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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1246748BEST train system in Europe?: Which euro country has the best train system? Pic related (Schweiz). …[View]
1247606When I occasionally use the train, I buy two tickets for myself so I don't have to sit next to …[View]
1260412Retro Scooter - What were these called?: As a kid in 2001-2002 I had one of these. It was already re…[View]
1260522Can we get an sitting in an airport feels thread?[View]
1257162>i cant believe you ride your bike in yhe winter. Thats crazy >spends 5 minutes scraping ice …[View]
1259622What polution mask should I get?: The air quality here is pretty bad when I go along the main roads …[View]
1260172Automation of transport: What does /n/ think of automation? A leap forward into a bright future or s…[View]
1253482Graffiti vandals are literal scum: >A group of graffiti vandals assaults three passengers on Barc…[View]
1260097What's the Point?: Why is there even an anti stall system? The whole point of the system is to …[View]
1256947ITT: Cool intersections, interchanges and other road infrastructure. I'll start with a combinat…[View]
1254231ITT: Cuties[View]
1259996Hello fellows, I was curious if there are anyone who could guide me. I am B.tech mechanical engineer…[View]
1255284should we make an /n/ club on strava? It would be pretty fun. we could have bantz and maybe ride bik…[View]
1259439Weird trains thread.[View]
1259786Unpopular opinion but i'm god Let's see some memes[View]
1257110Diagrams, infographics, exploded views thread: Post those explanation charts you got on /n/ componen…[View]
1259239Convince me why NJS track bikes aren’t the coolest[View]
1255205Do you own a cycling cap? Are they cringe or esse/n/tial?[View]
1253924'Yeah that's going to be 120 for your Complete Tune-up'[View]
1260015What's the most /n/ job besides working for public transport Im looking for something to do in …[View]
1253209Who here /koolstop/? Just made the switch on my cross bike. No longer feels like breaking on sand.[View]

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