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38036981Pokemon sword: Fire/steel( soccer), grass/fairy( elf like monkey), water/ghost( lochness)[View]
38035417oi /vp/, ye wannae SS?[View]
38027053Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: No thread around so I'll just make one[View]
38035722I found my love.[View]
38031717What happened to DexAnon?: Did he ever come back and I missed it? We were going to have polls and ev…[View]
38036515Alright, /vp/. Suppose we were in charge of what older Pokemon are encountered in generation 8 besid…[View]
38034886Pokémon: beta box sprite sobble evolution[View]
38034448Celebi fucked your mom.[View]
38030544>go to gamestop to get a copy of pokemon y >mfw there is a save file already and I see pic rel…[View]
38018824Who wins? >god >artificial being created to rival god…[View]
38035948Gen 1 doesn't have a postga-[View]
38028824You had complete control of the future direction of both the video games and the anime. (Not any of …[View]
38024450Post your most hated Pokemon from each gen[View]
38035762Post mons that got shafted.[View]
38034536Why is he so fucking based?[View]
38030948These should not have been 3-staged lines. Why did GF feel compelled to do so?[View]
38036170>there are people on /vp/ who don't like Ultra Beasts Imagine having such shit taste…[View]
38036526Erika figure when?[View]
38036316Sword and Shield Leaks!!!!: I fed a bot pages upon pages of Pokémon leaks and then asked it to write…[View]
38034764what's the best bulu nature? don't want to fuck up my PGL shiny also apparently PGL fucked…[View]
38034925What would her Pokemon team be, bros?[View]
38033936Only the best pokemon can be posted here[View]
38035520Cool ideas Game Freak will never use: Split starter final evos[View]
38027049everyone loves night in G/S, but what did you think of the morning colors?[View]
38036272real leaks: starters fire/fairy water/dragon grass/steel legends are wolves both steel/fighting…[View]
38035307>city >it's a single road with a pokemon center and a few houses along it…[View]
38036279They should make Kanto remakes because the last ones they made where gen 3 and that’s just as long a…[View]
38032149What are your favorite Pokémon ships, /vp/?[View]
38035742Is this big boy could be played in the USUM games, what tier would be he and why?[View]
38034265why do normalfags love crystal clear so much ?: is shockslayer paying them ?[View]
38026154Obligatory fakemon thread[View]
38036213Goodnight /vp/[View]
38036072>it's bad because it's associated with the Ultra Beasts and Ultra Beasts BAD >if som…[View]
38035650/vp/ Fixes the Safari Zone: Game Freak has asked you to design a Safari Zone concept. The rules are …[View]
38035804starters typings are fire/ice, water/electric, and grass/rock the box legends are 2 wolves, possibly…[View]
38035713Will we ever get fun post-game features like the Battle Frontier again?[View]
38033615is this the most 'ok' region ?: its not as bad as alola, kanto or kalos but it also is not good like…[View]
38031760This franchise attracts more furries than I am comfortable with.[View]
38034643>Start Moon >First Pokemon seen is pikachu I think i've had enough of this game…[View]
38035815You can only complain about the battle frontier being gone in ORAS if you've beat this many fro…[View]
38035633Hi /vp/ long time no see.... I want to do a nuzlocke of challenge mode on bw2, but have neither R4 n…[View]
38035788Walrein is angry!: Where did you assholes put it's Popplio mask, it's about to go do a sho…[View]
38032517ITT: Pokemon that got fucked by the transition to 3D[View]
38034842Have a Shiny Marowak and a Shiny golbat Looking for a normal Mew in Lets go. Anyone?[View]
38034694Is /vp/ stuck in the past: What are things about Pokemon (designs, region, whatever) that /vp/ is de…[View]
38028815ITT: Pokemon that you'll give a new cross-gen evolution: I would personally give one to Trevena…[View]
38035409i wanna cuddle sword-kun: he's so cute[View]
38035207Okay here is some info >Box art legend's are actually the same pokemon but with exclusive fo…[View]
38033521Friendly Reminder: Believing in a leak is not necessarily the same as believing in the possibility o…[View]
38035316So how does /vp/ think Gen 8 Is going to shoehorn in getting all of the legendaries? Gen 6 had the H…[View]
38027377Let's come up with explanations for new type dynamics based on GF's already retarded logic…[View]
38034233Why did they change these things between the original Red/Green and the Japanese Blue + Western Red/…[View]
38032693imagine the smell...[View]
38030796>manga is doing both mother beast and ultra beast usum plot line why couldn't the games do t…[View]
38033904we weren't that great but at least we were the best 3ds games[View]
38030489So, what's your favorite Pokemon? FUCK YOU, NOBODY CARES BECAUSE IT SURE AS SHIT ISN'T AS …[View]
38034044Yeah... I am going to sit out and wait for Pokemon Sword 2 and Shield 2. The games are clearly not p…[View]
38034846Shhhh... Lisa is sleeping.[View]
38034962Detective Pikachu leaks: OH NO NO NONONONONONON[View]
38033403>Mega Alakazam got the Beast Boost[View]
38021355>still no spino pokemon[View]
38006346Alternate form thread: Post fake alternate forms.[View]
38030409Well /vp/ ? Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLpLhYCAJ_0[View]
38033438Statistically, there is at least one person on this planet whose favorite Pokemon is Wormadam. What …[View]
38031230post amazing designs wasted by shitty looking evolutions[View]
38033223What the fuck was his problem?[View]
38033854So are we getting any real news anytime soon, or are they just going to rely on LGBT and the anime…[View]
38031672Seriously how big do you actually think the region is? Could they be intentionally hiding a signific…[View]
38033343Let's all gather together as Pokefans for once and discuss exactly what our favorite gen and ga…[View]
38034100Left is the regular Galar map. Middle is a calendar/map found in LGPE rotated on its side. Right is …[View]
38032046The Absolute State of GameFreak: >show gen 8 starters to 12 year old brother >'oh oh? are thes…[View]
38031417At what age did you realize Bulbasaur was the best starter as well as easy mode for rb? >Destroys…[View]
38031096Fossilfags is our moment: England is the cradle of paleontology. Grookey Line can probably be based …[View]
38034126Heraldic Eagle Pokémon when?[View]
38030369These are the best games. Prove me wrong.[View]
38032951I was 12 years old when X and Y came out and now I can post here, how does it feel, oldfags? (USER …[View]
38033857When I first played this game I was put off since they gave you such strong pokemon off the bat. Sho…[View]
38021200How were you supposed to know to go north?[View]
38033755what the fuck is the actual encounter rate for a snorlax s.o.s ive been sitting here for about 8 hou…[View]
38030119your fave 3/4 spider pokémon?: https://strawpoll.com/e9rzh25p https://strawpoll.com/e9rzh25p https:/…[View]
38033399Gen 1 'Safari World' Challenge idea?: Hey guys, after watching some videos of glitching these games …[View]
38016479POKKEN ARCADE ONLINE SHUTTING DOWN SOON: https://twitter.com/pokken_official/status/1107470040746491…[View]
38023261Speculation: God this board has been such a pile of shit this leak season. We have an entire map sat…[View]
38017627>we want the lion king audience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZCmwCdn2w…[View]
38029851>New pokemon games get revealed >The FIRST god damn thing the fanbase does is sexualize the un…[View]
38033777What are their names?[View]
38031221>sorry anon, we only date boys from Team Skull[View]
38030534DiaPer: I know that those of you who say DiaPer instead of DP are just saying it to mock SwShfags, b…[View]
38031708Entertain my idea about a dumb Pokemon exports oriented game. Pokemon Tournament Island. Tournament…[View]
38032721Stakataka is CUTE! CUTE[View]
38033495ITT: Post Pokemon with SOUL: Escavalier has so much SOUL. I love this thing.[View]
38033655So will the game be like Monty Python and the Holy Grail?[View]
38033142Rank the regions based only on their maps including Galar Count newer versions of old ones if you w…[View]
38030332Pokemon used to be so FUCKING HUGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBJv1YgxnLo[View]
38031584>mfw I don't wanna hack my switch so I'll be breeding/ev training for the 1st time sinc…[View]
38030689>RBY >Don't you mean Ruby, Black and Y?…[View]
38024347What do you think is the most forgettable Pokémon of the original 151?[View]
38033181OH NO[View]
38027426>save her >let her die[View]
38033300OH NO[View]
38029477Poll. Let’s settle this: Does VP like humanoid Pokemon designs? http://www.strawpoll.me/17638070…[View]
38028690Ello fhere, ah'm professor Potbelly. Ah 'spose ye want to start ye pokmon journey now dont…[View]
38033047OH NO[View]
38031860>still no Pokémon that can stop time[View]
38020984find a single flaw[View]
38027869>Game drawing inspiration from United Kingdom >Picking skin color other than light complexion …[View]
38030092*sits on your face*[View]
38032762I like them[View]
