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42464307My Pokemon Ultra Sun Team: >Decidueye (Male) - Blathers Blathers From Animal Crossing Series >…[View]
42463814god i love piers so fucking much. like i want piers to bend me over and fuck me like im some worthle…[View]
42462188this is some nice artwork[View]
42459660I love them all.[View]
42452337Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
42461329We all know Magneton is a good design, but why is it so good? I can't figure it out, I've …[View]
424616021 betamon = 1 suicide[View]
42463246What starter did you pick in SWSH /vp/? Scorbunny unevolved the whole game[View]
42461596Light of Ruin: This move is only available to Eternal Floette, an event Pokémon that has never been …[View]
42461873What's the most delusional opinion you've read on /vp/?[View]
42463380I’ve invented a new challenge for the DLC called the shinylocke. Only take your most valuable Pokémo…[View]
42458911You thought Chansey was stall just wait till it dynamxes who thought it was a good idea to add the C…[View]
42460916Pancham: Is there a CUTER Pokémon?[View]
42454943Pardon me for saying this, but I’m confident that X/Y takes the crown in starter designs out of all …[View]
42458515This is peak pokemon. You might not like it, but it's true.[View]
42462280Is there anything /vp/ seems to generally love (mons, games, characters, mechanics) that you just do…[View]
42456120>dinky old clothing >claims to be royalty but forgotten >hangs around dead things all the t…[View]
42457877What if Pokemon was a little girl's franchise?[View]
42463117Why does it get Synchronoise?[View]
42461722Heya guys, my name's Casey![View]
42454234Mystery Dungeon bros, how did we lose? Were we too cocky? I’m seeing zero hype for this game outside…[View]
42456251The following statement is controversial, yet true: DLC is better than 3rd versions[View]
42461618So, is it possible to see these forms of fossils in this DLC? maybe the parts of the fossils are los…[View]
42456261>Sword and Shield have ranked first in sales for the past nine weeks, dominating the sales record…[View]
42456865Do you like him?[View]
42460821Giving out some 6 ivs Dittos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpc6k9Yuin4[View]
42460812Sina & Dexio thread: What do you think they’ll do for their vacation in Alola besides Zygarde-re…[View]
42457680What did they mean by this?[View]
42462080I miss when the anime was about Pokemon and not boring humans[View]
42462131>Zacian cyan >Zamazenta magenta >Urshifu yellow >Calyrex green The mythicals will be the…[View]
42458512Eeveelutions: Oh no! It seems the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield isn't pre…[View]
42459745>So you think that a pokemon, even if it's revered as a deity, is still just a pokemon?…[View]
42462314Post music to battle to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bn6_XRHZ3U[View]
424614792020....I am forgotten.....[View]
42456490Why are all the starters furries now[View]
42455738I hope they update the customization options even more in Gen 9, so that I can look exactly like thi…[View]
42460577I hope Cinderace can be taught more electric type moves in IOR and CT[View]
42450745>shipping yourself with Hop But why? What's the appeal of him?[View]
42461647So what exactly happens to the wild Pokemon after you defeat them? Pokemon owned by trainers go back…[View]
42461368>you will buy my expansion pack, right anon? How do you respond?[View]
42457779Only female trainers are canon.[View]
42437643So which Galar Pokémon is getting into Smash Ultimate via the Fighters Pass Volume 2?[View]
42458923The real BW2 protagonist[View]
42458173The Last Dorkly Pokemon Parody: Press F to pay Respects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDfM9tiOtlM…[View]
42461415DLC: After all is said and done and both DLC packs are released, what's the total number we…[View]
42461372>Regi-based ruins in the Crown Tundra Will they try to retcon the Regis to make them originate fr…[View]
42454210What do you want to see in the Sinnoh Remakes?[View]
42459525Why didn't Calyrex stop Eternatus it has the type atvantage bet thats it back story too it got …[View]
42451289/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trade | Beg | Multi | Giveaway | M U L T I Wi-fi General the CHADS of MULTI ED…[View]
42459050So, did it rape your childhood hoennbabbies?[View]
42461085>Thanks for saving me! >To show you my thanks, I want you to have my Joy Seed!…[View]
42460567You know the drill, post your favourite tcg artwork or cards in general.[View]
42447977>Huge optional dungeon >There only reason to explore it is if you REALLY want to get a shitty …[View]
42448207/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 50: House Fancy Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a qu…[View]
42456675Still the worst games of the series[View]
42449006SWSH are my least favorite games in the franchise, but I really enjoy Pokemon games, so even SWSH wa…[View]
42460868>Pokemon sword and shield break record for longest game in #1 spot since diamond This is very imp…[View]
42453696Sina & Dexio: Find a flaw[View]
42459337Aren't they supposed to be unique? So how there are another three that are different? They at l…[View]
42460699Yeah, I /still didn’t buy it/. Fuck you paypig consoomer ur ruining Pokémon.[View]
42459939>naming your Pokemon[View]
42455975me discovering my self worth[View]
42456845That will be $30 + tip.[View]
42456722WTF is this fucking bullshit 100% flinch? This piece of trash flinched me 7 times without fail Moves…[View]
42460314Pokemon is not for adults[View]
42453219Pokemon VGC Dallas Regionals: Starts in about 3 hours. I'm betting that Togekiss is gonna be on…[View]
42458106Don't ask why, but give me your best/favorite Rain teams.[View]
42457855ITT: we post shit shillmon designs. I’ll start. >anatomy is fucked. Looks like a pedo in a fursu…[View]
42457467SwSh Raids General: Everybody is sleepy Edition Previous Thread: >>42452962 How to find the d…[View]
42460119Fly has red glasses[View]
42455259Pointing out flaws in other Pokemon games doesn't make Sword and Shield any less Disappointing …[View]
42459277I've seen a few kids saying they wanted voice acting in Sw/Sh. But why? Have English dubbed gam…[View]
42457571POKENCHI EPISODE 220: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
42456870A-are th-those the starters f-from... >inhales[View]
42457522>people make fun of pokemon fanart calling it shit >have never drew a fucking thing in their l…[View]
42459904Will go into there moves later :)[View]
42458918Why is there no punishment for ragequitting?: I know we can't save videos of battles anymore bu…[View]
42451940How do you make an M rated Pokemon game? Hardcore mode: No sexual themes allowed.[View]
42457293https://strawpoll.com/33w145fd Chose wisely /vp/ and justify your choice. 4 days left[View]
42461445Pokémon Go friend code thread? 6118 8124 7308[View]
42450278Friendly reminder!! Fairy types are the best type ; )[View]
42459316>find a shiny in the wild on accident >you didn't prepare for it so you weren't able…[View]
42424760Fakemon Thread: What makes a good monster design?[View]
42459356U.S. Women: Reminder that we are one (1) month away from American women being reminded of their intr…[View]
42450460Why is dexcull OU so dry? Every battle feels like a total stalemate. Gen 6 and 7 didn't feel th…[View]
42437897ITT: Post your unpopular Pokémon opinions[View]
42449292>Not Berserk >Not Neuroforce or Psychic Surge >Not Iron Fist or Limber Fuck Game Freak for …[View]
42447034Marked Pokemon: so, have you caught any Pokemon with a mark /vp/?[View]
42456609>2019 - SwSh >2020 - IA/CT >2021 - DP remakes >2022 - Gen 9 >2023 - Let's Go Joh…[View]
42458921Post War Stories: >Come across a very unique looking team, figure I'm in for a fun time >…[View]
42456133>multiscale >134 attack >a shitton of movepool to deal with it's counters can you imag…[View]
42456147What game was I playing?[View]
42457097Fact: The DLC isn't going to magically make SWSH good and if you didn't like them before y…[View]
42456481Would you wrestle Misty?[View]
42458642Find a flaw[View]
