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187362499Do you remember Running Bros, /a/?[View]
187364462Who wins in a gamble[View]
187365891Love Live! Sunshine!!: >he sold all his maricoins when S2 ended >he invested in youcoins desp…[View]
187364300Which is a bigger sin in modern anime?: Small dot noses or side mouths?[View]
187360757She's literally ruining the show for me. please tell me they back off with her little nose blee…[View]
187364479/a/ - No Fun Allowed[View]
187365430>step aside, Nagatoro[View]
187366462Mumen rider: C class hero, S class heart[View]
187367002so much for all those posts about Saitama's weakness being cats or bladed weapons he'll g…[View]
187366931Where exactly was Dogville located? I am seeing Russian, Chinese and Turkic influences on its cultur…[View]
187366181Pre-2000 thread: Whatcha guys watching. I still cant get over how beautiful the ending of tekkaman b…[View]
187347392What will anime look like in future decades?[View]
187364924monogatari: ononoki best girl.[View]
187366785Higurashi no naku koro ni: Should Oyashiro sama, the feared goddess of Hinamizawa, be a lewd looking…[View]
187363582Was he a pedophile?[View]
187364281How will 4.0 save anime, /a/?[View]
187364231why tho[View]
187366456While looking like they would overflow with tears at any moment, the pupils of Mabu’s eyes expanded.…[View]
187366191What is written in this letter? is it possible to decipher it?[View]
187366209Dark Horse this season: I am pretty sure, most anons are overlooking actual dark horse this season, …[View]
187361956You relax at home and suddenly this child knocks and open the door, what will you do?[View]
187358486Does Mista have hair?[/spoiier][View]
187342561Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: >tfw no loli kitsune motherwife messenger goddess to pamper me why…[View]
187364000Shoumetsu Toshi: Ep3 subs out Thoughts?[View]
187362262What happen to this series?[View]
187363142Season 2 of cutie mercenary squadron when?[View]
187336031Futanari no Elf: Chapter 7 translation.[View]
187364768Why is japan mixing 3d into 2d?[View]
187357346The god of manga[View]
187353515Why aren't there more anime series with idols who end up becoming porn actresses?[View]
187333934Girls can love other girls right?[View]
187353574Does anyone miss when anime/manga was unknown? Like now that anime is so mainstream we have huge (un…[View]
187360750Boiled taters[View]
187364866Is this manga any good?[View]
187360486Tell me /a/, what sequels were not worth the wait?[View]
187354525Himenosupia: Himenospia chapter 14 is out last chapter was the one with Trump this one is the one wi…[View]
187365173Is asobi a horror anime?[View]
187363278Fate Kaleid liner prisma Illya: Oh shit bros she ready to whoop Julian's ass[View]
187364951I can only find up to chapter 53 wtf istopped reading for like a month or two is it cancelled?[View]
187363331Why are Triggerfags such retard with horrible taste?[View]
187341125JOJO GOLDEN WIND:: Why is he so perfect?[View]
187364930how did they have eletricity in kamina's village[View]
187287206Pokemon Special/Adventures Chapter 543-2: /a/nons told me it was ok to dump new chapters here when t…[View]
187363383Sayonaro zetsubo sensei thread!: >fav season? >fav girl? >fav gag?…[View]
1873454443x3 Thread: Why do unpopular shows rarely show up in these threads?[View]
187363184Pierce teh Jesus with your nails.[View]
187363922Thoughts on This Guy?[View]
187362361Violet Evergarden: Jesus how old is Violet gonna be in the movie? A decent amount of time must have …[View]
187362083can we post girls treating someone like trash from a POV perspective?[View]
187361797Naruto authors new manga: samurai 8: Will be scifi meets Japanese culture. Will it be kino or will …[View]
187364295How would eva be viewed differently if end of eva was never released?: Purely hypothetical, but woul…[View]
187364333Madara is probably one of the best dancers in shonen.[View]
187362135where is my blind deaf mute gf....[View]
187364272Boku no Hero Academia: Have you pray to our lord on this holy day? Also since toga will win you are …[View]
187363116Would you go for a crazy, gun-toting Chinese black market sex symbol?[View]
187363487>Everyone except the MC are retarded to make him look smart And even then the author had to use u…[View]
187363876ITT we post pages when we realised a manga was being written by hack[View]
187356694Would you let this demon drain your vitality for a night of pleasure?[View]
187363925What does /a/ think about the 'swimmer's body' in animanga?[View]
187360117Explain the ending[View]
187363820If E-tachi wanted Sasook to become the hero of the leaf, why did he tell him to kill his closest fri…[View]
187362869Does Japan need more anime about asses?: There's been countless breast anime like Eiken, Manyuu…[View]
187360505Why these guys still exist? Why they were so important if strong ninjas like Hashirama, Madara, Tobi…[View]
187356302Gotoubun no Hanayome: FUUUCK!!!!! I shoudn't have read the manga Ichika was my best girl when I…[View]
187362520Ummm, how is this ok? When I saw this guy on the first 2 episodes, I still gave the show a pass beca…[View]
187357090What was Naruto’s tax policy? Did he maintain a standing army? What did he do in times of flood and …[View]
187352236Why allow kids to learn knowledge they can use for their escape? Why not only select books that teac…[View]
187348873Is it really fan service when embarrassment, humiliation, lust, punishment and pain provide for bett…[View]
187356249Fire Punch: Fire punch is the best manga Shueisha has ever published in the last 20 years. Prove me …[View]
187354792Why is all anime associated with nobunaga complete trash and a top tier cringefest?[View]
187362232So what is going on with Princess Principal movies? Are they even still making them?[View]
187362868Just read all the TWGOK manga. Well it was good except the part where Elsie is a big bad monster all…[View]
187362652Yoshi: >tfw when you have the best character development in the series >tfw you have the coole…[View]
187338146My Hero: Really makes you think...[View]
187362836Its eggday Post some eggs[View]
187338738Detective Conan: Conan has some of the best available remastered content out of any long running ani…[View]
187358251When was the last an anime made you laugh?[View]
187360526With Leorio and Gon its understandable they didnt know about Nen. Kurapika is an if, but ok. But rea…[View]
187361726Feminine tomboys are the perfect middle ground between tomboys and girly girls.[View]
187334844why is isekai so hated: i liked everything so far except overlord after s1, re:zero and Grimgar of F…[View]
187345687GIRUGAMESH It's been 10 years[View]
187339275orchestr/a/: Hi, we make orchestral (and also other styles of) arrangements of anime music, record i…[View]
187361759Boruto is the GT of the Naruto franchise. In 10 years Kishimoto will come forward saying he never th…[View]
187360681Ultimate Chad[View]
187353845What makes a good twist vs an asspull, and what are some examples of each[View]
187361799Anime needs more of this type of loli.[View]
187352146Sailor Moon: The movies got cancelled and they haven't told anyone right?[View]
187350102This is my favorite movie, please say something nice about it.[View]
187344118what's the point of this character[View]
187360987Good characters in bad anime: Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion[View]
187352484Where is the WIXOSS thread you fuckers, the full anniversary PV is out with everybody's favouri…[View]
187357138How can a 12 year old be this hot?[View]
187361840Boring story Boring protagonist[View]
187354945Which adaptation handles the eclipse best? 1997? The 3rd movie?[View]
187361791Naoko is coming home /a/[View]
187359434Cyborg 009 live action: With the diversity craze of the modern movie industry, do you think they wil…[View]
187357182Moetan.: Thoughts on Moetan? best girl? OP or ED?[View]
187357259Bunny girl movie trailer: Are there no threads or am i just a brainlet that missed it? >Shoko bes…[View]
187359275Dragon Ball Super: I think we call all agree now that Jiren is the strongest[View]
187348165Finally a Latina female in anime: Carole & Tuesday + Angela[View]
187354528Kara no shoujo 3 Anticipation: With voice recording done, it seems like we can expect some news or t…[View]
187359327Do you want to be a hero anon?[View]
187321521Everyone wish this precious pink bunny a happy birthday![View]
187359821Mahou Shoujo Tamara: How would you use pain + pleasure to break Tamara's brainwashing?[View]
187346563Boruto: Why is Kawaki so based?[View]
187355131Name someone more based?: You can't.[View]
187358960What did Ikuhara mean by this?[View]
187359788Will we ever have an anime as good as Mayoiga again?[View]
187357786Crest of the Stars: >We will be retranslating this series from the beginning! Also, we will be re…[View]
187353209Why was it so popular? Nowadays nobody talks about it, and user scores on review sites keep on falli…[View]
187355520Fetish Tail: Why the hell is Fairy Tail so choc full of god-tier fetish bait but also doomed to have…[View]
187358973ITT: Anime ruined by garbage humor[View]
187356999Name anime with the best concept.[View]
187360181this decade started strong and peaked with 2014 a classic after a classic but after that it's j…[View]
187327690Kazumin thread The OTP of Konosuba coming through[View]
187352626You are now the head of this studio. You have 5 years to fix them. What would you do?[View]
187359341Why didn't Ryoga ever tap that, even when Ranma was weakened?[View]
187357428Violet Evergarden Movie: VEG original series is set after end of WW1 in fictional 'europe' world, so…[View]
187357885Thoughts on the Chinese Kaiji adaption? It's not as good as the anime, but it's tons bette…[View]
187356195What characters do you absolutely despise?[View]
187329541Meanwhile in class /a/....[View]
187345764One Piece: >I can’t wait till he get to Wano! >it’s going to be dark and filled with bloody s…[View]
187327215Homo Time: So is anyone watching King Prism? Will it be as homo as the movies?[View]
187356310Why haven't you watched Fafner /a/?[View]
187357992>autistic sperglord claims a higher budget would not lead to better animation for anime…[View]
187354379Coffee > Sweets[View]
187352911Naruto spinoff about the aesthetic Samurai and Iron Country when?[View]
187357608Namekians: So Namekians are meant to be indian, right? Their Dragon looks like a Naga, their clothin…[View]
187286232Zero no Tsukaima: Lets have a good ol thread about this pink midget and her dog[View]
187357682Here's your coach/mom/wife bro[View]
187310595>anime starts with a Nietzsche quote[View]
187358680Hey guys I have been checking this new season but so far havent found anything interesting. Are ther…[View]
187339489DanMachi: So spoil me how broken does this guy become? He just basically 2 shots a floor boss. Albei…[View]
187357728I like HxH too but if you can’t admit “O MY RUBBER NEN” and Alluka both being asspuls, then you’re j…[View]
187352162which name does /a/ prefer, Oliver or Tsubasa?[View]
187356225Bakemonogarari Chapter 24: MONKEY[View]
187354598I wish fem Gilgamesh canonically existed[View]
187356148>Tfw the next BBEG is literally Mary Sue and is literally blessed by God Lmao…[View]
187351150Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: >under 400 results on pixiv What the fuck I thought the nips w…[View]
187353968Manaria Friends: What's your opinion about official dub? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shIL7r…[View]
187351973We're almost in May and there still isn't a girl hotter than Rikka yet this year, what…[View]
187354675Who's the best looking JoJo boy? Personally Gyro.[View]
187353491>Last 5 minutes of the final episode >suddenly male character is introduced…[View]
187352732What a rad lil' fella[View]
187352708What anime most deserves a HxH-style remake? I would definitely go with pic related. Compared to mod…[View]
187356635Movie when?[View]
187357080ITT: OPs/EDs that perfectly define the show. https://youtu.be/VySc8YNaHQA[View]
187355350>Kansai dialect translated as British English[View]
187331498Have you forgotten her /a/?[View]
187356786Have you discovered that if an animation is re-created after five years, the popularity and sales be…[View]
187349780What do you think about Kobayashi-san-chi no Maid Dragon: Lucoa wa Boku no xx Desu?[View]
187352474>OP by the cast[View]
187353554>keep forgetting manga I'm reading How do you guys do it?[View]
187353626>not a highschool setting >not a teenager protag >actually funny Why did no one tell me abo…[View]
187356679ayy lmao[View]
187355684Best naked girls (No NSFW)[View]
187353454When it comes to subgenre derivatives, Japan always portray themselves as either futuristic cyberpun…[View]
187349910Spice and Furry: Season 3 when?[View]
187350575How would you fix SHAFT?: Anime DVD/BD Sales in Japan Shaft Bakemonogatari *79201 Mappa Yuuri!!! on…[View]
187355552>tfw no isekai gf[View]
187269784Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari: Raphtalia is a good girl.[View]
187352702What is this creature?[View]
187345063Context/Quality.: Post captures without context.[View]
187320683Sarazanmai: Azuma Sara DISHU[View]
187350679>What is this, a sorority for ants?[View]
187351721Tier List of all the girls, SS being best girl of course. Minor characters included[View]
187353189Who was your first waifu /a/?[View]
187349585What’s /a/‘s opinion on Kinnikuman?[View]
187353675Your thoughts on the TV special?[View]
187306719Beastars Chapter 125[View]
187355889Is he the most dangerous shota in the medium?[View]
187350377Do you remember her series?[View]
187352240Whatever happened to 'Tall Sluts and the Midget Who Loves Them'?[View]
187355698yes im a baby pleae spoil me[View]
187353287What is /a/ opinion on her?[View]
187340721Who wore it better?[View]
187355641anime/translations when[View]
187354489What went wrong?[View]
187325813What is the best power system in anime and manga? One that's neither so simple as to allow cons…[View]
187351858Quality children's programming.[View]
187351848Fan made JoJo stands: Was wondering how many fan stands I could find, I'll start it with a stan…[View]
187328019Was he evil?[View]
187352021Ever get this feel?[View]
187271432Black Clover: New chapter is out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/black_clover/en/0/202/page/1 Al…[View]
187222987Cardfight!! Vanguard: The time has finally come for the special new anime arc stream! We will be rec…[View]
187295047I w-w-want her to keep me warm at the house of Libra![View]
187308702Tokushuusen Asuka Chapter 43: Time for some kurumi and armenian nico suffering[View]
187350487maid dragon 82: fafnir and akiba[View]
187353767What was the point of this?: Seriously? Did they run out of shit for the last few episodes?[View]
187349705ITT post literally me's[View]
187345847Anyone picking the field over Itsuki at 4/1 odds?[View]
187353851Alright, lads. Forget about chapter 34 or the most recent anime episodes and let's talk about s…[View]
187353299itt the most hatted characters[View]
187352685New JoJo stand concepts: Share some stand concepts, preferably stands with humanoid forms. I'll…[View]
187345528To Love-ru: Is there a more perfect girl than Than Nemesis?[View]
187349912When I see so bad a woman I go to the next chapter.[View]
187349359Hi /a/! This is what I look like in real life. Isn't it cute?[View]
