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107568127>Want to learn german >every single german and their mother already speak fucking english What…[View]
107570405>be american >tip my mom for picking me up from school…[View]
107566528How would a Mexican-American tourist be treated in your country?[View]
107570105/CUM/ Based Edition: >*ahem >FUCK CAPTCHA…[View]
107570239How is it like to live in Bulgaria?[View]
107569918Guess what this food is[View]
107565093I honestly can't think of any place I'd rather have been born than New Zealand. The recent…[View]
107569375Reasons to love USA >Only nation founded on liberty for all people rather than monarchy, language…[View]
107569677why do americans(north and south) here always argue about how white they are?[View]
107568768This is website is not for me, I will be leaving soon: My name is Shahar. I am a straight atheist gu…[View]
107569103I HATE ENGLAND: How can I stop hating the English?[View]
107569623Why does most of the world try to be like Amer*ca[View]
107570012Lebanese niggas be like, 'My name is Georges Ouissam Abu bin Muhammad al-Arabiyya *hops off camel an…[View]
107569296Why are asians that live in Australia/USA/Canada so cringe? They make by far the worst posts on this…[View]
107543460/mämmi/: Lyhtypainos[View]
107568010In China, it is cheaper to accidentally kill someone than it is to accidentally injure someone, and …[View]
1075661051. you're country 2. did you know unwashed poppy seeds can get you high? it's basically op…[View]
107569766I swear off the hamburger: I will never eat the hamburger It makes my body unhealthy[View]
107569431I wish I was never born, life sucks: My name is Shahar. I am a straight, atheist guy from Israel. An…[View]
107569469chink vs white pig Single-ethnic vs multi-ethnic states[View]
107569646>euromutts Do they really?[View]
107568590This is a 5/10 completely average, see everyday on the street Brazilian girl. What do such girls lo…[View]
107569223Can someone please post the American version of the Tienanmen Square copypasta? I need it.[View]
107569311Some Americans keep selling technology to Huawei: A number of the United States' biggest chip m…[View]
107567695Why are they so corrupt and soulless? https://www.scmp.com/topics/corruption-china[View]
107568943Do you have any pets /int/? This is my dog.[View]
107565298How much of a mutt are you?: I'm probably the muttiest person here. I'm a half Levantine A…[View]
107566936>Please provide 2 professional and 2 personal references (not relatives)…[View]
107569040Wyte pepo be like: >dies from a heatstroke when it's not even 40°C…[View]
107564646This is the most famous man in the world. Would the average citizen of your country recognize him if…[View]
107567883cunt thoughts on multiculturalism[View]
107568740Can you take a piss and shit at the same time?[View]
107563962Ask a bored Portuguese girl everything you want (except for nudes, because i will not post them)[View]
107568674Are Russians mixed with the blood of these people?[View]
107568171Why Avengers series is piece of shit? so overrated.[View]
107542336/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição: por que o último foi martelado??[View]
107525533DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2209.69: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the langu…[View]
107568907alright is it me or are Canadian tourists unpleasant people[View]
107569149Imagine the stench[View]
107565588>Blyat, Ivan, we are out of vodka money! >No mind, brat, we will just sell Alaska! What the fu…[View]
107567607drugs of /int/: 1. your country 2. do you weed? flag (pic not related) yes I'm high as fuuu rig…[View]
107568887>what do you mean 'it's only 3pm' boss? >i wake up at 7 to get ready for work and it take…[View]
107569062>mum found the cinema falcon[View]
107567061What does she mean by this?[View]
107566770>there will never be patagonian qts to marry, since they were all genocided by angry argentines a…[View]
107568437Haven’t been here for a while Is the vatnik mod who bans you for even a little Russophobia still her…[View]
107568869Woah, hapas look like THAT?[View]
107564654Japan? More like seahorse island![View]
107568954earthquakes and shieet: Are Panama bros okay? we just had a 6.3 earthquake near the border[View]
107567693Is everything going to be okay?[View]
107568357>have you seen our house? 'OUR HOUSE. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET'[View]
107566654What do you think of living in south Korea: Tell me frankly[View]
107566916i can't finish my pizza......[View]
107566196Why are they allowed to be racist?[View]
107566345NYC has the best skyline: Proof me wrong[View]
107564713Perfect North America t b h[View]
107566687>have degrees >did internship >perfectly employable >refuse to seek out work >live as…[View]
107549139Whats the fastest way to be a Japanese citizen?[View]
107566339한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
107568665>He's not dating alpha Siamese Kathoey BVLLS Low test, cringe, and blue-pilled. BAKA familam…[View]
107568593pasito a pasito suave suavecito[View]
107565157This Ukrainian woman who lives in South Korea says that she is 4/10 in Ukraine. Why do not Sad virgi…[View]
107567078Tell me what happens here[View]
107566646Who are your favorite people to upset on /int/? Mine is the Chinks living abroad, nothing funnier th…[View]
107567856>my country tis of thee[View]
107568375British niggas really do be like hello mate my name is Lord Bridgetonshirevilletownswol[View]
107567075Minorities of /int/, how are you treated in whatever country you're in? In australia, life is t…[View]
107566694Do white people really dance like this?[View]
107567130comfy hapa cringe thread[View]
107566393Which countries’ posts do you read? I always read posts by Anglosphere, Nordics and Western Euros. D…[View]
107566993>1) your cunt >2) do your females fart openly i need to plan my vacation…[View]
107566611Ask a bored Portuguese girl everything you want (except for nudes, because i will not post them).[View]
107567917I used to have a stepmom who used beat me as a kid and lock me up in a cellar without food for days …[View]
107568193anyone else ever just turn their tap on, and watch it for a few minutes, as all that water runs down…[View]
107564331What are some good brasileiro music that is indie? Bands I know of so far. CSS Legião Urbana[View]
107565893tfw struggling to choose uni what is better: 1) comfy and comfortable uni with amazing dormitory and…[View]
107568237>Belgians >''''''Northern''''''' europeans What Northern Europeans are literally half Ger…[View]
107568122Literally the only reason I come to this board is to defend the US of A. I see some spic bitch cryin…[View]
107565059/brit/: Never forget[View]
107563341WTF is wrong with Irish people[View]
107562463>Wealthy as fuck by world standards, but not quite like the rest of Western Europe >People don…[View]
107568107Kind reminder to stay hydrated during the record-breaking heatwave in Europe this week![View]
107562025Post powerful images ITT[View]
107567351Feel Like I'm Being Lieed to About English Women: They're said to be ugly, but from what I…[View]
107567965I haven't ate all day[View]
107567540well im off to work see you in 10 hours[View]
107567838Is it acceptable to do bad for the greater good?[View]
107567977Homosexual incel freak[View]
107565528Is this haram?[View]
107565303>Canadian hours on /int/[View]
107567933>main character genuinely looks forward to getting change from a female cashier for the brief fee…[View]
107563837>master race[View]
107567908Last night, I had an experience - an illuminating experience. My mother, she made me some overspiced…[View]
107562097I just woke up from a terrible nightmare almost crying, I guess I get another night of no sleep, fuc…[View]
107558314How do you say EL AMERICANO in your language?[View]
107567255why are incels like this?[View]
107567434why do americans have messy rooms? dont they clean it?[View]
107564344/cum/: comfy tuesday evening edition[View]
107567654UK's next PM[View]
107557172What happens here?[View]
107567101Why are they so rude to Americans? Nobody is as cruel as the Finns. For most other people it's …[View]
107562117do men actually find this attractive[View]
107564445What is Houston like? Texasbros, what's it like there? I didn't realize it was the fourth …[View]
107566718what are these kinds of girls called in your country?[View]
107564221Is it true this guy died in hospital?[View]
107567364Damn, Korean-Americans look like that?[View]
107560845If not for gommunism, would Eastern Euro countries be first world by today?[View]
107567299>This is an average Irish girl in 2019 Thoughts[View]
107566664why are so many scandinavians on anti-depressants?[View]
107567179Hi frens Is /int/ a good place for international frenposting?[View]
107553708/canada/: comfy boomer edition[View]
107561775do any brits here have a racial discriminatory note attached to their education record? if so, how h…[View]
107566390Americans... do they really?[View]
107545599kurva anyátok[View]
107567115dream'en of Chilean GF[View]
107566624>live in California >there are latinas and Mexican girls everywhere with gigantic ghetto asse…[View]
107567037>Of course I have a fart fetish, how could you tell?[View]
107566968Why didnt the Soviets fuck up the USA and occupy western europe before death.[View]
107562629ITT: you get three NUKES: how do you use them?[View]
107565301Why is American mental healthcare so bad?[View]
107564769>tfw you will never grow up in a small scandinavian town[View]
107562898Is Europe basically a second hand try hard version of America?[View]
107565203>took out 3 weeks paid vacation >got literally nothing to do so just staying up all night infr…[View]
107566729Do people in your country cut down trees to make natural non sugar sweetness?[View]
107564584>When time came to dress a saeada, the salad, my friend took the bottle of olive oil in an attemp…[View]
107564929What are some examples of cultural appropriation by the US?[View]
107566565Love my bros desu[View]
107563738hi lads made this post yesterday about ideas for changing my last name >>107526877 I've d…[View]
107566064>Stop right there infidel! You are under arrest for islamophobic posts on the internet. what do?…[View]
107565012Are blue eyes common in ur country?[View]
107566416Hand over the Croatian gfs and no one gets hurt[View]
107566355>Go on /int/ all the time >Become curious about sucking cock because of this board >downloa…[View]
107564960>Yes this is a traffic stop in America. How did you know?[View]
107566347>no, a Pepsi is not ok, you dumb whore. Did I ask for a Pepsi? No, I didn't, now go back to …[View]
107566086why don't american athletes do this?[View]
107566294>mom, look! a kind sir selling cotton candy, will you buy me some? I promise I will be a good boy…[View]
107566274[Gavrilo Princip] Yo your fatty Franz Ferdinanddidn't see Princips pistol Too busy guzzling his…[View]
107565396Why yes I make gigachad threads on /int/ how did you know?[View]
107565152Why are Russians like this?[View]
107557881What do /int/ lads think of Chernobyl?[View]
107565795list off all of the atrocities the United States has committed[View]
1075660041. your cunt 2. is adderall legal in it?[View]
107564634roasted euros: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_European_heat_wave >70,000 euros died in 2003…[View]
107564722Finnish marketfood[View]
107565653>Look at anon's dick it's so fucking tiny! let's twist it!…[View]
107562428What happens here?[View]
107564322Kloe moretz, after eating Korean food[View]
107563019I never knew Germans had their own rappers till I heard of this guy[View]
107565481My testosterone? High. My coffee? Black. My women? East Asian. My politics? Libertarian. My team? Re…[View]
107565474What did they mean by this?[View]
107561931/Carib/: Hey guys[View]
107565650I suffer in Brazil[View]
107563175Okay who will win in this scenario.[View]
107565563Korean in custody after Thai woman falls from 30th floor at Pattaya condo: >Police in Pattaya, Th…[View]
107565688Arraial dos G.A.S.A - Grupo de Amigos de Santo António is from Portugal, fucking chicanos This guy i…[View]
107565033What dating apps are popular in your country?[View]
107561492/lat/ - hilo latANO[View]
1075637011. you're cunt 2. for 20 000 000 000 dollers would you do this??[View]
107552148Tell me a cool fact about your language. In Turkish, if a loanword starts with an s followed by a co…[View]
107563820are we the bad guys?[View]
107562092Mongrel subhumans with an identity crisis[View]
107564332What do you think of Colombian posters?[View]
107550237What's the deal with yellow fever?: Have any yellow fever fags actually met an Asian woman? The…[View]
1075609841) you're flag 2) why you don't have a gun 3) how you plan on defending you're waifu …[View]
107564845Kosovo is an independent nation, as it should be[View]
107564931Do love and passion really exist or it's just a excuse to fuck women? I'm already giving …[View]
107550661>sanctions your country[View]
107563262STOP PRAYING TO SAINTS!!![View]
107563741What is wrong with Westerners?: Why are they making Filipinos do this?[View]
107562376Why do you enjoy /int/?: As a Christian, I believe that all men were made in the image of their Divi…[View]
107564240>why yes I exclusively date black and latina woman, what gave it away bro?…[View]
107562350/brit/: Garden of Eden edition[View]
107564580I love you[View]
107564284If I go to Japan, how easily can I find a woman to marry?[View]
107564407>romania killed there president and showed it on tv in 1989[View]
107564526clooose your eeeyes, give me your haaand DO YOU FEEL MY HEART BEATING DO YOU. UNDERSTAND. DO YOU FEE…[View]
107561633How Canadians elections work?, Should I stand for keeping Trudeau in seat? Someone told me that this…[View]
107525462/balt/: Wakey wakey[View]
107564820What would happen if Juliana farted in your mouth?[View]
107563083Should The Catholic Church lose it diplomatic status as a states ?: How did a Church get diplomatic …[View]
1075522181. Your cunt? 2. How often do you go on vacation in other cunts? 3. Where have you been last and for…[View]
107559082We literally created all European naval based empires and how do you thank us? By calling us barbari…[View]
107564576Is there something in the mongoloid DNA that makes every mongoloid or half-mongoloid being cucks or …[View]
107563221>be amerimutt >30% of population obese >be 400 pounds >take 4 shits a day due to excess …[View]
107564742/tr/ nerdesiniz oqliim[View]
107561678How do brazilians cope with being brazilian?[View]
107563669>1: your country >2: your opinion on feminine penis >3: the mainstream acceptance of femini…[View]
107563961>Venezuela, Iran, Syria, and North Korea are the bad guys.[View]
107564568>hey guys, this is my first post on 4chan. i just wanted to know why do people keep posting pictu…[View]
107563680I feel bad for him lads[View]
107559777He's putting white music and rock back on the charts. Based Norwegian. What do Swedes have? a m…[View]
107564514Why is every post by this flag, extremely negative or intentionally evil?[View]
107562902Is this a british or japanese car? Its made by brits but it has the soul of a japanese car[View]
107558074/cum/ + friends: Haiti edition[View]
107563132What is life like in Navojoa, Sonora?[View]
107562475What did this website/board brought to you ? Are you a better person ? Are you less xenophobic now ?[View]
107561562Is this haram in muslim countries?[View]
107564343Mommy! I melted plastic on the stove again![View]
107560402What concerns you the most in the modern day? For me it's that white America will simply not al…[View]
107563711post maps that make your dick fat.[View]
107564182How do I convert to Yazidism?[View]
107556376Post 5/10s from your country[View]
107564121Parar de ver pornografia.[View]
107561271>do you prefer to invaded by a shitskins and turned into pakistan? OR >invaded by slavs and ea…[View]
107563914do people ate cereal in your cunt or is it just a scam that they've hosted onto just north amer…[View]
107563935How do you have fun being mediocre and a brainlet?: Life feels dull. It feels like you're compl…[View]
107563047does /int/ wear boxers or briefs?[View]
107562819are italians europeans?: this board keeps saying they look like spics/mexicans and niggers.[View]
107563643have interesting discussion in this thread[View]
107563946>yes I indeed will refer to them as insurgents if they are my enemies, and freedom fighters if th…[View]
107563679Chinese guy and here and I do Chinese supremacy.: The goal of Chinese is to be the strongest in the …[View]
107563836>There was a point in history where Americans were skinnier than Soviets What happened?…[View]
107562370Asians, Blacks and Hispanics are better immigrants but Europeans would still prefer to be overrun by…[View]
107562863You can only post here if you're Nordic AF, Prussian-German ethnicity only.[View]
107561054I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords: I see no issue with this. It's much better than be…[View]
107562686which nation has the best cars?[View]
107563752>be European >be a mutt >look like pic related…[View]
107554494What does /int/ think of American suburbs?[View]
107561190>English-Canadian culture[View]
107562341How do we fix this shithole?[View]
107558608If I want a qt trad gf, which country should I look in? I'm 100% being unironic.[View]
107546415I love Italy.[View]
107560673There! I fixed Europe.[View]
107562797>your / you're >there / their / they're >its / it's >who / whom / whose /…[View]
107563280I suffer: I'm a chicano and I only make 45k/year[View]
107563436rome... now THAT was a country...[View]
107556483Is Mexican cuisine the simplest cuisine of all time? It pretty much uses the same ingredients in eve…[View]
107563523why the hell do mutts do this[View]
107561896>Fags get one month of freedom but we get 1 one week dedicated to sharks >fags get one month o…[View]
107563531who else a manlet ''man'' here?[View]
107560688>you say soccer, i say hockey >you say starbucks, i say timmie's >you say east asian w…[View]
107562543>be me >bought a expensive gamer PC plus taxes >had to buy a expensive adapter because powe…[View]
107560874Do white bois actually do this ?[View]
107563377Does your country have shake hand culture? And do u like it?[View]
107557531Is Prince Charles the most /fa/ member of a royal family out there? The king of Spain is /fa/ as fuc…[View]
107557793What do Europeans think of cars made by this company? Are Fords common in your countries?[View]
107561219>Be French >[View]
107561855>1. cunt >2. are people in you're cunt sleepy right now? flag can't speak for anyone…[View]
107563202Señor y señora que hoy aborda este bello bus del TTC, hoy vengo a contarles y a pedirles, con todo r…[View]
107563192How do weebs cope with the fact that Japan was built by Americans?[View]
107555008myths and stereotype rom your cunt: posts myths from your cunt, are they true or false? for us, they…[View]
107563100Canadians are weird.[View]
107559934OwO My abs are starting to be visible. I’m turning myself on now.. I’m the cute boy now...[View]
107562980>hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!…[View]
107562903Capital punishment: Hi, I'm doing a project on the death penalty if you could devote a little o…[View]
107561473is this the worst place in the us?[View]
107559557Why is Malaysia so irrelevant on /int/ if they have ~400 million people?[View]
107559049average american woman[View]
107561025>need an italian visa >there is no italian embassy in Honduras I need to go to FUCKING GUATEM…[View]
107562715Do your friends and family know about your hatred of wh*te people?[View]
107557100What happens here? Can I come?[View]
107554587>''No Degree''[View]
107562479>brazilian reply[View]
107559261Are there natives in Eastern Europe having names like Tom, Kevin and John?[View]
107562522/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: https://youtu.be/kQUTQTNChbE[View]
107532602/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends[View]
107562260crossing fingers for Gjysh[View]
107562462What are some exotic meats in your country? Seals have been traditionally eaten here for thousands o…[View]
107562183you wake up in Malmö[View]
107562423>When time came to dress a saeada, the salad, my friend took the bottle of olive oil in an attemp…[View]
107560267lmao why are wh*Tes so retarded[View]
107521539/asean/: Bubble Tea challenge edition[View]
107560206Ancestors :'): Do you think your ancestors would be proud of you?[View]
107562206>tfw time when you act as translator for an indian hotel clerk in germany >tfw we scam a old m…[View]
107552307Could I pass as a local in your country? How popular are programmers in your cunt?[View]
107562170I met somebody from Nebraska yesterday. Like holy shit. I was beginning to think the entire state wa…[View]
107560953fyi Serbia's whole GDP in 1999 was only ~$12 billion.[View]
107560281Spanish and Italian descendant from Argentina here. Wanted to know what the people of these countrie…[View]
107559959Mom. I'm back from work.[View]
107561759But you dream, /int/[View]
107562004MtF: I want to be a skinny black girl like gif...bit I'm a tall, big, hairy, brown man wat do?…[View]
107550943What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this flag?[View]
107559774ITT: /int/ in 635 CE *confuses natives by being really pale and speaking alien tounges*[View]
107561318Do people in your country spend 3500 dollars on a gaming laptop?[View]
107557646i would rather be a ilegal than still living in this hole, oh fuck i hate this place[View]
107561266Do people in your country pee in the shower?[View]
107561639Based Romania https://vocaroo.com/i/s173wDJRaijn[View]
107549228hilo latino[View]
107561567Do your countrymen have a healthy amount of distrust towards the government?[View]
107556910>me when i see southern hemispherians[View]
107557046How can Europeans even start to COMPETE with the Norwegian music industry? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
107558541>I HATE TRUMP[View]
107531541/danmarktråden/: Dansk-norsk udgave[View]
107561126In America, women don't wanna have sex until they get married. Feels bad man.[View]
107561411>Why yes, I did just relapse to my old weeaboo and yellow fever ways, how could you tell?…[View]
107561110why don't americans have accents?[View]
107561117>Life is indeed meaningless[View]
107561359Can some natives anglo speakers type for me the words you hear here? thanks https://vocaroo.com/i/s…[View]
107559653I like Suicideboys https://youtu.be/AEatxOYocQs[View]
107561058Hey, Anon. I’m half Armenian. What are you?[View]
107559410>Damn, Mexic looks like that[View]
107560413hey int look at my penis[View]
107558840The only people of my cunt that start to talk to is because they want to come here, they think I…[View]
107560077Are Americans mentally ill?[View]
107561155>Being an incel in a country with legal prostitution Are people really this stupid?…[View]
107561142>destroys the Roman Empire (Russian Empire) Commies are true devil[View]
107560543Would he pass as local in your country?[View]
107558387Is tfw no gf common in your country?[View]
107560530>blablablabla I hate this shithole I want to live in a rich country[View]
107559872>tfw no ears[View]
107560594Just discovered something very interesting. Press your finger against the top of your nose between y…[View]
107560901This is white: This Warlock mate looking mothafucka is white but ...[View]
107558618why are americans so butthurt at europe? we've never done anything to them...[View]
107560830>Me? I do Meth and Krokodil[View]
107555112>Why yes, I always bring several McDonald's burgers and chicken nuggets to the zoo with me t…[View]
107560785You will never pass bro.[View]
107560702Yes Iam a mongoloid immigrant. Yes Iam a radical communist. Yes I was a senior komsomol member. Yes …[View]
107560568The king of the weebs[View]
107556014'Xs artistas': Now they are trying to ruin romance languages too. 'Xs artistas' should read 'Os arti…[View]
107560560What European country has the cutest boys?[View]
107554944>Why yes, I have irreversibly ruined my brain chemistry from extreme MDMA abuse, what gave it awa…[View]
107559944Enter CHADREN[View]
107556344What is life like in Tunisia? I hear it's the greenest part in North Africa, and I really hate …[View]
107559001>Yes indeed, I do...[View]
107559769Are you a cruncher?[View]
107558360Why Colombian girls are thick? Is it the product of intervention in food or does climate have a part…[View]
107560379WTF? I love Americans now.[View]
107560131>I teach English in Japan.[View]
107557443I'm so fucking sad, /int/ I hate this meaningless, boring life But I don't have the willp…[View]
107557883what do you bros think of the varying average testosterone levels of men from different countries do…[View]
107554841deutsch: Scheiss hitze ausgabe[View]
107558814>Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants >Absorbent and yellow and porou…[View]
107558106You wake up in here.[View]
107557672What accents do you like on girls? I want a Louisiana gf[View]
107559811>on a plane >lights out, time to sleep >american turns on his laptop to the max brightness …[View]
107560085>me? yeah I absolutely hate the fact I was born with this disgusting color, it's the worst t…[View]
107559244Willing to get banned: Hey, I have some work to do and I don't want to get distracted by /Int/ …[View]
107558252Brazilians look like modern-day Greeks. Prove I'm wrong.[View]
107559828/rom/ Firul Nostru[View]
107559834When will based Tamils declare independence from Hindustani subhumans?[View]
107553691why do western nu-males find these attractive?[View]
107559829/luso/: Pardo na presidência é branco. Pardo na cadeia é negro[View]
107559421y pypo be like....[View]
107552361Should The Catholic Church lose it diplomatic immunity?[View]
107529047Post interesting maps, population of the USA over time[View]
107557723Reminder that if your flag is a rectangle, you live in the third world.[View]
107559655The only good thing to come from brazil[View]
107552422>why yes, I do use the same password for all my accounts, what gave it away?…[View]
107558408There should be a global tax on the top 10% of humanity for redistribution to the bottom 90% If peop…[View]
107559076I’m in greece: American in Greece for another 2 weeks. Greek woman are very fun to date and hang out…[View]
107558525>tfw no black gf[View]
107559306>when you realize that Anime has turned many “men” around the world into a sissy trap Literally …[View]
107559495>i suffer in Albania.[View]
107559107What is that one event in your country's history that no-one talks about and is barely acknowle…[View]
107557367/brit/: goodnight irene[View]
107559419lmao colourblind niggas be like >OH GOD I'M SO SORRY I THOUGHT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT WAS GREEN N…[View]
107554399Why the USA wants to destroy Iran?[View]
107557434I told my neighbours that if they argued one more time I would come over and gut them with a knife a…[View]
107554979What are your favourite Asians?[View]
107557533>frozen pizza[View]
107558603What are your opinions on A Tribe Called Quest?[View]
107559194Is it truth that Americans don't under turn signal blinkers?[View]
107557493Based Mongols[View]
1075583961. you are city 2. does it have commieblocks 1. нoвий київ (new kyiv), formerly edmonton 2. yes[View]
107557680world police[View]
107558686>there are Oriental women browsing /int/ RIGHT NOW >they are reading when you make WMAF posts …[View]
107554390which nationality in your country do well with men and women? men with east europeans and asians wom…[View]
107558597Brazil and Finnland have some of the most retarded posters, but they also have cute boys. I am clove…[View]
107551545/ita/ - il filo: edizione delle DOPPIE[View]
107527743/mena/: the all american edition[View]
107557899>there are black women browsing /int/ RIGHT NOW >they might be reading your posts as we speak …[View]
107558632“ Asian women are so ugly, the only reason you would ever go for one is if your a white incel who ca…[View]
107554656Ireland or France?: Where would you rather live? Why?[View]
107558748>Buenos dias, una tapa de tortilla, por favor. >Si. Ahora mismo. - >¡Aquí tiene! >Gracia…[View]
107558754>Don't ever say that about my country to my face ever again. Ever.…[View]
107557072tell me about some cultures[View]
107558530I'm going to say the N-word[View]
107547495What race/ethnicity does she look like to you, /int/?[View]
107552326Is your country facing a demographic decline?[View]
107528820/skandi/: Bake utgaven[View]
107556430>Mexican gf sent me Aztlan propaganda pics again[View]
107558304>ears good[View]
107558184I have a big jew nose.[View]
107553900> 32 °C at night > and the heatwave hasn't arrived yet…[View]
107558391what has /int/ taught you?[View]
107558203>ugly person posted >reply 'looks finnish' >close tab…[View]
107550884hilo/brit/ANO: edicion piratas[View]
107540037/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
107557227why do white people smell so much?[View]
107550411Countries with the best contemporary music: 1 - USA 2 - UK 3 - France 4 - Brazil Prove me wrong.…[View]
107556277Better than bunkers to protect from an American invasion[View]
107557628There was a thread earlier 'They found his body' How did he know??? It was before it was announced! …[View]
107557790Do contemplative, introspective, self-aware types of women with whom you can have profound conversat…[View]
107557766Is this accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmtIZ_7ycJw[View]
107556431Do you have similar graphs in your country based on foreign marriages?[View]
107557549Small Japanese men: So I watching japan vs Ecuador yesterday and I couldn’t get over how small the J…[View]
1075546361. Your cunt 2. In how many pussies have you ejaculated in your life, condom or no condom >flag …[View]
107557671>your cunt >are dwarf gangs a problem Spain YES >Dwarf gang kills labourer on his payday to…[View]
107551292Reasons to love USA >Only nation founded on liberty for all people rather than language, ethnicit…[View]
107557142Do people do this in your country ? https://youtu.be/RWcLZ-CIrtI[View]
107556541I burned my shoulders and arms after working out under the sun from 3 to 4pm: wtf lads? I thought th…[View]
107555808/brit/: west country[View]
107548427There's 195 countries in the world and not a single one has legalized drugs. Why? I'm talk…[View]
107557152Bottom is a prosperous soviet socialist republic. Top is a fascist ultraright /pol/tard shithole. Th…[View]
107552407/fr/ - le francofil: édition 3D ancien : >>107544672[View]
107557706>Oh, these 300 gigs of ecchi? No, of course I don't use it to masturbate, what kind of savag…[View]
107557243Brs really think they'll be treated on par with natives if they immigrate to the West: They rea…[View]
107555521Is your cunt sprinkling his citizens in this unbearable heat wave?[View]
107557577>Look at pic related >Start smiling It's not fair lads. Why wasn't I born a German Ü…[View]
107548128>Germans are so evil they committed a genocide and tried to steal slavic land >Native Ameri- w…[View]
107554365>the American flag you called a mutt could be a cute black girl if you are cute black girls sorry…[View]
107553157>tfw born into English speaking country >tfw everyone in the world has to learn English >tf…[View]
107551914>race mixing is the cure to all of society's problems >race mixing produces perfect human…[View]
1075556591. you're homeland 2. who are you really? how would you describe yourself and your accomplishme…[View]
107557044>Gordon Ramsay comes to your restaurant How do you avoid looking like an idiot and getting embarr…[View]
1075551391) your front hole 2) why are girls so gay /int/? >Top consumers of gay porn >like lesbian stu…[View]
107557254Katya Pero tallkylatte merrpalicious Kalindra Chan Linda Michell Ren Rika Visceratio Daisy Tailor Lo…[View]
1075571451. cunny 2. your opinion on a night with the lads[View]
