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File: P_20210404_210553_1_1.jpg (390 KB, 2832x1592)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
>no gf
>5'10 manlet
>shit recessed jaw

I have money and a good career but it just feels like it doesn't matter at all when others get pussy for literally just being good looking while I have to bust my ass and then go to the gym on top of all of that if not consider plastic surgery to fix my deformities.
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I had a girl hit me up once for a booty call and had two dates last year but never had a gf really and now that I download tinder I get nothing. I don't have a social circle either due to changing jobs and corona.
You just need to learn to talk to girls and shoot your shot bro. No one is going to line up to fuck you. You have to go out, learn how to approach and strike up conversations, be funny and be interesting. Have confidence in yourself and if that's hard figure out how to build it.

A relationship is earned its not something your given after simply completing items on a check list. There's plenty of shorter, uglier, and fatter dudes than you with girls and it's because they have the confidence to approach and talk to them.
How do I build confidence? Not even alcohol makes me more confident
OP here and alcohol/weed are usually my go tos but I never gotten laid while drunk or even had a date while on anything.
Why is every person on this retarded website so obsessed over nitpicking their own looks? Are people really that brainfried from chad/muh 6ft memes?
Confidence comes from self-esteem. Read/listen to Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.

File: 1618030445249.jpg (1.63 MB, 2316x3027)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Does love actually exist? Why does it seem every girl wants a fling, none of them seem to want a real relationship. I don't want meaningless sex, I don't want a new girl every week, I just want one I love and who loves me back.
I've been hearing shit like women are always single or that you're only with a woman for right now before she gets her next guy, is this all true? I'm at a point where I don't even want to be with women if that's the case, short meaningless relationships never brought me any happiness, sex with women I just met never brought me any happiness, I want love, I want to be happy.
Hottity hoppipy
Best bun
Yeah, this kind of post belongs on /b/
You're retarded
OP is pretty retarded, mourning about love while posting porn.

File: 1618379166376.jpg (412 KB, 1095x1011)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Whenever I buy anything I instantly get depressed over it and mope around. Alot of the time I'll cancel my orders within the day.
I don't know why.
I feel like I'm wasting money or becoming a hoarder but objectively neither is true.

In fact my apartment is completely barren and ''minimal' precisely because I can't stomach buying things

I'm not poor or in a fire situation. I'm not dirty l
I recognize it's not logical but it still keeps happening
How do I get over this
I was into minimalism a few years ago. Literally woke up one night with the fight club quote „everything you own, ends up owning you“ echoing im my head and got rid of almost everything possessed.

We get the „buy more stuff“ message hammered into us so often every day, that we sometimes we drive into the opposite direction. But neither extreme is health for us! It‘s ok to buy things you need or that make you happy as long as you reflect your behavior now and then.
Try to stop yourself before buying something and think about how you've felt in the past after buying crap you don't need.
what is wrong with you
>How do I get over this
Why the fuck would you want to

File: images.png (5 KB, 208x243)
5 KB
Let's go, you little darlings of /adv/.
Here's hoping for less of a shitshow this time around.
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then the police will know how fucked up you are too
File: 1585702559805.gif (715 KB, 600x400)
715 KB
715 KB GIF
>finally tell the truth about some things
>still feel anxious
oh man, how much does my subconscious want me to suffer
nice joke, fun to know how much you hurt just to laugh

in the end, just laugh.

everyone will kill everyone in the end
what fun
File: 1590450380025.jpg (47 KB, 443x506)
47 KB
laughing is my default go-to for when i remember really depressing stuff
it can't be helped, really

File: tinder.png (5 KB, 810x456)
5 KB
What are some tips to successfully tinder?
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>change age range if you want but dont make it too small, dont change area at the start
>Tinder seems to prefer showing you to people that you have not yet swiped on so dont like everyone in your vicinity that you are most likely to match with right out of the gate
>Also try to get a fairly even or more left to right quota, made much easier if you occasionally get the 100 km away or "follow me on insta" broad you don´t care about
>if you got abs, are muscular or otherwise conventionally attractive, play to those strengths with lots of good pictures and little bio that only conveys critical info/is a decent opener/a joke, one of those, not all of them
>if you´re average, pick your niche. If you play some instrument and enjoy dancing for example you pick one or two pictures each. Sports are good too. Profile picture the best you can find and preferably not a selfie. Focus on swiping on people you actually think you have something in common and could potentially hold a conversation with, you don´t need the 10000 traveller whores that will never swipe right on you because you dont have 1 million + followers on instagram or own a yacht, you want the people who, even if you can t imagine a relationship with them, are still close enough to your social circles or general "lived reality" that that would consider fucking you if you play your cards right. You likely wouldn´t touch the pierced to shit and coloured hair 2 kids from 3 dads women either so ignore them too, even if you are jerking it while swiping, its not worth it
>playing your cards right is experience and to a large part also confidence stemming from having every other part of your life in order or at least considering yourself to be doing alright. Its entirely fine if you fail, its even advisable because thats when you learn the most. Failing to woo some girl you kinda liked is good, succeeding with a whore may hurt your sense of self worth and cause regret
This is all really good advice, and sensible. Thank you, anon.
>don't spend time on unresponsive people
>get them off tinder asap
>set a date as quickly as possible
>do not take yourself too seriously
>do not get attached
What if I fail with all the girls I match with?
You try, try and try again. The fate of men since the dawn of time. You may never need to deal with dating again if you find the right person so don´t let a few failures get you down. The most charismatic men tend to be those who simply didn´t give a shit if they failed in their pursuits in their early years and used them the best while others were scared of failing and didn´t even try.
Probably the best part of Tinder is how easy it is to meet someone that you know has some kind of interest in you because swiped right on you and that you can learn those things with. Has much less expectations than when you meet someone through siblings or friends for example, even if the success rate might be higher there.
If you don´t get any more matches during 2 to 3 weeks I suggest resetting your Tinder account because new people also get more matches. But dont do that often enough for people to notice and consider you a bot.