42457947>pick starter >it's female[View]
42458411Who's the Pokemon in the jar?[View]
42456563Pokemon you would change types. Example: Bug Fighting[View]
42450925Pokémon Sword and Shield by far the best-selling game of 2019 in Japan: 1. Pokemon Sword & Shiel…[View]
42456945We got too cocky, bros...[View]
42450426/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: Leaf is Precious Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gacha game …[View]
42457738Gen 8's permanent exp share is a blessing. Should have been made a thing a long time ago.[View]
42454994What's your SwSh competitive team? How's it working so far? What's your format of cho…[View]
42436546Pokémon has resorted to ASMR https://youtu.be/_dDtqwXE10U https://youtu.be/tOWBxliSGgI[View]
42457763Sableye and Mawile: Figured I'd knock both out and make a thread for both of 'em.[View]
42457714Just beat Sword and caught Zacian, what else is there to do post-game?[View]
42457750B2W2 wouldn't be the greatest Pokémon game ever without her... There's no doubt, Champion …[View]
42457669Pokemon memories: >former bff went through my bag during lunch bending my new card i traded for w…[View]
42453917She's waiting for her Houndoom[View]
42454880Toucannon is my favourite pokemon because it reminds me of the toucan plush i have from my childhood[View]
42441606Corviknight laying in the bed innocently[View]
42454016Can anyone trade me a Pokémon holding a chipped pot? I want to evolve my sinistea and I’m tired of h…[View]
42454927Melony: Strongest gym leader who not even Raihan could beat baby![View]
42454480Swimsuit competition: R8 them![View]
42454290Do you think Pokegirls wear tampons?[View]
42457442I really want to get a Zamazenta from surprise trade. I feel like getting wonder trades from Auslove…[View]
42445634>ugh I hate 3D can we just go back to spr-[View]
42436618Post your favourite tcg artwork and cards[View]
42454376Post your room: Let's see anon's room[View]
42454426We've only just began i will never let you leave i will never let you rest[View]
42455655How can we fix hariyama? Do we just give it regenerator?[View]
42453150Cringe thread?: I think it's time for a cringe thread.[View]
42446879Can we have an inject thread? I’d like pic related, it escaped from me earlier today.[View]
42452725Is it time for Pokemon to have a canon yuri couple?[View]
42453457Post cute npc trainers[View]
424539691 hour = 1 content[View]
42452669This was creepy, what were they thinking?: Is Olivia into dragons or some shit?[View]
42452968Calyrex doesn't look that bad here[View]
42457082Live stream Dallas Championship Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXOkyZ0M4Jc[View]
42455755>shiny hunting >catch shiny after 700 eggs >non hidden ability My autism is telling me to t…[View]
42455912Go: Haven’t watched the new anime yet. Is this character really a he-she? Does it use they/them pron…[View]
42442062Post Pokemon.[View]
42456851Sorry, boys. This ginger only loves boys as much as they love ginger.[View]
42454319Post Pokémon all normies use[View]
42451857>Expansion Pass is adding 200 Pokémon to be caught in the new areas >there will still be anoth…[View]
42385016Husbando Thread: Human, Pokèmon,Gijinkas... Everything is welcome[View]
42453818Why do woman like this thing so much?[View]
42453877Breeding ditto needed: IGN: Red (because I didn't know what to put) Link Code: 9115 Language: E…[View]
42454221Would you rather have Pokemon Armor and Pokémon Crown editions instead of the DLC?[View]
42435453Pokeboys thread: Previous: >>42406652[View]
42454755>every grass starter is a dino-[View]
42448400>On your knees, dog.[View]
42454196A cute Linoone[View]
42452321The only names that fit Perrserker are ones related to Skyrim, such as Balgruuf or Ysgramor.[View]
42453853ITT: Pokémon that are literally you[View]
42455362POKEMON SKRIBBLIO! Get in here and argue over whether that was a squirtle or just a badly drawn turt…[View]
42456014Paul Phoenix Wright: Paul Phoenix Wright[View]
42452962SwSh Raids General: Deju Vu Edition Previous Thread: >>42448660 How to find the den you are l…[View]
42450547Hey you!: >name your favorite starter from your least favorite gen >name your least favorite s…[View]
42453931>'Hey Anon! I'm at the store right now, you want me to get you anything?'…[View]
42454280>Get called a shill/bootlicker/paypig >Have actively been against every 3ds game and LGPE Am I…[View]
42455291Today i shall remind them[View]
42448505Behold! The cancer ruining VGC![View]
42448464Dawn thread: So forgotten, can we have a dawn thread?[View]
42453843How were they able to make a gen with only 10/10 designs? How were they never able to do it again?[View]
42448742guys, do you have any dracovish fanart? I can't find it, but I'm sure more people like him…[View]
42453855My bud told me that there's more skill and creativity involved in Competitive Pokemon battling …[View]
42410276Comfy absol thread time[View]
42447980Kiravera Thread!!!: Post Kiravera fanart!!![View]
42454823If Marnie and Gloria's roles in SWSH were reversed, would it have been better or worse? How wou…[View]
42454599Why is Charizard so sexy?[View]
42454714So what do you make of this graveyard from Crown Tundra? Do you think they'll be adding any old…[View]
42442054/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Be Careful Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.…[View]
42454483Number 15: Burger King head lettuce[View]
42454434Here is your Safari Zone bro.[View]
42443773Why did they give them plump toes?[View]
42454278Who is this? Mr. Bingo? Gamefreak will have to answer to him.[View]
42454249You lied to me, /vp/: These are the best mainline games after Platinum and Emmerald.[View]
42453244Isshu... Home...[View]
42453891Would you?[View]
42454014Which region is the jynx on the left on?: Also what would be it's typing? It noticeably has dar…[View]
42452748Post npc trainers that deserve more love[View]
42453990BOLT U T T[View]
42439459>Protect Slaking[View]
42453398please love arbok: Gen 9 r-right snakebros?[View]
42453471LF INJECTBROS FT MY FRIENDSHIP: (I won't ask for much, I promise <3)[View]
42453335Furret Thread: Post Furret[View]
42451782describe how you would imagine yourself in the pokémon universe >what’s your occupation? >wha…[View]
42453890Gen 8 raid resetting: Sorry, no den seed was found. Increasing the Allowed IV deviation might help T…[View]
42451693Ya'll be fussin, but honestly Pokemon's doing pretty good compared to most games these day…[View]
42453709regi thread[View]
42452371>''''Dragon'''' Type Trainer >only 2 Pokemon are Dragon types >they're the secondary D…[View]
42452511The expansion pass should include some gym leader marnie shenanigans.[View]
42452208Need help remembering something: Can anyone else remember another battle simulator website that had …[View]
42450466If the games were good then why the DLC damage control? Checkmate shillfags[View]
42453790Diamond & Pearl DLC: Now that they're charging 30$ for an expanded post game. They are gonn…[View]
42453717Can someone send me a breeding ditto: IGN: Red (because I didn't know what to put) Link Code: 9…[View]
42453010>only knows Pokemon from Gen 1 >'who's your favorite Pokemon?' >'I like Pikachu!!' :3…[View]
42451762>Poison beats Fairy >Fairy beats Dark >Dark beats Psychic >Psychic beats Poison Is there…[View]
42451578Does Sword and Shield still brick Switches?: Now that they're going to be patching in the old P…[View]
42452927Post legendary Pokes and some thoughts about them. Do you think they need more attention? Some theor…[View]
42452848ITT:: Post pure Pokegirls only[View]
42453582>a rat that looks like a rabbit but was based on a squirrel what the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
42453124Temtem- What's the deal? I just heard about it today. I'm indifferent on it.[View]
42453538Post ideas for the Original Dragon's stats. I'll begin: >Black-Kyurem has 170 Attack an…[View]
42452545Lucario knows your internet history[View]
42451272Jaranra is more canon than Tangrowth[View]
42452253Anon...: 200 new pokemon - 35 already transferable= 165 165 + 2 new = 167 They´re adding only 167 po…[View]
