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10316382/sci/ humor: Post math memes Share math memes Create math memes Enjoy math memes[View]
10317381what should i read next after analytic number theory by Apostol?[View]
10316348How do top scientists stay motivated and focused on learning and being productive in their field? Oc…[View]
10304505Colonization of the Venusian atmosphere: Let's have an open discussion about the colonization o…[View]
10317757How did Elon Musk invent EM wave?[View]
10315472Physics Career: Hi Sci, I am a physics undergraduate that's graduating this year and I am wonde…[View]
10315853In math, does growth means something is moving? For instance if the center point of a circle stays …[View]
10317799what is a line in our universe? it's not a straight line like on a video game (where you may pr…[View]
10313542For any doctors or interests in the medical field, any help?: Hey /sci/ I know a lot of you genuinel…[View]
10317126Can a statistician be an entrepreneur? How can you use math for yourself in business? Is the only po…[View]
10317650wtf is this shit? why?[View]
10317129Colleges like UC Santa Cruz didn't use to give letter grades. https://www.sfgate.com/education/…[View]
10316038>he thinks he's conscious[View]
10317641Paper plane curiosity: /po/ here, can you explain something? I made this little plane on a whim. I n…[View]
10317535Category Theory: Where do I learn category theory? I want to know what a monad is once and for all.…[View]
10317067Event Horizon Telescope (EHT): Has anyone heard of an update from the imaging being done by the EHT …[View]
10317188does a cure for cancer exist?: I've heard that there is a cure for cancer that actually exists.…[View]
10315822I’m 26 years old, have no college education because of financial reasons Can afford it now, I want …[View]
10317285> Assume the solution takes the form of x Why is this allowed[View]
10314052On what to math: How does /sci/ do their math/physics homework, problem sets on?[View]
10312499do birds learn to build nests or are they born knowing how to build nests?[View]
10313728Assume A to be true[View]
10314059Lunar Eclipse: Hey, Americas, get outside and look up.[View]
10317269What do you think of the idea about parallel universes, if they are real or not and what theories ar…[View]
10315667Why do we exist right now?: Shouldn't it be at least year one trillion right now? Why are we 13…[View]
10317048Which degree do I go for?: >Synthetic biology >Biocomputing >Biomechanical engineering I wa…[View]
10317184Self GMO: So I’ve been studying myself for a very long time. Throughout highschool I was a metaphysi…[View]
10306690mars power: Reminder to all redditor spacebrainlets that solar power on mars is IMPOSSIBLE. Nuclear …[View]
10317087how does the human mind work how does the human mind work how does the human mind work how does the …[View]
10298130Give me secular evidence for survival of the self after brain death. Biocentrism,quantum immortality…[View]
10315743I've been hearing a lot about 5G recently. Is there anything to all of this? >>>/g/694…[View]
10312096>potential energy[View]
10314454Lysergic acid diethylamide: Does LSD have any long term side effects?[View]
10314563What is the best brain diet?[View]
10299793itt: we send a Polaroid camera into space. For real though, The most iconic thing 4chan and /sci/ co…[View]
10311117How did one of the greatest physicists in history have an IQ of 125?[View]
10307147What the fuck is going on?: https://www.businessinsider.com/timeline-chinese-scientist-claims-crispr…[View]
10312073Redpill me on the Flynn effect Is it true that stupid people from today would be considered smart in…[View]
10309910Delta Heavy launch at 11:05 am PST First launch of ULA in the new year. The mission has been scrubbe…[View]
10303843>The vast majority of Mars colonization autists would return back to earth after spending a week …[View]
10315105Making your penis larger scientifically: So during puberty your penis grows thanks to testosterone a…[View]
10315215What should I know before I read this?[View]
10313998Exam time: >Be me >Have a week to do formula sheet >Procrastination_Spongebob.JPEG >*Rea…[View]
10314950What are some good books on firearm engineering?[View]
10313932BALDING: could you use the chemical released in the brain during regrowth peroids or during newborn …[View]
10315104Are /sci/entists good programmers?[View]
10314552I didn't use dishwashing liquid to clean my dishes for more than 2 year. I use water for non-oi…[View]
10312248Oxford Lecture Notes and Problem Sheets: Hi, I am posting a google drive containing all materials fr…[View]
10314870Starting an internship as a lab technician, but I have ADD and severe social anxiety. I honestly re…[View]
