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98695855>he’s never gotten his balls sucked Can you imagine?[View]
98692562/nachtschicht/: totale radikale /deutsch/fadenelite. täglich von 3-5 uhr.[View]
98698333Why do americans are americans?[View]
98686435Did you know that 63% of French men has had a gay experience in their lives?[View]
98698669Most racist countries in the world 2014-15 Survey conducted by Washington Post[View]
98699056Wow Truk did this?[View]
986946701. cunt 2. the (official) name of this place in your language[View]
98684835/Norgetråden/: folkeutgave >>98667576 >>98667576 >>98667576[View]
98698547Ah, yes. Japanese culture. How refined.[View]
98693798don't you fucking dare call me a racist, you fucker i will not stand your attempts of categoriz…[View]
98664966Do you want to find love in Ireland?[View]
98699008>dad I'm hungry >hi hungry I'm dad fucking classic stitch up…[View]
98696081*Blocks your path*[View]
98695620Argentina appreciation thread. Say something nice about them.[View]
98694647Which language sounds better for poetry?[View]
98695950what fever you got lads?[View]
98698797yes, I do love Med girls[View]
98698064lachlan has gone insane he started beating his wife on a live stream and was arrested[View]
98696866do you like Spain? I don't think Latinos like Spain[View]
98698404Do you think a person who commited a crime but became incompetent should still be punished for the c…[View]
98695674>it's another day dream where im back in high school and i help a qt japanese foreign exchan…[View]
98697691is he a /int/ guy? i want the sauce[View]
98695518I remember when it only took a few seconds to solve the captcha on this site *sips*[View]
98694861When you die, you resurrect as a South American. Start preparing.[View]
98698701>your cunt >how often do you have chaos in your cunts parlament flag sadly rarely…[View]
98693303if 4chan weren't banned in china how bad their post will be?[View]
98697951His father was African American and his mother was Japanese[View]
98692921Finnish women are beautiful.[View]
98696093What race is this???: he doesn't look like a bong[View]
98697340Why doesn't anyone try and conquer Antarctica? Who's going to stop you?[View]
98661765/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: GARLIC edition[View]
98694902Whoa... Australian boys look like THAT?![View]
98698243>tfw you get better results than you expected because you thought you are going to fail easily an…[View]
98697290did you know: fags are gay[View]
98697788Why did they become so obsessed with China?[View]
98697579do you want to find love in Brooklyn?[View]
98697982Your wish for Christmas: 1. Flag 2. I wish that everyone who post women-related things on this board…[View]
98697153your boicunt do you love Britain? >ireland >yes…[View]
98698088I have to be honest I've been reading comments left on videos mentioning China and it's ma…[View]
98698022Do you like Brits? In Finland we think they are dumb.[View]
98695618/brit/: janny has forsaketh us edition[View]
98697238Everyone has smoked weed at least once by the time they are 25. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.[View]
98696376/brit/: the white rose of york edition[View]
98692089You are being exiled from your native country forever but on the plus side every other country on Ea…[View]
98696933I unironically wish we had a plastic surgery culture like South Korea. Why should my life be worse j…[View]
98694378Another day being a citizen in the best country in the world to become wealthy. I live America. Whil…[View]
98695687Which countries drink the heaviest?[View]
98693867Do you have TRUMP BURGER in your country?[View]
98697698>I'll never be able to fight with my homo sapiens ancestors against neand*Rthals…[View]
98695713Is it true that Europeans don't warm their shoes before putting them on?[View]
98696345>hurrdurrr just put some solar panels up coaltard Why don't environmentardists understand th…[View]
98697551I don't struggle with girls or have social anxiety I literally just haven't left the house…[View]
98695967Is South Brazil Whiter than British Columbia?[View]
98694739What are Asian girls really like? are they submissive as I'm lead to believe? and what are thei…[View]
98697310it scares the canadian[View]
98696708>running your pizzeria in New York >never hurt nobody >suddenly some no good kids on the s…[View]
98693724anyone else hate f*nns[View]
98697293Bambuti, also called Mbuti, a group of Pygmies of the Ituri Forest of eastern Congo (Kinshasa). They…[View]
98697268every brown and black man deserves a green eyed Italian gf[View]
98692057/midwest/: Allowed: People from the midwest and other countries Not Allowed: Mean people I hope ever…[View]
98696130What do the perverts of your country like to do?[View]
98694925What would you like Santa Claus to gift you this christmas? for me its cute korean boi[View]
98690927you guys aren't actually r-racist right?[View]
98695244Do americans really microwave their shoes?[View]
98695446tfw no italian gf[View]
98623180/danmarktråden/ #2: Kom & hyg[View]
986969861. You're country 2. Is it wrong for boys to take naps with each other?[View]
98695936>it's a 'non christian country celebrating christmas while not celebrating the birth of our …[View]
98696436why are Russians so cute? https://youtu.be/8Y8wACZSTWU[View]
98696386What kind of sick jewified society would allow this to happen?[View]
98694190seriously want an asian gf...[View]
98695857I just went to a restaurant called 'Texas Roadhouse' and I don't even live in Texas! …[View]
98694927You Americans fucked up the planet![View]
98691605/LAT/: HILO LATINO[View]
98695973COME BACK SHANE[View]
98693519fuck everyone outside of my small village[View]
98696591>tfw just listened to ich hatt' einen kameraden https://youtu.be/ehl6F90rj3U…[View]
98696641>his country wasn't relevant enough to be included on the CARTA MARINA: P A T H E T I C…[View]
98696131>tfw no cute French bf[View]
98696464Have you ever slept with a foreigner? >I've bottomed in France before…[View]
98696581This confuses and enrages the German[View]
98695592>When your prime minister is a liberal cuck >Domestic Violence in Native famalies >Refugees…[View]
98696020ITT: we count to 10 in Swedish: 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16[View]
98696456Are American women magical?[View]
98694593>Become /pol/ >Get on /int/ >Become enlightened >Slowly get more impressed by Jews >R…[View]
98695889tick, tock, tick, tock...[View]
98695151why are there so many youtube videos in russian about bobcats?[View]
98695591How did some medium-sized flightless birds manage to win a war against all the brave men down under?[View]
98694373/brit/: Type something racist, I dare you sunshine.[View]
98695812>your cunt tree >does your company force you to attend social gatherings before christmas? Lea…[View]
98695818What country is your country gay for? >Sweden gay for France[View]
98695811I inflicted bruises onto my face from continually sucking in my cheeks for hours to appear skinnier …[View]
98696103eating an hoagies[View]
98695805>Australians call Sprite lemonade[View]
98689231Why do they sound so gay?[View]
98695820Hiro, fix your fucking website[View]
98694674>i will never be a child again[View]
98695803Are drugs really that bad? I'm thinking coke, weed and maybe lsd. I know crack can fuck you up …[View]
98695644Ehh Giuseppe!![View]
98695313If I go to the South of Brazil, what are the chances of me getting laid with a girl of German descen…[View]
98693999Say hello to the next prime minister of England[View]
98695710Tierra Santa Santa tierra Por ti mi vida he de dar Se oyen gritos De batalla Pero un nombre se oirá …[View]
98694467In America, there is a tradition of people setting up models to recreate the manger scene on Christm…[View]
98695657Why are Wipipo so cringy?[View]
98695557Covert colonization of space: How far is it?[View]
98695107>tfw half of the country got rangebanned again[View]
98692722My western brothers...[View]
98695573Why is Barry Zuckercorn in jail?[View]
98694889Arctic nationalism when?[View]
98691493non-american people are too weak to drink this[View]
98694273What's his ethnic background?[View]
98695140My heart is 100% european.[View]
98693976Why do russians sound like cavemen when they speak?[View]
98694908According to Hollyshitwood the good african is that who opens his ass to the CIA?[View]
98689655Your biggest neighbor just invaded you. What do you do?[View]
98695465How common is raceplay in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAlQzlkm0GU[View]
98695190Do you love France?[View]
98694939Took a brake from /int/ and 4chan as a whole Is this place still full of r/europe posters and leftyp…[View]
98694755He is a Japanese: What do you think about him?[View]
98695210Why were Italians such great conquerors?[View]
98692754Who are the funniest posters on /int/? My vote goes to Finland. They're the most autistic post…[View]
98695130The f*NN's brothers[View]
98694463I want to travel, but I am too poor. Got any tips /int/?[View]
986934051. You’re a cunt 2. Thoughts on the German Empire?[View]
98694831Guys, is everything right? >>98693867 https://register.state.gov/contactus/contactusform[View]
98694562How will your country react when the economic crash happens in 2019?[View]
98694451why even live without cute asian girlfriend?[View]
98694794My brothers :)[View]
98694804they say the ghosts of every sperm you jerked out of your dick come back to haunt you in hell for et…[View]
98691574>Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world >Controls some of the most important sea…[View]
98691553Red = Countries which did not sign UN migration pact Red = Non-cucked Blue = Cucks[View]
98693210How do Indians feel about the Brits?[View]
98689568I'm going to write to my local representative and request that they introduce a bill to make Fr…[View]
98693363I made a graph: is it true?[View]
98694112do scandinavians really wait for buses like this?[View]
98691625Change flag on /int/: Hi I know your’e all going to say it’s a dumb question but is there a way to c…[View]
98691122>wake up again >still no japanese bf i want to stop this…[View]
98694469>imagine being a monolinglet: i speak 4 languages myself. how many do you speak?[View]
98694605What's the best kind of irregular gf: Japanese, Chinese, or Korean?[View]
98688711AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/577993/ >The Trump administration is…[View]
98694406>tfw no Dutch bf to protect me from the alt right retards[View]
98694417i love brits[View]
98686939/v4/ + frens: kot edition[View]
98694226Why do Americans and Leafs not speak with accents like Australians/New Zeland despite all coming fro…[View]
98693266Is there a reason the world can't just let white people be white?: Let them celebrate their his…[View]
98687918Post memes from your country that got fmous internationally[View]
98693016Someone red-pill me on getting a Masters Degree in Europe. I am a burger btw.[View]
98680590The peanut butter sandwich is the American wagie's breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. What…[View]
98694292How based and redpilled is this country?[View]
98694272Okay, this is epic[View]
98692621Post your international wishes /int/: I wish the CSA was still a think so I wouldn't have to de…[View]
98691287Guys, go easy on us. It hurts sometimes, you know.[View]
98678548/small countries(: because quality over quantity[View]
98690915Why do white men age so well but not white women?[View]
98692025I can't tell the difference between the pronunciation of 'men' and 'man'. Yes, i've watch…[View]
98690493The new Miss World is from Mexico. Say something nice about her.[View]
98693504Annoying tourists stories: >be me >commuting and on my way to uni rather late that day >two…[View]
98694046my dream in life is to enjoy eating a danish with a Danish at Lego Land in Denmark.[View]
98682991/wewuz/: post a map of your cunt in it's prime[View]
98693564>excuse me do you speak english >non monsieur je ne parle pas anglais >EXCUSE ME DO YOU SPE…[View]
98693759>вы гoвopитe пo-pyccки? >*shakes his head* >BЫ ГOBOPИTE ПO-PУCCКИ, БЛЯTЬ? >da…[View]
98688417How many grenade attacks were in Sweden in 2018? Does anyone have the statistics on this?[View]
98692878Hibernia... home[View]
98693927The iberian peninsula disproves the theory of white supremacy[View]
98680637why are Japanese anons so easy to bully?[View]
98693436>just swiped through all the guys on tinder and realized there are only like 5 cute twinks on the…[View]
98693163Guess her ethnicity[View]
98693905What race is this?[View]
98686933ITT: We thank Poland for creating one of the best video games in history: Thanks Poland[View]
98693677There can't possibly be that many chinks in Canada/Australia right? All those pro-China posts t…[View]
98692121Is it common knowledge in countries with a significant black, such as Brazil and the United States, …[View]
98692755Canada sucks.: There's nothing to do here, and now that Millennials twenties are coming to a cl…[View]
98692214>Brazilian man and Brazilian woman say you are really cute and could eat you up.…[View]
98693625South America should be a giant nature reserve, similar to Antarctica. We need to move every South …[View]
98693594Could this fine american gentleman pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
98688368What's it like to live on the Faeroe Islands?[View]
98693453the truth[View]
98685738do you love Lithuania?[View]
98691773/brit/: normal Edition[View]
98693002>hey, you, catch it >let's play american football…[View]
98693514Have you?[View]
98692029https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_the_Amundsen_and_Scott_Expeditions >the virgin Brit …[View]
98693235>Be German >Lose two world wars IN A ROW[View]
98678932Europeans will be a minority in Europe due to low birth rates and non european immigration by 2050 w…[View]
98663856Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98690751how can black girls in your country compete with this?[View]
98693044this is what the average australian male looks like, thoughts?[View]
98692599Do Indons and M'laysians know about the greatest hero Malaysia?[View]
98692641this is what half srilankan half dutch looks like?[View]
98677052/mämmi/: painos[View]
98692782>This board[View]
98692929>Be OP's mom >Work in 1980's New York city >Walking home from a job in telemarket…[View]
98688262Belgium thread: Country How much do you love Belgium? >Netherlands >A lot…[View]
98685042What are your thoughts on third worlders using skin lightening creams?[View]
98693126If the world needed a global anthem, what would it be? I vote Baba Yetu: https://youtu.be/ZrPUizG0N8…[View]
98692118is your country getting cold?: sweden yes[View]
98689639Macron is over and finished: French people are once again showing the world, how to deal with greedy…[View]
98687034Wait hol up I just learned that Americans think foreskin doesn’t retract when you get a boner. Discu…[View]
98690286I made a snow man.: Anon. Say something nice to him.[View]
98685766>150kg >barely 50kg IMMAGINE[View]
98679512Why the fuck do all White girls have this hairstyle. As an Asian dude it pisses me off because it is…[View]
98681105éttu skít danmörk[View]
98654043kurva anyátok[View]
98687962Can you euros educate on how gypsies act. Are they really as bad as you make them out to be?[View]
98682914How does local girls near you look like in tinder?[View]
98689056Dios Mio... New China independence when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upmsqth3Tfg[View]
98687849/cum/: Nets are gonna lose again guys edition Fuck off Eurotrash subedition Fuck 'Danes' subsubediti…[View]
98689447Anglais? l'anglais c'est une langue ne convient que pour les porcs...[View]
98678020would you rather have Italian eyes or Asian eyes?[View]
98692559Should Russia help Catalonia to gain freedom?[View]
98684029Why do Russians have an urge to tell about their heritage? It's like they're amerimutts …[View]
98691384>This banner today What is the occasion?[View]
98690575How do I reconnect with my jewish heritage?[View]
98692063Albino deer visits Ohio man's yard: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/12/11/Albino-deer-visits-…[View]
98692198WW2 France: >France the country controlled by politicians surrendered to the Nazis >France the…[View]
98688679Admit it you already forgot about the shooting yesterday[View]
98687463German blacks are better and more well-behaved than American blacks.[View]
98692116>traditional Catholic culture and values >government that is openly anti-Muslim and anti-crime…[View]
98686097/kohlchan/ ehem. /deutsch/: Ach Berndiiiii :333[View]
98691784i am going to replay Gothic and Gothic II NoTR this christmas[View]
98692026Countries' GDP and life expectancy from 1800-2018 https://www.gapminder.org/tools/#$state$time$…[View]
98686946>Why yes, I'm Italian, how did you know?[View]
98687508How can euros even compete?[View]
98675689ITT we thank Italy for panettone[View]
98679552Why do white men convert to Islam?[View]
98689725/brit/: PENGFORD edish[View]
98675961/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
98686985Why is non American rap so shit[View]
98690683Who here /nightwalk/?[View]
98681790I have never eaten a kebab or a tortilla. I don't even know what they look like, I just saw the…[View]
986713841. Country 2.how tall are u[View]
98690151Why are white latinos so arrogant?[View]
98691179now that cryptocurrency is dead, what will be the next great ponzi scheme that will make us rich bro…[View]
98688992Canada: Irish fag here, with Brexit about to cause heavy violence and another fucking famine and ren…[View]
98687104This was the most humiliating moment of French history.[View]
98688495Here is how the next global war is going down >World News 2022 >China moves troops into Kashmi…[View]
98685320Everything wrong with spain: >mature >spain why?…[View]
98686100Sverigetråden: Inga bögar tillåtna[View]
98668207I should really buy a wig[View]
98689996what side are you on in this eternal rivalry?[View]
98690155Does Google have means of discovering that I'm an anon at 4chan.org? Can they track me while I…[View]
98687020Do you think he cries every night for what he's done?[View]
98686533Post international bad people: Did you hear about bill cosby, a famous comedian mow famous for being…[View]
98689991What's the most serious surgery you've ever had /int/? For me it was a lap nissen[View]
98689049Tell me about Tiananmen Square massacre /int/[View]
98684723What do Germans think about them?[View]
986879561. yuo're cunt 2. do you hate trannies? 3. does yuo're cunt hate trannies? >flag >ye…[View]
98687649Based Iroqious bvll[View]
986857281 country 2 f*male or male?[View]
98681739your country[View]
98687548My favorite first world country. I love Russia.[View]
98690507Why do you love FRANCE!?[View]
98681355wh*Te 'people' are neanderthal subhumans.[View]
98686658They have New Year and Christmas in Belorussia too[View]
98686438Me on the left[View]
98686131This man singlehandedly liberated Eastern Europe. Thank you![View]
98687846average polish sarmatian bull from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth[View]
98690228If you use the words on the left column you're a literal brainlet[View]
98678811why can't we have good infrastructure[View]
98689320>Hey bro wanna know how Italian I am?[View]
98686909Beat country on earth[View]
98684595*ah-ah-ahem* Fuck scotland Fuck wales Fuck england And fuck the queen Tiocfaidh ar la[View]
98676383Reminder that if your nipples aren't pink you aren't a BLACK BVLL[View]
98688952What happens here?[View]
98689581/AFRIKA/: Share your favourite African songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFfxfUXmSG4 https://www…[View]
98687460what are chicago girls like?[View]
98675319>blowing the fuck out of the globalists by bringing back slavery >reducing the libtards to tea…[View]
986892561. Your country 2. Are you being mind controlled by your country's government 1. US 2. Probably[View]
98680073/fr/ - le fil français: Édition hiver bientôt pêh Ancien >>98671439[View]
98684611/finno-ugric/: What happened to /finno-ugric/ general?[View]
98689482would stalin be considered average height in your cunt? >america >no…[View]
98687606/brit/: Brit: the home of nigger poo[View]
98681572yes, they are still protesting[View]
98685433Why are East Asian posters so based and redpilled? They emanate so much wisdom without ever saying a…[View]
98682322yes, you guessed that right, i am an average example of the west slavic phenotype[View]
98651444/big countries/: invited: USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, India, Mexico, etc.. Definitely not invite…[View]
986784321)Your cunt 2)Do you want a Gotland gf? Singapore Yes yes yes yes yes[View]
98682567What's your honest opinion on Chilean girls?[View]
98680375What is Islam?: What is Islam?[View]
98685902Does this happen in your country?[View]
98680752/ex-yu/: tito je krao ali krali smo i mi edicija[View]
98688061>'However, out of all gfs, the Kazakh gf is the most prized for gf connoisseurs '…[View]
98685748/pol/ is raiding our friends on Nairaland. https://www.nairaland.com/politics[View]
98688591The list of X-mas gifts: Little Macron: give me and x-mas market terrorist so I do not have to handl…[View]
98687868/cum/ bork edis: .[View]
98607027Boomers hating Russia edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autis…[View]
98688477Russia please liberate us![View]
98686865How come Germans are so musically talanted?[View]
98684518Could me and my lads pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
98685897>mfw I have accepted I will never amount to anything in life and I am basically just waiting to d…[View]
98687409My western brothers...[View]
98686350Class, this is mister Romanopoulous. He will be standing in for mr. SPQR while he recovers from a Ge…[View]
98688093How (ir)relevant is my cunt?[View]
98649150/luso/: Fio chill da madrugada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI0PuG157y4[View]
98685001Sadly, I've almost never eaten another country's food. Would you please recommend the spec…[View]
98687927How do we stop the Bracks?[View]
98675406/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Alabama edition[View]
98681929Lose your language = lose your identity[View]
98675898Vote for me as the Tribune of the Plebs and I will give you more gladiatorial games and mass executi…[View]
98685313Remember this webm clip from KC? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsTACGVoNLw[View]
98683848In my option, fins are;t humans: my explanation: 1) short heda; 3 they savages4. culture of kill. Th…[View]
98683922white power[View]
98684353ITT: Post serial killers from your country. Pic Related is Rafael Bastos Hocsman, he killed 17 babie…[View]
98681970Travel thread: What countries did you visit? what are some travel trips you can give? do you use ai…[View]
98680991Should I open my expensive Belgian bottle of beer? It costs 30 kronor ($3.30) per 33 cl. 9.2% ABV bt…[View]
98684837google leftism: 1. you're cunt 2. are google search results biased in your country? 1. flag 2. …[View]
98672893/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Hy a хyли?[View]
98677749/balk/: Pomorie, Bulgaria edition >>98665746[View]
98686480https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSvNhxKJJyU Here's a Massachusettesfag public announcement[View]
98684285is this good feel?[View]
98679363We Christian Europeans need to protect our culture and heritage from muslim invasion.[View]
98676245Why do Austrians speak German and not Austrian???[View]
98685976why is there so many Muslims in Alaska?[View]
98686035It's getting cold here, around -5 C. Better put another pair of socks on.[View]
98683309/brit/: Theresa May edition[View]
98683981Will south rise again?[View]
98685453Which country that has women who look like this is the best one to move to?[View]
98653995/v4/ + soudruzi: wake up dummies[View]
98685593>Tear and tear >Read and read How do non-English speakers feel about these four word?…[View]
98685299Hey France, can I ask you a question?[View]
98685601In many ways, he is right, huh...[View]
98684098/int/ /mu/: What's everyone listening to??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BOPX5I2Lbs interna…[View]
98684245>one of these just opened near me is this how Americans actually live?…[View]
98679511Is a single one of these countries even remotely related to European culture and actual (western) Eu…[View]
98684893Say something nice about the dutch language[View]
98685037You are now Nigerian in France. What do?[View]
98682168>Huh, yes I am Russian. How could you tell?[View]
98684590Stop calling me chang.[View]
98684701>be me >likeable, charismatic, friendly >have friends from a wide variety of nationalities,…[View]
98680064/polska/: edycja płaczących animek[View]
98677748Yes. Turkey is the future. The next economic powerhouse of the world.[View]
98680115/deutsch/: Die Mangoausgabe[View]
98684877https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds37w753OFA Michael Cohen (Trump's longtime lawyer) Gets 3 year…[View]
98674430Is Paris finna pop off this weekend?[View]
98681044ITT only countries that wronged Poland: Everyone invited.[View]
98684638You are on a deserted island with one girl from each country in the world, with which one do you mat…[View]
98684593Why the f*ck do Americans do this?[View]
98684660Pathetic seeing that brazilian calling muslim people shitskins when 'white' brazilians look like ara…[View]
98683902What have you done for your country anon?[View]
98671335Red = Countries which did not sign UN migration pact Red = Non-cucked Blue = Cucks[View]
98684584NICE NICE: >tfw got better than expected HSC exam results AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, thank you…[View]
98681008Is this common in your country?[View]
98673868/NEDERDRAAD/: Niet welkom: Wiebs Welkom: Mensen zonder mentale retardatie[View]
98674511Hi. /int/. Is this Chinese? What does it says?[View]
98667436/balt/: Good evening, chaps[View]
98684279literally worse than africa just with less niggers[View]
98682479Why are gulf arabs so fat?[View]
98677419Why is it called Russian civil war when in fact Russians fought against foreign invaders? Shouldn…[View]
