someone Canadian?[View]
112579313/brit/: mr. president edition[View]
112582728It's unfair how white people are better looking than everybody else The best looking gook will …[View]
112576670/ita/ - il filo: edizione 2 cazzi[View]
112581259wtf wypipo good guys???: >Members of the Canadian national rugby team volunteered to clean up san…[View]
112581652In which countries women like med phenotype the most? Asking for a friend[View]
112582632Yanks dominate entertainment media What are euros doing show us cultural power[View]
112582825Sverigetråden - Skämtarupplagan: Jag hoppas att min död känns mer överlagd än mitt liv[View]
112582820Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
112578456>Eggs? For BREAKFAST? Get out of my country![View]
112577716Why is racism against blacks in America such a controversial issue while people are free to hate on …[View]
112578681Oh god, why is China such a shithole. Watch till end to see all the horrors of Chinese communism and…[View]
112581355What do Russians think about black people? Can you understand what this person is saying? https://ww…[View]
112572776Should Prague be the capital of the EU?[View]
112581577Libra boys like myself should be given gfs on principal. We’re kind, loyal, very just, honest and ex…[View]
112582353What are memes in your country like?: Zoomer humor is getting so weird I don’t even know what’s goin…[View]
112580391I don't know the reason, but today I 'll put a loli image because it seems like a loli day[View]
112580836First world perspectives on the Balkans: From what I’ve experienced, read and learned. The only huma…[View]
112544495/asean/: 'The world needs more religious iconography turned into anime.' edisi alternatively Weeb ed…[View]
112582120>'Not that guy, but..' >actually am that guy…[View]
112577524>tfw gf (Chinese) just made me (white) combination fried rice feels good man…[View]
112576381/polska/: edycja eksplodowania w czternastoletnim łonie[View]
112582265Was it that bad a place to live in the 50s-70s if you weren't interested in politics?[View]
112582279Every day I curse God for not making me Japanese[View]
112582240Albanians > Slavshits[View]
112574402>Your cunt >Can it be wiped out by america within 30 seconds? Flag, yes.…[View]
112579429What is the dating scene like in your country?[View]
112578928>wanna know how I escaped Iraq? Iran.[View]
112577800Finally I can't post with a flag that won't get bullied[View]
112575503>White people don't know how to use spices. I'm pretty sure McCormick is a white name. …[View]
112578896Japanese religion[View]
112562408/cum/: Anti-racism edition[View]
112582067Hello. It is Sunday. What are you doing, what have you done, and what will you do?[View]
112579236>Oh god yes this is it! This is the isle. I'm gonna- hhnnnggggg *bbrap* I'M GONNA HHHHH…[View]
112580527>hmmm looks like i need a name for my character in this MMORPG game >xxxWingedHussarPLxxx…[View]
112578646I'm thinking Scandinavian girls are for me.[View]
112581818Wtf do Americans really look like this??[View]
112581695>germanic master race Really gets you thinking...[View]
112581335Is this what Mexicans would look like on a healthy diet?[View]
112581871Une prière lointaine que porte le vent du soir Anime les feuilles dans leur danse alanguie. C'e…[View]
112573842Skinny horn-of-Africa women...[View]
112580915is kiryu jomon[View]
112581242Who is your greatest ally?[View]
112578185>You talking shit about Prussia bro?[View]
112570593How did America get this bad?: https://youtu.be/mb4n7sddVsU >neighbor notices door open >calls…[View]
112562009/v4/ + friends: Friendship stays triumphant edition[View]
112580773Tell us about your grandma, /int/. >Italian-American >Cooked really good food >Bought us l…[View]
112581252>heil Evropa[View]
112580985Your opinion on Shaina?[View]
112579252>Another weekend >ANOTHER family killed by an Albanian with a rocket launcher…[View]
112575821do you want to find love in America?[View]
112577722>Finnish academics[View]
112581271The 500 pound elephant in the room: how the fuck are THOSE chan boards still up???[View]
112581212>shut up, fat[View]
112580035https://youtube.com/watch?v=eB7qKbZWoWk Does feminism exist in your country? How do women that brand…[View]
112581177I am a 6'5' Mexican. In Mexico I'm 9.9/10 the tallest person in the room. In the states I …[View]
112576299Sverigetråden - Caddeupplagan: Cadde[View]
112576986my gf is fat and she just keeps eating massive amounts of everything yesterday she ate chicken, not …[View]
112578958This kills the yuropoor[View]
112574576I occupy your mind for hours a day, just think about it![View]
112567669is it only white men who like to be babied by their women?: snuggled cuddled lap-pillowed with their…[View]
112579334/brit/: le monke edit'[View]
112579240How did Spain get away with being fascist while Germans and Italians were being vilified?[View]
112580802>10 CUTE & WHOLESOME Pokedex Entries[View]
112580896>yo soy[View]
112580894>hey, that's WHATABOUTISM![View]
112572820/mena/: Everyone is welcome, Arab or not! But if you're a fascist incel, then you can die an…[View]
112580499Can Turks criticise ErDÖGan or will he kill them?[View]
112571247How do we solve this problem?[View]
112580182Princess: Which country has most beautiful princess?[View]
112576488/brit/: holy mother of peng edition[View]
112578181Is this the situation in your country? Here is it thanks to liberals and 'no child left behind'.[View]
112580564bitch ass nigga[View]
112574885cool statues from your flag[View]
112579857Ah yes, The Democracy Project™[View]
112579838Any news on Kohlchan?[View]
112571966Have you ever come face to face with an American and lived to tell the tale?[View]
112577257I hope China colonises and muttficate africans. It's the only way for Africa to stop being shit…[View]
112579799mmmmmh... ill build my sentry in the intel room[View]
112575273>b-but /pol/ told me that Muslims breed like rats and have at least 8 kids each!!!…[View]
112580091I saw my ancestors at the museum yesterday. Never saw so many black people at an exhibition before, …[View]
112579941>Dick >Willy >Rod >Roger >Johnson >John Thomas…[View]
112571873When did you realize French cuisine is the best in the entire world?[View]
112577748>a fucking chicken[View]
112570596How do I make friends? I have nobody[View]
112578345This was peak aesthetic borders, prove me wrong. Pro tip: you cannot.[View]
112579585>you have to go back[View]
1125750286.5x more viet men marry slav girls than vice versa: LOL aznidentity was right? AMWF naturally happe…[View]
112579676Would you play it, /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYHAvo2JNkA[View]
112579424Why are there so many fucking Italians in this country? They have that shitty NY 'ey yo goombah' acc…[View]
112578936Is this a nutritious meal in the eyes of americans?[View]
112579168Post something LGBT.[View]
112579254Why do southern people use feminine-sounding first names for males? I have a cousin in Texas named K…[View]
112579420so we can't get girlfriends[View]
112559201I feel bad for Euros not having access to much authentic Mexican food[View]
112579397/lat/: hilo latino edicion vulgarcito es mejor que la basura de monas chinas.[View]
112579070What do white chunks in Turkey, Iran and Lebanon pie chart represent? It's not listed in map…[View]
112561089Post stereotypes of you country that are true. I'll go first. All flips are friendly and bros a…[View]
112575358OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
112573507This is what my ideal gf looks like. Thoughts?[View]
112576682Could Lord of the Rings be an allegory to what Europe is currently going though?: https://youtu.be/F…[View]
112576524You will never be a world superpower if you stay with the EU.[View]
112578106Where do I go looking for jobs in Europe? I want to go abroad for a year. Don't really care wha…[View]
112578849Why is is such a problem and what can we do to help them?[View]
112577780>see chad/soyjak thread >begin giggling like a retard >the more meta and absurd the thread,…[View]
112575628Would you wear this?[View]
112578546>be american >turn 18 >parents abandon you >get shot…[View]
112573228Do you want to be hugged by a russian girl?[View]
112569926Imagine shilling for the EU.[View]
112578074online poland defence force is here[View]
112578328the Portuguese are genetically closer to Africa and are not wh*te[View]
112578393thank you for your sorbiz[View]
112577182These are 'white' Americans in 2019: Let that sink in. They look med.[View]
112573684When 70% of finns say they are able to hold a conversation in English, this is what they mean. https…[View]
112578333Spaniard here. I'm considering the possibility of moving to Canada. Has anyone done it? How was…[View]
112572557So that's why Northern Europeans are so cold and distant.[View]
112574087Do you want to find love in Korea?[View]
112578403Do Americans really?[View]
112577712How do I make this board stop rotating my photos?[View]
112569538Meds are genuinely another (lesser) race. I really don't know why they won't fuck off back…[View]
112568464Imagine using some other silly plug, I try not to.[View]
112565436What's their culture again?[View]
112578111I just want it back bros...[View]
112576846what do you think of the new israeli-kurdish alliance: I wish them nothing but good luck[View]
112578038>hispanics be all like yes we are super manly now if you don't mind us we need to watch a sp…[View]
112574948Fuck Sweden[View]
112578170Tour de France Radio Tour information Transmission television Reportage sur moto Camera, video et ph…[View]
112576002what thought do you associate with this person?[View]
112577949>same time in Moscow as in Bucharest >different time in Budapest This shit is such a meme.…[View]
112578144>mommy i poopoo :([View]
112563837/عرب/+/مينا/: طبعة التجديد بعد الفشل الذريع ل/مينا/ الانجليزي قررت ان اصنع طبعة عربية هادئة حرة من ا…[View]
112575805Which country does that white and blue flag we captured belong to?: I captured the flag and tried to…[View]
112577225Only first world countries with average dick sizes of 6 inch and above are allowed itt[View]
112577965Could this white woman from Rio de Janegro pass as a local in Algeria??[View]
112577477https://www.wikihow.com/Boil-Water-in-the-Microwave https://www.quora.com/Do-Americans-actually-micr…[View]
112572488/deutsch/: pipi pupu[View]
112570012whats the meaning of life as an european?[View]
112575723why does this cute boy look subhuman next to cristiano ronaldo and sergio ramos[View]
112577553It's over: My town is now majority Hispanic for the first time ever. You were right Europeans, …[View]
112566244What happened to Macron's 'Jupiterian' presidency? Is he living up to the hype?[View]
112568738why are there many inmigrants in Spain?: the economy is a shit but all of them come here, why?…[View]
112577109not so full of yourself now, are you? >neigh.. lol[View]
112575611Fuck anglos.[View]
112576767Why people use mongoloid as an insult? I would be proud to be mongoloid[View]
112559715/nederdraad/: Ja wie niet logisch man.[View]
112566699There's a new poster behind this flag that I think has autism. As in real autism in not underst…[View]
112569157He's right you know[View]
112573997>your country >are you attracted to Asian girls Flag Fuck no, they all look like insects, Euro…[View]
112568242What does this country even do in 2019 apart from striking? Is France the most irrelevant 'big…[View]
112577036Post your favorite Klassik Deutscher Volksmusik: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MfgoWNCs_0…[View]
112575914Why do British people think that cavalry is stupid?[View]
112575586>NOOOOOOOO AI will take away our jobs!![View]
112577074mongol invaders[View]
112576588They're just Autonomous French povinces[View]
112576041Daily reminder that...: The REAL Statue de la Liberté is in FRANCE, PARIS and is FREE to visit, whil…[View]
112567237Why do americans overlook class-related issues in favour of low-hanging racial ones?[View]
112576948I'm okay now I gave up the love: But why does the tear fall from my eyes[View]
112574336DAY 1000! GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 1000![View]
112574497Objectively not med. Stop calling them meds.[View]
112575909faces of /int/[View]
112559403/ita/ - il filo: Edizione per cominciare bene la domenica[View]
112576170We're sending our best[View]
112573907/brit/: yummy mummy edition[View]
112576197https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:Portuguese_terms_derived_from_Arabic https://en.wiktionary.o…[View]
112575206Hol up, White people are... nice!? White pigs volunteer to help clean up after typhoon. https://twit…[View]
112573375Chinese Colonization of Australia is a good thing: It will raise their IQ by about 10 point. Austral…[View]
112574114Why do foreigners constantly oppose Southern to Northern France when the real opposition is between …[View]
112573491Do you want to find cute love in Norway?[View]
112569648/polska/: edycja wróżkarska motyw przewodni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Vt0UGwmgQ[View]
112575689fuck you int motherfucker kill yourself.[View]
112574989We are going to die first bros: I still wouldn't want to a female. Repeat after me: Fuck women.…[View]
112573724What the fuck is their problem?[View]
112572189Kaliningrad thread: Do Russians care about Kaliningrad? Do they like it because of its proximity to …[View]
112570833For me, it's a Moka pot coffee, the best way to start the day[View]
112575484>if i were american i wouldn't be a kissless virgin right now females in america are so outg…[View]
112555356Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112521395 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
112573780Do you think..: The differences between American and the European mentalities are too big to be reco…[View]
1125751001. you know what you are ? that's right you are a mother's your cunt 2. how many money do …[View]
112575238Americans.....: >Americans.....[View]
112563624Is Greta white /int/?[View]
112574915If South Americans worked harder then they wouldn't be so poor.[View]
112573903If you could live in America at any decade, which one would it be ?: I’d choose the 1970s, super kin…[View]
112575096what flavor do you associate with this color?[View]
112575115>tfw you can't charm an asian qt, because you're short and have brown eyes why even liv…[View]
112570796What's the most popular messaging app in your country?: Fren told me that WhatsApp is only bein…[View]
112566651How much does it cost to cut your hair: in your count? In here, it costs about 10dollars[View]
112567280why aren't east asians considered white? Their skin is actually white, north/ east europeans ar…[View]
112574721Okay what the fuck is up with all of these Asian women threads and anti-white to Asian women threads…[View]
112570004Faces of /int/: I'll start[View]
112570083From Today's march on Paris[View]
112571829Why is Neanderthal used as a slur against whites by minorities? Weren't the neanderthals the mo…[View]
112572723Why do people search this[View]
112572842A Swedish girl comes up to you and says 'How dare you?!' How do you respond?[View]
112572829How do /int/ feel with Japs attempt at reinventing real historical figures and gods/goddesses into s…[View]
112572887Only the best of /int/ humour[View]
112573179What are some things that make your countrymen go: REEEEEEEEEEEE pic related for Italy[View]
112573639I just got back from diving an old 18th century shipwreck. While I was there I found a jar with old…[View]
112573322What countries do you love?[View]
112574296Do americans really do this?: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/05/18/1-trends-and-patterns-in-in…[View]
112573135>when a wh*Toid on 4chins lectures you on family values[View]
112574531/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hangover sunday ekdosis[View]
112565888is ukraine the best country to live in? >everything is cheap >the hottest and the most beautif…[View]
112570089What is the most popular bread in your country? Rye bread here, no contest.[View]
112573232/Lat-Hispania/ - El Hilo: Edición Húngara del Kurva[View]
112574211This is the ideal male appearance.[View]
112573294Isn't this going a bit far? I know the French like to savour their meals but people have to wor…[View]
112570003Is it safe to be gay in Poland?[View]
112571085family tree thread[View]
112573971what's the nastiest, most overrated city in US and why is it new york?[View]
112571884Average Australian Music Group[View]
112571714They out here smashin up my local train station...I'm scared bros...[View]
112570996/brit/: Medieval edish[View]
112557733Sverigetråden - Trollkarlsupplagan: Breva inte i bögarnas skittråd[View]
112573891Shame on trump for abandoning them when they needed him the most.[View]
112573888> Some dogs are doggos, some are puppers, and others may even be pupperinos. There are corgos and…[View]
112573072ITT: sketches from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AAX_wFvPAg Bonus points if they…[View]
112570825Got banned for spending this on Japanese Typhoon Youtube live broadcast[View]
112573781how do you feel about this white boys?[View]
112573710>Mexico Gore[View]
112566424/mämmi/: Tämän neuvon noudattaminen ei auttanut minua-painos[View]
112571249Hey, Sweden, this is a pretty cool flag actually Why don't you switch to it?[View]
112566444Is your country irreparably fucked?: Regardless of preconceptions of race, Sudan is fucked because i…[View]
112560558‘It feels like discrimination,’ Kelly from Belgium said. ‘It makes me angry. It’s just not fair. The…[View]
112573248do you love canada?[View]
112570201Is it okay to watch anime in your country if you are an adult? It isn't here.[View]
112573325i would fight for them[View]
112562205/balk/: Morning 2b feeling edition[View]
112569971Why is the birth rate so high here[View]
112573090Stop disrespecting women, int! This goes for all countries, specially europeans![View]
112567136Why do all people here are good at English: except for me[View]
112573131>No kyllä, olen kotoisin Suomesta (Finland), mista tiesit[View]
112572238>When a foreigner watches Bald and Bankrupt, uses words like Liberashka, supports Putin, thinks r…[View]
112572921>Duolingo? Memrise? Rosetta Stone? >Nah bro, for me İts Learn German with Jenny on YouTube…[View]
112564999Thoughts on WFAF?[View]
112564705Why do have so much ego compared to rest of SE Asian?[View]
112570073Did you know that 1/4 of Norwegian adults believe in ghosts?[View]
112572141>paying for listening to music vide spotify >paying for the opportunity to watch series from o…[View]
112572718Biji kurdistan[View]
112572101>On their first visit to Cologne in January 882, after tough negotiations, Cologne paid a fortune…[View]
112569381Why are americans like this?[View]
112570273>Christ of nations Imagine actually thinking that's a good thing.[View]
112565463So this guy just married the finest chick of our country, and perhaps the finest chick of the entire…[View]
112569417do they really eat this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EixpnQRC2hw[View]
112571641Hello. You've reached the 'unjust my shit' hotline. How may I be of service?[View]
112570360Did this guy become a serial killer?[View]
112566465Why are Ukrainians so unbearable? Russian opinions welcomed[View]
112571758Is she Jewish?[View]
112558269>brazil is not first worl- woah... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISYnwDTyd7M…[View]
112569201Immigrant appreciation thread:: I find it kinda funny how, if an eastern european makes fun of the w…[View]
112563406Do chinese really?[View]
112570347>Humans? Obsolete.[View]
112571795>Here is your cheese bro[View]
112563957ITT we ask the question: What’s the world’s most overrated tourist city?[View]
112570612>Russian Dash Cam Car Crash Compilation 2018[View]
112567375Riiiiii, ehemals /deutsch/: pünktliche Nostalgie Ausgabe[View]
112570795From todays march on Stockholm[View]
112570701Wtf guys: I remember back in the days when I was young, my friends used to say something like: 'look…[View]
