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20343220When you block your ex on social media, should you also do the same to all her friends that you frie…[View]
20342357>Kill just 1 or kill 2 more after the 1? >Sociopath Nr.1 who ruined my life is still living hi…[View]
20343225Hi /adv/. I have a question about pain/anguish. Three months back i broke up with my ex. I saw her a…[View]
20343261Does having certain requirements for a relationship make you a bad person? My girlfriend very clearl…[View]
20343278Shitty situation: I don't know the best way to explain my situation so I'll explain it in …[View]
20340624how could you talk with your boyfriend about weird potentially creepy sexual fantasies you may have?…[View]
20342522how do I lose weight if I live in a shit small town? there's nothing to do here literally and i…[View]
20343099Is it true by making little changes everyday, or stuff doing stuff like changing things/cleaning roo…[View]
20343288Just turned 20 a few days ago. I'm feeling excited, apprehensive, and more than a little confus…[View]
20341428Sales advise: I cleared 2 rounds of interview for a sales job.The company I interviewed for is a goo…[View]
20342332What to do with my bed room? I sleep in the living room, I use my bed as a couch too. Now my small b…[View]
20341945one of the biggest things thats holding me back is my lisps how do i go about fixing it[View]
20343210HW Sex ed: For sexed I need to tell people about consent laws and sexting, so naturally m turning to…[View]
20343030Help (time sensitive): his relationship started online, we met on Tinder (something we both barely u…[View]
20342987What's an harmless way to kill oneself?[View]
20342868FEDEX or DHL?? Best international delivery service??: I am ordering clothes from Hong Kong, and deci…[View]
20342404I have two options for prom. Either I can invite a chick I think wants to hook up with me or I can i…[View]
20343024is there any posible way to kill myself without anyone geting hurt, or at least a note that I could …[View]
20342417How do I get more social?: Since I was younger I’ve never been that much of a talker, at least to pe…[View]
20342114Want to go to a party to impress boy. Hes been to a few n does the throw around party drugs. Im fine…[View]
20343078I had a long day today and towards the end I felt pretty sweaty in the heat. Sometimes I'd catc…[View]
20341977gotta find a gf: I never had a gf before and I'm almost 19. I got complimented by girls before …[View]
20343052Will having a (very possibly small) gap in work really damage my CV that much? I want to finish this…[View]
20343047Real or meme depression?: So, when I was around 17, I got depressed and It seems that I haven't…[View]
20342637/adv/ in you opinion, should I fix my teeth? My fangs grew above my molars, which are pointing inwar…[View]
20342659I can barely wake up anymore. It sounds stupid to some people, but the girl I've been in love …[View]
20341324If life is unfair then why are we supposed to play fair? Why shouldn't we be selfish? After all…[View]
20341908tl;dr GF's dad is dying so she cheated on me >meet girl at a whiskey making experience more …[View]
20343020I think my friends think I am a lot more lame than I used to be. Its been my final year getting my …[View]
20342511I had a panic attack and made an excuse not to go to work. I'm not financially dependent on it …[View]
20342815what do I do if my parents are lazy and drunk? they wont even wrap Christmas presents or anything. I…[View]
20342917I was raped anally a year ago by my exboyfriend (I'm dating someone else now), and I'm hav…[View]
20341631Penis shrinkage: I was in surgery last week for prostate cancer, and I was surprise when I woke up w…[View]
20342699Regret starting to take root from breaking up with my ex in May, holidays aren't helping: This …[View]
20342927Need advice on a girl, here’s the story so far: >be me >popular, but no friends >am confess…[View]
20342362Is it wrong to want to seduce my former friend's wife?: They are young and she has only slept w…[View]
20342015100+ partners, can't pair bond: I get bored of dating the same girl for longer than three month…[View]
20342353How to stop a cold sore (HSV-1) on lip as its forming? You know, when you first see it coming up and…[View]
20342959>be me >In 7th grade at time >Friends and I aren't really like by most cause pretty of…[View]
20342824Glasses are fucking stupid: My eyes, my fucking eyes >be me >nearsighted fucker >i can see …[View]
20342441>25 >have comfy job from home >have potential to progress and have somewhat already >pai…[View]
20339117Foreskin: I have a problem with my foreskin. When my dick is fully erected i cant pull the foreskin …[View]
20342903Can someone promote this?: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1060306219733262336?ref_src=twsrc%5E…[View]
20342682Mental Health is at a all time low: I just got out after spending 5 days in a crisis center (fucking…[View]
20340678I just found out I'm part pajeet: I'm 56% Indian, 30% black and 14% Anglo. What do I do? W…[View]
20342518/adv/ I carry myself through life thinking and feeling that showing interest for the rest of the peo…[View]
20342453How good is Coffee meets Bagel? Is it better than Tinder? I'm a femanon looking for something s…[View]
20342148lost italianon: >male 24 anon from italy ( center-north ) >Live in a rural region too much far…[View]
20342221disgusting room: every room i have ever lived in by myself has been utterly disgusting due to my fil…[View]
20340861penis problem: my penis head doesnt inflate anymore like it used too. what went wrong?[View]
20341728Starting off with the tldr because this shit is long; more attracted to the body formerly (probably)…[View]
20342795Can't feel anything.: My head has been feeling foggy for a week or so. I can't think strai…[View]
20342499My girlfriend got sexually assaulted: So I dumped her. She likes to go out alone and drink and go to…[View]
20342532>ask girl if she wants to go eat lunch with me at the uni cafeteria >>sure anon! :) >she…[View]
20342768I'm about to start wage slaving in a Mexican Kitchen inside a Mexican Supermarket. What should …[View]
20341278Thinking about going to LASIK treatment in Turkey for around 1000$. The only thing holding me back i…[View]
20342150I'm scared, I will probably develop cancer: I'm in a dental treatment due 4 caries. This y…[View]
20342422>Only time I don’t want to die is when I’m playing guitar >Play too much guitar and fuck up my…[View]
20342535Long story here friends. So I’ve been dating my girlfriend for Two and a half years. 6 months ago i …[View]
20342574Meeting up: >Meet girl at wedding over the weekend >We get to talking, and getting along prett…[View]
20342540often can't understand what people are saying: I have had memory loss for 4 years, a couple mon…[View]
20342668Poly-amorous relationships: Does anybody here have experience with poly-amorous relationships (2 gir…[View]
20342457Why are some people doomed to be social failures? WHY? >just read this x book and practise social…[View]
20342319One of my best friends of 7 years had his girlfriend of 6 cheat on him. I found this out from one of…[View]
20341837Is this a bad sign or am I being neurotic re: job interview: I thought my interview went alright, I …[View]
20341128DESEXUALIZATION: pic related this is my problem and I don't know how to start fixing it or wher…[View]
20342219Hi, Can you recommend me youtubers with simple English on different topics. I'm interested in …[View]
20342078>I have friend who's a 10/10 >She's got a boyfriend >Very into party culture and …[View]
20342201I have an issue /adv/. Until a few days ago I was a virgin and I have a big problem when it comes to…[View]
20341751Met a roastie on tinder, a bit later added her on FB, she says how nice it is I did, I ask her out, …[View]
20335870Wtf is wrong with me: >have 7/10 gf of 2.5 years >she worships me >Cooks, cleans, rubs my b…[View]
20342302My best friend killed himself a few months ago. He was someone I was close with for more than a deca…[View]
20342253> Have GF, after 2 years of dating I have to work away. > First time we have been apart in 1.5…[View]
20341815>I have a problem which requires a lot of finesse and power. >I have neither. How do I do this…[View]
20341738is there a site where I can buy shirts with japanese writings on / clothes/cool stuff?: / clothes/co…[View]
20340833I'm 20 years old and my erections are being not hard enough lately. I've been masturbating…[View]
20342237gotta get first job: I recently finished high school and i wanna work with programing, i have a cert…[View]
20340559Gift for a professor: I'm graduating and I've known this professor pretty well now for 1.5…[View]
20342236Halp pls[View]
20341903How to help mom: My grandmother never really showed love to my mother. She even told her that she di…[View]
20342202Taking an IT training course this January but first I have to take the TABE test Level A does anyone…[View]
20341078Best medication to kill myself?: Hi, What are the best medication to have fast death without pain? H…[View]
20338480How do I embrace the 'jus bee urself :^)' mentality when I know I'm a piece of shit faggot.[View]
20341039Work is causing me to lose my mind. I think about my worries going to work, while at work, driving h…[View]
20341441Yo /advl looking for some advice. I've been in a relationship for 7+ years and so far so good. …[View]
20341167I did everything right: Do you know what I did today, /adv/? I made a good breakfast, I biked to all…[View]
20340787what do I do if my parents just kinda completely gave up? my dads about 400 pounds now. my mom got f…[View]
20341809>be me >sit in class >remember one time in kindergarten when a girl took a shit on a bench …[View]
20341912Website Traction: What methods of website traction are there other than advertising?[View]
20342032Struggling with tiredness and motivation: Hi anons, uni student here. Every time I have classes from…[View]
20341866Hey friends So my gf and I are gonna be splitting up soon, still living in the same house with 3 oth…[View]
20339207Ask the Opposite Sex Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Try to keep questions con…[View]
20341946How is it send via darknet? Like a letter? Is checking or even scanning letters legal in European co…[View]
20341664Guys in relationship: why most guys (20s) are unhappy im the relationship, but they do not get out o…[View]
20342012Moving, leave friend in favor of family or stay where i am?.: I'm 23, and I had plans on moving…[View]
20341915Which place could employ socially stunted 21-year-old with no redeemable skills? Don't say McDo…[View]
20339034My gf broke up with me (in a way) because I asked for pics of her tits.[View]
20341803>be talking to girl I met online >first time in years anyone shows interest >have good conn…[View]
20339335tl;dr Girlfriend that depends on me is cheating on me, how do I break it off? >used to be a fat a…[View]
20340768What are your thoughts on forgiveness? Specifically, a sibling who continually screws you over, but…[View]
20341763Just realized my 6 page essay worth 30% is due in 24 hours. Not done the readings and haven’t starte…[View]
20340817Is it better to not get into a relationship if they always end up hurting me more in end?[View]
20341902I need a way to make 250 dollars in a day. I have no established credit, and I can't sell anyth…[View]
20341430My current gf and i don't really get along. We're not even that compatible with each other…[View]
20340625i keep ticking my fingers and moving my muscles (usually my butt) to the amount of syllables i hear …[View]
20340632just decided to write what's going thru my mind: my life is just an inconvenience the longer i …[View]
20341098Just can't seem to ever feel right: No matter what I try, since I was a little kid I've al…[View]
20339814Am I overreacting /adv/? >Have gf I wanted to propose to (have the ring and everything) >Have …[View]
20341782is this compete shit?: https://soundcloud.com/ultimatemc -earlier tracks were better.[View]
