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39419486Drawthread: Previous Drawthread >>39379010 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y (embed…[View]
39469390Finally beat my last Pokemon game Last main game at least[View]
39467576how would you change some pokemon[View]
39470391Zacian and Zamazenta: >Zacian - Greatest Sword - Every attack used by this Pokemon becomes super …[View]
39469555>Miltank Sun Pokèdex entry[View]
39471478He killed hundreds[View]
39457422Have you've been worshipping your queen daily, /vp/?[View]
39471809Since when did Trick or Treat look like this??! I absolutely regret not transfering my pumpkaboo to …[View]
39473250On the road, far from home...[View]
39471128Pokemon appearance according to your region wildlife: So easy to pick some of the most offensive mon…[View]
39468539Pokegirls are at their best when they're in a cute outfit! Can we get a thread devoted to them …[View]
39473347Since my bro isn't gonna be in Sword and Shield, I decided to treat him to a trip to Grand Cent…[View]
39469178Create showdown server: How difficult/how much money would it be to open a custom showdown server? T…[View]
39469715Name a better ship. I'll wait.[View]
39473688>Comedy Relief Owl will kick Decidueye's ass wearing his hood. A big Fuck you to all the De…[View]
39473667Tapus: You think GF had a clear intent on making all four of these specifically for VGC/OU? They are…[View]
39473592Will we see it soon?[View]
39471723STILL the best rival theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKOG5UM202Y[View]
39473097Why do the 'Master Trainers' in Lets Go have such garbage movesets?: Like seriously look at these…[View]
39473363On the road, far from home...[View]
39444499PTCG/O Pokemon Trading Card Game General: Birbs edition New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
39469223>normies don't care about the animations >normies don't care about the national dex …[View]
39473206New pokemon: Thoughts on new pokemon designs and when we will receive the next lot? Currently not lo…[View]
39472685I was going to buy Pokemon Sword but then...: I discovered how easy it was to pirate the Nintendo Sw…[View]
39470470Gigantamax Pokemon: Gigantamax Pokemon Starters {Gen 1} - Charizard Looks like a ancient dragon - Bl…[View]
39472273Here are your HGSS remakes bro[View]
39471179>tfw no drunken fist normal/Fighting evolution for Spinda >tfw it's getting purged for su…[View]
39472087>Although it's alien to this world and a danger here, it's apparently a common organism…[View]
39460492Why is Psychic super-effective against Poison? I can understand most type matchups, but this one jus…[View]
39470613Is it, though?[View]
39466748Is this the least autistic eeveelution?[View]
39472362Special Defense: how do we fix the sp. def stat? The only difference between slowbro and slowking is…[View]
39471558What's her name?[View]
39471966Lillie is officially the weakest female trainer on the main cast of the anime: 1. Still only has 1 p…[View]
39459076Ash at Lily of the Valley Conference >actually use the pokemons that he caught from his past adve…[View]
39471717The Pokemon fanbase.[View]
39471598I can't wait for Pokemon Masters desu senpai[View]
39471389ITT Underwater scenes/moments Post em.[View]
39472148I have fixed the type chart. You cannot.: I'll explain why this is objectively the best way to …[View]
39470534I didn't want this to happen. My only goal was to make everyone happy, to enjoy our games and t…[View]
39471353Do you have the tism too anon?[View]
39471484>Lunala and Solgaleo >Necrozma >Ultra Beasts >Ultra Space >Ultra Recon Squad >Deox…[View]
39472181Say what you want about gen 7, but the OST was god tier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnsgU6LpDIk …[View]
39471779I've seen a lot of people push this narrative of 'millions will buy it anyways, so this is all …[View]
39463338ITT: We take a random Dragon Quest monster and make them functionally like Pokémon. I'll start …[View]
39456806Assemble your canon team: You are a young trainer going through a journey. Assemble your canon team …[View]
39469767Does this fix the worst types in the game?: >Water is now weak to Poison >Ice now resists Flyi…[View]
39471565Our eyes have met, you know what that means.[View]
39469879How long will it be until gamefreak figures out how to make a good looking 3d game?[View]
39470554Tfw it probably wont even appear in SWSH as a Gigantamax form of Mewtwo. Once again another wasted o…[View]
39471786How much would you nerf Legendaries and Mythicals Base Stat so that having them on your team would n…[View]
39466208Daily reminder that 'Sirfetch'd' or whatever it's gonna end up called will be a huge fucki…[View]
39470578Drednaw Appreciation Thread: The best water reptile in Galar has arrived, no Sobble allowed.[View]
39471650Newest pokemon community buzzword[View]
39465593/vp I play Fate / GO and every summer there is a lot of girls in swimsuits. Who do you think will be…[View]
39471616Everything that came after Sinnoh was dogshit.[View]
39471498Anyone else hate Pokémon? I just don't get why you lot are so into it. It's childish, imma…[View]
39471584Imagine shilling for this[View]
39471535Remember that leak that came a few months after XY saying was going to be a alien invasion game and …[View]
39466773seethe and cope /vp/ seethe and cope[View]
39468745Dominant PokeGirl Thread: Who is your domfu and what do you want her to do to you?[View]
39471517I can't wait for lanakeks to be finally btfo[View]
39471405I know you want it Cos you're a good shill[View]
39466161How does Unown smell scents? Also unown thread[View]
39469774What do you prefer? Old or new?: Discuss. Pic obviously related.[View]
39470519imagine if all of this national dex is just a huge hoax, and the games actually have a national dex …[View]
39470892Remember when this image represent the biggest problems with SwSh?[View]
39469287It has every environment you could ask for.[View]
39467152don't make your incineroars fat[View]
39468005>Pokemon >Pocket Monsters >8th gen games are going to be on a home console…[View]
39469556>even harder to get the national dex than in dp why can't they just let me explore the rest …[View]
39471071Bros, I need competitive advice. What use does Klutz have? I know it nullifies held items, but so th…[View]
39471033>there are still people who pick battle bond greninja over protean greninja >there are still p…[View]
39470687Won't be in Galar...[View]
39470479Toughts on this guy?[View]
39466920ITT: Post Pokemon Characters Without Actually Posting Them[View]
39453421YUp. I’m buyin’ it.[View]
39469640Be honest are you excited for Sword and Shield are you still holding on?[View]
39468283Meloetta is pretty cute/sexy.[View]
39460940/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Sleepy Weekend Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongo…[View]
39467080Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39469091This is it, owlkeks. Decidueye's last chance.[View]
39468602Top 8[View]
39470571is it possible to pirate heartgold on a 3ds? i cant find my cart at all an have been really itching …[View]
39470476>Why yes, I am picking Grookey as my starter to adventure through Galar with, why aren't you…[View]
39470360*ting ting*: Can this board please get a dedicated mod/janitor to purge fur fuckers and porn posters…[View]
39467533Anyone else just not feeling any of the new pokemon designs so far? Only one I care for is Corviknig…[View]
39470369>mainline pokemon finally moves to a home console >everyone expects a massive jump and the big…[View]
39469753I can’t wait for the fantastic games Pokémon sword and shield: November 15th I’m in my snuggie near …[View]
39470298Why isn't she Fire/Dark?[View]
39468787Realistically, is there anybody on the planet who can stop him? Not even vp, reddit and resetera…[View]
39468148Players with two or multiple phones in Raids...: What kind of obsessive mental illness is? Confirmed…[View]
39470107Look at this high quality game. I can't wait to play it. Please post more examples of these hig…[View]
39463873What are the best shinies?[View]
