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21495828/adv/ redirect: I keep getting a redirect from /adv to some scam site. I haven't had the redire…[View]
21496991I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I'm good looking. I've had a lot of people …[View]
21496970A friend of 4 years always cancels meet ups at the last minute, saying he needs to 'work' but finds …[View]
21495774How to live with shame?: Hooked up with a guy from Grindr last night because I was horny / had been …[View]
21496143Girlfriend of 1.5 years says she wants to talk. Said not to talk to her for 2 days while she collect…[View]
21496886relationship advice: Bros,what does it mean if, *Exactly an year ago*, My first ever interaction wit…[View]
21496162insomnia sleep deprivation adhd meds: i’ve been up for the past 3 days since having my dosage upped …[View]
21496331I'm a female that is too shy to date. How can I learn to approach people I like?[View]
21495872How to proceed: I told a girl at uni that I wanted to take her on a date and she smiled all cute lik…[View]
21496161at home jobs?: hey i have a full time job but i'm looking for something to do at home where i c…[View]
21496441I cheated my girlfriend of 2,5 years at a party we had with my co workers. I kissed multiple times a…[View]
21495907How fucked am I?: Hi /adv/ recently i fucked up pretty badly while drunk and want to hear your opini…[View]
21495445My girlfriend is in danger: Me and my girlfriend are extremely close and active together but for the…[View]
21492657Considering suicide: I am a twenty-one-year-old man and I have been contemplating suicide for a few …[View]
21495049I don’t feel love anymore?: >Go through break up with gf about 3 months ago. >She tries to get…[View]
21495435Senior Quote: I know this definitely isn't the most interesting thread on here right now by a l…[View]
21495910I feel inferior to asians: I do not like my country (USA). I hate how uncivilized we are. It is also…[View]
21494313I am completely and utterly fucked lads >27 >going to night school to upgrade courses for Uni …[View]
21496077Long distance relationship: Is it doable? What are some tips for making it work? I really like this …[View]
21496462Waiting 'til midnight to do homework: I'm sure im not the only one with this problem where…[View]
21495078I think my gf turned me into a bitch How do I undo this?[View]
21495995Is there any way to force a fetish ive been trying to force onto myself for this girl i like is ther…[View]
21493396My gf and her family are insane: Hi, i am a brazillian who lives in the states and the behaviour of …[View]
21495136My 'type' is literally Cher c. 1975 How do I achieve this?[View]
21496191Girl shit: Need your /adv/ice guys. Went on a date with this girl on saturday, went well I guess. We…[View]
21495961Peaked at 22; Stagnation ever since: Just looking for general life advice moving forward given the b…[View]
21496093How do you start conversations on tinder?: Started using tinder on brother's recommendation. Bu…[View]
21494282>be me, black >boyfriend, white >using his laptop >look at his porn collection >it…[View]
21496157What's a surefire way to get a girlfriend of any caliber as an average looking guy in college?[View]
21496188Temporary jobs: Starting new job next month have nothing to sell and too bad of credit for a loan jo…[View]
21490612dealing with a deaf girl: >Found out a friend I gamed with lived nearby. >'We should hang out,…[View]
21496156Do you believe we live in a simulation? If so, why?[View]
21496035guys have you noticed something? everyone usually likes the fake pieces of shit and the quiet real o…[View]
21495841/adv/ does this girl I work with like me? >she started recently >gravitates towards me >lau…[View]
21495845Why do everyone thinks Im either a latina or jew? Im not even mixed.[View]
21495437Sex: Is unprotected oral sex safe?[View]
21496048>turbo hermit neet >trying to turn life around >lost 70lbs >applied to join a hobby orga…[View]
21495747My ex destroyed my idea of love: It's been like a year and a half now. I'd consider myself…[View]
21494120Hobbies?: What are some cool hobbies that you can do during the fall/winter? Kinda tired of just pla…[View]
21495726cling On: How do I stop being so clingy?[View]
21494872How do you know what career path you want to take in life? Like what is the sign or whatever you are…[View]
21491503GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Your favorite complainery here 24/7 at your service[View]
21495223How to be a loner? Everytime I ask for help, always get responses like 'I can't promise you any…[View]
21495742What to do /adv/ friends? I have been chatting with one girl for some time. We have been talking bas…[View]
21495227Is it alright to ask for less hours from a part-time job? They have me on at like 30 a week and whil…[View]
21495805Have quite severe OCD & Mental illness, can’t afford therapy right now but I really want it. Any…[View]
21495676In the back of my mind I’ve always thought the idea of having a friend or a gf Whose a trap strangel…[View]
21495546Shin Splints: So after running for 2 years I stopped because of shin splints. I took 1 year off from…[View]
21495758I've found a lot of you all have good reasons to be troubled. Maybe there was abuse, or poverty…[View]
21495019Really arrogant zoomer question coming in: is it possible to be too bookish to work in the trades? I…[View]
21492508ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. K…[View]
21495504I got a girl's number off of tinder and I don't know what the fuck to do. I haven't t…[View]
21495637How do I become more patient?: Is pic related bullshit? What can I do to be improve my patience wit…[View]
21495625Why would someone hurt you over and over again emotionally?: For years painful jabs, but nothing ext…[View]
21495652A few of my closest friends recognize I'm depressed and give me loads of emotional support but …[View]
21495623Best friends too aggressive: My best friend is very aggressive, while he is an open minded person, h…[View]
21494882I had this bad oneitis for a bit, I asked her out and she declined saying she wasnt looking for anyt…[View]
21495000Lost my 'bad' side,need help reconnecting: I keep a lot of my 'negative' emotions suppress…[View]
21495520For those who incorporate body wash into their shower routine. Do you use it every time you shower? …[View]
21494434What do i do if I’m always dead tired? Like no matter how much i sleep eyes totally black my eyes st…[View]
21494294How do I stop being a a footfag? I hate this fetish! Everytime I go out in summer I can't stop …[View]
21495562>be me >today >gf gets new cat from friend >parents flip shit n dont let keep >miss…[View]
21493831>Ask a female classmate out on a date over messenger >She politely turns me down >'lol ok' …[View]
21494301Anyone else have a real disconnect between their will to live and survival instincts and their desir…[View]
21493329My gf likes shopping and leaves me in the car for hours. She always tells me to come with her, but s…[View]
2149355510 year relationship. Lived together for 6 years She has GAD OCD depression possibly autism She told…[View]
21495533Stupid Romatic Situation: I wanted to take it slow and see it blossom maturely. Maybe this could…[View]
21494226Are dating sites not worth if you are average male?: I spend a lot of time on dating sites kind of h…[View]
21495493How do you show that you care?: For all anons and femanons in relationships (Preferably long term), …[View]
21495104Stamina: I want to increase my sexual stamina, I've been making a pocket pussy recently with a …[View]
21495485Best Buy Thread: Best Buy Thread Newly turned 18 year-old white male, in Southern America, About to…[View]
21494990How to convince my friend he's not gay?: > be me > male > close friends with another l…[View]
21494781>apply for 100 jobs because /adv/ tells me so >already get an offer >has 99 scheduled inter…[View]
21495272Weird Thrift Shop Painting: Hey, first time on 4chan. I saw this painting of two saggy old Asian men…[View]
21494560Are these signs?: So I am in hs, but I can legally post here. I like this girl a lot, she's for…[View]
21494468Outsider.: How do i stop feeling like an outsider? I'm not depressed or anything, but it makes …[View]
21495265Blood in stool: I don’t know if this is the place to ask but here goes. I’ve had blood in my stool f…[View]
21495382I've been renting a room out of a house for the past two months, they just told me a few moment…[View]
21492610Urine test wat do?: Hey all I landed a nice development gig but it’s pending a urine test! I’ve been…[View]
21495341I haven't done speed in two years and I still think about it everyday. It's a void that no…[View]
21494548I'm not a snitch, but I can't condone the actions of some of my acquaintances, and I belie…[View]
21495142Is it wrong to have an imaginary girlfriend?[View]
21495365Broken foot?: I soccer kicked metal as hard as I could two weeks ago. There was a deep black bruise …[View]
21495329What is this? Can i get rid of it?[View]
21495133I’m average looking and can get dates with girls on Tinder but it never leads to sex or to a relatio…[View]
21495321What do i do if weed makes me an incel? Like idk wtf it is my spiritual vibrations out in the univer…[View]
21492733>gf hasn't responded to my text message I sent her last night >posted a meme on her insta…[View]
21495189Reasons to live: I just don't know what to do with my life anymore, I remember when I was in el…[View]
21495096No personality or drive, motivation adhd meds: Since starting Adderall medication, I've noticed…[View]
21494879Hello /adv/ Is this a good letter to send my ex? How would you feel if you read this? Would you take…[View]
21495207So I had to confront my wife's sisters bf tonight: I have been told by my wife's mom and s…[View]
21494827How do I ask my female friends to introduce me to their single female friends? Everyone in my circle…[View]
21491876I am getting a vasectomy next week. Am super excited to not have to worry about pregnancy ever again…[View]
21495007Anyone here Uber?: Figured I'd ask 4chan this since I I have nothing better to do while I chill…[View]
21495054Im so awesome I cant even be better: how can I be better when im already number 1 in the world?…[View]
21495144where did b/ go[View]
21494927Sexo: Im 25 and about to be 26 in 4 more months and I'm still a virgin. Alot of my neighbor…[View]
21494883How GREAT of an idea is it to start as a long-distance relationship? >live 300km apart >two ho…[View]
21494413My girlfriend got fat: And I'm jacked. This fat nagging Jewish bitch keeps eating the fucking c…[View]
21494961Am I fucked with girls?: I'm I fucked when it comes to girls? I'm a pretty quiet and shy g…[View]
21492691I'm not the experienced man with women but after having dated more than a dozen women and havin…[View]
21493777Anyone here lose their virginity to an escort? Did you regret it? Seems pretty shitty to experience …[View]
21494480What does this mean: There's a guy who's very friendly and nice to me and randomly talks t…[View]
21495015How do I overcome my social inhibitions? Whenever I encounter someone I would like to talk to or whe…[View]
21494381HELP!: All of my friends are basically going nowhere in life. Whether they are caught up in toxic re…[View]
