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38614386*tip* *tap* *tip* *tap*[View]
38610551Leap of faith: Your most powerful pokemon demands you to lay on the bed and close your eyes. What to…[View]
38619093Rate my team: Snoop (Smeargle) @ Focus Sash Ability: Own Tempo EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timi…[View]
38617701>make cutesy pink pokemon type to appeal to little girls >it’s the best type competitively Wha…[View]
38619521>Why do you grind in pokemon games bro >You don't need to grind I am in XD, and the final…[View]
38619333Galar Shinies/Specs: this is the only place I see people critiquing speculation shit, so tell me wha…[View]
38619286>sun legendary >weak to fire[View]
38619380Belieevee The Believe Pokémon Fairy-Type Believe in Belieevee or it will hurt you.[View]
38619381>good luck buying a copy of Pokémon Green >400 results on eBay, $4 a cartridge >article rel…[View]
38617388MAXIMUM comfy, the highest level of comfy possible[View]
38614017>rumble rush includes gen vii dex >meltan and its evo aren't in the game Meltan and LGPE …[View]
38610055Have you ever beaten a girl because of Pokemon? I have, and I kinda feel like an asshole about it. …[View]
38619301Did you guys use a lot of Psypoke for information and guides back then? I lol'd at the latest u…[View]
38611174What would their team be?[View]
38616348is this the only villain that did nothing wrong? >wanted to be a pokemon master >decided to ca…[View]
38616058Lopunny here signing in to say likeing pokemon in a romantic why is ok[View]
38548235Drawthread: Previous Drawthread >>38505831 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y (embed)…[View]
38618970>7/8 shirt have KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Press F to all the artists that wasted their entry because t…[View]
38614902Gyarados>Feraligatr Arcanine/Ninetails>Typlhosion Victribel/Vileplume>>>>>>…[View]
38617394ITT: Post your favorite pokemon and then mock a hypothetical fan for liking it.[View]
38611910so when are we getting a pokemon game with PokeMMO's AI?[View]
38618455ITT: We come up with Other Metagame ideas >Respawn: Pokemon will be revived after 10 turns of bei…[View]
38612230shield-chan is flat as fuck[View]
38618721Anyone else think the Bewear in the Sun/Moon anime is a total milf?[View]
38617270Plush Thread[View]
38606560Who do you like the most?[View]
38618470You must pick one[View]
38618374>I hate Kanto! The worst thing that happened in this franchise was KAAAAAANTOOOOO…[View]
38618269So this dude was basically a furry right? Builds an entire city based around Human/Pokemon 'harmony.…[View]
38612778Fuck you, I liked it[View]
38617514actually worse than leafeon: what was GF thinking[View]
38618383Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks: Family Guy intro ends DING DONG Brian: I wonder who that could. Pete…[View]
38617666What detail from the game and anime about do you like? Pokemon can't understand Ultrabeast[View]
38618337I got a copy of Ruby and LeafGreen off of Ebay and the guy didn't delete his saves. I don'…[View]
38616513Starting Point: If someone had never played pokemon before, what game would you tell them to start w…[View]
38609725Lets have a thread to celebrate the best box legendaries Which do you prefer /vp/?[View]
38615647Hmmm... Think I'll destroy the universe today.[View]
38617743>2010 + 9 >Still only 1 (ONE) Steel/Electric line…[View]
38616046Starter popularity by most watched YT video:: Charizard: 25M Blastoise: 23M Greninja: 15M Venusaur: …[View]
38617345Pokemon SwSh looks like it's going to be one of the best looking pokemon games to date! I don…[View]
38618054Reminder: Just a reminder that there was a 'leak' last week saying we would be getting an announceme…[View]
38611598Unova thread: Last talk about the best Gen since Hoenn, post comfy pics of Unova Pokémon, wifus and …[View]
38613858What's the best Pokemon game on 3DS? The last one I played was Emerald, btw.[View]
38616039ITT: We make gym leaders: Use https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html or an…[View]
38615695'what is it that you wish?'[View]
38616235My wife Absol is getting ready for our wedding.[View]
38614522Mega creation: ITT: Give a underused Mon a Mega. Try to go with unconventional ideas that might make…[View]
38613829What if Monotypes got x2.5 STAB instead of x2.0?[View]
38617686How was my haul today /v/? HG, SS, and White are complete with manual. Pearl is missing the manual, …[View]
38611834It looks better now but I hope they improve more[View]
38616321This game is really awful in narrative, specially the team plasma plot[View]
38617386Is it just me or Brian looks weird even compared to Primarina? It looks like someone designed it 5 m…[View]
38617544I love it.[View]
38617489We're not getting more news until e3, are we?[View]
38616621What was Gen 7's obsession with making everything slow? And what's with this bullshit of m…[View]
38617455Find a flaw[View]
38615816>The only human characters that have been revealed are the protags and one irrelevant lass it hu…[View]
38607400>Elemental monkeys >Aunt Jemima >Non-trap Bugsy >Hatsune Miku clone >Generic western …[View]
38603526Post those regional shitters[View]
38616658Which gen had the best UU metagame?[View]
38615859Pokémon Sword and Shield: Hi there I’m going to buying sword and shield for the switch as my first P…[View]
38604811Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38617151Why doesn't /vp/ do RMT threads? Is it because people here don't know how to play, or just…[View]
38615089>Dialga, Palkia and Arceus Where is Girantina?[View]
38614026How come Nintendo doesn’t release the old games on iPhones or Androids which can run them very easil…[View]
38616102Who wins in a fight? Substitute or Minimize?[View]
38615563Here's your Grookey evo, bro[View]
38615429>Son, have you been masturbating to those pokemon creatures? Be honest[View]
38599621Life with Pokémon 4: Hopefully an Improvement on 3: Describe your day with your giant, man eating di…[View]
38615961Behold! The most cannonically correct starter![View]
38616333Is this the most forgettable evil team?[View]
38613089If you were to give them proper localized english names, what would they be?[View]
38605010Pokemon Reborn Reborn 4: Because people STILL can't get enough of it. Fug have mercy on us all.…[View]
38613875>actually looks worse than the trailer[View]
38613964I just saw detective pikachu here's what I thought about it if you even care: It was an okay mo…[View]
38616599Someone give me a rundown on this Are people using this as proof that the graphics of the game have …[View]
38604499Cursed images Post em[View]
38615387I told you faggots all along no news this month. Bet you feel stupid now![View]
38614078whats his problem?[View]
38615824Psychics (and Sabrina) have always been a thing. Why is N talking to Pokemon suddenly out of the ord…[View]
38615399>reddit and gf apologists are pretending too hard to be excited for 'customization' news just for…[View]
38615968W-what did Jessie need the ointment for...?[View]
38616060recommend me a pokemon[View]
38614495Literally my mom[View]
38616112Do you regret the prominence & reliability of Substitute related strategies such as Sub+Focus Pu…[View]
38614204this is a pokémon[View]