39470180How can 1 Pokemon be so based?: Great movepool and stats. Literally runs through anyone in platinum …[View]
39470022According to the Pokedex: Froslass was once a woman.[View]
39469841https://youtube.com/watch?v=OHl-JHlZKjs >Lillie sets up Hail to take advantage of Vulpix's S…[View]
39468216Did GameFreak peak with this?[View]
39469057What's your favorite Pokemon? For me it's Rotom Wash/Heat.[View]
39459803Why is Rosa an SSR?[View]
39468753>Japan (Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido) >New York >France >Hawaii >UK So what…[View]
39469245was this whole sharade just to push the switch mini? aka DS 4?[View]
39465133Charizard is a shillmon[View]
39469931Crazy Toys in the attic, I am crazy Truly gone fishing They must have taken my marbles away[View]
39468751>Yes, my lord...[View]
39466149SOUL: SOUL[View]
39469894And today we'll be looking at how was - huuuuuuuh: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, looks like we…[View]
39466750>european facial features >blue eyes/hair Imagine thinking she’s anything other than white/asi…[View]
39468610Which MC had the better design across the generations: My take: Gen 1: Male Gen 2: Male (Crystal)/Fe…[View]
39469645How do we fix Lopunny?[View]
39469619Label the Pokemon that are fug worthy: I'm not sorry[View]
39468958Arceus says:: >'Don't buy SwSh, you deserve better games'[View]
39463399Hey there player! >picks starter weak to yours You're my best friend! >gives you 5 max re…[View]
39460025Team Flare = Aliens: I saw an interesting post in another thread about a supposed cut draft for XY w…[View]
39459765Sword or Shield?: So guys, have you decided which version to buy? and why? Treefags and dexfags not …[View]
39467917I fucking hate this lazy garbage franchise[View]
39469551How can one rival be so based?[View]
39468223Gen 8 NEEDS to be a 4-year generation. The forced 3-year schedule TPC has been forcing on Game Freak…[View]
39468729Trainer Card thread: Post your overworld theme and your battle theme. Try and rate eachother too. …[View]
39466474Does Gamefreak hate ice types?[View]
39468541Kanto shilling: I know it's for the sake of money, and having played all games near launch, Kan…[View]
39468405Why don't Pokemon games release in March anymore?[View]
39469272What Pokemon would you sleep with?[View]
39469323Ghost Pokemon Thread >Favorite Mon? >Favorite Trainer? >Favorite Locale? Duskull, Gen 3 Hex…[View]
39465664>still no monkey pokemon[View]
39468931How can i make usum bearable?: I've tried Nuzlocking it, but even then I never get past the sec…[View]
39467868What the fuck were they thinking putting a Skuntank this early?[View]
39466682has the pokemon fandom reach its lowest point these days? i know all fandoms are shit, but just cons…[View]
39469136Introducing, your new Alola League Champion![View]
39461561Holy sh!t they deleted the dynamax leak from the Nintendo London HQ!: Did anyone screen shot?!…[View]
39468375which one[View]
39465693ITT images we don't get to post anymore[View]
39468743Did Ash deserve this?[View]
39468090Did he become a champion, /vp/?[View]
39459223How Power Creep Should've Been Fixed In Gen 6: Instead of adding Megas (which either made older…[View]
39468065>Why yes, I did pre-order SwSh, one version for me and one for my girlfriend, how could you tell?…[View]
39468886Monster Contest/Pokemon New World: Have you played this chinese gacha garbage?[View]
39465633>Pokemon's signature move >Significantly worse than a widely available TM move of the sam…[View]
39467201Nintendo should take over Pokemon completely. I don't care. Pokemon should stop being a separat…[View]
39464259>Cyrus captured Dialga/Palkia Why is he taking orders when he's the strongest one there?…[View]
39468195Which changes would you make to the type effectiveness grid? Either for logical or balance reasons.[View]
39468774Rowlet finally evolved![View]
39468432>2019 Sword and Shield >2020 Eternal Diamond and Infinite Pearl >2021 Max Sword and Max Shi…[View]
39468701Hey, /vp/, I need your help. I can't speak Japanese and I want to understand what are they say…[View]
39467146Can you recognize that there's a difference?[View]
39465341Was this Ash's strongest point in the franchise? Why did they make him lose the league? That Me…[View]
39468486Gonna take him into the Soul Silver battle tower offensive set or defensive set?[View]
39461474Why is she so cute bros?[View]
39467847Thread for the upcoming Alola League Champion: Say something nice to him.[View]
39468142Pokémon on phone: Hi guys, First time posting, is there a way to get Pokémon leaf green on my iPhon…[View]
39465333What in the hell went wrong?[View]
39468397Stop being retarded[View]
39465860This girl is weeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrddd She looks like the kind who would use her magical …[View]
39468144Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
39466780Unova.... Home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCtJYBxessU[View]
39458978It's shit[View]
39467451Thoughts on the ranger series?[View]
39467262>Opponent uses Protect 5 times in a row without fail Why the FUCK is this allowed?? Why are NPCs…[View]
39439620What a fucking stupid plot this was[View]
39466841How do I cope?[View]
39462718Based OP: https://youtu.be/seJwrqpWoQQ[View]
39467649Remember the game is forced to be released in the holiday season because TPCI , which is very unfort…[View]
39467472Inflatable Sobble and Scorbunny evolution[View]
39460223Are you part of the ~75% of people who can't fucking read before jumping to conclusions? Let…[View]
39467208reminder that there won't be new eeveelutions ever again[View]
39461222Can swsh fix this shit?[View]
39464728How do they compare to Team Plasma?[View]
39467462Why are the best pokemon always the three stage lines, the just gets bigger ones and the kaijumons?[View]
39467493Max eats Chocolate[View]
39466116His name is still Ash.[View]
39467447gen 5 good: yeah 911 i got some fags callin' gen 5 trash[View]
39460787Galar Starter Evolutions: Post your favorite fanmade evolution lines of the Galar starters[View]
39467186ITT: what a pseudo-legendary should be: I know I'm not the only one who's fed up with all …[View]
39465867Just dug this up after a long time. Back then, I couldn't beat it because I wasn't really …[View]
39462788>Other big Nintendo IPs such as Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are usi…[View]
39459599So where getting new information tomorrow?[View]
39464209Why did they have a Furfrou?[View]
39464604A Gigantamax Question...: So, since only certain Pokémon of a species can Gigantamax, does that mean…[View]
39457801Showderp: Rick Astley edition: Looking for a champ that will never give up or let us down >sets d…[View]
39457118Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39462243All MCs are canonically male.[View]
39463550Pokemon scorbunny leaked evolution[View]
39466958This pokemon is cute and cool: right /vp/?[View]
39466503What the fuck was this autistic faggots problem? And why do people pretend he's somehow a good …[View]
39465762Can we have a Tsareena line thread? Post adorable Bounsweets, cute Steenees, and beautiful Tsareenas…[View]
39462273Who are the worst dragons?: I wanna do a Battle Tree run with the worst. I can only bring 3 in Singl…[View]
39466490i luv Lumineon why do people keep saying that no one likes or remembers it I think it's the cut…[View]
39464055Look at these two 540 BST shitmon.[View]
39462911>'I'm Shauna, Shauna the Battle Gi-'[View]
39462214POKENCHI EPISODE 195: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
39463167Why doesn't any Champion - with the exception of Alder - do jackshit to hinder the evil team? I…[View]
39463633/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: JibanRon Edition What is /vpmd/?: /vpmd/ is an ongoing quest thread in…[View]
39462743Post favorites https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html[View]
39465756Zacian and Zamacenta are the worse names and the most uninspired ones for legendaries. It's lik…[View]
39466674Hacking and Save Editing: Having a hacked 3DS has kinda ruined the games for me. Shinies don’t mean …[View]
39466465Underrated VGC mons[View]