98683843i watched a bit of this movie and it literally had cuckolding as a plot point >first britain crea…[View]
98684124Why does the pigskin subhuman fear the Terroni bvll?[View]
98670579How to solve unwanted pregnancy 101: Absolute state of nigger iq xDDD >doing it with a nigger Abs…[View]
98679694raw fish... raw pork... raw horse...[View]
98682093Wish I could grab a rifle, get out of the commieblock and ali-madad every pidorashka I encounter[View]
98683347Hey Brazil: You're alright. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xNcoj2CmVs[View]
98669042life ends at 25 after 25 you can't change your life[View]
98594529DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2093: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
98679140/fr/ - le francofil: Edition du cul de Noël[View]
9866596090% of people in Finland speak languages other than Finnish: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10550275 Now 9…[View]
98679861Sverigetråden - Medelhavsupplagan[View]
98675011Will Bollywood/Indian pop music become more popular or equally popular as K-pop phenomenon during ou…[View]
98678291This is how average Greek family looks like thoughts?[View]
98682748Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
98683160What's the most accurate IQ test on the internet?[View]
98675532/cum/ post edition: were ready for the very important post[View]
98676065This literally applies to all peoples of earth EXCEPT Hispanics. This means all Hispanics EXCEPT Cub…[View]
98682871why are some japanese people very brown while others are pale?[View]
98683124everyone kick me when i play csgo in usa why usa hate me? because im brownn?[View]
98668910Whats your lunch int?[View]
98683086>forced into minimum wage jobs to make your french bosses wealthy >all the while your daughter…[View]
98681359lads, we should restore the Russian Empire Belarus Ukraine Poland and the Baltics aren't REAL …[View]
98676401what would you do if America dissolved its republic and turned into a straight up empire with slaver…[View]
986829681 MENA gf pls[View]
98679249How can Scotland be independent if its literally attached to England?[View]
98679191we need more Vietnamese-Poles in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8VHjqJqLf8[View]
98656696/2sicilie/ - il filo: Edizione Capoluogo della Sicilia Sono le dieci e ancora nessuno ha creato un n…[View]
98681335What ethnicity is this?[View]
98682768Stay classy fedora tippers[View]
98682436Is your life style healthy?[View]
98677325>he can't go to a different country and expect to get by with his native language…[View]
98681873So /int/ who are you 'maining'? If I had a switch I'd main richter, Ike and little ma…[View]
98662743What would their child be like?[View]
98681321My next year promise is i stop alcohol and i start gym Yours?[View]
98681530Can you believe I choose to live in this place out of my own free will? And it's not even that …[View]
98663676/ex-yu/: jos jedna 'hr' edicija[View]
98673225Japan and Mexico have the best cuisine. But Amerifatland has the best shit. I would kill a man to tr…[View]
98678207Beating nazis: What does your people think of beating nazis? Is ok in your country?[View]
98682185Five dead in church gun rampage: Gunman shoots eight worshippers, killing four, then takes his own l…[View]
98678587What would be the best country for me to go to get a black gf?[View]
986725941 Flag 2 Would you let a female doctor/surgeon/dentist to treat you? Country No, I have been treate…[View]
98680502Why are the French chimping over gas prices? Why don't they just use public transportation?[View]
98680662>Why, yes, I'm Welsh, how did you know?[View]
98680974wtf america???[View]
98677431what type of nose do you have?[View]
98681506>turkey has always been on the wrong side of history really makes you think, press S to spit on t…[View]
98667576/norgetråden/:: Betal din skatt med glede, gjor det for disse to-utgaven Forrige: >>98640984 …[View]
98678467ITT: we get chinks banned The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protest…[View]
98680279Do you agree that Kebab>>Caviar?[View]
98676746if Marseille was a part of Italy it wouldn't been an Arab city in 2018 Jesus, frogs are patheti…[View]
98675176would this man be considered huwhite in your country? Italy He is considered italian, hence white. S…[View]
98677662I'm a hug fan of the ottoman empire and loved how it BLACKED the wh*Tes of the balkans[View]
98676147/ita/ il filo di umaru: dove sono i miei umaru-amici?[View]
98681341This is what happens when you allow haplogroup e1b 'people' into your country. The worst part is tha…[View]
98678230/mämmi/: pyöränpenkkien nuuhkiminen -painos[View]
98678780/balt/: Another one of these[View]
98665155ITT: we rate our parents and explain our ratings. >Mom: 3.5/10 She is very low IQ, very shy, very…[View]
98678525/norgetråden/: Skiskyting-utgaven[View]
98667149Is Europe still being Americanised or has the process stopped? Honestly definitely noticed a slow-d…[View]
98676397>your cunt reeee (and region) >does your city have a homeless problem Leaf, hongcouver Yup…[View]
98677059Do serbs really have an average IQ of 89 same as the ivory coast and sierre leon?[View]
98679546/balk/: Österreich-Ungarn best empire edition[View]
98680554/eire/ - The Feckin Bejesus Edition[View]
98677949/brit/: doing a fart edition[View]
98678735Can you get in trouble for a simple, private transaction in your country?[View]
98672582/gianny/ il filo di gianny: edizione: gianny[View]
98678941/deutsch/: Freudenhaus-Ausgabe[View]
98679343/éire/: eagrán stroighin[View]
98679857Sverigetråden - Onsdagsupplagan[View]
98670188>your country >your favorite Ottoman ruler…[View]
98679899Sverigetråden - Jägarupplagan[View]
98679860I can learn French alone but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to do the same with Russian So I a…[View]
98677312>Why yes we are indeed british[View]
98679011/mena/: Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, Drum it holds fifty, uh…[View]
98678474Sverigetråden - Kommunist-upplagan[View]
98673471Would you kneel in front of the Spanish Princess?[View]
98671725WTF France?[View]
98675585/NEDERDRAAD/: jejeje[View]
98671206>3 million Turks in Germany >Zero terrorist attacks done by Turks Hmm really makes you think..…[View]
98678640/balk/: Late night comfy NEET thread[View]
98669742/polska/: edycja huho[View]
98665716Wow... this is pretty based...[View]
98656120/skandi/ - danmarksutgåvan[View]
98678630Is it true that white girls have pink nipples?[View]
98676085/deutsch/: neger-faden[View]
98679124Mixed Creaturas Stalk The Shadow Of Man Looking For The Genes Doing All They Can[View]
98674099Are people looking forward to Christmas in your country? What do you want this year?[View]
98678466This is possibly one of the worst countries when it comes to dating. You'd have to do the appro…[View]
986788191) your country 2) Do people pay taxes in your country? >1 )flag >2) just in the north…[View]
98671439/fr/ - le francofil: Edition faite à coeur ancien : >>98664552[View]
98677395Guess her ethnicity[View]
98677470Why do wh*Toids do this?[View]
98675731This is the best part of America (minus Pennsylvania and upstate NY)[View]
98678054Makeup should be illegal.[View]
98677618/fr/ - le francofil[View]
98678400Are religious people an asset or a liability in your country?[View]
98665203my god lets me marry lolis, can you say the same?[View]
98675934/brit/: are may edition[View]
98677175Whats your cunt's pornhub stats for 2018?[View]
98672978>the entire western world is /u/ >the entire eastern world is hentai Now it all makes sense. /…[View]
98674034Moved to a new country and friendless.: Moved to a new country for work, ended up being placed in on…[View]
98659623MISS KOREA: Plastic[View]
98676587wojak: me behind the camera: the rest of /int/[View]
98668830Post the most popular fast food chain from your country[View]
98672075Caucasoid: What is a 'caucasoid' skull, cromagnons do not share skulls to any other race, finnish, g…[View]
98677378>dad emailed me another varg video[View]
98674748Does this country prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Illuminati exists and is fucking with us …[View]
98677703/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: bromeros albanos ekdosis[View]
98674705what's it like to have hot aunts and moms in your country? is it culturally acceptable to be ni…[View]
98674018i am going to move to Iceland and become a northman i am blonde and blue eyed and already picked my …[View]
98677623Any mods here? I want to kick your ass.[View]
98677162On the left you can see a Spanish descendant (Gallardo) and on the right you can see an Italian desc…[View]
98669227Average Italian goddess, daughter of Rome. That's the reason why barbarians invaded Rome.[View]
98673558Fuck France[View]
98671360what do you think about them? >inb4 le ebin kara boga[View]
98665746/balk/ - Self Improvement Edition: What have you done today to improve yourself, balkanlar? Previous…[View]
98673988Am I MENA?[View]
98676548Make Finland BIG[View]
98674332>Me @ work >ca 2030[View]
98677032I intend to mix my long heda eurogenes with a Chinese woman's broad heda mongol genes so that o…[View]
98675751White women > Asian women: They actually look like hentai characters. Even if you are an Asian ma…[View]
98673160How does it feel to have a great history?[View]
98662963/mämmi/: Kuinka saisin rikki nyymin pähkinän-painos[View]
98666559why is every single non-white on this board currently or planning on moving to europe?[View]
98674238Quintessentially russian.[View]
98670882Swedish parliament passes right-wing budget: Greens and leftist interim government are butthurt!…[View]
98674514>how would I fight with f**ckin capitalists[View]
98672765Imagine having your skin color be the same as poo. Lmao, like how are you even a person?[View]
98668044>euros will never experience how its feel to eat a fresh watermellon in a 42ºC day why even live,…[View]
98676033it's coming lads https://youtu.be/hz_gOFRwTcg[View]
98675301Do you ever give your sister some love?[View]
98674916anyone else here 50 or older?[View]
98673303There are people who unironically burst into an uncontrollable rage when they see my flag. Automatic…[View]
98670289>be neighboring country of Sweden.[View]
98672198why is corruption legal in the US and what are you (yes you, fatass americans) going to do about it?[View]
98675447/fr/ - le francofil: le caca[View]
98673942Indian Sikh soldiers and Chinese soldiers dancing together on Bhangra https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
98675717>cunt >Do you support child abuse? see pic related. Do you now?…[View]
98671299My ideal husband: 1. Looks like this 2. At least 180 cm tall 3. Listens to heavy metal 4. Into art a…[View]
98675433>the Latinos on my street finally stopped blasting Despacito outside every day >now they'…[View]
98654039/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: A things that actually exists Edition*. Animals were harmed in th…[View]
98672538/deutsch/: weihnachtsmarktausgabe[View]
98674833>TFW the old world will never ever come back FUCK CAPITALISM[View]
98675113ITT We adress the issue of (non québécois) canadians. How to handle them ? Should they be rangebanne…[View]
98675428Have you taken the prehistoric Turkish BULL pill yet?: Be prehistoric man with a distinct Q Haplogro…[View]
98668744Why are Russian so sad all the time?[View]
98670775Is your country problematic?[View]
98672001I just donated $6 to Wikipedia, you niggas better be doing the same.[View]
98674754I hereby declare /int/ a BLACK NATIONALIST board.[View]
98674896you are all insufferable miserable ass annoying faggots kill yourselves.[View]
98669062Why would you be opposed to the EU? It just doesn't make sense...[View]
98672307what did your childhood sound like? for me it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGS2dmZjumw…[View]
98669857mfw Spanish is too normal of a language for this board. ¿PORQUÉ MIERDA TENÍA QUE SER ESPAÑOL? LO MAS…[View]
98670129>sit down and join us anon[View]
98673909if you think that there's something wrong with this photo, you are sick in the head.[View]
98672260/brit/: normal people only[View]
98672562/tr/: >BEN INSANIM Edisiyonu[View]
98673090how do I get French gf?[View]
98649418/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
98673705G*rman fear the American/Canadian bvll https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Léo_Major[View]
98672608What is the worst european country?[View]
98671907Why chinks ought to kowtow to us: The arrest of the chink Huawei CFO is a sign that after the Opium …[View]
98674349>CHIN >IN THE BOX >NOW! What to do?…[View]
98659987Why are Asian men so weak?[View]
98671544Are Hungarians ok with their gypsy dictator?[View]
98666526How Finns are Mongols meme started: 300 years ago, a German scientist named Johann Friedrich Blumenb…[View]
986736971.Your cunt 2.favourite music from a foreign country Luxembourg Pic related[View]
98671370Portuguese is just Spanish with Russian phonetics. https://youtu.be/vrZJKwkMS_k[View]
98673590I want to move with my gf to Portugal and live out the rest of my life there[View]
98671889What is the most parsimonious explanation for the high achievement of Indian Americans? One can easi…[View]
98667429My ancestor :-)[View]
98671737Yes, I'm from Brazil indeed. How could you tell?[View]
98673472>see an American and another flag having a mature back and forth discussion (a couple replies fro…[View]
98665850How to make Spain great/relevant again?[View]
98670113Why yes, I am Danish. How could you tell?[View]
98668445Sverigetråden Stappediusupplagan[View]
98673341Can some old fag explain me something? Why are there so many fyromians here? Every balk has at least…[View]
98673259international social app thread: ITT share your experiences with SNS apps used internationally (or n…[View]
98661691Norway and black metal is a thing of the past: No one listen to it. Young people in Norway doesn…[View]
98654205>Your height >Your shoe size 172cm US9/EU42…[View]
98673061it's 21:44 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
98672308is Portugal comfy?[View]
98659688Would you marry a Brazilian woman? Pic related.[View]
98670280Apu is Pepe's unracist cousin![View]
98664642This is what soft power looks like[View]
98672652Does UNICEF secretly works for Toilet Jinn.[View]
98668904What's the influence of Brazil in your country?[View]
98669560>let's play american football[View]
98667636Europeans >EU sucks! also Europeans >UK don't you dare to leave EU you are going to die f…[View]
986675371. your a cunt 2. you're opinion on the killing of unborn babies[View]
98668547/deitsch und frei/ wolln mer sei: Grad gewichst-Ausgabe[View]
98670972Can someone explain the following comment to me?: I am Canadian Can someone explain the following c…[View]
98670769>ask mummy to ONLY make me chicken tendies >she also gives me a massive plate of the diarrhea…[View]
98670628Deer comrades from United State, I need somebody to help me practice with English. If someone can he…[View]
98672186ähmm, kein /deutsch/ ?[View]
98671979Hi /int/. I'd like to know what this means. I don't know the language, nor how to prononce…[View]
98672181In this thread I will dump Greek entekhno music (greek folk music with elements of orchestra and poe…[View]
98661687I-is Berlin really like this?[View]
98666176Who was in the wrong?[View]
98670354chinks delivered my package from aliexpress from China to my house in 8 days for free why are they s…[View]
98666532I'm going to Istanbul by myself in a few months. What am I in for?[View]
98671618What's up with this Uyghuristan meme? I seen it on 8 boards already. Is it something new that t…[View]
98670190How did your country depicted Europeans in ancient times?[View]
98671708Whoa... so this is the power of Latinx women...[View]
98671695My country >>>>>>>>> your country[View]
98668033/brit/: more like shit edition[View]
986561532018 World Porn Insight: Discuss.[View]
98667873Respond to this thread if you think Finland is gay[View]
98637086/flag/ - /extraflags/: Corsica edition Previous Edition >>98585692 Welcome to /extraflags/, a …[View]
98669706Islam: >Promotes traditional male values of strength and courage >Promotes traditional gender …[View]
98662816Why do most people think UK is the only country with monarchy in the world?[View]
98663930/ita/ il filo delle Bratz[View]
98659109stop racist or i shoot[View]
98670920Hwabyeong/鬱火病/화병: This is Hwabyeong https://youtu.be/VJtQUpp1c6g[View]
98665739Why are they so great?[View]
98653546would you give up your foreskin for a khazar gf?[View]
98667717Any other Finns here feel a slight sense loyalty towards Swedish royalty for no reason?[View]
98670040>I am genuinely curious When do you know people are being passive-aggressive on /int/?…[View]
98670347Send a greeting to a country that you like just because yes.[View]
98667927How are you working on improving your Country /int/?[View]
98663743>tfw YES bf!: I finally did it anons >w< This is my favourite board, so I'd like to th…[View]
98664552/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de l'amitié amicale ancien : >>98656571[View]
98670747do you agree?[View]
98665988Fucking gay lol[View]
98660540How much would something like this cost in your country? Here you can get this for like $7.00, maybe…[View]
98669231Remind me for what reason Turks and Kurds was genocide Armenians?[View]
98662470I love France[View]
98668079>trust me bro, looks aren't that important, girls value personality and confidence much more…[View]
98666296an australian tourist stole my gf last night[View]
98670219What do you wish for Christmas: If you live in a country where consuming and buying is normal (capit…[View]
98662050Faces of /int/ thread Post yourself, prove how (non)white you are[View]
98669902Bought a home... how fucked am I?: It's kind of a chalet... but I get to live in the top, and p…[View]
98669623/polska/: edycja tajwan sila chiny gowno 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Squ…[View]
98666696>Ancient Warrior Nation >Elect Faggot for Prezzie How does this become reality…[View]
98669906Any last words, fascist?[View]
98666517Why yes I am Polish! How did you know?[View]
98666275>wake up >be 169cm short 'male' manlet midget What would you do in my position? I experience t…[View]
98664121>these are the people who calls you mutt[View]
98667006next time you post an image of a girl with the caption >i wish i had ___ gf keep in mind that she…[View]
98669885why is it still standing?[View]
98669254>/int/ >more like shallow, factless assumptions lol…[View]
98668930Post the pic of the anon/flag above you.[View]
98662900What's the most beautiful language when sung?[View]
98667496Give back[View]
98660353/polska/: edycja podwodnego kospleju[View]
98669356Why can he actually form coherant sentances in this video? Is this before the dementia kicked in? …[View]
98668617why are pakis so fucking ugly[View]
98668984/polska/ + /brit/: Edycja imigrantów[View]
98668883*ahem* FUCK FINLAND[View]
98666503Cheap Polish food products: >I'm out shopping >I want to buy pasta sauce >Wait, what? …[View]
98668296>women don't need makeup to be beautiful[View]
98656669You should get that depression treated bro! It's not good for ya![View]
98668635Interpals: When and why did this trend die out?[View]
98666536I didn't know that g*rmanics had a kingdom in North Africa >In 429, under king Genseric (rei…[View]
98659650/esp/: Hilo español. Edición: Tiroteo de la paz por Navidad. Pregunta del dia: ¿En que mes nos volve…[View]
986664631. your country 2. do you have any friends? >US >1 but maybe it will be 0 soon…[View]
98668804*sigh* what could have been...[View]
98668768Post places you've never been but KNOW must be great: Greenland looks based af. Just staying in…[View]
98668730Erdogan: Our military operations in East Euphrates will not target US forces there[View]
98663576I know this is kind of irrelevant now but 1. How is manspreading viewed in your country? Has anythin…[View]
98664160>be ethnically korean >lived in korea as a kid 3 yrs old >went to flipland becuz life in Ko…[View]
98668234https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6487987/Queen-fulminant-attack-morning-hospital.html Good n…[View]
98664392X I N J I A N G U Y G H U R A U T O N O M O U S R E G I O N[View]
98667134It's all pointless[View]
98666019>Indians are not Ary-[View]
98659256Metro 2033 movie adaptation has been cancelled because americans wanted to move the plot from Russia…[View]
98664123>I don't pee in the sink[View]
98668054Battlefield.V-CPY you can now play the swedish feminist propaganda for free[View]
98668101https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNsMCulo56g Intelligent agent has found this in your browser history…[View]
98668313Fucking heterosexual lol[View]
98638175/asean/: Bells edisi[View]
98668258Kiss me mother, kiss your darling Lay my head upon your breast Throw your loving arms around me I am…[View]
98668028How do I stop picking my nose?[View]
98666790>WOOOAH, WOOPSIE DAISY, W-W-WATCH OUT IGUANA!!! why do Americans do this? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
98664195/Allah/ ehemals /deutsch/: Moge Allah unzere schweta befrein won di kufar seine hendee aber du auch …[View]
98663262thank you, Italy[View]
98647541Why do westerners disapprove of this?[View]
98666294These word clouds of online language really drive home the differences in personality traits that gu…[View]
98667858>your country >are you a self taught polymath? flag yeah, almost there…[View]
98664146Does anyone else besides me think that the old English flag that still uses their football team is m…[View]
98665633>swedish fast food[View]
98667837/hell/ - Hellas General: boomer edition[View]
98656554/Mashriq/ + /Maghreb/ ≈ /MENA/: person of the year edition[View]
98667606Who is your favorite Asian singer?[View]
98667755https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0JxhQe30AE >Someone says anything >AUUGHUBLUGHUPBA Why does …[View]
98659401Ugh... what could have been...[View]
98664133/padoru/: Merry Christmas[View]
98667715Good morning /int/ I'm not working today. Playing Binding of Isaac.[View]
98662828the natural borders of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia fact[View]
98653936What is the state of the Irish language? Are the revitalization attempts working?[View]
98664861*ahem*: Some say that I hate Greeks. but this a completely false statement. I do not hate Greeks, in…[View]
986640821. Cunt 2. How would you say this phrase in your native tongue?[View]
98667393xinjiang uyghur autonomous region[View]
98663422Is there more Anglo or German ancestry in America?: German is far more reported, but I find it hard …[View]
98664895New Zealand is like the Åland of Australia.[View]
98667198i do not smile i do not laugh i do not joke around[View]
98640984/Norgetråden/: norrǿn utgave forrige: >>98625880 >>98625880 >>98625880[View]
98666912A “hi-tech robot” shown on Russian state television has turned out to be a man in a suit. Russia-24 …[View]
98664628I want to become like him and earn millions by attention whoring on jewtube[View]
98662533>tfw not native to switzerland[View]
98665160why jews always shill cuckoldry?[View]
98654519el americANO...[View]
98662148Sverigetråden - Tyska upplagan[View]
98652292more like this?[View]
98664007/brit/: *ahem* FUCK NIGELS[View]
98666231why are people so mean to me?[View]
98660984What do police look like in ur cunt?[View]
98665981So what do you guys think about THE XINJIANG UYGHUR AUTONOMUS REGION?[View]
98663559Why are most of 'Russian' prostitutes actually Hungarian, Romanian or Ukrainian?[View]
98666335What's the equivalent to this in your country?[View]
98666326What's this phenotype called?[View]
98664925If Asians are so high IQ people, why couldn't they compete with Europeans when it comes to art?[View]
98661684· – · · · – · · – · · – – – · · – · – – – – · – · · · – – · · – – · – – – · · · – · · – ·[View]
98658024Am I lucky or unlucky to have been born in Brazil? I mean, I could've been born in Norway or Sw…[View]
98666104Opinions on British MILF?[View]
98656595Why is America so obsessed with race and identity politics?[View]
98665638This is a map of Northwestern European ancestry according to 23andme. Thoughts?[View]
98665607Friendly reminder that 4chan is an english only site according to the mod that warned me[View]
98664220>what I would do with f**kin capitalists[View]
98661034Do you love the Mtebid phenotype which is an Alpinised Dinaro-Armenid that can be primarily found in…[View]
98664301Based BLACK man showing putting wh*te “people” in their place.[View]
98662418Place your bets - Will she stay or will she go?[View]
98661083Why can't Pakis stop fucking poor helpless animals?[View]
98665714what a horrid little creature. why am I supposed to feel bad about this thing being killed by based …[View]
98665582india: https://youtube.com/watch?v=oKW8awc_ns8[View]
98665245do you love india?[View]
98658364>'Hey bro. What are you doing spending so much time in front of the computer. Why don't you …[View]
98665489What do you guys are planning for christimas?[View]
98652123WTF JAPAN???: https://youtu.be/dmUIS61v3bw wtf japan?? why are you so racist towards ryukyuans???…[View]
98659164>G-god jul...[View]
98657086If your language doesn't distinguish between arm/hand and foot/leg, it's subhuman tier.[View]
98665242>Why yes, I want to be a girl, how could you tell?[View]
98646364>Britain have the Commonwealth of Nations >France have Francophone/Francafrique >Spain has …[View]
98658446Honest thoughts on Hungary?[View]
98661707itt: vocaroo your english accent[View]
98661866Post a meme from your cunt[View]
98644032/balk/: Late night edition. Where is krasnoyarsk? >>98630155[View]
98662269which race is this?[View]
98660497-country -are vegans accepted? Poland Thankfully not.[View]
98664399Why are Japanese boys so feminine?[View]
98656091It is not fair. I didn't choose this weather.: All I want is to wake up in the morning and feel…[View]
98664353It's Christmas in Greece, yoohoo![View]
98664655>Tfw there was no alliance between Russia, Germany, Italy and Japan[View]
98659483How to swear in your language, /int/? Is there something untranslatable, something only your people …[View]