38610823hopefully galar can surpass unova and take the spot of best region its getting kind of lonely at the…[View]
38615957I wish I had a Jigglypuff because I have insomnia and night terrors. she could sing me to sleep and …[View]
38613202The legend of Tyraniboah: Do you know about this legendary moveset? Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: S…[View]
38612720Reminder that her pussy is used and her assholes bruised[View]
38614505This is some kind of sick joke, right Gamefreak? Please tell me you're just memeing me right no…[View]
38615774I nicknamed my Chimchar Chimpanzee, my Turtwig Turtle and my Piplup Penguin. Am I gay or straight?[View]
38615661Oh nonononono..... no.......[View]
38614086Hey /vp/ I have a favour to ask. Can you take this Spearow with Mail to my friend? I trust you /vp/ …[View]
38613500Look at all these hypocrites: 99% of threads about a female character turn into waifu threads: >.…[View]
38615562>'I know why you're here, I can sense it in you. It's about Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, c…[View]
38614794For all the Yokai watch shills: The yokai watch switch game is headed for another BIG decline in jap…[View]
38615353Is this the most one-sided version exclusive rivalry ever? I've almost never seen anyone ever t…[View]
38610099>best animation for Leaf Blade in Gen 3 >ruined immediately after between Gen 4-6 >only rec…[View]
38612334anyone have any of these series of plushies? They're the pokemon fit or sitting cuties dependin…[View]
38611673Took them long enough.[View]
38612970ITT: Pokemon faggots with no skill use[View]
38615504Where can I catch this Pokémon anon?[View]
38613203Which one is your favorite? What is your policy when using pokeballs, do you only use one kind?[View]
38615389Best Pokemon gens in order: 4 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 7 > 6 > 5 4th gen is the golden era of…[View]
38613555When does it get good?[View]
38615401>GEN II had 19 cross-gen evolutions (7 babies + 12 new evos) >GEN III had 2 cross-gen evolutio…[View]
38615360Pack it up boys, it don't get better than this.[View]
38594673/SeSa/ Seal Saturday: God i wish that were me Edition: You know the deal post a Pokémon Seal[View]
38615049Why is it that unova fans can't come up with original insults of their own? I honestly think 'i…[View]
38611737Would you like a mini series with this trio?[View]
38614454Detective Pikachu almost doubles its budget in 10 days: Pretty good result[View]
38609275Hi, I'm Hydreigon[View]
38600104Charazard thread[View]
38615061Post your Smash Pokemon main. Also, Ivysaur in Smash is so fucking based.[View]
38610064>geodude >graveler Based >golem Cringe…[View]
38614843Which is better?[View]
38614553>Sees video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVdZs8Vh0O0 Me: MOM! The internet is being weird agai…[View]
38614893What's in store for the 66 Gen 1 Pokemon that GameFreak have left alone?[View]
38614432What the fuck is her problem?[View]
38608094Remember when we thought this was real?[View]
38613536>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
38611206I'm still disappointed that they didn't turn out to be the Shadow Triad. That would'…[View]
38608674I never liked the shade of blue Poliwrath was colored in later gens, I always preferred the darker b…[View]
38614808On the road far from home[View]
38612973Looks like they changed some things for the final game (Shading, repositioning, and lighting).[View]
38613417Give me a quick rundown on the GSC meta.[View]
38611565Customisation confirmed.[View]
38611700is it blessed or cursed that this thing is still in the Pokemon Center store?[View]
38612994Rate my favorite protagonists for each region >RBY Red >90's concept Leaf >GSC Gold …[View]
38613020>have great app that lets you inject pokemon without homebrew >you have to make microtransacti…[View]
38614121Quick /vp/ Totodile is stuck in the tree! We must get him down quick before the Spearow start peckin…[View]
38613150objective starter pokemon tier list ratings coming through[View]
38612211>Is a horse >only has 35 speed[View]
38613843hey /vp/, something irl came up ill leave my wingull in your care. make sure nothing bad happens to …[View]
38613583Is furbait most meaningless buzzword on /vp/?[View]
38613803Is this a good starting point for someone new to the series or do I have to actually play the origin…[View]
38607182Why are the gen 5 girls so sexual? The other girls literally don't even come close.[View]
38614072Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks: NO.FREAKING.WAY[View]
38612092This is the best music in any Pokemon game of all times. Change my mind https://youtu.be/rkzTjGf4n8E[View]
38614040I didn't even know there was a shirt contest. I would have entered this.[View]
38610896Misty Monday: Last week was Misty Monday, SFW edition. This week is Misty Monday, lewd as fuck editi…[View]
38613708>watch DP >Flareon confirmed the best eevolution >Mewtwo confirmed the strongest Pokemon …[View]
38612395Wigglytuff's Guild... Soul...[View]
38613469>”hey bro, wanna play pokemon with us at our hotel room?” What would you answer?…[View]
38613821Why did they make her look like garlic?[View]
38613747Why does Smogon seethe so much over this?[View]
38611770Why is this allowed?[View]
38607671ITT: Pokémon that only you like[View]
38609859What makes a generation good or bad for you?[View]
38613787Sword/Shield Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARUb_yFMgw8 Scorbunny burns grass Sobble extin…[View]
38613062Do you consider using legendaries in game cheating?[View]
38613635Coro Coro: 1-bird 1-insect just this ...[View]
38607554Lickitung is the sexiest Pokemon.[View]
38612623What are some of the best gen 1 and 2 hacks?[View]
38613527Reminder that there ste STILL retarded contrarians that unironically believe phys/special split was …[View]
38611711Murkrow Braxien fusion: We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, po…[View]
38607879ITT: Pokemon as roller coasters: Fug[View]
38611940ITT: Make the best team possible with only 3 types It must be composed of a dual type of each type c…[View]
38575430PokeMMO General /pmmog/: Why arent you playing the only pokemon game worth playing anons? >AI use…[View]
38612495Take this K from...[View]
38553203you know, it's still May[View]
38610270Mega Blissey: >Fairy >Fur Coat >+100 Def How would she fair?…[View]
38613072why bulbafags are so autistic?[View]
38611412Pokemon Sword and Shield GOT LEAKS!: Now that GOT is over, the game to complete it begins. You will …[View]
38589462Fetishdex Friday: In this thread you tell us what your fetish is and then either design a Pokemon ba…[View]
38613157What team do you want them to have in Let's Go Togepic and Marill? Gold is based on the manga, …[View]
38602042HYPE: There are 90 bulbasaur placeholders post Zeraora in Rumble Rush. So minus Meltan and Melmetal,…[View]
38604534What makes Sinnoh the most forgettable region?[View]
38611788Which one are you going to buy?[View]
38602354Say something nice about the best Pokemon game of all time, Pokemon Crystal.[View]
38612960>This pose made Giovanni go back to his childhood memories where there's only Charmander and…[View]
38611735>Bug has been neutrally effective on Rock this entire time[View]
38610899Give me a list of all the genwun pandering in Gen 4. I have a friend denying it and need a list.[View]
