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192243849Saber Marionette J the last Story: How many fricking would they need to finish it?[View]
192238619Hey Gilfags sorry for Heaven's Feel ... But: don't worry Grand Order babylonia waiting for…[View]
192247737Burn the Witch/BLEACH: Would you read a webcomic continuation of the Bleachverse?[View]
192246407You are now on the beach with Rin.[View]
192247446Fuck /a/, I liked it.[View]
192245356SHAMONE HEE HEE[View]
192240761you may hate it as much as you want but naruto legit produced the best music for any anime period.[View]
192247760You have to have pretty high IQ to understand LOGH.[View]
192247539god this shit is boring[View]
192247512Are the volumes of the LN that the anime and the movie covered worth reading despite having already …[View]
192244429Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Yeah[View]
192246133Jojo: Sleep Crusaders: Imagine defending the first half of this mess[View]
192217855Kimetsu no Yaiba: Is it possible for Tanjirou to teach the Dance of the Fire God to his fellow hunte…[View]
192245866We need more characters who look like this in anime[View]
192237875Best Potential Mothers Thread: Post your waifu and ask if she would be a good mother. How would you …[View]
192245330classic /a/ flash: classic /a/ related flash cartoons, back when flash was the coolest shit and real…[View]
192245632Good work today.[View]
192208516Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, Shining Star (SOON): Is there any other idle as strong and beautiful as K…[View]
192246431true tears: did /a/ liked this one? i just finished it it was alright[View]
192244396what does /a/ think of vanilla spider?[View]
192247214Amano Megumi Chapter 183 RAW[View]
192245976>Google anime priest >no Pucci Why do his so dirty?…[View]
192245549How does it feel like to watch the only good anime?[View]
192247037The best of bros![View]
192242978How are these two brothers?[View]
192235479What was the purpose of low-IQ Chrome?[View]
192245021https://youtu.be/Qv99fLExcVs aots easily[View]
192245452Just how are they so perfect?[View]
192235460Kemurikusa: OST is out[View]
192204467Worst JoJo arc ever?[View]
192242507Toesucker > King > Wormslut[View]
192211830Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 11: Last time: the first day of the Mahora Festival and the first day…[View]
192154652Arifureta: Useless bunny only good for sex[View]
192235687Otako, the patrician's choice.[View]
192235505ITT: Post manga only you have read[View]
192239808These days official translations tries to tone down everything while here we are, komi San manga off…[View]
192245266ITT: Post immortal characters[View]
192244173This is a scary JK delinquent[View]
192244892The Current State/Stagnation of /a/: >all these anons concerned about Fireden archives The admini…[View]
192243808Romance Series that Actually Portray Relationships: And not just ten volumes of platonic waffling fo…[View]
192244276Rank it.[View]
192242524>come jump with me anon >that way we'll be together forever How would you respond?…[View]
192224213Post moments where purityfags got BTFO[View]
192244665Does Kuro still count as a loli manga even though there is nothing lewd about it?[View]
192243145PriPara: Pripara is a cool girl and good idol![View]
192244060Super Dimension: Macross, Orguss or Southern Cross?[View]
192214279Gundam Creator Urges Japanese Animators to Surpass Spider-Verse: >Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator o…[View]
192243809anime peaked right here brothers.[View]
192226281One Piece: How long will their battle last?[View]
192240981Does his attraction to girls (male) make him homosexual?[View]
192238471Is this worth it? Just watched the first three episodes of it and it was so boring that I almost fal…[View]
192240444Marley would'nt stand a chance against this Eldian devil.[View]
192240457Questions Dr.Stone can't answer: >why 21 savage got a 12 car garages while he only got 6 car…[View]
192242603'The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself'. - Yoshihiro Togashi[View]
192241618I killed your father[View]
192236241ALERT: this person rang your doorbell at 12:45am[View]
192241534This is a softghost.[View]
192236767fate/stay night: how do you reward her?[View]
192241809Who's adapting Season 2?[View]
192231025toubun: Convince me your quint still has a chance against first girl. >inb4 'she doesn't ev…[View]
192243175>tfw rest days[View]
192241234What should you say to this pitiful girl: Say something nice to her[View]
192239259>'The cake is ready to be served! Taste it!'[View]
192237118Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
192241824Jesus Christ this fucking sucks dick, why the fuck do people love this anime so much?[View]
192232853Is Vinland retarded, wtf is this?[View]
192201976Toji no Miko: >ep 1: gehhh another crappy anime with uderaged girls saving the world >ep 4: th…[View]
192236741How come the Sand Siblings coming to save Kiba, Lee and Shikamaru isn't considered an asspull?[View]
192216074HunterxHunter: When will Kurapika meet the main antagonist of the arc? I feel like we need some anim…[View]
192241061Post OP Character: Who is marysue Op Character[View]
192241302If it's for her, what would you do?[View]
192241417RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida: CLOCKWISE[View]
192192131A Thread Dedicated To Romance Manga That Won't Survive On Its Own Threads[View]
192241975What are some manga that you really want to make but you have no talent at writing or art? I'd …[View]
192233573Post 'em[View]
192239764What's the most hype fight in Naruto for me, it's Naruto teaming up with Kurama to fight t…[View]
192232586Do nips actually think vikings run like this?[View]
192241666Heaven's Feel: Lost Butterfly: Discuss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXz1FAWj70E[View]
192229403Oricon Rankings 12/8 - 18/8: 98465 *497864 The Promised Neverland #15 90024 *496745 My Hero Academia…[View]
192225664ITT: Bad Anime Openings: Starting off with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZFeha_-AM8[View]
192221957Puchimas: Puchidols from Puchimas are the cutest characters in anime history. Nothing can beat their…[View]
192240408THE OG WAIFU[View]
192241457My king![View]
192232987Shingeki No Kyojin: how come reiner can fight eren but not his depression?[View]
192239640Better than Evangelion[View]
192219954SYD: Edit anon didn't show up last week. This is a live translation thread, don't ban me…[View]
192239044Over / Under on tsukumizu offing herself before the next year is over? Why doesn't she start a…[View]
192237709Japan has had ENOUGH, asks Kyoto Police to release the KyoAni victim names.: https://www.animenewsne…[View]
192222748Who killed him?[View]
192238923One of the most interesting and beautiful couples[View]
192218796Azur Lane anime: How much better than Kancolle do you expect it to be?[View]
192240707Why Stay Night Series hate Gil: Zero , Grand Orer , Extra CCC Gil -> BadAss Stay Night Gil -> …[View]
192239771>”brain is damaged” >”lacking motor and communication skills” Does that mean he’s become retar…[View]
192233767How do I get into Raildex ?: Also, is it as good as this board makes it seem ?[View]
192204068Dagashi Kashi 165 (END): It's over. https://mangadex.org/chapter/694347/1 Let's talk about…[View]
192240358The King of Gladiators/Shabaou Chapter 2: This time, I'm simply going to summarize the chapter.…[View]
192230111'Tenki no Ko' has now surpassed 10 billion yen at the Japanese box-office: Estimated final gross in …[View]
192239478>battle against final boss ends >one more battle against rival ensues…[View]
192164410Share your manga collection![View]
192235555Which one is the best? HunterxHunter or My Hero Academia? Vote: https://www.strawpoll.me/18516130[View]
192237722Sailor Moon: I never watched it as a kid. Did I miss out? Is it worth watching now?[View]
192235516Grancrest senki\Record of Grancrest War: Opinions on manga and anime--how are they? I just got the f…[View]
192231431Was it vore?[View]
192233832post >yfw you aren't a Vinland Saga or Dr Stone fan[View]
192220762ITT: God tier endings: I'll start.[View]
192231762Kare kano: Gosh, I wish I watched this way before its so cheerful and heart warming. Re make when?…[View]
192233531Vinland Saga: So far, is the show worth the price of Wit Studio letting go of SNK?[View]
192234765How come you haven't reached this point? Sleeping with your girlfriend?[View]
192238869A Certain Magical Index: wow, Jack Black reference![View]
192187560Tejina-senpai: If a magic trick is performed correctly in a clubroom but no one is there to witness …[View]
192236693Mitsurugi>Kazuma in every way Konosuba basically devoles into shitty self insert fanservice power…[View]
192234619Hellsing: 9 years and i still dont get WHY?[View]
192234501Ojousama no Shimobe: Really? For fucking real? Are they going to add a loli character here too? Fuck…[View]
192234144ITT: Naruto Run: Post them. Hard mode not from Naruto.[View]
192180319So￶uma is STILL getting a 4th Season in October despite being axed.: https://www.animenewsnetwork.co…[View]
192233015When's the last time you watched Cowboy Bebop?[View]
192235152Remember when Ghibli made some furry shit?[View]
192222097Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly: Blu-Ray is out and ready to be pirated! So,…[View]
192235798Realistically speaking, how much money is this going to make?[View]
192231074Villains: Who are your favorite villains?[View]
192191377Marcofags on suicide watch.[View]
192231484Why don't people talk more about Hyper Doll? It's like Panty & Stocking before Panty …[View]
192235125Code Geass: Just finished rewatching R1 and R2 for the 4th time. I've been looking for a torren…[View]
192234748You literally aren't able to get a counter-argument against the superiority of white haired gir…[View]
192236986ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
192199921Granbelm: ERUUUUU[View]
192235908When is the last time an anime warmed your heart?[View]
192236124What do you call Sakura's vagina? A wormhole.[View]
192236493That's a big girl[View]
192236456 VEG is shit [View]
192232081For me it's Gon. The greatest MC.[View]
192235556>chatting with people online >one person says they're a fan of a series that I am also a…[View]
192230516School Rumble: Does anyone else have an immense amount of nostalgia for this? Is there anyone left o…[View]
192233577Season 5: Here is interview with Satoshi Motonaga at Anime Expo 2019 https://www.monstersandcritics.…[View]
192217984My Hero Academia: ITT we debunk shitposters.[View]
192233900Hi-score girl: I think this is not how skirts work.[View]
192229704Is it just me or has comedy/SoL anime gotten way more sexualized over the last decade? I haven'…[View]
192229446Kaiji: I hate this fucking manga so fucking much It's a hellish never-ending cycle of >chara…[View]
192231379This season is so bad[View]
192233022How desperate would someone have to be to want to cock a clock?[View]
192205794Senki Zesshou Symphogear: When will Carolnein repair their bodies so they can fight in tip top shape…[View]
192235389spoilers when?[View]
192229008Why arent there more more female characters that embrace their sexiness? That's the one trope I…[View]
192233757ITT post the oldest screenshot in your anime screenshot folder[View]
192233855Gabriel Dropout: What does raphiel make satania do when they are alone ?[View]
192234262The Great Debate[View]
192233681Why people love this phychopath character ?: Matou 'Psycho' Sakura[View]
192230918How the fuck did he lose? I've read and watched this part again and again, and I still don…[View]
192232764Is there a single more powerful user of mighty :3 than Alpha?[View]
192228175Oda is a brilliant author. You see he actually plan ahead, he doesn't make shit as he g- >…[View]
192232333ITT: Worst Girls[View]
192229391Gravel Simulator: Enjoy![View]
192234323Lain's outfit: This is very random, please forgive. But does anyone know of where to find a ha…[View]
192226356ITT: we show our love to mentally unstable murderous anime girls[View]
192139509Sword Art Online: Gameverse anime when? Best girl deserves it.[View]
192234173Sengoku Komachi Kurou Tan: She's ready, /a/! I wonder what happened during the chapter, given t…[View]
192233327I'm sorry, I can't get over this Vinland guy Naruto running. I keep hearing the flute musi…[View]
192173122Puu-chan: Gah! She is so cute! New chapter when?![View]
192232685>yfw you breed Hinata[View]
192231016YOU ARE MY FRIEND[View]
192233286I like it.[View]
192230091What's the actual difference between real yuri and a yuri bait show?[View]
192170646buyfag thread: Talk about figs no one knows about because they're not best girl[View]
192219540Shingeki no Kyojin: Gabi says be happy.[View]
192232467Natsume Yuujinchou: So I was wondering, those two are married but are refering to each other with '-…[View]
192230700Why She is so Strong: She is totally OP Character She is Onepunch Lazer Woman[View]
192232958TypeMoon Heoroines are Crazy: AAA[View]
1922328492019...I am forgotten[View]
192228275Did you forget her bros?[View]
192232006What the fuck was his problem[View]
192222989I really want to know what /a/ thinks of these three https://www.strawpoll.me/18513949[View]
192227001So, nothing has topped it yet. AOTY confirmed?[View]
192232691https://nyaa.si/view/1169478 It's time, lads.[View]
192231875It's Morel McCarnathy for me.[View]
192228333Tenki no Ko is getting an October release in India. It's the second anime film to ever get a th…[View]
192232048Where did it all go wrong, /a/?: 3.0 + 1.0's first 10 minutes look exactly like 3.0. Is there a…[View]
192226219Why was she always naked?[View]
192230526Saekano: >Preview of the latest “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine” anime film key visual; opens …[View]
192214600JIBUN WO[View]
192230292Bros.. is låtom not an actual word (fire force)[View]
192232249Truly a demon.[View]
192231998Kyoto Animation: Do you realize it was a karmic justice for pic related?[View]
192223939where were his editors when he wrote the last hundred chapters?: If only those last hundred chapters…[View]
192231993Was it better than we gave it credit for?[View]
192231969I've caught up on Attack on Titan and need more. Is Before the Fall any good or even canon?[View]
192202306The MC of the last anime you watched is coming to kill you. Your Bodyguard is post UBW Shirou, how f…[View]
192231688I was watching Pootan today and I can't understand why this show is so popular. Is it the costu…[View]
192222518Why does Vinland Saga run like Naruto?[View]
192230334What does /a/ think of Bikini Warriors?[View]
192230730What do you call CGI in your language?[View]
192228229White stockings are much better than black, do you agree?[View]
192225845What does /a/ think about Sword Art Online 2 and how does it compare to the first season?[View]
