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File: z-w-gu-2b9sps2t.jpg (281 KB, 1920x947)
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Sick right now, throat hurts and been coughing, what can I do to get better?

Read somewhere that if u do a 3 day fast, your immune system improves, but what else can I do
Drop your food on the ground several times and pick it up (no 5 second rule)
This. Get that microbiome pumping. It's weak because you haven't given it any workouts
>fasting to improve your immune system

That sounds absolutly wrong and like some dumb broscience. Your body needs energy to fight infection. Why the fuck would getting 0 energy intake make your immune system better?

Here is what you actually do. Get you some chicken noodle soup and some echinacea. Stay in bed and drink plenty of fluids.

I work around people all day long, have to wear a mask but my family keeps telling me to get the shot, I just hear a lot of mixed information on it and I don’t know what to believe. Has anyone gotten the shot? Any weird side effects or is it just a regular vaccine?
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This. Don't worry about it OP.
Look anon economy’s across the world has crashed because of this virus, do you honestly think the uncaring scumbags that run these governments care about our lives? Of course they don’t but they care about their money and at the end of the day we make the money, it’s in their best interests to make sure we don’t die which is why it is being pushed so hard.

The best thing you can do is get the shot while it is still free because as soon as the majority of people won’t be affected by this they will start charging for it because it no longer affects their money.
I had the AZ jab. I was a bit tired with a slight fever for a day or so after each dose. After the first one (but curiously not the second) I had a sore arm for a few days. That was all.

Over a billion people have been vaccinated now, if there were any common, serious side effect, we'd know about it by now.

I'd recommend getting one of the mRNA jabs (Pfizer or Moderna) if you can, simply because they're more effective.
If you’re under 35 I still think a single Pfizer dose is the best choice
Am I retarded, or is it better to just isolate yourself, social distance, and other shit like that but don't take the jab? Cause the vaccine is ultimately new, and there's no point in taking it ASAP for your health if you just don't interact with people

File: 1626619279705.png (151 KB, 1100x1100)
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151 KB PNG
Lately i've found myself with more than 3000+ rare soijaks in my possession. It's getting to the point where everything that remotely resembles a soijak, like a hole in the ground, i feel an urge of taking a picture and adding to my jak collection. How do i cope with this? I'm very lonely and the only thing that makes me laugh are soijaks
>you should take your meds
what kind of meds though??
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nope, just started yesterday
File: XD.jpg (606 KB, 1440x1440)
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File: :D.jpg (558 KB, 1440x1440)
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File: blacksoy.jpg (620 KB, 1440x1440)
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some more for op

File: lazyperson.jpg (30 KB, 480x296)
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So I just got my first job out of school at 25. My life right now is ok. I make good money, work 7-3, have a very short commute and a very small apartment all to myself. But the one thing that I'm struggling with is how much free time I have. I'm not used to it and I'm severely bored.

I really don't have any worthwhile hobbies, I no longer enjoy video games, and really haven't found any good TV shows to fill my time with. What am I supposed to be doing in this time? I feel guilty just browsing YouTube watching bullshit and feel like I could be doing something more proactive, but nothing is coming to mind that would really interest me.

Seriously for people my age and older, what do you do in your free time? I'm getting really bored and have only been out of school for 2 months
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I listened to the world’s philosophies, religious texts, and classics on audio books while working out, developing varying yoga practices, trying my hand at painting, started a garden, developed some cooking skills....plenty of stuff to do, only boring people get bored. There’s always mushrooms if you’re too lazy to do it yourself.
Volunteer, sounds like you enjoy being around people.
I would but I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest place to do this would be about ~30 minutes of driving
File: 1619687043087.jpg (361 KB, 590x714)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
I feel you man. finding out what "you" (your body, maybe think of it separately from your mind, imagine you are discovering yourself and learning about the body you are living in) enjoys can take just trial and error.

Some people seem to gravitate towards things really easily, for others it's a guessing game (for me it sure was a guessing game). What's your body type? If you have a somewhat athletic build then you probably will enjoy exercising or climbing or biking/hiking.

What do you find yourself curious about? I've been reading some books by Michael Pollan, he's a food journalist and has written some interesting books.

What are your goals? If you don't have any, that's fine, but sometimes goals can help facilitate the activity as the medium i.e. you want to meet people, so you join a climbing gym to get to know people while you climb. Or maybe you want to be able to cook really good food so you learn to cook to fulfill that goal.

Hope some of this helps, I don't think there are any shortcuts despite what YouTube and the rest of the internet might make it out to be. You're starting from the same position that anyone does.

You got this meng, I believe in you.
>what is your body type
Super thin, fairly lanky. I'm in bottom 2% BMI my height. I actually did climb a lot prior to COVID, but stopped because the gyms shut down. I live pretty far from any gyms and don't know anyone or have any of the equipment to climb outdoors.

