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Fellow autismos, how do you cope with your illness? I just kinda stay a loner and keeps things to myself. I don't like talking to anyone. How do you do it?
By consuming SoL anime/manga

i live in a two bed flat with my gf. we get a lot of days off and have been spending a lot of time together, which is great, but she's always wanting to do stuff with me. even when we aren't doing anything, she'll just kind of hover around me when im clearly doing something that doesn't involve her or just trying to have a moment to think to myself.

if things carry on like this forever it's gonna drive me up the wall, but i know if i try to ask her for a bit of space and privacy she will definitely take it the wrong way and get really upset about it.

what do i do, /adv/ anons? how do you get more privacy without asking for it?

File: 20210804_183637.jpg (654 KB, 1701x3024)
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654 KB JPG
know I'm gonna sound like a pussy but I don't give a fuck. Me and the girl I love got into a fight where she hung up angrily. She said she loves me and won't leave me but that she needs to think. 20 minutes after the call, she tweeted "There are points in life where everything goes to shit, but that's okay, that's really living." Its been eating away at me and I can't sleep and have work at 6 am. Talk to me bros. How fucked am I honestly?
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She messaged me about an hour ago and we talked on the phone. I told her I'll stop playing games and stop behaving so insecurely. Being insecure is a dumb fault of mine that I'm struggling to move past and it's affecting everything. She accepted my apology. I need to try really hard to not fuck up again but I don't know how. I don't know how to stop.
your mistake was dating a woman with a twitter account
>Plays truth or dare
>Picks truth
>Says something apparently normal gf doesnt like
>Later claim it was a lie
Op you're either leaving something out or youre both under 18
Yep what can I say. I'm a dumb motherfucker. It really is true that I wouldn't do that, but for some reason I really wanted to get that reaction from her.

File: kot.jpg (15 KB, 240x252)
15 KB
She told me she regularly gets abnormal paps(or whatever the fuck they do)
She told me her immune system wouldn't get rid of it(it does not even go to sleep/deactivate).
She doesn't have genital warts, it's the deep inside I think ovaries.
I was only with 2 girls and they both were healthy(no stds).
I like this girl and she likes me, she even wants to have kinky sex. It's very tempting but I don't wan't to sacrifice my health for great sex.
The people on reddit play it down like it's nothing but idk it sounds sus.
When men ask about it the responses are that it's frequent and they shouldn't judge the women but on female subreddits they say that it's disgusting and they would probably break it up.
What would you guys and maybe girls advise me to do.
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Im over the age to be vaxxed for HPV(they dont give it pas 19)
Get a new doctor, they give it to anyone. The “recommended” age range is 11 to 26. Again, HPV is common and your girlfriend was honest and health conscious about it. Most people wouldn’t tell their partner they have HPV, mostly because it’s such a mild and inconsequential STD, especially for men. It just takes years to clear out of your system, which means you’d spread it to future partners.

You yourself should get tested if you’ve had sex with two other people and are that afraid of it. There’s a nonzero chance you have it anyways. Don’t dump a girl for having HPV, that’s such a weak reason. 50% of girls out there have HPV
Pass her to me I'll fuck her bro.
dump. she's got an std. do not deal with that bullshit. she's trying to lock you down hard.
I kind of feel you are right bro

File: hm.png (349 KB, 870x603)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Listen I never learned to drive until mid 20s and I want burger king, I have never done a drive through. I'm bad at talking, I mumble a lot, should I just go in the restaurant? I really want to leave without the teenagers mocking me afterwards, what's the best way to do that. How do drive throughs work? I'm scared I'm going to do it wrong. So like you pull up to the speaker thingy and say what you want really loud and enunciate properly? that sounds kind of hard
I'm sorry I was going to post this to /r9k/ but apparently that doesn't exist anymore. I politely ask for advice. Please help me not feel like a weirdo when I go in the drive through.
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Know what you want to order ahead of time. Start off with something easy like a “large number one with a dr pepper”. Just know exactly what you want when you get there.

Now, you go up to the microphone, wait for the person in there to say something, like “can I take your order” or some variation of that. Say what you want. They’ll say “anything else?” You say no. They give you your total. They’ll either say first window or second window. If they say first window, go to the first window and pay. If they say second window, go to the second window and pay, and wait for your food.

When I was 17, I remember a lot of anxiety about drive thrus, but after doing it like twice it got easy and not scary.
thank you I know what I want to order so hopefully this will go ok
like you are yelling at the speaker box
They are generally very sensitive. A reasonable whisper should be loud enough.
Just talk loudly. If they say they can’t hear you, talk louder.