192210789Domestic na Kanojo: Where were you when Hina was delivered the ultimate losing flag?[View]
192217987Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 38 omake + chapter 39: New chapter is out, postin…[View]
192211813claim: most people on /a/ have a retarded taste: Fact: yes you do. Post your waifu here and I will p…[View]
192220967Kasane: She did nothing wrong[View]
192224190When will he unlock the rasengan?[View]
192230903Anyone got 241? Apart from crunchyshit.[View]
192230365Do you think we'll get a new Animatrix with the news of Matrix 4?[View]
192230673Why are high cut leotards so perfect for mahou shoujo?[View]
192229202Tite Kubo will be a main characters designer for Sakura Wars: The Comic, that will start in Issue 41…[View]
192222169was it good bros[View]
192225504Oreimo light novel 14 in 2020: Oreimo light novel 14 in 2020[View]
192229035Jobbers: ITT: Only post the biggest jobbers in anime/manga[View]
192227627what went so wrong?[View]
192225867Death Note: Why wasn't this rule used in the anime / manga? Or was it and I'm just forgett…[View]
192219105ITT: girls only you remember.[View]
192229740Animes/Mangas you loved but nobody seemed to have heard of/appreciated: Mine is pic related. I loved…[View]
192229067A 15 year old became the boss of an entire Mafia organization within a week WTF[View]
192228392He's a deconstruction of Roshi[View]
192223191Bell cranel is a shojo heroin. Think about the chicks in the show have more balls than he does he ju…[View]
192229993Great Couple in Anime: Saver and Sakura[View]
192228778Kaiji: Is there an anime with more tension that this?[View]
192228154Yami wo kirisaku ___________[View]
192228782Re-release faggotry: https://nyaa.si/view/981203 Is he right, /a/? Resolution aside, the entire thin…[View]
192225188Hiro Shishigami: I am killing you all, 4chan.[View]
192229624What do you call this Violet run?[View]
192227218Love Live: Where were you when Nozomi came back?[View]
192229440What a fucking bitch![View]
192223649What are some shows you wish would be released on bluray that are still stuck on DVD or VHS?[View]
192228977What a terrible show.[View]
192228061More like FLOPland saga amirite fellow kangs?[View]
192228917BERSERK 359 SPOLIERS: what's going on here?[View]
192227949Was this scene really necessary?[View]
192228851Think whatever you want, but this glove adjusting gesture is one of the hottest things in anime and …[View]
192223056Rufy to be played by Mr Japan 2019 in upcoming ONE PIECE live action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
192221624LOTGH: Where in the fuck did he acquire a pirate costume? When did he have the time?[View]
192226953Where were you when you realized that Gunnm was the peak of manga evolution?[View]
192223470I want a medieval courtship anime.[View]
192191863YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: Soon, episode 20 will air.[View]
192225649Kaos in the classroom[View]
192226604ITT: Girls that really didn't deserve it, but in the end they eventually found peace[View]
192227973Are long legs with a thin body, the patrician character aesthetic? Whether it's Sailor Moon, Ut…[View]
192227187Does fatty ever return?[View]
192210902usagi lost house[View]
192228172What do you think of when you see this image?[View]
192227418Holy shit[View]
192184741Short girls with big breasts: Lets talk about short girls with big breasts in anime![View]
192224855What hiatus fans have it worse: From a question in this thread >>192220537 The question is bet…[View]
192225058'You are such faggot anon.'[View]
1921911705Toubun no Hanayome: Bottom of 9th and 1 run behind, runner on 2nd with 2 outs already. Can our girl…[View]
192223349TRIGGER: Love them or hate them?[View]
192223842*no guard*[View]
192226409What are ahos good for?[View]
192209924How could you not like midriff? It's fairly impossible.[View]
192227796Bastard Manga: The english scanlations seem to be of some roug draft or something and not from the a…[View]
192226742ITT: 0/10 protagonists[View]
192226779Was the switch to romcom a good one?[View]
192224295I like bunny girls do you like bunny girls, /a/?[View]
192226518Beyblade: Go watch beyblade. Burst is pretty rad.[View]
192227343Where were you when μ’s came back? flopqours need not to reply[View]
192227309Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Are they trying to plant seeds for animating the sequel? Otherwise, I t…[View]
192225757What was the point of this guy?[View]
192224219How does this have so many seasons?: I just can't understand how strike the blood has 3 seasons…[View]
192224867Dude misunderstandings lmao Dude characters conveniently mishearing lmao Dude no meaningful progress…[View]
192224519Best Girl: Best Girl[View]
192225549How do I connect to the Wired? Maybe let's talk about cyberpunk anime.[View]
192223455Burgs: Why do Nips always draw the patties as well done?[View]
192226945What were they thinking?[View]
192226911https://youtu.be/76fIehIS53U?t=38 Am I kawaii, Uguu? Uguu! Uguu! Uguu![View]
192226865Which member of HTT is best?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18514643[View]
192224589Crocodile weak ass fuck: Had ass beaten by an LVL 1 Luffy? Get outta here. No haki? Get outta here. …[View]
192220723so can we all agree that part 4 is the best so far?[View]
192226675Was captain Ginyu raped?[View]
192223813What is the appeal of dense main characters in anime and manga???[View]
192185785does /a like dominant anime girls?[View]
192226035post characters like this please[View]
192225699ITT: Baki pseudo science[View]
192226421Made in Abyss: Nanachugs[View]
192226238Promare tops 1 billion yen at the Japanese box office: And to celebrate this landmark, the two prequ…[View]
192225999Next Nagatoro chapter when?[View]
192201931One Piece: 2 Islands left after Wano, Elbaf and Raftel.[View]
192225032For me it's Diego Brando[View]
192219995Kentaro Miura: Kentaro Miura, the author of Berserk is creating a new manga series called 'Dhuranki'…[View]
192210304Gab from Gabriel Dropout is the worst character in Gabriel Dropout[View]
192225002He killed millions[View]
192224258I like Fire Force.[View]
192225497What the fuck is his problem?[View]
192225636Imagine an anime like Infinite Stratos but all the genders are reversed. Wouldn't it be amazing…[View]
192216750ITT: Bad People[View]
192223992What's that?: What's the name for the bit of skin that pops out from the top of a thighhig…[View]
192224989JoJo: This has been bothering me ever since I read the manga, why the fuck do people praise this god…[View]
192223609Is /a/ stand for /A/qua ?[View]
192225025Bohemian rhapsody has been activated and you will meet with the protagonist of the last anime/manga …[View]
192225357Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Did you liked Soulburner Vs Revolver Part 1? Next episode Noh comes back to finish…[View]
192224703Re:Zero wasted opportunities: If you were Subaru, what would you have done differently? There are so…[View]
192223915>More frames = better >Less frames = worse >Higher framerate stiff motion > Interesting …[View]
192220021Anne is cute! CUTE![View]
192215460What is a good CGI ?[View]
192164076Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: Sup big fellas, maybe im late to the party but i just wondering what does…[View]
192224402Tenohira Kaitaku Mura de Isekai Kenkokuki: MC basically told his loli sister to do herself while he …[View]
192224136Re:zero Memory Snow: Did they intentionally make Rem annoying in the OVA to make Emilia shine and bo…[View]
192223310This year's 38th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine published a new one-shot manga…[View]
192177870Post a character without mentioning their name[View]
192222343QUEEN CASCA[View]
192160715Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Soulburner Vs Revolver starts this week, and it may or may not be Takeru and Ryoke…[View]
192224262grea: This is just a normal girl with lizard shit stuck on. There's nothing dragony about this …[View]
192223829Jojo Thread: Post em, rate em, hate em, whatever you want. Template is in the thread.[View]
192209485post things that'd piss Ghiaccio off[View]
192201245Kanojo, Okarishimasu: JP Spoilers out https://jumpx.jp/kanojookari-104/ 彼女、お借りします【104話】最新話の「 割り勘と彼女」…[View]
192221127finished watching durarara!! and now i have hole in my chest https://youtube.com/watch?v=W_1PCzFnlNM…[View]
192219671Why didn't this idiot simply vaporize the bag + hand the very moment he got them back? The hand…[View]
192223072Why was the anime so bad?[View]
192220895idomo: it looks aesthetically interesting i wounder why nobody is talking or hyped for this it looks…[View]
192223661What's the greater meaning of moe? Since sane people appreaciate it and it obviously means more…[View]
192219032>tfw kids who were born the same year that the greatest anime of all time came out can legally dr…[View]
192223336Imagine being the Chad star athlete at school and you want to date Shinka but she said no so you try…[View]
192213613MASTER! Both of my legs are gone and Nezuko got her spinal cord rippee out, what do I do?! THINK THI…[View]
192220823Death Note: Matsuda is the cutest character in the show.[View]
192216902Whoa, anon. You've got 5 seconds to prove to me that you don't contribute to civilization.[View]
192223533>mfw naruto run[View]
192221747Is it possible to make a Gridman thread on /a/ without lesbanims?[View]
192220848What was her name again?[View]
192213369I'm 31. I remember enjoying Yu Yu Hakusho as a 14 year-old, but stopping because Adult Swim ran…[View]
192217927Shonen Jump+ iOS App in Japan Restricts Downloads to Users Aged 17+: Meanwhile Chainsawman runs free…[View]
192223266This shit good or nah? Looking for some kino to read while I wait for this dude to finish Berserk.[View]
192223182Rule - Annihilation Classroom: [OP] WILL BE PUNISHED FOR BREAKING THE RULES. FROM THIS MOMENT ON, HE…[View]
192219770I love you /a/! Goodbye[View]
192216187Any of you use a tablet for reading manga? I usually read at work (retail) so I have to use my phone…[View]
192221308This is Takanashi Rikka, she suffers from a condition known as '8th grade syndrome'. Say something n…[View]
192216893Sora no otoshimono: Nymph is the only girl that Tomoki should have been with, for one simple reason …[View]
192215136What made Hosoda think a Japanese card game was a better climax than two monsters fusing out of the …[View]
192203218Komi-san: How average is he really? Tadano arc when[View]
192214150Red Blue Thread: Post reds and blues.[View]
192222676I want to do unholy things to Wendy Marvell[View]
192223057Ha! Why does gorilla keep saying that[View]
192214096Is Violet hot?[View]
192222978Post cute comfy series that truly deserve a complete anime adaptation.[View]
192214214Fate - Anime order: I know basically nothing about Fate, except there's a shitload of doujins f…[View]
192218481Is Satania sexy enough for you anon?[View]
192219881Bootleg RideBack Girl didn't deserve what happened to her. Poor Suzuri.[View]
192222529>pick up manga >it suddenly gets a hiatus a few chapters later…[View]
192221360how does king crimson work?[View]
192218152What are some anime that only exists because of otaku culture?: Precisely that, I want to know what …[View]
192216105Why did they call the superpowers toys? Is it because they're fun?[View]
192197234Dragon Ball Super: We can all agree now that the Galactic Patrol should never happened, right?…[View]
192222048Could the death note kill Giorno? (with GER) also VS battles thread[View]
192221868Chainsawman: >Is a Makima's Chapter[View]
192189061Joshikousei no Mudazukai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDQnCESXd6c I'm going to be honest, I…[View]
192213965shaft: wtf happened with them[View]
192221374ITT: God tier space battle anime openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw38c_CHj_Y[View]
192181451ITT: characters people like because of their personality[View]
192215477Yuru Yuri: New volume on the 29th. Also these two who have had no scenes together are surprisingly c…[View]
192187184Minamoto-kun-monogatari 356 Massive spoilers in recent preview.: text translation on bottom left. 'K…[View]
192221239Violet Evergarden: Can it be surpassed? No other series has come close to VEG in terms of completene…[View]
192211342What the FUCK is his problem[View]
192220410Ight lads, need a quick rundown on the rape scene that happens in the manga or whatever.[View]
192203519>15 years old >110 cm (3'7') tall And I thought Hestia was a midget…[View]
192218221Is there an anime that could possibley be worse than this pile of dog shit?: I genuinely cannot unde…[View]
192221085SHAMONE HEE HEE[View]
192213000She's truly beautiful.[View]
192219373Why isn’t anyone talking about one of the most based manga in existence and why has no one licensed …[View]
192196908What is the husbando equivalent of Rei vs Asuka?[View]
192220886has anyone got any info on the snk vs capcom svc chaos manga? there doesn’t seem to be much talk of …[View]
192152949One Punch Man: Do people ship these two because they're bored and lonely all the time, so they …[View]
192216451Would you a tsundere snek? Also monster girl thread.[View]
192217062Samurai Flamenco: Just finished binging, what the fuck did I even watch. Honestly I wish I had even …[View]
192217828Better than Rei in everyway.[View]
192213274Why do boys always make better girls?[View]
192219491The great debate[View]
192218898Loli haet bat[View]
192215178>sells like shit and completely irrelevant >gets quality figures anyway How does Fire Force do…[View]
192218503what's his fucking problem[View]
192214710Just caught up on Yotsuba and feel empty. What do i do now[View]
192204212The Mermaid Princess's Guilty Meal: Princess Era is absolutely mental.[View]
192184912Berserk 359: Well, I wasn't expecting that ending. Thoughts about the new chapter ?[View]
192204804Shhhh, Ryuko-chan is sleeping[View]
192180770Heaven's Feel Lost Butterfly BD out 8/21: Less than 24 hours left and it has english subs (20th…[View]
192213460Did you cry?[View]
192219095Has their ever been a worse narrator?[View]
192208497ShingeKI NO Kyojin: A shitstorm is coming[View]
192218105>slag wtf why do people think I'm a homewrecker? >also slag I'm going to steal your …[View]
192216440Bro what the fuck this anime is so fucking good: i have never laughed this much since i read yotsuba…[View]
192218781>introduce and watch grisaia anime to a friend >get to 'that' part I have made a huge mistake…[View]
192212843Q. Hayashida thread: Yeah I put CSM in pic related whatever fuck off Now the important question is h…[View]
192217573ITT: Better names for stands: >Thriller (Limp Bizkit/Justice) >Poker Face (Osiris/Atum/Enigma)…[View]
192218729Gridman is best romance of 2018: Does Rikka have the fattest ass in all of anime?[View]
