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File: 1635196437736.jpg (596 KB, 1722x1722)
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596 KB JPG
For those of you who have/had a gf, where did you meet?
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>a tinder gf
Isn't this like dating a public toilet
they're no different from irl women
>met two at work
>met one in a pool hall
>met one online
>met two at the gym
I was a late bloomer so none in high school for me, but plenty in my 20s if that makes you feel any better about your own situation.
>Summer camp, just hit on her and ended with her (1st real gf) 1.8 years
>highschool, made her feel better after she got dumped, ended up with her, nearly 7 years
>club, she sat next to me, 1 year, worst hearbreak ever followed by depression
>tinder, almost 2 years
>club (same club as before, same story lmao, she sat next to me and started talking to me) current relation, 1 month atm
Also did ONS using tinder but it sucks ass. Dont recommend

File: 1645886789953.jpg (106 KB, 909x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

think I have erectile dysfunction. I tried having sex yesterday with this girl and I couldnt keep it hard for more than a minute.

Some things to note about me. Im 6'0, 220lbs, and i jack off a lot. Yesterday, for example, before I knew I was gonna have sex I jacked off 5 or 6 times throughout the day

Could masturbating as frequently as I do cause ED? and what do I do to fix this?
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>jacks off a lot
>curious why it doesn't stand up
you retarded niggerfaggot, stop consuming porn, slapping your cock around like a sausage and then try fucking again
masturbation has been causing desensitization to sexual stimulus and death grip weakening the penile strength, nofap folks have been talking about it for years now
t. medfag
>and i jack off a lot
There's your answer retard. You don't have an ED which is an actual medical condition, you're just a degenerate coomer who chooses to fuck up his sex life because of this.

How long do you think it will take for me lose the desensitization? Nofap is the way?
I looked it up and It said masturbation dosent correlate to ED. Isn't ED literally just the inability to get hard during sex?
nofap is the way, why wouldn't it?
you have a chance of making love with a girl and you'd rather trash your meat around like a helicopter instead
>doesn't correlate
keep reading the mainstream medical sites, goy
Just cause im a retard when it comes to shit like this. How long do you think it would take before I reset my dicks sensitivity?

File: selfie3.jpg (1.71 MB, 3088x2316)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
/soc/ialites, how do I overcome my inceldom? I'm even willing to completely clothe, house and feed a girl. When I say feed I mean takeout to gourmet restaurants and when I say clothe I mean buy them dresses that costs upwards of $500...

Am I really that hideous that even that's not enough?
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Personality only gets you so far. If nobody takes the time to talk with you... it gets you nowhere at all.
>In real life people even grab their kids when I walk by while giving me a disgusted look.
I don't believe it.
you're probably an autist
What's your profile say, what's your typical opening message? You're not ugly (unless "portly disposition" means you're obese, but you don't look obese from OP pic).
From OP post it does sound like you have a shitty personality/incorrect understanding of women. Probably need to fix that.

How do I know if i have adhd or I'm just a lazy person? (aside from diagnosis ofc)
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Not OP, but I'll reply because he's a tard.

My process for shit I don't want to do is to try doing it for ten minutes, quit
after losing motivation (which I honestly never have anyways), and then wait until the last possible minute and then do it.
Do you do forgetful things like shampooing your hair 4 times in the shower or putting your phone down and immediately freaking out because you don't know where it is?
Do you sometimes take hours to do the simplest of tasks because you lose interest every 5 seconds and fall into procrastination?
Is it extremely difficult to muster up motivation to do anything?
Do you lose your train of thought while speaking and jumble up words?
yeah i do all of these, whenever i have something i need to do, i always do it as late as possible and rush it.
Well yeah sounds like Inattentive-type ADHD to me. You probably do have it, but obviously can't know for sure unless you seek a diagnosis.

t. Behavioral Science student
so like, if i went and got tested, i'd be scared i'd fuck up and not say some symptoms or i'd accidently exaggerate stuff and feel like i got misdiagnosed

