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Displaying 153 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
5824026What was the pinnacle of entertainment software and why was it Capstone?[View]
5812989Do PCs have Generations like Consoles do?[View]
5817547what retro game has the biggest world to wander around that isn't just randomly generated?[View]
5812138Post a character that's literally you[View]
5822843Is it worth marathoning?[View]
5816994Favorite movie based on a game?: For me it's Goldeneye. The writers actually managed to follow …[View]
5823113Little Red Hood: I think we can all agree that this game is a classic. What makes it so much fun to …[View]
5818281neural enhance bad polygon art: reflect.tech has an exploit where if you feed it the same image it g…[View]
5824081Hello: Hello. Does anyone know what the name of this gaming device is that is similar in appearance …[View]
5823493The game is basically an NBA Jam clone, but with college teams instead. Still a fun arcade style gam…[View]
5824071is there a name of the person or group that drew up american box art for japanese games? a lot of th…[View]
5821448Gratings, people of /vr/. A long time ago I played pic related to death. What are some games that ar…[View]
5823590Game is so valuable, it shouldn't even be played[View]
5821012Anyone here ever maxout on Tetris NES?[View]
5822880>Scanlines are integral to the graphics! It’s how the devs intend-[View]
5816537This thread was fun last time so let's do it again. Post your top 3 retro consoles, tell other …[View]
5820954Which game has the better world and why?: Paper Mario (N64), Super Mario RPG (SNES), or Earthbound (…[View]
5816268Edutainment: Did anyone ever learn anything from these educational games?[View]
5814281SNES VS Genesis: Which system had better games?[View]
5815681Is there a /vr/ era sequel more disappointing than Chrono Cross?[View]
5822598who was the best Little Koopa? For me, it's Iggy.[View]
5816451Oops. Looks like they forgot to 'remake' this sprite. We all make mistakes![View]
5819908Can someone explain why this game is popular? Gameplay looks really bad and it just doesn't see…[View]
5818096Why did later power ups cuck it?[View]
5823041Hey /vr/. I'm looking for some remake or at least enhanced version of the original Zelda for th…[View]
5822796Who has a Alladin Deck Enhancer: I don't have one. Do you?[View]
5815926Megaman Thread: I can't believe Protoman is fucking dead.[View]
5819676Crappy controller thread: /vr/, what's the shittiest controller you have used?[View]
5821347We can agree that the PS1 had a better library, and thus was a better console than the N64, right?[View]
5821775Worms World Party is so much better than Worms Armageddon At least in regards to the console ports o…[View]
5817709HIGHER HIGHER[View]
5816117is it worth playing PS1 games off of this thing?: am I restricted to playing games that don't u…[View]
5819378is there any PC Engine CD game translated to english?[View]
5814173Sega's version of FF: While reading about the 80s RPGs era. I came across this game. Phantasy s…[View]
5802054Caveman/Jungle-Themed Games: Why were there so many of them during that time?[View]
5820169I just ordered ds4 controller so I could play Super Mario 64 on my PC. Any other games that I should…[View]
5817848is this good as they say? its so blocky and awkward though, switch remake when[View]
5821987>muh fighting games! with dead communities >muh shmups literal dime a dozen genre >muh rp…[View]
5809532Good news and bad news Good news: cancel your pre-order and save some money Bad news: 11 frames of a…[View]
5818993why no shaders to simulate sunlight glaring on reflective fishbowl crt?[View]
5814915Garou Mark of The Wolves: Anyone up for some of Garou Mark of The Wolves on FightCade? Get in the Lo…[View]
5821950Gore Thread: This is my childhood NES I trashed trying to remove the PPU a few years ago when I had …[View]
5815667The Greatest Mortal Kombat Game: Please tell me which release of Mortal Kombat is the best one, even…[View]
5819339epsxe help: hello /vr/ i'm emulating SRW α on epsxe, but as i start up the game, all the audio …[View]
5816583ALL HAIL THE CLICKY STICK: ITT: Anything Neo Geo Pocket (Color) related.[View]
5821643The Genesis version is quite fun[View]
5820895What is the best looking retro console?[View]
5819429SHOCK TROOPERS: best co-op arcade game. NEO GEO: best co-op arcade cabinet. Prove me wrong.[View]
5815006Favorite items and/or weapons[View]
5817369u excited[View]
5820401Pokemon Mini Tetris EU version,boxed, how much is it worth?[View]
