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189587907One Piece: Chapter 946 spoilers: Queen Vs O-Lin Big Mom slam Queen onto the floor and shouts: Give m…[View]
189533597Cop Craft: https://youtu.be/C3Fy8iYOQ7A 2nd PV of Cop Craft. Thank you for the blessing of a cool de…[View]
189597701Ore To Kawazu-san: >Cancelled Fuck you and your shit taste Japan.…[View]
189592175Boku no Hero Academia: >sticks to your wall Can anyone stop him?…[View]
189599591DON'T FORGET[View]
189597105Sword Art Online : Progressive: How long until Reki's masterpiece is finally adapted? Honestly,…[View]
189591974>Eren, you were the Attack Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) all along Really, Isayama?…[View]
189577555Baki: What makes the series so good? I have always loved the characters and the way they bounce off …[View]
189596896Part 4 <<< Any other part: Can anybody explain to me why part 4 was good (other than for fu…[View]
189578197For Christs sake, I'm so glad with episode 11 I can't stop loving her[View]
189592186Saki:Tanoshii: The leaks are out, friends. It's time for someone to get Batman'd. >But …[View]
189578658Aggretsuko Season 2: So far I love this season, I like the new chad character putting Retsuko in her…[View]
189584893Does she have the sexiest voice in the history of anime?[View]
189562256One Punch Man: >another chapter of irrelevant garbage characters…[View]
189558574Kaguya 152 raws: Pumping n dumping[View]
189597794Question: So I just finished season 2 and I'm still kinda confused about Kuro's origin. Wa…[View]
189596249Dragon Ball Super: Moro is reaching Jiren's level of power before this arc is done. The real qu…[View]
189596163I want to motorboat nami’s namis.[View]
189591626>Best SoL in existence >No s2[View]
189597326Who are these waifus besides best girl Rei?[View]
189580215Why is LOVE LIVE more popular than IDOLM@STER and BanG Dream?: In 2015, 765pro held its 10th anniver…[View]
189596491itt: extremely bitter pills for /a/ to swallow: I'll begin: Madoka is AOTD[View]
189580612can't blame y/u/rifags being baited by this show still seeing their tears is fun and Maki is b…[View]
189597373Sasunaru should have happened. And no, i'm not talking about watered down normie-friendly 'girl…[View]
189597361>Has boring powers that render any fight he's in into 1 shotting the other guy because he…[View]
189597202Your favourite Evangelion scene: Eva 01 going berserk is the best. Made me feel sick and terrified w…[View]
189595912Do you think Akainu hazes the Marine Rookies? Do you think he ever walks into the Dojo showers and …[View]
189588610Why is shonen such a badass genre? No matter how much haters whine, it constantly tops popularity ch…[View]
189588672shingeki no kyojin: there are ten people and ymir's body three daughters of ymir sina maria ros…[View]
189588929Should i read it?[View]
189576775why is love live dead and forgotten now?[View]
189523994Eden's Zero chapter 49: Why is Shiki so much sexier than Natsu ?[View]
189569483The season is ending. Got your charts prepared?[View]
189596157What a fucking pussy, why does every MC in this horrid genre have to be so one dimensional.[View]
189589203JoJo: Are we getting insight into this personality? We're drip fed details about Diavolo but th…[View]
189581271I have to ask, has watching a shitton of anime made you curious about actually learning how to speak…[View]
189595228Where is 87?[View]
189578406If Avdol isn't in your Top 5 JoJo character's, you have an IQ below 90[View]
189595588A reminder that this man is half Japanese, one-quarter Italian, and one-quarter British. Another rem…[View]
189596652Yuyushiki: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt…[View]
189596176Why is she so much better than her sister?[View]
189594947penis :)[View]
189584930Dragon Ball Super: Was it Toriyama's intention to create a character as intimidating, towering,…[View]
189589250Is she the most feminine anime girl of all time?[View]
189595979>we have yet to learn the secret of Merus' moves (and maybe hidden evil agenda) >we have …[View]
189591079Here's your Pan for tonight[View]
189593220Is there any romance in it like Spirit Circle or Biscuit Hammer?[View]
189594136>levels >skills >stats >talents >titles >magic Just isekai me up already.…[View]
189595497>sushi as a food item is the most expensive in a video game... Why??[View]
189594525Monogatari: Is Monogatari the ultimate difference maker between the casuals who only watch [popular …[View]
189591107Death Note as trolling allegory: Death Note is a metaphor, for how the anonymity of the internet tur…[View]
189590516Is ping pong actually this exciting?[View]
189595072Is Evangelion really has no meaning ? Do you think it's depend on ourselves ?[View]
189590407Moomin: Which opening do you prefer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUIpX3XVVb8 / https://www.youtu…[View]
189587384still salty as well, but why do people keep saying that afro guy and main girl ship didn't last…[View]
189594843Go Nagai is shit[View]
189582409Komi-san Can't Communicate: >gakuran Komi-san Warning: May cause heart palpitations and sudd…[View]
189594512Sheesh, what was her problem?[View]
189593749>4 cours what were they thinking?[View]
189592959Will Anime ever go back to being Edgy rather than playing it safe tone wise?[View]
189588801S2 When?[View]
189588982Black Clover spoilers: spoilers here anons[View]
189591811If he doesn't end up roaming the world healing people like Jesus and creating a foundation of d…[View]
189593055Is she the best girl in naruto?[View]
189590313Inaba is actually one of the girls in anime.[View]
189576681Shows where ED is better than OP: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA3UVSFT_Lw…[View]
189448871Jashin-chan: you have bought 50 copies of the season 1 bluray haven't you anon-chan?[View]
189577673Why are blonde vampires the most chad type of anime character?[View]
189578981ITT: Losers[View]
189591489How did Goku know about Sir Isaac Newton?[View]
189588314just watched it guys, it's fucking kino. it'd probably be AOTY if it had better production…[View]
189593671If he has no nose to smell that stinky dude, then how did he snort boogers here? Toriyahack strikes …[View]
189592265Can full powered Gilgamesh beat him?[View]
189582946Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel part II: Did they have sex in this scene or not? I'm confuse…[View]
189581127ITT: Important life lessons you learned from watching anime.[View]
189557391What do you Think about Loli Rock?[View]
189590299Black Lagoon: I didn't expect this show to be actually pretty good when I first started out, th…[View]
189591438Why is /a/ so shit? (USER WAS A SHIT FOR THIS POST)[View]
189587636Phrases in anime you love hearing[View]
189584576Watched the first three episodes of this and so far it has been riddled with bad writing. Does this …[View]
189566615End of Sarazanmai: The end is nigh Kappabros. Less than 24 hours til we get off Ikuhara's wild …[View]
189589400Post characters that would be diagnosed as 'mentally retarded'if they were on earth[View]
189573348Would it have been better if Goku hooked up with Bulma instead of Chichi?[View]
189552120Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: At the end of this duel victory will belong to Go. It is invertible.[View]
189591954Why is ZZ so fucking trash, especially compared to the previous two series?[View]
189592119Magi's Grandson: And the award for the best scene in this anime season goes to this part where …[View]
189588617Oy vey goyim! Are you seriously still watching Anime for free? You can still buy our premium specia…[View]
189589362There are moe anthropomorphisms for countries and the prefectures of Japan. Anime starring 'anthros'…[View]
189581731Why are demon girls consistently the sexiest girls in anime?[View]
189570183How is the movie performing?[View]
189569533BIG O!: IN ACTION![View]
189585855The Great Debate: '80s aesthetic or '90s aesthetic?[View]
189576258Boku No Hero Academia - S4 Hype: >The most kino fights in the manga will be animated this october…[View]
189586717why do anime openings shit the bed so hard after a good start? there are so many oppenings where i g…[View]
189591249If character design didn't peak in the 1990s then how do you explain this?[View]
189590199What the fuck is with this last part of the story? After the start of the 'Friend Era' the story jus…[View]
189590148ITT: we post scenes that hit too close to home[View]
189576993Tomo-chan: Keep on this, Jun. It's your last hope.[View]
1895842865toubun no Hanayome: Can Yotsuba actually win?[View]
189565469How does /a/ feel about vampires?[View]
189587232Should have happened: .[View]
189590426The creators of Gatchaman Crowds confirmed that the main inspiration for the anime was a 19th centur…[View]
189589717What was the turning point of the decade?[View]
189589133Dr. Stone: I have just finished reading Dr. Stone up until the latest chapter, and it's alright…[View]
189590026David Wald (a real life homosexual VA from Sentai Filmworks) went to great lengths just to get Love …[View]
189586512kakegurui: I think im feeling yuri bait.[View]
189585840>See some hipster faggot leaving the Gym storage room >Looks suspicious. >Enter the storage…[View]
189589199who’s the best/qtest chunni[View]
189587485why did she like pizza so much?[View]
189586866What do you think about serious girls with long dark hair?[View]
189588393Fight until the end anon kun!!!!: ACROSS ZA WARUDOOOOOOOO!!! CREATE YOUR own stando desuuu!!!! Figh…[View]
189585315Apparently they are about to enter Senior High School which makes them about 15 years old. Right now…[View]
189581448Is it OK to fall in love with the Moon?[View]
189579408You have to eat them all.[View]
189584350How come /a/ loves Lain but not Ran?[View]
189583841Is he the male version of Orihime? I'm halfway through and he's been nothing but annoyingl…[View]
189583413One Piece: If the spoilers are true, things really aren't looking great for us, Queenbros.…[View]
189586029How would he fair in the Yugioh universe? What would his skill cap be? Could he bullshit his way out…[View]
189588702Summer Expectations Thread: So with the spring season wrapping up what is /a/ looking forward to nex…[View]
189584400Why didn't I get scared bros? I finished marathoning ep 1...[View]
189585322Asspulls: What was the biggest and worst ass pulls for you?[View]
189568613why is shonen such a garbage genre?: why is it that every shonen has to be full of power creep chars…[View]
189585986Girls work: So did they axed the project?[View]
189585661Why is she so perfect bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_emvD3tifBw[View]
189586171Detective Conan: What do you think will happen between Conan, Haibara, and smelly boy?[View]
189585470What does /a/ think of Rumiko Takahashi's new series Mao?[View]
189584336The Great Debate[View]
189583153>anime finally adapts the part in the manga you were waiting for >they fuck up and ruin it …[View]
189584314Golden Wind: Who is ready for some tears this week?[View]
189581762Serial Experiments Lain: I haven't seen Lain in like a decade. The theme got stuck in my head a…[View]
189580657>nobody remembers us.. kashira?[View]
189587338What kind of a whore name is Charlotte anyway?[View]
189585550RE: The most profitable woman among ZERO: EMT is a woman worth 334 million yen[View]
189585794Tomboys: Always the best girl, the rest of the Earth can get fucked Discuss[View]
189553833The Ride-On King: RIP 2020 election also, best isekai new chapter out[View]
189585726Attack on Titan is Shounen: Hunter x Hunter is Seinen[View]
189558528Chemlixa: So, after two seasons almost done, we can still agree on Kemurikusa being the AOTY. Right …[View]
189586982Has Aniplex completely given up on doing originals?[View]
189583244>10 minutes of explaining how techniques work >5 minutes of actual fighting…[View]
189575748-stan-Chans are cute!: CUTE![View]
189584133Would you a girl who pads her chest?[View]
189587330Promare: Has anyone seen this movie? I notice it is getting obscene amounts of nip fanart.[View]
189584325Soft seinen: Honest thoughts on the genre?[View]
189587234Haruhi Suzumiya: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder[View]
189585040ITT: Things that make a 5/10 show into an 8/10 show[View]
189586139How fluffy is her hair?[View]
189587132ITT: shows where best girl won[View]
189581590Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai/My Sister, My Writer: Everyone's favorite QUALI…[View]
189584338Shingeki no Kyojin: >Let it die bro[View]
189579759Retcons: Share the Worst or most Annoying retcons from your favorite series.[View]
189557719Evangelion: Will they censor it?[View]
189581227Sound of the Sky: Would a season 2 be a blessing or a curse?[View]
189564782The animeonly reactions are hilarious[View]
189575029Shingeki no Kyojin: Say hello to the next SL commander.[View]
189585402Just finished Clannad and bawled, guess I'm a fucking weeb now. What do I watch next?[View]
189584946wsj #30 cover: still no sign of toc.[View]
189578390Why do the raunchiest Doujins always have the sweet wholesome endings?[View]
189584830Dragon Ball Super: Enter GODhan[View]
189581363>Read absolutely amazing manga >Will never be able to experience it again…[View]
189584518does being attracted to traps make you homosexual?[View]
189586805Does anyone have a download link for Yandere No Onna No Ko, the Yandere Drama CDs? Can't find i…[View]
189584828Dragon Ball Super:: Enter CHADren[View]
189572972Dragon Ball Super: Enter Moro.[View]
189586337I'm new to anime in general, and just watched this. I really enjoyed it. any other animes like …[View]
189566739How does /a/ feel about sexual curiosity in anime/manga?[View]
189584517The Ghibli Holy Trinity[View]
189584215Why are girls with chronic illnesses so pure[View]
189584565Would your waifu turn gay for you /a/?[View]
189555822Kenja no Mago: New ep Reminder that Schtrom did nothing wrong.[View]
189575713Marrying the Kong![View]
189528952Is there anyone more bitch-made than Shinji?[View]
189574424I know I'm late, but I just saw this. I was not ready for kino of this magnitude. Best redempti…[View]
189574075Wolf's Rain: What did /a/ think of this anime?[View]
189581934Is this anime a cult classic or am i autistic: Everytime i think back on this show i cry for a seaso…[View]
189584134Code Geass: best scene.[View]