10316513I know this is old news, but is it possible for a four year old to drop 15 feet from a balcony and h…[View]
10316457Can someone spoonfeed me on the increase of cancer survival rates over the past few decades?[View]
10318354Why is Gonel Blormpf so fucking anti-science?[View]
10313002You should be able to solve this.[View]
10312056Based: >Von Braun publicly spoke and wrote about the complementarity of science and religion, the…[View]
10314114How Did They Do It?: How did they livestream the Moon Landing in 1969? Could we even do that today? …[View]
10316269So there's this crypto project I am following. What would be the implications of fulfilling wha…[View]
10314093i studied Complex numbers today, than i watched some star trek, its not voager but they trying hard.…[View]
10315710I am in a bad engineering school since I didn't study hard enough during high school. The probl…[View]
10314411Would this be possible, and how beneficial would it be if we could do it?[View]
10295247Toby Hendy talking about race intelligence gap: https://youtube.com/watch?v=B6RyO_vGoXI[View]
10315611Have you ever thought about this?: No matter what row of numbers you have, their digit sum will alwa…[View]
10315818I know coffee is really healthy and there are a ton of benefits. I drink one cup per day but, having…[View]
10314190/sci/ humor thread: /sci/ humor thread[View]
10315425proof of an unknowable creator: trivial proof by induction can you disprove it? heh. >big bang …[View]
10313304When did you realize that AI's primary objective will be reduction of entropy, and that all its…[View]
10313288god, what do you think they are experiencing right now? i always see /x/ filled with completely del…[View]
10311975do you know any polish scientists?[View]
10315550>homework problem takes an 3 hours to do minimum >graded for correctness…[View]
10315229Daily reminder that psychology is not a science. Thank you.[View]
10315103What exactly do you guys mean with 'real analysis'? Here in Italy we have Analisi 1,2,3,4. The First…[View]
10315679Activate hypercohomology.[View]
10314521Why do flat earthers so badly want our world to be... well, flat? Isn’t the earth cooler as a spheri…[View]
10313239Double Slit Experiment: Is the double slit experiment a meme? Is this proof that the world was creat…[View]
10314794Humanity narrowed in on the Higgs Boson by witnessing an increase of Photon pairs at specific GeV va…[View]
10313434Why is it that when you are a kid, hokey TV effects seem more realistic than for adults?[View]
10314291How many chicken generations would it take to breed chickens to 'de-evolve' to have arms with claws,…[View]
10315279So I'm trying to find the term that fits a paraphilia correctly and have yet to find it . A per…[View]
10312568Genes and Sperm Cryopreservation: A question about sperm and genes. Will there be a difference betwe…[View]
10312184Engineering help: DIN 50150: As the title says, me, and my peers, have some doubts, regarding the li…[View]
10315335I remember reading somewhere that schizos are immune to certain visual illusions. Could you implemen…[View]
10315267>incredibly high IQ >supports trump >talks bullshit about global warming mistaking climate …[View]
10315247what is the inverse problem in terms of data?: So I have a project where I need to look at the past …[View]
10310363Can you solve this?: I have a theory as to what it is, but I'm not entirely sure; my reasoning …[View]
10314796Why the fuck is everything in space so far away from each other? Imagine how easy things would be if…[View]
10305841125 IQ Average, Society Stats: Embryo Selection for Intelligence will revolutionize society as more …[View]
10314061Why is everything grouped into groups of three?[View]
10313514Let's see how smart /sci/ is...: Which of the following hold [eqn] \forall x \in \emptyset \col…[View]
10312937Why the fuck not?!: Guys, why the fuck shouldn't we send pepe on a world trip around the globe?…[View]
10313083Hey /sci/ brainlet here, are the 3 axioms of a metric space really just axioms or can they be proven…[View]
10311804/sci/ how do we know the universe isn't a torus that loops itself? Does that explain why big ba…[View]
10312817If there were no obstructions, you'd see the back of your own head.[View]
10314789Thorium?: What's the latest news from the world of thorium reactors? There was a buzz a few yea…[View]
10312676Self-studying and not being able to check your work: If you are self studying, how are you suppose t…[View]
10314570Pyramid power and psychotronics: Let me start by saying, I’m a skeptic. I’m in Hungary investigating…[View]
10314262Autism and Aspergers during the stone age.: What would have happened to autistic genious' durin…[View]
