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196338490Melt away! Mizore-chan: Author should just make a fat fetish manga already.[View]
196352769Lupin III the First: Just got back from this, about to head off to work, so no follow-up posts. It p…[View]
196366956Tsugu Tsugumomo: Starts April 2020 http://tsugumomo.com/[View]
196372545BEASTARS: I spent 4 millions on this thread[View]
196361461ZIPMAN: Chapter 2 out in korean https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=2384963…[View]
196363170Would you let your daughter hang out with Shiburin?[View]
196368770Levius: >gets beat in 27 seconds in the first round >immediately joins the gym of the guy who …[View]
1963696675toubun no Hanayome: It's coming hold, never waver Yotsubros[View]
196372921>'Iku, Iku, Iku, IKUUUUU!' Why do anime girls keep saying this?[View]
196363856For me, it still is, and always will be, Hirano Aya[View]
196371303Is anime a pedo escapist medium?: This obviously sounds like bait but really whats up with the lolis…[View]
196372151anime songs on the dutch radio: https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/e6xxwj/help_me_get_anime_on_…[View]
196364790Shingeki no Kyojin: Another serumbowlzzzzz when everyone knows Falco will live.[View]
196350965I'll start: MC does their best to not to succumb to seemingly inevitable tragedy. It involves t…[View]
196371633Zinc for seaweed. Manganese rice balls. Coal in the middle. Look at that, a zinc carbon battery.[View]
196369621Jolyne WILL be WotY[View]
196345278Nagatoro: What the actual fuck is this shit? Is this what passes for bully now? WHAT THE FUCK!? Wher…[View]
196371328Boku no Hero Academia: Gigantomachia is going to use the bridge to get into Tartarus because he is a…[View]
196371182Shingeki No Kyojin: Falco is a lucky motherfucker to have such a cute tomboy willing to risk her lif…[View]
196369978Have they done anything noteworthy in the past 15 years?[View]
196371121KOTZ netlifx: Are you ready /a/ for the final nail of the coffin of the flagship franchise of Mexica…[View]
196371087We can finally forget about this loser. Bocchi who?[View]
196363513any chance magical girls Genre will come back?[View]
196363737Boku no Hero Academia: >Shirakumo got his head crushed by a rock >Kurogiri is a caring and lov…[View]
196363434If you ain't watched Musaigen no Phantom World, you're missing out, dude. It is funny and …[View]
196334928Code Geass: https://twitter.com/GEASSPROJECT/status/1174866265069932544 Blu Rays out today. And I be…[View]
196366250Will Doga Kobo ever get out of making generic moe?[View]
196367139> character does 180 change in a sec Ultra fucking cringe and bluepilled.…[View]
196370642Manga industry needs a CCA regulation: >Nudity in any form is prohibited, as is indecent or undue…[View]
196364653Post winning girls only.[View]
196369550It was at cinema this week. I haven't watched it. I am such a stupid.[View]
196370248What made Amagami lightning in a bottle? It was wildly popular but every omnibus romance after it fl…[View]
196370623the bigger they are the harder they fall so it seems[View]
196360173Yuru Camp△: live action pictures[View]
196307409BEASTARS: We finally reached the point when things are going to be wild[View]
196370075Kimetsu no Yaiba: My cute wife kanao is perfect[View]
196352745How would you go about making a faithful Mega Man anime?[View]
196347649>Still no s2 announcement[View]
196358928Why is every anime so shit after watching this??[View]
196365235Name a bigger cunt.[View]
196362911>magic loses to getting shot with a gun Name one anime that doesn't do this…[View]
196368877ITT Sexy girls only: Post sexiest girls to ever grace the screens and our eyeballs.[View]
196365691Do you think Satsuki enjoyed it?[View]
196366536The Last: It's officially been 5 years /a/.[View]
196364994Top 5 anime shows of the year: 1. Dr Stone 2. Kaguya 3. Carol & Tuesday 4. Promised Neverland 5.…[View]
196368579Is this true?[View]
196333035What is the perfect height for an anime girl?[View]
1963483885Toubun No Hanayome: I miss them[View]
196362859History's strongest disciple Kenichi: Everything what men want wrapped up in one small (big) pa…[View]
196368196Best anime openings/endings thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7myzgxz9nI[View]
196369447OK Boomer[View]
196365645spring 2020 will save Anime industry from shounen shit and boring isekai[View]
196357417Villainesses: Why must they always lose?[View]
196345094Destroy All of Humanity. It Can't Be Regenerated: Do you like Magic, /a/?[View]
196352454Good art thread: Same guy as last time, lets not post the same ones for the 3rd Fucking time[View]
196365416Why is gender bender such a criminally underrated genre?[View]
196366301real Nezuko Kamado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcmBv26WvBs[View]
196342218>Gives his daughter over to someone who raped her with worms every day Magus suck.…[View]
196367791Look at these losers with no friends[View]
196366608why do people even like this guy?[View]
196366691Day 3590[View]
196367879Blue Lock: Volume 7 cover is out revealing Barou Any anons following current arc?[View]
196362954Ballroom e youkoso: Heat 50[View]
196366952How come anime girls resemble ayy lmaos so much? Is the Illuminati behind it?[View]
196365628name a more iconic trio[View]
196349885Kimetsu no Yaiba: No Breath of Ice? No Ice Pillar? Yeah, I know there's the Water Breathing Sty…[View]
196363484Dragon Ball Super bad rehashing: Is Dragon Ball Super just a bad rehash of Dragon Ball Z as Terminat…[View]
196364060Where did it all go so so wrong?: This shitter had potential at one point, now he's nothing mor…[View]
196352447Honzuki no Gekokujou: S2 confirmed for Spring 2020[View]
196365169Act-age: Will Rengoku die this week?[View]
196343712Dragon Ball Super: Will the regular super Saiyan transformations ever be relevant again or is it jus…[View]
196366911Why don't Stand users attack each other more often while the stands are busy?[View]
196366773Why are the designs in LOGH so much better than gundam?[View]
196344215YEAH. WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED: I want to be Clara's best friend.[View]
196357692Murderlolis or murderedlolis?[View]
196355811These are honestly the best anime lips I've ever seen. Should this become the standard way of d…[View]
196315431Black Clover: Spoilers soon. Hope we see best boy Zora next chapter[View]
196348269The long awaited[View]
196350753Wait... did Yotsuba just win?[View]
196362779Dagashi Kashi: I think Hotaru Shidare will go down as the best girl of the decade. What say you?…[View]
196365594>you will never go back to your childhood watching dragonball z for the first time >there will…[View]
196364581This is Ichi. Say something nice to him[View]
196364021Kakushigoto: Koji Kumeta's Kakushigoto set for anime adaption in April 2020 kakushigoto-anime.c…[View]
196321094Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Con-bee-nay-shun rasengan soon.[View]
196365262you like?[View]
196366179true genius[View]
196365392these lips are ridiculous[View]
196331282Hoshiai no Sora: >[Erai-raws] Hoshiai no Sora - 09 [1080p].mkv Fuck parents…[View]
196366244Anime needs more strong independent female characters and less male airheads[View]
196364719I love them[View]
196363161Fuck these three old hags.[View]
196365682Second season announced for april 2020. God you guys are fucking slow.[View]
196344647ITT: manga that utilize the medium to its full potential: This can be anything from creative panelin…[View]
196363304Maou Gakuen no Hangyakusha: Chapter 2 is translated. https://bakapervert.wordpress.com/2019/12/06/ma…[View]
196365637Working on this hentai game for like a month. What do you think?[View]
196352464Don't forget about her![View]
1963654722019, forgotten...[View]
196363028Vale x Love: Thoughts on this series as a whole?[View]
196356977Why can't they just sex instead of fight?[View]
196358681So.... They had sex after, right?[View]
196364603https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf1DkBQRQj4 name another anime with an ending so poweful and iconic…[View]
196362360Have you moved on?[View]
196337251Reminder: Evangelion is still the best mecha >inb4 contrarian retards with shit taste…[View]
196337149We've had threads in the past for the best confessions, but how about the ones that go horribly…[View]
196359454Shingeki no Kyojin: What did Isayama mean by this?[View]
196361705>Raragi rejected this What a fucking faggot[View]
196354325Why are finnish girls always the most powerful of their respective shows?[View]
196351465Would you a cat planet cutie?[View]
196357235ITT:Characters that had their great design wasted.: Starting with Chaos Machina[View]
196361750Noragami 85: Last month Noragami went on hiatus but in exchange we get 44 pages this time around and…[View]
196363742Girls und Panzer: What the fuck is wrong with this franchise? It's one of the biggest anime of …[View]
196347257Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Act 9[View]
196364417Detective Conan: This thread won't get any replies, but I think I know the problem with modern …[View]
196355118New LOGH Die Neue These: The Big Sad has finally come...[View]
196364343漫画 鬼滅の刃 第186話 manga Kimetsu no Yaiba 186 english sub: https://yomumanga.com/ 漫画 鬼滅の刃 第186話 manga Dem…[View]
196329644Kanojo, Okarishimasu: why doesn't he just leave ruka btw sumi best girl[View]
196363309Now that the decade is almost over, what do you think of the 2010s new Big 3?[View]
196355363Dr. Stone[View]
196362709post QUALITY anime.[View]
196361023Is this considered too big?[View]
196358141Why Legosi if he's a wolf? Why not Chaney or Talbot? Or at least spell the name correctly.[View]
196359653ITT: Characters who can't be lewded[View]
196363031Even if eva was good, people just don't care today. Or someone want to live in the past foreve…[View]
196304115Chainsaw Man: CSM thread, let's discuss the outcome of the next chapter[View]
196360290How do you even escape from this?[View]
196321093Kengan Asura extras 189-212: No Omega this week due to promo tours, let's have some funnies…[View]
196361892What's the best part and why?[View]
196358978Why does /a/ think that this anime is still talked about over 20 years after its original airing?[View]
196363532Hey /a/ today is Iijima Yun's birthday today, Happy birthday Yun![View]
196354056Please describe this character[View]
196354767Boku no Hero Academia: Is it, dare I say, happening?[View]
196357431GUNBSTER: You are a fucking faggot if you don't love Gunbuster. Rather, if you dislike Gunbust…[View]
196360688she got the chance to fulfil her dream, so why did she whine and complain so much?[View]
196343495Would the Fate franchise be as popular as it is today if Nasu went with the original script?[View]
196347024How tiny is too tiny?[View]
196361308Batosai kenshin with sharp sword vs prime shishio, who win?[View]
196358125how can this manga be so bad? were Death Note and Hikaru no go just a fluke?[View]
196355315Best anime doggos?[View]
196362165After 2000s thread: What's the show are you watching?[View]
196359894Ura Sekai Communication: Hopefully next Haruba Negi work >MC with similar personality than Fuutar…[View]
196357585>this is considered humor in Japan[View]
196358218Fate/Extra: >Defeats Twice >Defeats Kiara. Doesn't go emo because of her like Emiya Alter…[View]
196328437Negi Haruba says goodbye.: https://twitter.com/negi_haruba/status/1202561096655093760?s=20 5Toubun a…[View]
196358557Soul eater was a great show. It had a catchy opening theme. Good character design. with interesting/…[View]
196349238Would you let your bro bully your dick?[View]
196346742Do it for them: Who would you do it for /a/?[View]
196347466Ojamajo Doremi: Wish Happiness and Lucky to Everyone[View]
196360549Baby, it's cake outside![View]
196355200Jump Rom-Com Festival Oneshots DUMP: Hey guys I just read the one shots from the Jump Rom-Com Festiv…[View]
196359836Shingeki no Kyojin 124:: Eren Jäger did nothing wrong.[View]
196349013Post pages that pretty much marked the beginning of a manga's descent into mediocrity[View]
196358594Even if MC got yet another titfuck out of it, this would still be the point where he ought to have d…[View]
196360842why hasn't boichi gotten his own anime yet?[View]
196359055Amagami: Was Junichi based?[View]
196358791Ping pong: I heard you fuckers didnt like this kino Care to explain yourself /a/ ?[View]
196346019do you support their genocide /a/?[View]
196348377Why does anime always cop out of permanent injuries?[View]
196359938Monogatari's only mistake, and it was on purpose[View]
196359215a second fucking movie announced they're dead set on adapting absolutely everything from the ma…[View]
196359406>Best girl is actually a guy Every fucking time[View]
196354745>The story of an average high school boy and his yandere gfs got an anime adaptation but not the …[View]
196357922This manga is the definition of perfection: If you disagree with me after reading it, you have shit …[View]
196355676Reminder, this is canon[View]
196352585Chariot Du Nord thread: What sort of swimsuits would she wear?[View]
196355967hey kids wanna /ll/ ?[View]
196356012Why is Shimimaru so obsessed with impregnation?[View]
196359051Kagome Higurashi[View]
196333888Why was the US so adamant against airing anime on open television before the Pokémon fever when spic…[View]
196352551>the whole point of the arc is that a prostitute is worth saving >reveal that in fact after ev…[View]
196359323Find a flaw[View]
196318150Darling in the FranXX was a disappointment.[View]
196359446Clannad: Was Ryou really as evil as she made herself be or was Kyou just as bad and used Ryou to act…[View]
196353971Shingeki no kyojin: I can't believe EM and AA are cannon now.[View]
196332471No Guns Life: Sorry if a thread has been made but I can't see anything searching for 'No Guns L…[View]
196359336Toilet-bound Hanako-kun: How about Hanako-kun thread? Chapter 60 is out for 16 days already and we a…[View]
196341586>blond hair >bright blue eyes Is there a more kino hair/eye color combination in anime? >i…[View]
196358842Mysterious Girlfriend X: Any fans of this one, /a/? I know it does a lot of stupid shit through the …[View]
196295643Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?: I hope you do, anon, she cares so much f…[View]
196358576Gleipnir: Anime announced. >http://gleipnir-anime.com[View]
196357489>It's not like they're brother and sister so it's okay! Uh no pretty sure anybody …[View]
196354945>its a boy dropped[View]
196357164sorry but if you thought the first few episodes of lucky star werent up to par with the rest you jus…[View]
196319476Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZWj2Fi9Egc EP#10: The Ones Who Breathe…[View]
196355007Fated for dominance: Is Fate the most dominant anime franchise at the moment, and if so, why?[View]
196354607Post indisputably worst girls. Girls that reach out of their own manga/anime and contaminate everyth…[View]
196332457Azur Lane: Hipper![View]
1963485795toubun no Hanayome: Reminder that 4chan won this one[View]
196356989>almost 2020 and still no HxH Best prince doesn't deserve this.[View]
196291357Daily SoreMachi Chapter: Summer of Josephine[View]
196350163why is she so popular?[View]
