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115032940you guys do know the decade starts in 2021, right? there was no year 0, if you trace it back you…[View]
115031848>go to china >have heart problems >no defibrillators in a 10km radius >dies why do peopl…[View]
115030132it's 21:04 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
115032734Poo poo shart cunt: ...Need I say any more?[View]
115030054cat becomes a bit scared after receiving a few extra foods[View]
115028208does your country hvae a big curated meat tradition? in spain we have a centuries old tradition of c…[View]
115031129Why yes, I am going to beat you up to advance my social standing with my schoolmates, how could you …[View]
115032550How germanized are western poles, culturally and genetically?[View]
115027346Sverigetråden - Fredagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lol nördar)?[View]
115030806Does Russia romanticise it's colonisation of it's east the same way America romanticises t…[View]
115028800>Being French right now[View]
115027559I'm in the Parisian 2nd district right now and there's Penthouses & xxx clubs everywhe…[View]
115029190You wake up in American Occupied Philippines, 1907[View]
115032055Wish I had a very small penis I'd be a more determined and harworking person that way[View]
115029349Worst Posters[View]
115030337The real Kara Booga[View]
115031957Come to Finland, but only if you are cute[View]
115031722I'm high[View]
114999659/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Лeгaлизaции oгнecтpeльнoгo opyжия тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий тpeд: >>114962681[View]
115029319Hur kan Sverige vara våran frände, ty de avlyssnar våran telekommunikation?[View]
115027490Do you love Britannia?[View]
115023001are you in the military, /int/?[View]
115027932>get on scale >52kg even though I feel like I've been eating a ton am i destined to be a …[View]
115030967Let’s make fun of Asians. They won’t notice it, they’re sleeping.[View]
115030208Why are sudacas so self hating?[View]
115029680The cops just blindly sprayed at the hostage and bystanders...[View]
115030271These are my Gods[View]
115030625Are girls expensive in your country?[View]
115031057You'd think a country like Russia would have no boys like this. How could this happen?[View]
115030924What kind of fictional world you can compared your cunty with? I'll start truly Mordor[View]
115026838Please buy Bannelord and support our gaming industry[View]
115031089Give me a down-to-earth and cute Afro-American gf right fucking now and there will be no trouble.[View]
115024631/mämmi/: Mämmin nyymit ovat valmiina vastaanottamaan Salen-painos[View]
115028065I think the crazy old Spanish man who's living in my apartment building killed people in the Sp…[View]
115029497Why are American blacks so much stronger then other blacks ?: Is it because of slave genes ? I rarel…[View]
115027041>British culture[View]
115030741>Why yes, I am part of my college's traveling Model UN team. What gave it away? >Yeah the…[View]
115027787/brit/: Goddess Edition[View]
115029143>wtf russia, how could you invade that country in your sphere of influence and arrest those innoc…[View]
115029495Americans are savages: Burger police kill hostage and random driver during shootout to stop stolen U…[View]
115029409Based and redpilled art[View]
115025536ITT: we thank other countries for their food products Thank you Switzerland[View]
115028633Americans smell like poop.[View]
115019398Do people in your country recognize the necessity of violence?[View]
115030368>Europeans can't handle spicy fo-[View]
115028344Germany could have stayed like this in 2019: Why did they let themselves get fucked over twice? Hitl…[View]
115027586>thousands of americans die every day[View]
115030121Check your targets boys! Wouldn't want to hit any civilians now huh?[View]
115029228it's really getting worse[View]
115022068Swedes hate the norwegian tv drama based on true stories about rich people in Oslo city. >We swe…[View]
115028921Why didnt the west turn on jews at that moment and destroy them?[View]
115024499/deutsch/: Ausgabe zu Ehren der Kissenschlacht-Frühjahr 1918[View]
115025480>Americans drink their tea cold[View]
115029806Where can I find a gf like her?[View]
115029864The Aeronauts: > Firstly, the character of daredevil pilot Amelia Wren is a fictional creation an…[View]
115029564>A South Australian police officer filmed stoning a wombat to death will not be charged over the …[View]
115010646/balk/: Chemtrail edition[View]
115028465Do p*ople from your cunt like anal?[View]
115029571Post animals that look educated[View]
115029603Why is Florida so dangerous?[View]
115028429worst posters[View]
115024626The backside of postage stamp from North Gorilla: >We locked inside this village. >Don't …[View]
115029042>English pronunciation[View]
115020845Absolutely nothing happens: the region Holy shit, do something already. Be relevant, anything.[View]
115029445>today is finlands independence day Uhmm... No sweaty, that would be the 6th of November…[View]
115027403Do Greeks really be like that?[View]
115021909Russian boys....[View]
115029374Living for eternity in heaven is more of a curse than blessing.[View]
115024177What's the most exotic animal you touched?[View]
115028619Do you love Japan?[View]
115023560Which countries have girls who look like this?[View]
115025097Why are white people so obsessed with dogs?[View]
115029241*gets sunk by literally one(1) torpedo* cant believe anybody thought battleships were a good idea es…[View]
115029137nous vivons dans une société![View]
115020227European? More like You're a faggot![View]
115023316do they really[View]
115026130u got a loicence for that charity m8[View]
115028142>thought >though >through >throughout…[View]
115028505I really like this art it's comfy.[View]
115027834https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a8n3NsntQc japanese chads look like that?[View]
115019240Are you bad enough dude?: https://herway.net/love/it-takes-a-strong-man-to-win-the-heart-of-a-single…[View]
115020800What's the general consensus on spanish girls?[View]
115028625Is it true Romanian women are extremely emotional?[View]
115011104/Norgetråden/: Snart jul-utgaven Forrje: >>114996263[View]
115027983>Russian authorities arrested a man accused of building a fake border with Finland and charging p…[View]
115028242>Why yes, we are Anglo BULLS, how could you tell?[View]
115026647When will Polentones finally stop LARPing as Italians/Romans and realize that they're actually …[View]
115026048This is Brazil's far right. One year of government and he has not taken action against homosexu…[View]
115028795brit lads. . .[View]
115028735>Morrowind? I'm more of a Gothic II guy myself.[View]
115028717You arrive in Athens, the birthplace of western civilisation and democracy[View]
115024759Why can't they make good games? Even Turkey and Poland started making quality games recently.[View]
115023844>2019 almost 2020 >not having a beautiful brown skin…[View]
115028599Hi I'm eating liver mousse. Have a nice day[View]
115027337Need help to check if my gf is okay: I have a girlfriend who lives in Pennsylvania. We have been in …[View]
115028454>russian latinas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5rS2c8LR3A[View]
115028402>How do you know so much about me? Do I know you? Go away before I call the police, freak…[View]
115025727Do you want to find love in southern italy?[View]
115026527WTF I hate jews now?[View]
115028360Indians look like THIS?[View]
115028005>you won't last 5 minutes playing this game[View]
115024576>I suffer in Ukraine[View]
115019689do you want to live in america?[View]
115025459/brit/: disapproving look -edish[View]
115021291Finland day[View]
115027673What type of punishment do you get for doing this in your country?[View]
115027126>Why yes I'm a European who loves america, how could you tell?[View]
115028027Hi, we're out in the United States today, so please bear with gunfire in the background.[View]
115024373>soyjack >gigachad ZOINKS![View]
115026099How disconnected; socially, politically and culturally is your capital city from the rest of your co…[View]
114986203The ASIAN male is the epitome of female sensuality and femininity. Let’s start by looking at his bod…[View]
115017906How do gingers survive in countries like Brazil or Australia?[View]
115027702here's your state mandated gf, sir[View]
115026378Greta is cute[View]
115019362Are you proud to be European ?[View]
115027768Thank you, Greece[View]
115027245So why does she do that, /int/[View]
115023190languages that use ë ÿ ü ï ö ä are subhumans[View]
115021133Can we get a med girls thread ?[View]
115007523/nederdraad/: meisjes gemaakt voor de grote zwarte lul -editie[View]
115027150Is it considered impolite to blow your nose in public (in the class, etc) in your cunt?[View]
115026114/éire/: Eagrán Conartha Trianon[View]
115026697where were you when North Korea became so /comfy/?[View]
115014158What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Egypt?[View]
115027034How do weddings look like in your country?[View]
115024565We're entering a new decade in less than a month where the fuck did the time go bros.[View]
115024251>yes i do define myself in reallife as a 4channeler and call normalfags out…[View]
115026710god i wish that were me[View]
115026481Which videogame influenced your childhood the most?: What kind of memories do you connect to certain…[View]
115026857Arr rook same Arr think same Arr do things same[View]
115024617Everyday /int/ proves their jealousy, especially yuropoors[View]
115025471Why are Norwegians so weird looking? They remind of Sloth from the Goonies[View]
115024286Is this really what TV is like in South America?[View]
115020403I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
115024126Why does /int/ hate christianity?[View]
1150240611. Your cunt 2. Why does she look like a toddler even though she's almost 17?[View]
115025619Damn.. America look like THIS?[View]
115017623Australia: >same size as US >anglo commonwealthfag > why did they never dominate the east a…[View]
114953334DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2299: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ that never…[View]
115026770>SHINRA TENSEI[View]
115026589He is the greatest Asian leader since Genghis.[View]
115026705FIREARMS: >The US has mass shootings daily >They still haven’t banned guns uhh, america?…[View]
115025677Cant we just kick USA out of NATO? That'd be a great step forward for world peace[View]
115026625Finally returned from work, pizdos[View]
115021470What’s more pathetic than a grown adult man attacking a teenage girl for caring about the planet? Ye…[View]
115025217I love America and their freedom[View]
115014772Do people have hapa daughters in your country?[View]
115026587Germans are posting weird shit onto youtube.: https://youtu.be/3l_4Fz4wA1g?t=34[View]
115025467>Don't wanna be an American idiot[View]
115026422Why do chilean men look like this?[View]
115024983This is a 5/10 in Moscow[View]
115026388I tried to represent in a logo every Nordic country: What do you think? https://youtu.be/BkXymTIU5UU…[View]
115020513Your cunt Which cunt's posters you reckon you could knock the fuck out? >flag >finland, r…[View]
115026339ITT: We post a pic of a group of people from our country and rate others.[View]
115025570Do western men really?[View]
115024209>Most popular song in India this year what do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6Q7c9Ry…[View]
115026150>Favourite food? Cashew nuts and pistachios of course![View]
115024676>Why yes I do indeed spend my free time by making furry art and through this meeting a lot of new…[View]
1150225151. your country 2. you ever see tommy tune dance?[View]
115022659This guy walks up to you in a bar and slaps your black gf's ass How do you respond?[View]
115024526Is it true Americans have pizza parties?[View]
115014849This is Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi. She is 16-year old Swedish activist and protester, just like Gret…[View]
115024163>this angers and confuses the Euro twink[View]
115010474/polska/: Edycja piąteczkowa - aka koniec chujowego tygodnia[View]
115025650>Indians cant be cha-[View]
115018615Sverigetråden clownupplagan[View]
115023157Why do Brits obsess with a song about getting cucked?[View]
115023933>don't know how to use celsius >don't know how to use metric is there anything ame…[View]
115025034There's a pyramid in the basement of my building wat do[View]
115020604Americans fat retards thank you very much[View]
115021626What do you have to say for yourselves, Yuropoors?[View]
115022697I just want a girl to fuck all this anger and misery out of me[View]
115024180Is it hard to get a gf/wife in the Balkans? >Inb4 fat, amerimutt, mutt, Israel…[View]
115024836>the Indian rapist phenotype your thought ?[View]
115023229/brit/: Oh I like this one... One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy…[View]
115016711Katto kallellaan siinä kuusen alla Seisoo vielä mökki paikallaan Kun ostokeskuksen ohi kuljen Tiedän…[View]
115025169it's not fair, bros[View]
114971270/luso/ - Fio lusófono: Edição do dia III às nonas de dezembro Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
115022992Holy based Japan[View]
115021857>Asking for a friend[View]
115024179What is this called in your country?[View]
115012433Which 40k army best describes your country? >ultramarines[View]
114987045Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>114949044 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
115021823Just do it already.[View]
115018139/mämmi/: Toni, ollaanko me nyt oikeassa osoitteessa?-painos[View]
115020490/deutsch/: Gemütliche Nachmittagsausgabe[View]
115022536He will win lads.[View]
115023611What do people think about evolution in your country? It is considered true and taught in our school…[View]
115024067What's RSI?[View]
115024121yes, i'm an agronomist how did yoy know?[View]
115024032Why do you all have such strong hatred for Americans? It's legit creepy and obsessive at this p…[View]
115019283Alla i Finland kunna prata svenska[View]
115016097What gangs are popular where you live? Here by far the biggest is Latin Kings, they are everywhere[View]
115024012What country is this?[View]
115012528What are ethnic houses?[View]
115023553if you live in the pink zone you are not white[View]
115019864Itt we pretend its 2001[View]
115022473DIOS MIO[View]
115022815>This household is not a democracy. Under this roof, you follow my rules.…[View]
115018845>Anime enthusiast, Visual Novel Expert, Closet Lolicon, Casual Siscon, World Traveler, Angry Libe…[View]
115021851>mfw American hours are starting[View]
115019707You are only allowed to post ITT if your cunt won WW2[View]
115019366Why is India so incredibly hostile to women? Their creepy messaging to strangers must actually be th…[View]
115023024How do I get myself a kuruminha ?[View]
115023758Hi, we're out in USA hours on /int/, so please bear with gunfire in the background.[View]
115020779Germans look like that?[View]
115023696I honestly don’t understand the point of the EU not federalizing already[View]
115023571It's going to get worse. They aren't even TRYING to solve the problem. We've only sc…[View]
115021469Miss USA and the Miss USA runner up. Say something nice about these ladies![View]
115023460>Your cunt >Have you ever worked for free? Pic unrelated…[View]
115022425China #1[View]
115023486What does it take to get a homely peasant girl from palermo? I will do almost anything[View]
115023169Where do you see the UK in 20 years?[View]
115023383>The moon landing was obviously a hoax. Americans are way too stupid to get anywhere near the moo…[View]
115020637Korean man discuss.[View]
115023249/brit/: deano & deanette edition[View]
115023273Uh, Amerikkkans, explain this?[View]
115015709OH NO NO NO BOEING BROS WE GOT TOO COCKY >The Chicago based United Airlines is planning to replac…[View]
11502286545 Celebrates Finlands Birthday: Happy Birthday to the magnificent nation of Finland. For 102 years,…[View]
115014697lmao ypp btfo[View]
115022895Jomon BVLL vs. Yayoi Cuck[View]
115020419/brit/: Christian Edition[View]
115022470>don't be so naïve >oh, I have made a faux-pas >my fiancée is here >why, yes, I lov…[View]
115014393>used to hate koreans >actually met some in Inchon >joined while they were dirinking Ttongs…[View]
115018559Your cunt 0.7 or 0.5?[View]
115022107have you ever met an iceland-ick?[View]
115022892This is a mexican cosplayer. How do I find love in Mexico?[View]
115017351>open tin to grab a cookie >get stabbed by a sewing needle wtf…[View]
115022109I want a nice pale nordic gf: She makes me hard af[View]
115019586My parents are fighting again[View]
114991828How did your parents react when they realized you are a virgin?[View]
115021666>bro just go explore the vast and beautiful wilderness bro![View]
115021726Imagine the smell[View]
115018390For me it's the Rockies: Much cooler than the yuropoor alps.[View]
115022784Is this the original 'whiter than you Muhammad'?[View]
11502114026 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
115019617We are coming back here like A FUCKING HUNDRED TIMES!! I am SO MAD! I am so FUCKING MAD at these peo…[View]
115022642Are hoarders common in your country?[View]
115018842Why are polish people soo based ?[View]
115018173do you want to find love in finland?[View]
115022472Why do white males enjoy getting cucked by black men so much? Even here in Brazil where they're…[View]
115021758white women are the most atractive race ever. american women are the peak of women.[View]
115021431/ita/ ii filo: edizione ariana[View]
115011798Japanese girls are top tier: Let's worship Japanese girls ITT[View]
115013689How do I look from the profile?[View]
115019230how are your celebrations of international finland day?[View]
115021630What is he waiting for?[View]
115021921We have a High Court writ[View]
115019160Tonight's roster: >Schizo gyppo >Portuguese poltard >private Ramierez from fort Osakuz…[View]
115020273IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS: What are you all doing right now? Pic related, dining out.…[View]
115020064How did one small tropical island cause constipation among Amerifriends?[View]
115019577>you're cunt >do you like rabbits[View]
115021575لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله[View]
115019799>le conquer Europe and rule for a decade men[View]
115021764Do you want to find love in Instanbul?[View]
115020647This is how Ancient Greeks looked like in 430 BC[View]
115018023Pick one.[View]
115021834Mexicans explain yourselves[View]
115019824I have a suggestion for Hiroshima. Traffic on this website is heavier on Friday and Saturday nights …[View]
115019970DAMN, Russians look like that?[View]
115020788Why are Finns so ugly if they're so pure?[View]
115020913Guess where this is.[View]
11502065846-year old woman gets featured on front page of magazine: https://hymy.fi/uutiset/suomeen-taas-uusi…[View]
115010767Pretty crazy that North Korea occupied 90% of South Korea before getting utterly btfo[View]
115018974ITT we summon the little Prince of Europe Invited: everybody[View]
115018952In Finland we have a fat president with a skinny wife. What does your president look like and what d…[View]
115019744How common is this in America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU9Daiu5XoM[View]
115020130paksu aku thread for finland independence day[View]
115018898Greta Thunberg (the diabolic kid) is in Madrid right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J-wRC-O6C…[View]
115018053Dragi romani: Cum ati ajuns pe forcean si ce faceti aici?[View]
115019674>Slavs actually think that pretending they aren't white will save them from the brown hordes…[View]
115014132who is your cunts oldest ally?[View]
115019191please come to Indonesia and fuck our men[View]
115020579ABRAZOS, NO BALAZOS[View]
115020206>Boss wants me to report to work on Christmas and New Year[View]
115018135Real Balkan map: Real shiee tho[View]
115017214/deutsch/: Mittagsausgabe[View]
115008652Which country has the worst coastline?[View]
115013782Why are swedes such blatant homosexuals? Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
115017289Can we all agree that amwf is the best interracial pairing?[View]
115017375/brit/: Overdramatic villainous speech edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Key3UHCpYc…[View]
115019348How do I get a tig bittied Japanese girlfriend?[View]
115003608/fr/ - le fil francofil: LREM Electrique Boogaloo Edition Ancien : >>114996625[View]
115020031How are you preparing for the DRAVIDAN century ?[View]
115019351Afghanistan handover: Americans since you want to pull out of Afghanistan and are having trouble wit…[View]
115017210They're about to send Trump to Gitmo for treason. There's a lethal injection with his name…[View]
115019717>commercial shows woman exercising >burgers go insane with rage kek you fat motherfuckers…[View]
115019609Reminder that Pakis and Arabs are not Asians[View]
115019891WHOA I didn't know Poland is THAT cool[View]
115018822Why UK looks so scary in some places? This is east London[View]
115019578Is he human?[View]
115015480Flarid Lagerlund is a 109 year old Swedish woman. She is older than Finland who is celebrating its 1…[View]
115019706>ur knut >have you ever used these types of blankets La República de TEJAS Yes,minus the Aztec…[View]
115019699Why are Bolivian and Peruvian men so fucking hot and handsome?[View]
115019667What do you think about SUTEHAGE? SUTEHAGE is pride of Chuo University. I worship him. https://youtu…[View]
115018646>Looking at page after page of childhood photos, Xiaogunzhu was drawn to an image of a French-Iri…[View]
115018322>noooo you can't just beat up your children that's illegal![View]
115019377>death to amerikkka[View]
115016733now THIS is eye opening[View]
115017925White people think Asian people is ugly and inferior? I'm 26 year old single Japanese man. I th…[View]
115018707poo poo shart munt[View]
115018166TEVE :D :D :D :D D[View]
115018695>yes I add -cel to anyone who is intimidating me you know ricecel haha lol…[View]
115018587What makes polish women look like this? https://youtu.be/iuBtLUFTWEM[View]
115008036Can't make this shit up: >twins of mixed British-African background >one married to an As…[View]
115019158What is their problem ?[View]
115016916I haven't eaten a burger in months[View]
115019311How can one man be so based?[View]
115015864I love cholent. Thank you, France.[View]
115018669Shower in the morning or in the evening?: You guys do take care of your hygiene right?[View]
115017545What was the last video game you played /int/? I played Fatal Frame on the xbox this afternoon[View]
115013404/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ediția plămânilor. Care-i student la Medicină, poate să-mi spună ce înseamnă t…[View]
115009880What's /int/'s taste in music? For me, it's baroque and metal[View]
115018861This is a German flag. In Germany if you greet somebody they will greet you back, they also like eat…[View]
115013081The fact that you think a woman like this is fat is the very reason why women claim you're too …[View]
115018743Do you also get spam SMS ?: I get them all the time. This one says: 'Want to know how your luck is c…[View]
114967158/tr/: kalkın uLa sabah oldu[View]
115018088nobody literally nobody incels:[View]
115017858Do you think Nato will be able to take on China?[View]
115018608>Toplo (Bulgarian language: Toплo, English language: Warmth) is a comedy film released in Bulgari…[View]
115018589Suomi 102 vuotta vanha[View]
115017362i hate them so much, i just cant stop thinking about them[View]
115018158how do northern brits see the irish?[View]
115015527>tfw mena women are obsessed with east Asian men specifically Koreans >tfw they no longer want…[View]
115018440apparently nobita (japanese) is supposed to be very similar to a mayan prince. is he jomon?[View]
115016432/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends (and finn): winter edition[View]
115016831*ahem* *clinks glass* DEATH TO AMERICA![View]
115016272>Used to dislike Anglos >Actually met some australians while abroad in Osaka >They were dum…[View]
115014797Let me travel your town with google map[View]
115018273>Double-decker buses >New malls >New roads >All commieblocks with renovated panels >B…[View]
115016098Why paraguayans like this?: Former paraguayan senator Payo Cubas said Paraguay should kill at least …[View]
115017533Do you liek movie? Not mundane stimuli porn, but visualized stories.[View]
115016854Do you think that finishing school at the age of 19 is too late? At what age do people school in you…[View]
115015849>there's no clear solution to the gun violence problem in ameri-[View]
115015583korean girls love the taste of american meat[View]
115012940/mämmi/: Osoittakaa nyymit mieltänne tässä natsivapaassa kenraalissa-painos[View]
115017776Your cunt Would you date a prison gf Flag Yes[View]
115016681Men shouldn't have the right to be happy.[View]
115014441>used to dislike Poles >actually met some Poles while abroad in Warsaw >they were bros, we …[View]
115017201I have noticed a surge in anti-German posting. I also noticed a surge among German made threads. Why…[View]
115014337>wtf how can you love China don't you know that they put some people in camps >now let me…[View]
115015741>Korean men are effeminat-[View]
115017585This is your average american on vacation to Mexico[View]
115017141Are women in your country interested in Japanese men?[View]
115013712Do you eat seafood, /int/? What kinds? How often?[View]
115009200Does Japan like your country?[View]
115016416What kind of shoes do people (you) in your cunt wear? >nolandmark >pic related…[View]
115017427I will ask without hesitating on my question, why do teenage girls want to fuck their fathers so muc…[View]
115017134and i thought sharting in mart was just a meme. he's not even self-aware[View]
115017007Why are they so hateful and rude?[View]
115016141What is up with this weird new hair colour mulattos have ?its dark but also has a weird blondish ora…[View]
115013805Which one is white ?[View]
115016575Hello intelligence, i was today in magazine and call shopgirl 'fat', i am very sorry for that.[View]
115008215being black is the dark souls of real life everyone expects me to be dominant and have a big dick an…[View]
115016610What happens here?[View]
115015041My name is Takashi Matsuyama: I live in Kawasaki. I work for Mitsubishi Motors. I eat sushi and watc…[View]
115014239Do Americans really[View]
115017079*COUGH COUGH*[View]
115016939Rich Japanese are showing off 100 billion yen.: This is capitalism. https://youtu.be/bjUPafinJos…[View]
115009208/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Post Physique Edition[View]
115016422I wish we had American gun laws. I'd be rotting in a grave by now.[View]
115014120/brit/: Cheeky new edition[View]
115015917Vaginas are gross[View]
115015125Why are there no black people in Space??[View]
115015900Stupid Humanity: >your cunt >are you happy US and Russia are not at war? Me, yes. We get to li…[View]
115010916/deutsch/: Einfach nur /deutsch/[View]
115016044I have found these pictures with the following information: >WHITE GIRL ride BIKE in Taipei Stree…[View]
115014082He's in hell right now isn't he[View]
115002721Sverigetråden - Kungliga nattupplagan[View]
115012915My name is Naum[View]
115011468>kek >soy >cuck >bros >cope >y'all…[View]
115011213>I HAYTU BRACK PEEPORU Woah! What did Nobita mean by this? Was it a joke? I thought Nobita and Do…[View]
115015001What did you guys get for saint nicholas day?[View]
115016427Used to hate Canadians but then I went on a business trip to Shanghai and had a few beers with my as…[View]
115016186cringefat: cringe and fat[View]
115006257Explain this, frogs.[View]
115016253Serious question, how would you save Australia?[View]
114982600/ex-yu/: voznja ne staje[View]
115014068/afg/: Daily Afghan general please respond[View]
115015661sorry anon my boy, but you have been diagnosed with the cringe![View]
115012588Europeans are so butthurt they're going to defend this[View]
115012906Who's your favorite Korean?[View]
115016128Do black people really? https://youtu.be/Ymbo__QKPCk[View]
115009482How do you treat Whitoids?[View]
115012944How good are you at geography?[View]
115013354*smashes door*: HERE'S NEET! Done with your morning shower cry wagekek? Only one more day to be…[View]
115014210morning, faggots wut do u guys planned to do for the weekend ?[View]
115011315>”So, Anon. When will you leave your parents’ place to live on your own? You gotta learn how to b…[View]
115013134Greatest mistake in european history[View]
115015889Goodnight /int/[View]
115014671post yfw you realize that everyone on here has a funny accent[View]
115014859>Robert Hansen was a serial killer, who between 1980 and 1983 murdered between 17 and 21 people n…[View]
115015836your boy is sick: I have a fever. Probably because it was 15 degrees yesterday and I didn't wea…[View]
115014833What do poor people and third worlders tell their kids when Santa doesn't bring them anything f…[View]
115014432Does Japan really?[View]
115015792Well, to tell the truth, I did remember that in Ireland potatoes are called murphies, but I hadn…[View]
