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20720122Is it actually weird to own one of these? I haven't had much male friends since 2014 so I don…[View]
20719101How do you tell people that you find fictional women more attractive than real ones?: Real women are…[View]
20719977What's wrong?: 25/F. Last friday I competed in this national speech event and won first prize …[View]
20719488do I have to tell anyone how old I am? I am 25 but I could pass for 21-22[View]
20719997Is moving with a gf a good move? I have a new gf and things are going pretty much great. However she…[View]
20720087How do I stop being so tired all the time? I used to be good at 5 hour sleep now I am dying with 7 h…[View]
20718852How do you cold approach a girl if you are not a chad? I tried talking to this girl, she wasn't…[View]
20720057I feel great fear and anger whem I'm around women or when I'm thinking about women. What d…[View]
20717793Quitting smoking, what are the damages?: Okay so I’ve been smoking since I turned 18 (about 4 months…[View]
20719924Petty not life ruining revenge?: Ok, so long story short.When I came to high school(19 years old now…[View]
20720074Got a cow lick at the front right hand side of head. Need hairstyles because literally cannot be ask…[View]
20719973What exactly is a girlfriend and how do I get one?[View]
20719784what is a good replacement for videogames they're getting boring[View]
20719874School Advice: Hey guys, I need some advice. So I am a college student with pretty good grade (~3.8)…[View]
20719245Where do I find girls who are young and losers like myself?[View]
20715219GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Until the end.[View]
20720017>turn normal girl into demonic feeder girl that’s into making her boyfriend obese >It feels li…[View]
20719901I agree on the saying that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, but when does thi…[View]
20719984About to give up: Not really sure how to move forward with my life right now. Here's the boat I…[View]
20719565Applying again for same position that I got rejected from: So this is the second time this has happe…[View]
20719965What can I actually make a career out of?: I'm at a crossroads in my life where I have too many…[View]
20719878Hey advice I think I need some real help. I think I am devicive and am living my life in a way which…[View]
20719572I'm applying for a one year scholarship in China to study chinese. Could somebody with experien…[View]
20718249how to not be scared of rejection?: Keeping it short, I’m scared of rejection. Being rejected litera…[View]
20719792Hi, I've had a hydrocele on my right testi for some years now, and although it is larger than m…[View]
20718275My Gf: So my girl and I are doing a long distance thing and she goes to a different college right no…[View]
20719727How do I stop being pretentious? I only ever manage to catch myself after already starting to say so…[View]
20719708I am turning 30 this year and the thought absolutely terrifies me. I've never been afraid of ag…[View]
20718837flip hair: when a girl flip her hair to the side, is she embarrassed or shy? cuz when I made eyes co…[View]
20719147So some fucker from Indonesia or Vietnam is logging into my Twitch account. I go to settings > pr…[View]
20719628This is gonna sound stupid, but what’s a made up story I can tell people to explain why I moved acro…[View]
20718714Is it true women see some guys as lovers, who they'll fuck almost immediately and do all manner…[View]
20719041Sup /adv/. Anyone up for a puzzle? My professor gave us 4 pictures with the objective to find a 'pe…[View]
20719397How do I stop being mediocre?[View]
20718935Gross finger nail pictures inside: I smashed my finger in a door a month and a half ago More, grosse…[View]
20719483Im a socially inept guy thats about to be 24. Going to a concert. And i was wondering, if i get a ch…[View]
20718524What are the do's and don'ts on cheating on your gf.[View]
20719520Mentally unstable friend: I have a friend (gal), her mind is full of sucidal thoughts. Pls tell me h…[View]
20719301I think my friend may be plotting to murder someone. What do?[View]
20713939Give me ad/v/ice... how do I win over my dream girl? I've tried so hard and got so far but she …[View]
20717950How do I talk to women without being drunk off my ass?: >be me >cant drink for the next few w…[View]
20719324How can I get into news?: I have no idea from where to start, which reliable recourses to look at. I…[View]
20719437streaming software: Hey idk if this is the right thread to ask but my question is this: If I want to…[View]
20719434I feel like I worry too much about what happens online I only have online friends. I play an mmo and…[View]
20719171>be me >grow up autistic and lonely >few to no friends >never hang out with anybody >…[View]
20719393Loving dilemma: Hello guys. i came here this time to ask some loving advices. i'm really Young …[View]
20718933University paper: I have to write a paper in university about intel coffee lake which is due tomorro…[View]
20717573Question: whats the proper way to dispose of old ammo....? one item in question is the picture sorry…[View]
20717241>4th year sophomore >skipping and failing classes again >currently 2.2 gpa How do I suck it…[View]
20718825How not to become a failure: Hello 4chan I would like to know how to not become a wagecuck faggot wh…[View]
20718907Is there a statute of limitations on when a university can revoke a diploma? I have been a graduate …[View]
20719010Any gambling/former gambling addicts here? I've worked out that I've lost somewhere betwee…[View]
20719169Youtube Account Suspended. 13 years of personalization lost.: My youtube account was suspended last …[View]
20719100I got an email a few days ago saying someone new my passwords to an account, and they’ll send porn t…[View]
20719195I seem unable to connect with people. I always feel like there's an invisible wall between me a…[View]
20717539Why the fuck do I get the urge to smile at roasts on transit, and how do I kill this urge as fast as…[View]
20719213My marriage is kind of bleak: I don't even know if I'm really looking for advice, I just n…[View]
20719126My dad had was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and has since gone through the process to ge…[View]
20719170How do I cope with the shame of not being college educated?[View]
20719119>be shy >get /fit/(tm) >still shy How not be shy?…[View]
20719228Hello /adv/ Here is my story, or at least a piece of it. I don't seek any advice. I just want t…[View]
20717148saying the words: >met someone through a dating app a month ago >honestly was expecting anythi…[View]
20718153how do I escape a verbally abusive household that is seriously deteriorating my mental health when I…[View]
20716033What‘s going trough a man‘s head when he looks at pic related?[View]
20718264Should I become a trap or a /fit/izen? I like the idea I look cute, but I don't want to be vurn…[View]
20719185I have a serious case of Brexit blue balls. What can I do?[View]
20707187What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?[View]
20712079Why can’t I bond with men? Like, I’m not macho at all, I’m not masculine, I always feel like they’r…[View]
20717478The fuck: How do i tell people 4chan is better than reddit[View]
20719159Steps to roasting: Just lookin for steps to break down anyone i meet via cold reading and to discove…[View]
20719108fee: >be me >31 yo man >work at funeral home >every 6 months there's an increase i…[View]
20718562how many sleeping pills do I need to take to ultimately overdose with?[View]
20719117are smash bros and mario kart the most accepted video games by normies? i am in my early 20s[View]
20717848Idk man. College has been so bumpy. The first semester went awesome. Always attended classes, got go…[View]
20718887Is there a non-douchey way of saying 'I like this but you've probably never heard of it'? When …[View]
20718185I’m uncircumcised. I have trouble with my foreskin - it’s a bit too tight and it won’t “fall back” w…[View]
20717702Brother got fucked by his ex roastie and she won't give back his cat or stuff: >be bro >b…[View]
20718695SSRIs: Hey lads, just started a regimen of Prozac. It's been a long time coming, and the relief…[View]
20716315I want to drink my girlfriend's breastmilk but we haven't had kids so she doesn't lac…[View]
20718098Im fucked: >20 years old >addicted to gaming >social life in the matrix >girlfriend in a…[View]
20717733Motivation: Where do you get motivation from if you don't really want anything out of life? …[View]
20719054Can't leave the doomer mentality.: I'm 24 and working on getting my life in order. Drivers…[View]
20718937>People only get to meet 1-2 people at a time through co-workers/classmates, social media, parks,…[View]
20719005Erectile Dysfunction/addicted to masturbating: Haven't had sex here in many years, in fact my l…[View]
20718898So I really need help on 2 parts 1) So all my life I've been a looser till recently I started…[View]
20719025In the early stages of getting to know someone and going on your first dates, how do you not freak o…[View]
20717781should i try to get diagnosed with autism? im 80% sure i have autism but im not sure if it would hur…[View]
20718967internally suffering: i live a normal life really but i’ve recently come to terms with that life is …[View]
20718911just found out that before my bf died he told his guy friends he working of writing a some epic love…[View]
20718659Hugless kissless virgin here. Ive alwys been charming. Have never sealed the deal. I wouldnt know wh…[View]
20718890I generally have zero desire to be in a relationship. The only reason I want one is so I can experie…[View]
20718806How to help a mess of a human being?: So, everyone in my group of friends is pretty normal, a couple…[View]
20717489How to deal with getting old?: I'm 24 yo male and I feel like the last 4 years just went by and…[View]
20718891So I have been talking to this girl for 3 months, we have met a few times and got along well, the on…[View]
20717176Is there anything I can do about my eyes? I look so creepy and depressing and I'm only 20. They…[View]
20716127Is this cheating?: tl;dr Hung out with a guy on my own a lot, BF dumped me and said I was cheating …[View]
20717116speaking: i speak 3 language: >arabic (speak and read good level) >french (really good) >e…[View]
20718473How do I become financially secure and live a peaceful life in a forbidden relationship?: I'm t…[View]
20718772Alright I'll keep it short. How do you know someone is into you? My college friend recently st…[View]
20718036How to teach my dog to poo in the right place?: I adopted a street dog recently (pic). I've bee…[View]
20718789Hello /adv/ I have question. There are some random folders that show up on my computer, and they hav…[View]
20718273I think complaining, self pity and self hatred are probably things I should avoid and try to talk my…[View]
20718420Suicide stories: Not looking for stories of people's suicide attempts, but the people who were …[View]
20718514help help help help: I was stalking my ex from years ago on tumblr and accidently liked one of their…[View]
20718733Positive vibes only: Positive vibes only tribesperson here sending positive vibes to all you 4channe…[View]
20717853Holy fuck I'm high on DXM for the first time ever and I can access my thoughts so cleanly I fee…[View]
20715749ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: RULES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Keep questions concise…[View]