10313580Assume [math]X[/math] is not empty. Is the statement [math]\forall \mathcal{P} \colon \exists x \in …[View]
103138370.00000000000000~1 = ?[View]
10309645Orbital 'billboards': https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/glowing-space-billboards-could-light-u…[View]
10303681>go to grad school or >work for a year gaining experience then go to grad school what's …[View]
10314534A 'film' on what death would feel like: Discuss your thoughts and feelings of this? https://www.yout…[View]
10310353Get rekt[View]
10314522What drives you to write and solve equations ?: YO its like equations are like the secret codes to l…[View]
10301513How can a lazy NEET like me turn to a studyholic? I'm working to self studying 2 hours a day mi…[View]
10314023Physics help: A sprinter accelerates to his maximum speed in 4 seconds. He maintains this speed for …[View]
10313877why does like 90% of pseudoscience and 'alternative health' shit seem to come from Facebook?[View]
10311518>be literal discoverer of dna >all current studies show significant differences in IQ by race …[View]
10307152Why is it all so pointless /sci/? We'll find an unifying theory and then what? It will tell us …[View]
10313459How do you deal with the knowledge that you'll never be a genius and make significant, importan…[View]
10312129>tfw even going at light speed isn't nearly fast enough for interstellar travel…[View]
10312681>rub fingers together >brown stuff appears ?????…[View]
10314026Tingly feeling.: Hey guys, I'm a Pre-Med student and really want to go to Medical School, even …[View]
10314815Please help me /sci/. You are the smartest guys here on 4chan. Please help me to get rid of anxiety.…[View]
10314660post your personality type: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test[View]
10314009Grothendieck's Notebook: Apparently Grothendieck is said to have written new results in his pre…[View]
10314080Post your casual reading list, /sci/.[View]
10313930Is it possible to have an image with 8m smallest detail size taken on a camera from LEO? What kind o…[View]
10312272If you were transported back to ancient Greece, with only the knowledge in your head, how long do yo…[View]
10311834Aerospace engineering student. Worth it?: I've been studying aerospace engineering for 2 years.…[View]
10313328>Graduate from Diploma 4 months ago >Already started my Degree in engineering >My Diploma …[View]
10313128is ln(0) an essential singularity?[View]
10313860>hol up[View]
10313977What is the best science discord server?[View]
10313962I'm here to share from /x/ the Snow Globe Flat earth: The Snow Globe Ice Dome Flat Earth I…[View]
10313147Calcium copper titanate Explain this structure?[View]
10306743Where does /sci/ think homosexuality originated from? I've heard three main arguments. >It…[View]
10312192Is it possible that 'the smallest particle' does not exist because it could be always divided betwee…[View]
10313001How is this possible to have an orange like this?[View]
10312308is khan academy the master race of all educational websites?[View]
10312760I'm in my 2nd semester of quantum mechanics. Last year, I learned nothing, and it's the sa…[View]
10313379Am I too retarded to go into a mathematics degree?[View]
10312958Is engineering management a good major?: Bottom text[View]
10311791If you're so smart why do you waste your time here? If you guys are truly scientists that is no…[View]
10311835Memory sports: Trying to improve my memory, an inspired by memory sports. Memory is currently the we…[View]
10312525I'm trying to do some Classical Mechanics practice problems, and I understand all the math that…[View]
10313486Doing the new AQA A level maths and further maths, finished the maths spec and coming up to finishin…[View]
10313146what is it called when you can see the objects trail as its moving fast? like pic related, or if i w…[View]
10311994instead of worrying about how smart you are why dont you try to solve some of the world's probl…[View]
10312666>1'600 cm3 >similar height as early homo sapience >sapience cucks only 1'300 cm3 …[View]
10312491motivation for CFT on worldsheet: string theory question! why is it that the worldsheet is described…[View]
10309621He just disappeared.[View]
10311511Help a brotha learn some SOC Verification: Need to learn some H/W verification. Came across the blog…[View]
10312062Calculator Thread: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ab.x48&hl=en It could be yo…[View]
10303325Is it true there is no cure for bad eyesight? Or is it a lie to keep optometrists from sleeping on t…[View]
10310794could we use genetic engineering to make catboys real or would that be impossible[View]