98649355彡(゚)(゚)hello!I’m Japanese6: Let's do cultural exchange!! Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/H…[View]
98664328What will happen when he wakes up /int/?[View]
98663794The Turkish femanon who posted on /int/ and her German husband[View]
98664053Why yes, I'm a cuck. How could you tell?[View]
98661335Did you know Santa Claus lives in Greenland?[View]
98640565/ita/ il filo: UNA BRATZA UNA RAZZA[View]
98663986Do you realize what hell it is to be American? >can't say anything about PRISM or people wil…[View]
98648401Post incidents that have happened at ur University: Some dude at my Uni took some hallucinogenic dru…[View]
98663232Ah yes Habibi, I am arab, how did you know?[View]
986617801. your general 2. give me a rundown what you talk about in there[View]
98662062i hate bu rack peopur they are a puh rayg on society but i am NOT a ray ceest i can not bereev all t…[View]
98663753What porn do they enjoy in your cunt?[View]
98656571/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition renardot des neiges[View]
98660151Do you know about Wazirs?[View]
98662102Why is there so much speak of freedom in the USA when hardly anyone is free from wageslavery there?[View]
98659919Good morning /int/[View]
98663114Guess his ancestry[View]
98661639/brit/: GAS THE TAIGS lads edition[View]
98662160Hong Kong vs Tokyo vs Singapore for a student: I'll be starting university next september/octob…[View]
98663110>tfw no qt. finnish gf[View]
98662984Hey you If you get to travel in Europe or France just let me know on /int/ You can come to my house,…[View]
98650851Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98658775/rüde tuten/ früher /deutsch/: Tschäddausgabe[View]
98653641Pourquoi tout le monde est obsédé par nous?[View]
98632471/ex-yu/: hrvatska edicija prvi za solo kaficu u kafiću[View]
98661203Wish I had friends haha[View]
98662755Can my first reply come from Finn randomly posting something unrelated in a slightly downgrading man…[View]
98656789/int/ Music thread: I'm looking for the most based and content rich music you know and like. Mu…[View]
98660544I wish i had a japanese girlfriend[View]
98660763more like this[View]
98662564Cannabis should be legalised. All other drugs decriminalized. Substance testing and needle exchanhe …[View]
98662344Give me your car license and ID right now[View]
98659180Was it worth it for the promise of 100 euro extra a month?[View]
98662560Swedens gay and dumb[View]
98661294do you love Europe?[View]
98659520Why is Korean food so weird?[View]
98658214Why can't people just be nice to each other?[View]
98661872why does shitting feel so good[View]
98655743Howdy Germanic servants! Check it out, I'm made of Gold! t. Charlemagne[View]
98662373>it's my birthday today and I have aids and cancer and my mother is going to die in her slee…[View]
98649606There's a French city named Strasbourg: And a German city called Cologne. Shouldn't it be …[View]
98660744is it true man of culture is at home with black metal? https://youtu.be/HJFlCRJcC7M[View]
98654716Non-Cajuns should be deported from Louisiana This is a CAJUN ETHNOSTATE[View]
98651954Honest thoughts on Romania?[View]
98656977>tfw thanks to /int/ I have to remind myself that Portugal is not actually an illiterate, AIDS-ri…[View]
98654646I killed myself so now I'm on facesofsuicide.com. AMA[View]
98658107onion cracking :D: Today i throwed onions to the wall This is the result The onion has cracked like…[View]
98662035>he has difficulties deciphering anything outside the inner circle i laugh at you autists, no won…[View]
98661394>>98659109 >>98652646 >>98657039 >>98660436 >>98659919 >>9865681…[View]
98640367/NEDERDRAAD/: Ik maak wel weer een nieuwe dan!-Editie Welkom: nachtuilen Niet welkom: slaapkoppen…[View]
98658830This guy got a gf what’s your excuse?[View]
98658930Is there a significant minority of white people in this country? Was there in the 1960s or 1910s? Is…[View]
98661272What does this guy's badge ?[View]
98658506France is under riots once again. I'm only going to give you one chance France gib back St. Pie…[View]
98661736This is 21st century.[View]
98660916Leaving 4chan: How do I leave 4chan, at least for a few months? I keep coming back here daily and it…[View]
98657950guess his ethnic[View]
98660263If Mr. Santa isn't real than who feeds the reindeer?[View]
98661428How do I enter the upper echelon of society?[View]
98651162Memes aside, would you generally describe yourself as left or right wing[View]
98654104*ding* *ding* Mesdames et Messieurs! *ding* *ding* Votre attention s'il vous plaît! *ding* *din…[View]
98657573why are americans fit and smart?[View]
98661048I'm cute[View]
98661268HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNG https://www.facesofsuicide.com/showpage.php?x=67BEE1CF-A493-466F-8264-EF7371…[View]
98656685This time i fried it as you suggested Good evening[View]
98661237Damn... she's right.[View]
98652953Why do Europeans hate the free market?[View]
98658635Do you love Japan?[View]
98660668>Make post on /int/ >Someone ends up calling you 'Hans' Every single time Is this what POC fee…[View]
98659424/brit/: the new edition[View]
98656418Why haven't you gotten yourself a gf this year?[View]
98659782Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is completed.[View]
98656921daily reminder that if you are ugly and confident you will be seen as creppy and weird[View]
98660047How to pronounce Finland: ' rəʃən swidən '[View]
98658920/BG/ Brainlet General: >starts reading a book >gets bored and can't even finish the first…[View]
98660355cunt WhO aRe yoU maInINg?[View]
98654176Spanish, French and Italian are just retarded Portuguese[View]
98654495Do Africans have noticeably different accents? Like does a Nigerian sound different from a Mali or e…[View]
98659330vagina and anus Which do u like?[View]
98660108So now that England eats tree bark for food and French have succumbed to total chaos is it time ackn…[View]
98650934Why are white people so triggered by Israel? Is it because we are strong while your countries are we…[View]
98657036I'll beat up a random gypsy on the street if I see another gypsoid curry pajeet video titled in…[View]
98658826I want to be a taxi driver.[View]
98651952Sverigetråden - Din mammas fitta upplagan[View]
98643504/polska/: edycja polskiego kospleju[View]
98659902Worship kitty-chan.[View]
98653627日本語が使え: 日本語が使えばちょうどいいです。私達はメームを作りましょうか。これは私のです。[View]
98658198>Indians are wea-[View]
98657308Why do Pakis and Pajeets look so different if they're the 'same people'?[View]
98656023List of newspaper worldwide which are supported by Chinese government to make China-friendly news. …[View]
98659269What was your first job and what is your job now?[View]
98654440ever notice how white female leafs get so upset by the sight of female black, latina, and asian leaf…[View]
98651951do Australians ride kangaroos to the store?[View]
98659274Waarom zouden wij Belgen trots zijn op ons land, er is hier geen fuck te doen, iedereen denkt dat we…[View]
98659350Stop punishing your insolent daughter with rough anal sex! She's only 11![View]
98656930alright everyone, time for an /int/ellectual music thread! post your ear-drugs bonus points if it…[View]
98657029I love her very much but she is extremely shy and I don't know how to approach her[View]
98659273What would happen if i drove around Berlin in a Mercedez Gelanderwägen playing this out loudly? http…[View]
98657296In many ways, he is right, huh...[View]
98655661Map thread[View]
98656811Why the fuck is this shit allowed to stay up for hours on end while other posts are deleted? >…[View]
98658207French men are disgusting.[View]
98658069the natural borders of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia fact[View]
98565189/lang/ – Language Learning General: It's 5:15am what the fuck am I doing edition >What langu…[View]
98658476.>fix your own country instead of coming here and ruining mine[View]
98656626North vs South: Alright so which one is better and why?[View]
98658701>be me >open /int/ >DAB on the losers in this board >leave LMAO…[View]
98646503Which country has cute girls? You should go visit those countries.[View]
98652379Do Americans really do this?[View]
98655889Finding love in foreign countries: You can often see threads where anons say 'girls from X are the b…[View]
98657349Kill everyone who is not Portuguese[View]
98648726what's the most epic thing your cunt has done?[View]
98654436If you had been in charge of The Conquista, what would you have done?[View]
98653960>I hate muslims cause they kill people!!! Why?? People are garbage. I never killed people, but i …[View]
98656861Why do am*Ricans love creating conspiracy theories?[View]
98658362We need a Rozen Maiden thread![View]
98657747Do you respect your country's doctor?[View]
98649417/deutsch/: Die tiefste Nachtschicht[View]
98657440>Her name is Noelle >I have a dream about her >She rings my bell >I got gym class in hal…[View]
98656405/brit/: ginger power Edition[View]
98652176What do you do with the heatcoin after you're done?[View]
98656599Any Okinawan or Ainu people here?: We, the Yayoi Japanese Nippon people, apologize for our crimes an…[View]
98657322hey I need your help. hey people plase translate my Japanese to English. 「実家に里帰りしていてこの2ヶ月間家を留守にしています…[View]
98657699/int/ is being more gay now....[View]
98655336JET Programme / ALTs in Japan: I work in elementary schools and this job makes me want to kill mysel…[View]
98657014Why is this board just /pol/ lite? Pic unrelated.[View]
98652301World Population Ranking 2018: 1 China 1,384,688,986 2 India 1,296,834,042 3 United States 329,256…[View]
98653965need a danish gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IF1CJNUxG4&t=824s[View]
98657559Why do Americans beep out cuss words?[View]
98649331>feel for the torta meme again These fucking Mexicans can't keep getting away with it, they …[View]
98655367Hey anons, are you excited for our trip to Birmingham in the UK?[View]
98652960Do you support capital punishment?[View]
98654306Why were Jews allowed to gain access to the upper echelon of society?[View]
98653847>broke my two day nofap I'm trying to get rid of the bbw fetish I put in myself but it'…[View]
98656036me on the right[View]
98650923Forbes Global 2000 Companies per Country (2018): Rank Country Companies 1 United States 560 2 China …[View]
98656937Hi hi hi hi hus dele rinkiya ke papa[View]
98656907>We have not come here to return. Either we conquer and establish ourselves, or we perish. based.…[View]
98656391>the Strasbougs terror attack was not made by the french government to divert attention from the …[View]
98654263This is an American christmas tree. Notice anything?[View]
98656541Ok Today is finished ....[View]
98655119/brit/: dear oh dear[View]
98654913Hi /int/ France has been on a diet for 6 months and has already lost a LOT of dead weight. She looks…[View]
98654461>Get stabbed by a friendly immigrant >They have to fly in a real doctor from Sweden >Xir wo…[View]
98656627this is a 10/10 in Réunion...[View]
98656181View from your window thread[View]
98651908Cunt Favourite album(s) Flag Red, To Pimp A Butterfly, Thick As A Brick, Discovery, Mothership Conn…[View]
98655372Is a degree in Information Technology worthless?[View]
98656351the crazy girl is singing in the train again she has a nice voice tho[View]
98656427Stop! She's underage![View]
98651555*taps on glass* ahem, ahem, i have something to say; FUCK anglos and FUCK quebec[View]
98655051Okay, this is epic.[View]
986563761.City where you live 2.Are there based and redpilled people in your subway stations 1.Montréal 2.Ye…[View]
98655832nordic? more like nodick lmao[View]
98652892do japanese men like korean girls?[View]
98653583>cunt >How does your cunt fare in IQ tests? Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3c4TxciN…[View]
98655817i love japanese and korean!!!!![View]
98655967>Nooooo i don't want canda to become a chinese colony! Canada is white european county!…[View]
98654836Why are Westerner's so afriad of China's social credit system?: Are they just terrified of…[View]
98655044>dont prounounce half of 'r's in words >randomly add 'r' sounds to the end of words ending in …[View]
98655754ICIG - International Coin Identifying General thread: Does anyone know what this coin is? Denominati…[View]
986558681. Cunt 2. Should I buy rtx 2080 for 800$? y/n[View]
98647939Post your country’s final form[View]
98648861How's the fat acceptance movement coming along in your country?[View]
98647040shitskin muslim moors on this board jealous that I'm I B E R I A N[View]
98655222i cant sleep propeely anymore because i keep having these dreams where i scratch my arm and the skin…[View]
98655564One of these days. Any time now. Miku will come take me in my sleep[View]
98650751How does a micro country manage to be a massive shithole?[View]
98654754Why are coats so based I wish it wasn't so hot here so I could wear a coat more often.[View]
98654084This kikeshow isn't funny[View]
98655443the day we genocide g*rmans will come and this is the thought that keeps us all alive we, beloved so…[View]
98654730Who needs traveling when this exists?[View]
98652839Maybe I'll be Tracer >I'm already Tracer What about Widowmaker? >I'm already Wi…[View]
98655226Imagine killing all intoids, then burning their corpses, then shitting and pissing on their ashes an…[View]
98636793It's happenning!: >Quebec boycott? Albertans threaten to stop buying products amid pipeline …[View]
98642399/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des bardes niveau douze. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-92t4oVZwTQ An…[View]
98653263Yikes: How would your country deal with this problem?[View]
98654909Faces of /int/: Could I pass as one of your fellow countrymen?[View]
98654637Early morning thread: Morning lads im on the train to work and the moon is still out. Post images yo…[View]
98648285amlo: not even a week and he is an inch away from total power: mexico[View]
98653127Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
98654284why are the english so racist and hateful? is britain the racism capital of europe?[View]
98654827Rank these countries in terms of whiteness[View]
98653618/brit/: goooooooooood MORNING britain![View]
98650828France needs a Bonapartist coup[View]
98654903Do you love your international ethnic makeup/DNA material?[View]
98651962Hello. I am Chinese (ethnically). Would you like to ask any questions?[View]
98648172Do you want to find love in Mexico ?[View]
98650964Fuck off lefties, /int/ is /pol/ territory[View]
98652668News: Where do you guys get your news from and where do you like to read editorials? What magazines …[View]
98626101LMAO why do Anglo Canadians keep getting assblasted at us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfiytSQKp…[View]
98648622Why are indians so goofy[View]
98654240>There is a community in Canada, an Anglo nation with An English Queen that larp as French men Me…[View]
98653302braaaap: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1XJTfUb77w7[View]
98654604>lol meds are niggers, germanics are master race[View]
98653900>tfw there are 100,000 Jews in your country[View]
98635162/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends[View]
98654418Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be There will be an answer, let it be Let it be, let it be, …[View]
98652959What is Australian culture exactly? Aside from Fosters, Kangaroos, posionous snakes and spiders they…[View]
98652311I like British people[View]
98651513What do you think of Japanese boys?[View]
98653721Guys I have this crush on this French guy in my class, do you have any advice on how I ask him out, …[View]
98653648why do am*Ricoid subhumans ruin everything they touch?[View]
98652177>coworkers start talking about evrope[View]
98650408Are multistorey car parks illegal in US of A? Why do they do this...[View]
98653626Ugh What could've been[View]
98653719Based and redpilled[View]
98653827why are koreans so based while chinks and gooks are so insufferable?[View]
98653968>your cunt >your brow Me? I transcend these silly brow-levels altogether and become the über…[View]
98651150/cum/: Hey guys[View]
98652682>mom didnt buy coca cola >hungry because i eat once a day >still 5'6 and ugly >pare…[View]
98653836This is it guys. I believe the hour is near. Christ will be returning pretty soon Do you believe the…[View]
986536171. Your cunt 2. Your opinion on turkish woman?[View]
986485131860s American man trying to find a wife.[View]
98639911Post your attempt at an English accent. https://vocaroo.com/i/s068n7YsrJy8[View]
98653714I've got a question for a psychological horror story that I'm writing. Is there any way th…[View]
98649402In what way has germany influenced your life?[View]
98651567My atars a mystery mark but idgaffffffffffffffuck nigga[View]
98649802Brit who moved to the States here, anyone else notice that British white people's culture becom…[View]
98653473VROOM, VROOM...[View]
98643629I spent the entire last month in a psychiatric institution as a patient. Ask me anything.[View]
98649641Do you love France?[View]
98650229Muh heritage thread: Post yours[View]
98652818Does this happen in your country?[View]
98653206>wake up >day ruined[View]
98652870my life is becoming very boring, all I do is post on chans and watch videos.[View]
98653253why yes, I am of Finnish descent, how could you tell?[View]
98653244Is it true?[View]
98652601Saw a QT, white grill today. She looked in my direction and smiled. I was about to approach her, but…[View]
9864876603:00 and the board is full of active Europeans[View]
98652781*ting ting ting* *clears throat* Gentlemen....[View]
98653115are you guys aware of the general rule #1?[View]
98645148CONSCRIPTION: how is conscription in your cunt? here is a waste of time, unless you are spineless l…[View]
98651869is this acurate[View]
98647123What is your country's opinion on muslims?[View]
98652920Do you want to find love in Turkey?[View]
98652317Are they even human?[View]
98652941We all doomed.: Do you realized now, that the country with the most nuke potential belongs to the bu…[View]
98652903the whip snapped your back your spine cracked for tobacco oh, im the marlboro man uh[View]
98646238Red = important countries[View]
98652834>jayzus died for muh sins and everyone but me is going to suffer for eternity because I'm a …[View]
98648899A mutt country needs a mutt hero: AQUAMUTT[View]
98650926Fuck the environment. Do people do this in your country? We call it 'rolling the coal'. It's co…[View]
98650877What are girls from Quebec like?[View]
98652263Do you love Oaxaca?[View]
98649222my state has 21 million people. brazil has 210 million. and yet. my state's GDP is 1/2 of brazi…[View]
98648717Why Americans are so afraid of communism? Your financial institutions need some nationalization.[View]
98644717your age have you ever been to a new year's party? 23 no[View]
98652421you exceeded the time limit, so here cooooooomes my perfect victory!!!!! well, that was a perfect VI…[View]
98649999What are some countries with no niggers or spics?[View]
98646847mutt thread the pain is deep[View]
98647612>Be american >Get sho-[View]
98651703>Me? well, yes, I guess you could say I am AVSTRALIAN[View]
98652200Give respect earn respect?: If you want it learn to share it. The Hebrew knows no such thing. They a…[View]
98651832These are various descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) given by various people. 'He was bulky.…[View]
98646794There is the new map, boys. R8![View]
98633767Post religious temples from ur cunt.[View]
98651851What would happen if a city was nuked and every country with nukes denied doing it? How would we fig…[View]
98651658What the fuck is wrong with Germans?[View]
98649928Your cunt Were lan parties a thing in your country Finland Yes[View]
98651822You're not saying anything Tony.[View]
98649879>owners start arguing over mundane shit for no reason again[View]
98651484I want to do the sex to a chocolate girl[View]
98648297new world order when?[View]
986515771.Your country 2.Your favourite cheese for me is Gorgonzola[View]
98644749this is a brazilian beach in rio de janeiro. how do brazilians live like this? why do they do this? …[View]
98648127What is your country's opinion on this?[View]
98650200>country >why specifically does your country dislike America?…[View]
98630657empire strikes back[View]
98647386Why are there more niggers than natives in Brazil?[View]
98646386I wish I was American or French or Canadian or Australian or Scandinavian[View]
98648932What's the deal with twitch or streaming. Why is it so popular to watch people live their lives…[View]
98651367Français, mes chers compatriotes, Alors que se développe de semaine en semaine sur toute l’étendue d…[View]
98647764Tell me about Udmurtia[View]
98651077What's the culture like between mothers and sons in your country, /int/? are you expected to nu…[View]
98648849I don't really see the point in being 'fit.' I mean you have to work out and exhaust yourself c…[View]
98649322My ideal husband: 1. Looks like this 2. At least 180 cm tall 3. Listens to heavy metal 4. Into art a…[View]
98651355When did you realize that the only way to save civilization and the species from extinction was to e…[View]
98642705/New England/: Sam Hyde is at it again edition. >Sorry not sorry in advance…[View]
98650373How does a micro country manage to be a massive shithole?[View]
98621236Do you ever feel bad for other countries?: Pic related made me chuckle and feel bad at the same time…[View]
98651037*ting ting ting* The ladies and gentlemen of /int/, may I have your attention? I would like to make …[View]
98650699>his country isn't light blue[View]
98607754/v4/+pals: Folk tales edition[View]
98650478is there any japanese dude here who can tell me what this shit even means? it's from a song cal…[View]
98649730>he thinks Americans are retarded The reality is it's Anglos who are retarded…[View]
98643085/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Hairy-Legged Vampire Bat edition.[View]
98650667/Norgetråden/: Nordic sissies fear the AMERIKAN BVLL edition.[View]
98650909>flag >did your country ever had an inquisition? Yes…[View]
98649216Ethnic Germans are dying out: Your opinion about the fact that German people are dying out at a pace…[View]
98650832>we wuz vikangz n shit[View]
98650019>tfw no tall long-legged northern european gymnastic waifu[View]
98650775Dont kill yourself whiteboi[View]
98649574Do you love Germanic peoples?[View]
98647888will countries like America and Poland have to pay reparations when the climate crisis inevitably co…[View]
98650731How does a micro country manage to be a massive shithole?[View]
98645302White inbreeding: Should white countries import immigrants to increase genetic diversity? What white…[View]
98650712Fuck non whites and fuck whites that aren't my kind.[View]
98649905Would they be as soulless if they hadn't destroyed their history/culture?[View]
98650227Are you satisfied being white in a world of KANGZ??[View]
98650405How does a micro country manage to be a massive shithole?[View]
98648361Do you feel your Geography has shaped you as a person somewhat?[View]
98647511/brit/: Boys in the band edition[View]
98650536Let's do it /int/[View]
98648202What is the most aesthetic alphabet?[View]
98650457Have you ever gone paramotoring?[View]
98649900I pronounce Tea as Tay Guess which country I'm from[View]
98649034>america is a continent not a country[View]
98650066Do you love noodles?[View]
98609700Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98650000>their language is agglutinative[View]
98649510>it's spelled Portuguese, not Portugese My life has been a lie.[View]
98645758Which country has the tallest women? Which countries' women are most likely to rape me?[View]
98649916wait.. French boys look like this??...[View]
98649519We've been completely occupied by the Chinese haven't we[View]
98644232What did your black girlfriend cook for you today?[View]
98650074>STEM education is making the world great again![View]
98643647What is this called in your country?[View]
98649268RUSSIA just say FUCK IT already and conquer the west. I'm tired of all this degeneracy. Oh and…[View]
98649094big pp = white smol pp = non-white[View]
98647111I fixed America[View]
98647860>Only things that matters to me are the constitution, Jesus and my f*cking guns >OOOHOOOOH SAY…[View]
98648138There's too much English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic in the world.[View]
98640298Why are the Americans so butthurt about this small middle eastern country?[View]
98649625What happens in Quebec?[View]
98648531Is it common to eat horse in your country?[View]
98643592Sverigetråden - Söta och glada upplagan![View]
98647329Help Japan!: I ordered these online and idk the sents. Could someone who knows Japanese tell me? Als…[View]
98649464Can he pass as a local in your pussy?[View]
98648820Why do cute MENA chicks with adorable Semitic noses mutilate themselves?[View]
98645658I haven’t been on /int/ for over a year, why are there so many 50 cent army chinks here now? Getting…[View]
98648695What happens in the 'interlake' region of Manitoba, ie, the land between the province's two lar…[View]
98649600Guess her ethnicity[View]
98646805>ywn have a 14 year old bf[View]
98649497>Lets play american football, I got ball for it[View]
98649482hello citizens of the night what are your plans for today?[View]
98649454Fuck Russia and their dumb whore spies[View]
98649396>when you let your nuts hang too low[View]
98648537How we gonna stop them?[View]
98647364do you love Poland?[View]
98649191HELP RUSSIAN ANONS: Any Russian anons mind helping me out with something? Can you tell me what this …[View]
98631794/lat/: hilo latino edicion daun[View]
98644088>be French >[View]
98648233American whitoid revert with his Muslim wife lörs onions?[View]
98645398I love England[View]
98642219Western mothers ....[View]
98647350what is it like to have a br gf? do they cook? do they like kisses? do i have to be rich? where c…[View]
98647431I love tall chubby women I can't deny it I just want to be thigh-crushed and piss-inserted by o…[View]
98649088Why yes I am indeed a capital city of european country[View]