File: 1652003304389.png (97 KB, 503x458)
97 KB
>be at gym doing jm presses
>One of the regulars, kinda average looks girl comes by searching for 2.5kg plate
>She cant find it, i wave and hand it to her
>She smiles nicely, has pretty cute hairstyle too
>Later im benching with my buddy, she is benching next to us with her fem friend
>My buddy jokingly struggles under lmao 2plate bench
>We laugh, girl giggles too and smiles to me
>Hey, she actually looks pretty cute when she smiles
>Fast forward to today, somehow we arrive at same time to gym
>She walks couple meters in front of me
>Fattest roundest pawg i have ever seen with tiny waist, Dexter Laboratory Mom bodytype
>She keeps the door open for me?
>I smile and say hi
>She just mumbles something and doesnt smile
>Later on im benching, as im putting plates on the bar, i look her direction, she was looking at me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
who cares, kill yourself faggot
Go for it, and switch gyms if it fails, unless that shit doesn't bother you. RIP your wallet though

t. Volcel who has never spoken to a woman for longer than 3 minutes except that one time a woman started screaming that I was abusing her....

huh, maybe that's why...

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Everything is monetized. Nothing goes for free.
>Monetization of pornography is wrong
Get sober, idiot.
good to see the jewish psyop is progressing well
Presumably some are ok with it, I imagine most guys with onlyfans GFs put up with it rather than are actually okay with it.
>Porn is not like I think porn should be
... What?
i can see some people being fine with it because they like the idea of dating a woman a lot of people jack off too, kinda like dating a sexy celeb or a model. its a status thing.
personally i wouldnt, seems self disrespecting to sell pictures of yourself and i wouldnt like intimate pictures of my GF posted all over

File: 1596778905352.webm (1.31 MB, 640x360)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
>Early 20's volcel
>Wants to have sex
>Know love is a meme
>Still wants to experience it
>Most girls my age already got over that phase and are just fucking like I should be doing.
How do I cope?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
get that disney princess notion of love out of your head.

You can love anything from cotton cnady to your mom or your dog and even a slutty girlfriend. Love is a whole big-ass rainbow, it's not just And Then They Lived Happily Forever After.

If anything, love is when things are kinda shit but you still stick with this person. You don't know what love is if it's always a picture-perfect disney moment, love has to be tested otherwise it's nothing and meaningless.
I’m 33 years old. I didn’t have sex during my entire twenties. I only just got my first gf last year. We haven’t had sex that much. But at this age you don’t really care as much anymore

Did I really miss anything during my 20s? No
not op, but if you are implying you should love a cheater, go fuck yourself
there is nothing worse in life than a traitor
You don't cope, you become content and hopeful.

You should try to find someone, and be hopeful that you will, but if you can't find a worthy wife, move on, and accept it and be content with what you have. A wife is only a small portion of all of the good life offers you, and if you choose to get hung up on that 5% that you missed out on, you won't be appreciating and benefitting from the other 95%.

It's like going on a vacation to another country, but forgetting your laptop at home. Yes, that sucks, but you can still very much enjoy your time abroad without it, and maybe you'll even enjoy it more somehow.
Stop getting psyoped into becoming the typical incel. I'm starting to believe that the media is colluding to produce more and more pitiful demoralized losers (by choice, they refuse to try enough) who value things they literally know nothing about. They're being peer pressured into wanting sex because... society tell them sex=good? Is that it? That's like being a retarded teenager becoming emo and cutting yourself for no real reason other than "that's what the edgy cool kids do" or "I have homework, I'm so depressed".

It's the same thing that happens when you watch too much news/youtube, the biases of the news channel or the person you're watching rub off on you and become your own without you realizing, or ever really experiencing the things you're biased against or towards.
how about you leave the internet for a second, and actually talk to people?

File: 1602598094947.jpg (1.04 MB, 2646x3528)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Lads I'm going out today to work on my social skills. Just going down to some shops where I'll have a bit of smalltalk with 10 people. Any people. Men, women, young, old. Success will be defined as "any one line that they hear and respond to." Weather, sports, how's your day... anything. If more than one line of dialogue occurs, that's all the better. I'll report results back. I encourage anyone else who wants to improve their social skills to attempt it too.

If you're doing other things to work on your social skills, post it here and let me/us know. This is literally day one for me and I need future ideas.


File: FB_IMG_1647359310286.jpg (51 KB, 674x674)
51 KB
>Had a physically abusive gf for 3 years
>Gay friend from childhood became friends with her while we were together
>After I leave her he decides to be friends with her and ditch me, even acknowledged that I did nothing to deserve it and he was doing a shitty thing but he just enjoys her and her friends' company more
>Hear that he's been joking with her about the physical abuse

How much trouble will I get in if I just punch this cunt in the face in the street and walk away? Will it ruin my career as a teacher? I have proof of the provocation in the form of WhatsApp messages from him.

