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File: GKDDDKT90DF.jpg (301 KB, 1367x1233)
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What the fuck is "NNN" in edging and why the fuck should I care?

File: descarga (7).jpg (6 KB, 168x300)
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loud is slang for good marijuana
Fucking stupid. You've clearly never lived in a trailer park before. White dudes beat the shit out of women all the time. Your picture doesn't "prove" what you think it does. You unirionically have monkey-like intelligence.

Also, yeah, new dude absolutely looks dead inside. There's a non-zero chance that he might eventually hit her too. Women like that tend to gravitate toward the douchebags somehow.
It's sad really.
kys, racemixing degenerate
Lmao barely
First thing I thought kek

File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 251x141)
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You have the strength
Let it go
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
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Ho'oponopono and the book of psalms are helping me overcome my limitations and healingly letting go of the hateful rage.

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I think not trusting anyone on here is just common sense, not trust issues.
May be you are right, but sometimes is nice having hope.
Nta. I gave money to someone here and nothing bad happened. It is experts and authorities that you should not trust.

File: 1476905107985.jpg (80 KB, 640x728)
80 KB
An emotional affair is something you do when you're unable to have sexual contact with someone you're attracted to, and even that is mostly a self-serving joke concocted by jealous girlfriends and wives. I don't have one of those, and even if I had no girlfriend or wife at all I would not want a romantic relationship with this girl. What I'm trying to do here is rule out the possibility that she sees it differently, and avoid either leading her on or the appearance of distancing myself.

Good on you though for coming to an imageboard and encountering what you expected. How much practice did that take?

File: comic book guy.jpg (9 KB, 194x259)
9 KB
What's better, dating someone who shares similar interests, or separate? Should a guy hide his hobbies and interests from a potential significant other?

I'm 33 and thinking of trying dating. It's hard because I have no clue what I'm doing. I was talking to some women online and I usually don't know what to say when they ask me what I like. There was one girl I cought feelings for back in 2022. She was a weeb and into games, so it wasn't too bad.It was a big step for me out of my comfort zone but we dated for a bit before she told me she only saw me as a friend. She later would tell me I was too distant and that I was too "hot and cold" with her.
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Not OP
>Hiding hobbies from dating prospects in early stages
>Why do people do this
Because no matter the hobby you'll be interpreted in the worst light.

For example I like guns, knives, cars, and buncha other shit if but because I'm white ill get thrown into one of two buckets of expectations which is either a mass shooter or a prepper theres no inbetween which can give a girl "the ick" so I keep it to myself till they are comfy/gel on the fact I'm a chill dude.

I bury shit n hide my interests because I dont want a bad interpretation to lead as opposed to getting to know me, understand me, then learn about me.

Then again I live in the PNW so my surroundings could've influenced my dating tactics.
I wouldn't say nicely since I chose to remain single/celibate. So I guess that's it for me then? I did make a profile on a dating app a few weeks ago and got some matches. I never sent a message though. Should I not even bother then?
>I'm 33 and thinking of trying dating.

Ok but seriously, if you find someone who shares youre interests, great. If she doesnt, thats cool too. Never hide youreself from anyone. Whether shes participates in youre interests or not, whats important is that she accepts you for you and that you do the same for her
Shared interests don't matter at all.

Values and morals are what matter.

File: IMG_3668.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
All my close friends besides having shit hygiene are also broke.

Bonus points if they also have high functioning autism

File: 41e0cl88jPL.jpg (26 KB, 320x500)
26 KB
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>dating nonblack women and not just fucking
Sasuga anon
>small guy (sub 6ft) with small dick (5in)
>only ever fuck black girls with huge asses
Now explain to me how this happens
I’m 6’3”

Seethe whitey
File: 1680798098637.jpg (114 KB, 768x1024)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
hello retard
Size? Not true. It is funny that some think it may be when, if you were born in the gay pedo days of showering at school, you would know.

File: url(22)~2.jpg (230 KB, 1080x1206)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
I unironically look similar to dream the Minecraft speedrunner (pic related is the closest pic of him that resembles me) except I have a weak chin and I'm slightly uglier. When I posted face on discord lots of people said I looked ugly, creepy, etc. What can I do to change that? I look a bit creepy even to myself when I look in the mirror plus I'm kinda awkward which doesn't help. Advice?
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i looked like chico lachowsky before i fell for the meme to chew gum. now i look like dream
File: IMG_0190.jpg (47 KB, 1400x700)
47 KB
>i looked like chico lachowski
I already look like Dream if he was a Orthro, 6'1 don't see any success or girls my way. Charisma (or rizzing as the Zoomers say), is more important than anything
Hang out with people in real life. You wouldn’t expect to be great at basketball without ever playing it before, right? Well you shouldn’t expect to be socially proficient without hanging out with people in real life. Stuff like professional organizations, student clubs, hobbies (e.g dungeons and dragons), or church. The more time you spend socializing the better you’ll get.

