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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 29 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1293953Electric airplanes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_E-Fan_X Can someone explain this to me? Are…[View]
1298026miss me yet?[View]
1298045Cool Bikes That Aren't Yours /CBTAY/: Sometimes I see a bike locked up and take a photo for fut…[View]
1279432Crazy Brit freight hops around Canada. Will the yard bulls catch him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
1296902THE most fascinating crash: it's the transcript of the last minutes of the rio-paris flight af …[View]
1295903Bike Safety: I just bought my first bicycle since childhood and I intend on using it to commute to/f…[View]
1293079What do you enjoy riding more?[View]
1297596>boeing is good[View]
1296795>NEW: @Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg spoke by phone with TRUMP this a.m., urging him not to ground…[View]
1297441ITT we post planes that aren't grounded[View]
1296991I was once on a tour of the old McDonnell Douglas fighter jet facility in St. Louis. I was with this…[View]
1297267Amtrak- Avelia Liberty: What does /n/ think about this train? https://youtu.be/WH-3FsmU6KQ[View]
1289474tell me this isn't as retarded as it looks. Is there any practical reason why you would put you…[View]
1296826>there are still people on this Board that don't believe in the usefulness of the hyperloop …[View]
1295941is he /n/s biggest enemy?[View]
1292852Why don't car companies use open-wheel designs?: I imagine durability is the main issue but tho…[View]
1278044Is this the future of personal transportation? Seems like everything from cars and trucks to motorcy…[View]
1295845Elevators (or lifts) are transportation. Why modern elevators are so slow?[View]
1295996>this guy will fund any local transport project if you let him suck your dick Will you do it? W…[View]
1291981[original caption: Naval architect William F. Gibbs watches his magnum opus, the SS United States, e…[View]
1294534What's the best /n/ place to cry? For me it's the subway.[View]
1294201Is it legal to fly a homemade drone bike in public?[View]
1293658Airbus in shambles[View]
1287864I win. Airbus BTFO.[View]
1295246Another 737 Max crashed: Boeing, come on[View]
1294614Are these reasonable excuses to reduce bus service?[View]
1296534FOREVER SHINKANSEN REPORT: This is the weekly Forever Shinkansen report. Summarizing the trials, tri…[View]
1294070post your anime trams[View]
1295914>You can only build public transport in large cit- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorfbahn_Serfaus…[View]

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