I live in Spain.

File: file.png (178 KB, 800x534)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
My gf is obese (ironic as she's training to be a nutritionist). It seems like she's constantly trying to find justifications/excuses to not help herself. Pic related is very similar to her body, but with smaller breasts.

She told me she was going to lose weight and get herself to ~25BMI - the first few weeks went well - she went to the gym, ate well, etc. She lost more weight than she had expected and was happy with that, and I encouraged her every step of the way. However, she began complaining that the gym was tiring and it made her muscles hurt etc, and gradually her plans collapsed.

It's been about 4 months since she started this journey, but hasn't lost any weight - the few kilos she lost to begin with were put back on within a week.
>At first, she said her scales were broken - she was losing weight, but supposedly the scales kept misreading and saying she was still her old weight (or heavier). She ended up faking videos by picking up objects when she stood on it (visible in a reflection) to show the scales were "inaccurate".
>I suggested she calorie count because she eats a lot of very unhealthy food constantly (e.g. eating raw bacon in bed as a snack). She said she wasn't going to do that as "calorie counting is really unhealthy".
>Her female friends all tell her that she shouldn't lose weight. One even said "If I had a nutritionist, if they were skinny I wouldn't trust them at all, you're much more trustworthy", or just flat out telling her she doesn't need to.
>She doesn't use the scales any more, and doesn't buy new ones. She instead just says week by week that she thinks she's losing weight, but she's not changed at all.
>she said it was because of a thyroid problem (or other health issues beyond her control), then got tested by two different doctors who told her that her body was operating normally.

Her family has a history of heart disease and diabetes, and as days go by I'm finding her less and less attractive, as shallow as that sounds.
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>HER: I had a big lunch and overnight oats for breakfast
>HER: Oh and 4 creme eggs
>ME: Wait what
KEK, this thread is slowly becoming OP telling stories about her gluttonous (soon to be) ex gf
also she only in dinner and snacks had a 944 cal and a shit ton of sugar, not counting breakfast, lunch and the inbeetween snacks i bet she has, the amount of (you) this thread is gonna get is beutifull
She also eats a fuckton of cheese. Her kitchen is not well stocked at all, and most of the time she's ordering takeaways. In my country there's this company that sends you the raw ingredients for specific dishes so you can make healthy meals yourself, and I suggested she do this instead of ordering fast food most nights. She tried this for a couple weeks and then went back to fast food again, because of the time it took to cook. She's so used to the convenience and ease that she just orders takeaways constantly.
She also eats a FUCKTON of cheese. >Macaroni and Cheese (with extra bacon bits) is her favorite meal and one of the only things she can make.
>She's confessed to sometimes just eating her way through a block of cheese (with nothing else, literally the cheese on its own).
>She'll buy deep fried mozerrella sticks as a snack and eat her way through an entire packet.
>She works weekends and sometimes she'll get me to bring lunch to her workplace, and she'll want two densely packed grated cheese sandwiches (literally cheese and bread and nothing else), as well as babybells (another cheese thing).
>When she gets back from work she'll bring back glazed donuts CAKED in icing, cheesecake, or yum-yums ("deep fried croissants drenched in icing").
And yet she STILL tells me she doesn't think she's eating that much.
Last time she complained about the scales saying she's too heavy was this in convo (copy and pasted):

[HER]: I think I’ve put on weight again :/
[ME]: Oh dear
[HER]: I hate it. I haven't done anything different.
[ME]: What was your activity level like and did you track food intake?
[HER]: I’m more active recently than when I lost weight and I haven’t tracked it at all but I’m eating less than I was. I’m hungry so often. And it’s still yo-yoing up and down
>She tries to convince me the scales are broken - she's transported them, they're uncalibrated, etc.
[HER]: I think last weeks must’ve been wrong then because there’s no way I’ve over consumed that many 1000’s of calories to gain weight like this.
[HER]: I’ve just had a look and I would have to have been consuming around 3,000+ calories per day every day over the week to increase just half of that so it can’t be right that it’s gone from 236 lbs to 241 in 5 days. Maybe the floor is uneven?
>I basically get really blunt with her, and tell her that even if the scales were off by a few pounds, if she's losing weight the number should still get smaller over time.
>[HER]: I just want to be a skinny bitch :( There's no way I've eaten over 3k calories - I've been quite active, lots of walking and standing time.