192218244Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: New chapter fucking when? I wanna see Jack and Herc throw down so bad.[View]
192195027Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 117: Here's this week's chapter of Juliet.[View]
192216515Why wasn't Itami ordered to take a bath with them every day?[View]
192216205Cute yuri: Carole & Tuesday[View]
192218183Post smiles that you want to protect.[View]
192159464>we won't ever have a Yu-Gi-Oh anime series nearly as good as 5d's again It's not …[View]
192217461>series goes on for another 100 chapters when he should have ended by now.…[View]
192214628It's Ritsu's birthday today! Say something nice about her or her girlfriend Mio.[View]
192218537Can we talk about Zatch Bell? Started reading it during down time while on vacation and I have been …[View]
192218592Halal approved anime/mangas: Post them , anon.[View]
192215117What happened to the Super Robot genre?[View]
192218273imagine evangelion discussions but azuka and rei were conjoined.[View]
192217708Why are gyaru characters becoming more popular in recent times? How does /a/ feel about it?[View]
192213859ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
192194506It was good[View]
192190311Why did /a/ hate it?[View]
192204273Boku no Hero Academia: What makes this manga so great and how do we stop living rent free on shitpos…[View]
192217788Delinquents are dead: Gone are the days where delinquents with soft spots are also assholes[View]
192199594Houseki No Kuni: Leaks Soon.[View]
192215576Fatasses don't belong in anime: God look at how fucking disgusted Sarada is by the how much slo…[View]
192215700Wich is the real definition of auto-insert, The virgin mc beta or the chad mc no beta. Anyway that i…[View]
192215562Just downloaded all episodes of this, what am I in for?[View]
192215437Why do love triangles hurt so much?[View]
192217027itt: kino frames[View]
192212828Manga docu: Are there any good documentaries on manga, anime or the Japanese art process? I've …[View]
192216963>Manga translations dropped. >Light novel translations dropped. >Yen Press translation is 9…[View]
192216569Viking Run: Didn't know Japs stole the Naruto run. Those filthy bastards.[View]
192214028Boruto: Way to kill the hype from last chapter. Could've had a decent konoha vs jigen fight but…[View]
192205517Dragon Ball Super: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1003650 What do you think about Toyotaro…[View]
192214221What would you get Violet for her hypothetical birthday?[View]
192215850When will he be back?[View]
192209717fucking watch K-ON[View]
192214624Anyone got a subbed upload of the Heaven's Feel pt. 2 bluray yet? Get on that shit, nips[View]
192157486Hunter x Hunter: >Hisoka wanted to kill Machi then and here, but I vetoed it. It was my hunch tha…[View]
192211705How would you use your power if you become a robot like in Inuyashiki, /a/?[View]
192211618bulge: how big is too big?[View]
192205619In a real life scenario would she just have been bullied until she is driven insane?[View]
192211590Left or right?[View]
192213766Schoolmate: Do nips really let 12 years olds be gravure models in Japan?[View]
192212959Yuyushiki: The sluicing of beans[View]
192215579Nagatoro Thread: It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads, Senpai has some t…[View]
192215024>no Carrot BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRneL_ctzbY…[View]
192187153(comfy) Kimetsu no Yaiba thread: If KnY got an OVA, what would you like to see? For me, it would be …[View]
192213466Who is best girl of the season and why is it Shamiko?[View]
192209719Jojo Thread: Template's in the thread.[View]
192207228Endro: Because this anime is super interesting S2 when?[View]
192214439When did he become so edgy?[View]
192211945>MC was only pretending to be beta[View]
192214623Episode 3 of Mo Dao Zu Shi season 2 is out.: Is everyone ready for their favorite gay chinese cartoo…[View]
1922043947 > 3 > (8) > 5 > 4 > 2 > 1 > 6 You know it's true[View]
192210751Where's the yuri?: I'm on chapter 143 I've only seen :) get creepy once.[View]
192214091What did he smoke: Was it vape ?[View]
192208172JCs are the best mahou shoujos.[View]
192187429>watch this scene >go to liquor store and buy some beer >drink it >it tastes like piss w…[View]
192213480>A new series, titled Duranki (ド ゥ ル ア ン ン キ), will begin on September 9 in the first issue of Yo…[View]
192212395Rebellion flower scene: Wait, so was this really Madoka talking, or was it just Homura using this ve…[View]
1922122082 days[View]
192211654>5'6 >123 lbs[View]
192207128He just wanted heaven.[View]
192170901Anime alcohol: >sake >less than 20% >2 small shots >japs drunk dead >half day hangove…[View]
192193817Saihate No Paladin: Does staring down violent isekai wildlife actually works in all cases? Also Saih…[View]
192110215Drawthread: The old one died too early. Request anything /a// related[View]
192172473bokuben: so the final bokuben run/arcs are coming. how do you feel about it? ready to feel empty onc…[View]
192212592You wouldn't beat up a loli, would you?[View]
192207097Anybody here visit London’s British Museum Manga Exhibit? https://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exh…[View]
192207105Post your favorite manga/anime expressions.[View]
192212550There's an episode that centers around Raphiel getting a new bra because her old ones are getti…[View]
1922122235 Digimon Anime Shorts Planned for 20th Anniversary Memorial Story Project: Shorts include prequel o…[View]
192211270ITT: We post ugus[View]
192212809The 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attack caused Gainax to make almost last-minute changes to Evangelion (it w…[View]
192189141Vinland Saga: How do I become as cool as AskeCHAD?[View]
192185906Who draws the best desirable women and why is it the king of /a/ Tite Fucking Kubo?[View]
192212589Why dont people care about him as a character anymore: >Compared to his father >Outside of fuj…[View]
192210663Come up with a unique stand based on a song you like: 「 MONEY MAN 」takes the form of a gold coin, wh…[View]
192207597Is SAO isekai?: It seems to be the most popular isekai, but I see people disagree. What do you consi…[View]
192208782I kind of felt like the relationship between Asuka and Shinji was kind of a metaphor for how 3d wome…[View]
192212280>Finished the first Hajime no Ippo season + the movie about the first title defense. >Start to…[View]
192212078ITT: Hyped manga now forgotten[View]
192210697*It's reverse day![View]
192210567Master of world building[View]
192204389Monogatari Series: Do people actually enjoy those short arcs of where Araragi or someone helps an ap…[View]
192203391DR. STONE APPRECIATION THREAD: IF I HEAR ANYMORE: >le rick and morty anime >le cringe MC >l…[View]
192211936>chuuni voice switches to the same as leopard's Based. Is it some meta joke?…[View]
1922063183-gatsu no lion: Why is this anime so underrated? I've watched 2 seasons in just 2 days and it …[View]
192192215Red - Living on the edge: This manga has been getting daily releases for the last few months, it…[View]
192204749I want to marry Slut![View]
192204283Boku no Hero Academia: Deku is finally back[View]
192210866Hey Anon, I'm bored. Do you want to kiss?[View]
192211721What kind of swimsuit would she wear? Her sister gets to wear one officially.[View]
192209925Why is Nico such a bitch?[View]
192208063Its like its written by a 16 year old edgelord who only shitposts on the chans but yeah is good[View]
192209243ITT: Pure angels: cute kind wife material. no sluts, bitches or tsunderes[View]
192209203>Namori's shota x loli[View]
192198509What does /a/ think of Kingdom? I don't see it talked around much here.[View]
192205327>that feels when your favorite manga finally caters to your fetish This lazy ass sure took his ti…[View]
192120839/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 Pre…[View]
192194098KyoAni Finds A Way: KyoAni has received 18.5M USD of donation. >According to a lawyer representin…[View]
192198457dr stone: Why's her face so FUCKED UP.[View]
192209340Why is it that people start to hate on something once it gets an adaption?[View]
192199786Say something bad about your favorite Anime/Manga.[View]
192210417Zombieland saga: Is S2 confirmed yet? I need more Tae[View]
1921806512019... I am forgotten[View]
192207014ITT; Anime literally only you watched: Thought the monstergirlfags would be all over this[View]
192210333FirePunch was alright.[View]
192209271ITT: Great villains: Post cool villains[View]
192209959https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bBpiHJm3t0 Still the best OP song all of the time, ignoring the ani…[View]
192185617Was this ''''''ninjutsu''''''' even talked about before it was used? Literally wasn't foreshado…[View]
192200319Shounen MCs with actual character development[View]
192209865The last anime you watched turns into an idol anime. What happens?[View]
192208304I heard this show suck ass, but i just finished eureka seven, and i'm not sure what to watch ne…[View]
192209544loli jolyne[View]
192210082drinking right now and reading this fuck im crying[View]
192207546Who shot him?[View]
192208430Hunter x Hunter: I think i'm starting to see who the target audience is[View]
192195334What would be the most fitting ED for Jojo Part 6 when it gets animated?[View]
192206323Did she blow it?[View]
192208714Is this character design for real?: 30 chapters in and I still frequently mix them up in many frames…[View]
192209489>One family ruins everything Why Nips love this so much[View]
192205854What does this translate to?[View]
192209818Warning for the students!: Don't come to the Private Magic University Affiliated High School to…[View]
192202760The Great Debate: Who are the Hunterchads of romcoms?[View]
192195537nymphogear: miku a best[View]
192200402Mr Japan 2019 to play Rufy in upcoming ONE PIECE live action for Netflix: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
192203147What are some anime which diverged from the manga that you wish could get the FMA: Brotherhood treat…[View]
192208476Why the FUCK were 14 year old girls going to a club dressed like that?[View]
192208532Boa Hancock: Boa Hancock at the Mero Mero no Mi - a Devil Fruit that allows its user to turn to ston…[View]
192208850Is this like Blade Runner?[View]
192153949Katsute Kami Datta Kemonotachi e: Episode 8[View]
192199529*Outwits the gods and the fate itself* Totally not a mary sue[View]
192204275>anime has a trap character >their entire personality revolves around the fact that they'…[View]
192159855Why is Araragi so beta that he doesn't even defile he tight virgin pussy on the gym storage roo…[View]
192208572maou: how can one show have such a high concentration of buttsluts and buns?[View]
192208651Think another season is possible? For some reason bouncing between this, Pop team epic and yamishiba…[View]
192203505Baby Ryuko is for ____[View]
192203842Part 6: How they will animate the Bohemian rhapsody arc?[View]
192206166Doesn't it make you happy when a side character you like in a show survives all the bullshit th…[View]
192185944Best OSTs of all time? pic related[View]
192197420>Over 100 degrees Why isn't their skin peeling off?[View]
192195960did you know that vikings invented the Naruto run?[View]
192193526It finally happened, /a/. A season so bad there's literally nothing worth watching. Not one god…[View]
192197337Post school girls that would make great young wifes.[View]
192207977Today in class 5-2: Just finished it. Tell me which version I liked the most, /a/[View]
192203647Aqua should of been Hokage[View]
192208124A good VA wasted on a piece of shit character.[View]
192204577Why do people like this? It's really fucking stupid. I kept waiting for it to get better but it…[View]
192192493Manga you didn't know were by women mangka: I'll start. Also, no FMA, that's the go-…[View]
192201995He's deconstruction of Goku[View]
192200681Why is everyone a retard in this comic?[View]
192205221Reminder to read Saint Seiya, one of the most influential manga of all time that to this day has sol…[View]
192203533<1966> Ultraman est. $11.6 billion <1968> Jump est. $40 billion <1969> Doraemon es…[View]
192206709>she will never be real and give you this look why even live[View]
192198204Shingeki no kyojin: Can we discuss about Reiner being the handsomest character in the series?[View]
192197675Perfect Blue: Is it good?[View]
192194850one piece: reminder that, despite 952 being the fourth chapter in a row that we get, there's no…[View]
192207420Fix the Amane and Hikari subplot.[View]
192196915Dragon Ball Super: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1003650 Pacohackotracertaco's self-i…[View]
192186204Behold, the face of an entire generation of young men.[View]
192204606Please stop calling me...[View]
192205532Why was she so popular?[View]
192196032WSJ Axe Thread: Jump axe seasons coming through[View]
192206272Fuck Kaos.[View]
192198841What the FUCK was her problem[View]
192201922WISH ME LUCK /a/! I'm going back in time to get rid of isekai and fix the anime industry![View]
192206243I miss him already, /a/...[View]
1921949205toubun no Hanayome: Miku date, dumping Chapter 98 by /a/[View]
192200929Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Takagi is a MILF![View]
192169000Prichan, AiFure, maybe Shining Star: Catch up on the older seasons while you still can.[View]
192205548This is infuriating. Get your head out of your fucking ass. She made so much progress based on that …[View]
192205510Kinnikuman Thread: What do you think happens after the tag match with Ataru and brocken jr or do you…[View]
192205135Akira is getting re-released in 4K because it's printed on film, but your favorite anime is stu…[View]
192203840Kyoto Animation: You know what the real reason was[View]
192204267best farm girl gets better[View]
192203746It still hurts, /a/[View]
192205276Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Where’s chapter 20? Heracles vs. Jack The Ripper (-clan) is NEXT!!! what do y…[View]
192161781Railgun: Third season soon. Are you guys ready for the best Raildex anime?[View]
192205100What's her problem? Can't Ryuko see how sexy Goldblum is?[View]
192203032She deserve it.[View]
192199480Laddies and gentlemen, we found it. The most based MC in anime history.[View]
192204783Death parade: So what the fuck did I just watch?[View]
192194775Ehhhhhhhhhhhh? I'm a girl?! How could this have happened?[View]
192204492Anime/manga that fuck you up: ITT: we post anime or manga that you keep thinking about for years aft…[View]
192203313Seriously, is there ANY worthwhile show that hasn't been released on bluray at this point?[View]
192201696>Touma goes for women of quantity >Accelerator goes for women of quality Sasuga number one…[View]
192198734My comfy camper wife can't be this cute![View]
192203633would you sex the yuushas?[View]
