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11054189Brainlet here. Physicsfags, is this a valid solution to the Twin Paradox? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
11056007/sci/ i need help I've been on escitalopram for a few months now after a severe depressive epis…[View]
11054760The heat energy of the atmosphere comes primarily from gravity.[View]
11055587Computer Science is Science (and math) and I'm sick of you saying it's not.[View]
11056627My difficulty with science....: Hi, I’m having problems right now very big problems... ok so I went …[View]
11055674Why do oceans have tides, but lakes, bathtubs, and cups of coffe don't?[View]
11056494Coffee bean skin: >A recent study, published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, shows that when fat…[View]
11059125/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: You let the thread die you fucking retarded monkeys edition[View]
11056149Neutrino Reactor/Engine: Is it possible? If it is then this seems like the final end all energy sour…[View]
11053402post indian stem support kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0R0BpVuJdg[View]
11056651I need the redpill on multiple integrals. Why are they considered the most advanced form of mathemat…[View]
11055807Would you rather wear a suit or scrubs ?[View]
11054137Consciousness is what I am, I am not a body, I am not a group of cells and organ systems, those are …[View]
11055703Prove: area of rectangle = length width[View]
11049957Why is Iran so good at math ?[View]
11056647Hey, 4chan, /unidan/ here: Legitimately, though if ants were to suddenly collectively rise up again…[View]
11056477Anyone read Motion Mountain? Is it a good foundation for physics with no agenda by author?[View]
11054551What kind of practical applications do adjacency matrices have in computation?[View]
11055065Even if I completely accept that ultimately time is an illusion, what difference is that going to ma…[View]
11054940Does Accounting require much brain power?[View]
11055650hey sci, im trying to study and im getting really angry. i dont understand how im supposed to relate…[View]
11056142The true Lord and Saviour of /Sci/. Praise him.[View]
11055406Cool molecules thread: Post cool molecules that are cool for any reason, whether its an interesting …[View]
11056129lets make the immortality gene inhibitor or vaccine a baby could do it we could do it all theoretica…[View]
11040680/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Formerly >>11028644 Lads, I'm in a good mood, …[View]
11054159how 2 study better?[View]
11054893Is pop sci killing real science, or just a minor annoyance?[View]
11054487Is peak phosphorus something to be worry about?[View]
11056075Are stem cells for organ transplants getting close or making progress?: As an organ transplant it se…[View]
11052860Is the theory of climate change really just p-hacked trash?[View]
11053407Hey guys, In the middle of my third year of electrical engineering. I really enjoy electronics and P…[View]
11055686Social sciences: What are your thoughts on social sciences? Do you have any respect for people who p…[View]
11053859Unsolved Mysteries of /sci/: But like... literally *why* did the Arabic numeral system (0123456789) …[View]
11052428Can you explain this meme?[View]
11054010Truely is a mystery[View]
11055682Solipsism is true, refute me: Laws of Science supervenes on me...[View]
11055429Material engineering/science vs. Metalurgic engineering: Which one of them is better?[View]
11055782/sci/autists BTFO[View]
11055748US Navy Files Patent For Compact Fusion Reactor: > The U.S. Navy has jumped into the game by fili…[View]
11054335Hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to create some sort of in-ear sound filter? For exampl…[View]
11053862yo the word 'earth' means 'dirt' yo. will science ever name this planet?[View]
11054862If f▼k (x) = f(f(f(f(f( ... x ... {k times}, state the formula for the nth derivative of f▼k (x).[View]
11055570why do social 'sciences' like pic related try to be legitimate when none of the so-called …[View]
11054285When did you decide that STEM was right for you, anon? I think that I finally decided when I went t…[View]
11055484>come up with the only viable manned interplanetary spaceship ever designed >see it thrown in …[View]
11051664Is it theoretically possible for a 3 dimensional being to become a 4 dimensional being? What would a…[View]
11055431Ear science: What is the minimum threshold of a human's ability to differentiate between tones?…[View]
