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/vp/ - Pokémon

Displaying 1,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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40019153What kind of groundbreaking strategy did he use?[View]
40017911Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40018505Imagine if they had brought back Thunder Armor instead...[View]
40018570>Serena comes in >Ash loses the league >Lillie comes in >Ash wins the league BRUHS OH NO…[View]
40018916ITT: Most bullshit win of the series: How can anyone justify this, the referee made a decision, this…[View]
40017198Lycanroc appreciation thread: TONIGHT, WE YIFF IN HELL![View]
40014489It's December 2019. You and your girl are cuddled up watching the sword and shield anime: You t…[View]
40014920best boy[View]
40018737https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Counter_(move) COUNTER THE COUNTER[View]
40018833Confess your sins /vp/[View]
40018839Would you like Ash and consider him a good character if he got replaced after the orange islands?[View]
40018907I'm not saying it doesn't count, but I'm not saying it was good either. Following thi…[View]
40018893>It's face when there are '''people''' RIGHT NOW who think Mew is the God of Pokemon…[View]
40018744Is she also a step closer to her dream?[View]
40009251I know it's a bit early, but fuck it: Ash celebration thread. He's finally done it, folks.…[View]
40018473I just wanted have fun and high quality animation and choeography in this battle if they wanted him …[View]
40018446Satoshi's VA may have hinted at satoshi going away: https://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2144519/full/…[View]
40018312Next season: >Uh? I have never won a league[View]
40016569>Digimon has multiple unique attack, defend and special attack animations for all its monsters, a…[View]
40018390After 20+ years, he fucking did it. How does it feel, /veepee/?[View]
40018334>Ash wins a league >No National Dex in SwSh Are they actively trying to kill the Pokemon franc…[View]
40017940Reminder that today's Ash's Alola League victory DOESN'T MATTER. We're soon goin…[View]
40018337Who’s ready for his big anime debut?[View]
40009026>Ash won the Alola lea- GEHE~! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB0umDVQw0Y…[View]
40015167Pokemmo: So are those threads not a thing anymore?[View]
40017751He actually did it[View]
40016656Sun and Moon Pokemon League Finals: IT'S HAPPENING https://ok.ru/live/1005196156545[View]
40016660Only 10 minutes.[View]
40017906HE WON >inb4 i-i--iii-i-i-ii-i-it doesn't count.... NON-BELIEVING ANONS BTFO…[View]
40017514Fucking Bullshit: COUNTER HIS FUCKING COUNTER[View]
40017859So you wanna be the Master of Pokémon! Do you have the skills to be Number one!? I wanna take the ul…[View]
40017604HE DID IT BOYS[View]
40018029KAKA KACHI DAZE[View]
40016587Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40011071Mega Evolution Thread: Post fake mega evolutions you think should be real alternatively post sources…[View]
40015049That's the worst community day so far.: I'm totally not interested about the event tomorro…[View]
40017478There's people on this board right now who believe pokemon are a product of some biological pro…[View]
40017878So when do we dump his butt and move on to Shield-Chan?[View]
40016803Reminder he cheats This is your new alolan champion[View]
40017712*counters your counter* Hey, nothin personell Gladio[View]
40009989God, GameFreak is so lazy. It’s so annoying that they keep reusing assets like this, are they even t…[View]
40017708>Lycanroc used no u.[View]
40017618IT'S COMING HOME[View]
40015448Which party would you vote on poke-elections? Personally, I think that Psychics Party is most deserv…[View]
40017585Our Champion[View]
40016813HE DID IT GUYS[View]
40008180/ss/ Seal Saturday: Reckless Fish edition: You know the deal post a Seal[View]
40010773:O I want bullshit[View]
40009918Plush thread[View]
40016370>1v1 battle >use Smeargle and spore, imprison, and transform into opponent…[View]
40016665ASH ALOLA VICTORY CELEBRATION THREAD: It's a bit early, but fuck it. OUR BRO'S DONE IT!…[View]
40016447OH NO NO NO NO LADS[View]
40011233ITT Alternate pokemon names: Seagulp[View]
40013778What kind of name is Colress?[View]
40016611It would be a real shame if Ash were to lose today[View]
40011631Phione: Let’s settle this once and for all, /vp/. Is it Mythical? Is it Legendary? Or is it a mistak…[View]
40016409Reploidmon (Not a Digimon is a Pokemon): Reploidmon this a Pokemon Games[View]
40012861Why 6 (six) pokémons[View]
40010723Hello /vp/[View]
40015710Pokemon are just data.[View]
40016197When is the next trailer: Next Sword and shield trailer when[View]
40014456Two months until Sword and Shield. Are you ready?[View]
40016352...late-night bunnage?[View]
40015174The original series has no misses... 80 episodes of pure kino. I couldn't even tell you what ep…[View]
40015149Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40010222I utterly despise this Pokémon: I hate everything about this Pokémon. I wish it didn’t exist[View]
40012520Maractus is based[View]
40014320Which pokemon badge is the most prestigious to have? Some of them must be given out more than others…[View]
40016012Hypothetically, it gets announced tomorrow that the REAL reason GF had to purge Pokemon from the Gal…[View]
40016202One hour to go until Ash wins the Alola League: I have my dorito's and Monster Energy Drink. I…[View]
40010006Why are so many Pokemon becoming degenerates?[View]
40011547>masters looks better than swoosh Reminder people actually said this.[View]
40015964really wanna make a fangame one day, will probably never actually happen, but here's a map i ma…[View]
40005549Most annoying type of pokemon fan?: Pokemon is a franchise with a wide appeal and as such it attract…[View]
40015494I wonder what we'll get in gen 8[View]
40010931>'Sorryu tu dissappointuru you anon-kun,but your nut gun catch them all.Preas understanderu,that …[View]
40011726What the fuck happened to Pokemon spinoffs? It seems like TPC is only willing to greenlight mobilesh…[View]
40012608Dawn Thread: This is an alpha female. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks li…[View]
40015675Pokemon Clover Help: Idk how but i wasnt ready to fight Guy so i got on the ship instead, got tossed…[View]
39987641How can you deal with this?[View]
40013252Pokemon stories: >junior year of high school >just broke up with my girlfriend because of pett…[View]
40013819Pokemon Clover: Which group of you fuckers were in charge of balancing this thing? Every fucking gym…[View]
40015923If Character Were Pokemon: Bit Type: Electric/Water Ability: Water Absorb/Run Away Hidden Ability: R…[View]
40009700ITT: Battles worthy of being considered boss battles.[View]
40011694I tried to travel into a different D.S. game's dimension with Palkia but I couldn't and th…[View]
40014169When are we getting more SWSH news this month? I want pic related to be revealed.[View]
40007688cute fossil[View]
40015832anyone else's doing the alolan champion vigil?: damn you tv tokyo and your weird commercials…[View]
40015730Wait for 2020: Wait for 2020[View]
40008229Hydreigon thread[View]
40010353Anon...: Trust me this time![View]
40006938Fire type thread https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-fire-types-126543[View]
40014433Above: Ghosts that are just that, ghosts with their actual bodies. Below: Ghosts possessing objects …[View]
40007683Post a pokemon without posting it[View]
40010838Legendary/Mythical Culling: Each Generation is only allowed a total of 5 Legendary/Mythical Pokemon …[View]
40013936Aesthetic wallpaper thread: I need a new wallpaper, post any cool pokemon wallpaper you have in here…[View]
40012504Some of you guys are alright. Don't come to the Alola League tomorrow.[View]
40008812Saturday Ralts line thread: Pizza time edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Ga…[View]
39996338Post Pokemon being pet.[View]
40008442All signs are pointing to this being the comfiest new gen release ever.[View]
40004544shw - fishe edition: >current hunt >previous hunt >shortest hunt >longesy hunt…[View]
40015130Alola league champion! Say something nice about him, this is his second league victory after Orange …[View]
40006494Only Obstagoon and Farfetch'd will be ruined, Gen 4 ruined way more old lines.[View]
40015305What do you mates think about pokestar studios: i always like the twilight zone esc feel to the movi…[View]
40012695Is Pokémon reclining? Just think about it, people loathe the new games because of the lies and bad d…[View]
39995405Could we have a Lake Trio thread?[View]
40015321Character was Pokemon Name: Blaziken[View]
40002650First Official Jynx Fanclub Meeting: First Topic, Do you prefer Jynx with Black or Purple skin?…[View]
40010409Tree lizards[View]
40007001What Gen 8 Pokemon Are Likely To Evolve?: Here's how I predict things will go for the newest Po…[View]
40012408In a next few hours, he's become Alola region first-ever league champion This is still early bu…[View]
