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110312656Where can I find girls like this?[View]
110311643After browsing this board I’m convinced all euros are a bunch of pansy faggots. No exceptions[View]
110312779>he was blessed with hyper masculine looks and high intelligence >he was also born in a first …[View]
110312215This is the tallest building in my village. Post the tallest building in your village.[View]
110311572I'm learning english with duolingo. Is it enough to success? I gonna be able to speak and under…[View]
110312572Villa 31: Do you have this in your country?[View]
110311826>Realize at 133 IQ, I'm smarter than 500 West Africans >Realize I'm a genius, cuttin…[View]
110312375Can this exist? If so, would it be the aftermath of Mexico's annexation of USA, or Mexico being…[View]
110300714What will you do when third worlders take over the world?[View]
110304856>welcome to my curry house what do you order[View]
110311802can our image be fixed after today?[View]
110310181my ancestor........[View]
110310348>21 >Indian anon here who grew up in the U.S. >Been drinking alcohol daily the past month a…[View]
110311860Why can't brazilians just love each other?[View]
110310415Is chewing gum popular in your country or not really?[View]
110305403I have been away since last year: Is my bro from pic related still around?[View]
110310755Why does people hate Brazil again: Seriously their country never bothered others outside their conti…[View]
110311953Every time I have sex I fall asleep immediately afterwards[View]
110310504Is representation in media important?[View]
110311110>Why yes, I do believe marijuana possession should be an automatic death sentence…[View]
110309784are japs retarded?: just stand up you stupid whore retard nation, good thing that it's dying ou…[View]
110311780Have a nice day[View]
110309748>>this thread has been d-[View]
110311328>me? why yes I'm an absolute failure, the worst of the worst, I can't take the suicidal…[View]
110310198>tfw long but thin[View]
110310979What is this phenotype called?[View]
110307248This confuses and enrages the medcuck[View]
110309529>tfw you were not only born in a shithole, you were also born with shit genetics how am i even su…[View]
110308716>got rejected from Apple Card[View]
110311578>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to pr…[View]
110310773Why are they always so angry? I have literally never seen them make a calm post on this board before…[View]
110311087why are such tsunderes to each other?[View]
110310458Girls who use that emoticon, and also ;_;, are god-tier. Prove me wrong.[View]
110311481Huehue is a spaniard in spanish. It's dickdick in russian.[View]
110303469My best friend from school is half Estonian half Finnish but was born and raised in Spain. He hates …[View]
110307564Cunt Do you know how to swim Ausfalia I learned as a kid but I forgot how like 10 or 15 year ago[View]
110309351>Got hypersalivation today, and it's annoying as hell What might be the cause, and how the f…[View]
110280670/Skandi/: Fredags utgaven[View]
110310655>ywn have a Jamaican accent My Jamaican friend gets pussy wherever he goes as soon as he opens …[View]
1103034761. you're count tree 2. is light sissy hair common there[View]
1103076661. Your country 2. Does it have friends? Russia No[View]
110306748/brit/: Art Deco edition[View]
110310986Is Bolsonaro our saviour?: >gets tired of burgers and chinks poulluting our air >decides to pr…[View]
110310128Ask questions about countries in this thread[View]
110309448What do you call a shaven Mexican?[View]
110307393my mother doesn't know where Europe is.[View]
110303194Croats? Oh, you mean Mediterranean Serbs.[View]
110305540Fuck Macron. LONG LIVE BRAZIL VIVE LE BRÉSIL[View]
110309145The World's Worst Countries for Drunk Driving: Based South Africa.[View]
110309382Do people in your cunt like 90's NY rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoYZf-lBF_U https://ww…[View]
110306754WHERE’S MY DEAD TREES BRAZIL?: You faggots have a whole year to ruin the Amazon. Trump doesn’t give …[View]
110303172What will you call your daughter?: What are the most common names in your cunt?[View]
110308053What are some red flags to look out for in girls in your country? >colorful dyed hair…[View]
110309865>Sure, a major ecosystem may be on fire. But ever notice how many soyboys don't like that fa…[View]
110305966She's Norvegian right? Why isn't she speaking Norvegian then?: She could make some cash by…[View]
110307407I HATE: 1: americans 2: arabs (they're all the same) 3: asians (they're all the same) 4: i…[View]
110308495Post chads from your country[View]
110306270Why do Mexicans hate each other so much?[View]
110307241Does anyone have any experience with Californian asians ?[View]
110307770*singlehandedly ends gay anime posting* based[View]
110306750>he posts in generals[View]
110307168Do you find yourself to >drink more, or longer, than you plan to >have tried to cut back or st…[View]
110300098Is there anything more ironic than Americans and Europeans trying to teach Brazil on how to preserve…[View]
110308454Happiness: Why are the shitters near the arctic circle the happiest?[View]
1103084861. Your country 2. What are women in your country like? I'll start. 1. America 2. They are femi…[View]
110307154say something nice about my bike[View]
110308525Guys this monkey reminds me of someone but i'm not sure who...[View]
1103017041)Your flag 2)Will your partake in the french-led crusade against brazilian monkeys? France Why yes …[View]
110306918I recently learned that there is only 1 country between North Korea and Norway...[View]
110307932ITT we post popular opinions in our country we disagree with.: I think Africa should be given birth …[View]
110306112Why do so many Korean men date SEA-gooks?[View]
110304752Soviet-style collaspe in China: What would it look like?[View]
110296199Does your country have Natives that are substantially different either culturally or ethnically than…[View]
110299019German food is pretty good[View]
110309225ITT post the most fucked up prisons in the world. I'll start with Sednaya in Syria.[View]
110306857Sverigetråden - Shichibukai upplagan: Gummiwara har inte en chans på den stora linjen.[View]
110309863why are there no faggots or trannies in the Soviet Union?[View]
110306683What in the hell went wrong /int/? If this guy came back today he would find that his people shat al…[View]
110309607oi ya cheeki cunt, what'd you jost say 'bout the queen?[View]
110303611Mental health care in Eastern Europe: Me and my Russian mate talk about mental health care system in…[View]
110308029>America >One of the highest GDP per capitas in the world >2 weeks vacation for most people…[View]
110309766Greater than Rome.[View]
110305411I don't hate them[View]
110303936Is she all the rage among zoomers in your country?[View]
110307886hilo /mex/: centro americanos y sudamericanos. Guest country: Phillipines and Thaliand[View]
110309517Jesus Christ, is there anyone more miserable?[View]
110309544>''''RAINFOREST'''' >It keeps burning becase it never rains there…[View]
110308973Where are you dropping?[View]
110307353woah, you would think that poles and lithuanians must be the same people, but they really stand out[View]
110305889/deutsch/e Nacktschicht: Thüringer SCHWÄNZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOIf7pLUFnw[View]
110309011This is the last thread I'm making about this: sorry for the Americans who I told to go kys the…[View]
110309297why are they so salty about a single autistic fat tranny from Vancouver. Holy fuck nice '''''news'''…[View]
110309364I don't even like living in this country but I can't migrate anywhere better. The USA is a…[View]
110285738/lat/: Hilo latino Edici0n 2020[View]
110307820Are muscular girls attractive in your country?[View]
110308506>you're in Pakistan >hostel in Lahore >roommate smiles to you >you say 's-schukria'…[View]
110306453Northern Italy = Central Europe. South Italians have little relation to Venetians and Friulians.[View]
110298016>tfw 5'9 >haven't had sex since 2012 >will never be tall enough to find a gf…[View]
110269189kurva anyátok[View]
110306065why do russians love cats so much[View]
110296025What are they thinking?[View]
110303615Does /int/ like monkeys?[View]
110301999why tf do wy dudes love missionary so much ??[View]
110307630Would you love your halfie stepdaughter?[View]
110301210/v4/ + the gang: Poolish princesses edition[View]
110307087Why do sandmonkies from the Levant and South Italy think they are the true heirs of the Roman empire…[View]
110301162>your cunt >your thoughts on the israeli palestinian conflict?…[View]
110304963Why are Japanese women so autistic? https://youtu.be/RuAQo97K-zE[View]
110299146Early 1500s world map[View]
110307455how are white men treated like in your country? is true most non-whites, especially those in asia an…[View]
110306053Does the pakistani NEET still post here? havent been here a while and i miss him[View]
110301276What do ppl think about 4chan in your country? Some ppl here thinks it's a nazi site, I tell th…[View]
110306071Most people who ran away from Cuban Revolution are old or dead, why do young 'Cuban-Americans' are s…[View]
110304544Why do Slavs hate vowels?[View]
110305294Imagine eating this and still mocking americans diet.[View]
110305389which country is the most spooky?[View]
110306622Dates: Is dating expensive in your country? What kind of activities do you prefer for a first date?…[View]
110300892Why do these russian girls look like latinas??[View]
110302923Some Syrian families are camping in one of my city's park cause they have nowhere else to go, I…[View]
110302362I LOVE Japan!: I love Japan! I love Japanons! They're so cute and polite and friendly! I wish I…[View]
110302980/brit/: Special Brew edition[View]
110305108>Europeans don't clap before breakfast[View]
110290129This is what awaits a blue-eyed, tall white man in Japan[View]
110306640ur cunt how do you cope with being a literal genetic trash? flag the thought that i'll be rotti…[View]
110306653>That's it. >I don't even know where the fuck to begin... Why do people like you fin…[View]
110301738Such an obnoxious stupid zoomer cunt, I want to pull her underaged body through a meat grinder and m…[View]
110304717>your cunt >does it have a future? >switzerland >no Boomers from all edges of the politi…[View]
110303729Are incels only a western thing? I don't think ever ever heard of a mexican or russian incel.[View]
110306282>tfw you feel a shit sliding down your anus when shopping for Coca-cola at walmart…[View]
110303271The future looks bright thanks to them.[View]
110306310Is it true Russia has TIGERS?[View]
110305677Reminder that all of /int/ is just a schizo greek man talking to himself on proxies.[View]
110305050Bolsonaro is being Cute now: >I regret the position of Chief of State, like the one of France, re…[View]
110303908>Pour garantir la sécurité dans la continuité, et la stabilité, l'Union Européenne sera bien…[View]
110305488EFTA-MERCOSUR FTA JUST PASSED: >mfw we just signed a treaty with EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Liech…[View]
110301813The amount of seething she creates without effort is powerful and therefore based. I'm with her…[View]
110302481/deutsch/: spieleentwickelts eich[View]
110305352IT'S HAPPENING!!!!: I can't find my favourite Brazilian coffee anymore in a chain of Spani…[View]
110305909>soyjak, did you take my latex bodysuit?[View]
110287969would you marry a mediterranean woman?[View]
110305819Wish I had olives.[View]
110305710>BEEP BEEP BEEP[View]
110302142do turks really do this[View]
110295726In less than 6 months of government Kikesonaro managed to:: Piss China Piss Mesopotamian Arab nation…[View]
110304203“Ah, Mr. Bond, I’ve been expecting you”: >At this very moment two Hou Yi orbital cannons are poin…[View]
110303280how come danes never post in /skandi/? do they hate swedes norweigans and faeroese?[View]
110301215Norwegian man kills another man in Phuket, Thailand: Norwegian man Roger Thyrfing Bullman who was a …[View]
110303367>can enlist into the army by 18 >cant drink before 21 >having sex with a 16 year old is lit…[View]
110299335Sverigetråden - Fredagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lol nördar)?[View]
110292813/ita/ - il filo[View]
110300733I hate elevators. I thought this shit only happened in China.[View]
110302889How would these men be treated in your cunt?[View]
110305283hello friends) i am from the russia you could tell?)[View]
110305190do japanese ppl really do this?[View]
110295936/fr/ -: Nagui >>110286465[View]
110303289What's your favourite hentai doujin? https://exhentai.org/s/6e90f1a969/998275-1[View]
110302615Are there any legal organizations in your country where membership in it will get you immediately pu…[View]
110302313Why are yuropoors so obsessed with us?[View]
110304709>dad is talking shit about Canadians again[View]
110304932What does Argentine arsehole&footpussy smell like?[View]
110302195I unironically hate America so fucking much it’s unbelievable[View]
110297084You should eat bugs to save the Amazon: Enforced soyboism is the only way to save the Amazon[View]
110304311>The eco-friendly chad >The politically isolated virgin…[View]
110302702Why doesn't Ukraine just go on a full out assault in the Donbass? Surely, some peasant swith AK…[View]
110304493do they?[View]
110304846>tfw family owns land in the Patagonia Keep going brasilbros destroy the firsties…[View]
110304758>you're cunt >did someone trip at your graduation ceremony…[View]
110302021Do you love Japan?[View]
110303677What is the most aesthetic looking writing script do you think?[View]
110303038Macron: Seriously imagine being Macron: >People voted him out of exclusion, not because they like…[View]
110302837>Sure bro I'd be happy to teach you about islam[View]
110303497>Why yes, I got work tomorrow, how did you know?[View]
110299758Did you know that Russia has floating nuclear power plants?[View]
110300271some 14 year old girl is into me. As a wise man once said, easiest way to cure your attraction to te…[View]
110303937What is a globalist? I see people use the word a lot but searching for it gives different answers.[View]
110304185Do you know why I enjoy dubbed movies/tv shows? So i don't have to deal with that fucking stupi…[View]
110287944Are the french on here truly proud this is what their country has become?[View]
110291761/mämmi/: Sadepäivän painos[View]
110300942>Meanwhile, on Bizarro /int/...[View]
110303979>american education[View]
110303428is this cringe and bluepilled or based and redpilled?[View]
110299996do you want to find love in japan?[View]
110303930what are these ads like in your vagina?[View]
110303905Why does he make virgins so angry?[View]
110295843>8 out of 10 of the worst air polluted cities in America are in California Californians WILL defe…[View]
110301071>Why yes I do browse 4channel while high on mushrooms[View]
110296834How religious is your country?[View]
110303610new innovative way to persuade bongs to try out balconing[View]
110300174>country >has the weeaboo cancer spread much in your country?…[View]
110300304Wtf canada?[View]
110300964US/Mexico border vs EU/Russia border: What does it mean?[View]
110303575I wish Japan would be the next ones to rule us instead of China Why you ask? Because I love Japan[View]
110303744Thoughts on the Dinaric race?[View]
110296238>inadvertently watch Dua Lipa video >followed by Ava Max video >really want to sniff both o…[View]
110301297>Your reign of terror ends now, Bolsonaro ![View]
110301335Is your country a cat- or a dog-country?[View]
110299690You finally managed to sneak past Garde Républicaine and enter in l'Élysée, Paris: *Music plays…[View]
1102928491. your cunt 2. are conservatives in your cunt retarded?? >mexico >yes…[View]
110296653This was Elvis's favourite sandwich, peanut butter, banana and bacon (optional if you want to k…[View]
110302389Hey Europe, why don’t you have AC? you stupid dickheads[View]
1102863451) your country 2) do you support the MED VNION?[View]
110299357/brit/: pengdon edition[View]
110298466I imagine myself in Brazil, leading my unit. Our mission is to stop braz*Lians from burning the Amaz…[View]
110303070brazilians be like >yo this rainforest too spicy[View]
110300340if you want to understand brazilian posters i'd recommend reading Animal Farm, here in /int/ yo…[View]
110295803/int/ thread was introduced in Japan's most infullencial news blog: http://blog.esuteru.com/arc…[View]
110299041I have completed my 2 hour OCD ritual.[View]
110302484>so, it's time to kill some gold miners to help /amazon/...euros gtfo we don't need you…[View]
110299302are germans western european or central european?[View]
110302364>beautiful museums YEAH BURN'EM >beautiful zoological collections YEAH BURN'EM >m…[View]
110271955/ex-yu/: https://nypost.com/2019/08/22/video-shows-moment-man-crushed-by-elevator-at-manhattan-prome…[View]
110298800/deutsch/: It's fuckin' trains ausgabe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apkLbYUt8pU…[View]
110299261Does your country have one/two universities that dictate the entire direction of the cunt? For Brita…[View]
110302404how will bugpeople ever recover?[View]
110295130What do you think about my country?[View]
110301901do russians not know that carpets belong on the floor?[View]
110302112>Americans are making a big deal about some fast food chicken that they're waiting in hour l…[View]
110301900>listen to British podcast >guy keeps saying Newkeyler and Newkeyless instead of nuclear and …[View]
110300563Anyone here ever been to a rainforest? What are your impressions and is it worth saving?[View]
110299900Whiter than you Muhammed[View]
110301798Canada: Why does this country try so hard to act like theyre distinct or unique in any way? >Our…[View]
110301524America, what does it feel to stop being the focus of vicious bullying and constant banter?[View]
110301431From an American to German Bros: I know no one will ever tell you this. And most of you are probably…[View]
110296419I made this racial map It took me 3 hours I have circled all the same families[View]
110300998Brazil I am with you: Don't let these hypocrite Frogs or Mutts hold you back[View]
110300105FACT: Chicanos could easily defeat your country in war if they chose to[View]
110301820can someone give me asylum? I don't like Brazilians, they burn forests and shit[View]
110300127How do French tell the difference between an Arab and a Frenchman?[View]
110300299>Wake up. The sanctity of your voice, and your image, is at serious risk. It’s hard to imagine a …[View]
110301600Flat Earth theory is taught in some public and private schools in the US.[View]
110301735>Why yes, I do repeat the first reply in a thread in hopes that everyone will do the same and the…[View]
110300519Ich bin lerne Deutsch. Guten tag.[View]
110299021gif bf[View]
110301673STOP EATING AS MUCH MEAT: https://ourworldindata.org/yields-and-land-use-in-agriculture >More tha…[View]
110301667Dear Brazilian monkeys: Just hang yourselves to the nearest amazon tree. Or just throw yourself into…[View]
110301339What is your favorite painting? For me, it is Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse.[View]
110301236Do kuffar unironically like the taste?[View]
110293281Bernds, EUROJACKPOT IS 90 MILLION EURO! WHO IS PLAYING?: 1. Flag 2. How often do you play lotto? 3. …[View]
110301439I want to live in a Chinese ghost city[View]
110295358>tfw too completely retarded for college i am going to become a neet arent i?…[View]
110299130>meds spam about nordic countries all day long >we dont even think about them why are they lik…[View]
110287387In Korea, this is considered the most beautiful white girl. Do you agree?[View]
110301293Do you like Croatian people? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2YSR1k8nuI[View]
110301315art hoe /balk/ gf that grew up in sweden when...[View]
110299726Post yfw /int/ is united again to btfo monkeyzilians[View]
110298340It is 11:45pm right now. Nice weather here outside. Only problem is mosquitoes[View]
110298530benden başka TÜRK kalmadı mı burada?[View]
110298854how do I get a gf who looks like this[View]
110301100why don't all you incels just have sex[View]
110298769apu thread[View]
110293137I went too hard on him bros. I'm not sure was it me revealing his 'strong' vikings were weak an…[View]
110301059Who else is going to follow the G7 this week end? I will watch a live stream from the morning. I can…[View]
110296569>I want you to make France great again. Will you help me in this task, mon ami ? Your answer ????…[View]
110300702Why is Brazil trying to scare us, what are they gonna do send an army of transgenders?[View]
110301004>american cousine[View]
110299985Just killed yet another general with this thread[View]
110300981>R is practically a vowel in *ngloid spoken language[View]
110300876my last fart really hurted my ass[View]
110300545Well? Wat nou, /int/?[View]
110300577Why there are so many jordanians in 4chan?[View]
110295004>Japanese do countless of degenerate acts >'haha it's ok because they're cute and qu…[View]
110300150I would unironically join the European Union army to kill subhuman Brazilian mutts.[View]
110298814Why is Budjak part of Ukraine?: See title. Did it have to do with controlling the delta of the Danub…[View]
110295209This turkish muslim is my brother on blood.We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life to…[View]
110300430I started uranium enrichment[View]
110295653is this an acceptable behaviour in your country?[View]
110299510Why men soccer players = handsome but woman soccer player = ugly ?[View]
110300413>tfw bored and us law enforcements keep busting incels before they shoot up their local school an…[View]
110283815Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110264513 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
110289722/polska/: edycja desek do krojenia[View]
110297299Anons who passed IELTS, how much do you reckon I would score, knowing all the hip 4chan lingo?[View]
110281432/cum/: The average Canadian woman in 2019[View]
110297961I understand that Britain was superior to all continental countries because of its island status, bu…[View]
110299666What is your favorite sex position? For me, it is basic anal.[View]
110268448/v4/+friends: Weekend boogaloo edition[View]
110297244it costs 70,000 Pakistani Rupees for 1 way ticket to the United Kingdom[View]
110299759Is it possible for a normie to also be a great leader?[View]
110297345There is an intellectually disabled guy in my college. His parents paid a truckload of money and got…[View]
110299740Just saying if you fuck up your cunt to point it becomes a radioactive desert you wont be welcomed h…[View]
110299483Type one sentence that will BTFO all burgers on /int/[View]
110296193Can you name all 99 counties in the state of Iowa?[View]
110299498These subhumans are way more annoying than Americans (or anyone else for that matter) will ever be.[View]
110299522meme gender[View]
110284405Why isn't it federalized yet?[View]
110291017Would you racemix with a Colombian?[View]
110294080What do people think about Ireland and Irish people?[View]
110299390NEED Mexican gf[View]
110297082/brit/: Prince Leroy Jackson III edition[View]
110297420Does your country contribute to Wikipedia with spicy memes and ruses because they made some people n…[View]
110298110What does it take for a brown male to race-mix with your women int anons? I've noticed that its…[View]
110299239>why yes, I taking the Brazil's side this time, how could you tell?…[View]
110299118https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2hGrsExuyc Why are Germans such brutal animals? We need to stop the…[View]
110299078He's down, target neutralized[View]
110281823I prefer white women instead of Mexican women.[View]
110298926Would you date a slightly masculine Asian girl, /int/?[View]
110298905Another weekend without a MENA (pic related) gf. Another weekend of suffering.[View]
110298971Why do we spend so much money helping old people cling onto life? Watching their minds and bodies de…[View]
110298029WWIII: World War 3 when? >Trump telling companies to leave China, 'we don't need China' >…[View]
110297390it's 23:26 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
110298884it is over.[View]
110298047itt: /int/ fashion[View]
110298848Why are Americans indifferent to South Asians? Dating in this U.S. has been significantly harder co…[View]
110294169How does the rest of the world cope?[View]
110296177Having physical national borders = being a third world country: Prove me wrong[View]
110296614>human rights[View]
110292357Daily reminder that you're only White if you're from the Beer Belt. Vodka (potatoes) isn…[View]
110297730They're on fire. Press F[View]
110298510American state names translated literally.[View]
110298396ITT: DAB on europoors who think just because some dumb trees burn we are all gonna die FUCK THE AMAZ…[View]
110292660/deutsch/ Ausgabe zum Schlafengehen[View]
110287170/balk/: White Macedonian class edition OLD >>110269155[View]
110298277>mfw I literally live in Manaus and it's raining right now Lmao[View]
110297306my int freinds make me smile[View]
110294382university starts in ten days any tips? how do i get a cute smart uni gf?[View]
110291302White Women or Asian Women. Your choice.[View]
110298163/tr/: “Derslerin başlamasına 1 ay kaldı” edisyon. Ayrıca akıtın burayı amına koduklarım.[View]
110298137frens will be frens[View]
110294750/brit/: Freddo edition[View]
110298008Was the past more aesthetic in your country?[View]
110291685My shithole village finally has 4G internet speeds. Thank you Hrvatski (Deutsche) Telekom for invest…[View]
110286263what do tourist look like in your country? pic related[View]
110297352big thank you to Brazilian friends for taking over the mantle of most hated people in the world, tha…[View]
110297486/canada/: Only 58% of Canadians speak English as a first language. Make way for the francophones imm…[View]
110297744Spain Chat: Hey putos perdedores, ¿qué estáis haciendo para entreteneros?[View]
110297792Helloooo??: Come out of your hiding place[View]
110297764I support Brazil,my sons and daughters[View]
110297758Live from Finland: https://youtu.be/a6E1uzrONhw Three stupid Finns make a live video It's on ri…[View]
110297688For me it's japanese girls[View]
110297467Please pollute the planet more. It will only make us stronger and speed up the evitable conquering o…[View]
110295607How do we solve the brazilian problem?[View]
110297558Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
110293238Sverigetråden - Fredagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lol nördar)?[View]
110296560>lifts dozens of millions of people from poverty >arrested for 'corruption': And a literal kik…[View]
110275723me at the cube[View]
110294985Yeah, I'm thinking they are based[View]
110297461Thank you Lithuania! Fuck commies https://www.15min.lt/m/galerija/vilniuje-paramos-akcija-honkongo-k…[View]
110297392Purple rain~ purple rain~[View]
110296172Those fucking brazilians are literally letting our planet die because they want more farmlands This …[View]
110297211Amazon non-meme thread: Amazon general. I'm afraid guys, don't want to live under UN. Hope…[View]
110294348my brothers :)[View]
110296440Are landlords liked in your country?[View]
110295818Based I love Modi[View]
110297019Yeah I am a mongoloid asian, how did you know?[View]
110296884'Listen up marines back in my day we didnt have any fancy schmancy tanks we had sticks and a rock fo…[View]
110296657In France 'tête blonde' (blonde head) was a term that used to mean 'young child'. Will they still be…[View]
110294481No army may enter that land That is protected by polish hand[View]
110294947Is it true “Croatia” means “cringe penis” in Romanian?[View]
110296563>WARNING: Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduct…[View]
110296848American pilots during the Battle of the Philippine Sea nicknamed the aerial portion as 'The Great M…[View]
110291476Stop using condoms[View]
110288083Why is Japan so racist?[View]
110291294>Your country >Your age >How long ago was your last 'crush' (being in love with some irl)?…[View]
110296480HOLY SHIT GUYS FRESH FOOTAGE FROM THE AMAZON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw0jwrWqOKI[View]
110295061Fuck first worlders, you destroyed your forests and now you want to destroy ours[View]
110292458Postive thread: How in your opinion your country, your life and people in your country changed in th…[View]
110295107I find this sudden rise of brazilian nationalism due to amazon fires both ironic and cute[View]
110295748this is how europoors believe bolsonaro is to blame for the fires[View]
110293182I will die as a virgin[View]
110296366I really like their accent[View]
110295879What nationality do you masturbate more to?[View]
110295557Today marks the day of the end of Stalinism and Nazism.[View]
110296224not all russians are slavs but all slavs are russian[View]
110295070Americans are the true ubermensch other countries citizens would die if they drank half of this Ame…[View]
110295961Is Kuruminha okay?: This is the last picture that was taken from her. Have some Brazilian Anon any n…[View]
110296098A refreshing Finnish meme: Kotkan meripäivät - an sea festival at Kotka city It notorious for people…[View]
110293327>euros hate being proud of their countries >euros hate other euros being proud of their countr…[View]
110295289Does /int/ like dark girls?[View]
110295498Which is yoru favorite South American country?: and why?[View]
110284334/NEDERDRAAD/: SGP + Anime editie[View]
110288345Post the empire tiers you think https://tiermaker.com/create/true-empires-ranking-170033[View]
110295657>*Brown guy makes white woman worshiping thread* 'Yawn' >White guy makes asian women thread PE…[View]
110293430The Truth[View]
110294477Being arab in Sweden felt good man. Might try learning Swedish to make more visits. Any minority ano…[View]
110291935>perdon anon, we only go out with guys that speak espanish[View]
110291022This is what awaits a blue-eyed, tall white man in Pakistan[View]
110295423This gun any good?[View]
110291783are there any sugandese posters on /int/?[View]
110295217For every day /int/ makes fun of her she grows cuter, you are only making her more powerful[View]
110285311I miss it so much bros[View]
110294966Is it true: While the blonde Nordic ruling elite of Rome ordered the construction of gigantic imperi…[View]
110293784Are all Danish women like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIqEKB_J6hI[View]
110294522Argentina is a mestizo poor regueton shithole who thinks they're nordic.[View]
110294099ITT: stereotypical notion you have about certain regions: I imagine that as soon as one arrives here…[View]
110293243>Ruins your weather >Ruins your imageboard >Ruins your football >Ruins your history >…[View]
110292599/int/ has been pretty shitty lately. How about a thread without race-bait and Amazonia-talk?[View]
110289933This turkish muslim is my brother on blood.We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life to…[View]
110293067Secession: Are there any secessionist movements in you nation and do you support them?[View]
110255423/balt/: it's over edition[View]
110294310Wallet, jewelry, keys. Now.[View]
110289046The 'amazon' is not burning. What is happening is minuslce fires that always happened on the southe…[View]
110293232Me in 5 years.[View]
110294807>your cunt >is your president the Chosen One flag no…[View]
110294797/brit/: Belle Epoque edition[View]
110292247/brit/: Coping hard edition[View]
110294121High education and OTAKU culture has been proven to make you smart.[View]
110264321/Norgetråden/: Aldri glem-utgaven Forrige: >>110254655[View]
110293230I am a 169cm short 'male' manlet midget. My life is over before it has even begun.[View]
110292700Did he get raped by a southern european inmate or why does he hate meds?[View]
110294162>point out to brazilian apes that razing the entire rainforest might no be the best idea >monk…[View]
110294374why are anglos like this?[View]
110294391Why do Albanians hate them so much?[View]
110294447WTF The Netherlands?!?: WTF The Netherlands?!? More and more kids are having operation done so they …[View]
110294168we elected satan as our president[View]
110294404No! I just have to say no here! Enough is enough! Greenland belongs to Denmark and you can't ju…[View]
110292645why are they like this?[View]
110290672Why are Caucasian girls most attractive? Holy Engel?[View]
110293995there's 20 black nations with less crime rate and homicide rates than the US.[View]
110286465/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition peugeot ancien >>110268289[View]
110294164Which one is your favourite?[View]
110277289/ukr/: Invited: Friend Not invited: ukrainophobes[View]
110293514I think I have PTSD whenever I go to sleep I keep having nightmares about my best friend being burne…[View]
110293923It's time to perform my 2 hour OCD ritual now.[View]
110285498I havent masturbated or looked at porn in 2 weeks[View]
110291431is crime common in your country? >flag >no feels good…[View]
110293895Why do brown people cover their food with spices? Basic food can be good also[View]
110291740i'm sorry[View]
110287455China: For real tho, they're gonna take over the world aren't they? I'm scared bros. …[View]
110293919/MEDNORD/: WHITE AND BLACK edition[View]
110292859What's the appropriate age to wean off 4chan?[View]
110292900The tinnitus won't stop[View]
110293356Who the fuck wears hearing protection to a mass shooting?[View]
110290972My ancestor :)[View]
110276944>as black as the us >4 times lower murder rate why do /pol/cels never mention this?…[View]
110293732When is Brazil going to update its flag?[View]
110291991Do i put my green bananas to room temperature or fridge? I like ripe bananas. Also what about apples…[View]
110290316I invested into eastern poland again[View]
110292815you can't be poor in the first world. Is impossible.[View]
110293663>go on American forum and tell zoomers they ruined the perfect America of the boomers >actuall…[View]
110292413I don't understand why no one wants to hire me. Why should flip immigrants who barely speak Eng…[View]
110285909They they peak European? Every European country should aspire to be like them. Orderly, civilized, s…[View]
110293268Is brazil the most based cunt?: >they kill any type of criminal out there, let them known what ha…[View]
110292993Fridge magnets: Hi, I'm fridgeanon, I just wanted to share my collection of fridge magnets from…[View]
110293386>Your time is up, its our turn white man[View]
110289207How much easier do you think your life would be if you were a pretty girl[View]
110292640What is wrong with that Austrain subhuman?[View]
110287370BRAZILIAN ARMY GENERAL CALLS FOR FOREIGN MILITARY MENACE: >With a clarity rarely viewed, we are w…[View]
110293064How do you feel about Korean soldiers?: Let's meet Park. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YNSuF…[View]
110290841What the fuck was his problem?[View]
110273889Do Chinese really?[View]
110292880So you think the Amazon is in danger and that you should pray to save it? A piece of advice: the fir…[View]
110293138I would sell Ireland to Trump any day for a bucket of chicken tendies. Who would do the same?[View]
110291673Do your country has company so big that every time its stock price drop, your country's gdp als…[View]
110290060/brit/: >tfw you were never born into a late 18th century aristocratic family…[View]
110286696Sverigetråden: Linköpingsupplagan[View]
110292920/canada/: Alb*rtan edition[View]
110293034>Yes I do think humans should be replaced by robots[View]
110292117Did you know 'swedish' meatballs are actually turkish?[View]
110291401Imagine the smell https://www.infobae.com/tendencias/2019/08/23/el-humo-del-amazonas-ya-llego-a-la-a…[View]
110292979Why do Americans do this?[View]
110290206Working /int/ class: Thread for those who work[View]
110292712Apologize to Varg /int/[View]
110292418Would Uzbeks be able to conquer India again like they did in 16th century?[View]
110292805/Ashkenazi/ thread: Howdy my fellow vampires.[View]
110279592/ita/ - il filo: Edizione stasera mi compro un bel oggettino da 600 euro[View]
110292594this country deserves a lot more appreciation. >wiener Schnitzel >Croissant >Mozart >St…[View]
110289575>what did I tell you?[View]
110292715>Have a twin sister >she is attractive has great grades and is the most popular girl around …[View]
110292193have Indians disappeared?: this board doesn't get as many Indian flags as it did before, did th…[View]
110291791Why is it that beauty standard for women in korea is to look as Japanese as possible?[View]
110286004USA turning metric: Damn how did I miss this news?[View]
110291865They beat USA FRANCE and China in the war[View]
110290760There's your 'pure azn waifu' chinlets. She's all yours.[View]
110285777/deutsch/ Zeichentrickausgabe[View]
110292443Could the advent of gene therapy allow people to become Polish?[View]
110291947Should Naples and Sicily apologize for all the criminal sociopaths they exported all around the worl…[View]
110285586Do you have these fuckers in your kunt? I got bit by one a few weeks ago.[View]
110289363Europe enslaved millions of Africans, decimated millions of indigenous people, murdered millions of …[View]
110292400Iam so fucking lazy I made an AI that plays video games for me while I lay in bed shitposting.[View]
110285901Ah ... EUROPE ... you beautiful ... !!! Europe you beautiful, innocent, disinterested and kind! You …[View]
110291745Hello Ahmed: Hey britcucks, there is a 'GREAT BRITAIN PARTY' in a local supermarket, they do this wi…[View]
110290014Euros of /int/, do you want to have children?[View]
110291154There is no such a thing as 'olive skinned'. It's just a nice way of saying brown.[View]
110292244Lebanon = not Arab country: I'm of PURE Lebanese Phoenician heritage. Don't EVER compare u…[View]
110292107Why yes i do have a premium blacked.com account how did you know?[View]
110278887Only 90's kids will remember this...: Post nostalgia from your country in the 2000's that …[View]
110282000Do Brazilians realise their grandchildren will hate them?[View]
110280044/mämmi/: Nallepainos[View]
110291549>firstoid education[View]
110291420I won't be able to play Odyssey until my RTX 2080 arrives next week[View]
1102913771. YOur cunt. 2. Do you Love East Germany: 1. Polen 2. Yes, my uncle is from there (Lipsk)[View]
110286120To Russian posters do u like chechens or no[View]
110289130>americans don't know you can plant trees[View]
110279602I will introduce about special Korean culture: In Korea, in any hours, even in dawn, we can use the …[View]
110291432Why do soulless bugmen refer to everything as 'shit' or 'that shit' >own that shit bro >I need…[View]
110288851what does this mean?: >tw >tp thanks…[View]
110291265The big four: The big four[View]
110289082How would you react if you were in a public place and heard loud detonations?[View]
110288110shut the fuck up about amazon, carnists[View]
110288901Is this how pitbulls should be greeted?[View]
110286640Sverigetråden - Mysiga fredagsupplagan[View]
110254516DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2229: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