11054874how do I derive 9.53 and 9.54 from 9.51 and 9.52, I never took a class in PDE's. HELP[View]
11055321Can anyone recommend a good book to read about his work, or one of his papers, that really shows the…[View]
11053304Hey /sci/entists, I need your help. I'm working for a newspaper, they asked me to cover the loc…[View]
11055170The explosion for the oklahoma bombing was done with a 2200kg mixture of ammonium nitrate, diesel an…[View]
11054939Legit /sci news web?: From where do you get news about science? Do you just read the sci news sectio…[View]
11046273This is the biggest breakthrough of this millennium: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/gian…[View]
11055174Mars Landing Site Vicinity Exploration: Did this German redneck just invent the best method to quick…[View]
11054506How long till AI is advanced enough for conversations?: How long till we can discuss things with AI …[View]
11045958So what does it mean for a wave function to collapse? Does observing something change its wave funct…[View]
11044308I do math. I'm gonna publish some interesting results under a pseudonym. Give me a kickass math…[View]
11055101Which English speaking country has the best STEM outlook and study, for international students? >…[View]
11055009is running on a treadmill different than running outside?: Logically, I know that motion is relative…[View]
11052491Can torium be used in nuclear fusion?: Also was felth noch fur nuclear fission? Was braucht es noch?…[View]
11054068Something that's been on my mind for a while. Astronauts that spend months at a time on the ISS…[View]
11055019>the logic of scientific discovery by K.R. Popper have you read it? opinions?…[View]
11054847Why is it called 'Pythagorean theorem' when it is an axiom?[View]
11054735Think about it.[View]
11054727Is anyone here experienced with Ansys CFX and post processing? Pic related, I'm simulating mixe…[View]
11053493I just got a shocked from an electrical switch and my hand is still tingling. What is my prognosis?[View]
11054817Why are short people so angry all the time? What is the science here? Until some one hits midget hei…[View]
11052468who was in the wrong here?[View]
11054037Be white guy stuck on Mars: Need a Chinese space craft and JPL run by blacks and Asians to save your…[View]
11052430HOLY BASED Physishits BTFO[View]
11054681any good criticisms of neural networks, evolutionary algorithms and reinforcement learning? help me …[View]
11054638I want to study chem engineering, but I can't understand if I actually like chemistry or just w…[View]
11046299REEEEEE nobel prizes going to white men must be patriarchy, the idea that white men actually did stu…[View]
11049457Can science explain why the ratio of females to males is approximately 1:1, despite the fact that on…[View]
11053678So... has anyone from /sci/ actually solved these problems other than Wanner?[View]
11054586>second year elements of probability course >expect a jar filled with balls of different colou…[View]
11052116hello schi, what is anger?[View]
11052903A speaker appears on the Stratosphere with infinite power. It plays 'Adagio for strings' on an infin…[View]
11051404Ibuprofen: Can anyone please explain to me why Ibuprofen works by inhibiting the production of prost…[View]
11040303Post your area of study and your IQ[View]
11052754How do people read textbooks? They're dull and meaningless as fuck. They seem more like referen…[View]
11054407Online Schools Need to Replace Public Schools: I actually graduated from an online high school. I dr…[View]
11054065Volume of a Cone: Call me a retard, I don't care, but why isn't the volume of a cone V = p…[View]
11052495Math challenges of string theory: Is it true that string theory solves a number of mathematical inco…[View]
11053083Virgin STEM BTFO'd by Chad Philosophy Why aren't you reading more analytic philosophy, /sc…[View]
11051128This is wrong, isn’t it?[View]
11054154US colleges are a joke.: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/734722/pdf It seems you can publish anything o…[View]
11045379>the proof is left as an exercise for the reader[View]
11049503> western university > A course in Quantum complex analysis has the same impact on your GPA th…[View]
11051496interesting study: https://www.academia.edu/3620724/Chinese_Lack_of_Empathy_in_Development…[View]
11048246Why isn't dy/dx a valid ratio? No brainlet answers please.[View]
11053919Is this true or did roastie scientists come up with it to make hiding their infidelity easier?[View]
