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181912943>protagonist must be at least half-Japanese or else your manga will sell like shit Why is this?…[View]
181913608Who would waste their time on recreating such a piece of shit character?[View]
181914612I hope all the gay Saint Seiya characters will become a woman.: This could fix Saint Seiya. Gender s…[View]
181914576Was this a wholesome harem?[View]
1818935576/10 The pedo loli ruined this series for me. Each scene involving her was a sad reminder that the s…[View]
181891327Where were you when SAO got good?[View]
181914384I heard this series was supposed to get a sequel like a year ago. Where the hell is it?[View]
181914373Is slapstick comedy as a genre dead? Only KMB uses it.[View]
181908997Who is the best female director in the industry and why is it Rie Matsumoto? Yamadafags, abstain fro…[View]
181823393It's Sunday, /a/ Time for a comfy Inuyasha thread[View]
181897208Boku no Hero Academia: Some important news some people still may not know >The [Two Heroes] film…[View]
181914209>https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=72059645 Absolutely PATRICIAN …[View]
181911955saotome senshu hitakakusu: i can't handle this fluffy shit when will they kiss again?…[View]
181909891Why doesn't Arararagi just drink the blood of all these annoying women who keep coming into his…[View]
181913483Gobta is A Literal God: Gobta is the embodiment of peak performance and you can't change my min…[View]
181912183about to take the plunge. should i read, or watch /a/[View]
181912664Mods are asleep, post sad anime girls[View]
181889758H-here, Anon. I made this candy for you. I hope you like it![View]
181911257Singing anime to another person: Have you ever sung an anime song to a person who did not specifical…[View]
181907581How popular is anime in your country? Is it something common or more obscure, does it air on local t…[View]
181912314I really want to get into this series, but it triggers me that they pronounce 'Lupin' as 'Lupan'. Am…[View]
181895472>You'll never be seduced by a french paladin so hard to convert to Christianity. Why even li…[View]
181909766Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise): Do you miss these dorks?[View]
181905273Rate the taste of an anime-only jojofag. I noticed all of my favorite fights are not real fights, no…[View]
181871083Cute and Funny ice cream[View]
181912968ITT: shonen that are consistently good[View]
181908506Why is yuri only ever good when at least one of the main girls is completely crazy?[View]
181912787>kills his enemies >they win[View]
181906473Filename thread?[View]
181913020I finally finished K-on. overall very comfy but I need a new anime. Maybe something that feels the s…[View]
181912321>netflix It's gonna suck, isn't it?[View]
181911660What was the implication behind this action?[View]
181912076h-hello ≧◡≦: hewoo ,, am weaving a wil' note - i hope chu had a gweat day!~ ( ・w・) n' weme…[View]
181912560Ubukata Tow > Urobuchi Gen the only bad thing Ubukata has written is Psycho Pass S2, and Mardock …[View]
181905934Aggretsuko Christmas special is going to save an otherwise shit season.[View]
181868119Buyfag Thread[View]
181911452Congratulations! You were granted gigantic funding for the greatest battle shounen crossover ever! W…[View]
181909956Part 2>Part 3>Part 1 Thoughts?[View]
181911081Sakuga site and kyoani circlejerking blog admitted that SoraYori is AOTY: Add that to another of Sor…[View]
181910779Madoka Magica and the Chairs: So watching the show i've noticed that in multiples scenes many c…[View]
181905065Is there a bigger villain in anime and manga who just got away with it as much as this irredeemable …[View]
181895785Is Boku no Hero Academia a well written series?[View]
181904638Yondemasu yo, Azazeru-san: It's over.[View]
181896805OPT: One oage thread[View]
181855838Chainsawman: Chapter 2 by Mangastream. Can't dump it right now[View]
181905315Shingeki no Kyojin: What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
181842758Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: What is Queen going to do after GO Onizuka inevitably falls?[View]
181830181Would you help her out?[View]
181910528Mirai Nominated for Critic's Choice Awards: >The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) a…[View]
181909532What are some characters that are disliked in America due to cultural differences?[View]
181910014Detective Conan: I feel like Conan lost a lot when the earlier cartoony artstyle went away. Am I the…[View]
181910985Ojamajo Doremi: Ojamajo Doremi thread, post your opinions and feelings[View]
181908663Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san: Anyone still watching this? It's always a highlight of my week…[View]
181909677>what are you saying all of a sudden? You... Do you think this kind of translation can't be …[View]
181904135What a pussy[View]
181910476Hey guys?: What if the sun is actually just one giant spirit bomb getting ready to launch.[View]
181910127Official Battle Shounen Ranking[View]
181909931where is your god now?: seriously though, how has anime influenced your spirituality?[View]
181909617for me it's serika onoe[View]
181910287Otoya Yamaguchi: >this guy single handedly saved japan from filthy commies and kikes with the she…[View]
181906401Konjiki no Gash!!: Why was Gash Bell! so underrated? Was it because of the anime?[View]
181908085For how long have you been loyal to your waifu? 12 years by the end of this year.[View]
181905808>his face indicates the exact moment when he realized he got KEKED and that the audience got NTR…[View]
181905116Post your favorite manga you're currently reading For me, it's pic related.[View]
181910038Mahoutsukai no Yoru and Tsukihime Remake were announced 10 years ago[View]
181909570How Goblin Slayer will really end.[View]
181908289is this chicken edible?[View]
181903135imagine skipping school because people keep saying you're cute[View]
181909820Steins;Gate: >OVA is going to be valentine days set in a beta world line https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
181907411DAV1D - THE OPTIMIZED AV1 DECODER, IS NOW AVAILABLE AS 0.1.0: What's the best media player to g…[View]
181909837Fuck plotfags.[View]
181904060Rave Master: I've been re-reading the first shonen ever written by Mashima. I don't know h…[View]
181907727Why didn't he hop in?[View]
181908613HOLY SHIT[View]
181906032Tsukihime remake: Never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever Never…[View]
181904538Shishunki Renaissance David-kun: Dafuq did I just read? Brb, gonna marathon the rest.[View]
181875183When did the slippery slope of their disastrous relationship started? Was it the kiss?[View]
181909247Someone must defeat the Colors at video games. But who?[View]
181908336>2018 >still thinking Sophie is sexy or charming Sophie is lame, get some taste, losers…[View]
181901812Akanesasu Shoujo: >let's beat up the big bad with a stick[View]
181908862Fate chart: Hey, fate fag here, 2 years ago, I started (no regrets) discovering the Nasuverse. To do…[View]
181908781Thoughts on the hime cut?[View]
181906917Post pictures of anime characters dabbing[View]
181906942Clannad means family.[View]
181908560Why do people act like 'character development' is such a big deal? Why is it so important to you tha…[View]
181908635i can only imagine the smell[View]
181907615What's your top 5 anime this season?[View]
181907643OH NO HE DIDN'T[View]
181906732What a shitty fucking ending.[View]
181897059Evangelion: So /a/, what is the better ending, original or EoE?[View]
181895019Pre-2000 Anime & Manga Pre-2000 Anime & Manga[View]
181903209Tokyo Ghoul:re: 2 Episodes left, did you enjoy the new Episode? (of course you didn't)[View]
181906880ITT: Losers that had to cheat and use outside help in order to stand a chance against the superior s…[View]
181904297Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!: Even bees are trying to pollinate Megumi![View]
181905291Well, is it?[View]
181904084Is there any manga series that is more culturally relevant that the west does not give a single fuck…[View]
181906872I'm pretty sure this is not how nihonense books stores really are.[View]
181861578Ojamajo Doremi: Your Sailor Moons, your Madokas, your PreCures[View]
181907877Air gear is just Bleach in spokon edition[View]
181894847Anime that everyone else recommends but you hate. I'll start: goblin slayer jojo konosuba one p…[View]
181898766do you like Asuka?[View]
181907653Remember me?[View]
181907105She looks like she fucks black guys.[View]
181875052MPC-HC or MPV?[View]
181900889>'Nothing's actually impossible.' >Is what you make me imagine >Because I think you…[View]
181904535Why was she the only one, who in the last episode had almost no clothing on? Was she coming from the…[View]
181902953Ritsu is pretty sexy.[View]
1818879765toubun no Hanayome: >only Matsuoka and Miku's VA went to the first episode pre-screening Wh…[View]
181905494What is this trope called? When a character flies into the background, and then a little twinkle of …[View]
181904692What the fuck was his problem?[View]
181904381ITT: Characters you'd skrrt then hit the dab on[View]
181906284Does anyone like this?[View]
181906243Sailor Moon: Are you ready /a/?[View]
181902227Will Witch on the Holy Night ever get an anime adaption?[View]
181904672Why are shonen nowadays so damn horny?[View]
181903802lol breed[View]
181906317The anime of a generation[View]
181906496Are there people on /a/ who still don’t understand why this happened? You guys must have figured it …[View]
181905046Hunter x Hunter: I'm straight af but i wouldn't mind licking this guy's butthole…[View]
181876328Release the Spyce: >sold out her team >assaulted and potentially maimed or killed some of them…[View]
181905255yoshikage kira thread: My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeas…[View]
181898116Now that the honeymoon phase is over, what is your honest opinion on this piece of shit?[View]
181903385Why was this allowed, /a/?[View]
181905573>draw a girl, call it a girl! We can fap to Shun now, thanks to based Netflix…[View]
181824281Bokuben: Uruka Narita divorce when?[View]
181904781Kemono Friends was broken.[View]
181905603top 10 saddest anime deaths[View]
181905918>2 hits in a year How did this madman do it?[View]
181897999Shingeki no Kyojin: Will Ymir's influence lead Porco to save Historia?[View]
181903316I will fucking KILL with my bare hands the next straighty ass hetfaggot who dare to say a fucking wo…[View]
181845030Black Clover: Previews are out. We're almost there.[View]
181904676Mousou Telepathy 618: >He thinks cat ears >She imagines a cat tail She's truly a hopeless…[View]
181882941JJBA / JoJo: How are animeonlies liking Part 5 so far? Which character(s) do you want to see more of…[View]
181841715Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 018 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
181904534Fuck heteros and FUCK males.[View]
181905264Goku: Saiyuki Goku is best Goku.[View]
181898549Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 61: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/fw/cycomibrowser/cha…[View]
181903648>no one cared who i was till i put on the mask i now remember how shit this series is they follow…[View]
181903457What anime has a dumber plot twist than Eureka Seven? >reminder that pic-related is officially n…[View]
181771459Saki tanoshii: Saki chapter 197, take 2 Chinese scans are here. South 1, Yuuki dealer.[View]
181904166Eden's zero: hmm, yes, I see.[View]
181901567Welcome to the Hall of Forgotten Waifus.[View]
181903866ITT: Disturbing scenes: I felt like puking out my guts, Jesus Christ. https://my.mixtape.moe/odavwr…[View]
181903532SAO Alicization: Remember, SAO is for MATURE audiences. If you are not mature, do not discuss or wat…[View]
181901430Why is Evangelion and Evafags such cancer?[View]
181903779Isn't it strange that Japanese media has almost opposite standard of beauty than the western me…[View]
181904318This has to be the best anime ever made.It's just so amazing in every way. So much emotion. So …[View]
181904773Why does anime never have diapers in it?[View]
181892746Name a better OST[View]
181904464Yotsuba&!: Is bullying Fuuka a good thing or a bad thing?[View]
181895431Good morning, /a/![View]
181898494Souten no ken re-genesis: Just reminding anons of neck day.[View]
181900798Nen is not a good power system: First of all, it's confusing Second of all, the categories it…[View]
181904678Mob will be AOTY. How can neverkeks even compete?[View]
181902228SSSS.Gridman: How do you like these bitches?[View]
181896800Why does the Fate fanbase hate UBW? It was better than Zero and HF.[View]
181897180Why is it a ship?: Bakugo uraraka Hero academia[View]
181894576Canonically Pedophiliac Characters[View]
181902575Imagine the smell, Imagine it with all your might, imagine her, her pussy, musky and unwashed, 'hea…[View]
181902231there is literally nothing wrong with girls liking older men, /a/. you need to stop stigmatizing it.[View]
181904227Rainbow: Does the manga elevate the story? The anime's ending was satisfying but I couldn'…[View]
181899943So this is considered a fever in Japan?[View]
181903337Who is stronger, Berserk or One Punch Man?[View]
181888587Mahou Shoujo Site: Only a matter of time before Nana goes back to being a smelly tomboy.[View]
181903928Why is he so based?[View]
181901835whos best girl and why is it Mugi[View]
181903880Tadokora will be the one to claim her birth right to Yukihira's dick right?[View]
181898979>*,*30 (=*,*30) *5,960pt *7,490pt 18/12/21[金] ゾンビランドサガ SAGA.1 [Bluray] >*,*57 (△*,*63) *5,735p…[View]
181901416will anime be mainstream[View]
181903120>Darling in the FranXX >Bunny Girl Senpai How is it even possible for a studio to make the t…[View]
181882977Choose one and only one[View]
181902509Zombieland Saga: what was the point of this shot?[View]
181897718>the guy who wanted to kill you waited >the girl you saved didn't…[View]
181902479Is Bleach a good series?: https://strawpoll.com/zbfg3zbz[View]
181900040spice and wolf thread: So many talented and creative anons on /a/, yet never see any anons write exo…[View]
181903237BNHA: How can anyone like this absolute trash manga? Boring fights, SHIT characters, All might fucki…[View]