20718518What happens of u dont ejaculate?: Okay so say you not only no fap but also didnt get femanons What …[View]
20717987I love old time radio detective serials. Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, all of them. Anyone know if there…[View]
20717168How to deal with living alone: I am in the first year of uni, I live alone far from my parents. I a…[View]
20717816>In the bus >Two men with seats available on each side >The girl passes by the two and sits…[View]
20718027I've been working on a semester long project with a couple group mates and they haven't pu…[View]
20718622Redpill me on /adv/. Who are the people on this board?[View]
20717197I got a girl's number. How do I start a convo?[View]
20718000I went crazy thinking my spouse was implying that i did not love them when they said they loved me b…[View]
20718629Going to london this weekend, what should i do on friday, saturday and sundaynight?[View]
20718486>tfw virgin >don't want to have sex (wow what a fucking shocker), life is enjoyable and p…[View]
20718641How do I make the transition from university to a professional career? I read job vacancies that I…[View]
20718003Overcoming sexual sin: I was raised Christian (Protestant) but I drifted away during my time in the …[View]
20717758I have only one decent looking hooker in my town, but after 3 months of fucking her I've starte…[View]
20717891When I'm older, will I understand what she meant when she said no?[View]
20718437have tonsillitis and bad i cant to doctor, i havent money? what to do?[View]
20718530friendly reminder, if you download the 4chan X extension you can filter out namefags and tripfags by…[View]
20718429Travel: Things to do on a date in Seattle, WA? Not from there, romantic spots[View]
20718163My almost 50 year old dad recently started dating this woman that has a couple of daughters, One of …[View]
20717437How to deal with the idea of death? It makes me upset whenever I think about it. Why must we die and…[View]
20716456Has anyone ever had positive results from using this board? Was it actually therapeutic or gave you …[View]
20718093How do I give myself narcissistic personality disorder?[View]
20717847Marijuan / Dab Pen: I hit a dab pen quite a few times for the first time one night, the following mo…[View]
20717655become a programmer?: im 24 and have no idea what i want to do in life but recently i've though…[View]
20717323Figuring out sexuality: Does anyone have any stories about coming to terms with their sexuality, esp…[View]
20718392How do I stop putting women on a pedestal and stop jerking off and wasting my time on them. March is…[View]
20718083My girlfriend is a psychotic nympho: We have awesome sex all the time whenever we're together (…[View]
2071723221 yo never went on a date. What do you recommend me on my first date? Tips to keep it cool?[View]
20716595How did you know your SO was the one you wanted to be with long term? What were some things (no matt…[View]
20718388This isn't a question I would usually not ask for a place like /b/, but I thought why not. For …[View]
20718325Any?: Any advice you can give to him, just by the looks of him?[View]
20718177Is a circumcision-restoration worth it? Does anyone here has experience with that?[View]
20718365How to find mentally unstable bf?: I'm sick and tired of normie gay boys infesting society and …[View]
20718197what's wrong with me?: It's like there's no real version of myself. I have no idea wh…[View]
20718362how do you break off a friendship with someone who just doesn't get the hint? She's a good…[View]
20718201hey guys, so i haven't been on a good streak lately and really need some cash and today on my s…[View]
20718322Been trying to grow a neat beard for a few months but this is all my mid-20's self can do right…[View]
20718306Is it okay to stay at home when my tonsils are hurting and letting me barely eat?[View]
20717897Fast Food App Delivery Addiction: How do I stop wasting my money on DoorDash and commit to eating he…[View]
20718158am I a fraud?: >graduated in business 2 years ago >postgraduating in finances next month. >…[View]
20716505The average dating advice: Hey recently i created a tinder, okcupid,etc account and matched with a g…[View]
20718286Thinking of quitting my current job, but before I do - letting someone else know when I'm gonna…[View]
20713847Give me some advice for lying about work experience on my resume. Every job listing says I need at l…[View]
20718151Robot problems: Hey boys gotta get something off my chest >be me >have a history of self-harm …[View]
20718074How to ghost hookup?: this girl i hooked up with said multiple times she wants to see me again and t…[View]
2071813132 year old virgin with date #5: Long story short, I used to be a complete fuck up in my teens and t…[View]
20717911Understanding my feelings: How do I understand my feelings toward other people and apply that unders…[View]
20717024What would happen if I illegally downloaded a paid android app in USA?? I mean getting it for free e…[View]
20718066How do I get rid of the absolute disgust I feel when I think about a girl I'm interested in get…[View]
20717818My friend just found out his gf is addicted to meth and has been smoking under his nose for their en…[View]
20715752Gang Bangers: How do you deal with gangbanger neighbors? These fags have already stolen our front do…[View]
20718090gf problems: Ok here goes. So I've been dating this girl for the past few months. She has alway…[View]
20717600Ask out?: Lads I am pure nervous about asking out this 9/10 qt. I want to ask her out for dinner but…[View]
20718050How to choose: I feel stuck all the time. I have to choose between two people and I don't know …[View]
20717347Quick Question: I work in food service and I have two quick questions: 1. Is it ever appropriate to …[View]
20717527where to go: I Am out! I need to get far away from California where is the best place to start a new…[View]
20717909When a guy has a cool chat and is friendly with the girl, but talks more than she in the conversatio…[View]
20717783I just told my gf of two years that I wasn't happy with the state of our relationship. She has …[View]
20716558Exremely perverted? Basically I would fuck anything. I thought it was just a teen phase thing where…[View]
20717918Need life advise: 22 year old male Solid 8/10 (at least that's what I've been told) Pic re…[View]
20717945How do I talk to people? What are some easy conversation starters? And how do I be myself if I'…[View]
20717931So I have been dating this girl for a month now and tomorrow I am going to get my meat shlurped for …[View]
20717639Credit card chargeback advice: Crossposted from >>>/biz/13120340 Anyone ever initiated a cr…[View]
20717218I'll make this as short as possible. My sister and I are in love with each other. We aren'…[View]
20717716Need help with nother: My mother is a bad person. She treated me poorly, and she's an alcoholic…[View]
20717370Married an artist: So I've got this issue and I really don't know what to do about it, it…[View]
20716452How to get over that my love is in the other hands? I have been looking for a girls so long and noth…[View]
20714390How do women, after having multiple partners, convince themselves that they are not 'unvirtuous…[View]
20714909I'm a khv >young. >live near Los Angeles. >not ugly (i think). >not fat >average…[View]
20717356average age of sex?: Is the average age people have sex in the US really 17? I'm a senior in hi…[View]
20716052Is 26 too old to start dating? Should I just give up?[View]
20717597How to stop being so gotdam thirsty?: I’ve become a very social person in my college years and I sti…[View]
20717796Tfw no gf after 3.5 years: I just lost the love of my life, how do I cope /adv/? She was too good fo…[View]
20717164how does one learns how to play online poker and make money with it? where to start?[View]
20717717I told a kid at school about 4chan: Well, today I totally fucked up. >be me >kid at school ask…[View]
20717792should i do it: i followed this girl that ive never met in real life on instagram and her snap was i…[View]
20717742Aside from the obvious answer, how do I avoid falling asleep in my Zoology class? My professor has c…[View]
20717056cousin’s energy toward me has changed: Just 5 days ago everything was fine. We’re really close. My a…[View]
20717590My son refuses to wear normal clothing and only wears tunics. Is this normal?: he wears pants but ne…[View]
20717747Dingle berries: How do I keep butthole hair from getting caught up in my toilet paper. All a poor bo…[View]
20717281I have a second date coming up on Sunday, but then it's going to be essentially 12 days before …[View]
20717657Deal with disappointing family: I was the book smart one of the family, who everyone thought would b…[View]
20716646Why is it considered a bad thing to want a girlfriend? You see lots of >bro work on yourself >…[View]
20717644How do you tell if your ear is clogged due to sinuses, fluid or wax? I tried cleaning it with ear d…[View]
20717631Nobody knows what to do?: hey /adv/ femanon here. I have been in a 'more than friends' relationship …[View]
20717606Does the fact that I want to text my ex-gf while I'm drunk mean anything? I think its just a pl…[View]
20717591Okay so let me try and explain my situation. I've had a crush on this girl for about a year, ma…[View]
20715577Help: Someone had been calling me a pedophile online, and it’s not true. The police won’t help. Wa…[View]
20717420Feelings for my Best Friend’s girlfriend: My best friend has bren dating this girl for about a year …[View]
20716602Is there a way to get better at mathematics ?: My family all seem to be great at mathematics and my …[View]
20717310I have 15k saved up I hate my job and feel like I never really knew myself can someone talk me out o…[View]
20717571I am fucking retarded, I skip University and then get overwhelmed when I need to do a bunch of shit …[View]
20716610Is there a book similar to this without all the Machiavellianism?[View]
20716995I was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago because I told my therapist too much about my suicidal thou…[View]
20717566IV antibiotic: The last hour was spent trying to give myself IV antibiotics, but I had to keep takin…[View]
20717483how do i block a person's instagram posts from my feed without actually blocking/unfollowing th…[View]
20717519pic not related. wasup people, i need some help, on the end of last year the girl ho i loved (i thou…[View]
20717503Distract me from girl: Hey /adv/, how do I stop thinking about a girl? I'm not depressed or try…[View]
20717498Your Reality: Understanding things like how your language works on a phonetic level is about crucial…[View]
20716253I'm 20 and have the opportunity to date a 17 year old. Her and I have been friends since high s…[View]
20717277Idk where to else to go. Basically family has drama my parents are in their 40s and basically broke.…[View]
20716711Would you go the extra mile for the one you love? Pic related[View]
20717004I Hate Ageing: My 21st birthday is next month and god damn it i hate it, i hate it so fucking much, …[View]
20715445How do I deal with a girlfriend who is super busy all the time. She is in her final semester of coll…[View]
20717394Captain Save-a-Ho: I'm concerned this girl I just started dating isn't right for me. If my…[View]
20717313PUAs: Does anybody know any PUA related imageboards ? I want to discuss various things but Reddit is…[View]
20717284How do I relieve frustration and anger? I'm dating someone long distance(one more month) and I …[View]
