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103057328This black man destroyed the western fleet singlehandedly[View]
103059193Which French Region has the best shape anesthetic?: For me, it's Normandie t. Francilien.…[View]
103058491This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103054368>In inflammatory comments on Monday, Erdoğan suggested that anyone who comes to Turkey with anti-…[View]
103059370*bang bang* my bullets are for killing discord trannies[View]
103058600Guess my ethnicity.[View]
103056914Why are Korean physically superior than Japanese ? Left: Japanese Right: Korean Korean trainer is …[View]
103058998Why jewggle force us to think that Earth is 'round'?[View]
103052290>your ethnic/nation >what your national animal? >Scots >Unicorn…[View]
103057868God this shit fucks you up: But tastes like complete utter venom.[View]
103059177/χελλ/ - /hell/ official thread: 5 ημέρες μέχρι την 25η Μαρτίου έkδοσις[View]
103053456Ugh....: What could've been.... How powerful would NORDS be if they were united and had all thi…[View]
103058654how am i supposed to live on 600€ and high unemployment rates and toxic bosses[View]
1030590241) Your country 2) Is your country preparing for the incoming CHINESE century?[View]
103059006Post traditional songs from your country https://youtu.be/WohPGwWAS2Q[View]
103057218Country without degeneracy?: https://youtu.be/JCyN5KHhSSs?t=1716[View]
103058744Do you like Korean music? https://youtu.be/5o88SBdiums[View]
103054357How do I gain self confidence?[View]
103056671>I prefer sexy women over cute women[View]
103057905>tfw no finnish angel[View]
103057277So where is the results? Where?[View]
103056102When will this hero of the world destroy AmeriKKKA?[View]
103055763Alright /int/, What is the best asian country to visit for the drugs. I am trying to get fucked up w…[View]
103054411/cum/ - Purim edition[View]
103058574What is Malibu / Beverly Hills equivalents in South Korea.Taiwan and Thailand?[View]
103057993What's up with all the Greek bullying on this board?: Like seriously what did they ever do to d…[View]
103057908Dear black people, If you can read this message then let it be known that you’re not welcome on the …[View]
103058371/Int/ Plastic Surgery: Post surgery transformations[View]
103054036>I'm 'poor' in a first world country[View]
103055829Do Spaniards like Mexican food?: Do not lie, I bet you love it.[View]
103058250Is argentina the whitest country on Earth?[View]
103057793I want to go to Finland one day with my friend Aleks but he says they do not like chingy peoples. Wi…[View]
103057722itt: subhuman[View]
103058079/int/ on the left Me on the right[View]
103056356Which cunt is this?[View]
103055701Are we better off without them?[View]
103057368why germanic girls have square faces?[View]
103056245>recently experienced water shortages >constant power outages >house got robbed 4 months ag…[View]
103053765English lesson: Why do some people put a comma and phrases like 'I like it, too'. Why do some nativ…[View]
103057931>engineering >/g/[View]
103056856koreans on this board are fucking annoying[View]
103055508Could she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
103057147Brazil will becom sodoma[View]
103054511>People on this Chinese cartoon forum actually believe East Asian '''people''…[View]
103056530>bombing of Germany >estimated 400k to 600k civilian deaths >bombing of Japan >estimated…[View]
103057659based come back please[View]
103057561>tfw drink too much cola >tfw now my teeth hurt wtf america fuck you…[View]
103052112hands of /int/[View]
103051167Why are all brown countries like this? What inspires self-hatred?[View]
103057673is this /fa/?[View]
103048276Australian boys look like *that*?[View]
103057501i love finland flags[View]
103057508Ah yes - the mighty dutchmann[View]
103054004Would I pass as local in your country?[View]
103054967which countries are depicted in pic related?[View]
103054577/brit/: Canadian edition[View]
103056793I need someone to give me headpat[View]
103056672americans are so fucking stupid NOW why?[View]
103057121I tripped over my computer's power cord and almost fucking died[View]
103056161Canada, can I come over and live in Nunavut? I bring pidser and koler with me and won't make an…[View]
103056482there are thousands of central amerilards from el salvador, honduras, Costa Rica & panama shitti…[View]
103055418Do Israelis really do this?[View]
103051876Is it racist to hate Japs?[View]
103056993ITT: we thank the Red Army for putting down the Nazi menace[View]
103057133itt: sumhuman[View]
103056067would you rather be an ugly but white Swedish guy living in Sweden or a good looking but North Afric…[View]
103053877Fuck you, El Salvador will eventually become a first world country.[View]
103055298Japan hate Korea. Fill the blanks above.[View]
103057030Why are Canadians so Sexual and Horny?[View]
103052431I just want her back bros[View]
103054841Next terrorist attack?: Where is the next terrorist attack going to be? I wanna go there so the ter…[View]
103054934why are japanese girls doing this?[View]
103054208Why are Southeast Asians better at English than East Asians?[View]
103055028Is there any hope for CHIs?[View]
103055506>'option: english' >american flag[View]
103053135How Westernized are the people of Maharlika also known as Filipinos? How similar are they culturally…[View]
103026939/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Anjinhos: Read Devilman Love Devilman[View]
103054327How do I become really, really good at English? What's the magic behind it? Shit I'm fucki…[View]
103056803Which country is the most ticklish?[View]
103054195Say it with me /int/: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the R…[View]
103055734he earned those kids[View]
103056552Will Amerimutts be allowed in the ethnostate? :/[View]
103056708Why the fuck are central americans separate countries?: >come from indigenous mayans/other shit …[View]
103056487/int/ is for respectful discussion of world cultures. if you are a xenophobe poster I suggest using …[View]
103054116have you ever traveled with your girlfriend?[View]
103054816What country do you think he is from?[View]
103056050Are American girls ez mode for Irish males?: >be ugly, dumb Irish loser >go to America and tal…[View]
103054472italy by now is whiter than all west europe we preserved our race while france,uk and sweden mixed …[View]
103056395Ashkenazi Jews are Germans. They even have NAZI in their name. Coincidence? I don't believe so.[View]
103038604Is Britain perfidious or is it just French propaganda?: Is Britain perfidious or is it just French p…[View]
103055700My gf's grandpa is coming over: He's like, a hundred something and, impressively, a holoca…[View]
103054947Average white brazilians from O Sul[View]
103052075Make Russia Great Again[View]
103055685>Why yes, I am Bhutanese. How could you tell?[View]
103056023leg so hot hot hot leg leg so hot u fry an eg[View]
103056085How do I get a Swedish BF?[View]
103046002/int/ /mu/: what's everyone listing to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=462tYMIRtj8[View]
103051496White American boys are circumcised, they have mutilated dicks[View]
103042362/polska/: edycja śląska[View]
103052309Pssst... hey, you! yeah, you. I have a little secret to share[View]
103055860Does anyone else feel a sexual/romantic connection to a specific country? I feel very cringy for thi…[View]
103055245Why are Swedes so sexy when they're butthurt? I want a Swedish man who screams, cries, and thro…[View]
103053461Korea: >was based bastion of Confucianism >prided on being more Chinese than China itself …[View]
103055693Yo, VIP, let's kick it! Ice ice baby Ice ice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is …[View]
103054117Would you lie on a resume?[View]
103055319Why in the world does English have a myriad of French words? It feels like literally centupling the …[View]
103048947This is Xochipilli, Aztec god of flowers, games, sexual pleasure, drugs and homosexuality. Say somet…[View]
103048449Which one is your favourite and why? If you had to emigrate and live in one of these cunts, which on…[View]
103054921china: does china still fetishize blonde hair? do attractive white men/women get special attention i…[View]
103054860Are you guys having trouble with 4chan X too? Browsing this site without that extension is horrible.[View]
1030554214channel >n-no, I'm not reddit, you're reddit reddit >4chan? I love that subreddit…[View]
103054599/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Fio Português / Fio Brasileiro Lil Mob edition. Tema: https://youtu.be/PKalQrH…[View]
103055031What's the language Finns speak called????? Finnish????? Finish?????[View]
103054892Hypothetically speaking, do Finns ever have gay sex in men's saunas?[View]
103055452I went to my local black enclave and had some food. All in all a great experience and the ribs were …[View]
103055230Why haven’t ching chongs and other inferior races reached the same level as white civilisation despi…[View]
103035754ASEAN food is the most underrated food in the world desu[View]
103055179God, I wish that were me.[View]
103035184How do you say 'whore' in your language?[View]
103049291Mongolia is by far the greatest Asian nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MLrWgXAOyo ch*na k*rea…[View]
103050599Terminal disease tread: What is currently killing you int? I haven't found out yet. Waiting for…[View]
103054529I just took a cold shower, very comfy. Not by choice but just because we have no heated water. It mi…[View]
103055070Damn, Turkish BVLLs look like THAT!?[View]
103049476Interesting, the USA is worse than here[View]
103051928>ur cunny >favorite cig brand flag pic related…[View]
103039246south america gets this[View]
103055082This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Brazil' or some shit, I'm a white Algerian, not a sa…[View]
103051660>America's motto: >In god we trust >puts faith in a jewish god that hates christians …[View]
103053701Oinc oinc, pig Your time is coming...[View]
103049340/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: miss terry edition[View]
103053430Do people in your country like Peruvian women?[View]
103052888all of us here will die. some sooner than others. do you scared of death?[View]
103054767Hahahahahaha This is SO funny lmao look at this picture hahahahhahhhhahhaha it's l'epic le…[View]
103054643>my iq is over 60[View]
103051019I am a Japanese living in outskirt somewhere in Japan. In my town, there were almost zero foreigners…[View]
103052751who unironically /metro vancouver/ here? we should be an independent city state tbj damn it feels go…[View]
103054788>me like train! train go doot doot! favorite train is red train! red mean go fast!…[View]
103054059>Cashier asks if I would like to donate to the men's mental health hospital >'Yes, I…[View]
103054641This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103054711Krauts explain this shit: 'Sie sieht ihn gern laufen.'[View]
103051695/ita/ - il filo: edizione asse[View]
103051208Why are Asians so tall now?[View]
103048625annie are u ok? are u ok?[View]
103054431We speak for black Africans but unironically[View]
103052191>Be Colombian >see beautiful girls everywhere >see couples on college >be incel what to …[View]
103053899This is me. I´m not from Algeria, but from Brazil. And i was born to kill PIGSKINS. Pigs are weak an…[View]
103053795Euros, share me your wisdom[View]
103049798/brit/: remember lads this is /brit/[View]
103054307This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103052077Cunt? Favorite Musical? USA Les Miserables[View]
103054479This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103053017Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, And smile, smile, smile! While you've a lucifer to l…[View]
103053993The world's richest countries are full of nervous wrecks: Capitalism was a mistake[View]
103054418/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico[View]
103052255/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Lucky edition[View]
103054356https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9l2yCH5wBk tick tock America[View]
103053497Tell us about all your relationships you had. I've only had online relationships, never met any…[View]
103026572Faces of /int/ Post em[View]
103051781>open any thread about literally any topic >“in Finland, we..“ Why do finshits always do this?…[View]
103054185>I will use broken English under this japanese flag >maybe they will believe that I am really …[View]
103054083This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
10305413150 lives were lost to preserve these[View]
103053692What time does the sun rise and set in your cunt? Sunrise 5:59 am Sunset at 6:05pm. It sucks to live…[View]
103054136>flag >Are people in your country growing out of atheism? Puerto Rico, USA Atheism has never b…[View]
103052783What /int/ regulars do you recognize? >This one Israel gayposter >Finland poster who uses the …[View]
103054081Do Europeans want to migrated to America?: I want to migrate to America[View]
103050305Why are abos treated like dog shit while the Maori, while still having tensions and problems in thei…[View]
103052638What is the secret that keeps Japanese people youthful? This is Kojima san and he looks like a 40 ye…[View]
103049166Interesting Language Thread: So, I'm a guy who likes languages, I'm really into linguistic…[View]
1030516861. Cunt 2. What is you public broadcast networks like >flag >awesome I love PBS. Their docum…[View]
103054052HONK HONK[View]
1030510361. Country 2. Do you hate the United States of America? 3. Do you despise American 'values?' 4. Do y…[View]
103052254This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103053740For those who still have their foreskin, why do you not wash it?[View]
103053313/brit/: Phoneposting edition[View]
103053061This is literally me.[View]
103050023If you could know only three languages, what would you choose?[View]
103050422This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103051213Reminder these lands were unlawfully taken from indigenous peoples[View]
103053708How can one country cause so much butthurt?: >Hated by everyone in Asia >Hated by Chinks >H…[View]
103052423한국어: 집밥 먹구싶다 edition[View]
103052071i sharted again[View]
103053085Does any other New Worlder feel ashamed? There is no rich culture here and we don't have our ow…[View]
103049320should they’ve been rebuilt?[View]
103047768Talk about foreign diaspora you have met in real life. >High school Spanish teacher was a Serbian…[View]
103052710so why don't Jews and Muslims eat pigs? I mean, is there some anthropological reason why middle…[View]
103052569What is the most nonwhite nation?: Is it Argentina?[View]
103051773Why are so many people in Latin America converting to evangelical Christianity? The trend is really …[View]
103052362Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the National Anthem: OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooh SAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
103051899A girl stood near me today see ya virgins.[View]
103043894Did you have long hair in school, was it common in your country? >Chiri >Yes I had it like t…[View]
103050333'Are you ready to go out for dinner, anon?'[View]
103053331>Sweden >Yes[View]
103052459redpill me on el hee hee[View]
103053514What´s the problem with those trailer pigs?? Why don´t blacks and latinos start to kill them?[View]
103046329ITT: Retarded shit you believed as a child >thought the Mississippi River was entirely located i…[View]
103051940which two countries are depicted in pic related?[View]
103050695Can Americans explain Cicadian Rhythm to me?: Why do I keep hearing about it? Why is it so important…[View]
103052685Is it true that skinny girls like anal sex?: ...or porn is killing me?[View]
1030521171. Country 2. Do you love Brasil?[View]
103051713Reminder they did nothing wrong[View]
103052306Why do you love Americans?[View]
103051873What will historians claim preceded the fall of America?[View]
103048962I love Russians so much. I hope I get to meet a Russian irl one day[View]
103049167I wanna make biggest fuckies and do cummycummy inside her baby place[View]
103053113This is, by all meanings and definitions, literally me.[View]
103048592Why are the two most notorious alt-right internet celebrities Swedish?[View]
103051216>Ketchup on cookies? fucking savage![View]
103052671>wake up >world now looks like this What do you do?…[View]
103053189>all my parents’ properties will be inherited to me[View]
103049854Why are Mexicans and Mexican-Americans so good at math?[View]
103050957When are you finally converting to the white mans religion (lvtheranism)[View]
103051121How come non-Americans hate burgers and make fun of us for eating them and even call us burgers to m…[View]
103051125https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ8T64nAAHg Post music from your clay. No meme shit please.[View]
103052887>Dansa med oss >Klappa era händer[View]
103049077What mean?[View]
103042694/norgetråden/: Sojax er vår maskot-utgaven forrige: >>103027577[View]
103030661/China/: Post nice pics from China.[View]
103051730Your thoughts about ukrainian jews?[View]
103051232Why do qt innocent looking girls like her always have sex with bad guys that don't care for the…[View]
103052454>How dare you believe in religion. Do you know how many innocent people have been murdered becaus…[View]
103052214How many hours a week do you dedicate to trolling female 4chan(s)?[View]
103052271>'Hey anon, I heard you've been having a hard time finding dates. This right here is Tala. S…[View]
103052010What makes BRs this way?[View]
103052515Would this be allowed in your country?[View]
103049232>'Anon, I'm boooooooored! Tell me some fun facts about your country while we snuggle.'…[View]
103045646/tr/: Nostalji edisyonu[View]
103048473/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
1030481861. What's the richest and most developed state/province/prefecture/region/department in your co…[View]
103051983Is this man welcome in your country?[View]
103044121I am disappointed in Italy: I always have admired Italian culture... >The home of Opera which is …[View]
103051618Islam will save Europe AND Africa[View]
103051921>Go out to eat occasionally, varied meals >Save money for other things >Slowly start spendi…[View]
103047664why is Colorado a fucking rectangle?[View]
103051808Fixed the mongrel cuntinent[View]
10305200411:15 PM EST Drunk for the sixth night in a row. Israel is full of kikes.[View]
103051989/weather/ - PNW heatwave edition[View]
103051982kurva anyátok[View]
103051313Study shows that whites from Dixie have a large amount of african blood: Even so they are responsibl…[View]
1030513041. your country (don't say c*nt it's a bad word) 2. which tea do you prefer[View]
103050650can anyone adequately translate japanese to english? I need some song lyrics translated so i can cov…[View]
103051391>hey anon whatcha listenin too? >m-Mongolian folk music >lol why not just rap? Why are roas…[View]
103010744/danmarktråden/: Forårsdagudgaven[View]
103051774>French? Non, non, I'm not fucking French, I'm 100% Occitan.[View]
103050009Your clay Pretty names for women in your clay? >Claire >Brooke >Mary >Lauren >Sarah …[View]
103050466Western Canada is SLAVIC.[View]
103051566Let's hear some war music from your cunt: https://youtu.be/bW4ZwyYJYbQ https://youtu.be/zudFEvT…[View]
103027196Itt: Your country in one picture.[View]
103051048>ywn frogmarch a murdering jap down the streets of cambodia feels bad man…[View]
103051104'why yes we are balkanoid how in the world did you guess'[View]
103050897Fear is a token And, in this darkness It never rests My body is barren A horse for a hero The sun fa…[View]
103051087Bundang>>>>>>>>>>>> Se*ul[View]
103050682Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
103048419>japanese are civili- http://m.en.freshnewsasia.com/index.php/en/localnews/13387-2019-03-18-08-19…[View]
103050883Would you want to live in commie block??[View]
103048982>/int/ makes fun of Asians for being weak beta >In the US, most Asian-Americans (spefically Ko…[View]
103051181>Police are unironically going full bong and arresting people for possesing a video What's t…[View]
103049862I just earned 113 USD + 202 USD via the internet and it wasn't even a lot of effort All in all …[View]
103049563USA is dead: How fucking weak this country must be now if it agrees to talk with Russia about fate o…[View]
103049955England this is fucking hilarious, Anyone have any anti American cartoons pre ww1?[View]
103051067future of your country: >flag >Is the future of your country bright? Brazil Yes :)…[View]
103044644/brit/: there is not a single successful post-colonial new world country that wasn't part of th…[View]
103049858Guess ethnicity thread[View]
103047034Between 2012 and 2016 red provinces lost population, in which red province are you willing to immigr…[View]
103049834>I'm putting together a team[View]
103050499so how r u all preparing for the chinese century[View]
103049426Whose African colonies ended up the least shitty?[View]
103049536Do you like drawing?: Share your drawings[View]
103050343> tfw no russian bf to pound my tight virgin boipussy[View]
103050080I wish I lived in Italy The countryside and the women are so beautiful. The food is great. The clima…[View]
103046246Would you guess that i was indian from my facial features? If not, what other ethnic group could i p…[View]
103049089A mi me gusta el tangananica[View]
103050870>Russia literally confirmed for the only country with good taste why[View]
103050663>Russia defeated Germany >America defeated Japan Who defeated Italy?…[View]
103046771>your cunt >the best city in your cunt flag Vancouver…[View]
103040406What are the general consensus on midwest girls?[View]
10305024025 FUCKING YEARS and now finally understood my childhood hero was a Jewish Pole[View]
103050799I love roast beef pussy and none of you can stop me.[View]
103050687Why do wh*tes do this?[View]
103050506what have you done to own the beaners epic style today?[View]
103040453Do Americans really eat this?[View]
103048054Hello girls (female) of /int/, pls be my gf, also pls be pretty, thank you[View]
103047181do you love st. petersburg?[View]
103046149Sverigetråden - Malcom Upplagan: Du lyssnar väl på malcom?[View]
1030506341. Your cunt 2.Does elders talk/call loudly in public in your cunt? In here,they are loud as heck[View]
103050529This is me. Before anyone says „go back to Turkey“ or some shit, I‘m a white Brazilian, not a sandn*…[View]
103045998/nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: Warsteiner und Aldebaran-Ausgabe[View]
103041001Name 5 Australians.[View]
103050558on opening up with women: I think it could be an interesting question, so please keep your autism aw…[View]
103045367#TAIWAN Elementary teacher #long straight black hair[View]
103050526Why don't haredi Jews dress like this instead of wearing those retarded Polish hats and suits. …[View]
103049576>Why yes, I don't flush the toilet when I take a shit in a public bathroom. How did you know…[View]
103044858AUSSIE SHITPOSTERS ON SUICIDE WATCH BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA https://www.newsweek.com/christchurch-attack-…[View]
103050411Is it okay for men to be husky in your country?[View]
103049465Having Foster's tonight for our dearly departed cunts Down Under. Press F[View]
103033992Do you want to find love in China?[View]
103050306How popular are American snack foods in France?[View]
1030428252019 and you are not already vegan ?: What is your excuse?.[View]
1030494781. your cunt 2. What is the most harmless mental illness?[View]
103033879/mena/ /مينا/: إصدار الــــــــســــــــيــــــــســــــــي Sisi Edition[View]
103050200Japan Vs Korea: Pls get in here autists and fight![View]
103041992/cum/ canada usa mexico: alcoholism edition[View]
103049814>take huge shit >have to break it up and flush multiple times or else toilet will clog…[View]
103048711>europoors wake up >quality of /int/ drastically goes down It can't be a coincidence, rig…[View]
103049995Are you living the dream?[View]
103037491Visit Panama. Also, ama.[View]
103049227Why do Indian girls and South Italian girls look alike?[View]
103047105What are the benefits of having a Jewish diaspora in your country?[View]
103048004do you love Korea?[View]
103049599This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103049637>his 'country' has no overseas territories[View]
103049759This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103049706rebellion: this thread is for serious people who want to help free the people of Venezuela from tyra…[View]
103049756This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Nigeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103033441>mfw all prottie countries are becoming atheist >mfw even the US is succumbing either to the a…[View]
103049143From the mountains to the sea, Catalonia will be free.[View]
103045335Here we admit our bad habits that we have on /int/ I always read serbian posts in Niko Bellics voic…[View]
103048946South Americans are based[View]
103049554Hey guys, Im a 1-year-old baby. Ask me anything.[View]
103047433What would it take for your country to be more like Japan?[View]
103048160This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103048787Is there any country that still got Manhood appreciation culture?[View]
103048136France is love France is life[View]
103047826Are germans really the most efficient people in the planet? How/why does it work?[View]
103046816>Le Chinaman says you're an untermensch wat do?[View]
103039549Previous Thread: >>103014872 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt 過去ログ: http://desuarch…[View]
103025698/éire/: Eagrán Sasamach[View]
103048283Do you give up your seat to the old people when they stand near you in the jam packed bus or subway?…[View]
103045182Do you like Atlantic women? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2Q9EFDAsW8[View]
103049059How do I get a QT Mexican chica gf?[View]
103042830how easy is cocaine and methamphetamine found in berlin? asking for a friend[View]
103033176How do you say 'trash' in your language?[View]
103049002Can we have another Black BVLL thread?[View]
103048991>russia isn't the savior of the west because they have a lot of muslims…[View]
103048959>the us will probably never nuke toronto[View]
103047747I have zero respect for the Maori. Your entire culture is based on doing soy face, and you're t…[View]
103046686is being canadian bad? i feel like everytime i tell somebody im canadian they always say some bullsh…[View]
103046416Why are school shooters all little yt boys? Is it because they got banned from their Minecraft serve…[View]
103047684i hate korean posters[View]
103048425Is it TRUE that almost all Anime fans in western countries are of Asian heritage? Big if true.[View]
103047338>COUNTRY ROOOAAADS...[View]
103039149/v4/+friends: How long it will be?[View]
103042624French far right leader with his GF. Thought on the future child ?[View]
103038574Why are americans so fragiles ?: I'm banned for life to entering on american soil. Because one …[View]
103047655your country most hot dogs in one sitting >flag >7…[View]
103048327Cute Belgian girl[View]
103048477Rate my house[View]
103048639Are Mexicans fond of televised news updates?[View]
102969922/dixie/ — Southern US & Friends: miracles of modern medicine edition[View]
103048541I just watched as a rather large-penised Puerto Rican man engaged in savage, passionate sex with my …[View]
103042549is australia the most dangerous country on earth[View]
103048130>Devistates the Middle East and cripples the US, China, and Russia at once >US tries to invad…[View]
103048388Does this happen in your country?[View]
103046075I enjoy burning firewood in a woodstove. And you?[View]
103047931Anyone elses ISP still shoah-ing /pol/?[View]
103048168>pitchfork >eurogamer >sight & sound >vogue…[View]
103048121Soviet synthpop is cool, isn`t it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6wl-EyhXl0[View]
103043477WTF I HATE AMERICAN NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60hENN3bSgM[View]
103048060Are there actually any asians on this board or are they just english teachers?[View]
103047849I just fucked your mom...[View]
103047740>It's bad to criticize women for having a lot of sex >It's okay to criticize men for…[View]
103046884You can only post ITT if you are currently employed. wagies WW@[View]
103047214ah, the afro-american diet[View]
1030475241. Your country 2. How popular are murder mysteries in your country?[View]
103046748Life in Ukraine: Ukrainianons, I am curious how it is like living there?[View]
103047511What ethnicity is this[View]
103041520/balk/: http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/dunya/son-dakika-egede-yunan-jeti-dustu-40802827 >YUNAN ASKERÎ…[View]
103044217No one has a clear-headed view of China anymore. It's always either Yellow Peril tier hysteria …[View]
103045493>Why yes, I do believe that we should bring back the Kalmar Union, and the capital should be Oslo…[View]
103047291>be 5'6 me >tfw too short to be attractive to average women and too tall to be attractive…[View]
103047323Describe the appearance of the most typical girl in your cunt >Dyed blonde hair >Hair rolled u…[View]
103046888عبدالله اوجلان كوردستان P.U.K abdullah ojalan abdullah oçalan PKK YPG YPJ Հայոց ցեղասպանություն Erme…[View]
103046052How did Brits effectively control pop music charts worldwide in the 80s and 90s?[View]
103046854I hate fatties, baldcels and chinlets[View]
103046540tfw the world thinks i'm dangerous because i didn't get laid (incel) and that i'm a t…[View]
103027459Americans WILL defend this https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=AejP3JbrDj8[View]
103043685putos panchitos que os pasa en la cabeza?[View]
103030229/NEDERDRAAD/: PVDDIKKKKKK editie[View]
103041790Guess who's coming to your country?: This son of bitch is going to visit your cunt just to dab …[View]
103041980Does your country have a lot of hydropower?[View]
103041036>tfw you live in a country where 120 million men have been sexually mutilated, including yourself…[View]
1030468981. your country 2. latest example of patriotic propaganda movie that your government financed to bra…[View]
103043301I am an atheist I hate all religions: I believe there is no god and that we evolved from apes like t…[View]
103046016>mfw Americans will never know the glorious pleasure of smelling their own moist, sensible and di…[View]
103046814>I cant start my day without coffee[View]
103046630Is it really still snowing in America?[View]
103045506Do people in your country respect any other country as equals or betters? For us, no.[View]
103046137what /int/ thinks of italians(whites)[View]
103046740>Kosovë will return to Albania in your lifetime[View]
