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File: f.jpg (29 KB, 238x211)
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it's over lads
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File: PostSuccessful.png (150 KB, 811x1049)
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Same. Goodbye all. One last basedjak for the end.
This is the most based post I’ve ever seen. Nobody wants to go out as this being part of the end.
Oh no I’m still alive. Time for another day of cooming and crying then.
File: cover2.jpg (168 KB, 1600x900)
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File: 16271267429973.png (1.03 MB, 2284x1503)
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I have no drive to succeed. I just want to shitpost on 4chan 24/7. What the fuck is my problem? I think I'm fucked in the head because of this.
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Diagnosis : Depression
It makes me physically nauseous to try.
yea but this is where you need to start. you can try yourself or look for help. nothing to be ashamed about it. and if people invalidate your feelings then tell them to go suck a dick.
really? what's so amazing about 4chan? The slowest forum on the internet.

How am I supposed to make friends if everyone is a fucking simp? Everyone fawns over some kind of celebrity, be it a twitch thot or an actor. Hard to get someone to like you when they’re obsessed with a public figure.
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It's clear from your first post why people aren't your friend.
Get over yourself, you're not that special to take up their time. Try making friends that like the same shit you do, if you like anything, you sourpuss.
Not to mention, they will always care more about their idol, someone they don’t know intimately, than their actual friends
So why don’t celebrities have to get over themselves? Because they’re talented? Thats bullshit
Not everyone is like that, wtf are you talking about
fuck you, someone wants a reciprocal, real relationship and they are somehow up themselves and entitled, your a fucking donkey mate

File: 1622356593103.png (125 KB, 640x480)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
how do I choose something to pursue in life?

I'm not content to just be a minimum wagie forever. And I want to be creation

but at the same time I don't enjoy doing anything.

I have no hobbies and no interests; I don't know if this is depression or what. I've had suicidal ideation for years but don't want to talk about it because it seems attention seeking.
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Diagnosis : Depression
Why not produce geometric forms with eye catching colours? At least you'll produce work that is aesthetic relatively quickly and you'll gain practice and once you have work you'll have a reason to continue to develop your abilities.

Like maybe you want people to see it. So you need to work that out. Maybe you want to exhibit. You need to meet people and network. Maybe you want to build a website. You need to learn about that stuff. Maybe you want larger pieces, you need new techniques, maybe you develop your own methods and equipment, maybe you need space to do this, maybe you need to adjust your environment, maybe you are bored of your work and want to focus on another area, but at least you are now working and used to focusing your time and attention and so on ...

The whole time you should be getting feedback and opinion from others and until you start working you won't unlock all these additional objectives.
Try doing as much of your daily activities outside instead of inside. Brushing your teeth? Walk outside. Eating food? Do that outside. Set up a little space for yourself out there, the psychological effects of being cramped in your room all day is deadly.
Also maybe this is all too much for you right now. I'd advise that it isn't, but maybe it is. At least take some motivation from the idea that you are aware of the problem and you are working towards resolving it. No matter how small the step, even being aware of the direction is a positive compared to the alternative which is to not even have awareness of the need to change. The world is indifferent, but you have awareness, you exist and you have the opportunity at this point to add something to it which is kind of wonderful, there is so much stuff that never has that chance or even awareness.

What I'm describing there is simple re-framing. If you do that long enough you'll find that you are generally a happier person for it. Everything is an opportunity to succeed, to be better than before, there are no limits except those which we impose etc.

I mean, it is superficial and it isn't that easy in reality, but HEY you are the one with the problem and now you've got it you should seek to demonstrate how you dealt with it in a good way. Rejoice, you have been gifted with the burden of some motivation, now show the world how you dealt with it in an inspirational way.
just finished reading this, this part stood out
>It is REALLY difficult to do something for abstract self determined reasons in isolation, I don't think our brains are wired up to work like that
that makes sense

I probably should but it is so hot here, like 110+ regularly

yeah probably

File: Goodbye.jpg (297 KB, 2327x2980)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Step 1. Every sunday, fast. Never watch porn, never masturbate. Just try. Let appetites of various forms build. This enhances your imaginative powers.

Step 2. Simply imagine how it feels to already be where you want to be. Imagine better than what you know, and assume that this is how things already are. Live in those emotions. Never go to bed without feeling it. It must be unbridled!

Step 3. Look at the moments of your day that breaks you out of those emotions, and replay them in your head how they should have been, until you feel really happy with it.