112570482Post the most stereotypical Anglos you got. I'll start.[View]
112568485>good guys that lost[View]
112569144No title: .[View]
112565985>White men are responsible for 33% of rapes in Korea despite being a very tiny minority (<1%) …[View]
112567274Do most young European guys have MILF moms?[View]
112568970Guess my ethnicity based on my profile silhouette.[View]
112564071good morning anons...[View]
112568052/brit/: fuck yanks edition[View]
112567204What's with Europeans and their tranny/lgbt/cuckold movies with unsimulated sex? pic related, S…[View]
112569744Why do Western men do this?[View]
112556565/fr/ - francofil: Édition L'intégration au Québec Ancien: >>112543356[View]
1125677782019 Nation Brand rank: Agree? https://brandfinance.com/knowledge-centre/reports/brand-finance-natio…[View]
112570589From today's march on Sydney[View]
112563689There is this weird phenomenon in Oslo city - Norway with people who set cars on fire every day. Do …[View]
112569007What are the gender roles in your country? Women: Sex, make babies, cook, clean Men: Go outside to w…[View]
112568750>tfw no culture[View]
112565857When will he and his whole family die in an 'accident'?[View]
112565464>why yes I am 15% English, 12% Irish, 13% Italian, 17% Mexican, 16% Polish, 18% Eritrean, 11% Che…[View]
112568226If left out of sight of daddy America, we turn socialist, authoritarian and start wars that kill mil…[View]
112570489Do Americans really? https://radio.garden/listen/success-radio-usa/a5B91Ihn[View]
112570428/r/ Random: Share your random thoughts here.[View]
112562266What does your country excel at?[View]
112570375like this thread if you love your mom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGbUsgG_48k[View]
1125698742019 Nation Brand rank: kek britain. Where's Sweden though, thought they were hot shit? guess n…[View]
112565302Is it abnormal to have a pathological hatred of your countrymen?[View]
112568579Why is Duolingo so shit?[View]
112569867I'll nver kiss a girl[View]
112569451Are girls kissing common in your country?[View]
112569471What's the Denmark of your cunt?[View]
112568549What is the best beer in the world?[View]
112568673The middle east fixed[View]
112569966Whatever happened to that butthurt Greek that kept making threads about me?[View]
112564730What are they planning?[View]
11256744019 days[View]
112564801I can't sleep because I'm afraid of ghosts[View]
112569668>No I will not bite off that seal of that cartridge!!! It had been treated with cow fat and I can…[View]
112561091/polska/: wstawać chuje[View]
112562070How do you deal with the warm feelings you get when this flag posts in your thread?[View]
112563935I thought Germany is Turkish colony or is it Kurdish colony?[View]
112569460>taking this board seriously Lmaoing at you fags[View]
112541223pybt: places you've been to thread evaluate your experiences abroad[View]
112558294What /int/ think about thick girls?[View]
112565070English language mastery: To English speakers for whom English wasn't their first language: Is …[View]
112563583I might get a maccies breakfast lads[View]
112557550Swedish women look like carrots to me.[View]
112566309I'll never see a naked girl sleeping in my bed after sweaty sex[View]
112567517woha, british people eat that ??[View]
112569193>your cunt >do you believe imperialist lies regarding the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Pat…[View]
1125691862022 IRA bomb London: We respond by taking no shit this time and immediately carpet bomb Dublin and …[View]
112569105>And now you do what they told ya >And now you do what they told ya >But now you do what th…[View]
112565362Ciao italiani: Dimmi cosa significa essere una persona italiana. Sono di america. Magari non parlo p…[View]
112564247I remember my grandma used to say that honey was the best thing against sore and pained throats. My …[View]
112565388You are now a Kurd politician. How would you successfully unite this territory under a Kurdish flag?[View]
112556291/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/: nacht(schicht)edition ich hau mich hin nachti b…[View]
112568743What forms this mindset?[View]
112567083I want a Japanese gf every day without one is suffering does this happen in your country?[View]
112566221Why doesn't Germany return what's rightfully ours?: You want to prove to the French that t…[View]
112568598Does this sound like proper English to you or does it feel like it's trying way too hard to sou…[View]
112568664>tfw swarthy dark blue eyes instead of white light blue eyes[View]
112565059Should this be a country?[View]
112567209ITT: Countries you know the thread is going to be absolutely retarded when they're OP[View]
112565768Libyans look like THIS?[View]
112565024Are there any mysterious unsolved deaths in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOOqmuEzR…[View]
112560690Why do asians live in these literal insect hives? They're even worse than commieblocks[View]
112565311She denied my follow request[View]
112568185Cultural exchange.[View]
112568250china korea hypocrites: Why do they call Japanese war criminals? Do they not remember what both of t…[View]
112564667/brit/: Titian edition[View]
112564686/brit/: Shan't be using that gay yank's thread edition[View]
112546672What's the ugliest, nastiest city in your country, /int/?[View]
112560711Why doesn't Scandanavia unite as one country? It would help secure Viking culture for sure.[View]
112566460How do Austrians percieve neighbouring countries? Do they feel superior/inferior to any of them?[View]
112567565>Number plates in Belgium are driver specific, meaning that they are transferred to a new vehicle…[View]
112567384HAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHA https://youtu.be/K73axenxJuw[View]
112561448What do you guys think about North Korea?: NOT SOUTH BUT NORTH Be honest[View]
112567610>go to /int/ and expect discussion about language, countries and culture >... >braindead ge…[View]
112564128What do they eat?[View]
112559707I wish Portugal colonized all of Malaysia instead of Britbong[View]
112565557Я пoпaл нa эвeнт oппoзиции: Пилю кyлcтopи. Bчepa я нeчaяннo пoпaл нa эвeнт oппoзиции, этo пиceц тoвa…[View]
112563303>boring >insecure >unattractive this is why i don't have a girlfriend…[View]
112557606freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hooong koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong[View]
112565991I will eat palt today. How to make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8N1F-gMTmU[View]
112562396Why are Americans being so bullied ? In starting to feel dead for them :([View]
112565893Faces of /int/: Let's have this thread lads, here's me, I am currently transitioning. Do I…[View]
112564527Soon I will migrate to Canada. And I do not know how it will be possible to explain to people where …[View]
112566995what do you think will happen when a generation of boys will be raised by single mother feminists? i…[View]
112565099Which one is safer?[View]
112565096Could we update the danish/german border to be here, thank you.[View]
112567164Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya'?[View]
112555628This is Future President of France: Say something nice about him[View]
112561415la creatura...[View]
112562401>you must wait 10 seconds before posting a reply[View]
112565431>I suffer in south Italy[View]
112566947Flag Do you believe in Candlejack? Hung[View]
112562974how do i watch: I want to watch a japanese movie but I don't know how to watch it. I want to wa…[View]
112565107Why are Japs so good at making cartoons compared to other countries?[View]
112564073Japanese girls: We can all agree that Japanese girls are beautiful. Post beautiful Japanese girls IT…[View]
112566664Why do all italians look like Valentino Rossi[View]
112565180is there any place on earth that isn't infested by globedrones?[View]
112561230Shut up fat.[View]
112565097What are the most American names you've ever seen?: For me, it's Scott Israel.[View]
112559233YOU FUCKING LIED TO ME /int/: I just found out that all the non-green countries on this map REQUIRE …[View]
112565776why do american girls look like elves?[View]
112566193Do they really keep doing that thing with the bull?[View]
112561613This country fascinates me. I just wish it didn't have so many people.[View]
112543010/mämmi/: Paidaton painos[View]
112562629culture pals /cp/: bump edition Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers used to meet equ…[View]
112564089Free Honk Honk[View]
112559660small town people: Post notable citizens from your small town. Big city dwellers stay out. >the o…[View]
112564217Imagine basing your identity on how you're not your neighbor.: Justin bieber >Ethnicity: Fre…[View]
112564899>Oh god yes this is it! This is the isle. I'm gonna- hhnnnggggg *bbrap* I'M GONNA HHHHH…[View]
112563836/mena/: The Arabian Gulf Edition[View]
112563102I have been waiting CCP massacring us for half of year. when they come? https://youtu.be/ryqGOGig_AI[View]
112564995The average American couple in 2019: Let that sink in.[View]
112565588Phuong is the owner[View]
112562339>30+ threads about america in the catalog mentioned[View]
112565215T*RKEY DELENDA EST: t*rkey must be destroyed you are worst t*rk. you are the t*rk idiot you are the …[View]
112562926why are australians like this?[View]
112560258How many counties of Florida can you name?[View]
112561825i hate my shitty country and im going to kill myself in 4 years[View]
112565303>Assad must go! Fuck him! Syria needs democracy! Also fuck Turks for attacking the based Kurds! K…[View]
112563057why do brown people do this?[View]
112563960>A fucking question mark[View]
112562462Who are the best and most well behaved non-white minority in your cunt?[View]
112560156/balt/: B poт вac вceх eбaл, гocпoдa, eдишoн[View]
112563731So.. is he going to build the wall or not? I was excited[View]
112565013whiter than thou...[View]
112559030>America's oldest ally? You mean the French?[View]
112564921Yes I do post on /int/ How could you tell?[View]
112564598Any similar mindless games to pllay while listening to music like picrel?[View]
112563158I've had sex I've had numerous girlfriends I get hit on by random girls I have a group of …[View]
112562616/brit/: chebs edition[View]
112564663Daily reminder that western media desperately wants to inculcate girls with ideas of 'latent…[View]
112562309Why do they breed like fucking rats? They're going to single-handedly destroy the fucking plane…[View]
112559616If you could choose to mix 2 countries to create a single, superior one, which would you choose?: I…[View]
112562822I've had these for breakfast again today[View]
112562740Isn't it weird how back in the day (90's- early 00's) everyone was optimistic about t…[View]
112563716Circumcision is genital mutilation. Brown people are absolutely idiotic for mutilating their childre…[View]
112559892NOOOO: AMERICA ES BLANCO!!![View]
112563032do Americans really send their lawn out to be cut[View]
112563016>arab niggas be like 'hello i'm muhammad. this is my father, muhammed, and my brother, moham…[View]
112562492Meanwhile in japan....WTF: >Typhoon >Sewer backflow >poo + urine + food trash >Imagine t…[View]
112563440I just saw a group of older croatian catholics pass by my window on their way to St. Paul's chu…[View]
112564292>cheating at the Paralympics Do Spaniards really?[View]
112564177is this what the typical austrian looks like?[View]
112563353>Afghanistan >fgh >kazakhstan >khst…[View]
112557228Hilo /lat/ANO: Hilo Sinarquista[View]
112562231Reminder for mutts[View]
112561458How did you learn english? Do many people speak english in your country? Does speaking english get…[View]
112561393BASED Edmonton: https://globalnews.ca/news/6023901/edmonton-escooters-arson-vandalism/ >Alexandra…[View]
112563325why do brits think that >oim from ingerland m8 teehee god save the queen i love tea is a good sub…[View]
112562353Why is that bulgarian anon so obsessed with 'amerisharts'? Did he get bullied or what?[View]
112560798So what happened to KC?[View]
112563792OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
112562278Always was Always will be Aboriginal land[View]
112561497w-w-wo-would I pass as a local in ur cunt?[View]
112560887worst posters on /int/: >loud >fat >stupid >overly opinionated about topics he doesn…[View]
112563690Discussion (serious): Why are americans such stupid, raging fatties?[View]
112563595Back in the day based latino posters would show wh*tebois their place but yesterday it was nothing b…[View]
112563010how's police in ur coontry[View]
112563602I.t.t we post old times wisdom from our country “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say a…[View]
112562132gordo estúpido[View]
112561645Japan are you OK?: Are you ok Japan?[View]
112563520Hey anon, have a nice international day! Reminder that today you have a good reason to go to a churc…[View]
112563513What's the first nursery rhyme Americans learn? Duck and cover[View]
112561235From todays march on tunis[View]
112560338>Why did the American cross the road? >To get away from the mass shooting…[View]
112527309/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Nando Moura desconvidado por Eduardo Bolsonaro de Congresso Conservado…[View]
112563432Falmenderit Nuk Kuptoi albanian. I'm trying to learn this langauge, whats your favorite thing …[View]
112561648Straight up embarrassing lmao https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lithuanian_inventions https://e…[View]
112563114Do Japanese really do this?[View]
112562043Fini > Haribo[View]
112552840/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Real edition edition[View]
112562975imagine not being from Luxembourg[View]
112563296Sex Life Challenges: The Finnish Case: Sex Life Challenges: The Finnish Case. Osmo Kontula. Internat…[View]
112559826Post >yfw an amerishart posts on your board[View]
112561175>I'm American and my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaaaap* my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaap* this for…[View]
112560115Why do frenchoid make such good incel music https://youtu.be/S_xH7noaqTA[View]
112563104I was born so called 'jewish' but I don't believe in it: I hate judaism and all other religions…[View]
112559416WTF I hate Japan now, do you?[View]
112553263A black woman was shot and killed by police inside her own home early Saturday morning in Fort Worth…[View]
112562958Well hello there Serfie. Are you toiling hard? I wanted to thank you for serving King and God so wel…[View]
112562053Why do amerisharts hate school shooting jokes? Cos it's always too soon[View]
112561201Does your cunt's captial have a theme song?: Austria Yes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MTlSjRM…[View]
1125583661. Your cunt 2. Does it snow where you live? >California >No…[View]
112562775I don't understand money, it confuses the shit out of me: At the end of the day it's all a…[View]
112562399Italian food is over rated[View]
112558613Why are they so autistic ?[View]
112562179There is literally nothing wrong with soy milk[View]
112562544How popular is Magic the Gathering in your country?[View]
112562086>Insult my country will ya? Well you sit right there and hang on while I navigate to C:/Users/Soy…[View]
112562628Any drunk man here? Me? I'm drunk.[View]
112557350Stroma laser released some results Soon we'll all have blue eyes for 5k[View]
112562426>when I see a european flag[View]
112560818breed with a fertile woman[View]
112561123>Can make fun of Amerimutts with my fellow /int/ bros Feels good man[View]
112558325/brit/: Sorley Maclean[View]
112562100Scientists and mathematicians from your country: Who is your favorite scientist or mathematician fro…[View]
112559701>executed every godless anarchist within its borders >Spain is still a leftist shithole what c…[View]
112557138What are your favourite stereotypes /int/?[View]
112561542Dios mio ... El Cerdo-Hombre ...[View]
112540184/norgetråden/: Storelgen-utgave (med banner) Forrige: >>112502460 >>112502460 >>11…[View]
112560310American architecture.[View]
112561097*fat gargling noises*[View]
112561812Where in the UK can I experience a Mediterranean-esque atmosphere?[View]
112562164stupid dumbass[View]
112562168>LIVING RENT FREE Can't even tell what living is like because of all the clogged arteries, f…[View]
1125519571. ur cunt 2. ur height Mexico 1.65m (5'5in)[View]
112558248Is it popular in your cunt?: Parasite[View]
112562108Truth: Western Anonymous Girls Asking Questions On The Internet: >omg I finally got my bf to get …[View]
112562106im gonna kill all candians: fucken hate them youknow fuck this country lol[View]
112560912OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
112560404Would you let me stay at your home if i visit your country?[View]
112560542finally, the amerishart flag being put to good use.[View]
112561818Shush, rotund[View]
112559263ITT: things that kill brits[View]
112556516>Be African >Get conquered by a bunch of baguettes >They force their language on you >Yo…[View]
112561257*sharts on your board*[View]
112560603I think it's cute[View]
112560881>'Not that guy, but..' >actually am that guy…[View]
112558380What do these colors remind you of?[View]
112560838I'm looking for this drink i saw in a stream, i think it's german or finish or something t…[View]
112557287Is there ANY word in your own language that conveys the sheer impact and cheap thrill of joy of brea…[View]
112559153How do you deal with the immense poo smell when this flag posts in your thread???[View]
112561484post patriotic songs of your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDBNGUQV7Vo[View]
112561185How long until posting/displaying the tiananmen copypasta would unironically cause a chink to have h…[View]
112561576im 5 feet and 7.5 inches just break it to me /int/ is it over[View]
112561940Ok but for real.. How can one country be so BASED?[View]
112560727Why are amerisharts like this[View]
112560462Average 21 year old Bulgarian woman.[View]
112556238Peanut Butter is the most American thing I know. You can't always find it in stores here though…[View]
112560464If protestants and catholics can live in the same communities without trying to pogrom each other wh…[View]
112554730IT'S OK TO BE MU*t CREATURE[View]
112561472Water trains[View]
112561306heads big & empty = lots of space rent = free Thank you Poland.[View]
112560000>go to city >surrounded by tall buildings, literally can only see the sky down avenues or look…[View]
112561037as a white man you have a duty to select the most fertile white females to impregnate[View]
112558512Thoughts? Criticism?[View]
112556873Why can't europoors afford to eat at least 5 square meals a day?: Pic related is my FOURTH burg…[View]
112557321I am so fucking alone in this world[View]
1125617461. Your cunt 2. Your ethnicity 1. See flag 2. See name[View]
112560859Stop bullying America![View]
112561636Why are they like this...?[View]
112561000The pinata has indigenous origins Mesoamericans did not have deities Mexicans do not use spices Cann…[View]
112561489Vulgar Latin evolved into French, Spanish, Italian, and Portugeuse over hundreds of years. Will Span…[View]
112559440Without bringing up race, you have 10 seconds to explain why this country is a perma-basket case tha…[View]
112561508Is 'racist' just a word they call white people who refuse to be cucks?[View]
112560105is cake popular in you're country?[View]
112561439>open thread >see american flag[View]
112560758What would Mexico be like if it were colonized by the Turks? What about the Moroccans (Since they on…[View]
112559426So, white populations have a very low rate of lactose intolerance compared to the rest of the world.…[View]
112560517>fuck ypg pkk >fuck usa[View]
112561285Why do Italians constantly seethe over Spain? Is it because they know that Spain is superior?[View]
112555539All the tradies at work call us instrumentation technicians FIGs (Fucking Instrument guys) they thin…[View]
112560253self country hate thread. post here if you hate your cunt. optionally list reasons. >hot >reli…[View]
112561292this is the fate that awaits all bulgarians who talk shit about Americans on /int/. keep it up, but …[View]
