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This board is for the discussion of technology and related topics.

Reminder that instigating OR participating in flame/brand wars will result in a ban.
Tech support threads should be posted to >>>/wsr/
Cryptocurrency discussion belongs on >>>/biz/

To use the Code tag, book-end your body of code with: [co­de] and [/co­de]

The /g/ Wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/
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File: RMS.png (293 KB, 450x399)
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293 KB PNG

>16C/32T is the the new mid range
don't you think AMD is going overboard with this one? just to spite intel? i mean, no one actually needs this much for browsing and checking up on emails
>no one actually needs this much for browsing and checking up on emails
Yes you do, unless you have a heavily customized debloated Linux install there's at least 16 processes running on your computer at all times.
this the reason AMD are pushing for more cores is because there's a secret deal between them and windows. extra threads means more miners can be run without detection

File: 1623980063786.png (150 KB, 759x519)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I can't take it anymore. I'm installing LTSC and never coming back.
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Why does windows look like the lazy mans (lazy programmers) option? And with everything being open source on linux you would think programmers would just build on top of other stuff instead reinventing the wheel (a shitty wheel most of the time) every time. Fuck this server kernel it's only good there and not on the desktop all the "features" it has are only good for servers and for retards who treat their desktop/ laptop like a embedded system.
>what? its windows that consistently requires you needing the most recent hardware. the goldilocks point for just werks shit on linux is about 5~ years old
I have win 10 on a phenom x4 with 4gb of ram it runs fine cope
>no you really don't need denuvo anticheat
I also don't need 10 ways to install software
>i only use the terminal to check uptime. it is true that linux tutorials overemphasize the terminal but that's just because it works the same no matter the distro so its easiest to give advice about
don't tell new users that they don't have to use it than
>jesus, 1000? now you're giving linux too much credit. its windows that has 1000 clunky alternatives for everything
nope two ways or three at most
its not linux's fault you didn't study for 2 seconds to see if your hardware has good compatibility. i'm sorry windows and pc gaming culture has conditioned you to always buy the most recent hardware but you're only shooting yourself in the foot there when it comes to linux
>I have win 10 on a phenom x4 with 4gb of ram it runs fine cope
wow that's some grade S bull. my work pc is an 8th gen i7 and background updates absolutely cripple it which of course its always doing
>I also don't need 10 ways to install software
what? windows requires a unique installer for literally each individual program. talk about too many ways to install shit
>don't tell new users that they don't have to use it than
i'm not random help blogs on the internet
>nope two ways or three at most
you're convincing me you don't even use windows lol
it is linuxes fault sorry m8 it isn't even that. There are multiple weird issues that just show up outta no where unrelated to fucking hardware. ITT i talked about one of them.
Checked, windows users realize Ubuntu exists if you’re a brainlet and can’t figure out Linux right?

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File: 61ctczplabl.jpg (100 KB, 1600x764)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Please be kind, rewind
You should try it, I can recommend for a fulfilling experience.
You some kind of retard?
saboteur2 on zx spectrum
File: no_disc.jpg (37 KB, 700x506)
37 KB

File: 1634545274189.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
What Linux distro are you installing when WIndows 11 abandons your hardware?

You better hope Google does a desktop OS before you have to use the average Linux distro because 97% of Linux distros are bad.
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>Id buy a better machine
another microdick consoomer
File: Un3_1.webm (2.63 MB, 1036x778)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB WEBM
I'll keep using 7.
File: 1581982094499.jpg (157 KB, 765x988)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>I installed Win11 on my TPMless Haswell PC. cope harder. also incase they decide to pull the plug off the installer workarounds, you can still get a ryzen 3 system for a good price.
>yes I'm willing to jump through ANY hoops to stay cucked, how could you tell?
>I'll keep using 7.

File: zoom zoom torrent.png (156 KB, 695x701)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Why do zoomers not know how to torrent?
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>think of film
>go to app and click "request"
>wait a few minutes, it's now automatically added and ready to play on all devices
app can also be given to anyone you want to be able to do the same - even technologically challenged wives


>think of film
>have to figure out which streaming service has it, google search/use app to find out
>go to streaming service, proprietary app needed to use it
>can only stream it in 720p or 1080p - no 2160p
>"need premium tier to stream at this resolution"
>tv show? only half the season is available

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
~tldr: my neighbor flashed her boobs at me to lure me for some action, but I cancelled bc I was reconfiguring Arch.

Last night, looking out the window, my neighbor flashed her boobs at me from her window across and slightly to the left from where I was standing, separated by a small yard. She was inviting me over.

You might be asking, "hey anon, were you surprised? If that were to happen to me, my eyes would grow big and I'd be so caught off guard I'd duck down and pretend I didn't see her." Well anon, I wasn't surprised. Not because this had happened before. This was actually the first time she'd done this, but I didn't flinch or anything. I just looked at her as she's wiggling her boobs side-to-side, up-and-down and simply closed the curtain. Those mating calls have no affect to me anymore. I get those everybtime I'm in the gym lifting off, while everyone 'mirin. Those calls just don't possess a strong impression on me anymore. For example, this month alone I've already scored ~40 thicc chicks. Anyway, the reason I closed those curtains was not because I didn't wanna rail my neighbor. I assure you any other night, I'd plow her so hard to make sure the entire street knows who to call: Pussybuster. But, on this particular night, I was reconfiguring my Arch distro that heavily needed a polish. Everyone has priorities...mine are...wellll....special.