39464291Who here has been insulted for the simple fact of liking a specific pokémon![View]
39466062why is he so cute lads? why do people hate the design?[View]
39466258Reminder that Suiren is the one who is going to win the league and there is nothing Ash Jobem can do…[View]
39466415C78: eye[View]
39465306Why the absolute FUCK don't Pokémon evolve mid-battle in the games? It's 2019 and this sti…[View]
39464994Which Johto game do you prefer, GSC or HGSS, /vp/? And why?[View]
39465205The majority of the kids going into kindergarten next month were born after these games came out. Ju…[View]
39466233Unova once again BTFO zoomers and boomers: Remember Gen 5 tried to save Pokémon mlbur some retards h…[View]
39464423Thoughts?: https://youtu.be/CLpLhYCAJ_0 What are your guys thoughts on this video? I feel like he…[View]
39466241Any fangame with good fakemon and decent aesthetic? Bonus points for being finished[View]
39466147Low level legendaries: What's the lowest level you can catch/get legendaries at? I know about t…[View]
39466042Dreams were a mistake: I had a dream last night where Gamefreak was a girl. She lives in a mansion b…[View]
39465785So, I compiled this from a dead battle frontier idea thread, and I picked the best facility ideas, a…[View]
39466057shuckle thread: this is shuckle[View]
39463773The one good thing about Gen 8: will be that it starting means this godawful Gen will finally be ove…[View]
39463876Daily reminder to never lose your hope. All this despair over the current state of the series can an…[View]
39465614You think well get another live action film? If so i hope it's just a simple boy/girl going on …[View]
39464268Best Default Option?: The National Dex isn't a big deal to me but the artwork and environment f…[View]
39465901Hey, anon, thanks again for taking me to visit Galar![View]
39464163uh guys?[View]
39465257ITT predict the future of pokemon[View]
39464948Waifufags are the worst thing to happen to this franchise[View]
39464653Will Pokemon designs ever beat this?[View]
39465037Max Move Speculation: Bored and idle speculation thread. As you can see in pic related, the remainin…[View]
39463384I haven't played Pokemon since Gold and Silver. Should I buy a switch if Pokemon is the only ga…[View]
39464801>tfw no shellos buddy[View]
39463524If you think your bro getting snapped was bad, try your bro not getting released at all[View]
39464111What's his endgame?[View]
39461489Anyone else kinda feeling nostalgic?[View]
39448919/ef/ Eevee Friday: Delicious Hedgehog Stew Edition: https://youtu.be/HnyGSl3K-IE Welcome to Eevee Fr…[View]
39452804>tfw in a couple months you won't be greeted with 'Alola!' every week. Feels bad.…[View]
39463574>FIVE MORE MINUTES MOOOOM!!!!!: Hope you enjoy that nice and balanced metagame in gen 8 you fucki…[View]
39462135>*teleports behind you* >*takes you back in time to when pokémon was good* where has celebi ta…[View]
39461751>these games have been out for almost 3 years and there STILL isn't a mod to skip the dialog…[View]
39463315Somebody HELP ME[View]
39461434When did the Pokemon franchise lose its soul?[View]
39461430OOOOOOOH I'M UNBEATABLE >proceeds to lose every league and still counting…[View]
39462932Reminder that you cucks supporting the games will only make Masuda be more lazier and recycle the sa…[View]
39460592Which of the BW and BW2 trainers are your favorites Anon? Asking because I'm thinking about pl…[View]
39459022ITT:pokemon you dont like battling against[View]
39463024I know it's unlikely GF will ever make a game with two regions again, unless they remake Johto …[View]
39462963>get Tinder >get fake GPS >set fake GPS to Gamefreak HQ >catfish unsuspecting Gamefreak …[View]
39463649Magikarp: The greatest Pokèmon Magikarp it's true And that's why I'm making this litt…[View]
39464730Help /vp: I am a genwunner who is playing platinum and I do not know which starter choose the 3 look…[View]
39464528Putting this in XY daycare, with ditto to get a bunch of eggs. Will the moves stay the same if i lea…[View]
39464494You've already forgotten that, right?[View]
39463855Arena trap/shadow tag in the safari zone/great marsh?: Do arena trap/shadow tag prevent a Pokémon fr…[View]
39464484ITT: Images that make you angry[View]
39464497post pokemons that perfectly match for trainers of other generations[View]
39464401Which should I play: Colosseum or Gale of Darkness?: Just found my old Gamecube while moving in to m…[View]
39459150Post your favorite Pokemon: And your plans for the future once your parents become too old to work.…[View]
39464227This is my shouldermon ...I'm feeling kind of tired... Anyway, isn't he cute?[View]
39456980It's so weird seeing no real hype for starter evos this time. Even 5 gen had A WAY LOT MORE of …[View]
39464195Do you think this muppet ever goes on 4chan? He really should.[View]
39458816The removal of Megas and Z-Moves were the best thing to ever happen to Pokemon: All Game Freak needs…[View]
39453940A literal hentai artist is now doing official Pokemon art for the games, TCG and collectibles: This …[View]
39461732Describe the fun activities you would do with Charizard.[View]
39463466What is /vp/'s honest thoughts on their ideology?[View]
39463973>a botw style openworld pokemon snap game with health that can be recovered by camping and some o…[View]
39462639What does he feel like[View]
39462255Why are Water starters not allowed to be happy anymore?[View]
39463448>Shinji Mikami, the director, completely canned the beta Resident Evil 2 because he felt the game…[View]
39463378Post them shitmons[View]
39462544Could you beat Red (Postgame) (Full fanwank) in a fist fight?[View]
39461334>starters, eeveelutions, lucario, and mewtwo are overrated[View]
39463625>there are retards who shill for gamefreak for free >on this very board What a sad existence, …[View]
39461206Hypno thread: What are the best Hypno sets out there?[View]
39456931Remember me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuJL8HYgIiY[View]
39450631>favorite pokemon >favorite pokemon game >favorite non-pokemon >your fetish…[View]
39463576What are the best Pokemon toes?[View]
39459589Can we all agree the dual version release scheme is absolute garbage?[View]
39459436It wasn't that bad...[View]
39461879Only real niggas remember the Topps pokeballs with poke-candy inside[View]
39463000Are they cheating in Go?: I started playing Pokemon Go again after having had a break for a few year…[View]
39463286I always find it funny when grown adults are getting this upset over a video game that is geared tow…[View]
39462778What's your favorite pokemon animation, /vp/?[View]
39461884I have a question that's been on my mind for a long time. If everyone knows there's going …[View]
39462340Who wins this boxing match?[View]
39462052I honestly adore the way Pokemon are lit in Sword and Shield, and honestly the lighting of the last …[View]
39463198Anon!!! What were you doing with your pokemon?!?![View]
39462469Hypno should've just step on it.[View]
39451669battle facility ideas thread: come up with ideas for a new battle facility. a facility for inverse b…[View]
39458138Favourite Battle Theme?: What do you think is the best battle theme Anon? For me it would be Battle…[View]
39462164Seriously though, is Nessa Polynesian?[View]
39462929For me, it's Jynx[View]
39462054>how do we balance z moves? >i know, we'll let you use z-moves THREE TURN IN A ROW Thanks…[View]
39459173>Sees a lot of backlash to his games and disappointed fans >Tell them that nothing will change…[View]
39460895>NatDexCucks >DexTrannies Since when was caring for content in a $60 game associated with cuck…[View]
39462158Gimmicks: Whats your opinion on gimmicks? Megas/Z-moves/Maxing[View]
39460744How do we improve Lopunny?[View]
39462472Recent shinies: Did over 500 soft resets for this guy on heartgold, it has a modest nature, but ill …[View]
39462295https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JVAW7fifZs I feel really bad for the people still deluded enough to…[View]
39458768>20 years >Still never returned[View]
39461323Post Pokémon you think should have had a different type, I'll start with this guy. Should'…[View]
