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20492228how do I get a job? throughout highschool i never had a job, I applied for some but never got a repl…[View]
20491929About to take this to the pawn shop, I paid 400 for it a couple of years ago but don’t recall how ma…[View]
20492196>1 month in >Realize I was only in infatuation with gf >Realize I only like her because she…[View]
20492193What's the optimal vape device for smoking tabacco/weed/salvia/dmt? At a reasonable price pleas…[View]
20487647i dont know what to fucking do i finally confessed to my bf that i had a desire to have a mmf threes…[View]
20491009>see a girl outside >feel bad for the rest of the day How are you even supposed to meet girls?…[View]
20492161Help with overcoming porn: Need some advice. Ive been doing a lot to try to get my life together. It…[View]
20492069Fuck grils. I've liked so many and none of them liked me back, the one's who did like me i…[View]
20492005Big nose problem: This is my funny shitty story When I was 5 years old I used to watch HxH with my b…[View]
20490379Friendzone: Met a girl on tinder a few months ago. Things progressed slowly since we both were inexp…[View]
20491733>gf of two years >she was a virgin >She has immense insecurity about my past sex life >g…[View]
20491997is it normal for guys early adulthood at collage age to have messy rooms and are just too dam lazy t…[View]
20492040Joining the National Guard: Hello /adv! I've been considering joining the National Guard for a …[View]
20490834how do i know if deep down i'm really just a misogynist piece of shit?[View]
20492019despair: my phone broke I have very little money. what's best/cheapest smart phone available. t…[View]
20492016My mom helped a hoarder move stuff into her garage. She's having second thoughts and the hoarde…[View]
20492013What can I do to get a job as quickly as possible? Advice? >BS in Human Resource Development >…[View]
20492008I went back to college hoping to be a teacher, completed the program, but I might have fucked up my …[View]
20491703Infertility: I’m 22. I had a UTI for like a month and a half and I’m just now getting treated. I’ve…[View]
20490719Should I try to fuck my friend?: I've been wanting to fuck with my buddy on and off for the pas…[View]
20490453How do I increase testosterone?[View]
20491939Me and the girlfriend have hit a rough spot. We never argued until Christmas then contiously argued …[View]
20482298Is it possible for a fear of girls to turn me gay/bi? I kind of took Red Pill ideology to heart when…[View]
20490536Gf problems: Finally got a girlfriend (was a 22 yo virgin), and she is great, cute, smart (great aca…[View]
20491863'Preparing' yourself for a relationship?: I have a date tomorrow with a very sweet girl. I…[View]
20491653Need help with Job decision: To make it short, I have to decide between two different companies and …[View]
20491379So, I have a crush on this guy for like a year. We don't talk that much, only when we go out wi…[View]
20491655Taaander Advice: This girl is baaaaad and I just wanna clap her cheeks, but she hit me with this car…[View]
20489595gap year: i'm an 18yo highschooler about to graduate. i want to take a gap year. it seems like …[View]
20491768So /adv/ I've been seeing a grill for the better part of a half a year now. She's great in…[View]
20491856Why?: eat same diet and consistent routine for couple weeks. No change whatsoever. All of a sudden I…[View]
20491840I am a terrible person: Today the bus I ride to get home didn't come so I had to ride another o…[View]
20491592>alcohol makes you feel even more socially inept and inhibited yet it does the exact opposite for…[View]
20491786>see old lady slip and fall on snowy road >think 'meh' >walk on Did years of hardcore porn…[View]
20491782I’m ugly as fuck to the point where some people avoid me. I don’t care about that. What I don’t unde…[View]
20491798sorry, newfag here >Be 19, fat and ugly >get bullied at school and beaten at home >go to ar…[View]
20491616I kind of accidentally hit my girlfriend. I had used some weed and cocaine before, so I wasn't …[View]
20491778Shunned and disowned by family some years back. lived in projects poverty for number of years. In ru…[View]
20491522Catching feelings for close friend what do?[View]
20490353How to study better: What's the best studying method? I'm used to make little summaries of…[View]
20491630Why am I like this (rant): Lived a middle class lifestyle for my whole life thanks to my mother for …[View]
20491704Why are loose girls easier to approach than the nice ones /adv/ ?[View]
20491700Looking for new job advice.: TL;DR - Anon's current job isn't cutting it and he needs some…[View]
20490596I had a song saved in my playlist on YouTube but it was later removed from the channel. HOW THE FUCK…[View]
20490878>guys what do? Was waiting in the cold for bus for more than 20 mins and I thought it wouldn…[View]
20487935I had sex with a high end escort GFE: Hey guys some months ago when I was in Paris I had sex with a …[View]
20490282Would it be weird to ask my sister to cuddle during a movie? Always felt we had a special bond..[View]
20490627Friend shit: So I'll cut it short I have this one friend that was a childhood friend since age …[View]
20491544How to Honor Dead Family On Birthday?: My grandmothers birthday is today and she has been dead a yea…[View]
20491563help: how do you get out of a 6 year relationship[View]
204914952nd date?: What’s a good place/ good thing to do on a second date with a grill? I took her out for c…[View]
20491349>tfw you studied technology in high school (all male) >now about to enter university I do want…[View]
20490921What are some interview tips people often overlook?: I am not sure what I'm doing wrong here, b…[View]
20491345Eating out hookers: I want to eat out hookers especially if they've been fucked lots that day f…[View]
20491500Asked a lead guy to help me get my submitted application noticed by his company’s hiring department.…[View]
20490431Most effective ways to suppress my sexuality?[View]
20491436Self-learning and Hobby: Hi , I'm 17 and looking for some hobby or subject , wich would help me…[View]
20491321Think Tablet stuck at very base of neck: I know traditionally 'Go see a doctor' threads are an occur…[View]
20491499How to motivate and prepare yourself for studying for around 2 weeks? A lot of study, propably have …[View]
20490224What's the point of changing the world or having any meaningful impact in life if in the end, w…[View]
20490350If you won't truly ever achieve anything meaningful, why continue on with a painful hard existe…[View]
20491430>asked to babysit mom's new kid >promised myself I would try to molest them this time …[View]
20490485Career: I've always been interested in cybersecurity and technology in general. I'm 18 and…[View]
20490991Depressive gf is mad: Yesterday i told my depressive GF that i am with her with the hope she is gonn…[View]
20491168Hello, im am 20 years old,i am an incel,im not violent and i dont hate women or blame them.im decent…[View]
20491070Semi-new to site I've never been much to go out of my way to meet new people and thus never had…[View]
20491390Is it ok for me to be optimistic?: I failed an exam and fucked up badly, resulting in a loss of mone…[View]
20489878Getting mentally tough fast: Whats the best way to do this? I've been told I'm weak before…[View]
20491301QT standing next to me at bus stop: Quick, /adv/ , wat do?[View]
20491341for the past few days i seem to want to seduce my mom i get urges when i'm near her to hug her …[View]
20491263Regarding purely online friendships...: Would you guys consider online friendships to be generally u…[View]
20491313Can anyone give me good examples of integrity?: Just came out of an interview, got absolutely fucked…[View]
20490487Should I lose my virginity (24yr khv) to a 32yr old single mother of 2? I’ve known this chick for ar…[View]
20491238what do now?: an attractive girl asked me to add her on facebook, what do?[View]
20490831Any advice how should white women prepare asian females so white men can marry them? Is there guide …[View]
20490696I think I have some anger issues. I keep getting angry over the smallest things, and the most unimpo…[View]
20491016The girl I have a thing for at work got moved right across from me. How do I make this something ben…[View]
20490115Tits for attention me and my long-distance boyfriend are planning on meeting up for the first time. …[View]
20490533Breaking up over exes?: I've been in a serious LDR over the past 3-4 months, but how often my p…[View]
20490259Trying to euthanize cat at home cheap: i have an elderly cat. He is going on 16 years old. Recently …[View]
20491120Time to learn: Hey /adv/nons Recently a lot of changes happened in my life. Finally i got the coura…[View]
20491067> be me > years ago, 13 yr old fag in high school > a loser with no friends > half way t…[View]
20490998Extreme Anxiety after chick shows interest: So I’m in a situation where I literally have no idea wha…[View]
20489311Need some /advice/ bros, lace me up. About 5 or 6 years ago I was in school living with my mom, and…[View]
20491059I'm a 24 yo faggot without an objective in life. It's not like I need it but I'm awar…[View]
20491002Birthday present: My grandma's bday is coming up and I'd like to paint her something, but …[View]
20490916Explain this shit to me: How do people indulge themselves in social situations? Why the fuck do I fi…[View]
20490984>be me, >Absolute newbie to 4chan. >As well as the ultimate virgin king >Fap a monstrous…[View]
20490967>Gf of best friend (call her A) has a sister (call her B) >cute and nerdy but has an asshole a…[View]
20490918I was contacted to take care of some guy's kid while they were out from friday to monday, we ag…[View]
20490871Can an INTP/INFJ like me get a gf?: Every time I get to know someone who would be decent I find out …[View]
20490900Help: I'm madly in love with my Co worker and I married may last year. If my coworker asked me …[View]
20488248Life is such a downer past childhood years: I'm mad as hell. Think about the best life you coul…[View]
20489925>29 >everyone my age is starting to get married >i still can't even look at a girl I s…[View]
2049032543 year old here...how bad is my balding/hairline? Where would I be on the norwood scale? Should I j…[View]
20490219Need help: How do I unfuck my public hair? I also have the lesser type of phimosis, can I still have…[View]
20490706How can I improve my memory? No matter how hard I try to remember something, I just can't. This…[View]
20490869Are there any legit sites to buy prescription on, without having to use bitcoin?[View]
20490752Where I can find online friends? I do play some online games but I never click with someone.[View]
20490558Did I commit rape?: Going on on 7 years ago I had sex with a coworker at a staff party. >have cow…[View]
20486231Please make me stop. The blood is so sickening but i constantly thrive for more and more. I deserve …[View]
20490836>after a long spell of feeling weak and passive, arms and legs aching from stress and doing nothi…[View]
20490760Help learning foreign languages: So I've developed a strong love and passion for foreign langua…[View]
20486540How important is saying 'Happy birthday' for you?[View]
20489157Why do so few guys have long hair? I love how it looks on guys, but every guy I know has a super sho…[View]
20490768Making a decision: Be Me, Grew up in an educated family. Lived in a small town until I moved into a…[View]
20489558Alright so here's the deal. I'm a 26 yo virgin. Only ever been kissed and since then it…[View]
20490368How long did it take you?: I want to be pic related. I want somebody to be that happy to see me and …[View]
20490343Think i'm a daddy.: Girlfriend of 3 months is 2 days laye, we took test yesterday and today and…[View]
20490633Boofing: I wanna try boofing with my fuckbuddy. I've never done it before. How is it done? Do p…[View]
20490304Auto-walking: How To Stop It.: I was out, looking fresh and meeting up with a female friend. As I wa…[View]
20490698How do I seek help? How can I make myself open up to someone?[View]
20490476I have a way I can make money. Do if from home have a job I semi like and be able to make money by m…[View]
20489719Is a friendship diminished forever once one of the parties gets a gf?[View]
20490682>tfw just realized I complicated someone's life quite a bit Should I feel bad or not?…[View]
