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41772638Hypno Appreciation Thread: He's good at what he does. Thank you, Hypno.[View]
41780129What are vp's honest thoughts on Pokémon Special?[View]
41779515Is this the most broken dynamaxer? I thought could counter it with Rotom-W or water absorb, but now …[View]
41779181What did you faggots do exactly? Are they THIS mad that most of the SwSh dissent started here?[View]
41777323I bought it anyway: I bought it anyway[View]
41775518Max Raid AI Tier List https://tiermaker.com/create/pokmon-swsh-raid-battle-ai[View]
41778871Anyone tired of faggots thinking their pokemon reddit meme nicknames are original?[View]
41774237post /vp/ reaction images 2: Pokemon reactions[View]
41760633Make a pokemon team off your job or dream job. Ex: Electrician uses electric and steel pokemon, etc.[View]
41777094I miss greninja[View]
41777102I paid $40USD for Pokémon why the fuck are you all saying it was $60? Plus isn’t that was all games …[View]
41775231hoew does /vp/ feel about the upcoming competition?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csx5aK5mZCI do …[View]
41775384>SwSh has 15-20~ hours of main game, 2~ hours of a postgame episode, and then battle tower/raid g…[View]
41779176>Youre that pokemon kid right? Chad told me about you. why are you on your laptop by yourself out…[View]
41776873can someone explain to me why these guys are the guys?[View]
41777784Why is there no all-male counterpart to Milcery and Alcremie based on hard candy?[View]
41764653I feel sorry for kids these days[View]
41778554A Pokemon Tactics game has just released. In the world of pokemon, a giant war between all of the re…[View]
41779120>The only good main series pokemon game this decade is a localisation of a remake What went wrong…[View]
41777870>predict wrong Pokemon to start off with and now have to deal with a major disadvantage >No wa…[View]
41777587Does anyone have an Intimidate Litten in Ultra Sun that they can trade? I know we're in a new g…[View]
41780953Primarina lying innocently on the bed.[View]
41776263So where are the swshit difficulty hacks? Game has some decent atmosphere in gyms, just needs oppone…[View]
41760277Draw from memory /vpdraws/: Let's play a draw from memory game, it'll work like that: Anon…[View]
41766371left or right?[View]
41774256Favorite Fakemon Artists: For me it’s Darksilvania[View]
41777104hello c:[View]
41779094>every new Pokemon only has 2 attack animations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg6h3gTUQxk GAME …[View]
41776226Do you dress up your plushies?[View]
41777755I want to tickle Bede![View]
41774378Post unironically good Swooshie animations.[View]
41775292I really dont see why gamefreak just doesnt have difficulty modes. Hell, just have normal mode be su…[View]
41777795So uhh I was going through the files of SWSH and came across this[View]
41779108Breedjects: I got a bunch of 4-5 IV Jolly HA Rufflet, Jolly Trapinch, and Adamant Mimikyu. Tell me a…[View]
41773587Do you think he photoshops his selfies before posting them?[View]
41777747This was released 3 days ago? Has anyone managed to get their hands on it so we can finally see the …[View]
41775828Professor Sonia[View]
41769023>Didn’t know people were hating on Hop. I legit felt bad for the dude every time he lost and woul…[View]
41778739>dont learn elemental punchs >dont learn U-Tun >dont learn Drain Punch…[View]
41775615Bad Fakémon Thread: You know what to do. Post the worst.[View]
41777887Sinnoh nostalgia containment thread[View]
41779017Yeeraptor Trilord Triraptor Yeelord[View]
41777625>Flygon has normal fucking eyes How the fuck is this allowed?[View]
41778983noooooooooooooooooo Gloria[View]
41773360What's your favorite hacked ROM you've played? Or top favorites? Just curious to see /vp/…[View]
41727701Toxtricity: There's two of them![View]
41777272>the person I'm arguing with in this thread could be defending me in another JUST ANOTHER DA…[View]
41778682>runs out in front of your bike[View]
41749289How can this franchise ever improve if people are literally supporting Gamefreak even after seeing t…[View]
41777396>Miltank is not in the game. >But the Moomoo Milk is in.…[View]
41778833>heh, nice moves. But I still have one more pokemon left. And I'm afraid you're no matc…[View]
41773903Kinnoh: >it's almost midnight >feel like playing a bit of Platinum >turn on my DS lite…[View]
41776804Any news ?[View]
41777642PTCG/O General: Old: >>41698373 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/B9lW9DM >https://pasteb…[View]
41776017Why didn't they show the other gym leaders in casual wear[View]
41778304>he bought Pokemon sword and shield now >not just waiting a year for the REAL version to come …[View]
41776374Why did it fail?[View]
41775306Your rival ACTUALLY gets completely mindbroken and ACTUALLY gets completely sissified in a mainline …[View]
417764626IV Ditto Giveaway: It is time anons. Ill clone however many are needed. Just let me know who is int…[View]
41775698>Raihan, a dragon specialist, constantly loses to a guy whose ace is charizard really makes you t…[View]
41773479Behold... the TRUE pokemon killer: https://youtu.be/BTvrL_fr6ec[View]
41774606My favorite berry didn’t make the cut :([View]
41778658The wasted potential about the rivals of this gen: Since they were introduced as character which wou…[View]
41740882ITT: You forgot, you lost[View]
41778192Is this guy the killer of Pokémon franchise?: Is this guy the killer of Pokémon franchise?[View]
41775802>Pokemon can break out of critical catches WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT THEN…[View]
41778552Ground types make no sense in a thematic way, every other type has a consolidated theme around it Gr…[View]
41771616what the fuck was their endgame???????[View]
41774066Post Pokemon ruined by their evolutions[View]
41767509>Gou and Ash were born in 2009 That's beyond normal zoom levels, that's being a turbo-z…[View]
41774334Is there any text or dialogue in SwSh that even tries to explain why you can't bring over non-n…[View]
41778297>wears diaper[View]
41776160Remember when the shills spammed entire board with this and then it was a false alarm? I remember[View]
41777853>didn't set any high expectations for S/S >enjoy the game Galar is pretty cozy.…[View]
41774894Why the FUCK did they cut Pursuit? Of all the cuts this pisses me off the most. So many times have I…[View]
41756819Could we get some good Dragapult art?[View]
41774336/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Sex with Mallow 3: Sex with a Vengeance' Edition >What is Pok…[View]
41776207Masuda and Ohmori saved us all from Max Airstream Moxie Mence[View]
41778088so glad i found this community do you guys make your own pokémon figures or is it just me?[View]
41755701/vpwt/: Winter Gifts Edition: >post fanfics you like >share your own fics, ask for advice, pos…[View]
41777811Pokedex Completion jargon: anyone with shield wanna help an anon out? all I really need is: >Acc…[View]
41777260>the last good pokemon game was 7 years ago[View]
41772227ITT: Dual typings that shouldn't be used as much as they are. >Psychic/Fairy >Ice/Water …[View]
41759850Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
41777016PSA: there's no such thing as 'reading' or 'predicting', it's like assuming the other play…[View]
41776973>Player has Gigantamax Grimmsnarl in a Pokéball...[View]
41772380>Focus miss >Hydro miss >Stone miss >Will o miss >Fire Miss…[View]
41775716Reminder that Steel-type pebbles now exist[View]
41773625Finally got my hands on a HA boy, and in a balltism ball to boot. He also has the only egg move wort…[View]
41775993Why not play PokeMMO, /vp/?[View]
41771446Karl shouldve written the dex entries for this gen[View]
41776458Why can't the main series have an equally good soundtrack?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzy…[View]
41775135Eternatus is literally Sindragosa from World of Warcraft[View]
41774995Fucking verlisify did it: everything people have been fucking saying in order to defend the games ca…[View]
41772877Pokémon Dream Radar Thread: A thread for a forgotten Pokémon game[View]
41775265Favorite shinies? Pic related. Also one of my favorite ghost types[View]
41773477What are some Pokemon that have consistently failed you in the past? This huge piece of shit for me.…[View]
41775487>he doesnt catch every new pokemon he sees[View]
41775680Inject request?: Can anyone inject/trade me a non North American ditto and an ha snom for me? I don…[View]
41770752post Allister pics. please. i'll start[View]
41775672Snom attends seminars every day due to lack of money from the trainer.[View]
41775633Anyone have a link to the XCI files of swsh that they know works? I had a link to a docs file that w…[View]
41775720I keep seeing videos pop up in my reccomended saying that Pokemon's popularity won't last …[View]
41775497>double battle >opponent gets several lucky rolls on rng, crits, flinchs etc >Have to play …[View]
41775547What if Regigigas had Comatose[View]
41758800Post a fetish you have by posting a Pokémon[View]
41773048More art of new gen 8 mins.[View]
41774567has any other mon fallen from grace as hard as him?[View]
41771829Wifi General: Trade Battle Breed Shitpost Not a thread for hacks Old >>41764899[View]
41775381It's a bit too late for your reviewbombing, shills.[View]
41747088/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Another Event Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoli…[View]
41775335I caught a Solrock in a moon ball and there’s not a thing you can do about it[View]
41775389What is he excited about?[View]
41770275Drampa trade: Looking for Drampa to complete my Pokedex. Anyone willing to trade?[View]
41774818Say his name.[View]
41771128*blocks your path*[View]
41774680tcgfags will defend this[View]
41775166Grown Up Hau: Grown Up Hau[View]
41774137I have over 100 hidden ability Scorbunnies I got from MM. Drop a trade code and your IGN, and I’ll s…[View]
41769973This thing is hideous and one of the worst designed Pokemon of all time. If you think otherwise you …[View]
417727172019, I am forgotten....[View]
41774996More and better puzzles in a single house in Hoenn than in the entire region of Alola or Galar.[View]
41772671The backlash to the backlash to the dexcut: is primarly caused by reverse autism. Change my mind.…[View]
41773642god I wish that Shaymin was me[View]
41775008*pops up right in front of you before you can react*[View]
41766795Corphish Giveaway: I have a box+ filled with 3+Iv HA Corphish with aquajet. All are either Adamant o…[View]
41773591>started playing Sun and Moon again just to nut to Selene in various skimpy dresses…[View]
41775006/vp/, you guys are the real pokemon's fans[View]
41773476Wtf is it supposed to be?[View]
41774863So, no Den exploit anymore?[View]
41772532Mimikyu Giveaway: Breedject Jolly Luxury Ball 4-5 IV Mimikyus WIll take anything but would prefer sw…[View]
41753152/ekx/ general - fatass edition: >Current mon being given away GMax Snorlax >Is it shiny Square…[View]
41771032Hello people, decided to make a give away, this time more of your classic 6iv ditto, this time holdi…[View]
41773217Would you want a Pokémon dedicated ep in this show?[View]
41774276Hey, here's a hot take. >Ghetsis is not only the best villain in the series, but stands amon…[View]
41773361Not a great evo for Mr. Mime, but I honestly think it's probably the best gen 8 design[View]
41752943post /vp/ reaction images: pokemon reactions bread[View]
41768667What is the general design trend of Generation 8? I'd like to know veepee's thoughts for f…[View]
41746337Fakemon thread[View]
41774278help help help: I need HA corsola... does anyone have one please god save me. even the shittiest bre…[View]
41771267Okay but how many Porkemon does a game need to have? You can only use six at a time anyways so what…[View]
41774437I present the moods of Poliwhirl: The Poliwhirl can signify the moods vp can go through at anytime! …[View]
41762438Shiny Egg giveaway: Each of these eggs contains a Pokemon that will hatch into a shiny, even when tr…[View]
41769436Can't wait for the Pokémon update: Mario Maker 2 got a free update with a lot of stuff today. C…[View]
41773832Ugly or dumb-looking Pokémon suck: I don't care about the concept or theme that made it look th…[View]
41770034ITT: Your earliest Pokemon-related memory: >be me >maybe 3 years old? >Christmas morning …[View]
41772211You can only reply to this thread if you're an upset Gen 5 baby.[View]
41770667>he picks grass starter to be a hipster >he picks water starter despite there being like fifty…[View]
41772094>My face when you can't play competitive PKM and have actual fun at the same time.[View]
41770457How would you react if Pokémon Z, an enhanced version of XY, released on Switch?[View]
41767412Do you have any headcanons about the protagonists?[View]
41770437/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Sex With Mallow 2: Sex Harder' Edition >What is Pokémon Maste…[View]
41770638It's not fair, Jynxbros...[View]
41774048Pokemon with a 7M:1F gender ratio >>Gift/Event Pokemon that do not also appear in the wild of …[View]
41771193Your SwSh Hall of Fame: >When you become champion, the main title screen will now display you and…[View]
41761407Why is USUM usually considered a 'bad 3rd version' for a lot of people?: It has more changes than Em…[View]
41773921Anyone wanna post realistic Pokemon? Also, how do you like them being drawn? 1:1 with their cartoon …[View]
41773802ATTENTION /VP/: You can piss and moan about the new pokemon games, but pokemon will continue to sell…[View]
41771735So how is your ranking in the Galar Beginnings tournament going on?[View]
41741285Primarina evolutions thread?[View]
41773593Name an uglier Pokedex streak You literally can't[View]
41768267Allow me to enlighten you: any other opinions are to be discarded for you are blind to the truth.…[View]
41771775Name a better ship. Pro tip: You can't.[View]
41767755What degree of rights do Pokemon have in society? Many pokemon are as intelligent as people, some ev…[View]
41773318Anyone want it[View]
41773187What role and ability is chungus here fulfilling on a rain team with him serving as a check for Drac…[View]
41773364I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe it[View]
41772318snoms: let’s start a snom thread pls. post all great pictures you have of snom i can’t get enough of…[View]
41771512Remember the times in Pokemon X/Y when they put the game on halt to talk about the life story of a r…[View]
41772960xD first one plz[View]
41760106Riolu and Lucario Thread: Despite how much the two are shoved down our throats, I do love them both.…[View]
41773135I put in 150 hours and didn't have a bad time. The problem is this game was painfully average; …[View]
41771827Realistically, what do you think will be the 2020 pokemon games? Will it be a third version of sw/sh…[View]
41768501plaguemon thread/general 3: and knuckles: imagine having a shitty thread name haha. if you're n…[View]
41772730Touko thursday return: I know its already late, but fuck it, lets bring back touko thursday.[View]
41773189There are no Collector trainers in Galar because of dexit.[View]
41771053Bikini Sonia when?[View]
41762848Who are you picking first for your dodgeball team?[View]
41772728This is a female Pokémon.[View]
41769987I'm about to evolve Eevee into Espeon but I've got a question regarding min-maxing. Is it…[View]
