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Displaying 100 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6134629The box for GTA for Game Boy Color says things can be Printed with a Game Boy Printer. Anyone know w…[View]
6135020hey shmupfags why didn't you tell me this game is so good?[View]
6135456Banjo Threeie: If Banjo Threeie was made during the Gamecube Era by Rareware for the Gamecube what w…[View]
6135539So the OSSC can't do line doubling beyond 5X because its processor can't handle it. Is the…[View]
6110028DIABLO 1 & 2: STONE CRUSHER Edition: Discuss all things Diablo and Diablo 2 here > Best D2 wi…[View]
6109456Improvement Romhacks: I'm looking for some 'improved' romhacks, aka patches that do stuff like …[View]
6136185I have spent way more time playing the GBC Bemani games than I care to admit, and these got me into …[View]
6137675This website will save retro gaming.[View]
6125969Best Breath of Fire?: I played 1&2 when I was a kid and was mesmerized by them Now I am about t…[View]
6135515Found this old dinosaur at work: Is it worth cleaning up to use or sell or just needs to be in the t…[View]
6131483Action/RPG/Diablo Clone: Looking for the name of a game that may be a diablo clone; isometric top vi…[View]
6110347/rhg/ - ROM Hack General: old thread >>6092454 But more than before 1.) Project showoffs 2.) R…[View]
6137132What are the best /vr/ games that still have a bustling multiplayer community?[View]
6109274Post /vr/ girls you shot ropes to.[View]
6131530So i'm going through the games Arino played during GCCX (at least the ones with english version…[View]
6136767What's the best way to play these games via emulation? Is there a specific gamepad that's …[View]
6130584FMV cinematics: I can't be the only one who loves the hell out of old FMV cinematics. Post your…[View]
6134784Storage Thread: You do use the correct color cable ties when wrapping your cables correctly to store…[View]
6124651>bought a memeberry pi >'fuck those mini consoles, I'll make my own!' >install and con…[View]
6135932Is the FDS stick the best way to play FDS games on an actual Famicom? I couldn't find a good an…[View]
6136370Who was the best arcade developer, and why was it Sega?[View]
6131984Good sources for Retro Game Prices ?: Good day /vr/ (pardon the reddit spacing) I skimmed ebay and Y…[View]
6132015So this is the 'Lost Thief thread' huh... well it ain't lost no more.[View]
6126035Is it possible to restore a yellowed Playstation to its original color?[View]
6135858Bow and Arrow-In Search of the Greatest Archer: Does anyone of you know where to find pic related, b…[View]
6129684We're two guys[View]
6136673Assault Suit Valken freeze:: During a recent Games Done Quick marathon, a guy running Cybernator had…[View]
6136510Unbased and Bluepilled: the virgin Tetris Based and Redpilled: the chad Dr. Mario[View]
6134450how long will it take me to understand the Japanese texts in Super Famicom JRPGs?[View]
6133327When can I get good labels.: All the n64 top labels for sale don't even fit the cart. where can…[View]
6134652Aside from the interesting OST and spritework, this game is a programming mess. Why do I keep seeing…[View]
6129526'Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right …[View]
6133460Does anybody sell casing for the PS1 that looks like the original color, but doesn't yellow?[View]
6127636the Wii N64 virtual console for this game is fucking perfect how did they pull it off with no input …[View]
6130228>have JPN Saturn >have US game >use this to run US game >for some reason US game won’t s…[View]
6117273Is anyone working on a translation for this?: I found a post on twiter from cj_iwakura talking about…[View]
6133868Anyone know if these 1up cabinets are easy to modify? Buying one of these doesn't seem like a b…[View]
6135529Are there any games that actually play better now than when they where played back in the day?[View]
6129229How do you dodge fake carts online?[View]
6126390What's the worst RPG on the PS1? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJWBgRBxiCA[View]
6131812Why did the Overmind infest some literally who ghost instead of a Protoss with stronger psychic powe…[View]
6127715Top 10 Snes games: What's your top 10 Snes games[View]
6129169I'm about to start Secret of Mana. I never could get into this game because of the text boxes (…[View]
6123272We still doing /vr/ merch threads?[View]
6132534Final Fantasy Thread: >Multiple, Interchangable and completely unique classes given from the star…[View]
6123895What does /vr/ think of M2?[View]
6106991/CRT/ Thread - DeluxePaint Edition: Previous thread: >>6078735 >Try to keep things /vr/ rel…[View]
6129112Seriously, just HOW could the Saturn hope to compete?[View]
6134338The most fun 2 players can have on the NES.[View]
6135338Why did his series die?[View]
6134697My neighbor's kid has some mental problems but I want to show him some good games. What's …[View]
