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182107120Why don't more anime studios upload their content to Youtube, like they did with Love Live epis…[View]
182107467Jump Force: Possible More New Jump Series[View]
182106323You get Isekai’d as Midoriya Izuku, just before the entrance exam to UA. What do you do?[View]
182070164How big is too big?[View]
182108967What anime/manga-related thing are you getting yourself for Christm/a/s?[View]
182103119D-Frag: why is she wife material for Kenji?[View]
182107314Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu[View]
182107430reminder Zoey is a tomboy worth protecting[View]
182106937Post your shrine boys[View]
182093553Storytime: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: Meido! It's that time again. Now on to volume 10.…[View]
182101213opinions on jojo?: people keep telling me to watch/read jojo. is it as good as people say it is or s…[View]
182106325Why is Asenshi so fucking trash?[View]
182107468There you have it, folks![View]
182104769Liz and the Blue Bird: It was beautiful in every way.[View]
182101000bunny girl senpai: Is there any contender in the next 2 years for AOTD?[View]
182047387Are Kuroneko fags still seething?[View]
182096642Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 72: Sasage[View]
182104089Harukana Receive: Will they get a second season?[View]
182105367Why'd he do it?[View]
182107132Top 5 Anime 2018[View]
182107149Remember when Araki started copying design motifs from Dragon Ball?[View]
182107083Itt anime characters with big balls.[View]
182107052This is Mahoron. Feel free to take photos.[View]
182100908Which one has the better design?[View]
182099055It's time to decide : >Azumanga Daioh >Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou >Nichijou Which di…[View]
182106784Anime reaction pics thread[View]
182106633What is that facial expression meant to signify?[View]
182100153Am I just not smart enough to enjoy the current arc of HxH?[View]
182100204>'Anon! Bring us more snacks!'[View]
182095442>characters are so generic that they don't even have names >virgin weebs still argue abou…[View]
182104796Is Anno really as much of a hack as this board makes him out to be?[View]
182105946Ryuo no Oshigoto: I'm catching up on my backlog and this is the next one. Should I learn shogi …[View]
182106497Hanekawa: Is Hanekawa the best girl? Long haired Hanekawa is best among best I feel.[View]
182104247Be more like Yamcha /a/![View]
182101154Meanwhile, at the /a/irport...[View]
182106268Funny page thread?[View]
182102801Officially the hottest girl of the year.[View]
182105809Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita!: How long would Fran and Master last against Rimuru? Would they even be …[View]
182080826Boku no Hero Academia: What the FUCK was Hori thinking when he decided to design a morbidly obese fe…[View]
182064324Gal Gohan: In this issue of 'A Neutron Star corrupts an innocent Student President,' Fujiwara is a b…[View]
182099034Can Saitama punch through Gensai's perfect defense?[View]
182104449Will we ever get another good fun show like this again?[View]
182095514Re: Zero: Shitty Emilia speech was finally translated. It’s a mediocre as we thought https://witchcu…[View]
182105987Kaguya-sama: Ch. 132 Korean scans are out.[View]
182105708HERE'S REDMAN!!![View]
182090020How do we stop the yurifag menace, /a/?[View]
182104745Yuragi 140: Okay uhh, so good news and bad news. Bad news first: I'm trying to get raws but I h…[View]
182105757Dragon Ball Super: >toei spends 3 times more on marketing and animation >movie ends up doing w…[View]
182103554When is based Tomo coming back?[View]
182102753Are you looking forward to the future of anime when Sony starts to pure pressure on the studios to c…[View]
182104517I keep hearing that this manga went to shit when they 'got back to earth' but did it really get THAT…[View]
182099929I only watched the original series. What am in for? 10 episodes in and Hughes is already dead.[View]
182100825Dragon Ball Super: >STOP! STOP THIS PLEASE! >THIS ISN'T FAIR! >B-BACK TO YOUR KENNEL! …[View]
182101725Somebody, stop my tears ...[View]
182099221I want to know who is the most fapped to anime character of all time. Pic maybe related[View]
182103135Mirai > Liz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
182100918I will fucking KILL with my bare hands the next straighty ass hetfaggot who dare to say a fucking wo…[View]
182093039So what is her name, Holo or Horo?[View]
182104823Well, /a/, it's been a little over five years since Rebellion aired in US theaters. Have we fin…[View]
182103882Hard to find a better romance ending than Usagi Drop[View]
182096495Jesus H. Christ. I can't stop pacing in my room, I'm fucking fuming and I want to punch a…[View]
182095344Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 22: New chapter is out, dumping TL as I finish ty…[View]
182104042I only watch anime on adult swim.[View]
182045633God I wish that were me.[View]
182104160ITT: The biggest chads of their respective series. I'll start with Pisschad from David-kun.[View]
182104131Tobirama! What did I tell you about racism in front of the Uchihas?[View]
182085397is grimgar the best isekai? or rather the only one that got it right?[View]
182092322I'm not sure how much longer I can go on without anime girls being real. Every day I wake up to…[View]
182097747Why are her knees red?[View]
182101398Just finished watching pic related. I thought it was a pretty good watch. What did /a/ think of it? …[View]
182102278what is the best tournament arc?[View]
182102953The love live sequels did not live up to the original two seasons, because of the omission of the or…[View]
182102708So how many Lum clones are out there? I only remember nyaruko and the girl from Kemeko.[View]
182102017Taniguchi thread?Just ordered all of The Summit of the Gods. What am I in for?[View]
182100874Akanesasu Shoujo: What model of Walkman is this? It's making me want to buy one, also shoujo th…[View]
182104759What's stopping a gaijin to make his own generic light novel and pay some starving office jap t…[View]
182103234Villains who actually, LITERALLY did NOTHING wrong and didn't deserve their fate.[View]
182084706Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi: Episode 10[View]
182098520ne0;lation 2: It's bland shit -> https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5980549395[View]
182103026Post catchiest openings. I want shit to listen to on repeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVbYDF8…[View]
182099706Remember me, /a/non?[View]
182102497the most retarded '''waifu''' of the year, prove me wrong[View]
182102611Was it kino? Will anything ever match it?[View]
182094711is she the best and only good girl in shonen? is the only one that won fights, got shit done and tha…[View]
182064911What does the title 'Fate/Stay Night' actually mean?[View]
182096369Komi Can't Communicate: Komi-san is popular enough to get her anime now, right? Right??[View]
182090833For many years I haven't watched anime with such great interest. And this is the third season. …[View]
182066537Is Little Witch Academia the only good witch related Anime out there ? Watching Tweeny Witches, its…[View]
182092545Whats so good about it?[View]
182100836psst. hey, kiddies. want some miracles?[View]
182097083Is he dead[View]
182100233ITT: Recap episodes that DON'T suck.[View]
182099028New WSJ Series - Gokutei Higuma: Here's the entire raw. MC seemed like a chad until he transfor…[View]
182094727What if he raped Guts instead?[View]
182098507The Radiant manga is pretty rad[View]
182101810SSSS.GRIDMAN: What will happen to our goddess? https://www.strawpoll.me/17056216[View]
182101653>anime character is very obviously a girl, she just doesn't dress like one >characters al…[View]
182097608What are some other good /biz/ anime?[View]
182089434Shingeki no kyojin: Eren 'loves' Historia due to influence of Grisha and Frieda's memories. Con…[View]
182099836Gyaru and Dinosaur: chapter 6 & 7 are up dumping[View]
182101137It's not fair. It's not fair. It's not fair.[View]
182098315I want to study human biology with Kurisu[View]
182094997Dragon Ball Super: >Goku >Vegeta >Bulma >Beerus >Whis >Pilaf >Mai >Shu >T…[View]
182100936>'-san' translated as 'miss'[View]
182099238Takagi-San: Why doesn't anybody care for the series anymore and why did Komi, Nagatoro and othe…[View]
182099364SSSS.Gridman: *ting* *ting* *ting* Ahem. May I have your attention, please? FUCK YURI AND FUCK THE S…[View]
182027654Now that the dust has settled, what is the best Nagamine directed anime?: and why is it still Heartc…[View]
182100777Was it kino?[View]
182095542Why the fuck did /a/ not tell me about this show, this is the comfiest anime of the season.[View]
182084429Pre-screening event of new Boogiepop is over and it looks like they will cover the first book in 3 e…[View]
182100385What went wrong?[View]
182099057Aya Hirano: post her[View]
182100630Cy-chad they said: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2018-12-15/uma-musume-pretty-derby-…[View]
182100099Highschool dxd: Will Rias ever be good again?[View]
182099698Post a cooler vehicle in all of anime. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
182098362Sora yori: So is this anime actually worth watching[View]
182083276Tsurune: Three hours left until ep 9 aka the suffering of Seiya[View]
182093846what does /a/ think of Sket Dance ?[View]
182075509Zombieland Saga: Reminder that they have moe filter[View]
182089726Sora no Woto: Have you forgotten about the Wotos, /a/?[View]
182098092Tomodachi Game: Where did it go wrong. Will this manga ever get back to being good?[View]
182092295How do you pronounce her name? >cow oss >kei oss…[View]
182099065BNHA: Game Over: Me and some friends were discussing yesterday how many movie antagonist would fare …[View]
182098979Is it overrated?[View]
182100024It's time https://doushio.com/cards/[View]
182088192Why is the sub so much better? holy shit.[View]
182096517Was Freeze a pragmatic and cunning villain in Z?[View]
182074599Beastars Chapter 110[View]
182096443imagine taking her out on a date and the waiter's like 'what do you want' and she answers 'brea…[View]
182098579Kami-sama no Iuu Tori: Any of you guys that liked this know any other similar series? I'm looki…[View]
182099054Cancerous fanbases: Just take a look at this: http://aots.moe/ The Yuru Camp fanbase consists of bun…[View]
182098468What's the best era of Bulma?[View]
182085126Kengan Asura ch.213: Fallen[View]
182092477Rimuru - Slime Tensei: This shit is peak low tier wish fullfiment I don'r know how people can e…[View]
182098407Japanimation: is the term 'Japanimation' racist?[View]
182090206Hisone to Masotan: AOTY O T Y[View]
182096331Was it a asspull?[View]
182089379While we wait for the actual AOTY 2018 poll, here's another shitty meme poll to get a feel for …[View]
182095301Her name is Kouko she is _______.[View]
182098440Does this ever go anywhere? I mean it's fun I guess, but I'm at volume 8 right now and all…[View]
182098090You now remember that the artist of Deadman Wonderland is working on a new manga for ages called Smo…[View]
182093864Layton Mystery Tanteisha Katri no Nazotoki File: I was asleep when the new Layton episode came out s…[View]
182097015Why didn't he just use a gun to shoot the bullets?[View]
182059967What are your favorite pre-existing songs that were used in anime? Here’s mine. https://youtu.be/ye…[View]
182088121alright /a/ why arent you reading this?[View]
182098598>But Lancer does not hear him. His strongest attack. The attack that made him a hero has been blo…[View]
182095641>'Wow, Anon. You are more pathetic then I thought. Why are you putting all your hopes of finding …[View]
182094441What is the optimal skirt length in anime?[View]
182096482Did he survive?[View]
182095611Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san: subs for the 11th episode are out[View]
182098215https://www.sbs.com.au/news/man-dies-after-one-punch-in-nsw-riverina kek, this came up while looking…[View]
182071004Toaru Majutsu no Index: Why does anyone like Index?[View]
182097188don don donuts[View]
182095988To Jiraiya >i am a god who stands above humans To Naruto >you and i are just normal men who s…[View]
182088135How did she afford such a car with a teacher's salary?[View]
182097928>2020 - 1 >stilld efending flat chests when not even flat girls can stand themselves…[View]
182097909Kasumin: For me, Kasumin is... AWESOMETACULAR! Have you watched this cutie? What did you think about…[View]
182097673Red Dawn is an anime: >Cast of teenage high schoolers being thrown into a dangerous world >Fac…[View]
182087083Chainsaw man: What happens that no one release chapter 3 of chainsaw man? Korean raw was from Friday…[View]
182095711Blue Flag/Ao no Flag: Happening Status: Possibly Happening At the very least, it seems Masumi is com…[View]
182097652Why did You-chan get fucked so hard in the LL Sunshine animes?[View]
182091889Kaede is a cute imouto and deserves to be protected. But all imoutos deserve to be protected.[View]
182097431Are you excited for Christmas /a/?[View]
182091510ITT: Side characters that were more interesting then the main characters[View]
182096974What do you do after you have seen all the anime?[View]
182096290I just got caught up with the manga and WHAT THE FUCK Kudos to the author for treading new ground an…[View]
182096882>a sheltered anon in it's natural form >little did it know about the dangers of kidnappin…[View]
182093182>tfw you will never be raped by your adopted sister's sister while your brother watches why …[View]
182048405Why is it so rare to see Tech vs Magic in Isekai while it should be the first thing to happen to suc…[View]
182093745How in the FUCK do two dead people have a child?[View]
182035586Can Bones stop making Reigen so fucking sexy?: mob psycho 100[View]
182094106What would you do if you saw this defenseless, young lady walking down a deserted road where it…[View]
182095633God, this series is beautiful.[View]
182087726It's the festive season, /a/. Post a picture of your waifu in a Christmas outfit![View]
182075322Will we get more To Love-Ru in 2019?[View]
182084081ITT: smiles you want to protect[View]
182084465>14 years since EoSD >People younger than it are browsing this site right now >Still no 2hu…[View]
182095436When will the second season of Made In Abyss come out? Anyone know?[View]
182094437Waifu game: What are your favourite waifu games and why[View]
182096569Hey, pigeons don't sound like that![View]
182088517Pre-2000s Thread: Winter Break, so I guess that means I can finally catch up to Maison Ikkoku.…[View]
