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My parents house has burned down a few days ago. Nobody’s got hurt, but they’ve lost the most of their possessions and a living space. This place was my home partly too because I would spend a lot of time there. Honestly, that thing took away whatever motivation I had. I just don’t have anything to look forward.
>that thing took away whatever motivation I had
really? that would kick me into overdrive, even if they don't need financial help, it should convince you to take advantage of what hasn't been taken away from you by shit like this
They've been freed from material trappings

You didn't need all that useless junk
My parents stayed in my childhood home and rotted away in a shit small town with no real doctors. This seems like a curse but its a blessing, make sure they move to a city with good medical professionals.
a house is just a house bro, its family that makes it a home be thankful everyone is ok

File: 10.jpg (259 KB, 1080x1080)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Women only want to date pretty boys or extreme dirtbags. There's no point looksmaxxing or gymmaxxing to attract a girlfriend if you're not naturally goodlooking. Women are far more attracted to facial aesthetics than body sculpting. That's why scrawny male models are babe magnets but have never lifted a weight in their life. We could try to get cosmetic surgery, but it's crazy expensive, needs constant management, and we'll end up BOGGED in the end.
When it comes to personality, studies have shown that women prefer to date men with the dark triad personality traits (narcissism, psychopathy and machiavellianism). Not that we need research studies to prove that women love badboys lol. It's a tale as old as time that still holds true today. Fifty Shades of Grey & 365 Days were both hugely popular with female audiences, and both of which are about women becoming fucktoys for rich, goodlooking badboys. That's why 99.9% of the erotic novel industry has dark and dangerous hunks as the love interests. Women would rather date an emotionally unavailable dirtbag and have a rollercoaster of feelings than settle for some boring nice guy, unless he's hawt. There is, of course, a small percentage of men who can circumvent the rules with high socioeconomic status, but this is the sort of wealth and status the average wagie could only dream of.
Am I saying that every individual woman conforms to this norm? Of course not, but the ones who don't are rarer than unicorns. And when you find one you've got to hope that a) they're single and b) mutually attracted to you.
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25-34 year old cat ladies

I mean have you seen what even the author looks like? bitch just looks like a karen
Women care about ambition an drive and not money. And most of the time being ambitious in your job means you won't be poor and vice versa. And to be frank I'm also looking for ambitious women: either in their work or in something else for which they are willing to suffer through work.
Women have taught me that being nice (having empathy, not being a "nice guy") is wrong, so I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm more satisfied and have a lot of time to pursue my interests and make boatloads of cash without a girlfriend anyway, don't really see a reason to date again.
Cope. Women love fantasies about surprise sex with dark hunks.
They are attracted to the confidence that the guys have. It matters more than looks. Of course, if you expect every girl to be a 10, you are being unrealistic. Most of those tramps are more trouble than they are worth. Present a calm and cool facade to the outside world. Never let a girl know that she's gotten the best of you. Don't be a dick, just be strong and stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

File: 1591549078090.jpg (392 KB, 1512x2016)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
I really want a couch but I don't have room in my tiny studio for both a couch and a bed. Can you actually sleep on those fold-down couch-beds every night or will i get crippled? thanks.
This is the comfiest image I've ever seen.
If you get one with enough space to stretch out when you lay down it shouldn't be bad. You could also clean up your floor and lay on that, sleeping on the floor is great for your back.
If only it was coffee instead of tea.
Why not a bunk bed couch combo? So the bed is on top and the couch is on the bottom.

Personally I think you'd be better off in a twin bed, because you sound like you dont have money and therefore the couch you get is gonna be shit

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I feel responsible. 'Ll get my kids raised. Which means I have too keep working, maintain the house/car and keep everyone clothed/fed and cared for. I'm a ghost, every bit of hope and joy is gone. When my kids leave, I'll be gone almost instantly.
The ability to create. If I was one of these types who didn't know how to make things, I would have 404'd myself a long time ago. Creativity is meaning in a meaningless world.
I don’t get up in the morning.
There are many more videogames to be played and anime to be watched.
I need to go pee.