20340327Is not wanting to kill yourself a good reason to get a dog? There is nothing anchoring me to this li…[View]
20341745Where can I buy painkillers online? Need it for tattoo removal[View]
20341679dropouts: I just dropped out of uni and have no clue what to do. Fucking hate studying and no uni wi…[View]
20341085Need Help(and: Hello everyone, I'm currently being blackmailed with couple of screenshots and p…[View]
20341619How do I pick a religion? I think it would benefit me but none of them jump out at me.[View]
20341669Cloudstorage: >be me >14 >am exited about porn >decide to download a shit ton on my phon…[View]
20339865fear of dentist. have cavities wat do[View]
20340429How to Study: Can someone give me some study tips that actually work? I studied for months on end fo…[View]
20339740I'm a kv and really afraid of kissing/having sex. I just don't know what to do, I've …[View]
20341594My boyfriend is about to leave for 8 months for his work and I want to give him a nice gift before h…[View]
20341584>be me >say jokes about women >class is full of Antifas >Antifas go say I'm a fasci…[View]
20341570Procrastinating on my dreams: I moved to New York six years ago to get into comedy and I still haven…[View]
20341568OK so I am in a city that isn't near home and for some reason I feel confident and want to go t…[View]
20341489I just want to say that this board has been swell in boosting my self-esteem. I've been depress…[View]
20338964Is an economics degree a good choice and will it be useful in the future? Salary-wise, availability …[View]
20341472How do I deal with my lying piece of shit colleague? She will do stupid shit and deny it. When shown…[View]
20340820Help: Can you guys help me I'm currently 15 and I can't pull back my foreskin when flaccid…[View]
20339658I raped my domina: I visited my domina for the sixth time today. I liked her because she is so small…[View]
20341406HELP!!: Quick advice needed!! I decided to download tinder and put my ugly ass out there for the fir…[View]
20341598Melatonin and lucid dreams: Does melatonin prevent lucid dreams? Im doing reality checks and all nee…[View]
20341578Haven't had a girlfriend for at least 6 years: How did I survive this long and how will I survi…[View]
20341519Worry: I'm off work this week and hate it. Whenever I'm alone with nothing to do I just wo…[View]
20339949Finding Escorts: How do you guys find escorts now that the good sites like nightshift dont exist any…[View]
20341387>be me >6'2 >above average build, not where I want to be so I go to the gym 5 times a…[View]
20341113Today while I was commuting to work I kept thinking about how nice it would be for a truck to just c…[View]
20340880Is it worth visiting a gf if you're in a LDR and getting there would be expensive?[View]
20341296How long would it take someone with no IT or computer science experience at all to study for the sec…[View]
20340661fucked up i am. i think of suicide everyday i have schizophrenia and i treat it myself with natural …[View]
20341427I've been on 300 mg of wellbutrin for almost 9 weeks now, noticed some tremors and trouble slee…[View]
20340610what do I do if living in a small town has made me completely evil and I have a curse from god trapp…[View]
20340722/adv/ I need some help. I have known this girl for about 2 and a half years. For a little more than …[View]
20338726Let Go: How do I let go of my past, of my memories, of my feelings. It's so strong that I keep …[View]
20340887CANT STOP MASTURBATING FOR PEOPLE: I am 26 years old and I can't stop masturbating for girls on…[View]
20341332How do i put my life back together after being broken up with due to a lack of love and being raped …[View]
20341352for the last 3 years I've been applying everywhere for any job at all, grocery stores, retail, …[View]
20341193Toxic people at work: How to deal with toxic people at work? At work there's this couple that a…[View]
20340577As a 23 year old male, what's an appropriate age range for dating other women? I turn 24 some t…[View]
20341347Possible termination from therapist: Can my therapist terminate my case without providing notice? La…[View]
20341341Fighting Harassment: Any advice on how to get rid of someone on facebook that harasses your friends …[View]
20341328So my girlfriend/submissive came to me last night saying her old dom came back into her life. She to…[View]
20341262Life sucks. And you know it: Here you can share your stories,[View]
20341177>girlfriend already given up putting in effort We've been together less than 6 months. She h…[View]
20336357Good Evening Anonymous! It's Sunday night again! Got a problem with sex and relationships? Job…[View]
20340963One day I want to be in Louisville, Kentucky, at a wrestling territory known as OVW (Ohio Valley Wre…[View]
20341111I finally got a new girlfriend and she's pretty great so far. We met in October and went on our…[View]
20341139How to not be awkward: >be me >socially awkward >struggle to start conversations >when …[View]
20341133Alright, the medium cost of a single bedroom house is around 100 000 bucks where I live and the medi…[View]
20340345Speep: should I go to sleep? pic unrelated[View]
20341092Internet Dating: Where's the line between RP and serious dating? >start rp with some girl …[View]
20340018I'm stuck with my mom and my brother because I promised to help her buy a house after she divor…[View]
20340304What the fuck is wrong with me that I'm proud of how my porn addiction renders me uninterested …[View]
20340175Hate to admit I might be depressed?: I think I may be depressed but I really don't like admitti…[View]
20340747Can't get happy with anyone's success.: I know it sounds douchey and - shamefully, even th…[View]
20337304Aspiring pornstar: How do I successfully become a pornstar? I don't wanna just be some nobody p…[View]
20340867anon wants to buy a used ps4: Hey /adv/, I have a question (in the topic). /v/ is too goddamn fast f…[View]
20340916body issues/should i lose more: i’ve been suffering major body image issues along with symptoms of e…[View]
20340928What are the chances of failing if I commit suicide by partial hanging? I am sick of life and would…[View]
20338891Would you forgive your mother if she was a pornstar?[View]
20340976Haven't been on 4chan for a few years looking for some funny stories or something, does anyone …[View]
20338783My gf just broke up with me because she found out that I make sex jokes to other people, including w…[View]
20340945Home brew: Ive been making wine at home. Made it really strong and taste better than store bought wi…[View]
20340847How do I handle this student? He keeps trying to kiss the girls and I'm worried I'll get i…[View]
20340272Procrastination in college: This week is finals week at my uni. I'm in full blown panic mode. L…[View]
20335957Dating a girl from Japan: I've never been out with an asian girl before, I'm not usually t…[View]
20340821Christmas: Hey guys I need some ideas I have a Nefue who’s 15 and super into metal I need some gift…[View]
20340870Do I go for it?: >Be single, 23, autistic virgin but I hide it well. >Meet girl, we talk off a…[View]
20340266Job Interviews: So I had a phone interview today and it went well. I have in person interview next w…[View]
20340261>be me >23 yo >got my life fairly well together >good paying job I like >no student l…[View]
20340853Hours at job: I coordinate a program. One day they just told me that now I coordinate another one (w…[View]
20340835Hey /adv/: Hey, I have a co-worker that at the same time is my best friend, she constantly jokes abo…[View]
20339380While studying for some tests I came to the conclusion that even though my classes are informative, …[View]
20340463My husband just loss his job and refuses to get another one. We have a son and i'm not sure wha…[View]
20340620So this Friday I may have a shot of losing my virginity with a girl I really like and im really nerv…[View]
20340800why is it that every time a talkative girl always comes into my life i later find out shes already t…[View]
20340672How do I report a camgirl to the IRS? How anonymous will it be? I only have her skype.[View]
20339797Financial stupidness: I'm a 20yo male, on free college and without debt. Lately i've been …[View]
20340680Hello /adv/ im in need of a medfag, I'll visit a doctor in a few days but right now is inpossib…[View]
20340638Who has left their retail/minimum wage job without giving them a notice? You just don't show up…[View]
20339966What do?: >be me, 24 >in a dead end long distance 'poly relationship' (domme/sub dynamic) with…[View]
20340097long distance relationship: this isn't only me asking for relationship advice. my boyfriend is …[View]
20340107Am I bad enough father that, despite my daughter's not even five yet, she's quite knowlede…[View]
20340387I had sex with one of my friend's girlfriend. Several times. And I don't know how to proce…[View]
20340576How do i start going outside? I have been inside my house for at least 4 years and i haven't b…[View]
20340385Are all girl furrys ugly and fat? Like Ill be down to fuck in a fursuit or atleast use some tail but…[View]
20340434Bear with me on this one, anons: How the fuck do I stop feeling so down, tired and worthless most of…[View]
20340611It really be like that sometimes: Ever since hit or miss became a meme on insta I thought the one gi…[View]
20339837I just broke up with my girlfriend of more than two years. My feelings for her had been fading recen…[View]
20340497i dont get it what do people do? How do people just have social stuff to do all the time? Uni ended …[View]
20340593What anime is this from?[View]
20340588First time on 4chan and took me 3 tries to pass the im not a robot test to post[View]
20340430big one >had a big crush on this girl for 4 years, asked her out and she said no >apparently s…[View]
20340490Failure/dishonor: Im a failure and a dishonor for my mother and I need a mark for showing that, what…[View]
20340482Is it normal to find the stench of your girlfriends asshole arousing? or am i a shitty-philiac?[View]
20340383Queer is straight?: Seems to me that what is strange to one person seems normal to another. I often …[View]
20340264How do you become 'that guy'. The person that everybody likes and is friends with. They are alpha an…[View]
20340432How can I find out, for sure, where my social anxiety stems from? It's such a vague and abstra…[View]
20340238This is a real concern. I dont seem to feel anything. Two people i know died recently. My grandparen…[View]
20340451How do i write a properly written and formatted screenplay?: i'm a first year video production …[View]
20340447How do I stop wishing the death of others? Yeah, I hate my own brother and sometimes I think his exi…[View]
20340403How many days of consecutive smoking does it take to get hooked on cigarettes? I enjoy having a smok…[View]
20340328Girfriend's been texting a guy on Whatsapp constantly, 'bored' of me now: So we used to study t…[View]
20340423New Methods: I need some new ways to psychologically torture someone in school, my usual tricks are …[View]
20339302>Be me >My mom finds this awesome guy >has 2 kids >The oldest is sweet sometimes is a je…[View]
20341466Why do I hate the fact that women have easier and better lives than most men? How are men 'privelige…[View]
2033613230KV: Explain very carefully to me why I, *as a new wizard, who's never really had friends or b…[View]
20340113Why are ugly or otherwise not attractive girls so exigent when it comes to relationships? 'no f…[View]
20340366I have no more friends: I recently lost both of my best friends. They were both female, I dont know …[View]
20336211GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: No matter how much you hurt me, I will always be here for you.[View]
20340199Pls adv is this a bedbug[View]
20340023What's the best way of offing yourself and making it look like an accident? I thought about a …[View]
20340178Asking for a different workspace?: I recently started a new office job. Someone whose somewhat highe…[View]
20340295Well You robots This is my first ever post so go easy on me ya bastards. I have a Twin brother who’s…[View]