189583026Strike Witches: God I wish that were me.[View]
189583591>baseball episodes[View]
189584110Golden Kamuy: So does this chapter confirm that Ogata has no goal and just fucks with everyone'…[View]
189582107fruits basket: why is it so much worse than the 2001 version so far?[View]
189555196JoJolion: The End Is Near: >Tsurugi possibly the Rock Boss >Speed King's true powers soon…[View]
189539621The great debate[View]
189577698Tsubaki, the childhood friend, won. Its over for you all.[View]
189563354Summer 2019: Pretty stacked season What will be /a/nime of the season?[View]
189583022Youjo Senki: Is there any dub of the Youjo Senki movie? Is there one planned?[View]
189546890KinPri, Prichan and AiFure: Rinne is very cute...![View]
189580087I just finished reading Another Monster and it's really interesting. Might give its PDF link if…[View]
189548195Fucking really?[View]
189573543Have you climbed any mountains lately?[View]
189580604Did anyone notice this in Tenchi Universe?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ihii392wj16W/[View]
189565680Whose got the best legs in anime?[View]
189575020One Piece: Spoilers coming in a few hours[View]
189580581monky thingken[View]
189582411Hajime no Ippo: I tried but I just can't do it. This show is so simplistic at best and downrigh…[View]
189516939What is it about evil women that makes them so much hotter?[View]
189577505>author makes a webcomic >makes an ending everyone hates because it's depressing even if,…[View]
189582220Dororo: Jesus christ[View]
189582872Smile and say 'wide'![View]
189574274>Lina Inverse will never be real What did I do to deserve this?[View]
189577598Seven Deadly Sins habbening: Wow, he truly was the deadliest sin[View]
189579557Good work today.[View]
189574690Characters absolutely no one needed, or wanted, to hear the fucking backstory for[View]
189572762Do you prefer simple or complex character designs?[View]
1895632685toubun no Hanayome: Next volume will be better if its all about Fuutarou instead of an Itsuki an ar…[View]
189580563I don't think Madara Uchiha could defeat Dio Brando Keep in mind I'm talking about Rinne T…[View]
189574977Pick an expression from anime/manga you'd like to die with /a/.[View]
189560813Whats the appeal of this anime? I just watched first 2 episodes and its just 0 animation some talkin…[View]
189573127I just got finished watching this and was wondering where in the manga should I start to continue on…[View]
189581336the power of mpv: android edition[View]
189579637How is this self-insertion?: How is Kodaka supposed to be self-insertion for Japanese teens? Canon t…[View]
189573367Daily Bakuon Rettou: Chapter 29 Previously, Ooki left to confront Kouji, Yuko's ex. Takashi and…[View]
189567281What do people mean by when they say that Guts suffering is forced and dishonest, whereas Gon's…[View]
189578367Joukamachi no Dandelion: You have 10 seconds to decide which one of these children will become your …[View]
189579251This is a picture of my waifu Makoto Niijima that was taken from the Persona 5: the animation, which…[View]
189576116why has japan stopped making kedarui anime like this?[View]
189578043The greatest lesson in shonen history: Based mob psycho[View]
189575183>Isekai Quartet Where the hell is my SoL Quartet?[View]
189576205>it was an isekai all along They got me good. Is this what they call n native isekai?…[View]
189579212Mad chimera world: I'm a forgotten?[View]
189575175Spoilers for the new Saint Seita are out: https://gamer4k.com/the-knights-of-the-zodiac-come-to-netf…[View]
189579366Create You Own Stand: Is that time again. http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~dft29/Stand_Generator/Stand-G…[View]
189555838Watamote: New chapter tonight. Are we all excited to see more of Nemo's lewd pink?[View]
189580375>tfw they still air 80s anime in my country How I'm supposed to feel?…[View]
189579205Sword or Shield: I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need to know- what…[View]
189512359TRIGGER NEW ANNOUNCEMENT AT AX: What are we expecting? Full new original series? Adaptation? Collab …[View]
189548662Can this retarded bitch go a single fucking day without crying?[View]
189579171I love Yuri![View]
189578691What's worse; the animation, the sound, or the directing?[View]
189571242>Yes yes, well done, Class 1B. Well done, 1B. HOWEVER[View]
189576251Goblin Slayer: If only the goblins treated the women better they would have them willingly coming to…[View]
189575694So what's the point of the armies in shonen series again?: Any shonen series where they don…[View]
189576916Isn't she too young to be gay?[View]
189559465Realistically, how would sex with Bulma be?[View]
189579326I want everyone on 4 Chan to make her the most popular anime character of all time so that she gets …[View]
189579155Carole & Tuesday: Wantanabe is doing the screenplay and storyboards next episode[View]
189579519This is officially the best shonen anime /manga of all time: It has the best final arc too. Nothing …[View]
189578509season 2 when?[View]
189540054Raildex: Accel really should just use his vectors to make himself buff[View]
189571845>Character is sensing a presence[View]
189570719Why does this character wear glasses if he doesn't look through them?[View]
189579313Anime girls with signs: Post them[View]
189567815Would this design be considered androgynous or a simple case of >draw a girl >call it a boy…[View]
189578687Is mech the greatest pleb filter?[View]
189568047Holy shit that was amazing. Too bad it's only 2 episodes I wanted more of Ame.[View]
189579169STOP ANIME CGI[View]
189578203What do you think of Shuzo Oshimi's manga? Here's a list of his works if you're not f…[View]
189577294shhhhh our kaiser is sleeping[View]
189578867Why do anime girls sit like this?[View]
189575349ITT: Anime /a/ pretends to like/hate[View]
189578081>This song is chosen as the Stone Ocean ending 1 How would you react? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
189568550Tate no Yuusha: What are these 2 doing?[View]
189576971Your critique of my anime choices is a personal attack on my character /a/, it as negatively shaken …[View]
189565940Well, that was stressful.[View]
189573561Who do you want to come home to and why is it Iwanagi?[View]
189576306how many times have you watched code gayass?[View]
189572752How would he fare in an American high school?[View]
189577826What is proper etiquette in your country?[View]
189574218Kinnikuman: Been wanting to get into this series, where the fuck do I begin?[View]
189563426do you miss 80s aesthetic in anime, anon?[View]
189564618The season is ending so get to practicing.[View]
189568493Darling in the Franxx Manga ch 46: how can ikuno be this hot in the manga? it‘s ridiculous[View]
189569210was this the lowest point in anime?[View]
189568800Citrus: New chapter is out and it puts the school chairman plotline in order.[View]
189575537Shokugeki No Soma Epilogue Chap.1 Spoilers: -Soma is defeated by Erina in the match -Mana taste her …[View]
189531565One punch man: Dear fucking God let let this season end[View]
189576279Post Anime/Manga /a/ tricked you into reading.[View]
189563483Yugami-kun: Dumping chapter 67 TLs[View]
189562007How does /a/ feel about Creamy Mami?[View]
189564359Why did this show suck so hard?[View]
189576823Reminder that SSJ2 Gohan can't be considered a badass because of his blatant stupidity here.[View]
189571793In a little while from now If I'm not feeling any less sour I promise myself to treat myself An…[View]
189575839How does she look?[View]
189572971Name a better duo[View]
189576599Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: Was it good?[View]
189574820Does /a/ still do OP/ED threads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3GlkU_y-Pw I'll post a few to…[View]
189575842This is by far the worst Jojo[View]
189576641Why do so few modern anime understand the fundamental concept of caste?[View]
189573445How much of Koimonogatari actually happened?[View]
189562859I want you faggots to post what you consider 'good animation' because I'm fucking sick of every…[View]
189573589I like her and I think she is very intelligent too.[View]
189533125Why is this loli is so thirsty For The Dragon king Cock?whats wrong with her?[View]
189559710Komi-san 202: English scans out.[View]
189576009WSJ Volume Sales 6/10 - 6/16: 126033 *501184 Neverland *92900 *418232 Haikyuu *65347 *292149 WT *372…[View]
189563149how would you categorize this girl[View]
189562029Damn, Mya-nee looks like THAT?[View]
189570495Maou-sama, Retry: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfm4V4eHPRk&feature=youtu.be What the hell…[View]
189575877Chainsaw man: Chainsbros where's the spoiler?[View]
189559512Carole & Tuesday: >Next episode is the climax of the anime's first half. >Watanabe…[View]
189574220This is shit[View]
189575459Fly Saber ! Cut that Bastard: Fate Hollow Ataraxia Vn Game[View]
189573792Who can defeat the yeagerchads?[View]
189564096One Piece: Spoilers in around 19 hours. Get in here.[View]
189555684Watamote thread[View]
1895436463x3 thread: You know the drill.[View]
189572025Eriri is one of the characters in her anime, in my opinion.[View]
189573833Is there anyone that remember this hidden gem? It was a pretty good up until the third season...[View]
189478805Is Homura a well written character?[View]
189575114What went so right? Also hd bd release when?[View]
189566926Does she have the best thighs of all time in anime?[View]
189565191Who out of the 3 was at the wrong and why?[View]
189574646you hear it you lose[View]
189571308best girl[View]
189571500Post the worst modern anime aesthetics[View]
189563796Shingeki no Kyojin: How long until Lousie dies?[View]
189572292Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu: very nice scene, right?[View]
189554563Any reason to be excited about this?[View]
189571722Who in anime would you want to make your daughter?[View]
189571127God this turned to shit[View]
189566189Bleach: How good was it in retrospect?[View]
189573442What the fuck was her problem?[View]
189570317Why didn't Ui and Azusa kill her?[View]
189568121Pluto Anime: https://twitter.com/aelen_altria/status/1138769549262639104 10 second teaser of the ani…[View]
189564832Have a nice day, anon.[View]
189571711Madoka is cute CUTE![View]
189570614>'''comedy''' anime >it isn't funny at all What's it's name?…[View]
189570011The Island of Giant Insects: so the 6th volume for this should be out in Japan which includes the ov…[View]
189571929I want to put a baby in Nana-Senpai[View]
189567664How would you help Bocchi overcome her problems if she was your JC imouto?[View]
189568738I would like the man responsible for this to please come forward.[View]
189571357Can't wait for madoka to win ATOD where will you be anon?[View]
189531773You have 10 seconds to fix the Isekai genre.[View]
189562610You guys thirsty?[View]
189568198How much anime have you watched /a/? https://www.strawpoll.me/18147315/[View]
189463522Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
189568964Which of these loves is the most pure?[View]
189563393Dragon ball super: >buu potential >god ki >the successor of goku What do you think of the n…[View]
189572841I can't believe Kensuke was raped under a blistering summer sun in 92[View]
189567367Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: I keep working very hard but senko is not there when I come back home…[View]
189568174Does Mob deserve a season 3?[View]
189561785Baccano!: Do you like this anime? Why? Why not? Discuss.[View]
189572863You've got to pick a studio too do an anime adaptation for this kino series, /a/. Who's it…[View]
189570584Anime or Manga?[View]
189570497Why do you need a loicense to hunt big game again?[View]
189565850About to read this, what am i in for?[View]
189567573Satania: The daughter of Satan[View]
189562222Konosuba: How are you enjoying it so far, /a/? Any vol 16 predictions? please be a Chris volume…[View]
189568697Manga that might as well be hentai[View]
189558368Your words cut deep , deeper than any blade[View]
189566905Who are some other mangaka that have gone creatively bankrupt?[View]
189570167I don't want to be a virgin anymore, I need to have sex with Rikka[View]
189566885Zombieland Saga: 36 days until the live event where there wont be a season 2 announcement.[View]
189537897Fix him: How do you go about making Sasuke into a higher quality character?[View]
189569817Eren will break the link with the paths[View]
189569845Shigahime: Just read all 31 chapters. What did you guys think of it? Better than Tokyo Ghoul and mor…[View]
189570544Latin: that manga was great and I love this image. I'm sad the mangaka died[View]
189564685Yuuna: Unbeknownst to you, she's been haunting you, watching you take showers, cuddling up with…[View]
189563747Nep OVA: Look at this Nep![View]
189567617When did you first realize that anime often continues after the ending song?[View]
189557000DomeKano: Endgame revealed[View]
189559711Blend S: Who do you choose? Hideri fags need not reply[View]
189566184Oh no! Shouta-kun has been playing outside in the hot, hot summer sun all day and now he's parc…[View]
1895539565 toubun no hanayome: Yotsuba is out[View]
189569072This is so gross I hope something like this will never happen to me haha[View]
189486098Who was the better duelist, Alexis or Akiza?[View]
189569075>Thank you for walking home with me again, anon. You're a good friend. >Anon, can you... …[View]
189568903Why do only women ever get objectified?[View]
189568992Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: Two more days until we say goodbye to Bocchi, her cute friends, …[View]
189568365ITT: characters that canonically got cucked[View]
189568163I don't care what you think, he's cute.[View]
189553922>Mah god Takamura is fighting someone who actually knows how to box! I've never taught him h…[View]
189565862Oh no! Asuka-chan and Rei-kun have tripped and fallen onto the floor! What are you going to do, /a/?[View]
189565800Dororo hall of hell: So why exactly DO they have that just sitting around again? Its like the empero…[View]
189567663KILLER QUEEN[View]
189567846Why is Rei so much better fat?[View]
189562548Could he defeat Saitama?[View]
189561624>smile >sweet >sister >sadistic >surprise >service ????? one of them is not like t…[View]
189551816Ueno-san Wa Bukiyou: Ueno is crying[View]
189563805he cute[View]
