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194391364what is her problem[View]
194386756what was the point of all of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kegrlrD-Ge4[View]
194393268What are womanlets for, /a/?[View]
194388654In the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, psychic powers manifest in distinctly visual forms (o…[View]
194393103Do you like Lisa Lisa?[View]
194389551Who in the series would have the best chance at beating Ricardo, or at least giving him a good fight…[View]
194391248So how strong was Knov?[View]
194361183ITT: Objectively best girls in their respective series.[View]
194377722Why do some people believe that none of our skills and knowledge from the modern world can help us i…[View]
194392202can you think of a single better mommywaifu?[View]
194391764Favorite anime/manga tropes: What are /a/'s favorite anime/manga tropes? Mine's 'weak/peac…[View]
194392507So when they're on a long mission how did they go to the bathroom? Were they like earl astronau…[View]
194367910Dear anons and anonettes, I don't care if your favourite anime is Fairy Tail, or if you think M…[View]
194390610I've seen the first episode, what am I in for? Is it good?[View]
194392633ITT Hitchcockian anime[View]
194341664Africa no Salaryman: episode 2 subs are out[View]
194385982>pink haired girl is named Sakura[View]
194390484Isn't he supposed to be a criminal with a heart of gold? That incident seems a bit much for him…[View]
194375873Hey, that anon who today introduced me to SHY manga. Thank you very much, I like it.[View]
194375554ITT: Manga/anime that everyone completely forgot about[View]
194391899what is she smiling about[View]
194374467Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!: It's time for another average loli adventure…[View]
194383758Rank this 6 notable classics of the mid-late 90s in terms of overall quality.[View]
194359897Azur Lane: OWARI DA[View]
1943829445Toubun no Hanayome: Will quints and readers be happy in the end?[View]
194386016All i want is a not useless female lead.[View]
194374271The Ogre, Hanma Yujiro, is sent to the world of the last anime you have watched or manga you have re…[View]
194385695Vinland Saga: What was the point of her character? She didn't even get vinned by the Danes.…[View]
194390994Shinchou Yuusha: More training soon[View]
194388936Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
194390963Here he is. The man that defeated Vegeta more often than Goku ever has.[View]
194386273Calling all Bem bros for what might be the final thread. I'll miss this show, and I'm not…[View]
194390948Favorite Kengan Ashura fights: Post your favorite fights and discuss I feel like there's so ma…[View]
194387875Okay fuck this guy. When will Thorkell kill him?[View]
194388191Was Moemura's personality change realistic? https://www.strawpoll.me/18790067[View]
194386551GiTs: ???[View]
194388259Utena and Evangelion are pretentious garbage[View]
194389327do christian fire fighters really do this kind of stuff?[View]
194324379Granblue Fantasy: OTP[View]
194390039I find your lack of Tanya threads disturbing: post em[View]
194389978Saber Sunday: How the FUCK did people have the will to survive or do anything before Saber came alon…[View]
194377545>anime looks interesting >it's mecha…[View]
194384413Re : Zero: Could Subaru get around the curse by being really vauge? For example, when he got to the …[View]
194390054Would you like a donut in this trying time, /a/?[View]
194387999Index: Why did Christianity never recover?[View]
194389124What would the world be like if men were less than 10% of the population, like in Girls Bravo?[View]
194377599>watch show >love it, instant favorite >years go by >keep telling people how great it is…[View]
194389043Wearing glasses makes one smart in anime![View]
194384572Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth: New episode out[View]
194388742Stopped reading this back in about 1994, when the huge gaps between issued came. Is it worth buying …[View]
194388500Would Ranma 1/2 have been better if Nabiki Tendo was Ranma's intended love interest from the st…[View]
194385405Make Your OWN Manga.: It’s time ladies and lads to stop shiposting and make your own Kino. The Fact…[View]
194389639I wanna hear what you think the best Halloween episodes are in anime.[View]
194389349Moetron, is there any news for Pet? Is it postponed?[View]
194386914Shinkai's Garden of Words gets stage play in London, Japan in 2020: >'Based on the stereotyp…[View]
194344166OPT: OPT[View]
194387294just finished marathoning this. except for the terrible cg and taking too long to get out of the dun…[View]
194387115Rokujouma: We're nearly at 100k, where are the new stretch goals?[View]
194387487What does Japan see in NTR?[View]
194383853He will return[View]
194373386Villains who did nothing wrong: All his actions were for the survival of Konoha village, no matter h…[View]
194387001Next death battle place your bets on who jobs[View]
194372655Just finished this, it was pretty good What did you think?[View]
194388424Print Runs and 30k Club: Do you remember the time when any new Jump series was considered an instant…[View]
194381810Why is this allowed?[View]
194383869How does she know?[View]
194385447Kino manga panel thread.[View]
194385392Ace should have lived, he was the best character in One Piece.[View]
194388076Most overrated anime moment: >Luffy takes severe beatings every arc, and never complains about it…[View]
194385279Based Mutt[View]
194387145No Guns Life: Ok, so the anime is supposed to be one cour (12 episodes), kind of dissapointed I expe…[View]
194370564Would you THIS Nagatoro?[View]
194378525My princess.[View]
194385277>girl is cute and into MC > > >that's it, that's the manga These are LITERALLY…[View]
194386981Mfw Kyoani is still dead[View]
194386873Does /a/ still fondly remember Lucky Star? How do you feel the entire staff has been murdered except…[View]
194387303>YEAH KILL EM What the fuck was his problem?[View]
194381226>he hasn't read Franken Fran[View]
194384796KINGDOM: I can't believe Karyo Ten is fucking dead[View]
194386710Fire Rabbit!!: Chapter 20 raw dump, continued from >>194339608 If anyone's still willing …[View]
194385801Why was Dio so much better in Part 1 than in Part 3?[View]
194375957Boku no Hero Academia: Here we talk about the best character in the show All Might[View]
194383397Ashita no joe ending: 4 chan i need your help Im desperately trying to find a special version of 'As…[View]
194384547I HAVE BIG GUN[View]
194383981Captain Earth: A beautiful story of Phallic domination over yonic stasis, of the repressed desire of…[View]
194382757JoJo - Stone Ocean: why didn't jotaro just shoot pucci with a gun[View]
194380556Dragon Ball Multiverse: Bra is one of the most unbearable characters I've ever seen, even by fa…[View]
194317230Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
194366478> wake up > catgirls are still imaginary…[View]
194367205has there been a shonen with hotter girls than Bleach yet?[View]
194379793Who won the final fight?: Who won the final fight?[View]
194383661Subs when[View]
194385653Ara Ara~[View]
194373010ITT: Characters only one person on /a/ dislikes.[View]
194358185Kukuri no![View]
194381169Is Boruto actually successful in any way like sales or rating-wise? Or is it just riding the last sp…[View]
194383761What would you change about manga?: Congratulations anon! You've been elected as the Prime Mini…[View]
194320227Shamiko really wants to touch Momo's tummy.[View]
194382361Dragon Ball Super: What do you think will be the results of Goku and Vegeta's training in the n…[View]
194385112English dubbing for anime is always shi-[View]
194375954Shingeki no Kyojin: >dada[View]
1943825535Toubun no Hanayome: I want to see Eatsuki give it her all in a burger eating contest...[View]
194385155Hello 'a'. I come at you with an unusual, sort-of anime related request. You see, I was a …[View]
194379515What is Shinka's biggest flaw?[View]
194375110Hunter x Hunter: Succession War arc: Holy Fuck!! This shit is insane. It is one of the coolest and m…[View]
194229921>Megumin has a perfect cute and lewd figure How does she do it lads?[View]
194346112Iori Minase: I love her so much![View]
194375639Babylon: Episode 2[View]
194384726This is canon. You can not refute this.[View]
194378731Why do normies like this show so much? It's really nothing special or interesting[View]
194384010How do you write the sequel to the best anime ova of 2001[View]
194375468>Well, looks like it was after all a NEON GENESIS EVANGELION[View]
194380179Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: >Shikitohnoface why does Type Moon do this shit? there's a kid here…[View]
194379529Why is Vegeta Bulma ok but not this? It's cute.[View]
194382317A distant neighbourhood: How come has this well known manga never has been made into an anime? I kno…[View]
194384227>tfw no Lum gf[View]
194375735Musume no Tomodachi: >ywn heal a broken abused JK and protect her pure and innocent smile while f…[View]
194382107You are now manually aware that Picollo's one big victory in the entire series is against Raddi…[View]
194382185D-Frag: So how has this series been lately? I stopped following around when the little sisters were …[View]
194352616Dasei 67%: Yoshizawa is a fat dork[View]
194376659would they fuck if they got to terms?[View]
194373836Domestic na Kanojo 248: akiskying 小室孝8 至少項鏈壞了是真的所以應該可信? いつもの人の顔潰さないように控えめにするが ベンとベンの仲間がルイの料理にG混ぜたり嘘の…[View]
194379368One piece: Well? opbros? any dates?[View]
194381144Why do japs love electric guitar solos so much[View]
194374872Hoshiai no Sora: AOTY or AOTS?[View]
194351690Saotome Senshu Hitakakusu: They're getting married. Also, tomboy thread.[View]
194381064I have done the unthinkable, I have calculated Abbacchio's Dick Length. Alright, lets get start…[View]
194345226Joshikousei no Mudazukai: >quietly receiving her instructions from the voices…[View]
194382205Code Geass: just finished watching this So most times everything works out for Lelouch because of hi…[View]
194378482please tell me we will watch this someday ;_;[View]
194381209Which is more retarded?[View]
194335811I liked the Blame! movie.[View]
194378730Endro season 2 when?[View]
194377385the best anime movies of this decade.[View]
194380440Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Seiran: When will it be available, theres nothing on the w…[View]
194383104Dragon Ball Super: This is Goku He draws all the dimes Without him the show would suck He is the ONL…[View]
194378253Tokyo Shinobi Squad: Is this the weakest battle manga going on right now? >vague power system wit…[View]
194370042Prove you're not a crossboarder and you actually belong on /a/. I'll start.[View]
194377047ITT: Shows that deserve remakes Gungrave is a masterwork of character and relationship development, …[View]
194380905T-minus one day until Takagi and Kaneko save Fall ecchi by confirming jet racing is a strip sport, o…[View]
1943657595Toubun no Hanayome: Sooo kiss or no kiss? which one would you bet on /ourgirl/ chapters?[View]
194381822ITT choose a manga or anime and post the best scene in the series from it[View]
194376094ITT: How to end chapter on a high note[View]
194335719Has there ever been an anime that shit the bed so hard it got canned halfway through and production …[View]
194368474The state of fansubs: What's /a/'s favorite fansub group? Does 'accuracy' really matter wh…[View]
194382399What went wrong?[View]
194380858Let it be time, please.[View]
194363368Dragon Ball Super: Zamasu is not amused[View]
194381114Completely isolating the user from harm and magic should be a war crime.[View]
194381009I'm looking for an anime movie or show that I saw a clip from back in the 90's- as in pre-…[View]
194380170Day 3: Making a Cobra thread everyday until new news. I’m high as fuck but this anime is great, why…[View]
194380529SCIU Special 7: > Rifle whack to the head, a bullet shot at point-blank (You can't convince …[View]
194380233Do you know any Jutsu by heart, /a/?[View]
194379235Come all ye anons into the house of the Lord. Amen.[View]
194375887Describe a non-h manga using 3 doujin tags: >NTR >Genderbend >Guro…[View]
194368203BLACK FOX: Why did this animation fail? I lost a lot of trust to Studio 3HZ.[View]
194376010Hey anon, I am going on a long journey, can you watch over my daughter and not let her become a worl…[View]
194380222HUMAN LOST: >J. BALVIN >FUCKING J. BALVIN >Reggaeton in anime Reminder that this is real…[View]
194379372He is happier than you.[View]
194374181Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai: Starting today the series is reairing on Tokyo MX and BS11 with a commen…[View]
194371190this is what happens when you let americans make live action adaptations.[View]
194379972This girl is not just cute: Romcom kino[View]
194379034Jesus christ, Raimi.[View]
194361653>You're awful, Ereh...[View]
194375117Can someone explain me this character? Also general Ippo thread. I just finished it recently but nob…[View]
194372184Stop killing the industry already: >Torrent anime instead of paying for it >Contribute to the …[View]
194377538Houseki no Kuni manga translation: are there good Translations for the Houseki no Kuni manga? a whil…[View]
194374236Hey nana...[View]
194376341Would you allow your daughter to dress like this and then let her play with her dog at the nearest p…[View]
194379323Will the gacha anime deliver?[View]
194377555Tokyo Ghoul: Now that the dust has settled, what was their role in the story?[View]
194375578Kaho is my maho.[View]
194376610Masterpieces men will never understand[View]
194377805Let's have a thread dedicated to everything Doga Kobo.[View]
194366639ORESUKI: So is this just INCEL the Anime?[View]
194362754Why are nips so shit at writing endings?[View]
194373140Can we appreciate for a moment what a wonderful year 2017 has been?[View]
194374955Anime of the season!: Kabukicho Sherlock[View]
194377933>they didnt nerf Nejire based Bones[View]
194377408Columbus: Happy Columbus Day! Post your favorite anime/manga about the hero.[View]
194370689We Captain Tsubasa now. Is the series going to jump the shark or are you cautiously optimistic?[View]
194374278Do you even lift?[View]
194378929So why haven't you done it /a/ ?[View]
194377828ITT: anime only you remember[View]
194376797OMG What happen to Gilgamesh: He act like Mature , Not a Dick He is great Leader in Fate Babylonia…[View]
194378112tsuyoi... omae... DAGA[View]
194375752What did you think of her show?[View]
194378349>tfw the final season from the worst decade in anime is absolutely awful What a fitting end.…[View]
19437544779 days[View]
194342866ITT: Create an overly long light novel title based on your fetish[View]
194288588Gal Gohan: In this issue of 'I'm a gyaru who managed to eliminate the 'good girl' fro…[View]
194372397Millions Knives[View]
194376743It's Monday! Who Miuna here? Miuna is love! Miuna is life![View]
194377942I love my milky wife[View]
194374764I think I'm beginning to understand the appeal of Ugly Bastard porn[View]
