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10733821This gets published in peer reviewed journals https://academiccommons.columbia.edu/doi/10.7916/d8-p0…[View]
10732691is there a scientific way to approach problems in programming? For example (real problem I'm fa…[View]
10730029How safe actually is nuclear energy? Near Germany and Switzerland, France built in the 70s this cent…[View]
10734018Is King Crimson's time skip ability possible in real life?[View]
10726498Deposition Problem: I've got an odd research problem that's a bit outside my usual wheelho…[View]
10733289Its 2059 and your team of scientis as nothing to do but blow million and dicided to make a dinosaure…[View]
10732309New patient. 15 years old, increased BPS when standing. heart randomly starts beating with the stren…[View]
10733925Can science explain this?[View]
10732246Goose im out here[View]
10724242What's the most horrific scientific trivia that you know, /sci/?[View]
10733722I've had multiple psychotic breaks. Scientifically speaking, should I have children? How likely…[View]
10733505>I fucking LOVE math and numbers!!![View]
10728619How the fuck do people gain the ability to study or work for 10+ hours a day? Does it require addera…[View]
10721416ITT: sum up your major with a single image. Pic related, cultural studies.[View]
10733744Quasiparticles decay and reorganize themselves again, becoming virtually immortal, without transgres…[View]
10718990how many days before exam do you start learning for that exam?[View]
10733707>Countries that did the most reforms have all their economic troubles attributed to a lack of ref…[View]
10733640Does this mean shallot extract is a stronger mucolytic than NAC or not? I have trouble understanding…[View]
10732280Brain fatigue and burnout affects: Any neuroanons present? I've noticed that for some reason, w…[View]
10729452Can I sleep everyday for 4 hours?: Is it possible? Will it be detrimental to my brain gains?[View]
10732911Best reactor design coming through.[View]
10728660Has anyone else noticed that many of the tip-top chess players have autistic facial structure?[View]
10719231how true is this? are we fucked? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WPB2u8EzL8&app=desktop[View]
10733232What's the scientific reason behind this?[View]
10731419Dealing with idiots: Why do idiots think that quantum mechanics implies free will?[View]
10733018What are intrusive thoughts and why do they happen?[View]
10733322Erdős regarding the 3x + 1 problem: “Mathematics is not yet ripe enough for such questions.” What di…[View]
10733036>tfw you're the first human able to divide by zero Feels lonely bros…[View]
10732778Gravitational pull and earthquakes: So, workmate and I are in disagreement on whether or not the dis…[View]
10731051h e l p: I've never been really good at math or studying for anything and i always rely on memo…[View]
10732028>email professor >no reply[View]
10732888You can't really expect me to believe that this is an actual human being. I mean, what in the f…[View]
10726947/med/: 'Finnish Frogs' -edition Old: >>10716028 >>10700533 We discuss research, offer a…[View]
10733067>Asteroid Collision Is this even worth worrying about?[View]
10733428If plants use water in photosynthesis, releasing oxygen and using the hydrogen to produce glucose, h…[View]
10733152plz no bully, retard here how come wolfram alpha says cos(5pi/4) = -1/root 2 when the answer is actu…[View]
10730066Rusty Math: Comp sci guy here, Been a few years since I've been out of Uni and kinda wasted all…[View]
10733395Any recommended resources for RNNs, specifically LSTMs and GRUs? Specifically looking for design app…[View]
10730996Gerald Bull...Assasinated genius? or madman who got what he deserved?: Is a madman just a genius wit…[View]
10727370How Is Intelligence Being Genetic Even Up For Debate?: It seems pretty god damn ridiculous that huma…[View]
10733292I’m seriously too fucking stupid to write proofs: It just doesn’t click like all the other math clas…[View]
10732096What's wrong with eugenics? It doesn't have to be forceful. Take this for example. Offer e…[View]
10733134Were there any Molecular Bio or Biochem textbooks that stood out to you as better than the rest/you…[View]
10709959which plan is more realistic, Elon’s plan to colonize the planets/moons, or Bezos plan to build O’Ne…[View]
10730662>pick up physics test >look at the question >note down what is what >take a look at the …[View]
10730869Why is /sci/ Not in studing other animals ?: Let's start Vet threads ..[View]
10732875Is there any scientific why a transparent image of a person who shouldn't be there would be the…[View]
10731121>have chromosome for sexual characterists >some female born with extra X chromosome >use th…[View]
10732842Bio: >considering biology a brainlet science >ignoring the fact that biophysics and biochemist…[View]
10727518how dangerous are microwaves for your health?[View]
10731723Find a (general) mathematical context in which an apparently false statement is true. I'll star…[View]
