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21655347Is thicc a meme or do people actually find it attractive?[View]
21654209I have to wear a hearingaid: For a hearing disability since birth. It's pretty small, but still…[View]
21655643Can't think of anything to talk about: I was out with friends going to parties and I just can…[View]
21655393Me and gf had to use plan b twice in one week cause were literally retarded. Realistically, how like…[View]
21655690Is it okay to never contact or see my parents again after I move out? I reached the conclusion they …[View]
21653638Should I quit my job?: Working in retail today during the night I had to deal with a drunken slob wi…[View]
21655653guys i have not pooped for like 2 weeks now. what do ?[View]
21655606Crushing really hard on this chick She is supposedly lesbian My friends tell her that im lowkey cr…[View]
21655035So looking to make a quick $1 here. What would you easily pay $1 for to a random guy on the Internet…[View]
21654883Do you own a house?: I wanna move out of my parents house and i have some questions for you. How old…[View]
21654840How do I start a cult?[View]
21650046I say the N word when I get spooked. How the hell do I stop?: Anytime something scares me or startle…[View]
21655581My depressed friend just killed himself.[View]
21653278How do I improve my writing? What do I write about?[View]
21655535I am tired of being the wingman. I have a super handsome friend, and we always go clubbing on weeken…[View]
21655530why'd you hurt me like this: im 19 and my partner left me today i introduced him to my friend- …[View]
21655534Why: I realize that love is a meme, nothing more than just some dopamine hungry neurons waiting to b…[View]
21655296How do I flirt with a qt grill at her job? In a cute and harmless way. I dont know how to start a co…[View]
21653898ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21655455This fat chick at work with an inherent double chin is always talking about how she fucks her bf eve…[View]
21655408i need help and advice: hi i need an i dea for my solo tanlent show thta about to happen around10-12…[View]
21655419Non-stimulant meds: Has anyone robots here tried a non-stimulant medication for ADHD, strattera or w…[View]
21655238Looking younger than you are: Does anyone else look really young for their age? I'm 20, but peo…[View]
21653785Help me decide on military service.: I’m 26 and want to enlist in the US Military. I actually have a…[View]
21655330How to stop being clingy to friends? Wherever im with friends im always trying to get reaction to so…[View]
21655416I don't care much for strength anymore, what's a good diet to help with gut loss and helpi…[View]
21655015Bisexual male here. For the past few months I've been having a 'more than friends but less than…[View]
21655384Any of you ever worked at an amazon warehouse? See, I just come to work for a paycheck. My boss gav…[View]
21655385Help!: Can potentially pay my ex mother in law cash for sex. Should I do it or not? If so how do I a…[View]
21654632Fear of sex: One of the things that has kept me away from dating girls is that they might eventualy …[View]
21655353How best to approach/date popular women? They have tons of friends, tons of guys are probably consta…[View]
21653385Ex-gf became a degenerate slut - how to cope?: I broke up with my ex a few months back, things reall…[View]
21655359>got scheduled for an interview a while ago >had to take a sick day that would've been be…[View]
21654228How do I learn how to deal with money again?: I changed a lot careerwise this year, and not everythi…[View]
21654024fml: I just sort of broke up with my I guess now ex-gf arround one week ago. (distance relationship,…[View]
21655049Help: There's this girl from my job, she started working with me six months ago, I'm her b…[View]
21654889Is there such thing as medical alcohol? I aint ever felt like anything this. I hate alcohol the tast…[View]
21655198Hello friends - I know I'll never be happy, but maybe I can help you be instead. I know a fuckt…[View]
21655275Need help.: Tonight I got caught shoplifting. I got away with it under 50$. I was taken in back, and…[View]
21654842feeling pressure in my relationship. I'm a 31 male dating a 25 year old woman. The relationshi…[View]
21655187Is it in bad faith to pursue someone you know you dont emotionally connect with I'm a weird per…[View]
21654241>>79253453 Be me Be combat engineer at israeli army Have weekend off Go to pub in my local t…[View]
21655251venting mostly...: I’m so fucking sick and tired of anxiety. It gets to the point where I feel depre…[View]
21655185echo y chanting from downstairs memesters: i live in an apartment in Canada and i hear like ritualis…[View]
21652631Attractive but terrible personality: I'm attractive but have a fucking terrible personality. I…[View]
21653536Whenever my boyfriend hangs out with his friend, I never hear from him for the rest of the night and…[View]
21655077What's the best way to die? I've decided it's too late for me to ever change myself f…[View]
21652621How to find love as an autistic girl?: I'm not pretty[View]
21654878My girlfriend of 8 years suggested we try a consensual non-monogamous relationship and I agreed to i…[View]
21653954Guilt Over Ex: Me and my long distance ex have known each other since we were kids. We were original…[View]
21653593''I like being good to you'' Is it normal for a woman to say this to a male frie…[View]
21655067I want to leave my bf but pity him too much to: >I got with a repulsive person in high school and…[View]
21650202GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Feeling okay[View]
21654845Well, I was thinking about the best way to die... For some reason I figured making a tourniquet befo…[View]
21654676>dream >things are wonderful >pure happiness >wake up >it's gone and never comin…[View]
21654808my brother has his friends coming over for a week starting tomorrow and he wants to borrow my ps4 so…[View]
21654956So my mom is 20k in debt, her account overdrawn by 700 and with bills on the way. Her knee is blown …[View]
21652371Tinder: Gonna try Tinder for the first time as a demanding. Not into hookups and prefer something se…[View]
21654891When I masturbate I've never once produced sperm/semen. I orgasm normally (or what I assume is …[View]
21654945Am I doing my team's Quality Management table right? Our professor gave us one example sample t…[View]
21654928do you develop a type based on the first girl that broke your heart? some girl broke my heart around…[View]
21654868I hate my fucking job: I hate every day waking up at 9 a.m and have to do a 1 hour commute to my shi…[View]
21654832So I have lost myself so deep into my depersonalization/existential crisis that I'm convinced t…[View]
2165456623-year-old male here. Should I lose my virginity to a prostitute? I already have a 1-hour “appointm…[View]
21654535I got 22 likes on shitter but I've only ever had 3 matches because I swipe left on just about e…[View]
21654131Interesting personality?: Not sure specifically what qualifies as a good personality to women when t…[View]
21654528>40 page technical writing group report due at midnight >check group members sections >one …[View]
21654118How do I let go of the past? I have too many painful memories[View]
21654400I am literelly crying and shaking right now I am at graduation party my girlfriends class and her e…[View]
21654338How do I take responsibility, stop whining, and do something with my life?[View]
21652990Abortion: My gf is pregnant, she says she wants a daughter so if the baby is a boy she will abort hi…[View]
21654435How rare are really good intimate romantic relationships? Ones where you cuddle all day and cant wai…[View]
21654737For weeks straight, I keep ending up angry at the tiniest things: sweating, seeing red, a need to pu…[View]
21654595I'm strongly considering switching majors to Computer Engineering from Civil Engineering. I wan…[View]
21654306How do I learn to flirt?[View]
21654702Been thinking pretty hard about what it is I want to get out of life lately, and I've finally c…[View]
216537551 week ago my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob and for the first time I came in her mouth. > sh…[View]
21654386I'm currently taking classes at a community college but I'm almost out of gen ed classes t…[View]
21653707Life's got me down: I'm at university and I wake up every day and hate my life. >It fee…[View]
21653590How does someone become the apex of humanity?: How does someone become the apex of humanity, to achi…[View]
21653807Struggling to find meaning: >mess as a teen >too ambitious for my own good, desperate, immatur…[View]
21651788I want to break up after her abortion: So here's the story. Been with this girl since April, ev…[View]
21652781I’m such a lazy piece of shit I wasted years of my life on anime and 4chan. My brain has been fried …[View]
21646726How do I fix this?[View]
21653970A modern colony?: I want to expand my nation by buying a tiny, cheap island and flooding it with set…[View]
21653996Wanna buy something small for gf for our 2 months of being together. We didn't buy anything for…[View]
21654433>be me >socially weird, but things started to get way better recently nice.jpeg >what if th…[View]
21650209my GF is very cute, 23 F, but she has a ton of guy friends. she txts with like 20 of them who messag…[View]
21653798Help 'Chea ting' On The SAT: Hey /adv/. So I'm taking the SAT tomorrow (Saturday, December 7th)…[View]
