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File: 4ukepny923041.png (69 KB, 1512x1392)
69 KB
TLDR: Women text me first but unmatch because I say something lame or cringe. Need help.

I need help with my conversations on hinge/tinder. I've worked really hard for the Chad body, but I don't have the Chad attitude and my convos are drying up women faster than the sun. What is the mindset/where can I find examples of what to text to lock down a date?

I guess be as shitty as possible? Give off the least amount of effort I can? Do the opposite of everything I've been doing?
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Agree with the anon that called you "reddity"; like you're trying to craft an image of yourself as this irreverent class clown, and it's just too obvious that you're putting on a show

>tfw anon realizes no one has actually been typing "desu" for years
Female sexuality revolves around safety, suggesting anything dangerous or risky is not conducive to getting a girl to meet a stranger online. The conversation should revolve around building investment and demonstrating that you are not a weirdo.

So typical conversation for me would be something like...
>Hey, you look like trouble :wink:
She probably responds with something like "haha me? why you think that?"
>insert comment related to her profile, her smile, or fall back on "well I hope you are at least a little" and then add "we'll have to find out" with winky or kiss emoji whatever

Then she'll either go quiet, respond positively "I guess we will haha" and then ideally respond with a question which you can then have a normal back and forth over. Ideally without saying something fucking stupid.

If no question then ask where she's from, her work, etc. Something basic to build rapport. If it goes well drop "let's exchange numbers :smileyface:" - notice its not a request its a statement.

Once you have them off the dating platform you have achieved one level of investment, now you get them to agree to a call, or jump straight to the date if she seems keen. Keep it to SMS, she might have WhatsApp but save that for if the text thread dies off, you can re-engage by pinging her on WhatsApp after a while and saying something like how you just noticed she was on here... She can respond without feeling guilty about the dead text conversation and you don't look needy by sending multiple texts.

If a conversation does go dead, leave it for a while and re-engage later. In the meantime work on other matches. It is a numbers game.

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>no screencaps

Screencaps or it didn't happen

File: 1606506377916.jpg (134 KB, 553x800)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I know it’s stupid to come to 4chan with major personal issues but I feel so bad and I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve always thought men who hit their wives are stupid and here I am being one of them! We were arguing about something our son did and she said something along the lines of "you’re not the nicest guy so you can’t talk" and it pissed me off. I pushed her against the wall and punched her multiple times. As soon as she started screaming for help, I realized what I was doing and stopped and she threw herself on the floor. I felt bad instantly. She didn’t want me to help her getting up from the floor and wouldn’t even let me touch her. She packed a bag and left and hasn’t been answering my phone calls.

I know she probably needs some time and I’m sure she hates me for what I did. I feel so bad and I wish I would have never done it. It hurts to know that I’m her husband and tonight I was also the one hurting her. I know for a fact that I’m never hitting her again. We were doing so good and now I might have destroyed our marriage. I love her so much. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I can say to make her understand how bad I feel.
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Honestly, OP is probably a troll. If not he is a piece of shit. He isn't being publicly shamed. He is an anonymous user on a message board. This guy needs a hard dose of reality. And yes it is easy to judge wife beaters. These kinds of people always re-offend. You never forgive this kind of shit. Apparently, his wife has left him and the whole family has disowned him. Good on him. He can try to better himself but it's probably a lost cause. He should go to therapy and work on himself. He should get snipped and ideally never be in any kind of relationship ever again.
File: sketch-1606002637643.png (2.58 MB, 1080x1440)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Dude I can't wait until I re-offend. I will bring more hilarious tales to /adv/. Any day now.
Holy shit you are insane.
He is on point. You people will never question the woman only the man.

