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I got into two Ivy League schools, both cost about the same. I’m really excited about the opportunity, but I also got into the two best schools in my country (they are top 30 in the world). The ivy leagues cost like 6 times more than my local school. My family could afford it, but it would pub some strain on the finances. I think I prefer the ivy. Any advice?
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If you're a Canadian getting into Ivey schools you likely got into uwaterloo or uoft. If you're working in Canada stay in Canada, my girlfriend and I did stem at uwaterloo and make a decent living now. Sure you won't have Yale on your LinkedIn but you'll save over $100k.
I always wish I had gone to a school at the top of my list (not an Ivy but close) yet I wasn’t mature enough to take advantage of it at 18 anyways, and I ended up fine working in a job surrounded by Ivy grads.

Go to the Ivy ONLY if you’re mature enough to take advantage of it. Network like hell, find your calling in life and drain the school resources to attain it as your career. If you won’t do that and know it, save the money because you will end up the guy who has a sad career despite their pedigree. If you can take the four years super seriously, then take the Ivy of your choice and Godspeed!
Good point. Thanks man, I’ll definitely get to Australia for a semester. I’ve wanted to visit for a little while. Wish you the best :)
It'll pay off
Thank you, I will do my best to take advantage of this opportunity

File: 1618551991639.jpg (77 KB, 828x629)
77 KB
>love women
>women are evil

Fuck I can't wait to die.
women seem wicked when you are unwanted anon
read the lyrics to 'people are strange' by the doors
If I had to guess 33% of people are dysfunctional, 33% okay, and 33% evil. 1% are mystery niggas.

Hey /adv I was hoping you could help me or provide some insight on my situation.
>just moved to new city
>met girl
>we hung out once with her and her friend and it went really well
>couple days later she invites me to her house
>end up staying the night and we have sex
>left next day because she had to go to work around 5ish
>we don’t talk for another 3-4 days when I text her saying hey and she says we can hang again when she isn’t so busy

Haven’t heard anything since and it’s been a week. Should I just forget about her? We had really great sex and nothing out of the ordinary happened when we were hanging out. She even expressed how she was attracted to me so this is just a little confusing and it kinda stings that she doesn’t seem to want to communicate
well maybe she just wanted sex
if she is that shallow then use it to your advantage if she ever calls you back
but dont obsess about someone who cant appreciate you for anything but that

if not give it some time and give her a call, if she starts to ghost you move on
You’re probably right I shouldn’t give it any more energy. It just would’ve been nice if she said that’s all she wanted so I wouldn’t have to worry if I did something wrong. I can handle casual stuff like that 99% of the time, but of course the one that fucks and ducks me is the one I actually liked lmao
its more often the things that get out of your reach fast that you perceive as something you actually want
its something quite impulsive and not necessarily something logical
Nah dude you’re right it’s just my possessive primal instincts that are making me sad and self conscious lol

File: EM3qEtSUEAArG_6.jpg (53 KB, 678x495)
53 KB
I'm in a bit of a situation and I need to study but can't
>last fall take a class with a new professor in person
>become the star student in that class
>take professor for another class this time online
>doing terrible cannot focus in class
>and even when I am focused I'm misunderstanding concepts and stuff
>do average on the first exam
>do terrible on the second exam
>professor even emails me out of concern
>he thinks I can do good on the final but I'm not so sure
>I've never done this terrible in a class and I'm afraid of failing
>I need something to change for studying as whatever I've been doing isn't working
>any tips for online studying would be good
dont masturbate
stop playing videogames
earth healthy food and exercise
use the internet minimally
Same predicament really. Online schooling really fucked me over in terms of medication. Best thing that worked for me is to buy some modafinil. Tried to get adderall but it’s difficult af in the UK. One or the other will help you focus.
In my opinion the problem with online schooling is
that there is no escape from school there is no seperation beetween home and school/work
the school is IN your home and there is no rest
your mind remains stagnant and therefore unfocused.
Take your own handwritten notes and make sure to write down everything that sounds important and that you might forget.
Draw diagrams and shit.
This keeps more of your brain active, if you're just reading/listening/looking it's not as good as doing something too

The other option is to pace around and imagine yourself explaining the material to someone
If it gets too boring imagine explaining it to your boss, a professor, the president, or a pretty girl

Personally I mostly marathon the material intensely the day and night before the exam
It works and with virtual learning I'm also struggling to find the motivation to study early

