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File: im-156623.jpg (204 KB, 1280x1280)
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Be me
Barely conscious
Sore jaw and sea protein rapid movement
Shaw shank redemption
James bong is avieen a stronk
Firework bullet в phone
Need genitali talk board
Refer to other board if wrong one
182 x2 X & Y

File: 334.jpg (51 KB, 680x541)
51 KB
Hi there 4chan, its ya boi again.

I hate to come and ask you about my bs problems again, but I need to vent, and you guys seem to be wise in the ways of things.

I work as a merchandiser for a particular soft drink manufacturer. What this means is I'm responsible for going into stores, and stocking the shelves with soft drinks. In recent months ive been trying to get back to my old contract, where I did one major store, and several smaller stores. This was organized by means of verbal contract (i know, i should have got it in writing, i am the dumb). I had enough of them not resolving it, so I launched a formal complaint. This was their response
File: 0shm3ehqod221.jpg (179 KB, 1122x825)
179 KB
179 KB JPG

"Hi [Comunist Poptart]

The below is a recap of our MS Teams conversation Thursday 21/10/2021. Yourself, [Manager 1], [Manager 2] and Myself attended. [Manager 2] will arrange a catch up with you next week, to go through the call planner and align on in store expectations/time limits and how you went over the next three call days.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us on Tuesday. To be successful in your role, you will need to have open, honest & timely communication with your manager, [Manager 1], or in his absence, [Manager 2], myself or the local TSM. We all operate as team, working with our customers, to grow our businesses and deliver a quality product to our consumers.

To simplify the process, I have grouped your concerns into the below sections & will answer each one individually. If it any point in the future you find yourself unsure of a work related situation, I encourage you to refer to this email, or contact one of the team members listed above, or a fellow merchandiser in your region.

Service Level Agreements with customers
You have asked for clarification on our contractual terms with Pak N Saves regarding filling
• There is no such contract
• There is no rule that a store must fill a certain amount of product for us
• I have attached the email sent to you on the 5th of October 2021 that addresses Customer Support & Stock Organisation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm here. Well first of all thank corporate fascism for having HUGE HR departments so they can screw little guys like you. Hell, they worry more about the customer than their own. Anyways, continue with what you seek advice on. Fuck HR they literally have no other role than to screw everything and everyone. Except trannies and poc. They shower them
Yeh, this came straight from the managers
What I get from your somewhat garbled posting is that you were hired to serve the stores that needed serving each day, but your manager told you informally that it would probably be PakNSave most of the time. Now, for whatever reasons, they've discovered you are more needed elsewhere, and are sending you to the stores that need serving.

That's right. You work for them. They serve the customer stores. Your job is to help them do their job. It is NOT their job to give you the assignment you'd prefer. So what is your complaint?

File: i hate women.jpg (46 KB, 1062x559)
46 KB
Man. I feel guilty but I don't know if I should, someone weigh in?

>speaking a lot to this chick, all the red flags are there, divorced parents, sent me nudes after less than a day of speaking, gave me a blowjob in the car after knowing me less than a week
>she really wants me to take her on a date and spend money on her (probably so she doesn't feel like too much of a whore)
>hate dates because they're expensive and in my experience nothing good ever comes of them
>fuck it, take her on a date
>meet up with my friends in the club after, she spends most of the night flirting with my friend, dancing next to (on) him
>already deflated, we move on to the next club
>oh of course my ex is there hooking up with someone, whilst my date is busy dancing with everyone except me
>save myself the embarrassment and leave, get a taxi home alone
>wake up to a bunch of missed calls, she's upset because I left her and she had to walk home alone
>tell her if she wants to be treated like a lady she should act like one
>she tells me to fuck off

Not sure if I'm being a jealous retard but I've never felt so cucked in my life, between watching my ex hook up with some dude and my date (who I actually kind of liked even given the red flags) not paying any mind to me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It seems you did the right thing. If she was worth the effort, I suppose you could have warned her but that's a minor point.
At best she has awful boundaries. At worst, she was fucking with you or oblivious. It sounds like you made the right call.
The ex thing, well that sucks, but shoukd have been irrelevant. I can see where it saddened you. Word to the wise: get over it she's your ex, and be grateful for that.
Regardless of how bad a date goes - and yours doesn't sound all that bad - you take her home and ghost her later if you want.
western civilization is in a state of decay. people have no direction, no aspirations to be good people. they dont even know what the definitions are anymore. really sad. this girl has no idea what shes doing, just needs validation and attention. countless others just like her.
Thanks guys I feel a lot better. My fault for ignoring the red flags to begin with

