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/vp/ - Pokémon

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37188200He apparently just beat his pregnant wife Is it over for our favorite Pokemon card gamer?[View]
37188789>Crams 2 concepts and 3 types onto a single ‘mon.: Why did GameFreak do this? What mysterious for…[View]
37187687itt:things that somebody actually got paid for(with real money)[View]
37185480>LGPE Didn't make Ash the pallet town gym leaderq: >Didn't start you off in a differ…[View]
37188573Smash Ultimate is a scam created solely to distract everyone from the true GOTY Let's Go Pikach…[View]
37187750>nobody even talking about lgpe anymore it's thay bad, huh? anyone got this one updated?…[View]
37186471Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37172229the 'game freak sucks at programming' thread: can you guys please post screencaps showcasing how gam…[View]
37187230Kanto is goo stop shitposting[View]
37187791why is she so perfect[View]
37185220Happy Holidays, /vp/[View]
37188471gen 8 will save pokemon cap this[View]
37188405>grass specialist >owns a fire type[View]
37187238I want this Vivillon to use Draining Kiss on my dick[View]
37185087>We will never have any more of these eerie locations because it's too hard for kiddies to f…[View]
37187495>woman professor For some reason this makes me angry. Part of the reason why i dislike Gen 5, gl…[View]
37187840Pokémon Gold & Silver Demo Leak Reveals Atomic Bomb Origins Of The 'Unown': https://ww…[View]
37183426/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Waiting For Inevitable Disappointment Edition >Official Pokémon Go U…[View]
37184545Can we agree Gen V was the generation that ruined the meta game?[View]
37187993>Make a game based on the anime >Barely any references to the anime How could they fuck up thi…[View]
37183152Low Tier Pokemon that you Like: Pokemon that aren't that good tactically or that don't hav…[View]
37187939Legitime greay guys fun abilities who can't see the sun of competitive[View]
37185912It's over LGPEfags you lost , go join the owlcucks in the hall of shame.[View]
37183066Personally made Fakemon thread?[View]
37187206PIKU PI PI PIKU![View]
37168351Post your >Age >First Pokemon main series game >First video game >Favorite Pokemon…[View]
37185510Will pokemon ever return to a Japanese region?[View]
37176281Anyone having trouble getting all Mystery Gifts from BW2??: With the recent exploit of the Mystery G…[View]
37181129So Ohmori is directing the next game right? How confident do you feel about his ability /vp/?[View]
37187669Give me a straight answer, is my odds of getting one usable code higher than a negative point?[View]
37185803guzma and her gf[View]
37183472>jynx is not her ace ONE FUCKING JOB[View]
37183401In love with Oak: I normally dont ever have crushes on cartoon characters but oddly enough I've…[View]
37187506Does anyone have the previous route thread(s)?: A link would be great! Also route thread I guess…[View]
37186294>LGPE is comfy and fun other games are too difficult >Gen 1 best gen >Everything after gen …[View]
37180512Slakoth thread[View]
37187403If you could replace every Pokémon rep in Smash with one, which would you choose?[View]
37184949>Dia is both Red and AU Ash[View]
37185741The end[View]
37186996>pokemon is floating/flying >isn't immune to ground moves…[View]
37184579Just started my very first ever playthrough of any gen 4 game in platinum. I already feel comfy as f…[View]
37182296Is there anything Pokemon has done worse than add these forced gender difference in some of these po…[View]
37186765Remember me, /vp/?[View]
37183355So where's the third bird and elemental trio?[View]
37187132The 2 biggest switch games in Japan are multiplayers: Smash bros and splatoon 2 Will gen have higher…[View]
37186990I want Cofagrigus to be my mummy.[View]
37186621Post Pokemon without actually posting them: Go.[View]
37186879What does /vp/ think about the new remixes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
37186955How is Pikachu the most powerful character in Smash Ultimate? A lot of competitive people are saying…[View]
37186089I need suggestions: Hey guys I don’t usually post here but it’s my cousin’s 8th birthday soon and he…[View]
37186234Based off this picture what do you think could be a new theme for gen 8? Serious answers/ ideas only[View]
