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File: 1590621578638.jpg (52 KB, 682x960)
52 KB
i feel like i dont love my bf that much anymore.
why? i know i love him
but not like i did
It’s impossible that you love the same way that you did when you meet him, relationships advance and so do the feelings, that’s a big problem in the west, people thinking they’re supposed to feel the exact same 2 years after as they did 2 months in
so its like im getting used to the feeling?

File: 1562785163543.png (212 KB, 500x500)
212 KB
212 KB PNG

I've been doing pretty good.

I always try to find the positive in negative events. With this qaurentine I started strength training. Since the quarentine I gained ten pounds of muscles doing stronglifts 5x5 and Starting Strength 3x5.

I feel more powerful and dangerous and more confident.

But the thing is I'm angry. I've been extremely angry.

It's always been there and I was wondering what fellow anons have been doing to suppress their anger to a manageable level?

I play rugby at Uni and that's a good outlet but our season was cancelled. So I've just been lifting and running.

I constantly wanna fight and that isnt good since I'm a frontline worker I need to keep my emtions in check.

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Drink a lot of vodka my friend. Hide your keys in the toilet.
Wym? Lol. I'm a tad drunk
Get a heavy bag. Run harder. If you're not sprinting, sprint your brains out. You have to fool your brain into thinking you're winning fights or outrunning foes. It's easier than you might think.
Abstinence from masturbation makes your T rise(T levels are directly correlated to aggressive impulses) for a few days then drop off a cliff back to your pre-abstinence baseline. It will definitely make it worse, and jerking it every day will definitely keep your T levels down(it's not going to neuter you or whatever some broscience /fit/ coomer meme convinced you if that's the case) and help a lot with the aggression. It also "takes the edge off" for some people in general.
Thank you, brother,

meditation will help a lot. 20 mins a day. and yoga, if you want to do some flexibility stuff coupled with the mindfulness stuff. if you get good at both they’ll calm you right the fuck down.

File: images.png (6 KB, 200x252)
6 KB
Undergrad working as a route porter here.
Worked a couple years in customer service to know I never want to return to that.

I hear the best option are hospitals/government facility maintenance and skills like floorwaxing.
Problem is, all the joblistings I see from Google in my area are tied to staffing agencies. Any direct ways to go about this? It's 2020, so vast majority of businesses will shoo you away insisting you apply online if you do a walk-in...

How do I into reading the news?
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you will be better off by not doing so
by putting it in the trash and looking up independent media instead
by not
ftw, ignorance is bliss
don't. it's mostly a time waste

File: redditfrog.png (150 KB, 1106x553)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>24 year old male
>constantly tired
>college drop out
>no social life
>can't drive
>stays home all day due to social anxiety
>constantly bothered by health problem such as coughing and slight tremors
>can't work due to fatigue and anxiety
>no future prospects

Why shouldn't assisted suicide be legal for folks like me who just exist to take up space? For some reason we are expected to love life even if it's full of suffering. Seems cruel to me that I should exist just because it validates other people's belief that 'life is good and therefore worth living'.
Because moralfags are too low IQ to ponder existentialism
I feel you
I know, I'm pretty much just here because I can't stomach suicide. I guess if the whole assisted suicide thing happened a lot of people would just end it. Cant have that
Because then every bipolar retard would be killing themselves over every minor inconvenience like that girl who killed herself because she hated staying in lockdown.

Happiness is all about perspective. Even if you were rich and successful you would probably still feel like shit because you choose to focus on the negative things in life and believe you can't change yourself.
I was thinking about that too because it would provide a peaceful way to die which would be nice cuz I don't really know how to do it myself, but it's really just a thought and something which should never exist don't be that selfish, like >>22285745 said you can't just kill everyone who has a minor inconvenience just cuz they say so lol

what’s a good male hairstyle that doesn’t look g@y?
High @nd tight, much like your @nus
Side part.
Just leave it as is, keep it clean and dont dye your hair

File: FB_IMG_1584782181215.jpg (51 KB, 750x680)
51 KB
Pic not related

Currently cannot sleep and thought I'd come here for some advice on my relationship.