39461704Big if true.[View]
39459785Signature Pokemon: does anyone know what is Lucas' signature pokemon?[View]
39457424The end is nigh, friends. Absol thread.[View]
39458632Morning /vp/[View]
39459911>tfw we'll never be able to use a Mega, a Z-move and a Dyna/Gigantamax in the same team >…[View]
39462261>UK region >Still no Liverbird Pokemon Why is this allowed?…[View]
39461839Based or cringe Masuda portrait[View]
39462219kot doing pushups[View]
39458533*hops his way into your heart*[View]
39462176>TFW Ho-Oh fag >He will only ever be usable again in Let's Go 2 which won't me use t…[View]
39454787Do you like hackroms, /vp/? I'm playing Shiny Gold Sigma and it looks pretty fun. What are your…[View]
39461379Why do so many Primarina think they're males?[View]
39460304New Types[View]
39458790EAST SIDE, BITCH[View]
39454022You realize that if Pokemon Masters does well (which it will) that SWSH is going to be the very last…[View]
39460727No matter how much shills cry and defense force Pokémon is dead >MUH PREORDERS Cancelling fast an…[View]
39461408>Begin with Umbreon and Espeon >Best battle animations in series >Best soundtrack >Don…[View]
39461976>cover legendary jobs next game Why do they keep doing this?[View]
39459604To think we will never get a console pokemon game that has the same sense of scale and adventure as …[View]
39461920Goodbye, everyone: And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say…[View]
39461688>the games are set 12 hours apart XD What the absolute fuck was the point of this gimmick? Did pe…[View]
39461806Max eats Chocolate[View]
39461716Why are they so perfect?[View]
39461854Is it possible to save scum for preferred natures on these guys by saving before the 100th battle an…[View]
39460462I legit thought this was a Roselia alternate form.[View]
39458362Why is the hardest member of the Kanto E4 the first one you fight?[View]
39461463>'Wakey wakey master, time to take your daily dose!'[View]
39454996>nicknaming your Scorbunny anything other than Bugs, Roger orThumper[View]
39455880ITT: Moments you've gone off the rails: >play gen 1 game >named myself BLUE…[View]
39461551Pokemon is a children's game.[View]
39459646*boxes his starter*[View]
39459070Give Sword & Shield a chance.: Give Gigantamax, no, Sword & Shield in general a chance. Let…[View]
39452709Post your favorite mon, other anons make entirely unwarranted assumptions about you[View]
39461691>Pokemon is a children's game. No you fucking retard, Pokemon is a game for LITERALLY EVERY …[View]
39460369>starter Pokemon Where are the other two, you lazy cunts?[View]
39459427July, I am forgotten[View]
39458325If Mimikyu was excluded from SwSh, literally no one would care. Mimikyu is no one's favorite Po…[View]
39461517Luxray thread?: Luxray thread.[View]
39459104I want to confess something.: The only 4 Pokemon games i played were Platinum, Sun, Ultra Sun and GO…[View]
39461096Trade-only evolving should be phased out[View]
39461393>Galarxit GF is teaching you rightwinger fucks about how much better it is to be globalized and y…[View]
39458609When will the mainline games look like THIS?[View]
39460711>get 90 def and 80 sdef is it UU now?[View]
39459944>tfw need 38400 steps to evolve a pokemon >tfw need to evolve it before level 19 to learn a mo…[View]
39460748Name the type[View]
39458558Laughing at you. Every. Single. Day.[View]
39460750>why yes i use kecleon on pokemon showdown, how could you tell? Post your favorite movesets to us…[View]
39460302https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=OYU51Gebx4w Don't buy anything related with…[View]
39458044>there are people that unironically think the beta Kingdra is better than this majestic beast…[View]
39454071Assemble your forces: give me your ideal Pokemon team, then give me a team from every monster collec…[View]
39459615How old will you be when Sword and Shield come out in November? I’ll be 26[View]
39460053/vp/ thinks this shit looks good?[View]
39459332>smexy puppeh legendaries Ohhhhhhhhhh yup, I'm buyin' it.[View]
39458910Battle Tree Boiz: /vp/, how do I win 50 times in a row at the Battle Tree? Did you? Also, is this te…[View]
39460141Chikorita: Stacy Totodile: Chad Cindaquil: Incel[View]
39451529/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Team Go Rocket Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongo…[View]
39460433Are all the Galar mons getting gigantamax forms?[View]
39459593Harem route is best route: In your face, amourfags/pokeshitters[View]
39451616Finally Porygon is getting some love. Not rotom. Inb4 Kanto pandering.[View]
39460653There's still time, anon! You can still pledge your loyalty to Champion Iris, the Queen of /vp/…[View]
39456867does anyone have that showdown replay of that guy that wont admit defeat and lets the timer run out,…[View]
39455951What political system does the Pokémon world follow?[View]
39460466I'll make sure to have a over leveled gigantimax Drednaw so i can set up G-max Stonesurge and k…[View]
39459752The virgin Sword/Shield >only includes some pokemon >need to pay 20$ on top of the 60$ just to…[View]
39459572What would a sequel to this sound like?[View]
39460294Who's the strongest NPC trainer in the series? Red?[View]
39457749what was his name again?[View]
39459359haha wouldn't it be funny if her cock was too big to fit in her panties haha imagine the look o…[View]
39460301There will be 18 'generic' Gigantamaxes where all the Max moves turn into a Gmax move with…[View]
39454444How much is 41% of 87.5%?[View]
39458524Is she the best female MC?[View]
39459324>people who don't nickname their pokemon[View]
39460183When are we getting more info about this?[View]
39458496why is it so FUCKING BAD?[View]
39459457Which of these best girl products do you own?[View]
39459355You think Zacian Zamazenta and the starters will get gigantimax forms[View]
39453523Fav male player character per region: G1 Red, G3 Red, or Chase? Gold or Ethan? G3 Brendan or G6 Bren…[View]
39459826>ywn call Sabrina and have her ask about what's going on with you Just...…[View]
39460094So who's gonna recreate Sword & Shield as DS ROMhacks?[View]
39459715Cute thread: Post cute.[View]
39459882September 20th[View]
39459905>instead of getting cool tribal tattoos we’re stuck with turd cloud halos…[View]
39459747>Shinies removed >'Good! Shinies were just awful recolors and caused elitism in the community!…[View]
39458716I did this fake a while before the first sword/shield trailer dropped. At that time I did not know h…[View]
39459780Poképaws, post your favorite.[View]
39459723>can only get once per game >postgame >level 60 >cant breed >only shot using one in a…[View]
39459356>emissary of the sun >no drought >no desolate land >not fire type…[View]
39457874Gigantamax Form: What pokemon do you want to see get a gigantamax form? I'm hoping for the rema…[View]
39456274>googling Dynamax brings up nothing about pokemon, only a motorhome company OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
39451671Yikes... And people thought Ohmori was a waifufag[View]
39459064Gamefreak restores the national dex However, Yawnfag returns[View]
39459260What are you listening to while grinding your Pokemon?[View]
39459376Nickname thread: What do you nickname your Pokemon and why?[View]
39454543Why does it trigger plebs so much?[View]
39459472>Greninja got Water Shuriken and Mat Block >Incineroar got Darkest Lariat and Throat Chop Will…[View]
39457697>Evolved Ditto How was he supposed to work?[View]
39459496Anons, here's an interesting question for all of you. Why in the world are we doing Pokémon dir…[View]
39459425>Pokemon I catch and really like requires trading to evolve >Immediately shelf it…[View]
39452763Do you agree that the water in Sword and Shield looks like sludge and oil? Be honest.[View]
39459375What are the chances GF will make a patch that adds all remaining Pokemon in Sw/Sh? And more importa…[View]
39457871very clearly a girl mermaid... how this fuck does this make any sense...[View]
39455865>Pokemon you've never used in game. Personally pic related.[View]
39459282So... If you have to make a team out of the gen8 pokemon we know, what it would look like? Mine: …[View]