38032350Sword and Shield intel: >You have only seen 3 of the new pokémon so far. >No matter which one…[View]
38032481Real or fake?[View]
38031586>Victini is a gen IV pokemon[View]
38029557What does /vp/ think of the Pokemon Ranger games?[View]
38031899Anybody have any good luck stories with their Pokémon games in or out of game? For me, I just got b…[View]
38027760Ariana: Ariana[View]
38032516Would pokemon been better if was mystery dungeon's world from the start: Do you think pokemon w…[View]
38031321/vp/ Skribbl: https://skribbl.io/?lhiIiJbppO Every Pokemon from one gen each game. >Game 1 will b…[View]
38030493how many pokédex's have you completed in your time? i've done gen 1, 3, 5 and 7[View]
38031182We din't lost much after all.[View]
38029178>Always picks the starter that is strong against yours >Always beats the gym before you >Is…[View]
38027385did you know?: that Mareep are actually lizards with wool[View]
38031620I'm leaving the Grookey mentality[View]
38021071Post your mood as a pokemon pic[View]
380290072020: Sinnoh Remakes: 2020: Sinnoh Remakes[View]
38020067Did she help shape your sexuality? I think she's the reason I'm so into femdom now as an a…[View]
38023217Showderp: JUST edition: Welcome to Showderp, here we give champ 6 alimonies to pay, as he fucks his …[View]
38030441Game Freak Appreciation Thread: Praise be to the company that didn't sell out the REAL mainline…[View]
38030291>2019 >still no game where the MC is a were-pokemon It would be kino…[View]
38031745>Gee-ara-dos (Gara-dose) >Charishard >Ray-kwua-za (Ray-kway-za) >Groundon >Key-ogre …[View]
38029380Am I a bad trainer?[View]
38031697Friendly reminder that if you knowingly and deliberately make your games easier by turning on easy m…[View]
38024628What are these?[View]
38031619This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a s…[View]
38029893Create a Gym Leader: Hey so with Sword and Shield coming out, let's make up some gym leaders or…[View]
38028837What's the best gimmick and that you want to return? https://strawpoll.com/wge5xwwy[View]
38030026Cute Pokémon thread: Send cute Pokémon![View]
38028741Question for collectors: I’m a new collector who’s trying to find the most effective way to keep my …[View]
38030780this is way better then what we got, but of course people had to ruin it by thinking its racist[View]
38030350>'60 Pokemon was chosen as the target number, as that would be enough for main characters and bac…[View]
38028694>31 days left on my Pokebank[View]
38031356Piss ugly designs notwithstanding, I can't in good conscious say Detective Pikachu doesn't…[View]
38031068Hey, look! Its the best Pokemon ship![View]
38029947do you guys like my new ink![View]
38029720What kind of gimmick can we expect for the next third legendary?[View]
38027898Unpopular Pokémon opinion racist edition[View]
38029933>Electrode: Football Form >Jynx: Cheerleader Form Ice/Fairy >Machoke: Retired Athlete Form …[View]
38030376why doesn't gamefreak show meowth the same love as Pikachu and Eevee? no let's go version,…[View]
38030988Finally bought a 3ds and I'm about to start Pokemon X along Sun afterwards What should I know …[View]
38017158/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Last Shot At Fug (for now) Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http:…[View]
38030827Team Flare Churchill Why am I wearing the hat? White Rabbit Snake Garden of Eden Man Hellfire Club[View]
38028902If you toss Flareon into the sun, would it die?[View]
38027840Ohmori revealed on pokenchi that the theme of sword and shield is 'the strongest pokemon'. what does…[View]
38028007alchemy: - 装甲進化とは呼ばれない - ガラのいたるところに散らばっているメカオレは、古代のガラの王国と戦って人工的に作られたものです。 - 接尾辞-iumを使用 - 台形なし、単なる…[View]
38029580Just finished playing these again. Why are they so perfect? Seeing the gym leaders come to my rescu…[View]
38030526the james turner problem: Does anyone else suspect james turner genuinely lacks artistic ability?…[View]
38030640Toad Tuesday: Post frogs and toads.[View]
38029847SS has random encounters and no matter how many wojaks you post, this fact won't change.[View]
38022700Based: Post based bois only[View]
38029576When are we going to get a blow fish Pokémon?[View]
38030581IMPRESSIVE: Highest grossing media franchise ever to exist.[View]
38028946I just had a dream where the next five Let's Go games got revealed. They were: >Let's G…[View]
38028437Post the best Pokemon of their respective generation.[View]
38027222Was the wait worth it?[View]
38028462Why did Gen 5 look so cartoony?[View]
38029395Who would’ve been happier with this?[View]
38030117>shark torpedo[View]
38028643We've given her the nickname of Shield-chan, but what will her name actually be? Post guesses T…[View]
38026802𒄀𒌈𒈪𒈿𒊌𒇽𒊬𒈪𒍥 >𒆜𒀀𒇉𒅋𒌈𒌦[View]
38030229Post a Pokemon and a Song you think fits them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8sztPMYJ34…[View]
38028679Why is Red x Lyra so based and canon anons?[View]
38019320>random encounters good (ignores that are outdated slow and boring, thinks that seeing shinies in…[View]
38027405this is a ghost thread, post any ghosts you happen to have Dark types fuck off[View]
38020311Furret thread: Opinions on Furret?[View]
38028032Confession Thread: I'll start Other than maybe some balancing changes all I really care about i…[View]
38019044they look so shit and fursuit bait: they must be real. ugh, guys?[View]
38028250What is the point in doing this? Why would crystal be it's own type in a shitty fangame?[View]
38029915this is my favorite pokemon... i usually teach my pokemons stalling moves such as: rest, double team…[View]
38029172Wait for 2020: Wait for 2020[View]
38029431https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ltQDO-rxoU I've just seen this and it's embarrassing co…[View]
38026170What do you think about the words GF censors in their games? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki…[View]
38029059why people believe on this shit?????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=AOQRJPoi2eE…[View]
38028941Can anyone try to get me a Mew in Lets go? Last Pokémon needed. That and hitmontop[View]
38025966I wouldn't mind if gen 9 had more realistic graphics, something in the middle of these 2[View]
38029086Further updates ?: I don't want the project to die, who is in charge ?[View]
38029739I'm fucking sick of so called 'leaks'. They should ban anyone who posts that shit. No…[View]
38025952T h o u g h t s ?[View]
38028367>Go to the pool >See this wat do?[View]
380270853333 !!![View]
38021688General HGSS Thread: Just got lucky and found Soul Silver practically new (manuals and everything) w…[View]
38020406* Come join the fun.[View]
38029563Pokemon team crossover: I want someone to do Jojo Bizzare Adventure :)[View]
38029069ITT: post you planned team for gen 8 pic unrelated[View]
38029544-: -[View]
38023484>b-but Gen 2 is KINO, it has KANTOO, a whole extra region. S-so what that Johto is basically Kant…[View]
38025133Last thread reached max replies >>38012300 Randomly generate two pokemon, and then come up wit…[View]
38028794Sometimes it's hard to know[View]
38029119The most obsolete pokemon: >Munchlax took the glutton cub spot >Cubchoo took the frail-looking…[View]
38029156Why doesn't gamefreak approach Mojang about a legitimate partnership? I doubt Mojang would turn…[View]
38029226>English name is groove+monkey >Japanese name is monkey+rhythm >French name is marmoset+tem…[View]
38026169Nicknames: Hey anons, Anyone regret what any nicknames they gave to any Pokemon? I started leafgreen…[View]
38026455If there’s nothing in the soundtrack that is even remotely BASED off of what this guy composed, this…[View]
38025304Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38025523Name negative one (-1) Pokemon[View]
38023238Steel should be called Metal to include steel types not made of steel but some other metal Grass sho…[View]
38028860>random encounters are bad[View]
38029008>...it's pikause...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LyHl1NczPA[View]
38026451Steam Eruption[View]
38028439Is this thing good in vgc 2019?: He feels so underpowered to be a box legendary, mega metagross is b…[View]
38028859Post your best fusionmons![View]
38028857Bros this can’t be happening we were suppose to have a happy ending, Grovyle spirit must go on bros[View]
38026112Post Pokemon: Post Pokemon[View]
38025195Anyone else remember playing R/S and being like where the fuck is the Johto expansion pack at the en…[View]
38024134Imagine knocking a qt lass out in Mount Moon, raping her and then using your loyal Scyther to cut he…[View]
38025673why did SuMo become a known shorthand for Sun Moon again? I still use SM and see a lot of it but app…[View]
38027398Whats with the sudden obsession with non random encounters?: This post is not against them, but I am…[View]
38008238Sword and Shield cant come out soon enough[View]
38024380>tfw too afraid to buy Sword and Shield because you know this is only a buy in beta and they…[View]
38024518Which one of them is the best starter replacement in Gen 2?[View]
38028339There wouldn't be a sound type because sound is the domain of the normal type: you know I'…[View]
