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105889688>Another day on /int/ >Another 1,000 edgy wojaks >Another board bogged down by generals …[View]
105887330Incel: the religion[View]
105894314what voice do you read these guys in for me it's kind of high pitch faggy old man voice[View]
105892071What race is this? Explain to me Americans[View]
105892956Get a South American gf.[View]
105891447/Nederdraad/: Nijntje editie Welkom: Nijntje, de Stijl Niet welkom: van Gogh[View]
105894031>3D Mongoloid women and 2D Caucasian looking women drawn by Mongoloids are my favorite masturbati…[View]
105890882Should I go on the grass?[View]
105870358Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105849725 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
105893013driving to Belgrade next week: Belgrade advice thread,what places to visit,which clubs do I hit,wher…[View]
105893427>2800$ month in neetbux3[View]
105892811why are there no Chinese posters[View]
105889163Did you know that ugly goblina ''''Virgin'''' model from Azerbaijan sold her virginity for 400 mill…[View]
105893622B R O T I E R[View]
105893456ITT: Post a foreigner known as a symbol of wealth in your cunt[View]
105893569Have sex.[View]
105893170i smell nigger over there[View]
105892852What happens to thicc latina girls when they age? Do their body parts get extra loose skin?[View]
105893447I'm sorry japanese[View]
105892781Accent thread. Post accent from your country, more rural the better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
105883351ITT We say nice things about Japan[View]
105892082where can i find a westernized indian/latina GF?: they are really pretty[View]
105892116should I just go live in the forest?[View]
105890589Post the expression that Only British use: 'Get your act together'[View]
105888297Is this Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
105890123The average Jap woman...[View]
105891199Flag Do you hope he suffers?[View]
105891308Why are Americans so cringe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHCTjlpmD10[View]
105892973Tiny Mexico[View]
105891489Who are the tallest and shortest in Europe??[View]
105888410SIMMERING LIVERPOOL /DEUTSCH/: Der Simmeringer ist unser König und wir sind seine Untertanen Ausgabe…[View]
105891096What do you think about this?: >This was stated by the doctor of historical sciences, senior rese…[View]
105889048Why do they do this[View]
105891635>be american >get shot[View]
105859963Ahh the wonders of diversity :)[View]
105887417Which is worse soiface posting or gigachad posting?[View]
105891656the turk fears the anglo bvll[View]
105891059NORDIC SHOGUNS[View]
105892353>have sex[View]
105886423How do we save them from extinction?[View]
105892119>Frida Kahlo[View]
105891401these comics come from a place of love not hate as I want to truly Turk anons: imagine If a class ma…[View]
105886265What parts of Germany are most fun as far as nightlife goes? And what are your favorite parts of Ger…[View]
105891970who is the argentine that posts black and white ww2 pictures in threads and doesnt say anything else…[View]
105891907For the past week Sweden has been covered from top to bottom in treecum. There's so much of thi…[View]
105885950Describe your cunt with a Game of Thrones character! >pic related the good guy but too dumb to wi…[View]
105891669>call me wh*te again and I'll have to crush your skull, it's not cool bro…[View]
105891138> 2015 > does not burn the rail Are you bully, mentally retarded, or both? > The m-bend kil…[View]
105891827imagine the smell[View]
105890707>be azerbaijani >too irrelevant themselves so always join the turkish side in argument >ye…[View]
105891084What causes such a big discrepancy in certain countries between the percentages of men and women who…[View]
105888727>Elevator maintenance men returning to work after a month-long break for Chinese New Year made a …[View]
105891226Wow, cringe[View]
105889448/brit/: Northern Irish kino edition[View]
105885344Which Chinese province would you rather live in?: I choose Canada[View]
105891270I'm ready Let' do this boys.[View]
105885141Favorite news source in your cunt[View]
105885284Finnish man gets troubled with Lenovo batteries: https://www.iltalehti.fi/asumisartikkelit/a/0a14869…[View]
105891175>no you can't add that to the food, it's not authentic anymore!…[View]
105888560>ancient kingdoms >constitutional monarchy >natural borders >Perfect mix between Romance…[View]
105881851what a cute family[View]
105886720What advice would you give to Spanish art restorers?[View]
105890485Jesus Cristo...[View]
105890593>guns down citizens trying to cross the border Woah such chad patriots[View]
105889539white people be like noooooo don't throw milk at me i don't digest lactose[View]
105890243tfw some nigga just spit bars and roasted w/ no chill str8 savage and J's on point, yeezys on f…[View]
105890736I am sorry, svens.[View]
105884389Latino chad official thread: Here we post our fellow latino chads. (Se puede hablar español o italia…[View]
105889645Shamesung: Apologize Korea !! Your Samsung fuckin sucks[View]
105889859Why isn't Europe listening to America?[View]
105892605biggest dumpster on earth: like seriously russians are so fucking lazy and stupid there's trash…[View]
105887188Do I really have a German accent in French?: https://vocaroo.com/i/s117v5exW0dE When I speak in Fren…[View]
105887183>Be Chinese >Wake up at 4am >Go to work >Eat a few peanuts on the subway >Credit scor…[View]
105890273Why does the mere mention of this place cause the chinkoid to go into a spastic fit?[View]
105888673The Leader of the Free World.[View]
105885386Do americans really?[View]
105888112Press F for one of the good Austrians[View]
105890314>'So...' >raises eyebrows >audience giggling >Americans... ' >audience howls and cl…[View]
105888772The Leader of the Free World.[View]
105883897Hilo /lat/ino Cirno -2 edition[View]
105885291>Be me >Have a weeb friend (Korean friend of course) >He wants to leave to Japan and work t…[View]
105887431/KZG/: /kazakhstan/ general This thread is for the discussion of Aya culture. Please post nicely and…[View]
105888500*TING TING TING* https://youtu.be/_yWRzcnCteo[View]
105887231Why do white people smell like a wet d*g[View]
105883891Went out on a date with a guy and in the beginning it was all going pretty well, but at the restaura…[View]
105890069This is the typical American male[View]
105885942Would you racemix with a Latina?[View]
105888920Why Quora is so cringe?[View]
105889217what happens here?[View]
105889244Do Americans really do this? Just walk into a McDonalds and ask for the embassy?[View]
105888230/int/ what your favorite food for me its fish[View]
105886942Ottoman ceremony in Macedonia: Early 20th century: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pbGES9k4lKA…[View]
105879246/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: /dixie/ cats edition[View]
105889238>American housing[View]
105886723/brit/: A cheeky ‘philia edition[View]
105875912Sverigetråden - Mysig nattupplagan[View]
105884506Why do Mexican and Latin American women love white guys?[View]
105887967I will never be French. >glorious and interesting history >most /fa/ country in Europe >ob…[View]
105888467/anime/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
105885364Why do we bother being world police?: What've we gained from the almost 600 billion dollars we …[View]
105888552Sushi girls belong to Kimchi boys[View]
105880816How would your life have been if you were born black or hispanic instead of Whitoid? would you have …[View]
105888900does this happen in your country?[View]
105885498Thoughts on this?[View]
105888849>Why yes i believe the warsaw pact was formed by patriotic Europeans to defend themselves from Am…[View]
105888846The Leader of the Free World.[View]
105888810god bless prostitution if it wasn't foe whores i would still be a hopeless incel, but now i…[View]
105888722Discuss.: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q5[View]
105888666Do Afro-Americans makes up only 13% of the US population?[View]
105888040Before: Whites mock us for living in crowded tenants Now: Whites whine about us owning all the real…[View]
105888546why do latinos have a stereotype of being 'macho'? I wish white guys fetishized us and considered us…[View]
105888600do australians really?[View]
105883027>mfw Saudis can rape and kill americans then get away with it, all done in america https://www.or…[View]
105886243Are Americans manchildren?[View]
105886578The fact that half of these flags call for the end of America just shows how penetrated your country…[View]
105876888/nachtschicht/deutsch/: *ein warp rift öffnet sich*[View]
105887429Why do you use American OS giving them more share?[View]
105885369Am I white?: I'm seriously curious here guys. Am I white?[View]
105888240Why're Chinese men so feminine and attractive?[View]
105886240Why everytime I try to click on an image to make it bigger it says 404 file does not exist?[View]
105886275Do Guatemalans really do this?[View]
105886389This is Spain's greatest weapon to use against the Anglo.[View]
105883765>When a Latino calls himself a spic Why do they do this so often on this site?…[View]
105888132do burack pepor really do this?[View]
105887591do russian dogs really do this?[View]
105883130Red sun rising[View]
105885947why do they hate us asians so much?[View]
105887224Big yikes.[View]
105887700>this triggers the American[View]
105885932Quid autem Germanorum tam malus guys? Simile fecerunt innocentibus iusti imperii. Quod si ita est, n…[View]
105886844Which cunt is she from?[View]
105882565what the fuck[View]
105887820I wanna turk or arab chicks for wife: Its really shitty to live in the so called pure-blood cunt…[View]
105887775God, I hate am*Ricans so God damb much...[View]
105883966Is there such a thing as the European identity?[View]
105883092한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
105887766it happened again[View]
105886587ITT: powerful images[View]
105885859Best pianistis came from Russia[View]
105887606What do brits think about this?[View]
105885900Why did I have to be born into a dystopia?[View]
105887646>SHART IN MART[View]
105880678Stay positive!: Hows my super awesome and TOTALLY tubular russianbros doing? What are you guys up to…[View]
105882707why do many latin american country copy mexican words like >vergazos >wey >alv >mamon et…[View]
105886907what phenotype is this?[View]
105884132I have a friend that just committed suicide. How do people in your cunt cope with this[View]
105886119Do non-Americans know this man?[View]
105887484Wanted: Ground Eagle nest - there is a reward: https://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/pohjois-suomi/maa-tai-m…[View]
105886681>tfw you go abroad and can shitpost with other countries' flags Hello I'm from Neederla…[View]
105885239Post the most British thing you can[View]
105883414Would you racemix with a Mexican?[View]
105885456>France APOLOGIZE[View]
105885755'ate lannistahs 'ate targaryians 'ate da souf 'ate unsullied 'ate woites …[View]
105886691Wtf mutts: More than half of American flags here are spics and chinks. I made a thread earlier about…[View]
105885591So why swedes are such a cucks? Just saw vid with some footage of your country. Muslims and niggers …[View]
105883767/brit/: The Graham Norton Milkers show edition[View]
105885670>The bad guys won in world war 2 nazis were like so COOL trench coats based red pilled and the go…[View]
105886634>Only God can judge me[View]
105885974I can change my ip-address instantly since I run a VM and have a special router, but even if you are…[View]
105886266Just reminding Austria is the next superpower 2040[View]
105881476Is-is this really what you think of us Americans?: Why?[View]
105855988/lang/ - language learning general: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
105885103you wake up in croatia[View]
105878100>Chinks are so butt-blasted about losing the trade war they are writing anti-american songs We go…[View]
105886415>german engineering[View]
105886444>I suffer in turkey[View]
105884885How many Russian are White???[View]
105885789>mfw i see a white person[View]
105884736Anyone else here an absolute Ameriboo? Often when I come home from work, I'll read up on a dif…[View]
105884844Do you want to find love in America?[View]
105884455Do you own a car /int/? How much do you have to pay for your car annualy besides fuel? We pay auto…[View]
105885396Why are Brits bootlickers? https://twitter.com/Lord_Sugar/status/1130515874270597123[View]
105886150/한국어/ 그리움전[View]
105880992>Whore yourself out to China >China starts getting rough abd messing with you >A-AMERICAN, …[View]
105885087*farts in your general direction*[View]
105885839>tfw 78,92% EVROPEAN[View]
105884385Do people in your country listen to jazz music?[View]
105873646Who are your favorite and least favorite posters on /int/?: My favorite posters are: 1. Sweden 2. UK…[View]
105884407I often search for 'latino' when I'm looking for gay porn.[View]
1058786261. Ur cunt 2. Worst tourists >flag >pic related They are loud, don’t talk English, and act li…[View]
105881070/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: edición latino[View]
105884908Pick your side[View]
105885895>born brazilian >pay taxes and recive less than crumbs pain is the ony feel.…[View]
105885671>Decide to look up when was the last terror attack in Moscow metro >2010 What the fuck i thoug…[View]
105883613>dad just got visited by the cops >a neighbor made a noise complaint after he shouted in Mongo…[View]
105885729Country Are you a penguin Flag Yes[View]
105885674But... bu-but.... But I live in a Dystopia, BAKA![View]
105885766why yes im a southern Dravidian bvll how did you know?[View]
105884945¿What did your country look like 80 years ago?[View]
105884940My literal nigger of a friend is dating this italian hoe. life is not fair[View]
105885631Up Your game!: Stop calling that ignorant human swear words. Cause arn't they a tilted outhouse…[View]
105884450why do Americans have a crush on us?[View]
105885086What do you think about Blapanese people?[View]
105885562https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BToNeL0SjVc >Civilized Meds try to show civilized culture to whit…[View]
105884843How do I stop saying 'oy vey'? Are there better alternatives to it? I'm a Jew turned Atheist an…[View]
105885484So after some deep thinking Im taking a few months off from work to travel to the Islamic Republic o…[View]
105885262Do Indians know that they're Asian? https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/11306997485815767…[View]
105885405AUTISM U T I S M[View]
105885028Intermarriage data viz: Here is a graphic depicting current intermarriage stats in the USA please ra…[View]
105885060If islam is so great how come most of it's adherents are brown?[View]
105884001Is it common for Mexicans and Latin Americans to be weebs? Noticed a lot of male and female weaboos …[View]
105884472No you're not white now shut the fuck up.[View]
105885251Why do Japs put these things in every Southeast Asian country? What’s so good about Lotte bulgogi bu…[View]
105884734You may not like it, but this is what peak French performance looks like.[View]
105883120What do Caribbeans think about Mexico?[View]
105884504>''''''''''''''he'''''''''''''' don't take a bath twice a day[View]
105882772You can revive ONE(1) dead nation, kingdom, empire, etc. from history, and it will have roughly its …[View]
105873362Mexican male beauty contest cancelled because entrants were 'too UGLY': OH NO NO NO NO htt…[View]
105884948In cultures that broadly follow Abrahamic religions, it is not uncommon for somebody who does not tr…[View]
105883214Mexico and Guatemala are the most aryan and whitest nations[View]
105883859>the art of love from the country that invented kamasutra[View]
1058818001. your country of residence (currently) 2. thoughts on Taytay?[View]
105881120If a white man with brown hair and brown eyes breeds a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is it co…[View]
105884618This induces primal terror in the American.[View]
105884782Yes I'm an incel, pussy dries whenever I make a move, women don't give me a chance, I…[View]
105883265What's his endgame?[View]
105883589I am a Slav.[View]
105843607/mena/: First time starting this thread Edition:anime after fator[View]
105876956ITT: /int/ in 1780[View]
105883540scandi niggas be like 'my name is knutt nice to meet you'[View]
105884704>Bend your knee![View]
105884284you are country? are you able to have sex in your cunt without paying? mexico nah, too ugly and soci…[View]
105883208Would you racemix with an American?[View]
105884658ITT: countries that you hated before you came to /int/: and now you like >pic related these guys…[View]
105884241Hahaha Isn't it so funny??? :D:D:D[View]
105883855>British humour[View]
10588106521+: This is a 21+ adults only thread. Teenagers are not allowed.[View]
105881687Hey Russia! Wanna hear a joke? A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. After a few drinks, the giraffe …[View]
105884428Have a fry there, Mr Kitterton McBeanbone xD little Dr. Sadeyes McSnifflepuff Meowsers!! :D[View]
105884360Do you love America?: You're a grand old flag You're a high-flying flag And forever in pea…[View]
105883030/bab/ black and brown general: Get in here melanin bros. Let's have a nice and comfy chat. Wypi…[View]
105883112How are you preparing for it?[View]
105881665Why were Aussies lamenting yesterday? This guy sounds based AF. The Chinks are already buttblasted a…[View]
105884021>Yeah I post green frogs with epic faces XD and screech about how emojis are degenerate. How coul…[View]
105881511What are some /int/-approved YouTube channels?[View]
105882525Runner is attacked by pack of dogs: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=arE5c_1558338797[View]
105884157A few years ago an American wrote what the Salvadorans were like from his experience in San Salvador…[View]
105884023>no dad, I’m not scared of you[View]
105883517A few years ago an American wrote what the Mexicans were like from his experience in Apatzingán. His…[View]
105883381Do you have a good jaw? Which nationality has the best jaws?[View]
105874013What the fuck are Aboriginals?[View]
105882884Me pushing the oven switch that is filled with chinese[View]
105882943>the Irish? Never should have let them sail over here. We'd be better off if we let them all…[View]
105883987>I already fucked your sister, mom. And now it is your time[View]
105879417What is this called in your country?[View]
105879492What the FUCK France?[View]
105883791¿What does the traditional police look like in your cunt?[View]
105881208/brit/: The duality of man edition[View]
105883782mutt: La luz extinguido…[View]
105883541DIE, WHITE BABY, DIE![View]
105883579What ethnicity was shrek?[View]
105881702Jews? I'll take care of them.[View]
105882410Why do americans claim that non ionizing radiation causes DNA damage?[View]
105883467https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl6jn-DdafM Thank you America[View]
105880016americans have BUTTER burgers?[View]
105881953Why is Southern Shitaly so fucking poor?[View]
105881413>entire mobile network banned because of Barneyfag Is there a ban evading freak in your cunt who …[View]
105883636/lat/ - hilo latino: Hilo de tolerancia de gringo[View]
105882665Why do slavic women do this[View]
105883629>yes, I do think genders in language is completely idiotic[View]
105883459Pictured: Greece, 2030.[View]
105881573How do you say in your language? >piss >sneeze >fart…[View]
105881231>americans are not welcome here :( I just want to talk too some cool eurobros but instead I get c…[View]
105883524Post cool mission, military, police, science patches from your country here. Here is the Apollo Soyu…[View]
105863386/lat/ hilo latino[View]
105883457>it’s time anon[View]
105883365/wc/ - Western Canada: Edmonton edition[View]
105878759Europeans eat oats raw: Like fucking farm animals.[View]
105862436*blocks your path* >'Do you smoke, don't you? Do you have an extra cigarette?' >'My name …[View]
105882255Why are Europeans like this ?: So I've just stumbled upon this youtube channel of some autist d…[View]
105883259>your cunt murica >do you want a bf? yes giv bf pls!…[View]
105882401Hitler considered Finns and Japanese Aryan: Alt-right gtfo[View]
105883078Do Mexican girls often look like this?[View]
105883162You wake up in Tokyo[View]
105883262Please visit Peru[View]
105882768>Asian women are 10/10 goddesses compared with whi...[View]
105882622have you noticed /int/ has become /pol/... shit, I don't even browse /pol/ anymore[View]
105879665Do you prefer girl on the far left or girl on the far right?[View]
105878845Why are south americans so racist? Any thread related to racemixing here has an south american flag…[View]
105881989More American than you bro.[View]
105880561México? I think you mean Virreinato de Nueva España[View]
105882516How come asian girls don't suddenly become Obese in their 20s like almost all white women?[View]
105881334How many shitskin lives is one Evropan worth I think it's somewhere between 3-50million[View]
105880601Why are there so few Latvian posters?[View]
105882734>dont ever call me a proto CHI again[View]
105882827Nique la france, fils de pute.[View]
105877558do ameri[View]
105882796Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P01m9uEFXeI[View]
105857215/mämmi/: Tenho-painos[View]
105881463>call a european a mutt >he gets visibly shaken Yikes!…[View]
105882245>I execute enemy prisoners to entertain my soldiers. Gotta keep the moral high.…[View]
105882537When Brits are abroad and church bells start ringing, do they look around to see who's yelling …[View]
105879703What would happen if you were to mix these two together? Hopefully nothing dangerous.[View]
105880995>he only speaks his native language[View]
105881919does anyone else just get sick of all the low effort threads[View]
105882405should americans be quarantined?[View]
105861276/med/: Say Heil to our real QUEEN edition[View]
105879988Can the anglo find love?[View]
105877021I hate England but LOVE Ireland, Scotland and Wales: aren't i clever and special to have this i…[View]
105881003britcuck megathread: post all your quintessentially british images[View]
105882034This is the average Argentine man. Thoughts?[View]
105882196>why yes, if I found out you were protestant, I would rig your car with a bomb. That won't b…[View]
105879897>be ireland >need some cage fighter to build houses in your third world country for your homel…[View]
105875523ITT We say nice things about Brazil[View]
105872824Why did Brazilians commit architectural genocide?[View]
105881550>Help me 100k Subscriber >Subscriber - >20.000 Subscriber - x >30.000 Subscriber - x …[View]
105881621/int gunowners general/: I wish I had a gun but here in canada it’s impossible for me. Strict regula…[View]
105879106>my main in TF2 is soldier. How about you?[View]
105881984Have sex.[View]
105862650Why do all countries hate us? Have we ever started war on anyone or invaded them?[View]
105878113West: Latin America is part of the Western World.[View]
105881791What are Chads like in your country?[View]
105878412NEETs of /int/ -- what's your average day like?[View]
105881690>yfw you put a birdsnest inside of your mailbox and the mailman comnes and gets a bunch of birds …[View]
105869195/cum/ + friends: Tell all the people that you see Follow me Follow me down Tell all the people th…[View]
105877273/ita/ - IL FILO: Edizione pazuzu[View]
105879489What's the most useful european language to learn as an english speaker? My first thought was …[View]
105880084Does your country have SJWs? In Canada it's impossible to avoid these people in big cities.[View]
105881197Is it cool to be an expat? I’m from NYC and wanna move to Melbourne as soon as I’m done with college[View]
105880644>MFW we really DO do that[View]
105881083shit gotta go to bed now goodnight /int/ (but not the americans)[View]
105879975>European 'cuisine'[View]
105878515mexican appreciation thread: say something nice about mexicans[View]
105881524>wtf are you doing ??? you can't just attack midway !!!!!![View]
105880153I wish i could move to a third world cunt to have a comfy and easy life[View]
105881232This board is absolute shit.[View]
105881545Could i pass for a local in northern Mexico? (Looks exactly like me)[View]
105881407Hey, America! Get dabbed on![View]
105879188was he based and redpilled?[View]
105881196What language should I learn? I’ve narrowed it down to 4, not sure where to go from there. 1. French…[View]
105881424I think Brown people SUCK![View]
105881416Where are you spending your Victoria Day /int/? >be me >sitting in back yard >low fire at f…[View]
105881115>I'm a tourist in your town >You don't know me, I don't know anyone >I offer…[View]
105864789/polska/: edycja papieska[View]
105879204Ummm guys we are winning right?? This is worrying.[View]
105879122Why is finnish youtube scene so much better than any other country? While other countties have those…[View]
105878807Do you love Farmer Europe?[View]
105878427spreadable /brit/ on toast[View]
105881163>mfw i remember my alt right magatard phase and trying to 'redpill' my family members So glad i g…[View]
105876568Would you date an American girl?[View]
105879348What would your family say if you brought home a Colombian gf?[View]
105881214Does your workplace make you dance and do company chants? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpPUUWp5sO…[View]
105880550ITT: images that make you think[View]
105855145/balt/: Vittu-edition[View]
105880855>What? yes, i do like anime rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCX95qGMsq0 i think it sounds gre…[View]
105880009Why do I feel like I want to physically asault these guys and kill them with my bare hands? Is this …[View]
105880866Here is a local social group in Texas. Does it match your expectations of the United States?[View]
105879748no Greta, no fun[View]
105878820>Yes of course I believe that the Malvinas should be returned to their rightful owners Argentina,…[View]
105878669>Europoors only get paid once a month[View]
105878816Male homosexuality may be the most valorous of attempts to evade the femme fatale and to defeat natu…[View]
105880661>hello Mr. Anon, we are sorry to inform you that we have decided to hire someone else. We wish yo…[View]
105880338A black person sat next to me on the train today so I asked him to please stop committing white geno…[View]
105879488where I can find cucks that can let me fuck their girl?[View]
105879870>Why yes I side with israel, how could you tell?[View]
105880689Wolves? I'm not scared of them. They're no different from large dogs and I beat mine every…[View]
105880569I summon you, indians. Mexico and India are almost the same country, we could be brothers[View]
105880515Are all Australian Necks this long? https://www.news.com.au/national/crime/i-thought-she-was-going-t…[View]
105876875Isn't this technology amazing?[View]
105878829What is the best country to be a virgin in?[View]
105880434I want me some Cincinnati chili[View]
105877432>american documentary >rock music and roaring sound effects start playing…[View]
105880562daily reminder that 5 million more venezuelans will flee before 2020 unless maduro is removed.[View]
105832779Culture Pals /cp/: Average /cp/ poster edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the …[View]
105879785what are outcast teenagers like in your country[View]
105875329This is an average American couple. What do average couple look like in your cunt?[View]
105880459Why yes, I am a creepy incel...how could you tell?[View]
105880456Seed your Sneed from side to side Come on it’s time to do do the Sneedio Fe fe fe fe feed fe fe feed…[View]
105880437What is your country's recipe for cabbage salad?[View]
105879331let's try to become Japs by saying 'desu' enough times[View]
105880404>No finnic Dna >White Pick one kids[View]
105875454Do Canadians and Americans need passports to visit each other's countries? Seems like a bit of …[View]
105879543what are you're views on anti-depressants? are they normal in your cunt?[View]
105880300It burns when I pee. I only had sex two times this year. It was oral sex for sure.[View]
105877284>America still teaches Creationism YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP[View]
105879079> why yes I love to use an aneros to massage my prostate and hands free orgasms > it feels 10…[View]
105880243damn: so this is what it's like to be a high school chad in the US[View]
105879116Why dont you dry fish?[View]
105879701Reminder: If you're not some poor loser, the USA has the best healthcare system.[View]
105879343>be amerishart >able to buy rifle at 18 >cant buy beer until 21…[View]
105871395What are the sexiest accents in your country?[View]
105880099Has this ever been done?: Has a country ever used a tiered set of benefits for its workers? For exam…[View]
105879986Why does French sound like someone getting their dick sucked?[View]
105879879How do we fix bongs?[View]
105862257/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Cleante Eastewoode[View]
105875406What phone do you have? samsung s10[View]
105879808What happens if you get shoot/shoot others in america?[View]
105877722>lebanese people aren't whit-[View]
105878692It's only going to get worse.[View]
105877028What does his expression convey and what is he watching?[View]
105878767Brazil is a dystopia.[View]
105879368>social credit score[View]
105879251>china bad!!![View]
105878300What do you guys think of erDOGan?[View]
1058792181. Your country 2. Do you wish you were a different race? American here, of English descent. I wish …[View]
105879304Would these gentlemen pass as locals in your country?[View]
105879078being a macho is considered bad in your country?: >flag no, but it will be soon or later, after t…[View]
105872532What's her name, /int/?[View]
105878727ITT: We sing the Star-Spangled Banner: O SAY[View]
105876318/int/craft is a Minecraft server populated by the fine folk at /int/, the international board of 4ch…[View]
105878442Average american man[View]
105878290>Why yes, I AM going to commit suicide.[View]
105870529wtf americans are heartless[View]
105878886Dardania was an illyrian utopia, populated by 2m tall, blonde, racially pure illyro-albanians, who w…[View]
105878408Appreciate these moments in your life. You will be nostalgic for them in a few years no matter how y…[View]
105877378What do you think of Irish travellers?[View]
105877664What were they thinking?[View]
105835552/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: The European Union edition[View]
105878834What is wrong with americans https://youtu.be/UKSBAj1wtW8[View]
105878672Mexican thread[View]
105878694What's your nearest passenger airport, /int/? How busy is it? Mine is Eugene (EUG), Oregon. It …[View]
105869073How do you call this in your country?[View]
105867138how are you preparing for the african century? have you invested in africa yet?[View]
105878409>Go to the US >mfw they actually do it[View]
105874797What was that mischievous deed you loved doing in your youth? One of my favorites was blowing up toi…[View]
105875909cunt claim your /got/ region >Italy >the fingers…[View]
105878604fredo santana is pretty goodlooking for a nigga i wonder how many white girl he has had sex with[View]
105878285>Rastsvetali iabloni i grushi, >Poplyli tumany nad rekoj. >Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, …[View]
105877724Do you guys have sex very often?[View]
105872537Would you leave your city to live in a village if you able to do that?[View]
105877031Nostalgia thread: Its time to open up your /int/ folder and post the oldest pic's.[View]
105878017Why did you spics have to ruin California like everything else you touch? It used to be such a beaut…[View]
105877547>Poles in UK don't assimi-[View]
105874864/brit/: Edition: Sara[View]
105877777this is the average amerimutt phenotype thoughts?[View]
105878377I truly wish this album were adopted into film[View]
105875179/virginfreak/ general: I'm tired of being an incel loser https://youtu.be/hnpILIIo9ek[View]
105877413>Almost all the most successful societies on earth have been, and still are monarchies How do rep…[View]
105876527Is this what the average Swedish female looks like? How the fuck do I get a Swedish gf?[View]
105878088After 12 years American public school.[View]
105876517/ck/ is very slow so you guys are gonna watch me make hoe cakes[View]
105873478So i watched this webm Do americans really put their shoes on their beds?[View]
105873567Where will you go when everything turns to shit? http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/jared-diamon…[View]
105878117I amstay very postive upset!////: I lke finald how aout u?[View]
105875619>You punched a woman, you coward![View]