39452014Cursed images: what the fuck[View]
39457229Is Johto the less meta-relevant region? Discuss. I think no one uses most of those fellas. The start…[View]
39459265best main rpg game: if u had to choose 1 pokemon game from the main rpg series, what would it be? la…[View]
39458118>try to have comfy time with alpha sapphire >prepare myself for soft resetting to get benefiti…[View]
39456683Post the pokemon version of memes and images posted frequently in 4chan.[View]
39448411DENNIS: DENNIS[View]
39457794>competitive online combat >split into regional lists >so basically fight kanto only >o…[View]
39456120Gamefreak restores the national dex However, Slugfucker returns[View]
39459135Porygon thread: Post about the best pokemon ever made and his family[View]
39458453Shinies are in SwSh right?[View]
39457085time to try the six smeargle challenge in ORAS or should I do USUM?[View]
39450254ITT: Pokemon that NO ONE hates. Sableye is everyone's favorite Ghost or Dark type.[View]
39454524SwSh Leak: 1. Grookey’s final evolution is Grass/Rock 2. Sobble’s final evolution is Water/Ghost 3. …[View]
39458621>playing random battles on showdown >bulky pokemon has a focus sash >offensive pokemon does…[View]
39456053I'm gonna miss that glittered ink now that the splatfests are over.[View]
39455609New trainer merch out coming out: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2019/07/190719_p01.html?utm_source=…[View]
39454877>venusaur nicknamed bruteroot[View]
39458855I don’t know if it’s appropriate just to show off art but , I’m really proud of this drawing I did o…[View]
39455524Pokefans reaction when they get a shit diamond and pearl remake next year after stying quiet and pur…[View]
39458667Max eats Chocolate[View]
39458812Greetings, trainer. It has been a stressful leak season. Feel free to rest here before continuing on…[View]
39458018when the FUCK is this coming out? I need a new cope badly[View]
39452581Why isn't she in Masters?[View]
39458739Do you even lift, faggot?[View]
39452671Game Freak is incompetent or that's just a /vp/ meme?: Pic no related[View]
39456496Now I going to Kanto or Battle Frontier?[View]
39458664>game freak keeps making shittier and shittier mainline pokémon games >after that, the pokémon…[View]
39385599>'Pokemon can force themselves upon their trainer and there's absolutely nothing wrong with …[View]
39453867Ok /vp/. Tell me: How do you make a GOOD Pokemon game?[View]
39454651>Don't just stand there, help me get this thing off!![View]
39448969/ff/ - Fox Friday: Post foxes and only foxes.[View]
39458190Why is Lando in UBERS? Is it because of his 101 speed? Would he be in OU if he had 100?[View]
39458540What changes do you want to see for the remakes?[View]
39455466How do we fix it?[View]
39457546Pokemon is just Fate for furries. Prove me wrong[View]
39456289Why didn't GameFreak wait until after Sword and Shield's release to say anything about the…[View]
39454964Acerola thread. Post smug ghost wife.[View]
39455859Why does he look retarded and why he poses like a retard?[View]
39458476the normies are coming for us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5lk0agFaiQ[View]
39453401Why aren't PP related items purchasable?[View]
39458382Pokenchi July 21st: What supposedly 'latest' Pokemon Sword and Shield information are you expecting …[View]
39457083Why am i like this: The only way i enjoy the games is by using my starter pokemon. I love pokemon as…[View]
39458304This is just Pokemon RS again, wait for remake for that gen to catch them all..[View]
39450072OH NO NO NO![View]
39456563HOLY FUCK A NEW FIRE-TYPE POKEMON LEAKED It's so cute it's my favorite gen 8 pokemon so fa…[View]
39455747I've been running in front of this grunt for over 2 hours trying to catch a Clefairy. He must b…[View]
39457725rate melmetal out of ten[View]
39458122>Sun legendary >Weak to fire[View]
39455293Realistically, is there anybody on the planet who can stop him? Not even vp, reddit and resetera…[View]
39455750Getting real sick of this dude after Pokemon Platinum.[View]
39457836What's the strongest Pokemon Giovanni could beat in a fight? Strongest you could?[View]
39453250Thoughts on him?[View]
39453108Daily reminder that Dexitbros dont give a fuck about the quality of the Pokemon games. They ONLY ca…[View]
39454359did people really had trouble fighting Miltank in GSC?[View]
39457219Surely they won't...[View]
39455995How do you guys cope with the fact that you were born in this shit reality instead of the Pokemon wo…[View]
39456770what would her team be?[View]
39456697Post kantomons that will NOT have a gigantamax form[View]
39451397Feraligatr thread[View]
39457969best pokemon shirts: all pokemon shirts are wack af and it bothered tf out of me then i made some. t…[View]
39442574Post your Trainer Sheets: Rate and give pros and cons. Template in thread.[View]
39457652You’re stuck in a cage and forced to fight bare hands with the last Pokèmon you caught: How fucked a…[View]
39453952Is there a more kino pokemon game than Black and White?[View]
39456776I love the X/Y Gym Battle theme bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMaQh-2gGt4[View]
39451169Hey /vp/, what was his name again?[View]
39457090HELLOOOOOOOOO: where are you ?[View]
39457654ITT: We make a pokemon region: I'll start. Let's call this the Sorano region, I guess. …[View]
39454058Why isn’t it Water/Psychic?[View]
39444995comfy thread: Chill out and share cozy music, art, and stories[View]
39455403Yup *sips* I remember when Pokemon was good[View]
39451433#BringBackNationalDex is TOXIC guys! >Same person[View]
39447761Showderp: DeviantArt edition: ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL dogars.ml showderp.booru.org >>3…[View]
39439027Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39457039Who was in the wrong here?[View]
39455744el mushroom: mistico[View]
39455510everyone is here[View]
39453720Small Indie Company. Preasu understand[View]
39451582ORAS arguably has the most content out of every Pokemon game >contests >E4 rematches all with …[View]
39455741Why WOULDN'T you want GameFreak to change the Pokemon formula? The old Attack Bag Pokemon Run m…[View]
39455426Ok /vp/, who's the superior water bug in Alola?[View]
39454050I don't get this. Are you seriously telling me you'd be fine with S/S if it were another l…[View]
39456726Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: Well, seem's we got some more 'misinformation' Joe...GF has got some…[View]
39452991>He lets his Nebby be controlled by a disgusting black parasite How could you, /vp/. Are tiers a…[View]
39456577What have been the best matches you have seen on YouTube?[View]
39456623Dynamax/gigantamax is KANTO's feature![View]
39455481>New Pokemon Center merch OH NO NO NO VENUBROS WHAT DO WE DO? HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RED'S AC…[View]
39454449OK time to see who is fighting for the NatDex and against the NatDexcucks, and why. https://www.stra…[View]
39454249https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R31JBBB4IKU SOUL[View]
39456397Question: Is there an ability that makes the pokemon change type every turn? Do you think it would b…[View]
39455017Tajiri: >Be literal autist collecting bugs >Tries making a literally who company to sell gamin…[View]
39450423>tfw Ohmori is genuinely trying to make a good game but Masuda and Gamefreak's budget won…[View]
39452020Thoughts on this?[View]
39454366Can i complete alolan dex with just copy of moon and ultra sun? Or would i lack some mons to do so (…[View]
39456277Did you really think i would'nt leave Alola?Im coming for your wig sis stop playing with me[View]
39454918It's summer, Serena: Time to show the feet[View]
39451242Zinzolin: Zinzolin[View]
39456052We all love the Battle Frontier, but which game did it better? https://www.strawpoll.me/18347138[View]
39442829/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General: world map edition /rheg/ …[View]
39456088fuck I can't find the source on this comic: I remember there was a pokemon hgss era comic, i th…[View]
39455386Who?: Who?[View]