38020439Misty Monday: Yep, it's that time again![View]
38027287Second Region: Kalos: But what if they ACTUALLY let you travel to Kalos in Sword and Shield postgame…[View]
38028384Why does Rotom have a sad face all the time? It makes me depressed every time I look at the bottom s…[View]
38028360Real Leak[View]
38028493>water starters: always the kino choice >fire starters: the normalfag ok choice >grass star…[View]
38028499>He actually bought Let's Go: KANTO? MOAR LIK CUNT-O![View]
38027734What is the best Mystery Dungeon?: I haven’t played a mystery dungeon since team red/blue and might …[View]
38027017ITT we find the Pokemon with the least Google search results I think it'd be a pretty good way …[View]
38024937>GO is for normies >Let's Go is for retards >all the 3DS games suck >everything pri…[View]
38028178Skribbl Thread: >>>>> https://skribbl.io/?xWRRNWFZfA <<<<< This time w…[View]
38024253So after getting pissed over the key system in bw2 I said fuck it and I'm gonna play one of the…[View]
38028294Which Lass school would you like to work at?[View]
38023749>sound type[View]
38013237ITT: Virtually abandoned Pokémon by GF: Post Pokémon that have been abandoned by Gamefreak[View]
38027111Ken Sugimori has peach as waifu. Who's your waifu, anon?[View]
38022040Post your Pokemon wife[View]
38026013>over 1/4 of gen 7's new mons are legendaries/UBs[View]
38026709Post mon roles every region: Grass waifu[View]
38027772Wwe video game Pokémon trainer cosplay thread: Show off your custom attires for wrestlers based on P…[View]
38026430Leaf-chan is so cute....... yes this specific incarnation of the character, in FRLG clothes, is offi…[View]
38027183Close enough: Post one of your regional teams and say which region or game it’s from, but don’t use …[View]
38027211Did you know that the skill required to master the OU format of a given generation is directly propo…[View]
38023833FR/LG have really nice aesthetics. I think it matches the Pokemon world so well[View]
38022815Let's play a game. First, generate six pokemon. This is your team. https://randompokemon.com/ Y…[View]
38025272buyfag: Pokémerch thread. I hope we eventually get Jessie and James in Koto's Pokémon figure l…[View]
38026895What were they thinking?[View]
38024952Guys, did you know there are 150 Pokémon out there in the world? There might be even more Pokémon we…[View]
38026944May or dawn?: Who do you like more: may or dawn?[View]
38026306>Your Shaymin suddenly evolves into pic related Wat do?[View]
38027302You're in the club when this man walks up and slaps your gf's ass. What do?[View]
38027276Sauce on this please?: Need to go to uni in like 10 mins so hurry up and give me the sauce pls…[View]
38026267Kanto? More like CUNT-O[View]
38025503Figure when?[View]
38025563>Door bell rings >'Hey I wonder who that could be.'…[View]
37988542comfy thread: Time to chill out[View]
38025295Lilligant Appreciation Thread: Lilligant a cute. CUTE![View]
38027019*blocks your path*[View]
38026271Name the Move: These descriptions will be from X&Y and SuMo. First to match the name of the move…[View]
38025350Pokemon minor improvements: What minor change can gamefreak add to Pokemon to improve it in your eye…[View]
38005596Thoughts on her?[View]
38026867How much effort do you need to beat a Pokémon game with a team of Unown?[View]
38024817zoey thread: does /vp/ like tomboys?[View]
38026093What’s the connection between a traditional city and a ghost trainer? Morty seems to be very knowled…[View]
38025737Would anyone like an egg for these trying times?[View]
38023879I actually cried today just thinking about how precious Brionne is I love him so much thank you Brio…[View]
38022975Why does /vp/ have such an irrational hatred for Alola?[View]
38026583What if it's bad?[View]
38026089>beat Lt Surge >have no idea where the fuck to go Please tell me i wasn’t the only one…[View]
38026559Ideal typing: If you could go back in time and “fix” the pokemon types, what changes would you make?…[View]
38025744What is the strangest Pokémon comic you’ve ever seen?[View]
38026322>Ice-type Hail equivalent of Synthesis or Shore Up Did I just singlehandedly fix hail?…[View]
38026230post eight hundred thirteen (813) pokemon[View]
38021143How do you deal with unwanted garbage?[View]
38024457Weavile Thread: I want to build a nice Weavile folder so I've been saving as many good pictures…[View]
38026078Do you think it's possible for Pokémon to have mental disorders? If so how do you think they wo…[View]
38026120Rock Solid: >Tfw you're a rock chad >Tfw all of the best moves in the game are rock type …[View]
38018394NO UNDERWEAR[View]
38022486I hate the weak. Pokémon, trainers. It doesn't matter who or what. I'm going to be strong …[View]
38025967Is melmetal just a bootleg registeel ?[View]
38024562What’s his team?[View]
38025483>2019 >still no dog pokemon[View]
38024678Pokemon is FINE: Reminder that Pokemon has never been better. Pokémon GO is amazing and innovative, …[View]
38025953>2018+1 >STILL no cat pokemon[View]
38018147Post Pokémon with god tier typing.[View]
38025892>All the ben 10 memes that will come with gen 10 Screencap this[View]
38025574Pokémon sword and shield: What’s your guys thoughts on the new game and what starter are you going w…[View]
38023269Worst legendary and/or mythical Pokemon?[View]
38017758Would you rather be Hilda or her Pokemon?[View]
38024190Wich one will join smash?[View]
38025349Seriously, was GF using ugly color palettes on purpose during Gen 5?[View]
38021249ITT:: Post the most neglected lines from each gen.[View]
38022760What are the sociological reasons that make Guzmaposting and Scottishposting so popular with the mai…[View]
38025548>Geomancies right in front of your face with Power Herb >Sweeps your entire team WOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
38025754Favorite NPC trainer classes? I like picnic girl because she's a sweetheart.[View]
38022650Post old gen mons that you would like to see part of SS Pokédex.[View]
38025707>random encounters are bad[View]
38025080Re-Gen/De-Gen Thread: This was suggested by >>38002264[View]
38025657making buttons using pokemon sprites[View]
38025645Soul: the game[View]
38022659These are the real ones.: Thoughts?[View]
38025436Fast Foot[View]
38025413What was the point of asking this?: I mean, if the clock changed, couldn’t the game just give you th…[View]
38011635ITT: Post the best gen 2 mons. I'll start:[View]
38022117Galar/Kalos Similarities: Am I the only that got reminded of Granite Cave, when we were shown this i…[View]
38023848Are all the sailors in Pokemon part of the same navy? Is there recent armed conflict in the pokemon …[View]
38021959>literally a giant walking dragon penis Why is this allowed[View]
38022308> There are real people in this world who call Sword and Shield 'SwoShi' Jesus…[View]
38023463https://nerdist.com/article/danny-devito-voice-detective-pikachu/ Oh shit[View]
38022073I'm playing through Super Mystery Dungeon for the first time. I've casually gone through a…[View]
38024775Fun fact:: did you know that squirtle is actually the most powerfull pokemon of them all ?[View]
38024610lilligant would like to be hugged[View]
38024416I used to think this question was stupid because who the fuck doesn't have friends...[View]
38015635Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38022740Pokemon was easily one of the dullest franchise in the history of video game franchises. Each game f…[View]
38025178Hi, /vp/. I'm really not an expert in competitive and just now I wanted to know a few more thin…[View]
38024511Pokemon go friends: Post trainer codes 1248 6809 3691[View]
38023747Is she the cutest sinnoh starter?[View]
38024972I know Thais is unbelivable but here is(i played around 2 hours ) >Gym master are the same gym le…[View]
38024785Thoughts on each region?: Be as honest as you can, whether you're praising, scathing, or just c…[View]
38022484Laddies and gentlemen, we found it. The most forgeteable Pokémon.[View]
38012300I always like seeing dex entires that reference other Pokemon. Randomly generate two pokemon, and th…[View]
38019082TEAM THREAD Post your current team and the game you're using them in. >team Pic related …[View]
38015419Post shit that pisses you off: >Pinsir still can't learn Megahorn…[View]
38022748Nintendo Direct showcase on Wednesday: Do you think we'll get any Pokemon news?[View]
38024891Reminder. Gen 6 only had 1 cross gen evolution, if that 1 doesn't happen this time do not expec…[View]
38022724Is it really true that Gen3fags are the chads of the Pokemon fanbase?[View]
38024417I've decided to see if I can do a full run of USUM using just Pyukumuku to know if it's po…[View]
38015589Johtotoddlers will defend this[View]
38023767What a fucking waste of a Venus fly trap design this thing is.[View]
38024836Goodnight /vp/! [spoiler}see you all in hell[/spoiler][View]
38019733Who’s ready for the Pokemon cinematic universe: I am ready[View]
38023550Why aren't they part steel like Magnemite?[View]
38023456Why do Scyther fans have such a hard time admitting it's a shillmon?[View]
