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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 190 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5689506Is this any good? How does it compare to a Jap Model 2?[View]
5689076Label repair on retro games: So I've had this cart for well over a decade and a half, possibly …[View]
5686385Hey /vr/....i got a portable snes recently Im gonna play Final Fantasy V next....but want the best p…[View]
5688230YOU SON OF A BITCH[View]
5684357>but what if... i were to purchase doki doki panic and disguise it as my own game?…[View]
5688601>this dude comes through and puts a $250 tax on you per day >the very next day, reminds you th…[View]
5688937Is it safe to call Azel the most compelling retro video game character of all time?[View]
5689070Trying to remember an old PC game: Trying to remember a game I grew up with. I hardly recall any of …[View]
5687123Why did the Game Boy Color include some of the most garish color palettes possible, yet not include …[View]
5686440I was digging through my old stuff at my parents house and found a CD I had burned filled with ROMs …[View]
5688163Age of Wonders thread: Why did the sequels never capture the same magic?[View]
5688875What is the best way to play this on a NTSC PS1?[View]
5688880Korean gamer being oppressed by the Japs. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/korea/part1/korea1.htm…[View]
5686480What did he mean by this?[View]
5686396Thoughts on Deception 1 through 3?[View]
5686910Thoughts on Space Harrier?[View]
5682431Suggest me a cute /vr/ name so I can name my new kitten (female)[View]
5685561Do you still collect for any systems? I offloaded most of my home console games around 2016 and used…[View]
5677112How did people explain common hardware quirks of old consoles, like sprite flicker and slowdown, to …[View]
5682891Why do japs like this series so much? Literally everything about it was done better in other games.[View]
5687417horizontal shooter recommendations: does /vr/ prefer their shooters/shoot em ups/shmups horizontally…[View]
5688713>this was originally supposed to be Lucas Thank god we didn't get EB64…[View]
5686256ITT: spin-offs better than any game in the mainline series[View]
5688734Has anyone else on the face of this planet ever played this game?[View]
5686291favorite /vr/ commercials: I'll start with the Super Mario RPG commercial for how the grandpa t…[View]
5685069What's the best version of this available right now?[View]
5682737Shinobi III thread: This game is waaay better than Revenge of Shinobi, but it is hard as fuck. The l…[View]
5686808>8-bit console >'TurboGrafX-16' Who was in the wrong here?…[View]
56835673 SNES prototypes dumped. Hoarders just can't catch a break.[View]
5686305What's the most based NES LARP sim?[View]
5682337>falling for the digital and piracy jews >not having aesthetic shelves…[View]
5663309What's the matter trainer?[View]
5683383/vr/ is boring, I'm going to play Mega Man.[View]
5685651HEY FAGGOT: HOW LONG did it take you to realize the only 10/10 thing about mario 64 is its engine, a…[View]
5683362Club Nintendo mags: How did latin america Club Nintendo manage to have a more soulful and tasteful v…[View]
5685843Could Nintendo have released Super Mario 3D World on the Super Nintendo, or would it have been a tot…[View]
5674335What was the name of that company that HG101 mistranslated as some weird term? It became a myth that…[View]
5685605newfag here, very best 90s PC games?: Just getting into it all, played some DOOM, played some Quake,…[View]
5669749Ultima series: Discuss the ultima series and similar titles. What is your favorite entry?[View]
5687708Conquest: Frontier Wars Thread: I know that this game is from 2001 so doesn't fit the sticky fo…[View]
5687837Why does the OoT on zelda collector's edition gamecube run like a charm, while the VC version i…[View]
5686482Can anyone help me emulate policenauts? Snatcher was way easier I don't know why I can't g…[View]
5685937What's up with FFIV'x box art? The second and third characters look vaguely like Rosa and …[View]
5684596Gauntlet: I'm just saiy'an. . .[View]
5685702Rondo of Blood: Is it truly the best whip based Castlevania?[View]
5684959Sega Forever, an official Sega Instagram account just uploaded this picture. It's now confirmed…[View]