181894691The /a/pproved best tsundere bois trinity[View]
181901630Did he deserve the ending he got?[View]
181901165Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: >they only drink >they do not eat >they do not p**p I mean, thei…[View]
181901800Hello Everyone[View]
181903056Goku: Who is best Goku?[View]
181899946>All these shows about people being trapped in video games or in JRPG setting Can't wait unt…[View]
181902598Is Orihime from bleach the best written Shounen Jump girl? I feel like Kubo went above and beyond wi…[View]
181839223Code Geass R3: Jun Fukuyama has no involvement in the new movie. Meaning no Lelouch - at all. That…[View]
181901560onii-chan is done for: The cutest manga I've ever read[View]
181890457Double Decker! Max and Yuri: >I can't stop loooving youuu >I've made up my mind >…[View]
181881891BLEACH: Let's get this straight once and for all? Is Kubo appearing at jump Festa or the signin…[View]
181884611I don't get it. She clearly says Ayaya[View]
181902215YOU REVIEW: BLEACH.[View]
181902844Was this trigger's year?: The best animes of the year were made by them >inb4 darli Fra was…[View]
181900068What thoughts do you have about CGI anime?[View]
181901462/man/ga feels: manly manga feels thread post your best panels[View]
181823752Re:Zero: New chapter today http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2267be/472/[View]
181902669Only 4 months left... How's /a/ coping for the BIGGEST anime franchise reunion of the century? …[View]
181884280Am I the only one who cared for them more than Hiro and Zero Two?[View]
181898958>film has a three act structure >film has an antagonist >film has moral lessons >film ha…[View]
181902177What is this logic?[View]
181885243Liz to Aoi Tori: The sound design blew me away. I had eargasms listening to this. Kyoani once again …[View]
181883374What is the best episode of Gintama?[View]
181860112Heavy Object Volume 16: It's out![View]
181901087why did they name a hentai site after her?[View]
181900535>The magazine is going to launch a subscription service on December 17th for $2 per month >Not…[View]
181889968Are you still mad?[View]
181896905Way is rape still a thing?: SAO. What went wrong?[View]
181900746Boku No Hero Academia: This series is a masterpiece shounen and is better than Naruto and One Piece.…[View]
181868466SSSS.Gridman: Why didn't you protect her smile, /a/?[View]
181885149Zombieland Saga: Saki is the best onee-chan[View]
181899777Dungeon Meshi: Just realized no more wasabi scans so we gotta wait for the full chapter to come out …[View]
181900565That's just mean.[View]
181893174Bocchi chapter 61: how do these girls just get more adorable as time goes on[View]
181787187dear my machi,[View]
181900207What anime best realizes the ideal of the gesamtkunstwerk?[View]
181894767Didn't watch, how was it?[View]
181901221Can You Guess These Kirara Characters By Their Feet?[View]
181884981Why doesn't /a/ like Fuuka anymore? She's crying now.[View]
1818883683x3 Thread! Only post in here if you have good taste, thanks![View]
181893923Is Bandori just Idolmaster for hipsters?[View]
181899996>Shabadabada-Da-Ba-Da-Da What would you do?[View]
181883863Improve it by giving it to another director out of anime: Your Name by Wong Kar-Wai[View]
181893405O: O[View]
181892444Botan Oohagi thread?[View]
181898839Shonen Jump: Are you taking advantage of the free English version in a week?[View]
181900339Honda-san: >you're in the bookstore when this gaijin suddenly slaps your skelly ass and asks…[View]
181898853Asobi Asobase: I need a seasonful of Olivia's s p i c y pits.[View]
181839475ITT Horrible shit you were convinced to watch because 'lol bro, check it out I think this is totally…[View]
181900485>this is the strongest single entity in all of dragon ball literally retarded who comes up with t…[View]
181898261>rui is going on a date with chefboy What a fucking slut[View]
181885652casca?: why was she depicted as a tough, strong, tomboyish girl, but she has sex like an absolute su…[View]
181896774webms: Post your best webms[View]
181898763What does /a/ think of Desert Punk?[View]
181900278>perfect anime doesn't exis-[View]
181892134haha. time for time travel[View]
181890076Self Inserts: Are there manga artists who self insert? If so, which ones are there?[View]
181896315Nobunaga no Osanatsuma: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-12-11/nobunaga-sensei-no-osanazum…[View]
181895607ITT: floofy[View]
181899922Kemono Friends: I remember the time I rewatched the entire show just for fun[View]
181876926Ken en Ken episode 11 discussion: How would you fix her?[View]
181874466Is it fine to lewd the Yahari's?[View]
181899839Aggretsuko: Aggretsuko Anime Gets Christmas Episode on December 20. Look like our boy fucked the Pan…[View]
181895180Are Lucky Star and K-On! the Resident Evil 4 of anime?[View]
181888016Wasn't Maken-ki supposed to be battle shounen? what happened?[View]
181899616Eromanga Sensei wasn't a bad anime.[View]
181897215Greatest love story ever told?[View]
181898321Is it just me or is Shinka kinda handsome? I bet she would look great in a tuxedo.[View]
181897091>Shuichi stealing my wife How do I cope lads?[View]
181899058Highschool DxD: Even the nobodies of DxD are perfection. Shame the series is less about girls now an…[View]
181897141YuYuesdays forever[View]
181895758ITT: Chad characters[View]
181898065The entire ep she's acting like Kirino, is this version an improvement of Mai?[View]
181898385I know I've seen this anime but I cannot remember which one it was. Was it Trapeze?[View]
181885621>has LN >has main manga >has anime >has about 4 spin offs (maybe more) >author was so…[View]
181872537Akanesasu Shoujo: Imagine fistings she can give with this.[View]
181897489Do you remember me, anon?[View]
181893910jojo: why is season 3 so much worse than the first 2? im at episode 30 and im wondering what happend…[View]
181891987Name a more trash harem protag/mc in general: He's the sole reason I won't enjoy saekano e…[View]
181884243Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that humans will never EVER be relevant.[View]
181887322What if an isekai but your social status, job, and background are all based on what you did before t…[View]
181893033>A little boy who's actually a man gets naked in front of his 9 year old granddaughter >I…[View]
181896760Say something cute about this[View]
181897619Boogiepop: Are you hyped? pv2 https://youtu.be/yKwalYCVJZg[View]
181885719Boku no Hero Academia: Hori gave us a major drop that rats/mice were the first ones to ever exhibit …[View]
181892604Shingeki no Kyojin: Hans is in good hands[View]
181891621These are objectively the 10 best television anime of the decade. Don't even bother trying to p…[View]
181893930Out- Ch.97&98: Dumping[View]
181894999ITT- small stuff that bothers you: >be a 5+ year hikkimori with little to no contact with the out…[View]
181894692Well, /a/? The Valvrave won't pilot itself.[View]
181882988How come Altair never got sexualized?: Aren't female villains supposed have as much fanservice …[View]
181892902>Hard Work vs God Given Talent A tired cliche but which anime/manga has done it the best?…[View]
181892841Academy city: >gated city >universal healthcare >top notch education >top notch extracur…[View]
181897095Why i cant be this happy /a/?[View]
181890182This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no…[View]
181896970One piece Movie website 2019: onepiece-movie.jp[View]
181893916Kaiji: IT'S HAPPENING[View]
181895198Why do retards insists that only one Stand arrow (the one with the beetle tip design) can give requi…[View]
181890878you now remember best Guilty Crown girl[View]
181896738What's her fucking problem?[View]
181849263meanwhile, in /a/ restaurant..[View]
181832684Yuru Yuri Official announcement soon: https://twitter.com/anime_yuruyuri/status/1071626715997192193 …[View]
181887713I fucking hate this anime and it's characters. They are all autistic fucks that would be bullie…[View]
181896671Name a more iconic duo.[View]
181896642A Goblin Slayer reference? A-1 confirmed for bros.[View]
181892344Why are the shows with the best waifus also the most boring/bland ones?[View]
181892545Angefish: Angefish[View]
181896283would you let her urinate on you?[View]
181895811Why does she disappear at the end?[View]
181895061Whom do you want to make friends with? Teach the reason.[View]
181896010Is SAO a good reference for writing phenomenal antagonists/villains?[View]
181896050Original Anime Movie by Tomohiko Itou Announced: https://hello-world-movie.com/ HORIGUICHI RETURN…[View]
181867651ITT sluts[View]
181892172How much do you value visual direction, /a/? Is it important for you?[View]
181893829>Liz and the Blue Bird sells 15,239 wk1 Well that's about 1/4 of A Silent Voice and 50% more…[View]
181893700Kaworu x Shinji is the best romance ever written in anime.[View]
181891654Ajin - Demi-Human 063-064 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Ajin - Demi-Human 063 (2018) (Digital…[View]
181891824Sweetness and Lightning - Extra 4 & 5 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Sweetness and Lightni…[View]
181894482Does she have the best thighs in anime?[View]
181895222I BUY SAUSAGE[View]
181888805Explain this anime in 4 words or less.[View]
181893844>rape scene in the movie - 'so artistic' >rape scene in anime - 'oh anime is tr…[View]
181874556>be timetraveller >go back in time to save the life of your classmate >spend countless hou…[View]
181895214Christmas Cake Aggretsuko: Quick, Retsuko. You must be married before your 26th birtday. https://ww…[View]
181892061Why are there so many mangafags that hate on season 1 of this It hit the nail on the head with every…[View]
181890498Shimoneta: Great success[View]
181889119Aniki: I can't believe it's already been 9 months since his passing. Rest in peace aniki. …[View]
181894996Keijo: The more I think about it, the more it's really a shame that Keijo got axed. It was a fu…[View]
181888035>Put a rape scene in generic anime show >Woah guys, definitely for mature audience…[View]
181892930What kind of impact has anime had on you?: positive or negative. For me, I have gotten a lot cooler …[View]
181891273What will be the legacy of this show this season? Will it sell than better Zombieland Saga? Will it…[View]
181868716Kanokari: Mizuhara or Ichinose?[View]
181890472Anime Vs Manga: Which in your opinion is better /a/ anime or manga?[View]
181877519ITT: 110% gay characters[View]
181892619Where were you when Sunrise finally saved Gundam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeRqVt941tw[View]
181889297>'Nothing's actually impossible.' >Is what you make me imagine >Because I think you…[View]
181885722Boku no Hero Academia: >Rapes his wife >Abuse his children >A hero Why is he not in jail ye…[View]
181892081so is the tora dora christmas tradition over?[View]
181894116Golden Kamuy: Will he get Sugimoto’s uncensored asshole in the Blu-Ray release of the season bros?…[View]
181894099Jin-Roh - Kerberos: Why are the political segments so much better than the psychological/metaphorica…[View]
181824210Is Hisoka the most well-written villain ever?[View]
181893296>have so much clout that you can just make a new manga series about your fetish The stones on thi…[View]
181893809Post a trope and let others recommend you related anime or manga. >2 best friends are forced into…[View]
181890318How do you like tall girls in anime and manga?[View]
181892733Just watched all of Season 1 of Initial D in two days. I knew about the memes, but why didn't y…[View]
181893163This is the worst girl. Tell her mean things until she commits suicide.[View]
181890340Rem was best girl: Why did he reject her bros? Doesn’t she deserve to to be happy?[View]
181890353FLCL thread: IT'S OVER if you don't have big, bushy eyebrows[View]
181892079UQ Holder! 155 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >UQ Holder! 155 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire) h…[View]
181880982My Wife is a Man 16: Dumping the new chapter.[View]
181875584what's your opinion on this anime? haven't scene it but my top two are death note and psyc…[View]
181889588>watch Fate/Zero >complex web of character motivations and intriguing world driving an action …[View]
181891373Do you relate to the character of Junichi?[View]
181891825Imagine the smell, Imagine it with all your might, imagine her, her pussy, musky and unwashed, 'hea…[View]
181892859What was the point of everything?[View]
181892554Where's the new Yotsuba chapter?[View]
181880921ne0;lation: dumping fujoshit hackerman what the fuck is up with hot dogs this week[View]
181884829Shingeki no Kyojin: Given how the last arc is pretty much shaping up to be the Mikasa arc, where do …[View]
181892451Mikazuki Yozora 三日月夜空 月夜 腋 armpits![View]
181890824Why do you love Shana so much?[View]
181891714>Person important to the MC dies so that the MC can become stronger[View]
181886028slime: >weights 200kg[View]
181847453Shun is now a girl.: I guess this is a huge improvement from the original series. The whole scene wi…[View]
181883393Fix her character[View]
181878183is Isekai Meikyuu any good?[View]
181885721What are some characters of the opposite sex you can relate to? Pic related for me.[View]
181891580Princess resurrection: Does anyone remember the end of this series?[View]
181805290I just wanted to watch a show about virtual magic sword fighting[View]
181887506Kiss X Sis: How can Sis even compete with Piss?[View]
181887081Liz and the Blue Bird: Who the fuck watches something this boring?[View]
181889234The anime of a generation[View]
181877642Mousou Telepathy: >He doesn't want a big titty gf with W I N T E R written across her breast…[View]
181879021What did I just watch?[View]
181854079Priestess is annoyed! What did you do, Anon?[View]
181889015Hotaru is literally the pinnacle of beauty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm509gYHAe0[View]
18188090780s a e s t h e t i c thread[View]
181848018New Mai Hime series when Sunrise? Will Sunrise deliver it's promise for next year.[View]
181866666ITT: Best/Favorite Light Novel Illustrations[View]
181889678Did you enjoy her show?[View]
181859421Little Witch Academia: What is their relationship?[View]
181872726>he doesn't rate shinka[View]