194377475Soon we're gonna have to take a vote on the greatest anime of the decade. If you were put on th…[View]
194374044Best waifu in this season: Confirm !!![View]
194374088What are your thoughts about sisterwives?[View]
1943775902019 we are forgotten.[View]
194339422Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai: Which Boku would you Ben? For me, it's Mafuyu[View]
194356073one piece: what if the 'one piece' treasure from one piece is a full history of the void century?…[View]
194334862Maou Gun Saikyou no Human RP Majutsushi Isekai: What kind of fantasy army doesn't check for boo…[View]
194369287Shingeki no Kyojin: >You're awful, Zeke...[View]
194376334>order gup der Kino on blu ray >still hasn't arrived 6 days later Mfw…[View]
194376159Why did they make him Frieza 2.0?: He would have been a much more interesting character if he was an…[View]
194375774He's more complex and realistic than Dio.[View]
194372568Dead girl thread: Actually, it's a Your Lie in April thread if there is any difference. I don…[View]
194375477Lads, I finised this show wanna help me understand what happened? Overall it's a good show tho[View]
194375528Why doesn't he train aspiring young animators? Plenty of old veterans like Yoshiji Kigami (fuck…[View]
194375575Yumiko Miura: Why does such a bad character exists? Is there any redeeming aspect about her?[View]
194365950Do you prefer physical manga?[View]
194375301That time Goku used the word 'encumbering': Is Mangastream the only ones translating Dragon Ball Sup…[View]
194374792Post beautiful cinnamon roll[View]
194375041Will Galko ever get a season 2?[View]
194372575Why does everyone go on about how good this show is? It had faggot shit on three separate occasions …[View]
194373061This show is so full of love and charm by modern standards. Why did it fucking bomb?[View]
194375623Since comiket is 4 days now, what day is doujin day?[View]
194363284Detective Conan: When this manga finally ends, will Gosho give us the sex scene between these 2 that…[View]
194375539Catboy named Mao[View]
194356016Boku no Hero Academia: Gigantomachia Appreciation Thread What do you think he's going to do? R…[View]
194350653Assassins Pride: He must really want that JC[View]
194375005ITT: anime women will never understand[View]
194335191Vinland Saga: >Episode 14 today >Moe prince will be wearing a hood and gloves to up his protec…[View]
194374223>Release dates. I can see the dates, almost mocking me >All I have to do is sink my hopes deep…[View]
194368622what a slut[View]
194372947Official and Irrefutable source material tier list: Anime original > Web Manga > VN > Novel…[View]
194373608Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020: It's just going to be 'Duel Links: The Anime', right?[View]
194349063Vinland Saga Episode 14: Vinland Saga Episode 14 Fags and fujos do not need to reply[View]
194374842Bakugan: Was Alice being Masquerade the best plot twist in all of anime history? Also alice not bein…[View]
194364517Dungeon Meshi: I can see Asebi killing the succubi, but how is she going to nurse the party back to …[View]
194370129Okay I admit it!! I'm obsessed with her ass!!![View]
194374777This is my wife Aya she cries a lot but she tries her hardest everyday[View]
194352636Which one is your religion?[View]
1943565282020 is almost here, what's the anime of the decade?[View]
194372995so what's the verdict[View]
194374581>clannad airs 10 years ago[View]
194374529The hell are you doing Geno Studio? I wanted this[View]
194362704Yui know I had to do it to 'em.[View]
194371921These two did not revolutionize what a villain is supposed to be in manga because if they did, there…[View]
194374465Saiba: This is what the face of someone with 50 IQ looks like[View]
194370694>he doesn't rate shinka[View]
194371110Splatoon manger: This needs an animu already.[View]
194366839I really liked Wataten. Did you?[View]
194372841This is Archangel Michael, leader of God's army: Say something nice about her[View]
194374122Azur Lane: Yo dawg, why does she looks lewder in cloth than without cloth?[View]
194371584Rifle is beautiful: Anyone have CGDCT-fatigue? I feel like I seen these exact characters before but …[View]
194369168>/a/ says an anime is bad >watch it >it's good every time…[View]
194357991How come sushi chefs are so fucking anal about how you're suppose to eat their food?[View]
194363863Shinchou Yuusha: This damegami makes a lot of good faces.[View]
194370263Dead shows you wanted more of: I'm sad they finish the anime after Big Tiddy Monster finished t…[View]
194371189This is what the face of someone with 50 IQ looks like[View]
194329079Anime adaptation when?[View]
194365133It is strange to me that Ghibli made a film about The Borrowers. I didn't think that Japanese h…[View]
194373436ITT :: Post beautiful background Art in Anime[View]
194365993>Even a typhoon isn't enough for Japan to buy her noodles Why does Japan hate Ika Musume so …[View]
194372170Please don't bully me Nagatoro: No bulli this week bros ;-;[View]
194372884Is there any character that can defeat Senkuu Ishigami?[View]
194367305What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
194365855Finally got around to watching this show 4 years later after dropping it almost immediately when it …[View]
194368661What the absolute fuck was that horseshit[View]
194372518Neo Ranga paraody in Yuragi Inn: Miura Tadahiro is a Neo Ranga fan![View]
194371724Choyoyu: The (cute girl irl) anime character designer and animation director of Ryuuou no Oshigoto (…[View]
194373215>attack/ability/adversary is introduced and proclaimed infallible/unbeatable/indestructible >g…[View]
194366798I just finished EVA and wrote my thoughts. Spoilers I guess: What makes a man? Shinji is one of the …[View]
194360648Code Geass: With the movie behind us and the new spinoff manga chugging along, what's next for …[View]
194369892DESU WAAAAAAAA[View]
194371660what went wrong[View]
194371128Will he ever attain long-term employment?[View]
194342349Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tanjiro is a sweet little boy.[View]
194354992ITT irredeemable sluts[View]
194369800So I watched Killing Bites the anime and read the manga then I left it alone for a bit. I wanna get …[View]
194365280I'm in love with this sukeban.[View]
194360065How do we stop trucks from murdering little girls?[View]
194370164Kongou Banchou: Discuss Suzuki's greatest work[View]
194368367spooky images: its almost halloween, post your spookiest images[View]
194371764>Male mc meets magical blonde creature >Male mc ends up in a magical battle royale without kno…[View]
194371543>Well, looks like it was after all a NEON GENESIS EVANGELION[View]
194362611>ichigo was a borderline delinquet >chad was a borderline delinquet >tatsuki would fit well…[View]
194370881And I thought western gore fests were over the top.[View]
194368537It be like that[View]
194368644ITT:: Characters who should've werewolfed and gone wild.[View]
194346760Raildex: >pleb filter NT14 NT7 NT4 >pleb magnet OT15 NT13 OT3 Prove me wrong…[View]
194367641I watched Serial Experiments Lain a couple days ago after seeing it recommended to people who liked …[View]
194300803Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 42 omake + chapter 43: New chapter is out, plus p…[View]
194370294Okay I admit it!! I'm obsessed with her ass!!![View]
194366844Damn, Mugi should've gone a little easier on the cake. (And if that's what she looks like …[View]
194367930is there more explanation for the sex scene in the manga?: Mind game manga[View]
194363546This is Kitano-kun. He have a scary face but is actually a nice guy. Say something nice to him[View]
194354957Hanebado!: Chapter 73 Look at her and laugh.[View]
194364439Best: >be Rei >be perfect >can come back from death >also cute >initiate apocalypse …[View]
194365651Video Game to Anime Adaptions: Why do Anime adaptations of games suck so much?[View]
194369120This mangaka HAD to have watched Predator.[View]
194370635did they not have someone who knows english actually read what they wrote?[View]
194365304The World of Moral Reversal: AXED X E D[View]
194351716What is the best bodysuit in anime?[View]
194339792Symphogear: Shinfogeah thread. Episode 14 subs in 15 minutes.[View]
194369976What did he mean by this?[View]
194369894>Cheat Skill[View]
194365264How would have been as a pilot?[View]
194366089Why isn't /a/ talking about this manga? The MC is amazing.[View]
194366347Chainsaw Man: When this brilliant series eventually gets an anime, what do you want want the OP to b…[View]
194368018What does /a/ think of trigun the anime?: Finally got around to watching this show, in the past ive …[View]
194363290Shingeki no Kyojin: For what reason can things like giant trees, iceburst stone, and iron bamboo onl…[View]
194349719what makes Jojo's bizarre adventure stand out from other mangas/animes?[View]
194367575I really liked Enkidu. Did you?[View]
194360709>my favorite manga of all time is Emanon: Memories of Emanon What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
194369340Etherious Natsu Dragneel...[View]
194368356This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
194368044Moe: I like moe. Tell me I'm wrong.[View]
194358116He did nothing wrong.[View]
194368410Behold the face of Evil! Post Evil characters being casual.[View]
194346704DBZ: whats Videl's power level?[View]
194366228>tfw memetards ruined this whole series[View]
194365361Tokunana/Special 7: A question for the ages[View]
194366053Overlord: Next volume in March 2020. What are you excited for?[View]
194366242K-On!: What would you like to say to Mugi besides sup, Mugi?[View]
194368498Welcome back.[View]
194362147Which Yuyu would you Shiki?[View]
194368326What bothers you the most about how kitsune are portrayed in modern media?[View]
194367864Where is the final chapter it’s already been 4 months?[View]
194357114Elfen Lied: Why the hate on this?[View]
194329944STANDING: The cruel joke of the SAO 'War for the Underworld' is that this entire war is being fought…[View]
194365702Bem Final Episode: last thread got archived glad i got to watch this anime; solid finale any chances…[View]
194365314Here's your super hero for today bro.[View]
194360568>read manga because /a/ recommends it >it's shit Last time I listen to you faggots. This …[View]
194356350Dorohedoro Vol 16: Volume 1: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/193738142 Volume 2: https://desuarchiv…[View]
194363809Which is your favorite of the big 3 manga magazines?[View]
1943678312019...I am forgotten: NINA VIENTO[View]
194351409Rifle is Beautiful: Is this anime based on isekai America?[View]
194364792What did Araki mean by this?[View]
194274188Secret Sant/a/: Merry Christmas in October anons! Tune in for this weekend's Secret Santa threa…[View]
194359490Do you guys use tachiyomi? What extensions do you use?[View]
194364405Barely two volumes in and everyone is already shoving Kishimoto's 'passion project' into the vo…[View]
194363315ITT: Worst episodes of their franchise[View]
194366402What do you prefer?: Official translations or fan translations? Pic really depicts my opinion on the…[View]
194363681Ey friend, do you like war?[View]
194350951this kinda got me sad ngl: Honestly when i look at Shinji and Asuka they very much remind me of a ab…[View]
194365307Null is Senko-san[View]
194366463Reminder that Sakura is now a Kaijuu and objectively a threat to public safety.[View]
194363034This is actually good[View]
194363383The holy hiatus trinity.[View]
194366961Post Crossovers[View]
194366820What an interesting question[View]
194358489Yōi, yōi, Dōn da Yo! *elephant noises*[View]
194359079'Just be yourself' - The Anime[View]
194361213Galko: Do you think we’ll ever get a season 2[View]
194347839I just finished watching this anime and I have to say this was a major downgrade from Part 3 >No …[View]
194362635What doed /a/ think of female self inserts?[View]
194363081Comfy anime theme thread: Post your comfy anime theme thread, please, I’m having a rough night and I…[View]
194323021Slayers Sunday: Attention everybody: It's Sunday and that means it's time to talk about ev…[View]
194363332Sophie lost her fangs, she's no longer a vampire[View]
194365380Good work today.[View]
194364262Why are ANIME only half as long as they use to be?: Back in the day ANIME use to be 26 episodes long…[View]
194359583Gon and Killua's friendship is my favorite thing about Hunter x Hunter.[View]
194365646Why do moralfags hate everything associated with the word loli[View]
194353886Dororo: Do you remember the patootie?[View]
1943473855toubun no Hanayome: How will /a/ react to her inevitable victory?[View]
194347617Daily Sketchbook Chapter: 100% fruit juice.[View]
194365277PriChan, Aipare, Mewkledreamy and I Guess Eggs Thread (Koreans too): tfw[View]
194321907One Punch Man: Dub premiers in five minutes![View]
194365038>wins >immediately kills herself >gets the members of HER harem that aren't the MC or …[View]
194338586Oricon Manga sales - September 30th ~ October 6th: 01. One Piece #94 (1,182,323) 02. Kimetsu no Yaib…[View]
194365066Finally she appeared ...: One of Strongest servant in entire Series[View]
194359235He is Eternally My Master[View]
194364033>invents a new duel mechanic as if by magic >can make new cards appear randomly >no one giv…[View]
194364938Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru: I have found a loophole in the system[View]
194361401Why was he such an uninteresting antagonist? >Wants to unify everyone in the universe; only devel…[View]
194363251Which anime girl was your first jack off to? Mine was pic related[View]
194355700What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
194358975In terms of the overall narrative, is there a death in anime that's more impactful than Kite…[View]
194364474>tfw S3 never[View]
194363268why no isekai where youre reincarnated as a truck and go around mowing down low tech fantasy noobs[View]
194364382Is he the most evil and hateable character in anime and manga history? The actions of characters lik…[View]
1943639672019 I am forgotten de geso[View]
194363353Would you love your inchling waifu tenderly?[View]
194364215Thoughts on Devilman G?: Recently finished it, thought it was pretty good but the ending was ridicul…[View]
194362073>straight as an arrow >one male character makes me think 'damn that's cute' Am I gay now?…[View]
194362506Wolf's Rain: Translation: got my hunting license, fuck the wolves[View]
194360030Fate Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia: Why doesn’t Gilgamesh just grab Ea from his trea…[View]
194315861Precure: I want Madoka to dress Hikaru up in /fa/ clothing.[View]
194358331Hoshiai no Sora: Will they fuck?[View]
194344638Best girl of the season: Kabukichou Sherlock[View]
194354661Dragon Ball Super: Shintani Vegito is starting this particular thread.[View]
194354828*sniff sniff sniff*[View]
194358242how do you cope with the fact your life will never be as full of adventure as an anime, you'll …[View]
194332748Prichan, AiPare, Shining Star and more: What was her name again?[View]
