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Displaying 135 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5371783Good replacements?: Got a NES a while back but all the official controllers I've gotten for it …[View]
5357168Which unreleased/beta games do you want to play?[View]
5366102who, exactly, is this for?[View]
5371579Pills that are hard to swallow: Using save states is cheating.[View]
5369520ITT: Old consoles that still look aesthetically pleasing[View]
5373434Planet X3: why is there no gameplay to be found anywhere for the DOS version? Isn't it released…[View]
5357148Without googling it, summarize the plot of this game as best as you can recall.[View]
5362195Ye olde battlestation thread: Let’s see some cool setups. Watcha got?[View]
5373274Read: https://archive.org/details/Saladedemais_-_Terra_Phantastica_Game_Recording[View]
5357076Car Combat: Why did it die? What was your favorite game in the genre?[View]
5357371Underrated version of RE1[View]
5367859Front Mission: Should I?[View]
5362124Why do retro games seem so much more interesting than the stuff today?[View]
5370320Strider thread: Does anyone have any 1cc tips for this game?[View]
5368127I always had a thing for weird characters. Those strange, gimmicky, hard to use. The ones that at fi…[View]
5371701>'You're King, lad! King! That means you've got to be greater than any man. Today, I ha…[View]
5364217fagcarts btfo[View]
5356461This is a poor naming scheme.[View]
5368331post some games with a comfy interface please[View]
5364332Final Fantasy VI RPGONE translation: what's your experience playing this 'retranslation'? aside…[View]
5370840Legend of Zelda BS: What's the veredict?[View]
5371520N64 starting to fail: don't know if this is the place for this, but my n64 starts and all like …[View]
5372815I remember when people said Batman Returns on Genesis was good, turns out it was complete garbage wi…[View]
5372680'Nice squad you got there kiddo. It would be a darn shame if something happened to it...'[View]
5356714Game Center CX: everything I need to know I learned from there: https://pastebin.com/u/GCCXGeneral R…[View]
5363852/megaten/ bhread[View]
5361651Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2: Whose endgame is the best, lads? Duran/Angela - Glass Desert, Dr…[View]
5368712ITT: great obscure (or not) japan only games >umihara kawase (1994)…[View]
5371567What's the best game to play alone on Valentine's day? I'm looking for something viol…[View]
5357385Most bang for your buck emulation station: Wii: Tell me a better device for emulation with less effo…[View]
5372440he was right there in the turtle lair the whole time. he must have removed the tv innards and climbe…[View]
5364391YEAH! I WON! I WON![View]
5363530Why did so many Jaguar games not have music?: Not have music during the gameplay, I mean >Doom …[View]
5358728/vr/ sins: Confess your sins here >own an NES and actively buy games for it >don't even l…[View]
5357246N64 or 360 version? also do you prefer this game over the kazooie?[View]
5369613As someone who couldn't stand the RPG genre in the past, I've been really interested in te…[View]
53717752000>1998 if were being honest[View]
5359790What happened to Final Fantasy and Squaresoft?[View]
5372067Which Ape Escape game is best for a deep dive podcast on old video games? The purpose of our podcast…[View]
5361193Why do people like the shitty All-Stars remakes again?[View]
5369719Been thinking about building a virtual pinball machine. Have the emulators gotten better over the pa…[View]
5369351>the early 2000s >everything going to shit in my life >computer getting old >no jobs …[View]
5369378I found an old OptiPlex 210L and i'm trying to get the best performance out of it, i also have …[View]
5370085*dabs all over LucasArts' shitty point & click adventure games*[View]
5369976>hit yes by accident[View]
5371484man fuck this guy[View]
5371594How do you get to the bottom half of Spellhold in BG2? Did I miss a door somewhere, or do you come b…[View]
5362402ITT garbage /vr/ made you play: I'll start[View]
5371565WHAT IS A BUNNY[View]