181881831watamote: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
181889169TADA BANRI: BROS[View]
181887420ITT Characters that will get a visit from Santa: Will Santa come /a/?[View]
181858736Is this the saddest moment in manga history?[View]
181885807Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru: This is the face of a true villain Please call the police[View]
181890532Say would a loli be the toughest being in the universe if you gave her the chocolate?[View]
181878917What was the exact moment this show went to shit?[View]
181890302how do we save anime from the destruction[View]
181854931I watched this movie for the first time about half a year ago and absolutely loved it. I unironicall…[View]
181851158>anime is called Index >Index is the main girl >never relevant after the first arc >spen…[View]
181865256One Piece: So is it someone new? I've got a slight suspect on the witching hour boy.[View]
181889818So this absolutely deserved a deacons season, right? I can’t be the only one who thinks this amazing…[View]
181857283Liz to Aoi Tori: Just watched this movie and thought it was one of the best things I've ever wa…[View]
181888816>Kotono marries her Dad's brother Based Saint October incest end.[View]
181865451Why is Zeta so violent?[View]
181885624You have watched your ten episodes a day, haven't you anon?[View]
181883586Otona no Bougaya-san: >[Impatience] Otona no Bouguya-san - 10 [720p][CF756725] Hey everyone, it…[View]
181888606Slime Gobta: >teleports behind you >nothing personnel kid Will he stay relevant in terms of pl…[View]
181888215>sibling love which anime done it best?[View]
181887806Anime scenes /episodes that broke you: I remember watching MiA episode 10 during class and having to…[View]
181884931Did the intro spoil the entire first episode???: Watch the intro, see who is the main character (tak…[View]
181883353Golden Kamuy is the most underrated anime in recent history[View]
181821349Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Here is Chapter 26th of Kitsune Loli Wife Mother. My proofreader is i…[View]
181879909bocchi: only a few more months until we see her anime[View]
181888435Who is the greatest mangaka to ever live?[View]
181885935What's the anime that never fails to warm your insides up?[View]
181887637>handsome bully steals MC's gf/wife Why isn't this fetish more popular in animu? Even f…[View]
181882520how did we go from this[View]
181884844DB thread: Let's have a thread about when this series was just a silly gag version of Journey t…[View]
181886007Lum's bum![View]
181882495Was Ozu really a bad guy or was he not that big a dick and it's just a case of biased narrator?[View]
181887475ITT: Voices you give characters while reading manga: Been binge reading all of Dungeon Meshi over th…[View]
181886348Is MPC-HC/madVR/XySubFilter/etc still the best media player setup for watching anime? Or has MPDN/mp…[View]
181834036Why is it so perfect bros?[View]
181886882How would you help her get over her sister?[View]
181851446>MMO junkie gets isekai'd into the game >Immediately bonds with cute girl who's on t…[View]
181886885is this mangaka a hack, is this character in denial, or am I just an autist that doesn't unders…[View]
181886165Name a more powerful fighter[View]
181883358Have you ever felt like a series was made just for you?[View]
181885011I don't get what was so traumatIzing about this. Do Japs really not discipline their children?[View]
181879382Hot Take: 4Kids didn't ruin One Piece chances of being huge in the U.S.[View]
181882360Shirou, the pantry has been depleted of potato chips.[View]
181886422Do you remember hyper oats?[View]
181881066Baki 2018: Muhammad Ali appreciation episode[View]
181878099If you could have one anime ocular ability, which one would it be?[View]
181880455Noblesse: at last, after so many years, we press F he dies on the last chapter of the series, next w…[View]
181886236kiss x sis 127 does anyone else not understand what's going on with ako?[View]
181881778What does /a/ think of this masterpiece?[View]
181859525>be shitty tsundere for years >Finally confess >Due to her abuse, Guy is now dense as fuck …[View]
181879837Why isn't there any good WW1 manga?[View]
181839501Kimetsu 138[View]
181881589I AM NO MONEY What does /a/ think of PA Works originals? NnA>HanaIro>Sakura>Bako>TT>a…[View]
181883731Aozakura: I had someone describe this to me as a slice of life about basic military training for the…[View]
181863009Boku no Hero Academia: Press F for Gigantomeme[View]
181882504Left or right?[View]
181880794Mieruko-chan Chapter 3: Chapter 3 of the recently serialized manga about a girl who can see ghosts a…[View]
181856981Thunderbolt Fantasy: Episode 11 soon. How will Butcher still surprise us?[View]
181883347I have never seen someone I have wanted to impregnate so badly[View]
181884200Why is Rikka so beloved on this board?[View]
181885054Was Satou one of us?[View]
181872683Name someone more Alpha THAN him: You cant...[View]
181884928Running bros: /runningbros/ you guys excited for the new episode tomorrow?[View]
181884258Dragon Ball Super: Dogly Edition.[View]
181863967Zombieland Saga: why does she sleep like that?[View]
181877087Shingeki No Kyojin: >HE IS FREE[View]
181884370It's studio Pierrot's 40th anniversary. Say something nice.: >We made this shit popular…[View]
181871709Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that Android 18 is beautiful and Toyotaro better include her in his new …[View]
181878417ITT: Sluts that ruined everything[View]
181884270Mangaka that are waste of talent: People with wasted potential. People who could be the next Oda, Ki…[View]
181800503SAO Alicization: Someone should make this into that Shooting Stars meme[View]
181883665>It's been a long day without you my friend, and i'll tell you all about it when i see …[View]
181883939Any good animes about choking bitches?[View]
181882759Sophie gives you this look, pleading with you with her eyes not to leave her. What do?[View]
181779761Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
181883973The virgin oboe walk (60 bpm) vs the chad flute stride (110 bpm)[View]
181878020Maomao appreciation Thread:: the favorite apothecary prostitute of /a/[View]
181878296Conan: Is it just me or does this trailer feature scenes not in Countdown to Heaven? https://www.you…[View]
181879349Golden Kamuy: >No Golden Kamuy thread up[View]
181883284>tfw I want to watch anime but I have a 200 word essay due on Monday that I haven't even sta…[View]
181880244NGE's original series ending was perfect and every attempt at an ((((((ending)))))) after has b…[View]
181880467You can only choose one[View]
181883338Do you like VN adaptations?[View]
181883250onii-chan is done for: New chapter when?[View]
181881858>agrees to let a girl kiss her that she isn't in love with >even agrees to kiss said girl…[View]
181853288Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō: Episode 1 airs soon >new Saint Seiya series >but the main cast is ma…[View]
181880898What are the chances of ssj4 becoming canon. please i need my red monkey daddy to plow me[View]
181870948>Android 17 >Get's wrecked by Imperfect Cell in Z >Is on par with SSGSS Goku in Super …[View]
181872667I can't tell if this is irredeemable trash or if I'm just too stupid Why is it regarded so…[View]
181879897Sakura has something she wants to show you![View]
181882397Im watching evangelion, and I'm on episode 5. Does Shinji stay a massive pussy for much longer?…[View]
181880644Series you initially liked, and why?: Try to focus more on the positives rather than the negatives o…[View]
181879833Who’s your Kunoichi Waifu?: .[View]
181882675Post anime that carries /a/ on its back.[View]
181882586>tfw No anime version of Mishima works.[View]
181880217Precure Thread: StarTwinkle leaks any day now. Official reveal is on Christmas so we're running…[View]
181866307Friendly reminder: Maria is a boy[View]
181859441Kengan Asura ch.207: Crisis hot damn! [View]
181860260ITT: smiles you want to protect[View]
181882093Anime you've had on your back list for years and are just now getting to: Something about tanks…[View]
181868492FIGHTING GOLD[View]
181881751How do we fix moeshit? Who actually wants to watch garbage shows about little girls doing nothing?[View]
181877790First time I watched Death Note I was 17. Now, several years later, I am rewatching it with my mom. …[View]
181879635Who is the slutest man-slut ever?: And how should we deal with man-slut problem?[View]
181852492Which Stand from Jojo would you want and why? Also if you want you could have Hamon I guess.[View]
181880912Oh no! Raios-dono is about to rape you're waifu! What to do?[View]
181881616Let's face it: Anime isn't worth watching: They never have satisfactory endings. There are…[View]
181879120Double Decker: >want to watch some chilly anime >watch the last Double Decker Fuck. Can we sav…[View]
181855439Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka: Endless Mahou Shoujo Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxr0-FsjK…[View]
181802256BLEACH Artbook JET: So how long until good scans? Also Kubo will be at Jump Festa for signing autog…[View]
181881152Just decided to listen to Rem's song and read the lyrics. Holy shit it hurts anons. https://you…[View]
181881308Fat bottom girls, you make the rockin' world go round~[View]
181875886Name an Anime: ITT : Name an Anime starting from the last letter of the one posted just above. I…[View]
181880309ITT Post cute and funny characters[View]
181880454>WAAAAAAAAA- mou ii desu sou iu no![View]
181823146Sales/Stalker/Rankings Thread: >***,*19 (=***,*19) Zombieland Saga >***,*81 (=***,*81) SSSS.Gr…[View]
181872542Shingeki No Kyojin: I guess this confirms it. Eren is not attracted to Mikasa, Historia, Annie or ev…[View]
181878933OMG IT'S JUST LIKE RE:ZERO!!![View]
181864948Viz adds Act-age, Kimestu no Yaiba, Haikyu and Jujutsu to new Shonen Jump lineup: Holy shit, based. …[View]
181880340Tell me 4channel, what did she means by this?[View]
181877316what's the modern equivalent to Bebop?[View]
181874230What do mangaka do if nobody buys their works?[View]
181880137Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly![View]
181879581Could we get a Rebuild of Evangelion 2.5 one day? featuring the events of this preview: https://www.…[View]
181880295Liz and the Blue Bird (2018)[View]
181877529Is Diebuster the most worthless sequel of all time?[View]
181880268What are the 10 best (or your favorite) shows of the year? I'll start: 10. वायोलेट ेवेरगार्डेन …[View]
181880154This was so rude.[View]
181879945name ONE anime[View]
181878132What the fuck is kubo waiting for to start drawing porn?[View]
181855516Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken: >SLIME TIME today How can one SLIME be so cute, /a/? btw. Are you…[View]
181879311This anime is kinda gross: Why does she feel the need to insert herself into every aspect of Misha…[View]
181876636True words: From anime.[View]
181879804All I want for Christmas is an Osaka under the tree![View]
181876826Heavenly Delusion is the most critically acclaimed, new manga going into 2019 according to Kono Mang…[View]
181879684Who is your waifu of the season?[View]
181879578What happened to this season's anime?: You've got rapists and pedos and virgins running ar…[View]
181859982>Everyone, attention please >'Fuck Armin and especially FUCK Mikasa' >Thanks What did Eren …[View]
181877534Akagi = Peasant Washizu = Emperor[View]
181879081Why are drunk girls the best?[View]
181879458Tales of demonds and gods: Do you like it /a/?[View]
181779845Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: Which tonari do you think has the most tasty armpits?[View]
181877447Why is it considered 'morally wrong' to want to help others?[View]
181879304I just keep feeling worse and worse. Second season when?[View]
181875135OFFICIAL AOTY LIST(Official): 2000: Ippo 2001: Baki 2002: Chobits (not a very good year) 2003: Kino…[View]
181869170My wife tomoko deserves a season 2 or I will say the n word[View]
181867068Asuka or Rei?[View]
181878628Why are pantylines so rare in anime and manga?[View]
181876501Would you watch a Goblin Slayer and Isekai Slime crossover episode? Could it work out?[View]
181878951Tower of God: Good night sweet prince[View]
181878877D'un pas ferme et triomphant R'li r'lan r'lan tan plan ! Tire lire en plan Le Bo…[View]
181873697Jojo: Anyone feel bad for the hitman team?[View]
181863126High School DxD: What happened?[View]
181876625ITT: pages women will never understand[View]
181878761>It's a beach vacation episode[View]
181873896this is your fault /a/ you should've stopped calling them hags[View]
181867405Bakarina: Why didn't anyone tell me this was so damn good? It's like TWGOK, but without th…[View]
181876496How do you watch your anime? Phone? Television? Do you use Chromecast? Do you use a media server to …[View]
181867094Anybody Remember this?[View]
181862615ISLAND: What's your opinion about this anime? I saw many negative reviews, but maybe /a/ has an…[View]
181870681ITT: Characters who if they got removed would improve the anime they were in[View]
181868658Sex in Berserk: Your top3 sex scenes from Berserk? For me it would be: 1. Guts x Casca 2. Griffith x…[View]
181858887SAOA: GGO: Was her show *really* better than the mainline series, or is it all just SAO garbage?…[View]
181873049Would anyone have honestly been mad at him if he had just raped Kokoro?[View]
181869211How do the Japanese feel about this shit? 'I'm going to die now please raise the spoiled offspr…[View]
181876841Why does a lizard have eyelashes?[View]
181869529Naruto eyes: Without looking it up, can you tell me what all these eyes do?[View]
181877554What do we think about this big witch?[View]
181877408Would a Kid Icarus anime work? I remember the Palutena's Revolting Dinner short wishing they…[View]
181877343Can more anime draw lips please? It's really nice to see noses and lips making a come back. Hop…[View]
181868611Eromanga-sensei: OVA (one Elf story and one Sagiri story) and new volume (Sagiri and her friends le…[View]
181877302So /a/ beside the SSSS tier waifu design what do you guys think about SSSS.Gridman. Also fan of old …[View]
181873537Why are there more virgin MCs in anime nowadays than before?[View]
