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File: 1590483090775s.jpg (3 KB, 250x167)
3 KB
What kind of image of myself (male) should I use on tinder? I feel like a professional one is pathetic, too tryhard etc. Should I go with a (shitty) half blurred one?
Also is this bio sufficient:
Ødogs Øcats
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Tinder. You can swipe left or right pretty fast.
One sincere picture
One silly picture
One artsy picture
It's literally that easy.
be an authentic version of yourself if you wanna actually experience success with whatever matches you get. it's a self-filtering system. people who won't work out with you won't swipe.
Bro, are you serious rn?

Is your financial profile good?
Is your physical fitness at peak?
Are you in a good career?
Do you own a business?
Do you have a strong spiritual life?
Do you have a good relationship with your family and your friends?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to nut the fuck up and stop worrying about a bitch bro.
what if no to all of them tho?

File: 1589205899821.png (248 KB, 1056x572)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
So I've had a really rough year or two. I recently dropped out of school because i was so miserable with my degree as well as my social life. I had several depressive episodes lasting months that caused me to fail all my classes and set me back so far that i couldn't afford to finish my degree.

I have symptoms that would align with several personality disorders (mainly schizoid) as well as aspergers or some form of OCD. I obviously can't diagnose myself, but I want to know what is wrong with me. I've always felt different my entire life and my separation from other people is getting worse as I've progressed into adulthood. I really don't want to end up like the unabomber.

Anyway, what is your advice for seeing a therapist for the first time? I'm worried that i'm going to get stuck with one of those bs high school counselor-types who don't believe in CBT or anything. Is this common? Also what are the laws on what i am free to tell my therapist? I don't want to get locked up for telling them about my suicidal obsessions or violent thoughts. Thanks anons
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I will concede on the fact there are shitty therapists out there who'll do that. Sounds like you managed to find all the shit ones. I don't think it invalidates my point though. There are shitty doctors as well, who'll misdiagnose you, but that doesn't mean it's bogus. I had gotten into a car accident and went to physical therapy for 3 or so weeks because the doctor though I tore a ligament or something, when later it was revealed my colar bone broke. I don't think doctors are all evil, or are a scam, it happens sometimes, like with anything. There are good therapists out there that I've seen that do their jobs well, and my brother's therapist is pretty good. It's just a way to cope with stuff, and sometimes is just isn't for some people. But to say it's useless is fairly misguided, as it does help a lot of people.
Anyway I do have to go to bed because it's 6 am but it's been fun.
I've been seeing my therapist since one year and a few months after two rough days also.
The picture you uploaded hit me hard because I often feel like that.
What I got from my therapy
- The first year felt USELESS.
I talked, talked, talked, and I never felt like I was getting better and I kept telling to myself that this was bullshit, but something kept me going.
Since 2 months i'm starting to feel better.
Some dark shit from my early childhood are coming up, it's hard to battle but weirdly i'm feeling better.

If you go there, you'll be able to talk about anything.
I have a very creative mind so my psy listen to everything.
Don't feel weird or creeped out by her/him. everything is kept between you and her.
She'll try to make you talk about some things by orienting you with some "innocent" questions.

Keep in mind that your therapist isn't a random people.

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If some issues feel "unsovable", most of the time they are.
I felt like I was unsolvable for years but now i'm slowly seeing that I can be solved.
And if you have a mental illness, therapy is still useful because some dark roots will be removed and the mental illness will be more easy to bear.
Some are born with this, some develops illnesses over time.
If you develop it, it can be aborted.
If you are born with it, you'll already have a therapist. (and it'll be still "curable" with speech therapy and pills)
Thanks for responding with all that. i'm looking forward to making some progress. i'm just anxious about the process of finding the right therapist. i've been really unstable and i'm afraid that i'll give up if i can't find one immediately. I'm making some calls today
>I had gotten into a car accident and went to physical therapy for 3 or so weeks because the doctor though I tore a ligament or something, when later it was revealed my colar bone broke.
They fucked it up, and that's something objectively provable; why do you think they'd be better in the unprovable?

A year of treatment with no results? ... Why did you keep going? The likelier aspect is that your brain chemistry naturally changed. Maybe you got more sunlight. I don't think it takes a year for real treatment to just 'click'.

Find friends. Find something you love. Do something dumb. Go cold water swimming. Therapy is a hoax.

File: FRU3WUAJL6UT285.LARGE.jpg (19 KB, 320x240)
19 KB
I wish to become a machine. Not literally though. Or maybe yes, but for now I'd be satisfied with complete neglect of emotions and sexuality. Is there any safe method to accomplish this? I was hoping for some kind of hypnotherapy, not that I know anything about it.

