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10570650prove a future nobel prize winner wrong: who decided that 'supermassive black holes' are t…[View]
10566476yeah, I'm a PhD student. how did you know?[View]
10567799With a finite expansion rate, and a beginning that is a finite amount of time ago, how can the unive…[View]
10563420Ten Reasons Word is better than LaTeX: 1. **Writing tools** Word includes a built-in writing tools s…[View]
10569406The Veracity of Scientific Claims: How are personal claims of scientific achievement viewed in acade…[View]
10570649baller: just got out of the really nice pool i get access to for free with my nice ass apartment. wh…[View]
10543732Do American STEM graduate students still exist? Is this typical? >https://www.mccormick.northwest…[View]
10566905I've been playing with universe sandbox and did pic related (? is a gas giant with an earth siz…[View]
10564722I'm studying chem eng and I feel like theres too little about agriculture and plants here, we b…[View]
10568520why does time seem to be moving faster? i know theres the typical explanation about how it gets fast…[View]
10568518i did a biology experiment a few years ago and i never really thought much of it but reflecting on i…[View]
10570076Solutions for self-study: Where’s the best place to get solution manuals for higher level books that…[View]
10569823Redpill me on the de Sitter swampland conjecture: Physics brainlet here. What’s /sci/’s opinion on t…[View]
10561169Scientifically how do we explain qualia, and thus the experience of consciousness? Who is more corr…[View]
10570374I am thee whose work exhausts and expands, I am the one true man.[View]
10570130Is there a comfier feel than a night alone in the lab? You can run your own secret experiments doped…[View]
10563263Stupid questions thread: Why does the equation for drag coefficient have the 1/2 ? Dimensional analy…[View]
10569318HeH+: >nothin personnel, kid[View]
10563883Why are the people in so many countries against nuclear power?[View]
10569666Any older mathematical literature you guys reading? I’m currently reading Liber Abaci by Leonardo P…[View]
10568851How do you like to study/ do homework/ research? Chalkboard? Whiteboard? Pen and paper? Pencil and p…[View]
10569922Why do the derivatives of test function also vanish on a neighborhood of the boundary?[View]
10568622Should I read it?[View]
10568784/materialism/: what does /sci/ think of the philosophical issue of materialism vs idealism? specific…[View]
10562453/SG/ Space Flight General: It's learning to swim edition. Pls no bully. New thread fags Old one…[View]
10570171What is time?: Hi /sci/ what's a good scientific definition for time? I think of time passing a…[View]
10569949How to maximize the probability of getting to heaven and minimize the probability of hell? Do I need…[View]
10565639new-iq-test.com Found this on r9k, let's see how high we can get[View]
10568578Can we get a Oumuamua thread going?: I want to hear more about this asteroid meteorite whatever it i…[View]
10568119What color is an apple?[View]
10569980why do retards meme nuclear energy when we can meet human needs using solar + geotermal + made from …[View]
10569987Raise your hand if:: Who here wants to experiment with non-human wombs to host the birth of human em…[View]
10567999How does this graph make any sense?[View]
10566357What exactly do engineers do all day? Is it really just spreadsheets? If I don't care about mon…[View]
10562484/med/ - Medical school, dental and pharmacy general: Pick a spec edition Last one reached bump limit…[View]
10566116Putnam Problem of the Day: [math] \boxed{ \text{Let }A=\{(x,y):0\leq x,y<1\}\text{. For }(x,y)\in…[View]
10565846I always feel disastrous/unfocused/unmotivated the day after I have fapped and cant get anything don…[View]
10565965What are the most important languages for a scientist to know (now and in the future)?[View]
10568613If someone actually made time travel possible, would they earn a nobel prize?[View]
10569731Discrete math: Hey gyus. Can someone help me pls? I've been tryin to did this myself, but have …[View]
10562431Whats the solution for this?[View]
10565289>Why yes, I'm a set theorist. What gave it away?[View]
10567025Psychology as a career: Is psychology as a career is a meme? Been browsing /sci/ for a while and I c…[View]
10568872>your face when you realize Earth is the best, based, cleanest and most beautiful celestial objec…[View]
10569416Realistically when would I use differential equations outside of engineering and physics I'm a …[View]