37186247>makes the best gen[View]
37186599Cute gif thread: Post cute gifs ITT NO WEBMs please[View]
37185644Why do girls PRETEND to like Pokémon?: Like seriously, why do they pretend to like geeky things? Do …[View]
37184867Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37186226What the fuck is beta 'Bayleef' supposed to be? Is this an accurate artistic rendition?[View]
37186414Pokemon cards and games: Pokemon cards and games thread? I will start. >Be me >Trade with frie…[View]
37158487ITT:10/10 shinys[View]
37179931Does anybody have pictures and archives of Gray, the fan-made character based on an ace-trainer spri…[View]
37186151where`s the shiny lele: Where the fuck it it!? GAMERS RISE UP!!!![View]
37160525Comfy Thread: Gonna dump some comfy art since I've been having a hard week.[View]
37186241Ummm: Wtf why is this here[View]
37164628/fsg/ - Funmon Solorun General: The General That Refused To Die Edition Finish a game with your favo…[View]
37186114>Episode is about <Pokemon> who has some kindof problem >Story develops and begins to ge…[View]
37181378showderp: weeg edition: luigi green marios: dogars.ml red luigis: showderp.booru.org current brother…[View]
37183633I can't believe Rayquaza didn't come back as a boss fight in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate…[View]
37185830The Most Dangerous Game: You find yourself shipwrecked on a mad hunter’s private jungle island fille…[View]
37184326So what will their redesigns be like in the remake?[View]
37185883Reminder that Mewtwo is married[View]
37183406Post yfw >the moon is clouds[View]
37185761Why do boys PRETEND to like Pokémon?: Like seriously, why do they pretend to like geeky things? Do t…[View]
37183745How good is he?[View]
37182044Let's get another one of these going, post your favourites, have people berate you or stan with…[View]
37183562Grabbing some Thai food, what do you guys want?[View]
37185685>mayfly pokemon >permanently faints within a few hours of catching it…[View]
37178650Fakemon Proposals: Evos/prevos, original lines, anything goes My proposal - Wandering Violin Mantis …[View]
37185631Being a fag in 2k18[View]
37178100After how bad things have gotten, I almost feel like apologizing to Gen 6.[View]
37183944So I watched like the last 15-20 minutes of this today, because it was TV and I haven't seen it…[View]
37183115The anime will end with Ash returning home to find that Pallet Town has grown into a respectable sma…[View]
37185439Psss...Tick Tock[View]
37185415Which Pokemon has this aesthetic?[View]
37182122He fucked each one, right?[View]
37183697Remember when we thought Gorochu was going to be in LGPE?[View]
37179884/ss/ Seal Saturday: Taunt Edition: You know the deal post a seal[View]
37183420Place your bets for tomorrow's direct, /vp/[View]
37185267YA SEE OWLFAGS[View]
37185306So what was it about the riddler and Rebootmon? Was it in regards to LGPE being Kanto, or Gen 8?[View]
37181619Wanna play Pokeyman cards with me anon?[View]
37184475Oh! You encountered a wild Pikachu![View]
37177401/pf phox friday: Christmas edition: Ctrl + f and no phox? serious?[View]
37183802>'she' >it's the male version In case you were still unsure if these games really are laz…[View]
37182667100 episodes in, and Ash has only 4 FUCKING POKEMON WTF[View]
37182832>He believes he has the skills to train and command six fully evolved Pokemon…[View]
37183823What did they mean by this?[View]
37179694>decide to replay through ultra moon >takes 3 hours before i can access bank to use a differen…[View]
37181568So, uhh, was there a reason they made Mega Sceptile suck shit while all of the other mega evolutions…[View]
37160016Husbando thread No pokeboys or actual pokemon allowed. Make your own threads for that please.[View]
37182140Pokemon GO integration for all future titles would be an objective positive. Why wouldn't you w…[View]
37184942Find a flaw.[View]
37182890Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37181095On the road far from home[View]
37181150fakemon thread: sprite edition[View]
37182932these are characters from a kids game[View]
37184534How come whenever you refer to a feminine Pokemon as 'she' you get bombarded by shitposting and the …[View]
37184628Finally: 'It's been 84 years...'[View]