10290940Physics majors are better at engineering than engineering majors: My company has been experimenting …[View]
10312766if i am at rest and a space ship flies past me at 0.9c and this spaceship had a window, would i see …[View]
10313754How much does scientific PROGRESS suffer under BLUMPF'S tyranny, /sci/?[View]
10312820>finally become studious >lose all my friends because I became boring and realized friends are…[View]
10305036Took an official IQ test >tfw VIQ = 134 >tfw PIQ = 96 I wanna kill myself. I'm interested…[View]
10309450Fell for the med student meme, meme'd my way through the mcat and somehow got a 517 despite my …[View]
10310540I believe the brain (human and animal) are just receivers, interfaces so to speak, to god knows what…[View]
10307181Africans have better genes than other races if you really want to talk race genetics: Because humans…[View]
10311982Given an empty syringe, determine its mass. Tools you are allowed to use: The syringe itself, a cup …[View]
10308987Are the rumors true?[View]
10312112MIND COMPUTER Mind Computer (MC) is an illusion. It exists purely in mind generated by energy of bo…[View]
10310080If the matter in my body right now reassembled me after I died for 100000000000000000000000000000000…[View]
10311594Mom said this can be my lab room.[View]
10312585Are viruses alive?[View]
10312604Is it possible to artificially carbon age something?[View]
10308636Is it normal to feel an odd sense of spirituality when learning fascinating new scientific facts, or…[View]
10311291Explain to me how the infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 2 is the same as the infinite amount …[View]
10312543What's stopping someone from just going through all the IUTeich papers with a proof assistant u…[View]
10288153/engi/ engineering general: ITT: discuss engineering, engineering careers, and whatever engineering …[View]
10312195Give me 5 reasons why we shouldn't create an AI to succeed us. Otherwise, give me 5 reasons why…[View]
10311965So, a friend and I have started a youtube channel dedicated to talking about science and life. The …[View]
10312359How does one become a genius?[View]
10306280>dads birthday tomorrow >he is a genius mathematician, finished top of his class in the best m…[View]
10303585Nuclear fusion: Is fusion power overhyped?[View]
10312496previous >10311834: >10311834 idk how you link it but fuck it. so, i'm depressed af and …[View]
10312389tl;dr looking for a reference on political science: I'm writing a story and need a little help.…[View]
10312068Is it possible to make a significant contribution to science if you weren't born a child prodig…[View]
10307312>Your consciousness is just an illusion that you experience due to the complex information proces…[View]
10312360CYCLODEXTRIN: Alright brainlets... I have a heart issue... atherosclerosis. My arteries are straight…[View]
10305480the ice is melting: >The total mass loss from Antarctica increased from 40±9 Gt/y in the 11-y tim…[View]
10312295Need help reading MMPI results any psychologists in here?[View]
10312048I've got another application for the Fermi Paradox. If the multiverse theory is true, than ther…[View]
10311434Why the duality between vectors and covectors? It seems more sensible for there to only be vectors o…[View]
10311917how much longer until doctors can give girls dicks?[View]
10310760guys why is it that there are undissolved CuSO4 ions at the bottom of the beaker when it’s mixed in …[View]
10311963I'm basically a NEET with a BS in math. I want to continue my learning. This is my collection; …[View]
10307619>be professor of EMS >draw 3d perspective wrong If the Z and Y axis are orthognal when you dra…[View]
10311742how does /sci/ feel about cryptocurrencies? do you currently hold any? gauging your intelligence in …[View]
10308553Why does /sci/ hate Biologists, Chemists and Physicians?[View]
10312220Hello /sci/, brainlet here. Say that you are in a spaceship traveling at around 2000000 mp/h or 3218…[View]
10312127pussle: The hidden links everything together. 5KbFfA4qimBsqkzhSATkGXuz8ZCUkCKYhFoS7EqVa741SEkPTwF Er…[View]
10306104Chalkboard Appreciation Thread: Can we all take a moment to appreciate these great slabs of porcelai…[View]
10310873Is a PhD in CS worth it?[View]
10310406IQ is meaningf-[View]
10310706>only one (1) interest in life: physics >too dumb for it it's not fucking fair…[View]
10311995Physics PhD: Is getting into condensed matter theory PhD program harder than getting into a mathemat…[View]
10311816Sleep science: If i lie down at night listening to an audio book will i fall asleep missing the audi…[View]
10309933Is Origin of Species still relevant, or is there new literature?: Biology graduates and others I…[View]