181874130Is there any anime you've watched with your parents, whether it be your father, mother, brother…[View]
181876260Wotakoi: Wait, why does this have only 11 episodes? Also, will we get a second season? Because I act…[View]
181873887What was her name again?[View]
181875152No angel waiting in my room to kill me: y liv?[View]
181870561Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 66: Persimmon[View]
181847954ITT: Season 2s you'll never get: It hurts[View]
181874395Do you like sports anime?[View]
181868965act age 41[View]
181866783Why is Lupin the third underrated in the west?[View]
181872936GeGeGe no Kitaro: Is Kitaro /pol/ now?[View]
181871430Why are all foreigner characters in anime half japanese[View]
181875421Finding OOP/Obscure Manga?: How the fuck do you find physical copies or downloads of old weird manga…[View]
181862865Out- Ch.96: Dumping.[View]
181870054Where have all the good mechas gone? I see nothing but shit[View]
181865434WSJD - World Trigger: Not Vizanon here.[View]
181870532Most Savage anime characters[View]
181875477Plamemo: Did you play Plastic Memories VN to see Elsa again? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqm…[View]
181873769Yotsubato!: So, what do you think honestly about some last issues? Yotsuba doesn't smile like b…[View]
181866919ITT: Normal human characters that are only possible in fiction Starting with the obvious one[View]
181860310Golden Kamuy: Episode 22[View]
181875582>first half of anime is great >second half is absolute rubbish…[View]
181862990Top 10: ITS OUT! /Our shows/ are top 2![View]
181874919hey wait a minute... this outfit she's wearing looks very familiar.[View]
181870259onii-chan buy me geimu cora and potato chipsu[View]
181864899Watashi no Shounen: Why won't the cake just let herself be eaten?[View]
181871310isn't she too old for randerosu?[View]
181875079Honestly, Classic Beyblade is pretty based. The way it combined the world traveling aspects with a s…[View]
181874990Where's the best site for read Sanctuary?: I can only find the Viz Media version, and I don…[View]
181871493Post Anime Girls, that needs the Dick...[View]
181873067i miss it bros[View]
181872473BAKA SHINJI[View]
181873068>best girls gets introduced >has no chance of winning because the serie's title already s…[View]
181873911I'm what you'd call a tanuki, but too proud to be a mere tanuki.[View]
181869242Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Which season / movie / prequel ova had the best intro?[View]
181874102press f to pay respects[View]
181870100Edgiest of edgy scenes in anime and manga. Truly the biggest bullshit deus ex, asspulls, even fedora…[View]
181861696>10 chapters of nothing happening again HE CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT reminder that people with …[View]
181861852Gotoubun No Hanayome Chapter 66 korean: .[View]
181871798Vinland Saga: Is anybody looking forward the the anime?[View]
181866745Why are witches so lewd?[View]
181870305'Nothing's actually impossible.' Is what you make me imagine Because I think you'll always…[View]
181870657Are they creatively bankrupt?[View]
181870005For in every age, and in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.[View]
181862457>Checking catalog >No Miuna thread on Monday How is this allowed?…[View]
181873082Mamoru Oishii[View]
181863150Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Literally Mi-nai: Good God, I got a boner.[View]
181872102Dragon Ball Super: Why did Son Goku never kiss his wife?[View]
181870272Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu S2: Newtype space autism big war.[View]
181858227Violet has a pretty nice smile.[View]
181867970if your waifu became a insect, human size with human brain but cannot talk, would you still take car…[View]
181864543Shingeki no Kyojin: I can't believe Isayama decisively made Hange a woman to write a dedicated …[View]
181872224Are girls who can't handle spicy food worthless?[View]
181866298Why aren't anime traps ever explicitly into dudes? It's not like Japan has issues with dep…[View]
181871693Dragon Ball Super: Jiren > El Cabron Demonico > Zamasu > Collar-sama > Broly[View]
181855199In 2017, overseas sales/licenses accounted for 45% of the anime industry's revenue.[View]
181855959Oniichan is done for: Does /a/ read this?[View]
181839747Tsurune: I hate this[View]
181861349Hinako's worried about you because you just took a hard fall. Let her know you're okay.[View]
181870415Demi Chan Wa Kataritai: So does the succubus teacher have a better or worst chance with him now?…[View]
181872014Zombieland Saga: Compared the trucks from episodes 1 and 10, if we read the second truck's plat…[View]
181856526SSSS.Gridman: Episode 11 preview >A ceiling covers the city and a different morning dawns. Having…[View]
181858220Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari: thoughts?[View]
181869909Has anyone here read Black Angels? Is it worth buying? http://en.mangareborn.jp/creation_series/40…[View]
181862721This is the only time you should ever watch an anime dubbed. This and the Big O are the only excepti…[View]
181866442I don't get it why are they so thirsty for slime? The most interaction they had was him curbst…[View]
181848631Dragon Ball Super: >told by Toei to create another arc >writes up a two-paragraph summary in a…[View]
181867226Is there a single anime or manga character that can defeat Honoka-chan with all her idol powers unlo…[View]
181866042Mousou Telepathy 617: >TFW also have complete lack of sense for clothing and just go along with w…[View]
181870772Million Arthur: I need my new episode. Where are you mysterious fansubber?[View]
181870704I will never get tired of bad guys locking the heroes up and one-sidedly mocking their ideals and ch…[View]
181870283What is the greatest evil team of all time and why is it pic related?[View]
181870408ITT best boys[View]
181864034Madoka is shit. Change my mind.[View]
181847358Akanesasu Shoujo: Can't wait for next episode in a few hours. Can we praise Chikuwasuka?[View]
181869158Were they friends?[View]
181864644KoiChoco: I hope you're not one of those people who hate on the best girl Chisato.[View]
181863951What the fuck happened? The first re season was already pretty bad but this one is fucking terrible.[View]
181868209Dies Irae: Best Girls from Dies Irae?[View]
181827326Himote House[View]
181866390When is she getting a ufotable anime of her VN[View]
181869418Vatican Kiseki Chousakan: Christmas is near. Is there a chance for another miracle?[View]
181842798ITT: If you hear it, you win.[View]
181867761What are Misato and Asuka doing?[View]
181863920Goblino Slayer Harem: Is it a harem anime now? also another boring episode.[View]
181854347How much do you hate males in anime?[View]
181869124kino animu?[View]
181868443How the fuck am I supposed to self insert to this?[View]
181838297ITT: We give shitty descriptions of our favorite anime and try and guess what it is. Edge lord beco…[View]
181866654Admit it /a/, this is the perfect specimen.[View]
181828407The Colors must defend Ueno Park from the evil Saito and his henchmen. Who wins in a fight to the de…[View]
181862060Mirai: >nominated for golden globe >getting academy award buzz I plan on watching when I retur…[View]
181857604What made her design so perfect?[View]
181866913Why did effort in the anime peak here?[View]
181864190Looks like I have to drop One Piece after all...[View]
181863734Why did he betray Rin? He could've killed Caster just fine at any moment.[View]
181864005Zombieland Saga: Sakura Minamoto Character Analysis: Everyone assumes that Sakura was a preppy, ultr…[View]
181863724Who is a strong female protagonist in anime?[View]
181803739Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
181818131Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi: Episode 9[View]
181862950Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: Last night I dreamt about Sakuta ressurecting communism …[View]
181865402What's the most stupid Manga? I want too effectively lose brain capabilities while reading a c…[View]
181868468ITT We recom- post obscure kino for others. >epic of gilgamesh[View]
181866115Would you listen to your wife Chino?[View]
181867848Did medieval Christian warriors really look like this?[View]
181861907Will this winter be full of funny anime with cute characters like last winter?[View]
181866108ITT Good moments from disappointing anime Also Rika best girl and fuck the author and editor's …[View]
181867309Why are they so well liked? People have apparently been arguing about one over the other for 20+ yea…[View]
181868001Satanophany 76: It only took them 75 chapters to get around to it, but Chika and Sayoko have now ban…[View]
181867194Favourites of the year: As odd as it might be to do this before the season is over, I'm sure yo…[View]
181844737ITT:Characters disgustingly abused by the writers[View]
181821829New Double Decker episode today after a week of nothing. Why wasnt a thread already up?[View]
181861104Why is Evangelion and Evafags such cancer?[View]
181865640David-Kun 14 (RAW) AMERICA, FUCK YEAH![View]
181866901Jirou is för?[View]
181860549>Kumiko is gonna get creampied by big Shoe1 dick oh no no no[View]
181771045ITT: Manga that you like but got canceled/dropped/hiatus[View]
181863675sailor moon but with softcore loli guro[View]
181834647Release the Spyce: Mark my words, Byakko will be the savior of Tsukikage.[View]
181863572cinderella girls is trash[View]
181865130So after all this time what is your opinion about the basement plot twist in Shingeki?[View]
181866509Ocean-derella Girls: Is Kaede's segment here still the best sea-n in all of anime? It shore-ly …[View]
181850851>tells 8man to forget about her and go out with Yui >begins dressing like this what is Yukino…[View]
181859148Shingeki no Annie: This is a best girl only thread. And by best girl, i mean Annie, the best girl. T…[View]
181863991What did she mean by this?[View]
181862337Apart from Medaka, is there any other Shonen that is played by a woman?[View]
181862489Please don't forget about her this Christmas.[View]
181865875Dies Irae: Was Beatrice the best Part?[View]
181856485Every single one of the anime in this image are masterpieces. Prove me wrong.[View]
181858544So is there a chance it's coming to Netflix?[View]
181860904Why do people want anime characters to relate to them? if that was the case, they'd all be on 4…[View]
181857981Steins;Gate: The OVA isn't even in the SG word line. It's in a fucking beta one. https://y…[View]
181865297Does Chrollo Lucilfer love Saint Peter?[View]
181864318Not fully translated: What does anon do when he finds a cool show that's new to him and gets re…[View]
181864267Hey, /a/. How do you tell if an anime is encoded in high quality? Like, obviously just 1080p vs 720p…[View]
181864408What's the appeal of this character?[View]
181839917One Piece: This arc has been great so far. Really loving the SoL stuff with the crew now that Luffy…[View]
181862014Okazaki Tomoya: Are we ignoring that this guy has the power to change destiny and fate?[View]
181863977You can actually hear her actually tearing a good bit of hair. I gagged a little at just how realist…[View]
181862716Stupid Mordred[View]
181796400Buyfag thread: The pink devil is very fast[View]
181849370Neeko the NEET: New chapter is out.[View]
181853976Akanesasu Shoujo: Episode 11 airs today. I hope she can escape her crippling depression.[View]
181863376me on the left[View]
181863700KonoSuba: Just finished Dust spin-off volume 1 and started volume 12 of the main series, what do ano…[View]
181863385What was she doing at the konosuba house?[View]
181864398Why Puru is the best Gundam characters?[View]
181860614Post downgrades[View]
181860864I really hate her outlook on life.[View]
181863686Will there ever be an anime adaptation of this masterpiece?[View]
181863332Manga/LN authors who desperately need some post-fap clarity I'll start. Akihito Tsukushi[View]
181851936Meanwhile, in Cret/a/ceous /a/...[View]
181854609You startle your kouhai sending a bunch of books sprawling to the ground. what do[View]
181860670Why are turbo slut FeMC way better than other kinds of FeMCs? Sluts are horrible as love interest an…[View]
181862670Yotsuba Bread: Who does she sound like? All I can imagine is Chiyo, but much more energetic. She can…[View]
181856820Why is she crying while eating a donut?[View]
181859086>Unabashedly TERRIBLE world-building, relies entirely on one of the most tired crutches in fantas…[View]
181860280ITT: Mash-ups: >'The title 'School Idol' is only given to those worthy of it. >Chika…[View]
181841280Do you like glasses on anime/manga girls?[View]
181844235Zombieland Saga: spot the egg[View]
181863082Boku no Hero Academia: We live in a society[View]
181860001ANON! PLEASE DON'T FORGET μ's![View]
181861342Baki episode 25: Only one more week of Baki left. Will 4000 years of chinese medicnie be able to sav…[View]
181860910You made Nene cry![View]
181858638Origin: She actually killed him... What the fuck?[View]
181853329Gotoubun No Hanayome Chapter 66 spoiler pic: Ichika[View]
181860215How do we stop anime piracy for good?[View]
181850136Blade of immortal: Im crying[View]
181858469brynhildr into the darkness: Just finished this show to day and I don't think it deserves all t…[View]
181853284Post your betting face, /a/.[View]
181861021You haven't forgotten about her already, right? It's only been a few months[View]
181842040Monogatari: Will anything ever top Monogatari?[View]
181857813why does Arc look so ugly in the Tsukihime anime?[View]
181859206Serious Fate v. Lighthearted Fate Spin-offs: Did you prefer the original serious Fate or the cute sp…[View]
181849087How difficult would it be to rape her?[View]
181861918Anima Yell: CHAIR![View]
181858897Are you ready?[View]
181861426Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: How powerful is their child going to be?[View]
181844390Shonen Jump is going free to combat piracy: >Shonen Jump has announced that it’s shifting its ent…[View]
181859409Anon-kun are you paying attention to class?[View]
181856898Why aren't you reading Kaos (alter) manga?[View]
181861250Chaika on the front page![View]
181857644Nise-Koi the real movie[View]
181861255>ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON Why was Haro partying when his master died? Seemed rather inappr…[View]