I'm going deaf and Music was my only comfort/hobby now I literally have nothing. I really don't know how to cope. I'm angry all the time and I want to kill myself. On top of that I wear glasses so I can't imagine what senses will be compensating for my deafness.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hey I'm trying to help him out why would say I'm preying on him? I can't tell if you're joking or not but OP is actually in a good position because he doesn't have to listen to anyone and we live in such a shitty world it's easier to speak lies for profit than to actually follow thru. In his situation he's going to know instantaneously if someone is to help or scam
Besides, you can read faster than you can speak. Let that sink in
>we live in such a shitty world
The black pill is a scam. The world isn't as shitty as you've been led to believe.
I'm op anon
I thought they can fix deafness now with those hearingaids they connect to your brain?

File: what.png (569 KB, 766x766)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
>be me, 18 y/o working at dq
>become friends with a guy and his gf, they start dating
>the friend starts acting sus, I act sus back
>starts telling his gf of whom i have become friends with that he said he would break up with her to date me, several fucking times
>been bi curious
>girl tells me that my contact in his phone is babe while hers remains unchanged, also vents about how he sometimes threatens a breakup during arguments
>girl also complains that the guy has been hanging out with her best friend, of whom they want me to go with despite being fucking nuts

How do I weasel out of this teenage drama bullshit? Find a new job?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what is with you new generation of faggots? just the other week i texted a friend on a number that was no longer there's and some chick called asking if i was fucking her boyfriend. i laughed and said "um, i'm a guy relax" but she kept asking.

(plot twist: i was fucking him)

You were supposed to go in descriptive detail about how you clapped her mans cheeks and defeminate her with your display of dominance
this guy is gay
Yes and everything he wrote is fake except working at dq.
>his gf of whom i have become friends with

English not your first language, I gather

File: 1621808989874.jpg (141 KB, 807x829)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
When awaiting results how do you stay in a positive mind state? I've got exams this week, and am hoping to graduate by March 2022 but my uni is fucking me about. I received an email from the head of my course almost three weeks ago stating that I might have to come back for a single subject in semester one (March - June) and a single subject in semester two (August - November) of 2022. They haven't given me any more clarification since then and despite calling the uni, writing emails to all sorts of people, and generally freaking the fuck out, I've been given no further clarification. What do? How do I stay positive?

I would have to return for a compulsory placement and a core that is only compulsory for a handful of lucky souls like myself. I cannot take the core or the placement outside of the time they are run at the university. Even though I have an internship this summer that was originally organised through a different university placement subject, apparently this won't satisfy them.

I also cannot begin working in my field of choice, or even using my degree, until I have graduated and completed four months of additional training. The additional training cannot be started until I graduate. I just want to be done and finally live my life. What do I do?

pic unrelated
The only way this could happen is if you somehow missed the right time or sequence to take those missing courses. Accept the results of your own errors.
Genuinely not my fault. I am doing a fast tracked version of the course and they changed the structure during my degree. In previous years I would have completed the core this semester but it was unavailable. Future and current students in the regular program do not even have to do the core. The placement would usually occur at the student's convenience during semester, one, two, summer, or winter break. This is no longer the case and it is only taught in semester two next year. I had originally planned on applying for prior credit as I have already done two placements through the uni. Or I was going to apply to do it this summer. It usually runs during the summer.

I just checked and in previous years the core was run during the summer, semester one, and semester two as well. Not during winter though. This current break will be the summer break btw.
Ok, man take control of things. Call them twice daily, or vetter yet, show up and let them know you are upset abiut the lack of communication. Politely refuse to leave until they either help you or a uniformed guard physically comes up to you and asks you to leave. I really can't overstate that you need to be firm and polite. Think boyscout/astronaut. Astronauts don't tske no for an answer, anon. There's like 1 million applications for 1 job.
The college is closed due to COVID until next year. Otherwise I'd already be complaining in person and trying to force someone to sort my shit out. Whenever I call they tell me to contact the head of the course yet they haven't responded in three weeks. I'm thinking the university might be waiting until the course transfer date passes, just to force me to stay, and give me no options. I have no evidence of this but they have never been this level of unhelpful before. I really do love rhe idea of being a boyscout astronaut but I'm really lost. I have managed to have multiple different members of faculty and admin staff CC or individually email the course coordinator but to no avail.