21494545I found a polyp hanging out of my ass. Obviously this is disgusting and needs to go. Can I ask the d…[View]
21492959How do I go from a lazy beta that can't complete uni or get a full time job to this kind of per…[View]
21494430Where do you hang out when you feel lonely and need a place to hang out and people to talk to?[View]
21494973i'm depressed, tired of my dead-end retail job and sick of still living in my hometown. I'…[View]
21494853How do I get this girl to really fall for me We're already dating, we'll have been dating …[View]
21494889I need travel advice. I'm very low on money but want to visit my friend in Tennessee, but I liv…[View]
21494233Neet Girlfriend: My neet girlfriend is a huge financial burden on me. I make 75k a year in the midwe…[View]
21494390I only want to work and lift. GF keeps trying to get me to get some higher education, but nothing in…[View]
21493475So I just heard that my aunt has herpes, and she has kissed me from time to time. If I've never…[View]
21494839Should I start talking to this girl that I like? I’m pretty conflicted right now[View]
21494898First attempt at getting GF?: So there's this asian nerdy girl I know, we were coworkers a few …[View]
21493459Sit down and talk: How are you doing today /adv/?[View]
21494863>complain to mummy that new daddy's trying to diddle me >says it doesn't count if yo…[View]
21493319I want to go to therapy because I think I'm schizoid. Should I look for a male or female therap…[View]
21493212Older women dating: Hello /adv/ I am 24 years old and have recently befriended a wealthy 60 year old…[View]
21494229I’ve been using this site since I was around 9 years old give or take. I spent most of my time on /b…[View]
21494832Went on holiday came back to find letter from ESA: UK The letter said there had been changes in the …[View]
21492015How do I get over my fear of driving?[View]
21494157Went to reddit for a bit: God that shit was trash sorry for leaving you guys[View]
21494734how do i get into the Halloween spirit??[View]
21494454>Get job that seems promising, up to management positions. >From first day notice job is actua…[View]
21494516Levator Scapulae pain: hi /adv/ as its 3am and im getting really desperate i come here. looking for…[View]
21493701How can i be successful academically if im severely depressed and the world is such a cruel unforgiv…[View]
21494307girlfriend going to a beach house...: G'day /adv! my girlfriend and I have been dating for 8 mo…[View]
21494450Moving out advice: >23 >Decided to drop out of college and move back to Chicago >Never live…[View]
21494597I NEED SLEEP!!!: So last night, I took a Trazodone at like 12:30pm to try and get some sleep, but it…[View]
21488625Seriously, how do you stop being Incel?: Isn't it a contradiction in terms? Incels are INVOLUNT…[View]
21491502Give it to me straight sex having anons, how dissapointing is a 5.5x5.5in dick on an average dude.[View]
21494338The STAR method: I have an interview tomorrow and in the email they sent to me I've been asked …[View]
21494448honestly wanna kms at this point: For years now I've been feeling like what I believe is depres…[View]
21494535Worried about drug test: So I have a urine drug test in 2 weeks and I took a few puffs off a joint a…[View]
21493839>get gf near end of September >gf is at another college 40 minutes away only see her thurs-sun…[View]
21494443How to keep women? They always message me on dating apps, social media and approach me in public but…[View]
21494431How do women react in real life when asked out?: I believe it must be a very awkward situation. Tell…[View]
21492694tl;dr How do I deal with my BF's annoying friend? >he's been friends with her since the…[View]
21494319Whats the best STEM job for a primary psychopath?[View]
21492250Will quitting porn make me want to be less of a bottom bitch faggot for shemales and femboys and be …[View]
21493035just masturbated for like 30 mins and after i came my balls started hurting so much what the fuck, w…[View]
21490951STD scare: about a week ago I was in mexico city and i bought a hooker. long story short i ate her a…[View]
21494305Edgy jokes and friends: Me(A) and friend of mine(B) in a discord with a mutual friend of ours (C) an…[View]
21494105Boomer dad got iPad stolen, how fucked is our privacy now?: He didn't have a passcode He change…[View]
21494412Medical: So chances are I have chlamydia and have been prescribed Doxycycline for a week since monda…[View]
21493109Any tips on selfgrowth/self-steem buildup? Been trying some things and ideas and have been improving…[View]
21494291My mom was upset with me for staying too late in a shitty part of town, where my college is. She als…[View]
21492407/SIG/: >/fit/ - Fitness >Images and discussion related to dieting, exercise, healthy living, a…[View]
21494161Mistake: I made a mistake that involved several person and put them in a delicate situation Should I…[View]
21493297Hey guys, I'm thinking about studying geophysics in college, what do you guys think?[View]
21493834Anyone else felt like they didn't have people who understand them but now they found a group of…[View]
21493980Why is life is emotionally tough as an adult? And how do you handle it?[View]
21494279How do I stop being 'girl crazy'[View]
21494232What do i do if drugs only cause negatives and shit but i need them I need kratom because i am fucki…[View]
21494134Homeless motherfucker in Seattle,Loots, here again! ASK ME ANYTHING Just spent about 4 hours, runnin…[View]
21493711Is it a red flag for a monogamous ltr if the other partner was at any point self proclaimed into bei…[View]
21493331Is it weird to like guns: I live in Canada, and don't usually bring it up. When I do, I get the…[View]
21492563Dad is a phone/TV addicted glutton who eats until his gut bursts (literally) and cheated on my mom a…[View]
21493985How do you get closer to someone and eventually be a part of their life? Say we're talking dail…[View]
21492083Why haven't you left /adv/ yet?[View]
21494138Sex and Ejaculation?: This is mainly aimed towards women but men can answer with their experiences t…[View]
21493907>be me, 19 >get offered work-from-home programming job that pays much more than other job >…[View]
21494034How do you become an interesting person?: I'm one of the most boring people ever >barely le…[View]
21493653Have you ever heard of exes getting back together? And if so, how did they end up getting back toget…[View]
21494041Is sex once or twice a week normal? I used to jack off three times a day and I'm not sure how m…[View]
21494207I dunno what to do anymore. I own a home, nice selection of guns, good computers, four doggos, and I…[View]
21493349How do I get over someone ?: Hi guys I’ve just been dumped and I don’t know how to get over there li…[View]
2148864720 year old kissless virgin wants to know where you met your significant other and how you two becam…[View]
21492742Last night I got blackout drunk and I ended up waking up in another mans bed. I have literally no re…[View]
21494098girlfriends been ignoring me: Since 1 am on Sunday Rn 4:26 on a Tuesday as I write this. My gf has …[View]
21492523Where to look?: Recently I got mad at my group of friends which I had been meeting for like 5 years.…[View]
21494055WHat do now: Well anons I almost died again. Today everything is back tot normal and everyone goes a…[View]
21493255Is there any way I can enhance my attractiveness as a short man outside of just getting fit? Are the…[View]
21492570jealousy: How to stop being jealous of others. My ex bf and I are having a shitty time on and off ri…[View]
21493826Send help to my location: I need help, my ex constantly tries to come back. She's stupidly hot …[View]
21491813I am nerd girl and so lonely: I am ugly nerd girl and I only had boyfriend for 1 month. And no boy l…[View]
21492619Where do I (M/24) find self-control?: I have no self-control. I feel like there's nothing I wan…[View]
21493999How do I stop depending on people emotionally?[View]
21494057When I do weed I get on well with people. It's like if I usually treat people like NPCs, animal…[View]
21494010escort for sensual massage: Well this is just me asking if this is a good idea or not I'm frust…[View]
21489073Boyfriend a shithead: My bf is not a bad person I just hate the shit he has done before we dated. An…[View]
21492950How to get rid of feelings of meaninglessness: Recently, I have been feeling pretty bad. Everything …[View]
21493654GF's been having a very bad anorexia relapse. She got to the point where her weight is again in…[View]
21492839I'm 18, I have no mental power to do things after school, I have no hobbies nor interests and n…[View]
21492247Emotion Supression: Are there any good ways to supress emotions every day? I need to focus on what…[View]
21494032please I really really need to know: I really need to know where this song comes from please https:/…[View]
21493843Hey anons, i've got some personal questions and i'm looking advice maybe through hard fact…[View]
21493108why does it hurt to care: Why has God given me a heart to care for so many people[View]
21493539I just just had a pretty freaky, but interesting dream that I think would make a good book. The only…[View]
21491787I'm an idiot: I might be the stupidest person alive but I got married to a guy after less than …[View]
21493009I have a coworker who I like as a person but hearing her speak is like nails on a chalkboard. She is…[View]
21493063Guys did I just get turned down???: Here's some background info: She's a weeb. Doesnt go …[View]
21493560Long term: Is it over ok to be with a girl who slept around a lot long term or even marry then?…[View]
21493544I've been overthinking everything for my entire life how to stop? I can't stop it doesn…[View]
21491699When my boyfriend and I get together we ususally have sex 2 or 3 times 4 max, and by the end of the …[View]
21493911HVAC Job Advice: I'm currently 18 and just finished an online HVAC course. The information I go…[View]
21493137Revenge?: Should I post the details of someone who assaulted me and other girls who never was caught…[View]
21493885); how do i get over the fact that someone who I was friends with hates me[View]
21493761Why do people pretend that love isn't a zero-sum game? It clearly is. I know it is. What do peo…[View]
21493469>cheating ex suddenly starts messaging me >she has a kid, no dad in sight >she is hot and I…[View]
21493793How do I overcome the feeling that I don't deserve love? I'm tired of burying my feel that…[View]
21491486What are the best places to cut?[View]
21491953Hello /adv/ Advice to get a 8/9 gf? I only get like 5s currently. What do I need to do to climb up t…[View]
21493684Not too long ago I discovered these 'versions of myself' within me and I can't really understan…[View]
21493253Am i depressed, or is this just life? I grew up with a borderline personality mother and since i was…[View]
21493652I feel like I got AIDS but I am too much of a coward to get checked and confirm it. How long will it…[View]
21492739How to repair my relationship with my mother? I even doubt if we even have a relationship to begin w…[View]
21493598Chile's government: The government of Chile is acting crazy and slaughtering people. Lots of mi…[View]