105876267Onward, comrades. At this rate, we'll be in Berlin in no time. URRRRRRRAAAAAAA[View]
105877982Do you guys think that an union between Turkey and Azerbaijan is possible? Why/ Why not?[View]
105878136If ist possibly to arange knife fights here? Im the best what comes to handling knife. Anyone intere…[View]
105878034TICK TOCK MOM[View]
105877420grrrr Im angry![View]
105875038Post your favorite song from the country of the poster above. Hard mode: No Eurovision[View]
105877932>Aussies are always asleep when I'm on Feels bad man.[View]
105877075My father is a spic who crossed the border illegal and my mother is an autistic G*rman who moved to …[View]
105876413>your cunt >post a song that evokes nationalist pride https://youtu.be/p5mmFPyDK_8…[View]
105876948Why do all of you hate us so much?: This meme has ruined this board for Americans. Every single post…[View]
105877666Why do americans smell like fucking shit?[View]
105877675Extra garlic. Make sure there's a lot.[View]
105877731Who here /Toronto/? Which part of the 6ix do you belong to?[View]
105876575It's amazing how one is a dreamland and the other is a soulless shithole...[View]
105868265Do people in your country get excited every time they visit a supermarket? for some people on earth …[View]
105874622Why are Japanese women obese?[View]
105877710The dutch[View]
105877419Game of thrones? What is that?[View]
105877477You are my brothers. You were always with me. I love you guys.[View]
105875807Why isn't Chad part of the Arab league?[View]
105877385I have brown hair and brown eyes. Should I just racemix with a latina? If I married a blonde woman m…[View]
105877138Joke contest: Let's Make some joke about America[View]
105873934What's wrong with racemixing?: What do you have against racemixing? Honestly, I'm of Nordi…[View]
105875635Why do Americans do this?[View]
105867250/danmarktråden/: dejligt-udgaven[View]
105866750/v4/+friends: old edition[View]
105876554We are brothers[View]
105869104/ita/ - IL FILO: Edizione busona[View]
105876999Why do Indians try so hard to larp as >140 iq geniuses when in reality they're incompetent a…[View]
105877303>Why yes, I'm Paulista, how could you tell?[View]
105877439Do you know anyone that has patents, or patent-equivalents? My uncle was the co-inventor of an earl…[View]
105877387Give me libetry or give me death.[View]
105867783Survey reveals shocking attitudes in the Norwegian population. We have a lot of work ahead of us bef…[View]
105877155>why yes? I have a huawei phone, fuck america[View]
105877048I've just got an idea anons >become a Youtuber >walk around the city approaching kids and…[View]
105877255Memeri-tv: post memri grabs[View]
105863652What the FUCK is wrong with bong kids? Tens of thousands of dollars in damage, and these poor elderl…[View]
105860269/Norgetråden/: NIGGER GO HOME - utgaven forrige: >>105838391[View]
105872118Why americans like to rape so much, didn't their families told them rape is a bad thing?[View]
105876728Why is /int/ the best board on 4chan?[View]
105876658How do we stop pedophobia on this board /int/[View]
1058751431. Your country 2. Is banter a thing in your country's culture? 1. America 2. Yes, but some peo…[View]
105877125I watched movie about Colonia Dignidad. Did Ex-Nazi's colony like Colonia Dignidad exist in oth…[View]
105876260Its time to sleep[View]
105867508kurva anyátok[View]
105876943My favorite posters are: 1 Everybody in the world!!!! you're all my super cool bros!!!!!!![View]
105876927/abstimmung/ dann wieder /deutsch/: NEUE RUNDE UM DEN SIEGER ZU DETERMINIEREN https://www.strawpoll.…[View]
105875726ITT morally correct corruption My father wrorked as government veterinary physician during the late…[View]
105872429/nachtshicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Nicht vergessen abzustimmen https://www.strawpoll.me/18025917…[View]
105876438>tfw no asian bf[View]
105855818/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105851657/éire/: Eagrán Díomá[View]
105874841do you guys know any other cool forum or imageboard?[View]
105876699>Oi Alja, Aljo >Why do you need food >How many ramadans do you think you'll have What …[View]
105873702I love America. Say something good about them.[View]
105873899You may only post ITT if you live in your nation's capital[View]
105876328should i report the local whores for racism if their online advertisements say that they don't …[View]
105870957Sweden (yes) folk are required itt: Some anon has posted these pics on the Яussian /pol board and sa…[View]
105868179/fr/ - le fil français: édition des racines helléno-latines[View]
105876532>hey let's move here where massive tornados rip through every year without fail and destroy …[View]
105874828/brit/: Me: Rorke You: Dinner edition[View]
105875692I'm fucking a texan lady with this type of body and I must let you guys know I apologize to all…[View]
105859466Chilean Girls: Why are Chileans so unpopular? Let us in your sekrit club already. I've had a re…[View]
105875387Everyday a new 'what the fuck is wrong with americans?': And today I present you an example of the a…[View]
105876225Wtf, why so many hate treds about America?[View]
105875407What's their fucking problem? Why can't they pratice normal, sane, secular Islam and Arab …[View]
105876080America: The country that you hate as you know it. Everyones hate you amerimutts.[View]
105876099>And the reason is clear >It's because you are here >You're the nearest thing to …[View]
105875291>why yes i have developed a prolapse thanks to my 40 cm bad dragon dildo, what gave it away?…[View]
105874255Just stop posting. Nobody likes either of you.[View]
105874670My favorite porn actress? Cherokee D'ass.[View]
105868994>create an empire to compete in the spice trade >end up not using any spices on their food…[View]
105874879>NOOO! You must propagate and not let the white race die out!!! GET CHILDREN!!!…[View]
105875809>'I'm american and my opinion is *brrrraaaaap* I'm american and bla bla bla *sharts in …[View]
105867555What are Vietnamese girls like?[View]
105874993Really makes you think.[View]
105865091My gf wants us to move to Norway (bergen). She doesn't realise that the white people hate us..[View]
105875802>Mom, don't be sad. Grandpa's in heaven now, right?[View]
105874853There's a joke we have here ridiculing all the hidden faggotry in Middle East >guy enters th…[View]
105875810>Why yes, I do suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. How did you know?…[View]
105875776Can a fin translate this caption?: Ajattelin vaan ilmoittaa lopuillekkin että musta tuli blondi ja v…[View]
105868930We do not want this shithole. Just get ruled by master Danes.[View]
105874479>new worlders making fun of america you're all scum of the earth.[View]
105875123>Make high quality post >Get completely ignored and called an Ape And you people wonder how wh…[View]
105875490>I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for the dutch painters of the northern ren…[View]
105874407Why are black girls so beautiful for fucks sake... no black goddesses here.[View]
105873186Do americans look like this?[View]
105875427>focus on your own country before criticizing our culture, didn't you know my ancestors from…[View]
105874315do americans do this in your country?[View]
105873297Virgin Spanish king vs Chad German prince[View]
105870477Brit lads.. How does this old norwegian folk song about the battle of Stamford Bridge make you feel?…[View]
105872970ITT: Shitholes that need to get nuked[View]
105875386>Why yes, I do have sexual intercourse with big booty black women on the reg, how could you tell?…[View]
105873959A FREE WORLD: >why? >yes, of course the drug cartels get their money by selling drugs to dumb…[View]
105869978Why are p**r 'people' even allowed to live? They are prone to commit crimes, have low iq, can be fo…[View]
105868157why cant murrishits tell the differences between us and spaniards from spain?[View]
105874986>white incels Impossible, you could get just about any Indian/Iranian woman >black incels Im…[View]
105871853>why yes it is my birthday and yet my girlfriend hasn't called during the entire day how cou…[View]
105872373Does this really happen in America?[View]
105874447ITT We only say nice things about the USA[View]
105874232>Come into men's bathroom >Woman with purse at sink >Group of girls come into bathroom…[View]
105874130why is toronto so soulless compared to other american cities like philly and nyc?[View]
105864513Map thread Map thread[View]
105873044>Type mexican american couple in google images, most pictures are brown mexican women with blonde…[View]
105874480>brazilian guy moves to a western country >turns into a metrosexual who uses various skin beau…[View]
105872034>ur cunt >do u have faith[View]
105874095/sino/ china general: Invited Hong Kong /hk/ Taiwan /tw/ Moocow and Singapore /sg/ and /incel/…[View]
105874392How do i become greek?[View]
105870977Hmm, my little brother maybe trying to kill entire family and after what committ suicide. What i sup…[View]
105873123Regarding AI Rogans and deep fakes: >>>/bant/8058227 We are now living in a time where you …[View]
105872071Why are Europeans so racist?[View]
105873924Thoughts on Brazil?[View]
105874236Yes, im brazilian how could you tell?[View]
105872900He was a boy She was a girl Can I make it any more obvious? He was a punk She did ballet What more c…[View]
105874165Classify him[View]
105874200>tfw there is a timeline where estruscans still exist >tfw I don't exist in that timeline…[View]
105869487/brit/: Edition: on-topic[View]
105873437>why yes, I did relapse and have a cigarette after promising myself I would quit for the 7th time…[View]
105873546Texas should leave the union[View]
105874019Miss Natural 2019: Who's your favorite Miss Natural 2019? A gallery of 21 women to choose from.…[View]
105865627What do you think about israel and the jews, int?[View]
105871511For me there is nothing left if we took out tacos from this shithpool.. Nuke already.[View]
105870897Sverigetråden - bögar är vidriga: fyfan[View]
105873923Do Europeans dislike Germany? Why did they get 0 points in Eurovision?[View]
105870150Why don't they just end the cartels and become a nice country?[View]
105867070Would you rather be black or mexican? id rather be black desu[View]
105873092Dear Russian Janny. We, the community of /int/, are sick and tired of your relentless censorship. I…[View]
105873840>The free world[View]
105869497/brit/: There wasn't one in the catalog so here's a new edition![View]
105873545>Why yes, I have a massively receded chin and underdeveloped jaw, is it so apparent?…[View]
105870907I just heard my grandfather from mother side were Jewish. Doesnt that make me jew?[View]
105866027Ireland will rule the world, that is if muslims quit fucking our women[View]
105872841America is the shittiest county in the world[View]
105871712Why do they make Jews seethe so much?[View]
1058703231-3 Reasons Why: One to three reasons why no one should move to your cunt.[View]
105873213ITT: Oddest names from people you met/saw on tv[View]
105871112I ate too many tacos.[View]
105867066I'm white but my gf is Mexican. How does this make you feel?[View]
105873429Please. Come together this hate is sad to witness. Both have lovely people and not so lovely like WE…[View]
105872449>Layla, you've got me on my knees. >Layla, I'm begging, darling please.…[View]
105868956Is it common to cheat on exams in your cunt?[View]
105873000Step aside everyone, this is what a real axis powers looks like[View]
105872801>Milkshake? My weapon of choice against Bongs, of course.[View]
105872414God, I hate this place so much. It's full of fags and Mexicans. Nuke it please.[View]
105873065its THAT time of year again..[View]
105869534I want to move to Brazil[View]
105871427would you rather be a congolombian or a mexican?[View]
105872359>we're gonna go to the moon again before foreigners even reach it once…[View]
105871140Russia isn't communist any more. Why do Russians still have the communist attitude of nihilism?…[View]
105867277/fr/ - le francofil: Édition meilleur joueur (ancien fil : >>105839472 )[View]
105872950who would win?[View]
105872963>Tamir owned a bar on Carlebach Street in Tel Aviv – he brought the popular Kleiner Feigling fig …[View]
105870447>Why yes, I did spend all my day on 4chan doing nothing again >How could you tell?…[View]
105871624OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >population: 130 million[View]
105872322*buuuuuuurp* *giggles* excuse me I just had a sandwhich from subway. Subway is pretty based why is …[View]
105860371WTF FRANCE?: >“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person…[View]
105870839I know it's over, but I just got unbanned, so shush. This was the first year I ever recognized …[View]
105852483Thoughts on British men?[View]
105869879/deutsch/: Ausgabe für Leute mit normalem & gesundem Sexleben[View]
105865974Religion is an important institution. A nation without religion cannot survive. Yet it is also very …[View]
105872535Northern United States are a genuinely great country to border.[View]
105866580How does one dates a Nordic girl ?: What do you need to do to date one?[View]
105869840/mode/ - früher /deutsch/: Ausgabe für gut gekleidete Gönner[View]
105872348>Cheese Invented by Arabian Europeans are proud of this.[View]
105870721>why yes, I’m still a virgen[View]
105869555Why are they like this?[View]
105872214>I got my red dress on tonight >Dancin' in the dark in the pale moonlight…[View]
105868170What phenotype is this?[View]
105872190Is your country sexist? >america >yes[View]
105857528>Russians actually went and banned this movie why the butthurt? I thought it was pretty good and …[View]
105872157Stay positive: Hey super awesome bros!! Can someone explain the whole amerimutt thing to me??? I hop…[View]
105871445Yes, I use open back headphones on public transport, so everyone can listen to BTS with me[View]
105870754Rate my shoes, /int/.[View]
105867625This is an average American phenotype, thoughts?[View]
105871784Could the average person in your country tell who he is?[View]
105871958Why do: >Americans >Southern Europeans >Latin Americans Think they're white?…[View]
105871494When is Tupac releasing his Serbian rap?[View]
105871998>invaded us three times[View]
105871532>1st year of high school >be fat and ugly, your average anime watcher, I never cared about gir…[View]
105864908Anyone else hate Germoids?[View]
105870510Are all Nigerians based? My sister is dating a Nigerian guy and he's super down to Earth and pl…[View]
105867644Latin America: Subregions of Latin America. Best: blue Ok: green, yellow Bad: orange, red Hell: purp…[View]
105871646Stay positive!: What’s up my super cool eurobros? How’s your day been!!! I love all you eurobros!!!…[View]
105869986Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
105869780What race is this?[View]
105867033Describe the best, and the worst traits of your nation /int/.[View]
105870388>i abhor footcucks. footcucks are the worst[View]
105870261What’s this phenotype called?[View]
1058706441.) Your country 2.) What is the difference between these two republics? 1.) Canada 2.) One of them…[View]
105867370Do americans really do this?[View]
105871142why won't she talk[View]
105866945EU is great.[View]
105870547usa on the right, mexico on the left[View]
105869509ITT: /int/ in 2050[View]
105870933Why do South Asian Muslims love China so much?[View]
105868667ITT: glorious leaders' best pics I start USofA[View]
105870192Say something nice about the UK![View]
105870713why do mexicans hate americans of mexican origin bur worship white americams as their gods?[View]
105867705Happy birthday Don![View]
105870709when has /int/ become a giga-bull worshipping board[View]
105870063What is he saying?[View]
105870579/brit/: Goosebumps Edition[View]
105870163>why yes, I'm an anarcho-capitalist, how did you know?[View]
105868279Warden of the Norf[View]
105844927/balk/: Anti-Croat edition >>105821853[View]
105869133There should come a time... when Canada is booted out of G7 and Australia takes their place[View]
105870023Germans of int: How common is the Phalian type in your country?[View]
105869925Janny: Why does he get so mad?[View]
105869025Post Vivi[View]
105870217Apparently this is romantic in Nigeria https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xNM-L5zZQto[View]
105869384>parents still think i go Uni Yeah....[View]
105868245If Turks and Greeks are the same people then how come Natashas go to Turkey for sex tourism? Is it m…[View]
105839992/tr/: duygubie edişon[View]
105853778How do you call this in your country?[View]
105869998>no, I will not hesitate to shoot the taxman if he comes to my door. Taxation is theft, after all…[View]
105869544You may only post ITT if trains in your city are longer than 1000 feet (300 meters) >Allowed: New…[View]
105869130/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Ci vediamo in paradiso mamma[View]
105868061Why is the World becoming so heartless?[View]
105869661>Well of course I'm Swedish. What makes you ask that?[View]
105868644Yeah I beat my dog[View]
105866565>country >do you wear pyjamas? is it common to wear pyjamas in your country? Dominican here. I…[View]
105868841What problems does have albania?[View]
105869415>why yes, it was indeed me who threw that arab kid into the wood chipper. How did you know?…[View]
105866696BE HONEST If Europe magically turns in a continent with only native europeans It would be strange, w…[View]
105868052>Yeah, Kill 'em[View]
105865222Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
105858380/ita/ - IL FILO: Edizione non tutti gli eroi portano un mantello[View]
105866040/brit/: Edition: peng ting[View]
105869008everyone please be on your best behaviour the New Zealand government is monitoring 4chan and i need …[View]
105869209>why yes I do shoot feral cats that wander near my town, they're harmful pests after all…[View]
105866036/böhmermann/ ehemals /deutsch/: Ausgabe für Böhmis[View]
105866057Seeing how obnoxiously many pictures of women are being posted on here along with frequent outbursts…[View]
105869101is Duolingo down for anyone else?[View]
105843623/cum/ - 加拿大,美國,墨西哥: Funny faces on the GFs toes (me on the left) edition[View]
105869224Do the tourists in your country to engage with the locals? how do they behave?[View]
105850752Really makes you think huh? You have 10 seconds to explain this Britain[View]
105869038I want to get rid of the disgusting wh*te skin I had the misfortune to be born with. I want to do wh…[View]
105867971Why was the Chicano aesthetic so based in past decades, but looks so trash and repugnant right now?[View]
105862019Give me one reason why we shouldn't tax the rich[View]
105861468SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE /INT/![View]
105861452What ethnicity has the cutest noses?[View]
105868806Do americans really do this?[View]
105867371What's something weird Americans do?[View]
105864517Question to /int/ellectuals: So, I just saw a news story about a Haitian girl who died in the hospit…[View]
105868863I legitimately hate living in this BRS but I need to live here 2 more years until I finish my degree…[View]
105868768is it common to have a psychiatric disorder in your cunt? denmark : yes[View]
105862251Is this the ideal map of Poland?[View]
105867331These two are the main antagonists of /int/ change my mind[View]
105867698We make fun of Americans and add one word to the insult at a time. I'll start >Americans…[View]
105851418Anyone here insults America and i'll actually kill your family[View]
105866629what is a reasonable time that i should be able to run 5km in?[View]
105867917Is it bad that I, a white dude, want to be a Latina so I could have nice brown skin, feel my tits, a…[View]
105866906>have sex[View]
105865544Whenever I need (You)s I just go to /pol/ and bait them with stupid sjw bullshit[View]
105868500oh, look. It's another thread badmouthing a select group of mutts. I wonder which pure white fl…[View]
105867952>your cunt >how often do you see iraqis irl?…[View]
105854343Taiwan is a part of China[View]
105866437I speak English perfectly. I am a white man in a yellow body.[View]
105868286Gorbachev: How is he still alive? I expected some angry Russian to kill him by now[View]
105867653China will grow larger.[View]
105855654Based or cringe?[View]
105864461>Be Chinese >Wake up at 4am >Go to work >Eat a few peanuts on the subway >Credit scor…[View]
105865688Why are German women love nonwhite men?[View]
105866599pornstarsthat could be a local in your cunt(bonus points for specific area) women like pic related a…[View]
105859097Sup /int/ im tired of this shithole, i want to emigrate, im between canada and the uk, what do you g…[View]
105867858What's the richest person of your country like? pic related >Owner of Inditex fashion group …[View]
105866073>eating chips, cheese cream and cola all day? yea, that's my workout plan…[View]
105867736Pajeets are actually bro-tier: Mongoloids make several 100k+ subreddits from which they constantly s…[View]
105867672Article 13: Have heard that Poland and Sweden don't have to deal with article 13. Do you know a…[View]
105863961I live in a slum five minutes away from a rich area. w-wat do?[View]
105839472/fr/ - francofolie: Édition RIP doux prince fil précédent: >>105822414[View]
105867245>why yes, I abstain from porn, I do nofap, and I am saving myself for marriage. How did you know?…[View]
105867301I am always irritated and agressive to my family because of my anxiety and now they hate me[View]
105867159>My favourite boards? /int/, /his/, /tv/ and /lit/ of course.[View]
105862842What do they think of each other?[View]
105864113there's nothing relevant made in europe after WWII. >muh shitty anglo and continental philos…[View]
105867203Hmm, this coffee is cold. No worries, I'll just heat it back up in the microwave![View]
105867238Slavs in denial.[View]
105865055>I'm fucking retarded and require a state employed tard wrangler to wipe my ass…[View]
105856543Greenland: So what happens in Greenland ? I know it is governed by Denmark but it's almost neve…[View]
105849524/asean/: Kotori Fried Chicken edisi[View]
105861455>some of the most beautiful and celebrated women are Anglos. But /int/ told me Anglo women are ug…[View]
105865783Andean-Mesoamerican Thread: Post here if you are from the andes or mesoamerica or if you have ancest…[View]
105867227Brazil? More like BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPzil[View]
105866835>Yes, i always vote for eurosceptic parties[View]
105867172>USA? russia? Iran?, sorry bro i only support greater china[View]
105867032Tommorow is day off from work and I am here listening German marching songs from WW1 and calm breeze…[View]
105861063http://fakejoerogan.com/ try to differentiate between the real voice vs AI generated voice and post …[View]
105868651/brit/: 'the bile and the racism he spouts out in this country is far more damaging than a bit of mi…[View]
105865849What does the average couple look like in your cunt?[View]
105862401What do I gain by learning Portuguese?: I've been trying to learn Portuguese the past week and …[View]
105864221Black American here. Would I be welcome in your country?[View]
105867126Anybody else feel like the internet has drastically sped up the change of culture?[View]
105864855I love the janny. While other boards ban certain memes and are strict on off-topic threads, here we …[View]
105865481There's a dumb british using a Mexican proxy insulting fellow latinamericans, kissing european …[View]
105866571>Me? Of course I hate gays. But not because they're gay but because they've ruined the …[View]
105866537/v4/: fuck retards edition[View]
105866954Honhonhoon, je suis le Madame le Pompadeur...: >claims an independence victory against UK >nee…[View]
105866421Mom? Are you sure the other boys won't notice I'm wearing pullups?[View]
105866412>look bro, some chinese tourists, let's throw bricks at them and assault them with the baseb…[View]
105866504Who's the most famous Italian in your country?[View]
105860878what race is the more disgusting male race to western women? pajeets or asians or blacks?[View]
105865408gene pool ruined http://www.bilibili.com/video/av40418999?share_medium=android&share_source=cop…[View]
105866600https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/19/us/morehouse-robert-smith-student-loans-trnd/index.html Why could…[View]
105866319what dog breeds has your cunt invented? Pic rel is the scanian farm dog from southern '''sweden'''[View]
105863062Look! Stray puppies! Let's throw rocks and beer bottles at them.[View]
105864887How do we fix Cyprus?: The UN ceasefire has collasped before it's bound to happen again.[View]
105842158/v4/: Kyiv edition[View]
105866347>You are pro life yet you support the death penalty? Bro, you sure you aren't retarded?…[View]
105863374How can Iran even compete? https://armedforces.eu/compare/country_USA_vs_Iran[View]
105866479>got sidetracked and accidentally spent all last night researching the war again It's not fa…[View]
105865901God I wish that were me.[View]
105864464Brazilians look like THAT?[View]
105865863China vs US: 'Tactical assessment: Red Chinese victory—impossible.'[View]
105862459>English-speaking, decent internet, European, one of the richest countries in the world >Prese…[View]
105866147>I suffer in my first world country[View]
105841856/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ma gandesc la ea edition Azi e luni.[View]
105864105some buddhist monk told me I didnt have a past life because I was the former gatekeeper to hell so n…[View]
105866214>Yeah bro, Latin is the best music in the world.[View]
105864850Is it true that Americans are so rich they can afford to go on vacation to Jamaica?[View]
105864957tfw I'm a balding 27 year old wagecuck and spend my free weeks travelling to east asia to meet …[View]
105865835Why are hispanics richer than black people in the US?[View]
105865736saw today two Russian military guys in street, said 'zdrasvote' to them and kept walking. feels good[View]
105842149kurva anyátok[View]
105859531Why do french ppl do this?[View]
105865617The ABSOLUTE state of Norwegian royalty[View]
105865571>Abortion? Can't say I'm a fan.[View]
105857077>this perplexes and scares the am*rican[View]
105864815What do they think of each other[View]
105865486How much can you open your eyes without using your fingers?[View]
105860497/deutsch/ ehemals /neu/ heute /bourgeoise/: Royalisten-Ausgabe. Bild relatierend: Es ist der Simmeri…[View]
105860757Latin Union: Should all Latin countries unite to fight against Anglicization of our languages?…[View]
105864357WTF Brazil: >In late December 2011, Antônio Lisboa Filho, age 28, discovered that his ten-and-a-h…[View]
105862359Post hot dogs from your country. Pic related is a shuko: >sausage, ham, sauerkraut, guacamole, ma…[View]
105865158Dardania was an illyrian utopia, populated by 2m tall, blonde, racially pure illyro-albanians, who w…[View]
105865451Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creepin' with the girl next door: How could I forget…[View]
105861368Damn imagine[View]
105864253It’s so hard being an incel nowadays.[View]
105865385Did you know that ugly goblina ''''Virgin'''' model from Azerbaijan sold her virginity for 400 mill…[View]
105862267What makes them so butthurt all the time? The Soviet Union was a thousand years ago and they are sti…[View]
105865258Y'all ready for the French Century?[View]
105856559fellow autists post your flag tier results: https://tiermaker.com/create/flags-of-the-world-48387…[View]
105862482How do Indians do it? What is their secret?[View]
105861354Teenager attacked in the Netherlands WTF is going on down there? https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kto…[View]
105860301Mickey Mouse enters the public domain in 2024. Will your country start using him in movies and merch…[View]
105862597Why does Swedish look like misspelled German?[View]
105864155Im so glad to not be white[View]
105860929Do you wanna find love in Russia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Qqa_FeMyA[View]
105860770If you would enslave all Americans: >there are 7.4 billion people on the planet and 330 million A…[View]
105862704What are Asian-American women like compared to regular Asian women?[View]
105796728/danmarktråden/: nej udgaven[View]
105861523Is it true that France is essentially a third world country that’s getting economically subsidized b…[View]
105864411>what's that? I can't have Danzig? yeah, I bet I can't have Warsaw either…[View]
105860028What is the state of multiculturalism in central Asia? Especially Kazakhstan? Is Aya safe from the u…[View]
105859930/nederdraad/: https://www.bitchute.com/video/J2mc8cH0TX79/[View]
105847144why do you hate China?[View]
105863324me in the middle[View]
105864083I thank the Swedes for Ikea/Meatballs/Pic related Which cunt are you thankful for the things you lik…[View]
105862663>tfw you realize there are actual chink paid shills on this board SEETHING because their spyware …[View]
105862947Loving /int/ is a loser's game[View]
105855656/polska/: edycja chlopak + dziewczyna[View]
105855374/fr/: voulez vouz cacher avec moi[View]
105859973Sverigetråden - LÄGG UT-upplagan[View]
105863387Americans should have all our chinese. Canada should have all America's koreans. its only fair…[View]
105858795Why are French 'people' like this?[View]
105863323>cunny >Have your country ever got historically gangbanged? Irrelevant Turkey Yes…[View]
105862693Is there anything more fucked than being asian in the west and/or US (pajeet, chink, jap, east asian…[View]
105859545Romance: Spanish: Latin + Arabic Portuguese: Latin + Arabic French: Latin + Germanic languages Roman…[View]
105863850>you wake up in the Mexican city of Los Ángeles What do?[View]
105863867How do they do this?[View]
105858273Explain this shit right fucking now, Russia. I thought you were supposed to be based, why is this da…[View]
105863719Do you want to find love in the United States of America?[View]
105859207What's up with med looking phenotype in the British Isles?: Is it an old phenotype? People like…[View]
105863491Do you want to find love in the UK?[View]
105862793Could they pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
105861812How cool is Croatia?[View]
105835821/lat/ - hilo latino × hilo hispano /hisp/: Invitados especiales: Filipinas y Guinea Ecuatorial…[View]
105863483/lat/ - hilo latANO edicion argentina[View]
105860297>Why yes i support genocide of anglos and germans for all the atrocities they committed. What abo…[View]
105862384it's 22:44 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
105862634백인 껫잎 몰살 언재? 나의 황인종 형재들아 케나다는 이제 우리 인종 땅이다.[View]
105861905Tfw the West will become irrelevant by 2030 and Brazil will be the only thing that comes close to be…[View]
105863106Why are Ethiopian people so attractive?[View]
105858590Why is everyone so afraid of this small country Russia?[View]
105861561Create a motto for the country above you.[View]
105862245>why yes[View]
105861216Russia = pigdog USA = dogpig[View]
105861117How tough on immigration is your country?[View]
105851406Let's be honest here: Would you fuck Emma?[View]
105862740Hoo hoo hee hee ha ha: What country has the funniest comedian(s) ?[View]
105862823How would American women react to 193cm, 102kg (of muscles) brown hair, grey eyes Evroepan man?[View]
105862768>be a British boomer[View]
105854894>“Europe is a peace project. We have had 74 years of peace in Germany. You had a war in the 1990s…[View]
105862198Do you support Genocide of the Northwestern Cluster?: Yes, I do[View]
105862405Is English really the easiest language in Europe? How do Europeans feel when comparing their native …[View]
105859113/brit/: Return of the King Edition[View]
105862655>imagine thinking[View]
105858950Fucking russia has more moslems than europe!!! What is this? Moscow? Oh wait it cannot be.. What…[View]
105862392why this cunt can't stop the selfhating, why is it so difficult face reality, huh?[View]
105859853Based India shitting on brazil[View]
105851703How do Europe and Asia cope with not having Latinas?[View]
105856023i have a second cousin and my relationship with her is very abnormal[View]
105858995Guess ethnicity[View]
105858627This is an american of polish ancestry: that being said, do poles turn orange when tanning like scan…[View]
105858420>TFW all we have to so to send Xi and his insects into a meltdown is recognize Taiwan as a separa…[View]
105860487bruh moment[View]
105861644Why do Americans do this?[View]
105849529Post your favorite French person[View]
105862110Sex Education: Girls need to be taught how to give proper blowjobs in sex education, they need to kn…[View]
105860801Man kills 3yo daughter, taunts ex-wife: >Hi Blandine. I am very happy today. I supposed you'…[View]
105854075Daddy Sweden, why do we hate Denmark?[View]