194344425Bem: >[HorribleSubs] Bem - 12 [720p].mkv The final episode is here.…[View]
194362949Just finished the Gantz manga, any similar/more fucked up English translated comics you guys recomme…[View]
194356956Uh oh, Rin is angry! What did you do, /a/?[View]
194358950none of the upcoming anime for next year look like they're worth watching.[View]
194362933What was his fucking problem?[View]
194359132Why do other anime girls like cosplaying as Sakura so much?[View]
194362887Da Capo III: Do you like Charles?[View]
194347030Which one would you buy?[View]
194358315Kandagawa Jet Girls: Anime of the year, am I right?[View]
194357201I'm watching Oreshura: Will this turn me into a Jojo fag? >Also Orange > Black> Silver…[View]
194338558So, what is it? What does it mean, just tell me already you stupid badger![View]
194357429Overlord: March seems to be the hot month for Overlord. Season 4 might be confirmed that month. http…[View]
194356445Was this the fastest character arc in history? How did he become a badass all of a sudden?[View]
194356031>download dual audio torrent, because they essentially always have the most seeders >It's…[View]
194356427Val x Love: What do you think so far? Depending on how the next episode goes this feels like an easy…[View]
194339011Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san + Hakka Shoujo + My Senpai is Annoying: Here be a Special Chapter of K…[View]
194289112Aspergirl: FUCK DOGS FUCK KIDS FUCK PARENTS[View]
194362178did we ever find out why she sat like that?[View]
194361630So this is what Saya's been up to after Dagashi Kashi ended.[View]
194354504Is this the sexiest anime girl ever made?[View]
194360543How did Gyro and Johnny become good friends?[View]
194311454There's been a lot of unpleasantness about China on the internet recently. Let's have a ni…[View]
194360552Holy Shit I love Tom-boys now: I've been missing out. Any other mangas about wholesome Tomboys?…[View]
194361800Best fanservice.[View]
194361795new season soon?[View]
194348613Boruto: We' must go back to the future' now.[View]
194358369God of MCs: >Based CHADsuya is coming to steal MC of the decade again…[View]
194355468no lucky star? what the fuck bros?[View]
194355258Cooking Boy: looks like a shitty Food Wars ripoff[View]
194358889Hey Joey! Where's my fucking coffee!?[View]
194360456ITT asspulls: >O MY RUBBER KAIOKEN[View]
194359721What is miss kobashi doing in a jcore cover?[View]
194361428Nobunaga no Shinobi: Season 4 fucking when? I feel like I'm the only one who cared about this s…[View]
194357213Literally normalfag shit. Dropped.[View]
194360662Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!: Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
194359744Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!: This is the CGDCT and isekai show of this season,…[View]
194349210Excel Saga: What's /a/ opinion on this?[View]
194360913Serpico Fleck: So... I saw the Joker with Joachim Phoenix, and... Well... His backstory is basically…[View]
194356002How do you feel about virgin Christmas cakes?[View]
194351900Do you think this can be done?: Honestly these grimdark mahou shoujo tropes... really overdone. Afte…[View]
194345350The only good anime this season[View]
194345639Hataage! Kemono Michi: He wouldn't fuck an animal, would he?[View]
194360593Delinquent thread: Does anyone still read Out? Jumped the shark a while back but it's still int…[View]
194346400ITT /a/ in one image[View]
194360113Hey faggots anyone got a similar pic of zero two wearing a maga hat?[View]
194291532Cardfight Vanguard Shinemon: Get in the Halloween spirit by watching how one lone shopkeeper makes h…[View]
194353821Which piece of anime music are you blasting through this earbud? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pma…[View]
194332155Thunderbolt (Pili) Fantasy[View]
194337189Fairy Gone: Episode 14 soon[View]
194331019Kemurikusa: We can all agree that Kemurikusa is AOTY.[View]
194359436Shingeki no Kyojin: It's time for another Gabi thread[View]
194333022>anime shouldn't be like: ONICHAN ONICHAN ONICHAN ONICHAN ONICHAN ONICHAN >but it should…[View]
1943453443x3 thread: No poor taste allowed this time. Especially Yuasa fans aren't allowed to post.…[View]
194357669It wasn't her fault[View]
194348847What would you do if you confessed your love to Shamiko and she turned you down? Would you cry?[View]
194348394This season is great!: What’s your favourite anime this season anons?[View]
194354565Why was this animated?[View]
194327255Unicorns are quick to recognize lewdness[View]
194355871They deleted my thread but I finished the episode. ED song is good Still no idea who the loli is E…[View]
194358288Is this an important incest anime?[View]
194357486Imagine borrowing money from Shinka but can't pay on time.[View]
194350969Shingeki no Gabi: Gabi says be happy[View]
194283375Machikado Mazoku: TOKI WA KITA[View]
194342487Let the drama begin[View]
194356195It'su masterupizu gaijin you don't understando.[View]
194317649Winners Thread[View]
194357349Why are detectives so cute?[View]
194356240Can Merlin turn himself into girl?[View]
194355122Could Subaru get around the curse by being really vauge? For example, when he got to the mansion, wh…[View]
194333067Hanekawa Tsubasa: Is she a virgin?[View]
194357255Would you evan her jelly-on?[View]
194351969>these 3 decimated the Hunter Association[View]
194349969When was the last time anime/manga made you go 'oh fuck' anons?[View]
194354984nico nico nii![View]
194354533The Capeshit atmosphere for Dragon Ball like most americans see it it's just cringe as fucks. D…[View]
194345636Bandori Thread because why not?[View]
194328330Azur Lane: Leave Eagle Union and Royal Navy to me[View]
194354488Tenka Hyakken: NO ONE at all picked this up?? No Crunchy, Amazon, HiDive, etc? The raw's been o…[View]
194332747One Piece: Do you think Kaido is intelligent? Moria did call him stupid back in Thriller Bark so if …[View]
194355646Babylon: I can be anyone you want me to be anon[View]
194351295Hyori Ittai is the best song in all of anime[View]
194348443It's perfect. Season 2 when?[View]
194355644I literally cannot stop fapping to azur lane[View]
194355579Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete: This shit is great, why did translators drop it?[View]
194342280Is Elaina's manga and novel getting licensed a sign of incoming anime?[View]
194331374Psycho-Pass 3: 11 days till Mika saves this season[View]
194355215This is a better use for Zephiris than as just a weapon. Helping to rebuild civilization is also acc…[View]
194352794>get naked in front of you're waifu: what's the first thing she says?[View]
194355342DescriptionMy Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected: Who will win?[View]
194351953What are you watching /a/non this season? For me: Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni …[View]
194348467Is there anything /a/ can unanimously agree on regarding anime and manga[View]
194355282You now remember UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie[View]
194355259Hail Satan![View]
194355120Help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRMkOY9OrbU&list=FLcAvljdM2NMdMYq_pvT9pBw&index=4…[View]
194344202Boku no Hero Academia: Ujiko is such a nice old man. He's caring and loyal. Do you think he has…[View]
194346831Tokyo Ghoul: Every time I think of how this manga ended I get irrationally upset. How could he have …[View]
194325396will the '''main girl''' trope/menace ever be stopped? especially from a character who only wanted f…[View]
194355023Hotarubi: Will any other anime movie come close?[View]
194351189LOTD soon, only 2 months left Who are the top contenders? reminder LLENN has been disqualified due t…[View]
194346938ITT:: You post your 5 favorite anime/manga characters and other anons try to guess something about y…[View]
194338091Gundam Build Divers Re-Rise: What do you guys think about the first two episodes?[View]
194315708JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Okay JoJofags I want to hear your: >Favourite JoJo >Favourite J…[View]
194348314Why is no one talking about this? Second episode aired today, no thread (unless I missed it?) It…[View]
194348940 [View]
194350407Was it rape[View]
194354221ITT: scenes that made you cry real tears[View]
194348340Why do I never see this manga discussed in here? I like it a lot and I thought /a/ would have liked …[View]
194352131ふえええ~? 時間? 大丈夫だよ、お兄ちゃん~。 だってゴールデンウイークだもん~。  Don't worry about the time, Oniichan. It's gol…[View]
194344391>Saber is the most powerful servant >Actually, it's Herc >Nvm it's Gilgamesh Why …[View]
194349468It's like a rollercoaster at a shitty theme park. It was really fun at first, but halfway throu…[View]
194349702Why can't we have more series like Mirai Nikki and Psyren?[View]
194353131She's done nothing wrong[View]
194340804Senpai, I'm pregnant[View]
194321083>what should my volume cover be? >should I put in the effort to draw a clever composition that…[View]
194349980Why does the school shooter wear the ribbon?[View]
194352857Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
194353450Mfw I realize that this song has been the theme of Gol D. Roger and Oden all along https://www.youtu…[View]
194268030Kaguya korean scans: Miko The Poet[View]
194340265Gabriel Dropout: Gabu deserves a second season.[View]
194352429I like my coffee with sweets[View]
194351420Rifle is Beautiful: >school shooting club Will the 'cute girls doing ___ things' mad lib go too f…[View]
194306069Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: New mahoiku novel is out in jp and I don't see anyone talking abou…[View]
194352321Can we all agree that people responsible for the death of Haruhi franchise were supposed to die in t…[View]
194351682Kengan Omega: The Kengan association brought in a tomato can for Koga to shitstomp and he still just…[View]
194342213Is there a term for the thigh curve in?: Where girls with tight dresses or stockings literally curve…[View]
194344679Goblin Slayer: Tell me about High Elf Archer. Why does she fight?[View]
194347943Monogatari Series v01-16 [Vertical] [LuCaZ]: >Monogatari Series v01-16 [Vertical] [LuCaZ] https:/…[View]
194351967This show is the proof character design alone isn't enough to carry an anime.[View]
194351739QUALITY salad.[View]
194352456IKU Z![View]
194343750Why don't they just let Genjuro fight all the Non-Noise enemies? He can clearly beat the shit o…[View]
194348483Miss Bernard Said.: It's time for our favorite literature expert to talk stuff about literature…[View]
194348417How do you feel about them now that it's over?[View]
194350137How did we go from this[View]
194351528ITT: Girls with guns: Post em fellas[View]
194351483Fruits Basket: Who else is looking forward to S2? Also, best boy thread.[View]
194339905What am I in for?[View]
194331060Dragon Ball Super: Who can stop him?[View]
194349338When did you realize you had a fetish for muscular anime girls?[View]
194347933grand order: You're a 3 star servant with a 2 star noble phantasm![View]
194349271Your circlejerk said this was good. Explain yourselves /a/.[View]
194348982Can we have a thread about aborted or on indefinite hiatus projects? Things that had at least promo …[View]
194343928Shingeki no Gabi: Gabi says be happy.[View]
194349797Slave: Brehs, best girl confirmed She better win the slavebowl[View]
194345186>the antagonists were the real heroes all along[View]
194348917>Nobody notices conan speaking into a bowtie right next to mouri multiple times that's fine …[View]
194343972This is a pretty good adaptation and the cg actually works quite well but I didn't like it when…[View]
194344736What is your personal Gesamtkunstwerk anime?[View]
194350346Reminder that Megumin won the Konosuba and Kazuma is a pedophile[View]
194345808Gridman: How did people manage to misinterpret this show so badly when it's incredibly simple a…[View]
194342180Whats you're favourite soccer manga/anime /a/? It is indeed that time again.[View]
194335356Chainsawman: Anime adaptation when?[View]
194349153Will he ever have sex?[View]
194345368Actors: Songs Connection: Who's watching?[View]
194328525Rifle is Beautiful: Episode1 airing today[View]
194291015Dr. Stone Episode 15: I can't believe Senku's sulfa drug actually killed Ruri.[View]
194343186How did we go from this...[View]
194323277Ojamajo Doremi: You know what show is nice and fun and has cute characters? Ojamajo Doremi. You know…[View]
194347760ITT: Series that crapped the bed: >start as a tightly written mystery >though exaggerated, the…[View]
194344519They had the title Rifle is Beautiful on a silver platter...[View]
194337656>jujutsu kaisen english volume 1 release scheduled for December >Jump Festa is also in Decembe…[View]
194322400First two episodes of the new Blade of the Immortal anime are out and they're fucking great. Wh…[View]
194349467Did some god of Gate just create the ancient dragons? I don't see how any world could support a…[View]
194349248Val x Love: >take a heavy ecchi title >censor the lewds Who thought it was a good idea? Why wo…[View]
194345039raildex: How much better would Index be with a different Touma?[View]
194332508Go Toubun no Hanayome: So the arc of Lolikano will be next. I fully expect lots of Nino kino moments…[View]
194328030Naruto: >Godfather to Naruto >doesn't take him in or help in during his youth >instead…[View]
194336749Hunter x Hunter: Would he have won if he used his Super Saiyan mode?[View]
194330356SAO -Sword art online: no thread about AOTS? new season today![View]
194343539Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Takagi is so cute and sweet. I love her.[View]
194346775As a LNfag I can deal with them skipping the first vol and bullshit like the nanomachine being some …[View]
194347815Why constantly blaming Gendo for bad parenting but never Yui? both were actually garbage at it. Yui …[View]
194322631>scenes women will never understand[View]
194347193Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan: OH MY SOURCE OF ALL LIFE I'm not saying there was any other…[View]
194345882What do you think of Dowman Sayman's works? I really like them, even if he does go really hard…[View]
194333770A new TV anime series titled 'Assault Lily Bouquet,' based off the Assault Lily doll series, has bee…[View]
194325757Shuumatsu no Izetta 終末のイゼッタ: What did /a/ think of Shuumatsu no Izetta? I watched Shuumatsu no Izett…[View]
194339046I love Inosuke[View]
194333882zankoku na tenshi no you ni[View]
194347004What is Saber's tax policy?[View]
194342206>things that will never happen to you[View]
194346306Is gamer girl a genre already[View]
194340838post /a/ related conspiracy theories[View]
194339441Kink thread: whats /a/ kinks?[View]
194338289Day 2.: Posting a Cobra thread everyday until a trailer gets announced. Who's your favourite ch…[View]
194343395who remembers mogeko castle[View]
194343049One punch man season 3: So we all know it'll come at some point, the question will it be done b…[View]
194346326why havent we gotten another magical girl anime with attack and transformation sequences as good as …[View]