103045845Imagine Mexico if it wasn't ever Spic-nized[View]
103046768janny is the nigger of the world[View]
103044589/brit/: fuck it dude[View]
103044016>that close friend that use to be based but now is a clingy faggot that won't leave you alon…[View]
1030458441. Your country 2. Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
103040632Food: ITT foods made in your cunt I start with the coxinha[View]
103041315>u r cunt >how often do you shower flag 3 or 4 times a week…[View]
103046634Slovenia is one further solid reason to keep on living imo[View]
103046163Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
103046457https://www.fbi.fi/ >the absolute state of the finnish secret service[View]
103046466How should I punish my gf with my penis[View]
103045944Portuguese surnames: >Moura >Mourão >Mourinho >da Moura WE WUZ KANGS IN ARABIA AND SHIT …[View]
103045056I find that woman repulsive.[View]
103046319El IMA-YINO[View]
103046241Tomorrow he will arrive in Italy to sign the alliance, I am so excited https://www.euronews.com/2019…[View]
103045760Imagine being so afraid of being dunked on that you make your whole government around being able to …[View]
103043514Why is pic related a hero and Brenton Tarrant a murderer?[View]
103036948Got my mtDNA result. >haplogroup H11a1 >majority of the matches are finns >mfw…[View]
103040581/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
103046069>bored australian shitposters banned from 4chan circa 2019[View]
103045104>*force feeds you pork and alcohol*[View]
103044755Y'all come play this game: No one escapes[View]
103037564Germany lost ww1 Germany lost ww2[View]
103045447>absolute state of US customs[View]
103037021Anyone else regret that a lot of Indians were bullied off the site because of le poo in loo meme? I …[View]
103043192What does /int/ think about the rise of China?[View]
103042789What are Scottish women like?[View]
103045868>ywn live in San Sebastian https://youtu.be/WowXrGJdFCU[View]
103039268>we wuz rashoon[View]
103042246Hey /int/, you alright?[View]
103036726Your country. Have you had any experiences with militant feminists? Flag. No.[View]
103045720Social media is destroying US national parks. How is this cancer affecting your cunt?[View]
103044896D u have favourite TV host in your cunt? Mine is Dmitry Kisilev. He burns liberal asses and says lot…[View]
103044656Did you celebrate St. Joseph's Day today?[View]
103044119football lads: your thoughts on him?[View]
103035684I want to move to Iran.[View]
103040745I have a question to all Americans in this board What the fuck is a redneck? How do you even become …[View]
103045459Why do Russians hate endorheic lakes located in Central Asia?[View]
103045564Dear malays in /int/ I apologize for ordeal that made our cringey bluepilled president >He speake…[View]
103042414/esp/: en nuestro país solo hay normies edition[View]
103045430>tfw no diaspora[View]
103024842/tr/: Ülke iyiye gidiyor basımı https://youtu.be/bMg8IJ-iEhA[View]
103044918This thread is archived[View]
103045175Just bought a grammar of Jewish-Palestinian Aramaic so I can learn the language of Jesus (pbuh) and …[View]
103043614What is Grenoble, France like?[View]
103044108How are you guys feeling tonight?[View]
103033197Do turk girls like western guys?[View]
103044254do you love Africa?[View]
103041483>27 years old virgin in 5 days is this possible in your country?[View]
103042518>Land of the Free :^)[View]
103030183/nederdraad/: Den Congo editie Welkom: kolonisten Niet welkom: inheemse bevolking[View]
103044876Is this true?: 'The Australians? They don't like anybody.' t. My dad[View]
103041506Turkey's greatest contribution to the world[View]
103044017Acne completely fucked my face[View]
103044748>Il have a cola zero because i'm on a diet[View]
1030415921. Your cunt 2. Do you make dikshit (aka Indian) food? Укpaїнa тaк, ocь нaшa кypячa тикa мacaлa[View]
103044697Does your country/region have a propensity to create a lot of priests?: >Catalonia >yes becaus…[View]
103042320has anyone seen my cousin anywhere? he's not mentally right and i am very worried[View]
103040645I am an Anglo. How does that make you feel?[View]
103042203/brit/: oz edish[View]
103038938What phenotype is this?[View]
103041481Why do people from this area migrate so much?[View]
103044535Devleti Osmaniye rising again, inshAllah.[View]
103022218Anyone here ever banged an Arab girl before?[View]
103044353I want to visit Berlin with my friends and gf at summer, should I look for airbnb or hostels at the …[View]
103041517Can Norwegian be that swarthy? He is Jan Axel Blomberg, known as Hellhammer, the drummer of Mayhem, …[View]
103044083/metro/: Post subways. Pic related is Warsaw Metro.[View]
103031905/mämmi/: Kielioppipainos[View]
103042274420 Gdansk, Poland: Aussie tourist here, staying close to old town Gdansk looking for green. Anyone …[View]
103035606Is the soiboy phenomenon unqiue to America or do other countries have it too[View]
103043590والدي والدي حبيبي تعالى هنا[View]
103009399/levant/: Jews and diaspora not allowed[View]
103027325It's official: Americans cannot be trusted: It's time the EU and the U.S. went on their se…[View]
103041906I thought turkish people loved black people. A black French woman from Cote d'Ivoire expelled …[View]
103041744Say nice things about Muslims[View]
103035796Sverigetråden - ᚾᚢᚱᚦᛁᛋᚴᛅ ᚢᛒᛚᛅᚴᛅᚾ[View]
103035190>Why yes, we're Algerians, how did you know habibi?[View]
103043202some one told me that albanians are whiter than russians because russians have a small percentage of…[View]
103037820Name one piece of media that has been produced by this country in the last 100 years.[View]
103040863I fucking love these pastries, they have a taste called ''arrak'', are there any…[View]
103042387Post religious music from ur cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnPoMvJm_cE[View]
103043227Brazilian Music is so fucking good: Daaamn... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUSzCPS6V1c…[View]
103042035What's your excuse now?[View]
103041541Do Swedes really talk like that?[View]
103042149Anyone else get recommended this vid lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRMTbL9xa3M[View]
103042327>day 2 >t*lstra still think they can block 4channel.org…[View]
103041907Why is Moldova so poor?[View]
103042707>Not to slay an innocent person (Ex. 20:13) (CCN32).[View]
103038879is it true?: if it's true, then what's wrong with India and South America?[View]
103042616What is the difference between bakla (Philippines) and kathoey (Thailand)?[View]
103041866I am Finnish: BILL BALLY PILL PALLY IN THE BILLAAAAH!!![View]
103040865>mexicans >they actually can't[View]
103042130Is this how Hawaiins look like?[View]
103040190will western countries keep go strict on immigration?: it seems that most of Europe, North American …[View]
103041946Unironically based. Fuck *astoids[View]
103040189What smartphone do you have?: I have the Xioami Redmi 5 Plus. It's a good, capable phone which …[View]
103027577/norgetråden/: Utmeldt-utgave Forrige: >>103010114 >>103010114 >>103010114[View]
103034501/polska/: edycja wietrzenia cipy[View]
103028670/cum/: (You) edition[View]
103033005What's your childhood videogame? Me: >BF:1942 >SA-MP >Unreal Tournament >Half Life …[View]
103036555You are now President of Mexico: Wat do?[View]
103040857Experience with Brazillans: Have you ever met a brazillian IRL? How was it? Did you like him?[View]
103041373>smelly France flag posts in the thread *opens window*[View]
103041804This team hasn't scored a single goal in 22 games[View]
103032426>Your age >What are your plans for the near future? 20 Save up some money and move to France w…[View]
103041625Are lower class people in your country weirdly obsessed with paedophilia? As in not being paedophile…[View]
103040089Do you like Finland (my country) ?[View]
103041771>tfw no gf: Do you have a gf? Do you gf you had gf?[View]
103036395what was happening in your country in 1000 AD? Poland holy roman emperor came to visit us on the Con…[View]
103040791All 'english' achievements after 1066 were French. All 'english' noblemen and other people of note a…[View]
103038335sleeve of thieves[View]
103041501cutie edition[View]
103041606This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103037173Britain will run out of fresh water in 25 years!!!!: If only there was a political and economic unio…[View]
103032679ITT: countries that look like things: I'll start[View]
103040825why aren't these characters included in katakana?: It seems like it would reduce the ambiguity …[View]
103039597Why is Western society disgusted by cuteness?[View]
103016294Have you ever met a German in real life? What was it like?[View]
103039298/brit/: just get a haircut bro[View]
103041240story time: >be 18 me, 5 years ago >grown up in a small greek city of 50k inhabitants >giv…[View]
103040942This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103040373Why are younger ethnic Russians leaving Kazakhstan? Where are they going? In this chart, blue = Kaza…[View]
103011923ex-yu: ex-yu /int/yu DOGADJA SE editicija[View]
103040647>Be French >Fall asleep on train >Wake up in a better country…[View]
103038716ITT: post famous inventors from your cunt: Nikola Tesla american inventor who created the airplane…[View]
103041058tfw: >i've browse 4chan 7hour straight in my vacation >i must be productive than this ;_…[View]
103038292BREAKING: US possibly extending its kingdom of vassals all the way to Brazil: https://www.reuters.co…[View]
103040939My ancestor :)[View]
103039434yo what the FUCK is their problem?[View]
103040736email scam.: would you help her /int/?[View]
103040709movies/videogames/literature/tv shows that changed your perception of any country sustainably for me…[View]
103040544>stop voting for Modi[View]
103036036Thank you Poland, you always make me have great time.[View]
103040396melbourne meetup[View]
103040604/AfD/ ehemals /deutsch/: erster für AfD uezs[View]
103040560Explain why you wouldn't want to be a cute girl in your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
103039839So it's finally happening. Took you faggots long enough.[View]
103037065What did Christianity bring to your country? Waste of intellectualism on wasting research and time t…[View]
103036255Why are Americans like this[View]
103040454This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103040118Post Tinder profiles in your area[View]
103040129>America is an Anglo na- NO, FOR THE LAST TIME: WE! ARE! GERMANIC! BVLLS! WIR SIND ÜBERMENCHEN!…[View]
103040309Why is your country uncivilized? Why don't they realize that human flesh is patrician taste?[View]
103040285haHAha [epic international shitpost] hqhahaHA[View]
103030231/balk/: the tranlo/tranita mystery edition old:>>103012022[View]
103040131>the white race >the black race[View]
103039628Why are Latin American memes so funny? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1MJF_RV-_w[View]
103037616This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103036108>he wasn't born in america I pity you europoors, honestly. You will never experience freedo…[View]
103027756/ita/ - il filo[View]
103040022This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103036807Is it possible to return to a simpler life in your country?[View]
103038920Guess my ethnicity /int/[View]
103039668/usbr/ - the thread: What's up american breathen[View]
103038307i am going to fix the polish-german relations[View]
103035348/deutsch/: was is da los was werd da gspuit?[View]
103039233Good night /int/ I care about (you)[View]
103039813Հայոց ցեղասպանություն Ermeni Kırımı Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê Kürdistan İnsan hakları Kürtçe Sürya…[View]
103032676/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Edition du futur Ancien >>103025256[View]
103037657Where my desert niggas at?[View]
103039239Move to Rwanda, now!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFGtGfLUP4o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX…[View]
103039745GOD BLESS ISRAEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2OdLTaaQl4[View]
103038008oh no no n on on o n on o non no onoon oo: ...waoaoaowoahoa BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHWAHHAHHAHHAAHAHAHA ht…[View]
103039641/ita/ il filo: edizione lavoratori https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bay0VVTksy4[View]
103038791>work as a shipping and receiving logistics manager >just saw this…[View]
103039234>Hey whiteboy come here ! So, how do you respond?[View]
103030520what the fuck happened in 1966?[View]
103037211BRAZIL FIRST WORLD: >mfw Brazil is now in NATO >mfw Brazil is now in OECD >mfw the US can n…[View]
103035835Apu Apustaja: How is this pronounced? Is it ah-POO ah-POOST-AH-ha or ah-POO ah-POOST-AJ-ah[View]
103039091Your Cunt3: Your gov way of dealing with the original boomers? >Finland They plan to ride it out,…[View]
103039024Miss Norway 2019: Say something nice to the next Miss Norway, she is a brave woman and an inspiratio…[View]
103039445Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>102937250 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/i…[View]
103038880Tell me about the dutch and their eternal war against the sea, when will it if ever end?[View]
103024317How do games depict your country?[View]
103026040Are you going to miss them when they are gone from the internet?[View]
103009747kurva anyátok[View]
103038629I still want an Eastern Yuropoor bf. I want to pay for his immigration to Canada, marry him, have hi…[View]
103039288>my cunt runs gladio terrorist cells in your cunt Make sure you vote correctly, euros! *Dabs on …[View]
103036406/brit/: Lonely and horny edition[View]
103035277Why are micks so testy?[View]
103022540How are Romanians perceived in your country?: Hey /int/bros, our professor(I'm over 18, fuck of…[View]
103039186Does life go into easy mode if I convert into Judaism?[View]
103038963>Hair is usually wavy >Don't shower for a few days >Grease from hair is keeping it str…[View]
103025792/v4/+all: Goddess edition.[View]
103038805Do Jewish people or their supporters in the US support terrorism and murder to obtain financial or p…[View]
103036215>People of color[View]
103037164What's the largest OR most important city (political, cultural capital..) in your country that …[View]
103038780Does /int/ play any instruments? I'm a self-taught guitarist and accordionist[View]
103038712Should we nuke the US?[View]
103035608So I was reading about Giedymin and the Lithuanians and I don't get it. Like which is the real …[View]
103038610I for one miss the wall, it was a good wall[View]
103038212I like when Brazilians speak English, their accents are cute desu[View]
103033863Why are Finnish eyes always closed?[View]
103036124Why don't Andalusian's receive affirmative action benefits as a people of color in Spain? …[View]
103038436Do Poles still have an interest in astronomy? Do you guys have a space program?[View]
103037796Why are Montana and West Virginia the best states?[View]
103032007Will China be the first to start the NEET genocide. Guys I’m scared.[View]
103037535This is my last thread, goodbye forever.: I have decided to leave this website forever. It is simply…[View]
102989005/lang/ - Language Learning General: >Share language learning experiences! >Ask questions about…[View]
103031482do all women look like this when they don't shave???[View]
103014333ITT Little Known Facts: Belgium is the birthplace of Mountain Dew.[View]
103036786ITALIAN ANONS PLS HELP: Ciao ragazzi I have a friend in Italy (Torino) who suddenly disappeared from…[View]
103038112name a country that does this[View]
103034745Հայոց ցեղասպանություն Ermeni Kırımı Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê Kürdistan İnsan hakları Kürtçe Sürya…[View]
103034527>“I’m not judging a person by their looks,” writes a commenter that is about to judge a person on…[View]
103036428wtf I love the german language now[View]
103037639I woke up this morning at 7am and it was pitch black How can I blame Switzerland for this transgress…[View]
103037405Well?: which one of you cucks did do this?[View]
103037766xaxa u look like benis :-DDD[View]
103034213What flags do you guys filter? For me it's >[View]
103037428Western women are so beautiful. How can Asians compete?[View]
103037494>tfw the European continent will unite and the British Anglo will become irrelevant (for the rest…[View]
103037042Life is boring now.[View]
103037221>ywn be Congolese[View]
103037561>About 1 in every 200 women surveyed told the British Medical Journal that they became pregnant w…[View]
103036539>Go vote! It's really important! You can make a difference![View]
103027618Greatest/Worst military moments: >1. ur cunt >2. ur cunt's greatest military moment >3…[View]
103036115was he?[View]
103037328>libtards go back to your safe spac-[View]
103037386Behold the ANGLO BVLL[View]
103037256My ancestors[View]
103031654>when a brazillian flag uses the n-word[View]
103035522What are your thoughts on Mormons?.: They seem somewhat weird and cultish to me. Plus the whole poli…[View]
103037407>making small talk while you're waiting in line[View]
103037217Has Mexico done the same anti drug campaign like Duterte? Why are drug cartels powerful?[View]
103037094/int/ ethnicity: 1. ur cunt 2. your ethnicity USA Just got my 23&me report back. Turns out I…[View]
103036687how do we save Australians from their oppressive government?[View]
103028513Canada has the smartest posters[View]
1030372231. Country 2. How often does this happen? Flag A few times a year[View]
103034828>when you want khzar milkers so bad you are willing to sell your nation and your country to the i…[View]
103033561Anyone here ever banged a European girl before?[View]
103036819>Burger thinks 2.5 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants is impressive https://www.youtub…[View]
103035673Lucky fuck!: Look at this dude. Gay refugee found himself a tall, handsome, aryan bf. Why can't…[View]
103036602Can't believe how racist my country is We must apologize[View]
103036732Why are anglos so in love with censorship?[View]
103033021>be me >have no gf >saudi proxy texan pretended me to be my e-gf on /int/ >she asks me t…[View]
103025616Do you like Italy or Spain more?[View]
103035151Why does the Dutch language sound like funny German?: Alternatively, why does the German language so…[View]
103030031>dad was ranting about the global elites and how they want to destroy the white race >he also …[View]
103036117Bolsonaro-Trump meeting: >mfw Brazil is now in NATO >mfw Brazil is now in OECD >mfw the US …[View]
103036336Is it true that Americans are fat?[View]
103033748/brit/: Off to the shops edition Ferals subedition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSC4pZBYcsg…[View]
103032060Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than those in the rest of the U.S: Even so th…[View]
103028994Why is Japan so cute? https://youtu.be/zhGnuWwpNxI[View]
103033822Some French royalists from Saint-Louis group are currently in Germany to request the return of the l…[View]
103035690>mfw I have the rarest flag[View]
103035588How libertine is your city from 0 to 5? Barcelona = 5 Most of my friends consider themselves anti-fa…[View]
103036079I came in my roomates coffee[View]
103036053How can Hongkongers live in these tiny apartments? I slept in one on a vacation there it was ok but …[View]
103036041Based and Afropilled[View]
103032530I-I miss them guys[View]
103035704How do I teach English in china if I’m a student?, I need to support myself and this seems like a go…[View]
103028727Are American mothers really this based?: https://youtu.be/qSY_g5ZIXkM[View]
103035923viva España[View]
103035364/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri La…[View]
103032237we are friends now?[View]
103035759This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103034706What are your thoughts on Brazilian immigration to Europe?[View]
103016871/rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/[View]
103016790Princesses of Spain.[View]
1030352171. Your cunt 2. Do you read the newspaper?[View]
103029874How will this website improve without the presence of Australians? It seems they were behind most of…[View]
103035521عبدالله اوجلان كوردستان P.U.K abdullah ojalan abdullah oçalan PKK YPG YPJ Հայոց ցեղասպանություն Erme…[View]
103029471okay japanese anons: we have to make a freakin ally or something between us in order to against Chin…[View]
103034594this is /lgbt/ with flags but without protection by /lgbt/ mods[View]
103028584Potato: Show me the best your country can do with this baby.[View]
103030312BLACKED >Student, 22, who is obsessed with sunbeds and tanning injections gets accused of being r…[View]
103034183What are you currently listening to, /int/?: Me? Two snowniggers and pajeet > Södra station >A…[View]
103024719Fun fact: France is the most blacked country in the world and had it not been for the maghrebis skew…[View]
103031210Could this qt pass as a local in you country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw…[View]
103034402Isnit only me or are Mexican gangsters the scariest in the world?: They scare the shit out of me: Th…[View]
103002949/asean/: Edisi Cleaning Service[View]
103035186中国: 你为什么喜欢中国吗? 艰苦:不要提到菜 超级艰苦:不要提到女人[View]
103034121What is up with bongmen and loicences?: Will the UK seriously tax porn?[View]
103026386how do you say زنجي in your language?[View]
103032487This is a Belgian elementary school teacher. She heard her ex-boyfriend having sex with a new woman,…[View]
103032704>be at mcdonalds >sit at table across from man and child >'we have to go sit somewhere else…[View]
103033281When someone talks about Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw[View]
103034710What's the possibility these are real?[View]
103033942/brit/: the pengbrokeshire coast[View]
103031260Any review of Sekiro ? It's good ? Meh or bad ? In France nothing for the moment. I like From S…[View]
103029813Does your country have a retarded brother?[View]
103032031I love sweden Jag älskar sverige Ich liebe mit Schweden[View]
103034258How to post images your waifu without being an avatarfag? When do you become an avatarfag?[View]
103027847How did the 'Anglos are ugly' meme start?[View]
103030629Average Brazilian girl.[View]
103033392>I'm an American and my opinion is..[View]
103014872Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>102937250 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
103019052China and Thailand hate indian cuisine[View]
103034163I have been collecting posts for 13 years. Ever since Aug 11 2006. I have well over 248,556,782 post…[View]
103034058why are they always so butthurt???[View]
103034039Why is the eu such an irrelevant, backwards and corrupt shithole?[View]
103030933Hey /int/, it's story time..[View]
103033608What do you think about men with little or no body hair at all?[View]
103029035Kant, on the experience of the sublime among different nations: >Here Kant describes the differen…[View]
103033144They were too pure for this board. F[View]
103024806Why do they make so many threads about themselves? It’s fucking unbearable[View]
103026711/polska/: edycja dłubania w nosie[View]
103030628/brit/: https://www.mikeroweworks.org/sweat/[View]
103026491Did you know that jack the ripper was polish? When will Poland apologize to Britain?[View]
103025482Sverigetråden - ᚷᛖᚱᛗᚨᚾᛊᚲᚨ ᚢᛈᛚᚨᚷᚨᚾ[View]
103033624Hola, onions nuevo y no me ubico muxo en esto de los forochanners, queria saber si alguien sabe como…[View]
103032812do you love sushi: i heard gaijins don't eat raw fish fundamentally[View]
103013505/HELL/: komşu εντίσιον[View]
103030124Arab boys <3[View]
103033496Shouldn't it be the other way?[View]
103033284I'm white trash.[View]
103031525it's 22:00 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
103033312>wake up >no white gf beside you[View]
103030709This is to all Australian anons.[View]
103033243If your nipples are pink you are a fucking SISSY[View]
103033135The causal influence of brain size on human intelligence: We studied the within-family relationship …[View]
103032193>They gave Putin the brown horse What did russians mean by this?[View]
103019996/skandi/: gay utgave[View]
103032572Why is europe suffering such a massive demographic problem, and why is not just letting the populati…[View]
103032747Are castizas a gift from Haven??[View]
103032645cringe: A10 based nd REDpilled: su 25[View]
103032299>your cunt >did you learn about extreme groups from your cunt in school?…[View]
103032414Who is your country's greatest intellectual?[View]
103032162ITT: Post a picture that represents your country[View]
103027520/fr/ stets am Schwanz von /deutsch/: Feindliche Ausgabe[View]
103032361>it's not us, but we are doing it >we host refugees in churches >we pray for refugees …[View]
103031188>few natural disastets >few guns >expect the taxpayer to cover their medical bills Why are …[View]
103029960Which one of you did this[View]
103031253When did you realize that the Euro, Pound, Aussie dollar, Canadian dollar was just a satellite curre…[View]
103025403Do you think noses like this are ugly on girls? asking for a friend.[View]
103029631What does it feel like being white?[View]
1030311781. Your cunt. 2. Post the last pic you took.[View]
103028015I fixed North America.[View]
103015819/mena/: Tfw this will never be you edition[View]
103025256/fr/ - le fil francophone: édition gaulois réfractaire >>103018644[View]
103031291How do you call this in your country?[View]
103024985>White IQ[View]
103025480Was it the most kino war in history?[View]
103027636Do americans really do this???[View]
1030304121. Your cunt 2. Your ethnicity 1. Flag 2. Volga German[View]
103031755Me whenever I see tourists in NYC[View]
103030679Average american 2020[View]
103030791retro threads: desu, I can understand the reason why boomers miss the 80s a little bit whenever I li…[View]
103023892/mämmi/: Roudasta rospuuttoon -painos[View]
103031587>be belgian >get shot >get shot again >get shot >get shot again >get shot >get …[View]
103031336What's the next step of his masterplan?[View]
103027283Why don't Americans talk like in this 1940s anti-communism propaganda cartoon anymore? https://…[View]
103028611Does anyone in the USA still follows baseball?: Or is it in decline. Whenever I see videos from base…[View]
103030290How much did you cry when your dog died?[View]
103031256Is he the best British actor right now?.[View]
103027961i've been feeling ill today and my gf was taking care of me all day she skipped uni to do so sh…[View]
103031116This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103030469Kurds? More like turds![View]
103026409Is it true that the devs of this game get funding from the Turkish government?[View]
103025154How do people cope with their homosexuality in your cunt?[View]
103030940>she just called me a manlet WTF BROS ITS ALL OVER OH NO SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME!…[View]
103030731Flag Are you a guy? Are you white? Do you have a few screws loose?[View]
103030931I will probably get kicked out of my uni because I was not insuranced for a week or so and I didnt n…[View]
103020980ITT: Post the last pic you took[View]
103019607How much you hate people from your own country?[View]
103029134I wish the winter could last forever[View]
103019185/brit/: *waddles towards you* edition[View]
1030285871. Your coot 2. 5 objects you can see from where you are sitting >USA >Barbell >handgun …[View]
103027989im autistic guys !![View]
103025596Is this common in your country?[View]
1030283121. Your country 2. Do politicians in your country speak out against circumcision? Flag YES[View]
103030518my president is shit.[View]
103029529British empire thread[View]
103028161Why do you all claim hate your own countries, and yet do nothing to make them better?[View]
103027129White boys were made for BTC (Big Turkish Cock)[View]
103030493ITT: Hijabi Qts[View]
103011955/eyes of int/: Post yours[View]
103030142Why do white Canadian/Australian males love asian females so much?.[View]
103030423>hear an anglo >day ruined[View]
103027517Trump is a cool guy.[View]
103027796Can I pass as white in the USA?: I want to immigrate there. I hate living in Israel. It's a sar…[View]
103024567What was the military benefit of giving the T-800 a thick Austrian accent?[View]
103030008i miss my australian brothers already bros[View]
103030425A kid almost ran me over with his bike and then shouted at me and in response I threw a rock at him …[View]
103029825>'Russia is meddling in your elections!' - American meddlers[View]
103029651>Oi, mate. You got a license for that erection?[View]
103030144>Ahem, WE in the FIRST WORLD suffer just as much as THIRD WORLDERS DO!! LIVING IN PEACE, COMFORT …[View]
103029760A girl smiled at me today[View]
103030112ITT: We sing the Star spanking boner one word at a time >OOOH SAAY CAN YOU HONK…[View]
103028639Unique frens of /int/, what is your favourite past time? I like to wonder off into isolated forests …[View]
103028187boomers of our cunt: somehow much based and manly than Korean zoomers[View]
103017149/NEDERDRAAD/: belle delphine editie[View]
103029862What kind of car do you have /int/?[View]
103029772How would Russians feel about China building aircraft carriers for them?: Would you be open to it or…[View]
103029779Do you have many Don Quixote dopplegangers in your country?[View]
103029723Is it possible for a White person to be the victim of racism?[View]
103027564Moustache thread: >your cunt >Can you wear a moustache without looking like a mentally handica…[View]
103028089which girl is an upper class?[View]
103028266Are MOBA popular in your country? I used to play Dota 1 for fun but I was never really good it. I do…[View]
103029098We Germans are black. We need to kill wh*tes[View]
103007738EVERY Chinese dude on my campus looks like this.[View]
103029259Thank you Russia for pornolab[View]
103029537RIP Luke Perry.: I loved watching him as a kid play in Beverly Hills 90210 back in the 90's.…[View]
103025044movie fan lads: what are your thoughts on Korean western movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tk8…[View]
103029291Could she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
103027973>Is this a joke? I'm not turning over information abouit my users. The person responsible fo…[View]
103029158>Hey there, pal! You look like you're not from around these parts! We're just all check…[View]
103021355/deutsch/: Basierte Buhmerausgabe[View]
103027292is it true that southern italy is basically ruled by mafia groups?[View]
103029096La momo is back....[View]
103026461>Indian models look like Arabs >Arab models look like meds >Med models look like Nords >…[View]
1030286481. flag 2. which is the best TES game?[View]
103028391I want a Russian male to be my dad, hug me, comfort me, protect me, give me milk and cookies, and si…[View]