20339023How can I straighten my spine without surgery / paying for gym. I've had a check up in school …[View]
20339176What can be done about missing an ex while having a new partner? I wouldn’t even say either one is “…[View]
20340155LAMP BROKEN Feminist mother visits me for the first time in a year: She immediately breaks my favori…[View]
20339616Mental Issues question: How to deal with mental issues while hating my whole family? I don't ta…[View]
20340253how come every time I do ecstasy or sometimes any speed I feel like the devil is in my life and the …[View]
20340192Reevaluating breakup?: It's been a few weeks since an irl breakup due to no satisfying conclusi…[View]
20340235How does one know themselves?[View]
20340206do you think it's disrespectful when someone you know for a long time keeps writing your name w…[View]
20340159How do I tell if drug use negatively effects my mental state or if I'm using them as a scapegoa…[View]
20340211been going through depressive episode all semester and now ive pretty much tanked my already abismal…[View]
20340196No more friends[View]
20339994>friend goes up to gril I find attractive (but haven’t really talked to) and asks her what she th…[View]
20340190>meet new people >get along with them >start to doubt those new people like me, think they …[View]
20337472Has long distance worked for any anons? I live in Seattle and my GF lives in Florida, we can only s…[View]
20339360>be me, 18 >I have a close friends (I dont have many friends) lets call him 'Joey' >Joey ge…[View]
20338038Is this what most hard-science professors are like, anons?[View]
20340147What are some ways to work internationally, besides teaching English to foreigners?[View]
20340126Mental Torture?: I need some new ways to psychologically torture someone in school, my usual tricks …[View]
20339984Virgin without a cause: Let me start by saying that I am reasonably attractive. Not over the top han…[View]
20340081How do you trust women again?: Long story short, 5 months ago I got cheated on while at work. 33 y/o…[View]
20339851On scale from 1 to 10 how bad idea it is to quit your job and move to different country you've …[View]
20340060How did you become more social (and specifically speaking in public)?: First of all excuse the gramm…[View]
20340105Am I a narcissist or is something else wrong with me?: Before I met my GF, I would get a lot of atte…[View]
20339976Am I too paranoid? I’m 26 and I can’t stop worrying that I have stomach cancer. I have stomach aches…[View]
20339705I’m not sure what to think anymore. Since this site is anonymous I’m pretty sure I’ll get honest ans…[View]
20337507Why is non-social drug use stigmatized by society?[View]
20339876Ryanair Fucks me: >>1st time early for a flight, t minus 2:30hrs >>wait in queue >…[View]
20339993What to do with the anxiety and depression coming from the fact that my job is something every retar…[View]
20340020Has anyone had nerve pain before It fucking hurts like fuck. How do I get rid of it.[View]
20339620When you want to have sex with someone, do you verbally communicate that or is it generally non verb…[View]
20340010Choir: My concert for choir is tomorrow and I have none of the songs for it memorized. What do I do?…[View]
20339300Girlfriend doesn't cry: So to explain things, in my relationships I apply what is called a vari…[View]
20339441How do you become mentally stable? Lately I've started sleeping better, exercising and socializ…[View]
20339715Pic unrelated >was in one really abusive relationship >used to love edgelord and bad boy fic…[View]
20339942Weird and tough sophmore year: Hello anons I just wanted to throw this little story out here and hop…[View]
20336706Terrible things happened to me over the last two months and I blocked it all out and pretended I was…[View]
20339918Lawsuit with my ex: Hey guys, so, i just got into a lawsuit with my ex gf, i used 3 of her pictures …[View]
203398945'1',4'5'anon here, now with a tripcode so you fags can filter me if you want one anon in…[View]
20339885I have reached Nirvana. No More suicidal thoughts because now I hate myself so much that I don'…[View]
20339609Why. Why the hell am I even sad? I fucking hate when I get like this. There is no reason for me to g…[View]
20338526Would I be considered Asian?: I don't guys would I?..... Me in the pic![View]
20339753I think I've fallen in love, /adv/. I'm a 20 year old college student who hasn't had …[View]
20339310Should I ask out female friend from class we both attend? Recently we talk more to eachother, exchan…[View]
20339591I can't be bothered doing anything, and everyday without fail i feel like shite and start hatin…[View]
20339741Boredom/Wasted Time: In short, I have nothing productive to do. My life consists of going to school,…[View]
20339543One of those memories that randomly pops into my mind at 3am and make me want to bite the bullet …[View]
20337252Alternative girls.: Do anons actually like their personality or are they just attracted to the share…[View]
20335589Why do girls only want badboys?[View]
20339265>be me >bank debt over 7k >shitty job that doesn't pay nearly enough to keep on livin…[View]
20339663>be me >virgin university student >one short qt girl I like and think she might like me …[View]
20339724christmas present ideas: hello i am wondering what are some good gift ideas to get for a 20 somethin…[View]
20338737Hey guys whats wrong with my cat? he keeps doing this[View]
20338513Injured for over a year: I've been injured for over a year as a result of karate and I am still…[View]
20339671How do I stop being so insecure about interacting with women via snapchat and instagram? In the real…[View]
20339614I got in a huge fight with a friend because of our moral views and I want your opinion on it. Basica…[View]
20339617Handstand scary issues: Hey ive been doing handstand for awhile and im scared are they bad for My br…[View]
20339656I've been upset lately because I've been trying to overcome shoulder and knee injuries for…[View]
20339033Is a 19 year old too young for a 29 year old boomer?: I keep matching with young girls on Tinder, bu…[View]
20339379Why do drugs feel so much better than sex? Not even talking about hard drugs but something like cod…[View]
20339642Someone I know had their car hit by a firetruck. They had a camera on their porch that picked up the…[View]
20337954Obsessed with PUA and self improvement: I think I'm obsessed with pua and girls. I'm 27. L…[View]
20338841Is this normal?: Lately been fantasizing about getting some kind of a terminal disease where the doc…[View]
20339305Best way to find the courage into killing yourself? Tldr, fuck life and fuck life hard, but i can…[View]
20339597desires: i am not sure how to go about this. im so bad at seducing people, im so shy when it comes t…[View]
20339590Help me fix my life: To cut a long story short Start off a nice guy who always had time for his fami…[View]
20338722What good boots can I wear for winter and causally that look good in jeans? /fa/gs can’t help[View]
20339246Best/easiest way to kill someone ?: Hi, If I want to kill someone my gf that cheated on me. How I co…[View]
20339427Thank you for helping me adv, I think I've gotten rid of some of my weird fetishes and I'm…[View]
20339457Highschool: Im in the last week of the last year of school, and i'm stuck in math, i didn'…[View]
20339449Judge my accent?: Always told that my voice/accent is too low by parents and teachers. Do you agree?…[View]
20339362How do I improve my communication skills? Today I was talking with my friend and then her friend cam…[View]
20338668So there's a girl I sometimes see at foreign language conversation meetings that I've know…[View]
20339365How to be an adult?: 19 yr old Uni student here. Classes are decent enough but I have a crippling fe…[View]
20339119>live in Chicago >don't really have any passion >depressed and cowardly >don'…[View]
20339291I've been thinking about dropping out of college. I'm a CS major and this past semester ha…[View]
20339250What's the difference between being lovers and being bf and gf?[View]
20338909>electrician friend of family is in our home because we had some electricity problems >looks a…[View]
20339196How do I sign off an email to someone expressing my support/apologies for his close family member th…[View]
20338097How do I do this without spazing out?: Im usually never this awful when at least talking to girls bu…[View]
20338813how do you become a successful gaming youtube/twitch streamer?[View]
20339148Removing fake news: Hey /adv/, I want to shut down a few Facebook pages that are spreading fake news…[View]
203329518/10 girl with 4/10 personality or 4/10 girl with 8/10 personality?[View]
20339257I don't have a father so I cannot get relationship advice from a man. I'm seeking masculin…[View]
20339114Right wing: I'm unironically right wing. It has nothing to do with Pol memes, I was raised in a…[View]
20339221Mental Fitness: Broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years yesterday. It was the right call, but I absol…[View]
20339177Hey /adv/, I have reached the end of me trying to find a certain internet video. It may or may not b…[View]
20339211after school: just turned 18 and leaving sixth form soon. does anyone have any ideas about what to d…[View]
20338210am i having a heart attack: >19 f >woke up with 120bpm heartrate resting, heart pounding >d…[View]
20339021So it seems like /adv/ is the place for relationship or getting laid advice for younger Anons. I…[View]
20339187How can celebrity obsession be cured?[View]
20339095For my data science class I need to construct a policy memo that, “Highlights a social issue involvi…[View]
20339094What does one do with feelings? Maybe this is a retarded question to ask, but I was never taught wha…[View]
20336653how do I get/convince my fwb to swallow? Long story short, I have a milf fwb (i'm 29, she'…[View]
20338576How do I get good pics for tinder if tfw no friends. Shitty selfies are all I've used up to now…[View]
20339022>go to doctor >she's really nice >she touches my hand >as I leave she asks me if I…[View]
20339186Does She Like Me?: I'm a 19 yo khv. I'm in college and there's this shy girl who rece…[View]
20338656Treat a woman a like a person, but how does one treat a person: Give it to me straight folks How do …[View]
20339070Whats an easy way to fix my squat? For some reason my calves are really toned and buff but my foot c…[View]
20339035Just got a text from a random girl saying her name and that she was in my class last year and she wa…[View]
20339003What have I done?: Last Monday I gave into my fetish and has oral sex with another man behind my gir…[View]
20339087Think a girl is going to try to ask me out: I met a girl over the weekend and she added me to Facebo…[View]
20338316How do I groom my beard? I want to grow one out but it keeps itching, despite using beard oil, and i…[View]
20339010Can blemishes be removed from skin or is that not really possible yet?[View]
20335050No where else to go: Dear anons of /adv/ , I’m writing this because I’m on my last leg and begging f…[View]
20338994What is this kind of paper called and where can i buy it?[View]
20338508cut it off?: dated an incel (arguably) for 7 mo and ultimately became best friends and big parts of …[View]
20338987How do I prepare good tea and can you recommend some?[View]
20338845>be me >math class >study for weeks >fail the test like always >ask professor what I…[View]
20337648Hey /adv/ I keep getting this error for the past few days >Display driver nvlddmkm stopped respon…[View]
20338876Is it possible to get a gf if you've never had one and you're over 30 Basically I don…[View]
20336122ITT: ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Try to keep quest…[View]
20337820How does one go about being a bloomer? Ever since I started to improve myself I somehow ended up bei…[View]
20334686Im about to break two girls' hearts: >download dating app earlier this year >go on many d…[View]
20337909How tf do you get thru someone depressed if >they are a dude >they clam up and distance thems…[View]
20338815Does she have a bf/ how do i ask: college. we in same group. ive talked to her and his friend for a …[View]