11024114Math Monk: I want to become a math monk. I’m a senior studying Physics, but I’ve never done any seri…[View]
11054096how possible would it be to make something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN_eL5ukCbw…[View]
11053759Ships at the bottom of Ocean and rate of rusting: So I have to ask, deeper down they are, do they ru…[View]
11053539If the magnetic part of the Lorentz force depends only on charge, the magnetic field and the speed o…[View]
11050979Why does prison cause humans to revert to a primal social structure similar to that of chimpanzees o…[View]
11053754Whats in the bag?: What possible tech could be in those stock security backpacks. They're clear…[View]
11052281People used to get a p.h.d in philosophy at age 13 , they used to learn all of highschool math inclu…[View]
11053979Hello Computer: Pull up everything you've got on what a 'science communicator' is.[View]
11048284I just got an A on my physics midterm. What /sci/-related achievements are you proud of recently?[View]
11053682can I call myself a scientist since I make use of the scientific method on everyday mundane activiti…[View]
11053891this 30cm particle accelerator be used to generate antimatter for pure fusion thermonuclear bombs? h…[View]
11053334If i can draw an illusion of a 3d cube in a 2d paper why can't i do the same with a 4d cube in …[View]
11052576>tfw have to kill a baby chicken and gut it in order to pass my course[View]
11050548Part III: Ask someone who just started the most prestigious Maths masters in the world anything.…[View]
11051403Is logic more important than memorization.: Could logical thinking and problem-solving abilities be …[View]
11052211Do we have a moral obligation to preserve life?: Consider the following scenario >Earth is about …[View]
11051476Is vitamin C megadosing (multiple grams a day) for health gains a meme or does it have an actual sci…[View]
11053790Can we genetically enhance our perception?[View]
11050033Hello /sci/, I'd like to ask you for a favor: write the most complicated equation that results …[View]
11051357Twin Primes in 10 * x chart: it all started with me wanting to memorize all the prime numbers up unt…[View]
11052573reminder TOE is not possible as per Godels incompleteness thereom that is all[View]
11050831is calculus really that hard? I'm not asian btw what exactly do you learn at pre-calculus?[View]
11048653Obscure Hallucinations: so, I look at the ground, and notice that it has a tendency puff at location…[View]
11052736Evolutionary reason we get flattered when complimented?[View]
11052417Is the cumbrain meme real scientifically speaking?[View]
11053389Are wormholes real?[View]
11050526Limits to science and logical positivism: >How did the world start? Big Bang. >Why did the Big…[View]
11050929What are the newest and most interesting fields of math right now?[View]
11053330Wind Power effect on environment: Everywhere I look it seems like wind power shit like turbines are …[View]
11042275Why isn't psychology a scientific field?[View]
11048610What's the purpose of life? Why do organisms want to survive and pass their genes on? Where is …[View]
11051743tfw /nofap/ /lit/ /fit/ and /sci/ feels good man[View]
11052779Calculus is based on functionsbeing graphed in a Cartesian coordinate system. But the C.C.S is just …[View]
11052219Anyone knowledgable about pharmaceutics or chemistry here? How hard would it be to mix pic related y…[View]
11051150How does it feel to be Virgin STEM kids?[View]
11051503some theory about consciousness: >organisms evolved to capture/hijack part of a great universal c…[View]
11052385what happens when two planetoids' magnetosphere interact? For example, i am imagining a superma…[View]
11052594Iron cookware: how is it possible for people to not get poisoning when traditionally we have been co…[View]
11052989How do you find a job in the field (molecular bio)? Should I have been volunteering in labs and stuf…[View]
11051821How would a 4chan run and funded academy function?[View]
11052932Medical school: I’m about to start medical school early next year. What am I in for?[View]
11049281/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Iapetus' equatorial ridge edition Brexit is based sub edition…[View]
11043085/mg/ - Mathematics General: >infinite sets edition[View]
11053162how do i get good at physics: im struggling with newtonian mechanics should I just off myself[View]
11052437Caffeine: Caffeine is widely discussed on the internet but I think there are key points which are no…[View]
