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11196222Dark Matter doesn't exist: >Dark Matter doesn't exist. Dark Matter doesn't exist. …[View]
11202973This is the ultimate equation: Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
11199774Thoughts on David Sinclair, NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide): I want to believe, but something abou…[View]
11203187Does anybody have the intro to mathematics chart, the one that starts with the books on how to do pr…[View]
11201505Can anyone describe in the most simple terms how an x-ray is produced? I'm finding the bremsstr…[View]
11201049>he unironically believes light isn't currently propagating through a medium, that there…[View]
11203015Okay, how can i study properly many terms?[View]
11198279physics blackpill: >be me >have professor for physics >he has a phd in bio physics >a fe…[View]
11200272materialism is a fucking meme. if you're really a truth seeker, you will admit FIRST that consc…[View]
11202011Climate models have been accurate for 50 years: /pol/ BTFO again. https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wile…[View]
11202662I'm a manager of a chemical plant producing 1,200,000,000 lb of styrene every year. AMA also we…[View]
11202898Are cephalopods the aquatic equivalent of apes?[View]
11202782*proves your theorem is equivalent to the axiom of choice* what are you gonna do about it?[View]
11201977Is there even any point in trying if you go to a shit university? I'm in my second year and I…[View]
11202299Was he right?[View]
11202542Why do humans have foreheads?[View]
11201074Do you anons consider materials science a meme field? If so, why?[View]
11200996I think the reason why I'm a lazy piece of shit who can't accomplish stuff is because the …[View]
11198334Is it true /sci/?[View]
11201784What's the redpill of mathematics?[View]
11202615Organic mind transfer: Is it possible in theory to transport the mind into a different vessel? In th…[View]
11200872Zero is a round number.[View]
11200354If I develop penile cancer then I fuck a bitch and some of my cells end up inside her will they star…[View]
11202574Is this just anti-China propaganda or did the experiment actually fail? Is there any proof or data r…[View]
11202451Tubes: OK, can anyone help me out, this hypothetical question is driving me mad. You have three sta…[View]
11200883Is mathematics a form of mysticism?[View]
11202447Why did people made a big fuss about using calculators, but they don't say anything when people…[View]
11201688Where were you when a small vatnik research lab solved AGI? https://www.goodai.com/badger-architectu…[View]
11201041FORBIDDEN - China's Crispr Baby Manuscript: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614764/chinas-cr…[View]
11201508Is the strike in France that they started reporting about big and/or unusually newsworthy? It's…[View]
11199703Why do universities think it's acceptable to assign homework for a grade? Would they like me to…[View]
11198905What are your thoughts on the ideas presented in this book, sci? Do you feel that technological achi…[View]
11201308Aristotle invented logic as we know it which led to the development of all civilization. But who mad…[View]
11199144What is the brain's raw processing power?: What is the activity called(working memory or someth…[View]
11198670Is philosophy the most /sci/ hobby? Math majors may post ITT.[View]
11200683Team to Save Earth: Alright, we all know the world is going to shit and it's because a bunch of…[View]
11201951Is it possible for someone who isn't a genius to have the same societal impact through hard wor…[View]
11200838Zero-G Exxon station attendant: How would I become a space gas filler-upper? What credentials would …[View]
11201869Science Holiday Festivity: Come on, let's see your chemis-trees[View]
11200783Is the Universe governed by logic?[View]
11198856Could you extinguish the Sun with a fuckload of water?[View]
11200596What do you do to relax /sci/????[View]
11201738Is there any reason why a dificult topic I struggled with and just let it rest for a couple months I…[View]
11201499Landed myself an exchange year for my masters in engineering mathematics at SNU, what can I expect a…[View]
11201361Fundamentally, is there a difference between a field, a lattice, a graph and a circuit? Can all of t…[View]
11201522Facial features and intelligence: Is it possible to predict a person's intelligence from their …[View]