File: spongechan.jpg (51 KB, 425x640)
51 KB
>Be Muslim
> Be shitty at it
> Have crisis

Alright so basically, I was born into Islam but I've lived in the west my whole life. This isn't about the politics of the situation - purely about the spiritual side of things.

Due to my name and if I want to have connections with my family - I can never truly leave the faith without burning everything down to the ground. But I suck ass at it and I hate being so bad at it. There have only been a handful of days I've ever prayed 5X a day. What am I supposed to do - get up in the middle of class and start praying?

When I work - I'm supposed to ask my slave owner of a boss to get 15-20 mins for 2X a shift? And not eat lunch cause that's where he would definitely take the time from.

That guy is also gonna think twice about hiring a true muslim again probably also. I'm not Shia either so I can't pray em at the end of the day or something.

Listen, I like God/Allah and being a spiritual person -- but 5X fixed times a day really is too much for some folks.

Combine that with all the random idiosyncrasies of the faith

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Honestly. Islam is a shit religion, just like Judaism, shinto, Hinduism, and every other religion that requires material rituals such as daily prayer to satisfy spiritual necessities. That's why Christianity without the baptism bullshit is the true religion. Anyways you can never switch to Christianity because leaving Islam would literally mean death. Not ostracised but killed. I feel for you Islam bro. the truth is Christianity but your parents will kill you if you ever espoused that type of talk.
>I'm not Shia either
Based and sunnipilled
>but 5X fixed times a day really is too much for some folks
Bullshit. 5 times a day isn't too much. 5 prayers last for 25 minutes a day: you're telling me you don't have 25 minutes to spare? But if you truly can't pray them on time, just pray them at the end of the day. Allah won't smite you if it's outside of your control.
> can't do stand up comedy cuz it's "lying" , most Muslims don't know this/don't care.
I don't believe you. I've heard from my dad that "JoKe WiTh ThE tRuTh" but I never heard this stand up comedy bullshit. Show your hadiths/verses.
>- racking up a prayer debt (mine is probably over 20 000 prayers owed)
Again Allah knows we're fucked up. Allah cares that you tried: this debt crap is only for bankers, not Allah. Just admit you messed up, pray them later, and move on.
> - Embrace destiny as a shitty Muslim and seek forgiveness all the time / do all the other parts of the faith except the prayer.
I'm not even Muslim anymore: I'm in-between atheist and Muslim, trying to prove my religion. But I can say OP you are INDEED a fag. You're losing your faith cause of art, cause stand up comedy, of prayer debt? HOLY FUCK. You mean to tell me if you figured out a way to pray 5 times a day that Allah is gonna send you to hell? No, it's all about intent.
> Did you skip prayers?
> If yes, was it cause you're a fag, or cause you didn't had time in society
> If you didn't had time, pray them later

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>If you want to be muslim but dont want to pray 5 times
For me, this is such a cope. Being a muslim you KNOW you should pray 5 times a day. It's like a lock without a key, a city with no door, or a prayer without faith. Islam is about acting as much as it is about belief.
>But yeah you make a fair point , embracing the destiny of a shitty muslim might be the way
Go to your masjid right now OP and ask your iman on this. He'll say something along the lines of
> pray later
> skip them and don't worry
> maybe pray in the car
Keep coping virgin

Do I have to pay money or anything to put my son up for adoption?

He’s 12 y/o and he recently came out as gay… I’m not having it. I’ll just have another kid and raise them before I claim a gay son and my wife feels the same way.

How to we legally abandon him?
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Your suicide is the beat option here, take the trash out of your son's life.
Give him a chance to change his mind, show him the worst dumps of homosexual degeneracy and how the majority of people in the world despise homosexuals. If that doesn't work, I'm presuming you live in America, find a state with a safe zone like Arizona, it's usually in a hospital and just leave your son there with instructions that he's not wanted back home. You'll be in the clear and have done the right thing.
Also I should add do better next time around. Only reason he's a fag is because you let his mother influence him and you're a weak man.

File: 1626936783157.jpg (54 KB, 800x800)
54 KB
Is it worth going to uni if it's free just for social opportunities? 22 year old here, is it too late?
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I'd try to be as social as I can
honestly do it, I'm friends with a 27 and 26 year old, met some masters student on my course and they are in their 30s, super chill people, go for it OP especially if its free, literally nothing to lose, you will regret not going
African American Socialization.

Starting college soon. Any tips? Academically, socially, what do in first day, etc. Anything would be appreciated.

t. 18yo majoring in computer engineering
College is a lot of self-study, if you're used to doing all your schoolwork in groups and at school you'll need to get some new habits.
If you're not that interested in the engineering part of your degree that much, consider changing to computer science instead. It's less stress, most of the same jobs will be available, and easier to incorporate something in like a fun minor. If you can afford it, don't work unskilled labor, either get something related to your degree or work on side projects as companies won't care much about the leadership you demonstrated at Walmart. Try your best to make friends early when everyone is still excited and in a mood to socialize, it's easy to become an outcast if you miss that first two-week window to make friends. Have normie social media as that's the first thing a lot of people will ask for. In a major like CE you are going to be pretty busy so rather than wasting a lot of time on women I would prioritize getting a group of friends in your major.