Currently in a long term relationship, lived with them and their parents for a couple of years too. But for a good while now I just dont feel how I used to and I dont know what to do. I have nowhere else to go but dont feel as free as I should here. I dont spend any time with friends and feel like I'm going to lose them. Sex is very rare and even when it does happen it doesnt feel great. I can tell when I look at my partner they do love me as much as they ever have and it just makes me feel awful thinking of telling them it's over. I sit here awake next to them for hours after saying goodnight overthinking everything and how I'm going to change my life for the better. But then I'll wake up the next day and do absolutely nothing, rinse and repeat for more years. I know that breaks up are hard and I should "just get over it and get it over with" but my anxiety flares up so hard.

Any advice on what I could do to go about ending all this? Either on how to fix the relationship or to move on from it

File: 1588886475511.jpg (62 KB, 711x620)
62 KB
Being in lockdown has amplified my identity issues and I'm not sure of what to make of it. Since around early adulthood, I've had a fairly unstable sense of self and it's only gotten worse with time. I know that it's normal to make alterations to how you act depending on the situation and who you're with, but in regards to me, I'm not sure who the person is below these 'masks'. When I'm just on my own, I typically feel varying levels of emptiness. Even my face doesn't express much of anything. Then with certain other people I can be fun and humorous, or sarcastic and dry and a handful of other 'masks'. I switch between them seamlessly but don't feel particularly connected with any of them and question if they are aspects of me or just there to serve a purpose. What could be going on? The more I think about this, the more abnormal it seems. On some days I feel like I'm not even real.
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This basically happened to me. You need to learn to accept that all of these “alterations” you made are part of you just as much as the authentic you. Sure, there might actually be just a small part that was intentionally brought to the forefront and amplified but they’re just as much a part of you as the core you. I think the paranoia comes from feelings of regret or not liking something about these masks, but honestly, that’s okay. The first thing to understanding who you are is to understand that these layers of masks are no less you than the you the hides beneath them. You wore them for a reason, after all.
Yeah like others have said it's actually fairly normal. Who you are with your parents isn't exactly who you are with your siblings, for instance. Who you are in a professional work setting is not the same as who you are with close friend. Who you are with one friend or another may not even be the same.
How old are you by the way?
Sound like me but I'm autistic.
i have this problem but something that made it better was knowing how i really feel and how i really think about many things. be honest with yourself i guess. also do some psychedelics like shrooms or acid. those helped too

These past few days have been really psychologically taxing for me
without school to busy me I have a ton of more free time
but nothing to fill it with
I don't have any hobbies to work on
nor the passion to pick up one
I have plenty of games to play
but not the passion to play them
I have schoolwork to do
but not the fucking passion to actually do it
I'm stuck
I always tried to brush this off but now I'm scared it will become more of an issue going forward...
I just
don't have passion...
the most passion I have is toward my boyfriend
I want to be social

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Sounds like you're a fuser. Stop trying to fuse with everyone around you and become your own person.

Trying to keep it short. I am a medicine student in my nation of birth, Brazil. The medical career in Brazil is not as intense as it is in the US, but it is still pretty intense. Doctors live pretty well in Brazil, so i do not complain about this.

The problem is that I am a free spirit. I dream about being able to go travelling, study music(which I love), doing things that are outside of the little universe I live in. People in medical University pretty much lack the capacity of seeing the world outside of that box.

There is 1 year left for me to graduate, but then there comes the pressure from others(even if it is a silent pressure) that I should do residency immediately, that there is no time to waste, that others are studying while I am having fun, etc. It is a pretty competitive world.

TL;DR, my career makes me feel like I will never be able to enjoy my youth, but I do not want to abandon it.

File: Hmmm....jpg (24 KB, 750x534)
24 KB
How do I learn to accept fear and anxiety? How do I accept fear and anxiety?

I was listening to this video my therapist gave me from a guy called Eckhart Tolle about Anxiety and fear. It can basically be summed up as learning to accept anxiety and fear, not acting on it, and turning it into pure awareness. But I don't know how to accept it. When I'm anxious or fearful, the I create a vicious cycle that drives me to be more anxious and fearful, especially when it's a situation that I can't change or a situation that is very bad or threatening to my way of life/comfort.

How do I accept it?
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Bump bump
Holy shit this pic xD
Bump bump bump
Final bump

File: 636272701937419552.png (374 KB, 420x528)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
While I wouldn't think of myself of an abomination, I am not exactly the most attractive person out there. However, I keep myself in good physical shape, have several hobbies and interests that aren't just anime and vidya, not poor, and I have friends and don't act autistic in public. I'm not asking how to get a GF, but am I completely screwed in this regard ? I'm currently 20 years old and halfway through my bachelor's degree if that helps as well. I can post more information and/or pictures if necessary.
It matters to some degree, but as a less-than-handsome guy you can absolutely make up for it with charm.