20717389College: My parents say that they will pay for a 'real' college and that I should go out of state, b…[View]
20717225Life isn't worth living: Prove me wrong[View]
20717119When I watch some crappy tv show with chick I like I get a feeling I should watch porn, when I open …[View]
20716924My boyfriend is far from me: I’m 28 and my boyfriend just turned 20 He recently moved and now lives …[View]
20716349So, last valentine day I gave chocolates to a girl I like in college, got her number and we talked f…[View]
20715886>meet girl online, shes cute we both play games most nights online, we get along great >giving…[View]
20716950So advice there is this weird habit of mine I go full blank/nervous/silent mode when with girls it…[View]
20715790A girl I've been trying to get to know never initiates conversations unless I do. I once asked …[View]
20717154Mail order brides: Does anyone have experience with male order brides especially from Russia? I…[View]
20717132My gf has been distant, how to handle the situation?: We were always kinky, we did anal sex, cum int…[View]
20717246I can't do any work that I need to do unless I masturbate and I heard that people who are addic…[View]
20717115Girlfriend pregnant, she's the breadwinner and I'm a part time wagecuck. We both want to k…[View]
20716959How can I be myself?: I feel like I can never be myself and I'm losing my identity, I wanted to…[View]
20717226Job advice pls: I just started a new job and they dropped the bombshell yesterday that I'm only…[View]
20716819Sometimes I think my friends don't give a fuck about me: This last year my friends have been ta…[View]
20717135My boss confuses me. I really hit it off with her. She's happily married but we relentlessly fl…[View]
20716438I did it guys. I got married. I met her a month ago and I fell in love, do you think we’re gonna mak…[View]
20717118FUCK FUCK FUCK: I ordered something from ebay and accidentally put the wrong city. Everything else i…[View]
20717167eating disorder?: Haven't been feeling hungry lately and have only been eating one small meal a…[View]
20717028Dating someone because it's beneficial: So I' am dating this girl for over a year now. She…[View]
20715956I can only get school work done at the absolute last minute. I simply cannot bring myself to focus a…[View]
20717121Questions to people who used to make a lot of money and saw the earnings drop. How are you doing? Ho…[View]
20715896I think I have ADHD. How do I know if I really have it and should I seek medication?[View]
20717113The only expectations for me my entire life has come from other people. I have no expectations for m…[View]
20715440Receding gum-line.: Do i have it (jpg) and how can i fix this shit.[View]
20717060how to flirt/ask girls out at work without being awkward?[View]
20715780Life surely is awful: >25 >Virgin >Unemployed >Ugly as fucc (no chin, mouth breather) …[View]
20716262I'm not a drug person (never even drank any alcohol) but I'm interested in taking LSD. Any…[View]
20716177How do I know if my boyfriend’s mental illness ACTUALLY prohibits him from doing something or if he’…[View]
20716380Study: I need to stay awake the whole night studying for an exam tomorrow. I have no time/money to b…[View]
20716409pacing back and forth for hours everyday: how do i stop this? even when my legs kinda hurt and im ti…[View]
20716583sad anon: (sorry, this is my first post, it might be bad) >be me, 10 year old >grandpa has lun…[View]
20717003how to reduce eye strain on crt: i just bought this cheap crt monitor and as soon as i turned it on …[View]
20715901Engineering Loneliness: Ive been in engineering school for 7 or 8 months now, started out great, had…[View]
20716923Portland: I'm a chad 21 year old most likely moving to Portland soon to pursue my education. I …[View]
20716998Plz halp: I need halp anons, there this gril and is a good friend but has gotta a tiny bit too physi…[View]
20715646How do you alleviate the pain of women existing but not being your gf? It physically hurts me to kno…[View]
20716735Quick question: Dear /adv/, is Barista an attractive job? Young girls like Starbucks, so there must …[View]
20716663how to politely double text your dealer he is reliable (other than with answers, as with all dealers…[View]
20716838How do I stop watching porn?[View]
20716872How do I become a good citizen?: I am currently 20 years old attending a university. My whole life u…[View]
20716933How to feel in control of your own life?: The more independent I become the more melancholic I get, …[View]
20716791Is it normal for a couple to be able to get back together after a breakup? My gf just left me like a…[View]
20716462Life Direction: So I'm a high school anon that's about to graduate in a few months, and i …[View]
20716818Whats a good website or app to talk to girls: Im a autistic loser who dosent leave his house. I look…[View]
20714817Compulsive liars: So I have a friend whom I suspect is a compulsive liar. They moved away but we kep…[View]
20716358How do I stop being afraid of women? I am scared of women, I can admit it now. When I walk down the …[View]
20716775I have intense feelings for this guy for over one year and finally confessed to him. He overall car…[View]
20716793need help: I am in desperate need of a part time job/way to make money but i am retarded with not a …[View]
20716417Is it gay to have oral sex with a qt trans girl if her penis is smaller then yours?[View]
20716757What's helped you be more forward and confident in bed?: New to the whole sex thing. Want to be…[View]
20715520how to make my gf feel good in bed[View]
20713043Is love shallow[View]
20716661what do you do if your gf is too good for you but she doesn't realize it (yet)? do you break up…[View]
20714532I hate this stupid website. I get nothing of value out of my time here. Yet the dopamine hit I get f…[View]
20716614>Spend years studying and working to break into the vidya industry >Finally get my big break a…[View]
20716597>Be 18 >Have girlfriend for 1 and a half years >First kiss, real gf, virginity. >Great G…[View]
20716615>girl spontaneously starts hanging out with me regularly >sits next to me with no prompting ev…[View]
20716272Female co-worker has been more talkative with me this week and I'm not sure if she's flirt…[View]
20715745Help me approach this girl on insta: I'm having a hard time approaching this girl on instagram,…[View]
20716589I want to focus on getting a job that gets me rich and to travel around the globe, that's why I…[View]
20716554I am autistic and need help: Seriously, if a girl doesn't text you, are you allowed to text her…[View]
20715948How can I love myself?[View]
20715738>use Tinder >get matches >no idea what to write >girls write first >no idea what to s…[View]
20716439So I've got a problem, I realised I'm in love with my best friend like a month ago, I…[View]
20714960Are there women that enjoy sex as much as men? It seems like the core of most relationship problems …[View]
20713648My son is communist?: He's 15 and he's seriously a Communist, he reads stuff about Karl Ma…[View]
20716353How do I answer the interview question 'why do you want to work at X' when all I give a shit about i…[View]
20716330Anyone here who works at bars, liquor stores, or any establishment serving alcohol? How do you feel …[View]
20716281I'm struggling to cope and the only thing that ever helped me was to cut myself but I promised …[View]
20715631What self help book would you wish would exist /adv/?[View]
20716385Whats the best way to study for university exames in a short time period[View]
20716267Is there any way to stop being dependent on others? pic unrelated, I'm not a girl[View]
20715870I work at a gun store, and me and one of the instructor decided to make a video to advertise the pis…[View]
20716053Whatsupp faggots >go out >meet girl >one night stand >she says im fond of you during fuc…[View]
20715958Would it be bad to do an internship that's kind of unrelated to my interests? I'm currentl…[View]
20716137Burglar was in my house: A week ago, at night, there was a burglar in my house. I heard him enter th…[View]
20716219Since losing my virginity I've slept with 37 women. Most of whom I'm not proud of sleeping…[View]
20716017Where can I find these threads?: some dude a while ago told me about these and they have to do with …[View]
20715074Friends...how do they work??: s it true that in order to make friends and create your own circle you…[View]
20715894Dad: Anybody have yearnings to become a dad at an early age? I feel like this is scaring away cuties…[View]
20716036How do I learn to enjoy leaving home? Like going out for dinner or attending events, if I do not lea…[View]
20716302I need help: mohanid#6164[View]
20716073What do you treat a girl like when you dominate them?[View]
20716218So I've been seeing this guy lately. I think he's really wonderful, but he has a self-este…[View]
20714541self discipline: havent used this website in my lifetime and am curious on the viewpoints people hav…[View]
20715929I want to make some friends and gf knows it, but she just won't add me to her groups. Last time…[View]
20715715no clue what to do with myself: I feel like my life is going nowhere and I just can't take anot…[View]
20714451Hey /adv/, so I work in a retail store and we all have walkies to communicate. I was on the main cha…[View]
20716126Why do i want to hurt my GF cat.: So lets start this off saying ive never hurt her cat before and iv…[View]
20716043Do you feel like you don't know who you are? Does your today refute your yesterday? I've b…[View]
20715596It's been 10 months since my ex left me and being the autist that I am, I'm bored as fuck …[View]
20715856I summon L.Lawliet[View]
20715930ok, here's the deal. - undiphirentiated Schizophrenic - I also think I am schizotypical as well…[View]
20714785-1 SMV: >5'1' >4.5' (erect) penis >Ugly face >189lbs >Maldeveloped social skills…[View]
20714801Pursed lips when dancing: I always purse my lips when I'm dancing in the club or any public set…[View]
20716029been working as a welders apprentice for 6 months now. i work on the a crew with some very depressed…[View]
20715515How does an otherwise normal person like me fail so utterly at finding a companion? And why does it …[View]
20715980So my girlfriend broke up with me. She told me is tired of trying to get me to trust her about issue…[View]
20715504How do I attract white women?[View]
20715320Sole provider in marriage thread:: Do you have a problem being the sole provider in your relationshi…[View]
20715850Asking Someone Out While They're Working: Thoughts on asking someone out while they're at …[View]
20715376I'm eastern European but want instead either any American or a Mid-Atlantic accent. How do I ac…[View]
20715407I'm traveling to Europe next year and I'm fucking scared. Me, my aunt and my cousin are go…[View]
20715833Met someone, leaving soon for another country: I met this girl properly less than 3 weeks ago though…[View]
20715962Just throwing it out there :): I went on a date a couple of days ago but this girl was so disorganiz…[View]
20715388How do I become less of a picky eater?: Pretty much the only meals my parents would make me were ste…[View]
20715543Trying to be well remembered: Hey anons! What’s a good way to make a suicide look like an accident?…[View]
20715897Talk me off about drinking coffee.: I want to stop please someone talk me down I don't want to …[View]
20707816Random question but kind of seriously directed at women: Do woman really want to fuck dogs and other…[View]
20715899be alright - dean lewis: Here's to the man I spent doting and loving for a year. Giving my all …[View]