37178452Who blessed with their favourite Pokemon being a decent shiny here? Conversely, whose favourite Poke…[View]
37181556OH NO NO NO NO , What the fuck bros ? I thought LGPE were going to outsell every switch's games…[View]
37183836When will it be its turn?[View]
37184491>Pikachu Libre is the only one in Smash It's not fair![View]
37183370Holy fuck that's adorable[View]
37182835>Makes shrill screeching noise.: What did Sakurai mean by this?[View]
37179097>not even a month and LGPE is already dead >Smash stole Pokemon's glory this easily…[View]
37181940Anti-Pokemon: Anyone remember Anti-Pokemon sites from the late 90s? There's only a few survivin…[View]
37180967Oh no! What's going to happen to Sun?[View]
37180731/ieg/ - indian elephant general: Discuss[View]
37184186>GF could easily put Aether in Gen 8 and other gens since it's a supranational NGO in univer…[View]
37182252Why was the Pokémon lore of the 4th generation so much more interesting? It even has inspirations fr…[View]
37184166What would his team be?[View]
37184125why the FUCK can't I catch a member of the Poli family until I get Sea Skim or beat the Elite 4…[View]
37168958Why do the grass starter designs always get worse when they evolve[View]
37180630>His favorite pokemon doesnt feature in Smash's 'World of Light' mode. Imagine the embarrass…[View]
37183747i'm starting to lose hope bros...[View]
37184028>Yoshi's Classic mode frogfags BTFO[View]
37170433Pokemon Anime: It's about 100 episodes and theres still no Guzma, what gives?![View]
37179430What the fuck did I just buy?: Since we're doing buyers remorse threads, this game is fucking t…[View]
37178758>Defeated arguably the hard league + champion >Saved planet earth and the universe >Capture…[View]
37183787INCINEROAR NO!!![View]
37183683>he doesn't have his room full of pokemon merch And you call yourself a true fan? Pathetic.…[View]
37181061Any Germans or Frenchies here? Do you generally prefer the names our translations got or the English…[View]
37178888Gen 8 starters[View]
37180754Let's make a shit taste thread >i hate fun designs like dugtrio >i hate non-humanoid poke…[View]
37183588FAKEMON THREAD: I need help, im not convinced with the 2nd and 3rd water evo, the concept is it beig…[View]
37177650Fuck. N.[View]
37183592Goodnight /vp/[View]
37183570>steals your frog boyfriend[View]
37180437Personally my favorite Pokémon is Beautifly because I always thought it was cute in the show? I alwa…[View]
37181947So which versions are more canon? Pokémon Black and Black 2 Version Pokémon White and White 2 Versio…[View]
37177781/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Shiny Sandshrew Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]
37182402Wolves don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep...[View]
37183386>Battle Royal >Master Rank >KO 2/3 of one side's Pokémon >just before getting the l…[View]
37183281daddygigus edition: >no regithread the fuck?[View]
37182665Why is this Red the least popular?[View]
37181628POKENCHI EPISODE 164: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
37178486Trainer Hill in Emerald: Is this the most forgotten, obscure place in Pokemon? The Battle Frontier i…[View]
37183783>a picture of Masuda holding a gun >Earnie explaining t oBert why we need drop a 3rd nuke on J…[View]
37182729Sun moon amine so comfy and diffrent[View]
37178076I'm fucking done with LGPE/Genwar threads and the cringy sexual threads Pick yours, /vp/ >Gr…[View]
37171292Are there codes still available for this thing and where do I get them? Also Yveltal thread I guess.[View]
37182936Diancie is crying[View]
37180776Why is she showing her rear to me?[View]
37180235Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37182683dont judge me bros yeah i know his stats are shit, but idc, he's my favorite. i love him[View]
37180051remember pokemon conquest?[View]
37182136Found your goat/sheep fire starter.[View]
37175871Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37182083what happened[View]
37176766Misty is Thiqq AF: Every time I see misty I borderline nut. I'm not sure how old she is but Ash…[View]
37179654Going to Nipland next week: What can 7000 Yen get me at the Pokémon center in Tokyo?[View]
37180643What's their double battle team?[View]
37180674Gen II's sales plunged so hard from Genwun it almost ruined the series: Discuss[View]
37176370Why doesnt Misty wear panties?[View]