38604864Fakemon Thread: Not just uglies, neither 10/10s. Just post 'em.[View]
38610724Grass type thread!: https://youtu.be/Q0CB8yXqsyY[View]
38612691>his name is blue >wears a green jacket they had one fucking job…[View]
38601047Give me a list of all the genwun pandering in Gens 6 and 7 /vp/. I have a friend denying it and need…[View]
38604206Showderp: Bikin Edition: Yo, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a cyclist dubbed 'champ' …[View]
38605698>SM has worse animation than XY-[View]
38611177>He became a good guy, left the mafia life and closed down his empire after he remembered his Cha…[View]
38611792Would an ATB-based system akin to SNES-PS1 Final Fantasy work in Pokemon?[View]
38612866>go to https://randompokemon.com/ >disable ubers and nfe >use those mons on showdown OU …[View]
38612819ITT: Pokémon never left Japan: pic unrelated[View]
38611101Detective Pikachu's real crime was not including her[View]
38612829>mfw shitters use outdated strats from gen 6 did X and Y make everyone quit Pokemon?…[View]
38612210We don't want to disturb the sales of LGPE which didn't sold enough in our taste. We won…[View]
38612753how poor are people in Kanto? not only a guard can't afford to buy a single drink with his payc…[View]
38611111Imagine: Somehow you get in a scenario where you are forced to have sex with a pokemon. Would you do…[View]
38612496I'm going for a pokemon adventure! Can you recommend me a companion?[View]
38610847New to competitive battling: Is Glaceon a good pokemon? He has pretty good sp atk[View]
38612719Are there any Pokemon that put EZ Cheese on your head?[View]
38612562What other game modes to you play beside OU on showdown anon? and why?[View]
38612407SA/Stance: Grass/Steel (drummer) Fire/Flying (rocket) Water/Ghost (deep sea) Gimmick mentioned, armo…[View]
38611687' Blocks your path '[View]
38611872Predictions, Not another leak thread.: >Villain Team is Viking based. >Gyms now involve a socc…[View]
38612609Good News: Glaceon & Leafeon Pokemon Go[View]
38612302what would a pokemon game by RockStar be like?[View]
38611794Woah look at his pointy shoes! He's clearly an elf and a fairy![View]
38593573Caturday: Post cat[View]
38609213>no news[View]
38611645GameFreak should quit making the games and stick with making movies or anime. The games truely went …[View]
38610524Mono-Teams: Post your mono-type teams. Competitive or in-game, or things you haven’t even tried yet.…[View]
38612261>'Masuda's teeth aren't whi-'[View]
38612194Oh god, save me.[View]
38611199Do you think Arceus fears its own creations?[View]
38607586Imagine the threesome[View]
38611434This guy has the worst opinions on designs: Is it cause he's a furry or something?[View]
38601015Dirty slut[View]
38607703fairy type was unironically the best thing introduced since gen 2[View]
38611754Diaper beam lol[View]
38607840non-linear 'open world' sinnoh: i made teams for each sinnoh gym leader if you were to fight them in…[View]
38609076I'm really, really scared these are real[View]
38610244A Statue has moved!: A Statue has moved! A Statue has moved! A Statue has moved! A Statue has moved!…[View]
38589188fox friday: fox friday[View]
38608460Is the movie considered canon? They painted Ryme City, originally a bumfuck nowhere city, as a state…[View]
38609886>Almost June >No info[View]
38610177Best legendary coming through[View]
38596360Zeraora is cute![View]
38600157What is it about Hilda that makes her so desirable?[View]
38607493Whoa, is this real???[View]
38611391>20.05.2019 >still no leaks How does it feel to get trolled by GF?…[View]
38608233Help: My Eevee is sick. She has constant diarrhea. What should I do?[View]
38608296/vp/ your eevee requires cooling.[View]
38611072Why Dark type fanboys are always incels or ugly women?[View]
38523781Villain Thread: It's time Detective Pikachu mood[View]
38604460Femanons opinions: What do femanons think about the sexualization of pokemon?[View]
38609317Are gimmicks the only way to win with offensive teams these days, or is defense the only option[View]
38610113Post your pokemon husbando/waifu[View]
38604007ITT: Creepy Pokemon[View]
38606825name literally one counter.[View]
38592075Remember when Ash actually had a personality instead of being an over-sanitized robot who always thi…[View]
38609461We won, spaceworld chads. We. Won.[View]
38609724Is this the worst sprite ever made?[View]
38610336I saw some listings on eBay for Pokemon cartridges that have all possible Pokemon on them. Are these…[View]
38610194New Tapu-level legendaries?: Think it's possible we'll ever get the 4 horsemen of the apoc…[View]
38609289Fakemon Scorbunny Evolution: I tried making an evolution going along with the brains brawn beauty id…[View]
38605438What a pathetic movie.[View]
38608866Having a Pokémon in real life: which pokemon would you have in real life, and how do you think it wo…[View]
38610503make me a movie, WB.[View]
38603760Name ONE good thing about LGPE[View]
38609756Help me build a really good anti-metagame team, please.[View]
38610765Would you?[View]
38610660Give me a list of all the genwun pandering in Gen 5. I have a friend denying it and need a list.[View]
38609770The bugs of Unova or the bugs of Alola?[View]
38610677ITT: Post your favorite rock type.[View]
38607612>that guy who makes competitive smogon-like sets for in-game play[View]
38610744>Is a lion >only has 68 attack[View]
38610073Pokemon Heroes: So was it Bianca or Latias and why did she do it?[View]
38609280>like 30+ episodes into the Sinnoh anime >Ash has one (1) badge I thought this was supposed to…[View]
38604940Pokémon Toy Ideas: Are there any ways for a Meltan toy to have the eye suspended in midair through m…[View]
38603672Canon starters: >Red-Charmander >Ethan-Cyndaquil >Brendan-Mudkip >Lucas-Turtwig >Hilb…[View]
38609466>Poni Coast >There's a sightseer and a punk girl who use kantonian and alolan exeggutors …[View]
38608047admit it /vp/, a pepper would be an excelent fire/grass pokemon[View]
38591844What went wrong?[View]
38610150Who are the Jagen of Pokémon?[View]
38607602Bad signature moves: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Signature_move How do we make them bett…[View]
38609073> Highest offensive base stats out of all three final starter evos (126 SP.Attack) BONUS: 116 SP.…[View]
38610320fuck gym leaders[View]
38606715Get in here fuckers: Leak something NOW![View]
38601430/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: May Community Day Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemo…[View]
38608433>Hydreigon doesnt learn Dragon dance GAMEFREAK YOU USELESS BASTARDS[View]
38608741be boo boo bop[View]
38609337ITT post stat spreads, type combos, abilities, etc. that make you drool. This thread is probably too…[View]
38610129Pokemon remixes that make you emotional: Any remix or regular ost that whenever you listen to it, fi…[View]
38609985Furret: Would you join me relaxing this night with this cute friend and his band? :3 https://www.you…[View]
38608585Gardevoir & Lopunny: Why are there so many pictures of these two together?[View]
38603396Just beat Brock. Holy Shit This is crazy to me. It's just like reliving my childhood. Everythin…[View]
38609516Which one is real?[View]
38603456>perfectly valid reason for overworld encounters >NOOOOOOOOOO U JUZ WANT GEIM 2B EZ ME WANT WA…[View]
38599289say hello[View]