115013812Embrace your future Israel[View]
115011700Hahaha based Indians[View]
115014014Why do people deny /eurohours/ are the best? This board is dead when euros are asleep[View]
115014100>yes I love 4channel how could you tell?[View]
115015464Woman gets a tattoo removed!: https://www.seiska.fi/Uutiset/Auts-Janni-Hussi-paljastaa-Tatuointini-l…[View]
115010171please immigrate to australia and be my friends[View]
115013787Hat thread: This is a traditional hat in the region I live[View]
115015382Their president is actually called Sisi lmao! What a gay little irrelevant shithole of a country[View]
115015051What are the norms surrounding expressions of male friendly affection/camaraderie in your cunt?[View]
115012123Portuguese President Welcomes Students: >Portuguese President Welcomes Students https://twitter.c…[View]
115014023North Korea warns US to prepare for 'Christmas gift' What's gonna happen? Should my c…[View]
115014716Tick tock Eastern Europe[View]
115011034how promiscuous are women in your country i am my girlfriends 28th dick[View]
115010505You can only post ITT if you've banged an older (mature) woman: So 35 and older. I'm not g…[View]
115014545Which one better represents your country?[View]
115011721>p-p-pay debts xdd >Yes. Greeks are masterrace…[View]
115014927I want to visit south America but I am afraid the brown people will get me[View]
115014813The modern day Winston Churchill. A true statesman and the leader of the fight of good against evil.[View]
115011967Does Russia romanticise it's colonisation of it's east the same way America romanticises t…[View]
115014746*dicks you down* Oh? You liked that? Queer.[View]
115000491China #1[View]
1150127190 (ZERO, the exact amount of Danish achievements) friends LMAO No hope, no job, no chance[View]
115014617santa claus brought me adidas socks[View]
115013646are you team KOREA or team JAPAN?[View]
115013968Do you live in a yellow area?: Yellow area = comfy[View]
115012859Do Americans actually believe the Earth is flat?[View]
115012824That's it, i've had enough of this antisemitic website: In 25 days you are all going to ne…[View]
115012776>used to dislike non-Muslims >actually met some whites while abroad >they were bros, we dra…[View]
115011722Call me fat one more time.[View]
115013424This is Rashida Jones. Well known for her role as Ann Perkins in the hit NBC show Parks and Recreati…[View]
115012679Negress thread[View]
115002704>used to hate Muslims >actually met some Turks while abroad >they were bros, we drank beers…[View]
115013212I can't wait for them to finish this tollroad, /asean/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLIOevW…[View]
115014246What defines a 'Wog country'? I though it refered to swarthy South Europeans but lately it's al…[View]
115012362Average Mexican Soldadera[View]
115014142>No way. You will not make Australia home.[View]
115013681The future is Nippo-European[View]
115014076>used to dislike Americans >actually met some Mobility Scooters while abroad >they were bro…[View]
115013274I've never met a fellow Mexican/Chicano that loves asian girls as much as I do.[View]
115014128holy shit escrima is pathetic. they'e wearing fucking matresses at least kendo and fencing outf…[View]
115013084>used to hate greeks >actually met some in thesssaloniki >joined while they were dirinking …[View]
115010442Voices of /int/: https://vocaroo.com/3LC5goSHotG[View]
115004819How do Americans live like this?: Just an endless cycle of stealing and shooting. I bet every Americ…[View]
115012140/brit/: You won’t get what you want[View]
115013169>I am not a Canadian. I am a proud Albertan.[View]
115009126do you love korea?[View]
115011705shut up black[View]
115011216This is considered ugly in Eastern Europe.[View]
115010769You can get assaulted or shot in America for not tipping. Where do they get this sense of entitlemen…[View]
115011054I never had sex will never have sex pic unrelated, shahar is a slayer[View]
115013024whats the difference?[View]
115013302>boss's last name is kersnovske what the fuck kind of name is that? Is he a wog? Should I ba…[View]
115011672Animals from your country[View]
115001510/Häsel/ ehemals /Deutsch/ Versager Ausgabe pünktlich zur Nachtschicht.[View]
115012111This is cultural appropriation.[View]
115013602why do people blame us for losing the vietnam war? we were a minority of military deaths, we weren…[View]
115007662what is the most depressing, hopeless country?[View]
115013008Do people like this exist in your country?[View]
115012621I feel like an nigger or a jew: I am a poor jew. I have no gf. I live in Israel instead of in the US…[View]
115013628>I browse 4chan[View]
115006809/lat/: hilo burlon[View]
115013644hilo /lat/ino be like >Yo s0y[View]
115010827>Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (WITH CANNONS)[View]
115013421this was a nice ass[View]
115010994itt. post /int/ classics[View]
115012246https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0HRyP2UUzY&feature=youtu.be >see X-Wing WOOOOOH WOOOOOH YEEE…[View]
115009233Sup /int/. what is your and your countries opinon on crossdressing? I ask because there seem to be a…[View]
115013409Care to explain?[View]
115013301Don't laugh at my greatest ally europoors: Let me give you some statistics about the USA: 1) 4t…[View]
115013178>A: 10 >V: 10 >thank you yify…[View]
1150128161. you re cunt 2. do billionaire p*ople in your cunt pay taxes?[View]
115009974based asia: based asia[View]
114998407/mämmi/: Hyvää (tulevaa) itsenäisyyspäivää-painos[View]
115009226Hey /int/, post what are you listening to[View]
115011670I do not like it when Australia and New Zealand fight with each other, please be kind to each other[View]
115011309Yes I´m Mexican how could you tell?[View]
115010655Me thinking about how the bad guys won the Napoleonic wars[View]
115012150Why is this frozen wasteland full of somalis?[View]
115012536GERMAN HUMOR HOUR[View]
115012307before and after: which is better[View]
115009993>italians insulted my spaghetti[View]
115003353>if you disagree with a Muslim he will behead you in front of your family Is there a more Chad re…[View]
115011509Atlas, I see why South Korea has progressed very far economically and technologically: they put boo…[View]
115011951/Philippines General/: Rafflesia edition[View]
115009802Do you want to find love in Portugal, /int/?[View]
115011772Please send Firefighters. Ours are useless and have failed to stop a single fire.[View]
114970264/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Hey buddy i think you've got the wrong town, Conway Arkans…[View]
115010845>Chelsea FC posts picture with rainbow in the background on Facebook >all the negative commen…[View]
115008305Why do they oppress Russians?[View]
115011919Haha they are taking the train[View]
115010470Have you ever travelled to a MENA country? How was it? I've been to Cyprus and London, if that …[View]
115010428/brit/: Great Britain, Scotland, Fife edition[View]
115010969I've often noticed that people tend to prefer women of their own race. I am Middle-Eastern and …[View]
115011662Have you ever hated niggers so much that whenever you see them in public you intensely stare at them…[View]
115012096why brits dont shower?: which is nastier,french or brits? i cant decide[View]
115009500But... why?[View]
115009664For me it's Anya.[View]
115011560>'NOOOOO, not the angelic aryan teen, like please not the innocent anglo lolis, you filthy muslim…[View]
115011794>Enter poor '''person'''s house >They don't have an atrium…[View]
115010816Why do South Americans like to paint/draw cartoon characters smoking marijuana?[View]
115010804Best country to live in for people who hate themselves?[View]
115010611/lat/: hilo feo perro shiba[View]
115011466Muslims are the biggest fags there are. They commit the most anti gay hate crimes. They are barbaria…[View]
114957361>is it true you like dark girls, anon?[View]
115002541THIS is actual Western culture: mashallah[View]
115010013>you will never have an /int/ GF Why even live?[View]
115004631Why are Germanic countries so developed?[View]
115006256Why do they migrate to Mexico to work as waiters?[View]
115011554>professor I know know ive been procrastinating on this assighnment for 3 weeks but I swear I jus…[View]
115009607I miss him brehs[View]
114998402Why their tech industry is so developed compared to others?[View]
115011435Tell me about this mysterious island[View]
115010148Do people in your country do this?[View]
115007486You wake up in Japanese occupied San Francisco[View]
115003745thoughts on Blake Shelton ?[View]
115008357>Wtf are you doing, bro? It's not polite to ask a woman's age! Is there any country whe…[View]
115010932i have no friends 4chan is my only form of social interaction[View]
115010142Do men from your country have nice asses? Brazil Yes[View]
115011308Cuba looked like that?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUC8jrMzmCE[View]
115011230I feel like an african, arab or paki: I have no money. No gf. I am stuck in Israel instead of living…[View]
115007675>Phone's battery is low. Recharge your phone[View]
115008381Good work Officer Thomas.[View]
115011021what's your new years eve plans? I will be celebrating it with my old and new frens on /int/[View]
115011066Something is going on...[View]
115010483What is going on with this country now.: Birthed great explorers and navigators. Had the greatest co…[View]
115009008>His country doesnt have a neo-nazi political party made by dictatorship military officers, death…[View]
115009119Do your country like soft drink?: Yes[View]
115010296Why gringos have no chill?[View]
115010526>6 pg essay due Monday >Have to wagecuck all Friday and weekend Just end me…[View]
115010535superpower 2020 will be india's revenge for the aryan invasion prepare your anus whitey.[View]
115010912Why are Bolivian and Peruvian men so hot and handsome?[View]
115010824>ROuNDabOut coming up! What do?[View]
115008752Nobel prize when[View]
115005116>your cunt >traps or transgirls?[View]
115009665Could you beat up an American gangster?: Koreans may not reply to this thread.[View]
115009522Could he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
115010672So... y'all call our cookies 'biscuits' right? What about cookies n cream? Why don't you …[View]
115009940I am a half Armenian, half Russian male. What are you, Anon?[View]
11500998580% of all the oil in the world is in shiite areas Even in Saudi Arabia the oil is in the Shiite ar…[View]
115008781Post your most American picture.[View]
114996263/norgetrøøøøøøøøøden/: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ-utgaven Førrige: >>114974956 >>1…[View]
115010594Gordos lol[View]
115008622i'm half eye-talian[View]
115010380ssshhhhhhh...baby yeed is sleeping in a galaxy far far away...[View]
114938544/lang/ - language learning general: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
115006216bear thread?[View]
115009417Why are Southern European countries so corrupt? Is it genetic?[View]
114989921ITT we post our window view & rate others[View]
115009685>watching american movie >they pronounce colonel as 'kernel' >aluminium as 'aloominum' >…[View]
115007657Why do americans think about black cocks?[View]
115010355What the fuck is the point of Visa-free? Why would any government not check and control the flow of…[View]
115009574Stupid shit your country says >blesh you >dog gone it >eye-talians…[View]
115007067/brit/: total cockup -edish[View]
115010124Can you help her, /int/?[View]
115009146we are your masters. you are our slaves.[View]
115007405Why are you like this Finland? Explain.[View]
115005097Feels Good[View]
115009791America Is Anglo Central: We are the largest and most powerful Anglo country. English is our languag…[View]
115010193when will mexicans apologise to hawaii for their actions?[View]
115009867Bruh I'm bouta head out[View]
115010138*hits pipe*: I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a c/int/izen. Honestly…[View]
115010069Why do English people seem to have almost every European phenotype? They have Nordids, Borrebies, Di…[View]
115009408>I have depression :((([View]
115006430What do you wish your country's majority religion was?[View]
115009771According to National Geographic, This is what Humans will look like in 2050.[View]
115009446How often do you coom /int/?[View]
115008563do people live like this in your country?[View]
115009701Why don't Americans drink cordial?[View]
115008386>HK going down the gutter with no reversal possible >Can't move to the west due to glass …[View]
115009386>Anon, your eyes, they are brown! I though you were from EVROPA?[View]
115002416>you will never be Chechen: Even if you dislike us Chechens you have to admit that we are based, …[View]
114965222/skandi/ ø-udgaven[View]
115009679I killed a worthless European thread to remind the rest of /int/ that there is nothing you can do to…[View]
115009298>america bad[View]
115008895Is he the most autistic poster here?[View]
115009595>/int/ is my favourite board on 4chan! Also this is my face[View]
115009290What makes many teenagers the gangsters in the future??: Although USA has the high level of educatio…[View]
115008740Yes I am greek Yes I am south European Yes I am med /west eurasian / whatever buzzwords to relate to…[View]
115009009CANZUK: Would you support free movement between: >Canada >UK >Australia >New Zealand …[View]
115005277Why do some Amerindian girls have a really big Schnozz? How common is this trait in Latin America?[View]
115007303>North Korea is not first wor- WHOOOAAAHH!!!![View]
115008806What’s it like to have 3 meals a day? I’ve never experienced it[View]
115005237>alcoholism is hereditary[View]
115009180West nordid hate thread: >Do you hate west nordids yes >Why do you hate them They have soft fe…[View]
114996217Candy thread: Does your country have any specific candy?[View]
115008657How do the real American Gangster look like?: Are they tall?[View]
115006101is this american culture?[View]
115005861/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: See my vest edition https://youtu.be/TyWVaZsUQjc[View]
115009128>Srebrenica? Absolutely justified.[View]
115009039Euro map quiz go go go https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007[View]
115008464/int/ changed a lot this year[View]
115008991Am I Southern European/Med?[View]
115007260itt post animals from your cunt, pic related. its an axolotl[View]
115007821Would they pass as local in your country?[View]
115003615>flag should I learn mexican spanish, or spanish spanish? Can mexicans understand spanish spanish…[View]
115008366What’s the point of traveling when I can talk to foreigners on /int/?[View]
115002503Your country Does your country import brazilian meat? France Fuck no[View]
115007407https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh7bH7Gaa7g rebel america best america[View]
115007972why do Americans do shit like this[View]
115004893>tfw no strongfat Polish athlete gf to put me in a chokehold and whisper gibberish my my ear…[View]
115005231SO THIS IS WHY FRENCH MEN LOVE PORTUGUESES: ...This right here is the Perfect Portuguese waifu mater…[View]
1150087161. your cunt 2. what do you think of the irish? irish-americans count too[View]
115008174Do you want to visit america? where?[View]
115007951/islam/ memes and greentexts: Hello anons can we please get a funny /islam/ thread? please no 'hurr …[View]
115008505Survey on Parking for Engineering Class: Hey guys, I'm an engineering student in my high school…[View]
115001698Why do they periodically burn their country?[View]
115008304What does the average girl you see on the street everyday in your country look like?[View]
115008394I want to beat the American Gangsters to a pulp: I want to fight against them without gun, with only…[View]
115005516>Its your fault the relationship is over, stupid >You no understand. >Like literally none o…[View]
115008112niceposting thread: Say something NICE about a neighboring country! Mexico, the Aztec ruins are beau…[View]
115007214>American brings up cuck porn out of nowhere[View]
115007918whats your soyjak folder size /int/?[View]
115008198‘You’re a damn liar, man!’ – Joe Biden blasts Iowa voter, calls him ‘fat’: when did Politics turn in…[View]
115006816Why are french girls so feminine compared to rest of europe?[View]
115008003why did he lose to Indians?[View]
115008060Imagine being a grown man and watching anime: whites and chinks aren't human[View]
115006268Do you live in a diverse neighborhood? If you do, do all the races/ethnic groups get along?[View]
115005818What phenotype is this?[View]
115007731Why are Americans so rude? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOF08YO2MKU[View]
115004408remember when turks suddenly stopped posting here like a year ago? how did you feel?[View]
115006956>Bangladesh >1,165 population density km2 >A country half the size of the UK >167million…[View]
115007819>Richard Nixon, Quaker God of War >Jimmy Carter, Southern Baptist Peace-loving hippy…[View]
115006133What are Brazilian cities like?: From what I've seen on Google Earth, outside of their urban co…[View]
115007923>there are genocide of wh*Tes in South Africa https://youtu.be/BliwM_Bcw14…[View]
115004033How do I get a Latina American gf?[View]
115006159stop jerking off: just jerked off wasted 1 fucking hour for it what a fuckign waste of time you shou…[View]
115006963a fucking gook just sat in front of me: his hairstyle is that bowl cut he has weirdly beautiful han…[View]
115003886what race is he anyway?[View]
115006982how many old, fat, stinky, hairy, balding execs do you think kanna-chan has had to fuck?[View]
115007065>whats a phenotype anon? >Why do you keep talking about 'Hallstatt'? What does that mean? >…[View]
115007802I miss them.[View]
115007828>Mr. Rubio, shut it down.[View]
115007537ITT: we reveal our social class, salaries and rent (city): upper middle class here. private school e…[View]
115004969Why isn't your country in the top 25 on the Human Development Index?[View]
115007708Music: Have white europeans created any music that is/was relevant and didn’t have any influences ou…[View]
115007336How often do you go to Japan? For me it's once a year[View]
115007399What will you do when you get to Thailand?[View]
115006660Any Ameribros who live in this region? What's it like? What goes on there? I often forget Idaho…[View]
115006791She is my ideal whitu girl. Does whitu girls in your country looks like this?[View]
115007426What happens to the beaches in your country when it's winter time?[View]
115005741Soul vs. Soulless[View]
115007356What do you think about average Americans?[View]
115005256The virgin shirt[View]
114988980ITT post the pros and cons of the country above you[View]
115007300>0% alcohol >0% drugs >0% sex >0% swearing >0% violence >100% TALENT…[View]
115007404Does your country have its own Silicon Valley region?: Doesn't have to be a valley, just any pl…[View]
1150073651. Your country 2. Are you good at /diy/? 1. Canada 2. Absolutely.[View]
115006954>I am so proud to be a citizen of the United States of America![View]
115006651imagine the smell[View]
115005162Your cunt. ¿Cuántas veces has conjugado el verbo 'Satisfacer' en tu vida? >El Salvador >3…[View]
115007272>Why yes, Watching Emma's 'Generasjon Z' reality show made learn some Norsk basics, how you …[View]
115003484White/European cuisine: why is it that white new worlders and Europeans don't know how to cook …[View]
114980663/med/: Miriam edition[View]
115005946>Please fortnite i really Like big boob Like it would Be big and Add sex so i can Sex th e skin A…[View]
115007221mum found the penis pump[View]
115005127I hate women[View]
114998796>God exis-[View]
115004782/brit/: /brit/ general edition[View]
115005439What country comes to mind when you see this?[View]
115004336>As a free citizen of the United States of America it is my right and duty to denounce what'…[View]
115005160Do british really do this?[View]
115005697Do leafs really?[View]
115006030>American banter https://youtu.be/56gHmy9rbCY[View]
115004634>It's illegal to fuck a 17 year old girl with 11 months and 30 days…[View]
115006815tfw u will never be as goodlooking as rurik gislason[View]
115006844Old school Dutch music is pretty underrated...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InMeD4bAKcY…[View]
115003331Draw your state/region[View]
114992045/lat/: hilo solo para gente con español como primer idioma[View]
115006367Gun laws: >be me >18 >depressed >wantdie.png >live in third world shithole >can…[View]
115006707Why doesnt Mexico just join the U.s as 20 new states?[View]
115006725>V:10/A:10 >Thanks YIFY[View]
115004022the Israelis are willing to deploy troops to Cyprus to contain t*rk aggression any friend of the Gre…[View]
114984836/éire/: Healey Ray eagrán[View]
115004538Are you happy with western culture?[View]
115005816Why don't chinks shower?[View]
115006276Spanish doctors can LITERALLY bring people back from the dead: Holy shit[View]
115006170>be me >be greek >move countries >use pay denbts meme against greek flags…[View]
115006504I want to fight against American: want to beat them to a pulp Showing how Korean is strong[View]
114977165>Cunt >Ass or Boobs? Flag Ass[View]
115004965are they barbarians?[View]
115001400How this make you feel?[View]
115005744celtic females were made for med cock[View]
114988655We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Indoeuropean children[View]
115006111What's your favorite fact about a country not your own?[View]
115000401The dutch are the saltiest people on earth. Anytime you see their flag on /int/ they are angry at ci…[View]
115001051>This strikes fear into the heart of the Dutchman[View]
115006053i eat a burger every day[View]
115005445>slaps ya girls fitta ur cunt what do?[View]
115005707Do people go to the gym in your cunt?[View]
115003114How can I meet and get engaged to a Latina in 2020?[View]
115003847Russia, what is it that you want with Ukraine?[View]
115005949Do Americans really do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkA5jH36_Ks[View]
114998581/polska/: edycja od której się w głowie pierdoli[View]
115000864/cum/: public housing edition[View]
115005046Is ivan the terrible vodka good? My father just gave me some, saving it for a special occasion Also…[View]
115005731/int/ernational music: What do you think of german music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-tP3eSXL…[View]
115000206why do the british sound american when they sing?[View]
115002550Why are brown people such whores?[View]
115003142What's the deal with this cat[View]
115005195If someone tells you about economic miracle during soviet era, just them these photos. That's a…[View]
115005666>Why yes? I want to find love in Japan.[View]
115004861Why yes, I did just use my school email to create an account for the Pokémon porn game in the ads, h…[View]
115004088So...?: I'm no scientist, but is it true that if you don't consume the same natural chemic…[View]
115005337>having a family[View]
115005348>one shot at life >parents named me Niggerman…[View]
115005390Zoetjes gaan de paardenvoetjes - Trippel, trappel, trippel, trap... Dat is 't paard van Sinterk…[View]
115003563What is the 'I have no personality' equivalent in your country?[View]
115005436“America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776“, i.e. the U.S. has onl…[View]
115002898Do child drag queens perform at bars for adult men audiences in your country?[View]
1150030291. your cunt 2. your opinion of islam USA mohammed may have been onto something[View]
115004756Are women like this in your cunt?[View]
114999254Bros :|.... Shahar's got a better job than us... He's actually got a succesfull life jewin…[View]
115004220Name ONE Croatian person[View]
115005532Chicago Thread: Can any Chicagobros or anons who have been/lived there tell me how it is to live the…[View]
115002202Welkom: lieve jongens en meisjes Niet welkom: stouterds die de roe hebben gekregen.[View]
114999801how did all you yurodorks learn english? do you think it's possible to self teach yourself a la…[View]
115005268>tfw retarded dad didnt buy a shotgun as he said he would do fucking faggot, what am i supposed t…[View]
114999165Is living in germania suffering?[View]
115001415Does your country have any urban megaregions?: >pic related US megaregions…[View]
115005069I'm ready soyjak. Activate the captives genitals.[View]
115005191Whitoids are inferior: >Why do we call the whole world's attention to the fact that we have …[View]
115005136was she Austria's Trojan horse?[View]
115004627who are some famous people from your country?[View]
115005223>why yes? I am a highposter. how could you tell?[View]
115003811This is why we german men turn to yellow fever https://youtu.be/PaYzevmAzJ8[View]
115003985Eunectes murinus: Known as Green Anaconda is the biggest and heavist snake from Brazil and can be fo…[View]
115004988Why should austria and germany be two different countries?[View]
115003376Why do the British hang on to this, but give up Hong Kong? Why do the Spanish put up with this stran…[View]
115004834Prussian Socialism/German Idealism>Anglo-Jew Empiricism and Individualism.[View]
115004862Is Scots a real language?[View]
114997367In Spain, severe mental retardation is considered acceptable in a leader.[View]
114980830/v4/ + friends: very fertile edition[View]
115002988Why do americans say 'aluminum' in stead of 'aluminium'?[View]
115000154How do British distinguish Walk and Work?: They don't roll their tongue when pronouncing R…[View]
115000617/brit/: Get a hobby edition[View]
115004274Does your country have primitive neighbours?[View]
115004103Your toughts on religious iconoclasm?[View]
115003020It's almost the 2020s. I'm almost 24.[View]
114989626/balk/: NATO miting edicija Old >>114967415[View]
115002119THIS is actual Western culture[View]
115004658Brasil supports the Snyder Cut[View]
115004458>tfw failed penis inspection day[View]
1150036961. your cunt 2. do female teachers have sex with students?[View]
114998813Is Russia first world?[View]
115004615>your gash >you hear the doorbell ring >you answer it >you see this >BZZZZZZZZZZ what…[View]
114995700Whoops, I accidentally fixed the world's borders[View]
115003351Kim will conquer the world[View]
115004420Cunt Are your people hairy?[View]
114991672/lat/ hilo latino, edición Santa Nassim: Hola boludos, como estamos?[View]
115003443Best western anime by far.[View]
114993076The freedom of brits is an insult to me. I'd have them all in zoos.[View]
115004064Join our shitposting group frends https://t.me/joinchat/GfZKPhOWZmK8EutY0Iqt3g[View]
114995317What do you know about Belarus? (without google)[View]
115002623Why are athletic chicks so sweet and friendly to everyone, including betas like me?[View]
115002796Had a dream today where I beat up a Swede and took his girlfriend. We had lots of sex and he cried a…[View]
115002127itt post fictional characters from your cunt[View]
114990826Objectively, who benefits the most from NATO?[View]
1150027191. Your first language. 2. What is this fruit called in your language? 1. English 2. Pineapple[View]
115001168>Nearly one quarter of Germany's population of 82 million has an immigrant background, accor…[View]
114996426Guess the name of the poster above you: We haven't had one of these threads in a while.[View]
114993490>Estonian students are now the smartest non-Asians in the world. What's going on here?…[View]
115000676Why are Russians and Nigerians so based[View]
115002317According to my theory the Basque language was related to Egyptian, Pelasgian, Iberian, Berber, Mino…[View]
115003692Do you have more of these?[View]
115003624post pics like pic related[View]
115003425is she right?[View]
115003211This is Brazil[View]
115002585Why do Asian males lack testosterone and masculinity compared to other cultures? I can see why their…[View]
115001284THIS is actual Western culture[View]
115002373Imagine living in a country where paper money is actually discouraged from being used. Imagine being…[View]
115000409man transports a huge load with no forklift machine[View]
114990505Are your brothers/cousins incels too? Or are you the only special one?[View]
115002002What's the most well liked country?[View]
115003251>Copmala Harris is out of the race Why is the Assad curse so without fail?…[View]
115003162Those eyes strike fear in the heart of my pp[View]
115003231One late autumn night, the disciple awoke crying: So the master asked the disciple 'Did you have a n…[View]
115003225Is this true?: Get in here pajeets, are “Indian breeding parties” really a thing? How do I get invit…[View]
115003062>aussies are waking up[View]
115001907American comics be like braaap fart pee pee poo poo fat white women VAGINAS black man makes stateme…[View]
114998815Ottoman Turks got to rape THAT[View]
115001709What do Finns look like?: Judging by their posts, they don't seem like they're really peop…[View]
114998991Come to S****n[View]
114998693/brit/: based show edish[View]
115002126https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LEkEU1BuAA4 5:17 why are brits so nanny state happy? Is this really th…[View]
114999365Imagine a world where all women were 3m tall amazons. Wouldn't that be weird?[View]
114995970>latinx humour[View]
114996625/fr/ - le fil francofil: LREM edition Ancien : >>114989927[View]
