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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 120 expired threads from the past 3 days

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6019579Harvester: What do you think about this old horror game?[View]
6021440/vr/ games in VR: Reminder that Doom is perfectly playable in VR and is fun as fuck. What other clas…[View]
6020475Chrono Trigger: What is the best version of this game? Is it the SNES one, the PS1 one, the DS one, …[View]
6006947Coomercore retrogames: Pachinko Sexy Reaction comes to mind. Rules: must be a game, must have fappab…[View]
6016632Is there any information about the development of NGE on N64? Any scans of the japanese guide book, …[View]
6018460What beat 'em ups are beginner friendly and are relatively easy 1cc's? I've been want…[View]
6015856Panzer General:[View]
6018838Is this peak RPG?: I feel like Loa and FF don't even come close to it.[View]
6006762Lunar silver star story complete: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEB-sw-tMhA Anyone ever play this …[View]
6019668PS1 retro games: I'm new in retro console games, I want to start and i am in between a friendly…[View]
6012542For those of you who were actually alive and conscious back in 1994, what was your initial reaction …[View]
6017987What's the single best Retro & Modern game ever?[View]
6016260Super Mario Bros: The Movie: Was it kino?[View]
6016997Are there any more board games where you fight or do something than it just playing a boardgame?[View]
6020827What difficulty do I play Perfect Dark on?: I'm using the keyboard and mouse build of the 1964 …[View]
6018342Fusoya as a party member kind of bothers me, he feels sort of half assed. He interrupts the final pa…[View]
6020661Fun if slight[View]
6019256MML combat is more akin to Dark Souls in that it's built around rolling. But most plays don…[View]
6018895Retro Star Wars: What is the point of the chase-cam mode if it removes your radar? You're prett…[View]
6020473Help me find a game: It was posted about on /vr/ before. It's a beat em + platformer (I think) …[View]
6013601ITT: Games /vr/ recommended to you that turned out to be shit I'll start[View]
6017479Starting out in translation: I wanna start translating games as a hobby on the side. I have experie…[View]
6020172What are some essential /vr/ action games? All platforms welcome.[View]
6017936i fucking hate this game[View]
6012143Anyone know how to trigger the disco ball mode in the first game? Not sure if its a code or somethin…[View]
6012051>one console >one cartridge >for life Hard mode: no major titles, like Mario, Metroid, Cast…[View]
6012625Retro 4chan: Let's get some nostalgia going on this board: VR-Tan comics, images, and anything …[View]
6012903Does anyone else remember N64 games that detected the color of your attached controller? I vividly r…[View]
6017008Why didn’t Sega ever do a Ristar sequel? I think it’s a great game that could’ve had even better seq…[View]
6017149Back in the 90s I obviously used the SNES controller with the Super Game Boy. But lately I've b…[View]
6014491What was your initial reaction to pic related back in 1999?[View]
6018005Excuse me /vr/ I'm looking for my daughter, have you seen her?[View]
6019845Is this the most kino moment in any snes game?[View]
6018546Can someone help me understand how to play Romance of the Three Kingdoms on NES? Im such a brainlet …[View]
6017796Many old games on pc used MIDI as a sound format and music sounded entirely different depending on y…[View]
6007890For those of us using our retro systems on more modern displays, what kind of setup are you using? C…[View]
60198812019 Classic Tetris World Championship: live stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SrzndQdjqs…[View]
6015930Damn Xenogears be tackling important contemporary societal issues[View]
6018093I feel like I'm the only person who has played this game. Never really seen any discussion of i…[View]
6016812Newfag here, I want recommendations on what console I would have fun collecting for and I don't…[View]
6019521This will never be topped.[View]
6019614Hey guys, was recently having a play of the Sega 16bit Dragons Lair prototype. Can you guys direct m…[View]
6014248Damn fine game[View]
6011854What did Tetris co-creator, Vladmir Pokhilko, mean by this?: >[Pokhilko] murdered his wife Elena …[View]
6015651What was their problem?[View]
6002002Suikoden: How salty are yall that we'll never see another one?[View]
6013091Salamander / Lifeforce: What do you think of these Gradius spinoff games? Which is the best? I don…[View]
6015495This is the real villain of FF7. He killed 10 times more people than Sephiroth.[View]
6017759is dreamcast worth getting inti in 2019? i wanna play the jojo fighting game and try Quake 3 and sta…[View]
6012862I do not enjoy it[View]
6018023>Something hits you. >You don't feel so good. *MORE* >You have died.…[View]
6013065What's the best GBC LCD mod? BennVenn has a new batch for 50USD but I've read that his don…[View]