38024261Why is shiny locking a thing[View]
38024639There hasn't been a llama pokemon...[View]
38021187>tfw want to play Pokemon >tfw nobody I know plays anymore…[View]
38020580Is there any way to still grab one of these guys? GTS is completely empty and I missed the event.[View]
38024327This is Cal. She was robbed of victory on her big day after a huge chunk of the voting glowsticks ma…[View]
38023744Pokemon Fusion Confirmed[View]
38022001>Sun legendary >Weak to fire They ARE gonna fix this unbelievably dumb shit in gen 8, right?…[View]
38022957Relaxing/atmospheric Pokémon music: Post your favourite ones. Starting with this https://m.youtube.…[View]
38022609Why couldn’t they just let Jessie have her happy ending? I’M LITERALLY FUCKING CRYING RIGHT NOW!![View]
38024101What type of characters would you want to see in S/S ?: i would want the rival to be like silver/blu…[View]
38023812Hot take: /vp/ shits on new games because they haven't played them since they're too poor …[View]
38024282gf condones furries[View]
38023771Would you buy it if you had the money?[View]
38018705What's the best way to deal with stall in 1v1? >wall breakers There is no single wallbreaker…[View]
38020866>start replaying Emerald >want to breed a Zubat with Curse >only pokeman you can breed it t…[View]
38024237Pokémémé Thréad[View]
38023799>tfw I like aipom but I don't like ambipom[View]
38020555You've found a Grookey's Paw. With this, any wish you make for Sword and Shield will come …[View]
38024124Sobbles evo[View]
38023898Where's the competitive pokemon discussion? You aren't bad at pokemon battles, are you, /v…[View]
38023396Pokémon 'Union' Project thread: Discord link: https://discord.gg/Zunxtq Hello, we're a team of …[View]
38023195This is the only good Green design[View]
38024033Gijinka thread: Post them[View]
38014828Art: ITT: post your favorite piece of official artwork[View]
38018730Why does this gen make me feel some type of way: Gen II, Crystal especially, has this atmosphere and…[View]
38023481Care for a sky battle with a sky trainer?[View]
38017203Why did this happen to Pokemon?: I really dislike how Pokemon battling works these days. Why the fuc…[View]
38017072Are you telling me that Gen 3 didn't have day and night EVEN IF YOU PLAYED ON A GAMEBOY ADVANCE…[View]
38021980So how big of a shitstorm is there gonna be when the first Sword & Shield anime poster is reveal…[View]
38023541Post Pokemon wearing clothes[View]
38021991>Its lips are the most sensitive parts on its body. It always uses its lips first to examine thin…[View]
38021434Who's your Pokesona, /vp/?[View]
38023349Did Hano Grand Resort had any purpose or was it there just because? It felt like I skimmed through b…[View]
38011043Why is Pokemon so perverted compared to other fandoms ?[View]
38013656Why was he so perfect in this game?[View]
38018921*STEELS your heart*[View]
38021118Your favorite Pokémon Games music: >must be from core series only >every mood is fine. Comfy, …[View]
38023333Post a Pokémon that represents a board I'll start with /asp/[View]
38021432Underrated pokémon music you like the most: here we go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBoz6Xfc34U…[View]
38019756Gen 4 had the best extra content (hidden legendaries, mystery events, etc). Agree or disagree?[View]
38021678Totally not a leak: Do you like Cinccino? Would you like it more if it had a gun?[View]
38022630Find a Flaw[View]
38020039My girls never played Pokemon before so I gave her origin platinum with a gamecube controller and sh…[View]
38018193Reaction image thread[View]
38023055OU: If you SUCK ASS at ou or are already decent, join Pokemonshowdown.com/kcp we're vporeons bu…[View]
38008057Post your favorite route: Kanto Route 19[View]
38016236Why /vp/ hates her?[View]
38018991Crobat was a mistake[View]
38022885genwunner boomer here. Haven't played since Emerald. should I bite the bullet and get a 2DS XL …[View]
38022110What was the purpose oif rereleasing them for 3ds?[View]
38019734This is gonna be his haircut when he becomes a waifu[View]
38021947What's your favourite pokemon and why? Bonus: What's your favourite type and why?[View]
38021067Dragonite, Hyper Beam.[View]
38022322So can fish Pokemon actually battle outside of water or is that just a game mechanic?[View]
38022192I don't usually post here, but I liked Pokemon movies when I was little so I had this one playi…[View]
38022365>10 million+ sales Consider yourself dabbed on, /vp/eddit.[View]
38019140Do you have a living dex? Do you want one even through we're 809 pokemon available right now wi…[View]
38022592Me and my Sobble going on an adventure. I call him Bobble.[View]
38019102The most beautiful POKéMON.[View]
38022287If Nate caught Lucario and Arcanine, what did Rosa catch?[View]
38016590Pokemon Flanderization: ITT post pokemon/characters which designs are degenerated by exaggerating on…[View]
38021993>One copy of Pokemon Sword for me and Pokemon Shield for my wife's son, or as I like to call…[View]
38022424How many pokemon do you think Masuda knows about, anons?[View]
38022268Why does GF hate these remakes?[View]
38021782I like Thundurus[View]
38021498xatu looks like its trying to hide a boner[View]
38021346Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield NDA Broken: Mega pokemon are included, new megas will be announced.…[View]
38017667>three Dragonites Asshole[View]
38018271>049: Poison/Fairy >1875: Steel/Ghost >106: Dark >173: Rock/Psychic >166: Fairy >0…[View]
38014617Showderp: Jazz for your soul edition: Welcome to Showderp, we play some sick tunes as we suggest a f…[View]
38020463Im sure I played XY and uSuM but I cant remember anything that happened, can you jog my memory?[View]
38021955One of Sobble’s rejected evolutions[View]
38021294> yfw hate a Pokémon who existed for more than half the franchise duration…[View]
38018480How would you do a sasquatch/bigfoot Pokemon? I'd want him to be a roaming legendary[View]
38016023I can’t fucking wait to explore the region in this game[View]
38021949Why is this lil nigga so damn strong?[View]
38011699>This is your waifu for tonight[View]
38021511By god, We've made perfection.[View]
38020082Why is this man as retarded as Masuda?[View]
38021755Is there any really bara Pokémon?[View]
38019094>electric Pokémon saved me during the war! What war?[View]
38019799Live action when?: >I-IT'S BETTER THAN THE ASHNIME Both are trash and everyone knows that on…[View]
38021713PCU confirmed.: Gamefreak and Warnerbros gonna be dabbing all over Disney soon.[View]
38017349They should’ve stopped adding new regions and new mons after Arceus. I want more games set in the Ja…[View]
38021421I really really like it how the jap versions of sword and shield uses the international font/design.[View]
38021493Post Normal Animals: Just a Monkey[View]
37992268Obligatory Fakemon thread: Post em[View]
38017930Twitch Pokemon Marathon: Sinnoh League Champion Edition https://www.twitch.tv/twitchpresents >Sea…[View]
37995230Redesign/Recolor thread[View]
38019534How does this thing fly?[View]
38022635Gorgeous graphics Succulent textures Orgasmic music Welcoming nostalgia Yup, I'm buyin' it[View]
38018346Rest in peace Arora, comfiest region to date.[View]
38019273>gym leaders specializes in 1 type while you can have a varied team for what fucking reason?…[View]
38017966post yfw they're all stay the same type and don't gain any second ones[View]
37992177/SeSa/ Seal Saturday: Big Water Bird Friend Edition: You know the deal post a Seal[View]
38012880Better or Worse?[View]
38019012This is Thundurus, the Bolt Strike Pokémon. Say something nice about her.[View]
38021191Does it have dreads?[View]
38020799Zeraora is a huge boi[View]
38018493What do you think is the best looking box art? Personally I think it’s Diamond.[View]
38003305TCG/O General: When? Edition Old: >>37982975 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD >h…[View]
38021019>just inject it lol[View]
38020794I understand it now[View]
38020951>Gen IV Flash Cannon[View]
38017838When and why did pokemon lose its magic?[View]
38019714The only Carnivine in the anime was James's. Literally the only one of its kind on the show. Yo…[View]
38020899kyogrefags, will we get a new swsh trailer soon?[View]
38011356I am in so much fucking pain.[View]
38019414Why can not GF make it this way?: Yes sure, they want to keep pokemon games from being high-level gr…[View]
38020861I love Simisear and Pansear[View]
38001429/cat/ - Caturday #62: moew[View]
38020852Post only good routes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwIc6SiZs5c[View]
38020671This is the future liberals want[View]
38020084So what’s the general consensus on Mega Blaziken? He’s personally my favorite fighting and my favori…[View]
38020355The chad Masuda vs. the virgin ohmori: I don´t get it why people are shitting over masuda actually. …[View]
38019011Why does no one like Chikorita?[View]
38018483What is your favorite Pokemon op for me it’s Chase, oh wait...[View]
38015995Brock: Okay I’ve been under a rock gone a while. 1- Who the fuck is this? 2- What the fuck happened…[View]