For the time being as I'm jobless, Im working at my dad's business. He has 4 staffs in total and only the accountant, a lady(nearly 40) stays back all the time doing accounting stuff. Most of the times I'm in the office too. Alone with her.

You know where this is going. The pandemic has worsened my porn addiction and I dap way too often these days. As a result, I frequently fantasize about having sex. The lady is sweet, very close to my parents as she has been working for us for the past 7 years. We regularly invite her to our family events too. She sees my mom as her bigger sister and my dad treats her like she's his daughter. It's cute. She's become very close with me too because we chat a lot while we both are alone in the office. Many times, when she its close to me I get extremely horny and shivery but I'm definitely sure she doesn't see it like I do. She's estranged. Husband was a drunk and a cheater. Didn't divorce yet.

I can't handle myself being horny around her. The desks hide my boner. She's extremely attractive to me and good lord her perfume is the best. Instant boner and I fantasize having sex with her.

I've already tried making moves on her but stopped myself somehow. I don't think this will last long. I need to curb all these feelings or else I'll make things very awkard between us. It may risk everything. My family will know and will ultimately hate me. I just don't know how to handle all this.

I tried nofap and it's unfortunately making me more hornier.
Or should I make make a move, tell what I feel and when she denies, just move on?

If she agrees, it means we engage in sexual activities with her consent.

I feel like asking her all the times. God, this is burning me inside.
OP, This is such a bad fucking idea.

Not only is your judgement clouded by your horniness, this person is someone close to your family. If you try anything- ANYTHING and it gets misconstrued by that woman, you'll have a shitfest and possibly legal issues for your family to deal with.

Also, what's the end goal?
Getting laid at the chance of fucking up working and personal relationships?
The risk-reward is just bad here.

If you want to make this decision, at least make sure it's with a clear mind. Stop being a coomer for at least a month.

File: 1617605925585.png (278 KB, 531x469)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
How do I develop humility for embarrassing moments? Really fucking hate myself right now
Same, I made a mistake with a girl and can't get over it!
You either have it, or you don't

We've been together for like 3 years and six months ago I told my girlfriend about my cuck fetish. After some discussion, she agree to cuck me. I liked it at first, but now I hate this whole situation I'm in because it's starting to look like she's enjoying the sex with other men more than with me. She's been refusing to have sex with me and always finds some excuse like she's tired or something. When we have it, she doesn't seem to enjoy it like she used to. On the other hand, she keeps talking about other men more and more. Initially it was me who always brought up when she could cuck me next, but now she's the one who keeps bringing it up. Last weekend she had sex with other guy in a hotel and recorded it for me. During the sex she even started giving the guy french kisses which she had never done before and even told him "i love you." I confronted her about it and asked her what was that supposed to mean and she just told me she thought it would be more hot and I should like it.
Wtf should I do? I don't want her to cuck me anymore. It was a mistake.

why does everything have to be fake? never had a friend who wouldn’t lie to me since i left high school.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I dont get why people like you exist, can you just fuck off already?
Shut the fuck up and stop being such a loser cunt.


Don't you have anything else important to do in your life then cry about friends being fake? Maybe you're the fake one who is so fucking whiny and retarded, like if everyone is bad around you, wouldn't that make you bad aswell faggot?
Not OP, you're just an annoying faggot, go back to plebbit with your spacing
Nah stop sucking dick OP and fuck off with him, he needs to stop being such a faggot and find people who actually like his ass, not crying about how everyone a big lying faggot like himself.
Woke up on the wrong side of bed?

File: images (4).png (24 KB, 553x555)
24 KB
A girl I was seeing was fucking someone else for a few months while we were together. She just broke it off with him and came clean. We weren't really dating. She asked me for a relationship and I turned her down, so she started seeing her co-worker. I fucked a few other people too. She kept trying to break it off with me, but would always come back. I guess the question is, should I be mad and feel cucked? She still wants a relationship with me and I'm entertaining the idea.

