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37392871Find a flaw.[View]
37393376Sunset Colosseum: I wanna castrate the fucking nip who thought this shit was a good idea[View]
37362251comfy thread: hunker down and post comfy tunes and pics[View]
37388736>Bouncy Bubble, Buzzy Buzz, Sizzly Slide, Glitzy Glow, Baddy Bad, Sappy Seed, Freezy Frost, Spark…[View]
37392928next year lillie![View]
37389014cute thread: Post cute[View]
37392253Can anyone give my tips on drawing Pokémon. I know it’s crap but only took 15 mins drawing.[View]
37383770FUCKING BASED. MASUDA WON: Ariana playing Lets go eevee. You think he cares about inclits on a Chine…[View]
37393845Rotom: Rotom[View]
37394185What are some Pokémon related topics you wish were made fun of/satirised more? Can be anything Pokém…[View]
37394159A theory my friend came up with: He basically came up with a theory saying that since Gen 5 the star…[View]
37394800Find a flaw.[View]
37391797Can we agree that these four are the most plain and boring looking girls? They could easily be fixed…[View]
37393000>A pokemon is shilled >It becomes the most popular because it's the most recognizable bec…[View]
37391862Tried posting on /v/ but got kicked out: Rate my Crystal team. just finished up bellsprout tower and…[View]
37387484>Incineroar is the only character in Ultimate to not be part of the original draft for the game w…[View]
37393750What episode is that from? It looks like recent seasons but it doesn't have the neon green gras…[View]
37390246What if we never left Kanto?: What if the entire Pokemon universe was Kanto and only Kanto and we ne…[View]
37394840Find a flaw.[View]
37385385Rated E for Everyone[View]
37383666Why is she so cute?[View]
37391165Eat shit /vp/ and ash: This jpg file gets /vp/'s blood boiling and its pathetic[View]
37390571Has /vp/ ever had a tournament? If a tournament was to take place what format would the battles be?[View]
37392172Cryogonal exists[View]
37381347Unpopular opinions: Gamefreak shouldn't innovate. They're going to ruin the franchise if t…[View]
37389161where the fuck would you even store your poke balls its not like you fuckers would go on a journey, …[View]
37391915>Professor Oak calls me on the pokegear in my heartgold > “The most wonderful thing about wor…[View]
37390331>See this >What you do?[View]
37387211This image is correct Get mad about it /vp/ to anyone curious these are my genuine opinions[View]
37391534'Oi loser': 'Kiss my ass!'[View]
37393047what would it feel like to get hit an attack?: pic related[View]
37390824I'm a leaker you can tell because I put literally 0 effort into providing any images of my 100%…[View]
37392410/vp/ BTFO!!!!: Everyone has THERE own opinion and your opinion isn't liked by people, /vp/. So …[View]
37390233Why do people hate Glaceon so much? >Cutest eeveelution design >Great in game stats >Good …[View]
37386163Are there any mods/romhacks for the main games which are mainly about increasing difficulty and/or i…[View]
37392320For those who grew up with Pokemon when it was first launched into the west, isn't it scary to …[View]
37391556We are due to give new Mega Evolutions to Pokémon that were prevalent in the metagame (VCG and Smogo…[View]
37387431So I can’t find anyone to trade with to get an Ekans and a Koffing. Fuckers I’m come across online h…[View]
37387332Itt: Gimmick pokemon you like.[View]
37393269Gen 8 wait: Send me the dankest pokemon memes to pass the time[View]
37386054What is it with everything being called a Pokemon ripoff? https://www.cbr.com/nopemon-15-hilarious-p…[View]
37385410How the fuck is she unable to find a boyfriend with the body she has? Could it be because she'…[View]
37387225ITT; Pokemon you find incredibly cute. No, this isn't a what pokemon you want to fuck thread. …[View]
37389992So how are my non-kantofags and non-sinnohfags holding up?[View]
37391220Discuss.: Why do faggots keeps calling '''''comfy''''' when they don't have another argument ag…[View]
37389458Fakemon General: BROTHER! edition[View]
37385605Let's go-[View]
37391806>Encounter 1% chance Phanpy in gen 2 >WILD PHANPY FLED! Why does this mechanic exist? Gen 2 fu…[View]
37392556Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37382955Y thread: Post best pokedex holder’s girl![View]
