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File: ExpandedFacialPlanes2.jpg (46 KB, 408x612)
46 KB
Why or why not?

Personally, I use it in almost everything, including baking, in a ratio of probably 1 part msg to 4-8 parts kosher salt, depending on the dish, more for savory, less for sweet.

It really adds an extra "pow" to cakes made with brown butter by setting off the savory flavor.
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>>cost savings

makes sense.
File: baitrump.png (50 KB, 616x599)
50 KB
This is bait.
fuck off, shill
>ugly tranny poster
>uses msg with kosher salt
>It really adds an extra "pow"
>bumps all over

File: american pizza.png (1.75 MB, 1188x611)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
>American pizza
$6 per slice btw, this is expensive pizza, this is what Americans consider high quality pizza so good you have to pay per slice
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use your eyes man, that's a Kimbap, not sushi
>taking the time to edit the code to troll in my thread
pathetic american defence system
Did you hear what I said, weeb? That's mostly rice you're paying for.
CSS/HTML are markup, not code

do i need a stainless steel skillet? and specifically, should i get an all clad? been using a nonstick pan with the bottom all scraped out of it from years of misuse hopefully it wasnt teflon
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If you're going to spend real money, why settle for All-Clad when you could buy Demeyere?
>a throw away Wal-Mart Teflon skillet
This is so stupid.
If you need nonstick for "eggs and pancakes," buy a ceramic coated skillet. I just bought Calphalon's 10 inch ceramic coated skillet and I love it, the design is good, the weight is just right, and ceramic is more nonstick and less toxic than Teflon. Fuck whoever's bright idea it was to make plastic coated pans.

All Clad handles are designed to be gripped with an oven mitt for range-to-oven cooking. Knowing this will help you be less petty and retarded in the future.
Also, the idea isn't that you buy it for the warranty. The idea is that you spend a lot of money on a really great pan, and you have the warranty as a safeguard. Making a purchase through All-Clad is like joining a club rather than purchasing an item - you give them your $300 or what-odd, and in return you can be sure you will always have a great quality stainless steel skillet or saute pan that will be replaced if it defects for any reason.
I like the assurance. When you grow up you'll understand.

Still petty and retarded...

Stainless steel pans are idiot proof, the only way you could possibly ruin it is to bang the bottom off of a hard corner several times until it's too warped to conduct heat, and even then you could just cook around the bump.
Ceramic skillets work OK at first, then they fail hard when they are not non-stick anymore. Teflon, while it has its own shortcomings, is far better in that regard.
ya my ceramic frying pan died after a year and a half. i still use it but it's no longer no stick. looking to start upgrading my cookware this year but i'll probably wait for some black friday deals.

File: images (25).jpg (25 KB, 430x300)
25 KB
What is the general consensus on the humble chip butty?
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As of 2019 the US ranks 12th most obese and United Kingdom isn't even top 25.

Where are the chips? There are fries on that
And yet their teeth is still horrendous and they’re butt ugly.
are you implying that there is shit that smells good?
Pretty sure UK teeth are healthier. They're just yellower and fuglier because cosmetic stuff isn't covered.

File: glasbier.jpg (52 KB, 1000x1000)
52 KB
In Germany, it is very common to drink beer from a glass boot, called a "Bierpimmel".

Do other countries have their own unique drinking devices?
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File: 1373811616149.gif (903 KB, 300x200)
903 KB
903 KB GIF
i built a multi million dollar business lol. good try.
That'll be $45
1. This looks like a bong
2. It looks like a Victorian enema tool
You sound like a really bitter boring person, good job on your supreme intelligence though
>Scrambled your eggs
>Scrambled your eggs
>Scrambled your eggs
>Scrambled your eggs

God damn just how developmentally delayed are you? An 8 year-old can figure out how to say something two different ways.

File: boston market mac.png (275 KB, 500x374)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Ate one meal today consisting of:
>2 biscuits
>beef gravy
>scrambled eggs with chicken (very little), mushroom and cheese
>choco soy milk
>apple juice
>about 1200 calories
>took 2 pill of Orlistat
>just took 5 laxatives

I could have just puked it all up....I regret not doing so. Share em fellas
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Fellow bulimic here. Laxatives don't make you lose weight. The calories are still absorbed. You'll lose water and food weight, not actual weight.
Taking laxatives is as bad as purging, if you abuse them enough you could end up with a bag stuck to your intestines so you can poop.
But at least you didn't purge. Good job, anon. You kept the food down today, you can keep it down tomorrow as well. And the next day too. You can do it
Agree. Make sure you replenish your electrolytes, abusing laxatives gets rid of lots of them
t. Ate between 500 and 1000kcal a day for 3 months to lose 50kg and currently cutting at 1500 and gym before bulk
Skeletons are disgusting
If you like to not eat its prob better if you just fasted every other day and then just eat whatever you want on your non fasting day. also taxing laxative doesnt make you miss calories lol.