107544535/Med/ frens forever edition: Pink sweetness pink dreams sugar candy friendly edition/ No bulles allo…[View]
107529286/éire/: meabhrúchán chun tuairisc agus neamhshuim a dhéanamh de cacpostáil[View]
107556731Why are Americans so powerful?[View]
107556883Why yes, i am indeed 1/32 italian, how could you tell?[View]
107553335I wish East Germany was Slavic like it used to be in the past: I wish I could visit my relatives in …[View]
107556202>I support the war on drugs. Drugs destroy people's lives. Addiction is a real disease. Adul…[View]
107556548No, we are not all the same. Yes, some ethnicities look better than others. Yes, some ethnicities ar…[View]
107556606Anti f*Rstoid thread: My fellow Thirdies, assemble here to laugh at f*Rstoid problems, their so call…[View]
107554982Oslo pride: Best pride event in northern Europe, and maybe in Europe too https://youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
107556513>Why? Yes! I like to brag about my country's accomplishments to feel better about myself cau…[View]
107554400Anima libera, ti senti candida, lassù nel cielo volerai Anima libera, sempre mi illumina, nel buio d…[View]
107556117What do you think goes through a Japs mind when they go off of 2ch to visit here?[View]
107556233what are your thoughts on international cultures?[View]
107551702Now that the 2010s are over. Was this the biggest /int/ event of the decade?[View]
107553220How can humans compete?[View]
1075480021. Your cunt 2. Post your suicide hotline in your country Also i wanted to take the occasion to tell…[View]
107551177Sverigetråden - nattupplagan[View]
107552825comfy racism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FYp0CQDIpw 'comfy racist' stuff from your cunts…[View]
107534473/balk/: Anti-vaxxers, strah.bg readers, pseudo-trannies and other subhumans edition. Previous: >…[View]
107552952If Germany, Japan, Korea and other population declining countries (except for Russia, Ukraine and ot…[View]
107554480Do Europeans actually take the climate potato seriously? Or is she more of a meme/joke?[View]
107554926I think I gave myself brain damage from heavy drug use.[View]
107536576Is Homosexuality encouraged in your cunt?[View]
107555376Well /int/?[View]
107555331what is their religion?[View]
107552335stop making generals[View]
107555553>goddamn AMERICAN! it's called FOOTBALL not SOCCER![View]
107555751Why is Oasis the best band in the world?[View]
107549266>You're cunt >Are girls like this common in your cunt? Sweden NO!…[View]
107551464Are brown girls dateable in your country?[View]
107552817Is fucking a black queen the most masculine thing a wh*te BVLL can do?[View]
107554981/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: /deutsch/ /deutsch/ /deutsch/ /deutsch/ /deutsch/ /deutsch/ /deuts…[View]
107551470Rate your language's difficulty in comparison to English! Let's say that English is 10, Gr…[View]
107534437ITT: /int/ in 1830[View]
107555370France this doomed shithole: Today what's on the news ? Let's open my journal Nigger popp…[View]
107554470I can feel my mental health slowly fading away, sometimes at night I just scream[View]
107554874Wächter der /nachschicht/ später /deutsch/[View]
107554015Are curvy girls hot in ur country? Would you like to have a relationship with a curvy girl? Flag Ye…[View]
107555413Is Poland the Florida of Europe?[View]
107553444>They're eating her... and then they're going to eat me... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!…[View]
107555341Shy Chicano: Being a shy chicano is suffering[View]
107554904Why are they the worst posters on /int/? They have everything they could possibly want in a country …[View]
107554076What do Jews and Arabs feel about European hatred towards them?[View]
107553964thoughts on white Mexicans?[View]
107554567French LE CHERNOBYL[View]
107553103https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuvan_People's_Republic ugh...what could have been[View]
107553798World Global Cities: What 'World' has the best Global Cities? A global city is a relevant cultural, …[View]
107554954>23°C >60% humidity How's the summer weather been treating you? southern hemoids NOT all…[View]
107553969ITT we summon the Seychelles poster[View]
107522947/v4/ + ugly people: survival of the fittest edition[View]
107554203Does anyone actually care about Romania? Literally no one has any interest in it. Has anyone ever bo…[View]
107552548>tfw living in a snowlet country Life is suffering, lads.[View]
107554787>Stop! STOP! Why are you beaners shouting HOMOPHOBIC SLURS at the football game?! STOP IT! WE…[View]
107550483/deutsch/ strafe /brit/[View]
107554261How do you cope?[View]
107554762What the fuck is happening over there? Are you okay Aussie bros?[View]
107550606>Amerimutts >Kill all Americans >Mutt btfo >Americans deserve genocide >Fuck American…[View]
107554001God save the Queen.[View]
107553859>Somalians? Not my cup of tea.[View]
107552972What do Russians think of Vladimir Pozner? Do they?[View]
107551202damn....americans look like THIS?[View]
107554316>be american >get shot >flee to the DR >die…[View]
107553221I have Multiple Myeloma. Let's spoke about that. I'm looking people with Myeloma been diag…[View]
107554282Drinking thread?[View]
107552090Write something what You make for the others that day. Something good. I did dinner for my wife and…[View]
107553495ill start drinking soon, i apologize in advance for the shitty threads[View]
107553624What happens here?[View]
107551243come and sow our womin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTjCV8ZiQfA[View]
107551773americans really...[View]
107549462What is your country's Mexico?[View]
107530073On this day 28 years ago, Slovenia became an independent country.[View]
107553343LOL WHYPEPO B LIKE[View]
107553899POO ON THE PEAK[View]
107551458Your Country Have you ever kissed/been kissed by another man (no homo)? Flag Yes[View]
107553857Test: First post[View]
107551632What's going on with God in your country? In Finland, the Lutheran Church is facing criticism …[View]
107552794Satem gang assemble.[View]
107548268Our supposedly Hindu nationalist right wing is opening madrassas now. https://timesofindia.com/city/…[View]
107553592Is there anything more gay than having male 'friends'?: A man only needs a female by his side, maybe…[View]
107550812I am Håkon, son of Eirik, son of Knut, son of Ingvar, son of Knut, son of Tore, son of Knut. Who the…[View]
107553381>why yes it looks like i'm losing an argument >time too call this guy a Nigger…[View]
107541136Dinner thread: Post your ethnic dinners, lads For me, it's braces Atlantic pollock, organic cuc…[View]
107550982>tfw I went to a single sex boys only school. What is it like going to school with girls? Imagine…[View]
107547259Aging of Japan: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/06/18/national/social-issues/japan-worlds-low…[View]
107553416I love this country (unironically)[View]
107550275Hypothetical question, it is not like you'll ever have the possibility to choose.[View]
107550417I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
107404374Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
107553087whats for supper /int/?: for me, it's pic related with mayo and sriracha memesauce on white bre…[View]
107553203post the first ruler of your country[View]
107545334>mfw an /int/ '''girl''' (You)s me[View]
107553115Why do Japanese worship us?[View]
107550629Post maps of your cunt: Hardiness zones in Canada (Hardiness zones represent what coldest temperatur…[View]
107553067Aladdin: >be me >gay man >have a Middle Eastern men fetish >go to movies >with mum an…[View]
107553065>when there's a racist post on /int/[View]
107550088Good morning, students. Please stand for the pledge of allegiance[View]
107551483Could Russia invade and conquer the EU up to the French border if the US stayed out of it?[View]
107553010why are you patriot anon?: maybe i'm retarded but i don't get why many people have these f…[View]
107546710>People on int: Complain about hot weathers Me: Ah, what a lovely day-[View]
107541341Please buy Torsk from Norway![View]
107552701why are blacks so tired and exhausted by the heat ? arent they supposed to be more fit than white to…[View]
107539734/polska/: edycja polskiej dyplomacji[View]
107552403I am DIO What about you anon?[View]
107548901Is there really anything wrong with being a mutt?[View]
107550121I love France but if I go to France I will be hated because I am brown.[View]
107550807/brit/: Japanese breakfast[View]
107549723>What do you mean 'I'm not Italian', anon?[View]
107551694Beans: Chicanos be like.........[View]
107549733Fork is the superior food consumption tool[View]
107540697>in Japan >no luck with tinder, hellotalk >get tandem >literally get messages from 20 di…[View]
107541056Do you have jews in your country?[View]
107547986>Alejandro, how do you want your Legionnaires? >Mas gay >Say no more…[View]
107533507>beer >vodka[View]
107550234For me, it's Azula[View]
107546611do you like to sniff your sweaty hairy balls cunt yes or no flag yes[View]
107552269my fellow muricans: >I have X heritage, I want to move back to my old country, any advice? Don…[View]
107543032All four of my great grandparents were Irish, but I need to make 50k euros to move to Ireland and I …[View]
107546077>yeah, I'm living there, how did you know ?[View]
107540618ITT: /int/ in 1755[View]
107548719you can only post in this thread if you speak a meme language[View]
107551042>no bro dont kill yourself you have so much to live for[View]
107551159Are lebanese women the most beautiful ?[View]
107551602Do you ever wonder how memes are made, how they evolve and are maintained in an era of ridiculously …[View]
107544450/ita/ - il filo: guardate le partita[View]
107540655If you were a woman would you date a black man? Italy Yes[View]
107550293Would you racemix with a male Swede? I wouldn't[View]
1075514491 your country 2 have you ever seen a dwarf? 1 flag 2 no, but hope to one day.[View]
107544672/fr/ - le francofil: édition du bantère français https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV29pEvZvZw ancien …[View]
107535036/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: пpoшлый >>107524083[View]
107548769>cats >>> dogs[View]
107546189How much Goy moneies do I need to live in a crib in the alps like this one?[View]
107551122apparently ISIS loves Nutella. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/n-y-woman-who-call…[View]
107547616Is she already 12? Sorry, bro, too old for me.[View]
107546519>Sweden doesn't have gu-[View]
107545809Please by finely machined big metal things from Finland[View]
107550917Укpaинcкoй гepaльдикe пocвящaeтcя[View]
107548283Todas las promessas de mi amor se irán contigo Me olvidaras, me olvidaras Junto a la estación llorar…[View]
107549833What do you know about the United Fruit Company and its massacres in South America?[View]
107550642This is my last thread ever on this dark and horrible website, goodbye forever.: My name is Shahar. …[View]
107549273Lebanon has no Arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
107548656>...The same childhood friend reported in a letter that Columbus had provided one of the captured…[View]
107550822The Armenian Highlands. Home.[View]
107550895>(Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke on Monday proposed taxing afflu…[View]
107547652exams went to shit[View]
1075371264chan is considered the 9th most visited porn site in the world[View]
107550773/luso/: Pardo na faculdade, em bairro de classe média ou na polícia é branco. . Pardo na favela, na …[View]
107543507What's the fastest way to become an american citizen /int/ ?[View]
107538540UNESCO is biased[View]
107546777They kicked our fucking asses[View]
107548672Why do we let new worlders in Europe again? Even to visit?[View]
107549967Why do Americans go crazy over this[View]
107541959Do americans really...: do this?[View]
107547718What do you think Brazilians look like? Post pics.[View]
107550206>Etika is.... what...? Oh God bro that's awful. He made my days so much better. Can't b…[View]
107548866Why do they call themselves our *greatest* ally? Why do they have to be the greatest? Why can't…[View]
107548903What do American men smell like?[View]
107549668South Korea is a communist nation with communist values.[View]
107545531/hebräisch/ früher /jüdisch/ jetzt halt /deutsch/: Abbi Ausgabe[View]
107550294Does CIA wreak havoc in your country too?[View]
107544603The next leader of the UK: >He couldn't even get a regular GF…[View]
107550360>Hot girls in my area want sex with me? No thank you. I only pound cute twinks from Finnland.…[View]
107549507Khajiit has wares... IF you have coin.[View]
107547207Why is american KFC so shitty and gross??? No good sandwiches like twister, zinger, grander texas, l…[View]
107549972Every great piece of art has been directly or indirectly created by women. Without women, men are cr…[View]
107541817International heatwave of doom: >1: Your country >2: Current temperature in your area (in Cels…[View]
107548777Anglophilia is an illness. Anglophobia is sanity.[View]
107550211buenos dias, suecia[View]
107545049Turkic Russia: Kazakhstan Romanian Russia: Moldova Balkan Russia: Serbia Nazi Russia: Hoholia White …[View]
107549782Your Country. How many friends of a different ethnicity than yours do you have. Flag 3[View]
107545399/brit/: Things are only going to get worse edition[View]
107543819Why do people on /int/ say this region as white? I don't get it[View]
107549468MacDonald in Malaysia still using Mac Tonight/Moonman on its advertising[View]
107547251Why is this picture so funny?[View]
1075252871 cunt 2. height 3 weight 4. dick size Japan 182cm 72.6kg 21cm[View]
107548845Yes I am a mongoloid immigrant Yes I want communist sharia law. Yes we will destroy your mcmansions …[View]
107549841FREE MY NIGGA RIGHT NOW!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSOVyhaymvg[View]
107549324>be german >go to work >work a full day >go home >play work simulator games until bed…[View]
107549879What time of women do men in your country like ? In Canada we like Mena and Latina women the most be…[View]
107549868Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107532061 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
107549347Yes, I am an American. Yes, I am a mutt. No, I'm not ashamed of that.[View]
107549788>oh say can you see[View]
107539424Doogh, ayran or tan: >Arabs, Turks and other muslims drink 'salty milk' What did they mean by thi…[View]
107543347Wow !!! Persians girls are so pretty How could I get an Iranian gf?[View]
107547540the air is literally uncomfortable to breathe i have a headache as well[View]
107543339Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan: Endast seriös diskussionston tack[View]
107549676Mushrooms belong on pizza[View]
107548185Change my mind: Spanish language is better than French[View]
107545748Lithuanian men look like THAT?[View]
107549277What’s the fastest way to become a New Zealish citizen?[View]
107545340I gave in to temptation and came back to this website.: My name is Shahar. I am a straight, atheist …[View]
107538318>I suffer in Japan[View]
107546487It's the summer! It's the time when annoying scandies come to Greece. (thanks by the way, …[View]
107521114/lat/ + /esp/ + /southerncone/ = /hisp/: hilo latino bailecito y pechearla al final[View]
107548945Thoughts on Amerigoblos?[View]
107544110I hate living in Israel, I wish I lived in the USA: It's full of arabs, religous jews, ni**ers,…[View]
107547372Oh no no no no https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rferl.org/amp/30020114.html[View]
107543219Here in the North we like to eat simple and fresh food. Herring and 'early potatoes' As goos as it g…[View]
107548116>his country has a majority wh*te population[View]
107546325guess the age and occupation of the poster above you by their music preference thread? guess the age…[View]
107542388What conclusions can we draw from this?[View]
107539854Why do Europeans worship a Brown Jesus? The very first depictions of Jesus as blonde and blue eyed w…[View]
107542688Why most xenophobic/ethnocentric countries are most successful? e.g Japan, Korea, Israel, 1920s Unit…[View]
107545122Peak expat[View]
107545766At the end of the day, we Americans just smile at other people, do our best to make them smile back.…[View]
107547881This is what happens when mena girls come to Berlin[View]
107545783Stay out of my countries general![View]
107548124Why do Asians all look the same? How do they recognize themselves?[View]
107548256Were the anglo-scottish wars fought using spoons or specialized forks? I heard someone even used a f…[View]
107548236the troubles: any good video/documentary on youtube about them? Also, what's the relationship b…[View]
107545717>German poster expresses neo-nazi views Not again[View]
107546023do you shave your legs?[View]
107546225Why are americans prone to nazism??[View]
107547725Was hattet ihr am liebsten für abendessen als ihr jung wart?[View]
107544801I've just be denied access to a movie theater... Does your local cinema place have a no single …[View]
107542993Post inside of your fridge[View]
107546700What is your religion?[View]
107547454JUST: >be Florida woman >do something sensible >basically the opposite of a Florida man …[View]
107547386>why yes, I have no purpose in life and just waste away my youth on video games, imageboards and …[View]
107544931https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vBe_OeEbH8 What do Euros think about how white Americans view race?…[View]
107546412Think about it[View]
107545580In 1836 a band of robbers and murderers entrenched themselves in a monastery. These animals wanted t…[View]
107537361what the FUCK is their problem?[View]
107547490>Let’s try to take over the world with a failing empire and a medieval desert kingdom as our main…[View]
107546724This is America.[View]
107547279/nederdraad/: miet editie edition des miets meet edition mietus editius >Waar? /A/msterdam >Wa…[View]
107544926is this (You)? if yes, get help if no, help those who are stuck in this loop[View]
107546466>Why yes people do mistake me for a girl. How did you know?[View]
107543331Is the rental market in every major European city fucked up? How do new people coming to the cities …[View]
107542627Not even a Jew but Israel is a beacon of democratic values, it's like an oasis of Western minds…[View]
107535079/nederdraad/: Kankerhete editie[View]
107532061Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107511647 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
107546999>Your countrymen are too autistic to have a general[View]
107539573Why are all Europeans good at English?[View]
107544145Americans be like >did he really just kiss his own child on the lips? CALL THE POLICE THIS MAN IS…[View]
107539428What do Georgians think of him?[View]
107545433So, is freedom of speech a right here or not[View]
107546291What are some difference between south and north europe that you noticed? >south europeans will l…[View]
107542361The lifestyle of japanese-brazilians[View]
107543936>work tomorrow after 11 days[View]
107545198Why are cute girls so cute?[View]
107544985What drugs are you on right now /int/?[View]
107531068HEAT WAVE GENERAL: -your country -your temp -your method of survival[View]
107536430/ita/ - il filo: edizione forza azzurre[View]
107541303/jüdisch/ ehemals /deutsch/: Jüdische Ausgabe[View]
107542992/brit/: *winks at u* edition[View]
107543433Why are academic intellect and intelligence so overvalued? Without work ethics or smart planning, ev…[View]
107543231goodnight, /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107543795Why are people in INT obsessed with this girl?[View]
107545074How do you possible go through life's hardships without God's guidance /int/?[View]
107544643Nearly 6 months to 2020: On July 1st it will be 6 months to 2020. My goals in the next 6 months are …[View]
107542826>someone insults japan >japs appear and resist >someone insults america >mutts appear an…[View]
107525179kurva anyátok[View]
107543158Do japanese people really do this?[View]
107543885>Why yes, I do drink vodka, rum and whiskey. Beer? Tastes bad. Wine? Tastes bad. Tequila? Sorry, …[View]
107536145Guess ethnicity[View]
107540987Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
107544700Why can't i be a millionaire[View]
107544037how common is circumcision in your country?[View]
107544736Why do americans watch those mutts living their lives?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW4e50rGbIQ …[View]
107543480>Wait, anon, don't tell me you actually support the freedom of innocent palestinians do you?…[View]
107544494y pipo be like >'whoa i love this painting, it's so colorful and powerful, truly reflects m…[View]
107543548Every Polish poster: Whoa finally there is a metric to accurately measure which place is the richest…[View]
107535629Guess ethnicity[View]
107541978post photos from white supremacist rallies in your country. we dont have that shit here so this is f…[View]
107543275I only fap white women porn. White women are very hot. Jap porn is a piece of shit.It is censored. T…[View]
107542868“Don’t you know that only losers like Asian girls ? Hahah you are probably only like them because yo…[View]
107535587/fr/ - le francofil: Edition des bommers français. Ancien: >>107528795[View]
107543850If i am capable of jerking off for two hours, does it mean that i am good at sex?[View]
107533232Are Germans really swarthy and dark-skinned as /int/ says? What color are their sensitive areas, bro…[View]
107544290My name is Yohanan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2Yjn3OXRk[View]
107544239Cycling International edition: How is it perceived in your country, how good or bad is the infrastru…[View]
107544128I want a trad asian qt more than anything[View]
107541896Sincere opinion on pardileiras[View]
107534085>everyone in thread speaking English >Retard from some stupid country randomly posts in foreig…[View]
107543374Does /int/ kiss their moms on the lips? flag: yes[View]
107540888most annoying language[View]
107543901do spanish people really look like this?[View]
107539613>tfw no Utah gf Why live?[View]
107537462An American Bride in Kabul: >It is 1959. I am only 18 when my prince — a dark, older, handsome, w…[View]
107543477Asians niggas be like ‘dem asses’ eheheheheheh[View]
107543647Even Japanese are petty thieves nowadays[View]
107543542This is how you know you fucked up[View]
107543123>rebel against incriminating authoritarian law against authoritarian regime >ignored >prote…[View]
107541441Guess which one is 28 years old and which one is 21[View]
107541289When were you proud of your country the most?: For me when this guy was found to be Korean[View]
107543310>Anon, could you give me last 4 digits of your credit card number and password for giving free mi…[View]
107541929Pale- what ?[View]
107538357/USA/: One good old fashioned, American icon, comin' up. edition[View]
107543193In a scale from 1 to 10, how degenerate are women in your cunt?[View]
107540025>there are ''''''''''countries'''''''''''''' that only have sausages but not KOLBASA Is it true? …[View]
107542642ah yes, the sunset[View]
107543208why do they[View]
107543166what the FUCK is his problem?[View]
107540190Do womem in your country love Israeli guys?: If so I want to immigrate there and fuck the women. I l…[View]
107543128The only white people left in the UK are at Lords: Right now. Never seen so little diversity![View]
107542194Who started World War I ?.. Muslims?? Who started World War II ?.. Muslims?? Who killed 20 million h…[View]
107539886What's your favorite thing that came out of Belgium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10UCrRMlj2…[View]
107538407i feel like germanic women are overated[View]
107543062Murder of Patrice Lumumba Supporting Suharto The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in priv…[View]
107542967Will never be first world[View]
107538328He really looks Pakistani for some reason[View]
107542332Do Indians actually do this ?[View]
107540149/brit/: Juden Büben[View]
107532663Why is it so hard to eat breakfast its literally taken me 90 minutes to eat this rye bread[View]
107542026Why the American so fat and round? Fat like ham.[View]
107542781Will Korean men marry Japanese girls in my lifetime?[View]
107542784No you are not brown No you are not from Africa No you don't shag white girl No you are not a t…[View]
107540834Why does J*pan fear the Korean bull so much?[View]
107537854blackpipo food: For months I've been taking part in the good natured joking about white people …[View]
107536516Smug arrogant cunts[View]
107542664what the FUCK is their problem?[View]
107539213>''goddamnit i can hear that italian dude screaming his lungs out from the 24th floor a…[View]
107542359She suffers in Moldova. Why aren't you saving her, white man? You could be her western Europea…[View]
107541463Italian americans are based[View]
107542108The Nafri/Black lifestyle in France looks so comfy desu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wz9lvgAKOg…[View]
107539159/2Sicilie/ - il filo: Edizione libera dal merdapostaggio[View]
107540271why americans are so fucking retard about age of consent? most countries in europe and south america…[View]
107532110/mämmi/: lieru nyymi ripuli mestari -painos[View]
107538153/nuke/: You can only post in this thread if your cunt is part of the nuclear club.[View]
107535793What are some war kino's made from you country?[View]
107539432The best region of Brazil. The soul of country. The moral reserve of country.[View]
107540448Can you love your country and hate the people living in it at the same time?[View]
107539262<1. your land> <2. how dose use meme arrow>[View]
107540547you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
107541650How can i tell apart White face?[View]
107533257>eu >relevant[View]
107532727What Norwegians think about this?[View]
107541137Rank from bad to worst.... Indians, Brazillians, Portuguese, Polish. GO![View]
107541679Imagine having to speak indoyuropoopoo gibberish as your first language.[View]
107541260How fucked are you?[View]
107534539HERÓIS DO MAR[View]
1075417071988 video game choices for the most important hockey countries.[View]
107539857Would you rather have a gf from your country or an Asian gf?[View]
107537635Will this area of the world ever be good ?[View]
107536743/deutsch/: Goldstück Ausgabe[View]
107520964/tr/ - anasını arvadını siktimin t*RRRko köpekleri edition: mavibülbül / nocontxtterk girin efso bee…[View]
107541095>amerikan business man[View]
107540645Japanese musician try to murder the queen with a scarf.[View]
107535582Sverigetråden: Judiska mjölkisarupplagan[View]
107541302my ancestor :)[View]
107541298Please watch this: https://youtu.be/RXAHywPLaD8[View]
107540202Brown hair light eyes GOD TIER combination. No homo, no pedo :| Everyone else should be genocided. h…[View]
107541120You're now reminded that you don't have a Peruvian gf[View]
107536546why aren’t you letting hispanics flood into your country and demographically take it over? are you r…[View]
107538260Do women in your cunt have nice fat arses?[View]
107537865How do you deal with the soul-crushing fact that you will never be Norwegian?[View]
107540969Have you ever watched a porn with your parents?[View]
107541181stupid arrogant drunkards abusing drugs[View]
107540917>dad asked me to pray in the morning again[View]
107535752Should white women be genocided?[View]
107541038>that will be $10 plus 3.77% federal tax plus 1.13% state tax plus $5 freedom tax plus $0.5 anti-…[View]
107541101Why do pajeeta and ching chong look more manly than white dudes?[View]
107534624>hey you foreign boy! >let me show you common american greeting…[View]
107540635at least you're not a ''man''let[View]
107539998>go to Paris >Frenchmen everywhere >vacation ruined…[View]
107486700/Noregstråden/: ven utgåve fǿrre: >>107442016 >>107442016 >>107442016[View]
107540071Brown girl + white guy + ice cream = perfection.[View]
107532115Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107511647 Learn Japanese Thread:https://boards.4c…[View]
107538406Why is Egypt so bad?[View]
107537110Steam Summer Sale is scheduled to start today lads. What's /int/ buying?[View]
1075368422019... I am forgotten...[View]
107538932Studying Abroad: Well lads I'm going to be studying abroad in London this fall and I'm loo…[View]
107540730what the FUCK is their problem?[View]
107533233>he doesn't live on an island[View]
107539204Why is my penis so small even though my father and my brothers all have big penises?: I tohught gene…[View]
107538366>you're on the blue website again... do mums in your cunt say this?…[View]
107540683>the head of the House of Bonaparte is getting married to the great-grand-daughter of Austria’s l…[View]
107540601>What kinda country you want, Hans? >Complete nonsense >Say no more…[View]
107539417>cunt >do you use this on food[View]
107539698What's my heritage/ethnicity?[View]
107537848It's quite humbling my entire existence can be summed up in an 80kb image macro[View]
107537298I’m second generation Analbanian immigrant, Italian citizenship, I want to visit Russia because of m…[View]
107540136/brit/: peter from corrie edish sub edition: fuck the janitor[View]
107536847>I '''''''suffer''''''' in Syria[View]
107538495How does your country deal with the 'good work ethic people' question?[View]
107538189the plural of moose is meese[View]
107537452Do American boomers really spend every penny of their wealth before dying?[View]
107539604I want to die.[View]
107539011What country has the fattest women?.[View]
107528748/polska/: edycja pokojówkowa[View]
107539030XYY 'people' should be euthanized.[View]
107538713Flag You opinion on Jews who don't live in Israel.[View]
107535653/brit/: Absolute unit edition[View]
107538861it's 19:30 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
107527672What are your favorite parts of Europe for nightlife?[View]
107538741Why do asians love to squat so much?.8[View]
107536177Edizione parcheggio con donna alla guida[View]
107536511>South Carolina became independent before North Carolina 200 years and they are still angry over …[View]
107533146Guys... It's not funny anymore! Stop! Please!!! IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE AHHH PLEASE STOP B…[View]
107530956Vocaroo thread: Post you vocaroo, listen to other's.[View]
107535066Served, /int/? Uma delícia[View]
107537374Only Western Europeans are welcome ITT[View]
107538323Bettino Craxi era Italy, now those were great times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAW-r0fC7z0…[View]
107537640How do you call this in your country?[View]
107537745>getting car fixed >didn't have complete money for payment >mechanic said no worry pay…[View]
107537041why do human beans do this?[View]
107534670Why Caucasian girl is so cute????(*´∀`) Perfect face. Perfect body. Great. I want to marry a caucasi…[View]
1075377101. country 2. do you have a troll dad?[View]
107533456>Russians in 2050[View]
107534634>why yes, I am an incel who despises women, how could you tell?[View]
107536419wtf America[View]
107536705The fuck are 'Napoleonic Tariffs'?[View]
107535807I'm going to a festival tomorrow all alone. I just wanna have a good time and try to socialize …[View]
107530173Brown people ruined /int/[View]
107532758The biggest NEET you'll ever know: >be me >be 21 >never had a job, not want to study, …[View]
107538237this weather is actually too spicy for me holy shit please make it stop[View]
107536012Do /int/ anons want a boyfriend(female)? have you taken the tomboypill yet?[View]
107537862Indians please stop shitting on oceans. Thanks[View]
107535498White woman like Black man Asian Woman like White man But nobody like Asian man I want to die[View]
107537123fuck you foreigners[View]
107538121How come they never tried to pull out a 2008?[View]
107536614Why are asians so short?: It's because they didn't drink milk?.[View]
107537730>Greeks aren't whi-[View]