110290423>he knows less than three languages[View]
110275534A new highway was recently opened in Serbia. Say something nice about it.[View]
110290970Is there somewhere I can donate money to indigenous Maoist militias in the Amazon? Does Brazil have …[View]
110290369Afshars: What do you think about us Afshars /int/[View]
110290813Ok help me finish the new United States. I want to fix up the straight line colonial autism boarders…[View]
110289902Final warning, Denmark...: Give us Greenland while we're still willing to pay for it. Mexico di…[View]
110289889there's nothing wrong with whites becoming extinct.[View]
110277809Most unmemorable country[View]
110288167>””””””””he””””””” belives life has a porpouse[View]
110289858>'you're special anon, don't let anyone tell you otherwise' Did your parents really do …[View]
110289954He uses mint, why don't you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI7QQqnV1P8 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
110273273/danmarktråden/: Esbjerg udgaven[View]
110285616Do European women realize how exceptionally beautiful they are?: There are book from alot religions …[View]
110288783I just took a cold shower and i feel a rush of fucking energy, wtf /r/international why didn't …[View]
110287454/brit/: 190 is unironically moni edition[View]
110290230>6 Senior Citizens Arrested For Public Sex in Fairfield https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local…[View]
110290300this picture enough to make any Malaysian Malay nationalist went autistic[View]
110286500White people.[View]
110287233am i better off paying someone to marry them to get a second passport compared to getting one via an…[View]
110290245Can anyone stay the same after surviving a stroke? It happened to a dear person in my life and I…[View]
110290158Please, when the time comes spare me, I voted for Lula[View]
110290135Post rap battles from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLq4uOSxD00[View]
110290079If I was a pretty girl Im pretty sure one of the retards on this image board would pay for all my ex…[View]
11029007513 million russians were killed in the Russian Civil war in 1921.: The war was caused by the invasio…[View]
110289921>logic >evidence >skepticism…[View]
110290064HUMANS ARE DISGUSTING: TOTAL HUMAN POPULATION= 7 BILLION 1- chinese, 1.4 billion=insects. 2- indians…[View]
110286356Post folklore music from your cunt https://youtu.be/bczGOQnoerE[View]
110280141why do they hate each other despite being very similar?[View]
110289985>brazilian posters right now Lol[View]
110289701> yourcunt > Do you loveestomia Ilö start 1. Finland 2. Yes, i become so happy at the thoguht…[View]
110286882Is there a worse country than Poland? >Every neighbor hates them, and for good reason >Ego com…[View]
110289818>BRAZIL *Pumps co2 into the air >WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? *Throws million…[View]
110287166What ethnicity is this?: And where do I find more?[View]
1102873911.your cunt 2. When did you start to browser 4cheng? 3.in your opinion what was the 'golden age' of…[View]
110289720/polska/: edycja grania we wróżki[View]
110285291Why are Amerilards obsessed with this person?[View]
110287480Yes. Yes. Brazil, now.[View]
110279497/polska/: edycja mięsna[View]
110285709What is the perception of sweden and swedish people in your cunt? >Inb4 mooslim shithole…[View]
110279883>mfw Euros can't compete with South American agriculture >mfw Euros import trillions from…[View]
110285364pffft ahahaa[View]
110289376>PONPONPON - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu[View]
110289358based https://nypost.com/2019/08/22/video-shows-moment-man-crushed-by-elevator-at-manhattan-promenad…[View]
110287321just got my analyses and everything is fine[View]
110288371>Europeans literally sabotaging Latin Americans using the Amazon as excuse >Latin Americans st…[View]
110287949Map thread: Map thread[View]
110286575>I suffer in Congo[View]
110283320Why does dad's disappointment in me hurt so much[View]
110283816Handsome international men.[View]
110288499>tfw bald, ugly, virgin, and depressed What am I even living for[View]
110288921>post yfw you voted lula and has nothing to do with this shitstorm[View]
110286790Fuck Brazil, the Amazon should belong to the entire planet. I acknowledge there's a level of hy…[View]
110288863How rare are public toilets in your cunt? Here there are quite rare. It's more likely to find m…[View]
110284876/brit/: Plain Jane edition Millimeters can be the difference between a loving marriage and you getti…[View]
110288778I say let's range ban Brazil. Enough is enough[View]
110288739Reply to this thread if you think brazilians should get rangebanned: Ring ding ding daa baa Baa aram…[View]
110279301thanks for meming me into buying this piece of trash. the coffee tastes like burnt mud, the process …[View]
110288673could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110287244>His race doesn't have a moustached dictator they all look up to and miss yikes…[View]
110286661Hypocrital firsties be like: this country is too spicy[View]
110288319Are you ready for the future world religion? There is no China without the Communist Party. 没有共产党就没…[View]
110288099*Does a shoey* Australians are strange creatures desu[View]
110287870>Went to a nightclub last month >Leave with hot ass girl with huge ass and cute face >We ha…[View]
110285782I'm convinced chinks are spying on my browsing habits and going through my phone. I have a Huaw…[View]
110287473*peeouw peeeouw peeouw*[View]
110279206Which country has most comfy down to earth girls?[View]
110287348Never had a gf and I'm over 20 Never kissed a girl (except on cheek) Never held hands with a gi…[View]
110287908It's not even noon and I'm drunk as fuck.[View]
110287293Yeet Cafe: https://discord.gg/fBVuj7 hi i made one to chill, post memes and talk about stuff feel fr…[View]
110287501>sk govt: we totally agreed with the United States and yeah we will give up this military secret …[View]
110286251>'fuck you!' >European/North American flag replies >'seething [nonwhite]' Why do they hate …[View]
110285339Hey frens, I just heard a really funny joke, want to hear it?[View]
110285196Reminder that American doctors are based[View]
110284887Norway is an evil country who is ruining the Amazon Forest, why is no one talking about this?: >N…[View]
110285559South american art: Argentina: El despertar de la criada Bolivia: Asiel Timor Dei Brazil: Abaporu Ch…[View]
110284640Hop in /int/, we're going for a ride.[View]
110281340Who else just went to the friday prayer?[View]
110283029In America even if I graduated with a meme degree I could still get hired somewhere. Oh God I hate m…[View]
110287431>mfw I will never be french or at least belgian[View]
110285272Trees: Ipê-amarelo. There's also ipê-rosa, ipê-roxo, ipê-branco. Very pretty. Post pretty trees…[View]
110282596You must live in rural Afghanistan or rural Yemen for 1 year. Choose wisely.[View]
110277200what went wrong?[View]
110287066>fentanyl >carfentanyl[View]
110287237UBERMENSCH: Starting monday I am going to start a 5-hour training program everyday to become the mos…[View]
110247136/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
110286912Do Americans really?[View]
110285420Norway does this to the Amazon, no one bats an eye? Why is no one punishing Norway?[View]
110269155/balk/: Old: >>110246380[View]
110284590Why are Indians like this?[View]
1102836291. Your cunt 2. Are kids in your cunt depressed about climate change Flag Yes, British teens past a …[View]
110287011>You can't have children with a brown woman that's race mixing…[View]
110286988A reminder that people who call you nonwhite look like this[View]
110286123Rusia's education system: I'm studying the education system of Rusia. I want you russians …[View]
110286830When i was a child i saw a cross dressings french tourist. White people scare me ever since[View]
110286551Why are minorities so racist and full of hate ?[View]
110282976I fucked thai whore today: she was 100,000won(82.47dollar) per hour. The actual look resembles Black…[View]
1102834761. cunt 2. favorite battle Japan pic related[View]
110281520OH SAY CAN YOU SHART[View]
110286290>USSR defeated Germany >USA defeated Japan Who defeated Italy?…[View]
110284594>country >Do you vote? Fuck no. Not voting is one of the most based things you can do.…[View]
110286753These two countries are so similar. They have the same flag and the same GDP.[View]
110286671I really want an east-asian gf with with finnish mindset Do you have these in your cunt?[View]
110285681>less than 10% of pakistan has proper internet access >less than 10% literacy rate and by lite…[View]
110285828Romanian is the most beautiful language in Europe.[View]
110281337Fuck you, president Borsalino![View]
110284416Post your country's favourite politician. I'll start. Picrelated, thanks to Silvio[View]
110280343Is this the most unlikable western european country?[View]
110278704Globalist PSYOP to weaken Brazilian national sovereignty over the Amazon basic: Don't you find …[View]
110285383>play csgo with a Polish and an Polish-American friend >have Russians on our team >They onl…[View]
110283208>people of color[View]
110278455>country >do you believe female incels exist?…[View]
110283926are people on /int/ actually racist? asking for a friend[View]
110282869Greta Thunberg is sailing with these guys.[View]
110286381>I suffer in Russia[View]
110285086You walk into your gym and see this. What do?: Your cunt: How common is it for people in your cunt t…[View]
110282157How's the opioid crisis going in your country?[View]
110285149God I wish that were me[View]
110285871What do Europeans think about out heritage festivals?[View]
110284152WTF I love Russian women now.[View]
110285509You are now notified that your independance has been reversed. A portuguese administrator will be no…[View]
110277039Fucking thirdies, us whites must invade to save the Amazon. Open your borders OR WE INVADE. https://…[View]
110284998> tfw when not born in Lebanese or Syrian country side Why even live ?…[View]
110285791wy pypo be like[View]
110283798who was cuter feet mestizos or arabs?[View]
110274985>We wuz digital n shit Is this the cringest nation in Europe?[View]
110284687>tfw no eesti bf Why even live[View]
110280887/deutsch/: Gönnerausgabe[View]
110283936>be Dane >go to sleep >wake up >you're a German now…[View]
110285350Some Men Just Want to Watch The World Burn[View]
110277884Racism is Australian.[View]
110279747>nooOOOOO wtf are you doing there you monster don't you dare burn that tourist with the bran…[View]
110285031brazilians b like this meme too spicyy[View]
110282628/brit/: The one true piff ting edition[View]
110282371why are Koreans so damn sexy[View]
110281018have you ever wanted a daughter[View]
110284517My father hasn't spoken to me for a week. Who else /disappointment/ here?[View]
110284855Le phénotype austro-allemand.[View]
110282361Amazon non-meme thread: so guys i know the subject is saturated, but all the threads were shit and a…[View]
110280725What happened to Black Americans? I've been watching a bunch of interviews from the mid-20th ce…[View]
110277657>you wake up in Tokyo[View]
110284554Is America literally The Purge?: >High schools across America are being rebuilt with concrete bar…[View]
110284410hey polcucks breeding black women is different than masturbating to them[View]
110278439Catholic Arabs[View]
110284649>Germany? Don't you mean Dutchland.[View]
110284470The amount of fluoride average American's body goes through in 8 months through tap water, toot…[View]
110268289/fr/ - L'édition américaine[View]
110282821Low iq moor shitskins[View]
110284227So these are the guys always posting about meds on /int/[View]
110283687/tr/: Eski TÜRK hanları[View]
110284032They are nothing without Britain: Why do Euros act like they can decide whatever Brazil should do re…[View]
110277273Sverigetråden - Sexupplagan[View]
110283026>your country >are you member of a private pool club Spain Ofc, i dont want poorfags ruining m…[View]
110283786What's your favorite timelapse video from your city? For me it's this. https://www.youtube…[View]
110283549>2019 >religions still exist[View]
110284192>India plants 66 million trees in 12 hours as part of record-breaking environmental campaign >…[View]
11027829930 years ago today people of 3 countries formed a human chain to stand up to Gommunism. Thank you fo…[View]
110284357/nederdraad/: De miethe draad.[View]
110283009Hitler promised to remember Japan in his will, and told the Germans 'to bind themselves eternally to…[View]
110284311could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110263152/lat/ - /conosur/ - /mex/ - /chegalle/ = Hilo latino: Hilo latino[View]
110277326From today's march on Rome[View]
110267176/nederdraad/: Seksualiteit komt alleen tot haar recht binnen de trouw en geborgenheid van een huweli…[View]
110283651Hey /int/, checkout my watermelons.[View]
110281944College goers live in poverty: https://www.verkkouutiset.fi/korkeakouluopiskelu-tarkoittaa-nuorille-…[View]
110284060are there owls in your country? >flag >yes I saw one perched on my neighbour's roof the o…[View]
1102801101) Your country 2) How would you translate 'cumbrain' Netherlands Zaadbrein[View]
110283162If the European colonialists could see what the world looks like today, would they have wiped out th…[View]
110278267Why the fuck do you think Belgians are always fucking angry?: It's because we are surrounded by…[View]
110282656/brit/: would i look handsome if i lost weight edish[View]
110283840Why are all the black people in Ireland from Nigeria? Is that the only country black people are allo…[View]
110283047>that brazilian faggot who spams amazon forest threads[View]
110283843What do poor people eat in your country[View]
110283732OMG my country bad, I emigrate to West like a cockroach[View]
110283589>Classic WoW is about release! >Brazilian burning the Amazons >Russians Nuking the North Po…[View]
110280605Are Celtic women underrated?[View]
110280732You wake up in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.[View]
110282121>be Europoor >can’t even afford A/C Ahaahhahahahahahah https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/25/wor…[View]
110280035this is the average frenchman[View]
110279243Why don't more people invest in the balkans?: >Highly qualified, high iq white population th…[View]
110283647I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday because she was not up to my standart. I live once. I can…[View]
110283096i wonder why this attractive guy ruined his life by killing his family he coulda been travelling and…[View]
110281009How do you like my art, /int/?[View]
110280188WTF TAIWAN: https://youtu.be/rqa3QSzNiJ4[View]
110282115https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njONM9R-op8 https://twitter.com/miyurindarukoro/status/1164827792342…[View]
110264513Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110253417 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
110279514Greta lives in my head rent free[View]
110283516Friday lads.... time for some marching powder Where my boys at?[View]
110283110White women belong to yellow men[View]
110282451based r*dditor: fuck that arab cube[View]
110276053Why are Asian Americans like this?[View]
110282962O ye who believe! Lo! many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks devour the wealth of man…[View]
110276313Why do Lithuanian place name sound Latin? Are they Roman?[View]
110277034What phone are you using?: Note 4 currently but I'm getting the 10 next week.[View]
110277089What do Muslims think when seeing drunken non-Muslims?: Do you feel happy, and proud of being Muslim…[View]
110281461Russian word of the day: Лoжкa - Lozhka It means “spoon” in English.[View]
110281979Now would be the perfect moment to offer Asylum to indigenous qts from Brazil.[View]
110279083Top 5 Arab countries: Italy Spain Portugal Turkey Iran[View]
110281193Would you kindly annex us if given the chance?[View]
110273206How do we save the planet?[View]
110278868/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: paraskeviatiki hellicious ekdosis[View]
110282236hey guys im heading to subway you guys want anything?[View]
110278641What muslims think about him?: Are arabs hate them?What about radical muslims in Turkey?[View]
110281391which one /int/?[View]
110282660/ro/ - Firul nostru: Deși în istoriografia română și străină s-a vorbit mereu despre „întoarcerea ar…[View]
110280579/brit/ + /int/: /int/[View]
110282190Hey, you cunts wanna make a guild?[View]
110277924greeting customs: how do people great each other in your cunt? israel- male-male: handshake or hands…[View]
1102797031. cunt 2. do you not want to breathe?[View]
110280742What the FUCK were they even thinking with these flags? Not only are the countries' names simil…[View]
1102761301. Your cunt 2. Do you think this is real or just cope[View]
110279325I just realised that Sponges are the only animals that don't have a nervous system[View]
110279954>we should impose sanctions on Brazil for burning the rainforest[View]
110282136>ur cunt >how are you celebrating david koch's death canadistan by masturbating…[View]
110282040Nordics are not white[View]
110272120Should all men be bald?[View]
110281960>me? why yes I'm satisfied with the migrant crisis and I wish even more people from MENA are…[View]
110281542I can't stand to live in this awful world and I can't off myself. Is this what hell is? Ju…[View]
110281634all weebs must die[View]
110281146Are you lonely?[View]
110273232The French are up to something in Africa: You might be able to fool the rest of these flags but you…[View]
110272035>Your cunt >Your favorite snack Netherlands Stroopwafels or mergpijpen…[View]
110279207Why are Americans so pro-Korea and anti-Japan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QbYipOZXrA[View]
110278705Why do subhumans drive on the left side ?[View]
110280230>make monkey noises at refugee walking down street >my Northern Macedonian friend compliments …[View]
110281673why do white people do this?[View]
110278853/non-white/ general: Welcomed: non-whites Not welcomed: whites[View]
110272610كثير من الناشرين العرب لئيمين معي: انه امر صعب ان تكون ويب عربي كل هذا الحقد و اللئم و الإساءة من ال…[View]
110281574Post the popular song in early 2000s from your count: In Korea https://youtu.be/2W0QV_G-7_w This wa…[View]
110280578he could have save this planet[View]
110277163Remember two months ago when everyone around the world had to pretend they gave a shit about women…[View]
110280660What's it like to live in a relevant country?[View]
110279806>tfw no bf[View]
110279172What is the best anime song: and why it is Komm, süsser Tod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bj…[View]
110279415>why don't white women find me masculine >its because of Hollywood representation of cour…[View]
110279812I feel bad for the Germans. Their women are so ugly and they're surrounded by countries that ha…[View]
110276334>country >age >what size boobs do you prefer?…[View]
110279899Yes. Another night alone in the apartment.[View]
110279372for those of you from countries that were a part of the Warsaw Pact, what are your opinions on the U…[View]
110279886r/asianmasculinity: .[View]
110275870/deutsch/: Fröhliche Mittachausgabe[View]
110276238Post a modernist house you would build with Yang's NEET bucks[View]
110267697/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
110280668How could you tell?[View]
110280557Wake up ..anon: The matrix has you[View]
110279437Brazilian indigenous woman: “tu pa erdn casa peillo madaber saiq al brazil iturila pa kend bartar” …[View]
110280431What do you think about Matteo Nafrini ?[View]
110276786I want an anglo name but it has to sound well with my last name which is Jokela. Pitch me up some n…[View]
110278095/brit/: Henry III edition[View]
110250712/ita/ - il filo: edizione dei cornuti[View]
110274560Post your numbah one waifu[View]
110279929From todays march on Melbourne[View]
110278046my local sushi restaurant is expensive af, average omakase is 100+ euros...[View]
110280183>Whoa bro not cool, you cant just litter.[View]
110280143/luso/ - fio brasileiro: edição bolivariana[View]
110280120/Risk/ - Eurabia edition: /Risk/ - Eurabia edition to join choose your country's name color loc…[View]
110280059My ideal gf, french and /fit/[View]
110270212/mämmi/: AION SANOA SEN UUDESTAAN-painos[View]
110275071Whites can't refute this[View]
110271521China girl want to show you something. You follow her? She say it will be very special gift.[View]
110274219My entire family tree apart from my mother has blonde or light colored hair and blue or green eyes. …[View]
110278301Wtf France[View]
110279584When I was a kid I had an episode of Pokemon on tape. It was the one with the Pokemon that stank lik…[View]
110279537Why did women love this fruity manlet so much?[View]
110278366At the end of the day, when all the rage and angst have cooled down, after all's said and done,…[View]
110275676Τhoughts on my new tattoo /int/?[View]
110279483Proof that French is absolutely based: For 'my mother' they say 'me mer' memer Mind blown[View]
110278036This picture is old af. Why are you posting as if it were from current small fire flocks/ https://no…[View]
110279244Stop thinking about having sex with a girl: Having sex is impossible Actually it is impossible for …[View]
110275531Hello /int/. I am a white person Ask me anything[View]
110279270What does mother love feel like?[View]
110266556/polska/: Edycja porannej kawy[View]
110277801>Be Greek >Get shot Is PARKING really that much of a problem in Greece? >Man shoots neighbo…[View]
110276817Why do so many Asians have this stupid bowl cut?[View]
110278952what's /int/ favorite anime?[View]
110279122Is this common in your country?[View]
110279203>Nightcore-Angel With A Shotgun[View]
110279190>alcohol? no no haram! don't drink! >camel piss? yes! halal! very beneficial! drink! do m…[View]
110276723Tell me the problems about Korean: If you have. I would send the messages to the president[View]
110278158Why do capoids look asian?[View]
110278987Papież Polak: 2137[View]
110278918>you're racist? >dude, not cool[View]
110274471¿What are restaurants like where you live?[View]
110278720Why is /int/ so racist right now?[View]
110278157WTF FRANCE[View]
110265563/rus/ + /ukr/ + /bel/: cимпaтичныe мopдвa издaниe[View]
110277455>Why yes, i just came back from friday prayer, how could you tell?[View]
110278603This is what perfected gelato looks like[View]
110278696>I wish I was a sea urchin bro[View]
110278597The big four: The big four[View]
110274718based good ol' turkish game. do you guys have any local traditional games involving child abuse…[View]
110276829/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ediția de 23 August[View]
110276188>first world >outskirts of ''''''''''main world city'''''' >still using lead pipes…[View]
110276778Why chinese look like insect?[View]
110275908And that's good[View]
110276931if you are allergic to stupid shit like peanuts or bee stings, you should not be allowed to live[View]
110278232Most Turks are based but no here: t*Rks here are disgusting, they are mostly kemalists and atheist a…[View]
110278410Thats a lot of weed. At least policeman-senpai and his waifu will have fun since we wont.[View]
110278280>I'm sorry Stacy, I'm saving myself for marriage[View]
110278338Income of /int/: What is your job and how much do you earn per year? Any anons making 6figures? I’m …[View]
110277389Let us extinguish the fire, or we invade.: https://youtu.be/oy3KEZ8Ou9c[View]
110275242>why yes I'm a libertarian how could you tell?[View]
110277257Sverigetråden - Kommunistiska upplagan[View]
110277242Post animals extincted by humans in your cunt: >The passenger pigeon was a delicious type of pige…[View]
110276341/brit/: Goose edition[View]
110277659post ur smiles[View]
110272004Why are wh*tes so uncreative?[View]
110275138is this the most Canadian dish in existence?[View]
110270833why turkish love saying we are brother to anyone?[View]
110273851what country has worst tourists in the world?[View]
110273454Is this why Mexico genocided their Chinese immigrants? https://twitter.com/yvesramen/status/11592721…[View]
110276740Anyone find it ironic that Old World countries like Germany and Japan and more modern and futuristic…[View]
110275965Based and Redpilled[View]
110277647It's normal to hug strange people in your country?[View]
110276987>omg the amazon is burning act now!!1 **posts a pic from 2016 of a small fire**…[View]
110272963I would fight for them I would die for them I love them[View]
110277462Americans are so silly: That said, I hope he got in.[View]
110274243I'm going to the seafood market what do you guys want.[View]
110277509Do americans really use these? I've never seen one in my life and I'm a 29 boomer[View]
110276338/brit/: peng[View]
110269391Any Turk want to give us a rundown on #eminebulut and why it's trending?[View]
110277143based british women[View]
110272583post here anything that makes you proud of your count/folk.[View]
110271379I hate them: Low IQ, greasy arab mafia criminals![View]
110273952List of authoritarian regimes supported by the United States:: Latin America: 1. Porfirio Díaz (Mexi…[View]
110277048French hate thread: French hate thread[View]
110276884>Clams with peanuts and a grilled mackerel please.[View]
110271159>Hahaha you're so funny anon >Btw do you live alone? *wink *wink…[View]
110276591Why are Romanians so ugly?[View]
110276952>'Hey Karen, you see that anon over there?' >'Yes, what about him?' >'He browses and posts …[View]
110274549>your cunt >do you get offended by memes sometimes?…[View]
110275944Will learning French help me get a gf?[View]
110276894the eu caused the 2008 global financial crisis[View]
110276847Less than 4 months until TOTAL FEET FETISH DOMINATION: How are you preparing for this? https://www.y…[View]
110276811You guys are my real frens We should just make our own country, it doesn't matter where you…[View]
110274150Can anyone translate this?[View]
110270269Is this true, white peoples of [int]?[View]
110273475help me find my tribe[View]
110276101Why Americans talk so loud? I was in a bus and American guy recieved a call. The whole bus heard ev…[View]
110274809>why yes I am 24, live with my parents and have never worked a day in my entire life, how could y…[View]
110273835You are not a real country if your flag is not here[View]
110272527What? Koreans are desendents of poos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8x_oDtRa8g[View]
110241472/luso/ - fio brasileiro: Edição anime é lixo celok[View]
110272320Beautiful chinese wife[View]
110274390Angelina Jolie's adopted midget Southeast Asian son entered a South Korean university in Incheo…[View]
110273219>I spent $1746 on uber eats this week[View]
110273708/brit/: its friday edition[View]
110276311could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110274871What do greeks nowdays think of turks? do they still hate them for occupying greece for hundreds of …[View]
110276114I live in the best neighbourhood in Skopje, thirdies, with price houses that look like telephone num…[View]
110275146I love this country. I'd fight and die for it if I had to.[View]
110275856Can someone fill me up?: Why is Amazon on fire and why everyone losing their shit?[View]
110273041I don't like them: They look like aliens. They think like aliens. They behave like aliens.…[View]
110273419Flag Are you an incel?[View]
1102688031. Your country 2. What do police uniforms and equipment in your country look like? 1. America 2. Pi…[View]
110274509Do Brits really do this[View]
110272440/deutsch/: der ewige Alman[View]
110274740Do you want to find love in Réunion?[View]
110274731>In Takeyama's novel one of the soldiers talks of the 'terrible trouble' which Japan has bro…[View]
110270388Alternate timelines you wish were true: Post alternate maps you wish were true[View]
110275465Can I be turkish nationalist if im mexican?[View]
110275142thank god i have celtic ancestry on my fathers side, thats what allowed me to become 191cm tall whil…[View]
110273179why is the BC interior so gross and depressing?[View]
110275830¿Did you know the Piltdown Man hoax was a deliberate attempt by British academia to prove themselves…[View]
110274353Apologize to Türkiye right now[View]
110274788Does your country have free high quality healthcare? Spain: Yes[View]
110275665/ro/ Firul Nostru: Editia Turcului[View]
110275308You don't deserve 2 days off, wagie. Go back to your wagie cagie and make me a burger. Capische…[View]
110275481HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look what I found guys[View]
110272519Koreans are kim Chinese are zhang Indians are pajeet then what is the name for Japanese?[View]
110270601Is this shit Amerikkka or Shitzil?[View]
110275500I just found out my great grandfather was a gypsy. Do you have anything surprising in your family tr…[View]
110273491I don't get it[View]
110274473explain this, America[View]
110275148is your country struggling with outsourcing and/or brain drain? what are you doing to stop it[View]
110269108Post European countries[View]
110274553I hate this place: It used to be based, now it's a depressing shithole filled with millions of …[View]
110272700The Anglo fears the VARG.: Are you ready for another Danelagh ?[View]
110270670IT TOOK ME 3 HOURS TO MAKE THIS: I have finally completed my racial map[View]
110273420Why do people hate them ? Their flag is ugly , but other than that they seem like good people[View]
110275118>Oh Montana, give this child a home >Give him the love of a good family and a woman of his own…[View]
110274790I have only been here 14 hours and a Melbourne girl has already let me cum on her face. Why are they…[View]
110274573whats it like being a wagie cagie retard in your cunt?[View]
110274840Why are they so arrogant?[View]
110273590Would you protect her smile?[View]
110274742tfw not a korean girl (boy)[View]
110271529Idea of being in minority seems strangely erotic to me[View]
110256798Sverigetråden - Isolationistupplagan[View]
110268211why do they love somalians so much?[View]
110274675Meanwhile, in Greater Serbia...[View]
110274545>Yes I'm 27 years old never held hands, kissed or had sex with a girl what gave it away? Cou…[View]
110274329Leaf here, why are girls from this cunt super nice? They're all super friendly and there's…[View]
110273324The average American mother and son[View]
110271940Who is this guy and why I do see his face everytime there is a blacked thread?[View]
110273637attractive people tend to be more respectful and tolerate while the ones who had poor luck in the ge…[View]
110272319Why can't whites grow a proper beard?[View]
110271980Why anglos are so evil and treacherous?[View]
110273520Why are they so inferior to Canadians and other humans?[View]
110272523My parents named me Olaf because of a lost bet I hate them[View]
110274257What race is this?[View]
110268382why do they think they are superior to any other southeatst asian countries?[View]
110270134Do you have Jap’s eyes?? Yes i do T.T Non asian always make fun of my eyes.....[View]
110271329Why the fuck are they so obsessed with Starcraft?[View]
110271202Good morning /int/[View]
110269787How do you say “pregnant woman” in your language?[View]
110269785but /int/ told me whites are the problem![View]
110274022Japanese girl eating spaghetti[View]
110272512do you believe in true love?[View]
110268790How much Indo-European ancestry do you have?[View]
110268270Bald and bankrupt went to Moksha village[View]
110267044Post YFW you realize SK will cease to exist in your life time: It's ironic, people said the Nor…[View]
110273769why do wh*Tes finna be like this fo real[View]
110273619What does /int/ know about Albania?: What do you know about this little Mediterranean Balkan country…[View]
110273366Can you perform Full Lotus?[View]
110268010/brit/ - Livin' La Vida Loca: Fear and Loathing in Hyperspace[View]
110271760yanks: watched this video of these yanks stuck in an airport and theyre woken up by security and the…[View]
110273842i demand to see my lost brother, zhang from new zealand[View]
110269692Why are Europeans obsessed wið ðis þing?: >English for Ananas Pine apple >French for Potato La…[View]
1102689775 biggest banks are all chinese and are all state owned. 50% of chinese economy is state owned. Base…[View]
110270894Why are Japanese women so obese?: Japanese women are the most obese in the world![View]
110267220So why did this kids kill 3 people, Canada?[View]
110272136Why do Asians rarely post except to say mean things about other Asians?[View]
110270313Do Viet women really do this?: >Me so horny. Me love you long time. Me sucky sucky…[View]
110273705Give me one reason to not filter them.[View]
110266964>ayyyyyy papiiiiiii[View]
110273679What is wrong with Brazilians?[View]
110273467Get out of Hong Kong, chimperikkkans!!![View]
110273090Spain... why?[View]
110273002are /int/ faggots even gay: aren't they just autogynephile?[View]
110270441What race has the broadest shoulders?[View]
110273175What are some sayings about other countries you have, or that other countries have about yours? >…[View]
110272727How do we make /intERNATIONAL/ more inclusive?[View]
110272317>Estonian women learn russian so they can be prostitutes in ukraine[View]
110271967I piss on your Efreet and Basilisks[View]
110270974>western front WW2 >eastern front WW2 >Us civil war >byzantines >colonisation of afri…[View]
1102663051. your flag 2. does this sort of video recommended to your country's ip? 3. what's the a…[View]
110266218Would you die for your country?[View]
1102723761. Your country 2. Do you have pets?[View]
110272928I want to FUCK a danish girl[View]
110272919Your thoughts on Chechens?[View]
110271612knock knock[View]
110271862For me it's Aya[View]
110265978>innocent trees YEAH BURN 'EM[View]
110272846The UN should declare these areas as Co-governed territory with the UN to prevent regimes from build…[View]
110272241>ben met maten >een is met een meisje bezig die overduidelijk zijn ballen wil likken >ander…[View]
110269875Sweden YES[View]
110272646Hey Netherlands I need your strongest potion ;))[View]
110262055/deutsch/ und /nachtschicht/: Mongofreie Ausgabe ohne auf Köder reinfallende Fickhurenspastiker…[View]
110272361Do you love Japan?![View]
110272222I did the 'Greek' to the Greek girl[View]
110270479Craziest National Party: What is your cunt's most batshit insane party in terms of ideologues a…[View]
110271495Yes, I donated money to help perserve Amazon forests. And you should too, anon![View]
110270357wtf america?[View]
110272269I will go and kill Medusa now[View]
110271063How do you do it Americans to be more fat?: isn't eating everyday pizza and burger too expensiv…[View]
110271652What is the most impressive thing that you watched or read these days: For me it's 'Clockw…[View]
110271280I want a Vietnamese imageboard!!!!!!![View]
110271510It hurts[View]
110269392How much will Germany pay for Kaliningrad?[View]
110070405Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
110271982https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3u91hBotKc Just bought some new shoes for 200 dollars hubby, used u…[View]
110269171What should their punishment be for their crimes against humanity.[View]
110265986Is it true that Japanese women are crazy about having sex with black tourists and military personnel…[View]
110271124>Good morning Anon! Here's your daily dose of Kosovo. You're not gonna believe what hap…[View]
110270940How much water do you drink a day?[View]
1102698961.cunt 2. What’s your take on incest[View]
110268500I thought the age of consent in Japan was twelve?[View]
110268287Is nofap a meme or does it actually work in your country? I can kind of understand the logic behind …[View]
110268828Would you vote for her? Keep in mind she's the leader of the jewish nazi party.[View]
110266356how does your license plate looks like?[View]
110269629Country names shouldn't start with an article. Fuck you, El Salvador![View]
110265369Do you prefer northern Chinese people or Southern Chinese people?[View]
110267952how do you call this in your country[View]
110269358>go to chinese imageboard >ip address display united states wtf?…[View]
110270010Do people often stare at you in your country?[View]
110268478>I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AAAYYOO, GOTTA LETT GOOO…[View]
110270351Is this shit Amerikkka or Shitzil?[View]
110269451/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: Semeție Ediția antecedentă: >>110223675[View]
110271214I have had a gf for 3 months and now I masturbate more than I used to[View]
110266328Say i'm based[View]
110270892>he said dilate again HAHAHAHHAHA[View]
110269612hello /int/[View]
110269712What do you prefer? Cow meat or Pig meat?[View]
110270643Post the countries which you visited by plane: For me Japan Taiwan Vietnam[View]
110269810Russia has a super large territory: and a lot of population Also has the influential power over the…[View]
11026990290% of threads >muh whiteness >italians are not whi- >muh germanicness >muh heritage …[View]
110270922>What am I doing this weekend? Sitting at home playing video games of course.…[View]
110270889Is Latin worth learning?[View]
110270285>'Ahh I suffer in Chile..' Literally fuck off.[View]
110270748why is Bolivia burning my oxygen reserve?[View]
110270619why they are so bad[View]
110270436>Why yes, I spent the whole night studying neurology and playing football manager without sleepin…[View]
110270536ITT: Countries you're surprised no-one's 'accidentally' nuked yet[View]
110270593/eire/: What's the craic lads? How autistic would it be if I learned Irish and exclusively went…[View]
110270583Post your rarest soyjaks.[View]
110270426if you got into a fight with someone would you be able to defend yourself? Be honest[View]
110270471>the only thing worse than a commie are yuppie technotarians[View]
110270522>Why yes, I am only interested in non-German girls, how did you know?[View]
110266959How do you pronounce 'Ardougne' in you language?[View]
110270140Why do people love Italy so much[View]
110263939Why haven't you left your shit-hole country?[View]
110264111Alright /int/, moment of truth. 'b-but m-muh we ____ians are white I swear' is not just a meme. Who …[View]
110268282Impersonate a country thread! Ill start: Hi im new zealand and I love sucking cock and dick im gay a…[View]
110268698the Chad economy[View]
110270291>Stop spreading radiation all over eurasia![View]
110268156How would a mutt be treated in your cunt?[View]
110269947Income by race in Brazil[View]
110269970Next week I am finally leaving this website for all eternity: All things must come to an end, goodby…[View]
110268204why chinese love mao so much don't they think it's too much?[View]
110269075After drinking quite a bit of beer I feel like there is a fundamental need in my life that has yet t…[View]
110270087wtf is their problem?[View]
110265223You wake up in France, go have a look outside from the balcony and this is the first thing you see. …[View]
110270095Why are women like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxOwAliht2c[View]
110269849How does it feel to be forced to replace your defective diesel car without compensation, Eurocuck?[View]