21491403tinder dates: post tinder date stories[View]
21493032Need to Read: I have to read about 300 pages for school and when I sit down to start I just read lik…[View]
21492606My foreskin doesn't retract far enough for sex only blowjobs. It may be phimosis Does circumcic…[View]
21493415Why have men always been hornier than women? Women have tended to be picky with their sexual partner…[View]
21493508Do I even have soul?: Do autistic people have souls or are we just yet another object to be used by …[View]
21493456Getting Flaked On: I’ve had six women agree to go on a date with me in the past two weeks, I’ve had …[View]
21493521If I think I have a personality disorder what should I do? Do I bring it up with my therapist?[View]
21493461how can I make art if I can't draw and I have poor manual abilities?[View]
21492505I'm exhausted after school, have little desire to do anything, no hobbies and interests I'…[View]
21492854Too much sex: How can most people just fuck a lot of people and be fine.Why do I get heavily judged …[View]
21492339Roleplaying: My gf wants to do cosplay / roleplay but I find it cringeworthy and very awkward. How c…[View]
21493021How to escape Hoarder House?: My friend lives in a hoarder house and is making him sick. He comes ov…[View]
21491665Hey 4 chan, I have absolutely no interests. Like, at all. I just eat, sleep, masturbate, and that…[View]
21493187How to deal with an ignorant gf: When I get upset she never ask me if I'm okay or go straight u…[View]
21490490How can I stop thinking about girls literally all day everyday[View]
21492978Symmetrical face?: Do you think my face is asymmetrical in an offputting/unattractive face? Pic belo…[View]
21492358Advice for your life: Always expect the worst of people, because: 1) If they act as you antecipated …[View]
21492143I’m so confused. Please help!: So I’ve recently met this girl online and we’ve been talking for abou…[View]
21492990If you feel as though a friend or a group of friends doesn't appreciate you, is it normal to te…[View]
21492566I can't stop masturbating. I went a month without watching porn b/c I somehow convinced myself …[View]
21492038>get a good look at her face >Wonder why I have a crush on her at all why am I so retarded It…[View]
21490180Can’t stop playing Call Of Duty Mobile: I can’t stop killing these cunts and it’s starting to effect…[View]
21492573My only motivation in life is to become pretty/beautiful/handsome whatever words you wanna use, it’s…[View]
21492198How the fuck am I supposed to deal with my hypersexual behaviour? I have a gf and sex with her is ni…[View]
21488650Is 6 inches with mediocre girth truly enough? I saw a girl with a 6in toy and it was so much thicker…[View]
21492347Patient-zoned by psychologist: I've been going to a psychologist for about a year. From the sta…[View]
21491190My ex boyfriend never cleaned up his apartment. The mess would drive me crazy every time I visited h…[View]
21491711I broke up with my gf and she's suicidal. It's been a month now and she contacted me sever…[View]
21492384I miss my boyfriend, what can i do except dying?[View]
21491721Do I have to compensate?: out-of-state ex convinces me to fly up to see him for some sex. Agree to p…[View]
21492180Why is it that every time I get a little bit more than change to save up, something comes up that co…[View]
21491920My bf and I had a fight recently. He was dropping me off at my place. I told him I just needed a da…[View]
21492902When is it okay to fight?: Let's say I get disrespected by someone, and that person is bigger t…[View]
21492744Stumbled across my ex's instagram, saw pictures of her being happy with another man. I wish I n…[View]
21491873How do I make close friends without losing them, after having had a meltdown?[View]
21492342I'm honestly at the brink of killing myself. I've had a glans issue for about two fucking …[View]
21492841>messaged to provide certain information for a thing >the thing is coordinated by a woman who…[View]
21491784I am terrified of intimacy and cope with substance abuse, how do I cope more efficiently?: >Be co…[View]
21491867Has having a puppy ever brought you girls?[View]
21492644wtf are you supposed to do at concerts?: like seriously, im autistic and i thoroughly have no idea. …[View]
21492643I want to to be my wife’s human pet: I want to be objectified by her, made to worship her feet, disc…[View]
21491934MY life fucking sucks: If I didn't have epilepsy when I was a teenager >could of been a US M…[View]
21492554Reading People: How do I get better at reading people? I want that fbi interrogator-tier 6th sense o…[View]
21490711How to become rich if: >you’ve got an above average face >above average physique >great sm…[View]
21492690Curious about bf email: Hello all, So I saw an email that my bf had received from “Nicole Reyel ser…[View]
2148789520yo virgin here. The problem is that every girl i have had a crush on had sex before, once i find t…[View]
21492686>Fall asleep >Dream that I have everything, money, a wife and fame >Wake up >Have nothin…[View]
21492719So how come when I download videos it sometimes allows me to change video speeds and other times it …[View]
21490519Medfag advice pls - SYPHILIS: So I've been with a girl who just told me she was getting tested …[View]
21491837dont know what to do anymore[View]
21492667Is Asian women thirsty for white guys a meme or a real thing? I'm a fat Hugh Jackman looking mo…[View]
21492651How do I make a move: I'm currently visiting a girl friend abroad and sleeping at her place (in…[View]
21492106Should I send this to my family? I'm in allot of pain, and I just need to be able to talk about…[View]
21492317>19 >already a good amount of eyefloaters >it apparently only gets worse with age what do? …[View]
21492327How to know if you and a girl are talking too much? >text all day from good morning to sleeping …[View]
21492399Why is it like this? I just went to the bank with my mom, at least that was the plan. Just when we w…[View]
21492545Want to buy Viagra but his mom won't let him: I have access to Viagra with no recipe but my mom…[View]
21492403How do I worship my Eldergod?: So I converted to the the Worship of Catulu 'The Great Dreamer' , how…[View]
21492538I consistently perform well on those numerical and logical reasoning tests, but then go on to perfor…[View]
21492519I can't talk to people in real life.: What can I do about 'tism? It's difficult even …[View]
21492509Anyone here had an emotionally distant mother? How did you cope with the effects on you later in lif…[View]
21492469I cheated. Should I tell?: I know I messed up big time, and I've regretted it ever since it hap…[View]
21492315How can I get over my belly fetish? I don't think I actually want to date a fat girl, just fuck…[View]
21490844How do I stop cooming and start drawing?: I legit waste so much time fapping and looking for porn wh…[View]
21492116Girl I'm dating has been 'busy' for more than a week now, I've asked her out 3 times since…[View]
21492211Should I work for the Big Four (PwC, KPMG, ...)? I recently graduated.: I graduated in law at a pret…[View]
21492401How to get over a crush?: For the past weeks, I have been holding these feelings for a girl in my cl…[View]
21491232Whats the best way to get a girl in heat?: Im shit at flirting.[View]
21491962I keep having horrible anxiety ridden thoughts in my head. When left to my own devices I usually end…[View]
21492183I give up: godspeed to all of you that enjoy parenting. I hate being a mother. I wake up, do my morn…[View]
21491508What are the logical steps I should take in order to have sex with this girl?[View]
21490212ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21492257Yahoo Premium Support: So I have a very old Y mail account years ago and I recently tried to login i…[View]
21491970Some Indian dude is harrasing my sister on FaceBook (here's a pic of him): How do I track him? …[View]
21491736Alternative to cigarettes: Guys I've been very allergic since I was little, like I couldn'…[View]
21492231How to get unbanned for spamming?: Posted a 100% allowed thread once on /g/ and someone copied/paste…[View]
21492089Boyfriend cheated I lost my temper and hit him in the face really hard. Now he's telling everyo…[View]
21492039schizophrenia: Anyone been diagnosed with schizophrenia, or known someone close that has? I'm h…[View]
21491871>tfw crush on coworker help[View]
21491046Is dating a guy with a largish age gap (12+ years older) a bad idea if you're in your early 20…[View]
21486879How to stop a weird fixation?: My husband and I recently joined a group of his coworkers in a d&…[View]
21490798I have weird sex fantasy..: My fantasy is handsome guys with other race, say to me I am ugly yellow …[View]
21491900Why are feminists such fucking pessimists? Honestly, the worst thing about them for me isn't th…[View]
21492096does anyone know how to get better in their head? I had to call a suicide hotline yesterday and I ho…[View]
21492130My neighbors are trying to get me kicked out by the landlord because of me shouting at night time ev…[View]
21491516>need to do a presentation on the scientific principles of an everyday object and make it interes…[View]
21482839I finally did it and now I want to kill myself: I broke down and finally did it. I have recently bee…[View]
21492018Becoming independant: Hey advice, how do i get my first job at 21 in Aus? I'm pretty god damn s…[View]
21492060fucking fuck. how do i make tourettes go away. it seriously kills my productivity, especially in tim…[View]
21491790So I am beginning to think that I have a problem and would appreciate an outside perspective. I don…[View]
21489300Need help on calming (or ideally eliminating) my libido: I'm a 21 year old male college student…[View]
21491493How do I make myself less anxious? It's been killing me lately[View]
2149168923 boyo I messaged 15 girls on tinder within the span of 4 hours and none of them replied Can I as…[View]
21489492What do, /fit/?: I was recently diagnosed with HIV. Idk how I got it, I’m 21 and unironically white …[View]
21491570Should I get on tinder when I still love my ex? >My ex is posting about being on tinder. I'm…[View]
21491879Friendzone.: This friend of mine I had sex with 1 year ago. She initiated with me and afterwards fri…[View]
21490735>bf developed ED after 2 years of dating because of his drug addiction >Recovered from drug ad…[View]
21491853I create Japanese web site. if there are many design advise, please tell me!! http ://yukkuriikinuki…[View]
21490227Sister put dog to sleep: My older sister got herself a dog 14 years ago, she had it for about a year…[View]
21491774I'm all for people having children. BUT can we not have them in public places until they can le…[View]
21491525Friend who I haven't talked to in a long time messaged me and I'm anxious.: My friend mess…[View]
21488027How do I find myself a wizardchan bf? I've lurked there and find myself heavily relating to the…[View]
21490948Why won't he talk to me?: I'm in a relationship with a guy (I'm F) and he'll occ…[View]
21491120It says 'Holy Bible' in portuguese. I found the truth, it is not out there as they want us to believ…[View]