42440542>Incredibly cute >Competent trainer/rival >Pure and well mannered despite her edgy fashion …[View]
42452969>Is the Sword and Shield Pokemon >The only pokemon who got nerfed in SWORD AND SHIELD…[View]
42453264I love these two adorable runts.[View]
42453243ITT: We laugh at shills who thought SwSh was gonna flop[View]
42451806Best npc trainer[View]
42449922Skribblio time!: Come on everybody join up and lets have a good time gen 1-8 pokemon https://skribb…[View]
42443001Let's see the ingenuity of /vp/: What are their nicknames for each mon? I start >For relate…[View]
42452291My Pokemon Gold Team: >Typhlosion (Male) - Epsilon Epsilon From Mega Man X Command Mission >Ar…[View]
42450945Dreepy is said to be so weak even a child can defeat it. Based on this as well as other factors, wha…[View]
42450795What am I in for?[View]
42453076Gen 5, the peak of Pokemon[View]
42447778How do you guys pronounce /vp/: Do you say 'slash vee pee', 'slash vee pee slash', 'vee pee' ,'slash…[View]
42451814What would the third version of Sword and Shield be called?[View]
42453034Is there any image with the % of each generations mons in Sword and Shield? Like how many % of Unova…[View]
42448429Previous Movie Tier List died before I could post mine. So time for a new one. https://tiermaker.com…[View]
42452747Is that true?[View]
42447051Literally my Mom's pinecone[View]
42448578Why did Gamefreak literally kill Corsola to make it competitively useful?[View]
42443708What is your least favorite type of /vp/ post?[View]
42452836Why is Plaguemon so unknown on in general and on /vp/?[View]
42452384Rate my team[View]
42444350goji kaiju: >Godzilla Dragon/Water >Ghidorah Dragon/Electric >Mothra Bug/Fairy >Rodan F…[View]
42451976Every fucking team: >Ferro >Pex >Vik >Clef Welcome to +1500 ladder…[View]
42451968Rate the box art[View]
42451996why would you buy both versions of a game? doesn't make any sense.[View]
42452285Best Pokemon Ever[View]
42452681>ice types are late game encounters[View]
42451209>hurr inknow lets just make em bigger hdudrr thats so epic fucking lazy hacks those nips are…[View]
42450580>join a 5 star ditto raid >get a 4 ivs ditto how are you supposed to breed legally in this gam…[View]
42451550>2013+7 >still the worst games in the franchise What went wrong? how did we fall so hard…[View]
42451450If you were to recommend someone a Pokemon game, which would you recommend? I know I would not recom…[View]
42448381>no recovery moves except rest and pain split >no stat boosting moves >strongest STAB is sh…[View]
42451409Late night Regi thread?[View]
42451784Let's continue these threads >>42439917 >>42445510 We have 65 of the 85 playable Po…[View]
42449657>Cosmog is Smogon spelled backwards[View]
42451905Are you ready to admit that you enjoyed your first SM playthrough?[View]
42452293do you ever feel too old for the tcg? most of the players at my lgs are in their early-mid teens and…[View]
42434107Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
42447895Can we have a pokemon music appreciation thread? If so, post your favorite pokemon track here.[View]
42432099New Galarian form speculation: Since we got Galarian Slowpoke, what other Pokemon do you think would…[View]
42451484Bad Poke Curry: >Why is Misty such a bad cook?[View]
42451657*HONK* *HONK* *HOOOOONK* I have an announcement everybody!!!! *HONK* Everybody, I have an announceme…[View]
42449955Could the Ghostbusters catch a Gastly?[View]
42448853Why Iris?[View]
42451816I can't be the only one that's bothered that no one in the Twilight Wings series has even …[View]
42451614>Opinion is different than yours[View]
42449863Did anyone else not like the addition of Regigigas? Design-wise it's ok (don't like how it…[View]
42451360Create some abilities /vp/ >Deja Vu Opposing Pokemon risk confusing if it uses the same move mult…[View]
42448086>acess to Close Combat >Speed Boost or Swift Swim Yeah, its all my boy need…[View]
42436493Transform Pokemon into a Pseudo: >Must have three stages or have its last stage really late >n…[View]
42449621Pokemon domination thread[View]
42451298Chatot used Boomburst The Throat Spray raised Chatot's Special Attack[View]
42450930I have a 30 hour flight ahead of me. Which Pokemon game do i play?: I have a DS/GBA and Gameboy emul…[View]
42451216Character Was Pokemon-Type: Dark/Psychic[View]
42449047Trainer Card Thread: All Gens are welcome. Sponsored by RKS Laboratories [View]
42453295No offense but....: Why do women PRETEND to like Pokemon?[View]
42448012'I give you rushed incomplete beta games for $60 + tva and you defend me even though you are not gai…[View]
42449003Reminder that Battle Stadium Singles is also fanfic. The only canon meta is VGC.[View]
42446973Why does the SwSh Tower suck so much cock?: Galar's battle tower is so boring holy fuck. I…[View]
42450668Do you think some erased moves are going to come back with the expansion pass? I still cant believe …[View]
42448660SwSh Raids General: YOU DON'T NEED TO BEAT A BABY TO DEATH Edition Previously on Raids or get O…[View]
42441785/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trade | Beg | Multi | Giveaway | M U L T I Wi-fi General JUST MULTI ALREADY ED…[View]
42442783SwSh breaks record of longest selling game at no. 1 spot: http://pokemon-matome.net/articles/215642.…[View]
42449730How do we make Hone Claws + Dragon Rush a more rewarding strategy than Dragon Dance + Outrage?[View]
42450559Dawn in a nightgown.[View]
42448105Punchum: Punchum.[View]
42444005>Want to build a team for Kommo-o, he's the weakest link on the team VGChads, help me…[View]
42449581https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3iVFfKjklk is this the worst pokémon glitch of all time? you have t…[View]
42443976Do you love Charizard?[View]
42450067Trading on GB micro?: Can I trade on a gameboy micro or would I have to get 2 GBAs[View]
42448236So this is the 2nd new form of Charizard in Gen8. And we thought Gamefreak gave Charizard only Gigan…[View]
42448506Sonia gives me furious ejaculations, and this is a Sonia Thread.[View]
42447695w-what hot moves??[View]
42429777>HGSS >Good remakes[View]
42450343How tall is this bitch?[View]
42449313>doesn't occur naturally in the Pokemon world at all >is from another universe (our world…[View]
42450126So begins our first round of the Grand Gym Leader and Trial Captain Tournament. Every 24 hours we wi…[View]
42441948Plush thread: Post pokemon plushies![View]
42445612meloetta dancing: meloetta dancing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2MIJRHaqA4[View]
42449293Literally my moms smom[View]
424461722020... I am forgotten.[View]
42448208Just a reminder that this is the worst pokemon ever designed.[View]
42447357So, we can all agree that this was right?[View]
42448747This is the real truth[View]
42441156>Pokémon directs >Masuda and Ohmori look dead inside >Zero passion for the things they…[View]
42436541How does /vp/ feel about Jon and Tommy?[View]
42449614My little sister called me a 'tourist' for liking SwSh and looking forward to the expansions.[View]
42448476What is this shitmon supposed to be or represent? Looks like a pink duck to me desu.[View]
42448811So why every shill on twitter happens to have a LGBT flag next to him? What makes Pokemon, Masuda an…[View]
42447168Mimikyu’s entry doesn’t make much sense: So based on its dex entry, are all Mimikyus born with an in…[View]
42448861How much better or worse would Sword & Shield be if it were a 2D game with HGSS graphics?[View]
42442460/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: STINKY Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gacha game that is re…[View]
42433758Aren't they supposed to be unique? So how there are another three that are different? They at l…[View]
42449655No Hop, you're not supposed to punch the shield dog.[View]
42449026glaceon thread[View]
42448947All 56 Card backgrounds frames etc. 151 Curry dex with all the prizes. 400 pokemon in the pokedex. A…[View]
42442861>Here’s another shitty and forgettable Pikachu clone bro! How do they keep getting away with this…[View]
42447828What are the worst posts you've seen on /vp/[View]
42436527Post the first shiny pokemon you ever caught. Currently hunting shiny cubchoo[View]