>be seeing some girl for few months
>does this thing where thorughout sex she rubs her pussy wet then constantly rubs her fingers under my nose/above my lip.
>Whenever I cum always makes sure there is a fresh rub under my nose or she holds her fingers there or gets in 69 position if bj. Always makes me cum like crazy.
>Had sex today but she didn't do it at all.
>Felt kind of weird and when I came didn't feel as good, she kind of smiles at me asking what's wrong
>Initially tell her nothing, but then own up.
>Was embarrassed when I said I kind of like it when she "does that thing" which she then laughs at asking "what?"
>Tell her "you know what." Which makes her laugh harder saying she will do it next time

Wtf did she do to me why did cumming without her scent directly under my nose feel so shit? and why did she make me ask her when she knows exactly what I was talking about and what she didn't do this time that made the sex different.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
and that's coming from me
She knows it's good and is just messing with you..
Fucking conspiracy theorists.. seriously. Can't have any fun anymore.
Obviously conditioning him to only be able to have sex with her
If you guys been fucking this long you have established a baseline of intimacy where you can tell her exactly what that thing is that you like. If you can't y ou really shouldn't be fucking her. Get outta here nigga
it may be GOOD but it seems to be her entire THING sexually. ive never HEARD of anything like this.

She's definitely playing with him. like a science experiment. a test subject.

What can i wear for Halloween?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ties are dry clean only lad
So you have no father?
My dad works as a electrician and the tie was in a pocket at the time so it slipped through.
Maybe you can be the business suit version of pic related.
Would be a funny cheesy b movie "werewolf cop"
Plain white T-shirt with barcode and "Generic Costume" stencilled on it

File: big_1496148706_image.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
How do I become platonic friends with women?
Let's not
“Hey, I hope it’s cool that I invited some of my friends from the crazy beaver.”
“Yeah, but uh maybe next time you can go a little less on the crazy and a little more on the beaver l.”
“It’s no trouble bro, they’re people just like you and me. Now hit this joint and have some fun.”
Advice is in the last quote
Confess you love her, she will friend-zone you and BAM! You've just made platonic friend. Only way this could backfire is if she decide she loves you back and want to date you. That would be indeed unfortunate.
Why would you want such thing in the first place?

File: 9090716231.png (474 KB, 720x840)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
>23y never had a job in my life
>apply for 30 jobs with my new degree
>only 1 replies

Learned from my experience but wouldn't I have better odds of succeeding if the other 29 jobs replied?
How do I find more jobs to apply to when those 30 jobs where the only ones. Do I wait weeks?
30 didnt work? try 300. 300 didnt work? reevaluate your resume, adinfinitum
How can I find 300 jobs based on my application when I only found 30.
Funnily enough I got the reply with the worst version of my cv. I've updated everything, included projects, created a portfolio.

Now there are 0 places to apply to.
You want references and work experience. Get a shitty job at Walmart and keep applying for the jobs you want. At the very least you will A. get some money and B. get some shit to put on your resume.
>he didn't have internships in university
You're starting at the back of the line
Your uni has a get-you-a-job office who won't actually get you a job but will help you find places to apply to and also help polish your resume, letter, interviewing, etc.

File: 596715730737823745.png (10 KB, 95x90)
10 KB
this person i know keeps messaging me stuff like "hope you got whatever you needed to get done or had fun" whenever i say anything about getting home. it kind of annoys me but wtf is this sort of behavior called and how do i go about getting it to stop
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
idk i guess to add onto this it always feels forced because its the same canned quote each time
It's not disingenuous it's just they are stupid and don't know what else to say lol
Stop overthinking
idk how to wrap my head around that because ive known them for around a year so how would they not know what to say for that long in the same situation
Well what the fuck else do you want them to say
idk anything different that isnt the same canned response or even nothing at all

How do I survive on no sleep after a night out? I have work in a few hours but haven't slept after a few too many last night
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OK then you will need to consume a lot of calories as well as caffeine throughout the shift. id bring 2 small redbulls and 2 diet mt dews. granola bars, string cheese, raisins, cranberries, chips, crackers. keep yourself fueled.

honestly though you are facing one of the most unpleasant days of your life. the desire to crash will be extremely potent all day. your concentration will be gone. your anxiety will be higher. you will have bad moods the whole time. you can do it but its gonna suck so fucking bad. this is how people get meth addictions.
honestly if you can catch a 20 minute nap right after eating along with something with caffeine itll help put you through the first few hours
This is decent advice.
You won't get into a terrible cycle or turn to drugs if you listen to this.
Even the 2 red bulls are accurate... In the bad days I'd go through 4+ with no food and end up a shaky anxious mess.
Yeah I agree with this kid too. Power naps help if they're short enough that you don't get lethargic when you wake up

