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10904198Modafinil: What do you all think about modafinil and do you used yourself ?[View]
10899576How to increase intelligence in animals? I want to talk with my cat[View]
10903187What is the difference between the cells in your body and the self? You could say that we are in lif…[View]
10902681Genetic engineering tiering: Does this seem like an appropriate ranking of difficulty? T1: Turning g…[View]
10897483So Jeff was a great science and math guy, apparently. To keep the question short, I am wondering if …[View]
10894770How much student loan debt do you have and how is it going paying it back? Do you regret it? Discuss…[View]
10902532Growth Hormone after puberty: I was wondering if there is any point in injecting myself with Growth …[View]
10901038Mathematicus sum, nihil mathematicum a me alienum puto At UCLA, most mathematics students do not und…[View]
10904083Textbooks vs MOOCs?: what's your experience been with learning from textbooks and MOOCs? I find…[View]
10903947>Jellyfish are mainly free-swimming marine animals with umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentac…[View]
10903996psychosomatic pain: If a person becomes depressed or stress enough it's possible for it to mani…[View]
10902177Can anyone think of a single system where something internal to that system improves upon the whole …[View]
10901891Brainlet filter: Brainlet filter let [math]G=\langle \mathscr{D(\mathbb{R}),+} \rangle [/math] (whe…[View]
10903602Suggest things for my Dopamine fasting experiment. I am going to develop a routine with your suggest…[View]
10903421>Energy and matter cannot be created nor destroyed[View]
10901592Is artifical gravity possible? Like you see it in movies where you walk normal on a flat surface and…[View]
10902760Scientifically speaking, why is reddit a bastion for autism whereas 4channel is just a mellow hangou…[View]
10902644What Role Does Philosophy of Science Play in Science?: >No, there are no internal wheels; nature,…[View]
10902311My name is Anonymous. I invented a new open problem, the AI fried chicken problem. statement of 'AI …[View]
10901057okay /sci, could you explain to a fellow brainlet what the fuck is truly a matrix? I am doing a cour…[View]
10899573If no one can, 4chan will. Find the shaded area[View]
10903390How long will you disregard the heat?[View]
10902904How will Embryo Selection based Eugenics impact society in the next 20 years: Embryo scanning/Select…[View]
10903030STANDARD MODEL BTFO: https://www.aanda.org/articles/aa/full_html/2019/08/aa36223-19/aa36223-19.html …[View]
10883026/gsg/ - grad school general: another semester of despair starting soon edition. How are you holding …[View]
10901047hey /sci/, what do you think about jupiter?[View]
10902851someone please explain me why world isn't coming together to build the first viable fusion reac…[View]
10852927Evolution of the Human Breast?: How did the human breast evolve to be so large, especially when many…[View]
10903079/sci: If I have 5x 2TB disk drives and I create a RAID6 volume using all disks, one disk being used …[View]
10902594Does anyone have experience creating music with machine learning? I was thinking of using tensorflow…[View]
10902155Does anyone know anything about the viability of implosion energy or creating implosion engines?[View]
10901311OpenStaxCollege: Has anyone around tried openstax college's books? For me it was like a miracle…[View]
10902773Why do we need three colors to obtain all the other colors? The color space is represented as a colo…[View]
10894542Full renewable power is unworkable: Wind power falls off sharply seasonally-often by half or more. Y…[View]
10902689Is complexity theory a meme or the future?[View]
10902736Are we fucked? https://www.eneuro.org/content/early/2019/08/05/ENEURO.0094-19.2019[View]
10875172Underground Civilizations?: What would an underground city, or even full-on civilization, need to su…[View]
10895152What is the scientific explanation for qualia? Why is pain a negative feeling? Why doesn't it j…[View]
10838906Dominant Female Mammals?: Why are the females of some mammalian species, like hyenas, physically str…[View]
10902618I'M WORRIED[View]
10898277Imagine being so poor you have to use python.[View]
