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20934001What do when relatives give me ugly clothes as gifts: I know I should just take them and be grateful…[View]
20934718Fake letter: >Someones lying Do you think both these letters look similar and might have been wr…[View]
20934150i fucked up: >be me >breaks up with bi girlfriend(still good friends though) >ex's bi…[View]
20934009Girl I love is: -trying to run from her father to a different country because they are constantly fi…[View]
20933857hey guys anyone here plays the guitar? I know a little bit but my hearing and improvisation skills a…[View]
20934503I think I have ADD: About a month ago I read about ADD and I seriously think I have it. I've be…[View]
20934545What is the best way to commit suicide with a gun or much money?[View]
20934650If I was using a test replacement gel and my dick was rock hard, but now I've switched to somet…[View]
20934578How am I supposed to stop eating so much? Please send help.[View]
20931927>Suppose to go to a party for a friend tomorrow with my gf > Sister came into town this week f…[View]
20930726Is there a way to GET RICH QUICK?: But for real, and preferably without scamming ppl.[View]
20934607How do i escape clown world?: I want to live but not on this world.[View]
20931509Is 5.4 inches small? Considering im 1.68 tall[View]
20933441What makes someone become an autist/incel? There are plenty of ugly in the world people who have no …[View]
20934574If my parents never told me about my grandparents, their siblings, and my extended family, were they…[View]
20933505which are the toys you'd make your child grow up with? I personally grew up with legos and love…[View]
20934532Get out of a fetish: I've got a diaper fetish, and I'd like to get out of it. Is there any…[View]
20934470Is there truly satisfaction in simplicity and contentedness? Do only fools throw this fulfillment to…[View]
20934496I can't make new friends or get a girlfriend but I have no problems when hooking up with random…[View]
20933986How do I force myself to become attracted to women my own age? I'm almost 32, went to college l…[View]
20932152>'so anon, are you a virgin?' What the FUCK is the correct response to this?…[View]
20933553Is sex overrated?: All the girls I fucked never gave me a good blowjob, in fact most of them seem di…[View]
20932338Why do women like erotic literature so much as compared to men who like video pornography more?[View]
20933814I am unfocused: I don't feel like doing anything and it has been going on for quite some time. …[View]
20934443How to prevent ambien sleepwalking: OK first off i don't have terrible insomnia like i used to …[View]
20934435Hey, so I'm a freshman who's never had a girlfriend in his entire life and I've final…[View]
20933591Post tips on wearing high heels: How do I keep the balance and my feet pain free?[View]
20933864Why are women so overemotional? >proposes to my girlfriend the idea of an open relationship >s…[View]
20932402Should I leave my friends: I have a particular group of friends I hang out with occasionally but I d…[View]
20934325Better eye contact: I struggle to make good eye contact with people. It's so bad sometimes when…[View]
20934318Pension Plans: What are the pros and cons of pension plans? I'm a 21 year old Britbong who…[View]
20934390I miss my past girlfriends First one I broke up with because it she was about to breakup with me so …[View]
20930082what are the best supplements for depression?[View]
20934221I failed algebra twice in high school and withdrew from it once in college so far. I have to pass al…[View]
20934095What the fuck is wrong with my foot: Help[View]
20934292I love my boyfriend. However... I fear I might love him a little bit too much.[View]
2093361024 yo virgin here: tips?[View]
20934238friends, >Me and girlfriend go to same college >We both have busy summers in which we won’t be…[View]
20934280Need a haircut: What would work for my face shape, hair type?[View]
20933742How do I move on?: I just broke up with my gf yesterday of two years. It's hitting me really ha…[View]
20934121messed up and made this a reply to someones elses thread: why do the same things keep happening, oka…[View]
20931347How the fuck do you meet women in 2019? -Dating apps, not good looking enough (I've tried them …[View]
2093408519m janitor at a casino: first post in a long time because i got myself out of a slump i was previou…[View]
20933244Do girls ever get horny? Like 'I need some dick right now' horny?[View]
20930273Why are the people here on this board so mean and rude?[View]
20934151If I'm cutting cardboard with a box cutter what is a good thing to put under it to cut on? Is i…[View]
20934144Socially Isolated: I'm in early 20s. I'm retaking few courses online to try get back into…[View]
20933922>be me >18 >always a cute boy >always a well-behaved boy >unfit but not overweight …[View]
20932965Help kid is lgbtq: So, i'll just give a rundown of me and my wife then my kid. Me and my wife a…[View]
20932883Need Advice Buying a Gaming PC: So I'm total brainlet when it comes to computers and I figured …[View]
20934071What's a good alternative to posting anonymous noods to reddit to temporarily boost shitty self…[View]
20932298As a 5 foot 10 East asian male (chinese decent) how do I get a girlfriend of another race so I can c…[View]
20933795I am currently studying chem e. and it feels like it’s worthless, most of my area is collapsed and I…[View]
20933661Where do I go from here?: >English graduate >work as an English academic coach in a school …[View]
20933924>work as sheriff, get poop pay of 1700 after tax every 2 weeks >get second job at a hospital w…[View]
20933895early retirement/suicide: retiring early is ok i hate these suicide preventers im going to retire ea…[View]
20934010The fuck do I do: I've always been really attracted to short, cute girls. Like fetish level att…[View]
20933703I don't feel anything for sex: Don't get me wrong, i do feel erections/erotism and everyth…[View]
20933738Extreme anger: I have extreme anger management issues and have no idea how to deal with it. Just wan…[View]
20933994Anyone else deal with Schizoid Personality Disorder?: I absolutely loathe having to deal with people…[View]
20932180How do you accept that the most beautiful girl you've ever dated is actually an emotional wreck…[View]
20929061Bad Advice: What's some bad advice you've heard or personally received?[View]
20933533How do you smile for pictures without it looking strange[View]
20933870How to get energy for all the meaningless shit you have to do?: I just cant be bothered and always j…[View]
20933826Is 'You have beautiful eyes. I wish I could pluck them out and carry them around with me' a sweet an…[View]
20931904Should I keep constantly yelling at my kids if it's the only thing they'll respond to?[View]
20933892I think I may hate women: I'm a 21 yr old male and I think I may harbor some hatred towards wom…[View]
20933851Non-verbal communication and physical feelings: I want to start practicing paying attention to my ow…[View]
20933856Brotherhood?: As time goes by, i learn and win always in my own way.But one day, i didn't expec…[View]
20932327Fears of Medication: So I have talked to this guy who is afraid to take his anti depressants because…[View]
20931831Need a co-signer for my student loans: So I posted a thread a few days back about how I need $12k to…[View]
20933743How to actually come out on top of women? get more 'effort points' , looks adjusted than you spend ,…[View]
20933566I want to kill myself: >be me >25 years old >never had a gf >feel worthless Life doesn…[View]
20928200Hey advice I have a marriage question. My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than 4 years now…[View]
20932511I had to go to Budapest (huge city where i live) because I had stuff to do and now i am currently si…[View]
20933569Need some thoughts on this female colleague, and some perspective on my own behaviour. Does she sim…[View]
20933464How do i chose what to do with my life >t.18 year old fag[View]
20930976How do I not kill myself: >be me, english guy >move to Russia, St. Petersburg for work >Use…[View]
20933715hey guys, i’m currently attending an arts school, specifically doing drama, but i’m extremely depres…[View]
20933428There is this gril I've met 4 months ago and we've become good friends month and a half ag…[View]
20933737>tfw restless leg syndrome i feel like my little toe doesnt belong on my foot…[View]
20933632My girlfriend of two years broke up with me a few days ago. The issue over why is pretty understanda…[View]
20933626hey guys I’m gonna be a bit petty here. My friend is talking a whole lot of shit to me and some othe…[View]
20932432What are some logical steps I should take in order to fuck this?[View]
20933345How do I remove my eye contact anxiety? Pic related[View]
20933618Anyone with a decent knowledge of medical stuff or a gastroenterologist here?: I need advice about h…[View]
20933614Should I buy laptop online or offline?: I have been looking at the prices of laptops for a while now…[View]
20933506i can't take it anymore. i am a man in my late 20, have a master degree in law and i should stu…[View]
20933554i think i really fucked up now: back in march, i had gotten a work-study job with my college profess…[View]
20932385Who should I bet on for the marblelympics?[View]
20931591My life is ruined.: After getting a generic medication from the ER, I received a bill of over $1,500…[View]
20933165Not a femhate thread but genuinely curious. why are so many women so childish? Lack of mature priori…[View]
20931338A job i can do: I have a bachelors of computer science. I am a conplete idiot. Do CAD jobs exist? Jo…[View]
20929218> go on vacation with friends > not my boyfriend's cup of tea so he doesn't come …[View]
20929696GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Vent away![View]
20931421Is it worth continuing a relationship with Cancer?: >be me >19 >Never been in relationship …[View]
20932430banned from public library: what are some good places to study besides home or the public library no…[View]
20932251Other than asking her out and arranging a date, what should one text a girl you like? Memes? Asking…[View]
20932911I used to be a 'nice guy' but ive been at collage for a year now and have learnt to talk to girls. P…[View]
20932979Self Love: Why won’t any woman give me a chance? I’m 26 and never had a date. Nobody that’s of the f…[View]
20933379How to break up with someone without hurting them I mean i didn't show her that anything is wro…[View]
20931886>Why do you like me ? Ignoring the physical attributes what are you supposed to answer to this? I…[View]
20930987ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see i…[View]
20932689I really need your thoughts on this, please.: (1/4) Story time: So I was born into a poor family. Bo…[View]
20932698This drug is just as bad as cocaine: I literally shat my pants 3 times in a week, and I noticed I ta…[View]
