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File: kermit-befuddled.jpg (5 KB, 225x224)
5 KB
Kind of a serious question, and I personally think this is /adv/-related because a). it relates to board culture; and b). relates to advice that's commonly given and asked here.

But in all honesty, which is worse? Being a rapist, or an incel? If you had to choose, which would you rather be, rather be stuck in the same room with, etc? Both are seen as horrendous people, but for the sake of hypothetical, you can only choose one.

And yes, this is a serious question (to an extent).
A rapist is more tolerable than incels - noble, even.

Not even a fucking contest.
Not all incels are bad. You can get bitter, horrible incels who blame women and society for their situation, but you can also get incels who aren't like that and are just doing what they can to live their lives and overcome any issues they have.

File: 1590624475680.png (384 KB, 960x765)
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384 KB PNG
how do you know if you are banned?
from 4chan? You can't post if you get banned

File: _20200526_132048.jpg (183 KB, 1080x1440)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
hey /adv/ i have a dilemma.
so my gf is totally white. pure bred anglo. i, on the other hand, am a hapa. half anglo half chinese.
i love my parents i really do, but at the same time I somewhat resent my heritage. in a way they killed off both of their respective bloodlines in one fell swoop.
so there's my problem. should I just find a girl who is mixed and hope my gf and my other pureblood friends get hitched with people of their own race?
im srs. i look asian too, it's not like its a secret, so other people see it too. i dont want to set a bad example.
idk bros. plz halp
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Nah don't breed, you're on 4chan. Pls save the future generation.
Society tries to categorize people by race/ethnic background but it's mostly bullshit and you need to keep reminding yourself that we are all just humans fucking other humans on this planet earth.
Do you know about Fuji apple? Japan didn't really have apples until this European missionary visited Japan in 1860s. He saw that Fujisaki/Aomori area was a pretty poor prefecture ignored by the country, but realized the climate is great for growing Apples. So he brought some apple seeds from Europe and give it to local farmers to grow. The farmers grew it and bred it, spread it around the country and the world, and now it's one of the most popular apple breed in the world. Cultures/people mix and it's nothing new. And a lot of good come of out it, like Fuji apple for an example.
hello, mixed guy here. It has never been a problem for me. I'm sorry to hear it has for you. But I'm pretty sure it should not be a problem for your children
File: breeds.jpg (755 KB, 1208x2015)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
Nigger, you're half anglo, it won't be a problem and in fact your kids will probably be healthier and better off from a genetic standpoint than you.
>but it's mostly bullshit
That whole argument falls apart because humans have much less genetic diversity compared to animals like dogs or horses. So in fact, his argument falls into advocating interracial marriages because even he couldn't deny cross-breeding has a good chance of superior descendants.

File: file.png (332 KB, 800x450)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>385k 2bed/2bath condo in the greater Seattle area
>3% down
>Monthly mortgage is 2500
>Over 50% of my take home pay after pre-tax deductions
Am I retarded and over-leveraged or will this pay off in the short to mid-term?
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flipping houses isn't easy, a lot of people lose their hats attempting it. If OP is seriously considering taking that deal, he probably doesn't have the wherewithal to flip houses.
Take home or gross income? How much lower does rent have to be to make it a better than getting a mortgage?

I'm planning on starting my own business as a side-hustle but I need to get out of my current place before that happens. I thought landlording would be a good idea but that doesn't seem like a good idea right now if people are going to keep working at home and leave the area.
Rent it out and pay mortgage with it. Rent a cheaper place to live in.
Every single /adv/ OP omits crucial details which make genuine advice impossible, which doesn't matter much because they obviously never listen to a damn thing anyway.

Hey OP, is your term 15 years or 30? Big difference, in case you got this far and somehow did not notice. Your OP post does not include 15/30 because you did not thing this is important because you probably do not actually have a mortgage so whatever kid.