10902561Human brain storage capacity and what to mcmetado about it?: 'Most computational neuroscientists ten…[View]
10902448Reminder that to this day, NASA's official answer to how manned missions could survive transpor…[View]
10896069Why is math education so boring? Why not a single math or STEM guy tries to teach math in a cool way…[View]
10901227What's the science behind struggling to do anything productive?[View]
10901815Like, Oh my God, I study Model Theory, because I want to be, like a model What about you anon[View]
10902442Can people drop me some math Puzzles / find the shaded area type questions? I need to procrastinate …[View]
10902257How accurate is this statement?[View]
10902401Zeno's paradox?: I think I found it that Epsilon-Delta definition of limit cannot solve Zeno…[View]
10900421Is computer programming hard?[View]
10899931What if we put a coil on magnetic north pole: would it generate a ton of electricity and make earth…[View]
10900642Would it be possible that if humanity upload its brain to the cloud we could prevent the destruction…[View]
10902340What should I change?: def build_model(input_shape): inputs = Input(input_shape) c1 = Conv2D(8, (3…[View]
10900851puzzle: Can You guys help me with this one? Gotta Connect each small box on top with its same-letter…[View]
10902054What does /sci/ think of John Michael Godier?[View]
10902149REPRODUCTIVE HUMAN CLONING: Opinions about reproductive human cloning?[View]
10901805is this book still valid: to this day?[View]
10900620Anoter IQ thread: Many people think that IQ research or more specifically it's findings tend to…[View]
10902019So I'm probably about average intelligence, I dropped out of high school in 01 as a junior, I j…[View]
10901103Imagine a particle, w, located in a continuous three-dimensional space. The space is infinite in all…[View]
10901372Division by Zero Calculus and New Axiom: http://vixra.org/pdf/1908.0100v1.pdf New research finding r…[View]
10894890What is the absolute best method for studying?[View]
10901689grad physics labs: >the math major wanting to go into mathematical physics uh oh, i can't do…[View]
10898270My mother had her IQ measured by a psychologist at 132. She believes in flat earth. She does many st…[View]
10901763It is possible to treat schizophrenia via neurofeedback-assisted operant conditioning. It will actua…[View]
10900193How can I improve brain performance?: What makes me focus better, think faster and memorize more stu…[View]
10901623What are some quantum experience I can do in my house on a reasonable budget?[View]
10901145I want to learn physics from ground zero to university level. What books do yall recommend for me? I…[View]
10901569My IQ measures 120 back when I was in 2nd grade(7 or 8 yrs old I think). It was measured by a licens…[View]
10888885Non-Computable Reals don't exist: They can't even be described in finite time/space. I…[View]
10901553If you live, work, or go to school within 1,500 feet of a highway, you are probably inhaling highly …[View]
10900238Is Abiotic Oil Theory the Final Redpill?: >Do these fuels result always and necessarily in one wa…[View]
10900746Has anyone solve the liber primus?[View]
10892294Green and/or Blue Skin or Hair?: We see it a lot in fantasy and science fiction, and even in otherwi…[View]
10901336Honest question here: If there was a tub of water suspended in the air with a live wire in it, and y…[View]
10899626I've been on benzos for about 5 months in the past(0.5 mg daily) and have been taking it now ag…[View]
10901320when are the commies on the weather.com site going to stop stomping on my asshole! I just want to kn…[View]
10901335Hey /sci/, can I mix Celexa and Nyquil? I'm sick as fuck and I just want to go to sleep, but I…[View]
10900728Say a tube guitar amp attenuated from 10w to 1w with the master volume on 10. That loudness equals t…[View]
10900946human/dinosaurs coexistence: Did humans and dinosaurs inhabit earth at the same time ? Dragons are p…[View]
10900765fml: >It's another one of those holiday days where I don't watch the clock and spend 7 …[View]
10901263Let's say I'm an undergrad...Let's say the research the lab I'm in does is alrea…[View]
10899632Lets talk about animal behaviour: Well im student of aquatic biology and i started yo work in a lab …[View]
10885287Who is the best scientist living today and why is it James Watson?[View]