21654511Real or Scam: Okay I am unsure of a 'relative' that messaged me on Facebook. Person X proclaims they…[View]
21654248I work in an office. How do I meet people? I can't just stop people in the hall and try to talk…[View]
21653716Any good method to kill sex drive?: I'm a virgin and kissless 20 years old guy and I'm tir…[View]
21654390Decided I'm going to start therapy What do I need to know before I sign up?[View]
21653857What's a good response to 'you're creepy' if you're mute? Like i don't know it …[View]
21653364have a gf of a different race than me, i love her and want to spend my life with her but i feel unco…[View]
21652552I feel horrible and unsure: >Have a party at my house last night >gets really late and I get r…[View]
21653959I was told to choose a career in something I have at least mild interest in, but I don't have a…[View]
21653880I'm studying business at my state school. Am I fucked?[View]
21652622guys im retarded, help me out senpai[View]
21653577Is it true that if I stop masturbating i’ll develop the nerve to ask a woman out?[View]
21653960What do girls find cute about guys?[View]
21654190So I've never been the best guy with women. Im always to nervous to talk to one and also never …[View]
21653783How can you be respectful to women, but also show you still want to have sex with them? When I try t…[View]
21654110How can I be a better conversationalist? Asked yesterday and was recommended to listen to podcasts b…[View]
21653753tldr: How far can I go with my super catholic gf before it is morally wrong? I'm 20 and had nev…[View]
21654147>failed exam >have to sit a replacement >the first exam was absolutely impossible an asked …[View]
21652182Gay fantasy issues: I have had a girlfriend for two years now, I plan on marrying her someday, and s…[View]
21654141Every time I find myself having fun I feel like I'm wasting time. When I watch tv shows or read…[View]
21652439My GF isn't physically attractive enough for me in terms of personal grooming and style. It…[View]
21654114work anxiety: I've just recently gotten a good and stable job as an alarm coordinator. It'…[View]
21653459WORST DATE EVER: >comes over to my place >we Talk >we cuddle >we make out >“I’m not …[View]
21649970Do girls like when you say something like 'oh wow I used to do the same thing, we are so similar' I …[View]
21653882Nothing To Live For: I aspire for things in live, but they're not what will make me happy. For …[View]
21653711No luck finding new job. I feel like giving up on everything. I’ve been working this same jobs for y…[View]
21653979I literally have no motivation to do anything unless it involves pain, the fear of pain, or short te…[View]
21653768How do I explain to people that I am a really nice and good person without sounding like I have auti…[View]
21653893Do I Play to Win or Lose as a Cuck: >Long distance thing with a this 9/10 for the past year >f…[View]
21649684Open Relationship- Girlfriends Hookup Messaged me: So, I am in an open relationship with a girl I ha…[View]
21653822How do you feel achievement everyday? What are some easy victories you can score? I've been hav…[View]
21652384How to ensure I wake up? Everyday I turn off the alarm clock and go back to bed, I'm always lat…[View]
21653837I either have to find a career that I'd hate less than the thought of dying, or find a way to k…[View]
21653832zzz: alguém pode me ajudar e induzir com um suicídio rápido comentando algumas formas? agradeço desd…[View]
21652306Emailed signed up for something weird, should I be concerned about this?: When I woke up this mornin…[View]
21653016In a massively fucked up situation: >visiting my uncle and his fiance for a couple weeks >stay…[View]
21651088Need help >friend marries gf a few years back >all of us hang out regularly >a week ago we…[View]
21652558ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21653744Bartending: I finished bartending training some time ago I and got certified. Problem is, I have soc…[View]
21653282How often do you guys have sex with condoms?: Currently in a 2 year relationship with the love of my…[View]
21653484If ritalin is making me feel dumber or unusally slower and have an extreme amount of mental fog, cou…[View]
21653050My biggest weakness is giving up out of failure and pain. How do I stop that?[View]
21653735So, stuff that actually employs people and jobs that I would actually like are 100% mutually exclusi…[View]
21653655There's a girl. She's cute. I don't see her often. In fact I see her rarely when I wa…[View]
21653677Anons how Do I stop this urge for masturbation? A few months ago I decided to Delete all my hardcore…[View]
21651935Friends ignoring and talking over me: Every time I start speaking people just begin to talk over me …[View]
21653211So I met this beutiful brazilian woman a while ago when she was visiting my country (I live in a cou…[View]
21652938DEEPRESSION: yh yh, depression is for the weak, we get it, but how do you get over its constant grip…[View]
21653445Should I study medicine?: ?[View]
21653430I am not the father of my children: tl;dr I have 2 kids, it is impossible for them to be mine >be…[View]
21653552How do I find a purpose in what I'm doing again? I feel like I'm just going on auto-walk e…[View]
21653311my friends rated the girls that i've pulled from a 5 to an 8. Does that mean I'm a 7/10 or…[View]
21653006A girl I was chatting with a lot asked me to do webcam modelling with her. Which basically means tha…[View]
21653243My whole life i've had a recurring problem of a smelly ass. No, im not kidding, i actually need…[View]
21653476a few days ago I made a post, >>21643033 the tl;dr version of it is basically >have long st…[View]
21653457What do I do if I’m always dead fucking tired and need monster energy drink to LIVE.I do everything.…[View]
21653463I’m 18 and my girlfriend is 30. Why do people keep giving us shit and calling her a pedophile? I’m n…[View]
21653100Can you have a fulfilling sex life with a skinny penis?: I am a khv 20 year old that is very worried…[View]
21653271I'm afraid of communication with girls. Whenever I talk to one, I would instantly blush and try…[View]
21651228I made my girlfriend anorexic: I kinda fucked up. She was a bit chubbier a year ago had kind of a bi…[View]
21653065Family therapy: My mother is giving heavy consideration to having my family go to therapy. That…[View]
21652778I'm a girl with extremely severe Borderline Personality Disorder. Going back to 2012 I have nev…[View]
21652874What should I do if the ideas that I had didn't work out? I came close to accomplishing one of …[View]
21652709Porn for my GF: Been with my girlfriend for awhile and we're trying to spice up our sex life. I…[View]
21652970Feeling empty: Have been feeling empty for a while now. the feeling comes and goes randomly. Around …[View]
21647880I'm in love with this cute streamer girl but she already has a bf. What do I do?[View]
21651025I feel like I am out of sync with everyone or rapidly falling behind >I see posts on facebook and…[View]
21653149Why am i always excluded.: Im always excluded from everything. I just want to goto a collete party w…[View]
21653289The Turn Down: I know this isnt the thread but it's real sad boy hours theres this new cute ph…[View]
21652980how do i get over my ex?: We dated for a year, and she dumped me 6 months ago. She was the first and…[View]
21653129Is giving her a pendent and asking her to be my gf cringe?: This girl has been giving me hints left …[View]
21650326My friend is a 24-year-old kissless virgin. He has unrealistically high standards (perhaps it's…[View]
21653201Can’t make friends: I go to clubs bars and such and have casual conversation. I’m naturally able to …[View]
21653176I experience constant anxiety: I feel it in my body and mind and my breathing is messed up. How do y…[View]
21652617ENOUGH: >hur dur I’m horny all da time no fap work?? It must be da porns fault 1. Stop reading Ga…[View]
21651472Getting into a relationship that will have problems years down the line: So recently a girl ive been…[View]
21651741New therapist, Day 1: So I'm seeing a new therapist, and everything seemed fine until the end w…[View]
21652678My sister's SO is becoming essentially a söy boy or at least the antithesis of everything on he…[View]
21651261Can I get rid of my fetishes? How?[View]
21652840Getting over unprofessional psychologist: I made a thread a few days ago about my old psychologist e…[View]
21653117Archiving threads: How do you archive threads? I don't know if this is something I'd post …[View]
21651812If You Don't Use It: If I'm only masturbating (male) one time a week, am I damaging myself…[View]
21652981how much money do you need to buy friends?: Im too intense, depressed and socially awkward for most …[View]
21652717Is it possible to get away from the 4chan lifestyle of anime, video games and shit posting?[View]
21652107Should I do heroin? Or rather more precisely, is there any reason why I shouldn't do heroin? I…[View]
21653079Hours diminishing on job: So I have a question for anyone else who worked retail. Quick preface: I h…[View]
21652403I think I need some help on my situation My girlfriend just recently broke up with me. On my birthda…[View]
21649361What went wrong. I legitimately don’t understand. Yesterday I got berated on here for not asking for…[View]
21644960Just had a full on argument with my gf over some fucking dumb shit. She read some tweet about Drake …[View]
