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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 31 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1331954What's the intersection between cycling and nicotine? We all know that smoking fucks your lung…[View]
1324754What is the best way for you to pose for a picture with your bike? Keep in mind this isn't abou…[View]
1331331Whats this worth? Isn't this some memebike that 4chan is in love with? if i buy this cheap on …[View]
1331702Does anyone here suffer from back pain? I have no idea why it's an issue for me, I've had …[View]
1331685Question about railroad retirement benefits: Greetings /n/, I'm applying for a job with a major…[View]
1320968>this kills the airbus fag[View]
1329927You'all know this is true. Bunch of fat posers thinking they can actually ride fast, but in the…[View]
1334216Pickup trucks are useless: Pros: >can carry a few more things Cons: >fuel effiiciency that ri…[View]
1325221>train accidents every year in usa >in the uk train accidents are rare especially in the last …[View]
1331604feel like pure shit. just want her back[View]
1319230What's the most npc form of transportation?[View]
1330818You’re chilling at 30,000 when you suddenly hear this https://youtu.be/GNwd1qXt3RI What do?[View]
1315735New generation of safer bicycle helmets. Read the story, too much to post here. https://arstechnica.…[View]
1331114Is the s-works venge worth twice the price of a canyon with ultegra? I'm ready to buy something…[View]
1328391Boeing and the FAA: Why the fuck did the FAA allow this?[View]
1330633I just got this Schwinn cruiser bicycle for $60 at a local flea market and need help ID'ing it.…[View]
1311464/upg/ - Urban Planning General:: Can't build your way out of congestion edition. Old thread: …[View]
1326180Why?: Autism and fascination with trains. Why is this? I’ve always reckoned that it was that they p…[View]
1329403Children of a nursery school in Japan killed by cars: In the Otsu City of Gifu in Japan, on May 8 mo…[View]
1328707MTB vs Road: Which is more fun?[View]
1292522if you dont ride something similar to this then you are a poser that wastes thousands on bikes becau…[View]
1329199why is everyone not ALL IN on electric bikes? i don't have a bike yet but i'll be getting …[View]
1331054WestJet sold to a private equity fund: What now? Onex, the acquiring fund, has previously bought out…[View]
1330814Bike: Anyone know how to fix this? I can put the gear on but when I spin the wheel with the chain th…[View]
1329148My cb400sf shot in Japan: Thank you for watching https://youtu.be/AoS-gGBg458[View]
1330651Has anyone here ever seen this type of valve stem before, and how to fix it from leaking? Even after…[View]
1326318What's the point having bike lanes in cities when this occurs? https://youtu.be/39WtYqD-L6s[View]
1328439River ports: Why aren't barges used as much as they used to? They seem like they could carry as…[View]
1309039/tram/ - big boi edition: Let's give some love to the street railways that are being / used to …[View]
1327963Is this design even remotely feasible?[View]

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