181821800Why is it that these types of characters have been popping up more and more in anime & manga lat…[View]
181848118Submit to it! You know it's true![View]
181859689truly, a gift from the heavens which must be protected. bask in her glory.[View]
181854626My Sister, My Writer: My fucking neck! Does this anime company have a contract with a neck collar fi…[View]
181837812>it's an aria-shachou/cait sith episode[View]
181860945>The Chad revived the Loli and made her his bride There is no better Shoujo manga than Seven Dead…[View]
181855738Post /a/ characters who are literally you.[View]
181854447>dresses slutty >smokes and drinks underage >out all night partying with older necromancers…[View]
181859926Who is best monster girl? For me personally, it's gotta be Machi.[View]
181859384When did he became such a chad ?[View]
181799036Maken-Ki!: Scheduled monthly Maken-Ki dumper anon missing and I'm starting to get worried. Need…[View]
181846494>Blocks your path[View]
181854310Would you agree to fuse with someone else if you could give birth to the perfect being?[View]
181855779Tsugumomo?: Wasn't there a chapter translated yesterday?[View]
181860150I stream anime and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
181855232What is her IQ?[View]
181852971WHO WINS??: >Winner-takes-all, no-holds-barred, hell-in-a-cell who do you think would last?…[View]
181855839teh rei[View]
181857704How does one impregnate a drawing?[View]
181854743>only character that doesn't cry about her 'dark' past >motherly nature >loves beta MC…[View]
181857149Official Battle Shounen Ranking[View]
181802013>I know nothing of the love or hatred which God holds for the English people. What I do know is t…[View]
1818587408 days left Will we get a new announcement?[View]
181801060Secret S/a/nta Thread: /ss/: You have sent out your cards by now, right?[View]
181852426Bleach: When are we getting an animation of the 1000 year blood war arc[View]
181852706Kind of strange how more eerie and edgy SAO is than Goblin Slayer which mangafags wank off to the go…[View]
181857645New Oreimo Blu-Ray Box Set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkIj5RRcSCc http://aniplexusa.com/oreimo…[View]
181858881>fuck studio trigger and fuck kyoto animation![View]
181857775Which one has the best quality, resolution, lack of watermarks translations?[View]
181854860ITT: shows that were literally Kino[View]
181853656Huh, but the duel is over already, also I thought the monsters was virtual illusion?[View]
181829312The Life of the Witch Who Remains Single for About 300 Years!: Story time! As Christmas approaches, …[View]
181851211Shingeki no Kyojin: >Meanwhile in 2013[View]
181842289Overlord Pure Pure Pleiades: Best girl is back. Ep 1 sub on nyaa[View]
181848152Is it dead?: Haven't seen an update in a while. I just want to see Goblin-chan and Harpy-chan g…[View]
181854429Now THAT'S what I call art[View]
181858239How did you feel when Polnareff took the last train homeand promptly became a turtle ?[View]
181857343Wasn't she suppsoed to be a lesbian character?[View]
181856315Why did the author just rehash Oreimo? Can't he write other types of stories?[View]
181845826ITT: Anime that only you watched.[View]
181854841>can't think of a reason to kill a new powerful species of a human/ant/animal hybrid with ma…[View]
181857407How do you feel about Illyasviel von Einzbern?[View]
181855528Have we totally forgotten her /a/?[View]
181850466biggest feels this year: what was /a/'s biggest feel this year?[View]
181856338Shokugeki no Souma 291: https://readms.net/r/shokugeki_no_souma/291/5534/1 This manga has really gon…[View]
181857831Do you agree?[View]
181857613What are these Yakuza dudes' expressions supposed to convey? It looks almost like they're …[View]
181853698Samurai Thread: I'm about to start reading Sindooh. What do you think about this manga?[View]
181855592Hells: so OP sat through this 2 hour long movie it was alright but it suffered from choosing to adap…[View]
181848984She will win[View]
181849259Would you support her dreams?[View]
181787472Beastars Chapter 109[View]
181855275Post your best umaru pics with transparent background[View]
181835879Chihayafuru S3: https://twitter.com/pkjd818/status/1071673327196942336 Is 2019 the best year for ani…[View]
181848866My sides, all these times people on here tried to tell me >SAO is good now Yet here we are with …[View]
181855142Talentless hacks thread[View]
181851502What's the best yuri show this season? For me, it's SSSS Gridman.[View]
181853759post cute screencaps[View]
181818711Otoyomigatari 77: Get in here anons. New Mori chapter is out. Also is this what she is like in bed?…[View]
181831760NGE is pretentious, overrated and its fanbase consists of neckbearded 2deep4u redditors: Prove me wr…[View]
181833177Direction wise, is there someone alive that can top Anno?[View]
181856275Will we ever get to see Violet again?[View]
181846630Pop Team Epic: So, once and for all...was it genius or was it crap?[View]
181855101Symphogear S5 delayed until July 2019: http://www.symphogear-axz.com/news_181210.php[View]
181853110Is this one of those soul/souless things?[View]
181853353Ashita no Joe 2: What is Ashita no Joe 2? Is it a sequel or a remake? From the description it sounds…[View]
181856473Was it forced?[View]
181843582SSSS.Gridman: Akane did nothing wrong[View]
181835715Watashi no Shounen Chapters 22-24[View]
181850828Goblin Slayer Episode 11 to Air on December 22, After Recap Episode This Week >https://www.animen…[View]
181839293Yuragi 139: Man, oversleeping is throwing my schedule whack again. Anyone wanna dump for me again? Y…[View]
181856121>Be forced into an intense career as a child due to your horrible mothers inferiority complex …[View]
181822305Isekai Maou: Darling, make me happy Lalala I need you Darling, make me happy Lalala when S2?…[View]
181853098Soon you can be a cute girl as well and star in your own slice of life anime of depression, loneline…[View]
181850577Macross Frontier: A friend recommended this anime to me, what am I in for /a/?[View]
181852014Eren is a Hero Praise him[View]
181853572>B:The Beginning got a second season announced before your favourite animu did How does this make…[View]
181852230ne0;lation new WSJ manga dump: AXED[View]
181781086Elf San ya waserarenai: Hey, shouldnt we have gotten a new chapter already by this time? did Meth we…[View]
181803839AOTS! AOTS![View]
181804480Liz and the Blue Bird/Hibike Euphonium: Kyoani produces a genuine art film out of anime when other s…[View]
181854608Post scenes that developed the 'plot' and story[View]
181850369Can we be honest fellow hunter chads? So far this current arc has been pretty lame. >50 new chara…[View]
181848926Annual midnight EST Tor/a/dora stream followed by KKN starting in 1 hour.[View]
181854355BEEF OWA FISH[View]
181832322Raildex: So how will he possibly prevent repeating the year/semester? Retaking classes on summer won…[View]
181845606Are we going to get season 3 eventually?[View]
181851212Bunny Senpai: So the show is about watching this mouth breather with a constant dumbass stare on his…[View]
181852345Why are bunny girls so underused in Isekai when compared to other kemonomimi girls? They deserve mor…[View]
181837425She should have won. Fuck the loli and retarded redhead.[View]
181851293Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Elma OL Nikki: New Elma[View]
181845641Hero Academia: Who will be Deku’s biggest help?[View]
181850481>characters are so bland and generic they don't even have names >story is bland and repet…[View]
181852078>marry 1 isekai MC >fuck 1 isekai MC >kill 1 isekai MC Can't be the same person. Go.…[View]
181845929>the Hei of battle school harems[View]
181852764>It's another protagonist is a stupid fucking idiot show And this is suppose to be some thou…[View]
181845206Weeds! Be Ambitious - Chapter 4: Today: why the gaming loli doesn't like men. Previous >>…[View]
181852954Isekai Mom: Just started reading this. Thirty pages in and I'm already hyped for the adaptation…[View]
181806451I AM ULTRA RELAX https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2p1ets[View]
181848132Just finished watching, whats with all the hate? The tournament of power was fucking awesome.[View]
181815317Highschool of the Dead has been officially axed instead of being on Hiatus: Yesterday a new intervie…[View]
181843287Age-advanced Chloe von Einzbern.[View]
181851648Is there a canonical explanation for her eyebrows?[View]
181849139Should Dr Gero return to Dragonball Super? He was one of the more overlooked villains with a direct …[View]
181850622HNNNNG I LOVE LUCIA[View]
181839538ITT: post characters that ruined otherwise 10/10 shows[View]
181850338The Idolmasterbater: Why is this crap so popular in Japan? It's not even good and has no fan se…[View]
181849964Hataraku saibou OVA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-cTuaBBsUU&feature=youtu.be[View]
181838859attack on titan shingeki no kyojin: On a scale of caution-prison for life, how hyped are you? https:…[View]
181850601 [View]
181847130Will be the next best anime adaption after Speed Racer! True Kino! https://youtu.be/islyzIqIBXQ[View]
181844906Ghost in the shell has to be the biggest meme of the anime community. You don't ever hear of an…[View]
181841402Hey there BR and Frogs, how ya doing today?[View]
181845638Who are the best waifus this season?[View]
181849770Will we ever get a TCG anim that stays realistic[View]
181849996WELL, IS IT?[View]
181842423Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その199 「キミだけの…秘密のボーナスほしくない…?」[View]
181826547Detective Conan: >dub the entire episode >release it on DVD >cut out the entire epilogue (o…[View]
181826685Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 21 Second part Omake: New omake is out, dumping p…[View]
181820712>Gets isekai'd into an otome game >Conquers the villainess It's better become a tren…[View]
181849594>no S3[View]
181780729Tanoshikunai Takkyuu Musume: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-12-08/scorching-ping-pong-gi…[View]
181843980hypothetically speaking, how many kindergarteners do you think it would take to hold down Asuka in a…[View]
181846570What was his name again?[View]
181847934Doga Kobo is so damn good at animating anime.[View]
181849058Ouroboros: *arrests you* Anyone read this? I'm dreading the moment I catch up to the scans.…[View]
181848461So is Josuke Kira or is he Josefumi? Or a genuinely new being born from the fusion?[View]
181830480Dragon Ball Super: Reminder this is the absolutely undisputable canon of DBS SSB Gogeta > SSFP Br…[View]
181848306Why was Jibril so damn great?[View]
181846628Series that would of been a lot better had they not gotten popular: I'll start[View]
181833460What makes for a successful VN anime adaptation?[View]
181846653Who is your favorite 'bad girl' in anime? Mine is probably Aki from Robotics;Notes.[View]
181846184What happened to them? Anime adaptations of their VNs and even their originals used to be kino (Kano…[View]
181846577Why did he fail reaching iconic popularity like Vegeta and Char?: Discuss.[View]
181828596JoJo: DIO and Giorno having blonde hair is one of the few times JoJo had established canon colors si…[View]
181776453GuP - Girls und Panzer: Pravda Senki: Here's the TL for Chapter 4 of Pravda Senki. 42 pages so …[View]
181810820what is the /a/ opinion on hitagi senjougahara?[View]
181778227Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban: All aboard Turnabout Express, it's time for an anime-original cas…[View]
181839823Christmas is just 16 days away! http://xmas.moe/[View]
181845236Best girl.[View]
181848031Memorize this! Memorize Jeremiah Gottwald! Commit it to memory because that's the memorable nam…[View]
181846463Did the leaf village ever compensate the families of all the sound village ninja killed in the attac…[View]
181845887Why do the reptiles have hair?[View]
181821138StarTwinkle Precure: The long dark wait for real leaks continues on this episode of Precure thread…[View]
181840550Whitefox is not going to ruin this, right?[View]
181832031present day[View]
181834394Killing Bites chapter 40: Againts all odds the series was picked up. dumping the new chapter[View]
181827199>Magic system is similar to programming...[View]
181847291What is the FLCL of movies?[View]
181845443I just finished watching ashita no Joe: Im sorry there is nobody more Alpha THAN this Man My GOD the…[View]
181752389Aifure and Prichan: Aikatsu world is being hijacked by ayydles![View]
181837428Date a Live Season 3: Can't wait to see my cute wife, Tohka in January![View]
181846725Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Can't wait for Go to die for real after losing for the 10 time Episode 81: た…[View]
181841407Shingeki no Kyojin: friendly reminder this means NOTHING[View]
181845357that's a big phone[View]
181824159why is the purest form of love so taboo in the west?[View]
181843585Haganai: Couldn't make it past the 5th episode. So boring and not enough Meat fan service (only…[View]
181825259When will we get a great Yakuza anime?[View]
181840988Why is this allowed?[View]
181845041I had to drink 1/4 a bottle of whiskey and 2/8 a bottle of tequila JUST to get through episode 3, wi…[View]
181843143ITT: Characters who single handedly saved their respective franchises.[View]
181844809So what happened to Ippo?: I don't actually read Hajime no Ippo and wasn't gonna start whe…[View]
181841222This Shaun of Andromeda. Say something nice to her.[View]
181845859who, what, when where?: Anyone know when chapter 82 of jojolion is going to be translated? I'm …[View]
181845605Aku no Shitter: I thought it was just a meme but recently on /a/ I've seen people praise Oshimi…[View]
181839707>Sakura's breasts look biggest when wearing her school uniform >she wears said uniform a…[View]
181832947Isn't Dragon Ball Z technically a seinen because goku is an adult with a wife and kids? Dragon …[View]
181844069Would Bananice wins if she face off against a group of Tojis and Tsukikage?[View]
181819571GIGANT ch. 21 & 22: Chiho-san has quite the bush.[View]
181830407Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 65: Shore[View]
181837932She raped billions[View]
181844763>when the OP has sound effects[View]
