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I am a woman with no dating experience lol. I was just so shocked my friend would speak like this about his exes. He said his first ex was too skinny and then said his second ex was overweight and carried her weight in her stomach

Do mosh men compare their exes/women/hookups like that? Do they talk like that with their male friends, comparing and contrasting their bodies? Thanks
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lol nobody does this shit he's just yanking your chain

Like it’s not like a been in and out of jail all my life. But sometimes I feel like I need to ask my CO “yea so like who dat? What’s the docket number on that?.”
Oh as a girl I never had that as I am top confident with whichever partner I am
Id like him to be more direct about everything. Few times he got drunk and compared me to his exes. It turns out I have a "model face" " rocking hourglass" perfectly shaped breasts " and I am a" maniac he barely catches up with in bed"
I mean I hate being compared but I guess that was kinda a compliment. So guys never go for a girls unless she is better than the last one
t. liars
A lot of men are hypocrites. Everything they blame on women such as being superficial they do but worse cause they actually hook up with the girl.

File: 1594487616215.jpg (79 KB, 500x536)
79 KB
I keep feeling lonely with basically everyone in my life. I've always grappled with an existential loneliness but it's only become more acute and severe with time. I'm young and fear I will end up a total recluse for this. In my otherwise wonderful relationship even I'm feeling more depressed than usual if something slightly goes wrong or feels hurtful and facing various kinds of anxious, intrusive thoughts about what's real and what's happening and what I feel and not knowing what to do in my life. I'm just feeling terribly isolated in life and exhausted trying to explain myself and fight for solutions. I've always fought for solutions and people are so stubborn and defensive that it is rarely ever worth it or effective. I consciously know it's better to be forgiving and compassionate and optimistic and all, but I'm just so tired of having to pick up the slack for others. My relative social blindness has always kept me disassociated from just how misunderstood, judged, and even abused I've been by people but lately it's all been coming together and it's crushing.
You are not alone OP
Thank you anon.
Could you give examples?

How do I get over someone I never dated?
Have sex

drugs. works everytime.
Are there healthier coping mechanisms?
Transcendental meditation.

Might take a while tho
David is this you?

File: femDoomer.jpg (12 KB, 325x382)
12 KB
So for context, I'm a 21M still doing my undergrad. Nearly all my friends are girls cause I'm a bit on the feminine side and we generally got along well.

Whilst most of these female friends are basically normies, the more I talk to them the more I realise basically all of them have pretty serious physiological issues. Apart from standard depression and anxiety, I know many that suffer from one or more of: delusions, panic attacks, dissociative episodes, suicidal tendancies and in one case, one that's an empath to a pathological degree.

Why does this seem so common? I understand full well that my sample could be biased because perhaps something about me attracts these types but I'm also beginning to suspect that maybe it's more than that; this ain't some based shit post, I am genuinely starting to be concerned.

To clarify, none of this seems to occur with my guys friends. one or two are depressed and maybe one's a coomer but that's it.

Thoughts, anons? I'm here to answer your questions if it helps.
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a lot of them get raped.
Oh boy...here we go with the abuse shit, fun fact: every bitch saying this makes it more and more non believable. I flat out refuse to believe every single bitch was raped at some point and some oldhead grabbing your ass as a teen is not enough to grow into a full adult and be socially and emotionally retarded to the point you cant function. Every child will see and go through some shit that will fuck them up, but to say its bad or major to the point you grow into adulthood and carry a host of problems is horseshit. Literally grow up.
Nobody forces you to use birth control you dumb bitch, maybe not sleep the fuck around or fuck guys you clearly know aint shit and are only there for pussy. Women know this shit from the moment we say hello and yet want me to believe they're so downtrodden from men.
Come beat my ass then faggot.
Yeah I call bull, I have no issues telling my friends when I'm going through some heavy shit, and I'm sorry to bust you retard bubble, but I dont need to shed tears to tell others I'm going through some bad shit cause I know deep down the pain is only temporary. Sorry that I dont need a hugathon or kiss my friends, what kind of faggot shit are you even on? Are you literally so stupid that you think solving toxic masculinity is guys acting like women when things get tough? wew lawd, the state of women and modern betas.