107537357Good riddance, the Heisei era was a disaster. May Heaven smile upon God Emperor Naruhito[View]
107534842how do you say 'any day now' in your language?[View]
107537697>I hit the gym thrice a week[View]
107533563How often does the average German eat Baumkuchen a year?[View]
107526793>suffering exists in f*rst world I’ve heard there are people, who say shit like that unironically…[View]
107537476bros I just read on reddit that spermcount is falling because of junk food diet[View]
107537519Based countries: BROWN countries + med ( except france) Cringe and blue pilled: whites countries[View]
107537020>tfw no black gf do your countrymen know this feel?[View]
107535852>Napoleone de Buonaparte, re d'Italia[View]
107537264Would you for your country?: Yes. We only have 1 country, Israel.[View]
107535889Accents thread: All accents on females are attractive. Prove me wrong. I can't think of one acc…[View]
107532718Did you know that Americans say 'lasagna noodles'?[View]
107533093It's a good day for EVROPA[View]
107535263Asian? *chuckles softly* no, I am Greek! it is an understandable mistake so I shall forgive you THIS…[View]
107529084/ita/ - il filo: edizione campagnola[View]
107534131What happened to him?[View]
107535771ABDUL MY SON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH1EMovqEJY[View]
107533813/brit/: lauren edition[View]
107536843What makes black zoomers so sexually repulsive?[View]
107536858Do white girls stink???[View]
107536285i barf blood whenever i catch a glimpse of your mom[View]
107534777Why is modern society, literally pushing one person to the very edge? based on race, based on sex, …[View]
107533567Do Korean women like such Japanese men?[View]
107535210>if you search 'president of space' on google, the result will be Donald Trump Really makes you t…[View]
107536005how does the average finnish immigrant in your cunt look? pic related[View]
107531042Why do they get a free pass for ww2?: They were allied and cooperated with the nazis and the japanes…[View]
107526877Changing my last name: Thinking of changing my last name because I have literally no connection to m…[View]
107536349Inside the Chicago Riot Police Protester Scrum M20 NoNATO: Inside the Chicago Riot Police Protester …[View]
107534641>first world this >third world that wait a minute, what about second world?…[View]
107535503>I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my h…[View]
107532704Is black and asians the weirdest combo?[View]
107535863Do you live in a desert area, /int/? Would you consider it?[View]
107535355what the FUCK is their problem?[View]
107535981>Did you just imply that people from other countries are different???? Oof that is super problema…[View]
107531643ITT we post /int/ernational women and guess if they're thots. I'll start. Definitely not a…[View]
107535780any recent animes that aren't normie self insert garbage?[View]
107536011What will you do to change the island from a shithole into a Hapa ethnostate just like the Jews did …[View]
107524083/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Bы чтo жe, cyчeчки, пpocpaли тpeд? :3[View]
107534811Will you be my english tutor If I give you 10 dollars a month?: I really need the Englsh teacher…[View]
107532886Yes , i am Tamil How did you know ?[View]
107534810Assange - Let Me Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfSQKfLfiaI[View]
107535599Did you know that Japan saved Polish orphans back in the 20's? Thank you Japan https://tokio.ms…[View]
107532998>your country > your autism level Sbain over 1000% , i haven't friends and i've neve…[View]
107531604But you dream, /int/[View]
107534878>Why yes, I carefully recycle all my waste, It's a simple action of putting them in the righ…[View]
107535350Wake up[View]
107532701You can choose to move anywhere in the world By this I mean: >have an average job >marry a loc…[View]
107532644>Why yes I just ate a 3 years old frozen salmon, how could you tell?[View]
107534381>american 'humor'[View]
107534194You wake up in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth[View]
107531087Found a hot Russian in Sweden, didn't think there were any good looking Russian females: Don…[View]
107527733what are you guys up to right now? i'm at the hospital, accompanying my dad for his bi-weekly c…[View]
107532898iranian women.....[View]
107533623i like italians but italians don't like me[View]
107532014Why did Amerilards invade a country that fought for its freedom against her colonial oppressor? I th…[View]
107528795/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition du combat perdu d'avance ancien : >>107513822[View]
107530030>Slavs are ugl- WHOA...[View]
107532300>Yes , i'm from the alpine region , how could you tell?[View]
107535213I wish I was European, often want to kill myself and hope I reincarnate into a European man. I am ug…[View]
107528928explain this, America[View]
107524561/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: cows are friends, not food edition previous >>107520887 >>107…[View]
107508433/nederdraad/: Klepels akka editie[View]
107534829They are...superior....[View]
107533406/sag/: WE WUZ KANGS edition[View]
107534271Is our need for belonging/friends a biological *need*, or merely a want that is shaped by sociatal c…[View]
107533534I'm going to work. See you later mom.[View]
107534857we must deport all chinks from Russia: Fucking insects[View]
107534581>white chocolate? no I don't li- WBRLRLLR RLLRHRHRRGGGGGHRHHRLL *cough* *cough* I am so sorr…[View]
107530718/HEATWAVE/: Heatwave general. How are my fellow yuropoors gonna face 7 days of extreme heat and high…[View]
107534587So, everybody loves Italians apparently Would you give me a specialized job, though?[View]
107532033Is there anything more gay than having male 'friends'?: A man only needs a female by his side, maybe…[View]
107534278Is anyone else getting pretty fucking sick of nigeria and niger having such similar names?[View]
107531577vroom vroom[View]
107525938Is it hard to have sex in your cunt?[View]
107533961In Europe, all it takes for you to easily get a gf is to have a job, an apartment and maybe a car. F…[View]
107534323Does your country have bars where white women go to so they can dance with black men?[View]
107503299/balk/: Summoning the pshek edition. Previous: >>107487671[View]
107533915describe the whores of your country in detail.[View]
107532802tfw the swedish-polish union will NEVER exist EVER again: why even live? seriously, imagine having t…[View]
107533057Do you love japan?[View]
107528794resurrection when[View]
107534098how to have sex?[View]
107533527I was ashamed of being Brazilian but then I realized that I'm not my nationality. 'Brazilian' i…[View]
107528471What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
1075314681. Cunt 2 Are you addicted to any substance? 3 How is your addiction looked at?[View]
107530916>meet up with my ex after 1 year abroad >she tells me she dated another guy >i feel shock …[View]
107534030>Australia has no cultu-[View]
107534017I want a Japanese gf[View]
107533820mistah proi ministah[View]
107533692I love brazil.[View]
107533185>mfw when I have no face, because I was in London and I got some acid in my face…[View]
107529760/brit/: mexican white supremacy edition[View]
107531644>most prominent Japanese businessman and founder of their largest company after toyota is son of …[View]
107533582How cold before you close your windows? It's its 13c here now but I still have the windows open…[View]
107520536/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Fio Brasileiro & Fio Português. Edição: >asq sem namorada russa Tema: ht…[View]
107533427swedish woman[View]
107531400I'm so sad.[View]
107533449>Why, yes. I am tired, hot, lonely, horny, and depressed right now. How could you tell?…[View]
107532105Pure Yayoi blood Japanese people subduing the subhuman hairy Jomon faggots[View]
107533071Why white girl AHEGAO is so beauty?? so sexy.[View]
107519754EXPOSED: How do you say EXPOSED in your language?[View]
107531924BUSINESS IDEA: >be nerd about electronics >design my own sounds compressors and limiters i see…[View]
107533032This is Bulgarian gorilla He's a national symbol of Bulgaria Say something nice about him[View]
107529674Sverigetråden - Indo-Germanska upplagan[View]
107532784>why yes, it is my fault that my flag is range banned >how could you tell?…[View]
107530907Can purebred adult Slavic males naturally have blond hair and blue eyes? Would you assume any Slav w…[View]
107532764>be white woman >oh yes, I'm 26. How could you tell?…[View]
107529076How cute :з[View]
107533023The frenchman that dabbed on the world[View]
107533012>hey anon, we're going out to kill some stray dogs for fun. want to join us?…[View]
107528994ahahahah lol![View]
107532717Yes, i recognise north macedonians as the sucessors of Alexander, what gave it away?[View]
107522244They found his body[View]
107531597I failed my 3rd year today. I feel like shit[View]
107532384>the hilarious moment when there is a ignorant Malaysians especially Malay nationalist who still …[View]
107532497>like, comment and subscribe >also don't forget to push the notifications bell…[View]
1075321611.your cunt 2.What is the muttiest country in your continent ? >flag >Philippines…[View]
107532846I will marry a Slav girl and we will call our kids Duraksalv and Zloyslav.[View]
107532502How did they get so big? And how did they get s400 armata[View]
107530758Why yes i havent worked a single day in my life how could you tell?[View]
107532748Is Lana Del Rey white?[View]
107532412This place has completely ruined my opinion of Arabs.[View]
107525974Arr rook the sa-[View]
107530802>why, yes, i have polish ancestry, how could you tell?[View]
107531679>Is that pork you're eating, bro? Don't you know The Quran forbids it? I'm very di…[View]
107532397Will Trump win again in 2020?: He is good for Israel so I hope he wins again. Tue democrats are left…[View]
107532547Why do Western Europeans exploit poor people?[View]
107532127>For me it's androgynous looking girls, nah bro I'm not gay.[View]
107529593So are they basically only non-Arab muslim country which never uses native names for children?[View]
107531753We are the descendants of Martians: Hello / int /, during the last weeks I have been having self-ind…[View]
107532528I will never date anyone unless he is a Slavic male. No exceptions.[View]
107532415There are too many synonyms in my language and I hate them[View]
107531988This fucking cancer spread everywhere[View]
107530970I want to find love in Italy[View]
107526550Post your cunt balkanized[View]
1075290251.ur cunt 2.ur age flag 19[View]
107524877>mid or i feed[View]
107529368>Kms? Nah bro, at least not until Cyberpunk 2077 and TES6 come out. After that, we'll see…[View]
107520484This is a map of Europe which classified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.[View]
107530765Which are better?: Korean or Japanese women?[View]
107529588Does this happen in your cunt[View]
107530885Coconut flour. Suggest me light, fresh and cheap recipes with coconut flour, either be some fudge, s…[View]
107529980would non-white /pol/itical warriors like mexicans, brazilians, asians and slavics be prepared to un…[View]
107509301/mämmi/: Kansallispukupainos[View]
107530971>l-look at your flag >you're brazilian >don't do this, don't do that becaus…[View]
1075299491) You are cunt 2) Do you think that giving women rights was a mistake?[View]
107532021How common is aptitude tests in hiring process in your country?[View]
107528184Honestly, what's the difference?[View]
107531846>German culture: https://youtu.be/5kVTLl2fDcs[View]
107530469My dream is to go to Paris: But I'm afraid to be disappointed when I come What should I expect?…[View]
107531545Anyone going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?: I want to go there and have sex with Japanese women I have…[View]
107531244>guy on the right is a turk with 20% balkan dna and 80% middle eastern >guy on the left is a t…[View]
107530154Do women block the snacks in your cunt?[View]
107531231What do Russians/Eastern Europeans think of Chernobyl?: How did it shape your worldview? And did the…[View]
107531680>mfw a wh*toid refuses to take my bracelet do wh*tes do this in your cunt?…[View]
107526091>Qur'an came our hundreds and hundreds of years after the bible and supposedly from god >…[View]
107531201>these are the people projecting their moral superiority and telling Asians are evil nature destr…[View]
107525508Tell me about French Canadian; Hispanic and Italian American girls, please: How different they from …[View]
107526395>What kinda country you want, Hans? >Complete nonsense >Say no more…[View]
107530595>Why yes, I'm a brown homosexua NEET living in france, how could you tell ?…[View]
107528830>no, I wont get a job[View]
107529070Do white women really this fat ?: Many foreigners say they don't like Asian girl because of the…[View]
107528781>imagine not eating rice and beans during lunch and dinner everyday I can't think of anythi…[View]
107531010Do you fight for the indipendence of your region? Which is yours?[View]
107506256/ex-yu/: pumpam govna majmunku pod shubaru edicija[View]
107530805Which country having potential to be developed country in South America?: Is Chile already developed…[View]
107530329Why do French people look like this?[View]
107530862>Why yes, uni doesn't interest me at all, not to mention all those fucking zoomers. What gav…[View]
107530815>Why yes, I do beat up random children and women for fun. What gave it away?…[View]
107450864/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
107530501Are Americans mentally retarded?: Are they really?[View]
107528754>Dokdo? Korea. >Tsushima? Korea. >Japan? Korea.…[View]
107529268>why yes, i torture small animals for fun, how could you tell?[View]
107524518>ur cunt >do u support war between US and Iran?…[View]
107520485/int/ hair: post yours[View]
107529242How To Legalize Child Porn?: I propose such a protest: for each of ours, convicted of child child cu…[View]
107530610Why, yes i am indeed 79.2%, european 2% Middle eastern, 13,5% subsaharan african and 5,3% native ame…[View]
107530597>when the brown people are speaking their hola supermercado language around you but you notice a …[View]
1075289571. Your'e cunt 2. What is the downsides of U-S mutt nation compared to your'e cunt? Pic re…[View]
107526703Japan wants to become Southeast Asia’s trash manager https://qz.com/1650893/japan-wants-to-become-so…[View]
107529811why can no country match it?[View]
107528228Do not come to Korea for the trip: There are nothing in here to sightsee As you know our culture is…[View]
107529563is loli/shota legal in your cunt?[View]
107529777Who here /richer than the kikes/[View]
107510775/ita/ il filo: edizione Wei[View]
107522465Anon.. you do you really say all those mean things about brazil ?[View]
107530064tell me everything is gonna be alright[View]
107527640> ur country > what does u r lunch look like pic related…[View]
107530050>Finnish imageboard Ylilauta is in total butthurt and triggered mode because of the pride week in…[View]
107529039>asian flag replies to your post[View]
107529037>Why, I do quote every post in a thread and reply with 'have sex' and many other variations. How …[View]
107525976Post your guilty pleasure music from another country (not anything in English, please).[View]
107529882Chinks in Denial[View]
107529126Koreans are fat[View]
107511647Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107496690 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107529911>Your country has no soul! That is not a real thing that exists. It's something they made u…[View]
107524624What happens at Aligarh Muslim University? Is it a good place to do a study-abroad semester if my ow…[View]
107520145>tfw bad genetics (half-chinese) to grow a decent beard What products do you use to grow your bea…[View]
107524898¿Well, /int/?[View]
107529104Moros y Cristianos (or simply moros, moro, congrí, or arroz moro) is a Cuban dish served at virtuall…[View]
107527712hehe monke[View]
107528523Hello. Norway is moving to Japan because Europe bully us. Here we will share a rich culture evolving…[View]
107512215vocaroo thread[View]
107528845Would this pass as local in your country?[View]
107529649This is the average Kpop fan. You can even see the posters on the door at 1:38 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
107529167>yeah i spam 20 applications for the same job ad[View]
107529578Why do white people takes 95% of movies and mass-media, despite being only 1/4 of world population? …[View]
107529520espania homosexuala?[View]
107529128Jews have their day of rest on Saturday Christians have their day of rest on Sunday What days do oth…[View]
107525899Why don't you have gilrfriend yet?[View]
107526623I got a match: I got a match and I still dont know what to write Help[View]
107523145Can Russia be saved?[View]
107525918>Incel? Oh no, we are finished with that 4chanreddit buzzword. Now our new buzzwords are 'you…[View]
107529141at least you're not a manlet ''man'': at least you're not a manlet ''man''[View]
107527758Latvian: I'm traveling to Latvia next spring with a good friend of mine, and I want to learn th…[View]
107521924Cinema Appreciation: >your favorite movie in the past few years[View]
107524625Could she pass as a local in your cunt...??[View]
107529009Post food from the best rated local restaurant in your cunny[View]
107526218cocks... gaysex... anime...[View]
107525133hi /int/, I'm a black American who's heading to Russia in a few weeks for a year long stud…[View]
107528893>The Emperor is just a corpse on a chair bro, embrace the Primordial Truth.…[View]
107527938Please tell me gay marriage and homos are not the first thing you think of when you see this flag[View]
107528866WTF Copa América: Jap[View]
107528630>I oppose mass immigration from 3rd world countries![View]
107528055Why yes, I do send all my income to Malta so I don't have to pay any taxes, how did you know?[View]
107528610How to learn Finnish, whats the best textbook/resource[View]
1075285581. Flag 2. Are you rent free in /pol/acks mind[View]
107525769Why is Japan so fucking racist?[View]
107526571>Ah yes, the wonderful architecture of Edmonton[View]
107528685Post your favorite video about Ancient Egypt. mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiL1jwOyssk many…[View]
107528355ok serious question: how come most non-whites usually look like monkeys[View]
107513822/fr/ - le francofil: L'édition de la grande flamme, la grande idée. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
107527066What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
107517507American man rapes, stabs and then beats a Chinese student to death before decapitating her: https:/…[View]
107528231>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't just rape and kill whoever you want!!![View]
107528515>m-muh natural yamato women[View]
107528497Why do manlets lie about their height ?[View]
107523584is this picture anglo-russian propaganda?[View]
107527268Would Turks/Arabs be ok with mass Muslim sub Saharan African immigration to their nations and to rac…[View]
107523235the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race[View]
107517893Canada has never lost a war.[View]
107527400>Tinder? Degenerate filth that needs to be banned[View]
107503611/polska/: edycja paszkowa[View]
107527578Yes indeed, ...[View]
107524916>Germans are so evil they committed a genocide and tried to steal slavic land >Native Ameri- w…[View]
107525954I need a Spanish gf right NOW![View]
107524773What the fuck is his problem?[View]
107481747/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: .[View]
107526158Has history ever know an example when a beta male became an alpha male? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
107527311LMAO do the Arabs think that they're superior to the Black people? Fuck Arabs lmao. You're…[View]
107518461The most powerful Finn that I know of[View]
107524086Tell me about America What game are they playing?[View]
107524216China acts like a late 19th century colonial and industrial power but with 21st century technology. …[View]
107527367>NOOOOOOOO you can't just change a pixel in an established Soyjak picture every time you pos…[View]
107523807Beautiful white girl in JAV. I fap this.[View]
107527500It's funny the US doesn't have their own general on int It's almost as if the whole n…[View]
107525386/brit/ + /friends/[View]
107527373Sleep away these dreams I'm burying angels under my feet And I can't explain why love Has …[View]
107523388For me, it's Natalia Poklonskaya[View]
107512396Sverigetråden: Kvinnoupplagan[View]
107527222So its been about a year since the 4chan 'split' into 4chan and 4channel and has anything significan…[View]
107525992Try not to cry. Hachi is very well known dog and it’s real story in japan He was always waiting own…[View]
107525180whats your nations service rifle Pakistan G3P3(Locally produce G3A3) and Type 56 Kalashnikovs[View]
107527467POO ON THE PEAK[View]
107518848>My name is literally John Benjamin Kennedy >My boomer parents literally wanted to name me JFK…[View]
107525447>don't commit suicide bro!! look at the brighter side of life!!![View]
107527401>'What are the biggest history MIND FO*KS? (r/AskReddit) updoot reddit stories' ? Sound…[View]
107520663>dad bought this shirt for me today as a gift >he bought this just after almost getting sent t…[View]
107525424>I'm a American and I *brrrraaaaaap*...I'm American and my opinion is:*brraaaaaaaapp* I…[View]
107526414>he imagines himself as the main character of a South Indian movie[View]
107524052DNA tests: Are they a thing in your country? >American Sort of. They are promoted through commerc…[View]
107527098At the end of the day, we smile at other people, do our best to make them smile back. but they never…[View]
107523876Imagine a hot girl such as Aya wanting to have sex with you..[View]
107525143What was life like for the average person in the 1980's Soviet Union? Was it as comfy as people…[View]
107526195Do people in your cunt ride bikes?[View]
107525799>This poor woman is dying, do something! Nooooooo I don't mean get your phone and start film…[View]
107525947>Why yes I'm an Amerigoblo subhman, how did you know?[View]
107527000Sum up your country in one pic[View]
107526077Are you from a city? Is it easier to get laid in a big city? To make friends, have fun? Why would an…[View]
107523304>I suffer in West Afric-[View]
107526351Made some hot dogs for breakfast[View]
1075252581. Country 2. Do you sometimes feel like an NPC? Like, you have no hobbies or passions or feel that …[View]
107525346College/cities: What is college like in your country? What are big cities like in your country? Is i…[View]
107522588What are the most right wing and left wing cities in your country? In america most cities generally …[View]
107515276/Nacktschicht/ und /deutsch/: Francophone Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-d74jEHeVU…[View]
107524330I'm obsessed with German women[View]
107524264Is that true? I think Australia is cute :3[View]
107526653I released a song 2 weeks ago. https://youtu.be/SkR4T9DPaeQ?t=110 It's semi-English after 1:50 …[View]
107525304greenlad admitted i could beat him up no worries[View]
107524257These are 8/10s in the USA[View]
107525378How different are they from the rest of Germany?[View]
107526240Why/int/ , why? Why are u so incel, manlet, loser, neet, manchild. Why u cant have a gf. Why /int/ ,…[View]
107526413What do Argentine think of him?[View]
1075241771. your cunt 2. is it possible to have something like pic related 3. why I can't have wmam?[View]
107521165/int/ relationships: 1: your country 2: how would you feel if the girl interested in you had until r…[View]
107523875>when that nigga with polo shirts transforming Singapore from a shithole to high developed countr…[View]
107508069Asian Americans: Name a more butthurt diaspora than Asi*n-Americ*ns. Or more generally, Asi*ns livi…[View]
107524801Franco-British Union when?[View]
107525417>six days >fucking six days >literally six days Jews are truly the master race…[View]
107525209I'm negro :^)[View]
1075249841. Youre a country 2. Which of the three in pic related should I travel to for a masters degree in e…[View]
107526169>https://youtu.be/unUxjfuptOs Do american blacks really?[View]
107524335Map thread[View]
107526101KARA BOĞA: KARA BOĞA https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/945509424189157376?lang=en[View]
107525580Grug never club Groogas All Groogas want Grads who 6 rocks high and have bigger club than Grug NO MO…[View]
107523185/brit/: James Hogg Edition[View]
107521391I fucking love being a first worlder and living rent free in thirdoid minds (like that coping kaguya…[View]
107525990>You say Justin Bieber-I say ACDC >You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin >You say T-Pain-I …[View]
107526018Do Australians just do the 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi' chant non stop to each other? When can I…[View]
107523774cunt what do you love about it?[View]
107519351Return to white colonies in China.: Asia is where a country that is not dominated by white people li…[View]
107524466>the military entered my campus and began shooting and students >the principal suspended class…[View]
107516260levantines are underrated levantine appreciation thread[View]
107523148Only good countries in latin america, the rest are cultureless mongrel shitholes[View]
107525270William, the Duke of Cambridge, turned 37 on Friday. He was gifted with homemade presents from his t…[View]
107524117would ya[View]
107524323Why are Finns forced to learn this African language in school? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandato…[View]
107522476>$2 big mac and large fries today[View]
107521972>weight measured in 'stone' >mass measured in 'ounce' >volume measured in 'fluid ounce'…[View]
107525469All the other stuff, the love, the democracy, the floundering into lust, is a sort of by-play. The e…[View]
107523702>I’m tired mom, leave me alone[View]
107524805When will the greenland snowinjun kill itself?[View]
107523384Why do Asians in the West behave like a Chad collective in the Internet while they are lonely incels…[View]
107524959>JAVs? No, I fap exclusively to Trap Hentai.[View]
107525336>sopa de macaco? uma delicia[View]
107520628Now that the Americans are all home, we can finally have some real content on this board.[View]
107522043>The Chinese century is here, praise Xi Jinping.[View]
107521928There is one gook on this board posting about japan which has nothing to do with cultural stuff. Whe…[View]
107522296Stop this, okay?[View]
107522744Why is everyone on /int/ like this?[View]
107524729Why is this sentence wrong ??: Using it wisely, leisure promotes health efficiency and happiness Wh…[View]
107521176Do you love Québec?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Jean-Baptiste_Day[View]
107523305What's the point of living when you don't have a gf? Might as well kill yourself.[View]
107514846Porn map USA[View]
107513599Post the most american picture you have[View]
107519764blackpipo food: So for months I've been taking part in the good natured joking about white peop…[View]
107524919Were these guys the muslim equivalent of amerifart tongue-speakers?[View]
107522695How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
107524165I don't care about your stupid feelings.[View]
107522849*Ahem* Reminder that body dysphoria has only 1 treatment which is transitioning - with hormone thera…[View]
107520887/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: incel contaminated general edition previous >>107511670 >>10…[View]
107520659Do third worlders realize they can become white through eugenics?: Freely available sperm banks in m…[View]
107523126ayyy alá: American government said today that three ISIS soldiers are in Mexico. Two Egyptians and o…[View]
107516803hilo /lat/ANO: Campeones de la copa america edicion[View]
107522571have sex you incel[View]
107516965what do you call this in your country?[View]
107521386>white = human >blacks = orcs >asians = elves…[View]
107520043>wtf you cant just suicide you selfish idiot, think of your family[View]
107521218They don't deserve Eastern Europe.[View]
107517602We must be strong friends: The world is too large and hard to live as now I decided to wake up early…[View]
107521647Do you like Irish women?[View]
107523940You can only post in this thread if you're a manlet in your country.[View]
107522837I go to racist alt-right videos on youtube and report all of the racist subhuman comments[View]
107521000white people fascinate me.[View]
107524010Stop rebelling against the Qing[View]
107521203>post reply in thread >it immediately gets archived…[View]
107524062Business idea. Tell me what ya think: ~GI: General Investments~ >Open app/website >Invest mon…[View]
107523406If i go to your school or company with Pokémon T shirts then I’ll be bullied?[View]
107523925Is everyone from Latvia literally the same person? Every single Latviaposter on /int/ speaks the sam…[View]
107522611I understand and agree with the tenets of socialism, but I really hate poor people and the hateful m…[View]
107523916Waterscorpion.: This is Finnish waterscorpion. It's not a scorpion, but it does live in water s…[View]
107522478Chicanos: Do you love Chicanos? (I am one)[View]
107521501Transylvania, perhaps?[View]
107521055/brit/: oopsie mommy edition[View]
107520169do Northern Brazilians really do this?[View]
107519504Why do people of 3rd world origin hate dogs so much?[View]
107514172Which country makes the best cars?[View]
107499077/USA/: Hamburger, 100% fresh beef edition.[View]
107521707Still don't have an Asian girlfriend.[View]
107517495Is 75% White considered White in your cunt ??[View]
107523071>Your country >What was the most important terrorist group in your cunt Spain ETA (basque terr…[View]
107523451>jjokbari jjokbari >jjokbari >jjokbari jjokbari >jjokbari jjokbari >jjokbari jjokbari…[View]
107523517Is this accurate?[View]
107521741I'm sorry, sir. Only countries that committed war crimes are allowed in.[View]
107522808>search family surname >'In 1880, 100% of ________'s were merchants.' https://www.ancestr…[View]
107519012Are euros jealous of us?[View]
107521309Why can't they make good music? What do they even listen to?[View]
107522235>only 5% of Brazilians are able to speak English I'm superior to 95% of those chimps.…[View]
107522864My father gave an odd analogy about America: he said America is like a corrupt police force that has…[View]
107520608Go ahead and try.[View]
107523094>Grandma started ranting about the Italians again[View]
107519720Quick reminder to my international friends that: Uruguay won 4 world cups.[View]
107523031International MS paint thread: Draw whatever the last anon requested in MS paint. Someone asked for …[View]
107521009>non Californians will never experience the joy of going out and being enveloped in the warm, per…[View]
107521101what country makes the best beer?[View]
107519336CHINA 2040: Imagine megacities of 50 million inhabitants. Living like in this picture. Studying and …[View]
107522737>una chance a la vida >naci mexicano envez de chapin…[View]
107522140Do you watch porn, why do people castrate cats?[View]
107519524Will white beauty standards be replaced by Latino beauty standards now that America (the capitalist …[View]
107522567What is life like in small-town Brazil compared to the big cities? How much are rents for apartments…[View]
107521914Thank you Russia, for getting our man home safe.[View]
107519170Returning to the Old World?: Question for those living in Europe. How realistic would it be for an A…[View]
107500278/v4/ + friends: bouncy edition[View]
107517308protectionist bastards fuck you and your gay-ass EU lmao[View]
107522390American girls look like THAT!?[View]
107522064Why doesn't Britain just use its military to force Europe to re-negotiate Brexit?[View]
107511877The third most powerful man in the world is French. How do you feel about that ?[View]