38020517Dialogue from N in BW2: >'When I was little, I was abandoned deep in the woods.' >'The ones wh…[View]
38020708GDC: GDC Unown in the Games Developers Conference (San Francisco)[View]
38014440Anyone else really miss the game corners?[View]
38019440>PLGP/E Catching rules are an optional style of catching pokemon in Gen 8, but random encounters …[View]
38018354Kanto Incineroar: KANTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!![View]
38008696you CANNOT name this pokemon[View]
38019230What are your favorite fake leaks for the starters?: These ones are my favorite[View]
38019831NINETALES: Ninetales has NONE (0) reasons to NOT by a ghost type It has never been used by ghost typ…[View]
38018794tell me your thoughts on Hau[View]
38019886Why is this man so retarded?[View]
38017759Here's your gen 8 starters bro[View]
38018269Does this fix the bug type?[View]
38018786Why are Alola's characters so good, and what if Galar has lame characters like Kalos?[View]
38019581>you will never have the experience of playing through your first pokemon games ever again…[View]
38019751Suppose there was a Pokémon game that allowed you the option to skip tutorials and cut-scenes. Along…[View]
38018669Defend this.[View]
38018828Fuck you its fun[View]
38017076*Blocks your path*[View]
38019403Post pokemon with 3d sprites you like[View]
38018539Underrated competative pokemon: I know this guy isn't OP or anything but he gets near perfect t…[View]
38016965>Pure >Dresses well >Good looking >Somewhat skilled in battle >Outgoing and dominant …[View]
38018227Why have all the artists been shit this leak season? At least the other leak seasons thr artists wer…[View]
380186232020: Sinnoh Remakes: 2020: Sinnoh Remakes[View]
38019386I miss yawnfag /vp/ when will he come back?[View]
38018895This is a Swoobat. Say something nice about it.[View]
38018590I’m going to do a play through of Pokémon Red. Is Beedrill with Pin Missle or Twineedle actually rea…[View]
38017991For me, it's Pokemon DILF[View]
38007640Did they jump the shark with Arceus?[View]
38016748>LGPE has these in it: Yup. I'm buying it.[View]
38017904Lion King 2019: Post some love for the lion boyes.[View]
38019304>called fire red >only fire types excluding the charmander line are growlith and ponyta >th…[View]
38017696Fake leaks: It's fake[View]
38018003There was once I time where I could proudly say ''yup, I'm buyin' it' with no fears o…[View]
38017067Put all pokemon in the femur breaker i must[View]
38018937So is Let's Go the start of the new timeline? Did Red and Blue (and Green) start their journey …[View]
38018197In the movie 'Zoroark Master of Illusions' , there's a thing called Pokemon Baccer, t…[View]
38018372I just want wailord to be properly scaled and blastoise to shoot from his cannons, is that too much …[View]
38017650Best pairing in the X and Y anime: Better than Amourshipping[View]
38011327What's gonna be the thoughts on what this Pokemon's legacy is once the dust truly settles …[View]
38018410So /vp/ you did catch them all right?: If not why haven't you?[View]
38014918Update about Sword & Shield: Only some information leaked by certain meddlesome Look guys, I wil…[View]
38014122Post your favorite Pokemon and favorite non Pokemon game[View]
38016571are the pokemon in this art in their actual size? if so, kinda interesting to see them in different …[View]
38017893Will ss have cute couples too?[View]
38018524why doesn't gamefreak release the old games on phones?[View]
38018681What are those pokemon above arbok?[View]
38016984Anon plays B2: Alright /vp/, let's play some fucking pokemon[View]
38018643Thank you for beta-testing Pokémon Sword™ and Pokémon Shield™[View]
38014892>2019 >Still no Ogre Pokemon[View]
38015286What is /vp/'s opinion on Nuzlocke comics?[View]
38011071People seriously defend this.[View]
38012390How would their children be like?[View]
38003415Assumption thread? Rate thread? Both?[View]
38018444Together forever: Taking care of each other[View]
38018368Solution To the Decline of Pokémon: 1.) Bring back coloured cartridges. 2.) Bring back holo packagin…[View]
38007509Why aren't the moves fully animated?[View]
38018214Post terrible mini sprite? icons? whatever they're called[View]
37956833/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development Genera: Third Option Edition /rheg…[View]
38003249Post leaked evolutions.[View]
38018260Why is he so cute[View]
38017347now that cros--gen evos are guaranteed to return in Gen 8...: how do you feel about it did you like …[View]
38017633ITT: Unecesary cross-gen evos[View]
38017739Redrawing /vp/fakedex thread;: the dex has been finalized but we need redrawings of some badly drawn…[View]
38017906Don't get your hopes up.: >42 new Pokemon+Mythicals >27 new Galar Forms >8 new Megas …[View]
37992840Ambipom appreciation thread[View]
38013705So, I'm an artist and I would like to draw some starters art but I'm tired of seeing shit …[View]
38014238type combinations that always seem to give you trouble: When you play through the games, what type c…[View]
38015497>James Turner likes RLM based, also will Mike & Jay review Detective Pikachu?…[View]
38017955>I want games I like to be dumbed down and turned to shit. >I want new shitty characters and n…[View]
38016959james turner thread: What do you hope for from him? Also, what does /vp/ think of his other stuff? p…[View]
38017764I recently found a box on my Black 2 cartridge with a whole bunch of shinies and event mythicals nam…[View]
38017707How do you know which starter to choose? I've always gone water in the past but if scorbunny is…[View]
38017179ITT: Post cute AMIE gifs[View]
38014595why is lusamine's kinda skin yellowish?[View]
38017746Rate my deck list anons[View]
38016353Sick and tired of the Anime referencing good Anime, instead of being a good Anime.[View]
38016468Cursed images Give them[View]
38013591Armored Evolutions: Anyone else honestly hyped for Armored Evolutions? I feel like they'll be b…[View]
38012482What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
38017421How do you go from this...[View]
38012238Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks!!: There are the final evolutions of the Galar starters. You're …[View]
38013104What do you suppose happened to him in Black and White 2?[View]
38017453I need help /vp/ros: If someones willing to save my i will post password[View]
38014553Actual Gen 8 Leak[View]
38017445Hi have you seen my brother and sister lately? I've bee trying to find and assimilate them. I m…[View]
38014691smogonfags hurt competitive battles and pokemon in general because they're literally incapable …[View]
38016765Pokeclones: What are your favorite pokemon clone games, for me is invizimals[View]
38013587>That kid at school that wanted venusaur to sit on his face.[View]
38015332Pokemon sprites[View]
38015335I'll be honest this fucker's grown on me. I still think his design looks kind of awkward b…[View]
38017108Solar Beam now does 200 damage in LGPE. Do you think it'll carry over to Gen 8, when weather is…[View]
38017410>It's a Misty's feet movie[View]
38017403Gen 1 sprites are objectively bad, and were bad in 1998: People nowadays like to defend the crude ba…[View]
38013436ITT: Local Pokemon rumors from the Elementary School Years: You can catch the fake Groudon from the …[View]
38016535Very minor things you'd appreciate.: Cut should do extra damage to grass types. Strength should…[View]
38016752There is a house where Vermillion is in this Beta Kanto map. What if, just what if it was the house …[View]
38007840Scyther is your favourite Pokémon. What’s yours?[View]
38000592/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Raiding Ray Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive…[View]
38009870Which region's inspiration got fucked over the most? (in how they were adapted to the game)[View]
38017013Pokemon predictions: I got a feeling this is going to be one of the new pokemon designs for the new …[View]
38014073Magnets are pretty based[View]
38017023Would it have been better as a Water/Ghost instead of Water/Dark? Assuming it learned Shadow Ball to…[View]
38016413Why did they literally just name this guy 'Ice?' And for that matter why does he look like an edgy f…[View]
38016973feel like pure shit just want them back x[View]
38016911This place is pure shit now. I'm leaving, good riddance. Hope you get drowned in your endless G…[View]
38014908Crystal: I'm considering getting Crystal on the eshop. Is it worth a buy, or has it aged as bad…[View]
38015009Pokémon Themed Weapons: With the recent reveal of Pokémon Sword I thought it'd be appropriate t…[View]
38006972Why are her feet naked?[View]
38016654Golem is called Golonyaa in japan and was meant to be cute like a cat.[View]
38010264Hey gamefreak, THIS is how you do cutscenes.: Its sad that Genius Sonority didnt took control over t…[View]
38013868predictions: Gen 1 was Red and Blue... Gen 2 was Gold and Silver... Gen 3 was Ruby and Sapphire... G…[View]
38014578The truth[View]
38016204>Omni type >x4 rock weakness >x2 water, fire, ice weakness >neutral to flying, fairy, da…[View]