181843871does rapey scenes makes anime 10x more relevant?[View]
181838079Boku no Hero Acedmia: If were being honest here. Next chapter will be all of match 5 so Hori can rea…[View]
181837399Hellsing Ultimate Abridged: Well it's finally over. it's a terrible day for rain…[View]
181842278what type of world would you choose if you get isekai'd by truck-san?[View]
181843384Stupid Akane[View]
181842427What's the Neon Genesis Evangelion of anime?[View]
181844405Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: Season 2 when? Also Beniofags are literally worse than Hitler, prove me wro…[View]
181844396Almost time for Yome To No Bansan/otaku dates: Get ready to openly display your loneliness![View]
181821840What was the last anime that made you genuinely laugh?[View]
181838116Why does her wear the mask?[View]
181843751Why didn't anyone tell me Lupin was so good? I started watching the 2015 series and the spin-of…[View]
181835571>gets popular super fast >gets forgotten even faster…[View]
181842000Mondaiji Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo?: Ok Mondaijifags, Frozen translated a new short stor…[View]
181842454 [View]
181803387That time I Reincarnated as a Slime is great, CMM: I honestly thought /a/ would be blowing up about …[View]
181842023Lemon flavored squid[View]
181843403Kenzen Robo Daimidaler: Am I the only one, who watched and enjoyed the hell out of this show? I wish…[View]
181839381Why is my pet monkey acting weird?[View]
181841144What did Dogakobo mean by this?[View]
181841545Friendly reminder that if you don't love delicious dark chocolate then you have no taste.[View]
181817837Manga you want to see turned into an anime: Well /a/?[View]
181820105Zombieland Saga: she is hot as hell![View]
181831716Hibike Euphonium: Why is there not enough eupho hentai? There's too little fanart of these cum …[View]
181838928Shoe1 is winnig the kumiko bowl![View]
181843631Evolving was a mistake[View]
181817458What the fuck is the point of isekai? Isekai is just fantasy but much lower quality.[View]
181837814I love you, anon -Illya[View]
181817046Yagate Kimi ni Naru: On the scale from 1 to 10, how high would you rate Kanou Koyomi-chan's cut…[View]
181818012Golden Kamuy: >I lived, bitch.[View]
181820441Anima Yell!: This is peak performance[View]
181843104horse: just like a horse[View]
181842929Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Why did it take so long for them to get the translation right?[View]
181834250Any one else reading this?[View]
181823508SSSS.Gridman: >I was born to crush you >And I live on to crush you >In order to crush you …[View]
181808435gochiusa: Have a tea with me, /a/[View]
181835773she's hideous[View]
181842499Samurai Thread[View]
181841443ane no onaka wo fukuramaseru no wa boku: Is this not being translated anymore?[View]
181841218Domestic na Kanojo: Will Natsuo and Hina end up together? It would be a shame if they don't…[View]
181776290Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
181835574Shishunki Renaissance David-kun 14: O MY GOD[View]
181841895Could any other characters be described in this way?[View]
181841897Damn this just makes so much sense[View]
181841396How have you enjoyed this season so far?[View]
181841604FLCL Progressive: So she really was just a lovestuck teen girl all along, just like Amarao thought. …[View]
181841474Who would win?[View]
181784526Boruto: How come Seki knows exactly what Narutards want?[View]
181820642What’s with the lack of sarcasm in Anime?: Are Japanase devoid of wit?[View]
181825742Right or left? Waifu or husbando? Who will warm your cosmos?[View]
181839335>voice: tanuki >subs: monkey[View]
181840853What anime started the 'separate lips' trend?[View]
181833842All I want for Christmas is to become Shinka.[View]
181809919I can fucking believe they no homo'd Saint Seiya and genderbent Shun into a woman.[View]
181798639how do we fix the beta self-insert MC problem?[View]
181840669ITT: Moments that caught you off guard[View]
181837595This is your red blood cell Say something nice about her[View]
181825050Shingeki no Kyojin: Who knew this monkey would bring so much trouble?[View]
181840049One Piece: Whos your favorite villain?[View]
181801927Are Goblin Slayer yuushas from Isekai?[View]
181839168baki: oh nonono[View]
181839824Tsurune: Tsurune isn't gay they said[View]
181838228Post comfy anime BGM/OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v30L5S3vX1k I use this as my alarm…[View]
181822866One Piece: Is Orochi the real main villain of the arc? The Samurai seem a lot more impressive than a…[View]
181836490Praise be to Yasuna-sama.[View]
181836060HxH villain tiers[View]
181838514This is one shitty as fuck king. He didn't overlook the minister due to ignorance. He let him …[View]
181837947grancrest senki: >let's sink the franchise and completely overshadow the mc x heroine sex mo…[View]
181837860In my opinion, how attractive is Rikka?[View]
181838381Fat horse.[View]
181836492There was another thread that died but what if Madoka had a mixed gender cast? Ruined/Saved/Indiffer…[View]
181746987What's her name again?[View]
181824768Why didn't Kaiji fuck Asuka?[View]
181837048One Punch Man: Was it Saitama? The map doesn't match the junction Flashy flash was at.[View]
181836557You guys don't actually do this, do you?[View]
181836607She's sorry[View]
181834197This boi was great: i want to know if im the only one to love B.i.g.[View]
181838289F: https://natalie.mu/comic/pp/triagex All hope is lost now. Press F to pay respects[View]
181837782Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai: Raw is out on nyaa, is anyone going to sub this? https://nyaa.si/view/110…[View]
181830814*ahem*, I would like to propose a toast...[View]
181837349Why don’t they just shoot him?[View]
181825659Tiny little thread.[View]
181837420This is my favorite character from Evangelion[View]
181837734What is the grossest moment in a manga/anime?[View]
181834121Do you like your women giant, /a/?[View]
181836263>3rd act dramatic plot twist >MC's closest friend and or love interest killed MC's f…[View]
181816062Tsurune: Episode 8 in less than 4 hours Are you ready for suffering?[View]
181837233It's Monday in Japan, so basically Goblin Slayer week![View]
181834689Look at this, you scum. THIS is Jeanne d'Arc. Not that filthy excuse of a cheap dorito-ladden w…[View]
181837495Sometimes the blunt approach is best.[View]
181818660Kengan Asura ch.206: Cloud[View]
181825053>blonde >cow tits >smug name a better combination…[View]
181823941Boku no hero academia: Reminder that he is eventually getting out and there is no one to stop him…[View]
181828126>Its been 7 fucking years since the anime >Countless blatant copies of the exact archetypes ha…[View]
181837307why are you not trying to be like Kintaro? >extremely health both physically and mentally >not…[View]
181825243itt: tropes you hate >memory alteration after character development that's been long awaited…[View]
181834494Favorite anime: Can we have a favorite anime thread? Been a long time since I've seen one over …[View]
181837118I finally for a chance to watch Violet Evergarden's OVA. It was simply beautiful. I'm happ…[View]
181829397Which series had better rape, Goblin Slayer or Sword Art Online?[View]
181818601What the fuck I thought Kumiko was gay with Reina?[View]
181836573Did she really just stab him? I thought this was a kids show.[View]
181829404Violet is the best in this space-time. Prove me wrong.[View]
181827912Gaikotsu Shoten'in Honda-san - 10: Honda the skull-faced skeleton is at it again.[View]
181832922Who's the best girl, and why is it Aqua-sama?[View]
181832345Chio-chan no tsuugakuro: will it become a classic? or forgotten seasonal shitshow?[View]
181836063COMING THROUGH!!!!!! BEST DRAGON BALL OPENING SONG COMIN THROUGH!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
181836412Are we supposed to symphatize with this child predator?[View]
181828119Hanebado!: Chapter 29 Badminton fisting brings out Ayanon's multiple personality disorder.…[View]
181835672There's too much rape in this cartoon[View]
181822898Devilman thread: what have I just watched[View]
181831950A Silent Voice: Why is this ranked so high? This movie is a mess and could have been done a lot bett…[View]
181833007What makes a good Tsundere?[View]
181823532Layton Mystery Tanteisha Katri no Nazotoki File: >Layton Mystery Tanteisha Katri no Nazotoki File…[View]
181834822i cry[View]
181835938what animes are you guys looking forward to in the winter season. so far nothing seems to pop out f…[View]
181829295>FLCL minus the autism and plus a cute girl why does everyone hate this…[View]
181833443Black-coded characters: I'll begin with a favorite[View]
181776532what's your opinion on midriffs[View]
181832290>it's a baseball episode[View]
181831836Catgirl thread: Catgirl thread[View]
181818750Radiant: It´s another filler episode + 5 minutes of scenes from older episodes But at least... We a …[View]
181835180Most unrealistic manga protags.[View]
181832218What's your favorite Urusei Yatsura OP?: 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESSandvOCwg 2: www.youtube.…[View]
181829571Is anyone else getting sick of excessive fanservice in anime?: Why did they have to ruin the SNK ani…[View]
181834253One Piece is for ch-[View]
181834779Yuri is truly saved.[View]
181832234Ecchi anime in 2019: Is it just me or it seems that we aren't gonna get too much ecchi anime ne…[View]
181829854She's waiting for a special someone...[View]
181834398Hitori Bocchi no ○○ Seikatsu: It's Nakofags get BTFO'd chapter.[View]
181831519What would you do if your favorite mangaka dies and he/she has an ongoing manga that you like the mo…[View]
181832917>she just wants people to care about her >everyone cares about the other girl instead why do y…[View]
181823777So... why do people think griffith 'Did nothing wrong': I know.. Posting a serious post in 4chan /a/…[View]
181828833SAINT SEIYA NETFLIX: It's over Knights of the Zodiac, you may beat some faggy gods in the past …[View]
181833699S2 when?[View]
181832807Akiba's Trip: Does this anime even have a good subs somewhere? all of them are garbage burgersh…[View]
181831808So we all agree that this guy was the actual protagonist right?[View]
181827190>magical girl shoujo >artist is influenced by shonen what did they mean by this…[View]
181774068this is your servant for the night,say something nice about her ![View]
181832716YuYuYu: This whole episode was gut-wrenching. First time in my life something moved me to tears.…[View]
181828632Neverming me, just posting the best Monogatari op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmtQNnV8C3g[View]
181817285Release the Spyce: Is this show the surprise flop of the season? Also, is Momo's VA doing anyth…[View]
181810951Dragon Ball Super: Why did Toriyama make SS3 a jobber form?[View]
181832471New chapter when?[View]
181824697Shingeki no Kyojin: What did Flock and Louise mean by this?[View]
181833418>loli threads get deleted >meanwhile >>181831098…[View]
181833963Post advertiser-friendly content.[View]
181829666Are we on another hiatus? It's been a while so I assumed we are on one. I have seen no news of …[View]
181820710Mousou Telepathy: Guys, Mousou Telepathy is updating again. Does anyone but me still care?[View]
181826805What's /a/'s opinion on Bleach?[View]
181826643Who is the best catgirl in all of anime?[View]
181824100Romance Between Girls in Anime: Is romance between girls in anime the best romance?[View]
181787100Uchi no Maid: It was a surprisingly dark episode[View]
181825510Does it hold up? Where does it differ from other acclaimed classics like Eva, Lain and Bebop?[View]
181829140Hunter x Hunter: I think that many confuse 'estrangement' of tropes with 'deconstruction'; however o…[View]
181829162I thought goblins were bad guys...[View]
181824154Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: Please wish a happy birthday to the best Yorimoi[View]
181820570Non-loli DFC Sunday thread: Let's discuss about why they're great.[View]
181825912Is it still gay to fap to Andromeda?[View]
181830793that's a big phone[View]
181809912How does /a/ feel about White Album 1?[View]
181829423Mob Psycho 100: Do I read the manga, watch the anime, or do both?[View]
181825886None of the anime in image related are good, yet /a/ fawns over them. Why is that?[View]
181831146While you losers are being fags, Zel is being a badass traveling the multiverse with vampire lolis.[View]
181828002Opinions on Claymore?: I just finished rereading Claymore again in its entirety. It's literally…[View]
181814800Anime Opening Quiz: What's your powerlevel? https://www.sporcle.com/games/RustySpider/anime-ope…[View]
181824062How come A-1 the only studio bold enough to depict rape?[View]
181829143>Starts off as the most annoying character in AOT >/a/ hated him >character development set…[View]
181806385Anime 3x3 Thread[View]
181830000YURU YURI SEASON 4: https://twitter.com/anime_yuruyuri/status/1071626715997192193 IT'S HAPPENIN…[View]
181830667Reminder that Tobirama did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
181814571Why do they all act as if they were going to fucking die from a cold? Aren't japs supposed to b…[View]
181829538what is the satantango of anime?[View]
181829390What happened to hot-blooded/hype anime?[View]
181771886Cardfight!! Vanguard: This week, a reunion with AL4 and a friendly exhibition match between Asaka an…[View]
181820134ITT: extremely satisfying scenes[View]
181822924Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu: New chapter is out. A very cute one about hair dressing.[View]
181822329Blend S: It this bullying?[View]
1818293445toubun no hanayome: I like these 2 what about you?[View]
181827532Are you a Kimetsubro?[View]
181811119Who is the best kouhai in anime/manga and why is it Mashu?[View]
181826275Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: Kaede getting raped by these Chads doujin …[View]
181823876Who has the best lips in anime?[View]
181825848wtf is NotEren talking about?: Armin has always been a pussy?[View]
181801991Jojo: Why is part 8 so praised?[View]
181827063Admit it, you cried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT9EJNoXzYA[View]
181808368I present to you the present & future queens of /a/[View]
