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File: thanksgiving-turkey-4.jpg (187 KB, 680x1020)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Hello /ck/, my thanksgiving was delayed until the 28th instead of the 26th. And I still need a turkey recipe.
But I'm not allowed to put salt or butter or high-sodium sauces (soy sauce etc) on it. Does anyone know a good turkey recipe that doesnt require you to put salt or butter on the turkey?
unless you can't use any fat of any kind, may be best to braise the bird. Turkey needs the fat.
>no salt or butter
is this a religious thing or does your GP not read recent health studies?
Neither. 2 people in my family have heart issues and cant eat sodium.
And no, they're not fat.


Please, god, stop. Most of the world's finest cuisine is white. We literally use spices, specifically, better than anyone else. Many european nations are famous for their restaurants and America is no slouch either. Black people eat disgusting slop on a regular basis, we just don't stoop low enough to make a joke out of it.

That is all. Resume scrolling.
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Are you sure that's not a pajeet or an Ethiopian? That's overkill even for most blacks in America.
>Most of the world's finest cuisine is white
And some of the worst cuisine is also white. There's a reason why Nordic and British food are commonly reviled, but French, Italian, and Greek food is generally praised.
>Black people eat disgusting slop on a regular basis
If you consider fried chicken, collard greens, peach cobbler, gumbo, mac and cheese "slop", then suit yourself lol.
>we don't stoop low enough to make a joke out of it
It's done in jest, giga sperg. Why are you so triggered over lighthearted jokes? lol
>has never been around southern whites
>that's how you pronounce the word, isn't it?
No, there's an L at the end. Learn to speak nigger.

File: 1606436681270.jpg (262 KB, 1074x1080)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
What is the purest form of food?
steak cooked in a pan with no seasoning or oil
File: german_cow.jpg (343 KB, 1200x1600)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Recently running and scared is the purest form. In short, gamey.
File: crunch.jpg (94 KB, 1066x1062)
94 KB
Eat it whole: fur, bones, and meat.
That cat looks so sad, like it hasn't come to terms with what's about to happen.

File: download.png (2 KB, 116x69)
2 KB
I'm driving through Kansas tomorrow via 70 to Colorado. Where should I eat? I'm gay, if that matters.
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I can compete nyt crosswords.
It's worth it. They are both very good.
So back to my original bbq quandary, I can smoke a variety of meats well, and I feel like the sides make regional bbq stand out more than the meat. For instance, Terry blacks in Austin has jalapeno cheddar sausage which is delicious. What are Kansas sides I should get, meat or otherwise?
Unfortunately, the Brookville Hotel in Abilene permanently closed because of COVID. So if you want actual local food, rather than just a regional chain (like Braum's or Casey's), take a little detour from I-70 into Manhattan. Just off of downtown are Coco Bolos, Taco Lucha, and So Long Saloon. The raspberry and black bean dip at So Long is probably the most notable menu item.
>I'm gay
Oh, in that case, forget driving all the way through the state, and just settle down in Lawrence.
Burnt ends, without a doubt. I don't know that any other barbecue sides are particularly special to Kansas or Kansas City.

File: 20201127_132110.jpg (2.4 MB, 3264x2448)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
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what happens when the costco owner dies?
They have a costco in iceland
there was a fun thread about it once upon a moon
It literally says it comes with cocktail sauce.
$9.99 a pound for lemons.
$9.99 a pound for ketchup.
Yep great deal there.
Costco where I am doesn't have shrimp.

It does however have boiled bamboo shoot salad (when in season). Comes with sesame sauce.

My vegan aunt and uncle turned off the zoom feed yesterday after my family refused to abstain from eating turkey on camera. Even after I told them the benefits of eating meat and why veganism isn't actually healthier. How did you deal with crazy relatives yesterday?
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Are you duckslaughteranon? I really enjoyed that thread. Farmers farmin’, triggering the city folk.
File: Gammons.jpg (146 KB, 1024x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
replace any instance of animal with a peice of human
that is how these people think, that the consumption/demand for meat is the driving force and therefore responsible for the mass murder of millions of slave animals(captivity raised) every year
tell me what is wrong with GMOs
both as a whole conceot and any hyperspecific examples of cancer risk you probably already have lined up
File: eco4.gif (412 KB, 500x500)
412 KB
412 KB GIF
>youtube being such snowflakes they have banned nearly all slaughterhouse and farming footage because it offends meat eaters
Oh how I am laffin


File: grass_fed_beef.jpg (12 KB, 310x163)
12 KB
What the fuck is "grass fed beef"? Isn't that just "beef"? I'd never heard of this before some American said it. I mean, what else would it be fed??
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Absolutely clueless
Watch the documentary Dominion
>watch this one sided debate.
>Hasn't watched the documentary
depending on where they are raised and slaughtered, some cows can either be fed fresh grass for their either lives(usually finished off with a high calorie grain diet at the end to fatten them up before slaughter) or a mix of whatever, including grass, grains, hay, corn, pig slop with high dosage nutrients and 'technically not hormones'
grass fed is generally thought to be better because its better food and the cows that are grass fed also have better living conditions in general
i dunno how america runs theirs, but i worked in a factory abbatoir(JBS 517, believe me or dont, idgaf) and the grain feeding is only in the last stages to extra weight, and the pens are kept much cleaner than the "knee high in cow shit" that protestors love to bitch about

File: IMG_20201122_122701~2.jpg (2.8 MB, 3000x2999)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Hunting General.

