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10397105Been checking the sticky for Physics and there are many broken links. So Physics general Post resour…[View]
10397207>I'm majoring in microbiology[View]
10396671Best Books to teach myself Chemistry?: What are the best books to teach myself chemistry? What resou…[View]
10396065How do you learn to fall asleep fast and stop having bad thoughts and daydreaming: Sometimes I can j…[View]
10397173Anyone have tips for studying cell biology? I wasted my whole weekend living life instead of studyin…[View]
10398279>tfw too autistic to interact with people outside of 4chan I need to ask some banal questions abo…[View]
10392263Why do physicists have to pretend some things are more complicated and mysterious than they actually…[View]
10381816Is transitioning to a green economy with current technological capabilities a good idea?[View]
10393867Why does relaxing my face causes seborreah/dandruff: Its the only place I can ask. I have it for a l…[View]
10387239machine learning hate thread: >all math >involves no real programming >boring >glorifi…[View]
10396442Can we breed women to be heat resistant, high producing dairy cattle?[View]
10396064What is the most /comfy/ physics being done in 2019?: By /comfy/ I mean >exciting stuff >lots …[View]
10394530What's the most unintuitive math concept for you?: Mine is probability theory. Makes 0 sense to…[View]
10397035If a human got brain damage and could no longer feel desire (to do anything even eat, drink, breath,…[View]
10395817Is there any proof that our consciousness is not annihilated when we go to sleep, and then reborn an…[View]
10396542Why did we, as semi-carnivorous animals, evolve to find the taste of blood gross? Prior to the inven…[View]
103961021. The universe expanded outwards from a single point 2. Energy in any closed system dissipates outw…[View]
10396174de demiurge be tellin' me dat triangles is impossible. ah' ax'ed dat plato's bit…[View]
10396981Demifucker TRANSLATED: [math]\text{The demiurge is telling me that triangles are impossible. I asked…[View]
10394676What's a cool country to move to to be a researcher/academic in?[View]
10396928Explain to me:: What's the difference between evolutionary algorithms and MCMC sampling? They s…[View]
10395691Why is there no calculus in the math portion of the GRE?[View]
10391654Am I a npc? I noticed I dont really think but just react properly, like if I see a math problem I do…[View]
10393655God I fucking hate entitled-ass pre-meds.[View]
10395044Is CS just CE for brainlets?: >be me, CS >Understand Programming just fine, it's pretty e…[View]
10394607Post mindmaps/conceptmaps[View]
10394461What is a /sci/ approved career that is guaranteed to make millions in the future? Hardmode: Can…[View]
10396511/sci/ would you please help me understand triangular degeneration meshes?[View]
10394495How do I get better at math?[View]
10394978>falling for the nootropic industry's marketing when the solution is far simpler and cheaper…[View]
10396433CS is basically math++, i.e. a CS graduate is considered elite, capable of mastering in 1 year what …[View]
10393200>Want to double major in CS/Math >Not smart enough for Applied Math >Studied my ass off in …[View]
10396448> ctrl + f > no stupid question thread Why are chromosomes grouped into pairs? Why are we sayi…[View]
103959483D to 2D plane?: Hey /sci/, I'm working on an independent research project for school, concerni…[View]
10395492Is it possible to have a really sensitive brain to things? Any time I do something that's bad f…[View]
10396509can science prove there's evidence for soul/qualia/conciusness?[View]
10392470Is the multiverse real? And what is /sci/'s opinion on it? Is there just one universe? Is its d…[View]
10389803Don't know if it is already a thread: Will laser/plasma rifles ever become a popular thing ? So…[View]
10395744>There is no such thing as consciousness[View]
10395925who was in the wrong here dennett or chalmers[View]
10390558What do you think of students who attempt to go into fields for money? I have noticed a lot of peopl…[View]
10396435Liquid gelling agent/aqueous powder concentrate: Dear /sci/, I've never posted on /sci/ but i…[View]
10391708Is High Speed Rail a meme? Why not just make airports way more efficient?[View]
10395120Recommended Advanced Microeconomics/Mathematical Economics book: Currently my university advises the…[View]