I just got rejected by a girl younger than me who said she is in a serious relationship and said we should be friends and for some reason an urge to kill myself right there on the spot really overtook me.
Then do it, what's stopping you
Absolutely nothing besides the fact I don’t have a gun
I can’t yet. Nothing is over until I say it’s over

File: bonercat.jpg (106 KB, 600x600)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
is it gay if I kiss my gf after she suck my on dick
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You touch your dick in a daily basis
giving yourself handjobs is pretty gay bro.
and then touches his mouth
spitting facts
I think you don't know what the word gay means

File: 1627133053977.png (2.73 MB, 1233x1920)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
Life can't all be about sex, right?
I haven't found any good resources that go against evo bio. So you guys know of any?
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Good one
If you want to be a troll about it, ask questions like "What is the evolutionary advantage of being able to appreciate music?"
We all go rot the exact same way as everyone in the end. Life was just a random occurence in the vast universe, biology and psychology run weak against the infinity of the cosmos, only being products to understand ourselves.

No point, no goal, just appreciate the fact that you were given consciousness, stars don't have that privilege.
>No shit, sherlock. I was asking if there are any books that go against these ideas
Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology by Robert Richardson
Getting Darwin Wrong by Brendan Wallace
Adapting Minds by David J. Buller
A lot of people overstep in making broad claims based on evolutionary biology and psychology, but just remember that the evidence in favor of evolution is monumental; it really happened, no matter how liberal pseuds twist it for their agenda

Where am I supposed to go now?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, anon. I'll keep tryin'
How do you fail out of art school? Were you doing mathematics when you were supposed to be doodling? Jfc just talk it out with some friends at the beer hall
File: spongebobmeme.jpg (109 KB, 938x528)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
How do you fail art school, nigga? Just draw a straight line hahahaha
You don't have to be in school to keep doing art anon

I watched this video, and read the comments. It’s filled with girls who aren’t ugly, but aren’t really pretty either.

You can tell that their entire life experiences have shaped who they have become. I related to all of the comments so much.

Some people are just unlucky, not in dating or meeting people, but just in the way their lives have shaped who they’ve become.


I don’t really want to accept that I will be single for ever, but logically I know this is probably what will happen. I am just not meant to be with someone.

I don’t really see the point of going on, but I think I will always have some form of hope that abusive men will try to exploit. If anyone has suggestions feel free to add them. I don’t know what advice anyone could really give, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.
34 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Incel replies aside. I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself. Getting a good relationship is hard but getting attention from men is not hard and that’s a start at least. I’ve known down right nasty girls both physically and personality wise get plenty of attention and dating options. Don’t build your own victim mythology and don’t let resentment warp you. Try to be honest about what you want and confront yourself about why you might not be getting it. It’s incredibly difficult to do these things alone though so I have sympathy. If you are doing the basics (health, positivity, finding social interaction opportunities, hobbies, etc) then I’d say just be more patient and keep honing yourself otherwise I think it’s time to confront yourself about bad choices you might be making.
>Men can be ugly disgusting subhuman abusers and still get gfs.
if u're a black women its going to be hard for the obvious reasons namely black women being way more uglier than even an average looking hispanic and since u're a woman u will not be ready to date short and ugly men especially ethnic men.
If I'm reading correctly, you're a woman. What rejection are you taking about?
All you need to do is exist in the vicinity of men and many of them will ask you out.
All you need to do is tell them yes or no.
Yes, that is really how easy it is for women
you havent been able to find one because your high standars, stop deluding yourself.

File: 3000.jpg (38 KB, 890x534)
38 KB
How do you get out of poverty.
I live in the UK and am tired of being so poor.
There's no help and nothing to do except drink.
How do you find a way out of being poor
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Not cut out for military.

What getting told it's impossible?

OK name one mate. I'll wait
Stop being a retard with money
I dont even know, uni doesn't guarentee shi, job market it a fuck over here, a trade? but that probably costs money past 16 or sommet, trading? but thats chumps game, honestly I dont fucking know, my family is poor and they barely scrape by
Yes, you will never get out of poverty because there will be people like me waiting just to push you back in, you disgusting subhuman. Stay in your fucking lame, you were born a loser as you were meant to be. You can ask this a hundred times and nothing will ever change the fact the answer is no, you fucking pathetic scrub

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