196346515Sengoku Youko Vol 9: The mission to save Tsukiko starts now! ...again. I, and maybe some others, hav…[View]
196248838Why is Miyu struggling? She obviously loves it.[View]
196355875I am but a messenger of Truth, sent to enlighten: When America nuked Japan (twice), the event shook …[View]
196357330saint caution: Who would win?[View]
196353111Stupid Fucking Snail: Give me one good reason why he shouldn't do it.[View]
196283966you like it?[View]
196350080AOTD: Since /a/ has already decided that the AOTD of the 2010s is Madoka, what was the AOTD of the 2…[View]
196349281Abe sure is getting really desperate huh[View]
196353019Fire Force: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-IQQio-Uuk Haumea makes an appearance! Anyone else hype…[View]
196352435Can there ever be a good ending for Rei? (Also best girl)[View]
196353640Froppy and uraraka are the ultimate ship and deku and todoroki are the how they should’ve done it. T…[View]
196349347MHHbleehhhmmAAAYYYYDAAAAYYYYY: It's FIRE DAY![View]
196350004Is it considered netorare if the person fucking your wife is your son?[View]
196355455Monogatari series: now that the dust has settled Araragi suffers misgender?[View]
196337413Is carrying her on your back really the most efficient method of transportation?[View]
196355846Non MC rivalries: Post rivals that completely ignore the main protagonist and plot to shit on each o…[View]
196343797Boku no Hero Academia: Would you eat All Might's cottom candy? Or do you prefer to end his suff…[View]
196352577ITT: Sexy schoolgirls Knee High socks > thigh highs[View]
196354474Shingeki No Kyojin: There's nothing that gets me going more than a girl fighting for the love o…[View]
196307724President of Gainax arrested for sexual harassment of Voice Actor candidate: http://yaraon-blog.com/…[View]
196353423The Only Topic About the Bible Anime /a/ Will Ever Have: Thoughts on the Bible Anime? https://youtu.…[View]
196348275Why is Jump Force giving so much attention to BLEACH, a supposedly 'dead' series?[View]
196354148Ssj4 is actually ssj red and is an upgraded controlled form/state of ssj god + oozaru. Hence why he …[View]
196331469Name an anime series that doesn't have anything to do with magic, mecha, military or high schoo…[View]
196337272Why are all these people pedos. Remember kenshin guy he was also.[View]
196353579My fucking sides[View]
196350126You're Under Arrest: Hands up criminal scum, you'll never outdrive Kobayakawa. Nah but rea…[View]
196345658This is too disturbing for a PG rating[View]
196347942shingeki no kyojin: this is what happen when you fuck 10 titans in a row[View]
196353282tag: ugly bastard[View]
196267379What do you think of Rin Tohsaka?[View]
196353591Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan: Please tell me this will go harem end[View]
196353614Cuck's Fiancee: >tries to kill herself in her very first panel (not counting the one where s…[View]
196344140When tf is the next chapter?[View]
196352609SYD movie II promo art: I'm not going to lie, I had to idea a second movie was announced or was…[View]
196353492Dragon! Dragon! Fuck the Dragon!: Come fuck me.[View]
196342962Today I Learned: Best girl is a /biz meme.[View]
196352310surely not, right /a/?[View]
196351642BB stands for ballbusting.[View]
196352545Why is 90% of BDSM manga yaoi and when can we hope for more variety to the most cultured kink in the…[View]
196348958Vagabond to Resume on January 29: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-01-06/vagabond-manga-to…[View]
196350232If every part (besides 1) had the previous Jojo in the main group like in part 3, how munch would Ar…[View]
196351704Macross Thread: When does this get good? I'm having troubles buying some shit like where the fu…[View]
196341471Do you like tiny girls, /a/?[View]
196351217BAKI: I left the manga a few years ago, who is the current main enemy?[View]
196349587Is Aqua-sama the most perfect character of the decade ?[View]
196351286Well, that ending hit like a tonne of bricks[View]
196331368Kimetsu no Yaiba 186: Spoilers are out. >Muzan x Tamayo Yushirobros...…[View]
196292373buyfag thread: Hold on but what about this clock?[View]
196349523JOJO: Finished Part 6 and just now started Part 7. I'm here wondering why Araki didn't jus…[View]
196351527>2006 was 13 years ago will anime ever be good again?[View]
196310447If you're not watching fire flappers, you're a pleb.[View]
196348624We all know it's ok to like 'bad' anime, but what happens if you don't like 'good' anime?[View]
196350888Was it Kino ?[View]
196349937>*deconstructs your genre*[View]
196330681I love this cute demon[View]
196325968The Promised Neverland - Spoilers: - No one's here - No way.... no... did something happen? - …[View]
196350571Why do people hate these? Do they just play it too safe or something? I never watched this one or 4…[View]
196344825She should've been evil.[View]
196349213Is the second season of this worth it? The first episode was garbage.[View]
196347134Does it sometimes happen to you that you watch a show and think it's kinda mediocre like a 6/10…[View]
196348700Who do you choose, /a/?[View]
196318465Happy birthday Lulu![View]
196349332The density of storytelling in this story, truly incredible. How y'all loving Samurai 8?[View]
196347351Why is this guy the most popular character in One Piece? I mean, as a MC he’s good, a little generic…[View]
196347038ITT: shows that were pushed hard but ended up failing: Starting with Fall 2018's prime example…[View]
196350464guys I'm on episode 6 of this anime and I wonder if i'm getting old because people said me…[View]
196349663Hey what the fuck: Hey what the fuck[View]
196307478Now that is almost over wich anime is the AOTY?[View]
196350274Greatest love story ever told[View]
196317918Why cant he just create another bucciarati with gold experience? He can create other life form so wh…[View]
196340171Mikan in Middle School Uniform: To Love-Ru sequel ̶c̶o̶n̶f̶i̶r̶m̶e̶d̶ kind of indicated, KIND OF IND…[View]
196349362Studio 4°C: The newest work of them is Children of the Sea, still strong[View]
196349976Fate/stay night: I feel for Archer. I cringe when I think back to my high school years. If I had the…[View]
196349764Manga prices: >Go over to Japan >Manga is cheap as fuck and can be found from 300-600ish yen …[View]
196349778So was this canceled or what? It's been like 10 years[View]
196319553Why are French girls in anime always so perfect?[View]
196349171This is your 6th best rated TV Anime of 2019. Say something nice about it.[View]
196340420>watch Gigantomakhia >now have a loli pee fetish…[View]
196336031What makes Chihaya better than the rest of Im@s idols?[View]
196309380Raildex: Yes, we know Accelerator's probably gonna get a bloody nose (to put it lightly) soon s…[View]
196345495holy shit it's the better call saul[View]
1963327585Toubun No Hanayome: Ninobros...[View]
196347360This is a man of culture.[View]
196319273One Piece: Who's the strongest out of these three?[View]
196348117SHY: Really ?[View]
196348881How would you describe their relationship, /a/?[View]
196328822>is taller >has bigger tits >has bigger ass >has thicker eyebrows >not ashamed of he…[View]
196348566Vinland Saga: NEET life BEST life Prove him wrong[View]
196302329Aspergirl: Fuck kids and fuck parents.[View]
196305531Is that all you got Japan? You think I can't take it?: go to any manga website check the isekai…[View]
196347856For me, it's Magical Emi the Magical Star.[View]
196348523munch munch: crunch crunch[View]
196347539A legend retires in 30 days. Make sure you watch this in honor of him.[View]
196345191Oogami-san: bride (provisional)[View]
196346075I wish more anime was like this. Also competent confident protagonists are the fucking best.[View]
196346935How do you feel about dog shounen, /a/?[View]
196346929ITT: OPs you love from anime you've never seen: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I2rV8oKWSdM…[View]
196348021Nyankees: Who else is reading this goofy ass manga about stray cat's depicted as delinquents? I…[View]
196332846Can phoenix man kill saitama? Get phoenix man and garou in a battleground to fight each other, if ei…[View]
196336215Khara Distances Itself From Gainax After Studio Representative Director's Arrest.: This is a lo…[View]
196341799Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Is this a fair line up?[View]
196339865Don't ask anything. Just shut up and drink the damn coffee.[View]
196347685How would a Sex Pistols Requiem turn out like?[View]
196346494Shingeki no Kyojin: >'Reiner, you have to kill me. You must promise my friend.' >'You're …[View]
196347547unknown image: hi all, Do you know where this picture came from? thx ![View]
196344833>I know that you know that I know that you know that I know[View]
196340112Does anyone else fucking hate Gabi with an unyielding fury?[View]
196333182Ami: Why is she so fucking perfect /a/?[View]
196319133How does /a/ feel about stay-at-home moms in anime?[View]
196344563https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrAJpE5Ex1o HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
196342140Shigurui: Who was right?[View]
196343840Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!: Chapter 198 raws[View]
196340298How soft is Taiga?[View]
196314355WSJ ToC #02/2020: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #2: Agravity Boys (Cover & LCP) Demon Slayer: Kimetsu…[View]
196336734What anime are essential edgecore for you fellow /a/nons? Obviously Hellsing is one of the greats, a…[View]
196346465Are there any more anime where this happens?[View]
196346457Yuno what it is: Hi I am Yuno. Hi am from Japan. Your site is cute. Many many cute photo.I am in you…[View]
196342736Shingeki no Kyojin: Connie will run into Hange and Levi and another Erwin-Armin situation will unfol…[View]
196343203Is Black Cover good? I like the idea of an MC who is less strong that your usual guy but he train a …[View]
196340293Celeb Titans: What are other celebrity cameos showing up in titans? Bob Odenkirk[View]
196343529Who has the best nails in anime?: Haven't had a nail thread on /a/ in awhile.[View]
196327086The WORST Main Girl: We can all agree on that one, right?[View]
196346088This is the virgin princess Reina Vance! What do you think about her, /a/?[View]
196337767Don't mind me. Just planting my bomb[View]
196342257was this scene really necessary?[View]
196334754GIGANT: Will the story in this ever start making any sense?[View]
196281167Remember when animators put effort and soul into animating characters?[View]
196343444what if Krillin introduced Roshi to internet porn?[View]
196341280Truly, the greatest love story ever told.[View]
196343616Boku no Hero Academia: >I always loved my kids and I never meant to hurt them Seriously, what wen…[View]
196332277Do you think it is a good idea to release the GuP Finale parts over such a long time? Will fans lose…[View]
196345055Raw Anime/Manga sites: It's easier to find subtiltled manga/anime than it is to find it raw. We…[View]
196342416Why isnt there an isekai manga where the MC tries to create a slave country like in Kuroinu?[View]
196341925>series is a cute romance with some drama mixed in >drops heavy shit on you and keeps piling o…[View]
196333677ノーゲーム・ノーライフ: can we all agree that this is the only isekai that doesn't deserve a slow painful …[View]
196339179Did you ever watch an anime you probably didn't care about because it had something in it that …[View]
196321872What is about anime armpits that is so perfect?[View]
196344348Real madness: Anon... This is real madness[View]
196308525Shinchou Yuusha: Were they having sex or not?![View]
196332913What does /a/ think of Angelic Layer?[View]
196342767ANIME OF THE YEAR: THANK YOU. SEK STUDIO for making this masterpiece[View]
196344026>mfw new eldian empire[View]
196339858Macross Thread: What a piece of shit. How did he manage to get every fucking chick's panties we…[View]
196339622why is this manga better than oyasumi punpun?[View]
196341023Do you Remember Love: Did Macross plagiarize their title song? Listen to https://youtu.be/kybeq2dWBf…[View]
196328194Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers out. Is Kurogiri a resucited Shirakumo? Is he his father? Today Iid…[View]
196343472Has there been a moment from another series that can capture the same soul and impact as this image …[View]
196343412Is it any good?[View]
196341548WTF ???: What do youthink about this popular character[View]
196340899What did she mean by this?[View]
196328872Dragon ball super: What fights are the best of the franchise and why? Both anime and manga count.…[View]
196343118can someone tell me what animal is this?[View]
196341688I'm sorry, I cant wait any longer.[View]
196343261LOL! MC BTFO????? Assassins pride: Didn't the main character just got BTFO. As her sensei alrea…[View]
196343148why do japan refuses to use 3D to make their anime?[View]
196342932ITT: scenes where you dropped an anime[View]
196336778Shingeki no Kyojin: So we agree Pieck took Zeke to the rape dungeon, right? https://mangadex.org/ch…[View]
196340353ijiranaide Nagatoro-San: Will this ever become an anime? Shout out to whichever one of you translate…[View]
196341422This new manga has my interest 'teacher! Please tell me how to have sex with him': Name in Japanese …[View]
196342008Japan Anime Award AOTY Ranking: >1. Promare >2. Fate Heaven's Feel Part 2 >3. Violet E…[View]
196340830Is there a more perfect character?[View]
196310132Psycho-Pass 3: Penultimate episode in 11 hours[View]
196340136I don’t know what it is about this show that keeps me coming back at least once a year. It’s probabl…[View]
196339573Is the audience supposed to think that this goal is noble or smart in any way? Faking your death lik…[View]
196341505I have no idea why so many people hate Kirie from Girls Bravo.[View]
196330258Obsolete: What if Skrillex made an anime?[View]
196336753i only read the most highbrow of mangas[View]
196337927Which is better /a/? Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball?[View]
196340195>ooga booga[View]
196333021Is it any good?[View]
196341896Can any autists here give me examples of scenes in evangelion in which characters are speaking but w…[View]
1963234775Toubun no Hanayome: >Ichika shines the most when she suffers![View]
196339133ONE MORE TIME[View]
196341195I liked more this ending...[View]
196341691DanMachi: https://r.binb.jp/epm/e1_126227_05112019161035/ Freya > *[View]
196340966READY SET B-DA FIRE[View]
196341453https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQxX-wzByIE It's not SHAFT but some no names and looks like som…[View]
196340006Where did High School DxD go all wrong?[View]
196340682What were they thinking?[View]
196310637Zombie Land Saga: s2 in 2020. Did you forgot about her?[View]
196340797I miss her /a/[View]
196339504Can Hiei grow bigger or is he and his sister stuck as midgets forever?[View]
196340736Do i like it?[View]
196332919goodbye /a/[View]
196340435why was it so dark? and i mean art-wise not tonally[View]
196340146Bros why are all the anime coming out today either drama shit or isekai. I fucking want my moeshit. …[View]
196334153ITT: Anime that no one watched this decade[View]
196340295That Girl is Not Just Cute: How doesn't /a/ talk so much about this romcom? I'm loving the…[View]