I've told her time and time again that people are notoriously terrible judges of their consumtpion level, but she still maintains that she's active and eats very little.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1621952130163.png (537 KB, 600x900)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
>>She's confessed to sometimes just eating her way through a block of cheese (with nothing else, literally the cheese on its own).
She is cant be this oblivious to gluttony
>>[HER]: I just want to be a skinny bitch :(
No she doesnt, no sane person can eat a block of cheese and then say everything is fine, she is either mentally retarded towards this or she really likes to be a gluttonous bitch, and let me ask you OP, lets say you give her the big talk and she confesses that she wants to be fatten up by (You), how bad are you gonna react
>That is a low chance
In your personal case, this is worst case escenario, be prepare for everything, you are the one coming out of top and taking the weight out of you back
>her friends are telling her that she'd be a worse nutritionist if she was skinny
based sumo bro. regular fatties can't even get up off the couch by themselves or walk around the supermarket, sumo wrestlers are athletes on permabulk mode.

File: 1567699246623(1).gif (865 KB, 500x717)
865 KB
865 KB GIF
I've done so much stupid stuff as a teenager all the way up until I was about 18. Whether it be because of autism, lack of social awareness etc etc.

I constantly feel like I'm living on borrowed time, knowing that my previous actions could come back and ruin any future I could have. Some of it was online over Discord, some of it was IRL. I don't know what to do. I'm a completely different person from who I was back then. Currently 22, almost 23.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No nothing like that.
Feel like is different than, actual occurance, memories are not physically something. Will this matter to you in 25 to 50 years time?
the memories of opening mail and the physical things are different thing something like that was what I meant to say
Maybe, maybe not. I don't know really. Its hard to say. I don't think it will but I just want to move on and stop remembering this stuff.
I love it when 20 year olds look back at "a lifetime ago" and it's absolutely no more than 5 years.

pro tip: your teens aren't the most cringe time of your life, it's your 20s. 20 year olds are just teenagers with inflated egos and the ability to drink legally. As a teen you go through a phase of "I know everything no one understands me" into "I actually don't know everything" but then once you get a university degree or your own place or whatever it immediately goes back to "I actually do know everything, I am no longer a ignorant egotistic teenager I am a wise old 24 year old"

File: 433.png (408 KB, 827x526)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
What's a job i can get/work towards where i'm not constantly stressed out, don't have to do anything that's hard on my body, and don't have to interact with people
24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>When I worked in the military part time all I ever did was sweep floors and dust off counters
and? was it the worst thing ever or was it kinda nice and relaxing?

Also I've never been in the army let alone whatever country's army you were a part of but it has to different form regular janitor work. In the army you have to fuckin sleep in a bunk bed in a room filled with 75 guys or whatever and you see the same faces everyday and everyone knows you and they're like "haha hey johnny two-farts you been farting lately?" and whatever high school bullshit goes on there. If you're just some guy who cleans floors and toilets at the mall or carpets of an office building at night, no one knows who you are. A lot of people will actually actively avoid you and making eye contact with you.
Most normies don't have an opinion of you. I don't just mean you personally, but this whole victim complex thing that NEETs and incels and other autismos have going, like I used to.

Normies have lives of their own, they don't spend all their time online on instagram or tik tok being all REE THOSE FUCKIN ANIME POSTERS we're the ones who are obsessed with normies and not the other way around. If I had a nickle for every time someone posted "why do normies get mad when I X Y Z". No one who's normal cares if you watch chinese cartoons or have sex with stuffed animals or whatever.