187352904Why did I make her look like Majin Buu, the psychopathic ignorant obese manchild who nearly destroye…[View]
187348221Tell me what's wrong with this picture in your own words.[View]
187323066her beauty and magnificence sweeps the entire universe...[View]
187330044Kono Oto Tomare!: >[HorribleSubs] Kono Oto Tomare! - 03 [720p].mkv The 5 people watching this sho…[View]
187351905Wait Why didnt she scream 'KONO HENTAI!' and slap him sending 50 feet into the sky after he touched …[View]
187351835Definition of fuck the villain of the series: Opinions?[View]
187353125>cute girl >NEET[View]
187353276Goku Fandom: /a/, could you explain to me why every shōnen debate about power levels and strength al…[View]
187348793after seeing this on so many rec lists, i marathoned it. this is the worst anime i've ever seen…[View]
187329798Happy birthday to the best OreImo girl[View]
187347857Lets see....we got a 15 year old with little to no personality of his own, he wins literally all the…[View]
187352194Kyochuu Rettou anime incoming!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-U6hb_ZAI8 Where is the hype?? Why …[View]
187353262Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai: Ch 11.5 of Kawaii Eldritch Abominations dumping. By the way bei…[View]
187352469Why does this show feel like Futurama?[View]
187352423I like to watch animes the are finished. Is Code Geass finished or is there going to be more?[View]
187342388Million Arthur: why are you not watching the best anime this season?[View]
187349570Another Muv-Luv Thread: Say something nice to the Yakisoba Queen[View]
187352334Hey /a/, let's watch a short murdered room mystery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOeJAtoG22s…[View]
187352274i wish someone told me about jigoku no alice, this is some fun shit[View]
187352067Anno was going to use a rendition of this as the opening to Evangelion before A Cruel Angel's T…[View]
187351329>>187349863 That's a shame. Anyways keep up the good work orchestr/a/, Godspeed.[View]
187346123Toriko deserved better: Let's keep bitching about what a travesty it is that Toriko is gone for…[View]
187325713Parallel Paradise 79: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=939454#[View]
187342334oyasumi /a/[View]
187351125where the fuck is season 2 it's been so long boys[View]
187351776What went right?[View]
187350675Why does Japan think 'more swords = more cool'?[View]
187348492mob psycho 100: WHY DO PEOPLE SHIP THIS? Mob is 14, Reigen is 28!!!! >Reimob ?…[View]
187336447ITT: series that never got a S2 because Japan has shit taste[View]
187351684What would it take for a final season of FMP to finally get constructed? Dual funding from an Americ…[View]
187350225Really makes you think, doesn't it? Yes, it really does.[View]
187351362This anime was very comfy, I want more.[View]
187307346Reborn As a Vending Machine: How is this as far as isekai goes? Is it a serious story?[View]
187346611What's /a/'s opinion about dakimakuras? Do you own one (or several)? What would you do wit…[View]
187351114so ra no wo to hi bi ke[View]
187351199I never thought of her as a waifu when I watched the original anime but, now watching this new Fruit…[View]
187351158Favorite Openings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlagqK7iSeo post em[View]
187265176Is Akira about to get dethroned? Look at the fucking hair.[View]
187350529Animes where the ED/OP is better than the anime: Post animes where the ED/OP were better than the ac…[View]
187349041What's your favorite flavor of gum? Mine is JK thighs.[View]
187347295Dragon Ball Super: I like Jiren[View]
187346687Shingeki no kyojin: What exactly is it that differentiates SNK from other war dramas to the point if…[View]
187348490Where the FUCK is the Ranma 1/2 spring located I want to be a girl so bad I swear to God[View]
187315302JoJolion 85: So what the fuck just happened?[View]
187349982Ojamajo Doremi: Remember that this is a normal thing in Japan to take bath with your daughter. And y…[View]
187350649This is Dipdo: Is he an anime character[View]
187350644pantriste: u seen kayusoku no neverland? liked it?[View]
187350091Post a character that is the best character of a show that isn't the main character or doesn…[View]
187346870Why do imoutos want their older brother's dicks so often?[View]
187320525Choukadou Girl 1/6 Amazing Stranger: Let's discuss Nona's perfect body until subs are out.…[View]
187348985Why is this season so SHIT?[View]
187350692Why can't all idols be as sexy and young as Anzu?[View]
187350481Reminder that deltora quest still doesn't have subs: Have you accepted Jasmine as best girl in …[View]
187348782oh its from the creator of gantz, i never woulda guessed[View]
187349453Are you bettering yourself for your waifu? Are you working hard for her sake? How have you become a …[View]
187315948Bokuben: new ep today https://twitter.com/bokuben_anime/status/1119178831049285632[View]
187344159A Tale of Goblin Slayer and Concupiscent Mage: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
187349261What's your favorite method to find new anime?: The primary way I find new anime is by followin…[View]
187337417>I hate nice guys.[View]
187349201Defend this[View]
187349930Physical media: I got these two while i was in the big city recently. What about you /a/?[View]
187349870Black hair = black hair Dark blue hair = black hair Dark green hair = black hair Purple hair = black…[View]
187334306Which color is your favorite? For me it's Nono-chan[View]
187344465shit. I watched all the episodes before touching any of the films, what do i do[View]
187342245You get to burning[View]
187346511Will he ever be topped?[View]
187330096Jojo: Next week bestboy will be gone forever[View]
187343721>Mikoto Misaka is referred to as 'Misaka' >Ruiko Saten is referred to as 'Saten' >Kazari Ui…[View]
187332083Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 22: Canzone[View]
187344915We need to talk about modern anime. In my personal opinion modern anime suffers from the 12 episode …[View]
187348923Is this the comfiest anime airing right now?[View]
187337554Why are casual viewers so afraid of grain and uncropped 4:3 (black bars)? What other series that wen…[View]
187349445[HorribleSubs] Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - 52 [720p].mkv Tags: Age_Progression Yeah, that's my f…[View]
187323987Go ride your Suzuki[View]
187339851I'm tired of waiting /a/![View]
187349218Post anime moms.[View]
187316510Release the Spyce: Why was it quickly forgotten? Wasn't this one of the most hyped up and most …[View]
187345053Fuck me dead what is his actual problem?[View]
187345028Jujutsu Kaisen: With each chapter I read my IQ increases.[View]
187337075Ships that are right because they're so wrong[View]
187343437Can you feel my?[View]
187348953Is Hikigaya Hachiman the best written character of all time? I think he might be.[View]
187348446Rare: Post your rarest character[View]
187345343Does Tatsumaki have the best ass in all of anime?[View]
187313109ITT Girls who deserved to win: >Relentlessly makes sure MC's plan works despite knowing that…[View]
187348031>BRRRING BRRRING[View]
187344115Tenchi thread.: Who's best girl and why is it Ryoko? Discuss.[View]
187341468A used Sakura is infinitely better than a new Rin.[View]
187344226;_; feels bad man....[View]
187337431Kill La Kill: Do people still talk about Kill La Kill (nudist propaganda show) on its own merits? I …[View]
187345131Fruits Basket - New Manga vs. New Series: Which new Fruba do you like better - the new Another manga…[View]
187344224Why is Naruto sad?[View]
187341434I love Carole![View]
187347516One Punch Man: Charanko isn't a jobber, he has just been beaten by S class freaks, he could eas…[View]
187345969Please have sex with my boyfriend bakugo[View]
187272771Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
187344667Is the translator still working on this?: Does he have a blog or something I can check?[View]
187347750She deserved more.[View]
18734756310 more days til the dawn of the best Era[View]
187346603Nostalgia Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImPM5IDIYPs[View]
187341134Look at this fucking loser[View]
187339556Seikai no Monshou: >https://twitter.com/jnovelclub/status/1119707093479690240 Long live the Abh. …[View]
187334645Cute and Psychotic family[View]
187347240Reminder that Naruto Gaymaki forgave this man: Absolute cringe protagonist.[View]
187346175>A Certain Magical Index >There's no magical index finger…[View]
187309287ITT: VNs that deserve an anime adaptation.[View]
187343931Is Urusei Yatsura worth watching?[View]
187342505The art for the 90s Sailor Moon is very nice. It aged really well.[View]
187290493HE FUCKING WON[View]
187347075Wtf happen whit You? you started right now you're a shit isekai[View]
187346983So what does everyone think about the new Code Geass movie coming out?[View]
187342967Never let westerners have influence on anime production committees.[View]
187321918One punch man: How was this allowed in OPM?[View]
187345828Was he real?[View]
187345288Why is old anime good, but new anime bad?[View]
187339141ITT Shows that don't need season two: Just to clarify: this thread IS for is for >The show w…[View]
187345587One Piece: Toko can't compete[View]
187346504Gesundheit is my daddy: >How old are you? These days it seems that even fictional people like you…[View]
187344475I find this hard to believe[View]
187343020Was this scene really necessary? Isn't she only in middle school?[View]
187311397Shingeki no Kyojin: We rumble soon. Let's flatten some earth![View]
187344623Kimetsu no Yaiba: You would take advantage of this situation, right?[View]
187345006Is this the worst anime adaption ever? >show turns the source material into a kiddy fun time show…[View]
187345837https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Um6okMHcE Has there ever been a better theme in anime history?…[View]
187345488Who is she and why does she follow the secondary couple all the time?[View]
187339848When exactly did you realize that Seikon no Qwaser isn't just another trash boobie anime, but s…[View]
187329534Best girl: Post best girl from each series[View]
187334215When does it get good?[View]
187322117Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma: EP 3 soon[View]
187345075>Anime looks better than the manga Why the fuck does this happen? Specially in spokon. This mothe…[View]
187337584How does /a/ feel about Bkub?[View]
187343173Is this the kind of thing you're into?[View]
187307573Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, Shining Star, King of Prism: How can one idle be this sexy?[View]
187344134Missed potential[View]
187337592Distant Dawn: Instead of my usual weekend Sangokushi dumps, I'll post The Distant Dawn, a colle…[View]
187344285Anyone wants to talk about Kuro (Somato)? It might be over, but its one cute nice spoopy webmanga[View]
187328635One Piece: Currently at Alabasta, does Sanji get a nice amount of spotlight in this arc? Of all the …[View]
187333935ITT Post anime and manga without posting it. This aint a easy one mind you[View]
187342283Who needs emotional-unstable washboards when you can have JUSTICE?[View]
187337838Baki the Grappler: Last thread dissapeared too quickly[View]
187342448Name a more attractive male MC.[View]
187339658Give me back my happiness[View]
187344114Heritage Thread: Only images and comments pertaining to the proud history of /a/ may be posted in th…[View]
187327258Shingeki no GODKE: >Manlet a shit >Porco a shit >Erwin a shit >And Pieck is his bitch Is…[View]
187344041What is the best opening song ever? Choose one fuckers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTNPQVHNefA…[View]
187343193Furuya of the Diamond Act II: So, who's the main character of this anime again? Because I could…[View]
187336995Evangelion thread: >tfw forgot what even happened in rebuild 2 and 3…[View]
187342142Animal Kingdom: Time skips done absolutely right[View]
187340167Anime when?: This is exactly like bunny-sempai.[View]
187343255Tolmekian knights are fucking cool, yo.[View]
187344023Bros, do you even loyal?[View]
187337135Ojamajo Doremi the New Movie: Are you hype? Be hype! Next year we'll have a new Doremi movie, a…[View]
187338982Why can't all anime girls look like Shinka?[View]
187343306Attack Hug!: How do you react to a surprise attack from your waifu?[View]
187340985Shotas are cool and also good: Screw lolicons, can we get a mf shota thread going?[View]
187342805Is this dude already one of the strongest in his series? Based.[View]
187336260Another license rescue from the initial failed LN scene[View]
187342108Oddman 43: I can't believe that Setsu is fucking dead.[View]
187342270Bermuda Triangle Colorful Pasta: This was a very special show. Had a 1980s (or early 90s) vibe to me…[View]
187334837Guessing game: Grossly oversimplify a plot, guess others' >Local couple bankrupts 3 kingdoms…[View]
187319725Kimetsu no Yaiba: Episode airing soon.[View]
187339754I just started watching this and holy shit its so good. What are other ad-libs shows that you want t…[View]
187340971Boku No Hero Academia: It would be insane if All For One actually manipulated Shigaraki's life …[View]
1873267295toubun no Hanayome: Tell me about Miku. Why is she so insecure?[View]
187341744Kurumi wants to feed you. What do?[View]
187340687What are some cliques that harem light novels/manga/anime should avoid nowadays to be more enjoyable…[View]
187337740Where is My Mya-nee ?[View]
187339889Reminder that this fight will end the next month[View]
187338715ITT: Cute monster/mutant girls: Let's see what you got /a/.[View]
187289873Post your waifu and let /a/ tell you why you're wrong[View]
187305512Which is the most popular idol franchise in Japan and overseas?[View]
187340307Bokumachi: Would Kayo and Satoru have been a good parents?[View]
187341792Boku no Pico: This thread is for fans only. If you recently became a fan of Boku no Pico, post ITT…[View]
187339077ERU ERUFU[View]
187337186Yahari: >Highschool teacher in japan no older than 30 >Drives in Aston Martin Vantage v8 Her f…[View]
187337358>tfw no retarded newtype gf Why even live, /a/?[View]
187338032What is it exactly that causes some shows to have such insufferable and cancerous fanbases?[View]
187341277why aren't busty blondes more popular? they're almost always side characters, and even whe…[View]
187323840Joshikausei: It's a new episode of silent girls.[View]
187339342What kind of life would you have as Milim's subordinate? Could that possibly be considered a go…[View]
187337844>10/10 sexy girl >none of the boys approach her to become her friend What is wrong with them?…[View]
187341191ITT: Spoiled brats that need to be tied up naked as punishment[View]
187338632>Called Fruits Basket >Very few canonically gay characters…[View]
187339336Damn, it's bad when you can't tell which one is the old hag and which one is the loli[View]
187340528Say something bad about a series you love: I'll start YuYu Hakusho: the last arc shits the bed …[View]
187338872This is how you improve Naruto.[View]
187310506Boku No Hero Academia: so what was with the guy in her flashback? did he look like dicku or was that…[View]
187338967How to spot fake intellectualism[View]
187327412Yuri: It's actually good, why do we hate Citrus again?[View]
187340126Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Just started watching this What should i expect?[View]
187336254ITT: Post trashy 7/10 romcoms[View]
187316251>watch old hxh >never watch the new >finally gonna watch the chimera arc >this poors man…[View]