You can’t change your face and even if you could it wouldn’t fix any problems you have
his fanbase is 14 year old girls who had spent years hyping up a head-canon of him being a ripped kpop twink. the fact that he even has slight facial stubble was enough to send some of them vomiting.

File: shie.png (494 KB, 939x648)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
Which career pays over 100k annaully
Google it, retard
most of that is fake news retard
>I want a good answer!
Gets an answer,
>That's fake news shit! I want a better answer
Then find one yourself you pathetic twat.
Burrito stuffers make that much in California. 100K is not as much as it used to be.

File: 81eazvX1kBL.jpg (286 KB, 958x945)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
I want to fucking enjoy milk products again!!!

Is it better to buy food made with lactose free milk, or is it better to buy those lactase enzyme pills instead that you eat with the milk based food?

Which is the bigger ripoff? It's been fucking 10 years since I've eaten some ice cream dammit.
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It tastes like semen to me.
How would you know what semen tastes like?

I fixed my lactose intolerance by going on a paleo diet. I think all the grains fucked up my gut flora. It took about 6 months but now I can drink cream and nothing happens.
ah paleo I remember that stuff good times
Milk tastes like semen and green boogers. I wouldn't be surprised if the inspectors at the USDA jerk off into it every once in a while.

File: Power_In_Misery.png (77 KB, 250x250)
77 KB
Ugly fat girl has been sucking my dick for a year now. Shes chill... Gives great head... Is quiet, sweet, fun to chill with, let's me dominate every situation.

But ive been dating another girl, hot as all hell... Rocking body... But is clearly a modern woman... Mostly talks about herself... Brags about how much she makes but has me pay for everything.

My friends think I'm insane but I'm thinking of dumping hot girl and asking ugly girl out to a genuine date... Is this a good plan?
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I've made the mistake of having a fat gf. They talk about losing weight, might make the odd effort to go for a walk but can't diet to save themselves.
I even have put them on a meal plan and count their calories for them. It doesn't work because they snack extra food. Someone comes into their work with a cake? They gotta eat some. They just cannot put down the fork.

>babysit a grown woman because.....you just have to okay?!!!
What the fuck happened to this board.
why in gods name would you like to spend time or even fuck a girl that is fat and ugly? you know there are sexy bitches out there that are also fun to be around?
She exercises but just by playing vr... She has lost weight from it but her diet is bad so i doubt she'll actually lose a lot.
I don't expect her to lose much more... If i decide to date her I'm kinda signing on for banging a fat girl.
I haven't met ones willing to suck my dick almost every hang out... Hot girl ive been dating hasn't sucked my dick even as foreplay... Fat girl offers... Asks... Even got her to beg. Hot girl ive gone down on and banged... She puts zero effort.

File: lost in mind.png (523 KB, 1280x720)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
So I've been depressed for the last 11 months and tried to do everything I could think of to get rid of it. I've tried:

* Meditation
* Gratitude journaling
* Reading
* Sleeping
* Socialising
* Exercising
* Going to therapy (I hated to do this and it still failed me)
* Other hobbies
* Getting rid of porn and masturbation addiction
* Studying
* Working
* Even tried anonymous mental health chats

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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May be worth a try. I am kind of a bitch to be honest. I have considered if it was a bit of pride that destroyed my mind but I'm not to sure, but I have considered religion. Is there a specific one that is preferred?
Well. I kind of don't remember. I used to be that autistic but respected and very popular kid. I think that when I grew up, my hobbies was drawing (especially comics), writing books, and music.