107513718Why don't danish and norwegian women get the same reputation about beauty that Swedish get? Are…[View]
107521957Easily the most successful ethnic group in human history. How did they do it?[View]
107522036go on home, british soldiers, go on home[View]
107514204post yfw you browse /int/[View]
107521459americans why don't you just move to iowa?[View]
107521611Why are Americans like this?[View]
107499743What went so horribly wrong?[View]
107516199I'm not enough mexican: >be me >open a Tinder and badoo account to try to stop my insolat…[View]
107518405What makes wh*Toids so retarded?[View]
107516731this is a 10/10 in american post ur country's 10/10[View]
107521551He was a Chinese spy.: Chinese spies are fomenting conflicts between Korea and Japan.Communist strat…[View]
107521794i built this[View]
107520629Do americans really do this?[View]
107520860Why did Afghanistan do it? Why are they such hateful people?[View]
107463037/asean/: LiSA's birthday and Yurishii's birthday edition[View]
107521759>Talking to a girl from my old state over facetime >Haven't seen this chick in 2 years, …[View]
107508892Poland and Polish people: What do you think of them?[View]
107518840Whoever was that Italian twat who said you could eat rolled oats cold with milk suck your mum. If yo…[View]
107521706A night of blood?[View]
107438238Culture Pals /cp/: /cp/ is still dead edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the w…[View]
107521450is this in finland? it's one of my phone backgrounds[View]
107521606>i speak two languages: my native language and english[View]
107521491i am not sure which one to click[View]
107520526I love them. Thank you guys for what you are.[View]
1075213481. your cunt 2. does faggots in your cunt wear wings? 3. why do they like wearing wings? https://you…[View]
107521328>You arrive in Australia[View]
107517561Is Brazil the ultimate proof that racemixing decreases IQ?[View]
107521072/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktXm7CRXbsE sad negro hours[View]
107521129i need ethnic pride facebook memes STAT[View]
107521211What race is this?[View]
107518493https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCPhdzdu0KA Okay, this is epic.[View]
107521038i'm officially retiring from internet[View]
107517150/brit/: I used to do anal with the ex, but I'd only ever use her vaginal juice as lube. She wan…[View]
107515498>tfw no Turkish gf also, go watch Erkenci Kuş[View]
107511670/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Family edition previous >>107484169 >>107484169 >>1074…[View]
107520949The balanced system or short balancy is something I thought about after showering. So how does this …[View]
107518293Is this /int/'s oldest meme?[View]
107492392/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Fio do Brasil e fio de Portugal. Edição: Mackenzie Foy Tema: https://youtu.be/…[View]
107518149Why is r/asianmasculinity obsessed over white girls?[View]
107519673Sweden plz rule over the Slav subhumans in Russia again, things are getting out of hand[View]
107519325By Female Beauty: Swedes > Norwegians > Germans > Austrians > Danes > Swiss > Dutc…[View]
107517413what are some arrogant, know-it-all countries?[View]
107518022Wanna hear a joke /int/ Why don't white people come to Chile?[View]
107519071Have SEX fucking incel freak![View]
107505287grug meet far away grugs on tribe board[View]
107519214Why is a america a third world shithole?[View]
107480987hilo /lat/ANO[View]
107520272oh no no no no[View]
107516734Lf - EU Tank Heal 2x dps[View]
107482650/mena/ /مينا/: ya 8om al reddit[View]
107520218Is this the deep web? Is this just faggotry Caught in a trap thread Spiderman, beastiality Open your…[View]
107520332Swedish Male + Ukrainian Female = German ?[View]
107514743is this still true?[View]
107517603There is a cute afghani girl at my job who always say hi to me, what does this mean? Does she like m…[View]
107502849ITT: /int/ in 1920[View]
107518908Your cunt? Does it have a North/South divide? USA Yes[View]
107520424>get the car inspected >shop around for extra gas >get extra tires >print out travel and…[View]
107512357Begone European Dialects: Why does every European country have 10-20 regional dialects? They are a t…[View]
107517479https://youtu.be/c8hsKJZj5uU Should teachers be allowed to physically punish their students? Do teac…[View]
107520263Why yes I'm a vegan. What they do to animals is totally inhumane. You don't need meat to g…[View]
107508876Is Portugal like Russia?[View]
107478884/danmarktråden/: Morgenstund har guld i mund udgaven[View]
107519922Does anyone else feel like just snapping?: The one time I get a date, this shit happens: https://www…[View]
107516721What are you listening to tonight /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GINzUBvQ5nw[View]
107520027We started making out And she pulled off my pants But then I logged on to 4chan[View]
107518806Kaneda! What do you see?[View]
107518623you fags are slowly turning me gay[View]
107519874Canada is the envy of Americans. We are secretly jealous because Canadians have a better quality of …[View]
107516159OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107517700Why does this place even exist? > literally just a shittier poorer more expensive version of Mich…[View]
107508836You can only post here if you live in a disctatorship[View]
107519129Would it be legal in your country?[View]
107519577Why does it suck so bad?[View]
107516631Post sport teams that represent ur country[View]
107517808Do Westerners slaughter pigs? I usually attend to one slaughter a year with my family. I really like…[View]
107517125This is your average Englishman. What do you think of his magnificent barnet?[View]
107519180This is the British Parliament building. Why is it in such shambles?[View]
107517404OOOUUUUUHHHH YEEEEEHAAAAWWW THIS IS MY JAAAAAAAM: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0A3g19IyNRl[View]
107517280Which side are you boys on? Are you men, or chattels?[View]
107517890Are you satisfied with your life?[View]
107515977>i suffer in Finland[View]
107519183How does one go about finding a girlfriend?[View]
107519260>i'm white btw[View]
107519274>your cunt >mom is ranting about the 'papists' again Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
107513433Post a fighting game character from your country. If you can't, your country is bullshit.: I…[View]
107518532Why do women hate smol boys :([View]
107518656>search vice news documentaries about my home cunt >only thing that comes up is suicide, depre…[View]
107511969I'm glad I'm Argentinian and not from THAT country of race-obsessed shitskins who are desp…[View]
107518269One thing I never understood is the American party culture. At least hiw it is shown in the movies. …[View]
107517784>east europe girls are traditional[View]
107517130/brit/: Feel like pure shit just want a sequel edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOCpvHnGvNE…[View]
107517710Why do Australians have British accents?[View]
107505542kurva anyátok[View]
1075046671: Your country 2: How are you coping with the heat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc2UEfWjvo8…[View]
107518909Enter CHADren[View]
107518868>this is a 10/10 in Britannia[View]
107518714>Chai Tea[View]
107516874Can somebody explain why people living in places with functioning economies pretend they have to 'sa…[View]
107504633/med/: no bread edition[View]
107517999why do wypipo always have this facial expression??[View]
107517175(1. your cunt (2. anime?[View]
107515974You guys ever notice how rare it is to see UK flag participating in regular threads?: What goes on i…[View]
107516593>grug think your country no have culture because grug never look your culture up durrr…[View]
107516290WTF CANADA[View]
107506520Summarize your life so far.: >me >born to poor fishermen parents on the east coast. Ran away f…[View]
107518257Why are Europeans allowed on American internet? Serious question[View]
107514832>find piece of a foreign country you want >fill it with your diaspora >once your diaspora m…[View]
107511280What is Tinder like in your area/region? Pic related.[View]
1075182631. Your country 2. Does your country's culture require everyone to give their money to a select…[View]
107515839So women are really evil after all. This makes a lot of sense because they were dominated and contro…[View]
107505547sigh........ okay what actually goes through a female minds when she dates or even marries and has c…[View]
107517444>I'm an atheist[View]
107516933What nation is this gentleman from?[View]
107517384*blacks your princess*[View]
107515128/brit/: JEST[View]
107509892What do you call this type of man in ur cunt?[View]
107516381>British Hong Kong >people speak English far worse than the people in Chinese Singapore >…[View]
107506195Here is the real redpill. Bosnians/Croats/Serbs are our Mexicans. They are the low skilled labour fo…[View]
107517369Does your country celebrate Halloween?[View]
107517806What's better - a First Lady that is attractive, stylish, knows etiquette by heart - but she is…[View]
107516400<mommy i'm tired[View]
107515085>mum found the wojak folder[View]
107513722Do you remember this interactive game show called Hugo? Basically contestants would control the char…[View]
107517429FUCK Australia[View]
107517327Does /int/ have any advice about women for a smol skinny kissless virgin?[View]
1075174901. CUNT 2. what are you currently looking at? 3. Backstory >flag >pic related >at work…[View]
107516971You may not like it, but this is what peak urban performance looks like.[View]
107500659Race mixing and interracial marriage must be outlawed.[View]
107517343>No you can't invade French Indochina! I will embargo you![View]
107516410what's dilate[View]
107501101/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: IC XC NIKA Ediția antecedentă: S-a pierdut în neant[View]
107517293>Be Unitedstatian >Know you're ignorant about something >Still demonstrate it to fill …[View]
107511871post the advantages your country has over usa i'll start: >no dmca so can download or torren…[View]
107514055Is she single?[View]
107517219Do you want to find love in Kazakhstan?[View]
107515754I am half Armenian. What are you?[View]
107515817who your favorite youtuber from your country pic related[View]
107516539Why yes señor, im a unitedstatian, how did you know?[View]
107516676does nature in your cunt destroy house owning boomers on a regular basis? yes. pic is from the Tuve …[View]
107516822which european country would be the best to move in? looking mainly at northern countries since I do…[View]
107515356Paco.: Argentina, do you seriously do this?[View]
107503264I went out and it's really hot[View]
107498923How black people were treated in the 70s in New York https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RxBjGPW8dhM[View]
107516500Is it easier in general to learn how to fluently speak a new language or read and write in one? What…[View]
107512123people ignored me on /pol/ opinions and expections from tomorrows bahrain summit?[View]
107515273What happens to Americans if they boycott Israel?[View]
107516158i built this[View]
107514739Every day. Every day, dozens of cuteboys accidentally erp with smelly fujoshis on /int/. It could ha…[View]
107510690>Yuros be like oh no I walked 20 mins in one direction now I'm in another country…[View]
107508669yt ppl b lk 'no t sn 2 spcy'[View]
107513968Today is the 69th anniversary of the Korean War. The Korean War was a war between North Korea (with …[View]
107512541Why is Down Syndrome so prevalent in Finland?[View]
107493082what were these spaniards doing in paris?[View]
107515578A Japanese village in Spain.: In the seventeenth century, the expedition to Europe of the Japanese d…[View]
107502389What are some hated foreign species in in your country? In Japan snapping turtle[View]
107515835I WASN'T PROMISED THIS WHEN I IMMIGRATED UK was supposed to cold and rainy all the time, wtf is…[View]
107515953>My phone's battery is about to ru[View]
107515904>listening to a canadian >would have no idea they're canadian until they say sorry Is thi…[View]
107515453Jesus watch you masturbating.[View]
107515295>see white beggar >buy him food and give him cash, sit there with him and talk about life for …[View]
107514817>why yes, im not white how could you tell?[View]
107510506Is it going to survive Russian embargo?[View]
107514110Frens and their phones: Hi frens from around the world. Today, I bought a Motorola Moto E5 Play to r…[View]
107514843Why do Italians cook such absolutely scrumptious food?[View]
107512075How's the job market in your country? 6 months after grad and I'm still jobless. Very hard…[View]
107515433Your thoughts?[View]
107514992Italian niggas be like >here's your food, Michael[View]
107504324Welcome to the Med paradise bro ;)[View]
107514973>You say Justin Bieber-I say ACDC >You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin >You say T-Pain-I …[View]
107515399>Why yes I do in fact tell people to kill themselves on the internet >How could you tell?…[View]
107515132what ethnicity is this?[View]
107514834Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
107498357how do real estate developers try to relieve housing shortage in your country?[View]
107510718>*blocks your path*[View]
107494695Why do Europeans say we have shitty beer, when the most popular beers in Europe are shit like Heinek…[View]
107513086How you say ''Me no speak France'' in your country?[View]
107515129Caucasian niggas be like, 'This shashlik and khachapuri be too spicy!'[View]
107514522Is this the best rock band of all time?[View]
107514035Why, yes i am indeed 79.2%, european 2% Middle eastern, 13,5% subsaharan african and 5,3% native ame…[View]
107515111>Why yes as an American, I can confirm that we REALLY do that.[View]
107515098Which girl /int / left or right ? https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7JaA/crest-3d-white-luxe-diamond-strong-de…[View]
107498425https://vocaroo.com/i/s1VVhDAwS7FV ITT we read the CBT wikipedia article out loud and rate each othe…[View]
107478870/balt/: Võsapets edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J989uLUplKI[View]
107512773the most EVIL and BACKWARDS place in the world...[View]
107512825Have continents ever looked more beautiful than they are now and will they ever get more beautiful?[View]
107512664Koreans on Grindr in Venice area, my taps are only for you ;3[View]
107513312You're Cunt How do you feel about blue cheese? UK Absolutely adore the stuff and those who don…[View]
107489731white women be like >ugh, my eyes are up there[View]
107510334>You're a cunt >Tits or ass? America Tits…[View]
107508982mfw cute danish /int/posters reply to my thread[View]
107514415The Fourth Crusade was justified: In the years leading up to the Sack of Constantinople, East Orthod…[View]
107514397https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplot.php?virtual_network=ANSS >your cunt …[View]
107514350>People are nothing more than a game to me. >Spend months at a time strategically planting ide…[View]
107514579How Estonia has one of the highest rate of T haplogroup in europe? are they farmoids?[View]
107511035Hispanics are fucking faggots. t. Belizean in Chetumal[View]
107514546ITT famous quotes: «I'm blue, babedi babeda» -Benito Mussolini[View]
107510577How are the most eastern parts of russia filled with wypipo? Why are they there? https://www.youtube…[View]
107512850y pypo be like i swim: Is swimming the whitest sport? I was watching the All-Africa Games and most A…[View]
107510792Rainer Winkler thread?[View]
107511799>I'm a simple man. I like Tim Hortons' coffee, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and my mail ord…[View]
107514125Why does it smell bad?[View]
107513326Imagine if someone took this one image and started spamming it for years, trying to force an image t…[View]
107513406Nothing must disturb my undiluted Latinness— God Save The Empire! I am naturally a Mediterranean— a …[View]
107499350>some parts of USA are as north as saharan desert[View]
107514124I have 7 months in this country and I haven't eat poutine (or talk with real/white canadians), …[View]
107513988your honest thoughts on Sweden?[View]
107513613I hope my kids will turn out white[View]
107511503To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't …[View]
107513915>In my opinion[View]
107511795What's /int/ eating?[View]
107513864>7 in the morning all ready to go to work >turn on car and plug in AUX cord >..... oh my go…[View]
107508123What phenotype is this?[View]
107498195I want to meet a cute norwegian erasmus student and smell his hair[View]
107505247Xinjiang, the safest place in China: >Some pics and texts from somebody Many people ask me 'Xinji…[View]
107510694Is our Phoenician-European guy right?[View]
107510540/deutsch/: Schnell! Steig in mein Auto, wir haben keine Zeit für Erklärungen.[View]
107513446If you could have 1 (one) French celestial girlfriend, what would you name her, what would you feed …[View]
107513503Today all the whites cumskins were saying how hot today is but heat doesnt affect me since I am a Po…[View]
107510705Please give me a (you)[View]
107501188Itt: perfect europe maps[View]
107511806Would you... with a girl from a different country from yours?: Even if you Don't understand her…[View]
107507706my arab friend told me this is the best clothes to wear during the incoming heat wave. He says that …[View]
107512522I can't believe Tarja is married with this ugly Argentinian. I'm laughing as fuck. There a…[View]
107509455No one suffers in North Korea, it's a paradise on Earth. Everything bad about North Korea is ju…[View]
107513192What are boomers like in your country?[View]
107512355175cm: i am a Manlet or not?[View]
107512067I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
107510502/brit/: white Mexicans edition[View]
107508065Is UK the Poland of Europe?[View]
107511898Why do you stay up so late anon? You have work tomorrow. No wonder you are depressed.[View]
107511523What do people sing on birthdays in your country? In the Netherlands we sing: Long shall he live. Lo…[View]
107512849How do I stop watching videos of my closed childhoold video game ?[View]
107512886You thought it was some half-Armenian's stats but it was me Dio![View]
107509679Do am*Ricans really do that?!?[View]
107512756What's the country you despise the most? Mine would be the shithole in pic related[View]
107510802Modern architecture sucks: Seems like as time goes on, more and more cities are starting to look the…[View]
107505200/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de la fête nationale du Québec libre et souverain Ancien : >>107…[View]
107509259Yeah, I live dangerously.[View]
107512029Does your cunt have something like a Kibutz where people can go to live in the village for free in e…[View]
107509756Do you ever just go outside and look at the people around and then realize that your country is inde…[View]
107510340This is how I imagine America[View]
107511692I almost lost virginity in dream Then I woke up[View]
107509028Wtf is this country? Moravia: I literally didn't know it existed until a few minutes ago. I had…[View]
107511270how do I make my hands less fat bros[View]
107434913DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2209: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
107504529How come that only Argentina is the only civilized country in the Americas? Is it because of Peronis…[View]
107509493What's this painting called?[View]
107511702What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
107508462post zoomer songs from you're cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhPErmXGDg4[View]
107506692Would dating this be acceptable in your country?[View]
107510859'no english classes?? so where did you learn to speak english so goodly, anon??' what do you respond…[View]
107484169/cum/ + friends: early monday edition[View]
107511710You should be able to solve this[View]
107507920/brit/: Sneed[View]
107508012Is there a way to die a be born again as a Frenchmen?[View]
107506288You have your own word for weekend in your language right?: >I dont use vikend or some shit, but …[View]
107511416>look up recipe on google >american sites comes up >kosher salt listed as an ingredient why…[View]
107491383What's this called in your country[View]
107510526Would you rather be a brazilian an indian or a mexican?[View]
107511296Do non napolitans need subtitles when watching this shit?[View]
107507113Do you want to find love in Spain?[View]
107505339A question: How did the Spaniards and the Indians communicate with each other during the Spanish Con…[View]
107508742Is Australia really filled with dangerous and lethal animals as they say or is it just a myth?[View]
107510210koperen ploert paaling is ga[View]
107505594Nigger... Home...[View]
107504751/ita/ il filo: edizione vuota[View]
107510159How can make Britain great again?[View]
107510472My hobbies? Smoking weed and browsing /int/.[View]
107503684ITT: you guys keep me company while I pull an all-nighter and try to finish my assignment. Also, AMA…[View]
107505463Should we retaining the Cold War era terminology of First/Second/Third World while discussing econom…[View]
107506867/spätschicht/ vormals /deutsch/: Anne-Frank-Ausgabe[View]
107505576Why does the world hate Korea/Korean?[View]
107508553/nederdraad/: hitte -editie[View]
107509665>Shut up mom in not cleaning the bathroom, im busy watching cats lick popsicles…[View]
107504676Sverigetråden: Sv ho-upplagan[View]
107510064ITT: post POWERFUL videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLXOkZtAkPw[View]
107506559Tfw chilling and drinking some spirit while watching some Neon Genesis Evangelion in Netflix. Your c…[View]
107510158>be worthless neet >people think i’m a computer scientist, veterinarian, doctor or musician…[View]
107509963Noooo! Stop eating so much fast food and drinking so much beer! You'll get fat and die of a hea…[View]
107507593My testosterone? High. My coffee? Black. My women? East Asian. My politics? Libertarian. My team? Re…[View]
107509826>SHIT, a fucking toy again!! Mom, buy me another Kinder Egg, I want to get a puzzle!!…[View]
107503152Why are asian women hotter than white women?[View]
107508835> tfw live in Midwest near Great Lakes > 6 month very cold winters where it’s constantly over…[View]
107507259Your country. Are you parent or grandparents more or less religious than you? Flag I'm more rel…[View]
107509748fuck white people[View]
107509388>anti-white Give me two[View]
107509444Redpill me on Wyoming[View]
107509712Smart city project by Google’s Sidewalk Labs on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. The pinnacle of the dy…[View]
107507165I just want to reach a point where people accurately value me.[View]
107506685A tragedy in Finnish summer cottage: https://www.iltalehti.fi/viihdeuutiset/a/98619382-0d83-425a-918…[View]
107509319Europe would be a better place this way[View]
107509268>in america, hotdogs are made of pork/beef unlike in most of europe where it's only pork…[View]
107508901'oh really Anon? That's cool,do you like portuguese girls?'[View]
107504169>tfw average life expectancy for men in my family is 51 years[View]
107500563bread in can[View]
107509325Llâ maidh /int/.: Llâ maidh.[View]
107503988Stop being racist: People are literally dying in third world countries due to violence and white peo…[View]
1075089421. your cunt 2. would it bother you if you discovered you were in fact conceived in a human trial of…[View]
107505447>...The same childhood friend reported in a letter that Columbus had provided one of the captured…[View]
107507740>Favorite tv show? Kodomo no Jikan >Favorite videogame? Osu! >Favorite song? Monosugoi Live…[View]
107509179A new country should be made that consists out of Eastern Germany and Western Poland. Both are on th…[View]
107508243So I was fucking around on Google maps and saw that there is a pretty big construction boom around t…[View]
107509132>Tfw no Chinese wife... feels bad man[View]
107507985Bruh. They really did this to you?[View]
107502458>wtf you can't eat insects >like wtf that's so nasty >like eewwwwwwww >oh my g…[View]
107508561Why wasn't this posted by Romanian?[View]
107508900Is there a geographical name to describes this part of the world? What even happens in all these sta…[View]
107505311>I suffer in north korea >[View]
107507315Stop emitting intestinal gas[View]
107508810Do Latina girls live going on holiday to Europe?[View]
107508702Why are Koreans so good at making music?[View]
107503757How is pre-marital sex seen in your cunt?[View]
107506488pretty much[View]
107485598/mämmi/: Casio-painos[View]
107508410Russians, can you tell me more about the Samoedic peoples?[View]
107508405>Americans will defend this[View]
107508709Smother me with your big titties mommy![View]
107503270Why do Germans ban so many video games?[View]
107505538Amerisharts are way better posters than e*Ropeans[View]
107505812Hey int how do you overcome anxiety[View]
107505948>Koreans and Japanese start fighting in a thread[View]
107507390>Being vegetarian is a first world luxury. Poor people are happy to eat whatever food they can ge…[View]
107508388>why yes I am Canadian, what gave it away?[View]
107508397Iran? They provoked us bro, they shot down a drone. Even worse they are a threat to Israel. Sanctio…[View]
107508365When the world will finally unite to eliminate this obstacle to global peace?[View]
107500087Do you hate wasps on your country.[View]
107505754What went right?[View]
107504106at least you're not a manlet: at least you're not a manlet[View]
107506497Your country. Would you have sex with a drunk girl. Flag NO[View]
107508252Indigenous People? More like Savages Resisting Progress[View]
107496327Good morning, sunshine! Time to take my happy pills![View]
107506706Climate Change Protests: OK, it's getting annoying and it will probably make Europe unattractiv…[View]
107507983Why doesn't EU help Spain build the Gibraltar bridge?: It's 2019, fucking weird how it has…[View]
107506461I think I just failed my exam[View]
107508059Are Canadians traitors for not keeping the Union Jack flag?[View]
107508024Is Fronce oke?[View]
107507973another day another great run for me bros around 15 seconds worse than last time but any time under …[View]
107507684My boomer neighbour is vacuuming his roof.[View]
107501738Make way for the Franco-Portuguese alliance of New England[View]
107507802>communism, atheism and nuclear weaponry, nothing besides works[View]
107488390Girl on left is hotter so she deserves it. Only virgins will disagree[View]
107507036>49 hidden threads [Show][View]
107492227/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
107507132'A fanatical Albanian dwarf.' - Christopher Hitchens[View]
107505727PCs of /int/[View]
107503048i'm a zoomer, what was it like experiencing 9/11 as it happened[View]
107506818>tfw gnome[View]
107482679I don't want to work. I don't want the government to spend my tax money on abortions or o…[View]
107505758could I pass as a local in scandinavia?[View]
107496956/Dubai/: general for people from Dubai and surrounding regions[View]
107506677Will Turkey come to the aid of her Iranic brothers against the Great Shaytan?[View]
107505559>your ethnic >ethnics you love >ethnics you hate 1. Korean 2. Italians, spainish, turks, a…[View]
107506516what's up with thhe saudi prince? why does he look like that?[View]
107506311>Hold on, let me see if there are any new job postings in Asia? What? Yeah, of course I'm lo…[View]
107506597*sharts in your thread*[View]
107502568Why Nordics seem unable to build an empire /int/[View]
107501303>ywn live in Medieval Europe: Feels really bad bros[View]
107497094/ita/ - il filo: edizione della Gina[View]
107504721Only non whites answer: >your non-white ethnic >types of wh*Te people you hate 1. Korean 2. An…[View]
107504725>be hours ahead of the US of A >didn't tell them about 9/11 u mad?…[View]
107503060/brit/: American edition[View]
107505516He neighbor,could I borrow some sugar[View]
107505560>i suffer in Greenland >i suffer in the land of lego houses…[View]
107500351Do you have signs and other official stuff written in a foreign language in your cunt? In Spain we h…[View]
107506079Your cunt, are your leaders selected based on strength like in america?[View]
107502921Post national hymns that you like. >Finland I think it's an pretty comfy song. https://yout…[View]
107505706A random APOSTOLO appears: Cosa ne pensate del nuovo doppiaggio netflix in italiano? Cannarsi in liv…[View]
107505296Balkan is white Pic related me and my albo mafia friend[View]
107435470/flag/ - /extraflags/: Vampire edition previous: >>107391683 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely…[View]
107501907tell me about Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic[View]
107505961Your country Can you say who is who ?[View]
107499283I love Italy[View]
107506006Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste les copains!! :D[View]
107505811How are you? I'm not okay.[View]
107500660Mexico-Brazil friendship thread[View]
107505209Gonna rape[View]
107503830NO LITTERING[View]
107503750>hey dad, come meet my new boyfriend. This is his dna test! Would you let me date your daughter?…[View]
107503161Is it true they are stuck up and arrogant?[View]
107505640WTF????: Spain did 9/11![View]
107504780post Americans that are literally you (minus the hatred and guns he's literally me)[View]
107504392Why are they so inferior to Sweden?[View]
107504974Virgin 'Oh Canada' VS CHAD 'Chant du Départs' https://youtu.be/c5OdCqUWRyo[View]
107503272>why yes, i haven´t showered in like 5 weeks how could you tell?[View]
107503803What phenotype is this?[View]
107499948Why are spanish girls so beautiful?[View]
107490793kurva anyátok[View]
107471107/ex-yu/: izdanje bogunovic brane bije sve ustaske divizije[View]
107504241>Sweet carbonated drinks? Do you have any idea how unhealthy they are? >Nah buddy, cold kefir …[View]
107484616Koreans and Japanese simply cannot be the same people. One can see just by observing the differences…[View]
107505127Why dont east asians genocide and conquer them[View]
107501956Do americans have no understanding of how corrupt their government is and how this is a problem for …[View]
107503947Can someone tell me about Midsommar?: Is it really a time when Swedes get together to sacrifice Amer…[View]
107504835What are you drinking to keep you hydrated ? I'm on my third beer.[View]
107504961How can I make money from American white guilt and SJWs?[View]
107504913wé diht asecan þæs roma fram wætlingastræ[View]
107503010Invade Eye-Ran[View]
107501830What happens in Utah?[View]
107502090Say the first three things that come into your mind when you see the country above you. I'll st…[View]
107496172european cuisines rankings 2019[View]
107499008>tfw wanna km but too scared of the pain of cutting deeper than this how do suicidal people kill …[View]
107496497Your country Do you support the creation of a ginger ethnostate?[View]
107493334ITT: rarest international couples: Who are the rarest you've met? Me: yakut (siberian) guy wels…[View]
107503215Am I white? Some American tourists said that I looked like an Arab, even tho I am 100% balkan[View]
107504442You better not be a so-called 'incel', mister, or The Whole MIGHT! Of UNITED STATES Of AMERICA! AIR …[View]
107504219I'm about to run out of internet please help[View]
107503068Why do Malaysians and Indonesians have Sanskrit names?[View]
107497440/fr/ - le francofil: édition de la météo ancien : >>107487772[View]
107504420>he suffers in North Central America[View]
107502538why yes I am australian. how could you tell?[View]
107504330>i suffer in panama[View]
107489457Why is AMWF and WMAF great? AMWF children become smarter and more beautiful. I hope that white women…[View]
107504143It is too hot.[View]
107495910I sat at a cafe in Stockholm and I accidentally stamped on a Japanese kid because I thought it was a…[View]
107496677Sad how soulless Ireland, Quebec, Italy, Spain became after they abandoned Catholicism[View]