110244709/mämmi/: Laatikollinen appelsiinejä-painos[View]
110269517I´ve made a video with my pregnant wife[View]
110269566What is this ethnicity?[View]
110269256USA = peak comfiness: >E*ros will never experience the comfiness of visiting your local hardware …[View]
110269854Stand up for yourself for fuck sakes. This is why you guys get fucked all the time. Do something imp…[View]
110269741From today's march on Rome[View]
110268905can you differentiate Asian architectures?[View]
110266281'There is no place in the Canadian Army for those who do not embrace and protect the values of diver…[View]
110267763Are veterinary physicians in your country expensive? Here they aren't.[View]
110264325why do mexicans pretend to hate us chicanos online but worship us like gods when we visit mexico?[View]
110264621Rape: -13.6% Vehicle theft: -11.1% Murder: -21.2% Lesion followed by death: -5.3% Robberies against …[View]
110262535Do you love Korean BBQ?[View]
110264012Por favor, ignoren al mexicano que los ofende. Es solo él, ok? Los demás no somos así[View]
110269534your country are you cute?[View]
110269210>your cunt >are you a disgusting person?[View]
110261516Do you want a Chilean boyfriend?[View]
110268380In yoor opinion, should a government rule by trust, fear or both?[View]
110267827>it’s almost September[View]
110269279im not cute[View]
110267844V4 + Friends - Universal Chess Edition[View]
110266895Are slavic girls really fun to be around?[View]
110269582/ex-yu/: izdanje tamnoputi anđeli[View]
110268090Recommend me a great game to buy on Steam that I probably didn't play yet, /int/. (fuck /v/ her…[View]
110268504/mena/: جمعة مبارك الذهاب إلى البحر ايدشن[View]
110269369I tried watching Russian news but all they say is “American ski” Why? What’s so interesting about Am…[View]
110266790/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: doc watson edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi8W93aJG_U ht…[View]
110265802why they are so happy?[View]
110269433page 10 here I go hssh hshhs![View]
110268526Who is your waifu, /int/?[View]
110267157Do you love japan[View]
110269127What's his problem? Is he an Indian Trump (i.e. an opportunistic populist)? And is there any da…[View]
110269049What is the difference between 'by no means' and 'Never'???: USe the example…[View]
110268313What if there's correlation between passion for soccer and being left wing? Notice that Brazil …[View]
110269031What do you think about this cunt?[View]
110267049>your cunt >your favourite pornstar flag pic related…[View]
110267987Why didn't the Jews just buy their own homeland?[View]
110269012Convince me not to bully you nerds.[View]
110269115>inadvertently watch Dua Lipa video >followed by Ava Max video >really want to sniff both o…[View]
110268831Countries with and without extradition treaties with the United States. Fuck you, ex-Yugoslavia.[View]
110268144European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism,: How come there is no European reme…[View]
110268948>Yes, I watch porn at 9 am, what gave it away?[View]
110268878This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110268230Why is /int/ like this? Don't mock the challenged[View]
110267670Aussies really drink from shoes? Why?[View]
110267614Does your cunt's LGBTQA++ group take up arms for the cause?[View]
110267126New Zealand speaker cradles baby during parliament debate: New Zealand Speaker Trevor Mallard cradle…[View]
110267741What's the oldest software that you still use, /int/? I still use the Nesticle emulator inside …[View]
110268208>South Korea? Don't you mean worst Korea?[View]
110268740Your cunt Are there loomers in your cunt >usa >yes…[View]
110267050EUROS ARE HYPOCRITES: If Europeans truly care about the Amazon why would they sign the EU-Mercosur F…[View]
110266338americans eat burger[View]
110266840Serious question: why is Costa Rica better than the other Latin American countries? Browsing info on…[View]
110215444/flag/ + /extraflags/: Oounty Clare Edition Previous >>110173674 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lo…[View]
110267796Why do Latin Americans think they are European, when the vast majority of them look like this?[View]
110268129>mfw they start playing reggaeton at the club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ej5d367nXY…[View]
110267030Why are their posting style so fucking cute? I wish I could fuck every single japanese poster in the…[View]
110268535>americans unironically[View]
110267846>Why, yes, I am a kissless virgin. How could you tell?[View]
1102678621. you're cunt 2. is pic related common in you're cunt[View]
110267435>tu coño? >what's your favorite sugary cereal? Mine's Cinnamon Toast Crunch…[View]
110266796how tall is good for woemen in countru ylou from?[View]
110268527>away from my sight, oriental whore >now make yourself useful and fetch me a BLACK queen, i ma…[View]
110268213>'Nooo! You can't just add ketchup on pizza'[View]
110266638Why are non-Americans so scared of weapons. I asked a Hong Konger today if he was willing to pick up…[View]
110267973Why are Japanese women obese?: Most obese country is Japan![View]
110266694Soy una rumbera Rumbera, rumbera ¡Vamos a bailar! Las manos hacia arriba Las manos hacia abajo Y com…[View]
110268408Don't be so hard on amerisharts, Europeans probably said Arabic numerals were creepy or gay or …[View]
110264993Do you know any of these guys in your country?[View]
110267974Most popular Japanese actress? Owned[View]
110267783>We should betray our allies and attack all of them at the same time, and also our previous enemi…[View]
110263895>you bring home this what do ur parents say[View]
110268175Would being from a race/ethnicity considered by /int/sects to be BVLL grant you any real-life benefi…[View]
110267143Why Europeans live here?? This is far from Europe or USA. This continent locate Southern Asia and Oc…[View]
110266236My mother in Crimean Tatar my Father is Polish-Romanian mutt[View]
110267194Is it true that in America, anti-Chinese hysteria begins? I do not mean the anti-PRC propagand, but …[View]
110267476Why do they dislike each other?[View]
110266443Americans boycott fried chicken restaurants because the owner hates fags[View]
110264294Single/Hedonist int anons, Where would you move to in the world just for the women? My pick: Sweden[View]
110266505the revolution is coming[View]
110267771here's your latina gf, bro[View]
110266754What if this isn't actually Bolso/Brazil's fault but american establishment backed NGOs?: …[View]
110261105What is your opinion on this particular country?[View]
110267357>A dispossessed Nigerian prince needs my help? Say no more, let me just go get my banking info.…[View]
110263740/brit/: The goal edition[View]
110265810Denmark owns Greenland?? I didn’t know that?? If so, why Denmark don’t use Greenland effectively?? G…[View]
110267725Why won't Mexicans stop eating dogs? No other country in the Western Hemisphere does this.[View]
110265975Why do Vietnamese use latin alphabet?[View]
110265264russian chad vs mexcrement[View]
110262832/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: antisocial edition[View]
110267066Trump is fucking based! I love the ICE raids lmao! Do you?[View]
110214563/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: blessed bill and hellish hillary edition[View]
110267354Honest and serious question, are Reddit's average opinions a moderately accurate representation…[View]
110266545The CHICANO BVLL is the epitome of MASCULINITY.[View]
110229651/danmarktråden/: Eftermiddagskaffe udgaven[View]
110267140Japan is the most obese country!: Japanese women are obese![View]
110267350Canada is not a superpower. It is an ultrapower.[View]
110267447/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ Знaй paзницy 'мopдвa' издaниe[View]
110261850I'm going to be homeless again, frens. On Friday. I think I'm just going to clean up my ro…[View]
110265671italians looks like mexican chicanos? whoa... that's new for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
110267375>STUDIES HAVE SHOWN[View]
110267271>he is still awake at 7am[View]
110266760>now now my sweet international dearies I know you have had your fun debating the wellness of eac…[View]
110266801Do Americans really do this?[View]
110266440>He is STILL a kissless virgin You know you can visit your local American gas station and become …[View]
110266731Her Majesty's Canadian Ship The Pillar of Autumn.[View]
110267145What do people who don’t want to be alive anymore in your country do?[View]
110267010Stop with the racism. Have interracial sex.[View]
110262159/int/ernational shoes: Post your current shoes and rate others' pairs.[View]
110266470the destruction of the huezilian nation and the enslavement of its inhabitants can only bring joy to…[View]
110266743>burned down the biggest snake collection in the entire world >burned down the national museum…[View]
110266199why are they so based and how do they make everyone seethe just by existing?[View]
110266941What is the difference between 'have to' and 'should': For example You have to …[View]
110266207Just how controlled is the chinese internet? Is it possible that they might have a 4chan-esque meme/…[View]
110265470Why are asian males so fucking gay?: Do they think life as an asian woman is going to be any easier?…[View]
110263752Do you think he will succeed?[View]
110265080You've been visited by the international voice of wisdom.[View]
110266852They created Brazil and Mexico.[View]
110266211Why do japs do this?[View]
110265337I overstayed my job visa for 4 months now and still I haven't been deported. Chi always win[View]
110266737EU-MERCOSUR TRADE DEAL: If Europeans truly care about the Amazon why would they sign the EU-Mercosur…[View]
110264049>tfw realizing US will turn into Brazil within 50 years[View]
110266508>Notre dame >Kyoto animation >Siberian Forest >The amazon Why is fire so damn powerful?…[View]
110265889I will build an Iberian ethnostate, we will call it Al-Andalus and the official religion will be Jud…[View]
110264015Are you going to get yourself an Italian wife, /int/?[View]
110264316hi i love latin americans and I think all chicanos should catch aids t. me[View]
110266434Wh*te europeans, americans and australians, I will only say this once: Let me eat your ass and pussy[View]
110259532Why yes, the future world currency has the face of a mass murderer. BASED[View]
110266377How easy it is to get laid in australia? I want to start a sex tour on several different countries t…[View]
110266116only 10/10s[View]
110265902Here's your Latina gf bro[View]
110266353Sweat, baby, sweat, baby Sex is a Texas drought Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince w…[View]
110264552Who is starting these fires and why?: I'm guessing they are trying to clear more land for cattl…[View]
110264754Please take it back, Portugal.[View]
110256532/fr/ - le fil de la France française: édition de la moustache mousquetaire[View]
110262638The western fake news media is not mentioning that Northeast Brazil is suffering through a drought a…[View]
110266023Boycott amazon products until they stop burning it[View]
110265252make /int/ related.[View]
110263870Will your country exist in ten years? USA No[View]
110265696Greeks=Persians Romans=Arabs Celts=Berbers Germanics=Turks Huns=Mongols[View]
110265997Why are Europeans so racist?[View]
110265969OH BOY HE THICK[View]
110265392Do Asian girls really do this?[View]
110264410What phenotype is this?[View]
110266003are tomboys commun in your cunt? if i'm honest they're so hot[View]
110257047Ok time to be honest. No memes, no irony, no jokes. Does anyone here actually get upset when they se…[View]
110264900What language do you think beautiful?[View]
110265748>Retards who live in the forest and find it good >We should have killed all 200 years ago so t…[View]
110265901>Katon: Forest Burn no Justsu[View]
110265688>dad needs me to pay the rent again this month does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
110265683NASA UNCOVERS LIES BEHIND AMAZON ALARMISM: In the Amazon rainforest, fire season has arrived. The Mo…[View]
110265703Do you want to meet Kim Jong Un?[View]
110265864>they actually think they can become first world OH NOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHA…[View]
110259718How can we solve their problem?: A bunch of bolsonaro shilling american boot-licking raceposting alb…[View]
110265623What should I expect in terms of culture shock? Thinking about moving here.[View]
110265822>Kung Fu![View]
110265519What's his problem?[View]
110266074Seriously though, what went wrong?[View]
110265790Im going to SK in 28th any yellow brothers who wanna join up with me to kill wh*Toids and rape wh*Te…[View]
110264439W-what do you want, Flips?![View]
110265631The future looks like THAT?![View]
110265634>go to doctor >says i have severe vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight.…[View]
110265573What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef![View]
110264135>me when I see a monkey (br*zil**n): https://qz.com/1691619/bees-are-dying-by-the-millions-in-bra…[View]
110262338Do you love asia?[View]
110265595>be me >reading about the Himba people from Namibia and their cultural relations with the Here…[View]
110264182Formatting client PC I found nudes[View]
110265670Do they really?[View]
110265225>VIDEOGAMES ARE SO FUN!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY CLASSIC WOW! Do pathetic soycels say this in …[View]
110264601why are people so rude: >roomates gf is over, i say hello since im friends with roomate >she l…[View]
110264693>Approximately 130 days left to accomplish my 2019 goals Is there still enough time /int/... I…[View]
110264481How do countries manage themselves when there are multiple national languages? For example: If I li…[View]
110265199>American Literature[View]
110265409*breathes in* Say 'Tiananmen' one more time laowai, I dare you.[View]
110262015Brazilians be like >i support Bolsonaro because he is a conservative nationalist…[View]
110261207It's your choice, and it can't be unmade. What do you choose?[View]
110265441I purpose we immigrants rebel and kill all of our anglo oppressors. Just do mass beheading of them a…[View]
110264079Post the most redpilled man from your country[View]
110261391where were you when art deco was revived? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfsuU8V40U0&t=4s[View]
110264846The USA is run by a mafia of intelligence agencies whose power derives at least in part from the use…[View]
110246380/balk/ Gheg Goddesses edition: On this day, the Queen of /balk/ was born. Reply Kosovo is Albania IT…[View]
110263061Wtf, but /pol/ told me France was full of muslims[View]
110237955BURN THE AMAZON: >mfw all foreigners will keep on screeching over trees far away from them >mf…[View]
110265172Yeah, I fuck traps how could you tell?[View]
110262929BRAZIL FLAG 2019[View]
110265161>why yes, im cutting down the rest of the amazon rain florest that didn't burn, how did you …[View]
110249439>be American >go to get a sandwich >see this…[View]
110265054ITT: faces of /int/[View]
110264401>unironically seriously started thinking about suicide or something like a mass shooting It…[View]
110264054Do Mexicans really get this angry if you show interest in their women ?[View]
110263103What do you want for Christmas/Día de Reyes?[View]
110264998>discover /int/ >see all the anti-american posts >decide never to step a foot outside the c…[View]
110264953Why is food in Toronto so expensive?[View]
110264236>opening market >crime dropping fast >removing lefties from universities >this amount of…[View]
110265004I think I'm ready to make the transition into normiehood. I think it's time.[View]
110264232How do people in your village say 'Fuck off'? Mine (Monterrey, Mexico): Vete a la verga.[View]
110265045I'm a foodie. I love diversity. I have a huge fascination for international cultures.[View]
110262689It needs to be done.: For their own good.[View]
110264070>have long hair >go to the shop to buy some juice >girl touch my hair whitout asking why th…[View]
110263980>innocent flora and fauna YEAH BURN EM[View]
110263245Do you have a companion or a pet? What do you think of my brother Bruno[View]
110263937do you have any interesting map based websites to share? I like radio.garden and liveuamap.com[View]
110261409Thalassophobia: 1. Your country 2. Are you afaid of the ocean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_co…[View]
110264802How many percent of Chinese women who travel alone in the West have sex with some guy they meet whil…[View]
110260674Post serial killers from your cunt: >I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact t…[View]
110264746How hyped are you guys?: This will be different from Civ in that you can swap out cultures along the…[View]
110264640>horny >start jacking it >think it would be so hot if I tasted my own cum >*cums* >do…[View]
110263282Is it true that Japanese are Jomon and are masculine that Korean and Chinese?[View]
110264761CALL TO ARMS: Caddo, Spaniards, French, Mexicans; all Texans. Be strong, and quit yourselves like me…[View]
110263811Alberto Barbosa is back.[View]
110264167>Why yes I am being convicted of first degree murder and kidnapping[View]
110260450How would you react if Russia invaded the US and destroyer everything?[View]
110264537Would you like to have Bolsonaro as the leader of your country?[View]
110264650Took some courses in european history. They were all funded by the EU, and some of proffs worked for…[View]
110263778Reminder 4chan is a weeb website, Korea is not cool.[View]
110263080seriously, do they?[View]
110263953What is her name?[View]
110260208>23 yo >virgin >never kissed a mouth >never had a gf Who else /incelfreak/ here? How is …[View]
110264451>Your country >Are people in your country good at, and can they handle banter?…[View]
110263482/greeneyes/: As the rarest eye color, we are special. Let's talk about how superior we are.…[View]
110264147>b-but if that forest burns down I won't have oxygen to breathe. I don't want to die!!!…[View]
110261136so this is the power of diversity...[View]
110263338I'm ready to die. I don't want to live anymore. I'm done.[View]
110263105Indian Swedish friendship thread[View]
110263582Thoughts?: i think this is based[View]
110262984Does your country have fourseasons?[View]
110259613They own a hardware store, an auto repair garage, a machine shop, 2 slaughterhouses, 4 convenience s…[View]
110262355Is this common in you're count?[View]
110261961Behold. The might and beauty of the Philippines. I present you... the Chocolate Hills. It's mag…[View]
110262521>It's another thread about how other races get to fuck white women well guys, that's it…[View]
110262493Back in the KC /int/ days there was this ukrainianball faggot who complained constantly about his wi…[View]
110257871>tfw not even sp*niards like their own dubs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEO11kC4TIQ…[View]
110264109Convert to Islam.[View]
110260886/brit/: St. BO2cel edition Real incel hours[View]
110263093>Europeans constantly go on about how the US is a shithole >Agree and mention I want to move t…[View]
110263180>be American >really do that such is life in the land of the free…[View]
110261584FUCK CH*CANOS: Always makes me cringe when I see a literal white American speak fluent Spanish bette…[View]
110262297I am a 46 year old nordic pagan man and I hate southrons. I have been experiencing religious discrim…[View]
110263596Do you love bibimbap?[View]
110263486middle of the night /int/ is really something else[View]
110261818They really are scum, how can this piece of shit of a country be allowed to exist in 2019?[View]
110233167Why do Europoors on here say racist things about Latinos even though most have never met one? Do the…[View]
110263880>innocent generals YEAH ARCHIVE 'EM[View]
110263679heya int: where's your girlfriend??! https://youtu.be/l8_vJY4EGd0[View]
110262966You people CAN TAKE the amazon forest IF, and only IF, you people take the Northeast together[View]
110259367Why aren't you living in Portugal?[View]
110263877>Oh my God! Stop kissing your kids! IT'S INAPPROPRIATE!!!!![View]
110263733Why yes, of course I am being stalked by masked figures at a shady Athens neighborhood and scared of…[View]
110263478Hola! de cuanto es el salario mimino por hora en españa y cuanto es el salario minimo por hora en el…[View]
110261908This is what straight white men want[View]
110260776Does your country have a lot of half white/half black girls? Thankfully mine does[View]
110263820Fuck Canada. Burn Canada. Islam will win.[View]
110263604Order and Progress AHAHAHAHAHHAHhAaaaa[View]
110263484How tall do birds get in your country?[View]
110263621>Brazil thread[View]
110263575Why is Washington D.C. littered with dozens of statues of Latin American revolutionaries? Its becaus…[View]
110262796Do you know how to use chopsticks?[View]
110263137I'm jealous of posters with rare flags since my flag is too common here, anyone know this feel[View]
110261224/polska/: edycja moja sypialnia[View]
110263587I hope America invades us I've always dreamed of being an IED manufacturer[View]
110262881Tomorrow, Felipe VI of Spain (hallowed be his name) announces the restoration of the Spanish Empire,…[View]
110260806Stop pollution! Stop deforestation! Do it for her![View]
110261466I just want a french gf bros[View]
110262963What the fuck?[View]
110262658>tfw fell for traveling is a meme meme[View]
1102569081.cunt 2.are you proud of being mexican Flag Si estoy muy orgulloso[View]
110261647Will he burn all of Amazons? Daily reminder man who brought literal Apocalypse to the world is still…[View]
110263548Why yes I am a Chicano how did you know?[View]
110263520Brazil is a whi*eoid country and that's why they don't care about their rainforests and ec…[View]
110263191How does it feel to die from lack of air? The symptoms include fatigue, numbness/tingling of extremi…[View]
110262869Is this cunt's people more American or British? I visited twice and felt like it was a strange …[View]
110260777>immigrant wants to hug you >he literally doesn't understand that hugs are inappropriate …[View]
110262657How big is the american influence in your country?: How big the the influence from american media, p…[View]
110262331Indian German friendship thread[View]
110263140USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA![View]
110263165>go to America for a work trip >Am expected to wipe my anus with paper that dissolves upon mak…[View]
110263170Anyone leave random 'fake news/fake facts' comments on youtube political channels or news articles? …[View]
110262860cringe and bluepilled[View]
110249413hilo /lat/ un clasico[View]
110262458>parents are locking my car keys in the safe because they're afraid I'll go out and get…[View]
110262293why arent there any normal posters from these countries? what kind of people from these countries do…[View]
110262872i'm so sorry[View]
110262940dbt daily bike thread: Absolute foot (leg-end) edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragma…[View]
110263182We will flood the world with soy milk and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
110262476Answer me this people who have English as their second language: Has learning English been useful to…[View]
110263142Things going well with Columbian gf, How are relationships long-term with South American women anon…[View]
110260529>Country >Age >Your top 3 favorite childhood cartoons (don't need to be in order)…[View]
110260523Has anyone ever looked at you with love ?[View]
110262651Indian Russian friendship thread[View]
110257227What did people in your country look like in the early-90's?[View]
110262908wow what a nice flag[View]
110261763Are ukrainians human?[View]
110260189who are tatars and how do you feel about them?: some look asian, some look middle eastern, and some …[View]
110262333>wh*te what? oh yeah I've fucked a shit ton of their w*men, what gave it away? Is it my dark…[View]
110261067why do they do this?[View]
110254444/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: goodnight sweet prince edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53s4jyCqq…[View]
110262384Why yes, I do indeed use British English spelling because I am cultured and sophisticated.[View]
110253417Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110218235 # Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/in…[View]
110260657Why are you fueling the current big scam of 'muh fires', anon?: >data from 2019 >data from 201…[View]
1102624151. your country 2. do jews want to rob your country too? 1. poland 2. yes. they do. because they don…[View]
110259246hey New Zealand! I love you[View]
110262650#SAVEBRAZIL what's your country doing to stop the total 100% destruction of every millimeter of…[View]
110256391Post one of your citys twin towns / sister cities Karlstad, Sweden[View]
110262647How are bees in your cunt?[View]
110258510Why Slavic girls want Black men so bad?[View]
110262127He is a monster. This little pseudo FASCIST will chop the Amazon down for profit. I'm LITERALLY…[View]
110262587E pluribus unum[View]
110255637Why does Russia have so many suicides? Why can't they be happy?[View]
110261773>overhear conversation between mom and dad >dad is talking shit about me and saying what a dis…[View]
110261926I'm so happy right know, you guys literally can't make me feel bad, I dare you.[View]
110262513Ugly anon here, how do the regular, ugly men in your cunts get laid? Tinder is hopeless and have no …[View]
110259907/Anglo/: Invited: Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Anglo-South Africans Not invited: English …[View]
110259074How are black guys treated in Japan? Asking for a friend.[View]
110262409You wake up in Blackwater[View]
110259325Y-you guys are being way too rude to BR today anons. I might leave this board forever if you keep hu…[View]
110262278I am being choked. Put that fire out already![View]
110262381>go outside >witness this What do[View]
110261760Korean bvll thread: Swedish gf[View]
110260188Do Americans think expansion and improvement of public transportation systems are communism? Public …[View]
110262351Ilbe bvll thread: French gf[View]
110260031>Amazon? More like Ama-GONE![View]
110262345Did you country ever had or have a monarch?: What are the royal families and castes or your cunt? So…[View]
110252431What's the tallest building in your country? Ours is One World Trade Center which stands at 17…[View]
110258300MATER EVROPA,who once so bravely fought to repel them, is notw succumbing to their filthy brown hand…[View]
110262325Can Brazil hurry it up and cut the entire Amazon already?: US under Trump doesn’t care if you cut yo…[View]
110245888NEDERDRAAD: VROOOOEEEMMM-editie Welkom: Voertuigen met wielen Niet welkom: benenwagens, h*likopters,…[View]
110254526/deutsch/: Marburger Rheinfranken-Ausgabe[View]
110261592How do you say 'i shaved my hair and now i look like a subhuman' in your language?[View]
110261110>tfw you're a burger Just fucking kill me[View]
110259571Imagine being so retarded that you can't figure out how to properly farm, which is something th…[View]
110261015Honestly, if you could leave the U.S. for Canada/Australia Would you do it? This meme option, in my…[View]
110254655/Norgetråden./: Håndverk og Industri-utgave Forrige: >>110220350 >>110220350 >>110…[View]
110261919The archive looks pretty nice. Let's talk about Brazil.[View]
110261979>bro if we just went back to our indo-european pagan ways our societies would be so much bett-…[View]
110261988When we did it for hundreds of years desu[View]
110261966How many languages do finns speak?[View]
110259583Come on canadians I know you are polite, hug me, i'm sad because of Bolsonaro and everybody is …[View]
110219027/v4/ and friends: Tree edition[View]
110247560/ex-yu/: samo za staropedere[View]
110260927I piss and defecate on this flag.[View]
110259897>destroys the amazon so they can have more room for favelas wtf brazil....…[View]
1102604021. cunt 2. most beautiful city? Japan my votes goes to Firenze[View]
110258996Leaf in Peru: I’m a leaf that’s been working in Peru for the past month, AMA[View]
110261822I saw two other threads with the brazilian flag so I will post it one more time[View]
110260648>people in his country can't drink normal milk Feels good being white…[View]
110255062Do Americans really do this?[View]
110257103post international memes[View]
110261800.: >Spokoynaya Noch by KINO starts playing[View]
110258518To Germans : What do Americans sound like speaking German in an American accent?[View]
110260614Let's praise this country: Let me start it first The name of this coun starts with A and ends …[View]
110259896Your task is to steal the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence How do you achieve this?[View]
110261446Why do Australia, Canada and New Zealand use dollars over the pound sterling?[View]
110259701Does your country's universities have porn studies?: Norway? Not yet :)[View]
110261025I'm getting a Russian roomate for the 5 months or so I'm gonna be living in this new apt I…[View]
110261008>your country >name at least 1 cool thing (in your opinion) about a country other your own…[View]
110258657100 years from now, everyone will be brown or black[View]
110261540Why are they so fond of Israel?[View]
110260542Are you a patriot for your country, /int/? >America >NO! I'm not a patriot for a declinin…[View]
110261618/int/ in the year 1899: I do quite like Oriental culture.[View]
110258611/brit/: Southrons will cope hard when pic rel edition[View]
110261567Musical instruments: I was just listening to this video and thinking about how much the ehru sounds …[View]
110261189Are albino arabs nordic?[View]
110254572The best book of all time. All Koreans must read this. There is all truth here. You are brainwas…[View]
110257388Baltic sea...[View]
110257481Tay Tay just got BLACKED bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-BjZmE2gtdo[View]
110260362Why are all Slavic girls like this? Every time I see a Russian/Eastern European girl's profile …[View]
110261371A modern day warrior Mean, mean stride Today's Tom Sawyer Mean, mean pride[View]
110258422Based stronk Charlotte BTFO KIm the crybabes This is what the weak white cucked bata men must learn …[View]
110259461I fucking hate my ethno-state but I have to go back to see dying family member before they die what …[View]
110253137Varg posts here: Remember to filter all French flags, or you may accidentally reply to him[View]
110241787>Destroyed 99,7% of its native forests >'blahblahbla Amazon forest!!…[View]
110261211Does Anon play cold war2? In the game, you try to win the cold war. Either by playing as USSR or US…[View]
110261127>mfw retards all over the world dont know that natural fires in the amazon are commom( specially …[View]
110260569Hey russianbros, how much is p 1,450 in USD? I tried looking online, but I'm retarded. is that …[View]
110259620Is your country better than it was 10 years ago?[View]
110261055>tfw no autistic Australian gf[View]
110258955Why do French allow this?: This should be considered very rude.[View]
110261045>family makes fun of me for not knowing how to speak Spanish is there a greater curse than being…[View]
110260978Why are they so irrelevant? They should join Australia[View]
110259223My friends, my brothers...[View]
110254486For me, it's Abra, the best Pokemon[View]
110256792My spirit brother.[View]
110258311Good morning[View]
110254625Argentinian old women...[View]
110258464Reminder that America is Africa-tier[View]
110260366>noooOOO you monster stop beating that tourist your'e gonna send him to the hospital!!!!!!!…[View]
110259908Good night[View]
110260530Is it difficult to get a job in this cunt for an American?[View]
110260583I FUCKING LOVE THEM[View]
110260566>NOOOOOOOOOOO you cant just execute POWs these are war crimes!!! >b-but what about the geneva …[View]
110251749How is interracial dating viewed in your country, /int/? Here in Norway it's the new norm, ever…[View]
110260324>Hey, whitey! Go back to Europe, you god damn colonizer! You have been illegal aliens since 1492 …[View]
110260255I want to be born 250 years ago on eve of the French Revolution[View]
110260386Is it easy to get an asian gf in your country?[View]
110254788>country >opinion on Isayama[View]
110258064Thought on Sweden: 20 years ago, Sweden is the safest and most beautiful country in the world. Swedi…[View]
110258954>niggas be sayin that Spain hasnt contributed anything to the world,but what they forget is we ar…[View]
110236205Tell me about Wallonia, why are they so hated?[View]
110260258French blacks > American blacks French black music > American black music https://www.youtube.…[View]
110260061>well you see it is fire season and ocean algae is the real lung of the world so we actually shou…[View]
110257987if you want to know who's the neet monkey black incel that is spamming the same threads every d…[View]
110260167kurva anyátok[View]
110258735/canada/: Maple syrup is more expensive than oil. Most maple syrup that consumers buy is just regula…[View]
110260037no you are not autistic no all of your life failures can't be boiled down to a mental illness y…[View]
110259913Germans really be like 'yo this treaty of Versailles is too spicy!'[View]
110259715Which country in Europe makes the best chocolate?[View]
110259607>tfw drunk and feel like shit[View]
110259952>out-country diaspora gooks made a tribute video for either the former RVN's society or its …[View]
110255612which board do you think has the most underage posters? for me, its /v/[View]
110258815Tell me about your boyfriend int What do you do together?[View]
110252434Nazi incels finna boutta get dabbed on tomorrow, she's back[View]
110259743Have you noticed that white boys like Latina girls and white girls are for churkas? For me it'…[View]
110255204could ur countrymen handle a butt this size?[View]
110259108do brits really?: get ready for straw licenses[View]
1102574371. your cunt 2. what do you do for a living 3. what do you aspire to become in future spen pizza del…[View]
110256409Dear /int/ I'm sorry for existing Please forgive me Regards, Finland[View]
110258326im white, black, asian, native, hispanic, jewish and indian.[View]
110258455Have you filtered them yet?[View]
110259562there is any hope in your country to a 26yo guy kisseless and virgin?[View]
110257496Your thoughts on those guys?[View]
110256449deaqth penalty: 1. your cunt 2. do you support death penalty?[View]
110257126Where can I find a woman like 1980's prime Annie Lennox in your cunt?[View]
110259451What do you think of bedouins ?[View]
110257783What does /int/ think of Billy Herrington?[View]
110258871Do you need a car in your country? What for? How much money do you spend on a car? 1. Russia 2. Have…[View]
110258582Do Americans really[View]
110258843War on drugs can't last forever, r-r-right?[View]
1102577621. your cunt 2. is your cunt productive? 1. Poland 2. Yes[View]
110257957My mother is having a Finnish boyfriend who is 60 while she is 50.[View]
110259092wtf, /pol/ told me Japan is a Japanese ethnostate. My life is a lie[View]
110258719This is an image of Death from a Japanese horror game.[View]
110257314>Yes, I do browse /luso/ & /lat/ & /ita/ & /norgetråden/ & /sverigetråden/ & …[View]
110246142>his ''country'' doesn't have it's own language…[View]
110253445>why dont you get a gf bro? it's easy, just do a small talk and crack a few jokes then you…[View]
110247828Why are russian women so beautiful?[View]
110257780HOLY FUCK CHICHIMECAS WERE BASED: >The Chichimeca War (1550–90) was a military conflict waged by …[View]
110256603/brit/: Period piece edition[View]
1102573261. Your country 2. Which country is your country's best friend? I'll go first 1. America 2…[View]
110256155rangeban these annoying macacos[View]
110258452My black gf is so mad to when i told we wont seeing for two weeks cus im playing Classic WoW and she…[View]
110256087/carib/ + island friends[View]
110250580USSR 2.0[View]
110253623Imagine being an American[View]
110258853>tfw no autistic Australian gf[View]
110258377Is recent climate change man-made?[View]
110258736>this is 50% white in America: how[View]
110249628/polska/: edycja czen[View]
110256583When I try to visualize them in my mind’s eye I can’t see Bolsonaro and Macri as different people. T…[View]
110257623The host family one of my friends went to in the US baited him into coming to church with them and t…[View]
110256129Save us Greta[View]
110252720>bedouins in 1907 why humanity have declined after industrialization?[View]
110257350What languages do you predict will be much more important in a decade or two than they are now?[View]
110256288Yes soyjak, I know you don't like the scent of my cheese. You already told me a dozen time toda…[View]
110256516Dear /int/ I'm sorry for existing Please forgive me Regards, Finland[View]
110253124Time to make the ANGLO pays[View]
110258207Brown gf[View]
110256428>Something like this recently occurred in South Korea. A country where translated Talmudic extrac…[View]
110255215Gone are the days of innocence /int/.[View]
110254349'Our house is burning' says Macron regarding the Amazon: Do first worlders honestly believe that Bra…[View]
110257573>got the cops called on me for doing survey work in a wh*toid town again Is this what black peopl…[View]
110254613For me it's Aya[View]
110254532daily reminder /int/ is for everyone and theres no room for hate![View]
110257797>tfw you will never be an EOKA fighter hunting down br*ts[View]
110257602>You ever heard of this place called slash int slash? It's a crazy place man Jaime pull it u…[View]
110230726/med/: Lunch today edition[View]
110250658>Was watching porns from a company called 'Legalporno' >Women are getting quadruple and quintu…[View]
110255755got HPV from a Russian prostitute[View]
110256285>tfw no eesti bf[View]
110257338Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
110255656Why the hell there was so many threads about Amazon today?[View]
110245739Why are we forbidden from even remotely criticizing this country?[View]
110257503Is Trudeau the most attractive PM in the world?[View]
110255578Typical white Russians coming through[View]
110255857THANKS FRANCE: >Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs which produce…[View]
110256751Post articles about incels in your country http://archive.li/z6SoN[View]
110256544>Sorry for my late reply Wow. Why are they so polite?[View]
110254878This man is 50 years old. How well do you think you look like at age 50?[View]
110256920Do men in your country explore their queer identity by rejecting relational normativity and engaging…[View]
110256208so... now that we can stream on reddit and all the benefits that always existed in that website (lik…[View]
110256227getting drunk as well[View]
110257216>learn French >speak a few basic phrases that I learned from duolingo >most women I talk to…[View]
110243978>Went to get my bloodwork done >It came back today with 150ng/dl total testosterone >Litera…[View]
110256490>thread about certain country >people post their images from a variety of sources to make fun …[View]
110256170Don't you think the chances of her dream coming true would be much higher if she if she was ope…[View]
110242731>45 years behind the Iron Curtain suddenly erase 1000 years of being in the centre of the Europea…[View]