15 years: you can handle it if you don't fuck a single thing up in the next 15 years. This is unlikely because you might swab the deck of your ship like the best deckswabber in naval history, but if the ship gets sunk out from underneath your ass then your deckswabbing doesn't matter.

30 years: HAHAHAHA YOU GOT FUCKED SON! Seattle itself is not going to withstand the next 30 years nor will your sorry ass if you remain anchored to the west coast. You also signed a bad deal on every single thing, probably because you signed giant crap without reading assuming these papers ever existed in reality.

You need to ctrl-Z your past several years if this is how they actually went.

Housing as a long term investment was the great boomer mistake of the early 21st century, multinationalism screwed them all and they just swallowed it like the peaceful peasants they are. Recent history proves not only that houses do in fact lose value sometimes, but also they can become effectively impossible to sell especially when you really need to sell quickly. That's why "we'll buy ANY house" exists - they're the desperate pawn shop of real estate as a last resort for people who failed to sell within their own financial deadlines.
Folks here would not BELIEVE the kinds of houses that flippers take in. These are the kinds of houses that would otherwise revert to wilderness if the flippers did not show up, they have their original flooring replaced with improvised materials and large plants growing through the floor.

Broken utilities, Missing chunks of wall for vermin to get through - one genuinely lost house was where a foreclosed man cut every stud in every wall because it's the wooden posts' fault he lost his job.

There's this thing I call the baby boomer trick, because if the trick still works to this day then it probably won't in another few years. You just stop paying your mortgage and squat for a solid year, because that's how long it takes them to complete the process of removing you. I'm sure they'll get that sped up to two months tops within the next 10 years.

Even if you're just evicting a renter, they'll still take a sledgehammer to everything and get away with it because your entire legal trial is 5 minutes long after you stood in line for 2 hours to file the eviction papers. Cops might care about the total destruction of your side job, in some states. Biggest thing on the insurance company's mind is what your new premium is going to be after this.

Routine economic crashes are the new normal, so don't expect the average nobody to have endless cash for keeping up with the bills that feed you.

File: 0d2.png (344 KB, 585x606)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
I'm literally a p0rn addict since I was 13 abd I slowly became a fucking animal. how do I not be like this. Tried nofap. I'm weak. I always been god-fearing erotomaniac. Literally textbook example of coomer.
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You were fed lies, and you fell for it. You were fed the simulation of pleasure, and you fell for it. I understand. You’re not a monster. You were misled. You were made on purpose, with love, and with a mission. That mission isn’t masturbation.
Then stop fapping. No excuses.
I... I think I needed it, thank you. I've never been like that.
the problem with me, is that I get triggered pretty easily sometimes, even when I'll stumble on some slightly related nsfw post, I'm just really prone to relapse and I feel like I cannot function without fapping like an alcoholic who cannot function normally without booze.
Use the horny energy to do something else. Keep your head busy. Read something, do push-ups, even a cold shower. Like it was mentioned before all it takes is will. You are already aware of your problem and want to change, thats a good start.
i wish i could help you bro, i've legit had the battered and completely desensitized dick of a veteran coomer since i was 13

Should I lower my standards?
>I work out
>make 60k a year for a 23 year old
>Do all the normie shit and go to bars and clubs to meet people but I'm not really attracted to anyone there i meet.
>Like i would rather stay a virgin then force myself to love someone I'm not really attracted to.