10394133materialism: why is materialism frowned upon by sciencelets? don’t they see that it’s a liberating f…[View]
10396241Biology and Government Nerds: A Question About Donating Blood and Protecting Data: I want to donate …[View]
10396263Gravity Wave Communications[View]
10392423Is it possible either through natural means or artificial augmentation, to gain a sense perception t…[View]
10395862Who should I believe? Dennett or Chalmers?[View]
10394740Hi /sci/ I need your genius help, I need the exact value from this equation, and I don't under…[View]
10396106Inflation and the Horizon Problem: Now that there is broad consensus that inflation is an ad hoc arb…[View]
10395961this isn't a shitpost. i'm asking here because virtually all of you have graduated college…[View]
10395114How many games of skip-bo are there: Skip-Bo is a card game of counting for 2-6 players. There are 1…[View]
1039276299% percent of life can be broken down to some sort of algorithm: Idk if I am the only one who notic…[View]
10394419How do I find x in this equation, where A and B are vectors? (A+B*x).magnitude = 1 It can also be ex…[View]
10395715>Why, yes I majored in physics, how could you tell?[View]
10395133Ok anons is there any way, where I can get my skull x-rayed or something similar. I live in britbong…[View]
10388764just send the cat itself: Took this from the previous thread >Neumann probe and Dyson sphere bull…[View]
10394733So there was this broccoli shit circulating in the mainstream shit feed for a while. Chopped up broc…[View]
10394925>The most widely discussed talk at the Indian Science Congress, a government-funded annual jambor…[View]
10395574How was Feynman so smart but not a sperg?: I received my score back on my IQ test and I have a 138 b…[View]
10396070I've got a bunch of car batteries I want to salvage the lead out of. Would lime work to neutra…[View]
10395989How can I become a great mathematician?: I'm not that great at Math but I want to be. I work ha…[View]
10395891Does anybody know what kind of pills these are? Found them in a bag on the floor at work. There…[View]
10392792Thicc femanon here How do you make all humans want to be fat by using neuroscience?[View]
10396678Space.: 1. What happens if u dig straight through Earth to the other side? at which stage do you go …[View]
10390093Is there a way to measure the energy of a particle without making the wave collapse ?[View]
10390425Where the fuck is particle physics going?[View]
10395532How can you make a whole population of people better?: When i ask this i mean better in every way, P…[View]
10394562Pascal's wager but for climate change[View]
10393681Textbook recommendations, Topology / QM: Hey /sci/, in around 7 months I'll be going to univers…[View]
10395676What is beautiful?: x[View]
10395587Exoplanet journey - Is it feasible?: Is it feasible to perform an exoplanet journey in the future? I…[View]
10394655Why is average iq of arabs,iranians and afghanistanis so close to india?: Iranians,arabs and afghani…[View]
10395697brainlet here. fuck Mars how long until we set some shit up on Jupiter?[View]
10395547Undergrad Relativity Question: If a clock somehow stops, observers in all inertial reference frames …[View]
10393206is McDonald's the land of philosopher-kings that plato described?[View]
10395560how much math should be taught in school? how far past multiplying and dividing should it go?[View]
10395394Academia is dry. Why do you excel in it? Is it for money? For your parents? For the Pure knowing of …[View]
10395429Is it possible to alter chemical or atomic properties of an element by using lasers? In addition to …[View]
10395448What is the reason behind some math / physics professors trying to explain the most intuitive and si…[View]
10395312Since knowledge/math is accumulative, how can humanity cope with learning enough? Wont math eventual…[View]
10395261Is this worth getting if you are a male? I keep reading anecdotes that its ruined some peoples lives…[View]
10392240Why hasn't there been a cure for balding yet /sci/?: We've sent robots to mars and cured m…[View]
10392351Matching HF networks: Could someone explain network matching to me? I was led to believe that a mism…[View]
10394024WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE SO MANY ENGINEERS IN MY LOCAL UNI GROUP. Why did you faggots stop shitting on…[View]