For discussion of killing animals, processing them, and eating them.
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Try google you donut.
well I did, but you see all the regulations in my area talk about entering lotteries to use public land and what not, and most of the land is private anyway, and the place with birds I need a boat to get to and shit
File: IMG_20201122_232614.jpg (410 KB, 1920x1080)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
where do you live?
Should I not bother setting up on any areas that don't have grass within ~1km? I got my license ~2y ago and have spent a few days now set up overlooking areas with game trials and tree lines, but nothing to graze on, without seeing shit only to eventually see does noshing on some grass on private property when I drive away near sundown.
File: piggers.jpg (23 KB, 521x489)
23 KB

File: Z.jpg (2.7 MB, 3024x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
Don't eat tofu I just made this battered fried up and started eating it with salt and ketchup like it's fries I'm about ready to puke and it was so fucking expensive too
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>battering and frying tofu
>not doing a quick marinade and put it in the wok
>not seasoning your tofu
>paying more than a few dollars for a sizeable brick that will last 3-4 meals
>not using fucking paneer or halloumi instead
why anyone would eat tofu when they could eat tempeh instead is baffling. you could take a shit on tofu and it still wouldn't taste like anything
People are allowed to adhere to their own moral codes without expecting the whole world to or expecting it to make some kinda planet changing impact.
op what have we learned today?
use a recipe next time you're cooking something expensive and unfamiliar. now, go bury it in the backyard, you don't want it to reproduce now that you've fucked it.
It literally isn't, in fact it's eaten alongside meat in most cases but a fat fuck Amerishart like yourself is stupid enough to eat it with ketchup let alone know how it's consumed by someone who isn't morbidly obese

File: IPA.png (677 KB, 802x954)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
Watcha drinking ?
Watcha aging ?

Finally reliably getting fresh Other Half in Europe is a game changer. Definetly one of the best breweries for IPAs
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BCBS is good, but it's no better than other BBA stouts from any decent brewery. Although it usually does drop in price quite a bit in the months after release day.
Its very good, years ago it was the best you could get, but now top tier BA stouts are becoming very common, at least if you are in the Upper Midwest so BCBS is a bit overpriced but still quite solid
It is still crazy to me that BCBS sits on shelves in less beer cultured communities even with the increased availability of similar beers
based manchester lad
File: AventinusDoppelbock.jpg (159 KB, 590x590)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Had a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve earlier, now Aventinus

File: Soy-sauce-2e1d5da[1].jpg (83 KB, 960x872)
83 KB
Can someone recommend a good soy sauce?
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>>>15133989 (OP)
>>Super rich, clean flavor without the harsh edge wheat gives most soy sauces
This. I buy Tamari low sodium actually, and mostly it's for stir fries, where I can use more of it, and never oversalt my food.
pearl river bridge. it's chines.e.
Calm down, satan
take your meds.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (129 KB, 1280x720)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Hello food fans
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To be fair rape wasn't as frowned upon back then.
File: 1449443707435.png (281 KB, 898x1133)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
I think once this stupid covid is over, its gonna make a huge comeback

File: website_event_turk.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Ok I was promised that turkeys would be stupid cheap after thanksgiving
Does that mean today?
Where can I find these cheap turkey?

Post amazing deals in your area!
7 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
In the time it took you to make this thread and reply to it you missed all the dirt cheap turkeys already. You should have went out in the morning and bought one.
Where do they sell cheap turkeys?
The grocery store
You were supposed to camp outside your local grocery store last night for those turkey deals
Bumping with a question:
I bought a 15-pound frozen turkey. I don't have room in the freezer so I put it in the fridge. The thing is, I won't be able to cook it until next Saturday which is a lot longer than the ~4 days it would take to thaw... is that okay? It will be thawed on Tuesday, can it sit in my fridge until Saturday morning? Or do I need to make room in my freezer and keep it frozen?

also to the OP I bought it for the same price it was before. They keep frozen turkeys for a couple years so they don't need to go on clearance, but they're already really cheap because grocery stores don't make a profit on the turkeys, they make a profit on all the stuff you buy with the turkey.

File: file.png (242 KB, 320x371)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
how many of your guys familys have had your very first lonely/awkward thanksgiving this year bc of covid?

if so, congrats. your entire family is dead weight to gatherings and just a collection of dolts.
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Republicans fucked Obamacare. The only blame that goes to Obama is him being too pussy to fight for his policy.
you think democrats care about you? you're a sucker.
and Biden is basically a republican. the democratic party that cared about the blue collar worker died with Bill Clinton. ever since it's been another corporate dick sucking party just like the republicans.
Most companies these days don't even offer overtime. You work salary if you want healthcare, and that's the end of it. I'm sorry you only bring home 67% of whatever you make with your overtime, but you shouldn't have to be working overtime in the first place to get where you are. Like, what are you excited about with the current tax situation? That you're only taxed 67% instead of 68%? Look at the bigger picture.

Taxes are always going to exist, anon. Unless you start making six figures (and frankly, more like $300k+), it's not going to have a really large effect on your take-home.

Lastly, please tell me where you live that you pay a 33% tax rate, because I don't believe you.
More than Republicans. Republicans care 100% about their own self interests. If they could 100% privatize health care, they would. Anything to get their buddies some profits.

File: mustard.jpg (23 KB, 450x450)
23 KB
Is this as good as it gets?

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