41773316>See people constantly breeding, shiny hunting, and ev training pokemon because that's all y…[View]
41773346temtem looking kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csx5aK5mZCI[View]
41742325/vp/ monotype tourney, gathering interest edition: Let's have a tournament over December holida…[View]
41773032>Cosmog in the games code >Prof Roman studies why Legendary Pokémon cannot evolve HMMMMM.…[View]
41771504There are so many questions I want to ask about SwooSh's development, but I don't know wha…[View]
41768175this: GHOST | last: BUG: !!! READ THE THREAD !!! - https://www.lan-play.com/ - i'll be starting…[View]
41770802first dubs with an ign and code attached gets a JPN 6IV adamant ditto if you get dubs and no ign+cod…[View]
41771086ITT 2 best cities of mainline Pokémon game and 2 worst cities >best Opelud City and Lillycove ci…[View]
41772735Arrokuda request?: This fish is based and I want to use it in my play through, anyone want to trade …[View]
41769260>Apples being confirmed to exist on that mainline games >Krabby painting from the sea food res…[View]
41770694This is the next most forgotten pokemon[View]
41772017Goodnight /vp/[View]
41771696Bede: I need screenshots of Bede saying mean stuff to the player.[View]
41768120Johto routes 38 and 39: moo[View]
41767967You are a child.: You are a child.[View]
41771296Sword and Shield is better than Gen 6 and 7[View]
41768342What Pokemon is this?[View]
41768914>these two are the same size Any other wtf sizes in pokemon?[View]
41772840If we want to provide an auethic Pokemon experience on these boards, all Pokemon not in Sword and Sh…[View]
41768291What did Masuda-san mean by this?[View]
41772769Not even a month in and most threads aren't about SWSH anymore. What went wrong?[View]
41772713>asshole with a huge amount of self importance >gets his ass repeatedly beat by the protag …[View]
41770853>mfw i remeber my boy was cut[View]
41772695SWSH Guide: Anyone owns a copy? Post some new pokemon artworks pls[View]
41759596why yes, the meta does revolve around me, how could you tell?[View]
41748998Post: 1 - Your age 2 - Your favorite Pokemon 3 - Your sex 4 - Your favorite Pokemon game 5 - Your op…[View]
41772477Some Pokemon now get a third typing but only if it makes sense And before you post, almost all Pokem…[View]
41771975>Could've been in Gen 1 >Got cut >Could've been in Gen 2 >Got cut CUT MY LIFE …[View]
41770284Goodnight, /vp/. Today was lots of fun.[View]
41761945One of these: One of these https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/[View]
41772039Post your headcanons. As for mine, Opal is Diantha's grandmother and gave her a Ralts when she …[View]
41770409Post a Pokémon and they're theme song: https://youtu.be/v2AC41dglnM[View]
41762830>true body is a bit under 3 feet tall IMAGINE[View]
41771302bros even my normie friends think swsh is shit so why do i want it so bad where can i get this game …[View]
41769373A thread for those who are losing interest in pokemon: Get together people, let us talk about how al…[View]
41764341Who would you consider the absolute best Pokémon design from Gen 8?[View]
41771640harder mommy[View]
41739144Women Wednesday: Post Pokéwomen.[View]
41768962Post a Pokémon that makes you uncomfortable[View]
41770848On the road far from home[View]
41771433Post a counter to the last post you see[View]
41771322Was trading box legendaries with my little brother so he could complete his dex, and I went to give …[View]
41771427I want to pet every single Pokemon, especially Slugma and Muk because I don't want them to feel…[View]
41771083Yo /vp/ check out my sweet moves[View]
41771638Any pokemon design that you don't like is actually based pleb filter unless it's Nickit fu…[View]
41771603What will pokemon look like for the alpha generation?[View]
41758280/vp/ plays in sync thread /vplays/ - RGBY Edition: Hi, fellow /vp/itizens! I'm starting Pokémo…[View]
41763885Pokemon Yellow: What's /Vp/'s opinion on Pokemon Yellow version?[View]
41771419pkm SWSH will probably be dead by the time ACNH releases next year it usually takes 4 months for pkm…[View]
41768670>Only coverage options are Hyper Beam and Hidden Power >Hidden Power removed I'm actually…[View]
41771110Honestly SM and USUM should have been on the switch and SWSH should have been on the 3DS[View]
41770332Which mon smells the best?[View]
41768565How to fix dynamax?: I like idea of Dynamax getting a temporal bulk and power. The fact booster move…[View]
41766251Oh yes, I still haven't bought Sword or Shield, despite being telling me I would. How did you k…[View]
41768960Antiwaifuchads...this shit is growing on me[View]
41765044overrated mons: who is overrated, besides the obvious[View]
41770145Does anyone actually play these Online Competitions? Do you get anything from them?[View]
41766387Reminder that she won the Ashbowl[View]
41757664SwSh Raid General: Big unit edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.serebii.net…[View]
41770725Pokemon Crafts!: Hey vp, does anyone do any sort of crafts related to Pokemon? I have been wanting t…[View]
41770545Dracozolt was 1986 revives, this fella was 3714 revives.[View]
41767956I am writing a fanfic and I would appreciate if you could suggest nice Pokémon from the first three …[View]
41759840*laugh track*[View]
41768908Pokéaids HAtenna Giveaway part 2: so i got my shiny I have a box leftover full of 4-5 IV HA Hatenna …[View]
41767591There are people on this board right now who will defend pic related, the actual worst designed mimi…[View]
41767961>Sword/Shield has bad graphi-[View]
41769650Animal products in Pokemon: Its not that they're vegan in then pokemon universe, but have a veg…[View]
41764697The best[View]
41769222Hat waifu giveaway: Anyone want some 5iv hatennas? I got my shiny and now I got a bunch of them. Pos…[View]
41759588Showderp: Hair Day Edition: o, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a stylin guy dubbed 'ch…[View]
41767420/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Chocolate and Vanilla' Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A ga…[View]
41764841How do I beat this thing? Its always scarfed.[View]
41769848What's going through his head right now?[View]
41764899/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trading - Multis - Begging - Preparing for Multis - Giveaways - Crying - MULTI…[View]
41769934XY > SWSH > SM[View]
41759998>first pokemon is charmander >has been champion since he was 10 Leon is basically us He's…[View]
41768811How do you run this midget?: I really like his goblin theme, so I'm planning to use one. I…[View]
41765816>VGC >Dragapult in literally every team during the first week >People begin to adapt and pl…[View]
41769759ITT: Pick a feature from each gen's games and make the perfect Pokemon game out of them. Gen 1:…[View]
41763540Jessie would be twice as popular if her hairstyle was pic related[View]
41761792>XY is good now SWSH has come out >SM is not terrible now SWSH has come out It's all so t…[View]
41764503Now that the dust has settled...: What's /vp/'s opinion on these bad boys restrospectively…[View]
41768159Okay, can somebody on this board please enlighten a scrub. Either they changed Prankster and Unburde…[View]
41768062>pokemon doesn't have recolors like DQ or digimon[View]
41762250Is this dragon bitch in heat 24/7? I'm tired of seeing a Dreepy 60% of the time in Surprise tra…[View]
41768893>obstruct >switcheroo >flame orb/guts with STAB Facade This guy is secretly based.…[View]
41769139>I used the trans hat pokemon in my runthrough of sword and shield[View]
41765373>See this >What do?[View]
41749707/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 6: Desire Sensor Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a q…[View]
41761581Your favorite Pokémon is Rillaboom. What's yours?[View]
41768793Do you think Dreepys die when Dragapult shoots them at her target?[View]
41764342Rate Sword and Shield based on these 8 factors. Rate each factor out of 10 and try to be objective a…[View]
41763356will we ever get a pokemon game set in the past[View]
41757100Just beat it. Better than every GameFreak game even though it has nothing to do with alchemy. If one…[View]
41764782Transfer Only Pokemon: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/transferonly.shtml Where was in confirmed…[View]
41769131G-Corsola giveaway: I’m a man, half human. But I also got 42 Weak Armor G-Corsolas. 13 are 5IVs, 20 …[View]
41769019look at his tiny nose[View]
41768861Name a more kino Pokemon movie scene[View]
41767678Fuck Bulbasuar. I really really really hate this pokemon[View]
41768244ITT: soulful foreign names: Montecarbo[View]
41768898>Human x Pokemon >'master'[View]
41768858How would Marnie react if (you) fucked her brother?[View]
41768352An analysis on plush collection: You see, the main charm of Pokémon is its marketability. For exampl…[View]
41766983How many of you boxed your starters this gen?[View]
41766536Uhm...... why does hattrem have penis-shaped pupils?[View]
41768414Drifloon has a mouth[View]
41766475*blocks your path*[View]
41765778Any idea how to control for the item you get from tournaments? I need a Flame Orb...[View]
41768622>lies lies lies >doesn't post any visual proofs to disprove his points…[View]
41768547You cant stop me /vp/![View]
41768358Black sludge or Rocky helmet?[View]
41765293Letting Go: >11 million sales I understand it now: this franchise is no longer for me. It hasn…[View]
41768527>be platinumCHAD >year is 2020 >D/P remakes came out. they suck >walking on the street o…[View]
41744692maids and butlers shouldn't kiss[View]
41758366THIS is a good bear-like Pokemon.[View]
41764999So... furries with full outfits are considered pokemon now? Great.[View]
41764941>gorilla tactics what the fuck is a gorilla?[View]
41767886>gamefreak has a good idea >never develops it properly…[View]
41766521I know it's overdesigned but what do you guys think[View]
41765714stop responding to bait.[View]
41768194Weedle: >Hairy Bug Pokemon >Clearly isn't hairy What fucking gives?…[View]
41765751What if she haha stole his computer and haha made fun of how nerdy he is and haha would give his com…[View]
41767168Who is your favourite eeveelution?[View]
41762842>item only appears held by a specific wild pokemon at a 5% chance[View]
41768071Anyone got a non-english ditto? IVs would be nice but not necessary :)[View]
41766212What if Bronzong got Drizzle?: > gets Drizzle What would happen to the meta? Showdown singles or …[View]
41766125it's gonna be every day until you start liking it /vp/[View]
41767882Pokemon of the decade competition?: When?[View]
41765542Behold, the most overrated feature in the series that only retards think is good.[View]
41767047What other JRPGs do /vp/oreons play? For me, I tend to play Final Fantasy (mainly the older ones) an…[View]
41767887Can someone please help me out and hook me up with a hidden ability Riolu or Lucario? I’m trying to …[View]
41764669I know it had it's issues: but, I'd prefer 50 more years of ORAS over the dex cut.[View]
41767699So next year which one are we gonna get >Let's go Johto >D/P/PL remakes >Pokemon sword…[View]
41767174Is there any way to beat this fucker without sitting next to a bunch of random people that happen to…[View]
41757996Did the dynamax gimmick unlock your giantess fetish?[View]
41752917This is a thread dedicated to Lillie, the best girl. Remember that Leaf is worst girl and stinky lea…[View]
41759587Is Tauros the coolest Normal Type Pokemon? Yes he is.[View]
41765934what did he mean by this?[View]
41766959Shut the fuck up[View]
41767238THEN/NOW: Did you change your mind since the leaks?[View]
41763791>fighting type why?[View]
41766829are plushies the only thing this franchise is good for now?[View]
41764846>Meltan and Melmetal weren't Galar Native[View]
41764725Is this the one character ALL of /vp/ has fapped to?[View]
41765395Pokémon granny thread[View]
41767246It's, like, so much fun destroying you, and your franchise, that I almost feel sorry. But not, …[View]
41765161>there are pin up posters of gen 2's swimmer in Spikemuth Neat. Anyone find any other easte…[View]
41766630Give me nicknames: Give me any suggestions for these Mons. I've been playing through Renegade P…[View]
41766884https://youtu.be/Rj0Tj8dnrYw This is basically the wild dynamaxing plot in SwSh This game is becomin…[View]
41763334/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Today's Special' Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gac…[View]
41754144Some guy posted this when I woke up but the thread was gone by the time I got home http://www.fastsw…[View]
41764703Somebody that trade using the LAN have a Ditto or a Dreepy to give away? I don't care for the '…[View]
41766934I don't want to hack my switch, i don't wanna hack mons, i don't want to spend 900 ho…[View]
41766404What was the point of having an Escape Rope in a region with no mazes[View]
41766456How the fuck does the randomizer work? I click hook game once and nothing happens[View]
41766604Thanks for saving Rirrie, Runara![View]
41764700Is the switch still moddable on all firmwares? Thinking of finally cracking it so I can max out my a…[View]
41764556MisGENdered Pokemon: Are there any Pokemon you consistently misremember as being from one generation…[View]
41761362What will they catch[View]
41765266If she gets to be shiny/wet now why can’t the obvious slimegirlmon hatterene be shiny/wet[View]
41765888What are the neccessary parts of a team comp for competitive? I know I need a setup mon and a wall, …[View]
41763954ahem... FUCK FAIRIES[View]
41764371Never played this, but giving it a try since it's so highly lauded. It has challenge mode unloc…[View]
41759374Thoughts on Clawitzer?[View]
41758074So what the fuck is it? A representation of a higher dimensional being that purposefully sets out to…[View]
41762675So are you going to leave the franchise or just stick around making doomer threads for the next 3 ye…[View]
41736801Pokeboys: Galar Guys Edition Previous Bread: >>41711427[View]
41766138i miss them bros.do you think we'll ever see them again?[View]
41764664Has anyone else noticed how terrible the colors look in this game? They look way too pink and yellow[View]
41654069Mawile thread[View]
41765748Reminder that N is your definitive rival in Black/White and Bianca and Cheren are more 'childhood fr…[View]
41764602Looking for Modest, Timid, Jolly and Adamant Dittos. Don't care about IVs. Pls help.[View]
41765214What did he mean by this?[View]
41765275Any website where i can keep updated on the dex restoration project?[View]
41763639Help me make a team /vp/: For singles. So far I have >Jolly Scarf Dracovish w/ Crunch, Psychic Fa…[View]
41756553ITT: pokemon that only you love These two guys are precious and I think I'm the only person who…[View]
41764398One of the only good things from Sun and Moon.[View]
41765397Why are they so annoying? Even my Dynamaxed STAB attacks do shit damage? Do I actually need to EV tr…[View]
41763110So wait, I can't catch Eternatus? I keep trying to throw an ultra ball and it says I can't…[View]
41763064How do you even counter this piece of trash after it set a nasty plot/substitute?[View]
41761718The shelf of a true winner[View]
41760452Remember when some Pokemon in a generation looked cool?[View]
41764582*Dominates doubles and is on his way to be one of the most used pokémon in VGC*[View]