1074988431. Youre a country 2. How do I move to Lake Como in Italy without being deported[View]
107499062What's yer favourite air brand and taste?[View]
107503592ITT: Prove that you aren't a whitoid[View]
107502210Do people play auto chess in ure cunt[View]
107503405Russians look like THIS?[View]
107501980Should the children of IS white converts be allowed back in the West? I read Australia just air lift…[View]
107496536/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: пpoшлый >>107489045[View]
107503983>when you realize you will never live in the 50's[View]
107501243How are you today?[View]
107502192The Brazilian people.: These faces represent 85% of Brazilians. How did this unique people came to b…[View]
107496080Imagine a world with 1.4 billion Swedes instead of Chinese Imagine a world with 1.2 billion Norwegia…[View]
107498359/brit/: American Empire edition[View]
107503618You should worry about yourself every once in a while[View]
107503217Tfw made curry and listening taiko drums from YT Scandinavian midsummer is greateSt[View]
107501224help: do polish people really do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwA_0N5NyEY[View]
107487699/polska/: edycja dziewczynek typu małego[View]
107503314Please have more sex[View]
107501965brown people should stay in their third world shitholes[View]
107503426Why is African music so fun and joyful? Post African music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6nZ8B2rt…[View]
107503092What do you call this in your country?[View]
107499237Are Poles happy to get rid of the Jews?[View]
107503197>Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns >Did they send me daughters, when I asked…[View]
107501966>Кpoмe тoгo, я дyмaю, чтo Пoльшa дoлжнa быть paзpyшeнa.[View]
107502658What is a fun language to learn? Any linguistic experts here?[View]
107497104Sverigetråden - Rudolfupplagan[View]
107500460Why are Western people so obsessed with appearance, fashion and money?[View]
1075029751,country 2.how do we empower and enable oppressed white males?[View]
107502900I'm taking acid if it rains today[View]
107502933>Excuse me, what did you say about barbarism you fucking modern fags ?[View]
107498827/deutsch/: Apufreie - Ausgabe[View]
107499265I really like Japanese temples[View]
107502699>mfw a non southern white use 'y'all' Why do white am*ricans wants to be niggers so much.…[View]
107502627>mfw i discover that zeeland is an actual place wtf?[View]
107502539Are amerisharts really like this?!?[View]
107501696I'm addicted to alcohol and marijuana.[View]
107496496Do people in your country treat being old like it's an achievement? I'll just kill myself …[View]
107499341>american cuisine[View]
107487671/balk/: Old : >>107460488[View]
1075017401. your cunt 2. opinions on this argie girl?[View]
1074978051. your city 2. do you live in a first world city 1. Warsaw 2. yes[View]
107500864Black People: Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of t…[View]
107500695wow ... WMBF couples produce this ???[View]
107500644My grandpa was born in Yugoslavya[View]
107501475ITT: sum up you're cunt in one pic[View]
107500669>Your cunt >Your education level >Your relationship status >Are you a virgin or not >…[View]
107495982/LidlGeneral/: Does your city have a lidl? do you like it? >flag >yes, it just opened. what ca…[View]
107494115How do you call this in your country?[View]
107498431Why don't jews respect their teachers?[View]
107498605*deletes your thread*[View]
1075014861. Your country 2. Is your landlord an annoying faggot Flag I want to choke him with my bare hands a…[View]
107499668>temperature won't drop below 20c at night in Dutch cities Intifada will most likely begin t…[View]
107500232Family overseas have told me that Poland is the Mexico of Europe. How true is this?[View]
107498345This is what the average party in my country looks like[View]
107501523are NEETs good or bad for economy?[View]
107495923These were basically white communist ethnostates right?[View]
107501487Mexican music?: Besides ranchero what are other types? I remember listening to some fast paced one y…[View]
107495671I want a Japanese gf[View]
107501429Why does antisemitism exist? Jewish people look friendly and welcoming, they are just like us.[View]
107500393Mfw face when i see a bunch of ugly beared round faced uncute estrogenated numales walking down the …[View]
107500811What do Americans do with all the foreskins they have cut off?[View]
107495394Ireland appreciation thread: How do they do it, /int/? How do they manage to be one of the most amaz…[View]
107498679Why do russian women like foreigners so much?[View]
1074933021. ur'e cuntrey 2. post yfw you know it will catch on one day[View]
107501266Albanians be like “Hello, my name is Shaqxiri”[View]
107500731uncut americans, how do women react when they see your dick?[View]
107498681Say 'Have sex' in your language[View]
107497171Portugal and Brazil are friends.[View]
107498772Just found out about americans...damn that shit sucks...[View]
107489744Did you know sweden has AMERICAN DRESSING?[View]
1075009931. you're cuntre 2.this is how silly your wojaks look[View]
107500977Post the best performance someone in your cunt has ever given: https://youtu.be/LWSAEGMPXT8[View]
107500952>your country >are there a lot of far right-wing, alt-right, Canadian nationalists in your cou…[View]
107497238>How could you even imagine... The best thing is Japan interpreting The West…[View]
107494743>the perfect girlfriend doesn't ex- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_9J2oJjjd4 Yes. And she…[View]
107498238Svd brazil is white[View]
107500449Why do whites love tanning so much? Are they subhuman?[View]
107500743>theres a /usa/ general[View]
107499565/wagies/: Anyone here has worked with laravel spark here? I'm in total despair right now I need…[View]
107496854>90 degree jeez how do you not burn ?[View]
107497975>300 million people >not a single culinary achievement…[View]
107500005>omg my life is sooo hard in my developed first world country Why are first worlds massive cringe…[View]
107499450>The Guatemalan Revolution began in 1944, after a popular uprising toppled themilitary dictatorsh…[View]
107500307>there are people on /int/ right now that believe that there are inherent differences between rac…[View]
107498705>country >how do you physically discipline your family? My family loves me so much they self-f…[View]
107495165what's this called in your country?[View]
107494946Why do brown people commit more crimes than whites anywhere in the world?[View]
107500001how do we stop racism once and for all?[View]
107492354Which country is actually the most soulless?[View]
107498227Cringe Thread[View]
107500320>Cunt >Do you look manly?[View]
107500270why is this so terrifying?[View]
107500294>be american >shit out your ass[View]
107500057you vagine have you ever seen an ayyy lmaoo >leb >no…[View]
107496366What are you doing with your life?: If you don't understand what the texts in one of the two pa…[View]
107499554>Nooo, I cant believe this! My father died. And so suddenly, I didn't get to tell him how mu…[View]
107499726Was the past better than now? If you could travel in time, what year would you like to live in?[View]
107500068>Why yes, I do take boogers and mix them with shit scraps from my ass which I haven't washed…[View]
107491664>he's unable to understand texts written in his ''''''''''language'''''''''' a millennium ag…[View]
107499892where were you when the history was in the making?[View]
107498318Do Americans seriously use this?[View]
107497730Netherlands is a 3rd world country: The Dutch version of 9-1-1, which is 1-1-2 is down due to an unk…[View]
107498784>thought, though, tough, tought[View]
107499351What the fuck happened to American singers?[View]
107494907How's summer been treating you anons?[View]
107498759Is it morally just to wish harm upon certain prosperous countries out of indignation and envy at the…[View]
107470018/v4/ + The glorious states of Chile, Colombua and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Pech frio ed…[View]
107498838/deutsch/: Simmeringer-Ausgabe[View]
107496857>post a screenshot of a twink on /pol/ >everyone wants to fuck it How is it that /pol/ is gaye…[View]
107498908italian food[View]
107499383>mama says stupid is as stupid does[View]
107497538Climate change will kill us.[View]
107498462What the fuck is wrong with Jehovah's Witnesses? annoying cunts.[View]
107498633FREE HUGS!: anyone want a hug?[View]
107498054>God, I hate my country so much[View]
107499157Why would anyone form a relationship when your chick can up & spontaneously leave you? It seems …[View]
107499005it's 21:07 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
107486301/norgetråden/: Den svarte mann er den ultimate mannen-utgave >>107442016[View]
107492996Europe used to have culture. Now it just has history[View]
107496690Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107480744 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
107496213whyte peps finna be like 'b-but i just went to the grocery store around the corner what the fuck'[View]
107497391>Your state >Do you play dominoes with your cat? Flag Yes…[View]
107494215do americans really do this? i mean if they do that's kinda based[View]
107498025Stupid People Edition: Stupidest fucking thing I've seen in a long time. If they are dumb enoug…[View]
107496096>a Varg sighting notice has been emited by your municipality What do?[View]
107497745Cute Irish girl makes a song for Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuJab3Segzk[View]
107493054why don't first-worlders ever address their increasing income inequality? some even consider th…[View]
107464065/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția cimitirelor. Precedent: >>107434342[View]
107493537/deutsch/: Urlaub ausgabe[View]
107490847would you rather be a poo or an arab?[View]
107495454how will you ever recover: look at this study i found of a very BASED university showing how my coun…[View]
107495184I love Nordic summer. The sun is up all the time, the temperature is not too warm but not too cold a…[View]
107497203I have a question for Poos.Today I ate tandoori chicken in Indian restaurant.It was so tasty I ate i…[View]
107497796What's everyone's opinion on carnivore diet here?: I posted the same thread a while back b…[View]
107497812How do I progress in the workplace I don't want to stack shelves my whole life.[View]
107489513>In 1994, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake rumbled through Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. The shaking woke re…[View]
107497668Why yes, I do smoke copious amounts of marijuana everyday. How could you tell?[View]
107493528>be actor from lombardy >100% white and germanic >get casted as meximutt LMOA…[View]
107496979Do you choke your partner during sex?: >In a recent study, Debby Herbenick, a professor and sex r…[View]
107496346>You cunt >Do you drink Ice Tea sparkling (aka drink for subhumans who evolved to have no tast…[View]
107496233what happened to the based anime hating and weeb dabbing Albanian? I miss him[View]
107491853Have you noticed your governments subtle attempts to provoke sinophobia among your nation?[View]
107495806>his language is outcome of pretentious 8th century Saxons wanting to sound smart by using French…[View]
107492477>Imagine spending 9 months in a womb just to be born in these shitholes…[View]
107497382Let’s make a handsign of ilbe~[View]
107490097/ita/ - il filo: edizione Frida Hansdotter[View]
107491959SKÅÅÅNEEE :DDD[View]
107497364Please help: Do we say 'You have no permission to talk to me like that' or 'You have no permission t…[View]
107495605I just smoked sum weed[View]
107496296Reminder that wh*Toids are cucks and bringing them to your country will turn your country into anoth…[View]
107492080Are you ready guys?[View]
107487544how do arabs survive this?[View]
1074945251 snail vs 12 000 Japanese: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10845551 Snail stopped entire Japanese rail tra…[View]
107497101Have you ever cried after watching a movie?: If you have what movie made you cry? For me it was Lov…[View]
107497041>country >how do you commemorate your sexual conquests? I photograph them in compromising posi…[View]
107493506/ITA/ il filo: edizione porco affettato[View]
107493476Why do American girls have such pretty hands?[View]
107497080/skandi/ Sövngärde-upplagan[View]
107490903Why yes, I'm bilingual! I speak my native language (french) and english fluently. How could you…[View]
107492386This is East Asia.: Korea, Japan, Taiwan[View]
107494523What do white nationalists look like in your cunt? Pic related, it's a Brazilian white national…[View]
107487772/fr/ - le francofil: Edition des gens qui ont une vrai vie. Ancien >>107482017[View]
107493758Westerners are not going to stop in their determination to utterly destroy Poland. Merkel, the EU an…[View]
107496737What goes on here, Bruce-sama~[View]
107494781Are women in your country good at blowjob? I got an Australian woman to do a blowjob for a Japanese …[View]
107493432>cunt >your body type >ideal female body type >how common is it in your country? flag sk…[View]
107496581Did you know that we have the widest river?[View]
107496333the american diet >2 slices of cake bread >1 hamburger patty inside with HFCS condiments >i…[View]
107496557Quick get in my car. There is no time for explanations![View]
107493279Wow, Irish women look like THIS? Thoughts?[View]
107490972>Have sex[View]
107489198it tastes great fuck you if you disagree[View]
107484818Post some pieces of your favourite painter from your cunt[View]
107496463Why are Caucasian girls the most beautiful? They are so hot. I fap Caucasian girl.[View]
107495357I love russian women, american women, brazilian women and italian women. They are very hot. I want t…[View]
107496353A free one?[View]
107493911My uncle from West Afrika told me all the Bus & Truck drivers there (Mali/Senegal/Gambia) are fr…[View]
107480254Map thread[View]
107495425How historically illiterate are you and your countrymen?[View]
107494554KYS IF YOU STILL EAT MEAT: Please logically defend eating meat. Please explain why you needlessly to…[View]
107495996Today, June 24th is the Saint Jean Baptiste, the national holiday of the Quebecois and other French …[View]
107494617How would a Tunisian girl react if I flirt with her?[View]
107495661for me, it is the Renault Clio[View]
107495398Is having colonies the ultimate cuckoldry? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than…[View]
107495789>Why yes, I do live in japan, how did you know?[View]
107492817What went wrong?[View]
107493696Have you thanked us for creating modern civilisation today, /int/?[View]
107495904Does it make sense?[View]
107480744Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107465179 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
107493268Could she pass as local in your country?[View]
107495025The heat wave is going to start in two days. Are you ready?[View]
107494183Do you love Japan?[View]
107491598/brit/: rate my dad bod[View]
107495125Despite only having around 29% eastern euro DNA, slavic women keep telling me i look very polish. I …[View]
107482623My application for a Spanish passport was declined, should I just hero myself and be over with it?[View]
107495613>White people be like 'Damn this weather too spicy!'[View]
107495426>How about using a temperature system that actually makes sense? Fucking celsius one degree is th…[View]
107495492>tfw no thai gf[View]
107494851Why there are so many poles in England?[View]
107494298Ukrainian employee of a polish coffin making buisness started getting sick during work because of he…[View]
107495042I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
107491983>Victory following Armistice Day brought about a huge emotional letdown and economic readjustment…[View]
107494927Did you learn anything on /int/ which you then found useful IRL?[View]
107492632일베 진짜로 망했네: 맨날 일베글 보면 기사펌 한줄만으로만 일베가고 나같은 정보게이들은 일베가기도 힘드네 ㅅㅂ 일베 하고 코드 맞는 사이트 추천좀... 아니면 요즘 핫한 커뮤니티 …[View]
107489830sverigetråden - chattupplagan[View]
107492096Finland and Estonia has combined the gas pipe: https://www.lansivayla.fi/artikkeli/780676-suomen-ja-…[View]
107492239Does it happen in your country??? https://clips.twitch.tv/longsuavesnailsmoocherz[View]
107492205/mämmi/: Lonkeropainos[View]
107489123what the fuck is going on in the UAE?[View]
107493900Coлнцe кpyжacь кoлecoм cвacтики Зaжжeт нa гoлyбoм нeбe paдyгy И ни пpичeм здecь шecтвия c фaкeлaми И…[View]
107494135Female Supremacy World Wide: Women are just better than men in every way. You know its true. Women s…[View]
107494573>One medium coffee, please. Black with a spot of brandy if you have it, thanks.…[View]
107494660>of course im not racist i just dislike seeing brown people in the streets here, they simply don…[View]
107489811Xi heil![View]
107494264Today I will remind them[View]
107493807Based Germany[View]
107492908Did you know that there's a old Swedish village in Ukraine?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV…[View]
107490765>He's a socialist in a first world country[View]
107492324brehs, the United States is on the verge of collapse[View]
107487359Europe Weather today[View]
107479788What's wrong with Americans and food?[View]
107494210Do americans really do this?[View]
107484728/lit/+/int/ = /lint/: Show us what you bought recently and what are you reading. Also suggestion, I’…[View]
107490425Post powerful images itt[View]
107491033SERBIAN PRIEST CHASES WOMYN OUT OF THE TEMPLE: >Some female choir gave some concert in a Serbian …[View]
107490575All hapa subhumans should be executed Anyone who disagrees is a hapa[View]
107493938>In primary school I mostly had As and Bs but in high school and faculty I mostly had Ds…[View]
107480912>no water for baths, in pipes, etc because water crisis >water crisis because dams have no wat…[View]
107493730Why is China China? China defended China from China's control by China and became China as a re…[View]
107490069Would you /int/?[View]
107490845>dark curly hair >big noses >religious >overbearing mothers >tribal >criminals yfw…[View]
107488205Lets have a thread where the flag has to change in every post[View]
107493305I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
107493717>you're on the blue website again do they say this in your country?…[View]
107492707Which country has the most cruel history in the world? America? England? I think that is China. He k…[View]
107492936Do you ever just go outside and look at the people around and then realize that your country is inde…[View]
107475035What are they proud of?[View]
107493126Finnish niggas be like 'ikyäkki käkii ökiyukki suomalainen'[View]
107491800ITT: We redesign flags for fun.: This is Swedens flag if it were Islamic.[View]
107491135>Buddhism is a currynigger religion >while you worship an obese Indian, I worship the gods of …[View]
107492018>Why yes I am an 'invader', how did you know? The fact that I've bullied blonde cucks and sl…[View]
107490103Why do white women wear underwear outside?[View]
107469869/fr/ - le francofil francophone: édition de rien, Monde[View]
107492521Your country Your favorite comic book series Brazil The old Savage Sword of Conan from the 70s[View]
107492161Post the most American picture you have[View]
107491589/brit/: So here we all are then, the lads[View]
107491623>try to get a nice tan for once >skin literally turns orange Wtf I thought it was just a meme…[View]
107485273explain this, America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw[View]
107486506Asia will be Anglo by 2100.[View]
107492372>cunt >did /int/ affect your perception of yourself? yes, black (sudanese) it placed an additi…[View]
107488256Why am I always seeing dreams of me cheating on my gf[View]
107490437In Europe, men don't eat pussy as they know pussy contains urine and blood. In America, if you …[View]
107484037Political Joke: A kindergarten teacher asks: 'Children, in which country are the most beautiful toys…[View]
107490729>The 'Big Six' of Europe thoughts?[View]
107488916>Bro haven't you heard of the multiverse theory? There is infinite amount of universes bro j…[View]
107488148Japanese /pol/ makes me laugh Also some words or sentences are translated wrong here[View]
107492579Why are there more Aquino and Lenny shills than Duterte shills in /int/[View]
107491944Are Indians really as unappealing as people here claim? I never thought of them as such and most of …[View]
107486300Based asian girl tell the truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_PYekEuKdM[View]
107491351Your country. Was skateboarding ever popular in your country? Is it currently trendy?[View]
107492339/nederdraad/: Kankerhete editie Niet welkom: incels opkankeren, heb seks[View]
107490030what does /int/ think of the welsh language ?[View]
107489424This is what a lesbian looks like in Italy[View]
107491948>American starts talking about the “games” he plays on xbox one[View]
107488845The thief who became a hero in Israel: https://fieretlibre.com/2019/06/24/the-real-story-of-a-thief-…[View]
107492184why is there a not small sized city in the middle of australia. who would actually live there ?[View]
107484708>In Japan as an exchange student 10 years ago (2009-2010) in international school (teaching in en…[View]
107484010/mämmi/: Sateenkaaripainos[View]
107490053>tfw the police entered my room yesterday and saw my weed but didn't say anything…[View]
107471023/nederdraad/: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-editie Welkom: Miljoenenfixer Niet welkom: Incels ht…[View]
107487807>imagine having cute buryat girlfriend[View]
107486108>'Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #7'? nice, let's watch it…[View]
107477692What’s up with square jaw and masculine looking white woman??[View]
107478111>you wake up in Galicia, Spain[View]
107487195yeah...I'm thinking this is based[View]
107487956>Why yes, my name is [insert Western name here] Nguyễn, nice to meet you! Why are some people lik…[View]
107491093it is settled once and for all pink = civilized Europeans white = barbarians merely living on Europe…[View]
107489708ITT: what is your guilty pleasure International Food? My favourite is Samosa[View]
107490034/int/ invention ideas: A mousetrap that doesn't kill the mouse[View]
107490940What's it like being a mutt /int/?[View]
107489961Why did Jews destroy the Kaiserreich and Austria-Hugnary when it those countries were the most toler…[View]
107485412/brit/: morning walk edition[View]
107485453/brit/ (formerly /anglo/): /areguy/ piers morgan edition[View]
107490492Seething Chinese-Indian-Inuit-Paki-French cuckolds[View]
107491550>just leave already[View]
107464141What is your favorite part of Germany?[View]
107491530why do the japanese draw anime characters with african proportions?[View]
107487098My mom knows I like hitler and she bought this mug for me because she thought this guy is hitler. Wh…[View]
107489896>nooooo, you can't use motor oil as fabric softener!!![View]
107486112post yfw you realise that the swedish empire was real[View]
107490817>be me >hungarian living in budapest >see fat la creature >remember those people are re…[View]
107488511My application for south Sudanese passport was declined, should I just hero myself and be over with …[View]
107491311open the door americans[View]
107491146Excuse me English Please can you note down the taxes you owe to his royal highness William, decedent…[View]
107488896Why white girl is so hot?[View]
107486811>muhajir pajeetiod tried to make friends with me >asks me if I watch S*cred Games >tell him…[View]
107488747Why do women hate me :([View]
107472436What is your favorite part of the USA? Where would you want to live?[View]
107476096/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пoльcкoгo циклa издaниe[View]
107490761why are wh*Tes so cringe?[View]
107490593>as a veteran,[View]
107490404mm chiken[View]
107482939Is rapprochement with Russia in the best interests of Europe? Personally I am of the opinion that i…[View]
107490358Why yes I am a Nigerian man living in Germany with a white gf How could you tell ?[View]
107488788>no mom, I will stop being a good boy, do tge house chores all by yourself you fucking bitch…[View]
107487068Why didnt the world end in 2012? I was waiting for it to happen since 2009. The closer the gap got, …[View]
107479689kurva anyátok[View]
107487880If only you knew how bad things are going for me right now...[View]
107485859This is a future president of France: Thoughts?[View]
107481080/ita/-il filo: edizione ma che bella giornata[View]
107484495What are national minorities in your country? We have this picrelated.[View]
107485842mfw I see another swede on /int/[View]
107487581American niggas really be like:Congrats on your 18th birthday son,now get out of my house[View]
107490056139 page thesis. 19 more pages to write and 25 to fix grammar on. 14 days remaining before submittin…[View]
107486068HEATWAVE IS GONE![View]
107489030Oh hey I solved the danish problem[View]
107489930based: wh*toids are gonna die with this heat wave and I'm so happy about it[View]
107489898Why do Americans do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu14Ezizhs4[View]
107488989My sister finally got married to a Chad I'm happy for her: I just hope she is still gonna sing …[View]
107489542Why do Indians introduce themselves as 'John' or 'Kevin' or other fake American names when you talk …[View]
107487337Most Elite soldiers through history: >Macedonian Phalanx >Roman Legionaires >Spanish TERCIO…[View]
107488166I hurt myself today[View]
107484896>vowel ending >latin alphabet >no superfluous accents >elegant and musical sounding >…[View]
107489447Have you ever met an Inuit before ?[View]
107485261t. Zhang[View]
1074869128ch Bans: How to avoid getting banned at eich? They always ban me when I write something there.…[View]
107489555>Why yes, I am Australian. How could you tell?[View]
107489468Ugh... What could be...[View]
107485656i SOLVED india's public defecation problem[View]
107489430What your favorite folk song /int/? Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHHNmK0b_Bg&fbclid=IwAR3…[View]
107485728what are some flags[View]
107488152what state has the prettiest girls? is it tennessee?[View]
107489233>Ah, I see the raining season has finally started. At last I can take a shower now…[View]
107489192Why most of the Azerbaijanis live in Iran? You have your own country now. Go live there.[View]
107489143Austrian women.. do they exist?[View]
107488965In radio c'è un pulcino, in radio c'è un pulcino... e il pulcino pio, e il pulcino pio, e …[View]
107480807>your cunt >did you collect these things too as a child? Flag Yes…[View]
107485748>why yes I don't have an AC at home and am suffering during this heatwave, how could you tel…[View]
107480036How can I get a Japanese gf: I'm white, Probably an 8/10 and I am fairly outgoing. Problem is, …[View]
107485007i made this[View]
107486955Garibaldi fought alongside south brazilians in their war for independece. His wife, Anita Garibaldi,…[View]
107474943What's your stance on the paranormal, /int/? I consider myself not /x/ at all, I dont believe i…[View]
107488262One fucking job you pathetic turkish niggers. Where the FUCK is bannerlord?[View]
107476011/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
107487514An Iranian shitposter was spamming fake info on a Taiwanese fishing board ”Before the thread closes …[View]
107485832Why don't they just latinize?[View]
107484767Finnish women share images with makeup / without makeup: https://www.menaiset.fi/artikkeli/lifestyle…[View]
107486683>Why yes i do fap to childhood pictures of myself how could you tell?[View]
107488092Name 1 (one) United Statian[View]
107487227why some of these extremist wheter it is islam or pol have this tranny tendencies[View]
107488010>European borders: clearly defined by natural boundaries such as mountains and rivers >America…[View]
107487750post yfw an asian cunt enters the thread[View]
107487801Something tells me his favorite country is Iran where fags are publicly lynched using cranes while c…[View]
107480923/skandi/-kurva anyàtok-utgåvan[View]
107487942Snow mews in Pakistan[View]
107487524>no , I never pull out whenever I rape . In fact , I intentionally try to get them pregnant .…[View]
107486253Angry Kadyrov says he will broke fingers of incels that write shit about him. Are you afraid?Do you …[View]
107478189The Chinese must return to the white colonies: They think they are East Asians.[View]
107486266>wakie wakie anon[View]
107485803Why do so many zoomers (myself included, I guess) have a fascination with 1980's culture and me…[View]
107460488/balk/ - bruh look at this dood edition[View]
107487472Things... T-they are not looking so great around these parts.... N-not by a long shot.[View]
107487164If people can identify as a different gender, then why am I not allowed to identify as white?[View]
107486242Could I pass as a local in your area, /int/?[View]
107482017/fr/ Le francofil: Édition des twinks lesquenistes Ancien : >>107469869[View]
107482510Will this man save Turkey from Kerdogan?[View]
107484938>Saint Petersburg is so much better than the rest of Russia[View]
107487476>why yes, i make thread on how's the weather is during the summer, i'm funny don't…[View]
107483485The power of Holland... Whoah[View]
107481776Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: Gustav V:s sommarstuga för trådhuset-upplagan[View]
107484857>I love to travel >Take me on an adventure >You will always be second to my dog…[View]
107484392Da kann ma' machen was ma' will Da bin I her, da g'hör' I hin Da schmilzt das Ei…[View]
107485674Which has the best music? For me it's the UK.[View]
107486909>admixture >haplogroup >phenotype…[View]
107484983How do you draw a circle?[View]
107460876/polska/: edycja królikoanimek[View]
107479756>RUSSIA STRON- *CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK* Sorry what was that? I couldn't here your pathetic …[View]
107486669Did you know that Spain blew up more than 200 German and French tourists near Tarragona? Why did Spa…[View]
107480820Is this accurate?[View]
107485394>your cunt >does fascism have merits?[View]
107482852>You wake up in Friesland, the Netherlands[View]
107481831France, how do you guys view him currently?[View]
107484706Is Tunisia more secular than Turkey?[View]
107486631/luso/: /luso/ - fio lusófono - edição hip hop[View]
107486574Do Scots hate the English?[View]
107484134How do I get a qt international pen pal gf?[View]
107485535Is the a country on EARTH that is fairly western (non degenerate) and has a healthy muslim community…[View]
107484385Do scientists know the brain chemistry involved in the sensation you get after you take a huge satis…[View]
107485592>Wake up >the world looks like this what do…[View]
107483171Will never be civilized or first world.[View]
107483242Are these real Russians?[View]
107483978>tfw no japanese schoolgirl gf[View]
107484187How must black 4channers feel when reading all those racially motivated posts? For a fact I know of …[View]
1074835182018 Weightlifting World Championships: How the FUCK is Asia so good? Do they just autistically trai…[View]
107483224Mistakes were made: So I basically got a masters in 'help the nig' a few years back. Don't worr…[View]
107485460How did Florida become the third most populous US state?[View]
107482315Post some of your favourite music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-mLIdLZZeI[View]
107442016/Norgetråden/: Vindmolleutgaven forrige: >>107413123[View]
107485230Is divorce common in your cunt??[View]
107480753>you wake up tomorrow in the flag above you >post yfw…[View]
107484893Why is it impossible for /int/ to have a reasonable discussion about China? Every thread devolves in…[View]
107485571Why is america so violent and unsafe? I[View]
107481662/brit/: international playboy edition[View]
107484575Why do Spanish people speak so fast whith a high pitched voice? They sound like a retarded machine g…[View]