10558324How do you solve this now /sci/?[View]
10559657Why is zero divided by zero not zero?: You're dividing nothing by nothing so logically it shoul…[View]
10564593Sup /sci/ Im kinda curious about what were your grades on calculus 1 2 3 4? Ill start, of course. 80…[View]
10569227Way to detect small amounts of water: Hey /sci/ I'm looking for a material that becomes conduci…[View]
10568505Hey sci, opinions on Acetaminophen being the possible cause of increased autism rates? https://www(.…[View]
10565537Lets see how smart you really are /sci/[View]
10565595Growing up in the ghetto (or trailer park) and academic confidence: >valedictorian, 2300 sat, at …[View]
10569127Mathematically speaking, Is it more rational to say: A) There is nobody evil and powerful B) There …[View]
10567907Based Wolfram did it again. Mathematica 12 was released. Update it now bois[View]
10568753Why? Seems a bit excessive.. What's the evolutionary benefit of going so over the top?[View]
10569309>does your planetary science[View]
10569317When will artificial wombs be ready for humans?[View]
10565449What does /sci/ think consciousness is? Is it just a simple chemical process? Is it a portal to ano…[View]
10560989How do you extinguish a big fire like that?[View]
10568344What would happen if a cubical gravity was expanded at a universal level?: What would the consequenc…[View]
10567558How do we effectively solve mass stupidity?[View]
10568525What type of job could a non-prodigy hope to have? my sole interest and dream field is to be involve…[View]
10568237Suppose I blindfold myself for a year, would my consciousness manifest intself in a different way?[View]
10566138Is Who wants to be a millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
10566766Why haven't you signed up to freeze your brain yet?[View]
10568856How scientific is architecture? Do most architects just play around with known stuff?[View]
10549437Why don't we launch rockets from Puerto Rico? It's a lot closer to the equator than Cape C…[View]
10568795should people ever be killed for mental illness? Considering psychology is stupid, it's an alte…[View]
10567963wheres my nobel prize[View]
10568554evolutionarily speaking why could the Romans conquer Europe since Italians are so short?[View]
10561843Why is Economics the best science?[View]
10568628Compsci hate thread Neither math nor fucking science[View]
10568607Tell me all you know about urban mining.[View]
10568399Israel finds cure for cancer: https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2019-01-29/israeli-…[View]
10567763is earth composted biological material or regolith?[View]
10568555Why can’t we farm in space well enough to not need to keep sending those fat fucks on the ISS icecre…[View]
10568556intuition: what do you think of the idea of intuition? >Intuition is the ability to acquire know…[View]
10568513Hatman experiences: First green-text, thought id share >Be me >2nd grade, literally autistic k…[View]
10568494Multiple dimensions? (not the mathematical kind): So, for med school I’ve been reading a couple book…[View]
10568478A Reality Shifter looking for Answers: Hey /sci/, I know there's that guy who always posts thre…[View]
10567692>conventional current[View]
10564592How close are we to quality 3D home printing becoming ubiquitous?: There are some quite cheap ones n…[View]
10567360Science nerds. What's the name of the case where an ocean planet loses its atmosphere due to ti…[View]
10566929What's the best possible way to thermally insulate something?[View]
10565986One week later and no one cares. When will we have the next big scientific achievement that the publ…[View]
10567605TFW Asian Professor Complements You on your Midterm: >anon you have a good knowledge of [insert S…[View]
10567866\documentclass{article} \begin{document} \pagenumbering{gobble} \Huge \noindent Why Cloning Nelson M…[View]
10564392Scientifically speaking, is transgenderism a mental illness?[View]
10563625Rejects thread.: In here we post and vent about our rejections from that undergrad or postgrad at th…[View]
10567942Is condensed matter physics a meme?[View]
10567951So far i solved 39889398 captcha, am i a robot[View]
10567916>undergrad thesis professor thinks my own research idea is interesting and will help me carrying …[View]
10567674Turbulence.: Hey sorry to be an asshole. But the rest of the science and math community need help (a…[View]
10567759Hello this is mr and Mrs solar and we are '''hot''' and we '''love''' solar power.[View]
10565359Thoughts on Nikola Tesla?[View]