20933301How do people actually focus on their studies? I get bored after studying for an hour and start proc…[View]
20932054Lyme Transition Fears: Recently I've been getting more and more afraid that I'm going to e…[View]
20933260I want to go back to college but I’m still undecided on my major. I spent 6 years in college in the …[View]
20931321Why does Bipolar disorder exists. I wish i could erase my mind: I tried multiple ways of getting it …[View]
20933029> be me, 14 > introverted, has depression, aspergers, 0 friends > moves to another city, st…[View]
20930209I’m 24 and after a year of working and saving aggressively I have $30k in the bank. Problem is I’m d…[View]
20933206Single at 20 dafuq do i do: I'm 20 and never had a girlfriend before. Only really close friends…[View]
20932856Relationship advice: Hello, I am a 20y/o virgin, partly because I was christian for my first 18 year…[View]
20933196Quitting social drinking and smoking: I've decided that I want to quit drinking and smoking. I …[View]
20933187Its been a few years since I've been in a relationship and one day a couple months back i met t…[View]
20932573If your best friend dropped out of school/quit his job to try starting a career streaming on Twitch …[View]
20931519I lost my virginity yesterday. It's this cute Asian girl from my college from my psych class th…[View]
20932824Should I get it over with already?: I'm a 20 year old virgin. How damaging would it be for me i…[View]
20931231I need an art that is low pressure. Something you can do to relax without the need of unending studi…[View]
20930783Solution manual: Need solution manual to ”Einstein gravity in a nutshell” theres a lot of questions …[View]
20929204My penis only gets about 80% hard and it's been like this for two years. I have normal choleste…[View]
20932894I think I have to put my dog down. He's always been super aggressive towards other dogs and str…[View]
20932941Is it possible to delete the memories you had with another person in the past from your subconscious…[View]
20932844Is this normal?: Sometimes I just randomly hear voices in my head. They’re soft and sound like my ow…[View]
20932949Horny and Lonely: I haven't had a gf in 3 years, I'm never sad about this but recently it…[View]
20932477Well. I'll try to summarize. I'm 24, married, child and all. My wife and I used to be craz…[View]
20932113Dumb question but when is it considered appropriate to add someone on Facebook without it seeming cr…[View]
20932718So I have a friend, 24, who is suicidal and is depressed. She can't be alone anymore during the…[View]
20931361How do you find motivation to do tedious tasks like school work? I often find it hard to sit down an…[View]
20932957Advice really a Confessional?: From what I gather from all these posts and stories I have looked thr…[View]
20932816I have a serious problem with not understanding when I'm mad over something because I'm em…[View]
20932713How do I find friends if my only pastime is shitposting on 4chan?[View]
2093287324 yo virgin here its done.[View]
20931642How do I deal with low confidence?: I've realized I have really low self-confidence. The type t…[View]
20932804Help pls: Why does it feel like my gf is loosing interest in me, like, I can see she's not real…[View]
20932805>How do I convince myself that I deserve to live? Since being a teenager I have always had low se…[View]
20931801So I finally managed to make a good connection with a girl. We hung out for awhile at a music festiv…[View]
20932792Why is /adv/ acting strange for me?: My internet is fine, other boards work fine, and I can start th…[View]
20932793How exactly is social anxiety treated in therapy and how long does it take to become a full blown no…[View]
20932096How can I stop caring so much about the opinions of others? It's really all I care about at thi…[View]
20932719gf troubles: gf is 16 (i turned 18 last month so no, I'm not a pedal) and she has very obvious …[View]
20932473AAAAAAAAA: I'm only 18 and have always had pretty thick hair but over the last month it's …[View]
20932605What do i do now?: Boyfriend left me about a week ago for his ex who hasnt talked to him in almost a…[View]
20928366Why does every internet community that I join eventually ban me? Basically I'll join a discord …[View]
20932462am I depressed?: since monday I am very worried about everything. I cried for pretty much 2 days. ye…[View]
20932457Is this a problem?: Ive just realized i fucking HATE being around people or talking to anyone in gen…[View]
20932488There is this girl who is quite younger than I am that is very taken with me, it was cute if not mil…[View]
20932266My dad is against me going to therapy: So I started to go to therapy and I’ve been to two sessions s…[View]
20932501I'm going to Florida to catch bugs for my bug collection. Any bug I should particularly look fo…[View]
20932534My cat has been throwing up a couple times recently but it is now making loud noises (like when you …[View]
20932522Is it weird that I still have feelings for my oneitis from a year and a half ago? We had a short sti…[View]
20931670Guaranteed oportunity to lose my V card: So, I'm 23 and a virgin. I've always wanted to ha…[View]
20932272I'm afraid I won't have the family I want in the future, and I don't know what to do …[View]
20932314>21 years old >cute girl at grocery store >chatted a bit, told her im movin in a month >…[View]
20932413Last weekend I was out bar crawling with some friends and while we were at a club, I met this really…[View]
20932274should I go for a wank or go for day 4 nofap?[View]
20930935Why cant women understand that you can love more than one person at the same time? I met with two gi…[View]
20931027Femanon here. Me and my boyfriend were experimenting will anal and he put the handle of something (a…[View]
20932259How do I get over the fear of approaching a girl? I'm currently at con and most people are with…[View]
20931650I have a friend that is all depressed cause his girlfriend cheated on him and break the relationship…[View]
20932066How can I get rid of this piece of shit? It hurts opening my jaw and chewing food, especially consid…[View]
2093183927 year old dude here. I am scared of emotional and physical intimacy and it causes me to hold back …[View]
20932078Std/Sti question: Can you get an std/sti on your hand or another part of your skin and if you touch …[View]
20931971I used to be really good at fighting games and it was a huge part of my identity. then I stopped tak…[View]
20931784my ass is leaking mucus and it smells really bad. Its affecting my life. Its been about four times t…[View]
20932246How much should I spend on a reasonably good suit in Germany? I'll use it for job interviews (s…[View]
20932102I got banned: So I recently got unfairly permabanned for alleged cp purposes. Because I was using a …[View]
20932229Recently I was checking out an old friend's fb whom I hadn't seen since we were in third g…[View]
20930429Why do I feel so fucking stupid?: I get told that I’m smart but the past few years I’ve started to d…[View]
20931970Anonymous: i want to die painfully. how do i successfully stab myself to death. what kind of knife s…[View]
20930655I dated a girl online for 2 years before she cheated on me, the way we broke up was insane. She was …[View]
20931823what is my teacher pretending to do????: two weeks after starting my semester a teacher from one of …[View]
20932008Psychedelics For Relief: Yes or No?: >parents divorce when I'm 5 >mom commits suicide whe…[View]
20932105Blind to love: >be me >Oblivious and cynical 20 year old >Too focused on the negatives arou…[View]
20932129How do you properly reject someone: I've got an obnoxious landwhale on my ass but I don't …[View]
20931578hey /adv/ me and gf got into fight today , i wanna cheer her up but i have no money or way of trans…[View]
20931306Diagnosed with Silent Reflux: Hey bros. About 8 months ago I started having throat issues. Felt like…[View]
20931169how do I marry an Asian girl? like from asia? and I kinda want to leave America asia is less degener…[View]
20931777Need ways to induce miscarriage: I need a way to induce a miscarriage at home. Gfs parents won'…[View]
20932091Trans Support Server: If you're looking for support & advice on trans issues, start here. …[View]
20931986>be me, depressed >think about suicide every day >decide to try drinking >drink 2 beers…[View]
20929889I can't talk to a single human being because of metaphysics. All I think about is metaphysics. …[View]
20931376i loved a girl for the longest time and became very close with her, im pretty lonely have low chance…[View]
20931939How do I improve myself?: >so I recently broke up with my grilfriend after I found out on her Ins…[View]
20930389Can I still get back with him?: I broke up with my bf about a week ago. I felt like he didn't c…[View]
20931246How do I stop socially avoidant? Like >get invited to stuff that is actualy cool >don't c…[View]
20929299beta orbiter: i’ve had this friend i made last fall at a college i was temporarily going to through …[View]
20930294Generation of meme girls: >get friends requests on fb from girls >Quite literally all of them …[View]
20931548Driving license: I've already spent no less than 1000 bucks for my driving license I'm sti…[View]
20931938how to be comfortable around female coworker: I'm the new guy at work, 32, married with two kid…[View]
20930629Heartbreak is awful. I feel like I can't function today. How do you deal?[View]
20931782I always cum early during sex. It's fucking embarrassing - I finally got together with this gir…[View]
20931920can we have a comfy discord friend/server thread without any tranny drama shit? i just want to make …[View]
20931898>be me >23 almost 24 >graduated with bsc major in neuroscience >bad health >haven…[View]
20931712Is this the first step to becoming a full blown cuck?[View]
20931837If i liked a girl before can i do it again?: I met her about 5 year ago. I thought she was intereste…[View]
20927472Why is it so hard to find a well paying job today, i just graduated uni last week and got my degree …[View]
20931719ARE YOU NORMAL?: There is no normal anymore.[View]
20931165Is it normal for an 18m to date a 16f: Met this girl on tinder, she's smart and good looking. S…[View]
20931797I think i want to break up with my girlfriend of 3 years. She's always talking shit about my EX…[View]
20929968> not very interested in sex > pretty content on my own > get stressed out if I spend too m…[View]
20931621Redditor willing to pay me and my GF $12k to be feminized for a week. Wat do?: I don't even kno…[View]
20931794How do I get laid more often?: I'm 6'2 and am working with 8'. My face is nice, and I'm on…[View]
20931824So are there any anons out there who, despite being anons, managed to get a stable girlfriend? If so…[View]
20931058Dad is obsessed with conspiracies: So, my baby boomer dad has drank the kool aid. He follows various…[View]
20931555I have a friend and whenever she calls me she only talks about herself. Mostly complaining and negat…[View]