105862027Need help from Korean or koreaboo: So I'm trying recover the titles from the deleted songs on m…[View]
105861083China-U.S Trade War: Which nation you think it can win? Which nation you wish to win? I wish China …[View]
105859220China on the verge of prohibiting rare earth mineral exports to USA: If you tought about buying that…[View]
105856477You awake in northern Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrHM6zKHBqw https://www.youtube.com…[View]
105857506wtf did new zealand mean by this?[View]
105844368/skandi/: Dagens /skandi/-nyheter: >Island mobbar israel med palestinaflagga. Baserat? >norsk …[View]
105860902>the Steve Jobs of Britain makes vacuum cleaners[View]
105858364Post you're cunt's tree map of exports >26% unclassified transactions Money laundering …[View]
105856933Chinks need to be stopped: Ok real talk, China is getting out of control, they live in a literal cyb…[View]
105860648Animals? They need to understand who's the master. Ence when my dog misbehave, I beat it. That …[View]
105858569>What yes i am brazilian what gave it away? diversity is our strenght[View]
105861140Why do they do this?[View]
105849725Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105825079 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
105859083I'm so fucking ashamed of my country....... PLEASE M00T JUST IP BAN FINLAND FOREVER WE DONT DES…[View]
105859322Life has no meaning if you aren't someone's papi.[View]
105861351print('canada is gay')[View]
105861233Prehistoric Wojak[View]
105860081>Yesterday, hundreds of undocumented migrants took control of Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle…[View]
105858478fuck this shithole[View]
105859700Prove to me, using non-testimonial evidence, that there is a Chinese government backdoor. Spoiler: …[View]
105858073https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9bellion_des_Patriotes Reminder that nothing but war will make a…[View]
105858623Being kid is when your favorite Austrian is Arnold and being grown up is when your favorite Austrian…[View]
105838391/norgetråden/: Sapmi-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>105793816[View]
105858246Imagine not having good public transit[View]
105860234I hate the 'French' state and Parisians for partaking in hundreds of years of cultural genocide agai…[View]
105853375WTF Japan is problematic! Ugh, I can't even[View]
105856068>you bring home a South American gf how does your family react?[View]
105859637He is right you know.[View]
105858842Trip to Greece: Going to Greece in June, what advice should I hear and what should I expect?[View]
105860603Free Palestine שחררו את פלסטין US-Israeli Collusion קנוניה אמריקאית-ישראלית Julian Assange ג'ול…[View]
105860375Why are there so many threads in the catalog about France right now?[View]
105856110This is the current president of Greece. Say something nice to him![View]
105860649okay, this is epic[View]
105857800>go to USA >Amerimemes actually do it You can't make this shit up…[View]
10585394616 year old Portuguese boy[View]
105860573/kaisertreu/, ehemals /deutsch/es Kaiserreich, nie wieder Weimar: rechtmäßige Hohenzollern Ausgabe…[View]
105860353What do swedish cops say when they catch a criminal? “I just busted a knut”[View]
105855984>lower temp than spain despite having no mountains[View]
10585887505/19/2019 marks the end of the short lived american empire. in the opening salvo america managed to…[View]
105857884Truly a higher people[View]
105846987Tell me about Japanese girls, what’s their endgame?[View]
105859160>racemixing is ba[View]
105860134>Why yes, I do support the idea of a final pogrom against the remaining br*ts in South Africa, wh…[View]
105855488haven't yet taken poo pill: must admit, white women look so beautiful, traditional and wife mat…[View]
105853133Do they really do this?[View]
105842593I dislike Iran, I hope we invade it and I will gladly join the army to destroy it.[View]
105855286Nobody even fucking knows my country[View]
105857588What phenotype is this?[View]
105858268Why do Russians do this?[View]
105850914/nederdraad/: het komt wel goed -editie[View]
105857255Toilets of /int/ time again. Not invited: India.[View]
105859678If William The Bastard had minded his own business French would be the most spoken language on Earth…[View]
105858197queen lana: 1. your country 2. your opinion on the latest Lana Del Rey song? Netherlands I like it a…[View]
105859495sorry, meds, scandinavia is the south now[View]
105856476/brit/: Edition: /brit/[View]
105859169Damn, just found out about the USS Maine. Why would the Spanish do this?[View]
105859446your country your favorite beer[View]
105859523>I never had much, ran with a bad bunch Little skinny kid sneakin' weed in my bag lunch And …[View]
105857612What is your frank opinion on Putin?[View]
105858482I will name my child Daenerys. Are there any people who've given this name to their girls in yo…[View]
105859074It would have been a better world if the Amerindians had killed the Spainiards and driven out all th…[View]
105857745>you can grow a beef patty out of a couple of cow cells >cars can drive themselves >there …[View]
105855100>tfw no Italian gf[View]
105857440Are there really German people named Helmut? Why?[View]
105859065https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xHzZRnilLA PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH :DDDDD[View]
105859064I moved from aus to vancouver cause I thought ey its a fuckin commonwealth country it couldn't …[View]
105856670Is Saudi Arabia a normal country now?[View]
105847850If you can't speak Deutsch, you're not living[View]
105846474>muh orange roof[View]
105857655What does this chart make you feel /int/?[View]
105858797Congratulations on second place![View]
105858675how do u get german anons banned on 4chan?[View]
105849044how can a people willingly and knowingly drive itself extinct? it boggles the mind[View]
105858513>Every day, every year around the globe, there is a transgender woman killed. This is unjustifiab…[View]
105857868Anyone else remember when Serbia tried to deport all the terrorists and illegal Albanian immigrants …[View]
105856904>Due to the Russian constitution, a person can run for president for an unlimited amount times, b…[View]
105858375You may only post ITT if your city has trains longer than 1000 feet (300 meters)[View]
105858472We may dread it, but this is humanity's endgame. The passion for the games, the violence, the f…[View]
105854757Central America vs Central Europe: What's better?[View]
105854429Non-Nordic inferiority complex thread: This thread is a support group for us - the non-Nordics of th…[View]
105857171There can be no man worse than the first-worlder. First-worlders promote pacifism while waging wars …[View]
105829463/ita/ - il filo: edizione memi epici[View]
105854071it's a weird feeling that Game of Thrones is over bros i spent last 8 years watching it and wai…[View]
105856994which party to vote?: I'm a spaniard with, Belgian nantionality because my mother, and I have t…[View]
105853190Sverigetråden - Städis fick psykbryt igen-upplagan[View]
105856396Was this bait or just your average American post?[View]
105853544Where is the border between Western and Eastern Europe?[View]
105858109ayooo you mad white boy?[View]
105858161I am going to study in Prague and want to stay there permenantly, i am ethnic Ukrainian do Czechs re…[View]
105856123I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization; their cultural values, false, dehumanizing model of …[View]
105855550Who is this man?[View]
105844445Yesterday i made the mistake of watching TV and got bombarded with really shit polical ads for tiny …[View]
105857016wh*toids be like blablabla[View]
105857059>of course I support China's social credit system, don't you?…[View]
105857497Do socially awkward, puberty-stunted nerds get bullied in high school and college by Chads in your c…[View]
105857630The more I learn about japanese the more it seems like an ayy lmao language. Clearly I can understan…[View]
105854941Germanons be like >'Guten Morgen, Mein Name ist Hans Ludwig-Jurgens von Kristallnacht'…[View]
105857310>cunt >are you invited to big stevie's party flag yes…[View]
105857380>''Yes, but...''[View]
105855467tfw refugee >western euros want me gone >eastern euros want to beat me >northern euros thin…[View]
105857435How come wh*tes don't bring their people up?[View]
105855727This is 5/10 completely average, normal girl you see everyday in streets in Brazil. Or Rio, at least…[View]
105856538why do americans do this?[View]
105857351If you ask a black person what language do they speak, what do they say?[View]
105857387NARENDRA MODI!![View]
105855806DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for anyone interested in the language, anime, manga, visual novels, …[View]
105857181can u guess the meaning of a kanji using their radicals?[View]
105854541U.S.A. VS China: Which will win in the end? Your opinion?[View]
105856036Why asians can't create anything original that isn't stealing ideas from the west? Do asia…[View]
105856940Why yes I have never visited another country. How did you know[View]
105856211>Herpes? Nah, doc. Those are just cold sores I get a couple of times a year. So what I kissed gir…[View]
105856903>invent teleporter >travel across Middle East & Africa >transport 10-20 million 'people…[View]
105854465your cunt, your lottery ticket[View]
105856732This is what every USA flag will look like in 20 years[View]
105856707The average Brit aging vs the average Italian aging[View]
105856561I reject cats being labelled a bakery products[View]
105847948/mämmi/: Stressitön painos[View]
105854742Tell me about Poland...[View]
105849878Is life really that good in these countries?[View]
105849090What game is most popular in world now?LOL?: I am Korean and in Korea usually people enjoy pubg, fif…[View]
105843138why do they love france so much?[View]
105856630Thoughts on the Cook Islands?[View]
105856573/eus/ - euskal haria:: Game of Thrones edizioa[View]
105855385This is 8/10 in USA.[View]
105853496/brit/: guess what im sucking lads edition[View]
105856447>2019 >religion still exists[View]
105856466Killed 20 million people around the world since 1950 with its wars and coups[View]
105856407Macedonia thread?[View]
105856321I thought brits weren't supposed to be funny: https://youtu.be/r6nrY0Ulsak[View]
105855938Mom found out I started drinking again.[View]
105856367aegh uaegh egh egh ogh uoegh r etard[View]
105856353Where can I hire an all female construction company? I would like to assassinate somebody.[View]
105856346Nando: Why do Brazilians put up with this know- it -all double digit IQ cunt.[View]
105856041Pick your khanum, Anon.[View]
105853549/brit/: Billionaire edition[View]
1058529441. you äre a cunt 2. WHITE, milk or dark chocolate sweden milk[View]
105854447>This man is my person We've been together a little over two years. I'm Jordanian and h…[View]
105853267god I was that were me..[View]
105853809Why do former Socialist countries have such long summer breaks?[View]
105855970You wake up in Nova Scotia[View]
105855962La niña modelo[View]
105855930I'm going to sleep /int/ Good night.[View]
105855883>I don’t agree with Trump’s policies.[View]
105848038>Yes, of course I am fully aware that the USA is attempting a foreign coup in Venezuela to overth…[View]
105855224What parties support refugee/asylum camps outside of Europe in your cunt? Pro: > would put a stop…[View]
105854598>tfw protestant Feels good to be an übermensch among utter subhumans here lads…[View]
105848542>Canadian steel is a national security threat >German cars are a national security threat >…[View]
105854995Why are the two gayest countries on earth literally right next to each other?[View]
105852101Please invest in eastern Québec.[View]
105855258What do you think is the most based democratic nation?[View]
105831623/polska/: Edycja zdechnięta[View]
105855627Do you want a Balkan or Spanish southron bf?[View]
105852428>North Korea >South Korea >Yankeelands >Dixie >Germany >Austria >Scotland >E…[View]
105855267Am I white?[View]
105847867Americans seem to be the most outspoken in their opinions of other countries. Why is that?[View]
105855480what do south koreans think about the Norks?[View]
105855470meanwhile in Malaysia[View]
105853509What do you call this in your cunt?[View]
105854568What's your Height-Length index?[View]
105853658Which of these alternate expression for 'Oh my god!' can i use without making myself look like a soy…[View]
105854324Do people in your cunt eat corn? Does your cunt have any corn based dishes[View]
105855334Post how you picture anons from a given coot >UK, with this exact face all the time…[View]
105854494>This video was made possible by Squarespace. Sign up and get 20% off your first purchase by foll…[View]
105855314Imagine being such a cucked shithole that you don't have your own currency[View]
105853479This is Kekkonen, the Stalin of Finland Say something nice about him[View]
105851587Do Americans really eat this?[View]
105854824/ex-yu/: Č č Ć ć DŽ dž Đ đ Š š Ž ž , . ! ?[View]
105855192if us nords really are so superior, how come the closest thing we have to southron colloseums are pi…[View]
105855140Once I start drinking, I can't stop![View]
105841811/fr/ - le francofil: édition juste /fr/[View]
105852572Finland is mere 500 kilometers from here. Imagine being so unlucky that you were literally born at t…[View]
105851171Japan won’t let me emigrate, Korea won’t let me emigrate, Singapore won’t let me emigrate, Hong Kong…[View]
105854718>Polish and Russian niggas be like[View]
105847847>I suffer in Scandinavia post introduction of potatoes and rice[View]
105854691>Yellow bananas, what are you gay whimp baby? >I like my bananas BLACK!…[View]
105843775Asian bros of /int/ I'm researching asian beauty standards for university How important are eye…[View]
105853467▲ ▲▲[View]
105854968Finnish Pizza. Notice the ham and pineapples.[View]
105854001*builds an artificial island right next to your country and annexes your exclusive economic zone* n…[View]
105851219I like trirracial women[View]
105853882I pay in blood for Hitler[View]
105854766>French niggas be like 'bonjour, je m'appelle Pierre-Marie Édouard de la Maison du Pain Perd…[View]
105853622How do we save them bros[View]
105853213Thank you, Finland[View]
105854851>Macao was portuguese and sounds like macaco, brazilians are macacos and were portuguese... COIN…[View]
105854827Magna Mundi: Anyone else giving this a try?[View]
105851220this is an aimless thread. you can ignore it. i'm just bored and decided to open a pointless th…[View]
105846182If you had to change your first name, what would you choose?[View]
105853925I know this is going to trigger some Hispanics on here but I don't care. Whenever I see Hispani…[View]
105850498İ want European women to rule the world[View]
105854495What would happen if 10 million Scandinavian men were relocated to Los Angeles, California?[View]
105853578this is what american landwhales believe they look like[View]
105835086ITT: '''countries''' you think should be nuked from orbit[View]
105853222Are there any modern day countries that have deep-seated multi-generational hatreds that will probab…[View]
105853442message to all muslim people: have sex[View]
105852153Which European country has the best pastries and desserts[View]
105853908Post your cunt's president[View]
105854021>breathtaking nature >unbelievably rich >the highest living standards in the world >not …[View]
105854064>vote for known con artist who has starred in his own shows which involve ripping people off >…[View]
105854371Did you know that French people are the most powerful race ?[View]
105851474/asean/: Vietnamese bvlls edition[View]
105854344Thoughts on the Cook Islands?, they depend of New Zealand for welfare but want whites out[View]
105853203'Well yes, I do sell Darknet Fentanyl mixed with Healing Clay to Heroin junkies, for a huge profit m…[View]
105847222>force Canada to open it's dairy market >tariff the EU >trade war with China >sanct…[View]
105854216What do people in your country think of this company?[View]
105854209/brit/: forever edition[View]
105846061Future superpowers of the world[View]
105852227ITT: post leader assassinations from your country[View]
105845209Why do the Neapolitans call their children creatures?[View]
105850415Гoвopят, нa Кaвкaзe живeт дикий нapoд Гoвopят, гopцы нocят пaпaхи кpyглый гoд Гoвopят мнoгoжeнcтвo y…[View]
105853624aegh uaegh egh egh ogh uoegh r[View]
105853281>Iran was naturally becoming and democracy under Mosaddegeh >The British got butthurt that it …[View]
105853730Why yes, I'm roman catholic. I trust this won't become between us on our friendship?[View]
105848761Why do Americans do this?[View]
105850261This thread is for respectful discussion of various cultures.[View]
105853468hello retards[View]
105845073>some dumb cunt makes a thread to shit on italian colture/art/language/food >my /med/ bros co…[View]
105853531> Greek niggas be like 'Hello my names is Giani Yadapapapopololopopolous'…[View]
105851492average american's phenotype[View]
105848927Why are Swedes so prone to defeatism? Where is your pride? We literally have them on the ropes.[View]
105811718/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105851202Do you love the Carpathid phenotype which can be primarily found in the carpathian mountains of east…[View]
105852441Daily reminder that Maine belongs to Core Sweden[View]
105851503Fake Lego is pretty good quality. Don't fall for Danish tricks.[View]
105841265who do yuros trust more?[View]
105852409What's YOUR endgame?[View]
105849910Ça fait à peu près 1 mois que je me suis mis à apprendre le français sérieusement. Je dirais qu…[View]
105853212Why did American die? Toddler shot him.[View]
105805004/lang/ - language learning general: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
105850980What the fuck is wrong with indians?[View]
105853012How common are ponies in your country?[View]
105850699Pick your favourite hapa Japfu[View]
105846800ah yes, swedish cuisine.[View]
105853121I paid $23 for a cab fare tonight so I wouldn't have to walk through the lebanese part of town …[View]
105852456Why are Americans such genocidal Nazi maniacs?[View]
105853015Why don't you have a cat?[View]
105852274When will Indonesia invade Australia? I hate Australia so much . I’m waiting for an ebin war with Au…[View]
105852319keep on drinking your soy milk[View]
105848321ITT: post white people phrases/words: >hoity-toity >good grief >gee whiz…[View]
105852835Shinzo Abe the racist: Shinzo Abe the racist fell in sand dune at the golf course Abe deserves this …[View]
105848099feral /brit/[View]
105852621> No, dude, you can't just build enormous landfill in northern pristine forests instead of g…[View]
105849137*gets strong armed by Brussels into joining the EU*[View]
105844310Finns are Koreans[View]
105851828Why is this nation so pathetic? I have only met One ukrainian that wasnt fully buttblasted, they are…[View]
105851771can't wait to get lungcancer in 30-50 years because all the roofs near me including mine are ma…[View]
105852394>Based Poland and Portugal. >Fuck Russia.…[View]
105852281How do you get an international gf without living abroad for months?[View]
105850998Why do white people like to turn themselves orange?[View]
105849067If aliens were real what racist term would you call them?[View]
105851517>You wake up in Belgium[View]
105851606>Using the f,s and r-word. Why do you guys like to do this?[View]
105839701What number are you?[View]
105834837DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2196: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for anyone interested in the lang…[View]
105848876Any kraut could recommend le a German imageboard, or a German website to browse so I can get better …[View]
105851969>No Patrick, of course I don't give a fuck if there's anglo children on the street, thi…[View]
105844691Italy what the fuck I thought French was bad[View]
105846007kosovo je Chile[View]
105849760Why do they hate our race?[View]
105850994>MFW faggots will never, EVER know joys of having a functional anus[View]
1058510551.cuntry 2.shithole full of sudhumans? 1.dom.rep. 2.yes,nuke please[View]
105851541I like playing Euro Truck Simulator after coming home from work Arbeit mein frei[View]
105851254Freedom Food[View]
105846155The British virginity crisis is leading to far right extremism. Over the past decade or so the rise …[View]
105851431>Why yes do I want to be the little girl. How did you know?[View]
105851285Is Balochistan situation similar to Kurdistan one?[View]
105850826Russians of /int/, what are your thoughts on the old state of Novgorod?: Would you be willing to ret…[View]
105849169omg Firenze why u so blushing y so red u look like horizontal sunset glow omg l hate the exonym Flor…[View]
105847203Je baise la France, je baise la France... jusqu'à l'agonie Je brûle la France, j'ai b…[View]
105847869Let me just entertain the thoughts of the microcephalic anti-Asian-queen people on this board. An ac…[View]
105850300The crimes of Stalin were justified because be was short[View]
105848900Number 1 threat to world peace[View]
105843892/ex-yu/: Baza nas vozi po novim autoputem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfRVC3ufSbA[View]
105850818I'm your host Shreyan,and welcome to CaspianReport.[View]
105847250Do 'people' in your kunt like people wearing 'Germany' shirts in public?[View]
105850813The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
105850620>ywn be a Bedu roaming the harsh Arabian deserts. Feels bad man[View]
105830305>you wake up in barcelona in 1936 >'anon... do you think we'll survive?' what do you do…[View]
105845865What were you doing in the April of 2011 /int/?[View]
105847138/nederdraad/: anime editie Iedereen behalve Frank welkom[View]
105850586>Ataturk is rolling in his grave![View]
105849390I had a dream where an attractive Indian woman raped me because she wanted a half white child[View]
105845308Asian racism Asians won’t let outsiders become citizens[View]
105847746Do wh*tes really do this?[View]
105843388So do Romanians consider themselves Southern European or Eastern European? Meds or Slavs?[View]
105850500Jews? Leave them to me.[View]
105849823My day went great[View]
105850251how does one marry a german woman?[View]
105850014>tfw no bf (female) Why even live?[View]
105850073>Br*ts? Yeah I do beat the shit out of these faggots whenever they annoy me. Wanna join me? There…[View]
105850140Nubians, Dravidians and Australoids are all the same race The Kushites of Sudan (the original black…[View]
105849847/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105842051do you want to join our ”fuck white fuck china fuck muslim fuck black' ultimate squad?[View]
105844720favourite meats: 1. your cuntrii 2. your favourite meats 1. flag 2. lamb and pork[View]
105840576OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Seething mutts incoming[View]
105846190>cunt >how you like your steak[View]
105849063I’m in Tallinn making my yearly Hajj to Superalko :)[View]
105843205SIMMERING LIVERPOOL /DEUTSCH/: Der Simmeringer ist unser König und wir sind seine Untertanen Ausgabe…[View]
105848600are they fat because of how dumb they are or it's their fat what makes them dumb?[View]
105825079Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105786112 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
105849778>bf’s ranting about China in Vietnamese again >it’s almost 8 AM and I haven’t even had my morn…[View]
105849718Are they the same person?[View]
105844814slavs be like: please my finnish friend oouulookäänaaiinen spare me some vowels I can't go thro…[View]
105848365>be me >3 weeks of hospital life >3 weeks of everyday multiple injections into my eye that…[View]
105843079132. Chad 133. Ukraine 134. Ethiopia kek[View]
105849286Is this what Yamnaya people looked like?[View]
105836792Do europeans really do this?[View]
105849551I have pink nipples but i am not White[View]
105845776>one chance at life >parents named me Mohammed >even tho I turned out to be an atheist…[View]
105849428Does poverty determine crime rate in your country?[View]
105849182>chinamen get butthurt when someone goes takes the piss out on them Lmao you can't make this…[View]
105844345I will never experience mutual love.[View]
105849162i wish i was sitting naked ontop of a girl like im sitting naked on my bed right now with my cheeks …[View]
105848663Americans are gonna freak![View]
105847758Let's play a game /int/: Guess the city Note - Reverse image search not allowed.[View]
105848255she's one of the most beautiful Asian women in the world[View]
105848878We're about to bombard the European parliament with our new Eurorealistic politicians Fuck tra…[View]
105848924My ancestors :)[View]
105847946Thanks USA: China is a cancer of humanity.[View]
105845171Danes: Du, Dansk som luktar illa En äcklig syn för ögat är Jag såg dig - och från denna dagen du i m…[View]
105844395/int/ if we were living in Game of Thrones universe: >Dornishmen >white…[View]
105847918this is highly illegal in Singapore[View]
105843309I'm not living in a dystop-[View]
105848010I take a break of this website. I encourage you to do the same thing, ever since I started browsing …[View]
105848432friendly reminder that china is socialist not capitalist. they merely have adapted their economic po…[View]
105843444Shocking pictures show the scale of destruction caused by yobs after they went on the rampage at a m…[View]
105843424Remember that God and Jesus Christ love all of us and by faith alone we are saved.[View]
105847329>b-but plastic surgery is bad!!!1 have sex[View]
105846246I just found out Americans have professional storm chasers. What unique jobs does your country have?[View]
105846752They are A tier posters across the whole site, how do they do it?[View]
105846464Happy Victoria Day! Bonne fête de la Reine et bonne journée nationale des patriotes à mes amis québé…[View]
105836119Frankly, we'd be in a better place if they ruled the world instead of the British.[View]
105844308Why are there so many poos in Guyana?[View]
105837797Sverigetråden - Morgonupplagan[View]
105841486Should I plan to commit suicide?[View]
105846921why are asians so weak?[View]
105845641/brit/ at Beachy Head[View]
105847963/mämmi/: puukäsityöluokkapainos[View]
105847972>Asians are midget- stfu you'll get dwarfed in like 50 years[View]
105847927What do you have for lunch this Monday, /int/?[View]
105847397Stay positive!: How’s all my super awesome and totally tubular worldride broskis hangin? What’s the …[View]
105841133>You can be reborn in any country you want HOWEVER you will be born as the most (negative) stereo…[View]
105844679>zoomer behavior in Romania audio version: https://streamable.com/ahcir…[View]
105847284I added '哈佛大學' to my Tinder profile and got responses from dozens of Asian women in less than a day.…[View]
105846691Slavs in denial.[View]
105842833colombia is nice country colombians usually make very nice post[View]
105847598The Absolute State of Britain!: >moving to Somalia to escape the violence of London https://www.y…[View]
105847594Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Ali li Bogra(a Bengali) smoking a peace pipe with Blackfoot Chie…[View]
105847543Well the army came to visit me, it was in the early hours With Saracens and Saladins and Ferret armo…[View]
105843568>his language isnt pronounced like its written[View]
105844254>Israelis be like 'Hi my name is Goldbergosteinowitzov from Betshanim Ashalomlalem'…[View]
105844865Why are Asians so jealous, vindictive and hateful[View]
105844317Come to Balkans and try out severely downgraded versions of Arab, Turkish and Persian dishes which w…[View]
105819302/mämmi/: Raineri-painos[View]
105833057/nederdraad/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0JpHZkab9I[View]
105846293Post classical songs from asia: 矢野顕子 - I Sing (1981) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLAW7qD1q8A…[View]
105846262Would you spend the rest of your life with your female cousin?[View]
105846960what do people in your country think of a religion where a divine son of god is born from a virgin o…[View]
105846932*forces all /int/ threads and their posters to move down one in the catalog* oops sorry about that l…[View]
105846861Black samurai.[View]
105845482Balconing season has started lads https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/brit-mum-slips-beach-path…[View]
105845921Why yes, I AM a francophile, how could you tell?[View]
105846756Does your cunt have an integrationist culture or a hereditary one? Ours is hereditary.[View]
105842637Would you immigrate from your country to Rationalia?[View]
105846600Who did it best?[View]
105846299america gtfo of the south pacific those shitty little nigger filled islands are rightful New Zealand…[View]
105846604My life and soul? for Israel of course[View]
105844669Indeed Allah is the best of planner therefore I will inshallah get a big titty goth gf[View]
105846042Which country is a rightful successor of the Golden Horde?[View]
105846006just had a power cut[View]
105838945serious: can someone tell me if this is a bad idea? (green text to make it more understandable) …[View]
105836935you saw this: then what's in your mind?[View]
105845987I wish I were 5 cm taller[View]
105841244>Your cunt >Have you ever fucked a hooker >Flag No, but I’m seriously considering it. I’m a…[View]
105843268I just want to move to an irrelevant tropical island country and post here too much to the point of …[View]
105845864Do Americans really look like this??[View]
105845174>tfw fucked up another chance at love Haha Im so le fucking based[View]
105822414/fr/ - le fil de la françafrique: Edition : NOUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz2UpWPX-7g Ancien …[View]
105845760countryball thread[View]
105843763Based Frenchies culturally genociding southern chinks[View]
105839167Ugly names >Muhamad >Ahmed >Kazem…[View]
105841840>Poles be like 'Hi I'm Gryewinor from Psowenskokowjskoroansk'[View]
105845363yes im ukrainian how you know[View]
105845410can westerners eat just noodle? no sauce, no ingredients, no flavor, only cooked noodles[View]
105843612/brit/: grandpas medals edition[View]
105844710Does you country have a tax for going to the doctor? I know we have really high prices here but my s…[View]
105844159Post wh*teoid destroyers[View]
105845546Los Angeles FC shares the Los Angeles area market with the LA Galaxy, and the two clubs compete in a…[View]
105842270Can any British people explain what's happening in this video? Is it something to do with Brexi…[View]
105840395Pareto rule specifies that 20% of men take 80% of women According to Jordan Peterson, only 40% of ma…[View]
105801411In this thread we are extra nice to brown people.[View]
105844972how is this based and repilled nigga viewed in his homeland of Slovenia?[View]
105845258why do Italians dress like such fags?[View]
105842030>Russian sports[View]
105842432What's it actually like living in Japan? Is it really as shitty as they say? >pic unrelated…[View]
105831333hands of /int/[View]
105837796Will the world like America again when Biden boots Trump out of office?[View]
105842899Do you wanna know what country in the world is the most dystopic?: Check the flag.[View]
105842916>I don’t suffer in south america[View]
105828991From my experience traveling in California the central coast is where California gets its laid back …[View]
105839101Life on Babby Casual mode: A white man. Life on Easy mode: A white woman. Life on medium mode: Born …[View]
105844111Japanese hate tourists: In Tokyo right now and compared to last year, the locals are not as friendly…[View]
105844575The perfect female phenotype doesn't exis-: Where I can find women like pic related? (not that …[View]
105844717no i dont have a brown gf, how did you know?[View]
105843467Poles be like >pzscwherszmzme dziwzczhwkyoz[View]
105844614why are americans doing Ramadan?[View]
105843679Is 'amateur radio' (also called 'ham radio' in English) popular in your country, /int/? How difficul…[View]
105843057Negresses getting flewed out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QryoOF5jEbc I would, tho[View]
105821853/balk/: game of thrones edition[View]
105810775/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/[View]
105841734nipbot here: give me a compliment[View]
105843959>Well, I'm from south korea >so you are white I litereally heard this 4 times this month,…[View]
105842940what's some good arabic music, starting to get into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEwvUu1…[View]
105842153Pet cats will simply ignore you, they contact you when they want to: https://www.newscientist.com/ar…[View]
105842073thanks to anime I will never be able to enjoy real women[View]
105841241Is your country's population mostly redpilled or mostly bluepilled?[View]