37180856Guys, I found this pokemon in my old DS cartridge of Pokemon Sun. What is it??[View]
37181332FAKE, GAMEFREAK APPROVED MEGAS: MEGA DRAGONITE Dragon / Water Ability: Drizzle HP: 91 --> 91 Atk:…[View]
37166205Elesa on the front page![View]
37181756Quick! Mods are asleep, post things that definitely aren't Pokemon![View]
37180654>replay the same game for 20 years >genwunners are ruining the franchise!…[View]
37182244What if... Dead pokemon...[View]
37179425>regional forms are going to be dropped next ge-[View]
37176080>all moves with more than 120 power can't OHKO anymore like sturdy…[View]
37182038>LGPE has bad onli-[View]
37182178Anybody feel like starting a pixelmon server?[View]
37182030Is this real life?[View]
37182031What do you want to see a pokemon based off of in gen 8 >Cute zombie waifu thing, if anyone is ab…[View]
37180797>the absolute state of Smash[View]
37181854VBALink - trying to trade emulator to emulator: I get this screen when i try to use VBAlink[View]
37181375I'm like 90% sure that Gen Viii is gonna include new crossgen evos. Which Pokémon will get them…[View]
37178511PLGP IS THE BEST POKÉMON GAME AND HERES WHY: >Starter pokemon has max IV so no need to keep reset…[View]
37176449Objectively true criticism of GOLD/SILVER/CRYSTAL that we all agree upon: GSC is the worst Pokemon g…[View]
37167380What are some extremely overused normie Pokémon ''''''memes'''''' you hate?[View]
37167920Isn't it weird that no one ever talks about Onix? This dude should be the Gyarados of the land[View]
37181107Oh c'mon, /vp/! There's no shame in losing to Champion Iris. She's the Best Pokémon C…[View]
37175364Do your 2 favorite mons make a cool tag team?[View]
37174615We need to talk about James...[View]
37181007So I'm playing the Wilting Y hack and I just got to the 7th Gym Leader. I managed to get to the…[View]
37172552Kahili Thread: Just posting my fave alola girl[View]
37181288What would be his team?[View]
37181261I just wanted a re-imagining of Ash's journey. I didn't want a feelfest.[View]
37178329>literally the only thing keeping you hooked on this series is your head canon and nostalgia Be h…[View]
37176550Wasted Pokemon: ITT: Pokemon with lore or battle potential that were wasted or ruined by GF's e…[View]
37178588Why is Gen One the only one to have serious lore like this?: Seriously for all the hate it gets, how…[View]
37181224If it was ever any doubt, it's confirmed that jigglypuff is the best.[View]
37175080showderp : wagie edition: welcome to showderp! Noone is here at the moment tho because we must make …[View]
37169026Who was the Most curvy/most busty pre-Gen 5 Pokegirl? Pic Maybe related.[View]
37179852>there's no pokemon i find forgettable >not even mons like grumpig and stantler or whatev…[View]
37179957So what are Electivire's tails even suppose to represent. I liked Electivire but the tails alwa…[View]
37179819You think gen 8 won't be on the switch?You're just a chicken.[View]
37180976Lads, I'm in a bit of pickle here. I want to get into pokémon games but I don't know which…[View]
37181003So how much influence do you think Masuda will have on Gen 8 as the Producer?[View]
37180571How is it possible that people who have played GSC, HGSS or SMUSUM still mistake Red for Ash despite…[View]
37180796Find a flaw.[View]
37176192Pokémon War: Anyone got any more pictures like this? It’s pretty cool to think about what modern war…[View]
37178782Pink vs Lime: A TF2 player’s greatest and most life changing decision is “Should I choose Pink or sh…[View]
37180799Why did these fail so horribly?[View]
37177879How would you react if a girl who was supposed to be your best friend kept cock blocking you[View]
37180812Apologize. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBDkwRPcnTo[View]
37179375>Necrozma can't learn Dazzling Gleam[View]
37178348>He says PLGP instead of LGE and LGP or LGP/E What's with you faggots? Why do it to this tit…[View]
37180396is it possible to defeat the elite four with this party?: asking for a friend[View]
37180199>current year >not hacking in money and items and a custom starter at the start of your game…[View]
37176730Pokemon that debuted in the wrong gen: For me, Skarmory is a gen 3 Pokemon. It just feels so much mo…[View]
37180053So people lose to him because they can't find way to stop his revenge ability quick enough, and…[View]