21652950I graduated college in Finance back in May and I still haven't found a job. I've aced tons…[View]
21652786when does being aloof go to being an asshole?[View]
21652790Sexual assault revenge: How to get revenge on my ex who sexually assaulted me a year ago?[View]
21653004Why am I so mentally ill?: I always try to show off or try to be better. In videogames I always want…[View]
21652909How do I politely tell a girl I really like that basically that I don't want to be her friend? …[View]
21652432Should I try online dating or not?: I find it hard to meet guys these days. Spend so much time at wo…[View]
21652535I need opinions please.: I come to this place to make big decisions a lot. I need someones advice. …[View]
21652817Wondering how I could get a milf that I know to notice me in a fuck buddy kind of way. Any words of …[View]
21648722I lost the desire to have a gf, I realized that the harms are greater than the benefits should I rem…[View]
21652405Hairy: Fuck. I'm getting hairy as hell. I'm bald/balding, my facial hair keeps growing, I …[View]
21652358too old for video games?: I just turned 32 and I'm wondering if I should still play video games…[View]
21652305playing video games/watching anime at 28: kind of a weird question, but how do you justify playing v…[View]
21652744How to have a leaner face?: I'm beautiful. I have a chiseled jaw and prominent cheekbones but m…[View]
21652833Sleepy: Sometimes I have days that I'd describe as 'zombie-like'. I wake up, feel extremely exh…[View]
21652343Why is it you would feel intense attraction to girls in person but no sexual arousal or thoughts des…[View]
21652568tl;dr i'm paranoid about everyone only pretending to be nice to me: Being the depressed faggot …[View]
21650475I'm a girl who tried watching porn. I'm worried because solo male did little for me; I had…[View]
21652383i've come to the conclusion that i'm attractive enough to have sex, given the situations i…[View]
21652791Plans with GF: So I had plans to go out with my GF to a Christmas party sponsored by a church group …[View]
21652674Ight think I'm fucked big time boys: How do i deal with the fact that my bestfriend doesn'…[View]
21652454To the men who picked an alternative lifestlye, as opposed to settle down, getting married, getting …[View]
21650373How can I ask a former coworker (been over 4 months) out without looking desperate?[View]
21652704Am I just a fucking cum brain?: Am I just a fucking cum brain? I have been trying to drop porno but …[View]
21649976ITT: Things that happened high school: ITT: We share things that happened in high school that still …[View]
21651882How to get a face as attractive as that?[View]
21649410I'm 18, I'm failure and my life is shit I'm in highschool, I have no persistence, I a…[View]
21652575The internet has poisoned my mind: I wake up in the morning happy, and then 15 minutes later, I’m th…[View]
21652515Would it be legal to attach a 1000 lumens flashlight to your bicycle?[View]
21651058Where can I find awkward, shy, scrawny, nerdy guys. I can’t find them on dating sites.[View]
21648125The cutest girl in class was showing interest in me and I did nothing I really hate myself and I can…[View]
21652167How do I be less selfish? Or is it self centered? Which is worse? What’s the difference? Anyway, how…[View]
21651329I just took 3mg of lorazepam and 7.5 olanzapine Will I accidentally kill myself if I had a drink?[View]
21652303I used to have weird breathing, whats wrong with me?: I used to push my chest the frontal ribcage ou…[View]
21651108I don't really know where to begin, /adv/. I'm 31 years old and I wasted virtually my enti…[View]
21651921People calling me a pedo: I accidentally posted a pedo onion link (selected wrong link because a fri…[View]
21652116>be on night out last night >mostly women, I'm starting a new job next week and they invi…[View]
21649735what's a job that pays a lot that doesn't require 4 years uni but isn't a trade.[View]
21652227hey, I'm sorry, I don't really come to this board, or know like, the culture here or whate…[View]
21652376How do i express myself with less words: I talk alot and it makes me sound annoying and it exhausts …[View]
21652315Can't move past small talk: I'm a femanon. I've downloaded a couple of online dating …[View]
21652256I currently have a corporate job that pays me $200k/yr, good co-workers, and I get to work from home…[View]
21652366I need some advice on toxic relationships. I've begun to realize that a few people in my socia…[View]
21652137I want to look like a man: What can i do to look older/more serious? I'm 21, and i get constan…[View]
21652395Family friend telling me to have kids: I unironically feel that many people were left with no choice…[View]
21652337How bad is being homeless in Ireland? I'm 21 and parents might kick me out in February. Never w…[View]
21652352Should I quit videogames?: I'm turning 25 and I still play a lot. I want to quit but my 'g…[View]
21652351What are the changes your girlfriend just cheats on you out of the blue. I'm very needlessly sc…[View]
21651999so i was having sex with my gf last night, when the condom suddenly tore. what happened was we we sh…[View]
21652129Is getting good at playing vidya any worse of a skill than other hobbies, like playing guitar or kni…[View]
21651300Should I cut my hair? I heard men prefer longer hair (mine is currently just past my shoulder blades…[View]
21650774I been watching his videos on dating advice. Everyone in his comments seem to agree with him. Should…[View]
21650310>25/M >never kissed >never fucked >never dated >no one but my parents ever told me th…[View]
21650793I rent a room in a townhouse with 3 other roommates. My room gets full sun and regularly gets to 80-…[View]
21652244There are 13-year-old girls prostituting themselves in front of the school, and prostitution is lega…[View]
21649827What do expect when I'm older?: Pic is unrelated. I'm a zoomer, can people give me advice …[View]
21651845Just started doing the online dating/apps to try and get a gf or at least broaden my horizon and mak…[View]
21651985>21 m >infantilized to the point i don't know how to do majority of basic things aka how …[View]
21643825My girlfriend has no personality. She's severely socially stunted and acts as interesting as a …[View]
21651906Should I go to college?: Hi, I just turned 22 and I have never gone to college. Part of me wants to …[View]
21646137Should I just beg women for sex since I can't get it another way?[View]
21652166Did I fuck up?: >m 17 at the time >there’s this cute girl I’m friends with and have a crush on…[View]
21652111life: thinking of enlisting in the army/marines im undecided and have 2 small girls. im currently a …[View]
21649625ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21643067How did you guys dealt with bullying?: This question is not for me. I'm giving advice to someon…[View]
21649964When waxing pubic hair, should I pull with or against the hair? Also how can I minimize the pain?[View]
21651273My girlfriend's lips are extremely full (pic related is a good approximation) and I don't …[View]
21651698Why are girls so against showing their pussy? I was just on Omegle playing with this girl and she st…[View]
21651583Joint pains: F here, i'm having really bad pain in my joints (mainly wrists, fingers and upper …[View]
21652083My 12yo sister is obsessed with me. I'm 24, I don't live with her. She lives with two youn…[View]
21650717Suicide: Should I kill myself? I despise the failure that I am, I despise weakness. Both of my paren…[View]
21651904I just told my psychologist I admired Elliot Rodger and I thought mass shootings were funny. Did I f…[View]
21651657I'm afraid I'll never be satisfied: I'm afraid I'll never be satisfied with love…[View]
21650588Tinder isn't worth it: Help me interpret what happened. I've had a 100 - 1 ratio of matche…[View]
21651722How do i recover from being the lunchbucket?: Jordan peterson talks about one of his clients who was…[View]
21649656My job makes me angry: ...because it's shit and I want to quit immediately. I've started …[View]
21650124Dox threat eating me alive: Someone found all my socials, location, and full name and has shared it …[View]
21652030Why does my mom love my brother more than me? All I want is her to love me. I have better grades tha…[View]
21652002I slept from 5pm to 12am yesterday, but didn't sleep anything after that. Will I survive the da…[View]
21652038Many problems: In the shit, need some motivation /advice. 1.christmas is coming and I'm returni…[View]
21652031How do I stop dwelling on minor mistakes?: Every time I make a minor mistake in public I dwell on it…[View]
21649894Alright Anonymous, here are my problems I’m too passive I try too hard to make things perfect I la…[View]
2165189726/F. gonna be a long one: I was an extremely bullied child with no real friends- 1 of 3 token white…[View]
21651748how does normie men feel about yandere girls?[View]
21651896How do you cope with being a fucking aspergers freak who needs to continue working to survive?[View]
21648227First sex advice: So me and my gf been dating for a month and now she sometimes brings up the topic …[View]
21651760>last night >tried going for 2 chicks at once in a bar >ended up kissing both of them >b…[View]
21651810What do I do if I love people who don't love me back? I don't even mean this romantically.…[View]