189527569>Why all these harem protagonist need to be like this? if i was in his position i would have fuck…[View]
189561525What do you think of isekai Seikon no Qwaser?[View]
189566072Basilisk: I just remembered the existence of the Basilisk sequel that came out last year after every…[View]
189566671Where were you when AoT final cover was released?[View]
189515172Tate no Yuusha / Shield Hero: Are you ready for the next episode? More Melty and Queen coming soon.…[View]
189565233Why does everyone dislike her so much? She didnt do anything wrong.[View]
189565851Shower Thoughts: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is an allegory for shame and embarrassment in Japanese cu…[View]
189553936Is the moeblob genre declining?[View]
189563842Let me guess, >ippo proceeds to lose because coach got baited like a retard…[View]
189560327Why haven't you watched Akage no Anne?[View]
189567509My hero academia: Why does Hori treat Deku so bad? He doesn’t deserve this. Deku doesn’t seem to ha…[View]
189557741Watamote: New chapter in 10 hours.[View]
189567385Which K-On girls butt smells the best?[View]
189546800You do worship our glorious leader General Myao, don't you comrade?[View]
189563940slump: What do you do once you've seen every single worthwhile anime ever created and the only …[View]
189564677How do I into Ghost in the Shell? Should I start with the 1995 movie or simply skip to the 2.0 remas…[View]
189559246Dragon Ball Super/Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Kneel Before Maximum Chad[View]
189563101>a single sperm cell can dodge a slash from AS How is this thing disaster level dragon?…[View]
189561552Who was best girl of the season? Pic related[View]
189564554Is it true that Chika can kill a shark with her bare hands[View]
189565913Natsume Yuujinchou: Where the fuck are the subs? The film BD/DVD released the 29th of May.[View]
189555720why was this manga so underrated? it's way better than anything beastars could come up with.[View]
189565885How would you rescue your daughterwife if she gets captured by the enemy?[View]
189565864how could anyone think this is actually a movie pic related, movie is I want to eat your pancreas[View]
189557075Legends of the Galactic heroes: Time for a good old fashioned logh thread[View]
189562531Neon Genesis Evangelion: a fucking leaf...[View]
189532315Isekai Quartet: How will they defeat the Destroyer?[View]
189562796>tfw no Back to the Future manga with art by Murata It was so close[View]
189565340Look at this little cry baby bitch. Not so tough now, huh? You want your mommy? Well that's too…[View]
189558600Emergence: Is the concept that he was trying to push through this manga the fact that overindulgence…[View]
189558575Golden Kamuy 203: My Russian sniper with a horrific facial deformity can't possibly be this cut…[View]
189552634WSJ Volume Sales 6/10 - 6/16: 126033 *501184 Neverland *92900 *418232 Haikyuu *65347 *292149 WT *372…[View]
189564354Recently made 3x3, finally finished 3-gatsu no lion and oh boi[View]
189530836Guru: Guru but seriously, this episode was alright. One Punch Man thread.[View]
189549511One Piece: Favorite fights that weren't Luffy's?[View]
189561736Awww my poor baby :([View]
189562774New GochiUsa chapter.[View]
189561366An alphabet of recommendations: A for Abenobashi MahouShoutengai B for Bamboo Blade C for Casshern S…[View]
189563412Ranma 1/2: Best Couple.[View]
189562193They dont make stuff like this anymore. ;_;[View]
189552349Is Guts a hero?[View]
189563769What are motherly women for?[View]
189562873Why are they fighting aquatic monsters at sea rather than defending the shoreline?[View]
189564120Time For Backlog is Now: This season sucks shit with the exception of Dororo and Isekai Quartet…[View]
189564345This is it guys. If we don't get any new little witch announcements this AX, the franchise is e…[View]
189559267Assassination Classroom: > Starts watching anime again > Thinks why not watch this > Really…[View]
189547261What is this character archetype called?[View]
189561845What went wrong?[View]
189560630why hadn't Isaac Netero done a coup d'etat, he has pretty much the power of obliterate the…[View]
189548458ITT : Girls you never fap to. I'll start Eri Sawachika from School Rumble. Still the best tsund…[View]
189564092Is Run with the Wind a well-written series?[View]
189561455Are we ok /a/[View]
189553766Wtf bros you told me that it was shit but actually it has the best story that anime has had in this …[View]
189548389WTF, what kind of rule is this? Why the fuck would you forbid highschoolers buying sweets on their w…[View]
189555632Ryuuou no Oshigoto!: official loli Ginko[View]
189548007>Goblin Slayer vol 7 Can we agree that other than 'Impure' it was the weakest volume? It felt lik…[View]
189563880Be more confident[View]
189554627Is it good ? If yes, what the best version ?[View]
189552454Post femme fatales[View]
189561452Even if you’re not a fan of the anime, there’s no way you think that the ost is not one of the best …[View]
189509508Can they fuck already?[View]
189563722They have Ultra Instinct in the Fusion Generator now.: There are over 7 transformations now, it…[View]
189557957Would it be possible to mind break them into cum-dumpsters?[View]
189556627Shingeki no Kyojin: >'let's talk' happen.[View]
189562586Hey look it's! Karna[View]
189560338What was the point of this character?[View]
189562678Plot Twist: Turns out Shinobu was never a giant, Araragi was just a 5'4 fucking manlet the whol…[View]
189556222>mfw summer 2019 This will be a backlog season won't it?[View]
189562917Would your life be better if you grew up as a Japanese boy watching Japanese cartoons and learning t…[View]
189552318Dragon Ball Super: >Toei[View]
189554331Oh, crap, Hina found out that you still collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Now what do you do?[View]
189554069Is this true?[View]
189509902Are there any instances of a manga getting axed that have led to the author not giving a fuck for la…[View]
189557403>ywn attend school in Hell How does this make you feel?[View]
189561351Why is Mai such a bitch?[View]
189555149This is a pretty big cup.: This is a pretty big cup.[View]
189556799Don’t mind me, just god tier shonen kino coming through.[View]
189559334Why don't more high school anime just follow this tried-and-true setup? This is what modern ani…[View]
189560437Left or right?[View]
189556085Do you mind if I vape?[View]
189559684Hidamari: What would you do if there was a big disaster?[View]
189561298JUST-mored Titan: >loses every fucking fight >unique ability is literally present in every im…[View]
189555600NUDIST BEACH[View]
189559445which love live girl would be the best wife and mom?[View]
189558680ITT Anime/manga that are mediocre/bad except the end: Gunbuster is really aimless until that epic en…[View]
189560637New chapter when? It's been months already without anything new.[View]
189561558Every day until you like it![View]
189559915Clannad means family.[View]
189561729Anime tropes you hate and despise: >It cant be helped![View]
189561767Remember when anime had great looking background art? Born as part of the wrong generation, lads.[View]
189548398Isekai Cheat Magician PV2: Looks bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMSJKQEAAtw[View]
189539451Is WataTen yuri?[View]
189558406Why Jiren is the GOAT >Jiren got to where he is by PURE HARD WORK. >No silly gimmicks like God…[View]
189551391Hard mode : Reverse Isekai[View]
189559659How would you describe the married life of Wilhelm and Theresia?[View]
189559688Good afternoon, Anon. I know you like watching anime so I would like to offer you my service. Just p…[View]
189557067raw hero - chapter 16: link is lhscan net[View]
189558598David-kun's author posted new pic of Mona Lisa on his twitter.: https://twitter.com/megapann…[View]
189557887>don't browse /a/ for a few years >come back >the exact same dozen or so threads…[View]
189550492What the fuck was his problem?[View]
189553939What the fuck did I just read?[View]
189556178I think there's something off about this schoolgirl.. I'm not quite sure where to put it t…[View]
189560583Gintama ended today and not a single thread? What the fuck is wrong with all of you?[View]
189553630I'll save it /a/, just a little bit more time.[View]
189557200What is the appeal of characters that look older than they are?[View]
189556256What’s your favorite trainwreck anime, /a/?[View]
189559532>tfw no cute firemaker[View]
189560444Manga screencaps: Re:Zero's Subaru BTFO forever.[View]
189558865Here /a/, it’s your turn to hold Sachiko[View]
189559861It's Mii![View]
189558939Hard to swallow pill. Every Monogatari girl is just the same face with different colored hair/eyes[View]
189560961Witchcraft Works: When your evil mom wants to steal away your man from you... Japan is at Chapter 85…[View]
189537880>he hasn't learned the rules of mahjong yet[View]
189557809Is this shit worth watching?: I've recently watched the first episode and it seemed to be prett…[View]
189560857The modern manga and anime industries would not exist without Attack on Titan Without Hajime Isayama…[View]
189552932Tasmanian Devil = SAFE: Aren't you glad bros that the best girl in Killing Bites is not dead???…[View]
189557221Hiroyuki Imaishi: 20 works that made me an enthusiast: >Zukkoke Knight - Don De La Mancha (1980) …[View]
189553399>watch shin mazinger >it's actually closer to the manga than the 70s anime Never again s…[View]
189496546Detective Conan: Remember, Shinichi undresses Ran with his eyes 24/7.[View]
189560928Did you forget about her?[View]
189554698Describe their relationship.[View]
189549055What's the most obscure anime you've seen?[View]
189551973kengan omega: its me again waiting for the raws[View]
189559725ITT Anime tropes that confuse you: Why do characters utter each other's name during especially …[View]
189548148Aquazuma this, Kazumin that...: Goddamn it, they're both amazing ladies. Why are we fighting as…[View]
189553726Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: Just a few more days until we say goodbye to Bocchi and her frie…[View]
189557880Yes, yes. You heard that right. My name is Helmut von Giuseppe.[View]
189554352How can anyone deny the fact that Shinobu is the most beautiful woman in anime?[View]
189552355Which Jojo's bizare adventure would be able to beat Kenshiro? And which one would Kenshiro be s…[View]
189558174>be me >watch ~1 full cour every day >trying my hardest to find something good >watch sh…[View]
189540812Tomo-chan: come on, guys. work something out already. fuck's sake now.[View]
189558201What the fuck did he do to suffer so much?[View]
189529914For characters that are supposed to be 12 and 14, these two are pretty hot.[View]
189552247What are the most blatant character ripoffs you have seen in anime and manga?[View]
189535267Boku no Hero Academia: Season 4 is gonna be absolutely amazing. How excited are you guys?[View]
189551894Kara no kyoukai: Thoughts on garden of sinners?[View]
189542333I hate Emilia every bit as much as Subaru loves her. I will NEVER forgive her for cucking Rem out of…[View]
189550808OBLIGATORY DYKE BLOWN THE FUCK OUT /u/ BLOWN THE FUCK OUT God, these shitty characters serve nothing…[View]
189457065Black Clover Previews: Previews are out[View]
189505428Kimetsu: This is an elite warrior.[View]
189552748So can someone tell me why mods and janitors don’t do their job? There are trolls flooding threads, …[View]
189550539Shingeki no Kyojin: Reminder that Faye Jäger(lund) was unironically one of the best characters in th…[View]
189556383Anai is actually right. His colleagues are clueless dickheads.[View]
189556104Thoughts on Homura's feet?[View]
189521722Kaguya: >Hayasaka wants to change jobs >Miko wants to be fed >Tsubame...? Nice starting…[View]
189462829What does /a/ think of Sunao 'Nako' Nakosuke?[View]
189556030DURABLE FACT: My wife (on the right) is cuter than yours[View]
1895504132019 I am forgotten...[View]
189539245You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?[View]
189554552Is this the peak of aesthetic?[View]
189555008so who was that zero guy, anyway?[View]
189553629When are they going to fuck?[View]
189533965Just watched the entire first season of this, barely could get through it. Not continuing. How the f…[View]
189554572Mahou Shoujo Site: what's up with that fucking ending of episode 3?[View]
189552972Wow, manga is awesome. Why have I avoided it? What's some cool complete mangas? Berserk? I like…[View]
189553746I have already finished rewatching Hataraku Maou-sama! & Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Is there any other …[View]
189542183Why is part 4 so trash?[View]
189554275Rate my Anime/Manga plot: Feel free to say how shitty it is, I wanna make sure it's good. >Y…[View]
189553761Konjiki no Word Master: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat: Is this manga worth it? I'm …[View]
189555825Pumpkin Night: Fuck the nips and their fucked up society[View]
189532631Cardcaptor Sakura: I know /a/ likes the show, but what do we think of Sakura as a character overall?…[View]
189553109Fight me saskeeeeee[View]
189537031Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter !8+19 Discussion, the culmination of USJ and the start of Volume 3. C…[View]
189545574Who is the cutest anime girl?[View]
189554404Brainlet here, why didn't he conspire with Eto and Arima to fight the CCG/Washu, if they basica…[View]
189549597My goal? Heh, to kill a certain person.[View]
189540475Is Hawkeye best FMA girl?[View]
189550215Sailor Moon: What does /a/ think of Sailor Moon Crystal? I picked up the original series from 92 ins…[View]
189555350Is this guy just a colossal westaboo?[View]
189525442Plus-sized Elf: Would you a flower?[View]
189555234What makes cartoons so pretty, bros?[View]
189514499YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: At least this time he managed to put it in…[View]
189535262>remove sasuke >make genjutsu actually viable >make naruto work for his power >make the …[View]
189553823Would you rather a second season with the Seisho girls or a second season with one of the Relive sch…[View]
189544541You may loathe to admit it, but this is one of the greatest animes of all time.[View]
189550426Nanatsu no Taizai 315: O YOUR SACRED TREASURE It's out, but I wish it wasn't[View]
189549529Gon is a MC who is not a Mary Sue.[View]
189555406Why Fate Male Characters are so BadAss: GreaT Cu[View]
