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File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 185x273)
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So I purchased a car from a mechanic friend at the end of november 2020. I drastically needed it, as I wanted to move to the other side of the state. I've told him how important it was to me to get this done, but still near the ass end of January 2021, I still haven't seen any paperwork for the car, nor have I heard anything about it in weeks. I had to cancel my plans to move, and been stuck without a car since November. I happen to be pet sitting for him and I'm thinking about taking his pets to the pound and then jumping him. Or possibly robbing his house for the money that is owed. Regardless I want some kind of revenge. Any ideas? (Pic not related)
you really should not steal but tell him you need your money

the car's a dream
I've told him a few times that I needed the money back or the car, but he always says just another week.
>taking his pets to the pound
Fuck you, asshole. Why would you condemn innocent creatures to death just because of something their owner did to you? By all means, slash his tires or ruin his life, but don't hurt others that had nothing to do with it.

How can I make money online without selling nudes? Or completing 70k surveys? I literally just need $200 to buy an upscaler to make my retro games look the way I remember them. Pic related is me
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What’s Amazon Turk?
Thing Amazon does. Companies pay you to do random shit. Like I said pay for stuff is low when you first start but eventually you can make ok money.
Sucks but I get thats how it goes.
You could probably do shit like data entry, talk to a temp ageny they always have contracts like that, they may be able to accommodate you with something you can do at home. My last contract like this had me sitting around half the day reading 4chan and watching anime on my phone.
>takes no skill
>learn to code

Is being a man and having female friends a sign of weakness?
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Functional people have friends of both genders.
The idea that men are around women virtually 24/7 is a very new concept. This was not the case in hunter/gatherer societies and not until the 1900s, when women demanded that they are allowed to work.

So no, having "female friends" (who do not exist) or being around women is not good for a man
No, and if you think this is true you have a very odd view of what strength is
Only if you are hoping to get laid with them and they are not real friends.

File: images (2).jpg (14 KB, 220x332)
14 KB
>supposed to be this intense crime thriller
>first hour is criminals crying about their retarded relationships to one another
>let's see the detective now
>as you can tell his on a troubled relationship

The women are so one dimensional it just makes everything worse.

Does this trash actually get good?
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Wrong board retard
Stop hanging out with the friends to give you drugs
Movies are stupid as shit
>getting filtered by Heat
i think you you have been on 4chan for WAY TOO LONG Anon

i think you need a perma ban

File: 1607739827782.jpg (68 KB, 1280x825)
68 KB
I am in STEM and in a bad position. I have no motivation or interest but only need four classes to graduate. Unfortunately this would take me another year minimum and I have already wasted the last 1.5 years doing nothing. I also have no money or job but my father is offering to pay for this next semester. I am afraid the same thing will happen and I'll give up a few weeks in and fail plus, my father will hold this payment situation over my head constantly. I don't know what to do frens, suicide seems like a good way out of here,
You’ll be fine. Just push through. I know someone who’s in a very similar position to you and they managed to pull through fine. You’ll be amazed at how forgiving some STEM courses can be even in the worst cases.
Stop giving up Nigger. Things are not difficult that you don’t care, its that you don’t care hence things are difficult.

File: 1608563000135.png (64 KB, 235x252)
64 KB
How do you beat procrastination?
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Made a dark version if anyone else is autistic enough to care
File: color fix.png (1.27 MB, 2560x1440)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
sorry wrong colors
I'll tell you tomorrow op
Я cчитaю, пpoкpacтинaция - этo фopмa дeпpeccии. Aбcoлютнo вce пcихичecкиe бoлeзни идyт oт гипoдинaмии и гипepинтeллeктyaлизaции oбpaзa жизни.
Don't think, ACT.

File: 12349128402.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
The best type of jobs are those where you are the only one who have certain knolwedge. If you are a doctor among other doctors you'll feel like shit. If you are the only doctor on the street and someone has a seizure, you're god there.
/adv/ - Statements
So u want the admiration of your peers.
grow up. Being a doctor is nothing special in this day and age. Try be an astronaut or something
That's a good one. I'm the only one in my group who barely knows how to play the guitar and I get lots of compliments for that

File: 1500055624320.png (80 KB, 500x421)
80 KB
How do I make them stop?????

At first I dismissed them as weird, but nothing to be concerned about, but they seem to be increasing in frequency. What is wrong with me?
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I sometimes have sex dreams about my dead mother, so I get it

I mean, I had incest fantasies brought on by all the wincest threads on /b/ 10 years ago
whew go to a therapist or something
nothing is wrong with you until you rape your father or kill him. or have sex with him. So do not be too hard on yourself. Why do those dreams even bother you?
I think usually if you dream about cats or boats or things that means you want to fuck your dad

So it would seem to follow that you subliminally want to get a cat :3
You probably never finished mourning him.

Well, my quarantine girl just broke it off. We only went on 3 dates but we've been talking for months. She just told me we should be friends instead.

How the fuck do I get over someone who I never even had? I feel like a dumbass for breaking my own heart here.
Find another hole to obsess over asap
Immediately cease initiating contact. If she messages you, take a day or two to reply. Don't initiate anything ever again.

You'll feel bad for a bit, then you'll get over it. Move on and don't dwell so hard.

File: 1602532747658.jpg (110 KB, 750x841)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
There's a girl I've considered a friend for quite some time. I am really content with being her friend, but lately I keep getting vibes that maybe she's into me. Comments she's making, little things she's doing, I don't know, I'm getting vibes.