181824552no balls[View]
181794186UQ Holder: English translation is out, if anyone has access to it, but in the meantime, here's …[View]
181786577This doesn't feel right[View]
181826130>dude altruism is retarded but I'm going to do it anyway lmao Why are these kinds of MCs so …[View]
181826973Bak u Go is a go!: It's real brothers.[View]
181811032Wait. Why exactly did Reuental betray the Empire?[View]
181826722i think we can all agree this is NOT the real Eren, right?: or at least he's being controlled…[View]
181826872Fairy Tail: I hope someone made a stich of this scene. The plot is great, btw.[View]
181826218Find a better anime than Made in Abyss. Protip: you can't.[View]
181816038Which tells the story more effectively? The manga or the anime?[View]
181791404Index S3: I can't wait for him to come back[View]
181794633Why do they sleep naked? An enemy could attack any moment.[View]
181826091>girl falls from the sky >crushes and kills MC Why is this allowed?…[View]
181826039>sakurajima bground at sunset >that brown hair after sunset >futaba in midnight >kaeda g…[View]
181824941Anime ost thread[View]
181824094Is this the deconstruction of harem?[View]
181821504>black clover is ba-[View]
181822443muh doom slayer: Fucking hell this anime is garbage. It's so far from the LN or manga it's…[View]
181825819Post characters who actually went through with suicide[View]
181825540Okay, real talk. Why doesn't anime feature 'your mom' jokes?[View]
181815497ITT best girls from shows you haven’t seen[View]
181825706God Tiered Moms[View]
181825705Why the FUCK have they not funded a Kid Icarus anime yet?[View]
181824048ORE WA USAGI DEWA NAI[View]
181824040What are some animes about mommy and her little son? SS may or may not included.[View]
181809295Dororo: PV 2 out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIO8M-jgQeo[View]
181823959>itt. manga you grew up with was about 7 when this came out, still breaks my heart thinking how m…[View]
181817953Shingeki no Kyojin: >Sexy >Strong >Smart >Masculine >Girls love him >Chad walk …[View]
181810062Mugi is best girl. Prove me wrong, Miofags.[View]
181823277Rock Lee: Rock and his perfectly round eyes are adorable.[View]
181824863How quickly would you die under her training, Anon?[View]
181816976ITT: Pure waifu: I'll start[View]
181823570Yamada > Junko > Sakura > Ai-chan > Saki > Lily > Yugiri[View]
181823754Mujaki no Rakuen: Older sister was the best girl, you can't deny this.[View]
181821506precure: are you ready to face your destiny, /a/?[View]
181822396murenase shiiton gakuen: So how much time do the others have?[View]
181821836Is there a more perfect +30yo woman?[View]
181818479>last Witch Craft Works was 1 year ago Dude wtf[View]
181820430Clannad means family.[View]
181819109Why was haremshit so much better in my era of the early-mid 2000s? These days zoomers are going bana…[View]
181823053How would you define depth? What makes a show 'deep' to you? What shows would you say are deep?[View]
181807674Who is the target audience for THIS?![View]
181819687So why did she go from a mega tsundere to a super chill sensei?[View]
181807759Boku no Hero Academia: If Tartarus is an isolated region and Gigantomachia is clearly a fugitive on …[View]
181774702Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: What was Teria thinking that moment? Was she wet?[View]
181818205Do you prefer to read manga online or download and read it locally?[View]
181823338>middlemanager Tonegawa only has two episodes left >Still no word of Kaiji season 3 It's …[View]
181812750SSSS.Gridknight: F[View]
181818499The greatest anime of all time: Chargeman Ken is a masterpiece discovered in 1974. It features a gen…[View]
181816867Describe Your Favorite Anime In 5 Words.: I'll start: some fags fighting in space.[View]
181823106Where is my money anon?[View]
181820555Conception: why do people hate this show? it's very enjoyable[View]
181801362Thoughts on Elfen Lied?[View]
181807321Saint Seiya Netflix series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX5GEaANm-4 get ready[View]
181822641Does this show encourage female paedophilia?[View]
181821494Kirill is for _________.[View]
181779102Storytime - Joshikousei no Mudadzukai: Ridiculous days of three (and more) high school idiots. Urge…[View]
181822614Jigokuraku (Heavenhell): How can this manga be so precious? https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/10834…[View]
181807345How can this be one of the most influential series on the planet with such GARBAGE, shitty as fuck w…[View]
181819962Why does anime have such a hard-on over blood types?[View]
181822488VIZ Media' English Shonen Jump Will Be Free to Read, New $1.99 Premium Plan Announced https://y…[View]
181819832One Piece Voted Most Representative Manga of Heisei Era: The Top 10 most representative manga of the…[View]
181817090One Piece: Bye Big Mom you are only Moriah level.[View]
181815947Best KyoAni character?[View]
181818022What's your favorite manga genre?[View]
181821655This arc has been great so far. Really loving the SoL stuff with the crew now that Luffy's out …[View]
181802690What's the reason for this?[View]
181820952live /a/ction: >watching the VS Arashi that aired last thursday >the guest team is made of the…[View]
181802444One Piece: Does anyone else feel like Wano has no tension at all? Luffy just wrecked havoc through W…[View]
181821672Christmas anime: So a lot of christmas specials to come in amine industry. Are you happy?[View]
181820303Initial D: How did people react to mogi being a prostitute back in the day? As far as I can tell ben…[View]
181817278I think that dirty thoughts are bad![View]
181819112Kemono Friends 2: 'That's not real Kemono Friends' I don't wanna hear it Kemono Friends is…[View]
181819831maquia: Mom of the year. How can other mothers even compete? That said can someone explain to me why…[View]
181811222What makes Sakuta such a fun character? And why did it take so long for somebody like him to appear?[View]
181821326Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-vx-frUlWQ[View]
181820853That isn't a 'literally me' character. That's me. There's a big difference on how the…[View]
181816879Ayyyyy: Memes and wank aside, is it correct to assume that the only reason Jiren didn't wipe th…[View]
181820694Saabissu saabissu: next time i take off the top[View]
181818618Will there ever be a dirty old man protagonist?[View]
181816073so SAO is basically beta berserk?[View]
181812748It's going to be shit isn't it https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/8/18131929/netflix-ghost-i…[View]
181740703Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara: Headpat the bunny. Episode 10 soon.[View]
181818944Before I watched this I would think Liz was Mizore and the blue bird was Nozomi but I was wrong, act…[View]
181815865So if Zombieland Saga is the surprise hit of the season, what's the surprise flop? Release the …[View]
181818880Find a more influential character than Ryo Asuka[View]
181816481Do you still love your original waifu?[View]
181818767I-I think monsters aren't that bad, guys. Ma-maybe they were really meant to rule over humanity…[View]
181792462BokuBen: Translations are out. Guess I'll dump[View]
181819946Oh fuck I'm in love[View]
181816898Why does he charge such a high price?[View]
181798162ITT: dumb character names[View]
181819236I guess they never miss, huh?[View]
181810572Iron Blooded Orphans: Just finished this series and feel broken and sad what are your thoughts on th…[View]
181819151name a more powerful character.[View]
181818579Plotfags are mentally inferior subhumans[View]
181818482This is a 300 year old christmas cake.[View]
181797636Zombieland Saga: Who is he? Will we find out next episode? What is his connection to Sakura and Tae?…[View]
181814013ITT: anime that used to be considered among the best, not so much now.[View]
181816084Kon is my urara crush.[View]
181805293Christmas Tor/a/dora: Annual midnight EST Tor/a/dora stream followed by KKN starting in 1 hour.…[View]
181816805What does petting Holo's fur feel like?[View]
181810272How does /a/ feel about fully drawn anime lips?[View]
181819265>Red finally appears in the main anime[View]
181817419go read Shishunki Renaissance David-kun come back later[View]
181801017So, uhhhh, Hellsing Abridged just finished.... Does anyone still care?[View]
181811055Nagatoro: cast it[View]
181817029Name a more comfy show. Protip: You can't[View]
181818725The future is here.[View]
181809405Boring animes that you watched all the way til the end because of just one character[View]
181810894What do they mean by saying this?[View]
181817171ITT we post characters the author wanted to be hated, but were actually favorites[View]
181739744>it's another '/u/ fags and r*dditors think that when a character says 'daisuki' t…[View]
18181268910 years ago, 4chan pretended like this mediocre meme was a mastepiece of an anime[View]
181814902>MC is invincible in battle >Main villain just stabs him at his home Why don't more villa…[View]
181817983I just finished watching Macross and DYRL. I liked both of them. Are any of the other entries in the…[View]
181816626Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2019 - These manga are interesting, check 'em out!: Male >1. Tengoku Da…[View]
181791669ITT: Characters who made you want to be a better person[View]
181818179Why is Comedy/SoL the best combination?[View]
181811944Shingeki no Kyojin: >Love can destroy the world Why are Eren and Historia so great?…[View]
181815705Now that the fall 2018 season is coming to an end, what, if at all, anime are you looking forward to…[View]
181816416ITT. Characters that got completly BTFO and won't ever recover[View]
181811567Saiki: Is this show worth watching?[View]
181804278GeGeGe no Kitarou: [Autistic silence][View]
181813307Yuruyuri: https://twitter.com/anime_yuruyuri/status/1071626715997192193 They will announce something…[View]
181794472ITT: Post the token edgelord of every series[View]
181817698Cowboy Bebop as Portrayed by Netflix: Will you lads be enjoying the existential pleasure that will b…[View]
181816552Still the best.[View]
181813531SSSS.Gridman: My main issue right now is, if this world isn't real, if the characters aren…[View]
181753499Are you looking forward to the Azur Lane anime?[View]
181802674Am I supposed to empathize with or feel bad for Shinji Ikari? Cause I actually just hate him. He ha…[View]
181813163How do you watch anime, /a/? Do you use your computer's monitor, or are you watching it on some…[View]
181770187How do you read manga, /a/? E-ink? Phone? Tablet? Physical??? I used to buy physical until I realize…[View]
181809155This movie is a mess.[View]
181814767Gurazeni: She deserves a better show than the one she's in, and I actually like Gurazeni.…[View]
181788536Lewds: Post your lewdest photos in this thread.[View]
181807356Release the Spyce: This is the face of chaos.[View]
181816786What is in the belly?[View]
181769812It's December 8th and Misato-san is having her birthday today! Congratulate her and say somethi…[View]
181816132Neko aside, these 4 are supposed to be iconic characters and are treated with reverence by the other…[View]
181784804Which anime/manga character has the best hair?[View]
181816190S;G 0 Valentine's day OVA thread. Pre-airing today, niggas.[View]
181806095Thoughts on Mamoru Hosoda’s new movie, Mirai, now that the movie finished its US release? It was oka…[View]
181815917>most talented studio of the 00s >90% of library is nothing but shovelware garbage What gives?…[View]
181812977Who is responsible for this[View]
181803853Post deculture![View]
181812864Out 95: - Quote from man who got involved[View]
181811864The anime of a generation[View]
181813539Thoughts on this anime?[View]
181771324Listen you perverts. This is Toeis target demographic for Precure. Blue is boys, red is girls. Expla…[View]
181812244What does she smell like, /a/?[View]
181812166Are images like these ironic? Do people actually enjoy handholding?[View]
181812002Can someone explain this shit? Why is s2 rated so highly when it's absolute fucking trash compa…[View]
181808396Araki forgot about this guy. The best character in the entire series never came back.[View]
181811725New Somali chapter!!: >When the furfags try to kill your daughter EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMI…[View]
181812196> go out > see this > what do…[View]
181815261Kobayashi Maid Dragon: what did she mean by this?[View]
181809864>loli is actually a 27 year-old cake Why is this allowed?[View]
181813962Do any of you guys have Hapi Mari viz scans? I'll trade you Nana scans for it. https://www.mang…[View]
181815112Karirin: Ara ara, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about my show already, /a/[View]
181814882trying to find an anime i saw the other day about a lil black creature living in like a alternative …[View]
181814437What manga crossovers have you read, /a/? That BLAME! x Zetman crossover sure was strange but I reck…[View]
181811105Started watching Manyuu Hikenshou again. Am I the only one who finds those breast sound effects real…[View]
181814760Goblin Slayer: Reflecting on Your Failures[View]
181811665Are they creatively bankrupt?[View]
181726630Yagate Kimi ni Naru/Bloom into you: New episode previews http://yagakimi.com/story/[View]
181809953What would you like to see him do in the sequel?: He's my favorite[View]
181809107Saint Seiya Saintia Sho: Episode 1 is in 4 hours. Who's up for Saint Seiya but with more boob a…[View]
181777896Very warm Yunocchi taking it easy during cold winter months.[View]
181814257Aku no Hana: Just finished reading this. So what was her problem /a/?[View]
181807179Does your waifu require any special care or upkeep?[View]
181807087Eromanga Sensei: You haven't forgotten best imouto have you?[View]
181809406J-Novel Club New License Hints: Manga Hints: >1. The Manga Adaption of LN#1 >2. Not Actually A…[View]
181793379Why are all the evenkuruga women dumb as rocks? I thought they were supposed to be genetically engin…[View]
181811524Owari no seraph of the end: >Thousands of years old >spoils some teenager's love confessi…[View]
181808551Komi thread[View]
181799178SSSS.Gridman: Only two more episodes left.[View]
181812529Have I missed any cute girl shows in the last few years? Also, Kobayashi-san no Maid Dragon has a su…[View]