1030241771. Your cunt. 2. Do you drive a car or take the bus?[View]
103012022/balk/: The future you can't stop edition Old >>102991440[View]
103020922Why are eestis always assaulted? Is there a reason for this injustice?[View]
103028341only in times of need can you know who your true friends are[View]
103025633/int/'s opinion on Turks: What does /int/ think of turkish posters and turkish people in genera…[View]
103027494Every time I see news about Japan getting polluted by China and its gobi sands I feel a lovely warmt…[View]
103025466Is this what the average italian looks like?[View]
103027717Is Japan such a horrible place to live? Japan has millions of migrant workers but after five years …[View]
103026763Humanity was a mistake, I am in favor of the extinction of humanity.: I wish an asteroid will hit ea…[View]
103022998>flag >Does your country fear the rise of the Red Dragon? PR No, we welcome it…[View]
103010037/cum/: /cum/ you're autistic edition[View]
103028263do americans really do this?[View]
103027694>im so lonely and miserable someone please love me[View]
103028083why does the prime minister of pakistan look like mark wahlberg?[View]
103021705Why do Slavs squat and wear Adidas tracksuits?[View]
103026088Brazilians are now calling Fox News communist because they threw shade at Bolsonaro. My country is h…[View]
103027967hey Japan and worst Korea now we are american puppet states too[View]
103024269Us, Europeans.[View]
103027692Daily reminder that Finnish girls have the best of East and West[View]
103026863Why does it cause so much emotional angusih to know that another man has touched or seen a girl…[View]
103019328/gianny/ - il filo (ex /ita/): Prima puntata[View]
103020876don't call our flag pepsi[View]
103026184What does white man say when his wife cheats on him? I FORGIVE YOU[View]
103026990what song would be great for the national anthem of /int/? imo, this would be perfect https://www.y…[View]
103024966how does norwegians react on immigrants from europe? especially austrian/romanian (parents are from …[View]
103025876It is because the internet, feminism and capitalism striking in the hearts of young males looking fo…[View]
103021369How do you call this in your country?[View]
103026797What happens in Bongladesh in 10 days?[View]
103027611Is Norway a historylet country?[View]
103027583/slav/: Izdanje medžuslovjanskiego broj 2[View]
103027581How much do normal Turks actually care about the Armenian Genocide? Would they be angry if Turkey…[View]
103017910/ourking/ Xi Jinping is coming to Europe, are you excited /int/? I am excited.[View]
103026083>nooooo you cant eat whales. they are nearly extinct >nooooo dog not suppose to be eaten…[View]
103027388Now This is based[View]
103024840>tirkish family feud >holland 404[View]
103027293is this /fa/?[View]
103025442Being infatuated is fucking torture[View]
103022783>sorry I don't like beer[View]
103027034¿Puedo curar tu depresión, Anon?[View]
103024836Did you know that Korea and Norway share the same culture?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=k0V1tX8T7WQ …[View]
103022975luxembourg: What is luxembourg like? is it true everyone there is rich af?[View]
103025063Left: European white boys Right: the American bull[View]
103026291He cute[View]
103027095/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição Cosplay Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqIwvEZ92qs…[View]
1030270511) Your cunt 2) Your cunt's seceded areas and lost destinies >Norway >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
103022785Which country has the kinkiest people?[View]
103009318reversi.dietchan.org need 3 more people cause i got no mates[View]
103025848I like redheads[View]
103026945I‘m addicted to coca cola[View]
103020290Guess the name of a poster above you[View]
103025975Why is it in English people always want to go somewhere after winning? What's wrong with them? …[View]
103024085Who did Salt Bae vote for?[View]
103023917/brit/: Fat cunt edition[View]
103026539How do we take care of the germanic menace?[View]
103025556How much did you get correct on this test?: https://www.mensa.lu/en/mensa/online-iq-test/online-iq-t…[View]
103016445Admit it, you missed us[View]
103024768Why do americans and western euros like white walls so much?[View]
103010114/Norgetråden/: Elendig natteskift-utgaven Forrige: >>102984879[View]
103022125it's just me or there are almost 0 irish flag on this board?[View]
103025462just a reminder that Canada will always be better than your country.[View]
103018056For me, it's British rifle[View]
103025883My ancestors :-)[View]
103004052/polska/: edycja polskiej inteligencji[View]
103015430/MED/: It worked at this time yesterday.[View]
103026035TFW >no friends >no gf >never held hands >social retard that can't find a gf or new…[View]
103022434Are they friends ??[View]
103021368/deutsch/: Grade vong Massnahme zurück heh[View]
103022666Would I pass in your country?[View]
103019925Our country is a joke[View]
102984371/v4/+friends: Classic edition.[View]
103024481How do you say 'Burn the coal, pay the toll.' in your language?[View]
103025062open your mouth anon the train is coming[View]
103025523>I think Korean posters are the best on this board[View]
103021072>lady parts >lunch[View]
103025269My piece of shit president removed the necessity of having a passport if you want to come to my coun…[View]
103025091bros i found out im half slav wtf do i do now[View]
103025491>tfw I injured my wrist by a heavy bag >and doc told me to rest for at least 1-week >so I…[View]
103025488Узбeки тyт?[View]
103024757Are you fluent enough in the languages that you speak that you sometimes forget which language was t…[View]
103019744>australian ISPs censoring random 'alt right' websites because someone shot up a mosque…[View]
103023395>cunt >why do you not have a black gf?[View]
103018570>he didn't spend his teenage years trying to look under girls' skirts to see their pant…[View]
103025345Do ministers in your country have sense of humor? https://twitter.com/Ayelet__Shaked/status/11077180…[View]
103025258>Hi Anon, wanna go to designated shitting street with me and keep me company?…[View]
102958931/flag/ + /extraflags/: Hurting Other People Edition previous: >>102928035 Welcome to /extrafla…[View]
103025028I have an older Indian friend who needs help learning how to use computers better, stuff like the in…[View]
103019008Korean women are literal perfection[View]
103023943What phenotype is this?[View]
103024011Will I be cosidered white in the USA?.: I simply hate living in Israel. It's tiny, cramped and …[View]
103024749Berlin: Krauts, I'm in your capital and bored. I've done the touristy shit - anything you …[View]
103022568why do russian hypernationalists like Tessa Violet?[View]
103024886How much money you got? (A lot) How many problems you got? (A lot) How many people done doubted you?…[View]
103018097What happened in 1939?[View]
103023325How do I become a Buddhist monk? I want to live the monastic life and abandon western capitalism. Bu…[View]
103012074/slav/: Izdanije knig[View]
103020241Moving to Dublin?: Hi guys, got a job offer from Dublin and have to reply within 24h. I have a bunch…[View]
103022905Why do Americans try their best to become third worlders?[View]
103024200/int/ is such a good bo.. oh wait[View]
103013397https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6rN540rzjY 1.Your cunt 2.Do you plan to play Sekiro:Shadows Die Twi…[View]
103024067Stop being so nice to each other. It pisses me off![View]
103023461How does one achieve enlightenment in your cunt?[View]
103007722YLYL: /int/ edition: .[View]
103016684can i find a love in turkey?: which city in turkey I can find a Turk girl easily :3?[View]
103017443That late 90s/early 00s nostalgia feel bros: https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1552338203070.webm How do we go …[View]
103018644/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition de la puissance Républicaine Ancien fil >>103013154[View]
103016359What's your favorite dish from outside of your cunt? For me it's pad thai[View]
103023028Holy Fuck I just had a CHI try and explain my own country's history to me. Why are Americans so…[View]
103023683Press F to pay respects to NZ: F[View]
103012925Is it some kind of elaborate joke?[View]
103012041/한국어/: Chad only edition[View]
103024134By far the most based and redpilled country currently and possible world history[View]
103023742>you can't just call me a zoomer because I always have a coffee with me in the classes and b…[View]
103023823>pale girl with leukemia and chink eyes shows a thread of her thong >int goes bananas Haha, cr…[View]
103018964What if Northeast passage trade become possible?: >Global warming/ Developement of icebreaker shi…[View]
103023992How would you deal with the eternal Cletus?[View]
103018607i don't get latam memes[View]
103018628are brazilians really this cute?[View]
103022996Are Wh*toids even human?[View]
103023625This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103021655Immigration Courts Overwhelmed by Indigenous Languages: Ms. Antonio de Pascual is one of many migran…[View]
103020892>Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, …[View]
103017029>american highschool[View]
103021139Is American police really that fucking brutal or is it just cherrypicking?[View]
103019498/isr/: לא גויים[View]
103022684Do the Japanese see any difference between Russians and western europeans?[View]
103023047Could she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
103017080I failed my German exam[View]
103017717German Aryans.[View]
103021088If you have an accent, you can't claim to speak that language: Only if you sound like a native,…[View]
103013652Why are there so many of these obnoxious gooks online?[View]
103017995why do these cunts still bother speaking french? It make sense in countries like the congo and niger…[View]
103021594France would be have of better if it was like the Finland[View]
103022265>TFW no French scientist GF[View]
103017344How can the Brits ever HOPE to recover from this?[View]
103022507>how can you not kneel down to chinks? CHINA IS THE FUTURE AND YOU SHOULD BE SPEAKING CHINESE NOT…[View]
103019387How difficult is to to live in Japan without knowing Japanese? I got a job offer there but I'm …[View]
103020383Pinoy pride world wide[View]
103021616Anyone here live in the midwest? Thinking about moving to Kansas City. Is it a good place to live?[View]
103019453>wake up >go to the mirror >see this what do…[View]
103020133I barely have enough money to scrape by. I do not own any real estate property. If I need to repair …[View]
103017157Do women controle men's sexuality in your country? >afraid to be called virgin >afraid to…[View]
103021999>tfw gonna leave my fat gf[View]
103019250World's most expensive cities revealed[View]
103019753was Brazil a mistake?[View]
103015560>tfw knocked up by 19 year old Filipino domestic helper What do I do guys. She’s threatening to t…[View]
103020503Wow Singaporean boys look like this!!??[View]
103022000asian boys vs. white girl which is cuter?[View]
103020525How many times are you working for your abs per day? me 100 times[View]
103019149/brit/: /brit/ edition[View]
103021409Good morning /int/ what did you have for breakfast?[View]
1030145611. you're cunny 2. your favorite book[View]
103020194How do you feel about mixing whites with meds? Yasmin is half-Dutch half-Med[View]
103018293Is italy most pro-Chinese in EU?: It Seems like they have hope for China to make them escape from st…[View]
103019990Do asparagus belong on pizza?[View]
103020949>why yes, we are nafri, how could you tell?[View]
103019161My favourite poster(s)[View]
103021313What do you mean you only wash your clothes every 2 months? You can't do that![View]
103015606Unironically the best posters[View]
103021324>The Emperor is just a corpse on a chair bro, embrace the Primordial Truth.…[View]
103020842English is the best language in the entire world. Everyday I am glad that my teacher taught me it an…[View]
103018005/deutsch/ am Mittag[View]
103016974According to my years of research on the history of Silesia and its people. I concluded that it belo…[View]
103017051>one ticket to amman,the capital of gay sex please[View]
103018949Did you know that all 'english' achievements after 1066 AD are, in fact, French? Did you know that a…[View]
103021027hello sweden here is ur national anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIc2yhxLRaY[View]
103019396Remember jazz aka blini kot? This is him now[View]
103015093Do Jews hold high positions and make the most money in mainland European countries like Germany, Fra…[View]
103020557When I look at cities like Detroit, Milwaukee and other shitholes that are losing inhabitants, I won…[View]
103020646is this the averae frenchman?[View]
103017760do you like korean boys?[View]
1030137351. your cunt 2. do you want to implement UBI in your country 1. holland 2. yes[View]
1030160681. cunt 2. Do you use zoomer-tier means of transportation like pic related or similar?[View]
103020108Buggers: I will be a ilegal migrants in your cunt when liberals take the power again. And im gonna r…[View]
103008097Why scandinavian countries are so deppressed?[View]
103012386Is he unironically trying to destroy China?[View]
103019819could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
103019909>I enjoy life![View]
103019557He's at it again: who will stop this MED BVLL?[View]
103017368>Why yes we are Asians, how did you know?[View]
103019978Cast him[View]
103017324how you dispatch dogs in your country? in Russia we use shovels and poisoned sausages[View]
103019423>do you know why i pulled you over?[View]
103017446Is it true that Americans can't understand this film without subtitles as they only speak Engli…[View]
103016366ahem, do you know how we call a married car?: a married car America bahahahahahahah >honk honk…[View]
103000417/ita/ il filo: edizione down[View]
103018382Can Americans really shoot themselves through the mouth with their hands behind their back?[View]
103017050how many weebs in your country[View]
103017115/brit/: better than tim tams edition[View]
103018866Post here deep though provoking quotes from all over the world.[View]
103011003>t*lstra think they can keep me off 4chan ROFLMAOOOOOO[View]
103015954>NOO you can't eat dogs it's inhumane and cruel >cows and pigs are fine, but doggos …[View]
103016123we are the best posters on the site[View]
103017001Does this happens in your city too? https://youtu.be/BHPhXo7xGGI[View]
103018624>be american >don't get shot[View]
103018002>'Why do American' threads? a big fan![View]
103018294>Open google maps >Drop in detroit >It's like an american city but it's only blac…[View]
103017505How hard is it to get a job teaching English in china?[View]
103009776Sverigetråden - Skatteåterbäringupplagan[View]
103013154/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition de LA BÊTE A PEUR ancien >>102993524[View]
103017562Is it unusal for foreign people to speak your language (aside from 2nd generation migrants)?[View]
103014196explain this /pol/[View]
103011197>Be white american >Lose your job to Chang or Deepak >Lose your wife to Tyrone Jackson >…[View]
103018135Wolf or lion?[View]
1030152251.cunt 2. are you tired, lads? I'm pretty tired[View]
103015752Why do so many people get triggered because of this?[View]
103014114Lads, is this entire Yang 2020 campaign just bots? I can't ask this seriously on /pol/ because …[View]
103017709>why yes I'm bibabubababab!!1111 how did you psffptppfptpftpftpftpftp!!!!111111 deeeeeeeeeee…[View]
103011377>Anon-chan, Here's your monthly free $1000! >Heeegh, Arigatou! Yang-kun tte hontoni yasas…[View]
103017813>Your country >Your favorite dragon ball character Argentina (visiting the US, I'm white…[View]
103015355Air pollution map of the Netherlands[View]
103013121Did you ever get fired from a job? Why? I'm about to steal a coca cola from work, i hope nobody…[View]
103009270/SAG/ MALLU BVLL edition: Get the fuck in here pajeets[View]
103016649Scandinavia mentioned in Karakuri Circus[View]
103015856You wake up in Stockholm[View]
103016515I can't tell serious posts from shitposting anymore.[View]
103013096>It's a Chinese person with a Western name episode >Titus >Gucci >Napoleon >Ange…[View]
103016671Hey Frens, it's the guy who posted about having his first job interview three hours ago: It wen…[View]
103017123Why are anglos like this?[View]
103015948Goeroum meomchwora masuri suri[View]
103014016what is the geographic latin word for your country?[View]
103017187i have a Swedish gf and i love her very much except for when she cheated on me with a refugee 4 mont…[View]
1030169081. cunt 2. thoughts on this man? I feel the same way. I neither want to live nor do I want to die.[View]
103017294The only thing I hate more than an antisemite is a jew.[View]
103013588/brit/: QT 3.14 Emma Watson edition[View]
103016150I feel a sudden increase in the quality of posts on 4channel since yesterday.[View]
103016712This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103016912Should I take a gap year in china?, how hard is it to teach there?[View]
103012240Why do Russian men have the most beautiful singing voices in the world?[View]
103016433>all my parents’ properties they’ve earned during their entier life time will be inherited to me…[View]
103012888Finland and South Korea.: >your cunt >do you think these two countries should be range-banned?…[View]
103016729Check out guitar george, he knows-all the CHORDS Mind he's strictly rhythm he doesn't wan…[View]
103015814>tfw no eesti bf Why even live[View]
103016466How many times in history have whites said 'never again'?[View]
103016235>why, yes, I have a Turkish bull, how did you know?[View]
103016383>Why yes, i share my wife. How did you know?[View]
103016125are cruise ships good for game? and what cabin to choose?: In my city there are several cruise ships…[View]
103016187El polaco creatura...[View]
103016240Are zoomers violent and irresponsible in your cunt?[View]
102997038/rus/+/ukr/: Bez belorusov izdanie[View]
103016042How do I get a Chinese goth gf?[View]
103016114Why yes, I did forgive my girlfriend for fucking an Abo named Gordon, how did you know?[View]
103015863Do you think they can flood the entire american continent just by eating?[View]
103012062How many verbs 'to be' does your language has? Mine, two[View]
103016051I never post in my own threads.[View]
103009349Guys, how do i find a gf/future wife for my brother?: He's very shy and has low esteem and i ca…[View]
103013197I need more american bear[View]
103015975Do you have spring asthenia in your cunt?[View]
103011044So no one told you life was gonna be this way: clap clap clap[View]
1030154591. You're country 2. Do girls in your cunt tend to be like, really girly?[View]
103015525Say something nice about Josh, /int/[View]
103015617Tf: Tf[View]
103015139Korean&US friendship post: pic: battle buddies at Vietnam, meet each other 40 years later since …[View]
103015468Are selfies still a thing?[View]
102987509Why are people in Italian and Spanish renaissance paintings white?[View]
103015464Is Bulgarian police this stupid or not?: >Unfortunately for the person responsible, they hadn…[View]
103014553>He still have yellow fever in 2019[View]
103014347How come Korea is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japan? Every asiaboo I…[View]
103013801What makes lightskinned (nonwhite) people so beautiful? are light complexion people valued in your c…[View]
103014251in your cunt: does this Korean short chad is able to find a GF in your country? he is a 159cm tall…[View]
103013389/int/ food thread: Time for a little Finnic snack.[View]
103015197I still love New Zealand and I am very sad that whenever people talk about that beautiful country no…[View]
103015127>cunt >do you like edm Flag Yes ever since I took MDMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNyg7N…[View]
103014450>finally get a white (Australia) bf >his dick is tiny, maybe 4 inch erect >nipples are weir…[View]
103010669What's with Indians in the US and UK loving Modi (I mean treating him like a fucking pop star)?…[View]
103012677Post seething libtards from your country[View]
103010916Do guys do this in your cunt?[View]
103010872Tell spooky stories and urban legends from your country[View]
103015021>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml4gm7GBZiU Imagine living in this hell-hole. Everyone looks sha…[View]
103014970ITT:We summon Iran: I'll start[View]
103012751For me, it's American girl[View]
103014886/tr/: recep ivedik edişın[View]
103014437Which European language is the most beutiful for you?[View]
103007234My ancestors :)[View]
103012017Pajeet here: I'll finish my master's in my computer science this semester. And I'd li…[View]
102937250Previous Thread: >>102898865 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt 過去ログ: http://desuarc…[View]
103012266>based and redpilled >cringe and bluepilled >oh no no no no >i'm not a racist but …[View]
103014513fly me to the moon~: >Let me play among the stars ~ >Let me see what spring is like~ anyone lo…[View]
103013069Why does the non-anglo world add random bits of English to their songs?[View]
103014408I NEED TO leave this shithole please help me![View]
103014337They'll never perform a Haka in your memorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUq8Uq_QKJo[View]
103013967>CE, AD, BCE, BC[View]
103013808Why is this board so obsessed with China? Especially during E*ro hours[View]
103014395i realized that i'm a failure at 11y/o[View]
103008031Are Italian Arab?[View]
103012003blocks your path sucky sucky 5 dorra[View]
103011108Are ducks in your country smug as shit?[View]
103013867when will bulgaria rejoin turkey, they have the same ethnicity, same culture and have lots of influe…[View]
103014155OH NO NO NO NO[View]
103011954Why do americans need to almost die before they realizing what abominations they are, and even then …[View]
103014076He's black[View]
103011720>you're a cunt >the most inept political party in your cunt flag social democrats…[View]
103013570I'd like to address the Brazilians in the audience...[View]
1030112903rd cofwee and go to wrko work[View]
103013966It's funny to see people getting baited every time by a pretending nordicist. No, obviously nor…[View]
103008080Why don't you have a gf?[View]
103013259Guess his nationality.[View]
103004987IMPREGNATED 6 DESI HINDU GIRLS AT MY UNI - I FUCKED UP: I fucked up .. I'm like 3/10 at best bu…[View]
103007756Korean women don't careful of sex crimes: I am Korean woman and I can't understand my fema…[View]
103013052Would you be friends with an alien?[View]
103013464In 2 days he will be in my country to sign the alliance, thoughts? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/ar…[View]
103012445Do you love Korea?[View]
103012154We are the brotherhood of shitard: Say no to racism ;_;[View]
103013498Non-Americans? How would you rate your country's airline companies vs. ours? Genuinely curious,…[View]
103011828/brit/: oi bruv you aint no muslim you got a loicence for those thoughts man? edition[View]
103013499Do people still play Pokémon Go in your country?[View]
103011072>mfw i see wh*te ppl[View]
103012344Welcome to the first world club Pakistan[View]
103002148/deutsch/: /nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/ Jeder Stoß ein Franzos-Ausgabe >>103000000 >…[View]
103013152why yes i am finno ugric[View]
103012848i sharted again[View]
103006584Some muslim can explain: What it feels to make the ramadan self depriving and purificating yourself?…[View]
103010920only french BVLLS can post in this thread (so basically all of us)[View]
102993524/fr/ - Le fil Français: Édition Céline[View]
103012286>Ketchup on cookies? fucking savage![View]
103011105Why do the 'Chinese' always ruin everything when they are allowed out of their containment cage?[View]
103012527wtf happened to /int/, why's it only generals? t. 2013 poster[View]
103011692why do americans think they're special for doing regular things?[View]
103012876I wanted to make a post about not even thinking about muslims if I logged off the site, but there is…[View]
103012564Imagine having a European gf.[View]
103007472Brothers in Exile: They can't keep us down boys AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI GOOGLE PUBLIC DNS…[View]
103011226>Ahem, WE in the FIRST WORLD suffer just as much as THIRD WORLDERS DO!! DEPRESSION IS SERIOUS SUF…[View]
102996276/sino/ - 大中華文明線: 以夷制夷 edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-spe…[View]
103007602>Ackshully America isn't Angl-[View]
103012551Flags: Which flag has most greatest shit poster? And why?[View]
103012494This is the prince of my homeland.[View]
103005796Are the Indian Institutes of Technology just a meme? I've heard some people compare them to MIT…[View]
103011329wanna join the US military instead of korean one. I wanna work at the nimitz carrier. And wanna trip…[View]
103011752>britain can't stand on their own, they'll just be a vassal o-…[View]
103012044ITT: post rare flags you've seen recently[View]
103012450Nice thread: Frens im going to Nice with 3 Italian flags, I will be there in around an hour, anybody…[View]
103012131>have crohns disease so i actually shart and poop my pants during flares with a lot of diarrhea a…[View]
103012207Are the italian arian?[View]
103011542About to go to my first job interview, wish me luck frens.[View]
103005725Which country will be the tech leader in 50 years?[View]
103009721Why do British boys look like this?[View]
1030026421. Your country 2. Do girls in you're a country make the first move sometimes?[View]
103006048Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated: So Telstra and Optus (our two biggest ISPs) have…[View]
103011625MemeLord© did what moot couldn't. All hail the MemeLord for saving 4chan once and for all.[View]
103011118Language Learning Q&A: When watching a video like Easy German, should you read subtitles so that…[View]
103007362Second civil war: will a second US civil war break out? if so then how long until things actually st…[View]
103009649alright I've been seeing this kind of shit for ages now and it's time to ask: who the fuck…[View]
103011911>Muslims and Jews want to destroy this Why???[View]
103008760Y are u geh?[View]
103005493>Your country >Horde or Alliance Flag. Alliance; I am a human supremacist and hate E*ves.…[View]
103011937>He doesn't realize America is a German-Scottish-Irish nation What solar system do you live …[View]
103009181This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103010051>your country >is this common? Finland Yes :3…[View]
103010533/norgetråden/: Satan-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>102984879[View]
103010947God doesn't exist Aliens don't exist consciousness is an illusion there is no afterlife, …[View]
103008561Why do racists here always claim that attractive non white people are mixed race?[View]
103010072*blocks your path*[View]
103008365/brit/: alri haha[View]
103008684From the mountains to the sea, Catalonia will be free.[View]
103011708super mario sunshine music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSuInXD5M9Y[View]
103011239Big women are for for big men and small women are for big men aswell. Small men can have each other[View]
103011509This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103010829i miss him so much ;_;[View]
102996758/lat/ hilo latino[View]
103011061Could he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
103006009We have this in the Philippines. A bucket and a tabo for cleaning our anus after defecating. It’s su…[View]
103010222Indian rupee climbs up from 1/75 to 1/68.5 Where were you when india became a superpower again?[View]
103011421What are /int/s thoughts on the British Empire?[View]
103010788my gf gave me a hickey on my chin what do?[View]
103009616This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103004666>watch completely innocent video about street food in London >comments are full of Americans s…[View]
103011350>Noo, I will not wear these wool socks, they are made by the exploitation of animals…[View]
103010338every indian person i ever met online would always check up on me and see how life is, even years do…[View]
103009938what do you guys think about immigration policy of your country? and what is the vast majority of p…[View]
103010764What happens here?[View]
103008770The West is finally waking up to the Chinese way of doing things[View]
103008418Tomorrow I start working and my boss is Japanese. What can I do or say to gain his sympathy?[View]
103007891Where's fagapore?[View]
103007992Does your country consider diversity a strength?[View]
103009507Do olives go well with Mexican food?: Need an answer fast[View]
103009361Could she pass as a native from your count??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw…[View]
103007102which country in Europe has the most blonde/blue eyed women?[View]
102973977/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição do Tidus Temas do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOzM4ClFG1o…[View]
103006639ITT: country red flags >has 'democratic' in its name >head of government dresses in …[View]
103001406How common are Mexican male / White female couples in the USA?: With all the Mexicans now in the USA…[View]
103005968Korea & Japan: Get in here, and FIGHT![View]
103010958Why are americans so dumb[View]
103007158/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: WW2 edition[View]
103010583Why do people tattoo themselves? How do these degenerates get employment?[View]
103010483>I am depressed in the first world[View]
103008489I sent my friend a picture of a dick in a toilet as a joke and he said 'why do you have a dick saved…[View]
103010808Are you a friend of Ukraine?: I support the people, culture, and use of the beautiful language. I do…[View]
103010628Why do Dixie Southerners from shitholes like Alabama and Tennessee LARP as cowboys so much when they…[View]
103006649Australia, is this really the best you can do?[View]
103009857>mfw i see brown ppl[View]
103010707What do you guys think of Czech movies/series? Comeback is my favourite.[View]
102989311/mämmi/: maailmanloppu -painos[View]
103010275Do americans really do this?[View]
103010572WHEN is /int/ going to allow me to post with my home flag, the MEXICAN flag? I hate this shitty am*r…[View]
103010573Where is he from?: I've seen him in this board over 50 times[View]
103008020Really makes you think[View]
103009710>start a thread discussing history >THAT country shows up Who is it, /int/?…[View]
103010797>he took the greekpill[View]
103010763Crimea: What’s been going on in the little Crimea lately?[View]
103010535Wakey Wakey Ape It's feeding time[View]
103007429>American high schools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3jX_fROvbE…[View]