11201216Discuss password strength: My various passcodes will take 400 Million years to 2 Billion years to cr…[View]
11201470Alright yesterday morning I said I was expecting a big unusual news-story and this one appears to be…[View]
11201113>genetically engineered nigger containment breach >can hear his mix-tape through the vents It…[View]
11200268Does anyone on this board know anything about Noetics? What is the mainstream explanation for action…[View]
11199293economic science: Me, poor ass fucker who only owns one house, why cant i take out a loan to buy a h…[View]
11198719Empathy: yesterday I was with some guys and some girls and they all saw a bug and the guys were sayi…[View]
11196056Solo-ing math: I'm 25 and on my 5th day of my manufacturing job and I can already tell I don…[View]
11200669Boomer Sciencelet Cringe: >That boomer defending a 7000 year old earth >says there's goin…[View]
11200048Jackson E&M final: thoughts on your Jackson course? >Ed Witten was a journalism major at Bran…[View]
11197574I am 28 and I still look 22 For reasons it is in my interests to preserve this. How do? Discord tra…[View]
11199665>the class retard won't stop beatboxing and loudly sniffing his armpits in class…[View]
11200629Can anyone identify what this is It was sewn into the back of my hat[View]
11197029What's the connection between autism and transgranderism?[View]
11200999Request: I need help finding a free online version of 'Georgia's Criminal Justice System b…[View]
11200037SHANNON NYQUIST BTFO: Where were you with compressed sensing ruined everything physicists thought th…[View]
11201138AI is smrt.: Q: What are the advantages of a low Earth orbit satellite? A: In a low Earth orbit sate…[View]
11200961whoop whoop[View]
11201110How can I turn carbon fiber roving efficiently and cheaply? I need some thread with high tensile str…[View]
11198685Which major should I choose ?: So I'm good at philosophical thinking and also good at abstracti…[View]
11198889Is computer science a field of science/math or is it engineering?[View]
11198888How does cold work? Why do we get stuffy nose, coughingn, sore throat, headaches, weakened feeling, …[View]
11201073hey guys what is the normal level of phosphate in a lake you think?[View]
11194774Hey nerds, /sp/ tourist here can you please tell me if zero is an odd or an even number or if it…[View]
11199009How do we stop premeds from destroying chemistry? The first two years of chemistry courses in a chem…[View]
11195072Eternal Recurrence: What are the consequences of Poincaré’s theorem of recurrence on our universe an…[View]
11200986Data Science: legit field or a meme field: What's sci's thoughts on the new-ish field? the…[View]
11200902I NEVER EXPERIENCED SERENITY My ears are able to hear electromagnetic radio waves and I always hear …[View]
11200441What qualifies someone to be a scientist?[View]
11198107>8 am lecture because boomer prof can't sleep in his old age[View]
11199567Neurosci: Best neuroscience books/papers or websites to find these papers?[View]
11198324is there any way to make linkedin not tell people who's profile you viewed? i was looking at a …[View]
11193932Is nuclear good[View]
11196455Should Einstein be cloned?[View]
11187154Maximum IQ to believe in the validity of quantum physics? I'd say 110 maybe 105[View]
11200773Neuron Models: Neurons are rather impressive and it's hard to see how they can learn. Processor…[View]
11200661Is flat rotation curve a sign of cosmic expansion?: This is a link to an article about considering t…[View]
11177871High School: How did /sci/ go through High School? Di you enjoy it or hated it or just plain dint ca…[View]
11200149>Evolutionists think that this can be randomly made in a million years.…[View]
11200408You have to guess a number between 900,000 and 1,000,000. The fourth digit is 7 and the last digit i…[View]
11200685>I'm not going to do the derivation, let's go straight to examples…[View]
11200474sci, which is the best circuit analysis fundamental for beguinners.[View]
11200429'Most Practical Mathematics and Science': >At-home utility. >Important chemical derivations / …[View]
11199934why does language exist[View]
11200479domain walls: do you believe in domain walls? apparently they follow from string theory. if so, does…[View]
11198555Why are muons and tau considered separate elementary particles, and not just heavier versions or hea…[View]
