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184770072Name one character that can defeat KOSMOS. You litterally can't.[View]
184762797Do you still hate Koitus-san?[View]
184769138She is by far the best dark skinned character in all of manga. Does anyone else even come close to t…[View]
184770644It wasn't that good.[View]
184762558Sangokushi vol. 10: Continuing my weekend dump of Sangokushi, one of the most easily accessible and …[View]
184769588Yo this show was fucking awesome[View]
184727614Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out!: https://twitter.com/gomanga/status/1096518674758975490 Seven Seas wil…[View]
184768240Why was this allowed to be shown on TV?[View]
184769565Why is her butt the only redeeming quality about her?[View]
184723321Rimuru vs Ainz: Which leader would come out on top?[View]
184754772Dragon Ball Super: How did tardku get away with tricking everyone that he sacrificed himself for dec…[View]
184767065Romantic comedy thread. Post GOOD ones.[View]
184765785What if Netflix decides to make a new Cowboy Bebop series? A prequel maybe.[View]
184768306What's the tactical advantage of having funbags this big?[View]
184763648ITT: Poorly describe the last anime you watched and others have to guess >space god forest gump v…[View]
184766065What does /a/ think of Kindaichi?[View]
184767197>Only notable character in any Jojo part to carry a gun >Is shot far more often than any other…[View]
184757423Is Akko smarter than you?[View]
184767609Code Geass: Was Mao a well-written character?[View]
184769088why did this show make me cry like a fucking bitch? im not even a shut in[View]
184756473Should I watch One Piece or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure first?[View]
184767302Rokudenashi: Possible this is getting a 2nd season? How many of the novels were adapted in the anime…[View]
184766041Is Serial Experiments Lain a well-written anime?[View]
184767278Meido: >turns on your computer What do you do?[View]
184768399What did they mean by this?![View]
184758857Yuru Yuri: Based chinks finally uploaded scans of 2019 calendar. Let us discuss and appreciate how N…[View]
184766299Who was your favorite out of the Witches 5? I like Cyprine. We never really talk about the villians …[View]
184767807>like an OP/ED a whole lot >look up the full version of the song >it completely falls apart…[View]
184766321Things that should have never happened. ITT: Things in Anime/Manga that pissed you off.[View]
184765611Is there a way to watch anime on funimation in sub?[View]
184768005What did amazon mean by this?[View]
184752661Little witch academia: >valentine's day was 2 days ago >still no akko gf Why even life no…[View]
184766894Hey /a/ How is Heaven's Feel any good for a movie? Are there lots of fight scenes?[View]
184764202>there hasn't been a season 3 in 8 years It still hurts.[View]
184768023Atelier Tanaka: Show me a more based beta ever to exist /a/[View]
184767859Why was it popular?[View]
184767624Imagine depositing load after load of seed into Lotte's womb.[View]
184757373Azumanga the adaptation: Could a live adaptation of the anime series work, or would it be doomed to …[View]
184763810which one of the monogatries you prefer have sit on you?[View]
184761092Why wasn't she a love interest?[View]
184763818Literally would have been stronger if he had just hit the gym than he got collecting the androids.[View]
184754959What type of men does she attract?[View]
184755167ITT: Forgotten Shows: >inb4 then why make a thread about hurr rent free I'll make an excepti…[View]
184766357ITT: Ships that deserve to be canon[View]
184740645>It says here we are getting a new episode of Endro tomorrow[View]
184766943misato talks about fanservice a lot but she only actually does any like once and its mediocre cos sh…[View]
184767100bokuben: uruka (fluffy) chapter when?[View]
184759887Why can't she cook for herself? She's a female.[View]
184748127Bleach: Is an anime even possible at this point?[View]
184761512more like manabi gay, am i right?[View]
184763693Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to: Does anyone think Aka would actually go through with the 4 pages th…[View]
184759344>Misses his chance to confess at least 3 times in 6 episodes Is he the doormat of Kaguya-sama?…[View]
184765472Endro: >Mao episode >best episode[View]
184755380Holy shit, the first 3 episodes of this made me cry. Why isn't /a/ talking about this?[View]
184766252Drifting Net Cafe: Just finished this and holy shit what the fuck did I just read[View]
184761358What annoys me more than anything about anime adaptations is unless it's a shonen jump manga, t…[View]
184760450Best /a/ of the decade?: This is based solely on my personal opinion. Winter 2010 - Durarara Spring …[View]
184764516Kaguya: When hayasaka going to get her own bittersweet highschool drama?[View]
184735829All right you degenerates, line up and confess your sins so that Divine Angel Sayaka can purify your…[View]
184762169You have been chosen for my project. Therefore, please come to Mita Park on 4th Street at 9:00 tonig…[View]
184758135It's been 10 years: Do you still miss them?[View]
184764379Gaishu-Isshoku: New this[View]
184765453Mob Psycho 100 II: Who is this marketed towards? What does it smell like?[View]
184764637Trigger has decided to End of Evangelion the shit out of episodes 16 to 24. How would you fix DarliF…[View]
1847568431-nen A-gumi no Monster: New chapter of the adventures of Chad-sensei and his thots is out. However,…[View]
184755497Is he stronger than Krillin?[View]
184757651How do you read manga on a mobile device? I used to use MangaMaster, but they recently put their ap…[View]
184760116Log Horizon: 2015 was the last Season so next Season never?[View]
184763442Who's your mistress /a/?[View]
184761590I miss Dragon Ball Super :([View]
184761554>aired in spring 2010 >still AOTD 9 years later How did he do it?…[View]
184751523Lol how is Beerus somehow especially powerful at destroying planets when first form Frieza could des…[View]
184747737You are watching Homeless Tensei: Isekai de Jiyuu Sugiru Majutsu Jisoku Seikatsu: Well guys if you t…[View]
184759752Dororo: Did he do the right thing?[View]
184754747Shingeki no Kyojin: Chadren destroyed both Marley and historia pussy[View]
184764256How do I summon a succubus and make her imitate anime girls?[View]
184759971Assassination Classroom: How good was it?[View]
184737870Raildex: Behold Fiamma of the Smug[View]
184731777Why was she the only good female tagalong in poke anime history?[View]
184755163How trash is this show?[View]
184756755Clannad means family.[View]
184763902Lolis are dangerous. Do not approach.[View]
184761116Would it still be illegal for an adult male like myself to date Rika?[View]
184761633Evangelion is an awful 'anime'[View]
184759523Should I watch first? Soul of gold or saintia?[View]
184763729¿Hotel? CHIKAgo[View]
184728394Asobi Asobase: Kasumi was the hottest asobi.[View]
184761707Is he /ourguy/?[View]
184763862Ngnl: >anime sold really well and is very popular >movie sold really well >351k light novel…[View]
184755649What was the first anime you completed in its entirety? Mine was Kaiji[View]
184755172What are some OST that give you orgasms? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRoXYjLs6as[View]
184763546Is the party over?[View]
184763543What's the best way to spot the best girl in any anime? >She says umu…[View]
184761607Comic Girls is overrated as fuck, Kaos' VA is trying way too hard to make her sound 'moe' to th…[View]
184762573>one of the best series of 2018 with action, drama, cool, funny, mature >no one watches it bec…[View]
184756017Kaguya-sama: Why is there another male character in my harem anime?? Explain this shit mangafags…[View]
184751040nanachi is a boy, according to official german version[View]
184758226w'z: Time for 'gay for the stars' pair to be blown the fuck out.[View]
184742902Boku no Hero Academia: Shouto is likely getting a training chapter(s) with his dad.[View]
184755896trifoglio nero: Let's celebrate the 4th year publication anniversary of BC. Also we're gon…[View]
184762408I wish my gov agenda had similar hijinks[View]
184762565What's the name of the anime that had a robot girl or whatever and she had some glasses that co…[View]
184762090>Tatsuro Yamashita song as opening theme No wonder it got nominated for oscar.…[View]
184755370Why do some men like Megumin while other 'men' like Aqua?[View]
1847545755toubun no hanayome: Fuck this bitch. Does she get better?[View]
184745392Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki is a delinquent girl[View]
184750782>adapt anime with loli >never adapt her love interest so that autists dont get offended…[View]
184758343Does this ever play into the whole frozen wasteland survival aspect? A tundra megastructure seemed l…[View]
184758869chika-shoki wa kockurashit: Like, Chika is like so cute and totally best girl with that dance. Come …[View]
184760146Anime Icons for aesthetic purposes: My usual source for finding anime icons hasn't updated anyt…[View]
184759227Detective Conan - 1028 spoiler[View]
184742188Danmachi S2: Dated summer (finally) https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-15/is-it-w…[View]
184761055What's your opinion on how potatoes are represented in anime?[View]
184747883WebM Thread: WebM thread[View]
184760326Boogiepop: Jin did nothing wrong ![View]
184759510Anyone else finding this season to be pretty boring? Outside of maybe 2 shows, everything else is ha…[View]
184758000What is the greatest lesbian love story ever told in anime?[View]
184757451What the point of this show (and it's original media)?[View]
184618241Goblin Slayer: Was thinking of giving this a shot. Is this semen demon Important? Does she have any …[View]
184753193JoJo GW: Manga: Soul Anime: Soulless[View]
184752061We're not allowed to have interesting protagonists nowadays because of the self-inserters takin…[View]
184751727Have you watched Alita: Battle Angel, anon? It's unironically a great adaptation. And Alita is …[View]
184755568How do you call that kind of cap ?[View]
184757954Urusei Yatsura: I just got into this and am 10 chapters in but should I continue? as far as I can te…[View]
184758227What if Rei was Mexican all along?[View]
184672505Pre-2000s Thread: Post what you're watching, thoughts on shows, etc. Let's have a comfy th…[View]
184743179Bokuben/Study/Learn 99: It's out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/we-can-t-study/en/0/99/pag…[View]
184756847rekt thread[View]
184757161How do you go from this[View]
184759313 [View]
184634941Draw your waifu in Paint.[View]
184747577Why is it still so amazing?[View]
184730682Yamakan started a Kickstarter anime campaign: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-02-15/yutak…[View]
184758079What the fuck was her problem?[View]
184650830Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
184754507Golden Time's ending: I've just finished watching this anime and there's this thing t…[View]
184739297Date a Natsumi loli version![View]
184758723Are there any anime that improved your life, or at least made you enjoy your day's a little bit…[View]
184754540GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class: The yearly thread is here.[View]
184753515Why are cute girls in masks so cool?[View]
184758218Would you touch this werewolfs tits /a/?[View]
184757245Reminder that Gohan could get that power boost and be relevant again if they link his book smarts an…[View]
184758428Saber Marionette J Last story OVA: So... what happen to this? have being stuck in development hell o…[View]
184752885what did he mean by this?[View]
184629333Zombieland Saga: will you be Lily's valentine?[View]
184757600Griffith is based and redpilled and did nothing wrong change my mind Protip:you can't[View]
184757045Summary of the screenshot for the unfortunately EOP'd: >Sprite is dead. Deader than dead. Th…[View]
184756650You dropped the soap, anon.[View]
184757668Who do you think has better production quality /a/ ? Bokura wa mada Underground https://www.youtube.…[View]
184757264Would you rather: Be the protagonist of a romcom manga where the main couple establishes a romantic …[View]
184757536Uncrowned, Undefeated Lionesses thread: Post uncrowned, undefeated Lionesses to celebrate her introd…[View]
184751366What exactly was lost here?[View]
184755136Black Clover: Happy 4th year anniversary to the eternal underdog of WSJ![View]
184757292Your favorite anime: ITT: You post a picture of your favorite anime and people probably shit on it…[View]
184751939>Watch latest episode >SJWs ruining JoJo with their faggotry and DROPPED…[View]
184736449>He hasn't seen it Alita awaits.[View]
184756924Top 3 Shōnen Protagonists and Antagonists[View]
184756793Do you like yellow subs?[View]
184747312Take that, Chad! Bet you wished you worked out at the library like me, huh?[View]
184754572>TV anime Shit and cringe >1980s OVA Based and kino Everything after 1992 is trash. Since then…[View]
184747252Nade-nade: Nade-nade ITT: Characters that completely steal the show[View]
184756646Redpilled,but not based.[View]
184756474>get married >still virgins months later[View]
184713768Dororo: I'm still fucking sad.[View]
184747410tate no yuusha no nariagari: How to get my own slave raccoon?[View]
184756272kaguya: is not a horror manga[View]
184731418Chainsaw Man: Mangastream is out.[View]
184755703Her letter broke me Is this one of the best anime dramas?[View]
184739102Fuck neo weebs. Remember when anime was cool in the 90's and not just pedo bait. This is art, n…[View]
184741386Kaguya-sama: >dialogue: Ishigami >subtitles: Yu…[View]
184753315What's this expression trying to convey?[View]
184731743What the fuck is going on with Raita?: What the fuck is going on with Raita?[View]
184752527>3 episodes in What the fuck Gonzo[View]
184754101Why did she do it, bros?[View]
184751890she has a dick, right?[View]
184753229The Band Of Seven arc in InuYasha was the best one, change my mind. Protip: You can't[View]
184755381/a/ Meetup 2019[View]
184752336ITT:: Edge[View]
184748477Do you like bullies, /a/?[View]
184708818>There are pizzafags and kallenfags on /a/ right now, despite the fact this absolute perfection e…[View]
184755005Haha imagine holding hands with Saki while you two smile while looking at each other, that's so…[View]
184725098Gabriel Dropped: So I just finished this and I want to air my shit unsolicited opinion. It was alrig…[View]
184735221Is Deku a well written character?[View]
184744354Boogiepop: Sometimes snow falls in April, sometimes even birds fall out of the sky.[View]
184754873How are Miko so good? they're best girl every single time without exception.[View]
184753298Why isn't there more sol anime/mango based in college/university?The only one i can think of is…[View]
184754360OP/ED of the season: What's your best OP/ED from this season? What's your worst OP/ED from…[View]
184738275Dragon Ball Super: So while Broly train Cheelai to get stronger? Also how will manga version of the …[View]
184754839Tenchi thread: It would be really good if we get to know about these four better. They seems interes…[View]
184754796Dragon Ball Super: What's the story behind their friendship?[View]