98636130/luso/ fio lusófono: Have you ever eaten a pussy before?[View]
98617986ITT: Your country's butthurt belt[View]
98647669why did this nigga shoot people? he is goodlooking enough to get pussy off tinder[View]
98648938When I go to foreign countries I make it a point to prevent myself from getting fully erect so that …[View]
98648742What made them ruthless assassins without a care for science, art, technology? Why were they so viol…[View]
98646041Why did he cuck to the media AGAIN?[View]
98647220What are leftists like in your country?[View]
98648699'Stop Brexit!' man gave up his job to stand outside parliament yelling: Why are some british people …[View]
98646936What's your honest opinion on him?[View]
986465681. cunt 2. whats your doomer-related issues? my parents never took care of themselves when they were…[View]
98646760Why are there so many Romanian prostitutes?[View]
98648145Duhh, Hewter? Yeah, Cletus? If dem liberauls says we'se in a state a' globl' warmin d…[View]
98645110/deutsch/: Ausgabe mit Ballast- und ohne Konservierungsstoffe[View]
98647747Why do westerners like furries so bad?[View]
98648534>in class >Spanish kid says EEEEHHHHH for like five seconds before saying his question Why is…[View]
98648423Are Russians invincible?[View]
98648353Best breakfast place: Village Inn vs. Cracker Barrels?[View]
98647989>Europeans pay $6 for an ice cream at Disney World that you can find in the store for $1 Why do …[View]
98646607STOP EXISTING. Post in this thread if you think that this country shouldn't exist.[View]
98645543The true reason why Americans have it out for Huawei: Really makes you think[View]
98639934What is a status symbol in your country? for example a type of car, a type of woman, maybe a certain…[View]
98646071>Adam Wang[View]
98644237Sweden is a wonderful place to live. Full of tolerance.[View]
98647496How do I get a job at Cartoon Network how do I become an artist and an animator?[View]
98647623Anyone from Pattaya here I have questions[View]
98647130What is the name of the man who brings you presents on Christmas/New Years Eve? What is his story? I…[View]
98647815Do y'all around the world have anything even close to the extreme American high schools' d…[View]
98643901People born in the year this happened will be turning 18 soon[View]
98630084Post your shit taste, nerds https://spotifywrapped.com/en/[View]
98644678How do White men mate with their high-test female counterparts? I just can't find myself being…[View]
98646684What does your country taste like[View]
98647958It's enough, I'm on my nerves. How could I finally take the blue pill?[View]
98645100>See beautiful woman at work >Realize she will never date >See above average girl at work …[View]
98647916post typical member of your nation[View]
98619563Do I have a chance to get a gf like her?: I’m from South Korea. Is it possible?[View]
98636242/2sicilie/ - il filo: Edizione serale[View]
98646955I'm a Belgian man in America and I go back tomorrow. I seriously have to ask, why does American…[View]
98645754If there was a war between dragons and humans. which side the following countries support? >Wales…[View]
98642965>There were thieves among the staff, and if you left money in your coat pockets it was generally …[View]
98647117Are buffalo wings common in your country? We have many restaurants that specialize in them in mine. …[View]
98644915What do Russian girls like in the bedroom?[View]
98647671>The Greeks were generally opposed to performing crucifixions.[63] >However, in his Histories…[View]
98647051>american arguments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkycw33wvNs[View]
98645528Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland[View]
98645483>Europeans use the Union Jack to signify the English language This is Irish, Cornish, Welsh, and …[View]
98646409Do Arabs have the shittiest food in the east? Turks, Persians, Pakis,etc all have better food.[View]
98645947This is the most historically relevant part of the planet[View]
98633907/tr/: banlandınız mı lan yine neredesiniz?[View]
98646798>Britain has Penguins >Australia has Kangaroos >Canada has Meese >America has Monkeys…[View]
98646922>Saint >John Brits seem to be able to generally correctly pronounce both of these words, so ho…[View]
98644841I have quite literally been farting continuously for weeks on end, they smell rancid too think I am …[View]
98644778/brit/: cheeky felix edition[View]
98646812is he actually German? why does he look so Italian?[View]
98646945Best chicken place: Chick-fil-A vs. Zaxby's vs. Popeye's vs. Church's vs. Bojangles…[View]
98646817my cats are 16 years old[View]
98644469>tfw your country has contributed absolutely 0 to philosophy or any of the arts yet due to being …[View]
98647198>visit china >see this What do?[View]
98636849/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Лeвaк мoдep пoтep пpoшлый[View]
98642291Aren't you Euros sick of terrorist attacks?: That's why we're different: We actively …[View]
98647151Table of peace?: Somewhat hard to believe that such an important person to China would be arrested o…[View]
98642650Western century is over and Asian century is coming. Also capital of USA will transfer to LA close t…[View]
98634868Based prince William recognizing that non whites do not belong in the British royal family.[View]
98644509>Oooh man! Asian girls are so cu-[View]
98646222what happens on earth?[View]
98645553BIG CUNTS: 1. your cunt 2. do you live in a big country? 3. have you visited all it regions and main…[View]
98631033Race bride roll: Roll your ethnic waifu[View]
98643563Why do Europeans love Killing eachother so much?: I mean jesus, we just wanted to stay on our contin…[View]
98645458That 200 years old boomer who achieved nirvana[View]
98646696What kind of music do Erdogan supporters listen to: Do they like modern (haram) Turkish pop music, f…[View]
98644908>people actually think this is a girl[View]
98646651this is a 10/10 in Scandinavia[View]
98641872Thoughts on cyclists in your country? Are they annoying?[View]
98646638What happens here?: What is their end game?[View]
98644790You wake up in Qinhuangdao, China[View]
98643087/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico[View]
98646569Tibetan Plateau China[View]
98646491subhumans: subhumans[View]
98646510>i'll never get to experience an all white europe thanks to boomers FUCK YOU!!!!…[View]
98643111Why are muslim and Asian grills at uni nicer to me than white grills[View]
98641318How do you shave your balls?[View]
98646260i wasnt supposed to get this drunk tonight[View]
98645218To people with foot fetish: What are the criteria for nice feet? size? what else?[View]
98645714What the fuck is the deal with Brexit? They've been talking about this shit for years. Either l…[View]
98646191Do most cities in your country look the same? >USA >Yes they do. Outside of NYC, LA, and Chica…[View]
98645682Whoa, makes ya think.[View]
98636516>mfw I realize that the Falklands War was kinda like the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey The on…[View]
98640620>be me >likeable, charismatic, friendly >have friends from a wide variety of nationalities,…[View]
98645239what other asian country has as rich culture or history as japan[View]
98644649I want to breed a kobold![View]
98643080Is country roleplaying based and redpilled? Or cringe and blupilled?[View]
98644698Friendship ended with france now italy is my best friend[View]
98644110How a women is supposed to look[View]
98605579kurva anyátok[View]
98644654how are weebs seen in your country?[View]
98645710>up to the part in mad men where blacks get civil rights[View]
98644846I love Evropa. I would kill all of you for her.[View]
98623326Arabs vs Jews: Who would you rather side with?[View]
98645550Dont mind me im just summoning hayastan[View]
98645378>China is a shitho- Woah[View]
98638029can you guys stop being so mean to chinese people? it's really hurtful....[View]
98643583What's the best place to visit to enjoy myself without clothes?[View]
98643083Is your country a creative country?[View]
98645325Would /int/ be interested in a game of diplomacy? There are long turns so that you can learn the rul…[View]
98636294>has billionaires despite being an de jure socialist state why?[View]
98641642why yes i identify myself as a full black African man, how did you know?[View]
98644531Give rights to homos now[View]
98641150*shoots your Christmas market*: This is a moderate rebel[View]
98645086>10th largest economy >does not have a SINGLE car brand I'm genuinely embarrassed by this…[View]
98641763Remember, no Russian.[View]
98644239and that's how things are supposed to be[View]
98644945https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIoLmOF187M 0:25 On en parle des sales collabos qui font les acteurs…[View]
98643684MUH: >Canadians are deeply unimpressive [...] Anyone who is even moderately good at what they do …[View]
98627979Do americans really do this?[View]
98643551We had a church mass shooting are we first world yet[View]
98641130Polyglots in your family: Hi /int/ Have you had any polyglots in your family? If so, have you got an…[View]
98616989international hate thread: say something mean about the country above you[View]
98639811>dad got drunk and touched my butt again[View]
98640834this is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen[View]
98626504/mämmi/: Rakettipainos[View]
98644560The dorm's kattous(kot) is yelling and moaning like a woman getting pounded for the 50th time t…[View]
986435261. your cunt 2. is your cunt's leader getting sacked tomorrow? uk yes[View]
98641025/maskulin/deutsch/: Wünscht mir glück brudis[View]
98643544>filled our state with slaves because they wanted plantations >ruined our economy >made up …[View]
98643029prophet Muhammad means nothing to me i'd kill him with just one punch to his stupid face[View]
98644378Does your city have skyscrapers?: >Burnaby >This is under construction…[View]
98641456>HONHONHON je suis better than you How do you reply?[View]
98639831Jean Reno met with his Polish fans in Kraków.[View]
98635878Wanna know why /int/ is so fucking obsessed with being white? /int/'s culture and mentality is …[View]
98642383This is the main character of world history[View]
98636829Chinese exchange student roomate problems: Chinese exchange student roomate keeps drinking my milk a…[View]
98641245How the FUCK is it possible for so many Americans, including famous ones, to be THIS retarded? Liter…[View]
98642782Why do so many blondes have dark eyebrows, when I have dark hair but blonde eyebrows?[View]
98636103As a Lithuanian/Russian male, I want to like Polish posters, but they are always so damn rude. What …[View]
98643003Ever wondered why historically the most racist nations (Germans, Swedes and Anglo-Saxons) who used t…[View]
98642376Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
98641029>this is what a mexican goddess look like according to a japanese game Thoughts?…[View]
98640206A New French Revolution? (Gilets Jaunes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr8J1RjknLI Thoughts?…[View]
986407521. You’re a cunt 2. How are you preparing for the European century?[View]
98634364Why do Australians smear shit between the pages of books?[View]
986435851. your cunt 2. are traditional gender roles alive and well in your cunt >USA >only in small p…[View]
98638163Who is taller? The prized gem of British soccer, or Donald Trump's 12 year old son?[View]
98641125/brit/: Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands. Wogs I m…[View]
98641386this region has 200+ IQ on average[View]
98639898*destroys the entire Ottoman empire* How the fuck did the drunk Russkies do it?![View]
98641728There's so much mental illness on 4chan/channel, it's sad sometimes This board in particul…[View]
98614660/éire/: Eagrán teolaí[View]
98642098Why do white people think running is fun? Are they dogs?[View]
98627740/cum/ - Canader, United Stet, Mexi: Schlampenneger[View]
98643120Your cunt Does it ever happen to you where you cant stop having dreams where you die, and you cant s…[View]
98642589Reina Triendl (Japanese: トリンドル 玲奈 Hepburn: Torindoru Reina, born January 23, 1992) is a Japanese fas…[View]
98642046édition Un fanatique religieux a tué X personnes et blessés Y autres en chantant des chants de l…[View]
98641583Pakis make good food.[View]
98642807Post your ideal woman[View]
98642826Proud to be Maghrebi on this blessed day[View]
98642773I figure this is as good a place to ask as any, can you homos help me figure out what language these…[View]
98636945/polska/: edycja goblińska[View]
98640935>be French/yurocuck >have no guns or freedom >still get shot…[View]
98640133American and Swedish the best combo[View]
98639005>you wake up in russia[View]
98642476So, I have a coworker who believes all sorts of crazy qanon shit. While cleaning his work space, I f…[View]
98641917How will be the relationship Trump-Bolsonaro?[View]
98640464Answering questions about Russia.[View]
98637736wish my parents had cancer, i want to see them suffer as much as their incel 5'6 son[View]
98641346Who's Turf.: The D.C. swamp is a mess. The house, and the senate overstep themselves on everyth…[View]
98642242Chekatt dese digits[View]
98638649what is your opinion of Chinese culture and civilization?[View]
98639395>ywn be French Why even live?[View]
98641972Why yes, my wife has 2 boyfriends and I voted democrat. How did you guess?[View]
98641673I don't wanna grow up[View]
98642028All white people look the same.[View]
98634717>Why yes, I do post epic 'perfect world' maps on /int/. How could you tell?…[View]
98638096>omg us Mexicans are white 000.1/1000% European[View]
98639021>be European >get shot[View]
98636384Oh no that sucks.[View]
98627968Sverigetråden: Kvällsupplagan[View]
98641260>Be European get sho- fuck this shithole[View]
98641738Where to study French in Canada?: Any suggestions? I went to University of Quebec in Chicoutimi last…[View]
98637689fellas, why are americans so fucking based???[View]
98641569Slavs are the most beautiful[View]
98641314İ-is she safe frenchbros?[View]
98641625https://imgur.com/gallery/6mV2ioh Can we have a funny political stuff thread? And videos or stories …[View]
98641622>Be Thai tourist enjoying a vacation in France >Get shot https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe…[View]
98639378We Europeans need to protect our culture and our heritage from muslim invaders.[View]
98641510>Americans have no cult--[View]
98641551*record scratch* *freeze frame*[View]
98634461>there's people who unironically live here kek[View]
98641489We Europeans need to protect our culture and our heritage from muslim invaders.[View]
98641203Why are Finnish eyes always closed?[View]
98637187/fr/ - le francofil: Édition arrivade à Strasbourg Ancien >>98632973[View]
98631021Who should be allowed to colonize Mars?[View]
98639473>watch WW2 documentaries >want now kill germans, hungarians and croats Anyone else?…[View]
98631241Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzwtYW5fxak[View]
98640868Soy el ex-presidente de la peor republica del mundo. Ya me fui a Estados Unidos. Disfruten el pais q…[View]
98630155/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Fugwave :DDD edition prev. >>98621914[View]
98637870How can I get a brown wife? It's the ultimate status symbol in Finland.[View]
98639724>go to youtube >channel i am subscribed to asks viewers to help fund the cancer treatment of a…[View]
98640789>1. cunny >2. do you eat canned pineapple slices? 1. leaf 2. fuck yes…[View]
98636841what's the culture like between mothers and sons in your country, /int/?[View]
98640436Native Americans are the only ethnic minority in the world that I have sympathy for. And no I will n…[View]
98635032/ITA/ - il filo dell'unità: Edizione: vi sgozzo porci[View]
98637994/deutsch/ und auf dem Weg zur /Nachtschicht/: Abgedunkelte Ausgabe um die Augen zu schonen[View]
98639771>the faggots and transvestites in Sverigetråden are spamming ERP with childporn and animalporn ag…[View]
98639527It is sad to see a good man fail[View]
98637180Thread Argento: Como estan sobreviviendo la crisis, anons? yo ya ni puedo prender el aire acondicion…[View]
98636462>when I see a foreign car[View]
98635634wtf pakistan[View]
98639760When I went to south korean school they taught us how bad communism is and how americans are liberat…[View]
98635939Strasburgian shooting incident: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46530265 One French person die…[View]
98638557New name for Finns?: I also like swede :^)[View]
98638629Strasbourg is Getting Shot up Niggers!: Get in here and laugh as sand niggers and lefties explain ho…[View]
98636838nonnative English speakers of /int/, what are the pros/cons of my the English language (written and …[View]
98639924https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJjsm6CVsG8 SENDING SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS NIGGA[View]
98636777Cleopatra of Egypt: So we all know that she fucked her brothers but is it true that she had toilet s…[View]
98625880/norgetråden/:: I kalifatet Norge vil slik som det her bli forbudt-utgaven forrige: >>986011…[View]
98635958what's your cunt's fursona?[View]
98638070Tell me about West Virginia.[View]
98638506What does pizza look like in your country?[View]
98635644>tfw i have a Huawei smart phone H-have the Chinese been spying on me[View]
98639208>her body her choice[View]
98639399>Be Europoor >Get shot https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christkindelsmärik,_Strasbourg#Planned_…[View]
98636336Do Russians have any shame over their spies being whores?[View]
98638836The Portuguese Suebi Tribe will rule the world as the 5th Empire[View]
98639240>he's a 3rd world white-worshiper living in the West >he came to the West to larp as a wh…[View]
98637703Future africa[View]
98635966megumin is so cute[View]
98638341Best Bros: Reminder our first and longest official ally has and always will be Morocco. They helped …[View]
98609795/2sicilie/ - il filo: Edizione Cooper[View]
98636919I am scottish on my fathers side and belgian on my mothers How the fuck do i deal with this realisat…[View]
98624199China is discovering our memes!: Found on Weibo. “Men’s height in girls eyes is like this” “1cm of d…[View]
98638997How did she know ?[View]
98633764Gilets jaunes?[View]
98638851/matt/ - Maps and Trivia Thread!: ITT: Post language trivia and maps A 'buckaroo' is a cowboy of the…[View]
986383451. Country 2. Age 3. Have you ever given money to a YouTuber, Streamer or other kind of e-celeb ? 4.…[View]
98637252Do you have such girls in your country? There were many in my high school class. Most of them fried …[View]
98638561what's wrong with Belgium?[View]
98634713India is rising. Our soft power is growing by the day. Our billionaires, second only to China and US…[View]
98638523FRANCE, this could have been your Emperor... ugh what could’ve been[View]
98638512Post most watch kinos from your cunt[View]
98637907Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
98638387is it common for italo-american girls larp as KARA BOGA?[View]
98638352Are we the only country that never uses certain certain basic parts of our literary language in spee…[View]
98636162Fuck guys I’m moving out to Argentina next year and I don’t want wtf do I do now[View]
98636253/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: edição South America is the best America proof: https://youtu.be/UULp33MNNNE …[View]
98635891>Muslims believe that Jesus was the Messiah >Jews don't WTF I love Islam…[View]
98607032/asean/: Edisi mualaf sex tourists go away[View]
98628346Have a rare flag, boys[View]
98624667/NEDERDRAAD/: Noten zullen noten!-editie Welkom: luie mensen Niet welkom: strenge vaderfiguren…[View]
98637125One technology from your country everyone has heard of? Linux[View]
98631505Is being white the worst?: >Blacks hate whites >Latinos hate whites >Asians hate whites, bu…[View]
98632089>Britain size and population: 94K square miles, 66 million >France size and population: 250K s…[View]
98631377Apparently this is how /Sverigetråden/ looks like. Thoughts?[View]
98636282You wake up in Utah[View]
98634433what does this pic mean[View]
98634773Based and redpilled[View]
98637362>son can you please massage my back, I went too hard in the gym[View]
98635101>What do you mean you'd racemix with a beautiful exotic woman? You have an obligation to mar…[View]
98637250god i fking hate this guy so so so so so much[View]
98637295hallo, any secret service lurking here?[View]
98637265>your country >what do you think of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Pups)…[View]
98636757>mum found my Taylor Swift CDs[View]
98637064how to fall asleep[View]
98633575Why didn't he get the banter?[View]
98634267>NOOO!!! what did you do to my daughter!? MURDERER!!![View]
98637030>The 'Łódź Gay Murderer' is an unidentified Polish serial killer who operated in Łódź from 1988 t…[View]
98633222/deutsch/: Leniausgabe (jetzt mit noch meer madjarischer Abstammung)[View]
98635146This was the happiest moment of my life.[View]
98636938Best (worst) American president: >Be Woodrow Wilson >President of the USA, elected in 1912 …[View]
98636369>In American school activities everyone gets a participation trophy and theres no winner is this…[View]
98633823why are atheists so in-your-face all the time? it has become its own religion, where heretics are be…[View]
98632973/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du soir[View]
98636594Why do I get the feeling most people in every country are low IQ fools rather than everyone being sm…[View]
98633458Explain this country in three words. Russia has tigers.[View]
98630374/polska/: edycja cydru[View]
98616703Arabe translate: Can someone translate this?[View]
98636446Metallica is a monster: All its members that went away from it are wasted. Dave Mustaine hasn't…[View]
98628870This is what Turks actually believe[View]
98635099/New England/: Sam Hyde addition[View]
98636285wh*Te dog groans in pain as the ARAB bull strikes: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1544560960059.webm TOP GEG…[View]
98611029/luso/ - luso lusófono: Luso[View]
98634122did you know that a big part of brazil is almost a desert?[View]
98636250>I'm so angry they group raped and murdered my child in terribly painful torturous manner, o…[View]
98633103I love Germany flags.[View]
98636183>white people are nice in real life >white people are violently hateful on internet…[View]
986361441. ur cunt 2. Do you live in a democracy? flag no[View]
98585692/flag/ + /extraflags/: kickass edition 2.0 Previous Edition: >>98516731 Welcome to /extraflags…[View]
98630170>A perfect world does not exis-[View]
98634040German greed, nationalism and racism is rearing its ugly head again >be a harmless poor little su…[View]
98635202Is being rich a guarantee for a gf in your'e country?[View]
98632598>Islam is epic and redpilled! Kill all the kafirs![View]
98635657>tetaining porri blösäs tulsu metis[View]
98623143What happens in your region?[View]
98634829My ideal husband: 1. Looks like this 2. At least 180 cm tall 3. Listens to heavy metal 4. Teaches ar…[View]
98627946Sverigetråden - Ratchet och Clank upplagan[View]
98635417what are these? what do they do?[View]
98633749Please come to Brazil.[View]
98635262What countries do y'all think my ancestry comes from?[View]
98634081> cunt > do you love lain? flag a lot[View]
98627032/ita/ - il filo: edizione anti Global Compact[View]
98630582Republic of England when?[View]
98619439>be japan >have no culture >steal chinese and korean culture >be finland >have no cul…[View]
98623727/Skandi/: Lill-Snorres alldeles egna upplaga ._.[View]
98629716Why do american people consider the word ''nigger'' so forbidden and offensive?[View]
98635128>tfw chinese american Is this combination the one that makes the most people seething on /int/?…[View]
98635028>omg not another soyboy thread[View]
98606503/balt/ + /kažkada/: /balt/ + /kažkada/ Let's give it a go.[View]
98635046>dude she's underage, raping her is wrong!![View]
98633587Cunt Favourite album[View]
98633245Let's have a discussion about the balding epidemic in young western men and what exactly is cau…[View]
98633909Yes I am an third world immigrant Yes I want to destroy your meme country and establish my people…[View]
98634696Just..one.. more thread Arthur!: So i've been playing this for an 8 hours now, still in mission…[View]
98634440Okay, now this is quite based if I do say so myself[View]
98634759>WTF that poor innocent farmers! No one deserve to be killed just because of what their ancestors…[View]
98628521everyone on 4chan(nel) is a cis white male between the ages of 14-44 that comes from an anglophone c…[View]
98631568>Stop! Don't cross the border that's illegal![View]
98634594>I didn't dropout of High School[View]
98634531this is my thread there are many like it but this is mine[View]
98633857Imagine being a mutt[View]
98634415google earth: saw this boat off of the NW corner off Sentinel Island on google earth, kinda weird. A…[View]
98627902No one dislikes Finland[View]
98633395>Not having at least 2490km of coastal line. When will coastalets learn?…[View]
98629581The fall of the USSR was the greatest disaster in human history.[View]
98610460diversity general: all these people in pic related are indian. not one is less indian than the other…[View]
98634424Soon there will be no Lunik IX. They are demolishing the place.[View]
98566752/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: georgia edition[View]
98621758what would you do if you were the leader of your country ? be realistic[View]
98632192Chek the here video guys the here song i best came one guys came one my bros https://youtu.be/tyR59B…[View]
98634279it's 00:11 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
98628106What country or ethnicity other than your own attracts you the most and why[View]
98631830/brit/: الثقافة البريطانية edition[View]
98630291Perfect phenotype[View]
98632864RUSMUTTS: пeкeльний кoшмap...[View]
98632961>I need to take some time off work. my family died in a car accident.[View]
98633410Fuck Noggers desu I prefer other icecream products[View]
98632145>tfw whites created my race Whites are our creators, they are ours Gods and we should forever rem…[View]