110254729Your country's problems: What problems is your country facing right now? Here, big one is shitt…[View]
110256460I'm bored of eggs for breakfast. thank you for reading my blog.[View]
110251814I'm getting drunk bros[View]
110256761Based alliance[View]
110255674faces of /int/[View]
110252655>Country >Age >Would you a delicious brown girl?…[View]
110254894Boycott brazilian products until he stops burning down the amazon[View]
110248279/brit/: bojo edition[View]
110253936EXPLAIN THIS INTERNATIONALIST RETARDS: This girl is half Belarussian, half Egyptian, yet she looks l…[View]
110256218>my biggest fear? accidentally posting a picture of myself on 4chan while phoneposting, of course…[View]
110254237America Has 'Go Buckets' to Crap in: Other countries can't even shit during their mass shooting…[View]
110251328>Anglo >Med >Nordic >Celtic >Khazar >Jewish >Meztizo >Germanic >Alpine N…[View]
110256379Most of what I know about Egypt and South America is from Donald Duck comics. They're surprisin…[View]
110256190Need to Expose Some Delusional Italians: I can't find the screenshot of people mistaking Italia…[View]
110256238You know the excuse that 'you need an EU to compete or counter the US' won't work, right? In a …[View]
110248814United Kingdom, once ruled 1/3 of the planet. Now about to be out-exported by Canada and Mexico. Oh …[View]
110252299>he doesn't use pasta straws instead of plastic[View]
110248457What's the most common word starting by N in your country?[View]
110255535Who else here a pale black? My eyes are blue and my hair is blond, but my nose is evidence that I am…[View]
110255827>Why yes, I got work tomorrow, how did you know?[View]
110256051I always thought it looks disgusting (flag)[View]
110246141These three come to your country and demand gibs and women What do you do?[View]
110254184How much does /int/ tip on its medical bills? Is 15% enough?[View]
110254450>One chance at life >Just so happen to born in the one period of history when climate change w…[View]
110252596Yes I kissed girl who has a bf. Also I wanked her pussy through clothes and I cummed at this moment …[View]
110253529How many fucking threads about Brazil you retards are gonna make?: Just plant trees in your own coun…[View]
110247975My house is on this street, do you like it /int/? I don't really like it here. Also show me the…[View]
110254766Could he pass as a human being in your country?[View]
110249663>your parents fled the PRC for a better life in canada or australia >you repay them by being a…[View]
110254883Russian - Ukrainian - Belarusian: Are they dialects of the same language or actually separate langua…[View]
110253933– Ёбaный poт этoгo кaзинo, блядь! Tы ктo тaкoй, cyкa, чтoб этo cдeлaть? – Я вceгдa этo дeлaл, кoгдa…[View]
110254398what do you think of weebs?[View]
110255153Honestly, what's it like having a fucking leaf as your flag? If an author or creator of any fic…[View]
110252178What's your country's go to item at McDonalds? For me it's the Happy Meal; a full ent…[View]
110255618SISSY: kkkkkkkk SISSY[View]
110254460>match with girl from Spain on tinder >immediately makes fun of how many Americans get shot …[View]
110253158Tell me about an local conflict in your cunt that will never make international news. The more petty…[View]
110254907How do you wh*Toids deal with east asians speaking perfect english when you go there?[View]
110254310/fug/ - /fr/ + /brit/ + /deutsch/: I'm shitting for the 6th time all in one sitting and my ass …[View]
110249324when will you faggots realize that crying here won't save the amazon?[View]
110242506why are whites like this?[View]
110253993The only authority I recognize is pussy. What authorities do you obey?[View]
110253571Why do Amerimutt parents like kicking their kids out of the house as soon as possible? Why can’t I c…[View]
110254339do american really?[View]
110252109Black and Latino music gets all the white women moving and ready for mating. Why can't white ma…[View]
110250077Which country has the most beautiful women?: It is my contention that Kazakhstan has the most beauti…[View]
110247330Sverigetråden: Torsdagsupplagan[View]
110253983Reminder that if 'Mother Nature' is unfair and cruel then there's no reason for you t…[View]
110242473post your pagan gods ukko - finnish god of thunder[View]
110254198Does it bother Americans that they have conscription? I know they havent used it recently but for al…[View]
110253896>your cunt >your favorite snack Netherlands It's a toss-up between warm stroopwafels and …[View]
110251907What is this meme called? He's not a soyjak.[View]
110234246/cum/: our gal edition[View]
110250553>NOOOOOOOO you can't just shoot my eye!!! i was just pacifically protesting agains the made …[View]
110249368/Addition/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: Es braucht nur die Addition, alles andere ist UNNÖTIG![View]
110253585>why yes, I'm learning German, why? I'm moving to Swakopmund soon…[View]
110244972Berlin under communism vs Berlin under capitalism. Powerful.[View]
110248630/fr/ - le francofil: Édition trésors perdus... Ancien: >>110240860[View]
110254150Who is in the wrong here?[View]
110252137National character: Memes aside, do you believe in the idea that people from different countries sha…[View]
110251732I'm Coyote Peterson, and this... is calling the Janny a nigger. I'm here on the boards of…[View]
110245558Who /handsome but autistic/ here[View]
110253233>tfw no retarded french gf[View]
110254294'Murrica thread: Post the Murrican stuff EVER![View]
110220350/norgetråden/: Innafor å henge seg-utgaven Forrige: >>110203436 >>110203436 >>1102…[View]
110253711I cant take italians seriously went they are mad. Niggas like 'Ma ma mia wtf luigi spaghetti gorgonz…[View]
110244395BASED Denmark[View]
110254134Discord server: hi, i just really wanted to create a discord for memes and talk about stuff, feel fr…[View]
110254165post your bbq[View]
110254013Before sleeping I want to say: Goodnight everyone hope you guys find happiness in your sleep and lif…[View]
110252646Tomorrow, Felipe VI of Spain (hallowed be his name) announces the restoration of the Spanish Empire,…[View]
110248837Why did evolution make asians girls so cute?[View]
110254001>yes dad, that pillow is full of cum[View]
110253883Good night[View]
110253979>javisst, I make an annual beer run to germany and know the import limits by heart >hur fan vi…[View]
110253555Do you love Asian girls?[View]
110253858CAVE CANEM[View]
110252338I want to have deep masculine eyes like a Caucasian guy or a jomon guy. what should I do? I want to …[View]
110251768This is karbala, iraq, the holiest city in shia islam, this is where shi'ites go for pilgrimage…[View]
110251214Why cute asian girl is best human? ・flat eye ・good smell ・beauty skin ・No body fair ・high cutie voic…[View]
110252740>new worlder subhumans think they're people[View]
110252298do ppl in your country like tatoos? Post your tatoos[View]
110253630French zoo visitors carve their names on rhino's back: Do French people really this? Shocking p…[View]
110253415Do you play piano? I want to be able to play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzTMrw9geFw[View]
110247301Why the fuck white people be makin niggas monoliths[View]
110253304Holy fucking based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SueDQFcyFrM[View]
110249997Italians look like THIS?[View]
110251633no se dice pija se dice culo[View]
110242226I f*****g despise ameritards[View]
110252781>your city/town/village >do you want to move somewhere else within in your cunt? new york city…[View]
110247199Please visit Spain, we are so close to surpass France and becoming the most visited country in the w…[View]
110251675Superpower by 2050.[View]
110253047>lol u tk him 2da bar[View]
110252143This is what every straight white male on /int/ dreams of.[View]
110250280they are superior to the rest of the world: why don't we accept it?[View]
110250497>Why yes, my country's economy depends on how many northern european teenagers want to get d…[View]
110251781Sydney's water supply falling at fastest rate on record due to drought: Australia needs to buy …[View]
110243294Why are the french like this?[View]
110252482Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
110250218Will America and Britain ever be tried for their crimes against humanity? Pic semi-related.[View]
1102487171. country 2. how do you say 'blowjob' in you're country? >Italia >pompino…[View]
110252804Do they really?[View]
110251727Do you want to find love in Canada?[View]
110252639>What do ya say, old boys? Over the top?[View]
110179324DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2228: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
110246155why do white men hate asian men so much?: >lol Pathetic seething little dick ricelets finally hav…[View]
110249929Venezuelan currency is so worthless that is cheaper to wipe your ass with their banknotes than buyin…[View]
110243433Happening: We all gonna die. Pic. Novosibirsk today. 25 times more then normal radiation level. Jesu…[View]
110252492based questions first[View]
110252362I need this to defend myself from tryannical government like the USA, China, Russia, Japan, UK and F…[View]
110220721kurva anyátok[View]
110250856Sir, thank you for your service, sir. *Salutes*[View]
110249993Finnlandbros Can you understand sami languages at all? Are there any common words? Sorry if this is …[View]
110251338He could have saved the rain forest, but you didn't listen.[View]
110251544lebanon is not an arab country[View]
110244575Oh hey Anon, I heard that you said you hate race-mixing, that's too bad..[View]
110243043Why do White Brazilian girls go out like this in public exposing not only their bare feet but also h…[View]
110252289>tfw 186 cm manlet[View]
110250234>>110245523 >>110237955 >>110248996 >>110241787 Who hurt him?[View]
110246589Thank you Douglas MacArthur. You made our country peaceful. He made me the third largest economy i…[View]
110250242Does anyone else feel like time goes so fast? I mean monday i blink and it's friday already.[View]
110249592Post girls that could pass as local in your cunt[View]
110251077Are you stocking up on air int?[View]
110251851>tfw you will never be american[View]
110250295I present to you, the white female >fake tan >fake lips >obese >constantly eating I like…[View]
110250931How is this place viewed in portugal?[View]
110248929What is Eastern Slovakia like ? Especially compared to Western/Central Slovakia.[View]
110251182What did Mexicans think of Celso Piña? Looks like he died of a heart attack yesterday. Here he was i…[View]
110252025Is going to business school seen as the equivalent of being a brainlet sellout for $$ in your cunts?…[View]
110252022>Chupa me los huevos >A huevo wey[View]
110248598مررت بخاطري فكرة عبرتي، ظلت الذكرة نسيت الحزن شوقاً للغد الأفضل[View]
110250069/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hellicious ekdosis[View]
1102519241. Cunt 2. Are you a cumbrain? >Canada >No…[View]
110251653are standup comedians a problem in your cunt? >usa yes, huge if i could i would revoke the first …[View]
110250751>Who do I main? No one. I play ARAM.[View]
110242968Translate common sayings from your country.: 'Now the monkey appears from the sleeve.' (the truth is…[View]
110250140It took me 2 HOURS to make this RACIAL MAP: And I'm not done, I haven't made Europe yet…[View]
110250593Ukrainian city[View]
110242368/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Chad verde[View]
110245523Shit nigga, imagine taking advice from literal cucks on how to improve our country and what do to wi…[View]
110248262/brit/: >she's average by global standards, maybe even slightly above edition…[View]
110251381>Why yes I think we should expulse all the outlander from our ancestors home, how do you tell?…[View]
110245535Should I be worried if my friends call me cute all the time? Yes, I am 100% male[View]
110250854Stop the panic: Stop the panic[View]
110250401>could've been born straight and end up being another hapa incel having to deal with roastie…[View]
110251437>Why yes, oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang walla walla bing bang, oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang walla wall…[View]
110249575what did you have for dinner today? I had three double breads and a carrot one double bread with but…[View]
110251454Did you do your daily blood sacrifice /int/?[View]
110250654>Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.…[View]
110251404>O acı hiss o vaxt kı sənin Mərkəzi Asiyalı sevgilin yoxdu Belə vəziyyətin içinə soxum…[View]
110251402electric scooter[View]
110250125What happens here?[View]
110243060Anglo blood = devil blood[View]
110250643I personally do think Brazil deserves to get rangebanned[View]
110249170oh no no no[View]
110248503>You can't use your land, muhhh climate change let's not have oxygen…[View]
110249766How easy it for a Pajeet to get laid in your country?[View]
110249310WTF A bear took a shit on my moms lawn[View]
110251189What’s with Asian American/Canadians/Australians/etc. supporting China over Hong Kong? Is it some id…[View]
110250770>Why yes, i do believe that the amazon fires are something to worry about, how could you tell?…[View]
110251205>hey im american im gay and retarded[View]
110251063>STUDENT LOAN BAD[View]
110251156For me? It's American burger cheese[View]
110250142Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110218235 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
110245269>OH MY GOD STOP SMOKING![View]
110245759literally me[View]
110235768CHEESE WAR: Which nation reigns supreme with the best cheese?[View]
110249959Do you love Japan?[View]
110250199>based Finn starts to post his dick while peeing >retarded femoid copies him Why can't th…[View]
110250551Western Canada is SLAVIC.[View]
110246041/deutsch/: fbr abend fadn[View]
110248526>tfw Mexicans used to be thin and dress nice[View]
110249991>If you kill him, you'd be just as bad as him![View]
110248432I bought a bottle of wine but I don't know how to open it.[View]
110248996Amazon is ours: Amazon is ours[View]
110248556Why do whites hate each other: Is it in their genes to kill each other?[View]
110250183>tfw 27 years old kissless handholdless virgin Could I pass as a local in your country?…[View]
110250085The best waifu is a girl with flat chest and has a dick. This was scientifically proven.[View]
110250050Do you like wife porn?[View]
110248675What did he mean by this?: Is this true?[View]
110250019Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
110246610future of america :)[View]
110248865>Chuck's Feed and Seed[View]
110238391>Country >Age >Do you eat bread regularly?…[View]
110248944The western Frankish, President Macron told to the Saxon Johnson that Brexit is shit and it needs to…[View]
110243484Shit, they're obsessed with us again.[View]
1102492811. cunt 2. does your government support Assad? >flag >no :(…[View]
110221431Varg is blowing the fuck southerners again, someone stop him please[View]
110243870As-salamu alaykum, anon, I hope to see you at friday prayer tomorrow...[View]
110243222How come there’s more than billion peopje in India when Indian women are so ugly? How can somebody f…[View]
110249140>huh.. who's this? ... >don't ever call me on my day off again or I'll kill you…[View]
110247953Do Germans really?[View]
110245344do we all agree that slav women are the best looking in the world?[View]
110249717Hello fellow Irish people! Pog mo thon![View]
110249487>woman walking toward you with stroller >tfw there's a tiny fag dog in the stroller…[View]
110247118>muh x destroyed forests 500 years ago >stop criticizing us…[View]
110246208wow, That's pretty Based.[View]
110248197Is it true that unmarried women after their mid-20's are almost always depressed, lost and slig…[View]
110249630Do you want to find love in China? https://drsrel.github.io/photos[View]
110238469What's wrong with Mexicans?[View]
110247272>'Why yes, I do use crème fraîche in my Carbonara, how could you tell ?'…[View]
110243309/brit/: fags edition[View]
110249182Tell me about Taleb, why does he wear the mask ?[View]
110249366What happened with Assyrian countries, Iran and Afghanistan?: https://linkto.run/p/SML2UNJR https://…[View]
110243653'Ayyyyyyy saludos desde Mexico, I think el Varg is a good hombre, Burzum music changed my life lol, …[View]
110248881Wtf is this true GERMany?[View]
110236523/polska/: edycja patriotyczna[View]
110247402Flag? How are Big Buff Chicks seen in youre cunt?[View]
110248731>I just rememberd that I'm German, how did you know?[View]
110245425Do you prefer Maghrebian or Mexican women?[View]
110241863>Aww don't worry he won't bite! :) >he's the sweetest angel ull ever meet xS…[View]
110249221ITT we discuss copulatory gestures of or cunts. For Hungary it's the Forefinger Insertion gestu…[View]
110247230are you willing to be hazed to join a frat?[View]
110249178queimem tudo seus arrombado, nos temos o direito de decidir o fim da raça humana QUEIMA QUEIMA QUEIM…[View]
110248809>one chance at life >jackpot who else know this feel?…[View]
110247035>Me and you and Zoboomafoo[View]
110248118if you were a fuckin fair dinkum fuckin full grown aussie this is what you'd have for breakfast…[View]
110248668Are pajeets/pajeetas viewed differently in your cunt compared to the states?[View]
110249105Una faccia una razza[View]
110245295>The '''good boys''' won WWII and I'm happy for that[View]
110242280>Country >Age >Are you tired of wasting time and energy on porn?…[View]
110189197Culture Pals /cp/: My qt and I edition Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers can meet …[View]
110247978Which country do they have innocent girls keep their purity and their traditional values such as rai…[View]
110234046/LAT/: HILO LATINO Este hilo se lo dedico a los botones de la sucursal de Coto en San Telmo que mata…[View]
110245576convert to islam and pay zakat or pay the jizya no third option[View]
110248671Do you like your country's foods?[View]
110247999Med men are the epitome of masculinity[View]
110243820Do you pretend you are religious when people ask you?[View]
110248326A woman who is not a school girl is not a woman.[View]
110243566What car do you drive?[View]
110243967>BURN THE AMAZONAS YEEEE Why? Are they really monkeys?[View]
110240860/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition de la phase terminale. Ancien : >>110233543[View]
110248552>innocent trees >YES BURN 'EM[View]
110247910rate my art /int/[View]
110247658>Why yes, ðis is ðe ABSOLUTE STATE of /int/.[View]
110247268Now that the government is developing objective beauty ratings, what would happen if we stopped all …[View]
110245273>shave my hair because of the Summer heat >dad says I that now look like I want to 'beat up ni…[View]
110248443Korea will become superpower soon as possible[View]
1102442501. Your country 2. Your favorite video game USA FFT[View]
110245680What's the best way to pick up girls in your country?[View]
110245013tfw forgot how to drive so I have to do a 1 hour commute by train, bus and metro instead of doing a …[View]
110243010Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110218235 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
110248108why if americans likes to eat so much just don't come to italy?[View]
110247822Why yes I use ketchup in my Tacos when I don't have guacamole around, how could you tell?[View]
110246624Spain Chat: ¡Se acaba el verano gente! Espero que hayáis disfrutado mucho.[View]
110248056Are they really as bad as /int/ says they are?[View]
110242753Is this image true? If it is true, what’s the point of studying subjects other than math.[View]
110247127Did you get into plenty of fistfights when you were in elementary, middle or high school? I have no …[View]
110247874Do Americans really do this?[View]
110245248How much would you pay for this?[View]
110247611Irish bf how?[View]
110247013is this true?[View]
110246225Italy: You fuckers make me vote almost once per year. Why the fuck can't you go along with each…[View]
110236014Racial map of the world[View]
110246564What are /int/'s thoughts on the SoyChad?[View]
1102476891. Your cunt 2.Which one is your cunt's favorite?[View]
110245434>tfw your favorite camgirl it's getting more awful tattoos[View]
110243495ITT posters you recognize >that autistic Norwegian who's obsessed with American suburbs >…[View]
110245045>Russia and America will be on the same sidd to combat Chinese expansion in your life time I…[View]
110247578Dans ce fil, j'invoque la BELGIQUE: BELGIQUE, MONTRE TOI![View]
110247470It only takes another 20% of lost Amazon to lose it completely.: Just cut them off and get it over w…[View]
110246941>tfw Bernie wins can't wait desu[View]
110220906/ex-yu/: Plazma izdanje[View]
110247054Hand it over.[View]
110244684Moving to Belgium: I took a job in Belgium for 100.000 Euros a year. How fucked am I? It's nort…[View]
110246256I need my guns to defend myself against tyrannical governments like China, Russia, Japan, United Kin…[View]
110244884Why Americans do this?[View]
110247155Birb died outside my window :([View]
110237816southrons....come out and play[View]
110244290choo choo[View]
110236241Does americans actually do this?[View]
110245357>Do you remove nose hair? YES, kys if you don't do this[View]
1102461811. Cunt 2. Prune juice or Plum juice sweden plum[View]
110241774What's being in the military like in your country, /int/?[View]
110239135>tfw too white for finnish gf[View]
110246239Oi! You there! Yah, you! You were late to Friday prayer! That’ll be 30 lashings it will![View]
110237544/balk/ nekaf edition tama[View]
110243009>he can't understand 1000 years old texts written in his ''''''''''language''''''''''…[View]
110245647Why don’t cities look like this anymore?[View]
110246124Apologies to the American who said he enjoyed certain finnposters bad-swede-jokes the other night. I…[View]
110242510What do we think of monkeys around this place?[View]
110245522Stop trying to kill each other.[View]
110242872Which kind of boyfriend are you?[View]
110245961How fit do you need to be in your cunts as a male to be universally attractive? Ottormode is peak m…[View]
110238804Do Asians worship Europeans as Gods?[View]
110238860Are they the only White people in Northeastern Europe?[View]
110238754>anon say something romantic in your language[View]
110240616In October 2013, two former federal agents and an ex-CIA contractor told an American television netw…[View]
110241074/brit/: Imagine being good looking edition[View]
110237353/asean/: Sunway University edisi[View]
110244869Used to be an autistic retard but I was good at maths and shirt. Lost a bit of weight and now im a n…[View]
110245285I would like to thank Serbia for stopping the ottomans :)[View]
110242706Balkan is Middle Eastern and part of Southern Europe[View]
110245280You're scared of toxoplasmosis? Are you pregnant or something bro?[View]
110245250I am half Armenian, but I wish I was a full Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
110240300how does it feel to grow up in a country where intelligence is seen as a good trait like england or …[View]
110245204>he has never eaten a Dürüm[View]
110242836Did it happen?[View]
110233868Sverigetråden Islamupplagan[View]
110244818Do Americans really?[View]
110242688>tfw parents won't let me go out by myself anymore because they're afraid I'll buy…[View]
110228664/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
110244840My name is Anonymous and I'm addicted to black girls[View]
110234110Do you prefer women of a different ethnic background to your own?[View]
110235816Is this a land full of adventure and mystery[View]
110234238Why American women are attracted to this disabled guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5…[View]
110244881American Muslim niggas be like “Salami Lakum, pardner” Hahahahahaha[View]
110242705Who's the greatest blonde person in history? For me, it's that frank soldier on the left[View]
110244866Imagine not getting compensated for Volkswagen’s diesel scandel[View]
110241756>omg dude i literally cannot LIVE without pizza[View]
110244035The big four: The big four[View]
110244072Choose your Waifu[View]
110242951Are white people really afraid of immigrants? They're often 160cm skinny manlets[View]
110244542*steals your golfcart: nothin personnel gentile[View]
110238675Why do Polish posters hate their country?[View]
110242041This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110241909How can French tell the difference between an Arab and a Frenchman in their country?[View]
110232539/mämmi/: Paimenpainos[View]
110243324Who the fucks wears hearing protection to do a mass shooting?[View]
110244386The islamic Fleet exited slipspace just off our battlecluster. Total 15 capital ships.[View]
110236626>*spits on Soviet corpse* >Die Wehrmacht schickt deiner Familie freundliche Grüße, Russenbasta…[View]
1102394021.Flag 2. Are you watching The International 2019?[View]
110244331Left: white Right: black Everybody on the middle are MUTTS[View]
110244064>why yes I only date over 6'3 big blonde white women who could crush my head with their thig…[View]
110244130Meditate my children[View]
110240626>play fighting game >lose 5 times in a row to spammers >want to burn my house from rage how…[View]
110236866SAY GOODBYE TO SOUTH KOREA: >It was confirmed that the US warned the Korean government that ROK-U…[View]
110243544Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
110240627>language of Islam >70% of vocabulary is derived from Sanskrit I don't get it.…[View]
110241550Is it a mainstream position in your country to advocate for putting prepubescent children on hormone…[View]
110243904>all the southrons who're still seething by varg’s tweet[View]
110243738I purpose we build the Galactic Halo array to erase all frenchoid life within 25,000 light year radi…[View]
110241479its true americans, we dont have this thing called culture, everything we consume comes from your cu…[View]
110243580Chad countries[View]
110235100which group of people did your ethnicity dab on? 1 dane 2 jutes[View]
110243450This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same african roots. I would sacrifice …[View]
110231640Why does 75% of /int/ seem to desire to have a sexual intercourse with that girl?[View]
110242243Why is Brazil trying to destroy the planet? Pls stop Brazil, you're going to wipe us all out, I…[View]
110242602Is Portugal part of the MED BVLLS club?[View]
110236821in finland, there are many forest[View]
110227970Finland is the greatest country in the world!![View]
110243286What happened with Assyrian countries, Iran and Afghanistan?: https://youtu.be/OJ4iB0x0BEU Cold war,…[View]
110185633/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
110239886quintessentially /brit/: general[View]
110241553Top Tier Speaking: I'll be quick. The type of pic related speaks spanish and I believe that for…[View]
110238358how do you say the following in your language? 'Before was was was, was was is'?[View]
110243125This is my hobby how can you tell?[View]
110237103Hello Germans. I just want to thank you for your amazing music. Keep it up based krautbros.[View]
110241966Is this paragraph true?[View]
110242994>There are areas in England that white people are told not to go to HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
110242992>american police can literally shoot americans whenever they want and get away with it…[View]
110242390/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione scusate, ma per caso Salvini ha già perso? Oh, è vero. Non c'è ancora…[View]
110242949>My favorite naruto character? Gotta be Tenten.[View]
110242501My old Hong Kong boss lady was very generous. She made a small room inside a chair for me to sleep. …[View]
110242941>Mother is offering me junkfood again >Mother has been placing refined sugar-filled '''food'''…[View]
110240696Barcelona: Lawless city: Amazon, MRW and Seur no longer enter in many dangerous neighborhoods The ma…[View]
110231252/ita/ - il filo: edizionel: siete comfy?[View]
110241388What happens when you go to all other passports?: curious[View]
110237554My pomodoro break while studying for my exams is shitposting on 4chan.[View]
110240200Fuck Japanese. Literal caveman language. As a German speaker, English already feels like a dumbed do…[View]
110239540How come French are such hardcore Nazis despite......[View]
110241240>muh small business muh small business! We are le backbone of the economy! I'm serious, i…[View]
110235457Can we agree there are beautiful women in every race?[View]
110241120According to a commentary published by the Ming Pao Daily on Sunday, current and retired Chinese lea…[View]
110241813>tfw hated just because my skin is darker than yours why anon?[View]
110242569You had so much potential anon. What happened?[View]
110237379Good night /int/[View]
110241111>slavs are not white because of the mongol invasion >italians are not white because of the mas…[View]
110242373This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110240668Decimal separators[View]
110240441Do Mexicans really do this? https://twitter.com/DominickIzzo/status/1163908658016739329[View]
110237078/fug/ - /fr/ + /brit/ + /deutsch/: RISE, CHILDREN OF EVROPA[View]
110239309This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same mongoloid roots. I would sacrific…[View]
110242276Would 4chan improve if only Americans could post on it? Like 2chan being only open to japanese IPs. …[View]
110241891why are they not one country? They are literally the same[View]
110242240we are the world we are the people[View]
110239827will girls think im smart if i learn russian or chinese?[View]
110238938D.A.K. 16.10.16[View]
110239478>watching a movie with my sister >sex scene comes on >she puffs up…[View]
110236179Can the US or the UN or someone just seize control over the Amazon? It's clear Brazilians have …[View]
110238275What is life like for a young white man in Namibia![View]
110239311>has 347000 subscribers and this one video has one and a half million views on youtube would you …[View]
110240779/int/ hates us because we tried /pol/ hates us because we failed[View]
110239789At what GDP per capita allows the average citizen from their cunt to travel to first world countries…[View]
110234705Why do Euros obsess with us all day?[View]
110239331Which country (or city) has the best nightlife? Is it Berlin?[View]
110240577Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
110241751Italian fags let's see you https://youtu.be/LkwH524ZPZk[View]
110237568/deutsch/: uezs[View]
110240401This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same mongoloid roots. I would sacrific…[View]
110238271How can a small (22,072 km2) middle eastern country with roughly 8 million people be behind all the …[View]
110241281>tfw hate no culture or people more than my own countrymen[View]
110241308Me and my south Indian bros tryna take down aryan faggots[View]
110239895Describe US&A with ice cream flavor. I'll start. Tutti frutti.[View]
110241267Why did roman sissies fear the Sarmatian & Germanic bulls?[View]
110238699Thoughts on Danish newspapers?[View]
110238820Me and boys overthrowing Tokugawa Shogunate[View]
110240893>cunt >street musicians favorite instrument there flag accordions…[View]
110231907Spain is not white, Spain is not black, Spain is not arab, Spain is not brown, SPAIN is SPANIARD. Ge…[View]
110240952the amazon burns every year and suddenly all this mass hysteria. the media is pushing that the fire …[View]
110238687>American food[View]
110239490I definitely didn't post this image to watch the gooks fight eachother on this board: Totally n…[View]
110238905Please unban India I can't phonepost please[View]
110240044Could he pass as a local in Northern Africa or is too mutt even for this?[View]
110240823*prevents Western interference in Hong Kong*[View]
110233543/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition de la belle mort. Ancien : >>110222415[View]
110240690/tr/: Jil Dölöz Edisyonu[View]
110240502Good night, /int/[View]
110236000wait Japanese women look like THIS?[View]
110240311Why Germans are so based when it comes to music? Classical, ERB, metal, rock, british pop, japanese …[View]
110239982Model suffers 'multiple pelvic fractures' at billionaire's estate: Why can't ser…[View]
110239271A ’SUPER-FAT' woman has learnt to love her curves, with the help of her average-sized husband. …[View]
110237848Should we cede Porto Rico to Denmark in exchange for Greenland?[View]
110240453>Oi! bitch boy crying here won't save the amazon. it is about time to stop this crap…[View]
110240428Why yes, I abuse alcohol everyday and it's ruining my life.[View]
110218235Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110216438 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
110238659Mommy and daddy[View]
110235603Modern Italians are more related to the Arabs than to the Romans They're an entirely different …[View]
110240312>nordic culture[View]
110236694>tfw high as fuck on caffiene and haven't eaten anything >really shaky and stomach hurts …[View]
110238472Why don't we say Lettland / Lettish / Lett in English anymore? Someone on reddit reported that …[View]
110238369The time has come for a Germanic-Slavic alliance to fight against the Anglo-Jewish hegemony.[View]
110238782>Why yes, I do pick my companions based on their accents. How could you tell?…[View]
110237616I used to like Donald Trump. But what the hell was that try to buy Greenland and why is he offended …[View]
110239805i've been offered a job in texas, talk me out of it.[View]
110239793What the hell is their problem?[View]
110236124America or France? I've heard those are the best countries for finding a black gf[View]
110238219Is this Persian, Islamic or Hindu?[View]
110236617>go to catalog >ctrl-f turks >at least 6 thread about turks Why are you obsessed with me /i…[View]
110235231Imagine worshipping a dictator who put a bachelor tax on young men in order to have more children to…[View]
110239255I'd rather spend time with Indians/Chinese than Blacks/Hispanics. Do you feel the same anons?[View]
110239338hentai is japanese inventio-[View]
110238732>In the designated break room during wageslave job >Local news is doing a documentary on the …[View]
110237831>the amazon does not affect the oxygen in the atmosphere[View]
110237497This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110238795How do you call breast milk? Pure Korean word: Jeot Hanja Korean: Moyu[View]
110239181This is the reality.[View]
110239179The akkadian langauge: So I've been studying the akkadian langauge and have some questions whic…[View]
110239106Man carries around a sex doll - police investigation!: https://www.seiska.fi/Oho/Seksinukkea-kadulla…[View]
110237782Russian word of the day: Taблицa - Tablitsa Translates as “table” in English.[View]
110239124This Prehistoric Northern European is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacr…[View]
110237958>Finnish niggas be like 'lmao this land too spicy'[View]
110237940OH SAY CAN YOU SEEEEE[View]
1102390171. your cunt 2. do you support death penalty?[View]
110238286Do Americans really live with their friends until they got married (with said friends) and celebrate…[View]
110236576>swedish 'humour'[View]
110236871A moment of respect for all the giraffes that will go extinct because of Brasil[View]
110238326Germany and Norway suspend aid to Brazil following deforestation and genocide of indigenous Brazilia…[View]
110238414Hungarian - Brazilian friendship thread[View]
110236424I don’t know shit about islam So i made my fanfic about a smuslim society with no incels; All muslim…[View]
110238578Ouagadougou... Home...[View]
110238740I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
110237355WE are romans and there's nothing you can do about it[View]
110238632My cunt would be perfect if the corporate scum would give us 2 more weeks vacation. Could give fucka…[View]
110238661Zoomers in bongland got their GCSEs today.[View]
110238635This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110238636>boring, awkward males with no sense of masculinity or a vibrant personality, too busy playing po…[View]
110238210The site is loading intolerably fucking slow.[View]
110236273Do you think they have orgies onboard?[View]
110238584>When you buy things on American websites it asks for tips[View]
110236585How has the skyline of your city changed?[View]
110238495Have you ever had contact with a brazilian person? How was it?[View]
110232353>france is technically med >portugal technically isnt…[View]
110235205/deutsch/ Animeausgabe[View]
110238440Do Americans have feelings?[View]
110222961good old sweden yes thread[View]
110207806/asean/: edisi pengen ngentot gan[View]
110236287This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life t…[View]
110222272>Finns drink alcohol :DDDD >Finns say nothing :DDDD…[View]
110236629Listen, Denmark. I'm going to close my eyes, hold out my hand, and count to three. When I open…[View]
110236988This poem from a Kirby game was also said by Mr.2 Bon Clay in the One Piece anime. Can some weeb or …[View]
110236615You are cute![View]
110237163Why do Americans choose to stay poor?[View]
110237733Dennis Prager wants you to die for Israel. Would you?[View]
110238116Which ethnicity is this?[View]
110230265Do Germans really?[View]
110237630This is it bros I am a Brazilian studying in Copenhagen and it has always been my plan to move back …[View]
110235400Where do poor people live in your country? Poorest neighborhood in my town[View]
110237779This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life t…[View]
110237828When I buy weed I always take at least 20 grams cause dealer always delays or is unavailable 90% of …[View]
110235909Ring ding ding daa baa Baa aramba baa bom baa barooumba Wh-wha-what's going on-on? Ding ding Th…[View]
110237127>You will always be fat due to a lack of self-control Is there a worse feeling than this?…[View]
110237737This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110237709it's 20:45 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
110233977WTF Brazil why are you doing this??? https://twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/status/1164180958666469376?s=20…[View]
110237631Do Israelis consider themselves to be more European or Middle Eastern?[View]
110237629I can't wait to get a qt eskimo greenland gf. I'm going to move there as soon as the annex…[View]
110234035There is no hope[View]
110237197How can one man be so based?[View]
110234272whats wrong the french face?[View]
110237324https://www.elmundo.es/madrid/2019/08/21/5d5cf64dfc6c837b7c8b4679.html >congolombian arrested for…[View]
110236816Which country (or city) has the best nightlife?[View]
110237183Do you want to find love in America?[View]
110225932>gigachad? never heard of her[View]
110237472President of the People's Republic of China (formerly Republic of China and Tibet)[View]
110237136This Turkish Muslim is my sister in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life to…[View]
110230873>cunt >how would you feel if poland disappeared? me: >flag >very happy…[View]
110237422Just farted, contributing to global warming, lol[View]
110236861This region honestly should be genocided. it's full of criminal mongrels who do nothing but lee…[View]