41759826Why hasn't Game Freak made this a feature yet?[View]
41762380Guys, I battle online A ALOT. And I also inject all my teams. I have never lost a battle, and my tea…[View]
41765030To those who say that the newer gens are trash. So.....um.......[View]
41764748I was expecting exactly that kind of move!: I was expecting exactly that kind of move![View]
41764343How the fuck does Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing really work? In game and in interviews it's explaine…[View]
41764031Willing to give any of these guys for a 6iv foreign ditto or other offers[View]
41761980ITT: removed features that you'd like to see again: I miss the PokeNav and Contests.[View]
41759245Wi-Fi General: Trade - Battle - Breed - Shitpost No hacking Old: >>41752470[View]
41759699Cross-gen evolutions rate thread.: What gen had the best cross-gen evos and wich one the worst? What…[View]
41762674What's his team[View]
41764405Galar had some crap designs desu, but there were a few good ones. Let's start a thread about ti…[View]
41759667Pls r8: This is a romhack btw[View]
41763557VGC team advices: I'm getting ready for VGC 20 with this team but I need other 2 Pokémon, any a…[View]
41764092>Defensive Grass-type >No way of hitting Steel-types for super effective or even neutral damag…[View]
41762853What did the anime mean by this[View]
41764461Underrated cutemons[View]
41764141melony belly laugh: melony belly laugh[View]
41764301Redpill me on the anime. Ive seen indigo league and that's it. I know the whole series is objec…[View]
41758247*blocks your path*[View]
41761267ghosty boy giveaway: !!! READ THE THREAD !!! - https://www.lan-play.com/ - i'll be starting out…[View]
41757257Wtf is her problem?[View]
41763457Would you play a pokemon rom with the gen3 base where you essentially explore a large expanse of rou…[View]
41764128Anon. I'm King now. That means you have to be my friend.[View]
41754097can Cynthia beat her?[View]
41762018Tell me if this isnt the laziest shit youve ever seen[View]
41758616>about to renew pokebank subscription >doesn't accept credit card payment through NNID an…[View]
41763853>Your Pokémon’s attack stat raised +252 >Your Pokémon’s speed stat raised +252 >Your Pokémo…[View]
41763507Was it autism?[View]
41762208>shiny hunting wooloo >shiny solosis hatches from egg Not what I was looking for but I'll…[View]
41760584Sippppppp. Hey anon. It's me, Inteleon. Come closer. Let's share a drink.[View]
41759097Isn't he bad or am I stupid? He was always one of my favorites in Gold and I'd like to use…[View]
41763327ITT: We draw pre-evolutions of 2-stage/1-stage Pokemon: I start: Draw Baby drifloon.[View]
41761438hey guys, just playing pokemon shield and caught a noivern - one of my favourite pokemon - with a ri…[View]
41762249why is this so right?[View]
41763258Hello /vp/ I just started this post to discuss my hopes and dreams for next pokemon games, and also,…[View]
41763471Post your favorite flymon[View]
41751002Is it the worst pikaclone we've ever had?[View]
41761368Johto... Home...[View]
41761136Way better than his Kalos team[View]
41761679Trainer card thread?[View]
41752343>Marnie's real age is revealed 12?! I thought she would be like 16 or 17, that's too yo…[View]
41756117Let's have some fun: Instead of the usual claim or favorite threads, post your top 3 pokegirls,…[View]
41760688Is this the most strange cross-gen evolution of all time?: Like, what's even the point?[View]
41761195A better or worse Kabutops?[View]
41758335>gets invited to multi-dollar franchise from the success of making a ripoff indie game >puts 0…[View]
41761444>Pokemon that gives tons of exp but only shows up rarely when rustling grass appears This is such…[View]
41753329These are the times where I want to just cry: The games will never get any better. TCPi will like at…[View]
41759846/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'tfw your 3* is better than your 5* Edition >What is Pokémon M…[View]
41763030League cards - edgy edition: post league cards lads, what do you think of mine? 0000 0000 8C26 TJ…[View]
41762841I miss her[View]
41739077ITT: Dumb shit you believed as a kid >You have to use the Blue Orb on Wailord to get Kyogre …[View]
41762271Haha very funny guys, now where are the REAL leaks?[View]
41749749Post them league cards.[View]
41761493The game's should look and animate like this https://youtu.be/SBDJvU5VSIA[View]
41758331I still haven't bought or played SwSh. Now that the shitstorm is over (I think). Is it really w…[View]
41762294what did he mean by this[View]
41759884Alcreamie General: SwSh TRADE CENTER Thread to trade Alcreamie‘s main 9 forms between us to complete…[View]
41757053ITT: Nicknames you're proud of.: I'll start: Bin Nevis Ben Nevis is the highest mountain …[View]
41760819um, guys? what should i do now?[View]
41760218So here's the 20 billion dollar question. Why isn't Shelmet Bug/Steel, yet when it's …[View]
41762196>mega evolutions based >dynamax cringe[View]
41760881R A R E: Are they so out of touch that they just don't know? Or are they being willfully ignora…[View]
41762276/vp/ creates a champion: ITT: /vp/ creates a champion Post ending in 7 decides if its a girl or boy…[View]
41753703reminder: >you will never be this pokeball[View]
41761378Who here still waiting for pokemon Z?[View]
41762228This is long down the list of issues with the series, but Gamefreak should really find a way to make…[View]
41761576Besides gross over-representation in the games, and getting blown the fuck out by floating stones, w…[View]
41761096So SnS has teased us with a secret legendary pokemon during certain cutscenes in the shape of what i…[View]
41757793Do you loooove reshirayyuuummm /vp/?[View]
41760056Max Raids Battles could have been done like Monster Hunter Style. With Guilds, and Item prizes and h…[View]
41723587ITT: CHADmons. Virgin beta pussies need not apply.[View]
41761656In this region, Grubbin migrated to coal mines, where they borrowed into the ground with their sharp…[View]
41760338FINALLY: I changed the date 145 times for this ugly fat piece of crap[View]
41759732Battle Tower Thread: How's my team? I just ran through the whole thing up to master ball rank, …[View]
41760638>2019 >Still no dolphin pokemon[View]
41757234Why isn't this thing a ghost and rock type?[View]
41756898Touko Thursday: Guess who's back, back again[View]
41761212Are Pokemon considered kemono or furry? I need to know before I attempt fapping.[View]
41761516Aight let's play a game that lets us appreciate some designs >go to https://randompokemon.co…[View]
41761180TemTem is the future: With the huge SwSh flop, Pokemon is dead. We need a new TemTem board to our ne…[View]
41761403Reminder : From now on whenever ANYONE who bought Sword and Shield complains about anything, all you…[View]
41759470Who is lucario from Johto? Scizor? Heracross? Hitmontop? Umbreon?[View]
41759822Here bois its /comfy/ seth part 2 Getting to the second city in SS, Ive caught six pokemon so far,…[View]
41753413>Gen 8 has great designs, we got more quality and quantity Do you agree with him, /vp?…[View]
41761222James Turdner is not a hac.....[View]
41757770Why haven't you taken the Kalos pill yet?[View]
41757401Post surprisingly great Pokemon.[View]
41754446>8 gens >still no gun pokemon[View]
41749369Gloria Appreciation Thread[View]
41758998I occasionally think of how Bronzong, or at least some prototype version of it, was meant to be Chim…[View]
41753932SwSh music: not a single decent song in the game. and the only decent one got ruin by shouting npcs …[View]
41759843Woah! Go-chan, those two x chromosomes are lookin' good, my biologically female friend.[View]
41760814> little things in Pokémon that piss you off more than they should: > little things in Pokémon…[View]
41758784>pokemon gold >1% to found Chansey >5% to found Lucky Egg >4 hours search and nothing Wa…[View]
41760818>next gen comes out >even less pokemon in the dex for balance reasons (300) >has only 6 rou…[View]
41760669Imagine a world where Hatterene actually got a Mega-Evolution. Would she have been a mecha pilot jus…[View]
41756211She's my favorite part of Sinnoh, how would they redesign her in a hypothetical remake?[View]
41758643Do you use NFE pokemon against elite 4?[View]
41756728wow game even knows its winter irl[View]
41760297How’s it going VP?: Are you enjoying the new game? No? Well that’s nice. As for me, i still never bo…[View]
41760107Good Romhacks for GBA: I just beat Pokemon Emerald, and I don't know what to do now. Since I ca…[View]
41760434https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abz5Ppjy7TM It's never coming back. Where did the time go?[View]
41759799It’s me!: Remember me from Alola?[View]
41753461I really wish this was a 3rd evolution and not a gigantamax form. When you shrink him down he’s just…[View]
41759365Will there ever be new baby pokemon?: or are they done forever?[View]
41759296Does anyone else want to be eaten by Raihan? I want to feel his sharp incisors tear me apart[View]
41755897>ruins your already hit-or-miss soundtrack[View]
41759858>Tyrannitar is the Godzilla stand in >is weak to water. >when Godzilla literally sleeps und…[View]
41759224>dp remake >barry uses the same hop/hau animation oh, you know it's happening.…[View]
41756580the american or the brit?[View]
41759535I hate this piece of garbage. >Most used shit right now >Multiple sets >Dynamax snowballer …[View]
41759571Post a forgettable Pokémon[View]
41753679Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming epis…[View]
41759792Thirsty Thursday: Remember to hydrate before and after hitting the Gym.[View]
41759694'ate animals 'ate munstahs 'ate aesthetic consistency 'ate fookin criticism luv …[View]
41757341Ranked 3v3 is awful and I cant understand why that has ever been acceptable.: 3v3 is nothing but pla…[View]
41756855/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'THANK YOU, MR. BRYCEN, I LOVE YOUR MOVIES' Edition >What is P…[View]
41759656Please for the love of god I need one of those juicy 6 iv dittos so I can start shiny breeding pls I…[View]
41726586/CFTG/ Competitivefag Theory general: Return of the king edition Smogon-VGC-Singles_Doubles Here we …[View]
41758299>series went to shit the moment they started including brown people really makes you think.....…[View]
41754246>Dialga and Palkia distorted space and time to bring Dynamax to the Sinnoh Region! >Barry took…[View]
41759438Toxic diaper baby: Stupid baby[View]
41758421Post 'em[View]
41758417Are they the equivalent of bath water buyers?[View]
41758859Pokefriends: I need pokefriends, send help[View]
41759251>Pokemon Game >Doesn't have Pokémon[View]
41754564This is what we deserve[View]
41759151Goodnight, /vp/.[View]
41751302Make a team with only Johto mons.[View]
41701201For me? Lactation.[View]
41755017Imagine this. >They make 1 Pokémon game. >They make DLC for it every 6 or so months. Which add…[View]
41755433Yeah, With Dynamax advent I think singles format is dead Pokemon Company buried Smogon[View]
41757863Shit tier batch overall.[View]
41758196Pokemon battle stage[View]
41746897Pokégirl thread: OP is a faggot Edition: Post underage b& Pokégirls, shit that will make Chris H…[View]
41757391>he uses legendarys in casual matches[View]
41757023I think I got banned: I think I got banned on SwSh’s ranked battles. I can access all online feature…[View]
41757135for me it's shauna[View]
41757643>Fissure >Sheer Cold >Horn Drill Would you please get fucked AI.…[View]
41754652I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe it[View]
41756201Stop breeding this guy. Stop it. Fuck Dreepy. Stop sending this guy out in surprise trades. Nobody f…[View]
41758141I'm looking for these Hidden Ability Pokémon:: 1. Hustle Flapple (or a Tart Apple) 2. Heavy Met…[View]
41757716>learns Brave Bird >not a bird[View]
41758669It All Comes Together[View]
41750069Which pokemon is the most powerful when it comes to just lore feats?[View]
41755500What was its endgame?[View]
41754177This fucker runs up on you and yells “SOUUUUUNNNNNNND”, what do you do?[View]
41758470How the fuck is this supposed to be a sparrow? Pidgey looks more like a fucking sparrow than this th…[View]
41750364Name one counter to nasty plot Hydriegon[View]
41743773Showderp: Editionless: dogars.ml showderp.booru.org !!SQviJefMqPs >>41728708 pic related…[View]
41756802>>41756791 >SYSTEM UPDATE Are they patching the raid save time travel exploit?…[View]
41757649new pokemon movie[View]
41752252Here we post pokemon that we never use in the main game, but we would like to use.. is the future. I…[View]
41758193ITT: The Sinnoh Dex expands to 280 entries in the remakes....: Add a pokemon to the dex and post wer…[View]
41756167I like Inteleon: Because it's cute :3[View]
41754180You guys hate him?: I thought he was pretty COOL[View]
41756469ITT: post your ideal Pokemon game, however it must follow the following rules >no drastic changes…[View]
41732855Regional Variant thread: Post some fan-made regional variants please. Hoothoot -Lv. 20-> Noctowl …[View]
41755596Swordbro thread.: >It's just a sword and shield! >It's too strong! >Gen 6 sucked!…[View]
41758080plaguemon general: loolo sex[View]
41757957ITT pokemon you like but never used[View]
41753309holy fuck I just realized Palkia is a bird[View]
41755816Is the pokemon company making an Auto battler?[View]
41746173Imagine getting home after being laid off from your job and losing your girlfriend to your neighbor …[View]
41756262>more than 12 million units sold in November alone we are so fucked[View]
41752470Wi-fi General: Trade - Battle - Breed - Shitpost Not a thread for hacks Old >>41748596[View]
41737149shiny hunt general /shg/: it hurts edition thread questionnaire as always >What are you hunting …[View]
41756895Realistically, how much are you expecting swshit to sell and what numbers would make you happy? I…[View]
41754763Is he viable in the current gen OU?[View]
41757013Does Gigantamax actually do anything besides give one extra move or is it just cosmetic and the same…[View]
41757016They've grown on me, lads[View]
41737710>zacian has a better ability >zacian has a ridiculously better defensive typing >zacian has…[View]
41757440Gamefreak has officially made it clear that mushrooms are part of the grass type. Yes, Fungi aren…[View]
41754046Guess the Mythical pokemon: Ever since Generation 5, there have been at least one mythical pokemon t…[View]
41743525What went so wrong?[View]
41744884This region is actually really good. If it wasn't for the unbearably long handholding and force…[View]
41752149>Hi Anon! >Hi Dad! >Hi Daddy!…[View]
41755132ITT: Nostalgia: Post cultural artifacts from Pokémon that make you nostalgic. I'll start. >…[View]
41756955How to find friend to play Pokémon sword with[View]
41752025SwSh Raid General: Pink Beam = Good edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.ser…[View]
417518555IV HA Corsola giveaway: i have a box of these little cuties ready to go. all are bold with 5 IVs in…[View]
41756930Giovanni's new event is bullshit.: I don't know what it is, but the shitty bots that I get…[View]
41756384>How many people would flip to shilling and forgive SwSh if they put it back in the next games? …[View]
41755322/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'BRING BRYCEN TO VS GIOVANNI CO-OP' Edition >What is Pokémon M…[View]
41756279I can't believe the shiny is piss and shit and cum[View]