10389824Can a mathematical algorithm create an unmoved mover?[View]
10394615Artificial 'life': >the field of artificial life has been stagnating for 20+ years This is sad. …[View]
10393702What's /sci/'s opinion on this guy?[View]
10394817Starlink: >launch nearly 12,000 satellites to orbit >1,000,000 fixed satellite earth stations …[View]
10389493does infinity exist in the real physical world?[View]
10385690Can any of you nerds give me the skinny on adderall? How does it make you feel and is it basically t…[View]
10395009Why don't we colonize some people just can't build muscle no matter how hard they try?[View]
10394157Which class is harder - Physical or Organic chemistry?[View]
10394477Is it possible to make a black that is vantablack only under ultraviolet light?[View]
10394417how is hydroxyzine compared to ambien?[View]
10395112Genetic memory: Why is the notion of genetic memory such a redpill? I heard our brain stores some me…[View]
10394211What can I do with Cauchy's theorems and Cauchys Integral formula in the real world?: I'm …[View]
10394386PRIME NUMBERS: Is there any special name for the numbers in the sequence of prime numbers which have…[View]
10393445Is evolution convergent? Is there a singular best evolutionary solution to a given environment that …[View]
10394909Energy is fake prove me wrong: You can't isolate a joule of energy and show it to everyone beca…[View]
10394996What does /Sci/ think of autistic meltdowns and regression? Where can I learn more about it? How bad…[View]
10394687ferrock: thoughts on this stuff http://ironkast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/USC-Ferrock-Final-Pap…[View]
10390875what is the hardest thing to get a degree in i say chemistry[View]
10394483The mathematics of magic: Does this make sense, scientifically? http://www.specularium.org/index.php…[View]
10393530What's the consensus on neuroscience? Is it a field worth going into?[View]
10394511Why empiricists should believe god exists: When I perceive a slice of pizza I am struck only with id…[View]
10394763No body understands but me but you all think you do.[View]
10393038If an AI is programmed and becomes self aware, does that count as being born? And as such, an AI can…[View]
10393500whats the point of this[View]
10394329I have my first calc 1 midterm on Monday, and apparently it's on fucking derivatives which I ba…[View]
10394799New Black Hole Photo: Astrophysicists gather around the new photo to divine it's meaning and pr…[View]
10393039brainlet here why is IA such a buzz word[View]
10394218I have an important biology exam in 2 days, but for some reason my brain just wants me to do nothing…[View]
10394134A million billions is the same as a billion millions.[View]
10392782Scientific management: The PERT method, as well as the critical path method, was used for developing…[View]
10393551It was all going along fine until he started raping.[View]
10392134How can electromagnetic waves with huge wave lengths like radio waves pass through solid matter?[View]
10393966Major Genetic Breakthrough: I'm a Semen Analysist and I'v been frequenting this sight and …[View]
10394340the hard part is coming to grips with the fact that your puny mortal intelligence cannot come up wit…[View]
10394359/PhD/ - PhD tard general: Thread for PhD comradery. Old one died >>10360265 >discuss the wa…[View]
10394272>tfw started out at a community college in a biotech training program where I spent 20 hours a we…[View]
10383897Can we get an amen for opportunity? https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8411/nasa-to-share-results-of-effort-…[View]
10394331What is a better location to set up a secret base off the grid and why? A) Subartic B) Desert C) Isl…[View]
10394259Science (life is a simulation): Explain the theory that life is just a simulation. With proof. I…[View]
10391554Why yes, I am a herbivore. My diet? It's leaves... and flowers... and grass... as you can gue…[View]
10393825Hard questions rendered easy: On average, male variability is greater than female variability on a v…[View]
10394252What is the significance of the derivative of momentum being force and the integral of momentum bein…[View]
10393925Can anyone recommend me good physics books for beginners? and have a portuguese version of brazil? I…[View]
10394040Neuroscience says you’re just an imprint of your environment. Whatever the worst insult or complimen…[View]