112560857Which languages are Chad tier and which are incel tier?[View]
112561244My parents are going to barcelona Spain for their holiday. They'll be safe right?[View]
112546821Faces of /int/: I'll start.[View]
112560910When will EVROPA rise again?[View]
112558649I hope China colonises and muttficate africans. It's the only way for Africa to comeback from s…[View]
112559355I just baked cookies at 5am.[View]
112561179>some people go their whole lives without making a friend from another country, but i have friend…[View]
1125608791. your cunt 2. did you go to college? 3. how difficult is to getting into college in your cunt???[View]
112561107>Why yes, I do still read newspapers in 2019, what gave it away?[View]
112561118Shut up poor[View]
112560382I'd love to kick a amerimutt in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the …[View]
112560055You get beautiful, kind and faithful Asian gf and then 9 months + some years later you have this. Wh…[View]
112556101Portugal deserves a servant in Fate series. Everybody help us have one[View]
112560752Where young traps more common in the ancient world?[View]
112560714What do you think non-anglos having anglo names? I was thinking of changing my name to some fancy an…[View]
112560580What are your weekdays like: Me: >wake up 6:00 am >arive at work at 7:00 pm >do random meni…[View]
112556585Did you know that the catholic church keeps more than 5k hospitals, 17k health centers and 11k orfan…[View]
112559995this guy has fucked hundreds of swedish girls... he lives in sweden.. idk where he is from, he has a…[View]
112559052Boycotting Google is hard. Should I just give up, reinstall Chrome, and stop using duckduckgo?[View]
112556139Drinks bier in Krautspeek.[View]
1125603181. Your country 2. Do you have twitter account? If you do, please try analyze your tweets by this sy…[View]
112559376You know: The alligators doesn't float on the water But they just walk in the water I just know…[View]
112556964This was taken in Atlanta, the nearest city to me. What is the closest big city in your country like…[View]
112556970Yesterday, 18 years ago...: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/2001_Mexican_legislative_assembly_attack htt…[View]
112560333Me entering the PRC.embassy.[View]
112560225https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CQSQkO0ZQU >being american >go to college >pay 200k dollar…[View]
112560132Fucking yikes Trianon was honestly the happiest moment of my life. Do it again[View]
112559872>In 2019 China issued 17 'movement visas' to Chinese families. These visas are required to live i…[View]
112560013OH ARGIES... ARGIE![View]
112560022Here's your American gf, bro[View]
112560262>duuuuhh CHINA DO THING, MUST SHIT UP BOARD DURRRRR MAGA *sharts*[View]
1125602401. You're cunt 2. What are TV shows like in your country?[View]
112560049-You are a cunt -Is your cuntry hit by swine flu? -Flag -Yes but around 38th parallel only and not s…[View]
1125601581. Your country 2. Come to Minnesota[View]
112560030>why yes, I do waste all my carboard shanty town's electricity to spam amerishart threads on…[View]
112560152>there are people who actually, ironically think Ramin karimloo is a good phantom image was the b…[View]
112558645How's life in Yukon?[View]
112560001NEET friendly countries: Your cunt Would you recommend it for the NEET life?[View]
112560036help me escape my dystopia please[View]
112558520>/int/ cucks don't know who this God of cinema is you disappoint me…[View]
112555542living in a big city sucks fucking dick, I take a 2 hours comute everyday fuck why wasn't I bo…[View]
112559699This but unironically.: >Please let me back in, I'm an Italian! I will prove it, I can do a …[View]
112556765How come blacks are violent by nature like americans say and there's 20 black countries with le…[View]
112557633DIE WHITE PIGGU DIE[View]
112560016Nobody can defeat the eternal ang-[View]
112559142caption this[View]
112554625Why's there so many Finnish posters on /int/?: Finland has a total population of 5,521,158. The…[View]
112559871>This site has unironically made me gay I can't look at a hot girl without imagining her wit…[View]
112559228How are the 1990s perceived in your country? Is there a sense of nostalgia like in the US or is ever…[View]
112559884>white boys like Godzilla, but a super nigger named KingKong played his ass like pingpong.…[View]
112556794What does the LEAF represent, anyway?[View]
112559883>/k/ here[View]
112559158Was Slender Man a thing in other countries or only in America? inb4 fat joke or shutup fat[View]
112554246Is Chile really the best latin american place to live?: I mean, I know that if you look into the GDP…[View]
112557226You will never get over your obsession with us, you will never defeat us, submit.[View]
112558995What type of chewing tobacco is /int/ using today? For me, it's Red Man loose leaf original.[View]
112558508el goblino..[View]
112559796ㄇㄟˊ ㄧㄡˇ ㄍㄨㄥˋ ㄔㄢˇ ㄉㄤˇ ㄐㄧㄡˋ ㄇㄟˊ ㄧㄡˇ ㄒㄧㄣ ㄓㄨㄥ ㄍㄨㄛˊ[View]
112557548Are you okay Japan?[View]
112558471ITT: the trashiest people in your country[View]
112559511/int/ approved clothing[View]
112559658does your cunt have baggy eyed qts we have some but its just too late for me[View]
112559619Why are ath*ists like this /int/?[View]
112557355>your cunt >do white women come to your cunt looking for sex? i live in Bali, sometimes yes…[View]
112559392why are amerikkkans so disgusting?[View]
112559186>the russian who nukes attention whore threads with scat are there any other board heroes that y…[View]
112559410Would you ever live in a Slavic country?[View]
112554353What's a country where the majority of people looks this way?[View]
112558816WTF Hungary?: >apple >just apple >it's literally just an apple What does this mean? He…[View]
112550057/polska/: edycja /nocna/[View]
112559501What is it like to have a foreign gf?[View]
112549544/mena/: Everyone is welcome! Except for fascists, incels, and zionists, you can all fuck off and di…[View]
112559472MANGUMANGU PŪRU[View]
112512088DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for 人々 interested in the language, anime, manga, visual n…[View]
112555440Is El Salvador the next Costa Rica in terms of tourism?[View]
112546184/ita/ - il filo: طبعة مينا haaai mena[View]
112551022Post your town's flag/coat of arms[View]
112558414Do you want to live in a wooden house/log cabin, /int/? How common is this in your country?[View]
112557764>Chinese unironically think this is traditional Chinese culture They should open their... Oh…[View]
112557649S*italians are not europeans >pitch black hair >dark eyes >165cm is the average for men …[View]
112557496Are you working towards losing your virginity?[View]
112559018Hey guys I was walking around the arctic and I found this island with both Canadian and Danish flags…[View]
112555472>tfw has to work on a mediorcre job that takes over 8 hours and reward doesn't pay off the e…[View]
112556717This is why I gave up on women.[View]
112558967>/k/ here[View]
112557562With my yearly salary I could purchase the equivalent of 8 b*lgarians[View]
112559027*dont turn left on a left turning lane*[View]
112556051>So how would you describe American culture in 2019?[View]
112558343>ywn be homeless Japanese person living off the mean streets of Tokyo[View]
112558974>Our server thinks you look like a robot.[View]
112558003/int/ lied to me, i thought I was master race because i have brown eyes but when i go outside when i…[View]
112558145/mena/-nightowl edi[View]
112556016i impregnated my romanian gf by accident, i want to keep it, she wants to abort. what the fuck do i …[View]
112558605Reminder that most 'mexican' posters are proxies and white american diaspora[View]
112558533Free Honk Kong? Only when Americans free Aztlan[View]
112557044I hate these creepy Basque niggas. What are they, aliens or some shit?[View]
112557227Are Mexicans the most hated group of people on Earth?[View]
112558653Tonto el que no entienda Cuenta una leyenda Que una hembra gitana Conjuró a la luna hasta el amanece…[View]
112558737Educated With money He's well-dressed Not funny And not much to say in most conversations But h…[View]
112557724American Education[View]
112556722>I'll never have a special someone[View]
112556482s*rdinians are not europeans >pitch black hair >dark eyes >165cm is the average for men …[View]
112556115Which other countries have a similar special relationship with each other the way America and Britai…[View]
112557277You wake up in the United Canadien Confederate Republic (UCCR)[View]
112558238What would their child look like?[View]
112557856Im xicanx and I know you hate me , pls insult me[View]
112557192Would i be considered attractive in your country?[View]
112557797It's literally not possible to be catholic and evropean[View]
112558055They're swarming in[View]
112539257/ita/ - il filo: Edizione di sabato. Edizione di Sailor Saturn[View]
112545891My unbiased opinion. Thank you for your time.[View]
112558016I'm no homo, but I think that spaniard and british accents, in their respective languages of co…[View]
112544330How do we save Portugal?: portuguese students behaving like dummies, with that university tradition …[View]
112556681Opinion on mexicans?[View]
112557674there's a cute boy from spain in my class[View]
112557977How do you deal with regret and shame?[View]
112557596Sverigetråden: Lulliga nattupplagan som glömmer bort att breva en ny tråd[View]
112553797Which ancient Greek kingdom would you have like to have lived in, you fat bastards?[View]
112554862How are things Japan bros? You lads safe?[View]
112556251>Why yes, the Church should absolutely regain all the land it lost during the theft masked as 'se…[View]
112556275>flag >does your country have an intelligence agency with a sophisticated network of social me…[View]
112557630>Bernd Lauert is the name and I remember, oh so well... >The night they drove new Casey down!…[View]
112556089Just been watching this shit on Prime. Europe looks fucking gay. Same shit in every country but they…[View]
112557182why are D*nes like this?[View]
112557498Fuck, cunts. Some wanker gave me the flu.[View]
112555880Is this power of China and Korea?[View]
112527239/danmarktråden/: NU ER TRÅDEN TILBAGE!!!!!!![View]
112557054So Koreans resort to surgery but Japanese resort to anime.[View]
112556520What's the most cuck shit you've seen IRL?[View]
112553806>Netherlands >Government wants to restrict animal husbandry in the name of climate activism …[View]
112557304First rule of English spelling: Their are know rules[View]
112556231Do Americans really?[View]
112556306Woman in a five-year relationship with Boeing 737-800 - and it's 'physical': Do Germa…[View]
112556788Why do zoomers mock this country?[View]
112554764Every man deserves a QT, white grill to NUT in. Praise Allah![View]
112556177Can white women even compete?[View]
112555719What is the most spice you can handle /int/? I have a hard time enjoying anything more spicy than Ja…[View]
112557088hahaa lets make fun of brits hahaha get fucked your country is a shithole now dont go outside at nig…[View]
112557052Im a socialist I hate niggers I hate americans I hate kikes Im a tranny And im xicanx Why am i do ba…[View]
112555920Australia is going to become more powerful than any single European country one day. How does that …[View]
112556211why is this board so full of faggots? I feel like I belong in this community and feel a sense of cam…[View]
112555199*destroys monarchy*[View]
112554796Would you eat it?[View]
112556316Proof that Scandinavian Americans retain the Viking spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl2-zKbn…[View]
112542663/lat/ - hilo latino × /carib/ × /conosur/ × hilo hispano /hisp/: Completa la frase: Hoy 12 de octubr…[View]
112555078Countries opinions template[View]
112556249>tired of being what you want me to be >feeling so faithless, lost under the surface…[View]
112556801>slowly fading captcha of crosswalks[View]
112551554What is your opinion on Baden Wurttemberg?[View]
112556651Holy shit! She is crazier than the Joker.[View]
112539316>Americans buy pancake batter in a plastic bottle from wal-mart because they don't know how …[View]
112554601I unironically stand with China. They did nothing wrong[View]
112556763>driving home as usual on the highway >RCMP car speeds away from me >cop yells how im a fuc…[View]
112556235why did Hercules drag the body of Hector? they were fren[View]
112553216Why do they have the most attractive women on the planet?[View]
112556647>Wake up >coom >Come back from work >coom >Head into bed >COOM x3 There is no…[View]
112556608Fat seethe[View]
112551019Is this a common dinner in your country?[View]
112556208Why do people get uppity when i indentify with the biggst part of my ancestry?[View]
112556398Why is it legal to discriminate against young people but not old people? If you discriminate against…[View]
112556378I want a fiery /med/ lover who enjoys loud arguments about trivial maters and steamy hot makeup sex.…[View]
112556330why do amerikkkans do this with their flag??[View]
112516726/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: Mortalitate Ediția de alaltă dată: >>112424965[View]
112554864In America if you pump and dump a woman and if she has a kid, you have to pay child support for the …[View]
112554280Are you allowed to post thought provoking or controversial posts in your country? Germany no, you wo…[View]
112553505Message from Germany: Be patient, and love will come to you.[View]
112556199Do Scottish people really...?: >New MD 2020 Electric Melon flavour so popular customers RAN from …[View]
112545676Prices in canada: Is it really getting that expensive to live in Canada?[View]
112556072Why are they obsessed about race? Why is everything there a racial issue?[View]
112546861>but I thought you said Britain isn't a part of Europe please stop with this meme you fucki…[View]
112547937Reddit : the country[View]
112555981Capitalism? Not a fan.[View]
112556111https://streamable.com/v7qig Did the President of the Russian Federation really just assault a group…[View]
112552733They elected Donald Blump[View]
112537493Why are Christians such savages?: >conquest and forced conversion of the Americas and indigenous …[View]
112553562This is what an average day in America looks like[View]
112547687Can you imagine the confused teachers looking at this shit whenever they look up Astolfo from the Or…[View]
112555122>Why yes, I am a Distributist who believes in Constitutional Monarchy, how could you tell?…[View]
112555949Post ur cunt's airforce.[View]
112515296/ex-yu/: mrtvi general edicija https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npnw_jTxrpg[View]
112550322How much inequality is there in your country?: The U.S. has a Gini coefficient of 41.5 (measure of i…[View]
112555255>how did the copper wire got invented ? >a jew and an armenian picked up the same nickel…[View]
112555437Current temperatures[View]
112551735/deutsch/ ehemals /nachtschicht/: Ami go Home Edition[View]
112553853Historic Bull leaders from 40' 50': Argentines can see the decade of 40 and 50 and today s…[View]
112555550drugs: how expensive are drugs in your country???[View]
112555601HOW THE FUCK DO WE STOP THEM BROS?: they're just too powerful they are fucking all our women…[View]
112555439For me, it’s Grim[View]
112553037This is my land. God gave it to me.[View]
112553571What keeps you going?[View]
112555454Starve commie[View]
112543356/fr/ - le francofil: édition artistique ancien : >>112533513[View]
112553947faces of /int/[View]
112535572>Living in a slavic country >working for 240€ >can't move to rich countries >buy fo…[View]
112555457weird mutt smell[View]
112555340Pee Pee Island[View]
112553032Does your cunt have Post Modern Architecture: >Vancouver >Yes, here is the public library (a c…[View]
112555206Who's ready for a road trip?[View]
112548639Would you agree that Latin American mestizas are top tier women?[View]
112521395Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112509246 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
112540563>Haha Japan's fertility rate is the wors- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_…[View]
112555121When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go[View]
112553295Tea Cultures Around The World: Hi /int/, I'd like to make a thread comparing tea cultures aroun…[View]
112550534British help please!: Hello, I have a huge doubt inside of me and I would like to know if there is a…[View]
112554899I was born in the USSR and my parents came to the USA as political refugees since they were anti-gov…[View]
112547037/nederdraad/: Dahyun editie[View]
112552324/brit/: slag edition[View]
112554876can she pass as a local in your country? also >tfw no ASMR gf[View]
112551216Visited Quebec this summer and it felt far more european than even England or France tbqh. 99% catho…[View]
112549973Sweden spends more on foreign aid than defense $7 billion vs $6 billion[View]
112553501100 years from now,scandinavia will be full of brown men. Scandinavian children will all be mutts Ca…[View]
112531946Ecuador? What the hell is going on up there? https://globalnews.ca/video/6022187/ecuador-protests-an…[View]
112553262is this common in your country?[View]
112546561If you were to move to Canada where would you live? My favourite city is Montreal but since my frenc…[View]
112552269united stats monky[View]
112553936A mutt died today[View]
112553835>tfw jewish[View]
112553093>tfw no Italian surname like DiNinno or Pulitano why the fuck wasn't I born Italian?…[View]
112554482Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like on A-Jupiter and Mars …[View]
112552704/cum/mies in our tummies: Tell me about your saturday night[View]
112553965one drop rule should apply to injuns too, if you have injun blood you are an injun subhuman and not …[View]
112554334>/int/ in 1987[View]
112554363>*braapp* *BRrrRARRRAAPPPPP* whiter than you mahammad!! how does that BBC taste?! *brappp* *shart…[View]
112554360AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *turns water into coom*[View]
112554333How can one country smell like poo so much?!?[View]
1125537031. your country 2. are you a girl? ROK i'm a girl[View]
112552594>the american dream[View]
112550186When did you realize that Syria & Lebanon are whiter and more useful than Germany & Sweden?[View]
112551175How would you change the actual state of our society?[View]
112554208Who plays vidya in foreign language, in hopes of learning that language?[View]
112553152Do swedes actually?[View]
112547649Have you given up on the women in your country? Why or why not?[View]
112552134Non-free euros are going to sleep, post guns from your cunt.[View]
112550937Are people “polyamorous” in your country?[View]
112553486How can one country be so multicultural and yet so culturally ignorant at the same time?[View]
112552256reminderino the legitimate government of China is based out of Taipei[View]
112553855>languages >countries >cultures…[View]
112520818/tr/: nerdesiniz pazar gezmesine mi çıktınız amq[View]
112551762>Jamal, i told you to come inside my wife not on her face!! How will you impregnate her now?…[View]
112549642Why is it always European countries accepting all the refugees?[View]
112553568Do you want to find Tangerines in Tangiers?[View]
112547077Reasons to love Germany >best engineering >strong jawlines >superior bred >medieval tow…[View]
112552909Post goths from your country[View]
112553191>/int/ -international >Half the threads are about America so we just start reporting threads t…[View]
112552129I've just noticed 90% of my problems come from a shitty middle-school experience: What went wro…[View]
112551814/HC/ ehemals /FPÖ/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: musel ausgabe abgelehnt jetz kommt der HA-ZE[View]
112553499Yep, another monsoon season is coming feeling jealous to the anons who lived in country with four se…[View]
1125512471.country 2. Are you a virgin? if not,when did you lose it? brazil yes[View]
112553422>you wake up a soldier on the Korean from >Chinese warms come charging toward you >there ar…[View]