What are the essentials for looking healthier/more attractive and being more admirable/interesting as a 20 year old female? I mean the little things that a person might forget/overlook/not know about. What kinds of habits have served you well at this age?

im friends with this girl for about 3 years now. ive come to a realisation that she actually is the only girl with who i have fun hanging out. how do i get out of the friendzone while also being quite subtle? the thing is - we dont really talk or chat on daily basis, more like catching up once or twice per month or when one of us have alot on our plates.
also about signals, how do i distinguish i like you and i like you but as a friend?
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Do not do this. Trying to turn any kind of friendship into a relationship is only going to end up with bad, with both of you eventually falling apart.
You're just bored and you will ruin your friendship. Go on dates with other ppl.
File: 1576822882652.jpg (151 KB, 868x854)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>how do i get out of the friendzone while also being quite subtle?
Impossible. Sorry senpai. Only way out of the friendzone is to drop the bomb and hope you don't blow her completely out of your life.
Don't listen those idiot saying that this will ruin your friendship.
Male and female can't be truly friends

i wasn't suggesting that at all. i was just suggesting he ask her out on a date, and make it clear that he wants to get to know her better.

that's very different than confessing true love out of the blue. i think this distinction is lost on a lot of guys, and i think that's a problem.

the 'get to know you better' part is key.

File: s.png (204 KB, 499x430)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
i havent spoken to someone in 8 months. i realised now that i hurt his feelings (not because of stopping talking but because something else). should i apologize? or should i leave it? i dont want to drag up old feelings and make him feel worse
Up to you, you could if you want to. I don't know what went down but if things weren't too bad when you last saw him then you could just send him a message or do it personally, however you feel comfortable doing it. Good luck with that.
I usually don't like when someone comes back to apologise or reconnect long after the fact. I've gotten over it and all you hitting me up does is make it look like you're feeling guilty and want to clear your conscience.
if somebody hurt me and never apologized for it, I'd be pretty sad anytime I thought of it

once a distance friend (after some ugliness) apologized and wished me happy birthday, made me feel amazing

just be sincere about it, and expect nothing in return for doing it
What happened?

is befriending women actually a good way to get laid as a guy? wouldn't that just lead to me getting stuck in something platonic?
I'm wondering what I could do differently to get a gf.
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Please go away black man
Yup. Thats the way you do it. Keep meeting and talking to women. Youre just framing it wrong. "Getting to know someone" and "befriending someone" are the exact same thing.
Befriending a woman is a lot of the same steps as tryna fuck her. You meet, talk about common things, make jokes, laugh, have fun etc. And thats basically all flirting is. The only difference is intent and whether or not you know how to push it forward.
>wont it lead to platonic
Yeah eventually if you dont do anything. Trick is when youre new to someone, male or female, friend or fuck buddy, youre flawless. They dont know you very deeply yet. Youve got that window where youre perfect to make a move. Once shes humanized you youre likely done for. No ones perfect. You have until she knows why you arent.
Don't be friends with women just because you're looking to get laid, that's a trashy mindset. I remember a friend I had a long time ago and I miss her to this day. She was kind and a very understanding person.
If the girl is attracted to you, you becoming her friend won't change that fact.
That's why I'm afraid to be friends with some women I knew in the past. They had a thing for me and I was afraid I would only hurt them more than I did by rejecting their advances.

It's possible they might get over you eventually but that's going to be difficult with some.

File: 1596711029051.jpg (179 KB, 579x756)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
When dating women what can make up for autism, being boring, low iq, uncharismatic, unfunny and psychologically weak and anxious?
If you have a 7/10 face, lift and are 6'1
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Uh, dude. I'm talking about if we're not dating. I wanna flirt way before we're even together my man. Chill.
This copypasta goes right over my head. Essentially, don't fake sexual feelings. But aren't women inherently disgusted by heterosexual males?
Again you all are missing my point. WE'RE NOT DATING YET. I haven't even kissed her once or held hands. What needs to be done without being treated like a fucking predator?