10394244Ascension and transcension through personal, collective, and civilizational scales: What are your pl…[View]
10394220i is literally the only field that matters beause it makes all others obsolete.Along with 98% of job…[View]
10389857AMA: My brain is very large AMA.[View]
10390958how do you construct the natural numbers?: brainlet here, i dont get how the ZFC axioms can generate…[View]
10394153Proof Mathematicians are better than engineers at their own jobs http://www.sroman.com/GIFS/Glideab…[View]
10394148>law of excluded middle[View]
10394033Will there ever come a time when you can clone your own foreskin and graft it on?[View]
10392853Euthanasia: How come putting down old doge is common practice, but putting down old people is not? P…[View]
10392136>Why, yes I majored in math, how could you tell?[View]
10391135what king of job should I persue as a guy with a 120 iq? any help is appreciated[View]
10393327>Study game theory extensively like a savant >Can describe the logic of every situation I enc…[View]
10394088>tfw PhD in Chemistry[View]
10393080Chem help?: Hmmm so, say someone had a few gs of pcp that had been cut with coffee creamer, how woul…[View]
10394060>tfw 7km away from the nearest nuclear reactor Is this a curse of a blessing? It would be nice to…[View]
10395346Research Update: Good evening ladies and gents! Pleased to announce I have begun research on a new …[View]
10391284Doctors of 4chan: For a male, how would you get a genital STD?: Lets say you don't have a cut i…[View]
10394005Hi /sci/, I’m an idiot when it comes to math and science, but I want your insight. I’m thinking abou…[View]
10393965Carl Sagan: I'm gonna get allot of hate for this. Carl Sagan wasn't one of the greatest mi…[View]
10393873hello /sci/, idiot here. a friend of mine and i are playing yugioh, and some of the deck building th…[View]
10393906Hahahahahaha What kind of designs are these even? Looks like the United Steven Universe Military of …[View]
10393773Hey, brainlet here. I'm going to read this again and again until I understand Relativity. Anyon…[View]
10393676Your thoughts on Brane Cosmology[View]
10393673I do not believe in intelligent extra-terrestrial life.[View]
10389703>its a girls save the entire first 10 rows in lecture episode[View]
10393914How early are babies able to recognise human power dynamics?: Can a 3 year old easily tell if someon…[View]
10393900Yeah I'm a CS major[View]
10393753Why does focusing on certain numbers change what happens when I play fighting games? Why does the nu…[View]
10393370quasiconcavity: I'm struggling with writing this proof mathematically (intuitively it is easy).…[View]
10392605Can we colonize photons?[View]
10393709Help: I have these measurements between two points, each row and column correspond to a point, which…[View]
10381333Applying to European universities: I've got pretty low gpa, is it possible to enter european un…[View]
10393684My God, the Earth IS flat! >pic is Chicago skyline seen from Lake Michigan >supposedly mirage …[View]
10393583collatz conjecture: I have been working on this problem and I need an equation with a differential -…[View]
10391504I want to study my own consciousness, it seems the best way do do this is hallucination. How can I i…[View]
10392312Is none existence a plane of existence? What’s before, and after the birth, and death of the Univers…[View]
10392210what is dark matter/energy?[View]
10393487I'm no physics major, so I don't know much about gravity and all that shit, but is it poss…[View]
10393601retarded pre-meds: >be me >biomedical engineer undergrad >interested in neural engineering,…[View]
10392629Actuarial Sciences: Why aren't you an actuary yet? You aren't a brainlet are you?[View]
10391974If smoking is really that bad for you, why is it that despite the nearly 9 decades of anti-tobacco r…[View]
10390559What are some cool/fun things you can do with low (introductory) level calculus? I'm taking cal…[View]
10392698Scientists and leftism: Why are so many scientists left-leaning, often to the point of being outrigh…[View]
10391760hey /sci/ i heard that child abuse causes an underdeveloped frontal cortex, causing problems with de…[View]
10393193who would win in a fight?[View]
10391575What's a good handwriting to equation software /sci/?[View]
10391108Hey /sci/ what the type of computer called that generates cold instead of hot when it performs compu…[View]