40013563Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40002512whats the deal with aroma girls?[View]
40015050Epic Pokemon Music Thread: Starting with the best credits theme to date. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
40011006Meowth thread because I want to. Post ‘em.[View]
40009956The treatment of the Rowlet line past the base stage was atrocious. Perhaps as compensation they can…[View]
39992808/ff/- Fox Friday: Hungry Boi Edition[View]
40006367Is he the most alpha pokeprotag? He's literally THE pokemon world champion, only potentially MA…[View]
40010301clover blows[View]
40012643Leave Darkrai to me[View]
40013424Pokémen: Pokémen thread. Claim ‘em, post ‘em. No boys, XX chromosomes, or bigotry allowed.[View]
40014313There is still no subtential proof that Limpidick is real: Did anybody on vp manage to play the swoo…[View]
40011114shiny stakataka[View]
40003798Pokemon from you country: Post pokémon who are canonically from your country. This nigga, from New I…[View]
40009873You know, considering how nightmarish ghost Pokemon have become over the years, the Pokemon world wo…[View]
40009824Golurk Morelull: Golurk Morelull[View]
40001048Has anybody attempted to make a design based on the way it's presented on the site? I know it…[View]
40010438What the fuck was his problem?[View]
40014642He wins, but it was all a dream[View]
40014498It's almost time boys. He's about to do it. Ash is about to beat his second filler league.…[View]
39999574Is Gen 2 actually anyone's favorite here?: From my observation, /vp/ is chiefly comprised of an…[View]
40001179Why do people inject Pokemon? Why do adults cheat in a game for kids?[View]
40011430Wow, nice sharp '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''sword''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' you got …[View]
40013169How on Earth is this thing UU? It has more offensive than most megas, can hold item, 100 base stab m…[View]
40014167You fags better say goodbye to all the current threads because they will be gone after ash win/lose …[View]
39960441/3vp/ - Pokémon Masters model ripping/datamining project: Picking up from the last thread >>39…[View]
40013486>They still haven’t announced the new Pokémon[View]
40011331/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: Samuron vs. Pyrobird Edition What is /vpmd/?: /vpmd/ is an ongoing que…[View]
40013923Reminder that mega getting cut from the game was never confirmed nor implied by GF and is just an ot…[View]
40009483/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real…[View]
40013664burasto ban[View]
40011508HGSS Appreciation Thread: Without a trip back to Johto, this board would never exist.[View]
40010508Galarian seamapan[View]
40013490Hey guys, I'm new to pokemon! Can anybody tell me what the jump button is ?[View]
40011954ITT: NPC dialogue[View]
40013156Political Compass of the mainline pokemon games[View]
40011750Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40012932I know it's a bit early, but fuck it. Ash Celebration Thread. He's finally done it, folks!…[View]
40010383I've been in the bath browsing /vp/ for 6 hours now. For some reason I can't find the ener…[View]
40013099Why doesn’t GameFreak view the Battle Frontier as that important anymore?[View]
39994873What did they mean by this?[View]
40011443/wfg/ - Wifi General /wfg/ - Wifi General: Trading, Breeding, Battling, Autism, and Shitposting Give…[View]
40007695Hahahahahahaha... haha... ha... Pokémon is in decline...[View]
40012601https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-976148291 I hope this broken piece of shit gets …[View]
40005198What's the appeal of Marnie? she's not a delicious brown feet girl or the hoity toity elit…[View]
40012956>Yes, I buy Sword and Shield[View]
40012910Cringe moments in pokemon games.[View]
40012690Black & White: I'm about to do something I've put off for as long as possible. I'…[View]
40011490buggerus in anus: I gotchu I was only 9 years old I loved Masuda I had all the merchandise Every nig…[View]
40010156REMINDER: If you do not support Ash you are not welcome on /vp/ tomorrow. This will be an Ash Ketchu…[View]
40004748If you were to marry someone in the pokeverse, who would it be?[View]
40012225Hi guys and girlies! I was just wondering if there are any reasonably good fangames that have all of…[View]
40010159Anons, tell us: >Your age >Favourite book >Favourite pokemon game…[View]
40010754/cat/ - Caturday #88: cat, ur day is here[View]
40009678Funny Pokemon in game text[View]
40003400/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Shiny Kanga Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive…[View]
40009923>'I gave it all I had when I recorded this episode, putting every bit of 'desire' I've had u…[View]
40007986The Galar starter plushes are out now, Galar starter pantsu when?[View]
40012173>have a brainfog moment and can't seem to find /vp/. 'no, they deleted it?!?' >mfw…[View]
40010321*blocks your path*[View]
40010176POKENCHI EPISODE 203: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
40007022Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40011465What would their teams have been?[View]
39994295What's this!? A video game franchise featuring a variety of pocket-sized beasts WOEFULLY underp…[View]
40002460Showderp:pingas edition: THIS THREAD CONTAINS SHOWDERP DOGARS.ML kudlak !Wt3naUjIE6[View]
40008315So, which one vp?[View]
40010839>solgaleo >sun legendary >the beast that devour the sun >... >its weak to fire AHAHAH…[View]
40009719first look at the box[View]
39997576Post your LEAST favorite Pokemon of each type.[View]
40011202Wow I never realized...[View]
40010961What if all the Eevois had sex differences?[View]
40011144Voltorbs are just Pokéball rotoms.[View]
40010056>they actually believe he'll win[View]
40009990>requires Surf and Waterfall to access in B2/W2 >there's even a Black Belt on the way who…[View]
40011119Post funny pokemon memes[View]
40011082What is this?: I left for a few months since S&M didn't seem to be going anywhere important…[View]
40009007Good afternoon /vp/, Mantine thread?[View]
40009751Why ae you on vp if you are not a furfag ? Im realy curious[View]
40008510Fairy Types suck!! They're GAY they're FUCKING GAY!!!! I HATE THEM D:<[View]
40010874Name a comfier Pokemon.[View]
40006012Does Gamefreak know what /vp/ is?[View]
40008620Congratulations, anon! You've found Masuda's cicada shell! You can wish for the one thing …[View]
40003227You are the strongest trainer in the Pokemon world. Your team has been trained beyond what anyone th…[View]
40009141Pokémon Sword, Shield and Knife: Is anyone here gonna wait for the third version of Galar region? Se…[View]
40007235Can we all agree that we’re buying this game now? Camping seems kind of comfy.[View]
40010178Pokemon Clover: Alrighty /vp/ you fags made this game, and I being a retard need help. I'm tryi…[View]
4000703615 more days[View]
40008718Where are the Sinnoh remakes?[View]
4001041561 days until: the launch of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch™ which I pray …[View]
40006595Nobody has Normal as their favorite type: Justify yourself if you want to pretend that Normal is you…[View]
39998898https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=128&v=W4ldg1WZRSo SOUL[View]
40008822So how long is it until the episode drops and /vp/ implodes again? Also preemptive shitstorm bunker…[View]
40009456Why do people act like he’s the greatest trainer of all time? >became champion, lost, and fucked …[View]
39994867TIME TO LAUGHT!!![View]
40004535Are Megas and Z-Moves overpowered?: This will account for VGC, Doubles OU, and Singles OU. Btw here …[View]
40009244Hey /vp/, I dare you to pick your last game or TV show or whatever and put Zinnia on it. Let's …[View]
40009898>You think I'll let you through without handing over your pokemon?…[View]
39998536It's Friday the 13th! Post your black cats and crows[View]
40008247Holy shit. Normies really are starting to notice Pokemon's quality doing downhill. Will Masuda …[View]
40009000Does Virideon have reproductive organs like an animal, or like a plant? Would it grow flowers that n…[View]
40010003I've been edging to Lana's mom r34 and cannot stop.[View]
39997485Mega Evolution sucks and I’m glad it’s gone. So ITT we buff Pokémon who lost their megas. You can bu…[View]
40004194Hey! Fuck you![View]
40008529What is your favorite Sinnoh myth? I personally like Sinnoh Region's Mythology the most, I like…[View]
40007922Shitstorm thread: >Ash loses >Ash wins Which will result in the greater shitstorm?…[View]
40009976looking for chad animator: please make hd fug but as a shiny[View]
40009959That's a nice champion Ash you got there: ...mind if i JYNX IT?[View]
40009393>Ash wins the league >Meanwhile Masked Royal proposes >TITLE DEFENSE GG…[View]
40009837Smart /vp/ users: Using draws made on paint and Pepe memes to laugh at someone when all of this stuf…[View]
40006319You are actually going to like this more than the official one[View]