39455922Is there a /vp/ pixelmon server? What version of all the things are you using? What's the ip?[View]
39455877Pokemon themed Minecraft server: classicgameguys.mcnetwork.me[View]
39455038There are two buttons. >Red The Battle Frontier (not just the battle tower and its clones) become…[View]
39453010This Pokémom is literally nobody's favorite. If it was removed from the game, no one would noti…[View]
39453818Is there a tier list for pokemon spin off games? pic related[View]
39455742The cull has made me realize how little Pokemon I have actually used and how much I depend on my fav…[View]
39452937Mt. Mortar, the most underappreciated optional dungeon in the series[View]
39455712grook grass soib wat rabit fire punch man evil man good you mythic???? gigantamax!?!?!?!?!? kill me[View]
39455870>Yfw the Dynamax for old Pokemon are their Mega models with type-changes and abilities included…[View]
39449908The Champion of Hoenn is the son of the richest man. Why does everyone ignore this corruption?[View]
39447925Reminder that something good actually came out of Gen 8: S[View]
39453670Do you like pokegirls who wear long pants?[View]
39455306Why was she so passive aggressive all the time?[View]
39454319Fakemon ideas thread: Post your ideas for fakemon. Drawings are optional.[View]
39455480Imagine a Gen 5 meta with all the Gen 5 mechanics, abilities, items, etc. but no actual gen 5 pokemo…[View]
39455111Lucario almost hurts Braxien! _ _ _______[View]
39455473>his favorite pokemon is Lucario[View]
39455424Was friend Safari peak /vp/? pic unrelated[View]
39450907SOUL. Pokémon masters will be way bigger than sword and shield: Looks fantastic[View]
39454304what a stand up boy[View]
39446752Fire is, without a doubt the most creatively dead of all 16 pokemon types. I mean look at this shit,…[View]
39454474Is this the worst puzzle in the entire series?[View]
39454910Reminder to preorder SwSh. Now.[View]
39454490Pokemon Crystal to ORAS?: I might be late but not sure... just got into playing pokemon again and bo…[View]
39454646Which starter is the most suitable for a monotype run in Pokémon Red? The choices are Poison, Water …[View]
39453864Is this the correct ranking on the Gen 2 Pokemon designs?[View]
39455076Despite my negative view on these games, max raid battles look fun af[View]
39440487Rosa thread: Post images of the best PokeGirl[View]
39389506Previous thread >>39319758 >Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >Nuzlocke genera…[View]
39449741Is there porn of the overworld sprites?[View]
39445762Favorite Pokemon of each type thread https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/[View]
39454730Reminder: For each hour you spend complaining about SwSh on here, you could've... 1. Made your …[View]
39454772>rock and ground type but not dark and light type[View]
39452392How autistic is this board? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is boards like /out/ and /an/, and 10 is …[View]
39448583>ywn have all of the pokemon in a mainline game again because the animators are waifufags I will …[View]
39452551What does this mean: In Pokemon X and Y, if you go to Lumiose Station, and look at the furthest back…[View]
39453889Lapras Thread: Any other Laprasfags here?[View]
39449542Pokemon was never great: Seriously, the fan favorite picks whether its HG/SS, BW2 or Crystal still a…[View]
39450425Post 10/10 designs: Post 10/10 designs[View]
39452007Say something nice about my wife, Cynthia.[View]
39453776Instead of wasting time doing new sprites for the following pokémon in HG/SS, why they just didn…[View]
39448935The current state of pokemon.[View]
39454133Vulpix used Powder Snow!: Salamence fainted![View]
39450444Time for our daily thread about how this was an asspull![View]
39452541Let's be real. If you have ANY starter Pokemon as your favorite Pokemon overall, you're ba…[View]
39452670Bulky mon thread: Anyone else like bulky/hefty looking mons? Post your favorites[View]
39453532>3d Camera >Huge open world >doge mascots >amazing character designs >most stablest m…[View]
39454188So how long until /vp/ officially becomes a mobile games board?[View]
39448479There is not a single person on earth who considers this piece of shit their favorite Pokémon. If it…[View]
39453145How do you guys feel about the theory involving the Regis and the nuclear attacks on Japan?[View]
39454059When did Pokemon turn into a waifufag game? At this point it's only a matter of time until the …[View]
39453150Pokedex thread: >The bug is mostly dead, with the mushroom on its back having become the main bod…[View]
39449546I have it: Farfetch's evo is not exactly like the Gold demo, but it does look similar. >had …[View]
39453609Effort Values: How do you keep track of the effort values? I mean once a Pokemon hatches it has 0/51…[View]
39446559Would you like to save the game?: You alone now have the power to SAVE irl. >There is already a s…[View]
39383392/pmdg/ - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon General: Previous thread: >>39341765 >Downloads Blue Rescu…[View]
39453850Why were we denied this fight? Was it time constraints or did Unno just stuff to much into BW2’s car…[View]
39453403Playthrough Help, Please!: need help with my ultra sun custom-mon potionlocke. can anyone help me? I…[View]
39453825What's the most absurdly broken team you can run in gen 6? Planning on steamrolling Gaia with s…[View]
39449857This is what people boycotting SwSh look like.[View]
39453606Hello guys - I haven't played a Pokemon game since sapphire. My questions are as follows: What…[View]
39450107swalot thread[/spoilers][View]
39441506I sloppily redesign Yamper: Now he somewhat look like what he’s suppose to be[View]
39453232So what was even the point of collecting the Zygarde cells in SM when USUM does away with that shit?[View]
39450421Since my bro won't be in Sword and Shield, I brought him to the top of the Vessel in New York C…[View]
39451989>tfw Let's GO had higher animations then Sword and Shield[View]
39452480So why does this ugly soulless piece of shit exists?[View]
39453118The Massacre of Mr. Mime Pt 1: >DMing Pokemon 5e >Half the party falls through a portal and in…[View]
39448557Fact: No one likes this character.[View]
39451194Max eats Chocolate[View]
39452446>Brendan may be mischievous, but he aims to be like his Gym Leader father. Expect him and his Tre…[View]
39452271This thing is interesting, but not very good.[View]
39452915Be honest, did you expect Incineroar to become the shillstarter of Gen VII?[View]
39453078Largo is crying and needs a hug. Are you up for it?[View]
39443527How many of you chatted in YouTube CHANNEL comment sections back in the day? (Marriland's, Supe…[View]
39450757Pokemon Following you is such a useless feature and the fact you want it in every games shows how yo…[View]
39451806Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently the most pre-ordered game in Japan.: Ahead of Fire Emblem: Thr…[View]
39452707Pokemon Center Lady New Design: Pokemon Center Lady has a new design in Masters. Thoughts? It's…[View]
39452570>playing on Shift battle style yikes[View]
39452106He wouldn't have let this happen: > gamefreak scratching its balls on pokemon GS porting iss…[View]
39451062Why do people get annoyed that people are complaining? No ones forcing them to listen to it. I don…[View]
39450553Art of Pokémon Masters Trainers for mobile merchandising[View]
39452745I need a new Showdown background. Post some.[View]
39451862ORAS is objectively the best out of the 3DS games. Certainly not the best game in general, but it tr…[View]
39451947This is my wife. Say something nice about her and post yours.[View]
39451152Make a team with your favorites[View]
39446425Post reddit Pokemon.[View]
39452288What are some legendaries that it would be realistic for an OC to have? Like what legendaries are th…[View]
39450802Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[View]
39452437bugs? yeah...my fetish where? in anus, of course[View]
39450314Good for them Everyone on board got there FREE NINTENDO SWITCH[View]
39451049Well, /vp/? Do you?[View]
39449891>evolution gives pokemon clothing[View]