196339488What does /a/ feel about manga made in Comipo or similar programs? Are stories told by people who ca…[View]
196333597Space Patrol Luluco: What are the chance for a season 2? i mean, I know it's meant to be a 'tak…[View]
196332690Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 5: This is a battle right? Its 95% bullshit, but it's entertaining. That…[View]
196285438Oregairu: How will their college life be? Will they pursue the same degree in the same college?…[View]
196337019Shingeki no Kyojin: How do we stop Eren?[View]
196334166You haven't forget me, right anon?[View]
196339816Best girl.[View]
196333390*scuttle scuttle*[View]
196316481ITT: Shows You Were Surprised That Got a 2nd Season[View]
196338565Would you rather have 1. A slow mediocre beginning but a good ending 2. A good beginning but mediocr…[View]
196335942Do girls actually like this anime? More importantly do girls actually like swimmers?[View]
196339361Show me your favourite Aqua right now[View]
196330750Seishun Buta Yarou: Was I the only one that didn't like the movie at all? I was kind of surpri…[View]
196336351Is saying that War and the Pocket is your favorite Christmas anime the same thing as Die Hard?[View]
196311947Bokuben: Spoilers out. It's a Fumino chapter.[View]
19632260480s aesthetic  kino soul 作画[View]
196338227The current demographic for Toonami is 55% Female and 45% Male. Why don't we get more feminist…[View]
196338291The reason why there is two Majin Boo in DBZ:: The reason why there is two Majin Boo in DBZ: Was sai…[View]
19632943660% complete[View]
196334065Kira vs Kira- which one wins[View]
196319811Why is Aqua so cute bros?[View]
196337869Naoko on the front page[View]
196336714Worst anime fight result?[View]
196338680code geass: >【幻之字幕组】剧场版 复活的鲁路修 Code Geass Fukkatsu no Lelouch [1080P][GB][BDrip][AVC AAC YUV420P8…[View]
196337111Felix argyle: Everyone makes jokes about him being a trap, but I don't think they appreciate ho…[View]
196332792ITT. deep intellectual anime and manga[View]
196319105>almost 2020 >still no anime adaptation[View]
196319443Rokudou no Onna-tachi 167: This manga deserves some threads. Where we at, Rokudoubros?[View]
196338243>mfw NTR bait arc[View]
196313903He is cute.[View]
196334725Season's closing soon. What are you still watching now?[View]
196338152Nyaaann paaaaaaaaasuuuuuuuu[View]
196283783Slime OVA: What do you think about butt sumo?[View]
196336013Afterschool Dice Club: do you agree with this young lady?[View]
196337459Which female character wears the best pantsu?[View]
196329223Where/How do you read your manga?: I know you can download nearly anything via Nyaa, but reading man…[View]
196332182Think of all possible fun with Flowers of Thanatos. Aren't they much better than regular Hisui …[View]
196335676my main character unit[View]
196331274Man, it may be repetitive but Motto Takagi-san is really comfy to read[View]
196335523re-watch Phantom Blood[View]
196334703You think Conan and Ippo have gone on for far too long? Try FORTY FUCKING YEARS of this shit.[View]
196331947What made it so fun?[View]
196326891Is Daisuke Igarashi better then Miyazaki Hayao?[View]
196337395Dungeon Defense: So, what's the verdict? It hasn't been updated in a while, but what'…[View]
196337367guys I'm on episode 6 of this anime and I wonder if i'm getting old because people said me…[View]
196336603> Be me > Be Vanilla Ice > Enter service of Lord DIO > Get pierced by the arrow > Ge…[View]
196337281WataMote ch.169: Messoy fan detected[View]
196330371Shingeki no Kyojin: https://mangadex.org/chapter/761772/1[View]
196334848Ok this is pretty cool[View]
196326331Can we talk about how great this movie is?[View]
196321402Vinland Saga Chapter 167 is out!: 49 chapters to go... What will Thorfinn's character resolutio…[View]
196328555Overlord: he's too op and evil as fuck, no one can go against him and his OP comrades, theres n…[View]
196333876ACT-AGE: >Reached 2mil faster than Dr. stone,Bokuben and Yuuna >Stage at Jumpfesta 2020 with C…[View]
196329062Who is the sexiest JC in anime?[View]
196335457Is this an official release? Do they plan on releasing all classic DB like that?[View]
196333030ITT: Characters that are literally you. He was one of the best written human characters ever. A huma…[View]
196336213Zombie 100 ~Zombie ni Naru Made ni Shitai 100 no Koto~: Best girl finally arrived. Also what does /a…[View]
196321812サマータイムレンダ - Summertime Render: サマータイムレンダ - Summertime Render Chapter 001 After his parents died, Shi…[View]
196324547Saki:Tanoshii: I have a distinct feeling we were supposed to get colour pages this issue, but there …[View]
196324177Kakushigoto/kumetan thread: Rest in pepperoni pizza dead on arrival >https://twitter.com/AIR_News…[View]
196322956Mark my words, Chainsawman will get OP-man type production, leading to a future million seller for t…[View]
196334978Yoshikage Kira did nothing wrong: Yoshikage Kira, a character from the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adv…[View]
196332661Happy 2019 from Nicodouga![View]
196297023Why didnt the MC rape the princess? Did the editor block it?[View]
196329833How are the Persona adaptations?[View]
196332608yukiho > honoka[View]
196332091What are the kids going to be like?[View]
196236992Who was in the wrong here? Genuine question.[View]
196275001Murenase! Seton Gakuen PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56_mMbRCMzc Broadcasting begins January 6…[View]
196330985Char's Counterattack: Alright guys i gave it my all, but due to finals I was only able to marat…[View]
196334649>Truck runs into little girl >Little girl is perfectly fine but Truck-Kun is totaled >Truc…[View]
196329775Shingeki no Kyojin: Thoughts? https://mangadex.org/chapter/761772/1[View]
196326864What did you want to talk about, Anon?[View]
196334333This is not looking good for Tanjirou[View]
196326595I hate this little shit.[View]
196332224>Wants to go for a Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy ending Welp here we go boys if it isn't…[View]
196330422Anyone reading That Girl is Not Just Cute?[View]
196309353SOSHITE KONO SORA[View]
196307353BLEACH: What moments are you looking forward to the most seeing animated in the upcoming TYBW anime …[View]
196332576>If we kill our enemies they win[View]
196324729Senjougahara is the best, don't you agree, anon?[View]
1963234685Toubun no Hanayome: I want to do 178 push-ups while Yotsuba is watching me secretly...[View]
196333154Hi-Evolution 2: Where are the subs?[View]
196331191is FlipFlappers appropriate for children: so i'm babysitting my friend's two daughters who…[View]
196329498Fruits Basket: >s-s-she's not a Mary Sue guys I swear, she has flaws like being too self-sac…[View]
196325942Yugami nee na![View]
196290739fuck beastars: I shouldn't even have the magazine this week but I bought it by accident[View]
196329339Konosuba: So the movie was a big success, I take it. Season 3 when?[View]
196325238Children of the Whales: Is any of this shit ever explained? I just finished episode 9 and I really w…[View]
196332767Someone please explain to me what Higurashi is about: >one minute it's a harmless and pure a…[View]
196332560Guess Who's Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgyGzx00BLI[View]
1963326095toubun no hanayome: OH NO NO NO YOTUSBABROS[View]
196330809jojo /a/: What anime will you recommend, as Jojo’s bizarre adventure? not a plagiarism, but which jo…[View]
196325060Why did he have to kill Frieza's entire crew? They did nothing to him.[View]
196329631Shingeki no Kyojin: https://mangadex.org/chapter/761772/1 >P-PLEASE CONNIE we don't want to …[View]
196318486day 3589[View]
196331418can shaft produce an anime that doesnt have a cast of 90% females?[View]
196326139Why are blond anime girls so perfect ?[View]
196329947What was the author attempting to convey with this page?[View]
196331760>Blazblue will never get a proper non-QUALITY anime adaption At least we got a cute lambda episod…[View]
196320422Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Alright so I watched Memedragon (not including OVA). Here are my t…[View]
196314908Was the ending good, /a/?[View]
196330852What are some cases where Japan had good taste?[View]
196327196Yofukashi no Uta 16: Candy Vamp ch 16[View]
196322708Post underrated girls[View]
196310397>on mangadex, one retarded user posts retarded shit in comment section every time >on reddit,…[View]
196327998Haruhi Suzumiya: 100% Apple. Or there was something more to it?[View]
196331255Series where the main girl is best girl.[View]
196327992ITT: genre-benchmarking anime I'll start with cgdct[View]
196326646This fucking furry animal show and people praises it, /a/ even calls it AOTY aren't you fucking…[View]
196297464Are you excited for C97 /a/?[View]
196322950>'here's your present, bro!'[View]
196328669WE WON[View]
196323461Kimetsu no Yaiba >pre anime sales > took 15 volumes to set a steady 100k per volume in a mth …[View]
196320755Studio Pierrot: Thoughts?[View]
196314684Musume no Tomodachi 26: Dumping chapter 26 gook scans. Shit is about to hit the fan.[View]
196330748Naruto's art: Hello Anon, I need you, What are the strongest of Naruto's official illustra…[View]
196330622When did you realize meganes are actually great?[View]
196330281Is this any good?[View]
196330508Would u a rabbit?[View]
196328012>genki MC x genki heroine This is the best pairing. Prove me wrong. Protip: You cant…[View]
196330442opaque image transfer onto holographic material: anyone know how to do this? Im trying to copy this …[View]
196326845Who's your favorite girl from Pseudo Harem?[View]
196328109>Its a /tv/ /a/ crossover episode[View]
196330028Are eva fans arrogant?: I can't wait to see the shit ending of[View]
196327778If Raye Penber had actually paid attention to Naomi, an experienced FBI agent who had even worked wi…[View]
196328488What's /a/ opinion on cum toilets?[View]
196294721Azur Lane: ep 9 preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQO-GtWrkYc[View]
196328132Boku no Hero Academia: When will Deku and Ochako get together? When will anyone get together?[View]
196324012Daily reminder brothers. The Emperor Protects.[View]
196327152Shingeki no Kyojin 124: CHAPTER OUT IN ENGLISH https://mangadex.org/chapter/761772/1 What an insult …[View]
196313849This is China Why is she so Pure ?[View]
196327230Anyone who says they wouldn't want a handjob from a gyaru is ridiculous.[View]
196319721ITT: Relatable protagonists[View]
196323457Samurai 8 proves that Kishimoto was solely carried from the ideas and goodwill brought from the rece…[View]
196328703Is Chainsaw Man a prequel to Fire Punch?[View]
196292294What are your opinion on the new generation of Shonen manga?[View]
196319930Twin Star Exorcists: last chapter https://mangant.com/manga/sousei-no-onmyouji-raw/chapter-74/603604…[View]
196328376Why almost all gender bender mangas are shit? like Ranma is still the top one 25 years later.[View]
196319985Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet: This thread won't get any replies, but the new movie trail…[View]
196323495Attack on Titan: no shipping allowed[View]
196323399Fushigi 157: Wheeee[View]
196329230Last night I had a dream about you[View]
196241304World Trigger Ch. 188-189: We're finally back to our regularly scheduled Canadian bullying, alr…[View]
196287928Hi /a/, I have recently acquired a pair of scissors. Post any anime girl with an ahoge and I will sn…[View]
196318616Kimetsu no Yaiba: Spoilers out[View]
196317384what are you getting Jahy-sama for Christmas /a/?[View]
196328778FUCK Wings of Honeymayonaise and FUCK Gainax[View]
196301887Dragon ball super: Do you think that a slice of life about dragon ball would be better than what we …[View]
196225921Akagame ga Kill: thoughts?[View]
196327720What is he doing now?[View]
196304084Rom-Com Council: Emergency thread. A short but great era is ending, how will we recover? >5toubun…[View]
196324871Shingeki no Kyojin: How much longer until Historia gives birth, and when will Isayama confirm to all…[View]
196327069I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears[View]
196323203Boku No Hero Academia: Text and image spoilers for chapter are out, as well as basic reactions to th…[View]
196327914God damn it[View]
196324434DBZ US Soundtrack Versus Japanese Soundtrack: Which do you prefer? I would like to hear your opinion…[View]
196327496I want to spend the rest of my life laying in her lap looking up at her while she whispers to me God…[View]
196327653Say whatever you want, Darling in the Franxx had the finest ceramics in the last 20 years.[View]
196327177yeah i think this man is based[View]
196327169What does /a/ think of Levius?[View]
196318028Tokyo Anime Award AOTY Ranking: >1. Promare >2. Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel Part 2 >…[View]
196324947Kallen BTFO[View]
196325761So now that the dust has settled, was it one of the best animes ever made?[View]
196317959Bunny Girl Senpai: Rio Futaba is a semen demon.[View]
196320956You talk about cute girls the whole day, but what are some badasses you like?[View]
196302533is edgy mahou shoujo going to be the next big shit spam genre, like isekai was?[View]
196326340There hasn't been an anime worse than Planet With to air on TV, this year mind end off without …[View]
196326290It's been out for 6 years, has there been a single good manga made using this software?[View]
196325808The love between the young ones is the purest one[View]
196325051>'Let's go on vacation! To the beach!' >'but how are we going to cover the expenses??' …[View]
196321450Who is the GOAT anime antagonist/villain?[View]
196325763Evangelion 3.0+1.0: You know this shit looks badass[View]
196315067Isn't she too old for a bikini like this at this point? Plus Ichigo seemed pretty conservative.…[View]
196320586So no Kengan today? Hiatus again?[View]
196324112Slow Motion wo Mou Ichido: if the manga would get an anime adaptation what would be the best opening…[View]
196325904When does this autistic donkey get good?[View]
196324803yfw best girl wins the lelouchbowl[View]
196323066Anime girls that are hiding a big butt[View]
196283721this is a phrase that i hear often, but how does one actually win against the dick?[View]
196318887ITT we post underated characters[View]
196274301Hataage! Kemonomichi: Episode 10[View]
196325327Classroom of the Elite: Season 2 incoming when bitches. Just retcon 2 episodes. Then let's go.…[View]
196324130I KNOW WHAT THAT IS[View]
196323261Why does /a/ hate this anime so much? It's a anime about sympathizing with autists like you guy…[View]
196320405Shingeki no Kyojin: 125 will be his time to shine[View]
196322523Shinju no Nectar: It really is funny when girls in a harem series get far more action with each othe…[View]
196318563How can we fix this?[View]
196308355>this makes mpv script-monkeys seethe with rage every time[View]
196315624Decade's almost over, can we universally decide on? >AOPOTD (Anime Opening of the Decade) …[View]
196313558Post pairings where the guy actually bottoms[View]
196324410Is there an anime from this decade that you can definitively say that only YOU watched it?[View]
196324109Kubo is way too based for /a/ to comprehend. He is the hero we need but the one we don't deserv…[View]