10732520ESA: What do we think of them?[View]
10732540What is positive psychology? Is it useful and effective?[View]
10732752I know it's a philosophical argument but is there any way to scientifically prove that outside …[View]
10723807Is the speed of light analogous to the refresh rate of the universe?: I understand the problems with…[View]
10730815Brilliant Light Power: As a literal multi billionaire big oil man, I pay for tons of private researc…[View]
10732353Got a question.: I have a peculiar question. Consider the following, we have 6/ six digits place hol…[View]
10732698there's a problem i've kept getting obsessed with many many times through the past 13 year…[View]
10730270quantum woo: this sums up the normie mind[View]
10732273Tech Utopia on Mars: Considering the vast majority of my fellow planet-dwellers are actually retarde…[View]
10729944nuclear radioactivity is a fraud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmJN-LMPnX0 Explain this, 'science…[View]
10730992/lit/chad here. Just a reminder for you STEMcucks that you can't escape metaphysics[View]
10729999What is it about chemistry that makes it so much less popular than biology and physics? None of the …[View]
10731076What are some easy to explain, yet unsolved problems, like the Collatz conjecture?[View]
10729968why are so many geniuses mentally ill: is the thin line between genius and insanity true?[View]
10722266Eugenics does not wo- >Selective breeding of rats to become either maze-dull or maze-bright. Brig…[View]
10729841Does fusion power have any practical benefits over fission power?[View]
10732257Kilograms (kg) Conversion Chart: Do you know 1 kg equal to 1 liter of pure water with a temperature …[View]
10732212DNA Databases: Are there any websites that I can get dna sequences of real humans? It can be a deepw…[View]
10732218What interests should you drop and start to improve the academic mind?[View]
10729712Even if we managed to develop consciousness in a computer, how could we know? The only reason we, hu…[View]
10729633Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here???[View]
10727065/sci/ post your hobby equipment: So I finally got around to buying an old school high end microscope…[View]
10731517What is with mammal brains?: Arthropods with their tiny brains, can find food, mate, reproduce, figh…[View]
10730966is color a physical property of matter?[View]
10731204is this a valid way to show that 500500 is not divisible by 3?[View]
10729629why am i so fucking dumb holy shit: trigonometric integrals are Satan's tools and anyone who sa…[View]
10731859Artificial Intelligence: How many years unti we can all have JOI gfs?[View]
10731766If half a pedophile can diddle half a child in half a day, how many children can a full pedophile di…[View]
10731812Exotic Space Weapons: Hey fellow nerds, I'm working on a science fiction piece that involves a …[View]
10729846Network Science: Is this a meme? Not in CS, but for how much /sci/ shits on discrete math, is this a…[View]
10731730Why do scientists act like it’s such a huge mystery why all the other species of humans went extinct…[View]
10730895-1 = 1 (Explain why this is wrong): What precisely is wrong with the following logic? What definitio…[View]
10731399How do you make the transition between cookbook math to real mathematics? I've been trying to l…[View]
10731261Is it possible to scientifically tell if you are looking at a sunrise or a sunset just from looking …[View]
10731447what book should I read if I want to learn about general relativity, black holes and all this shit? …[View]
10731779>just go with the flow, bro[View]
10731506Why when watching videos with abstract illusion after 2 minutes of viewing , the reality begins to d…[View]
10731661Looks like I failed statistics, am I too brainlet for university or is it normal to fail STEM subjec…[View]
10730997I’m too low IQ for this math class: Intro to modern algebra, we’re writing proofs and I’m too low IQ…[View]
10731293Silly String Spaces: How do you think of the 11 spatial dimensions upon which strings resonate in su…[View]
10731595what was his secret?[View]
10729054How many years do you give our modern civilization before collapse? >entire thing built on fossil…[View]
10731552Moderation in SPSS: I am struggling with doing the following on SPSS: >I have a regression with 2…[View]
10730644Is he the smartest person in the world?[View]
10730589Scientifically speaking, are certain humans biologically predisposed to certain actions? For example…[View]
10731393Hello /sci/. Do you agree that people who cheat their way through University are absolute bottom of …[View]
10726578Do drugs help you study? I'm talking about stimulants or nootropics. What about the people tha…[View]
10727486Is it true that life has no real meaning or purpose because the existence of life and the universe o…[View]
10727008Is Data Science the best I can do as a non-academic mathematician?: I'm looking at job boards a…[View]