184752643jojo animation: The fuck is wrong with new jojo animations? Background stuff and characters arent mo…[View]
184754402Is Eren a well-written character?[View]
184744973Shingeki no Kyojin: >SL unite with the Warriors against Eren and use Porco's titan to break …[View]
184746058Scientifically speaking, why girls loving other girls is the purest form of love?[View]
184752093He killed millions.[View]
184752644Why do I feel threatened by this show?[View]
184754305Girls und Panzer: This is Takebe Saori, radio operator of Oarai Anglerfish Team now. Feel old yet?…[View]
184751657What the fuck is wrong with her?[View]
184753753Waifu af br/a/hs.[View]
184752366Achievable natty?[View]
184657693Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: As expected Soulburner won again and absorbed Windy. Next duel is between Bohman V…[View]
184751306Great shonen[View]
184731738One Piece: The Dynamic Duo![View]
184751734ITT: Post shows that you dropped/didn't picked because of spoilers I start[View]
184739096You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead: 2 new chapters of your favorite dark comedy harem manga.[View]
184750712Aku no Hana: Ha na ga sai ta yo[View]
184752019Are you guys ready for the My Hero Academia awards tomorrow?[View]
184751632there's a deal to strike, humanity's destiny for some xeno pussy any takers?[View]
184753608Sss'on Fieya: Well /a/.. Is it? Personally, I think it hasn't translated to an anime very …[View]
184752143How much stronger would Vegeta/ Broly become if they drank the plot device water?[View]
184748766PARASYTE: This is the best anime I've ever saw. Litterally the Sopranos of animation[View]
184752706Was this really necessary?[View]
184750479God Tier Openings thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phAoChN1nC4 >pic unrelated…[View]
184723638I don't get it Why does crap cuck want to gather the eyes of his people? What the fuck is he g…[View]
184749487Post characters that look alike from the one above you[View]
184742970Best designs of 2018[View]
184751777'Goodbye... Kudo Shinichi'[View]
184748133ITT: People who did nothing wrong[View]
184751743ITT: anime that desperately need a second series[View]
184722208Otome: Bakarina finally gonna get an anime adaptation, what other isekai[\spoiler]Otome deserves an …[View]
1847501862019 IS HER YEAR: H-I-N-A HINAGIKU HAIHAI[View]
184752786ITT: characters who deserved everything they got[View]
184752538>yfw this is endgame[View]
184752100is fusion the solution to the harem anime protagonists problems?[View]
184741382What's you opinion on using 3DCG for mechanical things in anime, do you find it acceptable?[View]
184752435ITT: I can't believe It's ANIME!!![View]
184738447My King[View]
184739970JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Narancia was cute this episode, do you agree? making this thread beca…[View]
184750160When will we get a new kino mystery original like Danganronpa 3? Just thinking about the whole exper…[View]
184738784Dagashi Kashi: Saya > Hotaru Don't even try to convince me otherwise[View]
184750708Is anime becoming too mainstream due to cartoon shows like My Hero Academia?[View]
184747377Maou-sama, Retry!: Is she yellow Rem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaK_DwZ9yRQ[View]
184751963>oh look, the girls can travel through time! >that's so deep! >all characters are mary…[View]
184746426what would you have said to her?[View]
184743504>show puts some retarded symbol at the end of the second season's title instead of just call…[View]
184748039Am i the only one who thought Griffith looked a bit like casca when he was reborn making him look sl…[View]
184751326>Be a tomboyfag >Not fit Pick one[View]
184737518Would you say this to a girl you just met?[View]
184746177Tokyo Ghoul: re: Why does Ishida hate best girl so much?[View]
184750173Remember when becoming a super saiyan too time and effort and it meant something?[View]
184751203'Hey there is this big fucking bomb in the sky, let me go under it and stay there and look when it…[View]
184750633Psycho Pass SS: How will akanefags react when it's revealed that Kogami is fucking the blond ch…[View]
184746160Babylonia new character visual: Fuck you Takeuchi[View]
184750543Was she lesbian, bisexual or just straight?[View]
184752015Vic Mignogna's false accusations.: From the time I was a little kid, I used to enjoy animes lik…[View]
184743654Haikyuu 338: Assuming anyone here cares, Hinata meets the Little Giant in this chapter, with face re…[View]
184743338K-on thread[View]
184749639this is my waifu. Say something nice about him.[View]
184749425What did Anno-sensei mean by this?[View]
184748818Is this the most iconic opening scene of any anime?[View]
184747359You know this to be true.[View]
184749477Eva Rebuild Mari Makinami: What is the significance of this character? She is the weakest Evangelio…[View]
184749647oh nonono: look at the top of her head its ahahahhaaha[View]
184750358rave master: about to start reading this.what should i expect?[View]
184748276>man made mass produced lab clones have human rights Yeah that's a no from me…[View]
184746833Name a better written villain. Pro tip: you need to tell why[View]
184743596Why is Pitou so enchanting?[View]
184749357Shimeji Simulation: did anyone check this out?[View]
184750201>Streaming anime[View]
184749866Did Satan even have a chance?[View]
184747732Alita: Battle Angel Premieres in Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfJ8SWDV7Xw Is anime getting…[View]
184624532Ane Naru Mono: Who would you pick? Left or Right? or both?[View]
184737634>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
184736679Wataten: How can you even say no to this face??[View]
184749655I dont understand asuka how can you like asuka moar then Rei? rei best girl[View]
184748978So how would powerless dc/marvel villians/heroes like the Punisher and Iron Man or the Joker and Lex…[View]
1847192945Toubun no Hanayome: What's her problem?[View]
184743945>turning historical figures into cute anime girls[View]
184744801you don't like diu?: nobody likes part 4 on /a/, huh? howcome? do you think killer queen's…[View]
184728426Can't Asuka use magic to fix her face?: Her eyes are fucking gross. She should be able to do so…[View]
184737891Boku no Homo Academia[View]
184727861What makes someone become an Aquafag?[View]
184747288why can't japs make actually scary horror anime?[View]
184748693Who was in the wrong: Aoi, Kariya or Tokiomi?[View]
184747544>He isn't genuine[View]
184746871Bakile Doubts - >Implication 14: Heya. Haha, get it? Because, yeah. Anyway, let's do this. …[View]
184747402Redpill me on the pansu fetish. Why is dirty laundry supposed to be sexy? Why is it prevalent even i…[View]
184746066Wow, they killed Ran off in a filler episode.[View]
184748433love live: How will the third generation be taught under Nico '#1 Idol' Yazawa's supervision? …[View]
184748527Nobody is stronger than me now.[View]
184744534why are magical girl shows the most adult of all anime?[View]
184748418Characters who didn't deserve it.[View]
1847482933 weeks later: she's not dead how come the gendo appearing in episode 5 background is apparentl…[View]
184748256Worst imouto characters thread[View]
184746428Berserk thread: What will romance with Rosine be like ? In a scenario where a young village farm boy…[View]
184740630OH GOD SHANA IS HOT[View]
184745823Everybody, look at this repulsive pile of trash![View]
184746748Is this show worth watching?[View]
184746743Mato Seihei no Slave: Chapter 6 has been translated[View]
184731097Based Netflix pushing the boundaries of anime further and further[View]
184731089You will won't you?[View]
184746809Casshern Sins: Just watched this It was really great. However it could have been a masterpiece if it…[View]
184745394The last great anime i've watched, i need more![View]
184731723English openings: CHILLIN' OUT WITH YA CREW IN THE SCHOOL YARD![View]
184746153If he was so willing to go to the moon so badly, why the fuck did he decline his only chance of goin…[View]
184745008Sento is peak female character design.[View]
184746860The forgotten trap: Why is it that when there is a trap thread people literally never mention Gowthe…[View]
184745967> four pages can this madman do it? Aka thread btw[View]
184746075Ever wondered what happened to your favourite manga characters who got super hyped for sports in hig…[View]
184736277Sengoku Castle Presents 'Ichigeki': A moment to appreciate the beauty of samurai manga, dumping chap…[View]
184746445Slime: GABIRU! GABIRU! GABIRU! You are so cool, GABIRU SAMA![View]
184740918>watching anime and amv's from 2000 I wanna go back /a/, please send me back…[View]
184745664How can you say you're a true anime fan if you haven't wrestled a goat into unconsciousnes…[View]
184744203Ever have those moments in a show where you know exactly what's going to happen and how it…[View]
184714769Post a girl and reply to the post above yours with the first thing that comes to mind when you see t…[View]
184741241>it's an Empire episode[View]
184744634Can we get a mashu thread going? I'll start it off[View]
184716470AiFure Prichan Eggpets Shining Star: My Non is cuter than your Non.[View]
184745474Azumanga the Return: If Azumanga Daioh creator Kiyohiko Azuma, decided to make 2nd seasons with say …[View]
184722017Hunter x Hunter: Is there any power system more complex and deep than the nen system in hunter x hun…[View]
184746273Best Vegeta[View]
184742515Kaguya: How can someone be so cute[View]
184744754There is this stupid edgy LN trend goin on that most people are not aware of, because they have not …[View]
184744791T HONG IS LIFE[View]
184743955Meiji Tokyo Renka: Why aren't you watching her show?[View]
184745973holy shit that fight was objectively shit >muh bullets get faster as they ricochet >invincible…[View]
184742414Lowkey best girl right here. >cool as fuck >sharp tongue >no gay/hetero shipping wars >o…[View]
184739149ITT: Scenes that make you think 'God I wish that were me'[View]
184734415domestic girlfriend: This episode was fucking gay[View]
184745785This is closest to hiki anime we can get. I wish there's was more, i can only relate to losers …[View]
184743951Why do people not like the Buu arc? What would you of had instead?[View]
184738004Nichibros: So who the fuck was this guy? [View]
184745624Hi /a/. Playing Jump Force, never read Death Note. Started reading yesterday and finished today. It…[View]
184726172Kanojo, Okarishimasu: New chapter is out. https://mangadex.org/chapter/543200[View]
184745068Hey /a/, I caught the girl who ate the last bun in the student council room! What do?[View]
184739631This is by far the most boring JoJo part when comparing it to parts 1-4[View]
184744951Dimension High School: >Shiroyama is legit becoming super creepy and embarrassing to watch with h…[View]
184745116Why is Index season 3 so boring? I download each episode every week but I put it off because it feel…[View]
184743205ultraman appreciation: yall ever watch ultraman? that shit was fucking awesome[View]
184740799Can we stop finally pretending that anyone gives two shits about this after 2018 now? Everytime time…[View]
184692721I wanna watch Jojo. Should I start from the very beginning?[View]
184711740Chika: Why is she like this?[View]
184722009AOTS / AOTY: mob psycho 100 2 > One punch man 2[View]
184744156who is best girl and why is it sakurajima?[View]
184727806Shingeki no Kyojin: >Kills every enemy you've ever had off-screen For fuck sake Isayama, we …[View]
184742019VERY unhygienic. why do japanese girls do this?[View]
184739593Is Yoruichi black?[View]
184670625Little Witch Academia: Would you be my Valentine /a/?[View]
184708670Dr Stone 94: CHAPTER IS OUT https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/dr-stone/en/0/94/page/1[View]
184743970I liked the movie[View]
184737221>come home >your kids are watching yosuga no sora, and then aki-sora what do /a/?…[View]
184711882Was Henrietta a good friend to Louise?[View]
184737720It's time[View]
184740425Attack on Titan: Never watched it, is it worth it? How is the manga?[View]
184742219Post characters who got strong through effort & hard work.[View]
184709503Help! Somebody called Louise flat![View]
184727963is she gay, bi, or straight[View]
184742588Name your favourite loli[View]
184741417Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Anyone watch Space Battleship Yamato 2199? There are a lot of cuties i…[View]
184741202Just finished this gorefest trash, why the fuck did it finish so abruptly?[View]
184743599But dude, what if humans were the real monsters all along.[View]
184739802>'Wow, anon. You've been looking pretty hot lately. All that training must be paying off. Wa…[View]
184743525/Danganronpa/: Does this look accurate? Is there anything I should change? (lmao not mine)[View]
184740214I don't like the direction the live action Berserk movie is taking.[View]
184740246Only fans with patrician taste and superior IQ's will realize this was a truly kino and underra…[View]
184742852We know that the Otsutsuki clan comes from another planet do you think Naruto and Sasuke will travel…[View]
184743438xDDD: loles xD[View]
184742767Ando's logic was flawless.[View]
184711710Yuragi-sou 147 Korean scans out: Chisaki ending. I officially invite all Yuuna, Hibari and Sagiri fa…[View]
184728656What's the most time you've wasted on complete trash? I got 35 episodes into Gundam Wing.[View]
184670216Only the lewdest moments in this thread[View]
184716109/ss/ is the purest form of love, fuck yuri[View]
184742981This chapter is perfected with this song https://youtu.be/diKcaqRwuss[View]
184735389Daily Kenrantaru Grande Scene: Chapter 27 Last time, Shouko and her father managed to come to an und…[View]
184741537Kara no shoujo: Why is life so unfair to him?[View]
184739324Has Imaishi lost it completely now?[View]
184739095>tfw the good for nothing kid needs your help again[View]
184742665Yes, yes, well done, Chika. Well done, Chika. HOWEVER[View]
184742290Reminder that Reinhard was a globalist.[View]
184742163I though you were just joking about this anime: It's like watching faceless fat bastards in lit…[View]
184742522ITT: we suggest theme songs for the quintuplets Ichika - Shut Up & Kiss Me https://www.youtube.c…[View]
184738113Bnha: Ok, I gotta admit this was better than i expected. Final battle was literally kino[View]
184738690I'm surprised at all the Manga and anime easter eggs the movie had.[View]
184742430Kaguya-sama : Love is War: Episode 6 soon, Are you liking this adaptation so far?[View]
184742420Grimms Notes The Animation: In today's episode, the gang commit sexual assault to a comatose pe…[View]
184737032Onihei Hankacho: Can we get a thread for this show going? Just finished it and I'm sure there…[View]
184742196Good work today.[View]
184690565Youjo Senki: THANK YOU BASED NUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqzH7k1Dpog[View]
184680772buyfag thread: why all the RE: zero shit[View]
184739738no NTR: What are you watching this season? I'm interested in Dororroro, Endro and ... I think t…[View]
184738296Is Kumiko the best female MC we've ever had ?[View]
184740948Character that went 0 to 100 after a character development[View]