20338877How to cope with being replaced?: My best friend has made this new friend this year, who is also my …[View]
20338675>first date with ultra sexed up tattoo’d liberal atheist hoe >don’t get laid try again or is …[View]
20338663I am 26 y/o dude from Europe. I think I might be suffering from some sort of panic attacks for a yea…[View]
20338803Nervous tick makes me look like a coke addict: I've been asked if I'm on something numerou…[View]
20338624True love: What is true love in the psych of a human? Not just love between a man and a woman but th…[View]
20338759My gf wants to get more into BDSM/ kink stuff. Neither of us are particularly experienced with this,…[View]
20338599Just got out of a long serious relationship, and I'm already in the cycle of downloading and de…[View]
20338721I can't fucking take it anymore, ive been working at McDonald's for 4 days and it is hell.…[View]
20338492Apolagizing to a Prostitute: I posted on here yesterday about how I am wracked with guilt and shame …[View]
20338713>a person from work invited me to his party last saturday night >lots of coworkers there >i…[View]
20338570This advice to all 4chan users. If you plan on accusing someone of stealing your things, do not publ…[View]
20337585Joining UK Military but I have no money atm: What do lads? Applied for a Pilot role with each branch…[View]
20338705Insecurity: I recently realized this plagues me and reduces my personality to that from part 3 JoJo …[View]
20338257passing out/becoming dizzy after weed: Hello anons, I smoke weed from time to time, and I fainted tw…[View]
20338667Military: As you know, this is still compulsive in Mother Russia. The thing is, if anything is forci…[View]
20338312When to have kids....: Gf is 29, I'm 32. She wants kids by the time she's 35. I plan on ap…[View]
20338085Need help finding a job: Hi, I'm 23 and I'm looking for a job and I don't really know…[View]
20338466Studying something I don't care about: I've recently seen Whiplash, and while it was one o…[View]
20338671LDR becoming dull prior to closing gap, what do to?: Hello everyone, the last weeks me and my LDR is…[View]
20338524What do you do when you're at the metro terminal and a guy comes on to you, and is flirty in an…[View]
20337816When it comes to unrequited love, is it better to be upfront and tell someone you're not intere…[View]
20335725/vidya/ addiction: So, since as a kid, I play a lot of /vidya/, and I wouldn't be complaining i…[View]
20338616Is it normal?: Need a little advice from you guys. I haven't been fapping for a couple weeks. T…[View]
20337309Father problems: My relationship with my Dad is really fucked up, and I have no idea how it could ev…[View]
20338598Looking for a 3D printing software that allows me to import Adobe PDF 3D images/models. I’m absolute…[View]
20338605How do I save a friendship?: >Be me, an idiot >Recently asked out a girl I had a crush on for …[View]
20338424I'm on prozac but I find no point in being alive anymore: I can't get a job or car license…[View]
20338254how do stop myself from hating people: Not to whine about my whole life but basically most of the ti…[View]
20338546Update 1: Hi 4chan, here's the previous thread >20306325 Thought you might be curious for up…[View]
20335971End of the Line: How do I turn my life around in 2019? >22 >khhv autistic incel freak >hikk…[View]
20338291>bf working at company in department >qualified for same area, he refers me for job, get inter…[View]
2033834420yo neet here. Met this boy my age years ago and talked to him everyday for years, but lately he ha…[View]
20338445first date kiss/sex: alright so i get lots of dates on tinder. but unless the girl makes the move. i…[View]
20338438Friend of mine for over fifteen years just revealed she is actually bisexual and has feelings for me…[View]
20336579Black with Genital herpes: Welp, I spent too much time on /pol/ and ended up losing my virginity to …[View]
20337887Breaking temptation: I'm in danger of cheating. I got close to setting up the conditions for it…[View]
20338393Parents want to know what I want for Christmas: What is something you guys couldn't live withou…[View]
20338156Might go to a Christmas party: It’s a function for young professionals and there are people in the n…[View]
20337292Just broke up with gf of 1.5yrs who sent very explicit messages to another dude. Feel like shit.[View]
20338163I keep listening to sad songs and it intensifies the sadness, but it’s addicting. Why is sadness add…[View]
20336939Did any of you guys get the chicken pox as an adult? If so, what were your remedies, I’m in agony. …[View]
20338353cognitive behavior therapy: any one have any good resources on cognitive behavior therapy? I had a b…[View]
20337429Desiring to move away and start life over?: Too many things have happened in the past in order to ge…[View]
20337489college vs high school: Hey, I'm curerntly repeating to get my HS diploma. Even though most are…[View]
20338083How to occupy my time?: I have an internship where I basically do nothing for 8 hours a day because …[View]
20337742I have a friend who is the fucking nicest, genuine guy on the planet. Sure he makes dumb jokes and c…[View]
20337036California State University: What are the best and worse cal state schools? Or does it not matter?…[View]
20335831Genetically inferior: What am I supposed to do if I am genetically inferior to everyone?[View]
20338241Could someone please talk me through this awful panic attack I’m having right now? I can hardly even…[View]
20337583What's the point of anything?: >We're just a bunch of highly-evolved primates living on…[View]
20338155How many matches do you guys get a tinder a day or week?: I'd say I get 1-3 a day. The most I…[View]
20338049Ugly girlfriend: Me: moderately attractive guy, 6/10 maybe . Good, steady job with easy hours and gr…[View]
20335784Tits complex: Hi. Can I attract men even with small tits ? I really think about that a lot. I stay i…[View]
20338128I slept with a girl that looked exactly like pic related and now I feel disgusted How do I get over …[View]
20336203What can I do with an old Xbox 360? I have one lying around and I want to get the most I can out of …[View]
20338129Anxiety: Hi /adv/, So lately I've been having really severe anxiety. I keep randomly worrying …[View]
20337896Investment: Can you rich and/or s art fucks help me with new company's to invest in[View]
20337594My friend That's a girl said pic related looks 13 and that I'm weird for saving the image …[View]
20338105What is it about frats that cause other people (both men and women) to give its members more respect…[View]
20338005Remote working: So, in January we have a meeting in my company to talk about how we are going to fac…[View]
20338057refinement: I'm a fairly quiet and 'refined' person. I enjoy non-fiction books, class…[View]
20338098I understand nothing, but I want to be free: So I screwed up and now I'm alone, and that's…[View]
20337262Actual autist who suffers from an albeit very high functioning form of autism here. How do I make my…[View]
20337914So I made a thread about 2 days ago about my oneitis that I had. Heres a refresh >she must have l…[View]
20338077Is this flirting, or something else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya-CrS3eKMM[View]
20334928>little brother doesn't want to go to his 10 year high school reunion next year >says th…[View]
20337612A life: Moved a few states away right after high school. Its been 5 years and I haven't made a …[View]
20338026Should I tell my friend I like her? I don't want to make things weird between us if she decline…[View]
20336700some ugly bitch made me fall in love with her. I'm not a complete incel, I have been with many …[View]
20337587what do I do if I cant get a single girl to even talk to me? in high school I used to date a couple …[View]
20337208I don't get it: How do you people do things; acting the way you do, as if you aren't consi…[View]
20337840Hey guys - I posted here a couple of days ago where my boyfriend called me fat. Well he's done …[View]
20337159I had a dream when I was 3 - 4 years old. The dream was of a black plastic human bust shoving its t…[View]
20337911Wiencrashfix#@7/b/vaH110p110: >chief find tiny planet >tiny planet have living things >lots…[View]
20337843So I met this girl I really like online and we both love each other. I was telling her other day we …[View]
20337803Receiving money anonymously.: So here's the story. I currently have some research work in a sup…[View]
20337772Louise Hay is full of shit: My therapist recommended I read 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. …[View]
20337845Celebrity crush: So i'm new to reddit , excuse me if i asked this question on the wrong subredd…[View]
20337882Help an anon out: So, /adv/, this is what's going on for me: I had this friend for a long time …[View]
20337793I have this really bad habit of pulling out my hair at my work. Just my job is very monotonous. I wo…[View]
20337834Help me understand the 4chan view on marriage?: Here here virgins, hear me out first. Lets consider …[View]
20336463I had a crush on a Mormon in high school and ever since I've had this huge Mormon fetish that I…[View]
20336152How to pass my numbers to a guy I liked >We work in the same building >Different floor >…[View]
20337828If you are high: when i people tell me they are high on whatever they are on, i usally respond with …[View]
20337563FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK: My best friend of four years just confessed her feelings for me. I'm …[View]
20337464started college months ago: i just recently started college and i have no idea how to make new frien…[View]
20337777Is there any job I can do that pays decent money if I’m terrible at math?[View]
20334629Ok /adv/ I made a thread weeks ago about my situation about a woman I met months ago turning out to …[View]
20336940Long story short my wife and I are getting a divorce and we are both mutual about it. We still live …[View]
20336740Suicidal: What would you guys advise my last words should be?[View]
20337104How is it transferring out of state as an undergraduate student? >cs major >about to finish se…[View]
20336720I work 12 hour days. I want to work on my writing, but am too exhausted after work to do much beside…[View]
20337330I have to finish my short story for my English final, but I'm going through a serious burnout r…[View]
20337452Am I actually intelligent?: At middle school I was a pretty average student, never really took schoo…[View]
20337396hey bros. i'm 18 years old, i graduated high school like a year ago, and i've done fuck al…[View]
20337596Sex tips: So my penis isn't the largest clocking in at 5 inches but my girl likes the girth of …[View]
20337717My dog has fear aggression: She becomes aggressive whenever she comes across something strange(EX.st…[View]
20334662i was romantically involved with a girl with daddy issues and i dissappeared for a week because i wa…[View]
20337570Should I give up on my friend? How?: In my friend group, one guy is such a fucking pussy it frustrat…[View]
20336970How do I know when I should consult a doctor about my anxiety? I have been having it for a while and…[View]
20337310It hurts knowing all the people I care about and adore will never care about me. They don't lik…[View]
20337578Weight ??: I saw this weight chart a while ago on youtube, and I'm curious to see what is consi…[View]
2033671621 year old chick how i get better at skateboard pleathe and thank you any tips welcome[View]
20337308Apathy: I lost any kind of motivation and the only thing I can do is to loss into myself. Is there a…[View]
20336604What would a computer nerd want as a gift?: Sorry if this doesn't fit in with the board. I…[View]
20337246Got a doctor's appointment in 10 days but my low back and shoulders are hurting. I've been…[View]
20336918How do I become a faster thinker? I mull over shit forever.[View]
20337543How long do you have to be a virgin to become a wizard anons?: Will it start when your hair goes gre…[View]