File: 20210109_140542.png (42 KB, 214x214)
42 KB
Genuinely serious post. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I don't use 4chan much. Long story short: I'm into feederism, I cannot see myself in a normal relationship, I have dated a normal woman for around a month and just wasn't into her. I like fat chicks. Call me autistic or whatever, I'm not here to get called stupid because I know I am. Anyways, I tried feederism dating sites, all of them are scams of bitches looking to make lunch money off of horny niggas. I want a genuine long term relationship with a focus on romantic feederism rather than vanilla sex or whatever the hell normal couples do. I am slightly above average in looks so I don't lack there, I just cannot find anyone on apps like Feabie and I live in an area that's full of either tiktok whores and study hermits that don't do anything but study. What the hell do I do, where can I look? Am I fucked? Are there any dating apps that I missed? Or do I just fuckin hope I luck out on Feabie or something
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fuck some fat chicks you insecure faggot
Bump, my fat fetish has gone to where I'm only attracted to overweight women also, I wanna fucking die. I wish I hadn't groped that fat woman's stomach when I was a kid fuck dude.
File: 1618595504166.png (554 KB, 640x813)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
>The quality issues I refer to is the general femcel culture that permeates these groups of people.
That's a whole other issue. Women get fat for different reasons. Hopefully you find a girl who just loves rich desserts and huge portions, or loves to cook (tfw no pastry chef gf to cook me brownies and then tease when she eats them all herself). But a great deal of women get fat because they have poor impulse control, mental illness that can't be treated with therapy and hugs, or just low IQ. They even end up looking all saggy, dumpy and cellulite ridden (it's because not all fats and carbs are created equal. Butter, potatoes and oats will make her belly and breasts round out, polyunsaturated fats from frying oil, refined sugar and cream used in starbucks "coffee" will make her sloppy and saggy). Big difference between getting fat off good food and filling your body with industrial Food Product(tm).
It's an added difficulty trying to find fat girls who aren't trashy "I don't even bother showering" headcases above 500 pounds. Fortunately my max range is around 350, but the correlation with mental illness in undeniable. What a minefield.
Move to USA. Plenty of piggies for you there
>I don't like fat chicks, so it must be so easy to score meaningless sex from those gross walruses!
>I mean, I've never tried it, but I'm sure it's easy!
>Mufuggin' luv? Wut dat?
Point: Missed
Idiots: Spotted
Hotel: Trivago

File: 1618676266496m.jpg (104 KB, 734x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Do women really value looks more than men like the blackpill always states? I always thought that girls will gladly date an uglier guy as long as he is a good and successful person. What can I believe?
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That fucking site is a psychological tour de france
Should be obvious, for someone who truly want to fuck you, she first must find you attractive.

Surely with hypergamy our fuckeable threshold has been made harder, but ugly people still fuck, it's important to have game for sure.

Do you want a girlfriend that's with you because your money or because you legit make her pussy tingle?
Idk about lookism but I am sure every women in this world is secretly evil and rotten deep down inside I haven’t men one that isn’t full of hate look at the ones in here too they are filled with hate lmao
When it comes to hookups, women are way more judgemental about looks than men. When it comes to longterm partners, looks are less important to women than they are men. Age also matters. Generally, the older the woman is, the less she cares about her partner's looks.
Please stop with this shit. The women who aren't filled with hate online, you assume are men because we assume that everyone on the internet is a man unless otherwise stated. All the bitchy women state that they are women, so then you form this idea that all women are trash, even though you interact with good women all the time, you just assume they are men. So, of course this is your view of women when you spend most of your time online instead of meeting people in the real world.

I often get made fun of because my nose looks like the ones that these goblin bankers from Harry Potter have. I also don't like my nose myself and have though about operating it.
So my question now is if it is actually worth it.
Does it hurt? Can anything bad happen in the future?
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Doesn't look extreme unless the side view is fucked and/or the septum is something you can kind of 'click' into place by holding the tip of your nose together. The degree of deviation is hard to determine from a front picture alone. Besides from aesthetics you want to be able to breathe properly and have your sinuses drain efficiently.

Do what you want.
was told could get permanent headaches, collapsed bones

don't dare break it again, they basically break it to reshape it which destroys the strength

just work on the good bits of yourself
>don't dare break it again, they basically break it to reshape it which destroys the strength
That's not how bones work though. Bones always produce more cells to replace broken bones. That’s why you can break an arm, and have it heal after a short period.

>just work on the good bits of yourself
No. I want my face to finally look symmetrical
What are you waiting for then? Just do it. I have a minor case of hemifacial microsomia. My upper jaw shift is partially the reason my nose is deviated. A surgeon even told me as much. The right side of my face is 'long' and real fucked up looking from some angles and lighting.

I'm getting that fixed nearer the end of this year with a solo trip abroad. It's gonna be fucking shit but I can soldier through. After that I'll fix my nose.