20490475Any advice to stop procrastinating. Its affecting my work and my health.[View]
20490527School or work?: I just passed my exam with the lowest grade possible, and my teachers told me that …[View]
20490499As a beta man who just got her first gf a year ago, how would you accept your status as an inferior,…[View]
20490628BF frustrates the shit out of me: >I want to say going into this that I knew it was going to both…[View]
20490444Am I in Hell? Unironically though Things are starting to make sense[View]
20490601Need a quick help on something anons!: Just got her number after a good first date and I sent her “I…[View]
20484833Gf cheats on me because of porn: Long story short: >gf of 3 years found porn on my old laptop wit…[View]
20489281Am I a doormat?: Scenario: My phone, accidentally on the highest volume, went off while I was at wor…[View]
20490321Loneliness: Hi /adv Look, I really need someone to tell me what to do. I'm 19 just graduated hi…[View]
20490293Should I change my name?: Currently, my name is Max. I love the sound of the name Sylvester and I th…[View]
20489948relationship advice? help a femanon out: hello anons. I'm in a very very conflicted state of mi…[View]
20488957I think I'm going insane. Every time I'm outside or even in school I feel as if everyone …[View]
20490318Gonna kms within the year, but I really would like to do anything I can to make the grief more toler…[View]
20490324I've met this girl a couple of times and I want to pursue her romantically. The problem is: I d…[View]
20489876My girlfriend and I had incredible sex last night but she feels a little bit guilty about it now and…[View]
20490460If I'm out on a date with a woman and things progress where we start making out, how do I prope…[View]
20490437How do I give up on women? I don’t want to worry about women or life anymore. I was born in a small …[View]
20490334In Australia what would be the highest paying military style job I can get? I'm halfway through…[View]
20487601I'm 19 and I permanently crippled my left leg in a motorcycle accident for the rest of my life …[View]
20489965Need ideas for seducing the bf: Bf's been feeling a bit down on himself. As a result, he's…[View]
20490187Hey, guys. I just spent 4 years getting a B.S. in microbiology. I kinda regret it. What is the best …[View]
20490176Really embarrassed: I had an awful breakup a few weeks ago, it ravaged and destroyed me. I'm st…[View]
20490307Advice to cut off Cunty friend.: I have this friend, we've known each other for a long time, an…[View]
20489806I want to commit suicide: I really do want to commit suicide but am wondering if there is anyone or …[View]
20490257how to use 4chan: idk how to use 4chan, like how do i find memes[View]
20490303Wondering if a girl likes me, (yeah I know surprising.) So I'm not sure, but my dad and his gf …[View]
20489830Am I destined to never feel love? Been with current gf for over a year now, but she keeps on making…[View]
20490058half a porn happened to me tonight... what does adv/b have to say about it?: pic related, but not he…[View]
20490183Hello /adv/ Been thinking about purchasing LSD via dark web as of late. Never had it before. Can any…[View]
20489710College: Were any of you guys ever in frats and why/why shouldn't I join one? Also if you got a…[View]
20487636My girlfriend and I had sex with a condom on. However after ejaculation, it looked like some of the …[View]
20490105I need advice please help: So my gf and I have been dating for almost 4 years now and we are very co…[View]
20490097I'm so used to being alone that I push away everyone who tries to be close and friendly to me. …[View]
20487818Big dick problem: Okay guys basically I went on vacations with my friends, and my girlfriend and I h…[View]
20489771birthday wishes: >ex dumped me a little over two years ago >in that time shes moved on and dat…[View]
20490122Paranoia/Anxiety: Hello /adv/, I am a college student in the second half of my first year, and I mad…[View]
20489603Date a 'Feminist'?: Am I looking at a #MeToo or should I take the dive? Long story short >good in…[View]
20489521How do you date an ugly girl. Like, I'm not a fucking prince, I'm really not, I'm a 3…[View]
20490200Should I put off getting this checked out? My nails were black and when I scraped that off I noticed…[View]
20489810afraid i might be bipolar: i think i might be bipolar. a couple days back, i was literally punching …[View]
20490072I need some relationship help.: >be me >usually very insensitive (due to years of mental abuse…[View]
20489953What do normal people dance at the night clubs and shit? I want to learn to dance so that I get to m…[View]
20489900My girlfriend told me she was pregnant and I jokingly told her I had a vasectomy but she ended up te…[View]
20490884My country is turning into a shithole in front of my eyes: My country is turning into a shithole in …[View]
20488060>tried to kill myself at the range >got tackled and banned >not before I get a black eye an…[View]
20489700It annoys me that my company keeps treating me as a long term part of the solution for our expanding…[View]
20489932Anyone ever worked for a cannabis company? I have an interview tomorrow and cant find any interview …[View]
20489821I'm not sure if this is normal. My boyfriend won't come to me when he's upset about t…[View]
20489383Everyone tells me I have to kill the Fire lord to bring peace, but that goes against everything i…[View]
20485730Is it true that women can't be loyal to their SO's? I'd really like to believe otherw…[View]
20490114I don’t really know where to post this, but I just want to post this here, as I have posted question…[View]
20490112What's the best site to host a webcomic? I was thinking about using webtoons, but my comic has …[View]
20489962I went on vacation for a month and not one of my 'friends' bothered to even wish me a merry christma…[View]
20486387How do i get asian,black,latina girlfriend? I had many unfortunate relationships with white women an…[View]
20490075My gf started slowly being really depressing and I'm starting to catch it secondhand. She'…[View]
20490045If a junkie is found dead on the street, do they make the news in any way? I kicked out a friend who…[View]
20490001autism advice: im 18, have never touched a girl, and am extremely judgemental and picky on who I wou…[View]
20489191What is your biggest dream, /adv/? Basically, if you didn't need to worry about money, what wou…[View]
20484933Soooo.. How do relationships/couples just 'happen'?: I'm 24, never had a girlfriend, never had …[View]
20489964>Used to be somewhat social and outgoing (on the internet, at least) and had lots of friends I li…[View]
20488341I've fallen in love with my mom and I don't know what to do: Its over, I've finally j…[View]
20490015Becoming /fit/: Best way to ease into becoming /fit/? Like, making it apart of my routine. I can fit…[View]
20485689I used to call myself mixed asian and white. nowadays, considering my dad was a crackhead and could …[View]
20489968Disowning family.: How do I disown my family without completely destroying their life's, especi…[View]
20490035How can I stop being so fucking jealous? I have a best friend I love to death, and I know the feelin…[View]
20489992Starting Anew: I'm wanting to get my life together and just start over, but that entails cuttin…[View]
20489239Pregnancy Scare: I fucked up last night /adv/ and dont have anyone else to ask about this situation:…[View]
20489945Ok so I have the following problem in text-conversations a lot. So lets say you have a conversation,…[View]
20489850I have a brother who has 4 kids and my brother is also an asshole. He has done many assholes things …[View]
20489787Do you hold out for someone you really like, or just date a bunch of people until you're like '…[View]
20489854what do you tell a girl if she tells you she broke up with her boyfriend[View]
20489913More excuses I'm generating to not ask out the shy girl who is visibly hurt that I haven't…[View]
20489262Uhhhh girl advice: >have a class with a qt >see her at a party a couple weeks into last semest…[View]
20489911I can't open this jar of pickles: Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppp!!!!!![View]
20489931I met two girls through dating sites. Girl 1 is interesting, smart, and physically active, but cance…[View]
20489880Naturally, after working/learning, I'd play some video games. For a year I changed that to read…[View]
20489839Im miserable: Tl;dr nothing brings me fulfilment anymore. >in a relationship that feels like shes…[View]
20489734Don't Know What to Say to GF: Okay /adv/, so essentially my gf and I have been having issues th…[View]
20489733Forget about her: I used to date a girl that gave me mixed signals, treated me like an option and re…[View]
20489914Just can't relate to people ... I act incredibly fake around most people by instinct and all it…[View]
20489291How can I get rid of acne?[View]
20489779Can i buy offbrand viagra like cialis over the counter at a CVS/Walgreens/target etc in america? Wi…[View]
20489460Ok so I really don't want to write this because it is more evidence that I'm fucked but wh…[View]
20488460am I a loser for being on 4chan?[View]
20489862where can I get an egf? I just want one to talk random shit to and maybe fall in love with. Oh and m…[View]
20489777Best low-price motels/hotels: What are some good inexpensive accommodations for casual encounters? I…[View]
20489856>How do I stop being so aloof, bitter and hateful I just resent people for a variety of reasons a…[View]
20489713Girlfriend Thief: There is this guy in my hometown who has been stealing all of my girlfriends since…[View]
20488849Hypergamy is at its top, tinder is the worst example of it but all of these fucking bitches are so p…[View]
20489752Help, I don't know how to handle myself. I'm 19. My problem is that I just throw tantrums …[View]
20486478Convincing my bro to do something: How can I convince my little brother to go to college or at least…[View]
20489732Would you rather be paid less and get a job that is less stressful?[View]
20488549Small Chin problems.: Guys I need help. My chin is naturally recessed, and it makes my face look so …[View]
20489469Is it a dick move to break up with a girl for quitting the pill, going back to condoms and not consi…[View]
20489750I've been spending a lot of time with a girl I met about a month ago. Neither of us (mostly her…[View]
20489736High school bro here. 6' 180lbs, and from the outside I look pretty healthy. Personally, though…[View]
2048761420 KB JPG I could use some advice from my /b/ros in a fucked up situation. A bro of mine has a kid w…[View]
20489648No motivation or focus anymore: Does anyone else have problems with adderall taking away their perso…[View]
20489620I'm going to be homeless: I'm about to go homeless. My mother has thrown away my birth cer…[View]
20489442Came down off a benadryl trip about four days ago, but didn't come all the way down. I could wa…[View]
20489018The real redpill: Cock size matters, a lot. The thing is, even a lot of women don't realize it …[View]
20485974Are there any websites that have great support for wordpress and wordpress plug ins that isn't …[View]
20489444Ok here we go guys This has happened to me with 5 different girls, both online and irl, from school,…[View]
20489550>got depressed about 2 years ago >didn’t treat it but learned how to cope >personality got…[View]
20488811Bi girlfriend: Should my gf, who is bisexual, be allowed to kiss other women? She wants to continue …[View]
20489605To cam or not to cam: My girlfriend has expressed mild interest in seeing if we can make some money …[View]
20488762Is it possible to afford state university in burgerland strictly off student loans? As in, pay for t…[View]
20489602Professional: How does one become a professional cuddler? I crave male affection but I don’t want to…[View]
20488270Do I have ED?: To preface this, I'm 18 and have had sex with four women. Due to my steady mastu…[View]
20488629I've been trying to write a book. I'd like to know what you think about it so far. It…[View]
20489401Chest discomfort after swallowing pill: Hey guys, my head was hurting earlier so I took a capsule of…[View]
20489275I went out with this girl twice, kissed her, she texted me a few days later how it was weird, made h…[View]
20489274Want to kill myself: What's the least painful method of committing suicide?[View]