114984050Why is Germany so pro-European? Their country has so much to offer already to be lumped together wit…[View]
114998786We should shut off the power to the American north east and let them freeze to death this winter. Ch…[View]
115002389I'm going to sleep. Good night, /int/[View]
115001237>American tourist asks for directions >'Wow your English is pretty good' >Leave without hel…[View]
115000851Build your woman: 1. Your cunt 2. The US invents incel waifu generator and makes it public next year…[View]
115001431Who's currently the greatest philosopher from your country?[View]
114997398I hear how woman moans in the apartment above me. What do guys?[View]
115000645Do Americans feel regret for genociding an entire continent and build an empire on slave labour?[View]
115002293my ancestor :)[View]
115001422Saudi aramco raises $25.6 billion in the worlds biggest IPO: Based saudis dab on the world Saudi Ara…[View]
114996889*blocks your path*[View]
114998485/brit/: Lifelong Learning Edition[View]
114997122do people in your country do pic related?[View]
115001831>why do huezilians use such stupid names? >neymar >keirrison >willian >Bello…[View]
115001063do brazilians really do this?[View]
115001675Why is Hamas so based ?[View]
114997603Saint Nicholas threda: You may only post ITT if your country gets visited by Saint Nicolas tonight.…[View]
114998740do serbs really?[View]
114999668which of these two countries is more degenerate? also 7-1 never forget lole[View]
114998044Oh. OH. The US is worst than the worst European countries. Oh.. Oh dear...[View]
115001614THIS is actual Western culture[View]
114963620What the fuck do females do in their free time?[View]
114997384/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Stammtischrunde[View]
115000718interesting fact: Lisbon and San Fransisco have quite a few things in common.[View]
114977930/mena/: Fat greasy arabs posting anime editon[View]
115001006anyone know who this girl is: Im trying to look for an interview of hers where she interviewed this …[View]
114999207We first world now[View]
114996532I am Anglo: How does that make you feel?[View]
114977813/ita/ - il filo: Edizione che si ribella al sistema mangiando lasagne vegetariane e guardando paolo …[View]
114996535Sverigetråden - Opinion Live upplagan: https://www.svtplay.se/kanaler/svt1?start=auto[View]
114992150Left: the shining beacon of Western civilization. Ended serfdom, invented human rights, spread ideal…[View]
115001092Brazilian 'men'[View]
114990752If this place is so white and perfect why isn’t it independent?[View]
114985099What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Lebanon?[View]
114999182>sort by: price, low to high[View]
114999152Post e-girls from your country[View]
114991833/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: it's an edition[View]
114999887why is this allowed?[View]
115000751There are 26 days until 2020. How are you preparing for the emergence of India as a superpower?[View]
114985719/nederdraad/: Sinterklaas Uitgave Welkom: lieve jongens en meisjes Niet welkom: gemeneriken[View]
114998003is this common in your cunt?[View]
114996997Why do americans seem to hate california? Inb4 muh mexicans[View]
114999774Reddit: Do you visit reddits that have to do with your country/region? I’ve tried posting on reddits…[View]
114997724This is me in my comfy bed[View]
114998615the russian secret service killed some chechen scum in Berlin[View]
115000218>live in Sydney >get lung cancer from the pollution >then get it again from the never-endin…[View]
1149951351) your country 2) thoughts on this[View]
114993343Are Norweigians the most unfortunate looking people on the planet?[View]
115000016rate my foot[View]
115000002Am I the only one who finds it strange that Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is covered in gr…[View]
114996470/brit/: panel show edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2z-AdzgKjY[View]
114999674Norway is the best country in Europe: >Never hear bad things about them on the news >Great hea…[View]
114999954I was at Istanbul and visited a few clubs. Not even memeing, tons of black(Nigerian) men dancing wit…[View]
114969876kurva anyátok[View]
114994625Why can't they speak Spanish correctly?[View]
114996523Why are slavic women so promiscious?: All they do is have sex all day.[View]
114996857https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5hURyhPQCs Post sharts in marts[View]
114996176Woah, Lithuanian boys look like THAT!?!?[View]
114962681/rus/+/bel/-/ukr/: Пpeдыдyщий нe нaшeл.[View]
114996648You probably think Norway is european: Wrong! We are Asian. https://youtube.com/watch?v=BVHGfnYyxLI…[View]
114996700This how ancient Russ people are portrayed in American media. Oleg of Novgorod[View]
114997537Tell me about Casablanca[View]
114993441Who has the worst Police and why is It USA?: I never laughed so hard in my life. Also >FEMALE OFF…[View]
114996953>climate change >feminism >wage gap…[View]
114995534Why am I so fucking racist im not even a right winger just very racist.[View]
114989094damn jews look like this?[View]
114997616>the pen is mightier than the sword[View]
114993336>ruled by Romans >ruled by Byzantines >ruled by Frenchmen >ruled by Italians >ruled b…[View]
114995348does mexico love korea?[View]
114996159girls don't talk to me[View]
114997014That's it, i've had enough of this antisemitic website: In 26 days (December 31st) I am go…[View]
114996330Countries by male to female suicide ratio: >Japan: 2,53 >Australia: 2,79 >Ireland: 4,19 …[View]
114989281>when your gf tells you ' harder ' when you're about to cum does this happen in you're …[View]
114989027Do foreigners seriously not know there are black people in the UK?[View]
114996250Why yes i am beating around the bush[View]
114995810Currently drinking Twinings Earl Grey Tea and reading about Battle of Rorke's Drift. Also been …[View]
114995201I wuv u /int/[View]
114997687how do we protect innocent mexicans ? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50628720?ocid=soc…[View]
114997784>saw a faggot with an Obama number plate on the way to work irl cringe[View]
114988315/polska/: edycja uszatego kurwiska[View]
114994521One is the Perfect clone, & Rightful Heir of his father. Took all the best of what his father ha…[View]
114994523In your country, how many days before Christmas do you put your tree up?[View]
114990813/mämmi/: Hommapainos[View]
114995698Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114998223Reminder: Belgian Walloons are LATINS and MED BVLLS, not stink smelly germoid barbarians.[View]
114998204>social life >friends[View]
114991037Here we try to speak portuguese: Helloinho my /int/inho frendinhos, how areinho you do doingihno?…[View]
114993893boys defy an incoming train[View]
1149962701. Finnish man finds a Finnish woman 2. That same Finnish woman found a MED BULL[View]
114997783Do you support fecal attacks against the riches?[View]
114996503Literally me[View]
114993327Why is Japan a million times better than those other shit holes bros?[View]
114990305This confuses and enrages the eurotard[View]
114997601Xi Jingping: General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), President of the People's…[View]
114997225Welfare is a meme that needs to stop.[View]
114991284I want to have lots of descendants. Where should I go to impregnate foreign women without any conseq…[View]
114996025>tfw when my parents left for Portugal this was released the same year https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
114994452In my country we like frikanelle met sate saus en hardcore uit je speakers. What do you like in you…[View]
114995923>your country >would you rather have a daughter who does BBC gangbang scenes or a son who does…[View]
114994074/gugelhupf/ nimmermehr /deutsch/: Abendausgabe mit warmem Gugelhupf[View]
114995161why are russians the n*gg*rs of europe[View]
114995330How can I become a Dutch gabber?[View]
114997128It was me sergeant, I snuck the whoopee cushion on your chair.[View]
114992417How do we stop China?[View]
114995374Bald and bankrupt wouldn't survive 24 hours here. I officially challenged him.[View]
114996850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyKfr8G04Qc God Bless America[View]
114995132Let's face it: Deep down we all envy Americans and wish we lived there.[View]
114991796What color palette does you're country prefer?[View]
114993257Finland was one of the first countries where a live video was taken: This is from Helsinki, year 190…[View]
114994428I wish I was fucking dead[View]
114994456>don't beat around the bush[View]
114996788>Beogradski sindikat - Sistem te laže[View]
114996091WTF is wrong with Americans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPLQNUVmq3o&feature=youtu.be https:…[View]
114996639>spending thousands of shekels to walk around old decaying cities and take pictures of gothic chu…[View]
114992949Do black people really?[View]
114995871the absolute state of f*moids >war everywhere >dozens of millions of dead in the deadliest war…[View]
114984371Hello France :)[View]
114993741/brit/ + /chebs/: chebs[View]
114941697/balt/ + /ausnz/: Anime once again edition[View]
114995218are some people born to suffer?[View]
114996428>Greatest poster on /int/? Without a doubt, Shahar, or Chadar as I like to call him. He's my…[View]
114995533What is the most boomer saying you can think of? In Hungary it's 'Back in my day a loaf of brea…[View]
114996366Why are Swedes so racist?[View]
114992706>Be asian >spend the whole day at school Why the fuck do they hold them in the school for so l…[View]
114996049Pretty soon my unit is going to be deployed in Ukraine to train their national guard over there. Whi…[View]
114974956/norgetrøden/: Ø-blir-lov-og-apekattanon-rødpilles-umiddelbart,-tilfeldig? - utgaven >>1149741…[View]
114989927/fr/ - le francofil: édition des petits ventre plats sous édition du soir et de la nuit je tiens à r…[View]
114995860Alore on Danse: I hate france with all my heart.[View]
114995825>Lithuania has a higher suicide rate than most other countries[View]
114994574I've had enough of the antisemitic abuse on this website.: In 26 days, once the clock turns Dec…[View]
114994053Why is the rest of MENA so envious of them?[View]
114994928I shitpost everyday and the last time I was banned was more than 1 year ago[View]
114992838>all my eyes live in Texas[View]
114995371Where to get gf like this?[View]
114995392Why are these interracial parties exclusive for white women and black men so popular in such overwhe…[View]
114997243Why is welfare still a thing? Why do we keep the degenerates of society alive?[View]
114995631>be me >brazilian, lived here my whole life >internal dialogue is mostly in English because…[View]
114991690WTF is happening in Papua New Guinea?[View]
114992014>its another Suomi thread[View]
114995489>Sin Título(3)[View]
114991560/int/ please help me with my homework, I'm really stuck. I need to come up with three ways EU …[View]
114992577today is my 18th birthday![View]
114995324BOOM SHANKARA[View]
114994805Can you name any unusual international foods? I'll start: The Chip Butty from the United Kingdo…[View]
114992988British tourist brought back to life after 6 hours of her heart not beating: British teacher in nort…[View]
114991540Are the Chinese really as bad as I hear? Are they really big people.[View]
114993699top baby names in the US for 2019 based on social security registrations what are the top names in y…[View]
114994275This is what Brits eat for dinner[View]
114991820>you should brush your teeth before going to bed[View]
114994926My homeland is the Spanish language ñ_ñ[View]
114972843Have you ever been sexually harassed?[View]
114994032What do Russians think about China?[View]
114949892/asean/: Indomaretawawa cashier edisi[View]
114992801make it stop[View]
114993738/brit/: Pakis from brum - edish[View]
114991888>my favorite youtube channels? >why faceandlms st hamudi and incel tv of course!…[View]
114992242poles are literally willing to argue about what brand of mayo tastes best what's some weird shi…[View]
114989850Sverigetråden fett sköna Mauri[View]
114984418/tirol/ ehemals /deutsch/: EIN TIROL uezs[View]
114994105A question to American Can Canos: I have noticed the 'University of' is always better than 'X state …[View]
114993294>don't mind me bro, I'm just dual booting Linux Mint Xfce[View]
114992218What do people do for fun in your country?[View]
114993719You wake up in March 1,1928[View]
114993906The norwegian master race letter ø works now: Wohoo! Praise the lord! And fuck sweden![View]
114993226You in her comments, I'm in her second pussy... We not the same.[View]
114969856I love Korea. Korea love Japan?[View]
114993762This is the best i can do.[View]
114991424Bit sick of Islam and the apologists for it here in Britain calling it a 'religion of peace' and all…[View]
114991321/brit/: gf sent me this[View]
114991458This is muh heritage. Nothing but love for you bros.[View]
114992676I taught my Chinese female friend who lives here how to search for porn on the internet and now she…[View]
114988645Do people in your cuntree enjoy duck comics? I've heard that they are not that popular in ameri…[View]
114991272I have a question for Americanos: In high school, do you have to choose a sport to participate in? L…[View]
114991482Warsaw... home.[View]
114992891minä olen suomalainen[View]
114993344Guess the social class[View]
114987588Portugal Space Agency: It begins https://www.ptspace.pt/[View]
114974424Why do most Europeans use shitty androids? Why not iphone? Every normie here uses iphone but it seem…[View]
114988941do they really count as western?[View]
114993384Do they really ? https://youtu.be/AkA5jH36_Ks https://youtu.be/AkA5jH36_Ks[View]
114993291It seems we have launched rockets towards Russia eventually, sorry Ruskie[View]
114989428Would it be a good idea to move to the UK? I've always thought it might be neat to live there. …[View]
114993099The greatest timesink[View]
114986505Post favelas from your country.[View]
114990897Slavs are basically product of genetic and cultural mixing between Uralic and Iranic groups.[View]
114989780hey /int/ im fucking pissed. my parents just asked me what i want for Christmas and i told them to g…[View]
114990303Rate my Ukraine[View]
114991894How hard is it to have consensual homosexual sex with black men in your country?[View]
114992909it's 23:48 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114985915All neets should be forced to do 20 years penal labour for being leeches to society.[View]
114988529Why do Brazilians do this?[View]
114992097Hello /int/. I'm from /tg/ and I'm planning on creating every single language in the dnd 5…[View]
114992415>Herod the Great? He was based.[View]
114991023Im korean would I be accepted by finns when I go to helsinki next month to learn finnish.[View]
114991895I'm old I should be more reasonable and have lower standard but I can't help it i want som…[View]
114992534Post /int/ernational art.[View]
114992529all of my healthcare is free because i have autism i get access to the best healthcare in the world …[View]
114990489stronger together[View]
114989055Rate my Germany[View]
114992285>he watches tranny porn[View]
114987841By 2050 this will be one country: How does that make you feel? For me, excitement.[View]
114992405Google+Tinder = my idea: An app that provides 1:1 connections to like-minded people to solve what…[View]
114988824Do you love us?[View]
114975012ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ: ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ ITT we celebrate the letter Ø FINALLY being possible to use normally.…[View]
114990531do THEY really do this?[View]
114992225I just found out Americans cut baby dicks and then suck on them. That's really fucked up man I …[View]
114991864together stronger[View]
114983530Here's your white gf bro[View]
114975628Do I have to learn a scandinavian language to settle in a scandinavian country or is English accepte…[View]
114987522>Federalize now[View]
114984489For me, it's Dom Perignon Brut Vintage 2008.[View]
114991578I am half Armenian.[View]
114984181Tell me three reasons why Russia is cool?[View]
114990213>why, yes, I'll be taking your order, sir. How could you tell?[View]
114987061How does your country deal with traitors?[View]
114989671I unironically like some narcocorridos.[View]
114991565is this the best definition of a incel?: >Hopeless at school. Incapable either of competing or co…[View]
114989506Is there a day in the year the French people DO NOT protest?: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezus. I am glad I don…[View]
114989385>Amerifatshartdumb independence year: 1776 >too dumb to wait 1 year for 1777 THEY REALLY DO…[View]
114991400Paraguay keeps some of the stuart tanks we gifted them in service after all those years BASED[View]
114968577/cum/: /cum/ as a pet[View]
114982034post Asian 'nature'[View]
114980390/lat/: hilo ingeriero[View]
114968902/NEDERDRAAD/: /nederdraad/ Genial Editie! Welkom: Helden, Musicaal getalenteerden, Dirken en maagden…[View]
114991388/brit/: just came atop a nigger's head edition[View]
114988683/brit/: oh my god, the DAaaaIIlllLYY MaiiiooOollll -edish[View]
114990133>“How exactly did growing up in YOUR COUNTRY prepare you for this technical and prestigious job?”…[View]
114989333Why do they have such low rates of depression? Everyone there always seems so happy.[View]
114989288>Meanwhile, at the /int/ meetup...[View]
114991041oi /int/ you dropped something[View]
114991233>When he asks what your ancestry is[View]
114987123Let's have a toast for world with 2 superpowers which comes in 27 days.[View]
114985674How close are brothers and sisters in your country?[View]
114990444thoughts on german women?[View]
114991145>your cunt >which cunt you fear most Flag India, because they're about to become a superp…[View]
114991133Why do swedes suck uch ass? Theyre such poopoo heads. Do you have this in your cunt[View]
114989934What is the master race of food?: And why is it Indian?[View]
114987659What will you do if you have your own private army, which pledge their allegiance only to you?[View]
114990044Apologize. Specially you, Germany. Now.[View]
114987113Wtf didn't know Vietnamese niggers kidnapped girls to marry and force girls family to accept it…[View]
114988267fuck you[View]
114990970the duality of men[View]
114985888Pay your respects to the man who single-handedly saved EVROPA from arab rule http://www.youtube.com/…[View]
114987355The Lebensborn project: The Lebensborn project was an SS-supported, state-sponsored association in G…[View]
114989582Why do you assume if a man is unable to find sex or employment that he is automatically in the wrong…[View]
114986524Post your flag with inverted colors[View]
114989691They are protesting AGAIN??[View]
114985476/mämmi/: Väänänen -painos[View]
114984736Why are failure empires so interesting?[View]
114990719>tfw no shiksa gf who will dress up as a nun for me in bed[View]
114989057100 000 hermits died on an island!: https://www.hs.fi/tiede/art-2000006333509.html In the Cocos Isla…[View]
114987448Imagine the stench of you all[View]
114988302*stares at you in med*[View]
114990409>tfw no american gf[View]
114990481Is he still Russia's greatest love machine? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YgGzAKP_HuM[View]
114989593What ancient state was in your cunt?[View]
114988943>America turning into one trading block >Evropa turning into supranational federation >Asia…[View]
114986009I've had enough of the antoisemitic abuse on this website.: In 26 days, the moment the clock tu…[View]
114989643Private recruit Gigachad sir Corporal sir![View]
114990336I had autosage on all this time!!! I wasn't bumping the interesting threads I visited!!![View]
114988143From today's march on Rome.[View]
114987004>Ask dad of we'll ever visit Russia and meet family >He laughs and says he wouldn't…[View]
114990231Are Americans the greatest contemporary poets?[View]
114990225Is it the main reason why Anglo male love Eastern Asian male crossdressing?[View]
114990089does your country consider itsself european: not western but 'european'. does it?[View]
114989186Worst posters, they are never responding.[View]
114988026Reasons why French is a superior language to German. >easier syntax >no counterintuitive gramm…[View]
114984414/deutsch/: Nächste Mettchenausgabe[View]
114989904>It's even worst https://youtu.be/2lAe1cqCOXo Who's the thai cutie tho…[View]
114987184What did you eat last?[View]
114989761french niggas be like: >mon dieu I worked deux whole days this month, time to go on le strike…[View]
114989530wagies should be drawn and quartered[View]
114989631I know nobody on /int/ cares about Arabic but for the anon that care here is the discord link https:…[View]
114987877>speaking a language other then English you're literally just LARPing at this point…[View]
1149873151. Your cunt 2. If you friend was bitten on his penis by a snake would you suck the venom out? 1. US…[View]
114981080Average White expat in Japan[View]
1149814162D girl >>> Japanese girl > trash > other Asian girl > White girl=Latino girl >…[View]
114989359Why do we even cultivate pumpkins? What's the point?[View]
114987702why are europeans so obsessed with race?[View]
114985914today i had a dream and i saw brazil getting nuked in it and mexico was the one who nuked it[View]
114981602Merry X-Mas Europe![View]
114989192Why are all the Latino boys at my university cute?[View]
114967415/balk/: Two men shaking hands edition Old >>114923252[View]
114987707I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
114986477I've notices the most prolific gay posters seem to all be scandinavian. WTF are they doing up t…[View]
114983659/fr/ - le francofil: édition des 400 posts >>114972434[View]
114988991How long until they have a stronger economy than the UK?[View]
114984832Can any Russians tell me what this meme says since some guy posted this[View]
114988548Is the US the least passive aggressive nation in the Western World?[View]
114986374No firsties allowed ITT.[View]
114972221are you ready to fight for your country[View]
114986376What do rural people look like in your country? Are they poorer than urban? Is their life hard? How …[View]
114988738America is a rightful Siberian clay.[View]
114985920/brit/: 'haha us gamers am I right? XD' -edish[View]
114986549Your country Do American actors set fire to your country's forests? France No[View]
114988598Hello wageslut: Hey wagie! What are you up to? ... Cleaning your boss’ toilet? That’s rough. As for …[View]
114979170There are people in this board who are actually named Sven[View]
114988557what's their endgame?[View]
114988002What should be done about America's overseas territories?: My thought would be to give them an …[View]
114985837Me whenever i see a cute spanish twink.[View]
114985968What's your favorite clothing brand?[View]
114984913Honestly, what do white people think of Japanese people?[View]
114987259Do we have a korean general? Koreafags help me translate pls: https://www.asclo.com/index.html Do th…[View]
114988275>Well yes I do cheat at uni exams, what gave it away?[View]
114979083/polska/: edycja królicza[View]
114986703/afg/: Daily general for the discussion of Afghanistan and the Afghan peoples, including the members…[View]
114965035/danmarktråden/: tilbage på 4 timers søvn og livet er dårligt-udgaven[View]
114984578Does your country do this?[View]
114983199Sverigetråden - Hans Kungliga Höghets Upplaga: Här råder knugens ord.[View]
114984540To other multilingual countries, how do you cope with being a mutilingual country? How many language…[View]
114975382post the portrait of a historical figure who looks like you.[View]
114987261hi im come from 2ch: fuck u gaijin[View]
114987515Is white people the happier in the world?[View]
114986210so, who is the father?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7759411/Polyamorous-woman-20-fall…[View]
114981336>It's a mountainniggers ambush their enemies in a pass and win despite the numbers episode…[View]
114987622>his languages word order isn't SVO[View]
114986208I hate west nordids: most have soft feminine baby faces, what is the best country to find east nordi…[View]
114981799Would I pass for a local in your country?[View]
114987509>لن يقفل باب مدينتنا فأنا ذاهبة لاصلي >سأدق على الاأبواب... و سأفتحها الأبواب >و ستغسل يا ن…[View]
114980260I’m an American with a college education interested in moving to an Eastern European country. I know…[View]
114985145What do girl's rooms look like in your country?[View]
114986943Fried sushi is really good, I wonder how many Japanese died while they figured out how to make sushi…[View]
114983251What happens here?[View]
114987215Do women in your country do stuff like this?[View]
114987264Why would you even bother to learn any language that is not officially used by the UN? These are Eng…[View]
114983879I'm so curious about each of your lives. What is your life like in your little village, town or…[View]
114986854does this happen in your country?[View]
114986622what are some other festive traditions in europe?[View]
114978853send help (-_-): so I'm on holiday in italy and I can't wait to return back home such a di…[View]
114982978/brit/: Greenpill edition[View]
114986103Should I be racist?[View]
114985756>58 F[View]
114979307Do they really?[View]
114984524>white liberals in the West are willing to start a war with China because >muh poor oppressed …[View]
114983433>East Asian girls' legs[View]
114985111Why are Americans like this?[View]
114985977I have a serious question. Why Jewish people are so degenerated?[View]
114985865Look Slavic?: I've been told I look like a Slav a number of times. I have no Slavic ancestry ho…[View]
114984122Sangeun Lee. is Africa's top young mathematician. Say something nice about Sangeun Lee[View]
114985962Do demons steal children in your cunt?[View]
114984475Why are European animated movies so shit?: Can you guys come up with some decent fucking characters/…[View]
114983259You may only post here, if you country was never colonized, influenced, occupied by europe or is eur…[View]
114980189Delusional third world shitholes that always feel entitled to voice their worthless opinions: >Br…[View]
114983101>Why yes, I am part of my college's traveling Model UN team. What gave it away? >Yeah th…[View]
114980853Should I buy this Brapzilian meat for 3,69€ ?[View]
114977159How do we bring japan into the fold of christianity?[View]
114970598My last name is Tanskanen. It means Danish. What does your last name mean?[View]
114985234How does this fare in your country? Here it's considered one of the best places to buy living r…[View]
114987327the eu results in poverty and stagnation[View]
114982098True chad master race.[View]
114973407JAPAN WTF?!???????!!!!!!! WTF WTF WTF JAPAN????????????!!!!!! WTF I HATE JAPAN NOW WTF!!!!!!!!! http…[View]
114984754*smashes door*: HERE'S NEET! Done with your morning shower cry wagekek? Only one more day to be…[View]
114985600-7 degrees below zero now: weather forecast, it will be colder tomorrow. I hate winter. I miss the h…[View]
114985586The Heart of the World[View]
114984656You country´s Wonder Woman[View]
114976894Why do italians talk with their hands so much?[View]
114949044Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>114928090 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
114983700For voting against multinational tax transparency the official corporate cuck (in the EU) award goes…[View]
114985280>why yes, i do like other countries! how did you know?[View]
114983643>Murkkka >First world[View]
114984445Is this True?[View]
114984110The United States should abandon NATO.[View]
114984559brazil why are your rivers pink[View]
114956075/ex-yu/: isam isam isam znash koja edicija[View]
114985020Do muslims really?[View]
114984694My new phone wallpaper: Lithuanian model Karolis Inokaitis. Thank you, Lithuania![View]
114969283What do people from your country think about gay adoption? My boyfriend and I are planning on adopti…[View]
114984849Is Hinduism open for sex? Are the Bangladeshi and Pakistani societies open for sex even with islam?[View]
114984835halva: this is like sweetened sand, but I can't stop eating it[View]
114979391/mämmi/: MolyBros-painos[View]
114983070I got my DNA tested and the highest percentage came up as Greek[View]
114979036>please don't kill me[View]
114977953Italian > Franch > Brazilian > Romenian >Castilian >>>>>>>>>…[View]
114979582Please tell me he can win bros.[View]
114972316>american democracy[View]
114983870How do I silence the voices inside my mind? >what if she finds someone better >what if she doe…[View]
114984403>wherehence >hitherto >whomst…[View]
114984053Are Egyptians and Jews the same race?[View]
114980010What is their problem ?[View]
114978879/deutsch/: SüBe Animumettchenausgabe[View]
114980240Why Argentines look so slavic if they're a south american italian-amerindian country that speak…[View]
114983159China >Building infrastructure in Africa and investing in African nations regardless of race or e…[View]
114973788so another k-pop star killed himself[View]
114983849Is your ISP throttling your internet speed?: this[View]
114982561Women at school try to seduce a visiting military officer, 1950, non-colorised[View]