5686534I thought you guys said that the French versions of consoles that don't normally have native RG…[View]
5687519kino moments in vidya: Just some off the top of my head >Star fox 64 - Area 6 , Good End >They…[View]
5687464What are the best retro Doraemon games?[View]
5682726I've been seeing these handheld Famiclones on Aliexpress and I kind of want one. Are they worth…[View]
5682347I don't knwo what to do with my collection o retro hardware. I want to hold onto it of course, …[View]
5684803>gets a second chance to save his sister >sits idly by and does nothing again What was his end…[View]
5650671Baldur's Gate series: So both BG games are on sale in GOG right now and I'm planning to ge…[View]
5677510Cringe and bluepilled: pronouncing Sega like Sayga/Sehga Based and redpilled: pronouncing Sega like …[View]
5683321Why is this console practically incapable of transparency? Sure the background generator can pull i…[View]
5686481Jackal: What's the verdict on this game? Is the arcade version better?[View]
5686179In leisure suit Larry 7 there was a button you could press called 'the boss!' which would immediatel…[View]
5685989What's your opinion on mupen64plus fz for Android?[View]
5672895Is Ocarina of Time an over rated game?[View]
5675482Why does emulation make a certain subset of this board so irrationally angry?[View]
5678297Any retro games with a /burgerpunk/ aesthetic?[View]
5685637/VR/ POWER RANKINGS (SCOT EDITION): Top tier: Sonic, Spyro Good tier: Mario, Crash, Banjo Meh tier: …[View]
5685994Is there a way via Everdrive to play Game Boy games on an N64 through the transfer pak, like how Pok…[View]
5684503WHere to find this game? Even when emuparadise was up it wasn’t there. I used to know where to find …[View]
5686747I miss the energy of 90's multimedia CD-ROM games. Naive investors funding startups just to sta…[View]
5686551Fuck it, I love this game.[View]
5681307RetroArch - 'Run-Ahead to Reduce Latency': Is this a gimmick or is it worth using? I heard it's…[View]
5682367Did the Saturn port of Daytona really damage the Saturn's reputation that badly?[View]
5682718Sutte Hakkun: Discuss[View]
5685158If the nes or snes hadn't died by 1998 would either system have the graphics capability to run …[View]
5678810REmake is objectively better than Resident Evil 1 and its various versions. What are some other exam…[View]
5684138Rank the /vr/ Zelda games: hot takes general A Link to the Past (10/10) > Oracle of Seasons (9/10…[View]
5678406what's up my fellow boomers post essential boomercore[View]
5675641i finally completed this piece of shit game (famicom translated) to satisfy my autistic need to say …[View]
5682027How will they affect the market? Are companies like Limited Run creating an artificial bubble or are…[View]
5663703Show me a jrpg with better casting and I'll give you $5.[View]
5680426Panzer Dragoon Remake: There, I fixed it[View]
5686142KIZI website game: Me and my friend have been looking for this certain game for the pass hour we kno…[View]
5686125Just bought the collection for these retro games, what does /vr/ think of them?[View]
5682609Revenge of Shinobi has best Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack,even better than Streets of Rage![View]
5653720Diablo 2 ladder reset on June 14th. Are you gonna be playing,/vr/?[View]
5682110what i played/expected/got: /vr/ edition[View]
5680769Wow, this is about a million times easier than the NES Castlevania's. My zoomer ass couldnt get…[View]
5678453It's a fact - Super Mario RPG is too easy and too mindless - although very fun, charming and at…[View]
5677696half way through this and its making me want to kill myself[View]
5680801What is the best and cheapest all in one emulator device that's not a vita or a 3DS? i'm l…[View]
5678841>Two games were considered a collection back then[View]
5684250You know what the problem is with these games?: You walk a little bit. Then you beat up some people.…[View]
5682220>'Fuck gaijin-pig gamers for driving up prices of old Japanese videogames! They're ruining e…[View]
5674472Are the Sega Genesis Add-Ons Worth It?: The genesis by itself is an absolute dream of a console. The…[View]
5685459Tomee Is this a fake? 1 MB , it’s not an official Sony card. It says it can work on PS2. Only $10.[View]
5682679Spryte from the Zelda cartoon is quite possibly an inspiration for Navi[View]