Oh dang, and back to the question at hand...um it's bc they're faggots and data scientists make sure they stay gay in order to find more patterns from them and make them even gayer.
unless you pay for a dozen streaming services its unlikely you will find what you want on just Netflix alone.

fact is MOST normalfags just lazily browse one streaming service and watch whatever is popular there rather than picking something specific.
"what do you want to do now anon"?
>Lets go home so I can set up my rig, spend an hour torrenting LaLaland and move the HDMI cable to my TV
"Uhhhh actually anon I have something I need to pick up at brads"
I feel like Netflix and streaming shit is a westoid thing

When I met my chinese gf I was pretty surprised how efficient she was at pirating random foreign indie films that I would struggle to find.

File: Surface Laptop 4.jpg (16 KB, 625x417)
16 KB
Ok /g/, what's the best laptop money can buy for 1.5k euros for a home laptop? My clapped out t440 can barely do shit so I'll use it to torrent music and films on it.

I don't need a workhorse, just something that has a good battery life and can handle ms office multitasking with pdfs, listening to music, etc. No apple, no used, no gaming oriented.
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With those requirements at that price, Framework.
>doesn't know about the based gemibook
ok, stay at your dumb gookshit then, retard.

>not as well built as Precisions
as I said, I wasn't looking for a workhorse, yeah durability is nice but it's a general use machine in the end that combines a bit of work when I work from home.

I can smell your skin filled with melanin from miles away, Tequans.

I fell for the meme, currently typing on the t440 that is barely running, when I open 5 or more tabs it sounds like it's taking off. Never again, thinkpad shills are the fucking worst and I wish their stinkpads shit the bed because there's nothing you can do on them anyways.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
stay away from HP/Dell/Toshiba (if they even make them anymore)

Asus pcs were the only ones that didn't have a heart attack on me and I'm typing this on my zephyrus g14
>stay away from HP/Dell/Toshiba
From their cheap $300 consooomer shit, their business and enterprise stuff is top notch
great screen as well, the latest TN 220nits. Just the right innovation to explect from DELL
Get the latest mac today, best laptop money can buy.

File: mac.jpg (539 KB, 2304x3568)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>found 2007 iMac that was going to the trash
>guy had no idea what to do with it, happy for me to take it
>it was bootlooping MacOS and was dusty
>cleaned it
>put Pop!_OS (the best Linux distro) on Etcher and forced the iMac to boot from USB with a keypress
>everything installed out of the box except for Wifi, had to connect it to Ethernet by just putting it close to my router
>had it scan for updates and it just downloaded the Wifi driver like magic and the wifi was working
>I now have a solid, good condition PC with a nice screen that is totally up to date, is actually fast and just works for free and will probably keep working for 10 more years thanks to Pop!_OS.

Why are you still buying PCs when so many good iMacs are going to the trash and can be revived with Linux for free?

File: 1634068800859.png (23 KB, 752x697)
23 KB
old thread

What are you working on, /g/?
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>$70k/yr entry-level shit
that's entry level there?? wtf.
what is the average wage in your country??
well this is 'merica so everyone working in software makes like $70,000-$120,000/yr
And now I see that there's actually a solution for this, you have to set the EPOLLRDHUP flag to get informed of a graceful closure. I thought it would do that by default like normal poll and WSAPoll do, but apparently not.
What sockets library are you using? Windows API sockets? Linux sockets?
You need to make a constructor for it that handles a message.

If the catch block specifies something other than what is thrown, it is ignored. you can use
to catch anything.

I wrote an example of a class that has a custom exception as an inner class and a short test program.


Who does this sort of art appeal to? Why is it used everywhere for everything?
I don’t do graphic design so I have no idea why this style is so ubiquitous.

This picture actually has some facial detail rather than just a blank face/dots so that’s something.
19 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
alegria core aka globo-homo is the best 'bang for your bucks' a company can get
just hire a 20 something blue haired 'graphist' with piercing and she can shit designs like this all day
requires no knowledge about anatomy (proportions being off is a feature) perspective (it's flat) or values (monotonal plain colors)

also it's the default art style of any woman, it take zero efforts to go from their shitty doodles to vector
add vector based text and you have every add ever made these days

hiring an actually competent artist like an 50+ guy similar to people drawing sci-fi books covers and music posters back in the days would be much more complicated
It's just like corpo music garbage. It's table stakes and it's safe. That's literally it.
some of you nerds are hilarious, art style trends for literally everything constantly shift and change, this style isn't new at all but is currently popular in some contexts, that's it, there isn't anything deeper, you don't have to file this into your "actually im the most oppressed" dipshit mental folder, it's literally just a tiny ad from an app store meant to catch the scrolling eye with bright colors
also good art have to be raster based or hand drawned at some point
sure you can get nice visuals with illustrators or 3d but it require sonmucj skills to do it properly that someone capable of doint it probably already mastered rastered

raster stuff is difficult to scale, it need competent people on all the chain from artist to print guy

vector based stuff on the other hand just require knowing illustrator etc and you can edit ad infinitum to please corporate or print it to cover a building with no visible 'aliasing'

same problem in haming where nerds thinks they can draw on a wacom and create muh overdesigned character with 5 belts, 3 swords, furr and 35 littles pouches
or the generic tablet drawned forest setting nb 987637376

truth is they all cope cause they can'y draw for shit and have zero personal style, same for 3d sunday cartoons
cost reduction and lack of talents