10730773How do I scientifically prove vaccines do not exist? They won't let my child attend elementary …[View]
10730006I am unable to concentrate: I have ADHD. I suffer from perfectionism. I always imagine crazy shit ev…[View]
10730917/pol/ Climate Change: Can someone please assist this thread. More faggots that don't believe in…[View]
10727071OK, I get that people try to use genetics for evil purposes, but isn't this a bit too much? Can…[View]
10725748I'm feeling stressed out this summer since school starts on september 3rd and I feel like so mu…[View]
10729793Physics vs. Mathematics: Obviously the two most difficult majors are physics and pure math. But whic…[View]
10725746Cryptology: lets talk about it Is this a good path for a computer scientist?[View]
10730737What does /sci/ think of Alfred North Whitehead and panexperiantalism[View]
10729329What is the most realistic way to achieve faster-than-light travel?[View]
10728090Is all color an illusion?: If color is simply a function of wavelength, does this mean that color is…[View]
10730914Contain->Quantify->Control This is your life, that's what this place is.[View]
10730699if the universe is expanding and empty space contains energy doesn't that mean the universe is …[View]
10729929Jupiter dancing in the night sky: If it's night outside and the moon is visible, look for a bri…[View]
10726337Nuclear lava water mix result in megaton thermal explosion: So if molten nuclear fuel contacts 7000 …[View]
10726342Why can't human beings use scientific advancements for good instead of warfare?[View]
10730621Boys so I need help getting a proper formula to get an increasing subtraction on a number my current…[View]
10730152>nurturing and sheltering vermin Is there a scientific, psychiatric explanation on why humans do …[View]
10730060When medical nanobots?: When medical nanobots?[View]
10730516best Inch to Decimal to Metric table ever: I was frustrated with the references out there, so i slap…[View]
10726718Any physicists out there?: I tried to model some stuff that would conform to what we know from some …[View]
10728380What conferences do /sci/fags attend? What journals do you publish in? I'm going to be at the S…[View]
10726506Can anyone here give me an idea of what would be needed to move the moon? Lets say strapping rockets…[View]
10730161Electric sun model and nuclear reactors: Why the fuck haven't I heard anyone talk about this sh…[View]
10730031A question about string theory: Can somebody explain why string theory (which is still a conjecture)…[View]
10727829>this is what a test tube baby looks like I wonder what kind of abominations CRISPR will produce?…[View]
10728594One of my friends thinks the number 2 is written like this (image attached): What do you think? I th…[View]
10727341What would happen if you mixed liquid methane with liquid nitrogen?[View]
10729797So... Where Are They?[View]
10724151Science is nothing without philosophy, which is the basis and origin of all diciplines. Philosophy i…[View]
10728978Can neuronal connection patterns be inherited genetically?[View]
10729461Solving the heat equation: PogFUCKINGChamp GUYS 3blue1brown video on differential equations is final…[View]
10727166So why are there no mathematical models that can predict how the economy functions? Why, as Queen El…[View]
10728091Species vs race??: I don't understand the difference between species and race - and when I trie…[View]
10729091I am starting to learn more about Werner Heisenberg. Apologies if I am wrong but if he was in nazi g…[View]
10726849Statistics should be taught BEFORE calculus. Has way more practical uses for STEM, non - STEM and no…[View]
10729935Scientifically speaking what drives a person to spend time with and when you need to wait a minute b…[View]
10728093Why is the human reflex for falling in cold water to inhale?[View]
10725586*inhales blunt* So hear me out on this: Why doesn't Australia just drill holes from the rivers …[View]
10729857what's you philosophical-scientific notion of violence? there's some difference between hu…[View]
10729528I've been looking at a lot of different lists trying to pick out textbooks for self study. I wo…[View]
10729831power diagram in a generator: I am preparing for an exam and noticed that the professor included the…[View]
10727224Science is a subset of philosophy.[View]
10729756Doesn't the Earth inevitably get hotter over time regardless of the greenhouse effect? The Eart…[View]
10728729>I’ll never be a nuclear reactor operator why even live[View]
10727248Why are you all pursuing surrogate activities such as math, science, engineering. Surely you underst…[View]
107290825 years of experimentation on myself later: Mental 'health' is a meme. If you have a decent enough f…[View]
10725826Was listening to an audiobook of the last question on my commute ( https://youtu.be/XJ0bo43g7Vc ) an…[View]
10727492Try to think of something in the universe that's not made or grown out of string, or thin fiber…[View]