10900956The flaw in logic: I'm having some trouble. I'm a caretaker for my grandparents, and I onl…[View]
10901163Tensor Calculus Books: Calculus on Manifolds by Spivak is undoubtedly the best book on Tensor Calcul…[View]
10898807I told you we needed to do it damnit, but you all thought terraforming was a better option. With th…[View]
10899741Are brains biological computers?[View]
10898299(Opinion, may require study) Chronic use of a deodorant that you are allergic to, may lead to facial…[View]
10901065Is mental illness just brain parasites ?[View]
10901009There's no meaning to all of this, is there? I've tried hard understanding science, and it…[View]
10899157Methods to increase Memory: -Backed by Science -Methods to increase memory -short term memory (prefe…[View]
10899365What advice would you give someone that doesn't know any math beyond like a simple highschool l…[View]
10897215Set theory is nonsense language games disguised as mathematics. Saying something is infinite does no…[View]
10900682>74th percentile on the MENSA Raven's matrices (36 question) What the fuck? Why am I cursed …[View]
10900803noko: Quick question, I need to explain step by step a procedure for dna extraction (centrifuge, dec…[View]
10898919>tfw doing a degree in molecular bio >tfw also into BBW >tfw I'll design a supervirus…[View]
10899391What are some major physics problems with UFOs? Besides the speed of light. I'm talking about b…[View]
10898303Free will thread: My understanding of the universe is that evolution of closed systems depend on the…[View]
10894529>PhD in biochemistry >5 publications >still no postdoc or job after 5-6 months of applying …[View]
10893115cognitive enhancement: what does /sci/ do to ensure their cognition at their full potential? I'…[View]
10899334>he got into STEM for money[View]
10900672>born to late to expore the world >born too early to.. wait holy shit there's still so mu…[View]
10900088Does being smart make you thin?: Or more specifically, being an extremely active thinker? Humans are…[View]
10898984Do you use free math textbooks? Are they worse than paid material? Why would someone give away books…[View]
10899631How do I make ketimine?: I love ket as much as a nonce loves his local playground I'm just sick…[View]
10900178cryptography: anybody up for this challenge???[View]
10900683Cryptic: Hi! Looking for the country [].[View]
10899526Is it possible to build a flat earth model that corresponds with reality.[View]
10896527What will Earth look like in 2100?: My personal belief is that it will be a frozen snowball Earth as…[View]
10900471Branch prediction: Fundamentally, is branch prediction a form of hardware-level heuristic?[View]
10898402Anyone else feel like stem isn't even a guarantee for a job anymore?[View]
10898853Hello /sci/, /diy/ here. I don't know much about rockets, but I'd like to into amateur roc…[View]
10899794Intelligence Heritability: How much intelligence do we inherit from our parents? Not in a disrespect…[View]
10900127Consider a hemisphere of the Earth, which latitude separates the hemisphere into two equal surface a…[View]
10898623Emotional discipline/control: My existence revolves around this practice. I've been hyper focus…[View]
10899525Is there scientific evidence to prove that going to bed at 3am and waking up at 1pm is bad for you?[View]
10889857Human Hermaphrodites?: I recently read the story 'All You Zombies' by Robert A. Heinlein, where time…[View]
10900497What is the scientific reason why all math majors are delusional narcissistic retards with little in…[View]
10898713>high IQ >no self-awareness how is this possible…[View]
10871875CHEMISTRY: OFFICIAL CROSS-COUPLING RANKING: GOD tier: - Suzuki - Sonogashira OK tier: - Heck - Hiyam…[View]
10892991/sfg/ Spaceflight General: Electron Rocket edition. Previous thread: >>10886029[View]
10900356Scientific grants: Post how you guys applied for grants and actually got them. There seems to be so …[View]
10890285Why is it that when you are arguing with a pseudo intellectual, and you post a rational argument tha…[View]
10900398why hasn't /sci/ accepted John Gabriel as the greatest mathematical genius since Archimedes and…[View]
10897975How to turn glitter into gold?: A preschool near my area closed down and had a huge sale. I was able…[View]