42449104Completing the National Pokédex shouldn't feel like an achievable goal. It should be such a dau…[View]
42446744Name my child: RNGd this chad last night and it needs a name help me /vp/ also any other RNG bros po…[View]
42446970This wrong[View]
42448322Hey medic, I like pokemon[View]
42448299>4' 11''[View]
42447563What do you think the least popular type is? I think it's Poison, but that doesn't mean I …[View]
42448139ITT: We imagine how Pokemon characters smell like: I’ll start: Pic related probably smells like rose…[View]
42448434You think you've won something but in reality you're just promoting more laziness from GF.…[View]
42448610Eternatus and Floette: Do you guys think eternatus has any relation to eternal flower floette. I thi…[View]
42443433Generate and Draw a Move: 1: Get Move 2: Draw Move 3: Post Move http://orteil.dashnet.org/randomgen/…[View]
42446789Uncle works for Nintendo.[View]
42448278All humanoid pokemon are a mistake, every single one. Yes, even Lucario, Machoke, Gardevoir and what…[View]
42448452Will she be in DLC 3?[View]
42444470The only mainline 3D games with soul...[View]
42441613Thoughts on the new Regis?[View]
424479632020, I AM STILL NOT FIXED[View]
42444424Which Pokemon is the worst nightmare of rain teams? One that can deal with Pelipper and Mantine boos…[View]
42442710For fans of Gen V: what do you think are the flaws with it, if any?[View]
42437916Jap gym leader OCs: Some Japs on twitter are posting some OC gym leaders if you're interested. …[View]
42448290Do you like Ribombee? I sure do, it's so cute![View]
42447641Why can’t Marnie smile properly?: Does she have some kind of neurological condition that paralyses t…[View]
42447317The first DLC is shit, the second DLC is slightly better. Mark my words.[View]
42447351>Only stat changes this gen are nerfing Aegislash What are the odds one of the patched in mons wi…[View]
42444460cosplay thread?[View]
42446207How many games do you think will there be in Gen 8? Gen 7 had 6 (SM, USUM, LGPE).[View]
42443371>Created to slay Ultra Beasts >Gladion never interacts with UBs >You don't get your…[View]
42436426/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 49: Foreboding Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a qui…[View]
42445269I hope the dlc shows us sonia and nessa doing something together. The league card alone is not enoug…[View]
42447966Do people really miss this? It takes forever to get enough for porygon.[View]
42445804Would they have been more interesting companions than Hop, Bede and Marnie?[View]
42444080Indeedee hate thread: I think Indeedee SUCKS![View]
42446457You think we will get more DLC after IR and CT?[View]
42439227Maid braixen thread[View]
42435244Posters who have overstayed they're welcome: I'll start. Lilliefags[View]
42446194Pokemon that deserve buffs[View]
42447018Pokemon that are literally you[View]
42447710Today I shall remind them[View]
42445510I'm not OP but I thought continuing this thread >>42439917 would be fun. So far we have 5…[View]
42437559What's the point of becoming attached to gigantamax designs if they are gonna be over and done …[View]
42444838This is the only Pokémon who I cannot think of one, single, vaguest reason as to why it has one of i…[View]
42444726SwSh Raids General: Work it out Edition Previously on everyone goes to bed >>42440998 How to …[View]
42444993It's Pretty Cool?: Does anyone else find the fact that their phone can float and hover around t…[View]
42445135Not sure how you feel about the Pokemon manga, but I really dig the art style that went into the des…[View]
42438813>spend an hour trying to get into a single fucking battle >It's just some fucking cunt us…[View]
42447281Do you think she will get banned this gen?[View]
42440376Has he surpassed Gardevoir?[View]
42439163I just wanna fuck pokemon desu bros[View]
42443625I genuinely miss HMs[View]
42445240Number Pun: Has anyone figured out what the japanese number pun is for Klara and Avery yet? If you h…[View]
42445427is it better or worse[View]
42427209>it just gets bigger[View]
42446821Technically Game Freak has done nothing wrong from a business perspective, their fanbase is full of …[View]
42442606Absolutely FUCK whoever puts link codes on raids for non-gigantamax Pokemon. Some of us are trying t…[View]
42446585Disable vs Substitute: I was playing some pokemon today and my opponent had non choice item frosslas…[View]
42442349Pokemon Theories: >Gallade's hip is a tutu based on Kirlia's dancing theme >it'…[View]
42442145Thoughts on Pokemon funkos?[View]
42446965Pokémon Sword and Shield break famitsu number 1 record: https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comm…[View]
42433819Oldest Girl vs Newest Girl: Who wins[View]
42446123I didn’t participate in any “boycott” but if you ask me it’s pretty deserving of the score. It’s rea…[View]
42446167You do know that the very existance of this item makes it so that all Pokémon introduced that don…[View]
42446889Anyone here has a Shuffle account they don't use anymore. Mine was erased and support hasn…[View]
42446410Man who is excited for episode 2? He looks real hot here Im about that farm boy life babyyyyy[View]
42446437Giving out more Dittos and stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUYbH3f962o[View]
42446292I wish Mega Evolutions became forms or evolutions already[View]
42442530I’m an injector: Please be my friend. I need more Pokémon friends. I can make Pokémon for you, as I’…[View]
42446342>There are still people fighting within the fandom over yet another sub-par generation This shoul…[View]
42441646/vp/ 'fixes' DMax and GMax: So, a big shareholder's kid doesn't like what FG did with the …[View]
42444476Why didn't he just wait a day?[View]
42445211>d-max battle vs Rose >Max Guard >Heal my mon >Max Guard again. Fails. Wtf happened?…[View]
42443256o fuck: I am CREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM[View]
42439566More NPD numbers: So /vp/ How well do you think SwSh did in the US?[View]
42431286Klara Thread: Worship your new mistress or goddess. or fantasize about fucking the shit out of her u…[View]
42446357>'Mista Merricku...my son...they finarry stop compraining...'[View]
42445488Funny how the whole of SwSh was trying to bring down other franchises and other pokemons games inste…[View]
42442117Are Eeveelutions the new Raichu?[View]
42391767He cri[View]
42445168Strength Sap is a shit, overpowered move.[View]
42441920Pokemon Designs Ranking: Gen III > Gen I > Gen IV > Gen II > Gen VI > Gen V >= Gen…[View]
42408912Get to know /vp/: >Year you were born >First Pokémon game you ever played >Favorite Pokémon…[View]
42444420Ohhh noo...: >finish pokedex >200+ pokemon fully EV trained >16+ shinies >now im bored o…[View]
42442427Which would you rather cum inside?[View]
42445797Hey, it's Mr. /v/ crossboarder here! I'm just here to tell you all that your game is the s…[View]
42445781Can anyone send me Sirfetch'd with HA? That 1% spawn rate is brutal. Please![View]
42442658>light metal fucking why[View]
42442354Help me name my Rookidee, /vp/[View]
42443361cope: http://pokemon-matome.net/articles/215642.html[View]
42445496I bought sword and want to play with the best bugbros in the game, who are they and where can i find…[View]
42434850Showderp: oomer Edition: Welcome to Showderp. Are you feeling like a Boomer today? Perhaps more like…[View]
42435961/pmdg/ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon General: /pmdg/: From foe to bro edition Previous thread >>4238…[View]
42444251Well anon? How are you building your team of Regis?[View]
42444505Is there a way to put the Gen 6+ exp share into the Gen 4/5 games? Having more than 3 main pokemon i…[View]
42444122https://strawpoll.com/33w145fd Chose wisely /vp/ and justify your choice. 5 days left[View]
42443040Pokemon DLC info: Hiya! I have some information about the upcoming DLCs that are coming up during Ju…[View]
42443132If it comes back, does it replace Corviknight?[View]
42443026It's that time again anons: Who did it better?[View]
42442280I like Linoone :3[View]
42441833Need Advice: Anons i can't past 5 pokeball level in Online ranked Single battles. Picrelated is…[View]