21651359how do you start convos with women on tinder?: i am over 25 and never had a gf, so i am trying onlin…[View]
21651938Another one...: Hi folks, could use some advice here. You are the only ones i can get it from :) So …[View]
21647970Lost my sex drive: I'm 26/M and I just don't have much of a sex drive anymore. My gf is th…[View]
21651180Sex?: I went out with a girl for drinks a few nights ago. We made out after. a few days later i had …[View]
21650931I’ve known this dude since I was in preschool. He was always pretty normal but extremely beta. I was…[View]
21651839I have an actuary and finance diploma. I ve been working as a life actuary for 2 years now. But i wa…[View]
21644484Does steroid cream actually help phimosis?[View]
21651451Anyone else on this board who has had sex with women have PPP? If you don't know what it is, lo…[View]
21651727Sup /adv/ so my dad passed away from bone cancer 2 weeks ago. I resigned to spend time with him befo…[View]
21651483so I'm schitzoaffective. my va doc made me get blood drawn today.ive also been under a lot of s…[View]
21649655Advice on renouncing the flesh?[View]
21651528Can anyone here who's been circumcised as an adult tell me what it's like? How does mastur…[View]
21651692Step Right Up...: Yes, folks, from jilted lover to die-hard incel, I have a solution to all your woe…[View]
21651179taking revenge: I am a 21 year old man suffering from a painful debilitating illness and a large por…[View]
21651693I am a pathetic loser, we all know that. But let's say I met this dude on omegle. He intrigued …[View]
21649117Should I date a girl not so pretty (6/10) but who is rich or a very pretty girl (10/10) but who is p…[View]
21649017what's the point in being a good person when most people who get ahead in life these days are r…[View]
21651358Seriously considering Air Force RPA Pilot (Drone) as a career. Will I regret having to airstrike peo…[View]
21651588What do i do in a situation like this?: Me and my family got in a argument last Wednesday and the po…[View]
21651423Autist in need of advice on a new relationship: So I recently decided to ask a girl from my work pla…[View]
21650051why can't I get a job?: Left uni this summer and trying to get a job (any job) is seemingly imp…[View]
21650732Skeptical of how a date went: Went on a date with a chick from a dating app. Met up at a chill bar. …[View]
21649958Starting first job today at a fast food place, What should I expect? how do I deal with the anxiety?[View]
21648937BPD hoe: Any avice on how to handle a hoe with Borderline Personality Disorder or what can I expect?…[View]
21650589how do i stop being unintentionally cringe?[View]
21651515How do I research what state to invest life into?: Let's say my home land around here sucks and…[View]
21649991I’m 18 and I just got my first girlfriend. What do I do with her now[View]
21648252I'm in my late 20s, very little work experience, trying to find work but live in a shitty area …[View]
21651356If all adhd medications give me brainfog or hyperfocus now, is there any other options. Without them…[View]
21651569How to get a sugar-mommy: Howdy y'all I want to know how to get a sugar mom. I'm in my ear…[View]
21651518Juegos?¿q: amigo[View]
21650123Why does men stares at me a lot, even while I am in the cafeteria eating my lunch at work, some I wo…[View]
21646320I get loads of attention from women but reject them all as I am only interested in this one women wh…[View]
21651194I need your help, or atleast just somebody to talk to. Right now, I feel like I have no one. I start…[View]
21650219Should I start drinking at work?: I realize this is probably the start of a slippery slope, but I ha…[View]
21651222Advice 21yo UK: I fucked my teeth as a kid (Funny but horrible story which involves me having 13 tee…[View]
21649415A girl invited me out but she is bringing a female friend with her! HELP...: So this girl i meet on …[View]
21648163I am deciding between transferring to Texas Tech or University of North Texas for Electrical Enginee…[View]
21650014What do I do about my drug addicted brother?: So I have a brother close in age for the last 5 or 6 y…[View]
21651286I'm paranoid Around this time of year I got into a big fight with my bestfriend. It really mess…[View]
21650552>shitty c and d student is it a good idea to go to a community college to attempt to get some dec…[View]
21651216I feel like I'm just a nobody living life. 21, I have one friend, the closest friend I have, th…[View]
21649551>feel like a little whiny depressed who wants to die for a week >feeling fucking hyper and ful…[View]
21651224Roommate Problems: I have a problem with my roommate and it's bothering me and I have no idea w…[View]
21649218I am 30 years old and have no car, I recently started talking to a girl but I uber to my destination…[View]
21650091This has probably been asked a lot, but what do you talk about with people when you don't do mu…[View]
21649902Gonna graduate with a 2.90 GPA how fucked Iam ?[View]
21651231I need some serious advice. I’m not capable to go to the toilet when there’s people nearby me. I’ve …[View]
21651166Should I go out for money in the cloud/machine learning game or do what I consider the morally corre…[View]
21651044Advice on approaching girls: So I'm doing a brief study abroad program in Tokyo for the month o…[View]
21651187=: >29 >make more money than I can spend >girlfriend >decently rewarding job which I sor…[View]
21651160AM I RETARDED?: Is there a reliable way to know if I have lost mental functionality over the last co…[View]
21648208Went to get a colonoscopy yesterday and they couldn’t follow through with the procedure Found out I…[View]
21649461Bored: I'm bored of everything. The only time when I'm not is sometimes watch tv shows/mov…[View]
21648224How do you find a girl that is actually open to the idea of having children? Like most of the girls …[View]
21649730I need advice on side jobs. My background is electrical engeering, what can I do on the weekends to …[View]
2165111820, second-year North-American college Never dated before don't have a female friend since 6 A…[View]
21651103Yo, does anyone here know about dreams? Or into reading dreams? I keep having this recurring dream t…[View]
21643733ex bf: broke up with my ex bf for reasons I don't feel like going into. We love each other very…[View]
21651084To what site can I go to in order to chat with people with phobias? I have insectophobia and would r…[View]
21650470How to be more mature and serious about life and myself: Like the title said, any advice or books?…[View]
21650425If I ask enough women to kiss or have sex, will one eventually say yes?[View]
21650942Why sort of things could cause a slim man in his mid-20s to develop pain in the left side of his bod…[View]
21649432Working as programmer: I'm currently at third year of computer science studies. Going through f…[View]
21650975This girl: Hey /adv/, I've been talking to this girl alot recently We've been on like 2-3 …[View]
21650226I haven't met up with a girl I really like from a dating app quite yet. Would it be more unheal…[View]
21650245Skin Care: Every morning and night after a shower, using exfoliation, toner, and then moisturizer on…[View]
21649571interview advice[View]
21650182Safe to beat off?: I had a frenuloplasty done last week, which is basically when they lengthen your …[View]
21650926For how long do you have to cry until you get a gf? What should you do if images like pic related br…[View]
21650518the tiniest lifeboat in the eye of the storm: >be me >18 year old kissless virgin >Not even…[View]
21650554i don't feel loved, no matter what she do, i don't. This ruined my first relationship, and…[View]
21649916I'm a 30yo an 18yo I know wants me to marry her. Is the age difference too much or can it be do…[View]
21649808How can I live life with purpose? I don't have a single personal achievement I can be proud of.[View]
21650007How much do your grind your bud?: I’m curious as to how finely ya’ll grind your weed.[View]
21650228Libido Levels: Dear All, I would like to know what your own personal libido is like, especially if y…[View]
21650527Sorry if this is really incoherent >18m alcoholic, fucked in the head from drugs and getting back…[View]
21650841Ripping video game music: I know this is a weird place to ask for it but /v/ is useless and /mu/ isn…[View]
21645320>29m >36f Shes fucking amazing. 7 years difference. I'd like to have kids one day. But is…[View]
21650266I've had enough, anons. I find passion in nothing, interest in in nothing, and my life as a nea…[View]
21647014F22, ugly infertile and anxious: All I want is to be a mom. That's all I want, that's all …[View]
21650316How do I find any purpose in life? My original goal after graduating last year was getting a job tha…[View]
21650044How/when/should I ask the girl I’ve been seeing to be my gf >22 y/o grad student >go to the gy…[View]
21650818I want a double blowjob but I'm in a committed relationship, how do I approach my partner about…[View]
21650849My stomach always hurts after about three hours on adderall. My doctor says to eat before I take it.…[View]
21650709Female Troubles: >Last 2 years of HS LTR >She's at a diff school >Fuck all weekend, fa…[View]
21650823Is it normal to have trouble getting hard after 24 hours with no sleep and no eating? I'm 23[View]
21650735How do I know if I want to help people out of love or out of pride? For example- giving advice on th…[View]