192195712[panpanya] An Invitation from a Crab/Kani ni Sasowarete/蟹に誘われて: If you are ever fortunate enough to …[View]
192201204KYON-KUN DENWA[View]
192203373great show[View]
192198501height: 191 cm[View]
192183987Boku no hero: What makes this manga so shit and how would you improve it?[View]
192196603Kino moments in not-so-popular anime.: Starting with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTO1yqBBm8w…[View]
192201998Ookiku nattara kekkon suru!: NEW SERIES https://yanmaga.jp/c/ookiku Gook scans: https://manamoa8.net…[View]
192171054What anime do you rewatch to the point its autistic?[View]
192203022fate/stay night: is there a better character than fuji-nee? all the SoL moments would be boring with…[View]
192202525Chainsawman: Who is the best girl in Chainsawman and why is it the angel devil?[View]
192200157medaka box: GIVE ME SEASON 3 YOU FUCKS[View]
192168078Stalker Thread: ***,*51 (=***,*51) Symphogear XV ***,123 (=***,123) Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo…[View]
192194061Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 80: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/fw/cycomibrowser/cha…[View]
192198990No Shots fired[View]
192196013Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV: Dollies were a good girls.[View]
192201008>Madoka but with GTA IV theme song[View]
192201133Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
192200969Slice of Life, Coming of Age, Dark Fantasy, Adventure, Josei, Rotten World, Shoujo, Tragedy, Mahou S…[View]
192185529Favorite anime from the year you were born[View]
192200488Would Ranma be a good wife?[View]
192199971How could you forget her, /a/? Do you think she's too stupid to care!?[View]
192198669The OVA era: >Decide to watch an older (as in pre-1995) anime that isn't a mecha or over 100…[View]
192200438Try Knights: Not even rugby is save from the noble archetype.[View]
192176008Zombieland Saga: what the fuck is her problem[View]
192201981Evangelion: Why did Yui Ikari fuse with the eva? What was her motivation?[View]
192200260about to rewatch pic related, I thought it was okay for what it was trying to do but this board seem…[View]
192190327Domestic na Kanojo: Gooks out https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=1775286 Th…[View]
192201339Is every season a backlog season now?[View]
192199954YAAAASS QUEEN SLAY![View]
192197668Citatap, Citatap~[View]
192200326You listen to my voice Listen to my heart Now I see it clearly[View]
192201314Naruto: So if madara knew the signs to the edo tensei why did he even need obito to carry out his pl…[View]
192190378Rewatching Berserk: Sup /a/, it's time for my yearly Berserk re-runs for the Golden Age Arc. So…[View]
192201292>even Shinji laugh at her pathetic[View]
1921937702019... I am forgotten[View]
192199457This is a thread for the best girl Botan. Let's talk about how cute and hard working she is.[View]
192199242Demi-chan wa Kataritai: Tetsuo's niece is cute Also, S2 when?[View]
192198904Dragon Ball Super: Will the next movie be about Moro? If not then what do you think it will be about…[View]
192200967Subaru took the ultimate fap pic and simply got away with it. Imagine if you could go around taking …[View]
192196991Is Thorfinn a well written character?[View]
192197509>you'll never get molested by a bunch of strong brown women[View]
192198719Jojolion thread: I finally caught up with jojolion and I really have no clue where this part is head…[View]
192149171Meanwhile at the /a/partment[View]
192200475What is the average number of Japanese characters in a manga volume? Pic unrelated.[View]
192195226New Series titled Necromancer by Domoto Yuki (Rivnes) debuts in Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue #39. Th…[View]
192198898This has to be one of the most weirdly homoerotic chapters of anything I've ever read[View]
192188297Thoughts? I've never watched it.[View]
192199313Gun Frontier: Has anyone else watched this? This anime is fucking weird and I can't even tell w…[View]
192199993Why the fuck is the full-length OP different from the tv-size one? Also, Utena thread.[View]
192192247Violet Evergarden: What distinguishes this masterpiece from other works of art isn't its brilli…[View]
192195956A Saki Yoshida story idea: I require some help I'm considering doing my own story on this chara…[View]
192188211This is unironically the greatest anime of all time.[View]
192197070>favorite mangaka >favorite manga from the mangaka SAHARA Mizu Tetsugaku Letra…[View]
192193712Are you planning to rewatch whole season of Gonpachiro Bizzare Adventures once last episode aired?[View]
192198310Why are girls named Charlotte always the worst and punchable?[View]
192196185Yall mad at her cause she is the funniest azumanga[View]
192196617Anime that deserve the 'Hellsing Ultimate' treatment: I'll start with Trinity Blood, mainly bec…[View]
192198011>STILL a fucking virgin[View]
192197952Go-Toubun no Hanayome: >be Miku fag >become Nino fag She is slowly developing into best girl m…[View]
192198607Kengan Asura/Omega: >Source material has shit like pic related >No doujins What the fuck japs…[View]
192178130Battle Royale, THOT version: From the writer of Tomodachi Game and Dead Tube comes a new freaky mang…[View]
192192039God Tatsumaki makes me want to do terrible things[View]
192197074>series ends >all discussion suddenly vanishes from the face of earth is this what anime has c…[View]
192198555>huntards think this is good writing[View]
192192281Place your bets /a/[View]
192198460Babylon PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxOaJ7V0QyY[View]
192197431Who fucking cares about Babylonia? Where's HER anime? And Salem? Where's Salem?[View]
192130401Why are brown anime girls so great?[View]
192198238Cancelled or not cancelled?: Has this series been cancelled? It sure seems like it. It's been 3…[View]
192190784Shingeki no Kyojin: How do you predict Zeke's development will go?[View]
192197384Berserk Duranki: What the fuck is Miura thinking?[View]
192188528GIVE UP!?[View]
192194309Fairy Tail: Name a better 'anti-facism' anime/manga than this[View]
192197801UM1 can enter the zone like Tanjiro and they're gonna get rekt[View]
192196701ITT: Underrated manga everyone should read. No mainstream shit.[View]
192197029Is he gay?[View]
192180546ITT: Poorly Described Anime: Poorly describe an anime and others guess what it is >Friendzoned ma…[View]
192106474Machikado Mazoku Translation: Let's get Ch.27 started.[View]
192197216>hear sobbing coming from around the corner that sounds like it's from one of your best frie…[View]
192188773Dragon Ball Super: >nothing happens: the chapter >no, seriously, NOTHING happens >Vegeta ST…[View]
192194957I tell anons that certain characters are my wife but in reality I don’t love any of them[View]
192195984You've been sniffing my pantyhose again, anon?[View]
192112075Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Season 2: Episode 7[View]
192186700Tatsuki Fujimoto will go down in history as a true revolutionary in the manga industry.[View]
192188820Breath of Water 11th Style: Lull[View]
192184230hxh manga returns from hiatus[View]
192193978>[HorribleSubs] Sounan desu ka - 08 [720p].mkv AOTS episode 8 is out.[View]
192196787>ED by Cerebral palsy[View]
192192681Can a manga be too good to be memorable?: FMA had a clean, competent run. Characters are given satis…[View]
192195889is this series getting axed or what? what happened to the pacing? ufotable is gonna need their paddi…[View]
192195926Laddies and gentlemen, we found it. The most based MC in anime history.[View]
192195576Who was in the wrong here?[View]
192195581You guys remember this masterpiece?[View]
192191445Are ALL re-encodes bad?: https://nyaa.si/view/1120549 I must be fucking blind because both screensho…[View]
192195575Would the world be a better place if girls in real life were like anime girls instead?[View]
192173813Baki: What did he do to end up in prison anyway? Was it for injuring that dirty cop?[View]
192187933>[HorribleSubs] Ace of Diamond Act II - 21 [720p].mkv[View]
192192662SBR appreciation thread: man hes just like me[View]
192187117saiyaman wasn't as bad as everyone seems to think. DBZ needed more SOL aspects.[View]
192187155>i like boys but if its you maybe...[View]
192193337Thoughts on the new monk girl?[View]
192193769Kaguya: What is her endgame? Also spoilers when[View]
192192889>anime out for like 7 weeks >still not a single lewd drawing to be found…[View]
192193746Blue Ai is fairly cute. I don't see why everyone considers her so boring compared to Red Ai.[View]
192159393>decide to watch every episode of detective conan >350 episodes in and somehow not a SINGLE ca…[View]
192194614ITT: garbage you enjoyed[View]
192190622Would you a Yuki Shoujo? Also Demi-chan thread I guess.[View]
192191637Rank the animes you've watched from worst to best I'll start 8. The Devil is a Part-Timer …[View]
192195065Did you know that he music used in Advent Children during the scene where Kadaj and Rufus are talkin…[View]
192187325Mr Japan 2019 to play Rufy in ONE PIECE live action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYFXyiHhXF0…[View]
192193522How does /a/ feel about Lum?[View]
192194431TIPPY Soul : Male Body : Female[View]
192193756I can fucking hear it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDezQD57h-g[View]
192195053Maou-sama, Retry!: Aku is so lovely and punchable. Just look at her smile. God, I wish I had my own …[View]
192190070Jojo: 7>5=4>6>2>3>1[View]
192191066Is charlotte worth to watch?[View]
192190108Ryuko is the cutest and hottest anime girl of all time!!![View]
192193987Re Zero: When will the wn continue? What is Tappei doing that he won't continue the story? Is h…[View]
192194012Why is it so rare for anime girls to blow bubbles like this[View]
192193311You are looking at a future psychopath.[View]
192190657Is this one of the sexiest anime girls ever made?[View]
192138445Takagi-san: Damn Takagi is lucky, Nishikata is jacked.[View]
192188622New original series 'Dhuranki' announced for Young Animal Zero. It will be produced by Kentaro Miura…[View]
192193682Anime/manga needs more hobbits.[View]
192176831One Piece: What's your favourite epithet in the series so far?[View]
192193059should the loli mom archetype be more common in anime?[View]
192186935Best girls wasted in their series.[View]
192191295Sumire is depressed![View]
192193071Jashin-chan: Yurine is so damn sexy in the manga. The anime doesn't do her justice.[View]
192193516Figure 17: Tsubaki & Hotaru: daily reminder that no spoilers allowed in this thread because one …[View]
192154920Akko dumb[View]
192187115The Laws of Anime: /a/ is God, newshits are Moses. Help them learn the hard truths from your combine…[View]
192193367New Ideas about Anime: >What are unique ideas you have come up with Anons It is very rare, to see…[View]
192153770Kino: ITT : Only the most kino manga panels allowed.[View]
192182626I refuse to believe anyone would consider this fucking atrocity better than any of the other parts. …[View]
192193615Ryuko: Has anyone read this? How is it? I would read it online first but it's not available so …[View]
192190234>you will never apply to a comfy anime studio, spill your spaghetti about anime and then get give…[View]
192191542Next time you're having sex, ask each other does he consent?[View]
192166589Best Potential Mothers Thread: Post your waifu and ask if she would be a good mother, and if yes, wh…[View]
192188375Imagine getting stabbed by Kanna's horns[View]
192166946ITT: We post our waifus and explain why we love her[View]
192193242actually wondering if it's on purpose these ships look like uncut dicks[View]
192188515Having a blast as I read part 6 (7 volumes in rn) for the first time. Why does it get so much hate?[View]
192188346Princess Principal: We are already forsaken by 3Hz.[View]
192192158Hey /a/, I just watched your favorite film.[View]
192190494Mushoku Tensei: >tfw sister fucked your son what do?[View]
192192815Kengan Ashura: Is there really a method to strengthen your hair enough to use it as razor wire or a …[View]
192192796YU-NO: Was it worth killing herself over?[View]
192190496What's /a/'s opinion on Devilman: Crybaby?[View]
192188883Sakura is EVIL: CCS thread[View]
192186809Black Jack: Why did he become a lolicon?[View]
192192332Yotsuba: What's this face trying to convey[View]
192190909'Wholesome' episodes in 'not so wholesome' anime: Starting us off with one of my…[View]
192192313Tsuredure Children: To the Anon who mentioned this and convinced me pick this up... Thank you. I ca…[View]
192192336Why is it that she does'nt seem Georgian at all?[View]
192186557Do you like it when the show's loli grows up?[View]
192181739Jojo: When's the new chapter?[View]
192134957What would having them as your maids be like?[View]
192191939OVAs: Why do they exist?[View]
192184610Visual Novels adapted to anime: >try watching pic related anime >it’s terrible, cool concept …[View]
192186945Do you ever revisit your old videotapes, /a/?[View]
192166777>tfw no new chapter this year[View]
192183869Shingeki no Kyojin: Did snk receive the Abe treatment? Just how much love between Eren and Historia …[View]
192190881What was her problem?[View]
192181652Dragon Ball Super: Will UI fusions defuse immediately or retain their original time limit?[View]
192168414does /a/ like kasumi-chan?[View]
192183091Is there a worse genre than 'long-running slapstick rom-com that maintains the status quo at all cos…[View]
192190607Legend start in this place: !!![View]
192140264Granbelm: >Ernesta, come eat my pussy raw.[View]
192190584Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
192189402Asta is one lucky son of a bitch[View]
192166592Go Toubun (5toubun) no Hanayome: I don't know how people can read this new chapter, see the eve…[View]
192182885YOU GO GIRL[View]
192186831Why is he so based?[View]
192187542Spoilers soon In about 5 hours from now[View]
192183142Why is she so angry?[View]
192187780Are you riding his baloney pony?[View]
192190038What went so horribly wrong?[View]
192182262epic. simply epic.[View]
192189200Mahou Shoujo Lyrical: is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical worth watching? It looks old, already watching other m…[View]
192176694They should've multiplied her age by 2 then she will be perfect[View]
192189208>I'll surpass Hisoka-sama any m-moment now by b-becoming a shitty conjurer What was this scr…[View]
192189812>Has better ending than Golden Wind[View]
192184318>anyone know why giorno has these hair holes?[View]
192188086ITT: oddly lewd anime pics don't have enough to post on /e/ and /r/ is slow af[View]
192189404Who would like such pitiful and unpopular JCs?[View]
192190790Is getting an anime adaptation the kiss of death for any WN-derived isekai? Suddenly the garbage plo…[View]
192189068Why are all the pro shogi players such lolicons?[View]