182091917Ao No Flag Chapter 38: What do you think it is?[View]
182092777What was the best love story of the year, and why was it Yama no Susume?[View]
182062320Last week rankings. Everything releases next week: >***, ** 4 (= ***, ** 4) Zombieland Saga >*…[View]
182095947> A trigger set in each hand So do they lose half their triggers when they get an arm cut off? Al…[View]
182082346SSSS.Gridnan: The Twin Grids[View]
182002368Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
182087427Dragon Ball Super: When is this going to become canon as well?[View]
182088090So hamon is basically whatever the plot needs it to be. Does this show get better ?[View]
182095273>tfw Kikuhime will never be your oyabin and push you around[View]
182092355what's your yearly comfy rewatch? for me personally, it's kenichi.[View]
182095160Shinsekai Yori: https://youtu.be/FGnA94swzlw?t=774 What's the song that starts at timestamp? I…[View]
182089009It's Sunday, /a/ Time for a comfy Inuyasha thread. And let's do whatever we can to maintai…[View]
182093754I recently watched Hunter x Hunter, and the Chimera Ant arc in particular left me with a sour taste …[View]
182091097Tsugumono: Flute is a fucking slut.[View]
182094731Jojo: Man even knowing what happens in the story, this adaptation is almost tricking me into thinkin…[View]
182092457Which genres of animes do you like the most?[View]
182091783Who is your ideal Ash Ketchum voice?[View]
182094006*starts having Vietnam flashbacks*[View]
182081642BLEACH: Kubo is easily one of the if not the best weekly manga artist out there, especially in a sho…[View]
182089658Is Sasuke being a garbage character the biggest NPC opinion in shounen? He is by far the most intere…[View]
182090502iS tHiS a jOjO ReFeReNcE??!1: No, not everything is a Jojo reference, retards. Only weeaboos on the …[View]
182094481LN/WN: ITT: ANIME, MANGA, LN and WN EHH: Related Comments[View]
182088113Aside from art, HxH is just as good as Berserk. Prove me wrong. You can't: pro tip[View]
182051778Syaro has a hard life, will she ever escape the depths of poverty and get to live a comfortable care…[View]
182085200Anima Yell: Can we agree that this is the worst CGDCT show of the season, and perhaps one of the wor…[View]
182093087tomboys are forever[View]
182084715/a/, would you a Revy?[View]
182094039The love live sequels did not live up to the original two seasons, because of the omission of the or…[View]
182087550What is the appeal of Vinland Saga /a/? I want to read a good historical manga, i need your thoughts…[View]
182080453Girly manga for men: >read shoujo manga >the female MC is fawning over a guy that's a hug…[View]
182087003Golden Kamuy: Chapter 183 is out. https://mangadex.org/chapter/501147/1[View]
182073494Jojo: Post your favorite covers. Also any Jojolion predictions?[View]
182093243https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFiHq_MndOA >Nanako:When I grow up I'm gonna marry you! >…[View]
182086620Out- Ch.102&103: Dumping[View]
182091533for me it’s Soul Eater, the superior shonen[View]
182064177Shingeki no Kyojin: Will she ever be her old self?[View]
182091242*single-handedly redeems your shitty slice of life anime*[View]
182089027>/a/ says kinnikuman is manly >turns out it's full homo…[View]
182083654If you think about it, isn't all fiction isekai?[View]
182092098Chuunibyou is one of those animes everyone loves.[View]
182092270Kotobuki Squadron is gonna be great and there's no reason to believe it won't be. None wha…[View]
182081139Why is 'sex sells' mentality so prevalent in anime and manga?[View]
182087922How would you fix SHAFT?: >4 years ago[View]
182091745Now that Yuasa has gotten utterly BTFO by Spiderman and American animators will likely follow in thi…[View]
182091923Can we have a BF thread before the last episode airs in 4 days? Have you enjoyed this adaptation? Fa…[View]
182092499>drop a show in the middle of the season >still watch the final episode when it airs Does anyo…[View]
182092361Clover: I've read the first volume of this, and it seems to be following a formula of >Bro i…[View]
182077530Is there romance manga seinen that that doesn't make fun of virgins but instead promotes chaste…[View]
182092397Ao no Flag: What's everyone's thoughts about the current development?[View]
182088829>has no problem killing people >will always look to grope or if possible, rape a big-titted wo…[View]
182082597Punpun might be one of the deepest mangas out there, is that why contrarians hate it so much?[View]
182083155How would /a/ deal with her prank?[View]
182090406What's the point in introducing a lovable character just to have them lose?[View]
182092087Why are dumb girls so cute, /a/?[View]
182082672Karakuri Circus: Why is LITERALLY nobody talking about Karakuri Circus? It's the best airing an…[View]
182090457Killing Bites: Will this Chad make Hitomi and Youko his Sex Slaves?[View]
182089560Is Narumi really nothing but used goods?[View]
182089547Love Live thread[View]
182088484This is Screaming Phoenix Killer say something nice about him[View]
182087473>enters a Holy Grail War with his wife >summons a Servant who is famous for NTRing his lord…[View]
182084712Utena: nee... Nee... DOUSHITE IMA SONNA HANASHI WO?[View]
182091416Yagate Kimi ni Naru: >moody >vindictive >holds grudges >secretive >sharp-tongued Sa…[View]
182089888Attention anime companies: Hurry up and license the second season of xxxHOLiC. Thank you.[View]
182080440Higurashi no naku koro ni: which is your favorite girl?[View]
182043525>goblin slayer isn't interested in girls: why[View]
182090997ITT: anime from 2018 that /a/ doesn't remember, completely forgot about, or didn't watch a…[View]
182087004May I have your attention, /a/? FUCK EARTH AND FUCK PEKOPONIANS, I'M TAKING OVER[View]
182084587>Could of prused and became an ultimate life form >could of lived eternally with blond milf …[View]
182089266Symphogear: So when are we getting next season?[View]
182080637My Hero Academia: Ignore the bait threads[View]
182084422How come masterpieces like Nichibros don't sell well and end up getting no sequel? Do the nips …[View]
182079742Gegege no Kitaro: >damsel escaping with damsel What did they think would happen?…[View]
182089091based and redpilled[View]
182088302Bleach: Why in the fuck would he not be immune to his own ability? His goddamn body is generating it…[View]
182083857>watch an anime >suddenly KIRITO There's no running away from him.…[View]
182084510Why does she sound so fucking old?[View]
182089246Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen: Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen ch40 pic spoiler: Finally the …[View]
182088708why is bullying cute anime girls on internet is so fun[View]
182078409>is given the most convenient and perfect ability >gets caught anyways Is Kira the worst Jojo …[View]
182086333>character gets amnesia Name me a worse trope then this >protip: you cant…[View]
182078211I think I'm falling in love with an autist, guys. Any advice?[View]
182054833Is Shinji really a boy? Why then did Kaji attempt to romance him?[View]
182087159watching baki episode 13: >fully erect olivia Jesus[View]
182085178What does /a/ think of pic related?[View]
182087930Literally the best manga ever made.[View]
182088345What did your favorite SOL characters go on to do after they finished school, /a/?[View]
182087974Which team wins in a battle?[View]
182088089opening thread: can we have an op thread guys? post everything https://youtu.be/AFlB93nSs9Y[View]
182038168Etotama thread: death death[View]
182073922Has Best Girl of the Year been decided yet? Because it's obvious who deserves the title.[View]
182079106ITT: stuff /a/ will never recover from: O my rubber nen[View]
182081114Post the best girl of their respective animes.[View]
182072099Boruto: Episode in a couple hours. Will something finally happen or will we keep getting the same re…[View]
182086818Circlet Princess: >New PV is just a bunch of ass and feet shots I'm glad they know exactly w…[View]
182086571Anima Yell: Wake up /a/, it's chairday. New episode soon.[View]
182083377>protagonist being stabbed, doesn't seem to really care >only looking for her murderer fr…[View]
182087219Previous thread >>182067144 Anyone who wants to add/help is welcome to post.[View]
182087290The morning of December 16. It was so cold. And I mean cold that if you took an ice pick and plunged…[View]
182047882Danberu nan kiro moteru?: A thread for cute girls lifting cute weights. A comedy/instructional gag-m…[View]
182075628>Bullies Deku to the point he threatened him with death >he has never saved civilians/compani…[View]
182085426There is a reason why My Hero Academia's anime has 4 season, while your favorite animes don…[View]
182086179What is your favorite english anime opening? Pic related is mine[View]
182078490Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that endgame is Round 3.[View]
182079870Killing Bites: Will this Chad make Hitomi and Yuki his Sex Slaves?[View]
182081349What is the best anime that has made you cry?[View]
182049980This right here is the exact peak moment of Naruto. Prove me wrong.[View]
182085053>we can be much worse[View]
182083798This is my wife Satania, she is the smartest and cutest girl ever.[View]
182084933Stupid sexy duck[View]
182073995>literally dies >stuck in some sort of purgatory playing a game of murder chess with a literal…[View]
182087295>slime datta >goblin slayer >gridman >bunny Is this the best season of 2018?…[View]
182081934Are Kallen and CC the hottest main girls combo in all animes combined?[View]
182078950your top 5 shonen GO[View]
182080563Working is the greatest SOL of all time.[View]
182084583I'm not sure how much longer I can go on without anime girls being real. Every day I wake up to…[View]
182081896Best anime of all time: If you say any different your gay[View]
182081212Does /a/ still like CLAMP?[View]
182082730What is the appeal of shoujo manga/anime? you read 1, you read everything already. It's all the…[View]
182081762OL > everything else Do you agree?[View]
182085552Going to binge watch this entire show next year. Tell me which order i should watch it in. I'm …[View]
182085695Saguri-chan Tankentai 19: New chapter. Maybe they really are trying to catch up.[View]
182045315Is Madoka a well written character?[View]
182083954>We are dealing with a man who died of poison two hundred years before he was born. >If birth…[View]
182084783Ulysses - Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi: Get in here for anime original territory[View]
182082807Lotte no Omocha: >her wing marks finally appeared >still haven't gotten the naoya D >s…[View]
182071965Will this fill the void while I wait for more Dragon Ball?[View]
182075885Is Kinnikuman Super Phoenix the shittiest final arc boss in the series?[View]
182028247Buyfag thread: Very colorful[View]
182078322What the FUCK happened to Dragon Ball?[View]
182080904Why is violence so prevalent on modern anime?[View]
182081617Liz and the blue bird: >literally every single one of the frames has some metaphorical meaning to…[View]
182083248should we go further?: >>182067144 This is what we have so far.[View]
182083848Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh: First three episodes impression are out.[View]
182082591they are the same character[View]
182081103This is the ideal female form. You may not like it, but this is what peak physical performance looks…[View]
182083420stairs: *exists* anime girl:[View]
181967457Best girl thread: TOP 3: For research purposes, please tell me which are your top 3 girls ever. Feel…[View]
182082500Final chapter of Dorohedoro is out: Should I commence dump?[View]
182057925Shingeki no Kyojin: When will these two lovers reunite?[View]
182082195Why aren't modern animes as daring as Gridman is?[View]
182083965Old animes don't hold up.[View]
182079574do you have an anime girl type, /a/?[View]
182085222You will NEVER learn Japanese, you fucking faggot. Give up and kill yourself already, pathetic scum.[View]
182079818U N I T E D O[View]
182081556Suck it.[View]
182074828Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water[View]
182083645Am I right fellas or amirite[View]
182076379Why did Flip Flappers flop?[View]
182082391Manaria Friends episode 1 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMVR5lCtLrM&t=587s still raw …[View]
182083222Rising of the Shield Hero: fucking anime coming next month who's pumped the light novel and man…[View]
182083416Fairy Tail: God I wish that were me[View]
182081728>oh, this series does sound pretty gritty >cancerous jpop opening plays fucking dropped faster…[View]
182079279What were your favorite OP and ED of 2018? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wew9zHCJYyI https://www.y…[View]
182082245Everyone who calls my waifu a slut is just upset that their's isn't as good.[View]
182064691Who's the most bullyable girl this season and why is it Sakura?[View]
182076145>what's your name? >my name is V i o l e t ・ E v e r g a r d e n™ Seriously? I stopped wa…[View]
182063134Gyaru and Dinosaur: Cute new series with a very happy dinosaur. First 2 chapters were released a few…[View]
182072868Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru: This is a very wholesome anime and there's nothing erotic about it.…[View]
182082827Who will win?[View]
182081348Do you record how many animes you've watched (and which ones)? If yes, why?[View]
182069468Is she the best little sister of all time?[View]
182082138I love my wife Alice very much![View]
182007047Kanojo, Okarishimasu Ch. 71: Jet Yau scans are out.[View]
182077259Does /a/ like Oyakodon?[View]
182060830SSSS.Gridman: Last episode next week.[View]
182078247Kumo no Mukou: this movie was terrible[View]
182065429バカ シンジ![View]
182061574Do you have a minute to talk about twintails?[View]
182076203ITT: official canon pairings. Bonus points if childhood friends[View]
182075167What's she holding /a/?[View]
182081902Then what is even the point of you trying to attain greater strength then?[View]
182080321>2008 was over 10 years ago[View]
182081673We can all agree that Goblin Slayer is autistic, but is he Seto Kaiba levels of autistic?[View]
182078962so what was the weakness of his geass?[View]
182081662Boku no Hero Academia: Since we had 1B comeback for their set up arc what about Shiketsu and Inasa?…[View]
182081637>there are 'people' who like animes but hate mangas[View]
182081606Adaptation: Anime with non-japanese source material.[View]
182081108Season 3 when?[View]
182072447Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: Well, just like me[View]
181968082The World of Moral Reversal: What happens if the manslut MC shows up?[View]
182081436Why can't Japs into CGI?[View]