42444458>newer games keep getting worse, gens 7 and 8 were absolutely awful >slave consoomers keep buy…[View]
42444792>make a cross gen evo >it appears next gen >go full retard and start doing shit tied to the…[View]
42443434is sworshie the most beloved generation yet?: it seems like everywhere online, people are in love wi…[View]
42443830Press S to spit: Seriously though. What happened? Did Gamefreak forget that legendaries only have 58…[View]
42444484Naked Toxtricity.: Anyone have the Amped version?[View]
42443965What are its frills made of?: Are they meant to be biological but pulsing and glowing with electrici…[View]
42443546>Gen9 comes out >everybody who defended SwSh are suddenly gone, now people are weirdly protect…[View]
42444376>ywn go down by the riverbank and spend alone time with Lana, fishing and talking about things…[View]
42443999Seaking: Is Seaking the least memorable gen 1 pokemon?[View]
42441090if the dex cut was a good thing, why aren't people mad now because the pokemon are being added …[View]
42442623*walks up to you and grabs your balls*[View]
42430717Why are people still mad when they're doing apology DLC and giving you pokemon for free? Am I m…[View]
42443730there's a guy in max raid battles fighting their own teammates what the fuck why people do this…[View]
42442828VGC Fag: Hey fuckers, I feel like I've trained everything I need and I've made some really…[View]
42440701Why doesn't SwSh have touchscreen controls?[View]
42443558This what happens when there are no memes and porn[View]
42440987Memes aside, what’s your favorite thing about SwSh?[View]
42443822TOO MUCH WATER[View]
42441475Why does nobody like Ditto?[View]
42441414Something that has always bothered me....: Are “people” here ACTUALLY sexually attracted to Pokémon …[View]
42441340Here's your second fighter's pass bro.[View]
42442519Zigzagoon eating sushi: Zigzagoon eating sushi[View]
42443276>he (bought/didn't buy) swsh[View]
42442917When is the return of the king?[View]
42442777Bulbasaur is clearly the best looking one. I can see a case for Squirtle, but Bulbasaur is still too…[View]
42440801with 6 gym badges and lance by my side, there's just no way I could beat a level 20 something t…[View]
42445410>tfw no anonbf to teach me how to play competitive and hug me when I get frustrated from losing…[View]
42441747I think this is it for me. I tried to pretend things would get better after XY, but they didn't…[View]
42443175>Better haul ass, don't be no slow poke >Through the tall grass, run your ass off Silly …[View]
42441084What happened to his Reuniclus Did it died[View]
42441022>that spy mission in HGSS S O U L[View]
42440278My daughter![View]
42438968Which is the best Pokémon to use the Fury Cutter + Metronome combo with?[View]
42439385Who is the best gimmickmon?[View]
42440998SwSh Raids General: Dress up Edition Previously on R.A.I.D.S. >>42437250 How to find the den …[View]
42440865what do you think would make moot delete veepee?[View]
42442919>2030: Gamefreak cut an actual pokemon game in half and sold the rest as pokemon Part 2 >Shill…[View]
42442666Very nice Corviknight, I see you are taking OU by storm, HOWEVER...[View]
42440985>t-there are multiple legendaries!! Explain to me how the fuck there can be more than one weather…[View]
42442748*crunch* *crunch*[View]
42440744If you could be a Pokemon, which one would it be and why?[View]
42442397Where the last two gens teams who weren't explicitly trying to take over the region or destroy …[View]
42388891I want Tsareena to stomp on me.[View]
42439187>he was fired for trying to fulfill his boyfriends dying wish apologize.…[View]
42442276>waifufag threads >barafag threads >furfag threads >shill threads >twitter threads…[View]
42441811Saw those at my local Saintsbury (UK): £50, which is a bit less than $65 US Should I do it?[View]
42441380>$30: Say what you will about SwSh, it's DLC is looking pretty good by comparison.[View]
42442063Favorite: Whos your Favorite Pokemon! LETS GO WITH EEVEE[View]
42441736>The only anime that covers Galar region >instead of giving a spotlight to GALAR STARTERS like…[View]
42441940When was the last time Mew was being distributed? If I want one, is the Pokeball plus thing the only…[View]
42442165What's the best ship of Gen 8?[View]
42441550Hows Little Cup these days? Haven't played since Gen 7, must be unrecognisable without Mienfoo …[View]
42437246Let's talk about PMD Red/Blue's post-game: Holy shit could this game have unforgivingly ha…[View]
42441076Do you think the expansion pack will address Sonia's feelings towards Leon? I just want to see …[View]
42442023Who’s ready for dual dance Reuniclus on every team now?[View]
42427924/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Rage Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/en…[View]
42438560Pokken 2 roster: Take an image of a pokemon. The next 19 posted are the starting roster for Pokken 2…[View]
42430936What make her aestheticly pleasing?[View]
42436320What is the oldest Pokemon you still have on a save file? I have a Togepi from February 2009[View]
42441048Is there a pokemon as affectionate as Hatterene?[View]
42441207>falling for the tomboy meme >not choosing the superior ahegaofu…[View]
42441875How do you feel about the Trans rep in Pokémon?[View]
42441071I wish ...: A healthy meta![View]
42441837sue me: Honestly Ill buy it if all the pokemon in even if the game + dlcs cost $200, because I care …[View]
42437438These new forms are awesome, why is /vp/ complaining about this? Now i can have two Moltres. They we…[View]
42441352Smogen: What are your thoughts on Smogen? Do you follow its rules when battling competitively or do …[View]
42441421characters that are literally you: >black hair >eye bags >anorexic >probably gonna die b…[View]
42440034Go to https://randompokemon.com/ set 'generate' to 1 and press 'Generate!' The pokemon that is gener…[View]
42436564/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: Dawn of a new thread Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gacha g…[View]
42442564Why do the mods allow so many furry threads when furry images are against the rules? Why do the mods…[View]
42441271ITT:: Post embodiments of Purity and innocence Starting with Eevee girl[View]
42435796VGC = Melee Smogon = Ultimate/Sm4sh BSS = Brawl[View]
42433159Reaction image thread: Pokemon edition.[View]
42438295I am attracted to him specifically because his dark sockets remind me of my heroin-addicted ex.[View]
42441083Favorite game thread: If you had to play only 1 pokemon for eternity, which one would it be and why?…[View]
42440707Lucario Thread?[View]
42432116/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trade | Beg | Multi | Giveaway | M U L T I Wi-fi General PLEASE be in Wyndon E…[View]
42437193>Eternatus furry form SWSH is literally just Sonic Forces[View]
42440371Heatmor is Uber[View]
42440621>2020 >Porn well has shriveled up >Hat threads are dead Why did Hatfags loose?…[View]
42440953> '1 X = 1 content.' how much is 'One Content?'[View]
42439917Post 1 Pokemon to be in a hypothetical SSB Pokemon edition. The first 85 posts will make it into the…[View]
42433462Who could beat him?[View]
42439493hey bros what should i name her?[View]
42434876Post Pokémon you want to come back for the DLC[View]
42439136Real Time Pokemon Battles?: Watching the Twilight Wings episode made me wonder how a battle would wo…[View]
42439628>catch a Machamp in Giant's Mirror when it's foggy >get one with the Misty Mark >…[View]
42439203Gamemon Gen 1: Gamemon Red, Gamemon Blue and Gamemon Yellow[View]
42440032>find an active Pokemon Den with half a dozen players around it >the timer ends without findin…[View]
42438320Were any of the remake designs better than the originals?[View]
42438412This is my wife. Lets have a thread about her.[View]
42440800Does anyone else just wish everything released past Gen 5 besides Super Mystery Dungeon didn't …[View]
42441036>They will be back in time for VGC 2021. I can't wait to reunite with my wife Tapu Lele.…[View]
42435158>majority of movepool is physical >signature move is physical >learns swords dance through …[View]