37393261People actually like this garbage? XY is the most boring part of all the Ashnime seasons. >everyo…[View]
37368661PTCG/O General - 20 Years Edition: Old >>37350390 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
37389273/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Shiny Whale Bro Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]
37388508Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37384633Showderp: Memsa Edition: Why do people keep making breads? Why do people not let this shithole die? …[View]
37384837Jasmine thread: Jasmine is best girl everyone![View]
37391518Why did Brock spill mayo all over himself?[View]
37389370Pokémon with this kind of feel?[View]
37389961In case you hadn't enough Kanto, now it's in your cereal.[View]
37390030Future of the franchise: 2019 iruv main games 2021 lgt lgpi 2022 Sinnoh remake (more likes a reboot)…[View]
37391636>Giga evolution in gen 8 Which Mons need it to not be ZU shitmon?[View]
37391568Starting this out of boredom. Is it any good or just some meme people pushed like Clover?[View]
37374663>boomers hate Incineroar because it has big hands[View]
37391400Any of these actually worth watching?[View]
37391401Premier Balls: Daily reminder that these are the only acceptable balls to catch legendary pokemon wi…[View]
37388933>gen 8 >final secret battle againts red[View]
37391112>tfw ditto still doesnt get ditto eyes when he transforms Why is game freak so fucking lazy…[View]
37390531Favorites: Hey /vp/ I made this template. It'd be cool if you guys used it. You guys are cool r…[View]
37385412This is a water type Pokémon.[View]
37385598Hitoshi Ariga: I hope he does a starter line in Generation 8.[View]
37386513>We live in the timeline where Pikachu became the Pokemon mascot instead of Clefairy it fucking h…[View]
37383439Please Gamefreak, start this generation with silhouettes of your starters. I miss the artistic guess…[View]
37391007Why did Gamefreak make a ghost with a literal oWo face?[View]
37388430Its a good gen 3 team ?post your[View]
37390180How did you name'em /vp/? My rivals were named: -Gary -Demian -Rucci -Kenji[View]
37385305Lusamine thread: I want to be her slave![View]
37387606How does one make the game hard? I mean if you give every AI frontier/battle tower level people will…[View]
37390344How come no one ever uses these items?: Muscle band and wise glasses seem like pretty decent items, …[View]
37388617Lgpe is broken: No fucking way!? This is fucking retarded. Why the fuck, what the fuck, how the fuck…[View]
37389728Pokémon: A new land & Pokémon: An old space: Ever wondered how UB were born?[View]
37388855Official Smogon Tournament 15 autism thread: Brackets & Predictions are out https://www.smogon.c…[View]
37389994The top 3 selling switch games in japan: Smash bros Splatoon 2 Mario kart deluxe It's obvious …[View]
37384729Let's go Johto confirmed??[View]
37389486I’m playing through soul silver again and want a different team. Please give some team suggestions.[View]
37390241Fakemon thread: I’m not good at drawing but fakemon thread? Post your own designs.[View]
37389671Anybody got the full version[View]
37388143R-remember me?[View]
37390171Post pics from your Pokemon reaction image folder that you wish you got to use more often but don…[View]
37387892Fix a shitmon while not making them OP thread: I'll start with Ledian. Bug/Fighting Technician …[View]
37380826Team Thread: Post your current teams so far. Playing Pokémon White and 3 badges in. Planning on gett…[View]
37379647What does gen 7 look like?[View]
37385465>lets go marill and espeon get announced How do they fuck up our boy silver?…[View]
37359470/ef/-AWAKEN MY MASTERS edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aTP5FvI-rc Greetings ningen, you st…[View]
37388371What's the point of this stupid fucking nigger prism?[View]
37389593>ORAS would have been the best game in the series if it followed the pattern of previous remakes …[View]
37389203What's a good mewveset for this cat?[View]
37389765I hope I can everstone my Croconaw in Let's Go Togepi![View]
37369841This is gonna be the first survey thread of 2019! >age >gender >country >favorite Pokemo…[View]
37298178/vpedits/ new years edition: A thread for editing, and requesting edits of trainers and Pokemon, pri…[View]