11049836battery is the primary bottleneck of anything cool, lithium ion batteries are great and all but they…[View]
11051029Thread about the Riemann Hypothesis: Discuss the demonstrable falsity of the Riemann hypothesis.…[View]
11053004Owner of Physics return to warn: His theories are being tested and now there are even better picture…[View]
11050903paceX quietly files for 30,000 more satellites: On October 7th, the FCC made 20 new, independent fil…[View]
11052713Mach Effect, Woodward, and NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/niac/2017_Phase_I_Phase…[View]
11048845Hey /sci/ in 10 hours I take my calc 3 midterm have any tips[View]
11052668If I knew the average integer of a specific set, would it be easier to know the value of a random in…[View]
11048788>economics is a legitimate science[View]
11050476what does science know about ADHD? is there any /sci/ approved way to deal with it besides amphetami…[View]
11052449is it true that toxoplasmosis makes women and basedboys want to accept refugees?[View]
11044333Vintage sleeping aid: Scientists of 4chan I need your help. I'm a writer and am looking for sci…[View]
11052460what is the quadratic formula?: is it a^2 = r^3+f^2? i have a really important test tomorrow morning…[View]
11052284Sorry for the dumb question, but why do we see every night the same stars and planets, in the same c…[View]
11051264What is a limit?: What is a limit.[View]
11049891Cold/flu vaccine at home?: If a family member has a cold/flu, they swish water in their mouth and sp…[View]
11050130Aren't trees just really big flowers?[View]
11050602Can u solve these Oxford CS Interview Questions?[View]
11052028have to do a biology report for my 3rd year biochem course. i got special persmission to not do any …[View]
1104959730 May 1934 – 11 October 2019[View]
11051895To Mars!: Who cleans the toilets on the ISS?[View]
11050102>be PI of my first grant >can buy whatever the fuck I want, hire whoever the fuck I want, and …[View]
11052069Cody'sLab Uranium Video: Hi /sci/ I'm looking for a copy of the now deleted video by Cody…[View]
11049825Webb telescope: what the fuck is taking them so long? is it side project for NASA employees that the…[View]
11051579Is lung cancer (or any cancer for that matter) detectable on routine blood work?[View]
11046433What is energy? By this I don't mean >the ability to do work I mean what is the stuff that e…[View]
11051797I don't believe in psychology[View]
11052061I was thinking... Say we have a number x. x to the nth power is the same as x times x to the (n - 1)…[View]
11048440PSA: nobody cares about your stupid fucking uni blogs and it isn't math or science, take it bac…[View]
11050645i want sound scientific backed research porn is bad for working memory[View]
11052113About social sciences: Anons of /sci/ I'd like to hear your opinion on some topics that revolve…[View]
11052121Mathfags don't only envy CSfags pay, BUT ALSO the fun their researchers actually have, since mo…[View]
11046937>Putnam winners 2018 Absolutely based. Can we give an anime gf to the guy in the middle already? …[View]
11048443>Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter >Pi is irrational…[View]
11050622>75% of life on Earth destroyed by a modestly sized rock How the are we supposed to progress to a…[View]
11051964How do you explain this atheists[View]
11043548What is the significance of the groups other than pure autistic pleasure of composing cayley tables,…[View]
11051968why does gravity rotate instead of just suck things into it straight away[View]
11050391Sudoku question: Exclaimer: this is NOT a suicide thread. Please refrain from suicideposting. Thank …[View]
11051958Geography for creeps: https://youtu.be/ESWP96Xx3vU[View]
11051408does his IQ make high IQ people on /sci/ feel marginalized?[View]
11051708Explosive Lenses: Can someone explain this shit to me? Why are explosives, specifically in warheads,…[View]
11046988linear transformation matrices have ruined my life: I swear to God, I've never tried so hard to…[View]
11050910CS hate thread: Physics + Math major vs CS + Math major. The former interests me much more at an int…[View]
11049294Things that really grind your gears in Science Fiction. I'll start: >gas giant >character…[View]
11049274>it just goes to show that... math seems more wholesome when we end our proofs this way…[View]
11044496What high paying jobs have the lowest chances of being automated?[View]
11051752Cognitive dissonance of Race Realists: If IQ scales with income, why are penniless rice farmers in C…[View]
