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what anime should i watch
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Based, thanks
You must be into it then
watamote, lucky star, azumanga daioh, madoka magika, k-on, haruhi suzumiya, himouto umaru chan, bunny girl senpai, gabriel dropout, serial experiments lain
File: Hello-Kiniro-Mosaic-2.jpg (89 KB, 848x477)
89 KB
Kin-iro Mosaic
File: image.jpg (883 KB, 1671x1124)
883 KB
883 KB JPG
My wife Alice is cute! CUTE!

i feel like i'm already too old to do what i wanna do. i'm 22 (almost 23).
i wanna learn a lot of things (programming, play a musical instrument, learn new languages, also read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies etc) but i feel like i don't have time.
also, add the fact that i'm virgin and never kissed a girl.
i don't wanna feel "complete" when i'll be 30. i wanna enjoy my youth and be proud of myself at the same time.
is it really too late?
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Dude, I'm 24 too. I as well have not accomplished much since. I am still working the barely over minimum wage job I had 5 years ago, despite having a degree. I have about 3 friends in my social circle. My depression, if anything, has gotten rougher since high school. But saying you're unfixable is giving up. Might as well just off yourself then.
Instead of giving up, I'm reinventing. Ive started putting myself out there, and have been with more girls this year than the rest of my life. I even got a gf, that lasted a bit. I'm now studying to become a cargo pilot. You're sitting down and putting your hands under your ass and thinking 'people who enjoy life didnt have to work hard for it' meanwhile people in the same position as you without the doomer mindset will be in a better position not even three years down the line. You are merely postponing helping yourself.
I was kicked out of the house at 18, was sexually abused, lived out of my car, and have been formally diagnosed with 3 mental illnesses. I couldn’t even work for a short period of time because I was such a nut case. The hand I was dealt was bullshit. And, as a teenager, I had absolutely no idea how to navigate the waters. But, you figure it out and you claw and you suffer and you hurt and you throw spaghetti at the wall until something sticks. And, somehow you find yourself on the other side. Ultimately, all it takes is effort. You have to get up everyday and decide you’re going to do something. Anything. It doesn’t matter what as long as it is an attempt at forward momentum. But, don’t be complacent in your misery. That’s an early death. I recommend listening to David Goggins if you have a chance. Also, a story of somebody who came from nothing and built themselves into something. When you learn the trick - resilience is actually quite easy. Just always be moving forward
I never said people with good lives don't have to work hard. I'm saying they didnt ever exist in the same sphere as me. I have no social circle. I have nothing I'm inclined to do. I can't even work bottom of the barrel jobs(top physically weak for manual labor, too dumb to be a cashier or waiter)
I don't care about coming form nothing and building myself up to something(whatever the hell that means) I just want something to do.
I'm not gonna listen to Dave whatever. I'm done with that stuff
Are you literally me?
retard you're extremely young
come back to the thread when you're 25, kid

File: 33.png (929 KB, 612x816)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
Not posting on /soc/ because they'll save my picture and ask to see my dick

What can I do to improve my face? Any suggestions for haircuts? I know the beard looks bad but trust me it's like 10x worse without it. I look like a fucking bird or some shit with no beard
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It's not like this board can get any worse anyway desu

Yeah I'm pretty sad. I'm seeing a therapist Tuesday but not expecting much
>but not expecting much
Whys that? Are they not good?

Goddamn you're so cute, op.
>tfw no qt bearded sadboi bf
I think I'm too sad to expect not being sad lol

Also thank you but I'm not gay sorry
long on top, short on the sides, and thank god that you have good beard genetics
I think your beard looks great, anon. You really need a haircut tho. Honestly with a clean beard like that I think a fade would look pretty good on you.