10729413Are Physics and Biology are the only sciences left that still have big, massive, knowledge gaps? If …[View]
10726123Why do biochemists have a bad rap on this board?[View]
10722665what are birbs?: >increased neuron density >able to see more colors than humans including ultr…[View]
10726469Do you lads take your vitamins daily? https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322071346_Enhanced_Gr…[View]
10728948How come the Australian aborigines living in the southern parts of Australia didn’t become white due…[View]
10721587How will you react if life is discovered on Europa/Enceladus/Titan? How do you think Humanity will r…[View]
10722217scientifically speaking, should this be allowed?[View]
10726511>All the balls are the same color — and that color is *brown*! Impossible…[View]
10729372You know that point when you have a final exam tomorrow and are so exhausted and stressed from only …[View]
10727173Ok /sci/ ive decided to build a scaled down 500KW RBMK reactor on my backyard. Any advice? Where can…[View]
10729385Dan Goertzel: Is Dan Goertzel /our/ guy? Seems he's browsing 4chan while giving interviews on s…[View]
10722791>people in Star Trek kill themselves everytime they beam up did they ever do an episode on this? …[View]
10724432Longevity Escape Velocity: Shouldn’t immortality theoretically be possible within a decade or so (ba…[View]
10729239So what do you think /sci/, is 5G radiation bound to be a health risk in the future? It's non-i…[View]
10728864parabola: How can I cheaply get/make a good parabolic mirror? I can silver coat glass so are watch …[View]
10727733yerkes dodson law: How to achieve optimal arousal ?[View]
10728674Explain to a mathet what the purpose of Quaternions are?[View]
10729137is that even true? how to prove that for an empty graph?[View]
10728869Is there a way to remove or dumb down the sexual urges/instincts of an individual in a way that does…[View]
10727718How can you define randomness, and how do we know it is true? Can you make sure that the random is a…[View]
10728490Am I in danger?: I am working with radioactive 32-Phosphorus (mostly hot ATP and radiolabeled RNA) a…[View]
10729063Released June 14, 1999: https://youtu.be/VrqpNr4Ss58[View]
10728755*kills 200k people* Whoops haha sorry I was just doing theoretical physics, don't blame me I…[View]
10729055The true nature of autism is that neurotypical people's ToM is flawed: Young children don’t ime…[View]
10728739Will we ever gain the ability to regenerate limbs?[View]
10717111What the fuck is that[View]
10724473FDVR: What are currently the main obstacles to the development of full dive VR? I know it's a h…[View]
10722896What is the scientific explanation for differences in intelligence between dog breeds? https://en.wi…[View]
10728602Anybody in advanced methamatics can explain to me what way both encirced outcomes in this picture ar…[View]
10726365Even if we had to, we shouldn't live on another planet permanently: Biology undergrad here, so …[View]
10726669surveillance tech: How likely is it there's somewhere in the us a computer that attempts to hav…[View]
10728614let's say I have a sheet or cube of copper if I fire a sufficiently powerful pulse of radio or …[View]
10727431Are there any binary commutative operators besides the addition operator (+) and the multiplication …[View]
10728350Why do I have to forget things reeeeeeeeee[View]
10726389What is it you hope to achieve in your scientific endeavors?[View]
10727753To become an all-time great thinker, whether scientist or philosopher, you do not necessarily need J…[View]
10725431Why are we still bombarding ourselves with microwave radiation when the National Toxicology Program …[View]
10721948Is nose breathing bad for the brain?: I just feel like there is a slight pressure on my prefrontal c…[View]
10727709Motivation thread: I'm kind of worried that i won't be able to learn cool math stuff becau…[View]
10725904What are some of the worst ignorance of science that you have heard from other people?[View]
10728280Philosophy of /sci/: I know a lot of you shit on philosophy for the sole general opinion that it usu…[View]
10726966As a Mathematics student, is it important to read a lot? I mean, often I understand the material fro…[View]
10727941How do-able is it to get As and Bs in Math courses after Calc for someone with a 130 range I.Q.? I a…[View]
10727425Educate me on using your phone or computer or TV in the dark. Everyone always says its bad to use sc…[View]
10728215Evolution of Phenotypes: Hey /sci/ there is a strange development of the history of blonde hair and …[View]
10707087/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread.: I start, how did he get from first inequality to the second?…[View]
10727728So why is 3-.75 the same as 3x.75: Sup /sci/. I'm wanting to learn math over again from the gro…[View]
10725116Tell me: How can meaning be derived from a materialistic universe?[View]
10714588Why do guys vary so much? From intelligence, height, strength, to income. Whereas women don't h…[View]