11199175Are there any scientists that look like this?[View]
11200081Drunk Math with Solid Formula: wtf did I just watch.. but the math checks out.. https://www.youtube.…[View]
11200315How many ways are there to distribute n forints among k people if one person only wants an even numb…[View]
11198995lol homomorphism[View]
11197997Assuming infinite resources, how do you give the Moon a miles-high breathable atmosphere?[View]
11194887I don't understand the role of serotonin. Some studies say it's a regulator of aggression …[View]
11198895Double Oscillation Circuit: Hey guys, I am trying to build the simplest circuit that can achieve osc…[View]
11199894Anyone with experience with ritalin please help. I'm prescribed 10mg per day (don't know w…[View]
11200064The Nicolas Bourbaki group sounds like it should be made into a spy movie. Just a bunch of top tier …[View]
11198115There are people on this board that cannot solve the Collatz conjecture: IMAGINE being them.[View]
11199308Who don't hackers brute force primes?: You take all the known primes and multiply them. You cre…[View]
11198626How strong was Earth's gravity millions or billions of years ago in comparison to now?[View]
11198811Don't memorize that 1+1=2, just derive it bro lmao[View]
11199968How many ways can I concatenate the same string?: For example 'ST'+'RING' and 'STRI'+'NG' both resul…[View]
11198803philosophy in a nutshell[View]
11199879Help me bros, I can't get a job to save my life because of my really bad cumulative GPA, despit…[View]
11199875non: >relatavisticaly simplified >…[View]
11198307How to get a college education knowledge at home? I already have a university degree, but I would li…[View]
11199762Mickey plays papa (1934): Hella like a Baby Shit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BOLY-[View]
11197147What's the scientific rundown on the vaccines debacle?[View]
11199597I made this methyl salicylate from only stuff you can buy at lowes and walmart. It's still clou…[View]
11199045>got flu shot >still got sick Science is dead.…[View]
11189507Computer Science is a meme field: Only useful things are cryptography, data structures and algorithm…[View]
11199475Need Formosat 2 Info: Hi, does anyone know how to get data from any of the FORMOSAT 2 experiments? I…[View]
11194800Hello, stats question please. Confidence intervals. Let's say I have 5,000 daily values in a ti…[View]
11195851/sfg/ Spaceflight general: 39A edition Previous Thread: >>11191336[View]
11198069Are there any chemical processes similar to fire that don't rely on oxygen? if not, what is so …[View]
11195414Assuming one is uninterested in academia/teaching, is it ever advisable to get a PhD in economics? N…[View]
11199510How about an orthology database thread?[View]
11196991Would human clones be born with aged telomeres?[View]
11199609A honest to goodness question. In theory your cells can only divide so many times before they just s…[View]
11198847theory of knowledge: >brothers an ib fag what's your opinion on theory of knowledge? imo g…[View]
11199331How is it possible to predict the outputs a black box system will provide in response to a set of in…[View]
11199463R question help please: do any of you know R? if so, can you help me with this. have no idea where t…[View]
11196543Why is most of the internet in English even though English speakers are a global minority?[View]
11197162Now that the dust has settled: What was its mission here? Was it friend or foe?[View]
11198024what is the scientific best way to develop discipline?[View]
11194440post yer unis: first year engineering[View]
11193178/sci/ memes thread[View]
11199403>most of the book material is left to the exercises, in effort to make the reader think…[View]
11199018Will drugs make me stupid?: Anyone else like this? >academically inclined >value my brains, in…[View]
11198635accuracy: Hi /sci/, How can I descend this straw into the glass of water without moving it too much…[View]
11195296It's too late for anything.: > Be me > 19 y.o > High School ends > Math teacher: …[View]
11186289/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Exceptionally, smart questions will also be allowed. Prev…[View]
11189684What is consciousness?[View]
11199217Suppose a body is moving in a circle, making a full rotation in 6 seconds. Will the momentary accele…[View]