194344708What is this archetype called?[View]
194346210What are the signs that a long running manga has gone of the rails? >pathetic attempt at a love t…[View]
194345387Jigokuraku: New chapter's out on Mangaplus. As I read it I couldn't help but to notice the…[View]
194341537Hey can someone explain all this time travel and ymir shit to me[View]
194346036Can we get anymore female characters with that body type ?[View]
194343868>be tranny >get gender restoration treatment…[View]
194345930Oshi ga Budokan: Deep[View]
194340097Bros....why was the ending terrible?[View]
194344317Clannad means family.[View]
194339899Anon, we need to talk[View]
194344230this is unironically the best show this season[View]
194338418Am I the only one who thinks Shamiko's full-leg black stockings are pretty sexy?[View]
194344671Why was she THE meme girl of the early 10s?[View]
194342918Bestiarius: Gather around, proud legionnaires of /a/ for today we take both Germania and Britannia w…[View]
194336111Left or right /a/?[View]
194345425Red Ribbon Army: Would you join?[View]
194340319Hitoribocchi: Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is Kuma Miko done right[View]
194324948Kaos sensei[View]
194339977Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?: New chapter. Dog is the bestest girl.[View]
194345352Actors - Songs Connection: These cats clearly know something about the wall that we don't.…[View]
194345267Togashi isn't laz-[View]
194345252How can a series have so many charcters but still have them all be at least top tier?[View]
194345220What's your favorite ecchi powerup system, and why? [ ] the power of milk fresh from the sourc…[View]
194329660Post blessed pics[View]
194329870Dungeon Meshi: Dungeon Meshi 58 is out! It has succubi![View]
194312424Fate/Grand Order Babylon episode 2 Actual thread. Talk about the episode and shit, post images, post…[View]
194344661I want to breed tomatos voice[View]
194338271Shingeki no Kyojin: What characters are ready to pay the price of freedom?[View]
194333818Guys, how do we stop Cygames from ruining the anime industry?[View]
194341895Just a friendly reminder that there are actually people on this board who willfully consume low defi…[View]
194325420Musume no Tomodachi: Who should voice Koto for the possible future anime adaptation? Take your best …[View]
194344187Your face, your ass. What's the difference?[View]
194333644Is this appropriate for a princess?[View]
194335911Tokunana/Special 7: New episode is out now.[View]
194338504Kotobuki: It's Zara's birthday in Japan now[View]
194336782Y-Yeah totally[View]
194342862Urobuchi Gen: I think it speaks for itself how bad the state of the anime industry is when a single …[View]
194299577Kimetsu no Yaiba: Lets discuss the miracle that is Susamaru.[View]
194328204Waifu thread: Post your waifu and rate others[View]
194343553Is this better than Patlabor 2? Manglobe failed in doing it. How was Geno Studio's work?[View]
194341608Is Vegeta a good person?[View]
194342707Rugby: Rugby[View]
194341437>shonen anime >first one or two arcs are over >tons of new characters are introduced >ev…[View]
194316415>people are panic buying rations and food >they still won't buy squid ink yakisoba noodle…[View]
194342157why does this thing exists: ever read something that left you empty? also general punpun thread…[View]
194342454ITT: Characters that should be banned from wearing clothes[View]
194342016Why does Rin roll up her skirt so much?[View]
194339508Nina Fortner: MONSTER/Naoki Urasawa[View]
194321008Boku no Hero Academia: Opinions on the Vigilantes chapter? Aizawa finally stops being a grump and gr…[View]
194328257Why is everyone so against the idea of acknowledging that they have great chemistry?[View]
194333097What is 'love'?[View]
194342150Why didn't he just break up with Kotonoha when he started to like Sekai. Why did he keep tellin…[View]
194287424Heavy Object: Isn't it ironic that one of the best JC Staff adaptations is also one of their wo…[View]
194337022>everything clever that the main 'smarties' does is literally a plot contrivance Fuck all the hyp…[View]
194333191Piss /a/ off. I'll start. Please post only Anime & Manga related things. Thanks.[View]
194257266Fire Force: My fellow Firebros, it's time to rise up and embrace the new season[View]
194340800CLANNAD: It's my waifu Tomoyo's birthday today, please greet best Clannad happy birthday a…[View]
194340909The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's. Each had a better b…[View]
194340624why didnt Araragi fuck her in Kizu? Even Hanekawa said that she was expecting to have sex with him i…[View]
194341954There need to be more shows about cute girls dying horribly[View]
194340791Please rate my manga art[View]
194324722Have you forgiven her yet?[View]
194336482Season 2 never.[View]
194336594Is this show worth my time?[View]
194338929Bocchi is happy about all the friends she has made on /a/[View]
194340806>Big popular anime >Too lazy to erase your editing scribbles So I guess they just don't …[View]
194339189>Being X created a nemesis for Tanya >her name is literally Mary Sue God has no creativity. Al…[View]
194340444ITT post NTR[View]
194321930Shinji and Misato's mundane interactions are the best parts of Eva. It's so entertaining h…[View]
194333294I get it there's a token Rin in new fgo anime, but two!? This is taking too far.[View]
194332086Jojo: How did part 1 end up boring? Part 1 had so many cool elements to it, the plot of a man betray…[View]
194333853Hanebado!: This is Hanekawa Ayano say something nice to her[View]
194338551Why do a lot of vanilla romance turned into a love triangle or more after some time? Does it really …[View]
194337024>we might actually hit 100k on the kickstarter by the end of the week Yurika did it lads, it…[View]
194336826who is the intended audience for sports anime? like who even watches that shit?[View]
194336498Sora no Method OVA: What did you think? Subs when? The OVA is officially streamed on Youtube: https:…[View]
194286852Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Am I correct in assuming this is the best girl?[View]
194339152>Thank you mother, for after all this time, I have finally become Neon Genesis Evangelion Huh?…[View]
194294782Komi-san: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=2084715 Pls TL…[View]
194239900Elf San Wa Yassanari: “Your gonna carry that weight” How come none of the girls have lost any weight…[View]
194339664Fate/Grand Order Babylonia: >Speak fluent japanese IMMERSION RUINED I'm sorry I can't, …[View]
194335567hurr durr i'm a fucking useless and stupid cunt who would've been dead by episode 3 if it …[View]
194334025OPT: OPT[View]
194339608Fire Rabbit!!: Chapter 19 raw dump, continued from >>194313672[View]
194334371Gary Oak the Pokemon Master: Let's take a moment to talk about how much better Gary Oak is.…[View]
194339156Have you ever read a manga and then felt that a character would look good when being raped?[View]
194316198You need someone to babysit your daughteru while you're out of town and these 4 women apply for…[View]
194336692Ensemble Stars!: Tanabata time.[View]
194318689>torrenting is bad because viruses >torrenting is less convenient because I can't wait 5 …[View]
194338690Detective Conan: Let's be honest, the dub wasn't that bad.[View]
194338810Tenki no Ko: Whoa... So this is the anime that is better than Kimi no Na wa...[View]
194338779'Man, onahole nowadays are pretty intricate and lifelike'[View]
194338029TETSU NO[View]
194333774Oresuki: Dog best girl.[View]
194332114Jahy-sama: Doga Kobo adaptation when? >2020 is already booked solid 2-2021..?…[View]
194331759What kind of semen demon is your favorite?[View]
194333718Kabukicho Sherlock: Choose your prostitute.[View]
194335717>you haven't changed Quite sick of this phrase in anime lads[View]
194336582Important shots.[View]
194336645Boku no Hero Academia manga spoilers also part 1 jojo but everyones seen or read that so whatever: I…[View]
194337678Rate the new series[View]
194337494manga Kingdom 618 Chapter 漫画 キングダム 618 王者天下 618话: https://showmanga.blog.fc2.com/ manga Kingdom 618…[View]
194329608Shingeki no Kyojin: >Isayama foreshadowed slave eyes being invisible in the Volume cover…[View]
194337055Fire Punch: The ending makes sense >San doesn’t take the pill, gets absorbed into the tree >Lu…[View]
194334503Now that Shinkai is already considered the best anime director of all time, what's next for him…[View]
194335025Uma Musume: I miss all my favorite horses. Especially Gold Ship.[View]
194317254Why is Shinji Ikari so hated?: https://soranews24.com/2019/08/31/voice-of-evangelions-main-character…[View]
194333823So the big twist is that 'he' is a girl? Lol[View]
194311396Symphogear: No Symphogear Thread. Let's fix that and talk about Tsubasa.[View]
194336765Is Sword Art Online the most defining anime of the 2010s?[View]
194333983Fate: What's the order in which I watch the Fate anime series? I am seriously confused, just ma…[View]
194336092I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it's a fucking supernatural drama.[View]
194335254it wasn't that bad[View]
194331924Are you watching the best animated show of the year?[View]
194332440Aldnoah Zero: Has /a/ forgotten about this?[View]
194331857Post anime appropriate for spooky day. Preferably something weird and niche that I haven't seen…[View]
194334093So what's next for Rabu Raibu franchise? Sunshine sold shittons and all but are there any news …[View]
194336527komi-san 223: how's it going out there this morning, gyaru fans[View]
194327508Regarding this 'forced animation' idea people keep floating around for years now: Say what you want …[View]
194336503where are all the translated chapters?[View]
194332448Anime tropes you hate: >10 years (physically) >over 700 years (chronologically)…[View]
194336464>raven hair >ivory skin >black nail polish Perfect combo, prove me wrong.…[View]
194327853Ymir is unfree and Eren is supposed to hate her[View]
194336454Why was his power level so strong?[View]
194334380Fate Grand Order ending: Wow look at this art. Beautiful[View]
194321149Season 2 when?[View]
194334594Akira: Why did he mutate again?[View]
194336293It's been two years.[View]
194335954Miru Tights: All tights are great, even the skin colored ones.[View]
194335397Where's her kid?[View]
194335210Blue Lock: Chapter 14 out. Is any anon in /a/ reading this? Is surprisingly good[View]
194335812The teen bros, which is lost mom, is so strong.[View]
194335751How can we summon Kagari?[View]
194297286Bokuben (Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai): The new episode already aired. Subs soon.[View]
194325996Salia a shit[View]
194335578>8.6/10 rating on MAL >People say the appeal are the characters >Rakugo Shinjuu characters …[View]
194310039aaaaaaaaaaaand dropped[View]
194335606Anime x Real Life: Post crossover images of anime and real life[View]
194335425This is a nice little book.[View]
194328892Why are older women in young girls bodies so damn attractive? It might be one of the best tropes in …[View]
194310295Assassins Pride: Mai rittre radie[View]
194331459Subs when?[View]
194333003Sora no Woto: this is the face of a RAPIST[View]
194329185What makes Manga so superior to Anime? Why do adaptions lose so much soul?[View]
194260491ITT: post manga only you are reading[View]
194332910does madokami have good translations of stone ocean?[View]
194334767It's Sunday.: Time for a comfy Shounen Sunday thread.[View]
194328458Why is this piece of shit so highy praised? Is it only because of Squealer memes? I honestly can…[View]
194333856Honestly, Shamiko is way out of Momo's league. Why does a bubbly, outgoing girly girl with huge…[View]
194326404Xi-lium semi FINAL: Typhoon can't stop this night because Xi-lium lives for another month at Mo…[View]
194299379HunterxHunter: So I've been re-reading the series (as I do every couple of years of so) and pay…[View]
1943324955Toubun no Hanayome: What is your predictions for the next chapter?[View]
194329509Berserk Thread just because[View]
194333300Excuse me, what the fuck?.[View]
194330702Was this the best of 2019 so far?[View]
194329937Characters who did literally nothing wrong[View]
194328346Samurai 8 - Volume 3: Volume 3 is coming on January 4. How low do we think the sales will drop this …[View]
194333972On the whole, how was VRAINS?[View]
194302053Baki-dou: who hype for sumo arc here? did /a/ do predictions of what the matchups are gonna be?…[View]
194333700Old school hentai: Sorry for the potato quality, but wht old school anime is this from? It's on…[View]
194308531The character writing in this show is amazing even today. How does /a/ feel about NHK in 2019?[View]
194331796Imagine her devil fruit being used in tandem with advanced armament haki. What a fucking waste.[View]
194332825So this is what you grandpas who were into anime during 2011 and 2012 considered good anime? Wow....…[View]
194288614Beastars: Is the anime for this just starting? Or am I late to the party? Never read the manga, but …[View]
194333485Love Live: How can one idol be so perfect?[View]
194305378I just watched the anime and read the next two arcs in the manga. When does it get good?[View]
194299245Meanwhile in /a/'s classroom....[View]
194333420I get that he's supposed to have super-vision and pinpoint accuracy and everything but, his eye…[View]
194331587Did Croix REALLY do anything wrong?[View]
194322767Would this actually stimulate women or would they not even feel it?[View]
194314591Why was Tomoko's anime so underappreciated?[View]
194333261Girls und Panzer das Finale 4DX: Surely I'm not the only Jap/a/non who check this out this week…[View]
194309027Isekai: >In another world >lost >confused >hungry >don't speak the language >…[View]
194330146Pandora Hearts: Is it good ?[View]
194332413Togashi, King of Hacks: What the FUCK was this bullshit?[View]
194332055What was his fucking problem?[View]
194326685okappa or makimaki?[View]
194332982漫画 魔女と野獣 第29話 manga Witches and beasts 29: https://yomumanga.com/ 漫画 魔女と野獣 第29話 manga Witches and be…[View]
194321446Did this dumb, ungrateful bitch ever apologize to Naruto for treating him like shit, then demanding …[View]
194331775Anime OSTs: What are some anime music you enjoy? I really like the Wolf's Rain soundtrack. http…[View]
194332406How about another joke Valentine? What do you get when you cross a mentally ill Italian with a count…[View]
194314945One Piece: New episode in aprox 20 minutes Title: ''A Duel - The Magician and the Surgeon …[View]
194311910Goddess of the season[View]
194331717ITT: Characters that give you a heart attack every time you see a picture of them[View]
194331728>my favorite manga of all time is Blame! What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
194331021So is this gonna be usual Isekai trash or is it Japanese Mucha Lucha?[View]
194332237ITT: times your life turned into an anime One time I accidentally walked in on my sister in the show…[View]
194331852Now that the dust has settled, is Akame kill?[View]