5369187looking for a game: Ok so when I was little I would go to my grandma house and like most kids in the…[View]
5368094hardware gore thread: Find this on a Facebook group, someone thought this was a good idea[View]
5369303Honest thoughts on Akira Toriyama and Chrono Trigger?[View]
5354705Worms Armageddon Thread: Do you still play on WormNET?[View]
5369547What core is recommend for MAME games? Specifically, I want to play 2 player versions of TMNT, Simps…[View]
5369243Did the emulation general wiki got deleted?: I clicked on the emulation general link on the sticky i…[View]
5368474Terra: >2019 >he still thinks translators can't improve on the original…[View]
5367693Hey this is pretty comfy![View]
5368387Gog game calalogue: Is there any way to sell my gog game catalogue? Not a straightforward process I …[View]
5367167CRT-Royale >inb4 some faggot who doesnt have a gpu in their rig that can run it perfectly…[View]
5361218Tank Controls: >low IQ people cannot comprehend tank controls How accurate would you say this im…[View]
5363902Story Driven Co-op Games?: Looking for something me and my brother can play that is co-op. Preferabl…[View]
5368117Anyone else love this game? I feel TA gets so much love but I really enjoyed this game. Was very com…[View]
5370491The story of a relationship, as if it were Mega Man (Happy Valentine's Day): https://www.youtub…[View]
5369848Recommendations Thread: Just found out about this game and loved the fuck out of it. Apparently the …[View]
5369109Ebay: Something I'm missing here? Aren't lots supposed to be a deal? Also Ebay thread I gu…[View]
5368530Have you ever seen a high level match of this? It's terrible.[View]
5370464In honor of Valentine's day, what's the greatest love story in video games?[View]
5362845Favorite PS1 Game: Hard Mode No JRPGs[View]
5354280Why did they scrap so many cool alien designs from the final version of UFO: Enemy Unknown?[View]
5361164What's the best site to buy Retro games?[View]
5363580How often do you save in the Half-Life games? Once every chapter? Once every loading screen? Or just…[View]
5363074Best /vr/ gameboy music?: We all know a few of the classics: Hansel the Happy Hippo https://www.yout…[View]
5367640Why did anyone buy a game with this cover?[View]
5364818if I emulate this on pc, will I get infected with the Kriz virus?[View]
5369975Text Adventure Thread: Hard Mode: No Zork Can you survive the 'Lurking Horror', navigate G.U.E.…[View]
5362961>You are weak - you must feed. >The old hunger has left me; I have no desire for blood. >Yo…[View]
5366153Wild Arms: definitely has better world building than any other jRPG from its gen[View]
5366938How can indie game developers recapture that je n'ais se quoi of Ocarina of Time? I know what i…[View]
5364853>Romancing Salsa[View]
5361997How can Crapcom even compete?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL91scCpc6M[View]
5369837Just finished Bonk's Adventure. Really enjoyed it- level design was solid if basic, bosses were…[View]
5361379Tales of Phantasia SNES: Tales of Phantasia review: I just finished this game and I gotta say it was…[View]
5358379Jurassic Park: Chaos Island: Probably the first game I've played on the PC aside from 3D Pinbal…[View]
5368735Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64: I don't give a fuck if it's hated, despised, or look down o…[View]
5369443This game was awesome, are there any other similar mecha / robo fighting games?[View]
5364491I admit I didn't understand how this game worked.[View]
5367213I remember there was a well done documentary on youtube about Billy Mitchell's story but withou…[View]
5361349Zelda parallel worlds: Did you play it? If yes: which version? 1.0 the hardcore one, or the later pu…[View]
5363490Has Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts ever made a decent game? I always stay far far away if i see …[View]
5366261Underrated Gems Thread? I played this first on the GBA without knowing it was a port, and it's …[View]
5357007Ryu: Is he not grossly OP in any game he's in?[View]
5365860Why did it take so long for save features to become a standard for console games? Before the fifth g…[View]