98633496Which country has the best toilets in the world (public or private)?[View]
98633681>an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind[View]
98632990>Hegel >Are you doing your part in lowering /int/'s overall quality Italy YES pic unrelat…[View]
98629734>thanks for taking me out to dinner, anon![View]
98632563subscribe to pewdiepie: how will india recover from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dh-RL__u…[View]
98630525Needs more kebab.[View]
98632700A reminder that if you post on 4chan /int/ while being logged into Google, Google DOES have a copy o…[View]
98632863Would me and my bros pass as locals in your country?[View]
98633345Can someone promote this?: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1060306219733262336?ref_src=twsrc%5E…[View]
98623594Germany, post military songs: ofc other countries may post your own too https://youtu.be/m3BVWos1m0Y…[View]
98627435your country your favorite game rate others' tastes[View]
98631025I challenge you to post a higher HDI.[View]
98628043Do you guys have the feeling this board is slowly dying since they separated it from /pol/?[View]
98629659/i hob kan oiden/ ehemals /deutsch/: Es ist 19 Uhr und 36 Minuten[View]
98632189>your cunt how would you classify this character’s race?[View]
98630087Free Coca Cola offer in Oulu city caused a traffic chaos on Finland: https://www.is.fi/oulun-seutu/a…[View]
98629636Lads I bought a tablet to watch anime in bed on these cold winter nights![View]
98623434Can a country truly be considered a democracy when it lacks proper freedom of expression?[View]
98625126>be brazilian >get shot[View]
98628351>hitler said we wuz aryan n shiet and da massurrace! we need to preserve the white race! racemixi…[View]
98625994The only animals that think going for a walk is exciting are dogs and white people.[View]
98619144The good always defeats evil[View]
98617020daily reminder that africa is literally far safer than america[View]
98626963>Shannon Arrum Williams Lees (born 26 May 1998), known professionally as Shannon, is a British-Ko…[View]
98632545Finnish women are ugly. I don't want to move there anymore.[View]
98605508/ex-yu/: samo žene edicija[View]
98625779/fr/ - Le Fil français: édition néo-française Précédemment : >>98617938[View]
98628248Europe should accept Japanese immigrants.[View]
98632420>I love Japanese women[View]
98632457>only 6 soyak threads this board isn't what it used to be[View]
98627919Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
98625866white genocide is completely justified[View]
98632372>dude stop looking at that stupid anime porn in public[View]
98621130OH NO NO NO NO NONONONONONONONONONONONONO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc OH JESUS FUCK…[View]
98620868reply to this post if you think france is gay[View]
98632096>not microwaving your tea truely a more elegant method for a more civilised age…[View]
98619694>see american flag >open my amerimutt folder…[View]
98613956Japan should accept more European immigrants[View]
98631803>You've got to eat![View]
98627928>germanic,arab,nordic,latin,greek,spanish,celts mix >nobody call us mutt BASED…[View]
98626889Why are the women of South America so beautiful compared to women of South America?[View]
98630990Finland, Ireland and Austria???[View]
98621884Shithole. That's why I hate this country.[View]
98608084Which language sounds the manliest?[View]
98626797WHERE IS SHE?[View]
98602229/lat/: hilo latino[View]
98630635Los Estados Unidos De América[View]
986261641. Your cunny 2. Do you have Satanists there? What are they like? Flag Yes, and they're politic…[View]
98628924i don't want to get old lads[View]
98625579Why aren't there any Aztecs left in Mexico ? Did the Spaniards breed with them until extinction…[View]
98627772According to Hunter DeRensis, american money to sustains its overseas bases is over: ' Ideologically…[View]
98630537>Navajo language has 170,000 speakers >Irish language has 70,000 speakers LMAO Leprechauns BT…[View]
98625340Will the 22nd century be the AFRICAN CENTURY?[View]
98622322>skåne is fla-: oh[View]
98628779Why is /int/ so fucking obsessed with being white?[View]
98617416behead those who insult Christ[View]
98630946Damn Frenchies: I have to admit it, never expected something this based from you baguettes https://w…[View]
98627448Why are they always so butthurt about England?[View]
98630296>Dude, don't travel to Colombia! Are you crazy? You'll get killed, bro. Just stay at a …[View]
98623408Korea's fertility rate is falling, yes we need you These girls are for the BWC. come on[View]
98628527/brit/: Going to start making a daily vlog on youtube Vlog 001: Wake up, shit, brush teeth, drive to…[View]
98628080>Think of the environment!!![View]
98610025What is it like being poor?: I just realized that 99% of people in the world live in poverty. So I w…[View]
98614086vive la France nique l'Italie[View]
98621390What's your experience with online dating?[View]
98630529What a spectacular light show it would have been...[View]
98629334Why do mutts do this?[View]
98628958>You are sitting in a park, minding your own business. >This guy walks to you and says 'I am a…[View]
98625846WTF happens in Monaco? Anyone here been there? Apparently they speak Monegasque? What is this mythic…[View]
98629992Pearl Harbor was perfectly justified[View]
98612551>please I have five kids and no job please spare some change kid sir please just 20 cents for foo…[View]
98621914/balk/: Österreich-Ungarn best empire edition old >>98605033[View]
98627372I will never have a gf....life is so cruel[View]
986215081. Cunt 2. Would you accept to leave Earth and settle an exoplanet far away if one was discovered? L…[View]
98623916/polska/: basioedycja[View]
98632593https://youtu.be/h2PjX01WIeA >French government is now using grenade against protesters Hmm kind…[View]
98628699Is there any true to the White people going extinct idea?[View]
98629446This will happen in your timeline[View]
98624700/nederdraad/: mark-editie welkom: mark, europa niet welkom: nederland, belgië[View]
98627149Who are biggest mutts of MENA?[View]
98629261is this Fuckboy haircut popular in your country? This guy is from Argentina and still has it[View]
98622902>England is in Civ 6 >United States is in Civ 6 >Australia is in Civ 6 >Fucking Canada i…[View]
98623956what are your thoughts on game publishers limiting their range of games due to american education?[View]
98629099make your own meme: just made a bruce template /int/ go wild[View]
98628951In many Western countries, children crying in public will get the little shit death stares and pumpe…[View]
98628876I´m white but my dream was being brown, so i impregnated my brown mestiza 1/3 japanese peruvian gf. …[View]
98625617>tfw born to late to raid and rape people[View]
98618728>one of the most naturally beautiful and resource-heavy areas in the world >barely anyone live…[View]
98628338I've never had a sex with big tiddy girl how does it feels like?[View]
98622618i hate slant eyed people (japanese, korean, chinese) and asians in general, do you also hate ?[View]
98628605I believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and white people are the real terrorists. Sorry if the t…[View]
98626773>going to Italy soon >start talking to a girl from the city I'll be going to >she has …[View]
98624141/deutsch/: abendausgabe >studentenwixx[View]
98628068Being born here must have been a cruel prank. Why couldn't I have been born in Europe?[View]
98626525i got banned on 4channel for being a bigot[View]
98628014>Be Badger in America >Get shot https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1544551251242.webm…[View]
98621802ITT: our hand writing[View]
98627872Aserejé, ja deje tejebe tude jebere Sebiunouba majabi an de bugui an de buididipí Aserejé, ja deje …[View]
98627931Culture Pals /cp/: personal qt edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! H…[View]
98627349>omg think of the pollution!!!! >sets cars on fire which is it France?…[View]
98619794How do gooks, chinks, and nips communicate with each other? Surely most of them don't speak mor…[View]
98627327What is your opinion of Nigeria?[View]
98626189We did it 4channel: Somehow, we managed to create a pizza worse than hawaiian pizza[View]
98625652Is it good way to make fortune by selling picrelated in Paris?[View]
98623067do americans really do this[View]
98627726Where does 'white' start and end?[View]
98627484What the hell is going on in France?[View]
98625551-Your cunt -Are you lawful, chaotic or neutral?[View]
98624235that kind of memes thread translate: 'The primary and predominant Faith in the Russian Empire is the…[View]
98619627post based and redpilled thinkers from your country (w*Sternoids given exceptional permission to pos…[View]
98627354Why do so many white men find Latin women sexy and alluring?[View]
98616875/mena/: استيقظ سخيفة https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_for_the_Mediterranean[View]
98626887Fuck niggers[View]
98625953*asks for your all licenses*[View]
986038121. your cunt 2. your height and weight 1. USA 2. 165cm (5'5'') 56.7kg (125lbs)[View]
98620341Russia should own Ukraine and Belarus, they are just LARPing as otherwise. It's in other countr…[View]
98624687which anime do you love[View]
98588418/ita/ - il filo: edizione notturna[View]
98626511Dog Varg: Dog Varg[View]
98622987FINALLY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg0PYsWK1dc[View]
98613244I am in love and I will move with her to Portugal and start a new life[View]
98623004>superpower by 2020[View]
98624257>Hey! Vsauce, Michael here How do you react?[View]
98621044ITT: We fix our countries internal borders pic related is a language based distribution of spain[View]
98623770>I'm a political science major[View]
98626176why yes the vietnam thing is going well as expected[View]
98618658What's wrong with eating oats? It's more than just horse food.[View]
98626081My ancestors :)[View]
98600786/mämmi/: Joulunodotus painos[View]
98625404Why is anime and manga so popular in France?[View]
98625401¿Como lleváis las vísperas para Navidad, chavales?[View]
98625885Oof that must have been rough[View]
98622740objectively best countries[View]
98625608>american incel goes to cambodia for 'sex tourism' >gets rejected how is this possib…[View]
98624527stop hating niggers and other minorities![View]
98621720Sverigetråden: Eftermiddagsupplagan[View]
98609634Nordic cities have no soul and are ugl- Holy jeeeesus motherfucker[View]
98622176What's with you stupid ass French rioting Champ-Elysees when 18th arr exists[View]
98624851What did you watch on the TV when you were a kid? I watched moomin, it still scares me to this day.[View]
98623563https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euYtLs2LthQ Holy shit France, are you ok?[View]
98623410Now that France is going under, it's to time to bring back /thegang/ to save Europe.[View]
98624647>Brazilian mobs murder or attempt to murder a person every single day, according to experts and a…[View]
98616866Something the /pol/tard fails to understand.[View]
98625381*claims for Trump*[View]
986052411.ur cunt 2.Who named your name?: 1.Flag 2.My parents went to shrine and paid a shinto priest for na…[View]
98624340Daily reminder that ancient greeks loved giant foreskins.[View]
98624594*stares at you in sicilians*[View]
98620474Season of the Long Bubble Jacket: I have two Jackets.[View]
98622358thoughts?: Modi may actually legitimately not be our Prime Minister anymore after 2019 and we will i…[View]
98617938/fr/ - Le Fil français: édition anti-paresseux Ancien >>98613267[View]
98624837>cunt >do you vape burger yes[View]
98621959/brit/: brit[View]
98596540/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Гpycтнeнький ([View]
98624891i use two facebook accounts: one for internet friends and another one for real life people i do that…[View]
986247981.Your cunt 2.Are you cringe and bluepilled or based and redpilled?[View]
98624740Good evening /int/[View]
98624830Are Latins the only people that understand Romance? Everyone else is literally autistic.[View]
98619195what other asian country has as rich culture or history as japan[View]
98624194fuck the balkans[View]
98624347Legit don’t be racist, guys. It’s rude and really disrespectful. How would you like to be treated th…[View]
98622390I am a 169cm short “male” manlet.[View]
98624512Is Europe over?[View]
98621360>We leave England for America >We entrust our brothers back home to babysit and take care of o…[View]
98621283The CHAD ARMINUS[View]
98623545>A mice turned into a dirty rat >A beautiful rabbit turned into a hare Sadly our domesticated …[View]
98624093Zerg bug spray/FUCK CHINA: 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre 六四事件 八九民运 茉莉花革命 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Fre…[View]
98617871post pizzas from your country[View]
98617418/polska/: Edycja robótek ręcznych[View]
98623636I am White and therefore BLACK[View]
98591736Israel: whats the general opinion on Israel in your country?[View]
98622928What's happen here?[View]
98620040/deutsch/ Coca-Cola gegen-rassismus ausgabe[View]
98622103is it true asians die if they go without food for a week[View]
98606466what happened to Oslo?[View]
98622225The sun isn't up yet, but the wagies are in traffic going to w*rk[View]
98622970And her pussy tastes like Skittles, what? Yeah, ay, and you can really taste the rainbow, what? (ha…[View]
98623059I drew this on the wall in one of my college stalls and an hour later on my way to class, I saw that…[View]
98601163/norgetråden/: Legoanons minneutgave Forrige tråd: >>98576652[View]
98622369Womans war (a movie): https://www.episodi.fi/uutiset/jodie-foster-pistaa-kehutun-islantilaiselokuvan…[View]
98619394>clean my ass anon what do?[View]
98561602/danmarktråden/: arrogant anime pige udgave[View]
98620769Are Germans secretly gay?[View]
98615087>get access to unprecedented amounts of money from neighbors >borrow an absolute shit-ton and…[View]
98606098Japanese thread4: Let's do cultural exchange!! Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/Hello!! ・ww…[View]
98620137Say something nice about minority: in your country. I'll start. >Fennoswedes We wouldn'…[View]
98618818>Worst women in Europe >Worst food in Europe >Worst weather in Europe Why do people live th…[View]
98622482someone said ppppplayin for keeps someone said, motherfucker someone said don't play us for wea…[View]
98618650what do we think of potsdam, germany?[View]
98621934对不起中国是时候真正花你了: 动态网 动态网自由门 http://www.dongtaiwang.com[View]
98618400>australian posters calls you a 'cunt'[View]
98618308why poles say 'ja perdole'?[View]
98616415Hello /int/ Do you love 中国 China?[View]
98620156I don't honestly want India to be some kind of superpower country or whatever. I have see with …[View]
98621945jap minister of foreign affairs(right) and korean one(left): what went wrong[View]
98608283Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98620777mom told me to make rice and I fucked it up how do you deal with worthless people in your country[View]
98621651Have you ever heard of Korean?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-jA60KE9hE Ching Chang Chong?…[View]
98620591would you do a qt peruvian grill, /int?[View]
98621335Finnish company builds houses on Russia with 40 million euro contract: https://www.arvopaperi.fi/uut…[View]
98617446name 1 (one) good thing that third world immigrants have brought to this country[View]
98621201sigh.. fucking jews?: http://time.com/person-of-the-year-2018-the-guardians-choice/ Arkady Babchenko…[View]
98620929>tfw they're about to overtake Japan in terms of soft power[View]
98614840/skandi/: Harrytur til Strömstad-utgaven[View]
98620505>tfw I'm a soldier-citizen of a Republic If you don't know the feel, you're barbar…[View]
98611728Scotland > England[View]
98620493Remember, /int/: NEVER TRUST A ₑᵤᵣ*ₚₑₐₙ.[View]
98617232Post a pic with more talent.[View]
98614455>List of places noticeably safer than the USA did you dodge a bullet at life anon ?…[View]
98611270Can a country really call themselves civilised if they have the death penalty?[View]
98610176Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
98605033/balk/: ancient greece edition[View]
98600148/nederdraad/: Koffiestooteditie Welkom: draadstoters Niet welkom: slapende normaaltjes[View]
98616265Do NOT reply to that homosexual South Korean poster and we are not homo.[View]
98616713Sverigetråden - Stormupplagan[View]
98620396>watching movies >playing videogames >watching series >reading fiction >watching anim…[View]
98613107Do you like Korean food? What kind of Korean food do you like?[View]
98620250Can language still be called by its native name even though 60% or more of its vocabulary is from ot…[View]
98619492This image makes me angry.[View]
98620255Im a hapa and I started growing my beard. My hair is dark brown but my beard is blonde mixed with sp…[View]
98620198Why do Asian guys cuck other Asian guys ?[View]
98619355have any Americans here actually gotten shot?[View]
98619870Will your descendants feel proud of being related to you?[View]
98619935When one says 'Korea' do you think of Best or Worst Korea? For me it's always BEST Korea aka t…[View]
98620010>In Istanbul there is a old Turkish woman >how she wished her son would grow to be a Doctor or…[View]
98609797im getting my ATAR exam results soon and im going to kill myself after viewing it[View]
986196351. Your cunt 2. How many times have you been mugged at gun point? >flag >3…[View]
98616282>your cunt >your near-death/dangerous life experiences Quetta(Pakistan) boy here, I got a few:…[View]
98619237This is how Americans look like in 2018 and it's beautiful.[View]
98617581australias kangoroo blowjob problem: why do australians have sex with kangoroos i mean wtf that…[View]
98619766https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/12/181210091030.htm: does this mean 4channel finally can …[View]
98614962We Europeans need to protect our culture and our heritage from muslim invaders.[View]
98617836Reading?: When I was a highschool, I had a long list of novels I had to read. With the invention of …[View]
98616538/transqueerer general*in of color/ einstmals und NIE WIEDER /deutsch/: Volkszersetzend-körperpositiv…[View]
98617936We are coming for your womenz and there is nothing you can do about it[View]
98614741>i heard you were talking shit about communism faggot, is this true? wat to do?…[View]
98616874Honestly what are the trendiest zoomer songs right now?[View]
98615311Indonesia based? That's bullsh-[View]
98618671Hell, we really didn't find her identity, huh? Guess the world is not that small[View]
98614237ITT we pretend to be Germans Und bergen und largen und schurtzen vergen[View]
98616559Can you distinguish between Korean, Chinese and Japanese?[View]
98617741>Philippines more like Silly Penis[View]
98619245动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen…[View]
98614189a toast, to my Chinese brothers here tonight. >1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre 六四事件 八九民运 茉莉花革命…[View]
98611364He has died 13 years ago.[View]
98612366>There are people on /int/ NOT subscribed to Pewdiepie Okay, this is not epic. Unless you're…[View]
98618505Reminder that in 30ish years Islam will completely dominate europe, asia and africa soon to be follo…[View]
98617990that was fucking nice[View]
98619053Bolivia and Iran are bros[View]
98619015Could you give me a quick rundown on the bogpill?[View]
98618748>ahem ... fuck brexit and fuck anglos[View]
98607881Do you think he will succeed in taming the French?[View]
98617016Any other of my fellow oldfags here?: Been 4channing since February. Saw the newfags invade and shit…[View]
98613530Voyager 2 is in fucking interstellar space: Imagine not being American https://www.abc.net.au/news/s…[View]
98615667/brit/: Bruce has gone the big Outback in the Sky now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpZiPZwwXhM…[View]
98610010This makes my everything happy[View]
98615476High IQ thread: Yes I am a neoliberal Yes I am a radical centrist Yes I appreciate the statecraft a…[View]
98616255She doesn't care about me.[View]
98618554>on your way home >take a wrong turn, end up in some alley >hear a voice behind you and tur…[View]
98616616Why yes, I do browse /brit/! How could you tell?[View]
98615357>Iceslav >Slavway[View]
98611891彡(゚)(゚)hello,Im Japanese!!: Let's do cultural exchange!!5 Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/…[View]
98614035What sort of club is this?[View]
98616459>tfw no Brazilian gf[View]
98617719this is the last genration. enjoy it int[View]
98614548the surname petit: why are there so many french people with the surname 'petit'? Like i kn…[View]
98613932why are the French sooooo fond of destroying their country?[View]
98613702>you're walking around Korean when you see this woman >'what the fuck are you looking at…[View]
98615747Who is this white boy next to the KANG?[View]
98614614love is in the air[View]
98617662>Color Climax, the Danish company, was one of the biggest porn producers beginning in the late 60…[View]
98613760Is there a city that can rival London? No? Why?[View]
98617585/polska/: edycja anime[View]
98609581>your country >are you smart flag no[View]
98603380>Beautiful Roman nose >Generic Stacy nose Why do this?…[View]
98602027I have to study all these books to finally understand your stupid idioms, phrasal verbs and shit fuc…[View]
98614774Jel ima Crnogoraca?: Poust sitiz[View]
98614085How does this make you feel[View]
98615744we romanians are the superior race[View]
98610126/pol/ destroyed with one simple trick Thanks Canada[View]
98616599Me on the left[View]
98613050Why can't they just learn proper German? Is their education system that bad?[View]
98613267/fr/ - Le Fil français: édition hexacartogramme Précédent : >>98604995[View]
98599998/polska/: Edycja krula[View]
98611915>wake up >still Brazilian This country is the reason of all my suffering. I will never be hap…[View]
98616584What do Australian girls look like?[View]
98615309>be Turk >castrate and enslave Millions of Africans >make them menial labor workers at hare…[View]
98614139redpill me[View]
98616431God I wish that were me (on the right)[View]
98615965>your cunt >post your 2006 early life crushes mine is ashley tisdale from zack & cody…[View]
98616450United States of Bharata 2020. All Indic territories will be reunited :)[View]
98607037Austrians how do you feel? this close and you country could of not existed today.[View]
98614596How many kings did this place have?[View]
98611943Turk Women should be cherished[View]
98614628>mfw Larped as a pole, arab, turk, chechen, greek, persian, russian, italian, indian, korean, chi…[View]
98616221Why do Greeks sleep on the road? lazy af baka senpai[View]
98605392/deutsch/: Mittelalterliches knuspriges, frisch gebackenes Brot Ausgabe[View]
98610416Would you rather live in: >Valletta, Malta or >Reykjavik, Iceland ?…[View]
98607878Ancient Greek/Roman epitaphs written for their deceased dogs:: If your country/culture doesn't …[View]
98612134*ting* *ting* *ting* ahem...[View]
98609874Do people and does the law in your country treat gay people 100% equal?[View]
98604959Why are American women so much more attractive than their European counterparts?[View]
98614449According to Spanish posters apparently there is some sort of rivalry between Catalonia and Andalusi…[View]
98614753So my whole life in Poland people told me Germany is evil and full of evil people.On very history le…[View]
98610565Is it hard for average male in your country to get laid/find attractive gf?[View]
98615081This autistic piece of shit has been shitposting for days already. Posting variations of the same th…[View]
98605607>Your cunt would you rather: >Develop rapidly economically but sacrifice thousands of years of…[View]
98615281>Engie and Gasunie to build Europe’s largest hydrogen factory in Europe in the Eemshaven, right n…[View]
98609082A group of jews performing a ceremonial dance for Hanukkah at the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's…[View]
98614334You need to try taking a shit sometimes /int/. There is no better feeling than taking a big fat chud…[View]
98615091>Watch European ''movie'' >It's just an hour of stolen Aussie culture Everytime…[View]
98614192North Korean will rape South Korean if Korea is unified: South Korean woman will be danger if Korea …[View]
98613847Because I do not feel bad Even if you dislike you, it is not what I knew Because everyone is a good …[View]
98612341My mum wants me to get a job but the thought of being stuck in a low paying job my entire life just …[View]
98614055It's true that South Korea is an island nation.[View]
98614354hello fellow humans. im from kazakhstan. we drink kumis, eat beshbarmak, riding on horse and then ea…[View]
98613327Is it true that westerners do not have a nuclear shelter built in case of nuclear war? I dont really…[View]
98612340/brit/: The Barratt new build life edition[View]
98606358When was the last time you tried to love someone, /int/?[View]
98612764Most successful countries by language family: >Austronesian Philippines >Baltic Lithuania >…[View]
98613920I want all fr*Nchoids and g*Rmanoids off this board within the hour[View]
98614206>tfw loosing weight >tfw working out and loving it i am going to become a boy slut for milfs …[View]
98613768Chile appreciation thread: >You may only post ITT if your country has a higher HDI than Chile not…[View]
98606504why are frenchies so obsessed with japanese culture[View]
98610441What happens here, /int/? I ask, because I'm planning on leaving for Toulouse and then this reg…[View]
98614120Good morning, /int/ I hope you're having/will have a good day :D[View]
98614047When it comes to history, why is the United States behave as so great even it is newly emerging smal…[View]
98606464Sverigetråden: Morgonupplagan[View]
98613952AusNZ General: So I'm in Tasmania till friday. gimme something to do[View]
98613467Do Germans ever feel grateful for Americans unifying their country?[View]
98608311The reaction of Japanese who saw the most famous white who wear a Japanese formal suit: https://haya…[View]
98613748FINLAND. I require 50,000Kroner. Pay up or you know what happens[View]