37388724cosplay thread[View]
37384095Face it, Gen 8 will be on the 3DS. With the Switch doing poorly and only having terrible exclusives …[View]
37389608kukui: he does weightlifting at home t-thats pretty hot haha[View]
37386674No one ever remembers Winona...[View]
37357058/nuzgen/ - Nuzlocke General: Lazy edition Last Thread: >>37324029 >Nuzlocke Info https://im…[View]
37389268/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General:: gen 3 best gen therefore best event edition >Official Pokémon Go Upd…[View]
37388578>Be me >Avid Pokefanatic >Cleared the DS games with over 200h a piece back in the day >C…[View]
37388481>dont play pokemon for years >decide to toss one in for shits n giggles one day >have a bla…[View]
37388258What did they mean by this[View]
37388803What Pokemon Games have Post-Game story? I know ORAS did with Episode Delta, just not sure about the…[View]
37385507/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Hanke Pls Gib Shine Groundboi Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates h…[View]
37382538Bulbasaur in Patriotic Spirit: “True Korea is only Korea!”[View]
37386442The great debate.[View]
37386538Not sure if this is the best place to do this, but would anyone be willing to help me do a trade evo…[View]
37386485who is the most forgettable pokemon in history?[View]
37388216I don't want to wait for the next Let's Go games. I hope Let's go Johto/Togepi comes …[View]
37385035We post a pokemon and we try to give it alternate evolutions Seadra evolves into Kingdra at level 5…[View]
37386012Fakemon idea: What do you think of this Fakemon I made? Can you guess what it's based on? Elone…[View]
37384107Making Delphox a threat: How do we rebalance Delphox to make her a viable threat?[View]
37385257Redpill me on why Rayquaza is the best Pokemon in existence[View]
37388628Which move should I pick thread: Leaf Green[View]
37387423Rate my Fakemon pls.[View]
37380785Why is Cherubi based on a real cherry instead of a Cheri berry?[View]
37386405/vp/ memes[View]
37391044This thread is going to be good: >Make an iris thread >Literally first comment 'fuck niggers' …[View]
37388783DD LARIATTO[View]
37386174>Silly-looking frog-dinosaur hybrid >generic as fuck dragon that looks like it was designed by…[View]
37387035where is the next beta pokemon leak? it's been like 3 weeks since the last one.[View]
37385152OH NO NO NO /VP/ BTFO[View]
37387024hey /vp/, stumbled across this masterpiece, thought you might appreciate it ignoring the cringy cost…[View]
37386062What if Knock-Off worked on mega stones and undid mega evolutions?[View]
37387829You say you hate digimon looking pokemon but you keep wanting overly humanoid feminine pokemon.[View]
37388555Now THIS is a good Pokemon rep right here[View]
37382248Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37387522hey biggots, i'm a fairy too[View]
37387899What bugs should I use for my monotype team in ORAS? I have bank so I’ll box my starter and can brin…[View]
37383764Find a flaw.[View]
37387526What are the chances Ash-Greninja will be able to be transported to Gen 8? I like mine.[View]
37385619>this guy challenges you Your team and how do you beat him?[View]
37381222>calm mind >no careful mind >no bold mind >no bashful mind >no docile mind >no gen…[View]
37387741hey /vp/, I'm jumping back into Pokemon with my last game being White. I have LeafGreen, FireRe…[View]
37387730should i go for a modest or timid lunala?[View]
37387732Honestly why are you guys so autistic about starters? They’re just another regular Pokémon line at t…[View]
37387881So I recently go to about as high as I can be asked to get on PS ladder (top 100), now I'm just…[View]
37386784nobody cares about him[View]
37387591Sharon from Pokemon duel appreciation thread[View]
37386855i-is hau going to be daijoubu[View]
37387391Obligatory Roxie thread: Post all the Roxies you have. I need them.[View]
37386956tfw I know things you don't[View]
37385419Let's go trade: Hey, I'm looking to trade so I get Sandshrew. I have all the Eevee exclusi…[View]
37380511Alright /vp/ last game I played was Black 2 when it came out, I stopped shortly after and never got …[View]
37385759People keep saying Pokemon will die if it continues to go the Let's Go route, but what if it ac…[View]