189543614SYD: Mods please don’t ban me, I am but a puny live translator waiting for my typesetter and proofre…[View]
189554495Just got to this part. Does she come back or can I drop it here?[View]
189552890Seikaisuru Kado: Does /a/ still remember Kado?[View]
189553034Rate this piece of art.[View]
189472571precious egg[View]
189428305Watamote thread[View]
189551170There is literally no sport anime that can top pic related[View]
189553879What happened at the end of Homunculus? Was she Nanako or not? What messages did you take away?[View]
189552453Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!: I can't fucking believe Mio's dead. Best episo…[View]
189546744Nanoha Detonation: the raw is out https://mega.nz/#!hNl2kSTL!KjXgw7coHBqT-ys-BJEbXaUx8W1JgnPtAeCHrC…[View]
189549369Jigokuraku: So I guess this proves his wife is real. Also people should talk about this series more …[View]
189524164ITT: best girls[View]
189550198>boo hoo i'm litterally too pretty to make friends who is me![View]
189539640JOJOLION 87: http://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhiwamatanoboru.com%2F2019%2F06%2F18%2F…[View]
189548893ORDER AND KAOS[View]
189550531André a best, Fersen a shit: Whoever thinks André won't win the Oscarbowl is a deluded moron. i…[View]
189552511Monogatari: excuse me what the fuck kind of school cancels university reference and forbids graduati…[View]
189553553I’m a crack addict That’s right I’m a crack addict You heard me I’m a crack addict I’m addicted to c…[View]
189549932 [View]
189538165Why are normalfags obsessed with this? I thought it was shit[View]
189551881Mikasa's hair[View]
189553262Ray: Why must Ray always suffer like that? He deserves a better family.[View]
189553079For what it's worth, the show had a pretty good grasp of Alchemy[View]
189549380OP/ED thread: Post great Openings and Endings, or just stuff you really enjoy. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
189543993SEIZON SENRYAKU[View]
189552663What the fuck is going on?! I leave a couple of days, I come back to discuss how shitty OPM Season 2…[View]
189543637Manga Reader: What program do you guys use to read manga? I tried CDisplayEx, but didn't find i…[View]
189531571Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu: Chapter 202 Raws[View]
189546935Himenosupia: ch 17 is out https://rapemanscans.wordpress.com/2019/06/16/himenosupia-volume-4-chapter…[View]
189545332>2019 and I am forgotten[View]
189552262Post a character without actually posting them. Hint: This one's a Rozen Maiden[View]
189552343Its out[View]
189533964Dragon Ball Super: LEAKS WHEN[View]
189538858Shingeki no Kyojin: How will people react when Eren flattens every country outside Paradis in the en…[View]
189551475Cool games: Lets discuss some nice games like kamidori alchemy meister, monster girl quest and artif…[View]
189550424What was his problem?[View]
1895325735toubun no Hanayome: Yotsuba is out.[View]
189546724What is this character archetype called?[View]
189542633Bokura no Kiseki: haven't seen this discussed a lot here latest chapter came out so I'll d…[View]
189551006HAADO GAY DESU[View]
189536506Jojo: Why was Diavolo so smol when he was 20 years old?[View]
189544163>Eldians lose 'The Great Titan War' >Blamed for genocide, colonialism, eugenics, etc. >Kids…[View]
189534683What was Rumiko Takahashi's best work? why was it Maison ikkoku?[View]
189549946any love for Riki-Oh?[View]
189535837Best Anime of the Season when? Why are these two best girls?[View]
189550942what anime is she from?[View]
189539793Nisekoi live action: This exists. >[Pendekar-Raws] Nisekoi ニセコイ (BR-Rip 180x690p x264 AVC ACC AC-…[View]
189504917>Watch Hunter times Hunter on recommendation >Expect Yu Yu Hakusho 2: Shonen Harder >I…[View]
189550186>Get chimera ant exposition >My father says 'just use a nuke' Uh oh.. He guessed the entire a…[View]
189546027How would you fix SHAFT?: >David Production >Shaft director…[View]
189471475Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: When is Kiku coming back? Also, why doesn't Ai want to be saved.[View]
189453612How are you going to celebrate Watanagashi?[View]
189549330What does /a/ think of the 'swimmer's body' in anime/manga?[View]
189526629All she had to do to beat bakugou was to sit on him He would not of been able to blast though her fa…[View]
189549797How can I get Kagari to give me salvation?[View]
189542153Describe this child.[View]
189550360Black Lagoon: I'm convinced this is 100% canon.[View]
189548563ITT: it's actually really deep you guys[View]
189547839Should there be a sticky: On the eva lore? Like just put this at the top of /a/, since the netflix w…[View]
189549198Why didn't you protect her smile?[View]
189526985OPM new chapter. Our boy is here /a/.[View]
189546278what the FUCK is his problem ?: Why does he bully a 6 years old kid[View]
189546779hell girl or screaming lessons, which do you prefer?[View]
189544918The Best Shonen Rival[View]
189540654We Judge Each Other's Tastes: >Reading: Baki Dou Baki Dou (2018) Baki Gaiden: SCARFACE Berse…[View]
189538139Was it kino?[View]
189548846Is it possible for a manga or anime to do power levels well, or are they simply an excuse for an aut…[View]
189512754Sarazanmai: Finale soon. How do you feel about SNS-confirmed >Toi -> Enta -> Kazuki -> …[View]
189545959Which decade was STRONGER?[View]
189538090One Piece: Who will end up dealing with Orochi's ninjas before the arc ends?[View]
189539121This is a Japanese scientist.[View]
189549087Does anyone else find Akira really boring?[View]
189547830You may or may not like it but there's only less than 6 months left for the official coronation…[View]
189547077Senki Zesshou: the fuck am i watching[View]
189547332UFO: Kumiko and her boyfriend Tsukamoto Shuichi.[View]
189546034Mob is unironically the best modern MC[View]
189533500well i finally saw it. it was petty great.[View]
189548022>/a/ gets more lively around in the evening, coincidentally around the time school finishes...…[View]
189515140Ao No Flag Ch. 45: Shingo is not a complete douche https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1002326…[View]
189547607How are they going to do a Nichijou dub with so many Japanese jokes and puns? Is this going to be th…[View]
189546992symbolism in naruto: discuss[View]
189548460What if the boost gear could become a mobile suite: Think about it Issie would go from mountain bust…[View]
189544492I want you to read this panel of Gohan being an idiot and just try to tell me that SSJ2 Gohan was ba…[View]
189540632What about an Isekai where truck-kun gets sent to another world?[View]
189541086who is the greatest antagonist in anime and why is it kaiba?[View]
189545573ITT: losers[View]
189509960Such a nasty woman[View]
189547899What team does your waifu support? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f319fout5xY[View]
189547699Hey Anon[View]
189547784Issue 30 Haikyuu (Color, LCP) One Piece Yaiba Neverland Samurai8 (CP) Stone Hero Taisei Chainsaw JJK…[View]
189547767BesT Lancer in Anime: Cu 's Boob is So Sexy[View]
189547594Cop Craft Anime's 2nd Promo Video Previews Opening Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Fy8i…[View]
189540839If there is an Isekai Quartet, why hasn't Japan made an SOL Quartet? Also, which 4 series would…[View]
189547344>Hello Underworldo But I didn't watch this until a month ago and I loved every second of it.…[View]
189536974Post /a/ related commercials[View]
189489078Do Chokkyu Kareshi × Kanojo: Those crazy kids finally did it.[View]
189547187You told me this would be good. It's just an unrepentant edgefest jerking off the MC and 'muh f…[View]
189545599So what is everyones opinion on the last 2 episodes of evangelion? Should you watch them before or a…[View]
189484875Daily Sketchbook Chapter: Mai neimu izu asou.[View]
189545444How does /a/ feel about Minky Momo?[View]
189537776Babylonia is such a weird choice to do an anime adaptation for if you think about it. Sure, it had s…[View]
189542617>when eggman voices english adon[View]
189546604DYKE BTFO[View]
189546695How are they going to censor this scene?[View]
189546501lelouch of the resurrection: should I just give in and watch the camrip that's been going aroun…[View]
189537419Why does /a/ prefer shallow clones to the original?[View]
189539489Why is he such a faggot?[View]
189535524NNB: What are your expectations for S3?[View]
189533315Characters people claim look like girls to hide their homosexuality[View]
189539536Is Aggretsuko an accurate representation of the Japanese workplace?[View]
189546435>Sengoku Youko adaptation never ever Why live[View]
189544401>feel the same in the beginning of the anime >look almost the same >…[View]
189542560Frog thread: post frog[View]
189542328When will it be her turn bros?[View]
189537863Violet Evergarden: >91 min long OVA on september >3 hour long movie in january 2020 Are you re…[View]
189545825i would unironically love to suck the skin off this fishy little faggot's dick[View]
189535799What would you do if you were in this situation?[View]
189545953Who is the better villain?[View]
189537927Should black people be in anime?[View]
189538581Shingeki no Kyojin: >Superior Waifu Genes[View]
189543317This is Tokisaki Kurumi, she is a clock[View]
189537140Absolute Chads: Is there a bigger chad than Madman Kiriyama?[View]
189542445Season 2 when?[View]
189542115Who’s the better shonen mangaka?: ONE or Horikoshi? mob psycho 100 is better[View]
189545559Whatever happened to shinji after 911?[View]
189545739Is she the most well written character in all of anime?: I keep returning to her character arc over …[View]
189542690https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEQ3c8xyLZc >mean while at /a/ high school…[View]
189544896Best Anime/VN/Manga from the early 2000's? (00-05): [spoilerI put my bet on Clannad VN.[/spoile…[View]
189545681Modern hard shonen[View]
189543779>So this is beyond super saiyan[View]
189545623See it's a pun because 機械 means machine an 神 means God. So you get 機神 (Machine God). However 神 …[View]
189532222Kaguya a shit. Chika a best.[View]
189545459This is your reminder that the reason Killer Queen has a feline decorative motif is because it was C…[View]
189534183Is Nico the best written Idol?[View]
189513966AiFure, Prichan and KinPri: Rinne will come next to you.[View]
189514301Why do so many people hate harems? Doesn't having more girls make the story better for you guys…[View]
189510949Why isn't serious anime made anymore? It's all self-referential pandering and fanservice b…[View]
189539855Season 3 when?[View]
189543916Have a nice day![View]
189538047What are your thoughts on the latest dance in the vampire bund manga?[View]
189543900Will you help those poor isekai'd girls in their quest? poor yunyun[View]
189502952Today's Yui's birthday. Enter and say something nice about her.[View]
189525907Yugami-kun: Dumping chapter 65 TLs[View]
189540890Anyone ever go back and watch some old anime and realize how much has actually changed? So many of t…[View]
189535831You wouldn't date a retarded devil would you?[View]
189520035Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun: >New chapter of Radish Girl and Toilet Ghost Boy. Translation was ultr…[View]
189542673>new girl appears >she falls for Iori for whatever reason why is the author turning this into …[View]
189540455ITT: Anime characters who were canonically NTRed[View]
189538028What are your favorite baseball episodes? Pic related.[View]
189537042If your waifu doesn't know how to ride a banana, then she's no good as a woman.[View]
189537372Anime songs thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSclK_8cm_A Is NieA7 good? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
189542336Who wins?: Usagi vs Goku-BATTLE TO THE DEATH Who wins?[View]
189541901I could never like anything outside slice of life animes: I really never understood what would make …[View]
189530237What am I supposed to feel here?[View]
189535754Toradora was cute and made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside[View]
189540910are infantiles the best at raising a baby[View]
189541934a whole month for a chapter of a surfer taking a photo of plants[View]
189538680FLCL Progressive: Did people judge this unfairly?[View]
189523629Domestic na Kanojo: Serizawa is on the offensive![View]
189540011lolipop: post your best anime candy[View]
189535171What is it about Hotaru that brings out the worst in men?[View]
189532393ITT death, axes or dropped scanlations[View]
189530789Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!: Chapter 175 raws[View]
189540897Why do westerners say that 3D animation is cheaper than 2D?[View]
189540690The Otaku Room: How do I show I am a true fan in the space of my room? https://myswordisunbelievably…[View]
189537286Is this proof that Blackbeard simply brought a fruit with him to whitebeard to gain the ability righ…[View]
189518249jojolion: where dem raws at[View]
189539249a bunch of babies raise a baby: what did magical doremi mean by this? was it trying to say that the …[View]
189511571I realise the screaming pain Hearing loud in my brain But I'm going straight ahead with the sca…[View]
189535352Ase to Sekken: This series and Asako as a character are suicide fuel.[View]
189535320Eri or Yakumo?[View]
189538172Is Ginko the Best Loli all anime?[View]
189515534What's next for the Nanoha franchise?[View]
189521452Are we ever getting another season of Uma Musume?[View]
189539767>Baki is soulless Imagine being a brainlet of such magnitude that you can't even understand …[View]
189528255How other shonen can even compete[View]
189538616Smartphones and flat screen TV's and what not devices, in a remake story that was made in 2000.…[View]
189539417Stupes fuck Miura[View]
189538478Do you always wonder what would happen if it literally any other guild member from the Ainz Ooal Gow…[View]
189537463Why are anime witches so perfect? Every single one of them is a treasure, from little in training on…[View]
189535900Why yes, I do think Kyoto Animation is the best anime studio of all time. What gave it away?[View]
189536178Cool games: Lets discuss some nice games like kamidori alchemy meister, monster girl quest and artif…[View]
189536815Souboutei: Chapter 55[View]
189539090post spooky[View]
189537425It out...[View]
189539115ITT anime girls who are straight up cunts: Why do people like her again?[View]
189537727This shit any good or was the rabbit just a meme for 5 seconds?[View]