20715361But of a hit or miss asking this question here, but I want to know how I can become more centrered. …[View]
20715842What's the ACTUAL reason tripfags have usernames? Attention? A feeling of superiority? If the …[View]
20714174What do you think of someone having two children, a boy, and a girl, and naming them respectively Pa…[View]
20712926To all my fellow lonely fucks out there, I hope it gets better for you. I hope it gets better for al…[View]
20715410>move with a new roommate 8/10 qt >Two weeks in she asks me if i want to be her gf >'I am d…[View]
20713922Life in 50/50: Am I in the wrong? My boyfriend and I have always done things 50/50... as we have al…[View]
20715696I've been with my girlfriend for four years now. In the past few months i've caught her s…[View]
20715655I worked abroad for a couple of years and met my boyfriend there. He's American and I'm Eu…[View]
20715826I impulsively shaved my head. It look really bad, should I wear a headscarf until it grows to a regu…[View]
20715133this is a long one part 1) in late 2017 i met this girl. she was cute as fuck and i immediately had …[View]
20711775I can't achieve my goals due to being lazy.: What do?[View]
20715326How do I stop disliking female personalities?: I honestly want to change my perspective. I never mee…[View]
20712914Thinking about doing nofap. Does it matter if you completely abstain from masturbation or if you jus…[View]
20715766Are there millennial men who still hold old fashioned notions about women like that they don't …[View]
20714021Meeting gf's parents when you are much older than her: Any tips on meeting your gf's paren…[View]
20715754how do i shape the fuck up: I need to start looking to move out soon, but can't get or keep any…[View]
20715704What are signs someone is in an abusive relationship?: And that they are reaching out for help? May…[View]
20714500How do i stop masturbating?: I can't stop masturbating, i do it 2-3 times a day i have tried it…[View]
20714485Avoid suicide?: I´m 800km away from home, at a shitty airbnb, 24 left for my flight and feeling like…[View]
20714661How do I not be so shy around people I don’t know?[View]
20714829I’m always angry: I’m always mad and I hate everyone and I hate that I hate everyone. Why can’t I ju…[View]
20715599Should I continue dating her?: For the past few months I've been dating this girl and want to m…[View]
20712640Why do I have so many mental problems?[View]
20715550How to get over jealousy and self image ?: It's like I'm jealous of a guy looks better tha…[View]
20713975how do I dump my gf for betraying me?[View]
20715598Hi guys, I remember ASMR from being a kid at school or at the haircutter. I was wondering if I was a…[View]
20714982help: is working 8 hours a week for 6 days very exhausting? it's packaging work. I'm tryin…[View]
20715471Is it okay to wear this suit without the vest? I have two job interviews this week and it's the…[View]
20713571Insecure about size of balls: Do girls care about how big your balls are? Mine are pretty small and …[View]
20714206How do I cut?[View]
20715313How do one get in criminal activity in mainland EU? Not that gypsies and turks stealing bikes and p…[View]
20715474Fastest and easiest way to get some money? I have like 2 weeks and I need some cash, not much but th…[View]
20714645?: Yo found this on the back of my head, doesn't hurt or anything but should I be worried?…[View]
20715228Boohoo another breakup thread... but not really: Need some help to figure out shit to do, ive recent…[View]
20711880How do you fix greasy skin, greasy nose and acne on said greasy skin?[View]
20714991Not sure what to do with my face muscles: >don't smile >people assume I'm sad or pis…[View]
20715415What is the relationship between life goals and intimate love?: What is the relationship between lif…[View]
20715214Why does it seem like there is a massive mental health crisis among young people?[View]
20714405Free email that doesn't require a phone number or another email account to sign up?[View]
20713667You nofap fuckers who told me that not masturbating would decrease my approach anxiety LIED. Fapping…[View]
20715425Guaranteed ways to help a receding hairline stop/slow/regrow? I look disgusting bald/with a shaved …[View]
20713971Huh?: Is it weird if I’m dating a woman with a teenage son? I’m 25 and I’m currently seeing a 36 ye…[View]
20713738Am I fucked lads?: >be me, last week >at this event organized by friends(more or less) from my…[View]
20712659>posted this on /tv/ >have cute coworker >we gave each other movie recommendations >most…[View]
20714587So i sent a risky text to a girl that I'm talking to, she sent a pic in which she obviously did…[View]
20715380Does anyone know a decent way to secure neetbucks without disabling yourself too much? I can't …[View]
20714176controlling feelings: Alright, putting it short, after another relationship that went bad, I obvious…[View]
20715051how do i leave the friendzone anons?[View]
20712069ITT: Ask the Opposite Sex Anything: RULES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Keep questions concise. U…[View]
20714931Does it really gotta be like that?: Be me Spending time with 8/10 big titty goth girl She likes me H…[View]
20714056How can I become a pornstar and fuck hot bitches?[View]
20714331What are some easy sex positions that's not doggystyle, missionary, or cowgirl? I can't fe…[View]
20715240Girl if talking to me, but I'm autistic and retarded: Hot girl is trying to talk to me and meet…[View]
20713820Boyfriend likes it hairy but why?: My boyfriend has told me to stop shaving down there, and even goe…[View]
20714710Dream advice: /adv/, I don't have real dreams, only some escapism fantasies. Daydreaming and me…[View]
20715234is there a remedy for chronic smelly pits? my armpits stink always i wear deodorant andi shower ever…[View]
20714998As a guy, where do I draw the line between making my advancement with a woman and being desperate/cr…[View]
20712171How can I help my depressed boyfriend?: So I have been dating my boyfriend for just over half a year…[View]
20715187This Fken guy: Do I say something? My close friend of 8 years just revealed a crush on me when he wa…[View]
20715045Is it true that when your parents die is when you really miss them?: I'm estranged with my moth…[View]
20715195Whats the quickest way to get better from a fever? Theres a nasty bug thats been going around my col…[View]
20715094w: Am I the only one out there which can't cry anymore? Last time I cried was 2018 in middle of…[View]
20715190IT career: Complete noob in CS do I get any benefit from pursuing a one year course in Software Deve…[View]
20714574what's the best city to move to, get a job in retail, fast food, as an office clerk or some oth…[View]
20714839Conflicted: Is it morally wrong to sleep with cheap crack whores, without paying them properly?…[View]
20714035Why do I feel so crappy sometimes: Senior in high school. I'm moderately social, most people in…[View]
20715038My gf won't be lewd with me. She won't flirt or even have sex with me. We're both shu…[View]
20714816University: Is it worth going to university just for writing? I'm planning on being an editor a…[View]
20714900How do I get out of this shit hole job: I've been working the same fast food job for 2 years no…[View]
20713547Does anyone else become suicidal after heartbreaks? I'd had my heart broken many times yet this…[View]
20714995Avoiding Friendzone?: Hello /adv/ There's a qt girl at work who seems to like me (looks at me a…[View]
20714972Concept of Time: Okay, wat do? >be me >watch youtube all day >hmm think >pewdiepie hasnt…[View]
20713801How can I motivate myself? I literally fuck around and make tinders before doing work. Any advice wo…[View]
20714246Why am I like this: I am completley obsessed with a Narcissist chick who is emotionally abusive, I o…[View]
20713923has anyone ever taken antidepressants just to kill their sex drive? I'm thinking it might be a …[View]
20714836Friend addicted to 4chan: friend is addicted to 4chan and browses /adv/ constantly how do I get them…[View]
20714914Relationships: I have this chick im really into right now. She's beautiful but it wouldn't…[View]
20714795Is this my fate?: >been dating for almost 5 years already >good looking couple, great atmosphe…[View]
20714805Anything you wish you could do atm: Tell Heeda I love her so much.[View]
20713784>be me >older sibling >have a freshman brother >he had a oneitis crush >personality c…[View]
20714621Hello /adv/ i have been smoking a lot of weed. I've been smoking about 0.6g a day for the past …[View]
20714767How do I get someone to talk to that will listen to me and empathize? I want to be able to talk to s…[View]
20714749>be horny >get into a relationship >have sex >ejaculate >immediately lose interest in…[View]
20714778Is it weird to buy your partner a sex toy if you're not going to see them for five weeks?[View]
20714776I broke the law: I broke the law 'To start, I'm not trying to blame no one for my actions.' I w…[View]
20709084GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone trie…[View]
20714278what the fuck do I do? I really like this girl, but she's more out going and goes out while I…[View]
20713713My dad has a conference in Japan next summer, and my family is making a trip out of it. What are som…[View]
20714566i ate 2 pounds of beef yesterday and now i'm producing an endless painful stream of shit, wat d…[View]
20714273phone addiction?: how can i stop using my phone so much for useless things like social media? don’t …[View]
20714626I have had really bad depression and anxiety for a long time but the bad one is anxiety. its so bad …[View]
20713744Is it time to downgrade and settle?: I got broken up with by my girlfriend of 7 months a few months …[View]
20714134Whats the best way to dump someone. I don't hate my current gf at all, I'm just not happy …[View]
20714457I jave been feeling very bipolar and depressed lately bros, what do i do.[View]
20714145Is it dumb to have a ldr with a girl from Romania? I've known her for over a year now and we…[View]
20714711Advice/Stories: How have you guys got nudes from women before? Inb4: I don’t ask for nudes, I just r…[View]
20714553So, I have a couple disabilities/illnesses, and I live with 6 other people. I disappear for weeks at…[View]
20712917Can people see when you screenshot their instagram stories? There's this really cute girl I lik…[View]
20714418gf consent on smoking: I really want to get back into smoking pot but my gf keeps on and on about ho…[View]
20714623how do i stop convincing myself that there is no way any girl i like could possibly be interested in…[View]
20714592Do i: Do I go in tomorrow and bury myself in more debt that I can't afford to get myself the mo…[View]
20714210there's a girl at work i've been hanging out with for like 8 months sometimes i get the fe…[View]
20714603gf found this thread somehow: (she frequents 4chan and confronted me about it asking if it was me an…[View]
20714101what is the best way to improve memory? I can't remember things that have happened before 2012 …[View]
20714516when to give up: I'll try to make this as brief as possible. I'm 27. I'm 12,000$ in …[View]
20714415Dangerous prospects?: Guy here Short version : older girl with useless major that just broke up wit…[View]
20711914me and my gf share a flat with her friend, it's a two bedroom apartment and we live in one room…[View]
20714518Learning how to learn: I’ve never been a bright kid, but as of late I’ve been finding myself interes…[View]