182063419Love Hina: Does /a/ still have appreciation for Love Hina? It may be formulaic but I still reminisce…[View]
182080128Why is kisame easily the most badass character in naruto?[View]
182075941What's YOUR favorite cutie honey /a/?[View]
182076131What are they looking at?[View]
182078295Schwarzer Klee: >short duration >incredible homing penetration and speed >opponent left a m…[View]
182079238What's his name again?[View]
182066318>inoue rina This girl is gonna be big. The next Yabusaki Aoi, mark my words. Also, Retsuko thread…[View]
182076854Now that the dust has settled. 5cm/s>Garden of Words>Kimi no na Wa[View]
182072683Reminder that pic related is old enough to be Shirou's mother and that she took advantage of a …[View]
182080877post suzaku[View]
182080296why is the Berserk anime so highly praised? The first 6 or so episodes are extremely boring and don’…[View]
182075408>tall >blond >gigantic tits This is arguably the most common stock appearance in anime and …[View]
182070693Violet Evergarden: Bully Thread![View]
182078613Shamrock of a darker hue: An absolute kino episode is approaching. Who's ready to see a mindbro…[View]
182064791Release the Spyce: Momo looks uncharacteristically pretty here.[View]
182076037I want to look EXACTLY like Nadeko.[View]
182070668TSUGUMOMO: well /a/, what now?[View]
182069683What the FUCK were they thinking with this?[View]
182078641Detective Conan: Why isn't there a doujin about these two yet?[View]
182080231>tsundere isn't a raging bitch Dropped[View]
182075169Why didn't Joey and Tristan just throw Weevil overboard?[View]
182080151ITT: Dream anime that will never happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA_vfCVbLw8[View]
182079666Don't leave.[View]
182075969Bokuben: When the fuck is this week's chapter getting translated?[View]
182079891>Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano[View]
182041346Why do you love yuri, anon?[View]
182079298What have they done to the Earth? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE to our fair Shibuya Rin? Ravaged and plundered…[View]
182072791Usogui: So, how in hell is this fat fuck cheating?[View]
182067072You can see her expression and demeanour change every frame, from a girl to a woman. remember aoty[View]
182079078>He doesn't appreciate big tits >He's not attracted to round voluptuous asses Being …[View]
182078277Would you like milk in your tea sir?[View]
182073401Boku no Hero Academia: Does she want his dick?[View]
182068102PSA: There is such a thing as too flat, and that Aika was it.[View]
182077234Happy Sugar Life: Just finished first chapter and I like where it’s going. Should I read first or wa…[View]
182077912FLCL: Why did these exist again? Just because some Amerifat was a super weeb for an anime from 18 fu…[View]
182079100Take a moment to show your appreciation towards this absolute angel for having graced us with her ex…[View]
182075800I heard you like to eat ass /a/non.[View]
182047158Raildex: spoilers soon[View]
182076248go brush your sisters teeth[View]
182077282It looks like your date with Chitanda-san to the coffee shop is going well, anon.[View]
182077100The best monogatari.[View]
182076264someone else believestha a silent voice is better than your name[View]
182059727Black Clover: You know, Asta's really starting to grow on me. He's not a bad protagonist. …[View]
182071660Dragon Ball Super: Who do you like better designwise?[View]
182078222Hibike Euphonium: How did you feel when you saw Reina smile?[View]
182077985“I'm here to witness the history of manga changing right here, right now,” Yikes[View]
182067837Kabaneri: KISAMA S2 when[View]
182073561Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap[View]
182076105Is Kabaneri this decade's most ambitious animation project? With the series being OVA-quality t…[View]
182077921>Reika-Sama will never get her own anime[View]
182073108ITT: Anime protagonists you could beat up in a fight[View]
182077354Just finished rereading this, don't think I ever finished it before, but wow Hillshire is quite…[View]
182070295Why don't MCs in shonen, especially those with really interesting power systems, actually get i…[View]
182077734When are these old hags going to make something good again?[View]
182069670Death Note: Why is he so hated?[View]
182054224Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: I'm surprised it took 11 episodes for…[View]
182068259is it worth getting into Naruto in 2018? I've been bingewatching anime recently and I kind of w…[View]
182076740Anyone with blond hair in anime automatically makes them better. Prove me wrong.[View]
182075360If goku is somehow transported into nge universe, can he survived anti-AT field. Considering it coul…[View]
182077310Shingeki no Kyojin 112: Based Floch[View]
182070822In your opinion, what is the best filler episode of all time in anime? What about the best filler ar…[View]
182075983Why is snek so hated?[View]
182073580So did the author ever give a good explanation as to why she didn't the bowl?[View]
182072611ARE YOU KIDDING ME[View]
182075944Are we friends, /a/?[View]
182021100Killing Bites chapters 41-42: So another group suddenly popped out and released 2 new chapters of KB…[View]
182075490S3 when?[View]
182076461>OP by Claris[View]
182073931Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and char…[View]
182074717Imagine the Taste & Smell after entering Satsuki.[View]
182074995Love Live season 3[View]
182074500>been on hiatus for two months >delayed indefinitely >Fumita's last tweet was a month …[View]
182069349>massive war involving over 100k people >only 2 named characters die So this is the power of …[View]
182076354Why did she get so fat /a/?: I thought Idols were supposed to be thin! Why'd she get so big /a/…[View]
182004794Planta Sort Irlandesa Fosc: >powers are a reflection of your personality >Marie's eyes ca…[View]
182028856Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama etc: Action contractors are the best contractors[View]
182073394Can I just skip the second season of this and move to part 4? The first season was good but so far t…[View]
182075512How come everyone wants Touma's dick?: Also Index sucks.[View]
182076237>inferno cop isn’t anime[View]
182076207>finally saw the last episode What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
182076137Anime elitism is pure[View]
182068963The top is currently selling more than the bottom.[View]
182070691Pekola: Is it okay to starve an angel to death? t. Satania[View]
182068233ITT: Post head tilts[View]
182050019GaoGaiGar: How does /a/ feel about GaoGaiGar? Is it better than Gurren Lagann? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
182060550Maou-jou de Oyasumi 84: Final chapter (of the arc) and Princess' way of taking responsibility.…[View]
182026285Pre-timeskip One Piece used to have so much soul.... what happened?[View]
182070062why Megumi Nakajima(中岛爱) is disliked by lots of people? imo her singing techniques are not perfect b…[View]
182074672Any word on the remake?[View]
182068096Lo, I am become Kaos![View]
182073378Mitsuboshi Colors: what if I told you Yui is waiting to play[View]
182073089How hyped up were you here?[View]
182055542Zombieland Saga: Are you waiting for her to shine?[View]
182074340Why are anime girls almost always shaved, when asian girls are normally hairy?[View]
182074727Why do you guys hate her?[View]
182060041ITT: best girls[View]
182069940Isn't GITS just episodic pseudo-intellectual garbage? What's the point?[View]
182057439Why is he so mich better than Deku?[View]
182066547Ano Hana: Is it me or the plot is pretty dumb?[View]
182074390He won[View]
182073980Hibike! Euphonium/Liz and the Blue Bird: This film is more of a fine art than anime[View]
182067547Full metal alchemist: Soul vs soulless generic shonenshit cashgrab.[View]
182073656What was his problem?[View]
182063762Virtue and vice are all but human.[View]
182072106Front page, unnecessary. Chaika, catalog.[View]
182073614What did they mean by this?[View]
182071992Momo e no Tegami: It was fun! Really fun! Omoshiroi.[View]
182071235ITT characters with punchable faces[View]
182073747GeGeGe no Kitaro: I can't fucking believe Mana just died off screen[View]
182071744Fairy Tail: she's sad[View]
182071078no cobra thread?![View]
182073361Shinmai Maou no Testament: ok /a/ please explain to me why this is the most godtier anime ever made …[View]
182065554>unarmed martial arts Isn't this like the most ineffectual shit you can have as an adventure…[View]
182073126Have you ever heard about Schrodinger Cat, anon?[View]
182061981thoughts on this movie?[View]
182068205Boku no Hero Academia: I LOVE YOU, KACHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!![View]
182064129Dorohedoro anime: >It will be shit >It will be censored >It will be reduced and 'freely' ad…[View]
182068323>'villain' was a good guy all along[View]
182072243Tsurune: What if this isn't actually the healing we've anticipated?[View]
182053740Hokuto No Ken: >You've already posted edition We all know that Hokuto No Ken was the definin…[View]
182035595/ss/ - Secret S/a/nta: There's only 10 days until Christmas eve anon! I hope you've shippe…[View]
182052886>find ritsu forgettable on first watch >realize she's the best-written character on rewat…[View]
182070736who is the BGOTY of 2018 and why is it Nadeshiko?[View]
182066601Hope you don't forget to re-watch Toradora this christmas, anon.[View]
182058867Name a worse written female character in anime, I'll wait.[View]
182056786How can one MC be so based?[View]
182054912Do you drop what you are reading/watching when NTR happens?[View]
182069916Why does he always drive with his left? How does he shift gears?[View]
182036061Good animation thread[View]
182066590Mob psycho 100: Im just watch the anime, tell me /a/, what in comes in the s2 is worth it?[View]
182070794What am I in for?[View]
182069197>tfw the shitposting actually came true[View]
182055211JoJo: How did Narancia pass Polpo's test?[View]
182068971You hear it, you go to bed[View]
182071678If this the best the further of anime can offer?[View]
182065423Dragon Ball Super: reminder: it’s okay for others to do “homages” because we’ve already experience m…[View]
182067184Would you be her boyfriend?[View]
182069554Stein's Gate: What do people see in this anime? Fully 1/2 of the entire show is completely unwa…[View]
182058947ITT: Post anime titles that have barely anything to do with the show/story itself. I'll start …[View]
1820671444 chan manga ideas?[View]
182069176Is there a guy out there sexier than Jigen Daisuke?[View]
182029147Tonari no Vampire: Ehehehehe Sofi-chaaaaan~[View]
182028171Fact: Naruto is stronger than Sasuke In the Boruto. 50% of Narutos chakra is stolen and he still ou…[View]
182044939Kengan Asura ch.212: Worst[View]
182067042Why did he become dumber as he transformed?[View]
182067287What's your favorite Trigger show?[View]
182070162cute monkey[View]
182068565I miss them.[View]
182068101Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
182069894Komi-san: Which one of you is responsible for this?[View]
182067623An edgy but fairly well-written character, does this combination exist?[View]
182069731BOKUBEN 92: Last Thread died, Dumping now.[View]
182065407Ingénue: I recently learned a new word that I think would be useful to fellow /a/nons. https://en.wi…[View]
182065736Index!: Ganbare heika![View]
182061388What do you enjoy about watching animes? For me, it's the girls.[View]
182048536Why is she so perfect, lads?[View]
182069574Favorite Anime Scenes: What is your favorite scene in anime? For me, it’s the scene between Shinji a…[View]
182069203Madoka = edgy chuuni teenager angst: Who seriously think that Madoka is actually good? Everytime I s…[View]
182062908>12 episodes >recap episode Fucking why[View]
182067796Why are there so few anime about university students? I remember only Genshiken, Golden Time and ani…[View]
182069421Help me, /a/. I'm looking for the image with all of our reactions to TTGL's ending, specia…[View]
182068244Name a more based character.[View]
182068097Gochiusa: Is Syaro the most tragic anime character in the history of anime? Did she deserve it?…[View]
181980776Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!: Episode 11 preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdEnWNsqWJw…[View]
182064842Just finished re-reading this: What a fucking epic match and night. Best mindgame out there. Akagi i…[View]
182065749Little Witch Academia: Would LWA have been a better series if Amanda was the main character?[View]
182061840i dont get it, why dont they just stop gambling?[View]
182066792Which shounen lead do you think is the most interesting in terms of their decision making/actions mo…[View]
182068979Does someone knows what does 'STN CLUB' stand for? Maybe it means 'Strength club' but it could also …[View]
182045894I read through the whole manga in one day and now I feel empty. New Colors chapter when?[View]
182052580OH NO NO NO[View]
182066725HunterxHunter: Should Kurapika be a female in the inevitable 2021 Netflix adaptation?[View]
182062346If Frieza was legendarily strong and was feared throughout the universe, how come some one random sc…[View]
182066346Hungry for You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night: I can't seem to find this anywhere online, can an…[View]
182059170Boku no Hero Academia: No, no, no! Calm down, please! You have to believe me! Stop laughing! Momo…[View]
182068152Houston, we've had a problem here.[View]
182066817This is my ideology[View]
182066058SSSS.Gridman: God is dead[View]
182066637Why did he go after the stupid one?[View]
182062284Is this the only mecha anime for adults?[View]
182052243What are some series where author really let themselves get worse? Pic related[View]
182047133Goblin Slayer episdoe 11 thread: Let's see how White fox will fuck this battle over.[View]
182061261The big three: how other magazines even compete?[View]
182039851Would you an adult in this body type?[View]
182067524wtf is this?[View]
182060165How come battle shonen mangas are so popular on /a/? Most active generals are from that. Barely see …[View]
182048665Are you ready for the future of anime encoding, /a/? tl;dr: >the video track is blank and is onl…[View]
182054273Why are animw with large, robust plot always the best?[View]
182062971Alright, /a/. I'm going to leave this mineral here, so don't do anything with it, okay.[View]
182066892Is Johan Liebert a Chad?[View]
182062259So this is the greatest manga of all time right?[View]
182041702Storytime: Yotsuba&! Volume 14: I'm the anon that dumped the daily Yotsuba and Azumanga thr…[View]