11199160I would like to talk about the formation and evolution of large-scale structure of the cosmos, now t…[View]
11198743Why don't they build matter/anti-matter power plants?[View]
11198550E=mC^2 I get the technical meaning of this equation. However, this understanding has me wondering ma…[View]
11198507why are we all experiencing time flow at the same speed? even the smartest humans who ever lived did…[View]
11196361how get job at lockheed martin?[View]
11198410can you heat coffee in the microwave? please help my gas cooker is broke and im fucking dying[View]
11198820How the fuck do you know which hypothesis test to use?[View]
11198840/Phy/: Physics Thread[View]
11195200Artemis Space Program: Thoughts on this? Why isn’t it discussed here more? Its only 4 years away…[View]
11185215Please don't discuss hallucinogenic drugs on /sci/ ever again. No academic discipline takes hal…[View]
11196355Does merit actually mean anything in science?: When a person with qualifications like these; >Mas…[View]
11197667Some guy at my school is saying he’s about to be the most influential person of the 21st century bec…[View]
11198754Why does natural selection exist?: The existence of such a thing implies that nature has a blueprint…[View]
11198687Devilish things you do in research, college, etc.: Have you ever done something bad and gotten away …[View]
11197838Pseudoscience: hello retards. can someone give me a case for pseudoscience and why it is justified f…[View]
11194396Has Khan Academy helped you? Then why the fuck don't you give back you autistic leeches[View]
11197479> average engineering GPA is 2.9 > so basically they know 70% of the material taught why do we…[View]
11196176Is it scientifically possible to transform a woman into a slutty whore by using biological engineeri…[View]
11169090Developers Rate Changes?: If groups of humans were altered so that some of them had shorter pregnanc…[View]
11194685What could cause humans or a related subspecies to have a gender ratio where there are significantly…[View]
11198440calculating skewness and kurtosis: What is the skewness and kurtosis of (X+Y)/2. Assuming X and Y ar…[View]
11198139Do all psychiatrists deserve the death penalty?: Post ideas for a worse punishment if you duisagree.…[View]
11197292>this book can be used for an introductory, intermediate or advanced class, for self-study, as a …[View]
11189738Any smart scientist here? I have genital herpes and i wonder if someone of you can find a cure for i…[View]
11196688Which engineering field is the best? No meme answers like mechatronic engineering or civil engineeri…[View]
11198296How would one make a S.H.I.E.L.D -like organisation real?[View]
11198275Two men, Alex and Zach, are in the hospital together, and both are diagnosed with some awful termina…[View]
11179038What proof is there of earths curvature? And if you use nasa what is the radius they supposed? Or is…[View]
11197291Your bike tyres are flat. You weigh your bike, then you pump up the tyres. Is it heaver or lighter a…[View]
11197237What should I study if I'm interested in science/math but I suck at it?[View]
11198072Showering lowers IQ: Water is fluoridated especially shower water. And we all know fluoride causes b…[View]
11195943What causes Ice Ages?[View]
11198042Is Internet needed for humans?: I think that internet makes you a worse person and you get depressio…[View]
11198062Why is India so mediocre in the math Olympiad? Considering their history with maths as well as the f…[View]
11198048Please help an aspie out: I’m currently on the California promise grant and I’m in my first semester…[View]
11197780Why yes, i do in fact watch Bill Nye the Science Guy. How could you tell?[View]
11195801Science of holding it in: What are the physiological effects of holding in pee, poo, farts, diarrhea…[View]
11197360i dont understand Borel sets intuitively can you help me out?[View]
11196284Are there any professors on here? I'm a post doc now, but I don't think I'd stop shit…[View]
11194965A little game for you mathematicians: Here is a ciphered message. It doesn't say anything speci…[View]
11193491Theoretical physics and Mathematical physics: What exactly makes these different? Ive read a bit abo…[View]
11196400Hey /sci/! I got pic related a couple years ago, and I'm considering working through it. Is it …[View]
11197974[math] \displaystyle{\iiint \textsf{(No one achieves immortality in his own lifetime.)}~ \displaysty…[View]