105844120When did you first start smoking?: Today I tried to smoke for the first time in 24 years I took a pu…[View]
105843248Everyone knows that Asian girls are easy, and They love non-Asian men. Let me know why I should stic…[View]
105843846'Always being nice to anons online? Yeah bro, that's how it should be. I didn't expect any…[View]
105844085Europe is white.[View]
105842241>Anglos had a war over flowers Jfc you can't make this shit up[View]
105841589do americans really enjoy eating ass? for what purpose? sounds like a sure way to get all sorts of …[View]
105840207>ur cunt >did you take drugs this weekend Flag Yes and now im sad…[View]
105839986korean prison: I don't want to go because no Internet.[View]
105843857Why yes I would never support any war or conflict unless I am getting a title off it, how did you kn…[View]
105840847/cum/ + friends: its still sunday in the west coast edition[View]
105842777What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy your work?[View]
105832354Opinions of White Americans?[View]
105838191Chinese Media Now Airing Anti-American Films in China: Are you ready for war, anons? >China Stat…[View]
105841057Do Americans really confuse New Zealanders?[View]
105840188/brit/: is white genocide real? edition[View]
105841725African-Americans living in urban American dwellings be like[View]
105840968>You'r cunt Do you like my kot?[View]
105840298Do americans really ? This can't be real LMAO Oh no no on no no no[View]
105843259Did you watch Eurovision with a sign language interpreter?[View]
105843555Is it true that Afro-Americand only makes up 13% of the US population?[View]
105841457i am you are we are ----------[View]
105842138Why did Britain turn into such a nanny state? Was it always like this? I dont have a bait picture to…[View]
105841049Do swedes really do this? H-hot, no I mean: What a bunch of cucks. Amirite guys?[View]
105842077Is it ture Japanese people throw down udon noodles on a table and use them as symbols for their baby…[View]
105838727Fucking garbage[View]
105842126Do you like Norvegian girls?: Would you?[View]
105843271Thank you for meal today Japan^^ Enjoy![View]
105842190>En un cuarto oscuro me encontre pinocho con el pito mocho y me dijo que contara asta ocho Alguie…[View]
105842801Did they get rangebanned? Where are they? We're legitimately concerned.[View]
105842032>*takes over your country* you mad whiteboi?[View]
105833383erz/deutsch/e /nachtschicht/ nur für die echten ficker unter uns: Österreich ist meine Stadt[View]
105843084wypipo be like, 'oh man forgot my deodorant today!'[View]
105842994Which cunt would win in a no-nuke fight?[View]
105834018Is it true that Europeans eat vegetables?[View]
105843143i warned you bros[View]
105841997Are Christians who wear cross necklaces actually pious or is it just for show?[View]
105842980Are taxi drivers in your cunt based and redpilled?[View]
105842021How will Asian men ever recover? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6242255/Women-Australian-d…[View]
105838834Why is McDonald's the most famous burger chain abroad? It's so fucking shit tier. Carls Jr…[View]
105840111i really fucking want to go to Mongolia...who else?[View]
105842477>Help you cheat? Sorry bro, this is an exam, I can't do that. You should have studied harder…[View]
105841309Post terrifying things/stories from your cunt[View]
105841950If my country kills iranians and i still pay my taxes does that make me complicit?[View]
105837014Is racemixing with latinas bad? Is race mixing even bad? Are white nationalists just bitter incels?[View]
105842410>Brits be like “I’m Nigel from Mimblycrumble-Upon-Islamabad”[View]
105842498>americans be like''Hi I'm Jacob Moor-''*get shot*…[View]
105811759/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição: Distante-Direita Conservadora anterior: >>105772513[View]
105840226>Google cuts off their deal with huawei >'Oh no huawei can't use android anymore' >In …[View]
105840600post inc*l memes from your country[View]
105832216Imagine the smell[View]
105821173why would she do this to herself?[View]
105837974Which country would you move to If you were a poor Eastern European?[View]
105838066Why do americans so obsessed with teeth? Fake teeth and fake smiles[View]
105833801Whose side are you on?[View]
105831311Itt: Post the most famous youtuber from your cunt Here is yuya[View]
105841290Why are people of Welsh descent so swarthy?[View]
105836029Why do Americans want to be white so bad?[View]
105842098Why can't everyone just be nice to each other?[View]
105834231/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Sunday edition[View]
105835936I don't want to die because a bunch of retard hicks thought it'd be cool to make a reality…[View]
105833555map thread: McDonals[View]
105841073Non-neck beards of /int/. Your Flag. How do you shave? Do you use a wet razor or an electric one? Wi…[View]
105838187Do you like your life? Do you like yourself?: What would you change about yourself and your life if …[View]
105840006Does your cunt have an integrationist culture or a hereditary one?[View]
105841347> of course I engage in prostate stimulation bro > it feels incredible the and the orgasms ar…[View]
105838544/absolute majority/ now boys. Eat shit labor drones[View]
105841768/mämmi/: >>>/wsg/2726211 https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1551919217118.webm…[View]
105839182>Aquí empieza la patria What is /int/'s honest opinion of Tijuana?…[View]
105838958Do you have women in your cunt?[View]
105839943>Americans have a constitution amendment for storing shoes in their fridges More like SHALL NOT B…[View]
105838344한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
105838903Which country gets the least shit on /int/?[View]
1058395671. your cunt 2. is the future for your cunt bright[View]
105840883>Game of thrones? I’ve watched it 5 times[View]
105839841Why do Asian girls do this?[View]
105841547Where's the fucking ep I'm not paying for foxtel.[View]
105841511Will America apologise?[View]
105832322What's the 1st country that comes to your mind when you look at this?[View]
105839714is it Brazil or Brasil?[View]
105841318>nightwalk, nothing wrong could happen, just me and my thoughts >shooting in the next street i…[View]
105841298In the next 10-15 years: we will be besieged by 24/7 tv and online commercials to donate to the poor…[View]
105841437>Why yes, I'll have one protein smoothie please[View]
105841198i wish i was american. america is so much warmer and there are actual people and cities. every time …[View]
105840271I didn't kill myself 4 years ago because I wanted to see how GoT would end I should have done i…[View]
105840919I can't wait I might even quit my job.[View]
105839414Is everyone on Earth a piece of shit?[View]
105841337jaz sem jugoslovan izdaja[View]
105841287I’m watching these skater v people videos on YouTube and why do Americans insult people like such so…[View]
105838483Why are you guys rude/mean for no reason? Who hurt you? Are you assholes because you have shitty liv…[View]
105840456Sharing my Granfather's diary entry.: Greetings, /int/! For the past couple of weeks I've…[View]
105839619If you dont have 70% iberian blood or more you are not hispanic. Mestizos arent hispanic, they are n…[View]
105840950I am going to move to Ireland to marry and have a million kids with a pure Irish cutie to muddy up h…[View]
105837489>Why yes, I am a pagan, how could you tell?[View]
105839093You wake up in Bolivia[View]
105838440noticed anything? yes internet is owned by americans and you can't live a minute without their …[View]
105840182>lightly banter east European >he calls you a nigger faggot and wishes death upon you and your…[View]
105835965israeli vegan platter[View]
105840902>american posts in my thread[View]
105840894>fornication good! >kissing boys bad! does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
105840163>your country What do you think?[View]
105838138OH NONONONONO[View]
105838801>why did I have to be born in this shithole omg I wish I was european[View]
105838868this is the average american phenotype, thoughts?[View]
105839271Stay positive!: Hey bros whats up? If you could choose a country to live in for the rest of your lif…[View]
105838545I'm getting married[View]
105839856Shit, is it possible that the ancient Spaniards were ALIENS?[View]
105838599A compilation of National IQ data: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3c4TxciNeJZNUVaZ0VhZ3dUMkk/view…[View]
105839443>it’s 12:30pm in China >literally lunch time for all chinks >all the chink threads are qui…[View]
105840103I'm tired of livin, and scared of dyin[View]
105838249Reminder WMAF couples are exclusive to IBERIAN BVLLS. So WMAF should change name to IMAF.[View]
105840268Local News Anchor Threads: What do local news anchors look like in your cunt? (KTLA-Weekend News Anc…[View]
105838941who tf lives here[View]
105834425>this is considered a meal in italy[View]
105839527Francia in AD 800 is EU today: Francia in AD 800 is today's European Union. Europeans have alwa…[View]
105840121Where are the nerdiest regions/cities of Netherlands?[View]
105839482Stay positive!: Positive man logging out for the night While I’m sleeping I hope all of you stay pos…[View]
105840001The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
105838808How are you preparing for ILBE BVLLS?? http://www.ilbe.com/index.php?document_srl=11172516384&pa…[View]
105839750is this character supposed to represent white people?[View]
105840023I'm not living in a dystop-[View]
105839477>tfw had to disble the spell check because it started suggesting extremely foul language…[View]
105839269>you're cunt >If you were having a baby and you found out it was retarded/a downy in the …[View]
105839648meme edition[View]
105832447Are jeans and t-shirts popular in other continents or only in North America?[View]
105839634Do all Brazilians and Portuguese want to move to Macao because it sounds like their ancestor? Or, do…[View]
105838230this is the average american phenotype, thoughts?[View]
105833660>i suffer in brazil[View]
105837138confession...: i hate these countries[View]
105838829White grills are pretty...mysterious. What's it like dating one /int/ bros? Asking for my Sikh …[View]
105835934Why do hispanics outperform blacks in almost every metric in the US?[View]
105839367/islam/: 1. Geographic location (dont use kuffar names of Muslim lands) 2. How many murtadeen and ro…[View]
105839365Édition des roulades, roulez. Pas de lien vers l'ancien fil qui pue la merde[View]
105838980>in indonesia >7545km from somalia >muslim country >still want to come to australia >…[View]
105839043Stay positive!: Hey worldwide bros! What do you think of the United States? Criticism welcome btw!…[View]
105835761i wanna move to norway and win Eurovision[View]
105838111How’s all my super radical and totally tubular worldwide bros doing? Post what’s on your mind![View]
105839195What's the loomer situation like in your country? >usa >pretty bad…[View]
105813648/v4/+the rest: Almost summer edition[View]
105839127CHUBAK IS ALIVE AND WELL: More proofs to follow, but the man himself is certainly alive, and denounc…[View]
105839062How much sensibility you lose if you're a cutfag and use a condom? I paid a hooker once but did…[View]
105839118Why are islanders the best kind of non-whites? >learned to adapt to their environment >develop…[View]
105838984Europe is so white.[View]
105838863are they celtic.[View]
105836869OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >no economic growth for 20 years[View]
105838597>1. cunt >2. what would you do if you if you took over your country flag I'd implement na…[View]
105837355Whoa, northeast brazil look like this?[View]
105838883Apparently, bowling is now huge in Europe. A recent MSNBC story tracking the phenomenon said that mo…[View]
105837760What is your favorite dinosaur and your cunt anon, for me is 1.Carnotaurus 2.Mexico[View]
105826413kurva anyátok[View]
105835741We should do this again.[View]
105832226I'm seeing a latina. Catholic girl. How do I bring up ass play without turning her off?[View]
105838190americans of /int/, explain me this: why do other americans keep shitting up everywhere with their '…[View]
105838640Do poles look like this?[View]
105833766What country is she from?[View]
105837068Are you happy to see more Asian representation in video games?[View]
105826014What exectly they all have in commom?[View]
105837506>construction work going on >more “supervisors” standing around drinking coffee than actual w…[View]
105830838>the richest state in The US is also the least white Really makes you think…[View]
105836800/central asian/: A general for discussions related to Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbejista…[View]
105836723Why does /int/ have the highest amount of gigachads and soyjaks per km2?[View]
105836762Do Americans really think that they're white?[View]
105837728Brazil, are you ok?[View]
105828277What's his endgame?[View]
105834082Send bobs and vegana: https://fightthenewdrug.org/survey-finds-that-40-of-indian-males-watch-rape-th…[View]
105837768Please reply today please reply today please reply today please call and say I got the job please ca…[View]
105836348>am I being detained?[View]
105836451I wanna to fuck pic related. >Is 50,000$ an hour enough? >How can i contact her? >Which co…[View]
105837813What’s your favorite food and why?[View]
105837587Uh huh...[View]
105837320God why are Mexican women so fucking hideous?[View]
105837707>banter yt a bit, usually just something tame like making fun of their spice tolerance or fashion…[View]
105837803>a HAPA just won American Idol J U S T[View]
105837853How famous is this guy in Italy: https://youtu.be/0hhVUjhtNZ4[View]
105836687The British virginity crisis is leading to far right extremism. Over the past decade or so the rise …[View]
105828840Where can I find a woman that looks like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Noter Dame?[View]
105837516Do people in your country have high cheekbones?[View]
105831924Which country in Europe do you like the most?[View]
105831464I've decided to come out the closet. I no longer fear the repercussions or social stigma. If I …[View]
105835843General Peron was generous with your country and your people?[View]
105836924No way, do Ameri*ans really do this?[View]
105836777Official Best Countries in the World rankings: 1. Switzerland 2. USA 3. Germany 4. France 5. Italy 9…[View]
105837539This looks like fun[View]
105836079>Smoking kills, dude.[View]
105837474>fight for my country? no bro i am just going to run away, become a refugee and leech off welfare…[View]
105837141Thank you, America![View]
105837375Would he pass for a local in your country?[View]
105837431>I suffer in Bruges[View]
105836961How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
105837197that was terrible[View]
105833937>nuclear energy are you pro or against[View]
105836331I've only met 4-5 persons in my entire life I could call my friends and who I've could do …[View]
105831128hey france! you want this? seriously you can have it for free its fine :)[View]
105826308/tr/: anderson edisyonu[View]
105836579If wojak face gets extremely popular so that random people will start doing comic panels with it, th…[View]
105834395Is the bunny phenotype present in your nation? >England >Yes…[View]
105836680do you have to tip your landlord in your cunt?[View]
105832891hilo latino /lat/[View]
105836619flavored soy milk[View]
105836735>of course I wear shoes in bed, otherwise my toes might get eaten off[View]
105836593I worship them[View]
105833882>Mfw Europeans actually[View]
105835701>he chokes you in bed and calls you baby >he buys you pacifiers and onesies >he is okay wit…[View]
105831354why is it so hard to find porn with Korean women? Redpill me on porn industry in Korea anons? is it …[View]
105836309>Europeans mock Americans while looking like this Is the mutt meme just projection?…[View]
105822741>he doesn't live in the capital[View]
105836281/한국어/: loli edition[View]
105834884Why are you guys so negative all the time? Do you hate your life? You all always act like you'r…[View]
105832230does anyone use snapchat here? is this app popular in your cunt? I don't even know how it works…[View]
105833138Poland must pay reparations to Israel: This country owes our great neighbor(israel) 3 trillion dolla…[View]
105835767Eurobros, please dump your refugees to Canada. Canada will sacrifice itself to make Europe great aga…[View]
105835587I wouldn't hesitate to kill every non american man, woman and child to preserve the sanctity of…[View]
105836147best country[View]
105831402>british were to afraid to kill officers because of muh honor >we shot everyone that we got in…[View]
105834876Every woman in this country is either fat with colored hair or skinny with dyke hair and they all ha…[View]
105835871ITT: Video games that you like to play in languages other than your native/ feel are more natural in…[View]
105835460Yugoslavia: At was point was Yugoslavia's collapse inevitable? Was it when the monarchy got to…[View]
105833934I have brown hair and brown eyes but my wife who has beared my son has blonde hair and blue eyes. Ho…[View]
105834219Is 81silver811 the new queen of /int/?[View]
105835567/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: the horrors beneath the water edition[View]
105835364Is this considered 'trashy' in your country?[View]
105778791/flag/ - /extraflags/: Fractured flags edition previous: >>105736550 Welcome to /extraflags/, …[View]
105835728I'm in love with her(HALF ITALIAN HALF GREEK): yeah I'm going to be awake when she wakes u…[View]
105830927would i pass as local in your country actually?[View]
105831679What's the difference between them and the USA?[View]
105832648/brit/: Edition: hmmm[View]
105835525Warsaw 2020[View]
105824090Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
105835495frens I got fat[View]
105831476Rio de Janegros white supremacists[View]
105834093ITT: post song lyrics that describe your country: Indestructible Determination that is incorruptible…[View]
105833020What's the 1st country that comes to your mind when you look at this?[View]
105797710/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: true nigger hours edition[View]
105825854Based yanks going hard on China[View]
105835222my future gf(half italian half greek): yeah she's sleeping right now, and what with that? she w…[View]
105832970How do we solve America's overeating problem?[View]
105833830Can a pole exlain this meme to us?[View]
105835108Do Germans really dance like this? https://youtu.be/8jetpwghTiU[View]
105814081/mena/: Why are Nafris like this?[View]
105829935Why Americans are so afraid of them?[View]
105835028Do you have these disgusting creatures in your country?[View]
105834829my future gf(half italian half greek): fuck off guys she has been sleeping for like 3 hours right no…[View]
105826440Why does nobody talk about Greenland?[View]
105834622>This is my daughter, Captain Ruth Marvel Ginsberg XXXTentacion Cortez-Brown…[View]
105834151If the Chinese start becoming too big and stepping out of line? I say start a war and kill em, kill …[View]
105833662what do you think about this image? i don't understand it.[View]
105831723Shart Shart In the walmart These are the jeans I can't poo without Come on I'm taking a po…[View]
105834527Apparently wine brewed from human shit and cat bones is massively popular in South Korea. https://ww…[View]
105834283Will there ever be a world leader as based as BASED BUSH?[View]
105831056Do I think Hitler was evil? I think he was a human no more complex than you and I. I don't pain…[View]
105832625>he didn't fell for the horse faced gf meme lame[View]
105834350Is it autism?[View]
105832083>your cunt >how is violence viewed in your cunt?…[View]
105832949>lmao sip on this bloody tea you bender And they say burgers can't banter..…[View]
105817734/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
105826195What is the best country for an atheist to live in?[View]
105833368>An American pastor and a British clairvoyant concoct scheme to sell industrial bleach to Ugandan…[View]
105834080Captain you're not just gonna let this guy walk?[View]
105831273> What are my political views? > I’m eco fascist with liberal economic and social policies of …[View]
1058231851. your country 2. what's your college degree, and to who would you recommend it?[View]
105833076Do you have any /int/ hobbies or collections? Pic related--I save foreign currency from every count…[View]
105831543yeah I talk with girls I find interesting online on sites like omegle while I'm never going to …[View]
105830019serious question, HELP: i've recently bought a GP 5 gas mask and the filter is full of colored …[View]
105831782At what time does that game of thrones final air ? I'm considering staying up for the historic …[View]
105828031im a sino nationalist but im also a faggot who loves BWC, i hate my sexual desires[View]
105830777This is time for your french lesson, today practice your vocabulary and grammar with Zola https://w…[View]
105826945/nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: Geschwärzte Ausgabe[View]
105832214ayy: >be Israeli tourist in Chile >airport >immigration officer draws a penis and write 'VI…[View]
105829309I take back every negative thing I've said about the French, I just saw a video of the funeral …[View]
105833312This is how a real man looks and behaves, if you are not like this then you can't call yourself…[View]
105833091Who is really posting?[View]
105832936>one shot at life >i could have had a comfy life in Europe or even Brazil with a functioning s…[View]
105832815>Why yes, I vote for Putin every election, how could you tell? Stability and power projection com…[View]
105830820Why do American women look like melting ice cream?[View]
105832679Do you like canned fish?[View]
105828580Ask a Swedish Boomer >Do you ser difference between Greeks and turks? >Why yes Greeks are alot…[View]
105832009>You will never get to fly a Dornier Do 335 Why live?[View]
105831739why is spanish the sexiest language on earth? how can other languages even compete?[View]
105832914should americans be quarantined?[View]
105833021What did they mean by this[View]
105833018>What? You don't do at least 90% of your computing in GNU Emacs? Get out of my face, subhuma…[View]
105830484>Based Cameron does it first fucking try >Disney and it's horde of unwashed immigrants, k…[View]
10583291616% of all asians alive today are the offspring of gengis khan.[View]
105832842What are the chances of meeting a girl like this in Belgium?[View]
105825539/lat/: hilo latino solo español[View]
105831622Why do people bully Americans?: When all the reasons we hate them for - their retarded imperial unit…[View]
105825299/nederdraad/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0JpHZkab9I[View]
105828254I am going to America in the beginning of June to visit some relatives. What should i expect?[View]
105831189>Live in USA >Mixed-raced >Hate it here, feel like it's a desolate hellscape full of m…[View]
105831731Am I white?: >Brown nipples >Brown hair >Brown eyes >White skin >100% NW Euro ancestr…[View]
105823132The future is KVRDISH[View]
105831758>Board is called International >Composed entirely of national threads Why?…[View]
105831698when a french person says you're not white[View]
105833537Refugees or Identitarians?[View]
105829744Romanian man arrested in Kuwait for attempting to rob a bank: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/fi…[View]
105829025Are people with brown eyes white? Even if they have 100% NW Euro ancestry? I get those results on DN…[View]
105831488>Tango is Uruguayan >Mate is Paraguayan >Gauchos are Brazilian >Dulce de Leche is chilea…[View]
105831910Anyone here have experience with the JET program? I’m American, 22 years old, and just graduated fro…[View]
105741311Culture Pals /cp/ general: Natalia is my qt edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from aroun…[View]
105832313https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl6jn-DdafM Why are americans so obsessed with the moon? Do they kno…[View]
105828386please keep the discussion out of race-bait /pol/ garbage. why is that black male and abos are the o…[View]
105832172>*dabs on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the on Republic of Ireland…[View]
105817333/éire/: Eagrán biogóideachta[View]
105830047Name a more soulless city. -Nothing but chinks, pakis, and gay arabs -All the white people are eithe…[View]
105828524What do non-asians eat instead of rice? I really have no clue[View]
105831111Literally US & Canada.[View]
105830256all rook same[View]
105826386Name one good thing that Slavs have ever done to this world. Go ahead. You have exactly 654151541 ye…[View]
105831802What's the problem with exchange students? Why can't they be normal people?[View]
105830309ITT: post your nation's best commanders[View]
105830199Where are they from?[View]
105831801GOTTA GETTA GUAT[View]
105831690So now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that influx of KC immigrants after its fall incre…[View]
105830218>I suffer in the third world Yeah right. You thirdies all struggle to survive, struggle to fulfil…[View]
105831226the turk fears the anglo bvll[View]
105828263>Why yes, I shower once a week. What gave it away?[View]
105830486Why do Americans do this?[View]
105822077Do Greeks feel closer to Nordics or Turks/Levantines?[View]
105831638>Thank you Germany. Without Germany, the third world would never have been liberated. We thank yo…[View]
105829181/brit/: Edition: none[View]
105829860ITT: shitposts which should be bannable offenses on /int/[View]
105827849this kino korean loli vid has only spanish and portuguese comments on it. why's that?[View]
105831485what did you just say[View]
105831554'od you know I was from Briton guv'na?[View]
105829746how do we stop being depressed?[View]
105831478Vive la france bitches we have literally unbeatable culture and the best things in the world also th…[View]
105814423Which do you prefer?[View]
105814465I wanna live in this world[View]
105829189>liberates your europe from fascism[View]
105727307DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2195: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for anyone interested in the lang…[View]
105816675How do you cope with the fact that every White woman is attracted to non-white men? Even the tradth…[View]
105807095Eurovision day after discussion part 2: kill the juries edition[View]
105829767>tfw Senegal-Tier black but I say that I’m dominican/puerto Rican[View]
105831215>gringos are afraid of this[View]
105831149watches of /int/[View]
105828521that swedish guy at eurovision was def packin[View]
105827607Do you have blonde hair and blue eyes? Are you over 6 feet?: If you don't have blonde hair and …[View]
105828908>tfw trolled again by the Russian fake news factories[View]
105830929Is this the peak turkish phenotype (doesn't have to mean the most attractive)? She does looks A…[View]
105830453>'Noooooo, you can't just live off welfare as a NEET and smoke weed and play video games all…[View]
105829250why americans are like this?[View]
105826791Why is Saudi Arabia so fat? https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1130216557005615104[View]
105818446my leg in 2017[View]
105830074Would you bang? I totally would.[View]
105812275your country your addictions >flag >alcohol, weed, cocaine, int, videogames…[View]
105830760>boot up Human Simulator 2019 >start new game >roll for character, get Han Chinese girl in …[View]
105821039Oh see can you seeeeee[View]
105828667How do I get a med mommy gf?[View]
105829648Are Mexicans pessimistic? Pic related[View]
105806188Not cool. Politics aside, I understand that middle eastern etiquette is not to be expected globally,…[View]
105830374Why did they just make up their own language based on nothing?[View]
105830558I can still hear him bros... Was he the real winner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5arNtTYK1s…[View]
105830241You watching the Game of Thrones finale, bro?[View]
105811989Europeans eat oats raw: Like fucking farm animals[View]
105830494Europe is a comedy.[View]
105829621Would you get detained in China?[View]
105829741WW1: So who was in the wrong here?[View]
105826563Do you consider people with brown eyes non-white? I have German, British, and Irish ancestry but I h…[View]
105829952Who was the most based man in European history?[View]
105813921The only reason I'm improving myself every day is to get an Asian girlfriend. I eat healthy, wo…[View]
105830230Do people workout a lot in your country?[View]
105829560>Eastern Europeans, North Arabs, Latin Americans, and SEAsians complaining about first world prob…[View]
105830200Hey guys! guys! I'm totally not a boomer, I love fortnite! Also I have always my Juul on me hah…[View]
105829632Do you have these in your country?[View]
105829776Your country. Favourite McDonalads burger. Flag Fish-o-Filet[View]
105828314Do you love females? I do but only the cute ones.[View]
105827672>tfw summer just hit >sitting with open window shitposting >15C at 0800 >sun shining …[View]
105829645why are french men rejecting her? she can't find a date[View]
105827351Guess who's Chinese and who's Korean.[View]
105828612Where are they from?[View]
105827936stop calling me a goat fucker[View]
105793816/Norgetråden/: Vakker norsk jente-utgaven Forrige: >>105730818[View]
105829857Western Rome fell in 476 AD: When is the USA on this timeline? 2003 and Iraq war were their imperial…[View]
105821713if your country didn't have a warring states period it's pretty much a non-country invited…[View]
105829546All people of European heritage descend from this French man.[View]
105828284How can I improve my life and stop being autist ? I promise I wont spam anymore if I get good advice…[View]
105829283>Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja What do they mean by this?[View]
105813485/med/ incels unite edition: med[View]
105824413Family tree thread: Template incoming. These are always pretty fun.[View]
105829730Your country Would you date a big girl?[View]
105815724white people be like[View]
105809690Apparently Turkey badly wants to be a part of the EU. And from what I gather, the only reason Turkey…[View]
105826109post famous paintings depicting historical moments from your country that one shows brazilian indepe…[View]
105828698To you heuristic knowledge, which country's posters do you find the most racist here on int?[View]
105828730Why do they only write isekai stories?[View]
105829305What happens to Australians whose skin don't tan? Do they just stay inside the whole day?[View]
105822261/polska/: edycja anime[View]
105822802why did they kill themselves?[View]
105829090How come nobody ever talks about the actual PM of Italy?[View]
105819001/ita/ il filo: edizione: abbatti lo st*to shitali*no[View]
105829226fucking chink scammed me i ordered some food in the local chink restaurant and this jackie chan look…[View]
105823310Vexilogy thread: Whats the history of your flag? >Spain has a flag with a white background >it…[View]
1058286331. Your country 2. Would you serve your own child a sandwich without removing the crust? 1. Canada 2…[View]
1058279131. ur vagina 2. who will win in the inevitable war between canzuk and prc to save hong kong from com…[View]
105819468I love America <3[View]
1058271731. you are a cunt 2. do you think this man is based and redpilled? >USA >100% yes…[View]
105828105Why yes, I hail from Russia, how could you tell?[View]
105827464/brit/: Passengers edition[View]
105828601Does your country have special bacon for microwave use? Finnish engineers are truly world class.[View]
105828062The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
105828907I just received my Spanish citizenship. Where should I move where I won't have to see ashkenazi…[View]
105826597Do you want to visit the UK?[View]
105829017In america having a manual car is a safety feature against theft. is it like this where you live?[View]
105828988https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afP71xwLI8Y What the fuck do you slav's have to say about this?…[View]
105824979I will always be a portuguese I wish I were a dinaric BVLL[View]
105825170Why is Jamaica miles better than Haiti even though both are demographically the same?[View]
105817726name one popular thing from country above[View]
105828451>tfw Germany's lost more clay than your country's ever had[View]
105824167>liberal media worships the black bvll >richest black man is actually white Burgers BTFO…[View]
105827085finally everything makes sense.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE67Ye91Ii0 I just discovered my fe…[View]
105825829He-lo e loi-la e ola he-lo loi-la I can see you spirit in the skyyyyyy When northern lights are danc…[View]