10311913I remember some thread about a month ago where different upscaling technologies were discussed, wher…[View]
10303865Is race realism real? I am black but I've never felt dumber than my peers/colleagues so obvious…[View]
10311396Amateur astronomy: Are any of you into amateur astronomy? My question is do you do it for the enjoym…[View]
10309849Would you trust a doctor that studied the easiest premed topic like kinesiology or psychology and go…[View]
10309267Conciousness/afterlife investigation: Anyone read this?its an 800 page book avaible at libgen. It se…[View]
10310857ITT we list sudo-sciences. I'll start. >evolution >statistics…[View]
10308249ok, can someone answer this once and for all why does observing a particle affect it? >inb4 becau…[View]
10308489economics: /sci/ always has basically 0 economics threads. why? >/inb4/ economics is not a scienc…[View]
10309428Is the speed of light relative to itself? It takes 8 minutes for a photon to reach earth from the s…[View]
10311311Hi, I'm too stupid to learn calculus. Is it possible to use only linear algebra without any cal…[View]
10307960When people talk about strings in string theory being closed loops, do they mean the strings are wra…[View]
10310578employed scientists/mathematicians/engineers: What is your educational background and what are you n…[View]
10310886What are the best maths/science/computer science jobs to get into? I mean they have to be in demand,…[View]
10311366Wassup /sci/, I was thinking about mixing up finite or infinite-dimensional vector spaces and finite…[View]
10308050Hello /sci/entists: Just wanted to tell each of you, to keep your heads up and not to give up if you…[View]
10311286Channeling all math nerds and theorists: Is there a way that you could sandwich together layers of t…[View]
10310943Alcohol/Still: Always been interested in making my own alcohol (moonshine) where do I start? Does an…[View]
10310431Have you ever seen some type of real world phenomena that looks like it's running on a lower fr…[View]
10310188Since college is a scam, what would be the necesary CS topics to be a top tier game programmer? I wi…[View]
10310081string theory due date: is it really going to take 50 years before string theory can reproduce the s…[View]
10309472Do you think a person with down syndrome could survive in nature?[View]
10311256>Newtonian physics perfectly describes time and space and dark matter is still accounted for…[View]
10301272DESIGNER BABYS: what will be the consequences of rich people genetically modifying their children an…[View]
10310530Does eternal return exist?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_return If so how do we stop it?…[View]
10310691How do I git gud at Matlab/Simulink?: Novice checking in, teach me wizards of /sci/. Any books or gu…[View]
10310593Can /sci/ explain to me how lead in household products works? When you interact with these items, is…[View]
10310178Anthropology and Political Correctness: Is there any evidence of political correctness impacting ant…[View]
10310385Explain symmetry breaking and the antimatter paradox to a brainlet[View]
10308764How do we make CS more approachable for women with skills in natural sciences? Universities have not…[View]
10309981Probably a dumb question, but is there any particular reason vacuum tube Tesla coils use a vacuum tu…[View]
10310565Most durable fabric: I'm not sure well else to ask but maybe you guys can help What is the abso…[View]
10310811Math textbooks be like: *Cryptic proof of the Poincaré conjecture, after 5 yours of trying to make s…[View]
10310250Look at this big number i can write: 99999999^2[View]
10302270Why do modern genetics attack someone for believing in thr concept of racial superiority but never e…[View]
10309637What does /sci/ think about evolutionarily psychology >inb4 psychology isnt a math or science…[View]
10310513how does fetus poop?[View]
10310764My exam is on monday does it make sense to sleep in tonight knowing i am gonna sleep like shit sunda…[View]
10307656Which medical specialty is the Chaddest?[View]
10303420What do I do guys? I just got my rejection letter from Cambridge for CompSci & Maths and I want …[View]
10309733Is it possible to remove parts of the brain that cause emotions without screwing up something?[View]
10310089Why is it not illegal to send signals to aliens in outer space? What if you cause a alien invasion?[View]
10309378In all likelihood, once the Earth is destroyed and we haven't figured out how to leave yet, we…[View]
10309170>Scientists have discovered... >Scientists now believe.. >Scientists...…[View]
10310461Are there certian experiements or measurements which can only be taken or is most optimal durning a …[View]