189536685This just showed up on Hot Topic's store page... Did fucking netflix localize Second Child to S…[View]
189539042What was an OP or OP song that made you decide to pick up a show you otherwise wouldn't have?[View]
189536446Friends, how do we put a stop to Japan's recent degeneracy?[View]
189539065I like girls with green hair. How about you anon?[View]
189538287Kaiba: The last half is better than the first half, you're just to brainlet to understand it.…[View]
189532729>she sees your annual salary[View]
189529757Shingeki no Kyojin: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE[View]
189538856Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai: Shaping up to be AOT…[View]
189536033Nanatsu no Taizai: I can't believe Merlin was actually sitting on his Sacred Treasure the entir…[View]
189536697>ITT underappreciated waifus I'll go first my underappreciated waifu is Asia Argenteno from …[View]
189537898What DID he mean by this?[View]
189531928What's his problem?[View]
189535197Every time I close my eyes...[View]
189538483Does it effect your attraction to them when a fictional character is fictional in their own universe…[View]
189511865Scanlation Thread: How's that project coming along?[View]
189533132What is /a/‘s obsession over this one waifu. Sure shes cute and charismatic. But why do you guys obs…[View]
189531266Which was worse?[View]
189500162Fire Force / Enen no Shouboutai: Where are my Fire bros at? It's looking great so far. We'…[View]
189537044She would already be the town bicycle if she wasn't in a children's series.[View]
189399731Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri Manga is now officially part of Gundam universe now.[View]
189484188with a fucking FORK???[View]
189524786The Great Dispute[View]
189532979Would you watch an anime about crypto-currencies[View]
189497215If you ever got isekaied, would you become a hero or demon lord? Personally, I think I would side wi…[View]
189533089>number of high school boyfriends : 0 How do you fuck up this badly?[View]
189519843Kanojo, Okarishimasu: >Still no gooks >Still no raws >Still not even any spoilers from Baka…[View]
189538266Lets give YunYun some friends to sit with her[View]
189522376One Piece: Do you think we'll actually get a Zoro vs Kaido? (Doesn't really mean Zoro has …[View]
189531936Senko san: Hi /a/ this will be your wife-mother for tonight[View]
189508229JoJo stand creator: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~dft29/Stand_Generator/Stand-Generation-Overdrive.ht…[View]
189516594has a manga/anime ever made you angry?[View]
189536775I nearly lost faith in /a/ but most of us still have great taste.[View]
189513556Strike Witches 501-butai Hasshin Shimasu!: Time for more Sugoi Yoshika-chan![View]
189537337Teira to Kera: Triceratops meets tyrannosaurus[View]
189526799Why are there so many 'delicious brown' females but not many male counterparts? Is 'delicious brown…[View]
189536259The Great Debate[View]
189536553>bro its not plagiarism, its an homage[View]
189508809Raildex: I just want some more Mikoto and Raildex related pics[View]
189531007Can we talk about plagiarism in anime? I've noticed it in other shows too, that they just take …[View]
189526460How can crab compete with THIS?[View]
189532211Care to take the wheel?[View]
189533720What did Kubo mean by this?[View]
189532380GAR: ITT: only the manliest men[View]
189533723What keeps her single?[View]
189532958What's the anime equivalent of XRA?: In other words, what's an anime with constant wordpla…[View]
189533021Was this scene really necessary?[View]
189507242>literally the comfiest SoL ever >no one on /a/ has watched it…[View]
189534712And people complain that drug use is never shown or acknowledged in anime.[View]
189504648What does /v/ think of Elfen Lied?[View]
189535893I wish debilitating injury's were more of a thing in anime and manga.[View]
189531846>vegeta and nappa land on earth in one year. how do you prepare /a/?[View]
189531680Mr. Anon, I wage my fap folder. Your turn.[View]
189534985What do you guys think about the new season? >Retsuko is the 25 year old doomer >Fenneko is t…[View]
189521635Arifureta: How many episodes long will it be? Btw Yue best girl[View]
189533080Despera appreciation thread[View]
189532713Good morning, /a/![View]
189523484Are old elves superior to new elves?[View]
189532411Just got through it a couple of days ago, what did /a/ think?[View]
189535529Why would you make her cry like that /a/?[View]
189527757ITT: People who did nothing wrong[View]
189526273Yatogame-chan: Why aren't you watching the cat of the season, anon? Seriously, what is wrong wi…[View]
189521442SSJ2 Gohan was an arrogant dumbass, not a badass. Prove me wrong.[View]
189519262'Endless Eight I' aired ten years ago.[View]
189516936Do you remember her?[View]
189513722Boku No Hero Academia: how do people even stand working alongside and being around disgusting mutant…[View]
189534940>2017 Is it dead? Will it be as good as Monster?[View]
189531397Is there a comedy manga better than pic related?[View]
189532869>romantic scene >skip ahead I cannot stand seeing romantic/affectionate scenes in anime, if I…[View]
189534109Akko is the smartest!: test[View]
189515003Eto Ranger: What does /a/ think of Eto Ranger? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ5akDq9m7A…[View]
189516521Dungeon Meshi: Edit thread. Dungeons are harsh. Show the party doing what they have to do to get by.…[View]
189532363Yuyushiki: How long does Yuzuko have until her schizophrenia kicks in for real? I think a year or tw…[View]
189531049ITT: 'Dumb' series that are actually just too smart for /a/[View]
189532443why didn't Narancia switch bodies with the turtle they were the closest to each other[View]
189529726What did /a/ think of Saber Marionette J? Cherry best girl[View]
189517842Dragon Ball Super: Is Goku a true psychopathic antihero now? It's like he says it in a joking m…[View]
189533839>chapter 1 >chapter 2 >chapter 3 >chapter 3.1 >chapter 3.2 >chapter 3.3…[View]
189442345PreCure: Will someone please, PLEASE just kill this little fucker?[View]
189533719Hidamari Sketch rew/a/tch - Honeycomb 03-06: The widest time of the week is here again at last. Cytu…[View]
189528583Why does inner Moka always look so angry and depressed?: I'm not sure if it was ever explained.…[View]
189531926If isekai, shounenshit, edgy seinenshit, and haremshit are all bad then what is worth reading/watchi…[View]
189523658In this world, I have no friends. Everyone's an enemy[View]
189530544my hero academia: this is the worst shonen of all time and I am tried of seeing this shit everywhere…[View]
189524919Why people want to lewd Mob? He did nothing wrong[View]
189532679Based or cringe?[View]
189528126Is there a darker manga than DARK Piece? Hunter x Hunter couldn't possibly compare. Simply haun…[View]
189531511Why does onii-san replace daddy in anime culture?[View]
189523066Name a better mecha in the past decade[View]
189511134ITT Good character design[View]
189527214Why do retards sperg out over HxH's exposition when shoujo exposition is so much worse in every…[View]
189529290Was he wrong in betraying his friends?[View]
189529375>Isn't that a little rough to be considered foreplay, Gohan?[View]
189531901Why is the best samurai anime never talked about?[View]
189530825One Punch Man: Is Orochi stronger than Golden Sperm?[View]
189520655>I just want a husband to take care of me while I sit on my ass tee hee very realistic…[View]
189525593Three episodes in and I'm fucking B O R E D. And this is supposed to be the best anime of the d…[View]
189528953ITT: Forgotten kino: OP starts. >Sakamoto Desu Ga[View]
189530560Do you know my name, anon?[View]
189531562When will he get axed ?[View]
189525336Beyblade: 'Beyblade rekt so hard it flies fast past the owner' is my favorite beyblade trope.[View]
189531504What are some anime that are dogshit but you still like because they are 'comfy?[View]
189491444Dororo: Party is over But I still wanna watch more of this amazing anime[View]
189516988Manga artwork: Post some nice panels or pages[View]
189527933>There is still no slice of life manga better than this one how did they do it…[View]
189528663do you think narancia is sweaty and stinky after a long, intense fight?[View]
189511820Overlord: Season 1 >Average salaryman is mistaken for the most OP and evil undead sorceror ever a…[View]
189527080Samurai 8: Hachimaruden: This started out really rough and while the art hasn't become any less…[View]
189531079ITT: Shows that are 'turn off your brain' fun[View]
189525786What an utterly useless power.[View]
189503634PROMARE: Oscar for Trigger?[View]
189523673Why doesn't yuri sell better?[View]
189531006Who in the fuck thought this was okay? Who is the asshole who thought FUCKING MAGGOTS falling out of…[View]
189528499>frail looking character with pale skin and dark rings around his eyes keeps coughing…[View]
189526614Anime still being fun?: Did anime still being fun??[View]
189519798ITT : Best Girl who won MCbowl: i'll Start[View]
189514359Who are your favorite couples?[View]
189523866It's Rei's first time watching WWE. How does she react?[View]
189530596Is it still worth watching as a newfag?[View]
189528110Hello, my name is Ms. Arahaguojnes, and I come from...some place far away! Yes, that will do. Anywa…[View]
189525817Couldn’t Ochako use her powers to negate her weight?[View]
189522108What did /a/ think of The Parent Trap?[View]
189529357Dumb fat hack: Name a bigger hack than this pig.[View]
189525137do war criminals and murderers deserve to be this happy?[View]
189522685One Punch Man S2 - 10: The animation was decent this ep. JC Staff is learning.[View]
1895161055toubun no Hanayome 90: New chapter is out[View]
189528748Do you use anime merchandise in public?[View]
189527649Finna bust a nut whenever tornado shows up anyone else??[View]
189525828Oyasumi Punpun: What's the final verdict /a/? MAL ranks it as the 6th best manga of all time at…[View]
189508078Describe Nishikino Maki in three words or less.[View]
189530133Migi to Dari: MUMMY MUMMY MILKIES NOW[View]
189503593Highschool DxD: Grayfia is perfection.[View]
189475916Girls und Panzer: I love my wife and I believe she’ll do the best against Oarai[View]
189529058It is me, Madara Uchiha.[View]
189529991Edens Zero: Slightly more literal translation.[View]
189518750What ending theme will DP use? I can somehow picture going back to roundabout the way these chapters…[View]
189525779Goblin Slayer: Would goblin slayer be better if it also included rape by non-goblins such as human b…[View]
189529620Next jojo villain[View]
189529460Would you have picked up her glasses, anon ?[View]
189529307For me it's Triela.[View]
189529320What made early Bleach so fucking comfy bros?[View]
1894833653x3 thread: You know the drill.[View]
189501896>the love interest sacrifices herself for the fate of the world again[View]
189520137Shingeki no Kyojin: anime or manga?[View]
189526089Remember to hug Akari today![View]
189525727Date a Live: How many times have you jacked off to her?[View]
189510306Isekai Quartet: Episode 11 in few hours... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jng6DCnlPI Reinfags on s…[View]
189526820What did this gesture mean?[View]
189521433Name a worst cumdupster[View]
189506370/a/ sings - Untitled Teaser: And with that, GochiUsa is out of the way. Ping Pong is next. https://y…[View]
189525675Araki's Views on Hero Competency: >If there's one criterion for a hero, it's being…[View]
189494757>/a/ hates the shit out of pic related >Laps up run-of-the-mill isekai self-insert power fanta…[View]
189521511Rank 'em: TTGL = Promare > KLK[View]
189525048Oregairu manga new volume: All you faggots blinded by Yuigahama's birthday nobody noticed today…[View]
189522930The difference is so jarring.[View]
189525601Made in Abyss 51 Colored pure unadulterated KINO 7https://mangadex.org/chapter/642728[View]
189527172What killed the hype?[View]
189521340Is Le Oreo an example of a perfectly written character?: He's cool and complex and flawed. Plus…[View]
189524561Why do I find this show so boring despite the fact that I normally love moe/healing anime?[View]
189526856Apologize to Dess now for your insolence, /a/, thou filthy cur![View]
189518102>funniest anime in recent memory >actually, funnier than every anime released 2012- present …[View]
189521826Best Girl Thread: I doubt there'll be enough discussion about this series, so let's make i…[View]
189524228Sailor Moon: Reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=358ewVY2nko[View]
189519024>Fujo Swimmers 3, Gay Archers, Liz and the Giraffe People, Hibikek Electric Flopperoo all flop …[View]
189508284Why didnt Bleach get a sequel like Naruto did?[View]
189525417Is there a more beautiful backstory than Chopper?[View]
189521750Pigeons: ITT Post anime pigeons.[View]
189526569Where can I watch Super Milk Chan?: The series is out of print, and I want to watch both the Japanes…[View]
189518996What Chimame offers The best Service In the rabbit house?[View]
189505928Vigne is a succubus who functions by luring men into destructive co-dependent relationships.[View]
189510111Legend of the Galactic Heroes: What was the purpose of this character?[View]
189524373It was a different time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_BB1TNCpHw[View]
189522390give me your best horses[View]
189524283Is Fire Force manga worth reading?: I just saw the new trailer and it looks pretty impressive. Thoug…[View]
189525299Is /a/ looking forward to this masterpiece in the making? 2019 for sure.[View]
189525974>ITT manga that didn't deserve to be axed. I'm still sad every time I remember Magico.…[View]
189524152Kakegurui XX: So I watched the first episode and already this show is fucking incredible at destroyi…[View]
189523793Why does everyone like her so much just because she has a loli body? She's boring. Aqua is bett…[View]
189472920Urusei Yatsura Thread: Just watched Episode 44 yesterday. Made me tear up a little bit. When I start…[View]
189522677Huff... Okaeri nanojya, anon-kun! I made you your favorite... huff... macaroni and cheese![View]
189519697Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 109: Here's this week's raw.[View]
189525008How did nips succeed in making captain marvel fuckable even with 'I want to speak to the manager' ha…[View]
189522931Is this the best anime of all time?: I know i loved it. absolute 10/10 I'm glad that i dropped …[View]