File: 1639063883062.png (557 KB, 956x732)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
my girlfriend decided to leave me to pursue a polyamorous relationship with two other men.
im not sure whats even the worst part, that she decided to dump me, or that she was planning this for a long time, or that she was seeing two other men at the same time, or that she wants to be with multiple men in which none of whom include me.
I dont even know how to deal with this mindbreak. everything that I knew and felt so far was a lie, something which did not exist and never have nor should have. going through my memories and everything is now tainted with maddening questionings of what was really happening in those memories. there was so much beneath the surface that I was stupidly ignorant of, and now everything is rugpulled from below me.
what do I do? clearly i'm fucking stupid and oblivious, and clearly too pathetic and disgusting to really attract anyone. I was so anti-attractive, anti-personable, and anti-manly, to the point that she now needs two men now to compensate for all the masculinity she missed out on during her times with me.
is it just over for me? do I give up dating entirely now? why should I even bother trying again if this is what happens to me and may happen again in the future? do I even want to try again?
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You dodged a bullet. Don't blame yourself.

Father figure: "Son, respect is treating others how u want to be treated. If someone treats you with disrespect, cut them out of your life and find others who respect you."

tldr - she is a cunt, block her and move on.
Welcome to the black pill.
Stop shitting on your self. That chic is a useless whore with power issues. Like every female, she is looking for a real man who will take control of the relationship. Be sad for awhile, then rebuild yourself into the man you want to be. The kind of man our grandfathers were. They were 18 and killing men in war. Meanwhile, an 18 year old now, collects action figures and jacks off to animated girls. Most haven't even kissed a girl. What do you think a woman wants as a father and partner?
dude anon she just found that she wanted to pursue a nontraditional relationshil and she realized that your relationship wouldnt work out because of it it has nothing to do with your “manliness” people are just looking for what makes them happy bro

File: 4u8tgt.jpg (38 KB, 680x589)
38 KB
I am experiencing the worst constipation of my life. I have needed to shit all day since I woke up and 6 hours of struggling has not made any progress. Whatever is in there is just too fucking big to pass. The muscle contractions give out without escaping my anus and pushing and straining aren't helping. I googled what to do and all the recommendations are like long term life style changes, eating fucking fiber and drinking prune juice. That doesn't solve my problem right here right now. How do I get this shit out of my ass?
Find a way to rig up an enema or buy some stool softener. I've had fucked up insides for years. These are the most immediate options.
Try a warm bath, all the straining has probably caused hemorrhoids so that is going to make it 20x more painful.

I also strongly recommend a silicone lube up there, it can make it easier to pass i speak from experience, just the entry is fine 3" in
Magnesium citrate and hot coffee. Maybe MiraLax too
warm water with miralax op
take some senokot dumbass. also get outside and take a brisk walk, physical exercise helps peristalsis. also modify your abominable diet of pizza and cheetos

File: N'wah.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
I'm a guy and I wanna try a full Brazillian Wax but I don't know what to expect or how to go about it without having too many people know. Any advice?
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women use it for like armpit and leg hair im pretty sure
What exactly is a peel? And can I get them anywhere? I'm ignorant I apologize.
You go to a cosmetic office, set up an appointment, and get yourself lasered. There's not really much to it. It's more expensive than a one time wax job but you shouldn't have to go back too often. I hear 3-6 sessions is what it takes for permanent removal. A lot of those places offer payment plans too because cosmetic surgery is stupid expensive.
google "sugar scrub", the more coarse it is the better
I think I've used one of these before a long time ago so I'll keep this in mind.

File: sad bart.jpg (132 KB, 800x1436)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Got back from a 2-month work trip 5 months ago to learn my wife wanted a divorce
>Later learned she was cheating with 2 guys beginning before I even left for my trip
>Last 5 months have been an awful rollercoaster ride of emotions

Never been one to talk about my feelings, but this time I had to. Talked to my parents, sister, friends, a military counselor, a licensed therapist, a platonic female friend at work, etc. It all helped temporarily.

Some days I think I'm doing good but I get so easily triggered by a memory or an old song or something and it completely fucks the rest of my day. The only thing I enjoy is the gym, I lost interest in literally anything else

I feel like I'm never going to get better. I loved my wife more than anything. We were great. We had just bought a house and a dog. I'm still in shock that she could cheat, still in shock that she did, still in shock that I'm so very alone despite having lots of friends and family.