184735961Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comment the first word that comes to your mind when you think on neon genes…[View]
184737116>quick we need a tearjerker >just make a cute robot girl who dies at the end why do they keep …[View]
184733691Fug bros I'm crying[View]
184739914Was she wrong?[View]
184736615What was his end game, /a/?[View]
184738998MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
184734032is she eating a demon here?[View]
184734218Umaru thread: It's Friday night /a/non let's play some games[View]
184737754Why in anime do they join the literature club or what was supposed to be a literature club or someti…[View]
184736963Guess what's back on the menu! https://mangadex.org/chapter/543368/[View]
184739063https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwMi7KSDf5g Six years later and I still don't know what he…[View]
184735552Megumin is back from her trip to Kansas City![View]
184711434Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: 15 FEBRUARY AGAIN! It's been another year since its premiere in…[View]
184737070Was this shit only popular/highly rated because it was one of the first anime to have a nu-anime art…[View]
184729378Boku no Hero Academia: Will we see Stain in the next arc? Last we saw him was 100 chapters ago and h…[View]
184738898Fuck you if you don't like mecha[View]
184737957She cute[View]
184738390Me and my adopted brother were fighting, not playing rugby, real fighting, and we accidentally got s…[View]
184722772Kaguya-sama: I foresee a lot of '/our guy/' posting this weekend[View]
184740327Holy Grail War's winners: (70% correct)[View]
184737576ls this the peak performance of human body?[View]
184739333Did /a/ already forget about Momo-chan?[View]
184734039what do[View]
184737520Do you have a shrine for your waifu /a/? Also Waifu thread[View]
184733941Would you let her drink?[View]
184730056Don't you guys think he has too much screentime?[View]
184736752fate: What is the subtext of this scene?[View]
184739510Do you agree with the first post in this thread /a/?[View]
184737652Boruto: Hiashi's plan thread. Post yfw Hiashi is revealed to be the main antagonist (the madara…[View]
184703486Kimetsu no Yaiba: First 5 episodes are being screened March 19th[View]
184706382Boogiepop: One and a half hour until Suema. Looks like it'll go until the alley fight…[View]
184732488Jojo: Absolute RESOLVE kino once again[View]
184692964BLEACH: On today's special occasion, let's celebrate best girl getting the happiness she d…[View]
184735644This is the best Isekai with an OP protagonist that I've ever read. He exterminates Goblins thr…[View]
184736874Is there any anime nowadays that didn't gain it fame instantaneously (For most part of the seas…[View]
184735859Best girl would not mind a 3 some with Asuka tho[View]
184738609How much easier would Universe 7's time been in the Tournament of Power if this was the team th…[View]
184737672Soapy scenes: When was the last time you had the feels and felt no embarrassment about it?[View]
184733814Post /ourguy/ characters from their respective series.[View]
184737674I thought this was a kids show[View]
184702270Post couples made for each other[View]
184729640When is Kohei gonna have her discover how to turn off her quirk? The “ha ha I’m invisible, isn’t tha…[View]
184725364Dragon Ball Super: Reminder Jiren will suffer the same fate as sHit.[View]
184738310Dragon Ball Super: COME ON, YAMCHA'S A CHEATER[View]
184734392Circlet Princess: Probably nobody cares but shit subs are here.[View]
184721049What can they do to save the town?[View]
184738154>read a gritty, realistic, down-to-earth manga which is very grounded in reality >suddenly …[View]
184738018What's the most expensive anime thing ever sold?: A copy of Super Mario Bros just sold for over…[View]
184737863What did he say?[View]
184737644>be a high school girl eager to have an intimate moment with someone she likes and it's 12 y…[View]
184728875Who is the main character of Psycho-Pass?: Kogami or Akane?[View]
184734798WHY IS THIS SO BORING ?[View]
184737390Nisekoi: Is it even worth watching until the end? I'm on Season 1 episode 14 and it's been…[View]
184736498Should I, a heterosexual male, watch Free?[View]
184699374A trail of blood: New chapters of crazy hot mom are out[View]
184737173Glasses make girls look better, you can't refute me.[View]
184733345Do you think anime is better watched binged or watched as it's aired?[View]
184650093OLs are scary. Do not interact[View]
184732529Who did it better? Which one was the worse asspull?[View]
184726926>This entire sequence Categorically axiomatic Mongolian carpet weaving kinography…[View]
184736994So, how much longer till she actually ends up raping her brother?[View]
184722160Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 134: Radio[View]
184729353Would you ask Tamomo on a date? What would it be?[View]
184725718Post the character of the decade[View]
184734267Why is she so based?[View]
184730443Oh no, Kokoro is sad! How do you cheer her up?[View]
184730003So what did you think of magi? Personally i loved the artstyle, the jokes, the characters. The story…[View]
184660196ITT: Manga images/moments that genuinely gave you chills[View]
184736005Why didn't Goku IT to the supreme kai and get his earrings?[View]
184734211ITT: great scenes in otherwise mediocre shows[View]
184731073/a/ watches Azumanga Daioh: It's the 20th anniversary of Azumanga Daioh so why don't we wa…[View]
184727838You wouldn't an aho, would you /a/?[View]
184736224Why does the animation get worse by ever stage ? budget issues >?[View]
184734017Do you think that Tesuo was a bad person?[View]
184719850Reminder that Megumin and Kazuma are a couple and it will be the endgame![View]
184734188What is the best Initial D song and why is it hearbeat[View]
184733332Who is best human girl of the season given that Haru is best girl overall?[View]
184736116Nails thread: Guess a character by the nails Staring with a easy one[View]
184736113Sketchbook: This is Yutanpo.[View]
184735953Yugioh had a really good final arc, it's too bad it didn't appeal to the audience at all a…[View]
184726105Is it, dare I say it, time for plan C?[View]
184710287Is everybody ditching Kirara?: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-02-15/laid-back-camp-manga…[View]
184729333Was Cat made to suffer?[View]
184735501Hina and Natsuo 10 years ago: Weird perspective of their relationship Sasuga san[View]
184735005Mato Seihei: Does your sister love you enough to call you the world's most handsome?[View]
184733685You guys like Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi?[View]
184732766Schwarz Klee: >Vermilion is considered the color of life, associated with blood because of the re…[View]
184729934Know the difference[View]
184707209Kakegurui thread. Kirari or Ririka?[View]
184712544Date a Live: Must touch Tohka's tohkas![View]
184735100I'm so confused why Seiichi acts so weird?[View]
184663336Is this really appropriate workplace behaviour?[View]
184728154What went wrong with JСStaff? S1 has better quality and battle scenes than S3.[View]
184734737Nukoduke: How come no one is talking about this manga? This series is a good read after a stressful …[View]
184733473Post moments when an anime jumps the shark.[View]
184721861Endro~!: Just look at these dorks[View]
184707522So now that the dust has settled, are we ready to talk about Kirino being best girl?[View]
184721504Literally who can defeat him?[View]
184722691Kadokawa Cannibalizes Dwango: >Dwango has been under performing in the merger that they've h…[View]
184728427Is Elfen Lied a good anime?[View]
184729678So I just finished watching all of Rozen Maiden. Now can someone please catch me up on the 10+ years…[View]
184730465Magane is hot: Did she conquer America?[View]
184730137Junji Ito: guess who's back baby next page is exactly what you think, but i don't wanna ri…[View]
184729011Help me, /a/. I think I'm in love with Nabe-saaaa...n.[View]
184732790Ok /a/ What are your guilty pleasures Whats the trash series that you unironically enjoy For me its …[View]
184732553Good night... /a/[View]
184733153tell it to me straight bros. did Ataru really love Lum?[View]
184731998This is how you deal with a violent girl about to hit you, beta MCs please take note.[View]
184725118How do you feel about boob physics?[View]
184731523Fullmetal Alchemist: About to watch this for the first time. Do you guys recommend I watch this subb…[View]
184731830Is there any reason to watch Evangelion in the current year?[View]
184705842Anon and his waifu: V/a/lentine's Day 2019: Valentine's Day is over, but I'll still b…[View]
184730328>watching anime weekly as it's airing[View]
184731838Cowboy Bebop is pretty cool, but...: This guy's voice actor is also Frieza's and it feels …[View]
184731489This is the choice of Stein's;Gate[View]
184731538Do you have a favorite megane? Surely not all of them are worst girls.[View]
184669206Precure: Nono Hana is your cupid of love this Valentine's Day![View]
184732461Would you let Natsuo write an oc novel for you then chase after you for 30 chapters?[View]
184722549Parallel Paradise Special 03 Eng: With Okamoto on a break this week, our guys are at least deliverin…[View]
184731848Why does /a/ hate sports anime so much?: I would much rather watch a well-told sports series with pe…[View]
184722577JoJo Vento Aureo: So... Shadow Diavolo next week?[View]
184730963Patches for Obscure Anime?: Hey, /a/nons. Occasional lurker here here with a kinda off topic post, b…[View]
184731825Red: Communist terrorists are cute. CUTE![View]
184731681>https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47252304 >The British-led mission to test tech…[View]
184718623One Piece: How come Orochi's servants are loyal as fuck while Kyoshiro can't keep his bitc…[View]
184728748What is it with Japan obsessing about a girl's dirty laundry like 'pansu'? I've been wonde…[View]
184730185Chapter 8 is finally fucking here, what did you guys think of the fight with the zombie dragon?[View]
184712124Dungeon Meshi: Chapter 51: Fat dump https://mangadex.org/chapter/542882/1[View]
184731065The Great Debate[View]
184723444Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen Chapter 38: Didn't see a thread, so I'm gonna dump the c…[View]
184729699Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru: Does she really have a fiance?[View]
184729351New game: Drawing Suzukaze Aoba[View]
184726523Anime Birthdays: Post characters who you share a birthday with. Also, Happi Basdae, to anyone who is…[View]
184730458Konosuba: Why don’t you read the novel anon. Are you scared of words? kek[View]
184727909Can you guys help me? I was watching JoJo today and my player keeps skipping at the end. What happen…[View]
184712154boku no slime: Why is he such a scumbag to Milim? She defended Rigurd when some outsider attacked hi…[View]
184726422top 10 animes this season?[View]
184729911You people on here don't know what kino anime is because you're all young and didn't …[View]
184705446What is the worst character archetype?[View]
184730164she's a brat! BRAT![View]
184728172Just one kiss She is waiting kacchan[View]
184688861Describe her in two words, /a/.[View]
184707138Mitsudomoe: Just started watching some episodes of Mitsudomoe, way better than Lucky Star just to be…[View]
184684133Asuka: Where's my thread[View]
184729952>Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next 72 hours. Click here to submit your app…[View]
184729522Whos the best Chojin?[View]
184728157Promised Neverland: So you know a special massage technique that'll save the demons? Aw gee whi…[View]
184719572Don't forget to give you daily offering of cola and chiipu's to Umaru[View]
184729294Jojo isn’t ga-[View]
184713512Bros, I think I'm Kaos(;・д・)[View]
184729035Have you ever fallen in love with your apartment manager?[View]
184727248Why the fuck are we not playing in the winter cup? I tune in, check the roster and cant find /a/ any…[View]
184715470this defined the early 2000s[View]
184728712Boku no Hero Academia: >I'm also starting to think Kirishima actually will be one of the oth…[View]
184728239it's about time we sat down by the fireplace and had a rather more retarded thread draw your wa…[View]
184705191Is there such a thing as a scary Anime?: If so, I haven't seen it.[View]
184728714Hi people of /a/. I come from the far away lands of /ic/ in search of anime recommendations that I c…[View]
184729240*ahem* Fuck elevens, fuck britannians and fuck geass users, but most importantly FUCK loyalty[View]
184728242>ywn abandon this miserable existence to get summoned into an isekai then be granted with magical…[View]
1847214384 DAYS[View]
184727995GochiUsa: So how did you spend your Valentine's with Chino?[View]
184724113Coppelion: How was this show? Is it any good?[View]
184728734Boku No Hero Academia: >Bakugou learns about the vestiges and the 6th OFA holder So, how long unt…[View]
184719222Will we ever have a MC that can hold a candle to his greatness?[View]
184713855What's your favorite school uniform in an anime? I like the one in Yuru Yuri.[View]
184727839So what, they're like frienimies now? Goku revived him with the Dragon balls after the Tourname…[View]
184695665SSSS.GRIDMAN: Okay, /a/. Here's some free stuff. Full scans of the Staff Sketch Book, the offic…[View]
184726225Watari-kun: She's going to lose isn't she?[View]
184673053>[HorribleSubs] Girly Air Force - 06 [720p].mkv[View]
184632521Which trap has the best design?[View]
184717141Shingeki no Kyojin: >Eren is going to betray Zeke-[View]
184723314Shigofumi: >father asks the younger daughter to help out with the photographs for one day >the…[View]
184713152Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter 217 is out. >Monoma is useless.[View]
184721832Lets talk about comfy live action anime adaptations both Japanese and American. Ranking to get thing…[View]
184727286you agree?[View]
184726737recommend me some genderbent anime/manga[View]
184716603Act Age 53: ttps://mangashow.me/bbs/board.php?bo_table=msm_manga&wr_id=614097 New member of Yona…[View]
184727862One Rin to rule them all.[View]
184721884Does any anon know about Case Study of Vanitas? From Pandora Hearts author[View]
184725902is pokemon furry?[View]
184721996Why is Pitou so lovely?[View]
184718815>most powerful in his small city >most powerful in his country >most powerful in the world …[View]
184727673Reminder: >TV anime Shit >80s OVAs Based…[View]
184713083Osomatsu-san THE MOVIE: This movie is going to be absolutely insane, more so than that Conan movie. …[View]
184726183What even is this?[View]
184694455Watamote: I don't understand. Why are they so bothered by Tomoko acting friendly with Asuka?…[View]
184711940Do people really think traps are hot?[View]
184718606>ITT series where Dub > Sub[View]
184725608batman respect thread: [Bane] (http://i.imgur.com/1IEQCC7.png) is a hitman and professional mercenar…[View]
184659924Kemurikusa: Episode 6 discussion and speculah! Touch the shark! Do it now![View]
184726309Would he have beaten Neji if he was set against him in the Chunnin Exams?[View]
184725683Been binge reading Infinite Dendrogram and man what a good ride. I was really not expecting much fro…[View]
