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How do I sell shit online?

How do I ship it and know what the shipping costs ahead of time? Everything on usps and ups tells me it costs $20 to ship a tiny 2 pound item. Fucking retarded.
You are definitely doing something wrong if a 2 pound package is $20 shipping with UPS or USPS. Just Google 'shipping cost UPS/USPS'

Priority mail USPS may be your best bet imo
>How do I sell shit online?
You don't sell shit online. You sell it door-to-door so they can appreciate the aroma

Is there a chart equivalent of pic related for boobs?

I go to an all girl school. I never even had a male friend or acquaintance. So I have no idea what guys really like apart from what I read on 4chan.

I just want to see how my boobs measure up.
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I don't have such experience, though I'm D so.... But I know someone's whose boyfriend suggested she got boob surgery when her boobs where at least B. This anon obviously hate women but should réalise both sexes can be assholes.
i know. without silicone, my girl is still DD. try harder, fag.
It's all about the jiggle for me. My petite ex had B cups but they had some good volume to them and would bounce everywhere. Always wondered how they would blow up if I ever got her pregnant
Actually I've encountered Js and they were scary.

File: unnamed.jpg (48 KB, 512x273)
48 KB
Not sure if it's for biz, but here we go...
Me and my gf want to buy some real estate, however we both don't want to go into debts/mortgage/etc. We've ran the math and we are going to have a needed sum in 3 years, which is okay, but it would be nice to speed up this process a little bit and to do it without severely impacting our current lifestyle. So we thought about camming. We have some good ideas about content, but we are total newbies regarding technical difficulties: equipment, payment processing, platforms... It would be nice to get opinions and advices.
Can’t advise on the logistics side, but make sure not to fall for the classic blunder.
simp money comes from the delusion that the girl will reciprocate their feelings if they donate enough.The second they find out YOU exist, that fantasy shatters and everything goes to shit.
tread carefully m8
Oh. We always thought that money comes from encouragement to make more content, not from simping. Naive us...

File: IMG_0708.png (8 KB, 284x177)
8 KB
Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread. Not like how to get gf or dying from cancer, what do? But, whatever. Let it fly, it couldn't hurt.
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>Yes. If you fall outside the Overton window, don't publicize your opinions unless specifically asked, and even when asked, consider presenting a less extreme version of your opinion.
Ex. I'm a Texas-tier pro-gun Canadian.
My nigga. I'm in Ontario. Guessing you're in Alberta?
Make an observation and ask a question about it. "Hey, cool hat. Are you a cowboy?"
Does penis size really matter?
How do I get over never being able to get the girl I want?
How did you cope with the fear when camping dispersed, alone at night?

File: 25fz2q.jpg (18 KB, 282x252)
18 KB
I think i need to break up with my gf: I was yesterday evening at her place and i sat very close to her (without touching her) and i wanted to see if she would make a move and touch me - but no she sat there for over an hour before I put my arm around her. I had the feeling that shes not interested in physical contact at all for quiet some time now and this proved it.

And desu if shes not interested than im not interested too. Shes not interested in kissing, hugging or having sex i have to make the first move every single time and its annoying as fuck because getting physical is minimum 50% of a relationship and if i would be looking for a good friend i would get a dog.

Shes a good person but thats not enough for me to have a relationship. The only reason for me to stay in the relationship is because finding a new gf is a really annoying process (especially with Tinder). What to do?
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Thanks guys. Yes, my upper body pics convinced her to go on a date with me and she says that she loves my perfume...

With all the other girls i had before it was normal to have sex almost every single time we met (sometimes multiple times a day) and this why im absolutely not a big fan of the current situation.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that shes 28 (my oldest gf yet) or that she broke up with her boyfriend for 5 years before she met me? Maybe we just come from different backgrounds and expectations about relationships that dont add up.
For fuck sake use your words like an adult and communicate. That's how relationships work.

God the dating scene is fucking dumb. Glad I never got into that shit and ended up with a good one anyway.
She could also not want sex as much. I mean it’s a tough break, but if you like having sex that much you need to be with someone that does the same. I think you’re making the right decision op. No need in settling bro.
Everyone agrees it's dumb but unless y9u get lucky you're stuck with it.
At this very minute she is crying to a friend about how her so-called boyfriend sat right next to her for an hour before he even put an arm around her.

People always say that you shouldn’t ever want / need a girlfriend and that it’s unhealthy and that you should just be focused on yourself. Is that really true though?

I’m about to turn 25, I’ve pretty much just fucked around with a bunch of different girls all my life. I think the longest period of time I was exclusive with a girl was like 2-3 months. I’ve come to a point where I’ve slowed down, not really partying a lot, kinda just working / hanging with family / friends and I’d kinda like to have a girl companion. Not that I’m unhappy with my life or anything but I just like the idea of having somebody to team up with and share myself with etc etc.