194331048Tsugumomo: Is the titty witch finally going to get naked? And nips can't into asses.[View]
194327053It's me or this season sucks balls? I can't find literally single interesting new anime.[View]
194321745Babylon: Will it be a Trainwreck worse than Kado or an actually well written triller with a satisfyi…[View]
194329527Gegege no Kitaro: This week you get a lecture about kitten/pet mills[View]
1943117605Toubun no Hanayome: I want to pinch Eatsuki's fresh flab after she's finished with an eat…[View]
194314889>ywn take an elf back from isekai[View]
194327480CSM: Can we talk about this chapter? Please don't kill her you sick fuck.[View]
194326265the disastrous life of saiki k: Please I need more of Saiki because this show was extremely good. I …[View]
194289683JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable: So many things went wrong, how do we fix this…[View]
194291067buyfag thread: What are you currently waiting on?[View]
194325300What do you call this expression?[View]
194331277What the hell is wrong with 'Kabukichou Sherlock' and 'Rifle is beautiful' that they were changed f…[View]
194331255Pujo to Yajuu: Did anyone ever continue this past chapter 1? Seemed like a promising start.[View]
194320280Medabots: Post your robo waifus[View]
194329746Fumino appreciation thread.[View]
194330286Why is nobody talking about this little gem[View]
194331106What are some lesser known (but newer) anime that are underrated? Pic related maybe? Don't ever…[View]
194307668What is the superior eye colour and why is it red[View]
194317316Why is Kiss-Shot so cute?: i watched the first movie and i liked her alot, can we have a thread for …[View]
194330494Jojo Scan in English: Where is everyone finding the English scans of Jojo they read? The only ones I…[View]
194323231Carole & Tuesday Episode 12: Were there scenes missing from this episode? I'm watching it n…[View]
194330512these are eggs anon, fried eggs. these are created by the almighty god himself for the sole purpose …[View]
194318928>OP by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas[View]
194295689PriChan, AiPare, Shining Star, eggsetra.: So who's stardom and who's starsub?…[View]
194321836Fate/Grand Order: AOTY[View]
194329682Isekai ryouridou: This is the only acceptable isekai.[View]
194326645If I'm 24 years old will I not enjoy this? Should I pass?[View]
194329017Alphonse Elric is actually a really relatable character for people who have weight problems. He is s…[View]
194328912am I watching too many anime? 24ep/day if I keep this kind of speed I'm going to run out of ani…[View]
194314054Dragon ball super: What do you think of the ending of DBZ? And when do you think that super will ada…[View]
194268600Goblin Slayer: Tell me about Priestess, why does she wear the hat?[View]
194206363Why do we always have DESU and Suigintou threads but not anything for the leading lady herself?[View]
194322376you guys still remember her, right?[View]
194328878>my favorite anime of all time is End of Evangelion What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
194329815Mission failed boys.[View]
194323843What does /a/ think about Helck's ending?[View]
194329686Why was this scene so cute[View]
194326034Why does no one buy this shit, is it THAT bad?[View]
194329667>I don't care, the weather can stay crazy It's all his fault.…[View]
194319707Have you forgotten her /a/?[View]
194328867Why did they make Akko so sexy? Why did they give her such a fat butt?[View]
194328557Would you have liked SSJ2 Gohan if not for this moment?[View]
194321370Why do people ignore the fact he is a shitty person? >literally a rapist >holds resentment for…[View]
194307081ITT:Series' where the MC dies: and stays dead. pic related[View]
194329366Nigga, I've seen 3 episodes of The Record of the Lodoss War so far and I'm absolutely lovi…[View]
1943277936HP: What's the deal with this anime[View]
194323534Shingeki no Kyojin: Convince me that Eren won't destroy the world[View]
194328733Imagine living a happy life as Takagaki Kaede.[View]
194324844Is anime the future? Or was it the past?[View]
194328102Do it for him.: You won't let him down bros, r-right? You WILL lift for him today?[View]
194324490Just finished this series and I loved it what is your thoughts on Eureka Seven, /a/?[View]
194328882Is this one of those series where all girls are worst girls?[View]
194320731Based Kanki[View]
194328671Rifle Is Beautiful: Time for some cute girls beam rifle school club, also Hikari is best.[View]
194325273Dead Dead Demon’s Dedededestruction Chapter 69.: My heart.[View]
194321204Shiburin is the best designed character from this decade.[View]
194236585what would you teach her, /a/?[View]
194328045This has been going on for too long, it’s finally time to decide who best girl is not counting ranma[View]
194315742Would you a smart brat?[View]
194311844I'll start. Makise Kurisu is a crazy telekinetic lesbian.[View]
194326171Do you remember him /a/?[View]
194319629Is he the most based character in anime history?[View]
1943229192019, I'm gonna let you finish but 2018 were the better anime season than you.[View]
194327077mairimashita iruma kun: what does /a/ think of this anime so far[View]
194325605Tokyo is in trouble, where is she?[View]
194325243What are your favorite retro manga?[View]
194322024Which teekyuu would you teekyuu?[View]
194291507Sword Art Online War of the Underworld: Get hyped and get in here. Episode 1 comes out today.[View]
194292474Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Vrains needed more spooky Zombie/Fiend archetypes.[View]
194300183HERE I AM WITH MY NINJ/a/ CLAN[View]
194326156Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: So what did you think of the first episode of the dub?[View]
194319394Dungeon Meshi: Chapter 58 is out![View]
194325057>no spooky Fuura gf for halloween feels bad[View]
194323039You have 10 seconds to explain why you are watching this show[View]
194323430so when are we getting that police officer battle shounen?[View]
194321137How does one understand Dowman Sayman[View]
194324916Girls are the target audience for this right? I was kinda enjoying it but then I gave up on it cause…[View]
194322923is there anyone who can match mahjong bobby fischer?[View]
194321064Who was the better father?[View]
194291682Azur Lane: Best girl BTFO'ing samurai bitch even more next ep[View]
194325152This show is about pedophilia.[View]
194325666Am I fucked for getting the feels watching this?[View]
194313454>parodies and subverts the harem genre >becomes a generic shity harem later Every time. All th…[View]
194325971Did they bang?[View]
194325732Bocchi's private part[View]
194325723hidden gems[View]
194325613It's been almost 2 years and with two exceptions I've yet to enjoy the medium since then. …[View]
194323930Isn’t this just a knock off of made in abyss?[View]
194316269Coming Soon to a scanslation near you.[View]
194304355This has to be one of the laziest attempts at emotional manipulation I’ve seen in my life >nooo t…[View]
194323614>anichart.net/Fall-2019 >ctrl+f >'world' >1 of 12…[View]
194323682MOTIVATION BEAM![View]
194323589Dirty Pair: Why doesn’t anyone talk about the Lovely Angels these days? Seems like they just disappe…[View]
194310173val x love: Why are you not watching cutest girl's show this season?[View]
194317364>incoherent, unintelligible plot >wholly unnecessary tonal shift to mental health, further mud…[View]
194316046Do you think you'll be alive to see it end?[View]
194308408Finally getting to this. 8 episodes in. What did you guys think? I love the atmosphere, but there…[View]
194321466Please describe this child.[View]
194322169I never watched Neon Geneis Evangelion[View]
194318296Rokka no Sales: >extremely underused/completely unused time period >slow pacing allowed for ex…[View]
194317866Getter Robo High: Some anons translated the first chapter so I'm going to dump it.[View]
194311892Otoyomegatari: Can we have an Otoyomegatari thread? Last one was comfy, even if it only hit 30 repli…[View]
194315927>season 3 >netflix Fucking monkey's paw…[View]
194308321Post the Best OP in the World, or I'll eat your bread![View]
194318358Full lips are so hot. Anime should make more use of them.[View]
194287200I just can't understand how people eat raw fish.[View]
194311954ロリの日: Happy Loli day /a/[View]
194317956was this suppose to be deep or something?[View]
194323293Why is this allowed?[View]
194297396was Lum the original NTR cuckqueen? >watches her husband cheat on her with other girls >husban…[View]
194322070One Piece: If the Admirals are jobbers then guess who else is one[View]
194310645>Imagine having such a loser mom that she had to stalk your dad for years for him to pay some att…[View]
194318854Typhoon Hagibis, the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in decades, will have a landfall at Japan's…[View]
194323095ITT manga that has great artwork and shit everything else[View]
194313471Dorohedoro Vol 15: Volume 1: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/193738142 Volume 2: https://desuarchiv…[View]
194316889BC doesn't sell because of this kind of content. Discuss.[View]
194320398What did you think of the movie? Good, but not enough Koga for me.[View]
194303782Kono Oto Tomare! 2: Episode 2 is out and there is no thread. Head my call, Anons of the Koto. Assemb…[View]
194320304was mako canon gay?[View]
194322855I love them. I don't mean romantically, I just love them. All the senshi really, but these two …[View]
194322733>You were good son...real good.. >Maybe even the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBB2bPw…[View]
194320569Imagine you are Kaiji and every scent is ten times stronger[View]
194321596Hoshiai no Sora: >MC's dad regularly shows up to beat the shit out of him and steal his shit…[View]
194305713Fate Grand Order: So, what went wrong? Why is no one watching it? Why is no one buying the BDs? Why …[View]
194320696>In the end... we were all boku no hero academia all along Seriously?[View]
194317005Shortstacks are the miracle of the universe.[View]
194302642What's the best fetish manga?[View]
194310578Shingeki no Gabi: Gabi says be happy.[View]
194320037What is the most quotable anime?[View]
194318393Happiness was a great series. It's a shame the series got axed in favor of Chi no Wadachi.[View]
194315907Why is she so horny all the time?[View]
194318632How come nobody is talking about the incoming Detective Conan live action movie?[View]
194319723Why is anime so fucking expensive?[View]
194320095Why aren't YOU watching anime right now, Anon?[View]
194320557ORSUKI: Is this anime gonna finally touch on the way 2d girls rub. Their boobs on men friends or hol…[View]
194304758Happy Sugar Life: What was her problem?[View]
194318825what do you think of this series anon?[View]
194308294Why are the Colors still so popular on /a/?[View]
194292683Guess the delays[View]
194320188no guns life: howd you guys like the first ep? i thought it was cool then this part made me feel lik…[View]
194316873Any love for girls with guns?[View]
194312052what a fucking piece of shit, is the manga a little bit better than this western trash?[View]
194306795OPs you'll never skip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-nTpXA-cHE https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
194319856Akira Animation Archives - Need to find: Anyone know where I can find a pdf of this online? Also, an…[View]
194314413How the fuck can you tell if someone is Japanese in anime?[View]
194312109How do you remember what anime and manga you're watching/reading?[View]
194319012don't mind me. anime of the year coming through[View]
194309408Boku no Hero Academia: Season 4 is finally here. Did you enjoy the filler recap that started it off?…[View]
194306811Is there any case of an author more thoroughly ruining what could have been one of the all time grea…[View]
194319316Did the time skip fucked the already bad powerscalling One Piece had? >'yonkou commanders are in …[View]
194305577Hataage! Kemono Michi: So his finisher is a German suplex? Why not an original animal themed move?…[View]
194314188Could Sagiri hold her own in a fight?[View]
194317540I'VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL[View]
194316064CHAIKA ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!![View]
194317191Domu > Akira[View]
194316836What do you get when you cross a cynical loner with an ingenuine society that abandons him and treat…[View]
194318150Chapters so bad that almost makes you drop a series? In my case is chapter 145 of the Web Novel vers…[View]
194314841Who killed Sasro Zabi?: I've looked around google and couldn't find any information or eve…[View]
194317439When will they remake this like logh? Also s2 if possible[View]
194318490>Isekai anime >OP by Myth & Roid[View]
194315476Anime movie of the decade[View]
194294458How heavy are the dumbbells you lift? Three episodes in and its pretty comfy to watch after a workou…[View]
194314467Akko has taken up employment as a bunny girl to help pay tuition! Come see her on weekends to receiv…[View]
194306287>ITT: Anime wisdom[View]
194317396She can be fluffy and cute.[View]
194316082Why do characters in manga always call each other gorillas as an insult? Japan doesn't even hav…[View]
194269445People on 2ch saying he might actually get the insanity plea since his ravings about a stolen LN con…[View]
194315282yankee-kun to megane-chan: did anybody else here read this? what the fuck whas that ending?[View]
194317070Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNdPTQDg4xc[View]
194317530I just finished parts 1-3 of JoJo's and started part 4. What am I in for? So far, I'm lovi…[View]
194316110How much edge do you like with your loli vampires?[View]
194310122Is it weird that I found it really hard to like Aru because she looks so similar to Monika from ddlc…[View]
194317263Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
194316219>sunset >emotional music playing >landscape was all sparkly and had filters the scene just …[View]
194315694It looks like she's being stabbed.[View]
194315811What went so right? Why are CGDCT fags and inferior gacha game fans false flagging so hard? Are they…[View]
194315695>no one's picking this up This series is dead. Death by reddit scanlators…[View]
194315797Does your waifu resemble your ex girlfriend?[View]
194251199Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
194312098How do you respond to this, /a/?[View]
194304501https://youtu.be/KbO2LyE4xg4 It looks great.[View]
194316474Be honest /a/, was Sangatsu kino?[View]
194316983TICK FUCKING TOCK, madofags Hunter x Hunter 2011 is going to be AOTD in less than three months and t…[View]
194314100yay onii chan peace peace[View]
194311176Let's set it straight How much of a lolicon are you?[View]
194311932Anyone else playing drg, have you gotten any good overclocks? I was looking forward to the persisten…[View]
1942618473x3 thread[View]
194283213>Died 12 October 2017 (aged 21) Are you still devoted to the same waifu you were back then, /a/?…[View]
194312186Fire force: What killed the hype?[View]