41753933I literally tought he was an Old lady.[View]
41755000>consider buying SnS, but remain on the fence >go to discuss the game on twitter, /vp/ or redd…[View]
41743705Pokemon Colosseum: Did you like them? I have a soft spot for these games.[View]
41755165Just best Platinum with 6 of these motherfuckers[View]
41749714It's the National Park[View]
41756104a relationship like this...[View]
41756402FUCKING WHY: EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME with these fucking cunts Why would you do this[View]
41756255Do you think Nintendo could honestly make a better Pokèmon game than Gamefreak?[View]
41755746What's the best method of getting a shiny currently?: Masuda method is the best I know currentl…[View]
41756369Going to bed /vp/: If trips he will die via banana peel before I wake up.[View]
41755844Is Pokemon doomed forever: Pokemon has been a part of my life for 17 years now. Am I just too old at…[View]
41752637Still no shiny and i have a box full of the little shits, i dont need anything good for them but if …[View]
41753911Anon. I'm King now. That means you have to be my friend.[View]
41753266Is this the worst year to be a Pokemon fan?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19040319[View]
41756108Oh my God...: Foodmon + this gen's fossil concept = Turducken Pokémon See you next gen…[View]
41743547Name something rarely known in a Pokemon game.[View]
41754343>be you >suddenly, bus >dead before the ambulance arrives The Pokémon you were thinking abo…[View]
41753130Ghost-type Gym Leader BUT...: His number isn't 300 or 800 What a waste...[View]
41755777you SOUL you lose: for me its red in GSC shame gamefreak loves to sweep everything under the rug al…[View]
41752515That's it. I'm done. I'm selling everything Nintendo related I own, Pokemon and Mario…[View]
41753117I took my time with the game, doing wild area shit, doing what little camp stuff there was, and I st…[View]
41755196how are your shiny hunts going? i'm still trapped soft resetting for a shiny zekrom in white, a…[View]
41753724The most based villain[View]
41755519Why did gamefreak buff rapid spin and defog? I thought they only balanced for doubles?[View]
41755585>Basically all shills right now[View]
41754736Say something nice to pancham.[View]
41752913I'm glad they're gone.[View]
41751743Is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zqLoUmdUg0[View]
41753864I dunno about this leon champ. Heard he had a werid childhood. And people have found this image stas…[View]
41738110Survey >what region was current the first time you had sex >what’s the last region you have …[View]
41745373/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Welcome to the Family' Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A ga…[View]
41749549ITT: we fix pokemons: Typhlosion is a flawed fire starter... So to fix it we should give it a second…[View]
41754922So, what is the real thing with Gym leaders? They use weak pokemon in purpose or they are really wea…[View]
41755226There are only 3 types of pokemon NPC 1.The one that fuck me 2.The one that get fucked by me 3.ugly …[View]
41748675>I did not care for Johto[View]
41746153hunter thread: !!! READ THE THREAD !!! - sup fagets - https://www.lan-play.com/ - i'll be start…[View]
41750409Natures could revolutionize Pokemon: Imagine a Pokemon where the following are true: >Natures aff…[View]
41754225Now these can perfectly pass as Pokémon: How does it feel?[View]
41753765Hybrid gyms could be a thing of the future? so they can be not as simple to defeat as just spam the …[View]
41754447>Trying to clear Battle Tower in Emerald >Enemy Trainer sends out Heracross >Decide to stay…[View]
41754896Red and Leaf Cosplaying X and Alia Ethan and Lyra Cosplaying Zero and Layer Brendan and May Cosplayi…[View]
41754794MFW when pic related tell us it's really rare for him to lose and literally lose to two kids in…[View]
41754551Ribombee: What's the best competitive ability for my wife?[View]
41753614All you shitters just HAD to whine about Ice-types.[View]
41748957Rate my wife.[View]
41754583Whichever one of you faggots had the bright idea to set up your little camp, I need you to move.[View]
41753565sinnoh confirmed boys[View]
41754813These used to be my most desliked/hated Pokemon by type before gen 8. Gen 8 put all these to shame w…[View]
41754454Do you think there's a world out there where Raichu is the mascot of Pokemon instead of Pikachu…[View]
41754504I don't know about you, but I'd love to see a gigantimaxed mega evolution use a Z-Move[View]
41754743Damn their new motto is crazy[View]
41754741Why do so many Pokémon have the -eon suffix? All of the Eeveelutions, Kecleon, Empoleon, Inteleon...[View]
41752959Gen V > Gen IV >>> Gen VII >> Gen VII (minus the lets go games) >>>> G…[View]
41753878All Gardevoir are female and all Gardevoir have breasts.[View]
41754445Is it finally /hergen/?[View]
41754301do i have rights[View]
41742237What's the most furbait pokemon besides Incineroar?[View]
41750090HA Farfetch'd Giveaway: Hello /vp/, long reading ahead. Just giving away some ducks. I've …[View]
41754325Ha lof ha feef ee hafahi ho. Heff hee fwee!: >Ha lof ha feef ee hafahi ho. Heff hee fwee!…[View]
41754125Derp, -MODEST- snom giveaway!: Redid my post cause I derped- Modest luxury ball 4-5 iv modest snoms…[View]
41752536Another pokemon team thread: pic related is a template, but you don't have to follow it[View]
41743987>Masuda posted a recent picture of him holding a Pokemon nobody can use in SWSH I swear this moro…[View]
41753589Unovapill me on these sequels. I absolutely HATED Black both times I played it. No clue why, it just…[View]
41751753This is the original design of the Pokémon Center nurse. Say something nice about her.[View]
41751633What do you guys think of my hattena fanart?[View]
41753466What Pokemon has the best 'that might be a penis' design?[View]
41750277There are not enough fanarts of the best pokemon Hitmonchan[View]
41738678>Tumblr's official top 30 popular Pokemon thoughts?[View]
41748166>11 years later and this is still the peak of male protag design damn...…[View]
41753776Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Noooobody[View]
41749772>Mewtwo represents the follies of trying to control nature and is a fucking gigachad in stats …[View]
41753666How does it feel, /vp/, waking up every day not in the warm, velvety embrace of Lusamine?[View]
41736237Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
41752935*shits all over your tent* CLEAN IT UP TRAINEE[View]
41753541Is Mewtwo finally good now that it can learn Nasty Plot?[View]
41753489>2019 >Get Weather ball and Solarbeam >Still shit lol…[View]
41751974Gen 1 Sprites: What are your favorite sprites from Gen One? And why?[View]
41731204how the fuck do you counter this[View]
41753372Imagine if pokemon had cities like THIS[View]
41753509I wish the ‘Grigus bro’s were actually good... I feel they are SO CLOSE to being good, but their low…[View]
41753462>there were 4 pokemon releases in the last 4 years no wonder sword and shield is shit.…[View]
41752707>scarfed Dracovish with strong jaw is sent out >it dynamaxes…[View]
41740917why do they use the english names are they dumb ? why don't they translate them ?[View]
41752052Imagine making an entirely separate universe for mega evolution to even exist lorewise, just to ditc…[View]
41753459Incineroar is a cute kot.[View]
41753379Grand Challenge: My friend and I have decided to a grand pokemon challenge: To obtain every legendar…[View]
41749096What does /vp/ think of the Swords of Justice?[View]
41746581HA Friend Ball Pokerus Snom Giveaway: I have 3 boxes worth of HA Friend Ball Snoms with Pokerus. The…[View]
41752848>Night time >Sunlight is harsh[View]
41752972Sexy, cute, strong in battle, all while being a monotype. This Pokemon is too perfect! It shouldn…[View]
41751994Post Pokemon made to cater to fetishes[View]
41752984gayass shit in pokemon: oi arent there characters in the new pokemon anime that are gay, tf is up wi…[View]
41748677/CPG/ Casual Pokemon General: Casual Pokemon General This is a thread for the people that aren'…[View]
41750641Post a pic of pokegirl/boy: And people will guess your fetish[View]
417490982019...I am retconned[View]
41748962Baby Miltank: Baby Miltank[View]
41739265I want to transform into an inteleon and be courted by my own inteleon and live happily with him.[View]
41746882Giving Mimikyu: I have 28 4IV and 5IV Mimikyus to give. Post room code and ID. If you have any good…[View]
41750456TFW you encounter a shiny and it uses roar/whirlwind/perish song[View]
41744411Filename Thread: Yugioh Edition[View]
41752253Stop posting Toxtricity. There is only Lucario. Only look at me.[View]
41749600ITT Post your small observations: Alright /vp/, admittedly we talk about the same old shit on here d…[View]
417519615 IV Deino Giveaway: just giving away some modest 5iv deinos, some are 6ivs LF: HA pokemon with 5-6 …[View]
41748424Doing another giveaway today for a lot of my Goletts. I did this same thing yesterday while I was ha…[View]
41752159Why won't Low Kick work on Dynamax Pokémon?[View]
41752461All hail our lord and savior.[View]
41725119Mallow Tuesday: Press A to pound[View]
41752323>uguu~ :3 > o(>.< )o[View]
41749551>ywn get to fight them in a new game[View]
41745683How do serenafags feel about the fact that Giselle was the only girl Ash has ever shown romantic int…[View]
41752356>want to make an all eeveelution competitive team >Get all hyped up and ready to go >Head t…[View]
41750924Tyranitar thread[View]
41749608Can we all agree that she is the ugliest companion Ash ever had?[View]
41749521Is the catch rate in SWSH lower in general? I've been hearing about people struggling to catch …[View]
41749658She's my favorite pokemon of all time[View]
41750266Guys do you think this could be Sobble’s final evolution? Looks real enough. I hope he’s something l…[View]
41748596Wi-fi General: Trade - Breed - Shitpost - Battle i guess Not a thread for hacks Old >>41744199…[View]
41749496Who's that pokemon?[View]
41751709Do any NPCs reference Mega Evolution and/or Z-Moves despite them not being in the game?[View]
41750930'ate animals 'ate munstahs 'ate aesthetic consistency 'ate fookin criticism luv …[View]
41748607>*bellydrums and then proceeds to sweep you*[View]
41739324Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of the whole Sobble line?[View]
41748923Is Emerald the most kino main story experience in Pokemon?[View]
41750683I can't believe it. Go is canonically gay. Official twitter just confirmed[View]
41750916Looking for a justified Riolu. Please help! Also need a Cottonee. Offering up Drampa, Turtonator, De…[View]
41751330Monkey/Ape/Gorilla Pokémon thread[View]
41751306>the opposing Grimmsnarl used Bulk Up![View]
41751534can anybody post some battle revolution screenshots? i don't care what kinds of screenshots the…[View]
41751010/vp/ remember me? ...[View]
41749613Gilf thread: I almost never see gilf threads around here.. I’ve always wondered why[View]
41750525>252 SpA Life Orb Sniper Inteleon Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex in Rain on a critical hit…[View]
41748913what the fuck was his problem[View]
41746489Originals vs Remakes: Which do you prefer, and why?[View]
41746216plaguemon thread (or general idk): >'once this (the last one) thread dies i'll make a new on…[View]
41751093Life imitates art.[View]
41745171You know it's gonna happen: What are they called?[View]
41749564Why don't the games explain their mechanics?: I have a question that's been brewing in me …[View]
41751092Officer Jenny: How good or bad of an police woman is Officer Jenny? All the times they captured Team…[View]
41750122goodnight, /vp/. Thanks for keeping me company <3[View]
41750194>Mightyena is a hyena (???) >Zabaniya and Zenyatta are legendaries Why don't we have a no…[View]
41738801Pokemon SwSh did better than previous games initially and now it's holding better than them as …[View]
41749987remove feature >No one actually liked it anyway lmao bring it back >Based Game Freak they DO c…[View]
41747909PSA: #GamefreakLied[View]
41728809Why do you hate Sword and Shield?[View]
41750578Satoshi, will you marry me ?[View]
41747730GO: How would the core series games be different today if Pokémon GO never happened, and the horde o…[View]
41750405How come no bad guy ever thinks to....oh i dont know....throw out their entire team onto the field a…[View]
41749438LASS HALEY is right. If I had only known this earlier on in my life I might've been able to avo…[View]
41749934how common would this be in the pokemon world?: because we all know most pokemon there have a mating…[View]
41748262literal redditmon/twittermon: Tell me this isn't the literal twittermon/redditmon. Every time I…[View]
417458531000 Pokémon milestone is coming soon: How would you react?[View]
41749818Showdown salt thread: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8nationaldexag-1023132939 >retard who…[View]
41740735>line from pokemon center to gym >shills will defend this…[View]
41748886If the game are good why I'm not having fun? Checkmate shills[View]
41747911>fucks hatterene[View]
41749259Are Sword and Shield the most divisive games yet? There's no consensus on this very board, you …[View]
41749901Pokemon Crystal: Houndoom or Typhlosion? I will trade from Gold save[View]
41743805redpill me: who exactly are these niggas supposed to be[View]
41745810VGC 2020 rules are announced. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/2020-pokemon-video-game-champi…[View]
41739627If the pokemon universe were real, where would you be from, anon? For me, Sunyshore City....home.[View]
41746283I grew to like Duraludon but holy shit this pose is atrocious.[View]
41747351Pokemon X/Y: Does Pokemon X/Y still have players? I hated Sun/Moon's badge system, and Sword/Sh…[View]
41743466What the literal actual factual fuck is this thing?[View]
41739009ITT, A CHALLENGE: draw your favorite pokeman without looking at any kind of reference. pic related[View]
41747761What if she actually in ORAS? Do you want her in a game with no Alola mons and chibi models?[View]
41749648Within the admittedly loose lore of Pokémon, which Pokémon is the strongest? Here's my partiall…[View]
41749630Pokemon OST Appreciation post: Post your age and one of your favorite soundtrack of the whole franch…[View]
41749506Just got my shiny charm. What should I hunt first?[View]
41743889Is he right?[View]
41746970Why the fuck is this oddly unsettling?[View]
41740495>calls him fake >never post proofs to counter his point…[View]
41748287What kind of mon should be the final boss of the next game? remake!Cynthia's Garchomp aside…[View]
41746803If mew was created and added to the game in the very last minute, then what was the original origin …[View]
41741472SwSh Raid General: harmless crossover edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.s…[View]
41729169/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 5: New Ground Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a quic…[View]
41748421Did Sobble being #007 in the galar dex inspire GF to give it a James Bond-inspired evo, or is it jus…[View]
41737373Are there any Pokemon you really love? To the point that just looking at them melts your heart?[View]
41748284They are literally marketing SwSh to manchildren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHZ-VK1fdy0 https:…[View]