20714546Disability: I have depression and really bad anxiety. Because of my anxiety (which I am trying to ge…[View]
20714410This man approached me last night and said he would come back. What should I do? Do you know anythin…[View]
20714521hello I have lived in kansas and have had two apartments and a rental house. As of now I am in my se…[View]
20714301aromantic: ive never had a crush on anyone or desired an intimate relationship. whenever the boundar…[View]
20713535How do I stop being a masochist?: How do I stop being a masochist? I'm inherently attracted to …[View]
20713770How should I go from here?: So I'm 18 and about to graduate high school. I have no savings and …[View]
20714091Do I confess my feelings?: Ok so I really like this guy I know, however I’m not sure if he likes me …[View]
20714342Not Tinder: How do I meet girls without an app like Tinder or Bumble? I don’t have a huge problem t…[View]
20714355I am an idiot who was told he was smart through out his lice, and no I'm not satisfied with the…[View]
20714113Is it weird my memories: Are blurry and wrong colors and mostly in third person?[View]
20714323How do I get over a crush on my best friend? We both have s/o's that we are very happy with, an…[View]
20708200>go to an art museum >i don't get it what am i supposed to experience looking at old pain…[View]
20714407I am in love with a girl that is not my girlfriend, the latter I have no emotional attachment to asi…[View]
20714385>You are walking through the park and see this what do?[View]
20714156Boner Control: It just keeps slipping out. How do I prevent boners without going gay?[View]
20714167What's the latest age you can grow out of acne: I'm almost 21 and I still have really bad …[View]
20714142How does your rate of intimacy change from online dating vs. someone you'd met already IRL? I…[View]
20714076Stalling Women?: Gorgeous woman gets out of long relationship. I meet her. We start haning out a lot…[View]
20714250Roast Me: Please Roast Me[View]
20714191REE: I'm fucking tired of meeting single mothers who have nothing to offer except a bastard who…[View]
20714317How do I get over my distrusts of therapists? Guns are one of my very few passions in life and the t…[View]
20714023Vaping CBD: I don't vape nicotine, but I decided to hop on the CBD bandwagon. I got a pretty ch…[View]
20714085Idfk title hard pls read important to me: ok so let me attempt to describe my situation. You are in …[View]
20714157making friends/socializing: i know this topic gets talked about on here a lot but i need some advice…[View]
20714182Who else is broken here?: Got laid off Friday. Haven't been able to hold a job more than a coup…[View]
20713879>junior year of college >still no friends The closest social interaction I have is at the occa…[View]
20712571I have a girlfriend of two years but lately it just feels like all the momentum is gone. At first I …[View]
20713363I'm 180 cm or 5'11' and 71kg and I see myself as small like I'm still 14 as a child w…[View]
20714218I feel empty: >be me >kinda seeing a girl long distance >have plans to go visit her as a te…[View]
20714126How do I get girls to lick my feet?[View]
20711228I am lost as to what to do: > Be me > 20 > Have friend from South Africa, 22 > Travel wi…[View]
20713332What are the best suicide methods?[View]
20713903How do i boost me sexual drive? I'm 25M and whenever i'm out there i don't feel an ac…[View]
20713506Anyone have any tips for not going crazy living alone as a shutin with no social contact? Do I need …[View]
20712632I keep missing my ex gf even though she's 'crazy' (depression, attempted suicide early on). I …[View]
20713798Found my boyfriends hentai collection: I know all guys look at porn, but I found my boyfriends henta…[View]
20714106Please help: Alright lads so here's a quick rundown, I'm not the most chad-like out there,…[View]
20713198My boyfriend just told me we are going to have to be in a long distance relationship for at the very…[View]
20714081Growing apart and resenting a childhood friend: I've had this friend since childhood who enroll…[View]
20713832How often should I use shampoo if I live in a tropic country? I use head and shoulders if that matte…[View]
20713687Having a life working second shift: Recently started working a new job second shift (3pm-12am) and i…[View]
20714061i don’t know who i am: i genuinely don’t know who i am anymore i’m awful at making my own decisions …[View]
20712893Thought rumination is making me ill.: I just want to be healthy mentally.[View]
20714043What am I doing with my life?: I'm 21 years old right and in my fourth semester of community co…[View]
20713910I've been considering going back to Christianity. All this time the only thing I've felt a…[View]
20713992Is this the fembot smile? Imagine having an overbite so bad that when you smile your teeth cant be s…[View]
20713912Nootropics: Feeling tired, can't focus, feel unmotivated, but have to study for a Master Degree…[View]
20713723Where do I meet girls here in nyc? I'm a virgin but I've been in relationships before. I j…[View]
20711010I'm starting to have sexual thoughts about a female friend. Should I feel ashamed for thinking…[View]
20713883I've been feeling like I'm living but not really there, as I'm not in control of myse…[View]
20713900Does being a girl's friend automatically make you her relationship counselor in her mind? I lik…[View]
20713785Ok so I have several things I want a second opinion on so I'll put them in one post So first o…[View]
20711820What are some good subsitutes for intimacy? Anime and escorts aren't cutting it anymore, I need…[View]
20713560How do you maturate, anon?[View]
20713280Horny: Hey /adv/ I live in a big city where the closest thing to social interaction is talking to a …[View]
20713804Is it a bad idea to lose your virginity with a escort? I have a tiny penis anyway so I'm sure w…[View]
20713808>got dumped 7 months ago by the perfect girl. >Not a single girl I've met gets me even 10…[View]
20713824I've been having a heck of a time finding a girlfriend. What are women attracted to in a man? …[View]
20712539i have a teeth gap like that what should i do?[View]
20713091>live in semi abusive household and can't leave yet for 'reasons' >have lots of mental an…[View]
20713790So my roommate just told me >'Hey, just as a heads up so you know, I can hear everything you say …[View]
20713767Psych patient friend gets scammed: Hey guys, I'm posting this message throughout Reddit. I need…[View]
20711068I've been smashing a lot of fat women from Tinder lately and it's kind of embarrassing. Ob…[View]
20713114If there is this girl that you know that she likes you, but you're not sure or you don't r…[View]
20713775>second semester back in college after 5 year break >last semester I had all A's >just…[View]
20713796Who are you guys? What do you do?: Posting mine: Gender > Male. Age > 27 y/o Occupation > S…[View]
20712629Please help me budget for life in Brooklyn. I'm a working actor but need a day job. I did fucki…[View]
20713786I have a friend. I really enjoy spending time with her, she is fairly attractive, we have similar va…[View]
20711686As a minority, how can I exploit anti-white sentiment to sell a movie script?: I'm an Arab who …[View]
20711173Hey guys, first I just wanted to lay out the new plan for the first time in this novel arena and reg…[View]
20712804How to I stop feeling that life is constantly against me[View]
20713536Is it weird to try and add a girl on Facebook you like but doesn’t know who you are I’ve been crushi…[View]
20711637A gift: Gift for every femmanon here[View]
20709469Me and my gf met this girl on Tinder and after a night hanging out we all had sex. We all got along …[View]
20711728how can i become a confident and happy girl. My isolation drives me into insanity. I overthink thing…[View]
20710900When/how did everyone meet their current wife/their partner closest to their soulmate? Just curiosi…[View]
20713106How To Get Sex: How can I find a woman (or convincing mtf or trap) to have casual sex with me? The p…[View]
20713210I truly feel that there's nothing i can do to change my life, i'm stuck in a pit with no f…[View]
20713511Firstly, I'm not a doctor so I can't give you medical advice. Secondly, I've been wor…[View]
20713500How do I become a man women want to have sex with? Not only physically.[View]
20712174Dealing with a know-it-all: How do you deal with a know-it-all? This woman knows absolutely everythi…[View]
20713646Okay so I’ve been in and out of 3 brief relationships over the last year and before that I was your …[View]
20712348how do you look for a therapist? I tried getting a referal from my primary care doctor but the guy h…[View]
20713626Damaging own friendships.: I have a habit of accedentually destroying my friendships thoguh some of …[View]
20713576should I go see a prostitute? is it worth it? somebody here has done it? is it worth it if you are a…[View]
20713599I wanted to make sunflower seeds a little less salty (I know I can get unsalted but I had salted on …[View]
20712978Doomer to Bloomer: How do I go from being a doomer to being a bloomer?[View]
20713549is it possible to have a minimum wage job(grocery store, book store) in another state before you mov…[View]
20713385my 15 yo sister will have a relationship before me, and im 22. I'm a fucking failure.[View]
20713488How to dress good: I always feel like every clothe i wear is off either in the way it fits me (i…[View]
20713151How do I stop running away, /adv/? I always run away from my problems, and as a result, I don't…[View]
20712508How do you deal with an unsupportive partner?[View]
20711826>one shot at life >be born into neurotic south east asian immigrant family my family refuses t…[View]
20713499How to have sex with a Catholic girl: How do I convince a very religious girl to have sex with me, p…[View]
20712430What should I do I'm stuck: >be me >study hard af >be successful in high school >t…[View]
20712518I broke the heart of the love of my life: Never had loved or been loved by a girl this much, and I m…[View]
20712983I just got a really good job offer, but it starts on July 16. I plan on taking it and am very satisf…[View]
20713007I have been living with my parents and now that im going to college I have the opportunity to move o…[View]
20712436Can someone help me guess what's wrong with me? Doctor isn't an option right now. 21/f …[View]
20713204My gf wants a FFM threesome. I really want this but I want to know what the potential consequences c…[View]
20713177I fucked up college and now I need a job.: Basically, when I was in high school I decided on being a…[View]
20713264Physical pain from depression?: So I've been battling depression for a long ass time and I…[View]
20713438My best frind is getting really into my ex and i fucking hate it: My ex and I broke up about 5 month…[View]
20713440A girl seems to be intentionally trying to hurt me. How do I know for sure?[View]
20713392I've been dating this girl, and recently I found out that her hair isn't actually brown, s…[View]
20713432So my family is struggling with money so we let our spare room to people and me being the shut in th…[View]
20713217idk tbh: i should start by saying i'm someone who's always horny idk why i'm just alw…[View]
20711934Suicide by pills: Which ones and how many do i need for maximum lethality and minium pain? Please.…[View]
207133332 month old infant won't sleep. I swear he can stay up the whole day with only 3-4 hours of sle…[View]
20713295Some backstory: >be me >hand-hold less virgin beta cuck >she's her >We both live o…[View]