10393394Oblong Spheroids.: Just wondering what one would look like in outer space. Last I checked every phot…[View]
10390757*blocks your path*[View]
10393345any neurologists here? i want to stay awake for like 100 hours just because why not, so is there any…[View]
10391088How easy or difficult is it to complete the Regents Questions? Is there language in this exam that c…[View]
10391893Capacitance IS gravity. Change my mind. http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/MFSpears/[View]
10393237/v/ here. how many american bills can I make off a game about collecting rocks like pic related (aka…[View]
10390785When will humans colonize the platonic realm?[View]
10392555Is the world really going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change? Politicians ar…[View]
10387895Tf is this?[View]
10393030what is this crap?: an entire junk mail forum and you call it science and math? for whom? the undera…[View]
10391076What is 0^0 equal to? I understand the argument of it being 1 but I haven't seen examples that …[View]
10384943>Professor is a female[View]
10389027What's the over-under on Limits to Growth being correct?[View]
10392681Deep down, im not really interested in advanced math, physics, biology or chemistry. Why is this? Wh…[View]
10391679Minimum voltage for electric arc: Does anybody know the minimum voltage to cause an arc? With refere…[View]
10389423IQ: Is IQ static? As an example, someone is 'born with an IQ of 164' and it will stay that way throu…[View]
10391937Hey eggheads, how much energy would it take to keep artificial beach like this warm and bright in po…[View]
10391922Man won't colonize other planets. We are not fit for space travel. Our machines will do that jo…[View]
10392509Nuclear waste disposal: Could we just find a place remote enough to dump the waste in a pit and just…[View]
10392815why the FUCK do you support String Theory over Loop Quantum Gravity?[View]
10391638Scientifically speaking, why does everything suck all the time?[View]
10392734Why do we put animals 'to sleep' but not humans?[View]
10392915Why is my Creatine kinase(CK) higher than normal? any ideas?[View]
10392413Is Khan Academy alright for brainlets like me with little to no knowledge of science, who is trying …[View]
10392247Getting a passion for Science and maths: I am currently in a chemistry course, as well as math cours…[View]
10392536p-adics: Finally got a book on p-adics bc it was a big lacuna for me. I got through the first few ch…[View]
10392313Deja vu: We've done this before, haven't we? The universe is in an infinite loop. Prove me…[View]
10392751There is only one universe: If you agree that everything is a function of time or the state of the i…[View]
10392506make me smart[View]
10392308A question for our fellow CS majors, who found a job either as programmers or anything related to th…[View]
10392230Why dont you study Cyber security ?` Its litterally the best in computer science Its the hardest IT …[View]
10391364Plans for anti-gravity space craft are out: Brief history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbRpiDSQX…[View]
10388418Spacetime, wtf is it really.: Spacetime makes no sense. Space = acts on nothing, does nothing, has n…[View]
10390954Cell biology in 5 days?: If you have a medical cell biology exam in 5 days. How would you do it? The…[View]
10391598>be me >get my bachelors next spring >offered a big promotion at my lab to be a project lea…[View]
10392063Do you think modern science places too much emphasis on the role of evolution in biology? I think in…[View]
10392271i'm a sophomore mechanical engineering student i'm taking an algebra-based physics course …[View]
10388556Is the actual scientific consensus of climate change is false?: Is it true that most scientists don…[View]
10388431SpaceX is Finished: It was only a matter of time until China copied them, did it for cheaper, and ra…[View]
10391688>people rejecting LEM believe it has to be either true or false, and therefore accept LEM really …[View]
10391919This board sucks: hey /sci/ this board is filled with dumb people, they use fallacies/give unsupport…[View]
10392213Psychiatry: Psychiatry is a science, of course (part of medicine). My question: do you think involun…[View]
10391033I might be schizophrenic. Autistic. A sociopath. A psychopath. Schizoid. Schizo-affective with mania…[View]