184712506Can we agree in anticipation that this is going to suck absolute ass?[View]
184726089Ping Pong: How was it so damn good?[View]
184726727Anime is finally real lads[View]
184726665Patlabor is shit...[View]
184725171Gag dubs: How did ADV and Funimation get away with these?[View]
184722975This censorship is getting annoying.[View]
184717814Index 3: Why is WORST so BEST?[View]
184723259>Torrents for a 2 cour show that are bigger than 10GB Literally why. You're just wasting my …[View]
184725992PARASYTE: Holy shit. This is like The Sopranos of animes.[View]
184715805I love girls that I could beat up in a fight, they make me feel so masculine.[View]
184707360While those other slut roasties are fucking multiple men during Valentines, Rui has stayed pure for …[View]
184722548Enlighten me, ol'mighty /a/, what is her face trying to say?[View]
184725778Я люблю Яйка! Я тоже люблю Rоссию и Kлару![View]
184719438Shinka is wet.[View]
184672193High School DxD: Best DxD on Valentine's day.[View]
184725419What's the scariest scene in manga history?[View]
184723847Yakuza anime would it work?: With all the video game anime adaptations you'd think there would …[View]
184699636Egao no Daika: >loli hitler never We've been tricked.[View]
184714507Let's talk about Paranoia Agent.[View]
184723644Did she ever recover? Dropped after Bound arc, sorry minna.[View]
184724426>this was cut out: How could you, David Productions?[View]
184722804are you fucking joking[View]
184719013N-no head? nani?[View]
184721643I just finished binge-reading Attack on Titan and caught up to the latest chapter. Now I don't …[View]
184689135SONICO VS POCHACO Super Sonico Season 2 when?[View]
184699243I dont get it[View]
184701424SUGOI DEKA-[View]
184723620is 70s anime good? Hows Lupin?[View]
184693605Mai Ball!: >next chapter is the last[View]
184723258What is your biggest pet peeve for character design in games?[View]
184685145Black Clover: Waiting for those Valentines spoilers![View]
184708158JoJo Golden Wind Episode 19: Episode is out in 4ish hours. Possibly there will be a new OP[View]
184721835So, we're getting that S2 next year, right?[View]
184718638How to cope with the fact that mecha anime is fucking shit now?[View]
184718848anyone here remember it?[View]
184722958Kishimoto stole the design baka[View]
184708899Well, /a/? Which girl do you choose?[View]
184716660the main girl of the last show you watched has to beat Juri in a duel how fucked is she[View]
184719780Wich one of these 2 makes a great point?[View]
184721790Is she gonna fuck the bear or what?[View]
184721573What do you think are the most 2000s anime? I think H2O: Footprints in the Sand might be up there. J…[View]
184720197.... ohayou gozai... masu...[View]
184721649Frame Arms Girl: MAXIMUM BULLYING[View]
184714953Best /a/ of the last decade ?: Winter 2000 - Boogiepop wa Warawanai Spring 2000 - Love Hina Summer 2…[View]
184720439What does everyone see in her? She's kinda average - looking if you ask me.[View]
184723076I feel like I unintentionally took a large break from reading manga. I'd like some suggestions …[View]
184722205Goodnight, sweet princess.[View]
184687142>its a Lunge episode[View]
184718340What was her name again[View]
184720911I hate this shit, lol[View]
184713424For me, it's Yurika[View]
184692301Winter 2019 Mid-Season Ranking Thread: >AOTS Dororo >Great MP100 S2 Wataten >Good Asuka Kot…[View]
184712004Madara: Name a better villain.[View]
184719285They Say I Was Born A Kings Daughter: Not sure if this is the right board to post about this since i…[View]
184686100Kaguya-sama: It's valentines yet we still don't know what the fuck this is![View]
184708853Chainsaw Man Ch10 KRaw are out[View]
184720870>adventurer guild[View]
184721522Finally a well made anime with decent plot.[View]
184713542Best volume since Volume 1. Probably even better. Very glad to see this getting saved; it was getti…[View]
184656373Bokuben/We Can't Study/We Never Learn/whatever: today is the Valentine's event, also Spoil…[View]
184713266So why exactly is 'O MY RUBBER NEN' bad when Togashi does it but 'O MY THUNDER FRUIT' is good when O…[View]
184712851How would you redeem his character[View]
184662076The Pro,ised Neverland 123[View]
184638954Wataten: >one loli uses shuriken >the other loli uses smug Smug will rule the world, confirme…[View]
184718458>subs for OP differ from the translation of the OP listed online >those minor English mistakes…[View]
184718000What does /a/ think about Sgt. Frog? Personally it's one of my favorite animes of all time[View]
184719666has your waifu ever treated you as a friend? I mean just a friend? also, Waginaria!! thread[View]
184710525So is all anime this cringey?: My only anime experience is shit like DBZ, Pokemon as a kid and Death…[View]
184717025Holy fuck I can't believe he went there. As a member of a fellow slowly dying civilization, thi…[View]
184719401>tfw you realize Kubo designed Urahara like a scarecrow >his look when Urahara stitches his ey…[View]
184708851So I just got back from seeing the DanMachi movie. Turns out you get a shot story as your extra. I d…[View]
184718698Any info about the singer of this (half) anime: any related info concerning the anime is welcomed…[View]
184710143AnimeJapan 2019 line up illustrations[View]
184718126KIMI NO NAVAJO[View]
184717704Do you think they’ll finally fuck in the next volume? or at least hold hands[View]
184711969>an anime girl drinks lots of milk in a very short time because she wants to have bigger tits…[View]
184718603Have you ever fallen in love with your apartment manager before?[View]
184718199Whats the most original anime opening?[View]
184718157 [View]
184688185>destroying an isekai world by making it dependent on anime like the Europeans did with China usi…[View]
184714081What is skinny Gogeta's power level?[View]
184715373But why?[View]
184717880Houseki no Kuni: Leaks soon, how many pages will be dedicated to Craig and Bowie fucking? also remi…[View]
184717926Hentai character idea: Don’t you think she deserve good hentai ? (It’s alma from jewelpet thinkle)…[View]
184713279Who would win, Kid Goku or Goten?[View]
184695558Dragon Ball Super: What is next for Gohan?[View]
184717374Who was in the wrong here?[View]
184714445Gyaru & Megane: Is this the best timeline?[View]
184701973Shingeki no Kyojin: Predict the asspull[View]
184707762I am gonna watch this for the first time. Wish me luck, guys.[View]
184708935One Piece: What's next for Kyoshiro and Komurasaki? Do you think Kyoshiro might be one of the 9…[View]
184710141One Rin to rule them all.[View]
184707445Boku no Hero Academia: Just wanted to remind you guys that these are not confirmed future villains d…[View]
184716697What would you ask for?[View]
184713024My Senpai is Annoying: Here be Chapter 62nd of a cute little romance with loli kouhai. As always, pl…[View]
184716789What makes it and related series so good?[View]
184709011Dragon Ball GT: Do you think Dragon Ball well ever get a non-canon sequel/rewrite of GT? (Excluding …[View]
184712664Why didn't people take advatnage of the dragon war to turn into ghouls? Fucking hell if this sh…[View]
1847020975toubun no hanayome: This episode was pretty good[View]
184716690Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: Anjou is such a semen demon. are there any new raws yet?[View]
184668013Kengan Omega: New chapter out, boys. Chapter 5 : VS Kokuro[View]
184684157Raildex: God Kuroko is the fucking cutest Railgun.[View]
184691899JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: The Plot Thickens[View]
184693963>girl falls in love with the mc because he saves her[View]
184713499Nagatoro: Did they?[View]
184711555So, I was binging the Chimera Ant arc for like the 4th or 5th time. I was reading the dialogue over,…[View]
184713365I finally realized... Josei/otome isekai > Seinen/shonen isekai. Seinen/shonen isekai: >cheesy…[View]
184715405>made by Tezuka Productions Would have Osamu Tezuka approved harem shows being made under his com…[View]
184706640My feels for Madoka is unironically how I understand Christians must feel about Jesus.[View]
184714895>everyone is on varying levels of asshole the show This show man[View]
184712702What does /a/ think of this?[View]
184715491crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch[View]
184711984So, /a/, what are they?[View]
184713372What is the point of male characters? They never contribute anything to the plot and are almost alwa…[View]
184714086Is there anything that Yukino can't do?[View]
184715285So this is what Japanese shitposting is like...[View]
184631435Kemono Friends 2: I forgive you, now come and have Tanoshii.[View]
184712856Name a better master/servant pairing, you can't![View]
184714958Gilgamesh vs Arcueid[View]
184701334Kogure-senpai is so sexy. I want to eat her armpit onigiri. I need her scent and bodily fluid in my …[View]
184712994one punch man: Show those filthy monsters all they are good for[View]
184702595This is the only ideal female mc. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
184705738Ride On King: The wait is over[View]
184713472Jojo's: Even after years, Jojo's still speaks to me.[View]
184687508Uma Musume: So I guess this anime is dead? It has to be if there's STILL no OVA by now.[View]
184694328Kaguya 138: Time for a lewd chapter.[View]
184713565What's the secret of creating a good edgy show?[View]
184712778 [View]
184713159South bird: wit, doesn't this make the whole log pose thing unnecessary ?[View]
184704224My version of this chart is old as fuck. 2015. Do you think it's still accurate for the charac…[View]
184710135Just in case nobody said this to ya on St. Valentine. Luv you, 4chan, you're the best :3[View]
184688020>green hair what did toriyama mean by this[View]
184709106Why are so many Goku's friends originally enemies, like Oolong, Yamcha, Piccolo, Vegeta, Majin …[View]
184712833Mato Seihei no Slave 6[View]
184678910ITT: Winners[View]
184715951Shojo Manga Recommendations [spoiler]Also general shojo discussion[/spoiler]: I'm wanting to bu…[View]
184711200Question for those who can speak Nihongo: Has learning the language changed your perception and appr…[View]
184709325ITT: romcom/harem losers[View]
184703298What's with shonen protagonists being complete bitch boys?: Whatever happened to the dudes who …[View]
184656017Why was it so fucking good then so fucking bad, anyone have a series that could fill the hole?[View]
184710987Crunchyroll cartel translated. Fuck you mods.: >Crunchyroll representative got several anime site…[View]
184711282Artemis is cuuuutee: Just got back from seeing this. Needed Artemis x Hestia, needed more action, ne…[View]
184711153Left or right?[View]
184707474Me and the Devil Blues thread: new chapter when?[View]
184700427Post moments when an anime completely jumps the shark[View]
184711735Is it possible to jerk off so much that you break your penis engine? I mean the wiring behind your p…[View]
184707127How would you fix SHAFT?: other studio could have done it better ?[View]
184644542Dungeon Meshi: Have there been any leaks for 51 yet?[View]
184680621AiFure Prichan Eggpets Netorilu Shining Star: Chae Nara is a hero.[View]
184707770ITT: Escapist power fantasies so heavy-handed it's almost nauseating.[View]
184710355Houseki no Kuni: Who is best gem and why is it Jade?[View]
184707394what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
184586392Sword Art Online Alicization: Episode 18.5 PV pics are here >it's gonna be mostly a recap an…[View]
184710564If only this little shit could keep his dick in his pants through the middle school everything would…[View]
184710773Yes, yes, well done, Chika. Well done, Chika. HOWEVER[View]
184699758City Hunter 2019: Was ths movie good? What about the french one?[View]
184685708hope you had a nice Valentine's Day /a/nons![View]
184688216Why is there no thread about best girl winning best boy? 2019 /a/ sure is shit[View]
184709324Could the MC of the last anime you watched defeat Akanegon?[View]
184705423why are most male anime mc's skinny little basedboys? when will we get some real men?[View]
184710093Remember years ago when they occasionally made good anime?[View]
184709690What does her pussy taste like?[View]
184708278Manga > Anime: I've stopped watching anime and started reading manga. Best decision ever (I …[View]
184700421Uzaki is CUTE![View]
184710257When did you realize that Sora will forever be the cutest and sexiest imouto?[View]
184706421>The virgin backpack Loli >The Chad Love-interest Rucksack Black Clover one ups MHA once again…[View]
184706303ITT: unsurpassed anime in their respective genres pic related = mecha, film noir, scifi fill the res…[View]
184707247Shoujo: >Main guy spreads fake photos of the girl with older men around the school >Makes up r…[View]
184704835Ueno: Today's lunch is[View]
184710228Left or right?[View]
184709978She's going to lose, isn't she?[View]
184709496What is this type of girl called?[View]
184689321Objectively 10/10 openings: Happy valentines days, anon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxHJIIwh60…[View]
184684237Raildex: >80% of the population is students Is it really possible for a gigantic city to function…[View]
184709116Fighting Gold: FIGHTING GOLD!!!!![View]
184709295Princess Connect: Priconne anime announced during the game's anniversary stream.[View]
184709083Why is vampire girl archetype so shit?[View]
184702602One Piece: O-Lin is cute! CUTE!!![View]
184708624Gundam X: Could they do this to Amuro?[View]
184707443>he made me who i am, kakarot. is it wrong that this hit me hard?[View]
184708781Is Jabami Yumeko a well written character?[View]
184707399How would you stop yourself from instacumming if you found yourself in this situation?[View]
184706988ITT:Great characters with poor screentime[View]
184703192how is it so good? It does everything but comedy right.[View]
184707116Has an anime ever taught you anything?[View]
184703587ITT: JoJo ART[View]
184706995>Tons of anime & manga about Go >Tons of anime & manga about Mahjong >Tons of anime…[View]
184699287She'll never get a figure: >No one cares about your waifu >She's only your's …[View]
184689982Has an anime ever awakened a fetish inside of you?[View]
184696526d-frag: season 2 when?[View]
184705963ITT: Post and discuss sakuga/animation[View]
184701014Post confirmed canon ships from ongoing manga or LN.[View]
184702845Why is Fate/stay night so beloved on 4chan?[View]
184697475Tomo-chan: Wasn't the Hiatus supposed to be over on the 11th?[View]
184708446>Naruto: zoomer generations[View]
184680365Houseki no Kuni: For me it's Lapis[View]
184708161Look at this ugly human[View]
184702044Kill la Kill: is he a good character?[View]
184707788Reminder Chocolate & Tan girls aways the cutest girls in their series. And are equal to girls wi…[View]
184707814Kakegurui XX[View]
184707615>you will never protect that smile[View]
184701657Do nekos have human ears? What would a bald neko look like if they only had their cat ears?[View]
184691775Did you liked my show /a/? Was it kino?[View]
184702826Boku no hero academia: Chapter is out: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/my-hero-academia/en/0/217…[View]
184699397Shingeki no Kyojin: I just want Zeke to be happy.[View]