21650797What do I do if I’m always dead fucking tired? I do everything. Eat healthy drink water vitamins exe…[View]
21649105I go to bed every night hoping I die. I’m a very social and outgoing person but everybody PUSHES me …[View]
21648574Help Stay at home mother complains at EVERYTHING. she does not want to clean, she doe not want to ma…[View]
21650738I'm supposed to talk to a therapist tomorrow through Skype and honestly I'm scared. There…[View]
21650345Girl I used to date started texting me again: So this girl I used to date like a year ago started te…[View]
21649080It's been 5 years, I still love her /adv/. Should I try knocking on her front door again?[View]
21650125Is it possible to maintain a relationship with your gf if you do not like to leave home and have no …[View]
21650538I'm on the verge of finally deciding on my username, so I just have one question to ask. Which …[View]
21650632Ayo why am I such a coward I want to stop being such a coward >Too afraid to get ahead at work …[View]
21650128How do I make songs that slap instead of meandering ambient synth neoclassical bullshit[View]
21650561Obligatory Trap title: Soft boys, Femme boys, traps whatever you call them. What's the best way…[View]
21649714How can i be a better conversationalist, feel like more and more people are noticing my awkward one …[View]
21650419I really want to play video games and I have a giant back log that I want to finish. My problem is t…[View]
21650447A committee at work was looking for volunteers and I volunteered. When I went to the first meeting o…[View]
21648123DD/LG Relationship: So my girlfriend and I want to have a monogamous DD/LG Relationship, me being th…[View]
21648896Is starting an LDR worth it?: I'm Aussie and am currently an exchange student in the UK. Met a …[View]
21649500How do I make friends? Just found out that the friend group I was with never really liked me al alon…[View]
21650251how to make a narcissist like me?: I'm a guy I had many gfs, but recently found out I might be …[View]
21649926So since I fucked that hooker for half an hour while being drunk af 6 days ago and therefore basical…[View]
21650121Texting: I know this is a stupid question but do people really randomly ask what they are doing?…[View]
21649028I think I'm slowly going insane or depressed I hate my life. I have such a bad anxiety that if …[View]
21649760Drawing: Honest question, how do I get good at drawing humans? The most common answer is practice, b…[View]
21647032How do you get a decent looking girl to take psilocybin with you if you're a faggot who still g…[View]
21648415Where to meet singles?: I live in the New York City area, where do I meet single women? I'm 28-…[View]
21649951Negative feelings: /adv/ How do I stop comparing myself to other people? I know it's a waste of…[View]
21649331How do i make sure my gerbil goes to a good home? I dont want to take care for these niggers and cra…[View]
21648485Does vodka harm your gums?[View]
21649580I'm slowly realizing I've spent the past 8 months of my dating life with a narcissist. I i…[View]
21648711How do I get a girl to message me first instead of me messaging them first?[View]
21649481Should I text the girl who broke my heart last summer? We were never a couple but came very close. H…[View]
21649718I ghosted someone I just met because I was depressed and then they kicked me out their group, remove…[View]
21649948Dysfunctional behaviors at work: I have a history of angry outbursts at most of my past jobs, as wel…[View]
21647496Is my friend lying to me?: Alright anons heres the story. My old friend after not hearing from him i…[View]
21649867How do I manage dating in uni as a balding virgin? I'm not completely bald but my hairline is w…[View]
21649708Thinking about doing a Medicine postgraduate degree: I was in a hospital recently and I just realise…[View]
21649459what am i supposed to do with my life adv? i hate socializing with people, i hate wagecucking but i …[View]
21649758How do I become an addict? Hear me out here guys. I'm sick of not having any drive to do anythi…[View]
21649721I just don't feel sorry for fat fucking people especially fat fucks who sit there all day, gorg…[View]
21649797cheap phone plan for internet and limited calls?: are there any cell phone setups that I could get f…[View]
21649513Girlfriend keeps talking about getting engaged: I love her but I feel like it's way too fast fo…[View]
21649275Obvious Causes (Repost from r9k): I have never been around women, thus i have never been in a relati…[View]
21647531My wife has recently come out as bi. How do I take advantage of this to get a threesome?[View]
21649544What are some strange or obscure skills that are actually really helpful or can be easily carried in…[View]
21648738Is it too late to start buying ski resort cabins to rent out? Thinking about going in on my first bu…[View]
21649025>Be autistic anon that likes frogs >Yesterday I showed a close friend a short video of a frog …[View]
21649640Hey /ADV/, so yeah about two years ago my right foot got a fungus somehow me being who I am just ign…[View]
21648487ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21649624i don't try to fix myself and make my life better because i'm afraid of change for example…[View]
21648260Remotely view phone camera: Is it possible to remotely view an android phone's camera I have ac…[View]
21649582Self Improvement General: Don't learn to meditate. It made me a tranny. That is all.[View]
21648529Wtf, am I dying? These 3 months I got like 2 different infections, I got a week off and I still deal…[View]
21648862Buying land: Have a chance to buy a lot of land, but a portion of it is considered wetland by a 2007…[View]
21645819I'm too stupid and lazy for college. I just want to watch movies, listen to music and play vide…[View]
21649436How do i progress dating into a relationship? Do i just have a talk? How do I go about this talk? ba…[View]
21649466Go to grad school or industry?: Some background, I live in a third world country(Philippines). The g…[View]
21649469HATE peoples presence: but why? whenever someone comes close to me in public i feel like smashing th…[View]
21649109Uni is making me violently depressed: I have about half a year left, this is my final year. I have n…[View]
21648258I am Mixed but Get Treated Bad by Both Races: I don't care if people view me as black or white …[View]
21649423Where is an outcast supposed to meet another outcast /b/?[View]
21649412I think I know why Morrison, Hendrix and Joplin died at 27. Life sort of flattens out. I have a gf, …[View]
21649424comfortable in sadness: when i'm sad i feel good, not happy, but comfortable so i seek being sa…[View]
21649052What do you think is the best hobby between learning polish and listening/collecting music?[View]
21647120Think I'm going to kill myself.: I had a major come to Jesus moment at 24. I now work 12 hour d…[View]
21649244I'm 24/m in the UK. I recently lost my job which has next to no transferable skills, and my lon…[View]
21648892What the fuck do I do with my life now?: When my gf broke up with me I had a full blown mental break…[View]
21649283How do I become a more forgiving person? An acquaintance of mine was a huge asshole to me today comp…[View]
21649227I need help bros. I feel like I have a hard time getting close to people and being successful becaus…[View]
21649143Not trying to be malicious or anything, but what should I do when being a friend becomes overwhelmin…[View]
21648767Post Trip Depression: I visited my long distance boyfriend and I greatly enjoyed the trip. However I…[View]
21649262How do I get to my phones internal memory and recover a message without rooting it? Is there a safe …[View]
21649220What does it mean if I have a random burst of happiness around the time I wake up? It only happens a…[View]
21648609i just found out something i wish i hadnt >be me >1 year after breakup with my only ever oneit…[View]
21648987How do I forgive myself?: I'm very distraught as I'm writing this and Im desperate for a h…[View]
21647917I feel like killing myself because there's no way I can make people pay for what they did. They…[View]
21647371My worst fear about relationships: I'm deathly afraid that if I ever get a girlfriend (and even…[View]
21647293Hey guys, can you give me some feedback on my writing? I'm writing an autobiography about my or…[View]
21648387My professor told me that humility is a more endearing trait than arrogance. I can't really com…[View]
21648468I went to my father's funeral today: Seeing him in a coffin and touching his cold hands was the…[View]
21646801ldr: My girlfriend of 5 months is moving away next summer. I'd known about this from the start …[View]
21648731How to overcome this and go on with my life? I'm so scared even to share the whole story becaus…[View]
21649081Have I tinnitus?: Since yesterday during my bus trip to school, I hear sounds apparently coming from…[View]
21647858So my hometown best friend and I have been friends for over a decade at this point. When we first we…[View]
21648320Trouble cumming during sex: I'm 27 and lost my virginity about 6 weeks ago, to my gf. As it was…[View]
21648233Viral Music Video?: How would you make a viral music video? I'm not looking for fame, I just ne…[View]
21647421I wrecked my car in a ditch after driving recklessly to ease my frustrations while slightly drunk an…[View]
21644153Anxiety about losing virginity: >22 F >recently ended 1 year relationship with first and only …[View]