42440918so do you get double prizes if you master ball rank both singles and doubles? Don't know if I e…[View]
42435854>16/01/2020 >still not fixed[View]
42440766Ice types: >only 4 good pokemon of this type >Mostly put on defensive pokemon when it's a…[View]
42439612now that the dust has settled... was he right?[View]
42434794Think of two Pokémon, any two Pokémon. Alright, got it? Good. 100 of the first Pokémon want to fuck…[View]
42428990Post Pokemon that look better than their final Evo.[View]
42438099Gigantamax Tree: > Drops Gigantamax Apple > Can give to your Pokemon to enable GMAX Factor Tho…[View]
42435376Why do Gardefags get so mad about Hatterene?[View]
42433762Aside from the fact it should've clearly been called Pyroyal, does anyone like these guys? I fe…[View]
42430428Reminder that ORAS has the best character designs in the series[View]
424384371 watercolor = 1 soul[View]
42438200The great debate.[View]
42439842>20 years past the year 2000 >STILL no Skelton Pokeman. WHAT THE H*CC GAMEFUCK?…[View]
42431459>twilight wings >it's another fanfiction about a kid obsessed with Charizard >we liter…[View]
42438688Which gen 8 girl will stand the test of time?[View]
42439318It’s been like a week now. Have they confirmed any new story content?[View]
42435083Appreciation post for this absolute Chad who's trying to stop Pokémon from being a pile of shit…[View]
42438156this game is better than any main line game could wish to be and you dumb niggers wont admit it[View]
42436415Return Wishlist: I miss my boy Scyther. Hope he returns in the Isle of Armor.[View]
42438165I love him. We haven't had a normal type this lovable since Snorlax.[View]
42439603Post Pokemon on cell phones[View]
42439662Is it a Unova variant of Seedot?[View]
42439049You gotta be fucking kidding me PALKIA KNEW[View]
424399931 Eternatus = 1 Atomic bomb[View]
42438815Leave gen 9 to me.[View]
42436779So how are they going to suddenly explian our starter gigantimaxing? I think the fruit on the weird …[View]
42430224post your favorite single stage mons! @[View]
42425674are you emotionally attached to any pokemon you've had?[View]
42437744Post your Pokedex Pause Motion pics here[View]
42433283>leaf stone >dawn stone >no may stone…[View]
42438491Today i shall remind them[View]
42437014I just finished the gyms on swsh in 7 hrs (there were no routes between) and it seems like all I can…[View]
42425858Update any Pokemon into a pseudo legendary[View]
42434262What are your favorit ORAS and UltraSun/UltraMoon ROM hacks? I've never played vanilla UltraSun…[View]
42438383How do you go from this...[View]
42437250SwSh Raids General: Active hours Edition Last thread >>>42432969 How to find the den you a…[View]
42430745they are furry or bara?[View]
42438070Does Wally count as a rival?[View]
42439156You didn't forget him, did you?[View]
42437763ITT:: Come up with ideas to combine Megas and Gigantamax into the same gimmick.[View]
42439008Hypothetical,They use delta species from the tcg in newest games. Pokemon show no sign of delta in t…[View]
42432960Why is he so shit? Are seriously, +28 poits of hp, +30 atk, +15 def, +5 spdef, +2 spd... All it take…[View]
42437970>Fuse with >Vore >Defecate on…[View]
42438179Tower is braindead with this fellow. Have you finished the postgame facility, /vp/? Or are you going…[View]
42429180Let's have one of these shall we Post and rate others I'll start with mine[View]
42436686>Matt >Archie >Maxie >Zinnia >Wallace >Lisia >the teammates in Sea Mauville Why…[View]
42432192>no keystone to megaevolve Rayquaza >no Z-power whatsoever so no Ultra-Necrozma >Kyurem…[View]
42437618>Move has 90 accuracy >Literally misses 2/3 of the time…[View]
42438588I think the best possible incarnation of the Battle Frontier would have the Battle Pyramid, Battle C…[View]
42421623Your Trainer: You ever get lewds of your custom trainer?[View]
42438078What is your opinion about gen 6+ pokemon designs?[View]
42390427Pout your favorite pokemon and confess your sins continuing on from last thread[View]
42435995Pancham drip[View]
42438171What Pokemon team would she have?[View]
42437119https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOWBxliSGgI charmander[View]
42435438This is my wife, please say something nice about her.[View]
42433932Why did they keep Ash every season and not just make the side female character the mc?[View]
42434743Imagine being the most intelligent being on the planet, but if a ball hit your face you have to bend…[View]
42431548Why did they bother? He fucking SUCKS.[View]
42433372Wallpaper Thread: Post wallpaper[View]
42437294Pokéfusions thread? Pokéfusions thread,: >also I made pic related…[View]
42425949ITT: Change the way normal pokemon works forever. I'll start. > pokemon is supposed to be ab…[View]
42434193>has a more and better content than smash's $55 worth of DLC AND lets you get new characters…[View]
42437560Anyone got that gif of the eevee kid howling?[View]
42437095>still no Stalagbite and Dragon Chomp I'm not going to stop being mad until it happens.…[View]
42437611Fakemon thread because I just had an INCREDIBLY vivid idea for one all at once. >Thundicorn, the …[View]
42435076The only linked games are Gen 1 and Gen 2? The other games are soft resets to the lore? That would …[View]
42430928>Region based around India >Donphan and Copperajah get cut >Region based around Greece >…[View]
42436542>Meanwhile in sprout tower[View]
42435628>has Run Away instead of Pickpocket Uh… Okay? What even is the deal with this Pokémon, anyway. Is…[View]
42434884So anons, aren't these birds uniques? How can be a Galar variation ta a unique pokemon? Or they…[View]
42434938If SWSH gets another DLC pack next year, it will objectively be the Pokemon game with the most conte…[View]
42428859Claim you daughter[View]
42421364what the fuck was gamefreak thinking this gen[View]
42434820Now that the dust has settled...: Was Comfey actually based?[View]
42433112Are you ready to apologize yet?[View]
42433115Gamefreak said more Pokémon would not be patched in. Gamefreak said they would never participate in …[View]
42436193What was the last pokémon game you truly enjoyed? Had little to no complaints? Why do you consider s…[View]
42434444>Put ditto with “Amazing” stats and Larvitar with “Amazing” stats in daycare. Outcome is Larvitar…[View]
42435426Hey veepee, I'm running a pokemon tabletop RPG and I was hoping to get a little help from y…[View]
42432261TRAINER CARD THREAD > no galards allowed edition. post 'em[View]
42431429Wholesome and Pure pokegirls thread, please no lewds or stealth lewds[View]
42434076>leftovers poison heal Gliscor switching in on a toxic[View]
42433185Worst powercreep generation?[View]
42423581/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 48: Flattery Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a quick…[View]
42436414*intimidates* *fake outs* *knock offs* Heh, nothin personel kid[View]
42436053> You ever make two teams and try to script a badass looking battle on showdown? who wants to mak…[View]
42434706>ditches speed and turns tanky, but also awkwardly swaps physical attack for special meaning you …[View]
42432110Aether fundation >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Team Plasma[View]
42432720>only one region with two psudos[View]
42436169Make-a-Mega Thread: Galar Edition: On your trip to Kalos with your trust Galar mon, you find a rock …[View]
42433550Which pokemon aren't coming back?: For gen 8?[View]
42417090Food Network had a Pokemon Cake Challenge, and the results are something alright: https://watch.food…[View]
42436167If they remake Explorers and A-attack is removed, what will they do with this scene?[View]
42430880I love her bros...[View]
42436084Pokébros? Pokéfeet![View]
42431815I fucking hate this mon so much. I don't even fucking know what it even is. Why did it have to …[View]
42418176>hires top of the line animation studio >shells out for 30-40 minutes of animation >'oh wil…[View]
42435395What up with this?[View]
42435439What's your opinion on Sonia?[View]
42435175Giving away some dittos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzJlRMqdQmQ[View]
42436072I hope the baddest bitch makes it into the DLC[View]