>in b4 "but what about the pronoun retards on twitter who post about incels 24 hours a day"
they're not normies, they're also internet freaks.
>was it the worst thing ever or was it kinda nice and relaxing?
It really opened my eyes to what your average person is like, since I didn't have to talk to anyone in high school. Also the sleeping in a bunk, getting yelled at all day and getting two hours of sleep only happens on course. In your actual work you spend most of your time being a glorified janitor, doing paperwork, driving vehicles, or getting a refresher on what you were supposed to be doing when signing up
Sure, they don't spend their time thinking about me, but I know they look down on me when they figure me out, and that's not the kind of person I want to be friends with. I said that I despise them but that should be rephrased, I simply don't have anything in common with them to be anything other than acquaintances. I'd prefer steering clear of them altogether if possible
I mean you can't make a career out of security especially since most companies hire a million part timers instead of 1 full timer so they don't have to pay anyone benefits (if you're lucky the company has at least medical). You have no vacation days or paid time off. I worked security retail for 7 years which paid living wage with all benefits until the company tanked and laid off their security guards. Third party security companies doesn't offer anything, I'm basically filling the void until I figure out what to do with my life. The night shifters always look shady like they stole piss for the drug test.
>what your average person is like
>the army
No. Unless yours is a country with mandatory service for men & women, people who join the army typically are quite different from normal people. Both in good and bad ways.
>, but I know they look down on me
you know? Or you're just imagining in your head?
>I simply don't have anything in common with them to be anything other than acquaintances. I'd prefer steering clear of them altogether if possible
that's fine and fair I'm exactly the same but it's not just normies that I feel that way about it's literally everyone all the left-wing gender pronoun freaks and then all the right-wing cartoon frog incels and anime nerd and epic gamers etc. being around other people for extended periods of time is always exhausting for me.

File: sad.jpg (95 KB, 851x902)
95 KB
I just realized I don't even enjoy playing games anymore. I can even hardly type this post and describe my problems.

I tried changing my life style and it didn't work. I'm trying to learn programming which is the thing I really love doing but I just can't bring myself to do it. I see the code and I do everything correctly but I just sit here in front of the monitor and I just randomly break in tears for no fucking reason.

I used to be so organized with my room and my HDDs. Nowadays I leave all the files on my desktop. I hardly find the motivation to organize stuff. My room is a mess too and honestly, I can't be bothered on tidying things up.

Is this how being on the verge of suicide feels like? Throughout all my life I've been saying this over and over but never managed to find enough courage. However, I've been more and more willing to tie a noose around my neck and just hope for eternal rest.
48 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
> I'm trying to learn programming which is the thing I really love doing but I just can't bring myself to do it.

If you are like me, it could be because you are not coding anything consequential. In other words, you may feel that your efforts don’t actually impact anyone outside of yourself so it seems pointless to continue.

Try to code as part of a larger project, like an open source project. Also try to do things that have an effect on others, like volunteering. When you see that your actions benefit others, your life will start to have meaning. That will help motivate you further.
you sound like a massive fucking pussy
I just woke up from a nap. I'll see what I can do.
If not coding, then what else? I've been living my whole life thinking I wanted to beat web developer and the sort. Basically I don't know what to do if I throw that away.
Maybe if I put what I learn in the day to practice instead of continuing, it might help. I'll try doing that now. Thanks.
Long term boredom is caused by lack of goals

File: 1653087384350.jpg (498 KB, 1080x1818)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
This pic related right?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
For far too many women - yes. But it's not really about love, it's about how much secure they can feel and satisfaction of how much a guy can sacrifice. Steer clear from those, they usually have far less to offer you than they expect from you.
Some of them may also just have fragile egos or not care about what's right as much as forcing their way through - if they always could trump rationality with emotional outbursts and get their way, they, like any person, just stick to what works and never develops better, higher faculties.

Thankfully, there's some who are better than that - but not enough of them for every prospective guy looking for a decent partner, and often they have their own baggage, too.
File: 1603305754073.jpg (29 KB, 238x241)
29 KB
We should just make a women hate general to contain you faggots. There are 3 of these threads up at any given time
a rap song wouldnt deserve 2 seconds of my time
I'm not a manlet he was. I'm 6' tall and still get shit tests.

File: confused.jpg (88 KB, 940x530)
88 KB
Hey, I'm thinking about setting up a Bumble account (27y male). Can you give me any ideas about how to present myself more appealing?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
that's not what i asked sweetie. again, try reading.

i just realised you're probably american. goodbye.
keep posting cringe
it doesn't matter, women only care about your looks on there
and with how many more men there are than women on these apps, it will be impossible to ever get a match

if you want to meet girls, you either do it in school or through mutual friends
>if you want to meet girls, you either do it in school or through mutual friends
It's mathematically impossible to meet women through school or mutual friends.
All women in your school and social circle have Tinder and go for top 1% supermodels.
Talk to anyone that goes to school or has female friends, they'll tell you it's impossible to date or have sex with these women.
Try Hinge instead

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