182057087Harima and Eri saw each other naked at some point. There's nothing left but marriage now.[View]
182060589Why's Miyu the least popular cup?[View]
182059242How come Full Metal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter both had two animes when most mangas don't ev…[View]
182062291Why aren't you watching based french black clover, anon?[View]
182066591Yagate Kimi ni Naru: Asenshi it out.[View]
182062273SEKAI ICHI!!![View]
182063956Do you think it's good?[View]
182046242Why was she so much less popular than kanna?[View]
182066427Revue Starlight: The official Youtube account has uploaded self-introductions for the mobage, and th…[View]
182058486Tsurune: One day until Shoe proposes to Minato[View]
182064924Millon Arthur: Anyone else still watching?[View]
182040763Jashin-chan Dropkick: We did it![View]
182065924Swords and Magic thread. Pic is from Solo Leveling.[View]
182065323>protagonist gets really angry and emotional >gets a power up…[View]
182053780Dorohedoro ending: Aaaaaand they never fucked. Jk they will be very happy and have lots of children…[View]
182063461what do you think of funimation as a company?[View]
182057249Ragna Crimson ch 18 dump: here be the mangadex link: https://mangadex.org/chapter/500695[View]
182060597Liz and the Blue Bird/Liz to Aoi Tori: >tfw you realize they were both Liz to Aoi Tori after all …[View]
182057280Dragon Ball Super: REMINDER: https://youtu.be/vnJjO0U24d8[View]
182053521Be honest, /a/. Are you still mad?[View]
182043095Heaven's Feel Lost Butterfly teaser trailler: https://twitter.com/pkjd818/status/10739089753749…[View]
182061183Who was the best tomboy of 2018?[View]
182062679Sword Art Online: >Kirito going to prison >No heartfelt goodbye >Just here is your lunch ha…[View]
182055019Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 71: Valley Road[View]
182064061Is Boruto just Naruto's infinite tsukoyomi dream? Did Madara win the war?[View]
182060638Are the Black Clover and Boruto animes worth watching?[View]
182063476convince other anons to watch the anime/manga you hate the most, go. >Strong female character …[View]
182050068This should have never abandoned hamon[View]
182051891Storytime: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: Meido! It's that time again. This time with volume 9.…[View]
182049649Code Geass R3: Fucking WHEN?!??!?!?[View]
182060137WEG Thread[View]
182064362why have you not watched yet this year, /a?[View]
182064216Shamo: Was this Narushima?[View]
182036882Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san 2 and 3: Chapters 2 and 3: Revenge of the puffy vulva.[View]
182060431>Anime does not have floof Into the trash it goes...[View]
182052695Eternal hiatuses ??!: 28 years. And he’s still got us by the balls.[View]
182057106Release The Spyce: Who threatens the peace of the city? Waiting for sub[View]
182058937Shonen: Fuck, Marry, Kill?[View]
182049072Chobits sucks. Discuss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFe9ljl81W8[View]
182063422Does anyone have a text document or something with a list of all the moves and techniques in DBZ? I…[View]
182059653>The Quintessential Quintuplets and Kaguya-sama: Love is War animes will air in the same season W…[View]
182063176Shanks-kun... leave Kaido to me.[View]
182062503Radiant: Best Inquisitor never >Took them fucking 10 episodes for Rumble Town >Took them 3 ent…[View]
182058712We are the witchis.[View]
182061707Does someone knows what does 'STN CLUB' stand for? Maybe it means 'Strength club' but it could also …[View]
182061766Tonari No Kyouuketsuki-san: What are the chances of getting another season of Tonari No Kyouuketsuki…[View]
182059806Why is it considered 'morally wrong' to want to help others?[View]
182060786Was Alucard ever redeemed? In his final scene, he implies that he killed three million people and sa…[View]
182059372>when you actually put effort into your idol advertisement Sometimes you really have to respect A…[View]
182051354Ragna Crimson: >Ragna and Crimson will never push you so hard physically and mentally that your m…[View]
182058263Is there any central plot to this movie or is it just a movie about a children adventure?[View]
182059998Worst girl thread: I'll start[View]
181997521Dr. Stone Chapter 87: New chapter is out, dump time[View]
182059892https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulQ5jumhk1Y >monument of Japanese animation >inspiration for T…[View]
182059696https://mangahack.com/comics/5207/episodes/31929 Why aren't you reading this cute but kind of d…[View]
182062207Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased): Airi is best girl, why's there so little art of her?[View]
182057068Anima Yell: Imagine the feeling.[View]
182061819Tell me about Medusa. Why does she wear the mask?[View]
182019453Asobi Asobase: I don't think we ever settled on who's the best of these three.[View]
182060385ITT Give a pitch for an anime that you'd like to see done. My pitch: Yandere imouto (pic relate…[View]
182061346I feel a strong desire to worship Lain[View]
182056566Anon, the arc of your manga isn't doing very well. We need to do something drastic for characte…[View]
182033683We all knew all of us here want LWA S2. When are you gonna announce it, Trigger ?[View]
1820421695toubun no hanayome: Did this whore ever appologize for all the drugging and abuse she dished out on…[View]
182060967Was there ever a more effective pleb filter than Lucky Star episode 1?[View]
182060208What was the point of Hellsing Ultimate? It's barely animated when there isn't any CGI, an…[View]
182055606Albedo: This beautiful lady right here is called Albedo. Say something nice about her.[View]
182061026omg deku is the best ever[View]
182060592Does Lain have a deeper artistic meaning or is it just edginess for the sake of being edgy?[View]
182059173>wants to show his power as an example >COULD LITERALLY HAVE SAID ANYTHING >act like a dog …[View]
182059128Boku no Hero Academia: Post yfw Monoma is the Aizen of BNHA[View]
182028056So what was the point of this? what exactly were the bugs aims here?[View]
182054627You haven't forgotten about me, right anon?: .[View]
182059597how are dia and ruby sisters if they have completely different hair colours[View]
182059394Madoka is the most complex-written anime of this decade.[View]
182054900neck: neck[View]
182054720Why did his penis turn into a baguette?[View]
182057567open the door /a/[View]
182050282ITT: Characters that definitely enjoy doing butt stuff.[View]
182032725Why did they add this to Fate? It's cool and all but seems like the concept of 'heroic spirits'…[View]
182056682>anime talks about American culture[View]
181997580Shokugeki: The Umis actually get to cook this chapter. https://mangashow.me/bbs/board.php?bo_table=m…[View]
181993164One Piece: What are the rare moments you think the anime actually did better then the manga. Arlong …[View]
182054656Looking for specific anime: I am looking for a specfic anime ** already tried in /r/ ** Girl Visits …[View]
182051703Boku no Hero Academia: Superior Deku SOON[View]
182041333Gomen pardner.[View]
182002332Bokuben: Rizu is the cutest.[View]
182054538What does he say to Broly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHtJPHU12z0[View]
182058859>recap episode in 12-episode animes How is that legal?[View]
182058599So the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged finale by Team Four Star has been removed for copyright crap. Does…[View]
182058365What did she mean by this?[View]
182055603hypothetically speaking, not that I don't doubt a Yukino ending, but if she was to say perhaps …[View]
182046049Where's the red sauce?[View]
182050930I feel like Near was more likable in the manga than in the anime, mainly because he was more express…[View]
182046149Comfy: Is 'comfy' the most overused and misused buzzword of the year on /a/? Sometimes it is used co…[View]
182053488Which one is more hype?[View]
182058659Jojo: Post your jojo chart[View]
182051421SSSS.Gridman Episode 11: Akane becomes a Kaiju.[View]
182043169Why is there no good yandere content. This is probably the best yandere anime there is and it sucks …[View]
182055404how powerful was his haki?[View]
182054758The cutest.[View]
182040469Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: This highly underrated series deserves to be AOTY... What did /a/ think o…[View]
182010412Why did they stop making elves in anime beautiful?[View]
181996269My fucking lord what is with this horribly cavity-inducing manga? How can adorable love shit this pe…[View]
182023624Beastars: What do you think of this wolf?[View]
182049902It's just a recap episode. Go watch something else.[View]
182044139Shingeki no Kyojin: Does this look like the face of a man that's free?[View]
1820464432018: It's time. What are your top 5 anime this year? 1. SoraYori 2. Devilman Crybaby 3. After …[View]
182057774/snk/: Freedom aint free. The path to Paradis must be littered with the blood of Marley. Zeke aka ‘’…[View]
182055789This is literally me.[View]
182057702Kuudere > the rest[View]
182055767ITT: We post manga you would use as a toilet paper[View]
182042414Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Episode 10 is out uncensored already.[View]
182045949Reveal your guilty pleasures /a/nons.[View]
182053113Granblue Season 2 when?[View]
182033074shit tier protagonists: name a less likable protagonist.[View]
182051556Kana is the best JC character ever created. Insides of her head are a mystery and her body stands at…[View]
182054916What did he mean by this?[View]
182052315Out of context thread[View]
182054198Violet Evergarden[View]
182051221SSSS.Gridman: I'm the only one who thinks everything would be fixed if someone had the balls to…[View]
182050789Dragon Ball Super: Now that this has become one of the most popular DB movie, what is the next movie…[View]
182055437You thought it was some cute girl[View]
182049254Is this Rei Ayanami on steroids?[View]
1820542691.... 2.... jango[View]
182036616>Back Street Girls - Gokudolls: A great anime comedy with actual transgender characters >LGBT …[View]
182051143Was it really that good?[View]
182052572i really liked SAO, what should i watch next[View]
182052858Urban fantasy harem Magic battle school harem Isekai harem Which one was more tolerable? And what…[View]
182053887So is the harem filled out or will there be more Monster Girls with figure issues to come?[View]
182048420What does /a/ think of Log Horizon?[View]
182034648Uma musume is getting a new anime. For the 4koma spinoff. Oh, and the game is coming out never.…[View]
182054727To love ru darkness: When the fuck can we expect a new manga adaption or new chapter? Its been fucki…[View]
182050082Wow I really enjoyed this show, Kyoani did a great job. Season 2 when?[View]
182049253Seriously why do mangakas and novel writers always make the main female lead boring or generic and t…[View]
182049714If K-On was a cinematic masterpiece channeling Ozu's mono no aware and cinema's economic c…[View]
182039019Yuru Camp: nade nade shiko shiko[View]
182037695Why does she wear a collar?[View]
182040917Why does /a/ hate them so much?[View]
182053907Banner of the Stars: Whose dick do I have to suck do get some proper translations of the Banner of t…[View]
182009339Which anime character's ass would you love to slap the most?[View]
182037728Classroom of the Elite.: TL anon is a fucking traitor[View]
182041072Zombieland Saga: what happened to her?[View]
181964584Release the Spyce: Mei is a good girl. Golden Genesis tankoubon comes out on 12/29.[View]
182033594JoJo Part 7: A Failure, Fuck /a/: The beginning is hardly captivating. Where did the name for 'stand…[View]
181945713Goblin Slayer: Is it even possible for Goblin Slayer to have a happy ending that doesn't involv…[View]
182050934KonoSuba General.: Choose one, while you're at it.[View]
182043435Shhh: They are sleeping[View]
182046773>dating a beautiful, fun and intelligent girl who loves to roleplay and cosplay >falls in love…[View]
182050358Out of the remaining, who's the closest to having their manga become an anime?[View]
182048612How was FMA and the manga perceived in /a/ during the 2003? Were there any threads? Any theories?[View]
182042855Why is this child such a miracle, /a/?[View]
182053012Why in romantic manhwas the main character almost never gets the girl?: But then when they get the g…[View]
182022879Post edgelords[View]
182046001How does this diabetic girl keep a body like this?[View]
182052739Akanesasu Shoujo: Why is Ero Yuu's and Yuu's equaliser equipment different? All the other …[View]
182051885Why is Yoshiko the only character with an actual nose?[View]
182051573Looking for new waman: Who is best girl?[View]
182000241Akiba's Trip and his 'plot' Interesting...[View]
182050788Dragon Ball Super: They're joining the Dragon Team yes? They'll make a fine addition.…[View]
182052256Lady Justice: It's too bad it never took off, though it might have been too much of an ecchi co…[View]
182032654ITT: Male characters that /a/ hates: /a/ shits on girls (because waifu war) and romcom MCs (because …[View]
182051114I got the complete series of pic related from Amazon a while back for 36 bucks. I have to say, it…[View]
182044254There can only be one.[View]
182050981What's it like to like bad anime?[View]
182006918Bleach thread: Discuss writing, themes, character arcs etc[View]
182051520SSSS.Gridman: One more episode left. How do you think it'll all wrap up?[View]
182044637SSSS.Gridman: Akane is a girl who prefers to cut right through to the heart of things.[View]
182050402i legitimately care more about these two than Kaiman and Nikaido also the last chapter was translate…[View]
182046331if you had to spend the rest of your life living inside any anime universe, which one would you choo…[View]
182049284What the FUCK did Japan mean by this?? Can anyone translate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMKdfdE…[View]
182036858Boku no Hero Academia: Now that Deku is dead who will take his place as MC?[View]
182043791I love Ritsuko.[View]
182048456sup /a/: what are some dnd mangas that arent dungeon meshi?[View]
182037823Mob Psycho 100: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr43Sayk37s WHO ELSE IS FUCKING HYPED FOR MOB PSYCHO…[View]
182048721All GJ-bu girls are the best girl, but can we agree that Tama is the least best?[View]
182050818Happy 30th birthday to Mashin Hero Wataru, the anime that popularized isekai.[View]
182050219Check this out: This is Moka, she's an elf barbarian who goes on adventures with two furries an…[View]
182050145i posted here a couple of days ago that i didnt like part 3 well, i finished it, and it paid off, i …[View]