184704567>Goodbye Frieza, never do mischief again. May you live the rest of your life in peace Just how fu…[View]
184646110Raphtalia adult >>> Raphtalia kid: Look at pic related, she is so fucking pretty.[View]
184706752Hey /a/. I have asburgers so I have some difficulty this, hopefully you can help me out: What is thi…[View]
184701580Daughter of the year.[View]
184706676Alright let's post the BIGGEST manlets[View]
184703059Best Girl Is A Cat: How can human girls compete?[View]
184700746Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: New chapter of Incel Hero out. There’s a new princess.[View]
184706423If you're discussing anime with someone and they say Miyazaki is their favorite director, do yo…[View]
184699366Justify your irrational hatred of Elicchi in 3 words or less.[View]
184592842So I just started reading 'Case Closed.' I'm planning on reading all... Thousand plus chapters.…[View]
184701952Do you think she browsed 4chan during her trip through the Internet?[View]
184696788>Cheeseburger >Lettuce What is this blasphemy?…[View]
184680319Endro~! えんどろ~!: You need to praise the elf, anon. Praise the elf. Now. The elf needs to be praised. …[View]
184704472Which Class has the best waifus?[View]
184702227Jimoto ga Japan: *Saves Anime, Shonen Jump and Japanese tourism* have /a/ accepted our savior yet? a…[View]
184693932What do you think Megumin and Kazuma did for Valentines?[View]
184697835fate stay night: i love saber[View]
184705372Do you ever wake up in the morning and cry tears of joy knowing you live in a timeline were Togashi-…[View]
184702149Aria Series: Are those Aria BDs so blurry and look upscaled or do I have to get the ones on Animebyt…[View]
184695337 [View]
184705657is anime mainstream now?[View]
184698205>be virgin beta male >literal goddess fall in love with you only in anime…[View]
184705277favourite 2000s anime - your opinion![View]
184695899How are you guys holding up this Valentine's day?[View]
184693777Dragon Ball Super thread: Cute green waifu[View]
184704949>the virgin Darling in the Franxx started out great, ended horribly >the chad Ancient Magus…[View]
184703837>2019 >still no 20th century boys anime[View]
184705153ITT: Same Energy[View]
184704517If you try anything funny, I'll crush you with my thighs![View]
184701803This shit is still bonkers to this day. Imagine SuperS releasing around this day and age.[View]
1846893783x3 Thread[View]
184693206Alone on valentines night anon?[View]
184687247Orchestr/a/: Happy Valentine's Day from Orchestr/a/ Kick back with your waifu and enjoy some tu…[View]
184698382This show is hilarious. How was the following when it was airing? I'm only on episode 3 but fuc…[View]
184704086Why does Goku and Bulma speak the same language when they meet? Goku has been isolated alone in the …[View]
184693499Anon and his waifu: V/a/lentine's Day 2019: Alright, got everything from last thread, I hope. G…[View]
184695303Slut waifus are best waifus. They'll do ANYTHING[View]
184702770>character starts info dumping[View]
184693304ITT: Losers: Characters that are canonically losers and will never win[View]
184703723My hero discussion thread, recent chapter discussion. So since we know now that Eri has an accumula…[View]
184703696What's he looking at, /a/?[View]
184692206What show has some well written villains?[View]
184703474New key visual for Kimetsu no yaiba and new they release a short pv https://twitter.com/kimetsu_off/…[View]
184688812What do?[View]
184703325Dark side blues.[View]
184700928Just who comes up with this shit?[View]
184701595Anime idea: The more ridiculous your hair, the stronger you are[View]
184695435How did Hosoda do it?: >the first non-Ghibli anime film nominated for an Oscar >not Your Name.…[View]
184690188for me, its stocking[View]
184702610For all his godly powers and asspulls not even Naruto would have stayed. I just realised Luffy does …[View]
184685161Boku No Hero Academia: I have a serious question. Ignoring the fact that a gay ship has never ever b…[View]
184698199One Piece: chapters out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/933/page/1[View]
184685911Mob psycho 100 Thread: Internet sex symbol Reigen episode was good ^_^[View]
184676474My bf is not an autist[View]
184697877Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Where is the new chapter?[View]
184670588Chika-Sama: Love is War: Her dance is so cute and I cant stop watching![View]
184699982/a/nime openings: Post your favorite op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE_CewGiHsI[View]
184699413Meanwhile in Class /a/ at Shibusen Academy..[View]
184701514Despite its reputationas a result of its dub, this show is actually pretty spooky. The cheap animati…[View]
184696916Do they really expect me to feel sorry for a fucking whore?[View]
184692885>anime opening is by a gaijin instant classic alert[View]
184700274Guys HELP. I think I'm in love with this show[View]
184637767KOF A New Beginning 14.1: For all the anons interested from the previous KOF thread, the newest chap…[View]
184701429Tiger Mask W: Just finished it. War Game arc was a clear highlight and the finale made me cream my p…[View]
184698791Arakawa Under the Bridge: Have you rewatched this? Its been nearly 9 years.[View]
184701323Best Player Setup: How do I make my line art (subjectively) better? I want my web-dls to look like m…[View]
184701223Thanks for spending your Valentine's Day with me, Anon.[View]
184698141Is this the most powerful OP of the decade?[View]
184696516r/a/dio Valentines redux: The night is young and the love induced depression is yet to come. Tune in…[View]
184656415Shield tate: wtf he enslaved poor Filo???? what a scum[View]
184685016post shows no one on /a/ hates: I'll start[View]
184678615Post a character without actually posting them.[View]
184700952Houseki no Kuni: Can these gems be ANY sluttier at this point?[View]
184683512Tower of God Thread: Picked this back up after five or six years, had a pretty enjoyable ride, altho…[View]
184700223No seriously. Why are her lips so plump and full and really pink? DSL's was a meme that came ou…[View]
184695175Kingdom: Why do I never see a kingdom thread on here? Does /a/ hate kingdom?[View]
184673721Valentine's oneshot dumping: Hey /a/, there isn't one of these threads yet this year and t…[View]
184700047Haibane Renmei - Cute Girls Doing Cute Suffering: >Oh hey all this shady and fucked up shit is go…[View]
184697511Just how much fan service is there going to be in this? Is it true that it's going to be R-rate…[View]
184697392mieruko chan chapter 7 preview[View]
184699733K-on was released 10 years ago[View]
18469801550 years and I'm still mad[View]
184678188Mitsuboshi Colors: How do I get rid of these fucking little cunts? t. Saito[View]
184699473Frieza is just a punching bag as long as he is alive, is that why Beerus let him live?[View]
184699281Out of context panels/pages.[View]
184695798>are you really always like that >yeah... I am what was asagiri's fucking problem? I thou…[View]
184691209How did I do?[View]
184697067Aharen-chan: the absolute cutest[View]
184698041Chihayafuru: Why does he have so many orbiters?[View]
184677980What is your honest opinion on Madoka?[View]
184678822Shingeki no Annie!: How can the other, lesser girls, compete?[View]
184691656Shield Hero Dude: Is he the rapist?[View]
184697209Why is she so lewd? She is a queen.[View]
184686558what did she see in him /a/?[View]
184683777ITT characters who canonically stink[View]
184697226Post the people who'll help you get through the night.[View]
184632125Overlord: >we will never see beyond the human containment zone and overlord’s take on western mon…[View]
184691329Azumanga Daioh: Just a reminder that Osaka is one of the most clever ideas for a character in the hi…[View]
184696522What is this type of underwear called?[View]
184697504Why are autistic male characters so much more appealing than anything else? Not trying to meme, I ge…[View]
184695299Do you like it when the female is the dominant one in the relationship in anime/manga?[View]
184671363How do we fix Type-Moon?[View]
184680998Which anime does magic the best?[View]
184693937Norman should've die; literally trash character: and no I'm not a rayfag[View]
184682724Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu: Hey, new chapter is out! Second year is over, there's only one lef…[View]
184696739Hiroya Oku: Anyone else love this guy's work? Inuyashiki was great, and Gigant is shaping up to…[View]
184693891This idiot is still in my mind, I have several problems in my life and being gay is one of those thi…[View]
184669221One Piece: Title:Saimurai’s mercy Cover: Enel blowing bubble gum with frog(s) Orochi is the user of …[View]
184695849I can't believe he's fucking dead[View]
184693407Valintines Day is all butt love day. So show me some booty.[View]
184691981Spice & Wolf: *BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* That's all it takes for a wolfgirl to enter your wagon …[View]
184693577yOu’rE All a BuNcH oF HoGetARas[View]
184692820You can only pick one.[View]
184694633So, how is Kemurikusa being rated by the japaneses?: Do they like it too? This is one of the best sh…[View]
184680672So what's the deal with Komi?[View]
184693639Mecha with swords or Mecha with guns?[View]
184692598Kimi no Na wa is literally AOTD in every single possible category, i.e. plot, visuals, animation qua…[View]
184684861It's time for a NEET Thread.[View]
184695254It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen.[View]
184691318hey this isn't bad[View]
184695735Better than that other witch show with the girl with only 2 INT. You know the one.[View]
184689783Baki: Am I the only anon that liked him/his arc?[View]
184691877>these four will NEVER all go on an adventure together again[View]
184658081Has an anime ever made you cry?[View]
184684333REVIVE >>> JIBUN WOOO[View]
184694974How did pic related Valentine's Day go? Was it covered in the show/ln? I just come here to shit…[View]
184692189Endearing Tropes: Guy A : In all the time I've known Guy B, he has beaten me in every fight we…[View]
184693238This is amazing so far. I'm wondering though, how well did it sell? I'm guessing well, sin…[View]
184685197Boku no Hero Academia: >its an AfO episode where he kills All Might's master, dumpsters Gran…[View]
184692229Got some rare things on sale, stranger![View]
184693026Griffith Thead: Post Griffith pics[View]
184691680Thoughts on Vegeta /a/?[View]
184611917made in abyss: is he smilling? i can't tell does anyone have seeds/links for the films[View]
184693955Did anyone see this coming? Wow, this guy is genkai[View]
184691552I MISS HER —I MISS MY ANNY.[View]
184673719This is the most overrated piece of shit I have ever seen.[View]
184692825GA GA GA GA GACHI DAZE MOMENTS: post gachi daze moments of series other than DB super[View]
184682345Dragon Ball Super: How do you feel about human shaped Ozarus (aka legendary saiyans)?[View]
184682286ITT: Anime that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of love: In celebration of Valentines Day, let us s…[View]
184662710[Nauti] Kakegurui XX - 06 [026F36F4].mkv [720p] get inside the gamble hole[View]
184692514Special time with your special girl: Am I too late for the waifu thread?[View]
184692019How would the waterfall scene go if road to ninja hinata was the one bathing?[View]
184691524How come this Boruto episode had more charm and better character dynamics than Mitsuki's 20 epi…[View]
184690056You wouldn't accept candy from a stranger, would you?[View]
184687746R/a/dio Valentines: Gather 'round for the night of the year of booze, depression, and discussio…[View]
184688990after the long 'the lost village' thread, i checked out the show. lmao. the opening. hahahahah hahah…[View]
184691935Hey /a/, when something interesting happens ... or something actually happens in this manga?[View]
184692510look at this retard[View]
184693108Godlike Anime OST that is fairly unknown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhNafYE65T8[View]
184689034Deku versus Muscular was a complete asspull: ALL MIGHT I'M DYING WHAT DO I DO JUST GET BETTER A…[View]
184683262I know you'd do the same...[View]
184688304>oh no, can't punch the woman, she's weak, she can't handle it fucking dropped. ca…[View]
184692325Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend): Would you a Momo /a/?[View]
184678848Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 133: The Group at the Ocean[View]
184684176>lucky star was 20 years ago[View]
184692534Jojo/GioGio: What if... >This scene tomorrow >*Freek'n You starts playing*…[View]
184682503ITT: characters that inspire you[View]
184692343What magazines do you read, and why?[View]
184671560What series does this image apply to?[View]
184691933Will you be spending Valentine's day with your waifu?[View]
184689182Happy Valentine's Day to every /a/non and their waifu! You DID get your waifu a Valentine'…[View]
184681854Ragyo thread: I know this pretty rape girl, I always think about her[View]
184661056Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Reminder that it's Venezia NOT Venice.[View]
184675321Blame!: I was checking this cool piece of art and want to buy it, but I'm not sure whether the …[View]
184686309Imagine if someone like Buu came during the Dragon Ball early seasons, nobody would be able to beat …[View]
184690174Why don't the villains just teleport away from the spirit bomb? Or teleport behind and hit the …[View]
1846721185toubun no hanayome: episode 6 soon[View]
184686286Guess it's just me, Lum, and my hand tonight on Valentine's Day...[View]
184685819Part 6 has some of the best stands and most hype fucking moments in the series. Fuck off anime only …[View]
184686961What would you do to protect this smile?[View]
184691177Best Opening or Ending song of this season?: My vote would be the ending song of Kemurikusa on ep.3 …[View]
184690775>*loads up bb gun* Fuck this. I'm going to kill some crows now.[View]
184689592Haikyuu!!: Why do you guys hate it so much?[View]
184686534why can't my waifu be real[View]
184689703Wtf, so the good guys lost?[View]
184666992Where are all the FemMC isekai?: Average Nanomachine Loli and Bakarina have had no news to them sinc…[View]
184690909What's your opinion on Liar Game: I liked the mind games but it was getting way too repetitive …[View]
184687665Why is good writing so so rare in anime, LNs and manga? Not just world- or character building but ac…[View]
184690481Why does Akane lead guys on? Doesn't she know that it's really painful for the person whos…[View]
184689875He had a kino death scene[View]
184688180Happiness: Well that's it, next one is the conclusion. Hopefully a happy Nora end[View]
184582297Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai: From top to bottom, best to worse: >KYLIE Good fluff, cute expression…[View]
184688943I hate how most DB supporting characters became basically useless after the Frieza saga or even back…[View]
184679869he's such a retard but God, he's endearing![View]
184684813What the fuck is wrong with this anime? Why is it praised so much? Decided to finally watch it, 4 ep…[View]
184687521I dare you to find me a little girl thats purest than Shiva.[View]
184690575hey /a/ i just watched an entire episode without tabing back to 4hcan u jelly[View]
