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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 15 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1271744The v*Rgin 747-8 vs the CHAD 747-400[View]
1264844Now that w*Scoids voted out their Kochsucking shitbag governor, can we actually get Chicago-Milwauke…[View]
1269369How many miles did you do in 2018, /n/? What are your goals for 2019?[View]
1260880Should cager expressways be placed underground and out of sight?[View]
1270033Is possible to boost your bikes performance? Like changing parts or something[View]
1271313How much /n/ do I have to consume to be this autistic?[View]
1268076Best play to store a bicycle that isn't your house? I live near a train station and they have b…[View]
1268163/PYBT/ - Post Your Bike Thread: Last thread over 300[View]
1271748>Make a plane with plastic instead of heavier aluminum. >Wow the 787 is such an engineering ma…[View]
1271703Recovering bike hipsters: I think a lot of the conflict on this board is basically hipsters vs. dork…[View]
1271638Introduce yourself: Hey /n/! I've been on 4chan forever but I don't know anything about th…[View]
1261774https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breitspurbahn >ywn travel from Lisboa to Helsinki in a rolling hote…[View]
1271632what/where is the furthest buoy from shore? whats the deepest water you can attach one?[View]
1259819Mountain Bikes: What do you all ride? I have a Trek roscoe 8 and a bikesdirect bike. I think it’s ca…[View]
1270561What are some good 42-622 or 47-622 tyres: Hey guys, I just bought these 47-622 Marathon Plus badboy…[View]

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