38015900test: yeet[View]
38013510Among bug, ice and rock, which one does /vp/ consider the most irredeemably worst type of all?[View]
38014511>21 different starters and they had to go with a Piplup girl again[View]
38016298New gen speculation.: What do you think the new mechanic for Galar will be? there has been specula…[View]
38016259Hey, I'm having trouble finding the source of this gif. I know it's somewhere in DP era, b…[View]
38012588Look at this fuckin lad /vp/[View]
38014336>to complete any of the games you have to own every previous game across multiple hardware genera…[View]
38015810Critique this High Quality Content: Hello fellow lurkers. I was browsing youtube today when I stumbl…[View]
38013550Did Chimchar get any monkey memes?[View]
38014167Controversial opinion: there has never been a genuinely bad mainline Pokemon game. Underdeveloped an…[View]
38016112Sickest places on Pokemon: Post your favorites, they dont have to be mainline[View]
38016143>he doesn't appreciate our magnificent phallic creator you dont do this, do you anon?…[View]
38013371Are we so sure that Grookey will be the waifu starter and not Scorbunny? Gamefreak is so a synonymou…[View]
38013392Gen IV Wifi Plaza thread: >pkmnclassicDOTnet Remember the Wifi Plaza from the Gen IV games? It wo…[View]
38016049> 'I would never collect Pokémon if they were unattractive.' > Used a weepinbell/Victreebel Du…[View]
37999932ITT: Non-signature moves you naturally associate with a certain Pokemon[View]
38015059>It goes from cute little elephant to an angry elephant tire: Why? No hate, but why? Nothing abou…[View]
38015131Which one would you chose?[View]
38012785Excuse me, but how do we know every gym is gonna be about the same sport? Or are retards just being …[View]
38015112Do people like Zeraora?: I thought it was going to be the next big furbait, but I hardly hear anythi…[View]
37995279Twitch Pokemon Marathon: Sleepover edition https://www.twitch.tv/twitchpresents >Seasons All of D…[View]
38015140This is your new rival. Say something mean about him.[View]
38015157Should I buy a 2ds?: I kinda want to get back into pokemon. I played Emerald and Theta Emerald and a…[View]
38013819Kis: Who is the worst rival in pokeani? And why is this asshole?[View]
38014897Was he wrong?[View]
38006929Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38014796Normal attacks should be strong against at least one type.[View]
38013643ITT: Dinosaurs[View]
38015261Grookey Final Evo: The stick has absolutely nothing to do with sports. It can't be seen at it…[View]
38015484Find a better shiny than this. Protip: You can't[View]
38010229Xatu thread: Why was he so shit on gen 2 bros ?[View]
38014812Pokemon Shield? More like Pokemon Coward lmao[View]
38012714Leak: This is what Sobble's 2nd stage evo looks like.[View]
38014325How come Blue has character development by becoming nicer and more mature every year yet Red acts th…[View]
38007246>Gamefreak are out of touch with the Pokemon communi-[View]
38014471Does keeping Lumineon and Finneon in the Pokedex really spark joy? Tidying up the Pokedex is the onl…[View]
380138483D HATE THREAD: WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO SPIRITOMB t. hasn't played since platinum[View]
38015013Is it worth a revisit if i only played it one time and that was it releasing day one (1 [won])[View]
38013106Tea, Soda, or Juice?[View]
38009722What move in Pokémon looks the most visually impressive? Which one is your favorite?[View]
38014218plaguemon: Sober Type Demon Type Weed Type Sex Type Crack Type Meth Type Car Type Opiod Type Benzo T…[View]
38013204Maractus Thread[View]
38012724Fire starters have been repulsive for 5 generations, why does anyone still pick them?[View]
38014787>MFW trading route 1 trash on wonder trade and getting good breed reject mons in return…[View]
38013937Does vp like pikachu mario ?[View]
38014279Predict the new starter shinies or fix existing shinies ITT![View]
38014582>Fire Starter >it's bipedal[View]
38012956>tfw sobble is just a copy and paste of water starters before it >tfw it's still the best…[View]
38010996why differents?[View]
38014476Would a Rom HACK based on this movie: Would work?[View]
37998694Post your Pokemon waifu[View]
38012038>forced to wear a gay looking outfit for gym battles fucking retarded, i hate you ohmori…[View]
38000574Remind me again why cross generation evos are bad? Is there a reason we should hate them? We haven…[View]
38014061>tfw no Pokepark 3[View]
38014459bro wtf i just got fired from work Hiro you shit, get rid of all this porn[View]
38013573Imagine paying 500+ dollars for Firered, but worse[View]
38013547Pokemon Sword and Shield information: Okay everyone, I know this is 4chan and everything here is tak…[View]
38009958ITT record yourself saying Pokémon names and have others judge your pronunciation We shitpost about…[View]
38010054This is what pokémon games should be. Debate me without sounding autistic. Protip: you can't.…[View]
38014338Do you miss old pokémon that used to be playable on PMD games, /vp/?: I really miss Eevee. She could…[View]
38012222So when are we getting drawings of Natural and Elesa happily engaging in passionate coitus with each…[View]
38013619Why do people theorize on why ash is still ten?[View]
38012617Concept art leaks.: To avoid risk of being found out, I can't share with you my affiliation or …[View]
38014137What if in gen 8 Gamefreak created the 'retard basedboy' type, and gave it to everyone that bought L…[View]
38014049How much better would the ashnime be if they based the battles off of actual competitive pokemon bat…[View]
38013038Anyone hoping Game Freak improves on feet designs? Too many feet end in points like Gardevoir, Lopun…[View]
38014105Why do fighting Pokemon always look so stupid?[View]
38006640Pheromosa is cute! CUTE![View]
38001338If you could add 1 more new type to the pokemon franchise, what would it be? Bonus points for extra …[View]
38013381>we could've gotten Moltecore, wan shi tong and ballio >instead we got three sonic OCs fu…[View]
38012471Do you think cross-gen evos will return in full force in Gen VIII?: Or they would have said so earli…[View]
38013805They should just reveal the starter evos now so they don't have to deal with leaks[View]
38013695ITT: Frogs[View]
38013762Hey /vp/, Just curious, how far can one Pokémon be traded? Between generations like RBY to GSC and o…[View]
38013332Will Galar finally tell us what this is[View]
38011382you will never experience anything like this how does it make you feel?[View]
38005428showderp: centerfold edition: Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she stroke complete? Our makeshift …[View]
37998840What are the chances of it being legit?: Title[View]
38013408Do you like gen 5's professor, /vp/?[View]
38010490When did you think this series jumped the shark? For me it's gen 5 > Region based outside Ja…[View]
38004922Gen 8 Villain Predictions, anyone?[View]
38005796At what point would you be absolutely done with Pokemon?: For me it would be objectmons as starters…[View]
37999396Card Rating Thread: The previous 2 trainer card threads died so, here. You probably know what to do,…[View]
38006312Reminder that this bimbo is currently older than oldest female protagonist.[View]
38011147Who's the hottest female player character? >pic is not my opinion[View]
38013437Venustoise is totally real guys. I had one on my copy of Pokemon Green that my uncle brought back wi…[View]
38010410Today I will remind them: http://i.4cdn.org/vp/1552070697886.webm…[View]
38012835grookey's future seems dark or he becomes a gorilla to join the baramons or becomes a waifu to …[View]
37984927/shw/ shiny hunt weekend: >current hunt + game? >most recent shiny? >are you disappointed w…[View]
38010763How do you go from this...[View]
38013147Hi, I'm gonna slay every furry. Wish me luck.[View]
38009978RANT: Pokemon colosseum and Gale of darkness were when this franchise peaked, we had a lot of great …[View]
38012364Buy Gropius.[View]
38007213 [View]
38010374Why do you get your hopes up only to be disappointed /vp/?[View]
38013153Were they staying in the same hotel room[View]
38012428Leaks: Armored Mewtwo is in. No new gimmicks. Gym has new battle format. More regional forms but th…[View]
38013131Don't tell him I leaked this...: A friend of mine recently told me this, probably because he kn…[View]
38012149Hoenn refugee camps not concentration camps.[View]
38012438FUCK FUCK FUCK[View]
38012298It's so... weird. Like, doesn't even seem like a legitimate Pokemon. Yet, it's pretty…[View]
38012694Now that Pokemon movies are no longer part of the current anime how would you feel about a movie whe…[View]
38012902What do you think this generation's EV training gimmick is going to be? I'm kind of hoping…[View]
38009317ITT: Lore Headcannons/Theroies: >Rayquaza - associated with the skies >Zygarde - associated wi…[View]
38012455Leaks possibly regarding gen 8 (spoiler): To avoid risk of being found out, I can't share with …[View]
38010667Why does this fandom in particular attract so many people who want to fuck their Pokemon?[View]