I'm doing it for myself. I can't stand being in public and letting people see me.
>What are you waiting for then?
Not enough money. I’m waiting until I finish community college and land a solid job. I hope to get the surgery 2-3 years from now

when I was 12 and my brother 8 I did a lot of sexually things with my him. I remember kissing him him giving me a blowjob and a me trying to insert my dick in his ass. My memory is vague I am 25 years and these thoughts are always hunting me. My biggest fear is him telling me he remembers everything.
I am a bad person anons can I ever be forgiven? Do you think he remembers?
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Your brother became gay, and it's your fault, OP

Honestly, you would absolutely remember these events more than just vaguely if they actually happened. My guess is that these memories are not real and are actually a confabulation.
this op. especially if u have ocd.
This is why I mainly browse pol
He definitely remembers, but hopefully you guys can come to the same conclusion that you were young and overwhelmed.
You’d be surprised how often it happens..

File: 1580228874667.jpg (64 KB, 800x600)
64 KB
I want to live a spiritual life. It's impossible in this modern world. I'm going to try to go to india by all means possible. I will go full pilgrim by foot from France (I'm a young baguette). I will ask to get initiated into a spiritual order there (hopefully the one of Adi Shankaracharya). I don't have drive for anything else in my life.
Do you have any advice on any of this anons ? About the way to go there, the possibilities for a spiritual life (adapted to spiritual work) ?
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How do you know this ? Can you explain or expand on this please ?
christ is literally the way. the original and highest ascended spiritual master, even over buddha. noone ever sees mohammed in their near death experiences, only ever jesus, and its been the reason why those islamists had converted to christianity.

ive seen many christian orthodox miracles myself.

i suggest you try to get to accepted to go to the strictly male only mount athos, greece. the place there is teeming with beautiful spirituality. its really hard to get into but so worth the try and the honour.

if one lives their life in a christlike way or as close as possible - that is, loving your neighbour, forgiving, being kind and generous, reflecting and meditating in prayer etc, one will spiritually ascend. dont fall victim to more glamorous spiritual memes that take you down a path of false spirituality (such as satanism, paganism etc) simply because theyre more 'exciting' to practice. you dont have to be a religious zealot to be a christian, just define and carve out your own relationship with christ and live as he did
I would love to follow your advice, that is really good.
But the difficulty there is that I didn't choose it. Now I don't find the hinduistic path to be more exciting, that's not what draws me to it. But there is a fatality, that consist in the fact I can't adopt the exclusive point of view of christianity.
Because of the metaphysical necessity I can't believe in the fact there can only be Christ or eternel hell. I can't adopt a christian way of thinking, the one that would make my spirituality work for me.
So I would have loved to do as you say, I want to, but I can't.
ah yes very very good point. interestingly, i had/have the exact same problem - i cannot reconcile the idea of an all forgiving god and eternity of suffering in fiery hell. i don't exactly subscribe to religiosity per se, other than using its key rituals and sacraments as a tried and tested way of getting closer to christ. not being so strictly religious has enabled me to believe in other things such as reincarnation (which was mentioned several times in the bible until removed some hundreds of years ago) and other things about the afterlife. my belief is foremost in christ, as an ascended spiritual master, and that living life as close to him as possible will enable me to be spiritually healthy myself. whatever people tell you, it is ok, at least to me, to be a non religious believer in christ. this may sound contradictory, but so is the bible and so is man, and i don't claim my way is correct, but it works for me and gives me spiritual peace and closeness, and enables me to do my best. i also don't believe believing in christ has to be mutually exclusive - i suppose you could say buddha's way is also correct and elements of hinduist spirituality can totally be adopted where theyre compatible, because those means of spirituality do work too, ive always deeply respected those - but the original, and greatest and strongest path is ultimately through christ

i have seen exorcisms performed, communes with the dead and messages from the dead, my great uncle's near death experience with christ, my religious mountain home village's encounters with demons, trees growing from concrete roofs in monasteries i visited, icons being unburnt in fires, beautiful aromas from the coffins of modern saints etc.
My opinion on this is the one of all orthodox christian spiritual master you will find : there is no reincarnation, and all the christian faith must be adopted in order to be effective.
I understand the meaning and validity of this point of view. Reincarnation in the western interpretation of it is to be rejected even in dharmic traditions. There is no ego that reincarnate, there is a manifestation of the continuity of the person in a another "dimension" or plane of existence that in the absolute doesn't exist more than the ego in this world so it can be neglected.
But even if christianity is valid metaphysically it's way of thinking is against the metaphysics. It is devotional and it rejects non-dualistic speculations.
You need to conform yourself to this or it won't work. You have to swallow all the pill or you won't get healed.
That just seems to be this way for all orthodox, and that's makes them so. Or else they would say doctrine doesn't matter.
Christianity require more exclusivity because it is more about loving Christ and so one incarnation than hinduism or bouddhism, and it's more devotional.