1149837971. Country 2. Do you have someone you love? France Yes[View]
114983900Have you ever ran into a copy of Wild Animus? Apparently some leaf multimillionaire spent a shitload…[View]
114976541so are you Chinese or Japanese?[View]
114983497Woah...: How can Japan and China even compete? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itYfsEextH0…[View]
114983746/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: most wonderful time of the year is nearing again ekdosis[View]
114983705Baidu: Any of you guys have a baidu account and can download something? There's this Chinese Gu…[View]
114983446My ancestor :)[View]
114979725mom is manic again[View]
114983533Can someone help me find a house in Czechia? Small town is okay[View]
114983029C*ck nation: Worst posters by far[View]
11498326027 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
114983286USA is the legitimate heir of the Holy Roman empire: >Medieval scholar Donald Yates, Ph.D., is sh…[View]
114977729it's my birthday today /int/[View]
114980202>No, mom. I won't stop playing Persona 5 to study for the very important test i'll have…[View]
114972248Do you like the real China?[View]
114982742This man strike fear into the heart of bongs, r*ssians, g*rmans, a*strians, t*rks, sp*niards,[View]
114981609>ure cunt >bune[View]
114979238Korean young generations are starting to notice their government is lier. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
114982701lego or playmobil?[View]
114980503>Attempted murder[View]
114979767/brit/: goals edition[View]
114978457How is this racist?: And why do only british c*cks get offended by it?[View]
114982800>I can't wait for my Erasmus semester. I gonna have sooo much sex and party sooo hard.…[View]
114966637So, what places or countries are you anons going for Christmas? I am staying here[View]
114980209Is it just me or are black girls cuter than white girls?[View]
114982104You wake up in the world which is full of zombie: Once you are bitten by zombie then you turn to Zom…[View]
114982621What do you think about average Americans?[View]
114980419What do they think about each other? Are they frens?[View]
114982441What age is best time to start family in your country?[View]
114982481What are toilets like in your cunt?[View]
114978525The White race is going extinct and it's wonderful.[View]
114979780how come india doesnt do one child policy?[View]
114976980Why do Poles have such a big inferiority complex towards them?[View]
114980363What happens here?[View]
114981888>suffering in the first world how is this even possible you guys got to be fucking retarded…[View]
114980369Why do they think that they’re still relevant?[View]
114981650American niggas be like: >Hi my name is John Leeroy Miller[View]
114982236How can white boys compete with black bvlls?[View]
114980359The difference between rich country and poor country.: Rich country people can eat meat anytime. Poo…[View]
114978760suffering from depression in a med country is literally hell among all these normies[View]
114981123I really love my Western-European girlfriend.[View]
114981245Your opinion about Benin?[View]
114981185let's talk about miss universe: who do you want to vote and why? https://vote.missuniverse.com/…[View]
114972434/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition : Gilets Jaune dans mon bled Ancien :>>114970741[View]
114944105What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Iran?[View]
114980270What's the best Belgian town to live in as an immigrant? Asking for a friend[View]
114979832HE WILL RETURN![View]
114978073Is your cunt based and redpilled /int/ ?[View]
11498134150-Year-Old Climate Models Correctly Predicted Global Warming: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/…[View]
114978744Your favorite shithole? Mine is Mexico.[View]
114977995>ROuNDabOut coming up! What do?[View]
114977302today's lunch is delicious Bacalhau from Norway tusen takk Norge, torsken deres er deilige![View]
114979973Is greta the actress that is working for sweden NWO?: https://streamable.com/ybw08[View]
114977488/SverigeTråden/ pridepolisspammar-upplagan[View]
114980512i never read replies from non euro flags and never give them (you)s[View]
114980107'Come, mi amor... together ve vill save ze Nordic race': What say you, hero?[View]
114980921/ITA\ IL FILO[View]
114980909If Trump was skinny and fit, would international leaders accept him? Or it is his political views th…[View]
114980887외국인이 볼펜으로 한글 서예를 그렸다!: https://youtu.be/j4lIjcUD2vU[View]
114979439Any Greece boomers want to tell me about the financial crisis ?[View]
114980852/v4/+friends: YGLYL edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzASva0C3zE[View]
114980654>Actually Soyjak, I'm going as Gigastacy these days[View]
114979729Why are american such psycho ? He acted like he killed his mother lmao https://youtu.be/0P09u_jzCPY[View]
114979053What were his first words?[View]
114976899I am sick and tired of the anti white male asian female sentiment on this board: In 28 days I am lea…[View]
114980185Do Brits really?[View]
114958569/lat/: hilo del patriarcado[View]
114979698conquer britain[View]
114979837Can you eat tonkatsu?: If you can eat tonkatsu anytime, you are neither too rich nor too poor, you a…[View]
114978959Chinks are inadvertently helping Western society by importing tons of poorly made fentanyl which is …[View]
114968008/v4/ + kamarádi: Seto edition.[View]
114972789Why they are so rude?[View]
114978471Do Americans really?[View]
114979775/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Ilay Edição. Tema: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWX9tgGyWNs[View]
114970605Why is the average American so ignorant about their country's politics?[View]
114976970/brit/: Striking resemblances edition[View]
114976812Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5? China: Is this a Joke? Japan: Impossible! America: The…[View]
114978610Yikes https://youtube.com/channel/UCZvmd8vkAM_oMC_f90vWfag/videos[View]
114976796SALAM BROTHER[View]
114974463Do you love Japan?[View]
114979433OK Boomer[View]
114979327How is possible to be this Based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcsyUyBRaeY[View]
114976419What is the quickest way to kill yourself? Asking for a friend.[View]
114975219/mämmi/: Roni Bäck-painos[View]
114976147>JVPITER isn't redpill-[View]
114977636/int/ students: final exam in 2 hours and I haven't started studying yet[View]
114976750Germany is the ultimate jobber of human history: >Jobbed to Napoleon >Jobbed to Sweden >Jo…[View]
114948527/ita/ - il filo: Edizione sailor[View]
114979126Why yes I am from eastern europe[View]
114974043>Sir what is your opinion on india being superpower in 26 days? how do you respond ?…[View]
114979100What would you do in your cunt if a black woman busted the windows in your car? https://youtu.be/UWH…[View]
114979030You Aint Egyptian You Aint Afrikkkan You Aint Amerikkkan You Aint Muslim YOU are Hebrew Israelite …[View]
114970634/polska/: edycja śliczna i śmieszna[View]
114960281PISA: PISA 2018 results were just published. How did your country do?[View]
114976453A childless life: Do young people in your country want kids? how about you?[View]
114975293Arsch Kaka deutsch pipi nutten huren haldol Ronny Ausgabe ehemals /deutsch/: Hahahahahahahahha HALDO…[View]
114971723Renowned Aboriginal economist Greg Marbo, inventor of the petrodollar.[View]
114977882do people in your cunt lead double lives?: at daytime I larp as a normie. doing chitchat at the coff…[View]
114977197Why do American Girls fuck dogs so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfwQSG19x1M[View]
114978296/mena/: yotsuba edi[View]
114972216>Thank you Soyjak >Your power awakened me from death. >My confidence, my masculinity. They …[View]
114978638Recruiting English・English conversation instructor: 英語教えて下さい Please tell me English https://live2.ni…[View]
114978547change the world see you in next life anon[View]
114971070What's happening in Southern Europe these days with the Euro crisis? Are things back to normal …[View]
114978462HOLY FUCKING SHIT, i dont give a fuck if that woman is 15 or 20 , no fucks given, i fucking WOOD her…[View]
114966717average male height in Europe: manletugal...[View]
114974663I feel like a Jew: I am a fat Jew with no money and no gf.[View]
114977962You now remeber Macarena[View]
114977532What do you think of Albanians?[View]
114978398>Ο Προkόπης δε θα σου πάρει ποτέ πίπα Πώς θα αντεπεξέλθετε σε αυτό το γεγονός;…[View]
114976567Why are they so fucking racist? I used to think of them as western Evropeans but now they might as w…[View]
114972760Wtf? I only earn 1800€ after taxes[View]
114975061In what language the second rapper speak? It looks like german or dutch in some ways but I'm pr…[View]
114969104I am Anglo: How does that make you feel?[View]
114972330Why were Nazis Nordicists?[View]
114977670>this is a 28 year old American male what the fuck are they putting in the water over there?…[View]
114977692>a moroccan posts >remember the only thing I know about that country is horrific >immediate…[View]
114977932I am sick and tired of the antisemitism on this website, I am leaving forever soon.: On December 31s…[View]
114977857>This terrifies and confuses the Eurotwink.[View]
1149768531) your country 2) does it take good care of the north african people[View]
114977063I don't think about white w*men at all.[View]
114977700Blini.: Finnish man put blini mass in the oven instead of the iron pan, then warmed it up. A pancake…[View]
114977650>be american >get shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdHFf_3h0fA&feature=emb_logo…[View]
114973276It is time I went to sleep, goodnight /int/[View]
114970929Why don't Americans have universal healthcare? Just look how much public money they invest in t…[View]
114974135when did you realize that british girls weren't as pretty as you were told, /int/?[View]
114973310What the fuck is his problem? Why is he so obsessed?[View]
114975491>your cunt >translate the sentences colored gray in this picture only if they contain a word f…[View]
114964318Why aren't Italians alcoholics?[View]
114977095Would you like some cordial?[View]
114976981Fag? Is Aku Ankka popular in your cunt?[View]
114968863China is _______[View]
114973730/brit/: man like sneed edition[View]
114976205I don't want to become like shahar[View]
114976627>Why yes, I eat kiwis with the skin, what gave it away?[View]
1149763881. your cells 2. Have you ever been in an institution? Cells[View]
114971927I dislike poor people[View]
114976538I took a photo of Shahar irl[View]
114972601Who's land is kosovo? What's your opinion? Pic unrelated[View]
114976461I suffer in Istanbul.[View]
114976276Korean always ask a question to foreigner: 'Do you know Kimchi?' 'Do you know Psy?' 'Do you know Jis…[View]
114976396>*siiiip* I wonder what my /int/bros are up to.[View]
114975809I am sick and tired of the antisemitism on this website, in 27 days I am leaving: This website for a…[View]
114973287I love Taiwan and Singapore.[View]
114976335From today's March on Rome....[View]
114976124What does /int/ call this?: Bubbler. We call it a bubbler.[View]
114964525Rare Ethnic groups: ITT: We discuss ethic groups with small populations. 1. Abkhazians population:2…[View]
114975469Literally me :DD[View]
114971708Is it true that Hispanic America hates Mexico for being the face of Latin America?[View]
114976213Have chinks nips and gooks ever heard of this thing called religion?[View]
114974417la swetura...[View]
114972522Finnish womans gym craze: She had good pair of tits, went to gym, lost all fat tissue Now she is fla…[View]
114976088SHUT UP FAT[View]
114970940Anaylize this picture.[View]
114970173Greater Israel when?[View]
114975661Why are american toilets filled with water almost to the brim?[View]
114968077Does this happen in Ur country?[View]
114975873who was in the wrong here?[View]
114965243What animals do you have in you cunt? Post em.[View]
114971103The cleverest count ranking 2019: We are 10th And you?[View]
114962808It's happening Protestors in Guandong, China stopped government plans to build a crematorium w…[View]
114975056I want to bring my gf home for Christmas but I am autismo and I don't want my family asking me …[View]
1149756531. cunt 2. what's your largest fear?[View]
114974806>McDonald's-sponsored police comes to arrest you Do Aussies really do this?…[View]
114975738>We love you, India >We love you, Africa >We love the Chinese >We forgive you, Germany…[View]
114975546What is going on in Greenland?[View]
114972810How do avoid the coming climate trianon?[View]
114974486Who's your favorite Korean?[View]
114975113Why are you doing this to me 4channel?[View]
114975281>You wake up in Lesbos, Greece: what do?[View]
114975344Which is /int/ choice?[View]
114975309/deutsch/: Ficken[View]
114971453/deutsch/: Deutsche Waffenmettchen Ausgabe[View]
114970437>last week of a course at university >'oh yeah this is women's week we'll talk about…[View]
114969786/mämmi/: Heräsit tänä aamuna, hankit itsellesi aseen-painos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJpNmYeo…[View]
114963303Is Varg the most insufferable man alive today?: >Burns churches and kills cats >Calls for unit…[View]
114970715Sverigetråden - Tre Kronor utgåvan[View]
114974869Which countries of origin have the cutest refugee bois?[View]
114974545Why yes, I am Cimbrian-Teuton. Why yes, my ancestors did start the decline of the Roman Empire![View]
114974799yes thats right im studying to become a nurse how could you tell?[View]
114967398Why are americans like this?[View]
114974436>walk down the street >american sees me >greats me with a friendly 'hello !' in passing …[View]
114974512HOLY SHIT[View]
114971478fuck g*rmoney[View]
114967038>Hong Kong >ranked in 7 >higher thanSweden, Singapore, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Japan…[View]
114970096Korean students study English with the book which: is full of news articles that is full of so hard …[View]
114974296I have a lot of tinder matches: I guess now you all know the power of the Hittite American[View]
114974230Drain gang, yeah this shit is crazy[View]
114973707>26 days until the foretold superpower emerges Are you prepared for the Age of Poo?…[View]
114969926Joaquin Phoenix discriminated in the UK: Why are they so racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_7…[View]
114973822I'm going to make tonight the traditional Scandinavian Christmas Star Turds to celebrate tomorr…[View]
114974192Do Spaniards actually throw cherries at turkeys? Why? According to this hit song... they do: https:/…[View]
114974103Greatest alliance of all time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcora_Exercise[View]
114974108ITT we thank God that we are NOT born in the US of A[View]
114971314Are historical dramas in your country played by foreigners? America Yes[View]
114968757who was in the wrong here?[View]
114972713>Americans actually put corn syrup in their coffee[View]
114951366/norgetråden/: Sossialisme-utgaven (spis de rike) Forrige: >>114933346 >>114933346 >…[View]
114969566Most people would imagine that after the UK leaves the EU, the next most important country along wit…[View]
114971176Socrates was an Aboriginal Noongar man.[View]
114970859/brit/: >let me guess, you're seething because he has a few left wing views >would bet my…[View]
114971252>China = bad: is this the most reddit opinion these days?[View]
114970850Is your country nationalist or cosmopolitan?: America. Cosmopolitan.[View]
114973372remember the alamo[View]
114952721What do you really think of Americans?[View]
114969492>Does your country celebrate Christmas? America, yes.[View]
114970835How do you stop diarrhea in your country? My butt hurts.[View]
114970110And this, /int/, why our dick eclipse everyone else in asia[View]
114972018Only 11% of Japanese people willing to fight for their country: Japan confirmed for the biggest abso…[View]
114972617Do you want to find love in the United States of America?[View]
114972818Why was Poland so important back then? There are absolutely no minerals and Polish people are kinda …[View]
114973067>'The gates of our city will not be locked, for I'm heading there to pray' >'I will knock…[View]
114972918Why do Americans live in plywood houses[View]
114941829/flag/ + /extraflags/: Imperial Mexico edition. Previously on /flag/ >>114889156 Welcome to /e…[View]
114971173/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: helped two japanese old people find the bus station today ekdosis…[View]
114972114Imagine being born in a red country.[View]
114972707Fuck HDI, this is a much more detailed and accurate country ranking https://www.prosperity.com/rank…[View]
114972356>Yes, I do love my husband. How could you tell?[View]
114971879>Why yes, lengthy strangulation is the only way can orgasm now, how could you tell?…[View]
114972551Ísland: Ég væri ekki hissa ef ég er eini Íslendingurinn hérna.[View]
114968230What can you tell me about this country It seems nice[View]
114971983Why doesnt Mexico just join America as 20 different new states like Texas did?[View]
114969226Hello, i read wikipedia[View]
114972375Le fil français: Edition de la grève. ça va les gars? Vous faites quoi aujourd'hui? Moi je res…[View]
114972158In fact, all these categories do not even exist in my mind: there is no meaningful difference betwee…[View]
114971398I wish to learn German but i dont know what to expect: How hard would it be for me to learn german, …[View]
114972247Are you dying in your country: Are you dying in your country[View]
114972051>being rich with hardwork You know that it's a meme right? Do you know the secret to become …[View]
114968769>tfw no white /int/ bf[View]
114971245Do you have dead nigger storage in your country?[View]
114970392Do east proto nordids still exist in east europe or did they all get mixed? http://humanphenotypes.n…[View]
114971946Do you like the the British press?: http://guardianmeme.win/[View]
114972057Your country Are you a wage slave? United Former European Democratic People's Republic of Balka…[View]
114957056/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'orthographe 'si ils' s'écrit 's'ils' sous-édition a…[View]
114971961>69 >>nice >>>nice >>>>nice >>>>>nice >>>>…[View]
114971064>Be South American >Get eaten by a kot[View]
114967845Share your 2019 unwrapped[View]
114969122America would benefit from a benevolent dictatorship lasting for about a generation[View]
114970293>Monsieur Fritz, lets stop this fighting! You can take my wife and my land, just let me boil frog…[View]
114971564>why yes[View]
114965609>Why yes my political views are based entirely off of memes, how could you tell?…[View]
114971552Just like my anime[View]
114966616You wake up in Istanbul[View]
114966750Is it me, or is it getting crazier out there...?[View]
114966946/frühschicht/ ehemals /nachtschicht/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: bayernraucher2.jpg Ausgabe Pfiats …[View]
114969976Holodomor, пepвaя пятилeткa,the great famine of 1920-1923, Apхипeлáг ГУЛÁГ, Able archer 83, пaдeни…[View]
114969720Is this normal in America??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU9Daiu5XoM[View]
114968097are there women that resemble this stereotype in your country[View]
114970932Well this was a boring, nonsensical pile of fucking shit. Even Al Lewis couldn't save it.[View]
114968312/brit/: Alan edition[View]
114967104is she popular in your cunt?[View]
114970411Are americans sociopaths by nature?[View]
114966820why do so many white porn actors/actresses have arabic tattoo? what does this one say?[View]
114968853>Americans and Europeans are sleeping right now.[View]
114969143Angry villagers destroy and loot India's only solar panel farm after the country's top wit…[View]
114970203Do not make fun of war. You deal with different guys this time. It is not Germany or Afghanistan. Ge…[View]
114967225facts: stem=soy art degree=chad[View]
114970480>Australians can ski in their closest neighbour country, New Zealand Why do they come to Japan …[View]
114967350Not even US soldiers are safe from 'incels attacks'.[View]
114969179Is she considered a hero in your country?[View]
114969397>left soul >right soulless[View]
114970248Scotland is Nordic: Distance to: Snkves_scaled 0.02425830 Swedish 0.02568803 Norwegian 0.02909393 Du…[View]
114956228/polska/: edycja urocza i zabawna[View]
114970432do they really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkA5jH36_Ks[View]
114970422China is a superpower[View]
114969831The Jewnited Sharts of Amerifart[View]
114970435What happens here?[View]
114960677Barron is the result of Germanics and Slavs interbreeding. We must make this mandatory so we can cre…[View]
114969445Why are whites so weak and sissy like?[View]
114967568Imagine not taking a nice 4-hour nap in the middle of the day every day.[View]
114968598What happens here?[View]
114970057>Russians look like mong-[View]
114965854>Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work[View]
114967688Travel and Life Advice: Hey guys, I'm in my late 20's, Single, fit, Tall, Blond + blue eye…[View]
114970169Flag Drug War?[View]
114969987SEA is full of nigger barbarians.[View]
114969642>$180 a month for being Spanish GameStop's slave 9 hours every day Fuck this country and fuc…[View]
114968390is your acne bad?[View]
114970009Hum ...[View]
114966635>founding fathers[View]
114969556>France court finds a woman being propositioned for sex is not sexual harassment and to claim oth…[View]
114969821Woah... Manila looks like THAT? Why do Filipinos complain about it so much?[View]
114968321>why yes /hm/ is my favorite board, how'd you know?[View]
114967709>coding >computer science >machine learning >a.i. >programming…[View]
114969229>Ask mom to bring me some chips >She brings me cool ranch doritos It is over…[View]
114966080/brit/: brexit chebs edition[View]
114969745>Ann Elizabeth Isham was in a lifeboat during the sinking. But when she realized she couldn'…[View]
114969654How does your country deal with traitors?[View]
114967919>leaf brunettes >>alpha, high class, educated >leaf blondes >>poor, rural, trash d…[View]
114969362Don't forget next time to tip your server[View]
114966421This French 3 masterpiece need to be translated.[View]
114967282post maps[View]
114948236/mämmi/: Katti Matikainen-painos[View]
114964608>worked long hours because I have to volunteer to keep things going but I am waning >3 months…[View]
114968791>Why yes, I do have a dream. What gave it away?[View]
114968938Brits are roman rapebabies[View]
114968610do you think in 12hr or 24hr time? 12hr for me. i can use 24hr, i just automatically convert it to 1…[View]
114965946My president :)[View]
114969387Australian does the impossible and manages to get even dumber. Maybe because half the kids nowadays …[View]
114968495So where exactly is urzkistan?[View]
114969438New Zealand and Australia will always be 2nd class Anglos: You were used as cannon fodder by UK in W…[View]
114966469I should have slept earlier[View]
114969184Why is everyone with the Hallstatt phenotype a cuck or a faggot?[View]
114963255This is my breakfast today. Who had breakfast better than mine?[View]
114967157>tfw Russian immigrant >Americans refuse to call me American so I'm always gonna be a for…[View]
114969300>beautiful Australian scenery[View]
114969040What do people in your country think about Israel and Jews?[View]
114966777american police[View]
114968057Do Euros really eat their steaks cooked above rare? I always thought the 'all euros are gay…[View]
114969197I want to puke probably because I tried to get drunk last night I don't even smoke but I bought…[View]
114968748do you hate certain countries and their people? for me its the turks, americans, and bongs that come…[View]
114967993hey, Shitalians, look: egg yolk, cordon bleu, surimi, and orange jam pizza[View]
114969085which one of these is the white man ?[View]
114968921The US militray budget is bigger than Israel's economy: The US Defense budget - 650 billion Dol…[View]
114964671Why is Russia still invading the Ukraine[View]
114964741>He doesn't listen to experimental EDM. See this is why your country is a shithole…[View]
114955351Sverigetråden hedendomupplagan[View]
114967903do you like italian food?[View]
114964518Why do Europeans eat dinner so late?[View]
114967328Poccия: Why does the western media demonize and treat Russia as if it were some great enemy so much?…[View]
114968916/Nederdraad/: Queen Nikkolah uitgave Welkom: Queen Nikkolah Niet welkom: Sinterklaas en witte mann…[View]
114968804>You're driving down the road when you see this sign What now, /int/? Which destination do y…[View]
114939796/nederdraad/: Vindbare editie[View]
114963773why this country is called not white? they are white aren't they?[View]
114967657How does this make you feel?[View]
114964753Are Americans retarded?: >The ad, which has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, see…[View]
114966078is your cunt religiously patriotic? i am going to a big liberal college and met some people with vie…[View]
114966836Why are American electronics so inferior?: https://9to5mac.com/2019/12/04/a-third-failure I mean yik…[View]
114968764Do germans really?[View]
114938771Post the prettiest girl in your folder[View]
114964667「私の名は『吉良吉影』 年齢33歳。自宅は杜王町北東部の別荘地帯にあり結婚はしていない。仕事は『カメユーチェーン店』の会社員で 毎日遅くとも夜8時までには帰宅する。 タバコは吸わない。酒はたしなむ程度…[View]
114967803Are virginity tests allowed in your country? Sudan yes[View]
114968498For all my frens on /int/: https://twitter.com/anamariecox/status/1200970947676823552[View]
114968394>Pm'd you the fix Huh?[View]
114964294>What's that? This program I downloaded also comes with a free installation of a toolbar? So…[View]
114968279Do Africans really?: https://intpolicydigest.org/2019/12/05/rwanda-is-a-model-for-an-impact-economy-…[View]
114963225White: arr azn rooks same Eastern Indonesian:[View]
114968527all i want is a qt warm brown med gf to snuggle with in bed during a cold dark winter day[View]
114966273why didn't he like getting laid?[View]
114965542Have you been watching any /int/ernational TV series or films lately? >inb4 animu and Korean dram…[View]
114968316Why are failure empires so hilarious?[View]
114965156>Omg I love winter so much[View]
114967540why did texas get bad reputation?[View]
114957859Top 5 reasons why you should immigrate to Crimea.: 1. It's like California but without mexicans…[View]
114966643Grand Prize-Park Jung Woo (3rd year): Hello, this is Woongjin Home School. Thank you for waiting! ^^…[View]
114966971AlphaBetaland: What's new in Greece? Any neat ancient sites discovered this year? What are the …[View]
114966001My grandma is from Haiti and she's cooking weird stuff again[View]
114968054This thing is the 3rd-tallest skyscraper in the US. Say something nice about it, /int/.[View]
114965891A country without seasons is not worth living in. Agree?[View]
114966000my ancestor :)[View]
114967939Is it true that, in America, spectators wear tuxedoes at boxing matches?[View]
114964327/brit/: Bodmin Moor edition[View]
114967956*heems you*[View]
114966707I’d like to keep a Finnish person as a pet in my basement. I’d feed him/her sardines and baked beans…[View]
114967881>watch a white's vlog visiting a third world country >half of the video is him having dia…[View]
114967715which one[View]
114967442Do white women in your cunt love Big Red Dick?[View]
114963732Do boomers really?[View]
114963368>You wake up in États-Unis mexicains, also known as Mexique Qu'est-ce que?…[View]
114961503Why to Brits like the NHS more than their Royal Family?[View]
114967051/int/ Music Thread: Hostia el aserejé Edition https://youtu.be/rKTUAESacQM?list=RDrKTUAESacQM&t=…[View]
114961948Culture Pals /cp/ general: Ricardo Milos édition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around th…[View]
114966488Why don't Americans drink cordial?[View]
114966332Post pics you took today[View]
114966030Let's see what people from around the world has been listening to. post your end of the year wr…[View]
114967471Int.. I come to you in a hour of need... In Chile the lefties are doing a list of 'funados' or 'scra…[View]
114966277damn, asian girls look like this?[View]
114967312>Rapefugees, Really? Not cool bro. One of my girlfriends came here seeking asylum.…[View]
114967057Why did it fail?[View]
114967443Thank God I'm not a gayropean[View]
114965835Pakistani/Balochi Literature: I'm trying to find English translations of Munir Badini. Whoever …[View]
114966209>yes, i do like soccer and all other sports! how did you know?[View]
114954571>i am atheist[View]
114967279>it takes two to tango[View]
114966565Is your currency soy?: Flag Yes[View]
114966407Dinner’s served!: >when you go to a wh*Te bois barbecue[View]
114966153>ywn live in a united Macedonia sigh...maybe one day bros[View]
114966694I love France.[View]
114966435Why isn't Trump taken seriously? https://mobile.twitter.com/ianbremmer/status/12020471747936829…[View]
114967012my life is in tatters. how do I become him?[View]
114965448What do they think of black people?[View]
114966282>This homemade halwa is great, my MENA friend. I guess I should say HALWAHU AKBAR! Haha! :)…[View]
114956064there aren't jobs there aren't jobs there aren't jobs there aren't jobs shithole…[View]