41740163fuck it you know what time it is hat time seething anti-hattfags need not apply[View]
41748976Does anyone have a stable eye, sword legendary, apple dragon from sword, slurpuff, and a lucario, I’…[View]
41745637Honest opinions on Fakemon in general?[View]
41748996So let me check I didn't get this wrong, once you become the Champion you can choose THREE guys…[View]
41748100ITT : Awful designs: Gather'em up lads[View]
41743807Thievul is just Sly and Carmelita's cub[View]
41741638You get to go to the Pokemon World and choose one pokemon as your starter (no legendaries, mythicals…[View]
41745927Here's your Steel type gym leader, bro.[View]
41747737The most pathetic ''boycott'' of all time.[View]
41744199Wifi general: Wifi general - More like trade only general Trade - Breed - Shitpost - Multi Not a thr…[View]
41748455https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHZ-VK1fdy0&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avaaDYAWyz4…[View]
41737102This looks like a mega[View]
41747078Reminder that ash is a fucking retard who lets girls who clearly want to have something with him be …[View]
41748363Regional variants: What Gen 6 regional variants would you like to see in the future? Here are my wan…[View]
41746888>just heard Go's anime voice Is there ANY hope left that he is a reverse trap? FUCK…[View]
41746865So now that the dust has settled we can all agree that Alcremie has the best Gigantamax design, righ…[View]
41716380Boy or girl? What is it, really?[View]
41742418So is Galar right next to Kalos separated by a channel just like UK and France? Also if theres going…[View]
41745204This would have been the best legendary ever.[View]
41747273Nessa’s design clearly draws inspiration from Indian culture, but is she actually Indian. I know the…[View]
41733102So? How do I get in there?[View]
41748120Anyone got any screenshots from the day pic related was released? I still remember the shitstorm fro…[View]
41746285What's his team?[View]
41746586Why were there no cameos in Sword and Shield like Colress, Anabel, or Red, and Blue in Sun and Moon?…[View]
41747450Where is another similar ptcgo forum i can lurk at now that you guys keep pushing off (and lack of i…[View]
41746554You and your favorite Pokémon: Template incoming![View]
41747651So, how has she held up in SWSH's metagame? I'm not buying the games, but I'm curious…[View]
41724232It's only a matter of time until it's banned[View]
41746779Drasna thread[View]
41747933Reminder that these fossils will be talked about and remembered for years while the generic shit lik…[View]
41719894Is your favorite animal represented? Do you think they're represented well? I love Araquanid bu…[View]
41747699>mfw ferropex is literally everywhere in OU I got into 2 fucking stalemates today and both times …[View]
41746920idk if anyone cares, but i have 15 6IV Adamant Growlithes with the Morning Sun egg move. If you want…[View]
41747432Will this thing ever end up being released?[View]
41746357So im playing through volt white 2/blaze black 2 and ive realized something....WHY IN THE EVER LIVIN…[View]
41746749Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most…[View]
41742990ITT: Streamlining Pokemon's battle system. >Effect damage (weather, poison, burn, etc) now a…[View]
41747032Has a design been able to surpass this mommy yet[View]
41746457Give them base stats for their hypothetical accurate forms. BST has to be 505.[View]
41746280So, is it actually confirmed you can't get pic related nor the star one ingame currently ?[View]
41747188So... Have you guys learn Spanish So you can have amazing pokemon adventure ?[View]
41746155I hate these games so fucking much...[View]
41740036Little reminder that Sun and Moon sold 7.5 million copies the first week.[View]
41747031>Hey bro, anything you need, I'm your guy! Got that?[View]
41716944/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: No Normies Allowed Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemo…[View]
41746989decided to replay ultra sun since gen 8 is shit, and I blew through it in a week and never touched m…[View]
41746492What would his team be?[View]
41745775Pokemon Cringe Thread[View]
41744904thicc woman[View]
41738253*kills your meta* nothin personal kid[View]
41746246Imagine being such a buttmad faggot you turn off your switch and disconnect after getting outplayed.[View]
41742783HARSH TRUTH: If you are not from Japan, New York, Hawaii, France or the UK, you aren't canon ye…[View]
41745480What if Pokémon sword and shield: Is waiting for Pokémon home to add the NatDex, also giving them ti…[View]
41746292how much bank did this man make with the success of pokemon?[View]
41748241Why are ads like these allowed? Also... does anyone know the source for this, reverse search isn’t w…[View]
41695969This is a plant.[View]
41746064SOUL: https://youtu.be/QssdyoxCYpQ[View]
41746144One more of these?[View]
41745816why are we always stuck with 4 attacks? Why can we only have 6 mons in the party? Why doesn't b…[View]
41743570Not enough love for Jessie, I tell ya[View]
41746060why the academies are so easy, where are the challenges? What could be done to correct this, because…[View]
41745981Would you buy it, /vp/?[View]
41745494Now that Sword and Shield are a success, how will Gamefreak HM01 corners next?[View]
41745240Anyone has the templates from Pokémon Art Academy?: https://www.serebii.net/artacademy/downloadtempl…[View]
41744983I do not like Appletun[View]
41745176Anyone here remember that time a lot of anons played Pokemon Crystal together, taking turns, on some…[View]
41745312Mechanics Ideas: In this thread we discuss how we would improve older mechanics or what new mechanic…[View]
41744758Is it wrong that I immediately get the urge to tune people out when they say 'Pokuhmon' or 'Pohkmon?…[View]
41745390I need a foreigner grimsnarl the only condition is that it isn’t japanese or english. My code is 078…[View]
41745582What did they mean by this?[View]
41737349the current state of the franchise: https://www.strawpoll.me/19036222[View]
41745469ITT: pokemon that /vp/ would hate if they were created in 2019[View]
41740158So who are the protagonists in each game in your head canon?[View]
41744592>The DPPt remake will have less pokemon than the originals[View]
41744609Where the fuck are her vintage pinups?[View]
41745434Is there an equivalent of pkhex for switch? I want just to edit the pokemon I already caught and hav…[View]
41745142I feel like enough time has passed to ask this. To any of the anons who got it on day 1, does it sti…[View]
41745372What are some Pokemon that almost everyone has used in a playthrough?[View]
41744323Make a statement about swsh. If you disagree with somebody's statement and want to refute them,…[View]
41745178First word that comes to mind when you see this image?[View]
41745360Sad thread Was looking through my old cards last night and found a gold star Suicune card that goes …[View]
41744494Pokegilf thread: There’s almost a milf or preteen girl thread daily but I have yet to see a gilf thr…[View]
41743800>No new mythicals or other new legendary pokemon[View]
41730777/3vpmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Better than Ever!' Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A gacha …[View]
41744087Sword n shield are not bad games by any means. Only problem here is that you're adults complain…[View]
41730134ITT we post utterly forgotten Pokéfu's that no one cares about in 2019. Picture related. You pr…[View]
41745167Competitive bros r8 my doubles team Vileplume: bold 252 HP 252 def 4sp.def Ability: effect spore Gi…[View]
41745147Pokeman locations: Were you see most your favorite or most value pokemon unit in the Pokemon GO game…[View]
41744248Ban Ditto Fuck Ditto Broken piece of shit Not even the worst snowballer, not even the worst staller …[View]
41743760I love this fucking dork but I just can't make him work. Anyone figure out any fun gimmicks tha…[View]
41732928strong girl[View]
41739815Time for a 6IV Ditto Giveaway!: Ill post the trade link codes this time and the first person who con…[View]
41743386Say good things about Boltund, the best Gen 8 Pokemon ever![View]
41744661Gen 6 was clearly rushed to cash in on the 20th anniversary. What do you guys think they were planni…[View]
41735261i've heard a lot of things about how the characters in pokemon reborn are appearantly based on …[View]
41743491What do different adverbs mean? Are they random or does it indicate power level? Really vs Massively…[View]
41742630What happened to the father? A) went to buy cigarettes and never came back? B) Are your children mir…[View]
41743112Am I a pleb for using the master ball to catch Zacian? Or any legendary for that matter. I mean I wo…[View]
41744858I have this urge to play SwSh but there's no content left and online is starting to get boring.…[View]
41744771AXOLOTL THREAD: inject axolotl mons into my bloodstream[View]
41744549Time to settle this once and for all: https://www.strawpoll.me/19038461[View]
41744056This is Reshi![View]
41744107Legendary sync pairs in masters: Who do you think will be the next legendary sync pairs in masters. …[View]
41742507>tink tink tink >*clears throat* FUCK TOXAPEX, FUCK STALL, FUCK BLOBS, AND FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
41743364every day until you like it[View]
41744701>pokemon trainer eevee would like to battle[View]
41739874These are your new DP remake gym leader designs: Would you?[View]
41744572Why is Gen IV so slow?: Seriously, you hit a Pokemon for super effective damage and even if it'…[View]
41744294>GF doesn't listen to fans[View]
41743430What’s with the tacky synths? This OST is easily the weakest so far. It’s not bad, it’s just average…[View]
41741787vent thread: i'm sad bros. these games made me sad. all it did was make me wanna do the stuff t…[View]
41743443Ash/Satoshi is 100% aware of every girl who likes him feelings: He just chooses to ignore it due to …[View]
41743175What was his problem?[View]
41744474why do Chinese make rom hacks I don't chinks don't like vidya ? also why do these games ha…[View]
41741218Are there enough hazards now with SS to kill a gym leaders pokemon before they can dynamax?[View]
41740042>Hi anon! >Hi dad! >Hi daddy!…[View]
41742827>not-YouTube and the Internet are canon in Pokemon now Thoughts? I always saw Pokemon as being f…[View]
41743970>subtle howling made by a lyric singer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd8a-PxaNUk >trash synt…[View]
41736295You can only post ITT if you didn't buy Gamefreak's latest trainwreck.[View]
41742968Ill be right soon: Gen 4 is next coming out in 2020[View]
41743725The Prodigal Masuda: Remember when you saved Mr. Briney's Wingul for the first time? Remember e…[View]
41742778What is the yugioh equivalent to this?[View]
41743840I love this little fella like you wouldn't believe[View]
41743821Fossil Thread: Let us begin[View]
41743213If not for the raid battles that can over level your Pokemon like crazy, SwSh would have actually be…[View]
41740873Welcome back to OU, Togekiss.[View]
41743675>My country gets the worst and most rushed Pokemon game of all time, reduced to being the region …[View]
41743077Are you fucking kidding me?: Why is this possible? Why can people do this?[View]
41743438Which part of Galar is this?[View]
41743489More official art and when?: When is the guidebook with all the official art coming out?[View]
41742358IV important?: are IV's even important? I owned several garchomps with different IV's in p…[View]
41743381Did they hold back in reveals this Gen as a result of the backlash from revealing so much last Gen, …[View]
41741852>One copy of pokemon SS, please >Great choice sir! Pokemon Sword and Shi... >I mean one cop…[View]
41742680What was his name again?[View]
41741291>he thinks Chadboom's drum comes out of nowhere[View]
41742579Gmax garbodor!!: I’ve farmed the den where gmax garbodor is supposed to spawn... and I’ve done it 75…[View]
41740958>It will be cutted from DPPt remake[View]
41742646Is this rare?[View]
41743362Ampharos: But why tho?[View]
41743333Never... Ever...[View]
41740671Gamefreak...: Gmax mons are banned in ranked... Why? Most of them are worse versions of their dynama…[View]
41743101What do you get when you cross a monkey with a type thats spent 7 gens being a slow, defensive laugh…[View]
41741893the pikachus in this hotel room get excited when you spin near them. that is all[View]
41742915Why is he watching his clock even if he doesn't say anything related to time?[View]
41731118Pokémon at the beginning of the decade vs end of the decade[View]
41741540>Irreparable damage We won bros, no matter what the shills claim, TPC and GameFreak were hurt by …[View]
41694574/rheg/ - ROM Hacking & Essentials General: Rookidee Edition /rheg/ Discord: Post here not on Dis…[View]
41731372Is shiny authentic sinistea with stars the rarest shiny to hunt for in all of the games?[View]
41732438And the award for most forgettable gen 8 pokemon goes too...[View]
41727457Yet Gamefreak couldn't be bothered making a turning around animation for Zacian/Zamazenta.[View]
41739655post your favorites right the fuck now[View]
41742273Hydro Pump up Cinderace's ass![View]
41742374WHY: WHY[View]
41741099Thoughts on Kabu/Melony?[View]
41742641Mouse cursor is fixed by fans: Still remember how shills were saying it was intentional or because i…[View]
41735417what is the most retarded fan theory you've ever read?[View]
41742147Rillaboom is the best of the three[View]
41740541Tauros: I fucking love Tauros[View]
41742626ITT: Shit that annoys you ingame: >enemy trainer spams protect just to waste your time >gen 5+…[View]
41741872>*walls your dragapult* >*sets up screens* >*paralyzes you* >*foul plays* heh nothing pe…[View]
41740157Best SwSh character[View]
41742382Why, do NPCs have more personality than our protagonists?[View]
41739636I purposely avoided the whole prerelease period, but why are the towns in SwSh empty as fuck? I boug…[View]
41732009Post your favorite Pokemon and your favorite sprite of them.[View]
41731789what's a pokemon you adore that you wish people gave a shit about/didn't hate[View]
41739960Casual Pokemon General This is a thread for the people that aren't interested in the competitiv…[View]
41742101>The power of Z-moves, powered up versions of existing moves, as well as Totem Pokemon, regular P…[View]
41742300>consumable items actually get used up in max raids >cant use mons that are registered for tea…[View]
41741482>he can finally use Surf[View]
41742075The Pokemon world feels like one much bigger than just trainers and gym leaders How would you expand…[View]
41740755>mfw I hate Pokemon but bought Sword and Shield anyway just to help it die…[View]
41739039Dusk Stone should turn Eevee into a Ghost type eeveelution[View]
41739329Link Cable: Again, why was removed?[View]
41735732Wifi general wi Fi general wi-fi general wfg Trade - Breed - Shitpost - Multi Not a thread for hack…[View]
41736624what the fuck[View]
41742052Reproduction Carts: I don’t know where else do ask this but do Reproduction carts work with Colosseu…[View]
41736986How does /vp/ feel about this statement?[View]
41741500Satoshi and Gou: Let me tell you a story... Dedicated to /vp/ (Loosely based on my real life experie…[View]
41737206Gamefreak loves to pretend my bro doesn't exist...[View]
41738788Finish the sentence: Hilda is a _______________.[View]