196317329Grand Blue: I've started watching this show and I was really enjoying it until this fucking cha…[View]
196323905Who’s the biggest coomer in anime?[View]
196323846your favourite show has been infiltrated by the Sneaky Sapphic of Ship Sinking the main heroine turn…[View]
196321998Babylon: Say something nice to Yaha-kui zaShunina's cute sister![View]
196321204See you later. https://youtu.be/BmR88IewfH0[View]
196300981Komi: New Komi Chapter[View]
196320141I just discoverer Mamotte Shugogetten! is still ongoing!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih-2fl88j9…[View]
196321365>/a/ hates shounen and wants it removed off the board What the hell, I thought /a/ loved Aria?…[View]
196317932Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers are out! The center color page is Iida. Winter break is over and the…[View]
196320329Act-age: >Avoids the question of why he started acting. We're in for TakemitsuKino on monday…[View]
196317551Anime when?[View]
1963150405Toubun No Hanayome: Best girl won.[View]
196322678Chainsawman: Spoilers out. 第50話 シャークネード ◇爆弾台風 死地上陸ッ! アキ、天使、暴力は周りの物に掴まって、台風による暴風を必死に凌いでいる。 レゼ&台風と…[View]
196317631Shingeki no Kyojin: Chapter is not here but Annie IS HERE. Party is about to get CRRRRRRAZY. Nice pr…[View]
196322525I ordered the Vagabond 3-in-1 when I was drunk and I'm gonna start reading it tonight. I know t…[View]
196317284Dec 5 2019[View]
196318340Calling it now. She will unlock the Mangekyo sharingan when trying to save Boruto's life. Sakur…[View]
196321685When did this pure, sheltered girl learn to fight?[View]
196319536Recently, regarding the criminal case involving the representative of Gainax Co., Ltd. (Representati…[View]
196294873What is /a/'s opinion on maids?[View]
196319631Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi suzumiya is such an extremely popular character that one would normally expe…[View]
196322305This boy is going to change da world.[View]
196311643Little sisters are for their big sisters[View]
196312385Uhh... Hey Mistah. I am mad scientist, is so cooooool... sonuvabitch![View]
196304253Ok so, if rei was given a chance to live a normal life, would she eventually become human enough to …[View]
196316589Sakura's Nails~[View]
196319555Do you support the industry /a/?[View]
196284244Who is the best elf in anime/manga?[View]
196321742Welcome to the N.H.K: Why can't I find a HD rip of this anywhere? It's a fairly popular sh…[View]
196318635Top 10 Male characters: voting period : November 26 ~ December 3 , 2019[View]
196320192Anyone else struggle to remember stuff from anime you saw a month or two ago? After binging so many …[View]
196318198why was his hatsu so shit? it's literally just a slightly better machine gun[View]
196299751Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 4: You gotta be a wolf to catch a wolf. Volume 3 >>196256325[View]
196317821Shingeki no Kyojin: Worst chapter ever >gabi saving people filler >worthless Annie no one care…[View]
196313375Who suffered more?[View]
196320560Post manga with only one good chapter/story out of many. Yeah, I used this image for a different thr…[View]
196277408Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Urashiki final form soon.[View]
196307367ʰᵉʸ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ’ᵛᵉ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵃ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ᵖʳᵒᵇˡᵉᵐ[View]
196315441Fate: Did you like the second movie?[View]
196306964Oh no. This was not how it was supposed to happen.: https://twitter.com/AIR_News01/status/1202416935…[View]
196314799Could Shinka fulfill any of your needs?[View]
196313214Who is at fault?[View]
196317867Which TV hentai was your favorite?[View]
196316889>Helps Japanese troops in the 1st Sino-Japanese War even though they committed massive atrocities…[View]
196320254Wtf I thought you joked when you told they're gonna skip grikkland![View]
196313050DB Fusion: So let me see if I've got this right: >fusion with the dance adds the fusees powe…[View]
196319856You guys remember this one?[View]
196311306Do you like handsome girls?[View]
196306772Why the fuck didn't you watch Revue Starlight?[View]
196317743What is this face trying to convey?[View]
196317518Iruma-kyun: Who in the hell is Debbie Queue and Bobby Lou?[View]
196315694Is Re:Zero a masterpiece?[View]
196318445>western comics desperately try to attract the female market by hiring fresh college women gradua…[View]
196319684Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch162[View]
196307396Durarara!!: what am I in for[View]
196319519Raynare resurrection when DxD bros?[View]
196312313Why did Queens Blade have to get raped after The Evil Eye The grimoire ovas are alright but there…[View]
196317591TypeMoon Manga&Comics Festival: >December 20 , 2019 >Tokyo olympic stadium…[View]
196305130So what happened to her?[View]
196317569Did they really think adding a bunch of filters in post would hide the QUALITY? Or better yet, do th…[View]
196316917If Isayama can pull this off is he the GOAT shonen writer?[View]
196313827Does Japan really do this?[View]
196318157blast from the past: Here you go faggots[View]
19631109460% complete https://s10collage.blogspot.com/2019/12/60.html?m=1 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.…[View]
196318312Good morning, /a/. Are you awake?[View]
196318720What was the first manga or anime that introduced the concept of 'sensing someone's killing int…[View]
196317349Will we ever get official English translations ? Atleast digital if not physical.[View]
196318567What happened to give Misa-chan PTSD and change her so much?[View]
196318284Why is it in so many isekai?[View]
196299856Agravity Boys: huh, I wonder which one is gonna take the girl pills maybe the big guy[View]
196306758So, I’m on episode 5 and this guy is just a piece of shit. >Bullies random people for no discerni…[View]
196313885ShingeKI NO Kyojin: >Annie will be a prize for THIS. Why don't Anniefags cry bitter tears?…[View]
196309805ITT: post the extremely few times when the dub was superior to the sub[View]
196317992Boku no Hero Academia: Hawks seiyuu is Yuichi Nakamura[View]
196310865Anyone reading this?[View]
196316252>nice! A new episode is ou- >it's a recap…[View]
196316810Why was this stand so autistic? He looked so angry all the time it talked more than its master.[View]
196303400Kimetsu no Yaiba: ENTER GODjima[View]
196308837Boku no Hero Academia: I take it this will be the first fight scene in the anime that will get genui…[View]
196317556White tomboys can't jump.[View]
196316987Why is no one talking about this show?[View]
196316749How come Rikka didn't use her thighs at all in the show?[View]
196314805What happened to long 26-50+ episode anime with stories that unfolded into epics and ended conclusiv…[View]
196309483Who are the most recognizable moeblobs of recent years? Yui from K-ON! had a good run, but that show…[View]
196314563anime you have no idea how you managed to finish.[View]
196298669Who has the best ass in manga?[View]
196311145THERE IS STILL TIME!: YOU THERE! come wish Asuka a happy birthday![View]
196316904Land of the lustrous ch. 84: What the fucking shit. Why does phos need to suffer this much? Phos is …[View]
196312933is it true that love live sunshine is better?[View]
196313510Who is the best dad in anime?[View]
196311556Shinbo thread: Is Akiyuki Shinbo an all-time great director, or just a name Shaft attaches to their …[View]
196313196Why are BL Anime always so bad?[View]
196266632Annual midnight EST Tor/a/dora stream begins in 57 minutes.[View]
196296305>LN gets an anime >Only lasts 12 episodes as an advert >No future seasons Shit like SAO ai…[View]
196305546ITT:powerful images[View]
196306466finally tried reading this. it has a lot of shonen components in the most cliches ways but no real..…[View]
196304705So, was he really just an evil prick or did I miss something? Why was Ohba so hellbent on making him…[View]
196302043It's official /a/ Ooi Masakazu has gone to the darkside. How long until he declares all the Oku…[View]
196309299ITT: Characters that would make their respective anime better if they were killed Hard Mode: No Zeni…[View]
196309994What do you think it felt like when Griffith grew his dick back?[View]
196307786President of Gainax arrested https://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/20191205-OYT1T50191/ On May 5, the M…[View]
196309439Yuru Camp: Kagamihara Nadeshiko cooking spaghetti![View]
196314669> Yukino and Hachiman are dating right now but still act the same around each other. Yukino is a …[View]
196314158how does /a/ feel about it?[View]
196298733Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Act 8[View]
196303174Sengoku Youko Vol 8: Day two of the new journey! We've already lost a member! I, and maybe some…[View]
196315215This looks like garbage[View]
196285684Oricon Monthly Rankings: Weekly 25/11 - 01/12 80493 1003767 Kimetsu no Yaiba #10 79603 *991676 Kimet…[View]
196308162Does Illya intend to just lead Miyu on and give her mixed signals forever?[View]
1963006695toubun no hanayome: So now that everyone admits theres a red herring who is the bride? 1235?[View]
196307508What do you think about the Neptunia series?[View]
196314222Was this where anime peaked as an artform?[View]
196298898Why was Jotaro nerfed after part 3?[View]
196314860>romcom >more than 20 chapters[View]
1963147465toubun no hanayome: What did negi mean by this?[View]
196231938Sword Art Online - Unital Ring: As fun as UR sounds in theory, I wonder just how cluttered the mecha…[View]
196280800Is there any isekai adventurer's guild where they DON'T just let random shitters with no i…[View]
196314276Shinsekai Yori: smiles we failed to protect.[View]
196314182Happy Birthday Asuka![View]
196311789Shingeki no Kyojin 124: This party is about to get CRRRRRRAZY TIME TO ANNIEHILATE BUGS Annie more r…[View]
196310382What a fucking shit anime. I thought how novel it would be to watch a show about animal people but t…[View]
196313470SHAMONE HEE HEE[View]
196310921If I already have Blu-ray 1080P, do I still need 4K? How much picture quality has improved from 1080…[View]
196311047Naruto: Jiraiya and pain was absolutely peak Naruto. Honestly I wish Naruto ended when pain was kill…[View]
196313563Blue Dragon: Did anybody actually finish the anime? It had some good OPs, but that's about it…[View]
196304359Movie of the decade: In my opinion it would go Madoka Rebellion Disappearance of Haruhi Your Name …[View]
196309550is 2019 the best year for anime cinema?[View]
196311826How did Rei spend Asuka's Birthday?[View]
196305347>goes to a porno theater >can't stop thinking about his coworker instead This story is …[View]
196312326Anime needs more gymnasts.[View]
196313114ITT: Anime that people circlejerk as a masterpiece, despite the fact that you feel they never actual…[View]
196308863Shadows house: cute Shaun[View]
196308232>girl gets assigned partner >knows nothing about sex and procreation >learns about pregnanc…[View]
196312803Reminder that Isekai is unstoppable and eternal and there's nothing you could do to stop it. Th…[View]
196294128AOTD: The decade is almost over! So post your favourite anime of the decade (2010s). I'll start…[View]
196312574Umaru is the best anime of the decade. I'm not even sure any other anime compares. She's t…[View]
196310100Why do a lot of anime dudes cry a lot ?: I mean i get that chicks dig that stuff that is like 'so pu…[View]
196311200Yes, yes Meguca well done, HOWEVER[View]
196290547BEASTARS Chapter 156 RAW: Chapter 156: Though the Time Bomb Was Sipping On Sleep Prolougue: While Le…[View]
196311926JoJo: Why do VAfags feel the need to shit on other parts when part 5 gets criticized?[View]
196309965This ever going to get a season 4 or what?[View]
196305543Shingeki no Kyojin: Armin is best boy[View]
196309795Who is the best anime OP/ED singer? And why is it Mami Kawada?[View]
196311664>GAINAX ruins christmas again[View]
196309635Enter chadran[View]
196310410Astro Ganga TV 04-05 [ARR-SRT] https://anidex.info/dl/287587[View]
196311722>[Underwater] fansubs[View]
196309676Take the idol pill[View]
196308389>Itachi's eyes were already failing when he died >Sasuke switches his eyes out for Itachi…[View]
196308949Come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon.[View]
196285158'Shounenchads' were women all along.[View]
196305776Kaguya-Sama: Lino deserves to be killed off. She's ruining the series.[View]
196311262Would you want to be a citizen of borderland?[View]
196264931What do you guys use now that MPC is dead[View]
196306765Where do you watch your anime at?[View]
196265207Post smugs[View]
196310091Akio was the fallen prince who came to Earth (Ohtori) to herald a new dawn, the light-bringer and ma…[View]
196301218My favorite thing about Hanako is how smol and cute she is![View]
196298304The Drifting Classroom: Just finished this series and was wondering what other anons thought of it. …[View]
196310344Today is the national Bermuda Triangle day (i'm not joking)[View]
196166948Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
196306786No Guns Life Is and anime about a COMRADE: Is this the best critique of late-stage capitalism? >T…[View]
196308984I still need you there beside me No matter what I do For I know I'll never find another (You)[View]
196307339What kind of path have you walked this past 10 years? or Are you about to start a 10 year long path …[View]
196302932Unfinished manga: If you could put a gun to the head of any mangaka and force them to finish a serie…[View]
196308321How do you interpret this page?[View]
196309182How would YOU revolutionize the idol genre?[View]
196289128ITT: Best girls that lost[View]
196310405Who is best MC of this year? And why is it Wakaba?[View]
196303274Why did it fail?[View]
196235693What are gyarus good for?[View]
196309508Who was the worst girl of the decade?[View]
196307622Let me go, you monster![View]
196219628Rem = Ram >>> Emilia This is a fact And don't even try to argue with another mob chara…[View]
196309389Will the Uzumaki adaptation be good or garbage?[View]
196290046MOTD thread: With 2020 around the corner, what's YOUR manga of the decade, anon?[View]
196239334OPM: Look at these cool guys. Also, OPM thread.[View]
196306707Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: anyone want to discuss Miyazaki's best work palsy britbong …[View]
196304863ITT: Manga that peak early. The earlier the better. Big props to any anon who can get one that peaks…[View]
196307481Girls' Frontline: Did you enjoy the new episode, family? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obp90h…[View]
196309110Mugen no Juunin: 'I believe in female supremacism.' -Hiroaki Samura[View]
196304707No! Bakugo!: My hero academia[View]
196309342>All of the bird characters are huge assholes or scumbags What did Africa no Salaryman mean by th…[View]
196290516Well when's the next season?[View]
196309257Fire Emblem and Zelda thread Let's talk about the manga and anime of these two beloved series[View]
196309131Gamaran: I just wanted a Gamaran thread to see what are anons: Favorite Character Favorite Fight Fav…[View]
196308508Every character>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thorfinn[View]