10564886Are 99% of PHDs pointless outside of advancing the researchers career?[View]
10567170Which Came First: Indica or Sativa?: I recall an old Three's Company episode (as if there'…[View]
10567678Antidote to citrus greening: http://citrusindustry.net/2019/02/11/developing-new-greening-tolerant-c…[View]
10564013People claiming that the moon landing was faked just blow my mind. Can someone please play devil…[View]
10567446I’ve been thinking of an experiment and I wanted to know if there’s any way to use publicly availabl…[View]
10567055>physics textbook has a section on an experiment's history[View]
10565308How can I grow brain cells in a petridish?[View]
10569033Check the goddamn catalog and tell me this place isn't infested by these brainlet incels. Coinc…[View]
10566231Anon, why are you using matlab or octave when there is scipy?[View]
10567085Which study is better, chemistry or physics and why?[View]
10567008>checking japanese highschool chemistry exam questions >its all fucking memorisation based, ba…[View]
10566018My Data Sucks: >spend like 10 hours total setting up a numerical experiment >'oh boy I can…[View]
10566006>all of math is built on the assumption that we all agree that zero is a thing >symmetry rules…[View]
10557715Can someone truly refute the electric universe theory? >The theory [Relativity] is like a beggar …[View]
10566559How much would the heating bill be, /sci/?[View]
10561107Is uploading human minds into computers really a viable concept? It really seems impossible to me. …[View]
10567145this idiot is trying to teach...: but doesn't know the difference between mean and median. God …[View]
10561881All of you are reatards: I told you this for years, its not a 'black hole' its a fucking s…[View]
10563973The science behind vaccines: https://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/r/recombivax_hb/recombiv…[View]
10566470What kind of disease is that on his cheek?[View]
10566693What the fuck is enthalpy?[View]
10564563So redpill me orthogonal basis functions. Are you really supposed to think of them as orthogonal vec…[View]
10565940What's the evolutionary advantage of being a bird that cant fly[View]
10566449Maths rigour: In engineering, is there any advantage/point to trying to learn calculus/lin alg/stats…[View]
10560688>The first black hole photo The world is like: meh >Notre Dame Cathedral ruined with fire The …[View]
10561443How?: >be me >get a high C in my first physics exam >somehow manage an A on the second with…[View]
10566805is earth composted biological material or regolith?[View]
10561916/why-life-does-not-really-exist/: 'Why is defining life so frustratingly difficult? Why have scienti…[View]
10565752Bell's inequalities and CHSH: So I'm studying the CHSH game, and was curious about a simpl…[View]
10565975stop this ignoring the planet[View]
10566492I want to be a hacker. I know it sounds cringe and its a very ambiguous statement considering the de…[View]
10566132what is the most likely physical object outside of earth to host life and why is it Titan?[View]
10566340What would the sky look like from the inside of a nebula? (This question has nothing to do with mone…[View]
10565860Why do they still fluoridate the water? Everyone already brushes their teeth every day with fluorida…[View]
10562180>Travel 170 million light years away from earth >Pull out camera >zoom in on earth >take…[View]
10566071How fast would I have to move my eye for the centripetal force to be so great that the lens in my ey…[View]
10565540What is the best online resource to learn about astronomy related topics? There has to be something…[View]
10566051>climate change has long passed the point of no return >there is no reversing it >being sa…[View]
10566314https://astronomy.com/news/2019/04/pepsi-partners-with-russian-start-up-to-test-orbiting-billboards …[View]
10565954I am trying to use PCA to reduce my data to a manageable size but I can't get the data into the…[View]
10566131If this dude tried to pull apart a string, would he constantly pull it to the side of this stronger …[View]
10566008Simulation theory: We are living in a simulation run by advanced A.I. Most of the world's scien…[View]
10565914Is it possible to create artificial gravity without linear or rotational acceleration? >There ha…[View]
10558768How much of a meme is astrophysics as a field? Does it attract many IFLScience-kind of people or do …[View]
10565800Behavioral modes: Let's say someone has a shitty, maladaptive and overall hostile behavioral mo…[View]