File: 20201130_001912.jpg (634 KB, 2880x2880)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
I really dodged a bullet here now that i think of it. She was definitely crazy, any tips on what i can do next time to avoid a crazy bitch like this in the future?
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>mad cus she left you for her ex
She probably mentioned her ex a lot when you guys were hanging out, I'd imagine. That's a red flag.
not mad lmao i do think its a bit retarded and glad i dodged a bullet
she didnt but she did talk about how she was abused when she was younger with me. Damaged goods you cant really build a relationship with them.
Candid or not, he has the right to feel annoyed (which is a feeling that will likely wear off after a couple of days anyway).

File: 28fj3w.jpg (62 KB, 633x758)
62 KB
i shower with bodywash, conditioner with shampoo every other day. i change to clean clothes every day. i spray deoderant every day. i should smell pretty decent right? apparently not. apparently fucking not. im probably the complete opposite; utter shit. am i missing something?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
An often overlooked one is a systemic foul odor originating from your house. You may have mildew or mold throughout your house and its in everything including your clothing. I remember a kid when I was in middle school that always reeked of it. I believe he was nose blind because he was so used to living in it. perhaps its something like that.
change your fucking diet
>i shower with bodywash, conditioner with shampoo every other day.
>every other day
Have you tried showering daily?
OP most people in first world countries shower, ya know, every day. Not every other.
wipe your ass

my girlfriend is similar to claudia, bulky arms, 1.77 tall, 74kg. im 65 1.82 kinda skinny.

anyways, she has a dominant behaviour in our relationship. i was always cuddle on her lap, she squeezes me all the time, sometimes she grab me behind pulls up in the air we both laugh bot sometimes, on sexual events, or couple times she chokes my neck toughly, hits me or slaps me. she is always on top. i was ok with that till 2-3 days before. we are watching movie on netflix, she suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled it towards her and slap me saying why don't u concentrate on movie instead checking on your phone. after that, i still feel dizzy about it. she crosses the borders a lot recently, what can i do with it ? submissive man dominant women is unnatural ?
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If you're into that and she's into that do whatever makes you happy lmao dude. If anything just talk to her, you're supposed to talk in relationships damn why do you care what other people think it's your relationship
Because she is girl(male)
>she doesn't like to be getting slapped or beatin
Not by you.
When she is sleeping, take a big shit in her shoes. When she barely wakes up and is still kind of groggy, tell her "good morning honey, i want to show you something" and then walk her to her shoes and just point to your shit in them and say "you're the bitch now"
what's a claudia?

File: 1550517291700.jpg (118 KB, 1920x1080)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I'm so frustrated with searching for someone nice and I think I'm losing my sincerity. I need some advice on how to handle the "good rejections" without losing sanity and sincerity. By "good rejections", I mean the kind where you're kindly rejected but because it's early rejection it's not supposed to be a big deal but it is because someone who's a perfect match does it.

>I'm 30.
>I met a girl who's 28.
>She literally likes everything I like, we hit it off superb.
>Joke around about 2-3 hours a day for a while.
>She starts to avoid me.
>She tells me she wants to try her luck with a 20 year old guy.
>My face :|

I just don't get it, I'll get over it eventually but it's just sad. Of course I know she doesn't owe me a relationship just because she liked my company for a while but still what the hell is this? It just makes me feel like I've wasted my time and my sincere feelings on her.
File: wu9nTcx.gif (768 KB, 280x182)
768 KB
768 KB GIF
I think I'm just going to let go off everything for a while. It takes effort for me to talk to girls with the expectation of achieving something and then get ignored. Is this a good idea?
The vast majority of people seem to go based off the physical attractiveness in their potential mate over everything else for the most part. Girls really don't care if you can connect to their interest, because they tend to be able to find tons of people to connect with, so it's a lot less important to them.
If you have a decent amount of your shit together you should still be able to find girls. But your understanding of the situation and the picture you used definitely suggests you need guidance.
>not in a long-term relationship or married
Who's going to tell him? It's over, your life is over.
man that is retarded, make sure you dont tell her to come back
Look at this 15 year old trying to tell adults what their life should be like.

im pretty sure i won’t love another man like i did with my ex. he’s smart and made me motivated when we would date, but now i just feel weird.

i miss his pee videos too..
the end. LOL.

