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Last one hit image limit >>3271404
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Yes, and I'm a hamster.

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Previous: >>3274238
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oh, and if you're insane enough to reach 300k you can get mountain man three times
Dude. The whole premise of the original game is edge. We got Hanamaru and it's not like sute is 100% wangst and tragedy. Stop nitpicking.
> constantly bawling their eyes out

Anon, did you only watch Honnouji? I don't think the other stage plays following that has much crying, I might be remembering wrong though. Also is the emotional drama in sute even considered edgy though, people must be really and truly sheltered to consider a lot of crying edgy already. No wonder babbies flipped out over Chougi lamely insulting like, 2 swords.
Calm down, I was merely expressing my opinion. If you love tragedy that much then good for you.
File: oppa swords.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720)
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1.11 MB PNG
Sute might not be everyone's cuppa but at least the backstages are comfy.

Last thread >>3269961
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File: Dsq2d5MUcAE6RL8.jpg (119 KB, 1200x945)
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In more ways than you can imagine.

File: DtGSfiQUUAAOs52.jpg (235 KB, 1550x700)
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Happy 2nd anniversary.
Last thread: >>3267559
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Last Thread: >>3262692
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upvote if you would try to help him
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I appreciate it!
File: yeah.png (159 KB, 567x337)
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>Shirked optional korean classes as a kid, so now I can only recognize words from sound instead of text and parse korean so slowly that it's almost unenjoyable to read
>Also learning japanese so I keep seeing certain letters as certain kana
Still worth
At least you had those options as a kid. My only options were spanish or german, garbage.
Cute. I should definitely try to make him in AA2 one of these days.
Wait a second, those are breasts

File: DANTE.jpg (193 KB, 832x838)
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pls help whats the name of it?
File: Dante.jpg (48 KB, 591x605)
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File: 1540236162105.png (1.47 MB, 1281x1179)
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Anyone watching the new Cute boys Kyoani show?
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File: Dt6QnyQV4AAKcBk.jpg (70 KB, 681x1200)
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Damn, this really broke my heart.

You know the drill, post husbando and answer questions about him.

>Does he have any gap moe traits or hobbies?
>What's his place in his source material, how does he effect the plot and the other characters?
>Does he have any close friends? If he does, what is their friendship like and how do they treat eachother?
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File: 1519973253991.png (400 KB, 600x600)
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>>Does he have any gap moe traits or hobbies?
He's kind of off-putting, but deep down he's a softie and everyone knows this.
>>What's his place in his source material, how does he effect the plot and the other characters?
He's kind of a dick, scary, and otherwise not very approachable.
>>Does he have any close friends? If he does, what is their friendship like and how do they treat eachother?
Close friends? not really, he has acquaintances.
File: 11232132133154898980.png (679 KB, 1024x1024)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
>Do you think he'd want to live somewhere like that, or just visit? Dunno if it'd be too touristy for living in.
Well, Jacket lives in Florida, so he's prabably used to tourism. That's why I think he might want to get away from it when he has a chance to have a break.
>Do you have any older or younger pictures of your husbando?
There sadly aren't any, I wish I could know more about his past. Since, I'm not gonna lie, the future's kinda bleak for him.
This fanart of him and Biker as kids is really cute though.
>What would he think of your hobbies
My hobbies are pretty uninteresting. It's mainly watching movies, which he also likes doing but I'm prabably more of a movie buff then him. Since I go out of my way to watch foreign films and go to film festivals whenever I can.
>How do you feel about art of your husbando looking stressed or sad?
I would be a little bothered by it at first, but I would still save it. It makes him feel like more of a three dimentional person, even though I wish he could always be happy, I feel like sadness is still a valid and healthy emotion to experience.
He likes keep it really simple. Jacket honestly seems like type to wear the same thing everyday, the most variety in his outfits are all the diferent t-shirts he has.
>Has he ever been hurt or betrayed by someone he thought he could depend on?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Jacket would love shopping at a vhs store (rip) and looking for wierd b movies to watch. He also doesn't seem to be stingy with money, I think it's just the case of him having naturally cheap taste. Which I respect.
Husbando's a pretty tough guy, to say the least.
Unfortunately, I don't think I could protect him or help him, because I'm kinda weak. I would likely just get in his way.
>What would you get him for Christmas?
Maybe a game for his NES or I would bake him something.
>What's something he could talk about with you for hours?
Not sure, I'm probably the more talkative one. So I guess he's forced to listen to me then.
>Would he like pets?
I think he would like pets, but not necessarily want to have one. Since it might make apartment living sort of uncomfortable.
I do want a dog friend at some point of my life, but that's for the future.
>What do you think his favorite film or novel genre would be?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think he’d love Christmas—any holiday for that matter, but I personally think of Christmas as his favorite thanks to his overall winter motif. I think he’d love cuddling up on the couch watching cheesy Christmas movies, and decorating the tree.