File: 1620678571674.png (405 KB, 615x689)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
I don't know what it is about me, maybe it's my gaze, maybe my posture, my anxiety, or the way I dress but I make the people around me uncomfortable. In turn, that makes me uncomfortable. So, it's this negative feedback loop that just keeps yearning for seclusion whenever possible. How do I become normal and break out of this cycle?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
This is hard to give advice for when we don't know anything about what makes you weird
Try learning a bit about basic grooming, dressing well (don't need to be peak fashion, just know how to choose things that fit), managing anxiety, body language, social skills. There are books about the last few, the only one I know offhand is How to Win Friends and Influence People
NoFap if you're not already doing it or at least No Porn
Idk mate ask some random why

But can you describe yourself? How do you dress, what do you act like?

You need to find what vibe suits you. If nothing works to make people feel comfortable, flaunt being uncomfortable and become an absolute weirdo badass.

The way you dress definitely changes things from a distance, if you look like you've crawled out of a garbage can or look like a comic book villan you'll scare people. However, if you've got a friendly comfortable vibe then you can pull off anything.
This advice doesn't work if you are naturally intimidating
just forget it and be yourself OP? How you can be yourself you might ask? Easy you like to be at home probably and pick your reactions to people to people that want to get to know you last minute? that's you being you.

Is there any social media shit that I can go to that isn't a massive echo chamber or full of retards?
Can't go here, cant go to reddit, can't go to twitter, too old to care about tiktok, instagram/snapchat is just random pictures or whatever-the-fuck and facebook is all out-of-touch fogies. Am I just missing something? Am I the retard?
>Am I the retard?
well i appreciate your honesty

File: the-giving-tree-4-728.jpg (86 KB, 728x546)
86 KB
So I'm basically homeless right now.

Living in a tent in a forest shit.

Barely affording BK rodeo burgers. I'm eating those because they're a dollar and nobody gives a fuck at BK so you're like a ghost while you charge your phone and batteries.

Used to download hella coupons and shit off /b/ and was pretty good at forging swords.

Anyone have any secrets/app secrets/etc. to get free shit?

In general or from specific corporations. Like, the magic words to receive free food with a piece of paper? Attending a shareholder event or some stupid shit like that. Anyone got any files?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What country ya in mate I can look into it
>Idk. I'm not homeless homeless. I own a fairly expensive car, I just really don't want to have to sell it

your priorities are fucked up. Reexamine them. You've just objectively stated you're not homeless and you have an expensive car that doesn't work or make your life better.

>Just trying to eat until I get 2 paychecks under my belt.

Nutritionally speaking, hot food is basically going to be a luxury if its that tight. peanuts and nuts in general are your friend for energy protein and shutting up your stomach. It may sound weird, but apples and avocados (if under $1 each) are your friend too. Dollar menus aren't bad either, and order kids meals if you need variety, try to avoid making a meal more than $3 if you can.

Gas stations have microwaves or some kind of convection microwave-like oven often times. Their prices on frozen stuff sucks, but I see day laborers in the morning heaving up their own tupperware all the time(though they are polite enough to get out of my way if they see me buying something i'm nuking)
"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."-Random Board
Idk mate I know of multiple people who are homeless. Maybe someone here will need the advice even if it's bait

Since you haven't replied to my question of where you are in the world, try food banks. You can also get free food on your birthday. At the end of the day often places will give out mark out food. I've worked places that would chuck out massive amounts of food. I once saw this guy walk out of domino's with 30+ pizzas, he couldn't carry them all so chucked them out.

It'd be a long game but you could make friends with a store, order food online under a fake name from a public computer and never pick it up, resulting in a marked out item, and go in there at the end of the day asking for markouts
I should've explained the birthday thing better
Make a fake identity, enter it into the website on several places where you can get free food on your birthday and just cycle through the locations. E.g. There's a cafe chain here that does free muffins on your birthday.

If you're a girl, it's much easier as you can chat up guys. In my bad times I'd get guys to buy me 100+ dollars of alcohol and food then ditch them. If you're a guy just be a non intimidating and sane friendly dude.

Otherwise, buy very large bags of soup mix/ramen/pasta and cook it in a parent's room microwave, or drink lots of milk.
.t broke ass bulimic

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