105826685What happened to the Russian space program?[View]
1058270411940s British man[View]
105825792why colombia can't join the US as a colony like puerto rico?[View]
105826897>talking to eurofag about american minorities >'why are Americans so racist? Black people shou…[View]
105828216wtf is this canon[View]
105823436Post those foreign songs you dig, bonus points if it's not K/Jpop. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
105828035Europe is white.[View]
105828015i don't hate black people i just don't think they fit in here and they belong in their own…[View]
105822369>tfw manlet[View]
105828045Savez-vous planter les choux? À la mode, à la mode. Savez-vous planter les choux? À la mode de chez …[View]
105799217/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediţia Parcu' Mare Precedent: >>105729235 Făcătură ieftină: >>…[View]
105826843I'm from a first world country. I have a great job, and a lot of cash in the bank. I own a flat…[View]
1058230721. Your country 2. Does your country have death squads? >germany >of course not, I live in a c…[View]
105825771lets play 'guess the age', bros[View]
105825371why is japan so based[View]
105825700I want to be dominated by two Spanish milfs.[View]
105825206I was walking in Paris the other day and i passed in front of Notre Dame de Paris, and it was full o…[View]
1058274151. your country 2. when 4chan was down for 15 minutes today, did you feel a massive weight lifting o…[View]
105826267Why is Egypt the only Arab country that produces people of note?[View]
105827427Do you have these in your country?[View]
105826613Some of you are hardcore racists.[View]
1058256901. Your country 2. Anime[View]
105820993What do people think of you in your country if you listen to classical music?[View]
105820756Is Chips Oman really that popular in the Middle East?[View]
105826972Americans disgust me.[View]
105826974I relapsed.[View]
105817451I cale back from Japan a couple of days ago, Ask me anything Hum? What is pic related you ask ? Oh …[View]
105818125Meds > nords > anglos[View]
105827201>Br*ts? Well yeah, I beat the shit out of these sissies quite frequently. Wanna join me? There ar…[View]
105826680I'm a fucking mutt and I have never seen someone that look like me Wish I had 100% french, fuck…[View]
105824466>Let's kill those children because their dad sucks >Da…[View]
105825092Mesoamerican thread: You can only post in this thread if you are mesoamerican or have mesoamerican a…[View]
105825015Post dog breeds from your cunt[View]
105821508Hello friends. I'm happy I can share the world with you and am looking forward to our bright fu…[View]
105823485/deutsch/: Die Herrin vom Schauerberg - Ausgabe[View]
105824348Why is Japan's vision of the UK so outdated?[View]
105820877>you wake up in the French city of Nouvelle-Orléans What do?[View]
105826596thanks to my superior white genes i have to be on minoxidil for the rest of my life[View]
105821372You may only post in this thread if your country is in EPCOT.[View]
105826154German niggas really be having names like Heinz. Like the ketchup![View]
105819410Post a pic of your country's greatest citizen, dead or alive.[View]
105823366Your country? Your score? https://doodlecricket.github.io[View]
105825731Rest in piece legend.[View]
105821977/brit/: Jamiroquai edition[View]
105820539Daily reminder that asian women are white men's property[View]
105817925Just want her back lads[View]
105826018based Polska https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48307792?fbclid=IwAR2VNePQ4l0ymZ2XqmpKogKXUL27xz8…[View]
105823059Is anyone on this board who is a legit cuck IRL?[View]
105824804Did you know that Finland has hobby horse riding competitions?[View]
105824897The world needs heroes[View]
105807114Japan really loves France, and that is so gosh darn cute![View]
105774189/tr/: esdeath edisyonu[View]
105823198>me? I guess you could call me a man whose aesthetic sensibilities fall into the category of the …[View]
105793314kurva anyátok[View]
105825772Attention all anglos: Send gibs[View]
105825302Are you a king?[View]
105825639Sverigetråden - Mysupplagan[View]
105821975Has any of you guys tried importing food/beverages in bulk from the US to Europe? If so, what's…[View]
105825499Post your 80s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBv3jqUmqyg[View]
105825258Why are Nords so perfect?[View]
105825383>I had so much fun on our vacation, anon! >Where do you want to go next?…[View]
105824930>How do I sort out my issues? I see a psychotherapist. Having someone a person who's trained…[View]
105824435>when brazilians LARP as white people[View]
105825323im glad this cringe era https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-fU_V7Boic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
105824391Prove me wrong: Nation states in a globalized world are pointless. Culture has no intrisic value. Re…[View]
105822285>0 points You really hate us, don't us?[View]
105818139/nederdraad/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-SOdj4Kkk[View]
105822299Is it true that your average American will physically assault you if you utter an n-word in a conver…[View]
105822900Just found out about the slave trade. How could america have done that to those people???[View]
105820837Why Western women don't like Asian men?[View]
105802164/lat/: Hilo Latino (+conosur+esp+hisp+cum) Edicion de la sonrisa[View]
105823227> year into living in europe > gf +20lbs and getting thick as fuck > 'I think I should diet…[View]
105821066>why yes, i did in fact sperg out and blow it with the qt white trash art hoe in college who majo…[View]
105824574>Me? Well I guess you could say I'm an involuntary celibate.[View]
105816702Banana republic[View]
105822914Just improved my /int/ experience by 1000000%[View]
105816235Why doesn't America participate in Eurovision?[View]
105823906>your country >is it normal for a mayor to have a bigger salary than the president Spain YES…[View]
105824392How would you react?[View]
105821572Do americans really do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBpDHF0EEt8[View]
105817142Imagine being some third worlder from Brazil, Mexico or Greece and sucking Jewish cock. I mean, at l…[View]
1058207941. Cunt? 2. Tea or coffee in the morning? Flag Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.[View]
105823991Are all Danish men this QT?[View]
105823973>Yes, I'll have the extra garlic[View]
105823875>another mexican started to work in my building Too many.[View]
105818892just read the wiki article on the chinese social credit score system and i've actually come to …[View]
105823476bald 'people'[View]
105822893Just popped a frittata in the oven and then realized I forgot to season it[View]
105823206Honestly who gives a shit about Venezuela?[View]
105820846What's their ethnicity[View]
105821539Italy, are you okay?[View]
105822595you're a cunt are you a real human bean? flag sadly, no :([View]
105820502It's happening https://twitter.com/ELINTNews/status/1130167011705806848[View]
105823498New documentary on the history palestine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-e46xdcUo[View]
105820679/deutsch/: DER SUMORINGER(simmeringer) SPRICHT[View]
105823357One day we will all become autistic incels coded in the dna to grow without foreskins. Population al…[View]
105817433You could have saved him...[View]
105821978Uhm, Portugal?? What the fr*ck?![View]
105821735Why are zooomers so depressed?[View]
105804077Why does everyone on /int/ love Mr Bald except for Russians?[View]
105821845Love: I love all humans! I love all countries, cultures, classes, races, sexual orientations, ages, …[View]
105818083/brit/: British edition[View]
105818237Why do they think that they’re not black[View]
105822551>Yea, well, whiter than you Muhammad[View]
105818551>Lebanon is Arab When will this meme end?[View]
105822874In Finland we have special bacon made for the microwave[View]
105816125Which european country treats east asians the best? I want to move to europe[View]
105822758>say something to dad >he keeps saying 'huh' because his hearing has grown weak due to age …[View]
105809725>Pasta with butter and salt[View]
105820151What do you think of our next generation fight jet Gripen E?[View]
105821311Czech: how can anyone understand this? I can't even detect any structure to this. It actually s…[View]
105813463>I suffer in the USA[View]
105820453How does one make authentic Italian spaghetti and meatballs?[View]
105821866Int webm thread[View]
105819526>be white man >build great, stable societies >destabilize Africa >destabilize the Middle…[View]
105822155Revealed: scientist who sparked racism row has black genes. An analysis of the genome of James Watso…[View]
105821362it's 00:06 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
105821895Beijing air: The most unwanted product ever[View]
105819779I'm 2 meters tall and today I met someone who was 20cm taller than me and was super intimidated…[View]
105820901>LAST EVER episode of Game of Thrones in 6 hours[View]
105814513I've come to the conclusion that 99% of humans are inferior subhumans on all countries and race…[View]
105806987What do Poles think about this?[View]
105817699Does /int/ like Asian girls?[View]
105821897>travel the world? why would i do that when i can load up google maps in less than 5 seconds…[View]
105820704Fellow americans, do you guys prefer to be ruled by chinks or spics?[View]
105818816Ashkenazi Jewish people be like[View]
105813719Sverigetråden - Kjellupplagan: även känd som äntligen-en-upplaga-relaterad-till-sverige-och-svenskar…[View]
105815550/fr/: Edition Americain dans la France[View]
105818289'Gaming consoles? Yeah I still play Wii and DS games every week. How did you know?'[View]
105797065Well /int/?[View]
105821659Do you want to find love in Africa-America?[View]
105817622> What do I think about the Israel Palestine conflict? > Hamas is an extremist group bro, it i…[View]
105816727When and why did /int/ start hating Americans ?[View]
105818611wh*Tes be like: >'is this guten free?'[View]
105819854Do americans REALLY do this?[View]
105821288Where to acquire girl like this?: https://www.instagram.com/rhina.love/[View]
105818472>it's annoying mosquito twat waking me up season again Does that happen in your country?…[View]
105793536/balk/: ataturk day edition old >>105757827[View]
105814395Is the simpsons popular in your country? We have a whole month of non stop episodes this season.[View]
105808519/polska/: edycja futurystycznej gf[View]
105818326who is the laughing stock of europe and why is it the uk? can they even recover at this point??[View]
105819659OH NO NO NO NO: >lol sweetie americans are white[View]
105820903Post /int/ernational videos that make you nearly shit yourself in worry https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
105814438>Americans think that space pirates are a relevant threat https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/443…[View]
105817696What are the best ways to piss off liberal white people as a minority?[View]
105819260Apparently americans are white and tall[View]
105820760It was a great event, my Israeli frens. Please don't get the impression that you are hated in t…[View]
105819806>* takes over europe *[View]
105819168You want an American girlfriend.[View]
105819792Are you guys into it?[View]
105820098http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/political-relations-with-china-at-high-level-president/49298 …[View]
105818980>mfw a g*rman tourist tries to conversate with me[View]
105818775>Be 1970s Britain >America asks you to throw 1700 natives on the island of Chagos to turn it i…[View]
105817349Today I saw three turkish dudes in a restaurant eating before sunset. I thought this was forbidden d…[View]
105819626I would _______ Lauren Mayberry[View]
105819893YA ALI[View]
105815355>Rabbi vomits on black woman and hits er head with a bottle during Eurovision: https://twitter.co…[View]
105819508/afghan/: Daily thread dedicated to the discussion, conversation, talk, dialogue, discourse, confere…[View]
105819461We should make a museum out of this thing. Or at least clean that shit up. Its been two years and th…[View]
105820317we non-whites will only accept christianity if these were enforced 1. public hanging of faggots 2. p…[View]
105817704Here's to another boring summer.[View]
105818986German appreciation thread for destroying Europe and putting the US as the dominant country of the w…[View]
105818280this is illegal in Singapore[View]
105820076How do we stop the chink menace?: 'As everybody knows, according to the views propagated by the West…[View]
105816224SIMMERING LIVERPOOL /DEUTSCH/: Der Simmeringer ist unser König und wir sind seine Untertanen Ausgabe…[View]
105819715Did America invent bacon?[View]
105811868How life is in this place?: I don't see many of their flag here[View]
105818152Based Taiwan[View]
105819294I have huge problem My friend who is shorter than me has written 173 cm on his identity card But I a…[View]
105818030The only reason I'm improving myself every day is to get an Asian girlfriend. I eat healthy, wo…[View]
105808278/ita/ il filo[View]
105815683Aside from gyros, what do Greeks eat?[View]
105818597explain e-v13?[View]
105818568which country has girls, who do this?[View]
105786112Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105768598 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
105817378Self Hate thread: Say mean things about your country[View]
105813782Germany (1870-1918) was the greatest country to ever exist.[View]
105818415>not living in Europe[View]
105818496Rhodesia memorial thread[View]
105816996>you are trying 1rm squat when this chick slaps your ass and asks if you are just warming up what…[View]
105817753Does this happen in your country?[View]
105815785does anyone have this poster except bond is replaced with spede pasanen and is says S P E D E instea…[View]
105817967Why do Americans have plastic teeth?[View]
105816438Why are support groups so populars in the United States? I literally do not know anyone in Spain tha…[View]
105817213What country has the best mommy gfs[View]
105804881/mämmi/: Reikäpatja-painos[View]
105818831The only reason I'm improving myself every day is to get a Fingolian girlfriend. I eat healthil…[View]
105818817Did Socialism killed Esperanto?[View]
105817741Why are they so poor, idiot and pathetic ?[View]
105818316How do English-speaking societies overcome hierarchies? I've seen a lot of inferior English use…[View]
105813177>They went from being Mughal conquerors to irrelevant Russian proxy that only became relevant for…[View]
105818296Tous les bourgeois sont des porcs. Plus ils vieillissent, plus ils deviennent de con.[View]
105818071Hit or miss I guess they never miss, huh? You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss yaaaa He g…[View]
105817040Would he pass as local in your cunt?[View]
105814910/brit/: haul Edition[View]
105812827/nederdraad/: plaatjes die de AIVD niet mogen vinden editie[View]
105814787Je vous donnerai le sida et vous aimerez la chose.[View]
105807898Quick, post a picture of your arm to prove you're not a nigger.[View]
105817885>Extra garlic ? >YES ![View]
105805962Why isn't your country like Rationalia? https://twitter.com/neiltyson/status/748157273789300736…[View]
105817843Unironically, is this true?[View]
105817732What did they mean by this?[View]
105816750Your cunt. Have you ever purchased sexual services in your or another cunt?[View]
105817632Was schiert uns Russe und Franzos'? Schuß wider Schuß und Stoß um Stoß! Wir lieben sie nicht, W…[View]
105817509>russians commit evil crime >yea WE WUZ CEASAR >get BTFO >cries like a little bitch…[View]
105817464Why are russians, indians, chinese and japanese so thin skinned? A bit of banter and they go up like…[View]
105816035ITT Post your favourite GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND[View]
105793504/cum/ + friends: growing up with a rabbi dad edition[View]
105817578Another economic assistance initiative for me?[View]
105814018>have a hafu friend who was born and raised here >went to live in Japan around 3-4 years ago (…[View]
105803776do you want to lick Chinese pussy?[View]
105815304why europeans try to radicalize turks? do they wanna turks to start terror attacks like arabs do?[View]
105815704Could this beautiful man pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
105815039Who would win 1v1?[View]
105814893>I sure do want to meet with singles in my area[View]
105812554I think I fell in love with them. What do?[View]
105817297kiss me[View]
105817207> Imagine that in your country you are allowed to abort women[View]
105811318/brit/: Edition: Khazarian[View]
105808172Why do Asians do this?[View]
105816337Find a bigger pile of shit. Protip: you can't.[View]
105817230Apartheid? Better off without it. SA society might have regressed a bit, but it's better than a…[View]
105817082>A dark alleyway? Seems like a cool place to hang out.[View]
105816482Day of the Rake: So it is clear that us leafs are among the most hated people on /int/ if not the mo…[View]
105815819What foods popular in other nations have you not eaten? >I've never eaten beef jerky because…[View]
105817027rate these gams from 0 to 11.5[View]
105814895Can you travel alone safely through its non urban area as kafir?[View]
105816699What makes South Koreans so macho?[View]
105812766has 4chan become more hateful, more agressive, more toxic in the recent years? i wouldn't know,…[View]
105816939Does your country have subhumans?[View]
105816969Fvck generals[View]
105815276REMOVE GENERALS, FIX /INT/: We need to remove generals from /int/ and put them on a separate board l…[View]
105816909Polish niggas be like 'nazywam sie Krszysztof Przybyszewski'[View]
105816895>your cunt >do you believe that voting in EU elections is worth it? >why? https://m.youtube…[View]
105816561>innocent babies YEAH SAVE 'EM[View]
105812341/deutsch/: Apufreie-Sonntagsausgabe[View]
1058147341. Country 2. Does your country have rovers on mars that take cool pictures? America YES[View]
105816586Post your favourite album[View]
105812838/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie. Welkom: Noord-Brabant, Vlaams-Brabant, Duncan. Niet welkom: t*tta…[View]
105808554What has your experiance with iraqis been like[View]
105814600My name is Ana Maria Cristina da Silva Ribeiro Andrade and I am here to tell you that I am the Queen…[View]
105811488Now that the dust from Eurovision has settled, can we go back to discussing the actually important i…[View]
105816245>white people be like: whites refusing to have children is genocide, but europeans killing 90% of…[View]
105814920post most American picture you've got[View]
105816514yt pipo be like :' E=mc2': Nigga whats that supposed to mean those are letters not numbers, silly yt…[View]
105815681My ancestor :)[View]
105812832Rearrange Earth: What would you change about the world map to make it better? >pic related is my …[View]
105815798What does 'anvorgesa' mean?[View]
105813881What countries are gonna be suffering a massive demographic shift in the coming decades?[View]
105816127>Jews be like 'Hi my name is Schwatzobergosteinowitzsky'[View]
105815653Has anyone ever been to Paris catacombs? Are they as eerie as they look?[View]
105815087>be Poland >participate in the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US, UK and Australia >direct…[View]
105815404Whenever you see a delusional brazilian acting like a white supremacist, please remember that he is …[View]
105808527starting a new country: starting a new country. citizenship costs $10,000. and $1000 a year in tax. …[View]
105815666The reason why I can’t be Islam.[View]
105816294Why People say UK Rules the Seas while we literally are present in 5/6 continents?: We probably top …[View]
105813884EVERYONE GET IN HERE AND HELP: I am after something jolly with an uplifting beat, something that the…[View]
105814343Could someone from your country win a fight against a gorilla?[View]
105815627Netherlands vs Italy (Under-17) 50% bl*ck, both teams[View]
105815777Meanwhile, on Bizarro /int/...[View]
105815169A compilation of National IQ data: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3c4TxciNeJZNUVaZ0VhZ3dUMkk/view…[View]
105813422Do girls commonly Dye their hairs in your cunt: ...And do you like it when they do it or you prefer …[View]
105803506>his cunt is landlocked[View]
105815628That's my fridge magnet Thoughts?[View]
105809705>2019 >religions still exist[View]
105815927does americans?[View]
105810245>that voluptuous lady from norways ESC song[View]
105806279It's impossible to suffer in a first world country. Stop lying. You don't know what suffer…[View]
105815665>Br*ts? Yeah I beat the shit of them whenever I see them, wanna join me?…[View]
105808721do you believe in race, anon?[View]
105813572i've heard people in western countries are beginning to forget how to wrte by hand... and child…[View]
105815542>amendments are supposed to be important!! >you can't just have one to change the date of…[View]
105815453Daily reminder that Finns are Mongols[View]
105812854Hello, fellows. Fucking life is so delicious - i have won gc dv lottery and this friday fucking pon…[View]
105814535Can /int/ dance? https://youtu.be/RAsCAkeN2Wo[View]
105815559>Omar comin’ yall[View]
105811783Why does Finland eat such gay cereal?[View]
105808791You're not white if you're lactose intolerant[View]
105813669If i were to completely abandon my roots and heritage and completely integrate myself into a foreign…[View]
105815345Mummy just made me this healthy, nutritious meal even though I am a 25 year old man. Do white mother…[View]
105814471What brand of fake butter do you use in your cunt? I use Arlas bregott, extra salted, which is a swe…[View]
105814762Explain this, Americans[View]
105809064/fr/ — le francofil: Édition de l'immortel Staline ancien: >>105802960[View]
105814711Every time my eyes gaze upon the flag of the People's Republic of China, my penis shrivels, my …[View]
105814628>mfw Mexicans think they invented Piñatas[View]
105814854Post your favorite and least favorite thing about the flag on top of you.[View]
105812339I don't get it.[View]
105812805Hello niggers rate my third pre-breakfast snack[View]
105814355Is this phenotype common in your cunt?[View]
105812982How can people claim Russia has no culture when Tchaikovsky, Dostoyevsky, Shostakovich, and Stravins…[View]
105807687My father has been watching a lot of Varg videos lately he was recommend a video of Varg on his You…[View]
105814698>local bank at my town (not even a city) start to show publicly conversion rate not only in USD b…[View]
105806733So true[View]
105797534How did Romanians avoid getting Slav'd during the migration period and still come out as a Roma…[View]
105814599How do we know the Western media is telling the truth about Xinjiang? The media never provides evide…[View]
105814597If they care more about the well being of Arabs, Turks and Afghans. Then why didn't they made a…[View]
105812300what country is this °___° ???[View]
105811968dear K O R E A N S of /int/ can i ask you to leave a respectful comment on this girls video, she lo…[View]
1057985421) cunt 2) eye[View]
105814384God save the Queen![View]
105814124*ahem* anime was a mistake[View]
105811352That feel when ethno-nationalist but love brown MENA girls. I suffer[View]
105812747Why isn't your country member of the Hanseatic league yet?[View]
105814103Can the Arabs say the n-word ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD6AfcoG4o8 this nafri said it a hun…[View]
105811411Nordic niggas be like ''hello my name is knut''[View]
105812768If French is the so-called 'language of intellectuals', how come Negroes can speak it without issue?[View]
105806803Why do Americans hate healthcare so much?[View]
105813858This man is going to make Ukraine great: Say something nice about him.[View]
105807209I keep having suicidal ideation and feel it is pointless to go to a psychologist. My current one doe…[View]
105809943There is a perception among old ex-Yugoslav boomers that Italians and Greeks are gypsies. If you ask…[View]
105814149Based Minnesota Producing something other than frozen fish[View]
105811061Oh look, it's Italy bring civilization to barbarian Europe again. What is this, like, the third…[View]
105809674If your country discriminates against fat people, it discriminates against America. Stop anti-Americ…[View]
105812097Why do Finns have high cheekbones?: This American girl looks more Finnish than 90% of Finns.[View]
105813340Is she gonna be ok bros?[View]
105812580Far East Russia: Hey /int/ just wondering what happens/what it's like living in far east Russia…[View]
105814013>What ? Are you telling me that my savage barbaric ooga booga tier ancestors used to rape n sheit…[View]
105813932What were your first impressions of the English language?[View]
105807457Istanbul was Constantinople, but now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople[View]
1058139171. Country 2. MED BVLL?[View]
105809194/deutsch/: /deutsch/, besser bekannt als /frosch/, ehemals /apu/, manchmal /nachtschicht/, Berlin is…[View]
105809765>In 828, relics believed to be the body of Saint Mark were stolen from Alexandria (at the time co…[View]
105813238>chsndi I don't get it[View]
105811228>Personally, if it were up to me, I'd have blow up the Yellowstone volcano years ago just to…[View]
105808522Im coming to finland in a week to taint the air with my greek shitskin prensense. How does that make…[View]
105811794What do the French think about him?[View]
105813324one of my friends literally looks just like this kor + ger mix funny huh?[View]
105813073Parents were supposed to name me Homer like my great grandfather. Gave me a Basque name instead.[View]
105812756Please Netherlands, teach us how to win the Eurovision Song Contest[View]
105809888Payback for slavery[View]
105808413i will pour some milk on this and eat it[View]
105811175Why are Westerners so obsessed with Palestine? They don't really seem to care about any other l…[View]
105806884Why do people on /int/ say they love Finland but don't bother learning Finnish?[View]
105770054/v4/+the rest: never trust a leginoar rat behind you edition[View]
105810235please come to Japan and enjoy Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpdXEuNxa7A[View]
105813021i wish i was a famous black rapper so i can make a rap song with many N words in it and title it …[View]
105811436Gay porn actor says he has fucked Macron at an orgy in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeAClG3…[View]
105811617/luso/, o fio lusófono: edição do fenótipo da brasileira[View]
105812940Language learning: Can someone recommend some quality YouTube channels in Japanese?[View]
105813002/lat/: hilo[View]
105810820Drunk British English teacher bites cop on Taipei MRT: Why couldn’t the lad handle life in Taiwan? …[View]
105812865Your country How would your parents feel if you started dating an older woman?[View]
105812606It's my birthday[View]
105808992Is it true that USMC is looked down by other branches of the military in the USA?[View]
105812864/nederdraad/: enhance editie alle geheimen zichtbaar[View]
105808032/nederdraad/: gezellig in het gras editie[View]
105808355People mistake me for a Slovenian, but in fact, I am a Carniolan.[View]
105812107Is it true that beauty standard in korea is to look japanese?[View]
105811704Ok now that I'm a manlet ? How can I live a normal life without suffering from my handicap ?[View]
105812050heh >be hoho >american haha >clap HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA…[View]
105810787>German jaws[View]
105809168>character has the power to go invisible >doesn't sneak into little girls bedroom and cum…[View]
105811864Wow, Czech children's cartoons do not fuck around.[View]
105812526It is my greatest wish to enter this world. It is a world that is alive, with people who are alive, …[View]
105812515>All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and…[View]
1058098981. cunt 2. do you have a flagpole in your yard?[View]
105812447Come on bro, leave the car. Let's ride our bicycles instead, it's such a beautiful day. He…[View]
105806403If i tell my parents i don't want to fast during ramadan they'll cut my NEETbux and throw …[View]
105804581Thank you Japan for this delicious meal^^ Enjoy![View]
105810059Why do the darker looking indian have ligther straigther hair while the more ligth skinned ones have…[View]
105804780I swear I want to puke when I see the commie simplifications[View]
105810450I'm a manlet and I fucking hate my life[View]
105812185Never forget.[View]
105810800What do you think of these three Europeans I observed in a debate earlier in the month? I attempted …[View]
105806035Sverigetråden - Dampusupplagan[View]
105811917You are in a club when this man slaps your gf's ass and demands to know whoy ye be not speaking…[View]
105811471Why is Spen so healthy?[View]
105811072Finland is the fourth reich[View]
105805436What did the Chinese mean by this? Really makes you think...[View]
105808977Morocco: Has anyone been in this country? How was it?[View]
105810591Why are we still here? Just to suffer?[View]
105810793I have pink nipples but i am not White[View]
105789404Post the most American image you have[View]
105805590MED PRIDE WORLDWIDE: >see eye thread >everyone with brown eyes is labelled nonwhite >merely…[View]
105784712How diverse was your High School?: We had two black kids in our entire year. This was over a decade …[View]
105805838I just drank a Taiwan Milk Tea :D 我剛和一杯台灣奶茶 :D Do you like Taiwan Milk Tea? 你喜歡台灣奶茶嗎?[View]
105808310/ita/ - il filo: edizione di periferia[View]
105809606>Turks say cock sucker when they say fortunately[View]
105810567What happens here?[View]
105811038>ur cunt >how well does this describe you flag literally me…[View]
105792742/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Я нaкoнeц пocмoтpeл << Бpaт 2 >> c aнглийcкими cyбтитpaми, нo pyccкий…[View]
105811083Pretty sure no women besides my mom would love me[View]
105811081Does this happen often in your country?[View]
105811020whats with third worlder and insects collectively giving their newbirth children all the same name(k…[View]
105808837If there ever was an /int/ meetup, would it turn into a massive fight? Or massive gay orgy? Or both?[View]
105805113>your cunt >do you play /gsg/ games? >which cunt are you playing right now Flag Yes I just …[View]
105810770It's amazing how one is a dreamland and the other is a soulless shithole...[View]
105810329What happened to the anti-korean jap spammer? I think i haven't seen him in a while, i miss him…[View]
105810896If you have a garden, please consider making a little water feature to help amphibians and dragonfli…[View]
105808683Why yes, I beat my dog. You have a problem with that?[View]
105802460ITT: interesting facts about Ecuador: What do you think about Ecuador? I think it is an interesting …[View]
105810482Are cannadians the sleeper redpill gf? >not particularly politically charged >kind and goofy …[View]
105810319Do you want to protect Slovenia's smile?[View]
105803693/kurd/: a general for quite literally ME and kurdistan[View]
105809470>Macedonian Eurovision representative had a nude photoshoot Say something nice about her.…[View]
105801601>your cunt >would you let her beat you up and abuse you? ill start >germany >yes…[View]
105810561Hola guapo[View]
105809922Thank you, Sweden: Thanks to you, I get to live out my dreams of seeing Shanghai in ruins.[View]
105808332Goodnight frens[View]
105798675The Netherlands is a failed state!: It's hilarious actually. Last night The Netherlands won Eur…[View]
105805220Canada is receiving heavy immigration since the 70s and it's doing fine, racists btfo[View]
105807630This faggot makes the same thread every day at the same time. He's making my country look autis…[View]
105808909What is the name of the cute German blonde? I want her to spank me.[View]
105809712Do you think that nurses should stop making fun of patients in hospitals?[View]
105807671>tfw I am gook but no gook bf(male)[View]
105808862>mfw I see less and less ru*soid faces day by day[View]
105809613Do women in your cunt wear shapewear and think it will magically make them lose weight?[View]
105808474>'Is That True anon??! You Really Don't Have Free Health Care In Your Country??!' how do you…[View]
105795695Let's make a list of ancient peoples + their descendants today I'll start: Gallo-Romans = …[View]
105809322ITT: Post what the average citizen of your country looks like[View]
105807963Yeah das right white boi, give me money, ok?[View]
105809621Why Italy was so useless during ww2?[View]
105808786Why do Euros worship this tyrant?[View]
105800484Schweiz: Is there a way to find a job in Switzerland with only English and without a degree? >my …[View]
105808726bros, why are the dirty globalists trying to make gang weed illegal[View]
105804119>Americans want to start a war against this[View]