20931565>have a terribly hard time talking to people >decide I'm overthinking everything >try …[View]
20928604Another suicide thread: I'm a coward. But I'd like to end my life in the next 7-10 days. W…[View]
20931446career advice?: so i'm 18 and dropped out of uni last semester. every day was the same, i hate …[View]
20931471I want to fuck every girl I meet: Help, how can I see a girl as a friend and not being attract to it…[View]
20931740Should I quit my job for a worse one?: The job I have now is going well and is the best job I'v…[View]
20931727My problem with finding girls: I have problems getting girls. Tried many times to get girls and I ha…[View]
20930779I got diagnosed with ADD and it explains most of my failures and what I hate myself.How can i get ov…[View]
20931659Was this a good way to say goodbye to someone? I sent this to two people today, my only friends rea…[View]
20930997Kids: Why are some people on this website so mad whenever someone over 30+ enjoys life without kids?…[View]
20929550Dealing with Avoidant Personality Disorder?: Have recently been diagnosed with avoidant personality …[View]
20930820i left some clothes hanging outside and rainwater dripped onto it from our roof and our roof is some…[View]
20931525I have condoms that I bought about 3 years ago. They expire October 2020. Do you think they're …[View]
20931300I'm too clingy toward my boyfriend...: I can't help it, I need cuddle and spend large amou…[View]
20930413Is it even possible to increase the size of your dick?: I know I know, but I’m being earnest. Is the…[View]
20931592Does getting exposed to racism desensitizes it after a while?[View]
20931521So I’m on day 3 of no fap >inb4 you won’t last Not the point but I could really use some advice …[View]
20926024am i a fucking pedo: words cannot describe how beyond disgusted, ashamed, and repulsed I am at mysel…[View]
20930144I need some advice: I had a girlfriend a long time ago for about a month. She was really cute. She w…[View]
20931139should i call out of work tomorrow? ive taken sick days the last two days. I have an upper respirato…[View]
20928284How do I deal with the feel of worthlessness, and the fear of being forgotten when I die?[View]
20931490How do I date again? I recently got dumped by a gf of 3 years. I got myself a fwb, but this isn…[View]
20931433How to go on a date with a girl without it being a 'friend' date?[View]
20931377How the fuck do I stop thinking that I'm better than everyone else? Literally every time somebo…[View]
20931414>be me >alone by creek with qt3.14 >are close >we kiss(her first) >great in moment …[View]
20930886Im Ugly but I try: nobody give a fuck about an overweight fatpig by 187lbs of fat with no jaw and ch…[View]
20930786any boards for detectives?: I'm new to 4chan , and am on the latter half of working towards my …[View]
20931074I am a menacing psychopath (5.0/5.0 on primary and secondary psychopathy) with testosterone levels r…[View]
20930253Girl i like in my college, never spoken to each other however we are in the same class, im pretty su…[View]
20931070What is the worst thing you have ever done?[View]
20931187I'm lonely: life plan has always been to just enjoy what I can till my dad dies then just off m…[View]
20931330I want to buy a house somewhere in the Los Angeles area in the next five years. I know wildfires are…[View]
20931265Long distance relationship: I am a university student, and got myself in a long distance relationshi…[View]
20931237My coworker has been expressing interest in me for a while but I've been avoiding asking her ou…[View]
20931252Is this a good plan?: I plan to commit suicide in a year. I suffered from suicidal depression for ye…[View]
20931091Can a long distance be worth it?: So... long story short: I'm into a girl, and she really seems…[View]
20931247>Be 17 at the time >Be a tranny furfag >Have only 2 friends but they don't understand …[View]
20931202What should I do if I girl (who I am not dating but we are talking for a long time) asked me if I ki…[View]
20931239What's a good website to sell my minis? If you are going to say eBay then how do I get top list…[View]
20931229What do I do? If I am a bit stressed or for example have to do some work in time, I get small twitch…[View]
20930899Would it be needy to send a message to a girl today is i was the last to send her a message on monda…[View]
20930168So this girl I've been going out with for 4 months as a friend finally today I got her on my be…[View]
20931182I'm thinking of reviving an old relationship with the mother of my brothers child.: I live with…[View]
20928739I literally can not operate during alergy season. (Pollen). I cannot overstate how extreme my allerg…[View]
20931007So I've been trying to learn more about shit I'm interested in and I'm beginning feel…[View]
20930896is it possible for drugs such as shrooms and acids to fuck up permanently somebody's brain?[View]
20930986Am I the only one?: Who notices everyone is insane in a way?[View]
20931099Winding up, and winding Down.: This IS 4chan's version of VOGUE right? I can give sexual and re…[View]
20930307How do you deal with IBS?[View]
20930631Fucking gum: Anyone else out there who simply can't stand being around anyone who's chewin…[View]
20930894Got a new job 3 weeks ago and I don't want to be there anymore but can't leave. Job is ins…[View]
20928317how are people skinny? I work out every day. I ride bikes walk and go on my treadmill every day. I d…[View]
20931023Should I?: I broke up with my last girlfriend like a year ago, she had to move back to her hometown …[View]
20927185How do people in relationships get over the gross human shit their significant others do? Farting, s…[View]
20931010This is probs not the best place to open up for this but i went through some severe depression/dark …[View]
20928156A drunken old man was harassing a girl while we waited for the same bus in front of the college. I s…[View]
20930925>had a job interview on monday >went very well >manager tells me it went well >hiring gu…[View]
20930802My grandfather passed yesterday. It wasn't a surprise in the slightest and everybody's ups…[View]
20930722Help. should i go this path?: this is my plan >move to the country side >buy cheap house >w…[View]
20930270Fresh Start: I'm trying to reboot my life for a clean start. Any suggestions for things I could…[View]
20929946what haircut should I get? I was thinking of getting something long; something like what Bateman…[View]
20930266just finished my first semester at uni. it's summer and i get pretty bored and aimless around t…[View]
20930759Apartments: Best advice for getting an apartment between 400-500 dollars idc if it's in the hoo…[View]
20930888Dexamphetamine Dosage: My psychiatrist described me dexamphetamine last tuesday for my ADD. He told …[View]
20930492I feel as though I’ll only be confident when I get fit and a group of people who like me. Why am I l…[View]
20928085Losing my mind over my girlfriend, I want this to stop: We've been together for 2 years The 1st…[View]
20930732How do people manage to do nofap when you're daily confronted by sexual suggestive content?[View]
20930837I've been having my nose stuffy while going to sleep lately, and it's really annoying. I…[View]
20928122Hey guys. Not really sure what board to put this on but I want to tell my story. It’s kinda long but…[View]
20930816Advice: Are you lonely sad an depressed while I have good advice for you. When you see a girl you li…[View]
20930598emotionless life 1.1: (reposting since no one replied) how is it possible to live an emotionless lif…[View]
20930637lack of poop: I have only pooped two times,and they were small poops in like 4 days. I am fasting bu…[View]
20929880>had a fight with my GF yesterday >kind of gets resolved and we make up, but later I think abo…[View]
20929023i have bone sticking out ( just like the picture) and every time i try to lift something heavy , my …[View]
20930708Severe stress whenever I'm faced with conflict: Whenever I get in a heated argument with someon…[View]
20930653Being sad: I guess a lot of u had some kind of depression or somenthing like that at least once in y…[View]
20930379Feels like I'm just vegitating: I feel like days just go by and I'm just observing and i f…[View]
20930704I like this girl a lot, but the feelings aren’t reciprocated, but she thinks I’m handsome. Anons I n…[View]
20930684How do I deal with someone who rarely cleans up after himself, always leaves the kitchen in an absol…[View]
20929883How to grow your youtube channel? I do conspiracy theories and drug talk.[View]
20930354I have been seeing this girl for about 3 months, we have had no conversation of having a relationshi…[View]
20930658How does one breakup with a girl whose virginity you took? Especially living together, been 4 years …[View]
20930449Hi, I received a 170$ fine the other day. It was during Victoria day (canadian statutory holiday) on…[View]
20930600How to hide a small accident from your parents: So today i was parking my car in a parking garage wh…[View]
20930460Pity invites: What do you do when you receive a pity invite (an invite to a party or social event, b…[View]
20930200Guys who dated really attractive women, HOW?: How to date attractive women? For me it seems like uno…[View]
20927818I'm dropping out of college for the second time. I just can't do it, it's not for me.…[View]
20929826>you need to be a bit of an asshole sometimes As a shy guy, how does one become a bit more 'assho…[View]
20929637Dealing with a workplace rejection/awkwardness: I started working at this place, developed a crush o…[View]
20930431goold teeth thread: does anyone know how much it costs to replace a whole (fucked up) tooth for a go…[View]
20930355How can I get assistance with getting dental work done without insurance? I have a few tooth fractur…[View]
20928954Is it a turn off to not know how to flirt? I am a woman who is pretty direct. I have asked a friend …[View]
20927626Anime club members dont like me: I just finished up my second year of Uni (at a top 50 ranked school…[View]
20930552My grandma died of cancer 10 days ago She was more of a mother to me than my own biological one, I…[View]
20929152If I can hear my neighbor sneeze, can they hear my masturbate??[View]
20930406Ok so I went out with this girl who I really liked twice, call her Girl1. First date she just gave m…[View]
20928681Should I start university again at age 23?: Should I start university again at age 23? I have a hist…[View]
20929710how do I stop wage cucking my life? I’m 20 almost 21 and I’m still at McDonald’s while I finish col…[View]
20929623chat with this girl from dating site start texting ask her when we are getting a coffee keeps active…[View]
20930113A distant relationship that is probably not going anywhere: >be me, 18 years old secondary gramma…[View]
20926783Hi, I'm a 21 yr/old software developer. I'm making 95k a year in a low cost of living plac…[View]