File: pre v post.png (998 KB, 659x1004)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
me before + during my eating disorder

thoughts? do I look significantly different -- my brain says I do. can I afford gaining back to this OG weight + notably more if needed? I'm looking for some objective statements / opinions on my body, because I am struggling to differentiate my disordered thoughts from reality. my therapist is not willing to discuss how she thinks my body "looks." I have more / better photos if needed
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yes i currently eat 3 meals a day, just limit my calories.

in fact i reached a recent best of 20 days without any behavior apart caloric restriction, reaching a new low weight — i thought i was recovering however on friday i fell into the worst binge cycle ive ever experienced and ate about 7,000 calories for three days. which is why im posting here now
>i fell into the worst binge cycle ive ever experienced and ate about 7,000 calories for three days.
That’s a good thing, it’s like being sleep taxed and crashing for an entire day. It’s not optimal, sure, but it happened for a reason.

Do you take note of calories regularly or is that for the therapist, like is it something you do instinctively? It might be doing you more harm keeping track so precisely.

Try more than 3 meals, don’t worry about your “look” okay, focus on your energy, you look like a Pole and you probably need the energy for your brain, keep going since 20 days is great and your weekend binge is really no big deal!
May i ask.
are you single?
You can objectively see differences in the top and bottom photos, specifically near the love handles, stomach, and lower back. At a glance I'd have never guessed you had an eating disorder. The photos are poor quality but your hair doesn't appear to be overwhelmingly damaged. The other markers I've seen like damaged, nails, skin, and teeth aren't visible visible though.
File: sketch-1600130737020.png (471 KB, 1080x1089)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
>7,000 calories for three days.
>That’s a good thing
She is beautiful in the bottom pic. Stop trying to sabotage this poor woman.

File: 1611094139068.jpg (53 KB, 600x377)
53 KB
Feel the air rush into you lungs, the life granting oxygen dissolving into your blood. Now exhale, feel the poisonous carbon dioxide being expelled from your body. You are alive, and more importantly you are aware of this fact. Just think, trillions of living organisms will live and die without ever realizing what separates them from the rest of the matter in the universe, but you do. Sure you have your flaws, we all do. It's just a part of being human. You probably compare yourself to others a lot, thinking that if you could just be like them, you'd be happy. Happiness isn't about being best at everything, or being perfect, it's just about being better than you were yesterday. Everyday learn a little more, do a little more, create a little more. Even if you can only do one push up, do that one push up until you can do two. Even if you art looks like it came from a 2nd grader, keep drawing till it looks like it came from a 5th grader. Even if that bookshelf you made looks more like a modern art piece, keep creating until it looks like a post-modern art piece. Cherish the pain following every workout, the disappointment when a project doesn't meet expectations, because it means you made progress, another step on the staircase. Purge these vile and toxic red-pills, blue-pills, black pills, and whatever the fuck, and just live. We are all unique individuals shaped by our actions and circumstances, there isn't one well defined road to happiness, we have to make our own. I believe in Anon, and I hope once this life is over we can all meet, and share our unique experiences before moving on to what comes next. Godspeed Anons, I love you.
I fucking needed this after a long day. I have been breaking down so many times these past few days, my boyfriend is putting me through so much torture, he doesn’t realize this. I’m in a fuck load of emotional pain, fear and conflict
I know this is a dumb question, but have you considered breaking up with him? If he's causing you this much distress why do you stay with him? Either way I hope you get it sorted out, best of luck.

what's up ladies and germans, I'm saul goodman, local tripfag! in 2 sentences or less, ask me for some quick advice and I'll dish it out!
(first hour is free, every additional hour is $19.95)
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when does s6 drop
There should be plenty of them for classical guitar.
Also, develop your hearing. It's your single most important tool for musicianship. There are exercises and tools where you do things like trying to tell an interval between two singular notes (and eventually chords) just by ear. Steadily keep at it and be methodical about it and you'll improve. And don't forget to just play fun shit on top of all that.
Also there's a shit ton of chord variations you can learn. Jazz especially makes extensive use of this and is a great genre to get into if you ever feel like going beyond majors and minors. And don't burn yourself out, that's the most important part of all. Don't just practice, also have fun!
File: IMG_4243.jpg (709 KB, 942x1004)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
How do I stop fapping to Rei Ayanami? It has been 26 years now.
You don't :I

File: 538.jpg (65 KB, 600x1189)
65 KB
Books. I can't read books. tl:dr; Any ideas how can I get back into them?