114964130When brown people ruled the world it was a better place[View]
114965335Which is the best US state /int/? My vote goes to Texas because they have Cowboys[View]
114962700so why?[View]
114966010I can't belive gigachad is fucking dead[View]
114966296Why is socialist architecture so based?: Post comfy commieblocks ITT[View]
114966578burger on vacation here in Whistler right now. why are leaf men such doormats?[View]
114964986>innocent nobles OUI KILL THEM[View]
114966442The american dropped a nuclear bomb on South Carolina but thankfully the fissile core was elsewhere …[View]
114965386Answer to the particular Burger: Education Bureau of some South Gorillan City encourage kids(primary…[View]
114966162I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
114966156police came saw and none was arested..: imagine British fucks really think that HK want to turn in t…[View]
114965548Aside from Mexico and Brazil (they're the only latam countries with solid identities), which co…[View]
114930029/luso/ fio lusófono: Edição não tem fio de /luso/ então criei um[View]
114966238>college degree[View]
114964999What's an Argetine? What's an Argentinian? What's an Argentinean? How do they differ?[View]
114966221Why do asians want to eat all the different fetuses?[View]
114957238/Carib/: Hi guys[View]
114965320Here's your Brazilian gf, bro[View]
114928844/dixie/ — The South & Friends: previous: >>114854882[View]
114965626Why is north virginia such a fucking shithole?[View]
114965656Some people complains about not having a girlfriend. But, if given the chance, would you accept any …[View]
114961625Don't they get sick of celebrating this holiday? Why don't they celebrate something like i…[View]
114959979How life in the American suburbs?[View]
114963499Do you have left-wing nationalism in your country? America, not yet ;)[View]
114964398For me, its the 1887, the best shotgun[View]
114965516I am virgin and proud.: Are you?[View]
114963375/int/ in the 1930's[View]
114961020I’m getting drunk drinking piss beer again. I like to drink Miller Highlife because its cheap and th…[View]
114961100What do you think of Asian Americans?: They are currently the fastest growing racial group in the Un…[View]
114965673Why don't monolinguals just learn one or more languages?[View]
114965645>ur cunt >is it common to volunteer in ur cunt? Flag Yes I'm helping to count the cacti i…[View]
114961154>so what will you be drinking tonight /int/? It's on the house.[View]
114965157So at which country does europe end?[View]
114963912Imagine a world with only 1 billion people: There are currently about 7.7 billion people on the plan…[View]
114965430>finish half the exercises and all the stories in German on Duolingo in 3 months >I am still …[View]
114963007Are we even sure that Americans have feelings?[View]
114965219Finally soyjak found the love...[View]
114960086>So anon tell us something interesting about your country or we'll kill you…[View]
114965390Discount USA[View]
114961586/cum/: thinkin bout that Filet-O-Fish® edish[View]
114964158How come argentines are even more slavic than slavs?[View]
114964416>all these soyjak threads in the catalog if you post wojaks you should kill yourself.…[View]
114964019*boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*[View]
114965069Yo los quiero pero ustedes no los quieren a nosotros[View]
114964912How do you think he asked for his Korean wife's parents' blessing for marriage?[View]
114965281why white people are so much better looking?[View]
114961913what happens here? Nobody ever talks about them. Is it a secret?[View]
114964951first image that comes to your head when you think of the western world[View]
114964851Christmas album: Hello /int/ernational anons! Lets make a Christmas album to listen to when Christm…[View]
114962493>In my imagination, there is no complication - >I dream about you all the time >In my mind…[View]
114963100Zoomzooms btfo[View]
114964904do you know the names of 6 Indian martyrs: every child in India knows their names.[View]
114962364Germany hate thread[View]
114960738I'm gonna bite you[View]
114964068>USA has historically been the biggest weebs >bomb the shit out of them to try and hide it …[View]
114962494Why are Russian men so ugly compared to Russian women?[View]
114963271not white[View]
114959670How do we fix Indians?[View]
114964028> 5 min into spaghetti and chill and an italian qt gives you this look what's the correct mo…[View]
114961437Will America collapse once Hispanics finally take control of the political system? Looking at the Ch…[View]
114964619hello r/IAmA, i'm a scientist at harvard and recently a student of mine asked why some countrie…[View]
114960820What do modern Chinese people think of the Imperial era of China?[View]
114964545Post-acute withdrawal syndrome has made me severely antisemitic, I believe in an international consp…[View]
114962964America 2050: Pic related is what the US of A will look like 3 decades down the line[View]
114959623why do Europeans hate middle easterners so much? they're the closest thing to Europeans on this…[View]
114962735/brit/: Modern Druidism edition[View]
114963712Why is Mexico so fucked up compared to the USA and Canada?[View]
114962447/int/ webm thread[View]
114963227BRAZIL IS A SUPERIOR COUNTRY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYeVeRlhbRQ[View]
114958359Which English speaking country has women who look like this? Canada??[View]
114963816Little people, big smells.[View]
114962217>In France it's illegal to call your pet pig Napoleon[View]
114963485How is it like the living in Serbia?[View]
114961719I'm a teacher. Most of my students are Mexican immigrants. Today I gave them a question that no…[View]
114963693Brazilian civilization 2019[View]
114962935How often do relevant people in your country (Politicians, rich folk, famous people, company owners,…[View]
114953740>Any kind of plagiarism will result in an instant F on the course.[View]
114963200Average Italian family?[View]
114961628>You can't have relations with your teacher, I'm going to have to inform your parents…[View]
114962127한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
114964069Why is it called the second world war when it lasted for 5 years?[View]
114961880Damn Russia looks like THAT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1u7XZ9c8fI[View]
114963055Ok. I did it. I had sex. I fucked the chick from work that's been hitting on me nonstop for mon…[View]
114961883Are Spaniards considered a different race in Europe? Or is everyone looked at the same?[View]
114963936hail queen greta.[View]
114963925Really hate this board and all of you[View]
114963279French man: French man[View]
114963646>I suffer in Russia https://youtu.be/zY2SzFH7y3o[View]
114963851How did you cunt perform in PISA, /int/? Flag The absolute state of this nation >lowest spending …[View]
114963259name my band /int/[View]
114959145What's the worst part of your country?: For the US, it has to be California by far. Just look a…[View]
114962753There are millions of people pooping right now[View]
114962429FACT: arabs are usually indistinguishable from wh*toids seething arabs in the picture btw[View]
114959858You can only post ITT if you live in the best country in the universe[View]
114954305Post images that scare Europeans[View]
114962478Just watched the greatest film India has ever made. Good work Indian bros.[View]
114962667Japanese women hate Japanese men: All Japanese girl love white guy. Black guy and Latino guy are pop…[View]
114962822china only has one time zone because they are silly.[View]
114961059Japanese culture looks like THAT? https://youtu.be/wRccvEsIybA?t=383[View]
114963203when I post e*ropeans[View]
114961711What flag would you miss the most if all their posters suddenly disappeared overnight?[View]
114963001the only good country on earth all others should be nuked[View]
114961634ITT: buildings from your country with SOUL[View]
114962331Imperio de Paraguay... Prusia de Sudamérica... What could have been...[View]
114960544/brit/: FUCK THE RA[View]
114955644This is the prettiest woman in all of Lebanon , say something nice about her. https://youtu.be/fUzrX…[View]
114962057Do you think they like cutting foreskins? Do the doc and the nurse make foreskins jokes at lunch?[View]
114954727/cum/: Rebecca Black is fucking hot now edition[View]
114961871China is a superpower[View]
114960769Which British woman should be included in this webm?[View]
114962660>you can't judge a book by its cover[View]
114961128Check the IG page @satworno There's so much fucking beautiful women in this country, fuck...[View]
114962137>Britain, France and Germany are the countries that contributed most to the world Why are Celto-G…[View]
114962241>be american https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2019/12/05/multiple-gunshot-victims-reported-active-sh…[View]
114958432why americans do this?[View]
114961816Why do brazilian and american television are similar??: Amerika https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo0R…[View]
114962415El monstruo mestizo degenerado de Francia[View]
114961879What do you think about AMWF? I met 4 AMWF couples today. They looked very happy.[View]
114961698there, just fixed south america.[View]
114962341Your supreme leader shaking hands with Vladimir Putin[View]
114961107>tfw you will never be an irish traveller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4BW3gSGCR8…[View]
114957769How do white boys expect to compete with ASIAN BVLLs?[View]
114960439Guess country thread: Winners get 1-5 points[View]
114957616I diagnose you with the gaey[View]
114951102/balk/: LMAO edition Old:>>114923252[View]
114961517your opinion on the French Revolution?[View]
114962199Do you want to find love in Romania?[View]
114961133WE ENTERING A FUCKING CIVIL WAR: HELP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ5hLSRjfM0[View]
114961304WTF: I didn't know based meant bad ass and accurate, I thought it's just what you say if y…[View]
114942755How old is /int/? Am I spending hours posting with a bunch of zoom zooms? 25 here btw...[View]
114962009Norwegian people how do i say ''I've got something big for you alright''[View]
114959244I found this doggo and return her to the owner. Would people in your country give back a doggo they …[View]
114960380Do you prefer Japanese video games or American video games. I prefer Japanese video games. Because I…[View]
114960859/brit/: *licks lips* edish[View]
114961445What interests you about Japan? For me it's their homogenous culture[View]
114955675Kill two birds with one stone translations[View]
114922845/danmarktråden/: forste nat med 6 timers sovn i en hel uge-udgaven[View]
114953156The United States of America: Humanity cannot achieve its potential until the New World unites under…[View]
114960742Is Nigeria a stable country? Lots of poverty, Half Muslim/Half Christian, with an exploding populati…[View]
114959568Please join. https://discord.gg/Ep77x3b this is a discord for people trying to learn Arabic . it in …[View]
114943444/éire/: Eagrán ban tarraingthe Seapánach[View]
114958307why are so many portugese restaurants certified zabihah halal?[View]
114961035In which MENA´s countries could she pass as a local?[View]
114959407Why do pajeets have such low inhibition?[View]
114950439It's literally impossible to get a body like this[View]
114958166I'm addicted to marijuana.[View]
114960583>mfw /int/ is just brown /pol/ Why are people on this site addicted to collectivism…[View]
114960191Why is Europe getting so cozy with China?: And so hostile towards America?[View]
114961259>mfw europoors don't get delivery insurance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Pl0jLe-tU…[View]
114958992We've met before, haven't we.[View]
114960743Fuck I really hate this board and hate all of you[View]
114959497/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ce-ai vrut sa spui cu asta bizda proasta?[View]
114858800/skandi/: Juletidsupplagan[View]
114955025Confess /int/: >I bookmark any thread I make that gets more than a couple (You)s and I revisit th…[View]
114959175Do people from your cunt find this attractive?[View]
114960731>Synthwave >Vaporwave >Cyberpunk genre…[View]
114960812Why do scandi girls look so masculine but so qt at the same time?[View]
114958573/brit/: winter edish[View]
114958254How do immigrants behave in your country? They behave well, they enrich our country.[View]
114958574>australians really had their IPs banned because of something their neighbor country did…[View]
114957853My dad has a hidden chili can. I know, I saw him smuggle it to his room.[View]
114958764Great job guys, keep it up. This guy posts the most between 1 - 7 PM UTC+2, so make sure you are on…[View]
114952269What’s the most popular sandwich in your country?: Here it's called sanguche de miganesa. It…[View]
1149506121. your country 2. what are you wearing right now[View]
114960569For such a small country, what do younger Israelis do? What are your typical jobs? How many NEETs ar…[View]
114959675>mfw a low iq racist replies to my post[View]
114959960I need to stop larping as different ethnicities and nationalities on the internet.[View]
114956772absolute state of anglos[View]
114956071Can't we just put lots of catholic orthodox and protestant priests in a big conference room for…[View]
114960306Did you know that moldavians and ukrainians are modern-day descendants of the scythians? I love scyt…[View]
114957867Makes you truly think. They even had the money to sail 150,000,000 yacht across the sea.[View]
114958878I'm going to bake an american[View]
114960254latex milf[View]
114960194>White migration into the cities and black flight is literally happening in your lifetime Black p…[View]
114959711Post your favorite JRPG[View]
114958121Lapland is so based, no wonder Finns are so happy. They gamble in supermarkets.[View]
114960239jomon thoughts: >be a flip mutt but never really saw many filipinos that looked like they could b…[View]
114942386damn russian grills look like THAT??[View]
114958009I don't want to die[View]
114958808What were his first words?[View]
114940633What is your opinion on Romania?[View]
114959641she's sleeping[View]
114958487I do turn a blind eye to prisoners torturing and murdering pedos how could you tell?[View]
114959120You're more likely to be killed by Hillary Clinton than be killed in a school shooting in Ameri…[View]
114959323>ring ring ring ring will someone PLEASE answer the fucking phone[View]
114955258>Hey Nigel, where are you going? >Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch …[View]
114959091What is the worst part of your country?: The South here, excluding Virginia, Texas, parts of North C…[View]
114958797Anglo “””culture””” is just a different variation of its handegg. “The eagle has landed” so fucking…[View]
114959946>Clinton An autist that couldn't control his basic fucking urges like a real human bean. …[View]
114957491WTF Did you know that americans don't wash their ass after they did a shit? They just wipe it t…[View]
114947697/med/: Qts editions.[View]
114959153best korea: Is your (great) leader cool like Kim?[View]
114955627Japan has a cafe where you watch three boys kissing each other: Japanese boys really do this????????…[View]
114958008>Scottish people write in their own accents online Literally why do they do this? Why are they so…[View]
114957954Why Germanic-Nordic people are so tall?: Swedes, Norwegians & Dutchs are literally the tallest p…[View]
114948922/v4/ +incels: boobs edition[View]
114951487>you wake up in Slovenia how do you respond?[View]
114959820>mfw a filthy Serb assassinated the archduke near me[View]
114959269I have an unexplainable attraction to girls with this phenotype[View]
114957808Which one would you vote for? Post political parties from your cuntry[View]
114958950How do we solve the incel problem? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/04/asia/tiger-india-walk-intl-hn…[View]
114951347I have donated 11,97 euros to the Finnish government. Please thank me for keeping your hospitals and…[View]
114955595I have an Asian girlfriend, did I finally pass the game of life?[View]
114957152how are people like me treated in your country? Pic related[View]
114944805Do you think you will become some chad slayer because you can dl 300kg? Nobody gives a shit. You…[View]
114959372>Based out of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Radio Jai is a Jewish radio station, which can be descri…[View]
114957535Why they hate white people so much?[View]
1149462551. ur cunt 2. can your head of state take a joke? 1. flag 2. no[View]
114958037I thought euros were smart? Why do y'all act like American's every day lives are just a fo…[View]
114958207How would you react if the bombs started to fall? https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=MrHoMSRZOS4[View]
114957319WTF Australia?!: Assplain yourself[View]
114957182>average leaf reaction to A FUCKING LEAF It's deeply embarrassing. Highly emasculating. Ther…[View]
114958193FACT: SEA monkeys are hotter that eastoids[View]
114947791/lat/: hilo clase mierda enojada[View]
114956243How will Italians cope?[View]
114958716>Jakub Marian[View]
114956721>we wuz Gauls >we wuz Franks >we wuz Napoleon Is there a pathetic nation of LARPers than th…[View]
114952048Why do Brazilians not take care of their natural habitat, the jungle?[View]
114955519Lmfao, do amerigolems just leave the NATO summit? Like just be the POTUS nigga, like stand for yours…[View]
114957679>tfw european night train industry is dead >tfw you will never start in venice and wake up in …[View]
114953953Superpower by 2020[View]
114958597kaka poopoo[View]
114958575https://whttps://youtu.be/sS76eS34Y0c?t=58: OH OH OH OH YEA NGHAH NGHAH NGHAH NGHAH OH OH OH YEA NGH…[View]
114954649/brit/: bimbo edish cum dump sub-edish[View]
114939400/cum/ - canada, usa, mexico: welcome to the real /cum/ sucker edition[View]
114957662Mы идeм шиpoкими пoлями Ha вocхoдe yтpeнних лyчeй. Mы идeм нa бoй c бoльшeвикaми Зa cвoбoдy Poдины c…[View]
1149583304chan is an American website, and posting here is a privilege, not a right. You would better start p…[View]
114951767Why Brazilian men hates Police so much?[View]
114953543I want a white bf[View]
114955727>british niggas be like: my name is Cecil Wilfred Stanley Helingswerth IV and I hail from Papplew…[View]
114955240aryans: aryans WALKED from Persepolis directly to Hamburg literally where my house is I am the white…[View]
114957723We shall save Europa, Hispanic brothers.[View]
114958172Fuck Norwegians: >go to Norway >feel like I'm in good company with a group of people ther…[View]
114953882Why is everyone from this part of the world so happy all the time?[View]
114957397>IKEA >Let's add some cinnamon and wild berries to the recipe of the Italian panettone! …[View]
114956994Is multi-culturalism a meme? Everyone lives in the same neighbourhood as their ethnicity and doesn…[View]
114956315asian women: elves white w*men: orcs[View]
114945437What the fuck happened?[View]
114951364Ok, Duolingo is pretty creepy: So i started using the app for improving the second language i learne…[View]
114955606>German bans Statistics on race >There are approximately 800000 afros Germans (ethnic Germans …[View]
114957673Discussion about worldwide janitors: 1. Please specify your country of origin 2. In your country of …[View]
114955536How does /int/ get their hot water?: I live in California and almost everyone has a 30-50 gallon wat…[View]
114957622>beat the shit out of my dad because he hit mom >mom tells me to stop >beat the shit out of…[View]
114955828Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
114940438I'm fucking Bosnian[View]
114957538What are some funny names in your country/language? >USA/English >Seymour Butts >Harry Wein…[View]
114957551Why don't canadians drive this car?[View]
114952143What country has women that will marry and love a fat burger like myself?: I'm not as fat as pi…[View]
114956821every russian or east euro ive ever met is completely superior to me an am*rican in every way[View]
114956949>in America you can say nigger without being arrested and jailed for 500 years…[View]
114950122Are Ossetians based?[View]
114957059>The kikes in Brussels ? Yeah they are not liked very much here on the Mediterranean, neither are…[View]
114956749Why are they such pussies?[View]
114956872>Why yes, i am Australian, how could you tell?[View]
114956273>New Zealand has spent $300 million to help the yanks fight goat fuckers in afghanistan…[View]
114956865How much does the Janitor postion at 4Channel pays?[View]
114957251This is Slavoj Zizek's wife. Say something nice about her.[View]
114953851Is there some reason this board has a policy of not talking about Russia? As far as I'm aware i…[View]
114957120Thoughts about Vegans?[View]
114957147guys do gay army girls go in my army girls folder or in my gay girls folder[View]
114955259What happened?[View]
114954615/brit/: National Hero Edition (Down with the Monarchy Sub-Edition)[View]
114953945cunt do you have a cigarette?![View]
114952206How do we help them?[View]
114954941Why can Americans get pizza insurance but not health insurance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Pl…[View]
114956953>Why yes, I do make a living by advertising weight loss and dick enlargement surgeries to Filipin…[View]
114956966>What do you mean by not accepting Republic Credits in the Hutt Space?[View]
114953544Text correction thread: This thread is meant for those anons who would like to improve their writing…[View]
114955224I forgot to buy nachos[View]
114946056whats a basic bitch name in your country? I'll start >jack[View]
114955841Those who speak ill of Latin-Americans will feel my wrath[View]
114956817>My favorite race in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings? The Easterlings of Rhûn of course.…[View]
114952736language frustation thread: >be me >be learning spanish and italian >have pretty good accen…[View]
114956525Soviet National Anthem > Russian National Anthem[View]
114950336/fr/ - le francofil: Edition les motards mettent le souk en ville. Départ à 21h45 https://cytu POINT…[View]
114956296>Anon, you like latinas don't you?[View]
114942420Are you ready for the Asian centuries?: >Spain Yes, I welcome our Chinese overlords Friendship e…[View]
114956529>anime girls? yeah, they are kawaii, I wish anime was real[View]
114955946Gotta love community maintained dictionaries kek[View]
114956380>femcels rather waste hours trying to fraud pictures so they don't look fat on tinder than j…[View]
114930875/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Здopoвoй диeты тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий: >>114907951[View]
114950530Do Italians even anchovy?[View]
114951513Who else an alcoholic on int? Just finished off my last strong cider and gonna hed off to the shops …[View]
114953699I physically cringe when I see people try and pull off whacky gimmicks on this board in an attempt t…[View]
114950858/polska/: edycja od której się w głowie pierdoli[View]
114951871/int/ CTRL + V Thread: Post whatever you had saved in your ctrl+v, int. No shame. If it's a pic…[View]
114930762/ex-yu/: crno nam se pise izdanje[View]
114955918>Well yes my Täterprofil is Boxhaarschnitt Augen Husky, what gave it away?…[View]
114954613>mfw Australians have to wear magnetic shoes so they don't fall off the planet…[View]
114951733Thoughts on UK?[View]
114952812This country has less than 60 000 people.[View]
114953557You have 20 seconds to prove that you are white[View]
114943353it's getting worse[View]
114954534I did all the things anons advised, eating sugar, laying straight on my back, keeping a poor sleep r…[View]
114955604why were soviets so chad?[View]
114940803i have japanese gf and it sucks[View]
114953685El Che...[View]
114953454>check it out babe, is that... another *new* variation of wojak? jesus christ, that’s hilarious! …[View]
114953758Do brazilian really?: https://youtu.be/RRgoYzFnV3c[View]
114951706Australian woman lied on CV!: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/a/e3d3cec1-7284-4faf-bdd8-4dae4c83d3…[View]
114954814People with Turkish fathers[View]
114954827I hate Shitralia, I didn't manage to get laid there: I lived on Australia for 8 months back in …[View]
114954975Do you want to live in a dense forest full of moss and old trees, /int/?[View]
114953484yo any1 smoke sum gud weed? ?[View]
114954003>No I don't regret Schengen, what gave it away?[View]
114954990You can be the kindest person in the world but someone you meet can't know about your past or y…[View]
114949306What happens here Germanons ?[View]
114950200It happens more common than you think[View]
114952436White Stereotypes China: What are chinese stereotypes of white people im genuinely intrigued[View]
114948988This country only has 600,000 people.[View]
114952370have you ever met a northern brit, /int/?[View]
114951087Did your country have colonies that were very close to being retained into the modern day? >Whose…[View]
114951312I figured out what 'cute and funny' stands for[View]
114951667If God (not real) came down to earth and asked me for one wish, said that he would adjust reality to…[View]
114950541Why does Swedish candy shout at you? I never get this experience with other countries[View]
114954005Being Santa Clause is the most dangerous job in Australia, because you will very likely get a heat s…[View]
114952263/brit/: almost chrissy edish[View]
114954545>Starting from next spring’s national invitational tournament at Koshien Stadium near Osaka, the …[View]
114950405>Australian (Chinese) incel at my uni >last friday he tries to ask me out before class >tel…[View]
114945047In this thread we make up japnese names: Sakimuchi Numitawa[View]
114950736horrible poster[View]
114951674I will not support the monarchy unless we get a King of the same calibre.[View]
114953050>this is what the average American car looks like[View]
114953887i just want to feel important[View]
114949310>based on what?[View]
114953926Are chicks allowed to freely explore their environment in your country?[View]
114954107/hai/: nenpòt ayisyen? nan /int/ la .[View]
114951135What's the favorite animal in your cunt?[View]
114951831could I pass as a local in you're country?[View]
114953918>Nooooooooo, you can't call it mozzarella! It's not even made from real buffalo milk!…[View]
114953573>do the haka[View]
114953763When reggaeton ends the world will be happy[View]
114952498Are you financially dependent on your parents?: Yes, they pay my rent. But I am saving up that in 2 …[View]
114953038In America they have organists at sports stadiums because sports stadiums are like churches to Ameri…[View]
114949750Cum to S*****[View]
114944712Why are the men from here so cute? I seriously question my sexuality when I see a Mexican man[View]
114949732Indian bros pls answer.: What caste are you? Are half white half indain seen as high caste?[View]
114895193DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2298: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ that never…[View]
114953173>So it's agreed. We kill the Soyak.[View]
114953332>Tell someone I'm Puerto Rican >They immediately ask me about Bad Bunny Why are people li…[View]
114924831kurva anyátok[View]
114953263This country has less than 6000 people.[View]
114951607Does anyone here remember the show 'Daria' on MTV?: I grew up on it as a kid back in the 90's .…[View]
114950505>most Americans have never taste real milk.[View]
114949100Sverigetråden Mauriupplagan[View]
114953036When will we stop them?[View]
1149520971. Flagona 2. Rate listed fetishes from 1 (cringiest) to 10 (super based) Age Play BDSM Bestialtiy C…[View]
114949953Cuando canta el gallo negro es que ya se acaba el día Si cantara el gallo rojo otro gallo cantaría. …[View]
1149513201. cuny 2. what do you think about drinking in the library's caffeteria?[View]
114942896>Yes, i am Catholic, how did you tell?[View]
114950891I hope Mexicans will send more human trashes to US to destroy it. Their population attack is the las…[View]
114951525Are brits meds?[View]
114950885If you were doing your own version of Eat, Pray, Love, which countries would you choose? You spend f…[View]
114952392Any Architecture/Construction Pros On?: All over North Brooklyn, these buildings are covered in viny…[View]
114948420They hate us[View]
114951717Why do they pretend to be POC?[View]
114949776>My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze and you killed my father! Now prepare to die!…[View]
114951584country blood type last time you donated >flag >o neg >it's been over a year, I should…[View]
114946043This dyke has professed as the 'anti-Greta': https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/1136426004/deze-duitse-…[View]
114949378/deutsch/: /deutsch/ - bald wieder /nachtschicht/[View]
114948739>you're in an Australian store buying some anti spider spray and a diet coke >suddenly an…[View]
114952325How are you preparing for the Russian century?: Russian is my ancestral language so I've been l…[View]
114951199hand over any fugitive bulgarian immediately[View]
114950506What did you dream about today? I dreamed about being on a university campus and then when I woke up…[View]