182044563Dragon Ball Super: Since Demons can use magic (see Darbula and in someway Buu, even if it's not…[View]
182045550Steins;Gate: I'm going to start watching this because a couple of friends recommended it to me …[View]
182050378Post a character who shares your birthday and everyone else will make an assumption about you based …[View]
182041002ITT Gateway Hentai: What anime led you to watching Hentai in the future? I'll start[View]
182049665Girl From the Other Side: Should it be adapted? Is a good adaptation even possible?[View]
182048966Blonde brat....[View]
182047841>it's hard to see me[View]
182048278Rikka has a nice ass for a 6th grader.[View]
182049068What is the best pantsu colour?[View]
182047338Your Name: Is it worth watching?[View]
182036812How did she won Clannadbowl? She isnt that appealing.[View]
182049249Are you looking forward to the YU-NO anime in 2019?[View]
182023348>this kills your franchise How will madokafags recover?[View]
182043207*ting* *ting* *ting* GENTLEMEN! *ahem* A toast to democracy![View]
182043983What would that smell like?[View]
182049462Touko is a faceless fat old man in a cute girls body[View]
182049553DBS:BROLY: Anyone gotta link to the full movie? not some shitty Part 1 with the prologue looped over…[View]
182019624>mangafags called this the worst part for years >watching this weekly trying to find out how i…[View]
182042192Do you love your mother?: Best girl of next year coming through[View]
182049004So I bit the bullet and watched my first anime: Where do I go from here? Recommendations?[View]
182041721What if Joseph failed to stop this guy?: Would any later character be able to deal with him?[View]
182048658/a/: Is 4channel's /a/ a well written anime?[View]
182047053This linework and shading is unlike anything KyoAni has ever done. It's like I'm looking a…[View]
182044393Why isn't all anime encoded in 10bit? Its takes up like 3-4x less space and the quality isn…[View]
1820478023x3 thread: Post 2x2s and force people to pick favourites instead of being little bitches and listin…[View]
182048270Would you a Chio?[View]
182041209WitchBlade: Is this armor really practical?[View]
182046925>threads still being up after 2 whole days[View]
182048064What’s your opinion on Gyarus?[View]
182037990Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 140: Korean scans are out. Nakai chapter.[View]
182047083Suck it.[View]
182048032Are there some japanese mannerisms or archetypes that generally annoy you when you are reading a man…[View]
182047993>I've never had a barium enema before! Why is she so excited for that?…[View]
182046547Detective Conan: I want a Haibara of my own.[View]
182042945Tsugumomo: Kazuya is one lucky bastard.[View]
182045945Why was everyone in Glasslip in love with Touko?[View]
182042614>wageslave ugly japanese marrying a hot single russian mom who's very rich Why is this allow…[View]
182033454Is Anjou-san a good girl?[View]
182032882Are you ready for FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS /a/?[View]
182044592Why does most shonen suck?[View]
182036055>contrieved sexy situation and/or story >boner >no, no, you see, it's all about Candy,…[View]
182046626Do you feel it /a/? How this board and this site is struggling on its final breaths?[View]
182046004Would you like some candy?[View]
182043765>ruins your perfectly comfy lighthearted anime with a shitty forced drama Why do the japs like to…[View]
182044827You fags will argue about anything.[View]
182043301Do you think Harumin would be a good protagonist?[View]
182039907Could she be beaten?[View]
182036834Jinrouki Winvurga: When the fuck is chapter 24 coming out?[View]
182027848Still the comfiest anime of the year.[View]
182044606Seems there's a new Final Fantasy XV anime coming out set 2000 years before the events of the g…[View]
182043441WTF /A/nons, did they just kill best girl AGAIN?!?! Please hold me, i don't know what to do wit…[View]
182046342How I wish, how I wish you were here We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl Year aft…[View]
182034978Who was your first waifu? For me, it’s pic related. Used to always get boners when I saw her on the …[View]
182044311Danmachi volume 14: were the pics posted already?[View]
182044243Space Brothers is airing on the TV in Trinidad.[View]
182042692What will Lost Butterfly's post credit scene look like?[View]
182043841Has there ever been a more critically acclaimed and/or memorable season than this one, the Fall 2018…[View]
182045652ITT: Pleb filters[View]
182037707Who remembers the best Opening in the last 5 years?[View]
182043957Is this the Big Bang Theory of anime?[View]
182020728Index III: The sun never sets[View]
182037714Digimon: >Adventure Tri is utter garbage >Konaka wants to make Tamers 2 >Cucked by Toei mak…[View]
182040882ITT: Characters who are taller than you[View]
182044220What a semen demon[View]
182044547SSSS.Gridman: Episode 11 in 1h 44m 20s[View]
182045258Rewrite Death Note so it's actually good and intelligent. Pro tip: you can't[View]
182045025Remakes: What's on the subject topic, has any of you read/watched a remake/reimagining/ultimate…[View]
182041414Was he right?[View]
182040337Is it true the next ep is a recap?[View]
182044549Did Cardcaptor Sakura start the 'small dot nose' design in anime?[View]
182036334what anime do you watch to distract you from the crushing loneliness and despair?[View]
182034877Dragon Ball Super: So, who's next guys?[View]
182037145Most Searched Anime/Manga Related Terms of 2018: From the list of the top 100 searches on the intern…[View]
182042347Why do bicyclist scum get so many anime while motorcyclists only get 2, one of which was just a shit…[View]
182029552Imagine having to hold a press conference to explain to people that you have a boyfriend.[View]
182044402What do you think about Fumi? Should she get a second season?[View]
182044347Why won't it learn healing techniques?: Piccolo is useles in combat. His powerlevel is too low.…[View]
181996296Yagate Kimi ni Naru: Ep.11 previews are up http://yagakimi.com/story/[View]
182044358>Hon hon hon intensifies[View]
182039473>Be me WW >want to write about the hardships of growing up in high school and find something g…[View]
182040192>This fucking scene[View]
182028675Rumba > Bure > Ringo I'm right[View]
181960360Tsurune: Asshole[View]
182036050Shingeki No Kyojin: >when the peacefags vs warfags arguments start up again ISAYAMA YOU ARE TEARI…[View]
182042909The end is near /a/, i will definitely miss them[View]
182040681so after all those years i finally watch this anime: what should i expect[View]
182042750face like a skull[View]
182039643Do you remember the retarded dragon[View]
182034590I wish she was real....[View]
182040345slam dunk: post better sports manga than slam dunk! you can't[View]
182033274ITT: Best girls stuck in shitty anime[View]
182039977There is this new manga about a guy who gets rape but monster girls[View]
182041966What happened to VN adaptions, /a/? Do you miss them?[View]
182041866Motoko is a cutie![View]
182038660That moment you realize there is a 3 person who survived instrumentality[View]
182041625Who would win in a fight? Gyro or Hisoka[View]
182037835Is the One Piece anime a deconstruction of shounen anime?[View]
182026919Lads I watched Gabriel Dropout and now I can stop imagining the things I would do to Gabriel. Why is…[View]
182040851Okay, this is epic.[View]
181945659Bunny Girl Senpai: I got more emotion and feels watching a girl struggle to go outside for the first…[View]
181942563Why does Gate triggered some people so much?[View]
182033935What are some of your favorite children's (or kid-appropriate) anime, /a/? I like a lot of the…[View]
182027503is it really the greatest love story? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i84RZMbmeQ[View]
182037690https://twitter.com/Victim_Girls/status/1070951055414837248 https://www.heisei-doujin.love/ Are you …[View]
182042350Ane Naru Mono: Is everything daijobu anon?[View]
182036969what does the big head symbolize?[View]
182038123GIVE ME A CHEWING GUM[View]
182041425>suddenly turns around then proceeds to take her hand knowing Mizore's actually in love with…[View]
182009590Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san Ch.2 RAW[View]
182039745Just got a new scanner for work but after seeing this, >https://comicbook.com/anime/2018/12/11/a…[View]
182041165This is the best anime of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
182041466Who was the Jannetty?[View]
182041331Double Decker Doug and Kirill: I can't believe Max fucking committed suicide.[View]
182040354Let's talk about him. What's his name, /a/?[View]
182041074We all frequently talk about our waifus, but we rarely talk about the other important woman in our l…[View]
182042552the american civil war would make a damn good anime[View]
182041066is it too late to get into anime? I mean, I’ve watched some series but now I got nothing else to do …[View]
182038574Left or Right?[View]
182036155Manga Readers: What do you anons use to read manga? I used pic related for five years and it's …[View]
182034324What's more popular: Naruto or DBZ?[View]
182040799Cute Cyclops: Does /a/ like cute cyclops girls?[View]
182033515Zombieland Saga: what was she going to do dressed like this?[View]
182037368When does the one piece anime quality start to pick up? It’s not secret that while the story is stil…[View]
182030786Why aren't you holding her /a/?[View]
182030100Machi is MY wife![View]
182039914Lets talk about Mami.[View]
182013816Someone Explain: what did he mean when he said this?: He says just because the villain is correct, i…[View]
182040347Was it autism?[View]
182038111What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
182028420>Kimochi warui What did she mean by this?[View]
182035216I'm gonna get some good faps when the anime airs. Especially when Yamashita pisses herself.…[View]
181945325Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Episode 82: 本能の先にあるもの – Honnō no Saki ni Aru Mono (That Which Lies Beyond Instinct…[View]
182025141Why did this art style go out of fashion? I quite like it.[View]
182024354THICC & JUICY[View]
182038631Why LISP, though?[View]
182039518Goblin Slayer Manga VS Anime: can we discuss how the anime completely skipped the badass goblin batt…[View]
182039082Is /a/ attracted to clavicles?[View]
182028605What went wrong?[View]
182039594What would you do if she survieves all the shit she's done.[View]
182027627Rei is best girl: Rei is best girl[View]
181998697Dungeon Meshi 50 Spoilers: Oh what's become of our lovable dorks now?[View]
182016360I fixed your Kobayashi.[View]
182022690Finnished Stardust Crusaders, should I continue?: Very recently finished Stardust Crusaders. And wh…[View]
182037039It would've been better Rule 63'd[View]
182037919Are they setting her as a third option love interest? How big her chances actually are?[View]
182004169Girl of the Year 2018: Now that the year is winding down, it's time we sat down to decide who t…[View]
182037497Are those Black Organization questions from the online form entries ever going to come out? From bac…[View]
182036604Beck Mongolian Chop Squad: I accidentally posted the wrong image in the last thread I made. I am 12 …[View]
181997750Tokyo Ghoul: I just finished the last volume the other day. As the last book got thinner and thinner…[View]
182038171Clannad has 1.3 million words. The average reading speed is, what, 400 words/minute? Am I really exp…[View]
182025478So anons, what are your thoughts on Somali and the Forest Spirit? I personally think its super cute …[View]
182027655Midriff thread[View]
182037861>OP has imaginative adventure/exploration scenes >nothing of that sort ever occurs in the seri…[View]
182038033Best loli as mother: Chino Kafuu Best loli as older sister: Ilyasviel von Einzbern Best loli as youn…[View]
182028334What anime gives you the most nostalgia?[View]
182027464>tfw anime gave me a schoolgirl fetish[View]
182037828Ten days till Arcmas is upon us. When's the remake coming out?[View]
182000946The Promised Neverland 118: Out on mangastream.[View]
182032705Damn... Lelouch looks like that?![View]
182037725Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Why does almost every character know that Reinhard's sister is s…[View]
182031333tell me about space pirate Asuka. Why does she wear the eyepatch?[View]
182036308So, who raped Madotsuki-chan?[View]
182037177Enjo kosai thread.[View]
182034533Is this the greatest love story ever told?[View]
182031639Gabriel Dropout: Based Satania poster btfoing Intel incels over at /g/ is practically forcing me to …[View]
182036755Is Ippo still a 28 year old kissless virgin? Stopped reading around chapter 900[View]
182034759Whats this guy's problem[View]
182036639*Saves Mecha*[View]
182036701Daily reminder that there's nothing wrong with having a waifu because just like your girlfriend…[View]
182034481Will they fuck it up /a/?[View]
182035773>Kokoro forcing herself to connect with Futoshi for the good of the plantation >thinking about…[View]
182036511Beck Mongolian Chop: I'm 12 episodes in to this show. Does anyone else here like it?[View]
182035838Galaxy Angel: Why is Forte so perfect?[View]
182036446Is it Thundersday evening already? Are you ready /a/? Are you fucking ready?[View]
182031510>Ra Ra Just finished this kino. Discuss. >RahXephon thread…[View]
182035567Anime where you can't get over the art style? I love every anime recommended by this, but the M…[View]
182026226Boku No Hero Academia: Midoriya is the “right time” because there’s never been a weaker users to sta…[View]
182016744I-is she telling the truth?[View]
182031828>wanted Yamucha's dick back when he was actively trying to kill her and Goku > Wanted Gen…[View]
182036077Shingeki no Kyojin: Does Isayama have the balls to kill off the manlet on his birthday?[View]
182032568Just Finished Attack on Titan Season 3: So many thoughts and new information to absorb... The animat…[View]
182033824Did /a/ read QuickStart?[View]
182035981Hungry for You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night: I can't seem to find this anywhere online, can an…[View]
182031380Were they in the wrong here? They actually tried to rape and kill the poor minotaurs.[View]
182035135Kanon: Do I watch the original or the remake?[View]
182026238What do you do?[View]
182032946Jitsu wa Watashi wa is the Peak of Romcom[View]
182033224>manga gets axed because of shitty anime adaptation Why does this keep happening?…[View]
182000181WataMote: Who will win the Mokocchi bowl?[View]
182007462JoJo Golden Wind: >We came up with two different color schemes for all of them (La Squadra) and i…[View]
182016997Shingeki no Kyojin: who can stop them?[View]