107483341>Your Cunt >How do we save white wo(men) from extinction?…[View]
107485128Flag? What do you think about Russians always being the bad guys in American media?[View]
107481482Why is Chinese art not recognized in Europe?: Korea and Japan have the largest big club in the world…[View]
107483413/USA/: clownpiece edition.[View]
107479978Why yes, I do declaw my cats. How could you tell?[View]
107476965Daily reminder that south part of South Korea was Japanese land, and fake hypothesis spreaded propag…[View]
107481302why is Australia generally better than their master country?[View]
107485232world without ameriKKKans[View]
107484440Why is it wrong to want a whites only nation?[View]
107477495What countrys have the least amount of whores? I know muslims do a good job at keeping thots in line…[View]
107482516explain this, Japan[View]
107470661Why are they so poor? At least we can muh communism[View]
107484476Here's your Basque gf bro: what do?[View]
107483838How come Americans don't produce much media about George Washington? I know loads of the main i…[View]
107484488What can’t American retards appreciate the rust programming language?[View]
107481604Family Trees: Post em[View]
107480892Why are Asian immigrants in your country so smart?[View]
107480149/cum/ + friends[View]
107483532But why don't they? Do they hate Jesus or something?[View]
107484354What are your final thoughts about Norwegian-American women?[View]
107484324BR? BR! I’m from Brazil. Did you know I’m from Brazil?! BR[View]
107484189British secret...: ....Brits don't like when non-Brits to talk about: British women are nice. T…[View]
107482807They are most muslim, but they still have low fertility rate: why?[View]
107481926British comfort food is the best cuisine there is[View]
107483974Where is the father ???[View]
107481444Is African culture real or is it bullshit? I find it hard to believe Ebonics is a real dialect of En…[View]
107466353/USA/: A thread for AMERICANS and AMERICAN topics only. yuropoors, spics, gooks, poos, and other for…[View]
107482935How do I get an East-German gf /int/ ?[View]
107461984/mämmi/: Lasten menu-painos[View]
107482246>get matched with a Turkish girl in some meeting App >block her on sight…[View]
107483312rate my fit[View]
107483678herro. nipbot here: am i YAYOI or JOMON?[View]
107478334Europe is full: stop having kids. let the population decline to a normal level[View]
107476647Why are euros afraid of Russia? It's so tiny lol.[View]
107481934Post stories from your cunt: >my old school district (in college now) banned lockers after the Sa…[View]
107482636*respects the land and the spirits*[View]
107481732Have you ever helped someone in need of help?: with the cost or personaly No I haven't because …[View]
107478396do americans really?[View]
107482866I'm having a question for americans considering this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya…[View]
107480662>A-ALCOHOL IS EVIL!!! DON'T DRINK IT BECAUSE YOU'LL BE EVIL T-TOO! Like, just know your…[View]
107483437https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States Unironicly, Americans do…[View]
107478881Russia has a lower murder rate than the US for the first time since the early-1980's: For the f…[View]
107481909Why American video game is piece of shit? Why great Japanese video game is so better???[View]
107481021This is unironically a 10/10 Germanic beauty: Aryan girls are a bliss.[View]
107483599Do Americans really do this?[View]
107483043What are some vidya where I can kill American scum and smash their nigger skulls into ash?[View]
107483534What do you think of Chinese people?[View]
1074794711. Your cunt 2. Have you seen a ghost?[View]
107482657>Barely 185cm at 16 years old before bed. >7 years later 186cm at 23 years old before bed. We …[View]
107479739Rightful Pakistani clay[View]
107483039Do you ever watch low-budget films, /int/? Does your country have cheap films from previous decades …[View]
107481991My boyfriend really sat in the Chic Fil A line for me for about 3 hours. I really love him. Pic rela…[View]
107482447Which is the most patriotic Nordic country?[View]
107482773Can you imagine unironically being a Serb?[View]
107480151Why do Turks continue to deny the Armenian genocide?[View]
107482872so the french getting blasted in this thread, thought i'd share here for a new point of view: …[View]
107482838The chinese century has started. We are already starting to take over gayming and soon we will take …[View]
107470251/nachtschicht/ ehemals /Innsmouth/ ehemals /deutsch/: Dunkle Präsenz - Ausgabe[View]
107481796Administration militaire de la Belgique et du Nord de la France Free Corsica La Grande Débâcle The V…[View]
107482433This is reality.[View]
107482015Is your country ruled by Orthodox church.[View]
107482543I heard rumours that Americans really do.[View]
107478034Interesting Arabs are becoming increasingly irreligious: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-eas…[View]
107482765>looking for jobs >see one that completely matches what i'm looking for >location: San…[View]
107482723Why would anyone form a relationship when your chick can up & spontaneously leave you? It seems …[View]
107482752How can i get a Jap bf??[View]
107477297How do I stop being a severely depressed piece of shit? Anime and video games help with my depressio…[View]
107482695Philosopher: Can one truly draw a line between man and beast? Realist: Yes, it's called the Med…[View]
107480702Why are the people from Philippines so powerful? They are taking over the world slowly and in shadow…[View]
107482374>be me >started ubereats last month >lost 3kg already why don't you do it too?…[View]
107482261Las creaturas de 4 continentes[View]
107480620You're not a real country if you've never had a civil war. Builds character.[View]
107482101Do Latvian girls really do this?[View]
107480856>Economics is a science. Capitalism objectively works. Communism killed 200 million innocent peop…[View]
107481477Just wanna remind you guys to go have sex, kay?[View]
107480717Imm drun kas fucck soo aaask a drunk indian ((red )what llife is llllike onn a resserveration[View]
107480646>3:08 am >need to study for a test I have 10am >spent the whole night singing and/or starga…[View]
107482287>why yes, any hole is indeed the goal[View]
107482192what are native americans like? are they cool people?[View]
107478065>wake up >this What do.[View]
107452463>HOW TO DOWNLOAD GTA IV (100% FREE) *Drowning Pool - Bodies starts playing* *opens notepad*…[View]
107482026why did he do it?[View]
107457914/luso/ - Fio Hetero e Feminista: We must secure a nice life for every woman and a bright future for …[View]
107481938>Columbia >Culombia (I'm not talking about the American state.)…[View]
107481214>appearance doesn't matter, bro[View]
107481237>tfw you remember that Europe exists[View]
107481612Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
107457881>country >how old were you when you got your first girlfriend?…[View]
107479799How based and redpilled are you eyes ? Mine are black, blood shot and feminine, so pretty fucking ba…[View]
107480789Goodmorning /int/![View]
107481532Albanians really be like “my name is Shxqawiri”[View]
107481573just invite her to hang out bro. worst thing could happen is she says no[View]
107480544>Most of the oil now being shipped, Dallen says, is going to Russia, China and Cuba, who don’t pa…[View]
107481419Who is the most attractive woman in your country ?[View]
107480398Would you get a chocolate girl pregnant?[View]
107481164Question to Brazilians, how many of you look like pic related and this? >>107474621[View]
107476279Just ate 15 krispy kreme doughnuts alone.[View]
107473194Remember this?[View]
107477376/brit/: Katie Morag Edition[View]
107477792Do you think national borders don't matter?[View]
107481016Childhood is wanting to move to America to live the American Dream. Growing up is realizing the Amer…[View]
107477878if they could see the United States today what would they say?[View]
107481224what the hell, dude? you cant fuck trannies and sissyboys. this is morally wrong[View]
107481349Why do wh*Te ''people'' do that?!?[View]
107467592Moroccan media has started brainwashing people with black race-mixing propaganda. It's over for…[View]
107477425>tfw black >tfw sow discord under foreign flags and in multiple social media to enjoy the sper…[View]
107480518I hate women yet all I want is to be loved by one.[View]
107481188Educated with Youporn: Why moroccan men dont know how to have sex >Aysha had to leave Morocco to …[View]
107480971>See that? Yeah, Americans really do this.[View]
107475578/lat/: Hilo latino: Hilo latino Edicion mini daddy[View]
107477714>mustered the courage to talk to a girl I like yesterday >found out she has a boyfriend…[View]
107478157wtf /int/ you told me /pol/ was full of mutts and larpers and spergs, turns out you were trying to k…[View]
107479938Why do you hate Russia?[View]
107479612I applied to 2 masters' degree for next year, i have zero contengency plans if I'm rejecte…[View]
107453294Just how cute are the boys in Europe?[View]
107479420Leafs? Good posters[View]
107480643faces of /int/ pt.3: faces of /int/ pt.3[View]
107478904Moros y cristianos means “Moors and Christians”. “Moors” refers to the black beans, and “Christians”…[View]
107480813Are you ready for the chinese century?[View]
107478679What went wrong?[View]
107465179Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107450146 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107479317>Turkey? Oh you mean that arab country! Yes i know it.[View]
107478270>go to the bank >deposit about 3000 grand of cash >bank teller is flip who asks how much is…[View]
107480626Yes am I mongoloid immigrant. Yes I want to impose COMMUNISM/MARXIST sharia law on canada. Yes I wan…[View]
107475895I read people in the US get rid of their grandparents by just dumping them in the middle of nowhere …[View]
107478976Why are am*Ricans like this?[View]
107478136>tfw mom finds the fard balloon[View]
107480082good meets evil[View]
107465014To the gays of /int/: If you could have a bf from literally any region of the world, which one would…[View]
107479225Jannies look like this?[View]
107479095I got 99 problems but _____ ain't one[View]
107478648Only 30% of the homicides in USA and 10% in Brazil are solved...[View]
107476966Gai spaniards: Do spaniards really do this?[View]
107479573What happens here?[View]
107473131>there are BLACK WOMEN browsing /int/ RIGHT NOW >one of them might have brapped while reading …[View]
107477959/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: sunday night edition[View]
107480209How common are dorks in your country /int/?: Are you a dork?[View]
107479529She looks so much cuter in the bathtub[View]
107477589Do you support the rightful venezuelan claim over the esequibo?[View]
107479957Chicano/Armenian friendship thread: .[View]
107447285Lebanon has no Arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
107477106Why are the United States and Japan the only two countries on Earth that give a shit about baseball?[View]
107478531I hear this place Is a paradice for rich pedos,Is that truth?[View]
107469353Do we all hate the Chinese? Why can’t rhey stay in their own country? Why must they invade every c…[View]
107480025I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
107466202Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk[View]
107475261i'm turning 26 tomorrow and never had a gf why is so hard guys? i'm tired of being lonely[View]
107479809who are you cheering for in the ultimate battle of canada vs USA?[View]
107476058This is potato. Does your country love potato?[View]
107479767cuntree What should be this city's name be?[View]
107475743What's the general sentiment that Mexican's have towards Central American migrants in thei…[View]
107479482>Noooo, you can't just live off neetbux and sit at home playing emulators on your Wii all da…[View]
107478764>I smile in my pictures.[View]
107479565İ want Kingdom of Belgium to annex Türkey[View]
107478107AHHHHHHHHHHHH I fucking hate weebs so god damn much[View]
107475856mexicans are you proud of nicholas j fuentes?[View]
107478686'Japan' evaluated by Korean men: In one of South Korean community website, There is one post that re…[View]
107479128Which one of this Portuguese races would you choose?[View]
107479079what cunt produces the best cheese?[View]
107474251>Tfw worked alongside pajeets and they were actually pretty based and nice guys I don’t get it. W…[View]
107478974What does /int/ think? https://www.whitehouse.gov/peacetoprosperity/overview/ Can we solve the 'Isra…[View]
107477533한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
107479398>why yes, I'm an europhile euro centrist white supremacist white south brazilian, how could …[View]
107477122Any good Portuguese/Brazilian movies? Saw City of of God and that was great.[View]
107475332is your cunt accepting of the lgbti community? australia yes, but they need to be more accepting of …[View]
107479406What happens here?[View]
107478588Why did no one smile in the old days? Is it because smiling is a sign of low testosterone faggots on…[View]
107478585/top 10/ baby[View]
107478975Your cuntry what are you playing?[View]
107478763Pick one (and only one)[View]
107479013Can we have a spurdo thread?[View]
107478369>Iran? Oh, you mean the nuclear testing ground, right?[View]
107475080Do you like asian girls?[View]
107475783Why do Americans want to deport this Argentine immigrant?[View]
107474863Try this bro, I grew it myself.[View]
107478511cleaning my house for the first time in months. halfway done and it feels so amazing lads :') w…[View]
107478099Gucci Mane: >Country >Favorite rapper Picture related: big Guwop.…[View]
107478604This is the official Olympic: Which sport should I be kicked out of?[View]
107475815Why don't these two countries get rid of all trade barriers and borders between each other, wit…[View]
107473994L A N D O F T H E F R E E[View]
107477923I'm forming a team, you guys in?[View]
107477681汉语练习博客: 我是鬼咯。。。我要练习我的汉语。问我什么问题。[View]
107476896/pol/ on the right[View]
107474685Why are we here? Just to suffer?[View]
107478004whiter than you muhammed[View]
107478469Is sissy white boy clitty freely available in your cunt. It is here in America.[View]
107477583Guys, scientists are saying the earth is going to swallowed by the sun in a billion years or somethi…[View]
107478244I live on a tropical Island (Réunion), and it is never that hot here. Take care of you, Europe.[View]
107477908How does your country train emergency operators? How do you deal with shit like this? https://youtu…[View]
107477590North Africa, are you alright?[View]
107475634>mom I spent all my neetbux. Give me some money so I can get some vodka and chips.…[View]
107460754Have you ever experienced culture shock?[View]
107477685In the next upcoming global conflict who will the African-American man choose? A totalitarian regim…[View]
107473512Québec is latin america, change my mind[View]
107441052/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends[View]
107473149Why do they hate each other so much? They seem pretty similar to me[View]
107478091Is this guy handsome? Is it ugly?[View]
107477947>Having a kid? You expect me to bring children into this spoiled world? Messed up, bro…[View]
107474418>Hi I'm south american and I'm a shitposting faggot who will parrot this post with a so…[View]
107476822Any Iowa anons on /int/?[View]
107477772What is China's endgame in Africa?[View]
107473166Why is Europe so against vaccines? Are they just uneducated?[View]
107475489/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Sunday edition[View]
107476415Why do Canadians do this?[View]
107475443Remember that's it 3-5 am monday in Europe. If you see an euro posting this is what hides behin…[View]
107474750Saw a picture of myself today[View]
1074766321. Your country 2. What is the current state of your left wing? 1. USA 2.[View]
107477535goodnight /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107476554Rate my southern brazilian heritage[View]
107474453What are your cunts mythical creatures?[View]
107473521What's the most 4chan country?[View]
107477118HFCS: What does this shit taste like, Ameriboys?[View]
107474304/brit/: cat gf edition[View]
107475683Why are the french so based? >>>/gif/15152705[View]
107477188the turk fears the anglo bvll[View]
107469613/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: death to judeo-christian values edition[View]
107476390Do we Argentinian people really do this?[View]
107476869ok, this is epic[View]
107474258This is IstanBULLSHIT: How will Turks ever recover?[View]
107477276post 'merhaba' in this thread to welcome the future president of the Turkish republic[View]
107473260why are women shit in everything? from physical sports to intelectual stuff like chess, women are al…[View]
107477109Did you know that IRELAND has SLAGS as well? Thoughts?[View]
107476804Why is the African race so good at making music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cLAwAOi-hA[View]
107477207England looks like this?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEF0A0fICPo[View]
107476701Have a good day friends[View]
107475736How do you have a side chick without your gf finding out in your country?[View]
107474283China... our friend...[View]
107475977Snrrrrrrrrrrrl: ruff ruff bao wow wow wow[View]
107476866>Ciao, Anon! I'm your government-provided Ethiopian donna! You really fucked up by siding wi…[View]
107475854why are eurasian girls so much more beautiful than either european or asian girls?[View]
107469797at least you're not a manlet: at least you're not a manlet[View]
107476715Oklahoma: Oklahoma[View]
107470013/ita/ - il filo: edizione delle invenzioni[View]
107474413Would /int/ ever date an Inuit women ?[View]
107475468Why do American male adults wear shorts when they aren't in a park or pool?[View]
107474367Thoughts on scandinavian cousine?[View]
107470980What nationality/ethnicity have you been mistaken for?[View]
107476635Did you know that India has forest niggers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4SNsgwXsys[View]
107476205international gf pursuit: 1: your country 2: what is the reason (according to you) that you don…[View]
107474815Argentina is 'white': http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2009/12/how-argentina-became-white/ 'Th…[View]
107476697My son singing with me: https://youtu.be/01sJmZK5cvA[View]
107464528Post some traditional food/beverages your country is really good at.[View]
107457833Heritage Thread Post where your family comes from/who they were[View]
107476570what are services for people with aids like in your cunt?[View]
107464069average french girl[View]
107467917Spanish Fascism was Multiculturalism: The Nationalists extensively used Moroccan infantry in the Spa…[View]
107476392If you have a round face your not white i am talking to you americans[View]
107474230welcome to mcdonald. what will your have sir?[View]
107472129Thank Brazil everyday, eurofags!: 'Brazil alone exported twice the value in sugar of all the wool th…[View]
107476429Konnichiwa desu ne I am Sheldon-san from Milwaukee, I have decided that at long last I will move to…[View]
107476050ireland is better than your country you subhuman millenial proles[View]
107476194All Africans aren't NIGGERS: Why do niggers in America act like ALL of AFRICA is full of their …[View]
107439069/tr/ - Re-election Edition: Pazar sabahınız nasıl anonlar?[View]
107476187>My favorite work of literature? Black Future by Whitney Ryan, of course.…[View]
107476170OK, lads. I am officially tired of being a flag that rules the world. Whichever flag first responds …[View]
107471374*block your path*[View]
107474782>US, brazil, india, japan, south korea and sweden STILL not rangebanned why?…[View]
107473648My gf doesn't want us to visit Bergamo but instead prefers Florence or Verona[View]
107474135was he greek, macedonian, or albanian?[View]
107460620I support the Austrian poster 100% Asian gfs are the best[View]
107471518Canadians are too polite to wake up sleeping passengers[View]
107471357i paint pepes please join my thread and discuss[View]
1074759921273 down the Rockefeller street Life is marchin' on, do you feel that?[View]
107465896most toxic posters on /int/[View]
107466580/Balt/: Edition Edition[View]
107473612Why do Europeans say we drink shitty beer, when the most widely consumed beer in Europe is shit like…[View]
1074755421. Cunt 2. Does your province/state have a NATIONAL holiday? 1. Québec 2. C'est la St-Jean! Viv…[View]
1074614981) you're a country 2) you're a feelings towards Poland and Poles 1) Argentina 2) love[View]
107473916So who was best Cao Wei, Shu Han or Sun Wu?[View]
107475336>700 million pure white people >300 million mongrels and 450 million Arabs that will support w…[View]
107475781https://youtu.be/McQPBgI4fEk What kind of music you listen to? Not from your country.[View]
107475034>no black gf[View]
107470946How does one have to act to pass as a native in your country?[View]
107475005>be me >match with qt girl from colombia on tindie >says she's down to meet but don…[View]
107474629>in grocery store >see skinny whiteboy nerd with his Asian squeeze and their hafu kid >yfw …[View]
107469685What the F*CK is wrong with Americans?!?[View]
107474512how the hell do you even move to another country? do you sort out a job and place to live first? do …[View]
107475266it's about 3:30 here now time to go to bed good night /int/[View]
107475414Yun Jong A: Is there a gift shop at the Fundacion Francsico Franco where I can get posters and gifts…[View]
107474004Just caught this guy in my bathroom. Your thoughts?[View]
107472135I heard IstanBVLL is based and REDpilled now? Can any Turk BVLLs confirm?[View]
107473905islam is... theft destruction of civilization subhumanization[View]
107475358I have toe curling cramps every night I havent been able to sleep through an entire night in half a …[View]
107471685Why do women hate me :([View]
107472235I give it 4 months before we're at war with Iran. Thoughts?[View]
107475275/can/ - 2019 Polaris Prize Edition[View]
107451557/lat/: hilo latino vinculado[View]
107467767I want a med gf[View]
107474127How are interracial couples viewed in your country? We don't have many here but I think most pe…[View]
107473783Is anyone here an immigrant? Tell me about your experiences in dating, legal issues, racism, languag…[View]
107465266Tricolours are without a doubt the most boring flags in the world[View]
107473608good night :-)[View]
107473218Why do Americans not build many skyscrapers nowadays?[View]
107471201ITT: /int/ approved youtubers[View]
107472753why are women in canada so mean?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0iwG-KHN1I[View]
1074719431. Your country? 2. Do you consider Wales your friend?[View]
107474181reminder: you can't be replaced, you are like no other.[View]
107465678>pure east asian women[View]
107474963I think Hungary should have nukes. Even shithole middle eastern countries like Israel have nukes, wh…[View]
107474923just learned that there isn't a soccer team called the 'Fly Emirates'[View]
107470540The UN defines a 'skyscraper' as a building meant for human habitation which is at least 150m tall (…[View]
107474415I just recently found out my alcoholic neet uncle frequents the Philippines and Thailand, and that m…[View]
107474068What the hell was their problem?[View]
107474818a very small wish of the Chinese: They insist that the international art exhibition should be treate…[View]
107471218Guess the country.[View]
107459235Here you go bro, peak of Balkans gastronomy.[View]
107474490how do manlets in your country greet each other? pic rel is me when I see another manlet in my count…[View]
107466629/int/, I need your help.. no bs; I genuinely need help. I want to teach English there too, but I lit…[View]
107471629Could I pass for a local in the EU?[View]
107467761>he has a biblical/jewish name You can only post here if you don't have a biblical name.…[View]
107457974/danmarktråden/ 2.0: Kyouko udgaven Forrige tråd: >>107388417[View]
107474270German pros, please help. What is the gramatically sound way to combine 'Kadaververwertungsanst…[View]
107474301I loved it there. I went backpacking and tons of people were smiling at me as if they were happy for…[View]
107474392This is what British accents sound like to Americans and Canadians. https://youtu.be/bUNECHCKWBc[View]
107474001What if Italians were competent?[View]
107473760'Anon,do you like portuguese girls?'[View]
107473917explain the culture of 4chan to me, I'm a reddifag who wants to become a citizen of kekistan.[View]
107471918/brit/: LOVE donating to beggars on the street Edition[View]
107474098>hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!…[View]
107466862Why does every thread I reply to instantly die?[View]
107472073Just came back from Germany and I have some questions Why do teen gorls look so much older there? Wh…[View]
107473563Gays: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-pride-parade-1.5186596 >Thoughts? Thanks god…[View]
107472679Explain, America...: Why on Earth would you name your son 'Dick'? Like, is it really used as a name …[View]
107474158>his cunt doesn't have a simple abstract symbol that easily represents his cunt…[View]
107470774>tfw no /int/ gf[View]
107474105Visit Uganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNDoMBDDyAE[View]
107463488Honest thoughts on Russia? I like Russians[View]
107450748/mena/: Sh3b al reddit edition.[View]
107473299Which world leaders do you think have doubles?[View]
107466967>half-Puerto Rican girl nearly dies trying to eat spicy hot wings Can we end this meme that non-w…[View]
107465022Jobs of /int/: >What you do for a living? >How much your earn? >How many hours you work a w…[View]
107470036I want a illegal mexican in canada as bf so I can get the 2 things I dream for[View]
107473083>1960's camera technology was too primitive. Therefore staging the moon landing would had be…[View]
107470411>The bad guys won in world war 2 nazis were like so COOL trench coats based red pilled and the go…[View]
107473226Do Americans really?[View]
107472671Europe would be a better place if he was allowed to rule France.[View]
107468816>Have sex? Why?[View]
107472889Not even a weeb but Japan is Aesthetics: The Country[View]
107469221why is a rich country like luxembourg so low iq[View]
107472182>GLA posting service[View]
107473054How easy is it to move to China? It looks really comfy and I hear its cheap[View]
107471944how common are anti-depressant usage is? do you use them?[View]
107456088Why yes, I do prefer East Asian women. How could you tell?[View]
107472947i just miss him so much bros[View]
107447449/éire/: Eagrán damhsa[View]
107459749Is the rise of Orthodoxy in America the most important event of our time?[View]
107472114if America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.[View]
107472118Come on lads this chick wants muh dicc but I'm addicted to porn what do[View]
107470100Personal/family crest: If you're cringe enough to make yourself a personal crest, what symbols …[View]
107465629Why are americans like this?[View]
107472065This is my ancestor Ramses :) Do you have famous ancestors?[View]
107472723Fuck the Russian jannie who banned me from all boards because I said Russians are pale niggers. You …[View]
107472287Yes, im SOVTH BRAZILIAN, how could you tell?[View]
107467408Confession: I've been living in USA for over 80% of my life and speak English fluently as a nat…[View]
107472504>Jennifer Lopez (na na na... na) >Entró a mi casa >Abrió la heladera (na na na... na) >…[View]
107471049Name a more pathetic nationality than being a Latvian[View]
107470718Come and snif Brasil[View]
107472164It is med?[View]
107472246do they REALLY?[View]
107467679>mfw I accidentally did THAT infront of my yuro friends[View]
107472010Our breakfast[View]
107460429basically the same language[View]
1074581301.Your province/state flag 2.Do you like it? 1.Chaco 2.Yes, it's cute[View]
107471659Do you support the Jewish people's right to self-determination by way of statehood?[View]
107470103Are you ready for bed?[View]
107469377have you ever met a native american? what are they like?[View]
107471808>trans rights are humans rights >the future is female >Believe women >Abortion is health…[View]
107471779A few years ago, I bought an onahole from Japan and came inside of it a few times, and then I cut a …[View]
107471631>your town emits a Varg sighting disclaimer What do?[View]
107471823>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years%27_War >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deluge_(hist…[View]
107456564/nederdraad/: Ja ik heb even een draad gemaakt hoor, voordat e.o.a. boze T*rk het doet.[View]
107471762>The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the …[View]
107469235What's his problem?[View]
107469676Do you like PORTUGUESE rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThprlN08lV8[View]
107468991Should have germans finish the job?[View]
107469011It's so fucking hot I should have buy an AC.[View]
107470677goodnight /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107469327https://youtu.be/ecLJYwDmur4 This is the future of Germany. Thoughts?[View]
107461015/ita/ - il filo: edizione rinfrescante[View]
107470823AYO HOLUP you trynna tell me that Mariah Carey is an 'AFRICAN'-American celebrity? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
107471171>yes i'm african,english,indian,french,italian,german and portuguese,how did you know?…[View]
107470639do mexicans drink anything other than corona?[View]
107463972A P O L O G I Z E[View]
107470646For a whole year I've been buying the .90 bread instead of the 1.80 bread and today I looked at…[View]
107462263How can you not accept to take the Nordic pill already?: You could have a girl like pic related. Jus…[View]
107466615Van Halen: Iron Maiden[View]
107470568>Thanks for knitting this sweater, grandma. You're the best grandma ever!…[View]
107470715>China is a shithole and everyone there is miserable! >Chinese go on vacation and then get on …[View]
107470473>this kills the wh*Toid[View]
107468828poo poo[View]
107470289you played this game, didn't you?[View]
107470599What kinds of cartoons are kids in your country being shown? Pic related is what American kids watc…[View]
107468795my wallpaper: my wallpaper[View]
107470577Gay japan: Has this wicked degenerate kin ever made or created anything relevant? They're only …[View]
107468165Why are white people like this?[View]
107470549Sayings from your cunt ,I start >salió más caro el caldo que las Albondigas the soup was more exp…[View]
107470424Mom. This is a slush puppie. *drop cup on floor* I specifically asked for a slurpee. Go get me one n…[View]
107470130last summer i got a part time job at a lawncare business and my manager tried to persuade me to have…[View]
107470451I'm yours and I'm free and I'm fun I'm wild as can be, and I want I want you, I …[View]
107469650Why Amerigays's beers are so lame?[View]
107463481I made a food.[View]
107470409>haven't washed my teeth in like 5 months[View]
107460499west slavs vs east slavs[View]
107468485you introduce your gf to your parents but she'll look like this. how will your parents react?[View]
107470078Why is it that every German I meet on the internet is either a creepy pedophilic dude or a mega auti…[View]
107467548My grandad was a Dönmeh (Sabbatean): Ask me anyting[View]
107470250>5pm... Well guess i better wake up and see what dad made for dinner![View]
107470236Why are americans like this??[View]
107466347Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Nafri Gang Spread white ass on cut…[View]
107464059What's /int/'s stance on DUDE WEED legalization? I think it should be fully decriminalized…[View]
1074699961. Cunt 2. Height 3. Weight 4. How much can you bench 1. USA 2. 182 cm 3. 76 kg 4. 102 kg[View]
107456661/ex-yu/: Vlonujemo svi, tu su i bojana laban dajana nejana jokica zagrebchanka i mimo[View]