114946226All memes aside, what country do you find to be the worst posters? And I don't mean they post a…[View]
114949611/brit/: wallah edition[View]
114945631>2019 >not lifting to defend EVROPA Cope.…[View]
114922951/tr/: New Bread[View]
114951054I am sick and tired of the antisemitism on this website, in 27 days I am leaving: On December 31st I…[View]
114950985Why is Benelux not a single country?[View]
114951963What do people think of her in your country?[View]
114950993Denmark or Norway?[View]
114949177>ure cunt >bune[View]
114951747>aaaahhhh Rey please don’t kill me, I finally understand that the Force is female and there’s no …[View]
114944826About to immigrate to Israel: I hear so many Israelis talking badly about Israel and many Jews are e…[View]
114949191Raindrop, droptop, smokin on cookie in the hotbox[View]
114948712Yo i wanna cheat in my chinese translation exam this friday. I’ll pay: Writing in chinese so u faggo…[View]
114949474Fuck ceramic puukko[View]
114942247Why are Germans so blunt: >Professor wants to take picture with the entire class >Guy tells th…[View]
114951517>Ο Προkόπης δε θα σου πάρει ποτέ πίπα Πώς θα αντεπεξέλθετε σε αυτό το γεγονός;…[View]
114948729Is Japan safe for foreigners? >white female weeaboo makes a Youtube channel >gets a large foll…[View]
114949783I want to have children with greta[View]
114933346/norgetråden/: Vår mann i Teheran-utgave. Forrige: >>114906020[View]
114950939Damn... https://youtu.be/_tOkb1y7hEs[View]
114949328what's stopping you from kysing yourself in your country? my family. I can't ruin their li…[View]
114950014So...umm...: ᛗᚤ ᚾᚨᛗᛖ ᛁᛋ ᚤᛟᛋᚺᛁᚴᚨᚷᛖ ᚴᛁᚱᚨ. ᛁ'ᛗ 33 ᚤᛖᚨᚱᛋ ᛟᛚᛞ. ᛗᚤ ᚺᛟᚢᛋᛖ ᛁᛋ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛟᚱᛏᚺᛖᚨᛋᛏ ᛋᛖᚲᛏᛁᛟᚾ …[View]
114951120Do you remember the Great Bulgar-American war?[View]
114949374Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.[View]
114949976What did you dream about today? I dreamed about being on a university campus and then when I woke up…[View]
114950602Yes, that's right, I AM Central European[View]
114946208Question to Italians: Why are you guys so bad at english? I started working in tourism a while ago a…[View]
114946529>chinks think they can take over the world without any cultural influence by solely using economi…[View]
114950240Do you wear glasses?[View]
114941533/polska/: edycja polskich intelektualistów[View]
114950734Do Japanese boys really do this???????????: https://youtu.be/wRccvEsIybA[View]
114950648What did you dream about today? I dreamed about being on a university campus and then when I woke up…[View]
114947609What are the names of chess pieces in your cunt?: And how do they translate to English? Kralj > K…[View]
114950227Do Georgian women have big dicks?[View]
114950453Yesssssss , the Angels are staying in Anheim until 2050: They are my favorite baseball team (I am an…[View]
114950462Come to Poland[View]
114949737Monogamy is doom. Allowing every lesser male to procreate results in a race of emasculated autistic …[View]
114947418lachlan celt spam vs half armenian: who would win??[View]
114949765Who is a /baggedmilk/ cunt here?[View]
114950327>twiggy woman physically overpowering a man in a movie or a game[View]
114945121/fr/ - le francofil: Edition vive la France Ancien : >>114934570[View]
114950164West european country with the hottest chicks[View]
114948805>Can you imagine a Europe without germans?[View]
114946997Well fug :DD[View]
114948504Learning Serbian: I need reasons to learn Serbian over Japanese. I already like the music, but where…[View]
114945871is this what processed industrial refuse makes you look like if you keep eating it? https://www.yout…[View]
114949407Making fun of India again anon? I've got just the thing to shut you up. Open your mouth.[View]
114943872Sweden or Norway?[View]
114949752>Why yes, I use /int/ for the sole purpose of learning about foreign cultures and having refined …[View]
114949748>Anon, are you ready for my beast?[View]
114949714Do whites really???[View]
114949476I feel like a homo and a losoer: I am 30 but have achieved nothing in my life beisdes masturbating. …[View]
114946873/brit/: botched botox edition[View]
114946753brown boys...[View]
114949086>Great concept ruined by poor execution[View]
114949473>>Mama didn't make it? Throw it in the trash[View]
114948666>in France they'll just ask you on camera if you're autistic: Why are they like this? h…[View]
114941942/int/ opinions on Moscow?[View]
114948965Kanji is the reason for Japanese superb creativity. Imagine having to learn 2000 kanji with such sub…[View]
114949057Is it normal for friends in your cunt to completely ignore you on whatsapp?[View]
114943986>this is a 10/10 in UK[View]
114948709can we ban this image and all its variations from 4chan for good ?[View]
114947303What does your country smell like?[View]
114944917Can any Japs give me a rundown on these guys?: How are they still a thing?[View]
114947727The Armenian highlands.[View]
114945315/deutsch/: Ausgabe zur Huldigung der holden Maid Suzane[View]
114945002this thread will get over 100 replies[View]
114938977PISA Results are out!: How'd your country do?[View]
114941777Whites be like >Ouch oww the sun is too spicy[View]
114948468>I want to have a lot of money to move from <cunt> Do girls do this in your country do this…[View]
114948757Post POWERFUL songs: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCXESj-c2JM…[View]
114948421>Why yes, I do write an entire paper and THEN look for citations for all the information I'v…[View]
114948317ur cunt are you excited about christmas? flag yes, a lot[View]
114946850I wish I were fucking dead[View]
114923252/balk/: Balkans love Finland edition Old >>114895933[View]
114948422>mfw talking to my international friends on /int/[View]
114923619/ita/ il filo: edizione /ss/[View]
114948487I don't get it[View]
114946781The joker got some pussy, why can't you?[View]
114947715Holy based shqips got whipped https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1212411/albania-earthquake-after-…[View]
114945699C*tyniggers are no humans why should we care about them?[View]
114947260>South american niggas be like: I'll gladly let this lil nigga suck my blood, shit on my fac…[View]
114946429Why isn't Sony as rich as Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft?[View]
114948403Any DLI fags here? Have any success or use of language outside of work?[View]
114947755How accurate is this?[View]
114948331>noooooo, not 4 of a thing, aaaaargh nooooooooooooooooooooo[View]
114947492i'm going to nihon in january, planning on getting smashed on strong zero daily[View]
114944637Do non Americans eat this food of the gods?[View]
114948132White people be like >I LOVE SNOW AND COLD AND SKIING SO MUCH!!![View]
114945405why is this place so boring to live in? Their media painted a different picture to me[View]
114943820Where does this 'Denmark has no children' meme come from? This is a map of Danish regions. Colour in…[View]
114946892How do you go from this...[View]
114945043When you think of 'Chad' in your country, what name comes to mind? In Australia, for me, i…[View]
114947911When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I grew up a drunken drug addict.[View]
114939584>cunt >Do you like turn-based RPGs?[View]
114936719/mämmi/: Napostelupainos[View]
114947226Why do Indian and Bangladeshi men want their wives to breastfeed them?[View]
114944264Humor of /int thread.[View]
114947677Guys.... north korea, russia, china and iran were the good guys afterall![View]
114942218my dad works as a car mechanic, we live in a kind of posh area in Bombay so it's not uncommon t…[View]
114947568guess ethnicity[View]
114946836Why are there no posters from these countries?[View]
114934691hilo /lat/: hilo tallarin[View]
114943875>tfw i can post 𓆏 but not pic related Fucking st*ckholmoid admin nigger kike.…[View]
114947180why is this country so good at standing up against the homosexual menace?[View]
114938853Most of you won't care, but to those of you that do: The Norwegian general is currently being b…[View]
114946543*ears start bleeding*[View]
114922879/v4/+friends: Ourguy edition[View]
114934188Do you have an inward or outward bellybutton?[View]
114943739Tfw no Saxon-gf[View]
114944832Why do Americans come to this board even though they know they will get bullied and mocked?[View]
114947304southern hemisphere be like 𓀡[View]
114939971The fifth republic will fall this year Fuck France[View]
114947166is it easy to get a yandere gf in your cunt? I wish I had some crazy grills where I live[View]
114941229Why Japanese women so superior?? I despise All Non-Japanese women.[View]
114946712>have Br*zilian flags filtered feelsgoodman[View]
114942622Choose my next /int/-related book: >Warriors of Anatolia: A Concise History of the Hittites >T…[View]
114942908Man with Autism Opens His Own Coffee Shop: there is hope for you friends When Michael Coyne, a Speci…[View]
114946639How come younger people worldwide like China better than old farts?[View]
114941174norway and denmark have no non-borrowed word for 'homo': unlike sweden. in sweden a homo is called '…[View]
114946196>imagine being a brit >imagine being an anglo >imagine speaking english as your first langu…[View]
114941383What is wrong with slavs?[View]
114943949/brit/: The best Christmas movie -edish https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097958/[View]
114945667A Japanese bullet train railway in texas between Dallas and Houston is going to be supposedly finish…[View]
114941300Sverigetråden - Fredagsupplagan: FREEEDAAA[View]
114946407Have you ever done a cross country road trip?[View]
114926195This makes the brown person fart[View]
114944385Once reggaeton ends and they find a cure for eye-floaters 99% of people in the world will not be unh…[View]
114943709Tomorrow there will be massive protestings in France You will watch ?[View]
114946427uma delicia[View]
114946458Based New Zealander bleqching American ebony hot.round ass woman. Is 2020 the century of New Zealand…[View]
114937947This is a picture of the future of Australia. A nation that is proud of our English heritage but als…[View]
114945681What phenotype is this?[View]
114941711Is there anything worse than being an ugly awkward quiet kid?[View]
114945635ancient Greece in Anglo movie: Nordic studs with great sense for art and poetry and eloquent vocabul…[View]
114944219After having been in the US for a year, i realized that their weight issues aren't solely cause…[View]
114941333Come to Sw***n[View]
114932521Shahar: tfw shahar would be a gigachad if he lost weight i only have ms paint[View]
114945950>'You're just an evil cracked-out pathological liar!' >*Overdoses on LSD while 'correctin…[View]
114943107>Investigators from Federal Investigation Agency confirmed 629 Pakistani women were sold to Chine…[View]
114940056Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114938717Europe by 2050 be like >Muhammadsson >McMuhammad >Muhammadopoulos >Muhammadovich >Muh…[View]
114941796I dream of a Sino-Latin American Co-Prosperity Sphere[View]
114944135How come Nordics are so attractive, and Brittoids so ugly?[View]
114944164Yes, that's the average Norwegian Don't @ me fag[View]
114943007How come even Eastern Europeans are cucks nowadays? Is this just like a general white people thing n…[View]
114945859every time I see a refugee, I call the cops with their exact location and heading.[View]
114928090Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>114870962 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
114945490Why yes, I hate protestant.[View]
114945660India in 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1AOw6g649w[View]
114945689>your city >how many buildings your city has? São Paulo +53.000…[View]
114937936was/is this a big deal in your country? I know it's basically a religion worldwide but I wanna …[View]
114943940Greece is still a nicer place to live than all of MENA.[View]
114943044I want a gf but I am ugly and autistic af[View]
114941657/deutsch/: .[View]
114944725>The lion and sun motif is based largely on astronomical and astrological configurations, and the…[View]
114945346/egy/: إنه يكتب رسالة طويلة.[View]
114944304>Tfw I will never be American Other nations just don't compare. Being non-American in this w…[View]
114945145all weebs must die[View]
114942224is there anything worse than being a male ugly virgin loner in a world of hot people that have sex c…[View]
114944222>mfw no japanese gf[View]
114944309I wanted to become an astronaut as a kid then I realized I live in C*Nada[View]
114940898I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
114943800I want a black baby.[View]
114942980Who's the real Macedonia /int/?[View]
114944578Do you love Japan?[View]
114944825Saint Clasu was a pedophile: MTV: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/pedofiili-joulupukki-vaani-tav…[View]
114941949>former yugoslav republic of macedonia[View]
114943347When do you put up the Christmas tree in your country? Norway 23rd of December[View]
114944728im from the future (2185): -Theres are a huge war going on mars at my time between the American Fede…[View]
114942815lads how the fuck do you use this machine in your country[View]
114944562idda just bought sum weed[View]
114942280How many nordic blood was left here?[View]
114943594>he was the good guy all along[View]
114897380/balt/ + /ausnz/: Lain once again edition[View]
114944695stop immigrating to my country.[View]
114934570/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition du Mercredi. Ancien: >>114918623[View]
114941340/brit/: dumb spoiled cunt edish[View]
114939579When are Spaniards going to apologize to Muslims for the Reconquista and give free citizenship to th…[View]
114937236You wake up in a world where Nords didn't vanish from North America What would that be like?[View]
114943575over for Huawei CEO: A new fire against Huawei was unleashed by Donald Trump on Wednesday. The US pr…[View]
114940679Yes I am Chicano Yes I am brown Yes I have sex with white women No I don't consider myself Amer…[View]
114943569Noooooon! Pas les escargots! Pas les escargots, s'il vous plaît! Surrender! Surrender! I surren…[View]
114933999>You're a pussy >What noise do you make to attract cats Russia Ksksksks…[View]
114939419These manlets need to be colonized by big american cock.[View]
114909815/asean/: Megumin's birthday edition[View]
1149430551) Your a'cunt 2) Has anyone cut off a part of your body without your consent for no medical re…[View]
114940262Have you watched simpsons episode where homer turns into super fat homer :D if you have money proble…[View]
114943548Is cuckolding mostly an American thing? I never see a British man who openly admits he shares his wi…[View]
114944068Macedon? >Yes, Alexander the greats country[View]
114943158sami gf: if you want a gf just go to sami land and get one. as easy as picking blueberries.in terms …[View]
114943789Name a duo more based. Pro tip, you can't.[View]
114942525I want to own a pub and call it The Farting Nigger Would that be a good name for a pub?[View]
114943366>bro, just lose some weight. Everybody will start complementing you then…[View]
114937687Let's settle this. Which is better: Japan or Korea?[View]
114942394Do they really? I thought Hungary was better than that[View]
114941163How do Chinese girls from China get these perceptions if they're not influenced by western cult…[View]
114942491Post the Street Fighter character from your cunt?: >Cammy I busted so many nuts to her when i wa…[View]
114937801>wake up >world now looks like this What's your reaction?…[View]
114942073Which city is this ?[View]
114940022Why are Canadians two-faced?[View]
114943036Brazil is not an asian count-[View]
114938599I meet a lot of Mexicans who love metal music and act like white rednecks. What's going on here…[View]
114942953Queen Elizabeth the 1st (The virgin queen): Do you think she really was a virgin? I doubt it[View]
114942847it's 21:46 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114939364>My ethnicity? American[View]
114931695Why Italians mad at this cartoons?[View]
114939333What happened to men?[View]
114942254I wish I were born in a first world country[View]
114939933Is canada's prime minister a chad?[View]
114940568Korea is Africa tier: so what? If you don't do your best, you will fall below Korea.[View]
114939799Why are they passionate and charismatic?[View]
114942570gib norf gf...[View]
114940200>be Russian man >travel to Mexico >make vlogs >get attacked by a angry mob >defeat th…[View]
114942547When did you get over your /pol/ phase and realise /int/ was the light?[View]
114938274>Germany >white[View]
114942327Is the US the least cowardly civilized country?: We're the only developed nation that lacks any…[View]
114941715Thank god for the balkan wars, else we would have never heard to such based music. https://www.yout…[View]
114941929Why do non Americans have weird belly buttons?[View]
114940539Why were we born in the most developed period?: Life is only once Maybe we could be born in the old …[View]
114941316Why do Germans love digging?[View]
114939191American girls and Brazilian males look like this????[View]
114941823I feel like a homo and a losoer: I am 30 and never received a blowjob.[View]
114942049Do you support Queen Elizabeth II?: A question for all.[View]
114941688Have you ever been to an African country before?: If so, what was your experience like?[View]
114941152I can't stop thinking about that Turkmen girl bros...[View]
114939406VOC Boot Uitgave Welkom: specerijen en goud Niet welkom: Anglos[View]
114942026Will the world eventually have a single unified language? It seems that with the internet this is in…[View]
114936193Did anybody fall for 'traditional med women' meme?I got Greek gf >She is not trad at all and supp…[View]
114937703Spot the czech[View]
114934969It gets lonely here: Is anyone from Switzerland who would like to meet up or add me on Discord? It s…[View]
114937954What type of chads are most common in your country? I'm far left[View]
114936508In the 60's South Korea was poorer than Nigeria[View]
114941432>why did the Latina cross the road TO GET SOME BBC BECAUSE PABLO'S 5 FT 6 4 INCH PENE AIN…[View]
114940507Ugh... What could have been...[View]
114940769Post your country's rightful clay[View]
114941578>trump keeps shitting on everyone and insulting other world leaders >act absolutely outraged w…[View]
114941500tfw u will never be as goodlooking as rurik gislason[View]
114937014/deutsch/: (du)huren Ausgabe[View]
114937629less than a month until india becomes a superpower: are you ready for 2020?[View]
114934909/polska/: edycja mieszkania na swoim[View]
114936881>cunt >do you love your sister Flag Yes[View]
114940008Man finds out he is father of 10 children!: https://www.iltalehti.fi/seksuaalisuusjasuhteet/a/a009c0…[View]
114941145Oh, hello there, I didn't see you standing at my door, do come in. Well, as you know, and despi…[View]
114941268How did the French get away with what the Germans got in trouble with?[View]
114930150>why did a German cross the border ? >to lose another world war…[View]
114936625Do they really?[View]
114939595>ywn live in Samjiyon[View]
114921599Post a flag and anons reply with the most stereotypical name they can think of from that country …[View]
114938218/int/ards of Christian background. How much did you learn about Christianity growing up? Even though…[View]
114937487>Traveling, Drugs, Alcohols, Hook ups, Watching sports, going to clubs, listening to rap music an…[View]
114940862>non-h, females only[View]
114934974Why are Polish women so low IQ?: Every Polish woman i talk to knows nothing outside of what Facebook…[View]
114940608Aside from Catholicism and the names, what Spanish influence is even left in the Philippines? Everyo…[View]
114937952Do you also want a traditional med woman? She'll wait for you at home with a good dish of pasta…[View]
114940229I've been seeing so many Finland ftag in this board Are they hikikomori people? Don't they…[View]
114931876Life in Russia: A genuine question to all the Russians here. I am wondering how life is in Russia, f…[View]
114936291brrrr, it's getting so hecking cold in here~[View]
114938324Sabotage and implosion: >Family Immigrates to your country to have a better life >Has a better…[View]
114938756When will Japan join?[View]
114938147>canadian's are nice and polite people Who started this meme?[View]
114938854How well do people age in your country?[View]
114922800/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: scary movies edition[View]
114939883Whoa people from Brazil look like that?[View]
114933008Pick your faction[View]
114936155I really scard of Korea. Why are they hate us so much?[View]
114938793Russian boys look like that?![View]
114940123cunt what do you think about this movie?[View]
114939955what's their endgame?[View]
114937918Can anyone tell what is the meaing of this phrase: 'One distort to decay'? I'm not native speak…[View]
114938918Describe american culture in 3 words[View]
114939074I love to sing-a[View]
114938315Ooooh oooooh I want a hen-tai girl for me To make me haaaapy I want her so I can stop using my hand …[View]
114937275I show you my wolf cat[View]
114939416How do foreigners cope with the fact that they're not european?[View]
114922668I saw another WMAF couple yesterday, they had a cute hapa baby and everything. And as is usually the…[View]
114939733Daily reminder that every time you deny my beliefs, you are denying the truth.[View]
114938352you may not like it, but this is how the average Romanian looks like[View]
114926992/Nederdraad/: /nederdraad/ Vrouwelijk schoon editie! Welkom: Mooie vrouwen en mooie twijgjes Niet-We…[View]
114939446I exclusively date latinas[View]
114928546A group of newly arriwed asian girls to Norway learns about our laws and language etc: https://youtu…[View]
114939314Do Romanians really look like this? /int/ told me they're all gypsies. Which is it, /int/?[View]
114939633What do russians honestly think about americans?[View]
114939622Why are the men from here so cute? I seriously question my sexuality when I see a Mexican man[View]
114934892>Tuborg julebryg isnt available in his country[View]
114933458Has anyone even noticed all the pro china shills? How can people even defend this dystopian nightmar…[View]
114938292OH NO NO NO NO[View]
114935449Please add this character mods I'm tired of using the inferior swedish ö[View]
114935361Let me see your upper body[View]
114939444Kakariko Village - Home.[View]
114936128pasta,pizza,insalata caprese[View]
114933184Cute Roman girl[View]
114927770would you rather speak swedish or f*nnish?: look at the state of finnish. incomprehensible and non-g…[View]
114938879Why didn't they just keep the chad orange? Now their flag looks like Aquafresh.[View]
114935519>tfw you will always be an eastern european how do i cope with this?[View]
114933299You are the country Do you enjoy Estonia?[View]
114936738I am Hapa (mom is slanty eyed tatar) Please procreate with Asian women and help our kind grow.[View]
114935456/brit/: oh god i slept 16 hours last night hah alcohol edition prev >>114932504[View]
114932105The Good Guys™[View]
114936902Do you love America?[View]
114938749What would happen if I flew into Ukraine and illegally crossed into Schengen either through Hungary,…[View]
11493384117times worse than Nazis.[View]
114938827I travel a lot for work, and in every country I visit, I make sure to visit the local sperm bank and…[View]
114938757>Favourite historical figure? Has to be Herod the Great[View]
114938140Australians be like 'throw another shrimp on the bahbee' hahahaha[View]
114937291I feel like a homo: I have no money and no gf. And I am stuck in Israel instead of living in the USA…[View]
114938538>common law[View]
114936903>your cunt >do you know what this is for?…[View]
114837531/lang/ - language learning general: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
114928802>Germagay Sidenote I wonder what it would look like if Sweden were included in these, but no one …[View]
114938477Planning to do an MBA in Canada, preferably Toronto. What are my job prospects in Canada after that?…[View]
114938458America would be perfect if this law passed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Marriage_Amendment…[View]
114935424>leave China to me[View]
114929811>i suffer in austria[View]
114935392If you do not love yourself, if you are not honest with yourself, you cannot truly love another and …[View]
114938129These guys are just as bad as china[View]
114937246>American cop TV show/movie >Main character has an Irish surname (O'Connor or O'Har…[View]
114938256>There’s a lot of talk of farts in [James] Joyce’s letters to Barnacle, but he writes about them …[View]
114934112Goodbye for all eternity.: Hello my name is Ban Ki Gook. I am the guy who always went ape and fought…[View]
114934277our ancestors used to start legit families with multiple children: and it wasn't because they d…[View]
114937372Did you know that Spain has the most Neanderthal admixture from any modern European population?[View]
114936812This is a 10/10 in Scandinavia[View]
114935271Why do japanese name their kids 'fat'?[View]
114937464What are they trying to achieve by constantly doing this? Its bordering the behavior of drug addicts…[View]
114936664Why are black americans so violent, even by mexican standards?[View]
114930864why are north american men so afraid of north american women?[View]
114937869I don't understand my country.[View]
114937577Questions to the neets of /int/. How often do you go outside if at all? What do you do all day? What…[View]
114935877>murders Boeing How are Amerifats coping?[View]
114937083dogpill: take the dogpill faggots. females would rather fuck dogs than you https://streamable.com/au…[View]
114933608Only thing that stops me from learning French is the fact that in 30 years, 80% of French speakers w…[View]
114934711I'm only german after all I'm only german after all Please put the blame on me Please put …[View]
114930769why haven't you kysed yet?[View]
114935331Asian women are just dumb. They are worthless.[View]
114937044>are you catholic? >are you a pedophile? no yes…[View]
114936818why is everything so cheap in denmark: im sick of living in this post soviet shithole where we pay 4…[View]
114937082Greeks think they are hard working and will show you all kind of statistics with 'longest work week'…[View]
114937518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veD7LrmK-oY >dutch and german mother of god…[View]
114935077This is the average brazilian woman[View]
114936603Where is the justice?: Japan invaded Korea and they destroyed our count making our men thier slaves …[View]
114934557>your cunt >is it ok to sleep in the same bed as your sister?…[View]
114937277>tfw only dream if i make siesta and it's always really weird stuff that makes no sense…[View]
114926848What's your favourite biome?[View]
114936769Is there a widespread use of illegal drugs in your country?[View]
114937000>gigachad? sorry, never heard of her[View]
114929743Should I learn French or Spanish?[View]
114936746I can speak and read two languages!: Filipino ( Tagalog based national language) English (Germanic b…[View]
114936535ORDEM E PROGRESSO[View]
114936829History of white people: Japheth is the ancestor of white people. At first he and his descendants al…[View]
114932840/deutsch/: Aktive Sterbehilfe - Ausgabe[View]
114924403>mfw 4°C right now[View]
114929746>earn less than americans >everything is more expensive than in america why is europe allowed?…[View]
114933745what do you think about the icelandic crown coins?[View]
114932934I baked pizza for lunch.[View]
114935473>Australia will always be a shithole whilst Bosnia will stay the greatest country and Earth'…[View]
114928656/mämmi/: Pajtim Statovci-painos[View]
114936005>be me COOMing as usual >man, these Pornhub creators are getting really good >checks bio …[View]
114934064Which country has the best WOKE culture?: Amerika https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo0RK_olDb4 Brazi…[View]
114936054Kim Jong Un's wife is actually really cute: Nicer Dicer[View]
114930544>Hmmm... I wonder what my /int/ bros are up to this morning...[View]
114935540Name my band, /int/[View]
114934670PISA: PISA results were just published. How did your country do?[View]
114932547Is it true Russians actually support causing global warming so they get new farmland and new ice fre…[View]
114932752The prices of everything is rising overnight and many things are no longer available 3 people have …[View]
114935548He's right though.[View]
114933406Kimboard Warriors: VANK launched anti-anime campaign http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.htm…[View]
114932582Do Finnish males really?[View]
114932558the good guys[View]
114928206>cunt >do you have traps/cute femboys ?[View]
114932600Yellow fetish is mentally ill. Most Japanese women are look like this. No tits No booty. White women…[View]
114932924Recruiting English・English conversation instructor: 英語教えて下さい Please tell me English https://live2.ni…[View]
114928084Are you afraid of 5G?[View]
114929974Takahiro is life: Takahiro is love Pray at the CHURCH of takahiro[View]
114935595мoжeтe cкaзaть мнe o кyбaнoиды[View]
114930669im eating a kråssant thank you france[View]