182035014>hypothetical question thread Would an anime or manga be sellable to the major markets if it had …[View]
182024799Who the fuck is the target audience of these lesbian shows that have taken over anime? What's w…[View]
182033419Are Zero Two and Ichigo the OTP of FranXX?[View]
182035339Zombieland saga: >Mommy why are you pushing me away >I stayed whole evening by your side waiti…[View]
182033564Who is the best Sailor Soldier and why is it Mars?[View]
182033396Anon fights the 4th great shinobi war: >be me >get drafted >have to fight over 100000 enemi…[View]
182030062ITT:: We post the biggest sluts in anime[View]
182017598The unending, merciless Kaos of the universe[View]
182024770Remember back when anime had balls and wasn't about waifus and moe[View]
182025509Which one was the luckiest star?[View]
182032860Kurapika is so cool. I love her![View]
182029608Dragon Ball Super: 'The red text beneath the battle scene pictures are Goku's words, and they r…[View]
182022808What is it about Nagatoros body that draws your attention?[View]
182031033Ranma pros: Get in here: What does 'STN CLUB' stand for?[View]
182034357>protagonist declares war on the world to protect someone[View]
182032969tomboy oneshot: tell me what you like: i'm going to make a oneshot manga with a tomboy young gi…[View]
182005277Kengan Asura ch.211: New Volume, new life.[View]
182034321Why is the 1980 dub at least 1000x better than the Disney dub?[View]
182026878Legend of the Galactic Heroes: So.... what was the moral?[View]
182033539this cow looks sick or something, is anyone a vet?[View]
182027304Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai?[View]
182032910how did such a great movie get made for such a shit show?[View]
182033595Nami is for _____[View]
182031983She's as flat as a board but as cute as a button. Why is that, /a/?[View]
182031804Original Stands: Let's come up with our own Stands, /a/! >Name: Strawberry Plains >Pass…[View]
182031055ITT cute girls stuck in mediocre franchises[View]
182030154Why not make Ikki also a girl?: A girl Ikki would make a good tomboy waifu.[View]
182012023So people only got upset because of a shitty translation? Really? It's honestly time to apologi…[View]
182003229Zombieland Saga: Is PureLoveShipping the best ZLS ship? Is 19x16 the ideal ship?[View]
181960523Yotsuba&! Chapter 99: Yotsuba&! thread. Chapter 99 is out! Dumping here.[View]
182028802All anime girls should aspire to be like her.[View]
182030012Futoku no Guild: Please, don't tell me that the trap elf will fall in love with Kikuru at some …[View]
181997158Kemono Friends season 2 new character: https://twitter.com/kemono_anime/status/1073472763984195585 T…[View]
182021111Senran Kagura: Wake up all other three of you, it's time to take a break from the plot and go t…[View]
182011149Boruto: Hyuugas are strongest in the leaf, not because of their strength, but their eugenic keikaku.…[View]
181954081Precure: How little treatment will the romantic tension between band dork and Hana get: a full scene…[View]
182032298Does anyone else find new Dragon Ball character designs (not the classics) boring? I mean Zeno and o…[View]
181999149Mob Psycho II PV 2 comes in few minutes.[View]
182029977>You will never have a bro like Kuwabara[View]
182030459U N B E A T A B L E[View]
182030228Bipolar Disorder is damaging to friends and family. Why does anime romanticize it?[View]
182029415Youjo Senki: New Movie Key Visual[View]
182028878>started from nothing >made herself based without the help from a fox or an eye hack >will …[View]
182026163anime when?: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-12-14/trigger-animator-sushio-draws-bill…[View]
182026816What is the best betting manga and why is it Usogui?[View]
181986349Secret S/a/nta /ss/ Thread: If you haven't sent out your packages/cards by now, your anon most …[View]
182031689What the fuck was his problem?[View]
182031667The Naruhito Era: Will anime change in any way when the Naruhito Era begins at the end of April 2019…[View]
182031566>O MY RUBBER NEN Defend this garbage huntards.[View]
182031011Black Clover: Is fuegoleon stronger than her now with the salamander? Why didn't the salamder p…[View]
182018856>called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure >he doesn’t actually do anything in most of the episodes…[View]
182031509So I guess I’m a “shonenfag” since the only anime I really watch is Naruto. I was wondering if any o…[View]
182030332Mako thread[View]
182023119What was this girl's problem?[View]
182027446Haruhi: Just wondering what day the disappearance stream is on desu. Also did kyon love haruhi?…[View]
182030982>Show is based off of existing material such as manga,Novel or Video game.…[View]
182009464Princess Principal: Any news on who will voice Ange in the movies?[View]
182023480What was the purpose of this scene? To show that he's not as boring and plain as everyone think…[View]
182030858Who is he?: mob psycho 100[View]
182029814What is your favorite thing about my waifu, Rem[View]
182030984They should've made him a girl.[View]
182028545Hibike! Euphonium: Are you ready for movie-quality Kumiko?[View]
181895064What do we think about this little witch?[View]
182030342Who's the most suave anime character and why is it Spike Spiegel?[View]
182029936Kiss x Sis: Why did you dropped it?[View]
182027190Violet Evergarden: IMAGINE! ...ps Violet is smol[View]
182028260Buyfag Thread[View]
182030455Was this kino in comedy form?[View]
182030428why I cant have a cute seraphim gf living inside my body? She would know everything about every dirt…[View]
182030094nuoohh my goddd!!![View]
182028751Why is mob so cute?: >mob psycho 100 a.k.a. AOTY[View]
182028665what went so horribly wrong?[View]
182026947Animated all in CGI rendered as 2D, making it one of the animes with best animation over the last de…[View]
182027896I have a feeling that someone IS TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING[View]
182023781did they fug? did the pig watch?[View]
182023464Dragon Ball Super: CHAD devil >tragic backstory but still a monster >could barely be controlle…[View]
181996224>SWORD art online >the sword fights are shit…[View]
182026439Shiro is a faggot!?!: This seems like bullshit propaganda until you realize he was basically in the …[View]
182020813It's ogre: >Be me >Be 6'4, 270 lbs black gentleman of massive girth >not cut, but…[View]
182029162Watamote: Ucchi is going to kiss Mokocchi this christmass and there's nothing you can do about …[View]
182028530What would anime look like without the Disney influence?[View]
182020585Dragon Ball Spin offf: In this thread we decide which artist is more capable to capture the feeling …[View]
182024717This is just Evangelion for girls.[View]
182027523>When the dragon restores someone life, he brings them back to the place they died. >except fo…[View]
182028870Aifure and Prichan: I think we can all agree Aikatsu have the best Christmas episodes.[View]
182028779Bushiroad Anime thread: >would've been great if he joined Ranma's team…[View]
182021291Kill Me Baby: I can't believe Yasuna is fucking dead![View]
182026993What the FUCK are they even up to these days?[View]
182003657This is a Kanbaru[View]
182024448mou yamete yugi[View]
182023633ITT: Pretentious anime series[View]
182027973it's over, i summon my Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Bandai) in attack position.[View]
182018197Was she Kino?[View]
182021836Tsundere bitches who got redeemed[View]
182013444Who is a better writer, Nasu or Urobuchi?[View]
182021801Hahaha the dub actually gave him a hulk hogan impersonation[View]
181994539Tonari no Kyuutetsuki-san: 7.5 hours until the new episode. Let's make this a pro-Sophie thread…[View]
182024581Was there ever a show where the boy and girl are rivals (in school, sports, whatever) but not love i…[View]
182005736>we will never have a spinoff series of CHADrama in his uchiha genociding dags…[View]
181996461Another isekai anime is coming.: Look like we have another isekai anime heading our way. I am still…[View]
182028155sxarp lost house[View]
182028106Was this a satisfying ending?[View]
182022735So hotshot, you want to fight Majin Buu?[View]
182014997>mfw the next episode of Tonegawa is going to be the last[View]
182016226Do you prefer watching animes or reading mangas?[View]
182026241NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: I'm going to download the fucking game right now and I will s…[View]
182026316Boku no Hero Academia: Izuku Losing Control of One For All?[View]
182026772Ano Hana: I think anyone would have tried to have sex with the ghost, the MC wasted a good chance.…[View]
182027794Macross is stupid and retarded[View]
182027621>moshi moshi >sengoku nadeko desu[View]
182019695Why does it feel like Kinnikuman is slowly becoming the forgotten Jump series in modern times when i…[View]
182027820Can Takeuchi just die already so I can stop waiting for new chapters? It's been ten months alre…[View]
182026176Best power system in manga/anime? And why nen and stands are unbeaten in that regard?[View]
182026591Nice body Chisa[View]
181998831The best Flip Flappers' scene[View]
182024529What do you think of Stocking?[View]
182024247Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Get in line! It's Potpourri time![View]
182025901A modern masterpiece.[View]
182014846Is there any bigger slut in anime than her? hentai sluts excluded ofcourse.[View]
182015292Fukumoto thread: Can we have a cozy friday Fukumoto thread for the lonely gamblers?[View]
181984569Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama etc: Imoutos are the best[View]
182022332ITT: self-made men[View]
181968787Girls und Panzer: Why is Darjeeling the best girl?[View]
182008358Boku no Hero Academia: What is the point of this le screaming anger man, /a/? Unlike other 'frenemie…[View]
182022883Eromanga Sensei: All I want for Christmas is ELF[View]
182024904Kasane: This manga is pretty fucked up. Anyone else reading it?[View]
182014603Storytime: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: Meido! Back again with more best maid. This time volume 8.…[View]
182013654Deatte 5 Byou de Battle: Dumping chapter 19, ready for more hot girls and death battles lads?[View]
1820250064koma is the absolute cancer of 'comedy' manga genre. Whenever I see 4koma I just skip it because i…[View]
182017439OP Quiz Thread: Test your new powerlevel while this is still new: https://www.sporcle.com/games/Rust…[View]
181952888Buyfag Thread[View]
182019255>Get told this is a slice of life with fighting >It actually has next to no Slice of Life ele…[View]
182025544Can someone post the comic featuring this: >Mina gets white girl wasted and goes from a giggling …[View]
182024694I think Gen Urobuchi is severely overrated. His characters are 1 dimensional, his stories are simpli…[View]
182020521Shinka Nibutani, yes she can do 4/3/2/1 and yet you little bitch can't even DL 1PLMAO + she can…[View]
182017709Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 70: Water[View]
182025194Good muscles. Yup.: Will you work out for her, anon?[View]
182024360Would you a relative?[View]
182021357is shun-chan waifu material?[View]
182019288>tfw 3 weeks away from AOTY 2019[View]
182013962How many of you remember this?[View]
182024784Frid/a/y Night osu!: It's time for Friday Night Osu!, the casual get-together of rhythm game lo…[View]
182004240The queen of /a/ is back.[View]
182023587Can Kancolle anime still be saved?[View]
181952578Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
182019817Sue won the Madaramebowl? WHAT?[View]
182026162I can't find anything as beautiful, poetic and spiritual as Mushishi. Please recommend me somet…[View]
182017448Radiant: So what is the /a/ verdict on this? Is the manga good/entertaining? Is it compelling enou…[View]
182013824Why are there no female samurai in anime? Samurais are already a weirdly rare subject for anime but …[View]
182009840BDs will start coming out next week. Final prediction from Stalker for the season. Top 10 sellers: G…[View]
182023795>ITT: Series that carry the anime community[View]
182019904For goodness sake, Anon, why did you upset Priestess with such a stupid question?[View]
182020255I thought Chrollo was supposed to be smart?: >The dumbest member of the phantom troupe realized t…[View]
182017190How did you get into trying out subbed animes? Like what made you want to watch animes in japanese w…[View]
182020557Looks like kino's back on the menu boys. https://twitter.com/FFXVJP/status/1073412364647596033?…[View]
182021189>tfw you ruin anime for yourself by watching 80s OVAs because everything else is shit in comparis…[View]
182021484Why is Gundam so god-tier and every other mecha anime is shit compared to Gundam?[View]
182011893Dragon Ball Super: Did Toriyama successfully fix Broly? https://youtu.be/E3x2PG79Qxs[View]
182023126geran the chad[View]
182022248Is Hideo and Kojima our guys?[View]
182014435U N B E A T A B L E[View]
182022805*ahem* Kampaii![View]
182023326How does he fucking make sense[View]
182023337Kung fu scientist fights machines and reincarnates along with his wife while raising an adopted chil…[View]
182023261OP/ED Thread: Post magnificent OPs and EDs please, preferably from the last year or two. https://ww…[View]
182023254Guro manga: Any one know some good guro manga or in general some good horror manga?[View]
182021335>realistic SOL romance targeted towards actual adults damn who'da thunk?…[View]
182018175Boku No Hero Academia AU: Alright, I've been seeing this around for some time and I'd like…[View]
182020864Characters that bring a smile to your face every time they're onscreen[View]
182020862OONO! Tell me your feeling Oono.[View]
182009906How will crabfags ever recover?[View]
182008189ITT: Anime girls you want to BE[View]
182019382Will we ever see her again after this season is over?[View]
182021553He wears a size fucking 17.[View]
182017135Some of you girls are alright, don't come to Eagle Jump tomorrow[View]
182015013>when Shuichi isn't available to ride his dick[View]
182022703What if this stuff is AfO's teleporting goop? >AfO shows up >Midoriya jumps back, calls f…[View]
182020244is it homo or not ?[View]
181974561Ryuuou no Oshigoto!: Was this anime about lolis or shogi?[View]
182013367chainsaw man 3 korean scans: In case anyone is interested. Just don't expect another bloodbath…[View]
181974179Made in Abyss: Has it been long enough yet? With a little luck and some back rubs, we will hopefully…[View]
182019753So if Prisma Illya was warped into the Stay/Night timeline, how would she cope with her Stay Night c…[View]
182015908Märchen Mädchen: From the look of it there doesn't seems to be any open slot that can allow the…[View]