5684837Does anybody know what this is, what it does and when it was created? It was a joystick created by A…[View]
5684873It's an A R Labs Joystick created in China. It has 5 buttons, 2 red (a trigger and just a regul…[View]
5681014Rimu ruru is cute[View]
5682039Sonic Wings: Whats your favorite Sonic Wings game? Whats your favorite character?[View]
5675458I'm thinking about getting a pinball, what would you guys recommend? Dot matrix if possible. I …[View]
5685363Do you get insulted when people say it's not worth a damn?[View]
5685449Pleease, no hurt, no kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you.[View]
5679740Does Konami think people are nostalgic for this design?: Why not just release the Japanese variant w…[View]
5674238ITT: Unique Retro Games: What are some retro games that defy conventional genres, /vr/?[View]
5675809>Be SNES 60fps >Play SHMUP >More than 1 enemy appears ERROR *HRK* 1 FPS, PLEASE STOP…[View]
5679783What makes Wizardry 4 so difficult?: People will always gush about how hard it is but never explain …[View]
5679950Who is your favorite scotformer love interest?[View]
5683686Is Pitfall! a classicvania or a willyvania?[View]
5680782DOOMguy is the worst retro FPS protagonist. Prove me wrong.[View]
5650569Gimme some /vr/ production/development secrets picrel: a model for DOOM's shotgun was a kids…[View]
5685050Is $25 too much to pay for smb 2 at my retro games store..plus they are selling smb 1 for at least $…[View]
5677363Why do 16 bit games still look great to this day?: To me, many of them still look graphically amazin…[View]
5674336/vr/ Batman games: This is one of the first games I had as a kid and all I ever remember it doing wa…[View]
5677748What are some good gbc games[View]
5684464What’s y’all opinion of the new bittboy pocketgo. Just ordered, but wanted to know what y’all though…[View]
5680968Reminder that Birdo, pokeys, bob-ombs, shy guys, snifits, and sparks are not 'true' Mario enemies be…[View]
5683435Can we all take a moment to appreciate how fucking ugly this thing is? I get that it was a necessity…[View]
5680216Do you think Spindash was a good addition to the Sonic series?[View]
5678828/CRT/ Thread: Previous Thread: >>5639668 >Try to keep things /vr/ related: Focus should be …[View]
5682342Remember good level design? Levels that took height into account? Paths that fold back onto themselv…[View]
5681693Have you played Sega Saturn today?: You haven't? Good. Worst fucking retro system ever.[View]
5684560>FF1-15 fans = Literal Subhumans >Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest fans = real gamers with an iq hi…[View]
5683147'/vr/ core' / must-play games: This shit was my childhood and I still sometimes find a game that I h…[View]
5681658ROLY POLYS FOUND: So, one of the roly polys games was found and bought off of a private collector in…[View]
5683656I'm getting bad graphics glitches when I try to play Castlevania X68K in XM6 Pro-68K. Does anyo…[View]
5681249Am I the only one who thinks the original was the best?[View]
5672592>Scanlines are an integral part of the sprites!! It’s the way the developers intend-[View]
5680960what's the worst arcade genre and why is it move n' beats?[View]
5683559Any 16bit era action adventures/rpgs that are a bit like this but are still good today? What about t…[View]
5674342How do you guys feel about EarthBound?[View]
5683785What are some good trot n' pop games like Metal Slug? Is there anything else that is even simil…[View]
5662842It is written, only Link can defeat Ganon[View]
5683902¿Is there a market for a compilation of 70's best games remade in HD 60 frames with geometry wa…[View]
5683478>We are the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah. >We cleanse. You are the filth.…[View]
5676868Was it actually the best games machine of the 90s?[View]
5682304Lesser known favourite: Hey /vr/, I'm building an arcade cab to bring in some weird desert fest…[View]
5647560Give me some tips and tricks for Master of Orion 2[View]
5683587Babysfirstvania: Just finished that bad guy on my PSP. While its difficulty is extremely low, its gr…[View]
5677613They need to remake ALttP in this style next[View]
5682029Retro Game Movies: Zoomer here. Just finished watching pic related for the first time and enjoyed it…[View]