110236349Do Russians really?[View]
110227191I soaked my raw limabeans for 12 hours and they are fallen part by now wtf how are supposed boil non…[View]
110235473The mighty horde demands a tribute. What can you offer?[View]
110236531Swedish 'music'[View]
110236392I unironically like to watch Rekt Feminist/Feminist Own Compilations[View]
110237108COSA FARESTI?: immagina che ti avessero rapito e messo in una villa senza luce e senza finestre, la …[View]
110231568Why is Chile more developed, richer and safer than Argentina if Argentina is whiter and 98% of Chile…[View]
110237124>I hate Chinese men sooo much[View]
110235798TURN ON THE NEWS: oh god no...[View]
110236724not phoenician ARAB[View]
110236649How is this seen in your country[View]
110236841Why are Europeans obsessed wið ðis þing?: >English for Ananas Pine apple >French for Potato La…[View]
110236041I want to have sex with a Russian woman. What kind of sweet nothings would she whisper in my ear whe…[View]
110233808I'm not cute[View]
110232084>what are you waiting for, anon? just wipe my ass already[View]
110236592动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen…[View]
110232299>USA in 2019[View]
110236202A moment of respect for all the birds of paradise that will go extinct because of Brasil https://www…[View]
110233321It took me 2 HOURS to make this RACIAL MAP: And I'm not even done, I hardly touched on Europe…[View]
110232576Why do Germans look kind of weird? I can't put my finger on what it is but there's somethi…[View]
110236510La policía de los Estados Unidos[View]
110236506Why do Americans pretend to have free speech?[View]
110235546>Mom bought more ice cream and cake I will NEVER Lose weight at this rate!! Please I just want t…[View]
110233539Guess my ethnicity[View]
110236356Does the US really fight culture wars based on chicken sandwiches?[View]
110236145BURN THE AMAZON: >be german leftist >is literally autistically screeching over some trees thou…[View]
110227256/polska/: edycja pajacowania[View]
110235123Music Thread. What are you listening anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNHXTU6fvtg Where is my f…[View]
110232469/brit/: comfy scenery edition[View]
110220813/balk/: ISKAM DA MI BUDE HUBAVOOO Old: >>110200717[View]
110232953>highest paid male model in Denmark Nords BTFO[View]
110236004Swedish women really be having that kinda forhead fo[View]
110236232This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110235403>and that's good[View]
110235999>omg, I freaking love Japan. It's like my favourite country in the world, so much better tha…[View]
110211626Who was in the wrong?[View]
110234430>Why yes I am Ubermensch what gave it away?[View]
110235948I am so lonely so I hang out with silly girl who has bf to hug her and touch her titts, ass and vagi…[View]
110232275Our president's daughter :=)[View]
1102358321. your cunt 2. why does every single fucking normalshit need to refer to himself as '''chill'''[View]
110233546When will the JOMON BVLL make a comeback?[View]
110233981>Why yes, I create entirely fictional and totally autistic 4chan threads in my mind that I will n…[View]
110206202/luso/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição que te faz a ferver de raiva, esquerdista safada.[View]
110232522>AMV Naruto - Linkin Park - In the End[View]
110235796Post a nice song from your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGrzP2fx6vk[View]
110233942Plastics are not bad for your health!: Kainuu News https://www.kainuunsanomat.fi/artikkeli/who-juoma…[View]
110233707Is she right, /int/?[View]
110235698This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110233431Is this true that Americans are bad drivers ?: 'More than one in five Americans -- some 36.9 million…[View]
110235582Only those with cut gfs can post ITT[View]
110232153>pole enters a thread[View]
110228523Ah, the perfect Europe...[View]
110235576Do blacks feel inferior?: Sometimes when i think about how east asians are supposedly smarter than u…[View]
110235533>be me >be born >live in hell itself >everywhere I look, its filled with nuggets and sub…[View]
110230036Why are americans so fucking dumb? Is their terrible education system at fault or their ignorance? J…[View]
110232995sminems friends in poland[View]
110235560>Ooops, looks like there's no more chicken tikka in pot, Anon. But I got something else for …[View]
110235227How to non-Americans deal with being a slave to the state >the big house is not for you because …[View]
110235584>Vaporwave >Future funk >Aesthetics >Anime…[View]
110235466>leave job at 5 >others stay until 7 or 8 just go home already…[View]
110232897>sex hormones influence gut microbiome Do female farts really have a different fragrance?…[View]
110227094>be Korean >Come to Hungary >Drown >Be Korean >Come to Hungary >Get hit by a trai…[View]
110233658I wonder how he husband/boyfriend looks like.[View]
110235292>normal attire[View]
110228578Hat's your race ?[View]
110235133>multiple ethnicities at each other's necks >had a massive Civil War based on racial poli…[View]
110233619Despite the revolution, Islamists in the national electricity company regularly cut off power for 7 …[View]
110234909Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me And after all, you're my wonderwall[View]
110233853I am Greek I live in Lebanon and lived 11years in Saudi Arabia I also know Arabic AMA[View]
110234918I've literally been having psychotic dreams lately I had a dream last night where two guys kept…[View]
110234990no culture no history no identity[View]
1102329941.your country 2.are there weeb incels in your country? 1.flag 2.no they are stoned to death as soon…[View]
110233069no future: doomed 'country'.[View]
110233687Anyone want to play apex legends? Add me up Derekdagreat73[View]
110232679Do Americans really?[View]
110231544does this make non americans jealous?[View]
110233024Really makes you think[View]
110233117What's your favorite ruler of France? https://youtu.be/AUdGmM04Xsk[View]
110229359You're chilling on your yacht and she gives you this look what do you do?[View]
110234233how does height affect ur life in your country?[View]
110233737Indians are unironically the only good minority group chinks are murderous incels niggers are crimin…[View]
110230191/deutsch/: Tag der Trauer ob der Wiederkehr des Lügenösis[View]
110231299why asian peepee is so smoll, /int/?[View]
110231454Blue = first world, Red = third world: Do you live in the first world?[View]
110233585Why is Ukraine so big? How come there are not more Slavic nations like the Ulichs and the Tiversi ne…[View]
110234727Why do Americans do this?[View]
110234449Submit to the will of your Emperor. Fuck Trump.[View]
110234407meanwhile in sweden[View]
110232221Vocaroo thread: Post your soyjak voice https://vocaroo.com/i/s1i2m2YJ3h0l[View]
110233008>Brazil is cutting up the Amazon? Well it's their country their choice. Also the Northeast r…[View]
110232856torrenting: >country >do you still use torrents? what was the last thing you torrented?…[View]
110233389The US should have looked like this: It would have been much more asthethic. Imagine if all the grea…[View]
110234307Do americans really do this? Is this how they cope?[View]
110234292Humanity was a mistake, let's all stop having children: Our evolution was a huge mistake. Since…[View]
110231932i can't imagine, can you imagine /int/bros?[View]
110227693Can you retarded fucking monkeys please stop burning down my oxygen supply? Thanks.[View]
110229656What country has the best sausages? For me it's Spain[View]
110220213/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: shitposting edition[View]
110233921How does it feel to know that shitholes like India or Bangladesh have FREE healthcare while Amerilar…[View]
110223675/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: Bogdaproste, Bă da prost ești Ediția precedentă: >>110171710…[View]
110229005Why is Italy the smartest country in Europe?[View]
110232263>Yes, I am a wh*te tourist, please rob me and take all my possessions[View]
110232139>why yes, sir, I am taking your order. How could you tell?[View]
110233402you wake up in poland[View]
110213327lat: hilo latino hilo de chocolate[View]
110233889>jä jäg är svënsk hür vïsstë dü dët?[View]
110232884>130 days left in 2019 Have you been productive this year or are you just wasting your life, /int…[View]
110232640fast, my children[View]
110232509>Kashmir Conflict killed /sag/ threads One of the worst things to come out of this.…[View]
110233498Gilan province, Iran. Home.[View]
110232281lets talk about the future relationship and predict what happens: can we have a somewhat serious thr…[View]
110231654Why do thirdies not care about climate change? Are they intentionally trying to cause the apocalypse…[View]
110229819Why are Bosnians so much more whiter than Greeks, Italians and the Spanish?[View]
110233343What do you know about Georgia?: 1.Georgia had a population higher than Germany at one point 2.Georg…[View]
110232686I am glad I'm European. Do you also appreciate your heritage /int/?[View]
110233395When is Yakutsk anon gonna make another cooking thread ? I miss him :([View]
110233370What does your country's news services say about the situation in Hong Kong?[View]
110222415/fr/ - le francofil: Édition matinale en pyjama! Ancien: >>110209191[View]
110232979>Why yes i'm invisible, what gave it away?[View]
110230647>Taiwan? I'm sorry, do you mean the Republic of China?[View]
110233015Is friendship and love the most powerful force in the universe?[View]
110230890Journalists be like: Fuck poor people lel[View]
110231109China should attack and destroy Japan. Japanese dog will pay for crimes.[View]
110232111why are americans so disgusting?[View]
110230149Even if meds aren't white, I still like them.[View]
110232377Everyone in Sweden is Gay please don't come here stay away[View]
110232615russkies be like 'я huh-CHEW'[View]
110231307My mom needs to SHUT UP[View]
110226559noooooo bros she's meant to be with me[View]
110231967>Fixes your continent Behold! The perfect European map, circa year 2150AD! >Grey: Fourth Reich…[View]
110232083IND VS PAK SOON: HAS /INT/ PICKED A SIDE YET? https://youtu.be/KooQyTgAlMo[View]
110230454do children in your country learn much about other countries?[View]
110229786What do people think about the last dictator that ruled your country, if you ever had one?[View]
110229194Indians look like this?[View]
110232233Can we have a Kanji thread going?[View]
110232373>GigaChad Geral of Rivia was voiced by a Black in the French Dub of The Witcher 3 What did they m…[View]
110231351Prosperity. Stability. Safety.[View]
110232414Average french citizens from Brittany[View]
110232219Why are europeans like this?[View]
110230744Wait, anglo saxons look like THAT?[View]
110232322Hello, I'd like to say to the normal Danes on this board (not the underage trump tier ones) tha…[View]
1102276731) you're a cunt 2) post koty (yours preferred)[View]
110229944/brit/: bella thorne edish[View]
110227361Australian posters: Australia posters are filled with immigrants or the children of immigrants (I am…[View]
110231971The big four: Who are The big four and why are they so important???[View]
110228665>how goes it? >i've been better. how about you? >i've been better >i hope thin…[View]
110211931/mämmi/: yön kummat äänet -painos[View]
110224762>”””great””” Britain[View]
110226137How common are light-coloured eyes in your country?[View]
110229610>DUDE I just L-O-V-E traveling, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over …[View]
110232096>this is, by far, the most deviant degeneration ever to be recorded on camera. Redhead girls are …[View]
110231795>parents named me Elmer >they wonder why I can’t get a gf…[View]
110231457>snowniggers >asocial to the point of having a good potential of becoming future school shoote…[View]
110232041>5 weeks off for classic wow How does it feel not beeing able to do this Americans?…[View]
110228399Do you love China?[View]
110229941Ever noticed how a joke or banter that you would tell to your male friends get your female friends s…[View]
110231851I spilled coffee grounds all over the floor.[View]
110218443Sverigetråden - Baserade Upplagan[View]
110231272>Temme, anon! Why do believe in existence of Unit 731. Those are Chinese lies!…[View]
110226569Why in the heck are Nords giving me shit about the Australian climate? I live in the objectively be…[View]
110231555Greek man comes near Turk man Greek says : You are cockroach Turk man says : Good that means I can …[View]
110231465>my boss told me my 3 month probation is up next week and I need to pick it up or I'll get r…[View]
110229625This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
110226913>be Russian >popularize love and happiness in crystal form That was unexpected…[View]
110230955>be argentinean >have your princess get creampied by a Dutch guy and impregnated multiple tim…[View]
110227580>Anon, I sure hope you have a forest near you. Well, do you?[View]
110231375I have a job interview in an hour[View]
110226807Please stop with the hurtful amerimutt memes We do a lot of good things for the world[View]
110231391Of course I hate my parents, how could you tell?[View]
110219144/balt/: Yes, I am an average Estonian. How'd you know?[View]
110230247>Just because you aren't tall, have a small frame and awful facial structure doesn't me…[View]
110230865>h-hi femjak d-do you wanna go out and watch the stars with me tonight?…[View]
110223437>Your country >What was the last time you got rejected Spain 3 days ago, but i feel that i cou…[View]
110230440LELGIUM ARE YOU OK?[View]
110231203Chineepipo really do finna b like: >ayo hol up gweilo this democracy too spicy…[View]
110230478Do people in your country automatically equate crossdressing with homosexuality? If so do you try an…[View]
110223954Die Schneemaß das deutsche Kulturgetränk der 70er Jahre[View]
110221705Þey deserve anoþer chance[View]
110229134Do you like the UK?[View]
110230697>Hitler was deeply interested in Turkish affairs after 1919. He not only admired but also sought …[View]
110224380what would the world look like if Islam never existed?[View]
110219907Why is she so smug? Why most women these days have this expression in daily life It reminds me of pe…[View]
110230429Let's praise this country: Let me start it first Thier IT technology is the highest level of t…[View]
110229822>can't wait asia to become full brown[View]
110230751>why yes i choose to sit in my room all day browsing an anime forum howd you know?…[View]
110230819tfw no Japanese gf to impose sanctions on in bed[View]
110230495Why don't Americans celebrate smoko?[View]
110230512why w*ite women are never this Ticc[View]
110229600wtf, why is the american justice system so shit? https://www.npr.org/2017/12/06/568314351/why-a-man-…[View]
110224018/deutsch/: Einige von euch sind ok Ausgabe[View]
110225471What shoes do fuckboys wear in your country?[View]
110227569germanic women are the sheboons of whites[View]
110229035Post some cute asian girls[View]
110230399Why does the guy on this painting look like he wants her to put her clothes on? What even is the mea…[View]
110230566Do you think he post here bros?[View]
110224947Bear hunter gets maimed by bear: In Finlands Ostrobothnia, Kannus county, there was a bear hunt wher…[View]
110230443is this true love?[View]
110230402Learning a non-meme language: Why aren't you learning High Valyrian?[View]
110224000What is the worst swear word in your country? Is it used often? Here it's probably cunt, and it…[View]
110226458>'Go out with you anon? BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH. Go away loser!' Your count…[View]
110228325I'm 27 yo and I masturbate 5-6 times a day. No shame.[View]
1102285795'6 176 pounds, 168cm 80 kilos am i fat?[View]
110230026Now that the dust is settled are they Anglo or not?[View]
110229851Down the drain it goes.[View]
110227614Thoughts on this?: What do you feel about this Denmark friends?[View]
110227301Fuck Welsh farmers m8[View]
110225838i'm so fucking SICK of being a WAGIE god i can't take it no more this is unbearable how am…[View]
110229677What kind of gay clubs/gay bars you have in your country?[View]
110229763Manifest Destiny: The United States of America. From Virginia to California. From Greenland to Argen…[View]
110222146Black man in a suit[View]
110229964Do Americans really draw on pasta with crayons?[View]
110226056this scares whypipo[View]
110224736Dong-gu, Busan is planning to create a brand new mark . Because the old one is Pro-Jap ; its very si…[View]
110225479>muh qt japanese waifu[View]
110221756>GO BACK TO /POL/! This board is for le epic reddit frog, not RACISM!!!!…[View]
110229874Why is the Anglo so powerful?[View]
110227382/brit/: peng kikes edition[View]
110223913based, no southron/m*Doid is my brother[View]
110224151Are Egyptians some kind of ancient mulattoes ? Every single one i know has this mutt hair and kinda …[View]
110229023/bayern/: Willkommen: Boarische Herrenrasse, Franken, Schwobm, Eschtreichr, Sidtirouler Nicht-Willko…[View]
110229044Decimal separators[View]
110229357korea is just japan without all the good things about japan[View]
110226843>in an argument >get my last word in >leave, never look at the thread again…[View]
110229066The climate is changing Why aren't we?[View]
110229328>/pol/ is invading again[View]
110225467Why are British 'people' so lazy?[View]
11022914110 NGOs working towards world peace: https://www.impactguru.com/blog/10-ngos-working-towards-world-p…[View]
110223134/mena/: what could've been edition[View]
110225744Can /int/ help me come up with a new full name? I've been wanting to change my name for years n…[View]
110226637International shoe size thread 47 here[View]
110226693>person A works 8 hours, they produce 100 products >person B works 4 hours, they produce 100 p…[View]
110212161What do typical incels wear in your cunt?[View]
110207020/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Presenze Demoniache: Come Esorcizzarle ed Ucciderle con un Crocifisso o u…[View]
110224291>Dude! You can't just be a NEET forever![View]
110226914OVER 300000 BRITISH PEOPLE OVER 65 ARE LIVING IN SPAIN: When Brexit happens they will no longer get …[View]
110228947How do the police treat children in your country?[View]
110228946Wypipo be like >this weather is too spicy[View]
110221716What is Eastern Europe? What is Central Europe?[View]
110227147No wonder Brazil and Israel are butt buddies. They both love cutting down trees. https://www.timesof…[View]
110225969Why anglos call their gf/bf 'Baby' ? It is pretty sick and gross to me.[View]
110228236Do the Chinese really?[View]
110224644Good morning /int/[View]
110205804/nederdraad/: concierge is letterlijk aan het janken -editie[View]
110227655WAKE ME UP: WAKE ME UP[View]
110228581what are ur bathrooms like?[View]
110227394do these men know they are viewed as heroes worldwide[View]
110228409White girls are literally addicted to Chinese cock. I am so glad God made me Chinese[View]
110226068Why are they like this?[View]
110226235>You can't just spend your whole life being angry at people![View]
110225529Shut the fuck up[View]
110228342Ah, a perfect hole to put out one's cigarette. Thank you, Sweden![View]
110224680Literally the spiciest thing most Americans have ever tasted/will ever taste in their entire lives[View]
110227924Persia: Why do we know almost nothing about Persia/Iran aside from it being the enemy of Greeks duri…[View]
110227502Just give it to us.[View]
110225690>you will never look like this[View]
110225948Post ITT if you have Semitic name.[View]
110228201It's over for Korea and K-shit.[View]
110224487Are Swedes proud of Rurik?[View]
110221946Why are Japanese girls so chubby?: This is the average Japanese girl.[View]
110225783Italian Bants: Good job Guido, good job[View]
110225727could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110222365Baltic Tour: Hello, Balts people. I want to make a tour from Gdansk to Tallinn with a visit to Vilni…[View]
110221907If you were placed in a comfy Norwegian prison cell and had a decent computer with fast internet, wo…[View]
110227186¿What did americans mean by this?[View]
110227159eastern yuro niggas be like: >oh no my back got cold for a moment there better go see a doctor…[View]
110224637>your country >uni is starting again >sexy girls in yoga pants everywhere AAAAHHH STOP I…[View]
110227557Post flags of totalitarian mafia states/terrorist states ruled by criminal gangs.[View]
110226999The big four: The big four[View]
110226680La Malinche[View]
110226832Germans are Scythians and Assyrian mutts[View]
110227678>match big tits English girl on Tinder >she messages me “heyy”…[View]
110225563I would not die for Australia I would only die for Australians[View]
110225678Spain is so big... we have everything[View]
110227417Stop burning the Amazon[View]
110224104/brit/: Celt edition[View]
110213995/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
110226716>have you heard of the high elves?[View]
110224857*stares at wypipo[View]
110227058>yes Mr Bogdanoff how can I help you[View]
110227003America is ours now. What you gonna do about it?![View]
110223709>No mommy, don't do it again >Don't do it again >I'll be a good boy >I…[View]
110225774https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_liberation_of_France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rap…[View]
110225468Poor uyghur girl: fucking chinks[View]
110226558No offense but France seems like an absolute shithole if this film is anything to go by. Actual thir…[View]
110226109>loads of protesters in frontline are secondary school qt3.14[View]
110225913Neet hate thread: Anyone else hate these pieces of shit? How does people in your country deal with t…[View]
110225737how the hell did this man managed to BTFO not just the greeks, but also the brits, french, and itali…[View]
110224697What do these countries have in common?: Make Relationship Great Again![View]
110222528redpill me on Norweigian Holiday Pay[View]
110226327Why do Americans do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QbYipOZXrA[View]
110224979>I hate my life and want to kill myself[View]
110224912I want an asian ladyboy to worship my penis[View]
110226027Papua: Di Papua lagi ada apaan nih?[View]
110220917Do people in your country regularly remove earwax?[View]
110222345Does China owns your ass?[View]
110225931British niggas be like: >My favorite food? I fancy me a toast sandwich.…[View]
110223662Is this what Australia looks like today?[View]
110225695Do American cops really? 美國警察真做這樣的事?[View]
110223037>your cunt >your favourite genre of porn flag trannies…[View]
110219846Climate change is a sham designed to justify unreasonable 'green' taxes and keep the poor poor. I da…[View]
110226570Breaking News: Our government just declared the end of the relationship with Japan from now on, ther…[View]
110224622>3rd world flags complaining about /pol/ If only you knew how bad things really are…[View]
110225369Breaking !: South Korea finally scraped GSOMIA This would change world order completely[View]
110225573>JUST when I thought my life was getting better everything fell apart again…[View]
110225672What are your favorite French TV shows, /int/?[View]
110224967my utopia[View]
110223915>Italian niggas be like: into the wolf's mouth on your interview today…[View]
110225666>'I had no choice but to arrest her, it was the law', say Trudeau while he illegally arrests her …[View]
110224658>Ur cunt >First name >Last name >Date of birth >Address >Credit card number and…[View]
110225469>innocent Elamites, Medes and Dravidians YEAH INVADE THEM AND ARYANIZE THEM…[View]
110225398Why is Australia such a fucking shithole?[View]
110225236You ARE cute.[View]
110218501What are the cringiest subjects to study at college in your cunts? Philosophy is the one in America.[View]
110220259why, brits? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_at_Ayyadieh[View]
110224327Who else /incel/ here?[View]
110221792Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat.[View]
110223018Why do Asians have straight pubic hair?[View]
110221645Damn, do british look like this?[View]
110220333Which anglo cunt would you choose to be reborn in? Australia Canada U.S. U.K. New Zealand[View]
110218743Americans consider drinking water to be a challenge[View]
110225168You now realize that french people see their dreams in french language.[View]
110221404Do you love Japan?![View]
110221076Based. Keep our good Chinese girls away from those apes.[View]
110220826What are you listening to?[View]
110222218OH SAY CAN YOU SHART[View]
110224904Replace likes with (you)s and it's literally everyone on this site.[View]
110224818Patriotic American here who loves FRANCE and BRITAIN All other Euros are on watch, especially Kr*ut…[View]
110224672>walk into hospital >get treated >leave…[View]
110224374>American 'white' supremacists[View]
110224307GOD HAVE MERCY ON US: Americans are fucking losing it wiþ þeir degeneracy, bros. https://www.youtube…[View]
110219733>132 days left till India becomes a superpower[View]
110223877imagine the smell[View]
110223715>work for immigration >read asylum claims >wh*Toid name >'ahhhh I suffer in my cunt bla…[View]
110222830I don't want to immigrate to the USA anymore: In the past I have always wanted to immigrate to …[View]
110224444>based >cringe >kek >kys…[View]
110222806>american tourist asks for directions >help him out, then wish him a good day >english tour…[View]
110224448Is it true Chinks are the sole reason for the skyrocketing cost of living in Southeast Asia? Isn’t i…[View]
110221471Fuck Poopooland. Fucking subhumans all of them. Lmao at their faggot diaspora being butt mad. You sh…[View]
110224336This is actually pretty based. In a life or death situation taboo and morality should not limit a do…[View]
110222986Does anyone else feel like twitter is producing better memes nowadays? All 4chan makes nowadays are …[View]
110223761my face because i dont have friend[View]
110224200I hired a fat Japanese girl to do my Calculus for me[View]
110220842E*ropussies wouldn’t know this feel[View]
110224220what's the difference between /b/ and /trash/?[View]
110223347Yesterday I sex with Indian girl from England. She is want to stay in Spain and is scared from Brexi…[View]
110220907>Asian girls are so pure![View]
110222927Japanese girl eating spaghetti[View]
110221979>TFW got trolled by /pol/ into not going to university >TFW can't get a non-shit tier job…[View]
110212227>UK in 2011 >2.6 million muslims >5% of the population It's even worse now.…[View]
110222663Why do black girls make my pp hard?[View]
110222002>United States of Autism[View]
110220630/brit/: so here we are then edish[View]
110221822Do you believe in God?[View]
110222162I will die for this[View]
110223450Is Paris a safe city?[View]
110220320What happens in southeastern Quebec, around the Gulf of St. Lawrence? Why do so few people live here…[View]
110223893Armed Resistance: What was the armed resistance called in your country, and how is the current publi…[View]
110216767/deutsch/ Ach Bernd Ausgabe[View]
110219801Are you going to the 2020 Olympics?: I am not. I don't like Japanese people. They are like alie…[View]
110223769Is this the Scandinavian soul?[View]
110212389Varg is now a kara boga poster. Good.[View]
110220293Can Brazil become a developed country? What is their plan for the future of Brazil? I've heard …[View]
110221099do they serve poutine in your cunt?[View]
110223749d_ t___ r_____ ??????[View]
110222155Is Chile the most based country in LatAm?[View]
110220751>its >it's How do people even manage to mix these up? Its preschool shit.…[View]
110223365Would you incels if int?[View]
110221171>your country >did your country sent humanitarian aid to Finland in 1939 Russia Yes :)…[View]
110221081could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110218544Post the literal meaning of your name: I'll start: >God judges me Of Tocco…[View]
110223616Are Chinese tourists like this in your country[View]
110223602What's it like to be a passenger on a plane for 16+ hours? The longest I've flown is Chica…[View]
110219285Daily Reminder: >You will never experience teenage love in 50s America >https://www.youtube.c…[View]
110223156Good times all the time[View]
110218526How a country so small managed to be the pain in the ass for the rest of the continent for most of i…[View]
110222887Let's laugh at Americans: >cost in Greece: 0$[View]
110222388>wh*toid mormons actually believed the wrong direction i gave to them[View]
110222220when are Danes going to give Denmark back to the English? Danes need to move back east and let the E…[View]
110223048>Tfw 25 yo with zero work experience I was Neet for 4 years before starting uni, my life is over …[View]
110221467>TFW you realize cuckposters are mostly likely white or asian because blacks don't use 4chan…[View]
110223174/deutsch/: berliner ausgabe[View]
110222101Can we breathe next year? Also this will affect on the entire eco system of this planet. God please…[View]
110222105>England is ours, Saxon cracker[View]
1102218534chanX has been slow as shit the last few days. Is it because I have so many things filtered?[View]
110222936>tfw too autistic to adapt to real life >live vicariously through /int/ shitposting and intera…[View]
110222859how many americans have killed today[View]
110219220>Couldn't even beat simple rice farmers[View]
110221585Why yes, I'm an Esperanto advocate. Kiel vi povus rakonti?[View]
110217819>I got perma banned from my favorite subreddit[View]
110216213>one (1) chance at life >American >faggot >black (don't have BBC and purely sub) …[View]
110221149Imagine a cunt incapable of building nuclear power plants. Lmao at dumb primitive thirdie monkey sub…[View]
110222555Does anyone else here feel that if they were born in America: And had easy access to guns, it would …[View]
110220035>Your cunt >Wat did you do while we were down?…[View]
110218933Who should take control of the Amazon rainforest? Brazilians are obviously too stupid to be trusted …[View]
110222329Why don't Koreans born in the West have freak jaws like this?[View]
1102198721. Your country 2. Has your country signed any treaties preventing you from annexing Austria USA Not…[View]
110220244ATTENTION: -THIS IS A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE WHO GOES TO CANADA- do not come here, to this dirty scathi…[View]
110209191/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition Mère-fille. Ancien: >>110202725[View]
110222227My only enemies on this board and this entire site are other leaves. I hate them I desire to kill th…[View]
110221412I served in the Logistics Corps: I didn't want to be murdered by arabs so I served in the Logis…[View]
110219794Would I pass for a local in your country? What's my phenotype?[View]
110220879been isolated for so long... no intimacy with a woman in years, not even dating, kisses or nice word…[View]
110221047Why has English stopped using lots of helpful letters?: ð or þ -> th æ -> letter a in 'cat' o…[View]
110219165Are non-Americans just cucks who can’t even begin to comprehend freedom?[View]
110218461how could there possibly be incels in america?[View]
110221007>Japanese ratings systems go from SSS, S, A, B, C, to F Why don't they use A, B, C, D E, F,…[View]
110221783Post the Angel from your count[View]
110221671Literally me: GOD I FEEL SO LONELY I NEED A GF fuck this homophobic country[View]
110216794/brit/: Bonbi edition[View]
110219779'You cannot go from an incel to a brad-'[View]
110219667What is this place like? It is so odd to think that Russia and the US are so close to eachother. Doe…[View]
110221351Is learning Japanese really like this guy describes, /int/? >AN AFFIX FOR BIRDS - An American tri…[View]
110221303Pls come to Canada and invade and displace wh*Toids here they deserve it.[View]
110221661>#boycottsony #SaveSpidey[View]
110219255>TFW you realize that if you started learning programming years ago in place of reading and posti…[View]
110220704Friendly reminder that there are underaged people on /int/[View]
110221562Women have no soul.[View]
110218245Tokyo 2020, the girl is waiting for your semen.[View]
110220689By 2031, Canada will be around 28% South Asian. How are you cunts taking the invasion?[View]
110219313Bros I'm a normie now. It's 6:50 am here and I just returned from a club where I was hangi…[View]
110221251>tell poster to go back to r*ddit >I myself frequently post on and browse r*ddit…[View]
110221180how do we solve the american question[View]
110221312Whats the gayest mexican state, is it jalisco? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aaxilZUUbok[View]
110221288Did you make your goals come true in 2019 or are you gonna walk into 2020 a loser? You still have li…[View]
110219006whats life like in philadelphia?[View]
110220900What happened in 9 november and why is it so imprtant to americans?[View]
110217057I´m a Mexican-Jewish make your questions[View]
110216725> designated shooting schools[View]
110218151Is there any reason to visit this cunt other than for the women?[View]
110218748>Where are you from Argentina[View]
110220935>4chan Jeremy? That's insane[View]
110221150Turkic music thread https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g3pR-E0zs2s[View]
110219125I LOVE to see the enraged and disgusted faces of first*ids when they talk about 'the damage brazil i…[View]
110218430Varg DESTROYS Mediterraneans with FACTS and LOGIC[View]
110220946This what east asia would look like wh*Tes minded their own fucking business.[View]
110220155Outside of Tinder, where does the 5/10 wagie male go to find dates/hookups in your cunts?[View]
110219641Goodmorning /int/[View]
110215649how do we fix it?[View]
110219501>why yes, I am German. how could you tell?[View]
110219100Could my grandfather pass as a local in you're country?[View]
110220022I'm wide awake and I can see The perfect sky is torn[View]
110214752/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: they are here edition[View]
110219286Please Rate your country. Low Crime Clean Good Quality of Life great sex service Fun city Long worki…[View]
110218873Low Crime Clean Good Quality of Life Friendly people Simple As[View]
110219576How can one acquire American gf?[View]
110220553Do voters in your country like nationalism AND socialism?[View]
110220604How do we fix Japan's virginity problem?[View]
110220687One day we will build a superweapon to annhilate the wh*Toid race once and for all.[View]
110219771Do you have gun? I dont have it.[View]
110220297>tfw keep making mistakes in everything i do and keep getting laughed at I am honestly starting …[View]
110219385Why is Singapore the only civilized SEA country?[View]
110220570the mutt[View]
110213347Are they as much mutts as Americans?[View]
110219261Do Russians really?[View]
110220384>tfw don't live on a comfy island in the Arctic[View]
110219273>his '''''country''''' isn't big enough to have multiple time zones…[View]
110219645where do they sleep?[View]
110220151Why are Asian men so insecure?[View]
110220364i am sick of seeing the brazil flag can you fags stop? crying here won't save the amazon[View]
110220096i hate this useless shithole so much fuck it[View]
110220126>tfw August 2019 is almost over already How are preparations for the Indian century going, /int/?…[View]
110219753Brazil,why are you burning stuff?[View]
110219057People who were in their 30's during the 1990's will start turning 70 soon. Is your countr…[View]
110220072The last post before the blackout Say something nice about it[View]
110219154>Why yes, I vote for KKE[View]
110219575* - *: They protect you from the Russians and the communists. And who protects you from them?[View]
110215537How should I handle my OCD/PTSD?: I have this plan to perform a final 'cleanse' ritual to rid myself…[View]
110214996Shut the fuck up.[View]
110219999I want to make him into a strong young man.[View]
110218337Is Monica Belushi the most beautiful French woman who ever lived?[View]
110219011do bongs here speak English like a gentleman or like a labor?[View]
110218986Whomst was the greatest man whosoever lived?[View]
110219754Is Britain over or it just another great conspiracy and mistificaton?[View]
110218328how do you handle your 9 to 5 job without wanting to kill yourself?[View]
110217327You wake up in 2008 America?[View]
110216777How do we stop them?[View]
110218512dear americans when you make your little alt history maps, please stop making UTTERLY DISGUSTING stu…[View]
110217954What is Russia like these days?[View]
110218935This is problem. Very[View]
110219599>tfw born in America >tfw have intact foreskin thank you, mom and dad…[View]
110219358do mexican '''men''' have cute feet?[View]
110218600Don't thread on me[View]
110215442>Beautiful Swedish ginger and her bf I heard that Swedish girls have a strong fetish about Asian …[View]
110219210Are Dutch women the most beautiful women in the world[View]
110218291What did korea mean by this?[View]
110183825What country has the most beautiful girls?[View]
110215839So what are the rarest race couples? My guess would be asian male/white female and asian male/black …[View]
110214259>tfw europe is getting browner[View]
110218305I am 25 have never kissed a girl. How do I learn without being laughed at? Is it hard?[View]
110218248I feel American I don't feel any difference between us I don't feel any difference at all …[View]
110216100>Be French >Go to San Francisco to see my ebin internet friend >Right away when I get out o…[View]
110217999In what countries do you find lots of women with strong jawlines[View]
110204635Seasonal /int/ neuroatypical nerd horoscope circlejerk: https://www.16personalities.com/personality-…[View]
1102168181, your cunt 2. are there terrorist organizations in your cunt?[View]
110219268He should have been executed desu.[View]
110218836Fuck people who had sex.[View]
110218207Based and redpilled country.[View]
110219219When will Turkey release it?[View]
110218101>Amazon Rainforest, all of this nature and land >The biological heritage of mankind, the most …[View]
110215027>be south africa >national anthem has FIVE(5) of the ELEVEN(11) official languages KEK how can…[View]
110210828How do Swedes view Pajeets? Tinder in Stockholm was a revelation. An average girl in that city is e…[View]
110219158>soy will literally destroy the planet how ironic is that?[View]
110218658I got discharge from the US Army because I crash a helicopter into the generals car.[View]
110216550>cunt >how can you manage to read? I start reading a pdf only to be distracted after a couple …[View]
110218752Why do A-rabs have such awful aim?[View]
110218783Before Hawaiian shirt: ignored by women After Hawaiian shirt: mum calls me handsome and stylish[View]
110214754do you love japan[View]
110218761How can I find love in Kashmir?[View]
110219082Summarize the best country in one post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSnRq6iyHKg[View]
110209063Japan & China = Love Japan & South Korea = Hate[View]
110218822Your country Does it have a large shogi (japanese chess) community? america no[View]
110216835I want to go to university in Europe because living as an adult in america is fucking terrible. What…[View]
110214998Stop blaming us and start blaming them IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT[View]