11195751Suicide: Why doesn't everybody kill themselves? is it because it's irrational, and if it i…[View]
11197912but it's a contradiction?????: Conservation of energy seems to contradict conservation of angul…[View]
11197659ASCP Chem Exam: Bros, I plan on taking the ASCP Chem exam to expand my options. I'm tired of pi…[View]
11191904I have to take calculus 1 in uni this winter but have been bullshitting my way through math all thro…[View]
11194132No bullshit, why the FUCK is there anything at all? Why is reality even a thing and is there any hop…[View]
11196594why did so many great mathematicians die so young?[View]
11197810>Fraudulent ONEness of religious academia has retarded your opposite rationale brain to a half br…[View]
11193298How do you terraform Mars and put people on it? I was thinking to nuke the poles and do something wi…[View]
11197618Please help me - electric fields: 1/3 (I have no education in science so maybe this is babby shit bu…[View]
11197640Christopher Ryan PHD: Is it true that humans had few diseases and lived to 68-72 before agriculture …[View]
11193772The Fermi Paradox.: Consider the following: Pic related was in a singular direction, and a very smal…[View]
11197651>i'm self-taught[View]
11197631smart but lazy: Is the key to learning things just putting in effort? I sat down and read calculus t…[View]
11196512There is no evidence that the mechanism of random gene mutation and natural selection is sufficient …[View]
11197172post genius qts now[View]
11197336Elementary Facts: >humans evolved from apes >all life evolved from a common ancestor >there…[View]
11197543I haven’t taken time to learn any math since the 9th grade, now about to take my SATs how the fuck d…[View]
11197326>Got a hard EE final tomorrow >haven’t studied at all >probably going to get a 0%, 30 at b…[View]
11197475Is there a more soul-draining experience than growing up in a home with ugly dumb disinterested fool…[View]
11197403Database of Open Conjectures: Is there a list somewhere of open conjectures in mathematics? I know t…[View]
11196695anthropologic mathematics: I'll start: Why is 360 associated with circles? E.g. 365 days in a y…[View]
11197168>study Lie algebras >it's all true[View]
11196010Memory Fourms: Where are the best places/websites to discuss topics about human memory.[View]
11185041Why doesn't boron follow the octet rule?[View]
11196416Vietnam: Why are these rice farmers so good math ?[View]
11196660LENR: https://e-catworld.com/2019/11/24/statement-of-andrea-rossi-we-did-it-obtained-permanent-self-…[View]
11197008define pi as the area of the unit circle the area of an arbitrary circle is then: A = pi.r^2 the cir…[View]
11196456>please include 3 letters of recommendation >two must be an academic professionals whom you re…[View]
11193182UHHHHHH YOU NEEED TO HAVE THE PREREQUISITES COURSES. You just can't have a stellar GPA and perf…[View]
11193495Is IQ a meme? Seems like a number people throw around thinking the higher the number the better for …[View]
11196187Here's the story of my academic career, and maybe some of you can input some advice on where to…[View]
11195073Flat Earther made working space ship: https://www.space.com/40083-flat-earther-mike-hughes-launches-…[View]
11191431MIT engineers breakthrough carbon capture device: https://thenextweb.com/syndication/2019/12/01/mit-…[View]
11185117Positive Eugenics - Genetically Improved Human Born in America: https://www.newscientist.com/article…[View]
11196926Center of the Universe: What does /sci/ think of the current search for the center of the universe? …[View]
11196444Who are the best physicists? Mainly the Newtonians and/or the ones that deal with cosmic/outer space…[View]
11196840Ageing cannot be cured. In order for this to work, we would have integrate our DNA with a compatible…[View]
11194369does science creep you out?: i don't think i do science anymore[View]
11195367Any data scientist here? What do you do if your model can not meet accuracy (or whatever other metri…[View]
11194702So is the universe finite after all?[View]
11187536John Von Neumann: How can one man be so brainy? >Abelian von Neumann algebra >Affiliated opera…[View]
11195596Y and Yb: Do Yttrium (#39, column 3) and Ytterbium (#70, Lamthanides) have any common chemical prope…[View]
11196805is it ok to skip the proofs if youre only studying CS ?[View]