10894987why did nature create such a thing as 'cancer' and allow it to form in otherwise healthy organisms?[View]
10897754mfw when he didn’t get a masters in a STEM field by 22[View]
10898455Is it achievable to create a formal language in which it would be impossible to formulate a nonsensi…[View]
10899355>Be me >Accept a course offer for college in automation and robotics engineering >Haven…[View]
10899736Is studying physics when I want to make a lot of money tarded?[View]
10900102hello /sci/, what are these types of audio puzzles called and how can I learn to decode them? https…[View]
10897574What’s the /sci/ pill on fertile XY chromosome women ?[View]
10898769Do alphas and betas exist or is it a meme?[View]
10889778Stanford prison experiment: https://www.prisonexp.org/arrival Basically if you dress up a man like a…[View]
10900185Is parenthood the ultimate motivator?: Throughout human history people have described beta males as …[View]
10898743Astronomy: post your favorite DSO and your scope. I'll start. dso: M51 the Whirlpool Galaxy sco…[View]
10893560I'm taking a differential geometry class next semester and I don't even know what it'…[View]
10895001I passed the Pre-Algebra challenge exam on Khan Academy.[View]
10898549Why higher tuition takes so long: t's 3-4 years for bachelors. Out of those 1-2 years is being…[View]
10899896what is the teleological purpose of the capacity to abstract?[View]
10892893India Hyperloop: First of all, from a development point of view isn't india playing 4d chess wi…[View]
10895895Ignition when?[View]
10899805finished my inertialess drive... bout' to turn it on lmao[View]
10898172What's your greatest math/science achievement, /sci/?: ITT, share stories of your greatest find…[View]
10898978biggest problem i face: self-study > lack of time management > have many books on the subject,…[View]
10899840I'm doing some research on the relation between wind and the earth magnetic field (or any EM fi…[View]
10898973Does sci support harvesting stem cell fetus?[View]
10899181note sheets are simplified frequency over time diagrams[View]
10897307I1Vi04VHd1CQd1CQhoe9 EvxJ04VHa1xfa1xfJqes, xYXaJqeS5gMza1xFBX4q! Yz47'kY1h jWD1JqeS5gMz04VHBX4q…[View]
10898980Is ADHD real? I think I have it, I have every symptom on the list but I'm not sure if it's…[View]
10898646If the entire body regenerates completely at the cellular level within 10 years, what could we then …[View]
10893251An omnipotent being has made contact with you and agreed to share a bit of its attention. You can cr…[View]
10897306Are there any actual arguments against eugenics other than just 'itz bad becuz the nahzees did it'? …[View]
10899467the decline of STEM undergrads: Did STEM become a cringefest because it became full of anxious, midd…[View]
10899764Industry Research Lab: Are there research positions for mathematicians in Industry? I'm current…[View]
10898757What is life in essence? not for their actions (reproduction, relation with the environment, nutriti…[View]
10899406Sex: Scientifically speaking, why am I so horny? In the last 5 months I've been fapping daily, …[View]
10899094I got my first 'lab' job but it fucking sucks in terms of professional development. >make buffer…[View]
10896964It's another Mathematical/Physical Platonism thread: >look at trees looks kinda fractal >…[View]
10899494Looking for an old game, DOS i think. Platform game where you guided a scientist through puzzles by …[View]
10895450>Died virgin >Bachelor of science I finally made a connection. Sad. Any other famous wizard…[View]
10899328Eco-Wall: Keep America Safe.: Would there be a way to grow a biological wall on the American / Mexic…[View]
10898590Hey /sci/ I want to learn programming. I have a very entry level understanding of OOP, Java, and c++…[View]
10899363alright my experiment is ready I start today, the Growth Hormone came I am going to inject in the m…[View]
10897257>what is the evolutionary purpose of[View]
10894661Leg Anomalies: Do any of you wise internet medics know what condition this is? I'm trying to tr…[View]
10890525What say you, Denialists?: >The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, >a…[View]
10895885Any physicists here? Please tell me on which point I pee will cause the least splash[View]
10897472Remember time when a giant ass roll of aluminium foil sped past our solar system because aliens were…[View]