187339975Zoku Owarimonogatari: m-mommy?[View]
187339750I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
187339790Bakarina thread: Too dumb to die they said Best otome isekai they said[View]
187338252Is this design considered attractive?[View]
187338530i forgot, what did this guy completely betray his ideals and sworn leader for again?[View]
187333030One Piece: Who is he really? Genuine good guy? How comes he know so much stuff about the alliance?…[View]
187332480Noragami: TONIGHT WE HONOR THE HERO[View]
187338156Is 'Chad' just newfag-speak for 'GAR'?[View]
187333617Would Ranma join the 40%?[View]
187339328Best girl: Rei[View]
187328931JOJO: So this is the most hated character in part 5 now[View]
187339481Anime plot you gave up understanding.: Fooly Cooly was one thing, convoluted sure, but at least it h…[View]
187335513Princess tutu: What a timeless classic. I was never into mahou-shojo shows and I never really saw th…[View]
187336421Penguindrum: Can we have a Penguindrum thread?[View]
187339303Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!: Why haven’t you purchased your very own Russian loli?[View]
187335378Why is death and resurrection such a huge theme is anime? Is it something to do with Jap culture?[View]
187320964Violet Evergarden new Movie PV: Violet lies on the cusp of the Electric age whilst we, the viewers, …[View]
187335483Ranka a best girl[View]
187336788Let me share a story with you /a/non[View]
187335953Watmote: The only acceptable pairing is Tomoko x Anon. What will be in the new chapter?…[View]
187329627FOOL My legend beings in the 12th century.[View]
187336976Is pic related the most autistic anime ever to be conceived? >every character is socially retarde…[View]
187333226If Japan hates drugs so much then how did Monkey Punch get away with making this?[View]
187338622Was Itachi a good character? Do you sympathize for him?[View]
187335882Are tunnels still tanoshii, /a/?[View]
187338307What did she mean by this?[View]
187266608Kenja no Mago: Does the MC get a harem or is he already stuck on the Blue route?[View]
187338482HE'S BACK!!: Fairy Tail Thread[View]
187337547How do we fix this character ? Hard Mode - Can't be killed off, but Sabo can be[View]
187338355What a waste of potential[View]
187321577cake > loli[View]
187333076Pre-2000 anime: Howdy /a/. What shows have you been watching. I've finished tekkaman blade. D-…[View]
187272548Fruits Basket: Pig soon![View]
187331452Should I bother watching oreimo if I already know Kirino wins? On a scale of 1-10 how uncomfortable …[View]
187338086One of my most memorable and sensuous jerking off seasons was the summer of 2005 I guess. The entire…[View]
187335534>Final villain understands the protagonist better than any other character…[View]
187337933Say hi to Chris for me[View]
187314246Has anime ever gotten you to try out a new hobby? Did you like it?[View]
187297300Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Thank you for the fluff, Japan.[View]
187337532Time to settle this. Which one was better?[View]
1873262385-toubun no Hanayome: Why is her smile so precious, yotsubros?[View]
187337373How the fuck did he lose[View]
187332561>VN has a piss scene[View]
187334526Steins;Gate: So who here watched/played the prequel to Steins;Gate?[View]
187335512Who is the most fapped-to anime girl in general?[View]
187334581Why does japan love to see teachers suffer so much? If it weren't for dedicated teacher romance…[View]
187311206Duke's Daughter's thread.: Can Iris rise to the otome throne now that Bakarina is dead? Do…[View]
187332037The heart.[View]
187334716How will you feel when Gintama eventually comes to an end ? https://youtu.be/jbv5rCcTCfc[View]
187313810Revue Starlight: English version of the mobage comes out on Monday. Post high IQ pairings.[View]
187308515ITT we celebrate all the great people who were born on 4/20[View]
187335274She killed millions[View]
187333103>tfw Mob Psycho has better quality animation than OPM[View]
187333436otaku kimoi[View]
187333468Neon Genesis Evangelion: With Eva coming to Netflix soon, what do you think the age rating is gonna …[View]
187334419ITT: Untranslated hidden manga gems: >YNW recruit waifus for the harem of your sultan Hakuginhi i…[View]
187336372ONE OUTS: Holy shit that chapter[View]
187335412ITT bad shows good OPs[View]
187328067Why does this suck so much? This is worse than Apocrypha like 10 times.[View]
187336526Hyakko: What happened to this series? Did he and Ayumi ever get to fuck in the end?[View]
187334822Post the most iconic scene of an anime[View]
187336505What's popping, fellow Japanese cartoon enthusiasts? Been watching One Punch Man season 2. Is …[View]
187308453Raildex: Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, post some good Catholic girls![View]
187319111The Rose of Versailles: What do you think of this series, /a/? Sometimes, I see it mentioned in retr…[View]
187335686>Cute girl who did nothing wrong gets killed in tragic fashion[View]
187332916What went wrong?[View]
187331864Will this finally expose Studio Trigger as the hacks that they are?[View]
187336078Classroom of the Elite False False Accusations: So why'd the progressives not bitch about this …[View]
187333465Domestic na Kanojo: What do you guys think of the last story arc? Drugs and mafia? Isn't Kasuga…[View]
187333539Artistic Inconsistencies: Why does anime always have such inconsistent art? Sometimes the women will…[View]
187335618Have you watched Penguin Highway yet? Also, is this the last kino from 2018 or are there still more …[View]
187328817Translation do's and don't's: Hey everyone. In my long time watching anime translated…[View]
187334149Dragon Ball Super: When will vegeta get finally dropped? He outlived his usefulness and toriyama hat…[View]
187333811What are some[View]
187335413Platinum End: Is it good or not?[View]
187335360>Shinji, you just need to relax[View]
187335377>Hinata just lets her son Boruto walk up to his father Naruto, the seventh Hokage and fucking pun…[View]
187331631ITT 10/10 OP/EDs stuck with 6/10 or worse shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCAS02ZJFU4[View]
187335087some truths are self-evident, some require repetition after so many years Griffith still didn't…[View]
187334323Tekkaman blade: This series really means alot to me, and I feel pic related in particular really sum…[View]
187318714Dragon Ball Super: How does Goku move around without a wheelchair?[View]
187332967ITT: series that would be improved if the MC's gender is switched pic related[View]
187321437Parallel Paradise 41 Eng: Our guys just delivered. Also, a reminder that Lumi now has a voice: https…[View]
187333896>Goofy character is actually extremely powerful Why do Japanese love doing this shit so much?…[View]
187334801How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down, into my core Where I've become …[View]
187324602Let's have a cute girls doing military things thread, /a/. What's your favorite anime of …[View]
187334277Dororo: What if dorororos had realistic feet?[View]
187322397>Anime is not mainstream It is though. Hero Academia openings in under 1 year have reached over 3…[View]
187328360>watch hxh dude it has really complicated fights that are all about strategy and shit. >mfw dr…[View]
187334280give me an excuse why you are not following this ?wasting your time on poor storytelling a shame.[View]
187329856Mushoku Tensei: HOLY SHIT, I just read all the chapters and I'm in love with this series. I…[View]
187321587What is the secret behind Kino-chan's attractiveness? There's just something special about…[View]
187333767Why wasn't the sequel to Naruto just ninja milf antics with their kids?[View]
187325209Post your favourite Naruto character[View]
187333822Do you prefer Manga over Anime?[View]
187329971How did Berserk go from being so kino to dogshit?[View]
187328030Write an isekai story. GO!: I know the isekai thing is overused, but what are your ideas for an isek…[View]
187333478>Mediocre anime has a god tier soundtrack[View]
187333331What is the best FMA opening and why is it Brotherhood 3? Also perfect ops thread.[View]
187333547Hunter X Hunter (HxH) thread The other one up rn is bait, please ignore[View]
187331627Merc Storia: >that one episode about the pumpkin man and a dying boy…[View]
187331392Best character development.[View]
187332973one piece: Ignore sanjifag baiting, post kino instead[View]
187333025I've actually never seen this movie after all these years. Is it actually good? Will it still h…[View]
187332734Any anime with this aesthetic ?[View]
187329407Kono Oto Tomare!: Well... that was actually a really nice episode. Houzuki a cute![View]
187331374I'm still mad[View]
187333121Truly the most high IQ way start to start an anime.[View]
187332598Are we entering the age of shonen kino? OPM, Mob Pyscho, Boku no Hero Academia and now Kimetsu no Ya…[View]
187333069Kenichi: >Miu cut her hair Why do Japanese authors love ruining character designs by doing this? …[View]
187332457Mods are asleep, everyone: Post some loud gifs to wake them up[View]
187331106New Franken Fran chapter: My modest offering... https://mangadex.org/chapter/592346/1 Another anon d…[View]
187332268Death Note: I asked my friends who they thought was right, Light or L, all of them supported Light…[View]
187331423She killed millions.[View]
187332793MOGRA: No ANISON thread? https://www.twitch.tv/mogra I know, it's not matrix, only index, but s…[View]
187316700One Piece: Seducing Woods: Alright, who the FUCK is Kawamatsu? Answers that have already been ruled …[View]
187331596WATCH ROBIHACHI: You guys need to watch RobiHachi. The art (especially CG) isn't exactly top-ti…[View]
187327026Shorts are severely underrated.[View]
187327139>western anime market surpassed the jap market: what will happen[View]
187311094I'm posting a cute short story.[View]
187332656CHADaily GETTER ROBO SAGA Chapter: VOL 2! Chapter 8: Chryu Clan[View]
187331706I think official subs are mostly complete shit, especially from the likes of Funi. Do you miss the g…[View]
187330799Is she the Ueno of our generation?[View]
187322707What’s his problem?[View]
187211970Touhou Ibara Kasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit: What did you think of this chapter, anon? https://manga…[View]
187330260At what point exactly does a super lewd anime turn into hentai? Just how close to the sun can one fl…[View]
187329890Anime Streaming: What is your ideal form of an anime streaming website[View]
187332304Love Tyrant: Was it axed?[View]
187330520ITT: Jobbers[View]
187320085Summer is Coming: Since MagiReco EN was announced for Summer, do you think this means the Anime will…[View]
187328608Legs: Sarada in latest Boruto chapter[View]
187315056From this day forward I decree that bapping is illegal!![View]
187330354Is there any chance the Princess Principal OVAs will actually happen and not just be vaporware? I…[View]
187303809Hitoribocchi: Am I the only person watching this?[View]
187321672I just started to watch Hunter X Hunter at first I thought it felt pretty generic all exam sagas ten…[View]
187328234Yumekui Merry: What went wrong?[View]
187331798Happy Sugar Life: So then, an Anon posted this and i watched the Anime and i have something to say a…[View]
187331221How much of a babe will Sarada be after the timeskip?[View]
187286608Senryuu Shoujo: A cute face Ready for punches or A lot of kisses?[View]
187330596Shield Hero: Fuck Episode 15. The damn feels, I nearly began to cry like a bitch.[View]
187330409>Received God tier genes from two god tier clans still a Manlet compared to Kawaki…[View]
187330947Post absolute madmen[View]
187297085>it's another ' isekai hero fights the demon king ' Can we stop ? When was the last time fan…[View]
187316234Sales predictions: How are your favorite shows doing so far? ***,*67 Nande Koko ni Sensei ga?! ***,1…[View]
187329212Say passione didn’t get involved with them, could’ve la squadra beaten L' Unità speciale along …[View]
187331213WATCH MAGMEL: You guys need to watch Magmel. It has beautiful art and score and takes tons of risks …[View]
187320929Majo no Tabitabi: What are you guys thinking about the next popular yuri series? Manga is pretty goo…[View]
187329932Anime Avengers End Game: https://youtu.be/lzitSLyBM88[View]
187330400Damn our boy Zenigata dropping some truth bombs[View]
187316841I want to hug the litch![View]
187325798OreGairu Volume 12 Translation Complete: English translation of OreGairu Volume 12 is Complete. htt…[View]
187330656I'd like to take this time to bring up how enjoyable the P4 anime was. Yes, the execution of so…[View]
187329569I MISS HER —I MISS MY ANNY.[View]
187329247Nein Genesis Evangelion is a perfect example of an anime that did not >time flopped…[View]
187329973Boruto: >Had trouble with an Android I dislike Jobruto[View]
1873222431-nen A-gumi no Monster 14: The Monster of 1st Grade, Class A Chapter 14 is out.[View]
187327462why is isekai so hated: i liked everything so far except overlord after s1, re:zero and Grimgar of F…[View]
187329080Mob Psycho: >decide to give this highly praised anime a go >its just psychic One Punch Man but…[View]
187259443Why was she punished so drastically? I'm not saying she's sympathetic, but she's nowh…[View]
187286110Drooling Girlfriend X: Why she is mysterious?[View]
187327906Is there a bigger jobber in m&a?[View]
187326091Who is the biggest loser mc but still somewhat based?[View]
187328135This is Crunchyroll on 2019[View]
187321135So, was her the rral Mima?[View]
187328838I have a confession to make. I'm a dude that likes fruit basket. I know it is an anime with so…[View]
187329137god I love tengen toppa gurren lagann[View]
187327817Adult Asta becoming badass: Just imagine how badass Chadsta will become when he reaches adulthood..a…[View]
187320879One Punch Man: So, what the fuck is he reading?[View]
187324009What the fuck am i watching?[View]
187329345Anime girls that don't like money.[View]
187329332ITT: Iconic jobs[View]
187329330Name a better anime[View]
187329117Will DP make Anasui male or female?[View]
187328440Name a better anime op. Protip: You literally can't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwpFpF9-M…[View]
187318949new futanari elf chapter[View]
187325845What did she mean by this?[View]
187324100Complete the following sentence: I'm a slave of ______________.[View]
187327822Is Kare Kano worth watching after the Anno episodes?[View]
187328980>initial D thread 404's What's your damage mods?[View]
187320015Oyasumi Punpun: Would it work as an anime or nah?[View]
187323565ITT: time flop anime[View]
187328477Is this otome garbage or is it actually good?[View]
187316539MIX: Meisei Story: Subs drop in an hour. Time for more comfy Adachi![View]
187318680Adult snail is cute! cute![View]
187328571Mein Kampf manga: Since it's Hitler's birthday, have you read his manga yet?[View]
187324563The four-girl template show should tackle skateboarding. It has all the necessary trappings (outside…[View]
187271504Panty & Stocking.: Why is Panty so flat compared to Stocking?[View]
187322048Did /a/ forget about the strongest man in the world?[View]
187315205>OP by Screaming and Autotune in Las Vegas[View]
187313245>new Kobayashi chapter finally translated >no thread Maidragon thread.…[View]
187328332Haruhi: Can you tell Yuki was mentally breaking down from repeating the summer over and over?[View]
187321560Did they release the /a/ sings soramimi cake yet?[View]