Last night my boyfriend hit me for the first time in the 4 years we've been together. It came out of nowhere, I wasn't expecting it at all and it caught me completely off guard. We were arguing. I got close to his face, he lost his temper and struck me across my left cheek. It was a very hard hit. His hand was closed. As soon as it happened, his face went white and he became completely silent. It seemed like he was just as shocked as I was. I started tearing up and I ran out of the room to lock myself in the toilet. A few minutes later he knocked on the door practically grovelling for my forgiveness, apologising over and over. I didn't say anything back. I stayed in there for about an hour and then I went to find him and we sat down together to have a long discussion. He was apologizing all the way through, saying that he takes full responsibility and that it will never happen again. I told him that I feel afraid of him now and I don't know how to get over it. I know that he can't say for sure he'll be able to control himself the next time he loses his temper like that, no matter how many promises he makes. I'm afraid that the next time it will be more than one hit. He doesn't know what to do, all he can say is that he will do whatever it takes to gain my trust back and he understands if I need to take a break from our relationship. I don't know what I should do. What do you think?
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>You should not settle for less than the best.
This is a good mindset to end up with nothing.
bitches get stitches pretty simple
File: 1590542954854.jpg (567 KB, 1080x1080)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
You deserve it fuck off and don't make physically threatening postures to people Who can over power you.
File: 1-1.gif (567 KB, 376x300)
567 KB
567 KB GIF
>I got close to his face
Well Karen it looks like you decided to go down this road and now you want to play the victim and play the blame game. I know this is going to shock you but men fight each other for far far less and you uppity bitches need to learn that every man has his breaking point.

WTF did you expect? You think men want to put up with your bullshit 24/7? You can have disagreements with people without acting like a petulant child raising your voice and getting up into peoples face like a cunt.

You want to know what happens before men fight each other? They move in close and face off, its a challenge to a mans masculinity all throughout the animal kingdom. If you wouldn't get up in the face of a barking dog, a snarling bear, etc then don't get up in a mans face when he's angry you retarded bitch.

Honestly i'm glad you are afraid of him and that your relationship with him will probably end over this. You don't seem like the kind of person who deserves to be happy.

File: 1566963687716.gif (55 KB, 450x338)
55 KB
autist here
I agreed to do some housework for a family friend but I cant get a ride to him
I feel bad canceling and I'm nervous hes going to offer me a ride out of kindness which I dont feel comfortable accepting because hes an old man with heart problems
but then I dont feel right saying "I cant get a ride and dont want one from you" because I dont want him to think I'm just being lazy

what should I say
>I'm nervous hes going to offer me a ride out of kindness which I dont feel comfortable accepting because hes an old man with heart problems

Right, not the kind of the thing you want to bring up, might hurt his feelings. Gotta come up with something else. Maybe a family member had some kind of emergency?
yeah he'll try to jump through hoops to accomodate me, which I appreciate but I know the yard stuff is bugging him and I wanna kindly tell him to just find somebody else...
>Maybe a family member had some kind of emergency?
that would bother him. he'll take it seriously and feel bad

File: 1540231184410.png (6 KB, 253x199)
6 KB
Started having panic attacks this year. Had one last week that lasted for two hours. Had three shorter episodes today. Should I seek out a therapist and anxiety meds or are they not worth it?
1. Yes you should see out a counsellor or therapist or even a friend or family member to talk to about this.

2. Only take the meds if you can't live your life because of the symptoms.

3. If you end up taking the meds talk to your dr. about an exit strategy first. The meds should be temporary and you should work on a coping mechanism to deal with your stress and anxiety without the meds.

4. avoid any medical professional that says you need to be on them for the rest of your life.
I have anxiety meds.

Generally speaking, I only take them if I'm in a situation that makes me nervous. Like if I'm doing public speaking, at a social event, date or whatever.
I wouldn't say they actually stop you being nervous BUT what they do is they prevent the physical symptoms of anxiety - so for me I get really sweaty, can't talk well, dry mouth, breathing a lot, get clumsy/shaky, feel on edge, muscles tense etc. You'll still feel nervous but they stop those for the most part.
Usually when I go on certain social events I'd be nervous as fuck, but when I took meds prior I actually had a really nice time because I wasn't having to deal with the physical symptoms.