11196063What is information? What is time? What is space? What is consciousness? What is reality?[View]
111937383blue1brown: >he's smarter than you >he's more successful than you >he's mor…[View]
11195441Gee Bill! Two event horizons?: Theoretically, if two, equal-mass black holes were converging, and th…[View]
11196646Why are dentists such psychos? It can’t be because of not making it to medical school. Nurses are fa…[View]
11196636how much of a meme it is? i'm about to pursue an applied math and informatics degree there[View]
11193509Ok, let's focus on this:: The biggest killer, in the west, somewhat less so in Asia, is calcium…[View]
11196596Penvum State University is leagues better than Harvard.[View]
11194825Light particles : weight of Irony?: So we've gone so far as to measure the size, and speed of y…[View]
11196453Circular Polarization: how is light made to move so that the em field rotates while the image stays …[View]
11195734Have you tried this? >push your eyeballs in >all sorts of crazy patterns start appearing in my…[View]
11193713>What goes up must come down >Birkeland currents >Tesla waves >frequency >As above s…[View]
11183694/mg/ - maths general: Avila aged really fast edition, previously >>11176582 Talk maths.[View]
11196291What is the future of 'semidoctor' like health care professionals like Optometrists, Audiologists, R…[View]
11195955Can someone please help me with this?[View]
11193045How dangerous is it to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes / year?: Started smoking in uni as a way to stay …[View]
11195344if the entire universe were COMPLETELY frozen for a millisecond, would time ever be able to resume a…[View]
11187425Please explain to me how this doesn't allow information to be propagated FTL[View]
11195693How does it make sense that only one in 100 billion righteous attains nirvana (the third chakra) God…[View]
11195439>We begin by recalling some basic number theory. Open up Weil's book, chapter 1.…[View]
11189791Why don't they make bulletproof vests etc. out of diamond if it is the hardest metal?[View]
11175510I have a medical imaging X-ray tube: I was exploring an abandoned hospital and while all boxes of ox…[View]
11196184Why do I need to pass a French or German language exam for my maths PhD[View]
11194897What shall we do to help Space Snake on his journey?[View]
11195585Why do physicists and some mathematicians smell like poop?[View]
11195724RH thread.: RH is false >30+Tooker+Papers >http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=086738…[View]
11188261Imagine failing your first semester[View]
11191076Why are there no major breakthroughs in theoretical physics since 60 years?: I was wondering if we a…[View]
11190207How do you know if you're unironically autistic?[View]
11192619Is the kinetic energy of an object in orbit equal to the potential energy of object at the altitude …[View]
11195832Big brainlet seeks help: Hi /sci/ I am working with time series right now and I have to write down m…[View]
11195378The last of us will die in here, you know what I mean, because it's... infinity[View]
11193717Why do big trucks sometimes make that loud screeching noise when they drive past? Like most of the t…[View]
11191323Why did science peak in the 60s? Is there just nothing left to discover?[View]
11192037What is the origin of AIDS?[View]
11195291Medicine: What if you were to boil a human being alive? would this cure any illnesses apart from the…[View]
11195665Molecular biologists of /sci/ We are producing some recombinant protein placed on pet-3a vector in b…[View]
11192624/sci/, what is a soul?[View]
11191145STEM /FINANCEPILL/ GENERAL: This is the STEM /FINANCEPILL/ General. Discuss: >math applied to inv…[View]
11193345read maps of meaning[View]
11191923Does high cortisol really fuck up your brain[View]
11195058What would happen if you trained a neural network to publish new papers in science and mathematics b…[View]
11189309can u guess a person average IQ by just looking at their faces? dunno why, but I've come to the…[View]
11193198Any truth to this? Seems a bit off IMHO.[View]
11195491Physics: Do you remember a few years ago (between 2009 & 2013) that some student went 'famous' f…[View]
11195456Yeh 4chan.org I get that you are a website but What about The Hubble space telescope and does it …[View]
11194612>got a 88% on the midterm >just need a 52% on final to pass >still anxiously grinding the n…[View]