187300960Who has the best neps and why is it Perfect Heart?[View]
187324607Hyouka: Is he suffering from literal psychosis?[View]
187318269Who is the real villain here?[View]
187327877Temple is going to suck isn't it?[View]
187327272Shield hero: Was this the most insultingly bad episode of an anime with potential ever? Bonus points…[View]
187314215Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai: Now that the dust has settled who is the best Boku, /a/?[View]
187321847Did she wanted the dick?[View]
187302997Baki-Dou: Is Musashi the protagonist now?[View]
187326795Nande koko ni sensei ga!?: shota and drunk episode confirmed.[View]
187300816Jojo: Enjoy your final week, Abbafags[View]
187308870Himenospia chapter 14: https://mangadex.org/chapter/592074[View]
187319869HxH: So was this for comedy effect? i really laugh my ass off reading this[View]
187326519any other shows that portray this feeling?[View]
187320626Nanami Appreciation Thread: Can we all agree Nanami is the best RGU character? How is she so perfect…[View]
187325503Would you say a manga is good even if the ending is shit? Most of the ones i've read have under…[View]
187324935How to find a girl like her?[View]
187326114my boi is going to get oneshotted next chap, isn't he? just because he is too difficult to draw[View]
187323551>tfw no upcoming biking anime even though biking season starts next month It hurts.…[View]
187271708Post anime without posting it[View]
187322530ITT: Boys who would make best girls.[View]
187323643Midara na Ao-chan: i thought she had dignity dumb slut[View]
187325525ITT: We post our childhood crush[View]
187325533I have a confession to make. I'm a dude that likes fruit basket. I know it is an anime with so…[View]
187321168Negima: Finished rereading the whole damn thing recently and damn, I'm still so salty over the …[View]
187325964He should've been the king and got robbed by a shitty backstab attack. It's not fair.[View]
187324276Do you like Saiki K?[View]
187323584Why did Yajarobi never get fit? He was as strong as Goku at one point, right?[View]
187325620Azumanga Daioh: Who is the best sensei and why is it Yukari?[View]
187323671What are the biggest unsolved mysteries in anime/manga?[View]
187322746Reminder that no matter what shows get released in the next 3 seasons, HxH will still be anime of th…[View]
187320133Why did he become so cocky when he clearly wasn't even the strongest? Purple and Red were clear…[View]
187320462Seishun Buta Yarou movie PV: https://twitter.com/pkjd8I8/status/1119588391438340096[View]
187322578Wataten high school spin-off when?[View]
187322877Which one deserved to win the Gourry-bowl?[View]
187272735Isekai quartet: Here is episode 3 preview. http://isekai-quartet.com/story/[View]
187324176Do I smell half a billion worldwide BO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzKcrJ77wBY[View]
187325018Read/Expected/Got: Any new series you expected to be shit and got suprised?[View]
187325007Why did she do this /a/? Was it easier to draw short hair Akane?[View]
187314943What is the appeal of this series? I don'g get it, it's just a bunch of little girls makin…[View]
187305287Boruto: Who will be the next Hokage?[View]
187324887>isekai harem anime >all heroines are humans or human-like We could get weird-looking cute wai…[View]
187323649Is the Konosuba dub any good?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUSJfLnOvbc While I'm typically a sub pe…[View]
187323383Is this gay or pedophile?[View]
187315119Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru: New chapter came out so in honor of the Oroka anon, I'll dum…[View]
187317944actual rape culture: Oh look, sexual assault, yay. I'm POSITIVE episode 3 will acknowledge it!…[View]
187322684Sooooo the wrath of Gooood in all its furryyyyy[View]
187318842Reminder that Casca life would be better if she was raped by that old noble back then.[View]
1873148085toubun no Hanayome: How does Itsuki's brain work exactly?[View]
187319160What was the big idea?[View]
187312609What are some tropes that will make you immediately drop a series, /a/? For me it's; >the Ed…[View]
187317393This was an extremely solid anime.[View]
187319187Prison School: What went wrong? Also what happened to his next manga, did it get axed after what he …[View]
187322282BD when[View]
187321556Now that we established Ainz-sama's dominance in the last thread, let's see some other one…[View]
187323099So how was this supposed to work?[View]
187317916ITT: Post a 'cursed image' from your favorite anime[View]
187318756Boogiepop Almighty: Dizzy Misses Lizzy will be released at May 10 2019. https://dengekibunko.jp/prod…[View]
187315515She DESERVED her win.[View]
187311989What is wrong with this kid?[View]
187314330This is my favorite movie, say something nice about it.[View]
187249788ITT: characters who canonically had sex with each other[View]
187315737Nande koko ni sensei ga!?: EP2 Tayu Tayu ver[View]
187322232Help in identifying/understanding an animated commercial: Hey all, st00pid brute here. I was watchin…[View]
187317873How should this smelly neet be punished?[View]
187322227Who's your favourite anime girl? P R O T E C T[View]
187317829Characters too good for their show[View]
187288215OPM-One Punch Man: Thoughts on the new Chapter? Both Webcomic and Manga.[View]
187321836Hey guys, I was looking up JoJo lore and I keep seeing this weird guy show up? Who is he? I don…[View]
187317071So did they fuck that night or not?[View]
187320050what did they mean by this ?[View]
187321702>hentai artist goes legit >writing is somehow worse than his porn…[View]
187319678Since these virginlords dont understand Aqua-sama's greatness, i shall present our lords power …[View]
187269831Buyfag Thread: Hey guys this anime figure is coming out soon i really can't wait ![View]
187302256She DESERVED to win.[View]
187317795When was the golden age of anime and why was it 1998 - 2011 (give or take).[View]
187307336Yuno is comfy[View]
187319893Wait hold on This is an iseka that isn't utter dogshit what the fuck[View]
187320867What would it take for azuka and rei end up in a threesome relationship with shinji?[View]
187320485kek Ichika bold: You guys think if Ichika threw herself at him later he would want nothing but her? …[View]
187317823How can battle shounen even compete?[View]
187311051Best black character in anime ever?: And a yuri Carole x Tuesday[View]
187320793does /a/ like wheyfus?[View]
187319200KING CRIMSON[View]
187272118kimetsu no yaiba chapter 155 korean scans: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_i…[View]
187318603One Punch Man: Is the MC depressed or does he just not give a shit?[View]
187320636Kobato.: 1. Watch episode 1 2. Read the manga 3. Watch episode 13[View]
187318828I'm pretty sure this guy was bigger than the bottle.[View]
187313410I wish there was more Sora no Woto[View]
187317026ITT: Series with dead scalations[View]
187308490Why was the blonde girl in love with Hinata anyway?[View]
187317561Monogatari series: Am I the only one who hates the world setting and fantasy elements of monogatari …[View]
187316249Would your favorite anime impress Rikka?[View]
187320210Chainsaw Man Ch. 18: What a bunch of retards[View]
187318299Dragon Ball GT Final Bout - Opening Remastered to 4k!: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jud4Zd8jF…[View]
187319573Post your favourite Naruto character[View]
187262676Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Finale: It's the day, /a/. I'm waiting for spoilers. >tfw …[View]
187319873Kimetsu no Yaiba: Episode 3 and the real training start in an hour and a half.[View]
187316786You only hate on Sakura because she didn't fulfill your pathetic 'nice guy' fantasies. You thou…[View]
187303009Been thinking about Lupin a bit after Monkey Punch's death...: To me, Lupin III is like the Jap…[View]
187284841Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyō ga Dekinai: my wife Ao-chan[View]
187317020Gilbert confirmed returning for the movie.[View]
187318180Am I the only one here that think HxH is kinda overrated: I have read most of the chapters (some cha…[View]
187319152Why doesn't /a/ talk about Oreimo anymore?[View]
187300859What is your opinion on plain girls?[View]
187308290was this genuinely a 1/10 OP?[View]
187297507What are /a/'s thoughts on the Gundam franchise?[View]
187316628Uma Musume: SHE is gone, bros! http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16330278/[View]
187306742Dragon Ball Super: HE FINISHED HIS NAP[View]
187253454She killed millions[View]
187314102What did he mean by this?[View]
187317581SZS x Madoka crossover when? Or more generally, which studio crossovers would you like to see? I…[View]
187314454You have to admit they make a very cute couple.[View]
187318099Does anyone else read House Husband? I found it today and it's been such a long time since I ac…[View]
187318340AoButa Movie: Stream starting in 15 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnqIenBejY4[View]
187314145I liked it.[View]
187317753La Squadra de Jobber: Is this the most well-written jobber team?[View]
187305878Jojo's Golden Wind: So i was watching this episode of Jojo's again and then i saw this... …[View]
187313310>author made a masterpiece >next work is a trainwreck…[View]
187260413Koike Kazuo passed away on 17 April. R.I.P. He was the writer of Lone Wolf and Cub, Crying Freeman. …[View]
187313728What is this /a/?[View]
187318028>mangaka makes his fetish an important part of the plot[View]
187306336>that chapter where Kaiji had sex with his mom Was that the moment where the series jumped the sh…[View]
187317536This was a great read, how come I've never heard of it?[View]
187310788Retake probably gives a better ending to EVA and will be used as inspiration for 3.0+1.0: And if you…[View]
187309973OreGairu: After seven long years the story is finally concluded. Oh wait, cucked again lmao.[View]
187317579Hey /a/[View]
187316486Its been 12 years[View]
187315821Any people who follow Tower Of God Here?: I know its more of a Webcomic but eh. anyway Thoughts on t…[View]
187317634So were these panels created for comedic effect? Really struggling here.[View]
187313559Be wary of Onee-sans.[View]
187317420Just read 7 volumes of this. Not to sound contrarian... but this is probably the lamest thing I…[View]
187316835>tfw no one remember this shitshow of a manga[View]
187317376Reminder that this cute thing was DESTROYED by Jibril - beautiful and magnificent angel.[View]
187316417Would you watch a SFW Taimanin Asagi anime series? The franchise have potential enough to defeat Fat…[View]
187311698Pray to the goddess[View]
187314721>Ichika could fuck that if he wanted. Author really should have gone for the nee-chan route.…[View]
187316970That's it. Ruka won after all expectations.[View]
187315028Kingdom 598 spoilers: Oh well its over before it even started[View]
187314592i am really confused by boruto , what is cannon and what isn't ?[View]
187313479>stories that could have been good if they were written by a competent author.…[View]
187314458Of course, why did I even expect anything else?[View]
187298077Just watched the first episode of this. Not to sound contrarian... but this is probably the lamest t…[View]
187311763When the fuck are spoilers this manga is the only thing keeping me from ending my life[View]
187258812Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Yusaku Vs Bohman soon (For the last time hopefully) and tomorrow last chapter of t…[View]
187316614Meanwhile at W/a/kame High School...[View]
187309512Selamat pagi![View]
187314430Bakemonogatari started airing 10 years ago[View]
187316079Murata u r a freekin God[View]
187314942Hello /a.Yesterday i finished Mob Psycho 100 and it was one hell of a ride.A straight 10/10 in my bo…[View]
187314173cowboy bebop: will cowboy bebop ever be toped? it's been +20 years and still nothing comes near…[View]
187301891Clannad: Was she supposed to be mentally retarded? Genuine question.[View]
187296857One Piece: Wano is the true golden age of One Piece, nothing will be the same after it.[View]
187304635What do you think of her, /a/?[View]
187315962yo, what the FUCK? why the fuck did tomino do this[View]
187304521Imagine living with a 2D qt succubus What would it be like?[View]
187316019Kaiji Chapter 60 is out. What will Endou do now, after wasting this much time?[View]
187314039Is Attack on titan a masterpiece or overhyped ?: Try to be honest here Because I legit think it…[View]
187314993Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Is your Elf Diet folder organized for maximum chubby posting potential?…[View]
187277837Imagine if Tatsumaki looked like her age..: I would've loved it if she looked more her age/more…[View]
187310192the strongest[View]
187304944They should make a Danganronpa anime.[View]
187314316Why are Bones not putting much effort in bnha ?, i mean the third season has like 10 seconds of saku…[View]
187314459Bakuon: Are you going biking this year?[View]
187307488Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband chapter dump: New chapter of Gokushufudou: The Way of the…[View]
187293473Sarazanmai: Is it safe for cats to eat weed?[View]
187308178>And we had a kid that we shouldn't have had, and we gave him some little faggot name like B…[View]
187315364When will we get a proper full length adaptation?[View]
187314279*rubs eyes I'M SEEING DOUBLE HERE SIX YUME'S !!![View]
187315247Horimiya: Hori is pregnant and she known for a long time[View]
187313886any news on the franken fran sequel[View]
187309843How can other girls compete?[View]
187313747Do they have memes like this over in Japan? Is it just us westerners who are too stupid to understan…[View]
187314731The Skinny Girl and The Chubby Boy: Is he right /a/? I wanted to start dumping this series but the p…[View]
187313918Its pretty sad that Bocchi never have the attention she deserve here in /a/[View]
187308265Golden kamui[View]
187312584Hunter x Hunter HxH thread: Sources on 5ch say that the return announcement will come in 3 weeks. B…[View]
187301013Madoka: Have you given thanks this holiday weekend? It's been 8 years.[View]
187312306wtf why did Reigen suddenly turn into an asshole[View]
187238820Kaguya-san: Are you serious that there's no Kaguya-San thread?[View]
187313105Is Mamoru Nagano an even bigger autist than Tomino? This interview is one of the most bizarre I…[View]
187314384She smol: She's so smol lads, what do?[View]
187311024Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband: Ch 24 of Don't fuck with a house husband dumping…[View]
187314041what use would they have for her: can she escape[View]
187313932*engine sounds'[View]
187314071why are animators so lazy? they can't even check their work for consistency.[View]
187286497What no one realizes is this picture makes no sense.[View]
187303838Souma 308: >Big baddie >Defeats Joichiro 5-0 >Defeats Tsukasa easily >Makes Erina scared…[View]
187313898Was it ever revealed what the MC Guy of Killing Bites was a Brute of?[View]
187309958SSSS. Gridman: It ain't the end of it yet. https://d-techno.jp/teaser/chalarm/service/gridman/…[View]
187279050Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 023 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
187312678Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai: OH NO[View]
187241596ITT: satisfying manga pages: I don't know how is this piece of shit is going to end, but I like…[View]
187312204Post your favourite Naruto character[View]