40009750Need some advice. I've used my blue XY o3DS XL as my Homebrew machine until recently when the r…[View]
40009688>there are people that actually think these aren't the canonical strongest legendaries >c…[View]
40001222Post your favorites, and rate others. Template in the next post.[View]
40009387post your fetish and make it a pokemon gym[View]
40006620Pokemon Anime: In the event this guy was legit and he didn't get some lucky guesses...does that…[View]
40009469Fill in the blanks.[View]
40008397Friend code thread? The only one I need is the Farfetch'd.[View]
40009553spaghetti spaghetti[View]
40009374I fear for the Pokecommunity: Every so often I will hop on /vp/ and snoop around for some news or cu…[View]
40009380Average /vp/ poster?[View]
40000777Do the following: Post your favorite mon, zodiac sign and the last movie you watched. Salamence, Gem…[View]
39997188It’s alright, Tepig. I don’t care if everyone else doesn’t like you, you’re my favorite starter.[View]
40009486Was sirfetchdt teaser a reference to this?[View]
40009283So now that we have a second proof that normal animals exist in the pokemon universe. Do you think n…[View]
40004838I haven't kept up with anime, is the next episode the final league battle? If so, is there gonn…[View]
40005210Is it true that this faggot went to Masuda during World tournaments and Masuda said that he never he…[View]
39981033early gardevoir thread better waifu than green/leaf edition. you know the rules[View]
40009363Alola League: I'm not ready for what will happen to this board, regardless of the outcome.…[View]
400067852019... I am forgotten[View]
40006856Now that Megas don’t exist anymore...: Can my boy just be Grass/Dragon full time now?[View]
40001880>the information about the new Pokemon is obscured and glitchy >widely believed to be related …[View]
40008764>legendary sea leviathan monster that literally controls the ocean >is the size of a school bu…[View]
39985617Fakemon Tropes: >Fighting type is a humanoid muscleman with no clear or pronounced fighting style…[View]
40008767Best girl[View]
40008845i’m not crying![View]
40006831i wanna hear everyone's ideal Pokemon game, I'll start. i dont really care where the regio…[View]
40009048Well will see the starter evos quite soon if you didn’t want the game to be spoiled then that’s on y…[View]
40008588These four songs sung by Ash’s seiyuu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-lEahV5Q_o https://www.youtub…[View]
40006353Good name for Escavalier?[View]
40005817Predict the battle between Ash and Kukui[View]
40007541There is a rumor that Pokemon generation 9 is already start the development. After the #bringbacknat…[View]
40005933Pitch your ideas for obscure Masters alts.[View]
39997593Why the fuck are they flying type?[View]
40008773gary anime when[View]
40007417>'What design should we come up with for these evolutions?' >'I don't know lol just combi…[View]
40008369>wait for Gen 8 they said... >it will be better they said...…[View]
40008383Simple pokemon thread: Post pokemon that are the definition of 'simple=better' Digimons are not welc…[View]
40006362When did you grow out the dex autism and realized that SwSh will be the greatest Pokemon games ever …[View]
39995838Did most people lost interest in this after the first two weeks?[View]
40008470alright 4chan since you know everything, answer me this: Why the hell is cloyster an ice type? (Cold…[View]
40000352people wouldn't complain nearly as much if they just gave it joints[View]
39982195/wgf/ - Wifi General: Trading, Breeding, Battling, Autism, and Shitposting Giveaways, Circlejerking,…[View]
40006606Visions of Gideon: >Haha, I don't know[View]
40005772I did not care for Deoxys[View]
40006521>Gives the Grass types signature move Solar Beam to almost every fire type pokemon and their mom …[View]
40008332So when Sword and Shield come out do you think the board will be filled with conversations about it …[View]
40008103Agatha is sad.[View]
40008305Every day on /vp/ is the same, people talk about the new Pokémon game, but Champion Iris is still th…[View]
40001437>league where every Tom Dick & Harry is allowed to enter >instead of introducing new power…[View]
39994529Diantha: Diantha The waifu more undervalue. I love Diantha.[View]
40002502Gee Gen 4, why do you get a smoking hot villain but not my favorite gen?[View]
40006053>even gen 8 mons like impidimp are getting culled this is getting out of hands, bros...…[View]
40004063With sun and moon near the end...: ... was it a kiss?[View]
40006837>Anime Lusamine is one of only a handful of trainers in the entire franchise to have a full team …[View]
40001159Wooloo has 2 different Crys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOW4tBn83JY&feature=youtu.be&t=9…[View]
40007904We didn't deserve her...[View]
40007291ITT: Pokemon League Champions[View]
40003970/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real…[View]
40004282Pokeship thread: Shipping thread? Shipping thread[View]
40007397How are people finding Beta Gold? Just beat Falkner, seemed even easier than in GSC but that geodude…[View]
40000722What's your favourite protag?[View]
40007130How did GF get away with making an illegal activity into a Pokémon?[View]
40007099So uh Klefki stole the keys to my 2004 Honda Civic and it won't give them back. What do I do?[View]
40006945The best mon from SM[View]
40005860BUY GROOKEY[View]
40007666Let's face it, it looks like a lost pre-evolution of pokemon Nincada and the BUG and GROUND typ…[View]
40007485Relicanth is perfect. Discuss.[View]
40007184>Final rival battle before the league in gen 4[View]
40007224>Look how they massacred my boy[View]
40005263What pokemon should be retyped? There is nothing poison about that thing, for example.[View]
40006970>The anime's Alola league doesn't count because there isn't a badge requirement an…[View]
40005127Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40005595>Gamefreak failed to make it popular through games and manga >one meme page made it overrated …[View]
40004312>adding all the old Pokemon in would take too much time, it's not poss-…[View]
39999426ITT: evil pokémon[View]
39989532Post pictures of Dawn/Hikari: Ill start.[View]
40006629Hapu Thread?: I think she's brill! Anyone else like her?[View]
39998322So, I made an even newer model 'from scratch'. Imagine thinking this is harder to re-texture than Ty…[View]
40000982What is their masterplan?[View]
40006452So if i want to buy this thing and already have a Switch (dont bother flaming i have money to throw)…[View]
40004560The curse of water starters: Is gen2 the only gen that has memorable cool water starter loved by eve…[View]
40006065So this is what Lana looks like in the 'reboot' anime[View]
40006009Hoenn.. Home[View]
40005205>EARTH Power >EARTHquake >still call it Ground type Is there anyway we can get them to fix …[View]
40006107>If man is five, if man is five, if man is five >Then the Giratina is six, then the Giratina i…[View]
39997444Please visit Maractus's fruit stand![View]
40002884If you ever hate your parents for giving you a retarded name, just remember and be glad that you…[View]
40000048Bros... which one is comfier?[View]
40001828This is a male Pokémon,[View]
40005631I'm a nice person if you get to know me.[View]
40002953Game of the decade[View]
40004525Feels good to be an SM chad[View]
39998384How did we go from this...[View]
40005930>ash wins >the league doesn’t even have 6v6 >ashnimefags are surprised when no one gives a …[View]
39976547/vpwt/ Pokémon Fanfiction/Write Thread: /vpwt/: Tea Party Edition >post fanfics you like >shar…[View]
40000793Underrated Pokemon Tracks: Just post some tracks that don't get enough love https://youtu.be/BW…[View]
40002408Favorite PikaClone?: Mines is Emolga, it's different and super cute. I wish it was stronger... …[View]
40004786>You sleep with your Lycanroc?[View]
40004082>He isn't picking Gorigga[View]
39998298Anyone else is hyped up for inspired and awesome regional forms? The creative potential here is endl…[View]
39997912Your opinion?[View]
40004204I give up: I'm sorry /vp/ but I give up. I have officially lost all hope. The more and more I s…[View]
40002354this is absolutely abhorrent. Masuda is not even trying to hide the fact that he doesn't care a…[View]
40002171Will Gary appear to congratulate ash ?[View]
40003703Oh look it’s missingno[View]
40005167Pokemon Name With Non-Pokemon: You Witch Design a Delphox?[View]
39997800Just. . . Just READING these two small paragraphs makes me rub my temples in frustration. Pokémon is…[View]
40003106What's his plan[View]
40004555we did it boys, leaffag has been banned from v too[View]
40002038It’s time.: Favorite Eeveelution poll http://www.strawpoll.me/18637631[View]
39988426why do i always hear fags talking about helix fossil? why is it always referenced but i can never f…[View]
40003832What would his team be?[View]
40003593emreld fat nigga: he is havnig troubl ebeating air man[View]
40001031We're getting married, /vp/, and you're invited to the wedding! Just please try not to emb…[View]