181808689Goodbye /a/, it's been fun but it's time for me to actually do something with my life befo…[View]
181762483SAO/AW: Unital Ring: This is a Mad Scientist and an Incredibly Negligent Mother[View]
181801556Shingeki no Kyojin: why is Eren dripping his juices all over Historia's flower?[View]
181785627Goblin Slayer Episode 10: Dat kino af ending tho[View]
181800229Anime of the Year Yuuna > Sagiri > all the others > Yaya[View]
181808786>2007 was almost 12 years ago Jesus fucking christ, where has the time gone What were your favori…[View]
181811173uzamaid: best anime this season, its ACTUALLY entertaining[View]
181779175ITT great girls stuck in a shit show.[View]
181811470Battle harem anime was a mistake.[View]
181811630The K-On's shouldn't have eaten so much cake.[View]
181811326Have you read or seen anything that has changed your life?[View]
181809454Tsurune: One day left until a new episode. Get hyped[View]
181806783Yuzu thread: Yuzu is a good tsundere loli.[View]
181809774Paranoia Cage Ch. 18: Scans are out.[View]
181811439Bruh imagine spending 2 years of your life doing everything for a girl only for her to constantly ta…[View]
181811427>binge watching an anime >VA's voice changes between seasons…[View]
181810293This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no…[View]
181811220Homu did nothing wrong. [Except for not being real and being my waifu dooming me to an existence of …[View]
181801360I´m a girl now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNA4E3AuGIk[View]
181810351I wanna watch this anime but I'm getting really bored, bros[View]
181811024Why don’t they just shoot him?[View]
181797790Infinite Ryvius was a good anime.[View]
181810697What the fuck is his problem?[View]
181809674I fucking hate this character. That design is freaking burning my eyes! Why can't I see the ey…[View]
181787326Dragon Ball Super: A short snippet of the movie's OST has been leaked, thoughts? https://youtu.…[View]
181798465Grand Blue was basically a comedy from the early 00's with update graphics. Prove me wrong.[View]
181810552I hope a season 2 comes along soon.[View]
181801570Do you think she could be my friend?[View]
181763321Shield hero youtube livestream: A special livestream featuring the male cast of the shield hero anim…[View]
181809461I think we need to admit that mindbreak is some serious bullshit.[View]
181807670Will she ever be dethroned as the queen of shitposting?[View]
181805563https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4jOOMhKMaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiRafS7N_v4 https://www.…[View]
181803354This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no…[View]
181804618Idolm@ster cinderella girls is trash[View]
181809739Yotsuba thread: Just a reminder that Yotsuba is the supreme overlord of /a/.[View]
181808889ITT: Netflix ruin classics[View]
181806769when the fuck will Gabi die?: who thought this was a good idea?[View]
181808194why do people think this show is a masterpiece? it has its good points and some of the animation is…[View]
181808548mfw put my grasses on tfw everything goes wrong[View]
181745035Made in Abyss: Brace for whatever ungodly transformation sequences of the Gangweed in Chapter 50.…[View]
181809136Why do I feel a surge of carnal urges every time I see this image? Makes you think that those melons…[View]
181800427This is /a/'s official suffering chart (updated)[View]
181795124How come they never made a sequel to this? I want to know what happens to those two.[View]
181802503So which one is better, /a/?[View]
181807710Maquia: This movie portrayal women better and more realistic than Miyazaki's strong female lead…[View]
181808099>look down >see this[View]
181807814Why is original Eva so cringe?[View]
181807843Asobi Asobase: SE SE SE SEASON 2 WHEN DE NE DE NE[View]
181797113ITT canonical whores[View]
181795243Harukana Receive: Harukana Receive is the comfiest anime of 2018[View]
181805522Well this had potential but was stretched so hard that it got really boring so I didn't even gi…[View]
181807739Release the Spyce: Why would they use the same ED after everything that happened and the total tonal…[View]
181793822Boku no Hero Academia: What did AfO mean by 'I can hear my brother voice'? Saw some interesting theo…[View]
181807543Is he right?[View]
181807825Which suilen would you raise?[View]
181807488Release the Spyce: She betrayed us all.[View]
181795235What anime will be remembered in 100 years?[View]
181807228>tfw every good anime was released in 1985-1991[View]
181805429a-am I supposed to j-jerk off while watching or s-something?[View]
181807406Release the Spyce: mei dindu nuthin[View]
181807415Is Naruto the best deconstruction of the shonen genre? I'm not sure why people even think Hunte…[View]
181805788Please describe this child[View]
181797779If one imouto cums, do they all cum?[View]
181807346So I want to start watching Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya for no reason in particular. Are any of t…[View]
181757910D-Frag Chapters 106-108[View]
181798826Just started. What am I in for?[View]
181805653Meanwhile, in 1995...[View]
181786666ITT: series-ruining characters[View]
181794473Code Geass: Is this a new Geass cult? Did I miss something?[View]
181806693How do I make him shut the fuck up?[View]
181795917Baki: Where does Gaia rank in Baki-verse?[View]
181805196reminder bakugou x tsuyu is end game[View]
181791107Monogatari: >Saturday >No monogatari thread Lets fix it also crab is a slut math Best girl…[View]
181802352My wife is the Student Council president: Best ecchi anime I've seen in a while. Charming and f…[View]
181804987If a series already has a anime adaptation, would you still read the manga first?[View]
181805339I Low-key want to feed Eugeo onions and make him into a semen thirsty femboy. He's giving off s…[View]
181788507Whats the manliest anime/manga you've ever seen?[View]
181795681Friendly reminder that Panty and Stocking came out 8 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBF…[View]
181806044Into the trash your waifu goes[View]
181803930Why didn't you watch and support her anime, /a/? She would never steer you to rape![View]
181792979You just got isekai'd into Goblin Slayer. You've materialized within walking distance of a…[View]
181805765my waifu madoka is so cute <333[View]
181802798When did /a/ figure out he was going to be the main villain?[View]
181804551How can BNHA compete?[View]
181647122As of December 5th, 2018, tippy desu, age 43, passed away from natural causes.[View]
181796875Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 136[View]
181801224Reminder not to feed stray animals or they might usurp your title[View]
181804511>Hey there, cute girl. You alone? Come on, hang out and have fun with us.…[View]
181784224Meanwhile in 2007....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHMpso3xkeQ[View]
181797628So this is just a less out-there monogatari series with bland and uninteresting direction? Clearly A…[View]
181805368ITT: big brain anime / manga[View]
181733544Black Clover: Chapter is out Upcoming episodes are listed Discuss the arcs as they be[View]
181803950Fairy Tail: >[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail Final Season - 287 [720p].mkv…[View]
181805085What’s the coolest apostle /a/? Pic related is my favorite[View]
181805077Build Fighters is what every battle shounen wishes it could be.[View]
181796878What does /a/ think of Oyakodon? Why isn't there more?[View]
181802834Is there any chance this can live up to the original series?[View]
181804975Fuck NIGGER roaches!!!!!!: why is Vigne so redpilled?[View]
181797438ITT: Post canon chads[View]
181804844Hilarious in hindsight thread. I'll start. >Ichigo and Rukia is obviously end game…[View]
181798803>Genre : Romance, Comedy, Harem >Genre : Romance, Drama >Genre : Slice of Life, Ecchi >O…[View]
181804344Kino Punch: Will any manga ever come close to being as kino?[View]
181794106Release the Spyce: Look at this happy snake[View]
181802777griffith did nothing wrong[View]
181803502Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou: Anons, I broke the promise. Twice. I loved Maquia an…[View]
181797980Without a premonition Could you tell me where we stand? I'd hate to lose this light Before we l…[View]
181784789What do you remember about Valvrave, /a/?[View]
181796727Just finished the webtoon. Is the anime worth watching?[View]
181803924This is Kikurage, she's the best pet that's ever existed in a manga[View]
181792563ITT: Best girl[View]
181798484Toga: I want Toga to murder me and drink my blood.[View]
181801646>you will never repopulate the planet by impregnating your thirsty little sister Why don't m…[View]
181732854Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
181803521Good morning /a/, may i take care your waifu?[View]
181792901My body is ready[View]
181800263What series did filler right?[View]
181789621Will DitF still be remembered 10 years from now? What about 02?[View]
181787734Are you still striving to become a hero of justice?[View]
181795830Dirty Jojo Confessions: I want to eat Jolyne's cheeze-it leg accessories[View]
181802232Why didn't the floating cities and insect/machines on the surface never take off as a genre? it…[View]
181792342Why has 2018 been unable to top the 2016 holy trinity of A Silent Voice, In This Corner of the World…[View]
181743744I've never watched anything Saint Seiya in my life. Where do I begin with this series?[View]
181799317Why is Japan so pro ronaldo? I have never seen messi being mentioned in the same light. In one of th…[View]
181773848One Piece: >Kaido's Calamities getting ordered around by Kyoshiro Are the Beast Pirates real…[View]
181794338This is Mashu and she is your maid for the day What is your first order?[View]
181757659Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045[View]
181767381Highschool DxD: They need to join Ise's harem. Who else do you think should join?[View]
181801777Misato = Rei = Asuka To each their own. Why do people care so much about which one strangers like?[View]
181799295Sekai no Owari no Encore: Chapter 32 is out, dumping it.[View]
181801550What did this scene symbolize?[View]
181796343Watching anime automatically makes you a weeb/otaku?[View]
181793230Shingeki no Kyojin: what is next for the Jaeger bros?[View]
181797861Would you?[View]
181798615Anime places: ITT: anime places[View]
181795076This is Loki! Say something nice about her![View]
181789653Why does no one talk about this amazing anime?[View]
181799780Bananafish: I can't believe Eiji is fucking dead[View]
181797571Tsurune: Being Shoe means getting stepped on.[View]
181800756That BLAME! x Zetman crossover sure was strange. What are some other crossovers that gave you a funn…[View]
181798460Genociding the enemies of Christ with Pekora-sama!: best girl.[View]
181798173MANIME THREAD[View]
181683164Its literally porn[View]
181792067Evangelion: The original ending is the best one. EoE is just a flamboyant piece of style over substa…[View]
181794491DBZ Which Buu is stronger?: Is Buuhan or Kid Buu stronger. In the anime and manga they constantly sa…[View]
181792903Jujutsu Kaisen: Nobara is cute, CUTE! Also new PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7q6eo8hznc…[View]
181795408I love you /a/nons[View]
181795858So fucking bad. Why do people praise this shit? It's seasonal slice of life romance with planes…[View]
181792205Quick, we need a new anime to sell to the hungry masses. Whats your idea? >Metal girls, doing met…[View]
181799037What did we think of it?[View]
181797445Best OPs & EDs: Post them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05eBh1SaQjU&t=4s https://www.youtu…[View]
181793404I feel cheated. I was promised tears, but my eyes remained dry. Why did you deceive me /a/?[View]
181784525JoJo: Man, Religionfags keep getting blown the fuck up by Atheists.[View]
181799644best girls[View]
181799872Hellsing Abridged: It's finally over. What do you rate it overall?[View]
181798161Zombieland Saga: pick your ZOMBUTT[View]
181799671Violet Evergarden: All memes aside... it was pretty good 11/10 visuals(the blur kinda pissed me off …[View]
181763736Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: Kaede's arc will either make or break…[View]
181793843What's the longest streak you have gone watching anime without stopping? How many episodes in a…[View]
181797013>Qt nerd is actually a fake nerd and a slut Why is this allowed?[View]
181796395Mushihime Chapter 6: WORMED.com[View]
181691842Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: This kill the VRAINS[View]
181785103Futago, Futagokoro Ch2 ENG.: Time for some fun with twins.[View]
181794463Why are Isekai titles so stupid? >That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime >Do You Love Your Mo…[View]
181790589SSSS.Gridman Episode 10[View]
181798967>The Irresponsible GalaxyTylor i just learned that irresponsible captain tylor got a remake last …[View]
181797215Now that the dust has settled, which short did you enjoy more? Also ITT: anime shorts.[View]
181787832SAO: New Sword Art Online episode is out. Imagine getting raped by this lad.[View]
181720444Which Vivid is the cutest?[View]
181795557anyone else still really bummed out about this massive downgrade?[View]
181788567Why do people live in /a/ love rape so much?[View]
181798136Why didn't he choose her?[View]
181779142Zombieland Saga: Now. that the dust has settled, did you like the last episode? Did you like Sakura …[View]
181790910Rikka is upset, what did you do?[View]
181787004New Ghost In The Shell Anime Coming To Netflix: https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1071192665008…[View]
181753203Secret S/a/nta: Christmas is closer than ever, so if you haven't sent everything already, you…[View]
1817969812010 > 199-[View]
181797213Satania: Before I knew about her, I didn’t understand people saying they wanted to bully a character…[View]
181797130why does everyone get sick?: >Out in the cold for a few minutes >catch a cold >Hasn't …[View]
181791694Is this where the future of anime is headed? Content warnings for casual folk? Give me a fucking bre…[View]
181795776How do you find new shows to watch?[View]

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