192122879Chainsawman: Viz soon[View]
192188093Nami a cute.[View]
192186578I fucking hate Animeonly scum[View]
192186928pmmm different story: They should've animated this instead of that turd gacha game.[View]
192189108What's the deal with fire manga these days?[View]
192181393HOLY SHIT what a colossal faggot this guy is: i'm like 20 episodes in and this guy is so insuff…[View]
192186269Senpai, what do you think about me?[View]
192186149BEST BOY IS HERE[View]
192148188/3x3/: read manga[View]
192188733Macross: Why was this allowed?[View]
192188895Inugami got a full colour edition recently.[View]
192180278anime with great dubs: inb4 they dont exist[View]
192188752>literally all Fightshit Jumpfags will defend this[View]
192187090Where do you think you're going, Anon?[View]
192183932Why is manga always less popular than anime?[View]
192184561Was it a masterpiece?[View]
192188366Is his romance with the princess forced?[View]
192138790>itt: genuinely unrepentant evil characters who also garnered sympathy[View]
192181403Camie? More like Cummie.[View]
192186102>literally L I T E R A L L Y absolutely no Hestia in the last epsiode of Danmachi What the FUCK …[View]
192186978What makes glove biting so erotic?[View]
192186496Unironically hope they spend time on making a second season of this before season 4.[View]
192184288Jolyne vs C-Moon: So I think it's undeniable that regardless of how you feel about Part 6, Joly…[View]
192164266Daily Sketchbook Chapter: A very short sleep.[View]
192183733I see this on /co/ a lot, so I wanted to ask, what games do you think would make a good anime series…[View]
192187317It's pretty unfair that a fujo show like Owari no Seraph had various qts like Shinoa, Mitsuba (…[View]
192179819>the MC's first queen has given birth to TWINS with two more queens to go that sounds like a…[View]
192185527ITT: pleb filters[View]
192184585do you still like Gohan?[View]
192184960Vinland Saga: have you been a good boy and watched the new vinland saga eps?[View]
192187059Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name, oh yeah Ah, what's puzzling you Is the nature of my…[View]
192186747You see this hopping towards you. What do you do?[View]
192184253Was he genuinely retarded? Did he even have a battle plan for numerically superior foes?[View]
192176974WHERE did this idea that Kill la Kill has better characters than Gurren Lagann come from? Comparing …[View]
192183116Tsugumomo: What's his endgame /a/?[View]
192184757>2019 >We are forgotten[View]
192178095Mo Dao Zu Shi's author was arrested for spreading obscenity. Thoughts?[View]
192170456The great debate: BokuBen - To love ru - 5 Hanayome Mizuki - Mikan - Raiha and choose your favorite …[View]
192186506Post English translated Isekai titles. Hard Mode: It's not Isekai[View]
192152245Komi San: >new chapter on a Monday I am greatly confused, but I'm not complaining at all Dum…[View]
192182891Welp, /a lied like usual. It was a fucking 10.[View]
192179397Fate series: So i downloaded almost every fates series just started watching Fate/SN because i just …[View]
192178402Elves and Elven Accessories: What is /a/'s stance on elves?[View]
192185174Does /a/ like it when Anime girls emit steam?[View]
192179949My heterosexual wife, Rin Tohsaka.[View]
192181417Re Zero: When will arc 6 finally end? What are your expectations for it? Will Rem and Subaru finally…[View]
192184177*Skitters along your path*[View]
192176726You're now imagining the crossover.[View]
192150701Kimetsu no Yaiba: I started watching this after everyone was hyping it up on social media and /a/ an…[View]
192180159Finally got around to reading this, what does /a/ think of oyasumi punpun?[View]
192132135Torako! Don't Break My Dick!: https://mangadex.org/chapter/692992/1 Bonus onsen chapter. Very l…[View]
192185368>romance scene[View]
192177691How will this even work?[View]
192165159JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: Anime improvements aside, how would you fix t…[View]
192181076ITT: characters that deserve their own anime (no ova BS)[View]
192183845ITT: manga that got axed as it was getting good.[View]
192183692Can we have a Madoka thread? I just finished watching[View]
192147780Hensuki: Why does Yuika like winking so much? What is the meaning of this? And why does she refer to…[View]
192168782Monster Musume: 2019... I am forgotten...[View]
192176124Is Deku an underdog?[View]
192178701Otome domo-yo: wtf went wrong?: This looked cool at first, but now out of 5 girls we have: -A dyke -…[View]
192184673~Bye Bye~[View]
192182661Which GATE girl is best and why is it Lelei?[View]
192173258Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 10: Last time; Everyone was getting excited for the start of the Maho…[View]
192181827Post anime that black people like[View]
192178545*blocks your path*[View]
192182644Heartbreak Warfare: Lightning strikes Inside my chest to keep me up at night Dream of ways To make y…[View]
192170933What do you think of Blame? What do you think of nihei in general?[View]
192182421Would you do it /a/?[View]
192169400Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun: Chapter 57 raw My wish has been aswered. Thank you Yashiro[View]
192184409Boku no hero: Fall of hero society arc coming soon.[View]
192184061She's the perfect girlfriend. I feel so empty.[View]
192172506Imagine having Shinka as your personal cheerleader.[View]
192182950Eren said that she is his ideal bride[View]
192182592Why does he look like this? The man is 41 but looks like he's 70.[View]
192177905>be seinen MC >your love interest is raped six times before you even get to kiss her Why do ma…[View]
192171488Dub or sub?[View]
192184130Jojo's Bizarre Adventure offers a visceral, and emotional experience, with each part (except 8)…[View]
192183111I know the joke is super on the nose but I feel like im missing it. Was human-san raped or was he vo…[View]
192175039houseki no kuni | 宝石の国: soon [\spoiler[[View]
192165091Youre finally about to defeat that fucking faggot Giorno when suddenly his expression calms and pian…[View]
192182587how do the words stats, skills and level make you feel?[View]
192154885>one of the cutest girls in the show is the MCs genderbent form Why?[View]
192162568Bakugo at age 30. Somebody needs to put this animal down.[View]
192183430Literally the only thing I can think of more upsetting than wiping out so much of the cast at the en…[View]
192176243shingeki no kyojin: two weeks until we finally know if eren actually made hisu cry[View]
192180434Assassin's Pride PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to4JXAQ3578[View]
192172728Why do retards think Gold Experience Requiem could nullify the Infinite rotation?[View]
192178931Could the Magia Record anime possibly be anywhere near as good as the original Madoka?[View]
192177791What would you do to please the future Queen of hell when you die?[View]
192180639What's her name /a/?[View]
192181059Post an anime character without posting them[View]
192164752Do her tits really have to be this big?[View]
192178205Now that you can officially play as a Stand User in Dungeons and Dragons, which Jojo character would…[View]
192181628Literally the best Shonen Character of all time.[View]
192162033Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files: Can Gray kills servants?[View]
192155662SNAFU: >Wants to help the lesser able, and bring about justice >Is the one that needs help the…[View]
192151509This will be the best Fate anime yet[View]
192178492rank them /a/[View]
192179971Beastars: I haven't seen a single beastars thread all week, what's going on, did you all d…[View]
192176567How does /a/ feel about the prominence of characters like Char in anime and manga?[View]
192179171Serial Experiments Lain threadesu: Are Lain's lips closed or is this her small mouth open a lit…[View]
192181696Post anime OP covers. I'll give 5 btc to anyone who can beat this one. https://youtu.be/sEQf5l…[View]
192159265Dragon Ball Super: What's his next move against Moro?[View]
192179676She is the patrician version of Taiga.[View]
192181315One piece: Which pirate crew would you work hard to get a high bounty enough for them to recognize y…[View]
192181288Post villians who were initially good.[View]
192180833What anime is the hardest to watch due to cringe?[View]
192177401Fairy Tail thread?[View]
192166729Texhnolyze Thread: Best final 4 episodes i've ever seen. This whole show is Konaka's best …[View]
192173440>Was expecting 'A Goofy Movie but anime' >Got generic isekai but with mom-son incest undertone…[View]
192180352Dumbbells: This is peak female performance.[View]
192181344>Nu-OPM >DBZ >BnHA >One Piss >SnK >BC >Narutu >Burutu >Nu-JoJo >HxH …[View]
192179753How they got away with loli fucking?[View]
192165985Fist of the North Star: Did you know that Polaris isn't actually just one star?[View]
192142313ITT: wounds that will not heal[View]
192177977Ecstas Online: Saw anons commenting about the manga being cancelled due to Oniyazu's death or l…[View]
192153333For me it's Mumei's pits.[View]
192179842ChocoMimi Manga Creator Konami Sonoda Passes Away.: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-08-19…[View]
192123255Series that will redeem the 'Isekai' genre: I just recently saw this trailer for the upcoming anime …[View]
192172959post edgelords[View]
192180501Why is he so perfect?[View]
192174590>browsing my /a/ folder >there are folders full of screenshots for shows I don't even rem…[View]
192180153Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit Online Availability Status: Was just wondering if anyone has posted the …[View]
192177883Do families exist in anime only for the fantasy incest?[View]
192154731Boku no Hero Academia: What kind of upgrade would Endeavor get to be able to compete with the villai…[View]
192179648Plans: I plan on starting pic related, but is the manga worth reading before the anime, or should I …[View]
192171884Post your favorite manlets in anime. I’ll start.[View]
192171230How does it go again?[View]
192179768How do I see this in theatres without getting an erection at the loli bathing scene?[View]
192178138What is your favorite work by Mari Okada?[View]
192170785Was it Kino? [View]
192179761Carole & Tuesday: What do you think of the manga adaptation of this music anime? Is the manga mu…[View]
192178824https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-08-19/mamako-figure/.150073 Okaa-San Online gets clot…[View]
192107005Boruto: He's back with blurry grunts[View]
192179186Thunderbolt Fantasy. who is the strongest???: Was it ever stated who is the strongest??? MC or the V…[View]
192178916>married >in love >naked >still nothing What will it take to get these two to FUCK?…[View]
192174574kyochuu rettou: So uh, talk about a complete 180, am I right?[View]
192177603I can't believe that Kotori got fucking murdered by her best friend[View]
192164364mangas that deserve an anime[View]
192175357Normal punch was kino arc[View]
192178969Why does OPM turn from a satire of battle shonen into a straight shonen itself by making Saitama dis…[View]
192171648When is best girl in Jojo getting her show?[View]
192177137Would Evangelion have been better received if it followed the events of the manga instead?[View]
192176622Inspector Zenigata, Interpol. Anon, I've come here because word's out that Lupin plans on …[View]
192178710>prettiest girl in school is lonely because no one wants to talk to her.…[View]
192176841anime that that deserve that FMA: Brotherhood treatment[View]
192157726Dragon Ball Super: The chapter... I can feel it coming...[View]
192179039Wtf the archtypical harem protagonist becoming decisive.[View]
192172127Why aren't you reading Pseudo Harem?[View]
192157247Is this the most Russian anime character of all time?[View]
192178050I don't get it. When Taki lost contact with (I don't remember her name) and realized she d…[View]
192176413Elevens c-can't be based[View]
192154379Berserk: Oh no! Princess Charlotte just said the n-word! >4 days Casca and Guts' reunion tim…[View]
192178706Best shounen[View]
192178348>she didn't join Dropped. No other reason to watch this trash. The war game was absolutely t…[View]
192178080Golden wind: Kiss her where it smells funny. Take her to New Jersey![View]
192177551favorite GW episode?[View]
192172080Gather 'round friends, Yu Yu is coming up next[View]
192177737I have to be honest with you guys part 5 is my least favorite jojo part. It's mainly the villai…[View]
192152325Highschool dxd: Today's the day we will find out if Yasaka is truly joining the harem or not.…[View]
192175595Are their scans yet?[View]
192173195>writers assume the audience is stupid so they explain things 4, 5 or 6 times in a single episode…[View]
1921694933 days[View]
192177182Golden Time: Is he retarded?[View]
192169855What isthe watch order for this Should i just nail the 156 episodes straight or is there a watch li…[View]
192176899cute anime gunts[View]
192175837Out of the way asshole! I have to deliver these eggs to page 10![View]
192173860Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 117: ・シャルの露壬雄指名で場内騒然、デモ隊が城に入り込もうとしてる様子  ペルシアが涙目でシャルを心配 ・ウェスト内に東和民と文化交流したい…[View]
192170713I don't get it, in the novels Araragi explicitly states that he is not a pedophile on multiple …[View]
192176746its a chick~[View]
192176653Kenji x Yakumo FOREVER faggots~[View]
192176722what are some of the best gambling anime/manga out there? for me its air force usopp.[View]
192169084I miss her bros, only the good mangas die young[View]
192175779Why do Taichifags even exist? Furthermore, why do those who deny the obvious narrative of the manga …[View]
192176618So did he escape or kill himself?[View]
192173533Elf San Wa: >In between chapters edition! So just curious, which girl do you guys think is the pr…[View]
192174407ITT: Post characters who did literally nothing wrong, I'll start[View]
192167587One Piece: Most forgettable characters[View]
192176348We are lewding daughters in anime now? Wasn't your sister and mom enough?[View]
192175568Berserk: It has been 23 years since Casca has been raped.[View]
192175765Have we had the summer rewatch yet anons? I have been out of the loop since THAT happened and may ha…[View]
192163849Ponkotsu Ponko / Useless Ponko: Story time! Clumsy obsolete loli robot gets appointed as a maid to a…[View]
192176032>bleach invented the concept of having a specific group with the strongest people who defend thei…[View]
192164194Is there a single protagonist more based than Akagi?[View]
192175340So is this anime basically saying that soldiers that come back from war with PTSD should be killed? …[View]
192099940Star Twinkle Precure 28: >[Anon] Star Twinkle Precure - 28 Mega folder: https://mega.nz/#F!rMsCSC…[View]
192176048My wish to be born as a woman to experience pure and genuine yuri instead of modern degeneracy is on…[View]