20930443How come I'm so terrible?[View]
20928534How do I become an independent adult? Idon't want to be a neet anymore. I have zero life experi…[View]
20930268can someone explain to me how credit cards work? Too embarrassed to ask someone irl and google is no…[View]
20926555Anonymous: i have religion-related OCD that, the fact that i have not been baptised yet and the fear…[View]
20928888How do I 'have sex'?[View]
20928413When i masturbate im starting to cum in low volume. How long should I wait till i recharge?[View]
20929998How do I ask my bf why he's not texting me as much as he used to without coming across as a whi…[View]
20929853How do stop being an aniexty ridden dickhead even with people i'm close to?[View]
20929856> just remembered I had 3000 btc on an old hard drive from my old mining daya > found it What …[View]
20930286Im sitting at my friends house listening to his crazy ass dad talk to their cats: I need some advice…[View]
20929387>send a girl a message on PlentyOfFish >'Hey, nice profile. I'm a fan of the outdoors too…[View]
20930255bored of my lame degree and lame job prospects: Hey lads, im about to graduate at 24 with a degree i…[View]
20927183has anyone had a catheter in before? I'm getting major surgery in a few months and I have to ge…[View]
20929694Tinder help please: Hi anons! I'm going to go full honest mode here. I have just realised that …[View]
20928901I'll try to make this short as possible. My father passed away a year ago. I received a call ye…[View]
20928766How to not be a friendless loser anymore?: Im a 20 year old male coming up on 21 in a few months. Fo…[View]
20929741What's a good way to make the most out of time with a group of attractive women, I'm hangi…[View]
20929782so, I was at home studying before. My brain was gone spaghetti and I couldn't even concentrate…[View]
20929983Explain femoid logic: About half a year ago I stopped this guy raping someone, he pulled a knife, we…[View]
20930121how do i escape eternal freeloading NEEThood? i'm almost 19, i've never had a job, i live …[View]
20930117Hey guys im gonna put this on a few different boards But i just got a epididymis cyst removed and s…[View]
20930076How do I move on from someone I loved? For context, I hooked up with by best friend a couple months …[View]
20930011Lung capacity while smoking: Ok so i'm a smoker but i want to Play bagpipes and i need to know …[View]
20928310Anon’s hobby: I go to trade school, and am living at my parents’ house. I’m 23, and have a small amo…[View]
20927874ok so i’m 20 years old and i’m a virgin. life just doesn’t seem to let me have sex and most girls th…[View]
20929608>told people I punched my wife today >everyone loses their freakin' mind Is it because do…[View]
20928699Why don't I like sex despite me being male?[View]
20929863I'm in love with my friend. I've been hinting to her that I like her, but I either get no …[View]
20929511Constant annoyance and feeling of needing to correct, never any habituation: I am so exhausted by al…[View]
20929966emotionless life: how is it possible to live an emotionless life? I haven't been hanging out in…[View]
20929748relationship advice: My bf has never done anything for valentines day, our anniversary, things like …[View]
20929871where did the 'nice guy' archetype came from? I mean the guy who often does people favours, but gets…[View]
20929822Mentioning male vegan on tinder: Is it attractive? I'm not sure if I should mention it or not. …[View]
20929478Should I change a blade after every shave? I keep it for 2 maybe 3 times tops after I wash it with s…[View]
20929640Do i deserve to die?: I'm on vacation with my younger brother in Tiawan. This is our 3rd year t…[View]
20929803How do you blend in with normalfags? I'm scared of being targeted by them, and being made fun o…[View]
20929262Are professional resume writers worth it? I can’t seem to get an internship >t.justfinishedsecon…[View]
20928047How do I get a fat girlfriend?: How do I get a fat girlfriend? Or at least a girl that I can get fat…[View]
20929738Why do I feel overwhelming anger and patheticness overtaking me whenever my eyes spot themselves ima…[View]
20929403Drugs: Is smoking weed while on LSD a good idea?[View]
20928084What the point of movies and tv shows: If i cant understand what they're saying? I can hear nor…[View]
20928736I have a loving girlfriend, a decent job (no insurance due to circumstances), and a nice apartment. …[View]
20928486How do you guys tolerate working long shifts? The only job options I've got available right no…[View]
20929587My problem with finding girls: I am struggling to get a girlfriend and angry about it that is making…[View]
20929575Is going to therapy to try and fix the problems that make me avoid people and pursuing romantic rela…[View]
20929620How do I get my mother to like me again. we have not talked for about 6 years[View]
20929482Where is a good place to meet women for me especially?: >go to gym just a local gym in my apartme…[View]
20929487>be 23 years old >play video games >even people who are much older than me say that I sound…[View]
20928833I'm going to go on my first date at age 28 with a girl tomorrow. How do I invent a personality …[View]
20929025I have to leave my fiancée for 4 months starting this weekend.. I trust her, but I keep reading stor…[View]
20928787an idiot threw some young magpies from their nest and got the in a dog cage thing cause he wants to …[View]
20928396Need a title for my EP: I make some new age and relaxing electronic stuff. All the songs have titles…[View]
20928955When writing an essay, can I just write down my own experience on a topic without any reference to b…[View]
20929457Communication Gone South Between Me and Friend: Hey /adv/, sorry if this has come up before, but I s…[View]
20928511Medical Advice: So basically I feel like I’m living in a corpse and I want to change that. I have a …[View]
20927921Do women think men who don't push sex are strange?: I am a guy but I often wonder about my own …[View]
20928431Can other people smell the crusted cum in your underwear?[View]
20925331Femanons, thoughts on a man of this build?[View]
20929501Stop it: My last ex manipulated me and ended up crazy saying how she didn't want to be my gf on…[View]
20929459Dumb question but can cofffee or fapping make someone ugly?[View]
20928685>usual day at kiosk >woman working next to my kiosk comes to pick up daily newspapers >norm…[View]
20928698pls give advice thx: https://www.strawpoll.me/18039840[View]
20926346ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
20929219Summy sister?: I'm in college, my sister is in hs. We both share a laptop charger since my dad …[View]
20928815Antipsychotic medication doesn’t work. Should I ask /x/ for help? I still keep on hearing abusive vo…[View]
20927837Should I focus all of my time on getting into a good engineering program? Will I be able to make fri…[View]
20928893Anxiety Q/A: So you have Anxiety. Dont worry we all get it. You wanna talk about it? Then please sha…[View]
20929346Mental health/ support discord server: https://discord.gg/WgsHdGG Hey guys. I just wanted to bring a…[View]
20924813GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: I hope you know I tried.[View]
20928426Didn't seem right putting this in /g/, so I've been cleaning up my online presence in stag…[View]
20927389I have a complicated relationship with a close female friend. I’ve been into her since high school a…[View]
20929182The Struggle: I have problems getting girls. Tried many times to get girls and I have frecking probl…[View]
20929167Should I ever come clean about my past? To anyone. >Prostitutes Used to be a fat guy, lost my vir…[View]
20928750How to stop someone from smoling weed: Long story short I really need to stop the people I’m living …[View]
20926263Abusive relationship for men?: Could some help describe or explain ways to know it is abusive? I ju…[View]
20929086Giant boob dilemma.: So I have a friend with massive tits, she’s skinny but her cup size is like a G…[View]
20928757I've recently figured out I'm bisexual and wanna come out to my parent's my mom would…[View]
20928999I need some help with my thoughts, and deciding what to do with my life... >be neet because noone…[View]
20928986Big boy problems. I'm dealing with a certain government agency over child support and I often f…[View]
20928934How do I get over the fact that my oneitis has absolutely no feelings for me? We've know each o…[View]
20928852So.. There is a really cute girl im into at my University in Italy that i have caught watching me fr…[View]
20929030I am trying to get a new job in my field and finally let that soul crushing warehouse job behind. I …[View]
20928891I've been taking Lexapro, Mirtazapine and Lamotrigine for two years now. I like all of the medi…[View]
20928690My boyfriend broke up with me last month. He realized he wasn't attracted to girls and for a lo…[View]
20927865This is probably the worst place in the world to ask, but fuck it. I don't have any friends any…[View]
20925351How to deal with limp dick? >27 >almost had sex yesterday for the first time in my life >sh…[View]
20928464I probably know the cause of my problem already, but I want to hear your thoughts and advices about …[View]
20928908no one probably knows anything about this but im trying to make my own cbd vape oil for a juul pod. …[View]
20928804I decided to quit my job of several years before I found I new one. How fucked am I in finding anoth…[View]
20927159Male opinions preferred please, I need to cut my hair soon. What is a cute haircut / style for blond…[View]
20928154Anyone here with adhd take or have taken medication for it? How did it affect you? What were you lik…[View]
20928038>My friend is friends with my crush and he asked her if she would go out on a date with me >C…[View]
20928702How do I stop getting bothered by abortion?, I think it’s morally wrong but I can’t seem to escape i…[View]
20927639Gf:: Anons, why finding a gf is so hard? >6ft(Emperor manlet) >Female friends says I'm re…[View]
20926214What logical steps do I have to take in order to fuck this dumb slut's asshole?[View]
20924350I work at Target, making $13.50 an hour. Should I quit? I really don't want to go in tomorrow. …[View]
20928761aquerium lolis[View]
20928724can I buy a warranty on an hp laptop any time? like I can just buy their 3 year warranty even though…[View]
20928335UGH: There’s this guy who is very nice to me and obviously very much into me but he’s not my type, s…[View]
20928709is it better if i get a certificate or an associate's degree for phlebotomy? and what can i rea…[View]
20928688I find everything unbearably boring without alcohol its been if way decades before i even touched a …[View]
20927631Going bald early, what do?: Am in my early 20s and lost already a lot of hair, is there any way to s…[View]
20928673What to learn from IT?: I have 1 year to learn some IT/Coding skills. What can i learn that would ea…[View]