11048522what is it called when probably of something becomes so low i.e. 1e-8 that it never actually happens…[View]
11050608>this fundamental book has still not been translated WTF?[View]
11051299Can someone explain to me how the jannies on /sci/ have time to do math and delete threads?[View]
11048180Why are humans programmed to dislike the sound of a crying baby?[View]
11051297If mathematics and physics was harder than engineering why do engineers get payed 3 times as much st…[View]
11049628What jobs could I get with a bachelors in math? I'm a freshman computer science and math double…[View]
11051472How much ephedrine can I extract from 1kg of ephedra sinica?[View]
11049328How can I be a 'hobbyist' researcher without university affiliation? Like reading papers, being upda…[View]
11048763I have pixel coordinates of the two arcs. How can I measure and tell that the arc A is smoother than…[View]
11049250What is the most scientifically mindfucking book?: Not meaning esoteric/hard to decipher. Do your wo…[View]
11044602Time space is bullshit.: Time is a quantity unrestrained from gravity. It is merely a sci fi trope. …[View]
11047065How to Terraform Mars in 1 year: It would be easy asf to terraform mars to the point the atmosphere …[View]
11050165Is there a single equation for gravity that is 'real' and by real I mean, is there an equation that …[View]
11047800What are the chances of another black death happening?[View]
11050936Is cryonics the best way to avoid permanent death?[View]
11050912Greta Thunberg: What do you guys think of her? I like her her. She has a clear message that she spre…[View]
11047963Do you study in havard ,Stanford, Cambridge or Oxford?[View]
11049307As a computer science student that want to go straight to the industry after graduation, would study…[View]
11051362Bruh I’m fucked with this computer science project[View]
11048706how plausible is it?[View]
11044766Climate Change: Plant food will end the world? The absolute ignorance of these useful idiots~ The ro…[View]
11048994Can u make morphine from pholcodine: Pic related. How do I make morphine from pholcodine? I dont kn…[View]
11050708can someone give me an honest explanation of the endocannabinoid system no shills plox[View]
11050632A speaker appears on the Stratosphere with infinite power. It plays 'Adagio for strings' on an infin…[View]
11043113https://lambda-del->rey.firebaseapp.com/ >16/30 91 IQ I'll never into math and science wi…[View]
11051228When did you outgrow the Singularity meme? >19[View]
11050857Will rats help AI destroy humans?[View]
11051103Anyone else feel like monitoring scientific progress is like watching a clock tick or a kettle boil?…[View]
11048004Genetically engineered catgirls: Are they going to be developed in the next decades?[View]
11045975What is the evolutionary purpose of this hair pattern?[View]
11048630Aren’t these Science videos cool to look at?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH4v5L4q_GA…[View]
11050956Does anyone have any good study material for linear algebra? Especially for proofs? I found so much …[View]
11050940Why do humans have less tolerance for raw meat than other carnivores?[View]
11046928>got a 2:1 for the first year in maths at Cambridge Can I still make it in maths? Or is it over f…[View]
11050693Who was in the wrong here?[View]
11049247Any Validity to This?: Any validity to this or just another reddit faggot[View]
11049410I need a crash course in differential equations, something I can cram in a week or so.[View]
11050578what happens during those 6 minutes?[View]
11050159what is 3,4 KN x m in MN x cm[View]
11046073Can someone explain the intuition behind this? And I don't mean how it clearly makes sense beca…[View]
11049781Good Morning Anons: So is this a sign that there’s still hope for /sci/ in this ignorant world?…[View]
11050730Does anyone know what this is about / if this has been translated?: This is from 'Catégorie des type…[View]
11043157Battery-Thread: When will we start to see new battery-types? Li-Ion technology is as of today 28 yea…[View]
11048480>be me >ok student, pretty good at math and physics >casually mention to bio friend that i…[View]
11048469What order should I read Taleb in? And do I have to read the whole 'incerto' series or can I just pi…[View]
11049918FREEE energy: /sci/entists, i have gathered you here today to find a new source for free and virtual…[View]
11049893WHY THE FUCK DON'T WE MAKE MORE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS Every time I read about the current under …[View]