20488199Virgin cold turkeys sluts: Sup /adv, just need an extra push on this fine winter afternoon. Last wee…[View]
20489526How do I harden my heart? All throughout my life I have been very sensitive. I can't hurt anyon…[View]
20489525Same Girl, Multiple Questions: I've had a thing for a coworker for a while but rarely had chanc…[View]
20486891Is it bad that I never want to work? I don't care about having fancy shit or anything like that…[View]
20489108>be me >20 y/0 and kissless virgin >downloads tinder >right swipes a 30 y/o woman cau…[View]
20485034Why the fuck is this so hard[View]
20489059I accidentally caught a good chunk of an online friend group talking shit about me behind my back Sh…[View]
20488494Does my fiance have autism? >terrible social skills >can't maintain eye contact >think…[View]
20489087any honest advice for a nihilist zoomer? >21 >dropped out of college >got in 7k+ debt >…[View]
20489482Ok guys, I'm a grad student entering the last year of my Master Degree, I share the apartment w…[View]
20489455Had condom sex with a hooker then used her body soap to wash myself now I've been experiencing …[View]
20489425How do I stop being attracted to teenagers? I get it, it's normal for men to like younger women…[View]
20489305I don't know where else to go with this so here we go: First some background information: there…[View]
20488909I hate fun and nothing makes me happy. I hate a lot of other things and I can't say I really en…[View]
20489039>Co-workers think I’m weird How do I change this?[View]
20488594Please help me /sci/. You are the smartest guys here on 4chan. Please help me to get rid of anxiety.…[View]
20489110Scared of love and not being enough: How do I overcome the thougths of not being enough for the girl…[View]
20489303staring: Former shut-in here, trying to rejoin society. Went back to college, bought a car, etc. No …[View]
20488929> lose virginity with gf of months and take hers too > fast forward half a year or so > we …[View]
20487981How do I breakup with my boyfriend or make him stop liking me? Its very long distance and weve been…[View]
20489363How to stop caring about other people so much?: I care too much, that's the gist of my problem.…[View]
20489206How do I become a good speaker that can inspire people?[View]
20487834How do you get over an imposter syndrome? Today, my boss called me in his office and offered me a ra…[View]
20486130Am I Wrong?: tl;dr: My girlfriend has a habit of (in my opinion) blowing things out of proportion. T…[View]
20487103Any guys here had to deal with back-acne and can give advice? I'm very hygienic and I don'…[View]
20488467Is it weird good idea to wink at a girl?[View]
20487866How do I overcome that I wont be able to socialize with other students at my school? 75% of my schoo…[View]
20489253Need workload & life planning advice: Okay lads so I'm gonna have a real busy workload this…[View]
20488508>be me >see girl I like at school and muster up courage to somehow talk / text her. >use s…[View]
20487964>exited a 3yr relationship >started phd and feeling 0 motivation >first tinder date and she…[View]
20487700I'm terrified of only lasting like 10 seconds when I lose my virginity. Is that even a normal d…[View]
20488770How to overcome irrational fear of STDs as male looking to date again?: 26/M here I was one of the u…[View]
20488971Is Paramedic a meme career: Im not smart enough to do actual medicine. I like the morally good aspec…[View]
20488940apathy: So I'm a 26 year old. Not a virgin, also not unemployed. I am suffering from extreme b…[View]
20489185Vodka and Red Bull: > Be me > Always drinking, no life ambition > Have to stress every bar…[View]
20488231fellas, i think i might have a problem i cant really ejaculate standing up, whenever i do i just get…[View]
20483787what makes you get up in the morning? i don't want to do anything i just want to sit in my room…[View]
20488733I been doing some cute skype dates with my soon2be girlfriend. We are getting together this week irl…[View]
20488478Why do women complain about being treated as sex objects and men only wanting sex from them while at…[View]
20488908Ouch: Everytime i get a wiff of a sig, perfume, weed, gasoline or just a strong odor i get a fat hea…[View]
20487871I've never really been doing well at school. Since young age always seen as bizarre human being…[View]
20489068Guys I have been masturbating almost thrice a day this week And just busted a fat nut but now my rig…[View]
20488656If I'm out on a date with a woman and things progress nicely where we start making out, how do …[View]
20488939Need book recommendations to gain self-confidence of super saiyan[View]
20489046Hi 4C, i dont really talk about my problems to anyone but here I go. A year ago I got kicked out of …[View]
20488941Need help before it's too late..: Ok /adv/ >Be me >My sister-in-law is cheating her bf w…[View]
20488874Ex GF hangs out with guy she should hate , the fuck ?: My ex and I have had a fairly good relationsh…[View]
20488680People tell me to toughen up: I don't get it, why do I have to be tough? I just want to be me.…[View]
20488787get the best nuggets: this post is to give advice to all of you. for the best nuggies cook them in a…[View]
20488356How I do be an intimidatingly attractive person? Both physically and in personality? The type of per…[View]
20487426So, I'm 32. I've been blowing this place up with stories of the lesbian waitress that is w…[View]
20488951>21 yr old hapa, look mostly asian (kinda like pic related), born in America >live in a county…[View]
20487629I have a problem. My niece, she's... she's become hot as hell. She's 15 and turns 16…[View]
20488047Hello everyone I am new to 4chan. Looking for a simple advice, i can to you, the honorable people of…[View]
20488935Looking for a durable Xbox one controller. The thumb stick on the one I’m using broke and I’m tired …[View]
20488881Stop Being Lazy: I've been fighting laziness and developing good habits for almost 2 weeks. I…[View]
20487886>high school relationships: >be me >my last year in HS >clasmate is a 6.5/10 white girl,…[View]
20488765What kind of music genre is this? I know it's probably electronic but anything more specific? E…[View]
20488079In college, should I prioritize learning everything about my field and setting up my career or makin…[View]
20488838I cant find gf that likes my kink.[View]
20487684I either feel extremely handsome or extremely ugly: There is no in-between. Each of these phases las…[View]
20488837I don't remember the last time I've felt any major emotion. I'm just tired all the ti…[View]
20487485Do girls really mind that you are a virgin? I don't wanna lie to people, I need to stop being a…[View]
20488824im in computer science and i have an internship coming up, my college is very international and as a…[View]
20488751Life has thrown me snake eyes since I was born and I can't escape them. I was diagnosed with Au…[View]
20488754How do you know if you love someone? I consider love to be a purely biochemical phenomenon so I neve…[View]
20488587Has anyone here ever actually got a gf from tinder? How did u do it[View]
20487184Currently i'm in the second year of physics undergrad, last year my anxiety got worse (a couple…[View]
20488636Ideas for a second date?? I was thinking about tennis since we're both into it but the weather …[View]
20487597>Approached a girl at the gym >Attempt at small talk/mini conversation about working out and s…[View]
20487730How can you carry multiple personality traits? I can't even deal with one. I've been strug…[View]
20488727Help with a friend: There's a friend I know from 8 years almost, which I'll call Rob. Now,…[View]
20486900Been dating for 2 years. Bf is successful at everything he does, overall very intelligent, wise, fin…[View]
20488697What are you supposed to do as a guy if you're 28 and no girl in person has ever liked you or b…[View]
20488506college woes: to make a long story short, i transferred out of community college to a university but…[View]
20488653so i have a cute chinese friend who i think likes me, she is going to be sharing an apartment with m…[View]
20487876Need help dealing with roommates: I've got two roommates, and yeah, they're a couple. Prob…[View]
20488518Jobs: I'm graduating college next spring and planning to work for a year before grad school so …[View]
20488337Married fag with a question. Ive had my Jeep for several years before we got hitched and had kids, a…[View]
20487284I feel like I don't have a presence at work. When I arrive and say hi sometimes I'm ignore…[View]
20487209I Think I am going to be falsely accused of rape, advice?: >I feel extremely vulnerable and scare…[View]
20486238ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
2048819023, m Didn't fuck in months. Tinder is a hassle. Thinking about out of desperation going on Gri…[View]
20488455Staying Informed: What's a good way to get a good amount of news from multiple sources at the b…[View]
20488195Dating without alcohol: At the internet, whenever you ask how to meet potential partners they tell y…[View]
20488136Action leads to excess. I have a deep dissatisfaction over the fact that I've been born and I…[View]
20488398>start travelling a lot >make a serious effort improving my life >won insecurities and old…[View]
20488305how do you guys deal with seeing 12 year olds that are taller than you? 5 11 manlet here[View]
20487934What do help: So, to set the tone of my situation -make anon post about shit happening with my famil…[View]
20488338Hey uh, first post here I had this girl who i've been with for some time but broke up with last…[View]
20487617I'm taking a course in my field about gender and power and sexuality in modern asian history I …[View]
20488148I need some help especially from femanons,some months ago I've got into my first relationship w…[View]
20488146Should I just get a tooth removed and replaced if I can't afford a root canal?[View]
20488116Is there a point of 'no return' for being without a partner for too long/never having a partner at a…[View]
20488280I have been seeing a guy with whom I connect really well and who’s 6 years older than me almost ever…[View]
20488257Burning pain feels orgasmic, does cutting yourself feel the same? So I started burning myself a few …[View]
20488269What do I do if I always wake up with a stuffy nose and my eyes sting and burn. Do I have black mol…[View]
20488045How do i become him /adv/isors?[View]
20487926broken as fuck: i'm broke, my parents are broke, i'm in huge amounts of debt, can't a…[View]
20487320Girl likes me: Some girl Ive known for a while is very interested in me. I had a class with her last…[View]
20488183Not feeling good enough for a girl: I'm scared im not good enough for a girl I like, she seems …[View]
20487884Break-up advice: Do I box up my ex’s stuff and mail it to him? What do you guys think should happen …[View]
20488160What is a good way to release some stress/frustration/anger? Normally I’m quite passive and calm but…[View]
20488127????????: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? YOU, I WE DIE, ITS SO HARD TO …[View]
20488090new bed: i need to find a bed thats cool. a. what type of bed is this style called? 2. what mattress…[View]
20488084When do I know, that I'm overly attached to my GF? I don't talk about counting our time sp…[View]
20487159My girlfriend cheated on me and I don't know what to do. We've been together for 5 years a…[View]
20487846How do I stop coming off as a lesbian? I have a lesbian friend I hang out with and I feel as if that…[View]
20487983I like my best friend that has a bf: I want some advice to cure my depression[View]
20487941>go to winter formal dance at high school >dont have a date but neither do my friends so it…[View]
20487924Two issues with girl: A bit of a long post but will try to keep it short but really need some detail…[View]
20487933Self-improvement: Well? How the fuck do I 'improve' myself for a chick?[View]
20486741disapearng: Hey guys I am seriously considering cutting off all contact with family/friends, hitting…[View]
20485677how do i talk/introduce myself to the japanese girl in my class?[View]
20487480Any tickle fags here? Love doing it to my gf, just thinking of better tools to use. Also what’s an a…[View]
20487820is a 24 year old dating a 17 year old taboo? Assuming youre from a culture where gaps are common and…[View]
20486881How can I find a girl to obsess over me? I've had two girlfriends but I had to do all the groun…[View]