5806121Greatest Extra External Devices: Which external add-on devices were among the best that you remember…[View]
5805259PC Engine/Turbografx 16 thread: Thread for NEC and Hudson’s incredible console that not enough peopl…[View]
5818591some faggot on /v/ was remaking this game lets talk about the original, what makes this game so popu…[View]
5818623Chrono trigger eras: Is it just me or does it feel as though the eras in chrono trigger didn't …[View]
5818414I've been wanting to play some of the old Dragon Quest games, but I'm not entirely sure wh…[View]
5819787Only songs with perfect FM synthesis and harmony allowed: https://youtu.be/lVbsS_KS-4w[View]
5813135Will you be playing the remaster?[View]
5818138What drivers should I be using for connecting a USB controller? Figured I'd ask here since emul…[View]
5819695which video game of kunio kun do you prefer?[View]
5807732>ruined Also ff8 thread I guess before the end of the most iconic entry in the franchise.…[View]
5819123>bought Panzer Dragoon Saga for $400 >now it's selling for $700 It feels good to see your…[View]
5814079Should I, bros?[View]
5818536Are there any differences between Link to the Past on SNES and Link to the Past on GBA? Is the one o…[View]
5817338Games like Starfox and Afterburner anyone?: I love Afterburner but im getting tired of the same thin…[View]
5818332What a fantastic game. What was your favorite part?[View]
5819296Tekwar and buildgdx, need help: I cannot get cutscenes to play with tekwar using buildgdx, any ideas…[View]
5807019Post Gross Enemies[View]
5803491For me, it's Virtual On Cyber Troopers (both original and Oratorio Tangram): VIRTUAL ON APPRECI…[View]
5820910really wished the game was more longer[View]
5811894Show me some retro games with some astonishing in-depth complexity. It could be in its graphics or g…[View]
5811185I will assume that most people know about the mythical FPS Arcade game 'The house of the dead' But m…[View]
5818490who here remembers this?: i remember playing this shit when i was in like 5th grade right around whe…[View]
5819886Soul vs soulless[View]
5818824>tfw I really wanted this game to be good[View]
5787772Can we have a comfy Heroes of Might and Magic thread? III is the most popular, but all games are fin…[View]
5819062Trying to emulate a Windows 95 game. I've successfully installed it to PCem, but the mouse lag …[View]
5817865One thing that consistently strikes me about NTSC C64 stuff is how...boring it is? It seems like eve…[View]
58025465th Gen Thread: So we're all in agreement that Dreamcast > N64 > Saturn > Playstation,…[View]
5803430Friendly reminder that purple skies are objectively correct.[View]
5814341Sega didn't bankrupt. Sega was murdered. The killer is named Tomas Kalinske. He spent 1992, 199…[View]
5816193Silent protagonists: yes or not?[View]
5810943Why does 2d gore fuck with me harder than 3d gore does? I can explode guys into giblets in Fallout 3…[View]
5819719The Zelda series peaked with The Adventure of Link.[View]
5819828Should've gotten more love, /vr/. Should've gotten more love.[View]
5808826Where can I download a mame emulator that actually works? I wanted to play Irem and Sega System 32 I…[View]
5816136Banjo-Kazooie: Best world in the game? My vote goes to Treasure Trove Cove[View]
5816835Sega Master System: How did this thing become so popular in Brazil? And in case any huehuehues brows…[View]
5818360>>>/v/474483973 >tons of recommendations >minimal shitposting >zero console war sh…[View]
5812895What's his backstory?: Why does he haunt this room with his dog?[View]
5815301do you only know shes marles grandma if marles inyour party? how did that make any sense. i chose th…[View]
5808334Ready for Gamestop to fuck up the retro market as they desperately try and shove themselves into it …[View]
5816653What madness is this game? I played it for the first time today and had so many questions. I'm …[View]
5818113I reverse my opinion re: screen geometry simulation and now enjoy it.[View]
5815396Let's try to post as many retro ninjas as we can. The more obscure the better.[View]
5814804PSG or FM audio?[View]
5818702This game is special[View]
5811472Unpopular /vr/ opinions: Castlevania didn't get good until they became exploration open-ended p…[View]
5814891>Night Slave will never be properly translated It's not fair bros...…[View]
5808907why are hard games the most fun, but easy games the most boring? you're either getting destroye…[View]
5818503How the FUCK do I use the shield in this game? Warriors of Might and Magic ps1[View]