196305205Why don't more shows have story lines involving having sex for the purpose of procreation endin…[View]
196282843Why do people like the yorknew arc more than the chimera arc?[View]
196286274Boku no Hero Academia: O MY SEVEN QUIRKS What do you think will be Deku’s new quirks? When will we s…[View]
196306638Remember this manga /a/: No translation for chapters 53+ feelsbad[View]
196308357Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume o Minai: How did you interpret the ending to this movi…[View]
196307475>its another girl walks into a guys changing room episode[View]
196307655Is Ranma a parody of Big Trouble in Little China?[View]
196291996Why Fate and SAO copy each other?[View]
196307966OP songs you intially hated but came to like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBhsDtFUgdM…[View]
196308172What score will you give if this was an anime?[View]
1963006575toubun no hanayome: 7-9 chapters left. How do you predict the last volume will go?[View]
196305859Meanwhile, on /a/'s basement...[View]
196307694HighSchool DxD: When are we getting another season? I want more Akeno.[View]
196306941I don’t get it. The gimmick is he’s so unbelievably lucky that whatever bullshit he makes up comes t…[View]
196304864If losing a little blood drains magic, does it mean Momo's gonna be super vulnerable during her…[View]
196306399Oranges are the real killer in anime, not people. That's why Third Impact happened and Jotaro …[View]
196306431>manga released from 2007-2012 >nearly 8 tears later there is still no translation What is it…[View]
196300174Fuck you, I cried at the end[View]
196296186Why did male protags get pussified over the years?[View]
196304912She's right you know. Just admit it, /a/.[View]
196294171Thoughts on Gatchaman Crowds?[View]
196290028Best girl in Fate?[View]
196302648Gakkou Gurashi: The end is nigh since the last chapter basically confirmed Kurumi is a goner the que…[View]
196303001Sidegirlfags are losers forever!: Eternal reminder that sidegirlfag contrarians are losers To prove …[View]
196273887Shinchou Yuusha/Cautious Hero/TUEEE: No thread? PV has been out for while. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
196299529This is 女童. I love her. Also Ghibli thread I guess.[View]
196305416What did Violet mean by this?[View]
196301140Duel! Anon, I summon Coomer and place two face downs. Your turn[View]
196284859Ahiru no Sora: Would you play basketball to see Madoka naked?[View]
196305005>publishes some of the worst manga of this decade heh... nothin personnel, kid.…[View]
196301008Code Geass: Seems like the BD dropped on Nyaa, does anyone have subs?[View]
196290495You can make it too.[View]
196279402You get to choose one of the titans any single one besides the founder the 7 others go to a random p…[View]
196305742Alright /a/, i've seen over 5k animes, read 7k mangas, and read 3 light novels. Should I quit a…[View]
196302171Rin is clearly the best and cutest Rabu Raibu![View]
196293439So when does the plot start? It's just the equivalent of a Saturday morning cartoon.[View]
196305942Who's the best manga villain of the decade?[View]
196289908Detective Conan/Case Closed: Why isn't Conan as popular on /a/ like all the other shounen?…[View]
196299604How did this disaster happen? How did that first chapter get approved?: What were they thinking?…[View]
196304643leave sumo to me[View]
196289909Hypnosis Mic anime: You ready for japanese rap. Happened faster than I expected https://hypnosismic-…[View]
196297985How many series by years have you completed this decade? 2010: 6 2011: 10 2012: 15 2013: 16 2014: 14…[View]
196301671ITT well-written characters I'll start with an easy one[View]
196293573Rokudou no Onna-Tachi ch166: Guess who's back[View]
196299555who would win in a fight between Kaos and Shamiko?[View]
196294598ITT: Manga currently running that deserve to be translated but aren't.[View]
196302087ITT: Characters that definitely had sex before.[View]
196305824Now that Ash won the Pokebowl, now it’s time for Brock to win.[View]
196267367What kind of a 'compliment' is this?[View]
196291233>that episode in Africa Holy fucking shit[View]
196304474The analogy in this manga about life being equatable to a 24 hour clock actually made myself feel mu…[View]
196299531YOU DUMBASS[View]
196305459FGO Babylonia: Please bet your otaku money on horse racing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSQ0AAFqP…[View]
196291548ITT: Best girls that won: pic related, who will be next?[View]
196305357First anime to use digital animation, apparently: I was looking up what the first anime to use digit…[View]
196281164Sugita Tomokazu: What anime character do you imagine when you hear his voice? Joseph Joestar? Gintok…[View]
196297718Shingeki no Kyojin: You made Gabi cry /a/, please apologize.[View]
196301733Who shit the bed harder?[View]
196304282ONE MORE TIME[View]
196304446Watashi no kawaiii imoutooo[View]
196303248Will miyuki's mother be the ultimate antagonist of the series?[View]
196304919How could one child possibly be so smug?[View]
196301517>Everyone thinks the upcoming arc will be shit >arc ends up the best arc in the series Name th…[View]
196302586I couldn't bring myself to rewatch this. I don't get it, I used to love this show as a kid…[View]
196304016Why are dykes so aggressive?[View]
196296925Bros.....why did she do it? why did she sell her soul for that faggot?[View]
196300735Anime only you watched[View]
196297285One Punch Man: Suiryu is back in a bonus chapter Summary: Page 1 Title: Can hardly wait Charanko ex…[View]
196302124Tenshi no Drop: Anime of the Decade.[View]
196301406Classroom of Elite: >pretty popular >still no 2nd season announced What gives? I want to see 5…[View]
196303646Watamote: This IS a Yuri manga.[View]
196239193Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion Thread: Only 18 days until Jump Festa starts. YGO7 news, Duel Links news and po…[View]
196273981Lupin the First: The release date of the movie is coming fast. Has there been ANY talk of it being s…[View]
196299754Unrivaled in power.[View]
196300929Arakawa: This is Shaft's best show[View]
196298345Why is Hinata uzumaki not nearly as milfy as she should be? Did Naruto lolify her on purpose or some…[View]
196262088Raildex: Part 3 will start with Touma waking up as a girl What crazy way do you think Part 3 will st…[View]
196300195Does Kirie feel like less of a woman when spending time with Ebina?[View]
1963039134chan's girl/guy: Post /ourgirl/ or /ourguy/ from each series.[View]
196273953what made kare kano so good?[View]
196301926Each person can only buy one copy of Kimetsu volume 18: >https://twitter.com/animateakita/status/…[View]
196284628SOSHITE KONO SORA[View]
196303038Houseki no Kuni: >compilanon thread Hey fags, I haven't read a thread since that pic related…[View]
196285772Bleach: You retards said this anime was shit. This is one of the most enjoyable series I've ev…[View]
196296649Overlord: Is Momoga still afraid that his generals might turn on him? Who do you think is most likel…[View]
196300411How do I acquire a cute lesbian stalker wife like Matsumoto?[View]
196302934ITT: good dubbed songs all of yyh applies here[View]
196296299Kaguya-sama Wants to be Confessed to Ch. 46.5 - Anime BD Extra Chapter: https://guya.moe/reader/seri…[View]
196296844Aho Girl author is getting a new serialization in WSM. It won't be a gag manga. https://twitter…[View]
196276892Kimetsu no Yaiba: cute and canon[View]
196278100One Piece: You think we'll see Moria stealing Shusui and Ryuma's corpse in the Oden flashb…[View]
196300873Fate/stay night: You make a pact with Alaya. You are given the one thing you want the most. In excha…[View]
196288505Why is the Idolmaster anime still the golden standard for idol animes?[View]
196291718Umineko thread: Reminder Battler turned based 3 episodes in. Also how come they never finished the t…[View]
196301249>that moment in the OP when the beat kicks in[View]
196301610What's anime/manga that you had lukewarm expectations of going into, but ended up being one of …[View]
196299622Nico-Nico-nii! Anata no haato ni Nico-Nico-nii! Egao todokeru Yazawa Nico-Nico! 'Nico-nii'-tte oboet…[View]
196284279>Genki supportive girl actually wins for once and people are mad about it What?…[View]
196301297Post platonic relationships involving a girl and boy[View]
196281123Kengan Omega: This is Jose Kanzaki as he appears in Fist of the Seeker. He doesn't fight though…[View]
196301376Is his motherfucker a jew?[View]
196298655Was it autism?[View]
196300067Parasyte: I liked it.[View]
196290080Watamote: Chapter 169 by /u/[View]
196294111Undisputed best girls: fact.: My wives are so cute :)[View]
196297607Shadow House 22: Ch22: The five pairs of newcomers[View]
196262327Would you want Holo as a traveling companion?[View]
196289225I present to you: the hag trio.[View]
196298263Wait, Japanese are allowed to own guns?[View]
196287283>Asuka's birthday >0 Asuka threads What the fuck happened to /a/?…[View]
196292507Remember when two characters having an entire chapter of sex created one of the biggest fujoshi shit…[View]
196300951Bear: The STRONGEST and most BRUTAL isekai character. Anime when?[View]
196234029Happy birthday to Renge![View]
196294411You're Under Arrest: Does anything cool happen in this anime? I'm on episode 16 and so far…[View]
196292811Big Shinobu > smol Shinobu[View]
196299697This is a children's film you know...[View]
196291116>graduated highschool 4 years ago >still a virgin…[View]
196300161There's nothing wrong with being an otaku, just don't let it detriment your social life.[View]
196214399Bokuben: How would you guys feel if Hanae and Reiji got together?[View]
196300005My thirst for more Berserk actually made me watch CGI shit. New chapter when.[View]
196293745Naruto > Bleach > One Piece[View]
196300159Weekly Shonen Jump #2 TOC: AGRAVITY BOYS by 中村充志 (LCP) 新連載 鬼滅の刃 僕のヒーローアカデミア (C) 約束のネバーランド ZIPMAN!! (…[View]
196298749kaguya: 4 pages soon[View]
196293757Mugen no Juunin: No one watching torture porn k-... I mean, Samurai Kino?[View]
196297330I miss her so much.[View]
196296285/a/nnie - snk - Shingeki no Kyojin 124: The Best Girl is back!!!! NO EREN NO HISTORIA NO ZEKE NO MIK…[View]
196278853Dragon Ball Super: Imagine how much Toriyama must secretly hate Tracertaco for constantly having to …[View]
196299162Boku no Hero Academia Illegals: What'd you think is going to happen in the last arc? Also, post…[View]
196299196Priestess is praying for your sins, anons.[View]
196276993Yuragi ends next year: https://www.shueisha.co.jp/english/[View]
196284598What is your favorite battle shonen?[View]
196298564will he ever top the chimera ant arc? i feel like he spends a lot of his time in hiatus thinking of …[View]
196293874If Scathach offered to take you as her student would you agree? Why or why not?[View]
196296830Does Okabe's conciousness go back in time or only his memories?: Was Christina correct in her b…[View]
196296836Bruno death: I still don't get it, his body was dead, but his soul was still alive. Wouldn…[View]
196284758Pokemon Adventures: Pokémon Adventures is a manga series authored by Hidenori Kusaka. It was illustr…[View]
196289409Mairimashita!: LA CREATURA![View]
196298619I just speedread this thing in one day: It was bretty gud[View]
196296684GaoGaiGar Thread: This was fun. What does /a/ think of it?[View]
196267750New SSSS.Gridman projects will be announced at Tsuburaya Convention 2019 opening ceremony on Decembe…[View]
196288231Jujutsu Kaisen: Catching up to this based manga with all the anime hype, so good.[View]
196297059Do you love Lain?[View]
196297931/a/ that should be made /tv/: Not manga that should be adapted into anime. What /a/ properties do yo…[View]
196294559Kimi no na wa: >they just lived in different time zones and couldn't set a date properly Shi…[View]
196295933Sakasama no Patema: imagine Christopher Nolan made a live-action movie out of this shit[View]
196293592Japanese otakus and waifubux: I've been wondering, why do Japanese Otaku absolutely hate when t…[View]
196277178Say hello to the next popular romcom, coming in any moment next year https://ganmo.j-comi.co.jp/post…[View]
196291366Act-age: Been seeing alot of threads about this series recently. The art style looks pretty cool but…[View]
196284293Why do canonically slut characters blush in sexual situations?: I figure they’d be used to it, so wh…[View]
196296773Hidamari sketch: Is 365 the shaftiest?[View]
196295838Xianxian: Can one of you nerds explain this?[View]
196281153BEASTARS 09: Are you ready for the couple of the year?[View]
196289042ANIME SOOOOOON[View]
196275963Oresuki: Best girl's time soon. Pansy > Sazanka > Tsubaki > Himawari > Asunaro >…[View]
196295073Girls Frontline manga: Anyone reading it? It's actually really good. Even people (like me) who …[View]
196295397They're dubbing hentai now![View]
196290184I've realized I was wrong guys Rei sucks Asuka is best girl and I want her to sit on my face. A…[View]
196294166All time favorite anime?[View]
196290433Why is she so perfect?[View]
196296347You Loved Me So Much it Hurt: Are you reading Shinra Bakuadon's masterpiece?[View]
196219547Maho Precure is going to its end and we finally have some story! Looks like I know who Haa-chan is a…[View]
196296423Kandagawa Jet Girls: Exploitable[View]
196292145Shingeki no Kyojin: >Best girls make TRAnniefags, Hongoshits and Pisstoriafags seethe Only comfy…[View]
196294857>chainsawman general nonexistand already[View]
196295385>Snipes your favorite gods[View]
196295194Do you feel the same?[View]
196296250Psycho Pass: So I just finished S2, Movie and SS1-3 to finally start up S3. Did they have a big chan…[View]
196284134Would you have all been mad if Kirino/Kuroneko was the canonical pairing at the end of OreImo instea…[View]
1962894515toubun no hanayome: All this seething and coping has been delicious. Please bring some more fillerf…[View]
196292908FINISH YOUR FUCKING FRAMES Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 Previous /a/ dr…[View]
196293065Ok stay with me here. What if Historia is not really pregnant? What if it's all a trick? I was …[View]
196271989Is she going to be the new Serena?[View]
196295917Hengoku no Schwester: Chapter 7 is here! https://mangadex.org/chapter/761432[View]
196294492Why does Nagatoro even think she can breathe the same air, let alone compete with that who can'…[View]
196295455Akane cucks the protagonist of the last show you watched how is the protagonist going to retaliate?[View]
196295545What kind of path have you walked this past 10 years? or Are you about to start a 10 year long path …[View]
196291719How do you feel about crossdressing gags?[View]
196295480Crunchyroll History of Hentai: https://youtu.be/MUSQaYHJAiI >Azuma sensei draws porn Yotsuba lewd…[View]
196294196Rokudou no Onna-tachi: >Born too late to explore the earth >Born too early to explore the star…[View]
196293865for you /a/, a rare tsukumizu[View]
196295064here anon, serve yourself[View]
196295324Sorry if this is a dumb question. Do you guys know where can I find digital versions of manga. I can…[View]
196288187Scenes that impacted you: Any scene that made you at least a little bit emotional.[View]
196290692Asspull thread Post asspulls[View]
196219976If you want to make a character a girl, then make it a fucking girl, not that trap dogshit.[View]