37386723To Grandmother house we go (PokeGran Thread): 1: Claim your granny (yes you can share) 2: Say someth…[View]
37381599ITT: Post worst case scenarios for Gen VIII. >game plays itself for you because Masuda thinks peo…[View]
37388604What's the worst general on /vp/?[View]
37386853name some staff memebers other than morimoto that are fit for directing games[View]
37387106To the future.: Pokémon Destruction and Pokemon Creation will be released in November 2019. > It…[View]
37386848Enough is Enough: I've had it with these 'leakers' spewing their horse shit on this board. If y…[View]
37386717>we will never EVER have a tv show with these traveling buddies there isn't any going higher…[View]
37384113Post Pokemon that you didn't think much of until you actually used one. I used to think Drapion…[View]
37383917sal couldn't save gen 5 from becoming an irrelevant piece of shit that gamefreak actively tried…[View]
37386930hey guys i found a good Poketuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwbaxSCY70c[View]
37386325Why is everyone shitting out their fakeleaks? Do people expect news soon or do people just dish them…[View]
37385343Anime art.: Can you guess who is this character just by the face?[View]
37385441What did Masuda mean by this?[View]
37385059Is this the biggest mixed bag of a pokemon? Shell Armor in terms of design and theme, fits Samurott …[View]
37384101Gamefreak: >gets upset when people datamine and spoil the new mythical pokemon >proceeds to hi…[View]
37385702ITT: We give /vp/-tan a team: Fuck the girl from Clover[View]
37386195imagine being a grown man and buying let's go trash.[View]
37385591>a) The next main lines Pokemon game will be the best one ever but it will be the last piece of P…[View]
37381372How do I find a legit copy of gen 4 pokemon games? Every copy I find is either over-priced, or a boo…[View]
37386248What Pokemon game is this?[View]
37380180Consider the following: Step One: >Give all flying Pokemon 2 base animations: One flying animatio…[View]
37369300ITT: Make your own region: I'll add more details too. You can also add maps, badges, rematches …[View]
37381843>hey pikachu, wanna be improved in virtually every way with no effort on your part whatsoever? *…[View]
37386056Is Platinum really that much better?: Is platinum really that much of an improvement over Diamond/Pe…[View]
37384301I'm going to play through Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Stadium concurrently, completing all of th…[View]
37384997Lucazor: I love Lucario and Zoroark. Especially when they’re together. Post the best bois[View]
37381780Can we get a Spin-off game thread going? Anything goes. How does VP feel about Pokemon Ranger?[View]
37380529Is immortality a curse worse than death?[View]
37385779Worst Psychic Type Pokemon?: Seriously this design is so lazy[View]
37382796What do Genwunners think of this guy? It even has Toriyama eyes, which 90% of Gen 1 designs have[View]
37385737Incineroar is seething[View]
37386118Time line?: They probably won't release anything in January and will drop a new silhouette or r…[View]
37382620>playing let's go with the hubby when his charmander starts evolving >he gets excited thi…[View]
37384828ITT: summarize your thoughts on each of the gens: summarize gen 1 in 1 word, gen 2 in 2 words, gen 3…[View]
37386183what's the Pokemon equivalent of this[View]
37380860Here's a challenge for you /vp/, create a Pokemon with only 200 BST and try to make it viable, …[View]
37385894You were expecting another Pokemon shitpost, but it was me, KelDIO![View]
37381877Post your favourite counterparts[View]
37383730I've always been a fan of the idea that Nintendo made the Pokémon Mainlinegames feel like progr…[View]
37383246Do famous celebrities play your favorite pokemon game?[View]
37359415Create a team based on a theme and others try to guess that theme: Go.[View]
37377724absolute state of the pokemon fanbase[View]
37376245Can we talk about pokemon parodies in other franchises? Dump pokemon parodies and ripoffs from shows…[View]
37384624I've been thinking, why do people want Gen 8 to be properly announced soon (early 2019) when th…[View]
37385785mutated pikachu's[View]
37382828I.. I.. need... Gen 8... tr..tr..trailer[View]