21488689Helo me ruin Chad's life: Ok anons I need help, There's this guy at uni whom I absolutely…[View]
21490928What can -I- do to improve?[View]
21491715I feel like none of my friends actually like me. I have no evidence of them hating me though[View]
21491663How do I get over a crush on a girl that I have no way of pursuing when I still have to see her on a…[View]
21485159How many people have you ghosted in total?[View]
21491652Gf is emotional and physically abusive. Want to leave but don’t know how. What do[View]
21490905Status: Which business will give you 'status' around girls? A hotel? A famous restaurant? Or just a …[View]
21489384First job burnout: I am a month and half into my first 'proper' job at 20 years old. I was a NEET be…[View]
21491609Focus problems: How do can I become less autistic? I struggle with staying focused and instead devot…[View]
21490561https://theamsterdamcompany.com/product/rice-crispies/ I ate half of this. Ended up losing my mind, …[View]
21491631>computer science major >don't really pay attention first year and pass my classes >ta…[View]
21491246lets settle this once and for all: do women prefer the nice attentive guys or the mysterious and emo…[View]
21491165help i'm autistic how do you know the difference between someone liking you and someone just be…[View]
21491434Even when I get a day off, and remove all electronic devices in my room I will still manage to find …[View]
21491551I've been back from a deployment for a month and I feel like I'm still over there. I'…[View]
21491219For the past few years, I’ve been getting erections while viewing excessively violent imagery, parti…[View]
21491187I NEED SLEEP: I got 5 hours of sleep last night, 4 the night before. Last night I took a lorazepam a…[View]
21491548>girlfriend posts shit on social media I don't like >decide not to be controlling, let it…[View]
21491569La Croix: My wife bought some La Croix she doesn't want. Can i give it to my cat?[View]
21491531If a small drop of bleach got splashed into my eye would it feel painful, or if it was small enough …[View]
21490428Which College Clubs get you laid?[View]
21490192How do I develop a sense of self?: Basically I take all criticism as gospel. Even unwarranted insult…[View]
214914134chan: I am very new to 4chan, what are some things I should know about before posting. example, uns…[View]
21491406did I blow it?: 22 years old virgin straight edge af (never touched alcohol etc.) >using tinder …[View]
21490406Don't know what to do.: I have a friend of mine, and his girlfriend that I hang out with a lot.…[View]
21490875Feeling Conflicted: Fem here. I feel weird because I'm an artist but still hold a lot of 'tradi…[View]
21490431How do I move this along?: Long story short, I've started talking with this girl I've know…[View]
21490694crazy chicks: so... why am i attracted to emotionallly damaged women? my type: >intellectual but …[View]
21490605How do you cope with feelings of jealousy towards a friend? No matter how hard I try I always end up…[View]
21491421Took me too long to learn this. But maybe I learned it at just the right time. Look back on key mome…[View]
21491335self fulfillment: I have worked my whole life to get to where I am at. I make good money, way more t…[View]
21491284>tfw want to join the orthodoxy >tfw gay What do? I don't want to not be gay but I also w…[View]
21491073Why doesn't my image show up? The path is correct, the text is correct.. Fuck me dude..[View]
21490582About two years ago, September 2017, I was just on the internet and I suddenly remembered that I was…[View]
21491314I am only getting older bros: I live in a single bedroom apartment with my two cats and my computer.…[View]
21490871Join the military or live in bumfuck city?: Would you rather live in a bumfuck city with a populatio…[View]
21491269Liberty caps id assistance please :): found these a while back. Hoping to get an id from someone wit…[View]
21491300Am I a horrible son for making my mum cry? I really hate seeing her cry, it makes me upset, but for …[View]
21491275international flight law: weird question guys is there any country's that allows cripples to ge…[View]
21490811Going back to Uni: Round 2, Electric Boogaloo: I failed out of University 2-3 years ago. I didn…[View]
21490168Do woman like it when men moan during sex?[View]
21489944in love with anime character?: femanon here, I'm in love with an anime character and I don…[View]
21491240How to talk to girls on social media: I usually have friends that tell me 'I just reacted to her sto…[View]
21491136Late Bloomer: I am 25 years old, never had a girIfriend, decent looking guy....slightly awkward but …[View]
21490894A boy: So there is this boy, he give me mixed signals, so I can't tell if he likes me or not, h…[View]
21491145Adcice for gaining height: Im a 5'5' guy in a country where the average height is 5'9' The…[View]
21491036Can anyone relate?: >be me >14 years old >steals grandfather’s credit card to go online to …[View]
21490235Gf says shes a lesbian: Alright, so this happened on Saturday. My gf(now ex obvs) and I met while sh…[View]
21490294am bi girl, dont want to be bi: hello yall, Im a bi girl, I find girls sexually appealing, I could n…[View]
21490275last minute interview tips: as the subject, i have a job interview tomorrow morning for a consultant…[View]
21490171I have had a LITERAL CONSTANT headache for 5yrs now. People just can't except that I ha e limit…[View]
21491090Some help on how to study: hey anons, i'm in the 12th grade and so far all m grades have been d…[View]
21490578I am a janitor at my workplace...Do you think the women that work in the building look down on me an…[View]
21477608SJW Gf getting out of hand: My girlfriend is bisexual but all of her girl friends are fat man hating…[View]
21489783What do i do if I’m always dead tired? Like no matter how much i sleep eyes totally black my eyes st…[View]
21490295I am a creepy piece of shit and I dunno how to improve. I am disgusted at myself for making people u…[View]
21490999guys im going to need some help. ive been dating this girl for around a year and a half and we are v…[View]
21486724My wife is leaving me: No cheating or violence. No disagreement with the in laws or any real drama. …[View]
21489469Is this normal behaviour?: I'm going back to work tomorrow and absolutely dreading the thought …[View]
21490881Should I get up from bed now? Or when I'll regret it.[View]
21490093How would you react?: I was reading a book during my break at work today and another employee (some …[View]
21490796How do I like women?[View]
21490808Is it weird to be 26 and still sleeping with stuffed animals? For example this bad boy. I'm nor…[View]
21490468Got 24 yo a week ago, no degree (except HS if that counts) no job never had a gf (which is surprisin…[View]
21490766So recently I have been having trouble sleeping and I swear to god I hear people outside my house ma…[View]
21487385GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: ...What have I been doing all this time?[View]
21490621Living where you work: > be me > looking for apartment > my office building has apartments …[View]
21490345How do I get to know a girl I'm in a group chat with without being awkward? Can I just dm her l…[View]
21490486I can't study: I can't study for shit. I do have things i want to achieve, and i swear i f…[View]
21490755how to spend less time on phone but also be social?: >on my phone constantly >want to get off …[View]
21482968Be Doctor finishing resident. 6'3. Girlfriend of 7 years leaves me. I am now 27. How the fuck…[View]
21490584I can't love properly?: I feel like I would be incapable of loving properly. Like in my head, I…[View]
21490583Work advice: I just quit my mall security job cause my boss was toxic and looking for execuses to fi…[View]
21490474i need some help, i used an old shitty router that made my downloads super slow. I bought an Etherne…[View]
21486625Red flags of cheating: Is it a cheating red flag if my gf gets mad when I ask if she's cheated?…[View]
21490425Electronic Repellant: So are these worth it? Are there any side effects on humans/dogs/cats?[View]
21490688https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGfm-EGqLAs How to make this kind of video, please ?[View]
21484982>gf insists on never wearing clothes at home >at first it was cute not its just weird >has …[View]
21490509Anyone here have experience an Indian Lab professor? I’m taking my first semester of O-chem and desp…[View]
21490627Anyone know how I can get netflix, hulu and youtube on my wii? Just got it from a garage sale and th…[View]
21490349Post-Masturbation Guilt/Depression: How do I deal with it? I know that the official term is Post-Coi…[View]
21490551I'm from a third world country and I'm in love with an English guy, but he says he'll…[View]
21490545If I mix 20 mg of oxycodone and 15 mg of hydro will I be okay? I've took 40 mg of oxy before bu…[View]
21489651Suddenly stopped talking?: I've been talking to a girl at college called Tamsyn for about a mon…[View]
21490279Not sure if im in the right place or not, but are there any singers/rappers/song writers that can he…[View]
21486914>had great job >making close to 120k yr >latent depression hits >lose it all over the co…[View]
21490195would it be obvious as a guy wearing a girls coat? these coats are sick but i only see them for wome…[View]
21489158Relationship advice: My girlfriend of 2,5 years broke up with me a couple of months ago and i'v…[View]
21490439Do I need to go to the hospital: My eyelid dropped yesterday because I stay up way too much time bec…[View]
21490318What careers are easy to fake expertise at?: I've been teetering between unemployment and under…[View]
21488299I don't understand what she's doing: Met a girl on tinder a week ago, we spoke for 2 hours…[View]
21490229Boots: I stand for much of my job so I'm looking to get a pair of boots to eleviate pain.. Is t…[View]
21490239How do I setup and what are some podcast key requirements?: Need sum advice on how to set up a good …[View]
21489977Central Heating: I have a boiler and radiators as my central heating. My question is, should I put t…[View]
21490448This board works fine on my phone but won’t load on my computer. Other boards work fine what’s diffe…[View]
21488913Please help anyone: Maybe wrong place , but it is my last resort,really. >ok 4chan i need your he…[View]
21489649I want to find a job while studying, but the thing is that I'm already getting my essentials co…[View]
21490230Ending a friendship with a mentally unstable girl: I made a sort of friendship with some mentally un…[View]
21490148Programming: Going to college soon. What should I major in to get into shit like programming and jus…[View]
21490140I can't smoke weed without feeling like complete shit for an entire day afterwards. What gives?…[View]
21490223Everytime I need to study, I drink coffee, and for the first hour or so I'm able to do my work …[View]
21487072Do girls ever wish to be motherly or have a boyfriend as their son? Like a sonny bf or something (th…[View]
21490302I have a curriculum and at the college, in my country you need to start as a trainee during the grad…[View]
21490251My parents are in their mid 60's and they want another dog to keep them company. As much as I…[View]
