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Displaying 113 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5221251Wizard of Wor: How come none of you guys mentioned how great this game of. - Music and mood on Atari…[View]
5216186Who’s the cutest retro game character and why is it Tails?[View]
5220438You are trusted with the mission to create from scratch an adventure game in the style of TLoZ and A…[View]
5221342Omega Boost: I just completed pic related and it was an absolute blast, the music, the graphics, the…[View]
5216298What is their deal?: Why do they turn into a weird melty/biological monster out of nowhere? There is…[View]
5211439What was the deal with British people giving their N64 games rap theme songs?[View]
5219657ITT: Non-squaresoft JRPGs Enix is acceptable[View]
5213913Optimization: Brought back to life old family Windows 98 machine (which has surprisingly high tier c…[View]
5191964early 3d polygon thread.[View]
5218764>Mega Drive released in 88 >Mega CD released in 91 >Sega stops all cartridge production, an…[View]
5220191PC98 Bios: I've been looking for weeks for the bios9821.rom file for use in PC98 emulators, but…[View]
5220904I need an audio cassette tape asap. What's the best way to open this up and extract the tape?[View]
5212974How does /vr/ feel about emulators?[View]
5218297Why is Final Fantasy 6 always seen as the best Final Fantasy game?[View]
5220403What is the best classic RTS and why is it StarCraft?[View]
5216219Final Fantasy 3 (FFVI jp) is the worst FF game: In retrospect it literally killed the series. It set…[View]
5220614Fuck this game. Fuck it to hell. Get it out of my face.[View]
5215882Of all the games on the Famicom, why the hell did Nintendo pick Doki Doki?[View]
5217461damn lol[View]
5218250Sega Saturn and PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Game Recommendations: Been recently playing stuff on both of…[View]
5220736CRT monitor: Are tv station monitors worth for retro gaming? How are they any different from a norma…[View]
5220649Why does every Mega Man game have a different composer?: >Mega Man Manami Matsumae >Mega Man…[View]
5217302Leon A: I decided to play re2 after a very long time, so I did Leon A scenario first. This playthrou…[View]
5219817Delta Force series: I recently picked up the first game, and despite looking extremely dated using v…[View]
5216884>things that are hard without a guide Admit it, there were moments you thought you wont make it…[View]
5217412King's Quest VI is the only good King's Quest.[View]
5217214>Here's your Gameboy, sport.[View]
5216934There's just something about Tenchu.[View]
5219394How does 'Akumajō Dracula' translate to 'Castlevania?': I thought it meant 'Demon Castle Dracula.' …[View]
5217675JVC X'eye: Why does it exist?[View]
5216730Does no one play this game? I think it's kind of fun, but there is very little discussion of it…[View]
5218319I’m about to hit New York, what are the retro stores I should know about? Any good arcades still chu…[View]
5220262I got a code for Fantasy General on GOG. Have it already so take it if you want it guys, merry chris…[View]
5215576Tell me more about Dodonpachi I know jack shit about shoot'em ups sans playing a shit ton of Ae…[View]
5218710Sega Dreamcast: I'm a zoomer who isn't old enough to remember the Dreamcast. Anyone older …[View]
5218969Just got done playing the original kingdom hearts and thought Leon was an interesting character, so …[View]
5218106Kunio-Kun/RCR thread. Crash 'n the boys is fucking amazing, why is Techmo good at beat 'em…[View]
5217727Jesus fucking Christ, are you serious? I have to beat the Zing King boss and THREE of these hard ass…[View]
5211502Why are flash carts so goddamn expensive? I'm want to make a no-cart-switch retrogaming setup b…[View]
5208560Final Fantasy V: Is ff5 peak Final Fantasy?[View]
5220221Kirby Thread: Just a reminder that Super Star and Adventure are the best Kirby games.[View]
5205223Handheld emulation bread: Perhaps ITT we can discuss handheld emulators. Personally I'm curious…[View]
5214368Are there many Dreamcast games that had ingame events tied to the framerate? I'm trying to figu…[View]
5214617What's /vr/'s thoughts on screenwatching?[View]
5217898Back in my day I paid next to ding-dang nothin' for no zelda whats it. Them toys was in real de…[View]
5206679Is NES Difficulty bad game design?: I think he has a point on checkpoints, but I his comments on oth…[View]
5213831Taito Thread: No really, just a comfy Taito thread. They've made a lot of great games. Personal…[View]
5217129Don't mind me, just being the best master.[View]
5218158That Toki Remake finally got released: Not sure how they did it, but Nintendo got the game finished …[View]
5211247Why do we love 2D retro games?[View]
5214459Happy 21st Birthday, Klonoa![View]
5216853>doesn't dance >engine doesn't support shadows nani the fuck?…[View]
5217726Is it worth doing this guy's hitman quests? I know it causes you to lose karma, but I'm no…[View]
5214914Most of the /vr/ games that are well loved were on the easy side: that was the real trick back in th…[View]
5207898They're not that cute.[View]