103010626Why yes, my diet does indeed entirely consist of soylent. How could you tell?[View]
103007453I love Uruguay.[View]
103009390Is living in panama a meme?[View]
103010126Could argies win today?[View]
103010627Juden Peterstein[View]
103009934I fucking hate this country[View]
103010397Why yes I'm a turk how did you know?[View]
103009748>its was 23c today: what are we going to do about climate change? this isnt normal[View]
103010494If you could go back in time, whats the farthest you could go and still understand your language?[View]
1030078491. Your country 2. Do you shave your chest? Mex I was shaving yesterday morning and I randomly decid…[View]
102995511Let's try and get many different flags ITT[View]
103010279Why do Hindus and Arabs have such nice hair? They tend to have a really nice hairline and healthy, t…[View]
103000108/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: North American character edition[View]
103002438What do normal Canadians think of French-Canadians?[View]
103008907Hi /int/ how was your last birthday?[View]
103009772the face of evil... el motor principal de la lucha global...[View]
103007319is this true in your country /int/frens?[View]
103002130>tfw born in the shittiest era in middle eastern history: >tfw you'll never be one of the…[View]
103009346What's life being a Jew in Israel like?[View]
103009299What are your dreams about /int/? What was the weirdest one? What is the one you remember the most?[View]
103003188Do you have anus inspection day in your University?[View]
103008667Which country does have the most bears per capita?[View]
103008746>why, yes. i'm a feminist and interested in promoting women's right. how could you tell…[View]
103009532What makes the leaf so feared on /int/?[View]
103007724>there are anons farting or scratching their balls in this exact moment…[View]
103009584why do so many comments are replied when someone just writes a 'brit' in the subject? that kinda pos…[View]
103009283Is it strange that /int/ is actually making me less racist towards South Koreans? Basically all the …[View]
103007227As males...: We do we always have the urge to masturbate and ejaculate our sperm. I feel like a slav…[View]
103004335RUSSKIES BTFO ![View]
103009152the don't think it be the way it do: but it do[View]
103009392>ywn shell Moscow Why live?[View]
103009259>israelis will defend this https://twitter.com/BarakRavid/status/1107747463631388673…[View]
103006384What do americans think of us?[View]
1030091224chan is the most Liberal and Democratic community on the internet. we don't need to worry abo…[View]
103003084Either the Roman empire ended in 1204, or Turkey is the current heir of Rome. The Latin Empire, empi…[View]
103009041Do Americans really get aroused by fat women?[View]
103008280ITT countries that performed human sacrifice[View]
103009089>Islam is a religion of peace[View]
102997204Would they pass as local in your country?[View]
103005949This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
103004471Can white people tolerate spicy food?[View]
103008861Yeah... Let's kill em all![View]
103008882Are latinos arabs?[View]
103008949>thank God you’re here officer![View]
103008744>de-platforming somebody rather than defeating their arguments[View]
103007599I have a Philadelphia / Baltimore 'Mid Atlantic' American accent[View]
103007374has anything happened in kashmir region since late february?[View]
103006555is 4chinz blocked in your cunt?: flag no[View]
103006921Country Do you think Michael Jackson is guilty?[View]
103007108Et Goblina Britannia[View]
103008624This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Marocco' or some shit, I'm a white portuguese, not …[View]
103002960/brit/: Big black arse edition[View]
102967364/éire/: Eagrán póit an diabhail[View]
103001503Ask a bored Dutch girl anything Will 100% answer[View]
103006115Dont like latinos, simple as.[View]
103008403/brit/: Eugene V. Debs edition[View]
103008051What can I do with $2250 in your count?[View]
103005043中文: How do I use the most appropriate measure words for a noun? Don't I just use 个 for everythi…[View]
102997220Why do cunts with less than 50M people even try? They're just going to get BTFO'd by actu…[View]
103003427I have never kissed a girl I'm almost 29[View]
103007766FUCKIN QUEERS[View]
103007913Guess the ethnicity thread?[View]
103004911vocaroo bread: say some shit in english in ur normal accent https://vocaroo.com/i/s19BQCXYjskP https…[View]
103008220Why haven't you converted to vegetarianism and Hi duism anon?[View]
103007418Dance /co/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYawY9SJg6U[View]
103006971Oh euros~... EUROS! GET IN HERE! RIGHT NOW![View]
103006774>French banter How will Brits ever recover?[View]
103008056There is a Polish pedo posting ilegal shit here plz do sometinh mods.[View]
103006973how do poles feel about their diaspora?[View]
103007922Britain is at fault for spreading this plague upon the world[View]
103007888>English women are ugl- https://youtu.be/OukNWr1N6l4[View]
103007933La Italiana.[View]
103007778Why do Americans set computers at their kitchens?[View]
103007842New WW3 bracket thread[View]
103007492The girl I have a crush on is a feminist, what would your countrymen do in this situation?[View]
103005328Do you love anime?[View]
103006998Do normal Indians know about Ramanujan, or just the ones who post on American websites?[View]
103006263>Moral nihilism[View]
103007781The UK needs to ban 4channel as well. Brits should not have access to both websites. Going to repor…[View]
102984266ITT: Post interesting ethnic mixes. Pic related is half Persian/half Vietnamese/Chinese[View]
102961875/danmarktråden/: Den gamle Mads, den ægte udgaven[View]
103007403Do you have a bellend city?[View]
103003960post outside pic from window: japan outside pic from my car's window.[View]
103007489>take trip to UK >arrive in Heathrow Airport >get randomly searched >they find an unregi…[View]
103006246>Penis >Do you stan loona?: >leaf >absolutely…[View]
102964113/tr/ - 18 Mart Çanakkale Zaferi: Seyit Onbaşı Edisyonu[View]
102995382Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
103007368>an american replies to you[View]
102984879/norgetråden/: KLODEN KOKER-utgaven Forrige: >>102970133[View]
103007294Rightful English clay[View]
103006825i, unironically, love canadians and am glad we share a border with them[View]
103000024Are Central Americans just Mexicans who like the colour blue?[View]
103005458I can beat up 90% of /int/[View]
102998287what did they mean by this[View]
103005220what happened to the american schizo poster?[View]
103004066How does /int/ feel about American royalty?[View]
103006956>whites/Europeans killed by Muslim terrorists since 1979 >4500 (2/3 in 9/11) >Muslims kille…[View]
103006717The Most Handsome Man of Mexico: Pay Respect! Abolish ICE! No one is Illegal[View]
102985481ITT: /int/ in 1982[View]
103007041If you lived in a tribal society would you be allowed to breed? I would probably just die still a in…[View]
103005554Just how fucked are we in the next 25 years, Eurobros?[View]
103006933I am not going to have children: I don't want to be a father and have a daughter or a gay son a…[View]
103006083Peruvians be like >why yes, I am Irish https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1107820667787980800…[View]
103006528What do they call a Nip that suffers from chronic masturbation? Jack-e chan[View]
103003903>ywn be a hot twink asian boy[View]
103006916>China >1 child policy >Most families threw their daughters in the ocean, had them adopted …[View]
103003702Where do people in your cunt go if they want a tropical vacation? In US it's Hawaii, Mexico, or…[View]
103006306Why yes, I am Japanese. How could you tell?[View]
103006893Duterte and his daughteru.[View]
102999968/MENA/ Xe declare war to /balk/, /polska/, /cuM/, /mEd/, /laNg/ And /nederdrAad/: HAIL OP[View]
1030005481. your cunt 2. what kind of results do you get on Tinder in your cunt?[View]
103004256Holy shit they found her https://abcnews.go.com/world/Madeleine-Mccann-found-alive-/story?id=6160656…[View]
103005320>ugly women LMAO whats, the fucking point of being a girl if you are ugly, ugly girls are literal…[View]
103004438>why yes, I am south brazilian, how did you know[View]
103004758British Invasion of America: I'm scared, bro. With each passing year more and more Brits (Welsh…[View]
103002895/asean/: Hello sailor edition[View]
103006595This is what I see every time I visit this board. What's the deal?[View]
103005963Based for not being a Russian slave like the rest of Baltics and EE[View]
103006386Why do Americans do this?[View]
103006433Grills Respond Only: Grills of /int/ - how much sexual experience have you had? >Have you kissed …[View]
103004338hey /int/ is this shit really that good, or is it just another way for rich fucks to show off how mu…[View]
103005531What's it like living in a racially homogeneous country that's not under thread from mass …[View]
102995231Do americans really do this?[View]
103005887what is pic related nationality?[View]
103001410based countries: what's the most based country in your opinion? you can't pick your own co…[View]
102998497dios mio..[View]
103006333Why do white people stink so bad?[View]
102993233could they pass for locals in your country?[View]
103000234What ethnicity is this?[View]
103001517I could easily say 70% of european flags are immigrants and i wouldnt even be exagerating.[View]
103005402Are White American tourists treated differently compared to PoC American tourists in your country?[View]
103000079Brits label American food safety standards 'backward': What do Americans think about this?…[View]
103004220You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy /pol/, not join them. You were supposed to bri…[View]
103006147Fucking chinks/gooks eating dogs and cats.: It infuriates me. I wish someone would nuke these cakroc…[View]
103005952I don't understand what's the point of these threads 'remember when America was white?' or…[View]
102996828/East/: First ever edition What state are you from?[View]
103002521English should be made the official language in the USA: Now all these illegal Mexican immigrants co…[View]
103005918Rip Anzac Anons thread: Goodbye thread for all Aussie Anons[View]
103005837You country ? What do when you see pic ?[View]
102989998/ex-yu/: zoofilija izdanje[View]
103005601How does this make you feel, wh*toids?[View]
103005612Do you love Rogue? Why doesn’t she have her own movie like Logan?[View]
103002753Say nice things about Muslims[View]
103004394What makes Paris the most romantic city on Earth?[View]
103005616>i browse int[View]
103002568Why didn’t France try to make Algeria an integral part of the country? We could have had a great cul…[View]
103002261/brit/: is this lad in edition[View]
102967810/med/: /med/ or /ex-rome/ thread, it's the same. How is your olive skin (the most perfect skin)…[View]
103005090I wish I was a boomer so god damn bad, bros[View]
103004956did the English banter the Irish too hard or was it justified?[View]
103004526>Why yes, I am the product of a White Male Black Female relationship. How on earth did you know?…[View]
103004506Would you eat this Filipino street food? It is quail eggs covered in orange batter.[View]
103003615What a retard[View]
103004815Which countries have the best quality of housing?: I was thinking of buying a house in Minnesota but…[View]
103002485your cunt do mtfs in your cunt look better than natural born females? Norway yes[View]
103004609>Georgia is an ex-soviet shitho-[View]
102999956What the fuck is their problem?[View]
103004773The ultimate redpill is that Mongolians control the world[View]
103004557What is it about Asians that make them so un threatening?[View]
102998640>your cunt >do you buy pizza from turks pretending to be italian Sweden Yes…[View]
103000887>Be a Brit >Move to the US >Support un-American laws Deportation of all Brits when? We ar…[View]
103003872I'm a CHI and I'm confused as to why people south of the border get triggered by the term …[View]
103003306Horny, lazy, and stupid[View]
102997783if you dont make a lot of money in the USA, then I see no reason to not live in western Europe and t…[View]
103004415My ancestor :)[View]
103002956Stop calling us Anglos: We are Germanic BVLLS. Germans outbred the An*los long ago. Source: https:/…[View]
103004107>Why, yes I want to stay a virgin forever how did you know?[View]
103002219/deutsch/e /nachtschicht/: Bolsonaro Ausgabe[View]
103002353Today's menu: Chicken Kiev Beef Stroganoff Holubtsi Pampuski Shashlik 1. Russia/Ukraine-anons? …[View]
103002686Why is India so hateful?: I read that many Hindus in India celebrated the death of one of the victim…[View]
103003550NEET relationships: It's so hard to find a bf if you're a NEET :/[View]
103004081>I don't like you because people from your country did bad things to people from my country …[View]
103002178>Anon, you can be my papi (translator's note: papi = daddy, but can be used as an affectiona…[View]
103002484>i'm not gay bro, i would never have sex with a finnish male![View]
103004106>wake up in vancouver, canada >a solid wall of drab, grey light confronts your eyes >you li…[View]
103003103>“I still have some work to finish, I'll come sleep soon too.” I told my wife. She simply no…[View]
103002539On 'Murica: Tell me something I don't know about my country[View]
102991384Question for Norwegians: Any Nordbros wanna help me out? I’d like to know what dialect of Norwegian …[View]
102993385/polska/: edycja neetowska[View]
103002417Why yes, I'm a Muslim and condemn terrorist attack on mosque in New Zealand. How did you know?[View]
102994578Anyone here think Italian food is overrated? I’m talking about real Italian food, not those “America…[View]
103003656do not ask a leaf anything: don't f*cking ask me anything because i won't answer it bro…[View]
103001567Russia is fixed.[View]
103003622kek A beta portuguese male is an alpha male in sweden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X82tMy-djtM…[View]
102998347/NeDeRdRaAd/: lekker schijtpalen niet welkom: serieuze mensen[View]
102989230I like Italy, do you like Italy?[View]
102998710My english teacher was so fucking hot She was blonde and blue eyed, and had big tits She was like 50…[View]
103002126Truth edition.[View]
103003363I am leaving this website, goodbye forever.: I have decided to leave this website forever. It simply…[View]
102998673How often do you think about the fact that right now there's children no one knows about locked…[View]
102999360Bart Simpson[View]
103003273Why do Indians love Quora?[View]
103000939Why do Japanese draw themselves with large Indian eyes in Anime?[View]
103002580Come play reversi: reversi.dietchan.org Y'all be ready for this shit[View]
103003375We shouldn't be racist toward one another on /int/ because we are all children of Adam (pbuh) a…[View]
103003343American girls be called shit like Sicily and Paris nowadays[View]
103003088https://twitter.com/neiltyson/status/1106152189662236672 Epic :D[View]
102986408How do Indians feel about Americans who move there? I am considering it. I'm a 6'4' white …[View]
102996563Austria is a small country, but you can live well here. Even if you do not have a job, you can treat…[View]
103002951/asean/: dinelete ng bobo na j*nitor threadko[View]
102996939Prove me wrong, /int/[View]
103002668Is he white?[View]
103000906Female soliders: Are they useless in your cunt?[View]
103002874american boys...[View]
102999529Mexican gangters scare the shit out of me: I have seen recently some movies about them like Sicario …[View]
103002916Most russians can understand the following gibberish: Ghbdtn? rfr ltkf& Does your language have …[View]
103000992Dutch people come here: are you lads ok? cuz of the train terrorist attack[View]
102998330Is he considered Chad in your country?: Can he eat local pussy in your country? If so, rate the girl…[View]
102969678/χελλ/ - /hell/ official thread: Σατιριkή έkδοσις[View]
102996682Brazil’s Visa Requirement for Americans, Japanese, Australians and Canadias lifted. What are you wai…[View]
103002355>no you cant secede!, thats against the Constitution![View]
103001243>i'm against the execution of mass murders[View]
103001845>his 'nation' is not his sovereign state[View]
103002481Ese proxy fag sudaca que lleva todo el día haciendo hilos sobre Mexico. Mi consejo es que no le resp…[View]
103001494My native language? French obviously![View]
102999096WTF, I love Japan now![View]
103001682>Girl at work asked me for a ride home >Didn't have a car so I told her I could call her …[View]
103001971Why yes I gaypost on /int/, how could you tell?[View]
103001108>you will never live in Ameriva How do people cope with it in your cunt?…[View]
102990371Do you have parks in your cunt?[View]
102984476#1: Rich history, not a shithole #2: Rich history, shithole #3: Semi-historylet, not a shithole #4: …[View]
103000403/brit/: Tinder edish[View]
103002056What's wrong with asians?[View]
103000608>4/5 wealthiest counties in USA are located within Virginia Explain yourself…[View]
103002039How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
102998290What do you French think of Napoleon?: I think Napoleon is a pretty cool guy. Eh conquers europe and…[View]
102996651Do you have hobbies besides 4chan? I don't[View]
102988049/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
102996741I've read here that american food/candy/drinks are terrible. Like some puke tasting chocolate o…[View]
103000999AUX ARMES, CITOYENS[View]
102998946holy fucking cringe[View]
1029825671. Country 2. Is your cunt a shithole?[View]
102996723JUCHE GANG: >N-North Korea will collapse any day now!!! - Said the increasingly delusional and p…[View]
103001656Do you want to find divinity in Taiwan?[View]
102995314No hate, but are these average Scandinavians?[View]
102998385*tells you about your country*[View]
1029935341. Country 2. Ever walked in on your parents having sex?[View]
102998922I heard Mexican actors are getting butthurt about her: Why? She looks like 1 in 4 of all Latinx I’ve…[View]
103001138How is life like in Norfolk Island ?: >Good climate >Beaches >Few people >Whites >Ni…[View]
103001313Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
102996936Congrats for your new Moomin park, Japan[View]
102999358Why do Americans treat their animals like this?[View]
1029988371. cunt 3. Do you have any good 'that kid' stories? >flag >that girl who snorted cocaine off t…[View]
1030010511. cunt 2. do you proxyfag (on a 4chan pass) on /int/ 3. if applicable, which flags?[View]
102984916Post interesting statues from your country[View]
103001154>ok retard[View]
103001053>this is benis, any question?[View]
102999696This is my room. It’s where I spend all of my time, wishing I were dead[View]
103000352if dubs i die in my sleep tonight[View]
103000925This, is by any means, Literally me.[View]
102999549>Japanese pen pal blocked me[View]
103000735Do americans look like this?[View]
102999962How would you react if you found out you were 1/8 Jewish? How would your day to day life change?[View]
102996112How accurate is this?[View]
102999408Where are all the Australians? Has their government actually banned them from 4chan?[View]
103000546What is wrong with Australians?[View]
102995165/puller gereibt XDDDDD/ nie wieder /deutsch/[View]
102996145>people found out I walked 5km home from a party and now i'm considered 'odd' for walking su…[View]
102997896>i'll take my steak medium-rare[View]
102999192Do (Fe)males look like that in your cunt[View]
102998509how to get clear skin?: how to get clear skin?[View]
103000509/uni/: How is your semester going /int/[View]
103000148/usa/: First/I'm tired of sharing a general with leafs and spics edition.[View]
103000479/int/ bullies edition: >Which country has bullied yours the most? >What did they do? America d…[View]
102991639/ita/ il filo[View]
102991440/balk/: Announcement edition[View]
103000410Slavery in South Korea?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNb-twWyEz8 Is this just anglo propaganda? …[View]
1030000541. Your country 2. Is it mandatory for cars to have license plates there? Flag Nah, Fuck it. Cops do…[View]
102997906/brit/: *sips* Aaahh...[View]
102995685You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals[View]
102998428Indians were offended by Apu so he's getting killed off by the Simpsons. Do Latinos get offende…[View]
102961890kurva anyátok[View]
102999430>sushi place >all the staff are korean[View]
102997935Good night /int/ You're far from worthless in my eyes[View]
102998046Have you ever feared for your life?: One day when I returned to my house I ran into a group of stray…[View]
102998128So I want to do a DNA test but don't know which one. 23&me? myheritage? Can you guys help m…[View]
102998512>of course I pee sitting down![View]
103000025/mena/: Where are all the french huge shitposters of last year now edition[View]
102990541fren ?[View]
102997407was it autism ?[View]
102999722What's the time in your country?: Here it's 23:48[View]
102995391What's /int/ eating rn: Me. Salvadoran chicken tamal, 2 small pieces of bread and a coke zero.…[View]
102978939Do Italians approve?[View]
102988009Opica(opitsa) in Slovenic languages means ape. Also it is diminutive of Opa, which would mean big ap…[View]
102989138What food from your cunt makes you feel like Pic related[View]
102998335Where do you buy takis in your country? I tried to buy them at 7/11 but they didn't have them[View]
102997335Woah what a CHAD[View]
102998131Why do anglos love licenses and censoring so much?[View]
102990890Is 23 too old to start university again?[View]
102999183What percantage of your birth year are dead already do you think?.: If you ever played PUBG you know…[View]
102993839Reminder - At one point, Portugal was actually pretty close to being ruled by Brazil, a former portu…[View]
102997561please anons i need your help as you might have recently noticed some of the shitposters on ita have…[View]
102994427>anonymity on the internet is important! Complete freedom of speech without any repercussions is …[View]
102998690A meteor exploded 25km over the Bering sea 3 months ago with the power of 75 kt of tnt. I wish it ex…[View]
102998514>clicked on a russian movie reviewers channel >now all my video recommendations are in russian…[View]
102997818How are viets pussy? I've been trying to get some from my brothers viet slut, but she hasn…[View]
102998119Does stuff like this happen in your country? https://youtu.be/LSOAiWQ861k[View]
102982936>Alex Lang remembers life before the revolution – before the government-issued hormones, the siss…[View]
102998879I watched the news on Holland attack and : My name is Utrecht, son of Utrecht[View]
102998812>tfw no Tunisian bf who take me to Sidi Bou Said to drink mint tea Life is suffering…[View]
102997810are you ok austria?[View]
102997663Just discovered dire straits, WOAH boomers are based[View]
102998732You are not a 90's kid if you don't love and cherish this song: https://youtu.be/eLXXFVNFK…[View]
102998588>increases by 3 million people every 10 years What’s wrong with them?[View]
102956584Hilo latino: Edición RAE[View]
102990270Trust me. You're gonna love this. What you're seeing now is my normal state. This is a mi…[View]
102974132Faces of /int/. Can we get this going? I'll start with a picture of me.[View]
102975531Finland love thread: Why do you love Finland? I love their posters, their education and their fast f…[View]
102998218I'm afraid of Americans[View]
102998276do women age well in your country? (do they use sunscreen?)[View]
102986611What happens here?[View]
102996825Don't fall for german propaganda , British women are hot: I don't know where the meme that…[View]
102990138/nederdraad/: Slaptjips editie Welkom: frieten Niet welkom: patat[View]
102997544venezuela should return to Spain: first at all, the main venezuelan oil company should be integrated…[View]
102998272Translators of /int/: >What's it like being a translator? >What language(s) do you transl…[View]
102998134Western governments vehemently support a Wahabbi theocracy in Saudi Arabia, a totatlitarian state an…[View]
102995415i started masturbating some minutes ago and i just noticed a bit of blood in my precum[View]
102995575Do you buy lots of expensive items?[View]
102997958Look into his eyes[View]
102992026/reversi/ official thread: https://reversi.dietchan.org/ come play anons[View]
102995287/brit/: fuck it dude[View]
102997791I want a fucking blue eyed 40 yo girlfriend who calls me darling and cook for me[View]
102961700/skandi/: Faraoiske utgave[View]
102997855i'm in a bus in italy right now, ask me anything sorry my camera sucks and it's all dark[View]
102996108I wanna fucking SLAM my dick balls deep and break through her pussy into the second pussy (womb) and…[View]
102994812Any fellow midgets here? how are you treated in your country Im 5'2 girls dont even acknowledge…[View]
102996362Business Licenses: I've just learnt that certain countries prevent you from owning or operating…[View]
102997324I hate france and french people...: But I like Daft Punk's music. How do I settle this internal…[View]
102993176Is Brenton Tarrant a common name in America?[View]
102997600my farts smell pretty good actually. And my friend said some stupid shit like you only like it becau…[View]
102992112Jack the ripper apperantly a Polish barber: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/polish-barber-aar…[View]
102996621All the judges were from England and France: in this brazilian dance contest https://www.youtube.com…[View]
102996770Country What do you really think of Australian people?[View]
102990574*cures your yellow fever*[View]
102996132>81 degrees[View]
102992088>someone from a non-european country do dumb shit to mudslims >eurocucks pay the price because…[View]
102995212I have my German exam tommorow I dont understand jack shit when they speak[View]
102995195>one (1) chance at life >born a canadian middle class straight white male…[View]
102995635/brit/: shen bapiro edition[View]
102995207I hate living in Israel, it's so tiny and cramped: If you take out all the meme city - states l…[View]
102992427How much can you open your eyes without using your fingers?[View]
102993789Atatürk was an edgy atheist who brainwashed his people into worshipping him like a god because he br…[View]
102989116ITT you try to prove pic related wrong, and fail, of course[View]
102995519A rich unitedstatesian handegg chad comes to your country, learns your backwards nigger language, an…[View]
102995518/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition rouquemoute ancien >>102987192[View]
102995634La Creatura thread: Any fellow mongrels here? Among my ancestors: Russians Ukrainians Finns Estonian…[View]
102996021I wish I never started masturbating at age 12: I am a straight guy in my 20's. And I am addicte…[View]
102996486>Why yes, I am learning one of the most difficult languages on the planet just so my cartoons wil…[View]
102995077Anon-kun!: Why are you browsing 4chan again? You have promised with me that you won't browse it…[View]
102996167Italians are arian?[View]
102995245I’m in love with Oona Kauste.[View]
102985007the virgin am*rican girl vs THE CHAD MEXICANA[View]
102994876Are latinos arabs?[View]
102996233waka chaka, waka chaka, HEEEEEYAH[View]
102986438Para ordem e progresso.[View]
102994734Where is she from? Guess[View]
102995122What country does your country have an internet war/meme war with?: >Your country >The enemy c…[View]
102995383Do ministers in your country have sense of humor? https://twitter.com/Ayelet__Shaked/status/11077180…[View]
102995433Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
102995127Tomorrow New England + The Maritimes becomes a new republic. How do you react?[View]
102994202Learn your place, pigskin[View]
102992155Visit Yucatan[View]
102991115I'm freakin envy to lads who born in English-using cunt. They can speak English perfectly witho…[View]
1029956741. You are conifer vagoober 2. Try to translate 'That's it! I'm getting me mallet!' to you…[View]
102990632Europe is a prison[View]
102995423Please marry our women so the children won't look like mutts[View]
102990771>Anarchic >Dies fighting against actual armed ISIS forces >Has been risking his life on the…[View]
102992392Americans give each other health-care gifts??[View]
102992444>be me >go with parents to visit family in Panama >decide to go out to a park at night by m…[View]
102991580Japanese person to talk on routine: I'm a Brazilian guy that, all of sudden, wanted to have a j…[View]
102992587What do you think of Finland?[View]
102990585/fra/ ne halt das ist doch /deutsch/!: Édition occupée Besetzte Ausgabe[View]
102987192/fr/ - Le fil Français: Edition de la réflexion et de la pensée. A quoi avez vous pensé aujourd…[View]
102994801Would i pass as local in your country?[View]
102991426sweden yes[View]
102992484Was the Truman the most based US president ever?.: >Defeated Germany. >Nuked Japan twice and d…[View]
102995012montenegro? more like MOUNT A NEGRO[View]
102992630/brit/: + /birt/ edition[View]
102990749Do you like Italy or Spain more?[View]
102992574mamma mia thats a spicy meatball[View]
102994786'He bought?Arrojarlo.'[View]
102994711I am in a dilemma, int I am with a finnish girl she is infatuated with me. She's tall (5…[View]
102994442What's that show you used to gather with the family and watch together on the telly?[View]
102992999Tell me about life in this country[View]
102994797Based Russian[View]
102994494>in line at grocery store >place is pretty packed so line is long >fatty behind me >tho…[View]
102994281Finnish girls are cute :P[View]
102994323Why are they so irrelevant today?: They used to be global powers.[View]
102980671Is it true that most Greek (and Bulgarian) cuisine is actually Turkish in origin?[View]
102991956Are there any pure Ainu left in Japan? Or are they all ded?[View]
102994161Rank the subregions of Asia from most interesting to least interesting.[View]
102994517How does /int/ feel about holidays only their cunt celebrates?: I feel sad some poor souls have neve…[View]
102993432Are they ants or is it Anglo propaganda? What if someone in a uniform orders a random German to put …[View]
102993994English doesn't sound Germanic to me. I had British English since a kid and it just doesn'…[View]
102990981Why does New Zealand produce so much halal meat? A lot of my halal meat comes from Oceania.[View]
102994220>Foriegners constantly bash America in an attempt to discourage or bully Americans >TFW they …[View]
102994376world map love/hate thread: tell me about YOUR opinions. but just as a heads up, this map has been t…[View]
1029900461.Your Cunt 2.Are you going to Play Sekiro? https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR0tMSNjNnrD_rpz5m…[View]
102976106For me, it's the Greek girls[View]