196241997Pokemon Adventures: Pokémon Adventures is a manga series authored by Hidenori Kusaka. It was illustr…[View]
196294500Momo's Mom doesnt look big but she's cute[View]
196294291Maken Ki Two:: The one anime where the animators animated the whole thing while using one hand…[View]
196179421KonoSuba: Isn't it unhygienic for someone to sit bare assed on everything they come in contact …[View]
196288131Fairy Tail: how did everyone in the guild suppressed the urge to fuck with each other? every man was…[View]
196245499Kaguya-Sama: >completely ruins your series[View]
196293356Imagine paizuri sandwich from these. Would you want?[View]
196289389predict this month's berserk chapter[View]
196273164SYD: Sorry for late live tl thread. Edit anon died midway last week so I’m put links later[View]
196235595AiPare, Prichan, Pretty Series, Jewelpet, Shining Star, Cocotama, Mewkledreamy etc.[View]
196288771/a/nnie - snk - Shingeki no Kyojin 124: ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE …[View]
196292329Can you even claim to be human if you weren't devastated by GT's final episode? Also, it…[View]
196282787Grisaia no Kajitsu: Should I read the VN? Is worth watching?Or watch the anime? Is necessary to rea…[View]
196287683Today we meet a theater enthusiast[View]
196288834Toaru Majutsu no Index III: Was it a flop? I wait for it, but everyone told me that it sucked, so I …[View]
196289616What the FUCK was she thinking with this shit?[View]
196292077BNHA: what will bakugos name be? and who does he mean when he say he has someone to tell first?…[View]
196290382This whole arc has been a joke,[View]
196252584Edens Zero 73: https://readedenszero.com/reader/read/edens-zero/en/9/73/page/1 It's time for IS…[View]
196281467I wonder what Asako smells like[View]
196287726ITT literal punching bags[View]
196290829What does /a/ think: Does she deserve it?[View]
196188647Azur Lane: Why is Enty so traumatized about this if Yorktown survived?[View]
196281734Watamote Chapter 169 RAW: 2chan: わたモテスレ https://futapo.futakuro.com/#server=may_b&mode=6_0&s…[View]
196291774But wait.... If Uchiha Madara is right there...... Then..... Then who is......[View]
196287426Don't mind me, just posting the queen of /a/ .[View]
196288542The best girl of Radiant![View]
196289300Why is it that some words from other languages have similar o related meaning in japanese? For examp…[View]
196282715It's not a 'mole', Anon. It's a beauty mark. Don't ever use the m-word around me agai…[View]
196290657Why isn't there any anime or manga in similar grisly art style?[View]
196285876I enjoyed this. Thank you for the recommendation.[View]
196289751Clannad: Was Kyou best girl or a batshit insane tundere? Who am I kidding, Kotomi is obviously best …[View]
196284732Bunny Girl Senpai: Who was the best buta yarou girl, and why was it the imouto?[View]
196287620Thoughts on this kind of relationship?[View]
196285296See this, what do?[View]
196286616>ship miniplot is literally and literally a love square[View]
196287048Usogui: Is Kyara stronger than Tatsuki?[View]
196290245Best girl and true winner of the decade: Togamefags not allowed[View]
196289606Best Val x love girl?[View]
196274633No matter what, jump will never have a next big 3 era. Say what you will but kishi, Kubo and oda cer…[View]
196198181Scanlation Thread: What do you dislike about scanlation in general? >the very existence of proofr…[View]
196287280How much of action manga is just Japs coping with their inferiority complex?[View]
196258864Who has the best lips in anime?[View]
196289012Thoughts on this, /a/?: https://mangadex.org/chapter/758903[View]
196288713Hanamaru Kindergarten: If all the manga was drawn like the first page, it would have been a lot bett…[View]
196288265New season never[View]
196285101>>150531195 We've already done this before, you dumbass.[View]
196205820ITT: characters with canon huge dongs[View]
196289833漫画 鬼滅の刃 第18巻 zip downoad free ここをクリック: https://showmanga.blog.fc2.com/ 漫画 鬼滅の刃 第18巻 zip [吾峠呼世晴] dow…[View]
196286591ITT: Post loyal girls that would never cheat in a relationship[View]
196289053Thoughts on Fumika?[View]
196221980Buyfag thread: Post your last purchases[View]
196233733Post terrible anatomy in manga[View]
196279934To You, The Immortal - Raw Chapter 116: DROPPED[View]
196274971>protagonist gradually makes gains over the course of the story[View]
196281135Davide-kun: I read that this got ax'd, was this not popular?[View]
196288341Hey /a/ I bought some snacks, let's eat them together[View]
1962862524 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Histora or Miksasa is next[View]
196286775How did they get away with this?[View]
196277264Thoughts on this manga. I think it's really cool. My second favorite after HxH.[View]
196276458KYON KUN DENWA[View]
196272098Prove me wrong.: Dubs are only bad because they've been using the same dozen VAs for generation…[View]
196288689What did Ging mean by this?[View]
196278033Maou Gakuen no Hangyakusha: Chapter 1 is out https://bakapervert.wordpress.com/2019/12/04/maou-gakue…[View]
196289023Chihayafuru: Arata noticing her outfit change is enough to make Chihaya blush with sparkles forming …[View]
196283155Shingeki no Kyojin: It's a Gabi chapter[View]
196214139Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks: Do you? Cause I sure love my mom.[View]
1962844095Toubun no Hanayome: Fuutarou is going to fuck this sexy little bunny every single night and there…[View]
196288279Worst Fate series[View]
196280424Is this the best OVA ever made?[View]
196285517precious pumpkin[View]
196287730Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro: We're so close to the end and yet still no translations.[View]
196282270Cutest and funniest characters only![View]
196287135You're a nice person of respectable taste, Anon That is, if you enjoyed ACCA[View]
196285143Where’s the newest Ippo chapter bros?: Please PLEASE PLEASE tell me Mori isn’t taking another week o…[View]
196287677Imagine: >Imagine[View]
196263360Boku no Hero Academia: Our protagonist, and next chosen successor of One for All, Deku.[View]
196287649This is the Holy Trinity, to not accept it is heresy. You are not a heretic, are you /a/non?[View]
196286866ITT: Spinoffs better than the source material[View]
196253458style over substance: the anime[View]
196284722>plunderer studio: GEEKTOYS >darwins game studio: Nexus is anime a meme? why are all these goo…[View]
196272557>You will never have a boss this cute.[View]
196269328Yuusha ga shinda: >doubting Kyle, the man who surpassed gods dumb citizen…[View]
196284126is she/he a futanari?[View]
196285774Chuu2: This is the real contender for AOTD.[View]
196285940Detective Conan: The early part of decade seemed to be going very well for the Conan series, but onl…[View]
196281529Mugen no Juunin / Blade of the Immortal: New episode now! And nobody cares! Is it still faithful to …[View]
196278910Do you prefer strong girls or weak girls?[View]
196286073Orient: Why does nobody care about Orient? https://lhscan.net/read-orient-raw-chapter-69.html By the…[View]
196286990>Evangelion is by far the best anime ever made >mfw some faggot weeb says I have shit taste lo…[View]
196279773What does /a/ think about Amagami?[View]
1962748613x3: Awh shit neighbors, it's time for a mother fucking 3x3 thread post rate appreciate and jud…[View]
196278309What went wrong Hishokobros?[View]
196286847>the worst ark turned kino in seconds[View]
196286311>fuutarou tells 428 he knows she's rena >rejects her >confess to kirby >kirby rejec…[View]
196285222Being Bellamy is suffering: >Be Bellamy. >Born in a rich family. >Throw all your future in …[View]
196257242Matou Sakura: What does /a/ think of her?[View]
196275632Wataten: I just finished watching Wataten. What was the point of Matsumoto in the fucking show?…[View]
196280886Kingdom: Youngster Xin counter attack next week. Will Houken doubt his own path unable to understand…[View]
196282850Oga-San: Thread dedicated too mommy and only too mommy[View]
196245626/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 Pre…[View]
196278219Bungo Stray Dogs: Who’s your favorite bungo character?[View]
196185671Black Clover: Episode 112 'Humans Who Can Trusted' previews are out. Official translation …[View]
196271465ITT: Kino Series With Shit Endings[View]
196282109Cute nekos[View]
196278128>Kimetsu no Yaiba, a manga and anime primarily popular with nerdy women in their 30s and 40s http…[View]
196275943Can fake tsunderes be proper tsunderes too?[View]
196259263Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Act 7[View]
196276212Day 3588̀[View]
196282771What are some manga/anime you picked up because you heard best girl won in it or it had a satisfying…[View]
196276370Act-age: Who will prevail, La Yonagi Furiosa or Chiyoko Vida o Muerte?[View]
196266652Why doesn't he fuck his 800 year old mother-wife? Is he gay?[View]
196280105Clannad means family.[View]
196278472That's some nice homunculi you've got there. It'd be a shame if something happened to…[View]
196281366Tell me your idea for a manga anon![View]
196275614The Quintessential Quintuplets Manga ENDS in 14th Volume: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019…[View]
196282910R.E.M: This one goes out to the one I love This one goes out to the one I've left behind A simp…[View]
196283925BD rips when?[View]
196279562Aho-girl: >lives a happy carefree life >does whatever she wants all day long because she knows…[View]
196269197Seiyuu thread: Have you watched a shitty anime because you like the cast? If so, which?[View]
196257076Happy 18th Birthday Asuka!: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Asuka! By this time next year, it…[View]
196235713Kandagawa Jet Girls: Why does Rin barely have any pantyshots in the series and instead it's mos…[View]
196283719any other examples of the dub giving a better explanation to a concept than the source material?[View]
196280689Why does the Netsuzou Trap fandom always make out Hotaru to be a femme fatale?[View]
196277614One Punch Man: He is back![View]
196196604Why is Mako friends with this bitch. Really doesn’t have any redeemable qualities at all.[View]
196281043/a/nnie Shingeki no Kyojin 124: ANNIE CHAPTER!! NO LEVI NO HISTORIA NO ZEKE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE …[View]
196279326Are misunderstandings so prevalent in manga and anime because their language is so fucking shit it c…[View]
196279518Is this the only good shounen anime?[View]
196281405Beyblade Burst: oh look, it's the pre-powerup match[View]
1962762515Toubun no Hanayome: I want to jog with Yotsuba in the early morning...[View]
196282684>character says bitch >subs translate it to bitch…[View]
196225285Fate Grand Order: What singularity/event should they adapt for the next FGO anime series?[View]
196282095Does /a/ like homewreckers?[View]
196260227Another one bites the dust: Another seiyuu just announced her retirement from the industry, pic rela…[View]
196207121Oregairu: Yukicute[View]
196277850It's time.[View]
196272378Assault Lily Bouquet: Girls with large weapons. The winning formula.[View]
196279654Do you want Gundam Seed season 3?[View]
196227867Post the most controversial characters of the decade.[View]
196280859I miss this manga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
196281240What do you think of Alisa Garland?[View]
196271981Akane > Ukyo > Ranko > Nodoka > Hinako loli > Kasumi > Nabiki > Kodachi > Hi…[View]
196275593Shingeki no Kyojin: Doomer vs Coomer[View]
196280911HELP! 40th Anniversary Char's Counterattack FLORIDA DISNEY SPRINGS: I live in central florida. …[View]
196267971Is this the most quotable anime?[View]
196273389Maybe I'll just go to the beach. That sounds nice[View]
196281011I believe Tenshi no Drop is the true Anime of the Decade.[View]
196278132who would win in a fight between Kaos and Shamiko?[View]
196279248ITT Thoughts on Beastars.: > Do you like it? > Is it just a excuse for furry vore being comerc…[View]
196265990>'Who are you and how did you get in here?' You suddenly find yourself in the Throne Room of Naza…[View]
196274003Houseki no Kuni: I finally catched up with the manga, wtf I love darth phos now Genocide ending? …[View]
196281068Not enough orcs in elf[View]
196278584Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196278109Maiko-san thread: I want to marry this cute housewife.[View]
196273460Why FLCL is so unique?[View]
196272385Noukin: Just what do they feed Pauline for her to look like this?[View]
196275053>first season is great >second season is shit What's that show, /a/?…[View]
196276940I assume the Light Novels are better than the anime, yes?[View]
196273295just finished this piece of shit for the first time. why didn't anyone tell me it's just b…[View]
196275553Post shows that were only good because of /a/[View]
196277504If Yotsuba really is the bride, why is her volume cover so not bride like, as opposed to other Quint…[View]
196278862Cencoroll Connect: it's finally here with hardsubs >Cencoroll.Connect.1080p.WEB.x264-WKN.mp4…[View]
196278604Tanya the Evil: Was this the most incredibly based scene in the entire movie? >Bomb Moscow >Bl…[View]
196266787ITT: Incest Threads: That are superior to what was presented in canon.[View]
196279695since we are about to finish this season rate it no new season till new year i still didnt watch ove…[View]
196205266Overlord: >writes thousands of pages and never publishes them >keeps changing the stroy and of…[View]
196255780Elf San Wa Yassanari: Should Efruda really lose weight?[View]
196278390ahiru no sora episode 10 how is there no thread up yet[View]
196280053Val x Love: What a garbage girl.[View]
196279733What the hell? How is Methuselah the first general to be defeated? He was supposed to be the stronge…[View]
196278871>new chapter of owari no seraph out >krul still not relevant…[View]
196269022fuck this whiny bitch.[View]
196264553Has any anime caused a big shitstorm like this one did?[View]
196255809How come anime doesn’t use samurai and other titles like that and just uses European ones like knigh…[View]
196273220Anisong thread: why Anisong nowadays feel so boring and repetitive? So many new talented japanese b…[View]
196279279What do you think the most disappointing 'could've been way better' anime of the decade was?[View]
196270528Show BY Rock 3rd Season: So a new pv came out for the new season coming in January 2020 with another…[View]
196278913How do you deal with the loneliness?[View]
196274086ITT: Post your favorites tropes >Villain/s turned out to be the good guy/s…[View]
196273401Diamond is unbreakable was the most low stakes and least interesting part, prove me wrong Pro tip: …[View]
196252531Dragon Ball Super: >50% of the characters in this pic could one shot Jiren What went right?…[View]
196275429What makes anime girls covering their eyes so hot?[View]
196274317You know, for kids![View]
196276905Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet: I don't expect this thread to get any replies, but this is…[View]
196251948One Piece: What did Kin'emon mean by this?[View]
196269309Let's get hammered /a/![View]
196276803To Your Eternity: Present Arc starting next chapter. Highschool girl confirmed[View]