192170246Man, theres severely lack of amount of Manga/Anime with 'Reverse' Traps character. The only ones i k…[View]
192171725How are other shonens supposed to compete with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2lL2LqUeUY…[View]
192175214GIGANT: This is so trashy in all the right ways, I love it. Papico is genuinely a cute too.[View]
192175550>Pushed-in eye >Fractured skull >Four teeth >Broken ribs That was fucking brutal. The De…[View]
192171731Where is she now?[View]
192173775'Character development' is just a character going from flawed to a gary stu/mary sue, I can't r…[View]
192169915>first half is absolutely god tier >second half is complete shit even when the fillers end…[View]
192166821Shingeki no Kyojin: Two weeks left! Will Annie have some important role? More flashbacks with the wa…[View]
192166611Non Non Biyori: Komari says ie ie[View]
192173524Post the last anime you finished watching. The Anon above has to now watch that show.[View]
192173510Kemono Friends: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm35552586 This Kemono Friends R video is a must-see.…[View]
192174985Dumping a manga adaptation of an original movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shoWFRnNoWw https://…[View]
1921742803x3 Thread[View]
192170033>it's a teens with supernatural powers show[View]
192016310Maou-sama, Retry!: Maou-sama or Zero-sama?[View]
192161646The Great Debate: >One Piece + best world building of all shonen in existence + insanely huge and…[View]
192173460How would Hirohiko Araki write dragonball z?[View]
192173600hyuu: Was she actually a good character? And no, winning doesn't automatically qualify as bein…[View]
192160517Tohru looks like she has boobs here[View]
192169035Which Killer Queen is better?[View]
192149862Is C.C a self insert?: If we are to conclude that Code Geass is a show made FOR WOMEN, it could cert…[View]
192174104east german portrayal: aside from pic related, are there any other anime that portray an east german…[View]
192172950What the FUCK was this guys problem?: They save him from his shithole village and he pays back the p…[View]
192172310ITT songs that would make amazing openings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Y7Ztr_HJ4[View]
192167859what are /a/'s favorite manga? I just started reading this.[View]
192173628Endro: Is isekai kaos a real human being?[View]
192166386manga vs anime: I find it much easier and satisfying to read manga than it is to watch anime. It…[View]
192173008I tried to make a thread about one pace, but a mod got triggered that I used the phrase 'unemployed'…[View]
192165175Smug Botan[View]
192172149>2-cour anime with only one OP and ED >neither of them are good…[View]
192163423Is Renge going to be daijoubu?[View]
192135669Last Saiyuki gets the axe. What's next on the chopping block?[View]
192173517Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan: Who was in the wrong?[View]
192171710Muromi-San thread. Remember when they did drugs.[View]
192170022why does he do the things he does?[View]
192149496Miuna Monday: >still manages to be the best girl after all these years happy miuna monday, anons…[View]
192172039Don't you just hate it when you start reading a manga you feel like you should be enjoying a lo…[View]
192172879Are country girls really as beautiful, busty, and purehearted as Hinako?[View]
192170695I wonder if the author knew what this line implied.[View]
192172485Who is considered the seiyuu queen of modern times?: Like the 90s had Megumi Hayashibara The early 0…[View]
192164287Why is /a/ so utterly incapable of reconciling the fact that his real passion for decades has been t…[View]
192170878GeGeGe no Kitaro: Why did /a/ give up on it?[View]
192161717She cute.[View]
192167899What the fuck is his problem? Is he autistic or something? Why do girls like this show[View]
192172400You listen to my voice Listen to my heart Now I see it clearly[View]
192166210what is your favourite OP? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJqGirLjQn4[View]
192172360Seriously dude?[View]
192168881ITT: Overrated garbage[View]
192170665Broly: Now that the dust has settled, which one was better?[View]
192171589Sunny: You have to admit that Taro from Sunny is a S tier character.[View]
192169352What does the dubbed anime industry need to do to appeal to more people?[View]
192168869Is Jojolion really 89 chapters long?[View]
192169969WAOTS: this is the shittiest show this season[View]
192150560Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Twitter extra[View]
192126666Is this the best thing in Jump right now?[View]
19216706712 episodes into ranma, and i'm now convinced rumiko is gay[View]
192150466>make world with extremely vague technology level >Hunters are always portrayed as the end all…[View]
192167707Yotsuba&!: Why IS he so big?[View]
192167392Le Yuusha is dead.: who is truly a god amongst men? blake-sama or kyle-sama? https://www.strawpoll.m…[View]
192170464You gonna finish watching that episode, /a/?[View]
192169008Is this a good looking movie?: There's something uncanny about it but I can't quite put my…[View]
192166899ITT: Things in modern anime and the fandom that make you feel old There are significantly more peopl…[View]
192170398Takashi slipped in the jew meme: Attack On Titan Side story, of course.[View]
192166812Am I the only one who thought the first half was notably better than the second half? The characters…[View]
192155015If you don't watch at least 10 seasonal anime you shouldn't be able to post on /a/. We rea…[View]
192167495Danmachi: What kind of nasty stuff do you think Ishtar did to Hermes?[View]
192160550Kyoto Animation: Rising again, step by step: https://mainichi.jp/articles/20190819/k00/00m/040/03000…[View]
192143367ITT: Come up with manga/LN titles[View]
192170836How do we improve shoujo manga/anime?[View]
192169860>Raises his longtime rival's son after rival achieves goat status and forever diminishes you…[View]
192165460Why are colored outlines better than black outlines?[View]
192166653what a bitch[View]
192166119Collection rating thread: Rate my collection /a/. I had never bought a single manga before last mond…[View]
192006105heterosexual friendship: Ok listen up - no gay - no yuri/yaoi Googles - only friendship. Post them a…[View]
192099388Pre-2000s Anime Thread: What have you been watching?[View]
192109842Cop Craft: Attention LN readers. I need to know. Will they fuck?[View]
192170087Examples of where the BD sales clearly don't matter. As in, something that sells low BDs got mo…[View]
192169503ITT: Characters that literally did nothing wrong.[View]
192156648Elf-san: Everyone asks Raika who’s a good girl, they never ask her how’s a good girl.[View]
192106435Kaguya is a girl who also has those urges say something nice to her[View]
192162291What are anime /mango that are generally considered mediocre or outright bad that you still enjoy fo…[View]
192169584monster musume uncensored version: turns out papi had blue pubes the whole time but why is her assho…[View]
192165238Does this snoozefest get better or should i just drop it? (I'm on episode 12)[View]
192142049Vinland Saga Episode 7: Did they do the Boat justice?[View]
192167794Hey fellow faggots, Umaru's asleep, post Ebina pics![View]
192169115Terra e: Which version of this should I check out? The manga, tv show or the movie? Which is the bes…[View]
192168122What am I in for?[View]
192169072Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
192168890Fuck AOT: Fuck AOT, Fuck it's plot, Fuck it's characters Fuck everyting about this shit…[View]
192157283SSSS GRIDMAN: This doujin was made by an artist who just posted wedding Rikka and Akane pic a couple…[View]
192165857Explain this part to me, beat by beat: Nobody wants me. So, everybody just die. >Then, what are t…[View]
192168738Nyu.: Nyu.[View]
192167162Helck: Lets talk about some good shit[View]
192162313Guys I think my squid broke[View]
192167895Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with Jojo Vento Aureo blurays, because I don…[View]
192168376Kengan Ashura/Omega: So it's Hokuto Shinken without extra steps isn't it? Some 'Doctor Dea…[View]
192166134Reminder that Mikasa is his 'ideal bride'[View]
192168524Everyone post their favorite anime and why. It seems like all you guys post about is what animes you…[View]
192159439What the fuck happened to the fireden search function?[View]
192157066Have you seen this ripoff: of Madoka Magica?[View]
192167943Okay... So which is your favorite song? I think the Flora episode spoiled us, Day by Day came out of…[View]
192168224ITT: characters getting outed because others were assholes: I'll start[View]
192089294buyfag thread: the other one is full[View]
192166795Ah, they finally animated what it's like to eat a bag of razors: Truly Arifureta is pioneering …[View]
192167437I love rei. I want to protect her and make her happy. What's wrong with me?[View]
192167907Are you serious? First Vinland Saga and now this?[View]
192151301Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV: So did they actually manage to communicate in their dreams? Or is it ju…[View]
192138321Is there an easy to understand explanation for retards like me for what this show was about? I…[View]
192162153Let's be honest with ourselves, current anime is a complete joke compared to patrician old anim…[View]
192167170and you don't seem to understand[View]
192165902Writing Anime Plots: I have no experience nor the skills to be a great visual artist, but I think I …[View]
192165800Fuck Saver: Praise Arcueid Brunestud[View]
192166968Is it overrated?[View]
192164620ITT: cute girls doing funny things[View]
192096668Re:Stage! Dream Days: Almost time for more JC idol fun, mii! Are you as excited as Mii, mii?[View]
192149197One piece Is Denjiro someone we have already seen? Koshiro perhaps?[View]
192166512What lessons should Oda take regarding his eventual final war arc of what not to do after Kishimoto …[View]
192160453Shingeki no Kyojin: How will they receive Annie?[View]
192150834Somebody please explain to me why incest is normalized so much in Shonen Anime and Manga, works that…[View]
192166794Bougyaku no kokeko: This has to be the gringiest and edgiest manga i've ever read.[View]
192116037Does she deserve it?[View]
192163054is this worth my time?[View]
192161388Is it any good ?: does it have ACTUAL yuri or just yuri bait ?[View]
192135563AiFure Prichan Cocotama Shining Star: It has been ten years since the Pandora Box was discovered on …[View]
192166588You're not a Romanist, are you /a/? Please remember to always oppose the Papists and their Popi…[View]
192166576The moral of the story is the short hair brown girl is always the best girl[View]
192163806well /a/?[View]
192153427Gabriel Dropout: I have a crush on Vigne and I'm not entirely sure why.[View]
192166098What diabolical plan is Gendou plotting this time?[View]
192156359Watch Yunyun's movie![View]
192113444>be high-ranking officer in organization dedicated to slaying demons >develop demon killing po…[View]
192153428How do you react /a/ ?[View]
192161430Imagine how much body hair she must have.[View]
192160885Does her penis really need to be this big?[View]
192139510Tawawa Monday: 月曜日のたわわ その235 『忘れ物』[View]
192165503Anon, you didn't forget your bathing bottles today, did you?[View]
192159347ITT : Ass Cracks: I'll start. Do better[View]
192163382>a girl placed a curse on her because she REJECTED the boy she liked does this not seem retarded …[View]
192164538ITT series you love that no one talks about: I havent met a single person IRL who has seen requiem f…[View]
192157556Nanatsu no Taizai: Was there a chapter today? I don't see any threads.[View]
192163199Why isn't it possbile to replicate the cel painting from the 80s/90s with today's technolo…[View]
192161566Ghost Hound: How is it? Is it worth watching as a big fan of Lain and Kino?[View]
192163755What are some settings you haven't seen or want to see more of in anime?[View]
192078337Black Clover: What will the ancient horror be? Another Demon King?[View]
192164048I just want to see him happy.[View]
192161480Why are megane always the worst and ugliest girls? Why even put one in your story?[View]
192163299I liked it I just finished reading it and i'm gonna be honest, i thought it was pretty good, ho…[View]
192158717Why do old shows had so many high quality girls when modern shows usually have like 1 that is above …[View]
192153384Yuru Yuri: Volume 17 cover is here. >Ayano x Akari Thank you for the diabetes based Namori.…[View]
192144864What does her thighs feel like?[View]
192161984Tapris Spin-Off: Is it true that she has a Spin-Off ? if so, has it been released yet ?[View]
192161098Ecstas Online: Here's the last unfinished manga chapter of Ecstas Online since the manga artist…[View]
192161020Why is this even allowed?: Fuck Kodachi and fuck Ikemoto.[View]
192158057Gamaran: What do you think of Gamaran? Do think it deserve to get an anime adaptation?[View]
192154728Don't mind me, just posting the best anime of 00s[View]
192155454Who wins in a fair 1v1 fight? Master Roshi or grandpa zoldick?[View]
192163242So, whatever happened to Veritas? Is it still getting a sequel a la The Breaker: New Waves? God know…[View]
192131430Post characters that are from your country.[View]
192163269Best series thread: Clannad imo I love my waifu, met her through the series, pic related[View]
192159331One Piece: GOLD ROGER is a revolutionary, discovered about the 'One Piece', he never had i…[View]
192162864Post easily attainable anime girls.[View]
192155666The Great Debate: Who is the KING of JUMP's new series?[View]
192158486Are they done for?[View]
192160551I don't get it, I thought was this supposed to be a serious betrayal story. Now there's a …[View]
192156352Boku no Hero Academia: Are you excited for season 4 and the upcoming film? Also who is your favorit…[View]
192161064Highly underrated manga, right here.[View]
192158491What's the cutest form of verbal tick?: I really like how dekomori ends all her sentences in 'd…[View]
192157220You hear it you lose[View]
192161426Cop Craft - Bolicemen: Poor Tilly, there will be hell to pay now[View]
192162619Potatoes=>Beef>>>>chicken>pork>anything else Prove me wrong.[View]
192137711We can all agree that this is the best Jojo opening, right?[View]
192153163Who would win in a fight?[View]
192156059Which one is it /a/?[View]
192119550Why its fanbase hates him so much? I understand this should be coming from people who hate the serie…[View]
192149067Azur Lane Anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlHCropfUSA PV3, Airing in October. Thoughts?…[View]
192147409Damn this is good.[View]
192152167BLEACH: Is BLEACH dare I say it, too complex and deep for /a/ to understand? I mean I know Kubo is q…[View]
192160673Is Tokyo ghoul even good I haven’t watched it but I’ve seen the first episode I can’t decide if I sh…[View]
192155694Fuck.... shes cute. Is this the power of correctly done tsundere?[View]