38608243Thoughts on Kahili?[View]
38607091ITT Characters GF probably regrets making[View]
38609564In the heat of a new battle I release out my own cattle They are sending out their Garchomp Looks li…[View]
38608516Is Shield-chan /vp/ approved?[View]
38609151mmm delicious[View]
38606203Is this game good?: Should I play this? Not really doing anything,don't want to replay the game…[View]
38609622Subtitled Movies: I really wanna watch the movies subtitled but I don't find anything. Someone …[View]
38581782/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General: Not your regular engine e…[View]
38606370Niggas tail looks like a slab of ribs[View]
38607937What exactly makes this a flop again?[View]
38594063PTCG/O General: Electropower is Fair and Balanced edition Discord: https://discord.gg/enDy3um New Pl…[View]
38609378How well would guns work against an attacking pokemon?[View]
38609480>mfw sobble isn't ghost[View]
38609362Romhacks thread: Any recommendations for a more boilerplate Pokemon hack? I don't want a comple…[View]
38608762what's wrong with this movie?[View]
38608312This is my wife. Say something nice to her.[View]
38605135To the awesome anon from yesterday who was handing these out: First of all I received one and would…[View]
38604972These two need to go.[View]
38609023Are Sun and Moon proof that Soul =/= Quality?[View]
38600088>thought is a shitty cash grab >it's actually good…[View]
38608360How to evolve eevee into absol?: I need another flying type for my team and absol looks like a good …[View]
38608847>Healing wishes once Yup, auto forfeit How the fuck do you stop this monster?…[View]
38609235Day at the beach: Post some beach themed Pokémon images for me please! Poison 'mons especially …[View]
38607677Have you caught them all?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18020565[View]
38604936One, nothing wrong with me[View]
38609170See this? This is what peak human relationships looks like, perfect? nearly, sacred? of course, wort…[View]
38609188Question of the Day: Are we getting our first post-reveal SWSH news at E3? Why or why not?[View]
38606788why do people do this: >dude make it bug/dragon because it's a dragonfly and bug/dragon isn…[View]
38605760>for the first 4 generations, there was always a way to visit Kanto >with the exception of gen…[View]
38608533>earns one beast boost >destroys your entire team why are the UBs so much better than normal p…[View]
38607803Lucky/unlucky critical hits: So /vp/ what were some of the most lucky/unlucky critical hits you ever…[View]
38604207I don't understand this shit. Why isn't there news about SwSh?[View]
38607739You are challenged by The King! >Emboar >Vanilluxe >Slowking >Slaking >Abomasnow >…[View]
38607444Have USUM fags recovered by now?[View]
38607026>Durrrr it's black so it has to be Dark type[View]
38595561What's the worst box legendary and what's your reason? I'll say this because it'…[View]
38603761>Doesn't get the third starter[View]
38607002So how are you feeling about this[View]
38608213Behold! The most Canonically correct starter.[View]
38605856When is the next beta pokemon leak? I need Gorochu![View]
38607941Leaked Gen 8 Pokedex[View]
38607964Apologize already.[View]
38606865OH NO[View]
38608297Got a question for you Whats heavier an Aron or a Moltres thats right its Aron because steel pokemon…[View]
38608270We Will Never Have Unique Gym Themes Again: How will I cope? https://youtu.be/XW6Ql-e7sy4[View]
38608216>Densetsu no Kusoge was really just a meme Top kek LGPE are still shit regardless…[View]
38607834>”I’ve never watched fireworks alone with a boy before” >”I’ll remember this moment forever” W…[View]
38608036Mega Smeargle: >Normal/Steel >Sturdy >+40 Def >+60 Spe How would she fair?…[View]
38597625Post: >Your first Pokemon game >Your favorite type…[View]
38607881You can think whatever you want about SM, but the 'SM memes era' was fucking gold.[View]
38607737Misty a tomboy vs. girly girls: Misty a great character because she was feisty and tomboyish and mot…[View]
38603666Don’t mind me, I’m just walking my children over to page 11.[View]
38606759Player, Hau, Lillie... Who are the other two?[View]
38607800Its been 8 whole weeks. wheres my pokemon news???? GF promised me pokemon news.[View]
38607324>The gender difference of a Pokemon has the females just have a heart shape on it >everything …[View]
38607611does anyone know how to get a save file of ruby to work? do I need the exact rom it came from? i ke…[View]
38600223Who would you want in the next Pokken?[View]
38607022So uhh: the fuck happened?[View]
38606569What if they were Pokémon?[View]
38607216>soft reset number 149815097671205071058 >just want to play the game with my shiny starter…[View]
38607585Scottish Trainer thread[View]
38607480What's her team?[View]
38607380Is this the most tragic pokemon? >Literally just a dead bug being mind controlled by a mushroom…[View]
38607240Gen1 was so much soul. Has a great feeling of adventure with the right amount of comedy. Ash had man…[View]
38606673Jolteon > Vaporeon > Flareon Umbreon > Espeon Glaceon > Leafeon Sylveon > Dragon-type…[View]
38607104Icy Spikes...: Would you like some?[View]
38606362Would you...: catch this Ditto?[View]
38594410Pokemon Reborn Reborn 3: Because some people can't get enough of it. Welcome back you poor fuck…[View]
38603359ITT: We fix shiny Pokèmon this one isn't mine doc[View]
38600020Thoughts?: So how accurate was this prediction/outcome?[View]
38586860new comfy thread: old one reached bump limit >>38560877[View]
38606448Are there any actual good pixelmon servers? or is it all just ranks/crates/free shinies faggotry?[View]
38606831wow: real leaak starter[View]
38607044what's her song /vp/? (i still love her anyways)[View]
38606786there's nothing wrong with being a furfag, degenerate or any kind of other mental re as long as…[View]
38606298Ok /vp// tell me why they're fake.[View]
38606444My sister's bf is depressed because I had sex with his girlfriend. Because of that my family is…[View]
38599356Post your favourite pokemon your favourite vp meme[View]
38605106Iwane the main anime animator retweeted this: Does Iwane know he is re-tweeting sexually implicit ar…[View]
38603143How do we save her[View]
38606716Can we get a cringe thread?[View]
38595532Could an army of pokemon defeat the U.S. Military?: Well? I think it would be interesting. >Groun…[View]
38604937Give a pokemon a different name: Morpho[View]
38606642following pokemon: How does such a small cosmetic change improve the game so much?[View]
38605370Gen 8 allows you to use ONE bag item in competitive matches. How does this change the meta[View]
38606374holy shit castelia city is huge and it just keeps spinning i fucking love this[View]
38605087Post 10/10 Fakemon: .[View]
38606441What kind of stuff does she research?[View]
38605139Registeel thread[View]
38605548What does /vp/ think of this game?: Aside from the fact that it's an obvious cash cow?[View]
38606386if you were a gym leader, what type would you specialize in, what would your gym concept be, and wha…[View]
38606367Pokemon is[View]
38596011What was the point of this character?[View]
38604591Buy LudiclOH DEAD GOD[View]
38600022Im making a romhack and was wondering if vp wanted to design some fakemon. ( entire dex is going to …[View]
38605131Does Ash like to have sex with his Pikachu?[View]