196275037It's happening Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen anime is coming out in January. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
196275919Miss caretaker: Nice feel good vibes. Why can't the manga get translated[View]
196273626Would you watch her show?[View]
196251865What exactly is the appeal of Colors (other than giving headpats to)?[View]
196277159Koisuru Asteroid: So this is how the decade starts? With based Doga Kobo doing their amazing moe shi…[View]
196275933I love hxh! I hope all hunters who are on /a/ now have a nice day Whats your favorite arc? For me i…[View]
196225773Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Next episode sakuga. Time travel arc redemption or did Sasuke and U…[View]
196266401>Drinks cheap alcohol and eats chocolate No adult actually lives like this, right?…[View]
196274596>Original ideas >Well written characters >Genuine humor >A fuck-ton of source material s…[View]
196263337Shingeki no Kyojin: GIB SPOILERS NOW REEEEE Also, let's talk about Best Girl Annie and how Best…[View]
196274092Can't believe Yuuko's fucking dead.[View]
196269586Chi?: What does /a/ think about Chobits? Does anyone still watch it? It seems like one of those show…[View]
196219853>Tfw You're old enough to understand that Akagi is better Kaiji[View]
196274105>most powerful girl >the cutest what else could you want???…[View]
196257510Reminder that Hanayo is canonically the best girl in Love Live and you don't think she's t…[View]
196274420Do girls REALLY do this?[View]
196275931Cencoroll 2: So I just marathoned the first 30 minutes of Cencoroll 2. This show must have the most …[View]
1962728945toubun no hanayome: Can't wait till Yotsubafags seething after the oblivious red herring next …[View]
196259206Kanojo, Okarishimasu: New volume cover out featuring based smiling Chizuru Also Youtube spoilers OUT…[View]
196266769Best villain moments in manga[View]
196241369Kimetsu no Yaiba: 'Announcement Kimetsu no Yaiba 18 Due to popularity, the first batch is sold out T…[View]
196269991One Reina's trash is another man's . . .: Reina could have had this but denied herself tru…[View]
196257658>isekai with the keywords “strongest”, “cheat”, “slow life” in the description >isekai with th…[View]
196266704tenka hyakken: new ep[View]
196270681>bro there’s totally validity in not being a man or a woman lmao[View]
196273840Like Kaguya, with each passing chapter, President looks stronger.[View]
196264506ITT: post chuunis[View]
196268489What's your thoughts on age progression in anime and manga?[View]
196256667How much anime is there that's stuck on VHS? It just occurred to me that tapes don't last …[View]
196269301This season's anime is really boring[View]
196274621>DEKU-KUN, YOU MUST BECOME DEKONGA main girl is best girl[View]
196271119>Part 1 = Dio >Part 2 = vampires >Part 3 = DIO >Part 4 = DIO haunting the Joestars even …[View]
196273194Hinamatsuri: Season 2 when?[View]
196269975So, /a/ would you welcome them back?[View]
196269189how long until Hollywood tries adapting Sailor Moon into live action for western audiences?? could a…[View]
196248973Seishun Buta Yarou: Movie BD/DVD sells 30K copies in less than a week in Japan. 2nd biggest Aniplex …[View]
196273673well-cum to WOW![View]
196271903here, anon. you dropped this![View]
196274064Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 124: Raws have leaked. What the fuck is going on?[View]
196274081Shingeki no Kyojin 124: It's a RA chapter. How warm their meeting after so long will be?[View]
196255688Would you actually be dead before you hit the ground if you were hit by a kei truck? What do you sup…[View]
196270829Shingeki no Kyojin 124: Seriously fuck this genocide--oh no he is hot! Leaks arriving soon[View]
196274015ITT: Crossover: Shuumatsu no TensRide-On[View]
196267652Kasane: It's been a while, can we have a kasane thread? She did nothing wrong[View]
196269433How come no one does proper super robot anymore? Why can't we have fun, why does everything ne…[View]
196273813What a fucking chad based fatass[View]
196272274I really want to hire Shinka as my personal bodyguard and then just travel the world with her, this …[View]
196245897Who was best chair and why was it horse?[View]
196272088What would eva be if shinji is as hot blooded as these guys?[View]
196273314>Random running scene in the opening[View]
196221306>no licencors have picked up Twelve Kingdoms since Tokyopop's demise >even France has mos…[View]
196250471Is she loli of the year?[View]
196265198You took it, didn't you?[View]
196252143Girls with autism: Kotomi is an obvious place to start.[View]
196242895What's the verdict on this now? Wasn't around when it aired. Is it overrated or a masterpi…[View]
196266450Was Dio really evil or just misunderstood?[View]
1962672615toubun no hanayome to end on volume 14: This week's chapter (113) is the end of vol 13, so abo…[View]
196271157What are your thoughts on how the Darwin's Game anime will turn out?[View]
196265878Why is Killer Queen: Bites The Dust so stupid?: Why of all things wouldn't it let Kira remember…[View]
196260778Do you like Isekai Quartet?[View]
196261092Sengoku Youko Vol 7: We finished Part One yesterday. Today marks the start of Part Two! I, and maybe…[View]
196266212>translation by Chillock[View]
196272317Blue Lock: I can't believe the King finally did it. I hope Isagi doesn't bully him too muc…[View]
196261913I'm new to Fate/stay night and I just finished Unlimited Blade Works TV. What should I watch ne…[View]
196268202Why aren't you reading this?[View]
196262076Oga-San: Thread dedicated too mommy and only too mommy[View]
196257422I Got Stuck in an MMO Full of Monster Girls?![View]
196271288>anime is absolute garbage >plot is boring and nonsensical, twists come out of nowhere for pur…[View]
196264433Naruto has the best soundtrack: no anime soundtrack comes even close to the brilliance of naruto ser…[View]
196271657Where can I find the Iruma OST?: I really liked the organ/drums/chorus in the beginning or episode 9…[View]
196265799Hunter x Hunter: When the fuck are Chapters 381 - 390 getting collected into a volume release? It ha…[View]
196219225/a/'s official AOTD[View]
196266748ITT: Girls who deserved to win[View]
196271063Who is the cutest anime girl ever?[View]
196271221I have faith. Nino will pull through, I know she will.[View]
196263359Shingeki no Kyojin: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Make your bets, how many will die? Thousands? Million…[View]
196259285Sailor Moon: Rei > Makoto > Ami > Minako > Usagi I've only seen Sailor Moon abridge…[View]
196270848Huh this got surprisingly serious and dark. Still has comedy but they really ramped up the stakes[View]
196270612Saint Seiya: Shun is the best boy of the Saint Seiya mc’s , fight me.[View]
196268829What is her fucking problem?[View]
196269466Are you excited for this movie?: Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi(Josee, the tiger and the fish)[View]
196269552Best yandere?[View]
196268881>Sengoku Basara anime >Samurai Warriors anime >No Nioh anime…[View]
196267089Well that was fun, time to start Season 2.[View]
196269135Why are dykes such home wreckers?[View]
196270295>joins as a joke >lies to their face >eats their food what a bitch…[View]
196268685Can we have a serious discussion about Samurai 8 ? Is it going to make it eventually or will it be f…[View]
196259783How does he control himself, lads? Does he just wait until he's at work to jerk off? Is he just…[View]
196269988>listening to a full anime op on youtube >someone posts their own cringy lyrics in the comment…[View]
196260223Haruhi: What did you think of Yuki's first smile?[View]
196264895best y/u/ri ship of the year not that any contenders come to mind[View]
196268250when does DBZ get good? this show feels like take forever for anything to happen with all the drawn …[View]
196260004Japanese Food: You know what it is.[View]
196259012BEHOLD /A/ I present to you a song that can NOT be topped by any other anime. https://youtu.be/VT6LF…[View]
196235344Act-age: Why is this manga so good?[View]
196268991Is Evangelion the anime equivelent of Pulp Fiction?[View]
196265746Go-Toubun no Hanayome: what is THAT?[View]
196266634Seraph of the End: Anyone still reading this?[View]
196265684What are your thoughts on Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align)?[View]
196266058The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's. Each had a better b…[View]
196263235Nukenai Seiken-chan: Did she deserve this?[View]
196264555Rank them[View]
196267917ITT: Disappointing characters[View]
196261438>hey anon, have you watched Demon Slayer?[View]
196266417My fucking sides[View]
196267708>MC cripples the main girl so he could protect her[View]
196266871Whose your favorite pillar?[View]
196267363Is Batou destined to be cucked forever?[View]
196259691Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken OVA: OVA 1 (the one that got delayed) is finally out. Time for sumo w…[View]
196265508Wow this was fucking trash.[View]
196263887Leave Ereh to me[View]
196261925How do you make her understand /a/?[View]
196267158ITT: Winners only: Who will win next?[View]
196237201Z/X code reunion: Episode 9 Is there really no hope of Aina ever appearing in the anime?…[View]
196267224BLEACH: Going by what Aizen says here it's fair to assume he reached peak understanding with hi…[View]
196262895>character calls out the name of their super special attack as they use it…[View]
196256325Yu Yu Hakusho: Volume 3: The Homework Doesn’t End. Volume 2 >>196227292 In an uncharacteristic…[View]
196265593uh oh, that kagami is bullying konata again...[View]
196265786why are you looking at me like that /a/?[View]
196266030How come theres no torrents of this shit yet?[View]
196249550Finished this today got me fucked up mentally. You fags weren't kidding huh[View]
196260566Black Clover Fan Club.: This is a wholesome series. Do you agree Anons?[View]
196259653Worst trap ever created, imagined and even planned.[View]
196265982SEI NO[View]
196260932Yes, Yes Ping Pong, well done. HOWEVER[View]
196257233Is there a reason they can’t forgive endeavor, but forgive the crazy fuck who permanently disfigures…[View]
196263578Why is he such a huge piece of shit?[View]
196264674>29 year old MC gets to bang a 17 year old girl What were the fans so unhappy about? So ungratefu…[View]
196266177Stop reading romcom harem manga.[View]
1962662795Toubun no Hanayome: Don't worry Ninobros. Nips are cancelling vol 14 preorder which means that…[View]
196264940What the fuck was his problem?[View]
196258854Go-Toubun no Hanayome: its over and I hate it fuck you negi i hates it[View]
196265721Look at me: Bari bari Gusha gusha Baki baki Gokun[View]
196265613>When you solve anime and graduate to making kino[View]
196265334What would their honeymoon be like?[View]
196262194What anime do you like that most people on /a/ don't?[View]
196262350Oshi no Idol ga Tonari no Heya ni Hikkoshite Kita: Are you enjoying this 'idol is yandere for otaku'…[View]
196264203Download speed: What's the fastest you've ever downloaded anime using a torrent? Pic relat…[View]
196261857You didn't forget her, right /a/?[View]
196265212Anpanman: Do you watch it? https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm35998046[View]
196262115Her anime will win Anime of the Decade![View]
196265097The incubators did nothing wrong[View]
196255860Shamiko Appreciation thread: Is this /a/‘s official waifu now? Discuss.[View]
196264131I have been reading One Piece and so far I liked it a lot, but I started the Arabasta arc and it fee…[View]
196254973>Can only debunk reddit tier 'Araki forgot' memes. >Everything else was 'fated to happen'.…[View]
196263248Could LLENN+co even beat a highly coordinated SAO Frontliner team like the Furinkazan in GGO during …[View]
196263897Kabukichou Sherlock: Why nobody is talking about this show? It's great. This season sucks in th…[View]
196263160How do you feel about seeing happy anime couples? Do you feel lonely?[View]
196240777is it weird for boys to like shoujos?[View]
196258805One month left to Magia Record: In one month's time Madoka returns. Are you ready? Connecting l…[View]
196260968Spy X Family Thread: All hail the Starlight Anya[View]
196261471>2019...I am forgotten[View]
196262464If you didn't cry when ahiru danced the pas a deux alone, you are not a real man.[View]
196261119Best OP of 2019:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgo9dJB_icw Best ED of 2019:https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
196250884Have you sent Santa Yuno your Christmas list?[View]
196256067Quite frankly, I think the beta male/alpha females pairing in manga/anime is the cause for the low b…[View]
196262968Suicide Island: I'm calling it now, she's going to die during childbirth. There's su…[View]
196251245JoJo Part 5 Analysis: Requiem? More like required, 'cause it was the only way that Araki could …[View]
196263473Kimetsu Light Novels: Is there any info about them? Especially the second light novel.[View]
196260430Two will protect you. The other three will try to kill you. Go.[View]
196260734who would win in a fight between Kaos and Shamiko?[View]
196261399is he the best shonen protag of the decade? I think so[View]
196263478Boku no Hero Academia: Movie spoilers tomorrow, do you think it's gonna be good? Will we see Ni…[View]
196260063i have never made a single mistake or plothole in the entirety of my career[View]
196258973Evangelion is a deconstruction of good anime.[View]
196260385How does this make you feel /a/?[View]
196257067ShingeKI NO Kyojin: Spoilers soon. I hope Isayama will show us Erensaur[View]
196263054characters who single-handedly ruin a show: every scene with this bitch in it is unwatchable[View]
196261603Why has she never gotten best girl?[View]
196253169You get to choose one of the titans any single one besides the founder the 7 others go to a random p…[View]
196263370Stella no Mahou: Chapter 66 Why are turtles so fucking slow? God damn.[View]
196239308Why did Araki scrap Hamon? Why was Joseph useless in part 3?[View]
196262799Kinda weird how the Avengers anime never caught on.[View]
196263277Boku no Hero Academia: Once this Endeavor and finally ends. Which IA characters show have their own …[View]
196261205Best girl of the decade or best girl ever?[View]
196242170Boku no Hero Academia: >green hair What's her quirk? Since she has a fire extinguisher, appa…[View]
196238908LMFAO did araki forgot how to draw?: what is your opinion on araki's current jojolion art compa…[View]
196262797Do you miss when it was just shorts or are you glad for the full series?[View]
196262698Ride your wave: Wasn't expecting this to drop so soon, no subtitles yet, Yuasa's new thing…[View]
196252626Made in Abyss: Where the fuck is the new chapter? Do we have to wait 6 months again?[View]
196241000Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 93: We're back with a new chapter. Raws here: https://cycomi.…[View]
1962534515Toubun no Hanayome: Can't wait for Nino and Miku to bake Yotsuba's wedding cake[View]
196258190Date A Live x Dragon Ball crossover: How would it work out?[View]
196260167Now that the dust has cleared, was it kino?[View]
196212761Daily SoreMachi Chapter: Maid Delivery Service[View]