107469051Why is the face so weird? Is it supposed to represent the fat asian italians?[View]
107466088What is it about Mexican girls that makes them so perfect? I feel bad for Europeans knowing we get M…[View]
107468291So according to some 'DNA' Experts, this is what a Germanic man looks like.: Also: Administration mi…[View]
107464890Do you like my midnight light healthy taco? ;3[View]
107452775/med/: Janny edition[View]
107462989In the Balkans we think of Mexicans as white, and by 'white' we mean exactly as Spaniards. No one kn…[View]
107469803PARDILEIRA bostileira BRAZILEIRA[View]
107462477China will collapse and America will become second Brazil, and Russian century will begin[View]
107469666>yes I like to sad amvs of my favorite anime. How could you tell?[View]
107456842/geiles Gedicht/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
107465812Why yes I cannot stop thinking about the USA. How did you know?[View]
107461410/cum/ Canadians USAians Mexicanx: Trickley Prick Edish[View]
107448666I fuckin love capitalism[View]
107469168do people keep pets in your nation?[View]
107469293Why are the Dutch beers so small?[View]
107468130Czech anti-government protesters rallied at Prague's Letna plain on June 23 in the country…[View]
107469231*brain explodes*[View]
107467399My application for a Spanish passport was declined, should I just hero myself and be over with it?[View]
107459432American traveling in Italy here I just had a gypsy woman literally steal food off my plate and stuf…[View]
107468811sums up this board[View]
107443208/v4/ + agents: daily struggle edition[View]
107468015What is life like in the Brazilian Amazon? In the cities, I mean. What kind of reputation do those c…[View]
107467591What's the easiest way to get beat up in your country?[View]
107465593https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTjiTJm7jjg This MV will leave you missing the Japanese girlfriend y…[View]
107468034America is heaven on earth[View]
107462846do white people get dreadlocks in your country?[View]
107468547what do Iraqis think of the invasion now that the dust has settled?[View]
107468401look on top of his head.oh no no[View]
107468240How do neets survive in your country?[View]
107459417>3 points short from C2 Just What's your English level, /int/?[View]
107460170/fr/ - le fil francophone: Edition caniculaire. Ancien >>107450025[View]
107467045Why are we so afraid of a literal third world country?[View]
107468111How do the English cope knowing they’re ruled by a descendant of the prophet Muhammad? Also Wihelm I…[View]
107468229>Why yes, I am a bird. How could you tell?[View]
107460945>white 'turks' elect a white mayor in Constantinople How will real turks ever recover?…[View]
107468224Seeing this video of Falco walk up to the stage to sing Flying High with Opus made me appreciate lif…[View]
107468027Shit is fucked. But who's fault is it? Tonight we're gonna play the blame game! I'll …[View]
107467198goodnight /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107465953hello-hello there[View]
107464642I made a flag for latin america out of boredom: Cross of burgundy from Spain+fleur de lis from Franc…[View]
107467158>cat has blue eyes how do you cope?[View]
107467115Bros I'm with a girl but I suffer from PIED what do?[View]
107467462Why are they low IQ?[View]
107467493Toilet paper? Bidet? That's old school bro. I just let it dry.[View]
107466055why is western european food so awful while southern european food is really good?[View]
107464721I've been fapping to degenerate fetish porn for over twenty years. If I stopped fapping to dege…[View]
107466278>Imagine not being a spacefaring superpower Chad >Imagine being an irrelevant Earthstuck virgi…[View]
107464111>Why yes, I support a civil war in Venezuela to overthrow Maduro, how did you know?…[View]
107463097is it truly a lost cause or is there still hope?[View]
107467110>why yes I make race-bait threads on int, how could you tell?[View]
107467238Maximum Arisch.[View]
107464571>open 'waahhh life is suffering i'm gonna kill myself' thread >norwegian flag you guys su…[View]
107467191what are reward credit cards in your cunt like?[View]
107446942Post bundas from your country[View]
107463455What would Australia be like if it were colonised by the French instead of the English?[View]
107466877Of course in reality it kind of bleeds over through state lines, but I think this is the best way to…[View]
107466589Burger here Which area has the best or nicest sounding British accent?[View]
107463572/brit/: god i wish that were me[View]
107464456I want a white gf so bad rrrrrrrreeeeeee[View]
107466476what is life on welfare like in germany?[View]
107466040>Tornado coming this way >Neighbor who built his house out of doors is going to open them all …[View]
107465208Wow! This is power of Aryan race?: ahahaha[View]
107463406Is it socially acceptable for straight guys to only have male friends in your cunt?[View]
107462536guys something is happening in USA monkaS[View]
107464198My city is totally degenerate. Each year is totally worse, what can i do? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
107459535Am i autistic for eating plain bread as a snack? Would this be considered weird in your country?[View]
107461137Atlas: Oh my Lawrd! I found my first Atlas, my mum bought it to me when I was 5. I became an /int/er…[View]
107464550British wife: Let's talk about British women. There are discussion on Slavic and Asian ones, bu…[View]
107466143Why yes, *cough* I do suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary *clear throat* disease *spit* due to…[View]
107465742Melanosuchus niger is the biggest specie of brazilian croc[View]
107462333Flag Have you seen Etika?[View]
107465313Why yes I am a black man in Germany with a white girlfriend How can you tell ?[View]
107465503Qu'est ce vous faites pour la St-Jean les gars?[View]
107461467Does Latin America have 'Reina Valera only' people the same way the Anglosphere has King James Only …[View]
107464027post times when entire cultures got BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S-8gF9GFJo[View]
107462331>mom get the fuck out of my room, i'm playing minecraft[View]
107461619what are some really obscure unrecognised states? the lesser known, the better[View]
107465749Tokyo Pride Parade 2019[View]
107465434>I teach English in japan! Why are white cucks so obsessed with asains? Everytime I see a white g…[View]
107465692I ate two hamburgers today and then I sharted. God bless America.[View]
107464252Ugh... Just imagine...[View]
107459456kurva anyátok[View]
107465626>what did you say you muslem dog shit?[View]
107457347How important is height in ur cunt?: Exposing this manlet peruano made me think about this question.…[View]
107462749damn, Americans, really?[View]
107465128Time to burn all Qurans I guess[View]
107464517French are not germanic: France is a mixture of several ethnicities: Nordic (Normandy) Celtic (Breta…[View]
107465284Holy fuck! japan is based[View]
107464929>someone's praising your country Haha no my country is really bad and totally not good. >…[View]
107462364Norwegian niggas be like 'horgen smorgen flägg'[View]
107457026/mex/ hilo: edicion especial de historias mexas: >ser yo >ser catorcena >mi jefe avisarme d…[View]
107464253Hi anons! I need help from my german bruders to get some reference/help. I know it will sound silly …[View]
107462684What race is it?[View]
107459847für alle auBer Tuxçhen[View]
107464221Average Peruvian poster[View]
107464906>tfw your cunt is top 1 in that list. At least we are first somewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
107464996Chciałbym poczuć na swojej twarzy ciepłe i twarde gówno. Nie ma znaczenia smak, zapach czy konsysten…[View]
107463808>Ukrainians are ugl... WOW[View]
107463791>10/10 visually >good interlocutor >can understand my retarded humor >is also literal w…[View]
107464832>living in am*rica[View]
107461291is there any german namibian settlements left?[View]
107463214Cunt Have you ever felt real care and attraction from someone? Has anyone ever seen you as important…[View]
1074600791. ur'e cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ORbZg5YaI[View]
107464450goodnight /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107434342/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Editia asistentului de farmacie finlandez Precedent: Nu conteaza[View]
107462894Do Latinas make good gfs?[View]
107436517>'where do you see yourself in ten years?' >Me:…[View]
107458736what could she have possibly thought it was weird about the US? can't find the video lols[View]
107462761we've made an animation about our demands to the government[View]
107456634so did he kill himself yet or what?[View]
107464273>scrolling /int/ catalog >while scrolling down notice a thread with a picture of a dick >sc…[View]
107464249I'm sad doctor. I need medical marijuana.[View]
107463989>Kosovo? Albanian. >Crimea? Russian. >Cyprus? Turkish.…[View]
107460962Do you buy many things from China?[View]
107459485why do mutts want to nuke iran?[View]
107464023How do people sleep during summer/winter in temperate climate regions? I am from the tropics and sun…[View]
107462970I'm a terrone[View]
107438523/balt/: dacian edition[View]
107463835*fly in your room* eh, nothing personnel kid[View]
107456572Sverigetråden: Uppgivna upplagan[View]
107462523I never take French flags seriously because of their bad English, it feels like a child trying to co…[View]
107463462>'Kai fish' >carp fish >'sombrero hat' >hat hat >'salsa sauce' >sauce sauce >'…[View]
107458782Post in this thread if your country is going to catch fire next week. Next friday we'll have 30…[View]
107461389>As I promised in my campaign, my first order as president is for the Treasury Department to prin…[View]
107463649RODOLFÃO SE DANDO BEM - Raimundos - Banda Brasileira -[View]
107460403I fucking love fascism[View]
107462471What are some countries where vampires could live as an integral part of society?[View]
107461550Why isnt hungary considered part of the balkans even though romania streches up higher north, and hu…[View]
107462191Overused webm thread post your overused webms here[View]
107463579explain this Lajos https://youktube.com/watch?v=E9tG34YOMvw[View]
10745890229 Year-Old Woman With 14 Daughters Says She Won't Give Up Until She Has A Son[View]
107463154what did they mean by this?[View]
107463268Yes, I hate the beach because I see so many half naked chicks and can't do anything about it. H…[View]
107463241Gulf Arabs, is this true?[View]
107434838/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Wake up lazy sapxioumans, it's a butifel morning edisan. Previous: >…[View]
107459881/brit/: CANZUK edish[View]
107462822Have you ever played poker? How come Russians are such crazy maniacs? I make so much money from Russ…[View]
107459431I wish I had a big black cock so that Finnish women would love me[View]
107463087>why yes, I do present Impossible, a quiz show on British TV, how did you know?…[View]
107458388>drunk as fuck right now, drunk like 3 bottles fo whiskey and 4 bottles of beer >just booked a…[View]
107452743Have your country ever witnessed Heat waves/Droughts?: This week in France, 40 degrees is expected, …[View]
107458450How do you say 'All Americans have to die a horrible death' in your language?[View]
107460755Am I a faggot because I was born in cali instead of mexico?[View]
107450025/fr/ - le francofil Edition de la tartelette à la fraise /fr/ vs /cum/ Ancien: >>107440841[View]
107462724Is Greenwald right-wing??: Look at what he has written 'The reality of Latin American reaction to Bu…[View]
107462766whoa these countries are really shitty, really reflects their people[View]
107461580>dude I love coffee, I can't start my day without a cup of joe[View]
1074571753% of Russians own 95% of Russia's wealth 1% of Americans own 40% of America's wealth 1% o…[View]
107461693Neoliberal economic policy? Not a fan.[View]
107460653How are you doing with these heat waves? What is your remedy?[View]
107459068>me online: >get shot memes, le 56%, mutts, death to america >me in real life: >wow you…[View]
107459894Why can't they be friends? They need to grow up![View]
107459371I'm spending a few months in Bern. How do I make Swiss friends? My parents taught me the langua…[View]
107461220What is the most aesthetic city? For me, it's Tokyo.[View]
107460292Best posters[View]
107460186Why don't Europeans put sugar in bread?[View]
107461911What would you if showed up to your cunt dressed like this.[View]
107461149Shitskins join ISIS and fight in the syrian war. Communists join the Red Army and kill goatfuckers i…[View]
107461058>No mom I'll never go to school again. I'm going to become a professional Hearthstone p…[View]
107461831za gorbachova![View]
107459087>His “””country””” doesn’t have its own wizard school[View]
107456713I just realised that I'm a 22 years old KHHV Is male virginity a problem in your cunt?[View]
107449314/mämmi/: Torille -painos[View]
107461185why are women so beautiful /int/?[View]
107461628r8 it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3UesvwWdlA[View]
1074591421. your cunt 2. do you have a desktop or a laptop? what's better?[View]
107458248I was dreaming I was so close having sex with a girl and the alarm just started ringing at that mome…[View]
107452997/ita/ - il filo: la fidanzata logora chi non ce l'ha[View]
107460242A Japanese man choosing the most important countries of 1988 for the Ice Hockey video game.[View]
107457018Hi, I'm new to /int/. Are frens a thing on /int/ or do the different countries all hate each ot…[View]
107459418I fuckin love communism[View]
107454353Today is the day of gay parayde Biggest gay parade in the world, happening in my city[View]
107456049*blocks your path*: >Filthy barbarian scum, I claim your country and the people in it in the name…[View]
107439211/cum/ + friends: early sunday edition[View]
107459769It's over for Czech president: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10844447 250 000 native Czech people ar…[View]
107460540Haha benips :-DDDD[View]
107461195Quick americans are eating lunch Do americans really do this?[View]
107460867>lose by 13K votes on 31 March >renew the elections thinking you can win >now lose it by 80…[View]
107461319Being mutt is a good thing.: Nothing wrong with being a mutt. It's a lot more healthier than be…[View]
107456545Who is your favorite American ? For me, it's Denzel Curry[View]
107453257What /int/ think of the French singer Priscilla?: >pic not related…[View]
107461050Why a group of US state senators are being hunted by police: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-can…[View]
107451843As a Portuguese girl I feel like you're too rude to my country[View]
107455476I know they have too much invested in denying it, but Ireland would be better off as the fifth count…[View]
107455870>Akp loses with 13k votes 2-3 months ago >Akp objects >election repeated today >Akp lose…[View]
107458686(1. You're cunt (2. Anime?[View]
107457882Which make the best wives out of whites, blacks, Latinas and Asians?[View]
107457762>i dont like reggaeton, moombahton or afrobeat! Its music for low IQ monkeys and virgins like me …[View]
107448250/polska/: edycja japońskiego konia[View]
107460740Ok, so this was not that bad. Smetana was there, a lot of patriotism and pissed of old people, there…[View]
107453649>I keep my face clean shaven.[View]
107449398relationships: Ever had a relationship with a foreigner? what was it like?[View]
107458465Believe it or not, I only eat McDonald’s once every months[View]
107460563>teaching bitches how to swim >teaching bitches how to swim >teaching bitches how to swim…[View]
107460353How do call this in ur langauge? Korean kkwong[View]
107459348Swedish police in Stockholm gives young women the advice to stay home at night due to increasing num…[View]
107457558>wakie wakie anon[View]
107457291>every 8 minutes a woman gets raped in Sweden >Sweden has the highest rape rates in Europe …[View]
107460618>2019 >STILL no way to safely and quickly enlarge your penis why would I care about some shit…[View]
107449469/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de la musique. /fr/ vs /cum/ Ancien: >>107440841[View]
107460509Thor actor had an interesting job when he was 14: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/uskomatonta-mu…[View]
107459479white people be like I'ma walk up to this stressed out wagecuck who's about to have a ment…[View]
107460083>a loud and chubby woman of Arabic descent starts flirting with you[View]
107460530Your [country] is the nigger of [continent][View]
107458774Is it possible to find a normal, sane, wife material woman that looks like this?[View]
107450146Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107442412 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107458984Why do Spanish people speak so fast and high pitched? They sound like a retarded machine gun.[View]
107453897>he works more than 55 hours each week Do you do this in your country?[View]
1074592451. your cunt 2. how common is this sight?[View]
107456357In Europe, the age of consent is 14 and prostitution is legal over there. Feels bad man.[View]
107459101I want to help educate children in my cunt. How do I go about doing this?[View]
107457862How do you say 'I got raped in Sweden' in your language?[View]
107456035Are you an intelligent person?[View]
107458207>German engineering[View]
107453211Does this happen in your country?: >be American >get shot >get invited to prestigious unive…[View]
107452879Why do latinxs love reggaeton and trap so much?[View]
107455948I asked my family to fill out a blank map of Europe and compiled their results.[View]
107453398This is how Macedonia has progressed: From one of the poorest countries in Europe to the top #10 ric…[View]
107457656Do Latinas make good wives?[View]
107459705filipinos: what is their deal? there is virtually no country on earth where they don't have sle…[View]
107450600Century of East Asia: https://youtu.be/mQ6q5s2ha7M Make UEA(United East Asia)東聯合[View]
107455926Larping: In my town whites and mestizos larp as Amerindians. Do people in your country larp or wewuz…[View]
107459614>implying this isn't what the peak of female beauty looks like[View]
107459265The Russian fears the Anglo: >Russia feared the British so much that the openly supported the Uni…[View]
107459300what was Varg thinking right at the moment?[View]
107458228Why do boomers like watching funny animal videos so much[View]
107454386you're opinion on Rotterdam? Have you ever been there? Would you ever go there?[View]
107456709Is this image racist?[View]
107459201no withdrawal, no backdown[View]
107459197>As I promised in my campaign, my first order as president is for the Treasury Department to prin…[View]
107453472Discuss this[View]
107456393Sweden has the highest rape rates in Europe[View]
107456248do they really?[View]
107458956Why do chinks[View]
107458934Error: you are banned.[View]
107458911Can people in your country hold a decent conversation? >yes/no >good/bad experiences from othe…[View]
107458780are large properties common in your country? >flag >dad owns acres of land…[View]
107458612Who here is a Chang or Zhang? There's quite a few of us here in the US.[View]
107441696/asean/: F[View]
107450449'It was me,': an 81-year-old Okinawan woman claims to be the girl shaking in fear before an American…[View]
107455079every 8 minutes a woman gets raped in Sweden[View]
107458600Guess who's just become a German citizen[View]
107457418you will never touch a girl like Juliana Massunaga in any country[View]
107450392Why is Russia not considered a 1st world country on this board?[View]
107455421Isn't this technology amazing?!! Feeling blessed to live in this century :o![View]
107458617Plankerican womin[View]
107453690>Jews bad[View]
107453776Prussia was ruled by army. But Mexico is ruled by drug cartels[View]
107457033>brown eyes[View]
107458387Ugh what could have been: >The British came very close to regonizing and supporting the Confedera…[View]
107454619/brit/: me on the right[View]
107457490american wife: would you want one?[View]
107456411Why are people in this area so wh*te?[View]
107458211why were americans in new orleans too stupid to leave during the hurricane?[View]
107458355Visiting relatives here in the states and realize some of my first cousins cant even speak Spanish b…[View]
107456267Unpopular opinion: Every race has its own energy and built in 'rhythm'. That's why different ra…[View]
107457353Give me ONE good reason this shithole should continue to exist and should not be re-Anschlussed into…[View]
107452143>cunt >opinions on sluts[View]
107456640Americans, stop extending every vowel you pronounce.[View]
107457799goodnight /int/ i love. kiss kiss[View]
107458074imagine the smell[View]
107454655W-will Poland go out with me?[View]
107456408Is LoL popular in the Middle East or something?[View]
107457798why does this German keep posting 'swedish rape' threads with creep-shot webms? whats his endgame?[View]
107457420The Swedish police doesn't know how to handle the rape problem. Do you have a solution for Swed…[View]
107451004>190,000 jobs created in Ontario he says >doesn’t mention how much of them are part-time and h…[View]
107454307Post regions of your country that deserve independence. Pic related. Fuck Ottawa, fuck Toronto, and …[View]
107455632my ancestors :)[View]
107456934How do you usually enjoy summer where you live?[View]
107454333Why do Latin Americans like /pol/ shit so much?[View]
107449587So Anon, why have you not yet converted to Islam?[View]
107452909can someone explain why americans are so fascinated with new orleans?[View]
107457459are us and japan the only relevant countries[View]
107453216>you wake up in East Germany[View]
107457248little sister said my room smells terrible[View]
107454691Is this an acceptable gf in your country?[View]
107457085>To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation…[View]
107455038>the days will only get shorter for the rest of the year[View]
107452044How should I behave in Spain to not be an annoying tourist?[View]
107457193Are Britbongs the worst tourists? https://youtu.be/KA3zuFZ_dLk[View]
107456124Largest country in the European Union.: I'll let that sink in.[View]
107435826kurva anyátok[View]
107456504When a turkroach tells me he hates immigrants.[View]
107456962Come to my house tomorrow after school bro. Don't tell your parents.[View]
107452337Does your country have doomsday preppers? In America it's normal for boomers who remember the C…[View]
107456906An effeminate man (mukhannath) who had dyed his hands and feet with henna was brought to the Prophet…[View]
107456339America's NSA Challenges Students With A Codebreaking Competition, Then Recruits Them: https://…[View]
107456831My country :) Can you guess my country's flag :)[View]
107388417/danmarktråden/: Hyggeudgaven[View]
107453191Drugs, illegal immigrants, rape, murder, robbery. Why south America is so dirty ?[View]
107454024Why is there so much rape in Sweden?[View]
107452208Why do we cause so much seethe the world over simply by existing? Living in Germany every time I tel…[View]
107456691/ex-yu/: prijateljsko izdanje[View]
107456279>knock knock >*runs away* >open the door and see this…[View]
107453314>you put WHAT In the ezekiel bread?....[View]
107433068Post a song you like that's in a language you don't speak: I'll start with a 80s Fren…[View]
107456580https://memepedia. ru/ricardo-milos-es/ Can someone who speak Spanish translate this?[View]
107445714>Your country France >Your top 10 favorite countries (outside of city-States) 1. Belgium, well…[View]
107455145Ireland sucks!: My gf visited ireland but cant access porno. Tried proxy but this happen. Any idea h…[View]
107456274itt: flag stealers post places that stealed ur flag[View]
107452504/vidjospielä/ ehemals /deutsch/: Heisssssss[View]
107456364So what do we do? Euros say this is LARPing, but liberals in America say we're not allowed to j…[View]
107454269How does other Arabs and Africans feel about Mauritania? You really don't hear much about these…[View]
107455708Do you like brazilian women?[View]
107450257So why is everyone happy about this on /int/? Genuinely asking. Are you all happy your own people ar…[View]
107456196Finns get horny when they see authority figures. Finns do not believe something like police abuse is…[View]
107456050This is the ideal white woman Prove me wrong[View]
107456147does this happen in your country?[View]
107453001Who would want to live in a colder weather when you can live like this in Spain?[View]
107454085>Finland replies to my post[View]
107455694tfw when protesting with my gf[View]
107446435Why are redheads considered universally so unattractive?[View]
107455883Oh noes, how are they going to recover. Poor Japanese people[View]
107451459The only country I care about in the world is BVLLgaria. Their language, culture, people, history...…[View]
107454116Americas white minority: American whites have dropped into minority in age group of 15 or younger. T…[View]
107454666She is eating ccha ppa getti with Korean boi :3[View]
107454594ITT: Post you're perfect cunt Twink edition: you're only allowed to give, ass fucking othe…[View]
107455417In diesem Mietshaus wohnen wir seit einem Jahr und sind hier wohlbekannt. Doch stell dir vor, was ic…[View]
107455394>america dumb because president >america fat because mcdonalds >america brown because mexic…[View]
107452079>innocent Englishmen AYE LADS, KILL 'EM[View]
107455399What happened to the Israeli who moved to Berlin? Is he still posting here?[View]
107455342A FUCKING LEAF[View]
107451315>visit another country >discover that simple yet delicious meal that consisted of minced raw t…[View]
107452827>get drunk because f*nns are excruciating >haha such a traditional f*nn since you're drun…[View]
107454507I raped Varg! I banned his channel! And then I crushed his head in LIKE THIS![View]
107454043>your cunt >your fetish(s)? I want to be bullied, dominated, and humiliated by a short, dark s…[View]
107450684I'm a Fennoswede thinking about moving to Sweden. Is everyone a crazy SJW there though?[View]
107451876Stop blaming all white people for slavery, you stupid African americans. Your ancestors were slaved …[View]
107453088>his flag has lies written on it[View]
107440867What advice would you give women traveling to your country?[View]
107454844>Why yes, I do beat my mother.[View]
107453029Woman murdered in Brazil for cooking a bad cake: During a party, Vanderleia Santos offered a piece o…[View]
107454719what do pajeets mean by 'attitude'?[View]
107451229What percentage of the Ukrainian female populace has yet to lose their virginity?: The president cal…[View]
107449165Can someone explain the Indo Europeans and Aryans to me? I'm very ignorant about this desu, Fro…[View]
107450603international pets: >Your country >What kind of pet do you have? >If not, what kind of pet …[View]
107454664>It's another episode of 'American expat complains about rude locals'…[View]
107452312say the first thing that comes to mind after looking at this image[View]
107451395/brit/: slags edition[View]
107453065Insomnia: Cunt? How's your sleep? I've had bad insomnia for the past several months to the…[View]
107453939This confuses and scares the anglo.[View]
107443662Sverigetråden - Prideupplagan[View]
107449653Which country has more virgin girls, Ukraine or Slovenia?[View]
107454321I would date an average girl who shares my views 100% over a model girl who shares only 50% of my vi…[View]
107453070>get home from work >scratch my balls >smell em >realized if i have a gf, she could have…[View]
107447247/ita/ il filo: edizione mojito sulla spiaggia[View]
107452026Elves were real: I was in Norway last week, and I developed a theory. I think elves/trolls etc. are …[View]
107454099>Yes I am from Poland. How could you tell?[View]
107453249My ideology? Messianic ecofascism[View]
107453242Why can't asians handle banter? Why do they so easily fall into butthurt rage?[View]
107451425Is word 'user' feminine in English?[View]
107451419This is true[View]
107452045https://www.foxnews.com/world/british-judge-orders-disabled-pregnant-woman-abortion thoughts on this…[View]
107453068>Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being 'fake 90s kids', t…[View]
107450561dutch niggas be like[View]
107453629>it's over, gigachad. sorry. it's not you, it's me.[View]
107435976Where do your countries trash tourist go?[View]
107446616Which one would you/do you: >Be more likely to fight for in a war voluntary >Like more >Fee…[View]
107453779>The chance of a 15-year-old boy dying by the age of 50 is now higher in America than in Banglade…[View]
107453185What happens there?[View]
107453587Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
107453680Worst posters on /int/ by nation 1. Fyrom 2. South Korea 3. Brazil >Worst individuals on /int/ 1.…[View]
107452530Adolf Hitler[View]
107451452Armenians are fucking disgusting. Fuck em to hell.[View]
107453550On this day: June 23: >2016 – Citizens of the United Kingdom voted to support a non-binding resol…[View]
107451255Is this how americans feel like?[View]
107447360Why white people can get big muscles easily?? Look his body. I wanna dat body.[View]
107452021>be rural american >go to out to take a dump >dies >get trapped in the place for millen…[View]
107451527Post your pet.[View]
107449621Tell me about you: Introduce yourself Shortly or in detail[View]
107450878Why are trashy wh*te girls so attractive?[View]
107441840Is heterosexuality legal where you live?[View]
107453158>Nice! I got another (You)[View]
107451463>russia gives you a (You)[View]
107452708Would Ukraine become first world in a generation if every woman there was inseminated by Swedes?[View]
107452056This is a korean submarine.. Say something nice about it.[View]
107446438/luso/: Pardileira sem noção tentando carreira internacional em vez de fazer música para os baixa-re…[View]
107452918Being vegetarian in a chorizo fueled country is hard! How do you do it, southern europe vegbros?[View]
107448803I don't like Switzerland.[View]
107451583Being on these dating apps is even more depressing than not trying at all[View]
107447114powerful /int/ pictures itt[View]
107452168what do they know of europe, who only euorpe know?[View]
107451957Why are Anglos so russophobic[View]
107452543Swedish-speaking students outperform Finnish peers in final exam: https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news…[View]
107452595How is mental illness treated in your cunt?[View]
107450717FART on your face[View]
107448381/herschelbad/ ehemals /deutsch/: Schwimmausgabe[View]
107442286Female Supremacy World Wide: Women are just better than men in every way. You know its true. Women s…[View]
107452323Sometimes, it is nice to read a redpilled article about China instead of 'CHINA BAD' propaganda.[View]
107448196'What did you just say in your language, Anon? It got me SO wet just now...'[View]
107452061>As a Femanon from (insert country here)...[View]
107451216>your cunt >would your family be ashamed of you if you did this…[View]
107450728House of /int[View]
107445511Countries that LARP as f*rst world[View]
107451968it's 20:48 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
107452014I trashed up my Hyundai because I didn’t care for that brand of car, but then I realized that it was…[View]
107451875how do we solve the finnish problem /int/?[View]
107441681/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Биби[View]
107450202>russian games[View]
107451360/int/ is a sitcom and countries are characters. Describe your country and other countries characters…[View]
107449103>be 24yo >jack off to pornstars that were born in 2000, and 2001…[View]
107426684Girls are on /int/ RIGHT NOW[View]
107451556We need to fight back against the sw*De pushing his ear agenda before its too late[View]
107451167How are quiet and socially awkward people treated in your country ???[View]
107451670The Spaniards controlled a large part of the Low countries for over a 100 years, did they leave any …[View]