Everyone says they're always available to talk and that me talking to them isn't a burden, but these last 5 months not a single one of them have called or texted to check on me. Actions speak louder than words.....that just proves to me they only care when it's convenient.

The divorce was officially final this week. Now I have to go house shopping again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
as someone who hasn't left his apt in 10 years and has exactly no right to give advice on such a situation, have you considered joining an adult sports team or something? could be like going to the gym + a sense of brotherhood and something to focus on while the wound heals? eventually all things pass, I hope you can find what you decide you want going forward from this whatever it turns out

thanks, not too big into playing sports anymore and don't really have the time between work and working on my old trucks. I don't have a problem staying busy and finding stuff to do, I guess I'm just getting impatient because I didn't expect to be so down in the dumps for this long

My ex girlfriend and best friend from second grade were both dming each other about meeting up, and I guess my friend felt bad and came clean. What do I do with all this rage? Is revenge an option? I’m fine with seeing my best friend live his separate way without me, but I want the worst possible thing to say/do to my ex girlfriend without seeming like I’m actually emotionally affected
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Did I miss the part where you were still in a relationship with the girl? Your friend from second grade? What are you 10? You have no grounds to be mad at either one of them. You have no claim over her. Your reaction says it all. You're a controlling child. I wouldn't want to be your friend.
That is a fair assessment and I don’t blame you. Even if you cut him out, I would certainly give him credit for resisting easy pussy, something men throughout history have done far worse to acquire. To paraphrase an old question on morality: Is it better to resist something that doesn’t tempt us or to resist something that we want with all of our being, but reject for the sake of someone we care about?
Wait. Is this true, OP? We’re you broken up? That changes the entire dynamic.
OP said EX girlfriend literally one word into his post dumbass
Right, but I assumed when he found out he broke up with her

title says it all
Has anyone here overcome delayed ejaculation?
Some background
I’m having sex for 30+ minutes here, it was cool at first because she manages to cum consistently, but I’m starting to get frustrated. I lost my virginity about a month ago at 27. I used to masturbate twice a day, but have pulled back to every other day. My girlfriend is accepting and willing to try new stuff.
File: 1653545489793.jpg (292 KB, 1536x2048)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
do you feel anything when you have sex? think about how it feels when you masturbate. it feels GOOD, not like something is just *happening* to your dick - when you have sex does it feel like it COULD lead to an orgasm or is it like "this physical sensation could be happening for 10 hours and i wouldn't finish"

do you masturbate in a weird way? you might be death gripped and it might take a little more time than a month to get over it.
stop jerking off entirely
That’s me with condoms
Wish I was you, as someone who cums too quick...

Also stop jerking off entirely and also stop porn... You don't need that eitherway if you have pussy.

Hello, I have a GF of almost two years now. Yesterday was day 1 of a music festival, and when I was on the dance floor with friends, I saw a girl kept looking at me. Then she was right next to me. We didn't flirt, we just talked about dumb shit like what she does for a living, but I feel like the attraction was there. I then soon left because I wanted to go back to my friends, but it was kinda fun to see that someone was attracted to me. So I looked around and caught another girl's eye. IDK what I was thinking, but it kinda felt like that validation was nice. So I went up to her But it was the same thing, where I just asked her what her name was and where she worked and stuff. And I left soon after because I didn't wanna do anything with anyone since I have a GF. At no point did I ever touch, dance with, or flirt with any of these girls, it was just glances and a dumb small conversation.

I know my GF has let guys buy her drinks and stuff, but I am not sure if I crossed the line or if I cheated. I am starting to feel really guilty and I am not sure if I should just let my GF know that this happened or if I need to let it go and never do it again. I talked ot my friends and they said that I was just hanging out and talking to people, that I didn't do anything wrong but I am not sure. This is my first girlfriend and I wanna marry her some day. I really feel so guilty and I never wanna do anything with anyone besides her.

