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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 140 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
5501268Super Gokuuden: Did you play these games? I just recently learned that you can carry over your stats…[View]
5508445TFW when I still never figured out a way to muffle that annoying springy-clicking sound that the tri…[View]
5509717A NES/MD2 game that is very similar to Immortal: Was sent here, didn't know about the existence…[View]
5507156I bring you love~[View]
5510861Friendly reminder that if you aren’t playing 240p games on a ~15” CRT via composite or RF, it’s bein…[View]
5508214Yesterday i have been playing around with the options menu of my Real Break pcb. And i found somethi…[View]
5506438/vr/ Elder Scrolls thread. Arena and Daggerfall. I've been playing Daggerfall with Daggerfall U…[View]
5509826>NES games aren't meant to be played on a CR-[View]
5503539Redpill me on why super mario land was the best mario game of all time.[View]
5492094Old Games that still look good today: Post screenshots of old games whose graphics stood the test of…[View]
5505373>moshi moshi miyamoto desu[View]
5500886Nintendo tapes: It's real. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!search/%22nintendo$20tapes%22 What…[View]
5508014In my opinion, PDP and its variants are the greatest puzzle games of all time[View]
5511684Games for feels like this?[View]
5506073CURSED PORTS: Ports that shouldn't exist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bJ-Q9fhrNs…[View]
5500192Is this the most aesthetic gamepad?[View]
5484870Thief thread Started replaying Thief 2 yesterday night, currently at Shipping Receiving. Let's…[View]
5507083Was the Avatar an incel?[View]
5502224What do you guys think of this whole retro FPS revival thing going on?[View]
5506501What are the best Sega Cards? Are Sega Cards worth getting? I mean, they're the rarest of them …[View]
5507165Mechcommander remaster: mite be old news but I just found out about this, its Mechcommander Gold wit…[View]
5481875The Staying power of Diablo II: So whats the deal with Diablo 2? I remember playing and enjoying Dia…[View]
5510145Playing Super Mario World on an NES: What are your thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
5510562Here is glorious Ed Semrad awesomeness from back in the day: https://youtu.be/EHyOGjv_fEw[View]
5506130I have such fond memories of Toys R Us. I know, I know, it was way overpriced, but for selection it …[View]
5497449Don't mind me, just being the best Snes game there is. Carry on.[View]
5510069Are there any other games like The Immortal from 1991? I mean rpgs in this style rather than the Jap…[View]
5498559Rank the games[View]
5508545preparing for day zero (no more CRTs): What's the best way to play PS1/N64 on flatshit? I have …[View]
5485403Sam & Max: Hit the Road: What does /vr/ think of Sam & Max: Hit the Road?[View]
5508015Female led games: Post games where the protagonist is female.[View]
5481217Pharaoh thread: how the fuck do i play this game? i cant establish a stable income at all[View]
5507924ITT: Post Loading Screens[View]
5499550what do you think about Perfect Dark /vr/?[View]
5506874Why was there no fire flower in SM64?[View]
5505529how much longer until this build leaks online?[View]
5498075Ruby Weapon: I recently purchased Final Fantasy 7 on my Nintendo Soiboi Machine, and I got to thinki…[View]
5508036Wanting return: Post characters that you want to return.[View]
5507059Horrible NES Games / Home Alone NES: This may be the worst game I have ever played in my life. How d…[View]
5501785Not really retro so I apologize, is there an emulator for those old Java based mobile games? Some of…[View]
5509836>1999 How many Human\\animals are still living the Golden year of 1999 for mech games? >starsi…[View]
5509859Whats the catch on playing it alone on advance settings? Is it really just about grinding better sta…[View]
5503770it's time: show me ONE (1!!) better /vr/ queen candidate than paula jones, she is the best retr…[View]
5507461Literally impossible[View]
5506959>Be Capcom >See success of NES and SNES mini and want a piece of that >Design plug & pl…[View]