10726254Two finals same day. 48h review advice?: In two days I have two finals, one is easy, we have done ar…[View]
10727324>tfw almost finished my phd[View]
10723900How much energy, on average, does a baby consume from conception to birth?[View]
10724308Question: Which came first.. >viruses or >cells ?…[View]
10720754/sfg/ Spaceflight General: THE FUTURE IS CHROME EDITION >>10707975[View]
10726585>move one unit of distance in one direction >move one unit of distance a quarter turn from yo…[View]
10725803Why do elite go players have higher elo scores than elite chess players? https://2700chess.com/?per-…[View]
10724098Who got you into science?[View]
10724718I'm too scared to take an IQ test. What if I get a sub 100 score, I'd basically be a confi…[View]
10727586Why do electrical power stations not fly apart? Electrons are constantly leaving to travel elsewhere…[View]
10727714Hi /sci/ which books do you recommend for introduction to fusion energy?[View]
10725409What should be my first coding language?: I'm currently a computer engineering major with about…[View]
10726370I've just noticed how depressing the Whitney embedding theorem is. >tfw you'll never re…[View]
10727435Why did birds evolve into what they are today? Why did they lose their teeth and desire to kill othe…[View]
10711631/mg/ maths general: work with physicists edition: talk maths, formerly >>10698366[View]
10727551Drosophila in genetics: So they use drosophila or thaliana in genetics experiments because the of sh…[View]
10726775Will this make learning obsolete?[View]
10722106Eureka?: I think I solved the theory of everything, but I don't want credit. I had an idea for …[View]
10719896what are the human implications of the mouse utopia experiment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z76…[View]
10727318Chemistry: Where do I find Francium so I can make a bomb.[View]
10725831can optimum theory explain metal whiskering?[View]
10725702Why do animal's eyes glow?: What is with this?[View]
10720969Decipher this: 225017628356673453519515839150724814226264 And tell me what you think about this meth…[View]
10723166The brain is a computer: The brain is a computer Cortex = CPU Basal ganglia = Control unit Working m…[View]
10726698Do math objects really exist?[View]
10724202Is it just me or are mathematical proofs pointless? The axioms are less intuitive than most of the t…[View]
10727183https://phys.org/news/2018-07-reveals-great-pyramid-giza-focus.html now say 'I'm a faggot'[View]
10726763When are we going to do this?[View]
10726497Why does strangeness have a value of -1 for a strange quark and not for an anti-strange quark? To br…[View]
10723097Does lifting reduce IQ?: Does it?[View]
10727068what molecule is this[View]
10715287Calculus should be entirely omitted from the high school curriculum. They should teach abstract alge…[View]
10725104What books are essential for me to read to start learning the basis of algebraic geometry?[View]
10727012What's it like to study math at a prestigious university such as Cambridge, Princeton, or MIT? …[View]
10725571why aren't math and science taught with an emphasis on developing intuition from observations o…[View]
10725734According to a climatologist, this graph indicates a 50% chance of a completely ice-free arctic this…[View]
10724847>/pol/ and /x/ schizos spam fear-mongering, anti-scientific clickbait about whatever scientific t…[View]
10726741>this was a 27 year old woman[View]
10726909>this thing we live on is already 4 billion years old[View]
10725046So is 3.5 roentgen bad or not?[View]
10724835Post your study space.[View]
10715466After we stop the global climate change, how do we reverse the effects of all the CO2 that's al…[View]
10724794>You're now aware that the transmembrane voltage gradient is the same phenomena as gravity o…[View]
10726361How can we know that object M87 is a black hole? Why can't it be a gravastar?[View]
10722814why is human psychology so fixed? Why is it so hard to improve our mental state and intelligence? Wh…[View]
10725123Mystery buttons: Could anyone help me and tell me which buttons I need to press on my calculator to …[View]
10724989first 3d printed complex organ: https://www.engadget.com/2019/04/15/tel-aviv-university-3d-printed-h…[View]
10725938Are proteins alive?[View]
10725617Sattelite Height Above Earth: So, I have obtained data in two different cities in the US for what di…[View]
10722057Any oxford anons here? How are your exams going? I'm midway through my 3rd year physics exams. …[View]
10725156How do treat TMJ//TMD related ear symptoms? Went to an ENT, got examined and was told that there’s n…[View]
10726464How does this work?: My father has green-grey eyes. My mother has brown eyes, but my mother's u…[View]
10713292How do we stop ufology!?: Hey /sci/, how can we using inductive reasoning to end the belief that ali…[View]
10725516>Dinochicken costs $300,000 to make What the fuck, is Jack Horner scamming people? What the hell …[View]

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