6015094Supremecy: Anyone else used to conquer planets, terraform, transport troops and die lots?[View]
6017227Is this still one of the better tennis games out there?[View]
6013132Why did they really this for arcade? Kind of weird to think it was sitting in the arcades next to th…[View]
6015260this game is the shit[View]
6016209PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 thread: What are your favorite games on the system? Any hidden gems?[View]
6017737Can't Run Chip's Challenge on Win10[View]
6014837Famiclones/Polystations: Does anyone on /vr/ still owns some of these things?[View]
6009345itt: post strange/obscure games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k4CFYiBrPE[View]
6015365Tom and Jerry: Best game from the cat and the mouse? I like the SNES one.[View]
6014791What went wrong?[View]
6014298Why were these so terrible?: Do you know what I hate about collecting North American Sega Saturn or …[View]
6010221Is it hacked yet? I want to at least add S3C[View]
6018235ITT: Crap NPCs: What a dick.[View]
6017945Mario's Lore is Under appreciated[View]
6013595SHAO PAI LONG[View]
6017178Why would anyone play a fighting game in single player back then? The input read levels is retarded.[View]
6017812What are some good games for ps1 preferably mutiplayer/coop but if you know any single player games …[View]
6000953Are everdrives worth buying?[View]
6016886Dude Weed[View]
6007604Popful Mail: Which version of the soundtrack do you think is the best? PC-88/PC-98: https://www.yout…[View]
6016059>trivializes your entire game[View]
6017564What do you guys think the problem is?[View]
6012924Do Master System games really have lower framerates than NES games?: Is the meme true?[View]
6011459Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars. Anyone?[View]
6017646I like SaGa Frontier more than any other game if you know what I mean[View]
6012678Which was the better model?[View]
6016407Which Dragon Quest is the most kino[View]
6015112this game is perfect, it never gets old. i have played it for so many years and always come back and…[View]
6015286I remember loving this game when I was younger, but I revisited it this year and realized it was hor…[View]
6005260I don't like CRTs: I was born in 96 (inb4 zoomer) and remember having a tiny 14 inch Toshiba to…[View]
6010535Handheld Thread: After spending an entire childhood using hand held systems for nothing but Pokemon,…[View]
6007842ITT: Retrogaming conspiracies you believe in. My take: Earthbound 64 cancellation was forced by Nint…[View]
6016343So when I was a kid, a friend of my Dad downloaded a bunch of PC games on our computer games like pa…[View]
5998875Retro-bit Wireless Saturn Pad: So, how is this Saturn controller?[View]
6015457a perfect game[View]
6013327What /vr/ game would you say has the best OST for you personally? I think Rock n Roll Racing on the …[View]
6015373The extraordinary talents of Yu Suzuki as a game creator are widely known throughout the world, but …[View]
6012881Are the Vox Day games any good?: How come no one ever talks about them?[View]
6012643You should play a Breath of Fire game.[View]
6012517PlayStation RPGs: What are the most well written rpgs on the Playstation?[View]
6001094Consoles concept art: (pic unrelited)[View]
6008684What's your favorite Tetris-like, /vr/?[View]
6014295>All blocking pink foot soldiers when you need to throw to do damage Hard mode technodrome is eas…[View]
5989225retro station thread?: feels like it's been a while[View]
6014773SELECT YOUR SOLDIER (Trevor and Nadia fine too)[View]
6011818Is the difference between a PAL and an NTSC nintendo 64 worth the hassle of me ensuring safe power s…[View]
6016121Does anyone know the source to this track?: I believe I heard it from a Vinesauce DOS collection, th…[View]
6015662What was your first console. Mine was pick related.[View]
6013854>The arcade game is god awful >The NES game is based Huh?…[View]
6010136...or this?[View]
6008908Besides the N64 titles, what other Goemon games are worth playing?[View]
6016120It's a travesty that garbage like Seiken Densetsu 3 and Mother 3 got fan translations while thi…[View]
6015990I'm ashamed to admit i pulled my sad adolescent penis to this sprite.[View]
6013079Wtf? This is better than the PS2 version[View]
6015730Pardon my phoneposting but does anyone know any good game randomizers they would recommend?[View]
6014815What is your favorite retro game? For me it's Pokemon Blue for nostalgia and Batman on NES for…[View]
6012125Is this thing reliable in terms of perfomance?[View]
6005420JA2+AI: >smoke grenades fucking everywhere >can't even snipe anything because hitting mov…[View]
6015872/rmgg/ - Retro Mario Games General: Post about all your favorite retro Mario games here.[View]
6005490Can we have a kino horror game thread please[View]
6015568downloaded pic related out of curiosity. are these considered good games? visually it's pretty …[View]
6006764ITT: Best 2600 games[View]
6012620Legends of Localization Zelda 1: I'm not paying ten burgers for a pdf, anyone got a link? Thank…[View]

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