189515024Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 74 omake: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/fw/cycomibrows…[View]
189524190Is it ok to talk about naruto with people you haven't had sex with?[View]
189524534When exactly did this happen in Code Geass story line? Between R1 and R2?[View]
189523018She has a point. What is wrong with it?[View]
189522849I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like this zombie![View]
189523770Baki thread: When will season2 air?[View]
189500837This guy shows up and offers you a free waifu, but warns you never to have sex with her. Do you take…[View]
189519802OPM season 2 episode 10[View]
189505716I despise him[View]
189520010You now remember Sore ga Seiyuu.[View]
189524289why was 'desu' popularized, but not 'chibi', 'nano', 'shinasai…[View]
189520397How hard is to make a BNA fighting game?[View]
189524113akko dupid[View]
189522938Anime Soundtracks: What is a 10/10 anime soundtrack for you? https://youtu.be/ruU8GVf2G7c[View]
189520849Wednesday soon.[View]
189511088What do you think of Satanophany[View]
1895161845Toubun no Hanayome: Chapter 90 dump /a/[View]
189520863'Christmas is the celebration of winter!': Was Umaru Chan an atheist?[View]
189521121art: animators/artists required to get project off the ground.[View]
189521212No Gun's Life: >The lovechild of Blame! and Chainsaw Man gets an anime >No threads at all…[View]
189516595Ochako is cute! CUTE![View]
189512982ITT: Bullying in anime/manga: Does nip really do this? What is wrong with them? How do we save those…[View]
189506588>ehhh honto? Sokka sokka[View]
189434539I miss Princess Principal. Do we know anything about the movies yet? I really liked the dub too. Eve…[View]
189521480Evangelion releases on Netflix in 3 days: Are you prepared for the impending wave of first time watc…[View]
189519247Hinamatsuri: New chapter is out, and Hina goes full Mao.[View]
189516696Shingeki no Kyojin: Rate this week's episode. For me it's a 9/10[View]
189519109ITT:: Girls that will have many children[View]
189523008Would you lick Kazuma's beautiful, virgin pussy, Anon?[View]
189501837One Punch Man: Most anticipated panels/moments from the webcomics. pic related, looking forward to t…[View]
189522791>not reading the manga after you watch the anime[View]
189511953Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Gekijou CLIMAX SEASON: Episode 51 Beach Episode[View]
189488229ITT: couples that had sex[View]
189507807One Piece: What side is he on?[View]
189491255Even my king's neck is cute![View]
189520339Battle Tendency: caesar is a rapist. this isn’t a headcanon or some silly speculation, this is a fac…[View]
189517331>character consumes tons of drugs for her master keikaku >zero foreshadowing fuck wani…[View]
189520190Mousou Telepathy 643: It's back![View]
189522411Attack on titans: RIP Bertholt[View]
189521564Kumiko and her girlfriend Reina.[View]
189517552they're so perfect[View]
189500788Bokuben: Suicide arc?[View]
189519768*surpasses your name *[View]
189501179I heard Chinatsu has a strong fanbase here. Is this true?[View]
189520209So this is it. No more plots for making the other confess, no more plans and no more wars. Now to se…[View]
189519409Dororo: How does he know the difference between a girl and a boy?[View]
189521570Hey there /a/, we're getting close to the Diavolo vs Giorno fight so I wanted to see if I could…[View]
189520592When will /a/ admit that they were wrong about Satania?[View]
189520577Assassins Pride cast revealed. Merida is voiced by Haduki VA![View]
189518120You should be able to solve this[View]
189519555Golden Time: I could barely finish the 1st episode. the NTR backdrop made me sick to my stomach…[View]
189521525Any Ryoko fans?[View]
189514993Kakegurui xx: What did you think about the new season?[View]
189507457Shokugeki no Soma: This is /a/'s favorite manga. Say something nice about it.[View]
189519112What’s the best Matsumoto series, /a/?[View]
189507027Describe her in two words, /a/.[View]
189520765Is the manga better for this or the anime? I generally prefer reading manga, but if the anime is sup…[View]
189517035I want to kiss and cuddle with this egg![View]
189507892Why does /a/ hate it so much?[View]
189520818I wish karma was reall[View]
189516906Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: First Fish and now plant. I love how Meth is revisiting old characters and e…[View]
189507586Thoughts on Steins;Gate[View]
189517339Which studio would do his anime justice?[View]
189503317thunderbolt fantasy thread: There is going to be another special coming out .[View]
189520006violet evergarden: Violet deserves everything that happened to her[View]
189517185Fuck you i like it![View]
189519852>tfw no fluffy imouto just fuck me up senpai[View]
189517669Why is this anime so cringy?[View]
189517877Why is this so highly rated? It's pretty bland.[View]
189512740Isekai Quartet: Episode airs in roughly 2 bongs[View]
189519608HYPER OATS: >Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian agency that covers consumer protection, has claimed an …[View]
189517554What happened to Jojo's? How did we go from the best part of the series to the worst so quickly…[View]
189517150Hey, anon, will you do my back for me?[View]
189510085>Ichigo should have gotten with Ruk-[View]
189501620Nosferatu Zodd[View]
189510089Zombie Land Saga: Still no sign of S2. Abandon all hope.[View]
189495930Danmachi 2: New PV https://youtu.be/ScfiACLThCA Apollo is a faggot[View]
189515752Vinland Saga: >Studio Wit So the anime is pretty much guaranteed to turn into a complete mess fro…[View]
189517409Wait a minute, I thought I was reading a manga about dancing.[View]
189517183What's your favourite 'not brand' in an anime?[View]
189509887Second season FUCKING NEVER[View]
189518078What are some anime with cool gaikokujin characters?[View]
189517921Jojo thread: *blocks your path*[View]
189515143forcing myself to read through jojo. just started off and am on the second arc. big improvement but …[View]
189518770Why didn't you protect her smile?[View]
189517033Is it worth the time ?[View]
189513584Fake Love: Here's your Nisekoi, bro.[View]
1895095232019 and Lust is still the best looking girl in anime history. What's her secret?[View]
189517452why is she sad?[View]
189511966So, why is art club on had one member?[View]
189518512Astra lost in Space: >1-hour special airing in two weeks >still no PV with animation It's…[View]
189515451>Enyaba That's not her fucking name you stupid fucking jackasses.[View]
189517890Why didn’t he get fired? I would get my ass reamed if i pulled off the stuff he did...[View]
189510818Did she actually have problems or was just pretending all along?[View]
189516607Fate Grand Order: Camelot/ Mommy Thread: I just want Artoria Pendragon Lion King Lancer to rub my ba…[View]
189514046With just this one scene, Hinata's stock skyrocketed.[View]
189509718Stands were a mistake. JoJo was better when it focused on character development.[View]
189430905Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine: Your weekly dose of balls and best girl Tsubasa in a few hours. It…[View]
189515858Now that WaHH is over, what do you think is next for Touhou?[View]
189501251Dragon Ball Super: Why was Dragon Balls ONLY reasonable character forced to suffer so much?[View]
189509925Go-Toubun Hanayome: So how are other quint fans now that the Yotsuba flashback is over? Do you feel …[View]
189517691Dragon Ball Super: >How strong is current base Broly If Ikari is only a 10x boost then his base i…[View]
189517571Saber She is GOD: Great King[View]
189517074So apparently this is going to be a show this summer. Could somebody explain to me what in the hell …[View]
189516738PURIZUMU wo tooshita[View]
189515727Why is adventure guilds in isekai/fantasy even a thing? In most setting, they give literally no bene…[View]
189515707Look at this faggotry. Why don't you just stick your tongue in her mouth too, gay slut?[View]
189496580Kaguya and Prez are a solid block of pure love and that's one of the most beautiful thing I…[View]
189515967>more than half the movie is flashbacks to the same exact scene, for over 40 minutes Why do peopl…[View]
189516563Farewell, wanderer of the Earth[View]
189511805Shingeki no Kyojin: Next episode: >Drawback of Titan Shifters revealed >Kino title drop >Di…[View]
189516575PreCure: How do you go from this...[View]
189516410Why is Zeta so good?[View]
189514337Tropes in anime you love? >Bad guy is defeated with MCs ultimate attack, everything seems nice un…[View]
189512480Oh shit the spiderlady has a gun![View]
189513006Mousou Telepathy: We're back and with 0% actual molestation[View]
189503333what does /a/ think of Oreimo these days?[View]
189514415Why do animes rarely do this type of fight? It is way more kino than punch shit really fast for le e…[View]
189512972Kufa Vampir: Yuuki Ono (Jousuke in JoJo) Melida Angel: Tomori Kusunoki (Hazuki in QUÄLITY Mädchen)[View]
189510865Cop Craft: New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Fy8iYOQ7A[View]
189515957Aquasuba: Starting the thread with best girl[View]
189513548Infection: What ever happened to this series?[View]
189511697My Girl.[View]
189498957Why is JoJo the go-to for flamboyant homosex imagery when Baki is nothing but almost-naked dudes fig…[View]
189515047Promare: Premiere at AX https://twitter.com/trigger_inc/status/1140967252407148544 And fuck frogs…[View]
189514539Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni: Sushie apprecion thread[View]
189512160ITT: Future flops; upcoming shows that will likely explode on the runway or in the hangar. Shows tha…[View]
189509088So what's his bankai?[View]
189511448Ika is hungry! Go buy some shrimp for her, anon! I swear, what is Ebitani doing at a time like this.[View]
189501698Hypothesis: Age Gap Romance in manga inherently becomes good romance manga[View]
189515041Nekopara anime: I have only two wishes for the Nekopara anime. 1. Give Cinnamon a breast reduction. …[View]
189509174Alright anon, lets do the you-know-what[View]
189506321What is the appeal of idol anime?[View]
189515282Attack on Titan: This show makes no sense. Was the author just making shit up without thinking ahead…[View]
189515080This is my son, Abelt. Please look after him for me a bit. Don't teach him anything bad, especi…[View]
189513959Rank them.[View]
189513952Mahou Shoujo Site 132: The absolute madman actually made Kaname's anal rape a major plot point.…[View]
189514980amazing reference to Warsaw ghetto[View]
189514698I love Kurapika![View]
189514034Nanimo Nanimo mada shiranu[View]
189510671I liked it.[View]
189511248Why did they make him an edgelord?[View]
189513327Series with nihilistic main characters,edgy,incels,serial killers,rapists all the degenerate stuff p…[View]
189513283Bakemonogatari: I kept seeing anons post about this anime, so I decided to check it out. I just mara…[View]
189514287is it hard for dyslexic people to watch subs ?[View]
189514211so /a/, are you a man of the land or a man of the jacuzzi?[View]
189514232weird idea for Angel Beats: Yui and Hatsune should have been the same character >Hatsune and Yui …[View]
189512624Umaru thread: Umaru thread[View]
189507238SAO: Can I just start with Alicization and get into this series? Also is it good??[View]
189506006This show blew my mind[View]
189513535When did you realize anime were just glorified commercials for the source material?[View]
189511261What does /a/ think of Jiro Matsumoto? I blazed through this series last night and want to finally g…[View]
189512174Pretty Series is truly the Evangelion of idol anime.[View]
189500081Tomo-chan: Punished Jun is back[View]
189511740list animes that have been/will be ruined by normies: >evangelion cant wait to hear how all my fr…[View]
189500330are you guys ready for another five isekai anime to air next season?[View]
189500991Boku No Hero Academia: could she realistically defeat all might? I mean, could he somehow resist get…[View]
189512902>makes classics after classics Your favourite mangaka could NEVER[View]
189510583end of eva.: I liked it anon.[View]
189497863Are you ready for all the Netflix normalfags to watch Eva, /a/?[View]
189512827Can a character be too sexy?[View]
189495995ITT Anime Brands[View]
189497206What is your favorite soul-destroying anime/manga? Casshern sins wasn't a perfect product but g…[View]
189509857Why are school uniforms so lewd?[View]
189509260Saber can kill Types: Discuss[View]
189511247What the fuck did I just read?[View]
189507419Name a better show than School rumble?: > Has best boy MC > Best girl wins > MC gets into …[View]
189512528King Crimson's ability is literally quantum immortality. Prove me wrong[View]
189502351Living Forever?: I figured out why he doesn't age. During his fight with Dio, Dio squirted his …[View]
189510802Best Couple in Anime: Saber & Sakura -> BesT[View]
189499031Is JoJo literally unreadable without color? Even with the HD scans, I still don't know what the…[View]
189512196>the only well drawn doujin is the NTR one[View]
189514112Japan's seismic intensity 6 strong earthquake tsunami arrival[View]
189494953It's Shizuru's birthday!!![View]
189501585SHIKI IS A TERIBLE ANIME: Whats the deal with shiki? I mean they're pure evil and destroy every…[View]
189503309>best girl arrives when show is almost over WTF?[View]
189511888>Continuation of Fûma no Kojirô >More about Kanon and his aventures REEEEEEEEEEEEE where is SS…[View]
189497924Why are Elevens so obsessed with the idea of talent?[View]
189511760How does it feel like to know that your favorite anime will never look this good ?[View]
189504011Shingeki no Annie!: Why don't we let it live instead?[View]
189511746I miss Katry.[View]
189443760buyfag: Slow Day[View]
189503737anime you're nostalgic for, even though they aren't good >Negima! Magister Megi Magi th…[View]
189500098lily thread[View]
189495017Why did it flop?[View]
189501872Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: How did you like Mirai as an MC?[View]
189511150Just finished reading this arc. This was fantastic.The atmosphere, the characters, the tension, this…[View]
189511154Maou-jou de Oyasumi 114: Continuing summer festival arc.[View]
189505934Fairy gone: Starring yaoi trap and Beethoven[View]
189510337What's your favorite TRIGGER anime.[View]