When I was a kid, and discovered the joy of reading, I loved it. I used to walk to the big shelves in the living room and pick of books at almost random. My father gave me books as well to read, pretty much the only time he was willing to communicate with me actually paying attention without the veil of sarcasm he constantly surrounded himself with. I've read more books than any other 10-14 year old kid I have ever known.

Then came highschool, and I slowly grew sick of it. Especially in literature class where we were told to read this much by this time, and write a 5 page essay on what thoughts the one-off character had after his only scene in the story, and other inane things. Followed by needing to recite the biographies of tortured artists from memory, because that will surely be in the test. Followed by some moron psycho-analyzing on a limited information someone who died 200 years ago in a different era.

University didn't help much either. Every time I've sat down to read some fiction or something not related to my field, I've felt a pang of guilt. That I could do better and instead research in my field, or prepare for the courses I have. That I do not have a job, I don't even pay my own bills what right do I have to not work on getting better?
All in all I slowly started to turn away from reading and sought other quick and cheap venues.

I am bit lost. Like "read a book" they say in popular culture to convey a person is stupid, but anyone who actually picked one up knows how there are thousand of different types. Last one I've tried I dropped half-way because the characters rubbed me in the wrong way.
Same here. I’m not totally there yet but have made huge progress by just pushing through it and making myself read. Also, there is hope, as I did actually find a book over quarantine that I couldn’t put down. First time that’s happened in many years

File: mc.jpg (30 KB, 400x533)
30 KB
How to avoid STDs in an open relationship?
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>open relationship
>doesn't want STDs

..... oh man OP you've lost touch with what isn't possible to maintain.
Look closer anon. How low on her chest the curve starts, how severely they're being suspended by the bra. Those are some soggy torpedoes breh, she would give herself a black eye if you fucked her from behind
Don't have sex. That's the only way. Testing methods are not accurate for all STD/STIs. Some STIs are undetectable in one sex or another. Hell, HSV2 cannot be accurately detected without swabbing directly to an outbreak site. This includes blood tests. Some other examples include NGU and Trichomoniasis.

On the social side, personal standards for sexual responsibility also differ. I've fucked 15 women in my life and only three even bothered to ask when my last test was. Of those three, one waited to see the results saved to my phone. Not a single one questioned the recency or accuracy or source of the results.
Tits are tits nigguh
Aside from how low they hang, you literally cannot make a call on the general shape because they are supported from below. And who the fuck cares? Grab them and make them any shape you want and she'd be all about it.

File: itneverstops.png (267 KB, 637x360)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I was just on the bus recently and a girl was talking about how she like her boyfriend but doesn't feel attracted to him because he's short. I'm 5'7 and I feel completely subhuman. I'm certain I'm not what women want and I don't bother to pursue women because of that. I'm 25 and a virgin. My issue isn't the lack of sex or that I feel that I will never get a girlfriend. My issue is that I know that I'm undesirable to women and they see a subhuman when they see me, they don't see a man. I just want to be desired but women want the exact same guy (tall, broad, hypermasculine, etc).

Please try to help me out. I don't know how to get over this. It's really haunting me. I don't want to waste my life or kill myself but it feels like the only way. Height is everything for a man
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honestly good bait
are you a woman or are you guy whos coping with the fact that he's dating a used up woman?
Either way, theres no pride in being picked last.
Bruce Lee was a manlet.
Those are the women you avoid like the plague, anon. Don't look for validation from dumb women who have nothing better to do than ridicule guys for their height. Every single one of them you dont contact is a bullet dodged.

Pay attention to how you behave, talk. Dress well, get fit and show some confidence. These will count more than just your height.

Keep going friend.

File: maturity.jpg (298 KB, 2048x1371)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
I know I'm supposed to be mature, but I'm not. The best I can do is be polite enough to pretend I'm mature.