20928700I've been told by many around me that I'm a handsome guy. I've gotten any ratings, so…[View]
20928607anyone knows a hair routine basically my hair is very soft and combable right now, but after I showe…[View]
20928671Is there any non dead-end jobs or side hustles that someone with virtually no skills or qualificatio…[View]
20928652Ive been seeing a lot of negative posts here recently so i figured a positive thread is an order …[View]
20928210How to politely blow someone off.: How the hell am I supposed to get someone to leave me alone witho…[View]
20928231Anyone ever been to a Rub n' Tug?: Thinking about going to a local one this weekend and just wo…[View]
20927950Need some help with my brain: Hi, my name is Jorge, I hope some people take a time and give a maybe …[View]
20928525How does one meet, date and marry the right girl without premarital sex? I just want a virgin girl t…[View]
20928458I fucked things up with my amazing gf who truly loved me. It's been 6 months since then and I s…[View]
20928566Anxiety: Hello. Earlier this year, I started having anxiety issues about my senior project. Basicall…[View]
20927998I got the number of a girl I really like, but I am moving away for a few months. Should I just ghost…[View]
20927622How to deal with a probably infected ingrown toenail?[View]
20928422Hanging out with a girl tomorrow. I haven’t hung out with someone alone in two years. All I do every…[View]
20928397Help: Okay, What to do if someone invades my mail, has a video of me and I am threatened with money?…[View]
20928080How to deal with a dying pet? my family is really broken and crying all the time, I don't know …[View]
20928314There's this older lady at work that started interacting with me a little more from zero to phy…[View]
20928258Letting it go: Long story short I, like countless others, had a shitty time growing up. No surprises…[View]
20928415Do you need a degree in video game design to work in big name AAA game companies? I want to be a gam…[View]
20927492In love with two women, and am currently in a 10 month relationship (long distance) with one of them…[View]
20927403does it count as leading a guy on to ask to ride the tunnel of love with them at the fair? this guy …[View]
20928374What can one who will never reproduce or be a contributing member of society hope to accomplish? Wom…[View]
20928311Is it better to break up when things are going sort of well but getting worse over time, or when thi…[View]
20928293Last try: Hello guys anon here. I'm 19 years old, had depression since 2012 and I have been tak…[View]
20928290Why is there a slight pressure in my head? It feels like I’m wearing a bandanna.[View]
20927437How do I have fun?: I want to have fun even though I'm by myself. Looking for inspiration as de…[View]
20926090anons with friendless gf's how did you find them?[View]
2092733726m. I've been having weird chest pains for a while now and it seems to be muscular from what I…[View]
20927715why?: I am going to die alone, crying, or broken, I know that and I cannot avoid this. So why endure…[View]
20927213Breathing advice?: I don't have asthma or anything like that, but its rather mental. My breathi…[View]
20926556>met a girl in a mutual discord server through friende >We hit it off great, into the same gam…[View]
20925367Girlfriend ghosted me for a month, tells me she was stressed. I was too worrying about where the fuc…[View]
20925504What's more morally right? Clinging to your ideals no matter what, or giving up your ideals for…[View]
20927650I want to be monogamous and marry/be with only one girl for the rest of my life however there are 6 …[View]
20928043Why is caffeine so addictive?: Is it worth quitting?[View]
20927682Do you mind?: I will write about paxil helping my mind and my remaining sympton, common bad memories…[View]
20927293What to do about the meth dealer next door? Or do nothing at all?: Im a young person living with my …[View]
20928244Tokyo/Osaka Trip Recs: I'm taking my second trip Japan soon, where I'll be spending one we…[View]
20928227Failing in academics: In my country, among upper middle class people, there is too much prestige ass…[View]
20925835>before gf goes to school i take off her panties and stick a finger in her ass >sniff finger a…[View]
20928120I feel like I play games only to pass the time at this point, I waste most of my day doing nothing w…[View]
20928110I work for a restaurant chain and it sucks. All the managers do is hate on the guys and 'placat…[View]
20927868Am I old now?: I am 28 years old and I feel old now. I feel like I haven't done enough I guess.…[View]
20927878Tinder bio advice?: I’m pretty new to using dating apps. Is stating that I’m looking for thicc girls…[View]
20927380>meb >11yrs old >sitting in basement with friend >he is 11 as well but he is also like t…[View]
20926857Recent graduate, directionless future: I feel like I'm not the only one on 4chan in this positi…[View]
2092613024 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl my friends call me a cradle robber what do[View]
20928144How to get diagnosed with bipolar disorder?: I’m like 80% sure I’m bipolar, and I’ve reached a point…[View]
20928108>have made more friends than used to have >go out much more >talk to girls >still feel l…[View]
20927795is it ok to spend 3000 dollars on gaming laptop ? pic related[View]
20927538>don't participate in social media >no fap >exercise >don't partake in recrea…[View]
20926047How to get over rejection: >decent social life >date a lot, but never succesfully. never had g…[View]
20927744What does it mean lads?: What does it mean if i'm on a date with a girl and then at some point …[View]
20927488What hair color works well with pale skin tones: I REEEAALLLYY want to dye my hair for the first tim…[View]
20928039[NOTE: I copy and pasted this from /b/, im reposting it here because I trust you guys more, and also…[View]
20928001I live in Las Vegas. I have a huge foot fetish and like to pay women to make me content of their fee…[View]
20927516A Muslim I don’t know is texting me things in Arabic over social media. What do I do?[View]
20927680Going to be staying with a cousin for a few days next week but I really need a haircut and trim my b…[View]
20927617My mom thinks I’m gay: >bros want to go see Pikachu movie >says why not cause bro work at mov…[View]
20927184Im completely fucked. I'm $5000 in debt, have a $250 car payment coming out tomorrow and can…[View]
20927467Why do women like white guys so much? I'm not trying to bait. I really just want to know.[View]
20927719Wait it out or go to the doctor?: I've been having ovary pain on my left side for a couple of d…[View]
20927796Girl has read but doesn't respond until the next day: So I've matched with this cute girl …[View]
20927889ASTRAL PROJECTION: How can i astral project? is it even real or am i a retard? can i do it tonight o…[View]
20927822I'm thinking about going through a labor course where I can learn a simple job that requires a …[View]
20927929tl;dr: Writing a love letter and could use some feedback. I'm a bartender. I met a girl at work…[View]
20927928When I have an issue I tend to avoid addressing it entirely because I feel panicked and overwhelmed.…[View]
20927374What is real love supposed to feel like? What are your thoughts on true love?[View]
20927879Well, friends, it seems my degenerate lifestyle has finally caught up with me. Judging by the rash o…[View]
20927698Virgin: >Be me, a 23 yr old virgin. >Not an alpha, not quite a beta. >Always been an awkw…[View]
20927559almost incel here >manage to get grills number >friend of a friend, I was surprised she even g…[View]
20927829Making a resume. I'm currently staying at my uncle's and aunt's and this is where I…[View]
20927580How do I stop thinking I’m ugly even though I am?: Seriously, I hate my round baby face (despite bei…[View]
20927414Getting a lap dance from a stripper?: I have my birthday coming up and I overheard my friends talkin…[View]
20925266Best method?: i dont want to use a gun. will blood thinners and cutting work?[View]
20927716My ex: I often come to you guys, not even just /adv/, but 4chan in general, been here a very long ti…[View]
20927724How do respond more often to conversation, especially when it's random. Where should my brain b…[View]
20927706I can't cum from blowjobs. No, I'm not gay. How do I get over this weird anxiety and be ab…[View]
20927307Need advice on quitting watching porn.: Hey, /adv/. I’ve tried quitting pornography and media like …[View]
20927604work out: what are some dieting and exercise tips to keep a feminine figure for a guy[View]
20927595I'm 21 and my brother is 28. He's not a sperg, but years of roiding and other drug abuse h…[View]
20927638Gf broke up with me: Known each other for 5 years, been together for 4,5yrs. She broke up with me a …[View]
20924275Younger girl likes me: This isn't the place but i need to say it. There is a 17 years old beaut…[View]
20926648Why do I consistently encounter people at work who are rude to me? Most of the people I work with ar…[View]
20927525I wanna eat lava. How do I train my gums to eat lava? They swell up when I eat hot foods and I want …[View]
20927161drowning in unpaid limbo at work: was placed on paid investigative leave at end of meeting with work…[View]
20927630Is coffee worth drinking? I drink 1-2 cup a day. I don't even know why anymore, maybe its becau…[View]
20923714I've been dating a girl for a couple weeks and she was at my place. She was wearing a sun dres…[View]
20927399how do I pass the driving test?: I don't wanna be like spongebob and more importantly I don…[View]
20927042Anyone have experience breaking up with their live in girlfriend? Been going out with her for 4 year…[View]
20927560>Be me >Not familiar with health insurance at all >Have decent Blue Cross and Shield health…[View]
20927556On Saturday (5 days ago) I ate a calzone from the same place I always buy them, and an hour later I …[View]
20927331Why does it seem like people have become “proud” of their mental illnesses? How can I help people re…[View]
20927469Looking for a desktop I can use solely for playing Sims 3/Sims 4. Which would be the best?[View]
20927425Am I in the right for defending my friend?: Alright so I'm going to try and summarize this post…[View]
20927124When I'm feeling really fucked in the head, I find that it's therapeutic to continue to re…[View]
20927458I feel mentally challanged: I literally shit my pants. I don't know why. I'm sitting in fr…[View]
20927383Just how many men are after women?: I often worry about having to compete with a extreme amount of m…[View]
20927313So.. There is a really cute girl im into at my University in Italy that i have caught watching me fr…[View]
20927385Is it weird showing up at a university bar if you're no longer in university? I'm not long…[View]
20926470A problem which if it is right is unforgivable to me by myself: The fact that Emperor Trump was meme…[View]
20924246What is your honest opinion about girls who wear no makeup?[View]
