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I need a 8gb ram.
I see over 100$ price.
I need something pic related.
Head on over to
8gb RAM isnt good enough anymore. 16gb is the new minimum. applications are larger, process more, whatever you want to list as far as reasons you need more ram, they exist. Windows processes take up a lot of RAM too.

anyway, cheap ram is going to be slower than expensive ram. thats the biggest difference. lesser quality metal and engineering. faster ram is better for gaming, obviously, but if youre just needing a desktop PC for internet and work, it wont matter.
I currently have a all-in-one pc (8gb ram,pic related)
I need another chip.
What's a good brand?
I tried calling the manufacture and they can't seem to find my model.

File: 1611399692025.jpg (73 KB, 720x622)
73 KB
Best way of learning how to fight quickly?
Don't want to become a killing machine or anything, just be able to defend myself in a street fight with proper form and technique and not stay frozen and clueless
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Learn to parry
Trump lost
Go to a self defense class or something and you’ll get the added benefit of socialization.
is it better than boxing, MT or BJJ? How long for basic proficiency?
Don't really care for socialization I just wanna learn how to handle combat situations
Buy a fire arm and learn to use it, seriously you could be 7'6 350 lb of muscle and been training martial arts since birth and you would get bodied by my .45 in less then a second, also most people trying to fight you will run the opposite direction if you pull a gun on them unless they have a actual death wish or are so drugged up that fist fighting them would do literally nothing, why waste effort learning how to fist fight when you can whip out the delete button on any bozo stupid enough to try to assault you.

How do I find a guy who realizes that after seeing millions of people do the same shit four thousand times to “find someone better” realizes there is no one better and you should just make it work now instead of jumping from person to person like an ape like a fucking sexual degenerate who can’t get his dick wet enough times if you catch my drift it’s just a saying

Problem is I’m not a fundamentalist Christian and it seems those men are the only ones that would even try making a relationship work
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Because women manipulate men by withholding sex in the first place.

This may surprise you, but we really don't care about what you think, who you are or what you have to say. Without the sex we might as well just segregate because nothing intelligent is going to come out of your mouth that a man wants to listen to.
>I'm sure someone will suddenly respect me
No, you have to earn it. Holy shit, are you twelve? You earn respect by becoming someone respectable. Learn skills, acquire hobbies, work on being a likable person when you interact with others. When people react sourly to you, take the time to ask them why and learn about yourself, try to sand away your rough edges. Everyone wants someone to talk to, but if you only spew hate and vitriol, you're going to die alone and unloved, like so many ugly cat ladies before you.
>The issue is not having a healthy perception of the world
In what way? You know that people can coexist without necessarily believing in the same things, right? Have you worked on being tolerant of people who aren't like yourself?
For men? No, not really. Modern people dramatically underestimate how prevalent prostitution used to be. Women might have been virgins at their weddings but men generally were not unless they were living in rural areas or small enough towns where there wasn't a big enough market for prostitutes.
>you're going to die alone and unloved

Where do you go to look for apartments?

Just got a job and I desperately want to move out of my parents basement, been looking at fb marketplace, fb apartment groups in the city i'll be working in, and other apartment websites. It seems like either you pay a premium to stay in complexes, or you pay normal prices for a unicorn private seller listing. I only saw one listing I wanted to live in, and it was the latter(it's gone now).

Where else should I look? Should I lower expectations? Live with roommates? I just want a 1br 1br lol
Stay in your parents' basement until you have enough saved up for a down payment on a house.
great idea i'll live there until i'm 25.

they're horrible to live with, i'd rather get out and live on my own and save up slower while healing my mental health. house seems like a good option when i'm settling down in life but right now as a 22 year old post grad it's tough
Suck it up buttercup.
Realtor.com, switch the search options from but to rent

File: 1637794475166.png (214 KB, 1052x1432)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
would you keep seeing a chick after she sent you pic related?