10391320Why do humans invented art, spirituality and religion?[View]
10392318Scientific basis to nofap: Have any relevant studies actually proven nofap to be beneficial?[View]
10392050Why do apples get brown.[View]
10391230Giant Beings: Why do we always think of potential aliens on an Earth-sized scale? Why can't ali…[View]
10391311Give it to me straight /sci/, I'm a brainlet who can't decide if climate change is real or…[View]
10392365What are some examples of good science divulgation? I am searching for something not excessively sim…[View]
10375982/mg/ maths general: edition of indeterminacies: talk maths, formerly >>10356155 >Ind3 - Par…[View]
10391424Why does it matter where you go to college? We all have access to the same books.[View]
10391487can we colonize plasma[View]
10392269I arrived at the correct conclusion to this problem on Khan Academy, but it used the Pythagorean the…[View]
10386817>Space autists believe this will become a tourist destination So explain why someone would pay to…[View]
10369197/sqt/ /qtddtot/: Itty bitty questions thread.[View]
10392229The right triangle with sides A, B and C serves as a visualization of numbers A, B and C that fit in…[View]
10388879>time is a real property[View]
10392280/cit/- Comfy interests thread: ITT> >your favourite subject of research >the most beautiful…[View]
10391694What is the optimal degree to attain if I wish to be 'made', as they say.[View]
10392196why am I not asleep: Section 1. Let's take the infinite set A, reduce it by n elements, to get …[View]
10391845Hello All, Serious question here when i was about 8 years old i was in a bicycle accident resulting …[View]
10388005Is it actually possible to be 2smart to do well in school? I'm starting to believe it the more …[View]
10392100> change directory: 'etc' Hello, I'm just kidding.[View]
10390346>Rocket-airplane ascents horizontally on a runway, accelerates to Mach 15 and reaches an altitude…[View]
10389921nightmare: What would happen if you clench your bottom teeth in front of your upper teeth, like in p…[View]
10388492Why should I get married, logically speaking[View]
10392094Have you submitted articles to Nature, /sci/?[View]
10389603Mathematical Platonism: If every number exists in a Platonic Realm of Forms, then every thing comput…[View]
10391859Why are the chimpanzees and bonobos considered different species? [spoiler]and am I on the correct b…[View]
10391736what else other than a degree makes someone a scientist?[View]
10391950Need a hacker: I have this idea. Can I run the program shadow from a usb stick? So I could plug it i…[View]
10388266New end of the Universe study claims the universe will keep expanding until it rips itself apart. Wh…[View]
10391253What's /sci/ opinion on dualism?[View]
10391709If you edit a photo, in photoshop or in some other program, does it always leave trace? Is it always…[View]
10390068>one copy of Jackson's Electrodynamics, please[View]
10383542What would a Mars city do? How the fuck is SpaceX going to fund it?[View]
10390253Why is science and technology output so low in Mexico?[View]
10390094OK, so this might be a dumb thread, but can you guys post scientific papers that excel in writing an…[View]
10391332How the FUCK can modern engineers not make concrete as good as the Ancient Romans?[View]
10383523Fluoride: >lowers iq >calcifies your pineal gland >gives you brown/yellow teeth >is in…[View]
10389129the people of /sci/ who have been against spending extra for organic food have today been unequivoca…[View]
10391691how are the teeth always so white below the plaque[View]
10391583Quantised Interia: Has Mike McColloch solved the problem of inertia and BTFO dark matter fudge facto…[View]
10360265/PhD/ - PhD tards general: Thread for PhD comradery >discuss the ways you fucked up >bout how …[View]
10389777Thousands years old metal. This triggers reddit.[View]
10387045Game Theory: Is game theory a worthwhile topic to study? I'd like to learn more about it. Do yo…[View]
10391641Is it even possible to learn A.I., blockchain, & biochem/genetics & have a decent mastery of…[View]
10391552>be me >molbio/biochem student >in independent research lab for us undergrads >total of …[View]
10391576could randomly generated equations be useful?: i just think about how simple something like e=mc^2 i…[View]
10390039The image represents two particles with opposite spins moving in opposite directions. One into the p…[View]