10898309MechE with minor: I can go to one of the best MechE schools for free and get a aero minor. Or I can…[View]
10897646Hello. I am a newfag here. I just want to know how do you increase your IQ?: > lives in a third w…[View]
10898738Bulged pop-can ice in fridge: So, today I was surprised to find ice in a can of coke that has been i…[View]
10898716>the heat kernel[View]
10888590Why does FTL travel violate causality?[View]
10894185>interviewed with professor to start undergrad research with him >he asked why I chose to majo…[View]
10898814So concerning machine learning contests, when is it better to keep the algorithm to yourself? Suppos…[View]
10897559Why the fuck do we see purple?: >just graduated high school >still have no idea how we see pur…[View]
1089862922 y/o NEET here: How the fuck do I get started in mathematics? I slept through elementary school ma…[View]
10898574this is a thread that just has the equation for gravity: g = GM/r2, G?? = 8?G/c4 T?? a = ?(GMa0/r), …[View]
10894698>all humans are the same >height is determined by genetics tho…[View]
10880521/mg/ - math general: Previously - >>10864149[View]
10898540ITT: Post cringe things about science that you found on other boards Pic related is from /tv/[View]
10898344what part of the body produces life[View]
10898363Our life is supposed to start when the sperm fertilizes the ovule, so we could consider ourselves a …[View]
10895909Lyme disease: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/09/life-with-lyme/594736/ Your thoug…[View]
10897424Paleontology: https://www.upi.com/Science_News/2019/08/15/Study-details-dinosaur-brain-development-f…[View]
10897950What the fuck?: Heat is just kinetic energy of atoms, but i feel warmth under the sun eventho photon…[View]
10895935Destructive habits as motivation: For the last 6 months I have been running next experiment: I would…[View]
10897618Can people come back to life?: Let's imagine this: > You die > Eons in the future, by cha…[View]
10898229Cancer is when a cell in a multi-cellular organism attempts to evolve as a single-cell organism and …[View]
10895534I have access to my own lab as PhD student. During the weekend, I'd like make my own perfume. W…[View]
10898167Why is it that out of all possible random outcomes, only one specific timeline occurs? Why this time…[View]
10898210how far are we from putting human brains in robotic bodies?[View]
10898296GEOLOGIST JOBS.: Where the fuck are they and do you actually do geology these days or some arbitrary…[View]
10894498What causes aggressive behavior?: I'm tired of the 'games cause aggression' tagline and its rec…[View]
10896310Would drinking all this kill a man?[View]
10895699Special software for university study?: For degrees like >Biology >Biochem >Biomed >Chem…[View]
10896327How?: How are do you plan/make something like this? Where do you even begin?[View]
10896623I received a weird and mysterious email about hashes.: I got the following email, what Ive drawn ove…[View]
10894582>find alien planet with life >alien life forms are similar to the ones on earth Is this scenar…[View]
10844917Biggest Scientific Blunders?: What are some of the biggest historical scientific mistakes, ones that…[View]
10897927Why are leotards and one piece swimsuits considered as the pinnacle of humanity's clothing scie…[View]
10878013Data science: Why is this the best job of the 21 century? Literally 150k starting. All you have to d…[View]
10886461OK it's clear you guys are smart, but do you workout? also what's /sci/s general opinion o…[View]
10896870A puzzle of immense difficulty: The 322 Team has devised a test for intellectuals to join our group …[View]
10898048How do I get better analysis proofs? I unironically like analysis but it always seems I have to whip…[View]
10896206can consciousness survive death?[View]
10895356Redpill me on microplastics and their effects on humans[View]
10897949>your country >inventions the anglos stole from you and claimed as their own germany: bipolar …[View]
10896461megabrainlet here, help me identify this science: what's the science of how the brain acts when…[View]
10880724/med/ - Medicine General: SMURD edition old bred: >>10865979 We discuss research, offer advice…[View]
10897831Redpill me on Strange Matter.: What effects could it have in contact with Atomic matter? And do you …[View]