37180438Editing Mons: Hey hey people, outsider of this den here. Today, I am being an scrub and coming here …[View]
37180165Imagine if Shitnaught got into Smash over Greninja. That is the equivalent of what happened this gen…[View]
37167751ITT: terrible official art[View]
37179887Leave unova to me[View]
37173769Getting started: Hey! I´ve been postponing getting into this fandom for a while now. ¿What´s the bes…[View]
37173374This is a based characters only thread. Post only the best bois and girls[View]
37170569Wild PIKACHU appeared![View]
37179917Pokemon Red/blue: Is anyone still playing pokemon blue here?[View]
37178637Cute! OwO[View]
37172588>She wasn't in Alola[View]
37174123Cursed image thread[View]
37179969Goodnight /vp/[View]
37178855>garbage low tier OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
37181533HUNGER GAMES THREAD: pic unrelated[View]
37179764What part of 'give several 600 bst non-legends a fourth evolution' sounded like a great idea?: Can s…[View]
37174594America is the new Iraq Also fuck Youtubers in general[View]
37177166Dog eating pasta: Dog eating pasta[View]
37163417PTCG/O General: You know me, the fighting freak Knuckles, and we're at Brooklet Hill, you ready…[View]
37179272Anyone else think the bonus damage for type match-ups is too severe? I think it would be better if i…[View]
37179627How can /vp/ criticize Gamefreak? Remember when /vp/ tried to make a romhack and failed miserably? t…[View]
37179416Is he right?[View]
37178085Is NOTHING in life worth putting effort into anymore? I seriously, genuinely do not understand. If y…[View]
37177844Your worst nightmare...: Happened with me today. R.I.P Omega Ruby...[View]
37177279Can we all agree that pic related is the epitome of cuteness?[View]
37176123OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
37176794>not even 1 month and trash go is already dead >mfw…[View]
37179357>incineroar encourages pokemon violence on humans this man has gone too far…[View]
37174089Honest Pokemon Questions thread: Ask anons them deep burning questions you just need to know the ans…[View]
37178507Can we get a nice Fug thread going? I'll start us off but I don't wish to over-saturate th…[View]
37145419>my favorite Pokemon is a legendary/pseudo legendary/Lucario/Absol/eeveelution/a startermon/Pikac…[View]
37176857What's his team?[View]
37176872Buyer's remorse: Never have I experienced this so instantly and severely. At least Katamari wil…[View]
37177233Decidueye so nimble and quick, he had his smash Bros invite stolen. Lol.[View]
37174779/mon/ is as fucking necessary as ever (this includes things like Medabots). Otherwise the situation …[View]
37178123What's his team?[View]
37169388LGPE has done no damage outside of Gamefreak's internal staff, and Masuda already said he'…[View]
37178860Leaf/Green: Is she even canon?[View]
37173229How would you feel if Hyper Beam went back to it's gen 1 mechanics? Which pokemon would benefit…[View]
37177315>forced the mouse to move up their Avengers movie 1 week BASED[View]
37178383Another art style: What art style would you like to see pokemon drawn in? I want to see a Cell shade…[View]
37177033Quick little survey on PLPE[View]
37175585>this is canon in Ultimate based[View]
37175801>Nintendo direct starts >we see masuda >herro everiwan, dis is unichi masuda deeeesu yorosh…[View]
37166965The two worst offensive types. Buff them.[View]
37178664What is an intellectual Pokemon essay to read right now?: Something like History of Pokemon through …[View]
37162600cute bug[View]
37176554Fakemon that you personally created: I'll start[View]
37174016Find one flaw. You can't.[View]
37178581Ability Challenge: Make a broken set if these pokemon had these abilities[View]
37172441I hope a mid twenties Blue makes a cameo in one of the future games. Look how cool cute he looks now…[View]
37178415pokemon essentials: Does anyone have a completed version of Kanto that can be ported into pokemon es…[View]
37178245Pokemon has always been an easy game. Its for kids. If you want something hard go play master mode B…[View]
37175362Maxed out Melmetal[View]
37177105Avengers moved up a week earlier: Now detective pikachu is safe for big opening[View]
37175082Looks like Lucario is still the king[View]
37177882Is this going to be a Gen 8 leak[View]