110218576Lol, just lol at not being concerned with online privacy https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/…[View]
110218913Gosh anon you're such a loser![View]
110218812Petnames: So my girlfriend is asian and she calls me by this symbol and she says it has like 6 diffe…[View]
110217305WOULD THIS LAW IMPROVE UR CUNT?: >To become a citizen you must submit an original cartoon of the …[View]
110218646Why are polish men so ugly?[View]
110211743ITT: your country as a person: America is a qt libertarian tomboy who likes to get in everyone’s bus…[View]
110218831is the leader of your country the Chosen One?[View]
110218597how bad is brazilian image in your country now that bolso-nero set the amazon alight[View]
110218740Euro anons, How difficult is it to have an active social life in your cunts if you can't speak…[View]
110218433Why do people care about 'purity'? Nobody is pure! Nobody is like 100% German or Irish or anything, …[View]
110217828It's lonely at the top...[View]
110218757Why the HELL some Black ir native americans are patriot?[View]
110217958I'll fight and DIE for this state[View]
110213102What do you call this phenotype?[View]
110218051>Antigua and Barbuda >Bahamas >Vanuatu >Solomon Islands >Fiji >Saint Kitts and Ne…[View]
110217582>I suffer in North Mexico[View]
1102186451. ur're cunt 2. Do you go to the gym? Flag Yes[View]
110216771>You ever heard of this place called slash int slash? It's a crazy place man Jaime pull it u…[View]
110217951America needs a social credit system like China. Jobs and girlfriends should be rewarded based on be…[View]
110218144>patriotic mexican that lives in the US why are they so common[View]
110218613America needs a social credit system like China. Jobs and girlfriends should be rewarded based on ci…[View]
110216453there is any hope when you are 26yo and never kissed a girl? ive already hang out with girls but nev…[View]
110217702Left is the type of Asian face that Americans and Europeans prefer. Right is the type of Asian face …[View]
110218480Interpals: Do you have any luck with girls on interpals? I just get read ignored messages. I'll…[View]
110218438Why do euros lack vitality?[View]
110207273Why is Brasil burning their own forests down?[View]
110218455/Sverige/: Kaffe och knäckebröd till frukost-tråden[View]
110216481Why so few for such large populations, Africa and Latin America?[View]
110217516Europe has been fixed: >wake up >europe now looks like this Wat do?…[View]
110218057>wh*te genocide[View]
110218335This is fucking torture. I can’t go on browsing /int/ like this. I want Clover back[View]
110218104Just fucking kill yourselves or get hunted like dogs by law enforcement.[View]
110218284Upp och hoppa! Trälberg tjänar inget på sömntuta![View]
110218254Please get me the fuck out of this hell. Please, please, please![View]
110205297International mental illness: I've met a guy here on /int/, he is schizophrenic and so am I, we…[View]
110211145>Mom asks me when I'm going to get a girlfriend[View]
110202795/mena/ ش.أ.ش.أ: نسخة علم الثورة العربية الكبرى[View]
110218085Chicanos raised in a two-parent household tend to be assimilated into white culture and Chicanos rai…[View]
110203436/Norgetråden/: NS-Utgave. Forrige: >>110171820 >>110171820 >>110171820[View]
110217977How was your day /INT/?[View]
110204456Would you ever have a pet capybara?[View]
110216975This is the prime minister of Denmark, say something nice about her[View]
110217975Are you weeb?[View]
110217779are they human?[View]
110217968Musket Gang: Post your country's musket soldiers. If your country never had a musket wielding a…[View]
110212285I'm 28 and just had my first wet dream[View]
110214524do brits really do this?[View]
110205362Im giving up on white women, I dont need or want them, only qt asian/latina girls for me from here o…[View]
110201334/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Fastest /cum/ in the northwest. We gonna go viral with this one https:/…[View]
110211556>Your country >Will you end up alone as an old man Netherlands Yes…[View]
110216970>angloids watch big black cock news[View]
110213532Hòigh, my name is Brodie MacEwan I'm a 27 year old Japanese laddie (Scotland fan for you sassen…[View]
110217756For me, it's Italy.[View]
110217153American /pol/tards are going to try to flee to Australia like the lefties fled to Canada when Trump…[View]
110216620Any other western asians know this feel? God it stings bros Every single day of my childhood, and oc…[View]
110216101>In 1917 Denmark sold off the then Danish West Indies islands for $25 million to the United State…[View]
110217484>mfw greenland will become a state before puerto rico[View]
110216180give up Greenland final warning Dane monkeys[View]
110213080Is there any reason to consider leaving the U.S. for this cunt? Getting PR in my case looks rather …[View]
110216909Pay reparations[View]
1102173551. cunt 2. what language do you study?[View]
110214661What do they even teach in Canadian history class?[View]
110212055Only two unfortunately[View]
110217747>'No reason to get excited' >The thief, he kindly spoke >'There are many here among us >…[View]
110217667not a real country[View]
110214396Language: Are you bilingual? Which method would you recommend to someone who is trying to learn a se…[View]
110217700Who is underaged here[View]
110213631what song will you be blasting during the upcoming inevitable racewar /int/? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
110217687why they are so awesome[View]
110217684If only you guys had any idea how bad things really are...[View]
110216118Good night frens[View]
110217527wtf flag related is a dystopia[View]
110217620>yes, I'm an ordoliberal, how could you tell?[View]
110217526Korea has never invaded other countries: Unlike 1~11th countries[View]
110216021Face it, Israel is a democracy, rich, highly developed, scientifically advanced, beautiful, and over…[View]
110216887Don't let this happen to you[View]
110215675Is it gay if you fuck a post-op tranny? I accidentally fucked one in Thailand... She/he told me that…[View]
110215917>holiday >holy day[View]
110215625What's with this right wing thai sexpat spamming the board with news articles right now?[View]
110213911In what countries do you find lots of people with the square face shape[View]
110216244Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
110217403are there any israeli-arabs here? whats life like as a minority in israel?[View]
110216896>prooot prooot >*guitar strum noise*[View]
110217253>England is ours,saxon cracker[View]
110211678>noooooo mommy i don't want to read quran[View]
110216632Why do Japanese have nationality clairvoyance power?: Because we are superior?[View]
110216713>black girl >disabled boy >they are not artificial >they are not there for oppression di…[View]
110216338>go to the shop to buy some juice >have long hair >girl touch my hair in surprize whitout a…[View]
110216966Do you love Japan?[View]
110214169do women of european descent really do this[View]
110214364>Why yes, I am possessed by a demon. How could you tell?[View]
110217012Which national flag today: Can I choose the national flag by myself or it is just decided by my IP a…[View]
110206282/balt/: estonia edition[View]
110216852Cringiest interpals profile in the world: Which one of you fuckers made this? https://www.interpals.…[View]
110214739Why does this picture send 'Japanese' flags on this board into a spastic rage or a quick retreat whe…[View]
110216559>blah blah muh ZOG blah blah muh jews r ebul blah blah russia bad blah blah germany bad blah blah…[View]
110216939Is this true?[View]
110212248What race are you[View]
110216854Fuck Anglos[View]
110216879Thank fucking god.: I hate the chinese language. Sounds like cricket shit. Less crickets that come h…[View]
110213989Where can I get a Russian girlfriend?[View]
110215794Whats dis: I'm bored and this is my last line, what are you doing /int/ frens?[View]
110216270What do Europeans think about the Roman empire? Who is the true successor to Rome?[View]
110213787/brit/ have sex edition[View]
110214614>be american[View]
110216810>I suffer in South Brazil[View]
110191804/v/ + friends: Luigi edition[View]
110213108Why europeans don´t believe that white latinos exist? Pic not related[View]
110213228Hey, Taiwanese friends.[View]
110216438Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110208625 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
110209667/deutsch/: spieleentwickelts eich[View]
110209681Sverigetråden - Kungliga upplagan[View]
110215529Denmark is offficially fucked: >President Donald Trump declared Danish Prime Minister Mette Frede…[View]
110214272Do you love Japan?[View]
110214353Does this happen in your country?[View]
110213093Admit it[View]
110214509>Why yes, I did in fact spend the last 16 hours (minus 30 minutes total for bathroom breaks) play…[View]
110215658Do you want to lick armpits? I love armpits. I splash semen beautiful armpits.[View]
110214927Can it be saved?[View]
110212425quick poll: >your cunt >would you consider dating a girl over 16yo? >if yes,explain why…[View]
110213454Why yes I live in the greater Toronto area how could you tell ?[View]
110216076Nordic twinks should be used as sexual bags and then shot.[View]
110212296Why are tips mandatory in America?[View]
110211176Yes, I enjoy my illegal situation and my lifestyle of working everyday and going home nothing else b…[View]
110216045OH NONONO[View]
110211445i'm visiting Albania soon: thoughts?[View]
110213910What country has best gay?[View]
110211043why do latinxes bubble in white when they get to america are they stupid or just self-hating?[View]
110214336>23 and I've never had a girlfriend At least I had sex before...[View]
110215228EU just caved: BoJo was right, they can't stomach Britain crashing out of the union without a d…[View]
110214690>another China thread on /int/ If people disagrees with China so much, then why do I see a China …[View]
110213441Germany appreciation thread After allied powers saved them from the Iron Curtain and communism, they…[View]
110214301the president of the united states of america is senile.[View]
110215713Finnish products look bad: This is a Finnish gas mask. Normal gas masks do not have such a big filte…[View]
110215234/skandi/: Bokmål utgåvan[View]
110213566Why do Greek nights call their country 'hellASS' lmao[View]
110214676Italians why do you allow the continued existence of this shithole?[View]
110214788I would like to learn Ukrainian. Should I study Russian too?[View]
110215404mmmh... do they?[View]
110213701>indian women with no belly fat how rare is this?[View]
110212914Hello Im studying in Australia from Hong Kong how do I get aussie girl? If I get her pregnant maybe …[View]
110215209Are you bilingual? Did you learn your second language past high school? How did you do it? Online pr…[View]
110215317Does Europe have art hoes or is it just a North American thing[View]
110204532most popular language studied on the language learning app Duolingo in Europe: > No French in Eur…[View]
110213728How are California beaches? I've heard the water is ice cold so a lot of people don't swim…[View]
110214358What do they do other than shitpost on 4chan?[View]
110211922I am a brown man who worships Northern Euro women I feel cursed[View]
110215140This African Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life …[View]
1102134901. Your country 2. What's 'Do Americans really?' in your language? 3. Do you think that America…[View]
110210263Swedish women are good for???[View]
110212098do they reeally;;;![View]
110215513>Want to visit Russia >Most airbnb hosts can't speak english for shit…[View]
110215466leaf general: Raptors Edition[View]
110214040What stereotypes and terms do people in your country have for the outside world? pic rel is Argentin…[View]
110212516Can we buy you? so we can finally move to Europe[View]
110174948/skandi/: Onsdags/Mi(ðvi)kudags útgávan[View]
1102136091. Your country 2. How well-known is The Godfather in your country? What do people think of it? 1. A…[View]
110213264A BUG FLEW UP MY NOSE[View]
110214377Leaving out your own country, list all the national cuisines/foods you've tried so far. So far,…[View]
110210549A quintessentially American family[View]
110213821Is it expensive or cheap in your country?[View]
110215025Trump Threatens to ‘Release’ ISIS Fighters into France, Germany: Denmark you must give Greenland to …[View]
110212564>Country >Do you look Nordic as fuck? Chile No and I don’t want to.…[View]
110214013Spain sends navy to save migrants as Italian justice intervenes: Based Spain saves the day, between …[View]
110210926which way western man[View]
110213901Why do americans have to exist?[View]
110211181aboriginals look like THAT?[View]
110214324studying in latam or canada (my blog): i must decide soon https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/85…[View]
110212357¿Why are we spaniards so brown? I don't think we have anything in common with the rest of europ…[View]
110212660I LOVE Chile!!: >cool people >only country with that shape >smart people >worlds driest …[View]
110213962What is /int's/ opinion of albino people?[View]
110213498Hey, Japanese friends.[View]
110196026Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110187291 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
110214060>9/11? Yeah America deserved it.[View]
110212611How easy is it for Pajeets to find GFs in your country?[View]
110200717/balk/: Balkan capitals edition >>110185234[View]
110214193DIE INCEL DIE[View]
110205971In my appartment building there's an Uruguayan family and they're bad people. I hope they …[View]
110212707What is it about the huwhite man that allows him to make so much money?[View]
110211028Why are people on this board obsessed with the 'relevancy' of one's country? t. irrelevant coun…[View]
110165739/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: radical nordo-Christian anarcho-caesarist kaczynskiite agraro-f…[View]
110214090white people be like...[View]
110213814Patriotic American here who loves FRANCE and BRITAIN and hates all other Euros especially Kr*utoids.[View]
110212316>Why yes, _ __ ______ _______ _ ___ _____ _________, how could you tell?…[View]
110211564I wouldnt mind a one world government. I hope they kill all those neo-nazis and neo-bolsheviks.[View]
110212397Are Russians free?[View]
110211539>Greek culture >Greek literature >Greek economy >Greek history…[View]
110211650I'm 25. Fucked 2 girls, got bj from 2 others and made out with like 10 girls. Haven't had …[View]
110211470White people.[View]
110211984One ticket to Cambodia please.[View]
110209969>Russia is smaller in land area than South America that.....doesn't make any sense…[View]
110210720The great California divide is White/Asian vs. Hispanic/Black Which side do you go with?[View]
110209836Good night, anon![View]
110213871Why yes although I hail from South America I am very concerned about European politics. How could yo…[View]
110213495>my wife? she's asian >my son? he's eurasian >where is he? on r/hapas ragin'…[View]
110213681How fertile are the women in your country?[View]
110212792> veja como eu cortei sua merda eurocuck[View]
110210903Get Fucked[View]
110208520North vs South?[View]
110201456How do you say 'All hail the defender of the poor, the champion of the people, the bane of the rich'…[View]
110206883/canada/: dont die edition[View]
110213013What is theri relationship like?[View]
110173674/flag/ + /extraflags/: Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church edition Previous >>110121476 Wel…[View]
110212331Immigrant: Questions for immigrants 1. Current country 2. Your country of origin 3. Do you feel part…[View]
110213554Post paintings from your country. Primeira Missa no Brasil - Candido Portinari, 1934[View]
110211260>english men good heavens![View]
110203178Why do American industry movies think the French are swarthy ? Last time is Tomer Kapon, born in Ri…[View]
110211624I think the EU should buy Alaska.[View]
110212630>me? yeah I went outside today after 3 weeks of staying inside just to get a pack of cigarettes f…[View]
110211531>used to be very skinny >slowly began to put on the pounds in my early 20s >realized today …[View]
110181597/lat/: hilo latino[View]
110212485Do Americans really pay over $100 per month for TV?[View]
110208487/Carib/ island and friends: Hi folks[View]
110210180What the fuck is the appeal of food delivery apps like Uber Eats? Your food arrives cold and soggy, …[View]
110211819>bald and bankrupt[View]
110213216>nooo what do you mean our troops are encircled in Stalingrad?! How? >what ze fick! Fucking Ro…[View]
110213198why do honk kong protesters use the nazi frog?[View]
110213192The anglo scum fears the Wladmir-Wong alliance[View]
110211367No I am not British No I do not live on the island of Great Britain No, I do not use a British passp…[View]
110212853cant stop farting feels good man[View]
110203902How true is this image?[View]
110208945voluptuous white nation: Alright /int/, tell me, on average, what european country has the most curv…[View]
110209680Real blonde with dark eyes or she dyes her hair ? For scientific studies[View]
110208023Greenland and The Faroe Islands are rightfully Norwegian. Denmark, return them or the Frog gets it.[View]
110212215What to do in Reykjavik Iceland flights are temptingly affordable and I'm thinking of visiting …[View]
110208935Does this happen in your country?[View]
110208625Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110187291 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
110200102/med/: evening thread[View]
110212197Why yes, I do support an independent Scottish republic in the EU. How could you tell?[View]
110205444Why are so many smart people wasting their time here?[View]
110209133Kill all the Japanese[View]
110211854What race are you?[View]
110211592can you find love with a black queen in your country?[View]
110211991>american cartoon >there is no culture festival episode because americans have no culture…[View]
110211930I love Russia! ITT: We post things we love about Russia![View]
110211801Why do Turks do this?[View]
110211199Why are chinks so afraid of Australia?[View]
110211714New Zealanders, please don't disappoint me. That is all.[View]
110211581mfw ywn kys tb.h baka cuck dilate tranny incel have sex yikes based cringe[View]
110202298/polska/: edycja ryboloszek[View]
110211036>mfw I see a bong near me[View]
110210331Makes you think[View]
1102101758 years old German kid steals father's Golf and drives it 140 km/h through highway[View]
110205093What has been the most /fa/ and why is it Ireland?[View]
110211406I'm a big strong guy because I face facts and life is just a bunch of junk and I'm going t…[View]
110211350Czech Republic: Please enter this thread I have questions[View]
110210630>you can now stream on reddit 4channel is literally dead right now, i'm even thinking about …[View]
110196548/mämmi/: Vihreä vierailija-painos[View]
110202175for me it's med+nordic mix[View]
110208164I lost my frog folder. The ugly frog.[View]
110208242Hi whitu ppl! I have a question. I love blonde hair blue eyes whitu ppl. Does real blonde hair blue …[View]
110205039I just realized that a lot of croats look germanic. Why is this? Are croats secretly Germanic?[View]
110210702How conservative are the Chinese? Specifically I want to know how many percent of Chinese women who …[View]
110211216No one cares about the Amazon in Brazil, everyone is blindly following Bolsonaro's every action…[View]
110209767Would you join anti hong kong protests and become a pro-China drone for a gf like this?[View]
110210405Tickle tickle[View]
110210697Where in Northern Europe do you live? Celto-Germanic or Balto-Slavic buffer? http://eurogenes.blogsp…[View]
110208272american niggas be like 'dayum this eovlution sutff be too spice better throw some religion in it'[View]
110194491>if it weren't for communism we'd be western europe tier[View]
110211130other nations just cannot compete: they just can't[View]
110208944White women are skanks, ugly, and give major headaches. Which is why I prefer latinas.[View]
110208190/brit/ ahgiuoaeogn8hdgfhadghdgaohadsgh83q37rhgbyvb7re8h8wgfr7ewuiosgfoiug807freuygfuegsisuodge: robi…[View]
110210423What would your country do with Greenland if it was purchased?[View]
110205510Is this an accurate representation of Portugal?[View]
110210479Donald Trump’s day so far: >Says “I am the chosen one” > Calls himself the “King of Israel” af…[View]
110210641Chicanos are Mexican.[View]
110205993>Be muslim >Cant have S3X till marriage[View]
110209281If italy doesnt get these lands I will execute a frog and german every day.[View]
110210347>Having sex in public bathrooms is so common in UK that it has its own word Why are brits so fuck…[View]
110207082>I'm the chosen one[View]
110208444American women don't do it for me anymore. I live in a neighborhood filled with obese NPCs. Ou…[View]
110210573Quintessential stuff thread[View]
110199650Guess where your turn if you get it right[View]
110208893>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larrikin#Affectionate_colloquial_usage >Australian vernacular s…[View]
110210408Are gopniks actually a real thing or are they just an /int/ meme?[View]
110207155>x people commit crimes >x people are not criminals. their socio-economic conditions cause thi…[View]
110209746Post your personal 10: for me it's the left qt[View]
110210367do chinks employ their method of property development in your cuntree?: https://www.abc.net.au/news/…[View]
110200525Do you think they desrved 50 years of Soviet Occupation? Considering what they've done during W…[View]
110209035>tfw interviewing for goldman sachs i know i wont make it to the final rounds. what are technical…[View]
110210395Damn, white people really do be like that...[View]
110209810Do black women fear the Great Replacement too?[View]
110209900https://youtu.be/u2ZynkD3N_k Friendly reminder that president barack Obama visited Flint Michigan to…[View]
110205213>#traveling >#doglover >#akitainu >#vegan >#metoo…[View]
110209479Would you date model gf? Pic related is my gf. She was model in Siberia, but she was tanned tho. Dun…[View]
110208318hello /int/ i have to pee please watch this tree for me, thanks[View]
110208535This board fucking sucks lmao: Just saw /v/ and it amazed me that they were much more calm and much …[View]
110209709>wh*te 'people'[View]
110202494Do you think they deserved 50 years of Soviet Occupation? Considering what they've done during …[View]
110203488LOL THE SWEDEN ANON IS SPREADING THE FROG: >>>/tv/119864439[View]
110209926>why yes, why do americans do that?[View]
110205850>hot as fuck outside >turn on comfy air conditioning >cold as fuck outside >turn on comf…[View]
110207739this is Nikolaus Tessler, a German inventor[View]
110209827>As an Americ-aaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHRRRRGHHH[View]
110206011All cucks and males shorter than 176 cm should be castrated.[View]
110208024this is considered a 8/10 in Bongland. Why is that. Please discuss.[View]
110209391This is the guy who killed Tupac: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1SFg4mtVt1o Lmao[View]
110209712UK request thread: Ever heard of Questran? How about Cholestyramine? They`re the same drug. Questio…[View]
110205607/deutsch/ nacht schicht: So Brudiis bin amol pennen muss um 5 raus wieder heh Macht nicht zu viel un…[View]
110209581>make a greentext in full caps stating a made up opinion no one actually holds >get mad about …[View]
110207201How do I find women and sex them in your country?[View]
110208941>We are the chosen ones[View]
110208258>your cunt >do you shave yes, beards make you look like an unkempt peasant. I like moustaches…[View]
110209519Question for Americans and third worlders. What's it like being a closet homosexual?[View]
110201890Kurva anyád[View]
110209344Why are Brazilians so slow at cutting down trees?: Like how hard is it to cut down a shit ton of tre…[View]
110201870Why is everything so expensive in Canada?[View]
110209404Fig bro?[View]
110206542>tfw just finished my sixth hot dog and now I'm about to have a big bowl of ice cream and so…[View]
110209088Wow! Finally we have a new version of Pepe The Frog! EPIC! ALSO some swede tries to create new gigac…[View]
110209283>No no, ma'am, after you[View]
110202725/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition de la beauté de la femme Aryenne qui doit perdurer sur Terre. Ancien: …[View]
110206395Sweden has Finland Britain has Ireland USA has Mexico What's your countrie's Poland?[View]
110206844>Swedes make fun of Finns for looking like Asians >Meanwhile Swedes look like this Seriously,…[View]
110209175lmoa get this: just a reminder to the alberta separatists: you will always be canada's bitch lm…[View]
110208961Visited Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. I enjoyed spending time in each country and the locals rea…[View]
110206888Muslimes, I'm talking to you honestly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzjCGSUlI5w Don't l…[View]
110201426Pull your fucking weight, worthless Yuros.[View]
110206871As a South Asian male, Should I leave America? The country seems to have decided black/hispanics/ko…[View]
110203544>Jap women are thin Uh huh...[View]
110206729Trailer parks: Does your country have communities of people living in trailers/caravans or is it jus…[View]
110208642How come Italians don't eat bread sticks when eating pizza? How are you supposed to cleanse you…[View]
110202627>Late teens-early 20s zoomers who grew up on Bieber, iShitty, Minecraft, Pewdiepie, Chowder, Adve…[View]
110204527I'm a chicano and thinking of traveling abroad. I have two options: >go to Japan for 2 weeks…[View]
110208527>SALIL SAWARIM[View]
110208542raqqa still got isis tho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvQG2gW0JMg[View]
110207651are spaniards white?: i can't tell from the corpses i thought spain was good in military.…[View]
110202760Police arrested hotwheels lmao[View]
110204480sPain: What's even the point of this shithole? Why does it still exist? I don't mean why d…[View]
110208357based tyr*nts btfo[View]
110205453Question for thirdos. What's it like knowing you're going to spend your whole life in pove…[View]
110203461>I suffer in country with drinkable tap water[View]
110196938>green = higher gdp per capita than usa >red = lower gdp per capita than usa why is europe so …[View]
110206156Why does it smell bad?[View]
110201852Im going to bed soon what do you do before bed to sleep good[View]
110205131>tfw suck at video games[View]
110206423>The gym? No thanks Chad. I got a pizza and some candy and am gonna play some games and watch the…[View]
110204935im really hungry right now but also fat how is this dilemma solved in your country[View]
110204842>China is a bad country where they treat Muslims like poo poo!! I stand with Hong Kong!!!…[View]
110208011International music: post your last shazams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S5MWweAIXQ https://www.…[View]
110206837How do i get a gun from the streets? I can go buy here in Croatia and maybe Bosnia or Slovenia[View]
110206365Americans be like 'I served in the military can I get a discount pls thank me for my service and gib…[View]
110207935In 2015 /int/ was crawling with Argie posters. Where did they all go?[View]
110201958American here I’ve been to Italy, France, Ireland and Britain and Italy was by far the best Is there…[View]
110205873God, I wish I could be as classy as Elvis Presley. Look at this man. Look at his class, look at his …[View]
110207219>a cooking knife set? I already have a victorinox tomato knife and it cuts through anything edibl…[View]
110204838why do nordics look so weird?[View]
110202566Sverigetråden: he se[View]
110201593Your cunt. Do you hate racing cyclists for the scum that they are?[View]
110206316Are girls from your country known for their pranks and ruses? >be me in high school >too fucki…[View]
110207523>w-what do you mean you're not a feminist Because different gender = different roles in soci…[View]
110206260Why is electronic music unironically so shit in America? It's all hip hop/trap here and I'…[View]
110205527Why are they so shit at the olympics? They have over a billion fucking people. surely some of them a…[View]
110207571Is there any point getting married? Mid 20s and sperg out a bit when asked if I want to have kids/w…[View]
110199199>your cunt >have they ever made a perfect piece of music? >America >Yes…[View]
110207606/int/ after India becomes superpower in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGA5pjqMImo…[View]
110207574someone on /int/ called me a faggot[View]
110204607Nike i love you but the air max 270 is fucking garbage. I can't even run 10km in this piece of …[View]
110207314nooooooooooooooooooo you need to attach the letter with each others and based on the position in the…[View]
110202667Why do slavic and latina women races produce such beautiful women but their men look like mongoloids…[View]
110190514/ita/ il filo: 960 results edition. Attention 4chan /int/ this thread hosts a mentally disturbed ind…[View]
110205980Do you live in a 1st world county?[View]
110199094Is white fever real?[View]
110205210I’m half Filipino half Mexican. Ask me anything[View]
110197231Holy fuck these people are retarded.[View]
110206700Is ratatouille as good as the move makes it out to be?[View]
110200576/éire/: Eagrán Fear Dearg.[View]
110206514Made for sex[View]
110193892German/Austrian bros what is the name of the red sauce in pic related? i had it numerous times while…[View]
110199720>Most handsome men Mediterranean men >Ugliest men East Asian men >Most beautiful women Bot…[View]
110195636Is white trash common in your cunt?[View]
110206485So what's their endgame? Will their cowboy overlords spare a few black hawks for evacuation in …[View]
110204468Why 21 Savage has 12 car garages while he has 6 cars?[View]
110206418https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=79&v=LQRAfJyEsko wtf, what's wrong with western…[View]
110206044would i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110198395Is light hair common in you are country? I hate having light hair, I wish I had jet black hair like …[View]
110205535Do French people really...?: >Several hurt in attack on video set of French rapper Booba >Shot…[View]
110205707What does /int/ think of my cats?[View]
110206077summer is coming and the hot temperatures will reach all the way to the orange line[View]
110205448>french 'drivers'[View]
110204976all of the northern hemisphere of the earth should be owned by Veneto[View]
110197581what makes women in your country do this?[View]
110205955I am ready to fight and die for this state[View]
110204883damn, is there no country filipinos aren't infiltrating?[View]
110205229Could he pass as a local in your country??[View]
110205891North vs South?[View]
110171180/Balt/: Depressing sky over Vilnius edition. The way it's meant to be.[View]
110205745American penis so big. Japanese very small penis. So small.[View]
110201588>'You don't talk to the United States that way'[View]
110205588Life is suffering if you don't live in England[View]
110200758/deutsch/ Kackeimer-Ausgabe[View]
110205321>this makes trump break down in tears[View]
110205320>liberal? liberalism? libtard? what the fuck is all this crap? i don't understand it and i d…[View]
110200263/brit/: England edition[View]
110202332Do you want to find love in Netherlands? I do.[View]
110205243Do they really?[View]
110202317>this video is sponsored by audible enter the promo code gigachad for a free audio book…[View]
110203415portuguese barbeque chicken: hmm...[View]
110199146Do you like the town you live in?[View]
110205054punjabi music is some next level shit: punjabi bvll goes to America, gets helicopters, cars and the …[View]
110200150What country will lead the world in the year 3000?[View]
110199786Racecucks. Having sex is the antidote but they can't get it 1 like = 1 prayer[View]
110204546>Giga Chad ? Tu peux commencer.[View]
110204816/bg/: nikvi yuta[View]
110204506do you consider yourself to be average, below-average or above-average?[View]
110204334What are your thoughts on Germany?: In terms of Culture, history, food, monuments etc...? What town …[View]
110202177Why are russians so obsessed with WW2? When I browse /int/ I sometimes have the feeling its like rus…[View]
110199473Do you remember Piccolo from dbz?[View]
110203201How was your day? Mine was pretty cool, I went hiking again.[View]
110204693Based and BLACKpilled[View]
110199699Ask an Indian BVLL living in Taiwan anything. Yes, I browned her.[View]
110204198I can’t fucking wait.[View]
110204623>...they can't treat the United States with the statement 'how absurd'…[View]
110204329I had a dream last night where I got a needle in my arm and when I woke up my arm hurt.[View]
110202949is this the most based country in europe?[View]
110204165>tfw found out I'm partly Jewish >don't even get the benefits of being Jewish (i.e. …[View]
110203617would you kill someone if they did anything for your kot? Brazil yes[View]
110204444should I travel to Prague in December?[View]
110197641/nederdraad/: getrekkerde incels -editie[View]
110203800You wake up in Roman Paris[View]
110198518Why do Russians put rugs on walls? Can they walk on walls like lizards? Is it possible to learn this…[View]
110202792/isr/- מהדורת טירונות: יום 3- עדיין לא חירבנתי[View]
110200993ITT: Post something that your country has that American will never have.[View]
110201134Is China actually evil or is it all western propaganda ? I see a lot of chinese defending their gove…[View]
110204102Storm Greenland: Fuck area 51 let's storm Greenland, they can't stop all us American anons…[View]
110203281>Why, I do love anime and Chinese cartoons about underage girls, how could you tell?…[View]
110199466You wake up in sub-saharan Africa, in a black queen's arms[View]
110203874I can't find my Smurf Disco CD anymore Where the fuck is it?[View]
110194670why aren't you buying a Dacia Sandero?: cheap and good car[View]
110203429Say something nice about current king of Poland[View]
110198643>tfw retarded and failing college what do?[View]
110203540>bro come here, you gotta smell my fart: >*bbbrrrrraaaaaaap*…[View]
110202531Anglos eat this shit. Just how ? >inb4 it's good No, it's shit…[View]
110200725Would you rather have an isreali jew gf or an american jew gf[View]
110202737two prepubescent ukrainian girls please[View]
110202028Have you already started learning Indian? Only 4 months till they are a superpower.[View]
110202529OH NONONO OHHH NONONO Dindu nuffin, the country, strikes again[View]
110199749Czy jest ktoś z Polski?[View]
110203286>mfw western women can't easily find sex when they travel outside the west…[View]
110171710/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: Blagoslovenie Ediția de data trecută: >>110128852[View]
110191455Solve it[View]
110202869yeh me in now evening[View]
110201016Tell me about this magical place, called Denmark[View]
110202320Why is Mexico so hated in here?[View]
1101948351.Are you watching The International 2019 in your cunt? 3.if yes, What team are you rooting for? 1.…[View]
110202607god i hate these wh*te people so much[View]
110200928Your opinion of drunk driving? Kinda ashamed to admit it that I probably did this for 6 years before…[View]
110201238Guys, I fear I might have some Indina ancestry: For a few times now I couldn't hold it and had …[View]
110196910millions of europeans died in ww2 for this[View]
110199659>white niggas be like: this sun is too spicy![View]
110197134am I white?: how white am i /int/?[View]
110202469Anyone else here slowly starting to like d*Nmark now that unitedstatians hate them?[View]
1102001901. dilation wound 2. are you trans? ireland yes[View]
110200476why are africans still so short even if their countries aren't so poor anymore?[View]
110201839The Danish Prime Minister looks like THAT?[View]
110197307The big four: What are V4 leaders up to these days ?[View]
110200050Why can only the rich of other countries afford the middle class American lifestyle of a house, thre…[View]
110171820/noregtråden/: Scrabble utgåva Forre: >>110154105 >>110154105 >>110154105[View]
110202113i was going to make a thread calling people who like superheroes autistic so I started drawing up a …[View]
110202091Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
110180712/cum/ - canada, usa, mexico: artsy edition[View]
1101902511. cunt 2. is your country a motherland or a fatherland?[View]
110202018For me, it's Finland.[View]
110199074GDP per capita of Germany: 42,000$ GDP per capita of California: 78,000$[View]
110200085This is the amount of pills average American consumes in 3 days of his existence. Wish I was not jok…[View]
110192592How would you react if you entered this situation?[View]
110202009I want to be rich Every night before I sleep I think what I should have done and what I can do but n…[View]
110194894/polska/: Chendycja[View]
110194385/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone: Technologie édition. Ancien: >>110165416[View]
110199648/intg/ - international general: because we can never have too many generals[View]
110199110Holy motherfucking BASED: It's hard to be mad at a guy who says exactly what I would say if I w…[View]
110187377le finns so awkward xdd[View]
110201472it's 23:50 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
110201868Do they use chopsticks too?[View]
110201496How do we solve the whiteboi problem?[View]
110192059What are your opinion on das Deutschland[View]
110201756You had chemicals boy I've grown so close to you Boy and you just groan boy She said comeover c…[View]
110196475I'm high as fuck bros[View]
110193431Asian-argentinian here. I'm tired of being made fun of. I don't care about being incel but…[View]
110200281You wake up on 2016 /int/[View]
110201464>one (1) single chance at life >born canadian middle class lanklet straight white male gamer…[View]
110199970T**rist hate thread 2: >Be local >Walking in my neighborhood >Sees a Toyota mini van thinki…[View]
110201159>let me buy Greenland now![View]
110195022This confuses the westoid[View]
110201314tred umer[View]
110198709I visited germany last year...: I was very disappointed. I wanted to have sex with german women but …[View]
110201342How do I meet poor Central American chicks online to catfish with money? >Using Email and Texting…[View]
110199297learn the difference it can save your life[View]
110194998Why are wh*toids so OBSESSED with japan?[View]
110201258Learn this.[View]
110186758India and Mexico: do we share something aside from spicy food? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqUcO…[View]
110201204>When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies[View]
110200995American penis big. Japanese penis so small. So small.[View]
110198853Lmaoooo pathetic pajeets[View]
110196653Why makes /int/ so frenly compared to other boards? Is it a result of erryone wanting to learn about…[View]
110200966>'I had no choice but to arrest her, it was the law', say Trudeau while he illegally arrests her …[View]
110197616where was this picture taken?[View]
110200757Yes, we eat burgers Yes, we're obese Yes, we're uneducated Yes, we share in Mart Yes, we g…[View]
110196330India or Pakistan? Which one is better in terms of living?[View]