196258705Fate/stay night: You're not a real member of Shirou's harem unless you try to kill him at …[View]
196257116was this reaaaaaally necessary?: kek[View]
196253276Dragon Ball Super: Cuteifla (that's slang for Cute Caulifla) should become the new protagonist …[View]
196261944Poster for m24 (by gosho) https://twitter.com/conan_movie/status/1202030118769528832 https://www.con…[View]
196257113Are you looking forward to Cygame's next anime?[View]
196221376Go is cute![View]
196258932Bunny Girl Senpai: I love you, Mai.[View]
196258835Oh oh oh, it looks like Christmas is about to be ruined[View]
196249084Looking up to magical girls: Quadrupling down yuri[View]
196252512Chihayafuru: Episode 9[View]
196259936i.t.t.: shit that could have been good if not for random harems: >Legitimately funny love triangl…[View]
196238114she did nothing wrong[View]
196257723expectations? haven't read the source material but from what I've seen it's already g…[View]
196242741Shinmai maou no Testament: Is it better than Highschool DXD?[View]
196260057GTO: Holy fuck, why didn't Fujisawa make pic related Fuyutsuki's main design. Instant best…[View]
196260742Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: I just finished watching Onii-sama's movie. Did I miss watching a …[View]
196258293i miss yuru camp[View]
196259247Until Death Do Us Part: This was fine till Police bro Dies. What happened to it?[View]
196241811>174cm Why is Bocchi so short?[View]
196257898Same voice actor: >Saber = Pou[View]
196245911Why did the anime choose to make Mikasa gorgeous despite her being canonically ugly as dogshit in th…[View]
196255782>Soryu>Shikinami HOWEVER >Shikinami plugsuit>Soryu plugsuit thoughts?…[View]
196257426Just finished reading Liar Game. Any other similar masterpieces? Preferably with an ending that isn…[View]
196256921Akame ga Kill anime movie: They need to make an Akame ga Kill movie that begins where the anime and …[View]
196255329It's Asuka's 18th birthday and you didn't remember.[View]
196257180Heaven's Feel bluray sell over 90,000 BD: >Heaven's Feel bluray sell over 90,000 BD …[View]
196259270Be honest. How many of you would be sent to the NEET concentration camp?[View]
196209526Domestic na Kanojo: Spoilers for the next chapter should be out soon. A few reminders: >Only 2 ch…[View]
196258878So Mantaro has learned to be an evil cheating chojin just like his dad Why are the morals so messed …[View]
196256332What was the best JOJO part?[View]
196255864You DO love god, right /a/?[View]
196256591cute wan wan doggo![View]
196255344Currently rewatching Monogatari after basically dropping it since SS came out, and I'm at Tsuki…[View]
196251240>Increase Krillin's battle power from 2000 to 18,000 >Still can't hang with Transfor…[View]
196226417Loli Of The Decade - LOTD: Well who is it /a/? My top 3 contenders are the following: Enju Aihara (A…[View]
196248161BEST. GIRL. WINS!!!!!!!![View]
196225704ITT: Pick one of these long, overstayed, overrated manga, and it disappears forever in an instant. W…[View]
196239722What an ugly creep. Always trying to talk about tanks and acts like anyone wants to be her friend. E…[View]
196257952Astro Ganga TV 02-03 https://anidex.info/dl/287304[View]
196254922Should anime go back to being adapted by books instead of manga/light novels?[View]
196251863Oshiete! Galko-chan: Well /a/? what do you thing about the situation of this fictional character?…[View]
196254643Openings Thread: Post only the best of the best and also dont flood one post with 20 openings becaus…[View]
196217962>You don't have any enemies, no one has enemies. There is nobody who it's ok to hurt Wh…[View]
196243562Boku no Hero Academia: So after the endeavor arc is finally over l, which characters should get ther…[View]
196233617OPT: One Page Thread: What have you been reading?[View]
196253716Why do people hate DBZ when it established most of the tropes in battle Shounen that people like whi…[View]
196256593>A manga series you really like finally gets translated after literal decades of nothing what…[View]
196214778ITT: Characters who have sex constantly[View]
196252686Will the Shin Trilogy (Godzilla, 3.0+1.0, Ultraman) surpass End of Evangelion, Love & Pop, Kare …[View]
196252344'FLCL is the story of boy meets girl. For me it is also about how it’s ok to feel stupid. With Evang…[View]
196256962>Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...[View]
196255720>it's like a mahou shoujo anime, but with violence and realistic weapons like guns and explo…[View]
196256791>Ryouta's VA decides to leave voice acting industry forever at 31th Dec Did soo much yuribai…[View]
196256176What went wrong?[View]
196254548TWGOK: It’s Chihiro’s birthday today. Say something nice about her https://twitter.com/angelfrench/s…[View]
196249745Shingeki No Kyojin: Eren has gone too far. Who will be the one dealing the final blow? Leaks soon…[View]
196198397Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!: More cute isekai CDGCT action in just a few hours…[View]
196254888TL's note: Yuki translates to best girl[View]
196256379Help me /a/ please.: This Metal Bat theme is so good. I can't stop clicking the replay button. …[View]
196256053still can't believe this happened[View]
196254823Love Lab: was it racism? how did they get away with it?[View]
196253233>Maki Oze replaces the MC of the last anime you watched What happens?[View]
196256154Who wants to bet Chris Niosi as him will be recasted?: I nominate Sean Chiplock.[View]
196256037Have you read Sakuran /a/? What did you think of it?[View]
196256005Slime OVA out: Sumo fanservice. It was really good. Also... DAMN FUNNY.[View]
196244975Initial D: ne, what is 86?[View]
196254868Why was he such a dick?[View]
196227405Raildex: He's grown so much over the course of this series. How's he going to change Acade…[View]
196253715'ROAR!!!!!!!!!!' Dragon Ball Z! Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z! Dragon! Dragon! Rock…[View]
196255316Made in Abyss: I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby[View]
196247232Misato appears naked in all of Shinji's fantasies/deep thoughts whenever he thinks of Rei or As…[View]
196252779Skip Beat!: Has anyone kept up with this manga? Had a lot of fun reading it years ago. Is it worth j…[View]
196254937I feel like we should all get together and watch this show. Some of you are probably too young.[View]
196240739I love her[View]
1962484692010s the most popular character: RANKING[View]
196228317Are you hyped, /a/?[View]
196253413>romantic love anime[View]
196251286The new fire witch is in town. Just how fucked is the demon lord?[View]
196241552MangaPlus is now publishing TSE and they released the new chapter TRANSLATED !!!![View]
196254130Why so bad, /a/?[View]
196244636should i begin the manga from beginning?: already seen the anime and i heard its very accurate to th…[View]
196197528What would you like to see in a yuri isekai?[View]
196253606Post Female leader(boss) in Anime: >Artoria Pendragon (Saber) >Christina (SnK)…[View]
196252078Joshu: He's my favorite character but why the fuck did Araki have to make him so ugly?[View]
196251454Why Japs love this Series ?: https://youtu.be/n3a-x1agV70[View]
196254258Mahouka: >no Miyuki imouto/gf why even live?[View]
196250359Have things gotten even worse since then?[View]
196237233Is it normal that I finished Bleach fairly recently and I can't remember like half of the chara…[View]
196251119Is there a purpose for his mask other than aesthetics?[View]
196222986Has anyone tried microwaving blood like Sophie? Was considering trying it since it sounds interestin…[View]
196243808>they said it again[View]
196246530So is this officially anime film of the decade?[View]
196252756>first opening plays at the climax of the season long after it has been replaced by other OPs…[View]
196250839JJBA Part 6: Do you think they will change pic related in some way, or will the anime fags have to s…[View]
196248423>only has powers because he got lucky Is Deku the Hajime Hinata of anime?…[View]
196251950What's your favorite show/manga where the genki tomboy promise girl wins?[View]
196249237ITT: Cakes: Why is it so rare for the cake to actually win? Pic related is one of the very few examp…[View]
196236483Jujutsu Kaisen: All manga volumes are getting urgent reprints for 25th December. Including volume 0…[View]
196244569ITT: jobbers[View]
196239435Dragon Ball Super: Moro, Merus and everything from the new arc confirmed to be written by Toriyama a…[View]
196252951Detective Conan: When will it end?! Fuck, just end already.[View]
196252787did you forget?[View]
1962444755Toubun no Hanayome Bunker Thread: What went wrong for us lads?[View]
196252695Kimi no na wa: >mfw they were just different time zones and couldn't set a date lol…[View]
196252327When is Fire Punch getting an anime?[View]
1962469463x3 thread: You know what to do.[View]
196252470With Kyoani out of the picture (not like they were in it in the first place,) this is now your studi…[View]
196252294I've been awake for too long.[View]
196251964Will Monogatari finale be Araragi killing Hanekawa with his own bare hands after she goes ballistic?…[View]
196246799Super Dimension Fortress Macross: When does it get good? I'm debating just skipping over the s…[View]
196252106Neon Genesis Evangelion: I made a shitty OC to show you Rei's true power. Shinji has remorse th…[View]
196249880Oh no no no no bros[View]
196250914Sengoku Collection: pretty good shit for episodic episodes, anyone else watched this?[View]
196251123Will we ever get an anime as good as Oreimo again?[View]
196250058thinking man's anime: I finished FMA:B, Trigun, Evangelion, and almost Royal Space Force but it…[View]
196247579>Queen's Blade >Not a hentai The recent anime has a shota MC and whenever the girls touch…[View]
196241386What kind of FUCKING SCHIZO has a sentient stand?[View]
196236726Magic system in Black Clover: For fuck sakes, the magic system in this anime is all over the place a…[View]
196251104Cursed image[View]
196250664Clip problem fixed.[View]
196241441What was your first manga/anime?: Picture related for me. I was into vampires so I took it out from …[View]
196251385Was J. Geil in Stardust Crusaders inspired by the Phantom in the Amazing Stories episode Mirror, Mir…[View]
196222373One Piece: Any theories about the Red Line? It has a structure similar to Wano and looks flat at the…[View]
196245658The smartest character: Is Aizen Sosuke the smarterst person in all of anime and manga? If not hin t…[View]
196249954Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo: Shit, this is actually for once accurate. I can't believe …[View]
196238351Best anime production company: >Studio Dean >Jc Staff >Please change my mind…[View]
196243079/a/ sings Alone for Christmas (With My Waifu): Alright, guys! For the last /a/ sings of 2019, we…[View]
196233474Does anyone remember Minami Ke?[View]
196242084What's your opinion on the fanservice in Fire Force?[View]
196247417Happy birthday Megumin![View]
196244840>please fuck my 14 year old daughter[View]
196249251Shingeki no Kyojin: It has been established, with kino writing and foreshadowing, that Levi will sto…[View]
196247934Are manga cover slips uncommon outside of Japan ? I usually buy my volumes in my mother tongue (Fren…[View]
196249622I'm bored. Post Idolmaster reaction pics.[View]
196250382Any other instances where toxic masculinity is portrayed?[View]
196246088Detective Conan: When did you stop reading Conan?[View]
196248597Thoughts on Jujubadudu?[View]
196236458>couples that were meant to be, but fate won't permit[View]
196245021So is every season gonna be a different place and time period?[View]
196241562What the fuck's wrong with japanese and their spineless alienated MCs? This guy is 40 something…[View]
196249030KONO DIO DA: convince me to rewatch PB, all I remember is the middle episodes (vampire knights) bein…[View]
196239743Masou Gakuen Hybrid x Heart: It's Sylvia's birthday, say something nice about this bisexua…[View]
196247426Bikini Warriors was the anime of the decade.[View]
196246769Oresuki thread: >wants a harem of girls >is actually gay for his male best friend There's…[View]
196249433Cherrygal: Why are we getting so many cuck MCs and used goods heroines, /a/? These romance stories a…[View]
196250234Which one?[View]
196242498BookLive Digital Manga Annual Ranking 2019: >Shonen/Seinen Manga Ranking Kingdom Kimetsu no Yai…[View]
196250129Mio's voice > Yui's voice This is not up for debate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR…[View]
196249320Is there a program like Plex that lets you organize your anime with posters and media information an…[View]
196249814What makes Oneeloli great why it's so successful ?[View]
196249985Is this a good series?[View]
196247763don't watch love live sunshine it's shit[View]
196245379>I got tickets to the Wada Kanako concert we always wanted to go! Are you free this saturday /a/ …[View]
196181024Blonde anime girls = Great Tier + Blue eyes = God Tier + Twintails = Elder God Tier + Tsundere = One…[View]
196249777Was the use of narration in this arc inspired by Nobuyuki Fukumoto's series'? The language…[View]
196242617Shingeki no Kyojin: >'Seems like this party is about to get CRRRRRRRAZY' >Fighting stance >…[View]
196245828Why don't we see the rich, smart, handsome shoujo prince character loose more often?[View]
1962423375Toubun no Hanayome: Fags keep asking about the hints or foreshadowing that Yotsuba is the BK but th…[View]
196241098What would you do in his situation /a/?[View]
196238713What is the cringiest anime you tried to watch?[View]
196239116>/a/… Isn't that a girl's board?[View]
196245893Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Will the LNs for this ever get an official translation? The fan translation …[View]
19624232280s aesthetic  kino & 作画[View]
196246462My 1000th entry on MAL, Your Name: Was it a good movie? Yes Was it THAT good, deserving it to be the…[View]
196244438Why do shonenfags put character development atop a pedestal like it's the greatest fucking thin…[View]
19624082640 chapters in, what am I in for?[View]
196244446what shows have the best music?[View]
196243374>can fly >steals a boat to cross a river Explain this bullshit.…[View]
196237288Do Japanese people really drink tea without sugar?[View]
196145460elf-san wa yaserarenai: Oni needs to be milked.[View]
196248331>Dub Broly now sounds younger >Have to make a head canon now that Broly is a teenager When wil…[View]
196201494Kaguya 171 Spoilers: Korean scans are out, and so is the Chinese version. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/…[View]
196237922Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru: Is anyone reading this?[View]
196241703Why is she so tall?[View]
196246235Anime is dead. Toku must be saved from the same fate.: Anno on anime: >Japanese animation is in d…[View]
196245723Children of the Sea: Did you like it?[View]
196241174Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen: What's /a/'s opinion on this? Why is there little to no porn of …[View]
196240345Why many important characters die in SAO?: Isn't supposed to be a normie show?[View]
196247442Which male seiyuu voices the most protagonists? Is it this guy?[View]

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