What do you guys think I should do?
dude its really not that serious you’re just in your head im sure even if you mentioned this entire story to your girlfriend she wouldnt care

File: 166411643659257668.png (31 KB, 600x550)
31 KB
>in a country where Paypal isn't available
>somehow made an account in another country connected to a bank from said country
>everytime I log in I get an OTP on my number from my own country
>suddenly stop receiving OTPs a week ago
>meaning I can't log in
>creating another account from scratch would be a major pain in the ass, besides old account had some cash in it that I wouldn't wanna lose
>contacted Paypal in every way I possibly could, they're not helpful at all
I don't even know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm very lost at this point. Does anyone here have a suggestion as to what I can do next?
Do you need Paypay specifically or just a way to receive money in your terrorist country? Also, where are you from?
Well, anything that keeps me relatively anonymous and can also transfer money to my bank fast works. And I don't want to disclose that information, if possible.

File: 1639835702255.png (109 KB, 1024x768)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
I can't stop being a hateful person and looking at online drama. 4chan and Discord have made me a more hateful person.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you can't find enjoyment and happiness with the smug superiority you can get looking at the faggots online screeching about Culture war nonsense, then take some time away from the web and read a nice book. Your soul will feel better.
That was the pre 2014 Gamergate Fappening world, a much better world than now
Touch grass
Personal growth is a wonderful but tough journey you are invited on.
File: jesus christ.jpg (290 KB, 531x710)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Come to Jesus.

File: FaSqzMXUUAAWeTc.jpg (51 KB, 487x693)
51 KB
You guys ever get so depressed that your basic motor skills are thrown off? I'm trying to do laundry right now and I get almost irrationally angry any time I drop something on the floor like a clothes hanger or something doesn't look right. Last night I was playing a video game I've been enjoying and I felt too retarded to play the game and had to turn it off.
bitch, you don't know jack shit. people can be so depressed they're unable to get out of bed
Not an option for me considering I live paycheck to paycheck

File: Jordan-Peterson.jpg (62 KB, 1184x789)
62 KB
Is there any example of a person who reached his lowest point and then managed to bounce back and get good again after psychotherapy?
>pic obviously not related
How can I even trust the psychology and psychiatri "science" when all of their members are junkies and crazies at best and much much worse at worst.

Asking for me because I'm at my lowest point, I have no one to talk to but I don't see how therapy could help me.
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This industry used to tie schizophrenics up in the air and spin them until they puked. This was 50 years ago they did this.

It's a scam.
>confessing to a priest
"I did a naughty but I'm vewy vewy sowwy :("
"okay cool see you next time"

what a joke
>tie schizophrenics up in the air and spin them until they puked
sounds like fun, I gotta pay like 80 dollars and wait 7 hours to do the same at amusement parks
Therapy can help as long as the person wants to honestly change. A lot of times it doesn't work because people go forced for other reasons (preassure from family, partner or someone else, etc) and not because they truly want to try it. Because therapists can't do magic and fix your problems, they're just there to give you tools to face your daily problems and slowly improve.

Another thing that plays a huge part is expectations. A lot of people go to therapy expecting to go from 1 to 100 in just a few weeks, but it can take a while depending on what you what to achieve.
A few years ago I was just lost, didn't know what to do with my life and didn't have any reason to stay motivated. I went to therapy with the main goal to be able to understand what I wanted from life and she helped me with that, which also helped me to find motivation so I slowly started to improve. That process took a few months, but it's not like my life was completely fixed, but it was a start. Some time later another problems started to appear because I started to experience new things, and I went to therapy again with that in mind.

So yeah, if you go with a realistic goal in mind and not just "I want to be happy!", then it can totally work out.
souudns like your seeking negative responses to confirm your bias against therapists which while justified is still a bias at the end of the day that will not do you any favors
it doesnt matter what famous people or my friends or family that have or haven't gotten better with therapy. they have no bearing on you or the experience you will have
fact is - most therapists aren't the best but the few good ones are absolutely worth the hunt
but maybe you dont need the most top of the line therapist to help yourself. a therapist alone will NOT fix your problems. they arent angels theyre normal ass people like you and me with degrees. but if you take the things they tell you to heart and you really take home and try out the advice they give you with some effort on your part they may help. it is impossible to say online, you have to take a chance and try it on your own and see how it turns out and be willing to accept one bad experience is not the standard across all therapists. nothing in life is this simple or black and white. but if you have a bad experience that will still be some experience regardless.

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