114927842One country.[View]
114923717Dark British People: Just curious what percentage of ethnic British/Irish People could pass as typic…[View]
114932504/brit/: selecta edish[View]
114932320*Conquers your country* *Annex your land* *Steals your wife and daughter* >heye, dombira!…[View]
114929140White people think Asian people is ugly and inferior? I'm 26 year old single Japanese man. I th…[View]
114933703Can you remind me again why Kazakhstanis hate this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FlBCJbb2oo…[View]
114932282Eurogenes Global 25 results: Yours?[View]
114935197Do Americans really?[View]
114933193i eat pork raw and have had no ill effects. (pic unrelated) why does big beef wanna convince us not …[View]
114933032Is he Jomon?[View]
114933992Bullying: How common is bullying at schools in your country? Were you bullied or did you know anyone…[View]
114931871You Kimboard warriors might get 3x more wage than this year.: South Gorilla 3x pump up Anti-A-nemy c…[View]
114934402You wake up during the Dutch Golden Age, 1660[View]
114931196Do you want to find love in China? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf5Lk37fCaU…[View]
114933370Where do you plot on this PCA using G25 coordinates?: https://vahaduo.github.io/g25views/#…[View]
114934828>Ο Προkόπης δε θα σου πάρει ποτέ πίπα Πώς θα αντεπεξέλθετε σε αυτό το γεγονός;…[View]
114927450>Thai girls are ug- think again sweetheart[View]
114931940Why are white people so god damn handsome?[View]
114934765Who else Chad enough to speak Pidgin? I already have an African flag. https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tor…[View]
114926576Sand fish[View]
114934585This is two average norwegian boys. Post the average from your country.[View]
114934602/fr/ - le francofil: édition des non-binaires ancien : >>114918623[View]
114930860What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Iraq?[View]
114925836>china haters: >lmaooo bruh look at those cia glowniggers and eu cucks seething at us…[View]
114934423In one month, India will be a superpower[View]
114917360hilo latino /lat/[View]
114931466Your cunt Were you created by god to suffer? Flag Yes. Cant wait to end it all[View]
114933363Why American black people slide their head side to side when they are talking?[View]
114930609Post the most hopeless count, except for Africa: Bad public security Drugs Many Gangsters(even some …[View]
114929428What phenotype is this? https://youtu.be/y9ztUFcLWFg[View]
114926739Would you drink that water[View]
114934271>Grand Theft Auto 4 Unbelievable Crashes/Falls Episode X[View]
114934004Press Freedom: How free is the Press in your cunt? Here a bunch of billionaires controls something l…[View]
114933412Remember Seto Kaiba from Yugioh?[View]
114928554Chinese are good people.: The Chinese are great people. Their civilization is thousands of years old…[View]
114922704/polska/: Edycja mleka matki[View]
114932192>post your region >is there an independence movement? >do you want to secede go pic unrelat…[View]
114931474What does your country women think think about Turkish men? Here they are known to be very clingy bu…[View]
114932619>Alle Menschen werden Brüder, >Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.…[View]
114933806everyone at my work is bosniak: well a lot of my coworkers are. they seem like a lovely bunch. i hav…[View]
114925896Based kot[View]
114895373what is the most chad moment in your life?[View]
114918623/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de la frégate Ancien : >>114909808 >>114909808 >>1149…[View]
114920485Say something nice about Japan.[View]
114925578Germans... should do as they are fucking told. Who gave these retarded sitzpinklers the idea that th…[View]
114927547>All boards on 4channel.org are to be considered 'work safe'.[View]
114932392>he doesn't speak any mongoloid language >he's after mongoloid women…[View]
114906020/norgetråden/: Smash-utgaven Forrige: >>114871756 >>114871756 >>114871756 >>…[View]
114929779I am sick and tired of the antisemitism on this website, in 27 days...: In 27 days you are going to …[View]
114932310Are Russians generally religious ?[View]
114933115>Don't worry, Churchill. I need some time to rebuild the military, so this is perfect. When …[View]
114927447Why are gamers always so fucking thin whiny? I clicked on the wrong page of youtube and got sucked …[View]
114926590I love China. Do china like Japan?[View]
114932812>He killed millions[View]
114926654What does it feel like to be an incel /int/?[View]
114932024>regularly go to desuarchive to revisit that time I made an epic thread ha ha surely I am not the…[View]
114927740I love Japan. Does Japan love Israel?[View]
114932948What does the Latvian language sound to you like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtnmnfaVs7k&fe…[View]
114929719Your cunt Do you support rape laws?[View]
114930200Cтpaнoшapы: What's the origin of this meme? People have told that at the peak of crisis in Ukr…[View]
114928774/brit/: Andy Goldsworthy edition[View]
114930853ENOUGH. I demand direct rule from Tehran.[View]
114930309Staying late in office to avoid traffic Do you fags do this too?[View]
114931433Again this morning I woke up in a rich, 1st world European country. Did you do too?[View]
114931101Do people from your country believe in Santa?[View]
114932203>Noooooo not the tower I build 50 years ago, not all my useless shitty buildings, don't dest…[View]
114928096/deutsch/ Ausgabe jungfrau früher: >>114923156[View]
114930128how does one deal with a broken heart?[View]
114927619I love pizza. Thanks Italy.[View]
114931398Why are all normies like this?[View]
114929307He wasn't THAT bad.[View]
114929998>I love France![View]
114926693I hope they rot in hell[View]
114929463외국인이 볼펜으로 한글 서예를 그렸다: https://youtu.be/j4lIjcUD2vU[View]
114924410yoda dayo[View]
114932146Rares Damian, Romanian LARP pro just anheroed RIP.[View]
114929816Post metal from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyZmK7OXbwQ Primitive Man is based in …[View]
114930597travels of /int/ >last night of vacation in korea this summer >hook up with a girl from tinder…[View]
114924652Does this happen in your country?[View]
114931057I like China, do China like Australia?[View]
114931903Hey YT[View]
114931319Honestly, if any girl would tell me she's interested in me, I'd think it's a joke mad…[View]
114928043Which country in Europe is the best for a soon to be foreign student like I?[View]
114928570How does your country deal with illegal immigrants and foreign criminals?[View]
114929391what are your plans for the rest of the days lads?: I have a day off so I am going to lay in bed all…[View]
114926029Sverigetråden - Heemade av städaren-upplagan[View]
114928718Is the West going to do ANYTHING about this?[View]
114931120thanks for the money suckers: THE LARGEST METRO PROJECT IN EUROPE Attica Metro and the Ministry of I…[View]
114931409Brie and butter baguette sandwiches are so fucking good. Goddamn you French niggers and your god tie…[View]
114927938Why does the USA keep producing these fucked in the head cunts?: https://www.news.com.au/world/north…[View]
114930466>Nooooo, you can't attack Poland >*two weeks later* >OK, I surrender. Do whatever you …[View]
114930461If your youtube top trending music isn't dominated by blacks, you are not a western country[View]
114926810.: 1. Flag 2. What is/was your major in your univ 3. What is your current job?[View]
114930006>santa isn't real. why are you lying to children?[View]
114931224Undercover Cop exposed while on assignment for the 2nd time in a row: Gay undercover Citrus Heights …[View]
114930772el steve jobs de los videojuegos...[View]
114926893Why do east euros look like this?[View]
114931054Average American Man[View]
114908134/ex-yu/: novi sa devicama[View]
114920771/gengen/: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy/ /ita/ - il filo /b…[View]
114930973what is France rebolution?[View]
114930897Is Belgium really this based? Whats the catch?[View]
114907951/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Bpaчeвaния тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий: >>114889545[View]
114930751Euro (or any) whitebois sees an oriental woman be like...[View]
114930557Our world is an epic fantasy series and China is the heroic main character.[View]
114929716Is this true?[View]
114930441>I heard you were being mean to Soyjak. If you do that again I'm gonna mess you up, alright?…[View]
114928639No wonder why Europeans prefer English bois[View]
114929498>mfw I hear about some asian tourists paid 1000 euros for a simple launch…[View]
114929094/ro/ - Firul nostru: Am descoperit ca bozgorul traieste intr-un sat mic in Harghita, Gheorgheni. Duc…[View]
114929495Taiwan: How is the life in Taiwan? Is it good? I see often people refer to it as Chinese Japan. But …[View]
114927113Canada has never lost a war[View]
114930007how are we supposed to go through?[View]
114930285Imagine living in a country where you aren't allowed to talk to strangers on the street. Fuckin…[View]
114927915Oh no no no: >President Donald Trump returned from the long Thanksgiving weekend ready to open up…[View]
114929542tell me about argie girls[View]
114928033Can we just build a huge wall around this? The world would be so much better if these people were co…[View]
114908640For the last time, we're not Asian.[View]
114927266Are there any countries where girls arent worthless whores who will open their legs for anything and…[View]
114928420Post a strange festival in your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNFZNROsjiU[View]
114924309brehs, North Vancouver is full of iranian qts. help me.[View]
114924715Which of these grills did you crush on/fap to growing up?[View]
114924960Afghanistan, How do you justify?[View]
114928957I have random day off that i wasn't expecting How should i spend it?[View]
114922902How do you call this in your country?[View]
114929649All of it will be going to Russians and serbaloids[View]
114929005What is it like to drive from São Paulo to Rio? Those two megacities are only 430km apart by road. I…[View]
114929543Which Korean woman do you like?[View]
114928342Anyone else bored of porn? I've been a coomer for so long that it does nothing for me anymore. …[View]
114924143do you like your own country?[View]
114919251Is it possible to get a muslim qt as a non muslim?: It seems like you almost never see a muslim girl…[View]
114923932PISA results are in: How did your country do? Reading: Above average Math: Below average Science: Ab…[View]
114929041What's went so wrong with those 'people'?[View]
114927627Why do Arabs have weak chins?[View]
114928870Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
114924100Would you rather live in índia or pakistan[View]
114926759/brit/: The Deep edition[View]
114928245Share anti American song This is called : America is a vampire https://youtu.be/4zstCUVV_nE[View]
114927777Japanese dishes are very delicious![View]
114918384/mämmi/: Mämmimaa on paras paikka, Mämmimaa on iloinen-painos[View]
114928542today i ate burger thank you america for inventing burger[View]
114928425im not white, im a GEAT: learn the difference the GEATS are a peoples decended from the island of ju…[View]
114927491what sound does this animal make in your language? for us it's oink-oink[View]
114927905I am sick and tired of the antisemitism on this website: In 27 days you are going to need to find so…[View]
114924663ITT: American heroes: He did nothing wrong![View]
114920158Where did tall, dark, and handsome Anglo Saxons go?[View]
114928392Man puts traps all over his home: https://www.seiska.fi/Oho/Mies-rakensi-talonsa-tayteen-ansoja-vark…[View]
114928216I see a cute girl and i want her to get BLACKED[View]
114925324how friquent do you fap ? Me once a three day[View]
114924423This is the average middle class house in America.[View]
114927745are koreans even human?[View]
114927176is it true that all Dutch people wear these?[View]
114928127/deutsch/: Aktive Sterbehilfe - Ausgabe[View]
114854882/dixie/ — The South & Friends: stop making me bump the thread 12 times every morning edition pre…[View]
114923156/deutsch/ Morgenausgabe gegen die Kälte[View]
114928097Why do danes look like Sardinians?[View]
114924959Do you love Nippon?: >Ctrl+F Japan >31 results >Ctrl+F Korea >1 (one) result [>>11…[View]
114925928Is this common sense in your cunt?[View]
114924494How do they cope?[View]
114927735Why does this board wants me to like nig i mean black women?: These type of women have don't ha…[View]
114927515Ah.. the big cabbage. The city that never is sober. Only in Warsaw![View]
114927445Why is everybody else so stingy and rude?[View]
114926780Why do niggers have a sneaker obsession: Do they know how gay that is[View]
114925990how come there's always some schizo j*poid bragging about killing civilians in ww2 on /int/ lik…[View]
114924460Do you REALLY want to find love in China?: This is the average Chinese female. Still want to find lo…[View]
114927040Do French man really?[View]
114927753Why are East Asians so good at math?: Especially the Chinese[View]
114927502I miss her so much[View]
114922412>Doctor said that the cancer has spread, Soyjak. I don't have much time left...…[View]
114870962Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>114827201 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
114926209You just know...[View]
114920209>tfw no GDR GF ;_; How does one find her in the modern world?[View]
114925136do jannies in your cunt do their jobs?[View]
114926732/slav/ and /nord/ /alcohol thred. What are you drunking? We drunk counterfeit.[View]
114924177Guess the city.[View]
114925738ROMA ETERNA![View]
114925833Is Brazil more similar to Haiti or Colombia?[View]
114925174I just invested in Poland[View]
114926488This is Tokyo[View]
114926972>this is our son's room.He is a janitor of sorts on an internet forum…[View]
114927226I have an interview for network admin monkey position in 3 hours.. Give me some tips to succeed.[View]
114925618how do we stop this kind of racist harassment?[View]
114926152/jp/ otaku culture JAV thread[View]
114919947Why is Western Culture so powerful? https://twitter.com/GloomPilled/status/1201542863068250112[View]
114923120Are super skinny people even human beings? Today I hugged a co-worker because it was his birthday an…[View]
114924945How do you deal with beta leftists in your country[View]
114926036>Drove out the chinks >Drove out the mongols >Drove out the frogs >Drove out the mutts W…[View]
114927126Imagine walking up and realizing you don't have a qt azn gf. Why should I bother living again?[View]
114925241Andalusians - The perfect combination of Iberian, Italian, Arab, Berber, Jew, Gypsy. Spanish men are…[View]
114924872Are Aussies like this in your cunt?[View]
114917332What is the age of consent in your country? Should it be lowered? flag 16 yes[View]
114923336>got to japan >get groped >get 90% of your possessions stolen by muh 'based jomons' >get…[View]
114920728How well do people age in your country?[View]
114925638You have to live in an african country for the rest of your life - which do you pick, and why?[View]
114907176/nederdraad/: Sterker samen Uitgave[View]
114919924Only a few more weeks until spaceships and robots. Getting scared yet?[View]
114926727/mena/: Get out of your neet basement and start exploring edishan[View]
114924557/brit/: sad twat edition[View]
114923996Swedes are Medieval Germans (Teutons)[View]
114924922/kailaasa/ first edition edition: Please join our country Kailaasa.org[View]
1149249160 (zero) original inventions[View]
11492635028 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
114925225Turkey claims half of Eastern Meditterenean as their own: >A Turkish diplomat has revealed a map …[View]
114923380i want to look like matthew noszka[View]
114925231Yes, Indonesia IS relevant.[View]
114922122why are australians killing koalas?[View]
114920776Do foreigners live in your town?: If yes, from which count do they come from the most? In my town, I…[View]
114925561This is our president when he was young say something nice please[View]
114924149>board is called /int/ernational >people who want to find /int/national love are condemned and…[View]
114925912what do you do you are freaking sad I want to die[View]
114925840>Why yes Boss, I watch porn during work hours on company internet. It helps boost my morale.…[View]
114925408Chinese decent people who not live in mother country like Japan and Japanese? Korean decent people w…[View]
114925783What's going on with the Brits, lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyNP3s5mxI8[View]
114924712voy al oxxo a comprar unas cheves, ¿se les ofrece algo?[View]
114925511I have donated at least $50 to starving African children over the years and now I want my money back…[View]
114920593is darth maul a daedra?[View]
114920556Girlfriend: do women love in your country America no[View]
114925402Taiwan music make me happy and relax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCMBIuzLBlU https://www.youtube…[View]
114923228What are your new year's resolutions for 2020?[View]
114924469You know guys? I noticed something. Since I'm a Pakistani, I noticed that everywhere I go, I al…[View]
114923665Wow East Asians look like THAT?[View]
114922813>Cunt >If you had to pick a someone from a foreign country to cuck you, from which country wou…[View]
114924942Why do Asian and Brown 'men' make the best sissies?[View]
114919905America in the year 2025[View]
114923981>/int/ in a nutshell[View]
114923449People in Spain and Portugal waking up for work & education Say good morning to the Iberian Peni…[View]
114917948Why are European animated movies/characters so SHIT?: On the left we have a US/NZ masterpiece with c…[View]
114922577Hello comrades, we have a good gap around battle now, so we should decide our next targets for forti…[View]
114924267Who are you? The thread you posted in died but we've got the same DNA![View]
114919406A 37 year old wrote this.[View]
114923735Why Americans don't like people from New-Jersey?: Is that a stereotype?[View]
114922198Would you be willing to live in a trailer/mobile home, /int/? How common are they in your country?[View]
114918045What do we do about Japan's impending demographic collapse?[View]
114920365Just started my 30 day paid vacations today, I will go back to work only in mid January. Is that co…[View]
114923719what SHOULD have been[View]
114907439How much in common does Brazil actually have with the rest of Latin America? they seem just as cultu…[View]
114922928>I have to go now my planet needs me[View]
114922346This is MY land. This is MY crappy little river. God gave them to ME.[View]
114922311Soulless corporate drones and bodybuilders.[View]
114921979>Someone from the UK can just take a train and move to France or Italy without a passport or Visa…[View]
114922353I met some Finns at a bar last night and holy shit, the memes are all true. You are truly a bunch of…[View]
114916917Why were the Nazis so insane when the Italians were mostly just normal?[View]
114913322Do these two cunts even have a nightlife? Or is everyone terrified of being out at night?[View]
114920187Northern Mexico needs to join the USA. We'll give you 8 states (Baja peninsula getting one stat…[View]
114924352i have come to the conclusion that québec has the coolest borders/shape on earth great flag too[View]
114921365/brit/: The Blue Boy edition[View]
114919981do westerns know maxim gorky?[View]
114919118IMPERIAL BMAF: >In the 1930s relationship between Japan and Ethiopia was so strong a marriage was…[View]
114921621Imagine if the US managed to pass this law? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Marriage_Amendment…[View]
1149206931) Your Language 2) Where do you rest your tongue when not speaking? >English >Tip touching th…[View]
114922423Brazilian posters now accuse each other of being the schizo poster, lol imagine being the actual guy…[View]
114924037Why are White women so skinny?: Japanese women are obese though.[View]
114922520What's this faggot's deal and why does he spam old photos everywhere? He replies to new th…[View]
114918583I am a black man direct your questions to me and I shall answer them truthfully[View]
114918307ITT: Countries that are autistic on a national level[View]
114924280We carry in our hearts the true country And that cannot be stolen We follow in the steps of our ance…[View]
114918395Which continent has the best shape?[View]
114920784>you shouldn't meet your heroes[View]
114922408kinda curious to Muricas: how many phone calls from scammer aka Tech Support have u got normally in …[View]
114922942Why do Pakis look like Anglos?[View]
114923653finding good music from foreign languages: how do you guys find good music in languages that aren…[View]
114923913I melted butter and cheese in the microwave and now I’m about to eat it[View]
114919420I drew Europe from memory.[View]
114922894tell me about people you work with. are they nice to you? do you go out with them after work? I…[View]
114923427gran colombia... lo que pudo haber sido...[View]
114924079Uhh hello based department?[View]
114920174Why are Koreans killing themselves now?[View]
114922561'Yes, I DO kill children in gas chambers. I do make gloves out of human skin!'[View]
114921079How bad is racism towards Middle Easterners in your or my country?: I don't bother talking to a…[View]
114921095do british people understand how ugly they are?[View]
114920575do people in your country do this?[View]
114920723>Car Free Day[View]
114919158How long has it been since you lost The Game?[View]
114923744How come white americans and chicanos don't play sports? The players are either african america…[View]
114917237>und das heisst, Erika![View]
114923890>why yes i protest violently and target politicians >what gave it away?…[View]
1149227504 Countries Have Been Consistently Getting Dumber: >Australia >Finland >Iceland >New Zea…[View]
114922507>mfw in dubs Spanish/Latin America and Brazil/Portugal do two separate dubs why? isn't that …[View]
114921346Like in my anime, so kawai https://youtu.be/Hs3-rOCsEQk?t=293[View]
114889156/flag/ + /extraflags/ aka /deadflag/: Jomon BVLL edition Previously on /flag/ >>114852886 Welc…[View]
114916996How do i stop being lithuanian?[View]
114921386You wake up in France[View]
114922858ok 2 b chinese in your country? 1. canada 2. yes!![View]
114923208its KIRBY! :D[View]
114912938>pewdiepie's house was robbed What the fr*ck /int/ told me there was no crime in Japan and t…[View]
114921544French Speakers: Please translate this video https://youtu.be/WG_0RrrnjNI[View]
114915701You hate this country because Trumpfags told you to hate it and you can't find a real valid rea…[View]
114922485Spoiled little shits who ruin our country[View]
114921018Why are latinos such emotional people?[View]
114922238Good morning[View]
114919675what happened to the guy who use to make these?[View]
114921430White Brazilian here. Ask me anything.[View]
114921798tea or coffee?[View]
114914910/deutsch/: Nachtschicht Goldene Edition[View]
114922944United Statian Christmas is 480 years old: Today American Christmas is 480 years old tradition. http…[View]
114922708Korean Manhwa arise: >Solo Leveling >Peerless Dad…[View]
114922471cringe cucks, deserve to be blacked into oblivion[View]
114918802Spanish Speakers: Translate these video please ? https://youtu.be/LJpBip4B8Rw https://youtu.be/MQv2J…[View]
114918372/cum/ Canadia USA Mejico: hiro at the wheel edition[View]
114919282Japan, explain yourselves!: What the fuck is ばなにゃ ? How does this even happen? (Not that I'm ne…[View]
114853990/luso/ fio lusófono: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPh-GPz2rWs[View]
114922602Where do your people take aging boomers, when it's time for them to go? 1. Canada 2. Leave them…[View]
114921190Any special Christmas memory?: Me, LOTR marathon to forget it's Christmas[View]
114921436>white people cuisine[View]
1149221891. your cunt 2. were you strong as kid or fat?[View]
114918866Are male maternity rights recognized in your country? Are male pregnancies still taboo?[View]
114922493Los Angeles Chinese Massacre of 1871 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_massacre_of_1871 >Chin…[View]
114920959ITT: Guess the country, winner posts the next image.[View]
114920325Japanese people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GbRLbyq33U[View]
114922221How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
114920980Why are White so slim?: Japanese are fat though.[View]
114912684PLVRIBVS VNVM[View]
114922160What is their problem?[View]
114920375Dutch Laurens Janszoon Coster invented the printing press, not G*rman Johannes Gutenberg. Why does …[View]
114920518>CAUSE I'M T.N.T. >OI OI OI T.N.T. >OI OI OI T.N.T. OI I'M DY-NO-MITE…[View]
114922177>nooo you can't force yourself onto woman thats wrong Bitch shut the fuck up.…[View]
114919407Please don't fight, respect each other and be friends[View]
114921876https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50643315 what a fucking mad lad lmao[View]
114920354anons, what do u think of Clint Eastwood: Good movie director, good actor as well I think I watched …[View]
114921313Americans: How's life like for you folks in this area, Nebraska in particular? Are these states…[View]
114922070I hate wh*Te incels so god damn much. You have nothing to complain about. Being wh*Te gives you 3 po…[View]
114921549I love Japan. Do you love Japan?[View]
114922026>Dutch people literally afraid with r/asianmasculinity outlaw motorcycle clubs https://en.m.wikip…[View]
114922014Man used Playstation network for cocaine sale: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zmjp73/fbi-asked-s…[View]
114921685I love my country[View]
114921965>T*rks were raped by a /Cuteboy/ This fact cucked the t*rks mentally and physically.…[View]
114921659Why are white women like this?[View]
114920079gran argentinas... lo que pudo haber sido...[View]
114919902i want to speak English in whatever brit accent[View]
114917293Why does loser yellow fetish incel only date with this type not feminine woman?[View]
114920198Yes, I use automatic shift, how could you tell?[View]
114919970this man is a police officer in Punjab: imagine getting arrested by him as he spanks your ass and ha…[View]
114919732Why are they like this?[View]
114921231Vent / bitch about shit in your city / state / county: I'll start: Fix the fucking roads in th…[View]
114921051Are the classified sites in your country filled with creeps? >Australia. >Yes.…[View]
114921423Is this true? Why don't Italians want to escape from the horrors of the world like we do?[View]
114920968This is a brave Chilean law enforcement officer. Say something nice about him.[View]
114919357/brit/: sneed rules everything around me (sneed) get the money dolla dolla bills yall[View]
114920338I have never seen a Jamacain poster: Any one here mon?[View]
114920668I TRIED SO HARD[View]
114921355This is Earth, Province of China: Thoughts?[View]
114895933/balk/: 'Кoй ми кaжe чe нe cъм Maкeдoнeц, мy peжa eзикa, кoй ми кaжe чe нe cъм Aлбaнeц, мy peжa глaв…[View]
114921215how is arnold viewed in austria?[View]
114921040Are you distracted?[View]
114921171How's your space program coming along?[View]
114916465/ita/ - il filo notturno: Edizione delle ragazze di porta palazzo che puzzano di mercato e parlano d…[View]
114895145How Norway, Austria these 2 anon became massive weeaboo? Why westerner call people who love Japan as…[View]
114902658>cunt >do you love metal ? Flag : Yes and by yes I mean like 15% of the population maybe even …[View]
114919833Would people in your country disapprove or make fun of you if you had a girlfriend that was taller t…[View]
114920889Can someone explain what Manu's expression is supposed to indicate?[View]
114920892my ancestor :)[View]
114920810It just keeps getting worse[View]
114920615Alex Jones claims to have video of the green skinned, alien, lizard, satanist globalist NWO Democrat…[View]
114920469Shouldn't they be pioneers on transportation, considering the distance between towns/cities has…[View]
114918142What is his endgame?[View]
114905671why only europa? :([View]
114919880why do minority women inherently belong to white men[View]
114920212>Render del Tesla Cybertruck de Ciudad Valles en San Luis Potosí. LOL now we are cybercucks…[View]
114920048you will never be as goodlooking as rurik gislason[View]
114920533The State of New York is evaluating a law project to ban virginity tests. How are they going to dete…[View]
114916819Are there any people at all that actually like chicanos? Or does everybody just hate us?[View]
114918867I want to fight a portugese[View]
114920189Am I dying? My throat constructs and chokes me when I talk loudly sometimes[View]
114920331Why dont americans wear tight jeans[View]
114919045Hey /int/, why do white people, especially the women, age so poorly?[View]
114914681DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE: >As of 2013, there were approximately 817,000 Afro-Germans in a country with…[View]
114917648How's life in Yukon?: I'm immigrating to the Yukon next year. I want to know how's li…[View]
114920151woah, austrians look like THAT?[View]
114920081Poles aren't the Christs of Europe, Serbs are.[View]