21490161Desperate: Okay, I know 4chan isn’t here for essay help, but I’m desperate. Please hear me out. I’…[View]
21490186I need some advice, more for someone else.: I started college in September and pretty much instantly…[View]
21488536ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21489813Dealing with an SJW: > instagram > follow a page bc they're local > posts on story abo…[View]
21489222>be me >going to study sesh with love of my life qt 3.144 >wake up in morning and prepare e…[View]
21490225Best thing to say when cold approaching: When I approach a woman on the street, what are the best th…[View]
21488365I have no purpose.: Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a warrior. I have always th…[View]
21490179Should I, shouldn’t I?: 23 years old, male over here. Studying a Masters degree in Applied Mathemati…[View]
21489731Am I narcissistic?: I'm a 21 years old, male with homossexual tendencies. I have an urge of be…[View]
21489759Does this look like a hernia?: Someone told me there is such a thing as a fat hernia, and I’m wonder…[View]
21490074How do i find a good girl? Do i have to move to asia or something? I have talked to asian girls and …[View]
21489637Hair loss: Is there any way to thicken my thinning hair? I'm currently losing my hair and tryin…[View]
21490104Help w/ girl. Avoiding beta orbiter status.: I've been talking with this girl at high school fo…[View]
21489925Why do I lose interest after sex?: 22M here. I've been with my gf for 2 months now, we had sex …[View]
21489994How to become heartless: I want to stop caring about silly shit that shouldn’t matter. I haven’t bee…[View]
21487333My GF and I got into a fight of sorts last night and it ended up with her realizing our worldviews a…[View]
21490042the urge to watch fucked up things: i like to see videos that contain violence (dark web kind of vio…[View]
21488544Why are boys not so serious with me while flirting?: >be me a nerd and bookworm >conservative …[View]
21489609How do you become charismatic and controlling of groups? One problem I always have is that I'm …[View]
21489989HELP: I don't know where to ask or who to see this with, given how Google is way too fucking un…[View]
21489548Relationship advice: I’ve been with my current girlfriend for around 5-6 months now but am having do…[View]
21488763Losing control ahahahhaha: I need some advice from you oldfags. I'm stuck between two jobs at t…[View]
21489587Paranoid about being killed. Welp.: Ok, guys. So. For some time I suffer from outburts of anxiety. L…[View]
21489544A part of me has started hating some of my gf's actions.: Basically the title, ever since we en…[View]
21489661Attracted to a little girl: I was living life normally until I saw her. I didn’t know what was happe…[View]
21487835I had fight with gf be cause I had told her I'm uncomfortable with her little brother and she d…[View]
21489536Managing Frustration: Late 20s male, things aren't necessarily going how I want them to. Don…[View]
21489845I don’t think I will meet a girl. I’m in too much of a rut. I’m only 20 and look after myself but I …[View]
21489297Aroo? Arooroo? Aroo, roo, roooo... rororor, arooo, arooro. Roo, roorooror? Aror? Ror, ror, rorrr! Ar…[View]
21489334How do I kill myself?: I don't want to live anymore. I'm a deformed freak who hates himsel…[View]
21489694I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I feel like a waste of skin a lot of the time. I just…[View]
21489744Crush: so basically there is this girl in 2 of my classes that i have a crush on and im trying to ge…[View]
21488790Should I consider therapy? What is wrong with me? There's no nice way of saying this but I…[View]
21489794My girlfriend has slept with two guys in her friend group and stays in contact with them because 'no…[View]
21488842I’ve had 3 dreams about the same girl now... the first one was sexual, the second one was me protect…[View]
21487530>12 hours spent at work + commute every day >4 hours daily working on master's >1,5 h…[View]
21488695There is a fucking shitton of beautiful girls on campus, but I am so unlucky all the girls in my cla…[View]
21487511Anyone else suffering from visual snow? Did you manage to cope with it and if so how? Honestly feel …[View]
21487795To break a curse is to stop believing it, so how do I stop believing that I am cursed, seeing as how…[View]
21487050Has anybody ever moved to Denver from another state? What was your experience like and where did you…[View]
21488451Ask chad anything. I will answer your questions about how to get bitch to suck your dick.[View]
21489592What is your main goal? For example when it comes to a gf. Yesterday my chad friend said that he onl…[View]
21487788Acting Anons: Aspiring filmmaker and sometimes actor here. I was wondering if I could get advice on …[View]
21489450Where is the best place to meet thicc women only?[View]
21489192How do you enjoy your hobbies when you‘re not good at them?[View]
21489377Why do I get sad after getting a girlfriend?: >be me, 23 >get first gf >I’m super clingy w…[View]
21486350Eyesight barred me from Military: Last 2 years the thought of this job has gotten me out of bed ever…[View]
21489379Where to look: So I get food the other week with my friend, its just us two so we talk and whatever …[View]
21489312Is it gay to wear women's panties ?[View]
21488105What would I need to do if I wanted to own a chameleon in the UK?[View]
21485684ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. K…[View]
21485685GF Going For A Couple Dance: So here's the situation: My girlfriend is in a language college an…[View]
21486401Should I do it? I'm tired of existence at this point and I know I won't get what I want in…[View]
21488805what's the best way to get girls to cheat?[View]
21488446I'm 18, I'm tired after school, I have no hobbies, I have no desire to do anything, is it …[View]
21489315Autism: How do I actually know I have autism without going to the doctors incase they laugh at me fo…[View]
21489027Gf sulks like a kid sometimes: What do I do? It's super annoying because she stops talking, won…[View]
21487475The downsides of being black: >Be me, half-black >8 inches, thicc girth >Never been blown b…[View]
21489084AA for an athiest: Going to AA later this week, I've have problems for years, but the issue is …[View]
21489171Is it gay to make a fake account of chicks to sell nudes? I don’t flirt or sext with dudes I really…[View]
21488925What to do if someone you barely know messages you that they love you? Normally, this is not a big p…[View]
21489098How to catch up with work for uni if you have fallen behind due to procrastination?: I am studying C…[View]
21489256How to ask out friend of girl who rejected you.: I talked to this girl a bit. She's shy, and we…[View]
21488979Advice on getting better at phyiscs maths college.: Lets say I am a complete brainlet when it comes …[View]
21487410How do I learn to approach women in the street for convos? I'm assburgers and have social anxie…[View]
21488465I'm 100% straight but sometimes I let little twinks to suck my cock. Now this one little fag ha…[View]
21489170>You can never trust a drug addict Is this true?[View]
21489202I need a phone. What's a good one to get? What do you geeks use? Is there a phone I can store …[View]
21487575How do I arrange to meet up with someone halfway across the country?[View]
21488901why do asian people walk right into me while im walking even though they have plenty of space to wal…[View]
21489050Is dating someone who went through an abusive relationship doable? I've been meeting a girl who…[View]
21488969Whoops: > be me > freshman in college, not bad looking > in lunch line > girl comes up t…[View]
21488140Math degree: I need help, I'm 23 y.o from Israel, without a bachelors degree yet. The army set …[View]
21489117Spent the whole weekend with a girl and everyone in her family that was around our age (18 to early …[View]
21489102Falling behind: I'm at the school of my dreams but I can't get myself to do the essays and…[View]
21488973Where can I pay to get a transcription done quickly?: I promised someone that I would transcribe som…[View]
21488754Mental breakdown imminent: I'm honestly lost, I don't know what to do anymore. It's m…[View]
21485653My boyfriend doesn't cum during a two hour sex session. When I ask if I'm doing anything w…[View]
21484671Is it normal to think about suicide all day long? My gf left me and I actually see no hope. Im alrea…[View]
21487052How can you tell if your potential wife is a keeper? And won't bail at the first sight of any t…[View]
21488104For Anons who've done it, what's your choice of condom? I've never had sex, but I…[View]
21486888What's an injury a person could get where you would have to wrap bandages around their torso li…[View]
21488970I work in an office environment, but nobody is really professional. Yesterday there was a new guy wi…[View]
21487892Love of femcel: I love foreign guy, 1 year ago, I only met him one time, and we are chatting sometim…[View]
21488825>too cool for the incels >too uncool for normies where the fuck is someone like me supposed to…[View]
21488849If a girl theoretically has attempted suicide seven times, should I even worry about her killing her…[View]
21488694How do I get sexy milf mommy GF when I live in the middle of the sticks? I've tried using datin…[View]
21488339Let's say I have a chronic, degenerative mental illness: What particular model and caliber woul…[View]
21486480I'm a coomer and i can't stop cumming, please help me.: Every day I cum at least one time.…[View]
21487177What should I have done anons? >person I have only talked to a few times (lets call her S) asks t…[View]
21488848Youtube: I'm tryna start a youtube channel on the side, post some videos explaining political t…[View]
21488823How do I tell if she likes me?: >be me >21yo kissless virgin with a babyface so I actually loo…[View]
21487382Quitting your job: I can't be fucked with job anymore it's been 4 long years and I'm …[View]
21488804Sick and nice advice: Had a stomach bug for almost a week. Can't seem to shake it. Having a har…[View]
21483718Why do men want younger women?: I'm in my mid 20s and all of my friends have younger girlfriend…[View]
21488732Reading about anons who had girls cheat on or break up with them is so depressing. It makes me quest…[View]
21487046Could I still go to jail? About two years ago I punched my mom and her wrist broke and her eye becam…[View]
21487332A female friend of mine got a pregnant from an affair.: What do I do? Her husband doesn't know.…[View]
21487422Social life: How do i get a social life? right now i dont have any friends[View]
21487989Started seeing a girl I actually like for once. Usually don't have too much trouble meeting wit…[View]
21488459family problems: I'll try to be as objective as possible, please give reasonable advices... Sit…[View]
21486901is it okay to call a girl 'love' if you haven't said i love you yet?[View]
21488481I think I've developed a crush on one of my friends and I don't want a crush on her shes c…[View]
21487051My teeth keep cracking and breaking. I'm always in pain.: I don't know what else to do, I…[View]
21488409Can't Win: I am a very hairy guy, many many many girls say its ugly and too much mainly on my a…[View]