37385582What do you guys actually want in gen 8? I guess battle frontier and pokemon following you are the o…[View]
37385370Thought i'd remake that one classic image we all know, here it is[View]
37334447/pmdg/ - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon general: Previous thread: >>37277577 >Downloads Blue Rescu…[View]
37382053/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: We're Going Back To Hoenn Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates …[View]
37382392Hey /vp/...you still remember me, right? Why haven't I been posted in forever? You...you haven…[View]
37382859Why is Heatran considered a legendary? Is it even important at all?[View]
37384725Gen 8 wishlist: People wish we have more new pokemon, i wish they focus more on making literally eve…[View]
37385187Bug Thread: Post bugs, the patrician pokemon type[View]
37382023LGPE? More like LGPiece of shit.[View]
37385221>half of january >still no proper mewtwo trailer pffffffffffffffft hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
37382178Was any of this even in the final game? Why would they show concept art in the announcement then not…[View]
37384965Game Freak should just work with Monolith to make mainline Pokemon games. Prove me wrong.[View]
37384762Hot/Hopeful take: Gen 8 will be much more intense since they diverted all of the casuals into LGPE. …[View]
37383405Pokemon 2019 leaks and the rest of the direct: Pic Unrelated, but the direct is happening soon Direc…[View]
37384150>One of the main ideas of Pokémon is the trade of its creatures >Mythical pokémon are impossib…[View]
37377847Why do some people want Luxray to have the Dark typing?: Wouldn't it better for it to get a boo…[View]
37383651Did evs ruin casually playing pokeymans for anybody else, i know the games are easy and all but i st…[View]
37382865What was it so good?[View]
37379614Remakes count as the gen they were introduced in, so HGSS is part of gen 4[View]
37385195/ohkfligs/ - Only Heatmor Knows Fire Lash In Generation 7 General: More Heat Edition Heatmor was the…[View]
37385145You need an old router with WEP to get Gen 4 events. Where the heck do I go to make this work? I can…[View]
37380098mfw stone edge hits 3 times in a row[View]
37383067The freeze status needs a complete rework, and Frozen Solid should be the 'Badly Poisoned' of the fr…[View]
37379412Pokégirl Thread[View]
37385148Anybody got the full version of this or of the blastoise with the Beefcake shirt?[View]
37376394Editing gen 1 angry eyes on newer Pokemon: Did this yesterday. Anyone else got some that they have m…[View]
37376707Reminder that this piece of shit exists and someone at GameFreak thought it a was a good idea.[View]
37385032A thread died for this[View]
37384314Stealth Rock needs a nerf: SR is one of the most used move in the entire game. Every team in singles…[View]
37384217hikari-chan is coming back!!![View]
37384895new game bad old game good[View]
37378696so what did she mean by this[View]
37384808How would you feel if gen 8 used double battles in the main game: Also should they bring triples and…[View]
37380946Can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate how amazing Tyrantrum is?[View]
37380750find a flaw[View]
37375832Post one (1) hope you have for the gen 8 games. Then reply to others with a simple +1 or -1. +1 mea…[View]
37381963Throughout the 20+ years of this franchise existing Ghetsis is the only villain who had the common s…[View]
37382590Daily reminder I got My Pokemon Heart Gold stolen by some pedophile looking spic[View]
37382040Guys, I was here replaying pokemon platinum and I was thinking about the wfc servers that have come …[View]
37381150Find a flaw.[View]
37379228Do you play your 3DS in public?[View]
37383249*Ahem* FUCK PRIMARINA[View]
37380126So this is where the franchise's yearly million dollars in profits is going since it sure as he…[View]
37384424gen VIII: Gen VIII - +80 new pokemon - legendaries are based on two planets - new online gamemodes -…[View]
37379286Anyone else actually excited for Detective Pikachu here?[View]
37383113I'm going to propose to Rhydon TONIGHT! Wish me luck![View]
37382924What do you guys think of the 'Masuda regretted revealing Pokemon SM too early' excuse some anons us…[View]