189507223Do Aggretsuko threads belong in /co/ or /a/? Do /co/ and /a/ get along? That's probably a real…[View]
189509298I'm still so fucking mad at how the story turned out, it could've been a lot better. Atlea…[View]
189457828Dungeon Meshi: >wins the heart of a badass elf captain Why is /ourboy/ so lucky?…[View]
189473284Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, KinPri etc.: The long winter is finally over.[View]
189510495Why can't all mahou shoujos be this sexy?[View]
189501856Should he be forgiven for his crimes against humanity?: >Millions of people dead >Gave his fat…[View]
189508178Gabriel Dropout: I love the way they draw nails on this show.[View]
189508780I really hope Mineta will be happy in the end.[View]
189510172A fish out of water[View]
189509262Grab your nearest manga go to page 4 and post the first panel do it fgt[View]
189506052it took me way too long to finally get to seeing gunbuster and this, holy fuck am i late to some inc…[View]
189508748this is the only harem mc I've seen who actually deserves the adoration of the girls around him…[View]
189506683>sign subs >dialogue subs >background person subs When will official subbers adopt color co…[View]
189492697all your waifus are shit and you are all poor[View]
189498410>temporarily loses arms while wind blows >monologues something about friendship >wins fight…[View]
189496485Figure this one out.[View]
189509878ITT: OP's & ED's: Don't try to live so wise. Don't cry 'cause you'…[View]
189501728Is there any other fanbase that hates each other as much as fatefags?[View]
189504587>best series in the world >nobody knows about it, but me…[View]
189502599ITT: Shows only you watched[View]
189498674Shinsekai Yori: So did this bitch get lobotomized[View]
189508601How does trigger consistently produce popular character designs?[View]
189500549Did the movie fix Macross Delta like Frontier, or is it still clumsy windnigger apologism?[View]
189509563Does anyone else feel like the overall quality of anime lately has been declining? Not in terms of s…[View]
189507118ITT: Lewds[View]
189494316yeah GAL-O SENGEN[View]
189478023Robihachi: Episode 11 out now. It looks like were finally at Isekandar.[View]
189509211>final episode's title is the name of the anime[View]
189501275Well /a/, will you?[View]
189477429We haven't had a Kobayashi thread in quite some time, have we?[View]
189493028My wife Ochako is so cute![View]
189503464ITT: futanari characters in serialized manga[View]
189499946Things you just realized.: ITT post things that took you a while to notice. I'll start: I just …[View]
189480797Who killed Kaji?: Your version[View]
189479870What do?[View]
189508702SpyXFamily: TADA! This loli can read all you lewd thoughts.[View]
189451152Jojo: Is there an opponent or weakness for Jojo's most broken stand? (I'm talking about Go…[View]
189505449>An anime with a budget of several potatoes and a pound of cocaine made a god-tier ED How did the…[View]
189498434Is there a bigger Mary Sue in all of shonen?[View]
189508247What does /a/ think about 'soukyuu no fafner' saga?[View]
189420330Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
189502520There will never be another anime like Texhnolyze.[View]
189487999What kind of men does she attract?[View]
189486013What is the main purpose of loli characters in anime?[View]
189504294Dororo is the best girl of the season.[View]
189488218One Piece: Is it finally the year of the Pig?[View]
189440228Shield Hero: Is this appropriate attire for a young raccoon?[View]
189499994Seriously, what the fuck was Kishimoto thinking?[View]
189504820Does he bite his thumb at us, anon?[View]
189505148NGNL: Left or right?[View]
189494648>shimakaze; escort and saving operation queen, enormously powerful, high-temperature, high-pressu…[View]
189497729>'I thought they were doing some sort of combined Stand ritual' and other dumb things you thought…[View]
189480134hayasaka is preety cute[View]
189495131Does anyone actually like Emilia? Are there even 15 reasons why someone would?[View]
189506087Boku no Child Abuse Academia: Reminder that Endeavor is a piece of shit criminal who masquerades as …[View]
189504210Gochiusa: How much do you pay?[View]
189494310>You have captured the enemy army's secret weapon What is your next step?…[View]
189495707Raildex: How must misfortune awaits Touma and the World in NT 22R?[View]
189498245Finland. BRB.[View]
189500559Imagine the scent of her hair[View]
189492139What's the worst Gundam series in your opinion and why?[View]
189490521Anon, this is my daughter Hotaru. I was wondering if you could watch her this weekend while I'm…[View]
189498760What went wrong?[View]
189482809Don't talk shit about prez, Nagatoro: This was truly a chapter for connoisseurs of art.[View]
189500288Is there anyone who can beat Tomoyo in a fight?: I got $500 nobody can[View]
189499648Why are girls so gross[View]
189501665Nep: Dumping the 4koma, I don't have any hidden reasons for doing so. Honest![View]
189498230Anzu is a scam. Hina is a long-term investment.[View]
189504536Am I retarded of is Progressive kinda bad?: maybe I'm retarded anyays, but I just watched it, a…[View]
189498424Do you prefer digital or physical manga?[View]
189498905In your view, is Nanachi male or female?[View]
189501143*ahem* Fuck witches and fuck magic.[View]
189501138Has there ever been an anime you thought you wasted hours of your life watching?[View]
189504025Rozen Maiden: Harem Ending done right. I still wish an anime studio will do a complete remake of Roz…[View]
189498848I feel like I'm the only one who watched Nobunaga no Shinobi.[View]
189498632>onii-chan becomes batshit crazy when imouto is threatened Why is this trope not more common?…[View]
189499204alice in hell: well that was a shit ending[View]
189489670Shingeki no Kyojin: >L-Let it die, bro[View]
189501356Dragon Ball Super: >Infinite power, stamina and potential Broly will continue to be completely un…[View]
189503192Why does a plain girl like Kumiko carry so much raw sex appeal?[View]
189502151Which manga chapter does the third season of the yuru yuri anime end on ? i want to start reading it[View]
189498329Shinka is the kind of girl who only has male friends[View]
189498110Could you beat her at gambling? What game? What would the consequence be of the loser?[View]
189493063Post american characters[View]
189501057WTF went so wrong?[View]
189489265if he really wanted to revive his clan why didn't he just impregnate a bunch of girls? Literall…[View]
189431988HE. FUCKING. WON.[View]
189496011Is the anime or manga better?[View]
189469959OPM: New One Punch Man Cover by Murata https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/1140566299128414208…[View]
189498074What did they mean by this?[View]
189502147Come post and make fun of Lucina like characters[View]
1894934685Toubun no Hanayome: >I like the view you can see when you swing with all you've got. >Th…[View]
189499868SSJ2 Gohan wasn't badass, he was an arrogant dumbass. Prove me wrong.[View]
189499523What did she do in America?[View]
189501628How happy does manga make you?[View]
189499533Can '90s animation make EVERYTHING in anime look sexy and cool?[View]
189500469a bunch of babies raise a baby: what did magical doremi mean by this?[View]
189495524yurucamp△: \Rin-chan!!/[View]
189497406Mina Ashido from Boku No Hero Academia: Due to Mina's body composition, she has an unusual smel…[View]
189487273Do you own any anime merch /a/ ? post them[View]
189500707Somehow becomes the best family in Boruto[View]
189488745Dragon Ball Super: Who would win?[View]
189501018Is she capable of reproducing with imans, or have her eggs all dried up?[View]
189486420What makes K-ON!! a masterpiece?[View]
189497483Realistically speaking, how likely it is that we get a BT anime? Or something on this level of reali…[View]
189495885Kengan omega: Man, i falling in love with this sequel[View]
189399950Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
189498612GJ-Bu: There's been another annual GJ-Bu bonus chapter. Each year the author writes one to cele…[View]
189500275Porco Rosso: This was a great movie Not my favorite Ghibli one (tied between Whisper of the Heart an…[View]
189485915Isekai: If you were Isekai'd, you would abolish the slavery don't you anon?[View]
189500499>My bankai isn't suited for training or helping people. What did he mean by this?…[View]
189497148??? Mob: Who could stop 'it'?[View]
189496512Danmachi: The origin of the dungeon is shown as an event in game >Bell's ancestor was a famo…[View]
189500400So a little birdy told me this series just had a really fucking bad ending. As someone who fell off …[View]
189497041Sarazanmai: C'mon baby, take a chance with us C'mon baby, take a chance with us C'mon…[View]
189491365Boku No Hero Academia: when and where will the remaining noumu be used? what powers will they have? …[View]
189498374Predict how your Manga/Anime/LN/whatever is going to end: >The Empire falls. >Every enemy coun…[View]
189497580Is this the only series where the cow tits girl wins?[View]
189494446>tomboy dresses up more feminine >instantly becomes best girl I really like this trope I hope …[View]
189498941Can we get a screenshot folder sharing thread going? I lost all of mine sometime last year & hav…[View]
189493424What did he mean by this?[View]
189499570>only a loli for two episodes Excuse me Aneko Yusagi, what the FUCK[View]
189499482/a/ Paint thread: Open up that MS Paint bros, it's PAINTING TIME[View]
189494575What did Tomino mean by this?[View]
189499575I'd marry her.[View]
189485092Yugami-kun: Dumping chapter 64 TLs[View]
189487504Rokudo 144: I love this stupidass manga[View]
189496954Attention all anons: I want Director Gori to sit on my face and call me her son. That is all.[View]
189487880What a shitty fucking ending.[View]
189496795Hello /a/. Have you seen my hat?[View]
189496822AOT S03E20: >Eldians are the master race >betrayed by a cuckold king >untermenschen take ov…[View]
189495460Who is the best idol and why is it Nico?[View]
189498739Naruto x Sarada: A son of these two would be a God, more powerful than any character in the Naruto S…[View]
189497364A show this wholesome shouldn't be allowed to exist[View]
189474780Anyone Feel Hunter X Hunter Jumped the Shark When They Introduced Nen?: This development felt comple…[View]
189495424what's your favorite opm's technique /a/? for me it's [/spoiler]serious [/spoiler][View]
189499298How come in many cases, when a newbie seiyuu plays the MC, they don't get another main role eve…[View]
189497292Did they?[View]
189495757>Summer season >half of it is isekai[View]
189498884>Hurr durr the only reason u lost is cuz u pissed me off. And because the idiot attacked you with…[View]
189485672ITT: Girls who WON[View]
189490147ONE OF US[View]
189487374I find it impossible to lewd dumb girls.[View]
189499052Mugi should've gone a bit easier on the cake. (And if that's her now, what do Yui and Rits…[View]
189496771>Asuka: Western Imperialism >Shinji: Pan-Asian Pre-1945 Japan…[View]
189498765Did you like it?[View]
189487373So how is that backlog going, anons?[View]
189498151What was up with the chunin exams and the forest of death stuff in early Naruto? It seems pretty dar…[View]
189497280>characters main problem isnthat she's too pretty to make friends Fucking really?…[View]
189494139Daily Bakuon Rettou: Chapter 28 Last time, it was Takashi's 16th birthday so he attempted his t…[View]
189495884>see somebody's fresh thread dedicated to their waifu >immediately reply with a post that…[View]
189493381Negima was super interesting.[View]
189495479How is the romance in this show?[View]
189492011Is this the most underrated anime of all time?[View]
189495450Boy is Shirou in for a surprise when he finally reaches Avalon.[View]
189498556I've got a crush on Ayana. She voices the cute characters and at the same time she seems super …[View]
189497560Kaguya: Will Ishigami shave his head as an apology for breaking Iino's arm?[View]
189488094Why does everyone act like Hyakkimaru is going to become a demon when Tahomaru is already there? …[View]
189495094Why is it that all those 'adopt a girl as a father' series CONVENIENTLY have the girl lust after the…[View]
189489661>brother and sister >plot twist that one of them is adopted Why do anime do this?…[View]
189497450What's the line for too gay? For me it's the voice.[View]
189496793Oregairu: >anime and light novel She will NEVER end up with the MC. It's either loner route …[View]
189471613Did anyone even like this character?[View]
189468303What is /a/'s general consensus on Boogiepop wa Warawanai anime?[View]
189497750Reminder that literally the best possible Eva ship is the main three all together, and it is importa…[View]
189488772Dragon Ball Super: The Strongest.[View]
189494114Why was her redesign such a fucking travesty?[View]
189495778Astral Buddy and the calculation upgrade of Junko Hokaze: Would Raildex consider Junko in her Astral…[View]
189493891Just finished watching gunsmith cats and i have to say it was some of the best animes i've seen…[View]
189478106Mob Psycho 100: Honestly, was it even good?[View]
189494658Other than Niea Under 7, he's made two 10/10s in Haibane and Tex and a 9/10 in Lain. Why doesn…[View]
189487623Non Non Biyori: What is Hotaru's problem, anyway?[View]
189492724What's the worst anime ever made production value wise?[View]
189417767Kemono Friends: Huge backpedaling in the novel adaptation of KF2 - Kyururu no longer hands his dra…[View]
189494605>side character is an isekai victim whoah[View]
189495239Friendly reminder that this is what peak Ghibli looks like. No other movies manage to capture genuin…[View]
189493066what in the hell is animu trying to tell me[View]
189497115Why aren't you reading Red?[View]
189495629Spooky Bois: You see this fine screen shot this Death is trying kill but doing it's bady.…[View]
189490933So, why hasn't he shot up his school yet?: Talk about bad writing.[View]
189487675Reply with one anime (without repeating previous ones). Reply to comments that include one that you …[View]
189493991Which is the memest show of the season? Is it OPM?[View]
189494026Am I the only one who thinks Shiburin looks like a street level drug dealer?[View]
189494187Subarashi mune![View]
189493385Attack on Titan information from Anime *MASSIVE SPOILERS*: So I just watched the most recent episode…[View]
189494456>shit boys I might be gay now[View]
189470242Jojolion thread: Here's your main villain, Anon.[View]