187243289>TV anime are in decline and nothing but absolute dogshit is being produced >2019 is stacked …[View]
187312949Mayonaka no Occult Kōmuin: >draw a girl >call it a boy Why does Japan do it?…[View]
187313263Kotobuki: Have you already forgotten the pancake princess?[View]
187309944>tfw nyamo achieves more than you[View]
187307666>Tsumugi, often referred to as 'Mugi' by her friends, is a wealthy girl with a gentle a…[View]
187308930State of popular Shonen: Can we take a look at the current state of popular Shonen. >Wano: Shit …[View]
187313292Is this proper nightwear for a highschool girl?[View]
187313286Silver fang vs garou: Do you think silver fang will do well vs garou ascended? I mean he one shot so…[View]
187307957Is he a genius or insane?[View]
187282393This is an incredibly evil witch[View]
187300403Am I the only one who unironically thinks Doga Kobo is a better animation studio than KyoAni?: Every…[View]
187260280SCP Foundation light novel: How do you feel about this, anon?[View]
187299850Reminder this lolis show came out over 5 years ago.[View]
187311724Exposition: The Movie[View]
187290230MIURA NEW INTERVIEW: http://grand-angle.lefigaro.fr/berserk-kentaro-miura-je-suis-jaloux-de-yukito-k…[View]
187309924happy birthday ruri![View]
187308204The ultimate OTP[View]
187311072Daily reminder that due to global warming this year's strawberry hunting time is a bit earlier …[View]
187298708Watamote: Imagine having a delinquent as your in-law[View]
187285971>Girls are raped left and right >MC's love interest is conveniently spared, but sill used…[View]
187312427Rapuris Demon[View]
187312730>Violet will be the next character to be used as yuribait[View]
187297359Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai: new PV out https…[View]
187309821>Female character ends up naked in front of MC against her will >Screams her head off It bugs …[View]
187302743ITT: Designs that are the visual equivalent of eating shit.[View]
187308639Why was Mumen Rider vs Deep Sea King the best scene in OPM season 1? Each time I watch it I can…[View]
187311964Is it possible that this happens daily to Yoshihiro Togashi?[View]
187312357Want a ride?[View]
187310906Let's have a good ol chill, yori thread.[View]
187308565Yotsubato: Please arrest Yanda[View]
187309909 [View]
187311918>iku >come Why are they the same word by word?…[View]
187311761anime that are so bad they're good?[View]
187233508Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka?: Stream starting ht…[View]
187307908would have been way more interesting if he was main character instead[View]
187309622You're in the club and this gal comes along and mouth rapes your waifu. What do?[View]
187288108Shingeki no Kyojin: What did she mean by this? I was expecting a silly twist of Pieck loving Yelena …[View]
187310125>first part of wano is an impel down rehash >second part of wano will be a marineford rehash w…[View]
187311705Bring on S3[View]
1872971029 minutes in. Will they have anal sex? I mean it's a best way for stress relieve, so..[View]
187310421How could anyone not love such an adorable little girl?[View]
187309858A good waifu must be well-read.[View]
187308451How do you fix a show when they add an irredeemable awful character half-way thru??[View]
187311249Why didn't they have Lisa Ortiz voice Lina in the movies? The person who does Lina in the movie…[View]
187310182>i know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know…[View]
187304951I can't believe it took me till my mid 20s but I just cannot support dubs anymore, not even 1. …[View]
187308431What the fuck was his problem?[View]
187297667Kemono Friends: Time for high quality art![View]
187306537Thoughts on the Farmland Arc of Vinland Saga?[View]
187309672Was this the moment anime peaked?[View]
187308023So who wins /a/ ?[View]
187308778And you guys said you couldn't improve on perfection. Ha[View]
187307452What is the comfiest anime?: and why is it natsume yuujinchou?[View]
18730973360s-80s Toei Majokko vs 80s Pierrot Majokko: Which one did it better?[View]
187300869JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: >saves the boss[View]
187229619The Promised Neverland 132 Spoilers: Spoilers out[View]
187309380It's legit right guys? Or bootleg?[View]
187298002The writing of the characters in this show is killing my brain cells[View]
187275226>OP by Screaming and Autotune in Las Vegas[View]
187294077Boku No Hero Academia: So what are the chances that Toga trained under Oji 'the uncanny thief' Harim…[View]
187281237Bungou Stray Dogs: Third episode of the AOTS is here Let's enjoy it together[View]
187309787Never seen a good opinion from anyone in pic related's chat[View]
187309356Best Anime Soundtracks: ITT: Post the most hype music from anime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ…[View]
187309005Does anyone else unironically like this shows animation? It's how anime should be. Nice and sim…[View]
187294114this kills the pedestrian[View]
187308839I had a date.[View]
187308876ITT: Bad Animation: actually can anybody upload that hilariously bad animation from the 70s, i think…[View]
187308366Anon, won't you help the beautiful Eris-sama recover the cheat items left behind by isekai…[View]
187306165Boruto: >Cant defeat Jigen What the fuck. Why has Naruto (and to nearly the same extent Sasuke) b…[View]
187241805Beastars 125: In which Legosi has dinner with his in-laws.[View]
187307094>No more HanaKana Layton[View]
187308577Is look at the time its Frid/a/y! come play your favorite anime songs! pass is always /a/[View]
187302474I can't believe Japan actually thinks LLENN is attractive. I'm glad /a/ doesn't think…[View]
187305277Is Shaman King one of the most underrated shonens?[View]
187266020Is this anime worth watching? I have been listening to it's Op and I kinda like it. https://www…[View]
187307532Release Groups Discussion: Who are some more obscure release groups? Found out about U-3 and looking…[View]
1872767803x3: it's time for the thread where people screech over text about other people's opinions…[View]
187303120>No tournament arc >No real powerups >No beach episodes >Only fights >Characters k…[View]
187307546>/A/ 2007[View]
187305397Carole & Tuesday: Yuri of the decade? Chocolate & vanilla yuri? Angela’s mom is trans?…[View]
187278765Dragon Ball Super: Soon[View]
187305882Ranma 1/2: Just finished the manga yesterday! I loved this cute little series the most out of all Ta…[View]
187306600I must've watched this series 20+ times now and each time the ending always leaves me feeling e…[View]
187307366One Room: Will we ever see our girlfriends again?[View]
187265438Yugami-kun: 1 chapter left and then it's over.[View]
187307592What is /a/'s favorite Enokino?[View]
187299447Anyone else dropping JoJo after this hack writing?[View]
187305395Perfect Blue: So, can we talk about the ending? Did the new Mina win? Was Rumi the real antagonist?…[View]
187307411Carole & Tuesday: Imagine the smell[View]
187292657ITT: Characters without a butthole.[View]
187300245Teibou nissi: Teibou nissi animation has been decided.[View]
187284570Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47: Its up fags, get in here[View]
187298109>High functioning autist[View]
187297672When did you learn that Lala is best girl?[View]
187306006Fruits Basket, very fruity: Did Tohru get raped by the slugs in her tent?[View]
187306760The Best Stand: Metallica is pretty impressive, but have you heard of「Scrapper Protein」?[View]
187306611Bestiarius: >Based fantasy manga set in ancient rome >Pilot chapter translated in english but …[View]
187290591Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 21: Mr Postman[View]
187305985How was this little kid able to capture Light Yagami so easily? L was his much more experienced pred…[View]
187284766Yuragi 156 korean: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=934046 dumping…[View]
187306344Warhammer 40.000 Anime Adaptation: So, if there was a project, witch Studio do you think it would be…[View]
187300244>corrupt leaders, war mongers, greedy bankers? nah >kills common criminals and detectives in f…[View]
187302088>protagonist becomes a chad[View]
187280563Girl-type Ranma: What would you be willing to do?[View]
187303469HunterxHunter: The announcement will be this week, bros. I can feel it.[View]
187304742Is Violet a 10/10 beauty? I think so.[View]
187305428Was he gay?[View]
187304867>muh power of friendship Kaiji is no better than shounenshit. Fuck this hack author.…[View]
187301639>used to watch 20-30 shows every season >the last year so i haven't been able to really g…[View]
187300526why is toei allowed to exist ?[View]
187294890Raildex: What effect will Mikoto's gigantic blunder at the end of NT22 have on her character go…[View]
187299577Rin’s butt[View]
187305874Sakura Quest: Never forget all those hairy buttholes[View]
187301918Wakaba Girl: Will we ever see them again? Mao best Wakaba.[View]
187304967Why haven't you rewatched Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in years?[View]
187298222Wataten would be so much better if Mya-nee was at this age.[View]
187299655Ahh just like part 4 >main villain escapes death out of sheer luck and timing…[View]
187302717L > Light: And here is fucking why: >Proves the existence of someone killing people in a super…[View]
187305448Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni - In This Corner of the World: This movie really touched me. It had an emo…[View]
187305274For me? It's Anzu Futaba[View]
187290521Unpopular opinion: Kiznaiver, Turning girls, ninja slayer, and when supernatural battles became comm…[View]
1872933605toubun no Hanayome: Can we finally aknowledge that she lost?[View]
187305229Are rabb.(it) related posts not allowed on /a/?[View]
187300347Why can't they be real?[View]
187274695Aifure, Prichan, King of Prism, Shining Star: Why did Dia turn out to be so precious?[View]
187304435It's her birthday tomorrow, say something nice about her.[View]
187302500Aren't they supposed to entertain children? Why are they allowed to wear these clothes?[View]
187281635would you've done the same as she did? a selfless[View]
187265181What is Bocchi's top speed?[View]
187301814Is Koko a shotacon?[View]
187303606Why no post-apocalyptic isekai?: Most of the standard dumb tropes seem like they'd make more se…[View]
187301969Of the feelings of love or hatred that God holds for the English, I know nothing. What I do know is …[View]
187302333>All they had to do was wait about two days and they could have teamed up with Bruno's squad…[View]
187301169I dedicate this thread to cute sisters. Who are your favorite sisters in anime? Please post them[View]
187302443Megumin: God I wish it have been me[View]
187290080How many guys has she slept with?[View]
187299198Daily Keyman - The Hand of Judgement: Vol 9! Franck Bactstory Pt.2 Chapter 44:BEHIND Chapter 43: …[View]
187269853What is your Jojo Stand?: https://en.shindanmaker.com/672391[View]
187293309Why is she so smug? Is it just autism?[View]
187302872ITT: Characters who fucking died[View]
187292722Tanya the Evil: So today's the date[View]
187303152Why's he so cool?[View]
187297974To Be a Power in the Shadows!: What the fuck is MCs problem? Is he autistic or something? At this ra…[View]
187286780Why can't Japs do quality Sci-fi? Everything they do is fucking Star Wars and Star Trek level.[View]
187301718Milfs: Is this the year of the MILF?[View]
187299007Holy shit this loser actually cries in every episode. How can you like this[View]
187297034My friends, it has often been said that I like isekai. My friends, I like isekai.. No, friends, I lo…[View]
187298526Lalatina doesn't get the respect she deserves.[View]
187300275why do people hate animu/mango so much?: tell me, anon![View]
187300582Someone on here once mentioned that there was a new ongoing LN that was like Kino no Tabi. It was a …[View]
187299982What a fucking faggot[View]
187278591Harem Anime Without Excessive Jealousy?: Why don't more harem anime have the harem members actu…[View]
187301035Is this franchise worth watching? Is it really the masterpiece people say it is?[View]
187295507Mob Kino 100: This is objectivley the best anime of the year and will go down in history as one of t…[View]
187298477Bakemonogatari (Manga): Friendly Reminder that Monkey (Manga) is better than Monkey (Anime)[View]
187301766Tough: What exactly was kiryus problem?[View]
187294428God TTGL is shit[View]
187299603ITT: Lazy Anime Maps[View]
187292355Is Kissanime the only place to watch Sgt Frog?: Seriously, I've spent well over a week now tryi…[View]
187299612How does this make you feel?[View]
187300041In which order should I watch this shit?[View]
187297748This manga is the best manga to not receive an anime: Also the best manga you never heard of[View]
187291155Did male anime character peak with Char Aznable?[View]
187296611damn, french noble life was FUCKED up[View]
187297096What the fuck is wrong with this girl and why is she always screaming?[View]
187293007JoJo: Vento Aureo: hello! :DD[View]
187188354Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
187294298What's the best fight scene you've seen in an anime?[View]
187294551if you could travel back in time and kill ONE person in the industry who would you kill[View]
187296518ITT: Manga that got old pretty fast[View]
187296876Why do so many shonens with magic not just give their characters guns? I mean stands are cool but wh…[View]
187277401Would your opinion of Subaru be different if he was a cute girl?[View]
187294774What's the most overrated anime of all time?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17848442[View]
187280181Rate This Season So Far: AOTY: Do you even lift? AOTS: Fruit Basket God tier: Ahegao Girl Cant Study…[View]
187248097Carole & Tuesday: Wife.[View]
187299342Anne, you can't leave me. I'm pregnant.[View]
187274798Mob Psycho 100: Am i missing something? This shit written even worse than One Punch Man[View]
187293938Freak Island: What do you think of Freak Island?[View]
187293216Houseki no kuni: This is your brain in Ichikawa[View]
187294343Boruto's faces are weird: The faces look so weird in Boruto!? What the fuck happened? Could the…[View]
187298972Kuririn: Why did Koyama hate Kuririn?[View]
187299063It was ahead of its time.[View]
187291190Dororo: how likely are they to get a happy ending?[View]
187292154Seeing as S1 was popular as fuck, when is Citrus getting a Season 2?[View]
187296853MAKI MAKI MAKI: Say happy birthday to me and my wife Maki![View]
187298520are all VNs shit and gay?[View]
187283364Hunter x hunter manga art is shit: If your going to be a mangaka shouldn’t you at least know how to …[View]
187296137Violet Evergarden: Will the new movie be any good, bros? I sure hope so.[View]
187295537HUNTERXHUNTER how come togashi doest keep in touch with his fanbase? it not funny anymore. Looking …[View]
187296672>Boxing manga/anime >Final boss is mexican or south american…[View]
187298323I cant believe Ikki Kurogane grew up and Stella lost half of her oppais![View]
187238170Karakuri Circus: Still more 4D chess from Faceless.[View]
187297435Post hidden gems of anime.[View]
187295610So one last question since I finished the anime: Rui said that she wanted to have sex to learn what …[View]
187227440Highschool DxD: Who is the best DxD?[View]
187295839How does Goku move around without a wheelchair?[View]
187295623Hunter x Hunter: Why does this series get so much praise? It rips off so many other manga and doesn’…[View]