40004843What went hype with the new reveal?: >Saves your game[View]
39993998Post Pokemon you would want as a pet.[View]
40001824Did you buy your N plushie yet?[View]
39999644Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40003780>hates battling >is a gym leader[View]
39998210Post your country in the form of a pokemon, and have the other anons guess what country it is[View]
40004399What genres of music would each pokemon move be? Example: Recover, Protect - Christian Rock First Im…[View]
40004473What if it had Levitate?[View]
40000913I made a guess with shitty tracing is it accurate[View]
39998040Test my belief on this tier list. Farther left = higher ranking.[View]
40004067Choose your glitched fighter[View]
40004321>yfw this is Galarian Farfetch'd[View]
40003786Unpopular Opinions: I honestly miss getting heavily draconic Pokemon that weren't Dragon-type a…[View]
39997440>Fighting >257.9 lbs. I don't think this is a Farfetch'd evo...…[View]
40002964Team Thread: Post your current teams. I'm playing Pokémon Ruby after not playing it for a few y…[View]
40000549make him good please i love stantler[View]
40004262“No. No more games! I want COCK!”[View]
40003535I'm still mad, i will always be mad: The pain and anger won't go away no matter what pokem…[View]
40001326>camping >cooking >dress up >adventure >cute girls Yup. I'm buying it.…[View]
39998316>it's a farfetch'd evo Haha, no[View]
40004119Who would win? Who did it better? Are you Thorton Team or Noland Network?[View]
400040863D was a mistake: Let's face it, Pokeyman should've stayed sprite based. Everything went d…[View]
39997421Holy shit he worked it out!: https://youtu.be/WIkJhiDAGA0[View]
39985669Summarize Pokémon's state of affairs in 5 words or less: Creative ideas, butchered execution.…[View]
39994968Have you noticed how the image runs away from you in the website? Similar to this fucking minigame i…[View]
39999273Can someone post the leak where leaker was angry?[View]
40003313case closed[View]
40003866reminder that this is how the types should be fixed[View]
40000950Ok boys Madame or Sir’Fetched?[View]
40003688So is there going to be an elite four in galar? Is Olena going to be an elite four member? Was hopin…[View]
40003138Sword and Shield Ideas: despite all the flack it gets (which i overall do believe is deserved), this…[View]
40001511Gangsta piplup!: Gangsta piplup![View]
39990646That quote deeply connects with me. Mewtwo was right on more levels than one.[View]
39999455Ghost loses its Fighting and Normal immunity. Now, unless it is super effective, Ghost is immune to …[View]
40001189Shiny Speculation Thread[View]
40002833I figured it out[View]
39997966Favorite shiny bread[View]
40001844>Just Fighting Type: If they likely turned the image on it's side, would they just not show …[View]
40001444Friendly Reminder!: Charizard shouldn't have gotten two Megas.[View]
39988098/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Meh Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/en …[View]
40001405If you turn the image upside down it's literally a mallard duck holding a leek. It's just …[View]
39999349>2019 >still no non-mammalian synapsid pokemon…[View]
40002939FINI: I love Tapu Fini, this thing blocks a lot of stuff, blocks Charizard X and toxic stallers.…[View]
40002664About to play this. What should I expect?[View]
39988946Why is Silver so gosh darn cute?[View]
40002803Non-Linear Gym Progression?: Is there a single Pokemon Rom Hack that has a non-linear progression wi…[View]
40002533Pokemon Go Galar forms: So I believe that we may be getting Galarian forms in Pokemon Go right aroun…[View]
39999146how bad can I possibly be?[View]
40002802pokemon you want to be friends with[View]
39998704Hi /vp, can someone help me out please? I keep getting this error on Platinum when trying to connect…[View]
40001963Masuda needs to fucking die: 'Maybe people who are sad can choose Sobble. (Laughs)', Junichi Masuda …[View]
39996232>Gladion hiding behind his mom[View]
40000489>tfw GameFreak has fucked up Eternatus and we won't be in store for a Lovecraftian kino mon…[View]
39979884Claire: This thread is dedicated to the coolest and strongest gym leader, Claire.[View]
40002321Please clap.[View]
40002118This is what Lana looks like in the 'reboot' anime[View]
40002516Fellas, I've figured it out.: It's the bugs I tell you, the bugs are controlling Masuda vi…[View]
39999227We have already a Pokewaifu thread, but I would really know who is your Pokebro/sis, the one you wou…[View]
40001827CP thread: post the combat power of your favorite Pokémon in Pokémon go. Mine is pic related, I lov…[View]
40002123So, what kinds of pokemon would be most useful for modern warfare? Whih ones could be used for prop…[View]
39996128is it okay to love Leaf yet?[View]
39997410Left should be Normal, right should be Normal/Fairy. If it's too strong, they can just deduce B…[View]
39999359Question: How would Leaf and Lillie feel about everyone here fighting over the 'Better girl' is?…[View]
4000236630000000 GET![View]
40002201What are some mustplay romhacks?[View]
40001733Post ITT if Dux was more than a HM slave for you[View]
39991734*saves gen 8 hype season*[View]
40001910Sophocles Appreciation Thread: Post Sophocles[View]
39996147She's in.[View]
39995439Kensaku Nabana: Say something nice to the designer of Golisopod (He studied robotics before he joine…[View]
39999598Rapidash Love: >scotland's national animal is the unicorn Now's the time. . . This maje…[View]
39992022> weather pokemon > has no sandstorm form…[View]
40001167Are people saying there’s a pokemon direct soon because of a leak or just bullshit speculation?[View]
39989226How crazy is she in bed?[View]
39998439/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real…[View]
40000000/vp/ thinks that Generation V isn't the best generation. However, I disagree![View]
39999077>it's not the beta design Farfetch'd evo >it's not Fighting/Flying Ruined. Game…[View]
40000999>It's just a white farfetch'd with a bigger stick[View]
40000985Does anyone have a Fairy-type Friend Safari in Pokemon X/Y with Swirlix in it?[View]
39998313>”Why yes, I do open Master the Fiery Blaze with two Hard as a Diamond in a row, how did you know…[View]
39998872Only Farfetch'd that have survived many battles can attain this Galarian evolution. When this P…[View]
40000757The height is hidden because showing the height would reveal that it's actually sideways. A tal…[View]
39999191Why has /vp/ become a war zone between boomers and zoomers?[View]
39999449Kanto is the best region xd[View]
39997182Why is everyone saying Farfetch’d will get a gala for and a evo? I thought the leak was saying it wa…[View]
39987748Showderp: Featherless Chicken Edition: Showderp shaved. >Bawk dogars.ml >Bawk Bawk LenWanTwo !…[View]
40000509Ok so, some anons on /vp/ are fighting about Leaf and Lillie[View]
39999083what did they mean by this: The player character is a little kid by the way[View]
39998251Pokémon should serious cater to the fanbase that's been with them for 20+ years, not 7-13 year …[View]
39997581Post here if you like leaf[View]
40000119Doh doh doh.[View]
39999630any like this for unova[View]
39999600>>40000000 celebration thread: Post anything Pokémon related ITT >What you love >What yo…[View]
39999968I will not buy it[View]
40000016Why try when people will buy it anyways. SWSH is low effort trash.[View]
39995273Masuda: What do you think are his thoughts about the Pokémon Community and do you believe he gives a…[View]
39996744Uma Delicia[View]
39999264only gen where all 3 evolved starters are universally based[View]
39999039SWSH come out in 2 months and 2 days and we know fuck all about anything[View]
39999723Why would they give you a method to make getting shinies easier in Gen 4 but have it still able to j…[View]
39999427I hope we see them in future games.[View]
39998890The sorry state of the franchise is nothing compared to the sorry state of the fanbase willing to de…[View]
39999400is there any new news[View]
39994427Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39989307>Ash wins >No one gives a shit anymore This is literally less exciting than the Orange League…[View]
39999302The new anime mascot.[View]
39997721Team Thread: Post, rate, and discuss your dudes. Competitive, single-player, gimmicks, shitmon, what…[View]
39999332What went right with the new pokemon reveal?: I yelled unironically, it got me hyped. this is not ba…[View]
39987952Touko Thursday: Thursday doesn't get enough love, so this will be the first Touko Thursday. Fo…[View]
39988369This Pokemon make me feel things I shouldn't feel about a Pokemon.[View]
39998270spic memes are best memes[View]
39997636This thing is prolly still Flying/Fighting The japanese site only shows the last part of its name[View]
39999226I hope that the glitch pokemon is actually missingno. Surprised Game Freak hasn’t embraced it yet[View]
39999211The legend starts here.[View]
39998497They did it! They won the league! Congratulations Ash![View]
39999089I know I know, Pokémon ALREADY have magical powers to begin with. And Fairy and Psychic cover this g…[View]