39451176Hey guys. Can I get your opinions and recommendations of Pokemon romhacks you played? I'm mostl…[View]
39450717Is it possible for the Scorbunny evolution to be worse than this one?[View]
39442953Are you ready for the new waifu age? It should be obvious by now that by the next decade, Pokemon wi…[View]
39448882Looks like mommy's back on the menu, boys[View]
39450407People say Smash makes Pokemon more popular like Incineroar. Then why Squirtle is still far less pop…[View]
39451530Ghost is, without a doubt the most creative of all 18 pokemon types. I mean look at this shit, a han…[View]
39442645Johto Giga Starter[View]
39443259If Blue's ace is Pidgeot, whose ace is Arcanine?[View]
39449090Do you have any 'mons that you refuse to evolve, /vp/?[View]
39450139Hello shills, where are the high quality animations? Why you never post em?[View]
39451474Bro Checklist: How many of your bros are confirmed in Galar? I'm still holding hope for a few o…[View]
39451877Twitter Layout and Pokemon: >New Twitter layout released >Features removed >Twitter users a…[View]
39451945Fakemon Waifu thread: Post some waifu designs.[View]
39451913>Pokemon Masters will have Charizard and Blastoise but no Venusaur according to merchs >Just l…[View]
39451788Hot Take:: There's nothing wrong with Kanto pandering, however there's everything wrong wi…[View]
39451312Can fight pokemon like Zeraora and Marshadow and hold it's own but loses to a snivy why?[View]
39447099ITT: Pokemon you're glad about being gone.: I'll start.[View]
39451283Best Combo?[View]
39451125/vp/ draws a thing thread: Come draw some pokemon junk with other anons! We draw here https://www.m…[View]
39451764What's their Team /vp/?: Griffith/Femto: Honchrow Escavalier Druddigon Decidueye Gengar Conkeld…[View]
39451481anyone else think it should be fairy/steel?[View]
39449353buy lillie: buy lillie[View]
39450445>'We want all Pokemon in the Galar dex have a chance to shine' How can they make such piece of wo…[View]
39449969Deer Thread: Post deers.[View]
39451137Holy shit...[View]
39443169/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Force It, Hanke Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]
39450762Why are they obsessed with humans over the Pokemon now?[View]
39451461>night slashing blissey[View]
39450668I hope Sword and Shield has compfy rain music[View]
39450773Nurse Joy Thread: NURSE JOY is getting merch. Which Nurse Joy design is your favorite? Mine is the B…[View]
39451228Politoed a cute: Don't mind me. Just hopping my way to page 10.[View]
39450429Game tiering: Yet another tier thread[View]
39451282All this talk about Sword and Shield and how bad they are got me thinking, what makes a good Pokémon…[View]
39450859Confess it, /vp/: You'll miss them[View]
39450297Thoughts on this hack[View]
39450405What went wrong with Masuda after Pokemon Black and White?[View]
39450452What was the point of this feature?[View]
39450890This gen totally has the best waifus. >Saitou/Bea is already mine[View]
39447290You’re still going to buy it, won’t you, anon?[View]
39450965Are there any mods for black 2/ white 2 that let your pokemon follow you?[View]
39443224Dhiaruga-sama to Issho: I found this thing and i thought to share it with you yall. Also, i don…[View]
39439979This game unironically looks really good https://youtube.com/watch?v=oIwGe83JUo8[View]
39450938Fix my bro[View]
39449771What background character are you hoping to get in Masters[View]
39450979Gamefreak announces that all pokemon can be brought over again but the graphics stay the then will y…[View]
39447881>fairies now take super effective damage from bug and fire >steel doesn't resist bug and …[View]
39450844Bring back Morimoto[View]
39449260Do you consider it to be cheating to use a pseudo in game? This dude has been my ace since my first …[View]
39450860This is an official piece of merchandise. How is this allowed??[View]
39450635>born from antarctic ice during an ice age >air around it is -328 burger degrees, freezing any…[View]
39450560What happened to this, man? Did even GF realize they couldn't save Gen 6?[View]
39450745>he has a waifumon[View]
39450744>Cool Pokemon is unviable >ugly Pokemon is more viable Everytime…[View]
39445010Post best starter pic related[View]
39448356why is he so cute?[View]
39450482What's his team?[View]
39450381At least the trainers are using different balls outside of the standard Pokeball Unless they already…[View]
39441961When did you quit Pokémon, and when did you come back?: I'm not sure why, but I completely lost…[View]
39448725What if Arceus was one of us?[View]
39444125Pojo magazine in 2003 shipping May and Drew: Why did they promote this ship so much?[View]
39446539Why GF hates these guys?[View]
39450211National Dex: Apologize to Pokémon’s company if you want Pokémon to be saved![View]
39449284where do you find Biteki in Clover I want one badly[View]
39449914Why do we keep orbiting around the same, popular waifus when there are so many underrated ones in th…[View]
39450311What did Alder do to this kid?[View]
39450223Giuseppe Lickerman: Whenever Lickerman comes across something new, it will unfailingly give it it…[View]
39444349So Hilda being a midget means that Hilbert is a manlet?[View]
39450270Writefag here. I've been thinking about doing some Pokemon based short stories as practice. Is…[View]
39448603>hey let's take a pinecone, give it eyes and remove the 'e' at the end GENIUS…[View]
39450030why is pokemon bringing back a classic meme[View]
39442114What if I told you that gen. 8 is about to introduce something that changes the last 20 years of pok…[View]
39447110What does /v/ think of my take on the currently unreleased fire-type elephant from the one Sword and…[View]
39449206You bastards are literally taking the food out of her mouth when you say you arent gonna buy SwSh. Y…[View]
39439394Pokemon Confessions: When I was 6, I used to unironically think Pokemon was a series where people tr…[View]
39448121Pokémon you want to pet[View]
39446904New Types[View]
39448785Broke into GameFreak HQ and got the final starter art, don't tell anyone, this is our secret[View]
39450092Furret and Linoone innocently playing in the meadow.[View]
39448319If Litten is supposed to be the canon starter of the games how come the only official piece of art t…[View]
39450061owo What's this? x3[View]
39447938What if we get Post Game Kalos: Pokémon Sword and Shield theory.....the new Galar region is shaped l…[View]
39450020/vp/ in one pic.[View]
39447259>level up Eevee in docked mode >level up Eevee in portable mode…[View]
39449946>we lost megas for a zero-effort gimmick just to please the sizefetish fags…[View]
39448790'I-It's supposed to be ugly!' is not an argument. I don't care if the real counterpart loo…[View]
39449393>Pokemon you used on your first run of Gold/Silver[View]
39449501I came from the FUTURE and Im took a picture of him, and this is what he looks like when he gets OLD[View]
39447921fakemon thread 20XX: ITT the year is 20XX, there are now so many accumulated mandatory meme mons and…[View]
39449713Based GF warning us about the end of Pokemon[View]
39445089why would the design him like this?[View]
39447186Harvest 'Mon 02: I'm still making a Stardew/Harvest Moon-like with Pokémon. What do you wa…[View]
39449367Aight lads, show me yer finest roserades[View]
39448067ITT: We act like gentlemen until someone gets trips[View]
39447586>sobble's design is goo-[View]
39444388Did you remember to worship our lord and savior the Blinding One today. /vp/?[View]
39448085Would a Dynamax school-form Wishiwashi look like the left or the right?[View]
39430849Pokemon Masters: https://twitter.com/PokemonMasters/status/1151537096387117057 SOUL[View]
39437601>Finally get a Steel Dragon mon besides Dialga >it looks like this How do you feel?…[View]
39448473Which one of these is your favourite Pokémon of all time?[View]
39447786How do you usually go about catching your legendaries in game?[View]
39449337Venipede's Feed and Seed (Formerly Shuckle's)[View]
39447697Have you ever givin an inappropriate nickname to your Pokémon?: Like, I remember I had black and nic…[View]
39449277Why are you always so angry about all things Pokemon?[View]