5364164I just want every single fucking official NES ROM in one pack, but without duplicates (i.e no same g…[View]
5367719Fact: playing on an emulator box (SNES mini, rPi, etc.) looks better on a CRT via RGB than using old…[View]
5368343If you could only salvage 20 games that is important to you which ones would you salvage?[View]
5361660Is this shit any fun if you don't have the maracas? I enjoy games like Parappa.[View]
5362303I did not grow up in arcades. There were a few places that had arcade machines when I was younger, b…[View]
5363335Obscure/Forgotten platform games: I’m looking for some obscure and overlooked platform games.[View]
5366642>megadrive couldn't do 3--[View]
5366084I know this is a longshot, but does anyone have the executable for the Hydlide remake on Windows? I …[View]
5364414Pac-Thread: What are your top 3 pac-man games? Mines: Pac-Man World, Pac-Man Adventures in Time and …[View]
5356840Looking for some late 90s third person action games for PC, what are some great ones? Pic related is…[View]
5363513Which of pic related was the better ninja game?[View]
5366862Can we discuss the facts that led sega to it's shameful death in the gutter back in 2001? Was i…[View]
5362271How the fuck do I beat this boss and get the good ending?: Alright, I've made it up to this bos…[View]
5365036DWM2 Thread Anyone know the difference between Tara's and Cobi's versions? I bought Tara l…[View]
5364854Can we talk about the few retro spongebob games? I liked pic related even if I wouldn't call it…[View]
5367663Ace Combat 3:Electrosphere NTSC-J gameshark/action replay codes: I was browsing for gameshark codes …[View]
5351414Resident Evil 2: I wanted to get /vr/ opinion on how the remake compares to the original. Which game…[View]
5356106Hi, /vr/. I wanted to make a thread about old crpgs. I'm not talking about infinity engine, rat…[View]
5364495How often do you do maintenance/cleaning checks on your shit /vr/?[View]
5364443Can we just agree both were actually kino?[View]
5362906>when you showed your Mom and your friends the sweet Simpsons eps you made…[View]
5359924Final Fantasy VII retranslation: Has anyone played through the retranslated FFVII? How significant a…[View]
5365635240p games in 480i: Does playing 240p games in 480i make a significant difference in terms of visual…[View]
5363216https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA02-KXtwJs Someone ran the Hokuto no Ken PlayStation game's OP…[View]
5365747How did the CD-I Zelda games get made anyway? What made Nintendo approve of the idea?[View]
5364940Chart Thread: I lost all of mine so I'm sorry I can't start the thread off properly. Can y…[View]
5364775Are the bubsy games that bad?[View]
5366805This game just won't fucking end.[View]
5361449What was the site that had thousands of music soundtrack rips? It wasn't https://vgmrips.net, i…[View]
5366624I am trying to complete some old systems I've purchased at yard sales but they are missing cord…[View]
5351271/CRT/ Thread - Recycled OP from Facebook Edition: Previous thread: >>5332107 >Try to keep i…[View]
5366941if your family didn't have a desk like this you don't know shit about video games[View]
5350754How do I beat Duriel? I'm level 24 Paladin and keep getting one shotted[View]
5362479what is this meme that a3d was so good? I literally can't even tell the difference between a3d …[View]
5352323PLAYSTATION 2 CONSOLE IN RELATION TO EMULATION AND MORE: Came across >ps2 fat >retrovision com…[View]
5365872A giant futuristic machine city where the rich live above and the poor people live down below. The r…[View]
5359262Could Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 be ported to the SNES?: What would such a port be like? Would it be be…[View]
5362746Cryptic shit in video games: I just finished Dragon Quest I and I gotta be honest, I ended up using …[View]
5355405Surprised difficulty[View]
5362554Can anyone recommend me more NES/Famicom games based on my library? >enjoy Galaga, Soccer, Star …[View]
5352473This game has always seemed weird to me...the barbarian aesthetic of the two non dwarf characters al…[View]

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