102985977Brazil's Nova ERA: >mfw our stock exchange has hit 100k points in the first time in history …[View]
102989290>why yes I'm British how could you tell?[View]
102991543The US capital should be in Kansas City.: The location it is today ia not good. It is near the atlan…[View]
102994030What would your country do with literally tens of thousands of Hispanics crossing into your country …[View]
102993657IT'S OVER FOR TURKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcyaoyjPoOA SWEDISH BVLL conquers kara b*g…[View]
102993979why do indians do this?[View]
102982803>British comedy >wide variety of jokes ranging from nuanced to over the top, from simple puns …[View]
102993939Quince: I've been to a couple of Quinceneras: Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Rican. Are they popular…[View]
102992901China says it has arrested 13,000 'terrorists' in Xinjiang: We should arrest all our terro…[View]
1029938621. your cunt 2. how prominent is veganism (aka soy boy sissy pussy tight pants diet) in your country…[View]
102993818What happens there? What is life like?[View]
102989453>yes we're American. How did you know? Is it that obvious?[View]
102993410Ladies and gentemen, thoughts on my breakfast?[View]
102990595Is this behaviour normal in your country?[View]
102992758Where can i find a Gf or wife regardless of my short heights? What cunt i have to move?[View]
102986744/mena/: anti-urduni edition no 3ammanis as OP allowed[View]
102991271>tfw some English people are preparing to leave here >tfw all though I'm Portuguese born …[View]
102993241I wish Germany was an Asian country...[View]
102993041Is college in the USA really like the 'American Pie' movies?: Or is it an exaggeration?. Are there g…[View]
102993220Average brazilian mother and son[View]
102989652Do you want to find love in the United States of America?[View]
102988975pls rate my meme[View]
102989894We wuz mayans n shit[View]
102991671how do goth women in your contry look like?[View]
102992121Do you want to find love in Italy?[View]
102992991Édition de la CHANCE[View]
102992553I'm going to be lads,please kiss me goodnight before I go to sleep[View]
102992436>I am a son of Thule! Heil Odin![View]
102991139What up mon You having a good day yeah?[View]
102985376/polska/: edycja oporu[View]
1029924151. your cunt 2. your dog (or cat)[View]
102984336epic /int/ moments[View]
102989895/brit/: rate my dank le meme edition[View]
102990246In your cunt: How the vast majority of peoples feel about india and indian? They get cheapened often…[View]
102990662Are you still in touch with your high - school friends?: Age? Are you still in touch with your high …[View]
102990953I live and breathe only to protect Hungary[View]
102983134Does this happen in your country?[View]
102988252>Puts cross on flag >INSTANTLY becomes first world What did Jesus mean by this?…[View]
102987790chad black bull vs wh*te virgin[View]
102991714Guess my nationality.[View]
102983338Why are white people mostly cucks nowadays?[View]
102988924I'm 22 and I managed to get a 16 year old girlfriend, but every time she says only stupid stuff…[View]
102990291/alb/: analbania thread[View]
102991560Is he the next Cristiano Ronaldo?[View]
1029868191. your cunt 2. what do you like to put on one of these?[View]
102989602wtf are germans even human? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khatyn_massacre#External_links[View]
102991444Is this considered meal in your country?[View]
102980761white people don't have this in their garden[View]
102989958Chinese man about Europe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_M5AzNXecM[View]
102980053/ita/ - il filo[View]
102990194>the only time I every had or gf or had sex was when I lived in Japan I'm seriously thinking…[View]
102991137>is part of your project group >does nothing How did you know I was Spanish!?…[View]
102990297Damn, Mexican girls look like THAT? What homo said they wanted a wall? I'm finna bouta bust a w…[View]
102990176name of this funny pic: also send template ty :)[View]
102990908Wow austria RUDE https://24.hu/belfold/2019/03/18/orban-becs-auto-uzenet-eu-kilepes/amp/[View]
102989583Can post some really good bass boosted songs here? I wanna test out my basso.[View]
102991275Daily reminder that by buying polish products, visiting Poland, and investing in Eastern Poland you…[View]
102988013Is littering common in your country?[View]
102984896Why do sexually frustrated men start to support authoritarianism and have fetish for guns?[View]
102961954/asean/: Edisi Sang Badut[View]
102990218Well, does it?[View]
102989273Why do Asians have this awful spiky hairstyle. Like either grow it out or shave it. Looks like a por…[View]
102986687After the crash of the Boeing 737, americans from Boeing and ethiopian authorities sent all the evid…[View]
102987058New Hanseatic League Meds will pretend it's doesn't exist or is powerless.[View]
102985215/deutsch/ ehemals /deutsch/: reelle /deutsch/ ausgabe uezs[View]
102989827>mom cut the tomatos wrong how hard is it to cut in circle ??[View]
102986803A-another armenain anon, th-this is not you right?: https://news.am/eng/news/489423.html[View]
102988608I'm not hurting anyone by being a social autist. Give me one reason why people are allowed to l…[View]
102990454Damn, Mexican girls look like THAT? What homo said they wanted a wall? I'm finna bouta bust a w…[View]
102990074Imagine being Argentinian lol[View]
102984801Stop calling us anglos: We are not anglos, do not call us anglos, anglos are perfidious scum and we …[View]
102988709Is there any country where you can get a gf despite being short, fat and socially inept?[View]
102988564Here are the answers: 1. because we are white 2. because our state only pays for Holomeme movies 3. …[View]
102984418Americans, Israelis, and Arabs are terrified of this man, say something nice about him.[View]
102988810>Cunt >When did you outgrown videogames and why(if you want) >Flag I guess I outgrew videog…[View]
102988766>why yes, traffic in my country does drive on the left >how could you tell?…[View]
102964207/ex-yu/: asdf[View]
102976580/balk/ aka Baba Vanga: >Baba Vanga's predictions for the future >Global hunger will be er…[View]
102969105ITT: Rate/paintbucket the women of Europe[View]
102985632WTF southern european women look like this?! Like a fuckin anthropomorphic frog?! Holy crap are they…[View]
102984994/int/ feet rating: hello every sirs. on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you rate my feet? how whit…[View]
102988121Do you have women like this in your cunt?[View]
102987215/brit/: Janny is a fucking moron edition[View]
102988327>british comedy[View]
102976200The Korean Dream: >study very hard during teenage years and have no life. Some commit suicide fro…[View]
102989498How can I be happy like this guy In the photo?[View]
102989611I miss my Australian friend William Because of his dad's line of work, he was constantly travel…[View]
102989471do you cut your hair on your own?[View]
102977182You may like it or not, but the future will belong to us, the mutt race.[View]
102984103/NEDERdraad/: lekker schijtpalen[View]
102985104/white/: Inaugural edition Welcome: Ethnicities originating in pic related and PURE descendants worl…[View]
102981632Why are are Anglos so smart?[View]
102979448What's the most stupid a foreigner ever said to you about your country? Me >American girl: O…[View]
102989357Its really tricky to live in first world county, indeed Arent ya[View]
102989031What do people from Eurasia think of the all too common american (as in, all of America, not just th…[View]
102987144can jews and arabs tell eachother apart by sight?[View]
102985306the average botanero in Mexico. Norteños need not to comment >have prostitutes >have good food…[View]
102978257/mämmi/: Mieleltään terve painos[View]
102988299Why yes, I am Hungarian. How could you tell?[View]
102982705This is Miss Niger 2017[View]
102988671Anon-kun!: Stop browsing 4 chan and go out and do a productive thing for your life! Its not caring a…[View]
102987136An over 200-years old German graveyard has been destroyed in Mykanow in western Poland (former Obers…[View]
102988141Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
102978611What's the first country that comes to your mind when you look at this?[View]
102984439This is the last thing you'll see before you die.[View]
102986434How many Irish people do you think, speak Irish? :P[View]
102986120Italian, mexican and black BVLLS[View]
102984506ayy lmao[View]
102988540Europe is falling apart.[View]
102987669Yohanan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2Yjn3OXRk 1. Your Cunt 2. Is your name a variant of Yohan…[View]
102985946>'waaah! People died! Ban guns cuz they're scary!' Why do non-Burgerstanis cry over a little…[View]
102985293Montserrat is a volcano island country in the Carribean full of black people that identify as Irish[View]
102985463it's 22:05 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
102981550ITT: Old /int/ goldies[View]
102981747The last time we did anything was the fucking 13th century, during the ''''golden age'''', in which …[View]
102981781Daily reminder that Finnish girls have the best of East and West[View]
102988002Albania... Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoH2EiQc3ms[View]
102986469I really wish I was american.[View]
102987931Why do americans keep making their houses out of paper when it's clearly not doing them any goo…[View]
102966365/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Sky Ferreira edition previous >>102960830[View]
102986208>no taxation without representation![View]
102972961>green: low HIV >red: HIV infested areas[View]
102986413Why are fatties and latin americans so obsessed with the racial categories of Europe and so complete…[View]
102987496what happens here[View]
102987583i don't wanna asian century: I don't wanna earth that rule by China nor Japan. I just wann…[View]
102986898Would you become a commie for her?[View]
102984186I began my life with the noble quran, and i intended to end it with it, whichever of you has the bes…[View]
102979811What went wrong?: Why aren't they as famous as Sweden or even Finland?[View]
102987573Do people like Kiki in your cunt?[View]
102979780Why is south america so irrelevant ?: Literally the most irrelevant continent.[View]
102987463Vorwärts, Genossen!: Any maoists here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x7tD13mkFM[View]
102982378ITT:post cool flags: Here's one[View]
102986754Where can I meet older women as a 19 yo zoomer ?[View]
102987408Swiss Laws: What is going to come of this?[View]
102987286I just watched this movie. Is it accurate? Are the Turks really such subhumans? Were their bravest w…[View]
102986614Boos: Which countries on /int/ have the most wannabes?[View]
102986545>the bantlords become the bantees[View]
102972674/slav/: Izdanje medžuslovjanskiego[View]
102979706she is 48 years old Korean actress. can she pass as the 30s in your country?[View]
102986849Did Borat write this article? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsen_Kanokov >Arsen Bashirovich Kano…[View]
102986650when will the Asian century start to arise? and what it would affect on my flags and my fella japs?[View]
102919835Daily Japanese Thread DJT #2162: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for anyone interested in the langua…[View]
102981649Why is the rest of the world so bad at their jobs?[View]
102983511>ahem americans are not white[View]
102982646>tfw no latina commie gf[View]
102986290/firstie/: Fuck thirdies edition[View]
102983722Does your country care about space travel?[View]
102984433Will the premise of this movie works without German autism (taking everything too seriously)?[View]
102976437WINNERS THREAD You can only post in this thread if your country has never lost a war.[View]
102985797>swim school >dive from five meters >swimming shorts get pulled to ankles by the water >…[View]
102986104You wake up in a divided but peaceful world in 2049...[View]
102972636/fr/ - le francofil des NEETs: Édition parasitaire. Hôte précédent : >>102952166[View]
102982770No need to thank us for all your favourite music, anon. It's just what we do.[View]
102985515/pigskin/: for weak pigskins and med bulls[View]
102979332There's a monthly free income of $1000 for you. What are you gonna do with it?[View]
102971551/mena/: Mdakk edition[View]
102983007What do Indians and Pakis think of their diaspora?[View]
102979968Do European men really kiss eachother as a greeting? Why are they such fags?[View]
102985500Gross foods: What are some disgusting foods from your cunt?[View]
102969614BRITS OUT[View]
102984377A moment of prayer for our Aussie cunts. They were true blue shitposters to the end, but they couldn…[View]
102985444Post skylines from your country[View]
102984917>/int/ is for respectful discussion of world cultures. Trolling will not be tolerated. Since fuck…[View]
102962810THE GALICIAN RACE: Did you know Galicians are a separate race, genetically isolated from the rest of…[View]
102981801/polska/: edycja bardzo twardego materiału[View]
102982907>be Kiwi >be Dutch >get shot…[View]
102985234/deutsch/: Fettwalbrütungs-Ausgabe für notgeile Unzöls[View]
102978912why don't more people in the international community recognize this genocide?[View]
102984659>a city called CHRISTCHURCH >has a mosque…[View]
102978240Post the Dutch POLITIE and other police forces around the world. Comment and rate.[View]
102984722Are Aussies banned from here now? Will this make this place better or worse?[View]
102984188Are canadian people really like that?[View]
102982801What are most popular car brands in your country?[View]
102984610do I look Mexican?[View]
102982304me and my american bf[View]
102971637Why do Mongolians still live like this?[View]
102970133/norgetråden/: 30år gammel norsk sprenger-utgaven forrige: >>102947571 >>102947571 >…[View]
102983940I don't want to do anything. Can people survive in your country doing nothing?[View]
102976065Why are Tibetans so low IQ?[View]
102984330>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…[View]
102973895ask a bored italian anything[View]
102962380/v4/ + friends: OC Edition[View]
102961627/Asean/ NEEt time qts edition[View]
102983342>i don't kill all black cats i see[View]
102976227Can you see the mountains from your home?[View]
102981994At what age did my fellow ameribros grow out of the 'muh israel best ally' and into 'Morocco has bee…[View]
102980510/brit/: fuck it dude[View]
102984003kech editie welkom: kechs niet welkom: moslimterroristen[View]
102979278What do you call this in your cunt?[View]
102976257/nederdraad/: Lekker schijtpalen -editie[View]
102981430Why do MENA women do this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8hVPjZLJlA&list=LLk_SCeJrUuCNO3MoN6…[View]
102980996What is your honest opinion on modern German architecture?[View]
102983196I am Korean (born in vancouver) what should I do when the race-war happens? Im christian but I don…[View]
102981510Guess ethnicity[View]
102976806Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he made the fateful decision. Shortly after the illegal surgery …[View]
102981921I want the Turkish girl from my uni to enslave me for 400 years and stroke my minaret[View]
102983133Why yes, I do have Oedipus complex and want to have sex with mother. How could you tell?[View]
102983112It's 3:20am here I can't login to world of warcraft, I can't sleep I just want to lev…[View]
102967576I love China Do you love China?[View]
102981897what are your honest thoughts on British people?[View]
102961028/lang/ - Language Learning General: Helpful studying edition >Share language learning experiences…[View]
102976650/isr/- no goyim: semites allowed, no jew-hating araps tho.[View]
102977678>1. The sexual relationship Most common among teenagers and early adults. Connecting link of the …[View]
102982852im flying to berlin tonight to visit for 5 days with my friends any tips?[View]
102975017What do they think of each other?[View]
102977279What are your thoughts on Bettina Dick Rudolph, the brazilian millionaire who built a fortune in one…[View]
102979557If they don't wanna be called Arab why do they call themselves Med? Most people living along Me…[View]
102978936Sorry r these refugees or identitarians[View]
102982431the average internet cafe in seoul,korea: they are selling sashimi, Korean Bbq etc. I can't fin…[View]
102979226What went right?[View]
102981447Fact: Hungarians are the most powerful race in the world[View]
102981625>Why yes, I'm Algerian, how did you know?[View]
102980430What's the safest country in South America?[View]
102982386What do people have for supper in your cunt? This is what I had for supper /int/.[View]
102982340I love spring[View]
102977739There are anti-immigrant riots in my town happening right now.[View]
102979955Dutch model of Egyptian and Moroccan descent. Why are you against race mixing again?[View]
102979103This is a 5/10 in Europe. She's only average, which means you'd easily get a gf like this …[View]
102981762>dude, you just dented someone’s car in the parking lot >you have to call the police…[View]
102976603It's 11pm on a Monday now. I'm excited about tomorrow because I'm going to have a smo…[View]
102982203press F to pay respects[View]
102981961Why are there gay people in your cunt?[View]
102981857Why haven't other Canadians moved to BC yet?: It's like you ENJOY being cold[View]
102979758Why are wypipo so naive and gullible?[View]
102982112What nationalities were you in your past lives? My most recent past life was a short-lived American …[View]
1029788571)your cunt 2)console or pc? 3)what are you playing now Flag Playstation Nioh + DLC[View]
102972878When I was a kid my father told me that Poles are great and I should like Poland. flag What did your…[View]
102981415Why are brazilians soooooo disgusting?[View]
102980526>be Saud >fund sleeper cells and false flags to weaken the west >make big business deal wit…[View]
102980109How soylent is listening to music of other cunts?[View]
102979300Ahhh the French Champagne: >You're the best, around! >Nothings gonna ever keep you down!…[View]
102974763South Korea's fertility rate drops below one for first time: Are you okay, South Korea? How can…[View]
102971864/polska/: edycja rzabiarska[View]
102980918https://twitter.com/Telstra_news/status/1107526963583844353?s=20 Aussies have been REMOVED[View]
102979802>So sprawling is Samsung’s modern-day empire that some South Koreans say it has become possible t…[View]
102981049>I use Reddit![View]
102980299i want an /int/ bf[View]
102973072>germanic ''''''''languages'''''…[View]
102981045terroni and berbers what's the difference in south italians and north africans?[View]
102976754How do you call this in your country?[View]
1029807881. country 2. how much do you hate your life[View]
102966342Why do asian countries like Japan hate gays? They don't have abrahamic religions. I'm curi…[View]
102980252>tfw you will never be able to say your country had a civil war over a pyramid scheme Why even l…[View]
102980482I don’t know why but every Brazilian I’ve ever met has been a complete and utter fucktard, someone f…[View]
102980785As a Nordic Amerimutt what is it about Anglos that they don't understand personal space? Whenev…[View]
102978139despite being the largest country on the planet Russia still doesn't have enough space to accom…[View]
102976027High tier Japanese women are the endgame for every respectable man. >ultra femine >educated …[View]
102971284>swedes don't want to come in italy and breed this[View]
102980145What is one of the most forbidden things in your country /int/? Here in America it's kindereggs…[View]
102980195>no alternate reality where Ogedei Khan invades Europe and makes white people an endangered speci…[View]
102977513press F to pay respects to bruce[View]
102970544/ita/ - il filo: edizione tik tok[View]
102980444Post your high school Chad[View]
102980157>'OI M8, YOU GOT YER WANKIN LOICENSE???' how do you respond?[View]
102978983Are brown-eyed people treated as foreigners in these countries? Is there prejudice against them?[View]
102980065Sverigetråden Statsministerupplagan[View]
102979644Imagine all the people...[View]
102973108>tfw no psycho american school shooting gf[View]
102978081>Western European countries that massively affected history: Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Ne…[View]
102979323Why are their schools so shit? Why do they keep sending students here? I'm trying to study but …[View]
102979945What went wrong?[View]
102980000How common are dorilocos in Mexico? I thought it was just a meme but I saw some recent videos of tou…[View]
102980054Sverigetråden - AfS-upplagan[View]
102979888I got to see this in a theater last night. Any other films that show America as the dystopian crime …[View]
102980061Sverigetråden - Libbeupplagan[View]
102978456Reminder that only Italians were able to rule the entirety of Europe[View]
102969770Europoor general: >your age >your education >your net income >your country i will start…[View]
102978395ITT: Junk food from foriegn countries: I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood (Bronx, NY) and I wasn…[View]
102978397Do Americans really do THIS?[View]
102976844Toilets of /int/.[View]
102971392Tell me about Switzerland[View]
102979743>tfw p**ped and then realized there was no toilet paper[View]
102980735why they are so based and redpilled and most famous among the whole western internet community? may…[View]
102977695>your country >do you love american culture?…[View]
102979640>'nick'land country name[View]
102979454Why is the UK Armed Forces bulking up, just what are they planning?[View]
102977818where is the ukrainian-brazilain incel who talked about russian young women getting brazil'd an…[View]
102978102>be Dutch >get shot[View]
102971562Surname distribution: This site lets you enter you surname, then shows you how it's distributed…[View]
102977989>never went to a gym in my life >don't have a six-pack and have terrible physique >st…[View]
102979010daily reminder it doesn't matter if you're white or portuguese whether you're a white…[View]
102978600I like everyone from Morocco to India.[View]
102979001why do england looks like colombian?[View]
102978296Daily reminder that we stand with ARGENTINA in the MALVINAS dispute. Fuck brits[View]
102973276The War on Poverty Remains a Stalemate: The War on Poverty drags on. President Trump’s budget propos…[View]
102973218Jack the ripper was a polish jew named Aaron Kośmiński >be britbong >POLE'D since 1888 ht…[View]
102978391>Hey faggot, I'm peeing in the pool. What you gonna do about it, huh Wat do…[View]
102976428I hate my job so much. I just want to stay at home and be a comfy NEET.[View]
102978610LOSER THREAD: You can only post in this thread if your country has at least lost one war[View]
102976540vtubers: why do asian like them ?[View]
102976146/AT/ - Anti-terrorism - Netherlands Edition: My heart is with my dutch friends.[View]
102978446if you encounter a polakk that looks like the left guy he very likely study cs, is a virgin and brow…[View]
102935653Culture Pals /cp/: Love is never wrong edition PS: can't be arsed to copy paste or link previou…[View]
102971655Why do they hate their own people?[View]
102977427What is it like to have a Eurasian gf?[View]
102973754AUSTRALIANS BLOCKED: telstra (main australian provider) has blocked access to 4ch and 8ch... this ha…[View]
102978001how do you call this in your cunt?[View]
102973791>Live in Los Angeles >See snow on mountains What is this timeline?…[View]
102978325/mämmi/: Jankon Betoni painos[View]
102978005The cumdump of Europe[View]
102977133Guess his ethnicity: Guess pic related ethnicity[View]
102975479Do boomers get dabbed on in your country?[View]
102977935I wish I was born in Kyrgyzstan so I can kidnap a girl and force her to marry me. https://youtu.be/D…[View]
102978143I am a Communist. I read Marx and Engels for breakfast. Death to the bourgeois. Are there any Lefti…[View]
102976913How Irish is This Video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFlkVCbBVjw Seems wholesome, wondering wha…[View]
102977799I don't want to admit it, but British people are better at rock music than we are. Maybe we kic…[View]
102977805tfw: >tfw I would like to date with dutch chicks so bad but my height is only 169cm, which is low…[View]
102966196/mämmi/: Voileipäkakkupainos[View]
102964669a russian class...[View]
102976506>America is such a tacky and ugly place, I realized this on my vacations to Florida and Las Vegas…[View]
102973879Stop right there, you incel scum. Why haven't you had children yet?[View]
102973725/deutsch/: Der Suzi ihre Ausgabe[View]
102970076Is taxation really that bad?[View]
102973349/brit/: monday[View]
102975628What do pic-related blare while driving ? here they play Fur Elise it used to be this but fur elise …[View]
1029675791. your cunt 2. was your cunt ever a monarchy? 3. who's your favorite monarch of your cunt? …[View]
102977110Where in the world can I live to get this aesthetic?[View]
102969615Sverigetråden - Gamerupplagan[View]
10297440710/10 banter[View]
102973937>Murmansk Russia is warmer than my city[View]
102975892>type Finland into YouTube >First video that pops up says DO NOT MOVE TO FINLAND…[View]
102976468What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduat…[View]
102973778>brazil is now rangebanned from /int/ what would be your reaction?[View]
102975059Rejoice! We will see America fell into ruin in our lifetimes: What a time to be alive![View]
102966701Nederdraad: Nootjesgangeditie Welkom: parasieten, luizen, lapzwansen, luiwammesen Niet welkom: hardw…[View]
102976180hello: hello[View]
102976164Who would win in a fight: Finland or USA?[View]
102975824>how can we make more popular between the normies our ideas of racial hatred in USA and europe …[View]
102975862>I live in involuntary celibacy[View]
102964231/balk/: Low IQ edition[View]
102972529How do you say 'cute' in your language? >flag >söpö…[View]
102975566>god 3rd worlders are so lucky, they're living life without worries or depression…[View]
102973575Why Do White BTFOd by Korean Chad?: Why souless White eyes get BTFOd by Korean slanted eyes?[View]
102974780I don't believe in gods because german people exist: If there was a good , such evil creatures …[View]
102971340/sag/: DHANUSHED edition[View]
102972814I want a European mommy who will care for me[View]
102973273You are not a really American if you question or doubt Israel. Sorry, that's the rules.[View]
102974488/New England/: NEACpilled Addition >New >England >Acadian >Commonwealth…[View]
102975177This is who the german people considered to be European.[View]
102973581Feels Good to be Bringing Unions Back: >tfw work at Stop n Shop with one of few Unions left inna …[View]
102975193TVRKS are based, gayreekoids on the other hand are sub-human pig-chimp-rat hybrids.[View]
102966100>country >first anime >best anime…[View]
102973511>bullfighting is cruel and should be banned![View]
102975089This is reason why 4 chan should not be banned. 4chan is an only tool to debate and discuss about al…[View]
102972730What's the most cringeworthy thing that people in your country do?[View]
102974829*shoots you*[View]
102973874what's this?..[View]
102968657I fucking hate it here.[View]
102965399>When are you going to find a job, son? Are you planning to stay home playing video games for the…[View]
102973697Tell me what you love about Germany’s borders.[View]
102971851he is the Chief General of my country, your thoughts on his look?[View]
102973967Why is the current Caliph of Sunni Islam? (Caliph is the Sunni equivalent of Pope)[View]
102970337Finland doesn't need swedish.: I hate how we have to learn swedish in schools because 5% of the…[View]
102974790How would 'pan-Aryan' country look like?[View]
102974357Dear americans. Please cum to Belarus and impregnate cute belorussian girls pls :3[View]
102972245Whitest european country that only shitskins dislike[View]
102974519why do dutch look so soy[View]
102973558Guess his ethnicity. Don't cheat. Pro tip: his name has nothing to do with the Netherlands.[View]
102969377why are north africans racist with africans[View]
102974584Finland is better than Sweden[View]
102972445>Atheist Europe is so much better than Christian Europe[View]
102974266>/int/ is for respectful discussion of world cultures. Trolling will not be tolerated.…[View]
102973948>Italians are waking up[View]
102973986I called my boss this morning and I said >hay bill whats the difference between work and your da…[View]
102971556Do I look Finnish?[View]
102973875how hard is to get a scholarship to study chinese in china?[View]
102972978Pretty Indo girl married to old and ugly Korean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cvt1ppmhwc I thoug…[View]
102973289Canada: Do you like Canada ? Why or why not ? Do you have any questions about Canada ? I can answer.…[View]
102972337I need advice you guys! You see, I don't have any photos of myself. But now that I went back to…[View]
102971821what are german girls like?[View]
102971622Reversi: https://reversi.dietchan.org/ It's not cool to get people addicted to this shit and th…[View]
102971878Ideas what to do this day?[View]
102973565B A S E D A S E D[View]
102970649Who is the Mexico of the Indian subcontinent? Who is the Russia of the Indian subcontinent? Who is t…[View]
102966902/deutsch/: Bibliotheksausgabe Macht nix dummes http://bid2019.everwall.com[View]
102962329What sword country use? The Kampilan is a single edged sword.[View]
102971517do you consider sicilians white in your country? https://youtu.be/fjY737t32Is[View]
102967393Let's pay a visit to our ''''friens'''' at 2ch for some fun cultural exchange. 2ch dot hk/int[View]
102970079Change my view: The british empire was the worst thing to happen to mankind ever,they outlawed satti…[View]
102967300Netflix: It's awesome.[View]
102971040>Why yes, we are Mongols >How do you even know?…[View]
102967445do swedish women fuck everything they see?[View]
102971879What if humans are just naturally bisexual?: How else could you explain pederasty for example? Ancie…[View]
102971917>Put some 2 Euros worth of pennies in the cabinet >Jews will smell it out >when a Jewess tr…[View]
102896049Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
102969264What is car culture in your country like? Does everyone have a car? Do you have a car? Is a car a ve…[View]
102968081How come the finn parasitize off of his better folk for centuaries but then immediately turned aroun…[View]
102972413Why do whites smoke so much[View]
102972421Me and my wife's stepbrother.[View]
102972348Ahem Based mod, fuck /p*l/[View]
102970876Why do Americans like gypsies and think they live a comfy life?[View]
102971886Dutch '''culture''': Shit, there's actually no culture. Everythin…[View]