38606234YIKES: cringe[View]
38605434Z-moves were better in Johto.[View]
38606254what did they mean by this?[View]
38605573It's a cherry: Reminder that this exists. And it's a cherry. Just that, a cherry with face…[View]
38605820How can we have him?[View]
38605970Give him steel type[View]
38602487>yeah I'm buying those pokemon products for me. I love pokemon and enjoy playing the games a…[View]
38605941Would this work in Detective Pikachu 2?[View]
38597440Fire starter idea: Would you have it as a starter Pokémon?[View]
38605877>tfw no cosmic type[View]
38600571Which one /vp/? For me, it's Lunatone.[View]
38606251post your favorite pokemon concepts! pic related, mine's shedinja[View]
38604905>'Darkrai use Dark Void!'[View]
38605110this thing is fairy for no fucking reason i hate new gens so goddamn much[View]
38606188Dawn Thread.: Will She get a design worthy of Her in the remakes?[View]
38604699Do you think creators at Pokémon HQ know this place exists? And do you think any of the employees lu…[View]
38605480What's up with Shillie's Dub Voice?: She sounds like a Grandma doing a little girl voice w…[View]
38606017Post about best boy plus best spinoff.[View]
38605927Why are Genderless Pokémon able to breed with Ditto but not with each other?[View]
38597028least favorite pokedex entries[View]
38603312>Piplup is the most popular first stage water starte-[View]
38605833hey lads i'm looking for some motivation to write a pokemon fanfic i've had in my head for…[View]
38605803*scarf defogs away your rocks*[View]
38604025Since the UK is basically European USA, do you think SwSh will be amazing like BW and B2W2 were?[View]
38604059Beep beep boop.[View]
38605000Is there any pokemon capable of sweeping using FEAR tactics? I've been playing around with a sm…[View]
38604991Thoughts on LGPE being deemed mainline games by TPC and Nintendo: https://www.strawpoll.me/18018612…[View]
38602949All the sexually frustrated incels here are ruining this board.[View]
38603558Dawn and Leaf thread[View]
38597822>'pokédex entries aren't canon'[View]
38604081Nate is dead[View]
38604114N-noo..... Please don't forget about meee.... A-a-alolaaaaaa......[View]
38586054Favourite Mons: Ok, /vp/ what are your favorite mons and explain your top 3. Chariard- It was my fir…[View]
38589215Detective Pikachu Appreciation Thread: guys.. I think my heart skipped a beat but in all seriousness…[View]
38605251The anime is just a long ass running tv ad for the video games Prove me wrong. Protip: you can…[View]
38603555I am still upset she wasnt in the game[View]
38596816How does /vp/ feel about the Voidlands?[View]
38604431The “datamine”: The post saying there was 88 Pokèmon coming to Sword and Shield was fake[View]
38603993>creator of the pokémon world >gets BTFO by a meteor even with all of its plates and would hav…[View]
38604642where can i get myself a giant sized chaizard plush?[View]
38604097What? You call yourself a Pokemon trainer and you don't even have a Pokètch?[View]
38600021Daily reminder that America has the best women, even in Pokémon.[View]
38605102Anyone willing to trade me a Froakie on X?[View]
38604983>last news about sword and switch were 7 months ago[View]
38604926Rank the bugs of each gen.: My ranking: >Top Tier: 5 >Good Tier: 1, 2, 7 >Okay Tier: 3, 4 …[View]
38602441Tepig thread: Is there a better pokemon than Tepig? He is really cute and really REALLY faithful…[View]
38602312Chicken-chan is ____?[View]
38603147The Pokémon Bible: If Pokémon were a religion, what would be it's version of the 10 Commandment…[View]
38604787OH NO HE'S HOT[View]
38600143Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38603673I’m excited for sword and shield: Especially for gym battle stadiums Should be fun game[View]
38603288>game requires 500 hms Bless G7 for removing that trash[View]
38603108Post evos that saved their line: Yanma was just another pathetically weak Johto shitmon with no move…[View]
38600035On the road far from home[View]
38603474ITT:: Post the cutest picture in your pokemonfolder[View]
38604256Lillie is cute![View]
38603345Stop obsessing over Pokémon[View]
38604078I was in the process of making something, I had to stop it. I had to cut it short. I've cut you…[View]
38604320Munchlax summoning thread: I'm gonna post this everyday until I catch a Munchlax in Platinum…[View]
38588085ITT We Make a Pokemon: Draw a single line and pass it on.[View]
38599545Makes no fucking sense. I just want an asspulled explanation at least.[View]
38603797Church of Arceus: Welcome to the church of Arceus. This is a REAL religion where we worship our Lord…[View]
38603125How did you know i like regis?[View]
38595889*HUFF* *HUFF* out of my way...! *HUFF* i need to make it to page 10 but i’m dummy thicc and the clap…[View]
38604038Nice to see that people is not having GF cheap low effort crap[View]
38600748Sobble Evolution Concept: So I drew and even colored in some concept art for an idea I had for Sobbl…[View]
38601403Female trainer.[View]
38599993Remember how in 2013, no one had a clue what the final evolutions for the Kalos starters would be li…[View]
38603883Nice bug hahahaha[View]
38594522ITT: Stuff on romhacks that annoy you: Post things that romhack makers add that you don't like …[View]
38603990Is this fucker worth anything? The plastic is ripped but it's never been taken out.[View]
38603044Lost carts thread: Anyone ever lose a game and years later still feel awful thinking about it? I los…[View]
38601901I got bored and made this[View]
38603767What's his team?[View]
38604128>anime face[View]
38602985If you had pokemon would you give them clothes? I always thought that some pokemon look a bit nude-i…[View]
38600728FUCK FEEBAS! FUCK HIM![View]
38603540Genocell Poison-Type The Killer Pokémon Based on incurable illnesses.[View]
38599376what's the one pokemon song that goes like this https://vocaroo.com/i/s0jgFGyJhJNI[View]
38603755Male Protagonists: Why does it get so heated here when it comes to talking about the male MCs, speci…[View]
38597061Literally who?[View]
38602452Do you think Cynthia and Looker will come back in Gen 8?[View]
38599794Gen 8 Leaks: Believe me or don't, but I have a man on the inside who confirmed all of this, whi…[View]
38602573I like N.[View]
38603546Life as a pokemon: the reverse of 'life with pokemon' thread were we talk about life as pokemon duri…[View]
38595609We write a letter to Game Freak: One word and pass it on[View]
38603208Is Red's Poli in Special the true jobfrog?[View]
38603009How is this battlestyle called? https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-912384884[View]
38600426For our first post-reveal news, what would they be?[View]
38603583The ultimate being.[View]
38603485dont mind me: just moving the goalpost to end of may, or june or something haha[View]
38603520Can you imagine what I'm thinking about right now, anon?[View]
38602031LGPE is amazing game real shit just imagine buying some food and drinks siting down in the evening a…[View]
38595892What is your final verdict for the movie? I liked everything but Gengar's look, the villain evi…[View]
38600501Nostalgia Thread: what was the hype for this movie like back 20 years ago? was the 'Pokéflu' phenome…[View]
38602660>Waaah where's my SS news >He doesn't know that the vast majority of games actually …[View]