184667277Dororo: >Valentine's day How's that party coming along, lads?…[View]
184689324admit it[View]
184689231why dont we have more good Drama-Romance shows?[View]
184677549Anon and his waifu: V/a/lentine's Day 2019: Note: Current draft hasn't been updated since …[View]
184687363Barietto Ebahgarten: is Violet stupid? (keep sabah posts 1 per person thank you)[View]
184687530Suddenly the fight between Vegeta and Broly has a deeper meaning: and you know exactly what i'm…[View]
184690146attila battle angel 2019: first manga/anime adaptation that surpassed its source, change my mind it…[View]
184690154Black clover: Any black clover fans[View]
184690059Daily Kenrantaru Grande Scene: Chapter 26 Last time Shouko snuck out to practice but got found out b…[View]
184689404NO BLACK NO LIFE[View]
184685088It's time for Lum[View]
184685839So the Kadokawa Producer confirmed that China is gonna influence anime. Your thoughts? Waifu's …[View]
184684104What the Fuck was this?[View]
184689407Biggest issue with the 7 quirks: ...is plot armor and convenience. From now on, Whenever Deku gets i…[View]
184689397>Didn't expect to see you again >who were you again? >wagh!…[View]
184674807Happy Valentine's Day, /a/![View]
184687619hey /a/, dumb question from a /mu/tant here. are anime OSTs typically actual live orchestra, or are …[View]
184689570Did she kill him? Can someone explain the ending?[View]
184680837Kiss x sis thread: So mikuni x keita is the canon couple now. Do you think they'll also break u…[View]
184687361In honour of Valentine's Day, let's all have a cheer for a guy who's girlfriend is LI…[View]
184687528Berserk chapter 357: >world tree is introduced >cuts through time and space getting you to a d…[View]
184609555Would you date an old woman?[View]
184687437Vinland Saga: What scene are you most looking forward to seeing animated?[View]
184664378How about gradually letting my sweet (Dreams) into your heart? Treat yourself (To my Bang Dream): ht…[View]
184688594>kampfer dub It's official. Also like five years too late.[View]
184688557>flicks in your general direction[View]
1846770354K HD Anime?: https://twitter.com/WTK/status/1095911062652751873 Surely that's not feasible?…[View]
184686180Can somebody get a Valentine's Day stream going ASAP, like we do for Toradora around Christmas?[View]
184685773Fire Punch: Usually /a/ has no idea what they are talking about when they call something edgy but da…[View]
184672435Council of the Great Five Romcoms: Is this still a thing? So far we've got: >Kaguya-sama wa …[View]
184687431I love the Hero Club.[View]
184687219 [View]
184681965The next big 3[View]
184679888(SSSS Gridman) Hassu, Utsumi and Valentine's Day: Just translated this cute story. Dumping.…[View]
184688058Miuuuura, you fucking hack. Where is the next volume?[View]
184683881Could anything have saved the Ace Attorney adaptation from being as disappointing as it was?[View]
184687843Post your Valentine's cards, /a/![View]
184682420no more Hulaing Babies: >Unfortunately, while the episode has been aired at this point in time, t…[View]
184685502What if island 7 is Japari Park...[View]
184686970>tfw the very first work of an author that created cute and wholesome manga series is a fucking h…[View]
184676718Damn, this was actually really good. The fight scenes were spectacular. What did you guys think of …[View]
184686605>he watches seasonal anime instead of working on his backlog[View]
184684678Is Whis gay? He looks, speaks and acts like a colossal faggot, i even realized he was a male until l…[View]
184681962Hey anon do you want a tomato?[View]
184681518Happy Birthday, Setsuna! I'm a bit busier this year, so you guys go ahead and start the party w…[View]
184673997Mangadex: Mangadex fell for the blockchain meme Have fun with the bitcoin miners[View]
184686433Words of Wisdom[View]
184686612Is he a good main character?[View]
184684518Nina Forter/Anna Liebert is the best waifu How can any others even compete?[View]
184683209So, what is the message behind this ending? 'War is bad so stop meddling with other countries and mi…[View]
184683172I'd like to use the occassion to remind you all that Togame did absolutely nothing wrong and th…[View]
184685618Here's special chocolate just for you, /a/![View]
184675019Does anybody like this little shit?[View]
184682091IIT: Characters who will spend valentines day alone[View]
184686445ITT: Anime scenes only you like[View]
184680691Tomorrow anon.[View]
184683804Tsurune: Happy Valentine's day bowfriends! The PV for the ova is out and it seems like Masa wil…[View]
184678881could i call this shonenfags-getting-nisio-ishin'ed the show[View]
184680835Phantom Troupe arc > gay Chimera Ant arc[View]
184684696I like Re:zero because it's not just your typical isekai with mc who wins every battle. Subaru…[View]
184647211ITT: To counter all the unnecessary dub faggots that have been permeating /a/ lately with their bull…[View]
184683045Bet you've never even heard of this one. Most obscure anime of the year yet has one of the cute…[View]
184685368Christ, this was terrible.[View]
184681093GUNNM: You will watch her movie, right /a/?[View]
184685091>MC is weaker than the main girl[View]
184679777Karakuri Circus: >Baby is born with hair[View]
184682450Worst design for a Dragon Ball villain ever, i thought Beerus was bad but this guy takes the cake.[View]
184684909Azur Lane: Well, will we see Akagi soon? Summer or Spring?[View]
184683537>/a/ gave a little witch a huge ass thanks to meme power Is this /a/s most grandiose feat?…[View]
184682131What did he mean by this?[View]
184684830Fuck commoners Fuck Reinhard von Lohengramm and FUCK Westerland[View]
184683682City Hunter: Bout to watch this shit tonight. What should I expect?[View]
184684793Why was this arc so satisfying?[View]
184677831Tiny little loli.[View]
184678409Favourite /a/ /mu/: Post 1 (one) of your favourite tracks used in an OST, OP or ED. Remixes are allo…[View]
184677444DBS Broly is a shit movie: >the virgin Burori >Beta personality as a child >muh otou-sama P…[View]
184682949Rokuaka: Is there a single reason to like this?[View]
184670946is MHA overrated?[View]
184677096Boku no Hero Academia: >Hori's work is linked conclusively to homosexual couple promotion th…[View]
184684011>best girl is one of the least popular girls why does this always happen…[View]
184683490fuck marry kill[View]
1846830885-Tobun no Hanayome: Friendly reminder that Miku is gonna win.[View]
184661479Touhou Wild and Hornet Hermit Ch. 49: https://mangadex.org/chapter/541548/1 We are finally at the en…[View]
184683218Blue Pill me on The Asterisk War.[View]
184684043/a/ Doesn't allow webm's making them tonights biggest loser: sticky fingers.[View]
184683358>mom found the poop sock[View]
184682783ITT: In honor of Valentine's day, your favorite anime couples[View]
184683584What is muratata doing with his life? How could he do this to the only waifu-able villain in the ser…[View]
184683747Nagatoro Reaction Images: Chapter 31 is up btw.[View]
184660522why is she so perfect?[View]
184678602It's been a while[View]
184674592Akira thread?[View]
184681747 [View]
184678077To all the singles out there[View]
184659622Kaguya: I N S A T I A B L E[View]
184659695Shokugeki no Soma: Memorial Thread: Sns has gone to complete shit. It's a soon-to-be axed low-r…[View]
184683345>that mangaka[View]
184668986Why would you poke at a girl's face like this?[View]
184680450Ojamajo Doremi: Majorika didn't have a good time. Or did she?[View]
184683077I'm hyped. Do we know where it's going to stream? Is it going to join the GOAT line up on …[View]
184680980feeling like a pure shit, just want berserk chapter back[View]
184654349Raildex: Someone got Mikoto a hat for Valentine's day.[View]
184677511Happy Valentine's Day, Losers!: ITT: We write an Isekai But instead of a Japanese Teenager, the…[View]
184678600she ruined the show[View]
184682857Is it better to watch the 80s anime or the ovas? Are they the same thing?[View]
184671253>There is a snowstorm, there is a snowstorm...[View]
184682711What are you getting Umaru for Valentines day; onii-chan?[View]
184681682Caipirinha caipirinha Wo-oh! Ya-ah![View]
184682651Will any anime ever top this masterpeice?[View]
184681860So basically this ova serie is about closet homosexuality.[View]
184681816Date A Live: Volume 20 coming out March 20th 'In the saved world, dating and making her fall in love…[View]
184677949Has there ever been an anime that has explored teen pregnancy? It would probably be a pretty good tw…[View]
184678556It bums me out that a manga that was so consistently well-written and moving had such a rushed endin…[View]
184681009Light is the good guy in Death Note.Prove me wrong[View]
184678024Jojolion: is Norisuke really gonna fucking die[View]
184681172Tomboy debate: Who's more of a tomboy between Kaguya and Chika? https://www.strawpoll.me/174306…[View]
184648132Dragon Ball Super: Soon[View]
184676041Hey anon, head you were single. Fancy a mingle?[View]
184672446Baioretto wants to give you something for valentines.[View]
184681842Ultimate battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH9u4eZQGk8 On my gym playlist, of course…[View]
184658956WSJ TOC 2019-12: Weekly Shonen Jump 2019-12 Haikyu!! (Cover) Dr. Stone One Piece Kimetsu no Yai…[View]
184677582Yakusoku no Neverland: >new episode drops >0 threads…[View]
184669314One Piece: Spoilers and spoiler pics are out.[View]
184632953This ruined shounen for me. I can't get into One Piece or BNHA because they don't have any…[View]
184631190Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue Ep 6: Raws shortly Subs in a few hours Haha, time to jerk o…[View]
184681424Monster Girls: >this is considered a monster girl/in the same category And you guys are okay with…[View]
184680620AiFure, Eggpets, Prichan but no Netorilu: HOW WAS THE EPISODE?[View]
184678686Welp I'm officially sadder on top of already feeling shit for years on-end now after finally cl…[View]
184678622Is HxH worth reading post-Gon journey being over?: Like where the anime left off.[View]
184666654Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Anime voice actors revealed! >Azumi Waki as Senko >Junichi Suwa…[View]
184681416This sword is very concerned. Please cheer him up.[View]
184681346Cencoroll: He cute. Sequel/TV series when?[View]
184676001ITT how all girls should be treated[View]
184666718Boat thread: Anyone else that should be on the boat?[View]
184677062ITT manga so dumb it's good: Pic related: Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku - Princess of Zipang It's…[View]
184677984Why is japan putting so many traps in anime lately?[View]
184647888Shield hero thread: ep 6 and dub: Episode 6 and the english dub came out today, what do you guys thi…[View]
184649207>$1bn box office What went right?[View]
184679573>always marathon a sad anime on valentine's day to make me feel extra miserable >decide o…[View]
184680058OTP thread: Lets have an OTP thread for Valentines day[View]
184675324she unironically called her cats Hachi and Roku Nice [View]
184678575Owari no seraph: I feel bad for her.[View]
184680748Are there other people who think that an animated adaptation of Gunnm in CGI would be a perfect fit …[View]
184680623Anime Valentines Day Tread: Post the love.[View]
184676146astolfo wants to give you some chocolate anon, will you accept?[View]
184680580THE REAL FOLK BLUE[View]
184680542Tokushusen Asuka: >responsible for multiple magical war crimes. When will she be brought before a…[View]
184668433>people unironically considered this AOTS Explain yourself, /a/.[View]
184678397>that smug grin i-it's over, right?[View]
184652355It's been 3 years. Was he right in the end?[View]
184610388mob should marry his bully and get femdomed[View]
184680379How can other girls even compete?[View]
184676386Ahem! FUCK VALENTINE'S DAY![View]
184676637Gunnm manga discussion: So I picked up Alita to read before watching the movie, and just yesterday I…[View]
184678853>character has such a broken ability they have to be made borderline retarded so they can't …[View]
184674159Maaya Sakamoto is the queen of reverse traps. Akito Sohma: >Active sex life >Rich and beautifu…[View]
184679142yurucamp△: Twin bun Rin-chan looks delicious...[View]
184676770Isayama cant get away with that[View]
184645265Improve her character[View]
184676405What went so right?[View]
184678455I can understand that isekai stories like to start with the protag dying to get into the new world s…[View]
184670975[HorribleSubs] Dimension High School - 06: You should be able to solve this. Jokes aside, is this th…[View]
184680141Someone else laughing at waifufags today?[View]
184680113We like moms right?[View]
184677357This bunny's chastity is your Valentine's day present? Would you accept or refuse?[View]
184665746Happy Valentine's /a/ Are you going to watch the new KanColle anime? In case you haven't h…[View]
184679053What /a/ think about Minami ? i'm so happy when one of my favorite singer get so many attention…[View]
184667594Carry on my wayward son...[View]
184674628Who would win in a fight?[View]
184679733>When Broly charges Goku and Vegeta, the two Saiyans strike their trademark stances >Broly ign…[View]
184619989Buyfag thread: Not a fan of this color variant[View]
184669046Atsumare Fushigi Kenkyu-bu 117[View]
184677190Valentine's Day: Alright /a/, post your Valentine.[View]
184672504animu purotto: Gimme your best, /a/.[View]
184652597ITT you hear you lose: I will begin[View]
184677778Here's why The Beatles are a massive influence on anime as an art form. Without The Beatles, we…[View]
184648817Aifure, Prichan and Cocotama! No Fairilu allowed.: It's valentines day! what did buy for your a…[View]
184667327I'd beat the living shit ouf her, fucking hell[View]
184674233Tonari no Sexysuki-san: Sophie is so god damn sexy and hot.[View]
184676300Let's have a beast discussion/appreciation thread. Just to be clear, we're talking about f…[View]
184676542PRESENT DAY[View]
184679268Which are your favorite examples of fetishists or 'deviants' in anime, /a/?[View]
184649963Watamote: Ucchi did the unforgivable to mokocchi! What should she expect on jail? Does the fact that…[View]
184675977Waiting for another anime classic.: When will we get another anime original classic like Evangelion?…[View]
184675393how do you think they would've spent Valentine's day /a/?[View]
184661322>anime has a /fit/ girl >Is called female gorilla and seen as anything other than the peak of …[View]
184673521Is N T R the thinking man's fetish?[View]
184641963OPM: Who is the organisational leader of the Hero Association? This is one of those plot points that…[View]
184664618Shingeki no kyojin: Fellow EHChads, on today's occasion let's predict how Isayama is going…[View]
184638061Year of the Pig: >Endro~!'s protagonist is fat >Wataten's protagonist is fat Are we …[View]
184666536>t-ten more years of LWA! >no new projects/content announced…[View]
184665782>beta unmusculine guy >have a harem of female orbiters anime is pathethic…[View]
184613668Why did she become so fat?[View]
184676766Why doesn’t he ever fight?[View]
184668779All of these discussions about who the best girl in Goblin Slayer is devalue goblin beauty by pushin…[View]