Your point about it being cheap is right. The other points are way off. Ugly art makes people less happy and I'm sure some people complain.

The jews behind Ugly art know it's bad and know people hate it, and that's why they push it. They want the people they rule over to feel demoralized.

File: 1626607761798.png (322 KB, 453x549)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>The foot of a person who has never worn shoes (left) versus the foot of a person who had worn shoes for just a few weeks

How can technology fix this?
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File: Caligae_from_side.jpg (209 KB, 1599x1066)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
No, wool. Raw wool or rudimentary woven socks.
Not much better. Give me the refinement only an industrial base made for mass production can reach.
There's literally nothing wrong with the foot on the right. Wear your goddamned shoes, monkeybrains.
File: 1604598448668.png (328 KB, 400x357)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>foot and shoe fearmongering
I am laffin. This is the fucking epitome of first world problems "well the bottom of my foot may not be a disgusting mess hard as a rock but my toes curve inward slightly."

anyways heres a 10 thousand year old footprint from a pre shoes society
this, I wear shoes but my feet look more like the ones on the left. my heel is more center aligned and my toes still have some splay to them

I would not doubt shoes can affect foot morphology but I do not think OPs picture is legitimate

File: 1628390440358.jpg (450 KB, 1000x900)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
i want to go back to linux. i went ahead and cancelled my battlefield 2042 preorder and deleted my WoW and battle.net because of how woke blizzard has gotten. i've given up and tired of it all. i just want to become a hermit who seethes on irc all day for my enjoyment and play simple games like factorio.
my specs:
>amd ryzen 5800x
>amd vega 64
>32gb of ddr3 3200mhz
i've never used linux before. what be a good distro for me? i'm currently looking at fedora because ubuntu's "linux for humans" shit reminds me to much of woke crap.
82 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
you post cute girls so here is an actual recommendation.
it's very simple to install and it work out of the box. it's based on arch so when you want to install something or have a certain issue you can search about it like "how to install x on arch" or "how to do x on arch"
their xfce theme looks very nice and you can customize it easily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29ARF14InaU
I also recommend going with the offline install choice for even faster and flawless install.
good luck anon.
>unironically stay on windows, no offense a person like you will never find anything of value on linux; it's empty and half broken and it just doesn't work well for average consumer.
>just take a break from gaming and do something else for a while

this. i wouldn't wish linux life upon normies
Fedora's stability is fine. Had over a month of uptime without issue. Just don't work with NTFS drives.
Fedora has the "COPR" but it doesn't have as much stuff than the AUR. It's also different in terms of setting it up, if I remember correctly
Unbuntu, best Linux distro for games, even steam has lots of games in linux, either that or you use WINE or other programs like it

>Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn - a good starting point to learn about web dev fundamentals
https://javascript.info/ - quite a good JS tutorial according to many posts
https://www.freecodecamp.org - curriculum including HTML/CSS/JS, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
https://www.theodinproject.com - curriculum including HTML/CSS/JS, Ruby on Rails, and SQL
https://fullstackopen.com/en/ - requires you to have basic web dev, db and git knowledge
https://flexboxfroggy.com/ and https://codepip.com/games/grid-garden/ - learn flex/grid in CSS

>List of PHP resources

>List of design resources

>All useful documentation in one place

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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why do you need a frameowork at all? is it interactive? is the whole page interactive like a web app?
Is there a short version of how to gitgud at flexbox for someone who already gets the CSS basics?
To handle creating the page/boxes dynamically based off the values in the JSON file. Wouldn't this be easiest to do with a framework? I'd just like to make it as easy as possible.
Also forgot to answer your other questions, yes the page is somewhat interactive, the user checks a bunch of checkboxes or possibly radio buttons of some form and those will either display some kind of text/URL or let the user build up these strings to be passed into and displayed on another page.

File: image-asset.jpg (214 KB, 1000x669)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
How do you guys avoid information overload on the internet? I mean, literally all of human knowledge is available and more information is created per day than you could read in a lifetime
The only information that goes into your brain is shitposts and pictures of female asses, you have nothing to worry about.
dose it properly?
have dedicated time to inhale information and dedicated time to do anything else
I limit my internet activities to games, women larping as anime girls, and this shithole.

File: 1633925003352.jpg (443 KB, 1245x1992)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
I'm going to buy yellow MacBook, yellow iMac and green iPhone. Thank you Apple for bringing colour back to computing.

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