I have already seen her twice already since and we had some nice sex. I went down on her and made her legs shake. She seems to enjoy it. I kinda hinted to her that i might get a her gift for christmas, she seemed happy about that and hinted she wanted some kate spade purse that costs like $100. I got it for her but haven't told her yet. Haven't spent any other money on her besides buying food for her when we eat. I figured it's still better than hookers. I also stopped texting her first and she initiates texts now because before i would text her and sometimes she would respond quick and other times she would take more than an hour to respond. what would you do if you were me? continue to milk this for sex as much as you can or just drop it and move on? To keep things in perspective, i'm 34, she's 24. we both have good careers.
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bruh that is not even a "hint", she legit wants you to buy her stuff.
I'd say if she doesn't get you a gift anytime soon, stop talking to her

She said she'd but me something too. This is from a few weeks back.
>so it will aborted if she does end up getting pregnant.
Rip. Don't use anti-aging cream.

what did you mean by this?
>I'm not as physically attracted to you
It should be over, right there.

File: 1638833941341.png (677 KB, 1956x1402)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
Is he right bros?
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That has nothing to do with superiority. OP pic is a bitch and doesn't know how to function.
And you're an ideological retard with actually no empathy who throws a hissy fit when his beliefs are challenged only to claim comfort in the imagined herd.
Your half ass retarded retorts given to every single person in this thread does not constitute a challenge. Since you do not want to give or receive advice kindly fuck off until it becomes appropriate for you to actually use this board.
>Sure, but must you be happy in order to be nice.
I was raised to believe that niceness=happiness, worst idea ever
>Those are some big statements. Mass murder is thankfully not as common as the amount of frustrated nice guys. But what should he do then? Just not be nice?
Yes they are big statements, I forgot to mention another possible outcome: he just exists depressed and not really living but never gets to kill himself. Like I said, he should become stronger and be ruthless with how he uses people.
>There may very well be some things that he is doing wrong, but there is also a possibility that there are external factors as well.
There are definitely external factors, it probably started with his parents or whoever raised him, he recognizes that there is a problem but does nothing different in order to solve it? I believe there's deep issues within him, in a way that not himself can fully grasp, to stop him to take a different route of action.
>In which case, is there something to be learned from this? Idk.
I would say, know yourself first better then you'll start to know the others around you better.
There aren't any experiments like that, but just watch a few seasons of Survivor and you'll get it.

File: GettyImages-860938106.jpg (878 KB, 2560x1440)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
>health problems, 2 surgeries for the past year
>I realized my only friend doesn't give a fuck about my well-being
>still live with parents
>financially dependent on parents since doing an internship for which I receive no pay
>job going nowhere for now
>guy I was crushing over rejected me
I've no appetite, sleep very little, experience no joy from the hobbies and entertainment I used to love in the past. There's rarely a day I don't come back from work and instantly burst into tears, I don't cry myself to sleep. Is it time I get an appointment with a psychiatrist and ask to be prescribed antidepressants? I'll be stuck at this shitty internship for a few more years before I can escape and start advancing my career.
How bad are these health problems? Can you workout with these health problems?
If can start running that will give you a hobby, help with depression and make you look better for a bf/gf.
It will take a while to get into running. For me it took about 4 months to start enjoying it. Thank God I enjoyed running before I lost my job from the coof over a year ago. I ran a ton to fight off depression.
Fucking respond to me OP
>my life situation makes me miserable and I hate it so much!
>should I give some rich jew boomer money to drug me into numbness?
I get you're a poorfag with few options but come on now. you've gotta change your living conditions somehow and unpaid years long internships and ssris are clearly not the answer. you also can't really expect someone else to care about your health as much as you, what are they supposed to do? say oh boohoo thats so sad I feel so bad for you and then you get a mood boost? or they give you a massage and spongebath? nobody gives a shit except healthcare professionals and thats only because theyre getting paid mad money to

you're an idiot
I'm very fit as I workout every day. Resistance training mainly, very limited cardio. Picked it up to help fight depression last year when I was diagnosed with the bad stuff. Come spring I'm planning on taking up either horse-riding or swimming, whichever is cheaper. Health issues are gynecological, had tumors that needed to be removed. Recovered now, but I had some hormonal after-effects that are still being handled by various professionals.

Can't skip the internship, because it's the key to moving forward with my career. It's how this works in my field, unfortunately. Friend told me he didn't want to listen to me wallow in self-pity anymore and told me I was getting annoying. Don't think neither him nor my parents are taking my mental state seriously. Last time my mom caught me crying, she tried to cheer me up by saying I only had 3 more years of this left.