21487039what do i do: i am a 20 year old currently studying computer science at a very good university. this…[View]
21486348Im a bored 22 year old with a degree and no direction in life. Should i enlist in us military >tf…[View]
21486005Where can I meet women? I work full time, go to the gym and that's pretty much it. I take actin…[View]
21488328Don't know what to do with myself: Hey /adv/ i'm 22 years old and recently have been in an…[View]
21487907Why does being a virgin make me a woman hating incel? I don't see the connection but that'…[View]
21482673How do I make people like me?: I've never been able to make friends and I think I finally figur…[View]
21487924Why am I still here... just to suffer..: How do I better communicate with people in a situation that…[View]
21488267Mom: Long story short my mother is a BPD, manipulative, lying, deceitful, narcissist who I have hate…[View]
21487986How to know if someone is disgusted by you. Physically, like if you smell bad or look disgusting I …[View]
21488401I feel like I have completely lost control of my life. I'm a 21 year old uni student and everyt…[View]
21486132i did some really embarrassing shit almost a year ago now while simultaneously going into online sch…[View]
21487198Wet Shave Or Dry Shave: My beard started to grow and i feel like shaving it but should i wet shave o…[View]
21487231I know it sounds weird but Have you ever felt like you earn/spend more than your life is actually wo…[View]
21487471People around me: Everyone seems to slowly lose interest in me as a friend in general and i dont kno…[View]
21487229Is there any reason to bother with dating if you're below average when you can live a life of h…[View]
21488337Nigga What: what are you talking about[View]
21488334Ok guys. I’m in a situation here that I’m not sure how to navigate. I will try to sum it up as much …[View]
21486904Why is my vagina so pink/red? Is this normal?? It's always in this very reddish colour like inf…[View]
21487841Am I too cautious or my parents are not cautious?: I live with my parents. When 10am, I was alone in…[View]
21487268i want to break stuff. whats an affordable thing to break that gives off the satisfaction? ive been …[View]
21487425Famous family and constitutionnal case in US: I'm not in US but I'm studying US law in col…[View]
21486231Am i the only one who wants to kill my parents due to them stopping me furfuill my dreams[View]
21487573How do I approach to a qt short girl in my uni. What is the first thing I should say/ask to her?[View]
21486623How do I become more intelligent? I feel that I'm slightly dumber than the rest of my friends.[View]
21487152I just canceled a job interview that's due tomorrow and they're not responding. Wtf am I b…[View]
21487954Contemplating going full gay: It's been bouncing around in my head for a long time. Since I was…[View]
21488230Every day feels like a waste: >22 >GF of almost 3 years leaves during the summer, we fall out …[View]
21487779How do i stop being lazy and develop discipline? Ive been thinking a lot a out my life lately and i …[View]
21487377>Applying for jobs by the dozen that I am the ideal candidate for >NEVER get as much as an e-m…[View]
21487047How do i quit biting my nails?: Been doing it ever since i was a young kid, my dad is 58 and still d…[View]
21488009Physics slow when doing it.: I feel that I am college physics 102 retarded. I also felt physics 101 …[View]
21487226dont feel anything from vaginal sex: f I'd say that I have a pretty high libido (I masturbate u…[View]
21488020what to do: I'm in the third year of my degree and I'm considering studing abroad next yea…[View]
21486800how to get a life?: >first year uni >clean myself up >practice good hygiene >go ottermod…[View]
21486156Should I drop out of school?: I'm majoring in a major I feel no passion for but I'm too fa…[View]
21488000Fuck: I feel like doing physical activity, but laziness and pride stop me. I'm out of shape, an…[View]
21487882I desire to get myself in a believable 'accident' so that I can finally do a 180 on the pe…[View]
21487195Ethics question:: I think I might be drinking myself to death. I go through a handle of Jim Beam eve…[View]
21486723how do i make sure this secret doesn't get out?: i'm really wondering how fucked I am. a f…[View]
21487353Help: Some other guy is conversing with my crush, what do I do?[View]
21487534Reality sucks: How is it possible that, even though I'm somewhat conscious of the fact that I h…[View]
21487590What depression feels like /fit/ ? Did you had it or have it now? I have suicidal thoughts without n…[View]
21485637>21 male, 180 cm/5'11'', 58 kg/128 lbs what do[View]
21479684Why can't I speak to the girl I'm crushing on? Why are my social inhibitions so wack?[View]
21486586Starting office job: Okay I've broken free of being a neet and I'm starting an office job …[View]
21486834Breaking off feelings: Just standard breakup advice thread? I was just with a conplete narc and I kn…[View]
21486286Ex added me back on Snap and keeps sending me cute pics of herself while we text. What's that s…[View]
21487270People who've been in an internet ldr: how did it go? Is it really worth it? I've often se…[View]
21487553Tinder Advice: I've been chatting to a chick on Tinder. We've been talking a lot. Her prof…[View]
21487546Do I have anxiety: >Be me >Get into verbal altercation with big bro >Threatened with viole…[View]
21487392Tax questions: [Australia] Do I need to 1) Fill out 0's in boxes that don't apply to me, o…[View]
21487401How do I stop feeling like I'll never be enough to date?[View]
21486719>be me, autistic loner in college >always alone, not very interested in socializing, usually d…[View]
21483355Go ahead and vent into the void. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLxv4oj4OcY[View]
21486437I always fail at keeping a routine, like studying for x amount of hours, sleeping 7-8 hours, exercis…[View]
21486651I don't feel anything from blowjobs and not much from sex. I haven't masturbated much in t…[View]
21487184Sport at home: I'm always at home alone but I realized I need to workout. Not working out has a…[View]
21486080i am in between a rock and a hard place. my boyfriend lives in California and i live across the coun…[View]
21487343i'm currently a college student. it gets worse, doesn't it? i don't want to be a wag…[View]
21487005self: I don't know how to word this. My emotions move quickly and I forget my thoughts all the …[View]
21486761What's the best way to kill yourself besides hanging and a gun?[View]
21487167Hi /adv/ im leaving for my home country with the purpose of getting into a college after 10 years ab…[View]
21487175In the past couple of years since I first had sex I’ve become a sex addict, I want sex so much it’s …[View]
21487115I’m 23F I live with/off of my bf and want to break up with him. I’d have to move back in with my mom…[View]
21486964I would like to sell my soul to the Devil. How do I go about selling my soul?[View]
21487238Is this really happening: Dad found the poop Whistle[View]
21485877Virginity: Should I be ashamed to be still a virgin with 19 years ?[View]
21487003imagine only finding TWENTY percent of the opposite sex attractive and still complaining about how h…[View]
21486971Thanks anon!: I was the anon who went to the birthday party. I took your advice and got brought some…[View]
21487113How do I talk to people? I had almost no social interaction During my childhood and what “friends” I…[View]
21486792>girl I've known for almost two months seems to like me but keeps qualifying it with 'but we…[View]
21487062Google: The topography on google maps its weird you cant turn it off it covers the ocean but why idk…[View]
21485858Start a fight club: I wanna feel something but I don't wanna use pussy shit like drugs or alcoh…[View]
21486831I need a keyboard tray, my desk is too high for me to put my mouse and keyboard on it directly witho…[View]
21485603dumb music thread im in a band with friends and were making music that i dont really want to make. i…[View]
21486970So my best friend may be having a kid with a girl he's been dating since hs (we're all ~24…[View]
21486640I’m 20 and cant get a girlfriend because I’m shy and awkward and now a gay nigga at work wants to fu…[View]
21486293Should I kill myself if I don't want to grow up?[View]
21484716How to stop being the 'funny guy'?: Good morning /adv/. I lurk here alot for advice, but i haven…[View]
21486934>8ish weeks into the semester >Realize my online gov class required a textbook >Test tomorr…[View]
21486942How do I cope with the feeling that I will never be able to see my favorite band in concert?[View]
21486918Can't learn to drive for shit, what should I do? It takes me so long to understand it and the o…[View]
21484395How bad is it to have herpes type 1. I got tested and i have it and i feel devastated[View]
21486641Some people on /pol/ are working on resurrecting Latin as a language of communication. What would be…[View]
21486906Conversion Therapy: It’s a curse to be straight these, how do I convert to homosexuality?[View]
21486850I need help. I'm a not unattractive male, and recently I seem to be getting more attention from…[View]
21486470How do I get over being a little bitch? I feel depressed and out of energy all the time and I feel l…[View]
21486828What does this image mean?: Can it be interpreted as any kind of threat?[View]
21486506What should I do? I'm interested in this guy and I thought he was interested in me but even aft…[View]
21486257It's that time again bitches! Half drunk and plenty stoned, NEET, living in Seattle. ASK ME ANY…[View]
21486686I'm depressed and I'm angry about it and have an urge to be mean to people. how do i cope …[View]
21486856Is being gay or bi something you need to try first to know if you really are?[View]
21486844Post Nut Clarity: >TLDR: during post nut clarity, I don't think I like this girl but she lik…[View]
21485714long story short: I ask a girl out and she rejects me. Later she says she'll go out with me so …[View]
21485569how can i get more comfortable around people?: i've practiced putting myself out there but i ha…[View]
21486730I’m starting to think about my cousin romantically and idk what to do[View]
21484592How do I stop wanting a girlfriend and caring about women? How do I become a happy productive worker…[View]
21486093Does early depression ruin lives? I keep reading about many people who got depression either whilst …[View]
21485231Why do girls always take 10 hours or more to respond? How am I supposed to be charming when they won…[View]
21486661What should i do? Long story short, i could either wait out a year and a half of suspended driving p…[View]
21486691Describe the things that make you feel safe and happy.: What do you enjoy? I like pet stores, they f…[View]
21486690if you are 26 years old or more, how exactly are you supposed to have a social life?...i mean i just…[View]
21486500I want to crossdress so badly, but don't know what to do. I am a 18 straight white male, senor…[View]
21486649How do I get rid of tinnitus?[View]
21486253Have you ever had a photo taken of you that looks absolutely horrible and grotesque? I mean, I’ve ha…[View]
21486505I’ve been a victim of emotional abuse my entire life from my older brother, he’s physically stronger…[View]