194277760sora no method: unlike the series which is a piece of crap, the ova is actually very nice https://ww…[View]
194292004why is it so relatively unknown?[View]
194305951/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 Pre…[View]
194308549ITT: actually good anime characters[View]
194308372>7 years later >still the best girl of the series Who can stop her?…[View]
1943154503 girls, 2 guys. Which one gets left out?[View]
194314310It's been almost 8 years since the BlackRock Shooter TV anime aired. Damn.[View]
194315097Is Eren the most chad MC ever?[View]
194295888Imagine how much better Penguindrum would be without them. Tabuki is a one note character. The story…[View]
194305159Is she autistic?[View]
194308096>you think my partner was strong huh, I'm TEN TIMES stronger than him! >you think I was s…[View]
194311631Babylon: Thoughts on this anime so far?[View]
194313139Why do you hate her so much, /a/non?[View]
194310756Mayoi Hachikuji: is she a cow or a snail? I don't get it[View]
194313853Fundoshi: How do you feel about them?[View]
194311152Damn what the fuck happened to Hinata?[View]
194308781Oh man... he's just like me![View]
194313169Shingeki no Kyojin: >You wake up, open the window and hear people singing sasageyo. >Everytime…[View]
194289822One Piece: I just want some feats, some action, I want the plot to go on. i'm fed up with all t…[View]
194310804Birthday Wonderland: It was good.[View]
194305447Reminder that Luffy could heat up your favorite character.[View]
194312484Manga with big titty-tatas and jack off potential: Post manga/manhwa with big titty tatas and high m…[View]
194309210Mob Psycho 100: How was the new OVA? Will we get a Blu Ray release of Season 2? Season 3 announcemen…[View]
194311522Are there any anime about futanari girls?[View]
194301977What are your honest opinions on SPEED scans?[View]
194311403Snk SEASON 1 airs in 2013. SEASON 2 airs in 2017. Brief two minute recap. Index SEASON 2 airs in 201…[View]
194311142ITT: Manga mistakes[View]
194294425Will she ever get laid?[View]
194313849What happened?[View]
194301949Kimi no Okasan o Boku Ni Kudasai!: Because cute single moms deserve some love, too. Dumping chapter …[View]
194305019Daily Sketchbook Chapter: King, yo[View]
194297277Dragon Ball Super: Goku is the best character in the series.[View]
194310829>Post a mangaka >Which boards would they visit? >Araki >/fa/ /his/ /int/ /mu/ /sci/ /tv/…[View]
194308558Parallel Paradise: new chapter when[View]
194310805Shingeki no Kyojin: We'll see Annie soon brothers.[View]
194309393You didn't forget me, right? You remember my show, right? And sorry about that shitty movie.[View]
194295261Today it hit me that I really miss Mahoujin Guru Guru. Can we have a thread?[View]
194313338Glad he's back to making television animation. 2020 and 2021 are already saved. Two more master…[View]
194310944What's your personal favorite anime of the year so far? It might be your guilty pleasure.[View]
194310279>Piccolo keeps training >Becomes ridiculously weaker than Goku >17 becomes a park ranger …[View]
194306099Kizumonogatari (Manga): Scans when? We're here for the Oh great wild ride[View]
194240050Star Twinkle Precure: Still waiting for Cure Cosmo to Diamond Cutter a notrayder[View]
194306714Wouldnt all the bones in the fish get stuck in her throat if she ate it that way?[View]
194313672Fire Rabbit!!: Chapter 18 raw dump, continued from >>194261379[View]
194313503Figured out how to crop and encode with MPV so I'll be posting a lot of OC here.[View]
194308521Fuck this series and fuck the fandom[View]
194311326SAO season 6000: first episode was awsome, they turned kirito into a fucking vegetable, I dont think…[View]
194311807Are they blood related or something?[View]
194311426Say something about Aqua-sama[View]
194311978What did I think of it[View]
194298595THIS right here is the kind of treatment that Satania DESERVES![View]
194309514Monster: Manga or anime? I know it's a subjective choice but I'm wondering if there are an…[View]
194309723Mob psycho 100 is still AOTY!: I would be ok if BONES dropped MHA in favor of putting all their effo…[View]
194308713ITT: Characters that would canonically be great at oral sex[View]
194296339why are onee-sans so like this?[View]
194311654Urusei Yatsura: Who watched Urusei Yatsura?[View]
194311640>OP by Hironobu Kageyama[View]
1942929255Toubun no Hanayome: I wish Mikufags and Ninofags could get along as well as the sisters do. Why mus…[View]
194303029psycho pass: what went wrong?[View]
194306357What if Yang Wenli went into politic? Would he stay true to his ideals or would his character eventu…[View]
194311012predict the studios[View]
194309755Most disappointing animes/anime endings: Darling in the FranXX is my pic, wasted potential, but I un…[View]
194306723>6 years after the ending of Medaka Box >there are STILL no digital scans available anywhere W…[View]
194277415weg: post em[View]
194309851ITT: Protagonists done right[View]
194290676How do you even get into Gundam?[View]
194301997Shingeki no Kyojin: What was this vision?[View]
194303411Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia: Episode 2 was fucking amazing. Also, lewd Mash (clo…[View]
194308165Post Sakuga[View]
194306340 [View]
194310214Asper girl: This shit is painful to read.[View]
194307539Can we discuss the individual known as Dowman Sayman? I say his style is characterized by the way he…[View]
194280310We're all still little girls here, right?[View]
194288979Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!: I missed the earlier threads, so I demand a new t…[View]
194307701Mugen no Juunin: Anyone else watching the Amazon version? I can't remember if I watch the 2008 …[View]
194298469What's your take on Japanese food from what you're seen in anime?[View]
194310004I muted it[View]
194308861Friendly reminder that the garbage that is Aria shouldn't have gotten a single anime season. In…[View]
194305056does /a/ listen to /mu/sic while reading manga, if so what song to what panel? for me it's /wat…[View]
194308710Did any of you sit like L in school to show off your superior intelligence to the other students?[View]
194309416Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
194296010Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 1: >first episode of new season is a filler Off to a rough…[View]
194295909Now if I fuck this idol, and she just bleached her asshole, and I get bleach on my t-shirt, I'm…[View]
194274206Re: Stage!: Did you already forget about mii?[View]
194305655Senryuu Shoujo 126-127: And we're back.[View]
194304843To You The Immortal: Have you been keeping up? The suffering might be over[View]
194309061why did they make him so cute when Mitsuha was controlling him? I thought this was a family friendly…[View]
194285372What is the cut off physical age for a loli? 12?[View]
194302939Tsunderes are the worst kind of dere. Is this right /a/?[View]
194301913Re:Zero: Year 2019. I am forgotten...[View]
194308759Yotsuba and Typhoon: Yotsuba for today specifically.[View]
194308170Bro Of The Year?[View]
194292689Oregairu: So is she being a fujo just a facade or not? help pls i just want to wrap this up but been…[View]
194303592Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: Oh, baby! Sensei, have mercy![View]
194275120Symphogear: Geah love will never fade. Remember always, those who have gone before you.[View]
194280728The Coolest Guy 2: Remember that Naruto told Konoha the 'truth' about Itachi.[View]
194301266Mount lady has a perfect ass?[View]
194296193Konosuba: Volume 16, Chapter 4 is out >https://cgtranslations.me/2019/10/12/konosuba-volume-16-ch…[View]
194306046Best Asspulls: What are some of the best anime/manga asspulls? I'm talking about times where yo…[View]
194268017Chainsaw Man 42: Are a you a town mouse or a country mouse? Also would you go to the bathroom with R…[View]
194304915Characters that are canon race traitors[View]
194307607is moe getting fatter over time?[View]
194307231Shinji's masturbation. What was the fucking point of this scene?: No really, what the fuck was …[View]
194297964why did they make her into such a bitch in Z?[View]
194307210Reminder: he did nothing wrong. God can do no wrong[View]
194307294Is Shirou the closest thing to a Japanese Batman?[View]
194304266Kirito gary stu? More like veggie stew![View]
194301337ITT: girls who belong in the trash[View]
194307131What would a death waltz’s stand be?[View]
194288460Reminder that today, SAO Saturday returns for yet another successful season![View]
194306289Saber riding a wave[View]
194303888We need more protags that will do outright immoral things like crushing innocents to achieve their g…[View]
194285871Kengan Omega: Holy fuck.[View]
194300523i want to do it with miss messy hair![View]
194300590Why is /a/ obsessed with overly large breasts? /a/ should learn to appreciate girls with normal size…[View]
194262754Kabukichou Sherlock: It was a pretty bold move to kill the main character in the first episode.…[View]
194301676Babylon: Predict the ending /a/. It's written by the author of Kado.[View]
194306628Who is the most aspiring character[View]
194301246Mairimashita Iruma-Kun: Can we just appreciate grandpa for a sec[View]
194306705Shhh, Eri is sleeping.: what kind of lullaby does she like? [View]
194300780New Game!: What a semen demon.[View]
194306641Sequel when? They can't be seriously ending it there[View]
194300361Samurai Manga: the great debate, which one was better?[View]
194265919'Main Girls' in harems: It's always obvious. And it ruins the tension. I hate them. I hate them…[View]
194301788One Punch Man: Favorite fight in the series? And are you ready for JC Staff to destroy it?[View]
194280009I'll start. Premise: Isekai. Twist: Jacob's Ladder twist ending, you're in purgatory …[View]
194285263WSJ Axe Thread: Their time is coming[View]
194305426Mob Psycho may have some of the best pacing I've seen yet.[View]
194302246Ueno-san: Legs[View]
194301811>BnHA 4 >Iruma-kun >Sao: Alicization >Bokuben >FGO Saturdays are the best day of the …[View]
194291197Why is Japan so obsessed with panties?[View]
194304567Live action bnha thread: I remember there was a post about a thread coming up with a live-action bnh…[View]
194304450Why do people like Emilia? She does nothing but whine, cry, and get angry all the time.[View]
194304783Shokugeki no Asahi: >25 episodes Did you miss me /a/[View]
194303036Is My Hero worth picking up to understand Vigilante?: A friend has been harping on MHA for the longe…[View]
194305002What are some good Halloween anime/manga? Like some horror with haunted schools, or just has a comfy…[View]
194304685Gundam Build: What happened to my fanservice in my Gundam Build? This girl is literally covering her…[View]
194299102>Its been less than 2 months and i am already forgotten What killed the hype?…[View]
194304574Objectively the best series in the franchise[View]
194302011Hayate the combat butler: What does /a/ think of this show?[View]
194303909Kaguya honestly feels like she might be autistic.[View]
194295892write the plot[View]
194291150Nina Fortner: MONSTER/Naoki Urasawa[View]
194304040So is Naruto dead now? Has autism been cured?[View]
194283937Why does everybody thinks she's not straight?[View]
194296643Let's have a thread for the lamest ''super'power's you've ever seen[View]
194302789Pumpkin Night: Halloween can't come soon enough[View]
194294712what's the appeal of tsunderes?[View]
194303055i've just started watching evangelion on netfix and i've heard the netflix version was get…[View]
194298011Bleach: Naruto became a shitshow after it ended in boruto. The moral code is completely wrecked and …[View]
194303698>Beating up literal children Absolutely disgusting.[View]
194295173Boku no Hero Academia Anime: >These are this season cast How fucked are we?…[View]
194299352Mob psycho 100 is still AOTY![View]
194290386I miss the party bros[View]
194300176Violet has a wife and daughter now. Thoughts?[View]
194292236Even with the power of Typhoon Hagibis and panic buying, Japan still rejected the Squid Ink Noodles.…[View]
194301615You now remember Sirius the Jaeger[View]
194287084Can we agree this is the epitome of sexy anime ass?: Not too big. Just small, cute and tight. Find a…[View]
194295594Is it really that hard being a mangaka in Japan?: I'd assume it is if you have to bend over bac…[View]
194291303Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia: episode 2 城塞都市ウルク[View]
194298479This Bitch: What is the appeal of this girl? That fucking thing by her mouth. It looks like she…[View]
194248465>Tell people to fuck off when it was a game when they ask for shortcuts >Help people once isek…[View]
194296964Literally me.[View]
194302717Fate power balance after Grand Order: This[View]
194293220Quick, /a/. What is the best economic model to apply to isekai to improve its living conditions? Thi…[View]
194298369what is even going on in prince of tennis anymore rest in pieces[View]
194292801and they said Berserk has the best art[View]
194298444yellow subs with black outlines >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
194302267Shin Chuka Ichiban: I know no one's gonna give this show a chance because of Food Wars, but I…[View]
194302422>artist can draw great tits, hips, ass, hands, and feet >can’t get girl faces down right How i…[View]
194296441Val x Love: Second episode is out.[View]
194302299Why is this one set of trailers better than everything made in the past decade? https://www.youtube.…[View]
194299353>OP sucks >ED sucks >New characters suck >Story sucks >Animation sucks Disappointment…[View]
194302100Sun-Ken Rock: the art is so fucking bomb but all of the sex scenes are just high quality hentai ngl…[View]
194284372Musume no Tomodachi: Kousuke and Koto's first date.[View]
194294713ShingeKI NO Kyojin: The other thread is pure shipfaggotry. Discuss the plot and other stuff here. Wh…[View]
194293143New OP sucks. GOD TIER Make My Story (5) > THE DAY (1) GOOD TIER Sora ni Utaeba (3) > Peace Si…[View]
194299217Question about the ending of kaiji part 3 mahjong game: Kaiji had relied on haku (blank title) to ma…[View]
194245334Dr. Stone Z=125: The Decisive Three-Dimensional Battle: It's all shaping up. Let's go.…[View]
194297519What is his tax policy?[View]
194281467Theres needs to be more yandere anime.[View]
194289642Lord El-Melloi Case Files: This series was unironically murdered by being a part of Fate and especia…[View]
194300481Why can't anime couples be more like Kumiko & Reina?[View]
194300977Would Crazy Diamond be able to cure cancer?[View]
194266699Season is started. What are you watching? Is it a good season for fujos?[View]
194299532What should we expect from second Delta movie? Can Macross franchise be saved?[View]
194297448>almost 40 years old >still holds up How is it possible…[View]
194293160Scanlation Thread: What are you working on? Which of your team members is being a slow faggot?…[View]
194300130OMG Fate babylonia episode 2 is fucking Great !!!: Fantastic chain action scene , Crazy visual Openi…[View]
194295869>this is the best they could do for an opening FUCKING EMBARASSING[View]