38593510What is Machamp shitposting about?[View]
38595284Is this shit delayed? What the fuck are they doing?[View]
38602221Why so many middle evolutions are trash?[View]
38601521WOMP WOMP WOMP[View]
38579122Weavile / Sneasel Thread[View]
38596310So what does /vp/ think of this thing? I just started like an hour ago.[View]
38594948ITT: Create an item: Create a new item. I’ll start: An item that extends Tailwind & one that ext…[View]
38603003pixelmon: Just tried the Pokemon mod for Minecraft, it's pretty good but I can't find a go…[View]
38602497Pokémon Sword and Shield leak: - New trailer on 5/28 - New pokémon: a turkey, a bean and a little wh…[View]
38600009So would the RSE universe have just been fucked if Archie and Maxie hadn't gone full retard and…[View]
38602972Detective Pikachu was great, I want a Hoenn movie now based on Emerald of course[View]
38589274Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale: Holyshit http://youtu.be/DVO8QrGAPHs[View]
38601118Seriously when the fuck is this gonna release in anywhere but Australia? I just wanna download it on…[View]
38600308benis :D[View]
38599896Could the T-Virus infect Pokemon? What would an outbreak be like?[View]
38594207Showderp: Smell Edition: Welcome to showderp! Here we give a tripfag claiming as champ 6 exotic smel…[View]
38597484Would you?[View]
38600770is he greater than walt disney?[View]
38599668You know it's possible...: Ringo Starr influences in Grookey's final evo bowl cut drums ma…[View]
38601987Venonat is cute.[View]
38600400So Serena in Hoenn: Are there any Hoenn places that are legitimately for tourists? Anything from the…[View]
38595983>Be the anime >Strong af main legendary gets captured or hurt by some shitty forced technologi…[View]
38595156why is blaziken so based, bros?[View]
38590860Underrated Pokegirls: Lavana from the Rangers games.[View]
38596717can we please have a rosa thread?[View]
38601183cursed sprites thread[View]
38599937It's a cherry: Reminder that this exists. And it's a cherry. Just that, a cherry with face…[View]
38598768>are you still hyped for Sword and Shield? cmon goy support our small and family friendly company…[View]
38602067Can't you people wait 1 more week for pokemon news?: It's obvious we're getting news …[View]
38601831Why is she so fucking hot?[View]
38597862/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: 7-8 est[View]
38595758Why the manga is still the best thing in Pokemon: - Doesn't focus on 1 protagonist and his star…[View]
38599760Introducing...the anime's Alola League champion![View]
38597129You're in charge of a new spin-off series for Pokemon and it can be any type of media. What…[View]
38600144Kalos League Champion: The one who deserved it most won.[View]
38594929It it, dare I say, underrated?[View]
38599689Don't cry Cubone!: Hey /vp/, Cubone is feeling particularly sad today. Could you say something …[View]
38595907>SwSh >RBY >GSC >RSE >DPPt >BWBW2 >SuMo >OU >UU >NU >HA >lol …[View]
38597410Big sleepy boi: >Is fat >Is lazy >only eats and sleeps >Still stronger than 80% of all p…[View]
38598088Serious Galar Objectmon Discussion: Seriously, if there's a 'cup of tea' Pokémon, I'm gonn…[View]
38598025Pokemon that make autists seethe[View]
38601721Post teams[View]
38600802Post Soul[View]
38600992I'm killing a thread for this[View]
38596178Admit it, when you were a kid you thought repels were useless and stupid.[View]
38595621Screencap this: Calling it now. Tapu Koko will fill Ash's sixth slot for the league. Ash won…[View]
38601261>no greninja redpilled[View]
38600983>the starter's final evos are all disappointing >the box legends are overdesigned >les…[View]
38594148Trainer Card Thread: R8 & h8, m8s[View]
38590350/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Yay New Stuff Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongol…[View]
38600398How can we save based Starbro, anons?[View]
38596689ITT only canon starters[View]
38601078Solgaleo>Mega Metagross: Imagine thinking Mega Metagross is actually better than Solgaleo in any …[View]
38598335It seems it is more difficult to order Combee servants around in real life than the games make it se…[View]
38601135>be me >playing fortnite with my friends >in Xbox party >my friend’s 5 year old little b…[View]
38601091When’s the next global mission?[View]
38601072asidle from the basic pokemon stuff like pokeballs and what not what kind of clothes would you wear …[View]
38594042rate my fakemon: please what do you think of it??[View]
38600936Who the fuck is Aster?[View]
38599227I've been replaying white 2 and I caught one of these fuckers for the first time, holy shit I h…[View]
38597717Mudkip: I love Mudkip![View]
38600850/ourguy/ made a new video: About Ash Rivals! https://youtu.be/B4J6XQw0i_I[View]
38595112>yfw Driftveil City theme starts playing[View]
38600343>Going on 3 months with no SS news What a bad feel, I don't even care too much about spoiler…[View]
38600873What was his tax policy?[View]
38600369he’s a big guy.[View]
38597371>the perfect pokemon game doesn't exist-[View]
38595476>Be me, extremely tired and about to go to sleep >Head hits the pillow >Instantly remember …[View]
38587572whats /vp/ opinion on cheryl?[View]
38600513is Pokémons plural?: or is it correct to say Pokémon.[View]
38598578>unironically thinks SwSh is a better abbreviation than SS[View]
38598381>he hasn't played every mainline game >he thinks his opinion matters Stop posting. Until …[View]
38599472Post great human designs[View]
38596793So Sobble will bring back the tradition of comedy relief water starters right?[View]
38592910Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38597867Double battles are shit TemTem is a fucking trash game and fucked up so hard by going doubles only. …[View]
38598639Heatran was likely the first creature with genders to appear in the pokémon world[View]
38599867Help: I don't have a official Pokemon at the current moment. Can /vp/ help me choose one?…[View]
38599234When you first download Pokémon GO™, they ask for your date of birth. Why? Also should I go through …[View]
38595879Pokemon Are Real!!: Pokemon are real!! Since the universe is infinite that means all things that can…[View]
38599907Plush thread[View]
38596788>I want to be the very best[View]
38599880gonna be awesome to watch the new S/S trailer on June 7th, 2019[View]
38599709>2019 >no Dark/Ghost rat king Pokemon[View]
38599726PLATINUM/HGSS: Soul of franchise peaked here..afterwards: >Kino soul-infused sprites removed >…[View]
38593524tell me about this lana slut or the satoshi gets it[View]
38598795Most satisfying Pokemon moments: >critical capture >winning with HP in the red >level up so…[View]
38597490It's not th𝘢𝘢𝘢𝘢𝘢𝘢t bad...[View]
38597332literally me in high school[View]
38595666What do you think about Lusamine's character design?[View]
38594708What did she do to Brock to make him lay down, curl up in a ball, and not want to talk about it ever…[View]
38598300I am from December 2019. I have seen all the new Galar Pokemon. Ask me anything.[View]
38595409What does veepee think of the moody ability?[View]
38598525things you wish you can unsee/unlearn: why god, why?[View]
38576806She's the prettiest NPC.[View]
38598329How the fuck do I EV train in this game? Do I have really to beat 780 unowns?[View]
38598334Shitty Fakemon thread[View]