112535841/balk/ Anti-Bugar day: Fascists out edition >>112512292[View]
112552776/cum/: andy samberg edition[View]
112552282Right now, Police Academy is airing on Finnish TV again For some reason it is considered peak Ameri…[View]
112553246Hey, white blonde blue/green eyed peoples of the world. I love you and I'd love to give you all…[View]
112550136Would you settle for a redhead gf? Is it socially acceptable to have one in your country?[View]
112551271Jag älskar Sverige.[View]
112552090redpill me about russia hackers.[View]
112551655Have you prayed for Japan today?[View]
112550106Could I pass as a local in your country[View]
112551527Stop making fun of my missing foreskin, you fucking cretins.[View]
112549845Why do Neo-Canadians hate Hindus so much?[View]
112552821Do americans really look like this?[View]
112552064do amerikkkans really do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2hWgwTHMvw[View]
112524832/cum/: Intel Itanium Processors (and exotic ones) edition What is up with them? https://en.wikipedia…[View]
112551731I really want a Chinese girlfriend they're really cute...[View]
112552502I find chubby women sexually attractive. Is this common in your country?[View]
112547773Is America being better off than Europe a myth?: Americans seem overwhelmingly worse off than Europe…[View]
112548899S U F[View]
112552427Where is he from?[View]
112552177If a male necrophile fucks a dead man does that mean he's posthumous gay?[View]
112550287Does Italian culture have too great an influence on your country? America Yes[View]
112552456Holy shit Koreans are literally the Chosen people[View]
1125478701. Your cunt? 2. What where you doing when you were 21 years old? (Or what do you plan on doing whe…[View]
112552392/brit/: Sorley MacLean[View]
112545707/brit/: Tim Westwood edition[View]
112547565>china bad amerimutts good[View]
112550864I love watching porn where very pretty young girls have sex to old, fat, unattractive men. And its o…[View]
112547231Which is the best Scandinavian country?: Which is the worst?[View]
112552184If you can't see the clear signs of foreign interference in Hong Kong I think you're delus…[View]
112551076Is it true that it's not whites who have yellow fever, but asians that have white fever?[View]
112552081Zombies: 1. country 2. do you have zombies in ur country? brazil yes https://youtu.be/CckxW8Vh_O0…[View]
112536336/v4/ + amigos: Chika edition[View]
112551304You wake up in the Mughal Empire[View]
112551937Do white girls love Africa too in ur country? Is for their amazing culture?[View]
112547137What does /int/ drives?[View]
112549208Do Danes really do this?[View]
112551338Ukraine wants to get rid of Hungarian. The problem is, that Hungarian is official of EU.[View]
112545055are they still enemies?[View]
112551896Your average anglo-police-woman[View]
112551771What is the yellow man and the brown man planning?[View]
112550044window view thread: Post your view[View]
112550039>tfw my gf is ugly and everyone makes fun of her[View]
112547055Are you a nose or a mouth breather: Unfortunately I am a mouth breather. Been like that eversince I …[View]
112550767Can Swedish posters explain me this picture?: What's up with the finns?[View]
112546612/nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: /nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/ - LÜGILOTENAUSGABE[View]
112550339Do Burgers even know their own State Capitals?: https://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/name-state-capitals…[View]
112534713/éire/: Eagrán an tAontas Sóivéadach[View]
112550817forreal dey do?[View]
112548357Anyone have the webm?[View]
112547407Straight up embarrassing lmao https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lithuanian_inventions https://e…[View]
112544325All posts from these flags are indirectly trying to say they are similar to italians.[View]
112549753How many Capital Cities can you name?: https://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/name-world-capitals…[View]
112542478Why do white boomers/zoomers glorify Japan so much?[View]
112548836Antisemitism is on the rise and people are starting to forget about the holocaust. That’s just not r…[View]
112540568Is it true that you have sex first then have a relationship in Iceland?[View]
112545928What do people watch on YouTube in your country?[View]
112549330Do americans really name their children Sneed?[View]
112548603We have a tradition of wish trees. Basically, we tie pieces of cloth to a sacred tree's branche…[View]
112550606>be me >Taiwanese born in America >perfectly fluent in both English and Chinese with no acc…[View]
112548158>tfw no depressed japanese gf[View]
112551077Im Korean ima take a walk.[View]
112548787Besides fat, what happens here?[View]
112546212Sverigetråden - Den svenskjapanska unionsupplagan: En dag skall våra folk förenas under en fana, då …[View]
112547401>Did you SERIOUSLY just kick that street performer's money collecting hat? What is WRONG wit…[View]
112547164Romania is rich: I did not know that Romania was so rich. They have enough money to rescue dogs. htt…[View]
112545734/brit/: Guess who’s back on the news, it’s your favorite republican hoods, it’s your fella with the …[View]
112542878/int/ernational music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aLoezucIzk[View]
112539259/savižudybė/ + frens: seething jannies edition[View]
112550695woah, i love arabs now![View]
112549060What's the relation between Austria and Czechia like? In my mind they seem like very different…[View]
112546496are you ready for a Sikh PM, /int/?[View]
112549713Brazilians are the reason why i'm a racist. There's just no way such consistently awful po…[View]
112547293find a flaw[View]
112550235A wh*Te tourist? Send him to the wrong direction[View]
112550051Why do athletes drink a lot of gatorade? Aren't sugary drinks bad for you?[View]
112546014ITT: We thank countries for their inventions. Search for a countries invention on Wikipedia and than…[View]
112549579¡Happy Hispanic day! :)) PLVS VLTRA[View]
112512116kurva anyátok [4.4 km Tőled] Perverz kurva vagyok, angyali arccal. Megkefélsz ma? kiadás[View]
112548800why dont you wanna have a cute daughter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqd3qHWjOW0[View]
112549996>tfw halway through october can't wait for snow and christmas, best time of the year by far…[View]
112550063/polska/: edycja anoni! robie to...[View]
112542555/polska/: edycja najlepszej dziewczynki[View]
112549386What's it like to have a QT, white grillfriend? I feel so angry, and depressed about it. My 3 c…[View]
1125481761. your cunt 2. are you drink right now? cro yes[View]
112548473Feminine americans: Why are americans so weak and feminine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tphkuX…[View]
112544471Is it true Americans are the closest culturally to the Swedes?[View]
112548961>this is Warsaw in 2019 How come Poland was able to become 1st world while the rest of Eastern Eu…[View]
112545281What's his problem?[View]
112544906So I'm high as fuykc and drunk. I will answer all your quosteioms. This might be a picture but …[View]
112540364/mena/: Worst posters edition[View]
112544299Boing boom tschak, boing boom tschak Boing boom tschak, boing boom tschak Boing boom tschak, boing b…[View]
112548057Do they have any landmarks?[View]
112546653Why is Croatia shaped like an autistic boomerang[View]
112549267An American steps on a scale The scale says 1776 pounds[View]
112549420real life people are disgusting take the 2D pill[View]
112549013The steppe. My home :)[View]
112548407Germany and Austria: Why don't they come together at once?[View]
112548674The US is a failed state. You don't even see kind of violence in the poorest, most crime ridden…[View]
112549074Why do *nglos love tornados so much?: >be Murrican >build cardboard house in the tornado alley…[View]
112548721What was the deadliest air crash from your country? Does it have a CVR black box recording? Sadly ou…[View]
1125375821) Your country 2) Do you have a sister country? I'll start >1)flag >2) pic related…[View]
112543855/brit/: Fuck Scotland edition[View]
112547119Daily reminder[View]
112548760Met this Swedish guy who didn't know Greenland was part of Denmark. Wtf Swedes I thought you ha…[View]
112546115Chileans, are you thankful for Pinochet?[View]
112544509This is Poland[View]
112546317Can anyone explain to me why there isn't more HMWF porn representation? It'll be a reflect…[View]
112548527Do you think immigrants are being scapegoated?: Here's some info on economic impacts of immigra…[View]
112545171What is wrong with German and American posters[View]
112548426>What Turkey is doing to the Kurds is literally genocide![View]
112538267how not to be autist ?[View]
112544839Thank you for your service.[View]
112543160SOME MIGHT SAY[View]
11254678790% of the german posters and 100% of the austrian posters on /int/ are mentally ill and dangerous. …[View]
1125397521. your cunt 2. at what age did you grow out of society[View]
112548250>we albanians are the most racist people THE WORLD YOU idiot we are the only white people with ba…[View]
112544539This board makes me hate europeans[View]
112540791China friendly thread: No hong-kong american fags allowed! China will soon take america's place…[View]
112522833>cunt >fetish Flag NTR/cuckolding[View]
112547982Whitelash: In 2001 I was put on a flight from Detroit to LA. Two men I believe to be Muslim tried to…[View]
112545522Imagine kissing a girl[View]
112547658Where were you when you learn that Macron will annihilate AIDS and others virus ?[View]
112547713I just ate a giant ass burrito and now I’m stuffed I need to lie down.[View]
112547762Ok why is this area FILLED with your stereotypical hipsters, soy boys, and blue haired feminists? I …[View]
112546836Who are the 'merchant class' of your country?[View]
112547196Respect Portugal or else... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR3xeZr2jJg[View]
112543948https://mobile.twitter.com/Forbes/status/1182996846496702465 Lmao[View]
112546321day 1 no fap: what you guys planning to do today maybe something catch my interesting After day I al…[View]
112547222Pledge to China: _______ indicates where you sign your name. I, _______, do solemnly swear to exerci…[View]
112547362https://vocaroo.com/i/s0DcAaBOAboT Americans...?[View]
112546390what phenotype is this and where is it most common?[View]
112541566Am I Unter Mensch?: Being a Paki with genetically tested Persian, Persian Jewish & Central Asian…[View]
112544596i want to travel but my mommy would b worried[View]
112544730name 1 famous warrior from your country[View]
112544278I wish I could experience seeing a naked girl sleeping in my bed after sweaty sex[View]
112532693Imagine standing perfectly still for 4 hours a day wearing a furry dildo on top of your head and car…[View]
112547113Do you suffer from internet addiction?[View]
112533069/NEDERDRAAD/: kanker[View]
112544182>tfw no tomboy gf[View]
112544507Why does (Hispanophone) Latin America listen to nothing but reggaeton? Haven't you guys got ti…[View]
112537640Why are Iberian girls so incredibly stupid with their heads stuck up their own arse?[View]
112545774is portugal trying to be eastern european on purpose or what?[View]
112546564>The land of Kacey is only a beautiful memory, >but music still sounds from the heart, >whe…[View]
112544487>your country >Do you fear your country's youth being corrupted and indoctrinated by far-…[View]
112544904You have 1 hour left.[View]
112544910Would you live in Brooklyn?[View]
112546068Why /b/ is so shit these days? I know that people say it was never good but it's just people sp…[View]
112543981Are Latinas better wife material?[View]
112537821>be me >living in a brazilian paradise >working at my job for 2000 reais net >great cowo…[View]
112546448I wish i lived in a place where marriages are arranged and decided by parents. Yet, i live in a 'fre…[View]
112545656why do people always think scandinavian people are the whitest on earth, when celtic people from pla…[View]
112537589>ewwwww nooooo I don't like food that isn't buried in herbs and tomatoes!…[View]
112546485>someone starts attacking people left and right >people respond with flag relevant criticisms…[View]
112537714>”Noooo why aren’t our foods popular in the world!!! Everybody eat Italian,Chinese and Turkish. I…[View]
112546312Are Fennoswedes the ultimate master race? 200k people ruling a country of 5.5 million and ruling the…[View]
112546346Can we talk about Bulgaria? I visited there last week. Bulgaria is the nice country actually.[View]
112544881how do you cope with being born too late to stop your people's extinction[View]
112546122How many contacts do you have on your phone?: I have only 5. my family members plus my landlord. I h…[View]
112546224Does you feel your country is left out of its cultural group?[View]
112545543what do you want to buy next?: I want to buy the new 2019 iPad (the regular one released last month)…[View]
112545815czech,spanidiard and germans STOP LOSING HAIR![View]
112541263/deutsch/: Trends edition Gerade auf Platz 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe-jB-RnQB4…[View]
112543734>european homes literally don’t have air conditioning >whenever countries such as France have …[View]
112540697gonna turn 25 in a few hours. My life has been wasted.[View]
112541946Who do you like more,the Kaguya Phillipine poster or the Cute anime portuguese poster?[View]
112535763/MENA/: Remi edition[View]
112543930chicanos, what native ethnicities to do you descend from? purepecha here[View]
112545684Do Americans post to 4chan on their fridge?[View]
112542613Does /int/ like my dinner?[View]
112542997I want to jump from the fifth floor but I'm afraid to get hurt Beautiful views make my mind psy…[View]
112545478Your country Do you welcome sexpats into your country with open arms?[View]
112544752When are you leaving this website for all eternity?: I am going to leave for all eternity in excatly…[View]
112531868Black guy here How come white women are the most likely to want to sleep with me while Hispanic girl…[View]
112543748>jazz >orchestra >classical…[View]
112545057is it possible to get a mongol gf?[View]
112545266https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY2WIFGQttE I suffer on earth.[View]
112545186>tfw when nearly fatally stabbed >cant count on the cops >not allowed to conceal carry a g…[View]
112544355>I like japan no, you're a weebo. Japan has nothing interesting that isn't weebo stuff.…[View]
112545120Why are hispanic people so nice bros? Im in the Southwestern United States at the moment. I am from …[View]
112543445I'm covering my mate's shift and the cunt can't even drive me there. Prick isn't…[View]
112534086Why is Italian cuisine by far the best in Europe?: >inb4 French cuisine Overrated shit…[View]
112543355/lat/ - hilo latino + /esp/[View]
112540472When will Evropa rise again?[View]
112544742cunt what is your opnion about anime? fag indifferent[View]
112543064hilo /lat/ino: hilo del Dia de la Diversidad bienvenidos los hambrientinos, mexicacas, chilindios, c…[View]
112536505Austria - Hungary thread&discussion Are you austroslavist?[View]
112541488Climate change: What did you today to prevent deadly CO2 from getting in the air we all breathe and …[View]
112544563What does your country larp about: Here we consider the Appalachia to be 'mountains.' Just took this…[View]
112520560Portugal is a Nordic country[View]
112544127>I'm American and my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaaaap* my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaap* this for…[View]
112535738>soyburbs GOOD! >commieblocks BAD![View]
112538451Sverigetråden - Skånska upplagan[View]
112544036I love anime and Japan desu[View]
112536265I love foreigners![View]
112543984Turkish heros: saving the world corage[View]
112540193NEW WORLD IS BEST WORLD! Columbus day/ Dia de la hispanidad/ Dia de la raza How is it celebrated in …[View]
112541732I ain't gon' say too much when a nigga speakin' on that hot shit (yeah) Fuck the poli…[View]
112543838>american speaking any romance language[View]
112543942Do you believe in fate/destiny/higher order etc.?: I personally do not, but I think that this way of…[View]
112541868/brit/: me on a saturday night haha edition[View]
112543666I'm so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes totally wrong. There's no escape…[View]
11253147514 year old black boy executed by Americans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iL1f-jV32A[View]
112543533I've been kidnapped by the Black Axe criminal gang of Sweden[View]
112542315Countries whose population surprised yoylu: Ireland. There are only 6.5 million people there. That…[View]
112539881Which country has this phenotype?[View]
112543689GOD LOVE AL OF US[View]
112543674>post mfw after watching BAKKY JAV[View]
112542832Mexicans: >Be Aztecs >Move to a new land, local king says you can take a valley they're n…[View]
112537050>Saudi Arabia publishes less citable scientific papers per capita than India and veitnam despite …[View]
112539640How do we save the bees?: They are dying all over the world. Who will pollinate the flowers? We will…[View]
112520177/lat/ - hilo latino + /esp/: todo hispano-hablante bienvenido el otro lo elimino un yani[View]
112543101Why black man yelling ?[View]
112543269>how do you spend your freetime anon? >bob ross livestreams >carving >90s vidya >nigh…[View]
112543274>Exküüs mi, aver ik snaak keen Hochdüütsch. >Gaa woanners hin…[View]
112538179They really do.[View]
112543196/kohl/: Just checking in to make sure you guys know I'm okay t. american poster[View]
112542987O SAY CAN YOU SHART[View]
112541679Let's all remember when your cunt made the bongs your bitch on history. Starting with a classic…[View]
112539867>refute german anon's argument civilly and professionally >he responds with soyjak Going …[View]
1125406551. Your cunt 2. how is your relationship with your parents ? 3 . why ? me : algeria - not good - Abu…[View]
112540441800 million were lifted out poverty in China within the last decade. How did they manage this?[View]
112543003Soviet Union: I want to suffer in Soviet Union.[View]
112539066Imagine living in a city with a metropolitan population of 7 million, and yet having no underground …[View]
112528375/mämmi/: Nyymi viikonloppuna-painos[View]
112533513/fr/ Fil francophone: Édition de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.[View]
112542697>I suffer in Russia[View]
112542492ITT: faces of /int/[View]
112539451How are you my international frens?[View]
112530162>Be Dutch >[View]
112542644>The name Haiti (or Hayti) comes from the indigenous Taíno language which was the native name[not…[View]
112542623>criticize ashkenazim >get banned Every fucking time.…[View]
1125397821. you're knut? 2. best game from your knut?[View]
112541830why are chileans like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-mnhrQVdp8[View]
112522477/ita/ il filo: il filo della felicità[View]
112542362>your country >whether your media is covering the China/Hong Kong situation, and people's…[View]
112542285Why is the Conservative party doing this?[View]
112542126California Black Outs: Whats it like living in a state with a 3rd world power grid?[View]
112541927death: No aguanto mas vivir en este infierno prontoe iré al oro lado del mundo[View]
112542082>This is the ideal Korean male Wtf is wrong with them?[View]
112526010US? more like worst Canada[View]
112542200why are americans so weak?: When will you guys become gods like us finnish people, we are the strong…[View]
112535256/polska/: edycja poka żone[View]
112537722Bougainville Independence Referendum: The Autonomous Region of Bougainville will hold a referendum f…[View]
112532855hispanics pls stop it with the macho larp most of you are manlets who cant even grow beards[View]
112542138>Worüm, ja. All mine Draaden up /int/ sind ni up Engelsch, un et is mi egal of Lü mi förstaan kön…[View]
112542128Post your country’s girls in suits.[View]
112540080Europeans are home right now on a Saturday night[View]