39998033Magmar: It's a duck billed dinosaur with a flaming ass on its head.[View]
39997434Best girl[View]
39990473Finish the sentence: Generation 5 was ________ and _________.[View]
39995090Who do /vp/ think beta stuff is based?[View]
39998840Since the gts is back in gen4-5 is it possible to possible to bring in back on gen6-7 when their ser…[View]
39992928Which third version (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Ultras) was the best improvement upon the o…[View]
39996773OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
39996277So Eternatus, Polteageist's evolution, Cramorant's fish missle, the squirrel on the sweate…[View]
39991021So does anyone here NOT care about the dex cut OR the above average graphics? As for me, im still o…[View]
39985359My collection is better then yours prove me wrong. Have all those bindes full of rare cards.[View]
39998664Proposal: If I were to commission Leaf/Green/Blue/Whatever she's called and Lillie fucking each…[View]
39995703Favourite gym puzzles?: I always really liked the ice-tiled ones, but sootopolis having an ice-theme…[View]
39998631beta mon thread[View]
39997491Trade evolutions: Replace them without using a pre-existing evolution method. I'll start >pi…[View]
39993879I'm just gonna say it, consequences be damned. I have NEVER, EVER 'caught them all'. I never wi…[View]
39998442fuck waifus[View]
39981094ASH WINS THE LEAGUE. ASH WINS THE LEAGUE: He's holding the trophy. Our boi did it. He actually …[View]
39998080these two are having sex arent they[View]
3999810362 days until: the launch of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch™ which I pray …[View]
39983784ITT post your extremely autistic in-game team building ways: I'll start. So I get 6 mons from 6…[View]
39992765>futureproof >only lasts 2 gens[View]
39997802 [View]
39994304Season 2 is canon: Deal with it[View]
39997841SWSH should have its graphics done like Guilty Gear's[View]
39997984Who's your favorite Champion? Mine is Iris.[View]
39998217Wait: I can’t stop thinking of this man Everytime I look at the new glitch bird[View]
39997562MLP: Look at this dood[View]
39998152The green “leek sword” is actually a horn and our new Pokémon is a wolpertinger (rabbit with wings a…[View]
39993707Meanwhile in the daycare[View]
39997899Wait a moment! Has Niantic just fixed Frenzy Plant’s German translation? It has been mistranslated a…[View]
39995686Did anyone want Ash to win for any reason other the sake of it or schadenfreude?: Seriously if this …[View]
39996347This is my dream after the dex culling. If your shitmon isn't on here, then too fucking bad. Th…[View]
39996416Reminder: The level in this League is so low, none of the previous rivals would have lost in it.…[View]
39997380Was amour killed off or damaged in sm? I didn't watch it.[View]
39995677Who's going to use it?[View]
39997123What could have been...[View]
39995592Post your trainer OC, your battle theme and your team Zoroark Phantump Mismagius Haunter Whirlipede …[View]
39996935*blocks your path*[View]
39997768Thoughts on the dex so far? What types are you hoping for?[View]
39994097Since the boy is evolving, get in here if you used Farfetch’d on a competitive team or in-game playt…[View]
39998921eat ur leafy greens[View]
39999635Bashing Leaf Thread: I despise Leaf! Awful and generic design, no personality and no one likes her e…[View]
39997250worst girl[View]
39973092Fakemon General: Up from the depths edition: Post aquatic mons[View]
39997697Leaf sucks post better pokegirls or pokemon.[View]
39997702Twins take their difference and age seriously[View]
39996825hoping to include him as a new rival in the gen 4 remake !!!![View]
39997687>doesn't care about pokemon >gets excited over curry >insta buy the game for a creme w…[View]
39993710Trainer Card Thread: Post your fucking trainer cards.[View]
39997643>like farfetch'd >it gets a crappy meme evolution I hate everything about Gen 8.…[View]
39994985>the only pokemon games that cost $60 are ones that also do not contain every pokemon Really jogs…[View]
39986368It’s Steven’s seiyuu’s Birthday today! Post the chad himself and wish him a happy birthday![View]
39994472Are you in a relationship, /vp/? Have you gotten to the point where you too can joke about best girl…[View]
39992930what if its this way? it holds its perch thing like a walking stick[View]
39993927What kind of pokemon meat are these made of? Obviously it can't be from a species included in t…[View]
39996997*when you thought that rock you took was a thunder stone and now realizes there's no way back*[View]
39964121nuzgen-/nuzlocke general/: /nuzgen/ Nuzlocke General: Embed free edition Previous: >>39918135 …[View]
39995064TPC is really making sure they are giving us the bare minimum for reveals for Gen 8. Like really? Th…[View]
39995518R.I.P.: R.I.P. [View]
39994631/pmg/ Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real t…[View]
39997228What is your favorite trading card?[View]
39994423>his face when he wasn't worried by the backlash for a second[View]
39996031best girl[View]
39994799How i think of the Pokemon Series: Games>Manga>Spinoffs>Shit>Anime[View]
39996835>ash can only ever win a special ed league[View]
39995327Sea Slug Pokémon[View]
39997094What did they mean by this[View]
39972438Slurpuff is my favorite pokemon. He's my buddy.[View]
39996917Spheal :3[View]
39992484ITT: Things that even the strongest Pokemon in existence can not beat.[View]
39996199My boyfriend.[View]
39994923Same hardware Different developers[View]
39995506How do we make primary typing more significant?: Primary typing versus secondary typing is overall a…[View]
39994521Frog Friday: Post frogs and toads.[View]
39996613Pokemon Go killed Pokemon[View]
39994734Seething I’m still seething over this bullshit I could belt over look how fucking stupid dynamx is b…[View]
39996327Duckknight wields a sword and shield. Sword and Shield are quack games. It's all coming togethe…[View]
39992310Is he the most based vp leaker ever?[View]
39996439Why does SWISH have no one near as cute as Illima?: Do you think they will have anyone for us or wil…[View]
39996308>singlehandedly makes Psychic type go from OP to near worthless Based[View]
39994172Do you need soul?: Aretha Franklin would be proud![View]
39995366>go to pokemon world championships >its full of couples and family uhhh /vp/ this isnt what I …[View]
39995213>It evolves from Rufflet starting at level 54 Why tho[View]
39996078When will we get a (not ugly) Penguin pokemon?[View]
39996124Uhm, guys?[View]
39996203Bro, can you hold the trophy for me?[View]
39984908Give me a D!!![View]
39995610Another gen another shitmon grass starter.[View]
39991150Why is Lana jerking him off?[View]
39994980Galar Hype thread: We will have new Pokémon revealed soon probably, post your future teams and let…[View]
39993233Honest opinion please: What's better, the Pokemon Ashnime or the Pokemon manga?[View]
39995362Galarian Farfetch'd: 'The leek is the national symbol of Wales' Galarian Farfetch'd confir…[View]
39995186Man, Black and White's story was so good! Unova's story could only get better from he-[View]
39984649>less than 2 months until SWSH releases >Petromite and Impidimp are still unrevealed What went…[View]
39995873Lusamine Friday: Mother of the year[View]
39994619>Happens to conveniently 'forget'/not mention what the final evo's types are I bet he was a …[View]
39995840I don't want it to be called Sirfetch'd, i want it to be called...: Ch'night…[View]
39993901>Pickpocket >Early bird Which of these is the LEAST useless on Shiftry? Being grass/dark makes…[View]
39994394What's the logic behind arguments like this? I don't get it.[View]
39995589My bros better to make it into a game or I am not buying anything.[View]
39991699More info on the mysterious guy. I still think it's a farfetch'd evo.[View]
39989681who is the THICCest pokemon of them all? also, dubs will be blessed with a shiny encounter![View]
39997793Humans and Pokemon should be getting married no matter what the law says![View]
39995348your yfw face when this new pokemon turns out to be totally unrelated to farfetch'd[View]
39994794This shit is going to have less new pokemon than XY right?: Absolutely patethic, they can't eve…[View]
39995325why do S/S have that ugly cheap 3D look when they could've gone for a celshaded look closer to …[View]
39995465Where's the porn?[View]
39994891Farfetch'd fan art thread: Post buff ducks[View]
39994933This is what hype season has come to? Pathetic.[View]
39989060The last good Pokemon games turn 10 today, say something nice about them![View]
39993319Where the fuck are the evolutions?[View]
39995224>tfw Leaf is crazy dominating yandere and Red is to autistic to say no[View]
39996888the absolute state of this board[View]
39997352Why all the hate? She is cute as heck.[View]
39997393it's her[View]
39997137Meet leaf-op the biggest laughingstock on /vp/ Who is leaf-op you may ask? >Has shitfits on his t…[View]
39992922Friendly reminder[View]