File: FB_IMG_1581498182803.jpg (16 KB, 300x250)
16 KB
Girl(26) that I (21M) met on Tinder while ago is living with his ex who is threatening her to come back in a relationship, he raped her and punched her several times.
So... Today a girl that I met a while ago got raped by his ex bf because he checked her phone and found out about our relationship.
She is living with him because of her daughter and she is willing to give up everything in order to see her daughter happy.
She decided to come back with him, and at the same time she doesn't want me to leave and I don't want to leave because of this huge problem, I want to help her.
But there's something inside that tells me that I deserve a better relationship.
What do I do, I really don't want to leave her but I have a lot of problems in my life already that I really don't want to add another one.
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Without writing some long winded cuck message to her tell to dumb the guy because she deserves better. If she wont then just fuck her off and find someone else.

Her kid will absolutely not be happy long term if her mom is treated like shit. That's 100% how depressed / troubled teens are made.
>crimes rarely get solve
Not much to solve though. We know the who, when and where. Just bribe the cops to take care of him.
she's not your responsibility retard
Yeah, people who stay together for the kid never make the kid happy, especially if its abusive. She better take the kid and leave, and you may be able to help her. If she stays she'll get raped for the rest of her life and probably the kid too when she gets a little older
Absolutely block and forget her man. She's not worth the trouble. I helped out a girl once (friend, she had a crush on me but I absolutely was not interested) and it did nothing good for me. Go against your conscience.

I'm currently touching up my resume (Pic related isn't mine, just for the record.) but I'm struggling over work history.

I was laid off of a job in 2017 when the contract ended and did Uber/Lyft for a few months before getting my current job. In my work history, should I leave a gap, fudge the dates to remove the gap, or just put in Uber? I've heard that recruiters still get kind of hesitant when they see someone did something like that since they just have no real idea how it relates to other jobs.
Why not just put in Uber/Lyft? I see the downside of having a gap in your work history, I don't see the downside of putting in your work history.
A lot of employers get a bit hesitant when they see self-employment. You make your own hours, pick your own clients, don't have to follow orders from anyone. Especially something like Uber with such a low barrier for entry, it brings the question "Could you not find a real job?" to mind.

File: 2Tgfd1Z1O5xS-_port.jpg (27 KB, 512x512)
27 KB
I'll get depressed typing about it, but my dad shot himself in the head with a shotgun today.
This morning he argued with my mother, he had to go to court today, but didn't want to go back to jail, so he went outside somewhere, me and my mom went outside at one point, and I went down to the woods to see if he was down there, but he wasn't so I went back to where my mom was and sat in some chairs by the trees, then there was a loud boom very close by, I raced to the other side of the trees, and saw his dead body, there was blood on his head and shirt but due to how his body was laying, I couldn't see where most of the damage was. Anyways, my point in posting this was to ask, how will I get over this, and how long will it take, will I remain even more depressed? I realize that I will have to deal with it, but it sucks horribly.
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Now you are in shock, these days will be nuts for you with the funeral and stuff. Try to be tough for your family and make yourself useful.

Don't be afraid to mourn when the time/place permits it. But try as best as you can to deal with all the funeral arrangements before.

Time will heal. After some time has passed, depending on how close you were, the sadness will slowly go away.

Everybody dies. It is a pity you had to witness your dad go like this, but, at least now, he is free from the worldly worries.
Thank you all.
Fuckit. Don't cry over spilt milk. He didn't wanna deal so, he didn't. Going to court for what?
I never shed a tear for 1, my dad died, of course I'll be a bit sad and feel shitty, I also even said that I know I'll have to deal with it, there was better thins to do than kill himself, but what's done is done. And to answer your question, he got pulled over for driving while drunk, he went to jail for a while back for the same thing, then wasn't able to drink alcohol for a while. I don't think the whole jail thing was the only issue, just the straw that broke the camels back. I'm doing ok right now, but it still sucks what happened, I think I'm coming to accept it though.
Damn. Hope others can learn a little something from what you do here. I have, recently, lost my job and have been hitting the drink pretty hard. There's moments where it seems like a fine idea to load up and pull the trigger. Then, i just wait a while and feel okay and get back on track. My son isn't as tough as you. Sometimes I wish he didn't like me so much. Your being here may be a help to others. Sorry that I can't be much help to you.