38011481when that new trailer drop tomorrow[View]
38011858>He still plays Pokemon[View]
38012566Cynthia: defeated[View]
38012648what’s the appeal of this pairing?[View]
38012056>Think about replaying SM to warm up for gen 8 >Remember you literally cant skip any of the cu…[View]
38011835Sup /vp/. In this thread we think how would realistic pocket monsters look like. And here is the pic…[View]
38012494Ash looks like THAT?![View]
38012191Pokedex leak. Its a bit blurry, but clear enough to make most of them out. You can thank me later.[View]
38012113>two new eeveelutions >Toxeon is your obvious poison type, evolves via level up while afflicte…[View]
37999685Why are Sauropod Pokemon so shit?[View]
38010333If we ever do get let's go johto, hopefully it uses the SS engine and not the let's go one[View]
38011485Nostalgia thread: you know the drill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZybYS201lUw[View]
38000764I want Shield-Chan to happily attack the shit out of my dick and balls in any way she wants until sh…[View]
38011987Why don't I enjoy Pokémon anymore /vp/? Why can't I experience that joy I once knew as a c…[View]
38002182Why is Ash's Pikachu such an asshole?[View]
38011508When is it going to become canon?[View]
38011708You fucks are gonna see my movie opening weekend right?[View]
38011734thread not found?[View]
38011755Alolan Raichu: I'm so fucking angry I swear to fucking God.[View]
38012068>released 6 months before gen 5 so no gen 5 mon :([View]
38011782Is it considered contrarian to say that graphically, D/P actually looks better than Black/White? Bec…[View]
38008226what would his pokemon be[View]
38010550post yfw pic related becomes ou[View]
38011911>Make him my starter in W2 for a nice change of pace thinking he would be good >anytime he…[View]
38011707Armoured Pokémon: Regarding new armoured forms in Gen 8: - They're not called armoured forms bu…[View]
38010677Is there a single Ultra Beast that you don't want to have rough sex with, /vp/?[View]
37995452Obscure facts thread: Post facts or game mechanics that are not well known, or you didn't know …[View]
38010694You have five minutes to explain why every gen is bad[View]
38006797I’m looking for the anon who posted this photo. Can anyone tell me where he is?[View]
38009237seriously wtf this is better than sm[View]
380068992020: Sinnoh Remakes: 2020: Sinnoh Remakes[View]
38006974Is this the perfect body?[View]
38011548Ash Ketchum Hate Thread[View]
38011589ULTRA CHANGES!!!!!!!!: !!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
38005882Pokémon: Detective Pikachu: from what you've seen so far, thoughts?[View]
38011717This is my wife. She is a refined lady, so please refrain from any rough housing in this thread[View]
38010999What is it[View]
38005072FIX ME[View]
38009372What changes to the meta game are you going for the most?[View]
38011224*sips* Remember the gamecube?: *burrrp* God I miss XD and SHADOW POKEMONS *scratch butt* those were…[View]
38010979Why did this existed, again?[View]
38011583Prediction not leak: I think that legendaries will be revealed on Friday 22nd of March. I think they…[View]
38011216Playng another game's ost while playing pokemon.: >Play pokemon >Turn off music >open …[View]
38011539Blur Time: Something was blurred out on this future TCG Tag Team Card. What could it be? Gen 8 Poke?…[View]
38011437this is my favorite pokemon. probably because nobody else likes him and he's just so innocent. …[View]
38008689What is the best pokemon rom hack ?[View]
38008325give me a bomb ru team[View]
38008335*yawn* I wanted to play a pokemon game, not final fantasy.[View]
38010062What are your thoughts on the SunMoon anime thus far?[View]
38010943How do genwunners still exist?[View]
38004861What are your headcanons for Swordboy?[View]
38008810This FUCKING monkey. This FUCKING APE. I can’t stand it. I see it every day, I see it every night in…[View]
38009930>...it's pikause...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LyHl1NczPA[View]
38010348Rude scottish bitch.[View]
38005548Pick a pokemon that isn't a pseudo/legendary/mythical Give it 600bst And make it one with a uni…[View]
38009825Remakes Never Ever Again: Reminder that GF confirmed ORAS was the last remake. Let's Go is goin…[View]
38008455Let's go is shit.[View]
38007962Alolans in Galar: How do you think they'll make Alolan forms accessible in Galar? Do you think …[View]
38010897TEAM BOOMER[View]
38010308i fear no man... but that thing...[View]
38010495I haven't bought a game since ORAS. I have no intention of buying a Switch. How do I finally le…[View]
38008574Red and blue comes out >Then yellow Gold and Silver come out >Then crystal Ruby and Sapphire c…[View]
38009414what do you guys think of my goblin fakemon? also fakemon requests and general fakemon thread[View]
38010819Reminder that Rinka-chan and Hyadain have made a literal appearance in the anime just to confirm Sin…[View]
38001348They should just remove Exp. Share from the game.[View]
38008970Post mons that could easily be transplanted into other franchises. Pic related, it's a neopet.[View]
38007353Is this actually true?[View]
38006003Continuing /vp/ fakedex: I don't want it to die and nobody made a new thread it's a bit of…[View]
38008773ITT good transitions from 2D sprites to 3D models Eelektross Anon need not apply[View]
38009783ITT: Ideas you wanna see turned into a Pokémon: A Pokémon based on the Terracotta Soldiers would be …[View]
38008447My team is always: >starter >box legendary >HM slave(s)…[View]
38010304https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0ajBL15Knk Kino[View]
38009964>t-t-there's no favoritism for Kanto!! Yeah sure, try to defend this…[View]
38009116spinoff when?[View]
38010332>lets hide a good pokemon behind a shitty weather move[View]
38010372Save the fucking game right now.[View]
38008788Anyone wanna be pocket mans go friends? I need two more. 7505 3394 3571. Not sure if this is where I…[View]
38007315Try to convince me that this isn't the most forgettable Pokémon ever.[View]
37997284If this guy ever drops from OU thats how you know competitive pokemon is really fucked. We already l…[View]
38008699>tfw never caught them all it's fucking boring desu, and the reward is never worth it. For b…[View]
38010108Why is Toxapex sad?[View]
38008490Ampharos Thread: Baa![View]
38008843ITT: underrated bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA0fnayLHjY[View]
38008166Can we get a blob pokemon appreciation thread going?[View]
38008508>Water Type[View]
38007161Would you say that this is peak Pokémon? Why or why nor? Did ORAS do anything better?[View]
38000066Was fairy type really a good idea?[View]
38009294Real Leak: Hi /vp/ I’m risking my job to show you a new Pokémon and it’s mega evolution. Screencap t…[View]
37994552Just do it: Show us your taste anons[View]
38008572yare yare daze[View]
38002602>two new eeveelutions >Toxeon is your obvious poison type, evolves via level up while afflicte…[View]
38007417What are some Pokémon that have a sort of ' Powerful & humble ' look to them?[View]
38007607ITT: Characters that didn’t deserve to win the Valentines Poll[View]
38009117Fuck both random encounters and Pokemon Go encounters.: Random encounters are terrible and extremely…[View]
38005395Anyone else get really excited over these videos/info dumps? Something about looking at all the stat…[View]
38008890/wfg/ - Pokémon Wi-Fi General: : ) Trading, Breeding, Battling, Giveaways, Mystery Eggs, and General…[View]
38009655How do I hack?[View]
38009622Worries about SSA: If Grookey turns feminine it will cast a dark shadow on the franchise as a whole,…[View]
38002715>Gold/Silver's Houndour >only post-game Kanto >Route 7, which is essentially just one …[View]
38009322Sword Shield Spoilers: Before I begin I have been working in the pokemon company's london offic…[View]
38008241Why people say pokemon gamea are easy or should be harder? The challenge isn't fun and i myself…[View]
38009451Oh no! Faux-mantis is sobbing![View]
38006528Laments...: Why don't I get Coil and Glare, /vp/?[View]
38008758Spooky Pokemon Thread Ghost, Dark, and some Psychic types welcomed! >Thread Theme https://youtu.b…[View]
38007413Which is your favorite deoxys form?[View]
38007257Will you take the blue drink, the red drink, or the yellow drink?[View]
38008418OH NO NO NO NO[View]
38008710> 'alolan forms were created to celebrate the 20th Pokémon/Red&Green anniversary' > 20th a…[View]
38008412Which pokemon would you eat?[View]
38009019FUCK YOU[View]
38006614Recently i have started up my 3ds and picked up pokemon ultra moon and pokemon y but for some reason…[View]
38004858Pokemon 3DS, 4K, 200+ FPS: Now that the games can be fully emulated without issues, let's put …[View]
38010740>galar villains are nazis who works for free and wants to steal the world's supply of hot po…[View]
38006849Rate my shit taste[View]
38005808I'm gonna sperg out here. I never saw Kanto pandering until I finished Ultra Moon. I didn'…[View]
38006541Why are the American inspired regions so based, anons?[View]
38002505ITT shinies which look better than the default palette[View]