20487664I have to post this, I badly need help. Story: >A year ago, I looked for my Ex (first love) for a…[View]
20487897So.. is it just me or, as a girl who likes a guy by herself, i dont want him to know i like him beca…[View]
20487787be real with me: is hiring a prostitute worth it?[View]
20487747How do I kill myself? I have been searching for the most effective method and I have come to the con…[View]
20487753>trying to woo oneitis >figured I could rent some puppies in a basket and surprise her with my…[View]
20487724Help an anon out. I just applied to a place I've worked before and was turned down. What did I …[View]
20486372how do I leave my small town if im on probation for being black? I want to just leave my shit town a…[View]
20486925I'm classically intelligent, 130-140 or something IQ, and socially kind of not so intelligent. …[View]
20486848My Accent: > Born in Poland, moved to UK when 6 > Some Brits think i sound American > Some…[View]
20487309I’m going to meet at a bank to talk about mortgages. I feel I might be ready to buy a house. I even …[View]
20487665So I need some advice.: How can I avoid falls for depression? Problem : I think that I have some int…[View]
20487663Are sleeping pills a stupid idea? 22/m and I have some serious trouble sleeping before 2am at the ve…[View]
20485579GF and I got into a small fight or argument. I felt like I am always chasing her, asking her to go …[View]
20487720Mum question: How do you stop caring about a shitty helicopter parent ? When I came out to my mum s…[View]
20487713>not a virgin >still feel like i have no idea what i'm doing regardless of experience…[View]
20487545Really in a bad way?: I have been doing horrible lately /adv/. I think I might be depressed but I re…[View]
20487661How do i stop swallowing air?: It's making me bloated and pass gas but all of a sudden, I'…[View]
20487694How to download twitter videos?[View]
20486876Long story inc. TL;DR: How to be happy day-to-day without taking things too quickly? So I started a …[View]
20486562I cime directly out of the shower, im in my towel and my roommate is getting uncomfortably close to …[View]
20486494This board neglected me in my time of need and I demand an apology and recompense.[View]
20487608what's the easiest to find job with a modest salary and no background requirements that will no…[View]
20486103Does NoFap turn you into a Savage Pervert?: I did about 8 weeks of strict nofap without incident. In…[View]
20487583How do I ask this girl out? Hello friends. So I like this girl in my school and we only ever text or…[View]
20487201How do I ask out a girl who is way way out of my league and 7 years younger than me? What's the…[View]
20487500Did I fuck up?: TL;DR, gf and I fought, she punched, choked and headbutted me, in response I punched…[View]
20487555Blowjob from gf doesn’t feel good?: Title says it all... is she doing something wrong? It actually f…[View]
20487383I was banned from /pol/ for (successfully) provoking all the racists (including Jews) and Trumpfags.…[View]
20487373I keep having conflicting feelings about my boyfriend. One day I like seeing him, then the next I wo…[View]
20487213I have no idea where to go to find personal growth without being judged negatively. I have no real f…[View]
20487482Why should i stay with my girlfriend?[View]
20486994How do i find love as an autistic man?[View]
20486199I’m shy and need a little help: So here’s what’s up. I found this girls Instagram and I thought she …[View]
20486187Ever since I started smoking crack the police have been harassing me? What do?[View]
20485439How do I deal with having a crush on a semi-famous celebrity who will never know I exist?[View]
20487045I've been in love with a girl I met online for basically my whole adult life. We got along well…[View]
20486878How do you stop being romantically interested in someone and keep the feelings from developing ever …[View]
20487392Basically this. Dated a girl for a bit, we broke up because of my mental health issues and she staye…[View]
20487329Dumping girl because no sexual chemistry: Hi /adv/, I won't take much of your time. I've b…[View]
20486505I nearly started burning and cutting myself last night over something stupid. I won't get into …[View]
20487208>24 yearold autist, tried 3 uni studies before (chem, physics, philosophy) >3rd one ended with…[View]
20485800How do I stop finding my sisters attractive? I want to have sex with all of them.[View]
20486894lost control: im 20 years old and haven't finished highschool. i've been lying to my paren…[View]
20487459Very mentally ill: Mutilating my ballsack to pop these little white nodes under the skin. I literall…[View]
20485815Tinder Advice General: This should be a thing because there’s always 4 tinder threads. Anyways, I’m …[View]
20487234My dreams are hurting me.: /adv/ why do I keep seeing dreams that make me feel blue in the morning a…[View]
20487422Music in my head: I remember before when i was a child, i always hear sounds like machines moving wh…[View]
20487423How does one achieve the ultimate black metalhead look: I want to go around in public looking like I…[View]
20485806I'm scared of flying but also every time I'm really frightened I get erotically charged. W…[View]
20487390Self loathing: >be me a teenager >waiting for schoolbus >friends chanting highschool anthom…[View]
20485153How can I set up a date with a girl I met at a party? Met a girl last night who was with a couple fr…[View]
20487376Ok /adv/, my english teacher gave me an assignment to create a story that's written in iambic p…[View]
20487379School: >Be me >Move to new school >hate new school >friends love it >have to stay t…[View]
20487368How do I make my weekends more fulfilling/relaxing/etc? I can't seem to find the right balance …[View]
20487315>Have tinder >Few hookups. it's always at least semi-awkward >Meet a girl, she doesn…[View]
20486847>boring >depressed >nothing to care about >nothing matters >youtube/vidya barely cuts…[View]
20487170Burning Trash: Is burning my trash bad? I have been doing it for nearly 6 months now. My main fear…[View]
20486215How do you speak with authority and will balls to someone? I need to demand my money to someone that…[View]
20487336I've met a 19 yo girl through my friends circle and it seems we get along pretty well. I like h…[View]
20486144should i kill myself?: i'm so unhappy. nothing makes me feel good. i'm angry all the time,…[View]
20487196What is it exactly that stops someone getting their shit together? What are the main psychological c…[View]
20487028This girl i was on the taxi back with to the city, we talked for an hor or so. And when we went out …[View]
20487139How, do I avoid getting into the friendzone? I have a date in few days with a girl that likes me. A …[View]
20487241Moving in together.: Gf and I have started to talk about maybe moving in together. Neither of us hav…[View]
20486840What’s a job where I won’t have to deal with people at all. I’m a programmer now and I invested year…[View]
20486490So don’t go calling me a pedophile but I’m 19 and I think I would prefer girls a few years younger t…[View]
20485955I met someone in an internet chatroom that says he would beat me in Street Fighter II very easily. I…[View]
20486831Might be in the wrong career: I've just done an internship as a nuclear medicine technologist (…[View]
20485433i think i have depression but want to talk about my issues here because i don't trust therapist…[View]
20487163how do people have the energy to do shit after work? I work from home on most days but once or twice…[View]
20486759I asked my friend what her chinese name was (she was born in Hong Kong), she got kinda reserved and …[View]
20486299Is it really true that men who focus on themselves and not expect anything are the most likely to me…[View]
20486872I DONT WANT TO BE FUCKING SINGLE: - 20 Years old - Never had Sex - Good Looking, average height, sl…[View]
20487061I'm going over to a girl's house today at noon. I barely know her, she's cute and we …[View]
20487137How do i stop being a shitty person and start being a good person?[View]
20487128>got memed into loving pale girls with dark hair >am a niganon >in real life all of them h…[View]
20487133Why i feel sad when one of my friend going to 'overseas': >Graduated from a teaching/counseling u…[View]
20486420Complimenting girlfriend: Is it better to compliment your girlfriend enough to where she believes sh…[View]
20486331Concepts that were scary in the past, that have been just your accepted realty.: Where do I even beg…[View]
20487010Stick with teaching or retrain as a counsellor?: I'm currently living abroad in Hong Kong. When…[View]
20487073How do I hit on a girl?[View]
20487072I have came down with a case of paronychia and have to work tomorrow and i use my hands most of the …[View]
20487070Hairline: Just wondering, I have a widows peak hairline since birth and up until till now (21) I not…[View]
20487069How do you deal with failure when everyone expected you to lose from the start?[View]
20486493I've accepted the fact that I will never experience romance. My only worry is that I will grow …[View]
20486667**Dating your friend's sister**: Last year i met my friend's sister for the first time whi…[View]
20485245some guy from uni asked me to come over at his house after class next tuesday. i don't really w…[View]
20483155I cheated on my girlfriend and my guilt is destroying me. The longer i wait to tell her the worse it…[View]
20486640I am so sad that I am in physical pain and therapy for major depressive disorder is not helping[View]
20485024Starting college in a couple of months, how do I not repeat the same mistakes I made in high school,…[View]
20485219opinions on sideburns: do they suit me?[View]
20486763I accidentally sprayed waterproof spray on the floor and now it has a dark mark where I sprayed. Can…[View]
20486731Crazy advice: So a co-worker of mine that a catch a ride home with sometimes was walking in front of…[View]
20486888>try tinder >only matches I seem to get are camwhores advertising their streams >very trans…[View]
20485848thinking about getting a new chair, any recommendations? I wanna get pic related[View]
20486868Today’s Travel: Small and fresh story lads Be me Indian origin autistic 7/10 Hate outdoors Had a int…[View]
20486867I just hate my life: > be me > 20 yo kissless virgin > struggling at university > have p…[View]
20485666Night club: Anyone have experience with night club, and is it ok for me to go alone?[View]
20486825Love and depression: I've been with my boyfriend 4 years. Always so sure I'd marry him Las…[View]
20486839Got drunk with a friend of mine, ended up having sex. I forgot to to use condom, but I didn't c…[View]
20486819How do I appeal to black girls on Tinder? Haven't had one match with one so far[View]
20484433>Girls flirt with me all the time >Go to the club and get women coming up to me, complimenting…[View]
20485176My feelings are torturing me: Please someone help me, i'm getting lost, recently i've been…[View]
20486486Is it cruel to stay best friends with someone who's in love with you and talk to them every day…[View]
20486802Where to find trans, sissies, crossdressers in MD: I'm trying to find a site/way/place to meet …[View]
20486500Graphics tablets.: I've been using on desk tablets similar to these for a long time, but recent…[View]
20486301Meeting grills outside of parties and tinder: Im 19, tall, /fit/, at a big university studying engin…[View]
20483868My best friend and his wife have two daughters and I'm the godfather for both of them. My best …[View]
20486678I've met a nice girl, but don't feel 100% ready from my last realtionship: Long story shor…[View]
20486596How to know if she isn’t interested in me anymore?: So there was this girl I met in Vidya, She seeme…[View]
2048611243 year old here..how bad is my balding/hairline. Should I just shave it all off? Does anyone know w…[View]
20486679I finally got my girlfriend of one year to have sex with me. She was saving herself for marriage but…[View]
20486243Friend says they want a man to be everything you've always thought they deserved: So a friend o…[View]
20486586Breaking up with someone you moved in with: >graduate college >move halfway across country to …[View]
20486705I am in a so big trouble now... Last week I had frequent fatigue, my period is also so late. I check…[View]