182018108Dude! Let me in![View]
182021416Doraemon Thread[View]
182016818Froppy: Best girl Froppy is a frog. There really isn’t much else to her quirk. Every behavior that m…[View]
182021323>Could be the best studio out there >Enslaved to do only Eva movies at snail pace When memes g…[View]
182013732Share your opinion about c3 a underrated anime with great plot[View]
182013697Desert Punk: Why did the author ruin it?[View]
182004361Shingeki No Kyojin: I apologize for the ship pic. I know this debate is becoming stale as more and m…[View]
182012082Death Note: How was Light Wrong?: Light ended 70% of crime across the globe, worldwide. To the point…[View]
182013767New Type-Moon anime: Any guesses?[View]
181997385Kimetsu no yaiba 139: Korean raws already out[View]
181967732Big boobs make every anime they're in better.[View]
182012229Hinomaru Sumo: [HorribleSubs] Hinomaru Sumo - 11 [720p][View]
182020800Why is Ero Yuu's and Yuu's equaliser equipment different? All the other girls have walkman…[View]
182017642what does /a/ think of the love live animes?[View]
182020578ITT: Goat anime[View]
182015442I just can't read any other battle manga after catching up to Hunter x Hunter, anons. Nothing e…[View]
182009376sainto seiya rank: do you agree?[View]
182020215>fwooooooooshhhhh-POP! What were they trinking?[View]
182017425Netflix gets the rights to do a berserk series HOW do they fuck up? what characters they change for …[View]
181970696Grand Blue had THE hottest girls in anime that I've seen in recent years. and I miss them all…[View]
182016396Teisou Gyakuten Sekai: What does /a/ think of Teisou Gyakuten Sekai?[View]
182013859Where is the One Punch man trailer?: mob psycho 100 Trailer but no OPM?[View]
182019335god bless this man[View]
181970188Merc Storia: I wanna use Meruku as a living onahole![View]
182018438>ANime is immune to SJWs they said. And here is an anime promoting false Diversity for no reason …[View]
182019360You wanted cute nyankos doing cute nyanko things? Too bad, you get two boring lesbian humans doing b…[View]
182010814Anime Original SoraYori Placed in Top 10 International Shows of 2018: >https://www.animenewsnetwo…[View]
182006264Dragon Ball Super: What will Goku do when he meets El Cabron?[View]
181999694What the fuck was his problem?[View]
182012622Doctor Stone is the GREATEST[View]
182008309So why is her voice so weird?[View]
182014676The Naruto and Bleach mangas are honestly not so good. Like I get how they became so famous, but it…[View]
181935673Houseki no Kuni: Should I read the manga from the get-go, or should I watch the anime? I've he…[View]
182015659>learned to appreciate nagai's art Is this what being a patrician is like?…[View]
182003893ZombieLand Saga: https://twitter.com/zombielandsaga/status/1073203624300273665 >Upon its release,…[View]
182015289>his favorite genre are ecchi animes I seriously hope you don't do this.…[View]
182014472Is it common for middle/high schoolers (of both genders) to turn into hikkis? There's something…[View]
182002399Boku no hero academia: Only cool anons can post in this thread.[View]
182008422Jojo: I LOVE NARANCIA! New episode soon[View]
182012718Anime/Manga has gone downhill in quality since 2004: Before I get started, I want to explain what I …[View]
182008245My Senpai is Annoying: Here be chapter 54th of a cute little romance with loli kouhai.[View]
182012691If a monkey can draw manga, why you can't?[View]
181947512Bokuben: >two months without Mafuyu[View]
181989674>watch this weird Dragon Ball Z and One Piece crossover with Toriko >decide to check out the m…[View]
182008300Raildex: It begins[View]
182016901what's up with the change of art in kengan ashua after volume 7ish Different artist or did the…[View]
182016245Ranma pros, get in here: What does 'STN CLUB' stand for?[View]
182016048>make a slide show >call it anime Why do nips do this?…[View]
182013537Sousei no Onmyouji: >you are sterile loli '''granny''' >your husband is dead since forever …[View]
182015465baki dub: whar are your opinions about the baki dub[View]
182000194Itagaki... easy on the anatomy[View]
182013564Why do people defend the boat arc? It's very boring and none of you even read every dialogue bo…[View]
181986316Would you still love your waifu if she became damaged goods?[View]
182011154Planet With is objectively the worst anime 0f 2018. This is a fact.[View]
182013401I am not a fan of Mangadex but imagine being this butthurt. I really pity this nigga now that his sc…[View]
182013362I will fucking KILL with my bare hands the next straighty ass hetfaggot who dare to say a fucking wo…[View]
182014549Post underappreciated girls.[View]
182013791Are any of the Bleach filler arcs worth watching? Finished the manga a few years back, but my intere…[View]
181918767You know that this is how Priestess will end up.[View]
182013053Why is nobody watching my show[View]
182013914How hyped are you for Berserk S3, /a/?[View]
182002090Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Do you like loli? PV2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UYzSIUB8Lo…[View]
182014961Air Gear: This page is so good I can actually hear the skates moving through the paviment.[View]
182013117>main characters gets so BTFO that becomes a shitty support Holy shit Boichi…[View]
182009065Let's go[View]
181999294Log Horizon: What am I in for?[View]
182010727ITT: Mating dances in the /a/nimal kingdom[View]
182001277How can one character be so b/a/sed? >Browses weeb 4chan(2chan),shitposts but at the right times …[View]
182006375Mousou Telepathy: JUST FUCK ALREADY[View]
181987965Kanokari: Be honest. The only reason people hate KO is that they can't take cringe comedy.…[View]
182013665>pantyhose and foot fetishist producer >no proper pantyhose and feet art whatsoever What did t…[View]
182012643Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: Wasnt she suppose to get a mindbreak douji…[View]
181990296Shingeki No Kyojin: What was with Eren this chapter?[View]
181996450Are overpowered genderbent girls the ultimate Japanese teen fantasy[View]
182005184This is Kaos.[View]
182002746Yuugiri thread: Yo,Hup,Hup! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoBErrcPNFM[View]
182001828First Baby Steps and now Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (although the latter still has some hope). Wha…[View]
182009776Gurazeni: Time for bonda contract negotiation.[View]
182011675What were they thinking teasing us with Fit Buu? Even if they still ended up having Freeza, he could…[View]
182010879I'm 9 episodes into SSSS. Gridman and I'm saying there just doesn't feel any sort of …[View]
182009899Haikyū!!: Bokuto is under a table.[View]
181958154Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Are you ready for 15th of December?[View]
182009174Who wants to go?[View]
181993680Samurai X / Rurouni Kenshin: Why do spics love so much this series?[View]
181991483What, exactly, went wrong with this trainwreck?[View]
181999175Girly Air Force: PV2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ5updevlcY[View]
182010845Why are middle-aged men the best protags?[View]
182012094how do we stop the snaggletooth menace?[View]
182009881Where is my episode of hadzuki?[View]
182006216Dragon Ball Super: These two finally met, was the movie kino?[View]
182011760Suck it.[View]
182009669Be honest with me /a/: Has anyone else in the history of anime been friendzoned as hard as Okonogi w…[View]
182010158Grappler Baki General: What's the best way to experience it? I've read the first series bu…[View]
182011536What anime can you always go navy to when you feel burned out /a/?[View]
182011528Sooo she wasn't paralyzed? What was her deal anyways? Why did she dress in Aiko's clothes?[View]
182009658CODE GEASS コードギアス: Guys, could >she< possibly be a goddess of some sort? Or a queen of a rival…[View]
182003946Zombieland Saga: Why does he care so much for her?[View]
182005293Does an Enjo kōsai anime exist?[View]
182010732Do you want some candy?[View]
182011373Christmas: Its almost Christmas time anons.....[View]
181997863God I wish that were me..[View]
181985014weekend /bocchi/ thread: in case you didn't realise, new chapter is out[View]
181997320Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3: Chikai no Finale: Asuka Wins again[View]
182005185Is Illya in love with Miyu?[View]
181988133WSJ Guaranteed Axe Secret: This is how you kill your own manga[View]
182008124Spice and Wolf: Myuri.[View]
182004750Why are retarded girls so cute, /a/?[View]
182010848SSSS. GRIDMAN: Is Gridman worth my time, is it just another m mecha with the same tropes I've s…[View]
181971008Detective Conan 1024: dumping a manga that no one on /a/ cares about[View]
182001245Bakugo no Hero Academia: How will Kacchan save the day?[View]
182009279Liz and the Blue Bird: >that subversion >layers upon layers of imagery >god-tier cinematogr…[View]
182006762Why did Joe like fighting so much?[View]
181997435>show doesn't get a second season >they just taunt you with irregular movie sequels relea…[View]
182008709Why is this girl from gridman memed as a youtuber everywhere? How did this start? Is this a jap insi…[View]
182009830Mob looks aesthetic as fuck AOTY[View]
181947479[RyuujiTK] Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur - 07 [720p].mkv subs are finally out for the secret good sho…[View]
182007878What was her endgame?[View]
182005564ITT: Isekai before they were a thing[View]
1820092924 days until the best time of the year![View]
182009330Naruto pretty much had a lot of incel niggas up til the end. Really no coincidence it was written by…[View]
182007395Just started watching this and holy shit, has the writing quality dropped from S1. We went from char…[View]
182008508ITT Anime that only you remember: I remembered vague details of this one show, but for maybe a decad…[View]
182007544Sailor Moon: Is the Crystal project over? I know they said they were gonna do some movies, but it…[View]
182008855darkest edgyest characters[View]
182003860> You will never have a girl that wear something like this for you Why live?…[View]
181986018GitS (& Oshii) discussion/interpretations/theories bread: Its not that Oshii's characters a…[View]
182006602What will be AOTY 2019?: >mob psycho 100[View]
181990793Minamoto kun Monogatari aka when MC does it its OK: By now I'm sure we have all seen the recent…[View]
182003867*crack* *sip* Ah,damn kids they don't know it how good is to be young,must be a generational th…[View]
182001495ITT: Post God tier Romcom's[View]
182007843tfw you realize hakase was the original boss baby[View]
181989956Jojo: I demand you motherfuckers to respect Formaggio He may not be the best, and not that memorable…[View]
181956440ITT: We discuss Naruto characters that aren't Sakura or Hinata: So, here's an idea, how ab…[View]
182007553So /a/ talked about this faggot and thanks to this board I met the worst garbage ever.[View]
182003697Index 3: 30 minutes until the next episode[View]
182007908Funny anime: It’s funny[View]
181999331How does /a/ feel about Desert Punk?[View]
182006890>tfw there will never be anime that takes place in 70s japan[View]
182000451HERO KENZAN HERO KENZAN HERO ppta thread[View]
182005633What is this creature?[View]
182003861Zombieland Saga: Now that the dust has settled, did you love the part two of Sakura's arc? Is i…[View]
182006566Good morning, darling[View]
181983062GochiUsa: Forget Cocoa Time for Mocha[View]
182001061who was in the wrong here?[View]
182003707Index III: Oriana tits soon.[View]
182002293Out- Ch.100&101: Dumping[View]
181956757Reminder, Elves are a PURE and NOBLE race, not for lewd! They are for protecting and consensual, lo…[View]
182007055Shit's getting stale. When will the demonlord appear and promise GS to remove all goblins if h…[View]
182004244>if Stands existed and you had one, that means there are others >Stand users attract each oth…[View]
181999743why are big sister / female role model characters so based? >tfw Momo will never dom you[View]
181999429Baki Thread: Are these guys for real?[View]
182005346Have you worshipped Haruhi this fine day?[View]
182006357How will Umi-chan get out of this one?[View]
181968123Madoka spin-off series: What are the odds that the new Madoka spinoff anime will be good?[View]
182005731Another week just passed by without an official Panty & Stockings Season 2 announcement. Why is …[View]
182005434Did they died?[View]
182005833Anime in 2021 for sure[View]
181997649Dragon Ball Super: >UI required to fight Jiren >fusion required to fight Broly What asspull ar…[View]
181866340Killing Bites: Will they ever find Happiness together?[View]
181953228Bleach shit: >dude WHITE is his zanpakuto spirit This single page implies they all had to deal wi…[View]
181970111>those few times, when /a/ has good taste thank you for this, I finished reading it. it's a …[View]
182005233Don't look into his eyes! He will mind rape you into believing, he was a good guy all along..[View]
182003739One Hurricane: Saitama x Do-S next chapter? My dick won't be able to take that level of punishm…[View]
181973853Karakuri Circus Episode 9: >watching your brother NTR you from literally 5 meters away >do abs…[View]
182004703>characters that go from being moralfags to edgelords are generally hated >characters that go …[View]
182002316This is Orihime Say something nice about her[View]
182004162Gbf waifu thread ?[View]
181980651who beats him?[View]
181999813Tonnura-san Ch. 37: Late-night update. This time a tale of tails.[View]
181941493YuYuYu: For me, it's gotta be itsuki[View]
182003729Is this meant to be traumatic. He was chad enough to get tight pussy from a young age and that'…[View]
181989756My wife 02 is so beautiful.[View]
181998568>countryside shot >*breeeeee bree bre bree bree breeeee*…[View]
182003800Anime then and now: What went right?[View]
182003767You can tell me names for her?: Drawing own and unfinished, I would like you to tell me names to put…[View]
182003787>just fuck my character design right up[View]
182002891WataMote won 35th place: at Kono MANGA ga Sugoi 2019. Thank you 4channeler https://twitter.com/0befo…[View]
181992099This is a Japanese succubus.[View]
181987755Goblin Slayer is shit and should have just been a 3 episode hentai series.[View]
182002598Saint Seiya: Is this a JoJo reference?[View]
181997104Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu spinoff manga announced: Starring Konatsu's kid Shinnosuke https:…[View]
181993040Zombieland Saga: >anons asking why Sakura was suddenly acting like a bitch in the previous episod…[View]
182002455What did you just said, damn otaku?[View]
182002580Best Berserk scene[View]