6129389>literally 15 minutes of gameplay and that's if the RNG screws you over How did they get awa…[View]
6135336Price guide for retro games?: I live 2 mins away from a Japanese thrift store with an insane amount …[View]
6134354Brother in law is going to Japan this week and asked if I had any games he wanted to pick up for me.…[View]
6132501Cartridge tilting: Is there any risk of damaging the console doing this, or just the cartridge? I…[View]
6133909How have my shmup niggas been progressing so far? Been getting filtered by the 4th stage boss for th…[View]
6132367Prince of Persia 3D: Is the PC version really as bad as the reviews say it is?[View]
6118794Why Is This Even A Controller?: Here's your controller, bro.[View]
6115753Quintet Appreciation Thread: Is Lively City the greatest RPG town theme of all time? All I have to d…[View]
6126961Why isn't the N64 touted more for its smooth textures? Do people seriously not consider it an i…[View]
6129820Is it easy to hack this thing? It only comes with 20 titles.[View]
6128651Which works more reliably retro games on CD's or cartridges?: Older games eventually stop worki…[View]
6133016It's better this way[View]
6129613Kawazu and SaGa: >wills his own franchise back to life How did he do it?…[View]
6134223Why is this game for little girls so hard? It took 29 continues to get through the story mode on eas…[View]
6131549I've got a question for you /vr/. Suppose I were to make a game for PSX, that wouldn't use…[View]
6128382I like games about robots. What are some great /vr/ robots and mech games? Especially mech FPS games…[View]
6132410Do you have time to play all the good games?: I don't know if this is an impossible question or…[View]
6133041Toot toot Sonic warrior or Sonic boom?[View]
6120897Second-party Controllers: Did you have any second-party controllers back when these consoles were st…[View]
6130169Post and discuss futuristic racing games! I want to get a Wipeout for PS1 since I loved all the mode…[View]
6116929M-M-M-MONSTER KIIILLL!! >NEW UT99 PATCH CONFIRMED https://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl…[View]
6134019Retro horror games?: I'm looking for a baffling old game, something like the lsd dream emulator…[View]
6134172Thoughts on MaloMyotismon?[View]
6105886Webm thread. Starting off with a bunch of brand fucking new ones of the many trailers that were rele…[View]
6130974>playing doom 1 on ultra-violence >get to 2nd last level of 2nd episode >no ammo >but I…[View]
6132265How is this company still alive despite not making a new game for a long time, let alone a great one…[View]
6124238Retro earworms thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlaM3x1b-QQ I can't stop humming this. …[View]
6106747Who is you're /vr/fu?[View]
6133527/vr/ calendars: It's January, I need retro calendars for 2020. This ones from Nintendo JP…[View]
6120430Sega could have not designed a worse set of levels for a Sonic game than Marble Zone even if they we…[View]
6128069Virtual I-Glasses: My buddy used to own these in the 90s, he got a pair from his uncle who helped pi…[View]
6132468Where can i find box pdf's?: The guys who collect know that it is a pain in the ass to find vid…[View]
6119858What is the Metropolis of retro games?[View]
6132423Am I crazy or was 6 hours of content if we're being generous just not acceptable at the time th…[View]
6129578Is Ryo on the spectrum? Not because of his voice acting, obviously. Just in how dumb, stoic, and awk…[View]
6133186What were they trying to accomplish with this game?[View]
6120387Did you abuse the pause button to get a peak at Chun Li's undies?[View]
6130959>'The marks on your head look like stars in the sky.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htYezX1QKe8…[View]
6131127Classic/Mini systems: Adding games to my Genesis Mini. Recommendations?[View]
6122093Club Nintendo: What was it like for /vr/ to grow up with the Latin American / Mexican version of Clu…[View]
6122823>buy Super Nt >last firmware update was August of last year despite myriad of issues is this s…[View]
6128445Why was the Colecovision noticeably more cartoonish in its graphics than its contemporaries, and eve…[View]
6128731So do these really make any LaserDisc player be able to play LaserDisc arcade games like they should…[View]
6130267N64 Adapter on Windows 10?: Has anyone else run into an issue using pic related to play N64 games on…[View]
6131075What's the best controller for 2D titles? I'd prefer something plug and play but I'm …[View]
6126340Any reason to own one of these if I already have a PS2?[View]
6126619I can't imagine why the Dreamcast failed. Who'd want to miss out on gems like this?[View]
6129935Sega Saturn kino? So lately im getting into Magic Knight Rayearth, saturn bomberman, suchie pai adve…[View]

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