11050506Why is that people always complain that the school does not prepare you for 'real life' but at the s…[View]
11050119Modern Math K-12: https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/socialstudies/pubdocs/Math%20SDS%…[View]
11049286I just devised a brilliant idea: ranking non-quantifiable things by running some comparison sorting …[View]
11049428You have a coin with 50% chance to go heads and 50% to tails when thrown. You throw heads. Now the s…[View]
11049525is it too late to send application to a phd programme in the usa?[View]
11044552Nobel Prize: >Three guys that invented lithium battery technology win the Nobel prize, finally …[View]
11049093Why does this even exist?[View]
11044558what math computer system do you use? maple? matlab? gap? sagemath?[View]
11049651does brainwashing actually work?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Shla50pRxA Take what the Chinese …[View]
11048460Why does my head hurt when I’m learning ?[View]
11049717Mapping Human Populations: Does anyone know which one of these PCA maps (by Iosef Lazaridis) of west…[View]
11048768How tf is this Lowpass?!: $H(z)=-\frac{1}{8}z^{-2}+\frac{1}{4}z^{-1}+\frac{3/4}+\frac{1}{4}z-\frac{1…[View]
11042890Why is this book like €300 new, and €150 used? That's an insane amount of money, even for a tex…[View]
11049854>PI reallocates funds from grant for my raise months ago >money for that part of the grant is …[View]
11049564What do you guys think of biochemistry?: I know you guys hate biology (ecology) sort of stuff and pr…[View]
11048308dont study stem: don't study stem. they are pushing stem to drive down wages. studying somethin…[View]
11043695does anyone have an archive of these 2hu putnam problems?[View]
11048710what did you faggots get on the SAT/ACT[View]
11047623I`ve developed a solution to black holes: Hi Im a mechanical engineer student from Spain, passionate…[View]
11048946Can you end up with a 3.8 CGPA if you had a 2.3 GPA in first year[View]
11045965Are human beings a tournament species when it comes to mating? Modern dating seems to imply this is …[View]
11049574what do you think its obstructing the mole? could it be the water ice layer remnant from the ancient…[View]
11049625How do I stop being a brainlet?[View]
11047707AI >>> all other STEM fields >>> non-STEM fields >develop AGI >AGI develops …[View]
11049650Roll on the maths?: So, /sci/. I need advice Living in a small-ish city in a bit of a shithole count…[View]
11044332String theory: Daily reminder String theory is the Truth. Period, the End.[View]
11044114Transcript.: Parenthesis a minus b parenthesis at the power of two equals a at the power of two minu…[View]
11044549>Physics >Class average on first exam is 55% >Class average on second exam is 41% The profe…[View]
11045507I'm bored. Dumping your US homegrown nuclear accident (Brunswick NPP burning since Florence) h…[View]
11047511What's wrong with this proof?[View]
11049065You guys seem to really hate speculation on this board. But are you aware that a hypothesis is specu…[View]
11046478> There are no good Math teachers because if you are good at math you either go work for NASA doi…[View]
11049333Does anyone here actually work as a (not software) engineer? I hear about tons of electric and mecha…[View]
11047218would you harm someone if it gave you a competitive advantage in life? how severely would you be wil…[View]
11048871Why can't vapes medicate?: I'm just wondering if it would be possible to be able to vape m…[View]
11044643Where is the Sun going? Is it conscious? Could it suddenly decide to change direction?[View]
11048723How do I study for the SAT if im severely depressed and dissociate all the time? Any other mentally …[View]
11045739We just found out that the milky way's galactic core is more active than we thought and sent ou…[View]
11043808>professor grades papers with A-F instead of numbers >no idea what my current cumulative grade…[View]
11046749Math: Pythagoras theorem[View]
11048764Is it possible to alter your brain's cognition to behave like a divide-and-conquer algorithm? S…[View]
11047338Science YouTube Channels: What are the best science YouTube channels? Yes I'm probably a pleb t…[View]
11048615>tfw bad exam[View]
11047741Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong?[View]
11046515Turns out I know Quantum Mechanics: Is there a lack of math editors in magazines or something, what …[View]
11047436Equation: Ok so I'm really curious about what exactly is this equation found on a beer bottle, …[View]

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