Your looks are the bait, but your charm and personality are the rest of the fishing pole.

For instance, I'm good looking enough that I've had multiple girls ask me out (they weren't exactly 10/10 themselves but still to have any girl ask me out certainly puts me miles above those who are still incels) but I am also totally autistic. I've had multiple girls break up with my because of my autistic behavior, but my look were enough to lure them in and I was able to charm them for a few months at least.

Also there's been instances of me not higing my power level enough well enough and landing myself in the friend zone with some girls, but even then I was able to turn the charm back on and managed to fuck them and/or be in a relationship with them for a while.

I know I'm talking a lot about my autism, because I'm autistic, but it just goes to show how your personality and charm are worth more than anything.
I know a girl who claims to not be superficial and that looks are not everything...

Then just yesterday saw a decent looking guy and acted crazy asking for the others to get him, that she'd hookup with him, like i never saw.

It matters A LOT. If you don't fall into her standard level, she won't see you as a man and will NEVER consider you, doesn't matter how good, nice, valuable person.

Not saying it's all their look, but it's 90% of the game.
dude honestly it doesn't. when i met my boyfriend, i wasn't physically attracted to him. it was more of his energy, personality, and how he was so full of love. his love was so gentle and tender, he was so mature, he had a great moral compass, and he was right about everything always. he obsesses over something until he understands it, and that quality of his makes him intelligent.

as for his physical body, he's extremely skinny to the point where he looks anorexic. he's got a big nose for his small face. and he doesn't have a sense of fashion because he doesn't care.

if he were any other person in that body, i wouldnt date him.

but him as a person? hot as fuck. he makes his body hot as fuck. i'd ride his dick anytime anywhere.

so yeah, looks don't matter.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
i cant see the images on the board???(just /adv/)
Disable ad blocker
Whitelist the site on your adblocker. It thinks /adv/ is /advertisement/.

File: 1578220417167.png (429 KB, 1400x1400)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Tomorrow I have to participate in an "odd one out" game where players try to vote out the imposter, and I am the imposter. I am supposed to pretend to be a furry and I can pretend to be one, but I feel like I would lay it on too thick. How can I be a convincing furry without seeming like I'm trying too hard? This will be on a video game and not in person.
I'm thinking I will study some bad deviant art page that is somebody's fursona and become their fursona. What do you anons think? How do I tap into my inner furry?
pic unrelated
Kys degenerate
I am not the furry you no reading comprehension doofus. I am the anti furry infiltrating the furries and I need advice as to how to go undercover.

>33 year old with a 12 year old son
>turning him into a Renaissance kid
>signed him up for fencing, swimming, martial arts, baseball, football, basketball, and soccer between the ages of 4 and 8, and he's been training in them ever since
>home is a place where he sleeps after coming home and rests up for the next busy day, nothing more; all seven days for the past eight years, he's had a busy schedule
>the other day, my son started crying after I woke him up and told him we were leaving in five minutes
>"Can't I ever have a day off? Can't I ever rest? I'm never home, I never have free time, you push me and push me and push me and I'm tired and I don't know how much longer I can last, just please, please, let me rest"
>I'm feeling stunned since this came totally out of nowhere
>not sure what to do
>don't know if giving him some time to rest would be spoiling him
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Oh no my niece and nephew are put under this same shit and it's going to fuck them up bad.

They need one, ONE activity separate from school, if any at all. And they have to like it A LOT. Do not fucking ask them if they like it and they say uh um yeah I guess so.
This, sports is mostly genetics too so what a waste

If you're going to be a "renaissance man" it should be with the things you enjoy doing not something that was forced upon you and is mostly luck in the first place. I don't know his skill level but if he's not good at these sports it's likely he never will be just cause he doesn't have the right body for it.

You sound like a stupid fucking asshole. For the love of God let your kid play video games, watch cartoons, and have sleep overs with friends.
OP i'd be really curious what your son would develop an interest in if left to his own devices. to contribute something unique and valuable to the world we kind of need time to figure out what we're actually interested in.

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