194296797Dude, why in every work does the older twin become the antagonist?[View]
194296212Unanimously viewed as one of the greatest anime of all time, especially for its time, why was Madoka…[View]
194296571ITT: Anime girls you would take to Burger King[View]
194289799ITT: Shows you started watching because of a character's feet[View]
194289044This is your god.[View]
194292347You all are slaves[View]
194298397>Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...[View]
194295247What is this pose called[View]
194282717Detective Conan: Why is it so rare to see Conan smile like this?[View]
194297453Why do so many anime have to have some kind of 'hilarious' and 'adorable' talking animal shoehorned …[View]
194297513This is one of the most underappreciated animes out there.[View]
194296256Yeah, I'm fairly sure I died.[View]
194297317HE KNEW!: He tried to warn them with his movie, he knew the typhoon would come and in return, they c…[View]
194298753You know, when I come into a Hunter x Hunter thread there's a lot that crosses my mind. The leg…[View]
194256687Kimetsu no Yaiba 178: New chapter!!! https://imgur.com/a/mSfAaxR?fbclid=IwAR0MDrAxUVOc7nHGCb3yhaYrFH…[View]
194267273act-age: Chapter 85 is out on Manga Plus. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1005649…[View]
194298141>Fast King[View]
194280822Kaos and Fuura senpai[View]
194298448What software do most animation studios use nowadays? Does it vary between companies?[View]
194296257If Momo's family has this individuality, it's already explained how he got rich. Anonymous…[View]
194297974ITT: Winners[View]
194291398himenospia: rapeman finally translated another chapter of Lesbo Wasps[View]
194295608Maou-jou de Oyasumi 125: Dumping new scanlated chapter[View]
194297155The fact that so many books still name Neon Genesis Evangelion as 'the greatest or most significant …[View]
194270933Takagi-san: Ne, ne. Wanna listen?[View]
194297878Your opinion about Tenkinoko: What is your opinion about Tenki No Ko anime movie by makoto shinkai? …[View]
194288721Does Hagibis mean no new anime episodes today?[View]
194293359This is Gosho Aoyama, world famous manga author famous for Detective Conan, Magic Kaito, and Yaiba. …[View]
194294810Hoshiai no Sora: What the FUCK is this?[View]
194182706Draw your waifu in Paint.[View]
194267344Who's your favorite shipgirl, /a/?[View]
194281217Reminder: Rin Tohsaka is 32[View]
194270564Bokuben 131: Viz is out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1005643[View]
194295665What's the deal with anime girls having moles? It's getting even worse and they are puttin…[View]
194293367Jujutsu Kaisen: I'm not allowing it to be the only WSJ manga without thread, so let's have…[View]
194273473Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia: Is anyone even looking forward to episode 2? Barely anyone is even talk…[View]
194290621>when you want to criticize Japanese culture, comfortism, bullying, family pressure and conservat…[View]
194290087Yuru Yuri: Hope Restored. I didn't have high expectations for the OVA after S3, but I loved it …[View]
194296158Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai S2: episode 2[View]
194283317Shin Chuuka Ichiban: It is getting the same treatment as Mahoujin Guruguru remake. Plus, it doesn…[View]
194293071Weathering with you 4D out now in Japan![View]
194295561What did she mean by this?[View]
194295280SAO - War of Underworld: Episode 1[View]
194293513Smart characters written good[View]
194293604So does this manga ever get interesting? >goes out >kills goblins >comes back >wash, rin…[View]
194276618Open an anime and go to 12:46 Post screenshot[View]
194295408HUH YOU CON ESCAPE YO PAS /a/[View]
194293704>Last season of the 2010's is shit Wake me in the Winter. What hopes do you fags have for th…[View]
194286250Hajime no Ippo: I miss this anime so much bros. It's been too long, s4 when?[View]
194295026Bestiarius: Gather around, legionn/a/ires, we have another Bestiarius chapter dump[View]
194285714Is evangelion proof that manga is just a waste of time and artists/writers should just go straight t…[View]
194294645Which opening is better?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOV9MLuoIv0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
194276110Dragon Ball Super: ENTER HITLER[View]
194266166Konobi: We need to protect this smile from getting hurt anons[View]
194292869Typhoon go away: Come on guys, let us all join Hina and pray for the good weather in Japan. The skie…[View]
194292440Holy shit this is hilarious. Going to get a couple of good laughs out of this one.[View]
194289392My Hero Academia S4 Episode 1: Ep 1 is out now.[View]
194292985When will they fuck?[View]
194293231Weathering with you / Tenki no Ko: Will Weathering with you have a big box office boost now that Jap…[View]
194294429Kono Oto Tomare!: Enjoying your little Koto club anime?[View]
194293801Anyone hyped for Tenka Hyakken? Do we even know if it's not a short?[View]
194283359Plagiarism: Post blatant ripoffs and 'homages'.[View]
194293795The new Twelve Kingdoms book is out: If you're one of those weirdos who could read Japanese, th…[View]
194287816Sailor Moon: Fuck everything. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-10-12/studio-deen-t…[View]
194291278Best harem anime where the MC gets all the girls?: This is both a suggestion and a request thread. I…[View]
194294277Need help finding a Kenshiro chart: I remember scrolling through these threads and seeing a chart on…[View]
194286840Shingeki no Kyojin: Did Eren feel Ymir when he saved Mikasa?[View]
194294105Name their VAs, /a/[View]
194282348I want to have sex with Chiya[View]
194288046Make up a story about this character[View]
194288675I didn't get this scene. Why's Sicily so upset? What's wrong with unilaterally decidi…[View]
194270557Is the harem genre dying?[View]
194265071What is the worst anime you have ever watched?[View]
194273398I never thought I'd say this about Chichi, but she's kind of hot in movie 1.[View]
194291861what the fuck[View]
194293092>Breakup drama in an otherwise pure romance.[View]
194293105This is Kohei Horikoshi. Known for series like My Hero Academia and Sensei no Bulge.: Say something …[View]
194269257AiPare, PriChan, Shining Star, etc: Get in ainon, we're watching the new episode of Aikatsu ton…[View]
194274109Kimetsu 178: Time for coffee[View]
194285358>Female love interest in a manga spinoff is more interesting than the western love interest in th…[View]
194292399what does 4chan think about this[View]
194283367HE'S FAT[View]
194289654I thought you were memeing. But the manga is really kino.[View]
194289379Fundoshi: What is your opinion on them?[View]
194280684Mato Seihei no Slave: New chapter was translated an hour ago[View]
194289370Yofukashi no Uta 8: CANDY VAMP by Dagashi Kashi's Kotoyama[View]
194292677Itt: Post sneak peeks to the QUALITY of the new season[View]
194292661Suggestions?: been looking around for a while and havent found anything i like, suggestions? btw i e…[View]
1942705125Toubun no Hanayome: What does /a/ honestly think? Is she sliding into endgame with ch.106?[View]
194284853Does /a/ like it?[View]
194291897Why none of the Kages ever thought about killing the Damayo and take control of their countries ? Th…[View]
194292001Zombie Land Saga: I can’t wait for more information on S2. That and yurucamp, but that’s besides the…[View]
194277941Ojamajo Doremi: What a fun show. Let's talk about it like good friends.[View]
194291372Why isnt there an anime of this?[View]
194287953The South Park kids replace the MC of the last isekai you've watched. What happens next?[View]
194291352Granbelm: Ernesta does does not remove magic so the Granbelm will start.[View]
194291284>go to school >see this at the front gate what do?…[View]
194197975Girls' Last Tour: Dare I say it... AOTD?[View]
194263755Slideshow no Soma: You may not care, but the penultimate season has debuted today.[View]
194291548Public Service Announcement: Due to the severe typhoon currently impacting Japan, tonight's lau…[View]
194289699So, whats your name /a/?[View]
194289368I realize pretty much nobody remembers Tokyo Ravens ever existed, but holy shit this girl is so good…[View]
194291177Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt: It made me realise just how far away humanity is from God…[View]
194290092I want someone to make an anime in Ixy's artstyle. Everything they draw is too cute.[View]
194291063yotsuba thread: i like fuuka even if she is boring[View]
194278602Why in she so cool[View]
194288522you haven't forgotten her have you?[View]
194288789Hero academia Season 4[View]
194290799You've been caught by Yukinoshita Yukino and Yuigahama Yuu. What do?[View]
194271521Azur Lane: We Michael Bay now[View]
194290256What's the fluffiest anime?[View]
194290335holy fuck how can other studios compete?![View]
194285365Would you have liked SSJ2 Gohan if not for this moment?[View]
194288295what do you get when you cross a cola addicted hamster with a category 5 typhoon that prevents you f…[View]
194288621This pairing made no sense: Germany and Italy have neutral relations at best IRL Also, shouldn’t Fra…[View]
194290377This is my wife, Keiko! We'll be reunited soon.[View]
194289167Kandagawa Jet Girls: Episode 2 preview! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwnS_G0DdiA[View]
194286844badass OSTs: ITT badass themes. OPs and EDs need not apply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oivkaNRW…[View]
194288539Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo: So many bitches and whores[View]
194286797Post cakes[View]
194288854Houkago Saikoro Club: Why the heck did Takayashiki lead poor Tanoue on so much? She came across as a…[View]
194281153Hetalia: What's been going on with this series, over the past few years? I remember when it was…[View]
194265531Valkyrie Drive: 4 years already and no S2 yet. Fuck this timeline.[View]
194286131Boku no Hero Academia: Casual reminder that the first on screen death in this series was a tranny ba…[View]
194288701Who the fuck talks like this?[View]
194285718what's it like getting slapped by a cute girl?[View]
194255904Will you be able to beat them at Shogi anon?[View]
194287921Another chapter TL'ed: She is the cutest lolibaba ever.[View]
194283805Generally speaking, would you rather watch anime about losers, or about successful people?[View]
194279115What boards did she post to?[View]
194288090why did I waste an hour and a half on this shit movie, I swear it looked good in the trailer >ord…[View]
194289216cute anime when?[View]
194287808Darling in the Franxx Thread: Post Artwork/Screenshots/Wallpapers etc. from DitF > go…[View]
194252992dr stone: Does it get worse than this?[View]
194287214I don’t care if mob is a guy. He looks so damn hot in this outfit.[View]
194288968Shokugeki no Asahi: >25 episodes Did you miss me /a/[View]
194277437Yuragi 179: And here we go I guess[View]
194258455Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Ruka is an annoying bitch edition Translations are out https://mangadex.org/ch…[View]
194282001So I just finished watching SSSS Gridman and I'm just hella confused. Was this part of the ultr…[View]
194280963sometimes I feel like I should have been a bigger fan of anime than I already am today. since the 20…[View]
194259762Granblue Fantasy: The Animation ~Season 2~: New episode today. Vira SOON.[View]
194279735>ugly as fuck >but since he’s the nice guy, he gets a harem Now what’s your fucking excuse, /a…[View]
194280762What one is your favorite?[View]
194288572>tfw your old waifu gets a 4th season and becomes your waifu again[View]
194277267If you could become a pretty little magic girl what would you wish for?[View]
194286220Is this lust?[View]
194285398Guys, I am a little suspicious about Skull Knight, I believe he might actually be Emperor Gaiseric h…[View]
194285200Nazo no Kanojo X: I think this show made me feel what love is for the first time wild ride anons…[View]
194281329Is this the only anime without a single flaw?[View]
194274385Beastars Chapter 148[View]
194280943Yes i self insert and there is literally nothing wrong with that. If you don't self insert you …[View]
194287508Nekomimi modo thread What do you love about them?[View]
194273480Dorohedoro Vol 14: Volume 1: >>193738142 https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/193738142 Volume 2: …[View]
194274337This is a cute girl[View]
194287348Rozen Maiden should've been an SoL with the dolls doing funny shit. Specifically desu. Like tha…[View]
194271632Girls Frontline EP 2: G11 is so cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDPxcOLNYZc[View]
194284998Thoughts on this series?[View]
194281714Seiyuus matter: Which anime has the most talented voice cast? Pic related is certainly good, but lis…[View]
194287139If Megumi was the main girl, SnS would have not been axed. Erina would have been a great villain.[View]
194276946One Piece: How big is the potential of the Munch-Munch Fruit objectively speaking?[View]
194287061Why are there so many cop and detective shows this season? Is abe concerned that american anti polic…[View]
194273131Heaven, please sing for me a song of life. Heaven, take me into your skies There's no place her…[View]
194285758So,I heard pic related breaks up with and cucks Itsuki in the light novel? What the fuck? Did the au…[View]
194286798which anime has the most plot twists?[View]
194281844Shingeki no Kyojin: Has Eren inspired you to start working out?[View]
194283103Why is anime so afraid of giving girls firm butts?: Look at Shigure from Strongest Disciple Kenichi.…[View]
194275378Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu Chapters 1-4: Picking up this manga about a girl who gets openly and viciously b…[View]
194282445>my favorite anime of all time is Spirited Away What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
194279220Dragon ball super: According to Toriyama, the date of Goku's death would be given in the year 8…[View]
194285882Spiderman: Fake red: While the mangaka is enjoying drawing the manga, the reception for the manga ha…[View]
194196393Buyfag thread: This one has a comment and an image of an expensive figure.[View]
194283422Left or right?[View]
194276511Post the queen of anime[View]
194282404Can we all agree that DBZ's Saiyan Saga is the pinnacle all of all anime? If I had to choose on…[View]
194284261Jesus fucking Christ... another potentially great anime season ruined by shitty isekai shows. Seriou…[View]
194272878Which one of these animes would you personally say is best?[View]
194286236What do you call this type of MC?[View]
194285975Ladies versus Butlers!: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
194285553My Brother's Husband Vol. 2: Anyone know if there is a torrent or link to the second english vo…[View]
194271092Boku no Hero Academia: A few hours remain until anime Season 4 begins. https://youtu.be/ZbR5WcyWl18 …[View]
194280698MOMO: The Blood Taker: What is /a/'s verdict on this manga?[View]