File: pizz.jpg (88 KB, 1024x512)
88 KB
Let's post pizza topping combos and rate them, I'll start

>banana peppers
>red onions
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I only get steak or chicken if it's from a local place I've tried before; chains fuck up the combination with low quality n' high grease
>t. Virgin Pizza
8/10 based Mediterranean za
banana pepper

File: 15092198473462.png (54 KB, 1300x644)
54 KB
which country has the best cuisine?
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wth is that cardboard looking thing @ middle top?
File: 1500427446433.jpg (176 KB, 768x1024)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Italian and Japanese cuisine are the best both on their own way, but I have a deep love for Lebanese food and a special place in my heart for Pho.
shut the fuck up

File: fuck yes.jpg (629 KB, 1720x2500)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Post top tier chips/crisps/whatever you call em
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File: hsc.jpg (16 KB, 180x180)
16 KB
These are addictive and go with pretty much anything.
hell yeah
their salt and vinegar is great
Sup bitch
Yeah we cake our chips in MSG BBQ sugar powder and it's fucking delicious, what you gonna do about it faggot?
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
For my Canuck anons. These cheap-ass store brand chips are great. Typically 2/$3
Lays Kettle Cooked Tikka Masala are the all time GOAT. If Lays ever brought these back I'd stockpile them.

However, since they were only seasonal, Voodoo takes the crown

File: 1518642249412.jpg (67 KB, 616x462)
67 KB
Why the fuck are you co/ck/s saying Detroit style pizza is a meme? It's not a God damn pool of sauce and cheese like Chicago style and it's not a floppy piece of grease like New York. So what gives? Do you guys just hate Michigan or do you hate Detroit?
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Keep looking. Shouldn't be nearly that expensive.
I think most people would say Jets deep dish is more or less Detroit style even if it doesn’t meet the “sauce on top” qualifier. seems to me Detroit style is mainly about the shape and crust
i'm of the opinion it's about more than form factor
hes /myceo/
he's tha papa

File: 1553467508250m.jpg (116 KB, 768x1024)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Does Japanese beef really taste better than American beef?
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Glorious Nippon does literally everything better than the rest of the world. Their famous samurai code demands nothing less than perfection in everything they do, and every person there follows it.
But the Japanese said the Cowboy gunslinger of the old west would also be considered a Samurai.
>Sloppy joe mix
Jesus Christ this thing must taste like a complete mess
Kobe beef is better than every country's beef
But is ruined as ground chuck.

File: bank.jpg (161 KB, 500x375)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
If your favorite auténtico ostería or obscure hole-in-the-wall warung has started accepting credit cards, or a printed menu, it is time to find another place that serves proper food. If your favorite cha chaan teng starts offering napkins (especially if they do not charge you for them), leave immediately.

You may not have noticed it yet (although you probably have), but these are signs that the cost cutting and compromises have already begun.

What are some other telltale cues that a restaurant has lost its way? This thread is only for discriminating diners who recognize and appreciate authenticity. Morally bankrupt racists who eat flyover food from the Darden Group (NYSE: DRI) can find another thread.
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spices have always been used to cover inedible food
>Economically healthy cities do not have this problem.
you mean like san francisco? which is a hellhole
gentrification usually happens in decent poor areas, not in true ghettos
Fucking hell dude
inbred wh*toid line of thinking

File: 15535360251441951004099.jpg (1.39 MB, 2448x2448)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Hey /ck/ucks, try to guess what im making
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
what's wrong with it?
File: 1514996967677.png (87 KB, 275x266)
87 KB

we didn't want or need a timestamp for your fucking risotto.
I'm not that anon, but:
-No visible seasoning
-The pale color suggests that you used shitty stock, or even worse: water.
-No color on the shooms. Did you forget to saute them first?
-Plain mushrooms when nearly any other variety would have been a lot better
I know.
But why would that stop me?
You are right. I had to replace butter with oil and I like my mushrooms plain and barely cooked.
Also i replaced white wine with vinegar
I used a very thin chicken soup for seasoning too.
very acute eye anon

File: steak with chimmichuri.png (1.19 MB, 1084x697)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Started a new youtube cooking channel this month, first season based on Cast Iron cooking. Not easy starting off to get subscribers, so thought to give it a try to post it here.

pretty sure promoting is a perma ban. delete quick.

File: golden-corral-office.jpg (179 KB, 1600x900)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Family wants to go here tonight because it's still new. What are /ck/s thoughts on this place. It replaced the Hometown Buffet.
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>her GUNT hangs so far down it slaps her thighs
What's her number, Anon?
buffets are fucking disgusting. why on earth would you ever want to share food with the type of person who would go to a buffet?
>who would go to a buffet?
there was a time when all the good chinese buffets had crab legs, I miss filling up on crab legs bad
I went here with my buckos in an ironic celebration of final exams coming. this is singlehandedly the most disgusting place to dine wherever you are from. literally nothing tastes like it wasn't a frozen dinner. good luck
It's a feeding trough for humans with microwaved slop and a chocolate fountain that has more bacteria than a septic plant. McDonald's is probably better.

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