102969382'Every day approximately 100 Russian women get AIDS' https://meduza.io/feature/2019/03/17/okolo-sta-…[View]
102970793Post BVLLS[View]
102972176Hello my name is Ken Jeong and I'm the author of the 'Boku No Pikachu' videogame.[View]
102972145Does anyone here know this kara boga copy pasta?: It says something along the lines of 'why should t…[View]
102972096Fólk houses are unironically comfy AF. Why don't more people live in them? Must be 1000× cheap…[View]
102964298Do Swamp Germans feel white guilt for the VOC?[View]
102971683Malpensa (milano).[View]
102970155Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
102968790Faces of Morocco[View]
102968364Which is the cheapest and safest 3rd world country in the world? I want to work a few years and live…[View]
102967044/brit/: GO’N STEP IN[View]
102962075/polska/: edycja ciężkich poranków[View]
102968805What did they mean by this[View]
102968485So this guy is accpeted as german good to know...: So when we the Jews were in Germany, the german p…[View]
102971211>you can't freeze to death in his country[View]
102971431/mena/: Leafeon Edition[View]
102971559mutt thread[View]
102969103>watch an anime it has italian name characters >play a japanese game it has city inspired to v…[View]
102970796Okay. I know this isn’t the right board to ask this question but please excuse me. My laptop was inf…[View]
102971564/nederdraad/: >Welkom: Iedereen. >Niet Welkom: Iedereen.…[View]
102968516I don't wanna be depressed anymore.[View]
102971519>Those women can get an American bf life is not fair[View]
1029680381. Your cunt 2. Does a neighboring cunt of yours has a regional/global reputation for being vile, pe…[View]
102970505The short brown and curvy woman is the epitome of female dominance and femininity. Let's start …[View]
102971383>Why yes, I am Australian. How did you know?[View]
102969895/asia/ Asia Thread: Asian Highway Edition[View]
102956053Do you want to find love in India?[View]
102959922Why are they so narrow-minded and nationalistic?[View]
102970434is it too late to studying french at 23?[View]
102969244ÁTOK Do you know about the átok? Let me tell you about the Átok: >1682: Hungarians provlaim the …[View]
102970940Do you love Ukraine?[View]
102970264Are Australian posters retarded?[View]
102967713I'm so fat and ugly[View]
102964032Why do japanese people are so into cults??: I've seen many apart of this case like the VA of Ca…[View]
102962126Do people keep doggos in your cunt?[View]
102970630What does the average Australian look like?[View]
102970634>I suffer in the third world[View]
102970674heloo hau ar juu?[View]
102952166/fr/ - le francofil nocturne: Édition réalisée sans compensation monétaire Ancien >>102944209…[View]
102970312Are Brazilians different to Hispanics apart from the language?[View]
102970599They sent a neo nazi BDSM band in Eurovision[View]
102965586Nippon suki?[View]
102965485Is southern Italy as dangerous as Mexico?[View]
102969042Russian father + Yakut mother = Sakhalyar hapa[View]
102970224I will kms if I fail my exam in 3 months.[View]
1029623621. Your vagina 2. Do you smoke?[View]
102965030What do you call girls like this in your cunt?[View]
102952765/ita/ - il filo: edizione lolizia[View]
102970399Don't call the shooter a 'nazi': Don't call the NZ shooter a 'nazi'. hitler and all the re…[View]
102969666what's the best genre of music? french techno of course! https://youtu.be/CIpyBeBpC74[View]
102970180There are 4 types of relationships: >1. The sexual relationship Most common among teenagers and e…[View]
102966870Why asian girls are top tier?is it because they try to pander to male more than other race?[View]
102967069Is America the only country where fat people can live in peace? We're still a minority in the r…[View]
102968118What do white girls taste like?[View]
1029701081. You're a country 2. % of foreign prisoners in your country? foreignlets gtfo[View]
102963776Is it true that the Japanese hate Negros (black people)?[View]
102963093ITT only countries that wronged Poland: Invited: everyone.[View]
102970017Why do the germans love the japanese so much?: They murdered millions of us Jews but not a single ja…[View]
102968383China please annex us... I am suffering in r*ssia[View]
102967472i want to learn Belgian.[View]
102968806flag why are you geh?[View]
102969309There is this Polish guy in here...: Who talks about his girlfriend all the time. I have noticed tha…[View]
102969225I want to live in a red area <3[View]
102965671>/p*/ unironically believes the NZ attack was a false flag Why are right wingers so retarded?…[View]
102968871Why are Asians slurping their food although they could eat normaly?[View]
102961757ITT: post the dragon ball Z theme song from your cunt, rate others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
102969691What do you think about this guy (son seok hee)[View]
102969628Sverigetråden - måndagsmys[View]
102965899Do I look like a Chinese man?[View]
102969611>you will never be black living in Lithuania How do you cope?[View]
102967986why do women love italian men?[View]
102967048/brit/: do you like the watch im getting soon? edition[View]
102969537Russian genocide best day of my life[View]
102969522my farts smell pretty good actually. And my friend said some stupid shit like you only like it becau…[View]
102965982>Danish sailors[View]
102968633Who's meme of god from your cunt ???[View]
102969282>our country gets more visitors because we have still have monarchy[View]
102962814Esoteric Customs: What are some niche/esoteric customs from your cunt?[View]
102964813my gf has a really cute innie pussy[View]
102968798Confess your sins[View]
102969153What did he mean by this? https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/narrow-minded/type/op/[View]
102969015إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ[View]
102947571/norgetråden/: de blir gått åg såve-utgaven fårrje: >>102922867 >>102922867 >>102…[View]
102968867Is having an orgy frowned upon in your country?[View]
102965024after i finally got gf and lost virginity this year, what should be my next life goal?[View]
102966324>Your resume got us interested. We would like to personally get to know you. We will contact you …[View]
102966710just marathoned /BMwm/ BLACK MALE white 'male' thread on /gif/. AMA[View]
102968693>Respect my elders? No they were to weak to see the power in the techniques i now wield and decla…[View]
102967828will running fix my skinnyfatness now that i lost 30kg?[View]
102968604>4channel got blocked as well[View]
102961466what do you feel when you see this flag on int?[View]
102968500What is conservatism like in Canada? Why does America need to draw so many conservative pundits from…[View]
102965055in your cunt: >1.your flag >2.how local koreaboos are look like?…[View]
102968467Any idea on how I can commence my walk to the African Savanna in quest for the Primordial Truth?[View]
102964404>mfw it's a cosy 34 degrees outside[View]
102967728Why are Dravidians such ALPHA BVLLS?[View]
102967965>brush your teeth after every meal![View]
102964745what's your experience with french canadians?[View]
102963758Do you look Slavic /int/?[View]
102966764>'African women? they signify human beauty in my eyes. the darker my Nubian queens the better'…[View]
102965254Do people follow Hollywood celeb gossip in your cunt?[View]
102966880/deutsch/ - CDU ausgabe[View]
102964644>Wtf you've been wearing those clothes the entire week! You can't do that!…[View]
102962484>oWo im so gay hehe, wanna see my tummy? xD >I am exclusively a top and I like cuteboys who tr…[View]
102963889Would Rösler pass as a local in your country?[View]
102964738I wonder where Russia will invade next.[View]
102965992The old man was covered with tattoos and scars He got some in prison and others in bars The rest he …[View]
102967752>if your rights arent read out loud to you by the police when youre being arrested in America the…[View]
102964580>American cheese[View]
102965120What are your favorite imported foods and products? >Italy: Buitoni pre-cooked pizzas >France:…[View]
102967478How does anime turn heterosexual boys to homo ones?[View]
102963271Do you support CANZUK Union?[View]
102967100>the japanese flag poster is pretending to be japanese[View]
102964203Are expensive smartphones popular in your cunt?[View]
102964387Why don't people understand that ethnicity basically is nationality[View]
102967285Irish people are a blessed existence on this terrible world. I propose that we remove Chinks and Poo…[View]
102963031How many girlfriends to men have in their lifetime in your cunt?[View]
102966980Too young? No such thing[View]
102966034>why yes i am a fan of boipussy how did you know?[View]
102963964/brit/: fat monday morning line of ket[View]
102966972/tr/ - Korean Samurai Edition: Nerdesiniz kan keratalar almancı back in the house[View]
102964045Imagine not having free speech laws[View]
102967454Arabs and Muslims around the world, what are the reactions on social media to the New Zealand shoote…[View]
102966824https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4776998/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/21/christian-bale-his…[View]
102966210/mämmi/: Suomenlinnan lautta talvisäässä -painos[View]
102964505Do people beat up shitposters in your cunt?[View]
102963551Social experiment: A terrible disease has wiped out all humans on Earth. Luckily, you get to pick TW…[View]
102966740What's up with the Brazilian youth?[View]
102966666Should Jews abandon YHWH and return to the BVLL?[View]
102965396Is it better for the Middle East to be Westernized or Europe to be Islamized? What do you think, bro…[View]
102964431What is the procedure by which you acquire intercourse in your cunt?[View]
102966585>All discussion of the New Zealand terrorist attack should take place in /pol/.…[View]
102965102There's been a noticable influx of European French and German people coming to NZ to live. Why …[View]
102956253/deutsch/: Hab gewichst eben heh[View]
102966559British Cuisine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVHbWHGVYaU[View]
102965737Can he pass local in your country?[View]
102964285>IP banned from dumpert AGAIN for uploading the NZ battle royal video[View]
102965881I want a French gf. They sound so cute when they speak their weird cute language.[View]
102962508Are there male adult virgins in your cunt?[View]
102964437*smashes door* HERE'S NEET! TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK WAGEBITCH![View]
102965561All discussion of the New Zealand terrorist attack should take place in /pol/. >>>/pol/ /in…[View]
102964436>Mom, dad, this is Hyacinthe Garance Équité Bosekilolo. She's from Marseille. We're get…[View]
102964248A quick question: Why Japanese like fabricating and manipulation? https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Ab…[View]
102963834ay caramba[View]
102965293>asian countries assign 'summer homework' why do asians hate fun?[View]
102963896Countries in the green explain yourselves.[View]
102964648I have a thicc mestizo gf AMA[View]
102960830/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: obesity edition[View]
102944001French anons: how bad is immigration in your country? Out of 100 people on the streets how many are …[View]
102961445>'Hey you shouldn't be smoking that cigarette! It's bad for your health.'…[View]
1029651854MB WEBM DISABLE ON 4chan: It's all filetypes, any file larger than 1mb will not upload and it…[View]
102965923Keralites are the only good looking people in India, this is a fact you can't prove me wrong[View]
102948430Do you want a Jewish gf, /int/?[View]
102964606yeah okay tumblr[View]
102963839Question to itallian anons: How to get to his tomb?[View]
102965742>WWII game about Allies vs Axis >actual game is Brits vs. Germans Come on Sweden.…[View]
102942116/mämmi/: purilaispainos -painos[View]
102965221Has anyone here tried to learn Finnish? How many weeks did you spend to learn it?[View]
102958465You look out your window: >see this First reaction?[View]
102961212lmao wtf india[View]
102963975>state doesn't babby you, meaning you can manage your insurance and medical plans to fit you…[View]
102963966Woah... Middle Eastern cities look like THIS?[View]
102965483Most people in Europe are Christians in statistics, but how many are actually religious in your coun…[View]
102964119How can I achieve the quintessential American look? Where do they even buy clothes like this?[View]
102965373Has anyone any real international experience or just traveling? I've lived and worked with 30+ …[View]
102956227EIGHT HUNDRED (800) YEARS!: Ya seethe?[View]
102965362How common is this in your country, /int/?[View]
102952202If an Indian person stops eating Indian food will they lose that characteristic odor which Indians e…[View]
102964290I've decided I'm a woman[View]
102964416hindustanis: non arab muslim-browns such as pakis, bangladeshi, hindus were mistake[View]
102965211>Facts don't care about your feelings.[View]
102965159weather today : europe[View]
102964420Is it true that new worlders hide away the head of the animals they eat? pic related is a spanish de…[View]
102964261I cant take it anymore[View]
102964358Goodnight /int/[View]
102964903I wish I was born Italian so I had a sense of community instead of Anglo.[View]
102964998why do americans like writing signs so much and then take pictures?[View]
102964891Why do NZs bend over to the Maori savages while other Anglos don't give a fuck about the native…[View]
102961258This is what the British first encountered when they arrived in India[View]
102963058do you wanna find a wife in NK?[View]
102964870To correct the Thai anon, the whole 'watch the world burn' mentality is actually very healthy, since…[View]
102945463/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie Welkom: Brabant, Vlaanderen, Kroatië Niet welkom: t*ttapaler(s).…[View]
102963828Friendly reminder that we are all a small guy when visiting Iceland.[View]
102964109What's the reason for the hate of men-loving men in East European countries? Why don't the…[View]
1029646211.) you're are an cunt 2.) do you like the irish?[View]
102964730>/int/ is for respectful discussion of world cultures. Trolling will not be tolerated.…[View]
102961561>you arrive to California and the first thing you see is this[View]
102960491>Ahem, WE in the FIRST WORLD suffer just as much as THIRD WORLDERS DO!! DEPRESSION IS SERIOUS SUF…[View]
102964435Hungarian? Shove him down the stairs[View]
102960660What are girls like in Argentina? How do they differ from Brazil or Chile?[View]
102962096why do russians like tessa violet so much?[View]
102963921>Unironically being a Scandicuck instead of a NORTH SEA GERMANIC BVLL[View]
102954411Australia Appreciation Thread: Let's take some time to appreciate our Australian friends.…[View]
102961894When were you when 9/11?[View]
102963105Why does Toronto lack a distinct identity as a city? Everyone I meet from there just tells me that i…[View]
102963335Today is 18th of March. 103 years ago today, Gallipoli campaign ended and we wiped the floor with an…[View]
102963530final fantasy music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31dtXCrGZso[View]
102961351I know what japan and Korea call it, but what name does China use?[View]
102957421Dear Germans: I LOVE YOU![View]
102962151What happens here?[View]
102931878Americans be like >why yes, I am Irish[View]
102963658reversi.dietchan.org why are australians so much better than anyone else at reversi?[View]
102964110What do they think each other?[View]
102955178How will nordcucks ever recover?[View]
102964048Do people take drugs in your cunt?[View]
102961571>be over 20 straight and a virgin >play vidya 16hrs a day while you lie to your parents that y…[View]
102961794Do British people love Americans?[View]
102960841/brit/: Halloumi with friends edition[View]
102963947Can you pronounce “jjokbaril?: https://youtu.be/yCJ1HhoFN58[View]
102961452Do you want to fuck any politicians from your cunt?[View]
102963554Are women fat in your cunt?[View]
102963434What are your thoughts on Taiwan?[View]
102963613How can China be communist when they are so clearly consumerist?[View]
102963363If an alien/angel with infinite wisdom or amazing superpowers that would allow any country to become…[View]
102959377What is the name of the poster above you?[View]
102962552do you own italian motorbikes?[View]
102927530/asean/: Yang gang edition[View]
102963587Abortion is murder and justifying it is akin to justifying genocide.[View]
102961941>यूपी: हनुमान जी और भगवान शंकर के नाम आई पोस्ट, डाक विभाग हुआ परेशान पोस्टमैन लेटर लेकर मंदिर में…[View]
102962582What do you do for fun in your cunt? What does the average person do for fun?[View]
102963284/MED/: Another Med thread for Med and Med enthusiasts. >Talk about your life >Post milkers …[View]
102962593>current water crisis >haven't had water in days >meanwhile these faggots are using it…[View]
102962263Out of all the good Mexican beer, why did this crap get popular?[View]
102961774I have served at the army for 4years, and I support gun control. >basment living buggerers get t…[View]
102963157>his cunt don't have a regional thrash metal scene[View]
102960389Russia: >winter starts on December 1st >summer starts on June 1st Rest of the world: >winte…[View]
102961508Would Hate Crime Against Brazilians Be Considered Animal Cruelty ?[View]
102961046Whats happening?: Are most native germans disapointed with germany? Why do they let foreigners tramp…[View]
102958238East Asia vs ASEAN: Which do you like better, /int/?[View]
102962664>tfw brown >tfw more pissed off by the fake sympathy of the left than the retard incels from t…[View]
102923398/dixie/ + /desi/: let's go boys[View]
102952113>His first language didn't originate in his country of birth >His first language isn…[View]
102963409>ur cunt >do suburban/city living people drive full sized trucks for no justifiable reason the…[View]
102963275Post normie music from yor coutnry: https://youtu.be/eWJ43Yi_2Rs[View]
102962447i love you ireland: I wanna move to Ireland cuz I love a Guinness so much it's God's prese…[View]
102962765What do vegetarian women masturbate with in your cunt?[View]
102962816cunt do you like beer?[View]
102963153What happens here? Is it true that still speak some weird, twisted form of German?[View]
102960995WWI propaganda depicting the Allies as sexy women, but who's the sexiest?[View]
102954976When people ask me my ethnicity I tell them that I am a Native American instead of Hispanic. It…[View]
102963151Aren't you overwhelmed by the number of attractive people in the world? How do you cope with th…[View]
102948650Most spoken languages by native speakers[View]
102955626What was happening in your country in the 1760s?[View]
102960879Could she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
102955748VIP: Post 3 famous people from the country above you.[View]
102959804Why do yuros like to glorify the American south? Just look at these comments https://youtu.be/5OKdbc…[View]
102960945>it's an another episode of apezillian thinking that Brazil being in second world makes it t…[View]
102947351How is India such a stable country, considering it has tons of wealth inequality and big minority re…[View]
102960914You wake up in the Middle East[View]
102961051do you wish to find love in Japan?[View]
102961182my ancestor: :)[View]
102951519First thoughts when you see this flag all i think is about how they will dominate the world through …[View]
102954118>British girls are unattract--[View]
102962751Why are they like this?[View]
102962757>All discussion of the New Zealand terrorist attack should take place in /pol/. >/int/ is for …[View]
102962730>All discussion of the New Zealand terrorist attack should take place in /pol/. >/int/ is for …[View]
102962750/과제/ 실화냐: 대가리 터지겠네[View]
102960036Don’t you wish arranged marriage is the norm in your cunt? I wish Because I’m like an incel abnormal…[View]
102958221Anyone notice Brazil and Uruguay look like a giant cut dick plunging into Argentina?[View]
102960084I am half-Armenian, half-Russian. TO ADD: I am interested in hearing about the ethnic backgrounds o…[View]
102962496>You can't smoke here sir, this is a hospital[View]
102962037>be me fishing on a river >some faggot german and his fiance come up to me and my bro >he …[View]
102962101Madre de Dios...[View]
102960778>The Japanese have a holiday for when Commodore Perry of the US navy threaten to bomb their citie…[View]
102959033Tell me world anons, what's your average street food in the city/town you live in? In downtown …[View]
102961686Wtf I love Spain now!: >At present, the Spanish government observes the 1978 Constitution of Spai…[View]
102962421Fuck kr*uts[View]
102960575Why are Aussie kids racist? I spent time in an Aussie high school and one kid says Ching Chong to me…[View]
102961613What do Mexicans think about El Tigre?[View]
102962044/hell/ Bacon Edition[View]
102962314Do people travel a lot in your cunt?[View]
102961889Why doesn't Modi speak english?[View]
102958758>tfw no qt Japanese hafu daughteru[View]
102958074Do Americans really do this?[View]
102962253Do you love Japan?[View]
102962121do americans really think these are the most attractive women in the world?[View]
102961863Are you sad that mechs won’t become reality?[View]
102962028>counting calories[View]
102957862I'm attracted to Indian men. What about you?[View]
1029614261. cunt 2. pray tell you uni/college experience I'm still in university and since money is tigh…[View]
102950297>be 30 this month >start to realize I'm getting old >remember to check my facebook acc…[View]
102961927Fact: Hungarians are the most powerful race in the world[View]
102959108'Menber El Chupacabras? He was like the first 'creepypasta' before it was a thing, I know there…[View]
102941882/carib/ + island friends: The comfiest general gets revived yet again[View]
102957613el duende...[View]
102961827Could you imagine how boring and bland life would be without nonwhite women? I would probably throw …[View]
102960512I have so much money yet no amount fills the void inside of me.[View]
102953989NoCal: What’s Northern California like?[View]
102961638>all cultures are created equal[View]
102956977/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: anime edition[View]
102961573I am planning on traveling solo to Italy in a couple of months. The only place I've been to bef…[View]
102958052/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição das Gostosas Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3t93ggL…[View]
102961147and that's how it's supposed to be[View]
102959888Brexit: United Kingdom... are you really leaving the EU? Do you want to be with us instead...?…[View]
102961409Do you want to find love in the Philippines?[View]
102961538Guess my country of origin[View]
102961496Please visit Yucatan and bring some gibs[View]
102959116Is this common in your country? Do you have big spiders? Or is your wildlife tame like the UK? What’…[View]
102960250I want to make a gf: But .. I can't..[View]
102959980Second most popular language studied on Duolingo[View]
102960128>I don't believe in open borders[View]
102959521>Why, yes I'm an upper caste north indian how did you know?[View]
102961353Do men grab women by the throat while they fuck'em in your cunt?[View]
102958862tomorrow is monday.[View]
102960072mamma mia i habe bony baloney[View]
102939829/mena/: نسخة كاجويا وانت[View]
102961253this is how it should be[View]
102961348Sverigetråden - Massövervakningsupplagan[View]
102955928Post best Caliphate.[View]
102961010How common are love marriages vs. arranged marriages in your country's vagina, /int/?[View]
102960894Why is the world so mean?[View]
102892476/LANG/ now actually visible: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning experie…[View]
102958946how come eastern europe produces so many nice twinks & bears?[View]
102958745What happens here?[View]
102955588What do you call these in your vagina?[View]
102958909*dodges your mean reply*[View]
102960711>killing sex tourists is bad[View]
102958427Why are white grills so difficult to approach/speak to. Can't even say 'Hi' without being …[View]
102957153Billionaires are flocking into my cunt: https://www.businessinsider.com/top-destinations-billionaire…[View]
102958817Chechens: Why do so many chechens have red hair?[View]
102959285>americans go to war with china and russia >lose because 80% of your youth is overweight or ph…[View]
102958952I enjoy burning wood in my woodstove Do people do this in your country[View]
102957045Why do mutts think they have to choose between private and public healthcare services?: Why not have…[View]
102940498Eyes of /int/[View]
102960035are fat lips considered attractive in euro country?[View]
102955126What is with the huge influx of gayfaggotry on /int/ these days? It feels like one third of the post…[View]
102957265Have you ever come across someone from another country while playing a video game? I saw a Korean an…[View]
102959430Why haven't you bought his book yet anon? https://www.amazon.com/Xi-Jinping-Governance-English-…[View]
102959191i plan on getting a job by lying heavily on my resume[View]
102950245How do you say: 'MEDIC'! In your country?[View]
102960222Fuck bald people[View]
102959552Is so nice to have your dick sucked. Goodnight int i love u all[View]
102960548>when liberals take a helm of state in your cunt >I'll be an illegal immigrant in your cu…[View]
102958068What’s with this “discord tranny” meme? What the fuck does it mean and why do /pol/tards keep using …[View]
102957136Saying 'United States' vs. 'America': Why do people in Latin America and South America get so annoyi…[View]
102958431Average Russian couple[View]
102957027So what kind of girls do you usually attract in your country?[View]
102958139this city is horse shit[View]
102959960>non-americans saying 'nigger', 'wog', 'spic'[View]
102959180American ”””””healthcare””””””””””: >“I can’t stop touring because I will die,” Dale says. And he…[View]
102958744How do northern natives and southern natives feel about each other?[View]
102959641What the fuck is their problem?[View]
102960310Faggots get out of here ![View]
102959204>be me >20 >In trouble with the law >Have an argument with my mum >Threatens to tel…[View]
102956752>great grandpa slaughtered Germans in WWII[View]
102956753Post interesting statues from your country[View]
102946132>mfw white people ask me what country I'm from I was literally born in this country…[View]
102959963Can he pass as a local in your country?[View]
102960096>Retarded animals listening banda music in the street >Lyrics are so retarded it's so cri…[View]
102957124is being gay in russia super comfy[View]
102958825>got water in my ear 2 years ago >almost completely deaf in my left ear Im scared of the docto…[View]
102958506Do you support this?[View]
102959835bong jore[View]
102954009Who is whiter?[View]
102955328I just lost hope for the humanity[View]
102951728Which country is this phenotype found in?[View]
102954612Fuck group assingments Are these a thing outside this shithole?[View]
102956668What city is best: Moscow, St. Petersburg or Ufa?[View]
102959997Why are they so anal-retentive?[View]
102955454guess their race[View]
102921021/éire/: Eagrán Lá Fhéile Pádraig[View]
102959976where to get athletic blonde Nordic gf[View]
102957837A resurection?[View]
102950511/polska/: edycja malutkich dziewcząt[View]
102950243I hate Iberians for making Latinas. I am supposed to have kids with a blond haired, european girl an…[View]
102938372/v4/+friends: BUMP edition[View]
102957743Why do they do this?[View]
102958860>20yo >still a virgin Does this happen in your country?…[View]
102958024/brit/: my mate bruce edition[View]
102959537are there insults in your native language for having black skin?[View]
102959793US geography is so op whass your all thoughts?[View]
102958806Why only the most disgusting pieces of shit males appear in japanese porn? like literal fat, obese, …[View]
102959066What is the biggest common anxiety that everybody in your country has?[View]
102958675>TFW read about a foreign culture and love it >Meet someone from that country >Piss off, al…[View]
102958448>Why, yes I'm a virgin incel how did you know?[View]
102959645>playing ranked CS:GO >lightly banter American teammate who just died >he threatens to 'nec…[View]
102957220Russian, Japanese, or Korean: Would learning Russian, Japanese, or Korean (south) be better for some…[View]
102959644WTF I just found out that Aussies renamed Air's Rock into 'Uluru' or some shit. wtf is that abb…[View]
102952665>it is ILLEGAL for yuropoors and autistralians to own laser jammers and cuck the jackboots out of…[View]
102954622What went so right?[View]
102958126are Australians the greatest shitposter? can any other country in the world compete?[View]
102958619Sverigetråden: Allt kommer att bli bra.[View]
102937761/ex-yu/: Revolucija edisn[View]
102956611You're a cute virgin Aztec girl in 1521 and you have to choose: 1. Aztec warrior chad who speak…[View]
102957897Are you living a simpler life /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKQyGj6kmYk[View]
102958609Can any Russian anon Vacaroo you saying 'back in the metro things were... different. It wasn't …[View]
102957800I fingered my cousin once[View]
102956796/cum/ + /mena/[View]
102957171>defeats three superpowers in the span of a century[View]
102957015Why are Russians such massive weebs?[View]
102958222do guys in your cunt have stinky feet?[View]
102956612>country >do you have OCDs? >italy >sadly i do…[View]
102954341>gosh anon I'm sickened by the new Zealand attack, are you sickened by that white incel too?…[View]
102957617>4chan incels: lol why do americans celebrate st patricks day?? >normal people: know that the …[View]
102957946why do jews hate muslims so much?[View]
102957592>You realize that 4chan is a New Worlder board Old Worlders cannot meme…[View]
102956478I have not slept in 2 days /int/, my brain feels like it's on fire, my muscles randomly twitch …[View]
102957711Is it true that they can look but they can't post?[View]
102910501/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição ANIME anterior: >>102874528[View]
102957589Anybody else hate how Americanised western films are?[View]
102957647So you are telling me brexit will fix this pic?[View]
102954438Why are there so few Buddhists in India?[View]
102957546Be American: >sell your house and dog for medicine Theirs is a sick and deeply disturbed society.…[View]
102957034why are they so resilient? like cockroaches[View]
102949455/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
102957504Post Bruces.[View]
102957437are you gay would you move to the gay ethnostate?[View]
102955280post pics from your cunt that make you cringe[View]
102957223Do Latinx who are mestizx in your country ever identify as indigenx? Los EEUU yxs[View]
102957007/cum/: sunday evening edition[View]