112536850Do you have carpeted or wooden floors in your country?[View]
112539982/norgetråden/:: La oss bygge en silkevei til havs sammen-utgave. Forrige: >>112502460 Ps. Hon…[View]
112534492Why does most of England look like it survived a nuclear holocaust?: But only just barely Why do you…[View]
112539499/brit/: epic gamer moment[View]
112539243fuck Denmark shit country for shit people[View]
112538536I am scythian and merovingian. What are you?[View]
112541546>Americans? The deserve death[View]
112538470What happens in dark red countries?[View]
112537941it's 23:04 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
112541409What's it like living in Europe?[View]
112537793Do they really...[View]
112541229freeeeeeeeeeeere hooooooooooooooooooong koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong[View]
112533602Why are we so good lads?[View]
112540019I think black girls are very attractive[View]
112539879Why are they so arrogant? They have literally nothing to be proud of except that empire they lost. …[View]
1125328841. your country 2. post boomer humor[View]
112473979/flag/ - /extraflags/: Godly edition Previous thread: >>112441607 Welcome to /extraflags/, a l…[View]
112541165>Some old guy died today in america because of energy blackouts >but is just cali Jesus christ…[View]
112539951>f*rstie thinks he had a 'bad day at work'[View]
112538315Why do atheists have such a massive problem with submission? What are they afraid of when they say t…[View]
112533794wtf America I though Europeans were your friends[View]
112531283Which country in each region have the best cuisine? >Slavic >Balkan >Germanic >Latin …[View]
1125400261. Your cunt 2. Do you experience fomo (fear of missing out)? Flag Yes[View]
112536684/deutsch/ am Abend: Samstagabend yeaöööh[View]
112538773>Slovenia doesn't have any cultural influ-[View]
112539530how can we save them[View]
112540344What kind of people wear clothes made up by this brand in your country?[View]
112536936>your country >how common are mononymous people (people who only have one name) in your countr…[View]
112540610quebec girls?[View]
112535760Do you love ass?[View]
112538426If third worlders wanted the better for their country, they should study harder. I just finished a 3…[View]
112533339This beer is very popular in France, what do you think about it? What is the most popular beer in yo…[View]
112539159Christianity, nationalism, and the patriarchy are all good things.[View]
112529093Us, Europeans.[View]
112534897>be American >spend 1 week in Germany on vacation and 1 week in Austria on vacation >Realiz…[View]
112540279Why does /int/ hate mutts so much when mutt pairings clearly produce the best specimens?[View]
112533863Portugal is not white we have Berber, Arabic and Jewish blood[View]
112539716>be japanese >go to school >first thing when walk in class you see giajin american with cut…[View]
112531190Are there poor people on /int? I have a 20 € steam walled code i'd love to give to someone who …[View]
112540130Fuck dutch people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft-DkV9iei0[View]
112537264Why do some people prefer traditionalism & not the advancing of technology? Wouldn't the go…[View]
112537140Times have changed, hatred for eachother is decreasing. It is now time for Ireland to join Northern …[View]
112537936I hate asians[View]
112538290Brothers: This is our little brother. Thoughts?[View]
112535658Still my president[View]
112539807Why do Americans do this?[View]
112539762Yeah, I'm thinking this is based.[View]
112534513Why are they so narcisist? No meme[View]
112475828Dixie - Southern US and Friends: D44P space edition[View]
112537182Can’t wait the day when China punishes fucking USA and forces them to pay reparations to the rest of…[View]
112502460/norgetråden/: Fredagsnatt-utgaven Hva drikker folket i natt da? Forrige >>112482794 >>1…[View]
112539297I'm pretty sure McCormick is a white name.[View]
112536983Just testing if I am still rangebanned[View]
112537221Hello, Anon. It is Saturday here and in many other places. This post is on-topic, because this is an…[View]
112532597Pathetic. pfft[View]
112534000Do you love Japan?[View]
112538771What the fuck, I love English folk dance now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACc3LQLQyiA[View]
112535336/brit/: deano addition[View]
112537153Europeans entered other continents under the rather childish delusion that they were going to coloni…[View]
112538838>check out YouTube trending tab for the first time >see this >Has over a million views >…[View]
112533939Why is that Burgenland, Carinthia, Silesia, Prussia and Pomerania were successfully germanised, but …[View]
112538588why most gore vidoes come from south america? is it in their gene?[View]
112538865do Americans really send their lawn out to be cut[View]
112529133Post picture of your elementary school[View]
112536299what's this phenotype called?[View]
112535223>Go to mart >Feel itchiness in my butt >don’t to scratch my butt in public >try to pass …[View]
112517664>be me >living in a germanic paradise >working at my job for 3000€ net >great coworkers …[View]
112536492what's your phenotype /int/?[View]
112530425Thoughts on 2000s fashion?[View]
112528874w-welcome to Rabbit House what can I get for you?[View]
112537331american girls have a cute laugh anyone else think this?[View]
112538312i have an unhealthy obsession with godzilla i can't go 5 minutes without thinking about one of …[View]
112533855How the hell do we fix this?[View]
112538278>convert to judaism >get a permanent +20 bonus on IQ…[View]
112537235>watch video of gypsies living in unsanitary conditions, shitting everyhwere and hoarding literal…[View]
112534096Why don't third world countries just work harder?[View]
112538110>he and his retarded countrymen call fries chips and chips crisps >fries Cut off potato parts,…[View]
112538024>cunt >how popular is the boomer mindset in your cunt Flag Very common…[View]
112535520In what European country could I find girls like this?[View]
112530024Post a border city from your cunt borderlet islands not welcome[View]
112537988Is Japanese society overrated?[View]
112537958I've got life One more time I leave behind just burning bridges It's a crime I am here The…[View]
112530534Why is this country so oddly white?: I noticed that a lot of Georgians look like regular white peopl…[View]
112494833/asean/: Edisi 'And now for my next magic, I'm gonna make something disappear!'[View]
112537847Do you love France?: I would fight and die for the country.[View]
112535179>Poland? invade it[View]
112537617What's your preferred method for learning how to read in a foreign language?[View]
112537518Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Hong Kong 2019 Invading afghanistan to restore…[View]
112537520this triggers the southron[View]
112529233I saw a muslim in my city today[View]
112537025what the fuck is wrong with swedes?[View]
112535349Why do Americans introduce themselves by apologising for Trump now? I don't know why you think …[View]
112531160What's /int/'s opinion on cute anime girls?[View]
112518676>Annual reminder that Spain discovered America 527 years ago and your country did not Britbongs, …[View]
112537317Look out guidos. It's the sweedos.[View]
112515089/baltija/ + friends: This general has nothing to do with /balt/ Baltic countries (Lithuania Latvia E…[View]
112523582What's their culture?[View]
112537215We the Jews (and I think the Japanese too) are newcomers to scienve): Our contribution is massive. E…[View]
112537109PRESS R TO ROFL @ TERRORISTS: https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/109492750/#109492750 day 3 is live …[View]
112537090Post some cool commercials from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMzZwjHAIPA[View]
112536947NYT says that Italians are not white: OMG it's on first page, it's a nigga saying it. Just…[View]
112532496Can someone explain to me how Turks can be exponential intellectuals, artists, academic achievers an…[View]
112529796Based South Park: Repeat after me: Fuck china. Fuck chinese people. Fuck the chinese government/comm…[View]
112532330this is canada: https://magazine.utoronto.ca/research-ideas/culture-society/the-power-of-good-intent…[View]
112535285>your country >would you fuck the genderswapped version of yourself…[View]
112531367Sverigetråden: Svartmetall upplagan[View]
112535627How old is this?[View]
112535909Is this common in your country[View]
112535852Where do you think this place is located?[View]
112535051is this a coommon thing in your country?[View]
112536619What's stopping America from re-colonising the Philippines and making it the breadbasket of Asi…[View]
112536659Americans: DO they really? https://youtube.com/watch?v=LaR-bH2hENM[View]
112536594Why are american buildings collapsing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDjXHVOZQ9s[View]
112536477/mena/: stinky edition[View]
112534211Heard about the typhoon, I hope you’re all okay Japanons. I’m really worried about you. Please post …[View]
112536343cute 2d girls are no longer enough to fill the void[View]
112534709jomon males are less than 1% of all japanese males. 99.9% of japanese males are yayoi mongoloids.[View]
112531718happy Hispanic day![View]
112532353pybt: places you've been to thread evaluate your experiences abroad[View]
112536249>Nooooooo you can't just have a e-girlfriend. Playing Overwatch together and chatting in dis…[View]
112536130admit incel problem will never be fixed[View]
112536094Why do people get uppity when we value the biggest part of our genetic heritage?[View]
112535316What happens here?[View]
112527770Do you want to coom in italy?[View]
112535820American women...[View]
112535968Why aren't BLACK BVLLS insecure about their QWEENZ fornicating with non-BLACK men but wh*te men…[View]
112531244Who here /in love/?: I can’t stop thinking about this qt. I can’t wait to talk to her again. I want …[View]
112535919Why is this absolute shithole excuse of a board so obsessed with trannies ? I have never seen a tran…[View]
112535838Who imitates the other[View]
112534048This was what the male sex symbol looked like for women in the 1930s >no tattoos >no muscle …[View]
112534544Has anyone here tried cold showers?: They make you tougher supposedly.[View]
112531325do people larp as euros in your country?[View]
112531228/alhamdulillah/ ehemals /deutsch/: almans konvertieren bald ausgabe[View]
112530632*releases IS prisoners*[View]
112525552/MENA/: Weeb edition[View]
112533311>Slovenia is not Eastern European hehehe hohoho, what are those then?[View]
112532571Is it expensive raise children in your country?[View]
112535619Spanish art[View]
112531904My stomach hurts. ;_; It feels like gas but burping doesn't relieve it. What do people in your …[View]
112533521>why yes, indeed I am a gentleman of the Caucasian persuasion, what on Earth made it so evident!?…[View]
112535569>shill shill shill bot troll farm 50 cent army social credit if this is the new state of discour…[View]
112517871Why does nature hate this nation so much?[View]
112528739Only 1/3 of the super rich elites are Jewish. Why do people pretend there's some kind of Jewish…[View]
112533725Finlan thread: https://i.ylilauta.org/c4/d7d23094.mp4[View]
112532708/brit/: chebs edition[View]
112532226How does people in muslim countries feel about christians and Christianity?[View]
112535148I just love Warsaw, Poland[View]
112535242>be Indian >worship bikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TRQExJe3ZQ…[View]
112535265the Chinese government claims that less than 1% of its citizens are left-handed[View]
112527892how would your parents react if you suddenly bring home a girlfriend? my mom would lock us in my roo…[View]
112535036>I suffer in Scotland[View]
112531773What do you think[View]
112529292/int/ femanon general: Anyone else sometimes thinks about how weak and pathetic men really are? They…[View]
112512292/balk/ + /v4/: Balkan Shengen + Central European cooperation edition >>112500894[View]
112531198is it true americans are born without foreskin?[View]
112531323why am i called gook here everyday[View]
112534336post it[View]
112534690>I suffer in the West[View]
112534607What's the healthcare system like in Italy?: Is it more similar to NHS in England or the Americ…[View]
112534675>be Indian police officer in America >get shot…[View]
112521683Do you like/love the Philippines, /int/? What do you think about our irrelevant nation?[View]
112533852Yes, I do support China and Turkey[View]
112534564*ahem* FUCK HONG KONG FUNG WESTERNOIDS and most importantly: FUCK GAMERS[View]
112512477/v4/: Into my heart an air that kills from yon far country blows, what are those blue remembered hil…[View]
112529387They cucked entire world. And now entire world will cuck them.[View]
112532076Why do greeks wear dresses?[View]
112534371Any suggestions for a new cooking report?: So i`m gonna do a cooking report tomorrow, and planning t…[View]
112530593>'omg I love traveling so much!' >proceeds to visit neighbouring states only…[View]
112531535How accurate is this meme?[View]
112533683What make cuba the best country in the americas? >no degeneracy >no favela culture >no hype…[View]
112532638>less than 3 months before India becomes a super power[View]
112525618Which language sounds most beautiful?[View]
112534207This song is quintessence of Russian soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXlej70Lmtg If you don…[View]
112531967In Sweden, we eat tacos[View]
112528758Post anime countries[View]
112530675Is this what the call the 'Russian Soul'?[View]
112524546/polska/: edycja hentajów[View]
112529430>two nukes aren't eno-- Do you cunt love Japan ?[View]
112533089Why do chicanos look like picrel?[View]
112530253Any Italians here? I have few questions about public transport in Rome[View]
112533860How can one country be so posh and so trashy at the same time[View]
112532697Which country has the best and worst anthem?: Pic unrelated.[View]
112533021/UPG/- Urban Planning General: What are some new developments you're particularly excited about…[View]
112531316Average hispanic woman[View]
112528412What are you drinking this šeštą dieną lads ?[View]
112526612once you go black you never come back[View]
112528623I love appropriating American culture[View]
112519953Culture Pals /cp/: Feel edition Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers used to meet equ…[View]
112532006ある程度の値段でしたので本物だと思います。 63,000円でした[View]
112533535Why are they not autists?[View]
112533351About to travel to China for a month, downloaded WeChink because friend told me it's what every…[View]
112532725Are straight men in your cunt this pathetic?[View]
112531896WW3: How should we balkanize China? I think we should split up the Chinese ethnicities[View]
112526151We are true China.[View]
1125321611. ur cunt 2. drink milk? australia YES[View]
112528879>why yes I snus, how did you know?[View]
112533349Is teen pregnancy common in scotland? My cousin is only 17 and is having her third child[View]
112525831Jews are geniuses.: 1. 25% of Nobel Prize winners and 30% of Fields prizes are Jewish 2. Ross Child …[View]
112530619are american girls good at sex?[View]
112533036From todays march in Madrid[View]
112533284Really makes you think...[View]
112525854Name a bigger shithole[View]
112530207Why yes, COOMERS can find success[View]
112511425/nederdraad/: De SGP vond en vindt computer’spelletjes’ waarin (extreem) veel geweld op de gebruiker…[View]
112532920From todays game in tirana[View]
112532837>parents still think i graduated 2 years ago[View]
112532735Why do big fat man always seem more confident than fit men?: Fit men are always monitoring their gir…[View]
112532289>mfw I am going to study robotics[View]
112529310Whenever I speak English with people whose English isn't good I deliberately 'dumb down' my acc…[View]
112532601>you wake up at pride parade in kosovo What do?[View]
112532564>Why yes, I always post pictures of Polands skylines. How could you tell?…[View]
112528227>mexico has no official language Why don't Americans move to Mexico, form their own communit…[View]
112525604>meds are developed[View]
112532532In the USA are people trying to completely ignore the affects been slaves and the KKK and Jiam: crow…[View]
112521289/fr/ - Le Francofil: édition de Brie au four ancien: >>112498208[View]
112531848I haven't smoked for 33 hours I feel confused I use to immediately want to smoke after some tim…[View]
112526684America should pay reparations to Finns (living in America): >Finns faced racial discrimination, …[View]
112532501jajajajaja,me gusta esto porque söy pedro xD[View]
112531177>why? yes, we are portuguese and white[View]
112526408Is this common in your country?[View]
112524016What's a good Finnish name? I chose Pekka because I couldn't think of anything/[View]
112525718Do Americans really?[View]
112532403Tweede probeerslag[View]
112528490My favorite dictator is Johan of Arc[View]
112531878are you a cuck, /int/?[View]
112525135who do you support in this 3 way cold war?: note that the US is team blue And Egypt is only against …[View]
112529376/brit/: New Britain edition[View]
112528652Typhoon is gone: Japan survived the disaster Anime, manga, hentai, jav, and video games were all sav…[View]
112528849a trick of the Communist Party of China: Why do the Chinese Communist Party attempt to divide the Ko…[View]
112524300Yes i miss my country Yes i am nationalistic Yes i hate serbs Yes i will always put Albania first b…[View]
112530633I am not white we Portuguese are not white just because we are Christian does not make us white or e…[View]
112531559Your country Assassin's Creed Odyssey or Red Dead Redemption 2 ? Greece or the USA ?[View]
112531518>you will never live in a 15th-century European village Time to kms[View]
112530817You wake up here. What do you do ?[View]
112530144Explain krautchan to me What was it? Is it like German 4chan? Why did it die? Did they have the equi…[View]
112522713I can buy 80 oz of honey for 12 dollars and 48 cents at my local walmart[View]
112527826Do people actually honestly feel bad for his victims?[View]
112530806I can write stories, do poetrhy, do music composition, do sound design, do programming, do drawing, …[View]
112531135Sophie Agnew, 32 and fellow St Andrews graduate, and was put in charge of the Duchess's persona…[View]
112531208>spanish forests[View]
112529911Where is the Pole who wanted to make a thread about walking around in Frankfurt (Oder)?[View]
112526448>I'll never have a special someone[View]
112531152Which Nordic country do you prefer?[View]
112527451>look the same >speak the same >act the same >eat the same So why do they hate each othe…[View]
112531122>Your cunt >Do you like bbq sauce? Our merciful Allah's one true USA Yes…[View]
112528685J-pop used to be good but what happened[View]
112530098>Slavs, Germans, Celts are the same people[View]
112529559>see someone mention crystal.cafe as the female 4chan >browse it out of curiosity >all the …[View]
112526568Summoning the Moortuguese 'white' nationalist[View]
112526677/conosur/: Hilo no latino Invitados: Argentina Uruguay Chile No invitados: mejico Hilo anterior: …[View]
112530901want to fug woman aged 30+? go to hong kong. why their population pyramid so fucked up?[View]
112529606Post beautiful landscapes from your country.[View]
112530403>mfw my Söylent spills onto the floor[View]
112530853Only British alowed: Hello, I have a huge doubt inside of me and I would like to know if there is an…[View]
112527608Do polish nationalists really think that people will believe the nonsense they write on Wikipedia?[View]
112530797Difference of Netherland and Japan: >Netherland overcome nature >Jap anger nature…[View]
112530519mostly third world with occasional hot spots of first world[View]
112527535/v/ is making fun of us again lads[View]
112530120Post common last name in your country: > Smith (Anglo) and Tremblay (French)…[View]
112529080what WE WUZ history your country has that US stole from?[View]
112526386/deutsch/: Was ist bloß los mit euch[View]
112527779Where is a famous place to have a trip in Israel?[View]