38009790Which one? /vp/[View]
37997212Pick 6 to bring back. The rest are lost forever. Pokemon that are effectively the same as the origin…[View]
38008708Volt switch and U-turn ruined singles, prove me wrong.[View]
38007977Wich game has the best story?[View]
38001608First time in a while that we've had a normal region and pokemon game since D/P. This looks lik…[View]
38006896Stop being contrarian fucks and just agree that it's SwSh already[View]
38000631Why she so thicc?[View]
38007354Diancie is crying[View]
38007833>Abra has a higher special attack than most legendary/mythical pokemon. It has a higher special …[View]
37985741Post your most hated Pokémon[View]
38008202What would happen to the metas if there was a Transform counterpart that turns the opponent into the…[View]
38007791>2019 >STILL no apache pokemon[View]
38007953So will he return in sword and shield?[View]
38006269Why are there universally hated Pokémon? I mean, they were made by a numerous group of artists who k…[View]
38007718Weird experiences: >leave a pancham and skiddo to lvl up in day-care >I come back after a whil…[View]
38007915>Ga-lay-rie-ay >gay-la-ree-an[View]
37996412Be honest: How does it feel knowing that the person who made this image breathes your oxygen?[View]
38007937If two Victinis fuck, does it last forever due to the infinite energy they have?[View]
38005518Reminder that your MC indirectly killed this[View]
38002180With all the Sword and Shield threads going on, how come no one is speculating on with this potentia…[View]
38007682Anyone got photos of that Incineroar Japanese cosplay? The amazing fursit one[View]
38007146What are their Pokemon equivalents? I'm sure Buzzwole could replace Recoome and nobody would no…[View]
38001117What do you think of this region?[View]
38006013Team Rate Thread: Post your team and let others rate it. This is my Pokémon Gaia team.[View]
38005800The Horrible Origin of Pokémon: So you've probably heard the official story: like Shigeru Miyam…[View]
38004614>spends entire game walking in a circle >gets stopped by unskippable cutscenes >gets stoppe…[View]
38006026>lets just replace everything with trees Was this really the best thing they could do?…[View]
38007493This Fakemon is a delight...[View]
38002879Why is Tauros a quadruped but Miltank is bipedal?[View]
38007078This guy is such a fucking faggot.[View]
38007269I've come to make an announcement: Gomenasai-ya.[View]
38006350ITT: we post our favorite starter Pokémon I’ll start[View]
37998559This is a dragon[View]
38006004Was Gen VII a mistake?: Just look at those pokemon...yikes! How they can go from the perfection of t…[View]
37999336>2019 >still no sound type Gentlemen, I think it is time.…[View]
38006665We can all agree this doesn't apply anymore with how genuinely shit gen 6 and 7 were, right?[View]
38005017Your Active Pokémon is now Confused. Imakuni wants you to play him as a Basic Pokémon, but you can…[View]
37975340/fsg/ - Funmon Solorun General: Party Wurm edition Previous thread: >>37917899 Finish a game w…[View]
38006994Reminder that Lillie is pure.[View]
38006943Raid heelp: Can someone with fly help me get an alola marowak in Casablanca, La poste gym? Thx!…[View]
38002665Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38005932Find a flaw[View]
38006240Post your favorite mons and others guess what boards you use[View]
38006822I've always had a thing for Absols[View]
38004127Moves That Should Have Z Moves: ITT we create Z versions of moves which should really have them. Per…[View]
37998624oi /vp/, ye wannae SS?[View]
38004294I was just fapping and suddenly I saw this series of images.[View]
380050682 regions and 1 sub-region is the ideal game world size for Pokémon. Region 1's level curve wou…[View]
380066288 Generations and still the most powerful[View]
38005264>He thinks he can name this completely forgotten Pokémon without Google!…[View]
38006316>...it's pikause...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LyHl1NczPA[View]
38002676Rentora is my bro: Post you're pokébro.[View]
38003571JUST DODGE IT![View]
38005284Listen to the rabbit[View]
38006289Pokemon newb here. I beat UltraMoon a few months ago, it was fun but super easy, I didn't even…[View]
38006497Here's your Sobble evolution, bro[View]
38005283Fuck, I never realized how much better Unova designs were until I saw this pic[View]
38006408Do you like Cynthia?[View]
38005872I really can not use a Water Pokemon that clearly could only battle in the water How am I going to t…[View]
38006354you thumped a grookey?[View]
38006188Fan Art: Goal: make it cute[View]
38002072>According to an interview with Junichi Masuda, the Battle Frontier did not make a return in Poké…[View]
38004202Why does my bro have to be so bad?[View]
37998915What is: >Your least favorite gen >Your favorite feature/gimmick to come from that gen…[View]
38005108Are they canonically the younger protags? They should be as young as Elio and Luna if not more. And …[View]
38005695Were you able to enjoy these games without transferring your data?[View]
38001929Anyone play this? Is it good? Is it active? Is it fun? Please, let us know and have a great day.[View]
38001540There are people that won't get to see Sword and Shield release. Even the kids that get a Make…[View]
37998973Let's have a nice, Innocent pokegirl thread you wouldn't ruin it would you?[View]
38003246Starting a new Project: Hey Guys. Looking to start my first fanproject for pokemon. I watched the st…[View]
38003175Friendly reminder that this pokemon exists[View]
38005807THIS IS FUCKED UP: So kids who got their FIRST ever pokemon in XD get to keep theirs for future gens…[View]
38005496Before ORAS, hoenn was unplayable and dull. Emerald was a shit game, and anyone who says otherwise h…[View]
38004044Planning to play the OG Pokemon Yellow What's a good team? Preferably lesser used good mons inb…[View]
38005071Was the Unova dex really that bad?[View]
38001318Why does he do this?[View]
37987173>post your face >let other create a team for you let's go…[View]
38004805Hype about new trailer?: Tomorrow[View]
38005734Save the fucking game right now.[View]
38004527Still haven’t played this: What’s the consensus? Is it half assed for normies? Is it worth $50?…[View]
38003623ORAS were actually shit games, weren't they? I don't remember it looking this bad.[View]
38005299Can we have a good old fashioned Meowth thread? Persians welcome[View]
380037095 attacks + dodge[View]
38004190Will we be getting more news at the end of the month, or no news until E3?[View]
38005345Evolution when[View]
38004840Would you be a 6 months preggers Mew?[View]
38001196>pokémon that should get their pre-XY cry back[View]
37998753Cynthia is the best champion Prove me wrong[View]
38002509Find a flaw[View]
38006701Do you prefer Pokemon SWSH's female protagonist or the new lass?[View]
38003826Positivity Thread: The 10 months between announcement and release are fun and the anticipation is en…[View]
38000868Pronounciation thread: How the fuck do you pronounce Pokétch?[View]
38002479Show me a SINGLE more cucked Pokemon than Zygarde: You fucking can't.[View]
38004543So this is it, huh? This is as good as Pokémon is gonna get...[View]
37996448Showderp: Bicyclin' Edition: Yo, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a cyclist dubbed…[View]
38002725Gen 8 will only have the starters: We are only getting the starter pokemon and their evolutionary li…[View]
38004924What typically british things do you want to see in SWOSHI? Personally, I hope they make a cheese wh…[View]
38002563Here’s your official mewtwo plushie bro[View]
38001430I've come to make an announcement: Pokemon SwoShi is cancelled Gomenasai-ya…[View]
38004721ORAS is so shitty that it even ruined Wally's signature Pokemon. Holy crap how can a game be th…[View]
37994051Ayumi has been caught by Blue! What will Blue with her?[View]
37986309Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37999809He's a big boy.[View]
38002483These are the only new types we need Legendary type and Magic type >Legendary type Do not mistake…[View]
38004677Would you want Smeargle in Smash Bros?[View]
38001755>kalos professor >team is full of kanto starters KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
38003687God I love unova[View]
38002178Why did everyone forget about this qt professor?[View]
38002507>mfw i know that S/S is just gonna be LGPE 2[View]
37999680ITT: Favourite Pokemon and Type and why[View]
38004418There's an ice alpaca modelled after a pinata named blizzba. Looks like snowflakes are falling …[View]
37998267>co-workers start talking about Pokemon[View]
38002905I have leaks but I'm not sharing them because I like my job and don't want to lose it. All…[View]
38002268Just downloaded Moon, what am I in for, /vp/?[View]
37997153what are your opinions on roadblocks?[View]
38002589Post cute pokemon couples[View]
38000434Pokébank: Did they update Pokébank to accept all the Totem-Size Pokémon yet?[View]
38003716>tentaquill doesn't learn hydro blast[View]
38001515Blessed image thread[View]

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