98613400Please, come to Brazil and fuck our women.[View]
98602476How common is childlessness in your country?[View]
98611682I seriously hope they will send Macron and his masters to the guillotine. Franches are really based,…[View]
98613538Is Nigeria the next top tourist location lads?[View]
98612235most overrated state[View]
98612095That is nice[View]
98611430Why do hispanic looking people live such successful life in 2010s?[View]
98613470>kansas >arkinsaw[View]
98612834americans look like this?[View]
98612547Are women in your country equal to men?[View]
98613090>white girls hang out with niggers because kikes brainwashed them, save the white race, fucking i…[View]
98609021>no i do not have legs hairy like a gorilla[View]
98612368If Poland is so rich, why do they get the most EU funds of all countries?[View]
98613083I can't find a job[View]
98612104In February Raf Simons presented his Fall/Winter 2018 show for Calvin Klein. Did he know something?[View]
98613061>this scares and frightens the korean/chinese/japanese[View]
98610373In the ene it looks like 'Jvpiterean god-emperor of Europe' Macron seems to be cut from th…[View]
98612938My girlfriend wants to brutally murder Lithuanians[View]
98608698>zoomers hating red alert 2 and starcraft again[View]
98608521/Mashriq/ + /Maghreb/ ≈ /MENA/: bet ideology edition[View]
98611991>can't draw >don't know how to animate >australian How can I work for them?…[View]
98612228Japanese girls(male)...[View]
98611579>'hmm yes today I think I might boot up the ol' VPN and pretend to be a japanese/korean nati…[View]
98608049so, us nords built: the pyramids stonehenge the roman empire (https://www.theapricity.com/earlson/hi…[View]
98612685わたしをおしえてください。: おはよう。授業を終わりましたから、私の冬休みが始まりました。日本語を書くのがちょっと上手が、日本語を話すのがすごく下手です。私は誰にもと話すのを練習しませんです。「Gen…[View]
98609210Thank you for loving Japan.[View]
98606077Is Midwest best region?[View]
98612167Currently post the hottest girl in your country[View]
98612470WHOOOOO GRATS AUSTRALIA: Your security card has just been upgraded to PREMIUM STATUS.[View]
98610100Why English speakers are so smart? I wanna be with u.[View]
98611826post left or right: start[View]
98599385Percentage of people who want to allow FEWER IMMIGRANTS into their country[View]
98604995/fr/ - Le francofil mémétique: édition des mémés tombés en désuétude, faisons notre devoir de mémoir…[View]
98607948The People's Republic of China, the best country to live in the world >systematic, efficient…[View]
98609353Ahem, in case it wasn't clear before FUCK NIGGERS FUCK JEWS FUCK JANNIES FUCK REDDITORS[View]
98610539Wow this is powerful....[View]
98611253very dark skin is a very attractive trait[View]
98603500>one chance at life >not born in a first world country…[View]
98609712Asian Century: Phase 1: Elimination of Whites[View]
98608383I just forgot that Belarus exists.... again.... Do you have a country like this? I'm starting…[View]
98610368/brit/: Turtle in the hot tub edition[View]
98611171How can people have daughters and NOT molest them? Do they just restrain themselves?[View]
98611160*AHEM* 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The …[View]
98611623Everybody loves me: Everybody loves me[View]
98610530If East Asia was Balkan, which country would be a country in Balkan?: My opinion is Japan Serbia Ch…[View]
98611472Why are the faces of Europeans and Asians different?: Climate? Mutant?[View]
98608970La Creatura...[View]
98611357Good morning /int/[View]
98611150I want indians gone from porn sites, they fucking ruined everything No matter what I type half of th…[View]
98610893>I talk about “family values” and racial superiority whilst browsing a website for virgin men to …[View]
98608833how do sons with attractive mothers cope with it?[View]
98609834Will you see Aquaman /int/?[View]
98607984What is your favorite line of a song?: For me 'Don't go chasing waterfalls'[View]
98607363I'm only attracted to girls with light skin. I don't like shitskin girls.[View]
98608097daily reminder: Romania is BLACK,not wh*te or gyppoid[View]
98610121*ting ting* 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 󠠭 󠠭 󠠠 󠛡 󠡶 …[View]
98610889I absolutely hear no difference between V and W.[View]
98605562would you sniff?[View]
98601667Why do white women find it so difficult to attract men ?[View]
98607807What is the language of the elite in your country? Here in Ireland, English is seen as too common, I…[View]
98610476>he doesn't engage in new posts and sticks to his own cunt's thread…[View]
98610673Just got a diagnosis for severe depression and a bunch of ssri drugs. Gonna be comfy and neet my way…[View]
98610005how can i stop hating my parents for making me ugly and short im not pic releated btw[View]
98610507>Я нe знaю, Toвapищ Aнoн. Your penis wasn't as premium as promises you made.…[View]
98608670Do people really do this?: Is it true that there are ''people'' out there that sit on public toilets…[View]
98610250have to go to school in a few hours, frens[View]
98609729>So just to be 100% sure: you want 3 20 packs of chicken nuggets in large meals? >…[View]
98610258/int/ how can i (a white Australia fit guy) get a west/north European boyfriend? pls help they'…[View]
98602203post ur spotify wrapped up for the year https://spotifywrapped.com/en/[View]
98608652Hi, I'm an Australian guy going over to America for university next year I was wondering what p…[View]
98609580Cream on blokes.[View]
98609929We aren't going to be allowed to leave the EU are we...[View]
98605323>your cunt >the greatest nip comic protagonist of all time…[View]
98607805redpill me on french cuisine[View]
98603363Did he do anything wrong? I was beginning to like the guy.[View]
98610060>Santa Claus is not real[View]
98609525is she 10/10 in america?[View]
98607624>dad talks to me >dad tries to bait me into fighthim him…[View]
98605463Does your country have gay cities?[View]
98607579Leonor or Sofia?[View]
98601205>superpower by 2020[View]
98602720Why do white girls always wear as little clothes as possible? Is it because of their Germanic barbar…[View]
98609373USAF CONFIRMS USMC TRAINING WITH J-20 MOCKUPS: https://theaviationist.com/2018/12/09/usaf-confirms-t…[View]
98607188I am absolutely in love with this country, anybody else shares my feelings?[View]
98609464I don't hate bitches they hate me (but love my dick)[View]
98606649Anyone else have a foreign girlfriend[View]
98608129/brit/: beautiful british women edition[View]
98608774Post a video you like related to the country above[View]
98609272Does ur country got the stiffy uh?[View]
98599789BURN THE COAL https://abc7ny.com/amp/high-school-football-player-charged-with-killing-pregnant-cheer…[View]
98600904According to Pentagono, 85% of shartericans aren´t able for the military service because: - A bunch …[View]
98609146>lose weight >nipples still protruding like breasts >penis still covered by a fat pad okay,…[View]
98609063He said he suffer from first world. I say just buy a Gucci or something.[View]
98608974ITT: Fucked over by life: Dad's a lawyer who used to be an athlete. Mom used to be a 10/10. And…[View]
98609056Mames: Does your country have a meme ? Hell even pootugal has a meme.[View]
98609040>harvard university has produced more nobel laureates than this entire country combined LOL just …[View]
98608024Why are Americans like this?[View]
98606979She said >I miss you ;([View]
98608885Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12vh55_1ul8[View]
98608835mind: blown[View]
98605819Black french nationals.: Correct me if I am wrong here but I'm pretty sure black people have li…[View]
98608817why yes i want to be fukked by niggers, how did you know?[View]
98607101Allah or Shaitaan ?: well ?[View]
98608757Why is English-Canada legal?[View]
98606095why is english a category 0 language???: is it really that easy to learn? pathetic.[View]
98608388i am a white Italian man[View]
98607084>Chinese bully Japanese kid who is stranded in China: Why do Japanese think themselves as a separ…[View]
98608536i have the biggest nose on this board, if not this entire site[View]
98606950The average Turkish man[View]
98608249This white thing is called 'Shirako' Basically fish semen. It's quite damn delicious and nutrit…[View]
98608469>Black coffee[View]
98604766Do arabs have the worst food in the east? Their food is shit compared to Turks, Persians, Pakis,etc.[View]
98608034that's right kkkracka, we know you caucasians are really nothing but uppity, pig skinned apes[View]
98607465>The predominant voting system in the United States is a first-past-the-post system that uses sin…[View]
98572019Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98606025Should I cut my bangs?[View]
98607306Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
98608237>smoking 78 cigarettes a day[View]
98599481>fucking up uni how do I get a job that pays money if I am too fucking dense to pay attention?…[View]
98601401My autism is getting real bad lads. I'm no longer just hearing voices in my head, I'm actu…[View]
98607442Should I dump a girl if I want kids but she can't have them?[View]
98607544Tornadoes of /int/: What are some of the biggest storms in your cunt that have happened >pic rela…[View]
98607873free him[View]
98605616>corruption scandals already popping out >the excuse is 'b-but Lula also did it...' laughing m…[View]
98603675You wake up 130 k years ago[View]
98604645Is this why Trump is so mad at Iran? >Tehran, Iran https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R2rabM41e0 [E…[View]
98606050is he a representation of a med bull?[View]
98604885Anybody else fap to this Brazilian boy?[View]
98606238Paid actors fuck off![View]
98601222/luso/: Fio em português. Edição Cigarrinho da Madrugada.[View]
98607722/CUM/: Manifest Destiny Edition[View]
98606947Did you know that Chinese eat stir fry cockroaches?[View]
98607732how about we force all roasties on this board to post nudes or boot them off the site looking at you…[View]
98603627Would you do this?[View]
98606804why do soyboys put intelligence on higher regards than strength when they aren't going to stomp…[View]
98606459belarus thread[View]
98561122/asean/: Edisi Monday Blues Fuck attentionwhores[View]
98591433Do you love Japan?[View]
98607563do people in your country listen to Cum Town? USA yes[View]
98604753Why are Canadians so racist?[View]
98599072Why is Europe full of very antisemitic countries?: With the exception of the UK and a few other coun…[View]
98603641guess the country: you know the drill[View]
98607530im chinese but i love korea and japan!!!![View]
98605377/brit/: edition[View]
986074781 youre cunt 2 how the fuck do i stop being clumsy[View]
98597870What would the ethnic phenotype of the future Martian look like?[View]
98600407Have you ever seen a Korean cartoon?[View]
98606502די סיבה איז נישט אין די לופט עס איז די ביסל אויסגעקליבן מענטשן וואָס זענען באַצאָלט צו שטימען די לבנ…[View]
98607384if you are confident enough you can take a picture with two coworkers, stop being a hateful incel[View]
98604700if you have GREEN in your flag, you're a shithole. prove me wrong.[View]
98607231Getting three hours of sleep every night, studying for exams and shitposting on /int/. Teachers Assi…[View]
98607302So this is the view you get in the Alps huh?[View]
98606859How do pigskins feel about the fact that they live in a continent where the majority of people are b…[View]
98606417anyone know who she is? is she like a celebrity or instagram model? she claims she's from Saudi…[View]
98604246Please stop poluting, overfishing and destroying the forest. I suffer from ecoanxiety.[View]
98604087RIP Gavin. OD'd on the red pills.[View]
98606920>Due to the volume of applications we will only be responding to successful candidates, so thank …[View]
98602140Do you have community dogs in your country? Are they protected by law?[View]
98606612>can’t even reheat pizza without fucking up and burning my finger does this happen in your count…[View]
98605959That is the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil[View]
98598199Do Icelanders create a last name if they move somewhere else: It would be interesting if I was from …[View]
98602853Mexicans, Explain this!: Mexicans, Explain this![View]
98605364Always was, always will be, Teutonic clay.[View]
98606622One of these days. Any time now. Miku will come take me in my sleep.[View]
98605793How do I get a job here as an Australian?[View]
98605010You wake up in 59,745 on the day of the founding of the Ancient Finnish Empire[View]
98603754Meme countries with no culture or soul: ITT we post non-nations Seriously, what the fuck even is Ang…[View]
98606509Do you want to mate with an Inuit of partially nobel Aryan Paleolithic heritage in Nunavut?[View]
98604080/asean/: Farang tourists edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L9ofxclk8A&t=217s พวกฝรั่งอ้…[View]
98602745/cum/: This L is for the Raptors edition[View]
98606343>go outside >females can be cops wtf[View]
98603097what are your experiences with female expats, /int/? flag. they've all been either on a manic e…[View]
98603932Everyone is talking about whiteness here, come on: You know that white people are superior, that…[View]
98606275you boys had the famed kingfeemer?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFd8Mwg1cws&fbclid=IwAR3RPFx…[View]
98548891Culture Pals /cp/ SPECIAL: The Return of Darren edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from ar…[View]
98605161Germany forging military alliance with China: >The Chinese and German militaries will deepen coop…[View]
98605565yes, im a celtic bull, how did you know?[View]
98603664is japan confucian?[View]
98605995why does spain even exist? to me they are becoming as low as portugal[View]
98602635Japanese thread3: Let's do cultural exchange!! Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/Hello!! ・ww…[View]
98605281For me, it's Latvia. The most underrated European country.[View]
98603517>thinking of committing suicide >remember that Japanese women exist >decide to keep living…[View]
98602380>Year 2050 >You wake up in your hometown[View]
98605054Average Thai: >average Thai[View]
98601972Brazilians, please tell us how did you manage to elect a true right-wing conservative president? It…[View]
98605661Do you want to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Asgardia?[View]
98602612Harry and Megan are soon going to have a new British baby![View]
98605378/brit/: takes your meds edition[View]
98604912you wake up 56 million years ago[View]
98601220>China is a shitho- Woah[View]
98604171>boomer dad hating on 6ix9ine again[View]
98603870females peak at 20, change my mind, pic releated is the average body of a 30yo woman[View]
986053911. flag 2. are you 4channel oldf*g? flag yes, I've been here since the very beginning[View]
98605295Would you sniff her farts?[View]
98605236>White trash[View]
98603501Pilbara appreciation thread >most beautiful part of the country >australia's money maker …[View]
98597518Would this be an acceptable meal in your country?[View]
98605248Star Wars auction is stopped before it is concluded: https://www.iltalehti.fi/viihdeuutiset/a/43e9cd…[View]
98605168Ask a Thai femboi anything :) ฉันเป็นถั่วดำนะครับ :))[View]
98603025Name one thing this guy did wrong. I'll wait[View]
98604402>want to find love in my country >can't because they're all wh*Te women and I'd…[View]
98605084is there enough air?[View]
98604327This is what Old Stock American is: If you have an ancestry other than this, get the fuck out And no…[View]
98597082You wake up in 1300 BC[View]
98602458popular countries = red white blue flags unpopular countries = anything else[View]
98604697In your opinion what are the nicest and meanest boards on 4chan? For me /fit/ is the most friendly b…[View]
98604231We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of your enemies to us. May your light shi…[View]
98602268Why are Swedes so autistic?[View]
98602829WTF Alaska genocide when?[View]
98604821Just had a conversation with the mayor of my city. Is your country like this or is it a shithole whe…[View]
98604719how hard is it to go on vacation in east asia if you don't speak the language? i've only e…[View]
98604111Ordem e Progresso[View]
98601555How do you distinguish between male and female Korean names?[View]
98602319China is starting to ban cetain iPhones and making it mandatory for certain companies to use Huawei …[View]
98604040Does this happen in your country?[View]
98603662Why is there no culture in America west of the Mississippi river?[View]
986034331. your country 2. opinion on Konata[View]
98604484Ay dios mio... it's the race of the future! Soon all of Canada and Australia will be populated …[View]
98604492>Open thread on /int/ >It's another racism thread…[View]
98604312why are the Proboscis Monkey meme trending in Poland?: what is the meaning? please please please tel…[View]
98603560/NE•Megalopolis/: We are real America. Non-Northeasterners are not invited[View]
98602741I want to be friends. What can we do to conciliate?[View]
98602046Why yes, I do believe in internationalism. How could you tell?[View]
98588642>amerilards don't have a 500 dollars note[View]
98601766Pigskins are disgusting.[View]
98594306Sverigetråden - misärupplagan: Dina föräldrar i din ålder på toppen du på botten[View]
98603106Gondola Accident in Austria: so germans being good at engineering is a confirmed meme now right?…[View]
98602900Do any other cunts besides the us have this issue where your elected officials age seemingly exponen…[View]
98600498This man is a national treasure: 4 more years please.[View]
98604000What's your Nasal Index?[View]
98603916What's your country? What's your ancestry?[View]
98597538Does the last name 'von ______' usually imply noble ancestry in Germany?[View]
98597288Chechen Republic declared a war on obesity: >The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, de…[View]
98601920>smoke a bowl and a dab >If i lived in a third world shithole like the Philippines, America or…[View]
98597498Are they generally aware that their country looks Middle Eastern?[View]
98593750/fr/ - Le Fil Français de bonne race: édition de la Génération Haineuse https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
98598031/2sicilie / BRATZ[View]
98601584Is race fetishism a thing in your country? In my country black people are often perceived as more an…[View]
98594226So wait, what the fucks going on?[View]
98593790How 2018 was for you /int/, some achievement? I concluded my course in mechanical engineering.[View]
98603401>Right-wingers ummm....[View]
986012771. Your country 2. How long until it stops having a white majority 1. Flag 2. 2035[View]
98603440I have a thing for older women (50s and 60s) Is this normal in your country[View]
98598758I hate the destructive, cultureless, soul-draining American lifestyle and want to move to Europe.[View]
98603398Why are bongs so good at making good music?[View]
98602558What should I expect from Rue Saint-Denis in Paris?[View]
98603296Putyn needs to apologize for Katyn[View]
98603017I really wanna beat the fucking shit out of a woman but society won't let me............[View]
98600892Why do high IQ turn people into soyboys?[View]
98601233KANGZ are so powerfull that they get even the few brazilians who look western euros: . In less than …[View]
98603018Malvinas and the Antarctic Peninsula belongs to Argentina[View]
98602493>mfw a foreigner says the word 'Argentina' I cringe everytime, especially if he is a native spani…[View]
98601988There is literally nothing wrong with eugenics as long as you're just sterilizing people and no…[View]
98602546mom stalking the son of some ex boss on facebook >look at how handsome he is, she really has a ha…[View]
98591991Please, come to Brazil and fuck ou women.[View]
98600839When was the worst time period to live in your country? If you were white it was probably during wes…[View]
98602862Why is Bosnia a country?[View]
98593244>kara boga[View]
98601531/brit/: my granddad[View]
98602022Turkish girls are for ______[View]
98598746/nachtschicht/: /deutsch/elite normiesäue sollen sich weghängen. wir alle hassen sie und ihre sippsc…[View]
98602666I'm so hard rn, I wish a qt /int/ boy could help me with this[View]
98599466/cum/: Pas d'anglais dans le bus edition[View]
98600860Finnish girls are superior to White girls: Their eyes and cheekbones make them exotic and beautiful…[View]
98573288/ex-yu/: udari ili promasi edicija[View]
98593816What's the worst thing your country's done in the last 20 years? We ignored the iPhone. Me…[View]
98597627In a 100 years when white people are nearly extinct, do you think naturally blonde girls will automa…[View]
98597249fuck norway: Seriously, this is the worst country in the entire world. They deserve literally NOTHI…[View]
98601879cunt are you a boomer usa yes[View]
98599254Why aren't you learning japanese /int/?[View]
98593564/v4/ + Brexit: Zyzz edition[View]
98602032The Coming Bankruptcy of the American Empire: Better to bring the troops home on our terms than wait…[View]
98583187Out of the countries that didn't sign the migration pact, which one is the best to live in? Eas…[View]
98602420/nederdraad/: Boze slaafjes-editie. Welkom: werklui die braaf hun belasting betalen Niet Welkom: ops…[View]
98600875Cranes vs a Dragon: Mortal Kombat[View]
98601680why are wh*toid obsessed with their poo?[View]
98602141she is russian in my eyes[View]
98601916Getting played.: A lot of people like to take the time and think well I'm glad that isn't …[View]
98602240Which country is your country's Brazil? 1. Flag 2. Canada[View]
98601540I'm 23 and I've only had sex twice. By normie standards I am a failure. By 4chan standards…[View]
986014241. cunt 2. how much does your '''tv licence'' cost?[View]
98593945/lat/: hilo latino[View]
98601484Do Taiwanese people think of their country as 'the real' China or a discreet country?[View]
98601978Subscribe to Pewdiepie[View]
98597999Is it true that in Europe you have to buy gas canisters because you have no natural gas?[View]
98601862itt post stories about mildly cool shit that happened to you i'll start >september last year…[View]
98596121Italy is doomed: Forget Yellowstone If you are a volcanologist, nothing strikes fear into your heart…[View]
98601724Post comfy cooking channels from your country Here's a guy who tries to make food like a cowboy…[View]
986018471. you're slimy orifice 2. do the youth of your country inspire confidence about the future? fl…[View]
98601609How do we stop Russians? https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/russian-serial-killer-policeman-mikhail-po…[View]
98601816Why is it so hard to find a job in Spain while it's no problem doing that in France or Germany?…[View]
98594840>wh*Te cows fear this[View]
98600285How do I get a CHI gf?[View]
98601784why are white girls (of all nations) so salty over /int/ preferring melanin enriched women? I'd…[View]
98601640India by 2025. WOAH![View]
98601414My memories are gathered together[View]
98601592Us, evropeans, should leave europe to rot with nigs and sand aps and migrate to our promised land.[View]
98573045Does your country have good infrastructure? In the US we have the money, but one of our parties (Rep…[View]
98601440>In Istanbul there is a old Turkish woman >how she wished her son would grow to be a Doctor or…[View]
98595564/luso/ - Fio Feminista: Homens = Merda Mulheres = Deusas Superiores[View]
985807621. Your cunt 2. Do you believe all immigration is a human right?[View]
98598582>move downtown in my small/medium sized city >live in a small place above Tony’s Pizzeria …[View]
98601311The Pink Race vs The Pale Race[View]
98601078Just imagine the Turkish soldiers who fought and died in Gallipoli defending their nation facing tre…[View]
98593012Why are black nations poor?[View]
98601227>Go to war MAKE WAR to protect a BUNCH OF drug dealers YAAAR[View]
98600759Fennoswedes are Finns.[View]
98601152Would your country's current leader or last male leader be able to resist Jewish milkies?[View]
98600215How Americans cope with the fact that Canada is better than their country in every aspect?[View]
98578643This Italian anon is now my girlfriend. I love her and I will protect her. Every time you insult Ita…[View]
98593692Round 2 /int/ - Hunger Games: Round 2 for the hunger games Old thread >>98591489 Place your be…[View]
98600788Latina waifus.[View]
98600664mom is beating the dog again[View]
98598891/brit/: a toast to brexit edition[View]
98590720Active separatist movements in Europe: Active separatist movements in Europe[View]
98596544This is the average Puerto Rican/Dominican male. Thoughts?[View]
98595324>this guy walks up to you on the street and calls you a shitskin wat do?…[View]
98600204>No, I don't pee in the sink[View]
98600505Americans started to import white people from Mexico??: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk[View]
98599232I've never been more than 150 miles (241 km) from my hometown. Also, if I don't constantly…[View]
98600089>crack a window >room temp drop 10°c it's that simple seriously why can't you wrap y…[View]
98575956Do you have mixed heritage, /int/?[View]
98599655>come to America >encounter this creatura >wut do?…[View]
98597998I don't want to be lectured by people who destroyed their forests[View]
985991041) your country 2) beer from your country you would recommend to everyone[View]
98598422>almost 50/50 Weak. I am disappointed.[View]
98600493>Tibet once owned India WHAT THE FUCK[View]
98599543What goes on here?[View]
98594850Are you happy with your country?[View]
98591437High HDI Thread: You can only post in this thread if your state/province/region/country has an HDI o…[View]
98599839Do you have this in your country ?[View]
98600315When will Connecticut have its rightful western territories returned? When will Massachusetts libera…[View]
98600238how many more years do you got until you get your wizard powers? got 7 more to go[View]
98599115America appreciation thread. Thanks for safeguarding the world for nearly 100 years now America. Th…[View]
98600172Why isn't Central American food more popular? It's the same as Mexican food.[View]
98600035>Japan is the only major country who didn't sign to the Genocide Convention >even Russia …[View]
98599338>flag >have you sent a dick pic to a guy before Flag Yeah I’m not even gay tho…[View]