21648946Failed exam: I had an exam yesterday and i solved all problems sure of what i was doing. Today the p…[View]
21648983I have a crush on one of my co-workers. He was single for awhile and in that time it seemed like he …[View]
21648240Something unlucky thing happen again and again.: From one month ago, Something weird happen again an…[View]
21646807ugly woman, bad for career?: I'm just going to be honest. I am a woman with low-average looks. …[View]
21648826Virgin-Be-Gone Holiday: Hello Adv So, I need advice. I've just come into a bit of money, and wa…[View]
21647389Should i join Aust Army?: I just graduated law school at 23 but can't find a law job and kind o…[View]
21648845Antibiotics vs STD test: I recently got antibiotics from urologist for my prostate. I asked him if i…[View]
21647390My Mom Loves Me Too Much: (1/2) I'm fully aware that relatively speaking, that is a good proble…[View]
21648790I met a girl on tinder. We've been messaging over snap consitently for about 3 weeks now. She d…[View]
21647111hey /adv/ can you help with this problem? >be me >be legit, cool guy >ask some woke feminis…[View]
21648585I want to love ugly girls: How do I love ugly girls? Everyone deserves some love. How can I annihila…[View]
21648437What are the next steps after getting a girl's number? I'm so social irl, my friends are …[View]
21646247Being raised by a SINGLE MOTHER has made my voice extremely effeminate. Girls automatically assume I…[View]
21648398So I was a pretty shitty young adult, who was unhappy with who he was, looked, sounded, etc. And I e…[View]
21648588Is a song stuck in your head an instance of auditory hallucination?[View]
21647155I'm a landlord. Is it a bad idea to have sex with a tenant?[View]
21646728redpill me on the military branches: i like electronics, programming and designing things i also lik…[View]
21647468Is it sexist to have a fetish for hurting women? Like consensual pain causing, not always sexual eve…[View]
21646227My boyfriend of 6 months just confessed to me that a few months before we met he had volunteered to …[View]
21648088Cluster Headaches: What the fuck am i supposed to do when i get an attack? There is literally no way…[View]
21648611Exchange studies: Landed an exchange year at SNU for my masters in engineering mathematics, what can…[View]
21648520I have been making progress towards opening up to other people and making friends in my classes. It …[View]
21648447let's get lunch/dinner?: I recently met a guy I knew from school at an event after years of gra…[View]
21646095>meet cute girl IRL >we both game so she gives me her PSN ID >I google it >she has an ac…[View]
21647313No idea what to do next: I'm 30 and I have no friends left. I gradually drifted apart from all …[View]
21648155Advice: keep on playing: Almost ended it bros. Had a shotgun and a date (2 weeks from when I was rea…[View]
21648458shyness / confidence: So... We all know that girls like confident men, but how much shyness do they …[View]
21648525How do i stop beign lazy? I should study right now but i'm here on my pc wasting time.[View]
21647687Long distance relationship: >I'm from Canada >Met this girl when on exchange in the UK …[View]
21648378Am I about to be a father?: > Be me > Fuck GF > Use a condom and pullout > No precum or …[View]
21646158BPD: I got diagnosed with BPD a month ago although I've suspected I had it for longer. How do I…[View]
21648367Does anyones veins in their eyes become really bad playing video games?: I have had this for a while…[View]
21648142Stop making babies: Just stop OK just have one is enough. Do your part of making the world lass hor…[View]
21644677any Medfags here to tell me what the fuck is that on my eyelid ? it's been growing for the pas…[View]
21646692How should I act around girls without seeming like a retard or a prick? I come from /biz/ so I don…[View]
21648355How do you learn to converse as well as the actors in this film if you can't spend much time ar…[View]
21646759I'm an artist and I don't know where or how i can promote my art for people to commission …[View]
21648424Are people with Aspergers late talkers when babies/todlers?: I was a very late talker. I said my fir…[View]
21648179Employment gap: I haven't had a job in about 6 months. I was at my last job for 2 years before …[View]
21648417Why have I found it so difficult to feel love and warmth since developing PTSD during my late childh…[View]
21647011How do I become mentally strong?[View]
21648344Depressed: I know that there's no proper answer or a way to stop feeling like this, but I still…[View]
21647937Need a gud device wide or white list app user agent string changer for Android foan. Have Suzuku and…[View]
216475164chan probably isnt the best place for this but I have nowhere else to go. Im 22 years old and all …[View]
21647295is it worth getting on social media at 27 for general social or dating reasons? I have some close fr…[View]
21648308Currently working for my State's correctional department. Any other people in law enforcement/c…[View]
21647705Moving For School: live outside of midwest city (Kansas City, Omaha, Lincoln etc) >1 bedroom apar…[View]
21648279Was meant to go on a date with a girl I met at a hostel. We made plans for Monday but at a party we …[View]
21648189I have no interest in anything but I'm not depressed. In fact, most days I feel quite happy. Bu…[View]
21648238How do you behave with strangers that want to start a conversation in public (bus, waiting rooms, st…[View]
21647584Hey /adv/ I'm getting ready to switch my tv sound back to surround sound, ive had the stuff for…[View]
21646787The Heart Break: This girl is dating my best friend who is the nicest guy in the universe and loves …[View]
21646091How to flirt?: I also don't want to drink alcohol cause I hate it. Also is there any drug that …[View]
21648073Guys please i need advice to scrape the macaroni off: My mum will kill me[View]
21648135I always struggle to get out of bed each morning. I just lay down doing random stuff of the internet…[View]
21646676how to get a decent job: >whole family dead >can't seem to get a job in field >growing…[View]
21648183Getting ahead of the inevitable: Hello anons, long time lurker, first time poster. Pic unrelated, Po…[View]
21647681How do i change my incel mindset?[View]
21646488What do I do if I’m always dead fucking tired? I do everything. Eat healthy drink water vitamins exe…[View]
21648069Going back to Uni or saving for a flat: Dropped out of uni a couple years ago I was studying compute…[View]
21648156Hi, first time posting here. My partner really wants to do 'doggy' style but it is excruciatingly p…[View]
21648087>met with University psychological counselor today. >Mentioned that the thought of suicide has…[View]
21648137Im not good with feelings: >Shes a thought I can't get out of my head. I smile thinking abou…[View]
21648019Help!!!: I'm starting to write a book and I need a bit of advice. The main character is a depre…[View]
21647626What do i do when: >My 2 childhood friends who have stayed with me for basically my entire life, …[View]
21647915How do i ask girl from nearby office out?: My floor in this building has different offices belonging…[View]
21648054How do I talk less?: I talk too much and It basically doesn't help me at all. Halp[View]
21648010So clumsy and scatterbrained that I'm basically autistic: I can barely even function. I do reta…[View]
21647596Dreaming of Meaning: Hey guys, I'm in my late 20's, Single, fit, Tall, Blond + blue eyes, …[View]
21646267ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything!: RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Kee…[View]
21646186Name my music /adv/: Pretty please? I have no name and I can't find anything clever ;([View]
21647738friend addicted to cocaine: My best friend is addicted to cocaine. I'm trying to overcome my ow…[View]
21645253How do i chill the fuck down: I fell in love and my personality and interests vanished. My mind is b…[View]
21647895I saved some good money on the side, how to multiply it. No gambling, maybe business[View]
21647804How do i help myself? Since ive finished highschool 2 years ago all ive done is isolate myself. I wo…[View]
21647621Hello /adv/, I'm in need of some unbiased advice please. I've been friends with this pers…[View]
21639704What's the most stupid thing you've done for love?[View]
21647780Want to cheat but can't do it.: I was on the cusp of hooking up with a girl off tinder. As soon…[View]
21647347Is there any activity to replace social interaction?: I /think/ it's commonly agreed that human…[View]
21643507Went to a bachelorette party with my friend. There was a male stripper. Over the course of the eveni…[View]
21646940How can I cheat on my girlfriend discreetly?[View]
21647726How do I get a gf?[View]
21647583What are some fun things to do in Vegas BESIDES Strippers/Gambling/Drinking/Brothels/Parties. someth…[View]
21646504my dad is literally on his deathbed and i still cant talk to him i entered my parents room to say '…[View]
21646655What are some good jobs for a 21 year old introvert?[View]
21647339Seriously need some relationship advice: So I have no fucking clue what I should do right now. This …[View]
21644030Is it even possible to respond to this extreme lack of interest Why does she even reply[View]
21647575How do I help someone thats in an abusive relationship?: my dad married this really controlling girl…[View]