39995183Hey guys, a post came for me! Looks lit it's was some form of an invitation or something...[View]
39994812I want to hug Zeraora: I want to hug Zeraora. Are there any Pokemon you want to hug? Discuss[View]
39994878Hidden Shit: Remember when Pokémon games used to have cool hidden unlockables?[View]
39994584Does this confirm missingno was orginally gonna be farfetched's evolution?[View]
39994948Past brutal /vp/'s roast[View]
39994895Remember when Pokemon was good?[View]
39992467Was gen 1 a mistake? https://tiermaker.com/create/generation-1-pokemon--forms-artwork-98435…[View]
39989593How is this a boy's name?[View]
39994916Pokemon Sword and Shield: Sirfetch'd IMAGE: Sirfetch'd LEAK RELEASE Pokemon Sword and Shi…[View]
39990550Did you enjoy this chapter?: Really like the move-pool Green's Clefable had[View]
39980095The year is 2008. You have a copy of Pearl in your hand and you turn on CartoonNetwork and see this:…[View]
39993477 [View]
39992552Whats our opinion on Meltan and Melmetal?[View]
39994728Dawn..: Best girl https://youtu.be/xupQbcDYWhc[View]
39992117>there will be lots of shillers that will buy a 60$+taxes game that has n64 textures in it lol…[View]
39994371Farfetch’d Evolution Sirfetch’d - INFO: MISSINGNO. TEASER BY THE POKEMON COMPANY Sirfetch'd Typ…[View]
39994657Someone here playing Pokemon Revolution Online?[View]
39994004when do you think they’ll reveal him? today? next week?[View]
39993609Best games ever[View]
39994583Halloween Events: I'm kind of sad Pokemon games don't have holiday events... A simple upda…[View]
39993382Diantha thread? Diantha thread[View]
39993991>turdaleo >sun legendary >weak to fire kek,loll!!…[View]
39995454It's me and my Pokémon bf!: And Sylveon our trans gf! We are a happy family![View]
39994228Fuck legendaries: I swear to SATAN, if the dex culling doesn't get rid of pretty much every fuc…[View]
39989474Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39994335>Its ability is steadfast Y I K E S I K E S Better have impressive stats and a impressive movese…[View]
39994099So...: Would you buy merch?[View]
39994201Is anyone else wondering if we will have less pokemon than Gen 6.: Right now we have 18 confirmed po…[View]
39986165What the fuck?: So I was on /vp/ a while ago and there was this thread about how the Ultimate Weapon…[View]
39992466If Character Were GYM Leaders: Crystal Snail Region: 21XX Type Expert: Rock Pokemon Team: Magcargo O…[View]
39993769What is this?[View]
39990929>you lived long enough to see Ash win[View]
39994191Now hear me out; What if this new pokemon isn't 'Sirfetch'd'... But rather a Galar form of…[View]
39987602no nincada? no buy.[View]
39993767Is it a missingno reference?[View]
39990485>just started pic related I feel cheated. You all made it seem like I was in for a shit show and…[View]
39993937Looking for Pokemon image that was posted on here about two years ago: It's an image of Mewtwo …[View]
39993935>flying type trainer >refers to all their Pokemon as 'birds'…[View]
39993594Ash Wins!!: Spoiler Alert![View]
39993694I swear to god if a woman doesn't step on his balls in this game I will fucking flip[View]
39989705Lana's mom has got it goin' on, She's all I want and I've waited for so long, La…[View]
39990726Stand up, join us, modern crusaders alive We have the power who'll face the future 'Cause …[View]
39985098Thread: Villian waifu[View]
39992269>100 kinds of curry in place of half the national dex vaporized Jesus fucking Christ…[View]
39992154/pmg/ Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real t…[View]
39993513Would it make me lame and boring if I think my 'real life' Pokemon team would have two different sta…[View]
39993537So since they're leaking (get it? leak?) what is clearly Sirfetch'd I'm guessing ther…[View]
39990988the fuck is this[View]
39972090OH MY![View]
39993320Can anybody depixelize this?[View]
39993420Is there any reason to use Hail it you're not running an all ice team? I would like one of my P…[View]
39993259Post /vp/s face when it’s not a farfetch’d evo[View]
39988108The first champion to come out of Pallet Town is Ga- I mean ASH![View]
39993132where can i buy an official plush of gothitelle[View]
39989855Why Gamefreak is so afraid of streamlining their games? Do we really need billion obscure legacy mec…[View]
39991952What's that Pokémon?[View]
39977782What are their names? No Google[View]
39963167Why is Plumeria constantly drawn black by tumblr/twitter?[View]
39987498Indigo: Top 16 Silver: Top 8 Evergrand: Top 8 Lily of the Valley: Top 4 Vertress: Top 8 Lumiose: Run…[View]
39993117>Why doesnt gamefreak make open world pokemon game[View]
39991048Pokemon website leak?: What do you make of it, veepee?[View]
39991394>/vp/ constantly complains about genwunners >KANTOOOOOOO posts in most threads >new mon tea…[View]
39984440Why Johto have so many cute girls bros?[View]
39992730guys go on wonder trade im sending this out[View]
39988787How Gladion loses[View]
39966551Florges Thread: Post the most beautiful flowermon.[View]
39983525If you like >any eeveelution (specially jolteon and umbreon) >lucario >zoroark >toucanno…[View]
39974588If you were to make a villainous team/ gang, what would they be like? (Name, goals, appearance, etc.…[View]
39988982Is there a way to get rid of all of those pokefuckers and waifufags?[View]
39992841>satoshi finally winning a league >this league i sleep…[View]
39986531Flareon Sucks Royally: >wh- who are you? >I'm you, but orange…[View]
39987025ITT annoying things you experience in Pokemon: I only pick Kanto starters based on the cover like I …[View]
39992776New friends pokemons: 4278 0592 8946 send me request please[View]
39989988>new randomized save >one of the starters is my bro >hell yeah…[View]
39992549NO FUCKING WAY[View]
39992706Every Gen had faults some that stuck around longer than it should have: >Gen 1 >Glitches every…[View]
39992541Battle Hall: I really like the idea of the Battle Hall and I want to take some of my old bro shitmon…[View]
39991701https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N54oZRUz_fs Can we discuss this? Why they changed the cries? The Ech…[View]
39981840Press F For Ash. He lost another league: His arms are down. He wasn't holding the trophy at all…[View]
39979451Siebold Thread: Can we get a thread for one of the prettiest pokeboys? I'm loving all the expos…[View]
39992151What form is going to survive the SS culling?[View]
39988147Ash is the champion of THIS.[View]
39989033>Ash wins the Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova/Kalos League >has to challenge the Elite Four and…[View]
39991305Sirfetch'd: 100%[View]
39980473Why is she so popular?[View]
39988187I'm curious to know where everyone falls in the fandom... are you a competitive player? are you…[View]
39991330God fucking damn after like a month of rolling I finally got her and it was all worth it. Not a sing…[View]
39985014Pray to Arceus, asking for (1) permanent change to future Pokémon games[View]
39987143Oh nono[View]
39989762I filled up the Alola dex and I never migrated shit from older games nor ever gave a shit about Poke…[View]
39990436Please. Is there anything I can do to persuade you to cancel your SwSh preorders? Someone as smart, …[View]
39982048How would you improve her design?[View]
39982425qwilfish evolution is my new favorite of gen 8[View]
39986347You do not like pokemon unless you like at least four different generations. To like pokemon means t…[View]
39991171Just turn it: Sirfetch'd[View]
39991035Low quality chink children magazine photographs when?[View]
39988977Why in the fuck is this a thing.[View]
39990367If lillie was your cousin would you sniff her hair and suck on her nipples?[View]
39988728ITT: Characters nobody likes[View]
39990836>That fish Is this going to be another Slowbro/king shellder situation again?…[View]
39927405/rheg/ - Share some good cave maps with me: I suck at mapping and would rather just use other people…[View]
39990252Favourite things in fangames?: What are things you like about fangames, or would love to see in one?…[View]
39991462I made porn of it was i fast enough[View]
39989483>still no starter evo leaks[View]
39990540Which egg group is your favorite? For me it's amorphous.[View]
39989732R.I.P Mega Evolution (Memorial Thread): We all heard the news. Mega Evolution will be unpresent in G…[View]
39990343Forretress?: Forretress thread. Pineco also welcome.[View]
39988474Nothing else in this franchise carries as mush emotion as this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tEe…[View]
39988773Rate my team: Landorus-T Achillobator Toucinho Mufasa Turkistador Beryllium[View]
39957462Faketype Thread:: Ogre type They are Pokémon whose appearance is very aggressive. They feed on fairy…[View]
39991802The sexiest group of Pokemon.[View]
39986339What is the Pokémon that loses the least from only being able to have a single move? I'd think …[View]
39986715I know its a little bit early but fuck it: Ash celebration thread. He's finally done it, folks.…[View]
39988906HE FINALLY DID IT! Literally 20 years ago[View]