20486659I've got a problem. I'm smart and good looking, study computer science and math. Sounds gr…[View]
20486721i keep falling back into bad cycles.: >set guidelines on healthy foods to eat, try to cut all des…[View]
20486016Older guys in college who have been successful at scoring with young college girls, especially the p…[View]
20486549How Do I Get More Comfortable Being Vulnerable?: How can I get more comfortable with being vulnerabl…[View]
20486198>tried to kill myself at the range >got tackled and banned >not before I get a black eye an…[View]
20486645so i've been having recent homicidal thoughts and have been planning things out in my head. i d…[View]
20486364How do I reduce this dice rolling aspect of getting a girlfriend and having one? I’m not interested …[View]
20485127this might become the weirdest thread on /adv/ today So sometimes I dream things that happen. A coup…[View]
20486543Job stuff: I just got hired at the fire department in a nearby city and I start my first shift in 5 …[View]
20486196what to do when sex becomes boring?: my gf and I moved in together about a year ago at first it was …[View]
20485907Why would any normal girl ever want to date or marry an autistic man?[View]
20486453Give me some advice.[View]
20484023Women of /adv/: In a relationship, would you rather your significant be more possessive/jealous or c…[View]
20485894Condoms: Anons I'm well endowed (7 inches length 5.3 inches girth / 18cm length 13.5cm girth) w…[View]
20486367I have always had crushes on guys but lately I'm catching feelings for a coworker of mine who i…[View]
20486439>Be 31 >Be late bloomer, have LTR in late 20s, ends at 29. >Just wish I could have the qt 1…[View]
20482753Abandoned: I split up with my wife, whose BDSM fantasies I was incapable of fulfilling after 15 year…[View]
20483925Is dating ugly or fat girls better because they will be more grateful and have less self esteem or o…[View]
20486149What's good about highschool? Even if it was a shitty experience, what was the best or most fun…[View]
20486101How do you revert your sleep cycle back to normal?: It's 05:22 and I'm going to bed now. I…[View]
20486267Self discovery journey?: Are these worthwhile? I have very limited life experience and need to procu…[View]
20485744Internship for CS: What is it that companies look for when hiring a software engineer intern? I know…[View]
20484598I was bored and made a fake tinder with Chad pics. Within 4 hours I got 20 matches and almost all wh…[View]
20486263sex: I wanna ask this girl I've known since sophomore year to have sex with me but I don't…[View]
20486247Hi guys. Need bro help. 30 male. I was in a long term relationship (7 years living together). Got ch…[View]
20486254Thought's?: I want to move out, i'm 18 and last year of high school, I graduate in June an…[View]
20486067My degree sucks (cs) What are some 2 year or 1 year programs I can do to be employable ? I want a j…[View]
20486306My job is giving me crippling depression because of the lack of social interaction and meaningful wo…[View]
20486029Child Help: How do I raise a successful child? I am expecting to have a child soon and I want my son…[View]
20485469Why is life so hard?[View]
20485278I live in Los Angeles. Do you think if I rode the bus to Hollywood or Venice Beach on the weekend an…[View]
20482903GIOYC/ Get it if yor chest: drunk edition[View]
20486005I had one woman in my life: I'll keep it shot >Met gf when we were 16 >Both virgins >E…[View]
20486251How does one quit being sensitive and still manage not to be extremely stoic? Which of the two would…[View]
20486104What is this? I've had it on my foot for over 2 months now I've poured alcohol on it every…[View]
20485270I want to record a song but all I have is an iphone. What software can I use to sing into? Can’t use…[View]
20486155>be me, 18 >dead libido >accidental nofap for months is easy mode >get gf >she wants …[View]
20484039Fellowsss So I am 24 yo f-soon-to-be 25 and I am desperately yearning for a some serious relationshi…[View]
20485945Are DNA tests accurate? I'm kinda curious and I'd like to try but I heard conflicting opin…[View]
20486211Help... is this a joke???: Hi guys. Two things: 1.Would you mind telling me what this is? I know for…[View]
20485002Choose my dinner options:: PF Chang's - Ma Po Tofu Olive Garden - Angel hair marinara w/ breads…[View]
20483460How come women with autism find partners yet men with autism can't find a partner at all?[View]
20485913So I recently got a well paying job, and have been debating whether to spend it on escorts because o…[View]
20486081Not a joke, not trolling, I'm 19 and I hooked up with a guy last night while drunk and I'm…[View]
20486096I need help: So we got this puppy about four months ago, and I’m really attached and she’s my baby. …[View]
20484473Is there a way I can remove a mole at home?[View]
20485863Anyone knowledgeable about sleep on this board? Lately I’ve been having a fucked up sleep schedule w…[View]
20486071Dealing with insane embarrassment...: Today my embarrassing fetish got exposed to my friends and fam…[View]
20485778Ever since middle school where I started to be more self aware, I've been extremely socially an…[View]
20486084sleep?: woorking on self discipline and i have a habbit of sleeping 10-12 hours if i don't set …[View]
20486043Is it weird to be a 21 year old transfer student in college?: I’m transferring to uni at the age of …[View]
20486082lose lose situation: So, Im in the last semester of university and I decided to apply to pharmacy sc…[View]
20482240Cant forget bullies: I keep remembering bullies from highschool sometimes when I try to go to sleep.…[View]
20485936When you're trying to go to sleep and the trauma memories come back Worst experience is remembe…[View]
20486041Coping Mechanisms?: To anyone with any sort of experience with these symptoms, has information on ho…[View]
20485888Not sure where to ask this. Does anyone have any good suggestions for activities that are a good tes…[View]
20485900Relationships: Hey, I guess I just wanted to let my feelings out, because I really don't have a…[View]
20485156My dad is dying, what comes next?: So a few days ago I found out my father was terminally ill and th…[View]
20485964Since my second year of uni started, my hairline has receded like crazy. Watching my hair go is givi…[View]
20485957Mom: my mother has been an overall kind and caring woman for most of my life, albeit a little hot-te…[View]
20485946has anybody here had any positive result from being on an antidepressant/ anti anxiety meds? Im cons…[View]
20485858should i get some timbs?[View]
20484545Going to have sex for the first time soon (we're both virgins). I dont want to use condoms it…[View]
20485626Bad face symmetry: not deformed, but definitely noticeable (eyes are in noticeably different locatio…[View]
20485046Making myself forget about her completely...: I was dating this girl for a year, things got boring f…[View]
20485623Any of you fags ever had to sleep in shifts? Like, four hours at night, then four more in the aftern…[View]
20485892Conquering fear of divorce/heartbreak: A new way to look at life: Don't obsess over 'finding …[View]
20485201Semen retention: Myth or real?: Is it true that semen retention boosts testosterone levels and makes…[View]
20484894Learning to kiss: I'm 28 and i've never learned to kiss. Had sex with two women in my life…[View]
20483718Cyber Security?: >On the dole >29 >Only ever been working at supermarkets >2.2 STEM degr…[View]
20485833I'm a guy and I am not gay at all. I do not like dick or want dick. But for some reason, lately…[View]
20485840How do I stop being a degenerate: >sexually attracted to werewolves since I was 10 years old >…[View]
20485781I'll keep this brief; I'm 24 and looking to visit a special someone in a neighboring count…[View]
20484372If you're thirty-years-old (or perhaps older), should you just rely on escorts for the time bei…[View]
20485553Best way to commit suicide: I'm the most pathetic, genetic inferior person I know. There simply…[View]
20485810Please help: So as of recent (few months now) I have had this very strange sensation of haziness and…[View]
20485802best way to tell a drunk person to chill out? i was dd at a party and some drunk guy was getting rea…[View]
20485716Bastard here who just found out who his father is using 23andMe. He died in 2008, had a family and n…[View]
20485721She came back to me once, what are the chances she does again? Im dead set on not letting her in aga…[View]
20485665Are these symptoms of depression: easy scarring, needle like feeling under the skin and general sore…[View]
20485546Hello anons, I'm in a process of investigating something family related and after collecting so…[View]
20485755How to tell if a girl cares or is just attention seeking?: There’s a girl that has been around for a…[View]
20484582Share your mood and I'll try to respond.[View]
20483670Help me adv I cant stop sniffing girls asses. Ive done it to most girls and my class and rumors are …[View]
20484193what to do when the apathy is so that literally nothing seems to have purpose? feeling like im at th…[View]
20485572What the fuck am I?: Guys... I want your opinions on this. I'm snowed in and I decided to get h…[View]
20485267Part of the rim of my asshole hurts when I shit and I get a small amount of bright red blood on the …[View]
20485351Would it be weird if i'd ask her to meet up again? Long story short; Begun seeing this girl in …[View]
20485640Teenanon here. I have been rejected by a girl like 4 months ago. I can’t seem to get over her. I fee…[View]
20484125How to let sister know to change her LinkedIn photo?: Looking for some opinions: My sister is 23 and…[View]
20485619>think I'm extremely attractive when looking in the mirror/at my reflection, happy with myse…[View]
20485674How do you factor in unknowns and change when you create a budget? For example >rent will likely …[View]
20485570What's the point in having a gf? i'm 19 and in collage and have geven up on dating altoget…[View]
20485614Im so desperate for relief I dont let myself smoke weed anymore. Im tired of crying. I feel like suc…[View]
20484801Hey /adv/ What do think of computer engineering major should I got for it or study computer scienc…[View]
20485646ITT: A almost certainly aspie/high functional autist talks: story time first, will greentext because…[View]
20484513Is there anything I can do that actually works for acne scarring like this? Is there any hope?[View]
20484158tinder: >be me on tinder >get match >don't reply to most matches as they're eithe…[View]
20485211how to get over a girl?: basically, got drunk and confessed to my crush in my opinion i handled it n…[View]
20485418>cat cuffed my hand a few weeks ago >forget it even happened >scab heals over becomes scar …[View]
20484755My mom said she'd find me shy girls around my age(18)? Is this a good thing or should I find a …[View]
20485105Is it possible to change my personality to become a completely different person?[View]
20485522Will skateboarding to class get me girls: I just found my old skateboard. I'm in college now an…[View]
20485541What is your slogan toliving your life?? Mine is 'Life will make fun of you, you choose if you want …[View]
20485490Hey /adv/! I realized that I’m a piece of shit. I treat my friends like shit and I don’t respect oth…[View]
20485505Psychics: Any truth to this stuff? I'm at a really unsure time in my life and just want somethi…[View]
20485328passion and purpose: people say that to be happy you need to find a passion and be good at it. the o…[View]
20485449So I saw this cute girl at work and I know it’s usually bad to approach girls while working but I wa…[View]
20483407I'm catching feelings for a dude friend. How do I stop them where they are and get rid of whate…[View]
20485381guy from work friendly or: Theres a really good looking/chill guy at work who i find attractive. Im …[View]
20485405A girl i was kinda friends with showed clear signs of attraction a couple months ago. At the time I …[View]
20481675ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
20484510I don't like women at all but i'm not attracted to men and i still fap to women but i don…[View]
20484701Why do I end up with toxic girls /adv/? I can see other people finding meaningful and fulfilling rel…[View]
20485359I have this problem I have been unable to communicate to people. They do not fundamentally understan…[View]