I dunno, I can't tell whether I'm being a little bitch or I need some external help.

Das it guise, I finally bought it.

Been postponing it a lot, but I finally bought two things: a set of butt plugs and a big ass box to hide toys.

Super happy I gathered the courage to buy my stuff and I want tips on what else to buy.

Thinking of buying a damn good fleshlight to last for a good while, but anything else that's good for a dude that's into ass play?
Magic wand or dragon dildo
Could I have links to have a look at them?
The hitatchi wands are great.
There are many different kinds of dragon dildos, just look through the bad dragon website and pick one

File: 1638641440035.png (468 KB, 480x640)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>be me
>be friendzoned with girl
>take her out for meals
>see movies in the theatre
>walk around with her for grocery shopping
>listen to her problems
>she tells me one day that I'm a better boyfriend than any of her previous exes
>She tells me that we're basically dating
>constantly talking about her lack of sex life
>how she's ready to have babies start a family
I'm very aware that she's dropping all these hints but why does she choose to give me the boyfriend role but not the title? And no I'm not fucking her.
36 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
the other option is too become a woman hating faggot. At least I try. Its futile But I'm learning
I love women way too much to hate them even though i hate them too
thanks for the bump but... i'm just gonna block her. I feel sad and destroyed right now but hopefully it gets better
Its not the friend zone if she wants to date.


I had a job interview yesterday that I thought went fairly well. In addition to the usual background test/drug screening, they want me to complete a "handwriting analysis" that I guess they outsource to someone who does this full time.

Sounds like a fucking scam right? I'm worried because they implied this was just as important as the background check and I don't want to not get the job because of my bad handwriting. Has anyone ever heard of this?
File: Scan_20211208.jpg (679 KB, 1700x2338)
679 KB
679 KB JPG
Would you hire me based on my hand-writing?
File: blank.jpg (329 KB, 1700x2338)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Template in case anyone wants to upload theirs.

File: osaka universe.gif (400 KB, 384x384)
400 KB
400 KB GIF
I am genuinely so lost in my own little autistic world on the Internet that I don't want to have a wife and kids, yet society really wants me to, for some reason. It feels like everyone is pressuring me to do so. When I was small, adults said that when I would grow up, I wouldn't have time to do the things I want, but the last few years it's been literally nothing but just doing the things I want, albeit working to keep myself afloat (I live alone). No matter if it was watching anime, reading manga, books, fixing and improving my flat, playing my synth, playing games with friends, playing chess with my boomer neighbour, travelling, going around my city, etc., it all felt so worthwhile to me because it was the first time I had been totally free, after my academic years, to do whatever the hell I want. And I still feel this way, but ever so slightly, I feel anxiety thrust upon me by my family, relatives and surroundings. They all ask me when I'll get married or have kids but I'm genuinely not feeling it.
Do you think I should go out and breed? Is it really true that breeding is the base meaning of life?

t. 28 year old
Do what you want. But also keep in mind that starting a family is a pretty big milestone in the lives of many people. If you truly don't want that then that's fine, but just be sure that's how you really feel and won't regret it later.
>Do you think I should go out and breed?
No, you'll probably traumatize your kid if you lose interest after a year.
Go out and breed when you feel like you've done everything else you wanted to do so much already that it wouldn't matter to you if you were alive or dead.
The patriarchy is to blame for this. Fuck boomers, do what you want anon. We ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE. LIVE IT.
Anon, I’m a decade younger than you so take that with a grain of salt but if living your way makes you happy, then stay like that. The world is overpopulated as it is, and if you don’t want a family to begin with, you won’t even enjoy it. Don’t let other people have power over you - you only get one shot as existence, so live it being yourself and doing the things that you love, not what others expect from you.

File: 1638984297953.jpg (7 KB, 250x228)
7 KB
wat do
Your absolute first step should be to call 211 or go to 211.org. Quality varies across the country, but if I were to hit the skids, that's the very first thing I'd do
Contact social services and welfare
You're fucked.

