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File: istock_000008208368_small.jpg (205 KB, 2220x1248)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
would you eat him??
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Damn straight I did.
Why would I consent to staying alive?
Don't Bogart that puffer fish, my fren.

dolphins are such assholes

Your neighbourhood cafe edition

Previous thread: >>15371851
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>see very nice gooseneck kettle
>oh shit but what do I make
>proceed to buy their shittier pourover set
That's what they think is happening.
Just started using regular filter papers in my v60 and can't taste the difference
Paper filters all have slightly different flow rates. Odds are very good you can find a cheap paper filter with a flow rate close enough to an expensive one that it doesn't matter. Be wary of anything that uses a non-universal shape. In my experience white (bleached) papers can have a negative taste. I generally avoid those.
File: 1567877263099.jpg (66 KB, 720x689)
66 KB
coffee newfag, using a moka pot, don't have a grinder
if I order preground in pourover grind, that's basically medium-fine right?
File: cutie.jpg (56 KB, 640x800)
56 KB
Is coffee good for you?

File: Sandwich-AvocadoBLT.jpg (531 KB, 2172x1448)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
Toast + thin layer of brie + layer of ljutenica + a slice of schwarzwald ham. Cheap and good.
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No that anon is just rightfully giving you shit cause you're a massive faggot who came in this sandwich discussion blogposting about your foggy woggy bwain. Nobody gives a fuck about you
>like you’re part of a Boomerbook mom group
Not an argument.
>celiac disease
Or, what's inherently much more common, gluten sensitivity. The fact that you jumped straight to an auto immune disorder means that you have 0 knowledge on this subject.
>rightfully giving you shit
I came here to mourn the loss of my ability to enjoy sandwiches and asked for gluten-free alternatives that were reminiscient of traditional sandwiches.
It was the people replying to me who derailled the discussion about sandwiches into a discussion of effects of gluten for non-celiacs.
Does mentioning "All these candies make my mouth drool, shame I have diabetes!" derrail a thread? It usually doesn't.
Now when a bunch of lower-minded people come along to challenge that very obvious claim, the thread successfully gets derailled.
My wife would disagree. Besides she is the person who showed me you can do a lot more with them than just put them on salads
Holy fuck dude, it’s not the gluten you’re just a huge sperg

The best brains come from lambs and sheep. Ox brain is firmer and along with calf’s brains, is cheaper to buy, so these two are often used as a filling for pies. It looks pretty vile in a butcher’s window – a handful of what looks like large veins, gelatinous and grey with red veins that have to be removed before cooking.

Usually, they are lightly dusted with salt and pepper and flour and fried before adding sautéed garlic, parsley, and lemon. It’s called Sautéed Cervaux (fried brains) on French menus.
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Hoosier here, we still eat brains.
But since the bovine peon scare we can only eat pigs brains.
prion..not peon.

Prions are legit scary fren
I can even handle eating balls, but not brains and eyeballs.
I can find brains easily where am. Sounds like something I'm missing out on. What do I do with them?

Why did ice creams peak in the 90s?
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Yes, they're much more popular than Cornetto with way more flavours in Australia. They're different to the look of the ones you posted though, we call those Choc tops.
I remember being really young like 5-8 and my mom watching days of our lives.
That spinning hourglass and "we will return to days of our lives, after these messages"
I want to go back take me back please oh god I hate all of this
give me war in the future of send me back. FUCK.
File: awdj.jpg (8 KB, 222x222)
8 KB
Can confirm it's Austria. Grew up with these posters.
>mfw when my mum actually got me the 20 schilling eggnog cornetto
Yeah but there were dozens of meme ice creams like those retarded dispensers with little ice balls in them
>retarded dispensers with little ice balls in them
They weren't exactly a great feet of culinary engineering, but if you let them thaw a bit and gave em a good shake, that usually did the job. And the taste was great.

File: Cuppa.jpg (62 KB, 460x300)
62 KB
This thread is for discussing tea, tea bags, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.


Previous thread:
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File: 1591447542555.jpg (576 KB, 4272x2848)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
anyone thought of owning their own tea joint?
Yeah but then I realized I’ll never be a woman.
I'm glad you realized that, but what the fuck are you talking about?
it sounds comfy until I realize I'll have to deal with annoying hipsters and yuppies all day long. don't really want turquoise haired gender neutral sjw's sitting in my little tea shop all day complaining about oppression on their macbooks. but outside of cancerous cities filled with such fags there probably isn't enough of a population density to keep a tea joint profitable
The tea industry is gynocentric.

green bell peppers are just less flavorful and more slimy than orange and red peppers. why do they still have a market?
They have a different flavor, less sweet and more 'vegetable' for lack of better description. The more savory flavors of the green capsicum work better in some dishes compared to the fruitier red/orange. I havent found them to be any more or less slimy though. Green can also be cheaper, since theyare essentially just a less ripe red pepper and can be harvested earlier.
I was writing this reply on /an/ but thread disappeared, so i guessed that you came on here.
yeah I accidentally posted in the wrong board.
deleted it myself.

Are anon a butter or oil kinda guy?
I'm actully a little bit of both, go figure.
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I usually start with oil and baste/finish with butter
youre not using enough butter anon.
oil is a bit more fool proof for me, since butter burns lower than oil.
File: garlic-scallops-thumb.jpg (90 KB, 600x600)
90 KB
Oil to cook, then butter to flavour

Works well with prawns/shremp, scallops, steak

File: hqdefault.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
Forgotten Foods Thread
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>this sort of "advertising" (making light of the rape and murder of proud BIPOC folx) was considered acceptable in the 80s
Good fucking riddance to your Nazi snacks.
I just strawberried your sister

So after the last thread about rice cookers i've realised that i want a luxury rice cooker instead of this shitty 20 bucks rice cooker. I eat rice about three times a week and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Been peeking at YumAsia's induction models.