>what are your goals
Goals for me are twofold: The first is to work my way towards a research-based career. I have a master's degree in STEM but am working as an hourly analyst rather than doing anything significant. It'll just take some time to get where I want to be. Second goal is financial independence. Again, I make ok money and sock away about 2/3rds of my income into my 401k/IRA/brokerage account. But I would love to start a side hustle that would speed this process up, I just have no ideas about what I should actually do. Business? Website? I don't know.

Why can’t I skip to the good parts. I fucking hate life and I want to get on with it I’m working at the lowest level in where I’m trying to get in my career doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do and usually I’d be able to take it but I’m so physically and mentally exhausted I can’t fucking do it. I cut again today for the first time in 50 days and I don’t even know how to tell my psychiatrist. I can’t go back to the fucking hospital I’m just so tired I just want to sleep and not wake up. I don’t want to die I just want to sleep. I’m on a contract so I can’t take any time off u less my boss breaks my contract and just hired me like normal. How do I tell my boss I can’t mentally or physically come in this week I’m a complete wreck and I’ve been so close to just collapsing at work it’s gonna happen if I go in this week. I swear it’s better for them too because so many times I’ve just stopped and been stuck in a depressive trance in the middle of working I’m not even efficient anymore.

File: pepefroggie.jpg (35 KB, 780x438)
35 KB
I haven't left my house for anything in two years besides grocery shopping, no social contact, no job, no school, nothing. Literally a shut-in unkempt NEET. I plan on taking community college in-campus classes for the fall semester but I lost all of my social skill experience during the last two years. How do I learn how to talk to people and be approachable?
You haven't gone for doctor's appointments or dental checkups? Make appointments for those and you'll be around people enough that it'll at least get you used to it again. Eat inside a restaurant or something. A lot of it you will relearn while at college and during orientation anyway so it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Orientation is partially for reacquainting spergs like you into social environments so it should be a big help.

I can no longer feel compassion. Not for myself, let one others. I treat myself like shit and ignore everyone else. Why am I like this? Why live like this?
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It's trauma Op.
Who hurt you?
Who hasn't : /
not op btw
Are you allowing people to hurt you anon? Or is it your own expectations that are hurting you?
I probably overestimate/expect too much from people
Belief means nothing, because belief is just the result of your personality and things you think about. Look more objectively, and if you cannot trust yourself, ask for a second opinion. When you suffered enough and can reach out to some other human in one last desperate struggle, maybe that's when you'll start figuring shit out.

Gf hates when I voice my opinions on some subjects, almost insulting them, but basically just explaining why I don't like X and sometimes why Y is better. Most of the time I'm just saying X is bad.
I make it look like I'm the smartest fucking person on earth. I hate this just as much, but can't just get rid of this retarded habit of separating everything on black and white based solely on my personal experience.
Mostly all of the arguments are like this.
Am I really such a fucking brainlet because I can't really stop doing this? I mean, obviously it got better with time, but it just seems I'm too stubborn to take a look from another point of view. Especially if I'm familiar with the subject that is being discussed well enough, having my personal opinion on it and making it the only correct one. Lack of self-control?
What do?
If all you interject with is something negative you're probably just being a drag or, at worst, annoying.

Try to say positive thing about the things around you more and people will be more willing to accept your criticisms.
Thanks for the advice! I should just be a bit more neutral in some situations, especially if I don't like something and no one asked what is my opinion on subject is.

File: 32423b423432igi.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1280)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Greetings /adv/ - 18, M

I have no friends but I want to create memories, stories worth sharing. I want to be the guy at the bar who shares his crazy adventures and people doubt its legitimacy. Get woken up in the middle of the night and dragged by the gang because: “ we’ve decided to do * insert stupid idea * because * insert stupid reason * and it sounds fun haha… ” . I want to meet new people, go to parties, talk to eccentric individuals with odd looks and ideas, see the sunrise and arrive in just about time for work. I want to walk the streets at night with them, laugh out loud; hell, dance in the middle of the avenue at 4 AM because why the fuck not? I want to fell my stomach cold and hesitate, what I’m trying to say is: I want to live anons. I’ve wasted too much time already and I can’t change none of that, but I still have time.

I have a hard time making friends because (maybe, I’m not sure) I don’t seem to share the same interests as people my age do. I don’t carry a smartphone around, and I wish my peers don’t as well (the main point is to live the moment rather than look at a fucking rectangular shining box). I don’t use social media, I don’t do drugs (drink/smoke)… For the record, I don’t care if they drink and shit, I just want to have friends for Christ sake I’m fucking miserable.