187292029Vic Mignogna Sues Funimation: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-19/vic-mignogna-sues-fun…[View]
187297279Dragon Ball Super: Pretty hot desu[View]
187296796I like psychotic antagonists who murders people for their 'art'[View]
187278702Dragon Ball Super: Dragon Ball is for strong guys with high power levels and not for gimmick goats.…[View]
187297080>2 weeks into the season >already dropped every show except for one I know Spring tends to be …[View]
187289269Why is /a/ obsessed with goblins?[View]
187296047She sees your dick[View]
187263549New Miru Tights PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0__ol07alw Here's the first PV for compari…[View]
187291045Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf 11: WELL SAID, SLAVE ELF-CHAN!!![View]
187278209What is the verdict for season 2 so far?[View]
187261559I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's…[View]
187296638It's hot.[View]
187278511One Piece: What killed the Wano hype bros? People constantly shitposted how they want Wano during WC…[View]
187290130State of popular Shonen: Can we take a look at the current state of popular Shonen. >Wano: Shit …[View]
187288590Why didn't she just beat Genthru herself?[View]
187290857What happens to literally me characters when they become adults?[View]
187293565Stella no Mahou: Dumping the first arc of volume five, in which a bunch of little girls make a demo …[View]
187273354Kotobuki: Sunday is not the same without them. Anyone know when will the next YouTube short come out…[View]
187290261>burned down an orphanage >murdered most if not everyone there >have the nerve to beg for m…[View]
187293929Retarded anime clichés: Romance anime/manga >do you love me >umm >that means you must hate…[View]
187292690how did they get away with this?[View]
187293189Cells at work!: THE CHILDREN OF HATRED[View]
187284242Are you an otaku or a fan?[View]
187295992Citrus Community: I'm worried about my friend. His waifu is Mei from Citrus, but he's gone…[View]
187284835Evangelion: >turns down Asuka's sexual advances I thought Kaworu was the only gay character …[View]
187295721When did Obata and Ohba jump the shark?[View]
187295636Hentai when?[View]
187295634>its a 'scanslator quits' chapter This is getting to be an annoying cliche…[View]
187292092Bat or Crab?[View]
187289122HxH: What was togashi thinking when making a mc and his friend homosexual?[View]
187292508What's the best Studio Ghibli movie and why is it pic related?[View]
187261009Violet Evergarden Movie[View]
187295226Yurucamp△: Aoi carrying a faggot! Seyana~[View]
187294517Beerus: Is he the best addition we've ever had in Dragonball?[View]
187290093Post walls of text[View]
187282303Anime 3x3[View]
187279474Love Live! Sunshine!!: >sakurauchi-san >riko-chan >riko-pi >rikocchi >lily What'…[View]
187293681>how do you want your designs animator bro >just fuck my shit up >say no more senpai…[View]
187267272Have we reached the pinnacle of beauty in anime?[View]
187294544dragon ball: post cutes[View]
187294344Monogatari: >All the different parts of Monogatari are the best light novels and anime ever made …[View]
187282974Part5Chads Won: In anticipation of the all-star fight that is King Crimson vs Metallica, I would lik…[View]
187291738How exactly does a giant and a fairy have sexual relations? It just isn’t feasible.[View]
187293948Happy Good Friday, season 2 with presidential winchester mystery house never[View]
187293739Why did it take me this long to watch this? I want to stick it in Dancho[View]
187293515The most underrated show this season. Possibly this year.[View]
187281263Majo no Tabitabi: So since this got manga adaptation, anyone reading it? Seems promising so far. May…[View]
187283307Boku no Hero Academia: How does it feel to know that your waifu is a filthy normie?[View]
187269566Violet Evergarden new move trailer out. I've gotta say the background art looks stunning. https…[View]
187292443>Waiting for anime No seriously, how can you guys wait for anime to come out? Im not even just ta…[View]
187229396Bokuben/We can't study/We never Learn: Chapter 108 Spoiler: Title: The Fairy Standing On Sand, …[View]
187290277Sony bulks up anime business in China: Sony plans to broaden its footprint in China's anime ind…[View]
187264340Bakarina Thread: Now that bakarina is dead, who will reign supreme in the isekai otome field of batt…[View]
187291408Does anyone unconsciously/consciously predict correctly the next scene or the plot of the episode/pa…[View]
187288181Dororo: figurines/figmas when?[View]
187284120Senryuu Shoujo: This is airing today and it seems like a good show according to the description. But…[View]
187290096Why no one talks about this? Is it that bad?[View]
187288977What is the best incarnation of Major Kusanagi and the best GITS series?: And why is it unquestionab…[View]
187292494Let's imagine how this manga could be saved. The Amazi arc never existed and Souma, Takumi and …[View]
187278478post Dinosaur anime[View]
187268519Re:Zero: Why do people dislike Emilia so much? She has a wonderful gentleness about her that I love …[View]
187264913I want to Boogiepop Toukas cherry![View]
187292358Kill All anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeqJyUbuzN4[View]
187287670Jojo: Rejoice Abbabros! You live to see another week[View]
187289974Arakawa Under the Bridge - Weird shit galore, nobody gives a fuck. Anything else of this kind?[View]
187291970Black Clover is actually brilliant, just not in the way you'd expect. The manga is distilled sh…[View]
187292221>VN has over 20 endings with only 3 being bad ones >anime decides to not only go for a bad end…[View]
187284302For /a/utists like you hating crybabies, you sure love this bitch. Whats your excuse?[View]
187290722How to make a good /a thread: Post cherries++++++++++++[View]
187287556Why was this so good?[View]
187289897Baka meido[View]
187281607Are there any girls that you inexplicably grew to like and started saving pictures of despite never …[View]
187289408How can people defend this over phantom?: Name 1 thing it does better in terms of plot. You can…[View]
187290632Ummm hey guys what if tomino was hired to write a jojo light novel but set in space and mechs but al…[View]
187281345Of all the dumb script changes in the original dub of DBZ which one is the most iconic/ironically fu…[View]
187259569Raildex: Can't wait for Vampires arc[View]
187285670The bird ruined this show.[View]
187270623Act-age: Chapter 62 out in gook https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=931543 Se…[View]
187291064Hey anon, Ready for the furry kobayashi-san maid dragón ?[View]
187269819do it.[View]
187289757>create a character >give them the coolest power out of the whole group >decide that they…[View]
187276893Characters that are literally you.[View]
187287047Screw You Araki! Who else hated this piece of crap now?[View]
187250685Chainsaw Man: SPOILERS SOON r-right? Meanwhile, post the best page so far. For me, it's this on…[View]
187288703keiko is a fat ass[View]
187290198Senryuu Shoujo: who made this cutemute sad?![View]
187256102Dagashi Kashi: Her show may have been shit, but I gotta say, Hotaru turned me into a giant nailfag.…[View]
187290038>Some kids break a gay pepe statue >pepe awakens >pepe literally sucks those kids in and th…[View]
187284402Is it just me or there's been a severe lack of hype in recent releases? I feel like I haven…[View]
187290000We need more Maya Fey in Prison fanart![View]
187289756>Year 2019 >Shonen Jump is getting a special chapter of freaking To Love-Ru…[View]
187289096SAO Alicization: Can someone bring up to speed on the newest season of SAO, and if I should watch it…[View]
187287026Do it for her: Geir better survive[View]
187289188Baki thread: Is he the only one that can beat Yujiro?[View]
187289280Anyone read a manga that made you feel like this at the end?[View]
187276390Sarazanmai: The correct reaction[View]
187267043Shingeki no Porco: Pock is a lucky man.[View]
187251782Saber is sad, /a/ cheer her up[View]
187276619I can't believe Mao-chan-sensei is dead[View]
187286150>Little girl, little breast, scares the dragon from it's nest![View]
187286998Why is she so flat?[View]
187285432>3 Great Water Fairies >Consists of a Black, a Nip and a White Girl Aria is truly ahead of it…[View]
187286883Characters that ruin everything for everyone.[View]
187280709Another great day for Togashi: How does he do it? After copying Morena a couple of chapters ago, My …[View]
187272884Strongest daughteru[View]
187273063Okay, Next !![View]
187269565Dr. Stone Chapter 102: New chapter is out, commencing dump Continuing on cruise to Treasure Island…[View]
187278814It may have been a rough ride, but god do I still miss KLK. Hope the game's story ends up being…[View]
187288187They don't make them like they used to...[View]
187278143Why did both of these shows flop?[View]
187272694What went wrong?[View]
187273040this is the pinnacle of anime. this is actual perfection. music and sound, characters, art direction…[View]
187273958Claim Your Waifu.[View]
187231506Kemono Friends: Kemono Friends 3 twitter released the second short episode, featuring the african el…[View]
187273892In no particular order: Kimetsu no Yaiba Kono Oto Tomare One Punch Man Sarazanmai Shoumetsu Toshi Ca…[View]
187282985How realistic is Glory?[View]
187284518ITT anime you savor: Whenever I rewatch it I watch it raw and one episode a day[View]
187286123Megami no Sprinter: This manga is basically Nofap for 7 days and you get girls swarming over you.…[View]
187279836JOJO:: So what are you thoughts on the new episode? Will you miss abbachio?[View]
187276863Al's BWC is massive.[View]
187286638IP’s / Love and Peace: When are Hibari, Nobara and Koume getting their anime? V-tubers got theirs.…[View]
187274700Gotoubun no Hanayome: This show is trash so why do I like it?[View]
187282711Post characters that are literally your mom.[View]
187286552Be gone, dirty whores!!![View]
187286396Have you heard of our lord and saviour arc mage of electricity?: >Genius >Eccentric >Sense …[View]
187260203Can you truly say you're ready for it to end?[View]
187284851Why do I keep seeing animes where a cynic character complains about society or normies in the world …[View]
187263959SHE BOUTTA DO IT[View]
187285182>Promare, Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann Cringe, soulless trash >Kare Kano episode 19 Based, mast…[View]
187268056Who's your favorite seitokaichou?[View]
187278434He commits sudoku Unleashes Hiroshima Something tells me Togashi is japanese Also, while the Chimera…[View]
187278888Just finished this. Went in expecting a wild ride.. not only I got that, but I really didn't ex…[View]
187281968S4 when[View]
187284284Yakusoku no Neverland: I thought Yakusoku no Neverland was trash but it's ranked #37 of all tim…[View]
187273217One Piece: >Luffy's starting Impel Down 2: Electric Boogaloo I CAN'T WAIT! Also, maybe …[View]
187282642Golden Kamuy: Dumping the latest chapter[View]
187281594Overlord: What would Overlord be like if Ainz's character was physically Shalltear instead (and…[View]
187283217You can see an Oneesan in her natural habitat Preying for food[View]
187254688Watamote: Well, /a/?[View]
187280631Would you dote on Mel-chan?[View]
187284216>visit manga i thought scanlators abandoned 2 years ago >its actually finished Feelsgoodman…[View]
187283774>anime girls overreacting to mundane things lmao how can anyone find this steaming pile of shit e…[View]
187282077So was it?[View]
187275248Where does Magic Knight Rayearth rank on the isekai scale?[View]
187279289How do we bring pointy cheeks back?[View]
187281718Name a better male MC than Kazuya: Protip: You can't >30 year old virgin goes back in time, …[View]
187280692Post anime girls with cute armpits.[View]
187274995Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie - Over the Rainbow: NONSTOP NONSTOP THE MUSIC[View]
187192429Revue doesn't really feel like revue anymore It's turned into idolshit[View]
187283265Yugioh Arc-V Manga: Yuya gets cucked by HIS OWN DAD GET IN HERE[View]
187283225After listening to its god-tier ED by Oresama for years, I've finally gotten around to actually…[View]
187275143Maison ikkoku: 20+ years and still no other romance series has come even close to this masterpiece. …[View]
187254682GUNJOU NO MAGMEL: Why is no one talking about this? Tried of same old Isekai copy paste then why not…[View]
187280700Black torch vol. 5: Can you help me with this /a/? I know Black Torch was axed, it's supposed t…[View]
187279946but he was right[View]
187281275Hunter x Hunter Thread: Can we all agree that Youpi is the best Ant and if not Ant then at least Roy…[View]
187280565I want to kiss Kazuk and have him as my cross-dressing girlfriend to hold hands with, /a/.[View]
187275404Best Key girl[View]
187282242Whatever happened to isekai stories which didnt use 'muh medieval JRPG'? Ryuurouden and the 12 King…[View]
187279592>tfw no cute tomboy pushing you around[View]
187267287reminder that she fucks a tall Puroresu Ace And not you[View]
187281475Heroes Phantasia Anime when ?[View]
187275852ITT : Series with a satisfying ending Hard mode : Harem series[View]
187256089JoJo: Vento Aureo: how the FUCK didnt his face completely tear apart when this happened?[View]
187272060Ojamajo Doremi the New Movie: Are you hype? Be hype! Next year we'll have a new Doremi movie, a…[View]
187281233Why is Dazai so cute ?: Also, Chuuya's Adventures Part 2 is here and it's still dope.…[View]
187278228Louise was a bitch but she deserved better. Saito was an ass but deserved better[View]
187269947Boku No Hero Academia: League of NEETs btfo[View]
187277970Fuck this scene. This show could have been good but the author chickened out like a pussy.[View]
187276215I want to see Shinka kick your ass.[View]
187279178>Nande Koko ni Sensei ga! 01 [Uncensored 720p Eng-sub] Blatantly lying filenames aside, I guess i…[View]
187272569The Worst shonen of all Time[View]
187280585MEGUMIN STICKERS/PATCHES: Guys Im looking for nice pics of Megumin for custom Patches/Stickers like …[View]
187168675Goblin Slayer: BD Vol 3 is out. Post Best Girls (CG and GG)[View]
187271343Chainsawman Chapter 19 Mangastream: Jesus Christ, a new chapter is out so make a new damn thread!…[View]
187267305I cant empathize with Carole in Carole & Tuesday, because she is a fuck up. She cant hold a job …[View]
187278310good old anime thread new anime == hiv[View]
187262914Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake Chapter 148[View]
187278882Mogra: International anime song event Anybody here?[View]
187166894Precure - Smile 2 when?: There needs to be more precures in tight bodysuits[View]
187220942Monkey Punch has died. From AP: His office, MP Pictures, said Wednesday that Monkey Punch, whose re…[View]
187259490Why is he so strong?[View]
187274621Ikuhara exhibition: >The Survival Strategy of Desires and Revolution that Connects us well http:/…[View]
187245268Spice and Wolf: >People funding a VR game instead of the 3rd season. Why though?…[View]
187263663Dragon Ball Super: Buu is finally doing something![View]
187275427Would you do it under any circumstances /a/?[View]
187273224>keeps telling Miles Edgeworth to take example on his father's murderer >keeps telling Mi…[View]
187278393Legend of (the) Galactic Heroes: its been over 20 years and yet there still needs to be an anime tha…[View]
187276355Tick-Tock, Tatsumaki fags.[View]
187274830just finished this. wtf did i read?[View]