98600036how much does pic related cost in your country? Here it's relatively 80 cents[View]
98599741I want to live in the romanticized and dramatic version of Europe that is envisioned in my head. I…[View]
98599439>Oh anon, I didn't know that you lift!'[View]
98598148redpill me on france things that make it special,strange cultural things,anecdotes of things that ha…[View]
98577623/éire/: Report and ignore shitposting eagrán[View]
98597359Uber Cucks[View]
98591380Macron just said he's gonna raise the minimum wage by 100€ stingy boss are anally devasted, you…[View]
98599580does your country have qt3.14 teachers, /int/?[View]
98599475/cum/: girls night edition[View]
98567624This is what every blk woman dreams of[View]
98588377/polska/: edycja długich czarnych włosów[View]
98595362I don't get it. How can they can be like >Wtf? you're like 1 km away from me do you wan…[View]
985968101. Your country 2. Does Italy need to be reduced back to its natural borders?[View]
98594790/cum/: Rapties finna dab on the Warriors and steal the chip edition Fuck the Warriors sub edition…[View]
98598959>just passed a kidney stone the size of a lemon after doctors said it was too big to operate…[View]
98598607Why yes, I am Celtic. How did you know?[View]
98593034My ancestors.[View]
98576652/norgetråden/:: Vil Tromsogjengen inkludere henne-utgaven? Forrige: >>98563983 >>985639…[View]
98596917Is Malaysia first world? It looks really developed desu.[View]
98598877Any other Frenchmen here?[View]
98598859>plate of lasagna I'm eating falls over despite only 25% of plate being off edge of desk …[View]
98598021i am white[View]
98598379What do cute Estonian boys sound like :3[View]
985962751. Your county 2. How harshly is hate speech punishable in your country? >Estonia >It isnt. Al…[View]
98597455Ah, yes. Putting Brazil in charge to protect the world's future: What could go wrong?[View]
98598649/New England/: Dunkin'? Now THAT'S coffee.[View]
98595490Why did Mezoamericans genocide Equus scotti instead of taming it?[View]
98584690How did your street look like 100 years ago? Post pics of your street/city that is 100 years old or…[View]
98598244>smocking gun as an ESL, i will bring this every time whenever someone make fun of my misspelling…[View]
98596548French and Caribbean bros, do the letters DOM mean anything to you?[View]
98598478Slav Savage - 'Your people can't even speak your own language' Celtic Cuck- *attempts to say e…[View]
98598462>'Mom, Dad, this is my new bf, he's Puerto Rican, just like Luis Fonsi, isn't he nice?'…[View]
98583863I like the British roadman look.[View]
98594843Guess the ethnicity[View]
98595111tfw top left[View]
98595207Trust a dane... Feel 291 years of pain.[View]
98585709good job frogs![View]
98592545They just cannot stop trying to take credit for things America did[View]
98569852/mämmi/: mietaan jussi -painos[View]
98594946wtf, I HATE POCk now?[View]
98587562Another black girl thread: It’s been approximately 0.4 seconds since the last black chick thread her…[View]
985981561. Cunt 2. Thoughts on America's greatest cultural achievement, Dorf Fort?[View]
98596526>there are people on an American image board but can't speak Spanish asqueroso…[View]
98595334/brit/: Ozzy edition[View]
98597966WTF is up with Spain[View]
98588177/2sicilie/ - il filo: edizione etnea[View]
98594254/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/: Die imperiale Ausgabe[View]
98596849Today Russian man Michail Popkov was convicted for 60 murders.[View]
98596716Would you rather take 3 million euros right now or get 10.000 euros once a month for the rest of you…[View]
98597100Why are Danes like this?[View]
98597543Why are American so unable to take a joke?[View]
98593246Are french really seen as latins in your country ? Here everybody see ourselves as Gaul's heirs…[View]
98590686>WE WANT TRUMP! Based.[View]
98597202Who was in the wrong here? The central americans for rushing the border, or the US americans for tea…[View]
98593064Why are Brits so good at banter? No one else comes close. It's impossible to make them mad thro…[View]
98596543Let's worship this girl[View]
98594512>black gf will never call you white boi Why even live?[View]
98597115WWGOWGA: Dear patroits, I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one b…[View]
98579320/balk/: Previous : >>98559403[View]
98594979How come Mezoamericans couldn't tame this qt?[View]
98587347This is extremely problematic.[View]
98588554/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Жывe, тaк cкaзaть[View]
98587283If all islands were connected to each other. How powerful would this country be? Its hugely populate…[View]
98595977Have you seen this anime?[View]
98594897Do you like Maram?[View]
98594629/cum/: My Chinese bf <3[View]
98589453why are white people from third world countries so racist[View]
98594711Why are southrons so eternally butthurt, /int/? Is it something in the food?[View]
98561175kurva anyátok[View]
98594329What do you think Gianny's poo smells like?[View]
98596413FUCK fake ass niggas[View]
98595177Have you ever been stuck working a dead end job /int/?[View]
98594628Are there actually people on /int/ that think this way?[View]
98593425Poorfag lifehacks: What are some poorfag lifehacks you use/recommend? Heres a few i know >put bub…[View]
98595503There is a classic animation in China that used to be a smash hit in China. >Since 2002, the 'Blu…[View]
98590344You're welcome.[View]
98587038'I killed one man and Breivik killed 80 but we got the same sentence. When I asked Norwegian King wh…[View]
98595258Watch out for any legendary ultra rere deluxe china flags[View]
985940321. your cunt 2. do you support exterminating Eastern Europeans to own the libs?[View]
98595534/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição: Deusas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8A-7yJ3ppI[View]
98595203He did nothing wrong.Only betas disagree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yHy0gcZ11Y&t=172s…[View]
98593829Where are you guys today?[View]
98595730British textbook: >India's national anthem is literally anti-Muslim propaganda Explain Brita…[View]
98580595/nederdraad/: NEUK DE CONGIERGE IK MAAK DIT OP PAGINA 6 opkankeren: alle britten[View]
98558120/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Rodrigo Santoro Anterior: >>98543380[View]
98584768/Mena/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ETsM-2PdfM Baghdad![View]
98587693/cum/: *actionpost* edition[View]
98595449Dance the night away, Live your life and stay young, On the floor, Dance the night away, Grab somebo…[View]
98595485>'Tou com sono ela tem cafeína Ye lê lê, ye lê lê Como o prato enquanto ela cozinha Ye lê lê, …[View]
98570075Why does the world have a fetish for Southern Euro and Northern Euro girls. Is it the Romance langua…[View]
98595308I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as America, is in fact, …[View]
98593314Hi Greece[View]
98593269Epitome of proper manly British man and epitome of British femininity in one picture. You have right…[View]
98593588gorgeous old lady[View]
98594757ITT: /int/ wakes up is a lost island.[View]
98591367redpill me about (((swedish))) people. is it true what people say about them?[View]
98592131/brit/: Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you edition[View]
98587860/cum/: We finna take the chip edition Fuck off Eurotrash sub edition[View]
98594019>the call that saved france[View]
98592281>wanted to watch a movie on Netflix >it's been removed Does this happen in your country?…[View]
98572588This is French cuisine: Thoughts?[View]
98588508Sverigetråden - Kommunist-upplagan[View]
98594481Guess her ethnicity[View]
98588656/padania/ libera: t.erroni residenti sotto il Po non ammessi[View]
98586873say something nice about my future gf[View]
98593731guess his ethnicity[View]
98593306Do you give 4chan posters who type in broken English little racist nicknames? Mine: >doesn't…[View]
98594310Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk[View]
98591133What's in Panama?[View]
98594395Sverigetråden - Evangeline-upplagan: :3[View]
98594476I knew that he was innocent from the very beginning, just like Roman Polanski https://www.dailymail.…[View]
98594101post yfw wh*tiods go extinct this century[View]
98591370North Dakota: What happens here?[View]
98590439why are we so poor?[View]
98593340What does this language sound like?[View]
98592890Japan is amazing Glory to Japan[View]
98585245>wake up >google image world map >GEATLAND IS STILL NOT INDEPENDENT WHY?!…[View]
98590367>Team up >Btfo everyone else Give me one good reason why we haven't done this yet…[View]
98590410French swashbuckle movies: Gays wearing gay capes and fighting with smallswords Most of non-french s…[View]
98590030>watch movie >see guy that looks jewish >he's actually italian…[View]
98584719Guess ethnicity[View]
98591017Is hearty stew popular in your cunt? What kind of meat and vegetables do you put in it? This is meat…[View]
98588350/polska/: edycja tej cycatej[View]
98591489/int/ - Hunger Games: These are the contenders Place your bets gentlemen[View]
98593373If you don't enjoy a nice bacon burger with blue cheese crumbles on top + hot garlic wings on t…[View]
98568634/lat/: hilo latino[View]
98591051Your country sucks hehe[View]
98588208Is the migration period equivalent to the migrants coming into europe today?[View]
98590607when you reading some in a different language do you read it in your own language in your head?[View]
9859268025 year old PC game: THIS GAME is now 25 years old https://www.pelaajalehti.com/uutiset/raiskintakla…[View]
98583397Which one is more famous for tourism in your country ?[View]
98582297During the Maidan revolution not a single store and not a single bank was robbed. Now compare that t…[View]
98588461ITT: english words you can't write correctly for me it's immideately :([View]
98586569/deutsch/: Die herzerwärmende Abendausgabe[View]
98591257Those Japanese cultural exchange threads were the most fun I have had on /int/ in a long time. Their…[View]
98590291I’m an american with a 23.0 BMI.[View]
98586589Political suicide: In America if you are a republican we all know what the no-no topic is. Gun contr…[View]
98592878mfw I realize Macron is not a president but an Admin of france for the UE[View]
98563850only GERMANIC LANGUAGE BULLS are allowed in this thread. laughing at r*mance and sl*vshit languages …[View]
98592833https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf1VA5jqmRo Did you fix it yet india?[View]
98592322DREAM OF CALIFORNICATION !!!!!!!!1![View]
98588420P-please buy my album /int/[View]
98587317/fr/ - le fil macronien: c'est gratuit c'est l'État qui paye[View]
98590768/germany/: What bank should I open an account with? Bonus if I can do it from overseas[View]
98591529the average austrian poster on /int/ looks like this thoughts?[View]
98588368Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
98588707>litchrilly Why do the English do this? Won't say Brits since I don't know if the Sco…[View]
98584905Brits WILL defend this[View]
98590766>cute Asian girl showed up to class today not wearing makeup Wow you guys weren't exaggerati…[View]
98591576Where do I find abusive girlfriend?[View]
98585889Do all Latinx posters look like this?: This is how I picture Mexicans, Peruvians, and Argentinians. …[View]
98591386>Americans think that just being born in America is a virtue[View]
98592280>Pssst >Hey kid wanna start a Wehrsportgruppe with me…[View]
98504567DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2092: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
98582550White Beauty: This thread is for the discussion of the superior beauty of the white women. Post whit…[View]
98589228Why do Americans use credit cards and rarely debit? Why they love spending money they don't hav…[View]
98592234>mfw winter has come[View]
98592129Brexit thread: Let's dance Let's dance For fear your grace should fall Let's dance Fo…[View]
98589117Damnnnn, Russian girls look like THAT?[View]
98591445Daily reminder that we're the only reason you aren't slurping goverment-mandated rations o…[View]
98591481The average German poster on /int/ look like this. Thoughts?[View]
98589978Just learned that my country was allied with Nazi Germany during WW2. I fucking hate this place now.[View]
98591194What's it like to know that your life has inherent value? I was born haplogroup e1b and am ther…[View]
98583894>5'4 lmao[View]
98591798Just American things.[View]
98590668Proud to be Muslim. Europe? More like Gay-rope. Incidentally also the name we'll give to the n…[View]
98585590Now, let’s be actually serious, unironically, who here who is non-American actually thinks America i…[View]
98591268>All developed countries have less than the replacement fertility rate >Developed countries wi…[View]
98588468Kom nu[View]
98590676>KARA BOG-[View]
98577074face of /int/[View]
98586449How common are these stereotypical names in their countries?: >Ireland: Seamus, Patrick, Liam, Mo…[View]
98562454/v4/+elvtársak: Monday morning boogaloo[View]
98564936How do you think about North Korea?: I am south Korean and I dont like North Korea. And I dont like …[View]
98573190Charles Martel was a Christian French military leader who defeated the invasion forces of the Umayya…[View]
98587634>yfw Japan is the most Americanized Asian country >cultural exchanges have been made between J…[View]
98589857Do you agree with this statement?: I am worried that well-meaning people who deny the possibility of…[View]
98590742Good job France. Even JVPITER trembles before the people's might.[View]
98588692>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that have never had a König Ludwig Dunkel What the FUCK…[View]
98589709Bloody the wall streets.: Everyone knows that if you get advanced warning on things like a merger or…[View]
98586602We can into space: Polish flag for the first time on the Mars amongst flags of U.S., France, Germany…[View]
98588624/brit/: Britain 2050 edition[View]
98590452Look what I got. Anybody got a toast?[View]
98581415>non-anglos unironically believe that they are our equals[View]
98570357Please come to Japan and rescue our office ladies. Their work lifestyle is too hard.[View]
98585299/europe/ - General: I think we need a general for the best continent on this planet.[View]
98590008catholics = pagans lvterans = trve people of christ[View]
98589423My cousins are visiting from Australia next week! I'm so excited! I haven't seen them sinc…[View]
98586281Reminder that Catalonia was independent for 6 seconds[View]
98587665i don't browse kohlchan at home because its schizo shithole[View]
98588853polandball nostalgia thread[View]
98588609>your cunt >are you from a third world shithole? >leaf >yes iam proud of it…[View]
98588969fuck continentals 1. your country too?[View]
98589082Why yes I am Scoottish, how did yae know?[View]
98584993Is anybody else currently in a long distance relationship with an international SO that they haven…[View]
98583807guess what country this pic is from[View]
98588586Leftists are the shock troopers for capitalism and big corporations.[View]
98588571Who takes the crown?: Five Guys vs. Shake Shack vs. Culver's vs. Whataburger vs. In-N-Out Burge…[View]
98588960>Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger (August 1, 1930 – June 4, 2011) was an American statesman and career…[View]
98588878/birt/: british culture edition[View]
98582892How do you say 'yes' in your language? How do you say 'yeah' in your language?[View]
98575011/ita/ - il filo: Edizione k-pop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk7_8ZkYA4Q PDOR SON'S OF KMER …[View]
98574906/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: ([View]
98587037The human's role in the manufactured reality that was originally a wholly human creation is dim…[View]
98588100Why are there no stories of western slaves who freed themselves and eventually conquered entire king…[View]
98582216>wake up >this is now Europe wat do?[View]
98576396This confuses and enrages the German[View]
98587406You guys do realize that usa is a literal developing country? You cannot call yourself first world i…[View]
98588278posters you know but hate >egyptian who lives in saudi arabia. >turk who lives in britain…[View]
98582977Yes i'm tunisian how did you know[View]
98588264>Stop supporting Macron[View]
98582838/brit/: England's WC run on DVD for Crimbo ed.[View]
98578364Latinos are R1b BVLLS[View]
98586492None of you can imagine what it's like being a 169cm short 'male' manlet. You're all 175cm…[View]
98579518>In a recent survey, 1 in 5 Americans expressed uncertainty about the shape of the Earth…[View]
98581112/polska/: edycja wypieków[View]
98564241/2sicilie/ - il filo: edizione Castel del monte[View]
98582324Germans? More like 'Germs'[View]
98580064/cum/: ape hood edition[View]
98583324This hand has never touched a girl let alone even sexually... i turn 27 in a few days[View]
98586481Why tf is youtube shilling me some pussy ass globalist leftist muh feelings propaganda. Japan is fuc…[View]
98584338Mexico is first world you fucking idiots!![View]
98587532copulate floor cleaner and blak peopol r bad[View]
98587258At least i am 83.72% evropean[View]
98587153Norwegians come in all kinds of looks and shapes. How can the world even compete? Why are we so cool…[View]
98587140>The french are already speaking and singing in arabic Lmao www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_A681SXwi0…[View]
98573361/sag/-South Asia General: This land is mine. God gave this land to me.[View]
98587006Get out of the way Sweden, Morocco is aiming for the number 1 spot[View]
98581664>tfw you do not become a paratrooper because of bad eyesight[View]
98586907MPR vaccine was taken into use in 1968. None of you sheeps won't believe it but Russians are ba…[View]
98586164Guess the State[View]
98586607the jewel of the Caribbean other carib nations just can't compete to be honest...[View]
98585924Do all white people do this? Only Americans? It's so fucking awkward. Stop. A smirk would be be…[View]
98587699Can someone tell me the functional difference between the EU and Soviet Union?: >both left leanin…[View]
98584080Why does Italy politically resemble itself in the year 1919?[View]
98583901/fr/ - le fil: édition manu[View]
98584602Why are the French rioting, I thought they loved taxes?[View]
98577416post armies from your country[View]
98586508/can/ - Canada General: Toronto Is The Worst City In The Western World And Deserves Nothing Short Of…[View]
98585647I'm racist, I just don't respect w*Sternoids. I consider them to be akin to a caged hamste…[View]
98582283>fell for the greatest country on earth scam >moved here six years ago >realized i fell for…[View]
98586012I hate being American[View]
98585322why are white women, especially the blonde ones, so yikey?[View]
98582612Guess which one is the Finn[View]
98583935My father was born a poor Chinese peasant ... now I go to university in America. Thanks dad, and tha…[View]
98584622>be dad >dad is 6'1 >105kg >beer belly but 18 inch biceps and rugby player frame …[View]
98576806Wich of these languages is the easier phonetically speaking? I think spanish has more 'honest' phono…[View]
98585318>spent last hour day-dreaming about leading an army of KARA BOGA brothers to invade europe and ki…[View]
98583794How hot does it have to get where you're from before people start complaining? For us, it'…[View]
98585915>Frenchoids bring a literal guillotine in France riots Based[View]
98582966Why are the French Europe's biggest weebs? Is it because the French and Japanese are both maste…[View]
98582028gonna blow up this whole board[View]
98585164I am Han Chinese and proud[View]
98576638Japanese men are so alpha. I thought they were weak pussies. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_8QlDBDN…[View]
98579170>I live in an area with lots of Asians >I saw atleast 3 Asian moms with Wh*toid children How …[View]
98585838Democratic capitalism is an entirely viable economic system and you can't prove me wrong.[View]
98583351how do we kill everyone hätte and give the land back to its rightful owner Finland?[View]
98574394/balt/: A general this board doesn't deserve but the one it needs[View]
98581629Sverigetråden: Stora killar-upplagan[View]
98584994Name one more country that can cause this much butthurt just by existing: Protip: you can't…[View]
98585780Reminder that all of the colored places in this map are shitholes or semi-shitholes and you should b…[View]
98578684Is is true that you can get a car in the USA for $100 USD?[View]
98583645Why do russians buy squishy crocodiles?[View]
98582637This man is Iranian[View]
98582821/brit/: communist cuisine edition[View]
98572106Pakistanis look like THAT?![View]
98583628Nairaland: >go to nigerian 4chan >bring something back >??? >profit https://www.nairalan…[View]
985841491. C*nt 2. How much does an hour with a mid-grade prostitute cost in your area >Poland, Cracow …[View]
98580987>Wheeee, look at me, I'm white! I'm gonna go for a bike ride at 5:00 AM in pissing cold…[View]
98585238You can't escape us black people.....: WE LIVE IN YOUR DNA. WE'LL BE BACK! WE'LL ALWA…[View]
98582089Is there a more aesthetic flag?[View]
98582571I'm not racist, I just don't respect Europeans. I consider them to be akin to a caged babo…[View]
98585048Russian reversal What are some examples of 'russian reversal' or similar type of jokes? Example: …[View]
98580633/deutsch/: Grade vom Termin im Regen zurückgeradelt-Ausgabe[View]
98584833Do you want to find love in the Bahamas?[View]
98583837Imagine your mother doing interracial scenes while cucking your race at the same time Just fucking l…[View]
98581826Why is Japan so racially insensitive?[View]
98582348This is how Madrid looks like. Thoughts?[View]
98584367>American money is destroyed by the washing machine Don't forget to check your pockets, mutt…[View]
98516731/flag/ - /extraflags/: Nova Scotia edition Previous Edition >>98457465 Welcome to /extraflags/…[View]
98582751Countries that sounds the same to you: Germany and Austria[View]
98583614Southern Chile summer, I love my country.[View]
98579908>Where are you going kafir, have you paid your ǧizya yet? Pay up. What would you do?…[View]
98568966Post yfw the Bundeswehr intervenes in France to restore order within 24 hours.[View]
98577312https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq1WanNbMrU So, do you like Russian(Ukranian) animation? It even has…[View]
98583951>in america, even christmas is about military worship[View]
98583824I'm so tired that I'm actually laughing to German posts[View]
98583775>Shares of the Snapchat sank 6.1 per cent on 22 Feb 2018, wiping out $1.3 billion in market value…[View]
98579588>thinking of committing suicide >remember that Japanese women exist >decide to keep living…[View]
98583741Do you guys more of her?[View]
98569956are Indians the most genetically diverse people?[View]
98583501Thoughts on this latin american shithole?[View]
98574823Finland has 60000 job openings. We've made it easier to immigrate here but nobody wants to move…[View]
98578227Why do Canadians dislike the ones that speak French?[View]
98582672If I look like that, what is my ethnicity ?[View]
98583084>your cunt >do pizza corporations guilt trip you into donating to charities that give 90% of a…[View]
98582828Barg Varg: Barg Varg[View]
98578265I never thought of it like this. The Spaniards did kill and enslave natives, and had sex with all th…[View]
98583233it's 22:36 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
98582461Im about to cry /int/: It has been so much time since I posted on 4chan, i miss it. I have a burning…[View]
98583180Los Estados Unidos De América[View]
98583170How would you write the name Siaka in the traditional Vai script. I have the syllabary as pic, but I…[View]
98581782I'm criminal now: I can now read almost all cyrillic without effort. That makes me traitor to t…[View]
98583086>Calarts is just a me-[View]
98566428*walks toward you*[View]
98582793We really need an 'Arab spring' in Latam, a Latam spring[View]
98582766Am I a Mediterranean male or a MENA male?[View]
98582275The refugee crisis wouldnt be a crisis if Europe would take in qt chicas latinas, asians and afrcans…[View]
985801851. Your Evropa 2. Would you be willing to take up arms to defend your homeland[View]
98582564Why is Thailand so based?[View]
98581132The chad J1 versus the sissy R1b Beautiful isn't it? This is nature in action[View]
98582483how do you know a frenchman has been in your backyard? your garbage can is empty and your dog is pre…[View]
98581896/mämmi/: partajäbä painos[View]
98582317He bought?[View]
98581517that's gonna be a YIKES from me[View]
98578451go back to the urals[View]
98579007Now this is true Europe[View]
98582252how do Finns feel about him I miss him so much, for me he was the greatest gone far too soon[View]
98580335What's the official language of France? That's right. French. If you speak to me on French…[View]
98580634Would you work in Japan, /int/? >63% of people in Japan felt guilty when taking paid leaves >J…[View]
98581901>cunt >what's the worst job you've ever had?…[View]
98582068Any russian here? I want to eat your ass[View]
98582021Writing system crisis: Help! The Vietnamese need guidance from the Japanese and the Koreans on the u…[View]
98581988Third from left is Vladimir Putin. Next to him is Samora Mashele, Mozambican military commander, pol…[View]
98574924Thank you, Atlantic Ocean, for keeping us warm and cozy[View]
98576839/int/ culinary rating: can we all agree that this is accurate ? also >400hoursofpaint…[View]
98580062I speak perfect Chicano Spanish but don't understand one word of Brazillian Portuguese Am I fun…[View]
98579368Is there are places which still use picrelated in your country?[View]
98581748>film, game, /whatever/ shows Russia >Benya Kupitman & drunkards of brighton bitch start …[View]
98577145English question: I was studying English for Korea SAT but something's strange!! Why the answer…[View]
98580220>your cunt >do you want to be violently raped by your leader and his sons? Brazil God yes…[View]
98577934What the fuck is wrong with chinks?[View]
98582746Is a simple, private transaction illegal in your country?[View]