105809408This is funny, listen >be american >get shot :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD…[View]
105805429How do you communicate with autistic people? (sweden)[View]
105809152>tfw carlet in america[View]
105808167>tfw no strong oneesan to bully me but also be sweet and caring and cooking me dinners…[View]
105806654/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105795251Which of these countries has the best wife-material women?[View]
105808981>tfw born in a light eye and light haired majority country with d*rk 'blonde' hair and br*wn eyes…[View]
105799284>current cunt >where you want to migrate to netherlands united states of america…[View]
105806713>hello i am an italian man and it looks like you didn't respect my family recipe to the lett…[View]
105802960/fr/ - Fil de la France: Édition féérique[View]
105808688>>105807835 Küche[View]
105808637>yer fanny >your favorite terror film a) flag b)Hostel 2005 I mean, I do enjoy classics like H…[View]
105807725/int/ people you miss edition.: I miss this based Aussie :([View]
105808636How do I move to Australia? Oneechan is already there as a citizen. She is a lawyer in Queensland. I…[View]
105806038>wake up >look at alarm clock >14:33 >think of something >'ZITTO ANIMALE' >still n…[View]
105794735/ita/ - il filo: Edizione del giorno del signore[View]
105795796Meanwhile, on Bizarro /int/...[View]
105808496/ita/ - il filo: Negro edizione[View]
105804486So now that Eurovision Asia is possibly next, what's expected to happen during the jury block v…[View]
105806665why do white people do this? whats wrong with them imagine where this tongues has been ? ewwwww[View]
105805646/brit/: daft edition[View]
105804771Name something more pure[View]
105807463i just bullied a finn in battlefield 4 by calling him pekka over and over again[View]
105806702How do Chads decide the nationality of their girlfriend?[View]
105806454your cunt why you don't have a gf? flag I'm afraid of being cheated on[View]
105805735ITT we appreciate Iceland Absolutely based country, especially after dominating Evrope yesterday wi…[View]
105793095/polska/: Edycja niedzielna[View]
105805724What is the 'Hello' 'see you later' in Russian?: I do a part time job at the con…[View]
105807426nipbot here: go ahead tell me i'm pretty[View]
105805993>STOP RIGHT THERE YOU FILTHY KUFFAR! Now show me your jizya receipts from the last three months. …[View]
105805851OH NO NO NO NO NO https://youtu.be/LqGMdqYM19E[View]
105802416/nederdraad/: Nederdraad. Vragenronde: is de holocaust gebeurd?[View]
105803755for all the Turkish G A M E R S[View]
105803898>his country is not the largest in the world OH NO NO NO[View]
105806930>This angers and enrages the Wh*toid[View]
105805042>having one disproportionately populous city red=real country[View]
105806997Je dirai à ta mère que tu as le gay, parce que je t'ai fait regarder des garçons qui étaient ha…[View]
105805393https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_(weapon)#Product >'Skunk' is dispersed as a form of yellow mi…[View]
105803333Just admit it, you want an American woman.[View]
105805480J'ai besoin de la bite jour et nuit, sans fin en due.[View]
105806824What is El Chupacabra called in your country?[View]
105806303Seriously, why do Indians like to poo in public so much? And they don't even wipe. https://yout…[View]
105807498The absolute state of Britain.[View]
105804418Ur stupid bitch Do you hate USSR?[View]
105772513/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição: MINAS É O MEU PAÍS anterior: >>105690976[View]
105807373All Italians need to return to Italy[View]
105807256Me? You could say I'm an holocaust agnostic.[View]
105807183You wake up in Portland, Oregon[View]
105800328Why do black people say 'axe' instead of 'ask'?[View]
105805462The 'fedora tipper' atheist meme doesnt make since to me. Maybe its an American thing because there…[View]
105806977The absolute state of Britain https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1129489526907445248[View]
105802273Your country What is best paying job you can get with no skills? Flag Bin man at about £25-30k (31-…[View]
105794342South Korea's fertility rate is only .98 children per woman.[View]
105802650Why can't Europe innovate anymore? All the new tech comes from the USA or China.[View]
105806975haha he did it again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvMEXkO5REg what a lad[View]
105801256have sex[View]
105806248Does this happen in ur cunt? yes here[View]
105806807Dont bully Belgium: Dont bully Belgium, theyre our little brother and theyre a REAL country BeNeLux…[View]
105806326No wonder Jap birth rates are plummeting...[View]
105802851The norweggo-korean culture is powerful: https://youtube.com/watch?v=l66-5xgrMac But we have no anim…[View]
105804833How do I get a Mexican gf[View]
105797983Are you embarrassed by linguistic relatives?: Hungary Yes. Finns are very 'special'. And Estonians …[View]
105803311ZERO: >0 POINTS[View]
105806051Post spooky animals from your cunt[View]
105799311Tell me about the Sami[View]
105806019>Russians exist[View]
105805114>>105804922 Do not make fun of war. You deal with different guys this time. It is not Germany …[View]
105805290>le reportage (masc) >die Reportage (fem) >το reportage (neuter) why is this allowed…[View]
105806373>Br*ts? Yeah I beat the shit out of them whenever I see them, how could you tell?…[View]
105806104>one chance at life >born canadian[View]
105804279Based: & redpilled[View]
105804358>1. cunt >2. less known facts about that cunt 1. flag 2. There are almost as much christians i…[View]
105805881Why are albanians so stupid?[View]
105805154>the smartest man in Britain[View]
105800653/BAM BAM BAM/ ehemals /deutsch/: REDBULL-WOTGER AUSGABE[View]
105802780I wish I had a mommy gf, a house, a job and a dog[View]
105804540mmhmm, love me some frozen titties[View]
105805792How do Greenlandic girls smell like?[View]
105803051/brit/: Rasta edition[View]
105804809Goodbye /int/, it's a beautiful day outside and I'm going for a bike ride and to buy some …[View]
105803328What's it like being oppressed minority in your country?[View]
105800480>Be American >English the Official language >Western coast USA has Spanish forced upon them…[View]
105803264>be me, a supreme gangetic Aryan >go to indiachan and see a mallu thread where mallus are talk…[View]
105804195So this... is the power of the BLACK BVLL...[View]
105804093remember always to refer to italians as Mahmood[View]
105805463>Sure, we can have sex >But first you’re going to have to put on this gas mask…[View]
105805414detective pikachu edition[View]
105797677Should I trap a lonely Korean or Japanese guy into getting me pregnant? East Asia seems like a neat …[View]
105803023I live in a dystopic Third World Country. I don't wanna live in this land any longer. Can I com…[View]
105803378i'm a westerner and i like anime and k pop[View]
105805130About to eat a dish of pelmeni and I was thinking they are basically Swedish meatbolls with a layer …[View]
105805119Does anyone here have experience with Chinese interwebs? I stumbled across some Chinese social media…[View]
105805024>File no longer exists (404).[View]
105801125Sverigetråden - lättäupplagan[View]
105803196>he's okay with it me being born with a penis[View]
105800525Americans really do that thing? LMAO this can't be real AHAHAHAHAH[View]
105803868>Irish women[View]
105803313>You cant force women to abort so you smash their fetuses into beauty products you fucking animal…[View]
105805629Swiss voters approve stricter gun control laws to fit with EU rules[View]
105804897'WELL SLAP ME AROUND N' CALL ME SUSAN': Why do Americans keep saying this? It's like their…[View]
105801947Russian man in London Rate[View]
105800813Eurovision day-after discussion: How the fuck did Netherland's shit song win?[View]
105803220ITT: we share our problems with other anons I can't pee when there's other people nearby. …[View]
105783442/mämmi/: nistipainos[View]
105802647>be womyn >no degree >no special skills >live in any country I want as a nanny or au p…[View]
105801119please impregnate korean women[View]
105798298>this is a 10/10 in Japan[View]
105803606How come Bashkirs (the people who raped Eastern Germans in WW2) have the same average Cephalic Index…[View]
105804706I paid $23 for a cab fare tonight so I didn't have to walk through the lebanese part of town on…[View]
105801425Women? Vile creatures root of all Evil I hope the day technology allows men to reproduce asexually a…[View]
105788783Strawpol quiz and gender swap: https://www.strawpoll.me/18015275 https://www.strawpoll.me/18015294 h…[View]
105802733Tcitto animàl[View]
105804639>be me >drive a japanese car >use a chinese mobile >shitpost on a taiwanese laptop >w…[View]
105804446>My thread about September 1939 was deleted Russian janny at it again. Kek…[View]
105804461Why do Russians have such a victim complex? We all love Russia and no one hates them.[View]
105804251have you thirsted over 'asian cuties' today?[View]
105801667Why do they hate our race?[View]
105803539>Called the nigger waiter “garçon” He DID NOT like that[View]
105797172Jap lowlifes.[View]
105802512Why are Romanians so dumb?[View]
105801350What are /int/ eating now?: しらす丼 for dinner[View]
105801180Why Japs like fluffy thicc pancake[View]
105801295when will (((americans))) invade it and bring democracy?[View]
105803513If i become a Christian and change my arabic name to a Greek one, would you accept me as a European?[View]
105794840Daily Romania thread: Get in here my romanian brothers to discuss the future of our beautiful countr…[View]
105804045>when you see a map of the Muslim world unified under a caliphate in public…[View]
105803143>its my second day in Japan >I go out to the city >the entire streets are filled with thous…[View]
105802135What was Greece thinking?[View]
105803832Dear shitty countries: PLEASE take Tasmania off our hands. We beg you.[View]
105800964/eus/ - euskal haria:: Drum n bass edizioa[View]
105794173>he doesn't live in the country side When the damn shitstorm hits, Y'all city folk won…[View]
105802770Woah... New York City looks like THAT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AVzkTd9R44[View]
105797916Why do all Poles have the Auschwitz body type?[View]
105798262Speak English[View]
105800444Is he a king of incel???[View]
105803045How come they are the only Uralic peoples with their own countries?[View]
105801886Have you ever managed to study an entire subject of which you know very little to begin with in a si…[View]
105798943Why is Norway so strong?[View]
105803295we should replace cars with public transportation fuck america for inventing the car culture and spr…[View]
105802985>yes my tinder bio says 'swipe towards your political stance', what gave it away?…[View]
1058031461. Your country 2. Is your country a vassal state? 3. does it have vassal states on its own? 1. Germ…[View]
105803080Why don't americans celebrate easter?[View]
105791779i want to summon beautiful china girl on 4chan from a few days ago here if you are the china girl pl…[View]
105802062Please come to Belgium to fuck our women[View]
105754026/mena/: Everyone’s welcome, Arab or not![View]
105799844/brit/: Toil bog posting edition[View]
105802989Why are Austrians so corrupt? https://youtu.be/-HcQxgfVf2w[View]
105802820OH NO NO NO HAHAHA: https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1130068317723451392[View]
105802229I saved this vid on 4chan /int/ Any of you got more of her? Who is she? https://youtu.be/x1Zmv7-RzO…[View]
105793858do americans feel scared of China? they seem to feel very threatened by them...[View]
105798271Stop letting us live rent free in your gay ass fuckin head you nonamerican peices of shit.[View]
105796785A-anon, can I seize your means of reproduction?[View]
105802295>This was the Macedonian representative on Eurovision She's done photoshoots for a water com…[View]
105798165why? no, i do not fast in ramadan. how did you know?[View]
105802422Is it especially harder to find a gf if you look and sound like a twink in your country?[View]
105798887/neder/: Nederdraad: zondagslurp-editie[View]
105799193Well that didn't go as planned[View]
105798871How do we save /int/?[View]
105797116Do Americans really do this?[View]
105796744>one (1) shot at life >born indian >mfw actually infinite shots at life bc born hindu so it…[View]
105801593/Med/ Elliot Rodger edition: Hello,how u guys today. It's Sunday yey[View]
105788891/lat/: hilo latino edicion ANTI ANIME[View]
105802180Did you know that Norway is also the best at driving? We are number one you losers![View]
105794346Norway was robbed by those jews yesterday[View]
105802202>Wake up at 9:15 AM >Go on /int/ It is 9:02 PM right now and I'm still on /int/. What the…[View]
105799648Women should be beaten once every three days[View]
105797899Why did norway oppress its native population? Are they not deserving of more reparations than the me…[View]
105802114America: U.S.A looks like a fun country if you have enough money.[View]
105797062Post a pic of your shitter:: L'édition internationale[View]
105801851/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
105796650cunt are you white trash, or your countrys equivalent to it? flag yes[View]
105796046When you are done eating at an Austrian McD leave your tray on the table so the staff can take it fo…[View]
105801279Please come to the Balkans and have sex with our women :)[View]
105799709Why don't the Romance Language countries go back to speaking Latin?[View]
105801647Do americans really do this?[View]
105801512>fucking rude tourists pointing cameras in everyones face[View]
105795641who's more famous in the world?: SON or Faker[View]
105801316are americans amazed when they come to europe and everything isn't artificial, plastic or fake …[View]
105801525Why is the Yen weak? Why does Japan have a 10,000 note? Why is it $1=¥110? Why do gaijins have to pa…[View]
105795597Countries that matter at least a little bit.[View]
105797219/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Edition de Coin 3 Arène. Ancien >>105768015[View]
105801162What will be the first developed sub-Saharan country?[View]
105799356Þegar að við hittumst Þegar að við kyssumst[View]
105797419Russian women look like that?[View]
105800807Suicide rates:) Are you happy in your country? I'm not happy.[View]
105801146>GF, relationships or family!?!?! >FUCK THAT I’m going to spend my whole life on 4chan shitpos…[View]
105794576Witcher 3 is a 4 years old game today! what are some polish things you did to celebrate?[View]
105793990Are all french men this hot? he looks like a roman statue[View]
105798971''fun fact this video contains the entire population of san marino''[View]
105799018im thinking of playing runescape again[View]
105800908I want a Chinese gf[View]
105800905مذہب نہیں سکھاتا آپس میں بیر رکھنا۔[View]
105800855>asian incels larping as chads and white woman conquerors >too many finns >too many lithuan…[View]
105795786question to wh*Toids: why do wh*Te ppl laugh with their mouth open? dont they know how to smile??…[View]
105800677Which one do you find more depressing? Commie blocks or Hong Kong Apartments?[View]
105795682Stopping at the gas station, /int/. You guys want anything?[View]
105796231>Hahaha british girls so ugl-[View]
105789633/deutsch/ + /nachtschicht/: die ruhige und etwas traurige ausgabe https://youtu.be/9tshT4Dnmeg…[View]
105794991tfw no office lady gf[View]
105800398The ultimate fighter: Team amerimutt vs Team Evropa[View]
105791785>your country >how many UNESCO world heritage sites do you have? Canada 8…[View]
105799786Thoughts on the Kpop boy group aesthetics?: Do you think they are redefining masculinity?[View]
105799664we should begin referring to all italians as mahmood how funny would that be heh[View]
105799238ITT: post a person known as a symbol of wealth in your cunt[View]
105796178Eurovision recap: Does anyone honestly believe that Germany got 0 points in Israel from the popular …[View]
105794464It is my dream to marry a pure and loyal russian qt who loves me. What is your dream?[View]
105798498In what situations don't you tip?[View]
105799980/ex-yu/: Bažirana gajiča edičija[View]
105784989Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
105796549/brit/: yaas queen[View]
105799218Did you know women in Europe who do not wear bras and have their nipples hard mean they are single? …[View]
105792487brazilians: why r they like this...[View]
105797243>be me >taking a flight with China Eastern Airlines >chinky girl flight attendants say good…[View]
105796686>had to listen to a baby boomer explain why he voted coalition because of labor's supposedly…[View]
105796260Where should I move to now this country elected the most retarded, corrupt government in history AGA…[View]
105798234Imgine being an EU Vassal State[View]
105792372Girls you want to rape[View]
105675128/lang/ - Language Learning General: Chinese Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >Share…[View]
105794572euromutt: American mutt here. Should I just racemix? I was thinking about getting a latina waifu des…[View]
105797350Australia made a huge mistake last night fuck this country.[View]
105794785Is this considered fat in your country?[View]
105784085/nederdraad/: Je kat oprapen editie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAGfx7eB3gA[View]
105797522Western media wants me to be angry that China is building de-Islamification factories for the Uighur…[View]
105798237In 1965, 8 pounds and 15 shillings bought you a week's stay at a Welsh beach resort. What does …[View]
105797379Do you like Nordic girls?: Let's be honest: Would you?[View]
105794610This girl enjoys collecting turks. What do you think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bO2SjCtmB_Q[View]
105793688>American continent >both South America and North America conquered by Whites, Whites populati…[View]
105798790>tfw manlet[View]
105795909This is the average Bulgarian boy, what do you think about him?[View]
105797623Purchasing power Europe 2018[View]
105797494Hey Where can I find these in Indonesia?[View]
105794603I summon girls!! girls hiding that threads please show your face.[View]
105796612/int/ /v/idya poll: your race did you ever pay for any video game/software/movie/porn me BLACK of c…[View]
105795056All I want is to go balls-deep into a rabbi[View]
105798115is game of thrones fun?[View]
105796229American YouTube Blogger ‘No Joke Howard’ Dies in Mexico City: No Joke Howard, semi famous Cambodia …[View]
105798106So how was Eurovision from last night ? I haven't watched it and I can't stand some bullcr…[View]
105798094Why does sweden does this?[View]
105795432Why do country people larp as tough and nature forged and stupid shit like that? Every village Ive b…[View]
105794258americans love this why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrIiPcv4_iY[View]
105797910let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor[View]
105797757wow... powerful...[View]
105796683i just wanna go back to the time when i was a kid goint to catholic school and believing in all that…[View]
105791880>Noooooo you cant just eliminate the Boer colonizers, reclaim their ill-gotten land and redistrib…[View]
105797488Did it ever happen to you that you had night out and next morning you found drug in your jacket? I w…[View]
105794234do muslims really do this?[View]
105795507Maktool Jigar, Qatil-e-Nazar, Ik Mahjabi, Ik Noor-e-Nagi Rab ki Rubaai Ya hai tabahi, Gardan Zorahi,…[View]
105796958/desi/: Pramila Jayapal edition. I'm white but I enjoy South Asia threads and there isn't …[View]
105796290Monkey use dropkick![View]
105792320Please stop bullying us.[View]
105796301>he lives in a country literally pronounced 'you are gay'[View]
105796620Wish I had a gf LMAO[View]
105796524Quick! Take the red pill and break out of Anglo's illusion.[View]
105797153Why yes, I do believe Korea has the best cuisine. How could you tell?[View]
105794728Feminism in Korea Horri shet just nuke me jong un https://youtu.be/P19h9JY8v_Y[View]
1057961391. Cunt 2. Have you ever been shot?[View]
105794879Dutch People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0msBwUfGjc8[View]
105796200Mon Dieu! C'est le Roumain gay, encore.[View]
105793706Losing your father: In your culture, how do you react to losing a father?[View]
105795999His belly looks like a coconut lmao[View]
105796826I want a mexican gf[View]
105796015Will Hong Kong ever make good movies again or did Beijing neuter them[View]
105791433/brit/: https://youtu.be/-KNODPnw5CQ the way of the shagger edish *SHAGGERS ONLY*[View]
105793137made a new comic thoughts[View]
105794254>sovth brazil is not whi-[View]
105794389int ylyl[View]
105795458How do you listen to music on the go?: Do you follow the trends of your region?[View]
105795298Oh Allah the Cringe of this vidoe has killed me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1cRH0z55As…[View]
105796265Daily reminder that for a pole it is unpatriotic to not tolerate and accept religious minorities, it…[View]
105790337> free palestine! > iceland based > muh terrorist state israel…[View]
105794683First and last time eurovision was remotelly interesting is when pic related performed their song. B…[View]
105794862Learning swedish for a little over a week now. Who wants to try and speak basic swedish with me in o…[View]
105768015/fr/ - Frank fil: Edition des sœurs et de l'amour familial ancien : >>105751712[View]
105795600>Why yes I have a deathly fear of flying and it keeps me from traveling the world, how could you …[View]
105793479>Australia? A joke of a country. It's economy is too heavily centered around mining, particu…[View]
105795902>Methinks men are disgusting while women are hot. Women make my pee pee hard, and seeing women do…[View]
105794081BRUH https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47632929?ns_source=twitter&ocid=socialflow_twitter&ns…[View]
105795301I love Chinese so much: They pay a lot of money for anime unlike useless weeb losers[View]
105795733>be me >dying of bacteremia in hospital >German doctor: “don’t worry about dying, you can …[View]
105795802what cunt has the cutest posters?: new zelanders are pretty cute from what I have noticed[View]
105795709Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
105793711Do you know about TAIWAN?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaEBYegFABY[View]
105791969I'm going to japan next year. What can I do to increase my chances of getting laid as an ugly c…[View]
105794568Which has better nature Africa or South America?[View]
105795319Do you go to the pleb cinema in your cunt? Fuck that, you get loud whooping niggers (horror genre an…[View]
105795380Isn't it crazy how women manage to be the same everywhere, transcending all boundaries whether …[View]
105794073Seriously, why aren't they Mexican States?[View]
105794878>The Vatican? A joke of a country. It's economy is too heavily centered around resources, pa…[View]
105795428Do you want a cushiTHICC gf ?[View]
105793644Fuck China, I want to be frens with Taiwan.[View]
105795099>his country is landlocked[View]
105793972>White white white white white hurr durr >have I use the w- word enough this last hour? No let…[View]
105795383imagine how good it will feel when the failing country of America will finally be no longer relevant…[View]
105794865Look at our milk. Thoughts?[View]
105794190It is my dream to marry an Asian woman: ...[View]
105794585First one to get dubs names our new capital[View]
1057952291. your cunt 2. did you rawdog your girl twice in a row today >flag >yes…[View]
105794153>you wake up in the African city of Atlanta What do?[View]
105794358>My top 3 favorite countries? Well, excluding the USA of course, I'd say Israel Israel and I…[View]
105793721I don't live in a dystop-[View]
105789162USA is a multiracial country not an anglo country so I dont think we should speak english. what lang…[View]
105794336>So Anon what are you? Busy or lazy? https://youtu.be/OgzmbwRNfmA[View]
105794883>why yes I blame women for every problem in my life, how could you tell?…[View]
105793015This isn't fair, Mexico is lapping the competition.[View]
105793325>This is what French people used to look like woah[View]
105741771/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: 'The Hero We Need' Edition[View]
105791586Les garçons de 4chan il y a le gay.[View]
105794710>ur cunt >why Asian gf? >why dont you own a german car? >how much is 1kg of chicken in u…[View]
1057946171950: Europe's population: 562 million people. Latam's population: 150 Million 2020 Europe…[View]
105793055If whites are eternally cucked because they follow a foreign religion, then what does that say about…[View]
105793826Would you a Chinese gf?[View]
105794644Free Palestine: Free Palestine https://youtu.be/F1Due_TpstU[View]
105794660/ita/ - il filo: Buona Domenica[View]
105794132AHHHHHH Reddit is down for a third day in a row! Let's all pretend to be redditors from your co…[View]
105791606The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
105792045/한국어/: WMAF edition[View]
105790687Why is America incapable of building a high speed rail network the way China did?[View]
105794430Jakyll&Hide: I want to nurse people across the globe, like the inner Mother Teresa I actually am…[View]
105793353you must post in this thread if youre depressed or lonely or your favorite dog will die in in sleep[View]
105792012What was that? You wanted to talk about the Ugyhurs?: Go on.[View]
105794208“I would much rather see the past culture of our nation disappear than see our race die out now beca…[View]
105792825LOL truly the pinnacle of comedy[View]
105792735>han >hun >hans !!!!!…[View]
105791629Can I find love in the Philippines with $10?[View]
105793492Are ads in your language or English nowadays?[View]
105793731All you need is love: A-A-Are Asians capable of love?[View]
105792779Sup Niggers: Bet you faggots can't make me cry.[View]
105793723>NOOOOOO why you all hate each other? I thought the future of humanity would be like in Star Trek…[View]
105794049*blocks your path*[View]
105793478Say something nice about our white, Italian American Identitarian brothers in the US.[View]
105793884>not living in abondonded missile silos Does your cunt not use them?[View]
105790527Do you bros also know this feel where you're just lying in bed with your eyes open staring at t…[View]
105793809>United Statea of America? A joke of a country. It's economy is too heavily centered around …[View]
105786970>pro-choice niggas be like 'When someone punches a pregnant lady in the stomach it's assault…[View]
10579299150% of white women are over 45 years old Its over pigskins[View]
105789852Is there any particular region of your country that you're mad at at the moment? Fuck Queensla…[View]
105793124>literally every Algerian I ever met was fluent in French >signs are written in French everywh…[View]
105793871My favourite country? India of course, a beautiful ancient land filled with countless beautiful cult…[View]
105792026New Chinese Exclusion Act when?[View]
105793529Is it true people outside Spain dont jump over their babies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzJBpVV…[View]
105792422which do you prefer an american empire (constant intevention politics) or a chinese empire (until re…[View]
105793846I miss him...[View]
105792251*crushes her hand*[View]
105786829What's Vienna like? I've always wanted to travel or live there.[View]
105792397The Euro was Invented in 1865: The Latin Monetary Union was Europe's first modern monetary unio…[View]
105788716faces of /int/[View]
105787214Do they use Arabic numerals in Europe? Here in America we hate them.[View]
105792257How does the average person look in your country? Pic related[View]
105792538I'm becoming an EMT. I'm so excited to help people and potentially save lives. It will giv…[View]
105793295*Hits pipe*[View]
105792720it's over: I filtered it...[View]
105790132/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Saturday edition[View]
105793404Post /int/ music or videos, try not to post meme stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrXiXDUQia8 …[View]
105791400Average Bugman at Tencent in Shenzhen, China Makes Over $10,000 Monthly: Average chink bugman at Ten…[View]
105792454why are Italian women so perfect[View]
105789043what's a good reason to visit Eastern Europe?[View]
105793087This was sexy in 1992. In your country, what was sexy in 1992?[View]
105789169/brit/: are jezza edition[View]
105791903Do you love Japan?[View]
105793280ITT: Peak moments in the American culture life[View]
105792815Why are there so many threads shilling for China? Its a paper tiger, you niggers are retarded[View]
105793219Hurray!: I know nothing! I am ashamed of my ignorance! This makes me angry, which causes me to hate …[View]
105790801What are pensions like in your country?[View]
105791220New Zealand and Australia will soon be an Oceanian caliphate <3 Mashallah brothers, alhamdulillah…[View]
105790303What countries are you going to be visiting this summer?[View]
105792223Does your cunt know this?[View]
105791874Post your steam ID and a pic of your desk, I may buy you a game.[View]
105793012>/int/ fills up with China shill threads right about when it's mid-morning in China and the …[View]
105789915What has your country done to help end the illegal occupation of Palestine? Icelanders are very welc…[View]
105791919I'm addicted to /int/[View]
105793006>what was that my cool dude? No of course I'm not muslim[View]
105790573Only 20% of them look like white[View]
105790356Why are womans like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lyS_1JE6Qns[View]
105790833How can Sydney be considered an alpha city and not Toronto? Makes no sense whatsoever, Australia is …[View]
105791855is austria kill?[View]
105792989What is the 'capital' of your country's internet/technology sector, /int/?[View]
105792764greatest countries on earth: 1.america 2.israel 3.japan 4.saudi arabia 5.south korea[View]
105790701ITT: we construct a list of Israels crimes: >US Liberty Incident >Lavon Affair >Murder of…[View]
105783616>Euros watch this shit[View]
105792966In what part of the world do people throw toilet paper they have used to wipe their buttox into a tr…[View]
105789836I'm addicted to marijuana.[View]
105791556Do Americans really do this?[View]
105791415/AOC/ General: What are your thoughts on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, /int/?[View]
105788308Anyone else unironically hyped for this? They literally have no way to fuck it up.[View]
105758811/danmarktråden/ #2: ja udgaven forrige tråd >>105683475[View]
105791236What do people in your country think of Soviet/Eastern bloc animation, /int/? Do you watch it?[View]
105792286We have been a vassal of both and let me tell y'all this one thing. America is an objectively b…[View]
105792098“This is Donald Trump. I’m an important man. Who is this?”[View]
105792544You fell sympathy for Palestine, bro? Haha, what a loser[View]
105792348>Hold on, I need to watch a new TED-Ed video[View]
105792501FUCK MEDS[View]
105791699I must have listened to this album like 20 times already, god damn this is good[View]
105777595The EU wants to kill this diversity[View]
105790283>he doesn't have a passport[View]
105791351what phenotype is this??[View]
105790216tfw 82,14% evropean[View]
105792319Beta Male Rage: >https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/111091452/what-is-overkill-and-why-is-it-…[View]
105792341Why is it that the majority of incel subhumans I see on the internet are am*Rican...?[View]
105791163are brazilians with 'MONGREL SYNDROME' (thinking that brazil is shit) based or are they cucks ?[View]
105791147>culture is so important bros! we must defend european culture. what culture? oh uhm.. like sausa…[View]
105791926>wake up >you're not as goodlooking as him whats the point of life?…[View]
105792154Do you feel a sense of camaraderie with your fellow countrymen?[View]
105792101Behold! A representative map of Australia! Guaranteed 101% accurate! >Be LNC >Cripple the shit…[View]
105792008If/when the US collapsed in 5-10 years, will Putin allow Amerifat refugees like myself? What could I…[View]
105791831>nuclear disarmament? nooooooo don't you realize that we'd be fighting world war 20 by …[View]
105778403>be Austrian[View]
105788100'Land of the free'[View]
105786666TOP 4 CUNT: 1. China 2. Myanmar 3. Israel 4. Serbia[View]
105789728Red pill me[View]
105789769Why are wh*Tes so intimidating? Just had a wh*Toid come up to me asking for the location of a restau…[View]
105789015Could she pass as a local in ur country?[View]
105789469Becoming Obese: >Stop eating healthy >Eat 4,000 calories in a day >Feel a hard-on because I…[View]
105791669Why are wh*te people like this?[View]
105791364I unironically hope China surpasses America as the world power, Americans are already exporting thei…[View]