194284595Its been years, maybe /a/'s taste changed I want to know BEEG TITS OR smol tits[View]
194285799Hataage! Kemono Michi: I can't handle all of this masculinity.[View]
194276980What the fuck that was the best thing I've ever seen.[View]
194285703Fate Babylonia: Are you excited for episode 2 /a/?[View]
194251521Bakuon: Do you like bikes?[View]
194283248This is anime.[View]
194285274When will he pay for his sins?[View]
194274563Fate: What's with the sudden rise in vitriol against Fate I've been seeing recently? When …[View]
194278239Assassins Pride: I think I'm getting some strange vibes from this show... (Thank you based japs…[View]
194281331has there been a more alpha and beautiful death then this yet?[View]
194276304Party is over: Which anime opening have the most atrocious engrish?[View]
194281345A major character in the last anime you've watched is replaced with a major character from a di…[View]
194282719best anime antagonist[View]
194280266Jump Sports Manga: >Ole Golazo axed >Full Drive axed >Robot x Laserbeam axed >Buddy Stri…[View]
194279004So basically King Bradley isnt Wrath. Every Homunculi comes from a part of Father's 'soul'. The…[View]
194228425Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: I miss him.[View]
194280183guys Japan is about to get isekai'd[View]
194282757Mob psycho 100 is still AOTY[View]
194277505Has ONE given up on manga?[View]
194279326Ainz ooal gown. king of skeletons and lord of Halloween parties[View]
194280797It's been two years.[View]
194281360Her hairline bothers me!: >Cowboy Bebop. I thought it was her bangs at 1st, but it’s not. Not hot…[View]
194272156My fucking sides, Jesus Christ[View]
194282471>high heels >slut dress She is hot if only they fixed her eyes…[View]
194279471ITT:: post habits you picked up through anime[View]
194279460He literally didn't do anything wrong[View]
194279968ITT: Post anime characters you could beat in a fight[View]
194280768Death Note Thread: How long has it been since you've watched this 10/10 show? How has it held …[View]
194281096Demon slayer dub: Nips are surprisingly positive about the dub[View]
194261053do you like /fit/ girls, anon?[View]
194281218Asper Girl: >will stare at you nonstop >will resort to violence if bothered by something >v…[View]
194201765Shinchou Yuusha: Begone thot[View]
194283950Can you imagine the softness.[View]
194274066It's time[View]
194280578What anime genuinely belong in the discussion for the GOAT (Greatest of all time)?[View]
194280938>dude we're just as bad or worse than the demons/ants/murderers what are some other hack wri…[View]
194224753Hunter x Hunter: I can't handle it anymore. We're approaching a year. Someone give me cont…[View]
194282789Why are most of them so unironically boring, I rather beat my meat instead of watching boring garbag…[View]
194282474King Cream-[View]
194282310What did you think of Might Gaine and by extension the rest of the Brave series?[View]
194273549How the hell this bitch is never openly portrayed as evil? She's literally the real villain of …[View]
194279926A Severe Lack of Komi-san: No Komi this week?[View]
194278737Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Nakazawa-kun is secretly aware of all the timelines. He will also fuck Ho…[View]
194280712Say goodbye to anime and hello to gacha trash[View]
194248911Raildex: it's HO 10th anniversary![View]
194278443FUCK GAIJINS![View]
194280745/a/, can you believe it, Lanka and her pack of loyal packmates are getting an anime![View]
194215128rokujouma kickstarter: Can't believe Yurika did it, made it across the finish line! 85k, physic…[View]
194267714My tomboy waifu can beat the crap out of yours![View]
194276722Hoshiai no Sora: WHAT THE FUCK IS HER PROBLEM?[View]
194268956Shingeki no Kyojin: Gabi says be happy.[View]
194279620Dragon Ball Super: Bow Down to THE ULTIMATE GODSLAYER Hearts >>>> Moro[View]
194281059Blade of the Immortal threads barely last 30 posts before dying. Is no one watching it at all?[View]
194281475New P.A original anime announced: It's called apperranmen , seems interesting enough[View]
194278940I just finished watching this. Maybe my favorite thing of last season[View]
194281268Why cant we get news on this anime?[View]
194264795Trailer for Dorohedoro Anime https://youtu.be/KbO2LyE4xg4[View]
194279204When you get down to it, the final movie was just hillbillies fighting over who would get to fuck th…[View]
194276102I need some help 4chan. I really want to start watching/reading/playing Higurashi, but after seeing …[View]
194256583Null peta - Episode 2: Subs will be out very soon.[View]
194278574If you watch the anime you won't see Shinka but if you watch Shinka you'll see the anime.[View]
194278083Hakumei to Mikochi: Potato[View]
194279083UruseI Yatsura: The school finds out this guy is a pedo the episode he is introduced then let him ke…[View]
194280752Would you have liked SSJ2 Gohan if not for this moment?[View]
194280436SAO Alicization season 2 airs in 12 hours. Are you ready for the MEMES?[View]
194277189 [View]
194272854Some of you probably know that Hotaru's name means 'firefly' in Japanese. What would Komari thi…[View]
194277971Why this manga underrated?[View]
194278873Alright let's fucking settle this already: What is the uncontested decision we can finally agre…[View]
194274303Why did everyone bully him?[View]
194276894Why did Yurikuma Arashi have so much symbolism?[View]
194271245If I were to dump Iruma-kun what chapter would it be?[View]
194279308Holy Based Beerus[View]
194267183Looking up to Magical Girls: Why the hell are we not talking about this masterpiece? https://mangade…[View]
194254860>Succeeded where his father failed: regarding a 'deserter retrieval' mission >Stated to be an …[View]
194279807https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGY-AKWdYGI Well this caught me offguard, any more stuff like this? …[View]
194243116Houseki No Kuni: Where did it all go wrong?[View]
194274605Otoyomegatari: >you will never marry a jolly tomboyish steepe girl. Why live? Bride's Tale t…[View]
194279431Would SAO be more popular if they had used trap kirito instead?[View]
194279378Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: What do you guys think of this manga? Also, Hasuki best girl[View]
194278934Toriyama reveals goku’s death date: According to Toriyama, the date of Goku's death would be gi…[View]
194276783Dragon ball super: Do you think they were in love?[View]
194276926Miru tights: Fingers crossed for a new anime project announced soon.[View]
194276996Who is Galko for?[View]
194276276Why has no one fucking translated the rest of this manga? This shit is so good. It's like the j…[View]
194274616ITT:: Characters who have canonically masturbated[View]
194276819Gabriel dropout: So how does the artist/writer feel about his character Satania being used as a /g/ …[View]
194271344Madoka: Was Rebellion a mistake? Should it have ended on the TV series?[View]
194257697PA Works new Original Anime: trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm_ABHGbk3o[View]
194277272Shadman: I lied. This isn't Shadman. It's better.[View]
194256246Fushigi 149: I almost forgot[View]
194272250Nice Bird.[View]
194247621So what happened? I thought this series was pretty good. I avoided it for so long thinking it was a …[View]
194267334Samurai 8 Chapter 22: it's out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1005658 time for Ann…[View]
194277813What did she mean by this?[View]
194268661Would fixing Sakura even serve any point? Just write her out and make a new character with a better …[View]
194276017>Jotaro is shown in the part 5 artstyle (muscle slim, androgynous face) >the photo of the Star…[View]
194276318>manga starts with a cute romance with two characters >mangaka immediately starts adding harem…[View]
194277592ITT: Gary Stu isekai manga: i need shit to read[View]
194276794Seriously though, what does she even do?[View]
194275391Richard the Lion Heart: He love Saber . He use Excalibur Why he respect Saber so much[View]
194270814Tsukasa is thinking[View]
194277388Ufotable will show New PV of Fate Heaven's Feel: Octobor 28th , 2019 in Machi Asobi Brodcast…[View]
194267243Jujutsu Kaisen: >Flashback is over >The mole is confirmed as Mechamaru >But Mahito broke so…[View]
194277302Record of Ragnarok: This mango is fucking kino.[View]
194261137Darwin's Game: Animation announced[View]
194276204ITT non-humanoid characters you'd buy figures of[View]
194276414It ain't going anywhere: >A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1889 >A Prince…[View]
194266212name a manga/anime that made you really laugh: for me it was Grand Blue... I didnt think I could lau…[View]
194276997Why don't you wear a leotard, anon? It feels good.[View]
194275829ITT: Friendzoned characters in b4 OP[View]
194276796How was their home life after Kira died?[View]
194255457It's so unfair that there is so few isekai/fantasies where orcs and goblins are good guys. It…[View]
194270697>Most honored captain Pasha. I have seen the words in your letter, and that of the captain which …[View]
194257735Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy[View]
194275377The only things that 4kids got right with their One Piece dub were the kickass and catchy opening th…[View]
194273546What the fuck was his problem?[View]
194273261XL Joushi.: >Running short of money, office lady Saki Watase is introduced to a part-time job whe…[View]
194260023Fire Punch: What the fuck even was this?[View]
194268861Read a random manga https://mangadex.org/manga Roll and post your results. Enjoy. No re-rolls[View]
194274184>came for cute girls with tanks >stayed for the tank battles This was a masterpiece…[View]
1942751735: American lolis are the best[View]
194275607You haven't forgotten her, have you? She works hard every day to keep you alive and healthy.[View]
194260815did anybody sort of enjoy maid dragon, or do i just have a shit taste for anime?[View]
194155071October 2019 I'm forgotten.[View]
194250534Why is the ugly chuuni so hard to kill?[View]
194270240Anime/manga screenshots that really represents your current emotions[View]
194274676Did Bossu love Trish's mom?[View]
194275225Little Witch Academia: Would LWA have been a better series if Amanda was the main character? I feel …[View]
194276103Harukana Receive: Like, half the population of Okinawa is US Military. Kadena AFB is seriously, like…[View]
194262221One Piece: Is it possible that Kong is Garp's father?[View]
194275494Viz Weekly Shonen Jump Rips - October 11th: Viz Anon here with yet another set of WSJ rips from Viz.…[View]
194253494Did anime turn you into a pervert or do you watch anime because you are a pervert?[View]
194275156Anyone else remember Xebec's most underrated masterpiece?[View]
194274915Name a single thing he did wrong.[View]
194227353>October 2019... i'm forgotten.[View]
194272554It's been two years.[View]
194272596She wants to save the world with S3[View]
194265992Daily Sketchbook Chapter: The fad of Japan.[View]
194264325Shin Chuka Ichiban/Cooking Master Boy: Episode 1 aired What did you think[View]
194254171Sora no Method OVA: out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8TUNdBU8Jw[View]
194275315this is your new waifu for tonight[View]
194268580So whats exactly the appeal of this series? the girls hate you and the animation was barely a powerp…[View]
194275096Welcome Back: Yo /a/, somebody left a Castella for you.[View]
194259985Greatest Gambler: Who truly deserves the title of the greatest gambler of /a/? I think it's Kai…[View]
194266812fantasypeople coming to Earth > the other way around[View]
194271432Damn I really want to get stabbed now[View]
194274751City of Love Prison: What do you think about it?[View]
194269684Why do people call him generic/cliche? Most anime MCs that i've seen were either 'I WANT TO BE …[View]
194274803Still she is beautiful: Thanks UfoTable[View]
194244154Fukakai na Boku no Subete: What's /a/ think about this manga? I can't tell if I like the c…[View]
194274588S U G O I[View]
194274373Weekend Waifu Drawthread #1: Since nobody's started it yet, I'll start the weekend off by …[View]
194274444Why there's no isekai anime like this?[View]
194270797You have half a minute to name an anime more technically impressive than redline.[View]
194267616Who is this guy supposed to be?[View]
194266025What made Mushishi so special?: It's been years since I watched this and still haven't fou…[View]
194273953Best wife ever: I love her[View]
194274023If it wasn't for this moment, would you have been okay with SSJ2 Gohan?[View]
194269284State your accolades annons I've read thousands of manga, I gave up on 3d women years ago. Pret…[View]
194263905Jobbing is a way of life: ITT we post the biggest jobbers from their respective series[View]
194273177hey faggots who are those in the red circle and should i check them out further thanks[View]
194260209Re:Zero: Felix and Crusch are the best and cutest and I love them so much. Talk about Re:Zero.…[View]
194273731Series you are glad didn't try to make a shitty sequel series: I'll start with a big one. …[View]
194273779Backlog Season: Nothing interests me this season, everything I'm looking forward seems to be ai…[View]
194272990Wild-West Car Race: Steel ball run by P.A works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm_ABHGbk3o…[View]
194273226ITT: Wasted Potential[View]
194272239Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai: he is so cute[View]
194269869K-On!: Is the second season of K-On worth watching? I kinda enjoyed the first one but it felt like a…[View]
194262220Animes /a/ hates for no reason other than people like it.[View]
194272753ITT We discuss Obito: Obito nearly killed every ninja in the world because of his oneitis, he was sa…[View]
194252266TOMOZAKI-kun anime announced!: https://twitter.com/yaku_yuki/status/1182611838493552644?s=21…[View]
194218719Beastars anime: Fellas, are you ready for STOP MOTION KINO? https://youtu.be/NaBCY7QvIkY[View]
194231651Jojo: Excuse me, what the fuck? Was that just a Total Party Kill Are... are you allowed to end a par…[View]
194272435Collect: I will ask this honestly and I expect an equally courteous response. I usually keep a lot o…[View]
194243334Symphogear: If you love Symphogear, you'll never let it die![View]
194268761Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: I still don't know what the point of teasing this was if there was…[View]
194268071what was the point of this show?: dont get me wrong i started lifting and losing fat because of this…[View]
194268051Kaguya 165 Korean spoilers: Shirogane wants to be a good senpai to his little depressing poetry make…[View]
194235243Why are transvestites always depicted like this in anime?[View]
194270947what does /a/ think of kengan ashura?: >saw it on netflix after >decided to binge read it ins…[View]
194243028Harukana Receive: Haruka has a phat ass and big tits that just won't quit![View]
194269821Yee.: What went wrong?[View]
194269871can we talk about this? nanatsu no taizai season 3 is looking like trash so far.[View]

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