38596872Legendary Saturday: Second edition because last time it didn't go so well Post Legendaries art …[View]
38599154But what does it mean[View]
38592035>The state of Mayfags JuneCHADS, we won.[View]
38594914What changes would you make to make competetive Pokemon more enjoyable?[View]
38599008I am pulling my hair out trying to find one of these with hyper cutter and now it's night so th…[View]
38589410You have one choice. Choose wisely.[View]
38594636What do I have: GF Mews transferred from Red some shiny some not What do I want: anything, but breed…[View]
38583725/shw/ shiny hunt weekend: >current hunt? which game? >most recent shiny? >last hunt that ma…[View]
38587060Thoughts on Acerola?[View]
38577823Post fakemon so good the fact they're fake depresses you[View]
38597936>No news[View]
38598190>Well i packed my bags im ready to go to Galar pal Zzt! How do you break it to him?…[View]
38596681POKENCHI EPISODE 186: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
38598530Munchlax summoning thread: I'm gonna post this everyday until I catch a Munchlax in Platinum…[View]
38598583Pokemon Legends of the Arena: Surprised this game isn't more popular.[View]
38597357Hilda Thread[View]
38598543this game sucks: can someone trade me a pinsir in pokemon lets go pikachu ill give scyther password …[View]
38591567You're part of a band in the Pokemon World. What's your band name?[View]
38592375Alola League: Do you think we will get a great league this time? With exciting fights and interestin…[View]
38578996/prr/ Pokemon rumble rush: Let's talk about this game? >Have you downloaded the game? >…[View]
38598192look at this!!!11!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!one!!!1!: it's like a purse pokerman hurrr hurrrr[View]
38597739Probopass @ Focus Sash Ability: Sturdy Level: 2 EVs: 1 Spe Naive Nature IVs: 0 HP / 0 Atk / 0 D…[View]
38584377What went right?[View]
38594280It's 2019 and there still isn't a heroine who wears long pants. What's up with that?[View]
38593996Water starter thread: Post why you love your water starter, I'll go first. Had this big guy sin…[View]
38597549If you think about it, her gym was only hard because it was actually a Fairy type gym, that of the m…[View]
38596792>NO NEWS[View]
38596544I'm running an all-out defensive spiritomb designed to stall toxic, curse, burn, etc. Should i …[View]
38592279There are people are on this board RIGHT NOW who think this won't just be S/M with larger textu…[View]
38569891Fix-a-mon thread[View]
38597823RSE metagame is my favorite: I think it's the most balanced and enjoyable. Try it, lots of fun.…[View]
38596584What reasonable abilities would you give them to make them more viable?[View]
38591310is Meltan and Melmetal gen 7 or 8?[View]
38585303What are some evolutions that completely ruined the whole line for you? For me it's Nosepass, …[View]
38597144Post your favorite NPC trainer class.[View]
38594096Do you love Scorbunny?[View]
38593967Your thoughts on Gengar?[View]
38597348Of the 18 types, only 3 have names that differ between the English and Japanese games >Fire type …[View]
38595738Can I get a thread for this little piggy right here?[View]
38597105Best Legendary Battle Themes: I'll start off with the obvious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
38589917Why is tree lizard so cute?[View]
38590254ITT: Pokemon that are stronger than Onix[View]
38597031well played nintendo: Ok /vp/ im retarded. >be me >buy pk diamond >start a new game >go …[View]
38581027Life with Pokémon 3: The Last One Hit Bump Limit: Tell us how your day with your little (or possibly…[View]
38596462im excited to play new pokemon!!!!!![View]
38590157Swooosh Hopes: Why aren't there more dessert pokemon?[View]
38596946Just a theory: Haven't seen anyone suggest this for Scorbunny's final evo yet. (maybe it…[View]
38596290ITT: Pokemon that will never appear in a regional dex ever again.[View]
38590944>why is that animal a fire type? >BECAUSE IT'S RED, IDIOT…[View]
38596809Youtube poop misty + purple hair = outburst: Youtube poop misty + purple hair = outburst Please anon…[View]
38595770[REMINDER]: >After some (poor) reveals at E3, we will have to wait another 2 month to have a sing…[View]
38587350Pokestar studios is pretty fun: I just finished filming a shot of becoming a possible sex slave to k…[View]
38596745haha, look how she dope is[View]
38592249For me, its Grookey[View]
38595070Altered Team Thread: Always though Scizor would better than Magneton, Houndoom has been on some artw…[View]
38586976Say something nice to your dragon type overlords, /vp/ Also Rayquaza/Zygarde/Necrozma thread I guess…[View]
38596552What should I play if I want to do a playthrough with underrated, forgotten, and otherwise ignored p…[View]
38594978Do you like normal or alolan Vulpix more?: Stats, looks, whatever. Name the reason. I like the norma…[View]
38594737Which is your favorite universe?[View]
38591166>Absorbs God and wins B A S E D[View]
38596441Grookey > Sobble > Scorbunny[View]
38594367Which pokemon would you have as a pet?: Pic Related[View]
38596421>You will get down on your knees before me when I end you with my dark, secret arts! why did Bryc…[View]
38590662Why does RSE games look more as a SNES game than a GBA one? Seriously why?[View]
38595700>Go to https://randompokemon.com/ >Generate 3 Pokemon >First Pokemon has the same typing as…[View]
38588403Your least favorite pokemon is the only pokemon you can have for real. Do you love them anyway?[View]
38595493How do you feel about our golden boy?[View]
38595657I think Necrozma looks cool.[View]
38595874Will you drink the Slowpoke juice?[View]
38593076reminder that HE FUCKING WON.[View]
38595548keldeo thread[View]
38591275What evil team has the sexiest male grunts?[View]
38594727sobble gonna be a sumo wrestler[View]
38594030Fuck Kyogre and fuck Groudon[View]
38596040Munchlax summoning thread: Caught it.[View]
38592401How to evolve eevee into absol?: I need another flying type for my team and absol looks like a good …[View]
38595968You are challenged by Team Raw boss Vince![View]
38592914Now that gen 7 is thankfully ending, can we finally admit these were good?[View]
38595719Needs a name: Just started playing Black Blaze 2 for the first time. I can't for the life of me…[View]
38595764We all live in a Pokémon world...[View]
38591836what's your battle theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubpVBXcfe4Y[View]
38595488Oh my god they're breeding![View]
38595134Moss Lizard: Thougths??[View]
38594456Will they get Megas, Primals, or something else entirely?: Also, Sinnoh remakes when?[View]
38590413Are you ready for Chansey to become the most obnoxious Pokémon in the game when it gets the teleport…[View]
38595445How can people forget who the Best Pokémon Champion is? You can say all you want about Gen 5, anon,…[View]
38592349Why is everyone here so horny?[View]
38595022What if a Showdown system was implemented directly in Sword/Shield ?: I'm not a huge user of sm…[View]
38595015I don't care much about Venusaur but I admit that it's so good that I hate fighting one in…[View]
38595192Trainer Sheet Thread: Been a while[View]
385950497th gen Pokemon World Tournament: I had an idea for a game that I'd genuinely love to make, if …[View]
38594355Erika is gay! GAY![View]
38590334Which one, /vp/? Choose wisely.[View]