41740965Does Pokémon deserve it’s inevitable GOTY title?[View]
41711664Here's your OU metagame bro[View]
41739196Pokégirl tier list thread: Post em’ and if anyone has the link, post it too[View]
41728708Showderp: Melee edition: >What's this all about? Showderp is a game where one of us declares…[View]
41741383Which Pokémon trainer have the cutest feet?[View]
41741758I fucking miss her so much guys...i just wanna see her again[View]
41741146/vp/ humor thread[View]
41736965itt: shit you're still mad about: >Sun/Moon had the island gimmick with regional variants du…[View]
41739908Gen 7 had the worst character designs. Just looking at shit like Lana and Sophocles makes me feel di…[View]
41740221I really do think Gou is a girl: Not a coomer. It's not unlike anime to use subtle hints at fem…[View]
41734798Fairy should be SE against Bugs Scald should be SE against Ice Ground should be SE against Fighting[View]
41740929now that the dust has settled, what are your favourite pokémon from gen VII? did any of them reach …[View]
41740402Are we not going to talk about how all the abilities ARE IN THE GAME UNDER THE PC SEARCH!?!?[View]
41716821Pokegirl thread: Post cute grills[View]
41739349>Pokemon went to total shit before we got a 'Straya-themed region How unfortunate.…[View]
41733012Want to play through Sword with a Monotype team. Which would be more challenging: Ice, Grass or Bug?[View]
41739187Is there any alternative way of passing pokemon from Alola to Galar? Any project in making?[View]
41741084I don't play Pokemon Go, but I saw that Return and Frustration are exclusive to Shadow Pokemon …[View]
41724445Is anyone else glad that the toxic dextards got BTFO by Sword and Shield's high sales?[View]
41741097I THINK POKÉMON SWSH SUCKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zqLoUmdUg0[View]
41738414Chances the ability to change natures doesn't return in DiaPer remakes?[View]
41739372why didn't he just give up like Hop?[View]
41740214This nigga mad cute[View]
41740414Can you reset a shiny egg for hidden ability? Or is hidden ability determined when you receive the e…[View]
41740819Anyone have a postgame/Pokedex Google Spreadsheet. I'm looking to finish my dex and start compl…[View]
41740529Hello /vp/!: Somehow I feel happy today despite me failing my college class yesterday so what's…[View]
41739859All right, just got to the full-on postgame stage: I did my best to avoid spoilers for over a week a…[View]
41740639Actual SW/SH meta: Mediocre mons in OU/UU[View]
41737194>first dark type gym leader >chill guy that'd be fun to hangout with >good older broth…[View]
41735470'Wait, you DIDN'T buy SwooshyShwish? Huh? Are you, like, poor? Or something? Like, dude, just t…[View]
41740123>6M in first week >12M in first 3 weeks >24M in first 9 weeks >48M in first 27 weeks Bro…[View]
41729764You actually bought it didn't you?[View]
41737347Which best sister, the oldest, the second oldest, the middle or the younger sister![View]
41732492Flannery is better than your preferred Pokégirl. Discuss.[View]
41740461Pokemon Identity Test: http://www.fastswf.com/mH0oPhs This test takes only a minute or two to finish…[View]
41738588Anyone else always mistakes Skarmory for a gen 3 mon?[View]
41740248Faifu foff moof fafu feef...: Can someone translate?[View]
41740197What went wrong?[View]
41740119>to effortlessly max out a Pokemon's EVs, you need a little over 500k money >all the clot…[View]
41739749Best Abilities for a solo playthrough? Run Away and Pick Up seem obvious. Are field moves still a th…[View]
41731059Attempting to summon Hunter Sama! Oh Please great Hunter, we need your assistance with injecting som…[View]
41738950>already beat Let's Go >only 3 (three) weeks in How are you coping?…[View]
41737515Magnolia is kinda sexy[View]
41739550this game for toddlers is better than the last four generations pure soul[View]
41739964I-i just wanted a good pokémon game to play on my switch...[View]
41735778People actually like this thing now? What changed?[View]
41729034BW and BW2 nominated for /v/'s game of the decade >>>/v/487609449[View]
41739831If there is one major critique I have of the Johto overworld aesthetics, its that they should have p…[View]
41739236Which mons should get new G Maxes in Heroic Sword and Legend Shield?[View]
41739796She looks more like a Pokemon trainer.[View]
41739328Help me design a pokegym team!: Some friends and I are doing a for fun tournament where we each desi…[View]
41738726She isn't purple. I literally have merchandise of her in black![View]
41739146Pokemon GO character models are your villain team in game. How lazy can they get?[View]
41730830So what exactly is 'Poison' about this thing? It only seems to be Poison because they didn't wa…[View]
41739758>Support Gamefreak, sales rise, /vp/ is assmangled at Pokemon's success >Success of games…[View]
41738289>ugly 3d renders of buildings and environments >ugly in-battle animated sprites >hideous p…[View]
41732892Since they removed the Elite 4 they should have added more Gyms as postgame or something. Could have…[View]
41739494>Pushes Gen III from being a good gen to the best gen[View]
41739603>Randomly run into a shiny gastly >evolve it to gengar >theres basically no difference from…[View]
41737274How will the D&P remakes ruin her?[View]
41738426GET IN HERE: Japan physical sales figures drop in 5 minutes Make your bets: under/over 2 million?…[View]
41738463What size do you like your pokemon?[View]
41735138SwSh Raid General: Snorlax TCG card edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.ser…[View]
41731063FUCK TALL GRASS: Route 104 and Petalburg Woods[View]
41738379WHEEEEP WHEEEoooWEEP![View]
41723959Team Thread - Post your teams: Pic related, White 2[View]
41738435This was simultaneously the best and worst decade for Pokémon. It was great from a financial standpo…[View]
41724968Chairman Rose: Why is he such a Gigachad?[View]
41732854Cute boy suffering as forced to eat curry![View]
41732673Rank the single staged pokemon: https://tiermaker.com/create/single-stage-pokemon-51167[View]
41736720Will you pay for Pokemon Home[View]
41738933>weavile uses beat up on terrakion >animation of pokemon turning to eachother >animation fo…[View]
417299626iv ditto: I injected 90 of these bad boys and I'm ready to give them away 6IV Japanese modest …[View]
41738469We won bros.[View]
41731319Would you rather you rather have dual-type starters with mediocre stats/abilities/movepools or monot…[View]
41738301Gen 1 Incineroar, Gen 7 Venusaur[View]
41730077Pheromosa Thread: What are your thoughts on the inter dimensional Utra Beast and part time Lusamine …[View]
41738272I’ll give anyone a level 100 battle ready, EV trained Dragapult for a Zacian with the sword item. I …[View]
41737578>Stock up on all the X stat items >Come in with literally any fully evolved pokemon that can k…[View]
41736812Gen 8 Starters thread[View]
41734722> Has a move called Grav Apple/ G-Froce > Doesn't work like Smack Down where it grounds F…[View]
41734562Make a statement about swsh. If you disagree with somebody's statement and want to refute them,…[View]
41737600To the anon who posted the Cinderace blender pics, I need some help. Can I see how you set up your C…[View]
41736219They are cooler than Unova and Alola starters.[View]
41730622Bricks: Has Sword and Shield received a stability/performance patch yet?[View]
41738548https://www.serebii.net/attackdex-swsh/bulkup.shtml look at those pokemon and tell me if you can pic…[View]
41736893I kinda like this pokemon tbqh, The execution of 'caterpillar in an apple' was well done in this des…[View]
41737980Would 6vs6 be a good battle format? Would triple type be a good idea? What about dual type attack?[View]
41737493I didn't give a fuck about the Dex. I didn't give a fuck about the lies. I didn't giv…[View]
41738291Pokémon who canonically don't exist as of Gen 8.[View]
41738256why is 6v6 so shunned in the games? there's very few 6v6 battles ingame, battle facilities don…[View]
41738199I hope we get a UB invasion in sinnoh remakes[View]
41736133Buffing Ice Types: >Ice is now resistant to fighting,water,grass,poison,and dragon >Rock is no…[View]
41738219Could you make a verse for the next pokémon cypher?[View]
41729945>it’s not worth $60!!1!1! >also buys two copies of the EXACT same game every gen prior to this…[View]
41738017post disgusting pokemon[View]
41729995>based on a scarecrow >literally the scarecrow Pokémon >weak to birds At least it gets thun…[View]
41736933I’ve been shinyhunting Rookidee for 50 hours. I started 2 hours in. I haven’t left Route 2 yet and a…[View]
41736070I didn't play SwSh yet, but did GF at least have the audacity to include The Looker in his home…[View]
41726563Looking back, what are your thoughts on X&Y?[View]
41732153Jay me me mes![View]
41736225Look what the bastards took from us[View]
41736204ITT: Characters that canonically had sex. Lusamine did a minimum of two times[View]
41736989You already know what to do.[View]
41737687>Player battles Marnie >Hop battles... Who the did he fight, game makes it seem like it's…[View]
41732602Rotom Giveaway!: I have most of a box full of 4-5 iv timid rotom in loveballs, w/levitate, post your…[View]
41735393>TPC wanted Gen 8 info to be kept a secret and revealed as little info on the game as possible th…[View]
41735669Which one do you think is better and why?[View]
41737557He kind of reminds me of what people wanted Fennekin to turn into[View]
41736838>he names his Zacian ‘Sif’[View]
41736732RIP Colress[View]
41736910Ignoring the quality of the actual games, what did you think of the eon flute, more specifically the…[View]
41737309Are these new plushies or mascot costumes? https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2019/11/191129_e01.html…[View]
41735979>he was a firefighter the whole time[View]
41737284>gen 8 >still no mecha type[View]
41735502Admit it, he kicked your ass, and made you respect Bug types, all while probably one of the best tra…[View]
41736417Everybody way-oh[View]
41729915How would you want the battle system to be overhauled, assuming it would be? Would you want any big …[View]
41737211>Cursola >Sirfetchd >Perserker >Mr Rime >Runerigus >Their cries are a differently …[View]
41732435>Holiday 2020 >Shining Sword and Shining Shield >The same day you set out on your pokemon j…[View]
41734673Gimme your best Pikachu faces, I need a new profile picture.[View]
41734928How do you feel about fat pink blobmons?[View]
41731778https://mobile.twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1201848562470006784 Wtf is this music?[View]
41734542Years of neglecting JRPGs and playing only FEH has made me a stat whore, so going back into Pokémon …[View]
41684131Serena Sunday: Post your most wholesome Serena/Y-chan to make this a beautiful board, even if she…[View]
41734294no one ever thinks about grumpig[View]
41736840Pokeremixstudio: Why did he start making this kind of stuff? People loved his old shit[View]
41734541>Marnie immediatly merch shilled Can't wait for Marnie nendo, figma and scale figure.…[View]
41730529is she gonna reach lillie's levels?[View]
41735746Free qt pies!: I have like 2/3rds of a box of applin, all bold, in friend balls, 4-5ivs. 3 w/ripen 5…[View]
41736597Why do Pokemon love and desire to protect humans?[View]
41736617Don't forget /vp, you are in too, even if you haven't buy his game.[View]
41736380Anon. I'm King now. That means you have to be my friend.[View]
41735705This is an adult, heterosexual woman who has zero sexual interest in adolescent females.[View]
41734195Diamon/Pearl Remake Theory Discussion: If you hack in Safari balls into SS it says, 'A special Poke …[View]
41718578single handedly ruined gen 8 meta[View]
41735489Dubs name my boy[View]
41731498I cannot for the life of me find a rotom. I've got a dreepy that I don't want. I think it …[View]
41728326Gamefreak is fucking lazy: Gamefreak is fucking lazy[View]
41720491Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
41733979>Max Overgrowths your Intelleon Nothing personal, kiddo. I am undefeated for a reason.…[View]
41735370Enough with the Sword and Shield threads, let’s do something different. Your favorite Pokémon is Sc…[View]
41732999>Steely Spirit boosts Steel-Type moves by 50%: Holy shit, Perrserker gets double STAB. Why aren’t…[View]
41735557Already better: Theyre already making a rom hack that is bound to be superior to the actual game. Gu…[View]
41732049Why didn't they call it Snowslash?: It's like them taking Runerigus and calling it Galaria…[View]
41731488Does anyone have a flame orb I can have? I'm about ready to blow my brains out repeating the E4…[View]
41735354Where's the official art for Nickit?[View]
41732288I’m convinced this doesn’t exist in sword and shield[View]
41730860Miss me yet?[View]
41732799does ANYONE have a HA galarian meowth?? i really need one of these fucks[View]
41733757Apple Thread: Post apples. Eat apples. Anything with the apples. Nut on the apples if you must.…[View]
41731782Can we get a wholesome thread here?[View]
41733298Anyone have a HA Darmanitan they’d be willing to trade? I have HA Farfetch’d and Rookidee to offer[View]
41735429Could someone help me: Does anyone have that one pic of under Gothitelle’s dress where she’s shown t…[View]
41713609ITT: Think of new 'bullshit rumor' ways to evolve a Pokemon, similar to Yamask, Inkay and Milcery. …[View]
41732642>Hi anon! >Hi anon! >Hi anon!…[View]
41734533>female Pokemon always take priority during breeding >Ditto's are stupidly rare in every …[View]
41735174>GameFreak could have spent the time making the Camp/Amie animation on battle animations >Coul…[View]
41731143Finally got my shiny Noibat after 1,553 eggs today.: Trading away my last box of breedjects. All 5IV…[View]
41732129She killed the Ace Trainer line.[View]
41735802this is me. which gen should I play?[View]
41730151*ruins your surprise trade*[View]
41729053Protect it’s wholesome smile[View]
41734084>it’s 2019 >still no unique typing for bacteria,fungi,and protists…[View]
41728739Comfy Thread: Share comfy pics, memories, music, or whatever you wish. This is the place to relax an…[View]
41734598Who’s that Pokémon?[View]
41732834Is this real: Is this real[View]
41724375Well, /vp/? Is she a size queen?[View]
41735034Is there any good rom hacks?: I've literally never played a good rom hack outside of prism and …[View]
41730057What female character would you molest /vp/?[View]
41734288Why is Leon so hard? All the Pokémon he uses are turbo cancer, Aegislash just spams King’s Shield ev…[View]
41729501Why are his eyes so soulless compared to everyone else?[View]
41725466Well, yes or no?[View]
41735796Just finished downloading Insurgence, /vp/. Do I choose the cute one, the edgy one, or the edgy one?[View]
41734850ITT: Fake leaks you fell for: I still cannot believe we do not have my sad bro.[View]
41733872>blocks your path What do?[View]
41730530I'm Mr. white christmas I'm Mr. snow I'm Mr. icicle I'm Mr. ten below[View]
41730249What is it that makes Platinum superior?: I had a hard time finishing Pearl, despite starting it way…[View]
41731577Wi-fi General: Trade - Breed - Shitpost Not a thread for hacks Old >>41726439[View]
41734865How many times have you cycled through the stages of grief this season, /vp/? My high score is 8.[View]
41730120Smogon needs to get with the times: 6v6 Singles is not meant to be played competitively, and all the…[View]