File: asd.png (186 KB, 500x635)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
I haven't cummed for two weeks now when I last visited my gf (we're college students in a long distance relationship because of the great flu). I'm at a point where the horniness is a constant bug on my mind. Is there a way to divert this energy to more productive matters? Should I just masturbate? I won't be seeing my gf for another two weeks till finals are over.
I am extremely depressed and I stopped masturbating and watching porn randomly two weeks ago. I still fuck my gf but I don't even cum from I just pretend to after my gf starts shaking a lot. I gave myself the idea that preventing myself from cumming is going to build up some kind of sexual energy in me that may help me better myself. It's probably just a covert form of self harm though. Anyway to address your questions:

>Is there a way to divert this energy to more productive matters?
I have been running and lifting weights daily. It's a good outlet for pent up energy in general.
>Should I just masturbate?
If you want to. I don't think it matters as long as you can get hard and please your gf when the time comes. With me, the only significant difference not fapping/cumming has had is that I can last infinitely in the sack and keep a rock hard boner.
I feel like shit and do worse at the gym if I cum every day. If I don't cum for 5+ days I can't concentrate. Moderation is key, but it's difficult.

File: 1596526275132.png (302 KB, 739x505)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
I just noticed this group of reddish spots on the front of my neck right on my adams apple. it wasn't there the day before.
what could this be?
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
centipedes probably
I mean, are they going to hatch into my body, or out?
File: joker rena.png (914 KB, 1003x1080)
914 KB
914 KB PNG
Hinamizawa Syndrome.
Look it up its real.
Did a cute girl gently suckle in your neck recently?
I fucking wish

File: Altina thinking.png (443 KB, 455x433)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Should I stop getting into online arguments all the time? SJWs on the left and /pol/-tards on the right always get outraged when I disagree with them on anything, and the other person usually just doubles down on their outrage and strawmans me even if I try to be polite and elucidate my thoughts clearly and meet them in the middle. Once you piss someone off and get in the crosshairs of a leftie that considers you problematic or a right-winger that considers you a degenerate, there's no digging yourself out of that hole. Applies to apolitical arguments too, of course. Stresses me out badly to the point I can't focus on or enjoy anything else.
Yes, they're mostly pointless even if they're not /pol/.
Yeah, I just got slapped on the wrist on reddit by some easily offended SJW over an off-hand and obvious joke and thought "fuck it, that's enough internet for me."
Yeah no point in arguing. Lurking is fun. You watch these guys tear themselves apart over things that they will change very little and few will act upon their words in real life. Now and then you get some interesting info about something you didn't know about. Which you can discuss with real life humans in a civilised manner.

4chan is like digital zoo for retarded animals.
You have to go back.

File: 4 - kdTLpQW.jpg (564 KB, 1920x1195)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
I've got time. I've got an idea, I've got the unique hook to make that ide marketable.

What I don't have is the delusion/arrogance/self-confidence to think anyone will like anything I make.

I know my idea is a good one, but how do I convince myself of it?
what the idea? i had an idea for an alarm clock that triggers an air horn that way after the first couple times you wouldnt dare oversleep. its probably a thing already havent checked
Fucking do it pussy, don't hold back just let your inner monkey go wild as it follows your plan to make this idea work. If you can't then I reccomend studying cult leaders they are masters at everything you just listed.
don't be a fag, you will never know if people like the bag of magic you gift them until they open it up and see it for themselves. delusion and arrogance aren't required, only hard work and the willingness to fail.
Make it for yourself. Fuck anyone else. If you find an audience, you find one. If not, keep it to yourself/small circle. Either outcome is better than just letting it waste away while you yearn for creative output.

What do you all do to keep your hands warm in winter when you need to type? I can bundle up everywhere else but I can't use a keyboard and mouse without freezing up.
fingerless gloves, take the hacker pill
Space heater

File: xdnmas.png (60 KB, 180x245)
60 KB
I fuck up with all the girls i end up falling for. But when i dnt care about anybody i end up getting lots of one night stands. I don't want to be horny anymore i just want to be happy :c
I can't tell if you're larping or not
yeah women are trash like that

File: neotokyo.jpg (103 KB, 645x496)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I have always been a square peg and have liked a strange life- now I'm 25 and haven't studied or started a career and many doors seem closed for me.