112508792Japland is the end[View]
112529767>tfw girls on high heels are taller than you[View]
112529673Who is the Joker of countries /int/?[View]
112529977Bakaaa bakaa bakaaaa[View]
112526223I have to see the ugly Swedish language everywhere I go. We should become monolingual country.[View]
112530061>polish genetics[View]
112525485What are the three most famous pick up lines from your cunt?: Write them and translate them, if poss…[View]
112527026why are you hate deutschland[View]
112530040Did your country have a pop punk scene /int/? https://youtu.be/S5NLzfQ1YLQ https://youtu.be/3I3l-x93…[View]
112522955>fapped to traps again[View]
112529942Rightful European-American clay[View]
112526757The nile of the Americas. Did you know that you can sail from Chicago to New Orleans?[View]
112519233What phenotype is this?[View]
112525182Why is Russia so irrelevant culturally?[View]
112524656Sverigetråden - Hoa Hoa upplagan[View]
112529703>american goes to yuropoor country >wtf americans are so loud and talkative, they need to resp…[View]
112529541NOOOOOOOOOO >*buys a steak* YOU CAN'T JUST PUNCH A DOG >*eats a burger* THAT'S ANIMA…[View]
112529351>'oh you are Jewish?' >'then you wish!'[View]
112529497How did China become so powerful? https://youtu.be/E6-PDCQxYTw[View]
112528923one country when[View]
112527150>mfw i pay $2.00 for one gallon of gasoline[View]
1125277981.country 2.Are there any banned words in your country?[View]
112529319Why do N'ers run so fast?[View]
112528442Why are they so autistic?[View]
112526940Name a bigger shithole[View]
112529255why are they so cute, bros? I want to hug them all andgive them a kiss on the lips[View]
112526994/brit/: are hitler edition[View]
112503680Post the most American comment you can find[View]
112520962In 9 days, Canada will be the first western country with a Sikh head of state.[View]
112529092chocolate milk? nah bro, that shit is for manchildren strawberry milk for me[View]
112526575Don7t call us Kimchi: plz?[View]
112529096>A nationality is a sociopolitical structure you moron there’s nothing in my blood that has any r…[View]
112520583WWIII odds/evens thread continued: Original thread >>112493500 First post from each country de…[View]
112528674I am so alpha I would tear apart any tranny's ass. What is turning me on is the fact that I…[View]
112526515Why are they so brainwashed?[View]
112527991SET LEARNING ENGLISH: Set for learning English (ITA): https://www.subito.it/libri-riviste/set-per-im…[View]
112512487I have this strange feeling than Brexit will be a thing for the next 20 years[View]
1125271581 - country 2 - does this piece of shit deserve to eat a ban along with Field of the Dead? Portugal …[View]
112528836>Promoted by DuckDuckGo >What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? …[View]
112528712yo sex xicanx[View]
112525078Did you know that ancient Greeks used to pronounce 'p' like 'p' but modern Greeks instead say 'b'. S…[View]
112524703>Word ends with an 'a' >Pronounce it 'er' instead Why do brits do this?…[View]
112524566>kikes are gonna lynched in the upcoming political upheaval following bibi's stepdown…[View]
112526999Neymar nazista[View]
112516801Side profiles of int: This is me taking a dump[View]
112519968bad harvest again i suffer for one more season[View]
112526393İ saw a red plated Russian car today. What does it mean?[View]
112526372The cartoon Joker was the scariest: I watched the Joker movie yesterday. Phoenix played the Joker fa…[View]
112526136The origin of K-POP 'Byung Shin Chum': >Byung Shin Chum is a Korean traditional dance performed b…[View]
112527258Słubice is 15k town in Western Poland. Frankfurt an der Oder is 60k town in Eastern Germany. What th…[View]
112527886>b A >g s[View]
112525120Do your friends/family/girlfriends know that you browse /int/ or 4chan?[View]
112517166/mämmi/: Varkaus-painos Kuvan linna Varkaudessa maksaa 60k. Kommuuni pystyyn[View]
112522252Are moths cute in your country? >Finland Yes, they are extremely cute Also if trips in the first …[View]
112525532Where is the best place to live in usa? I've been heard good things about Maryland[View]
112527217oh no[View]
112526787why do so many amerindians have these large hawk noses, is it due to neanderthal armenoid admixture?[View]
112527843Is this why flyovers are always seething at us Calichads?[View]
112523944Post your nose and we guess the ethnicity[View]
112524885in your country, is it weird to like asian girls? america NO :)[View]
112520687in the current year mediterranean are the only valuable people[View]
112521637How many finns do you reckon you could kill in hand-to-hand combat? I reckon i could take 10[View]
112522993Did these subhumans REALLY invent the first flying vehicle??[View]
112526658Why do Dacians larp as Italians ?[View]
112526939America is so fucking based. I'm glad I live here.[View]
112526987On manlets, lanklets and gingers: The advice of king Alfred to his son, to take neither a short man,…[View]
1125272851. your country 2. your mental state 1.Poland 2. severe anxiety makes me not leave my room[View]
112526646This is happening because you didn't love Japan enough.[View]
112525114I'll never have a gf[View]
112521965Reminder, I was once called a snow nigger by these flags.[View]
112527173ITT we post songs in foreign languages we're particularly fond of, but that never really made i…[View]
112522669PRAISE THE LORD.[View]
112527139Is there one reason not to have an international relationship where both partners communicate in a p…[View]
112521836Do you hate me for coming from Canada, anon? Why are you so mean to leafs?[View]
112527051If these 3 countries formed a EU style union what would happen?[View]
112526627I'm a Incel freak[View]
112524909Why do they hate Arabs and muslims so much? Were they like that before 11.09.2001 as well?[View]
112526998Fat beaner manlet here amarite[View]
112525873Guys how do I get an arab gf[View]
112526815Real flag of Ireland[View]
112509601/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico[View]
112526863Sup /int/, since you guys are my social circle and apart from work my only connection to reality, I …[View]
112526799No, you wouldn't understand it: I get goosebumps thinking about the ending of the new Joker mov…[View]
112525421>esl niggas Now that’s that shit I don’t like.[View]
112524731the sharp population decline of east europe: is caused by young people leaving for the west and neve…[View]
112523725/brit/: pengdon edish[View]
112525344this board sucks. europeans need to leave and it instantly would be better for us, who make up easil…[View]
112526053At least you are more handsome than Shahar[View]
112520468Whats wrong with Scandinavians? what is our weird obsession with Somalis?[View]
112526365This is unironically my type of country. How do I get a job there? I work in oil and gas.[View]
112526237W-why do you g-guys likes to t-talk like this p-pig?[View]
112522441I hate British cities they're all this semi sprawl shit so for most of them you don't get …[View]
112526377Your hours are counted jannie trannie; you’re going down[View]
112525670Do Americans really[View]
112524209Every summer, thousands of gay men from all over the world come to the Greek islands to have buttsex…[View]
112525107rate: rate, grunbein[View]
112525992Jews are geniuses.: 1. 25% of Nobel Prize winners and 30% of Fields prizes are Jewish 2. Ross Child …[View]
112524946This guy will be the next PM of Canada.[View]
112523618Is this accurate?[View]
112525245Like it or not, but he is a future Prime Minister[View]
112526016ショートカットのメンヘラぎみな見た目の女子を抱きたいですよろしくお願いします。 おもにリスカ跡をなめます[View]
112525782>'So anon, what can you offer me and my organization?'[View]
112524405Guess the Nationality[View]
112522579no we are not India our music actually has soul in it https://youtu.be/Rrsj4mew6Oo[View]
112520363Name a sadder death.[View]
112525284Guess the country.[View]
112525660Did you know?: This man will be regarded as the greatest Canadian statesman of the 21th century, pos…[View]
112525702I am ethnically Dalmatian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Ayt-7iQIg[View]
112521583>at least all my genes are from the same geographical area!!! Why are europeons like this?…[View]
112516178Hey, what happens here?[View]
112524655سارے جہاں سے اچّھا، ہِنْدوسِتاں ہمارا۔ ہم بُلبُلیں ہَیں اِس کِی، یہ گُلسِتاں ہمارا۔ غربت میں ہوں اگر…[View]
112510730/mena/: طبعة البلجيكي اكاارييين[View]
112525519その子は周りの成功が妬ましい=人生が充実してないんだと思う。 恋人 仕事 夢 このうちのどれかが充実してれば、人の不幸とか喜ぶ人間にならないと思う。[View]
112524596give me ONE reason not to move there[View]
112524766Why should I care about people getting put in camps and murdered somewhere far away when I can COOM …[View]
112525541ITT we laugh at Spain https://youtube.com/watch?v=rrblROTE2iY[View]
112523771>Some foreign anon talking shit >we get into a really heated debate >I give him my location…[View]
112521000I see that Turkey and Poland are the most bullied countries on /int/, therefore they are the basest …[View]
112524709All i can say is fuck CHINA and they will never take my white aryan freedoms or prevent me from my b…[View]
112524694Scotlan: 1 ~ ur cunt 2~ do u like scotlan nd do u wan them do be indebendant ??? tank u.[View]
112521264Are girls in your country this flexible?[View]
112525271Why yes, I vape. Want to see my mod?[View]
112522048/neu/ auch bekannt als /komfortabel/ ebenso /deutsch/: na brudis, was steht an heute? see mit den ch…[View]
112525281this is: not what[View]
112525261>'Watch out there are gooks along the tree lines.'[View]
112525236>*cough* *cough* >h-hello?[View]
112510289/rus/ + /ukr/ + /bel/[View]
112518108Rank the world powers in the order than you like them, from best to worse >EU >USA >Russia …[View]
112522184did ever try to kill yourself then you couldnt do it[View]
112524271>The Big Mac had two previous names, both of which failed in the marketplace: the Aristocrat, whi…[View]
112522998Let's play haxball: Link:https://www.haxball.com/play?c=s65DvZZI_oM&p=1 password: coom123…[View]
112524337I was swimmin' in the Caribbean Animals were hiding behind the rock Except the little fish But …[View]
112522988What do French people think of Anglophone Africans such as Nigerians, Ghanaians, Sierra Leoneans etc…[View]
112522901How awful is Google translate really?[View]
112523736>tfw no Somali antifa gf[View]
112523743>all asians look the same meanwhile in Brazil[View]
112519547>Your cunt >does your cunt side with Nod or GDI? Netherlands GDI, although i would personally …[View]
112523588white brazilian by the way[View]
112515527You ever stayed at mansion before in your own country?[View]
112523412>this person doesn't like football? UNACCEPTABLE >this person just reminded us of that ti…[View]
112519872Why do they steal and lie?[View]
112522266Why are HK'ers such crybabies?: Hong Kong has far more autonomy within China than : 1. Texas h…[View]
112523979I just want a gf. Is that too much to ask for?[View]
112518205are you virgin?[View]
112523724Am I the only one in here with a feet fetish?[View]
112522193Do you like your cunt's public transport system: If no, why? What would you change?[View]
112521976የኢትዮጵያ ክር: ማንም አለ፧ ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ቋንቋ እና ባህል ተወያይ፣ ተሞክሮዎን ያጋሩ።[View]
112519381Do you want to find love in Korea?[View]
112513994Choose your neighbor[View]
112523058Sniffing to Pass, by Nicky East: Alex is failing his university biology course and he is panicking a…[View]
112521571/brit/: Saturday edition[View]
112520017Ireland should annex northern Scotland[View]
112523378Show me your cunts stats. Lets settle this https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countri…[View]
112518657With the ongoing typhoon, and many people huddled together in their houses, I would like to remind e…[View]
112522565>country: People's Republic of Kurdistan (PRK) >capital: Batman >area: 250,000km2 …[View]
112523848were you conquered by Swedes[View]
112522763>Switzerland 2050 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTP9hT_r4as[View]
112519406Post your GF[View]
112523961>So I spoke to the president of /int/, absolutely tremendous guy, great guy, no one know more abo…[View]
112517180Good morning /int/ernational friends![View]
112519135My gf is Scythian[View]
112523812/brit/: New edition[View]
112516599Military parade, Hispanic Day, in Madrid Streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2RCMRQnv-U…[View]
112523716You don't want my friendship bracelet? Not cool bro.[View]
1125201721)flag 2)are you ready to watch Communist Superman? Flag Yes because I've read his comic book[View]
112522438Is this really one of the most beautiful places in England?[View]
112521184Are streetshitting, shitty movies industry, scamming centers, molesters and gang raids for eating be…[View]
112523607Kohchan is kaput. The German shooter posted his manletfesto there.[View]
112522577>your cunt >Is it easy to get an Armenian GF there? Turkey Kinda but the beautiful ones alway…[View]
112520062Is Brussels really that bad or is it just a meme?[View]
112498392/luso/ - fio lusófono: Edição cartum netchuworki[View]
112519934This back alley on bin day in North East England is one of the most beautiful pictures of this count…[View]
112519904/Int/post Your favorite: https://youtu.be/VpaUh_BGqE0[View]
112523400>*starts the fall of CCP*[View]
112523147You got played Turks.: Sorry to see you go.[View]
112518392>Be Dutch >[View]
112519881for leafs: our greatest foe is just south of the border. if you're drinking chocolate milk make…[View]
112521038What kind of meat and eggs is popular in your country? Here pretty much 99% of bird meat and eggs co…[View]
112523169My grandmother was in Poland back in 60's and she met there some Polish guy who was really hand…[View]
112520764>seethes at scandinavia while sucking american dick[View]
112511421/polska/: Edycja srania na demokracje.[View]
112521254>God Save the Quee >God save our gracious Queen >Long live our noble Queen >God save the…[View]
112519484What is your favourite language from the Northwest European archipelago?[View]
112495445/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Chibiusa[View]
112518122Sverigetråden - Sprängarupplagan[View]
112519432Turks or french speakers: Can someone confirm if this is fake news? https://www.twitter.com/BabakTag…[View]
112521295Your kunt What do you think about Vandalism? Sweden I agree with it[View]
112521846I'm gonna say it and none of you can stop me.[View]
112522292thank you germans[View]
1125169221. Your country 2. Your job 3. Do you like your job?[View]
112522550>Dutch ''man'' leaves his containment country (Germany)[View]
112514283What is /int/'s opinion on studying and working in the Netherlands?[View]
112509246Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112498380 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
112520142the turk fears the anglo bvll[View]
112522544WTF Fury of nature begin in japan: >typhoon >earthquake >volcano now (kyushu)…[View]
112521734My parents can't comprehend why a 28 year old incel would choose to be a neet.[View]
112520209What do you call this in your language?[View]
112519931do insane people decorate there cars in your country?[View]
112512880what are police like in your cunt?[View]
112520568Okay, guys, you can live in ONE place within Australia for the rest of your life, you can only go aw…[View]
112521974what a madlad does your cunt have something like this too?[View]
112521104Not the first nor the last time I will coom to this picture[View]
112517580/unternehmen tannenbaum/ demnächst /deutsch/: Was-hätte-sein-können-Ausgabe[View]
112521723my tues...[View]
112521722>How pure should she be? Purer than the virgin Mary before her first period…[View]
112521709Fuck the USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bZzM4s0Hgs[View]
112515488No one likes us and we have no allies (except for Azer and Pakistan for some reason).Neutrality and …[View]
112518142I stand with Turkey, our Nato ally[View]
112521382>mfw rome doens't exist anymore >mfw can no longer get a roman gf…[View]
112519581>FPBP >underrated >you need to go back…[View]
112515191Why are white people so obsessed with trying to pass mixed ppl as white?: Some of these celebrities …[View]
112519095Why did we stop calling it Lettland? >Lettland >Proper noun >(rare, dated) The land of the …[View]
112520853tibet looks like a nice place to live i wonder what kind of people live there ? they are third worl…[View]
112521083Average australian[View]
112521352/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du babil inter-espèces. Ancien fil : >>112498208[View]
112518810>You are a cunt >Do you think robots should have rights?…[View]
112515634I am really happy that a BLACK BVLL got the peace prize instead of her.[View]
112520846voice to skull technolgy has existed since 1970's https://gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/tar…[View]
112514961Polish refugee: Why would anyone need to escape Poland? Inleds You are lgbt or something? Perhaps sh…[View]
112521168This shit doesn't work at all lads[View]
112520690The truth is... I kinda love girls with vocal fry: Hearing it gets me real hard.[View]
112520306How do wh*Toids cope with the fact their god is a MED?[View]
112520917>part of russia is in the north american plate It’s time to join us, Sergei. Let that butthurt go…[View]
112518144Just bought a French book after 30 days of duolingo to make use of my new skills. Still have to use …[View]
112520984All over the world..: Doesn't matter what country you're in. It is always the fat and ugly…[View]
112519398Why did the elites set up a war on smoking?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCr5OsWV38M Nowadays sm…[View]
112518990Slav > South european > Latina > North european > Japanese >>>>> the rest[View]
112519828If a big muscular guy with a beard who looks like this stares at you on the bus and takes his eyes o…[View]
112520465have you ever seen a ufo or had strange paranormal experience /int/?[View]
112520731I was saying the name China in my sleep and woke up with a big gash in my tongue.[View]
112514743/skandi/: Greta upplagan https://vocaroo.com/i/s0F0o5oX3pnY[View]
112520312suddenly the wind stopped, it's over! I'm going out to enjoy the clear weather, anyone joi…[View]
112520118/slav/: Slavic general Invited: Slavs and frens Non-invited: German bullies Feel free to post in Eng…[View]
112509114A typhoon will hit Tokyo now, so please be careful![View]
112519935Does your cunt have good literature? >Fagland >No…[View]
112517096Why are there so many faggots in Brazil?: Is it the weather?[View]
112520166Do you have good arguments against internet addiction, anon? Is it a problem in your country? Sudan …[View]
112517820The absolute state of G*rmoney: Every evening there's a group of negers sitting in front of my …[View]
112513562What does /int/ smoke?[View]
112518276Germany UK France .[View]
112520330Why yes, I alway smoke a doobie before a long trip. I smoke a lot, canada's a big country you k…[View]
112518452>*20+ nations angrily smashes their keyboards*[View]
112515182which one do you hate more? for me, it is the hong kong.[View]
112520205What are some stereotypes people living in Africa or Asia have about Westerners?[View]
112518512Reddit: The countries *vomits*[View]
112519608As a Californian, I feel closer to Spain than the United States and wish to be part of the Kingdom o…[View]
112514298I love Germany, I think they're our Aryan brother and sister, we share many same qualities such…[View]
112514753Hey anons... probably this will be my last post This typhoon isn't normal 4chan was very fun pl…[View]
112520156/balt/ actual Balt edittion: Educate your selves balts. For only in knowlage can one be strong. htt…[View]
112519123Average turkish father and son[View]
112518929What happens here?[View]
112519437I'm going to see my ancestors at the museum today :)[View]
112515744Why are asians so cruel to animals? Is the genetic material needed for empathy absent from their DNA…[View]
112518835>arizona iced tea[View]
112517434>move to another country aka become a migrant >vote for most right-wing anti-migrant party …[View]