41735281has this site updated with the new pokemon yet?[View]
41735018Do you think Pokemon like Hatterene, Roserade, Gardevoir, etc feel self conscious about being flat w…[View]
41715602Where is the knife in his tail? Inteleon thread[View]
41724349You're traveling across the Pokemon Anime universe (Standard or Generations). What does your te…[View]
41729640ITT: we fix pokemon and their abilities.: I'll start. give regigigas the ability clear body or …[View]
41731227Holy shit fuck my night. I caught a male Whimsicott in a dream ball thinking you could breed it onto…[View]
41702218Give me ideas for Fakemon and I will draw them: >Animal/object it's based on >Typing I w…[View]
41735649Why does this game feel so short and boring? Took me around 15 hours to complete it. It's almos…[View]
41734428Ok, where are the sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? It’s already been 3 days since th…[View]
41735213Why does autism strongly correlate with being a Pokemon fan?[View]
41730970/pm2019/ - Pocket Monsters 2019 Anime General: >Last episode: December 1st, 2019 フシギソウってフシギだね? Fu…[View]
41732278Been spending the entire day trying to find a stupid HA Eevee and I can finally say I call it quits.…[View]
41711006Dawncember: post Dawn[View]
41732095>v-veegeecee is balanced b-better than sing---[View]
41731983Are we doing another Pokémon transformation thread?[View]
41732691it feels like a Sun and Moon ROM hack[View]
41711427Pokeboys: Hot Guys Edition Previous Bread: >>41688651[View]
41731854POV: >The doll you throw years ago away is back to kill you while a distorted version of goodbye …[View]
41735086since when the fuck can you substitute 4 times in a row? I thought after your third substitute, and …[View]
41715493/shg/ Shiny Hunting General: What are you hunting? How many attempts so far? What is your favorite G…[View]
41731409Goodnight /vp/[View]
41734745Multi Battles: Do you like Multi battles in battle facilities?[View]
41733128This is a Pokémon created by the geniuses of /vp/ for a dead-in-the-water fan game. What do you thin…[View]
41733244Who is the superior applebro? http://www.strawpoll.me/19035455[View]
41726979FUCK IT HATENNA THREAD WE HATTUESDAY NOW Hattrem and Hatterene welcome as well of course.[View]
41732108Waifu Thread: Almost Winter Edition: Quick, claim your waifu, before the snow covers her for the nex…[View]
41696456Monday Bunday: Keeping the love for the buns going[View]
41732675Did I get lucky?: >Find the fossil woman >Get some fossilmon ingredients >Really want an Ar…[View]
41731908I wish Game Freak did more with bond phenomenon. I can understand why it wouldn't work with pla…[View]
41733973>*fully rustles your berry tree after one shake*[View]
41723658Are Sword and Shield the easiest games in the series?[View]
41732175Should I buy a New 3DS XL, or the original XL which is much less expensive?[View]
41668845/rpg/ - Retro Pokémon General: #14 - Special Pikachu Edition Previous >>41636993 Anyone pl…[View]
41733667What Pokèmon game would be best for me to play first?[View]
41729527/vp/ Monotype Tourney 2019: Let's have a tournament over December holidays! It isn't anyth…[View]
41731985Coomin out: I’ll be honest, I don’t care if he really even is a girl, I’d beat to it either way. I’m…[View]
41734327You require more vespene gas[View]
41732828>Is the single best official pokemon game ever made Nothing personal, kid...…[View]
41729919SwSh raid general: snorlax release edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.sere…[View]
41733600Solrock and Lunatone are parents![View]
41732039If it gets banned we may see the end of smogon. I don't think many people will be happy with th…[View]
41731528A week or so ago, I held a giveaway for anons to get their hands on one of my 1,500 Solosis as I att…[View]
417338984587 sonoros gigamax raid: Let’s go /vp 4587 snorlax RAID let’s get it[View]
41733803Literally how were any of you higher level than Leon, you weren’t seriously grinding your asses off …[View]
41731696Who is the most overrated Pokégirl?[View]
41726339Anyone else waiting for that eBay price drop?: Obviously there are. Myself I'm not trying to pa…[View]
41727121What region do you guys want for Gen 9? Post em right fucking now!!![View]
41732969Smogon's OU list by gen Gen 1: Clefable, Ditto, Dugtrio, Gyarados Gen 2: Tyranitar Gen 3: Pel…[View]
41727969The Fruit of Alola[View]
41732366Why can’t I do the max raids without these shitty NPCs dragging me down?[View]
41730546Trading these mons all except eiscue are balltism mons and have the ideal iv spread (eiscue is heal …[View]
41732594So, now that the dust has settled who is gonna clean it?[View]
41732305Empoleon: Empoleon[View]
41731713What do you think was the criteria of which Pokemon to not include in the game and which to keep. Fo…[View]
41714097>Gen 3 Thunder animation[View]
41732475What are some lore based narratives that would be better off as headcanons?[View]
41728822How would they make him work now with the Pokemon specific animations like behemoth blade?[View]
41731907I need your help /vp/ At the start of the decade we had 649 Pokemon At the end of the decade we have…[View]
41731955So how does Pokémon Masters work? Is it like Fire Emblem Heroes where they release sets of new units…[View]
41731801First Episode: Just rewatched the first episode of Pokemon. Was great shit. Let the thread die, i do…[View]
41731541Imagine if when you lost to Karen she would make you smell her armpit just to humiliate you further …[View]
41731303Choose the right side: My bling Sirfetch'd named Gucci Louis does not tolerate THOTs. Be like …[View]
41731610For those who bought the game and are NEW to Pokémon, how was is it? And how do you feel about opini…[View]
41731524what pokeman is?[View]
41731323Cool, another broken part of the game ( :: https://www.reddit.com/r/stunfisk/comments/e4l65x/issues_…[View]
41731199Why don't they allow you to use gen 1 moves that Kanto mons only learned in GSC in the gen 1 me…[View]
41731132What did he mean by this?[View]
41720775Anyone know how to make this piece of shit work? He just doesn't seem that good.[View]
41729907Magnolia has it goin on[View]
41730960So who's more of a threat between icy monkey trouble and dracovish? I'm leaning towards UN…[View]
41730522Hidden Ability Rokidee: Any wonderful soul willing to make a donation?[View]
41729913Is there anything wrong with LGPE? i dont think you ever joked about that[View]
41729131I just want intelon to ram one of her fingers in my asshole and give me a Hydro Pump enema[View]
41721466>the game is way too easy! >also btw, I do use 'shift' battle style, spam healing/boosting ite…[View]
41728610How much are you willing to pay for Pokemon Home? For me this service should be free.[View]
41725857Why? I cannot wrap my head around it. this game is terrible, the worst one yet and it sells 6 millio…[View]
41730856>it hasn't come out yet you can't criticize it! >It sold millions of copies who care…[View]
41731060I feel like all three of Alolan starters were well received by the fans in one way or another I for …[View]
41730988Why are so many ghost-type dex entries related to just literally killing humans? Why would there eve…[View]
41726429ITT: characters you feel bad for[View]
41730146So, why did we raid Rose tower?[View]
41729636>Intelleon is a Blu Spy pokemon >Shiny isn’t red I cannot forgive Gamefreak for this missed op…[View]
41723639You are tasked to design the next generation's three starters. What are your ideas?[View]
41730810sup, cunts: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-hDnbkB7QGI[View]
41729079tfw SwSh cut Slowpoke but kept their tails in[View]
41728522So.......: when is the next ekx thread I can beg in pic unrelated i just think he’s neat.[View]
41710301Post them https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/[View]
41724579Sonia pic thread[View]
41729313watch /vp/ defend literally anything: They run out of ideas[View]
41730391>evolves at like level 50 >still weak :([View]
41724768How do you feel about this webm?[View]
41719467No wonder pokemon lost its soul if this is what the fanbase look like.[View]
41728362Thoughts on meowth?[View]
41729894Pokémon Project 2020: Part 3: Hello again. I’m not sure if anyone remembers me, but I correctly leak…[View]
41726439Wi-fi General: Trade - Breed - Shitpost Not a thread for hacks Old >>41723250[View]
41725623/rit/: >Reaction image Tuesday Share your images with other anons, so they can use them as well!…[View]
41730428Can we get some Clefable pictures in here? Feeling a bit down.[View]
41724468Regional Forms Thread!: I'll start Here we have Sunkern and Sunflora Grass | Fairy[View]
41717179/pmg/ - Pokemon Masters General: “Mahjong' Edition >What is pokemon masters? A gacha game that is…[View]
41728495If I transfer some Pokes from Pokemon Go to Let's Go Pikachu, what will be their ID?[View]
41728954>play pokemon hackrom >every single character is a self insert from a discord group >it rea…[View]
41727745>High hp >Abysmally low defenses What's the fucking point? These Pokemon pop like water …[View]
41729755Is it possible to get this mon legally with it's hidden ability in sword and shield? The web sa…[View]
41717906The future looked so bright bros[View]
41728993Why is he so hot?[View]
41730003This Pokemon has no reason to exist.[View]
41730080When will Nintendo shutdown the 3DS Wi-Fi connection?: >mk8 deluxe has been out since 2017 >sm…[View]
41725590Pokef*****s, I cannot understand why someone would do what you do. Hence I would like to see what yo…[View]
41730064Can anybody inject a shiny for me?: Please I’ve wasted so much time sitting here for a shiny please …[View]
41729805Are they related?[View]
41727651Fusion thread[View]
41729665Thanks Alice!: I just wanted to say thanks to Alice for the spanish ditto she gave me yesterday. I s…[View]
41718965What competitive meta had most variety in both pokemon used and strategies?: Points for listing poke…[View]
41725219What's with sword and shield rehashing gen 2 concepts so much?[View]
41729917SwSh Raid General: How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/maxr…[View]
41729891BW railroading: >BW doesn't stop you nearly as much as the 3DS games! Let's actually an…[View]
41725912is it worth a playthrough? ive never ever played any of the gen 1 games and i got into the series wi…[View]
41729484>they made Pincunchin's sprite the size of an unevolved pokémon What did the mean by this?…[View]
41729756Anyone have a HA Rokidee? I want to train a Mirror Armor Corviknight? IGN: Vin 2857[View]
41729732Can gigantamax pokemon pass down hidden abilities when bred with a ditto?[View]
41729708Could someone trade me for scrappy sirfetch'd? ive looked for hours: plz[View]
41729561froyo: how the fuck does this thing learn Mega Drain?[View]
41722274>she doesnt have the shiny charm yet what's your excuse?[View]
41729570Please: I need a 6 IV Ditto to start having fun in this game. Pls gib. I'll pay you in Marnie p…[View]
41729192Rate my playthrough[View]
41729239An important question that is not being asked.: What will cosmoem evolve into on pokemon shield?…[View]
41729288Do we know why the hell all the abilities are in the game under search?[View]
41726516What if there was a Chaotic Type? (Spinda, Dodrio, Porygon-Z. Weak to Normal. One of those Types tha…[View]
41729285POV: >Mr.Sandman is playing through out you're home but you're also hinding from a Da…[View]
41727110>that 22 year old Pokemon troomer that thought it would be a good idea to rent a flat next to a g…[View]
41718721My boyfriend, Inteleon.[View]
41708540/vp/'s MS Paint Legacies Day 4: Making An Example Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this…[View]
41725485Do Gigantmax Pokémon have walking and running animations?[View]
41729136Use top tier Pokemon or get the FUCK off online.[View]
41729096You ARE Master Ball tier right?[View]
41728354Why is the Gen 4 touchscreen stuff so fun, bros?[View]
41728274Gotta get this dex done: Hey /vp/ I just need two pokemon left for my dex to help complete it, Orang…[View]
41726935> Spend an hour going through Y-Comm trying to find a Pokemon I don't have. > See this …[View]
41713716Gen 3 killed Pokemania: I remember very clearly as kids we talked about GSC, the Johto anime, even h…[View]
41724179Meanwhile, in the Sinnoh Region...[View]
41727224I’ve never fapped to a Pokemon anons. Maybe Gardevoir once. Which Pokemon should I fap to tonight? I…[View]
41726490Who were these guys btw? what was their problem?[View]
41725895>Sword and Shield story is about this miserable fuck realizing he's not the main character a…[View]
41726807Appletun Thread: Please post apples. Preferably with negative energy like pic related.[View]
41725910Fakemon thread: Post your favorite fakemons[View]
41727669Name a better main antagonist from the games. I'll wait.[View]
41728556Charizard the Manlet Undragon: >176cm >5' 9'' Oh god I think I'm actually …[View]
41727865Cute :)[View]
41727883Anyone actually own a body pillow?: And is it worth it?[View]
41708084Every gen Pokémon get closer to Digimon[View]
41726242pokemon eclipse: https://pkmneclipse.net/signup?s=414131 join this amazingly fun online pokemon rpg …[View]
41724647Protective Pads should protect the user from recoil damage.[View]
41725984Marnie/Mari/Mary thread[View]
41715385*farts* uh oh... STINKY!! POOP!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAH!!! POOPIES!!!!!! FUNNY POOPIES!!!!! ALALALALALALAHA…[View]
41726790Little reminder that the CEO of The Pokémon Company (yes, that company that makes pokémon games) sha…[View]
41728167What are the best mods that are hard mode versions of gen 3 and 4?[View]
41726888Predict SwSh's lifetime sales[View]
41728224Has this motherfucker always had the second U in its name? I swear to god it was named Duraldon not …[View]
41722341No character has ever triggered /Vp/ so hard He literally lives rent free in your head[View]
41726865Even small indie games do it better than nu-gens...[View]
41728080this game is fucking laughable[View]
41727718Are we cursed to have a new stupid fucking gimmick every gen? I'm sick of it, just give us a ne…[View]
41724686Why has pokemon been stagnant for so long(especially when compared to other series)? The games are s…[View]
41728092Why no galarian mime.jr? It’s simple silly, it’s because there will be a DP remake and in that reg…[View]
41728040Purposefully shitty fakemon ideas: ITT: We post fakemon ideas that are terrible on purpose to see if…[View]
41725713so i just got my 8th badge. and aside from Sonia coming in to remind us she's in the game/talki…[View]
41726041What is vp's thoughts on diving?[View]
41726232Did you know that this is the first game in the series after Gen 2 to reuse a soundfont from a previ…[View]
41724919How do you think he'd feel about Sword and Shield?[View]
41718760> Plays Sun and Moon for the second time: > 50% of my playtime are cutscenes and people stoppi…[View]
41717062SwSh Raid General: Chadsuda edition How to find the den you are looking for: https://www.serebii.net…[View]
41725556Red: What's the best rendition of his theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeNpXb7O19w…[View]
41725807Hey /vp/, why doesn't this thing have pokédex entries in gen 7? It's not like you can…[View]
41722248Is that a fossil?[View]
41703261If you think Reborn's too edgy...[View]