37381881Gen 8 Starters: Considering a Grass Capybara and Fire Goat are coming... What do you think the Water…[View]
37381260Why is Flareon the most hated Eeveelution: I don't understand what's wrong with this fluff…[View]
37384125So I heard you like[View]
37383354Detective Pikachu Spinoff Already In Development At Warner Bros.: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movie…[View]
37382330Picking the fire type every time>Picking the one with the best design>Picking the water type e…[View]
37380949Groudon and Kyogre are in love![View]
37369151How much KANTOOO pandering do you think gen 8 will have? At this points its impossible for them to r…[View]
37382073Is Ariana queen now?[View]
37382695Will he be replaced with Chase in Let's Go Johto?[View]
37382191Toxic Spikes and other entry hazards: There's Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Stealth Rock and Sticky Web…[View]
37377268Early anime had the most soul and you can't dispute this.[View]
37379875Gen 8 Leaks: Pokemon Mars and Pokemon Mercury for November 2019. It is inspired by the Caribbean not…[View]
37383592I know Sun, Moon and the Ultra variants aren't popular around here, but I must say its soundtra…[View]
37358722Any aspiring drawfags want to practice with me?: I want to get less shit at pokemon style and design…[View]
37380629>Serperior is next to Samurott They know[View]
37382837Don't do anything fishy to my vaporeon while I'm gone, Anon![View]
37383635GEN 8: My only hope and wish for gen 8 is that we get 100+ new mons. Just that, nothing else.[View]
37382548PUT THAT AWAY!![View]
37383616Ok, now that the dust has settled, how the FUCK does diglett scratch?[View]
37353080Drawthread: Previous Drawthread: >>37314739 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NS…[View]
37380023Mommy dancing![View]
37352484>We will never get this aesthetic again It fucking hurts[View]
37359844We demand Dawn Pantsu!!![View]
37383298>I’mHisDad is still the king of OU >MyMuttDog got banned to Ubers Fucking why, lads? At least …[View]
37382852let's continue the Indian Elephant meme bros A Pokémon created by recombining an Indian Elephan…[View]
37381312Thus Diancie wept[View]
37380165what do you guys think lillie dreams about?[View]
37381504Pokemon Direct speculation: What time do you think we would get the Pokemon Direct for the announcem…[View]
37382784Did you know that Throh and Sawk are based on the red and blue oni from Japanese folklore?[View]
37374215Who else here doesn't have a switch for gen 8? The only nintendo game i like is pokemon and i d…[View]
37376653Showderp: Fancy Edition: Hello, this is Showderp! A fancy place where we root and cheer for a dandy …[View]
37382853So tell me Groudonfags, how do you like such a crappy Pokemon? You should really leave it to rot in …[View]
37382483adamant or jolly for this handsome bara?[View]
37381071Is this anyone's favorite?[View]
37382235who is the smartest 'mon?[View]
37382677Latias thread[View]
37374953ariana is promoting lgpe[View]
37382142>makes one of the starters OP and the other two useless What did they mean by this?…[View]
37382358SFW Pokemon Shipping pics that make you unreasonably happy: post em, straight or gay or pokephillia…[View]
37376420Why did Pokken get Decidueye and Smash got Incineroar?: Pokken: >Features zoom-up shots. >Emph…[View]
37377269Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37369259Characters from other franchises that would make good champions: Basically any fictional character t…[View]
37381054Why does Lyra look ridiculous compared to the other protags?[View]
37376399What would be a good 6th member to this team? Pokemon platinum[View]
37380194Ok, /vp/. Imagine for a second that this jobber wins the Alola League. How would /vp/ react? How wou…[View]
37382046New Gen 8 mythical Pokemon to debut in Detective Pikachu What do you think?[View]
37377770/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: New Content Coming This Week Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates ht…[View]
37378013We have to get our meme man to play Pokémon clover![View]
37379953You still believe? Will you be happy if it's fake?[View]
37381192Twitch Marathon: What happened to the twitch pokemon marathon? I remember hearing it would be back b…[View]