>During my school years I was a formidable chess player and won a number of competition in science and engineering
>career tests in high school were anomalous or inconclusive.
>Thrown out of a series of educational institutions for being a motherfucker
>did odd jobs and traveled the world
>Primarily interested in soft analytics like detective work, HR, business analysis, defense analysis etc.
>spend afternoons reading governmental and inter-governmental policy submissions for fun and doing strategic modeling.

I know I will never be able to make peace with low paid, low skill jobs that don't use my skills- the longer I am forced to work in them the more frustrated and combative I become.
The way out is education, but private study won't get me anywhere and I can't survive in an educational institution.
>start own business
Tried three times, shut down by government first time, went bust second time, broke even third time when market closed
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I recommend reading "Journey to the End" of the Night" by Celine. He was a lot like you, doing jobs ranging from doctor to janitor to factory worker. Maybe you can find some kind of answer in his work.

I'm becoming an electrician after an unsatisfying stint in IT. The plan is to work at the mines until I get sick of it and then get my EE. We live in interesting times so who knows what the future holds. You sound pretty smart if a bit low in agreeableness and perhaps conscientiousness, so hopefully things will eventually pan out one way or the other. Maybe a fourth business will work. Maybe you can move to a third world country and make a living through hacking/scamming. Maybe you can become a fascist and help us overthrow the government lol. Best of luck.
When I was 18 I might have agreed with you, but one by one all those people seem to have settled but I have not.
I have been riding on the roof of trains and crossing the Himalayas and living in warzones since I left school- I simply cannot accept the kind of life that society offers and don't know how to forge a place for myself in the world.

My family is supportive, but ironically I am one in a long line of firebrands who all caused a huge amount of trouble and ultimately were never satisfied with their lives- even though they all ended up wealthy and influential.
am 30 and floated around just like you, i say what i say precisely bc u r 25. 25-27 you will resolve yourself. its just biology my nigga
I did some electrical work but was never qualified, there was a serious accident on my site that resulted in a death- some fool tried to arc weld a piece of metal he was holding, in the rain, while standing on a fifth story railing and having jammed the fuse box with a heavy gague wire because I took the fuses out as a precaution.
As it emerged that someone had had jammed the fuse box open (the idiot himself) I had to give evidence that I in fact was the one to remove the fuses, at which point I couldn't deny doing unlicensed work and the suspicion was that I had jammed the fuse box.
Even if I had been licensed I would have been in the same positions, but being unlicensed meant I had no chance.

I did some IT work for a while, doing network config, I still do graphic design and some simple CAD, I have some intrusion skills but I've never been interested in crime despite what everyone else thought of me.

I lived in a bunch of third world shitholes in crumbling apartments doing business and logistics developments- things which were to me were obvious but to locals kind of innovative. I never claimed to be Elon Musk but most of these guys were in the 1500's business wise.
"Have you considered putting a sign on your shop with the best selling product and a price".
"yes I understand you charge every customer a different amount, but the main from advertising is greater than the 5% margin you haggle"

I'll add Journey to the End" of the Night onto my list, I'm working through Meditations and some technical dialectic analysis.
Strangely enough I was thrown out of debating because the Rockwell style though effective is not accepted- Long ago I learned appealing to the actual rules is futile because those in Authority only put themselves there to make exceptions
Defense won't take me because my travel history results in a default refusal of security clearance.
Business is still an option, but my country is now at peak unemployment and recession and the only businesses that survived are gibs only income, I would have to start some kind of sham operation and employ large numbers of people to do something relatively pointless and effectively just get paid to fight unemployment on paper. (saw this in Russia and China- it's bizarre)
I can't get into management without "working my way up" and I can't even get a job in a supermarket because by strange employment history gets me thrown off on arbitrary short listings.

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