5682103Contra: I love both of these games, but I think this was a case where genesis was superior here. Har…[View]
5681118Zap n' zooms with soul?[View]
5682486I have just managed to get hold of an old windows 98 pc so I can play this game, mechwarrior 3, with…[View]
5682023Phantays Star JRPG's: Should I play the games as a fan of PSO? I absolutely loved the atmospher…[View]
5676095Whats your opinion on people using Cheats, Walkthroughs, etc.[View]
5680670>special moves >ducking attacks >2 jump attacks >being able to attack enemies when you k…[View]
5683401Thoughts on Final Fantasy tactics /vr/?: I just started playing this game, what are some tips for so…[View]
5683381>Mega Man is only hard because you can't shoot up! >Castlevania is only hard because you …[View]
5679118Build engine games: do you play with mouselook on or off?[View]
5683351Old school game mechanics that ruin entire games[View]
5683305did you catch it back in the day?[View]
5678343This is a Famicom game that somehow has less slowdown than Gradius III[View]
5681431What are some games where the console version is better than the arcades?[View]
5682310The Sega version is as if its designed by the Genie The SNES version is as if its designed by Jafar.[View]
5681063Have you ever started to laugh hysterically at how absurdly boring a game is[View]
5672907What's /vr/'s thoughts on the Wizardry series?[View]
5682479What are some graphic adventure Hidden Gems™?[View]
5680609Suikoden 2>3 but Tir McDohl > Riou Pornographic books![View]
5682753Give me reasons why I shouldn't get a Retron 2: The pins on my NES model 1 finally gave out las…[View]
5681028I've worn out both sticks on my controllers, any way to fix them for good?[View]
5678578Why are there football players in Mario it makes no sense what the fuck[View]
5678673Does anyone rember Legend of Legaia: I'll cut to the chase. Does anybody remember getting all t…[View]
5681789is this Aladdin Deck Enhancer great?[View]
5673626Yellow systems are better than uncolored systems. There, I said it.[View]
5681695SNES Games: Went digging through my attic, found my old box of games. While some are definitely bett…[View]
5679041Dragon Quest 5 appreciation thread[View]
5680014How would one go about porting Sonic 2 to the snes?: How much better would it be? What would the mus…[View]
5660870FFV FJBF: http://fourjobfiesta.com/ 4 days until the next fiesta[View]
5682221Post games people like that you're not a fan of: >poor FM soundtrack >unsatisfying attack…[View]
5680892Underrated /vr/ games?: Golden Axe II always got a fairly middling reputation due to being considere…[View]
5666398Just ordered one of these. What should I expect?[View]
5677929I really like the feeling these two games give you of stumbling through a big world with only a vagu…[View]
5674860What are some cool retro games with a genuinely unsettling atmosphere? I want to get creeped.[View]
5681109My brother and I are looking for more 2 player games like this. I have an SNES classic that's h…[View]
5676510Can we all agree this is the shittiest Zelda? I don't think I've ever seen a more incompet…[View]
5679201What did NoA mean by this?[View]
5679130More modern/features: What are some games that play or feel more modern than 'modern' games? I think…[View]
5683549Serious question, not trying to troll so please no ban, but why is Dreamcast considered a retro cons…[View]
5680956when do you think 3d graphics 'got good' not counting arcade cabs I would say dreamcast.[View]
5675283Does anyone actually like this game?[View]
5677323How the hell was I supposed to find out about the royal clothes? Why is a plain old item shop sellin…[View]
5681310What SNES games can I play with only a D-pad and 4 buttons? I already went trough Mario, Zelda and t…[View]
5679956Do the math[View]
5662630Why is it so perfect, broheims?[View]
5665267Why did no one except Sega and Treasure know how to make good looking and sounding games on this thi…[View]
5681191Is it bad or is it just James Rolfe hyperbole?[View]
5681576Retro merchandise: Preferably things you've had since they were relevant. Honestly I don'…[View]
5678628Jap ad slagging off emulation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plrcDeDa7LQ[View]
5681146Why were there no good tailspin video games?[View]

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