102957128My ancestors[View]
102956946I've come to the conclusion that no one gets any pussy; it's a complete lie to suggest oth…[View]
102956760I need a native arabic speaker to tell me why it's abu bakr and not abu al-bakr. Isn't it…[View]
102956878Do you remember beepers? I had one back in 1995... not sure how common they were in other countries.[View]
102951643Really makes you think: Doesn't it?[View]
102956591I'm making a tinder bio for this dumb dead bitch that went viral on 4chan. Mainly because I…[View]
102957008Question: Is tipping culture in the United States of America, in some way related to male genital mu…[View]
102949125Is there a set of standards one must have to be considered an incel? I'm 26, had sex with 3 wom…[View]
1029564677/11 didn't have Takis so I had to buy flamin hot cheetos[View]
102951282>Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen Verbindungsbüro Allenstein why you do dis germanfriends?…[View]
102951948I've come to the realization that English is context-clueless language and thus its native user…[View]
102956754wew do american really do this?[View]
102937044Let's play some /int/ reversi. https://reversi.dietchan.org/[View]
102950552Sverigetråden - Stormupplagan[View]
102954226How do you say: 'I love Emilia' in you language?[View]
102953130oh no no no no no n o non on on oo o hhhhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhhh BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHWHAHWHWAHWHAWHAWHAHWAH…[View]
102952109>Why is life so damn unfair towards me?[View]
102953855How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
102952215do you have these in your cunt?[View]
102944202Europe Borders Readjustement: FIRST OF ALL NO, THIS IS NOT A 'POST YOUR EUROPE MAP THREAD' That bein…[View]
102939240hilo latino: JOMERR[View]
102956420Is Boston a comfy city? t. Chicago[View]
102956252Do you come from a land down under?: Where bogans grow, and men murder? Can't you hear, can…[View]
102956154Mom's side was literally all IRA Rebel members. Father's side was literally all American R…[View]
102955639THE SYSTEM OF GERMAN IDEALISM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOk6HB609po The Americans are complet…[View]
102951085When will we know India is a superpower? When their GDP hits $10 trillion? When they put people on t…[View]
102956350A celebration?[View]
102953927Why would Americans do this?[View]
102955568ITT: >your cunt >who is your favourite living celebrity I'll start >Australia >Mel …[View]
102916819/MED/-Sunday Morning edition: Another med thread,to share love with fellow meds and Bacalhau atlanto…[View]
102954727Lazy brown wops[View]
102951965>no, you can't drive drunk. it's dangerous![View]
102956102Why do they take discussions in youtube comment sections way to serious?[View]
102955061there's a concerning amount of Canada hate on /int/[View]
102947459When will we get this back?[View]
102953235Quest: Hallo leute. Ich habe eine question. Does this work? Ich bin haben einen guten abend? Does t…[View]
102953990/brit/: the summer of cric/ket/[View]
102956036Any lads wanna come watch my autistic drunk live stream? >https://m.twitch.tv/diphenhydramind/pr…[View]
102956020It must feel so good to shoot yourself in the head.[View]
102955985Low on toads Help me in preparation for that blessed day[View]
102951500/animegestört/ früher /deutsch/, in 10 Minuten /nachtschicht/: Bald im Bett heh[View]
102955697Is computer programming popular in your cunt? >Flag >Only in coastal cities…[View]
102947719are bosnian muslims the blondest in ex-yugoslavia excluding slovenians[View]
102955656What went wrong?[View]
102955738Is every girl with a buzzcut a lesbian or do exceptions exist?[View]
102955533Why is Sudamerica so poor?[View]
102952261I like foreign cultures and I'm interested in their customs[View]
102955419I'm starting to think the reason why Paris isn't white is because of all the Americans vis…[View]
102954773>christchurch mosques shooting[View]
102953082Goodbye Forever.: I have decided to leave this website FOREVER. It's a complete meaningless and…[View]
102944931When an accordion plays, do you think of Italy or France?[View]
102951061I am planning to visit Johannesburg, South Africa by myself in a few days while on Spring Break. Hav…[View]
102953231how cold does it get in your country?[View]
102953142>your country >can you relate to this[View]
102942422/balk/: balkan war edition old:>>102915816[View]
102953961Post typical St. Patrick's Day celebrations from your country.[View]
102955520Europoors begone: When will you Eurocucks realize that the you're not part of the West anymore?…[View]
102948217Any burgeranons who grew up in a trailerpark? whats that like?[View]
102954418Do you love Moldavia?[View]
102954024Are there expressions in your language which refer metonymically to other nationalities? For instanc…[View]
102946476Is there anyone alive as universally beloved as Jackie[View]
102932262I love Turkey posters and I never bully them![View]
102954000Blue eyed anons, would you marry a 4/10 or 5/10 with blue eyes if it meant carrying on the blue eye …[View]
102955264What is it like to live in a non-meme country? Is it painful?[View]
102955154My gf came to the city that I'm studying since she lives in a city 5 hours away and for dinner …[View]
102954267please accept my meme[View]
102954948I really love my country, my culture and my fellow citizens, even if they're stupid and violent…[View]
102954339What went right?[View]
102915692/balt/: Kaunas edition[View]
102954540>imagine being a white devil[View]
102928035/flag/ + /extraflags/: Vaud edition previous: >>102815413 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely sp…[View]
102954350>post something that makes two different flags argue for an entire thread…[View]
102951263post french music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4fsCfgvthE[View]
102952011>be black >instantly trigger 80% of the world’s population, all of 4chan, and anyone anywhere …[View]
102954274pls come and find love in italy especially swedes[View]
102937709/skandi/: Den stornorske utgaven[View]
102952198/brit/: first world as fuck btw[View]
102949479How does this happen in a first world developed country?[View]
102952300Hi /int/, I have a PhD in a quantitative public health field, with multiple publications, good CV fo…[View]
102953876itt best country in the world[View]
102953847Becoming the ultimate Aryan Alpha-Male: I've done it, I've finally come to realize what I …[View]
102940288Why was Poland the only one spared?[View]
102953010People at uni call me 'the Jap' because I have small eyes[View]
102952563I hate Chicanos[View]
102953429Are Irish Americans more faithful to Irish culture than actual Irish?[View]
102953528Thoughts on Xiism? I like it. Maoism was basically Marxism with a focus on the rural farmer class in…[View]
102953656*ahem* why do white bois like asian womyn so much?[View]
102953599la creatura...[View]
102951908When will France get back the city of Mainz ? This city belongs to France as all the cities to the w…[View]
102953857I miss them bros[View]
102953777Gonna go to 7/11 and buy some Takis Rate & subscribe Inb4 CHI[View]
102953622YO YO YO haha! ....... shout out to all McDonald's workers out there:))))))[View]
102953631shitalian women are for the swedish bvll[View]
102952729Are you telling me this guy went 65 years feeling like a woman without doing something about it? Why…[View]
102951738Haxball: This is the international haxball thread. Who has the best players around the world? Let…[View]
102949637Do you support silesian independence?[View]
102953592Might as well starve naked xd[View]
102951951Sankaku Islands belongs to Japan (´・ω・`)[View]
102945341where do you see yourself 10 years from now, /int/?[View]
102953329You know what, fuck it, maybe the world will improve for the better if China becomes the leader. US …[View]
102952328I’m taking a shit: any questions?[View]
102953222What race is the person on the right?[View]
102946181/The Relevancy Club/: This thread is devoted to the discussion of relevant countries and their relev…[View]
1029267631. your country 2. last photo you took[View]
102952851do americans know who is she?[View]
102951537Arbeiter Ausgabe , nie wieder /deutsch/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYJmGaBMQJ8 ARBEITER HÖRST …[View]
102951322>killing them ayrabs makes me hard so much I spent my own money on drones 14/88, I'm also a …[View]
102952324>10 years with depression now >every year the depression takes out something new from the litt…[View]
102951568I really like brit slang[View]
102949146Why are southern Europeans such fucking manchildren?[View]
102951169>tfw CHI At least I can read Cervantes in the original, but otherwise, there aren't a lot of…[View]
102950991In about an hour, the Chinese will wake up to deliver my goods[View]
102952448Don't call the NZ shooter a 'nazi'.: Anyone who knows anything about history knows that the naz…[View]
1029464821. Your cunt 2. Post ridiculous expansionist ideas of it[View]
102945140right wing: boomers and schizo manlets left wing: ebony gfs the choice is clear frens[View]
102952440*schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop*[View]
102952481bosnian dog lick shoes of serbia[View]
102950490Do Italians really do this?[View]
102952416How do you feel about Polish fashion? Will you buy anything?[View]
102950866How many days have you lived on this Earth anon? it's apparently my 8513th day. Jesus Christ, m…[View]
102951587I hate living in Israel.: It's tiny( only about 430km north to south) and it is filed with arab…[View]
102951984>be subsaharan African >be from the nDombele tribe >spend a milenia or more fighting the Ng…[View]
102952188Who would you side with in the French and Indian War, the American theater of the Seven Years War?[View]
102952287So where and when do you think the Muslim retaliation attack will be?[View]
102948995Where is she from and can she pass in your cunt?[View]
1029487761. your age 2. what do you think of these four good looking gentlemen from Northern England?[View]
102948710is the us a first world country?[View]
102950650>Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong >Under the shade of a coolibah tree, >He sang …[View]
102952127I legit don't get how the 'Dual loyalties' thing towards Zionists or Dual citizens is antisemit…[View]
102943489/ita/ - il filo: edizione ragazze nere 2D[View]
102951426Is Albuquerque, NM a good city?.: It looks beautiful in the middle lf the desert with mountains ij t…[View]
102951971What's going on in Hong Kong?[View]
102950497>le arrive to appointment 15 minutes before schedule face[View]
102914589kurva anyátok[View]
102944209/fr/ - le francofil franco-français: Edition du matelas dur Ancien : >>102933294[View]
102948941What is Lancaster like?[View]
102951132Can an anon please post the Soy Wojak meme with a wojak in the top panel excited about something, an…[View]
102951880>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1dcSMDhZ0E reminder to all the posters who want a swedish gf th…[View]
102949836Patrotic songs of /int/: https://youtu.be/DGw_50OnNJ8[View]
102920338/tr/ - Cay Edition[View]
102947377What is pic related nationality?[View]
102947260We are each other's true frens Can we be nicer to each other now?[View]
102951256Turkey is becoming more diverse and friendly[View]
102949199Why did it take Colony niggas almost 400 years to realize that nobody likes you?[View]
102950457Good night /int/ I hope you're doing well[View]
102949414How much cost the daily average public transport in your cunt?: ...or do you have subscriptions to p…[View]
102950815>phone rings several times >friend asks me if I've found a girlfriend >actually just m…[View]
102943120What happens here?[View]
102947186/Neder//deutsch/e /Nachtschicht/: De nederduitse Chad tegen de oberdeutsche Jungfru https://www.yout…[View]
102942932/CHI/: waiting for some replies edition[View]
102943637I relapsed.[View]
102950916I don't know where the meme that anglo women are ugly came from..: I visited England with my da…[View]
102949940Brothers, what are we actually getting by joining EU? We are getting nuclear wastes inside our coun…[View]
102946524Woah England looks like THAT?[View]
102916295/danmarktråden/: Kaffe-udgaven[View]
102944074Are boomers a thing in your country? What are they like?[View]
102950897is the turk really going to off himself? I have bad toughts about him laying passed out and bleeding…[View]
102945982in china making friends is mandatory: are you ready for the asian century? https://www.scmp.com/news…[View]
102949642>been in a relationship with a 6.5/10 girl from school, a grade above mine >she goes to colleg…[View]
102945527/brit/: west country la kek la la[View]
102947370Do terrorists like to visit your country?[View]
102949176Why are there so many homosexuals in San francisco?: Homos, asians and homeless people. Doesn't…[View]
102943277Thoughts on British cars?[View]
102926575/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: St. Patrick Edition[View]
102949737Do you live East or West of the Mississippi river?.[View]
102947915/bir/t: dream market lads[View]
102950375What do you have to say in your defense, lad??[View]
102946793daily reminder USA wanted to frame Cuba for terrorist attacks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operatio…[View]
102950333I downloaded some random dating app to fuck a few older women but they were full of obese nigresse, …[View]
102945784/polska/: edycja sacziko[View]
102948948Americans make news about a Finnish monkey: https://nypost.com/2019/03/15/insanely-muscular-monkey-s…[View]
102950172Do you want to find love in Italy?[View]
102950268>OY YANK IZ JOST AH BIDDUH BANTAH liars...[View]
102948229I think depression is returning I sincerely hope it isn't[View]
102947189>800 years BASED[View]
102948638German man: -Doctor Müller, I have a problem: whenever I have sex with my wife, it seems that she do…[View]
102947988Me ? I have a buzzcut yeah how did you know ?[View]
102948904>Italians are funny people cuz they act like niggaz, it's real funny. They do! They hold the…[View]
102946692so now that the dust has settled, what is your opinion on brexit?[View]
102946610>8 hours until Monday: I'm a little wagie Short and stout Clawing at my cagie LET ME OUT…[View]
102946779>non whites who speak English as a native language How does this fucking happen? How were your pa…[View]
102948797/int/ we need to talk: https://www.strawpoll.me/17628304 what are you thoughts on generals ?[View]
102941628What race is this?[View]
102947769A message to all Chinese, Japanese and Koreans: No, you are not European. Yes, you all look like ali…[View]
102949189And a new dominant race in Africa was just established: How does /int/ feel about impending Chinese …[View]
102944994Do you get wall turtles in your country during the summer too? In america they're a huge proble…[View]
102945529brazilian boys looks like this?[View]
102945517Does your country have a downie brother?[View]
102948991>Invents the fucking Amish Big ol doinks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKfX-BXGr9M…[View]
102948286>be pooland >hate jews >praise a kike on a stick >one of the important national symbols …[View]
102948697A question to Germans: A question to German people: Do you understand that killing children in gas c…[View]
102938920>You country >What are you doing on this fine sunday Flag. I'm reading about Elder Scro…[View]
102948749The distance from Boston to San Fransisco is bigger than Lisbon to Moscow[View]
102945226party rockers in the house tonight[View]
102947772Is he white?[View]
102945771>Is being projected 10 million venezuelans will flee their shithole before 2020…[View]
102940683how do mexicans feels about this?[View]
102934207Proof that I am a white man despite being brazilian[View]
102942033Sverigetråden - Gruvdriftupplagan[View]
102948094>me? Just looking forward for the summer to come[View]
102948399why is this allowed[View]
102939642So french people really do this?[View]
102946864Bros forever xx[View]
102948373This man is Georgian Your thoughts?[View]
102943358>38 years old >looks like absolute shit what happened to jacinda ardern?…[View]
102948113post good edm from your cunt (or from other countries) https://youtu.be/zbXwYQds2qQ https://youtu.be…[View]
102946693know the difference anons: so i realised a misconseption on /int/. i made this shitty picrel for you…[View]
102944879Give me 1 (ONE) reason why Sweden isnt a based country[View]
102948220Why do they LARP as europeans?: No, you are not european. Yes, you are a bunch of asian monkeys with…[View]
102945814Any whites from Baltimore or surrounding areas here ? How is the life for you there ? Blacks represe…[View]
102945945Streetview game: Try to guess the country the picture was taken. Winner gets to post the next pic fo…[View]
102945492This is the first image the aliens see when they intercept our internet and search for “human.” Thot…[View]
102944785Do you love Japan?![View]
102943303tell me, how much does an average book cost in your cunt? > russia 1-5$ at bookinist's booth…[View]
102947005What's the beauty ideal of your country? In Turkey it's men who look like Greeks. Light s…[View]
102947379What happened to the Australian poster that posted about nurses? Are you guys thinking what im think…[View]
102947492Spain was the only country to expel islam: And I fathom she will be the only one that will do it aga…[View]
102946183what is the 'epicanthic fold' called in your native language /int/ ?[View]
102947560OH NO NO NO NO[View]
102936644>watchu starin at anon?[View]
102947128Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heili…[View]
102943301/farid/: 'Adolf Hitler war auch kein /deutsch/er': Ausgabe über die man sich nicht lustig macht…[View]
102922867/norgetråden/: Repets dag-utgaven Forrige: >>102892296 >>102892296 >>102892296…[View]
102946470Fun fact, the only people that look extremely beaultiful without make up are ultra pale or ultra dar…[View]
102945168Tell us about some custom that's unique to your country (or at least has a unique version in yo…[View]
102947071Are White male Finnish female couples common in Scandinavia?[View]
102943865>I'm gonna kill myself[View]
102938871When Alexander's invasion of india took place he described South Indians look like ethopians bu…[View]
102942671Can you imagine a world where neither of these countries exist? It would be bliss.[View]
102943343/brit/: morgan[View]
102946530why yes, i do drink tap water. how did you know? welcome: clean tap übermenschen also welcome: filt…[View]
102934727>you seem like a cool guy, where are you from? >Egypt. >Oh..... Every single time.…[View]
102943082Why russian photos are so depressing?[View]
102940705Would you racemix with a Finn?[View]
102943868Kid did not want to drink raw milk - milker grandfather stabbed him: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotima…[View]
102945695Poland is part of Eastern Europe.[View]
102939470You wake up in Norway. First thing you will do?[View]
102945475oooh you touch my tralala... mmm my ding ding dong...[View]
102945993wtf stop stealing our women[View]
102944841Are famous people from your country referenced in foreign entertainment?[View]
102945465How come France was one of, if not the only european country with no significant immigration to the …[View]
102939692Fuck G*rmans for ruining our alphabet. We had unique letters like eð̠ and þorn but ð̠e Germans got r…[View]
1029420441. Your cunt 2. Is this considered cringy and childish in your country? Finland Yes. I recently beca…[View]
102945298https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymNFyxvIdaM Amerifats will never have any idea how popular it was ar…[View]
102944520ITT: unpopular /int/ opinons: I like modernist architecture and, if done right, brutalist architectu…[View]
102945585Am I going to jail?: >be me >drunk and high driving to my town at night >empty road in the …[View]
102936434*bribes your media to not criticize China* *bribes Muslim government to shut up about genocides* *ta…[View]
102943860Les gilletes jaunes? Tsk tsk, have a little wine my friend. There is nothing to worry about, hon hon…[View]
102943108I fixed Southeast Asia[View]
102944946>people are getting killed IRL over internet memes right now[View]
102944783Do turkish men really do this?[View]
102939427Why do Japanese girls have such cute voices? Even the ugly ones and middle aged aunties. Hell, even …[View]
102938022Would she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
102941516Why yes, i divide Europe into west, east, central, north (scandinavian), south (meditteranean), sout…[View]
102938245/IRRELEVANT/: Only small boi cunts may post. R*levant pigs get out[View]
102940712I am American. I cannot stand Americans. Theyre loud and obnoxious, rude, obese, and stupid as hell.…[View]
102942880I am Irish. I walk by areas where Celts slapped mud together into houses. I am Irish. My ancestors …[View]
102944255>Americans are getting so fat that courts rule that it's okay to poison them…[View]
102945421come at me bruh[View]
102928810she is christian btw[View]
102940550whats it like to have sex?[View]
102945263This is the new boss of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi group, Jean-Dominique Senard. After the failed at…[View]
102937268/NEDERDRAAD/: YANG GANG editie welkom: 1000 euro niet welkom: tr*mpflikkers[View]
102937651/polska/: edycja porad życiowych[View]
102942132finnish girls...[View]
102941906Seriously, WHY is Belarus so comfy? It looks like a little untouched paradise.Prove me wrong. https…[View]
102938246Does the view from your window suit you?[View]
102943330Venit aestas...[View]
102943187Хххфф! Пoдoжди! Этo я Шaмиль! пфф! Дaй, дaй пpиcyнyть Пpххфф ххф... https://i.4cdn.org/gif/155187909…[View]
102944003>psssh uniqua, he cute ain't he?[View]
102944367>this manlet fatass has 34cm cock how do i should cope?[View]
102942241how could i get a greek bf unironically in real life[View]
102944269>I'm gonna kills myself[View]
102941763>/fr/ imagine the smell...[View]
102940480Which language has the best curse words?[View]
102941889France 2.[View]
102930735Is being blonde a frequent feature in your cunt?[View]
102944215>make less than minimal wage in the first world using the internet >can afford 50 times more s…[View]
102937048>Ahem, WE in the FIRST WORLD suffer just as much as THIRD WORLDERS TOO!! DEPRESSION IS SERIOUS SU…[View]
102943185White Ruthenians are fully 100% eastern germanic. There can be no denial of this obvious biological …[View]
102941140Are Mexicans the handsomest race on Earth?: Why do they look so awesome?[View]
102940951Why do Americans do this?[View]
102936219country what language do you play pokemon in? flag english[View]
102943945>between 2 great ancient civilizations, the persians and the dravidians >still a fucking failu…[View]
102943010based frog, can you translate this one line for me?: i will teach you a lithuanian curse word or som…[View]
102941931/mämmi/: spring edition! LAST THREAD >>102926923[View]
102941472Livestream of his mass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKsVoFsc6sQ is church like this in your coun…[View]
102941594Did you know that you need coins for gas and electricity in the UK? Are there any other places in th…[View]
102943319/deutsch/ diese beiden herren sind deutschlands zukunft: dem frühfadenspasten entgegenkommen[View]
102943743>America is a mutt state >9/10 states are still 80-90% white >5 states are still 98% white …[View]
102942696I've never met a New Zealander.[View]
1029435381. Cunt 2. Do you make fun of people who use the Ivory Coast flag as the Irish flag USA Every time[View]
102941453it's 12:13 PM here.[View]
102943331Does this guy speak your language? Does he speak it right? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EofeijzDkH4…[View]
102943361>STOP! that is illegal![View]
102928421/ita/ - il filo: edizione ragazze bianche 2D[View]
102938556What do they think of Afghans and Pakis?[View]
102943227My two favorite countries in Europe[View]
102939884Swaghafte Ausgabe , nie wieder /deutsch/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqDFuIdTKD4[View]
102936071Would you live in one of the commieblocks in pic related?[View]
102939469>water crisis >no water for weeks now >have to wake up at 4am so I could get my weekly 'wat…[View]
102935685I fixed North America[View]
102942641I can kick your ass[View]
102937599Post a video game character from your country. If you can’t, you’re a non-country.[View]
102942469>Slovenians aren't germani- Woah.[View]
102933294/fr/ - Le fil Français: Édition inclusive de l'investigation Ancien >>102923308[View]
102942146Why are Europeans like this?[View]
102942802what ethnicity is this?[View]
102942599>imagine having one of these as your flag[View]
102942253wake up and see this and wat do[View]
102941984why is milton keynes despised among brits? why do they hate the city so much I swear its like the th…[View]
102939616*smashes door* RISE AND SHINE WAGEBITCH THE WEEKEND IS OVER! Those patties aren't gonna flip th…[View]
102942721>buy American >it's quality[View]
1029418541. Your country 2. Go wipe your ass right now and tell us all how much shit you had in there[View]
102942685Your country may be cool and all but one of our first leaders invented the swivel chair. you cant to…[View]
102941629How safe are all those comfy-looking villages in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland I see in movie…[View]
102940651How are latinos treated in the US?[View]
102941492There are approximately 50,000 Muslims in New Zealand. There are 0 Christians in Saudi Arabia. That…[View]
102940719/brit/: chad edition[View]
102942501I hate my father[View]
102941942> (parents) omg anon you like some classic music, why don't you come with us to the Andre Ri…[View]
102940942These are the most popular pizza toppings in Finland[View]
102942392What are Greek women like?[View]
1029414691. Cunt 2. What would you do if you receive monthly free 1000$ from someone? >Cunt >Move to pa…[View]
102942174How are the gun laws in New Zealand?[View]
102942294I fucking hate being a semite[View]
102940419For me it's Brazil <3[View]
102942083What's your excuse America for spending so little?[View]
102940919>his capital is not the largest city in the country[View]
102940905what southern area would you guys say allows one the most freedom to interact with forested area and…[View]
102942041Yes, my great great great grandfather on my mother side was Irish. How could you tell?[View]
102940332What is the greatest US state and why is it Arizona?[View]
102941916Happy St. Patty's Day, /int/[View]
102935911Indian couples look like THAT?[View]
102927840This is considered the most beautiful part of Stockholm. Post your urban hell.[View]
102941500Do you love Panama?[View]
102940192explanation needed, except him/her being a faggot[View]
102939773Do you want to find love in France?[View]
102941131The batterer of Betis[View]
102939085The Iberian Peninsula: Is this map still relevant today? are there any significant cultural differen…[View]
102935791Korea's fertility rate is in danger If you are a nice white man, come to Korea and help us rais…[View]
102915816/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Mount Athos edition Old >>102886958[View]
102941457Imagine residing there[View]
102940319Welcome to mount Batog, pooles.[View]
102940816>people can live under 25°[View]
102909193Are you happy with your country?[View]
102939498Why are slavs so based?[View]
102940972How true is this in your cunt >canada >100%…[View]
102941054I WANT NORHERN IRELAND Bono is a paid schill. WHY CAN'T THE IRA BE COOL AGAIN? Lazy fucks.[View]
102935275>just hired a prostie >cant hold it more than 2 minutes on my FIRST TIME because frequent fap …[View]
102940253The future.[View]
102933559>watch 'turks take dna test' youtube >they are all at least 1/4 greek…[View]
102939717lads, i think alexi laiho is dying[View]
102938621/brit/: we won lads[View]
102939538Why wh*toids suck jap dick, while japs calls them wh*te Animals?[View]
102936698No mix of haplogroups could ever make this happen. I've spent a couple hours entertaining it be…[View]
102939333How long has this been a country??? Is this some Mandela effect shit?[View]
102937894Why does nobody ever talk about the most relevant african battle in history?[View]
102933021Do you want an American gf?[View]
102940221>western people complains about degeneracy, feminism, man spreading, manchildren and other BS …[View]
102926923/mämmi/: Jopa uudessa painoksessa, FOE![View]
102938688Are germans evil or is it just a cultural thing?[View]
102937603it's 21:51 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
102925686amazing: you can see the path the red army took in the genetics of modern germans[View]
102936085Is the meme that Somalia is a libertarian country true? Can I move their and become successful in pr…[View]
1029395300. flag 1. do boys do this in your country 2. was it 2 popular youtubers that did it[View]
102932941>1.flag >2.What does it take to pass as a local in your country? 1.Argentina 2.You have to spe…[View]
102932767Where are the hottest women from, /int/ ?[View]
102938672>when a Spanish person promises to look into the issue and get in touch with you as soon as possi…[View]
102940156>between 2 great civilisations, the persians(iranis) responsible for all the achievements made by…[View]
102935108why do Italians and swedes go so well together?[View]
102937809Im starting to like math wtf To avoid 404 >Cunt >Do you like math…[View]
102936159Does /int/ like watching Star Trek?[View]
102937981How many cops dose it take to change a light bulb?[View]
102934401Sverigetråden - Filmupplagan: https://darkweb.tokyo/lawbreak/christchurch.mp4[View]
102940006Do modern Americans still have this spirit of entrepreneurship and pragmatism?[View]
102938825>Mussolini tried to outlaw this wtf was he thinking???[View]
102925838do you love Belgium?[View]
102934691/deutsch/: /deutsch/ - FMC Ausgabe[View]
102938838>tfw when speaking the least sophisticated, cultured, elegant and refined dialect of english…[View]
102939480Does 'my body, my choice' apply in your cunt?[View]
102936695is it me or does america have like a dating culture? Like it's common there to have a girlfrien…[View]
102937301What's your country's proudest and most well known military battle? Something that the peo…[View]
102918125/hell/-νήμα ελληνιkό: Ελληνιkοί υπότιτλοι σε άνιμε εντίσιον https://youtu.be/SVfovID6QU8[View]
102937561>wtf no dont beat your parents![View]
102936441Hey guys, I'm starting to learn dutch. Some tips?[View]
102939191How come British people are either really ugly or really good looking? It's like there's n…[View]
102920746/mena/: Previous OP was a brainlet edition[View]
102939444You haven't really lived life if you haven't cummed inside a black angel.[View]