184639586Happy Valentine! Post OTP[View]
184661530I'm watching SSSS Gridman, and it's been pretty interesting so far. Definitely a lot of fu…[View]
184672527why did araki abandoned the Spin after SBR?[View]
184674884Re:Zero: Happy Valentine Rem[View]
184671586Boku no Hero Academia: >purging both threads Stupid motherfuckers.…[View]
184675941Is evangelion good?: i really want to end this for real http://www.strawpoll.me/17429651/r also have…[View]
184676115>average male anime character >usually don't have a PC or even a laptop >average femal…[View]
184675927Why are lolis?[View]
184676015How come there's STILL no boruto arc where Hinata gets transformed into her shy young self and …[View]
184668654Post the best couples who deserve happy endings[View]
184671867It's Singles Awareness day, lads. Who's your favorite couple? I'll start.[View]
184673508Is Re:Zero a masterpiece?[View]
184672263Is she right?[View]
184675112ITT rare anime girls: I'll start with Kasumin[View]
184675423YUGIOH: Does your cardfu appear in a single anime episode anon?[View]
184664638Konosuba: How would you improve her character?[View]
184673887Official list of directors/writers/composers/studios that have never made anything good: >Nisio I…[View]
184674281Can I request the assassination of a 2D character?[View]
184675097Can we just move in with this stupid valentines day and focus on Anime & Manga instead?[View]
184674319How could someone who looks like this manage to stay single for over 700 years?[View]
184665175Today is Setsuna's birthday, you wouldn't leave her alone again, would you?[View]
184664250Saki: Tanoshii: http://www.sciasta.com/ritz/ Well boys, we have our sumimasen for the month. Ritz go…[View]
184674096We need more tsundere male MCs[View]
184672281Girls are cute when they're flustered.[View]
184656287>Battle ignition starts playing[View]
184661980Seamag dubh: Will we see the conclusion to the Vermillion siblings' fights? Or will we jump to …[View]
184668445I want to Stuck in 80s forever. Good Music, Good Movie, Good books. And especially good Anime. I wan…[View]
184671467 [View]
184671321Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Sono VII out on Sad Sichuan Animal site: Best Valentine ever.[View]
184673025Nails thread[View]
184671117Who the fuck wants some Sata Andagi?!?![View]
184670375Did your mommy give you chocolate on Valentine's Day?[View]
184667360Cells at Work: Here is a cure for depression https://platelets.fun/[View]
184663938>dyslexiafag calls Motoko ' Makoto' WHY DOES IT KEEP HAPPENING?![View]
184669339If you dont know who is the character in the pic related you are a disgusting newfag.[View]
184666796I found a boy's head at the pool! What should I do?[View]
184667757Mya-nee is so fat when she was diagnosed with the flesh eating disease the doctor gave her ten years…[View]
184668301>Valentine's Day[View]
184663156What makes you not watch an anime or drop it?: >Romance >Isekai >Moeshit >SOL >Female…[View]
184673193I think Rin wants to give you something, Anon.[View]
184662844Netflix x Production IG 4K HDR anime coming this fall. https://av.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1169…[View]
184667000Let's be honest, Mion deserved it.[View]
184672315Mirai: You lied to me, /a/. It's really, really good. I even dare to say that is Hosoda's…[View]
184667571Most Popular Characters in Anime 2019 Ranking in Japan: Good taste or not, /a/?[View]
184672217Which anime character's hat would you steal? Which one would you be most afraid of stealing you…[View]
184672290just finished an anime. you guys wont like it so I'll make a thread about something else.[View]
184668357I miss him bros[View]
184649811Only bad things will come from this[View]
184670932So a half-naked girl falls in love with you. How do you react?[View]
184632615Anon and his waifu: V/a/lentine's Day 2019: Aaaaand it’s Valentine’s Day again. Smacked right i…[View]
184666950NGE General: What type of woman sends this to a 14yo boy? What was Anno trying to tell us here? The …[View]
184669976Is there any sexier figure than this?[View]
184671534Happy Valentine's Day Senpai![View]
184669989None of the manga I follow ever get an anime adaptation.[View]
184671218Kanon: Which did you prefer /a/, the original that most people have probably forgotten even exists, …[View]
184655996People often say they want to protect lolis, but how does one exactly go about doing just that?[View]
184669350Valentine's Day Thread: Post yourself with your waifu. >2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
184665879Roses are red Violets are blue You should explode Fucking riajuu[View]
1846593485toubun no Hanayome 73[View]
184669104Tell me about Black, why is he so smug?[View]
184665703Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers are out >下期休刊。物間複製不了eri的能力,他複製不了要蓄力的能力…[View]
184663396Today is valentines day what have you got your imouto for the occasion?[View]
184669531what a fucking hack lmao[View]
184665892What animes made you cry and why?[View]
184669638Anyone have this, but with Precure?[View]
184588056I love Nagatoro![View]
184669792With only less than 11 months to go, it's becoming increasingly obvious how Kill la Kill was th…[View]
184668017Isekai Bingo: Worst cliches in isekai/fantasy manga, and how to fix them[View]
184645072Aqua is stupid and a total bitch who'll treat you like a slave. Why do people even like her?[View]
184665373Who do you think will come back to represent the Kengan Association? Also why is Koga such a huge bi…[View]
184666636>2/14 You know what this date means right? This is right! This is exactly you are thinking! It…[View]
184669247When do they do the deed?[View]
184668198Inuyashiki: Would you like a cake with cancer /a/?[View]
184661899Youjo Senki Movie: Russian pedophile loves Tanya!![View]
184662845ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
184667890Miru Tights Reveals 3 Main Cast Members: Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYo9a1xV6kE Are we …[View]
184665363Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka: Brown genki stacked tomboy not so tough after getting burnt with red …[View]
184662194does /a/ remember this show?[View]
184669340My actions are utterly pure![View]
184647702Dragon Ball Super: Kefla wants to be your valentine! How will you respond?[View]
184663132One Piece 933: - Cover page: Enel is flying in a city in the sky. With two frogs blowing big bubbles…[View]
184667924Can we all agree that this second season is boring as fuck?[View]
184669155Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch130[View]
184662187Will they ever make another season of LWA?[View]
184667854how do the keions spend their Valentine's day?[View]
184668199Hey Anon, I made this for you. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you like it![View]
184652650Do japs older than 12 actually care about indirect kissing, or is it just some silly anime trope?[View]
184664993BOYS BE AMBITIOUS[View]
184649195Shingeki no Kyojin: Is there any character that can defeat Eren Yeager? And I'm not talking abo…[View]
184667917I heard some /a/nons aren't spending Valentine's with someone so I wanna at least let you …[View]
184663114Bleach - what is above Soul King?: Well.[View]
184667311Have you wished the king of /a/ a happy Valentine's day yet ? Why not?[View]
184666662Is Fate the capeshit of /a/?[View]
184667774Anon, your Valentine's Day chocolate is here.[View]
184666632Haikyuu!!: This manga has too damn much volleyball in it. Can't they take a break from the matc…[View]
184657395Which Fate heroine did Emiya have the best chemistry with?[View]
184667654Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar: There used to be 2 seasons of episodes of this, now this is all there is https:…[View]
184658378Virtual-san wa Miteiru: Why can I never find a thread for this series? Is it banned?[View]
184666123how do the chuunibyous celebrate Valentines day?[View]
184659368Holy shit bros, im in love[View]
184662081Is it true that every anime would have been better as a slice of life with the same characters?[View]
184667541Pages with this feel.[View]
184654413It's wide time, anon![View]
184666866What the hell was their problem?[View]
184667198Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen: ok this was sad as fuck. what made it even more sad was when i reali…[View]
184656046Why are twintailed girls so much better than non-twin tailed girls?[View]
184664210Blocks your path. What do?[View]
184657217Best Character Design Thread: Post 'em.[View]
184665891ITT worst girl of their respectives animes[View]
184663993New season when????[View]
184617302Kirby 64: The Crystal Precure: It's kind of weird that they renamed Kirby to Lala in this adapt…[View]
184665548Near... far... wherever you are...[View]
184662098your next line is... OH MY GoD[View]
184666529Aizen Won: Friendly reminder that all of Bleach from this point onward was an illusion created by Ai…[View]
184660511No one has ever topped him, have they? Is there any reviewers out there who come close? >last vid…[View]
184660886More like this[View]
184666471/dbs/ Dragon Ball Super: If Saiyan-earthling hybrids have more potential than Saiyans, could it be t…[View]
184666447Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: New TenSura Nikki Chapter. /a/nons who complain about Charybdis bei…[View]
184663074Has he gotten his nen back, just finished that episode?[View]
184643410Reminder that this series is technically unresolved and Yabuki is doing shittier projects instead of…[View]
184665272I have trouble being convinced that most quirks could beat guns. In a fictional world where people c…[View]
184659389Who's she? Wrong answer only[View]
184663736What is fat Gogeta's power level?[View]
184654594Boku no Hero Academia: Leaks soon, match is FINALLY over, will the LoV now return to the spotlight w…[View]
184648718new chapter of Fiancée's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess. how can shonen isek…[View]
184664843Healthy Relationships/Couples: ITT: Post only the healthiest relationsips in anime or mangoes[View]
184658208I don't get it, is the author bashing or praising Trump?[View]
184637931Why is Hotaru still the best?[View]
184663849Its that time of the year again...[View]
184664391Re:Zero: arc 5, chapter 55: https://mega.nz/#F!xjIykIZL!oQ_GFOH-BDqMCOrqJ_C81A[View]
184664612ITT:Darling in the franxx sucks[View]
184633929Golden Kamuy: Chapter 189 RAW[View]
184662635orofenzu: Endings that should have been openings[View]
184663621damn, gyaruko has really let herself go...[View]
184663376Might as well halt the production of anime seeing as it has already peaked[View]
184658519White Album 2: Happy Birthday Setsuna! Let's have a comfy thread for once. White Album 2 Anime …[View]
184663852Just gonna stand here like a retard while an innocent woman jumps off a boat and presumably kills he…[View]
184665104quattro vagina level of disguise[View]
184662192Hey /a/: Konosuba dub is actually good[View]
184655224Miru Tights: The cast for the “Miru Tights” short anime has been revealed. It will premiere in early…[View]
184660718Is it actually worth watching besides the CG meme?[View]
184662926Spring '19: What about the new season? i'm going to watch/interested in: Fairy Gone http…[View]
184659365what's his powerlevel?[View]
184588562should all tomboys be forced into sexual enslavement?[View]
184657477Anime Valentine's Day Cards: So far I just made a bunch of JoJo ones, but if anybody has other …[View]
184659486Waifus you sleep with this 14th: Take it out of your chest anon[View]
184661228Stein Gate: When you realized that your waifu probability of existence is equivalent to a time machi…[View]
184659294Is your waifu stronger than you?[View]
184656268How did Bulma not realise she wasn't wearing panties? Did she not feel a draft?[View]
184653733>'My fortune is yours for the taking, but you have to find it first! I left everything I own in O…[View]
184620350Dororo: I came for the action, not to cry.[View]
184662218Would you it be insulting to tell namori that S3 was shit but that you really like all the manga? My…[View]
184650924can emma mary ray already?[View]
184661871>characters are finally developing and becoming interesting and relatable with their ups and down…[View]
184659201I fucking hate beastars: I cannot stress that enough but, again, as always, I have your raws and ver…[View]
184657063Why are her eyes so weird?[View]
184659567>Urasawa Naoki no Manben Manga Documentary S3E3 - Takahashi Tsutomu https://www.dailymotion.com/v…[View]
184650336Honestly this is pretty shit. I was expecting something similar to Bebop in quality but oh boy[View]
184662554okay sakugafags: Do you feel there's been any anime of the last 30 years that surpasses the ghi…[View]
184653181One Piece: Spoilers soon What are your 3 wishes for this chapter?[View]
184647313HOT TAKE: Berserk is boring: It's still a 9/10 manga. But I feel like it stopped being interest…[View]
184657781I'm watching this late. Can we discuss it? Its bretty good so far. I'm half way through S1…[View]
184615557Pick one[View]
184622790Mahou Shoujo To Asuka: These girls are scarred war veterans with countless combat deployments under …[View]
184662136I am rock hard[View]
1846388860/10, don't watch: >hey look im a silly monster in this isekai also haha funny browser histo…[View]
184613715JoJo Golden Wind: I can't wait for this scene[View]
1846512865Toubun no Hanayome: Uesugi-san, open the door please.[View]
184652994Watching JoJo for the first time. This fag's stand is way too OP. Basically has 2 stands in one…[View]
184635903Bleach: >teleports behind you what did Kubo mean by this?[View]
184659359Show me your favorite chinese girl cartoon song >Also what are these videos called…[View]
184654254What is the best anime you have ever watched?[View]
184651629FMA vs FMA:B: Is the original better? Why?[View]
184657756>used to love a show >re-watch it >it's even better than I remembered What's her …[View]
184652643Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: Will Nagatoro and Paisen ever make caramel-colored babies together?[View]
184659929She is mighty. In Hollywood too.[View]
184661622quick, draw!: draw your waifu/husbando/gamer girl in ms paint. guess at least 1 (including mine)…[View]
184658957I hurt myself today...[View]
184659086maki has a valentine's day gift for you do you accept it?[View]
184661505Tsurune: Shuu's love story confirmed.[View]
184658671Hands up: I have a gun![View]
184653615>You are isekai'ed as Shirou a month after Kerry dies, wat do? >You retain all your meta …[View]
184658472why is this allowed? Why did they sexualize his death?[View]
184658914Meiji Tokyo Renka: anyone watching this? it's super cute[View]
184656199How big do Japanese people think these wagons actually were? Every anime I see one in, it's alw…[View]
184656194Hige Wo Soru. Soshite Joshikosei Wo Hirou: All right let's unpack this Is she a confirmed slut …[View]
184658646Gals are so fucking gross i HATE THEM[View]
184660622She didn't deserve it.[View]
184625416Funny Dialogue: From Anime, Manga or Doujins just post em![View]
184660608Can't wait for the big reveal that this kid's father was black or some shit[View]
184655910Naruto: >they actually put Kaguya in jump force instead of Madara Did Madara fuck a Shueisha exec…[View]