189473304Mieruko-chan: >BEAT THE NIGURedou[View]
189487052how do you feel about ojou-samas, /a/?[View]
189449154>Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki >Clan let’s her travel outside of the main clan without a group of …[View]
189494665ITT: Future time flops; ie. upcoming shows which will most likely sink like stones.[View]
189440061Houseki no Kuni: >be gem >be captured and ground up >your particles drift into the atmosphe…[View]
189494285My hero academia: Dumbest anime/ manga mc ever. >oh one million percent >oh I have legs >o…[View]
189475277ITT: well-written MCs[View]
189492609Lupin the 3rd: I wonder what Monkey Punch thought of his creation being dubbed over the years. Do yo…[View]
189490918WSJ: Dr. Stone x Shokugeki no Soma: Jump Giga Cover is out.[View]
189484837Which of these girls is the worst girl?[View]
189491423ITT: Unlikable mcs[View]
189494497What the fuck was their problem?[View]
189485293>Don't mind me, just being the greatest villain in anime/manga[View]
189493370What dastardly deeds can I do now that I have the future queen of hell on xbox? No, I am not autisti…[View]
189485224Senko should look like this[View]
189469091ITT:: Characters that were made to be bullied[View]
189483579Has a translation ever inspired you to learn Japanese?[View]
189481892>watching part 4 >the beginning is alright, nothing amazing >pic related happens >HOLY S…[View]
189494514>I'm high status and good looking and really strong Don't tell me you like this shit…[View]
189481810Shingeki no Kyojin: What is your opinion on the new episode? And what of Gabi Braun, the best and mo…[View]
189492066Nothing you watched in 2010 can be considered 'recent' anymore.[View]
189494896Close your eyes and open your mouth.[View]
189493513Zero no Tsukaima: In honour of my wife's new figure and probably last figure, let's have a…[View]
189494931Senryuu gal: What do you think about this autist? Im 3 episodes in and still don't know what th…[View]
189482946Aggretsuko Season 2: So... What do you think about marriage? What do you think about having children…[View]
189465693Yuusha ga Shinda! Murabito no Ore ga Hotta Otoshiana ni Yuusha ga Ochita Kekka: >this is the last…[View]
189489323Do you fap to normal anime (non ecchi/hentai)? If so, please provide examples. if no, then do you fa…[View]
189481877Kaguya spoilers 152: >start a new volume with a full arsenal of nukes BASED AKA…[View]
189492979When the new chapter coming out?[View]
189469215>look up the wikipedia page of chris cause she is cute >get linked to eris for some reason …[View]
189494412Raildex: Last Order is cute and funny![View]
189465159Re:Zero: Beakofags are mentally sound.[View]
189485135Mahou Shoujo Asuka: So when are we supposed to get the rape and torture scene again?[View]
189490444>Bruno can use sticky fingers to turn anyone into a fleshlight by giving them a zipper vagina…[View]
189491038What anime made you start reading manga ? for me, its Yuru Yuri[View]
189453872Akiba's Trip: Who remembers this beauty of an anime?[View]
189492713>character pulls out a box cutter >everyone freaks out Is it the modern katana?…[View]
189451814Kimetsu 162: Let's try to finish this[View]
189489876KAKEGURUI XX: So what dd you think?[View]
189492598Post images that would make a cool premise for an anime.[View]
189493102Is she the best meme girl?[View]
189493118Who has the better design?[View]
189493258>Yuru Yuri's 11th aniverssary is tomorrow >10th aniversarry OVA isn't out yet…[View]
189477170Inazuma Eleven General: How powerful is Orion Japan to original Japan do you think?[View]
189489052Could I get a definitive watching order for Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock: An all encompass…[View]
189476904This “Twist” was Gay as Fuck: What was once a cool show about Humanity recovering from the brink of …[View]
189478509What software do you use to keep track of what manga you've read, dropped, planning to read, et…[View]
189486114ITT: We fuck around with a waifu generator site: hey /a/, found this website. https://www.thiswaifud…[View]
189493037TryanT Leader in Anime[View]
189474537>tfw realized Josei and Shoujo are actually good[View]
189485183PSG: What did Wakabayashi mean by this?[View]
189492915Akame was hot.[View]
189492673Will we ever get a part two? The girl in this was pretty cute.[View]
189492210Find a sadder moment in any anime.[View]
189492788Anybody else remember coming across a noticeably higher amount of depressing shows during the 2000s …[View]
189492531FMK: Konosuba Edition[View]
189486261Bleach: God I miss Bleach sometimes. The plot was fucking zany, but every arc had fantastic little m…[View]
189491782Great /a/ Poll: Well /a/? How do you consume your Nihon media? https://strawpoll.com/yyp921g3[View]
189481347Been an anime fan for a while by now and I have watched a lot of stuff, but i`ve never watched Drago…[View]
189488429Look at this loser[View]
189469192>Ore Monogatari!! >not a story about mining…[View]
189431175Please stop bullying my dick nagatoro: New chapter less than 24 hours[View]
189489732>in the end... we truly are Attack on Titan ..really?[View]
189488771Find a flaw.[View]
189490840shaman king: >oh no Hao won the shaman king tournament he's now going to wipe out all the hu…[View]
189485014Who would make a better mother and why?[View]
189486811>Gives his daughter over to someone who raped her with worms 24/7 for over 10 years What a terrib…[View]
189433413Spy x family: One more hour until the new chapter drops. Why aren't you reading this, /a/?…[View]
1894797805toubun no Hanayome: So, how will Negi do it? How will Negi save Yotsuba? He's been only giving…[View]
189478624Why has there been such a huge influx of the typical loser self-insert MC over the past decade? Do n…[View]
189489392This is the best imouto I've ever seen. Makes me feel bad for not picking this up while it aire…[View]
189486534'Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl' premiers in the US at AX2019: https://twitter.com/aniplex…[View]
189486879fate/apocrypha: So Shiro had >Access to free infinite spells >Exorcism rites >The literal s…[View]
189488001>CG with no lulu[View]
189491003When does a character flaw straight up become shitty writing?[View]
189486241Looking for more Roxy: If you happen to posses pictures/fanart of Roxy do not hesitate to open this …[View]
189463442>Utsumi will tap THIS everyday Utsumi is a lucky guy[View]
189489065>is never able to fight without using dying will bullets and pills >undergoes no character pro…[View]
189470291Raildex: Accel anime will air on July 12th. There's an early screening on June 29th in TOHO ci…[View]
189483983Is there a worse mecha serie in existence? >Everyone is retarded except Shinji and Co >Everyon…[View]
189472488Boku No Hero Academia: BnHA season 4 airs on October 12th this year, here's the preview for the…[View]
189481980Shingeki no Kyojin: Rumbling fucking WHEN? How long will Isayama draw this out?[View]
189466241Dororo: Penultimate episode tonight. How will this party end?[View]
189489645>has an opportunity to become one with everyone he loves, dissolve all anxiety and pain, and esca…[View]
189489317He could have saved Nagato's sanity by sleeping with Haruhi why didn't he do it?[View]
189482142Potatoes can't be fucking dead, it was never confirmed[View]
189486660Localisation Vs Translating: So does this qualify as a translation or a rewrite?[View]
189489487>If I can't beat them then I die >But if I win I live >And the only way to win, is to…[View]
189487735Redpill on clannad?: Is the anime just shit because of it's adaptation from the VN or is the st…[View]
189484709Jashin-chan Dropkick: How can you say no to her /a/?[View]
189482488The real treasure is the friendships you forge along the way.[View]
189423653Uma Musume: Subs for the horse OVA are out[View]
189489103marleyfags OUT: Marley has no justification, if eren tramples over every last man woman and child in…[View]
189487240Is his anime kino?[View]
189486931Miyazaki's movies are realistic, but unrealistic at the same time. It's hard to describe, …[View]
189488811So I recently woke up from a coma. Just wanted to know, is there KF s2, MiA s2, HnK s2, or SSR s2 ye…[View]
189488730How is this getting an anime long after the manga ended? Was it that popular?: I never saw any threa…[View]
189477297Dragon Ball Super: Predict his next movie's plot[View]
189487212Here's your anime figure fellow anime watcher[View]
189486557Mahou Shoujo Site: LMAO How can a manga not only use man on man rape as a plot device, but also ridi…[View]
189481308>knowingly goes to a speedway that's set up to be a trap, and destroys everything >stays …[View]
189486621Where would your favorite anime series rank on a hypothetical scale of perceivable cultural distance…[View]
189488477Marley has no justification, if eren tramples over every last man woman and child in Marley he would…[View]
189484778Top Female Characters Of All Time[View]
189486896Baccano: What is the appeal of Baccano? The comedy was awful, the action was tame, none of the chara…[View]
189482338If you were forced to marry one of the Symphogear's at gunpoint, who would you choose?[View]
189487934>Japanese version of the little mermaid >but this time it's a mermaid guy who falls in lo…[View]
189465911One Piece: It won't be long before Luffy reunites with the rest. Best Bros thread.[View]
189485810Why is Dororo so Kino? Its like a subversion of Dark Souls + Sekiro.[View]
189481812when did you realized manga is superior to anime and anime is mostly a poorly done interpretation of…[View]
189482165>series looks interesting >tag: cooking[View]
189472856Yatogame-chan: New episode very soon[View]
189486173Ao chan can't study: When will she embrace her inner slut?[View]
189486809Ensemble stars anime info????: anyone know anything about the stream in japan? Anything?[View]
189428152Symphogear: Just finished the first season. Questions. How is Chris even a little bit alive? What ha…[View]
189486955>Well? What are you waiting for? My pits aren't going to fuck themselves.…[View]
189486197Post panels or pages where you had to stop for a moment, because you just couldn't bear the cri…[View]
189486934Now that this guy's been in the show for 3 seasons, what can you tell me about his personality?[View]
189484194How does /a/ feel about Minky Momo?[View]
189481948Who's your favourite character from FMAB?[View]
189487243Midari's Thighs: Midari's Thighs[View]
189476179I miss her[View]
189482255Is the consensus reached on the nature and extent of King Crimson's ability?[View]
189471911I'm betting once Part 7 gets adapted, anime only watchers are going to call Funny Valentine Tru…[View]
189487035>cute girl >gets a haircut >looks fucking ugly now Why japs keep doing this shit. Fuck this…[View]
189485609do you know much about the history of anime? when did it become a pop culture phenomenon in japan? w…[View]
189485066Anime expo thread?: Anime expo thread? All the other ones on /cgl/ are dead.[View]
189478505Chainsaw Man: Is there anyone who can possibly even hope to defeat guns?[View]
189480164>LITERALLY the same character Is kishimoto a hackfraud?[View]
189483778Spidergirls: Is there any other anime aside from monster musume that has spidergirls?[View]
189485826>Mary Sue How fitting. Will she ruin the series, or will Tanya btfo her?…[View]
189478995Teppu: >female MMA manga >it's fucking great Why does nobody talk about this masterpiece?…[View]
189483816Bucciarati noodles: >search for noodle machine >see dis…[View]
189454371Bokuben: >no pantyshot What did Studio Silver and Arvo Animation mean by this?…[View]
189482780Who has the best costume ?[View]
189483684Yuusha ga Shinda!: New Chapter is out.[View]
189449184Sarazanmai: Finale PV soon. How wild will the ride be?[View]
189483879This show was way underrated, and the second season did nothing at all with the plot. Why'd it …[View]
189485507>Hiroe Rei starts a new series while Black Lagoon remains on hiatus What the fuck is he thinking?…[View]
189474235Danmachi S2 PV: No horny Amazons in the trailer unfortunately, just Apollo and his band of faggot bu…[View]
189483774Why do manga translators feel the need to put the original Japanese word in plenty of places where a…[View]
189484287What the fuck Is this?[View]
189485350Thoughts on Beautiful Dreamer?[View]
189483488who was the target audience for this exact frame?[View]
189483966The Promised Neverland: Can based Norman save the manga?[View]
189479554She is the rokurokubi.[View]
189484687Yotsuba is going to win[View]
189483526Blissful Land: Do you think this manga is banned on China?[View]
189483968Well anon, are you just going to stand there or are you going to invite me inside?[View]
189467785Who is the most asshole anime/manga MC?: A complete dickhead with almost no redeeming qualities. I…[View]
189483804Sayu is so precious.[View]
189482134>Dad walk in you know, that part... Post it[View]
189483564SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA SEASON 4 TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8px2vpLfTA[View]
189472970Its Monday again. Lets have a Miuna thread.[View]
189476634Fate: They added the guy who pierced the side of the Jesus to the fate Lore[View]
189484470Why is she so dour?[View]
189482834What is your AOTS?[View]
189474859Overlord: Was this scene supposed to be taken seriously? Were seasons 2 and 3 supposed to be taken …[View]
189470741For me its Karna vs Siegfried: Which fight among all in the Fate franchise is the epic one?[View]
189482962Was this really a result of a budget deficit, or was it deliberately conjured? http://is2.4chan.org/…[View]
189480895Why the hell are butlers always named Sebas?[View]
189478148Nezuko: Tell me, why does she wear the bit gag?[View]
189482737I believe they made Hotaru's design too attractive in the anime. It grossly takes attention awa…[View]
189482894LET IT DIE, GODDAMINT[View]
189476925Ochako looks so much sexier in the manga. She actually has some muscle and fat on her.[View]
189481064Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: are tawawas accurate representations of nip women?[View]
189483241ITT: hard-hitting moments in anime/manga: >You'll learn eventually. The anguish of invincibi…[View]
189483646What did /a/ think of The Parent Trap?[View]
189483485I like Naruto and Gon: Naruto and Gon good.[View]

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