11195149Mathematically speaking, what is a manifold? Is it a shape? Like different kinds of Calabi-Yaus? Or …[View]
11195297Migraine: I feel like extremely smart people get more migraines than usual. I think it's becaus…[View]
11192503Botany thread: Are there any botanist anons on this board? Was it worth it?[View]
11194430Dysgenism: UK Abdellaoui, A., Hugh-Jones, D., Yengo, L.et al.Genetic correlates of social stratific…[View]
11192718Can NMDA antagonists help with depression? If so, isn't MSG like very dangerous then?[View]
11189847where are we flying?[View]
11189869Cannabis is already used medically by millions of people and you don't know it Catholics go to …[View]
11188333Why isn't math taught historically and philosophically instead of arbitrarily throwing shit at …[View]
11189634>Now rationalize the denominator! No.[View]
11194963Psychology is just people admitting the lies we tell ourselves and others. When you hear a psycholog…[View]
11195074Hello comp /sci/ Develop an algorithm which will solve snake in the least amount of timeframes with …[View]
11194301Is this a good list of books to get into math. Im good at math and want to self study more advanced …[View]
11194508Reminder that of you are healthy and relatively young, you will live to see the collapse of human ci…[View]
11188408Why did the other apes stop evolving? Why did we keep evolving and the other apes didn't? Makes…[View]
11193832Chemical Experiments: How do I go about getting nearly pure potassium nitrate? Are there reputable d…[View]
11180934Mars vs. Venus: Which one is better for colonization? For terraforming?[View]
11195028What are the ideas behind itzhak perlman's proof of the poincare conjecture ??[View]
11192524Is fire technically electricity?[View]
11189768soon tech companies will be selling implants and all privacy will be dead. how can we salvage what l…[View]
11180515How do we stop climate change, /sci/?[View]
11185947>unlike STEM slaves we from the soft sciences are actually capable of thinking critically.…[View]
11194873Is Senku's hair scientifically feasible?[View]
11191497Brainlet trying to understand electricity and matter here. Suppose I had a pair of wires hooked up t…[View]
11192012Why arent you working hard to bring about its existence, anon?[View]
11192821Asymptotic upper bound proof: I have to prove that [math]f(x)=ax+b[/math] for [math]a>0[/math] be…[View]
11194404VonWillebrands: My mother presents with type 2, but neither of her parents show symptoms for the dis…[View]
11194821Earth and Moon: What was the Earth like before the appearance of the Moon? Was there life? How has t…[View]
11194337Hi /sci/, I'm curious about carbon and the environment. Most often I hear that we need to reduc…[View]
11191318Whats the future for Psychology and Psychiatry? Will they be absorbed by Neuroscience? Will science …[View]
11194699If you kept AP courses for more serious students, would it be a good idea to condense high school sc…[View]
11177130Is there any way to stop climate change without lowering quality of life?: Seems like the only way t…[View]
11194591>This is what humans look like to hypothetical extraterrestrial neighbors Powerful.…[View]
11193783I think i've found a proof that e+π is irrational, where is my mistake in it?: Began thinking a…[View]
11192545kindness is an evolutionary weakness. dominant apex predators do not need to fool people because the…[View]
11188033What are the realistic solutions to the upcoming African population crisis?[View]
11192268Scientifically speaking, what's the incentive for doctors to hide the cure for hiccups?[View]
11191336/sfg/ Spaceflight General: 39B edition Previous Thread: >>11181362[View]
11194272If statistics is not math, are threads about it allowed here?[View]
11191870So what is it?[View]
11193398What was his take on natural numbers?: Did he think they needed axiomatization?[View]
11189970How do you battle a group project leech? I'm paired with someone on a pretty big project and sh…[View]
11194041Daily Reminder: Edward Witten: >So where where we've made progress that's been in the s…[View]
11190320What has neuroscience achieved in the past 2 decades?[View]
11194056>n-nuclear fision reactors are impossible![View]
11193240>ok, so I don’t really know the material that I learned this past semester, but I’ll...I’ll study…[View]

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