21642869Cheaters: How can you know early on whether someone is a cheater or not? One of my friends has been …[View]
21647301Is it considered leading a guy on that's in love with you if you give him ASMR to help him fall…[View]
21645182I have a friend who I share a common love for video/board games, anime, tv, and movies with but we a…[View]
21646803>be me > 7/10 >lurks escort site for months, not finding anyone i fancy >finds and wants…[View]
21647426Am I the incel?: Hi /adv/ I found out about incels and 4 chan recently and have an important questio…[View]
21647213Looking for a new place to live, what alternatives are there to this trash pile?: No urgency on the …[View]
21642108GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Back to reality.[View]
21646760I've been in a situation the past five months. My fiancee is debating whether to stay with me o…[View]
21645800Baldness: Does this actually help? If not what do you recommend instead ?[View]
21647447Lack of motivation and discipline: Any tips or advice?[View]
21647289where do i apply. looking for a job. moms making me[View]
21646907just want love: im 26, have never dated anyone or had sex, and although i would like to have sex, im…[View]
21645563Should I kill myself if I all I want to do with my life is play video games and ignore any and all r…[View]
21644135I feel trapped inside my own head, i can never be present in a situation, is there anything i can ta…[View]
21646742No motivation: Anons, what do when there's hobbies and interests I want to get on with but I…[View]
21647296Help an Aspie: I’m currently on the California promise grant and I’m in my first semester of communi…[View]
21643383I'm a virgin, what are the specification that I need to get laid.[View]
21647305Hey guys, had a best friend in high school, we graduated, he went to Uni and I worked full time. He…[View]
21647316Beard and Hair: I want to change up something with my looks. I have a full beard amazing genetics fo…[View]
21643555Is it wrong to like a Brazilian 15 year old girl? Legal sexual consent age in Brazil is 14 but I…[View]
21646144Will this leave a scar?[View]
21647193Tooth Filling Came Out While Flossing: I was just flossing my teeth before I head off to bed and as …[View]
21646601Would it be a red flag for a guy if his gf asked him to have sex with her without a condom? She…[View]
21647039Girl I know keeps sending me this emoji. What does it mean?[View]
21644995How can I fix my brain?: I was diagnosed with PTSD as a child. At 18 I did some CBT to reduce some o…[View]
21647114How to pull this off?: >Meet girl from China, we hang out with friends. >We got dinner 1 on 1 …[View]
21646980Why are the only girls looking for real relationships online fat and/or ugly? Made a tinder for the …[View]
21647038Whats a good super flexible part time gig job like uber or lift these days? My 'free time' is basica…[View]
21645786What is the purpose of group projects.: Pic unrelated. Long story short i've been in a bunch of…[View]
21647187>just moved to a college town >27 male >don't know anybody here >not in school and …[View]
21645894Hair Loss: Ive noticed semi-recently that my hair has started to think out near my crown. Im only 20…[View]
21645845Hygiene. Laundry. Groceries. House cleaning. Shovelling. Exercise. Prayers. It never ends. I’m so ov…[View]
21646745>Gf cooked whole turkey >Never checked temp >Turned stove off hours ago Is there a quick …[View]
21646967Any estonians out there that can answer this?: I bought a topical medicine for cuts while on vacatio…[View]
21647082What is your purpose?: https://youtu.be/_8NVZwQfTl0[View]
21645826Anyone else here just looks sad?: I've recently started to appear on more photos and I've …[View]
21645911How do I stop masturbating?: I just keep watching porn even when I tell myself I'll stop. Its s…[View]
21646937Help: A few nights ago I discovered my bf had a collection of j*il bait on his phone. He's sinc…[View]
21646419How to talk to girls?: Background on me: I’m a decent looking 19 yr old that’s lost his touch with w…[View]
21646341i got feelings for an old friend of mine again. she is the cutiest girl i ever met, but she has a 2 …[View]
21643287How to not ruin relationship with insecurity: I’m in an amazing relationship, he is perfect in every…[View]
21646818Girlfriend Left Because of Roommate: Kudos to all the fellow autismos that read all this. So my girl…[View]
21646044>someone gives you the cold shoulder in a relationship until they tell you that they're fini…[View]
21645308>Mfw I failed NNN on the first day >Mfw I also failed DDD on the first day >Mfw I coom almo…[View]
21646669Making a voice/song sound bad: So I was wondering whether it is possible to edit a song in such a wa…[View]
21646918How do I stop my gf from being so negative all time? We've been dating for around a month now, …[View]
21645487is it reasonable to ask my gf why she broke up with her exbf[View]
21646685I dont know why im posting this at all but im so lost in my life ive ben depressed before but its wo…[View]
21645283Working habit: I seem to always cram the absolute everything of my assignments, study to one, sleepl…[View]
21646865How do I get my gf to stop wanting to talk for hours every night when I'm working out of state.…[View]
21646398how do i find a girl who is weird like me and into loser stuff at my college?: stuff like video game…[View]
21646411>Started browsing /r9k/ about a year and a half ago >Stopped around 6-7 months ago >A lot o…[View]
21646826I need some advice. I’ve been having trouble with my bitch of a boss for some time now and I’m sick …[View]
21646836what do: i asked a girl if i could add her on snap in a dm and she said sure. i added her and she ha…[View]
21646209drunk alone: I am sitting in my flat drinking a bottle of whiskey alone and i wouldn't mind som…[View]
21645330How do I stop being afraid of self improvement without return? That is, how do I stop being afraid t…[View]
21645869I have recently become lactose intolerant, but during this year prior and the past few years, I have…[View]
21646699Drunk and on ecstasy: I am drunk and on ecstasy and in a mood to talk. I know that is not an advice …[View]
21646519Hey guys. So I don't want to get into a multiparagraph rant about the entire context surroundin…[View]
21646343frens, is a 24 year old guy dating an 18 year old girl immoral? she seems really nice and we've…[View]
21645864Whats a good way to flirt: Without coming off as creepy douche bag. Or someone whose desperate.…[View]
21645224My girlfriend ( of about 1.5 months ) texts me every day how her day is terrible, how she's cry…[View]
21642342What should I say now? That line kind of backfired[View]
21646583Not wanting to date women who have kids?: Am I being too picky by not wanting to date a woman who ha…[View]
21646016Are there any dating apps that ACTUALLY work? I'm banned from Tinder, and I've used Bumble…[View]
21645698What's the most convenient way to prevent a pregnancy? Condoms, Birth Control or both? Also is …[View]
21646265A girl invited me out: Guys i need some suggestions, this girl i meet recently on Bumble is coming n…[View]
21646346Graphic designer: Will I be happy in life as graphic designer if I enjoy drawing and editing things …[View]
21646478Help me anons. I’m on vacation with my boomer family and their friends and none of the friends like …[View]
21646304>wake up too early >browse internet, drink coffee >go to work >do work >day passed so…[View]
21645476I played almost 6 hours straight, how bad is it for my health?: I play video games from time to time…[View]
21645782Depersonalization. Need serious help.: This getting really scary. I don't even recognize myself…[View]
21646193Anons: I think porn has affected my love life?: This sounds stupid: but I think watching ppl fuck ha…[View]
21646360I just ate a big five guys burger and lots of fries and now my heart is really hurting with pulsatin…[View]
21646111>tfw 6'2, /fit/, broadshouldered with an attractive face but because of anxiety and lacking …[View]
21646172how to get gf?: I like to think of myself as a somewhat funny guy, I'm able to make friends wit…[View]
21641801How do you actually get a girlfriend if you're autistic?[View]
21646096Autismo: I honestly can't tell when people are shitposting on here and when they are being seri…[View]
21645935>Disappointed my parents by not being the courageous, strong, confidant and competent son they wi…[View]
21643905Tired of life: Finished high school, had a job, some friends, no gfs and actually a NEET. Anons, i f…[View]
21646291what do i get my gf for christmas? i already bought her a lot of cute lingerie, but i need some othe…[View]
21644057I (19m) am in love with my mentor (32m). Im still in the closet and scared. I think he is so handsom…[View]
21646205Any tips to keep a discord conversation going?[View]
21643109gf asked me to call her mommy: >be 23 >look really young for my age >even though i'm t…[View]
21646078How to live a life full of journey?: I have a strong wanderlust within me, I always get fascinated a…[View]
21646208Everybody walks all over me, cant take it anymore, how can i change and what should i do[View]
21645915What would you do?: Two weeks ago my dad had a stroke and it made him get worst and worst. He's…[View]
21646204I want to learn how to get back at cruel and arrogant people with their own tactics. I know somebody…[View]