File: 2048x2048.jpg (364 KB, 1622x2048)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
4 months ago my girlfriend and i got drunk alone in her room, we talked about intimate stuff and then she decided to "open up" to me and talked to me about her sexual past. A topic that i don't wanted to hear about. She told me all the things she did with other guys before dating me, she said she did anal, oral, cum on face, "Golden shower" and more dirty shit with other guys that werent even dating her because she was a volatile teenager that never had a Dad, when she finished taking i left as soon as possible because i felt grossed out.

She made me feel horrible for loving her. The fact that she allowed someone to cum in her ass made me angry and resented.

The day after i tried breaking up but she said that she didn't deserve it because all of that happend before i even dated her and she only tried to be "open" with me. That i was being "insecure" And that she loved me because i was her first real boyfriend ever, she even got on her knees and begged me to stay.

The thing is that i decided to stay with her but i totally lost my respect to her after hearing all what she did with other dudes. I only decided to stay with her for the time being because i liked to fuck her, but in secret i had been fucking other girls and i was planning to dump my girlfriend as soon i found someone better.

Today she told me is pregnant, and i won't even deny that it's my child because we fuck about every single day and i know she is a loyal person, ive tested her loyalty more than once.

What i'm supposed to do now? She was very happy and unaware about all the things i have told you, i don't respect her, i constantly cheat on her since i became aware of her past, i was planning to dump her at the first chance if i found someone better. And now she is carryng my child... I have mixed feelings, i feel like a piece of shit, and i regret all what i did behind her back, i feel guilty, i cried today but the guilt won't go away, i'm a mixed bag of feelings.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I dated a chick for a couple months then one night when she was drunk she told me she got gang banged by her colleges baseball team and said it so casually while laughing. We never hung out again after that night. I don’t think we ever even spoke after that. I made no attempts to contact her, and I think she was too ashamed or embarrassed to contact me.

1. Why the fuck do you want to drop your girl because of her sex life? She is a girl. It is for you it is inacceptable to get cum into mouth. For her it is completely ok. Other evil perversions ... well, she doesn't do them with you. Demand her to promise you that she will never ever consentually engage into such activities. Then consider the situation dealt with.

2. Why the fuck do you fuck without a condom and without the device? Have you planned to get the child? And why the fuck do girls report their pregancy only after the guys wanna drop them? Isn't it obvious that if you fuck without contraception she will got pregant?
>Demand her to promise you that she will never ever consentually engage into such activities.

No matter with you or with some another person. No matter after you divorce her, or before.
No matter if you are dead, or alive.
what is it with all these fags talking about their whore girlfriends today. are these larps all being written by the same guy? 0/10 bait, your fault for sleeping with a whore. you knew her before you gave her your dick and now you have to live with the fact that you'll only meet whores from this point forward who value sex as insignificantly as you do.

>had been fucking other girls and i was planning to dump my girlfriend as soon




File: gyl6avhwljd11.jpg (73 KB, 1000x982)
73 KB
I'm 20 and in university where I'm doing very well both academically and career wise and my life is very good from an outside perspective.

The thing is every month or two I get really depressed for a week where I'm just bored with everything to the point where I feel like I can't go outside. But even when I get like this I can still keep up my normal stuff so my friends and family don't know (I think). It's only messed me up one time in highschool where it lasted several months and led me to going to a relatively shittier uni but I'm still well off overall.

I was talking to a friend about it and he said that he thinks I'm kinda weird and probably got something and he wasn't surprised when I told him all this stuff. I've always felt like I had something too but not really sure what. Basically he suggested I get therapy before this shit gets out of hand and messes me up.

The problem I have is that I'm doing very well most of the time, and don't even identify with myself when I go through one of those phases and I don't want to end up in a mental hospital or on some next pills. The only real point would be to find out if I have something for real, but I want to deal with it myself anyway so I'm not sure how much itd matter. On top of all that i don't want my parents finding out about any of this cause its a me problem and I'd be humiliated.

I'm planning on going full yolo with whatever I got and seeing where I end up but I'm not sure if that's the move

File: 1608571559264.webm (2.19 MB, 1280x720)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB WEBM
If I believe another's actions or views to be morally wrong, what place or standing do I have to correct them?

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