5508079Which is the mother of all cheats /vr/? Hard mode: no extra lives/money/resources shit.[View]
5503876What does /vr/ think of projection TVs?: I picked up a 4:3 projection TV that was on the side of the…[View]
5507076Long gone are the days of walking into someone's house uninvited and rummaging through their bo…[View]
5506732This better not be a piece of shit. I have an actual Cool Pad to compare it to when it arrives so if…[View]
5505282If someone sold a kit for one of these half-cab boxes you can sit your CRT monitor on top of would y…[View]
5509476>Get every Snes, Nes and Megadrive game available >Can't think of any games I really want…[View]
5498758House of the dead 2: Did anyone else love this game?[View]
5507864Still the best Smash Bros game[View]
5508389Would kids in 2000 have gotten this reference?[View]
5509503ITT:Boards you STILL fucking hate!: Just... WHY?!! Forgot I only got past this legitimately ONCE wit…[View]
5509110>Mode 7 SNES Games in HD http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=09097447083714923515 Now, w…[View]
5508801Why does Zidane call him 'rusty'. His armor doesn't look rusty. In fact it looks pretty shiny.[View]
5510946Does retro mean a style, a time period or an age limit?[View]
5503592Any opinions on this game?[View]
5506941Sonic the Hedgehog thread: I have 9 lives, didn't die once, I am at Labyrinth zone wish me luck…[View]
5506096Why are these levels so shit and anti-fun? Aquas is obnoxiously slow-paced and the constant framerat…[View]
5498069Low poly thread[View]
5496803Can I get in legal trouble for taking images of retro games from google and creating hundreds/thousa…[View]
5508326Stock sound effects thread: In Shadows of the Empire, Dash Rendar's grunt when taking damage is…[View]
5507953This game would be awesome if the controls weren't complete fucking dogshit. I don't know …[View]
5495221What exactly does the term 'belt scroller' refer to?: Take, for example, this DOS-Rom port of Double…[View]
5494791Atari apps may have sucked for playing, but their symmetrical design makes them second to none for s…[View]
5508382Adventures of lolo: Never been on this board b4, any1 ever play this?[View]
5504254Point and Click Adventures Thread: I've fallen in love with this game. It has a great story, di…[View]
5506274Find a redeeming factor.[View]
5500870Guilty Pleasures & Beating How Shit They Are: Pic related. I want clunky games you got Stockholm…[View]
5507839How come it shows sharp pixels if old tvs were blury?[View]
5507998Switch Caps Fit DC.[View]
5506765Demon's crest is overrated: >game style and mechanics really similar to castlevania and ghos…[View]
5505742Radical Rex: In an alternate reality, Radical Rex is a famous video game mascot.[View]
5507698Fun Facts: Did you know there are actually 3 different koopas in Mario 64? Koopa the quick, a normal…[View]
5487695You know what it is boys[View]
5494617Which controller do you use when emulating retro games? Does anyone know of a high-qualtiy Genesis …[View]
5506465Why Mortal Kombat II and 3 looked so much better in arcades: It's because the native resolution…[View]
5500621what happens when she has to poop?[View]
5489267ITT: sequels that greatly surpassed the original.[View]
5507358Games that are too hard: I'll start[View]
5506510What's the comfiest FMV game?[View]
5502382Are any of you boomers still playing this? I'm playing on UO Forever and having a blast. I stil…[View]
5506178Does anyone remember stumbling upon a survival kids romhack that swapped out this monkey for a pikac…[View]
5505695Ninja Gaiden: This is literally impossible.[View]
5507071Thoughts on this modern light gun project? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-jbsT8O7PE[View]
5499806Quake 3 Arena shouldn't have existed. Remember when single-player was the main mode of Quake?[View]
5506579>don't worry, it's just a bubble[View]
5500242Why did Japan dominate the early video game industry?[View]
5505284I'm watching Ranma 1/2, does the series has any good games?[View]
5502607Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars: So, does anybody remember the ROM hack Super Mario 64: The Missin…[View]