21644506RULES: Before you ask, see if it's covered by the FAQ. Keep questions concise. Use paragraphs. …[View]
21645789am i depressed, retarded, or just fucking lazy? i find it incredibly hard to focus on/actually do sh…[View]
21646168Is it normal to feel like I have autism?: I legit feel like there is something wrong with me. What c…[View]
21645483>both me and my partner of 8 months thinks we're spending more money on the other person …[View]
21644351I've just made bad decision after bad decision, it seems. >be me, 22 years old 7 years ago …[View]
21646100Not sure what to do...?: Okay, so long story short, there’s a female who I no longer allow in my lif…[View]
21645110I'm 18, I'm in highschool What can I do to make money and become rich? I can't work p…[View]
21646058emailing a crush: so anons i was a pussy and didn't ask a girl out at class today. it was the l…[View]
21646035Can you actually kill someone to defend you and your family? How can I be sure that I will be able t…[View]
21645931At 25, my life is pretty pathetic (schooling wont help you): Looking for some advice on what to do w…[View]
21646059Aside from tinder where are the easiest places to meet girls for more than sex if you're in the…[View]
21645104>tfw 22 >never had a life >was homeschooled then a shut in >would spend 99% of my time …[View]
21645420I live in Europe so I have free college. But if I fail again this year (which I already have, becaus…[View]
21645974Mentally ill and dating: I have severe OCD and aspergers. I am on disability because every job I hav…[View]
21645954I got sentenced to 2 years in prison but I'm out on a 3 year parole. What happens now? (the cri…[View]
21645642Advice or just talk about it: Alright, so I guess I need advice or at least someone to talk about th…[View]
21646014I often experience panic attacks in public thinking about fuck ups or be aware of how pathetic I am …[View]
21644419Mismatched Sex Views and Marriage: I apologize for the long post. Been struggling with this for year…[View]
21639645Should I tell my girlfriend I'm in love with someone else? Haven't kissed this other Don…[View]
21645860Why: >Be me >Going to see a film w\ friend >Friend forgets >SadAsFuck.jpg > Meet with…[View]
21635879What music do you like? >Everything What food do you like >Anything How do I keep text convers…[View]
21645930My long time childhood friend, ignores me for some time since he started streaming anime neptunia an…[View]
21645927I'm thinking of giving up on music and taking up a new hobby like archery. As much as I would …[View]
21645813how do i form a connection to another human being? i feel fundamentally alienated from everybody els…[View]
21645760My high school girlfriend updated her linkedin and it brought back all the high school memories and …[View]
21645265Joining MC: I've been thinking for some time about giving a chance to join a MC such as Hells A…[View]
21645222My ex says that she is not ready to have a relationship with anyone and doesnt want me to wait for h…[View]
21645431I'm looking to get into scamming digital, sick of looking for work and going to go the easy rou…[View]
21645627The person I'm interested in almost never texts me first. We've been on two dates so far a…[View]
21644212I think a girl likes me[View]
21645599reasons why i should not kill the people who bullied me and ruined my life?[View]
21645472For the ms-office guys here. Why does my Word make these move the whole sentence forward after begin…[View]
21645269Motivation?: Let's say I have to 'write a paper,' in that I have a great deal of writing to sub…[View]
21644666>be me >autistic fag, no idea how to talk to people, sperg, very little social interaction …[View]
21645633What’s the best way to put distance between yourself and a religious community that really likes you…[View]
21644103Stupid work question. >be me >work for company, have job >what a loser right >intern tha…[View]
21644385Skincare Advice: For the past two years, I've been working the graveyard shift. I had trouble s…[View]
21645499I saw a youtube comment today that hit the nail on the head so precisely with my situation that I fe…[View]
21644316Can somebody give me some real tangible advice about living in my car besides 'it's a bad idea'…[View]
21645630How do you politely tell someone that you don't give a shit about their interests and would rat…[View]
21645009Vanilla sex?!: I’ve been seeing this girl like every night for just a little while, about a month. W…[View]
21645644I'm depressed and kind of want to die. I feel like it's because I have no actual goals or …[View]
21644816is there any way my mind can recover from constant browsing of /r9k/?[View]
21645607Weight loss question: Went on a diet in early august. Lost a great deal of weight in a month's …[View]
21645349Can't watch porn unless there's plot or some profound lore behind it. I'm a guy btw.[View]
21643245Now I feel guilty: I posted a lot here. The guy with the hardcore bisexual, previously polyamorous, …[View]
21644884I failed my driving test today: I didn’t manage to perform parallel parking. Feels shitty, man.…[View]
21645570Alright /adv/, after some reflection I went ahead and wrote down some things that I want to change a…[View]
21645568There's this girl I like who I found out through a third that she is sick. Should I send her a …[View]
21644845So here is the thing. In 2020 I will be 30, my teen age and 20's were for sure troublesome but …[View]
21644530How the fuck do i find and trust herbal supplements? I’ve been looking into some and read a news art…[View]
21644509Anything wrong with going for multiple girls at once when you're not going on actual dates with…[View]
21645539How do I cope with my best friend dating a loser? I have close friend that I've known since I w…[View]
21645161Lonely: Broke up with my gf 2 weeks ago, I barely have any friends, where can I go to meet people?…[View]
21640509I'm a 21 year old fat brown lesbian: - and I'm coming closer and closer to the conclusion …[View]
21645422Got Framed over something I didn't do.: Me and an uni group decided to pay someone off to do an…[View]
21645439how long till it's reasonable to meet my egf[View]
21643977I've been researching depression and similar mental illnesses associated with it, and I'm …[View]
21644606What would you do in my situation? >be in a games community in my town >be invited to a games …[View]
21645379I know that /adv/ isn't ripe with doctors and surgeons but frankly I'm getting really desp…[View]
21645391How do I convince people who believe that I'm worth loving into accepting the simple fact that …[View]
21643589Are any guys into tomboys? I dress in men's clothes and behave 'like a guy' or at least as far …[View]
21645397meds: so im sick with bronchitis and i was givin an inhailer which is albuterol methyprednisone and …[View]
21645284>morning >tired >noon >tired >evening >tired >night time >tired but will wak…[View]
21645087Scared of math pls help: This is collegiate level maths! More difficult than high school math! Chapt…[View]
21645178Lets just say that you have no real personality and due to anxiety you can't spend the time aro…[View]
21644900How do I stop hating?: There is a certain archetype of people who have been integrated into society …[View]
21644800My life has been shit for 8 years now. Things have only been getting worse this year. March 6th - De…[View]
21645172Are clingy people annoying? I don't want to be a bother to my boyfriend but I get sad and anxio…[View]
21645114How do I stop smelling bad?: I shower daily, usually before going out, only wear clean clothes, wipe…[View]
21644634Euroanon here. I want to post some texts in forums and stuff to spread the truth, but all I have got…[View]
21643762I can't bring myself to speak to any of the women I find interesting. I spend SIX MONTHS thinki…[View]
21644480How do you live with yourselves? What keeps you going and not fully allow yourselves to be done it b…[View]
21645117How do you know that someone is the one or right for you? I'm 19 and in my first relationship a…[View]
21644972Whats it mean if i cant unscrew things with a screwdriver?: Like I can't do it. Is it poor fine…[View]
21644259Currently my bf is getting himself trapped in the wage slave zone. He has an associates degree in so…[View]
21640789Should i fuck a girl who is on her period? We got plans tomorrow. We fuck every time we go out. I a…[View]
21645071How do I stop being a fucking buttercup[View]
21645032How do you deal with the loneliness?[View]
21643851My cousin insists on talking about politics and he's part of antifa. Every conversation with hi…[View]
21644364I rather be a cripple then deal with my oneitis anymore, this werthers disease is killing me slowly.…[View]
21644692laser hair removal: I just got laser hair removal for my eyebrows, the middle part since i have a mo…[View]
21644560How do I find purpose?[View]
21644246>Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years. >1 year and 10 months ago I kissed anot…[View]
21644699I work from home but wasn't really ready for how lonely it'd be. I suppose I thought that …[View]
21644360I'm pretty sure my laptop was just hacked on the 2nd to last week of finals for my university. …[View]
21644698So they're all lunching right now. They saw me. I hardly come to uni but I did feel fine with t…[View]
21644575messy nsa gone wrong: 18f fucking a 28m , i fancy him so hard and he knows i like him, the issue is …[View]

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