5210368Why didn't Toki become a household name video game hero[View]
5217070What games would you recommend for someone who's poured hundreds of hours into games like Contr…[View]
5212478well, they're finally available for pre-order in biscuitland anyway: https://www.amazon.co.uk/R…[View]
5216247Hearts thread: Can you beat this game in 4 perfect rounds, anon?[View]
5216198Rescued this tvfrom the e-graveyard a few days ago, after testing it i found it has a few problems. …[View]
5218414Trying to find a lost media/fever dream game: Remember playing this as a child, it's a platform…[View]
5197839What Christmas/holiday related /vr/ games will you be playing in this holiest of months?[View]
5217197FUCK YOU[View]
5183459Don't mind me, just being the only good non-Nintendo Castlevania game.[View]
5212191SNES SRAM issues: I have a cartridge that I thought I had fixed but it's giving me some weird i…[View]
5210486Now that the dust has finally settled, what are your thoughts?[View]
5216075What do you guys think of softmodding the PS1?: Basically you can reflash action replay/cheat cartri…[View]
5217925Need some help: Looking for some help finding a DOS game I used to play as a kid. I've recently…[View]
5217646Anyone have an 8bitdo controller and retro receivers? What are they like?[View]
5218082You can really tell this is a David Wise soundtrack several years before Donkey Kong Country on an 8…[View]
5213398What are PC Engine RPGs that aren't generic DQ clones?[View]
5213851What the fuck was wrong with Sega back then? Why did they talk shit about other companies so much? D…[View]
5213523>no hunting complete set games >no garage sale hunting >no concern for dust >no storage …[View]
5210163How come this thing was never emulated?[View]
5216825Could someone take a picture of the inside spindle hub in their Sega CD model 2 lid? I'm lookin…[View]
5168489HoMM/MM(of Might and Magic) Thread (Ubisoft=No): Astrologers proclaim month of Unplayable. Populatio…[View]
5213651The great debate.[View]
5216330Now that the dust is settled, is it the greatest JRPG ever made?[View]
5216883HELP: Once more i come to you /vr/, in my time of need. I am in the search for an old Dos game. The…[View]
5208003Was Nintendo the best company in video games?: They had stringent quality control, unlike every othe…[View]
5173195/CRT/ Thread: Previous thread: >>5149569 >Try to keep it /vr/-related: Nothing past 5th gen…[View]
5211421Is this actually the most kino 2D platformer? >made to feel retro but still utilizing the full c…[View]
5217534I'm in the mood for some retro board games. How are the Itadaki Street series?[View]
5217158Dumb Questions thread: Is it possible to beat the first Castlevania game using the whip only?[View]
5214741Who here has beaten this game without the whip?[View]
5216996Scored a frontloading NES from the local pawn shop. Downside is all they had game-wise was a bunch o…[View]
5215830Do people still collect strategy guides?[View]
5214508Is there any decent USB joysticks for retro gaming?: Looking at building a retropie over the festive…[View]
5214516Recent Pick-Ups thread: Because our hobby doesn't take a break from the holidays. Post your lat…[View]
5217068What are the best Motocross games?[View]
5212521Is mario 64 a collectathon?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17022824[View]
5209512Low-key the best console from fifth gen.[View]
5207890What was the most 'based' PS1 Demo Disc?: I personally liked the one with Ore No Ryouri because it w…[View]
5205783https://www.romhacking.net/translations/4066/ Majin Tensei 2 Translated[View]
5212003Best street fighter ever?: If not, at least Top 3[View]
5198341Godmode Speedruns Thread 3: China Warrior Bruce Lee Godmode PCE 1989 Bmup https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
5215963Who else found this island super boring and mysterious once you discovered it's just a generic …[View]
5210217EXP: Can somone explain the timeline of the first few games?[View]
5199624post your favorite shmups[View]
5210141Old game magazines: >plus point for early 3D graphics edition[View]
5211661The Kings still reign supreme: Why was 97-98 the best year in video game history?[View]
5209082How do the classics in Japan vary from what is considered classic in the US? I heard the N64 tanked …[View]
5216313Die Drachen von Laas: Can anyone find a translation for this obscure German text adventure from 1991…[View]
5216258Sega arcade hardware: What is your favorite Sega arcade platform? Mine is the Model 3. Its games had…[View]
5216242Chaos Overlords: Are there other games similar to this, in terms of mechanics, not necessarily style…[View]
5208320>ywn be as happy as the Spider Mastermind Why live?[View]
5207212Anti-classics: The games that no one really likes yet are always there. Starting with the Euro God J…[View]
5212642I just bought an original cartridge of chrono trigger, I've never played it before. What should…[View]
5202884what do you think about the valis series?[View]
5212104How old were you when you realized Dr. Mario is a bad game?[View]

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