I don't want to ask her, though. Because if I do, I don't want to make it awkward or hurt our friendship if I'm wrong. Ultimately my feelings toward her have always been that I love having her as a friend, but I'd be willing to go further if I knew she was interested, but primarily she's a good friend and I'd rather that than nothing at all.

I was trying to determine pupil dilation but it wasn't obvious. What are some things I can look out for? Or little tests I can enact?
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What you want is some kind of official status, some kind of agreement on what your long term goals are - are you just hanging out as really close friends, or are you courting. This ambiguous state is easy, but the lack of a goal means you tend to just drift along and then one day you discover that she's gotten tired of waiting on you and is dating some guy that was willing to get serious.
That's something friends do too, nig. Dating involves the sexual side.
Thing is I've been friends with her for years, so I can't tell honestly. We've only been really super close for about 4 or 5 years I guess. She's had bfs and what not in the interim. Every so often we'll have spurts like this where we hang out a bunch and watch films at my place.

I wouldn't normally think she was in to me. But every so often there's been a little implication that makes me think "maybe" and then like this past year in particular, mores in the later months, I've gotten a vibe just from things she's said or actions she's done.

I'm content with just leaving it, but if there's some sort of way I can mine some info I'd love to be sure.
Female friends are nice.
I might just try these, thanks anons.
If she likes you, you will know. Girls always give obvious signs.
I grew up very insecure and retarded though. I missed plenty of obvious signs from other girls. In fact one of the reasons I suspected she might be in to me now is because lately she keeps bringing this up.

I obsess about going bald every day and how it’s made it impossible for me to ever have a shot at dating a cute young woman again. Hair transplants don’t seem good enough. I can’t stop thinking I should kill myself because I’ll never love again. I don’t want to just watch YouTube and go for walks by myself all the time. Should I just kill myself? I think I would be good enough to date women I like if it wasn’t for this one thing.
That is easy. Just remember that when you date you should never ask for something that you can never give your self. So look for a bald woman or try to attract girls with other things like paying for them more. All of us should face getting old. We can do nothing with that. So the problem you face is similar to the problems of all other people. Somebody is getting fat and grey somebody's face is getting older and not so beautiful. We just have to lower our requirements or offer something new. And I think you should take part in a movement to save ecology because getting bold is an ecological problem for all men.
I didn’t mind being married to someone old and ugly. I was so close so many times and just started being my best self ever so far. It was all pointless now. I would literally be good enough for a cute young woman now if it wasn’t for this one thing. I’m going to buy hair transplants and kill myself if they don’t look good. GG.
You shouldn't kill yourself. Try to accept your appearance and aging. Have you ever seen an ugly, bald, or old guy with a beautiful gf or wife? You can be that guy and you can achieve your dreams. Good luck!

File: Not_this_shit_again.jpg (24 KB, 288x252)
24 KB
Alright so for the last few days I've been worrying that I'll hurt my mom. The thoughts would range from me physically harming her or to sexually harming her. I don't want to harm my mom. I'm also pretty young if that helps. I've talked to her about the physical harm stuff but not the sexual stuff. I feel like if I did then she'd disown me or something. Please help me bros.
So you did nothing. it's only on your head right? it could've been OCD. get a therapy. no OCD isn't not perfectionism.

File: 1610642920600.jpg (128 KB, 720x704)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Anyone got tips for me finding a cute Asian gf like pic when I can go back to my uni? Wanted to last year already but couldnt due to covid.

I'm pretty jacked which I think a lot of Asian girls also dig, and I'm learning Chinese.
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ew stop posting this prepubescent boy you sick fuck
>I can try but only with cute ones
That’s dumb.
>No. Talk to them all. It will train your social muscle, make it natural for you to talk to strangers.
How do people do this shit? I've been trying this for years and every time, without fail, it triggers a response in my brain that I'm bothering them. It's made me a recluse.
>I'm bothering them
You are.
She's a girl in her 20s. I know her
I meant for ones I want to date potentially. But I can also just try to make more friends and acquaintances too, sure.
I mean, just leave her alone if you notice she's uncomfortable or something?

File: hikeapu.jpg (89 KB, 650x272)
89 KB
I'm 25
I have 20K in Leaf Money
I want to be a filmmaker
I live in a small town and am living at home right now
Never been to university, don't know if I can get in on my previous records.

The world's my oyster. I just don't want to be living here past August.
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My general idea was to go to university in a big city and use that to network/meet people to be in my movies. But I need a back-up plan assuming I can't get in anywhere.
Youtube is mass appeal and low budget but a film is festivals and a good budget so choose one of those project types and be the filmmaker you say you are
That's a good idea but I'd start with community college first. It's better to dip your toes before you drown in debt in a place that wasn't the
right thing for you.

I don't recommend getting a house/car with your 20K, that's a waste, invest it in yourself, you're young.
I did a little bit of community college locally just to get my grades up a few years ago. I considered maybe doing it in Los Angeles as opposed to real uni there because it's actually affordable and plus I could maybe do some networking right there in the heartland of movies.
So make some shorts. Make one next month, watch it, cringe, make another, learn from mistakes.

I've never heard of the term and idea of pair bonding before. The only time I see it mentioned is here on /adv/. Is it a myth?
I think it's a term from biology, where 2 animals develop a bond and stay together for life.

It's certainly not a myth.
Why wouldn't you just look it up yourself first?

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