20713330Need help guys, my head is a mess at the moment. I’m struggling to get into college. I’m doing an ac…[View]
20712967>Large town event >Girl I've crossed paths with, younger than me, drunk (as am I), comes …[View]
20711716>Is pic related true? I just subbed over this song (Crave you) and its exactly about this topic I…[View]
20712416I'm bad /adv/ I didn't get into the school i wanted to and had to go with my backup. I go…[View]
20713056Life seems to be not worth it, how to get over it?: So I am 24, still in college and will be done wh…[View]
20710499Lately the fact that I'm a manlet (1,73 m/5'8') is really affecting me. Like I can't …[View]
20713312Connection error problem: Every time I make a post on this board I am not able to reply to it. Every…[View]
20711840>recently hung out with gf yesterday >didn't talk to her at all today >messaged me aro…[View]
20713260Should I just stop contact with my mom indefinitely?: I'm now 20 years old and have been out of…[View]
20712225The woman I loved is trying to use an instigated video of me shoving her to make me %100 her slave. …[View]
20711575Accused of rape!?: This is a bit complicated so bear with me. My ex girlfriend, who is from Japan. W…[View]
20712583I've had a dream since I was a teenager. I wanted to be a surgeon, I just thought about it 24/7…[View]
20708618I've been using Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide for 1 months. Parts of face (forehead, T-zone) whe…[View]
20712941'Married to someone like my mother': What is exactly the origin of this phrase and why does it usual…[View]
20713244feel like i'm on a permanent buzz/high: had something that would be stressfull happen at home l…[View]
20713221What happens if I don't follow through? I'm scared guys.[View]
20713192How do I get motivation back?: When I was younger I used to be so motivated towards goals, dreams, a…[View]
20713025>Girl likes me >I'm just friendly and do not show being needy because I'm not a beta…[View]
20713222I’m looking for a lean plug guys, that ships or around my area[View]
20711271Therapy: Would seeing a therapist actually help me be a better person? Do people see therapists for …[View]
20711542>kill yourself and the one you love most (and live for) >kill two people who love you which do…[View]
20713122Got a bad review at my job :(. Should I quit my job, i'm getting tired of the politics each day…[View]
20713113Anonymous: any surgeons or drs/ patients browse this board? just had a skin graft on my neck. how lo…[View]
20712484b4 anyone makes any conclusion I want to say that I know everything is my fault but still I want adv…[View]
20712959What do you do if your Aromantic (don't feel romantic attraction) but still feel sexual attract…[View]
20712187How to stop being permanently offended because of things people say in society that effect my demogr…[View]
20712975How do I move up the ladder as a software engineer?: Do I make it higher in a corporation by being a…[View]
20712856>be me >be in need of a gf >be a stinky man, shower once a week, every sunday(while aso was…[View]
20713009What are the chances of getting in actual trouble with the law just because I torrent in Britain? Ar…[View]
20711670I've been trapped in a complete mental prison; I've got debilitating hypochondria and this…[View]
20711199VENTING THREAD: How do you deal with opinionated mouthy cunts who absolutely HAVE to chime in on eve…[View]
20713004I received an invitation to a online employment assessment, which was a breeze, I believe I solved a…[View]
20712630Do you think its important to live with your significant other before getting married or even engage…[View]
20712557I drive a chiptuned Benz SLK 200 Compressor with around 200-300 PS. It's automatic and has s sp…[View]
20712880Are there still women out there that look forward to starting families and having children or have y…[View]
20712559For the last 10 years I was full neet mode at my moms house due to an illness. All my 20s went by wi…[View]
20712955I hate my mother: I don't know when this has happened, but ever since I've been growing up…[View]
20712454Herpes Predicament: About a year ago I (27M) moved to another state to live with my aunt (40F). I wa…[View]
20712252i kinda wanna trade PUBG for GTA V on steam, how do i do it.[View]
20712480What's the point of dating? Girls today have their ego inflated through social media, and they …[View]
20712810Well I recently start learn psychotherapy. Yes, I know that is shitly occupation but it's inter…[View]
20711633Degenerate thoughts.: I’ve been having some evil thoughts spring into my mind recently and that scar…[View]
20706597I can't grow up. I'm 24, I literally weep almost daily, wanting my childhood back. I wann…[View]
20712742As a future paratrooper: Should i join the German military or should i join the Brazilian military? …[View]
20712478Recover friendship?: I had a friend that I met 2 years ago. At first she liked me, we dated 2 times …[View]
20709594Anonymous: >be me >seeing plastic surgeon for scars I have >she is persian, very attractiv…[View]
20712729Should I trim my pubic hair? I like my pubic hair, it’s not a bush where I can comb it but it’s nice…[View]
20712498I was just rejected online by a girl, and now I’m absolutely furious. My ego has been assaulted. How…[View]
20712690Help me with My Yearbook Quote: Leaving high school need something memorable , my mind is blank.…[View]
20712338Is physics a good degree to go for? I love it and I’m good at it but I’m not sure about jobs I’m pre…[View]
20711630Dealing with Food addiciton: I am looking for people who have actively dealt with and overcame food …[View]
20712470Every girl that has ever been attracted to me has described me as 'cute.' It's nice to have com…[View]
20713132Is everyone lonely?[View]
20711805Crush: I've recently noticed this one cute girl that goes to the same highschool I go to and us…[View]
20708833> be me > meet a girl freshman year (college) > we become best friends > start sleeping…[View]
20711273>Live in NYC (I HAVE to for at least a few more years (boring story). >Work full time at $15 a…[View]
20712519Good Beer to Start: Have always hated the smell of beer and have never tried it due to that. Will dr…[View]
20712110So for personal reasons, I'm probably only going to see prostitutes from now on. I have seen ho…[View]
20712422Is hemp clothing a meme? I don't want to wear recycled plastic anymore[View]
20711879IELTS bullshit? EAL crap?: Are English Language tests (IELTS, PTE, etc.) a fucking scam? Seems to be…[View]
20711788I was having this debate with a fwb so here we go: How many calls/texts should you make to a fwb be…[View]
20712245I recently moved to the city and my neighorhood is SWARMING with meth heads and crazy people. It…[View]
20711369an hero: In the last few months my business partner stole a few million investment and drained our b…[View]
20712425I'm only staying alive so my ex tries to come back to me and I can reject her. So far it's…[View]
20711694So last week I met my boyfriend of 6 years irl. He wasnt the Chad he made himself out to be. I am d…[View]
20710745Is gf pedofile: Is my girlfriend a pedofile? I noticed on social media she follows and likes the pos…[View]
20711929Issues with jealousy: My gf does online roleplaying a lot. Sometimes while I'm in a room with h…[View]
20711774How to ask out a childhood friend?: Me(19m) and my friend(20f) have known each for over 10 years. St…[View]
20711556Is it time to give up?: I've worked for the National Park Service mostly for the past 5 years a…[View]
20709570Books for free: Well...there is a situation that I need so many indexes and resources for my bachelo…[View]
20708426>21M kissless, hugless, virgin I've kinda accepted it, I know I'll never experience tr…[View]
20712145meeting women at bars: Anyone had any success with this? Do you go alone? How do you not feel weird …[View]
20712092How many of your friends ships did you have to initiate your self? How often do other people approac…[View]
20711569No one loves me. My parents don't care about me, only condemn for any my actions (I bought this…[View]
20712273I want to get really developed into the hobby of cosplay and making pieces actually really nice with…[View]
20711776I don’t know which one is my true self anymore, I’ve been engineering my mannerism for too long, I’v…[View]
20711627How do i get a gf who has a shit personailty like me but won't treat me badly ?[View]
20712138how to stop depression eating: >be me >21 >6'0', 270lbs, skinnyfat >loser with no j…[View]
20710564Makin it in Computer Science.: What does it take to make it in CS? Im just an average guy who wants …[View]
20711501>Desperate for attention and for people to care about and want to spend time with me >Usually …[View]
20711994> started dating when I was 26 >right now almost 3 years since I’m not a virgin >1st girl F…[View]
20712042me and my gf share a flat with her friend, it's a two bedroom apartment and we live in one room…[View]
2071165521 M, never met a girl who was interested: I'm a 21 year old college student, never been on a d…[View]
20711733Thinking about fucked up outcomes: I often think about fucked outcomes like if I see a guy riding a …[View]
20711272Time for a break from the relationships threads, time for some real shit: I work for a small town Me…[View]
20711988How can I help my gf study for uni? No matter if I'm with her or not, she barely touch her text…[View]
20712090Self Aware: I am very aware of things in life. Like I know im not too attractive looking so I dont t…[View]
20711875cousin: So like 2 weeks ago I found out I have a 2nd cousin, and she studies in the same town as I, …[View]
20710580It's my nephew's 12th birthday next week. The problem is he died when he was 8 days old of…[View]
20711531What should i do alone if i am feeling sad? I am ugly and my computer is not strong btw[View]
20712025Someone online contemplating suicide: What can I do if someone in my discord server said they would …[View]
20711504aversion of women: I think I'm mysophobic, misogynistic, or whatever. my parents divorced when…[View]
20711946Walkong the minefield: Every couple of months, there'll be a girl I talk to who holds and progr…[View]
20711817A year ago, I was a complete loser. I was a senior in high school and I was treated like complete sh…[View]
20711907Best way to grow a you-tube channel?: I have a small you-tube channel ( Heres the link) >https://…[View]
20711864Tired Teddy Fag Here...: Dear god please someone tell me if this pa reg number is even a fucking thi…[View]
20711967I need to get a job, but I don’t have any aspirating or ambition pertaining to work whatsoever. I do…[View]
20710628>friends went to a party >decided not to go >alone in my bedroom >just watched porn >…[View]
20711891all these girl want me: i only want sex.... from them. and I think I'll hurt them so i turn the…[View]
20708791ITT: Ask the Opposite Sex Anything: RULES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Keep questions concise. U…[View]
20710848Going on a date with a girl tomorrow, taking her bowling. I still have no idea what the fuck to do d…[View]
20710271Don't want to be hospitalized again.: Should I call my therapist and go back to therapy. I am h…[View]
20711814Feel like I have so much to say but never bother to say it to anyone cause no one would understand i…[View]
20711765Can't shake it: Every now and then I get a surge of guilt. Years ago now, and uncle of ours pas…[View]
20711696How do I get my self-neglecting girlfriend to start caring for herself and actually looking after he…[View]