20485357I'm in my last highschool year, I have no idea at what college I wanna go, I've been slack…[View]
20480950Been unemployed since November 1st; if, somehow, I don't find a job by the end of March, I…[View]
20482449I gave a waitress a large tip as a thank you for always being nice to me and cheering me up. She got…[View]
20485279How to test if i am gay: I will try to make it short >Be me >20 yo Virgin >Have many frien…[View]
20484041>keep winning in arguments with my girlfriend I feel like something ain't right, she must le…[View]
20483906I stopped getting any tinder matches. The thing is there was a brief time period where I got a bunc…[View]
20483993I want you to be brutally honest with me. Would you or would you not impregnate this girl? And state…[View]
20485213to friend or not to friend: So, the problem everyone on this site has, isolation. I just moved to a …[View]
20483049How do I raise my self confidence?[View]
20484126I normally fucking despise tattoos and the large majority of piercings on women. But I'm really…[View]
20483981Me and a friend from work moved into a flat together in November, above a pub. There was no contract…[View]
20485062Flirting: How to go about flirting? Story is that I've known this girl for a few months. A frie…[View]
20484320How do I get my gf into oral sex? She always says that she doesnt like doing it but she loves when I…[View]
20485114overcoming being in love >trying my best to keep my cool >things go well >sun goes down …[View]
20484871How do I leave the UK permanently and immigrate somewhere else? Preferably an English speaking count…[View]
20484849Can you live spending 50% of your income on rent?[View]
20485049Fish pussy: Okay this is disgusting, but i have bacterial vaginosis, which is like fish pussy. Anywa…[View]
20484885Math: Someone PLEASE explain to me step by step how to do this 3 9 a X —- = —- 14 56[View]
20485042FJ: How to achieve the ultimate FJ from your gf? >lubricant >positioning >anything…[View]
20485017Where can I find an asexual gf? Skype fortune.cookie7 Discord fortunecookie#7107[View]
20484969skipped work: hey so i recently skipped work thursday and friday (the store is closed on weekends) …[View]
20484974Shoild I get em?[View]
20484965I need help. I always feel like im just about to cry but i never do it. It feels like it's pili…[View]
20484917at what point do I just give up on my family. > 3 years ago my brother and his wife decided that …[View]
20484243How do I get a girl who will dress slutty for me if I'm already 31? Most women my age are 'over…[View]
20484877How to not be scared of public speaking?: In two weeks I have to give a two-three minute presentatio…[View]
20484190i have a lot of movie posters from releases within the past year or two. probably around 30-40 poste…[View]
20484897What is the difference between a person that feels unbearable guilt for cheating and someone that fe…[View]
20484876Need to know if I'm in the wrong here lads. I'll keep it short. >Going out with girl fr…[View]
20483839/brainlet/: How do you go from brainlet to smart?[View]
20484579How do I make my intentions clear during the first date???? ___________ I know I can't be too s…[View]
20483609What is clubbing like... can you be rejected if they think you’ve never done shit like it before cau…[View]
20484790Unfaithful Magnet: I can't figure out why, I only attract unavailable people. Somehow every man…[View]
20484836Being responsible seems like the right choice, but avoiding responsibility seems like the more free …[View]
20484335Dorm room trouble: Hi guys! I have a little problem with my dorm room and I need some advice, I thin…[View]
20483276should i do an apprenticeship in software development?[View]
20484273lads, lads, she told me I’m sweet. What to say back?[View]
20484796Alcoholic mom is going to die if she dont stop: A bit of backround She is a former drug addict (the …[View]
20483627Are there some ressources online to learn how to give a good fuck? Some techniques, positions that I…[View]
20484373What is the most reasonable action to take when pic related is the case?[View]
20484352I asked her to get lunch together. She agreed. Have not decided when yet but will ask her later. (by…[View]
20482619After breakup letter: I recently had a nasty breakup, found out she moved on very quickly while we w…[View]
20484310A lot of people have told me to 'just go join a club' to meet people/ make friends How do …[View]
20484693How I do I flirt with girls >get girls number >friend of a friend >she may be into me I…[View]
20484146I'm an emotional wreck.: Hi /adv/. I just told my Chinese girlfriend of 5 months that we needed…[View]
20484678I am a successful professional, who is very knowledgable at what he does. Lucky to be in my current …[View]
20484649Getting laid with a female flatmate: How can I tell my flatmate I want the place to myself for the e…[View]
20484668Thinking of using Super Glue to repair a fairly large rip in my PMG gas-mask, the rip is at the back…[View]
20484624switch: Alright so I found a guy on letgo selling a nintendo switch w/ 4 games for $230. He says he …[View]
20483021How do you persuade women to have sex with you?[View]
20484419How Do I make conversation with a girl that I like[View]
20484120Should I have been with her?: Hey /adv/ people, I have a question that I really need answered honest…[View]
20483846I came in my third degree cousins asshole not kidding...: Is there any medical downfall for her? I…[View]
20484194Guys it's urgent: I took 2 morning after pills in one day. And I took it last month too. I don…[View]
20483998How do I find the right major for myself?: I live in Europe, I thought that could be important. I ha…[View]
20482915How do you get over the insecurities about being inexperienced with women?: I am 21 and have no expe…[View]
20484559I had a noticeable birth deformity until I was 18 and I could finally correct it with surgery. It ma…[View]
20483688In an ongoing cheating scenario, does the partner really want to know? Or are they living in ignoran…[View]
20484536Is going to conventions a good way of finding a girl with interests similar to yours? I think it…[View]
20484361weight problems: hi adv, i'm an autistic female who is pretty underweight due to a combination …[View]
20484453I went on a date with a beautiful European girl on Friday night. We got along really well and went b…[View]
20484427How to Find a Compatible Girl?: Interests: History, business, science, psychology, politics (for hum…[View]
20484478Am I fugged ?: > Be me 18 bi & still never been in any kinda relationship even with 2 times p…[View]
20482033How do I get a gf? While I have a relatively active social life, I'm a 22 y/o khv and really do…[View]
20484474Long story short. I have been going through a rough patch for a some years. Cut lots of friends off …[View]
20483169what do you do if you just went through a break up with a girl you thought you were going to marry, …[View]
20484432Resisting thots: Recently fell hard for 8/10 asian stacy in one of my classes (way out of my league)…[View]
20483416How do i act normal (like I usually am) in front of a girl that I really like??? I realized that whe…[View]
20483976First time posting on this board but I have no idea what to do at this point and I think I need a li…[View]
20484416Long story short, I moved out of town for uni, and in the middle of the semester I got depressed and…[View]
20484136Last week I saw a really cute girl on television and she kept being on my mind. She was an audience …[View]
20482983How long does it take to replace bad habits with good ones and become a new person?[View]
20484367Considering BJJ: Kind of confusing so i`ll try to keep it concise >Am manlet that works in a jail…[View]
20484090Can I change my personality by changing my thoughts?[View]
20484340I don't know to do life. 90% of people i meet hate,i have social skills and can't stop act…[View]
20484155You know the drill /adv/ write an anonymous letter[View]
20483607Getting past immature thoughts: I'm going to keep this as short as possible 2 weeks ago I met t…[View]
20483461Becoming Alpha: How do you become alpha without coming out as rude? Also are there any books worth …[View]
20484294>be dreamin >have qt gf a fella cares bout >alphaguardianmode.exe >wake up >hahahaaaa…[View]
20484063I want my pee pee sucked but I’m not looking for a hooker or stupid shit. Don’t want a relationship …[View]
20484003Life confusion: As long as I remember, I always wanted to become a programmer. Now I am a computer s…[View]
20484241i accidentally doxed my youtube account while posting a link to a video but it ended up being a link…[View]
20484134How do I get over my fear of sex? I'm scared I'll fuck up.[View]
20482781How can I make my voice sound less like a soyboy: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0qS8NHfGLWB[View]
20484013guys help: so there's this girl who I liked.been talking to her very briefly like 1-2 min convo…[View]
20483821In search of a right test/scan: Hi all It's a medical post, so if u r not interested please ski…[View]
20484059what is this?: i've had swelling in my mouth that started around three or four days ago. it…[View]
20484168lads, what's done is done but for future reference, how could I do this better?[View]
20481338Saturday Night Comfy Thread: What’s on your mind anons?[View]
20484099'Healing' does nothing but make a man more complicated. More hard to understand. Before I …[View]
20484140>trying to sleep >cold as fuck >put another blanket on >start sweating and overheat ther…[View]
20482874should i take this apartment: I have an opportunity to take a cheap apartment next to my crap job, n…[View]
20483249So i just turned 24 today. I just realized how much of a useless waste of space i am. I got no gf, n…[View]
20480986fuck you cancer: you're a thief, a wretch and a plague on this goddamned world. i was supposed …[View]
20483921How do I politely say no?: I recently ran into a girl who I was once shared a class with just asked …[View]
20482578How to stop thinking of a girl?: In one of my college classes theres this girl, she’s absolutely bea…[View]
20483924Drawing like pic related: Where do I even start?[View]
20482964My gf has an identical twin sister and I want to have sex with her really hard. I feel like she fanc…[View]
20484010Last night I got too drunk and felt all suicidal. Now it's morning and I'm totally fine. W…[View]
20482719Should I shave my arms /adv/?: Are my arms too hairy? Do women like hairy arms like this? What do yo…[View]
20478613Is there a way to cope with being lonely or with nothing to do on the weekends as a college student?…[View]
20484002I majored in liberal arts degree it is my long term goal to go to law school however I want to take …[View]
20482617my ex girlfriend and i have been on no speaking terms for a little over a year. however we do share …[View]
20483487I look a lot younger than I am. I'm 25, but I basically look 18 at most. My boyfriend is almost…[View]
20482340I have insomnia but cant afford treatment What shoulda i do /adv/[View]
20483961broke up with my gf because I wasn't happy and I felt like I was wasting time while I could be …[View]
20483955Just because you're autistic. Doesn't mean you should be. <3[View]
20483935What's better, sleeping around with numerous women or reserving sex for only a few select partn…[View]
20483341Nightmares: I used to never have nightmares, but I’ve had nightmares every single night for the past…[View]
20482432>friend is super nice to my face, hugs me, etc >her friend is my friend so we sometimes talk, …[View]
20483913Why can't i get excited about anything or feel proud about anything i accomplish?[View]
20481917women are complicated. - Quick Question: >Finger GF >literally no idea what im doing (well thi…[View]
20483618Is economics a good major?[View]
20483141how do i get females to like me[View]
20483297if i fail my exams and cant get into college, should i commit suicide?[View]
20483351I can't cum: Me and my girlfriend have been having sex regularly, I can always get hard and enj…[View]
20483128my gf left me because i didnt give her chocolates other day i gave her flowers and she complained we…[View]
20483817Do I have ED?: To preface this, I'm 18 and have had sex with four women. Due to my steady mastu…[View]
20483842How do you deal with a spouse that gets mad at a decision of not going somewhere because of how you …[View]