38592005Palossaturday. Post best sand castle.[View]
38593731I just want Pokemon games to be good again...[View]
38593318Why there's no peace between starterfags?[View]
38593594What Did I Buy?: Hey fags, I usually post on /v/ but I though I might need your specialist brand of …[View]
38571891You are now in charge of the Pokemon franchise and can change whatever you want. Nothing is off limi…[View]
38593592What would you do with Lillie if you had her to yourself?[View]
38590508ITT: changes you would make to Pokemon: Make it only that Rayquaza and Kyogre are the mascots of gen…[View]
38592586This is an 80 year old woman[View]
38592601In 'Let's go, Marill/Togepi', will they turn Whitney into a fairy type gym leader?[View]
38593932Alright, the Pokemon Company and Gamefreak have come to you, saying they are retiring Pikachu and ne…[View]
38594578>Nintendo forgot about SWSH[View]
38592928Why don't they make a pokemon game marketed towards adults?[View]
38583221ITT: God-tier designs[View]
38591321pokemon white 2 challenge mode is the greatest pokemon game ever made[View]
38593409Why doesn't this little guy have more fans? Also why do they keep placing it in late game, rare…[View]
38531563ITT we fix pokemon: Mimikyu should learn Nuzzle.[View]
38589749Which hidden abilities must you play an earlier generation to get? Pic unrelated.[View]
38592002Remember, real chads play Pokemon.[View]
38594125Lack of information: when the fuck are we supposed to expect more info about these games? shouldn…[View]
38594022Reminder that Charizard and Swampert are the chad starter choices and will never be surpassed.[View]
38592596Does anyone else like keeping some of their pokes un-evolved because you like their designs more[View]
38593585Today i dreamt that Farfetch'd was a Spongebob character. Makes sense since Spongebob is underw…[View]
38583192>Decidueye was OU in the pre-bank meta >Primarina has been a big threat in UU for the entire g…[View]
38592271MACHI NASAI! https://youtu.be/m7tw_lSP2QI?t=3532[View]
38592077Magmar getting kicked in the crotch By Electabuzz.[View]
38591744Playing Platinum for the first time ever and I have a shiny eevee. What should I evolve it into if I…[View]
38571000Meanwhile, at /vp/ Pokemon School...[View]
38591991How can I become a poketuber?[View]
38592744reminder that: misty is a human being[View]
38591150Which one would you buy?: KANTOOOOOOO[View]
38592790omanyte is mad[View]
38591334Grass Pokemon: Okay /vp/, red pill me on Grass Pokemon. I've always picked Fire as my starter s…[View]
38582265/ef/ Eevee Friday: Box Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEXqf9GCmfE Welcome to Eevee Friday!…[View]
38592287What would be some Pokemon good for recovering from a cold?[View]
38592487Gen 8 should re-establish the national pokedex by placing all the later-introduced evolutions in con…[View]
38591729Post your current team in whatever game you are currently playing. >Pokemon Ultra Moon, pic relat…[View]
38588903Is there a Pokémon mobile gacha game?: that would be fun[View]
38584669Frog Friday: Post frogs and toads.[View]
38591327Cynthia: How does she look?[View]
38587798Left or right?[View]
38591066Can anything stop this monster?[View]
38589305for me, it's gardevoir[View]
38591360How long is the E3 trailer going to be?[View]
38591420According to AG, these are the best Pokémon in Singles, all hail them (Arceus' order: Normal, G…[View]
38584142ITT: We create kino Pokemon battles: This can be rivals, evil team, gym leaders, champion, ect. >…[View]
38593518Is pokephilia normal?[View]
38579596PTCG/O General: Not much has changed, honestly, edition New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
38593664HM Sluts: Leave Gen 4 & Gen 5 to us.[View]
38587936WHY THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT ASS POKEMON NOT BANNED? FUCK. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7o…[View]
38590016he will have the best final stage out of the three[View]
38592662Brit-chan thread: She's so cute[View]
38587830What pokemon is this?[View]
38593581hey lads >be >recently my Charazard died and i'm really depressed since she was my origin…[View]
38593358Chinchou thread[View]
38593310Youtube video: I saw a video on youtube a while ago, it was about the change of artstyle in the poke…[View]
38591841>https://randompokemon.com >choose two pokemon The first one is you. The second one is your cr…[View]
3858779922 >>38581012 23 Then champ went up from there to Showderp; and as he was going up by the way,…[View]
38587948Growlithe or Vulpix: well?[View]
38592079Rosa bootleg figure, yes or no?[View]
38592199>7 years and GF still can't be bother to put a fucking challenge mode in…[View]
38593148ITT: Hideaki Anno is put in charge of making the next pokemon anime movie >what would it be about…[View]
38592975>I have to deal with safari zone bullshit to catch him[View]
38591474>she will never step on me why live bros?[View]
38591448Tell me about your pokemon team /vp/ how do all your pokemon get along. are some of them rivals or b…[View]
38591514Charmander and Squirtle fags >aren't tier whores >most likely doesn't like bulbasaur…[View]
38591277Has there ever been a greater comeback from the brink of defeat?[View]
38592667Why dod GF have to fucking ruin the lati twins?[View]
38586932Gimme a footjob ya fuckin bunny[View]
38593113You are tasked with rewriting this entire episode in order to make a good story and challenge out of…[View]
38591860damn nigga you cute you cute as fuck got damn[View]
38590877how should pokegirls be treated?[View]
38589270Why did it take over 20 years for them to come up with a design this perfect?[View]
38591571>15~ sm*g*n threads currently cluttering up the catalog REMINDER[View]
38583658Who the fuck wrote this shit lol[View]
38586331Can we all stop for a moment and marvel at just how creepy Audino is? Sonic movie got nothing on thi…[View]
38593013>night time >enter a random encounter >the pidove is asleep SO LONG, VIRGINITY…[View]
38584820Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
38591974>'Hey! Ash! Long time no see!' >'Say hi to my boyfriend, Calem!'…[View]
38591162What do you do with legendary and shiny pokemon that you get on wonder trade?[View]
38570903Post your 'first' pokemon[View]
38588420Why doesn't nintendo hire its fans instead of taking down fangames ???!!: sega did it, why cant…[View]
38588616What is he good at?[View]
38591751How has no one, not even etsy sellers, have made Pokemon Ribbon Replicas?[View]
38588487>Transforms into the love interest: why?[View]
38590077Post yours[View]
38591510ITT: Pokemon that are faster than Vikavolt[View]
38589262Stealth Rock was a good addition to the meta and no amount of bitching from Butterfreefags will chan…[View]
38590966how does this 'city' function? submarine trade? airdrops?[View]
38591579UMMM GUYS?[View]
38586877How is the Pokémon world organized geographically? Was reading the manga and in Hoenn someone refer…[View]
38591512Do all Pokemon introduced every gen actually have a purpose to battle, or do they just throw in some…[View]
38591301Blue Eyes GIF: I couldn't find this GIF anywhere, so I downloaded her sprite sheet and made it …[View]
38575082Post 'em. if you match with someone above you, (You) them[View]
38585514Why the fuck is it so overpowered?[View]

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