I don't think I have panic attacks... I get the impression I'd know if I did. I would recommend checking out therapy, but by all means try meds too. Both helped me
. You don't know till you try.
Does anyone know about free therapy or psychotherapy? I've just lost my job because of recurrent panic attacks. Co-workers and Managers had enough of my bullshit and sweaty t-shirts. I would miss workdays and clock out for break to get a hold of myself.
If you become physically dependent on them and go into withdrawal then you can have a seizure and die. So only if you've exhausted all other strategies.
I only paid £12 a session for my therapy, helped me tremendously.
Do your research and ask different therapists in your area about payment plans, depending on your circumstances they can quite often negotiate, that's what I did.

File: 1579236172017.jpg (25 KB, 480x358)
25 KB
To never accomplish anything remarkable and spend the rest of one's life wagecucking at a shitty retail job. That is the worst fate. I know this, and yet, I still do nothing. What is wrong with me? Why can't I find the motivation to achieve anything? Is it a conspiracy? Am I just one of the unlucky people that is destined to be forever servile because the entities that control human society need worker drones?
34 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
t. redneck that has never been to a major city
You have been tricked
Dissolving slowly and peacefully into mediocrity is the sanest thing a man can do
Holy shit you sound boring as hell. An actual square and a loser goddamn
t. city rat who thinks hes stuck in his gay little city with more jobs and opportunities than amy other place on the globe
Gassing yourself with your car is not as painless as the popular imagination of it would suggest. There's more in that gas than just carbon monoxide and your last moments will definitely be a bad time.

File: D4-DnAyW4AApsOM.jpg (40 KB, 500x537)
40 KB
Do I have middle eastern looks if my nose is very similar to this?

File: doge(3).jpg (68 KB, 880x480)
68 KB
I need serious advice, I live in a small city and I have a chance to get a job (same conditions) in my own city or in a city 500km away. In my own city I have 2-3 close friends but I lost many friends since I had a "retarded phase" and many former classmates think I'm an asshole and there is a high chance they have talked about me to others. So what should I do, stay in my hometown where I have some friends and many haters or go to a new city where I have 0 friends and 0 haters? Btw I'm not good at making friends.
Do you fancy the adventure and willing to take on challenges that come with moving cities?

Moving is fun, I packed up and left for a city where I only knew 2 people. Stayed for 4 years before I missed the old friends enough to head back home

File: picture1.jpg (278 KB, 1600x900)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
how to stop being anxious and worried?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
care less, and fuck off with your bumps. christ.
Believe it or not, a major process of Neurosis is you diet and hormones. You might be deficient in testosterone.
Mushrooms are definitely not good for anxiety you retard

File: Screenshot_1.png (60 KB, 325x388)
60 KB
How do stop overthiking in a relationship and being so insecure? Please I need help..
perhaps you weren't ready for one. hopefully you're young because it's easier to learn those lessons then. maybe you're not with the right partner, rather than overthink why don't you try to communicate your insecurities to your partner? if they leave because of it, they weren't the right one in the first place.
Next time you overthink shit, take a courageous step and talk it out with your significant other.
What in the fucking hell is that supposed to be?
I think that’s an Eva

Do a lot of women appreciate corny / “dad” like humor? Like dad joke kinda shit.
I wouldn't think so, no. I also don't think it's a gender issue either as a guy if one of my friends was always making quips and jokes especially probably repeating the same ones over and over again it would get real old real fast.

But if a girl really likes you whatever quirks you might have like that might be seen as charming over time. As far as first impressions go it's not necessarily a good thing though
I've never understood why people say they like dad jokes but a lot of people do say so. So maybe
I'm a girl. I like dad jokes. Like stupid puns and shit. Idk it's corney but I like corney.

Weird though my dad made more smart ass jokes. His jokes were just telling me stupid silly things as if they're facts kinda like the dad from Calvin n Hobbes. The only puns he'd tell me we're in Spanish and half the time they were a little racist too. I think stupid racist/sexist pun jokes are funny cause of him I think.
Male but I will never make a "dad" joke because I have dignity

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