39979744Surskit thread. Masquerain welcome[View]
39978316>sword and shield looks ba-[View]
39989471History repeats itself[View]
39987435Is Ash Ketchum an example of a Pokemon Master or a good trainer?[View]
39991142Say hello to your new god[View]
39971314Oh yes.[View]
39945993new comfy thread because the old one died: i'll start[View]
39986699This is fucking sad: At this point Game Freak could sell empty boxes and get away with it. Literally…[View]
39989922wouldn't it be super duper funny if he actually won lol?[View]
39991349Was he the most based reveal of all time?[View]
39989587Is ORAS unironically peak of human designs in Pokemon?[View]
39989571>use a fighting type in a playthrough >suddenly I feel like punching, grappling, body checking…[View]
39991715>63 more days until the Sword and Shield denialfags get blown out of existence…[View]
39988174The fuck is wrong with this board?: Has the national dex stuff broke you all so bad your now flingin…[View]
39975944Rosa's feet Would you like to sniff?[View]
39990403finished sun and time to play a DS game while the pokemon interest is still there >need a fly bit…[View]
39989332Why would they spoil the league like that?[View]
39986790Recommended hacks: Anyone have any recommended hacks that retain the region, but tweak difficulty/me…[View]
39989352Totodile is my baby. Anyone who dares hurt him will face my wrath[View]
39988652This Pokemon makes me feel things I should feel about a Pokemon.[View]
39988630The Story of Ash Ketchum: Kanto: Trainer with heart, but not very good Hoenn: Okay Sinnoh: Good Unov…[View]
39987083I will never use my Beedrill: >heard that Beedrill will have mega >bred the perfect beedrill a…[View]
39989160>friend texts me excited >He pre-ordered multipack and he's splitting it with me >Says…[View]
39988394Say what you want about the season as a whole, but this is probably Ash's coolest team yet[View]
39986788YES! Meme league, but FUCKING ABOUT TIME![View]
39990837the fuck is this[View]
39987559>Ash Kisses: 1 Canon Leagues: 1 >Anon: Kisses: 0 Canon Leagues: 0…[View]
39990965imagine raising a child all for them to grow up and favorite gen 5 or 6.... i feel bad for your pare…[View]
39985464>Yokek Watch 4 flopped so hard on Switch, it's being ported to SoiStation 4 to recuperate it…[View]
39954587If you were captured by a Pokémon and then be coerced to battle another human, which would be your P…[View]
39988284SWSH starter evolutions: Please tell me none of the starter evolutions will look like this. If they …[View]
39985809/pmg/ Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real t…[View]
39989798SM CHADS RISE UP![View]
39987198>Satoshit finally win a league >the special aid kids league >in the calarts season >with…[View]
39987548/ll/ or /ss/?[View]
39972205Fighting type thread: Warrior Wednesday edition. How are you finding the filtered fighting types so …[View]
39986145Barry thread[View]
39989747>all the starters are going to be humanoid again[View]
39984117Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39988383Agree or disagree, no matter how Ash was written from Kanto to Alola, it's the same character a…[View]
39988376Will buying SwSh from a grey market reseller count as a sale for gamefreak? The key is not in their …[View]
39968005/vp/ will defend this[View]
39988069You can only post in this thread if you're not buying em Buyfags need not post![View]
39985695>thinking the dex cut is an inherent problem >thinking megas being removed is a problem >th…[View]
39986886In honor of HG/SS turning 10 today, post your Pokewalkers. Pic is mine that I brought to work today…[View]
39987856>2019 >I'm forgotten[View]
39984694anybody who advocated for Gen 6 and Gen 7's '''qUALiTy ovEr QuaNtiTY''' have no right to compla…[View]
39986862best girl[View]
39978641It's time to decide, once and for all:: What went right? What went wrong?[View]
39981609Imagine actually liking this thing[View]
39987165Best pokemon doujins?[View]
39983139Reminder that assuming these stats are real Scorbunny and Sobbile will be the 2 strongest base form …[View]
39983163The Removal of Megas and Z-Moves was a good thing: Change my mind[View]
39985997>Unironically thinking Ash is gonna win the Alola league[View]
39988116Which one, /vp/ Far left - Grass/Steel Left - Fairy/Poison Middle - Bug/Rock Right - Water Far right…[View]
39987326This thing overpowered, unless you have taunt, you have no chance against this thing[View]
39987668Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Ash (yes, THE Ash Ketchum from Pallet Tow…[View]
39979634/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: That’s So Fetch’d Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemon…[View]
39983219>genwunner >johtoddler >hoennbaby >sinnohfetus >unovabortion >kalosperm >alolas…[View]
39987397Review score predictions Post em Metacritic: low to mid 70s, user score no higher than 60 IGN: 7.5 …[View]
39987547They would be good friends[View]
39987555Husbando thread[View]
39987689>ash self-inserters[View]
39987774>makes /vp/ seethe and sob hysterically simply by existing[View]
39982991What are their names? No Google[View]
39986970>*wins your league* Apologize.[View]
39986781Who was in the wrong here?[View]
39987206May is having so much fun![View]
39986755Unconventional Bros: FLUFFY LOVE BAT![View]
39985626Let's have one of these threads[View]
39986800A bootleg just did that[View]
39982731Do you still love him even if he >cheats >has plot armor >use mythicals >no matter what…[View]
39986447For those chads that injects Pokémons, do you guys try to move your buddies from each versión or jus…[View]
39987261Remember when Corocoro used to have real news?[View]
39987349Psuedo-Legendary confirmed?: https://youtu.be/0Htj_LrVlZM[View]
39985594I give up. I'm buying the games. Goodnight /vp/.[View]
39980144Is there religion in the Pokemon world?[View]
39987310It's the end guys, Pokémon is already dead[View]
39979879can you guys explain something for me?: ive never understood why everyone here says HG/SS is basical…[View]
39982287Takao Unno just posted this. What the fuck is that thing beside the Pokewalker? Galarian Swirlix?[View]
39986763Pokémon Tabletop: Been running a homebrew Pokémon rpg with friends and we’ve finally got off the S.S…[View]
39978746Showderp: MissingNo. Edition: Welcome to ShowDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd Dogars>> > Champ> 666 S…[View]
39983375Leaf is so precious and beautiful it makes my day when I see her face[View]
39981214She is the most based music composer in Gamefreak and it's her birthday today Say something ver…[View]
39983938You are know remembering that this is the first time you have seen Roark in nearly 9 years. Say some…[View]
39971312Lati@s thread: Post these twin planes.[View]
39985630I love them so much![View]
39986351SwSh hype thread: Please no dexcel shitposting. This is a thread for us who understand why shitmons …[View]
39986801I know it’s a little bit early guys, but fuck it: The anime is shit. Stop watching it[View]
39986587Will they cut their logo too because of no resources?[View]
39979307Pokemon Type Symbols: For the long time, we don't have official icons for pokemon types, except…[View]
39985325Post cute waifus[View]
39986343Bros, I feel a little bit uncomfortable with Pokemon lately. Did you guys ever think that it's …[View]
39986373Stephan and Sawk were the best part of the gen V cartoon[View]
39983035S-stop staring at me already! God, you're such a kid! It's like you've never seen thi…[View]
39983515What did you like about gen 7? I love how it actually felt modern. Loved the upscaled trainer model…[View]
39975862How's my team? How can I improve it?[View]
39984723This is a thread for squishy Pokemon[View]
39974739Post a non-Pokemon character and give them a typing: Dragon/Water[View]
39985638Post Pokemon comics.[View]
39983847I know it's a bit early, but fuck it: Ash celebration thread. He's finally done it, folks.…[View]
39983795Why is gen 5 HATED by genwunners and normalfags, yet they give gens 6 and 7 a free pass?[View]
39978343pokemon you want to be friends with[View]
39985481What's the deal with losing stats?: I had a Milotic, a Togekiss, and a Lumineon, all with 3-bar…[View]
39984971whats the Masuda Method?[View]
39973858ITT Animals you want as Pokémon. This is the plumed basilisk, it can come in blue and also run on wa…[View]
39985372How likely is it actually that SwSh will be leaked like SM was? A lot are expecting someone with an …[View]
39976688Lass: Is this the best lass trainer?[View]
39983674Prove me otherwise pro-tip: you can't[View]
39984182>19 fetish threads cluttering the board when was it, exactly, that the mods and janitors abandone…[View]
39983346Gen 4>gen 5>gen3>gen2>gen1>gen6>gen7>gen8[View]
39985165Does /vp/ play pokemon tabletop games? It seems like the best way to get exactly what you want out o…[View]
39983943Has any Pokemon or Pokemon characters ever appeared in your dream? Pic kind of related I had a dream…[View]
39985127How do we stop the gatekeeping problem?[View]