98577993/brit/: Axis Powers edition[View]
98576196Get anally fucked Anglos.[View]
98577461>There's a country called 'Ivory Coast' in 2018 OH NO NO NO It's like if America name…[View]
98578284am i white??[View]
98581176do wh*Tes fear us?[View]
98580807So which caste has the actual power in India today?[View]
98568717>this is what americans actually believe[View]
98580069This world always was Always will be R1a land[View]
98581202Italian girls are beautiful.[View]
98573194Japanese thread2: Let's do cultural exchange!! Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/Hello!! ・ww…[View]
98577222Donald Trump: Does he really think this way? What do Americans think about this tweet?[View]
98580926What's it like to not be European? When you read about the Roman Republic or all our kings, do …[View]
98566682Your opinion on why “K-Pop is superior to anything J*pan produces”?[View]
98580981tfw will find out if I am white in the next week or two[View]
98573108/fr/ - Le fil de la France: Édition Chirac[View]
98571021I´m white but my dream was being brown, so i impregnated my brown mestiza 1/3 japanese peruvian gf. …[View]
98577365KANGZ are the most powerful race in the world[View]
98577998>I have no foreskin because the semites took it[View]
98575978/polska/: edycja włosków[View]
98579459How do you cope with the fact that we have no more than 20 years left in this planet before we sunk?[View]
98569264turkish girls are precious[View]
98577297/deutsch/: Die Schmidt und Wesson Ausgabe[View]
985788981. Country 2. Countryfu France Israel[View]
98579452Games in italian: Are there any games available in italian?[View]
98578533>finns live in commieblocks >swedes live in commieblocks >norwegians live exclusively in ho…[View]
98570756Could she pass as a local in you’re count?[View]
98580393/roadkill/: You can only post ITT if people from your country eat dead animals off the side of the r…[View]
98578022/tr/ - (broke)fashion edition: what do you cucks wear outside[View]
98579968>tfw took Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Japanese food and made it better…[View]
98576247Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
98579639Is it time?: Dear (You) You always give me the right enlightments when I am kissing the darkness So …[View]
98578960I want every single person who's ever posted this to leave this website for good. Then the perc…[View]
98560279/cum/ Canada-US-Mexico: reminder to filter footfag krauts-edition[View]
98580051>*obnoxious monkey sounds*[View]
98569929>U.K. gamer gets swatted >'Hello bruv, police here to have a chat innit' >calmly walk in an…[View]
98580017mfw someone with a danish flag posts in a thread and i know my country is about to get assblasted[View]
98549391/nederdraad/: welkom: heel afrika[View]
98579909Do people wear Hawaiian shirts in your country?[View]
98575968I had sex with some white women.: They were attractive, but the sex wasn't good. I was satisfie…[View]
98576303what do you call this in your country?[View]
98577054I think I fucking hate Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Slovenes, Macedonians and Albanians[View]
98577499>Racemixing is ba-[View]
98571675>Swedish food tastes ba-: oh[View]
98577001Why europe so wonderful?[View]
98576495What do you call this in your cunt?[View]
98578073China transformed itself from an oppressed third world backwater into a world power in only a few de…[View]
98579450>AMERICANS DON'T HAVE CUISINE - Europe >native American plant is solely responsible for a…[View]
98577426I can't believe that they actually proposed this design. Absolute madlads[View]
98560737/mämmi/: Aamuinen kuolema -painos[View]
98577857wut never seem a girl saying things like that japan is heaven for us round bois maybe it's beca…[View]
98579340/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Seconds before the disaster edition prev. >>98559403[View]
98579369>in all of us command[View]
98579324Race cuckposting: Is race cuckolding an incel fantasy? I slept around every race and I don't un…[View]
98577266What are some countries?[View]
985756931. You are nation. 2. What do you are countrymen eat for christmas?[View]
98578904what's this famous landmark in germany called?[View]
98577244That's right, black boys. You fight for the white mans right to your women. Know your place. Af…[View]
98576990>In Istanbul there is a old Turkish woman >how she wished her son would grow to be a Doctor or…[View]
98559403/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Pobiti Kamani edition prev. >>98541056[View]
98577750How do I get a Shibuya gf?[View]
98573470>Black women connaisseur Educated, kind and tolerant man, has no place for hatred in his heart, …[View]
98578386>he calls them Americans >not United Statesians…[View]
98572383Int/ Positivity Train: 1. Country 2. Something truly positive about the previous poster's count…[View]
98578764How long does he have until he become irrelevant?[View]
98578150How the he do these ridiculous colonial countries still exist? >The is named New Guinea because E…[View]
98578219>American cousin keeps bragging about his 'fancy German car' >Look it up online >…[View]
98578139>cunt >do you vape >do people in your cunt vape flag yes yes…[View]
98570928How do we fuck up /pol/ during the race war?[View]
98577578I wish I had a black gf...[View]
98566567why do you think germany became rich after ww2 but not slav countries like bulgaria?[View]
98578039*AHEM* I hope you all get to enjoy at least one good meal today. Don't forget to spend some tim…[View]
98578000flag Your favourite month cunt pic related, it's not too warm, not too cold and last longer tha…[View]
98576498Music that sums up where you live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSAJ0l4OBHM >drove up to my new…[View]
98571119>Norwegian boys are prettier than Turkish girls[View]
98574063?: why do americans poke fun at europeans for their refugee situation when the american government i…[View]
98573082What is the point of working if you die, and all your achievements will be forgotten? In any case, y…[View]
98577279democracy = demon racy democrats = demon rats what do you think?[View]
98575551Do you have Haitians in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHbtLRRm6Uk&t=5s…[View]
98576976Are your ancestors all from the same country? >America >Yes…[View]
98572422What is the % of people who look western europeans in America nowadays?: People like pic related. I´…[View]
98577311tfw no /int/ bf[View]
98567135i-is it true. were we really...the bad guys?[View]
98574739Why is Lebanon such a failure of a country? Serious question.[View]
98573443Why don't Northern Irish want to join their Republican brothers to the South?: It can't ju…[View]
98577402Yes, i represent Black Lives Matter, how did you know?[View]
98575642What a great personality he has.[View]
98572715When was the last time your country cucked a major power?[View]
98577339What could've been...[View]
98577332vive la France nique l'Italie[View]
98575226>my name is Stacey Smith, nice to meet you[View]
98571485Our planet earth: We have one home. One country. And the sky is our border. But still, we fight agai…[View]
98577048Respect for trolls: You kind of have to give the little annoying fuckers credit for some things. Lik…[View]
98574081>Furance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck14LKBI9GM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7bJvbwMUmU …[View]
98576454your country hope you don't mind taking this controler anon, right?[View]
98569815What the fuck with Americans transitioning to chip credit card only now? When I was a kid in the 90s…[View]
98576791Disco music is very popular in Greece[View]
98576730/éire/: Friends of Israel edition[View]
98574515Stereotypes about neighbors: >Finns think Swedes are feminine and dress well >Swedes think tha…[View]
98573539Brazil or America?[View]
98572028Latin language: Does anyone here speak or have any knowledge of Latin? What is the difference in mea…[View]
98572125/tr/: Küçük kız edişin[View]
98576198Israeli Khazar KARA BOGA helping his brethren in Mother Africa.[View]
98570187How do you guys say 'I love you' in your native language? Russian. Я люблю тeбя (Ya lyubly…[View]
98572115/deutsch/: genug gesagt[View]
98575886Why do people (especially in ex eastern block, baltics and ukraine) blame Russia for keeping Lenin…[View]
98554932guys lachlan has gone insane now, he is beating his pregnant wife https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y…[View]
98575841Sing it with me, Germany, YES! Honestly tho, why don't you do anything with this?[View]
98575952The only good president of the USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpH5L8zCtSk[View]
98575686how many americans could phisically bend over to lift their flag from this embarassing situation? i …[View]
98575949I am a 169cm short 'male' manlet. Nothing I do in life matters because ultimately people will judge …[View]
98575844Why are white Americans so much tougher than every other white people?: Unlike other white people wh…[View]
98575513what do you (really) think about this (specific) country?[View]
98575103>Mexican '''military''' service >you literally do nothing but sweep streets, pick up trash, pa…[View]
98574314USA is not bad and they get too much hate: Why does everyone always bully americans? I think that th…[View]
98569909Why do they constantly chimp out like niggers? What is their fucking problem?[View]
98573207>gendered nouns[View]
98575723https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwGWCyfPHz8 Wh*te women in the West are so picky, ugly, fat, and nee…[View]
98575387Do americans really do this?[View]
98570158/polska/: edycja smug animek[View]
98571773Does Brazil cherish their transsexuals or do they just come off as weird to them? I'm pretty in…[View]
98562403Whats it like to be French?[View]
98572658>wake up >remember that I'm a Serb >day ruined Does anybody else know this feel?…[View]
98573973How are long-haired men perceived in your country?[View]
98574926I have gained 7kg from going to the gym I no longer look skinny and weak[View]
985752241. Your cunt 2. Hand Shandy's Do they approve?[View]
98572424>/int/ - International >%90 of people who visit here are just here to talk with people from th…[View]
98575079Do Mexicans feel any sense of shame or guilt for what your people are doing to my country despite th…[View]
98575062/ita/ - il filo: Edizione boh[View]
98574281Post your country's mutts.[View]
98574829>why, yes I'm american, how did you guess?[View]
98574572can you imagine how shit the world would be now if there was a piece of land here?[View]
98564641do you love dog[View]
98571123Stop listning to n*gger and g*ok music.[View]
98574051>Knew a group of white americans here in SP >ALL of them with black gfs. >ALL of them actin…[View]
98563374Russia, Ukraine and Belarus should be a part of the EU.[View]
98568934Know your true allies, US flags... >>98565956 >>98565096 ALWAYS protect Germany flags.[View]
98571987What happens when there is a traffic jam on the way to the gun section in Walmart?[View]
98573429>lol wildfires >kek floods >lmao hurricanes >rofl tornadoes >xd snowstorms Clearly Go…[View]
98574354/Mashriq/ + /Maghreb/ ≈ /MENA/: thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnsKLD1PjoU…[View]
98574191>british cuisine[View]
98568708stop intolerance[View]
98563797are homosexuals illegal in your country?[View]
98573673European landscapes are so beautiful. It's not fair.[View]
98563983/Norgetråden./: Mandags-utgave. Forrige: >>98534946 >>98534946 >>98534946[View]
98571382Another day, another dollar.[View]
98571033Why yes, I am from the Bayındır Oghuz tribe, how did you know?[View]
98572211I fixed India[View]
98572857Any virgins here? >be 23yo male >think back ten years ago >girl I knew was coming round aft…[View]
98573346Took my puppy with me to the 24 hour drive thru and the cute manager asked her name and gave her a n…[View]
98571103Thanks a lot, US.[View]
98562305Why yes i am French how did you know?[View]
98561335/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: voi, li porci[View]
98569136what gender is this? is it male, female, or neither, because it's a fucking table?[View]
98567989I always felt i have some Japanese in me. Konichiwa. My first demand as a Japanese person and citize…[View]
98570568Why do all americans are blacks?[View]
98569073Sverigetråden - Gridsupplagan[View]
98573559It's 20:54 here I'm not wishing you goodnight, just decided to remind you what time is it …[View]
98570202kpop more like gaypoop[View]
98570666/brit/: are lid enry[View]
98565638Are white women obsolete?[View]
98571490Opinion on black queens.[View]
98573253Reminder that The Netherlands is a joke state: A few years ago a drunk Polish driver killed a 14-yea…[View]
98562967Post your cunt's next leader.[View]
98573299This is what a latinx shithole looks like[View]
98568487Japanese thread: Let's do cultural exchange!! Japanese slang/ English ・よろしくニキーwww/Hello!! ・www…[View]
98565727>w*sterners played this piece of shit instead of Gothic[View]
98573121/fr/ - le francofil: Edition du cul de Noël[View]
98571752>'I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
98573049>nordic cuisine[View]
98573117/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de l'homme orange[View]
98573106How does American culture affect your country?[View]
98573089>humans >humanity >humankind…[View]
98561709This is AKK, new leader of the CDU. Say something nice about her.[View]
98556810Please, come to Brazil and fuck our women.[View]
985629151.Your cunt 2.First Console? 3.Game(s) you really loved on said console Singapore Playstation 2 Tomb…[View]
98572660Is this a race issue in your country as well?[View]
98572734After seeing this I think white women are finished[View]
98571566Why are hungarian people so cringe?[View]
98561516What did he tell her, /int/?[View]
98572621Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
98568529Researchers from the University of Coimbra have developed a new molucule that prevents the formation…[View]
98569517China is abducting protestants, never to be seen again: Are the chinks, dare I say.. Our guys?…[View]
98569998Why are we spending billions of dollars to save various types of big cats when there is no such thin…[View]
98571793Perfect map of Europe: This is the ideal map of Europe You may not like it, but this is what peak pe…[View]
98570520I want to kill neo nazi wh*Toids what do?[View]
98570767Do you really resent them SO MUCH for it?[View]
98567568What do white girls smell like?[View]
98566985Why do pakis do this?[View]
98570165mufag here got a new interest in film. Does anyone from/close to Taiwan say if there is political st…[View]
98572266Perfection, at last I have found thee.[View]
98560958>German gf keeps telling me how much of a brilliant leader Hitler was[View]
98566656/fug/ - /fr/ + /brit/ + /deutsch/: Universal Declaration of Human Rights edition >adopted by the …[View]
98569106This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
98567753MODS ARE SLEEPING: POST CP!!!!!![View]
98571976Listen up you filthy Gogis and Moskals! Stop oppressing my Scythian brothers![View]
98570764Nothing's gonna stop us: Because we are all young Don't be afraid of anything friends!…[View]
98571818how do you distinguish between male and female Chinese names?[View]
98570618Just found out I'm part black, Dravidian, and French. Should I kill myself?[View]
98567997Why are Portuguese women so superior to Brazilian women? They aren't gold diggers like Brazilia…[View]
98571615What race was Lyle Stevik?[View]
98571605Which is more cruel to immigrants, Japan or Denmark?[View]
98563987Select your fighter[View]
98568291do you love Portugal?[View]
98567951YLYL thread[View]
98550983Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
98568214I could look like a Med or a Nord, but I look like a Celt. How do I deal with my R1bness?[View]
98568423Post powerful images itt.[View]
98571331Well.. which one is it?[View]
98571316Još se ništa ne zna Zato smo na muci Ko nabije taj dobije Potegni povuci[View]
98566478*AHEM* FUCK THE FRENCH AND FUCK _______[View]
98570961This scares the Ontarian.[View]
98562110/Ummah/: Brave new world edition[View]
98567979I'm putting together a team[View]
98564455turkish thread let us resurface the ottoman empire gençler[View]
98570423Why aren't Asian countries as passionate about sports as other countries?[View]
98570364It feels like half my university are Italians, Germans and Spaniards[View]
98570320I really like that guy's hair and style[View]
98567348Why yes I am African-American, how did you know?[View]
98569759Your country For you? For me? It's Kazakh girls.[View]
98565732/deutsch/: kurva anyátok[View]
98561905/Mashriq/ + /Maghreb/ ≈ /MENA/: Sentinelese race edition[View]
98558167Japan is amazing Glory to Japan[View]
98570368/mämmi/: mars patukkapainos[View]
98570466>we are all the same >one species one race >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_sapiens_idal…[View]
98568227The face of german politics[View]
98566410>had the nuclear war nightmare again[View]
98527883/ex-yu/: zene su zakon edicija[View]
98570067I am going to go take my final exam and then beg my professor to pass me in the class Have a good da…[View]
98568828>always thought I was russian >did some research and found out I'm actually a jew-tatar-m…[View]
98569163Which will be the next country to follow the example of the French?[View]
98569635Have you ever seen Japanese boys?[View]
98569630How to be a drug dealer?[View]
98568264>Why yes, I'm japanese, how could you tell?[View]
98569748What are ameriboos in your country like?[View]
98565232/fr/ - le fil français: édition comme un Lundi[View]
98567711/brit/: need a pint gf edition[View]
98569395I am working at the Korean Forest Service[View]
98561197/polska/: Edycja wypierdalania stąd[View]
98569124As a New Year's solution I will take up on learning French and I'm going to become a citiz…[View]
98565956Why do they bully and abuse americans on /int/ when it was americans that saved them from communism …[View]
98565783Why do sweatshop kebabs use devanagari script and very sanskritized native language unlike their wes…[View]
98565629I am not beautiful.: [BBC news] Why women in South Korea are cutting 'the corset' https://…[View]
98566893>are you supporting taiwanese economy, anon?[View]
98569297>ywn be led by your father by the hand, roaming in the shopping mall (;_;)…[View]
98569208tröndelag, nordmöre and Romsdal belongs to SVEARIKE[View]
98565750Post your favourite pieces of art of any kind, brehs[View]
98567243My ancestors :)[View]
98567521thinking about unironically becoming a plumber[View]
98567578Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
98568588Serious question: What the fuck were we thinking? The UN security council was doing fine up until th…[View]
98563011/tr/- ş*H-İTler öldü vatan bölündü: burası t*Rkiye(KÜRDİSTAN) anası da sikildi[View]
98565320This woman stole my iPhone in Sheffield last week, and doesn’t realise that it uploads all the pictu…[View]
98568504>We started playing China's game the way they play it and China is having a tantrum Oh man …[View]
98567929BMWF propaganda: why is Brazil, Malaysia, and Ukraine spamming 'blacked' threads? What is wrong with…[View]
98568647ITT: we thank Germany for Bach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9rZjlsyYY[View]
98568620Would you marry someone from another country? If so, where?[View]
98563807Music from your cunt thread: Can we have one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBG3Gdt5OGs…[View]
98566512rate my music taste[View]
98564634France vs others. France vs themselves.[View]
98566723How bro?[View]
985670571. ur cunt 2. The city you live in 3. Number of monuments within the city you live in France Paris 2…[View]
985609731. Cunt 2. Are your women whores?[View]
98567880Le poopy poop poop in my diaper[View]
98567268I hate my country so godamn much... I think I will go NEET for like 5 years and then kms Yes France …[View]
98565383My ancestors were amazing....[View]
98567277This is the optimal map of Scandinavia. You may not like it, but this is peak physique.[View]
98568117Why yes, I'm Fr*nch, how could you tell?[View]
98567501China love tread: Let's all love this cyberpunk dystopia. Because she is our future.[View]
98562621There, I fixed it. Europe is improved. Changelog: >Simplified Balkans >Condensed Eastern Europ…[View]
98568035>be american >get washed away by the sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ZYaL0Q9os…[View]
98566768What are your thoughts on a world government? Would you support it? Why not?[View]
98564086whats /int/ doing with their lives? >Started uni later in life, probably wont graduate til im 27 …[View]
98567278The absolute STATE of this board when Americans are asleep: Europeans truly are the worst posters…[View]
98562264Post: The average looking girl of your count[View]
98567565why are anglos so disgusting?[View]
98560698what exactly makes them...you know...the way they are?[View]
98566056Hahahahhahahahahaha OHNONONONONOn[View]
98560107Chinese refugees: >Your cunt >Are mainland Chinese fleeing to your cunt en masse to escape the…[View]
98567551Why, Yes, we are Germanic. How did you guess?[View]
98564618>Why yes, we are alpha Brazilian masterrace. What gave it away?[View]
98565157Name more iconic duo[View]
98564690My neetbux didn't come yet[View]
98566540Are Spaniards the Australians of Europe?[View]
98566457American news propaganda and the split of the melting pot society: America is filled with sheeple an…[View]
98558574It's a poorly kept secret that American houses are very low quality..: But I didn't know i…[View]
98567044When I see this flag I think of Asians nowadays, not white people.[View]
98565877Pakistani women WILL render 'whites' obsolete[View]
98566293>adultery is unpunishable in some countries >you can literally prove without a hint of a doubt…[View]
98556826Sverigetråden - Peter Mangs upplaga: >falla av[View]
985604651 you're cunt 2 how much do you want a girIfriend? 1 new zeaIand 2 very very very very very ve…[View]
98563057in which year do you think humans will go extinct?[View]
98563610*destroys their own culture*[View]
98564844Handwriting thread: Post handwriting itt and rate others. People say I have shit handwriting but I d…[View]
98562335Oi Frenchfags - how did he win despite working directly under the most hated president in recent yea…[View]
98563661/brit/: 'cide edition[View]
98564860how many seas or ocean is official territory of your country? in china we only have 1(south china se…[View]
98566572EU COURT RULES BREXIT CAN BE CANCELLED: It's happening guys. Or maybe it would be more correct …[View]
98566592As a Volga german I love American I fearfully bow down to my superiors and I hope anti americanism t…[View]
98566565>Open JewTube >Click video with attractive thumbnail and title in [your language] >Video lo…[View]
98560327/big countries/: invited: Canada, Russia, USA, India, China, etc... not invited: European countrylet…[View]
98564270should Mexico and El Salvador become one country?[View]
98566442I can't even describe the disgust I felt when I learned that there are people there that don…[View]
98563323I saw a German today. I was so mad that I phoned the French embassy and yelled at them for 20 minute…[View]
98566352Who is this white guy next to the KANG?[View]
98566112>wake up >still Brazilian living in Brazil I can't think of a worse feeling, desu.…[View]
98566334Green Card begging thread: Just give it, I'm a good man[View]
98562780Danish (wh*Te subhumans) have sex on top of pyramid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QsB0L91ADQ why…[View]
98566290if you didn't know it was there, you'd miss it: why doesn't denmark give them land fr…[View]
98562884>Russian food is ba-[View]
98564892>Entire country is filled with gays and our biggest achievement is multicoloured blocks for autis…[View]
98563423there's only one race, THE HUMAN RACE and it's beautiful[View]
98562514France warns US to stop meddling in its politics: Authorities in France have warned the US governmen…[View]
98564982>mfw quiet and introverted >mfw living in australia…[View]
98565426>HON HON HON I just changed the primary language of your server fucboi[View]
98566022there are no foreigners in hungarian general[View]
98566035>local public university has grad school program entirely on english >I'm forced to waste…[View]
98564448>wanting to be considered a great power >not having a super sekret, remote test site for advan…[View]
98563210Hello, I did a dna test, I am greek. What do I do know?[View]
98562979I don't want to become socially isolated at university[View]
98558458/nachtschicht/ 2.0 - invor salzige lohnsklaven wegen bahnstreik (volle straBen so auch kommen kann):…[View]
98565249did you know that mongol live in huts? so interesting[View]
98563035How can Europeans so easily allow their demographics to be changed? This is not something that can b…[View]
98563914No way. You will NOT make Australia home.[View]
98564222Why do smaller European empires also show their factories in foreign soil as part of their empire? T…[View]
98561039>perfect countries don't exis- whoa....[View]
98563403I just watched this video aboot the reality of Canada's French/English bilingualism. https://ww…[View]
98561019Post milk from your country[View]
98565206>why yes, I'm a nihilistic anarcho-capitalist™. How could you tell?…[View]
98551740>skandi food is b-: oh.[View]
98564812>saddled with debt >housing outrageously expensive >paying way more for government than we…[View]
98565018>for a long time, we have struggled to come to a decision, fellow europeans >but now we have f…[View]
98565046French people are subhuman insect[View]
98563756*stares at you in lithuanian* Just passing through. Hehe.[View]
98565168I'm cheering for you my Latino brothers[View]
98561788Hispanics are r1b[View]
98559650White people are attractive.: But my dick is not responding I like our women.[View]
98564332wtf i want a med gf now[View]
98562675What happens in Australian towns and cities that aren't Sydney or Melbourne?[View]
98563123>English >We call it Autumn because it derives from the Latin wor- >Americans >WE CALL I…[View]

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