20924716Advice For Those On The Spectrum For Picking Up Women?[View]
20926975Whos wrong here? I have a gf and a very close female friend. Thing is, that female friend wanted to…[View]
20927334I feel like every person (including family and friends) in my life is replaceable and I appreciate w…[View]
20925006Got a lovely letter from my university. Apparently someone found out about, and reported me for my..…[View]
20926690What are some ways one person can cause the collapse of society or at least accelerate it?[View]
20927276How do I find good bars to go to in my area? I live right outside Boston so there are millions of op…[View]
20926869How do you cope with being alone?: To those introverts who seem to be able to have fun and enjoy the…[View]
20927158>See qt3.14 in anime convention >She was alone all the time, the three days the convention las…[View]
20927260Some girl told me today she’s thinks she’s into me. We have been talking a little but not really muc…[View]
20927240I need tips on all the items below: >be me >21 >white >5.8 ft >108 lb, skinny >hav…[View]
20926287Feeling unworthy: Virgo here. Have had many personal issues over the years and have been a complete …[View]
20926664Hello Anons,is anyway I can get a Online Job no matter where I live? It will be helpful if i Find on…[View]
20927181I'm new here!: My question is, now that I am on 4chan dot org, how does this site work? I need …[View]
20925480Boyfriend issues: I love my boyfriend a lot, but I feel like I care more about him than he cares abo…[View]
20926800Speed dating worth it: Hey adv, there will be an animu convention around me with speed dating and I …[View]
20926379How does this work?: Hey, I'm an 18 year old homeschool dropout with no future. The idea of goi…[View]
20927085Dreams and Subconscious: Hello anons,been a long time here since last visit.I want to hear your advi…[View]
20927220A eighteen year old heading into his senior year: So for the past three years of my high school care…[View]
20926877Failure failure failure failure failure failure failure failure. I'm not talented I don't …[View]
20926462Is 27 too old to start dating? It feels like every decent girl already has a boyfriend.[View]
20927170Becoming more social: So I’m about to become a freshman at a college I’m going to and looking back t…[View]
20925584>new girlfriend, also first girlfriend >known her two months, dated for little over a month …[View]
20927062Should I follow the tips in this video in order to be popular and cool?: Even though the advice is f…[View]
20927140How do you break up with a fuck buddy?: I've never broken up with anybody before... he's k…[View]
20925568How can I stop being too feminine? girls lose interest so quickly because I'm too feminine. I g…[View]
20927173>went on a date with a cute girl >first date of my life, khv >she was hot but we didn'…[View]
20926328Desperate Incel Seeking Real Advice: I have just had a brutal epiphany. I realized that this is my o…[View]
20927134Videos gaming hobby: Why are people who like video games seen in a negative light? I’m 29, and I use…[View]
20927010So somehow I got a gf. Not only that apparently she comes from wealth. Which she never really mentio…[View]
20926055How does one approach a serious and reserved guy who doesn't show any signs of interest but som…[View]
20927054Are job fairs worth it? All i want is a part-time job for collage. Pic unrelated.[View]
20927037What are some good ways to meet women into anime and video games? Anime conventions seem great but t…[View]
20926122How do I someone who can only speak to people when drunk unless they are really close friends find a…[View]
20926901Why after getting past hard part in any video game i always feel miserable and tired?[View]
209253760 matches on tinder. AMA[View]
20927067What items of clothing immediately scream “His mom dresses him”?[View]
20927066>saw this girl i'm attracted to >she messed up her hair in front of me >i got aroused …[View]
20925497Is this Disrespectful: So three weeks ago i broke Up with my ex. She was my First gf, and it lasted …[View]
20927022PERSONALIZATION: What are some interesting / creepy / cool ways that companies personalise their web…[View]
20926771I graduated last year with an engineering degree and took an IT/programming job at a new small compa…[View]
20925478What languages would be generally useful to know in the next 10 years?[View]
20926893What's the name of these kind of button up shirts with an upside down V at the base?[View]
20926935I just turned 21. Is it too late to find a wife?[View]
20926794>be me >20 year old uni student >have my life together >no previous mental health condit…[View]
20926949Mood changes: I've been depressed. Recently I've been worse than usual. But many times I s…[View]
20926908is it normal to feel comfortable without a social life? I haven't been hanging out in months, I…[View]
20926491What do I do: My mother lets my 7 yo sister eat a lot of candy and chocolate, without any limits. Sh…[View]
20926777what are the best memories you got from the early 2010's? I still remember playing bo2 for hou…[View]
20926182I have a trap bf who likes to stretch himself before we have sex (dildo is about 1ft long and 2.5in …[View]
20926864last year I hung out with this qt girl. I really liked her. We started chatting and shit (she'…[View]
20926516I developed a codependent relationship with a person who has some issues like being fucking easily t…[View]
20926671>have sex so uh, people keep telling me this, how do i go about with it? why must i have sex to p…[View]
20926440My fuck buddy, who was also dating someone while we used to fuck, asked me if I'm free during t…[View]
20926814Groups of People: I am so jealous when I see other groups of people. I look online on twitch or yout…[View]
20926476how bad of a idea is it to pursue a degree in psychology if I have a history of mental health issues…[View]
20925968Femanon 18 here. I’m thinking of becoming a high school teacher. I don’t know which subject to speci…[View]
20926670about to be homeless: alright so friend of a friends grandma told me i could stay in one of her room…[View]
20926591How do you come up with witty offhand conversations just casually with the people next to you in lin…[View]
20926772>be me >invite 'friends' out >everyone's 'busy' >every fucking day >be lonely in…[View]
20926718How do I force myself to become sexually interested in women in my own age group? I'm 32 and we…[View]
20926592I just want to have sex with a woman one time (without paying for it) before I kill myself, why is t…[View]
20926229my friends place was robbed while it was tented. she had a big collection of consoles and retro gam…[View]
20925647tinder openers: Post your best ones, if you please Help this anon getting back to dating game[View]
20926666How dead am I?: Just cleaned my chicken coop, forgot to wear my respirator, blew some nasty shit out…[View]
20926699What kind of lube can I use on PVC sex toys pic related[View]
20926505Should I stop using my niece to meet girls? My sister's daughter is 8 years old and cuter than…[View]
20926578How do I beat these guys?[View]
20926628Hey /adv/ looking for some advice on pursuing an associates in gen ed and what kinds of job opportun…[View]
20926351Why do I have this bad feeling that I'm going to break up with my gf this week?[View]
20925526>woken up today by a phone call >yet another job letting me know I didn't get it >that…[View]
20925092I masturbate twice a day without fail and it's ruining my sex life. I can't really get off…[View]
20923892I am 27 year old and i am finishing uni this year, i feel like a grampa because all my peers are aro…[View]
20926528How not to fuck up relation: So yesterday I started a new relation with a very beautiful girl from m…[View]
20926420Femanon here! How do you glow up/become more attractive? I see it on others, but I don't know h…[View]
20926515hello ,/adv/ I'm getting tired of being the way live my life. my negativity pulls down people w…[View]
20925598I bought vitamin A ( says retinol in subtitle ) Is this that thing against acne? Will this work?[View]
20926445How do you produce original music when everything has been done?: Every time I try to think of music…[View]
20925053Girlfriend emrassed me at store: Hey, I spend a lot of time at the thrift store because I sell a lo…[View]
20926471I shat my pants 3 times this week: I dont know what is wrong with me guys what the fuck. why am I do…[View]
20924667How should I be if I want a fun and giddie gf like Emilia Clarke? Like how should I act be like? I…[View]
20925964Job Change: I work at waffle house now, should I Go Chipotle to work, I know chipotle. I dunno. Frai…[View]
20925490>last session with my psychologist because it turned out that the meetings were limited >she g…[View]
20924441>mom thinks I’m gay just because I don’t have a gf yet. >she keeps pushing me to go with a gir…[View]
20926402Been dating a girl for almost 2 months and I invited her to a party I'm hosting at my parents h…[View]
20926382Job interviewing: How do you handle interview for a new job whilst still working at your current job…[View]
20926381The summers coming round and I wanna improve my social skills in the holiday. Where are the best pla…[View]
20926370what is love. baby don't hurt me. please.: Hello /adv, I am an 18 yo. female and I've noti…[View]
20926218How do I stop being afraid of real intimacy? I realized I have a pattern of choosing emotionally una…[View]
20926295can a lawyer get me out of probation if im on it for being black? how do I find a good one? if I liv…[View]
20926335Advice: I advise you not to be worse than the worst female who is interested in me[View]
20922304How did I get Chlamydia? I didn't have sex for about 1 year, and im healthy. I have unprotected…[View]
20924486/adv/, please, provide me kinds of jobs that has exactly or less than 40 hours of work hours per wee…[View]
20926274How do i fuck chubby average looking girls?[View]
20926109Am considering going back to school, interested in electrical engineering. Any advice to give to a r…[View]
20926251I'm hopelessly in love with one of my male friends who has a girlfriend of 2 years. That's…[View]
20925375A pastor's wife is after me I'm Christian and I'm very active in my church. I'm …[View]
20926238Getting over an ex: I had a girlfriend for 4 years who treated me like shit: She always blamed me fo…[View]
20925724How does one resolve a crippling identity crisis?[View]
20926160Is one teaspoon of whey protein enough for one cup of smoothie with bananas, blueberries and strawbe…[View]
20926257Companionship: More and more recently I have been having thoughts of the future and my life and I ha…[View]
20926236Love: I love my girlfriend and she loves me very dearly. I have aspergers, which is not a big deal a…[View]
20922859What do i do if 80% of women only go for the top 20% of men? I fall into the 80%[View]
20922669What are the advantages of being antisocial and single?[View]