112519948I am going to the beach[View]
112519875>How do you know when a regular joke becomes a dad joke? >When it becomes apparent.…[View]
112514262Okay, now THIS is epic![View]
112516926Quick! Name 5 famous people from Czech Republic! Hard mode: no porn actors[View]
112514145>Literally have to waste one and a half year in army because of conscription…[View]
112518015This is a normal part of driving in Brazil: Even the wealthiest areas have slums just next door cont…[View]
112515962but will spanish side with china this time?[View]
112519249Why wasn't Hong Kong returned to China back in the 90's?[View]
112519597Why don't they do more underground cities like in Montreal? Apparently you can walk around the …[View]
112514903what country is the most hospitable to autists in america everyone here fake smiles and back stabs a…[View]
112519412>slavs, germans and celts are the same people[View]
112517790What were the 90's like in your cunt?[View]
112513977>Why yes, I believe in self-sustenance, how did you know?[View]
112518636oh it’s like that is it? that’s a bit embarrassing... don’t worry i won’t tell anybody... *sniggers*…[View]
112517726>install steam game >select language >'Spanish (Spain)' >leave it in english no matter i…[View]
112518983What's your opinion about Rhetians?[View]
112516488/brit/: hong kong cinema edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJOFsyAJ-7I&feature=youtu.be…[View]
112518232Stop talking about turkey and only talk about China.[View]
112498208/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition baise les féministes ancien : >>112485368[View]
112518721Asians are wea-[View]
112515641/typhoon/ general: Too many threads about this. The eye of the storm will hit Tokyo in ~2 hours. Li…[View]
112518253>Ich bin ein Mischlingskind >da wo ich herkomm herrscht Krieg und die Menschen Flüchten in …[View]
112518260>Football fields >Buses[View]
112515652wtf alibaba sent me an armed nuke, I just wanted a hdmi to micro hdmi converter[View]
112518522this board is full of fuggin terrorists and commies absolutely disgusting[View]
112515958I'm rooting for Turkey They should kill as many terrorists as they can[View]
112514770Why is the sticky image so eurocentric?: Where are the middle eastern, african, central asian, south…[View]
112517545Do you love Japan?[View]
112518355do canadians really: https://www.hockey-sweater.com/[View]
112509506what's your least favourite confederate state? for me, its Missouri[View]
112518062Do you love Korea or Japan?[View]
112506779What happens in the three Northeastern Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning?[View]
112517235Do americans really do this?[View]
112513817This is what Finnish military will eat: the green stuff is pea soup, it has also prepared mustard wh…[View]
112518174>be me >living in a Celtic paradise >working at my job for 3500€ net >great coworkers wi…[View]
112518183like to pop shit cuz you are not shit[View]
112513584I used to think Turkey had no ally but Qatar: but it seems like they have 2.5 and a half more allies…[View]
112518106This is the perfect America[View]
112518099/immigrant/ + /aus/ +/europe/: A safespace general for all the immigrants, migrants and refugees of …[View]
112517970Are all Americans drones that only know how to chant three syllable talking points?: https://www.rev…[View]
112517444Anybody else filtered his flag?[View]
112510438/balt/: Cepoгo пacпopтa издaниe[View]
112517120What happens here?[View]
112517115reminder that this forced meme is gurrila marketing by monster[View]
112516342>be me >living in a slavic paradise >working at my job for 2000€ net >great coworkers wi…[View]
112517892why do so many foreigners let the USA live rent free in their heads for things that don't even …[View]
112517784>tfw your passport was declined because you have an israeli stamp from 2011 on it I don't wa…[View]
112516526What are your resolutions for 2020?: Mine are : 1) Leave 4chan forever. 2) Stop masturbating and wat…[View]
112514183Rate my city's climate.[View]
112516915will /int/ help Hong Kong and meme this man to Parliament on November?[View]
112514263Is the POONITED STATES OF POOMERICA the most cucked nation on earth?[View]
112508243Post crops from your country Pic related, potatoes[View]
112517464>kiloyards >decainches >centifeet…[View]
112514230What's your favorite American phrases?[View]
112513918Jokes on you liberals: I'm 33 years old, and by the time global warming starts ravaging the Ear…[View]
112511780l am Japanese. what is Rome? l often hear it. is Rome Italy? why did it die? why is it so great? who…[View]
112513484>I've never cared much for The Witcher >Now Gothic II? That is a great game…[View]
112509967Do people in your cunt love the BBC (Big Buff Chicks)?[View]
112516671US has joined Sudan in providing mercenaries for hire to the KSA: >TRUMP: WE’RE SENDING TROOPS TO…[View]
112511032I heard a strong typhoon is gonna hit Japan later. Strong typhoons are no joke. I've experience…[View]
112514110WHO WON?!: WHO'S NEXT?! YOU DECIDE!![View]
112509047/china/- Chinese general: 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 六四天安門事件 天安門大屠殺 反右派鬥爭 大躍進政策 文化大革命 人權 民運 自由 獨立 多黨制 台灣…[View]
112495715/mämmi/: Harjoitus tekee mestarin-painos[View]
112514791amen to that borther[View]
112510189/deutsch/ am Morgen: Frühschicht am Samstag[View]
112514467>Late teens-early 20s zoombers who grew up on 'cancer era' stuff like Bieber, iCarly, Minecraft, …[View]
112513612>second most spoken language in korea is english >second most spoken language in japan is kore…[View]
112515883The real unknown soldiers of Finland: Actually Finland was saved in the war by the help of Islamic i…[View]
112515588What's so good about the Shesawnk Redemption?: I have never seen it but it is the number one ra…[View]
112514097Once upon a time South American countries were first world, the mass shitalian immigration came. LMA…[View]
112514044do you love Korea and Japan?[View]
1125163391. Your country 2. Do you trust Chinese scientists? Estados Unidos I always attempt to find an alter…[View]
112514507Why do they betray their friend?[View]
112516011This is what you nips get for not helping Americans in Normandy during WW2.[View]
112509119/brit/: late night edition[View]
112513842what do you fight for /int/? me? i fight for CHINA[View]
112516397https://twitter.com/HRC/status/1182521434746187776 Do americans really?[View]
112511155Why the fuck doesn't Europe just unite into one fucking country already, the EU should just be …[View]
112514858Do you love Americanism?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmUaKg-K-TI What are your thoughts on Amer…[View]
112516356I will go where I please and do as I please[View]
112515812Do you have gangs in your cunt? What are they like?[View]
112513531sub-2 hour marathon: are you watching history in the making? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-XgKRJ…[View]
112516053better than the west[View]
112515594very true.[View]
112505757/conosur/: Hilo no latino Invitados: Argentina Uruguay Chile No invitados: mejico Tema del hilo http…[View]
112511969i wanna be a pretty girl...[View]
112501801Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
112514525Best Posters on /int/[View]
112514633I'm 27 and I can't stop cumming in my pants almost every other night! What do I do?! No ma…[View]
112509602You guys are my only frens. Do you have frens in real life? Is it common in your culture to make fre…[View]
112515860>americans >americans >americans >americans >americans mental illness…[View]
112515465>strawman Is this a go to word for people who can't think of a reply?…[View]
112515420Is this what happens in the uk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXqWdtsFqsc[View]
112514209/mutt/: la luz de extinguido la ogro de las americanas el goblino[View]
112515382Do Chinese people really?[View]
112515202Do you guys genuinely hate us[View]
112513207Last year, we Hong Kong had dealt with the typhoon with the winds gusting to 256/km https://youtu.be…[View]
112514993>*blocks your path*[View]
112514427wtf people are weeping because of Trump did: he has to be impeached now https://twitter.com/Alfonsob…[View]
112515063tfw born in Israel instead of the USA: It's filled with arabs, africans, religious jews, russia…[View]
112512576>Sir! You forgot to leave your tip, as an American I... AHHHHHHHH MY EYES..... AGGHHHGHRHHHHHHHHH…[View]
112510898>your cunt >your favorite gigachad image[View]
112513319What do you call these in your country? We call them 'pussy phone'[View]
112515269>tfw no qt twink dane boyfriend[View]
112512982Have you felt optimism and hope in your shithole country, /int/? (only shithole countries can post) …[View]
112515252G*rmans want to become muslim at all costs. This is the reason they like to import muslims.[View]
112514217Stop right there criminal scum Don't break the law boys, and have a nice day.[View]
112513947Is your country's leader a religious minority? Our next prime minister will be a Sikh.[View]
112514585why are you guys so obsessed with a county that doesn't think anything of you?[View]
112515041Why do Indonesian accents in English sound Eastern European or Slavic?[View]
112514773What makes you feel acrimonious when on an /int/ debate?[View]
112514728You wake up in the Chatham Islands[View]
112513538What is the equivalent of manele (trashy music for low IQ people and parties) in your country? https…[View]
112505675Hilo /hisp/ANO: en España ya es 12 de Octubre feliz día de la raza, raza[View]
112513577>lieben reigen :D[View]
112513775Hello /int/, don't ya wanna say hello[View]
11251400147°44'50.3'S 179°01'14.7'E[View]
112511861Watching Brazilian prison riots: Why are you guys are so fucking savage? This isn’t even a one off! …[View]
112514195what the fuck is wrong with americans[View]
112514190Are Russians butthurt China stole their thunder and aren't the center of attention anymore?[View]
112510274what are some good japanese movies?[View]
112511893It's that time of year in Vermont.[View]
112514215What happen in japan now?: >typhoon What is that black package Perhaps I saw those in Fukushima…[View]
112514358Been watching some clips from Masterchef. American and canadian editions are baby tier compared to t…[View]
112511759Are mixed race babies normal in your cunt? Canada. Yes.[View]
112510712How many countries do you know?: https://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name…[View]
112513344me and my family when we heard about the news that typhoon is going to hit Japan https://www.youtube…[View]
112514149Moonman moonman Can't you see?[View]
112507942Do Amerislaves REALLY?[View]
112511938>be german >discover one of the greatest archaeological hoards of european history >go to j…[View]
112513539Map thread: Post your maps /int/.[View]
112506556>24 years old >about to graduate college >still no idea what I'm going to do afterward…[View]
112510600how do you make a girl laugh in your country?[View]
112509058Why are they so god damn friendly and charismatic?[View]
112513112from today's march in California...[View]
112513443Japan please send your qt girls to Canada. Ill protect them from the typhoon[View]
112512197How do nordics feels about vinland saga? Are you proud of being viking descendant?[View]
112507793ITT: Food that is considered low quality/trashy/very unhealthy in your country but you still love to…[View]
112511817Do you want to find love in Korea?[View]
112513367Dear Japanese, Do NOT come to my country.[View]
112513882Hijo de tu puta madre[View]
112511582>Istria? it's our rightful clay[View]
112508876The empire of Japan will return: The empire of Japan will return[View]
112512307What do these colors remind you of?[View]
112513462I really really really love that country.[View]
112508687What kind of woman would you be willing to change for?[View]
112513534i hope my parents get cancer and die suffering like dogs for making me short ugly and dicklet[View]
112513662Average Japanese BVLL in 2030[View]
112511040Meanwhile in japland: >typhoon >Tap water…[View]
112509803https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_spot What the fuck, so apparently everyone that isn't E…[View]
112512988Alberta, Canada: what happens here?[View]
112507416>no universal healthcare >young adults have to burden a $50k student debt straight out of univ…[View]
112512814Give me a non-racist answer on why US suceeded but BR didn't[View]
112511449Italians but browner[View]
112513049>Yeah I only play on ctf_2fort, how could you tell?[View]
112512906I called a German Russian rapebaby in a thread today[View]
112513434>tfw third world country[View]
112512239The DOJ estimates that around 25 to 30 dogs are killed by cops every day: >According to police re…[View]
112511237Do non-Americans really?[View]
112510413Hong-Kong persons project any face they fish onto themselves: Hong-Kongolese invention prevents them…[View]
112511598Solution to Japan's birthrates: I have the definitive solution to Japan's birthrates probl…[View]
112512461I want to visit Britain[View]
112509032just go to war with turkey already u americans i need my happenings dose[View]
112513304>ona nie wali mu pałe >młody sam wie >normalnie…[View]
112513170do you know??: in Korea there are trucks selling stuff with loud speakers that play the same recordi…[View]
112510819what if all whites and mutts were expelled from nz to turn it into a polynesian ethnic state[View]
112513190Wow, Africa is huge![View]
112511989Is living in Scandinavia basically paradise? They seem to have literally no problems besides some i…[View]
112508826What do the Japanese think when they see this picture?[View]
112512933When are they going to rebuild a united Yugoslavia? Let's be real, other balkanoids don't…[View]
112512981>she touched her hair, must be trying to hint to me she's down to fuck…[View]
112512380Why do poor people have so many kids compared middle class or rich people?[View]
112513040This is considered chad tier in Brazil, would he be top lvl in your cunt?[View]
112512713Itkisitkö onnesta Jos panisin sua kunnolla Kun väität etten uskalla Enää ajaa silmät ummessa Kovin…[View]
112513067>'Whats your weight sir?' >'Exactly 6 1/4 slugs.'…[View]
112512069Is this accurate?[View]
112512624Do you love Kpop? https://youtu.be/IVzGsh0zRec?t=181[View]
112511593I bet when they uncover Trump's tax returns, they find out he gives his entire salary to Israel…[View]
112512916I want to see Joker, but there is no cinema in my city[View]
112512524CHINA 2029[View]
112507665How do Mexicans feel about this?[View]
112512741I saw a tourist jaywalk in my city today[View]
112512694>be Uyghur >hate Chinese insect >become a refugee in another insect country, Japan…[View]
112511370>triggers the european[View]
112511562would you kill any poster on /int/? who and why? yes i would kill that canadian ftm tranny because s…[View]
112509142Why is she popular in Latin America?[View]
112512562She got out of bed after starting medication and went to the congregational prayers yesterday. Sat d…[View]
112512604>drink 5 beers last night >wake up at 5 AM >get up and start shitposting >look in mirror…[View]
112512587im on day 7 of nofap and i just feel like killing myself and everyone around me, does this happen in…[View]
112508908Is Reggaeton/Spanish trap the most popular music genre in the world? The music videos reach hundreds…[View]
112512327poo land[View]
112510284Cлaвьcя, cлaвьcя, poдинa-Poccия! Cквoзь вeкa и гpoзы ты пpoшлa И cияeт coлнцe нaд тoбoю И cyдьбa твo…[View]
112509198Congratulations, you've won a loving and loyal Brazilian gf. You just have to come over to Rio …[View]
112508463Ok, I heard I could get an Australian Visa if I go to become a farmer Should I take the farm pill?[View]
112512389Who is the best objectively speaking?[View]
112512449>yes I am[View]
112509317Any Indiabros here? Do you guys eat beef? I want to know if some Hindus/atheist Indian housholds eat…[View]
112510190Daily reminder mutts let them rape children in order to spread ''''democratic''' values. This wouldn…[View]
112512234can she pass as a local in your country?[View]
112507017Karma: >countries colonized and gained capital by exploiting workers >After decolonization th…[View]
112508951>be thai >crash[View]
112511917REAL ARYANS[View]
112509512When will countrylets learn?: >his country can't even devour other countries.…[View]
112511641>China? >Don't worry bro, we'll take care of them…[View]
112510948>According to a recent study published in PLoS One, the complex genetic structure of the region s…[View]
112511594Fuck you C≠HIna! I refuse to be enslaed by your yes politicis stay away form Blizzard and stay awya …[View]
112511698Nips BTFO[View]
112511122you know walahi sometimes i just wish all races stayed where they fucking belonged. i would have had…[View]
112510525Anyone got that picture of the Indians standing one behind another with a hand in the pocket of the …[View]
112510530>be French >swear allegiance to the British monarch must be humiliating.…[View]
112510861sum ting wong in hong kong?[View]
112509476>School on a Saturday Wtf Japan?[View]
112511457Please stay safe, Japanese frens.[View]
112511626>Protestant? >No, I'm Christian. In other words: Catholic.…[View]
112510811>Ey bro I didn't see you at the mosque yesterday. You alright?[View]
112511474Korean toilet culture is third world SEOUL: 2016 When Jen Kim, a Korean-American in her 20s, went t…[View]
112511389I am a black man.[View]
112510786People seem to be forgetting about the holocaust lately. How can we keep the holocaust fresh in the …[View]
112510455When I was young I always thought 'OH SAY CAN YOU SEE' was 'AUSSIE CAN YOU SING'.[View]
112511417C'MERE, ARGIE![View]
112510114Are there any parts of the world/cunts, who, may possibly have very inaccurate homicide statistics? …[View]
112509305I hate Brazillians so fucking much[View]
112509059>born in a rich country >educated in the first world >be poor…[View]
112499426how do women earn money in your country?[View]
112510982I Invested in Eastern Poland: I'm financially ruined..[View]
112508904real diaspora hours. who tf up?[View]
112510866i have a crush on him[View]
112511441this terrorist was hella cute... he traveled from sweden to syria, what a shame, im pretty sure he s…[View]
112507035Sucks living in Melbourne and having the Brunswick vegan soyboy hipsters representing you online.[View]
112511339Seethe Eurofags knowing your empire is now a caliphate and you are slaves to the black and brown man…[View]
112511073Is this a phenotype of German?[View]
112509171>After ousting the Spanish from the north of the island in 1642, the Dutch East India Company pro…[View]
112511374How long has this schizo jap been at it? Has to be years at this point right?[View]
112511367is he /ourguy/?[View]
112506638I have an uncle who is 65 years old and lives with my grandmother. He lost his job when he was 33 ye…[View]
112510827So this is what life is like in Japan? Quite different from my animes.[View]
112510961Could the Japs defend themselves if Godzilla attacked for real?[View]
112510421This is Poland. Surprised? That's right Poland is a wealthy and developed nation[View]
112510900>Brazilians Why do they keep doing it[View]
112508992If Estonians get fined in Finland, they pay it, Swedes dont: https://www.is.fi/ulkomaat/art-20000062…[View]
112511142LULA LIVRE: #lulalivre[View]
112510592>I work for the government or in a government-subsidized enterprise![View]
112508260Why dont americans respect nature?[View]
112510970>You think you own whatever land you land on The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim But I k…[View]
112509056What nationality is Satan?[View]
112504465>be from southeast asia >follow a savage and disgusting religion from the other side of the wo…[View]
112509089>daily racebait, falseflagging, gay homo roleplay and Soyjak/Gigachad threads followed up my unpa…[View]
112510299/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Cгyщeнки издaниe Пpeдыдyщий: >>112495408[View]
112505779>Sister came out as a lesbian Fuck this gay earth and its propaganda[View]
112510800>OH MAH GLURB![View]