10391188science news sites?: Hey /sci/, basically I'm not hugely into science and technology, but I gen…[View]
10386151Alright /sci/, /v/ has been having debates over pic related for years now, I'm interested in se…[View]
10391259Hi /sci/ my friend thinks this old palace in China that was built centuries ago is a remnant of an a…[View]
10390320hey /sci/nerds. i know animals have oils n fats that you can burn in lamps and stuff. can you take o…[View]
10391494Why can the USA build great freight rail but only terrible passenger transport rail?[View]
10390176Thorium / LFTR thread: No thorium thread on /sci/? Unacceptable.[View]
10390457>In the Liber de Ludo Aleae, Cardan held that since the probability of throwing a 6 with a single…[View]
10389784>humans are expected to colonize Mars and the solar system >while there are people blowing the…[View]
10390793>https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-47238070 So how much validity do you think there is in 'n…[View]
10391064Mathematics degree from a bad university.: I dropped out of high school and am a NEET. I got interes…[View]
10388955Why the constant attacks amongst ourselves because of our majors and professions? Why can’t we all b…[View]
10389645Sea Dragon: redpill me on why Sea Dragon is unfeasible and shouldn't be resurrected as a way of…[View]
10391133why is learning so difficult?[View]
10390913I am but a humble scifi author here to ask a question I read somewhere ages ago that superluminal co…[View]
10390798Is my nephew a sociopath/AntiSocial Personality Disorder?: He is 12 and his father whom suffers from…[View]
10388374Why does matrix multiplication work the way it does? Why doesn't it just multiply the numbers i…[View]
10390082Anyone here go the math associates -> 4 year university path?[View]
10388190How can one acquire a deeper knowledge of the Universe, beyond appearance?[View]
10389052Do people naturally try to be the equivalent or opposite of what they observe? IE advertise with pup…[View]
10384314why dont we colonize higher dimensions?: it actually makes sense, corporate profits and society can …[View]
10388484Frey Effect/ Microwave auditory effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNpBd_f_p9g https://en.wikip…[View]
10388960So is math like the 'code' of the universe? Why can so many phenomenon and alleged natural 'laws' be…[View]
10386571How to master MATH in 1 week: Hello brethren I’m a new engineering student no homo and I’ve got my h…[View]
10389045What happens to pure mathematicians when every problem is solved, and there is nothing left to disco…[View]
10388029Hobby space flight: How would you use old technology today to achieve getting past the Karman line (…[View]
10390776Can someone explain to me exactly why the coils attract when the switch is opened? I get why they re…[View]
10390522so i'm going to a community college for mechanical technology i'm taking a basic physics c…[View]
10386989Dr Mike: Anyone else think this guy is pretty based?[View]
10388314What are some unsolved problems in genetics?[View]
10390769What does /sci/ think about the multiverse? Will science ever be able to prove its existence?[View]
10388899unironically why dont we colonize the devil's kettle?: >potentially infinite in size >at …[View]
10386883CS job Bubble: >Learn to code It's just a sign that everyone has caught on and people enteri…[View]
10390678Human Race = Brainlets Doomed to go Extinct on this Planet: >Can't even explain inertia Is t…[View]
10390641Is this possible ?[View]
10382136Gravity is a form of magnetism, prove me wrong.[View]
10390401'you guys should know this stuff already so I'm going to completely skip it'[View]
10390059>take IQ test >get like a 90 >I'm the smartest person I know >my freinds agree tha…[View]
10387646Pressure depth question: Could anyone tell me why the solution for this uses a height of 0 to 1.5, i…[View]
10390623Why are humans so bad at communicating? Even the best speakers who rehearse and practice can only wi…[View]
10389269Whaat is the 3.5 dimension Wat is 3?5, dimensions scuared reality feel like Express[View]
10385251I solved this riddle in half an hour, what's my IQ?: You have 2 doors, one leads to a billion d…[View]
10383064I have the surname of one of the greatest mathematicians EVER.: I'm mathematically illiterate m…[View]
10390038If teleportation was real, and someone were to use it, would they simply be transporting themselves,…[View]