110200773What are zoomers like in your country?[View]
110200811Brexit means Brexit!: We need a hard Brexit![View]
110198818>You're a cunt >What should be done with war criminals?…[View]
110196168/deutsch/: Fortnite - Ausgabe[View]
110197357>you will never attend an American college in the mid 2000s JUST[View]
110195667hey brazil, what's up? we should talk, i've noticed we have some similarities with eachoth…[View]
1101998141. your country 2. do you play poker?[View]
110199149How do we save Europe from China's wrath?[View]
110197248Why EU is fucking slave of USA?[View]
110193569Poland is the future![View]
110198179/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: edição: Literalmente morto Não sei porque me dou o trabalho de criar esse fio…[View]
110181261>Chinese immigrants protesting Hong Kong protests in Dublin yesterday Thoughts?…[View]
110200013Is Southeast Asia the Latin America of Asia? >full of smaller countries >mostly irrelevant …[View]
110197977how do you cure pimple butt?[View]
110200137This man pulls up and says >The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class…[View]
110185234/balk/: Creepy fyromians edition >>110173271[View]
110200121>be me >have to do a driving test >parallel parking >literally sped up and drift the car…[View]
110200075Just returned from the women's bathroom. It smells so nice compared to the men's bathroom[View]
110195992choo choo[View]
110198947I demand what I was owed[View]
110199343The cleansing of the gays is coming. Get your crosses.[View]
110198850Amazon: >be member of an NGO in the Amazon >fight in theory to protect the Amazon from Climate…[View]
110199833>this kills the Brit[View]
110199957400 years of anyone wanting challenge, freedom, or a better life for themselves leaving for one colo…[View]
110199284Why are ALL Americans like this?[View]
110197916How many genders are there now?[View]
110200929Reddit helps China with Censorship: Reddit is now playing the whack-a-mole game, trying to censor th…[View]
110199895>girls >downright lesbian compliments and kissing each other on the cheeks during greetings ..…[View]
110194307How are you preparing for the Asian Century?[View]
110195521One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a ra…[View]
110198126>cunt >did you get spanked as a kid? >should spanking of kids be illegal? Flag Yes Not sure…[View]
110197330/ahwa/: ahwa edition egy goes here too[View]
110199520Do you love Korean BBQ?[View]
110183991How is work culture in your country? America's is one of the worst in the world[View]
110198674how this image makes you feel? me, personally, I hate these little fuckers who are dressed like adul…[View]
110196719I just saw an interracial couple[View]
110195539do I really need to learn this subhuman tier language?: it's not like France's official la…[View]
110194737I am posting fro. the year 2064 of the new age fro. Guangzhou(a city in china). >have spent 4 dec…[View]
110197279I feel like, whenever the topic of Polan appears, people start having the most extreme views. Some w…[View]
110197237>mfw Spanish words >tontolapolla >pagafantas >pollaboba >cuentazorullos >violabici…[View]
110194323>there are non white girls posting on int right now[View]
110197395Who is the important person alive today and why is Elon Musk?[View]
110199198I want to be japanese strong[View]
110195842Anyone else miss him?[View]
110197902Have you ever been to Japan?: I have in 2010. I was very disappointed : Everything is expensive. The…[View]
110184190Which is the worst country in Europe?[View]
110199070Woud it be nice to own a bunker: They are selling an old military bunker in Finnish city of Pori. It…[View]
110195733>wake up >'Bolsonaro affirms, environmental NGOs are starting the amazon forest fires to make …[View]
110198247Why do americans[View]
110198337Woll Smoth: Woll Smoth[View]
110197849Is this girl white? so cute. 10/10 A white girl who does not have deep eyes looks like a holy angel…[View]
110196425>tfw not finnish[View]
110194498Comic posting time: Post your webcomics but pls translate them to English for greater understanding…[View]
110196498>French niggas be like “lol gotta make all these letters silent”[View]
110198594Your country Can they pass as locals in your country? https://youtu.be/oWHGaNDKqgk?t=34[View]
110198531>dutch people do this as a hobby[View]
110198500https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUN2kNE4I7M Isn't this the most beautiful thing[View]
110198345I want Serbia to retake Kosovo so it can help ease the border gore. I have a horrible fear Albania w…[View]
110196751>be you >get assigned to a Jap girls' only classroom for foreign exchange Whose socks and…[View]
110197717This is the economy power ranking: Korea is 12th Shame on you for being born in the poor country If …[View]
110197370What did China mean by this? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uganda-road/chinese-built-expressway…[View]
110198180>slovak niggas be like “hi my name is jizz”[View]
110198246I started a new job recently but I'm starting to think it's beneath me[View]
110198110>tfw a woman will never look at you this way while you choke her[View]
110198148How is our guy Breivik doing?[View]
110181847>wake up >realize that you are not in Greece I cant imagine how terrible that must feel…[View]
110194614>be sheep >beeeee[View]
110194342The largest overseas U.S. military base: Camp Humphreys in South Korea https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
110188508>go to bus station >get bus >see this what do…[View]
110189007Hey Greenland, you want better life? Denmark aka, 'Normiemark' isn't a real partner to have. Ev…[View]
110197191There is but one true Spanish flag[View]
110196195Why are people here so paðetic?: All I see on þis board is BLACK fetishism and self hatered from Eur…[View]
1101977281. Your country 2. Do you prefer Israel or Saudi Arabia RuSSia Israel[View]
110196762Question to Japanese anons(not english teachers): Are japanese translations in the videos here plaus…[View]
110187928THis is a metro in Shanghai. What is the 1st thing you notice about it?[View]
110197678Why do /int/ and /pol/ value beauty standards so much if 90% of us are excluded in some way from the…[View]
110197561I love chinese food![View]
110187934/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
110194691How much would Greenland cost?[View]
110197166Do you eat fast food?: I don't, I don't want to be fat.[View]
110197569>Why yes, I am in favor of mandatory Swedish lessons, how could you tell?…[View]
110185903The crazy part is realizing that this is how it actually happened...[View]
110197474Greenland: So how is USA coping with getting absolutely cucked by Denmark, now also known as BVLLMAR…[View]
110193078this is a white mans country. and here this is a white mans board. where does a brown man fit in thi…[View]
110194954What is India doing in Kashmir? It is true that the government has disabled phones and internet acce…[View]
110196601Your thoughts on german girls?[View]
110195322>Why yes, I do believe that slavshits, analbanians and ROMAnians are an obstacle to the future de…[View]
110197057>college? >an apprenticeship's good enough for me.…[View]
110197011Post your evening meal. For me, it is tuc crackers with mustard.[View]
110196916My working colleague and neighbor is a Chad, he is handsome and all the women want to have sex with …[View]
110194738The /int bargain: She loves you unconditionally and forever but you have to move to her country and …[View]
110195056G-guys im scared of the new f-frog, what if he's dangerous[View]
110196709This is me in 5 years.[View]
110196670/mämmi/: lukihiäröi painos[View]
110196133Identitarian, or refugee?[View]
110196519US vs Denmark in a Falkland type war who wins[View]
110196511Why are americans iracionally obsessed with circumcision?[View]
110196280Reminder to yuropoors and chinks: If you mess with the US with mess with US![View]
110196434is denim-on-denim popular in your country?[View]
110179009/ex-yu/: mrzim zene izdanje[View]
110194338I just visited S-market. I bought these 4 items and it cost me 7,65€. Soy-greenpepper cold cuts Past…[View]
110185854/mämmi/: Nyymit juovat tätä kuin vettä-painos[View]
110194370>'new' meme >it's another pepe the frog edit When can we have some fresh content? Everyth…[View]
110190494Why do most people here have Spanish names when the US was the last colonizer?[View]
110195890do americans really suck dick n all dat? https://www.twitter.com/AshleeMPreston/status/1163884648784…[View]
110194777Tell me your favorite movie scene. https://youtu.be/LCiOI0qILxU[View]
110196157Why are straight men so violent?[View]
110196116>we're going home, bros pathetic. . .[View]
110195948How will danecucks ever recover?[View]
110195312What would happen in your country if an antifa holding a bus full of people hostage got shot down by…[View]
110194480>drink coffee >become an anxious, neurotic mess for the rest of the day >don't drink c…[View]
110195940I advocate for a global international race war where the western wh*Te race will be exterminated how…[View]
110192428High School Student Arrested after Posting Threatening Comments on Video Game Chat: >A student fr…[View]
110195744Are taxes high in your country[View]
110190730/deutsch/: heber ausgabe heute das thema iifym pidser und koler hauptsache proteine :)) achja fapiss…[View]
110180498/asean/: Edisi memek makanan khas Simeulue, Aceh[View]
110195821post one (and only one) picture of a city in your cunt lets see those photography skills laddos[View]
110195841Your opinion on Bollywood movies: Why are the Poos obssessed with American culture? Why can't t…[View]
110195000Does your country have a bright future? Bulgaria, no[View]
110191145imagine the smell[View]
110195763Do you have think it’s true that asian girls are willing to date worse looking white guys than norma…[View]
110194896>I'm the type of guy that kills villagers in minecraft.[View]
110192665/brit/: Shaggers only edition[View]
110195712Why can't they fuck off back to their countries?[View]
110195693why is he so obsessed about italian expressions?[View]
110194855>country >do you pick your eyebrows? i dont…[View]
110195324>third day of no soylent[View]
110194076My friends[View]
110192873could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
110192391Trump four days in Poland?: He was supposed to be in Poland for three days (31.08 - 2.09) to mourn a…[View]
110194203>talk to my dad 2 mins ago >preparing to move to SK next week >he says he doesnt want me mo…[View]
110195118>He lives north of the Alps[View]
110195515Why does þis exist?[View]
110194993I would kill all of you with this.[View]
110195350>Why yes, I post the same boring frog picture again and again with slightly different physical tr…[View]
110195446>be jap >get accused of a crime >get jailed for an entire year until I confess even if im i…[View]
110195452What is Calgary and Edmonton like? May eventually move to Alberta from the Vancouver area.[View]
110195410>My dream in life? Open a small cafe in the backstreets of sangenjaya of course, how could you te…[View]
110194027Unironically what the fuck is wrong with him? Serious question, not trolling.[View]
110190341imagine the smell[View]
110193446>your cunt >are christian schools located next to mosques in your cunt…[View]
110193297>but muh qt japanese waifu[View]
110195222>And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall >Tell 'em a hookah…[View]
110172753kurva anyátok[View]
110194595pls make a dirty variant of apu based äckelswede[View]
110193623Post your dirty frogs my boys. I need to collect them[View]
110193552Why do Asian girls who grew up in America usually have bigger tits than Asian girls who grew up in A…[View]
110194989>133 days Are you prepared, /int/?[View]
110193943/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição: e-thots > e-traps[View]
110193831I don't like the new frog[View]
110194638>wake up >'Bolsonaro affirms, environmental NGOs are starting the amazon forest fires to make …[View]
110194790>me? an incel[View]
110194851>mfw I thought 'German HUMOR' was just a meme[View]
110187363/polska/: edycja pantalonów[View]
110189779You wake up in Vvardenfell[View]
110194796/iq/ + /syr/ Iraq and Syria general: baathist edition[View]
110194780Did he drink liquor?: What are your thoughts on that? Gamescom?[View]
110194052I want a brasilian gf[View]
110194675there is a time when Ukrainian ambassador to my cunt persuade our Ministry of Education to include t…[View]
110194352Why yes indeed serve me another circumcised american sir![View]
110191976>country >do you floss your teeth? i dont…[View]
110192022Best country in the world[View]
110194241Why is the USA so BIG?[View]
110190471>tfw being a NEET for almost 3 years now[View]
110194446Ask a guy who is going to marry a trans woman next month anything[View]
110194455My sweat started to smell like vinegar[View]
110194361Did you know that decomposing trees consume oxygen and an established forest doesn't produce ne…[View]
110190784What does having a carefree childhood feel like?[View]
110194353I am addicted to mentos chewing gum[View]
110190141>A young woman verbally abused KFC staff in Adelaide and hurled equipment over the counter. >D…[View]
110193782Who are the most based and cucked nations in the World?[View]
110191772is it true there a fem*les on here?[View]
110194132>We will make our flag a double headed eagle to show our Roman heritage and declare that we are t…[View]
110190792Bet you dorks can't even think of one[View]
110192857>O hiss ki sənin ölkənin Türkiyə, Rusiya və İranın arasında sendviçlənib qalıb Sikiməki…[View]
110191183Do you play starcraft[View]
110194177Best country in the world.[View]
110191326Why do they have no soul.[View]
110194159>I post frogs[View]
110190868>Hey anon, do you think I am T H I C C enough?[View]
110194097>hiding Philippines thread on /int/ Excuse me? You are not allowed to do that. We are here to sta…[View]
110192648theoretically speaking... what if you sent all 210 million brazilians back to africa on boats, and t…[View]
110193257Are you masochist?[View]
110192431>why yes I'm homosexual, how could you tell?[View]
110193119Do you want to be rats or lions, my boys?: Look out of the window. Whatst doest thou see before yeet…[View]
110191069why is /int/ so jealous of Canada?[View]
110193970Do you love Japan?[View]
110192635Do you love them?[View]
110192194If a nobleman gave you the opportunity to ride with his pack, would ye my boys?[View]
110192796What is your race, /int/?: I am east asian[View]
110190815How do i get an /int/ bf, preferably an asian who tops?[View]
110189619>When Europe tries to understand how Americans work, but just to memes and mutts as a way of unde…[View]
110193804>have no social experience with females >last time held hands with a girl was 6 years ago >…[View]
110193758>dumb ugly teeth frog poster[View]
110192416>hold on, I'm out of arguments >let me just quote him with a soyjak…[View]
110186420>try to enter UK >get turned away for not being gay enough lmao…[View]
110192566I hope this fag rots in Japan forever.[View]
110191699Can I move to the Czech Republic[View]
110193617Guys I don't want to alarm you but I think Spain might be nonwhite[View]
110192415Croatia /10 cool yes?[View]
110192254BEST FROG EVER MADE IN 4CHAN: greatest[View]
110193662>'I had no choice but to arrest her, it was the law', say Trudeau while he illegally arrests her …[View]
110188667You wake up in France[View]
110192105Is it common in your country for men to cheat on their wives with migrant women?[View]
110191836>be American >get sho-[View]
110193712Why do so many Russian women love the French actor Alain Delon? do Russian women want a French men a…[View]
110193708The big four: The big four[View]
110176035Why does Mr. Japan 2019 look Korean?[View]
110192200Why do they hate freedom?[View]
110192710Är äckelpaddor det nya heta jagjaget?[View]
110192155Thinking about making a batch of fishfingers(30) for dinner[View]
110193317Guys, this was a big mistake I never should have come to Guangzhou (a city in China). The fan in my …[View]
110186765ITT after eu collapses/reforms: The eu will collapse eventually or reform itself to efta, what do yo…[View]
110193601Hey guys, I want to offer asylum to some Hong Kong girls, how do I do it? I'm willing to offer …[View]
110189982A subway station in Berlin vs A subway station in İstanbul. When will Europe catch us?[View]
110193487time for your prostate exam, /int/[View]
110192316Korea and Japan are next[View]
110192340Why do shitskins dress like this?[View]
110193539/wc/ - Western Canada: Thread for discussing Canada's white trash capital and for salty eastern…[View]
110193537What languages can you learn if you have some notions in German?[View]
110193515I got PTSD because I saw my highschool friend being burned alive in humvee in iraq.[View]
110192171>been failing uni for three years >'last' year coming up >haven't signed up for the se…[View]
110192833My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
110192550>B-But Brasil should stop deforestation[View]
110192033>Want to learn português >Every resource is teaching the Brazilian version Why is life so unfa…[View]
110189800>be american >plant babies like seeds[View]
110187278>tfw racemixing is so widespread, white women won't exist in a couple hundred years Jesus Ch…[View]
110165416/fr/ - francofil: Édition: Centre Amérique[View]
110191171these new dirty pepe make me feel uneasy[View]
110192092I wanna move to another country in the next couple of years and it seems like the only place where I…[View]
110190755>ring ding ding ding ding ding ring ding ding ding bem bem bem ring ding ding ding ding ding ring…[View]
110191293>I will buy Greenland and Denmark will pay for it[View]
110189625What the fuck happens here!?: So Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. The 6 most…[View]
110174532/egy/: I think i know how to post pics now use a better isp[View]
110190191oh... you don't like americans? i guess i'll leave then...[View]
110193341Dear God: please kill all straight men, they're scary as fuck. Amen.[View]
110191761Do you trust doctors in your country?[View]
110192328Does your nation have fetish to be above the sky?[View]
110188209>No Turkey is not Europe!!! >Biggest city in Europe: Istanbul…[View]
110193303what's with all these threads about SEA all of the sudden? especially that one korean flag what…[View]
110189027>this scares the European[View]
110188196I'm going to make some Udon Noodles next week. So int tell me you favorite Udon noodle recipes…[View]
110183330/éire/: Why do they plaster this over all their burgers? (said plaster shure oim so rooral!!)[View]
110193194me descending into a Bolsonaro thread to spread the gospel[View]
110192958ITT:Countries that should be nuked[View]
110189302>have sex incel how do you respond?[View]
110191812Tell me about your experience with British tourists.[View]
110192206I fucking hate NIGGERS: Do you hate NIGGERS too?[View]
110192381>Country >Do you grow your own food? Spain. Yes, of course!…[View]
110192914Why don't Spain and Portugal mergw with each other and conquer the world?[View]
110192982American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
110189085Did your country have pre-historic megafauna?[View]
110187291Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110135062 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
110182702F: The Amazon rainforest that provides 20% of the world oxygen is home to three million species of p…[View]
110191834what are you doing?: I'm watching Lilo & Stitch[View]
110185921Sverigetråden - Wan piss upplagan: Damppsykfall undanbeds[View]
110179931such is life in china[View]
110189755Damn... Europe is so cucked, oh thats minnesota[View]
110189263>tfw have 'slav' in my name, even tho I'm not even a slav[View]
110188910/brit/: You arrive in the ethnostate edition[View]
110189767Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan, (left) shakes hands with Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the C…[View]
110188930You wake up in Athens, Greece[View]
110189824what do you call filthy old men in your country? here it's snuskhummer[View]
110190578in memoriam Earjak Sven: You will be remembered among the best. May you find peace where you are now…[View]
110190597Somewhere out there, a man and a woman hold the record for most cum produced[View]
1101886851 your cunt 2 how are you preparing for the dissolution of the western world[View]
110188163>Polish niggas be like my name is Grgryrjzjz[View]
110189419What is quality of life in your country like? pic unrelated[View]
110187443/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição polarização[View]
110190483Philippines should go to war against britshits: In a full scale war, I am confident that my country …[View]
110191185greatest battle of the humankind[View]
110190538Israeli niggas be like >lol just kill all the palestinian children lmao…[View]
110185263One of these threads.: post 'em[View]
110190105>Woo had an argument with his live-in girlfriend, Chun Mal-soon (전말순), on the afternoon of April …[View]
110191512Are Serbs mentally ill?[View]
110190482>be french >get shot[View]
110184593The MED man owns every female ethnicity in the world, may it be negro, caucasian or Asian You may no…[View]
110191692The big four: The big four[View]
110183880what colour is my eye? what color is your eye?[View]
110189295>Americans will defend this[View]
110191320Will he get rekt?[View]
110191398Is it true that women of traditional value still lives in small villages nestled in European mountai…[View]
110189943what can be done about british gangs grooming asian boys? this is sick. :/[View]
110185831Would this man (in the centre) be considered attractive in your country? Be honest. His girlfriend i…[View]
110186052Scandicucks be like >My name is Sven Svensson and this my friend Jens Jenssen…[View]
110188533What is your country's non-alc beverage of choice?[View]
110189904These people did nothing wrong[View]
110189345White people be like why are black people beating me up all the time https://youtu.be/iRuoil7JphA[View]
110187855I want a danish gf[View]
110189238Which Anglophone country has the sexiest accent?[View]
110127477/v4/ + friends: wake up cunts its 9am[View]
110190583>My political beliefs? Hellenic supremacist, of course.[View]
110190893>I'm sorry, Soyjak. Mum said I can't play with you anymore.[View]
110188708>anon, why do you have a folder on your computer called “gigachad”? >oh, it’s a REALLY muscula…[View]
110179634/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Fateli entrare, sono minorenni![View]
110190269do they really?[View]
110190235People who own android phones can't have sex in my country. Does this happen where you live too…[View]
110190664why can't mayos handle the bants?[View]
110189771Why do retarded incels are so attracted to meme alt-right shit? >'By the authority of ADOLF…[View]
110190820I am half Armenian (wish I was full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
110188152The next US president[View]
110190762>My work history? Being a NEET of course.[View]
110190831Praise the sun: Thank god, we're getting sun again. Fuck this cold weather[View]
110186013/deutsch/: ÜBBige Ausgabe :DD[View]
110188829>and this is my porn collection[View]
110190652>ANYONE HAVE AN EXTRA No. 2 PENCIL?[View]
110187194Asian revolution has begun: Asians everywhere are now rejecting white supremacy in their lives…[View]
110190217>mom stopped leaving me food in the fridge >too hungry to go to sleep >can't go outsid…[View]
110190156my dream is USA declaring war on EU and americants and europeons exterminating each other while civi…[View]
110190342hi /int/ I just wanted to apologise on my frog spamming countryman's behalf.[View]
110190264my wife just gave me a handjob, she told me she'll give me a blowjob tonight. when was the last…[View]
110189930>in Sweden most popular language on duonilgo is swedish (most of them are refugees) Question is h…[View]
110188226Why is Europe so poor?[View]
110183920apu thread[View]
110189327a picture of my cat.: a picture of my cat.[View]
110190207https://twitter.com/deenieabdul_/status/1162839632402362370?s=21 What the fuck is wrong with Türkish…[View]
110185119>Oh noo aaaah uhh why is bolsonaro burning the amazon? WHY?!!! stop it! nuke brazil that is right…[View]
110188188I make big fart it very smelly[View]
110188707I hate this country: To get an unqualified partial time job you have to be literally a ultra-extrove…[View]
110175409East-Asia Union: Can East-Asia Union surpass EU and US?[View]
110188464Why don't white women do this?[View]
110189457*laughs at you in eurasian*[View]
110189918You now live in town in Arctic circle.[View]
110189686>see cool news headline >rt.com[View]
110188485could she pass as a local in your country?[View]
110187090Is Donald Trump the Jewish Messiah?[View]
110188858>Be Swedish >Get free healthcare but have to either wait 12 months for an appointment or pay a…[View]
110187523Are there any 8ch refugees here? I wonder where did they migrated[View]
110189493Based: You chase that white whale my friend.[View]
110178866Let's praise this country: Let me start first They invented Skype[View]
110189374>Cunt >Have you bumped into the Falun Gong before? Flag On my trip to Europe, I saw one of the…[View]
110188818Is something wrong with the water in Florida?: Everything there seems to go retarded.[View]
110187356>Your country >When was the last time you were intimate with a girl?…[View]
110188688Is it really true that scandinavians can live life comfortably just with neetbux if they so want?[View]
110181135Does you country give you free money just by existing[View]
110189289What's your country do about bullying?[View]
110189259American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
110130432Culture Pals /cp/: tfw STILL no qt edition: Welcome to ruins of Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg lo…[View]
110186673Post Albanian women now[View]
110186933do you want to join polish military?[View]
110186715>tfw after years of miserable wageslaving I'm finally a NEET[View]
110179019/ex-yu/: zahvaljujem na serviranju[View]
110188975Don't mind me, i'm just carrying this heavy bag of cacao to prepare chocolate.[View]
110186360Should I just KYS myself?[View]
110187303What makes italian americans so successful?[View]
110185009/brit/: UK rap edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOslx4hKwZk[View]
110185688do you want fren https://t.me/joinchat/KH-XXU_hfK3aZUGzrWtfhg[View]
110187818How common are NEETs in your country?[View]
110180364Will you date and marry a black girl?[View]
110179404why are italians so based?[View]
110188635>Yes, I'm salvadoran, how could you tell?[View]
110188503>One copy of atlas shrugged please! Ian Rand is my favourite writer![View]
110186156>GIVE US GREENLAND !!!!!!![View]
110187747Where did your ancestors come from?[View]
110188594How do I get a Hong Kongolese girlfriend?[View]
110186919post yfw you go on a tourism trip to greece[View]
110180095what's the greatest contribution of your country to the world? pic related it's ours. didn…[View]
110186375who the FUCK made this[View]
110186300It’s been fun guys.[View]
110187632how do you say 'cocksucker' in your language?[View]
110182617Does your city emblem looks like it was drawn by a 7 years old for a school project? Yes.[View]
110185452I came to this country expecting only white people. Every city town and village has Arabs and Africa…[View]
110188007Who did it best?[View]
110183641What do you see in this drawing?[View]
110188252Why they don't make movies about Vietnam war from their point of view? Are they pussies?[View]
110179612I fucking hate Europe. Every interaction I have ever had with any European has been abysmal. They’re…[View]
110186224Japan is a poor country: GDP per capita, current prices (U.S. dollars per capita) Luxembourg 112.85 …[View]
110187361USA is Badass culture. Japan was once Badass culture. but no more. All Samurais dead. Only 'am I kaw…[View]
110187962I want a Sikh bf because they're of qt. But I've heard they don't take showers. Is th…[View]
1101879021-cunt 2-do you support Greater Finland[View]
110187996Some mushrooms may kill your dog: https://www.maaseuduntulevaisuus.fi/era/artikkeli-1.493031 Finland…[View]
110170642/Nederdraad/: /nederdraad/ Iedereen moete boeten editie! Welkom: Tristan, Breivik, Tim, Anton, Pekka…[View]
110185296I am a Scot with Andalusian ancestry from my madre, am I master race?[View]
110187733>Drum bun, drum bun, toba bate, drum bun, bravi români, ura! Cu sacul legat în spate, cu armele-n…[View]
110183716The future sure is looking bright for Brazil under Bolsonaro.[View]
110185692Do Americans really do this??[View]
110187033when did you grow up and realise the superiority of asian women?[View]
110178058Why so much porn from here?[View]
110179891I'm never visiting spain again: >their candy is sweet and doesn't have pepper >there…[View]
110184500Post your cunt's forecast[View]
110182432The Great Debate: Is she making Fun of him or does she want to fuck? I think she is making Fun of hi…[View]
110184889Do you love Japan?![View]
110187046Which country is the most powerful?[View]
110183482is it safe to eat these kind of mushrooms that grow inside your house mostly in the ceiling? Thinkin…[View]
110184527Why yes, I wipe standing up.[View]
110183943dada XI[View]
110183749When was the last time you kissed a woman?[View]
110186232Scandicucks be like >My name is Knut[View]
110183095Why women in America hate white me*n so much?[View]
110185065'Shart In My Heart': An American Odyssey (by me): >Be American >Wake up to the sound of birds …[View]
110182164/polska/: edycja wschodnia[View]
110187209From today's March on rome[View]
110183638Why did the swede cross the road? Because that's where the gay club is![View]
110187103When the EU picked the melody of 'Freude Schöner Götterfunken' as their anthem, they were not told t…[View]
11018344825 years old on the left 28 on the right Is it still salvageable? Women literally dont even acknowle…[View]
110186590>Why yes, I just drank a week old half full beer I found under my living room tv table.…[View]
110184911Know your place, weebs of the world[View]
110186603>Scandicucks be like >My nämë is Bjorg Bjorgsën Bjorgvist…[View]
110186598>itt: misconceptions you had about the world before you came to 4channel I actually thought ameri…[View]
110186442Yes i did post SNEED deliberately And I have no intention of apologising[View]
110186249>his country doesn't have open carry have fun being murdered by the state…[View]
110135062Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>110083697 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
110176237>Your cunt >Your favorite animal Netherlands Elephant…[View]
110173271/balk/: Western soy edition[View]
110183879You wake up in Macau durong Portuguese rule[View]
110177336HEY DANISH 'PEOPLE': if you don't decide to submit to the glorious United States of America and…[View]
110185719what watch do you wear? mine is pic related[View]
110184058When US splits and its each state declare its independence, which states will be your allies? me …[View]
110186092Hong Kong 2019 Invading afghanistan to restore opioid industry Color revolutions Operation dropshot …[View]
110183713Ever since I have an above average income I am no longer: - ugly - fat - autistic But most important…[View]
110177435what's your opinion on british roses?[View]
110183197How do white people tolerate hot climates? Its fucking unbearable.[View]
110183779is life borrowed?[View]
110185392When was the last time you kissed a man?[View]
110183695rip in piss humanity S finally we will all die, how long will it take for the average h*man to suffo…[View]
110183992Do you like Herring with onion? I love it.[View]
110185380https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candaulism >Candaulism is a sexual practice or fantasy in which a m…[View]
110185703Hon hon *snort*[View]
110182368/deutsch/: Neu uezs[View]
110185964/Sverigetråden/: Lunchtråden[View]
110178915How would Emma Ellingsen would be named in your cunt?: For me, it's Emmanuelle Ellinge.[View]
110185783*blocks your path*[View]
110165758/mämmi/: työn, opiskelun ja koulutuksen ulkopuolella -painos[View]
110183658Just have a look how are Japanese and Korean netizens reacting over South Korea's butthurting. …[View]
110185565>open webm >asian person(s) >liveleak watermark…[View]
110185386Apologize right fucking NOW, Europe![View]
110181497Grats Americans: Fuck I'm jelly.[View]
110185458Iberia lived a golden age under islam. Andalusian race is the race of Portugal and spain. The moors …[View]
110178790/brit/: fuck you[View]
110177752America imprisons more people than China. Let that sink in[View]
110180901Why are black guys so hot?[View]
110183452Я люблю бoльшиe pyccкиe пeтyхи.[View]
110185264>why yes, I do believe in the free market, how did you know?[View]
110182923>Mexican coats of arms OH NO NO NO NO[View]
1101841251. you're country 2. is foraging for mushrooms popular in you're cunt? do you do it? what …[View]
110178300/EastAsia/: /EastAsia/ Invited : /balt/ /Japan/ /Mongolia/ /Korea/ /China/ not invited : Whit*ids an…[View]
110185084Do American cats really?[View]
110128781/lang/ - Large Assholes Negating Gyrometrics: Look at this dude lmao edition >What language(s) ar…[View]
110180967>If you're not an Arab, then why do you speak Arab? Checkmate.[View]
110183897God Bless you Trump everyday I thank god you won.[View]
110184931Day 8 of no Greco-Roman gf, beginning to lose all hope[View]
110182593Those lips must be quite tense and eager... hot under the veil and sweet as the very first sip of my…[View]
110182641Every /mena/ person who is not a shopowner needs to go. Small business arabs: >laid back >frie…[View]
110184787>Nooooo you can't call Spain, Greece and Portugal shitholes, we're bros!…[View]
110183741>'Hey anon, I've noticed that you've been hanging out on that weird website again.Is th…[View]
110182812Is this true?[View]
110179477>China will take over the We-[View]
110184658god i miss her lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlZisUDUp04[View]
110184539>type the word Lebanon in any context >everyone starts Imbecile posting…[View]
110184300Taiwan girl want to read a story to you[View]
110181139look I'm a muslim :D allah :D[View]
110184499Its honestly crazy how the most high testosterone alpha scary race like pacific islanders are relate…[View]
110181117pic related, me spreading my LOVE to everyone. if you can read this, then you are CUTE and IMPORTANT…[View]
110183945If Brazilians weren't so lazy and raked the leafs in the forest none of this would have happene…[View]
110171304Why do Turks looks so fair and Caucasian compared to others in the Middle East.[View]
110180708i have never seen a mule[View]
110184046Why are asian bois so angry when their women date other races? There's enough white women for S…[View]
110181907call me racists, but my dream is that europe stops all immigration except for latina girls[View]
110181184Russian word of the day: Чaшкa - Chashka In English it generally refers to “cup”.[View]
110182053Is this game popular in your country?[View]
110179732Does anyone in the world actually like russian accent? Not the forced stereotypical russian accent, …[View]
110183550>b-but we have to save that forest so we're going to breathe fresh oxygen! no, you don…[View]
110183917>No!! You can’t spread your religion into other placesof the world!! You’re gonna destroy their c…[View]
110182625This is what Japanese used to look like[View]
110182407Who was in the wrong here? What's up with those Chechens?[View]
110183527Left: soul Right: soulless[View]
110183551Americans are mutts, Texans are gigamutts.[View]
110177808Turkish girls thread[View]
110183232What's your favorite /int/ cuisine? For me it's TEX-MEX[View]
110181541What is 'Do you need the plastic bag' in Russian?: The Russians who always visit our store…[View]
110183376Homor :DD: what is your favorite from the simpson series mine is very fat homer episode and the best…[View]
110179753What is your cunt's subreddit like?[View]
110182685Brazilian faggots after chose anything but communist president[View]
110173949What was the first skyscrapper of your country? >Spain >Telefónica Building…[View]
110183252Never forget about our Hungarian Brothers from Poland!!! Lengyelroszag!!!! Polak Węgier dwa bratanki…[View]
110180997Which would you choose?[View]
110181761Map thread[View]
110182786Post your favorite American politician: Post Seriously I'll kill you if you post for fun…[View]
110179232This scares and confuses Anglo and Frenchie.[View]
110178141my cunt tree has no scenery[View]
110180943Meanwhile in America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW98ba80GXM[View]
110178180Sverigetråden: >falla av[View]
110181955Why does every girl here smoke cigs[View]
110181256What ethnicity is this?[View]
110182562Homer: what is your favorite from the simpson series mine is very fat homer episode and the best cha…[View]
110170766/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Бeз пeпикa эдишeн[View]
110175782why do people love to travel southeast asia[View]
110179089/brit/: the real non yank gimp edish me on the left subedish[View]
110173552/int/ernational hands: This is my hand. Before anyone says 'go back to Europe' or some shit, I'…[View]
110179941am I autistic for finding this woman cute? are high testosterone women common in your cunt?[View]
110182541Where did you put the bucket dad? I can smell it but I don't see it.[View]
110177856/tr/: Interraillers for Turan Edişın[View]
110182436Hašiš iz Libanona, šarene pilule iz Holandije, žuto iz Turske i bijelo iz Kolumbije. Skuter iz Japan…[View]
110176967I am curious about other country's game culture: I am Korean and we Korean really love game, an…[View]
110181524Oh no no no[View]
110182426/deutsch/: uezs[View]
110178243Try try try try: Do you know Kimchi? Do you like kimchi?[View]
110178800GIVE GREENLAND NOW: >>>/pol/223844859 >>>/pol/223856531[View]
110182382/deutsch/: rein hier ihr scheiss köter-krabben, mama merkel kann die fungis nicht alle alleine fütte…[View]
110180913>tfw you will never be russian[View]
110182255/brit/: Made in England edition[View]
110179272/deutsch/: BRECHEND 2ÖSIS GLEICHZEITIG AM ROTIEREN /deutsch/ ist wieder zurück YEAHÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖH[View]
110180489why are polish girls so qt?: i want to make brown babies with them[View]
110182063Damn, Spain is hot https://world-flags.org/[View]
110170964/polska/: edycja poranna[View]
110180759A German's wet dream.[View]
110178598Western kuffar - 0 Allah's mujahid - 1[View]
110181436>I'm European and [sophisticated opinion][View]
110181582what is your favorite from the simpson series mine is very fat homer episode and the best character …[View]
110181001Realistically what are the most usable languages for Europeans?[View]
110181667What do people teach in Middle-Eastern countries? How is the education system there?[View]
110172355>why yes, I'm a semite and native to the Holy Land, how could you tell?…[View]
110176151What happens here?[View]
110179315I don’t give a shit how my compatriots live. I’m wealthy and this is it. Long live Putin[View]
110179676/ita/ - il filo: Edizone scacchi 4D[View]