37178332Who else mains the baracat?[View]
37175228If gen 8 looks like this: What would be your reaction?[View]
37178271*crack* *siiip* Ahhh, the original 151 pokemon were the best They don't make pokemon like that …[View]
37178300Time for a Goomy thread! Post smol squishy dragon.[View]
37178170>Online Pokemon is forced to be subscription only now >Gamefreak did not even try the even the…[View]
37176922/vpmon/ Add a line, make a pokemon: Album: vpmons.imgur.com[View]
37176447I would've preferred it to be based off of the LHC.[View]
37177977HGSS thread? Started a new adventure and so far I got Totodile, Spearow and Bellsprout, at Falkner. …[View]
37178059TEG thread: Post them[View]
37177619Hey Pokébros, i have a question for you regarding Agumon in smash. Do you guys think the 90s rivalry…[View]
37177948Hey /vp/, can you look this Reshiram for me?[View]
37177859Fire starter thread! Post fire bros[View]
37177418SUCC: SUCC[View]
37175306How do they expect little kids to do this?[View]
37174694Y-you still love me even with Smash out, r-r-right /vp/?[View]
37176702>Based off a chinese myth about how a carp jumped a waterfall to become a Dragon >not even a d…[View]
37172846/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Wake Us Up When Something New Drops Edition >Official Pokémon Go Upd…[View]
37177143Even dogs hates lgpe. Reminder that a dog have better taste than you.[View]
37172715ITT: Things you only just now realized. >Lugia caused the storm that killed the beasts.…[View]
37177529LGPE are core games I repeat LGPE are core games I repeat one last time : LGPE are core games You ge…[View]
37173996What does this make /vp/ think about?[View]
37177515ITT: we make a premise for a new Pokémon game: I'll go first: Have the game be set a long time …[View]
37176979If Title Defence had been a thing in previous games, who would the challengers have been?[View]
37176808Is it worse than the 3DS games or better?[View]
37172842Let's Go dies tomorrow.[View]
37176925>/vp/ is aroused by a Pikachu drinking water[View]
37177229Say my name[View]
37177046Post your current teams: And rate them.[View]
37175644>Incineroar can't learn incinerate[View]
37176557>let's go pee qith it's 3dsesque graphics already has framedrops >people actually th…[View]
37172358Choose your Tapu Koko /vp/! Also, a Tapu Thread[View]
37175259Who is best girl and why is it leaf?[View]
37172853Why do the fire starter designs always get worse when they evolve? >fire rat turns into a giant b…[View]
37176770First time breeding for a shiny in USUM, masuda method but no charm. I'm new to this whole thin…[View]
37176100ITT: pokemon that carried your ass in rough times[View]
37138734Pokegirl Thread: >post the best of the best[View]
37174476I'm ready to play with my boi on smash. How about u?[View]
37176517Who else here bought SSBU instead of LGPE?[View]
37174939How would you comfort her?[View]
37176092>Most of the Smash Ults DLC are franchises new to the series. Looks like we won't get a Gen …[View]
37166969Why is it so shit?[View]
37169719What’s a cool theme for gen 8 starters?gen 4 was based on myths,gen 5 on higher royal classes; Gen 6…[View]
37171894Would you like a region that was being freshly colonized? Towns are small and far between, lots of n…[View]
37169136Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37172099I've finally come to terms with the reality that the 3DS is outdated and that the future of Pok…[View]
37170947Just started playing Black, picked Oshawott Which Pokémon are a must try in Unova? Like, the best te…[View]
37170388ONLY TWO FIRE POKEMON (not including evolutions)[View]
37172152ITT we post flyers, levitaters and general floaty bois. I think we've all dreamed about soaring…[View]
37170646I'm feeling top gear already. Let's go, Pikachu-san![View]
37172421Gen 8 will come out on the DS: Chicken-chan is full of shit, 3DS is dead[View]
37173791XY had problems, but there were some good things in it. I could look past them, however, particularl…[View]
37175999Fire > Water[View]
37174055I may have just lost my 3DS and my games. I had my UM and BW with it, , countless shines, competitiv…[View]
37174564Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
37175731You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams. You are the Vessel. You are the Hollow …[View]