20711801>never really been academic or had proper job In mid 20s, get decent part time job and scroll in…[View]
20711752I applied for a promotion and it seems like there's a good chance I'm going to get it. But…[View]
20711754Where can you meet extrovert people?[View]
20711565Is there any place for ugly people to socialize? >inb4 imageboards no incel or virgins please. I…[View]
20711743Is animal crossing new leaf any good? Can you tell me why you like it if it is?[View]
20711705How do I get a muslim gf?[View]
20711693How long does Caffeine withdrawal last?: On day4 and I still feel my body is against me[View]
20711634Relieving edible induced stomach cramps?: My gf had an edible last night and it's fucked her si…[View]
20711672Is TPR a safe material for a sex toy?[View]
20711584Hi, I want to make a website that makes fun of Islam. Naturally, I will receive death threats. >i…[View]
20711666I think I am a narcissist and I resent it so much, but I also could just be a little bit too confide…[View]
20710961is this a cool haircut?[View]
20711351I am currently 20 and working in a social heIp center. I feel so so bad for this kid, he is 17 and h…[View]
20710734How do I find a wife at church? Specifically, a virgin? I can't just introduce myself and be li…[View]
20711147How do I open up, go out, and keep trying?: I see this being recommended to people considering suici…[View]
20711588Why do I have so much bad luck ffs this is not normal am I cursed[View]
20711594join cute discord server pls be nice pumpkin spice https://discord.gg/DbAc2f4[View]
20711359Do you/have you ever had any rich friends? My best friend since kindergarden is pretty fucking rich …[View]
20710733Please help - eyes feel weird and uncomfortable when using PC: I think I may have made this thread b…[View]
20711366Another relationship thread: Me and a guy (both 20). A few months ago I started talking with a guy f…[View]
20710230I have a date coming up with a real qt, someplace nice, and I don't want to ruin it. She's…[View]
20710994should i be considered that my 11 year old child is dressing up like Donald Trump?[View]
20711518Driving Uber.: Welp I'm doing this now. Hoping it will give me enough cash to live in my apartm…[View]
20710604Does wearing good clothes help you to become more attractive? How important is it?[View]
20711029Marriage Ending: I don't think I can continued being married. Looking back, I honestly don…[View]
20711505What are some good and cheap gifts for your friends?[View]
20711218Fuck you all >homeschooled >socially isolated >single mother >basically raised myself si…[View]
20711256Im 19 and repeating Junior year again. Is that sad? am I retarded or have I just givin up. I can…[View]
20711352I have this weird problem where I'll throw my sheets and undo bed covers in my sleep. Doesn…[View]
20711495What do I do now.: Hyper tldr of my life: I was alone for a huge portion of my life, insecure about …[View]
20709684Looking for some advice from old fags here, who have been through it a little. In your experience is…[View]
20710839caught my nephew dressing like this.: is this just some sort of fashion fad? or is this alarming. he…[View]
20711146I want to run away: Lately i’ve been having this thought of leaving. I feel very distant to everyone…[View]
20711074Shueisha/Viz is full of retards who keep copyright striking manga reviewers on youtube for putting m…[View]
20711342eye mucus: My eyes have been itching lately. This morning I woke up with a bit mucus in my right eye…[View]
20711481Urgent help, issue during employer aptitude test: I received an invitation to a second online assess…[View]
20711290Brace for some shit. >Meet and date girl, she has kid but the father has custody >Cool, no big…[View]
20711362is this shit worthy of a 911 call: Someone in a group chat Im in said they were going to mix klonopi…[View]
20709068How do I deal with mine potential GFs clingy friend?: Hey, /adv/ please enter and help a bro out. So…[View]
20711471Okay so here’s the situation, I met a girl online some time ago we started dating for about 5 to 6 m…[View]
20711463It's better to just let go if everytime I was with her I felt like my inner vulnerable child wa…[View]
20708790Please help me. I'm in the middle of a panic attack right now. I'm so scared of change, of…[View]
20711210Hello lads, I have to write 10-15 pages of an essay. In three weeks is the day where I have to hand …[View]
20711367Help: Okay so I just had two girls over. I went on a date with one a few days ago and she is a qt3.1…[View]
20711172>Be me >2 years after mom died >Decide to hop on minecraft >Switch accounts to Java and…[View]
20710641How do i get into music? I want to develop a personality but no music appeals to me.[View]
20711403How did you find out what you really want to do in life adv? When I was 18 I wanted to join the mili…[View]
20710918I don't know if I'm real: Sometimes I don't know if I'm real, what's the be…[View]
20711413Can you go to hospital if you have a serious health condition and are experiencing significant probl…[View]
20709338How do I get started dating someone from another country?[View]
20709044Boys im a manlet. 5'5 maybe 5'6. I'm video calling a tinder match for the first time …[View]
20710101How do I get a job that doesn't suck? What jobs ARE there that don't suck? I have a meme d…[View]
20711075>Study >Build a good career >Lift >Be active >Go outside >Eat well >Make sure y…[View]
20711378How do I develop a personality? What does it even mean to have a personality? It must surely be more…[View]
20711278How can I stop worrying I have cancer or some other serious illness? There isn't really a good …[View]
20711037I want to be both a good marksman and decent at martial arts. But both take time and money to do, wh…[View]
20711243Notice me: >always play truth or dare with friends >common question is 'who do you have a crus…[View]
20711198How to know if you're boring? Maybe it's just that I don't express myself enough as I…[View]
20707185Hello anons, I'm kinda new to this thing. But I would like you anons to tell me what's on …[View]
20707335Why does my mind replay shitty memories: Over and over again?[View]
20710919Who want to watch me jump off,a buildin6: ;)[View]
20710305avoiding games, tv shows, careers, hobbies because too many other people like them yea or nay?[View]
20711132GF wants to transition: we've been in a romantic relationship for 2 years now. I'm sexuall…[View]
20711047How come my lips aren't as full as they used to be? I used to love looking at my reflection in …[View]
20709720Is this making it bros?[View]
20711091What do you consider to be “having your shit together” as a 30 year old: Turning 23 here in a few mo…[View]
20709318Money and Happiness: >saving 73.6% of income >recently dumped >much more spare money omitti…[View]
20711188Question for women: I want to know about your individual experiences where you fell in love or at le…[View]
20706331How do I stop jacking off to cuck porn?: I have an addiction problem with cucking/cheating/hot wife …[View]
20710899Can young men and women have entirely platonic relationships or is this just a meme made by opportun…[View]
20710967Can I play video games: In a mental home?[View]
20710888What the fuck happened to me: For the past 3-4 months I've been in a constant downward spiral i…[View]
20711071Why do i feel this way?: So i come from a average family from an average town. Went to a shit school…[View]
20711090Not a serial killer: How do I convince people that I'm not a serial killer or mass murderer? I …[View]
20711097I get SSDI, it comes off my dad's social security. I have crippling anxiety and depression, but…[View]
20709982I would like to be more open to people: I have a problem of self esteem and trust. My childhood and …[View]
20711062>Been attracted to this particular girl since sophomore year >Haven't done anything unti…[View]
20704177Ok so I'm dating someone that had sexual relationship with an ex-coworker who was/is a player. …[View]
20711063In a relationship, anxious, and can no longer love: I have recently come to a point in my life where…[View]
20710796Severe Mental Illness: I feel like I'm drowning every day and am using all my energy trying to …[View]
20711021How should I comfront him?: hello, my sons friend came over for a playmate, but stood outside my win…[View]
20711002How do you stop being jealous and obsessive of a friend?: I can't stand being near/with one of …[View]
20710889How do i stop flaunting my wealth on plebs?: i seriously need help im so much richer than everyone a…[View]
20710912Ranting: Should I just rant in the GIOYC threads, or should I ask if someone here is willing to list…[View]
20710374How do I become happy with my own company?: I feel like I'm in a rut and I don't enjoy any…[View]
20710902Hey: So, I’ve been looking at this thing called impostor syndrome, but the thing is I don’t know if …[View]
20707952Im never getting over my ex she had bpd and was as mentally fucked as me. So what can i do to cope b…[View]
20710869Need some actual advice: There is a girl who i am 90% sure likes me, the only things is im completel…[View]
20710852Do girls actually do this? HAHAHHA LOL[View]
20710322Say you wanted to go into reviewing porn as you would any other art medium. How would you go about d…[View]
20709653tfw you've never been crushed on: 18 and about to graduate high school. i've never been as…[View]
20710847I got into a fight at a club. Some guy humiliated me and threatened me with physical violence, so I …[View]
20710816Will smiling all the time make you insane?: So I have this idea to make me more sociable and friendl…[View]
20710712So I have been thinking my gf is hiding something behind my back lately. I logged into an MMO game t…[View]
20710805is it normal for my son to be playing with childrens toys?: he plays with them and when i tell him n…[View]
20710481How do you deal with being the ugly one out of your friends.I feel like I should be happy I have fri…[View]
20710337I need help, I think. I don't know how to get out of this nihilistic life style. I just can…[View]
20710857Help me figure out if my nephew is eating glass: He has a history of eating glass. he sent me this p…[View]
20710806Life: I've been fairly happy for he past 2 weeks, but I wanna become completely broken, demotiv…[View]
20710352hamster bit my penis help: A female hamster that gave 11 days ago just bit my penis, I feel complete…[View]
20710794My friend is weird plis help: Hello. what illness causes someone to paint themselves various colors?…[View]
20710800Is my mom gay????: So my ldad and mom have loud sexx...a nd lately my mom has been hnanging out at h…[View]
20710810It doesn't matter how much I improve, I still always want to die. I've started exercising,…[View]
20710128Should I move to DE?: It's a boring little state with nice taxes and good cost of living. It…[View]
20710071Hi /adv/, I'd appreciate some help here. I'm about to graduate real soon, so I emailed one…[View]
20707905Help I shaved my pubes 3 months ago and they won't gro back. Where did they go? How do I get th…[View]
20710770Do Collegen/Elastic tablets work?: How do you increase collegen and elastic to keep young skin? Do t…[View]
20710450If I get off to gay things sometimes, does that make me gay? Or is that normal?[View]
20710258MOM FOUND THE POOP SOCK: what do[View]
20709020What's the point of living if you aren't tall and good looking? They literally have the be…[View]
20710298Computer problems: Hello everyone My computer has recently been gradually getting slower. It was a p…[View]