File: 20200527_092401.jpg (1.6 MB, 3120x3120)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
is my foot gonna be ok?
i cut it badly awhile ago and it looks like skin grew over a blister. I managaed to pop the first layer (it pooled under the skin looking grey almost and gushed dark red blood) but there seems to be a deeper blister i cant pop and its turning black.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
omw to a nurse rn, i have the spare time, they're open and the pulsing is feeling worse. Best case scenario i kill a few hours.
at clinic rn waiting, will post results soon.
it will heals like on the dog, you will be fine, just be careful, do not over stress it takes time too heal. stop nicotine and booze
Oh, please do.
doc said it didnt look like sepsis, he said it'd be a lot worse a lot sooner, by examining he said it looks like bruising and it'll take care of itself, I asked if a biopsy was nessesary and he said it couldn't hurt to drain the blood, but he said to wait if things get worse, if they do come back nw.
Gotta stay off running doin a lil walk rn pic is live oc

File: a8a2d7b.jpg (100 KB, 1125x1112)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
How do make my fetishes go away? I don't want them anymore
You could just stick to vanilla shit like missionary and doggy or don’t give a shit about what others think and embrace your fetishes
Getting into religion.
I don't think that'll work. I'm agnostic

File: filet mignon.jpg (108 KB, 990x594)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Hey, I don't know where to post something like this so I'll say it here since anonymity makes it easier to be unfiltered. I am someone that wanted a relationship for the longest time since I thought being with a girl would make me happy, This was 2 years ago and I now have a girlfriend who loves me to death. The problem is, I've now come to realize as the anti-social idiot that I am, I prefer being alone and only having sex and having casual relationships. Talking on the phone, texting, even hanging out, all that stuff gets tiring. I feel shitty saying this because my girlfriend always takes it as if it's her fault I feel this way even though I've tried to explain to her it's not. I want to break up with her, or at the very most just be fwb since a serious relationship is not something I enjoy. I just feel shitty and like I've lead her on for 2 years, even though I know why I got with her. I like her, I think she's great, but I just don't like having a relationship. I have thoughts frequently about wanting to just hook up with other girls or just being single and I feel awful about it. Every time I've tried to break up with her, we've gotten back together because I felt bad and I don't know why I keep falling into this cycle. Tl;dr, I need help, I don't want to hurt my girlfriend but I also don't want to feel pressured into staying into a relationship because of how sad and awful she feels not being with me. I want to have casual sex, I want to meet new people, and more than anything I just like being alone. I just need help as to what to do or how to say it because no matter what I do I always feel like I'm the bad guy in the situation. All I want is to be happy. Sorry for the stupid picture, not sure what else to put.
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You have no obligation to stay with her. You could never speak to her again and that is within your rights. You don't have to suffer so she doesn't feel sad, that's the bottom line.
But how do I get over that feeling of feeling like such an awful person. I know I have every right to leave her, but I feel shitty and awful everytime I do it. I just want to be single, but I also hate feeling like I'm a scumbag for leaving her. I just don't understand why I feel this way and what I can do to help that feeling.
You feel this way because you leaving her causes her pain, and you feel that pain because you're human. Even though it is fine for you to be the cause of her pain it doesn't take away from the guilt.
If you want to get past feeling like a scumbag you need to recognize that causing her pain by leaving her doesn't make you a bad person. This is the source of your suffering
That makes sense, it's just such a hard feeling to shake off. I want to not feel shitty for leaving her, but seeing her hurt and sad and hearing how sad and hurt she is only makes me feel more guilty. I just want to be able to leave her without feeling bad, but I feel like blocking her or ignoring her would only make me feel worse. I just don't know what to do.

File: phonex.jpg (56 KB, 810x456)
56 KB
I gave my phone to repair but I am afraid they will steal my data, what to do?
I did factory reset before giving this phone
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I am an expert in that field, faggot. That's an objective fact
again kys
>I'm an expert
>that's why this other guy is also an expert
Nice leap in logic but what are you an expert in? Phone repair hacking investigations? Are you an expert on this specific crime statistics or an expert who can hack phones?
>hacking phones
What is so important about your data? You whore it out, every time you ever do anything with a phone, computer, credit card, television, means of transportation, probably a bunch of other shit. Who cares?
What could've possibly been on your phone that you're afraid of someone stealing? No one gives a shot about your loli collection.