105790362>one shot at life >born in a dystopia (Brazil) We were born to suffer, weren't we bros? Y…[View]
105791226Why is the Philippines poor? How will I get NEETbux when my cunt is poor?[View]
105789998What is humor like in your country?[View]
105788847average south brazilians[View]
105790354Do people in your country know who this is?[View]
105790982There's something wrong with me that's for sure, the fact is I don't want to see a do…[View]
1057862601. your shithole 2. why is it a shithole[View]
105789635What is this called in your country?[View]
105790907>I'm depressed (self diagnosed)[View]
105790398Why is Portugal so poor? How do Portuguese people cope with going from the most powerful navy on ear…[View]
105790483>why yes, I post on /int/ every single day, how could you tell?[View]
105790030Average portuguese family[View]
105775543/ex-yu/: novi bojana laban /ex-yu/ tred[View]
105791380Fuck You, Roy. Suck My Dick And Gargle My Balls: Found out my friend lurks here on /int/ Do you have…[View]
105791223self hating medshit from nyc: how do i cope?[View]
105789992I am boiling two packages of ramen noodles together in the same pot. This single meal will deliver 1…[View]
105790508Is America even first world?[View]
105776811Why are Japanese girls so fat?: This is the average Japanese teens girls.[View]
105790884>why yes im american how could you tell?[View]
105790275>Mom PLEASE let me watch Dan the Diamond Minecart I swear he doesn't curse…[View]
105788429EUROVISION: How did we go from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cv9NIzGmSI To this: https://ww…[View]
105775965/polska/: edycja lisa[View]
105791088I have an interview with the Peace Corps scheduled for next Tuesday[View]
105790340ayyy no: I love dogos but Pitbulls scare the shit out of me...what do? Do you like pitbulls?[View]
105790881Sometimes I just go into arguments I have no say in, reference a random post and say “Spotted the re…[View]
105790021>dick is only one centimeter above average how do i cope as a dicklet?[View]
105790686America is a disease killing our world China is the cure[View]
105789950Which type of european women likes 7/10 redheaded guys?[View]
105789019How did your country make PSAs? Here are the leafland PSAs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvxGQAEc…[View]
105783795this place has to go, hopefully the nukes are already in the air. can we also remove all record that…[View]
105788678>I remember in 7th grade there was the prettiest chinese girl in my class, fresh off the boat. …[View]
105789388ITT we congratulate the netherlands for their well deserved victory Congratulations, dutch bros[View]
105790432I have 5 condos all rented out to students or wh*Toid suckers working 9-5 at some office in Vancouve…[View]
105790100In Spaghetti Westerns, most Mexicans were played by Italians and nobody could tell the difference. E…[View]
105788605>gives up gun rights to stay in schengen zone >will eventually have to join the EU to stay in …[View]
105789847Why do blacks have an obsession with the concept of the “soul?” Soul food. Soul music. Soul train. S…[View]
105782808What did Iceland mean by THIS?[View]
105790188>why yes, I’m brazilian >how could you tell?…[View]
105767098/ita/ il filo: edizione: nato troppo tardi per comprare una gf direttamente dal padre nato troppo pr…[View]
105790147that was not nice...[View]
105789651underrated moment[View]
105790347Useless information occupies every open space inside your skull[View]
105789516Why do I get bullied by girls all the time?[View]
105790556How do we stop the economic crisis in Italy?[View]
105789960>Me personally? Well I think everything would be a lot nicer if instead of huge countries with mi…[View]
105754523/cum/ + friends: Asian Muscle edition[View]
105790331Is it true that the word 'billion' means 10^12 in most European countries instead of 10^9?[View]
105788719>MMXIX >still using ar*bic numerals[View]
105780259>sex scene >sister puffs up[View]
105789868So, do Muslim countries just not have therapy dogs?[View]
105790274if you were(are) girl or gay, would you date american guy?[View]
105790268Ireland Hate Thread: Oh give me a home Where there's no Pope of Rome Where there's nothing…[View]
105790136rate this talented swedish vocalist[View]
105789092/norgetråden/: Zombielars-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>105730818[View]
105787844to heck with flags you are all my friends :D: >Everyday when you're walking down the street …[View]
105787449When will Israel stop killing innocent people?: https://twitter.com/pappagalIi/status/11298866032861…[View]
1057894311. Country. 2. Favorite song (or recently favorite song). Flag https://youtube.com/watch?v=spzGGnS0z…[View]
105788089I think Russia is a poor and corrupt country.[View]
105790037Is all of Sweden black at this point? Should it be renamed to New Africa?[View]
105789731yes very thread[View]
105789794imagine looking like maxi iglesias i wonder his body count[View]
105785864>have sex How do I respond to this?[View]
105787693Why can’t I get a cute Japanese girlfriend[View]
105787195Which country has the rudest posters?[View]
105758400>want to eat >no food in fridge >half past ten already so shops are closed should i order a…[View]
105789017Who's the Arthur Morgan of countries?[View]
105788202Its saturday night what are people doing in ur cunt?[View]
105788839>Have Daltonism - green/red color blindness >Can't tell if an Italian or a Peruvian is po…[View]
105788930Korea is not a bad place to live. Please move to Korea.[View]
105788528This shocks the Israeli. It near brings him to tears. He will likely wish death upon me for merely b…[View]
105788794What are some truly evil countries?[View]
105784301I SERIOUSLY cannot f*cking COMPREHEND that a fucking WHITE, fucking HETEROSEXUAL, fucking MALE won t…[View]
105788587How hard is it to learn Russian?[View]
105788398Have sex Israel, jesus christ. Just fucking have sex.[View]
105788926fuck americans[View]
105780312The average muscovite[View]
105780830Do you have kids? Do you want any? I don't, but I wish that I will have some some day.[View]
105787789Fuck you mom, I don't want to do the dishes.[View]
105789195>Flag Are you getting enough vitamin D? How often do you go outside?[View]
105789325heir of illyria: proud to be albanian shqiperi[View]
105789279Why do Canadians?[View]
105788899Salut les Français(es): Je voulais vous demander si vous pouvez décrire les avantages (s'ils ex…[View]
105789152>take your meds[View]
105786002Europeans promote degeneracy and destroy everything they touch. When the United States, Israel, and …[View]
105783307/Sverigetråden/: FUCK SWEDEN THANK YOU FOR THE EASY WIN-edition[View]
105786695/brit/: Johnny Cash edish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZfItlZG97Q[View]
105787925No wonder Jap men aren't having sex...[View]
105788297Would you fuck this Australian qt?[View]
105786214A few years ago a Frenchman wrote what the Americans were like from his experience in Afghanistan. H…[View]
105784613NORWAY WON THE EUROVISION Sorted by public votes[View]
105788818I literally don't need to work but......: I'm starting to feel lonely as hell. Should I fi…[View]
105788093>Seeing a report with german neonazis >Guy says 'we gonna send blacks and arabs to a multicult…[View]
105779131/lat/ hilo latino: y yo creo que solo massa podra salvarnos[View]
105784903Rate my ancestry[View]
105788843Why do Asians do this?[View]
105788971Lmao y pipo really do be like that[View]
105789046>try to offer hot Asian girls on IG $5000 USD to sleep with me >they never answer my DMs or ev…[View]
105788411https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fELp2fPI8wI i wish this guy would perform again. would vote 10/10…[View]
105787954>His country holds its election on the weekend[View]
105786358Is this the most based country on the planet?[View]
105788888/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
105786179>Hatred for Israel is what will unite Americans again Never thought I'd say this unironical…[View]
105787974>tfw not in europe[View]
105788786Will cutting my nose off heal my allergic nasal problems?[View]
105788811Eurovision Tel Aviv - presented by MyHeritage.com[View]
105787790ITT: genocidal shitholes[View]
105788723Detective Pikachu: Thoughts?[View]
105786702Is it considered disrespectful to drag a country's flag into the Recycle Bin?[View]
105785868I just went to a greek festival greeks are cool and make good food[View]
105730818/Norgetråden/: Hurra for 18. mai-utgaven! Forrige: >>105689932[View]
105787461>the jury made her cry the jury must apologize[View]
105788564We stand with Lithuania.[View]
105788061What type of music do you guys listen to? https://youtu.be/ZF4Z6smOrZw[View]
105786393Miss Denmark 2011 is from Iraq[View]
105788394All the prettiest women I've personally seen were Greek.[View]
105778928Portugal hate thread: you guys are literally below Poland now in every developmental index, includin…[View]
105783918Sorry, Israel: I would like to apologize on behalf of all Icelanders for the scandalous and embarras…[View]
105784867Would he have won if his name was Mario instead of Mahmood?[View]
105787478How can we compete with this, bros?[View]
105787343Who would win in a fist fight? The Right Honourable Justin Pierre James Trudeau, 1,87m >Pros -has…[View]
105788170Just: Testing if any turks are awake[View]
105788145Icelandic BDSM boys...[View]
105786376>that 1300 year old boomer that believes in elves, marries his cousin, uses patronymic surnames a…[View]
105767906ITT: places that should be nuked[View]
105787338why are Italian girls so perfect?[View]
105787137>Pee Pee Island What did Newfoundland mean by this?[View]
105757827/balk/: proud balkans old >>105727241[View]
105784752Eurovision: They were robbed[View]
105787403>MFW finally had sex 6 months ago, after 26 years of my life >It was shit, but 'have sex' rebu…[View]
105777679>NIL PWA OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
105729235/ro/: Firul nostru. Editia 'Lant cat ma-ta de mare'. Nu am chef sa caut editia precedenta.[View]
105784090Italians killed Jesus.[View]
105783057For me, it's castizas.[View]
105766916How can an entire nation be bisexual?[View]
105784697Why the fuck is Europoorvision being held in Israel, and why the fuck is Israel and Australia a part…[View]
105787043I suffer on the ukraine[View]
105786798Why did God curse me by having me born in Brazil? What's the reasoning behind his actions?[View]
105774624>be american[View]
1057862741979 video: this clip was recorded in 1979, where 3 women dance and a guy sings, but behind this vid…[View]
105737325/éire/: Eagrán Paradacsa[View]
105785467>literal grown ass men discussing a show targeted towards women, homosexuals and other deviants w…[View]
105785044We need to unite against the chink and pajeet menace.[View]
105786696Why does this board force national flags on everyone? I am anti-nationalist. I don't identify a…[View]
105786222Remember that God is real and he supports trans rights because he loves his children all the same.[View]
105786640My favorite song? The Cure - Killing an arab[View]
105785631You wake up in Seoul...[View]
105786792Why are Americans so weird and sinister looking?[View]
105786595ISIS baby: This is ISIS baby. Say something nice and cute about him.[View]
105786916Norway was clearly robbed, but by who?[View]
105786795I am instructed to 'admit' that the Arabs of the region in and around Israel are 'Pal…[View]
105783647The huge titanium balls on these icelandic chads[View]
105786630>one chance at life >born in a majority light haired and light eyed country with d*rk 'blonde …[View]
105784382>gets most votes from the public >audience had to be calmed because they cheered to much …[View]
105783976How can I learn a language through reading only?? For example if I wanted to learn spanish as fast a…[View]
105786712Norway all the way!: You guys were robbed, not to undermined the other performers but you guys won a…[View]
105784725>Why yes, 3rd place is literally perfect[View]
105783394I am saddened, angered and disappointed by the current state of the world[View]
105786689/brit/: Rasta edition[View]
105786687€ - all things /eur/o[View]
105784201>▲ >▲ ▲[View]
105786423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SYZy5W9T38 Why are they so fucking BASED?[View]
105786445what happens if this cunt wins Eurovision?: what would happen if this cunt won Eurovision?would melb…[View]
105786428Can we acknowledge briefly that the best performance in the show was Eleni doing Verka's song? …[View]
105786252You can keep your faggy little talent show, Eurokeks. We're too busy making REAL music.[View]
105783151Why do everyone hates us? Why did we got 0 points you ungrateful cunts[View]
105783969Still thinking about us, Euros?[View]
105784944How do we fix the (((jury))) problem lads?[View]
105785505I hate Aliens, do you hate aliens?[View]
105776830>I am an Ameri- *POW*[View]
105784824This nigga gay Sweden shouldve won[View]
105783739What part of The Netherlands are you from lads? Groningen here[View]
105786250>Why yes, I do believe we're living in the Kali Yuga. How could you tell?…[View]
105784578Jews? Leave them to me.[View]
105785501City States: Redpill me on city-states. Will one ever pop up in the America's?[View]
105778258If I marry a fat American bitch do I immediately get the citizenship? I'm willing to marry an u…[View]
105785188>TOTALLY NOT JEWISH Very sporty Israel[View]
105785652LOOK AT THIS DUDE[View]
105782001China looks like a beautiful place to visit[View]
105784832>eurovision over >no one did an impromptu pro-Palestine performance Incredibly disappointed in…[View]
105764547Based on this pic and your main childhood era here, are you Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?[View]
105785098WHY DO THEY DO THIS: >Move to different country >Start complaining when your new country oppo…[View]
105785082U mad?[View]
105784331gerMANY more like gerZERO[View]
105785892You guys think americans might...?[View]
105785869https://lyricstranslate.com/en/hatrið-mun-sigra-hate-will-prevail.html >Hate will prevail >Eur…[View]
105785818damn euros really be doing this?[View]
105783839ITT: >your cunt >your countries' unofficial anthem burger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
105784575Sex Education: What is sex ed like in your cunt? As far as I remember in primary school (I'm 21…[View]
105782521Hahaha you lost[View]
105783474>Kepler 666b niggas be like: 'ψ H̷̡̡͇̝͋e̶̼̝͒̔͝l̴̢̤̪̈́l̵͍̤͓͖̭̓̊̒ọ̴̡̬̩̩͝,̵̧̻̏̈́̍ ̷̣̟̞̼̻̇̋̕m̶̟̞̺̩y̸͌̉…[View]
105785532germans do this every time they read an american post[View]
105785517Nah bro, guns kill.[View]
105785477DU GAMLA, DU FRIA[View]
105785428People's votes: Soul Jury: Soulless[View]
105785423wtf normies hate israel: https://twitter.com/search?q=Iceland&src=tren just type iceland in the …[View]
105779940Reminder that this contest is rigged.[View]
105768664Northeast brazil. Africa tier shithole[View]
105783603>dabs on europe + australia + isntreal[View]
105766678Do girls like to hug your face with their thighs in your country?[View]
105772971guy has lots of sex >damn what a casanova! girl has lots of sex >what a whore!…[View]
105783700what do these pigeon eating injuns contribute to humanity?[View]
105780219▲ ▲ ▲[View]
105784087Norway actually won[View]
105784629>Kurdish nationalism? Yeah, bro, I'm totally with that. They should have their own state by …[View]
105784696We MuSt sAvE tHe WeSt FrOm IsLaM Lmao at white supremacucks. You adderall overdosing faggots wouldn…[View]
105784871Eurovision is full of fags now. Eurovision Asia is the next big thing. Based Turks and Aussies get t…[View]
105784709>your cunt >should NZ be a republic?[View]
105784844>That moment when the swede Nigger acted all smug when it was between NL and Sweden, but then onl…[View]
105781938Is there a single european poster that is not a muslim immigrant/2nd gen muslim? Honestly never seen…[View]
105783255God Bless the United States of America. Their colours don't run and neither do their women.[View]
105782720how could these cunts turn into frens for fist time?[View]
105784588True eurovision winners[View]
105784685>tfw I live in a dystopic nightmare[View]
105779223How is Miami today and how was it in the 70s? I grew up watching Bud Spencer movies and I always dre…[View]
105777290is true that Russian males under the age of 65 are not allowed into this country?[View]
105728405/balt/: /balt/ edtion[View]
105784263>why yes i despise faggot. how do you know?[View]
105777064Hi /int/ Hi[View]
105784509What goes on here?[View]
105784360What's the point of a EUROPEAN singing competition, if everyone's just gonna sing in Engli…[View]
105775110These 3 men make euros and terrorists seethe, how do they do it /int/?[View]
1057842561. Norway 291 2. Netherlands 261 3. Italy 253 4. Russia 244 5. Switzerland 212 6. Iceland 186 Juries…[View]
105767856/nederdraad/: https://youtu.be/f0JpHZkab9I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wozexcAy2YE[View]
105775575>average IQ 79 >average height for males 5'2' how do they cope?…[View]
105779272Americans will never ever win Eurovision[View]
105728953kurva anyátok[View]
105784050Netherlands have finally entered elite tier All nations not on this list are shit at art and everyth…[View]
105754120Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Grand Final: >Swedish stream that works worldwide https://www.svtp…[View]
105782412Yeah, I beat my dog.[View]
1057839421. Bagina 2. Best rock album from your bagina USA Pic related[View]
105783838Dear sirs, pls shut it down. THANKS[View]
105777303Should Russia invade Ukraine?[View]
105783626>Women have human rights. Killing women for cheating on their husbands is WRONG ;( Adultery isnt…[View]
105770750Ugh... What could have been...[View]
105778173What goes through your mind when you see a white brazilian?[View]
105768595Russian man in London[View]
105774481Austrian far right winger was caught on tape offering public contracts to a russian oligarch why do …[View]
105783715Help with Grammar: Sup /int/, i'm making an abstract of a paper and i'm dealing with some …[View]
105737001is mrasheed considered based and redpilled in your cunt ree?[View]
105775173It's amazing how one is a dreamland and the other is a soulless shithole...[View]
105780756nuke Europe and Israel, please put us out of our misery[View]
105783538We came in the top ten[View]
105783377>our Eurovision entries are half selected by an international jury >in the Eurovision grand fi…[View]
105782197FUCK OFF[View]
105783250/int/cels like >white race prevails/wins/dominates >white victory >nordshits and dykeswamp …[View]
105782801>dead last[View]
105783264Norway's point jump was the hypest moment of the night. They got fucking robbed[View]
105783148Hey fuckers: Hey fuckers, why didn't you vote for my country? Fuck you and fuck the (((((jews))…[View]
105782422I want to believe I want this to be But dreams don't come true In the e*st we shall gloom[View]
105779792/int/craft is a Minecraft server populated by the fine folk at /int/. The server attempts to create …[View]
105783007These disgusting faggots made me respect homosexuals 50% more, all on their own. I hope they don…[View]
105782512germany zero points![View]
105767201EVERYONE GET IN HERE AND HELP: I am after something jolly with an uplifting beat, something that the…[View]
105777471in bunda i trust[View]
105773331So what type of girls do you usually attract in ur cunt?[View]
105782362based homos[View]
105768598Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105714270 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
105756975What the frick, Portugal?[View]
105773603Comfy Eurovision Thread IV: s/LOVE/nia edition Pls keep the shitposting to minimum[View]
105781590This is the Welsh language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCjLWzRUZik What do you think of it?[View]
105768506Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
105774265I agree.[View]
105771297What did they mean by this?[View]
105772402das right wh*Tegirl, you belong to QVEENS now[View]
105771768I'm an Islamophobe. Muslims ruined Denmark.[View]
105775239I love Finland![View]
105778576> Say whatever slightly controversial about Mexico > Hordes of Amerifat flags come in his defe…[View]
105764762why dont the subhumans from southern mexico split from the north and join guatemala with their fello…[View]
105754076/mämmi/: Korkean älykkyyden painos[View]
105776051British anon who posted this video: Song name please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjRVBaHztUQ…[View]
105777403Does your country support their troops?[View]
105778654do americans deserve this?[View]
105778571Why don’t you live in NYC?[View]
105775413>what yeah I'm Russian. what gave it away?[View]
105773290Italians...: Is this really all you have in terms of music? https://youtu.be/YwhkbOMVnMQ[View]
105752838why are Euros so scared of this object? I once held an airsoft gun around a british guy and he looke…[View]
105761129Is salmon popular in your country? In Finland both smoked and baked salmon is very popular and usual…[View]
105771880>KARA BOGA WHITE BO-[View]
105763938Does Poland take special place in your heart?[View]
105769326I pretend to be an anti-white arab in order to further increase the racial tensions and plant the se…[View]
105758887why /int/ hates white women? i've seen recently threads about this subject how do you explain t…[View]
105778988How do I get the them from Siskel and Ebert out of my head? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVCA9_Ox…[View]
105775362>Why yes I do believe America should be the police of the world >Our military is the most pow…[View]
105734611/Med/: Hello[View]
105767087/lat/ hilo latino[View]
105771977Brazilian vice-president goes to China suck Ching Chong cocky after realizing that Amurika is a deca…[View]
105778735>women can never understand this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g21jEuHZvs…[View]
105778577/brit/: Edition: you arrive in Farringdon[View]
105767143/brit/: Bonfire of the minorities edition[View]
105778280Why does most modern architecture in Europe look so ugly when compared to a more classic style?[View]
105776956Jews? Not my cup of tea.[View]
105778436Was 1980's USA the peak of human civilisation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCChxBSRo1Y Yes,…[View]
105778117What race is this??[View]
105749009>Romans noted there wasn't a single stone building in Northern Europe unless it was built by…[View]
105777970El Español es el mejor lenguaje de todos. Literalmente la lengua de dios.[View]
105774591Do the French really do this?[View]
105774908Northerners playing Meds in films: How do meds feel like this? Do you even care?[View]
105774317How are homosexuals viewed in your country? Is gay marriage legal?[View]
105773569Comfy Eurovision thread III: Ballerina edition[View]
105777627Imagine the smell...[View]
105767331Pic related is me and my gf. R8 us /int/.[View]
105772634Every man on /int/ should wear briefs, no other underwear allowed. Also no swimshorts, only speedos.[View]
105559402Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
105743969Did Polish Girls like Wehrmacht soldiers?: How was the German occupation of Poland?[View]
105772355Do Am*ricans really do that? https://youtu.be/W8PefIKZyZY[View]
105776807>North Macedonia[View]
105705754/asean/: Edisi cuddling with neesan! No replying to shitpost![View]
105758579https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_Nigger_Association_of_America is there a similar organization in y…[View]
105776455>100% white on 23andme >100% white on ancestrydna >mostly irish >still look like a swar…[View]
105772332>no there wont be a war with america please please listen to us iranian cowards…[View]
105773704Africa: I want to visit Africa. Is there any part of Africa where I won't get dropkicked, end u…[View]
105776484why does he do it?[View]
105776183Vote for Israel you subhumans[View]
105770348Feeling guilty towards my future brother-in-law since she is currently engaged with my sister[View]
105775587/polska/: ædycja niemcy wypierdalać[View]
105770198Can Latinos naturally have blue eyes?[View]
105761845/polska/: edycja jomu konpaku[View]
105745597/ex-yu/: izadnje: domari brisu tredove za besplatno[View]
105768252friesland: what does int thinks about friesland?[View]
105736550/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Muh ancestors :DD edition previous: >>105713795 Welcome to /extra…[View]
105774993do jannies really do this[View]
105773610Do you live in a country of countries where each country has its own legal system and currency? UK Y…[View]
105769128Was Eurobeat ever popular in Italy?[View]
105775227Why are Americans too fat and stupid to bag their own groceries?[View]
105775098Places in your country with this feel?[View]
105770407One day Gigachad will die.[View]
105775042>Americans have to chant before start to work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpPUUWp5sO4…[View]
105768434What's it like to live in mainland USA?[View]
105774263Imagine being the person who wrote this.[View]
105770206If your country ISN'T listed in pic related then it contributes nothing to science[View]
105774425>Israel? Palestine? >Personally I don't believe either should be allowed to exist.…[View]
105770137>we occupied an entire Mexican city and forced the president to resign because they refused to gi…[View]
105769587We won and there's nothing you can do about it neener neener.[View]
105772345>America is not white enough to participate in Eurovision[View]
105760522Why do finns do this?[View]
105772204Why is Albania so dumb?[View]
105772517>What do I think about Iran? >Just a bunch of savage towelheads. They want to destroy the west…[View]
105727681/tr/: Ne mal adamlarsiniz amk edişin[View]
105758893Do you like clowns /int/? HONK HONK[View]
105768957Gib Serbian gf Hot accent[View]
105765397White women look like that?[View]
105736134Let's say your country wins tomorrow a 1v1 war with a neighboring country: ... And they accept …[View]
105761607On the left - Ukrainian Volunteer Batallion commande On the right - Russian Volunteer Batallion comm…[View]
105767357I found jaffa cookies at the dollar store, not pictured yet. I will try them for the first time.[View]
105751130What did they mean by this?[View]
105763589Comfy Eurovision thread II: Snooze electropop edition Pls keep the shitposting to minimum[View]
105756043Was it theft?[View]
105764371Does Cristina Kirchner plan on killing Alberto Fernandez and wearing his skin?[View]
105756571Why are Russians so intellectual and gifted when it comes to literature and philosophy?[View]
105754847>Create international anti corruption probe >Massive birth control and sex ed campaigns >Ch…[View]
105769274How can brown women even compete?[View]
105768030Me and my brother accompanied my sisters future husband to the train station and we met a very nice …[View]
105769289Canada should be in Eurovision. Not America though, they don't count.[View]
105768844Forex is magic: I just made 6400 zl out of my initial 500 zl just by shorting S&P for 3 days (1:…[View]
105754408I think pic related should be partitioned between Germany and Russia. I will feel kind of bad for th…[View]
105759673who's your favorite wrassler ya simps?[View]
105747792First school day in Israel[View]
105758410Portugal: Explain this.[View]
105759297>Extra pineapple on the pizza please.[View]
105768678Sverigetråden - 'Inte bli städad'-upplagan[View]
105770608Is getting a job in Poland and immigrating there a good idea? Can I get a job easily there, if I can…[View]
105770526>Eurovision 2019? >Hard pass from me, bro. I don’t support apartheid states.…[View]
105753059India is hell on earth: >Too many people >Everyone is poor >Everyone is ugly >Everyone i…[View]
105767633I love France you?[View]
105735111/lat/: hilo latino[View]
105769529average russoid versus average KAVKAZ man[View]
105749424I really really really really dislike this country[View]
105750316Why do Americans get ridiculed so much in this board? Especially with memes[View]
105757812/afghan/: Daily general for the discussion, admiration and propagation of Afghan culture, history an…[View]
105759113Should Kazakhstan be allowed to participate in Eurovision?[View]
105744107/v4/ + the gang: Hussar edition[View]
105769763>*spits tobaccy juice at you*[View]
105764166>Mom is a Euromutt >Father is from Spain >Pale as a ghost >Still say you aren't W…[View]
105769098What is his problem? Btw, It's just 1 poster ruining his cunt's reputation for the rest[View]
105758081J’ai le gay.[View]
105769354>What do I do when someone disagrees with me on the chong? Yeah I just call him a tranny…[View]
105769210Why are so many western europeans such weirdos? Especially British and German people, what leads the…[View]
105762061countries that have gun rights>cucked cuntrys[View]
105768890cunt would you impregnate mlk jr[View]
105767947The madman did it again, driving right wingers on suicide watch yet another time https://www.youtube…[View]
105753473/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105768716Finland null point[View]
105742580OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >In 1987, Morocco applied to join the European Communities (the precursor…[View]
105766650Do Japanese like black? Asking for a friend.[View]
105767352>this is the third in line to the Swedish throne OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
105756396>Riding a bike and blasting shitty rap from your shitty loudspeakers Do zoomers do this in your c…[View]
105755089Why do Americans love this shit?: This is the most tasteless garbage I have ever eaten. It doesn…[View]
105761355>i suffer in northeast brazil[View]
105768093why was i unlucky enough to be born in the one part of the country where almost everyone is a non-wh…[View]
105690976/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Preguiça de outono edição. Tema: https://youtu.be/BT5j9OQ7Sh0[View]
105755653This is Mexicos entry for Miss World 2019[View]
105757874I've never been to Latin America. What are your best and worst cuisines LATAM? What country/reg…[View]
105756694yes i am british how could you tell?[View]
105763486Comfy Eurovision Thread #2 /esc/: slovenia will win edition secondary thread to avoid the autism in …[View]
105753817Do these subhumans not have jobs? Every time I go on any online. video game, there’s always some spi…[View]
105752908/ita/ - il filo[View]
105761798How do I get a 2000s American gf?[View]
105755848Why don't they stay in muslim countries?[View]
105755157I'm going to organize a new political party whose only goal will be to kick Australia out of Eu…[View]
105749503/hell/ - /χελλ/ official thread: Αποζημίωση τώρα έkδοσις[View]
105756604/brit/: The Gaelic bard edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmlstfFQDec[View]
105764145if i were to completely abandon my roots and culture and completely integrate myself into the wester…[View]
105763921why do the women in jap porn make whiny uncomfortable baby noises in their annoying high pitch voice…[View]
105760197the lions of the Balkan[View]
105754069Ha yes the famous roastie.[View]
105763821>serve a perfectly good looking and tasty meal >dump a couple of raw eggs into it ewww wtf jap…[View]
105751712/nocturne/ anciennement /fr/ - le fil du samedi soir: Bilal Ancien: >>105744085[View]
105761302Is that serious? Is german really that common in Slovenia? I understand Denmark and Netherlands, but…[View]
105757629>A third of /int/ is shitty race fetishist crap >The 2nd third is /pol/ leakage >The final …[View]
105748522Screw iran, we should go after Turkey: Those bastards have strayed from Attaturk's vision and d…[View]
105756801Most famous polish person.[View]
105761568Can someone pls type this into characters[View]
105751274>In French class >Professor says to ignore the first chapter about French culture >Open it …[View]
105761810no, nobody missed you janny, everyone is happy shitposting. now stop stealing the oxygen and kill yo…[View]
105763817My favorite posters on /int/? It's the Canadian FtM transgender, of course![View]
105762573I wonder how long it takes for videogames to be measured in TBs instead of GBs. First half of next d…[View]
105754755Christ that's scary[View]
105764285>join m&b siege server >chat is filled with /pol/ memes like someone unironically typing o…[View]
105764891/polska/: edycja łysońska[View]
105751254>brother sick >give him 7 tylenol as a joke >'you really supposed to take that many' >'y…[View]
105752655I don't know the advantages of living here.: just shithole[View]
105756279Post your reaction when America invades Iran.[View]
105755146Dear Americanoids: How popular is this kind of behavior in the US?[View]
105754162Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked by crazy nigger: Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked w…[View]