184657570ITT: entertaining trash[View]
184658819Ojojojo: Damn[View]
184610784ITT: The best girl from their respective series: I’ll start with pic related.[View]
184658106Manabi Straight: About to start this. What am I in for?[View]
184659085Am I actually going to watch an isekai where the MC primarily uses a fucking shield (I understand so…[View]
184650149Just got to the Fairy Tail 7 year time skip. Who the fuck thought that this was a good idea?[View]
184658453Sachi-iro no One Room: Chapter 28 is out.[View]
184658946Is she the reason for the manga's success?[View]
184658343we need more characters like this.[View]
184647651ITT: Best anime openings I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOzvFzIcpwg[View]
184659609Millenials wont understand this[View]
184659508>shows that just make you feel depressed or sad for some reason Did it REALLY have to be post ap…[View]
184659218Is SnK really just WW2 with a twist: The Nazis and Japs are the heroes and the Jews are being killed…[View]
184657794Stop bullying Akko it's not her fault if the system failed her[View]
184654595While all the other sluts are fucking multiple men this valentines, Rui is the only girl that would …[View]
184658298>You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye ..[View]
184652110xxxHolic: Is this a good anime?[View]
184658271I missed out on watching Bleach when it was popular and on Toonami. Im around 50 episodes in, and so…[View]
184655930How can non-main girls win?[View]
184644341Berserk thread: discuss Berserk[View]
184635581Kaguya-sama: Will she rise in 2 days?[View]
184658555Teppu: Did /a/ trick me into reading a fucking yuri manga?[View]
184658643Tadokoro-san: Holy shit yurishit doesn't mess around. I think can see the draw of a romance tha…[View]
184658400>'Kacchan... it's just a little smooch'[View]
184658366New chapter of WaHH out Who would except such amazing twist![View]
184658066What the fuck happened to Trigger??[View]
184656409Anyone else hate how most anime girls are drawn with no lips?: Them being noseless is fine but no li…[View]
184654800K-ON! Shuffle: Anime when?[View]
184656692Tawawa on Monday.: Can I get the names of all the heroine and how they addressed their loved ones?…[View]
184654563>life fibers are actually aliens FUCKING TRIGGER[View]
184657580>CV: Miyuki Sawashiro Dropped[View]
184629696Kemu: >[HorribleSubs] Kemurikusa - 06 [1080p].mkv >no thread Really /a/??…[View]
184628894Why is the 'NEET sent in a videogame-like word' plot so popular?[View]
184658027>female character canonically wears makeup[View]
184650991Honest thoughts on Ghost In The Shell? What is your favorite incarnation?[View]
184656623Why do I identify so much with him? Is this bad?[View]
184657947shelf?: I know they want to make it a point to have the first ever scenario where a girl is unhappy …[View]
184656163is it gay if Donovan from berserk is my waifu?[View]
184657371Cute Girls Doing Wrestling Things: Wanna Be The Strongest was terrible, and Toei's probably nev…[View]
184657019ITT: Plagiarism in Anime/Manga: Why is anime so creatively bankrupt nowadays?[View]
184651119Who's your favorite servant?[View]
184657664How did I do?[View]
184657728>he doesn't set up a tournament to determine which anime he'll watch next i shiggy…[View]
184641961My Hero Academia: Vigilantes: Anybody drop Hero Academia but not the Vigilantes spinoff? >smalle…[View]
184652368Would your waifu turn you over to the police if you confessed your love to her?[View]
184657315HxH '99 vs '11: Which is better as a show?[View]
184656072ITT canon lesbians.[View]
184656473ITT Your First Crush: Pic related.[View]
184656822Is this really what live metal shows are like?[View]
184654804You are at your computer late at night watching anime when this girl suddenly shows up, sits on your…[View]
184648212I want to fuck his mom[View]
184628756Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Too bad Windy lost, this costume change never got a chance to shine against Revolv…[View]
184656440>https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ne%20plus%20ultra >Definition of /ne plus ultra/: …[View]
184655146Beastars thread, just because I feel like it. What's your favorite arc, and why? I quite miss t…[View]
184646574Appetite: >literally a ripoff of Tokyo Ghoul[View]
184635481would you read/support a manga about a buff girl haram?[View]
184655418Who was the best Akagi, and why was it baseball Akagi?[View]
184655482Why is it so satisfying to watch an overpowered main character who pretends to be a cripple and then…[View]
184656582>people who dubbed the gundam, eva, logh and gunbuster still dub modern anime (Talking about seiy…[View]
184621490Scanlation thread: How's that chapter coming along?[View]
184640960Do you like this little shit? Also, next ep is Kakegurui スレ[View]
184642186Anime is shit. Read manga instead.[View]
184654343Semi circles were fucking real.[View]
184656202How severe is his autism?[View]
184652991Do you like this character?[View]
184654181looks like all those snacks finally caught up with her...[View]
184650593I still can't believe this aired on TV.[View]
184653541This is your valentine for this year![View]
184653579Saber likes burgers[View]
184655369Humble, dumpy girls like Fuuka are the best.[View]
184655495Is Mashima our guy?[View]
184643549How do we fix Digimon lads?[View]
184648342ITT: Cool: Characters that are the very definition of 'cool'[View]
184615416Post spreads.[View]
184653393This was anime's absolute peak. It's all been downhill from here https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
184652802Which was the better ending for Shirou Emiya, UBW or Heaven's Feel?[View]
184655001Is Nurarihyon worth rewatching/reading to completion? I remember watching some of it a long time ago…[View]
184653457Let's play Mahjong familia. http://tenhou.net/0/?L7447 Y'all remember how to play, right?[View]
184651112Are redheads finally getting some recognition? Will people stop spitting on us on the sidewalk and i…[View]
184655370What went wrong with Claymore?[View]
184654515Panty and Stocking Season 2 when.[View]
184653330Why doesn't /a/ want to talk about yuri without shitposting?[View]
184650046Daily Kenrantaru Grande Scene: Chapter 25 Previously, Kanade was curious after Shouko missed a few d…[View]
184649563Don't lie to me /A/, it was good.[View]
184654288ITT: Based scenes only[View]
184601072Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 131: Air[View]
184635931Ginko is trying to kill herself, what do you do?[View]
184652321Violet is so beautiful.[View]
184648850Ueno-san: Why is this show so lewd?[View]
184638184MAD thread: post 'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baUY9LFlYh0[View]
184625325Domestic na Kanojo: Meet the new girl.[View]
184653869She's back: You guys! She's back.[View]
184649880Thread idea : We find plot holes from author and we fix them ourselves. I'll start : In JOJO p…[View]
184653506Reminder that Nono Is best gainax girl and you have shit taste if you think otherwise[View]
184647377Do you have that one anime you autistically keep rewatching over and over again? For me it's G…[View]
184653765Favorite JoJo shitposts thread in anticipation for the seven minute MUDA[View]
184646445Who is the most dense male harem MC you can think of?[View]
184634717City Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mji4WOAQT0w Where were you when Chad Hunter saved us fr…[View]
184651711Let's play a game /a/, try and summarize a series that you've never watched/read and other…[View]
184651945Only gays wouldn't enjoy both BC and my hero[View]
184645498Naruto is Ass[View]
184653208Nails: Guess a character by the nails Starting with a super easy one[View]
184650394Lawmakers are all concerned over fast food and sugary beverages giving kids diabetes when the really…[View]
184651243Damnit toriyama: >used to be a feared and sadistic villain >killed ruthlessly, and destroys mi…[View]
184653228I wish Scum's Wish was scummier.[View]
184645148My Boku no Hero Academia: Do you accept Deku as your racist overlord?[View]
184632218One Piece: O-Nami will save O-Robin this week.[View]
184651427Heat Guy J: Ok, this anime will burn into my memories, I have waited quite some time after DtB for t…[View]
184648614If Dragonball is badly written and a bad anime/mange overall then why is so popular?[View]
184651984has somebody read gantz i think the final wasn't as good asthe rest of the manga. What do ya th…[View]
184617152I finally finished reading Bleach and I can safely say that Rukia is my favorite girl[View]
184649968Isekai Bingo: Which are the worst tropes/cliches in isekai and how to fix them?[View]
184648954>this is /a/'s AOTS What went wrong? We used to have a less predictable taste.…[View]
184650006What sort of pathetic animal would this appeal to?[View]
184644661Did they ever fix the Blu ray release for GITS: SAC?[View]
184650902why is he so autistic?[View]
184647283What's so good about it?: Really, it's a plotless gorefiesta that only has it's anima…[View]
184644783Why do so many lolis and women in general want to have sex with this guy?[View]
184649764what's wrong with this picture?[View]
184647646You are planning on comming to my movie right /tv/?[View]
184633710Ika Musume (de geso): Ika Musume a.k.a. meme anime girl is invading this board once and for all.…[View]
184638497Yuusha ga Shinda: New chapter out, Kyle is shinda.[View]
184649124>asked Himeji out Valentine's Day 2010 >got turned down I'm still mad.…[View]
184647126JOJO Fighting Game Roster Wishlist: What does your ideal JoJo fighting game roster look like, a? I…[View]
184650471Why are the Japanese so autistic about this shit?[View]
184650623It's another round of 'Anime that aren't as popular as you think they should' Castle town …[View]
184650967Do you love tree waifus, /A/?[View]
184638854Am I the only one who feels like there hasnt been any real progression? The manga feels so aimless a…[View]
184635828Black Clover: How has Asta inspired you in your day-to-day life anons?[View]
184650497High Quality Anime Movies: Hello guys, im looking for an anime movie with really good visuals/art or…[View]
184640131Boogiepoop: Does anyone unironically think this is AOTS?[View]
184636476Lucky Star: How can an OST be so based?[View]
184645912Is there any archetype better then the high-pony tail Yamato Nadeshiko?[View]
184649680Godzilla Planet Eater: I'd say the best of the three, but I enjoyed all three to some degree. H…[View]
184645725Yo yo anons in here think they're da shit when irl they be sucking dicks yo[View]
184632507Why does sports manga always ruin itself by making the MC insanely talented instead of making him fo…[View]
184650228KINO THREAD[View]
184648678Wow ep 5 was bad[View]
184649788Crossover Battle: Who do you think would win, Izuku Midoriya or Ratatouille?[View]
184639378Why does Funny Valentine suddenly go from being fat to gorgeous in one chapter?[View]
184634549What type of men does she attract?[View]
184645790Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut: Are skeletons allowed to be this cute?[View]
184544077Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt. And please keep the thread alive this time.[View]
184642067Are you super special, anon?[View]
184632044Why is anime pushing big ass for the last 10 years?[View]
184644053Can we give some love to Ninja Scroll? Recommend some other underappreciated stuff as well[View]
184632814Dragon Quest: Your Story: Full 3DCG animation movie coming to theaters in August 2nd Story will be b…[View]
184636090was shadow star narutaru good /a/[View]
184596684Aifure Prichan Eggpets Shining Star: Dude let them in.[View]
184634530Is Araki the most talented manga artist?[View]
184646817I hope y'all reading modern MoGal, because it is justice. Dragon judge is best girl[View]
184648812I like robot girls. Especially ones in bodysuits.[View]
184642627>that mangaka who killed people in real life so his edgy manga could feel more authentic…[View]
184631258I hate the vampire girl archetype so fucking much, they're ruining anime and they should all ju…[View]
184644715Tae-Chan is my valentine.[View]
184627518Shingeki no kyojin: Fellow EHChads, how long until their emotional reunion? Historia is waiting for …[View]
184646170What do you think of YuYuYu?[View]
184642733Madoka Magica: Rebellion: Why do plotfags hate Rebellion so much? Why can't they at least ackno…[View]
184643812Full Metal Alchemist: not sure if /a/ approves of this but i don't want to see him go anons…[View]
1846478932019... I am forgotten[View]
184646560Who is your valentine anon?: Who do you want to give your affection too, and mabye some sweet chocol…[View]
184633732You always say that you want adventure in your isekai. What do you like to see explored? I love it w…[View]
184644796Girly Air Force: Unlike the girls from Arpeggio of Blue Steel, which are made of Nanomaterial, the A…[View]
184648068>17 years old[View]
184639296I miss Chaos;Child https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2BN2gbJQlg[View]
184647472Do you think he's worthy of forgiveness ?[View]
184647070We thank: ITT: We thank other anons for recommending us stuff we actually enjoyed for once Thanks to…[View]
184645113A I U E O A I U E O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADqLniFy6ww[View]
184637472Dragon Ball Super: 10 days until best girl bullies Zamasu in sdbh.[View]
184646376For me, it's Japan's brave Miku[View]
184646612What is this tiny office lady doing with her senpai's chocolate?[View]
184641118>second season gets announced >but instead of world-saving action series it's will be pea…[View]
184646669Alone on valentines day? Don't worry, I've made multiple copies of Shinka so they could pr…[View]
184644775Sensei Wa Koi o Oshie Rarenai: It's back. Fortunately it seems _anq left it in good hands. Ch 1…[View]
184630681Raildex: It's Mami Kawada's birthday today, let's celebrate by having a comfy Raildex…[View]
184640845>tfw too low iq to understand anything nasuverse had to research like 1 hour after watching each …[View]
184630009Shield hero thread: Episode 6 just aired in japan. Subs shouldn't be that far away. I thought i…[View]
184643305Why is Ana chan so shit? She ruined the whole episode.[View]
184642341Do you like penguins?[View]
184642073Why the fuck is he so smug, /a/?[View]
184644475Utena got me into Magma/zeuhl, what kind of music did anime introduce to you /a/?[View]
184644847the yellow octopus[View]
184644772Would /a/ enjoy and watch an anime version of Cops?[View]
184637155I don't get it.[View]
184639253>CGI up the ass >Terrible direction >Mediocre animation >Unfaithful adaptation Meanwhile…[View]
184643682Bleach: Who would be your Bleach valentine?[View]
184612946Anime isn't as enjoyable as it was when you were 17. You can't refute this[View]
184642025Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru: Hey /a/, You wouldn't an angel, would you? Also new chapter …[View]
184645650>[Golumpa] The Rising of the Shield Hero - 06 (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) [English Dub] [CR-Dub…[View]
184637978>character says 'ta da' >there's no magic trick…[View]

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