20925325GPS Tracking legality: Been having some relationship issues. Wife believes I'm cheating on her.…[View]
20926013Dear /adv/, How does a man stop being ashamed of crying? I can't allow myself to cry because it…[View]
20925492>Told I'm not good enough to make my parents proud >Told by teachers I'm not good en…[View]
20923597Am I wrong about woman? In general, women can't do anything on their on, it's rare for a w…[View]
20926040I'm feeling really lonely, of course I have a few 'friends' but, they aren't really around…[View]
20926141Breaking the ice with an old friend: >Be me >Met a guy years ago online years ago >We ERPd …[View]
20926036Co-worker: My co-worker is 35 and desperate for a baby, she's fit, looks fucking awesome and is…[View]
20926068>tfw cannot make a meaningful connection to anyone I'm 26, never been a relationship but its…[View]
20926103Hello dear Anons. I trying learning a little bit German on Duolingo,im not a native English speaker …[View]
20926112I just called my dead-end job and said I won't come back until Monday because of a 'family thin…[View]
20924282How do I cure myself of my booru addiction?[View]
20926010Is self esteem important? How do i increase it?[View]
20925704what do I do if im literally always god damn tired. no matter what I do. 8 hours of sleep for me is …[View]
20925262I slept with the wrong girl...: Well, basically I went to my best friend's birthday like 4 days…[View]
20925940Help lads I missed a call about a job interview and my housemate asked them to call back in ten minu…[View]
20925941>want to meet new people >approach people at coffee shops and try to strike up a conversation …[View]
20925714Should I go?: To try and make a long story short, I won a pass to attend a conference during a conve…[View]
20926011Need help with a diagnosis.: So i unintentionally all the time avoid eye contact, but not because of…[View]
20926002So, there's this girl I met a few days ago. It seems that we like each other, got her instagram…[View]
20926001>Have hooked up with like 5 women >3 of them could have realsitically been gfs >Incremented…[View]
20924133easy painless suicide methods: im planning on killing myself soon and i don’t wanna make a mess, but…[View]
20925898how do i get a girlfriend who doesnt have any friends?[View]
20925984Cutting out toxic relatives: My relationship with my dad has been quite tough for me. I'm 19 an…[View]
20925740chess: I'm very interested in chess and I want to get good at the game, only, I'm very bad…[View]
20924455my boyfriend fucked 2 people a few days before we met each other,am I in the wrong for thinking he…[View]
20924410I'm an absolute mess, would it be a good idea to schedule strictly my whole day to build some d…[View]
20925947I'm wondering if anyone could assist me in a problem I have. Every time I start qBittorrent it…[View]
20925522calculus: no matter how hard I studied on this shit, I never get a decent results. Any advice fags?…[View]
20924703Is there a way to lose weight without having the ability to count most of your calories? I would go …[View]
20925721How can I become a good storyteller? I know I need to imbue emotion into my stories and know my audi…[View]
20924942Stop using Tinder: This isn't so much asking for advice as giving it. Obviously your situation …[View]
20925449Need adv: I'm looking for advice. Not sure what to do. >Be me >Finish highschool with 93…[View]
20925304Pyschology: I need help finding an online psychologist that isn't locked behind a paywall/other…[View]
20924969I'm going on a second date with a friend I've been friends with for 4 years. Is there a fu…[View]
20925821Getting rid of a dark acne scar: Googling around, most articles apply to black people, asian people;…[View]
20925071I met a girl. Things are going pretty well, I like her and I'm pretty sure she's into me a…[View]
20925847I got laid once when I was 18 but I put it in and chickened out. Now I invited a girl to my place, s…[View]
20924301I'm 23 and still hasn't started a career for now. Is it rare to start your career at 26-27…[View]
20925805I don't really know anymore if I should do favors for my friends or not. Today I got up at 7 to…[View]
20925785I secretly have low opinions on some of my friends. I mean I wish them all the best and I would neve…[View]
20925269how hard is it to move to Indonesia? I want to leave my shitty life behind and I dont really like Am…[View]
20924684I feel as if I don't have any time to myself as I spend most of my time self studying. As of ri…[View]
20924654I fly from the US to France tomorrow to study abroad for a month. I'm pretty excited, but also …[View]
20925231How to deal with crippling depression?[View]
20921457ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
20924742Are you trying to hurt me by showing up. Why cant you just stay away and leave We will not be friend…[View]
20925477Getting hate for dating an 18 year old: While I'm 24. What do?: >Start dating 18 year old …[View]
20924490Oh god I think I might be gay Women scare me and stress me out and I'm only happy around men (m…[View]
20925471What computer skill can I learn to make $$$?: I'm proficient in computing and have some rusty c…[View]
20925120My best friend got married and I hope it fails, but I feel guilty for thinking it My best friend got…[View]
20925573how do i find a young looking gf who stays young forever and then do it myself?[View]
20925421Is it wrong to have more than 300 nude pics of my gf including dirty videos and to still ask for mor…[View]
20925533Hey guys, I live in Canada and am wanting to fast track my education so as to start working as an ac…[View]
20924794Is it wrong to jack off to loli?[View]
20925501How to get Asian GF?: How to get Asain qt3.14???[View]
20925485how do I rewrite childhood friend so that she's more interesting? Want her to be the type that …[View]
2092547028 year old going autist on my first 'date'ish night with an ex-coworker. i have about 14 hours to c…[View]
20925201How do i ignore that i dont fit in anywhere: I wouldnt mind this if they werent flocking in groups, …[View]
20924333pedofila: i just got evidince of a kid who keep sending nudes to a girl and she didnt want it and he…[View]
20924821Help me get laid on a Tuesday night. Where do I go?[View]
20925104>job has no legally mandated break room for 40+ employees >eat our lunches outside the store …[View]
20925346https://bigfive-test.com/result/5ce40b27fbef970069f7b164 Turns out I'm actually completely usel…[View]
20924823Have I become disillusioned or something? Everywhere I look things just look so grey and boring, and…[View]
20925399i've seen so many porn and hentai that it's starting to affect my way of thinking... like:…[View]
20925372what to do as an early 20 something person who went through trauma and is now unable to find anythin…[View]
20922649>Match with girl on Okcupid >Add her on snapchat >Responds very positively to me (even my d…[View]
20925347lyfe: I'm in Australia and I recently decided to quit my shitty food service job of several yea…[View]
20925309I’ve tried tinder so many times over and over again always thinking that this time I’ll make it work…[View]
20923194How to deal with being around my girlfriend's exes?: Girlfriend wants us to hang out with a fri…[View]
20925191Should I kill myself if I'm 22 and my life experiences / genes have caused me to be a pathetic …[View]
20923732How do I kiss?: One girl told me that I kiss really bad help me /adv/[View]
20924751Depression: Hello, I have had a lot of random moments in my life whre my mind for no reasons just st…[View]
20922335Mom seems to be sexually attracted to me. Offered me massages after I said how my back and leg were …[View]
20925291I've had two monsters in the last two hours or so, and my heart rate has dropped 10 bpm since. …[View]
20925103Anxiety Q/A: ok lets see if anyone is ready to talk. Next post I will share my anxiety issue.[View]
20925197How do you make friends at a con? I don't know how to approach strangers.[View]
20921191How tf did this actually work.: I swear boys, I just winged this and IT FUCKING worked.[View]
20925247A bit worried about my shaft. What is that white spot under my phallus head? I am 19, 5'7', i w…[View]
20925077DMs on Instagram: Any tips/advice for building repertoire on Instagram with a girl? >Meet a real…[View]
20923707ex gril: best way to get over ex gril? it’s been 4 months, but I still kinda miss her[View]
20925145I fucked up the fan in my computer and I keep getting a pop up to renew my warranty on my laptop for…[View]
20925084This isn't funny of you to manipulate the situation and make me look like the bad guy. My metho…[View]
20924557Student Loan Advice/Good Loaners: Students who took out a private loan Who should I go through/ who…[View]
20925112Will a woman ever actually desire me sexually if my dick is only 6,5 inches?[View]
20924046ONS Ghosted me: Hello adv I managed to meet a cute grill from a dating app a few nights ago for a da…[View]
20924800How do I meet girls as a lesbian? I am at the end of my rope with the lack of pussy in my life at th…[View]
20925135If i upload a .mp3 or .wav file to instaud.io with a VPN will the uploaded File be saved with the IP…[View]
20925128What's the difference between the subjunctive, indicative and infinitive in Spanish? I probably…[View]
20923801>mother be crazy euro Bitch, had to move back in coz she wasn't coping >bike up with wife…[View]
20925009i want to be with this girl all the time but she's not allowed to live in my country because re…[View]
20924555How do I convince a girl to do this with me?[View]
20924687Is there a way to get a girl like pic related IRL? Not even just as a gf but just a female friend li…[View]
20924964>bf gets shit ass unbearable >insists on me moving in with him although I don’t want to >…[View]
20922141What's the nicest thing you can say to a girl?[View]
20924819This dude has a big dick: me and him are friends with benefits and we were messing around and then h…[View]
20924791How to act like a boyfriend?: I have a hard time playing the part of a boyfriend. I have a girlfrien…[View]
20924984>Be really good friends with this girl for over a year in college >a lot of sexual tension bet…[View]
20922716Bf wants to do buttstuff: I told him, before we first started having sex that I've never done t…[View]
20924549What the fuck kind of spider is this[View]
20924949Is there any way I can get over feeling petty?: >mostly make low pay throughout the year >bar…[View]
20924952just went through a 3 hour cry fest of a friend lost.I lost his friendship after crashing his car on…[View]
20924953Do I Have A Dry Socket?: So I got all four wisdom teeth out a week ago and everything has been norma…[View]
20924947So, before I even begin I’m going to green text some back story. >born in 1988 to a negligent mom…[View]
20924868scammed by a school: i'm pretty sure I got scammed by my school. Intitally I signed up for it b…[View]
20924890About a week ago, I applied to a job. I got the job after a very lax interview process, and today wa…[View]