>What would you get him?
A nice super soft blue scarf, since he's always wearing one. That or any other cute clothing item would be a safe bet I think.

>Walking into a glass door.
I actually chuckled at the image of him getting all flustered and embarrassed over this. I imagined him walking into it really hard and smacking his nose, stumbling back and clutching his nose and tearing up a little cause of the pain (I see him as a bit of a crybaby).

I think he’d love them, especially dogs (even though I’m not a big dog person myself, I think he’d find their big dumb charms irresistable).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>looking up husbando on twitter for art
>people are writing and drawing and discussing omegaverse shit
I never asked for this

File: 36709823_p3.jpg (646 KB, 1060x830)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
LAST THREAD: >>3241222

The Snake Soup and Metal Gear Informer (The latest in Kojima-related news!) - http://thesnakesoup.org/

JUNKER HQ (.net) (Excellent database for Kojima's older games, such as Snatcher and Policenauts, created and curated by the lovely Artemio Urbina!) - http://junkerhq.net/index.php

Policenauts.net (Patches and info for the English translations of Policenauts! There is a PSX version and Sega Saturn version available for play!) - http://policenauts.net/

JUNKER HQ Forums (Kojima Fan-forum) - http://forums.junkerhq.net/
109 replies and 101 images omitted. Click here to view.
Huh. How many public appearances does Kojima make when making a game? I wonder if Kojima is coming down, or has come down, with something, as he is going all out with Death Stranding
I don't know honestly.
I hope it was that he was just sick with a cold or something, cause I think he was supposed to show up at TGA this year.

He was one of the paneling judges for student games this year iirc?
I hope it is a cold, but I would not be surprised if he is also just burnt-out with being a gaming celebrity, and to some extent, gaming in general. Man has had a rough few years
Also Rip Tumblr
Rip Super Best Friends
I wouldn't doubt it either. He's been doing this for like... almost thirty years? I don't blame him.

Tumblr's rotting is meh.

When Woolie said Matt and Pat weren't friends anymore it felt like my heart sank into my stomach.

File: 1542273482773.jpg (71 KB, 700x773)
71 KB
Ponyo edition.

Previous thread: >>3268089
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File: IMG_20181023_132430.jpg (80 KB, 800x650)
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File: IMG_20181023_132532.jpg (48 KB, 750x633)
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File: IMG_20181215_192926.jpg (110 KB, 707x923)
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File: DsVtb4BUcAAjJtk.jpg (51 KB, 442x950)
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File: DZBNwwhVAAAj7VR.jpg (69 KB, 1200x762)
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File: 1527166458535.jpg (288 KB, 1199x811)
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288 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>3266269
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File: Golden.Kamuy.full.2156299.jpg (2.37 MB, 2760x2630)
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2.37 MB JPG
File: 1527597151199.jpg (210 KB, 1200x850)
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File: 1527277069443.jpg (59 KB, 615x769)
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File: DQ-txA2W4AEptki.png (594 KB, 869x936)
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Kawaii Ojichans~

File: DoalGckU8AE-2xM-orig.jpg (205 KB, 1004x2048)
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Old thread >>3266309
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