192160820when will we get another season?[View]
192159689ITT: good scenes from mediocre shows[View]
192161130'Look at me': 'I am the Captain now'[View]
192154085Houseki no Kuni: It's that time of the month again. Get in here while waiting for leaks. Have a…[View]
192158463Was Purple Haze too OP? Could Fugo have beaten King Crimson?[View]
192155786ITT: Awful characters[View]
192156982Backstreet girls gokudolls: Why did no one tell me this show is so fucking funny! Reminds me of crom…[View]
192147634what are some anime that break the 4th wall?[View]
192156831Are overalls cute?[View]
192152683>female mangaka >romcom manga >mixing or hiding shoujo trash with shounen or seinen to targ…[View]
192129804Why did they approve this useless character?[View]
192161257Which anime girl has the best yaeba?[View]
192161244Deca-Dence: What do you think it's going to be like?[View]
192160828Will we get another season?[View]
192160389How do I get a haircut like Youpi?[View]
192160654I don't want to use this meme, but he unironically did absolutely nothing wrong (except for bei…[View]
192160398Naegi kun[View]
192160611Other times that big moments have happened due to minor characters? Also Zatch Bell thread[View]
192149905Shingeki no Kyojin: If she is interested in icebursts how come she is not interested in Zeke and Lev…[View]
192159105BUU BUU DESU WA![View]
192153051What's going on here? Is it ntr? https://youtu.be/RJljPjvJyww[View]
192160442What was the plot again?[View]
192159870I've been watching Baki this month after years of being curious about it. Is the Netflix season…[View]
192158037Conan Sexually Harasses Ran: What a dirty little dog.[View]
192143113How the fuck did Kurapika manage to capture Chrollo?[View]
192156044He's deconstruction of Goku[View]
192157421What I wouldn't give to be a pimple on Hibiki's ass[View]
192153915Post girls that canoncially wear chokers[View]
192158851They should of gotten European voice actors to make it feel more authentic.[View]
192159808Post part of an anime character, other anons guess who it is[View]
192153549One Punch Man: How about we have a thread that doesn't have Saitama paired up with someone he r…[View]
192151804a-ahh~ owowowowow~[View]
192136414Jojolion: I can’t believe that this series is now 89 chapters old.[View]
192157241ITT: Anime that have undeserved reputations: Kodomo no Jikan was actually really good.[View]
192156411ITT: Smiles worth protecting in JoJo.[View]
192157901Foo Fighters: Post F.F[View]
192142671Domestic na Kanojo 241: Text Spoiler >第241話 「姉」の本音 着付けをやってもらった都樹子にナツオと遊びに行くのに深い意味はないと先に行っておくヒナだがナ…[View]
1921510815Toubun no Hanayome: Eatsukibros...[View]
192155487Is Precure the most interesting children's show?[View]
192158185Who does the most shameless dogeza?[View]
192158451I just want to know if I'm the only one reading this masterpiece[View]
192112860Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: >'The Animated Series Hits Its Climax!'. Are you excited for Soulburner Vs Rev…[View]
192154572S3 never[View]
192156724Where are all the dumb girl animes?: Gender equality encompasses everything, not just boring ass cap…[View]
192152312Well?? What do you tell her?[View]
192152355Fall 2019: What will be AOTS?[View]
192124733Why does he still pretend to be an edgy villain?[View]
192157058Chapter 18 coming soon!: Chapter 18 is coming soon! Series confirmed to not be cancelled! Let's…[View]
192137840Fate: Do you think the protagonist will summon Saber Alter for the FGO anime?[View]
192156013Overlord preference school yearbook: Hey guys i need five words or less quote for my school yearbook…[View]
192137047Dragon Ball Super: Admit this is the best transformation in the franchise.[View]
192130487Bokuben 123 Viz: dumping[View]
192152106Number Girl: Is 2 retarded?[View]
192155396Admit it /a/, the only reason you hate this movie is because of the name associated with it. It was …[View]
192139412It ended and illya won.[View]
192153512Kochoki: Wakaki Nobunaga: Concubine-chan is back (insert breed memes). Subs soon.[View]
192151330ITT: We post wasted characters.[View]
192152545Admit it /a/, UBW episode 20 is the best any director has portrayed the themes of the VN through the…[View]
192157370Well /a/?[View]
192155423Why is TypeMoon so popular ?: ??[View]
192147443Receiving Dragon Sleeper from Leona![View]
192151561I thought this was a serious anime, what is this cartoony shit?[View]
192151708Souten no Ken: Fist of the Blue Sky 2006 is fucking sugoi.[View]
192155289Why are her lips so big?[View]
192155901Guts is kind of like a lame Zabuza from Naruto.[View]
192128108>I'm so nervous around other people and feel crippling anxiety >I want to have sex with a…[View]
192148009Who killed him?[View]
192153510Vinland Saga: How would you have made this a more interesting story?[View]
192155475What the fuck was his problem?![View]
192139428you answer the door and you're greeted with this, what do you do?[View]
192113173Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]: New episode's out.[View]
192141222Why is modern isekai so shit in terms of story, music and production value? I can't think of a …[View]
192154766Shonen Jump All time Legend: Slam Dunk[View]
192155305So this is basically Inception, but manga[View]
192153868Why are they so ugly?[View]
192155144ITT: Best hairstyles of anime: I’ll start:[View]
192155048Great OP Thread: Openings that you never skip https://youtu.be/tRUdfiUQkx4[View]
192144676is this loss?[View]
192153552Is Re:Zero a masterpiece?[View]
192114557Joshikousei no Mudazukai: What's her problem?[View]
192154786Genki Girls[View]
192152873What are some anime that have good soundtracks?[View]
192154522tokido, becum matt demon[View]
192153437Kanojo, okarishimasu: Is the new chapter out somewhere (in any language)? Are at least spoilers out?…[View]
192152370ITT: Anime/manga wisdom[View]
192152548Why is Baka so cute?[View]
192152279>Considered the Godfather of anime and manga >He never made a series about girls going to scho…[View]
192152718Oikawa Kei: Is there a story behind this? Why is the director of Minami-ke Okaeri being called crap …[View]
192154455How does it feel like to know that your favorite anime will never look this good ?[View]
192141161What's up with the shota x onee-san meme? Is that actually a thing in Japan?[View]
192154425Ron Jeremy is looking pretty rough these days[View]
192139922Which is better?[View]
192151749Usopp: Who is the best character in anime history and why is it Usopp?[View]
192154178Why did he do it, bros?[View]
192111088Yuno is sleepy[View]
192152852Just deleted, unfollowed and unsubscribed from all FGO related stuff. I feel much better now. It…[View]
192153708Baki: Why aren't there more Kosho Shinogi fights? When he does fight, why does he always job? H…[View]
192153372I..Fucking..Hate..This lil faggot!! He's worse than Asta's 'aaaaaaaaaa'[View]
192154142Why is Naruto so popular ?[View]
192154098How do you feel about Ao-chan?[View]
192134426Yuragi 171: Have to leave, somebody dump https://files.catbox.moe/ggprfw.rar 171: Karura-sama and th…[View]
192154076Ucchi will win: New chapter in 2.5 days.[View]
192152764How to stop Anime from becoming normalfag medium?[View]
192055889Danmachi: Hestia is scientifically engineered to please your dick.[View]
192151559just started watching this. what am i in for?[View]
192153506My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, wh…[View]
192147771After Anno is done with Evangelion, he will only make 3D anime. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ne…[View]
192130878Boku no Hero Academia: *Surpasses Kino* >4th Season in 2 months. >2nd Movie in 4 months. >S…[View]
192153747Compare Shippuden to any other long running anime ever produced. There is nothing that comes close. …[View]
192153693Jojolion 89: Today's the day anon[View]
192152755Reminder that's a fact[View]
192150163Weathering With You: What went wrong?[View]
192152307>Almost 6 years later >Trigger still hasn't released another good Anime…[View]
192143024Who is girl of the season?: Now we're past the halfway mark, it's time to decide.[View]
192153468kebab in anime: best turks selling kebabu even in anime[View]
192148150Best Early - Mid 2000s Dubs: What are some of you favorite dubs from 2000 - 2007-ish. I'm in a …[View]
192134431What was the target audience for this scene?[View]
192151356Why do some manga release incredibly slowly? Aho girl hasn't had anything released in forever, …[View]
192146026No Guns Life: All 10 readers of the manga, are you excited for the anime?[View]
192150473Ulramarine Battle Oneshot WSJ: Vikings! From the newest Jump issue.[View]
192152791Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu~ Udatte udatte udatteku~ I like this show but that made me cringe[View]
192152267has a gayer anime been released since this?[View]
192147642Lenalee Lee: D.Gray-man[View]
192150825Why is hands on hips so hot? surprised to see such lack of patricians with this based fetish on /a/[View]
192151132Why is she so smug?[View]
192148304Sometimes it gets so hard without you It seems to me the whole world's away[View]
192150884Saenai kanojo no sodatekata[View]
192146716Catgirls > Normals[View]
192149826How long do you spin for?[View]
192141903Just finished reading part 6 and I've got to say it is now my favorite part despite already kno…[View]
192146626REPRODUCE: Being an otaku and jacking off to anime pictures sure is nice, but marrying a woman and p…[View]
192151614Help me /a/, I think I'm falling in love with this retard![View]
192125523Why nobody cares about Jujutsu?[View]
192131916Hunter x Hunter: There is a madness in humanity – our passions and individuality both make us strong…[View]
192151803Yorokobe, shounen.[View]
192151829He has a cute butt, might pick this one up[View]
192150739I am the only one who legit triggered by this series?[View]
192137275Detective Conan: Is Sonoko hot?[View]
192151405Kino anime scenes where poony hoomans git rekt?[View]
192149484What the fuck was his problem. Why the fuck did Araki decide it would be those 14 words specifically…[View]
192151646Who is your Type: ?[View]
192145808Eli Ayase: She is fucking cute and beautiful.[View]
192148899ITT: Plot device[View]
192138490ITT: your first waifu[View]
192151279Evangelion: Why didn't they just ask Lain to pilot Eva?[View]
192146852ITT: Characters whose motivations are completely retarded[View]
192135533shingeki no kyojin: we'll we get pic related's version of the upcoming chapter when we see…[View]
192151378Furries anime thread: ITT we discuss about furries anime.[View]
192122273ITT: 'God damnit, why didn't I watch this sooner?'[View]
192150549One Piece: it's all in that place!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk5jRT5GVpg[View]
192151338Not even Madara Uchiha can compete![View]
192073151One Punch Man: New manga/webcomic chapter when?[View]
192150682Stone Ocean: what happens after this? I'm so fucking confused????[View]
192150428>Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...[View]
192141284Enen no Shouboutai: This show continues to get progressively worse for each episode. Dominatrix Sist…[View]
192147599Dai Dark: New manga by Q Hayashida. thoughts?[View]
192147862Buying Manga is a Burden: >Be me >Have extra money laying around >Also have Amazon account …[View]
192146128what's with dykes and aquariums?[View]
192147320In June 2020 >how will it end? >who will live and die? >will it be another Instrumentiality…[View]
192150733>Ikari-san, you forgot your lunch again, didn't you?[View]
192150835Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: Would you hold hands with Hibiki after she had a nice, long, and sweaty w…[View]
192124422One Piece: How does /a/ think One Piece will end?[View]
192149849I think i'd have much rather preferred the protagonist be someone other than pic related and se…[View]
192146242Yokai Clan Thread: Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that objectively best girl won…[View]
192141591kakegurui: why didnt you guys tell me this show was soo damn good[View]
192138756Best Potential Mothers Thread: Post your waifu and ask if she would be a good mother Pic Related: As…[View]
192143441Why is are there so few pregnancies in anime?: With how hard Abe's been gunning he might as wel…[View]
192148952Boku no Hero Academia: So I just finished catching up with BnHA (Anime only) and all I have to say i…[View]
192149191Do people actually like this series? >fishing episode >boat episode Dropped…[View]
192117507Why does Asuka not want children? Is it because or her past trauma as a child herself?[View]
192148567Raildex: Is there an even more better ending route for Touma other than the Mikoto end? I mean consi…[View]
192139307What is the best personality for an anime girl to have[View]
192148646She is a deconstruction of 'Yes! You go Girl!' 'Yass queen slay!' Prove me wrong.[View]
192145819Virginland Saga: DROPPED[View]
192131684ZINGNIZE: Oh hello /a/, months ago i was daily dumping Keyman the hand of judgement and it seems ZIN…[View]
192144271Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu: Chapters 23-25 We've reached Vol.5, more than halfway through the or…[View]
192148985What does /a/ think about cute anime nails?[View]
192149617>harem series >mc is a fucking beta, indecisive grasseater >many girls with no chance of wi…[View]
192142537Cowboy Bebop: Ed is the best girl in CB[View]
192090223Okaa-san Online: >tfw Mamako will never blow on your food…[View]
1921425705Toubun no Hanayome: I want to rub my face on Eatsuki's chubbu cheeks...[View]
192147908What did Nozomi do to surprise Mizore here?[View]
192141539'O￶ne Piece is dyi-': Oh what were you saying again?[View]
192145264You're on your death bed, and you only have time to rewatch one last anime. Which one would it …[View]
192147189I'm sorry but this episode was just cringy. Everything happened too fast and half of it is jus…[View]
192134292Symphogear XV: Don't bully moeblobs. You never know when they'll retaliate and turn into g…[View]
192090390Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
192143030yuyushiki: im 6 episodes in and i cannot shake the thought that this looks like it was animated by t…[View]
192145031Do you think girls are aware that feet are most guys' kryptonite?[View]
192144667Mardock Scramble was pretty fucking good. Weird and unique setting too.[View]
192148132I love young Joseph: His dubbed voice is great, he's clever and witty and a really dumb charact…[View]
192138229Isn't this a bit too dark for an anime based on a wholesome korean mmo?[View]
192146575Did he deserve it?[View]
192144531Alright, with that ending I think Taki is still dreaming.[View]
192143390So tell me /a/, were there any Detective Conan cases where you actually figured out who the criminal…[View]
192146593>can receive any blessing at any time >can't receive a blessing to detect the witch aura …[View]
