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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 24 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1424470BE SEEIN YOU NIGGAS ON THE BART TODAY: SQUARE UP who here /thanksgivingpublictransit/?[View]
1424267Why don't canyon or soma have the balls to release a drop bar like this instead of that biplane…[View]
1421884Railroad experiences: Hey /n/ First time browsing or posting here, but I figured if anyone could ans…[View]
1424710Why is he so based?[View]
1416468Boeing's nightmare never ends: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50293927 >John Barnett says…[View]
1419059Transportation communication: I've noticed there are tons of ways to communicate information to…[View]
1411201i Need some nightriding tools to help with visibility in the dark that are not boomer core like yell…[View]
1423964Is this a decent longboard?: Tl;dr I don't know shit about longboards and I want something for …[View]
1418797why dont we do this? its much lighter on the rails and you dont have to worry about power[View]
1409020I want to go San Francisco to see the f line of the San Francisco municipal railway[View]
1423761Why does KLM think it's okay to fly beat-up 747-400s with decrepit interiors and tiny screens w…[View]
1418015Are houseyachts the ultimate and final redpill?[View]
1403335what are the best ways to implement small villages into public transportation without blowing large …[View]
1423743>fix chain >get dick cancer LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…[View]
1423674Working in the Rail Industry: How do into rail job? Currently a college junior for a degree in Busin…[View]
1419825/bqg/ - Bike Questions General: Third One In The Catalog Edition. Last Thread: >>1416718 Resou…[View]
1423703A Plasma Powered Car: A Plasma Powered car was invented by the future Colonel Blanche Beck of the Ja…[View]
1418744What are your thoughts on donoteat01? He's a guy making videos on public transit and urban desi…[View]
1419578The New York Subway has way too many stops: I cannot understand how a rapid transit service (or thre…[View]
1420481Why do some MTA trains have numbers for names and others have letters?[View]
1422979ITT: small town transit >my school is 4 miles away, bus is my only option >miss bus by one mi…[View]
1413631Transit for nocturnal people: What's transit like in your area for nocturnal people? Where I li…[View]
1423065>I am so fit and STRONK I ride a prostate destroying ROAD bike with Dura-Achay or campy!1 >'ge…[View]
1413683Reverse Commuting Out of NYC: Does anyone have experience commuting from NYC to northern NJ? Will it…[View]

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