Calm your tits you euphoric faggots.
Well, it dates back to my very early childhood. When I was a kid, I conducted myself by a very extreme code of ethics. It demanded a great deal of sacrifice and self-denial. I was the kind of person who'd let anyone cut in front of me in line, give away my possessions, pick up other people's trash, etc. And I was completely obsessed with following rules to the utmost spirit and letter. Doing anything even slightly "wrong" utterly destroyed me and the smallest transgressions would leave me contemplating suicide for years afterward, at an age when most people could barely entertain the concept. I think that at some point, I started refining the system of rules that I used to guide my social interactions. I'd developed a reputation for being socially retarded, having already skipped a grade, which put on the back foot from the beginning. But behaviours like picking up trash led people to take advantage of me (throwing theirs on the ground, knowing I would take care of it). And there were other behaviours like my complete inability to lie, refusal to swear, refusal to tolerate any impoliteness on the part of others, etc. that crippled me socially. So I started developing new rules and any social failure became a failure to live up to my standards and a source of shame. My rules evolved over time and so, looking back, things that didn't seem shameful at the time became so. And I think that, on some level, I don't want people to have any information to use against me. Liking any one thing was a potential social failure, so it became shameful.
Money and social status are key. Being an asshole is a cheat code.

Is this skin cancer I’m 24 wtf
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i never had eczema in the past though can i doctor tell me if it's skin cancer or not or do i have to go to a (((dermatologist))
i can't narrow it down it seems like it it could be actinic keratosis or fungal infection or early skin cancer
Lol that’s early stage herpes, my man. These guys are lying. Typo faggots*
it's not herpes it's near my elbow
Nigga take your fucking meds that’s a bruise

File: 1596642691477.jpg (712 KB, 941x1235)
712 KB
712 KB JPG
my sister has contracted syphilis and herpes after she had a train ran through her

yes my whole family is going ballistic including me, what do we do with her now. shes has become a whore with 2 stds

what am i to do with the relationship i have with her. i cant forgive such a after she has done such a depraved and sick act.
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Have sex
Preferably not with your sister lol
What is wrong with you people? OP's sister is still his sister. I have a sister too. It is my job to protect her, and care for her, and help her heal if something like this were to happen.

OP, your sister is still your sister. She is your father's daughter-- how can you abandon her now when she needs support? Call her, meet her, hug her, tell her that things will be okay. And then immediately get her the treatment needed for syphilis, that disease can become dangerous. Keep in close contact with her, have her stay with you or your father if possible. I think you know she didn't want this to happen. She was having fun, and things took a turn south. For her, this is a learning moment, and I encourage you to help her be more responsible (make sure she knows to ask about the STD status of future partners, etc.). Your sister is not a whore, OP. She was enjoying herself with a pleasure God created for all of us. You are her brother, bro, don't abandon her.
> OP's sister is still his sister.
That doesn't mean what she did is right. If a family member outs themselves as garbage unconcerned with their own wellbeing, let alone their family's, I would want them out of my life.
She got herself into that mess willingly, and she doesn't deserve a single second of OP's time or concern.

> Your sister is not a whore
>"lmao as long as a disease-ridden hedonistic gangbang is consensual you're not a whore"
Delusional. She is nothing other than a whore at this point. Such a person shouldn't be accepted by a decent family lest they be taken down with her.
>autistic screeching
You still haven't provided an argument to why his sister having sex whatever way she wants has *anything* to do with him and his family. How does her cunt getting pounded have any effect on them?
>how do the people you associate with have any impact on the environment you live in
Stick your head in a blender, pseud.

Any questions that you need help with? Life advice, dating advice, I can do it all
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How are you supposed to feel in a relationship? I don't feel a strong romantic connection with my girlfriend of a couple of months, but she's become my best friend. We have sex, but it's not stellar.
Is this normal or okay? I still like her, her family and how our lives fit together, but I don't have any strong, passionate feelings I guess.
I'm in the same position as you only I'm 19. After leaving high school it's been hard for me because all my hobbies are guy oriented and my college degree is guy oriented. At this point I've just accepted my position because I dislike dating apps and I'm not gonna adopt a fake hobby just to get muh female attention. My advice to you is to wait it out.
The bitterness is normal for reading RM since you're probably going "I can't believe I fell for this" or "why can't things be the way I want them too". The end goal of reading RM should be to understand how and why women and men act the way they do to each other, accept them for it, and figure out how to make it work for you. Then, women are not "lovely creatures" they're just "creatures"
File: L9Vu4Zo.png (19 KB, 503x644)
19 KB
How are you supposed to find girls in the middle of COVID? I used to latin dance and go to bars on the weekend, but with both of those shut down and working remote the only interactions I have are at the gym and grocery shopping. I'm also not a fan of online dating due to pic related
Page 7 bump