192144502Now that the kids are asleep, tell me, who would you choose? Who would be better at holding hands?…[View]
192144656I'm curious. How does /a/ feel about snitching? Do the majority of anons here uphold a no snitc…[View]
192143783how's that haunted maid cafe for the cultural festival coming along /a/?[View]
192147798>KENYA what did he mean by this[View]
192132320Kimetsu 170: Not gonna lie, I'm kinda curious to see how long I can last at this point.[View]
192147578Yume de aetara: Anyone read this?[View]
192142269Ikegami Ryoichi appreciation thread?: Sanctuary (story by Buronson, art by Ikegami) is a must read.…[View]
192147491Ow. It hurts so fucking bad I can hardly stand it.[View]
192144202Frightening Sunflower!: /a/, What would you do if you were home alone with a scary, pissed off Himaw…[View]
192135873Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 9: Late but I'm here! Last time; Hyperbolic time chamber and Neg…[View]
192129813God she is so fucking perfect I don't even want to live anymore because she's not real[View]
192136444Post the best girl in any anime[View]
192139951Let's have an Aim for the Top thread.Do you prefer Gunbuster, Diebuster, or Gurren Lagann? What…[View]
192146173Fire Punch: This shit is easily the best thing jump has published this decade. Does Fujimoto has con…[View]
192144496Joseph Joestar: > be joseph joestar > love your wife > hate japanese people > smash a ja…[View]
192137537all might chose poorly.[View]
192145263>anime is better than mang-[View]
192140741ITT: the anime you want to rewatch after eliminating memory[View]
192139376Nami: She is so hot.[View]
192146950If you haven't seen Katsudou Shashin you need to get off /a/![View]
192126416I feel like a midriff thread. Contribute, or don't. Either's cool.[View]
192136960Dr stone: What is the best manga currently running in WSJ and why is it Dr Stone?[View]
192142400>heh, good job kid, you made me use 10% of my power there[View]
192114389Why is she so lewd designed?[View]
192146372Who is the best Ufotable director and why is it Takashi Suhara?[View]
192143858Baki: Did he deserve his fate?[View]
192146426Does anyone know where i can find all the poems for Bleach but in japanese? Struggling to find them[View]
192145384>naruto runs away how to ruin an anime in one simple step[View]
192144712Cage of eden: What a shitty ending[View]
192140592Berserk: I love Judeau.[View]
192145309anime that aged like wine[View]
192141999>Even in death I'm a warrior of Athena. ;_; It's so sad that Kurumada loves money than …[View]
192141858So I'm almost done with the final stage, and I have to wonder, is this the end of the story? Do…[View]
192108142Why didn't you tell me this was good?[View]
192136274Who can defeat Accelerator besides Touma???: Besides Touma only won because he has plot shield, Acce…[View]
192144304The world where Steel Ball Run takes place is, obviously, not the world Pucci caused when he reset t…[View]
192141268Kimetsu no Yaiba: i just started this anime what am i into?[View]
192142797Mouryou Shoujo chapter 7[View]
192144375Inuyasha: I love him[View]
192126331Bleach: Happy third anniversary of IchiRukeks losing the Great Bleach Shipping War. Let's share…[View]
192142578Late-night Bocchi: Praise be to Boccher![View]
192144309Expectations? Has anyone seen the raws? I hope it's not another flop like FranXX/Gridman...[View]
192142972Japan's educational system so bizzare[View]
192142595KASANE: Well, that was glorious.. I didn't read this high level ending since Shigurui[View]
192141734>yfw you're driving down PCH late at night, and there's no one around. Suddenly you hea…[View]
192143640Challenge time /a/. You have ten minutes to name these mens' profession. They're all emplo…[View]
192077438Best beast girls in manga?: Isekai Meikyuu de Harem O[View]
192142204Hiro Shishigami: I am killing you all. One by one.[View]
192143743ITT: villains that won.[View]
192138237How would you describe this character?[View]
192143607Why is Tohka the main girl when she has the most bland design?[View]
192142790Just watched berserk and want to talk about how pissed off at the ending I am. Dude gets cucked, los…[View]
192094937how flat is too flat?[View]
192140773What went wrong?[View]
192138571>watching the episode of shippuden where they try to unmask kakashi >always suspected the phot…[View]
192144121Doraemon: Why is Nobita so useless?[View]
192127356Who will win kanna's heart ?: the spoiled brat or the raging dyke ?[View]
192049579Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 028 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
192114116Jojo: >Araki makes a final arc focused on characters testing their trust and taking difficult dec…[View]
192142010Good work today.[View]
192142704>character gains a new power >'how did you know how to use it?' >>'I don't know, it…[View]
192142328In which we discuss softghost Kanoe “Ghost Yomi” Yuuko-san~[View]
192119874What are your thoughts on Bus Slut? Would you do her?[View]
192136203Say something nice about her[View]
192142320Boku no hero academia: Hero society is doomed.[View]
192142147Gyakuten Saiban S2: Iris cute.[View]
192142139Comet Lucifer: No matter what you thought of this show—and I'd be surprised if you thought it w…[View]
192141337Is this what ppl call the perfect body[View]
192136128Very interesting manga. Why hasent all the chapters been fully translated when its already finished?…[View]
192139546S2 fucking when? >posting best girl[View]
192141867S2 when?[View]
192141154What do we do about the 'he make funni faec' epidemic[View]
192127074What would having Violet as a gf be like?[View]
192141732Yankee-kun to Hakujou Gaaru: Anyone else here reading it? The cute and funny story about a local thu…[View]
192136998Jojo part 8: Why is Araki so based[View]
192137838Zetman: This is without a doubt the greatest manga I have ever read. Your thoughts?[View]
192115918Post anime girls being bullied or mistreated.[View]
192137207ITT: Author was smoking weeds[View]
192141548What has happened to Naruto?[View]
192138891Best Shogi manga in the the market, no translations why?[View]
192138967Gosenzosama Banbanzai First episode is super boring...does it get better?[View]
192135603Is he a moron or is Araki a terrible writer?[View]
192140940>monster-of-the-week episode series[View]
1921321785Toubun no Hanayome: Does Eatsuki prefer Western food or Eastern food? Also, spoilers when???[View]
192141189I can't believe i like a jew,it feels very weird.[View]
192141070God I wish that were me[View]
192138907>watched all of naruto and naruto shippuden within a month despite having over a week of interrup…[View]
192139682This is it, the manga panel in jojo: Discuss[View]
192129089Did anyone make it past episode 5? Does it get any better? This is brutal.[View]
192136195It's been 10 years: https://youtu.be/W0FIDjx4Ig8[View]
192132675Is it safe to say that index is Touma's girlfriend?[View]
192141006Is Maki-chan the apex of anime design?: So far she is the GWOAT (Greatest Waifu of All Time) No one …[View]
192133720Monogatari: So he fucks his sisters and fondles dead little girls while having a suspiciously normal…[View]
192140898why is this so good bros or have i been just thirsty for a nichibros replacement for too long anime …[View]
192139592Demi chan Wa Kataritai: Wish I knew how i missed this series.[View]
192134103Now that we're halfway through the season, what are you still watching and what have you droppe…[View]
192128527tsun-tsun is the best !![View]
192140730Draw a stand in mspaint: post its name and ability Name: Ace of Spades Ability: sleight of hand tri…[View]
192140643hmmm... so that's what jaguar look like...[View]
192137411What is it?: What is it, /a/? Why do they have it?[View]
192135743Why did Araki start making so many cute girls when he wrote SBR?[View]
192140421Grand sponsor Tokyo: Day OH Christmas[View]
192139468So uh, did you back it? Or is this more of a >>>/v/ post…[View]
192132224Does anyone else feel bad for him? He pretty much got completely left behind by every single one of …[View]
192132304How would you describe their relationship?[View]
192135528>Author drastically changes a series ending or direction, because a fan writes to them about a re…[View]
192140224Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova: manga is still ongoing, cute yamato[View]
192138804Do girls really do this?[View]
192117938Vinland Saga: holy shit that eps was fucking nuts[View]
192136421The Last Saiyuki Cancellation Thread: > Please ignore shitposting for a more civilised thread As …[View]
192139940Here's some homework for /a/ before going to sleep: -Explain the reason behind the difference i…[View]
192105109He's deconstruction of Goku[View]
192139447!!!: God she is so fucking perfect I don't even want to live anymore because she's not rea…[View]
192138297I just finished Anohana and now I'm a fucking wreck.[View]
192131983Stop procrastinating with your backlog[View]
192139117>character gets a facelift and looks better in the anime adaptation[View]
192135380cromartie high school: should i watch this dub or subbed?[View]
192132493Bakuon: What's wrong with Suzukis?[View]
192138289You ever get bored enough to re-watch a show with its English dub that you already watched subbed?[View]
192132977 [View]
192136650Imagine being so fucking retarded that you kill your own brother even though multiple people told yo…[View]
192128401Why can't Araki produce a part that is as well written as part 2?[View]
192138440His poor mom[View]
192137276>open mangaupdates check new releases >gookshit gookshit gookshit chinkshit isekaishit chink i…[View]
192135094Post anime cats[View]
192134392Post smugs[View]
192135410Loli is for old men.[View]
192116111BEM: Are you niggas ready for more Bela after those 3 weeks with no episodes.[View]
192138117card games on motorcycles[View]
192114275Irisviel is the ultimate waifu material, Prove me wrong Pro tips : You can't.[View]
192137322>Listen up, whoever kills the most titans gets bragging rights >right, give em hell!…[View]
192136537Why didn’t he protect her smile /a/?[View]
192137101How come the Sumire Sai author only has 500 followers on twitter? And his Sumire pics barely get lik…[View]
192136816Don't even talk to me if you have less than 100 days watched on your MAL.[View]
192133922Why is shoujo manga full of sex now?[View]
192085871Just one more week until new berserk chapter, hopefully Miura awakens along with Casca and gets his…[View]
192123104Dragon Ball Super: Enter Hearts[View]
192137535convince me this movie was good: visuals aside, I felt it was mediocre.[View]
192136729Backlog: How many anime do you have on your 'planning to watch' list? Do you think you'll ever …[View]
192134019I love this show[View]
192133771Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan: Another chapter of Sengoku farm autist isekai is out. https://mangadex.or…[View]
192125347Act-Age: Chapter 77 is out on Manga Plus. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1003691…[View]
192129977My bisexual wife, Rin Tohsaka.[View]
192128707Gkids: Anybody knows what's the deal with these guys? I'm really worried about the quality…[View]
192134203When did you realised Shitland Saga is not AOTY?[View]
192136718What happened to the song of death?: I never saw them using it again later.[View]
192136029>Boya Why does a greek woman use an english word in japan?[View]
192129327Is Wrong to Want to Fuck Underage Anime girls?[View]
192126203Requiem of the Phantom: Most people seem to forget Urobuchi was involved with the source material. I…[View]
192135458I'm never gonna let Eva die ohohohoho[View]
192134984How the fuck was he hiding in the coffin if Erina had already used the same coffin to escape back in…[View]
192135703Natsu-iro kiseki: Truly Sunrise's misunderstood masterpiece.[View]
192130276What do you think about jojo part 5 ?: i just finished reading the manga and i think its the worst p…[View]
192136355Eru is NOT curious.[View]
192136021Attack No. 1: >a show made in tribute to the gold medal-winning Japanese women's volleyball …[View]
192135754How hard do they fuck?[View]
192121851To Love-ru: To Love-ru needs to come back soon. I want more shenanigans with best girl.[View]
192120400ITT: Japanese authors criticizing Japan: People on this board often whine about Japan wanking and Ya…[View]
192135562Which Evangelion unit had the overall best design?[View]
192134852I want to pinch Sasha's cheeks[View]
192135649Tsukihime is just Kusarihime meets Kizuato. Prove me wrong.[View]
192135616>18 weeks until Christmas where did this year go[View]
192135184Left or right?[View]
192122060Why is good sci-fi anime so rare these days?[View]
192135517Kimetsu no Yaiba: Fuck Shinobu: Hol’ up. So as I understand it: Shinobu has come up with a proprieta…[View]
192119870>watch Netoge >immediately develop a crush on Ako Does anyone know this feel?…[View]
192126636Shingeki no Kyojin: Will we get a whole chapter of PATHS memories for 121? What's the next memo…[View]
192129204Why does everybody always shit on SAO? I just finished the first season and it was a pretty cool sho…[View]
192104764just saw the first episode. it already fucking sucks[View]
192134813ITT Happy moments in tragic anime/manga[View]
192102834ehehe guess who[View]
192134783Goodbye /a/[View]
192116311Flying Witch: I just watched the first three episodes of Flying Witch. I wanted to like it but I…[View]
192130060No matter how much I try, I can't side with Retsuko on this. Imagine having literally zero aspi…[View]
192133827Is SBR the only japanese western? Surely there should be more?[View]
192123842Has anime made you ever wanna try any Japanese food?[View]
192134241Ecstas Online: Also the novel translations have been deleted. Aint that a kick in the head.[View]
192133641Whats with this series and cucking? I knew that Takumi was gonna get cucked in season 2, but so far …[View]
192131682Little Witch Academia: Shhhh. Bullies are sleeping.[View]
192133657Why the fuck he has to create new episode?: He's already billionaire He's not single actu…[View]
192127903Is this the perfect anime? >perfect amount of romance >perfect amount of melodrama >hand dr…[View]
192134313Tell me /a/, how does this picture make you feel?[View]
192134846Dear God, dear God, tinkle tinkle hoy![View]
192134456AOT is a mecha anime.[View]
192133407What's your favorite episode?[View]
192093382What happened to yanderes?[View]
192116921Yuragi 171 korean: Better late than never I guess, Karura chapter[View]
192127306Maka is a GEEK[View]
192134345okay this was epic[View]
192094690Jojolion: Reminder that josuke is on the right[View]
192133826Hunter x Hunter return soon bros![View]
192128705So how the fuck are the heroes going to beat the villains. The villains have people who can destroy …[View]

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