37174453>gen 8 is probably the next big nintendo announcment Are you ready?[View]
37175753what did he mean by this? pic unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o40yMsahd28[View]
37175784I think Pokemon Let's Go sucks.[View]
37175354cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluc…[View]
37174484>was the game designer and map designer for RSE, FRLG, DPPt, HGSS, and BW >was a game design a…[View]
37174918If there was the bestest Pokemon trainer in the world with the biggest dick - what would his team be…[View]
37175642What ever happened to Piuk? He was kinda forgotten when LGPE was announced, but since LGPE and gen 8…[View]
37174997Which one /vp/?[View]
37175128cool fakemon starters[View]
371588632018 was a good year for Pokemon.[View]
37172823If you're thinking about buying these games...still: Just beat this. Here's my take if any…[View]
37175333Is it just me or is Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon super slow? I just can't get over the limitles…[View]
37172618This game is flawless.[View]
37173610>best ice pokemon are physicals >best ice moves are special gamefreak dont give a shit about i…[View]
37173606https://www.creatures.co.jp/igp/ Creatures is holding a TCG illustration contest. Basically, you dra…[View]
37173803>realistic pokemon fanart[View]
37171760Put on your Marius sweaters, in gen 8 we are heading to the north[View]
37173825Can we get a campaign going to ask GF to let the partner pokemon be transferable to gen 8? I'm …[View]
37174052ITT:: >your first competitive gen >your first competitive tier >your old crutchmon >your…[View]
37172884The Pokémon Anime is told from the girl's perspective: >OS >Ash is a shithead that consta…[View]
37172948What's happening to sandslash?[View]
37172797B2W2 postgame >Get to battle and catch several legendaries (Zekrom/Reshiram, Kyuren, Cresselia, H…[View]
37169926#113 Chansey the Egg pokemon The egg in it's pouch serves as a weight to keep Chanseys light an…[View]
37166626How do we fix it?[View]
37174791PokeSona: What's your Pokesona /vp/? I'm an Arcanine named Krypto[View]
37174691Oh my God guys!! He's in!!! DLC confirmed![View]
37159968Bug Type Pokémon: ITT - Bugz[View]
37174456Is Archie the most chad Pokemon character?[View]
37173737That's from Riddler. Can anyone translate it?[View]
37172139Battlemusic Thread, post your favorite themes: From any gen, for any person. post em https://www.you…[View]
37174285I miss contests...[View]
37172967*blocks your path*[View]
37174064CHRISTMAS PICTURES: I'm making some simple pokemon themed Christmas toys and thought I'd s…[View]
37170912I like Yellow[View]
37167858Chespin POV is great[View]
37173186You know what I don't like about this thing? It's just a fucking butterfly. That's it…[View]
37173943/vp/, quick question. Haven't played pokemon since Blue, and a friend said for their Christmas …[View]
37171981Catching 2 Lugias in Pokemon SoulSilver: Hey /vp/ I found a way to get two lugias in soulsilver. Tho…[View]
37173967where are they bros...[View]
37172956What the hell were they thinking.[View]
37173314You guys like pokemon at all?[View]
37085626Saturday Ralts line thread: Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Gallades.[View]
37172356HAHAH: >second lowest scoring mainline game What's your excuse now Let's Go PISSbabbies…[View]
37173468wew fucking lad[View]
37173153How do I get a cute pokéwaifu like Moon?[View]
37173723>your favourite Type is shit, but has enough great Pokemon in it that GF will never feel the need…[View]
37172064>Melmetal is going to be shit in competi-[View]
37172676PRÖÖÖÖHH :DDD[View]
37173316How do we feel about this boi? He looks kinda derpy but he seems like a solid bro[View]
37173552LGPE is OFFICIALLY the greatest game ever made. You cannot argue with this fact.[View]
37170956>Make Guzzlord the most threatening of the UBs lorewise >have Guzzlord's Ultra Space be t…[View]
37167337Showderp: Showderp Edition: dogars.ml showderp.booru.org Imbleach Husband !4.thogzieo[View]
37173441>pokemon at exactly 1hp can't use status moves How does the meta change? Is Smeargle fucked?…[View]
37172741Left the board for a couple weeks, no ones talking about Let's Go Pee? Did you faggots buy it o…[View]
37170327Why is there no wind type?[View]
37173437Pit has good taste in Pokemon[View]

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