File: 1613845742294.jpg (37 KB, 600x600)
37 KB
Should I stop being a soft faggot to get a gf? I feel like I'm not masculine whatsoever(skinny asf, nerd interests) and that might be the reason I'm still khhv
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I ask weird or dark questions like, "If you were a river, which one would you be?" stumps most people, or "How are your parents?". Tends to really fuck with people and question who they are internally. Breaks ice faster than an icebreaking boat.
Sounds weird to just bluntly ask?
Any examples? Im a sperg
Asking how their parents are is a great one. The river question just sounds like a test to see whether they're intuitive
oh it *is* totally weird to ask. I'm a massive fucking sperg too, just found a weird way to mine that spergness into something close to charisma because it's so blunt it's basically deadpan humor. I did this first intentionally to my sister's boyfriend as like a test but later realized that it's pretty good with most people for some reason. The river question is generally surprising, actually quite difficult to answer, and gives the person an opportunity to flex some creativity. No one ever just answers "The Nile", they think about it for like 40 seconds breaking down what the question actually means which extends the conversation for a good time, letting it develop naturally
Very queer anon. You should ask people: "Do you have it, or are you it?" I've had people get really mad at that one.

File: patrick_fuchs_pefo.jpg (156 KB, 960x720)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Those of you who give a shit about your life, have long term goals and all that, explain. Why do you want to work in the career that you do? Why do you want property and stability? Why do you do the hobbies and recreational things you do? Do you feel like you are changing as a person or settling into comfort you hope you can maintain until you die? I'm in my mid 20s. I never found anything I want to do with my life. Hobbies don't excite me. Home ownership seems like an unwanted burden. I only have surface level curiosity for the world around me. I lay in bed for all my free time. I can't form real connections why people but I also have no real idea why I should want to. I have nothing to offer anyone, and interactions with other people feel meaningless most of the time. I'm into a girl for the first time maybe 6 years, but my feelings are weak and I question what the point is. I don't feel sad I don't really feel anything.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Why do you want to work in the career that you do?
Intellectual curiosity and a desire to change the world, if only slightly
>Why do you want property and stability?
Property I don't care as much about as stability. I see people getting absolutely fucked out there having to live off bags of rice and going into five digit debt for a medical bill because America is retarded. And naturally I don't want that.
>Why do you do the hobbies and recreational things you do?
Getting better at a skill feels good. I play guitar and learn Japanese. I spent a lot of time when I was younger on stupid entertainment. It doesn't feel like it pays you back. Getting better at a skill is more satisfying.
>Do you feel like you are changing as a person or settling into comfort you hope you can maintain until you die?
I think I'm definitely changing as a person compared to how I was. I have a lot more direction. I'm not changing as fast as I'd like to though.
Also, most of the things people consider to make them "happy" is not what they are living for, it is just for cope. How it comes so little people realize it?
Alternative is nihilism, drug abuse and suicide
From what life is all about yes, it is. As I was maturing I actually slowly came to horrific realization that life is meaningless, unless you are happy. And with each year my point of view only becomes stronger and stronger. And I ask myself, why almost nobody has the same opinion? Why everybody are ok with that? I will wait a bit, in case I was wrong all that time along, but after that I am really thinking that life is just not worth it for me.
What direction do you have and where are you headed? The concept of trajectory is the one I understand the least.

File: nene.jpg (227 KB, 1128x1504)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
I don't like school and I like working even less
What do I do?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you're a faggot.
are u just saying that or do you mean something by it?
what do you actually do then
I do school and work but I hate them and want to die,
I enjoy thinking, and making art

File: ChuGQH-UYAAA70s.jpg (991 KB, 2448x3264)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
how do is top caring what people think?
Even when I tell myself what they think doesn't matter it still gets to me
even when I'm busy doing something like exercise things people have told me in the past still get to me
use it to motivate you when exercising. Eventually you'll be in better shape than most people and then their opinions won't matter

Look down on other people and believe that you're better than them in every way.

Bout to go to a after party alone ...

Any tips??
Get drunk and be that crazy guy at the party
Relax, if you're alone at a party people will probably try to talk to you. Just try to be approachable.
Kudos man such a main character move.
Just try to seem approachable, don’t stare at people too much, just talk to them

File: 1564013435665.jpg (42 KB, 300x524)
42 KB
I need to know.
Yes, to both, but in a typical situation it's ejaculated.
Just put the hammer down. We can work this out. The can isn't to blame for anything here (he might be a cunt in general though).

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