Just want some advice on what tags I should use to try and find women and also what to do so I can convince to look at my cock. I'm 7.5 inches so size is not the issue but having it out all attracts sluts, which I rarely find on there. What should I do, a nigga stuck at home and horny.
Show it to us so we can help you better.
Go to a cock rate thread on /b/ or /soc/ and you might see it

File: 20200527_185724.png (362 KB, 974x1481)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
I have zero knowledge about politics. maybe it was me fucking around in highschool but I don't recall politics being taught. I don't understand half of the isms shown in pic related. I don't want to be ignorant on these things, where do I start?
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just wanted to have my opinions during a political discussion but you're probably right
honestly when was the last time you witnessed a political discussion that actually enlightened someone, didn't waste anyone's time, and didn't generate animosity?

answer is never. its all dumb. people who are into this stuff just like arguing for the sake of arguing over fantasy ideals and social justice and the majority don't do anything in their lives to practice what they preach.
You're an absolute moron if you think that all you need to know about politics you can get from some gay youtube show that isn't even good
People that really know about politics don't get that shit from the internet. They don't teach it in school anymore because, they want people to be ignorant. A study of history is most beneficial to learn what has been built and is now, being destroyed from every direction.
It's actually pretty good, name one other show that tells truth like that
. Let me guess, Joe rogan and styx666 for u?...

Is being a normie worth it and if it is how do I become one?
how do you define normie
You are already a normie if you use words like normie.
Friends,social life, hobbies, decent social skills

Don't feel like one then
I was a Normie once. I buried all of my weird interests deep deep down so no one would know about them. I constantly made an effort to be social despite being a introvert loner weird all my life.

I had made it. For years I was going out with normie friends to normie restaurants, had normie girlfriends, went to normie nightclubs, went to normie parties, etc.

Even at the best of times, I just want to be back home playing video games or watching a movie.
You have to fake it until you make and once you make it, you're just fake.

Proper normie life is extremely boring. Normie parties like a house party consists of half of them being sober and just dancing around or playing drinking games. Forget drugs, no one's doing blow or ecstacy, if you bring a joint at a party people are like "oh jeez I don't know I have work two days from now I don't want to be high still hey how many fingers am i holding up do they look like hot dogs don't eat my fingers anon omg your eyes are so red hahahahaha". Forget epic orgies at parties and all the shit you'd see in some American movie about college parties or what you see in porn, most normies are all just in long-term relationships having had only a few partners.

The real fun was when I give up on that and went back on my bullshit of being a goth loner who's into anime. All the "alternative" crowds is where all the real parties are at. There I was going to illegal raves and doing all sorts of drugs openly with loads of people, I was getting into threesomes and having sex in public, and best of all I didn't have to constantly put a filter on what I was thinking about saying or force small talk about shit I didn't care about.

But even from "introvert loner with no friends" to "alternative freak" you still need to put herculean efforts to open up and learn to talk to people and sharpen those social skills and get out of your comfort zone to some degree.

File: 1590076690263.png (763 KB, 1280x955)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
How to send text from your phone to your computer? Like if you have to copy some text on your phone and send it to your laptop, how does that work?
There are lots of ways.

Send a message to yourself on facebook and open it on browser

download a messaging client that is for both mobile and PC (signal, telegram, etc)

use google docs

jesus anon theres like thousands of ways to do this.
I have telegram on my computer and my phone, send myself a text.
Also google keep works. Or email if I have thiccccc stuff to send myself.
make a personal discord server
free hosting
Take a picture of your phone with a webcam and use OCR to convert it back to text.

What do I do if all I can think about is that soul mate shit but it just can’t happen. I just wanted a perfect waifu

1 I’m a beta loser in a small town I never got to take a girls virginity. This is not ok to me settling down knowing my wife lost it to a normie or chad and I never got to experience that

2. I hate women

3. All women are sluts

4. That vasectomy shit really bothers me. Surgery knives and needles are my biggest fear and I’m not doing that

5. I hate my life. Come from shit parents. Dysfunctional.

5. I cant stop going crazy when I see a pair of big tits

What do I do? All I wanted for the past 5 years is to just find a good girl but life is too shit and its impossible. Do I just become a permanent drug addict alcoholic trying to fuck sluts? I see no point in settling down if it’s not perfect.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You are a giant weeping pussy.
If you want anything in life you have to work for it.
I mean I haven’t gotten take antlers virginity. That is unacceptable.
File: FB_IMG_1587242895366.jpg (54 KB, 640x685)
54 KB
Truly a pathetic human being
Bro, are you serious rn?

Is your financial profile good?
Is your physical fitness at peak?
Are you in a good career?
Do you own a business?
Do you have a strong spiritual life?
Do you have a good relationship with your family and your friends?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to nut the fuck up and stop worrying about a bitch bro fr.
You only have 6 years of being young because god is shit. You don’t have time for all that.

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