Anyway, Rice cooker thread.
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Some of us have huge countertops and Japanese people have small kitchens and put away their rice cookers after use. No joke, I have an espresso maker, coffee maker, mixer, juicer, microwave, Tiger rice maker and deep fryer and god knows what else on my kitchen counters, still a bit of room left.
File: TigrrrrMadeJapan.jpg (106 KB, 1240x1500)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Forgot to post my rice maker, Tiger made in Japan with a steamer basket feature that believe or not use once in a while to steam different foods on top while the rice cooks. Kind of practical.
>Rice cooker - self-contained stove element with a pot built in
I guess if you want to completely ignore fuzzy logic, multiple layers of induction heating elements, and the ability to reduce the pressure inside to allow streaming at a lower temperature.
A good high end rice cooker is nothing like stovetop rice from a small pot. Maybe if you've got years of experience with an iron pot + fire, or traditional clay pot, you can make good traditional rice, but a high end rice cooker, especially the Japanese domestic models will make prefect rice every time, every grain will be cooked nearly identical to every other grain, there aren't going to be undercooked bits in the center that get more cooked towards the edges like the average person using a pot in the stove ends up with
>its just a heating element and a steel pot
I see you’re a time traveler from the late 50’s. I hope you stay a while; our stuff will blow your mind.
Check out this rice-cooking device. Think of that IBM1401 in your research lab. Now imagine having two of them, with all recourses devoted to cooking rice. That’s the best I can try to explain within your understanding.
>fuzzy logic
Literal buzzword to convince you to spend your kid's 大学 money on an overpriced heating element so you can make placebo rice. Real, ACTUAL 日本人 (not stupid modern people from Tokyo) understand that. Ask someone from the older generation, who lives in Osaka or Sapporo or anywhere else what they think about a rice cooker. They'll tell you the truth.

What's the most unhealthy thing you've ever eaten? This monstrosity has more than 1000 calories.
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It's pretty good.
That's fake

.. right?
I saw an ad for it up here in leafland around a decade ago, so I'd assume it was real. Cheesy chicken sounds alright.
fat belly wow gay

File: doubledowncomp.jpg (70 KB, 576x432)
70 KB
Unironically, the Double Down was no worse than most other chicken sandwiches.

File: Oliven_V1.jpg (9 KB, 250x233)
9 KB
What brand of olive oil is worth my money. I'm sick and tired of canola or similar cooking oils. I like to cook with butter or olive oil but i don't know much about the quality of olive oil or what to look for. Any help?
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Extra virgin olive oil that comes from either Greece, Spain, or Italy.

If you're in America, Italian may be your only choice but Spanish fucking olive oil rocks my world. Everytime I get a chance to go there I buy like 4 liters of those.
t. american fatso that only cooks with heart-clogging lard and butter
>cooking oil
“Cooking” is a very broad term.
Olive oil is my favorite when making skillet-griddled garlic toast. Because I’m using it at a toasting temperature.
You’re crazy if you think I’d use it in a high temperature application, or if you would as well.

Examine the label and find any olive oil that isn't from multiple countries. If it lists multiple countries on the bottle it's blended garbage from the dregs of multiple countries. Pure mafia shit they sell to dumb customers.

Costco carries single source olive oil. Best sources are Greece/Spain/Italy.
File: 1608022356872.jpg (53 KB, 651x750)
53 KB
+1 spain olive oil
dont even bother with italy oil unless its the super expensive shit
the mob apparently runs the oil biz over there

File: file.png (1.13 MB, 964x614)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>are sardines good for you?
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Boys you gotta try King Oscars mediterranean style mackerel it's fucking amazing
You know what? I was gonna stop by the 'Mart to grab some 'Atermelon 'Ountain 'Ew this morning after wrappin' up my 'ight shift but I'll keep an eye out for some "Meddy Macks" while I'm there!
Biomagnification of toxins mainly occurs with larger predatory fish. Most species of fish sold as sardines are significantly lower in the food chain than fish like tuna, which makes them safer.
sup bitches

File: 45485734524234.jpg (9 KB, 180x180)
9 KB
what would it be like
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Kek I've seen that
someone drinks carbonated pee
he looks and sounds lactose intolerant
Oh shit, you're right, kefir if contained during fermenting turns carbonated too, would do this once in a while when I made kefir.

File: 55626.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x2000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
I want to make a doner kebab.
Has anyone tried before? Did you use lamb, beef and mix?
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> see the thumbnail
> the guy doesn't keep face and shows an absurd emotion, unworthy of our northern coldness
> the problem of a generation, which asks for a final solution
>spiral slice a sheep
>spiral slice a cow
>combine both spirals into a double helix of meat
>throw spices at it. Doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s so many spices you can’t actually identify the combination by taste
>rotate meat-helix in front of pitifully small gas flame
>cut off pieces and serve with yellow rice from a prepackaged mix
>make sure your never clean shaven; you must have stubble and it must appear oily
You are now an authentic kebab master.
what the fuck
Who the fuck puts rice in their Döner?
File: download.jpg (56 KB, 820x461)
56 KB
turks eat everything with rice.

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