110180053Auguri e figli maschi[View]
110158473/asean/: Bagong kapital edisyon[View]
110179102Soon it will be our turn to fight. Also General Asian thread[View]
110181194Every time I walk outside people stare at me or give me a cautious look. Maybe I’m paranoid but it’s…[View]
110178348Do most slavs turn brown when exposed to the sun?[View]
110177129post thot music from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0[View]
110181173>be american and LGBTQ >you remember that in the last 15 minutes you failed to enter a thread …[View]
110181140meditate my son[View]
110180151>I suffer in countries with drinkable tap water[View]
110170981can we have greenland please? :([View]
110180686American schools thread[View]
110170389HAHAHAHAHAHA >cancels a meeting with you because you won’t give him a piece of your country…[View]
110174509w-why I want to visit Japan so badly? why, f-for the culture of course haha[View]
110180140Here, I fixed it once and for all[View]
110180378>mfw an amerishart is a loser near me[View]
110180593>why yes, i don't give (You)s to non european flags, how could you tell?…[View]
110171472/cum/ - Canada United States Mexico: Wagie edition[View]
110180100>Cunt >Height >Can you beat Rin? Flag 165cm No…[View]
110180606r/4chan is my favorite chan[View]
110180304I think ageing is the worst thing that could happen If I survive long enough to celebrate my 50th bi…[View]
110180575American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
110180549would i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
110180508>his parents named him 'Gupta'[View]
110180452How much do people sleep in your country?[View]
110178489>top kek[View]
110176938Going to Northern England in a week, staying for a year, any tips?[View]
110179996>oh my god this small country is so CUTE, countries can be cute oh my gosh[View]
110176026Taiwan Girl invite you to ice cream. You accept?[View]
110177222Who here loves British mulattas? Ella Mai is a goddess and her music is great (unless you're a …[View]
110177330/map thread/: my prediction for the future[View]
110176408How lonely do you think your average countryman is? Are you the exception?[View]
110160643What would motivate you to become fluent in German?[View]
110179956I heard American Coca Cola uses inferior ingredients than Mexican Coca Cola. How can a rich country …[View]
110179708Behold, /int/'s favorite channel.[View]
110174437Life is hard, such a never-ending struggle with little to no reward... Can I please get pics of anim…[View]
110179735The German women’s natural aroma arouses the French frog[View]
110177545Why no give country[View]
110169049Do you have a little sister?[View]
110175786I hate british women[View]
110179180Do Brits watch this?[View]
110178418Why doesn't Trump just take Greenland?: Who the fuck is going to stop him? >Set up a big eve…[View]
110176234/brit/: *walks toward you*[View]
110179481fuck you all[View]
110178256We just gotten approval by Danish Royals to buy Greenland. Thanks Danish Royals.[View]
110179436Why don't Koreans born in the West have freak jaws like this?[View]
110178413>'yep that's /int/, the board of the peak incels'[View]
110176884/deutsch/: zuggnde ausgabe https://kohlkanal.net/.media/36230d5cfb66363774c8b611971a96e5-videomp4.mp…[View]
110178485Reports of suffering are upsetting, but it's a mistake to think we can do nothing about it. Man…[View]
110156863/ita/ - il filo: edizione Palestina[View]
110176029Australia sucks: I lived in Australia for 8 months in Brisbane back in 2017. It honestly felt like l…[View]
110178264How can one man be so BASED?[View]
110176572>To avoid a senseless bloodbath, the Danish government surrendered inmediatelly to Germany in WW2…[View]
110178920What is it about the Isle of Britain?[View]
110157118/ex-yu/: staropedersko izdanje[View]
110178689>hey bro, could you send me Basshunter - Boten Anna through Bluetooth?[View]
110174043Who was the worst US president?: And why was it Obama? He was a weak, appeasing president.[View]
110175928LMAOOOO that nigga really finna boutta trynna buy greenland[View]
110178917How come Judaism doesn't know the concept of a holy war?[View]
110172530What is the most well dressed country?[View]
110177160i am going to korea to have sex with korean girls[View]
110175297I'm balding at the age of 19[View]
110178824>'Why yes I do think about ending it all. How did you know ?'[View]
110178761>Just found out that not only do Asian men suffer from the highest incidence of 'Micropenis…[View]
110174099Do you want to find love in China?[View]
110177841What did Russians mean by this?[View]
110178078Beat this aesthetic[View]
110177472Japanese girl eating spaghetti[View]
110171462How many of you are underaged[View]
110178434>i suffer >in Spain[View]
110175315>clear throat >arabic neighbor asks if I need something…[View]
110176155I cannot sleep. How are you, Anon?[View]
110128026DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2227.77: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the langu…[View]
110174793what do you call black people in your language? here we've always called them 'zangi' which act…[View]
110177596fuck my cunt[View]
110176926When I graduate I am going to look for a job in Shenzhen or Taiwan. Will this be a mistake?[View]
110176643>tfw 27 years old virgin Is this common in your country?[View]
110177452Happy restoration of the Socialist law and order day![View]
110176598it may sound weird and cringe burt the same they said about lenin too if you disagree you are basica…[View]
110176228I fucking hate bourgeois scums, I want them stripped of all their belongings and I want their assets…[View]
110175545what happens in Sicily?[View]
110176829Dios mio.... el americano...[View]
110174573this is the smartest man in spain lmaoo theres no high for his face hes probably a virgin[View]
110175423>where are you from? <I'm Irish/Scottish/Welsh >Do you speak Irish/Scottish/Welsh? …[View]
110177142Why do Italians have food autism?: Spanish or Greek or Turkish are miles better. Or more like Italia…[View]
110177351I want to be a racist like my /int/ernet friends but Chinese food....[View]
110177803Would i be considered ugly in your country ?[View]
110177931Who is your country's greatest philosopher, /int/? >US >Willard Van Orman Quine…[View]
110176933Why are Poles like this?[View]
110177528タターかえーー! タターかえーーー! 我ら誇り高き日の丸ネトウヨ戦士達! 迎え討つは反日韓国人! 日本を陥れようとトロール攻撃なんのその 歴史捏造許すまじ 整形、犬食、Kプープ 戦え〜 戦え!! 我…[View]
110177866>100 por ciernto chica----- 100 porciento thai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9haxUTG3M0…[View]
110177848Tourist here. What universities or polytechnics in Finland have the most beautiful female students? …[View]
110177839/deutsch/: spalter ausgabe[View]
110177695American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
110175686Why do white Canadian/Australian males love asian females?: It boggles the mind. I don't find t…[View]
110176873/éire/ /eire/: semyon brezhnev edition[View]
110177662Best european beer brand Bonus point for the Leffe Ruby[View]
110170681Korea has never invaded other countries: Unlike Japan USA France[View]
110177058Is there a job in South Korea where all you do is build, maintain, and upgrade gaming pcs for PCBang…[View]
110175638is sushi the most soy food there is?[View]
110174373WOW south chinese really look like this?[View]
110175587do americans really?[View]
110175018what's your favorite game /int/?[View]
110175123Czechia: I love Czechia and the Czechs Hard working, Thrifty and down to earth like us Their beer is…[View]
110177255>the European Union[View]
110175187Greenland is becoming the 51st state of America, but who wants to be the 52nd? Of course it will be …[View]
110173748>over 6ft >wide shoulders >motivated, hardworking, successful >marry and breed with a wi…[View]
110173573My ancestors :)[View]
110172882Why is it just 'Japan'?: >The Republic of Korea >The Democratic People's Republic of Kore…[View]
110172374Let's praise this country: Let me start first They are all tall[View]
110176974>Norway takes Greenland from the inuits in the 13th century >Denmark takes Greenland from Norw…[View]
110171494>this frightens and confuses the godless foreigner[View]
110176846>eurocucks demands visa to travel through their petty cunts >let gorillionz of rapeuges enter…[View]
110175691This tells a lot about our society.[View]
110175981In my next life I want to be Ethiopian[View]
110173991Good morning![View]
110175586you're cunt do you have to share you're cunt with subhumans? uk yes[View]
110176747Less than 4 months remaining[View]
110170623/deutsch/: Puh bruder muss in 2min los ausgabe[View]
110174798Is there anything more soulless than the eyes of an african?[View]
110175257>thinks they can win a global race war when non-white cunts can nuke your ass while their own gov…[View]
110169760As a mainland Chinese,i am curious about the change of foreigners' impression.Because Chinese p…[View]
110176636>Why yes, I drink bootleg coca cola beverages. How could you tell?[View]
110175899>it's American TV show where guys go around looking for antique to buy and sell >they bra…[View]
110173721do american cities really look like this?[View]
110173995Whate some /int/ approved Youth Oriented Bydlo Approved products?[View]
110174797My neighbor is from Ireland and he speaks only English and Irish, but his Russian is not even at the…[View]
110175217My name is JoJ van JaJ![View]
110175212>Nooooooo don't take Spiderman from us![View]
110174502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ7Gmllr-a8 The Climbing World Championships is now live ! First, t…[View]
110176412How often do you go to music concerts, /int/? How common is this in your area? What's the last …[View]
110172795FRENCH GIRLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_WytU595t0 Why are they so perfect, bros?[View]
110173751So, when are you converting to the 'The one true religion'.[View]
110175882now that the dust have settled, what's the judgement on sea cuties. Boomers not allowed to answ…[View]
110173522Why do they do it?[View]
110174655Does your country have a qveen?[View]
110173643I never graduated from university.[View]
110175990choose wisely greenland[View]
110161911Sverigetråden: kneg imorrn-upplagan[View]
110171155india has literally made multiple movies named shart say it with me POOPERPOWER BY 2020[View]
110174742>go outside >see this does this occur in your land?…[View]
110173062Bug people need to stop larping as whites. You are piss-skins, get it through your head[View]
110171906Why does the Argentinian post WW2 images in lots of threads?[View]
110172483/lat/: hilo latino edicion distendida invitados: n/a[View]
110167053Which country would you rather rule the world?[View]
110173711Cádiz: This is Spain's oldest city. It was founded as 'Gadir' in 1100 BC by phoenicians. Say …[View]
110170263/int/ is the most influential board on 4chan: I see europoor, amerimutt, britbong etc. memes everywh…[View]
110174998>Hold on, babe. Just gotta enter my credit card info and get a free iPad.…[View]
110175197퇘퇈퐋땧뿴읮눠짤쫶쎀퍚귦둦븗묲썍쟚쎽읣돽칡멧겵돂뭠룇릈쿾팿띷뽛 똁끥큩쨤뾏됮붶샡곹젎빌캖삏뇷챇봯쐁뿍쀫앓켱쪝쿉괝뛿뵒롛륗춛녳벖꾻땣뫄뜽씰교쌇솳콂 왳빵뛺뼇쎆넏멪뫜붆휑삯횣쟯낊즴쎌쯫멚녚룮칹쪡퉬꽼붒콴뿋…[View]
110175781Why are linux distros popular among pedophiles? Especially Arch[View]
110175753>Your country >Can I get a gf like this in it?…[View]
110175714/Int/ Your favorite music: Post Your favorite https://youtu.be/1zSowOS4Wyg https://youtu.be/EialMLyX…[View]
110173603Do southeast asians hate chinese people?[View]
110175152Why are Asian males such pathetic cucks?: Is it soy?[View]
110174279Filled with neo-nazi autistic incel faggots with toxic cunts. Avoid at all cost if you are an immigr…[View]
110175031엦쭱팂쮝 빫뉺쵤훣슍늜쐦 췍꿱붥쇴뢷쬚 쪈꿋찘짇챆븅싮 쳇쯏볪툤칓걿쬑츩갪쬲 썔볈덥숣똳갾뾺닼쳼췲깊폦꿋컳굡앮 돫졑깧걋혟 뉐뷩숊촕뭢쳩늺퍹렖쬀파겇멪흀샏쟐춲뉞뛲띈뷜뢸딨첞풒[View]
110174825'Australian' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUOzf2lZeP8[View]
110168200US - JAPAN Friendship Forever. We 'HATE' South Korea. But We 'LOVE' USA. USA is the most qt friend f…[View]
110174994Do you have a 'butt chin'?: No, I don't. Thanks evolution.[View]
110174911>rich >white >sophisticated >tall >geographically European >same religion with bot…[View]
110173578Do you think he likes the memes?[View]
110175073>time to make another thread where I larp as an anime girl version of my country[View]
110172633God I wish I had a little sister: For completely innocent reasons of course[View]
110174027That says it all[View]
110164274Why do /international/ couples trigger /pol/cels so much? Just read the replies. https://twitter.com…[View]
110174975Seek help[View]
110169414is there a social hierarchy between blondes and brunettes in your country? >flag >blondes typi…[View]
110174116for me it's Aya[View]
110174864>, not least because > insofar as[View]
110174640How will Ireland and the UK react to being bought next?[View]
110172213Where can a light-skinned, westernized pajeet find love in Europe?[View]
110171100This is a 10/10 in Britain >A U.K. woman was once dubbed “Britain’s Most Beautiful Face” after wi…[View]
110174713Você é cantore, você é pedreiro, você é marceneiro, você tá a sair bem[View]
110174693What do you do when you feel so good?[View]
110173276>He can't trill his R's Are you special needs by any chance?…[View]
110172253Does your city have an annual bodypainting day? Here in New York, there is. This is in Bushwick, Bro…[View]
110172811deserted island scenario: choose five items (food, entertainment, etc) fresh water is abundant and u…[View]
110174566Why would you be a slim american? In america, you have lots of different chains with cheap, tasty fo…[View]
110174404worst posters on this board: gayfinn, trannylover frenchman, meditate hindu/buddhist british guy, sh…[View]
110174503me descending into a bolsonaro thread to spread the gospel[View]
110174480Do you really want anime girl? if so, listen this song and chill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN…[View]
110166970Why yes I am from latin america and very concerned about europe how could you tell?[View]
110173784>like clockwork >stop projecting[View]
110170178/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição Silêncio Judaico[View]
1101721571. your country 2. do you have a gf?[View]
110173960Do you want to meet Kim Jong Un?[View]
110171633Is the end of The West neigh?[View]
110173333Having the bare foot of your GF on your lap and being able to stroke her soles, feel every wrinkle a…[View]
110174202how does one achieve such girth?[View]
110168658This is what God tier city planning looks like.[View]
110174264/balk/: izdanie lybima bulgarska hrana old: >110161514[View]
110173078What happens here?[View]
110173559Why do people say learning a language is hard all you have to do is learn the grammar and then learn…[View]
110174240Brazil, get your shit together[View]
110173936From today's March on Oslo[View]
110173150Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon …[View]
110170445Which Latin American country is closed to being civilized like the US?[View]
110173682Pre-flags /int/, now THAT was a board[View]
110173912WTF Luxembourg??????????? Don't you care about the planet?[View]
110173120Thousands gather in Sydney in solidarity with China from recent aggressive Hong Kong policies.[View]
110174022when will feels guy finally die?: the leddit frog is dead. Time for this motherfucker to die too…[View]
110173952Dear God: please kill all straight men. Amen.[View]
110173536>starts ww2 >acts like the victim/liberator of europe Russians explain yourselves…[View]
110170321Do Meds really hate tourists that much?[View]
110169234Ask a Mexican visiting his CHI cousins in the US anything Can confirm >California is full of Mexi…[View]
110171926post rap music from your HOOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvKi83qN4IQ[View]
110173228why do coinslots follow shitskin religion?[View]
110173353What's happening lads?[View]
110171986>Cunt >Do people care about politics concerning your country to an unhealthy degree? America Y…[View]
110172770Americans be like I failed holocaust class I have to retake it this summer. My mom and her partner M…[View]
110173672What is the worst city in the USA?: Baltimore?[View]
110173546Find a single flaw, /int/ (you literally can’t)[View]
110172983why chinese love money so much but they are communist?[View]
110173523WE ARE GOING HOME[View]
110173601Eestlasi on siin v?: Ajukääbikud[View]
110173583>Stadia? Dude, that's pretty cringe. Now get your SouljaGame out so we can play some Mario.…[View]
110170811I met a nice and cute girl from iran on twitter. now we are friends. fuck, I'm afraid now that …[View]
110171764Brown eyes: warm, human, cute. Blue eyes: scary, nazi, look like fish.[View]
110173464Do you want to find love abroad? I do, and my only requirements are being caucasian or a white asian…[View]
110170058>'HAVE SEX!' Does this happen in your country?[View]
110173031Eye of the tigress[View]
110169191Does your country have fourseasons?[View]
110121476/flag/ + /extraflags/: Bangsamoro edition Previous >>110056437 Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
110171854Int anons, I noticed when I only show photos with a beard on my tinder profile, I usually get right-…[View]
110173430How are interracial relationships viewed in your country?[View]
110170899What does his voice sound like?[View]
110173289Meditate my sons Realise emptiness.[View]
110173377Why do Europeans get mad at Americans for extolling their heritage when Europeans do the exact same …[View]
110172015What would happen if I say lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh In front of a group of Muslim…[View]
110168814I have a question for americans. How come cuban americans are always fascist republikkans? pls resp…[View]
110171806*ruins your international board*[View]
110173143What's your opinion on gingers?: And how often do you see them in your country?[View]
110172632Close all zoos!: All animals were born to be free. Close all zoos and release all animals to the wil…[View]
110172776Euromutts of /Int/ what side do you identify with more. > Half Dutch, Half English For me it…[View]
110172852Costa Rica and Panama should open the border between them and close the other borders.[View]
110171934what happened to western society?[View]
110172102americans be like >I believe in god[View]
110171101You will never know the pain of being a white American. To be completely rootless. To have absolutel…[View]
110166128Why did Ar*bs betray the Turks? The Turks did nothing but help yet they stabbed them in the back.[View]
110170403Why are Jap so interested in what’s happening here???[View]
110171919For me, it's gummy burgers.[View]
110170190I already speak Russian and French (both like a native) as well as English (pretty good, am in enric…[View]
110172258Close SeaWorld !: Whales were born to swim freely in the ocean , not to perform tricks in a fucking …[View]
110170311Sassiest cunts?[View]
110171672Japan is our dumping grounds for mentally ill wh*Te people pls DO NOT SEND THEM BACK.[View]
110168787Are Luxembourgish and German intelligible?: Can't decide between the two. I may be working in L…[View]
110172636americans be like 'my gym teacher is subbing for algebra today'[View]
110172196>Wanna play Apex Legends with me?[View]
110171652Wtf is wrong with Americans?[View]
110170547Go to your country's Reddit page and post a picture of their meetup[View]
110172568rate jon zherka i personally think hes facially a 7 keep in mind, hes also 6'5 and ripped[View]
110172594Why do Norwegians make the best metal?[View]
110171461I wish we could all be friends in real life and not just on the internet.[View]
110172572>be American >protest >get shot by national guard >thank him for his service while tippi…[View]
110172386why do they even sex?[View]
110171044Do Americans really drink fluorinated water? https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/higher-fluoride-levels-du…[View]
110172527/lat/ Hilo latino: hilo del falcon[View]
110172100Hello. My name is Emperor Justinian XI of the Canadian Empire. I'm currently in the process of …[View]
110152167>Your country >Do many people have yellow fever(cancer)?…[View]
110171627ICELAND: Uhm i have a question for people who live in Iceland, I'm fluent in English and Serbia…[View]
110172452God is based America is cringe So is Israel Yikes Jews Victory to Islam[View]
110170044WHOW brits really look like this?[View]
110171952Do no waste your time meaninglessly on this board: I always see many people wasting their time posti…[View]
110171921I lost a ton of weight in the last 2 years, went from 116kg to 86kg, but I started eating like a pig…[View]
110172038Do no waste your time meaninglessly on this board: I always see many people wasting their time posti…[View]
110172200*holds breath* *pulls the trigger* >Gentlemen, we have ended communism.…[View]
110166553what's /int/ favorite anime?[View]
110171879wageslaving: i've lost so much weight due to stress, started to consume so much caffeine, my ha…[View]
110170607Are aussie women sluttier than american gals?[View]
110172181Do Americans really do this?[View]
110172151>He was handsome - dark, wavy hair, a jaw chiseled on such precise angles it seemed to conform to…[View]
110171029Why is Spanish dialect easier to understand than Latin American dialects?[View]
110171477Somone in Japan please fucking kill this FAS down syndrome bitch PLS.[View]
110172046do they?[View]
110169847>Wake up >day ruined[View]
110169431Anime in India: Is it true that India has/had a 'no western animation allowed' policy and only japan…[View]
110169228do americans really?[View]
110165538Is French or Spanish more spoken in Morocco after Arabic? 21.5% of Moroccans speak Spanish, but only…[View]
110170949why so many chinese living there?[View]
110170717Your country Have you ever beat up a foreigner in your country >America >Yes, he was a Swedish…[View]
110171592what are /int/ posters' accents like? perfect? thicc?[View]
110171519kommissar rex: is this... supposed to be funny? I don't get it.[View]
110170016This is who's larping as a white supremacist and posting racist shit on /int/.[View]
110171373DAMN, jewish women look like THIS?[View]
110170912>I suffer in The Ukraine[View]
110171403So what are your thoughts on Spanish women, /int/?[View]
110170620WHEN I SAY 2020 YOU SAY SUPERPOWER 2020[View]
110158581/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo amoroso[View]
110171103I wish every american: Men woman and children was banished from the earth alongside their kike maste…[View]
110171770that feel when looking for a new roomshare and then you see this and they post pic related I’m a pro…[View]
110170287>tfw no white supremacist latino bf[View]
110170729>''brownentinian ''women'' are 10/10´s'' >brownentinia…[View]
110171262Why English is so easy to learn?[View]
110171088Wow. Americans really have good music. I just nutted to this good music video https://youtu.be/YIAL…[View]
110171514Araboids disgust me.[View]
110171607American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
110170246>be me in high school >too fucking shy to ever talk to people so I just try to ignore everyone…[View]
110171378[cum] - Canada USA Mexico: shitposting edition[View]
110166211/cum/: current feeling edish[View]
110170051The special relationship is dead.: Lets be really honest here. >UK military is terribly funded an…[View]
110169111when will china re-back their tradition chinese characters?[View]
110171380>Me: >YouTube:[View]
110170084I just wanna say to my yellow brothers to kill any wh*Toid who say they are from this cunt.[View]
110171252You guys have been good to me. I probably would have kermit sudoku if not my 4chan friends. Thanks g…[View]
110162371Do masculine Asians exist?[View]
110168373me in real life[View]
110170237tfw mom had me at 32 tfw short, ugly, dicklet, low iq, and autistic[View]
110170337>Austrian Witches[View]
110170392How do I get myself deported as a naturalized canadian citizen i was born here and I want to go back…[View]
110169797eat shit[View]
110170892Remember to drink plenty of water frens[View]
110170719Do you want to kill your leader? Yes, I do want to stab him to death[View]
110153149Post paintings from your country.[View]
110166614eat shit[View]
110170746>I prefer Asian women[View]
110165923Did he deserve it?[View]
110167669How can you tell if someone is anglo?[View]
110170752>one chance at life >born in America :([View]
1101658781. Ur cun't three? 2. Have you ever dropped out of a master's degree? >No way >No, b…[View]
110168912what are your thoughts on Lebanon?[View]
110170422>American culture[View]
110167988Do Japanese girls have sex with foreign tourists and foreign soldiers?[View]
110168486I wish I was Jewish[View]
110169162All memes aside what is Argentina actually like?[View]
110169310My new roommate is American (Kentucky) and I'm not sure, but I think he smells bad, like poop o…[View]
110168202Why are you so gay, int? Women are beautiful, nice and soft. Nothing beats a good pussy, except mayb…[View]
110170802>cunt >What do you think about Annelies Marie Frank? I'll start: flag I love her so much …[View]
110169545Is it really true red heads will go extinct in the near future?[View]
110170335all my friends are getting married and i dont even had my first kiss yet should i worry about it? i…[View]
110170169ahh The infamous albanian hospitality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaFbKYZqtm0[View]
110170250Canada is perfectly safe. You have nothing to worry about, we will protect you[View]
110169029why does everyone makes fun of murica for being miscigenated when their pure blood ancestors are not…[View]
110170559>don't mind me bro, just getting a few stretches in before we hit the weights. When you take…[View]
110170651We need a board for /int/ VIPs where only Americans can post.[View]
110169786post yfw you see a muscular, tall black man in your country[View]
110168759>this makes the brazilian furious[View]
110169851Hello my international friends I just recorded some Audio clips that I think might be Funny Would an…[View]
110170028USA and Canada. Which country has the shittiest medical system?[View]
110166939Why do Americans use their vehicles to spread messages?[View]
110163334average american woman say something nice about her[View]
110170485>love will make me happy[View]
110169983Why is it a meme among French people to have black people saying TCHIIIP?[View]
110168590in this thread we do impressions of other countries people and you have to guess Hey im american and…[View]
110170002i just want to go to sleep[View]
110170070Have you filtered them yet?[View]
110169772The United states is the worlds only superpower, no country has ever had so much control and influen…[View]
110167271Jesus Christ. As if the weather wasn't fucked enough already.[View]
110170247>THE MEAT IS BURNING!!!![View]
110169887when will feels guy finally die?: the leddit frog is dead. Time for this motherfucker do die too…[View]
110167346Do the wh*te femanons here actually SEETH about Asian women or is it Asian masculinity incels making…[View]
110168378Why are school uniforms such a big part of Japanese popular culture?[View]
110168729tell me about this country anon[View]
110166313I wish I was born in an incel country like germany or denmark being a virgin freak in a chad countr…[View]
110169963What cunts/cities have the wholesome Latinas in South America?[View]
110163827this is the most attractive male in spain 2019 his name is jesus castro thoughts?[View]
110168499>tfw you will never be a high iq sofware engineer / hacker i coulda been as rich as mark zuckerbe…[View]
110167820So which one are you?[View]
1101695325am. Time to sleep. Goodnight Anons.[View]
110168351Here's looking like mordor, smoke from the burning of the Amazon.[View]
110169554This place can't be as bad as they say, right? I mean, it couldn't be worse than some Miss…[View]
110159763/skandi/: Óðins útgáva Tráðssangur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-PhoTbhhs[View]
110168437/ mena /[View]
110169534How many people in your country generally live in the state, province, county, etc they were born in…[View]
110169563Literally nothing of value would be lost if someone nuked this god awful city. Someone just literall…[View]
110166870/birt/: *snifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff* edit'[View]
110164256This is considered the greatest ass in England. Thoughts?[View]
110169695t-thanks Spain for giving us the alternative options for Humvee vehicle[View]
110168376the amazon is burning so fast the rain water in são paulo is full of ashes[View]
110168702I know where the faggot leaf living in Edmonton lives. Exact address in fact.[View]
110169593>4 month are you prepared?[View]
110168288why are americans like this.[View]
110167266> yfw the future is japanese[View]
110169498The prisoners in my dungeon have begun eating their fingers[View]
110169492I haven't slept properly for the last three days. Its slowly starting to get to me. >wake u…[View]
110167849How would you react to a successful police operation neutralizing a hostage situation by killing the…[View]
110161514/balk/: upsurt edition old >>110148284[View]
110168108What happens to all that plastic when Korean girls start aging?[View]
110166299Do you love japan[View]
110168491So this is Brazil anno 2019... yikes[View]
110166793what race is she?[View]
110169046Why do some Blacks look Indian?[View]
110169317If all races are the same how come white girl feet are far superior to other races?: Nigger feet …[View]
110169321Why Viets and Thais are so same? are they same people?[View]
110166347fratelli: d'italia D'ITALIA[View]
110167422interesting: What do you feel if there are other countries that speak the same language? I can'…[View]
110169249Am pajeet male and a year in with my korean gf, and I haven't felt more content in a long time.…[View]
110166091post your continent's NON-flyover areas North America: Los Angeles New York City Toronto Montre…[View]
110166308You wake up in France[View]
110165304Dear European posters, hating your own country does not make you interesting, likable, or unique. Yo…[View]
110144054/éire/: eagrán inchinne síl[View]
110166771/Nachtschicht/ Schwarzer Tee Edition /deutsch/: Was für Tee trinkt ihr denn so? Schwarz, Grün oder F…[View]
110164325How would you deal with this situation?[View]
110163581Wait I tought Italians weren't white??[View]
110156153I want an /int/ bf so bad[View]
110152217You must be reborn in a different country. Which country do you choose from each continent? America…[View]
110168513What is the Slavic people's favorite fast food restaurant? Serbway[View]
110166256Cold place to move to.: Feel somewhat inspired by the Greenland LARPing but the swarms of Mosquitoes…[View]
110166824>What's in the bag you ask? Diapers and diabetes medication. I have urinary incontinence bec…[View]
110169078>tfw no nigerian gf[View]
1101675831. your cuntry 2. what's your job? 3. do you like it?[View]
110154105/NORGEtråden/: blodskamsutgaven forrige: >>110125812[View]
110168958I hate Brazilians. No joke. Most annoying people I've ever met. No culture. No food except monk…[View]
110169088Tell me about the Armenians, why do they wear the mask?[View]
110167392when will China use this flag again? It's more like China I think[View]
110168929why pinoys are so proud[View]
110164538Is silence considered a sign of guilt in your country?[View]
110168226>Imagine writing with pic related This is why English is superior[View]
110168869Why yes, I start race war threads on /int/. How could you tell?[View]
110166307Whats your opinion on guatemalan girls?[View]
110162838I would fight and die for this country.[View]
110168826prime minister modi... uh-what are you doing to that girl???[View]
110166841You may only post in this thread if your country was one of the good guys in WW2[View]
110167115Day 3 of spanish duoling: yo se como hablar cosas como el niño bebe agua[View]
110168599I didn't ask if you wanted to sell it, Denmark.[View]
110168311What the fuck is wrong with you people?[View]
110167728Why are Danes such assholes?: Just sell the fucking Greenland.[View]
110168579>Damn! Asian women are smoking hot![View]
110167169Iam Korean. Fuck Canada. I shit on Canada.[View]
110166941>Americans have the nerve to call Asians insects...[View]
110168274a germans wet dream[View]
110164780Brazil = France Argentina = Greece Peru = Italy Uruguay = The Netherlands Colombia = Spain Mexico =…[View]
110167918So this is economic power of US[View]
110165777>2020: America annexes Greenland >2021: America Annexes Iceland >2022 America Annexes Europ…[View]
110168007>tfw went from 69kg to 74kg in a week l want to kms[View]
110166267You're now head of the smallest country in the world. What do you say to this crowd?[View]
110163448Japan - Taiwan Friendship Forever. We 'HATE' South Korea. But We 'LOVE' Taiwan. Taiwan is the most q…[View]
110160281I have an internship in Peru starting this week and I'm living there for 6 months. Any advice, …[View]
110166746IQ in belgium[View]
110167826chineepeepo finna be like: >ouch this democracy too spicy for me dawg…[View]
110167618do you know how to use chopsticks?[View]
110167977>Your country >Is your country's cuisine healthy? >Do you eat healthy? flag no somewha…[View]
110162921/nederdraad/: films en anime editie[View]
110167331How would you feel if you heard this Portuguese march music on the horizon before a battle? https://…[View]
110163912/int/ is one of the only boards where it doesn't feel like everyone has a stick up their ass. i…[View]
110167501who is your favorite German?: for me it's Karl Marx.[View]
110164603Apologize right fucking NOW![View]
110165203Sikhs are awesome! I for one, hope they become the new model citizen for North America and Europe. …[View]
110167558I can't understand the people go to the swimming pool: Most of people do not take a shower befo…[View]
110167522Am I allowed to post this?[View]
110167403is it true that american music is heavily influenced by its black population?[View]
110167445>noo nooooo YOU can't use THAT meme, it BELONGS to MY political ideology STOP STOPSTOP STOOO…[View]
110167313I suffer in Athlone.[View]
110151344Vocaroo thread[View]
110167240We should retreat from coasts, says scientist as Greenland melts: Please Denmark be reasonable, sell…[View]
110156774/polska/: edycja polek[View]
110161968>Your country >Do you believe in the super natural? Flag Yes. There are more than enough stran…[View]
110165365I like S-Bahns.[View]
110167171>Mr. Chang increased the rent again[View]
110165274other than auschwitz and some old towns what is there to see or do in poland?[View]
110147936>be American >rent doubles overnight land of the free…[View]
1101566171. Your're count 2. Do you have hairy legs?[View]
110166193From a county Mayo town came a man of great renown As a sailor and a soldier was none bolder He went…[View]
110167005CH-CHOTTO MATTE[View]
110166557What race and phenotype is this?[View]
110165726>saw this insanely gorgeous girl today, a legitimate 10/10 >but I'm on nofap What do bros…[View]
110166955> Reddit asians screeching in the background[View]
110166397Yanks whats up[View]
110166775where I can get the tales of phantasia light novels in japanese and the scrapped princess light nove…[View]
110154561When I was small, I considered only Russians, English, and Americans of English descent truly white …[View]
110166076/mu/sic thread. Post the music you're listening to at this current moment: https://www.youtube.…[View]
110161090/deutsch/ #1 Vodka exporter Edition: Hungersnöte sind Kapitalisten Propaganda. Es scheint jeden Tag …[View]
110166733>see cool news headline >rt.com[View]
110166584>I like travelling[View]
110166626The sun is your friend[View]
110148804/balt/ + /asia/[View]
110164336Why does Japan appraciate animation and design much more than westerners? Think on terms of video ga…[View]
110164851How do i leave america i hate it here. I want to live in Europe, the nice parts. Pls help[View]
110166381My grandmother's kot looking extra cute today[View]
110166539Hi anons uwu how are yall /int/ folks doing[View]
110164693income from tourism in western yurop 10 mia = $1.5 billion, €1.3 billion[View]
110163079Why is Russian music so fucking amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7Axrs6f7lA&t=131s[View]
110165645In dis tred, łi tok in inglisz, bat rajt it łif de sejm fonetiks as in ałer langłedż.[View]
110164228I suffer in disneyland[View]
110166420>before we start today's video, make sure you're subscribed, turn on notifications, and…[View]
110146144/mena/: stop getting archived edition[View]
110166304>Is Disneyland a member of the UN?[View]
110166270what's your favorite language?[View]
110164917USA gib monis pl0x[View]
110166384>the most significant ally of the land of abraham and the birthplace of christ is the united stat…[View]
110166089>cunt >Why do you browse /int/? flag Korea and Japan talking shit to eachother, and also /r9k/…[View]
110165917>be me >be a route supervisor ( one of those things where you check bus stations that everythi…[View]
110163768/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição welcome tourists[View]
110157707Can loneliness brain damage be reversed?[View]
110166197i wish i was mark zuckerberg, id ditch my ugly gook wife and fuck instagram models till i die[View]
110155888/cum/ - canada, usa, mexico[View]
110161009The Indio and Mestizo mind can't comprehend this[View]
110165540What would you do if an antifa held you hostage in a bus with a toy gun?[View]
110163848I want some friends :([View]
110165553>You wake between Nigger and Chad.[View]
110165643Were towelheads innocent? No biased responses[View]
110158939Have you ever been to a real sauna, /int/?[View]
110165605How common is this phenotype in your country?[View]
110162497name one flaw about america[View]
110164474/iq/ Iraq general: king faisal the 2nd edition[View]
110156173What are your hobbies?[View]
110143626/dixie/ - Southern France & their lessers: 'You are already dead.' edition[View]
110164002Say the most incel phrases you've ever heard. I'll start 'Only good thing about wom*n are …[View]
110165184What do you know about them?[View]
110147423/mämmi/: koira painos[View]
110165582Would this be better than reality?[View]
110165072How fucking worthless is the CIA if they can't even prevent them from going extinct. Like holy …[View]
110163871Why do Turks do this?[View]
110163406Important exam tomorrow. I am currently cramming in the middle of the night and I don't feel li…[View]
110164836'why yes, *gets shot*[View]
110161741Find the shaded area. The opinions of flags who cannot solve this can be forever deemed worthless an…[View]
110165254I love my gf but I also want my crush[View]
110162968Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5? China: Is this a Joke? Japan: Impossible! America: The…[View]
110164347I love the posters and the country, Spain is the greatest![View]
110164672which one did you choose in your playthrough?[View]
110164687>Swedecuck's spam stops >Ear meme dies As expected.…[View]
110160200Arturia Canetadragão is portuguese[View]
110163701How often do you go hiking/walking in your area, /int/?[View]
110163688How come Scandinavia didn't unite during the 19th century like Germany and Italy? From what I r…[View]

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