10565963You will have no peace until you contact me. When you lost me, you lost the only person who ever tru…[View]
10565895truth is 0.63r, it is an uneven imagination.. You can bullet truth and then register it. it is forme…[View]
10564693lets get deep in this shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQX4mKvqSoo i want philosophy anons, le…[View]
10562503The great Flood: Hey /sci/ if there was a great flood, like mentioned in the book of genesis, what w…[View]
10562955i'm making a sci fi game, i wanted super heated blades to be a somewhat common weapon in the ga…[View]
10565045Is the solution to the Fermi paradox that there is no intelligent alien life in our universe besides…[View]
10565709Should I read the Origin of Species to educate myself on evolution? Should I trust everything it say…[View]
10559573Will I live to see any of these fully developed? >Dyson sphere >Matrioshka Brain >Androids …[View]
10565066mandela defect: a distraction google used to list muhammeds wifes as underaged now they're not …[View]
10565603Cryo tanks: What's the real world performance difference between polystyrene containers and pro…[View]
10561634What do people even mean when they say ocean exploration is more important than space exploration? W…[View]
10564802Hello /sci/, me again. I'm still working out the finer points of free will in the fully (re)pro…[View]
10562530What are your /sci/ hobbies, anon? I feel like I am becoming a boring nerd lately desu[View]
10561471Euler was born exactly 312 years ago. All the following symbols and notations were introduced by Eul…[View]
10565402Compiling C++ code w/ Boost Library: I'm at my wit's end, /sci/! This has become ridiculou…[View]
10565555Is a block hole like a sheet with a piece of lead on it so it goes really far down?[View]
10564978Masturbation/Sex: Frequently I see people saying that nofap helps elevate a persons mind. Does this …[View]
10562047How significant are the Majorana equations?[View]
10564679>advisor gets made over your poor emails[View]
10565337I have having a very odd experience. I stopped my medication. It was only anti-anxiety medication, b…[View]
10564143I live in a 3rd world country, and chose Astronomy cause of the SKA project ? People are mocking me.…[View]
10564705What if humanity didn't come from earth, but from a planet thousands or millions of light years…[View]
10565097M and A are sets can I expand the logic like this? is this correct?[View]
10564775methinks psychosis and psychotic disorders might just be the ability to comprehend the truth. the re…[View]
10561565What was she looking at, /sci/?[View]
10562257Not only do I consider viruses as life. I consider some types of computer viruses life.[View]
10563371Distribution Simulator for Persuasive Purposes: Does anyone know of any good, easy-to-use distributi…[View]
105650932019 is actually 2012: >6 CE Census of Quirinius The year zero is only computable through the may…[View]
10564058>You are tasked with developing an artificial intelligence which is able to develop plans of acti…[View]
10564169science of anger?: I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, …[View]
10564300im fucking crying lads we took a standardised iq test this past week and my qt supervisor just smile…[View]
10564055BEHOLD, the ultimate proof of evolution,[View]
10565195Hello there /sci/ i know many dont believe in it but i know what i experienced, i had a kundalini aw…[View]
10562686What is the great filter /sci/?[View]
10532158/chem/ general: CHEMistry questions, answers, and discussions, ideas. Amateurs, undergrads, grads, a…[View]
10562817How does simulation theory explain space?: The simulation theory of reality claims that irregulariti…[View]
10565079Cool examples of Maximum likelihood estimators? Like the uniform and pareto dists[View]
10565061Is this karma or am i just a dumb ass? >trapped out in middle of nowhere >no car no public tra…[View]
10564667Have any of you ever actually contributed to science?[View]
10557563how did universe begin? inb4 big bang[View]
10542378>averages 70% per year return How does this crazy motherfucker do it[View]
10562968What is meaningful? I think that acquiring new knowledge through any means is meaningful. But is lea…[View]
10563007It's been a while since i posted a thread here. I got a schizophrenic idea that's been rec…[View]
10563422Biology: What area of biology has the biggest potential of growth?[View]
10563051Scientific Hardware: What is the most scientific thing you can think of hardware wise? I would say a…[View]