424354151 new anime = 1 charizard show[View]
42433308He's a big guy.[View]
42433425Hey, is this the item, that you need add to slowpoke, when you want to evolve ist into Galarian Slow…[View]
42432969SwSh Raid General: Doing this before chaos Edition Last thread >>>42428731 How to find the…[View]
42430596Was it ever explained why the Galar region is quarantined?[View]
42435221Gen 7 and 8 design tropes?: Saw this image the other day, and it's scary how accurate this is. …[View]
42434541Shiney hunting for the boy: Shiny hunt a friend to come with you to the armor isles I'm going …[View]
42435204Cinderace? More like.. Cinderbased[View]
42435340The main reason it will represent is cause it will be able to poison/paralyze other fighters. Second…[View]
42417060Comfy thread here[View]
42433659Use the random button or tailor your own fakemon/abomination and post results! Bonus points if you g…[View]
42429571/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: Cute Girlfriends Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gacha game …[View]
42410690/pmdg/ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon General: /pmdg/: Frosty Edition Previous thread >>42389648 Poke…[View]
42435019What is the style of your 'theme' Team and why is Dugtrio an acceptable option?[View]
42434701Ban when? This thing is cheat, it's like 2-3 Pokemon in one slot since it can fully recover to …[View]
42433998Why is this rat purple?[View]
42434414I'm new to competitive, how would I go about using an aegislash? what moves and statset? > p…[View]
42430041>tfw the SwSh expansion pass is likely going to end up being better than Smash's Fighters Pa…[View]
42433573Dynamic Punch + No Guard was supposed to be Machamp's gimmick.. his niche. The thing that made …[View]
42431321Post your Showdown Rating: I'm willing to admit that i'm not the best battler.[View]
42433427I haven't played a Pokèmon game since White. Actually, I played Moon but dumped it after a whil…[View]
42433852Last one is archived >>42425012 so let's continue here. Are humans pokemons too? And what…[View]
42430313You know it to be true /vp/[View]
42433942Why is it so hard to copy Pokemon games? I think we're getting to the point where we could genu…[View]
42434148>fires out its newborns like explosive missles No wonder this fuckin' thing went extinct.…[View]
42430469It's inevitable that we'll get a Pokemon rep in Smash among the six, so who do you think i…[View]
42406652Pokeboys thread: Previous: >>42375821[View]
42432858Would it be possible to live inside the belly of a Wailord, like in the biblical tale?[View]
42430433When are we going to stop accepting shit remakes and demand original games? Is it already too late? …[View]
42431684Meanwhile in the timeline with a Pokémon x Digimon crossover[View]
42433050Current Teams Thread: Post em[View]
42432849Can someone give me a quick rundown on these guys?[View]
42420277Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
42421651Showderp: Retard Edition: Welcome to Showderp, where the most retarded of retards gets named ' Champ…[View]
42433391How long until we get a Psychic Champion?[View]
42428496Hop is dead[View]
42418019Hnnnnnnnnngh: Why is she so PURE!?[View]
42432016Eternal Reminder: You will buy it anyway: Might as well just tone down your shit talk or I'm cu…[View]
42432607What was the point of them making him one of the worst Pokemon in the entire game? Like for what pur…[View]
42432801skribbl.io: It's time for Round 2, fellas. Let's do a better job of making Pokemon art tha…[View]
42433324The current state of /vp/[View]
42431809Can someone give me the rundown on how the final pokejobs work? I'm assuming they increase the …[View]
42434782Which Pokemon would you like to see a cumjar project on? Just asking for a friend.[View]
42426215>Rated E for Everyone[View]
42433291Playing Pokemon Again After a Decade: I used to really enjoy the competitive scene back in Gen IV, b…[View]
42431092tell us one of your favorites from each gen and rate the choices of the person above you[View]
42433218Wait a second... aren't those...!?[View]
42432546>smash fans autistically rage out about getting a representative they don't like in a game t…[View]
42432982It's obvious at this point so, which starter is gonna be in smash on the new pass? Since Sakura…[View]
42432548Leon: Just started playing these games today, and my first impression is: who the fuck is this cocky…[View]
42431153>He waited for a third version? >Drop the DLC…[View]
42432375Want a wholesome thread *jannies prune because of one person instead*[View]
42432857Why is steel such a based type[View]
42428695Create a store or restaurant with a Pokemon mascot. I'll start: Tepiggly Wiggly[View]
42430674charizard: Charizard is pretty cool.[View]
42429017I was fucking celebrating[View]
42425810FUCK bugs[View]
42431144I'm feeling it[View]
42424797>Team Plasma's goal was to 'liberate' all Pokémon from their Trainers, by either convincing …[View]
42432243Buzzword game: Try to find the most used buzzword in /vp/ >Inb4 'pokemon' = 2.3 million results h…[View]
42430310Here's the Gen 8 Smash rep[View]
42427493i actually thought he's a pretty great champion, too bad gf were scared he would be too tough f…[View]
42432516>he plays Pokemon for fun in 2020[View]
42430567>Two (2) months after release >Still no official art beyond shitty scans Fitting for the worst…[View]
42431530VGC would be infinitely better if they removed crits and made moves all have 100% accuracy so it did…[View]
42430101hello /vp/, been out of touch with pokemon after US/UM came out. Been thinking about getting a lite …[View]
42431113She cute[View]
42429037>Grandma! Don't you say anything. We are both Trainers, and we are supposed to exchange numb…[View]
42422145Still not fixed.[View]
42424003The one thing we're all sleeping on about The Crown Tundra.: ARE YOU REGI, KIDS?[View]
42428546Does he really think his characters and plots are amazing?[View]
42431374ITT: Pokemon ruined by fetish art (looking at you vorefags)[View]
42424000So if the story is bad, the map design is bad, the visuals are bad, the postgame is bad, and the new…[View]
42432061Are there any other decent places to talk about pokemon other than /vp/ and Reddit? This board is a …[View]
42432129This is now the Inevitable See you in E3 fellas[View]
42420200itt we make our trainer cards and rate, this is mine https://pokecharms.com/trainer-card-maker/[View]
42431099Pokemon with inverted colors thread: Post 'em[View]
42431306>People are going to be asking for Black and White remakes soon[View]
42431991Did anyone of you try to use gastric acid on it in doubles?[View]
42423317/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trade | Beg | Multi | Giveaway | M U L T I Wi-fi General Multi ass lookin EDIT…[View]
42428699>Every Pokemon I like has bad to mediocre at best stats and is easily outclassed WHY is this allo…[View]
42431441Why wasn't it Alolan Slowpoke?[View]
42429239>Pokemon's japanese name is 'Blacky' das racist!![View]
42430765>Imagine being the first legendary with it’s own dlc and ending in NU because your designers don’…[View]
42429357First super saiyan form pokémon, now kaiju form pokémon, what next? Fusions? Mixed-species breeding?…[View]
42426157Think of your Pokéwaifu/Husbando. Alright, got it? Good. Your favorite Pokémon becomes their ace. P…[View]
42430127What happens if I transfer a pokemon with removed moves like HP from Gen7 to Gen8? pic unrelated[View]
42431418Would it take longer than breeding if I just grinded the battle tower for BP to get bottle caps and …[View]
42431355Do you WANT pokemon to die? I do. Ask yourself, do I want the next game to be good and praised? Or d…[View]
42426527He was going to rape Azurill wasn't he?[View]
42427762fuck marry kill[View]
42428731/RaGe/: SwSh Raid General: I'm still salty that I never got in a hosted raid Edition Old bread …[View]
42430967Did you choose your tent color based on your favorite color or favorite type?[View]
42430790I'm tree[View]
42429831Do not fuck your Pokemon[View]
42429856Another day, another time GameFreak doesn’t fix this problem.[View]