37377150>'Prwease by my game gaijin!'[View]
37381773Does /vp/ lift?[View]
37380301>A wild Druddigon appeared![View]
37381623Fakemon General: OG Steeltype Edition Drawing and brainstorming are welcomed[View]
37381594>Year 2019 >We still can't nickname our Pokemon whenever we wish like a normal human thin…[View]
37379737Anon, Brock is a qt or a pervert?: Dear Anon, Brock finally score?, what do you think?[View]
37379659Why was the Kalos Stadium so overdesigned?[View]
37375981We've seen this bat creature in a lot of Gen 2 moves' animations (ex. Lovely Kiss), and it…[View]
37381538Friendly reminder that Team Rocket was Ash's first kiss[View]
37381161About to hit up a pokemon tournament in a couple months at a local convention. What should my team b…[View]
37380314>want to replay B/W2 >start it up >an hour later it's still tutorial A button or convo…[View]
37379009Let's Go Pikachu is a refreshing fun take on the pokemon series. After all this alternative rea…[View]
37374301PokeGay general: Thread for posting and dicussing images, fics, and headcanons of Gay or Bi pokemon …[View]
37373462Dating in Gen 8: We need JRPG style dating in Gen 8. To own the perverts who play girls, they shoul…[View]
37376363You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
37370007Autistic things you do: I specifically choose the male player character [spoiler[ even though Im not…[View]
37379683Am I the only one who remember this? Like, this always comes to my mind every time someone talks abo…[View]
37380610Sup, /vp/ I'm playing Ultra Moon, and I can't seem to find an answer. I have a Kadabra wit…[View]
37381187>Boot up game >'Are you a-' mash as fast as I can, I assume he was going to say 'faggot', so I…[View]
37381018Hi /vp/ i've recently purchased a 2ds so that I could play Pokemon and animal crossing. I finis…[View]
37381138Do they have a rough plan for the franchise's lore and larger story or do they make shit up as …[View]
37375493I enjoyed soul silver[View]
37380910>Gen 8 Pair of games is OK, but the game feel empty as fuck >Second pair (or Third version) is…[View]
37373519LONG LIVE THE KING[View]
37381023If pokemon like being captured, why do they try to escape the ball all the time?[View]
37376855is this week our week?: he said 'upcoming week' on the 6th which was a sunday, meaning this week sta…[View]
37380828Itt: mild autism. https://youtu.be/o1cvn99Q9uA[View]
37376629Hype season is upon us.[View]
37379231Lillie taking a picture of Spinarak with her tablet: Lillie taking a picture of Spinarak with her ta…[View]
37380329Fuck you 4chin[View]
37379760Detective Pikachu:Mewtwo spin off movie in the works: Holy shit. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies…[View]
37379455what if gen 8 had Pokemon from every gen except kanto? like colosseum did?[View]
37378421it's a good thing that lgpe stayed to the manga roots of her being a slut[View]
37377325Models should change in Gen 8: Would be cool if GF changed models every gen like they used to with s…[View]
37379001*blocks your path*[View]
37375503Reminder that Gen 8's protagonists will still have this soulless psychopath smile because Gamef…[View]
37377646Choose a side, the chad Pinsir vs the virgin Heracross[View]
37380363Okay, here's what I don't understand: How does LGPE connect to the Bank? The Pokemon don…[View]
37377262Image being with a cute lizard, but never fucking a cute lizard[View]
37378572Why hasn’t GF made an item that changes nature??[View]
37378033I hate N and I wish Game Freak never had the idea to make him.[View]
37379093It still hurts, bros[View]
37379596Name [one] flight-capable Pokemon cooler than Golurk.[View]
37376825Pokemon TCG Theme Decks: So I never learned the game back in 90s when I grew up collecting cards but…[View]
37380169There are now only four possible BSTs, called Regular Tier, High Tier, and Legend. Battle formats wo…[View]
37379057Is Ash vegan?: First off all, let's get this out of the way, I am Vegan myself. I have watched …[View]
37377508What's everyone's opinion on West Kanto? I always found it weird how Gold and Silver are t…[View]
37368376Is Unova smaller than Kanto?: When I first played BW Unova felt small to me and for some time I thou…[View]
37379361Since Gen 8 will be revelated in 5-6 months from now...: Are you hyped for another hype season? are …[View]