Where can I find people like this? Bars are full of old people where I live. There are no dancing clubs, no malls, snack bars at night are empty (I’ve checked the whole city believe me).
join a fraternity
I wish I could. My uni doesn't even have clubs!
Guess my head is full of Hollywood dreams... which I don't doubt though.

How to start living? I am 20 and have finished high school
never had a job though
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What do you want to do with your life, and how can you make money at it? Don't make the mistake I did of coasting along assuming something will work out for you. It won't.

t. 30 year old virgin who never moved out or went to college and now cannot afford to do anything
Living on your own is a big eye opener. Try that
File: 1626734805420.jpg (28 KB, 239x332)
28 KB
literally just get a job dude, then look to move out
File: 1614890405015.jpg (105 KB, 970x1024)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
challenge: name ALL jobs someone with zero experience and only a high school diploma could do
hard mode: no "bro, just find a job bro. which one? well ughh. just find a job bro. how? ughhh aghhh j-just find a job bro."
brutal mode: livable wage (rent/buy and repay an apartment+bills+food+savings)
Really depends on your skill set and disposition, even without experience you'll have things you're better at or more inclined to than not, and things you can rise to learn with some basic training. If you want things that anyone can do without basic training, and irrespective of personalized skillsets? You're looking at either soul crushing dead-end jobs or any of a million part time jobs, that will at least give you some beginner experience. Nothing you want to stay in forever, but nothing it hurts to try out, at least for a while.

File: 1446403903936.jpg (24 KB, 500x440)
24 KB
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An anon living in a tent because of a rental scam with whom I exchange emails with. Really based person that I admire for being brave.
At least the scrote told on himself. He is right, in a way: you shouldn’t force anyone to be your bf or gf if their expectations are not met. You shouldn’t manipulate yourself to downgrade your expectations and standards for somebody else who demands you to, who can’t meet them, then again. If women applied that, men would call us gold-digging whores. As they don’t get to be called out for doing THE SAME EXACT THING. Excused for doing it. Cuz of muh penis privilege.
And come to think of it one of the prettiest people I have ever seen in my life
If I had banana dick I would make her my wife

File: 1627169715306.png (75 KB, 206x264)
75 KB

Would I be a piece of shit if I ghosted her by just moving across the country? Am I legally obligated to support the kid?

please have a miscarriage please have a miscarriage please have a miscarriage
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>have sex
>get fucked
>is surprised
sex havers really are retarded, enjoy lmao
sex haver got pwned lol kys
Listen bro. At first it might be really tempting to make your girl have an abortion but I assure you that it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Don't do it. Be a man and take care of the kid. You are now a father.
shotgun to the face.
or go be a dad.

Bros i ate a huge meal a week ago and since then I’ve had cramps and irregular shits the whole week. It’s not getting worse but it’s not getting better. The shits I can cope with but the bloating and gas is driving me crazy. How can I stop this?
Fast for 72 hours.
add me on roblox NOW

File: sad rainy monke.jpg (96 KB, 500x667)
96 KB
I don't have any real friends. I do have a number of online "friends," though. But I really get the feeling that I'm not liked. I especially have one friend who I talk to pretty much daily but I've increasingly grown to think he hates me.
Should I just unfriend everyone and try to move on without them? I must be crazy, but it occupies too much of my mind and it just makes me miserable. Trying to have friends is too exhausting.
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They're Steam friends. I play some games with them, having met them on a specific server.
>Should I just unfriend everyone and try to move on without them?
Sounds like you don't even like them to begin with it, so why even bother? You probably feel lonely right now so it's not liking having a bunch of people to talk about useless stuff really helps. I'm probably projecting since i'm a loner and i do not care about making friends, but there's no sense in keeping people that you do not care about around you
File: fish in the sea.png (156 KB, 784x657)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
if theyre just steam friends then who cares? unfriend them and find new ones. if they actually care about you theyll re-add you
Random chance but did you happen to meet these people through a shitty online wargame featuring a blue faction versus a green one?
Well known online game featuring a red team and a blu team.

File: Wojak_cropped.jpg (10 KB, 180x179)
10 KB
How do I get over the fact that my brother tried to molest me when I was 5 years old? I was in a towel going to the shower, then I spotted my brother laying naked on my sisters bed. He was asking me to suck his dick but I refused and went back to inside the shower.

Then my mom came in and was confused when she saw me wearing a towel around the house. After that my brother told me to not tell anyone what happened. Fast-forward 10 years later he got kicked out of my mother's house and now he's a frequent jailbird. I don't know if that incident had an impact on my mental health, ever since then I had a pretty shitty childhood filled with bullies and depression for the rest of my teen/adult years. What should I do?
Didn't sound like anything happen to me
Your brother asked you to do something
You said no
And that was the end.
There's obviously something else bothering you.

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