20709550Books that teach life for you: What are your recommendations on books that can teach people how to l…[View]
20710674>anon you're such a fruit loop >huh? >5 days later >oh............ Dude right out c…[View]
20709996What are some books and videos to understand women and never fall into their clutches?[View]
20710573How do I stop biting and eating the skin on my thumbs? Both of my thumbs are raw from the times I…[View]
20709060I think my moms doing cocaine: Hey /adv/ I just got home from a thing for my dog, and I went to chec…[View]
20710497So, I went to bed late and had this horrible dream where I thought I woke up. It was extremely convi…[View]
20709165How do I quit smoking guys? I can't afford it anymore[View]
20710163How to deal with parents who undermine my achivements?: I take college courses online, and my mom wa…[View]
20710452Two problems, please help me: Can't focus on hobbys anymore and memories keep coming up.[View]
20704060>be 28 year old male >knocked up side chick >asked her to abort, she refuses >long-term …[View]
20709920I'm too stupid for STEM and hate school and I know the trades are my only option for a decent l…[View]
20710484Well guys, I've hit a point where I feel empty. Living with my ex the past year as exes and jus…[View]
20708201How to make friends online: I don't go out much and my friends either don't really talk to…[View]
20710317How to make people genuinely interested in me ?: >friend from school texts me >see the notific…[View]
20708043Sliding into her/his DMs Thread: Yoyo /adv/ i need your help I found this edgy-artsy qt on ig who se…[View]
20704969Weekend plans: How do I find something fun and interesting to do with my time on weekends or evening…[View]
20708745Pros vs Cons of Dating Religious Girl?: I've been dating my gf for about 2.5 years now. I love …[View]
20710020Are there any downsides to downing a couple of shots before an intramuscular injection?: >Tried t…[View]
20708437I'm a black female who's 4'6' and a virgin. I really want a white boyfriend but I fee…[View]
20710269My roommate just got diagnosed with the flu. Obviously I'm a poorfag wageslave but I don't…[View]
20710280Is there any fucking chance for me to make this pretty girl interesting? I'm trying so goddamne…[View]
20706898I've been talking to a girl at the local shooting club for a few weeks in a row and I really li…[View]
20710264Mitigate anxiety/nerves: I’ve been working on my anxiety that is centered around my inept social ski…[View]
20708956Weed at disneyland: Hello rowboats, I was thinking about bringing a wax pen to Disneyland I was wond…[View]
20710208Sometimes when I'm having a shit I ejaculate for some reason even though my penis isn't ha…[View]
20706591>be me >casually look at other people >the guy who I was dating for a few months gets insec…[View]
20710243how do i start doing comission work? (nsfw): So heres the thing I want to start doing NSFW comission…[View]
20709439I ordered laptop big box electronics store website a few days ago. It was just delivered today but w…[View]
20708974Hello. InB4 'have fun getting raped in a cell' I got my first misdemeanor DUI. No prior offences. We…[View]
20710152How much should I spend on a vacation? I am going out to Phx for a friends wedding, but I plan on go…[View]
20710165Is my Expectations too High?: Alright Boys, time to open up. To begin with, I've had girlfriend…[View]
20709266I'm desperate for a relationship: I would say that, in the past, I've had ups and downs in…[View]
20710194GOT HANDSOME - TOO AWKWARD TO USE MY LOOKS: I'm a very low energy guy socially but I worked out…[View]
20710171>wake up in the am and go workout >get home and shower, wash clothes >spend rest of beautif…[View]
20710155>GF told me she loved for the first time two days ago >I love her too >Been obscenely horny…[View]
20709559cockroach bites my head: Guys I just got bitten by a cockroach on my head while I was sleeping. Shou…[View]
20709526I went out with a girl and a few co-workers last night, I texted her today and it's been an hou…[View]
20710131Can anyone give me some advice on flirting/dating in the workplace? Girls flirt with me at work and …[View]
20710112I need some help: My close friend recently sent me a message on Discord, and the image provided is w…[View]
20709597I watch to much porn and masturbate like twice a day, how can I stop this?[View]
20710085How can I get a gf to have some fun during the weekends when I habe no personal or social life becau…[View]
20709916A lot of my friends are in serious relationships now. This is fine, but I'm finding myself that…[View]
20708071How do i stop caring about my appearance?[View]
20709077I feel like I´m on the best way to regret my whole life in 5 to 10 years: I don´t know if I´m doing …[View]
20710038I know 4 languages,(spa,ger,jp,en) is there something i can work related to that shit or is it usele…[View]
20709935Still seeking: How can I find a way to make life worth living? I've tried so many things but I…[View]
20709470I'm a computer science major and bordering between beast and dyel. How do I meet people?: I…[View]
20709511How do I get into a old email account I forgot my password, the question things and the sucure my ac…[View]
20709306What to do when fiancées cheated on You?.: This Monday i catch my fiancés on cheating me.The worst i…[View]
20708252For guys: How do you cope with the pressure of having to always be the one to make the first move? I…[View]
20708414>Dislike women that dress w/ vulgar clothes >Dislike women that have casual sex >Dislike wo…[View]
20706323Where to find smart girls who aren't lesbians?[View]
20707983How do you become more clear headed and clear spoken? When I'm in a good place words thoughts a…[View]
20708044Finding out I may got pent up Stress?: >late 20s >After meeting 4 great girls and none being i…[View]
20709640I see the hell and it's coming for me: I just realized that my father cheated on my mother for …[View]
20709673Is it possible to be ugly as fuck and get people to like you - possibly even a gf?[View]
20708892Do I ever tell her?: Is it ever a good idea to tell the girl you like her if you're confident y…[View]
20709614This is my first ever post to this forum. I was in a game chat. It seems the group there already kne…[View]
2070966131 year old 5'7 dude, slightly better than average looks, asian dude. its tough when people her…[View]
20709273Coworker flirting with me: This stupid attractive woman at my work has been flirting with me pretty …[View]
20709072How to become more charismatic?: How do you become more charismatic whilst being sober. Any books to…[View]
20709434My mom passed away last week. I'm almost 30 and she had died about a month before her 48th birt…[View]
20709638Signals for analysis: I've recently started a physics course on Signal Processing and Spectral …[View]
20703568>be me >no friends >no social skills >take salsa class >i'm the only guy >3 g…[View]
20709002I really don't get it. I don't like school and even if i graduate and get my diploma, i wo…[View]
20708735I am getting my first guitar and I figure i want something balanced to accompany my voice. That lead…[View]
20709565>18 M virgin >Began using tinder a day ago >Matching with a few girls but don't know w…[View]
20709563A long time ago I had a falling out with a person that I loved and I just knew her through text (on …[View]
20709436Advice: Hey so I’ve never posted on here but i need some advice on what to do about something so bas…[View]
20708597love: bit of context: i was once heartbroken and that heartbreak left me with depression. now im con…[View]
20708721Should I feel ashamed for liking anime girls?[View]
20709374seems the best place to ask such stuff (as if would have any other way to talk to people) >18 …[View]
20709276bloggy post: I breathed in enough smoke in a week, to last a forest fire. that's excluding my c…[View]
20702367Don't mistake friendship with romantic interest.[View]
20709059Caught gf's brother punching my dog: She brought this fucker over to stay with us because his h…[View]
20709437have u ever met a women being desperate because she has clearly hit the wall? I'm 30 so I dunno…[View]
20709308What am I supposed to do if a girl flirts with me?[View]
20709264I am taking medicine to cure my diseases (autism and viral infection) but it's too slow. Can I …[View]
20709175Why do I do this?: When I'm working out in my uni room (calisthenics, jump rope) and sometimes …[View]
20707044Any other parents here? I have a 1-year old and man am I burned out on this shit. > work > eat…[View]
20708609How do I not get caught dating several girls in a small town?[View]
20706916Website idea for school project: Hey anons I need to make a website using html css JavaScript and ph…[View]
20708509How do I stop playing videogames?: I don't like playing games anymore. But regularly I find gam…[View]
20709322does selling feet pics actually make profit for someone? i'm trying to pay off a 3k credit card…[View]
20709255what's the best / easiest city in the U.S to get laid in and or have the horniest / sluttiest s…[View]
20708757How do you tell if a shy girl likes you?[View]
20708539What's a good way to lose weight?: Hi, I dont really come to this board but I have a problem. I…[View]
20709164bored of porn: how weird is it to not really be into porn? I'm 28 and at this point it's l…[View]
20708148how to keep my gf from ending my fucking life: so my gf recently moved in with me, like almost a wee…[View]
20708329Whats wrong with me?: I haven't had a GF since 2017. I'm 28. I do not want to be alone bu…[View]
20709082mom: every time i remember mom, how she loved me, cared about me and basically any memory about her,…[View]
20706721how handsy do you guys get on a first date generally, if at all? I've got a date with this girl…[View]
20707584What inspired you to 'grow up?': Today I went on a date, told my buddies about it, and they laughed,…[View]
20708861My gf is too sensitive and it's causes issues. >Mention I'm excited about Halo >She…[View]
20709162Should i end my life if I fail to get the college course I want?, I’m worried my chances of getting …[View]
20706599Choosing a major: >completing my associate's from a community college soon >need to decla…[View]
20709053Self Esteem: Hi anons Recently I've been struggling with self esteem issues and the emotional b…[View]
20703704Is being a housewife wrong?: Is it wrong wanting to just be a housewife? My husband is perfectly fin…[View]
20708787is it wrong if a girl interested with me, a married man?: >be me >28 this year >had chance …[View]
20709001How you overcome yourself? How people strictly follow plans? I lazy as fuck and I always forget abou…[View]
20708274why do people at my workplace keep backstabbing each other the whole time (during coffee breaks or w…[View]
20709041Getting the puss: >Be me 19 uni student >virgin.jpeg >been texting with a girl on tinder fo…[View]
20704082Happy Birthday: I'm 30 fucking years old. Anyone want to give me a pity happy birthday or call …[View]
20708986This is going to sound odd, but what would be the best way to completely 'refresh' my body…[View]
20708841Do girls like military men or is it just a meme?[View]
20707418I dont want to smoke weed anymore: I've smoked pot everyday for a long time.... I do it as soon…[View]
20708707redpill on life that should help 95% of /adv/[View]
20708696How do you train your girlfriend to be a good obedient slut?[View]
20708511How tf do I make more money[View]

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