10564760What Mathematics Prizes am I allowed to apply for that give decent cash prizes? I have an incredible…[View]
10564743What is something that will really spook me and haunt me for years ?[View]
10561576What name for planet 2007 OR10 do you plan to vote for, /sci/? https://2007or10.name/[View]
10564511Started undergrad as mechanical engineering major, made a smart choice and recently switched to acco…[View]
10564690Weird Dream: I had a dream some dude in a helicopter dropped me off at some Mayan temple. I started …[View]
10558285you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
10564675Has anyone here actually died before? If so, is there afterlife and what's it like? I want it a…[View]
10563992AHHH WHAT THE HELL Series and sequences were SO EASY I thought they were by far the most intuitive p…[View]
10564516Do humans have mating seasons?[View]
1056339011:11 what should I be looking for?: Im seeing the classic 11:11 everywhere and a lot... like a lot …[View]
10563354Just remembering...: I had some kind of static people experience as a child. Im starting to remember…[View]
10563314retoactive-causality: is there any chance all these apocalypse signs and warnings and prophecies and…[View]
10562528Mentation/All is Mind: As many of you may know, when studying or discussing the western tradition th…[View]
10563327Near death experience here. So I know alot of people claim to have seen heaven or hell when they hav…[View]
10564531AGI is easy as shit to make and you all are just fucking retarder for not making it yet: I will make…[View]
10564026Now that I have taken and aced calculus I and ii and am therefore fluent in math (for all intensive …[View]
10562405Nightmare Scenarios: Post the shit that keeps you up at night. >The final moment of your life is …[View]
10563214Going to uni from third world: Has anyone here done it? I'd love to study biology at any univer…[View]
10564428Why do people say sending information via quantum entanglement should not work due to faster than li…[View]
10564199Evolution: Brainlet here. If evolution continuously works and adapts, have any modern humans changed…[View]
10560775Studying is what makes human life worthy of being lived: Hello anons. I want to be a knowledgeable p…[View]
10564299>internet legislature becomes increasingly restrictive >concerns re: free speech/press/informa…[View]
10560612My professor's been working on this problem for a while, but hasn't solved it yet. Can you…[View]
10559043What would it feel like: To get hit with a lethal dose of radiation? Would it be immediate pain, or …[View]
10560130Help me find a research subject /sci/! The field is comparative anatomy, it studies biological pheno…[View]
10561374Is it possible to teach mathematics using category theory instead of set theory?[View]
10528501/eng/ general thread: ENG thread for both students and workforce RESOURCES: Engineering Science >…[View]
10560088Are galaxies with active nuclei probably uninhabitable as a whole due to the massive radiation, perh…[View]
10560236explain this >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Knight_satellite_conspiracy_theory…[View]
10564211>Be training as a teacher >Take a 'teaching special ed' class >Have to read an article abou…[View]
10561591Is the universe a fractal hologram?[View]
10563648is zoology really this valuable. why?[View]
10564281I posted this on /wsr/ and got no responses (what did I expect) so I'm coming to you /sci/. I…[View]
10564001How much plant life can humanity survive without? Do humans rely on animals and vegtitables for food…[View]
10562381Putnam Problem of the Day: [math] \text{Let }P(x)\text{ be a polynomial of degree }n\text{ such that…[View]
10560607Men naturally desire power and dominance, while women naturally desire kindness and nurturing. Most …[View]
10562916Technocracy Succession: What if every scientist in the world migrated to the US and we founded a new…[View]
10561627Motivation: How do you all get motivated to do anything? I ask because I’m a 30-year-old high school…[View]
10564115What do you think bioinformatics will lead to? What new things will we discover and have use of with…[View]
10563174I hate numerical analysis.Half the time my profs pulling out formulae from no where and the other ha…[View]
10563072Does anyone know how to prove sodium citrate with specific chemical reactions?[View]
10559664What do you guys think about putting 'billboards' into space? Is this just a publicity stunt or actu…[View]
10563610Einstein and myth of lone genius: https://twitter.com/AstroKatie/status/1116058936610906114 interest…[View]