182003157>Made in Abyss >House kino Kuni >Devilman Crybaby Is 'dark' body horror existential anime b…[View]
182003047Cute hat[View]
182001043Only 10 days until best Muv Luvs birthday.[View]
181961485Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san Ch.2: Raws where?[View]
182000916Do you miss the 80s vibe of anime?[View]
182002850Steins;Gate: >It's Okabe's birthday today >no thread Wish something nice for your fa…[View]
181989227Husbando Thread[View]
181997201For me it's 'Kani' little girls. Does /a/ like their little girls 'Kani'?[View]
182000150ITT: Characters you want to die a slow and painful death[View]
181986686Did they copulate directly after this part?[View]
181997070Kimi no sei Kimi no sei Kimi no sei de watashi U W U[View]
181987429>Suppose to be one of Japan’s smartest students: >Able to kill anyone in the world wherever th…[View]
181989017this show really is a 9/10 in its own genre. Why did it bomb and get disowned by KyoAni?[View]
181980005Index III: Tomorrow will be a good day for Lessar and Orianafags[View]
182002267No Longer Human: Why aren't we talking about the new Junji Ito manga? Where do you guys think t…[View]
182002302Double Decker Doug and Kirill: Oh no, Doug is late for school! Wil he make it on time?[View]
182001491https://twitter.com/youjosenki/status/1073503108146319360 https://twitter.com/youjosenki/status/1073…[View]
181994790Do you she/he could be my friend?[View]
181998804How can a new anime gain support on the web?[View]
182001634Weird Isekai: What are the most ridiculous isekai manga you have seen? I can only remember reincarna…[View]
181969461Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai: How do you even get this level of QUALITY? I can…[View]
181985672O MY ASSPULL[View]
182001750Yugami-kun: Absolutely based.[View]
181989591Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
181981553When you hear Japanese talk in public, do you secretly listen to see if they say any anime words?[View]
181991821Just saw Evangelion. Both endings were basically middle fingers to fans. lmao the madman[View]
182001438Man, the 80s knew how to draw their legs.[View]
181998525Why hasn't the most famous duel in Japanese history ever been animated?[View]
181981575fuck it i am going to watch Naruto[View]
182001129Shikamaru was the real winner all along[View]
181996157Boku no Hero Academia: Korean scans are out https://mangashow.me/bbs/board.php?bo_table=msm_manga…[View]
181987982Remember me?[View]
182000819Why don't anime have more sexy gymnast girls?[View]
182000436So, I'm catching up on HxH. Holy shit Togashi, stop the misery. What the fuck.[View]
181994872Happy birthday to the talented seiyuu, Hiromi Igarashi[View]
182000386We post THE BEST or our favorites OP's and ED's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enNlA7ljv…[View]
182000286>Russians interfering in my erection[View]
181965258Kengan Asura ch.210: Abnormal[View]
181977990How often?[View]
181994450Zoku Owarimonogatari: https://www.monogatari-series.com/zokuowarimonogatari/package/ The BDs are app…[View]
181999368ITT: Popular Anime Characters with a criminal lack of rule 34[View]
181996571What made it the greatest anime of the last decade?[View]
181994118Nisekoi: Here you go, otters.[View]
181993570Generate anime girls using neural networks https://make.girls.moe/# Post results How cute or how hor…[View]
181996585So, how long until he goes rogue and ultimately becomes a villain?[View]
181980198What kind of color palette do you prefer?[View]
181998006Who was the jannetty?[View]
181998789Tenki no Ko: Makoto Shinkai's new film. Will it be a modern classic or a flop? Discuss. Origina…[View]
181985139Disturbing Anime Movie.: Back in 2000, I was about 7 years old. We had a betamax tape labeled someth…[View]
181981516Hinamatsuri: Was it autism, /a/?[View]
181995622Release Da Spyce: Momo was uncharacteristically pretty here.[View]
181999399Hidetoshi Kaneko: What ever happened to this guy?[View]
181998368How can ugly tomboys and anemic elementary schoolers even compete[View]
181995268Horror manga/anime: Is there anything out there that's actually scary? Haven't been really…[View]
181984517ATTENTION EVERYONE: I'd just like to have everyone's attention for a quick announcement. L…[View]
181993589Dragon Ball Super: It's out bois[View]
181997065Black Clover 189: https://leitor.net/manga/black-clover/170931/capitulo-186#/!page1[View]
181997569Only a character like Saiki k can be either be best boy or best girl at a drop of a hat[View]
181965917Black Clover: Spoilers soon. Cooperation Magic VS Cooperation Magic[View]
181998287gobs btfo[View]
181995086all hail[View]
181989228Generate anime girls using neural networks https://make.girls.moe/# Post results Maybe you will get …[View]
181985410what can stop him?[View]
181997655One Hurricane: Saitama x Do-S next chapter? My penis isn't ready for that much abuse, I tells y…[View]
181989975Anime With Four Favourite OST: Made in Abyss' stood out to me, probably cause an Aaussie compos…[View]
181992349Umaru is undefeatable[View]
181997096Cases where, for once, the anime was actually better than the manga.[View]
181995416JoJo: Where can I read Jojolion? all pages i see get to chapter 57, but i know there are up to 80 ch…[View]
181978745Hello. This is my wife Rin.[View]
181991245Rank the Hokage in terms of how much their policies helped the village[View]
181978296*single-handedly ruins your entire family*[View]
181980440What was the last show were you really laughed, /a/?[View]
181995063drunk anime girls[View]
181996715You are exercising regularly and eating properly right? Don't make these fellas work themselves…[View]
181990913JoJo's Transsexual Adventure: part 7 is homosexual and boring change my mind[View]
181995588Why aren't you drinking your tea, Anon?[View]
181988960Totsukuni no Shoujo/The Girl From The Other Side: 4 new chapters released today after a year. You ha…[View]
181987142HunterxHunter: Holy shit. Spoilers out: Chapter 393: Fire >the Xi-Yu are facing off against the N…[View]
181996234What is you opinion on piracy, f/a/gs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4nHOABMEns Vid related make…[View]
181992857Is Madara a well written villain?[View]
181996396Is this what heaven looks like?[View]
181934732Dragon maid: A dragon family is a happy family.[View]
181996125Aqua levels have been rising over the past century, and the rate has increased in recent decades. In…[View]
181992918Trying to find the original image: I'm trying to find the original image that was used to creat…[View]
181983338So since the Triggerverse is canon, is Akko an ancestor of Mako?[View]
181975691The Promised Neverland 116 Spoilers: >Anna is suddenly relevant Nani?…[View]
181989306Boku No Hero Academia: 1A is the worst class.[View]
181990880ITT: we guess anime: 1. A girl wins her cousin but she then dies, then it turns out she's a rei…[View]
181986067What alignment do you think your favorite(s) anime character(s) would be in?[View]
181995355Satsuki and Ryoko-chan![View]
181993407Was the 80s the golden age of anime, /a/??[View]
181994602I know I'm like 15 years late, but I just watched this. What did you guys think of it?[View]
181995874Zombieland saga: Endless saga ending confirmed[View]
181988808t. Anime scenes that you will never get bored of watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ-7PAadG…[View]
181974251Do Japanese people really do this?[View]
181993587Anon-kun, daisuki da![View]
181990480It's been almost 10 years since we first let this shit into our lives and they're too stub…[View]
181978248Whats your favorite manga, art style wise?[View]
181988901TV vs BD: What are the worst examples of BDs being a downgrade?[View]
181925875Bunny girls should definitely be more used in Isekai series.[View]
181987372What do you guys think about the adaptation of No longer human ? https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read…[View]
181991430Holy shit is this the most perfect choice for an adaptation ever?[View]
181993236Let's be real, if it were 17, Krillin would've pressed that button in a heartbeat.[View]
181992139The Worst of the JoJos: For this JoJo thread, OP decides to focus on a negative point of protagonist…[View]
181993990Would she have won the Kirito-bowl if she lived?[View]
1819912445Toubun no Hanayome: Does anyone else get the feeling that Yotsuba is just playing the dummy and kno…[View]
181993978can anime be genuinely scary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rQnYyWQc7Q[View]
181981429can someone explain this show? why are angels attacking humans why is jesus at the bottom of nerve w…[View]
181990359ITT: mediocre 2000s harems[View]
181986915Is it okay to bully a retard?[View]
181993859Why aren't more anime films made in 2.35:1 aspect ratio?[View]
181935558WataMote S2?: It's been 5 and a half years, boys. I've heard tales told that our girl…[View]
181983208Dragon Ball Super: What are your predictions for the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc? >Some time af…[View]
181991875Why do people say mean things about Chinatsu Yoshikawa when she's such a CUTE yuru? I love her …[View]
181991029What exactly triggers you most about NTR in your favorite show? And what does it tell about you that…[View]
181993226friendly reminder that Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken is and always will be the best series of all time. g…[View]
181989074What anime are best experienced when you're a kid?[View]
181955859One Piece: So we can all agree that Whole Cake Island was the best post timeskip arc and one of the …[View]
181978188ITT: Crack pairings that are better than the canon[View]
181981346Just finished this yesterday and I'd like to hear people's thoughts about it. In my opinio…[View]
181987398New York Times Lists 'Yorimoi' in Top 10 International Shows of 2018: The New York Times p…[View]
181988119SHARE YOUR /2019/ CHRISTMAS LIST!: > Misato & Shinji get a genuine reconciliation in Evangeli…[View]
181979986Zombieland Saga: Necroducer confirmed for immortal[View]
181990712Reminder that GoodSmile company recently just released a Berg Katze nendoroid.[View]
181989328itt: protags you hate[View]
181990981So what do yall think the jojo part 4 jojoniums will be like[View]
181992150HARD TIMES[View]
181973336Banana Fish 23: The end is near, and the tears are plentiful. Full ED is also out.[View]
181974063Golden Kamuy: >Won't even say chitatap Why do people like this asshole?…[View]
181991095well that was fun[View]
181988620Don’t mind me, just being best girl[View]
181991289OD from Gatchaman Crowds is the prime example of a man you should stay away from. He asked little ki…[View]
181988854best eva girl[View]
181988795All I want for Christmas is an Osaka under the tree![View]
181987938Mirror mirror on the w/a/ll Who was the dumbest Jitsu Wa of them all?[View]
181991254Ah, those guys...[View]
181978489Why did Wikipedia used to have an anime mascot ??? As far as I know Wikipedia wasn't made by we…[View]
181988038Hartz 4 cleaning job: I realy like ookii onnanoko wa suki desu ka and saw the last 2 chapters got re…[View]
181991044come back mother fucker: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH[View]
181988859Jump Force: Possible in future new series from jump like neverland kimetsu and jujutsu[View]
181981637who was your first anime tomboy crush? misty was mine[View]
181888455Sword Art Online: Unital Ring: Shhh, while all the shitposters and speedwatching anime-onlys are dis…[View]
181979169Let's go for another round Generate anime girls using neural networks https://make.girls.moe/# …[View]
181990587ITT:Shameful Anime Crushes[View]
181990702Do you own any anime swag?[View]
181961730>follow your passions son >just do what you love! >gets angry when i end up a loser neet wi…[View]
181990377Who is the greatest mangaka of all time?[View]
181983568so all I know about this guy is that he funny as hell and I enjoy nearly every scene he's in, w…[View]
181989799Every day where I don't wake up as a retarded cute anime girl is a day I lose the will to live.[View]
181990319Is there any reason why everybody sends their energy to Seiya?: Why does it have to be Seiya??? And …[View]
181971356Jojo: Little Feet arc wrapping up this week. Will we get the start of Man in the Mirror?[View]
181987973>vinland saga will have a GOAT anime adaption first time while berserk will never have a single g…[View]
181988872Bulma has finally calmed down. Don't agitate her.[View]
181985792Rejoice /a/, You have been granted the honor to praise her.Yes, the emperor allows it.[View]
181989344Why is this allowed?[View]
181989373Boku No Hero Academia:: Monoma can't copy OfA because OfA can't be taken by force. If it c…[View]
181989340My Hero Academia: Scans out soon[View]
181986196>'I will save my virginity for you for the next time we see each other!' Why don't she just …[View]
181964210Shingeki No Kyojin: What will this madlad do next?[View]
181988124Everyone always says they want a second season of a show they really liked, but how often do shows t…[View]
181987163Its time, lads. In this thread we will decide which heroine does smug better. You may submit other c…[View]
181977872Remember when Gon specialty was his charisma and being good with animals, instead of having a really…[View]
181986847Read Usogui you stupid fucks[View]
181988233>I'd rather this was Yuru Yuri S4: the animation[View]
181980877Do you multitask when watching anime or reading manga to be more productive? Or at least the more bo…[View]
181981394Boku No Hero Academia: >New chapter is plot relevant and worth discussing >Viz music video wi…[View]
181986995Manyuu Thread: Did we ever find out if she was a lesbian?[View]
181988280What anime character is the biggest canonical slut?[View]
181983637Is there anything manlier than punching your foes into submission?[View]
181978818I'm sure everyone on /a/ has at least tried to read or watch One Piece, but my question is: Whe…[View]
181985819Is it okay to lewd Hinako? She's not just innocent, she's bordering on mentally impaired.[View]
181986375I will fucking KILL with my bare hands the next straighty ass hetfaggot who dare to say a fucking wo…[View]
181982897KONO TEDE[View]
181984674mou yamete yugi[View]
181987047Danshi Koukosei no Nichibros: This is a thread for Highschool GIRLS only, absolutely no boys! Habara…[View]
181971662Winter 2019: What series are you planning to watch on upcoming season?[View]
181981376Post STUPID girls pic unrelated[View]
181988006BanG Dream! 2nd Season: So excited with what they are going to show. I guess Vtuber band will be the…[View]
181985544Was he autistic?[View]

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