20922361how much of a meme patient confidentiality really is? do psychologists laugh at their clients with t…[View]
20924119I'm in the middle of a self-improvement kick (physical, mental, career, everything) It's h…[View]
20924799I have some kind of delayed emotional response to situations with the exception of being annoyed, wh…[View]
20924916There are times when I'd like to buy something such as merchandise for anime or some weird deco…[View]
20924538sometimes I think I look like a God, other times I feel like a long neck fag. Idk what to do to look…[View]
20924653I bought cowboy boots and they were a little tough to put on but I thought nothing of it. I tried ta…[View]
20923488my life is worth less than an animals: I have been suffering from chronic pain for 10 months, I cann…[View]
20924780Should someone just try to make a support group for incels so we all dont end up shooting up a schoo…[View]
20924283Is there actually a cure for social anxiety?: I'm 28 and this condition won't fuck off. I…[View]
20924765what do I do if my cat always hogs my chair? he sleeps on my computer chair 24/7 and never leaves it…[View]
20923739So I'm starting to hate my job. It's actively making me depressed and I sort of dread goin…[View]
20924756So what are some ways I can get to know someone better? I met a guy recently online, he's rathe…[View]
20923971In retrospect, how could've I got girls in high school?[View]
20924596How do I learn to be confident and social? Perhaps alpha? Pic related is literally me, 21, just grad…[View]
20923464Asking girls out: Any ideas on how to tell this girl I love her? The feeling's mutual but I don…[View]
20916835People say men should get in touch with their 'feminine' side, be open about their feelings, and be …[View]
20923786Hey /adv/, I need some help. Weed is legal over here and I decided to try it. I misread the pill bot…[View]
20922593How the fuck do I stop feeling like my life ended when I turned 30? I spent my entire 20s leading th…[View]
20924195Are there really girls under 30 in the US who are shut-in wageslaves like me? If so, how do you meet…[View]
20924668Hi /adv/. I'm having an issue with my family. I am 22 years old and living with my parents for …[View]
20924485How do you make the best out of failure? I want to know how to embrace failure and convert this pow…[View]
20924671Anyone done Postmates on a bicycle? I'm looking to sign up and start soon, want to know what to…[View]
20924328Tips for getting gud at the harmonica?[View]
20924650fake job reference: I'm applying for a job and they want a reference for my previous work histo…[View]
20924652need girl advice: how can I fix my ugly ass brows? my mom doesn't let me get them done at a pro…[View]
20922832My wife and I are trying to make a baby. No success so far. Help?[View]
20924493>be me >have this one girl in college I really like >have her number and her snapchat but s…[View]
20924095Why am i so sensitive to weed? Been smoking weed on and off for 10 years. It has nothing to do with …[View]
20924491How the fuck do you get rid of fleas? I live in FL and I have dogs and this time every year I always…[View]
20923885Do all cds rot eventually?[View]
20924586>before gf goes to school i take off her panties and stick a finger in her ass >sniff finger a…[View]
20924393>know girl with abusive bf >she starts sitting next to me and talking to me in class a lot …[View]
20922707How do I escape this place?[View]
20924343Over the past week and a half I've contacted a recruiter, met with them, did the initial paperw…[View]
20923895I have a 3 inch wiener soft and 5 inches hard. I've avoided dating, because if I feel if a girl…[View]
20924394advice: there is a tranny couple at my school they are serious trannys i mean the guy wears a fuckin…[View]
20923785Ask a bi guy anything: Apparently people are really confused about bisexuality. Both gay and straigh…[View]
20924025ITT: Spring Allergies: What can I do to make it through the rest of Spring without blowing my head o…[View]
20921116GIOYC: Get it off your chest.[View]
20924406How can I be more responsive during conversation? I have mild asbergers and still have a hard time s…[View]
20923421Resenting chronic illness: I got an incurable chronic illness about a year and a half ago, not reall…[View]
20924472Why am I so afraid of sleeping? I can't get over the fact that I'm 'gone' for 7-8 hours an…[View]
20924395>dad and mom are screaming again[View]
20924438what's the best way to ensure you die by means of car asphyxiation? >inb4 choose lief >in…[View]
20923972how do i be more natural when socializing?: my whole life i've been mostly to myself. the thing…[View]
20924271>dating a girl who has a son >baby daddy who hit her and cheated on her multiple times and got…[View]
20924146Am I doing it right? On the legs so no one irl could see[View]
20923905>want to become influential in my (black) community >have God awful relationship with my mothe…[View]
20923606I have a problem where I want to do third world squats but cant due to tight ankles and calves, woul…[View]
20924253I'm 21 with no friends, and I want to be social really, really bad. I have the whole world at m…[View]
20924304Friend stopped talking to me: My best friend and I had been good friends for over 3 years. We made e…[View]
20924364Been living with ppp (Pearly Penile Papules) for a few years,I'm a virgin so I know it's n…[View]
20924356If I take an 18 year old on a date is it okay if i order my self a beer[View]
20923854How can I get a bigger dick?[View]
20924332>Be me >Be national athlete and student >Got rejected from university of my dreams a year a…[View]
20924105Everyone tells me that i'm too cold or that i should be more expressive. >be me >girl fro…[View]
20924224I’m having a hardtime lately currently 24, in my childhood me and a so called friend 5-6years older …[View]
20924280>Be me >Be national athlete and student >Got rejected from university of my dreams a year a…[View]
20924127I need you're guys help one my whole life so let's begin, when someone answers to listen.[View]
20924212What does that thingy before the answer mean?[View]
20924189How do I find a reason to live? >be 22 yo neet living with parents >find out they're in a…[View]
20923610Should i pull the trigger?: I recently broke up with my gf of three years we are still seeing each o…[View]
20924147Accidentally bought boost tokens for online dating website?: I got super fucked by technology I thin…[View]
20923669Looking at real women?: Ever since I got my new job, I have felt that porno is not as interesting to…[View]
20923722It happened again. I hit my girlfriend because she asked me about my cocaine use. She was so aggress…[View]
20923879So I'm in a bit of a pickle. My mother is having a meltdown because I invited my father and gra…[View]
20924188My Head is full of Shit: My mind fills itself with bullshit and pointless associations. I have to gi…[View]
20922911>be the primary renter for my house >live in the house with 3 other people >be the one who …[View]
20924116what are some of the most important things to put in a cv. I keep applying for jobs but to no avail …[View]
20922432So if you are a kissless virgin but >Have friends and a social life >Are in good shape >Are…[View]
20922967How can you evade a ban from tinder? Ive tried everything 3 phone numbers, 2 devices, 3 internet con…[View]
20923981Social gains and how to make them: How to talk to women you've matched with on a dating site? …[View]
20923392I started dating this girl and, due to circumstances I'm not going into, I live with her after …[View]
20923620Guys I'm trying to flirt with my boss, any advice here? Background, she has always shown me fav…[View]
20923274Am I fucked?: After my job interview they said they’d call me back this week. It’s Tuesday I thought…[View]
20923745how to get rent money: I'm about to get evicted because I can't pay rent and nobody knows …[View]
20923608Will start public school in september for very first time How will I not get bullied and make at le…[View]
20923509You've just moved to a big city after living in a small town all your life, what would you do?[View]
20923601I don't have any friends, I don't have any hobbies or know much of anything that I find en…[View]
20923782https://bigfive-test.com/result/5ce40b27fbef970069f7b164 Turns out I'm actually completely usel…[View]
20923997I got this text from my gf today. This is a good thing, correct? Part 1[View]
20924038Hot Teachers: My teacher and principle are both really beautiful. My principles but is sort of flat,…[View]
20924030Prostate Milking: I hope this is the right place for this. I've been trying to get to that spec…[View]
20923328There’s this super hot anti social petite Greek chick with tons of sexy tattoos, b cups and a 10/10 …[View]
20923977I need advice. I'm currently 30 and working an okay job that pays the bills. It's not what…[View]
20923742Is it simple to fix knock knees by getting into fitness. I'm afraid that I'll trip one day…[View]
20923083My gf never calls me handsome or anything, if she ever says something about me its that I'm cut…[View]
20923570I have a huge number of small issues that I can't quite ignore: It seems that life wants to fig…[View]
20922657Whenever I take a shit its always really soft and makes a mess of my asshole and I can never squeeze…[View]
20922516How to remain cute: I am look like a girl but I am getting old so how do I remain cute so that I can…[View]
20923932My parents are horders: My parents are horders how do I help them They understand that they have a p…[View]
20923941How to make friends online?[View]
20923812Some fucking asshat of a neighbor is letting their dog shit and piss on my lawn and it's killin…[View]
20922558Is it really just that easy /adv/?[View]
20923687I want to be masculine and feminine at the same time. I want to be 'male up top' and 'female downsta…[View]
20923209>first fap of the day >feel nothing, only small amount comes out >second fap of the day …[View]
20923887How is someone supposed to kiss a girl at the movies? It seem's fucking impossible how does one…[View]
20923890AM i going to be okay?: I had a freckle when i was a 13 yearold that i did not like so i picked it b…[View]
20923877A friend of mine took mushrooms for the first time last weekend, and now she's not talking anym…[View]
20923406Wow. Hmm. This is interesting Girl smiles, I smile and say hello She smiles and says hello with a b…[View]
20923772What are some good products and on methods for clearing out back acne. It's been a problem for …[View]
20923797>18 >start uni in a couple months but totally hyped to move out many miles from home >want …[View]
20921708Always get fucked up on a night out: >Used to get black out drunk a lot >Now it only happens o…[View]
20916500Antidepressants/SSRIs: Are they worth trying? Is there any way I can get them without going to thera…[View]
20923156How do i change my race?[View]

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