107441890Why are spanish girls so beautiful?[View]
107442749>W-where am I?[View]
107445514Favourite food from other countries: Fårikål is next level good[View]
107451617/fr/ + /brit/ + /ita/ + /cum/ + /deutsch/[View]
107451547Malaysia has no Malay genes. Very few speak Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia.[View]
107450332Suicide rate for Native American women is up 139%: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/suicide-rate-nati…[View]
107451501What is the Space Jam of your country?[View]
107448096>next to 2 major world economies + South Korea >in a country that is friend to North Korea so …[View]
107445638Explain this Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWkQ7S2Cf2M[View]
107449377American privacy is under attack: DANGER you are about to lose privacy http://www.ronpaulinstitute.o…[View]
107450990why are arab posters on /int/ so toxic and homophobic?[View]
107448954>see cute girl on street >Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! *eyes pop out* AROOOOOOOOGA!…[View]
107449089Does your country have muslim cats? 1. Russia 2. Yes[View]
107441783>cunt >do you already have a summerbody with summer upon us Germany No, doing the final lap th…[View]
107451157i make fun of americans because i'm envious they dont live in a shithole[View]
107450296WTF i hate females now![View]
107450810Why do they hate each other so much?[View]
107448140Mexicans, what do you guys think of the Mexicans that illegally cross the border into the USA? Are t…[View]
107450346Post /int/erracial couples[View]
107449142What language is she speaking, and what is she saying?[View]
107449412/ourelephant/ https://twitter.com/4amNori/status/1142140623803363328[View]
107449777>oh, a new message >should I send him a normal reply? >no, I'd better reply with an im…[View]
107450199Is it possible to speak french without coming off as a homosexual?[View]
107449921How do I get a nice Indo-Aryan gf?[View]
107443998White and young gathering in USA: Is it possible to find this many white Americans in one place at o…[View]
107450148When I take shower, I always put the shampoo bottle the other way around. Can't stand some dude…[View]
107450621Arab music is hard as fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4R6iFSYDZ0[View]
107448491Hey /int/ do you believe in angels?[View]
107447420Murder of Patrice Lumumba Supporting Suharto The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in priv…[View]
107445371Finnish government to reintroduce stricter Mandatory Swedish for older students: The newly formed Fi…[View]
107446590>'''japanese cuisine''' >put raw fish on rice ball…[View]
107450562Is Kenya welcoming to whites? Considering visiting after SEA.[View]
107448934Why are Australians like this? Don’t they realize the woman will never read it?[View]
107444448I am from Bulgaria but see myself as European first.[View]
107447845Why yes, I do have stockholm syndrome after years of being verbally abused by Europeans on /int/[View]
107448998your country: would you let this guy into your country:[View]
107450335>Bro I maxed out my credit card. Give me your credit card so I can donate to Belle Delphine…[View]
107450316I’m back Remember me?[View]
107444048European cuisine rankings 2019 official report After 3 months of research we are very proud to annou…[View]
107436348Why is German culture so irrelevant? No one in the world learns German unless he needs it at work, n…[View]
107421962/ita/ il filo: edizione casalinga[View]
107448846the greatest genocide in human history is happening before your eyes[View]
107449128Korea - USA friendship.: Korean war (6.25 war ) thread All of Those guys in the photo died few hour…[View]
107440988HEAT WAVE GENERAL: the heat wave beings today and will last 1 week post you temp post your locale po…[View]
107450178It sucks that Europeans went sicko mode on this nigga[View]
107441662Kiev right now[View]
107357576/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
107442412Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107436903 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107448098Black births map of France: 73% of births in Paris are black. What happens when they reach 100%?…[View]
107444279Top 15 countries by cumulative fatalities from terrorist attacks (1970-2017) https://youtu.be/86OcJI…[View]
107447533Why do Americans do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq_IhJwCpSg[View]
107449550what do your feet look like int?[View]
107440841/fr/ - Le fil Français: Edition des plus forts ! Ancien>>107428658[View]
107449766Do you like The Smiths?[View]
107449712USA is a shithole: I just watched a video of an American software developer talking about his career…[View]
107449861Is picking up random women common in your cunt???[View]
107442297/skandi/: Í nafni föður ok sonar ok heilags anda. Var þetta játað ok samþykt af öllum almúga á Íslan…[View]
107449527Is interracial popular in your country?: Video from Paris, France shows 2 white girls with 1 black g…[View]
107449213Nap time[View]
107441389How do Western EUropeans feel about expanding into the Eastern countries starting 2004? Was it benef…[View]
107447560*ahem* gays are not okay[View]
107445505>Bro, imagine if the Dutch managed to get hold of all of Australia instead of the filthy br*Ts, u…[View]
107442799/lat/ hilo latino[View]
107432829>A British tourist has been arrested after swimming naked in the moat of the Imperial Palace in T…[View]
107447767what do hispanic ballsacks smell like?[View]
107449010Were witches the best thing to come out of American folklore?[View]
107443528The only country I care about in the world is Japan. Their language, culture, people, history... No …[View]
107445152Canada or USA: Which one is better? Canada is significantly more peaceful, has a better GINI coeffic…[View]
107435514/mämmi/: Kavereiden seurassa-painos[View]
107448994Another day, another dollar.[View]
107447580>I'm a American and I *brrrraaaaaap*...I'm American and my opinion is:*brraaaaaaaapp* I…[View]
107444339>2018+2-1 >being racist[View]
107431172Faces of /int/ pt2: I would've gladly contributed last thread but my charger was broken, and as…[View]
107435682My girlfriend was born in 2001.[View]
107448889May I remind you that Russia has T-I-G-E-R-S. Does your country have T-I-G-E-R-S?[View]
107448836ITT: school class pictures from your country[View]
107447747You wake up in Pripyat before Chernobyl[View]
107446328based Finland: Finland has the best music bands. Just on top of my head i can probably list 20 bands…[View]
107447275The german 'black guy' is actually a butthurt Jewish mutt who got rejected by /pol/ he has no job no…[View]
107445999Based China >“I bought you in Pakistan,” she said her husband told her. “You belong to me. You ar…[View]
107448239>Banning generals? But thats whereI get all my lewd anime pictutes from.…[View]
107446643/brit/: proime ministah bojo edish[View]
107448737Why are Asians in America blowing everybody else out of the water? Why do other races struggle with …[View]
107447338https://youtu.be/9wSpeYaadXk?t=410s how does this make wh*toids feel like? 6:50[View]
107442857I've been looking at a lot of finnish women lately and I don't know exactly what it is but…[View]
107445412>tells incels to have sex >never had sex myself…[View]
107435175/sag/: General for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal. Honorary Welcome: SEA, Japan, Afgh…[View]
107447027Which one, /int/?[View]
107442425>banter a frenchman a bit >he immediately starts sperging out Why do they do THIS? You don…[View]
107447465>the perfect country doesn't exi--[View]
107448399Me? Purebred inbred french canadian.[View]
107441351Are there any real Japanese posters here? Is Tsukiko Amano famous in Japan? Her videoclips and voice…[View]
107444297/neu/ /deutsch/ehehmals /deutsch/: ehehmals /deutsch/ user treff trier west[View]
107441165This is how Swedish Vikings look like: Thoughts?[View]
107446255Thanks for visiting, you guys.[View]
107448115An American Bride in Kabul: >It is 1959. I am only 18 when my prince — a dark, older, handsome, w…[View]
107447623/диacпopa/: Tpeд для диacпopы. Пocтитe тyт, ecли вы диacпopa[View]
107432404/polska/: Edycja niedzielna[View]
107446482street walk videos: post street walk videos from your country with LOTS of people[View]
107446210Everytime I think when I see this map. Senegal is really tight[View]
107444341>yellow humans >blue subhumans >green just nuke it…[View]
107447368why don't Euros like to shower?: is it a cultural tradition the American continent hasn't …[View]
107447179Where did the hype about Rwanda come from? I hear everywhere how great this country is, like it…[View]
107447843>wh*toid you must apologise for ENSLAVING us >wh*toid you must apologise for CONQUERING us …[View]
107439180no civilization: no art no culture[View]
107444791Third world brown shithole map to get in you need to >Be a third world shithole. >Have a major…[View]
107447678Is this the view when you wake up in Paris, France in 2019?[View]
107446462Your country Which status most applies to you: [x] Based and Ayapilled [ ] I am not yet Ayapilled, o…[View]
107441835/ita/ il filo: Edizione inchino del Sole[View]
107441607/norgetråden/: Dette er deg og faren din-utgaven Forrige: >>107413123 >>107413123 >…[View]
107447117Dad is talking about getting a bahu again[View]
107446427I’m a burger in vacation in Indonesia, is 4chan (not channel) blocked here? How am I supposed to shi…[View]
107444942BLACK father ar*b muslim mother. 100% BVLL This is the future of Islam mashallah[View]
107446887Your country? Has a girl ever complimented your height?[View]
107447458>when you live in most irrelevant country on planet, every single neighbouring country wants you …[View]
107447446Do Americans really do this?[View]
107440365Minorities living in Russia (Tatars, Chechens etc.), would you prefer it if your region claimed inde…[View]
107444665/brit/: This edition was brought to you by Shake Shack.[View]
107446405When did you stop taking the Turks on /int/ seriously?[View]
107446722what did the cbc mean by this?[View]
107443431>see somalian girl with beautiful face and big thicc ass >literally want to bleach her in the …[View]
107446914do Americans really do this?[View]
107441220Wow very cool, thank you France!: Are french girls really like this?[View]
107440746>country name ends with *stan or *land[View]
107444427Brazilians look like that?[View]
10744696310 minute left til punching out[View]
107446938FUCK THE IRS: >tfw 30% of my income will go to pay niggers healthcare in the US just give me the …[View]
107446196is genetic recombination a bitch?[View]
107445269What would a regional war in the middle east even look like?[View]
107445915hello i am slav negro[View]
107443880I'm still not sure if I like Germany or not sometimes they're pretty cool and helpful some…[View]
107443122What’s it like being in love?[View]
107446048Have you thanked Jesus yet today for not making you a R*ssian?[View]
107442321I don't think this semen slurping 'imageboard' is for me anymore[View]
107441349euros be like >mmmmm sausage made of blood how pleasant is that mmmmmmmmmm can't wait to dev…[View]
107446354IRL interactions: Have you ever met a foreigner IRL? How was your interaction with them?[View]
107438551Are there any non-plastic K****n women left except her?[View]
107445231>he thinks he can suffer in f*rst world lmao[View]
107445609China is based / 中国知道的更好: Lest face it the west could learn a thing or two from them. Especially how…[View]
107445655>just be yourself bro[View]
107445572why do they get mad when you call them germans?[View]
107443687Thank you Italy, VERY COOL Italy is helping portuguese police by sending some of their police to hel…[View]
107432489>sister wants to 'travel' in europe[View]
107445176Do electric scooters exist in your cunt and are you 1st world enough to have them?[View]
107445794Cantonese people are not Han Chinese. They belong to the Yue tribe an ethnic minority which existed …[View]
107445295Italians should come to America for some Italian-American pussy: There's millions of them wanti…[View]
107440098Americans be like 'Wood? Yum'.[View]
107441539USA is a shithole even for software developers: I just watched a video of an American software devel…[View]
107444688Do police carry guns in your cunt?[View]
107442927hilo /lat/ANO: Hilo Diego[View]
107442293>NOOOO!! i dont wanna become minority in my own country!!! NOOO!! Stop come to my country this is…[View]
107444600How do you pronounce 'De Broglie'?[View]
107441350>Spam Omegle with Kara Boğa Cooypasta >wh*te girl from england actually wants to talk to me an…[View]
107442324Is it possible to completely eliminate sex drive?[View]
107445279>why yes, i do love discussing international culture >how could you tell?…[View]
107445385When will Korea unify, bros[View]
107404930/luso/ the fio lusófono: edição por do sol em 180 degraus[View]
107439518why do i miss elliot so much? i never met him...[View]
107435999Who was the most notorious Nazi from your country? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdurrahman_Fatal…[View]
107441547Thank you Russia for protecting us against Am*rican scum: In this thread we thank Russia for keeping…[View]
107442842>remember cringe moment from your life >start singing and screaming random shit loudly to supp…[View]
107445178Nobel prizes: Why Japs are so genius?[View]
107441745/brit/: Devolution edition[View]
107443968Is it true they are unfriendly autists before you infuse them with copious amounts of alcohol?[View]
107443408What phenotype is this?[View]
107436086>'Go out with you anon? BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH. Go away loser!' Your count…[View]
107443401redpill me on chinese women[View]
107441683living the life[View]
107444299>EU >Sunday >Hungry AF >Can't eat because all of EU is closed >mfw…[View]
107443937Poortugal racist symbols: Why is Portugal allowed to display anti-moor symbols like this local Recon…[View]
107442732Dear BRAZILIAN WHO HATES WHITES, please post your hand in this thread.[View]
107444306Why are so many threads here just blatant reposts from r/MapPorn and r/Europe? What's the point…[View]
107444531if this forum had a proportional amount of posters from the actual regions of the world, it would be…[View]
107442591>why yes, i am british, how did you know, was it me accent?[View]
107444036What went wrong?: Turks used to be there own separate people with a unique identity, look, and cultu…[View]
107444024You can only post here if your country will collapse in your lifetime.[View]
107437274Why do French people think they're on the level of Germans and Anglos when they're really …[View]
107444210The Jews fear the Cossack: https://www.jewishhistory.org/tach-vtat/[View]
107439767When will these n*gg*rs finally learn their place? This is the century of us Asians. Black folks ca…[View]
107441981Thanks UK, US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and others: For spreading western values in …[View]
107443492a question for Romanians: I-Is it over?[View]
107442772Are they part of the new world?[View]
107442348Do you want to find love in NORTHERN Japan?[View]
107438686germans: are they the most evil people on earth? worse than turks imo[View]
107443029Whoops. Looks like I accidentally snatched Slovenia! I wonder who'll be next haha[View]
107443242is this true?[View]
107432740Most hated posters on /int/ RISE UP[View]
107443757>hey you, you better not be a t**rist[View]
107443462Why do they have so much debt? What did they do with the money they borrowed?[View]
107442770How do I acquire a German gf[View]
107443057why is north macedonia going all out with the bait rn?[View]
107443073imagine being an american[View]
107440696Why is Mexico so poor compared to the rest of North America?[View]
107443277Did you knew that asians were blacks?[View]
107437117ITT WE PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY AND HOLY FIRST FRENCH EMPIRE: Let's gather here and worship together…[View]
107433057this completely and utterly flummoxes the american[View]
107433740Why don't you Spaniards fuck off so we can enjoy our vacations?[View]
107442813Nikola Tesla Discoveries: Discuss the following 3 pages. Is this why white western man with European…[View]
107439785I want a Japanese gf[View]
107442468>why yes, I bought myself some diapers to avoid going to the bathroom since my dad looks down on …[View]
107440761If Germans hate Turks, why do they eat döner all the time?[View]
107442604Women who age gracefully: British 52 yo women looking 39-41yo.[View]
107440635Where does your language fall on The Chart?[View]
107439132Girl coming for netflix and chill but I don't have netflix. What to do?[View]
107401098/asean/: Nino a shit edisyon[View]
107440292ITT: phrases that can send you to jail in Poland: Polish death camp[View]
107436903Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107422406 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107442346>Why yes, I do watch anime how could you tell?[View]
107442314>Nooooo you can't just draw wojaks with ears. It looks so stupid, this is the dumbest meme I…[View]
107442312>eu >relevant[View]
107442210Why is it that our thirdies can never give real life examples on the ways in which they suffer that …[View]
107441147When will filthy Cast*llians apologise for the cultural and linguistic genocide of Galiza, Llión, Ca…[View]
107441746France, Paris, a common sight.[View]
107439048>shy as fuck >always ignored by the opposite sex >after dropping too many spaghettis, final…[View]
107430201Fuck WMAF Welcome BMAF. and prefer AMWF.[View]
107442208>Ugh what could have been...[View]
107442021>listen to my worthless new worlder opinion.[View]
107435446Women have been mean and abusive to me all my life :([View]
107420617v4: simply the best[View]
107440689Leb' deinen Traum, denn er wird wahr: Geh deinen Weg, Stelle dich der Gefahr[View]
107438914What does /int/ think of my country (Northern Ireland)?[View]
107438640what is life in a bordertown in the US, is it dangerous? is there a lot of smuggling, illegal immigr…[View]
107441246Just was reading Diodorus Siculus on the manners and costums of the Gauls, this caught my eye: >A…[View]
107434488how and why most Russians disappeared from central asia?[View]
107441420When will it become America's next state?[View]
107436729/brit/: The BEATING WOMEN edition[View]
107431861Sverigetråden - tänk på döden[View]
107436652What is his problem at that Yugoslavian ? He is as dumb as Brazilian posters.[View]
107438022This is a Skoda factory in Kvasiny, Czech Republic, the largest in Eastern Europe. Capacity: 1,2M ca…[View]
107413123/norgetråden/: lördagskveld-utgave forrige: >>107392473 >>107392473 >>107392473…[View]
107437476whyte peps be like 'tried to sunbath for 5 minutes, I really wanted that brown skin color.. But thin…[View]
107441300ITT: Countries you would hatefuck[View]
107430342post your country's 'never forget': ;-;[View]
107441173This is a Swedish man. Say something nice about her.[View]
107440799Who are the Pashtuns? Why do they dress like this?[View]
107436527Guess the country[View]
107438570Does your country build cities in stupid or absurd areas, /int/?[View]
107440655How often do you see muscular/bulky old dudes in your area, /int/? I am seeing more and more. I thin…[View]
107437629How do people get married in your cunt?[View]
107438209>Why yes I stay up until 3AM to talk with Europeans on /int/[View]
107435646Giant Calmar caught on video: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/valtava-jattilaismustekala-yllatti…[View]
107440771Please come to Finland and have sex with our women[View]
107434958/mena/ /مينا/: dumb Arabs edition.[View]
107437564>start more than half of European wars >literally invent modern warfare >adopt war as a nat…[View]
107439020/murrika/ general: how big is your 'murrika' folder? post everything you have[View]
107440699>not being European[View]
107435816>Ur cunt >Are you a smoker? >How are smokers treated in your country? >Do you approve of…[View]
107436667>female cashier smiled at me Later virgins[View]
107438760右翼の女の子がすべての日本に住んでいる韓国人を殺すと脅したときのことを覚えていますか https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EvjL-fLK0g[View]
107437500When will this country sink? And what would happen to the people if it does sink?[View]
107440002>when your country is full of border jumpers[View]
107435575/deutsch/: Hab meine eigene kaka gegessen ausgabe[View]
107436958so heres the deal im basically a monke[View]
107437860there is an american poster who will soon be homeless because he can't afford to fix his car to…[View]
107432653How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
107440300And now you think you're bigger[View]
107431328Why do Americans hate Iran so much? I don't get, Iranians seem like nice people[View]
107436368Italy is blessed by God, go literally anywhere, its beautiful[View]
107428658/fr/ - le fil francophone français: Édition : moi et la pa Ancien : >>107417127[View]
107430940Do you prefer Indian rice or Japanese rice?[View]
107433759Turkmenistan seems like the most fun dictatorship to live in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg17h5H…[View]
107438017Why the fuck is he obsessed with Nordic countries?: There's literally one French out there (or …[View]
107439982So, what really happened?: Was it good for France or not?[View]
107439217Can we all just agree that United States is the best and the worst country in the world?[View]
107438682Does she has the perfect phenotype for your cunt's standards?: >White >Tall >Blue eyes…[View]
107439780when will this meme end?[View]
107434312What if Germany disappeared tomorrow? No one knows where.[View]
107439764Vaping on a flight: I've used my vape dozens of times in a plane restroom without issue, but I…[View]
107438252wh*Te cucks[View]
107438520My clade? L664: And you?[View]
107436943>My coffee ? Black >My rice ? White >My women ? Mixed >Myself ? brown…[View]
107438497Europe 2053[View]
107438291Share an example of an English word that ends with 'c' and is not an adjective. Me first c…[View]
107439501What's worng with Jews? https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-israeli-students-caught-da…[View]
107438599no history: no cuisine poor cause no moneys[View]
107432599/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Saturday(PT) night edition[View]
107429953Should we bring the Indian dot back into fashion?[View]
107438934Which nation's people looks nothing like you'd expect? For me it has to be Guyana in Sout…[View]
107435315>I suffer in Mexico[View]
107438838>American enters bar[View]
107437256Where can I find a girlfriend like this?[View]
107438793>the bases of civilization why all subhuman ethnicites that got raped by central asian nomads cla…[View]
107438353How do we stop the h*man menace? They won't stop until the entire world is asphalt, buildings o…[View]
107438310Do you like the UK?[View]
107438704>Yes, I do roleplay on the internet as an adorable anthropomorphic frog, what gave that away?…[View]
1074353061. Your cunt 2. thoughts about allowing women in the military[View]
107438514>Mexicans aren't wh-[View]
107432895h-hi Norway y-you're looking good today[View]
107438384la cucaracha, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar por que no tiene porque le faltan lass dos patitas …[View]
107435773How widely accepted is it that Brits are by far the funniest Europeans?[View]
107435710What is the most redpilled country in the entire world?[View]
107436331Lebanon has no Arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
107437540How do thirdies like Spaniards, Italians and Portugese cope that Slavs like Poles, Czechs and Estoni…[View]
107438357Why don't White Americans have culture?[View]
107437461So this is the power of holland... whoah[View]
107436675What happens in Hermosillo, Mexico?[View]
107438044el Schnappo, dangerous German narco kingpin[View]
107438277>dutch niggas wife gets fucked by jamal >her pussy juice floods the country…[View]
107434227We must secure the existence of our people and a future for whit- Oh uhh, never mind.[View]
107434805/dixie/ - Neets & Friends: soon[View]
107438135>that? fascism? you're crazy, real fascism has never be tried my friend…[View]
107438173>Why yes, my girlfriend is Chinese (Cantonese). How did you know?[View]
107438035Animu and weebshit is now normietier worldwide. Time to be contrarian and reject it incels.[View]
107436850Why do Jewish girls always huge boobs?[View]
107430699/lat/: hilo latino[View]
107437908I think there should be a crowdsourced 4chan filter, so we can finally filter out pepes, 'why y…[View]
107437601What race is it?[View]
107437705Fuck chinks, fuck gooks, and fuck nips.[View]
107434478Varg fans look like this?[View]
107437096Do you love BRAPan?[View]
107437782i live 5 minute to beach 5 am i wake up and go to beach 11 am i go back home, turn on AC to maximum …[View]
107412478/balt/: Frens[View]
107436549Why you retards act as if brazil is a le dangerous country? Bc 0.01% died from homicide last year? N…[View]
107435565Is your country like Warhammer 40000? If so, in what?[View]
107418470>be me >tall by mexican standards boi >be at supermarket checkout line >these blond grin…[View]
107430161PCs of /int/: >Country >PC specs (cpu-ram-gpu) >Desktop background Chile Intel I7-7700 3…[View]
107435021France superpower by 2030: https://youtube.com/watch?v=k7Kph52MfRo[View]
107427760What the fuck is wrong with Americans[View]
107434137Post your country's royal palace(s)[View]
107436823>white+finn russian >chink+finn ???[View]
107435319do americans: I can't even tell if this is irony or not[View]
107436279What do you think of Australians? Has your experience on /int/ worsened or bettered your opinion abo…[View]
107437408>tfw no white gf who wears my military uniform[View]
107434715HOLY FUCK $380!!! Should I pull the trigger?[View]
107433321IQ thread: http://test.mensa.no/[View]
107433286/brit/: ehemals /deutscch/ edition Sub edition: Hamburg[View]
107436947Why woman like this?: >Stirm's anger and bitterness two decades later seem directed more at …[View]
107434424>be Ameriburger >everyone looks at your country's jingoist imperialist government with de…[View]
107435340could this Slavic man pass as a local in your country?[View]
107435954Fuck Swedes are based. And how come they know English so well?[View]
107434503Where did the 'pajeets are smart, especially for IT' meme come from? They have those jobs because of…[View]
107429349Map thread[View]
107434811kurva anyátok[View]
107436287Do white girls really do this ?[View]
107436568Why is white male white female the most aesthetic pairing?[View]
107422406Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>107374084 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
107431244ITT: Rarest flag you've seen on /int/+discussion >China[View]
107435068Has anyone encountered this phenomenon of thirdies getting irrationally sore over exonyms? Like Ivor…[View]
107433536Do you really have to pay like hundreds of dollars for an ambulance in america?[View]
107432058westerners be like[View]
107434650Is Brazil a failed country and a sign of America's future? I'd be interested to hear what …[View]
107435236>Duterte's short small hands couldn't reach Singaporean's PM in ASEAN's tradi…[View]
107434734>foreigner tells me about my country >HURRRRR THE NARCOS RUN THE COUNTRY You people should und…[View]
107435253/int/ things that shouldn't have happened: Brits burned Joan of Arc. She's a qt and a sain…[View]
107433868OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
107435824Dearest Austria, We write to you as a matter of priority regarding the boganfrage, its implications …[View]
107434280This confuses and enrages the amerifat[View]
107436312>immigrant in London from x country >talking about x country restaurants in London >'pfft t…[View]
107436432>Malaysian/Indonesian parents 'if you be ungrateful to me after all things I did to you I'll…[View]
107433129Do you love Japan?![View]
107436191Jews of /int/. What is your 'reaction' to nazism? Are jews still afraid of neo-nazis seizing power i…[View]
107435781It is over[View]
107431992In america, all the women look like this[View]
107427751Are regular fights in public school a thing in european countries? We had at least one daily at mine…[View]
107431193street walk videos: any videos like this from your country where i can just watch people?[View]
107429132What is the root cause for the decline of the west? If you mention Jews in your answer I will cuntpu…[View]
107434416>his country doesnt have the temple of solomon What a meme country[View]
107434029Finns, Finno-ugric living in the states here Can you explain to me when is the fucking Juhannus? Wi…[View]
107435312Why yes I do prefer East Asian women, how could you tell?[View]
107435738Why this girl is so cute??[View]
107435101I just finished watching JAV and the amount of monkeys(niggers) I kept seeing shilled every 5 thumbn…[View]
107426852/deutsch/: gf hat mir das gesendet grad[View]
107430862Post your city's central business district[View]
107435125What's your favourite thing that Australians ever did?[View]
107433164Where do I find this phenotype? I want this kind of girl.[View]
107430951How's everyone's day been? Just finished work at my tribe's casino, could be worse th…[View]
107431478why are they always so angry?[View]
107415695/mämmi/: Rento meininki-painos[View]
107434135Since he is technically an African American can he say nigga?[View]
107433300Any aliens on /int/?[View]
107434301Do you manage your own youtube Channel?: I don't but I finna start my youtube channel which is …[View]
107434307Is this the greatest national tragedy ever? I cannot think of any. Yet why do so many people mock us…[View]
107433696YobaNIII V ROT THE OIL[View]
1074352741. Your country 2. Your péché mignon 1. France 2. Toasted bread[View]
107432005Can we all agree that Korean is the best sounding far eastern language?[View]
107433385>Losing weight?! It's a cinch, all you have to do is cut back on sugar and don't eat le…[View]
107433424Is this common in your country?[View]
107434347ITT >name an eastern european city >others guess if it exists or not >if you google answers…[View]
107433326Do any other Australians have a problem where the site is showing them as a British flag? Is this so…[View]
107435041Western Civilization: Historic & based 10 out of 10 Englishman.[View]
107434662>Basically all Europeans can speak English, French, German, and their local language >I can on…[View]
107435094>tfw scenery mogged by neighbors[View]
107434288https://vocaroo.com/i/s09XLnQ2Kpy8 guess my language and age[View]
107433547Is any country on Earth at this point not a totalitarian techno-plutocratic shithole? Or is this it?…[View]
107434934SE Asian posters of /int/ look like that?[View]
107433630>American 'humour'[View]
107434333/int/ posters you recognize: >A fair few CHIs who have different types of phrases for “Amerimutt”…[View]
107434281Here's the only two guys that showed up for the Knoxville straight pride parade.[View]
107433015I am smarter than all of you. I just want to say that all your opinions are wrong. I am right about …[View]
107433792Why haven't you taken the moonie pill yet /int/?[View]
107434401ask a baked brazilian anything[View]
107391683/flag/ - /extraflags/: Holy flag edition previous: >>107107397 Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
107433887Describe your country with one image[View]
107433787Why is it so easy for CHIs to get Mexican güerita pussy?[View]
107434429>why yes, I did just eat some cheese[View]
107431925What does /int/ think about Israel? I've heard its a cool place to visit[View]
107430624Why does anime look African?[View]
107434242>no dad I just have all these pictures of muscular handsome men for the memes please I swear…[View]
107431594>be me >as a result of using English on a daily basis l'm getting unable to think deeply…[View]
107434275hi: i am a fish now look at me[View]

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