37379110Lets relive the magic boys: https://youtu.be/Kn25hijDL7c[View]
37379650I ordered pic related along with May and Hilda, but I haven't actually played any of the Gen 7 …[View]
37374401*blocks your path*[View]
37378927Only /pol/ hates Let's Go.[View]
37378144Ancient YouTube channel: Does anybody remember an old ass yt channel about some Spanish kid with rea…[View]
37379621Pixelpar started to say bullshit?: Is it reliable pixelpar? when do you guys think we are going to h…[View]
37372661*saves your franchise from Kanto pandering* Dont worry /vp/, Sinnoh remakes will make you love pokem…[View]
37378082What if Smogon tiers were built for moves intstead of pokemon? Would you play a tier filled with leg…[View]
37379496How do these LGPE players keep losing shiny legendaries when the game practically hands you infinite…[View]
37373278elesa is trans[View]
37376495USUM currently has 2,000 more viewers than LGPE. This is including the streams that use 'LGPE' as a …[View]
37368831/cat/ - Caturday #53: [View]
37375544Friendly reminder that if you don’t consider these among the best games in the series, you have ADD …[View]
37372900cringe thread[View]
37377703The official pokemon games do a horrible job at preparing a trainer for competitive pokemon. All of …[View]
37372459LGPE? More like LGPiece of shit.[View]
37378576Never forget: GROUDON WAS VICTORIOUS[View]
37376200Literally a fragile special snowflake[View]
37377165Why is no one talking about how great the daddy fan service in let's go is?[View]
37376249Bearmon thread. Post bears[View]
37375046So epic.... lol....[View]
37377756I feel like shinys aren't even rare anymore with how much easier Let's Go has made it. Any…[View]
37373468Memes aside why hasn't there been a Kanto game as good as HGSS, Platinum, Emerald or B2W2? The …[View]
37372158Pyroar's nose: Though the male Pyroar has a chevron-shaped nose in its official artwork and in …[View]
37363758Fox Friday.[View]
37374731What's the best hack rom/fan game in the sense of discovery and exploration? A game with a map …[View]
37373412Latios (female)[View]
37377636Hahahahah Burn bitch burn[View]
37377319Anybody here play pokemmo? Its full of chinks but its pretty fun, suprised i don't see it discu…[View]
37377591Why do you care so much about leaks of Gen 8 when you know the games are going to be shit anyways?[View]
37376293DONT WATCH THIS FAGGOTS VIDEOS. I’m not that cunt verlisify or that piketips guy but this pisses me …[View]
37373681let's be real here: What's the best Gen?[View]
37367563If Lillie was your adopted daughter, would you marry her when she turns 18?[View]
37376782>GameFreak are not even trying anymore this is SUCH a downgrade[View]
37377448so what are the chances of us getting any sort of news- whether it be an announcement or trailer- th…[View]
37378385Post your bros and shouldermons[View]
37376739Poke-Remixes: D-do people like remixes here? Got some OC to start off https://instaud.io/3aH1…[View]
37372346>spends millions creating a pokémon league exclusively for Ash to win >Ash loses…[View]
37378798>just realized the catch 'em/evolution theme in the blue field of Pokemon Pinball is the Jap…[View]
37376793It should be like this[View]
37358636>You will never go on a Pokemon adventure >You will never meet Iris along the way >You will…[View]
37378786Kids back in day thought they were posing. Nowadays screwed up adults think they not just posing but…[View]
37361654Fakemon Thread[View]
37375084What does /vp/ think of this? It was made around 1998, if I recall correctly.[View]
37378654You faggots will fight over anything.[View]
37376034Swampert is cute[View]
37376937What if Poliwhirl and Clefairy took their place?[View]
37378036I updated this pastebin with what the Japanese liked about ORAS too. Thought you all should know. ht…[View]
37369754One of these threads: Let's do it[View]
37376445ITT: We each add one feature or aspect that we'd want in Gen 8 in order to make the perfect gam…[View]
37371360Popular & high-up TCG artist Mitsuhiro Arita calls out Bulbapedia for having wrong information u…[View]
37377500Just finished pic related can you guys recommend others pokemon comics/doijinshi?[View]

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