112510479good night /int/ernational friends![View]
112500147/cum/ - Canadam, USA and Mexic: Brady edition[View]
112510749>thinking about Canadian boys again[View]
112493500WWIII odds/evens thread: First post from each country determines your side, OP excepted. Odds: Red E…[View]
112510694I learned that many hospitals in brazil are actually ran by fucking nuns lol[View]
112494939seriously, this is not ok[View]
112510612>Americans passengers when the plane lands[View]
112508793https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaR-bH2hENM&t=33s america legitimately scares me[View]
112508298Death to Israel[View]
112507878im mexican AMA[View]
112506313Happy 12th of October! Happy day of Spain! Spanish can be proud that their day is the celebration of…[View]
112509919Polish refugees: Would you take in refugees escaping from Poland?[View]
112505852Does your country care about climate change? Australia No[View]
112508749Is Ryo Saeba Latin American?[View]
112508964How common are cis trans relationships in your country?[View]
112504898Do NEETs and hikikomoris drive?[View]
112508915So /int/ I'm just curious. a few years ago /int/ makes fun of UK, Australia and America for bei…[View]
112510001I've just shit my pants.[View]
112504735What are the lowest class people in your country referred to as?[View]
112507292Beautiful Jomon girl Nejiko Suwa Pure blooded Japanese https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nejiko_Suwa…[View]
112509857The first cum-spasm seized Cúmbrainn, and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, un…[View]
112509807I found out from a Jewish coworker that you can buy parking spaces at temple. Is this true? In my to…[View]
112510199>Imageboards? No, I don't frequent them, I'm not planning on shooting up a place of wor…[View]
112509132Me? I'm LVTHERAN.[View]
112508954Is it true that Alaska is full of liberals and ugly people? And the conservatives are all wolf-kin w…[View]
112510248>As a manlet[View]
112507353do your country have MICRURUS? Brazil yes[View]
112510028Alright, what do these colors remind you of from your nation?[View]
112509787There are places in Africa with 1 doctor per 50 000 people =O[View]
112510002.i love this![View]
112509991What did they mean by this?[View]
112507932>Why yes I am pure Jomon Native Japanese, how could you tell?[View]
112481874Ever dream this man?[View]
112505318>cunt >would you let a stranger sleep in your house and let your wife gives him a 'massage'?…[View]
112508470Do you love Japan?[View]
112507565What do these colors remind you of?[View]
112504864What are you doing right now? pic related is literally me right now.[View]
112503178/deutsch/ ehemals /nachtschicht/: >germany is brown[View]
112509383How common are beats headphones in your country? Uk They're by far the most common over the hea…[View]
112509600Who is the true crown jewel of the British empire? 1: Canada 2: Australia 3: New Zealand 4: Falklan…[View]
112508629What do these colors remind you of?[View]
112492825/nederdraad/: superieure religie voor superieure mensen -editie[View]
112509085DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m i…[View]
112507031a single mexican can turn this board into a shithole: what can a million mexicans do?[View]
112509292Oh me?I'm doing nothing special anon,how about you?[View]
112509004Muchos años uno cree Que el caer es levantarse Y de repente Ya no te paras Que el amor es temporal Q…[View]
112509293If you haven't learned to swim and ride a bike by the time you're six years old you are su…[View]
112509247How do we fix this shithole? >inb4 we don't[View]
112509188>mom making fun of me again for growing up a pussy[View]
112504795Using my great and unmatched wisdom I fixed Europe for good[View]
112507867i'm 26 and I don't know how to drive. Women dismiss me the moment I tell them :([View]
1125079812 hours till certain Celebration here frens[View]
112504737Would this women be considered attractive in your cunt?[View]
112509245Post miserable cities in your cunt. Fairbanks is a far northern city in the center of Alaska, meanin…[View]
112508780The other day I learned that Jomons were basically primitive monkeys who were inbred and were about …[View]
112508516Gnosticism - 1: I became a Gnostic at the age of 9-10. When I thought why these fucking mosquitoes e…[View]
112509139porygon: porygon[View]
112506877There should not be any immigration, only travel for a short period: immigration ruins the local har…[View]
112508728Who has the best skyline? And why is it New York?[View]
112500805What is North Korea's endgame?: Seriously, though, what do they want in the long term? Conquer …[View]
112508873Look guys is can say the s-word! Soy[View]
112505784Why do Americans love playing the victim.[View]
112508827War isn't that bad, look soldiers have fun at the front.[View]
112508675I just coomed blood[View]
112505726What sort of interests/hobbies do you like in your country? I like drawing and writing, myself.[View]
112494041what's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this flag?[View]
112508368Here in the USA we have these things called niggers. They cause all kinds of chaos lol who are the n…[View]
112508322Every week is a fucking hell[View]
112508352>Soyjak! Me very genius idea! Undie go on bum bum AND undie go on head! Undie much useful!…[View]
112498399Does this board have normal political views or is it just a bunch of fringe political nut jobs like …[View]
112505512Why is there no gay porn featuring white ICE agents or border patrol anally and orally abusing Latin…[View]
112499925which is more richer?[View]
112504846Why is it that Americans are prouder of their heritage and their parents that immigrated here than m…[View]
112507367why didn't incels become gay? It's so easy to get sex when you're gay.[View]
112505051I ate too much junk food... again... like every other night. Does this happen in your country?[View]
112508343Is this all one guy or what?[View]
112507348What sort of luxury is found in your country?[View]
112508255>Magna Germania? we just let them alive![View]
112505943What does a regular Saturday night out for you consist of? A Saturday night for me in Brooklyn consi…[View]
112505691OH NO NO NO NO[View]
112507568damn ('Canadian' is what faggot Quebecois call themselves btw)[View]
112504558What does the American first feel waking up? A bullet in his left thigh.[View]
112506013>A frigate was sighted on 19 August and subsequently determined to be HMS Guerriere (38) with the…[View]
112507159Damn Canadians look like that ?[View]
112505267>Yes, i'm pardo, how did you know?[View]
112506691Why yes, I stalk unaccompanied children on Halloween.[View]
112508123tell me more about pic rel Copenhagen[View]
112507097I think everyone on /int/ should meet my fist up in their faces.[View]
112508118Norsk folks Taking a vacation this December to Norway. Landing in Oslo, want to visit the black meta…[View]
112508271how can we help Syrians in their conflicts without opening our borders to muslim extremists? childr…[View]
112505404OH NO NO NO NO NO What happened meds?[View]
112502767what happens here[View]
112501951Was this guy well-known all around the world or only in English speaking countries?[View]
112493122/mena/: Sadr's city's pimp edition.[View]
112480510Thats what you see on this photo is Germany.[View]
112506637>Been studying Spanish for over a year, listening skills still non-existent: Can some native plea…[View]
112508288designated bugbattle thread: cmon do something[View]
112504015That's how I imagine every asian poster[View]
112487277Do you prefer Stockholm, Copenhagen, or Oslo? Which would be best for a first time visitor to Scandi…[View]
112502357Ask anything you want to an illegal immigrant in Canada. >stop larping I wish I was larping. I ca…[View]
1124958011. your country 2. what do you think about Asian girls Austria I love them they are literally perfec…[View]
112507529I suffer in America.[View]
112507892You might not like it, but this is what peak whiteness looks like[View]
112508159Does your region have high quality legal marijuana? California Yes[View]
112507880>The same German poster who called me fat yesterday will soon be dragged out into the street and …[View]
112507723Yeah, I drive drunk and high on drugs all the time. It's no big deal, I know my limits.[View]
112506307>finns aren't whi- swede posters btfo[View]
112507716Chicanos: Dude, Chicanos are just like.... virgin African Americans[View]
112499191Why won’t the Japanese economy rebound?[View]
112505013Post ur city's cops.[View]
112505096Why are Americans so good at making films?[View]
112506688Can girls love girls in your country?[View]
112507473fuck mods hail jannies: How do you say 'OP is very based' in your language?[View]
112505983Turks are asleep, post Kurds[View]
112507067Japan invented anime based on American animation style first and then they changed it later.[View]
112496474Mexican Cartels Are A Rival Mexican Government: The mexican drug cartels have gained enough power at…[View]
112505522/brit/: didn't quite make it to post 500 edish[View]
112507825>FULL SPEECH: Conservative Ben Shapiro Speaks at UC Berkeley Amid Protests (FNN)…[View]
112498606Who are you voting for Canucks?[View]
112504128How much money do you have?[View]
112503906Why am i seeing more and more pro islam posts from USA flags? A while ago those posts only came from…[View]
112505022>One chance in life >Costa Rica[View]
112495956Cheeses: Do you eat lots of fancy cheese in your countries? If true, what are your favorite kinds? I…[View]
112507672Why are Americans rich?: I want to be an American[View]
112501996/POLSKA/: edycja genetyczna[View]
112505621I ate this for lunch again.. salad maki...2.5$... ...send moni pls.[View]
112507645>asian girls? Yeah , i love them[View]
112507510This pedo girl is the most important Chicano figure in the US in the history of Chicanos. What does …[View]
112499309Give me a Japanese girlfriend or I'll shart![View]
112507448All british posters have their posts covered in 40 layers of irony or are the stupidest fucks on the…[View]
112504880Why do all brits have this cocky faggoty punchable face?[View]
112507410>it’s over soyjack, I’ll never muster enough courage to ask a girl out, I’m destined to die alone…[View]
112507190Is there a demand for English teachers in Eastern Europe? Where in particular?[View]
112507329What happens here?[View]
112507474Have you ever done blackface?[View]
112506397God I wish I had potatoe chips right now.[View]
112501394>your country >do yu play videogames Spain Why yes, im a manchild who loves playing computer g…[View]
112505911Why are Mexicans and Turks so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgEk3Niie1E[View]
112462490/ex-yu/: oci boje tuge edition[View]
112505121Average 13 yo latina[View]
112494441So, which is the best South American country to live?: and the worst?[View]
112507161I miss casey ;_;[View]
112498380Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>112478953 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
112506503With the redoubt of the Village of the Rumes conquered, Suleiman Pasha personally wrote an additiona…[View]
112504503Why don't they stop claiming to be China and just be Taiwan?[View]
112506279monster-class Typhoon is coming. HUGE ONE. She is coming straight over here Tokyo. but I am ready![View]
112506719australians be like >yeah man I'm so afraid of global warming stop climate change right now …[View]
112506722>be me about a week ago >touring through europe with friends >last day was out all day part…[View]
112506783that will be 4.20$ + Co2 tax and tip bro[View]
112504151O SAY CAN YOU SHART[View]
112506098Guess country thread[View]
112498567what is /int/ drinking now?[View]
112506484Rate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-PhvPKgWjY And post trap from your country[View]
112506255What am I in for?[View]
112503834How common is make pattern baldness in your country? Uk Extreamly common[View]
112495661Turks have killed a US soldier in the attack: Shitshow par excellance guaranteed. >Turkish forces…[View]
112500894/balk/: Slavery edition Eski >>112487442[View]
112506219>I suffer in Poland[View]
112464834DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2267.2: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ interest…[View]
1125060461.the country you reside in 2.what do you tell your family when they ask when are you gonna get a gi…[View]
112506018It is worst Rugby World Cup ever?: >Because of typhoon which go to Jap >The whole game was tur…[View]
112487558/lat/ - hilo latANO × hilo hispANO hisp: edicion amistosa[View]
112505912Does your cunt have any famous minority group revolutionaries like Malcolm X?[View]
112505881>pineapple???? ON PIZZA!!!??? MAMMA MIA YOU DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY[View]
112497812>Americans punch holes in the wall when they're upset[View]
112503862What happens here?[View]
112499979/conosur/: Hilo no latino Invitados: Argentina Uruguay Chile No invitados: mejico Tema del hilo http…[View]
112505154all my friends are going to a party right now and they didn't invite me[View]
112500609A Chicana schooled me for not using latinx and another girl told me stop labeling Indians as Asians.…[View]
112505643average yurobong[View]
112505594>Why yes, I would rather die than compromise my morals or ideals. How could you tell?…[View]
112505546Why don't brits pronounce th sounds?[View]
112505501What are black Brits like?[View]
112503243>13 stripes >50 stars what did the founding fathers mean by this?…[View]
112505568>This post violates United States law.[View]
112504523>shut up, incel[View]
112485528I'm MOROCCAN and as EUROPEAN as you: I own a red european passeport and all the papers say that…[View]
112504624Serious question: how do you survive an encounter with the American police force? >don't be …[View]
112505222Why do non-whites make fun of white dudes for being lame? Realistically all other races are more lam…[View]
112502505/v4/ + friends: H*ngarian architectural atrocities edition.[View]
112504556there is this exchange student dude living at our house and he is trying to steal my family I think …[View]
112504295Will you be like the guy in this pic?: No thanks. I don't want my children to look african, I w…[View]
112505402what happened[View]
112505393Imagine the smell[View]
112505369Canadian women run the behind-the-scenes of our next prime minister[View]
112503497Why are American women cheating on their husbands with literal retards?[View]
112505349in short, my plan would be going to arap countries. for each victim of terrorism, i would plunge con…[View]
112505214Imagine being white in 2020.[View]
112505321Open your gates. Diversity has arrived.[View]
112505219France looks like this!? wtf[View]
112503990what cunt do you fucking hate with passion?: for me its this fucking shithole. it made our women los…[View]
112502330>go to Spain >locals start hurling sickles at you Are they first world?…[View]
112505052Do you love the Lombard phenotype which can be primarily found in northeastern Italy?[View]
112503218What was wrong with it?[View]
112502597>his country doesn't support LGBT rights Yikes[View]
112499463are they first world?[View]
112503047Who will your country side with when the new cold war begins?[View]
112503856I am. You are. We are Australian.[View]
112500252how do we get the irish to hate *ngland again?[View]
112504927Whenever i see a post from these flags, they are always mentioning trivial shit to indirectly say th…[View]
112502940how come Brazil is the only mexican country with its own language?[View]
112501800>mamma mia, I sure love watching my wife get fucked by nordic bulls[View]
112502901stop bully poland[View]
112504019What makes Latinas so powerful sexually?[View]
112504308Why do the white women's lower body ridiculously developed than upper body?[View]
112504453Do americans really do this?[View]
112504358Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Hong Kong 2019 Invading afghanistan to restore…[View]
112503396Daily reminder that every latinx on /int/ is a rich zoomer who had great education, can speak englis…[View]
112504398These countries are Mexican countries do you have any question?[View]
112502784is ReviewBrah Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
112502723wow based[View]
112502765>you put MILK and SUGAR in your COFFEE!!!??? >mamma mia!…[View]
112504457if you're handsome and speak french you win at life. it isn't fair https://youtu.be/XtM_PA…[View]
112504282>if you don't focus in class it will record it and send it to parents so they can punish you…[View]
112504340Were your country's social media platforms better in the early 2010s? It looks like YouTube con…[View]
112502267>he is not British but uses Brit spellings for writing Why do some ESLs do this? Brit spellings …[View]
112503292Just another stroll down a lovely AmeriKKKan street[View]
112503272What race is this?[View]
112501884/brit/: Have I done something to trigger The funny looks and the niggers? Are they there at all Or i…[View]
112504169>I deserve a minimum 7/10 white gf because blah blah blah I shouldn’t be a virgin blah blah blah …[View]
112504136>one large coffee please, I like it black, like my women.[View]
112500196ыщгз: whats ur favorite soup?mineis gorokhovyy (pea soup) and borscht.alsohow do u say ьsoup' in ur …[View]
112504012SOUTH TYROL >>> TUSCANY: Prove me wrong t. went to both[View]
112499645Is the meme dead?[View]
112503921Based South Park: Repeat after me : Fuck china. Fuck the chinese people. Fuck the chinese government…[View]
112470793/skandi/: Ólavur hin Heilagi útgávan[View]
112503688I have trouble saying words in my head: My mind is weird. I hadn't been able to form monologues…[View]
112480796/éire/: eagrán Tiananmen[View]
112502856get your draft notice yet turkbros?[View]
112498669Why are japs so bad at engrish? I don't understand[View]
112500135I think I'm starting to lose my yellow fever. I don't know if I really like the underage l…[View]
112503718https://youtu.be/yrjKN_MQivM WTAF is wrong with Americans, you sick, barbaric pedo motherfuckers![View]
112502328guys *sob* i think i fucked up[View]
112501628What's your favourite Brazilian state?[View]
112503629>Why do Americans do X thread >copypasted article from random clickb8 news website >wave mo…[View]
112502694/norgetråden/: Kan jeg få en solid ladning med HIV[View]
112503570Is there a demand for English teachers in Eastern Europe? I'll learn any language for this oppo…[View]
112503544The animated Joker was the scariest: Just saw the new Joker movie. It was good but for me the scarie…[View]
112500798why is 'negro' considered an offensive slur in the us? Wasn't it just the non-derogatory equiva…[View]
112498176If you can't enjoy this track you should be shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7TfPmBqiXA…[View]
112503031Why isn't this the flag of Ireland?[View]
112502226>bro getting womens is easy, you just need to try harder. Working out, Shave, Cologne and more co…[View]
112498061/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Wochenendausgabe[View]
112503230Are Seers prophecies becoming truth? We see nordic countries are getting destroyed by immigration,fe…[View]
112502643who else passportlet travelet?[View]
112499206this board is so shit why do i keep coming back[View]
112498725>Most honored captain Pasha. I have seen the words in your letter, and that of the captain which …[View]
112502154What is this called in your country?[View]
112501959How do women hit on guys in your culture? In white American culture they tend to be very passive and…[View]
112500961are they first world?[View]
112503056'New World' forum game: >Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either j…[View]
112497880Will Iberians ever apologize and take responsibility for this disaster? They have higher murder rate…[View]
112502830/norgetråden/: Hivladnings-utgaven Forrige: nei slikt har vi sluttet med[View]
112499374Is this true?[View]
112502644>OMG It’s FriYAY!!![View]
112502874Nika: Nίkα! Nίkα![View]

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