10390475which one is the correct one? because what the fuck does a hypothetical research mean?[View]
10387623Why do mathematicians care about proof? Just take all true statements as axioms lmao[View]
10389934>colonizing space is just a meme, wouldn't you rather just plug into VR? Why are VR-bois suc…[View]
10389289Increase amount of studying?: Will I increase how my discipline and the amount of study if I only st…[View]
10390074I went down the rabbit hole...: Ever since I started getting stoned, I have been thinking abstractly…[View]
10383860retard here: does this video about time make sense or not, scientifically?[View]
10390177Redpill me on free will. Do we really have a choice or is the universe(including man) a 100% determi…[View]
10386016Are men biologically wired to be attracted to women with this body?[View]
10390021How do I stop getting tired after 1 hour of studying and stay at the top of my autism game?[View]
10388827I’m struggling with calc 1, am I too much of a brainlet to ever become an engineer?[View]
10388526What does it look like when light dies?[View]
10381164CS hate thread[View]
10380268Is it possible that an alien species either created humanity or helped our evolutionary development …[View]
10388790OpenAyy is officially spooky: They fed it the first line of Pride & Prejudice, and it spewed thi…[View]
10389809When will we land on the sun?[View]
10389888Should space programs maximise their attention on Mars as the most viable for life/human settlement,…[View]
10384095Do you use any memory techniques to learn? If so, what do you use?[View]
10389633>open paper >indian coauthor >close paper >mfw…[View]
10388181Electric Universetards: hey /sci/, just wondering: why are there so many idiots on here posting Elec…[View]
10389500Stereoscopy: What do you see?[View]
10389057Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. The energy of that action does not increase. The act…[View]
10389887Can I get into robotics after finishing a physics undergrad?[View]
10387674Is an AI winter approaching?[View]
10389537Activate sheaf coholonomy.[View]
10389532rover: >Oppy is dead >his lasts words were 'My battery's low and it's getting dark.'…[View]
10389205Whay does smoke from burning stuff give me a huge headache?: What's the science behind it? Happ…[View]
10387132Does he explain the 4th Dimension correctly?: https://youtu.be/eGguwYPC32I[View]
10388065>scientists agree >experts agree >journalists agree Is it truly idiotic that I believe in c…[View]
10388849Emergency obviously: Duuuuuuuuuuh idiots, they send the message back in time! Duuuuuuh. Duuuuuuh bra…[View]
10389120I need advice relating to Calculus prep: I got an A in Calc 1 in the fall. I signed up with a really…[View]
10388361I can disprove Evolution in one step. Let's clear things up first. Evolution is the belief that…[View]
10388024Are there any languages/codes that work like binary but also rely on time or frequency?[View]
10389640State of the discussion nowadays[View]
10383757Why dont you study Cyber security ?` Its litterally the best in computer science Its the hardest IT …[View]
10377312Can someone redpill me on climate change? How screwed are we? Is the world as we know it really gonn…[View]
10389073Is this the ideal diet to eat every day?[View]
10386406Well /sci/?: Well /sci/? Which is the better form of collecting solar energy? Solar-thermal: >can…[View]
10385364>AI will overtake the worl-[View]
10386251some basic econ for the retards on /sci/: https://www.econlib.org/lets-not-emphasize-behavioral-econ…[View]
10386361is it possible to change or activate/deactivate DNA with your brain? I heard about people who change…[View]
10389241Why do they use pharmecuticals to numb and desensitize Do they use population control with substance…[View]
10387007Is Evan Chen's napkin worth reading? http://web.evanchen.cc/napkin.html[View]
10387431What is the most accurate way of predicting people's behaviour?[View]
10387343[math]\bf \color{#ff0000}A \color{#ff2300}l \color{#ff4700}r \color{#ff6a00}i \color{#ff8e00}g \colo…[View]
10388723Why do we need inhibitory neurons and neurotransmitters? Pic unrelated, I only have architect and bl…[View]
10389090Sociology: I’d like some feedback to my vague and likely uninformed idea, so please tell me what you…[View]

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