20335631How the fuck do I dance? My friends can pull off crazy shit but when I try it i just look retarded. …[View]
20337386Surly there's something wrong about. Yesterday, I think, it was early in the morning and I deci…[View]
20337503i want to become furniture, clothing, or food or something like that who do i talk to and where[View]
20335464is it weird/clingy to text someone a day or two after you met up in person? also in particular would…[View]
20337377Any anons care to give advice on online dating?: Got tired of being a khv at 20. I've been told…[View]
20337518Hi i need a new car: Im on a budget of $45,000 AUD and i need a car that can suit my needs, it needs…[View]
20337312ghosted?: is it a bad idea to text this guy that ghosted me a couple of weeks ago? i was thinking ab…[View]
20336031Can men genuinely experience love?: Serious question. All men can disregard their own pride and ever…[View]
20334494High school GF of 5 years done: Broke up with girl I've been with since HS. Going on 5 years (I…[View]
20335424I have a REALLY small house. Privacy is zero. I share with my brother a bedroom with like, 3, 4 mete…[View]
20337323Am I being a cunt?: Basically I'm house sharing with a bunch of manchildren. I liked them befor…[View]
20336023have dentist tomorrow for cavitie filling. freaking out right now[View]
20337174Ye Olde Girl Troubles: So this girl I have had a crush on for a year is still in a relationship. I h…[View]
20337404What’s sexier in a man? https://www.strawpoll.me/17016189 Imagine the two men have the same face str…[View]
20337151How do I add my charisma points?[View]
20337093I have been fucking with this girl for two months once a week, all of the sudden she stops texting m…[View]
20335595I don't know what I was thinking but I put my dog on my parents oak dining table and it scratch…[View]
20337187How to get rid of my phone addiction This one is a little more complicated than it sounds. Let me e…[View]
20335607How do you deal with false accusations and people misreading your intentions?[View]
20335496I think I’m going to kill myself here soon. Yeah I want to kill myself here in this closet while my …[View]
20336688I cant feel love anymore i dont like anybody other than family what do anons my life is going into a…[View]
20335790>lose weight they said >you'll feel better they said I've lost over 150lbs and count…[View]
20337175daily reminder that only fat people can be ugly lose weight and youll get a gf[View]
20336366The more I do for others the worse my life becomes. I'm always rewarded by feeling used and un…[View]
20336413Getting a degree in programming?: So I'm going to flunk pharmacy school for various reasons and…[View]
20337148Need help bro-anon(i have shitty taste in wahmen): >be me >21 year old schizo affective fuck w…[View]
20337045How do I forget about this girl back at home?: Ok, this is going to sound stupid but I need to get t…[View]
20335072Taking cocaine while depressed: I’m wondering does cocaine have a big effect on depression, as in if…[View]
20335905How do I get the girl?: So i have a class with this girl she never talks to me but doesnt ignore me …[View]
20337100YOUTUBE IS TRYING TO MAKE ME A NORMIE: Anyone have youtube just suddenly fuck them over. I have all …[View]
20336780Trouble with girls in college: I'm a college freshman having trouble with girls. Most girls see…[View]
20336557Tommorow i want to wake up, drink water, eat food, and go for a walk. I do not want to pop smoke in…[View]
20335663Feel dumb for not reading books: I know that's a stupid way of thinking, and that you can alway…[View]
20337147I think my dick is dead: Look boys and girls willing to help. I'm 18 and i was a virgin until l…[View]
20328224>peepee size: >be me >have a small penis >really insecure about it >how to increas…[View]
20336150I don’t want to and he can’t make me: OSHA came to my job and now I’m being told to shave my beard b…[View]
20332512>26yo virgin >go to anime con >Harley Quinn cosplayer invites me to an orgy >turn her do…[View]
20335945>be me >get hired in another country >company has a lot of people new to the country >be…[View]
20336952I've reach 95% my goals in 2018 and now I'm very content in life and don't know what …[View]
20335897Does anyone have any advice on getting over a pornography addiction? The longest I've been able…[View]
20337018Building a Computer: Christmas is coming up and my son has been stuck with a craptop macbook for the…[View]
20336642Are some people just not meant to make connections strong enough to form relationships with others? …[View]
20336827ok so would it be weird to go from the majority of time messaging someone on snapchat to texting the…[View]
20336977How to leave home: I think I’m stuck in my abusive home. My parents have sexually, physically, emoti…[View]
20336657choice of two laptops: I have to choose between a lenovo X1, and a T580. The T580 is 390 less but mo…[View]
20336946Focus: How does one get better at focusing on things? Shit, /adv/, for a good time of my life I was …[View]
20336011Feelsbadman. I need chans help . Done all the normfag things I can think of . Calling hospitals chec…[View]
20336794So I, a college aged Male, went on a date with a girl today. I had a ton of fun and thought it went …[View]
20336882gay sex: I'm a bisexual male who has only been wih girls. I'm currently single and want to…[View]
20336773>23 years old >have associates in software development >started being evaluated at help de…[View]
20335290Why is it so easy to win arguments here? Are normalfaggots really this stupid?[View]
20336643I can't hold a job for shit. The only jobs I've ever somewhat enjoyed was delivering pizza…[View]
20335863Christmas Gifts: What is a good gift for my mother for Christmas this year? I honestly have the most…[View]
20335075How common is it for parents to kick their young adult children out of the house? It's perfectl…[View]
20336646Pleasure Zeppelins: My fiancé swears breast are also known as pleasure zeppelins, sort of like a mal…[View]
20336723My gf won’t look at my dick What do?[View]
20336518Legal help. Hey, so I am a veteran. I got red flagged a few months ago and served with a warrant to …[View]
20336092My girlfriend slapped me really hard and her long nails cut my face. Now I have a bunch of long gash…[View]
20336025Pressing the reset button to my life: I want to do a full 360 to my life im way too depressed and hu…[View]
20336143NEET INCEL WEEABOO: I am now a NEET. I finished grad school a few days ago and now I have my master…[View]
20336583Ok, so this guy in the UK tried to pay a parking fine off by challenging the DMV to trail by combat.…[View]
20336131Do I have a low sex drive?: I'm a 20 yo male with a gf. I lost my virginity to her and we'…[View]
20335813Any tips on how to turn myself into a cute boy? Not gay btw[View]
20336306Hey adv/ How common is it for people not to reply to messages? I get a feeling people just do that n…[View]
20336538Autistic at concert?: Last week an artist i'm a big fan of came to my city, I've been wish…[View]
20336328Any pills i can buy without a perscription i can easily OD and die on?[View]
20336494If you saw an attractive girl with a man who seems sort of nerdy or whatever, would you assume she i…[View]
20336359What is the difference between goodnight and goodbye? When is it appropriate to use one but not the …[View]
20336450Is my life a lie ??: >be me >At grandmas house.jpg >Hey anon wanna hear family history ? …[View]
20336324Help, my Facebook account was hacked or blocked and I don't know why, please send help[View]
20335266Certificates: Hello /adv/ I'm a super autistic guy that can't follow directions well, can…[View]
20336097>be me 3 years ago >have gf >quite horny, have sex 3-6 times a week >only have sex in th…[View]
20335903>Boyfriend cheated on me again >This is the third time, first two were with random girls at cl…[View]
20335989Why should I persist when everyone I know is either just accepting of their fate or straight up mise…[View]
20334979I need a job. I'm a college graduate and a highschool valdictorian, and I get turned away from …[View]
20336339Storytime/Help: >Be me a month ago >The admins of my class decide to do the secret santa dynam…[View]
20336285There's this girl who introduced herself to me a month ago. We have had very few conversations …[View]
20336273My life: 12th grade. I don’t know what to do about my gf we have been having issues for so long and …[View]
20331425If women aren't a monolithic entity, then why are so few of them attracted to short men? They a…[View]
20336309Work Advice: Currently 16 and living in a crappy apartment in AZ, US. Any advice for making money?…[View]
20335915I see myself turning into an alcoholic as I seem to like to drink alone at nights and tend to prefer…[View]
20336245Depressed girlfriend: I think my gf is depressed (she had it before, has somewhat recovered, but rel…[View]
20336026I am trying to stop masturbating because it takes too much of my time and also because I'm tryi…[View]
20336224I want to jump off the 20th floor. But recently I've read that jumping has a pretty low success…[View]
20335716Insecurity issues?: Here is the deal. Some years ago I had a very hard breakup. One year later I wa…[View]
20335355Help: I feel like my life is pointless. I have lost any motivation I may have once had. I understand…[View]
20336161I've never downloaded tinder before because I live in a city where everyone knows each other. I…[View]
20334850Sisters boyfriend hit her: And she claims its her fault. She valuable to me, but maybe not a night i…[View]
20334203How do I move on after finding out I was the side girl all along? >nerdy ex from last year hits m…[View]
20335155Where do I find a gf? Tinder was my only chance to find something and that failed.[View]
20336222Feeling too old: I'm gonna finish uni next year but I am feeling too old, I was 24 when I star…[View]
20335600How can I get in touch with someone on facebook/ instagram? >about 4 years ago start fucking this…[View]
20334860The L Word: What do you do/say when your significant other of less than 2 months utters the L word a…[View]
20336148Does full time work help you get away from your thoughts? I am harbouring so much hate for the world…[View]
20336065So I met a girl. We went out a couple times, we basically developed a friendship. A close one. And t…[View]
20335959Fetish: I have three fetishes (omorashi,fart,and pants shitting). I have ways of fulfilling two of t…[View]
20335683Lately Iv’e been feeling like absolute shit and completely worthless. I feel like my friends don’t a…[View]
20336019Fuck it: My inability to adapt is the source of my woes. I freely admit my fault. I'm still pis…[View]
20334447As a femanon, how can I know if someone is looking at me as they find me attractive? I have autism s…[View]
20334693Going through a breakup right now. It's a 2400 square feet home, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. She will be…[View]
20335279How do you stop failing at life?: > be 35 years old > still living at home > never had a gf…[View]
20334237Ok I basically was insane up until I started using meds: I still feel anxious and depressed though b…[View]
20335985alright /adv/, i'm looking for a job at a pizzeria. i used to be an accountant, but i quit a fe…[View]
20335938How does one turn down a girl's advances without being a prick (inb4 'just don't be a pric…[View]
20335718Women Boot sizes: Howdy yall, Im worried I fugged up. I went to Texas for Vacation 3 weeks ago and w…[View]
20333631Am I doomed to burn for eternity? Stole twice or more when I was a child from some mall and a friend…[View]
20335751Fuck this /adv/. I've been dating what seemed to be the perfect girl for about a month. It…[View]
20335729strange fetishes: It started out as an orgasm denial fetish. Now it's come to include fgm, and …[View]
20335758Friends: How do you know if you're friends with someone? How do you make friends?[View]
20335745Bro my fucking social studies teacher is making me redo a project but I also had to finish my scienc…[View]
20335802Ive been dating this girl for 3 years now but even after times telling her that she needs to stop be…[View]