Is this really a bad / unhealthy thing?
Thinking it will fix your life magically is. You sound like you're in a decent place in life so why not want some companionship?
Right, totally. My thoughts exactly. I do want to make something happen although it’s difficult with COVID related restrictions :/

File: comedyheaven-gs4a4q.jpg (56 KB, 828x957)
56 KB
So through some family drama that didn't involve me my dad found out I smoked pot and also found out I had synthetic urine in case of random job testing. I work 40 hrs a week outside in +100°F weather and I just want to come home and relax. My dad calls me a loser for what I did. It honestly has been making me feel pretty bad lately, is this loser behavior?
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He's right.
There are many ways to relax without putting your job on the line
honestly if I were the dad I'd just hug my child very tightly and then walk away not saying a word, unless he smelt of weed then I'd tell he reeks of it. I think the disappointment over the behaviour yet the continued acceptance of the person would lead to a breakdown for the child where he actively starts to reconsider his life choices to smoke weed.
unless he a dumb kid but then you don't shame him, you just smack his face for being a retard.
this. I want the femboy to be all dark and blackish with neon blue and the racist to be pink and cute. Makes it so much better to call a nigger a nigger :)
>it isn't good for you at all
>my depression, anxiety, work ethic, general attitude, emotions, basically everything improved after quitting
>psychological withdrawal

you were using it multiple times a day, weren't you?
Not OP but I appreciate this post anon.

File: 1566767812980.jpg (44 KB, 680x680)
44 KB
This is Kraut country. Someone, out of the blue and completely unprovoked, swatted my phone out of my hands and shattered the front display in the process. I was recording scenery at the time and a witness knew the individual in question, so i went to our local public prosecutors office and pressed charges. The police will have to investigate this, but how likely is it that they just take and keep the phone for god knows how long the investigation will take during corona ? As much as i want the damage replaced, it's pretty important for my job life, even broken i still have to use it. The damage is only physical, so i doubt they'd need to actually scan the entire thing, but couldn't they just take pictures of it ?
They already have a mirror of everything on your phone. They don't have to keep the physical object long

Before you say I don’t exercise I do but I only run on the treadmill. I usually run a total of 40 minutes day and eat breakfast usually eggs and in the afternoon usually chicken or some sort of meat with brown rice and beans. I also use to be skinny but gained it back and started exercising again lost some weight but now I’m left with this belly which I didn’t have before when I lost weight. I right now 15 pounds more than I was when I was fit but so I still have a way to go before I reach my goal so but I don’t want to keep this belly. Any tips (diet or exercises) to lose this belly before it gets worse when I get skinnier.
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Well I ate a lot today and I ran right after I ate and when I finish running I drink like three water and feel like my stomach going to explode so I stand up and walk a it goes away
Just eat whatever you want as long as it's only 1500 calories the full day you eat
Train your chest first.
Okay what exercise would you recommend
half of what you currently eat you fat fuck

File: Koala.jpg (771 KB, 1024x768)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
scary huge ex con uncle got told by my mom im lazy and mean so now he makes me lift heavy ass weights with him even though im new to lifting and 5 foot 3 im really badly injured now so how do stop him from controlling me?
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It changes everything about you, having a father figure. Me and my dad were never close since he grew fatherless and never learned how to communicate with his children I don't blame him(I love him still) but my grandpa taught me a lot of important lessons. I think it would be a good opportunity for you to hang out with your uncle as long as he doesn't do some weird shit haha.
he also fucking with my regular workout schedule which actually helped me become muscular until health issues made me bed ridden hence my mother calling me lazy and now im just hurting myself rather then gaining it all back so i need to convince him im not lazy by myself
What are you fucking four years old? Don't do shit if you don't wanna do it.
Try saying "No"
men respect men
act like a man and tell him he's being a dumb fag

File: 다운로드.png (63 KB, 412x351)
63 KB
I did part time job sometimes so I could earn really little money but now there is no part time job. I live with family so I dont need money right now but I worry now.

And even library closed so there is no place I can go.

I am so worry and depressed because of corona. How is other country situation?I cant understand why those library closed now. Our government gave movie ticket sale coupon to us, but it is nonsense because they closed all library. The government say that "It is okay you people go to theater." but they closed library.

What should I do ㅠ

Basically because of quarantine I have had to help my mom around the house while my younger brother helps my dad.
My mom mostly makes me help her while cooking
While I help her cook I feel very feminine.
It feels worse when I help my mom bake because it feels like such a feminine thing
How do I feel more masculine while helping her?
Why do I feel this way? Is it my latent misogyny or deep down do I feel like cooking isn't manly ?
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stop being insecure. masculinity is less about action and more about how you carry yourself. thats where the "jus b confident" school of thought comes from. fucking aerobics can be masculine.
also, the ability to cook and a good relationship with your mom are viewed as desirable trait among worthwhile women.
This. Worrying about whether it's masculine to help your mom cook is childish
I think you have a little bit more to worry about than just the cooking thing, op.