10897741Is there a benefit to using graphing calculators in age of small computing: So here are the discussi…[View]
10897246Cum/Second: How much cum is being ejaculated per second, world wide, on average? Thanks.[View]
10892355If we kept sucking CO2 out of the air until there were like 250ppm, would the ice stop melting as fa…[View]
10897636A thread died for this: I wanna be a Rocket-Man. I’m thinking a bachelors degree in Aerospace with s…[View]
10895055I asked Google what the core of the Sun was made of. How true is this answer?[View]
10892910Is it even theoretically possible that antimatter power would be feasible? Because, unlike fusion wh…[View]
10896903Gelfand and that: Give me the inside scoop here. Are his textbooks actually good for self-learning f…[View]
10894493Best androgenic non-anabolic steroid with high oral bioavailability?: Not interested in the whole ma…[View]
10892846Trying to do FEM analysis for a very large, very complex structure (thousands of parts). For example…[View]
10896740Self studying math: What is the best amount of time to spend studying math? If I had 6 hours availab…[View]
10896953True or false: 1. If Marie Antoinette hadn't been executed in the French revolution she'd …[View]
10897577How do I learn numerical analysis?: How do I learn numerical analysis if I'm self-taught? What …[View]
10896931Can I substitute aluminum powder with a ball of aluminum foil when making Thermite? Ive been having…[View]
10896185Will they ever find a cure for baldness?[View]
10894463Why do so few people graduate computer science?: https://danwang.co/why-so-few-computer-science-majo…[View]
10896539DNA analysis help: My college was willing to give me some money to look at a local mice species arou…[View]
10896735What’s the scientific reason for this?[View]
10893932Law of Attraction: >inb4 /x/ I've been seeing this a lot on the normienet for a while and I …[View]
10896501Why does adding 7 to 7 make 14? How does adding an odd to an odd somehow make an even?[View]
10896619There is a preferred frame of reference: the one where the microwave background radiation is roughly…[View]
10897098How does one know he has knack for math? I am to pick between two different fields, one with math an…[View]
10896588Why can't you faggots solve this shit?[View]
10896683Does anyone know how I can make hydrochloric acid with easy-to-get materials?[View]
10894566Why do our fear expand vast our survival needs to things like society and technology?[View]
10897148Hypothesis shows, are they BS /sci/?[View]
10894509Can someone how to get an actual answer for the distance between 1+0i and 0+1i?[View]
10895058How much alcohol you need to drink to die?: >Pic.unrelated[View]
10893539CS hate thread[View]
10894223Flat Earth: Could someone please give me scientific proof that the earth is not flat so I can try to…[View]
10896395Genetic clustering: Does anyone understand the math that goes into things like ancestry tests and pi…[View]
10896999What is it that drives humans towards destructive behaviors? Is it in our nature to destroy for ours…[View]
10896604are those really all galaxies with billions of stars? where is the catch?[View]
10896789If I was an eccentric trillionaire and I offered a reward of 100 BILLION DOLLARS for a proof of some…[View]
10896896wait wait, then, i only have to pass the chlorine gas trough distilled water to create HCI?[View]
10896363Do the rules of the universe dictate what is allowed, or what is not allowed?[View]
10894547i forgot calculus[View]
10896809I just heard somewhere that the temperature on Mercury at night is of -173C because there's no …[View]
10895005What if reality is an artificial intelligence dreaming about us?[View]
10894382Is mathematical genius really a thing? Or is it just about mileage? As in, the people we consider ge…[View]
10896387Thorium: Alright, thoriumfags, whats the big huzzah?[View]
10894840>nature is more important than nurtu--- If i beat you in the head with a baseball bat, you'l…[View]
10895457How do I increase mental stamina?: I like math but my brain becomes mush after a few hours. What I t…[View]
10892330Are hyrodogen fuel cells stupid?: https://www.ibtimes.com/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-hydrogen-cars-its-mind…[View]

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