Is there a way I can gain actual maturity? Did I miss something along the way? I just assumed that everyone matures automatically.
Beep beep, some personal voodoo hoodoo experience coming trough.

Maturiy often comes with time, early maturity often comes trough heavy stress and/or specific type of trauma (Most traumas just tend to fuck you up) which forces you to literally abandon your emotional maturing process and jump to some form of extreme of "performing". You most likely have not missed anything. I think pondering on this question is itself budding maturity.

The big question is: How old are you?
I'm 47 years old. I stopped maturing at age 18 and have been faking it ever since.
But does your stated internal immaturity prevent you from functioning in your day to day life?
Are you able to pretend trough it?
I often FEEL like I am pretending to be mature. I would not know, I think I am incapable of judging my own maturity. The few times I have heard people tell me I am mature were a long time ago when I was a young adult.
I could really flippantly say that "Everyone is pretending to be mature", but rather I would tell you to enjoy whatever you have and be glad that you have the tools to even "pretend maturity" at your hand.
Maturity is basically just taking your responsibilities seriously.
Maybe, developing and refining your tastes.

I've been child-like my whole life and don't plan to ever stop. I haven't been childish since I was 13.

My girlfriend hates feet but being the degen beta boi that I am, I am a kuck for her toenail clippings. I will even go so far to grab them for the the trash to store for when I pleasure myself after she goes to bed. I want to take the next step and pleasure myself well she clips her toes but that means she needs to know. How do I break the news to her, red pill style
Dude just nut the fk up. I told my girlfriend I wanted to watch her yank my dad off the other day. Yours isn’t so bad.
bruh just tell her she could make $ if recorded no /s
Start off by admitting a much worse fetish then play it off as a joke while introducing your actual fetish. Be like “hey babe I want to watch you diarrhea shot all over yourself in public while I jerk off using your period blood stained panties” and when she inclined further just say “no I was actually kidding lol I just want to jerk off watching you clip your toenails”. Bait and switch.
Did she?

File: 1610995981093.jpg (281 KB, 878x1024)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Should I break up with my boyfriend?
Long story short, we have met on the studies in a foreign country and despite nothing predispositioned the fact that we're going to end up together, we still did somehow. It's almost like a film story, he became my partner in crime, best friend ever, then lover and everything else. And I loved him like from the first day. And we have some insanely good times to encounter behind us. But past several months all the magick started to dissappear. Like firstly I have noticed our conversations started becoming painfully blunt and scarce, then I have discovered he developed mental problems abd porn addiction that was never there before while we were separated in quarantine. I wanted to break up then but I decided to give him a chance. And he improved. He ditched it and for a period of time our sex became as amazing and magical as it once was.
In past months we were in and out. A lot of good moments I a lot of moments I wanted to recycle. But spontaneity and magic seems to dissappear. Like I just feel I am not as special as before in his life. I am not that light anymore, I just can feel it. And I absolutely don't want to deal with any kind of settled and compromised thing, I am 21, u look great and I have no intention to look at annoyed people in my life.
Right now we have escaped from western European quarantines and we are in my home country. I know that is an extremely uncomfortable situation to break up in, but I am thinking whether to do it? It will be hard for me as I still live him with my whole heart but if never allow romantic aspirations to create an issue in my life.
57 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
They see me
Yes, but I believe it is important to be valued as a woman, as much as I value him as a man. Yes, I am traditional in that regard. I asked him about the honeymoon phase, and he absolutely claims it is still there for him otherwise he'd not make unusual and crazy decisions about me. I will see how are the things after the exam period and yes, I've decided to give him a chance.
There is no "better" I am not even comparing him to any male. He was and still is my best lover, my best friend, my favourite person in the universe. Yes everyone has minuses. But this is the key: for me that's unconditional. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has to deal with a lot of guys coming up to me of very different calibre, ca5cqlling even when we are together - he even got into a fight once on the party. I've talked with my brother and my really good male friend about it, and both said that any male would be absolutely proud of that happening. However, another concern is that instead of taking that attention as a compliment, my boyfriend gets upset and takes it as a "danger" and no reassurance in the world can make him think he is hot, absolutely charismatic and can easily out compete any retard down there. Why? Because I love him and because he is amazing.
just talk to him
Les roll

how does /adv/ deal with your girlfriend pmsing and being a bitch in general ?