5499259bullshit game design: >sends you to the beginning of the game when you lose all of your lives…[View]
5507069How do I beat the fucking energy bolt shrine? Liches keep sending out homing missles and I can'…[View]
5504482Mario’s Game Gallery.: “You sssucha good a player” What do you think about this game, is it pointles…[View]
5506980Where's Spring world? Yes I've heard the developers claim it never existed. They're b…[View]
5498841I've been avoiding the franchise for all my life because I'm 100% sure that I will become …[View]
5505027Do arcade sticks have input lag built in?[View]
5504780What are some beltformers that feature RPG elements? For example, items, stores, stats and an open w…[View]
5504894I was going to post this in the rom hacking general, but it seems to have died. Is it possible to co…[View]
5503684OK now that Kitsch Bent ent bankrupt and its closing house, WHER THE FUCK cna i find replacement par…[View]
5501001we trigger /vr/[View]
5501592>that 20 year-old zoomer who plays retro vidya to reminisce about an age he can barely remember t…[View]
5495849Back in the day I hard passed on this. I wanted a supposed 'Super Mario World 2' to be more of a dir…[View]
5491737Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Music Thread: Am I the only one who never grows tired of these sounds? http…[View]
5495746FPGA consoles can only provide chip level accuracy if the manufacture has access to the original chi…[View]
5502945did you catch the truck back in the day?[View]
5503763opinions on save states?: If old developers had the technology to put checkpoints/save states, would…[View]
55058523D Games: I love retro games, but I can't stand 3D games. Maybe it's because my last befor…[View]
5494467Dizzy/RobinHood games on NES: holy shit this fucking avgn episode made me mad. Im from europe - from…[View]
5503117Games You Can't Really Remember But Other Anons Might: I'll start: >2D arcade fighter …[View]
5506052what are some good Japanese fan translated games for the ps1?[View]
5503024I am curious about this console, recommend me good games for it /vr/[View]
5502457itt:: games only you like[View]
5506349So I'm working on a fantasy console. I thought the pico8 was a cool idea, having a self sustain…[View]
5506256Looking for a game: I saw this cool looking competitive shmup on here the other day, it had like a r…[View]
5485370Saturn thread: It is clear that Sega botched the Saturn really bad. I think the primary reason for t…[View]
5496453Games that are ALMOST perfect (and hacks that can help them achieve it?): Post and discuss games tha…[View]
5503208ITT: Only JAMMIN' games allowed[View]
5498512Happy Friday m'fellow boomers. What retro games are y'all playing this fine evening?[View]
5499772When I first played DOOM I was stunned by the concept of playing from the actual character's pe…[View]
5506105HotD2 Voice-Acting: How did they get the voice actors to sound like this? They really don't sou…[View]
5505490I have a lot of games that don't have their original cases or art. How do you guys handle this?…[View]
5495112I'm interested to hear what you all think was the strength of retro game design, and where mode…[View]
5505848Sonic the Hedgehog: I can't be the only one who prefers Sanic 1 vs 2 right? Green Hill, Marble …[View]
5493675I don't understand how a character who shoots fire and ice out of her mind manages to get kidna…[View]
5506024What Sega genesis games have the most attitude?[View]
5505225MDK: Am I the only one who thinks this is better than the sequel?[View]
5505956What did Toaplan mean by this?[View]
5485695>Go to uni to study game art >Its been good and worth it, tutors are great and my art is impro…[View]
5505197pick your poison[View]
5501318>right off the bat need to talk to an arbitrary group of npcs in order to trigger an item to appe…[View]
5505115What are some games with nice gothic architecture?[View]
5505391Just found all this junk in a shed: About to throw it away. Press F to pay respects F[View]
5476486Mugen thread: Post your mugen, it counts right? It was made in 1999.[View]

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