I love to damn cook and bake. I’m also jacked and do MMA. Women fucking love a man who can cook, it’s sexy as fuck to them. So why are you self conscious about feeling feminine? I’m guessing op that you have feminine features and you are highly self conscious about them. Spending time with mom and cooking only makes that perspective that much worse. My advice is to first understand why your feminine nature makes you so self conscious, and whether or not that nature is something you willingly suppress so you don’t get called a sissy. Prince was one of the coolest motherfuckers out there and he wore women’s clothing and didn’t give a shit about it. Paradoxically that makes him manly as hell because instead of hiding his feminine nature he embraces it out loud and doesn’t give a shit what you think. Masculinity has more layers than you think bro.
Dude I'm a huge hairy 2m tall 120kg powerlifter who does kickboxing on the side and I fucking love cooking. I basically live to cool and eat and lift heavy metal things and hit other burly men.
What the fuck are you talking about? One of the manliest things you can do in life is cooking. It's up there with fucking and fighting.
Bro, you’re cool as shit. Like a fucking Viking or something. I see you downing steaks and broccoli after kicking the shit out of some fucker and playing with your sexy ass girlfriend. Keep being cool bro.

File: 1583901768881.png (723 KB, 706x940)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
How can you reduce face aging as a guy?

I'm 23 but depending on the lighting I can start to see laugh lines and I want to look young for my age.

I'm willing to do anything besides fillers, what can be done?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
t. guy in his 30s who has no trouble pulling girls in their 20s

dont forget sunscreen
Think of any men of note in history

What percentage of them do you think worried about wrinkles?
Drink more water. Other than that, what's the problem with having laugh lines showing?

File: random.jpg (14 KB, 787x444)
14 KB
Basically he got raped by an adult man(he was caught) when he was 14(so last year), and I was able to put up with his behaviour at first, but not now. He is just acting like a fucking cynical ungrateful asshole that disrespects me and our parents and seems to be unable to hold a conversation with us for longer than 5 minutes without insulting anyone or "cringing". Doesn't talk to anyone willingly, just sits in room, stares somewhere for hours(no, that's not a depression, he is mostly fine) and never helps even if asked to. Overall attitude is "I don't own you anything and I'm not doing that" and "You don't get me", is actively demonstrating disgust whenever someone approaches him or sits next to him or touches him. Doesn't have friends and got in the fight with all the old ones. Doesn't study or have some other passions, only spergs out at people and i feel like he also got some bad habits which he keeps a secret from us. Insults and ignores the therapist too. He's just whiny and annoying.
I wouldn't say he wasn't a selfish and pretentious faggot before all of that, but not to such an extent. At this point I have no empathy for him left, first few months I could take it cause he seemed really hurt and basically spent the first two weeks crying, but now I think he is just using that an excuse for being an asshole and getting away with this. I sometimes feel like I am ready to hit him with something really big, i can't take it anymore. What do?
92 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1567171463214m.jpg (92 KB, 1024x1024)
92 KB
He is going to kill himself.
Endure, give him love.
People are more likely to jump out of windows when the building is on fire.
He has to believe there is still hope, somewhere, fucking anywhere, for living a normal life.

I realise my words sound empty.
Make sure he knows his big brother is there for him.
Don't blame yourself when he kills himself.
No I'm the type to say that trauma can tkae 10 years to get over
This all sounds like it’s more because he just turned 15 than because he was raped.
>Also you have problems if you genuinely took time to write all of the above

The point is to get you to really think about how horrendously fucking awful it would have been. Most people don't. They sort of have a vague idea of it being really terrible but don't imagine in detail because it's too disgusting and evil and their empathy comes up short as a result.
It's probably because he has a garbage support group.
Men who come to terms with abuse have nowhere near the support a female abuse victim has. Men are even mocked when stuff like rape happens to them. Also I am not excusing his behavior at all, but you have to look deep inside as to why he is so bitter. Things like this affect people for years, even decades.

File: 1405471809682.jpg (68 KB, 500x500)
68 KB
Why is the only advice I can find for dealing with a narcissistic relationship partner "run like hell?" Is it really a hopeless situation?
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*If* they genuinely want to improve, pointing out hypocrisy and self-aggrandizing thought patterns, and a lot of patiently explaining your feelings to help re-engage a dystrophied empathy muscle can help. The experience of professionals who do this for a living is the narcissists who choose to engage with this sort of help are a million to one.

The behavior of narcissists is absolutely not something for you to get used to because that means tearing down your self-esteem for someone else's benefit.
That's sort of what I do already. Talking them down from an episode takes a long time but it does work. Right no I'm trying to get them to understand that no one can be with them every second of every day and they have to learn ways to cope alone.

They do say some awful things but it's not so bad once you realize they don't actually mean it. Or am I deluding myself here?
They need lots of therapy/counselling and have to actually put in the work. If they do not do this then every relationship they are in is gonna turn shit.
The issue is they also don't mean it when they say nice things,and also don't care about you or the relationship except that you or the relationship provide the validation they have a pathological need for. Again, there's room for improvement but only if they're committed to improving, full-stop,and most narcissists can't make that leap. You can beat them over the head with what they're doing, why it hurts, etc and it will never do anything if they're not trying to change.

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