>b4 all women are crazy
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I make sure she's well fed so she doesn't chimp out and I make her pleasure me at least 4 of the days she is pmsing. It's the least she can do for all the effort I put into making her cum her brains out multiple times every night when she's not.
this make sure the bitch eats and whenever she gets upset suggest you go get some food.
I got that shit it’s awesome

there’s 1 week out of the whole month dubbed bitch week by herself but let me tell you man she goes batshit
make her eat beef and eggs

because women lose blood during menstruation they need to replenish nutrients lost in the blood especially iron and zinc
so feed her steak and eggs chocolate and dick diet plan basically

File: IMG_20210115_091214.jpg (361 KB, 2048x1138)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
How do you keep from feeling sad about moving? I need to move to Dallas soon by July for a job, but I don't want to have an emotional overreaction and quit my job to stay here, cause the job is really good, and I have family in Dallas, and I hear Dallas is fantastic.

But I've lived here for 20 years and I don't like moving to begin with and the sadness overwhelms me sometimes.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ok so you’re going from one metro to another, just need to find your people.
I was going to caution against coming here if you’re from the country & love that lifestyle but that’s not the case.
I think you’ll be fine, just need to find like minded people. Good luck.
I mean I do love the country but I'm not built to survive out there, or at least I'd need to learn a lot of skills to make it work. Maybe someday. Another advantage is that I have family who are ranchers in Kansas and I'd be a lot closer to them.
I was the one replying to you about maybe not moving - I went to ASU and used to live on Scottsdale/Rural, right by the 202. Funny.

>I have a lot of family out there who will help me get established.
That helps then. I think you can use that as your main motivator to ease into moving. Plus, Phoenix and Dallas are both American Airlines bases/hubs, so you'll have a good amount of opportunities for cheaper flights back home than a lot of other places.

Another of my suggestions would be to look up whatever activities exist in the area that you can reasonably be a part of right now. Try to establish a foothold. Even signing up for something like OkCupid to meet some girls in advance isn't a bad idea. Just branch out.
I've always considered Dallas a "major city." I mean it gets concerts and stuff, doesn't it. Plus there's Fort Worth just across the way. Not too worried about drug or gun laws. Texas has always been gun-friendly and my brother out there grows weed and shrooms. Only thing I'll be missing out there that I fuck with here 'cause its legal is salvia. I hope there are some street racers and fighting game players out there; I don't wanna drive 2 hours out to Austin every weekend.
Oh yeah, I should also check if there's any hunting just outside of Dallas. I want to learn to hunt.

File: 1585990105489.jpg (92 KB, 1024x768)
92 KB
You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immediately cut off contact with everyone you had a relationship with. It may be hard, but just put all doubts to the back of your mind Stop caring so much about things. Whatever it is, it is NOT that important. Just become a slippery snake and cheat, lie, kill and use people till you are at the top. Seek power like the worthless clump of matter you are.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Anon the more I read this the more I become encouraged to connect
is there a way to filter posters so i dont see their posts?
Anon, why would you want to do that?
cuz OP is a faggot and i dont wanna see him or read his output ever again
But OP is clearly someone in need of advice. I mean, just look at that post, even for a shitpost that thing is cringe.
There are vulnerable Anons here who could take his shit seriously and bloomer posting OPs shit into oblivion is effortless.

File: 847.png (345 KB, 680x805)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
It happened again boys
>messaging a girl I was acquainted with in college
>really fun conversation, she's a qt3.14, seems like my brand of weird
>"my cats don't like my bf's cat"
better luck next time, me. Also, where do I find more weird girls?
And that's why you never message girls

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