39982233Sure: Pokémon can't have good graphics because you can't put detail in cartoonish graphics…[View]
39964867Post your craziest theories please[View]
39982429Mister Royal not Kukui Ash not Gladion ASH WILL WIN ALOLA LEAGUE[View]
39984907Where are the fucking starter evos?! The games launch in only 2 months![View]
39984701Komala is trans.[View]
39983448Because minun and plusle are separate pokémon and lycanroc noon and midnight are the same ????????[View]
39977649Galar starters: The Galar starter evolutions are very likely to be revealed next month. Let’s post f…[View]
39982949Which curry are you planning to use in your team?[View]
39972944Jirachi will now grant you a wish. What do you wish for?[View]
39983420>So good it manages to make Unown useful I think we can all agree that Gen 4 is the absolute peak…[View]
39984387Say something nice about the best boy.[View]
39984229>Aerodactyl has rock head >can't learn brave bird…[View]
39982517Has anybody made a hack for pokemon masters where the sync pair can be chosen or there are other RNG…[View]
39978465What went right?[View]
39982607Is SD + Flame Charge a viable set?[View]
39983702Is he right?[View]
39983691Pokémon fans are the most cuck in the history of gaming, buying the same game 30 times.[View]
39977116there was a pokedex with just fetishmons anybody got it[View]
39983048Disregarding memes and hate, is there a legit list of the pokemon who have been cute from the game o…[View]
3998049010 years later, and couldn't be surprassed as the best franchise celebration we ever had.[View]
39979423Would you date lillie just to cut off a piece of her hair and shove it up your ass to get the sensat…[View]
39980568/pmg/ Pokémon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A mobile Pokemon game that's real t…[View]
39969991This is 1/3rd of the new Pokemon this gen, say something nice about them.[View]
39982643Lilllie: My name is Lillie! Say something nice about me.[View]
39984343Gloria thread[View]
39983397Max eats Chocolate[View]
39982652how will he ever recover? he's a fucking fraud[View]
39984230Every generation of Pokemon >The Pokemon are replaced >The characters are replaced >The m…[View]
39974512best girl[View]
39982934Solosis: Solosis[View]
39981933PKSM 7.0.0 update features cloud legality checking and pseudo GTS: https://github.com/FlagBrew/PKSM/…[View]
39984196>has one of the coolest dual types >looks like digimon…[View]
39964321Lilligant Thread: Post the world's most adorable plant.[View]
39982204le grooke[View]
39974467New villainous teams: >Team Balance >Goal is to reduce the pokemon population by half. >Lea…[View]
39983371twilight form should never have existed, and midday and midnight form should have become separate po…[View]
39983324Fact Super training is objectively the best thing to be added to this series. Now all they need to d…[View]
39981593>They won't let him win the league because they want to keep the ashnime running!…[View]
39983010Pokemon SwSh Leak Info: I have some information on Pokémon Sword and Shield: 1. The Galarian forms g…[View]
39980421How can something be this goddamned cute yet such a demonic dragon slayer?[View]
39981306Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39982596He will fine us in DP remake right? For real this time right, RIGHT?!?[View]
39981500what are the odds all 151 KANTO pokemon are in SwishiShwoshi[View]
39976994>generic orange lizard >still popular and attractive How does he do it bros?…[View]
39982306New tier: There I fixed Ubers and OU I present Ubers Lite[View]
39979671This is your average VP Poster: Two hours ago he was laughing at SS graphics. Now he's in line …[View]
3998336563 days until: the launch of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch™ which I pray …[View]
39981711Fact When gen 1 was released only basic bitch normies picked Hitmonchan as their free fighting type …[View]
39982356We need Dexit now! As soon as possible. Even if it means a no deal Dexit. For the future of Galar. F…[View]
39982900Reaction Image Thread: Just passed my exam retake Time to celebrate with a reaction image thread…[View]
39982861GhoooOOOOooooOoost Thread![View]
39982263Why is it that the Starter Pokemon line /vp/ shills the most before release often ends up become the…[View]
39975414What is ace trainer saying?[View]
39978540Claim your SpongeMon[View]
39980827/lenora/ Lenora Appreciation Thread: Post pics and discuss the best waifu in the Pokémon franchise!…[View]
39982279How many Legendaries do you hope to see in Gen 8?[View]
39979548A decade later, it's still the best.[View]
39982163ITT: Post your favorite memories from mid90's Pokemania. There's enough whining, pedophili…[View]
39982401Guys I am depressed and I can't enjoy any hobbies of mine anymore. I can't even enjoy my f…[View]
39980372I think I found the worse person on /vp/... Wow are leaf/greenfags really this bad? This is the wor…[View]
39980864The tree that killed Gamefreak...[View]
39982601*/vp/ bow*[View]
39980486best boy[View]
39969789*kills pokemon*[View]
39981097fix them /vp/ >inb4 arceus try to make something other than 95->120…[View]
39982173I'll see you later /vp/.[View]
39982522>comes up with evolution for *insert random Pokemon here* >'Oh I know lets make it part drago…[View]
39978861>Cunto >Jewto >Hoenn >Sinoose >Unofart >Kalart >Aloli >Gaylar…[View]
39978051Whats with all the hate?: Do you LIKE grinding?[View]
39981905ITT: Unreachable places. That pond of water on the top right was only made accessible by the remakes…[View]
39977686Anon...: You'll buy Sword and Shield, and visit my camp in the Wild Area... Won't you, Ano…[View]
39974775/curry/ Curry general: Discuss your favorite favorite types of curry, post recipes and curry you wan…[View]
39981993My guess at what Eternatus may look like[View]
39980380Blue Pokemon Thread: Blue Shiny Pokemon are also welcomed here.[View]
39977483Oh nonono: Holy Spaghetti[View]
39981852Lana's mom has got it goin' on, She's all I want and I've waited for so long, La…[View]
39981654fuck lillie[View]
39981436gen 3 and 4 was the peak for pokemon[View]
39981492ok... so um.. why can't we talk about PokemonXD in a civil manner on here again?[View]
39970980Which one was right?[View]
39978866Fangs thread. Post Pokemon with cute fangs.[View]
39981887Xurkitree is my favorite ultra beast[View]
39979070This mon is based >Trick room >Water spout >Sweep.…[View]
39981417Ash and pikachu in Pokemon Ga Olé.: https://pokemongaole.com/new/gr2/ Well, fuck.[View]
39979675>decide to load up USUM >look through my boxes >have hundreds of different shit with compet…[View]
39981815EAT DIRT: Also, Guzzlord thread.[View]
39978290Decode this alphabet!: Are we ever going to figure out the pokemon universes alphabet? It makes me …[View]
39980678what kind of wacky adventures are you looking forward to having in the galar region[View]
39978908Post pokemon you don't like. Cannot stand this stupid generic grass waifumon. Such a stupid pie…[View]
39979352This thread is for everyone's favorite sea slug[View]
39980489Army of Clones for Switch: >nintendo switch cartridge has no save feature >no more owning a li…[View]
39978355Why yes, High Jump Kick is my only move, how could you tell?[View]
39981691It is I, the most bullied pokemon[View]
39980839We all need to buy and support the game to make sure the company is financially solid, that way they…[View]
39979466Every time I think that maybe the onix line isn't that bad I remember something like >mega s…[View]
39977360Never Forget[View]
39977405Fucking when[View]
39979833*Yawn* Find a flaw.[View]
39980286He lingers on in my head. Rent free, as they say. Endless streams of feed and seed. Sneed. The bes…[View]
39979145Which type is he closest to being the best strongest Pokemon of that type while he is of that type?[View]
39979564>Collect all three of the first partner Pokemon from the Kanto region >Collect all three of th…[View]
39981448This is vaporeon's earliest design: say something nice to her[View]
39978224The truth[View]
39977664>lend my 11 year old little brother my Pokemon FireRed and DS lite >He gives it back 3 months …[View]
39978921Buying some old Pokemon stuff on Facebook. Is $25 too much to pay for the big Pikachu and these two …[View]
39980188Why does it feel so good to be bad?[View]
39979318Another Mobile game that looks better than ss: https://gematsu.com/2019/09/first-look-at-ys-viii-mob…[View]
39978138Fun Fact: This episode got banned due to the 9/11 attacks. The other is 'The Tower of Terror'.…[View]
39979273Anyone know how to make good a mono rock (any team type) or HO bug team?[View]
39974073>Aquatic pokemon is weak to water[View]
39978782I don’t understand why everybody is so mad about pokemon camps, look great to me[View]
39975798Post yfw they play this at the end of Ash's final episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThY_L…[View]
39977728Trade Requests: I didn't see any current trading request threads and I need your help /vp/ - yo…[View]
39980798>mfw I go back to Johto[View]

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