42421015>Physical psychic type >Special fighting type…[View]
42425928Why did Game Freak start intentionally making Dragon-Type single stage shitmons beginning with Gen V…[View]
42428830I fucking hate this anime so much.: Fuck Gou Fuck the terrible music Fuck the Pokemon Go references …[View]
42430750>This next Pokemon... Represents my feelings for you, anon! What Pokemon would it be?…[View]
42412702She’s so adorable. I really wish I had a daughter like her.[View]
42428628>Pokemon will never be this kino again Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
42430962ITT: post your partner/bro, make a baseless assumption and/or insult the anon above you[View]
42430350Why can you still miss a dynamaxed pokémon? I'm speaking from both gameplay perspective and log…[View]
42430376Wasted potential[View]
42429893>this skin tone what did pokemon company mean by this?[View]
42430589So is it possible to create a usable version of this thing through injecting or not?[View]
42428333>start your journey >convince Leon to get endorsement >immediately after getting it, exactl…[View]
42424438>pokemon is in the wild at a level where it will evolve within a few levels…[View]
42430535>White Cliffs, County Antrim, Northern Ireland >kinda looks like that place in The Isle of Arm…[View]
42430322Once upon a time, I was one of most popular pokemon, now I'm forgotten.[View]
42425620Once I the updates come out, I WILL be injecting every legendary and giving them out here. I do most…[View]
42422893>a rat that looks like a rabbit but was based on a squirrel what the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
42430236>only five shiny starters from gen 1 to 7 have 'interesting' designs which aren't necessaril…[View]
42429188Am I the only one who thinks that Glaceon is the cutest pokemon?[View]
424303406 more slots: Ok who's going to be our new smash pokemon rep[View]
42425211How do you think Clair reacted to news of a little girl becoming a Dragon-type specializing Champion…[View]
42428797Bootlegs. This shit is SO annoying. It's practically impossible to find any games from gens 3-5…[View]
42430096>The Mystery around Nidorina and Nidoqueen's inability to breed Simple answer: they were laz…[View]
42426000I wish she was real[View]
42426860Assuming a remake will happen at some point, what is the best way to make honey trees good?[View]
42430211Don't mind me. Just riding to page 10 in my clown outfit.[View]
42429594Pokemon Generation 9: Pokemon Light and Dark >Region Based on a Thailand >Coming Soon 2024…[View]
42426532Why did they remove it?[View]
42430120Prof Oak says: 'Don't forget to neuter or spay your Pokemon.'[View]
42410660Is being a Pokémon fan something to be ashamed of?[View]
42429801I know it's a bit early, but fuck it:: Intelleon celebration thread. He's finally done it,…[View]
42429924>champions ace isn't a pokemon from the gen[View]
42428878Pixelmon: I feel like it failed its potential. Back when it was new it had only gen 1+2 Pokémon, but…[View]
42425451Look at this fat bitch look how fucking stupid and fat he is stupid idiot fatty why are you so fat[View]
42417634I love you all.[View]
42426465They keep a Gothitelle in this children's hospital so they can stop operating on lost causes. S…[View]
42421860Opinons on these guys?[View]
42426797Jigglypuff by itself was already terrible even compared to other early game Pokemon, why did GF give…[View]
42428674PP stall[View]
42417479Cooking is the most fun part of the game.[View]
42427658I got a basically new copy of Pokemon Let's Go Pee for $10 from a depressed millennial house wi…[View]
424277672020... I am forgotten[View]
42390166/rheg/ - ROM Hacking & Essentials General:: Hantama edition /rheg/ Discord: https://i.imgur.com/…[View]
42414227G-Max Wish List: G-Max Pokemon you want to see. One's that you wish would actually be better th…[View]
42427805Most based and chaddest Water starter coming through. Don't mind me.[View]
42429360Hey Stantler, have you heared? -What? They're going to put in DLC, and you're not invited!…[View]
42427536I miss them, bros[View]
42429492Pokemon with great matching colour combinations[View]
42429176>'You're awful Rotom.' >'Me? I'm awful? Oh yeah, how am I awful?' >'Cutting me fr…[View]
42422771Save him: Make him more viable.[View]
42424702ITT pokeboys molesting pokegirls[View]
42426238Why are they making Machamp the jobbermon[View]
42423279claim your ace before someone else does[View]
42429065So Masuda posted pic related at his Twitter account. Referring this as the 'new generation'. Do you …[View]
42425271>Bea wearing sandals[View]
42429187Would this have been a better plot?[View]
42428555are there any hm moves that are liked by smogon?[View]
42422777Can you guys take care of my dog for 20 minutes? Thanks![View]
42428740ASH HE GETTING INTELEON!!! NOT A RILLABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
42418666What's she saying, /vp/?[View]
42429031This is too lewd[View]
42422288What it the shorts? Was it the butt? Too much legs? Not enough chest? Why did they abandon this girl…[View]
42426075Why couldn't this autistic fuck just say he didn't like to see Pokemon get hurt in battle …[View]
42427163PMD Memories: What are some of your favorite memories about the series as a whole. Did it give you a…[View]
42414407Melony thread anyone?[View]
42421229ITT: Kino designs.[View]
42428614DLC League Cards: We know we're getting more customisation in terms of clothing and hair, but d…[View]
42403892regi thread: Post some regis. Does anyone have the archive links to the story-time anon. I can only …[View]
42425787/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Dude, where's my Sync Grid' Edition >What is Pokémon Maste…[View]
42428328Would you join the Aether Foundation?[View]
42427247Mandacaru when fulora in dry, is a signal that the chuva comes in Sertão, every girl that enjoa of t…[View]
42428320https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKMWMS7O50g Bros, I'm scared they're going to ruin the per…[View]
42420633Why did Gen 1 and 2 take place in the real world?[View]
42427940>trade pokemon with a girl i know >send a pokemon holding a Love Ball >she sends one holdin…[View]
42426061What's the best pokeball?[View]
42427324Bros I really miss horde battles. Why did they take them out? Will they ever return?[View]
42419118Who is the most fun Pokemon you've used on an in-game team?[View]
42425811> put my heart and soul into what i believed to be a beautiful post > field too long oh well, …[View]
42425591This should’ve been a thing and I’m severely upset it isn’t[View]
42399643OU Viability Ranking Update: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ss-ou-viability-ranking-thread-se…[View]
42425648My FakeDex (Still in progress) Part 6: Replaced the dragonfly starter with the loon starter after so…[View]
42403088ITT post poke designs that you find revolting on a deep, primal level.[View]
42408699/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Bloodbath Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.c…[View]
42427627*ting ting ting* Ahem... I’d like to make an announcement. You’re all amazing people and you have g…[View]
42418632Why yes, Charizard is the best pokemon. How could you tell?[View]
42427809>WAHhhHhh $30 for DLC!!!! >If you buy it you’re just sucking off a soulless company >They h…[View]
42424537>there's nothing to do in SwSh until June[View]
42425467haha its a chicken[View]
42376194/shg/ Shiny Hunting General: what are you hunting? how many encounters/srs/eggs? recent successes? a…[View]
42392765Did you make it to Master Ball tier anon?: Or are you a shitty battler?[View]
42422715now that his entire moveset has been deleted, will he ever come back?[View]
42420816Who is the best pseudo?[View]
42424428SwSh Raid General: Thinking of an hero because you can't find the right den edition Old bread …[View]
42427136This is my wife. Say something nice to her![View]
42427279Remember me?[View]
42424701Why is he the eternal shillmon?[View]
42423659reaction image thread[View]
42425843I here by declare that when the updates come out I WILL inject all the legendaries and give them out…[View]

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