10563969Why do some physicists insist that Black Holes are Singularities if Some Black Holes are Larger than…[View]
10560648>tfw 0.999999999....*0.999999999...=1[View]
10563276>The second law of thermodynamics says that when energy changes from one form to another form, or…[View]
10554222>News reports that Elon Musk built Falcon Heavy all by himself, 'singlehandedly revolutionising s…[View]
10560738Mandela Effect: Nelson Mandela is alive and well, however many people remember him passing away in p…[View]
10560946Copenhagen interpretation and mental illness: Can belief in the coopenhagen interpretation induce me…[View]
10560082what is the maximal amount of strong black tea cups that is it healthy to drink a day?[View]
10563326Study Habits: how do you guys stay motivated/disciplined when studying? i usually have no problem ge…[View]
10562641Can plastic warm humidifiers emit BPA water vapors?: >Be me >Have skin so dry, paper could kil…[View]
10559914Have we entered the post-antibiotic age? Are you exited for pagues killing off all degenerates? www.…[View]
10562571How arrogant is it to say you feel university is too slow for yourself. I feel like most people ther…[View]
10563516What the fuck is a causal set? Is it it's own branch of mathematics or is it just a new for a t…[View]
10562889Post-Exam Depression: What do I do to fill the void /sci/? I studied my ass off all year, sacrificed…[View]
10562750How much time does one revolution take from the particle's perspective?[View]
10562501terraforming earth???: so like, how can we make shithole places nice and green? like the sahara for …[View]
10558916Would it be possible to have a habitable planet in this set up? Where the planet and a star both orb…[View]
10561076Why do geniuses always write on glass, /sci?[View]
10561086Post the schizo personas you came up.[View]
10562957Why is life inherently anti-metropolitan? >Humans finally evolve trade and start congregating in …[View]
10557367Orbital advertising: How do we stop/prevent cubesat advertising? It's outlawed in the US, but t…[View]
10563116what does mathematical proof suppose to mean?[View]
105629341: the set of all sense impressions of the human mind is finite and countable, and can therefore be …[View]
10558136Is there a way to become asexual without taking any medication, hormones etc?[View]
10561071Center core on barge falls over in heavy seas: Looking like ol' musky can't catch a break …[View]
10560267Science: How much science can one person do? Could one person in theory build large telescopes all o…[View]
10558647universe equation: thoughts?[View]
10558615At what age does it become harder to learn?[View]
10561658Science/Rationality based government: >Democracy assumes that human feelings reflect a mysterious…[View]
10562418If I wanted to transfect an adult mammal with an mRNA (or supply it with a peptide, though that woul…[View]
10560393you have a 5 million dollars, you have to build the safest home ever( not get bombed by the arabs, n…[View]
10560075how do i make ionic magnesium[View]
10560729How to strengthen my immune system?[View]
10562214You can solve this right? You aren't a brainlet, right?[View]
10562646cancer is overkill of cells which create tissue using healing energy with creative force; like a kno…[View]
10561984How can we see more dimensions?: Speculation? Question mark?[View]
10562621Why is the study of mathematics before calculators were invented so absolutely, mind numbingly compl…[View]
10562569I have been exposed to mild doses of ionizing radiation over a prolonged period due to living close …[View]
10557587show me what u saved /sci/[View]
10560059Why do brainlets hate this?[View]
10562488there's a kingdom inhabited by a huge number of wizards with the same magic power; each one of …[View]
10562369is it possible to get a physics, chem, astronomy, & geology quadruple major without taking any m…[View]
10562475Emotional is the mental biological.[View]
10559257You guys aren't ONLY studying science, right? Regardless of how much you like it, if it's …[View]
10559686Is it normal that I can cut cysts like these out of my scrotum every other month? Don't think t…[View]
10562043Math foundations lecture by N.J. Wildberger: Is it good for self-studying maths?[View]
10562424what is reality?[View]
10557025Weird euphoria on command: Ever since I was a kid I've been able to kind of focus on my brain a…[View]
10561947Today is Leonhard Euler's 312th birthday! Say something nice about him![View]
10562340What would robots take as drugs?: Things that would harm them but make them feel good.[View]