20483873How can I learn to move and walk in a more 'feminine' manner? I've been told an act too unladyl…[View]
20482272How can I post on /r9k/ without loading the images? I don't want to see the images on there. Bu…[View]
20475759How can I have my ass replace my cock as my main source of sexual pleasure?[View]
20482882The more I make, the more she spends: We're kinda poor We both work We've got a house to p…[View]
20483495Should I get into paintball: I did paintball for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it b…[View]
20483508I have a female friend, she's older than me and married, we're just friends. we're go…[View]
20482389I want to spend more time inside my own head thinking and imagining instead of shutting my brain off…[View]
20483378Any programmers here? I used to ace the computer science side of HS, was really into competitive pro…[View]
20483707How Do I become more dominant?: I'm meeting my ex tomorrow with her boyfriend and I just want t…[View]
20483764Simple Question...: how do I cum harder?[View]
20483377should i just do an apprenticeship in software development instead of going to college?[View]
20483672Is this a guy?: smash or don't smash?[View]
20483823Is getting jealous immature? I honestly feel like getting jealous at stupid things will just hurt me…[View]
20482810Cure my OCD. Please. I have had it for about 2 years now, and I feel like unless someone can give m…[View]
20483447How can I study without getting distracted by the urge to commit suicide?: I'm never suicidal o…[View]
20483119I got herpes and I'm really fucking scared. Is there any way to get rid of the herpes on my sho…[View]
20480868How do women really feel about dicks? It seems like most women are neutral about them while men abso…[View]
20483223How to sleep paralysis: If i lie down at night listening to an audio book will i fall asleep missing…[View]
20483024Hey lets start a thread with things that helped you through rough times. yo i've been battling …[View]
20483690Can I ask police about someone who was arrested? If there are charges, what the conditions are since…[View]
20483009Pick-up Basketball Tips?: Hey, guys. So I'm a pretty nonathletic guy, but my roommate invited m…[View]
20483677Motivation: Hey guys, it seems I've run into a brick wall with my hobbies. I can't seem to…[View]
20483634How do I learn to accept that I'm going to die without ever being loved? Negligent parent growi…[View]
20483611Possible PTSD?: I stabbed a chink and sand nig at school, month later got ambushed by gang members w…[View]
20482414If I'm gonna be homeless soon, how can I stay alive with minimum effort? All I want to do is dr…[View]
20483515hey guys. so back when I was about 5 my dad killed my mother. I was pretty bummed by this, so I chal…[View]
20483645>gf of one month drops hints she wants me to use the l-word >Now started saying it casually to…[View]
20482868I'm sad: My boyfriend won't sleep with me. We've been together for a little over a ye…[View]
20483528My friends make fun of me because of my love for sweet tea. They say only girly boys love tea. Do I …[View]
20483498>Get real close to this QT >She's smart, funny, and seems to really dig me >Getting re…[View]
20481157How do you deal with getting old and dying?: So I recently turned 30 and ever since then I've b…[View]
20483521Too late for CS?: I'm 18 and I've fallen for the CS meme. I've been doing college for…[View]
20482842My friend is asking me to live with me: I have a friend in a very poor situation and he recently ask…[View]
20483575help me: how do i overcome anime addiction[View]
20483513How do I stop masturbating? I don't even do it for the pleasure anymore and I feel like my life…[View]
20482299my granpa is dying: im not a spiritual guy, but i feel like the death of him would mean new freedom …[View]
20483463Okay, so, I've been having some anxiety issues, I'm mainly anxious about my personality, d…[View]
20481485Using me for my apartment: Quick backstory >met a girl on skype in 2016 >have been talking to …[View]
20483414Question about English: Hi, everyone. I’m a learner of English. I got up early yesterday () 1) unles…[View]
20482557>be me >too strange for normies on tinder >too wholesome for weirdos on 4chan where do i …[View]
20483497Sup adv! So im uk based Landlord took rent then 5 days later Landlord has asked me to move out Shor…[View]
20483470very happy boy shares wisdom.: Hey all, Just left a toxic relationship about 3 weeks ago, I feel you…[View]
20483411I breathed in a piece of food yesterday and it went somewhere in my nasal area. It’s burning and hur…[View]
20483444Anon's which one do you preferred?: 'being cruel to be kind' or 'being a best and kind'[View]
20483199I feel as if my short-term memory goes even worse with months. I was never particularly able to reca…[View]
20483299Finding what I want in life: I just dropped out of law school. I went through college using it as pr…[View]
20483348how do i learn chinese?, i have a penpal who is pressuring me to do a chinese conversation with her …[View]
20481323It’s too late: Because of my deformity I’ve always had crippling social anxiety and inferiority comp…[View]
20483062How do you learn the rules of grammar? Do you have any secrets?[View]
20483309Degenerate friends: Where do I find friends who are Savage degenerates? All my friends are good boys…[View]
20483201What books should I read if I'm a Schizo: Do I start with the DSM-5 or do I get other books rel…[View]
20482628Do you guys got any advice for making permanent names on apps or websites so I wouldn't regret …[View]
20483294yoyoyyoyyo so ive been with a girl and we have made out n stuff multiple times (no sex) and i dont k…[View]
20483149When i have sex I turn into a superbeast mode Most women starts looking at me and even men start wa…[View]
20483231I used to be a 'nice guy' in highschool who legitimately believed the nonsense about respecting wome…[View]
20483109Been wanting a girlfriend: Can't get any female attention apart from fat chics.[View]
20483247>have a dream about this unknown girl >Claims to be in love with me, clinging onto me and look…[View]
20483126My girlfriend drunk called me this morning and told me that she was giving her number out to a coupl…[View]
20482928Why should i want kids?: I was raised by a single mother and grew up around brain damaged junkies. I…[View]
20483174Job hunt: I'm taking a year off from university and am looking at part time work (don't ne…[View]
20482385Can I get a gf by taking dancing lessons?[View]
20482771successfully been keeping my depression and existential anxiety at bay. tell me your feel good stori…[View]
20481932I'm a senior in hs and I want to study Go in college. Does this at all exist anywhere ? I just …[View]
20482391Advice for LDR?: Girlfriend is, in lack of a better words, worrying me as to how she is psychologica…[View]
20480874I don't want to get over my depression and I don't know what to do. I had a severe problem…[View]
20483100>light fooling around with gf >both of us drunk as skunks >she's wearing black tights …[View]
20481062Why is it that whenever I get passionate about something that people aren't interested in or if…[View]
20482651I live with normal people who bring other normal people over often enough to be considered. I'm…[View]
20481120Idiot Friend: There's this guy who pisses me off so much. He's in my circle of friends, bu…[View]
20482301What's a good way to make money online? I don't want a ton of money, I just want enough to…[View]
20482758Recently, I've started to realize that I only truly have fun with most of my hobbies while doin…[View]
20481950I have a female coworker that has been attracted to me for quite some time. She is also a friend. I…[View]
20482367Is this guy a dick or what?: I'm in a band and I was eating pizza at a resturant. Took a shit w…[View]
20482316My Degeneracy Skyrocketed: ...since getting in an LTR a year ago and getting away from porn. Legit, …[View]
20482873I needed some advice on negative family members, so I decided to come up with it myself. Here it is,…[View]
20482794Would You Move Out?: My current situation: M 20 WageCuck Retail Live with Mom and Dad Can drive C…[View]
20482845Either I'm going to quit alcohol and slowly die alone of my own recognizance, or keep drinking …[View]
20482388i have erectile dysfunction and can't stop stimulating my prostate: Lately I've had lots o…[View]
20478713how do i start smoking weed? i just moved out on my own and i wanna get into weed to help with relax…[View]
20482721What are you even supposed to talk about with people?[View]
20482673I don't feel like a person >If there's some public event like a beer garden, I don…[View]
20482760how not to be a fucking brainlet: what should I think before I say something[View]
20482698> be me > in college > recently out of a long term relationship > recently started hooki…[View]
20482518sweet little things to do that will make a girl like you?[View]
20482639Manipulated: >be me >Weeb but cosplayer ( ugly ) >Met a girl also cosplay and stuff >Gat…[View]
20482672I took Aftera after unprotected sex. I'm on my period and I read some reviews that it didnt wor…[View]
20482196Is there a way to end ADHD without taking drugs: I have a serious problem with focus on even things …[View]
20482402>be me >be 30 >friendless NEET >live with sister >meet new waitress at work >lite…[View]
20482481I've made so many mistakes. How do I turn things around? late 20s, no friends, have always been…[View]
20482634Im a unsuccessful writer. That means i havent got anything published by i continue to try. Do anyone…[View]
20481605followed by ticket?: hey /adv/, got a weird legal / car reg question for you guys, sorry it's a…[View]
20482564Tl;dr My friend’s sister needs to write a nice note with a condescending tone to her mother-in-law w…[View]
20480795I'm fucked: Ultra patological tard got transfered to my class, he is fucking dangerous, like he…[View]
20482352Paranoid: I feel incredibly paranoid. Like dramatic music, a murderer with a knife standing behind y…[View]
20481409I go to a public university and one of my physics professors is trying to teach intelligent design. …[View]
20482245Should I move to Japan for 3 years with my sister to a military base (I'm still paying my my ti…[View]
20482445Tinder date: Ive matched with a girl on tinder about 3 weeks ago and she we have met up 3 times 1onc…[View]
20481340>live 30 minutes outside of big city >very very small town nestled in mountains >not even a…[View]
20481294My work randomly drug tests. Any chance that if I get selected there’s something I can do to pass? T…[View]
20482118Guys, do girls care about that shit? I'm ashamed about my cystic acne scars. I never picked the…[View]
20482516Nice Girls: Literally every nice girl I've pictured a future with and is super cute is online a…[View]
20480308Is there any video game (preferably RPG and low on difficulty) for adult audience in which it's…[View]
20482186wide hips: what mode should I aim for with wide hips?[View]
20481242My step-sister is ghosting me, which she only does when she's depressed or has a new bf. How do…[View]
20482359Do girls care about N-Counts: I'm 26 and I just fucked my 100th girl tonight. A good portion of…[View]
20482407Here’s the best advice: Kill a homosexual couple and then jump off a building with their corpses in …[View]
20481813Do withdrawn courses from community college affect transferring?: I have about 49 community college …[View]
20482460Help me: I graduated with an engineering degree from a top 20 school in the US without any internshi…[View]
20478785Need advice: Nothing I accomplish in my life feels like it’s supposed to. I don’t accomplish much, b…[View]
20481919Suffer in a small town? Or move out?: Hey guys, 19 here. In 10th grade, I fell off the deep end and …[View]
20481964How do fuggos get Qt gfs?[View]
20482386I'd cheat on my current girlfriend in a heartbeat if I knew nobody would find out. To be honest…[View]
20482412When I was torrenting tonight my free trial VPN unexpectedly ran out even though it says I had some …[View]
20482032Addicted to one night stands.: This sounds really weird, but I can use some advice. Just recently, n…[View]
20482376fucking an art hoe: a gorgeous art hoe from my uni has messaged me >i'm in a relationship …[View]
20481638I hate sex, my ex said i was bad at it in front of all her friends. Hurt me, and she only did missio…[View]