20334825Pot, alcohol, tobbaco, razor Which one is worst and which one is best coping mechanism? And why?[View]
20335116Hey /adv/ it's kinda offtopic, but I would like to attach great importance to aesthetics(!) - s…[View]
20335667Hey guys like im pretty damn stoned but imma try to make sense. So like I found this cute hot or not…[View]
20335710Health code violation: Alright I don't know how to go about this or what to do. I went to a Str…[View]
20335781/adv/ i was on a bar yesterday and milf approached me, telling me that she likes my hair and that i …[View]
20335763>be me >femanon >basically into sub/cute boys >only one problem >95% I spot a good pr…[View]
20332860ITT: ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Try to keep quest…[View]
20335659Emotional Manipulation: How does one get over someone who has hurt you emotionally?[View]
20335418Matched with cute girl on tinder that turned out to be a transgender Wat do Pic related[View]
20335682>32yo marketing exec (digital strategy) >Into cuckolding. >Just went on a few dates with p…[View]
20333731Name My Dog 2: Sup fuckers it’s ya boi Garry Oak here asking 4chsn once again to name my dog because…[View]
20335757Having a hard time thinking up Christmas present ideas for the girlfriend this year. What is /adv/ g…[View]
20334343Im lasting less than a minute in bed. Any tips/help?[View]
20335693Sent final thoughts in long text meesage: A couple nights ago, I started thread asking for ways to g…[View]
20335748I have my etech exams in less than 2 months. I have to learn network analysis, C, Physics, Signal Pr…[View]
20335697Okay, anons. Serious question. What do you think about going out with a girl that did a threesome in…[View]
20334724Do I sound intimidating?: This isn't meant to be a subtle brag, but many of my older friends se…[View]
20335652Open wound in swimming pool. How fucked am I/other people: I was forced to go to a swimming pool by …[View]
20333358Hey /adv/.. I'll tell you a little about me. I am an Asian. But I am a tanned/dark Asian. I am …[View]
20334884I like a girl that has a boyfriend: I know I am a douche by doing this, but what can I say, I like h…[View]
20333931>be me >24yo >virgin i found a cute escort, should i pull the trigger and be done with it? …[View]
20335476Alternative sources of good feels: Okay, instead of yet another thread about 'tfw no gf', how about …[View]
20335669Period experiment: I'm tracking a girl I just met and slept with's period as a sort of exp…[View]
20335560How do I stop antagonizing people?: Every time I talk with someone my opinions irritate them, and th…[View]
20335651Need some advice my nibbas. So I have a gf who has some mental issues that stem from abuse. She stil…[View]
20335379Girl / drugs / friends: I’m doing shrooms with a few friends in a couple weeks, one of the friends i…[View]
20334903Need help gauging her interest level >spot girl that works at a gym I go to >strike up convers…[View]
20334515I need my boyfriend more than he needs me. It's the first time i'm in this type of situati…[View]
20333043I don't know what I'm looking for here. I don't know what I'm asking. I don…[View]
203355446 years ago a gf I had in college asked me to be rough with her and I started crying because it made…[View]
20334652Why am I not losing any weight? I: >do moderate cardio every day for 30 minutes (tennis) >cycl…[View]
20333648prescription forgery: Hey, around November of 2017, I got caught forging a prescription for 50 table…[View]
20335527Did I meet some strange fucking pedophile or: This started last year when I was 17. I used to play a…[View]
20335453What would you do?: I'm going to condense the situation, it is slightly long but any advice is …[View]
20335514It sometimes do be like that: About 5 months ago: >life is great >just finished IB >wealthy…[View]
20335124How to acquire drive?: Early twenties, I just dont have any kind of ambition or want and it eats awa…[View]
2033541910,000 hours to master a skill: 8 hours per day for 365 days will give you 2920, so you would need 3…[View]
20334482CCTV of unknown men in home.: I captured these three motion activated pictures of 3 men inside my ap…[View]
20334763I need two pairs of shoes for 10+ hour shifts on concrete. Currently looking at ultraboost and nike …[View]
20333764I'm a loud, obnoxious person. I try to do my best to rein it in but when you're as easily …[View]
20335479Finishing high school, don't know what I wanna do. I'm training and studying for law enfor…[View]
20331105I need advice: I'm going crazy here, I just need a second opinion. - My gf of almost 4 years ha…[View]
20335451Trying to be as concise as possible: I met this girl online, and because we have mutual connections …[View]
20335386Virgins: We all know the hallowed rumors and whispers. The older you get the harder they are to find…[View]
20334141Artist block/attention seeking: >Wanna make music >Open a DAW, can't do shit, feel frustr…[View]
20332889Issues with girlfriend making me paranoid?: Hey, so I've been having some issues with my girlfr…[View]
20335238What do i do: He guys I'm in a bit of a predicament here and would like some advice. Its about …[View]
20333930I'm starting to lose hope in the existence of nice girls out there. All I see are bimbos who on…[View]
20335348rejection: so I've met a lovely funny girl on the internet and i had the courage to confess to …[View]
20335417Why is it that some people just lead shitty, tortured lives? I've never had any close friends o…[View]
20335031Please anons: Had a hard panic attack and went to the hospital. They did CT, blood work and EKG. The…[View]
20333602Date /adv/ise: Hey /adv/, I need help >be me >match with this 8/10 qt on bumble >we hit it…[View]
20335409ic: No idea who I am. Don't even know my favorite color anymore. Can't stand what others c…[View]
20335337How do I get over with stress? 9 months ago I had a really stressed 2 weeks.I was feeling nauseous a…[View]
20335103I know 4chan isnt a good place to get advice But im crying in my bed and i just dont know what to d…[View]
20335212My flatmate has a new gf. They spend lots of nights together, having sex. I feel so jealous of him -…[View]
20335230Hating women is starting to affect my life. I can't be bothered even trying to interact with th…[View]
20335278She left me yesterday, she’s all I really had left. I miss her so fucking much but she’s not coming …[View]
20334858Always feeling dirty: I always feel dirty, not mentally but psychically. Even right after I step out…[View]
20332944>need experience to get job >need job to get experience what do?…[View]
20335303What does it mean when a girl winks at you?[View]
20334688What is 'douchey' or 'bro-y' actually mean?: I hear this shit all the time. People will be like 'tha…[View]
20334402I was out drinking with some friends and my gf, I caught her standing alone talking to some guy and …[View]
20333611Clearly, there isn't a solution here, Maybe I need to vent. Some background >brother stabbed…[View]
20334806What is this? Should I be concerned?: Okay /adv/ I need your help >be me about 2 months ago > …[View]
20335118I need help anons, I need to stop: >be me >fail No Nut November on the first day >fuck >…[View]
20334786How do I cope with not being able to fuck a woman I crave? I just think about her being fucked by ot…[View]
20335180I need help anon: Hi anon i have a big problem with trust issues from the past and lack alot of conf…[View]
20335204Anon is growing up: >be me >6 years old >bullied but doesn't give a fuck >happy abo…[View]
20333800Sex life with gf dying: Guys, what am I supposed to do? A little context: >we've been togeth…[View]
20332807Why is dating such a complicated thing? I honestly don't feel like I'll ever be ready to g…[View]
20331277Just won 60k, I never had that much, what do I do with it, I don't want to waste it[View]
20335008I don't know what to do >be me >19 y/o male >Confess feelings to girl I've know …[View]
20332760I just pissed the bed for the first time since leaving toilet training: Facts of note >24 yo >…[View]
20334839Why do 'nerdy' weeb guys tend to be extremely impure and unfaithful the moment any girl talks to him…[View]
20334922Warning: high spectrum post. How do I figure out how literally people take their religions now as we…[View]
20334172How do I track down a pedophile, where do I look and what methods do I use (pic very related)[View]
20333198PLS HOW DO I MAKE GOOD CLOSE FRIENDS, I just moved out of home, into a new state, on the outskirts o…[View]
20334701Alright /adv/ I'm going to try to make this as concise as possible >Friend got with girl I w…[View]
20334923>gf comes over >take her to get some food >mall food court because I'm fucking retarde…[View]
20335061i have this 2 problems going on from years. if i get along with someone i just knew (maybe i have to…[View]
20334056Hi /adv Il in an engineer school and I feel quite Bad here. I don't have any friend, i do nothi…[View]
20334872>got emotionally invested in a relationship again[View]
20334671>fell down >painful landing on my side >go to hospital and they run xrays, but dont know wh…[View]
20334069RETARD ALERT: How to fix relationship? Female friend cut contact with me. Thought that everything wi…[View]
20334643A 9/10 girl from my Calc class asked me to do a project for her and shes offered to pay me. I guess …[View]
20334299Is there any hope for people at my age to turn their life around into something good and great? I am…[View]
20334960Hello Anons, Been talking with someone for a while now and we like each other, the thing is that we’…[View]
20333938how do you get a 10' dick? I wanna be a stripper, who does funny dances and helicopter tricks with h…[View]
20334410>balding >overweight >about 10 years older than the girl I am interested in I am absolutely…[View]
20325920how do i initiate a kiss on the first date?[View]
20334184Minor buying alcohol: I want to buy myself some vodka but I am not 21. My current plan is to just ha…[View]
20334394Hey guys so a few weeks ago I asked out a ladyboy while she was at work. I got her number and went w…[View]
20334840DO I DM GIRL: ok girl in class cute af right i followed her she followed me back do i dm or no fcuk…[View]
20333696I want to have kids and a woman in my life but I just can't stand women and have too many probl…[View]
20334521Woke up with the weird feeling that I had to text my ex. She left 4 years ago and I met my gf who I …[View]
20334841Idk: >be me >eat 3 burritos at local Taco Bell >have to take a shit >run into a gas st…[View]
20333941How do I get hair like this. I have shitty curly hair that doesn’t like to hang even if I grow it lo…[View]
20332213How can I make $30 online quickly?[View]
20334759So I have a job that makes me 8.50 an hour plus tips and I get free food, but I just got an offer to…[View]
20332772There's a girl that likes me, and she is amazing in every sense for me. But it seems she's…[View]
20334329How long does it take to become physically dependent on alcohol? Would it be okay to drink five or s…[View]
20334592Thoughts? https://youtu.be/daHMXtPzCsc[View]
20333828Family and relatives are a bunch of asshole.: My family are responsible and okay to be around, but I…[View]
20334690What to do..: So... I need help finding a GOOD job. I have mediocre work experience from dead end j…[View]
20334239>drinking at a club last night >decide to steal some weird looking girl's bank card becau…[View]
20334392Fuck any girl i can or fall in love as quickly as possible ? How do you decide what to do in life ?[View]
20333064Thinning hair: A few years ago, I noticed that my hair starting to thin out and now its worse. Any a…[View]
20334048Boyfriend thinks I'm out of his league: My bf thinks I'm out of his league both money and …[View]
20332673Need help knowing this feeling: Have you guys ever felt a lack of feelings for someone or regrets fo…[View]
20334585Is it normal to start dating someone you don't actually very much care about in an attempt to f…[View]
20334183Night shift at work: I'll be working the 10PM-7AM shift in my job this week. Do you guys have a…[View]