41723569Fuck Turner: Why is the art director of a Japanese game a filthy gaijin?[View]
41722499So is it safe to assume this moment was the biggest catalyst for the creation of the Fairy type?: I …[View]
41726951Tyranitar in Sword: I thought Tyranitar was exclusive to Shield, i found it numerous times in this a…[View]
41712019Please. Just post your end-game in-game team. I'm begging you.[View]
41725158I just tested out Stalwart on Showdown and it only matters at all in Doubles. What ability should I …[View]
41675626Soulless vs Soul[View]
41727002ITT: Wasted Potential[View]
41720677I want to be hugged by her![View]
41727239Do I need LGPE save data before starting SwSh to get the relevant poke? Got a copy of Sword for chea…[View]
41722038>Arceus doesn't get a buff or new form in the DP remakes.[View]
4172354275% confirmed: There are more people who see Dragapult as female than male, more than anything, bein…[View]
41724303>menacing latin choir >you are fighting a literal retard…[View]
41727129shitmon love thread: shitmons you like, I absolutely love Quagsire and I don’t care what anybody els…[View]
41725884This thing hits like a truck, strongest Heavy Slam in the game. And it gets Heat Crash, and that Ste…[View]
41721654wow.. i really want to use this. cool pocket monster[View]
41726660So I was thinking about getting one of these games, so I looked up the changes, legendaries you can …[View]
41724862Gloria thread[View]
41724766Hey Faggots, My name is Marley, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no…[View]
41726938>of the 4 paired games that have Trainer Customization, only 1 introduced outfits based on Pokémo…[View]
41726706>Pretending to be a boy What's her endgame?[View]
41725995Can someone end my suffering and trade me a 6IV ditto with a destiny know in XY? I will give you a s…[View]
41722577He should have been the mascot fuck the electric rat[View]
41724231Will the 2020s bring the redeem Pokémon?[View]
41723894>Pokemon in the games >saying things that aren't even close to their names >Wooper say…[View]
41726692So now that all our friends has moved on can we all admit max raids are straight up trash?[View]
41726378You haven’t been to college yet until someone has a presentation on the pomeg glitch in your compute…[View]
41726433Meanwhile at the Pokémon school...[View]
41723918This thing is so fucking cancerous holy shit, I even feel bad for using it.[View]
41725500Why isn't GF doing anything about all the cheating? The game just came out and everyone alread…[View]
41715252How can Game Freak be so fucking incompetent?[View]
41723270Seth's adventures in pokémon Welcome to my personal blog of me playing the game, ill document m…[View]
41726288I can offer BR mons for a Zacian with his sword item. Anyone? You can PM me on discord. Fahren#5274[View]
41723073Rillaboom thread: Post best Gorilla[View]
41726220This my friends is a misunderstood design: People just can't handle this based goofy charm…[View]
41705327post god tier romhacks/fangames[View]
41725575>literally my mom's cake[View]
41723250/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trading - Multis - Begging - Yearning for Multis - Giveaways - Crying - MULTIS…[View]
41726132Welp...anybody ready to go back to Sinnoh?[View]
41724934Why is the Galar region so bland?[View]
41726092Duraludon give away: Was breeding for a perfect modest Duraludon and ended up with two boxes of 3-5I…[View]
41725934Pokemon World > Pokemon Theme Fight me![View]
41722591Who did it better?[View]
41723825>Ash, will you marry me? what did he mean by this[View]
41725674BW: It's always hard, When the journey begins. Hard to find your way; Hard to make amends. But …[View]
41725619Diamond/pearl/platinum do not need remakes[View]
41725324This character was the most interesting out of all the others in SwSh prove me wrong.[View]
41705173>charizard gets 3 extra forms spread out across multiple games >underagefags sperg out >meo…[View]
41725463>I used a grapploct on my team during my playthrough of sword or shield…[View]
41724021How old is juniper?[View]
41725366Trainer customization thread[View]
41724980I don’t get it: What’s so hard about the fight? I killed it pretty easily[View]
41721218>one of the best designs of gen 8 >it's a total shitmon Fuck gamefreak…[View]
41725173Can ability capsules change hidden abilities in this game? I have a shiny horse but it has anticipat…[View]
41714388You’re all wrong: >Just finished the game >was never overloaded with mons >Comfy AF Dex cu…[View]
41693323Just a little while longer till I get my bros back[View]
41724608How's Sword and Shield compared to Sun and Moon?: Now it has been over a week, let's discu…[View]
41718933Gyms: So where are the 18 (((in lore))) gyms?[View]
41632421/ff/ - Fox Friday: Welcome Fox Friday, where we gather every week to thank John Gamefreak for our pu…[View]
41667684You're traveling across the Pokemon Anime universe (Standard or Generations). What does your te…[View]
41719502If people hate Kanto pandering so much why does nobody care that Unova's dex is just rehashed K…[View]
41723445official art of zubat: official art of zubat[View]
41721922*Shell Smashes*[View]
41724871>we will never get gen 4 remakes as beautiful as minecraft It hurts so bad bros https://m.youtub…[View]
41724290GTS: Anyone remember this site?[View]
41724782Why can't you change max raid music like with battle tower?[View]
41724080What the fuck? I got to masterball rank and beat someone in singles and now all my pokemon have the …[View]
41724733Things that should've happened Thread: I'll start! We should've gotten a double battl…[View]
41713422Y'all still buttmad that SwSh exists?[View]
41722096But Joe didn't do anything. He got 90% of the data from the datamine and the other 10% he stole…[View]
41720606So is he still the worst looking final evo for a starter or has another claimed that title?[View]
41722989>Galar as a region doubles back on itself frequently and isn't a literal circle like Unova …[View]
41724203Who even is this girl?[View]
41724286redpill me on Essentials. Is it good for making 18+ stuff?[View]
41724085Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most…[View]
41723125So. How are they gonna drop the remaining unreleased ingame mon?: >Mystery Gift? >Raid? Would …[View]
41724164*revives pokemania* >heh, thank me later, kid[View]
41723465>I WANNA BE A HERO[View]
41717165Time for another 6IV Ditto Giveaway!: Drop those trade links anons![View]
41721994Why did Ash barely react when Sabrina kissed him on the mouth ?[View]
41719038So...: Do you miss him?[View]
41721592Shart-rizard is proof Dynamax is not broken. Shart-rizard is basically fire Gyarados. >Hurricane …[View]
41698373PTCG/O General: Old: >>41651263 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/B9lW9DM >https://pasteb…[View]
41720095My Pokemon Idea: >Buginanusu >Bug-Poison >This pokemon seeks out refuge in the warmth of hu…[View]
41723312Dreepy HA: Hi guys ! I've a bunch of HA dreepy either 4 or 5iv. Lf for HA corsola or darumaka. …[View]
41723955https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2BmUYCQiuQ Why does a throwaway Wii U spin off nobody gave a shit a…[View]
41718565These are only starters that made you feel like you want them all. In every other generation I playe…[View]
41723218So you guys still fighting and freaking out that mon's are 'never going to be in the serie…[View]
41722950Best game intro: Will there ever be a more kino intro scene than black/white?[View]
41723719>Drums start playing[View]
41720820/CPG/ Casual Pokemon General: Casual Pokemon General This is a thread for the people that aren'…[View]
41721038Pokemon Sw/Sh sequel localization leak: Localization Leak incoming, heres the details of what I can …[View]
41723475What did they mean by this?[View]
41723743Ruby of Blue: Has anyone else seen this shit? Youtube had the gall to recommend this to me Kinda cri…[View]
41722243OMG GUYS[View]
41721749*has the same BST as mega lycanroc*[View]
41720963Do the items bought in this game's shop use the same Wonder Card system as the Gift Pokemon? Ca…[View]
41721925'ate animals 'ate munstahs 'ate aesthetic consistency 'ate fookin criticism luv …[View]
41723313Can we have a filename thread?[View]
41707083Pokegirl Cosplays: Nessa, our Nubian Queen[View]
41722006OU right now is kind of shit and getting boring pretty fast, how's the national dex meta?[View]
41723437Strategy guide: So when is the strategy guide coming out? There are still A ton of Pokemon official …[View]
41721153What the fuck were they thinking with the fossils? The concept is cool, sure, it's a funny and …[View]
41722420>He's right behind me, isn't he?[View]
41721706What went wrong? What went right? How you you fix it or what would you do differently if you were in…[View]
41722362Things you’re sick of getting in surprise trade <-this and Rookidee[View]
41721328Trade General: Trade time! Personally looking for a HA Galar Darmanitan/Darumaka. Stats don't m…[View]
41721058>He gets Ziodyne and Brainshock Omega Is he good now?[View]
41706043How do you feel about injecting? I'm okay with it if they are legal mons that were caught and t…[View]
41718742ITT: dumb shark-jumping gimmicks for future games >Pokemon Communicator (abbreviated PokeComm) …[View]
41716484If the EXP share is so broken, how come I’ve been consistently under leveled, even having to use can…[View]
41723050>2 weeks in >My screen is still orange I don't know what kind of opening scene they have …[View]
41721488So this shitmon is pretty much guaranteed to be NU trash, right?[View]
41722599Is she the most depraved villain in pokemon history?[View]
41722919Lopunny rape gang where you at?[View]
41722761>Roll a country https://random.country/ >Create a regional form based on the climate, geograp…[View]
41720761Will we ever have animations as good as the 3DS games again? I miss when moves all had awesome and u…[View]
41722659Haha guys I did it! Caught ALL 400 Pokemon and completed the ENTIRE dex in a little under 90 hours. …[View]
41720104This has to be the worst image I have seen. God Inteleon makes me seethe. It's so fucking ugly.…[View]
41721362Dexcels on fucking suicide watch[View]
41722781So what abilities are the best for in-game story play? I imagine that Pick Up and Run Away are good.…[View]
41718860/wfg/ - Wifi General: Trading - Multis - Begging - more Multis - Giveaways - Crying - MULTIS It…[View]
41722712fun online pokemon game: https://pkmneclipse.net/signup?s=414131 ridiculous amount of content…[View]
41722289Favorites thread[View]
41721940Gen 3 sprites look the most like 'Pokemon' 1-2 look so dated compared to everything after 4-5 look l…[View]
41711440>'I can't believe it Lois! Deoxys came all the way from Birth Island to see me.' >'That…[View]
41716578Is there a reason gf hates grass type so much?: Five weaknesses, rare powerful moves, average stats,…[View]
41657713Comfy thread: (-_-)[View]
41719412What are they based on?[View]
41706607You had all of these on your Sinnoh team. Don't try and deny it.[View]
41718652Let's gather the 'normie team' for all games. Starting with Red and Blue[View]
41721944Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time.: wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-gro…[View]
41721400Ok /vp/, I've got 10 Scorbunny left!! They have 5ivs, their egg moves and they're super cu…[View]
41719632buy my game[View]
41719313>Hilbert and Hilda were supposed to be fightable in BW2 >Get cut so they can shill Red even mo…[View]
41625612Drawthread: Previous drawthread >>41509862 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NSF…[View]
41720898>evolved regional rodent >diverse movepool >trick room sweeper >ability heals additional…[View]
41717108Is this the most based Pokemon ever invented?[View]
41719506What´s the reason ?: Gen 4 doesnt drop prices... Meanwhile Sword and Shield is so 'unstable'[View]
41720705>mfw /vp/ bought it anyways[View]
41721484Pokemon Gens 4 and 5 - WiFi Thread: As you may know, although the official Nintendo WFC have been sh…[View]
41717448what the arceus you guys.. i thought we weren't going to buy the games![View]
41721865are you?[View]
41721472>no dynamaxing >gmax only >the game is suddenly good Explain why Gamefreak didn't do t…[View]
41719852Considering that 3D models are trivial to stretch and mutate dynamically, Pokemon should have less o…[View]
41718774Design a signature ability, move, Z move or G Max Move (+ G Max form) to save your favorite shitmon[View]
41718147What´s this all about?: Gen 9 gonna get ugly.[View]
41715043hunter thread again: !!! READ THE THREAD !!! - https://www.lan-play.com/ - i'll be starting out…[View]
41717950why do moves with like 90% accuracy only hit like 60% of the time? Is there a flaw in GF's code…[View]
41716235This is Saber. She just won me my second gym badge. Say something nice to her![View]
41717079Guys, what are you going about? It’s 9.3 game! And she’s played through ’em all! Keep your shitty Pl…[View]
41718929What would their team be?[View]
41718995It's cool how Gold and Silver have different sprites, they are the only games where they did th…[View]
41720014Is it really shit? I like it, but I can't do well with it in battles[View]
41721036Leave Zacian to me.[View]
41720269A howdy-doo to you, fellow Pokemon fans! I'm wondering what you folks think of the newest relea…[View]
41714753mildly different sylveon: don't touch a sylveon's tentacles. as you can see, it uses them …[View]
41720888PGL Ending for Gen 7-Final Gift Pokemon: If you used this service at all, it's going to shut do…[View]
41720784>never give a shit a about Piers >finally play the game >becomes one of the top tier charac…[View]
41719460Are the games even different enough at this point to justify making two versions?[View]
41705366Go sure blushes a lot.[View]
41709868Claim your best girl, I'll start.[View]
41710453It will become OU next month.[View]
41718308Typhlosion with hPunch in gen II[View]
41717845What would a Pokemon region based off New Zealand be like? The starting area would be Stewart Island…[View]
41717761reposting my lewd mod since the gamebanana mods wont let me post it there, nipple version replaces t…[View]
41719830Since the games have been out for a few weeks now, what does everyone think of the Gen 8 Pokémon? Wh…[View]
41717256Sharing is caring[View]
41718207Who's that Pokemon?[View]
41714762Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
41720485*sniffs your insecurities away*: Through its nose, it sucks in the emanations produced by people and…[View]
41717651Cursed images: fat sword edition[View]
41720257Imagine being revealed at E3 and still not have official artwork out[View]
41720163>don't play the games >don't play competitive >don't watch the anime >do…[View]
41720174So is the SwSh meta just gonna be sand and Dracovish?[View]
41719606hello ladies[View]
41719956>daily reminder you bought it anyway Enjoy your slop. There is no reason for this franchise to ge…[View]
41720043>Some of the best Legendary Designs, on par with Gen 2, have a ton of thought going into their de…[View]
41719671If Gamefreak did something like this, I'd actually start buying their games again.[View]
41719198What is the real reason SwSh are hated?[View]
41718510Shiny Hunting: I will never understand wanting to sit through thousands of encounters/resets to enco…[View]
41718125>is unkillable lol![View]

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