21486516Art of Seduction: I am trying to seduce hot women and sleep with as many as possible. Do I start wit…[View]
21485085gf friend with dating apps: My gf of a year and a half when she was single met a guy off the women m…[View]
21486352>be me >biological father left when I was born >mother married a Korean when I was 12 …[View]
21486569how do i know who i am? i dont think i know myself and that sort of bothers me.[View]
21485935I had sex with a man for the first time and it was better than sex with my wife. What do now? Should…[View]
21486436How many years of social isolation does it take to irreversably damage you and render you no longer …[View]
21486549what is a good software program for burning DVD's? And another for checking the readability of …[View]
21486349Should I drop out of college? I've got two more years to go towards a CS degree at a fairly wel…[View]
21486218Literally almost every thread on this board is about not being able to get a spouse/partner. This is…[View]
21486269Should I get curls? Do curls get girls??[View]
21486031NEED. TO. FOCUS.: I have a lot of fucking UNI papers to write but I CAN'T. FUCKING. MAKE. MYSEL…[View]
21483651/adv/ I need some help here wanted to no if any one else on this board feels this way. In short...I…[View]
21486419Guurl: Im convincing myself to not catch feels for the ex of a homie for a week or 2 now. Reasons: F…[View]
21486459How can I be sure Im browsing the internet safely? How do I know my identity is secure?: Is there a …[View]
21486423Can anyone identify what type of table/shelf unit this is for? It has a KROEHLER stamp underneath bu…[View]
21486457How do I love people again?: Due to some mental issues caused by drugs, I've gone through a gau…[View]
21485534Making up for lost time: >realize I'm ignorant, uncultured and stupid >start reading book…[View]
21485993I cant pick between being a slut or just settling down with one girl and being romantic And whenever…[View]
21485948MISSING WIFES DADS BIRTHDAY DINNER: SOrry caps So i was supposed to go to wifes dads dinner thing w…[View]
21486385How to tell a man you like him even though you’re a sperg who’s lower on the social ladder but who’s…[View]
21486386GF of few years randomly left: My GF of a few years (who I've been dating since high school) ju…[View]
21486391How to not become a homosexual? Does watching straight porn make you have homosexual tendencies? You…[View]
21486297Is it better to finish my degree with a low gpa or quit, take on a labor/entry level job that doesnt…[View]
21486384Why do people become picky eaters? It's something that ifuriates me. My little brother is a pic…[View]
21484298Symphony of cringe: I'm 27 and my entire life up to this point has been a cringe compilation. I…[View]
21485486Question to girls only(no trannies): Do you like going to clubs/discos or concerts Would you date so…[View]
21486355i feel like an unlucky guy. i mean, when i try something, like work hard, thats not enough. somethin…[View]
21485526Wut: Where can I make friends that aren't depressed,hyper active or non weirdos?[View]
21486075So how fucked am I?: Got into a little altercation with my girlfriend's brother the other night…[View]
21486347Need Piracy advice: I got hit by a Notice and Notice from my ISP (basically Canada's DMCA lette…[View]
21486285Feeling like I cucked everyone like this?: Basically I get into lots of relationships that aren…[View]
21486300Why is being lazy so easy? I want to work hard at my goal but im so un-disciplined i end up watching…[View]
21486134It really doesn't get better. What's the point of everything? Like why?[View]
21486243Hi all hope u are fine. Basically need help. Ive got three jobs, and a full time student. Two jobs i…[View]
21486314How do you live a life?: How do you socialize and make connections with new irl people? How do you g…[View]
21486173I want to die: >rewind 6 months ago >dad meets my bf and i explain im actaully gay >he blam…[View]
21486210How do i find a good girl? Do i have to move to asia or something? I have talked to asian girls and …[View]
21486214Anyone still feel bad about an ex, long after the breakup? I still have ill feelings toward two of m…[View]
21486001I'm concerned anon. 38 days of nofap, and you're thinking about performing the atomic clam…[View]
21484330Masters Course Blues: >25 >amateur Filmmaker >apply to best film school in country a coup…[View]
21475610''Men and women cannot not be friends'': Are there any truth to this or is it ju…[View]
21486181Is it a bad idea to try and get with another person after a horrible rejection? Haven’t been able to…[View]
21486138Living with family: >be me >looking for job and flat >goes out to buy mum a birthday presen…[View]
21486050Govsupportfag here: We have a system in Germany that gives university students money as long as they…[View]
21486103Help me I don't know what to do: Ok so I recently found it funny to pretend to be a M16 Assault…[View]
21484657How do I unfetish myself: I have a fucking cuckold fetish. But I can't be a fucking cuck. Immed…[View]
21484662What are some good hobbies to get interested in?: tl;dr What are some good hobbies to get interested…[View]
21485952i'm severely depressed because i can't make any money, i’m living with my parents until th…[View]
21486073I’ve started to smoke again any advice?[View]
21485463How long do you see a girl before you ask her to be your girlfriend?[View]
21485604crush: i just messaged my first crush from middle school which was a cringe phase desu. i confessed …[View]
21485975So ive been talking to this girl for a while and we hit off so we arranged for a date but when the d…[View]
21482652https://vocaroo.com/i/s00ouBMXXQic How's my singing? Never sung in front of anyone so I was jus…[View]
21486051Getting over a girl I had a thing with...: Background: I had a work term in a new city for school, a…[View]
21485591I googled my email address out of curiosity, what I found was a document on anonfiles with mine and …[View]
21485957I fucking suck at learning. I suck at everything I do. I play video games and always lose, get a neg…[View]
21485909What to choose?: I started dating my ex early this year and it was going pretty well, she genuinely …[View]
21484642A friend of 4 years always cancels meet ups at the last minute, saying he needs to 'work' but finds …[View]
21484886Long distance: I've been into a guy who lives across the world from me for 2 years. We've…[View]
21485840So, I met this son of an oil guy from Libya that is studying here that appears to have taken a likin…[View]
21484131Iterations of human reproduction: Have you ever seen the look two people give one another when they …[View]
21485549I fucked up by inviting a hook up buddy to our house: I thought my mother would be gone, but she…[View]
21484132I always feel like I'm being watched. It happens all day and night, but it gets bad during the …[View]
21484917College?: So I'm currently in college for marketing, but theres a lot of math courses and I…[View]
21484701Escalating friendzoned coworker: The 'hot girl' at work kinda looks like this, everyone is always aw…[View]
21484079Girlfriend doesn't text back even though she's online. Say I ask her something in the morn…[View]
21484961How the FUCK do I get a GF? I'm 19 with no social life, do I just use tinder or something? The …[View]
21484358How to become a chad and hook up with 2 girls at the same time?[View]
21484107Hey /adv/ I've been struggling for a while now with being raped/molested as a child. I bump int…[View]
21485887Manga Reader: Hello Anon, is there a good manga reader for an android phone you would recommend? Tha…[View]
21485884Leading on internet people?: I only enjoy sex when its online, and one of them recently said I need …[View]
21485799How do I decide what to do with my life?: Highschool senior here, how do I choose a major? How do I …[View]
21484508Driver license: Are there people who can't be taught to drive? I feel like I'm the one. In…[View]
21484918What are some things to say to a boy that makes him7 love you? i feel like compliments out the blue …[View]
21484656Hi Anons of /adv/, today at mass I was wondering about how a lonely NEET such a sme can start a stea…[View]
21484885Good places to chat to women online? I'm 10 years into a relationship and my gf is having a men…[View]
21485789I want to break up with my gf but she would be devastated and we're on the lease for another 6 …[View]
21485632How do you one up yourself and progress in a relationship? I have a gf and we are together ( offici…[View]
21484791How can I become more creative, inspired and soulful? Is there a way to train creativity and inspira…[View]
21484343how to boost creativity? I was way more creative when I was younger...[View]
21485235My gf vocabulary over text consists of: >good morning >good night >good >you? >hahaha…[View]
21485319Having trouble learning past few months. Not like I was much of a smartass in the first place, but l…[View]
21482665what should a junior in college be doing on a Saturday night[View]
21484749Cheated on my girlfriend: I Went out the other night with some friends of mine in college and I got …[View]
21484371I would like to make a career... be good at something and earn money thanks to it but I have no pass…[View]
21485576Bff crush Okay so basically I've been friends with this girl for like 5 years and have really g…[View]
21484874Home Selling Process: My asshole parents ran away for the weekend and said that I need to stay in th…[View]
21485498Sex with girlfriend doesn't feel the same, I mean I still love her but it just doesn't fee…[View]
21485437Fuck: This girl that lives a couple of hundred miles away keeps talking to me daily and sending me n…[View]
21485035>My dick is begging me to watch porn >I'm low on data and should save to do important thi…[View]
21485663Dear fellows prostis: have you ever fallen in love with a client? I think I've accidentally let…[View]
21485647>Be Autistic 8th grade me >Ask out qt3.14 to dance after like 2 years of Friendship >She sa…[View]
21485554(Preface to question) Out of desperation, I started a job as a union pre-apprentice electrician a mo…[View]
21485541>can't be emotional, or cry, or say true thoughts/fears to girl you like >have to like he…[View]
21484678I had the best night yesterday... the entire time i was with my crush of 4 years and she ended up le…[View]
21484860A few questions to people on here who are in relationships: How long did you know your partner befor…[View]
21485461Smelly feet: I am not a dirty person, but my feet always stink. I can only wear socks once and if I …[View]
21485481How do I get a job if I am a socially awkward girl anxiety and social anxiety? I dont care about the…[View]
21485573What does she see in me? Its been tearing my ego apart, but I just don't know what my gf sees i…[View]
21485551ex gf who i no longer have strong feelings for but is my closest friend is possibly gonna get a bf: …[View]
21484778How to get over the insecurity of my gf cheating on me? 99% sure she never has and seems super in lo…[View]
21485462What are the definitive differences between CBD and THC?[View]
21485448Long story short: I met this girl a few months ago We talked for a while and had some intimate conv…[View]