5811482When did you realize pokemon wasn't all that: Pokemon I just feel was never as good as people m…[View]
5810729Is the Amiga 500 the best gaming computer of all time? It came out in 1987. This thing was way ahead…[View]
5789302Sword of Kumdor (PC-98) English Translated: Yes its by the Google Translator known as Retronomi'con'…[View]
5813224Shining Series: Post/discuss anything Shining, but before that I have a question: I've heard th…[View]
5815203Does anyone else feel emulator input lag and graphical/auditory glitches have contributed to an inac…[View]
5796616Why do you play retro games?: Is it because you don't like modern games anymore? Because you si…[View]
5816670>2019 >commercial emulation at 200 dollars still can't display games at the proper aspect…[View]
5817857What do you think of KEKkon?[View]
5815207I can't decide if I like Final Fantasy VII more than I like Ocarina of Time or if I like Ocarin…[View]
5806560Splatterhouse 2 thread: This fucking elevator stages kills me every time.[View]
5797870/CRT/ thread - smol edition: Previous thread: >>5761204 >Try to keep things /vr/ related: F…[View]
5818107How different would this game be if...: How different would this game be if it was made for the Sega…[View]
5817746Dorrie from Mario 64 appreciation thread[View]
5798207Obscure and underrated gems for the PS1? Pic related[View]
5811390Defunct Super Mario Bros 2 Comic: The Super Mario Bros 2 comic hasn't been update for a couple …[View]
5817468Which retro game has the most customization options?[View]
5817702Banjo Kazooie and Tooie are way better on N64 than Xbox 360/One, because it was genuinely designed f…[View]
5812402Retro Market Crash: Any chance of this actually happening? I have been picking up games for the Sega…[View]
5806582What are some good Pewformers?[View]
58090463=2>1 do you agree?[View]
5814969Best ship for a shitclear?[View]
5812880Hey /vr/ I'm playing Hydro Thunder, and it's a pretty fun game but I have some questions H…[View]
5814927Does Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey run well on Mame or Project 64?[View]
5816823Tetris (CD-i) OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9TA7aICJl4[View]
5805184Based Highwind stealing the show from Cecil once again.[View]
5810678Best Re-translations: I can't stand the fakeass old english writing that's in the Ivalice …[View]
5809929Issues With FCEUX: Guys, after a remote conection from two different clients, this machine's FC…[View]
5811341If this game was released on PS1 it'd be considered a technical mess. On Saturn it's a tec…[View]
5814516FALCOM thread: As the true normie that I am, I've only played the Ys and Trails series, what wo…[View]
5812609Dreamcast VGA help: I'm really sorry if this isn't the place to ask for help on this, but …[View]
5814559Nintendos' best soundtrack and it's not from Koji Kondo.[View]
5815494Games whose existence you can't understand: A Quake total conversion where you have to kill X-M…[View]
5813669Atari car game?: Ok guys, lets see if somebody knows what game it is. When I was a kid I went to a c…[View]
5816539Ignore the pic. Where do I start with the series? 1 and 2 are too retro for my taste, should I go wi…[View]
5811918What are some other 'simple' fun games for the NES like Kings Knight, Super Fantasy Zone, Midway 194…[View]
5813674I love the DC: I mean, the PS2 was only lucky to suceed, just pecause it was a cheap DVD player. So,…[View]
5812264Which console had the better library: ps1 or n64?[View]
5807052What do you guys think of people using Cheats,Walkthroughs,Save States?[View]
5810263Was it Kino?[View]
5816358Favorite Army Men?: I just played air attack 2 recently and wow what a great game. Beautiful level d…[View]
5784557Who are your favorite retro artists?[View]
5808179Memories of retro gaming and psychedelics: What are yours? I'll start. In about 1996 my friend …[View]
5813334While browsing an archive of SNES/SFC games, I came upon a public domain ROM called '1997 New Year…[View]
5815508Shmups: Why do shmups have rank (get harder the better you perform)? They're already hard enoug…[View]
5812352Valve were out of their fucking minds...[View]
5808438Will Konami ever remake Castlevania 3?: I would love to see a Castlevania 3 remake, especially with …[View]
5808404It's 1996 and you're in high school. You have three classmates who each own one of these c…[View]
5785136Let's have a thread for Sega's ill-fated Dreamcast, the best sixth-gen system. What DC gam…[View]

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