187275131Chi no Wadachi: Chapter 47 is out.[View]
187264356I don't understand. Why did she return to Earth instead of stay with Van on Gaea? There is noth…[View]
187161793Kemurikusa: midori chan omoshiroi..[View]
187276826Why didn't Hohenheim just fix her illness with his philosopher's stone powers?[View]
187247230Does /a/ like tomboys?[View]
187251968>'B... Betsuni...'[View]
187246727How in the flying fuck would anyone animate this in 2019? Even bones can handle it[View]
187273787An Anime Called Boku: Now that we've had time to live with this short series of OVA and accept …[View]
187276280Isekai Stuff: Anyone ever get depressed after reading Isekai mangas and wish they were the MC (espec…[View]
187276951MC like this?[View]
187276817The Hokkamuri: Why do anime characters wear this when being sneaky?[View]
187270991Translation: You ever wonder what's in it for those who translate manga for free? Do you think …[View]
187272834Records of Ragnarok: Why did he ha to go bros? It's not fair[View]
187270804Yuragi 156 text spoilers: おんせん156 ちっちゃいコガラシ君、ゆらぎ荘へ コガラシ、千紗希、雲雀、夜々も幽奈の話を信じた頃 狭霧の声を聞きつけ酌狭霧、うらら、こゆずが酌人に…[View]
187271229would you?[View]
187159733Pani Poni Dash!: Just a reminder that if you haven't seen Pani Poni Dash! go and watch it! It…[View]
187240236Choose Your Goddess: AMG! thread[View]
187252796This reliable knight approaches you and asks to join your party? What do you do?[View]
187250746madoka magica: what are your hopes and fears with the new anime?[View]
187104689Why does this idiot have such shit taste in girls?[View]
187273023This was the most important page in the new chapter. So is Oda going to start tackling the fate them…[View]
187262909Who the hell uses flip phones anymore?!: Why are flip phones so common in anime even in the current …[View]
187274220>Kirameku hoshi no chikara de akogare no watashi egaku yo~ This is the best song in this season I…[View]
187275919No Game No Life: why is there no second season? :c[View]
187276036Anime Boston: Is anyone here going to Anime Boston? I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread …[View]
187264270When did you drop naruto?[View]
187275052tick tock it's only a matter of time lads and you know it[View]
187244530Maocat: More Maomao, more Catcat.[View]
187265638Seven Seas new licenses: They announced 10 new English licenses, are any worth reading? >Scarlet …[View]
187274896>think she's a cute, innocent girl >she's actually a heartbreaker who leads on hundr…[View]
187274126Is this shit worth finishing? Also psychological manga thread[View]
187272913What difference is there between anime and cartoons?: There is no difference between them. >Both …[View]
187270810Thoughts on the recent trend of kids fetishizing anime on VHS?[View]
187271906Don't mind me, just posting the best Miyazaki film[View]
187273334I raped this[View]
187263737Break Blade: What does /a/ think of it?[View]
187274082>6 (Six) new volumes of Little Queen uploaded simultaneously I don't think I'm going t…[View]
187257987Has any manga actually ever scared you?[View]
187269481i dont get it[View]
187274028Risotto will get a backstory this episode[View]
187273625Looks like thicc is back on the menu boys.[View]
187251636Parasyte: Just watched it for the first time and I really enjoyed it! I haven't really heard mu…[View]
187273747Does he deserve being the designated jobber character?[View]
187270406I've never seen anything so beautiful and yet so boring as sin[View]
187271595Bocchi: >PHWOOOOOOT New episode in 8 hours[View]
187271339ITT: anime that only you have watched[View]
1872657555toubun no hanayome: Is the party over? Or am I gonna get banned?[View]
187273182Someone on here once mentioned that there was a new ongoing LN that was like Kino no Tabi. It was a …[View]
187273057yaksoku no never ch/132: any theories on what might happen the next chapter? since gracefield they…[View]
187240782What is your Jojo Stand?: https://en.shindanmaker.com/672391[View]
187269820Anime Friendship: Is it real? Did it give any of you unrealistic ideas about how real friendship is?…[View]
187263799Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Chapter 81 is out and it's very lewd[View]
187266465This guy's a badass[View]
187272734ok but where's the /a/ sings soramimi cake?[View]
187266435One Piece 940: CHAPTER OUT https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/940/page/1…[View]
187268596Is Akihito Tsukushi a pedo?[View]
187233693>NTR fuckin dropped[View]
187263075Post a anime character that resembles you[View]
187268001Boku dake ga Inai Machi: I hate this stupid show and I hate the fact that I wasted my time watching …[View]
187258619Sarazanmai: THE DEVIL LETTUCE LMAO[View]
187234237Houseki no kuni vol 9 storytime (sort of): Last week we read volumes 5 to 8, so let's get to vo…[View]
187269535Mushibugyo: Remember this? Still not translated. Shame really, I liked the anime and the manga appar…[View]
187228216Only post here if your waifu is truly beautiful.[View]
187269149Is that child abuse?[View]
187268754>See a oneshot comic, with a basic premise >Turns out the author kept going with it >Turns …[View]
187264766Boku no Hero Academia: Is Toga kill?[View]
187266501Soul: Tell me, do you soulful manga?[View]
187260114who here /genki/[View]
187271435yurucamp△: Heyacamp/S2/movie when?[View]
187269738Violet Evergarden: Is this the most gorgeous looking telephone in anime history?[View]
187271206I'm dedicating this thread to all anime and manga traps. Post your favourite trap.[View]
187258625Next Update: Never: >Manga you really like >Last update was forever ago What's her name?…[View]
187215857Why did no one help her? Where was the park staff?[View]
187269904>be German >not blonde[View]
187270133About to watch D frag, what am I in for?[View]
187220988I guess Tohru is old news now that fox maids are the new thing?[View]
187234122Aifure, Prichan, King of Prism, Shining Star, Cocotama: Did you enjoy Hibiki's showtime?[View]
187269866How many children are these two going to make in the movie?[View]
187267832It doesn't get heavy, right? I like its comfiness and wouldn't want to see Alpha being tea…[View]
187261793Is this the greatest manga ever created?: Greatest side characters/crew members compared to other sh…[View]
187268223Domestic Na Kanojo #227: She's gonna get Chef'd Ruicucks seething[View]
187224699Senko-san: It's okay to lay down a bit longer, anon. You're tired from today, aren't …[View]
187227920ITT: FUCK YOU I LIKED IT[View]
187252391Why isn't anyone talking about Mob Psycho?[View]
187267475Ever since i got into berserk five years ago i only just today ten minutes ago have Fully caught up …[View]
187268259Has an anime ever faithfully adapted something with this much detail?[View]
187247298>Give protagonist unique and interesting weapon type >Actually fuck that he punches lasers LOL…[View]
187267434Inazuma Eleven love thread: That was one hell of a memory trip. Was absolutely godlike, the first o…[View]
187268172Poor writing in manga: I feel nothing but disgust when death prophecies are used to artificially rai…[View]
187269457vampire princess miyu: ive only seen the ova, is the tv series worth watching as well?[View]
187266398season 3 when[View]
187235519I've seen this in several anime, do Japanese people actually clean this way?[View]
187226775Kimetsu no Yaiba: >little girl >mouth always gagged so everything she can say is only muffled …[View]
187269718Why does everyone in anime have such good hairlines? Is Vegeta the only hair bro?[View]
187164779Black Clover: Fucking Pierrot changes everything. Why did they remove the implication that Sol was r…[View]
187265415Shokugeki no doma 308: The tasting will start and the 3 Bookman that will judge this fight come into…[View]
187242031>Hashirama dies in a war, Kishi doesn’t specify how >wat >Tobirama killed by 20 s rank ninj…[View]
187265646Bakemonogatari (Manga): Cutie snake[View]
187269263Big Gorl: Is this the power of anime? Where is there more of this? Talk about niche pandering in you…[View]
187211890Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Chapter translations out. https://mangadex.org/chapter/590767/1[View]
187266590>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
187256353Is this still the best couple of all anime history? Their relationship is so perfect, I can't f…[View]
187268413ITT: only the finests OTPs[View]
187207095Amanimonogatari: >Koyomi Araragi receives a request from Iezumi, an associate professor of lingui…[View]
187257388Why are people overtalking the animation quality decrease?: It's gay that they switched studios…[View]
187268026Kono Oto Tomare!: Why the fuck can't they just confess to each other? Jesus fucking christ, the…[View]
187259091Sarazanmai is an anime people will remember 10 years from now.[View]
187259046Characters that are literally you[View]
187267496Why are all of them better than vanilla Seibah?[View]
187255908New season when?[View]
187174275Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Chapter's out. I'm gonna have a FUCKING conniption. http://www.com…[View]
187241515Gender Bending Hero: >A daughter of two heroes who saved the world >Inherits her mom's in…[View]
187264205trying to read devilman manga but ryo makes me want to shoot myself directly in the cerebellum. is t…[View]
187240439Shingeki no Zeke: Thanks to Porcuck Eren got a new titan. How much can Pii resist the Zii?[View]
187257324A fuller pic of the main character in Rumiko's new upcoming wild ride. This is most likely a fe…[View]
187249623Another h*ckin' Evangelion thread: For me? It's episode 16 ed, the best Fly Me to the Moon…[View]
187257410Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: How hard do you need to work for this to happen?[View]
187207027Buyfag Thread: Local Irishman fainting from pain.[View]
187266450One Piece: It's out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/940/page/1[View]
187264771Kill Mitty: Euthanasia[View]
187236620>Dont kill that racist child torturer if you kill him you will be just as bad as him. >Not lik…[View]
187265964why do people like this again?[View]
187266088Baccano!: 'Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is gonna make the b…[View]
187265925Puso Ni Comi: Episode 14 got subbed (but not episode 15 yet unfortunately).[View]
187252599I don't get it. Why not just forget Kai-chan and get a boyfriend? She's at the right age.[View]
187262518Neon Genesis Evangelion is a coming of age story about a boy named Shinji, who struggles with depres…[View]
187241925One Piece 940: some of the spoiler pics[View]
187265014>anime character is just another character from the same studio but with recolored hair.…[View]
187261396CHADaily GETTER ROBO SAGA Chapter: Previously chapter >>187224320 NOW. CHAPTER 7: The Battle T…[View]
187247683Noucome has a wonderful art style.[View]
187257902JOJOLION 85: It’s out. http://hiwamatanoboru.com/2019/04/18/jojolion-85/[View]
187258904Million Arthur: Anyone else watching second season of slutty Jeanne's anime?[View]
187258367Laughing Salesman: Have you heard the good news about the happy merchant?[View]
187250793YURU CAMP SEASON 2 THREAD: Is /a/ excited?[View]
187245546Dragon Ball Super: Is Jiren still the strongest?[View]
187259720when will the 'transported back in time X years to prevent the disaster' fad hit Japan? Seems to be …[View]
187256012Boku No Hero Academia: how can a potato be some handsome[View]
187257618I don't get the ending. What was the purpose of the rant?[View]
187257093>Fuck off Saber. Go seduce my wife while I have an affair with my assistant and bully a cripple D…[View]
187253899HxH: So Is this the exact moment when hxh jumped the shark?[View]
187256575Steins;Gate 0: Is this Prequel recommended?[View]
187261504It's time[View]
187178722Imagine Being shirou and Having These Three cuties like your imoutos,What Would You do?[View]
187252324Neon Genesis Evangelion: So I recently found this anime and I am not sure which girl is the best... …[View]
187261434So I just finished up highschool of the dead do most hate rei like I do or am I in the minority here…[View]
187263080You love big nightmare breasts?[View]
187258228i fucking love konosuba, i wish i knew how to read so i could read the light novel, who else is read…[View]
187255981Boruto: Can we discuss how overrated this character is and how much screentime she steal from legacy…[View]
187260791Is Yoshizawa fat?[View]
187262899I forgot how awesome this opening was. Thanks to the anon who started posting noucome last week[View]
187262673SOON http://repotama.com/2019/04/112520/[View]
187260460I know you pedos cum over child raphtalia, but adult raphtalia is 10000x better[View]
1872561855toubun no Hanayome 82: Chapter release thread.[View]
187259191give medoka or I kill myself[View]
187261463Is the bullying issue in japan really that bad or anime is exaggerating?[View]
187257492ITT /a/utism: Post occurences of /a/ retardness[View]
187260049Dungeon Seeker: Dungeon Seeker ended. Since the manga wrapped up, they gave it an original ending.…[View]
187261727Chaika! remake when?[View]
187256380Wasn't Shyaoran basically Sakura's second choice?: I mean, her first choice was Yukito. Bu…[View]
187261713Best girl: Who’s 16[View]
187222373Why did Bocchi flopped?[View]
187257880Let's goooooo despair thread[View]
187261534Post happy lil foxes and other cute animals![View]
187257959Is there a realer nigga in baseball anime realer than Miyuki? Im not talking about the Miyuki with t…[View]
187234832I found out about Berserk in 98. It has been 21 years. Will it ever end?[View]
187241080What does /a/ think of the “Actually me” protagonist aka feeble, irrational, and with no sense of hu…[View]
187258895sauce katsudon: https://twitter.com/maerchen_anime/status/1118854015545036800 『メルヘン・メドヘン』第11話&第12話さき…[View]
187260388>if I kill you, I would be just as bad! >ooops, the bad guy whose life I spared, slipped by hi…[View]
187260955is misao from lucky star is clearly a tomboy or a genki girl?: lets get to the bottom of this once a…[View]
187256244https://youtu.be/O3sXeOJyt_w This is K-on! thread were we discuss about K-on!.[View]
187250715One punch man: New manga chapter is out + webcomic chapter Both are glorious as usual[View]
187255632Superhero in Anime/Manga: When it comes to Superhero in Anime/Manga would you say MHA and OPM are th…[View]
187260759>more like charlcum[View]
1872497005 toubun no hanayome: I can't take this anymore bros, when will this ride end[View]
187259625Kyon-kun, denwa.[View]
187260435This is my wife, Violet.[View]
187257634Tomozaki: So what's going on now?[View]
187260001Who's ready for AOTS?[View]
187260030Burrito: We wait for chapter 34 spoilers.[View]
187260140Who is the superior Cattleya's little baby[View]
187256275Ushiharu: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=49950 >The cow Ushiharu was brought to the …[View]
187252851Can anime become mainstream again?: In the early 00s every kid was watching anime. DBZ, Sailor Moon …[View]
187240306Ecstas Online: Dumping colored illustrations of volume 07 that came out today. Feel free to discuss …[View]
187259477KnY: Did /a/nyone else get emotional hearing Jiraiya (in a semi-main role) after all this time?…[View]
187249755Raildex: How does an artist gets so bad at anatomy?[View]
187237808Season 2 when?[View]
187258349Questions: >How many people has seen at least 1 anime? >How many people know the word '…[View]
187257672Fairy Gone: This could be good, but it isn't. Why is that? The premise is lite af and the graph…[View]