10555155/med/ - Medical school, dental and pharmacy general: DO vs MD edition Last thread reached bump limit…[View]
10561369they told us its a black hole: that is a star like our sun with a moon in its orbit. scientists have…[View]
10556740Is the nature/nurture debate over?[View]
10559939Alright, so with all the fucking threads about probability, I've tried to come up with a simple…[View]
10562231What's the name of it?: A few months ago I saw this video on Facebook that had been going aroun…[View]
10555395Optimum Theory Continuation Thread 3: Optimum Theory analytic continuation. Old threads: >>105…[View]
10560681You want a physicist to speak at your funeral 'You want the physicist to talk to your grieving famil…[View]
10546840tensors: wtf even is a tensor?[View]
10562091>Three quark combinations are called baryons. Mesons are bosons, while the baryons are fermions. …[View]
105598913D Israel Printer Creates Workable Human Heart: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/126504/first-3d-h…[View]
10559825Just wondering, Could 2nd degree burn scars (say from a branding iron) be used to cover up a scar fr…[View]
10561688is pi even or odd[View]
10559993Hypopthetical Scenario: A person contracts HIV in 2015 they never take any anti-viral medication, ev…[View]
10560507>tfw /sci/ convinces you to filter bl*ck h*le and Rie*ann h*pothesis[View]
10561772When are the good scientists of the world going to unite to stop what they have created?: Seriously.…[View]
10558198Now the dust has settled was it of intelligent construction[View]
10560416Opinions on this guy? Is he a pseud?[View]
10559950Why isn't Earth exploding.: If Earth's atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen and 78% of Oxygen is Nit…[View]
10561140>Astronomers take the first ever pic of a black hole* >*wait, actually it's not really a …[View]
10561705Projections: Got really bored today and decided to try out some python. Trying to draw graphics but …[View]
10561749/sci/, Is the butterfly wings cause hurricane?[View]
10561669What does /sci/ think about the ICTP diploma?[View]
10556804Are there any nootropics that are proven to help a little? I seem to lack the focus to churn throug…[View]
10560941>Look at the sky >Remember that is how they looked like billions of years ago >mfw they cou…[View]
10561013Black Hole: What happens to the mass at the center of a star when it collapses into a black hole. It…[View]
10558146Ethics: Are ethics really important in STEM fields? My university fulfilled the ethics requirement o…[View]
10560796When Will the Gender Gap in Science Disappear? https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/04/w…[View]
10560065Are people with difficult childhood more intelligent? They have to kind of switch their way of think…[View]
10561115Is electromagnetism the magic system of real life? >integral to the workings of the universe and …[View]
10561276My bro and I were just smoking weed when we watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9dXo…[View]
10559718What are some good entry level books on genetics and evolutionary biology? Something that will teach…[View]
10561135At most Mars can be a research base like the ones in Antarctica, but If we want to move off earth; g…[View]
10559881When will we get the first picture of a white hole?[View]
10549893Why is everyone so fixated on Mars? Why is no one advocating to colonise the skies of Venus? >Ven…[View]
10560667Why do you hate economics? I’ve heard a PhD in Economics is actually a pretty good thing.[View]
10561267Weird dream experiences: So I wanted to ask you guys about something that's really bothering me…[View]
10560718Remind me why it's wrong to theorize about certain aspects of the universe that we have no idea…[View]
10551216>if there are no numbers between one number and another, then they are the same number Prove it.…[View]
10545401Would you blow the whistle on an extinction event? Imagine you were a researcher and found that some…[View]
10561192My copper powder has oxidized, would vinegar and table salt be good enough to un-oxidize it or is it…[View]
10561020We always take the optimal path: According to some interpretations of quantum mechanics our consciou…[View]
10561053Are there any /sci/-approved methods that would give me inspiration for problem solving? Is meditati…[View]
10561163Do you know the cure for balding?[View]
10553103Post pictures of scientists reading their work in newspapers[View]

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