File: 4-800x600.jpg (79 KB, 800x600)
79 KB
Today a girl, who apparently likes me a lot, will come over and she wants to chill in my whirlpool. I told her to bring a bathing suit but she replied with:
>Yeah but I tend to be very forgetful sometimes, we can bath either way, right? (winky smiling emoji)
I suspect that this means she wants to get naked with me. However, I have never seen a naked girl in my entire life.
How do I not freak out if this should happen?
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Next time you will definitely fuck, so prepare yourself
Nice, she's still interested. Enjoy it all anon.
keep us updated
lmao you sure lucked out
Good on you
>lmao you sure lucked out
Yeah, after my autistic ramblings explaining why I am still a kissless virgin at 23, I legit thought it's over but she was quite understanding and just kept going.
Miracles seem to exist because 4Chan taught me that girls absolutey despise male virgins.

File: 1617487798218.jpg (7 KB, 250x228)
7 KB
If any of you want an easy, low-effort method to turn your life around just browse /biz/. Seriously it's just like the rest of 4chan except it will make you rich. Trust me, just fucking browse there and jump in.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've squirreled away $10k for starting to invest- should I go stocks, crypto, or the financial advisor route?
The latter, my Chain is 3443t5GFR1234%$#. Transfer me that 10k and i'll get you sorted.
holy cope
agreed. honestly there's no reason to browse any board but /biz/ because money is the only real thing in life, everything else is just masturbating, and that's the hard truth. nothing matters except for math.

File: 1606158092072.png (645 KB, 960x504)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
>tfw no gayy eff
>why does the world hate me for being such a whiny faggot
>hurr i wish i was 199 inch pp
>how do i stop being a retard teenager
>my gf cheated on me and i accepted her back now i want to kms wtf
this board is fucking pathetic, checks out that its 99% frog and wojak posters

pic unrelated
sick boat
This whole site is like this. Leave.

In fact leaving 4chan is the best advice anyone could ever receive
File: EvowX9sVIAAzTQm.jpg (399 KB, 1646x2048)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
based but frogs are ok
This is the best board if you don't like it you're just autistic and a sociopath everyone with feelings loves this baord
no, going to /biz/ is. if you have the right humor it takes to understand the memes you can succeed too, it's like a frat but with more incels and no fun, and you get to bully anyone who isn't exactly like you, just like regular child bullies.

File: 1615597989885.jpg (220 KB, 1080x1350)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I'm finishing a degree in computer science in about a year, and I want to do a side study but I can't decide between two options

>Option A: Independent Web Development Study
+ I enjoy doing front-end development, has my interest
+ I already have a familiarity with front end technologies, and I'm halfway through a Udemy course
+I've already had a web dev interview, although I didn't get it due to another client having more experience
- No direct path, it's self-taught and self-paced
- Ultra competitive

>Option B Google Data Analytics Certificate
+ Major pro: Google has an employee career consortium assistance program, help with getting a job
+ Not as interesting to me as web development, but potentially less competitive for entry level roles

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
here's a red pill.
Neither. they both suck.
1. web development is heavily oversaturated and is a mile wide and an inch deep making an endless supply of shitters to underpay. so don't bother unless you're cool with making 32k.
2. Certifications are for IT people. If you're ok with going into information technology with CS degree then sure. Only problem is IT and CS are 100% experience based and men in suits that unironically use words like "risk analysis", will stop you from getting any cloud job until you come back with at least 3-5 years experience.
>I'll be getting a CS degree, so I should be a viable candidate for an entry level front-end dev or entry level data analyst
you're viable for "anything" but its all going to be entry level, most likely pay 40-50k with shit benefits.
best time investment depends on what you really want. odd's are something that pay's is going to be something nobody likes or wants to learn.

In todays world, you have two options with a CS degree: Business/Management or technical specialist.
So you either get some business/econ/finance skills next to your degree, found a startup or intern at a consulting firm or you really specialize on a, not already saturated, technical field (which bears the risk of choosing wrongly). Stay away from meme/overhyped fields (Data Science/ML) and those which have little barriers of entry (web/mobile dev).

Why? There are still jobs available.
Because the upper salary limit is much lower than in other fields (because of competition) and the hype cycles of new pseudo revolutionary technology and frameworks are quite fast. This means your training and knowledge will be of lesser use in short time.

t. former web dev, now working as distributed systems eng.
Option C: composting
+ getting (You)s
+ getting off
- have to change ip constantly

File: 123.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1080)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
How stable should an erection be? When I stop masturbating briefly for 10 seconds, it immediately becomes less erect. I am 19 years old and not overweight. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. Can someone please explain this to me? This does not feel normal.
Take a day or two off jacking off to get your libido back.

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