10310086Psychopath thread: Hi /sci/! Is there any psychology people here? I really want to ask how someone c…[View]
10310380CHARTS: Post /sci/ charts, I need for my collection.[View]
10309322Mensa: Why the fuck to people hate Mensa so much? Well, the answer is obvious but why are they mocke…[View]
10305294Owner of Physics now owns part of Math: I'm telling you that 5^0 =1 is false. Now try to demons…[View]
10310342I'm trying to pass a stats course how do I hammer in all that good stuff about z and t tests, r…[View]
10309983Hello anons I am in my final year of high school and I'm starting to think about what career pa…[View]
10305919Is it possible to increase iq? If so how?[View]
10309885Muh Categories: Brainlet Edition: Can somebody explain this universal property bullshit? I understan…[View]
10308269Is autism even a real thing? I mean, it's this weird non define spectrum that has literal menta…[View]
10308949Giving Earth rings: If Earth had a ring of small rocks and fine dust, wouldn't this prevent the…[View]
10309786Any /sci/ approved ways of strengthening memory? Its hard for me to hold onto multiple thoughts at a…[View]
10306277path integrals: path integrals are god tier change my mind.[View]
10310170It doesn't matter what you do or say, even if you are fired and rejected from society, you can …[View]
10307948Hello all, I am writing my thesis right now and could use some chemistry help. This will be extremel…[View]
10311696A little help, Please.: Hi! Can You guys give a little help whit my uni homework. The problem is fol…[View]
10309493Electromagnetic Hydraulics: Why haven't electromagnetic hydraulics replaced conventional high p…[View]
10309980>tfw completely lost motivation to study and just want to sleep and chill How do you guys get it …[View]
10309897be honest with me /sci/, am I wasting my time learning R if i'm going to work in industry (stat…[View]
10305862Organic Chemistry: O-Chem /sci/ Thread Everything in this thread is purely research and should never…[View]
10306298How did Riemann calculated the zeroes: How did Riemann calculated the non trivial zeroes of the zeta…[View]
10309989>Visit my folks house to pick up old pc parts >Stay for dinner >Mom (unemployed) starts tal…[View]
10307595What CS topics do I need to study to be a top tier game programmer?[View]
10307778X-37C: so this is the US air force's crewed space plane design. what's the concept here: i…[View]
10309314possibility is everything; don't underestimate the world possibility. what exist must first be …[View]
10309499How natural did the shift from 2 space to 3 space come to you in mathematics? I don’t mean doing dir…[View]
10308755Will this world ever know rest in this crazy quantum world?[View]
10309477>the pic that sends /sci/ on life support proof you are all insecure inferior jealous useless cr…[View]
10308803what petty fucking psychopath invented ANOVA tables what monster made statistics about sudoku puzzle…[View]
10309439I'm a genius that feels too isolated to relate to anybody, how do I fix this before it becomes …[View]
10309309Can you interpret this art drawn by humans in a cave thousands of years ago?[View]
10307426I am neither creative nor particularly bright. What is the best career/major that can be brute force…[View]
10304399titan copter: noyce.[View]
10309099Why do people say 'if you are good at mathematics, you are good at languages'? Languages are nothing…[View]
10306402what makes a good scientist?[View]
10309700This might be silly, but do you think it’s possible there could be a connection between the dark ene…[View]
10309649was Cro magnon smarter than modern humans? they had bigger brains...[View]
10309197Histology: How the fuck do i study histology? Everything looks similar, any good books on the subjec…[View]
10307795>be chink >gets into PhD program at affirmative action school anyways based…[View]
10309546is there a point to life: Hello guys, Just wondering, what is the point of life? I mean, for me it i…[View]
10308136So if time is infinite, then that means that there's a 0% chance that I'm alive right now.…[View]
10300869Chris Langan, the man with the highest IQ in America, has spoken on anthropogenic climate change, an…[View]
10306472/phg/ - the physics general: What have you been studying lately? Any good discoveries in your resear…[View]
10308021>being a Materialist in 2020[View]
10308089>it's already 2019 >we're at least 500 years away from achieving anything people in …[View]
10309511Hypersonic I-shaped aerodynamic configurations(can't link, not even the DOI, fuck the spam filt…[View]
10309064When did you grow out of your 'science is a force for good' phase?[View]

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