20482113Med school vs dental: Anyone got some advice between medicine and dental? I'm currently in the…[View]
20482368Suppressed Memories: Alright /adv/ what do you make of this? tl;dr at end. I'm a 27 year old ma…[View]
20482364Hey, I need a bluetooth adapter that is half decent. I dont need it right now, but at some time with…[View]
20482336>Age, gender, and the youngest you would date? Might fuck around with a girl but she's prett…[View]
20482354How does one meet new people? I secretly hate most people I know, only have a couple really good fri…[View]
20482338my granpa is dying: my granpa is dying and i feel nothing, i wish ifelt somethign, but my darkest wi…[View]
20482142What degree burn is this and what should I do[View]
20482291I want to stop worrying about my health. As I sit in type this my left arm, and chest hurt. This is …[View]
20482014How would you describe being human, /adv/[View]
20478775anon is really confused: What does sexual attraction feel like? Can someone describe it to me? I…[View]
20480877Help: I am on a huge downhill slope from my diet and losing weight. I was 220 went to 192 and I want…[View]
20482110>be me >momma's boy >a few days ago >too sick to go to school >rumor that I kms …[View]
2048189819 y/o here. Currently dropping out of my 2nd course of college since im still not sure what I want.…[View]
20481142age, number of sexual partners? >30, 6[View]
20480044how to respond to extremely stupid 'banter': Some new guy at the office who sits next to me, constan…[View]
20482249Do you remember meeting your dream girl or guy and how you felt like it was love at first sight and …[View]
20481844Is it possible to go to a bar alone on a Saturday night without looking like a creep?[View]
20482138Does the wall slam actually work.[View]
20481878>meet girl online >we get on pretty well talking >every time I ask to go out I get an excus…[View]
20479162I fucked up: My prostitute friend had a baby. She told me there was a strong chance that the baby wa…[View]
20481994>be me >friend is dating 8/10 and has 8/10 friend >they set us up and immediately we start …[View]
20482080Condom broke: Condom broke inside my girlfriend. Shes takes the birth control pill but she was also …[View]
20480664NAMASTE I damaged my brain doing research chems in my early teens[View]
20476253Sex is fucking gay: I hate sex, I have very deep and negative views on sex. I do not enjoy it. My li…[View]
20481941I dropped my discord tag in a thread a few days ago and got added by a neet girl. We talked for a wh…[View]
20482026I need help :(: This'll be a long type for me but this is my only choice. If I had someone to t…[View]
20481790Translation: Hey yall can i get this translated??? Thanks[View]
20482146Anon meets a Girl: >be me, sophomore in HS > living comfortably along with all my friends >…[View]
20482143ear porblems help: i'm getting two different feelings from inside my ears and sometimes my ears…[View]
20482106How do I stop feeling anxious before a date?[View]
20481818Is it illegal to make a music video in which you’re kissing a girl who’s under 18[View]
20482061What wrong with my brain?: Since 2017 or so I've been having this weird 'deja vus' that fuck me…[View]
20481970My psychiatrist thinks I'm bisexual since I told him I jerked to trannies. Is he right? I'…[View]
20481546I used weed for so long to cope with my life and my loneliness since i stopped the urge is still the…[View]
20481380Server Hosting Software: Hey ?adv? don't know if this is the right place for this but does anyo…[View]
20479778is it bad to date a girl who isnt a virgin?[View]
20482010Is being aromantic a real thing?: I am nearly 30 and have never dated or had a girlfriend... but I h…[View]
20482006My little cousin sat on my lap during a car ride and I had an orgasm. Am I a bad guy?[View]
20481831i am 20. i have no passion and don't really enjoy much of anything. even if i did have a passio…[View]
20481359I'm about to really hurt my gf of 6 years and I feel shit about it. I'm 29 and I feel 50 w…[View]
20481900>flirt with girl I matched with on tinder >omg creepy! tired of this…[View]
20480600fuck my life.: I can't take having these sexual urges anymore. It seems like most of my day I…[View]
20481309What do girls thinks of shaved legs? or do they not care? >pic related I will say I dont do it b…[View]
20481777> 11 year old godson’s birthday tomorrow >he likes lizards,sharks, frogs, and maybe Minecraft…[View]
20481648I am in a big trouble now... Last week I had frequent fatigue, my period is late. Today I checked my…[View]
20481416i am fucking lonly get the chopper in here: i feel lonly since i'm alone all the time could a h…[View]
20481192tl;dr Is it wrong to keep ex's nudes as a deterrent? >had a massive falling out with an ex w…[View]
20481628Im currently in my last year of high school and ive been looking back through my school years and re…[View]
20480746how do i stop cutting myself and deal with depression?[View]
20481850i might be more than a little socially retarded. but why do the people that love you also test you f…[View]
20481252How does an 18 year old male in all male electrician class meet girls? I don't have friends to …[View]
20481045Borderline Personality Disorder Anger: How do I not flip out on people when I have BPD? It feels lik…[View]
20481110Is there a collective madness that is gripping the world or is it all in my head? Is it partially ea…[View]
20481697How do I find porn of women who very closely resemble someone I am interested in irl? A porn double …[View]
20481410Fuck me I’m retarded: I feel like fucking shit. I’ve just found out that the love of my life, that …[View]
20481266Just wanted to share this. >Randomly talk to a girl I never did before at school because I want t…[View]
20481691How to dj: Heyo guys! Beginner dj here. Can someone guide me trough some good tutorials or maybe giv…[View]
20481673When I get drunk off vodka I just want to contact everyone who ive ever done wrong and apologize. I…[View]
20481503I need to change my life to get healthy and make more money and move out of my families spare house.…[View]
20475452GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Previous thread hit bump limit.[View]
20481646Should I share this with other people or is it dumb[View]
20481483how do i stop myself from drinking when my family always keep hard liquor out in the open i keep doi…[View]
20481760what do i do if i have a hardcore crush on my friend who's dating someone else already?[View]
20481701Hello /adv/, wanted to post this for quite a while now. A little backstory, I'm 19 old, but I…[View]
20481032What's the point in nofap? I'm about a week and a half in and I don't get why I'…[View]
20481741How do I ask if my girl still loves me without driving her away?: I want to ask my girl whether or n…[View]
20481519When I think of people that have cancer or diseases like that and the amount of pain they go through…[View]
20481381Guys what the fuck is this: Can anyone explain to me what the actual fuck is this number[View]
20481382How do I get over the fact that most women aren’t attracted to black guys? I’m not super bothered by…[View]
20481512I try and cold approach women, but I get anxiety and end up choking. How do I remedy this?[View]
20481708>be me >been a resentful incel robot for years >get a grip and work to improve myself, both…[View]
20481709I just learned that my Mom had agreed to store a hoarder's junk in her garage, she apparently d…[View]
20481208How do i leave my shitty country (UK) if i am being stopped from doing so because of Brexit making i…[View]
20481643I regret my career choice. I'm 24 with a masters degree and $150,000 in student debt. Everyone …[View]
20481621So here's the deal /adv/: I don't want to kill myself, and I don't want to work. With…[View]
20481083How can i get cash for one of these gift cards? It can basically be spent in any way a credit card c…[View]
20481554How do I score teenage pussy as a grown-ass man[View]
20481056What does it feel like when a girl sits on your lap/sits on you like in pic?[View]
20481006My GF is obsessive: So I met her 6 months ago, and she’s starting to show huge red flags, she’s been…[View]
20481568I majored in liberal arts degree it is my long term goal to go to law school however I want to take …[View]
20480863Eye contact: Months ago I asked a chick in another department out but she didn't show up and gh…[View]
20478091Help me with my dick: Obvious very NSFW. So here's the deal, my dick is starts to curve down su…[View]
20478623I was eating bread, but then I laughed and it went down my windpipe. I can breathe but it hurts. Sho…[View]
20481392advices on my personal life and mental state: Hello /adv/, this is my first time writing anything in…[View]
20479018Telling a girl how you feel: 'Telling a girl you're interested or 'confessing.' Yay or nay…[View]
20481400I feel like my friend is avoiding me. I'm a male and I'm in a band with females and lately…[View]
20480999My cat was lost for two days and just recently came back with a collar around his neck and someone…[View]
20481528I dont want to feel anything later tonight after work, how much codeine should I take? I'll be …[View]
20481457Is trying to find somebody to grow old with a waste of time? Does anybody ever find their 'one' anym…[View]
20481506rose, iii canmty srttop crying. nor dringkin rose roseeeee rose?2e srse[View]
20480662I edged for like 5 hours and then when I came, it was bubbly liquid, almost clear, and it was like a…[View]
20481364is it possible for me to change my school grades before my final exams in 5 months?, im currently ar…[View]
20481459What the fuck: How can mean people be saying nice things to people when there narrssistic, controlli…[View]
20481445I only work once a week but have a chronic illness, I've called out sick the previous two weeks…[View]
20481412How do I get over my tightly intertwined habits of wasting time by shitposting on /adv/ and using th…[View]
20481375How do you make yourself proud?[View]
20478297ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
20481001Anger management for 21 y/o bipolar brother.: My little brother (21) is heading into a really bad di…[View]
20479260Is 5'7 too short? I've been using Tinder for about a year and some months now and have onl…[View]
20480707An anon in a thread on /b/ just correctly guessed where I'm from, that's the first thing h…[View]
20481305so im thinking of doing an apprenticeship to become an electrician. whats the job market like for th…[View]
20481336What to do in this situation: A girl I got with at an event and talked to for a month over the break…[View]
20481116I matched with a trans on tinder.: >Be me >Match with what I believe to be is a girl, very con…[View]
20481339Threesome advice: So my girlfriend and I are trying to find another girl for a threesome (MFF). Prob…[View]
20481264If I fucked off into the woods with enough supplies for a month would it reset my deranged mind?[View]
20480958Should I even try relationships: Hey so I'll just start by explaining a bit about me. I'm …[View]
20481177Am I inventing childhood rape memories to cope with being gay? I don't understand what is going…[View]
20481200Anyone had an experience similar to this weird one?: Basically a couple of months ago I matched with…[View]
20481186whats good? >template in next post[View]
20480906>get called handsome by female coworkers, constant flirts and suggestive talks >girls at gym, …[View]
20480677Is going to university really worth it for most people?[View]
20478447Traits of a Boss: How to be a good boss?[View]
20480977Depression help: Today has been a really good day and yet I'm now laying in my bed crying and w…[View]
20481238I fucking hate life rn, my brothers visiting because he has a week off of work. We’re at a family pa…[View]
20480463Hey adv how do I tell my parents that I don't want a relationship I'm in my 20s.[View]
20481206being supportive of dumbass friend: so i have this friend, we moved apart for school but i'm gr…[View]
20480291Why does every girl I like turn out to be a lesbian?[View]
20481171HELP ME PLS: >be me, 2016, still in school >ask out best friend >she says no, but still be …[View]
20480743How do I start appreiating my life more?: >Born in a shit country in a very small village >Une…[View]
20481159I got into an argument with my best friend who's a girl. I stopped talking to her because I jus…[View]

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