20333804>be me >find this girl >2 weeks in >she invites me over to her place >soundsgood.jpeg…[View]
20334570Can I diagonise myself with depression or does that make me a cunt?: I’ve looked around on the inter…[View]
20334561Is it really that bad to ask someone out via text? Seems kind of like the new boomer tier firm hand…[View]
20334084>get /fit/ /fa/ /lit/ to get gf >start having amazing life >goals, studies, car (but no lic…[View]
20334285Is it worth it to go to college for materials science? Is there any good possibility of becoming a m…[View]
20334558>Best friend started dating crush I don't even think its fully hit me yet. How do I cope wit…[View]
20334333Should i have sex with her without a condom?: Hi anons, don't know if this question is '…[View]
20334036Feeling nothing during sex: So I lost my virginity last night with a girl I like quite a lot. The th…[View]
20333329i have no personality: I have like, no hobbies, no personality, and no soul, im just a jumble of oth…[View]
20332413Am I fucked: >be me, yesterday >18 >just started at a small private Christian school >du…[View]
20334511My best friend tried killing herself by OD on sleeping pills. Fuck me /adv/ I should have been there…[View]
20334344how do I stop being cringey? people seem to 'cringe' at my viewpoints or my behavior, I'm not …[View]
20330299GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: There's no point in trying for the second time. I already know t…[View]
20334365Advice: I just found a dead rat. My cat wants it as a toy. What should i do?[View]
20334292Mind helping a newfag out?: Ok, I need someone to teach me the ins and outs of 4chan, answer questio…[View]
20330845Why shouldn't I become an hero?[View]
20334324life in general: when you finished high school, will the process of making friends easier ? i got ti…[View]
20334106Statistically speaking, what are the actual odds of pregnancy without penetration? Specially with a …[View]
20334307Hey there /adv/ I need some advice being more attractive to women! So yeah: >Be me >Be 30 >…[View]
20333848I have to choose between doing masters in a place where I can save money and publish easily with tec…[View]
20334139>be me >haven't had gf in a while >no trouble getting hard, sexually very functional …[View]
20333755Need help finding a job.: Hi, I'm 23 and I'm looking for a job and I don't really kno…[View]
20334087I want to talk to people about anxiety: Hello all I have a lot of general anxiety because of being i…[View]
20334057Hey, what are the basic social needs for humans? I'm wondering if my behaviour is as abnormal o…[View]
20334122Panic at the thought of socializing: Should I be worried my boyfriend does everything to avoid and r…[View]
20334160Is it gay to get a crush on another guy in an online chatroom? I've never seen a picture of the…[View]
20332885Panic Disorder: >i was on an SSRI for panic disorder for a year thought i was better so i went of…[View]
20334144Shoe Care: Just bought an expensive pair of Chelsea boots and I'm trying to figure out how to b…[View]
20333940Hi, which non-prescription drugs can I buy to commit suicide? I've tried looking up on Google b…[View]
20334115local anon is fucking sad: >Be me >Virgin >Had sex nearly when I was 18 but I jerked off to…[View]
20334045I can't stop burping. Need advice: So on to the point here, for some odd reason I can't se…[View]
20328478Caught girlfriend using tinder: I got a screenshot sent to me by a friend of my gf on tinder. I dump…[View]
20332264I can't feel accomplished: I can't seem to feel accomplished no matter what I do and can…[View]
20333988Anon needs to learn how to cope: My gf is leaving me for my best friend and we've been together…[View]
20334032Webm Gallery: What sites are available for posting webms? I want to post my collection online somewh…[View]
20334029my advise for the day[View]
20333997Messing up anxiety..: I started boxing at sixteen i did it for a year then i quit there were some da…[View]
20332702I don't know what happened. I used to be extraverted, until I met this girl. She was the shy ty…[View]
20332350Hobbies?: Give me a new hobby, /adv/ I want to try doing something for fun only. I tend to always en…[View]
20333720What do you do with a girl who's a tease? I have this good friend, and I think the world of her…[View]
20333907Soon I'll be dating a virgin. I'm experienced myself but I'm not sure how to go about…[View]
20332909Family probs: Hey everyone... I come to.you in a desperate need of help. My gf's parents broke …[View]
20333180How to meet girls?: > almost 28 year old > virgin > pretty decent looking guy Do you just g…[View]
20333827Am I a beta beyond redemption If girls find me ''cute'' and pinch my cheeks? If …[View]
20333521So basically I discovered that the degree I obtained in college is not for me. I want to get into ga…[View]
20333173Codependency I'm codependent and recently got dumped. I hate being alone but I'm pretty s…[View]
2033278919yr old virgin, looking to try and score maybe with a friend at a party she invited me to, she…[View]
20333641I need advise on my sex game. What can i do to my girl to make her go crazy? We just have regular se…[View]
20331127Is my boyfriend a psychopathic NPC?: My boyfriend can't respect me and doesn't show any em…[View]
20332945How can I store my adderall so it’s hard to get, but not impossible to get? Reason is I think im ab…[View]
20332510Hey /adv/ I need your help. TLDR: I am debating reaching out to an old flame after 3 years of no co…[View]
20332340How do I keep a hardcover book in as best of condition as I can, while still having it readable?[View]
20333805how do seks: So theres this girl i kinda like and want to do the dirty with her hower, because of my…[View]
20333797Chad wanabe fucked up So long story short I was an incel, by that I mean I identified as one, but gi…[View]
20333757About 4 years ago my fiancee cheated on me and aborted the baby we were having so she could be with …[View]
20333790Spent years away from family doing work and decided to transfer to a small town to be near my brothe…[View]
20331853>be me >24, virgin >always liked girls >insecure af >started fapping to cuteboys >…[View]
20333745Lost at 23: Short version >never made it into uni >worked odd jobs >fled country and travel…[View]
20328134How do i find encouragement and motivation to improve myself? I've made some steps in 'fix…[View]
20333721>be me >studying cs in college >get shit grades in other classes How do I get the motivatio…[View]
20333342Where can you find escorts online now? Do you have to call a service to get an escort now?[View]
20332682There's these two reddish marks on the head of my penis and I don't know how they got ther…[View]
20332794What does the logistics flow guy at Target do? I just got hired to be one and I accepted.[View]
20333634Why does she take ages to respond to texts?: >Be me >Have a good friend >Spend a lot of tim…[View]
20332159I have nothing but free time, yet I cannot motivate myself into doing anything productive with it. S…[View]
20332069How do I make new friends?: This is pathetic right but I have no irl friends. Up until last year I h…[View]
20332663Programs to make an RPG: What are some solid programs to make an RPG video game? I have rpg maker an…[View]
20332395Ascending from KHHV but am having doubts about a girl.: So I'm a 22 y.o. male and had never had…[View]
20333509Crippling Shame After Sex with Prostitute: I've been single for about a year. Last night I went…[View]
20333576I don't really know what to do.: So there's a girl in my major and I've had a thing f…[View]
20332878what is the difference between being socially inept and having aspergers? do socially awkward people…[View]
20332709niggers: how do stop all niggers fellow anons ,john wick needs your help to send the niggers to wher…[View]
20331797Is there such a thing as girls wanting to be femboys? I'm genderfluid but I have a pussy but I …[View]
20333613I really want some help guys. My friend would always talk to me almost everyday, it was nice to talk…[View]
20332152What kind of engagement ring should I buy my gf? Post pics for examples.[View]
20331831Does she like me?: How can I tell if a girl likes me at work? I am also a girl, she is pansexual and…[View]
20333318Angry Roomate: >be me >M19 jobless college cuck pic unrelated >live with 3 aboriginal stude…[View]
20333365What should I do now ?: I just found out by accident that I'm not daddy biological daughter and…[View]
20333587>be outta town for my doctor's apointment. Go there every month. Come back the same day >…[View]
20333269Web developement: Hey. I'm learning how to build websites on code academy and was thinking ahea…[View]
20333571Is there a way to make your ears smaller? I don't mean pinback but my ears are huge in general[View]
20333456Politics in a relationship: Would a relationship between a conservative woman and liberal man work? …[View]
20333529Whenever I go out I get really drunk, and my gf hates it. My girlfriend hates seeing me drink. Since…[View]
20333309>live in shitty small town >all i want is to go to the big city >traveling there is easy as…[View]
20332979I'm a 24-year-old femanon. I met this guy at a sports group and he seemd interested in me. I th…[View]
20333530I think this is the right place to ask. Received this 2 days ago, what can I do? The password they h…[View]
20333224I tried to be Superman and almost ended my relationship because of it >been with girlfriend 6 mon…[View]
20333442I just sent a u up text to a fling I met again recently: So I knew this girl junior year and I sent …[View]
20333416How to not be boring over text? So for context this applies for both say People I meet on tinder and…[View]
20333131Am I an alcoholic: I was at a point where I was drinking 7 days a week. It would usually be 1 bottle…[View]
20333300>Lady friend and I have this 'thing' >Regular cuddling, sleeping in the same bed, ect >Even…[View]
20333350I want to take the next semester off this spring. Are there any decent programs to take a decent gap…[View]
20333242Would it be a good idea to prepare for the apocalypse should it come anytime?[View]
20333373Dating the town bike: I think my brother is trying to date the girl who he cheated on his last gf wi…[View]
20331655I'm female and I hate women, but I know I shouldn't they complain all the time, waste mone…[View]
20333420No Will To Live: I haven't seen a reason to live or exist or do anything for a long time and I …[View]
20333411Fish fines: A story about fish that are lawyers and defend clients the shows entirely stop motion I’…[View]
20333317Damnit this dude who works in the next store at work keeps messing with me. We banter for sure becau…[View]
20333153My job has me working unholy hours and overtime, I'm getting not hard and my cries for help and…[View]
20331993Explain autism to me Maybe I'm not autistic?[View]
20333311I love hugging people. But I have a question. In what position should my arms be to hug most efficie…[View]
20333050Help: Got a plasma tv from a while ago, im using a vga to display port adapter, the tv is 1080p but …[View]
20333108>be 27 >break up with GF >go to bar to drink to forget >meet girl and start talking to h…[View]
20333197Me and my gf had an argument almost a week ago, she kept talking about breaking up, then changed her…[View]
20332990Fuck Steve Jobs: As you can tell by the title, I need some Mac help. It's midnight where I live…[View]
20332919Is it OK for me to flirt with my coworker when she has a boyfriend?: Her and I have both said in no …[View]
20331636I cheated on my girlfriend and I feel so regretful about it. I'm a fucking idiot. I cheated and…[View]
20333225>met this girl in college, I think she did like me >she use to touch me, like say put her hand…[View]
20331906confusing woman: You guys usually give pretty great and honest advice so here goes Met a girl at a d…[View]
20333214Can I unblock my iPhone 8 that’s been blocked by t mobile or is that not recommended[View]
20332783Military?: >Be 25 >Work at some factory job >Paycheck to paycheck right now >In debt so …[View]