187240658When was the last time you watched anime on VHS?[View]
187256086What did I think of it[View]
187254042Ment/a/l Illness: Which anime/manga has the most authentic portrayal of mental illness that you…[View]
187252369Hunter x Hunter Thread: So tell me /a/nons, how do you think Togashi will re-introduce Gon back into…[View]
187257923Will any anime director ever surpass this god of a man?[View]
187255138oh great, it's another anime where we pretend like a character with an awesome power is actuall…[View]
187251522why is he so handsome? I'm not gay or anything I'm just saying[View]
187255460why do I think so much in Tails when Lotte appears[View]
187258615HELP ME TO FIND THIS HENTAI SONG !: Hi guys, can you help me find the music of this hentai please !?…[View]
187254510What did normalfags see in this? I don't get it.[View]
187251583Love Live: It's Maki's birthday today[View]
187214275Azumanga thread.: Thoughts on it? Who's best girl? who's the worst? Discuss.[View]
187257165Make an anime girl: Make an anime girl one line at a time. can we do it? bonus point for using paint…[View]
187225692Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Literally, soul the character. How does Yoshida do it?[View]
187258049Nanoha Thread: What's the consensus on Detonation, for those that have seen it?[View]
187257992Kasane: Greatest love story ever told between an Ugly bastard and a Gorgeous sociopath prostitute…[View]
187257268Post characters you want to strangle to death, I’ll start:[View]
187257583Hajime chadyama: Is it true that jump dropped him because of his average drawing skills? How hard ar…[View]
187257501based shotas[View]
187250260s2 when[View]
187253381Daily Keyman - The Hand of Judgement: Vol 9! Franck Bactstory Chapter 43:PAST Chapter 41: >>18…[View]
187256522Sarazanmai: This show is so pure[View]
187253453how does /a/ feels about Barakamon?[View]
187257057will it come a day when a cake/sensei wins the mc bowl?[View]
187250302ITT: Literal fat hogs[View]
187239770ITT anime's with better dubs then subs Ill go first[View]
187251996Soul Eater: How come it couldn't live up to its own hype?[View]
187227182was it a 9/10?[View]
187131638Do you enjoy having gyaru in your anime and manga? Right now I'm reading Gal Gohan and Sono Bi…[View]
187252635>jojo's bizarre adventure >numerous characters named jojo >more than one adventure …[View]
187254489Hakuba no Oujisama: Why is Hara so thirsty?[View]
187251413Sarazanmai: Subs are out [YOKUBOU WO TEBANASU NA intensifies][View]
187255195New translated chapter of our favorite brothel sleuth is out! https://mangadex.org/chapter/591234…[View]
187243503Wei Ying did some things wrong.[View]
187252308Since 2 of these guys are literally voiced by Getter pilots 1 and 2, how about we have these 3 perfo…[View]
187251341What's the worst Manga you've ever read from start to finish? Pic very much related. What …[View]
187219377Duke's Daughter's thread.: Will Iris ever get her shit pushed in for more than a arc? Othe…[View]
187243638Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: I don't get why this anime is making everyone depressed. Is it b…[View]
187254785Is she a Higurashi reference?[View]
187237705Is this the most beautiful glass/mug in anime history?[View]
187254708Is Dorothy the perfect girl? Imagine if all women were purely logical and non-emotional.[View]
187252242ITT: Post characters you thought you would never like in a million years but eventually do[View]
187231778Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Doppio confirmed for Trish's father[View]
187255107Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest chapter 23: Mashima knows his audience well.[View]
187254543GATE: What made the author of GATE waste so much time on something as pointless as combat and politi…[View]
187251438Opm thread, opinions about season 2[View]
187247682Dallos: Season 2 when? Get Oshii and the gang back together to save anime.[View]
187252890Ojamajo Doremi the Movie 2020: Next year we'll enjoy a new original Ojamajo Doremi movie! Until…[View]
187254094So he had the opportunity to masturbate to her feet yet he chose her breasts. Is Shinji gay?[View]
187251291>he buys physical media Get with the times, faggots.[View]
187252142Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?: EP2 Tayu Tayu ver[View]
187250200Should I watch Endless Eight?[View]
187251513>asspulls >mary sues >gary stus >terrible villains with shit motivations >boring sol …[View]
187250709Toriko would have been much more popular if it wasn’t for this annoying piece of shit.[View]
187254314MY FAVORITE FAIRY TALES: 'The Magic Carpet': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s012oYh45dI That audio,…[View]
187226975Anime and LN quality will improve tenfold if we break up their monopoly Agree y/n[View]
187190839>you'll never be stepped on by nagatoro im gonna jump off a bridge.…[View]
187239409Boku no Hero Academia: We got image leaks, still need some translations of the finer smaller text bu…[View]
187251378Belly expansion horror manga/anime: A resurrection of that archived belly horror manga thread.…[View]
187248320Kino moments in the Dragon Ball franchise? https://youtu.be/u7q0bAPUQoI[View]
187249315KnY: This isnt so bad. Why are you guys shitting on it?[View]
187253675Soredemo_Machi_wa_Mawatteiru: Why is she such a baka and why is this show so good?[View]
187247571Aqua: Why is she the best?[View]
187251947Is 86 any good as a LN? And if so, does anyone have a download link or site for PDFs where I can rea…[View]
187245269ITT: Series you dropped already[View]
187249973Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors: Hey, guys, it's been ages, hasn't it? I wanted to share a ne…[View]
187252583ITT: post animes only anime lovers love.[View]
187248549Is there a more perfect anime girl than Sonocchi?[View]
187251307Drop the krispy kreme, Serpico, we need your help here![View]
187252503Why are girls so hungry?[View]
187231684Nobody told me about MILLION ARTHUR and there is a 2nd season going on right now.[View]
187252634Rewatched the entirety of Tiger and Bunny yesterday, it was fun, I forgot how much I like this show …[View]
187251084Cast him[View]
187251319FLCL: Is this peak of gainax? Anyway flcl thread[View]
187251504Watchdog Man = Blast[View]
187250368What is your opinion on Reina-chan, /a/?[View]
187241547What is this expression called? Hands on cheeks and being elated? It seems to be common in the anime…[View]
187228786Why is Satania crying?[View]
187251426What did he mean by this?[View]
187245558Dragon Ball Super: >DAD HELP ME, I'M JOBBING AGAIN! imagine liking this character…[View]
187248325Are you manga-proficient? Do you have what it takes to recognize a manga on cover art alone? These t…[View]
187230234Jojolion: Are you ready for the next chapter /a/? What do you think of Jojolion so far?[View]
18725162080-90s OVA: Do you watch these? I just finished Dokushin Apartment and it was pretty damn good.…[View]
187251477Unpopular Opinions: Kokou no Hito is actually garbage and doesn't deserve to be mentioned with …[View]
187242998Animation in anime: [pic: Groundwork of Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone] We talk a lot about the …[View]
187234553ITT: Your best 'it was like she was looking at walking garbage' pictures[View]
187245256gosh anon you're such a loser[View]
187246307Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 20: Redentore[View]
187249894Komi-San: Hitomi and Shousuke spin-off manga when?[View]
187247553Which of these girls have sexual experience?[View]
187244871One Punch Man 107: Dumping[View]
187246992What's this character archetype called?[View]
187248384When did you drop it?: For me it was mid Quimera Ant[View]
187242527Haruhi suzumiya: >muh love is a mental illness. I'd rather be a cuck What is wrong with this…[View]
187250428Demon slaya: Is she worth it?[View]
187242975Sarazanmai: Is this a Utena reference? Episode 2 out in a couple hours.[View]
187206026Years waiting...... for THIS? One Punch Man was giving loads of buckets of cash. Why did they do th…[View]
187249831>They are so popular they get to host two events in a single year >https://www.animenewsnetwor…[View]
187221402Weekly Shounen Jump #21: TOC Jujutsu Kaisen (Cover, Lead CP) Yakusoku no Neverland One Piece Dr. Sto…[View]
187246909Shokugeki no Soma 308: The spoilers haven't been released yet?[View]
187250209Joshikausei: Is /a/ enjoying the best short of the year?[View]
187249841Post the exact moment a show becomes droppable[View]
187239087Naruto: Are the clans inbred?[View]
187248878>Hunter x Hunter isnt ga-[View]
187184678>suppose to be a healing anime >Depression and suicidal thoughts increased after watching How …[View]
187224318ITT: We sing the opening of an anime we like: i will start *AHEM* HE HO HE HO HE HO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
187249450What are some characters that would greatly benefit from being traps?[View]
187246777Was she a good secretary?[View]
187238059ITT: Shows where the protagonist is a literal asshole and unlikable[View]
187249642ITT post flawed main characters you like: >Waahhh wahh, I can't self insert…[View]
187240200Why this guys is so freaking dense? Took him 80 chapters to finally realize the obvious, that LITERA…[View]
187249445*slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slu…[View]
187200495>A 12 minute Kadokawa advertisement is the unironic AOTS What went wrong with this season guys?…[View]
187242244Why do all these stupid isekai anime summon high school kids to save the world or defeat the evil? W…[View]
187243337Only normies think that Brotherhood is better than '03. More centralized emotional depth, bette…[View]
187236028ITT: anime and manga you rarely see discussed on /a/.[View]
187243658What's her name /a/?[View]
187168475ITT: Anime girls that own your heart[View]
187247584>tfw dropout and coward >tfw sick and tired of my weakness How do I become like him?…[View]
187249203Is it just me or is Joey the most successfully written and likeable underdog character in shounen an…[View]
187249138the greatest love story ever told[View]
187199823Boruto 34: Burrito holding his burrito[View]
18724302091 Days was a masterpiece.[View]
187248111ITT: Best anime directors: For me, it's Makoto Shinkai. The best anime director of all time.…[View]
187243645HUNTER x HUNTER: Who are your top 2 favorite characters edition.[View]
187248348what a steaming pile of shit[View]
187233054Why are you here Teacher / Sensei: Well todays the day will we see a single nipple?[View]
187202930Himenospia: And so it begins. https://mangadex.org/chapter/590396/1[View]
187213791Xenogears: You are now in charge of adapting Xenogears into an anime. How would you go about it?…[View]
187237641Satoshi Mizukami's works: Is satoshi mizukami the literal god of manga[View]
187236076GUNDAM: https://youtu.be/a3MCiCW6P0U[View]
187205931'Let's kill 1500 people to save 1501' This character has the most retarded philosophy in anime[View]
187241686So rumor has it the mangaka who wrote Harekon got knocked up by her manager or something?[View]
187235071We need more anime with huge, flopping titties. Wouldn't you agree?[View]
187237402Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?: Chimame-tai, Be Brave! New Chapter! https://mangadex.org/chapter/591077…[View]
187189897Carole & Tuesday: https://www.instagram.com/carole_and_tuesday/ Is this legit?[View]
187247002sooooooooooooooooo he was just a jobber?[View]
187237129Cop Craft new infor: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-18/cop-craft-anime-casts-fumiko-o…[View]
187246452This is the best battle shonen of the last 10 years[View]
187247363Apparently SnowBlu can draw like a motherfucker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbnvvzks7aY[View]
187227627Cake: Cake[View]
187245556miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
187196176What does anime have to do to avoid 'time flop' status and become a classic like shows in pic relate…[View]
187246443Have anyone watched it? Remembers me of the /pol/ guys.[View]
187224183Raildex Buddy: Just when you thought Misaki can't get any better, they hit you with AB Misaki. …[View]
187238228One punch man: /Ourguy/ is back fgts[View]
187217563There's an isekai quartet but when are we getting our literally me quartet? Sakuta not pictured…[View]
1872432302019: What movies are you looking forward to the most this year?[View]
187246319Was she still a virgin after the war?[View]
187237191Did the /a/ sings soramimi cake drop yet? I have an interview for a job and need to make it my ringt…[View]
187242305Last Encore: The greatest pleb filter ever made[View]
187242611Does /a/ like Dragon Ball Z's original soundtrack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=218ELDhIiGY…[View]
187230005FLCL 2&3: did you guys watch progressive and alternative? are they as shit as everyone says? bas…[View]
187240635Post characters who are the only reason to read/watch the work they're in.[View]
187238291>undresses in front of MC >sleeps in the same room >in the same bed, even >she doesn…[View]
187234670Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo: What the fuck is wrong with the male characters here?? yeah its 'ta…[View]
187231402Can Aizawa just make Toru visible by negating her quirk?[View]
187244325Change the World: anybody else reading this? lets talk about it![View]
187240302Now let's see how smart you are, anon[View]
187239514(Pretend Aoi is here) Which one /a/?[View]
187241928Did you know?: Self inserting and waifufagging are just advanced forms of cuckoldry and delusion. Fa…[View]
187235156>mfw ribbon warrior will probably never get animated >mfw even if it does they'll probabl…[View]
187242798This nigga could've just fly around the cage for the lulz and destroy Dressrosa at the same tim…[View]
187225530Post good parents[View]
187240080Love Live! Sunshine!!: Riko is pure!!![View]
187241780What does ''Netflix will save the anime industry'' mean?: Why does anime industr…[View]
187243758>Start series with the Main characters being extremely over powered >Still ends up falling fo…[View]
187243626If you were to redesign anime robot ears to be more modern, what would they look like? Would you sti…[View]
187241843Moomin Rider[View]
187238669I just started watching season 2 again, I absolutely hate Furuya, he's such a cunt and Sawamura…[View]
187238690Animes that everyone loves but you actually hate.: Mob psycho 100: > Season 1: rank 100 in myanim…[View]
187231321/Shamo/: This series deserves its own thread. >Did you like the Ending >Favourite secondary ch…[View]
187240017OPM Season 2 is amazing!: The animation this season easily surpasses the animation from season 1. I …[View]
187197856No Isekai this season?: First of all, having the genre name in the title doesn't mean it can be…[View]
187236099Never forget[View]
187194189“女傑”ヒシアマゾンが死ぬ  28歳、余生を送っていた米国で https://news.netkeiba.com/?pid=news_view&no=153831  日本中央競馬会(JRA)は…[View]
187240470https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_7z_WVcpdw well /a/, what anime related song can you listen to endl…[View]
187239123When did you realize that Yanda did nothing wrong?[View]
187240594Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: How come we don't have a STALKER for Uzaki chapters?[View]
187235528>Can make 10/10 Isekai >Can make 10/10 CGDCT >Can make 10/10 Sci-fi >Can make 10/10 Fant…[View]

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