21484876Okay so: I know I can’t force my former friends to talk to me, but can I at least ask them if they w…[View]
21483962Is this normal?: Got invited over to hers on tinder. I took. A bottle of wine and we drink and chat.…[View]
21485483How do I become a normie?: It's over. I want out. Life has been constant hell for me since arou…[View]
21485446Why do women like to be choked, slapped, hair pulled, spat upon, pissed on, abused and dergraded dur…[View]
21484335Brothers: Parents divorced when we were 10-12, I'm eldest, brother went to live with dad, I sta…[View]
21484597How do I know if I'm too perverted? I used to send a lot of 'risky texts' on tinder and got lai…[View]
21481267>flirty irl >barely responds to texts what does it mean…[View]
21483378What do you do if you are 100% right about something but people don't believe?[View]
21485119How do I stop getting pissed off when I see couples in public: Honestly I have just accepted that no…[View]
21482639Did You Have Health Problems From Vaping?: I am trying to figure out if five years of very heavy vap…[View]
21485292I'm a white-passing mixed race person. I haven't told my boyfriend about my extra-European…[View]
21483864Rape porn is depressing.: Why do so many hentai and porn artists in general seem to have such a fixa…[View]
21485356I stepped in poop, is this and a regular detergent enough to safely clean it? I don't know what…[View]
21485267Sometimes I feel like one of my testicles is out of place. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just…[View]
21484547where can i buy poison in normal stores and what poisons to buy?[View]
21485300critique: Hello, /adv/. It's me again. The artfag. I was wondering where I'm able to uploa…[View]
21485359Job interview: Hey guys I'm currently unemployed. I have a job interview for a maintenance posi…[View]
21484509>took advantage of another blind girl who doesn't know how ugly I am And black, she doesn…[View]
21483411I’m an alcoholic and have relapsed, don’t know where to go from here: I’m even worse than before reh…[View]
21484865Vyvanse meds make me feel like a robot: Has anyone else tried vyvanse and find that it makes them be…[View]
21484497how to have more energy, have more enthusiasm, be more active in life? I'm 18 and I have little…[View]
21485252How important is the role of grandparents in a child's formative years? Does a lack of grandpar…[View]
21485197Social Autism: whilst I was on my way home this evening, I've met the girl I like and a friend …[View]
21484990Is 150 too much for a private 1 on 1 training with a boxing coach? This guy has trained guys who fou…[View]
21482957How do I stop being a lesbian[View]
21485105I want to create a YouTube channel and try my luck at it, but I don’t know where to start. It’s not …[View]
21485232How to start a convo with a girl: How should i start a text convo with a girl i only exchanged eye c…[View]
21481164SIG - Self Improvement General: Post what you are working on, motivation, and other related shit. Bo…[View]
21485248i got this friend. we met during class. i didn't think he'd bother speaking to me beyond t…[View]
21485207Why is it so fucking impossible to make like minded friends as a misfit? Litteraly everyone is borin…[View]
21484922Dating poorer guys and going to a 'local': I love the culture and accent and style of the poorer peo…[View]
21483649everything seems better after 2-3 beers I am a lot more outgoing and everything seems more interesti…[View]
21484609Hooking at clubs: Any advice on how to pick up a girl at a bar, club or pub and having a one night s…[View]
21485167Can someone explain this shit:: >Girl invites me to go with her and two other female friends on a…[View]
21485182Help me.: >I have an extreme fear of social interaction due to rejection by nearly everybody exce…[View]
21485129How do you even do online dating when you're so accustomed to chan culture? It's not like …[View]
21485192I'd like to know if anyone here has had experience with fractionation. Does this method work as…[View]
21482733gonna lose the v card tommorrow. tips?[View]
21484974How to be human?: I don't know how to talk to others. >mfw want to join the conversation bu…[View]
21484952I (22F) had a horrible reaction to meds and I'm still feeling the affects.: I was starting to h…[View]
21483010Refrain from being an asshole please. Thank you. So in january I got really into working out. I used…[View]
21483384So I have an impregnation fetish. I responsibly take birth control and I have no desire to trap my b…[View]
21484972What's the mechanism behind getting a gf and suddenly being wanted by every girl around you? My…[View]
21485031Hey /adv/ long time no see I have this situation going with a girl, we started seeing each other and…[View]
21482555ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. K…[View]
21484914Asking Someone Out: Alright anons, I think I have a shot at obtaining a gf this time. I have reason …[View]
21480064Kissing: I'm going to continue making this thread until I either: feel a kiss from a girl or di…[View]
21484171How to talk dirty during sex?: I'm a prude but open to kinks and stuff. But my boyfriend loves …[View]
21484459Is it a bitch move to say goodbye to everyone in a cryptic manor before you kill yourself? I don…[View]
21482637Jesus FUCKING Christ. I was walking around my ass of a room and accidentally knocked over a can of b…[View]
21484853tell me how prominent these people with special pronouns really are, /adv/. here i was thinking the …[View]
21484507How to escape: The original idea for this was made when I was much angrier than I am now, but I deci…[View]
21484585How to kiss?: How exactly do I kiss a girl?[View]
21484118I just don't want to spend my life alone, is to so much to ask?[View]
21483788Painful pimple on buttcheek.: There's this painful pimple that's on my left butt cheek for…[View]
21484835Good way to kms?: Ok so ppl in 4chan are kinda fucked up so which one of u fuckers is gonna tell me …[View]
214848572nd date suggestions thread: Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this or even give sugges…[View]
21484870how can i stop caring about whether or not i have a girlfriend? i had one for a while 6 months back …[View]
21484626Continuing life in 2019 with fucked up memories/PTSD/whatever: There's something real wrong wit…[View]
21484201>Woke up hangover after 8 hours since drinking. >breakfast >Take 2 400mg ibuprofen. >he…[View]
21484698I'm jealous of his sister???: tl;dr how can I eclipse all other women in his life and leave him…[View]
21484439Each time I do something that I love doing, I end up in frustration because I can't finish a pr…[View]
21484797I don't know what I want to do for a career. Currently in computational science in a university…[View]
21484800Can't breathe properly. Help.: So I work at this business and they just had their new flyers co…[View]
21484088What would you do if you're just about to have sex with a beautiful girl, she seems normal... Y…[View]
21483897Why does it seem like many people are living better lives than me?: As I have been transitioning to …[View]
21484775I think I still want to be with my ex: Her and I started dating back in our senior year and broke up…[View]
21484706I’m too shy to accept group invites in wow, how do I get over that? :([View]
21483513Girl I like is on a date: >knows she's really into me too >but also know nothing has been…[View]
21483937Do you have any idea what you're doing?[View]
21483055just found out that my ex who broke up with me for 'no reason' was cheating on me, and I didn't…[View]
21482706it's fucking 4AM and I keep thinking about her. This is like the 6th thread I've made this…[View]
21484512Should I leave first gf?: Summary >have friend >he has a friend who's a girl >we all b…[View]
21484576My voice volume is to low, how can i speak louder? I don't want to scream.[View]
21484496How do I get a girlfriend that wears a cardigan and smells good?[View]
21483976Can I get help?: I had a gay intercourse quite some while ago. Got it in my ass. I'm wondering …[View]
21484425Love of nerd girl: I love some guy and he don't love me. But he chat with me, and he advise abo…[View]
21483077Time to find work, but what?: Sup adv. I'm a student who was doing really well up until this ye…[View]
21484153My 'friends' always do shit without me or without ever asking me if I wanted to do or to go. I alway…[View]
21483750How do i avoid this garbage in america? I live in a small town and there is zero good options here l…[View]
21482616How to convince wife to have polyamorous relationship?: I love my wife but I have two thicc coworker…[View]
21484240What are some things to say to a girl that makes her love you? i feel like compliments out the blue …[View]
21484440How do I make someone accept that...: How do I make someone accept that the white race is superior? …[View]
21483747what's better for confidence and self esteem and what's more interesting? gym or kickboxin…[View]
21483755is being 'nice' (not like the nice guy/angry incel meme, but genuinely nice) a turn off for most gir…[View]
21484404friend keeps asking me how she looks in a bikini and she literally has rolls of fat and extra skin s…[View]
21483484How do I consistently get maximum boners? I've been getting a lot of half boners lately and ful…[View]
21484078Anons can you give me an example of a specific company that uses adhocracy?[View]
21483531I don't like woman, but I am not gay. What is this? And what to do?[View]
21484364PC problem: hi /adv/ I have a problem in my PC , it needs a windows update bcz I accidentally set it…[View]
21483101Is there a way I can become chad?: Hi. So I decided that in order for me to get women's attenti…[View]
21483622>Be me >8/10 Chadlite >Gay >Move halfway across the world for college >Become some S…[View]
21482698I was dating a girl from my social group earlier this year for a short time. I wasn't really fe…[View]
21479062Way out of friendzone...: I know this has been done to death but, Asked a friend(for 3years met in u…[View]
21484227How do I stop myself from cheating? I've been in an LTR for a long time now, but now I am in an…[View]
21483523what do?: I'm lost. I have no ambition, no friends, and no loved ones. I hate school, but feel …[View]
21483619possible BPD ex and painful breakup: LESS THAN 40 DAYS AFTER BREAKUP EX GIRLFRIEND SAYS SHE FELL IN …[View]
21484105Ok here it goes, (I have autism plus ADD plus Neurofibromatosis) I don't have any social skills…[View]
21484232How can a gay woman in her 30ties move to Asia in quickest and easiest way? Which country would be t…[View]
21484209What are these called i english and can I get it removed? Does it cost much?[View]
21482360Tattoo motives: Might be the wrong board for this, since I'm asking for opinions but here goes.…[View]
21483972How to kiss away from the mouth: So me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time. I want to start…[View]
21482709How do I fucking forget her? I had a chance, blew it and she moved on, but I keep fucking thinking a…[View]
21484038For some reason, when I look at the insane, degenerate, borderline-fictional bullshit that happens a…[View]

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