File: 1593027565340.jpg (232 KB, 900x1200)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
26 khv white guy with a 6x5 penis. How do I have sex with a female. I've been watching porn but those guy got huge dongs and seem to cause pain and pleasure at the same time. Like I dont even know where to begin. I'm not sure if my penis is long enough to where I dont slip out.
I need tips or videos about vanilla sex. Sex for noobs idk.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Femanon here. You are perfectly fine, actually on the larger side and unless you only stick the tip in you wont slip out, i promise

Personally i actually prefer normal size dicks (like yours) and guys with big dicks tend to think that alone makes them amazing in bed, which it in fact does not.

1. Communication is key. Just ask if something feels good. Its 10x hotter than guys who think they know what they are doing, but are not.
2. Make her feel sexy. Moans and groans are super hot (but dont go overboard). Tell her shes beautiful, sexy, tight etc
3. Dont just focus on the private parts. Mouth, neck, collarbone, breasts, ass, tights etc are all important
4. If you make sure she has an orgasm before you stick it in, i am 99% certain whoever you are with will be satisfied. Its a reason the most popular sex toys stimulate the clit, because a minority of women can actually orgasm from PIV. I can, but its much, much easier if i have a clitoral orgasm at first so its a win-win imo
>Small penis
Yep, adds up
Porn has poisoned your brain. You are fine. Also it's biologically ingrained into you, you already know how to have sex.
File: 1576879514470.jpg (80 KB, 500x523)
80 KB
Stop watching porn.
Porn isn't real.
Nothing you see in porn is applicable in real life.
>normal dick yet still worried about size
I just hope that's not the sole reason for your lack of confidence.
Kiss her, touch her, make her wet before putting your dick in her = foreplay. Go in, thrust and that's it. If you're not a jerk and care about her, she's more likely to feel pleasure. Also it's not all your job, it's still her pussy so she should know what she likes, every woman is different and you cannot read minds.

File: 1596206649357.jpg (19 KB, 540x417)
19 KB
How do i get used to treating women like trash? Whenever I treat my girlfriend badly, she treats me wonderfully and gives me way more affection. I don't mean to though and so it feels so backwards to be rewarded for it. I've heard that women like and deserve to be treated like shit but is there any alternative? Do I just try whatever I can get away with?
Swear, I'm not trolling. I want to be able to flip the switch in my brain that allows me to treat my girlfriend without respect. I can do it with other women no problem, but I just care for her too much. Why do I have to be an asshole to make her happy?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don't write off autist girls... those are the ones that can share the most of your mindset and outlook on the world and not be total whores because of social apathy/touch aversion and shit. They're either 0 or 100 when it comes to personality so just look for the basics. Can they cook/clean? Do they believe in some stupid delusional shit you don't like? Do they take care of themselves? What religion/politics do they fancy? And so on
my ex has utterly destroyed my perception of autists though anon, how do i recover from that?
she was extremely selfish and boring, 0/10 personality. the relationship was extremely toxic too
Sounds like your girl and ones similar are just that, girls. Immature, selfish, ignorant, lazy, emotionally unstable, stuck in trauma and drama. Sounds like you're that way too in my opinion. If a girl sticks around and treats you better after you manipulate and treat her poorly, that's attachment, not love. It might feel good for a second, but it'll rot your soul.
You could be falsely attributing her toxic personality to the autism. Separate the specific behaviours and traits you saw in her from that and you'll be able to better spot the red flags in others. It's like dying of dehydration just because you almost drowned in the ocean. Water isn't the enemy, it's not knowing how to swim, you know?
thanks for the based reply anon
never saw it that way until you pointed that out

File: 234-beamish[1].jpg (25 KB, 432x256)
25 KB
I'm an ER doctor, ask me anything
61 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
How long has you been in ER
The overwhelming majority of people who come down with a "sudden" illness are middle aged, or more commonly, even older than that. Young people who develop something sudden overwhelmingly end up with something like appendicitis which isn't going to kill you if you're smart enough to go to the ER when you're in pain.
>NYC was hit first
Either lying bait OP or center-of-the-universe new yorker
How often do you see fucked up shit?
Did you just not read the news at all? He's completely right. It was one of the first places hit in the country, albeit not the only one.

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