114914373do tomboys exist in other countries? I've always thought it was entirely Canadian especially wi…[View]
114913205Map thread[View]
114919365What is it like to have Brazilian parents?: How did they influence you in life?[View]
114913393Are you seriously an adult man who never lived the intensity of young love!?: That whirlwind of emot…[View]
114910371this is a 9/10 in germany[View]
114916455Can you tell which country a girl is from purely based on phenotype?[View]
114918373I wish Switzerland was as developed as Poland :([View]
114919928Why do they still wear blackface in the Netherlands..?[View]
114919524It's 3 am in Western Europe[View]
114917759What are some weird things you found out about another country by browsing /int/? I didn't kno…[View]
114919598This is Eastern Europe. Say something nice about it.[View]
114919607I hate my life[View]
114902685>wake up >the world now looks like this What's your reaction?…[View]
114919264Why are Austronesians such BVLLS[View]
114915859Is your country recognized for its contributions to music?[View]
114917128You wake up in an alternate world where Nords didn't vanish from North America. What would it b…[View]
114919668What It Is To Be An American.: Your response.[View]
114918903Do Filipinos really put in CONDENSED MILK when they're making spaghetti?[View]
114918967why french people behave like this?[View]
114919558this is a foreign (international) song to me: YOUUUUUUUU LOOOOK SO TIIIIIIRED UNHAPPY BRIIIIIING DOO…[View]
114917842Aside from your native language, what's your favorite language?[View]
114918194What did he mean by this?[View]
114915956>larp as rural cowboys >85% of the province are urbanites why do they do this…[View]
114919266I miss her so much bros!!: I always see this video a few times before sleeping :) https://www.youtub…[View]
114919153these people are the descendants of both plato and genghis khan let that sink in[View]
114917886Does Japanese women really taste different down there?: I have never been with a Japanese woman. Is …[View]
114918166this would be cool if it wasn't just a giant desert wasteland[View]
114918742Do you wish to visit america? What do you want to do and see here?[View]
1149175131. youre country 2. who has influenced internet most?[View]
114918165What even happens in this part of mexico?[View]
114916935Which part of space will your country colonize? Titan for sure.[View]
114914163>Chinese bulldozes ancient Tibetan monastaries and replaced it with commieblocks BASED…[View]
114915750Why do Chicanos do this? https://desuarchive.org/int/search/image/kaO%2BS7axhcJywQ0nVN%2BsRw%3D%3D/p…[View]
114917393Does any part of medieval Paris still exist?[View]
114912637Post top tier phenotypes ITT[View]
114916730why mediterranean women so perfect? except for slavic,some americans,some latinas and scandis they …[View]
114917229/brit/: scousers edish[View]
114914924>I just took a shit and it feels great man, I feel pleasure in my belly now How does it feel to …[View]
114917328This explains a lot[View]
114912262>Here's your Swedish GF, bro[View]
114916596brits are roman rapebabies James purefoy(pic related is a brit)[View]
114917809Sovereign Military Order of Malta thread /SMOM/: In this thread we discuss Knights Hospitaller and t…[View]
114900474/med/: PIGS edition[View]
114918635Renaissance Faire: Bristol Renaissance Faire ('Bristol') is a Renaissance fair held in a Renaissance…[View]
114916913>be stralyan >Waltzing matilda.mp3 >Go outside >Get bit >Die >Be American >Muri…[View]
114918474How to Albania gf?[View]
114918545Why do EU states appear as independent countries in google maps? Isn’t it in full control by now?[View]
114910788Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: Skönhetsupplagan[View]
114907814Why are Spansih like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFKl22j1RY[View]
114915055Places once considered China, according to China[View]
114917629How would you react if your son ended up as a tranny?[View]
114912661Donbass Freedom Fighers: Say something nice about the heroes of Luhansk People's Republic.…[View]
114895148/cum/: Canadian redneck edition[View]
114907872/v4/ + kamarádi: Promiscuity edition.[View]
114918063What, if anything, will make you believe that my French Christian celestial girlfriend is real? Me p…[View]
114912883/polska/: edycja mili faceci nie potrafią ruchać[View]
114916572Brother?: where are you my brother? I last seen you two months ago, I miss you :([View]
114909808/fr/ - le francofil: Edition groove du terroir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtXpxFudooY ancien : …[View]
114894549kurva anyátok[View]
114912321Can we all agree that african natives > injun natives, right?[View]
114914350>but uuuuh classical architecture is unprofit- OH NO NO NO Post traditional architecture from you…[View]
114916508>Type New French or New Frenchs on Google See pictures of former US Colony and Canada or... Some …[View]
114915344Based savior of the white race[View]
114917909Why do Africans complain about not being able to jump the border wall in Melilla Like bro you'r…[View]
114917807>Why yes, for me it's Emma, how did you know?[View]
114895761What European country preserves traditional cities the most? (No, French Imperial style cities are n…[View]
114915467You will never know how the inside of other random people's houses look like: Why even live…[View]
114912276They are literally everywhere on internet if it's anonymous or real name but not on 4chan[View]
114917044Should 'English' really be called 'English' anymore? Most 'English' speakers aren't even Englis…[View]
114917390>in 2016 Russian retailers sold 500 thousand baseball bats but barely any gloves were sold How do…[View]
114914083which phenotype is this?[View]
114897774/mämmi/: Ei tää nyt helppoo oo-painos[View]
114916745Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
114903257Do you love japan?[View]
114916975>ESL Sp*nish speaker wagie tries to get my attention >Ignore it because it's refusing to…[View]
114916675>oi mate don't be such a nancy boy come outside and smoke a fag What do?…[View]
114906107Why yes I am Dutch, how could you tell?[View]
114906920>eurolanders on vacation Why are they like this?[View]
114895755Draw your flag in MS Paint without looking at any references. You DO know what your own flag looks l…[View]
114910572hilo /lat/: hilo choriplanero[View]
114915599Do Germans really[View]
114914746Thanks ameribased: for creating milky way[View]
114917227Sorry for brexit everyone. I visited France recently and everywhere I went I began to cry and apolog…[View]
114914105gosh I'm so lonely[View]
114908514what do they teach about Frederic Chopin and Marie Curie in your country? are they french or polish?[View]
114915110Europe has two parts - the part we SAVED, and the part whose ASS WE KICKED So why do they all hate A…[View]
114913347Post your phenotype: Savolaxid BVLL reporting in.[View]
114916133Country? Are you vegan?[View]
114916787Do you love El Salvador?[View]
114913685Why Brazilian men hate Police?[View]
114910600What has China ever done to Sweden to deserve so much hate?[View]
114906121/mena/: Allah takes the good goys always too soon, allah yer7hamo. This is your only opportunity to …[View]
114915178/brit/: No edish needed edish[View]
114905142Alright, which one of you russians did this?[View]
114915759this is a 9/10 in Israel[View]
114913131Did you finish university…: No, I dropped out after a few months. I fucking hated it. Too stressful …[View]
114915620Tomorrow: The following countries have been rangebanned: Brazil Finland Norway Australia Canada Mexi…[View]
114896201/éire/: Eagrán Naomhluan[View]
114909583/ita/ il filo: edizione vorrei essere fottutamente morto[View]
114913102Why are they so meek?[View]
114916156>cant translate 'based' to your language Should just kill myself desu[View]
114913955What is life like in a Brazilian river town?[View]
114914126post your streetview on the road you grew up on.[View]
114913930I hate Brazilians because they bullied Lavillenie...[View]
114914759No wonder gook birth rates are at zero.[View]
114914292tappakaa mut oon paskaa[View]
114895807Do you want to start a new life in Brazil? In this thread we discuss moving to Brazil, let's ta…[View]
114916050Hello bros, always remember PIMI Palestine Is More Important no matter how hard your life has been…[View]
114912350>singlehandedly destroys the rabbit populations of Europe, bringing multiple species to extinctio…[View]
114915738Ocalan is actually a Greek Cypriot named Lazaros (Lazarus) Mavros (Black)[View]
114915586I SUFFER IN ITALY[View]
114895635Are you female or male? I'm a female.[View]
114897222Do boys wear chokers in your country?[View]
114885123Is your country a dumbass country?[View]
114915433Players in englands most popular sports leagues now wear fag flags on their arm: How close is you co…[View]
1149156731. Your cunt 2. You wake up and the world looks like this, what changes? Is your life better or wors…[View]
114915171Is there more cringy TV series out there than the pic related?[View]
114913070You are being lied to and controlled and manipulated. Don't you seem a little content for someo…[View]
114915518>americans unironically listen to nigger mumbleshit music embarrassing[View]
114911349I have noticed a lot of Anglophobic posts on /int/ recently: I would like an apology as soon as poss…[View]
114914916Does anybody else here genuinely wants to be an African American?[View]
114906443Give me 1 good reason why these shouldn't Belong to France.[View]
114913047/brit/: Edition?[View]
114915024are these countries sort of like Russia's own Southern Europe? >they eat spicier food >th…[View]
114915153Why do euros live in bananas?[View]
114914289If I was born in northern europe my autism would be better accepted in society[View]
114912432Russia love thread: the best posters on /int/, always use logic and don't act dgenerates in any…[View]
114914396Why do Americans look like this?[View]
114913088Cool Fossils and Prehistoric creatures from your cunt: I remember being a little kid and being in aw…[View]
114913133what to expect?[View]
114914298So it's agreed, we destabilise the US by covertly setting up soys and incels against each other…[View]
114908856What's his ethnicity ?[View]
114912316Do you have Christmas Pantomime in your country?[View]
114914812My country tis of thee Sweet land of liberty Of thee I sing Land where my fathers died Land of the p…[View]
114909105Choose your player, /eent/[View]
114913902>Mexico is third worl-[View]
114911093/Wächtermonster/, von mir aus auch /deutsch/: Auch: 8kunal ist von den Toten auferstanden.[View]
114911074When will Asians abandon their terrible anime bangs hair and embrace slickness?[View]
114913711What happens here?[View]
114913972I like Japan Does Japan like me back??[View]
114914249And now y'all niggas are going to feel it[View]
114912257how does one develop a bigger vocabulary and how does learning words work do you use context to unde…[View]
114910172How are you preparing for the Japanese century?[View]
114913235Only 3 more days until the weekend wagie! You can do it![View]
114907133Why did East Asians become so pale?: I've read that East Asians descend from the same group as …[View]
114913155My heart is 100% european.[View]
114909788Anyone of you ever lived in Japan?: What is it like?[View]
114913823Name a more based commie[View]
114913669/int/ in 1974: >Madrid Football Club fans outside the Bernabeu stadium ready to watch the match…[View]
114913132America - the land of the ...[View]
114909019/int/ christmas calender: today's country is australia, say something nice about them. facts …[View]
114912379What do you prefer: summer or winter?[View]
114912822Comfy: Pick one.[View]
114912280>american art[View]
114911197WHAT THE FUCK YOU KRAUTS FUCKS: NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS FUCK YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
114912405Let's say nice things about Mexico. Mexico is really nice and I wish all good things to Mexican…[View]
114912833Why are Poles so evil?[View]
114912960Girls of /int/: Post the hottest girls across the world[View]
114913068/brit/: the enemy[View]
114910685/brit/: King Arthur edition[View]
114909043French AND German? Jeezus! It’s like I got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Not to…[View]
114912402Why American women are so insufferable?[View]
114912865Does your country have ameriboos?[View]
114912158Do Scotch people really...?: >New MD 2020 Electric Melon flavour so popular customers RAN from th…[View]
114906493/polska/: edycja instalowania wowa[View]
114912552Do they r*ally?[View]
114912132Your're bagina How what do you think of the Royal Mail's choice of generic name for your c…[View]
114912616Why do foreigners exist? Their food smells weird and they don't speak English.[View]
114908409Country? Should women vote?: Aus, no![View]
114896675Cooking with ukranon: So, i`ve got a nice big piece of pork, a whole muscle. I want to roast it with…[View]
114912700MY HEART'S STEREO[View]
114911953does americans really do this[View]
114905559today there was an asian guy with a qt 3.14 and they were kissing in street wtf but /int/ told me as…[View]
114911365>this is a Danish man that writes poems about sexuality, your body, eroticism and the concept of …[View]
114909414this time period on earth has to be the most depressing era yet, i will never get to be a part of so…[View]
114908713dubs decide what I will fill this boy with[View]
114912449The more i see greta making old boomers seethe the more i start to like her[View]
114910950do they really?[View]
114908910>Pakistani man comes to Indian man and points at Britisher >'You know what similarity is betwe…[View]
114912249What happens hear?[View]
114904904I have a passive income of 700USD per month. What are some comfy places I can live with this amount…[View]
114911529This is Ukraine.[View]
1149105651. Your country? 2. do you wash teeth in the morning or in the evening?[View]
114910923why don't you get yourself the AVSTRONESIAN gf anon? are you homosexual?[View]
114911725this is a swedish government minister[View]
114911784This is a map of the Turkish world[View]
114906415I want to play pond hockey in Canada so bad. Have some beer and play some hokcey. Have a laugh, do s…[View]
114911881What doesn't kill you usually succeed the second time.[View]
114911728You know what the Ukraine is? It's a sitting duck. A road apple. The Ukraine is weak. It's…[View]
114911564>Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A >Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A >Hold the selfi…[View]
114909773>8 days without eating meat uh I thought Bolsonaro was supposed to save us from turning into vene…[View]
114909695Guess what this list is ranking ?[View]
114903742I would be very ok with this we'd need a better flag though[View]
114905240Wnere did Americans get their love of warfare from?[View]
114894631/nederdraad/: Veluwse Landschap Uitgave[View]
114905876Name my band.[View]
114911136/deutsch/ abend[View]
114907846/deutsch/: Party yay[View]
114910835Scandi language: What is this scandinavian language ? Danish ? Swedish ? Please respond https://voca…[View]
114910192Finnish language loaned from ancient Greek: Did you know: Finnish language has Greek loanwords? They…[View]
114908792snowbros: how my snowbros doing? got about 15 cm today got to go and brush it off the windshield bef…[View]
114910532Would you date a Serbian girl? They're all caked-up cheap obnoxiously loud yugotrash, basically…[View]
114907004Kill: Fuck, Kill, Marry[View]
114910411>writing butthurt google reviews of diplomatic missions after having your visa application reject…[View]
114904924Geography Now is going to upload the Qatar episode tomorrow. Are you excited?: I am because of 2 rea…[View]
114910584Hilo /lat/ANO: hilo chileno[View]
114909070>BE: colour >AE: color wtf[View]
114909596>be mongoloid and muslim >can't grow beard >burn in hell for eternity…[View]
114900648Hilo /lat/ANO: hilo pisa[View]
114904899Is Balkan worst place in the world after Sub-Saharan Africa?[View]
114910421So... What is the differnce between Germans and Netherlands?[View]
114910386Chinese man reunited with his mother and dsd: At age 7 he was living in China with his mother and fa…[View]
114903913Sverigetråden: Vilken jädra tråd[View]
114908228>Your Country >Penis length and circumference Let's see if the statistics are true…[View]
114907134/brit/: NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME HERE edition[View]
114910156What happens here?[View]
114900663>tfw you realize that French and Italian are not real ethnicities[View]
114906540I will never forgive Turkey for ottomans.: Apoligize NOW[View]
114906198Come to Brazil and fuck our women[View]
114909698does you cunt have blonde girls? canada yes[View]
114900242Do you like Indian food?[View]
114909443post most kino moment from your cunts movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-mnfJvSDkU[View]
114908294Mis hermanos :)[View]
114909666Steve Jobs created Apple at the age of 21 years old and you, loser, yes you, what did you do?[View]
114906609Do they really[View]
114903772Do you like your name? My name is Juhani (spelled Yuhani) and i do like it.[View]
114908818>now we just have to get through our work days so I can start the weekend (by sleeping) >(by s…[View]
114908580Do people stream videogames & IRL stuff in your country? Yes in Sweden its the 2nd most popular …[View]
114894817ITT post traditions from your cunt[View]
114899871/ita/ - il filo: Edizione crepuscolare[View]
114884266Which East Asian country has the best butts (male)? For me it's Japan. Magnífico Japan![View]
114902370/brit/: slags edition politics is for faggots sub edish[View]
114905466Why hasn't any other country besides the US been to the moon yet?[View]
114909004This weekend I'm gonna a speedball[View]
114906155Why do Europeans hate UK?[View]
114906355Can someone translate? Thanks in advance[View]
114901161wtf I thought it was just a meme but it's real why aren't American people upset about this…[View]
114906572me on the right[View]
114905303I want a fierce latina woman to throw plates in wall when she is angry and then have mega hot sex wi…[View]
114909078What do Scottish anons think of him?[View]
114906565/ITA\ IL FILO: WHAHAHAHA[View]
114891219Did you serve in the military?: Yes, I did. Here it is mandatory. In my time it was 3 goddaman years…[View]
114900765My guinea pig is sleeping. Say something nice about him![View]
114907547Do white people in your country vote against their own interest purely to spite POC and LGBTQ folk?[View]
114895143This is about to become the new prime minister of Finland. Thoughts?[View]
114902863Why can´t spaniards on 4Chan be so happy as people in this video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C…[View]
114904365stop making fun of us[View]
114903076How does /int/ feel about civilian ownership of guns?[View]
114908522I wish I could take a pill and never be horny again: I feel like a slave to my tiny circumcised Jewi…[View]
114905618Why do Japs do this?[View]
114908531>polish death camps[View]
114905585Hate secular Turks. Love Islamist Turks. Simple as.[View]
114904651>Russian and Portuguese sound identical I just made a very fascinating discovery…[View]
114900141/fr/ - le francofil: bonsoir édition ancien >>114887476[View]
114908058>Science has failed our Mother Earth[View]
114907717>Be amerikan >Win the best woman player of the year >Murikans don´t care because they are b…[View]
114880135/ex-yu/: Poljem se siri miris ljiljana mirise cvijece ko moja Dragana[View]
114903726/gugelhupf/ nimmermehr /deutsch/: Abendausgabe mit Gugelhupf[View]
114889545/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Гopячих нaпиткoв тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий тpeд: >>114849875[View]
114888705/v4/ + friends: Having sex edition.[View]
114907297/polska/: >you're cunt >you're waifu…[View]
114907446Mis ancestros :)[View]
114907018I am angry. How to fix this in your cunt?[View]
114906182You wake up in Detroit.[View]
114906628>shut up fat[View]
114907460Sarnai: Yesterday I discovered this song by Sarnai, a Mongolian singer and model. She also seems to …[View]
114907454>Just Hold Your Poke For 2 Minutes And You Win[View]
114907088Country? Are refugees welcome?: Australia. Yes plenty of room here.[View]
114904062What will be the next European country to legalise weed?[View]
114905486This is a man in Brazil[View]
114907193nothern italy is white!WHITE![View]
114900266If blacks inability to swim is cultural then why do I see lots of latinxs at the pool?[View]
114904405This is the new Finnish PM. Say something nice about her![View]
114894998Why do ALL Slavic countries have such a low quality of life of citizens? If you compare the countrie…[View]
114907069Imagine those Belgium & Netherlands..: What happens there?[View]
114907144/brit/ - The Green Party Fuck My Shit Up Edition[View]
114907123Why are clogwogs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qh3x39WV4I[View]
114904934Why are americans like this?[View]
114905473Post dead leaders of your country that you miss[View]
114903216he's in azerbaijan now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1sRFc5FiZA[View]
114901016Which country had the most cultural impact on your country in the past?[View]
114905855Why are french women like this?[View]
114901258Why are there so many homeless in California: It's like a 3rd world country over there.[View]
114885624/mena/: shut up tree[View]
114906621>I got a tree on my house[View]
114897669Why even fucked beyond oblivion the posters from this country insist they are white?[View]
114900982Do you love Japan: >Spain Yes, we love japan, Korea and Taiwan[View]
114906557>Ο Προkόπης δε θα σου πάρει ποτέ πίπα Πώς θα αντεπεξέλθετε σε αυτό το γεγονός;…[View]
114906119it's 23:47 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114906357God Bless Stan kelly.[View]
114906474>Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt.[View]
114903628It seems many people have a crooked nose from the profile: Not just us the Jews. I have noticed it r…[View]
114898310/polska/: edycja wyprowadzki[View]
114903082Do you love the Japan[View]
114902477Based Sweden.[View]
114903308>One week away from the new leftist/populist government getting in power. >leftie commie shitt…[View]
114906013babel thread: itt we try to communicate with each other using our mother language[View]
114905936Here is my retarded friend,he’s a good lad but he needs roasting. Roast him int[View]
114896255this happened an hour ago on a tram in warsaw >be me on tram >guy talks in russian/ukrainian/i…[View]
114871756/norgetråden/: Xi Jinping og Snorlax-utgaven Forrige: >>114837952[View]
114899032African women are the most beautiful race of women in the world[View]
114876964>it is illegal in Europe for landowners to access their renters credit score WTF is this true? Wh…[View]
114902020Do amerisharts really?[View]
114904378This looks fucking delicious[View]
114905491Pakistan have mostly been a safe and normal country before american decided it needed to sponsor the…[View]
114904300>Wow I better reply to this post right now or else my mother will die in her sleep…[View]
114903871Your country Do you eat sushi?[View]
114905037Most racist place on Earth Fuck pigskins[View]
114900028Question about languages in South Asia: How is it that the cities generally speak one language, but …[View]
114905109Why, exactly, did German intellectuals elect le funny moustache man?: This might be a question bette…[View]
1148975321) Your country 2) Your favorite fantasy race 3) Your least favorite fantasy race Czechia Dwarves El…[View]
114903554*ratatat* HEHE YEAH KILL EM Are americans based?[View]
114895442>NOOOOOO GRIFFITH HOW CAN YOU DO THIS Name a more soy character[View]
114905026https://twitter.com/TrevDon/status/1200505837237653504 Is this what living in a superpower nation is…[View]
114903388>Bro I just relapsed and spent $300 dollars on findom whores[View]
114902438Whites age like milk, meds age like wine[View]
114905154el ayuwoki[View]
114902979Brazilians are the best posters.[View]
114902042flyover country: >tfw last time i saw a sea was 17 years ago[View]
114883672Post famous rocks from your cunt[View]
114900537who are the most retarded people in your country?[View]
114867323/int/ernational love 2: Do you want to find love in a foreign country? Would having a foreign gf be …[View]
114904696Something tells me this happened in Western country.[View]
114902359/brit/: rorke edition[View]
114897864Why should I use a fork to eat Italian noodles when clearly sticks are the superior noodle utensil?[View]
114904828>Ethnic English people only make up 30% of England In b4 some one says 'America is ??% White'. T…[View]
114904725/ex-yu/ wajt pauer edicija: je li možno da se ima jedna (1) edicija exyu bez crnica?[View]
114900676They received financial aid from the Marshall Plan, but they aren't wealthy. What's their …[View]
114901722Convert to Saivism, anon.[View]
114904483>Time to consider to work on my two semester long research and design project >Why yes! I hav…[View]
114889360>Latin American calls my country shithole[View]
114904258I can't hear what they're saying[View]
114901711reminder that int is a metal board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf7glIZgEqg[View]
114903431Less than a month to go, will they pull it off?[View]
114902170How come a lot of red headed guys have brown eyes but with blond guys most have blue eyes or some ot…[View]
114902962Warsaw or NATO Weapons: I know this is more /k/ but there's no flags there and I want to get an…[View]
114894877Can anyone post this twitter screenshot for me on /tv/ I wanna see their reaction lol.[View]
11489658814 is legal in Germany[View]
114887296>your country >Just Monika?[View]
114899833>first worlder starts complaining about his country and calling it a shithole…[View]
114897935She didn't deserve it bros ;_;[View]
114904001Rookie Korean actor Cha In-ha, 27, found dead at home, details not known yet CHA IN HA[View]
114902355>Are you proud to be German?: HOW THE SUCK IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION, TO BEGIN WITH?? Anyone who an…[View]
114897153georgia is pretty based[View]
114893913Are 'incels' becoming common in your country? Are they a problem in your opinion? They (me) are not …[View]
114892228the more things change, the more they stay the same[View]
114903803WTF?! Anglos are CHADS!?[View]
114903184What do you think his cock looks like?[View]
114897634>nuclear program gives them nukes >space program that has sent satellites to space >large e…[View]
114893968How do you call this in your country?[View]
114903705why do japanese so obssesd with trains ?[View]
114903704>pre-talmudic Jews[View]
114903672Have you ever met an Liqian? Were they cool?[View]
114896120What are the tourist traps in your country?[View]
114899979/deutsch/ - Almanvernichter-Ausgabe: >>114899681[View]
114896677Duster vs Vitara: These are far the most popular new cars in Hungary. Do the Eternal Romanian(France…[View]
114900413Why are they so elusive? So mysterious?[View]
114902930>genetic makeup[View]
114898622>transmitido en espanol en sap[View]
114898716>citation needed[View]
114902197>I boiled so many gooks over in Laos that they named a brand of rice after me, Peter Amerikkkans …[View]
114897173>latinx pipo be like 'my name is jose andres villa nuevas vargas cuervo gillermo aguero carreno m…[View]
114901073>cunt >city >income per month >savings per month >flag >mumbai >985 >485…[View]
114898271Taiwanese politicians[View]
114898274I fixed Iraq.[View]
114901539Greeks, is this true about Cretians?[View]
114888539name one bad thing about brutalist architecture. you literally can't. inb4 >it looks depres…[View]
114897827this is Warsaw[View]
114894793>Jews in 1942: Get told to walk in gas chambers, they do it without any opposition >Jews in 19…[View]
114902086Corbyn on the rise, Rorke having a fit in his own shit and piss edition[View]
114891605>1.cunt >2.how big is your soyjak folder Flag 4 gb…[View]
114899495imma smoke sum weed[View]
114896506Finnish new years tradition: The Finnish way of celebrating new year involves casting metal. It is t…[View]
114891682>West Cringe and bluepilled >East Based and redpilled…[View]
114897786Your life is worthless,shitty,boring,cringe. so have sex.[View]
114898074Sverigetråden - Komma inuti-upplagan[View]
114895619If your country’s GDP consists primarily of resource exports, your country is a prostitute. If your…[View]
114899402/brit/: socialism edition[View]
114900682Woah Anglos are based[View]
114901365Is this girl more asian or caucasian? I can't tell[View]
114901580I hate serbia: Serbia is a shithole.[View]
114899478>imagine celebrating genocide[View]
114888719How do you think Blond korean?[View]
114899749>i-i'm o-olive s-skinned!!!! >not brown!!!!…[View]
114900926Are asian people honorary white?[View]
114901618he's right you know[View]
114878227why are dutch people all so good-looking, healthy and friendly?[View]
114897557Why are Sri Lankans Buddhist even though they are Hindu racially?[View]
114893369SWEDEN YES: Even r/AsianMasculinity is getting on the train now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRx…[View]

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