I don't know if it matters but in my younger years people in school shouted so much I got tinitus and my parents often came into petty conflicts. It kind of took me down mentally and kind of shallow (maybe it was also correlated with me finding out porn around that time).
The gym usually helps a lot, perhaps you didn't do it properly. My advice, sign up at a fighting gym and become a warrior(like your ancestors were)
How do you even do any of that while depressed? I can barely function, eat one meal a day, and sleep all day
Did you graduate recently? It’s normal to have mental health issues around big life changes like graduating college. My mental health got a lot better when I hit my late 20’s and my life stabilized

This girl I fell in love with years ago. (5 and a half years of us not talking) Came back in July. She said how much she missed me and all this stuff. She told me she liked me a lot back then, and I told her I loved her back then. I told her I still love her, and told her I wanna be with her for the rest of my life. I still love her.

She's not sure what she wants to do. She wants to be free, but she wants to be with me. I'm giving myself a time limit on how long Im going to stick around. Imma give her until July of next year. She seems scared, and questioning it.

She hasn't been really talking to me that much of recently when I brought up all this last time. She did say she's scared to lose me If she told me no.

Im willing to wait, just not wait forever. What should I do? Is there anything I can do help her make a decision? Im still living my life by working out, going to work, and building my skills for what Im going to do. Im lost, I don't wanna to lose her, but I also don't want to wait forever.
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Make your own thread
How can you write this stuff with a straight face? You already know the answer, people who actually like the other person have no second thoughts about committing.

Grow a spine, cut her off, embrace the pain and start hanging with women that actually have empathy and like you. Don't waste your years putting in the effort while feeling unloved.
OP. As someone in a loosely similar situation, no. "She wants to be free". At that point it's over. Literally telling you she still wants to fuck around and you're not worth giving that up.
It sounds like you’re in love with her, but she just sees you as someone she might settle for. It’s best to have some self respect if you don’t intend on sabotaging yourself in the long run. I say this because it shows a lack of respect for your feelings for her to ghost you for over 5 years. Sounds like she is desperate.
only truth

File: 1681673156740441.jpg (68 KB, 498x703)
68 KB
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File: 1701119979753652.jpg (55 KB, 720x811)
55 KB
I dont get it
This movie was dope
>you can't have a crush on a horse
Rarity best pony
You're welcome x 2, Anon
Kek This movie was fun to act out with my sisters as a kid
Man, all I remember about this film is there were segments which gave me second hand embarrassment too hard for me to handle (which was incredibly common) and the main dude gets barefoot at some point and that made 4 year old me feel very uncomfortable. (Turns out I have a gigantic foot fetish)

I'm a guy btw before some thirsty idiot starts trying to ERP with me
>x 2
Is that one milkshake from each boob?
>This movie was fun to act out with my sisters as a kid
That sounds really fun, what part did you play?
(I was prince charming in the school play but wanted to be the ugly stepmother desu she was based)

File: 20231104_160250.jpg (148 KB, 1068x1072)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
So there's this girl, i need to be interesting and i am as a person, but I don't know how to show it to her, by talking. Whenever i talk it feels like I'm boring everyone and I don't even know how to get to the things that i am passionate about and if they'll really listen or care. I'm good at quake arena and a linux enthusiast who runs a webserver at home i also like anime and manga and i like planes and play flightgear (flightsim) often. Also it'd be cool if this is applicable to friends so i can have more friends by talking better. Also I'd like to get into music to be more interesting for her anyone know some good bans. I don't wanna seem like a fag or autistic or both so I don't know how to go abt this, clearly 4chan knows a lot abt dating woman and socializing and such and such :D
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Ask her questions. What does she like? Any hobbies? If you have anything in common, tell her about it and why it’s special to you.
Be attractive. 99.99% os girls have no real interests, they are not like males, their favorite "hobby" is social media...
ignore the mysoginistic chuds ITT
just be yourself
Just find equal ground, don't overplay yourself. Just listen and respond.
>(M) What do you like to do for fun?
>(F) I love playing with dogs at my local dog park!
Take the concept, dogs and then elaborate on it.
>(M) Do you have a pet at home?
>(F) My apartment wont let me keep dogs. I just go to look at them.
React appropriately using an emotional response then counter with a topic that catches their attention. Throw in a personal anecdote if need be.
> (M) That's too bad. I have a beagle terrier named Marco. He's always hiding around the house, and barks when I call him.
> (F) Really?! Have any pictures of him?

The goal is to find a subtopic you can both stand on then wind it up by sharing personal bits. The most important part is to listen then parody. If the topic if too far off course the conversation will end. Let's use the topic above to cover a few examples of what not to do:
>(M) What do you like to do for fun?
>(F) I love playing with dogs at my local dog park!
>(M)Have you ever thought about how busses are made?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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