39444832Not a Waifu dude but this is the only Pokemon I find ‘attractive’ per se.[View]
39442630Fix a Shitmon: https://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/formats/untiered/ Pick your favorite shitmon from here.…[View]
39448440>cute puppeh box legends Yup, I'm buyin' it[View]
39449287>'have fun spending your money on a mobile gacha game, retard... haha...' >spends $60 on unfin…[View]
39449171Power of Weather Trio: Never Forget that time that Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre f word everything up…[View]
39449222If mainline Pokemon has to be a yearly release due to merch, anime, TCG, etc, why not just go back t…[View]
39447468Emboar is genuinely the ugliest Pokemon ever created. I wouldn't be caught dead with this thing…[View]
39449210torchic's hidden ability[View]
39434247Midget Hilda: Post pictures of short Hilda[View]
39446546Have you ever dropped your starter pokemon from your team?[View]
39448934Onix is 7 feet (2.1336 meters) longer than Gyarados, is made entirely of boulders, yet weighs 100 po…[View]
39446298>Espeon used reflect >Umbreon used Toxic >Espeon used psychic >Umbreon used confuse Ray…[View]
39448109There is no way in fucking hell that this wasn't intentional.[View]
39444042Ok Game Freak, we’ve seen Charizard a million times already. Enough[View]
39446480Why does /vp/ think these are worse than the originals?[View]
39445366Marley thread: Behold: The TRUE goddess of /vp/ (Yes I understand pic related looks like shit)…[View]
39445487Arceus: What do you guys think?[View]
39447115Why you don't like Palkia anon ? It's cute![View]
39447854Interracial couples make me sick[View]
39445951People talk about stagnation in the series but what exactly should change in this franchise to keep …[View]
39448218Why is he sad?[View]
39445147Bros... I've just preordered two copies of Pokémon Swish-Swish. One's for me, the other is…[View]
39448252Why only 1 Parrot pokemon?: a Pet animal like a dog/cat not as common but still popular based Pokem…[View]
39440153Forget about SwSh for a moment, what did /vp/ think about her movie?[View]
39445275The final red pill: https://youtu.be/OYU51Gebx4w It's over, Pokémon is dead.[View]
39445204Why did the world forget about us?[View]
39445950Is this the best outfit Serena ever wore?[View]
39439528ITT: pokemon that look like digimon[View]
39444344Hi: What are some Pokemon a terrorist would use? Asking for a friend[View]
39446011Saw no team thread so let's start one. Pic related in emerald, ready to enter Victory Road.[View]
39443166Daily reminder this guy could defeat literally any Pokemon, even in brick based form[View]
39444197You and everyone you know will be thrown into a pit of lava in 1 hour unless you can prove that you …[View]
39444594Post your most hated Pokemon: This piece of shit.[View]
39445828pokemon roms?: new to romming and piracy, looking for a old 8bit game or anything really[View]
39447975>I-it looks like a Digimon You realize that this is objectively a compliment right?…[View]
39447056What do you think it is saying /vp/?[View]
39445315>Mr. Masuda, it's time to evolve the main series from portable to home consoles, we're …[View]
39446211If you see this image while browsing the catalog, you have been visited by the BUFF MONS WITH SMALL …[View]
39445972If pokèmon was real, which one would you catch first?: I would catch a poliwrath because its my favo…[View]
39448394STOP looking at Allister!!!![View]
39446734if you fuck your wife, does that count as cucking yourself?[View]
39448194Now that the dust has settled, what did they mean by this?[View]
39446829To stay relevant gamefreak is trying to kill main series pokemon games on the main console because m…[View]
39447965To All Dexers: Why not make your own creative IP instead of hoping that a multi-billion dollar corpo…[View]
39445422NO WATERFAGS ALLOWED: If your favorite pokemon is WATER TYPE then you are NOT ALLOWED to post in thi…[View]
39445599What went wrong?[View]
39445265Why are they shilling Cynthia so much in Pokemon Masters?: Is it because of her general popularity/a…[View]
39447562Bug bus thread: Bug bus thread? Bug bus thread.[View]
39446190Good bye my favorites pokes: Damn Game Freak shitty[View]
39446746Is a good explanation for GF's refusal to create a female protagonist who wears long pants? Do …[View]
39442976Who thought 10 levels of this was a good idea?[View]
39447535Now what if, just WHAT IF The dex reduction only applies to some starters, legendaries, ultra beasts…[View]
39447610. . J̢̡̻̮̫̋͋̓̃̀̐̉̂̂̕O̸͔̪̳̙͇͑̏́͆̀̄͊͘̕Ę̷̨̬̭̥̔̏̾̆̌̽̓̕ͅ M̥̯̹͉̮̜̤̮͇͌̿̋̍̏͟E̸̢͎͕̹͈͚̮̹̟͒̀̌̋̐͘͘͞R̺͍̯̼͈̪͂͋̐͗͝…[View]
39444876Shieldfags on suicide watch[View]
39447478> Johto and Hoenn are the only regions where Grass, Fire and Water weren't all represented b…[View]
39437080Post your favorite legendary please[View]
39446246for me, its sobble[View]
39444737What generation would you shill?: If you were in charge, what generation would you shill?[View]
39447485>MOONE = Lunala >SUNNE = Solgaleo The names that this dude come up with are funny…[View]
39442942Favorite Pokémon?[View]
39447253Wasted Potential: The Game[View]
39447020>He's going to Galar[View]
39445761>Team Plasma is hypocritical! >introduced giving a big speech about how keeping Pokemon is cru…[View]
39425279Who is the best villain in Pokemon?[View]
39437398Showderp: Good Edition: A good champ will claim the title by posting 'champ', anons will t…[View]
39447299Marshadow and friends[View]
39446189This little dude is my best friend.[View]
39445083Terrifying Pokemon Thread[View]
39447037>No mega evolution >No counter for Garchomp Why is life for Flygon so hard, bros?…[View]
39446905How do you even nuzlocke this game? Totems, Z moves and Ultra Necrozma guarantee that you lose at le…[View]
39446704Ultra Jungle... Home... https://youtu.be/nuyfBgr10Vw[View]
39446831How does one become a gym leader? Do you take a test? Or what?[View]
39446567Zygarde The Unlucky One[View]
39446349Rainbow Wing Thread: Post best pokemon of a certain color! Declare color! BONUS IF NO REPEATED COLOR…[View]
39445777Pic related is the only Pokemon I’ve ever fapped to other than gardevoir and lopunny. What’s wrong w…[View]
39445609Installing gens 1-7 on 2ds xl: Gents, my daughter is old enough to be interested in the previous gen…[View]
39444213I’m beta testing the new Pokémon masters app for iOS I’ll answer all questions you have.[View]
39445189Why are Black and White 2 considered the last high mark in the main series? Were the 3DS games reall…[View]
39446346Post your Galar team[View]
39445523Babymons: Yes or no?[View]
39436316I think people are jumping the gun assuming Chairman Rose is the villain.[View]
39438411Itt we try to create the worst regional Pokedex possible. Post all the worst Pokemon and tell us why…[View]
39446377I stopped playing after white version. I skipped gen 6 and 7 but was excited for gen 8 as there woul…[View]
39445418Alternate outfits are in Masters: I know exactly what you are thinking[View]
39446369What's the point of making 3 starters if there are always 2 kids involved in the story (except …[View]
39440943New video pretty soon >Team Yell stuff plus new girl 'rival' ben affleck already told you about …[View]
39445520ITT: A world where Pokemon Red/Green didn't sell well at all and were forgotten.[View]
39445079How would you have promoted, aka 'shilled', the Zorua-line better?[View]
39442382Every Pokémon game that isn't made by Game Freak has so much soul that is immediately noticeabl…[View]
39445078Why are people trying so hard to stain gamefreak's name?[View]
39446030Ideal gen 8 for switch: If gen 8 had made a leap in quality and scope similar to Skyward Sword and B…[View]
39443631Making a case that Primarina is infact an 'anthro' design: >circular-non/angular or oval shaped h…[View]
39445768Honestly besides the national dex, my biggest issue with these is that the offensive sword game is b…[View]
39445173>No RB2 with Blue taking over as Professor and exploring Kanto 20 years later and seeing the natu…[View]
39442162Hardest boss in videogames?[View]
39440893Porn when?[View]

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