20333020Ah, here comes another 'muh feelings for this girl' thread but I really would like some help. This …[View]
20333172How do I get over with stress? 9 months ago I had a really stressed 2 weeks.I was feeling nauseous a…[View]
20329946I'm twenty one years old and I think I should kill myself. >very ugly; severe acne and abuse…[View]
20333160Where do I go to give a very long review of a job I quit? I looked up reviews for this job and they …[View]
20332735Guys, how do I un-love someone? Its always the same. I lover her bros but its killing me. Shes showi…[View]
20333010so one of the girl that i dated last time she has really good parents-child relationship. and her da…[View]
20333080tfw you know it wont work out with your gf[View]
20332952There's a tsundere type girl who displays some interest but also doesn't respect me, and I…[View]
20333008So does everyone here know the real me or this is completely random[View]
20333035Need help with this.: I want to rid of my friends, since their very annoying to me. They always pest…[View]
20332277Talking to girls: Whenever I text a girl I'm interested in I always get extremely anxious. I bl…[View]
20332867How do I get over the fact that I am the ugly friend? All my friends are good looking and have no pr…[View]
20332698I have an interesting reflex where if I have convinced myself to perform a particular action, if ano…[View]
20332949Simple question but I still need an answer: How do I get out of my bed? I always had sleeping probl…[View]
20331043Anon, I have a bit of a situation over here. I'm legally disabled, I live in Russia, I can…[View]
20332903>TL,DR; Help me, I think I'm becoming a pedo So basically, I've been hanging out on /b/…[View]
20332817Ok guys tell me if Im losing my mind Its another thread about some anons stupid relationship. Whatev…[View]
20332542Some people give me a 'scared' look when I talk with them. Or they'll deliberately put on a bla…[View]
20332327Shifting focus from an easy to have girl to a keeper: So I'm seeing this girl, she is beautiful…[View]
20332869what direction should i properly angle a pistol for best penetration for shooting myself in the head…[View]
20332523I'm hooked up to an IV and will be for the next six weeks, I'm not allowed to do anything …[View]
20332865>finished a 3 year relationship around 3 years ago because i had to leave country to work >we …[View]
20332554Text girl first all the time? is this okay?: Hello people! I've been dating a girl for a month …[View]
20332842How do I meet a qt and stop being lonely? I joined a club and I also work, and see girls at both who…[View]
20332839Building a fightstick: Been thinking about making a wooden fightstick case. Does anyone know where t…[View]
20331190My boyfriend is now transitioning mtf, but I don't know if I'm attracted to them anymore o…[View]
20332834I been really desperate for a gf and it's messing with me and my chances. How do you avoid the…[View]
20332833question, so I went out with this girl I've been talking to for the first time and overall thin…[View]
20332533Man I am depressed as hell. The family dog lives with my brother. The dogs live outdoors in a rural …[View]
20332778How do I know which contraceptive pill to choose? I've been reading a lot of shit online and it…[View]
20332630so i broke up with this guy i really liked to keep him from gettin to attached since it was a long d…[View]
20332747how df do I address an email do people unironically say 'dear' to strangers? it seems outdated, but …[View]
20329376how do I get my neighbors dogs to shut up/be legally put down by the county? I live in a hillbilly c…[View]
20331593What can I do if I have phimosis but I'm too scared to get a circumsicion?[View]
20331582what can I do to be as not feminine as possible[View]
20330171Hi what's it called when you go to the kitchen to get a sandwich, and when you get it out of th…[View]
20330310I'm interested in trying DMT. What are the risks involved, and is it worth it?[View]
20332699It has been 8 months since I started looking for a job, and I am yet to find one. I have 4 years of …[View]
20332636End a college part: There's a huge college party going on upstairs in my house I was not invite…[View]
20332684Dab pen affects my awareness the next days to come: Hey guys, I'm kinda new to making threads h…[View]
20332696I just took 250 mg of amphetamines and barely feel a thing after 4 hours of waiting- why do all the …[View]
20330346To all men We only have one person to blame for failure in women. Ourselves. If we held ourselves to…[View]
20332692What do I do if I suck at keeping relationships with friends, like I’m losing connection with new fr…[View]
20330470Anyone here actually found their Misaki? How does it feel to talk about your feelings to someone to …[View]
20330829Last year, I divorced my ex because she cheated on me. Funny enough, though not related, I lost over…[View]
20331677My friend killed himself two years ago and I blame myself for it every day. I've been pretendin…[View]
20332665Am I autistic or am I just not used to the culture where I live? Moved across the country and the di…[View]
20332662I'm wonder.: So . Is it possible to get Nobel prize? If i start med school at 40.[View]
20332637I'm Married but have developed feelings for another woman: I don't know what to do. I love…[View]
20332602Anyone ever feel trapped in a relationship? Started dating this girl who had a kid 2 years ago, it w…[View]
20332444Is there any coming back from fucking a friend’s ex? Never did anything or expressed any interest wh…[View]
20331650/adv/, I can't sleep and my doctor won't give me anything. What pills could I buy at the s…[View]
20332584What are men supposed to do with pubic hair?[View]
20332625I am participating in my first jewelry market and I have a Shopify store set up where I will be usin…[View]
20331914I got a nice bj but as soon as I was supposed to go in my dick just died I've never felt this e…[View]
20332593My gf gets mad about little things a lot (she always ends up apologizing, though). Sometimes I kind …[View]
20332047What does projecting means? How does this happen do we all do this all the time?[View]
20332565My poor sister...: This is a picture of my sister. She suffered from Mental Retardation before she d…[View]
20332445>in university >last semester coming up >only giant lectures >no clubs interest me How d…[View]
20331465I sad what do[View]
20331379Job advice: I have been doing electrician work for the past few months for a guy I ment at my part t…[View]
20332499Grudges: How do I hold a grudge? I always manage to forgive people that fuck me over[View]
20330473Why was my ex girlfriend such a bitch to me when we broke up? She even broke up with me on the phone…[View]
20331320is selling feet pic on side to make more money bad?[View]
20330107How trust worthy?: Dudes.. I fractured my wrist during finals and I have to have a paper done. Is th…[View]
20324154The girl I've been trying to text with takes a lot of time to respond ( 20 - 40 minutes ), is s…[View]
20332382Restaurant served me some cold buffalo wings, so I returned it. I ate one of them though. Now I…[View]
20332412How do I get my family to understand that my life is not worth living?[View]
20331565What should I name my dog: Sup fuckers it’s ya boi garry oak here asking 4chan to name my dog becaus…[View]
20330710Hit a girl in self-defence, got assaulted, do I have a legal case?: So here's what happened …[View]
20332317I've been on two dates with this girl who clearly has daddy issues >I'm 5 years older …[View]
20331038What is the appropriate amount of sexuality on a first date and how the hell are you supposed to gau…[View]
20332208My neighbor slams her car doors really, really loud. It drives me fucking crazy and I can't sta…[View]
20331981>attractive women into me >give them a chance and hang out >feel no passion, feel nothing …[View]
20331139So, I’m a virgin dating my first boyfriend who has had two sexual partners throughout his life. The …[View]
20331908So do you ignore women to get them to like you? Also being friend zoned means there is something you…[View]
20332283When I'm sad why does it feel like there's an organ in my chest being crushed how do I sto…[View]
20332259What's the point if your dreams are crushed and any sense of internal fulfillment is gone nor c…[View]
20331915Should I move to a city in my 20s?: Hi, I'm currently a undergraduate in computer science and I…[View]
20332304Took a yoke 3 hours ago and threw up: Not sure if im buzzing or if the smoke and drink is making me …[View]
20332287Youtube: How do I make good videos?[View]
20332094Foods that will increase my sperm count & testosterone please?[View]
20331619My emotions: I have an issue. I seldom feel anything. When I feel something, most of the time it…[View]
20332146Guide to Friends with Benefits: What are the rules to successful friends with benefits? I met a girl…[View]
20331572Help: I haven’t dated in a really long time, by my own choosing. I met a girl at a party last night …[View]
20330133Why do we need a gf? (Aside from sex).[View]
20332067how to make a website?: Guys I know I'm retarded but how can I make a website for free? Are the…[View]
20331849Best UK Wifi: I'm moving into a 1 bedroom house alone and need to know the best wifi for the lo…[View]
20332182>girls check me out in public regularly >in bars I get approached by moderately to very attrac…[View]
20331968I was molested by my older sister growing up from age 7 to 12. She tried when I was older but I ran …[View]
20331458Why are short men forced to have Napolean Complexes? The world and women look down on us, thus we ar…[View]
20329163Ask the Opposite Sex Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post, check the FAQ. Try to keep questions con…[View]
20331781Pretending to be a Financial Domination to Scam Cucks: How easy is it to trick guys online into thin…[View]
20330905>93% on asvab >fail psych eval >can't relate to any of the normies rip cushy military …[View]
20328380I've been in a relationship for 5 years and I'm really not into it anymore We've been…[View]
20331740Do women truly care about penis size?[View]
20332005what do I do if living in a small town has made me truly evil? I fucking hate everyone and everythin…[View]
20329184Ask a black guy anything[View]
20331683Certificates and such things: Hey /adv/, Google results generally want some more specific looking-in…[View]
20330557How realistic is it for me to expect future girlfriends to be virgins? I myself am a virgin (shocker…[View]
20326951co-workers starting to think im gay: >be me >co-worker yells a word you address gay people in …[View]
20331303I got INTP on the personality test: Anyone else feel like their not really the same level as genius …[View]
20331840I think I have a drinking problem.: It used to be a weed problem, then I covered it up by drinking a…[View]
20331778I had a break down recently and went back to my psych for the first time in ages. I was perscribed A…[View]
20331828Reported to the police: Somenone reported my Twitter account to the police for racist speech and stu…[View]
20331883best way to make and save as much money as i can with stem a levels, no degree and no work experienc…[View]
20331833Okay I need advice. Basically I'm going to fall in love with my sex friend. And if that happens…[View]
20331844wtf is wrong with me i get a good feeling when i see other people suffering now wtf i use to be the …[View]
20331177How do I be a good boyfriend? I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just over a mo…[View]
20331847Everyday some of us just sit at home and follow the same routine How do I change this[View]
20329563I'm the OP who's mom found a folder on his computer: She sent my dad to give me a talking …[View]
20330964adv on killing yourself without pain?? and how to get your hands on it[View]
20331774How to deal with Gays that want to accept God? Have a friend...: My cousin is gay as fuck and I have…[View]
20331773How to stop comparing myself to others?: I cannot stop doing this. It is making my life a hell, espe…[View]

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