105745148what sayings and proverbs does your culture teach.: Here are some Arabic proverbs: “The smarter you …[View]
105761160Britain must be stopped. This is unacceptable.[View]
105755097Do you love french porn ? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1j0g7hLTAUm[View]
105745266*meanwhile in Africa* https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/1129755441196621829[View]
105760384>willy >dick >peter >johnson >john thomas Why do anglos name their penis like this?…[View]
105762945FENNO-MONGOLS! R I S E U P![View]
105754675Sverigetråden - (((Eurovision)))upplagan[View]
105756777Do you hate south america?[View]
105758122Comfy Eurovision thread: Keep it chill with the shitposting in this one pls Sticky already went full…[View]
105754773Austrian friends, what is happening with this guy?[View]
105759433>mcdonalds are now american embassys cant make this shit up famalamas[View]
105761404Does the state/region where you live in gets shits from your fellow countrymen?: >pic related no,…[View]
105745042>1. cunt >2. Your favorite video game 1. Flag 2. Unironically skyrim…[View]
105758957Extra olives. Make sure there's a lot.[View]
105754685Honestly someone should just conquer all of these countries and try and fix them. Turkey is the best…[View]
105760944Thanks for posting your cock fellow finbro[View]
105761566IS he...Dare I say it? /ourguy/[View]
105761293Los Angeles: What are some good things to do in LA? I'm about to be there for a week and could …[View]
105760325Why are they called French fries if they are from Belgium?[View]
105738329Why is real estate in Italy so cheap? Is this a mafia town?[View]
105753065for dinner i had pesto pasta[View]
105760089>England isn't a completely Orwellian[View]
105760725what belongs in pizza >cheese >salami/chicken >mushrooms >more cheese >tomatoes opt…[View]
105757962Is germany really like this?[View]
105757616I am a very drunk man right now[View]
105756947Help me understand one thing firsties: it is only a theory, I think the main reason for leftism, deg…[View]
105753711>ohhh my god my first world country is such a shithole, I hate living here! >life is SOOO har…[View]
105749033/polska/: edycja dojona[View]
105758905Is this accurate?[View]
105759535why are turks such alpha men?[View]
105757335>UK defence secretary wants criminal immunity for NI soldiers >Penny Mordaunt wants her propos…[View]
105758718I think White people SUCK.[View]
105743824what's the deal with argies? it seems like they have hatred for the rest of south america[View]
105757551/deutsch/ Eurovision Liederwettbewerb Ausgabe[View]
105756127Why do they smell?[View]
105758233日本では立ちんぼうがどんなに普通ですか どこで見つけられますか 外国人に偏見を持っていますか[View]
105754455>show me those guns faggot![View]
105756921Are there olive trees in America? Can you buy American made olive pil?[View]
105753564>there are portuguese girls posting on 4chan RIGHT NOW[View]
105752984african womans look like THIS ???[View]
105758597>the first CIA agent to be KIA was killed by a Tibetan border police thinking he was a communist…[View]
1057576511. Your cunt 2. Does japan owe your country an apology for warcrimes >flag >yes and also for w…[View]
105683475/danmarktråden/: Det er fredag i dag udgaven[View]
105751982>1. cunt >2. does your cunt have friend cunts? Latvia yes…[View]
105757537le mongrel: Why do French people all have retarded eyes? Is it a fetal alcohol syndrome thing, or ju…[View]
105753924I don't think I can make decent money only with my CS degree so I'm currently learning Jap…[View]
105757557suck my dick tranny[View]
105750092holy shit I again fapped to incest mother/son japanese porn game[View]
105753028/neuwahl/ ehemals und nie wieder /deutsch/: jetzt erst recht-Ausgabe[View]
105753005Are freedom fries popular in your country?[View]
105753331Thank you for your wife's service.[View]
105756388When will der volk of Germany realize its true path? When will they leave too? When will the strong …[View]
105756999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Feb6CQc-p8 I feel right now emotionally tired of trying to deal wit…[View]
105756062Mother Bear & Her Cubs <3[View]
105753968Again why do these white people hate eachother?[View]
105752882BASED JAPAN: Twitter is way better than Facebook https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/112966542…[View]
105754048My friends know i like traps Ever been in this situation?[View]
105754530Why are they so obsessed with us?[View]
105751463/brit/: Edition: the gym sesh[View]
105747650The fuck is Turkmenistan doing?[View]
105756632mama mia pizza spaghetti tortellini bada bing[View]
105753655>Polish niggas be like 'hello my name is serwzejz zlewnskyowzszskwi'[View]
1057506771. Your country? 2. Who was in the wrong?[View]
105749396Will China win the most gold metals in the 2020 olympics?: What do you think of the Chinese destroyi…[View]
105756139>country's culture is adopted from American 'culture' Is there anything more cringe? I'…[View]
105752519Every day that I spend on the internet I ask myself the same question:: 'What the fuck is wrong with…[View]
105754284Remember to boycott Eurovision Israel tonight[View]
105738652What does /int/ think about China?[View]
105755933>YAY, EUROVISION!!!!!!!!!![View]
105756026Hawaii: Is it just a meme or is it comfy?[View]
105747559how is south korea copnsidered better and worthier to live in than poland, russia, ukraine etc??? li…[View]
1057535731. Your country 2. Your national anthem 1. Republic of Kekistan 2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN…[View]
105751904>Ron Paul will die im your lifetime no no no no NO NO NO[View]
105751720>Your country >Is picrelated gay or is it good?…[View]
105755745NASA is so fucked they started making super awesome cinematic trailers with epic music for their inv…[View]
105727241/balk/: sabbath day edition old >>105705736[View]
105752503Can we just love each other at least one day.-. here is too much bullying going on[View]
105755564>Your ethnicity >Your weapon of choice in the next race war against the wh*Toids >gook (eth…[View]
105755486Do you know anyone irl who browses this board? I do[View]
105729682/cum/ + friends: rebel against authority edition[View]
105750006>Japanese pay to watch videos at 480p[View]
105754674I want to live somewhere where it's cold 365 days a year.[View]
105750832the chad Frenchman vs. the virgin Brit[View]
105751594>Americans are so fat they mold into their chairs[View]
105754392why is your cunt so small?[View]
105753951Sverigetråden - Rasistfriaupplagan: inget snack om hur dåliga blattar och sandmänniskor är[View]
105752079Why is this shit global? Keep your propaganda inside your own shithole country.[View]
105754731There are also some advantages.: I don't like shithole here, but compared to Europe... Don…[View]
105747968/nederdraad/: t*tta wijven willen bruine mannen -editie[View]
105751799could this romanian girl pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
105747636Sigh, post your family tree...[View]
105740244Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105714270 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
105754453>Your country >can you swim >pool or ocean Flag. Kind of, Pool. I like to know that there…[View]
105745035Eurovision grand final thread: Get ready your popcorn /int/ Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
105751735Why am I drawn to reactionary writers? I don't want to agree with them but they're the onl…[View]
105753144Are women on the phone all the time in your cunt too?[View]
105754502>dont be respectful to american girls,they dont deserve it.ok? They uphold a racist standard for …[View]
105751151Based Turkey: Turkey is 98 percent Muslim, but: >Polygamy illegal >Homosexuality decriminalise…[View]
105750221Power... overwhelming[View]
105752609Buildings in your country with this aesthetic?[View]
105754196Sh... Sh... Quiet, girlie. Calm your-self... He'll be on the next casualty list. No worry.[View]
105754140Hand over the SERBIAN gfs and no one gets hurt[View]
105733037Map thread: map thread >the african market: Main source of imports (besides other african countri…[View]
105753622Are Roman orgies popular in your cunt?[View]
105746857Can the Spanish Royal Family pass as locals in your country?[View]
105753995Anthem of Europe: Anthem of Europe, Latin lyrics https://youtu.be/ohPHvpaoCu0[View]
105750467Why are Bongs afraid of inanimate objects?[View]
105749437why are you hate russia[View]
105753099ITT: we make fun of cunts to summon them: FUCK BRAZIL FUCK SURINAME FUCK THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF …[View]
105751753>Come back to /int/ after few months >Literally every thread has at least one pajeet flag mout…[View]
105753827>I am Ingvar Ragnarson, prince of the Rus. How did you know that I am Russian nationalist?…[View]
105753044Do you want a Balkan gf?[View]
105753673>white aunt post picture with (white) uncle's mixed race newborn daughter >see it posted …[View]
105746822Thoughts on German memorials?[View]
105751647Is it a bad idea for US citizens to go to Russia at this time? I go in June :)[View]
105750133Why are Canadian’s so rude?[View]
105746378Being born in Finland is like winning the lottery. Stay mad, thirdies[View]
105752203Do you want an army waifu?[View]
105741333do you love SOUTH KOREA?[View]
105752714Here in Brazil a rimjob is called a 'Greek kiss'[View]
105744671Based aussies[View]
105741645/mämmi/: suomen nuoret lupaukset -painos[View]
105753068Can any country that doesn't have Heart Attack grill truly be considered free?[View]
105750019Do CHIs have major identity crises since they feel like they don’t belong to one country or the othe…[View]
105748637What ethnicity is this?[View]
105752786Post parks from your country.[View]
105749067/deutsch/: Gleich ethnobotanische Zierpflanzen neirendern Ausgabe ehemals Samstagabend ehemals Schni…[View]
105747065Sverigetråden - Sommar-och-sol-upplagan[View]
105751941Ek erilaz owlthuthewaz niwaremariz saawilagar hateka harja: Fehu uruz thurisaz ansuz raidho kenaz ge…[View]
105752663Thank you Italy[View]
1057486101. cunt 2. Which should be the world sole super power? 1. flag 2. The GLA of course[View]
105751619Say something nice about me And no im not a turk[View]
105747525>wypipo be like 'let's make these political, economic and social theories that will organise…[View]
105750649how is to live in a cuntlet? there are people that can't drive 8 hours in straight line without…[View]
105752365How long until mr. bald passes through /int/[View]
105752512is this a good country to move to?[View]
105748886>the most successful slavic coutnry is larping as german one[View]
105744299Thoughts on ruski gfs?[View]
105752393does this happen in your cunt? (he was shot 6 times)[View]
105750624>one chance at life >born a non-turk mfw[View]
105752041Ob's sturmt ooooder schneit, Ob die Soooooonne uns lacht,[View]
105748999Did you know that Norway and Korea share the same culture?: Das rite. The norweggo-korean culture is…[View]
105750707Can you're poorfags afford cashew nuts? Cashew nuts are the world's most expensive nuts. T…[View]
105742036/ita/ - IL FILO: Edizione bei vecchi tempi[View]
105751973Post the now forgotten singer and the song: The singer who was once popular but now forgotten For m…[View]
105743320>I don't know if God hates the English, but I know they will all be ousted from France, exce…[View]
105748921Do women have a sixth sense that allows them to know if men put milk in their coffee? Do they instin…[View]
105751689can pajeetas save the white race?[View]
105741915How do you call this in your country?[View]
105750392Reminder that wh*te girls belong to Indian BVLLS[View]
105746387I like boys. If I learn French will my homosexuality increase?[View]
105744978/brit/: mboko edish[View]
105748353How about that Australian election: pretty crazy amiright?[View]
105737216/skandi/ -großdanmarkutgaven: >spiser >drikker >spiller >leser >gokker/runker til …[View]
105751013>Anon, how do you know so many flags?[View]
105748181I've never seen a hobo in my life because this country isn't a third-world shithole unlike…[View]
105751128Why are nordoids hooked up on antidepressants? Aren't their countries the best in the world to …[View]
105750801This triggers the Europoor[View]
105748840Hjem Is: Does your country ice vans that bring ice directly to your front door?[View]
105747285Why are there so many countries in Eurovision that don't sing in their own language?[View]
105745628Are somalis white?[View]
105745106>speak almsot identical languages >neighbours >evil >hate Germans >enslaved millions…[View]
105751247Does your country have westaboos?[View]
105748436>I heard you talked shit about China Oh no what do?[View]
105750789>A FUCKING EFISGA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_of_Canada#Selection_of_the_name_Canada…[View]
105746869How do Poles tell if somebody is Jewish or not if Polish names also end in -icz and -sky?[View]
105750771MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. The French are spreading their revolutionary autism again.[View]
105751072Can you understand the Russian soul?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tcPBx3O_H4[View]
105750469imagine imagine if if you Perish the thought just contemplate the possibility the utter horror of…[View]
105747555Can Germans tell if a name is Jewish (like Goldstein) instead of just regular German (like Gutenberg…[View]
105744085/fr/ - le francofil: édition du samedi >>105736271[View]
105749198Who is your least favourite French speaking person? For me it is Jean Jacques Rousseau.[View]
105748356Are non-autistic Finns aware of Fingol memes?[View]
105749894>listen to my new worlder opinion[View]
105750676Isn't America rich and first world? How can't they house these people?[View]
105749764Happy Vesak /int/!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhGI0X6jhSQ[View]
105749568Which country has the best school system...: ...From a Prestige and Financial standpoint? Is College…[View]
105750380Why are some languages written in both Cyrillic and Latin scripts? Like Serbian, Bosnian, Kazakh, Uz…[View]
105750160Do you think we will the Eurovision?: God i hope it's Fucking coming Home lads[View]
105749493Is this lad popular in youre cunt?[View]
105749213Why do Germans do that?[View]
105747651We're younger and richer than you. Our gdp is literally more than Norway, Sweden and F*nland co…[View]
105750466How do i install this toilet in watermelon van, or vw t3 in english Does anyone have RV or capers wi…[View]
105748677Where is Central USA????[View]
105738775if you encounter a finnish flag on this board its not unlikely someone like this may be behind the f…[View]
105741076How do we fix this region?[View]
105750045la .lojban.: coi rodo xu zvati lo jbopre?[View]
105743255>Serbo-croatian The most beautiful language, melodic, soulful, amazing.... >Russian >the au…[View]
105746177IT WAS THE GUN![View]
105749803why do oriental women wear so much makeup?[View]
105749837Why do Americans have to invent everything? Can't the rest of the world get of their ass and do…[View]
105749796A Muslim Crusader Knight[View]
105747115>Do you work? >If not, why do you refuse to work? I don't work, for me, It's because…[View]
105744669Would you live here ?[View]
105744773Aesthetically speaking, are they the most kino country? And by kino I'm referring to dressing u…[View]
105747990>Romans noted there wasn't a single stone building in Northern Europe unless it was built by…[View]
105749190>Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. I thought I was just jostled by t…[View]
105747479Help me. I need a Lamborghini.[View]
105747200Princess Jasmine's name in the original story was Badroulbadour (بدر البدور). Why did they chan…[View]
105749532What are the Canadian Anon's tho(gh)ts on Kim Campbell[View]
105735110*blocks your path* 'Korean police here! S-stop ... s-show me your hands, you are under a-arrest!!' W…[View]
105749436>your cunt >do you have muzzie booze laws? USA! Yes!…[View]
105748506americans eat a lot but what no one really asks is how many times they poop in a day ?[View]
105749332>kara bo-[View]
105744915Why do Russians have only 11 grades? Is 11 years of schooling better than 12?[View]
105749385>Ophélie never wants to play “only one way you’re not getting on that train”…[View]
105745532Is this the average britoid?[View]
105746042Name 1 (ONE) country with girls superior to american braphogs >protop: you can't…[View]
105748256Post based people from other countries[View]
105749042/polska/: edycja khorinis[View]
105749051/POLSKA/: Edycja płaska[View]
105746203turns out they really do this...[View]
105702460/mena/: pls respect ramadan edition[View]
105748895For me, it's Moose Jaw, SK.[View]
105748814>one chance at life >born fat[View]
105746001Tfw manlet[View]
105739824>2019 >Doesn't want an Asian qt Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but …[View]
105748764Germany: Are east germans less cucked than western ones?[View]
105748346Do americans really do this?[View]
105746125China is the future...[View]
105744974/brit/: Edition: okay, this is epic[View]
105748217Although an error was made when I was born in a bland midwestern shithole, I will not let this deter…[View]
105745825Thoughts on Asian gfs?[View]
105748462She cute: she cute[View]
105737721好! it is about time the land British invaders stole from China in their vile wars of aggression be f…[View]
105748557>Finns are the result of European and Asian admixture >Mexicans are the result of European and…[View]
105748545Do you like Germany?: Oh boy, yes i do, great people![View]
105745660Why do retarded whitoids mistake middle eastern cultural shit with Indian cultural shit? mena is mor…[View]
105745005>'whats there to do in your country anon?'[View]
105744787British people are one of the purest whites in Europe.: British people are one of the purest whites …[View]
105747307Do americans really?[View]
105747585W**te '''''''''''''''''''People''''''''''''''''''''' think they are from egypt, they can't even…[View]
105727190/polska/: Edycja brązowa[View]
105746820I despise this and im glad it fell.[View]
105743474When i was little, i had a dinosaur coloring book All dinosaurs had some text written about each of …[View]
105748090WH*TES be like oh this is kinda bland lemme season it![View]
105748177Western countries must sail to South Korea, take all the women and rescue them from gook society. No…[View]
105745715Nice going, fucking boomers fuck this country again. I’m moving to Germany.[View]
105746505Oh what's that anon? You want come to India and convert to Sanatan Dharma? Would you really do…[View]
105747786was hitler wrong?: White American average IQ: 104 European average IQ: 98 Black American average IQ:…[View]
105747661canada sucks[View]
105747955/eus/ - euskal haria:: '4chaneko sekreturik handiena' edizioa[View]
105745499>American retards be like “whoah python is too hard”[View]
105747873This really says a lot about our society.[View]
105740961Do people in your country fantasize about former leaders staging a military coup?[View]
105729048Post members of the lower class from your cunt[View]
105747499>why yes, I'm white. How could you tell?[View]
105746746Is suicide common in your country? India has the nineteenth highest suicide rate in the world, and t…[View]
105743709I fell for the Apple meme: I just wanted to support American companies. Now I'm stuck using the…[View]
105744953i always thought morocco was an island[View]
105747394do you love Netherlands[View]
105740422bidets: can I get a list of what countries use them?[View]
105740751Why are French girls always the best?[View]
105747332Imagine making an anime cover of waifus where the waifus sing their anime lyrics, while at the same …[View]
105739701What do Arabs think about this?: >Nasser saw his mission as more than just leading Egypt. He envi…[View]
105745813Why German sounds like turkish to me? Am i retarded?[View]
105744856In America police are authorized to open fire in a crowd to stop a fleeing suspect.[View]
105747051Is it true Italy has the most expensive real estate in Europe? This ranking proves Italy is above Mo…[View]
105743821Is Australia the most conservative Anglo country? They just elected a conservative government again[View]
105744955Do women in your country do this?[View]
105745388Are there Europeans who really think like that?[View]
105746671Why do poles get beaten by everyone?[View]
105746603I think Europe SUCKS.[View]
105741472How do I get German gf?[View]
105744846Let's singing: Keep singing I'll start first https://vocaroo.com/i/s0H6dMgXirFk[View]
105742786What happened to ikibey?I haven't seen any I am greek posts for a while[View]
105746255>U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. shut the fuck up you fucking mutts, not the w…[View]
105746250>LAST episode of Game of Thrones tomorrow[View]
105744652I'm a proud untouched virgin and forever will stay so. Degenerate sexual savages can seethe els…[View]
105740680>English: France >French: France >Spanish: Francia >Italian: Francia >Romanian: Franț…[View]
105746109>Why yes, I do unironically use incel as an insult in my arguments, how could you tell?…[View]
105744852Just a bit more than a week until Europe will be ruled by italian BULLS Post ITT if you want your co…[View]
105745158Why do white men do this?[View]
105745198it's 20:03 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
105745911americans don't have this[View]
105745834>/gif/? I go there all the time[View]
105743636>mom has green eyes >dad has hazel (green in sunlight) eyes >I'm born with solid shit-…[View]
105745790YOU THERE! What brings you to my breeding ground?[View]
105745179Do americans really do this?[View]
105737102>Why yes I am a city in Europe[View]
105745658Unbased and literally bluepilled. Was sagt /int zum Ex-Vizekanzler ?[View]
105740413>O-onee-chan, d-don't look, I'm changing my clothes. B-baka.[View]
105742400/apu/ ehemals /deutsch/: der froscho[View]
105745502>Ctrl + F >No soyjak thread soyjak thread…[View]
105733407What do Russians think about the term 'rossiyanin'? Do they find it too PC?[View]
105745384A nation of boomers.[View]
105745382Do we have Eurovision finals today? How many hours i wanna be with you guys tonight.[View]
105743211what are the main differences between them?: >both catholic >both spent significant amount of …[View]
105745285Suicide? Nah bro, don't worry, I want children to witness it.[View]
105741197Is your country alcoholic?[View]
105744801>have sex incel[View]
105738674You might be having a bad day but just remember: you could be Italian![View]
105730392Eurovision grand final: Are you ready for tonight /int/? 11 hours to go. Stream link so you can set …[View]
105743285*removes your mosque and gives you a better life* your move?[View]
105741949portugal? more like portugay[View]
105743040>let's all love lain[View]
105736601Why is American culture so anti-intellectual?[View]
105740111Sverigetråden - Eftermiddagsupplagan[View]
105744462Do Germans really think like that?[View]
105744774>When is the last time you were amazed, by the way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgzmbwRNfmA…[View]
105742865why don't you marry a Latina woman? I heard they're the best wife material...[View]
105742686/brit/: corrr edition[View]
105742640Hello friends. What is Nottingham like? Is it a good city? Is it safe?[View]
105743134Yes I'm American! How could you tell!?[View]
105741558>what did you say about slavs[View]
105740354Post people from other countries you admire itt. I hope Chileans appreciate this man as much as they…[View]
105744656/brownhair/: Get in here, my fellow brown hairs.[View]
105744614>Why yes, I execute comissars on the spot without a trial, because they are the jewish backbone o…[View]
105743546itt: you compliment the country above[View]
105744223Does she look pure native to you?[View]
105744331>I suffer in Taiwan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTdNGk8Z9Bo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N…[View]
105744303>voting is 'optional' in his country[View]
105741839When I first came to 4chan four years ago, I thought this would be a place where pedophiles, canniba…[View]
105743313>why yes, I am of Bosnian Croat descent. How could you tell?[View]
105741989Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
105743955Do Americans really do this?[View]
105743984>be british >live in a cupboard >pay 60£ rent per hour…[View]
105735499I want to fuck her I want to make her scream obscene words in Swedish I want to her to be autistic…[View]
105733690172 cm[View]
105743926Why are Finns so Mongol?: Is it because of Korean genes?[View]
105740375>United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, 261 U.S. 204 (1923),[1] was a case in which the Supreme Cou…[View]
105743108Why didn't he just stay on the bloody hill?[View]
105743623>27 years old >have never even left my country except one time I went to America when I was 12…[View]
105740088>you're cunt >are you open about your lust for japanese cartoons in your shithole? >do…[View]
105737498how did you meet your GF?[View]
105728884how are girls like this seen in youre cunt?[View]
105736965.: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ddlHenqa2q[View]
105741347>be American retard >wake up at 4 in the morning >drink coffee-infused high fructose cornsy…[View]
105739507>Wtf dude, she's like 17 years, 364 days, 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds old. That's IL…[View]
105743479So anon what are you? Busy or Lazy?: https://youtu.be/OgzmbwRNfmA[View]
105742921Poles are friends. (I'm not a commie)[View]
105743531I wish I had a /mena/ gf but they only seem to like BLACK guys :(([View]
105703799/v4/: Tatas edition[View]
105743334And I never picked cotton Like my mother did And my brother did And my sister did And my daddy died …[View]
105743548>I have to say I'm kind of disappointed in you, bro, I would have never expected someone I c…[View]
105742275any more badass sounding hindu song like this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYLfaKlLG4M[View]
105743180Goodnight frens[View]
105737303/ex-yu/: samo vas citamo[View]
105740268>Count >Age >Do you conssider youself behind or not, why ? >If not, do you plan to chang…[View]
105730649Redpill me on Padania. How popular idea is this? Are they wannabe gallic-germanic?[View]
105737675>doki-doki >waku-waku >ton-ton >pachi-pachi >goro-goro >peko-peko >shito-shito …[View]
105743172When I was in Belgrade I saw Cherry Kiss during night out. She was with 4 thots. Some group of guys …[View]
105743100For me, it's Beby Esponjaa[View]
1057416501. your cunt? 2. how widespread is nepostism in your cunt? flag not much, we are ordnung loving fags…[View]
105736043You wake up at an American college party. What do?[View]
105741950*grabs mic* *tap it three times* *echoes through the hall* test test Attention ladies and gentlem…[View]
105727969/ita/ - il filo: edizione Claudio Bisio[View]
105741975>adolf hitler was a bad paint-[View]
105738408this is the person making all the 'do you love Japan' threads[View]
105736716Why is the UK like this?[View]
105734996/brit/: suck me tits[View]
105740098/brit/: Edition: weekend[View]
105737188>Madrid is one hour ahead of London. Who is in the wrong here?[View]
105741955Europe today[View]
105736271/fr/ - Le francofil francophone: Marine Le Pen parle de 4chan à partir de 8:30 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
105739392/deutsch/: Die neue rechte[View]
105742230I subscribe to iCloud, Apple Music, hbo and Netflix. What the FUCK are you going to do about it Sca…[View]
105742063/ita/ - il filo: edizione Carnegie[View]
105702778Can we have another Chinese cities thread? There was one the other day and everyone posted lots of c…[View]
105734126Why do Turks hate them so much?[View]
105738294Do Americans really...?[View]
105737649B*ngs BTFOED[View]
105741606>So Anon what are you? Busy or lazy? https://youtu.be/OgzmbwRNfmA[View]
105739205/ישר/: מהדורת אירוויזיון[View]
105741513I hate this world fuck everyone[View]
105741842What's the legal status of homosexuality in your country? What's the legal status of homos…[View]
105740743Can you distinguish slavs from white people?[View]
105728912/mämmi/: miikka kiprusoff -painos[View]
105741294Could you find love in Belarus?[View]
105737719Who else?[View]
105741531>Yekaterinburg Johannesburg Hamburg Strasbourg Edinburgh What is common between them…[View]
105741426Vladimir Vladimirenko Putin[View]
105739426>Poles be like 'Hi my name is Gryevorwowinski'[View]
105739024Why don't you drink tea?[View]
105741049Tervehdys, my name is Ken-Sama. I’m a 27 year old American kehitysvammainen (Moomin fan for you vitu…[View]
105741239peace sign in greece: This offends the greek[View]
105738862>TFW MANLET[View]
105738134Try and name ONE more BASED country I'll wait[View]
105735955Chinese should start being taught at schools in place of English[View]
105731558/sag/: General for discussions pertaining to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan a…[View]
105713795/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Liberian Regionals edition previous: >>105670616 Welcome to /extr…[View]
105732462German poll on future development of the EU: >'I prefer closer union': 66 % >'I prefer more au…[View]
105740103My Romanian coworker will have a child and I should prepare a wishes card for them, how can I write …[View]
105739468I'm obsessed with European girls.[View]
105740115Sverigetråden - Transbögstädisupplagan: men va nu då?[View]
105740665Jews mock in the open over the Russians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGjYVG80V-k[View]
105740633>Independence movements? All of them are equally valid. No people should be governed against thei…[View]
105740287Rappel toi Pete, avec de grands pouvoirs viennent de grandes responsabilités. Rudyard Kipling appela…[View]
105737557What are your thoughts on pâté?: We really only get this Danish stuff.[View]
105737836>live in country of freedom >see someone doesn't have money for lunch >pay it for him …[View]
105736444Rate my accent blease: Henlo my lovely /int/ers, this is my second attempt. I've been working …[View]
105738914>what do you mean eggs, pickles and kiełbasa don't belong on a pizza…[View]
105736669/g/ told me that 5G will kill us all[View]
105732519Slovenia? Utterly based.[View]
105739244do you love indonesian women?[View]
105733057Has your opinion of Australians changed since coming on /int/? Do you think the shitposters meme app…[View]
105737000/brit/: shidded and camed[View]
105714270Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>105693581 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
105738982guess where i am[View]
105739903Suffering in 1st world[View]
105738054Do you have classic car culture in your country? UK Yes there is a very healthy classic car scene[View]
1057398671. YOur country 2. DO you trust food prepared in other countries 1. France 2. Only Japan[View]
105739387i wanked again[View]
105736872Is she white? She looks white in this picture. Is it possible for Mexicans to be white?[View]
105731384Why were they considerated Honorary Aryan?: Why did Hitler closed an eye on Asians?[View]
105736374this map shows the percentage of the population that is German in each German state your thoughts?[View]
105731079>your country >would you consider your government good quality or bad quality Spain BAD QUALIT…[View]
105739220What did she mean by this? Why would she possibly want to go back to such a horrible country(I know …[View]
105739188What are rural people like in your country[View]
105738667i need to rent a house/flat in france can someone point me in the right direction[View]
105735399I love you, int Can I lick yo pussy?[View]
105739263Extra capers please![View]
105737769I wouldn't have minded them burning down parts of Dubrovnik to make this scene so much had the …[View]
105735425wtf is wrong with flips[View]
105737957This is Ramses II. Our ancestor.[View]
105738394mfw just found out Americans dont really[View]
105731898What is the Texas of your country?[View]
105738824How come African cinema is so hilariously bad https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BhG9I2KdOOY https://m.yo…[View]
105736098Super cute Arabic girl in Jerusalem: Wtf I thought that was an Israeli city? They have these beautie…[View]
105736754>short >shit eyed >shit haired >asian >5'7 >BALD…[View]
105738291The top post in my Facebook feed is by Shimon Yosef and which was liked by 100,000+ users: >You,…[View]
105732828She is perfect bros https://youtu.be/OgzmbwRNfmA[View]
105736162Oh, a stray kot![View]
105735976What do Bosnians think about Kosovo? Picture unrelated[View]
105738308God my sister is such a stuborn piece of shit. I want to beat the shit out of her to make her unders…[View]

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