102935012>tfw when speaking the most sophisticated, cultured, elegant and refined dialect of french…[View]
102936760HELLO based POLAND can you reply to my post so it becomes BASED?[View]
102933942Truly the most under-appreciated posters?: I can nay say a bad word about them, they just tend to be…[View]
102938822the last colony of Africa[View]
102939297fuck pork munchies[View]
102938036Perfect Europe: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
10293436028 days till game of thrones[View]
102921711Post google street view of the hood you grew up in. I got beaten up here a lot.[View]
102938446What is China's stance on the Jewish Question?[View]
102936210ITT We say nice things about Spain[View]
102937199wow French women are so intelligent and beautiful[View]
102937674post Japanese girls with guns.[View]
102933645Why do Italians look like Arabs?[View]
102930836If arabs are sandniggers, then what would white people be? Iceniggers?[View]
102937371Why do Belgians make the best music in the world?[View]
102936712Being a fat white pig, I feel self-conscious when shopping in Asian shops. I'm afraid they are …[View]
102936699/brit/: sjw general[View]
102932909Japan or South Korea?: I'm a white guy pushing 30 and my life is going nowhere, so I thought I…[View]
102938788Haxball https://www.haxball.com/play?c=grJBE976uio&p=1 Password: int[View]
102937071Britain isn't Eroupe: Britain is not Europe, the British are not Europeans. No discuss[View]
102931541wtf I never realized that native scandinavians could get this dark[View]
102909437/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
102938663What does your country think of tall women?[View]
102937895>dad works for Cathay Pacific >they open a new route to Moscow in 2010 >he tells me that li…[View]
102923899which country is gayest in /int/?[View]
102935530I was a colossal dick to my best fren last time we spoke and it was over a year ago Now i don't…[View]
102935395>tfw never conquered[View]
102930749Are Chinese electronics popular in your cunt? >Flag >No, the NSA/CIA actively discourages thei…[View]
102896010Top 3 ugliest sounding languages: 1. Arabic 2. Dutch 3. Mandarin Chinese[View]
102937527>I suffer in the third worl- https://youtu.be/kJQP7kiw5Fk[View]
102936017Report button on /int/: There are shotas and loli ass on /int/ threads every day. Yesterday the /fin…[View]
102936486For me it's the 13th century world.[View]
102938226Help. I've been on forch for over 10 years, I'm nearing 30, and I don't even like it …[View]
102938103Horse escapes and then falls down onto pool of sludge: https://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006038453.h…[View]
102919903/v4/-1+friends: No more friendship edition[View]
102933011100% arabs[View]
102934963/brit/: British exist culture[View]
102931676Do eggs belong on a pizza?[View]
102937707chaddam: >yes of course i am looking forward to revenge attack by islamic state…[View]
102936731Happy St. Paddy's Day America.[View]
102936189What is happening in american schools?[View]
102937827Is it true that british people have a pot in which they shit in and keep it under their bed?[View]
102937424How do you celebrate Saint Paddie's day in your country? Here we have parades where we proudly …[View]
102934735/birt/: for the discussion of british culture[View]
102928653How do these people (exclude Croatia) deal with living somewhere that has no ordnung ? As a tourist …[View]
102937710>Eléonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie Why do Belgians have such long names?…[View]
1029358681 - your country 2 - what anime are you watching this season? Portugal Wataten, Dororo, Endro, Tate …[View]
102935891What countries are the most Americanized? For me it's obviously Canada, followed closely by a t…[View]
102936457>why, yes, I support colonialism, how did you know?[View]
102932784If you were able to buy guns in your country would you What sort of gun would you buy I’ve been mean…[View]
102930421/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie Welkom: Noord-Brabant, Vlaams-Brabant, Waals-Brabant. Niet welkom:…[View]
102935846>tfw unironically peek on neighbor's kids playing in the pool Do people in your cunt do this…[View]
102934658Hey anon which languages do you learn right now? Do you want to learn Kurdish? We are your Indo-Euro…[View]
102917113I can hear my dad beating up my sister[View]
102933466Why do conservative Muslims who despise Western values and habits keep living in Western countries?[View]
102937045Analyze this work of art. What does it convey? What kind of emotions does it invoke in you? Do you l…[View]
102923894/ex-yu/: vucic je opkoljen edicija[View]
102937012My ancestor :)[View]
102933504How can we save India?[View]
102929862/polska/: edycja dziewczynek nie za dużych, takich w sam raz[View]
102933200Post a news headline from your country that best describes it.[View]
102935499>We must crush immigration and deport those invaders already living on our soil. It is not just a…[View]
102934157What do you know about Kurdistan? my beautiful country, my pride[View]
102933847I hate children.[View]
102935005Is this the end of British occupation?[View]
102936415im thinking of taking a year to study in china before i go to college, the course i want to do is co…[View]
102936027Does this happen often in your cunt?[View]
102934125> be me > drunkis pee-pee in front of my door Does that happen in your cunt?…[View]
102925925I will never have sex with a beautiful girl :([View]
102931478I just invested in eastern Poland again.[View]
102934512Boston v.s. NYC v.s. Philadelphia: Out of the three big eastern cities, which has the comfiest neigh…[View]
102936007Why are the Dutch so large?[View]
1029328601.your cunt: 2.Are the people in your country nice[View]
102935270Have you tried Kurdish food? It's much better than 'turkish' food (they stole everything from m…[View]
102933889Today I saw a guy smoking a fat blunt. As I walked past him I took a deep breath to get some of that…[View]
102926094do female israeli soldiers see combat? do they serve in frontline?[View]
102898865Japanese thread/日本語スレ: Previous Thread: >>102847398 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/d…[View]
102933791what is the top-5 most bullied cunts on /int/ ?[View]
102933041>your cunt >do you eat pizza with fork and knife or with your hands? 1. flag 2. fork and knife…[View]
102933980Why don't americans celebrate easter?[View]
102933900why the Israelis are mean with Palestinians?: Why do the Israelis kill Palestinians? I searched a li…[View]
102935524Asian GF Ranking: >slut tier South Korea Thailand Vietnam >good tier China Taiwan Mongolia …[View]
102935365The people who post here are the worst members of your nation.[View]
102935601Why are spanish speaking people so emotional and speak so loudly.[View]
102935439faces of /int/[View]
102931372>400 word essay on international culture due tomorrow >can’t stop browsing /int/ FUCK FUCK FUC…[View]
102928274There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other peopl…[View]
102934308100% gypsies 0% mediterranean[View]
102928668You can only comment in this thread if you can see the Milkies in the sky at night:3[View]
102933926Post yfw you see a Suomi flag[View]
102929977What went wrong?[View]
102930433>Germanic ''''''''women'''''''[View]
102931184You awake in Europe, 2030 AD[View]
102933927post in this thread if your country bans divorce and alimonies oh wait[View]
102925263Do you love Korea?[View]
102932486Frens, I'm not going to kill myself, but I also want your moral support as the other anons.[View]
102932972>vinegar on lays Seriously /int/, why are brits doing this?[View]
102929518Should i change my Arabic name to a Christian/European one? im not Muslim but having an Arabic name …[View]
102932110give me a greek bf[View]
102934609There's a certain holiday happening soon and I don't know the exact day.[View]
102933845>1. country >2. owned pets[View]
102925549ehemals /deutsch/: Notfallausgabe[View]
102934220tfw no swedish bf[View]
102928860I've heard a lot of stories about Spanish women attacking their boyfriends for cheating on them…[View]
102926157Senkaku Islands belongs to Japan (´・ω・`)[View]
102928791What cultures do you legitmely respect? Any specific aspect of it? For me, it's east asian cult…[View]
102928171how do you feel about jewish women?[View]
102934315>his language uses articles[View]
102928106What happens here?[View]
102931711/brit/: electrician edition[View]
102932355Niggas,gypsies,asians even pajeets are welcome.Hans,Sven and any other blonde haired sheboy fuck off[View]
102930923Is norf england really as bad and ugly as it seems?[View]
102933647/int/ is dead :([View]
102931281eyy in this thread we post the most popular beverage in our countries[View]
102934022Legs of /int/ thread I've been told mine looks chinese as fuck[View]
102927524Why am I like this?: >be me >sit by myself in one of my Uni classes, like the fucking autist t…[View]
102931745WTF is wrong with Portuguese 'men'????[View]
102928010country Who do you support in the Second American civil War? flag McArthur, fuck the rebs![View]
102932096Do you see it?: Heh I do Heh[View]
102933835Do Americans really do this?[View]
102933822>16cm and very thick[View]
102931902Saw a dude get shot in cold blood 30 mins ago So how's /int/'s day today?[View]
102933390could this estonian man pass as a local in your country?[View]
102933376>nation states good! why? oh uhm.. uhh because uhh uhmm Steven crowder told me so?…[View]
102933226>I accidentally let an Australian guy fuck me in my butt. Regrettings[View]
102917434What's the favourite fast food of your country?[View]
102928358if this is wrong i dont wanna br right[View]
102933034Would you live in a Lithuanian village?[View]
102933165>Of course i don't smoke. That's disgusting, dude.[View]
102929063I don't want to stop being an EU citizen. >right to live and work in 33 countries >right …[View]
102932907Why italian americans are so based?[View]
102931818what went wrong?[View]
102932487>culture >tradition >community >sense of belonging >values >family >unity >a…[View]
102927119She will be our next president. Thoughts? >The 45-year-old Čaputová, a pro-European liberal who b…[View]
102929001Memes aside, how's life here? >inb4 Romania but worse[View]
102923308/fr/ - Le fil Français: Édition *marche vers toi*[View]
1029328821. your city 2. are there lots of mosquitoes there?[View]
1029328021. cunt ٢. فق جانيس[View]
102932672Fuck failing your exam in three months and killing yourself. Let's get drunk and eat chicken fi…[View]
102931292Why is this allowed?[View]
102924858Pakistani anime https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IdM2Ylxm8nU https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Glassw…[View]
102932537> tfw I will never be white How so i cope with this curse????[View]
102930934>but what ends when the symbols shatter?[View]
102926846>mfw I suffer in first world[View]
102931998If in your country is already March 17th then is my birthday anOns . Come to say hi.[View]
102931194How can a race be so fucking ugly?[View]
102928754Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than those in the rest of the U.S: Even so th…[View]
102931392Why is India so dirty?: https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1107295525114535937[View]
102931189>I am allergic to fish[View]
102928670what phenotype is this?[View]
102924989Sverigetråden - Falloutpplagan[View]
102931102Would this man be considered Nordic in your country?[View]
102931937Are you drunk yet?[View]
102920202Please vote against an article 50 extension[View]
102926022It feels like you're talking to a bot. Why is that?[View]
102930067What happens here? Does it look like Maine.[View]
102925344Choose your Scandinavian waifu[View]
102931231Live stream links will be posted soon. MAGA[View]
102927675Reminder that Ireland's PM is a gay indian atheist Happy Saint Patrick's Day[View]
102927422/brit/: bok bok bok BOK-OK! edition[View]
102931594Hey, as you all know the United Kingdom is going through some troubling times economically.. So plea…[View]
102931439I want to learn French in order to impress this Danish cutie[View]
102916187I got bullied in school[View]
102927813can we all agree that white nationalism is fake and gay also muslim anons if u are planning revenge …[View]
102928022>40°C is too hot[View]
102931080do you support catalan independence?[View]
102930160Why are they authoritarian?[View]
102928951Do Americans really do that[View]
102927582>tfw Québécois scum >French girls will NEVER date you because you have an insufferable 3rd wor…[View]
102930169Noticed anything? It was the revenge on Europe all along.[View]
102928443Why do they beat up Lebanese and Indian immigrants? Why do they attack Mosques?[View]
102929775>mutt >manlet >mentally ill >will fail my exam >divorced parents >not a single fri…[View]
102930002How widespread is this phenotype in Kosovo/Albania?[View]
102925939do parents get over their children death fast ?[View]
102927997do you want to find love in Mongolia?[View]
102926721Why the fuck are they so mean?[View]
102926784This guy is a hapa but i think he is whiter than 99% /int/ posters Am i wrong?[View]
102930683Quintessentially British https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-89Fk3sa4EI[View]
102928646what do you think about making a foreign legion in your country and give them citizenship of your cu…[View]
102920976If you don't have at least 10 you are irrelevant[View]
102923752Is 40 euros per night a good price for an airbnb apartment in Budva (montenegro) for the summer?[View]
102929398Post pictures of the original inhabitants of your country in this thread. Remember be nice and kind …[View]
102921928/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie Welkom: Noord-Brabant, Vlaanderen, Kroatië. Niet welkom: (zand)neg…[View]
102925538/JOSEPH/ Herr von /deutsch/: JOSEPH Ausgabe[View]
102923689What is this animal called in your country?[View]
102927635>2000+8.5+1.5+9 >not going to Mongolia to pay respec to Temujin and learn throat singing…[View]
102924978Why do hapa males look like north africans?[View]
102927702Arabs or identitarians or hues from O Sul??[View]
102924169>struggle for ~800 years against British invasions and occupations >spend billions of dollars …[View]
102926081I will kms if I fail my exam in 3 months[View]
102929174RIP to the Rahul Dravid of Indian politics. One of the few decent politicians of the country[View]
102922714/polska/: edycja literatury[View]
102925231How did your country react to the NZ shooting?[View]
102928932Could Belarusians pass as local in your country?[View]
102928132Taiwan girl[View]
102925806>he doesn't study at least 4 ancient languages[View]
102927493>mfw i browse shitsk/int/ and find a swath of thirdie flags[View]
102923895Asian girls are so pu- https://youtu.be/DxmdySilOAI[View]
102928488>Why yes, I watch Men of Style.gr, what gave it away?[View]
102926905>Cunt >Do you have strong earthquakes in your country? >Ever felt a strong earthquake? Ital…[View]
102927437happy st patricks day[View]
102925755>Martin Fourcade was born in Ceret, France on 14 September 1988 to Gisèle and Marcel Fourcade. Th…[View]
102927721Do you want to find love in India?[View]
102901296/ita/ - il filo: edizione soia[View]
102922093Finnish school system is now multicultural: https://archive.org/details/TllistOnYhdessSuomenMonikult…[View]
102928276Why yes, I do like Japan. How did you know?[View]
102920849Which flag makes you do this face?[View]
102926973Why yes, I play Fortnite, how could you tell?[View]
102927754Happy Saint Patrick my Irish bros and fuck anglos :)[View]
102928097Why Jjokbari lick Korean butthole so hard? https://youtu.be/Rx9NoQ1uknI is a legen jjokbari AV actor…[View]
102928143Kangaroos: Do Aussies really do this? also, where can I get one.. https://youtu.be/2FnGHVZb9ho…[View]
102925037/brit/: Zionism edition[View]
102927679Do you have this in your cunt?[View]
102926885Why do Germans make such nice and aesthetically pleasing memes?[View]
102925519>tfw too smart to align with either left or right who /centrist/ here?[View]
102925536It's quite hard to find rich and caring /int/ men these days.[View]
102923037>be femanon >browse /int/ because I have a strange fetish >find it cute when non-native En…[View]
102927052Which region suffers more crime and violence? Latin America or Sub-Saharan Africa?[View]
102926190Imagine residing there[View]
102927235How do I get a beautiful Spanish gf and live with her in a cozy house in Tenerife? I'm so in lo…[View]
102919899Made in Japan is superior[View]
102925585>Hola amigo! Nice to meet a fellow Eur-ghh...[View]
102927257>mfw Israeli flag replies to my post[View]
102927402/brit/: Buyer's guide edition[View]
102925481What's so great about South America?[View]
102919007Menace of the terrace: In a few months these assholes will wake up in Finland. Ans it will happen so…[View]
102924233Why are Finns the most racist of the Scandes?[View]
102925392do americans really do this?[View]
102927121>my taste in women? giantesses of course.[View]
102925658The Umayyad Caliphate[View]
102924393You guys have been getting too edgy lately, so instead I propose we have a NICE thread, where we are…[View]
102923595Do you love Japan?[View]
102926228new worlders btfo[View]
102926609What goes on here?[View]
102916271Why your country don't have monorail? /reverse edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILPxleZI…[View]
102922318Post kots and doggos[View]
102908020How true are the sterotypes about your country? I unironically use 'cunt' in informal language[View]
102925117>C-me-tar >Ski-me-tar >multiple other pronunciation/grammatical errors is there a reason am…[View]
102917933/mämmi/: paskapainos[View]
102898417/asean/: Love edisi[View]
102924410I'm afraid of blacks because they eat people[View]
102926457We are the kings of meds, there's no question about that[View]
102925550*blocks your path in Polish*[View]
102876781Culture Pals - /cp/: Pints edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here …[View]
102921191Would this pass as a local in your country?[View]
102926424What do you usually do in your country on a Sunday? Here, some people go to church in the morning, s…[View]
102815413/flag/ + /extraflags/: Saar Protectorate edition previous: >>102782877 Welcome to /extraflags/…[View]
102922833What a shithole If I can't leave this shithole I will kms, life is so depressing I hate this c…[View]
102924275https://vocaroo.com/i/s0RlyqUzDLpK Post vocaroo[View]
102923898Why do Jewish people and American animals do this?[View]
102926298hey /int/ would you smash my weeabro?[View]
102921610can you imagine being a 4'10 female? you are cute and everyone worships you because 90% of men …[View]
102920876>go to urologist for a simple exam >he asks me when the last time I had sex was Is this really…[View]
102922549Why are Latins so loud?: All Latin speaking people are so loud and rude. Except people from Chille. …[View]
102926091A saint of Welsh extraction?[View]
102925970>ywn be a Turk and take Istanbul from the Orthodog menace Why live?[View]
102925785/casualconvo/ general: Here we talk about whatever we want, all's cool in the land of /int/. So…[View]
1029257481. country 2. have you ever done pic related before also /uni/ thread[View]
102924540Neeting on northern steppes of Norgolia while world falling apart over trivialities such as religion…[View]
102924377Post the reminder of our childhood: I really loved their song 'barbie girl' But I don…[View]
102924849Guess her ethnicity[View]
102925574What's your facial index?[View]
1029194351. Your cunt 2. Do you have a lot of metal bands?[View]
102925438I suffer in Canada.[View]
102922682Are you and your friends not married yet because you haven’t met anyone worthwhile or because marria…[View]
102918668/deutsch/: T*xchenfreie Ausgabe[View]
102925296// ehemals //: Kein // im Titel Ausgabe[View]
102925132Why do Japan and Czech republic make such creative porn, even more so than porn mass producers like …[View]
102922208>We’re Irish!![View]
102924721French anons-: what do you think about foreign legion? and do they get respect from locals? I…[View]
102924911What do you think about jeuxvideo.com french board ?: Probably the most popular forum in France.…[View]
102924970>I'm Australian and my opinion i--[View]
102923730Is there a people that suffer more from the 'ugly males - beautiful females' syndrome than…[View]
102924822is sniffing petrol make you high? why do some Abos do it?[View]
102922799Why was the 90's and early 00's so comfy: And how do we go back?[View]
102918384How come Muslims in Britain, New Zealand and Australia are so religious and wear strange outfits (ev…[View]
102924592Alright you japs, who tf did this shit ?[View]
102924553Is Japan the only country where adults can play video games in public? I used to play my Nintendo a…[View]
102924198Damn it footkraut, post those candid asian girl solez n toez nibba[View]
102914888Arabs are currently reeeing that aladdin looks more Indian than Arabian. Thoughts?[View]
102924500Visit Ukraine![View]
102921797Europeans put shoes in the washing machine?: Why do europeans put shoes in the washing machine? I ju…[View]
102923806So now that the dust has settled, anyone want to go on a trip to New Zealand?[View]
102920871Are women short in your country? Flag Yes, I am 6'1 (185) and I struggle finding a tall gf.[View]
102923962>T Series surpassed PewDiePie HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHA get REKT wh*Toids[View]
102924011What part of Britian is she from? I'm going to say Northern Ireland because of the hair.[View]
102924175>eats cakes poisoned by cyanide >drinks poisoned wine >gets shot multiple times >gets th…[View]
102919245Our McDonald’s sell fried chicken. What are regional foods sold in you nation?[View]
102918481well, /int/?[View]
102901223/ex-yu/: izdanje voz do ponora[View]
102923424Korean is jew of Asia <<Why does Korea insist that the Japanese never apologised nor compensat…[View]
102912922wtf is wrong with Anatolians?[View]
102913722>ur cunt >ur car[View]
102922925Happy Saint Patrick! Everyone is Irish![View]
102914486/cum/ - Canada US Mexico[View]
102923480He kissed millions...[View]
102920748You wake up in 250'000'000 AD[View]
102916234>Britain/Ireland's music culture is god tier >Continental Europe is utter garbage (minus …[View]
102923023The plane you're on is going down: What do you do with your last 5 minutes on Earth?[View]
1029224361 cunt 2 what your relatives would think of this album?[View]
102922347sometimes when I read a 4chan post, I uncontrollably scream 'BASED' at the top of my lungs while thr…[View]
102923293/fr/ - le francofil francophone du dimanche: Édition du docteur Ancien >>102906003[View]
102922283>might makes right! >what do you mean all those brown people whose land we stole and populatio…[View]
102922369Who does /int/ wipe? I'm a scruncher and was recently told by an Austrian that I was doing it w…[View]
102922197How is bullying even a thing in America? Just tell them you're gonna shoot them.[View]
102923106Do Aussies really kill children over banter?[View]
102922562>ah yes an excellent starter home at only £750k[View]
102921010How does it make you feel?[View]
102915881>your cunt >why are you gay?[View]
102915034why they pretend to hate each other? matter of fact they love each other mostly I'm curious abo…[View]
102923087Is this the Irish-Norman phenotype?[View]
102923064They will win Eurovision[View]
102923044>peak eurotime >/int/ goes to shit[View]
102906003/fr/ - le francofil: Édition lapine[View]
102920749/brit/: American parenting edition[View]
102911474I feel ashamed when foreigners ask me where am I from.[View]
102922434I just want to live in a small peaceful irrelevant island country[View]
102892296/norgetråden/: Flyktninger velkommen-utgaven Forrige: >>102857779 >>102857779 >>10…[View]
102922739Flag How do you say Brexit means Brexit in your native tounge? flag A Brexit azt jelenti, hogy Brexi…[View]
102910593Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
102918327>collection of the most beautiful women in the world >70% of them are from Brazil >20% from…[View]
102922654>/int/ is for respectful discussion of world cultures. Trolling will not be tolerated.…[View]
102921609My grandfather was an infantryman during ww2, fought in Berlin and probably raped some kraut pussy T…[View]
1029139331 your cunt 2 why are the yellow jacket so based ?[View]
102921023>go to the living room >see this guy on your sofa WWYD?…[View]
102907168/polska/: edycja biało-złota[View]
102921696You wake up in celtic Bergen, the music capital in northen Europe...[View]
102920344Welcome to the salty Finlan :DD: How ebin are ya? x-DDD[View]
102922435Do Mexicans wish more people celebreated Cinco de Mayo?[View]
102915694A girl gives you this facial expression in your cunt. What do you do?[View]
102921911Omae wa mou shindeiru![View]
102921834does this happen in your country? https://youtu.be/fWzc7CQWEFw https://youtu.be/BHPhXo7xGGI https://…[View]
102919858Ich möchte unreal tournoament spielen![View]
102907200How much do you pay per month for the following in your country? Rent: Electricity: Gas to heat home…[View]
102921957People on /int/ are the kindest: I've visited many boards But all the people were rude but he…[View]
102918984This thread is for gigachads only[View]
102921414Is this /int/?[View]
102922004>Tonal languages[View]
102917629Romania is the first world.: The image of a firsr world that Koreans admire. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
102919857Do you have an international girlfriend?[View]
102921823Cute boys of each nationality![View]
102921883>of course tesla isn't an evil corporation! it was founded by an epic nerdy redditor like me…[View]
102900426/NEDERdraad/: Isabela Moner editie[View]
102918383>Asians aren't innovativ- Woah...[View]
102916304THINK FAST CUNT[View]
102918876How can I go to Germany and open a Döner shop there?[View]
102920697/deutsch/ gegen Artikel 13[View]
102915444What kind of posters would they be if they were here today?[View]
102920894/mena/: Fareed edition[View]
102918858A mere reminder that the entirety of Europe and the Middle East descended from Serbs[View]
102920692Who else has found a love for legumes? Pic related is made from a legume called (black) urad origina…[View]
102919641Eating palt for brunch.[View]
102921497Are you listening to FM/AM radio?[View]
102916364Why didn’t the Finns keep their mango-Uralic heritage and use a top to bottom written script instead…[View]
102921326I’ve read that some Aboriginal Australians sniff gasoline. Can you get high from sniffing petrol?[View]
102919915Is it true that Americans believe that pee is stored in the balls[View]
102917878Rap music and R&B are extremelly popular in Germany. What kind of music do your people listen to…[View]
102916670India plz explain[View]
1029170701. cunt 2. are you well liked? growing up, i had a lot of friends but sooner or later, they all conf…[View]
102919071Is there anyone the Internet, especially its meme culture, has gone too far? Now It's turning i…[View]
102918392This beautiful morning even the most gloomy house in my town looked way less gloomy than usual. The …[View]
102917515You wake up right now and...: >Teehee, Good morning anon, how are you today? Last night was amazi…[View]
102920276Are sicilians considered white in your country? https://youtu.be/fjY737t32Is[View]
102920959Fuck that fish.[View]
102920399Not my queen[View]
102913211post pics of German girls: preferably rural[View]
102916538/brit/: the small house i grew up in is bigger than yours because the UK is a tiny overcrowded shith…[View]
102920191Guess our ethnicity, /int/.[View]
102918282Do the French understand written English without learning the language? English is basically a Latin…[View]
102920617>open window for half a millisecond >stinkbug flies in instantly…[View]
102920714>Both sides of the political spectrum in Northern Ireland would want to cop the fuck on and stop …[View]
102919185Which country overshadows yours?[View]
102917681>All discussion of the New Zealand terrorist attack should take place in /pol/. >>>/pol/…[View]
102917236/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Morgendliche Ausgabe[View]
102920432Gandhi's favourite song: 1. your a cunt 2. did your cunt participate in this https://youtu.be/n…[View]
102916499What happens here?[View]
102920531Tourist may encounter trouble in Finnish climate: https://www.maaseuduntulevaisuus.fi/talous/artikke…[View]
102914616western anons: why do you guys don't admit that middle east girls are prettier than white girls…[View]
102920483>Be American programmer >Be able to write a software which almost 90% of Mac users use on dail…[View]
102920175*sigh* what could have been[View]
102920433There's literally nothing wrong with being overly suspicious of your girlfriend.[View]
102906309What are Korean women like?[View]
102910874Having Indian food tonight! It’s very good what are you guys having[View]
102917072command centers of /int[View]
102920059why are g*oks arrogant and wasteful?[View]
102915261What's the public-private school divide like in your country? It's really extreme here Th…[View]
102920203/levant/: خيط /الهلال الخصب/ اي /بخش طيز الدنيا/ كيميميمكيكيمجكسجكسجكسجكس[View]
102920009Which european country has the best looking white women?: I'm Filipino. I think the best is 'Am…[View]
102918024Yes, I support American imperialism and globalisation. In the end, after all those racial and cultur…[View]
102919200He may not strike you as much but this is the biggest mafia boss in Bulgaria.[View]
102915352Why are new worlders like this?: >Oh the irony, when a European in New Zealand complains about in…[View]
102919809Saint Patrick's Day: How are you celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland?[View]
102919884what southern area would you guys say allows one the most freedom to interact with forested area and…[View]
102919859Got rid of my brother's chickens and claimed the biggest front room for myself his wife wanted …[View]
102918854I want to go back...[View]
102919726Do you feel excited when you think that we are having a respectful conversation and cultural exchang…[View]
102914805Which countries are best friends?[View]
1029191842019 was the year of me getting a gf when will YOUR time come, anon?[View]
102919624How come Bethesda always makes characters with low sitting noses and big wide nostrils in all their …[View]
102918785wtf I love Japan now: 2018 GDP growth: 0.7% 2019 GDP growth projection: 0.7% Despite their stagnatin…[View]
102920626Can we still rely on Americans in the future?: How can we trust them with our defense and to be our …[View]
102913158>tfw 25 and still haven't learned how to drive[View]

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