Step 4. Use journal if writing is a good medium for you to create the vision, but it is really optional. For me it is the best medium
Only journal for activities where there is a lot of repetition otherwise I fail to see how it will add to your productivity. The only reason you keep a journal is to look for "efficiencies" and ways to improve repetitive processes.
Every entry write down what your intention was, write what your plan was, write what worked, write what didn't work, write what surprised you (good or bad), and write what you did differently from your plan (and why you made that decision).
Try to keep it descriptive.
The most important part is having regular reviews, maybe every couple of months depending on how often you journal, look for the patterns. What are the things that consistently worked, consistently didn't work. What are the neat tricks you learned. Then, and this is the most important part PUT THOSE IN A CHEATSHEET YOU CAN HAVE NEXT TO YOU WHILE WORKING.
Just write what's on your mind whenever you feel like it and don't worry about how it looks or whatever.

File: 4234234.gif (1003 KB, 404x347)
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1003 KB GIF
>meet autistic shut-in gf on /r9k/ 5 years ago
>we get along well, talk all day, start e-dating
>after 6 months I fly to meet her, we do this for about two years. Then I use all of my savings to relocate to her state and live with her
>sex starts drying up but never completely, our personalities clash sometimes, but we're still best friends and things go okay for a few years
>about two months ago she admitted to me that the reason the sex dried up is because she's not very attracted to me because I'm short (5'10") and she wishes that she could have sex with taller guys. She felt guilty about it, but it enraged me and I've been angry ever since.
>Says her only sexual kink is having sex with different people and she thinks she's only monogamous because she doesn't have any other options and if she wasn't a NEET / shut-in then we probably never would have date for longer than a few months
>She says she still loves me and sees me as her best friend
>I cycle between despising her and seeing her as a disgusting monster and seeing her as my best friend
what do I do? I never had another girlfriend before and my 20s are pretty much over with. I don't want to be alone and I'm so angry all the time
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she's made it clear that she doesn't want you and unless your spinning things, she did it in a very disrespectful way. Its clear you hvae to leave and try to move on.
Meet other girls.

If she's okay with meeting other guys, she should also be okay with you meeting other girls.
>she doesn't have any other options and if she wasn't a NEET / shut-in then we probably never would have date for longer than a few months

She's clearly using you for support you fucking dumbass, she has no interest in you otherwise.

Relocating to be with an internet gf is also one of the most stupid things you can do because it doesn't work out you're stuck in some unfamiliar place.
When my relationship with my ex ended, i set the bumble location thing to <5km (3 miles) fuck being a e-cuck and having to move states for a girl. Just stop being a loser and meet someone better near you. 5’10 isn’t even that short isn’t it ?
You deserve better and you will get it
Only in dark corners of the internet is 5’10 considered short. Your girl fall for the meme and confused it with the reality. Dumb her and let see what she can offer to the 6’5 she wants to bang beside her vagina, cause her character and personality seems nonexistent.

File: suffering.jpg (236 KB, 680x868)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
3rd time typing this, keeps saying it's too long so I'm gonna try to keep it short but I will answer any questions

GF and I have been dating for 3 years. We're both 24 but she has an 8 year old son. I didn't care at first because I was gonna pump and dump but I ended up catching feelings for her.

About a year ago her behavior shifted and she started acting like a feminazi bitch. I thought that maybe it was birth control so I talked to her about it and she agreed to stop talking it but her behavior kept getting worse.

Fast forward till a few weeks ago when my gf tells me that "our" son wants to be trans. I thought she was joking at first but when she saw I wasn't taking her seriously she get pissed and doubled down on it. I asked the him if he wanted to be a girl and all he said was "I don't know". I told her that she was retarded and that he is only 8 so how would he even know what transgender is.
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>she has already been doing research online for doctors that will perform the operation on people as young as him.

This might have been believable if you didn't include every horseshit right-wing talking point. 0/10. Do some research online and see if you can find a doctor that can perform the surgery that will transition you into a person with better bait.

Honestly 8 seems a bit young for most kids although you do hear about the occasional ones. Honestly though the kid is more likely than not gay or bi. You should sit down with them and ask them what they want and why they want it.

No place will allow the surgery at that age and even hormones are most likely out of the question until 12. I would say the best thing you can do is to get the kid a therapist because at the very least that starts a paper trail either way.
>dating for 3 years
>8 year old son
>our son

Yeah no. If it was your kid I would have tried resisting the child abuse and you could still do that. But you should probably break up with her. Wouldn’t want her to do this to your actual future kid.
Must have been the mother and his teachers instilling unnecessary doubt about his own sexuality.
there's a jewtube channel called benjamin a boyce where the guy interviews people who have gone down the tranny route and then came to their senses later and tried to ctrl-z as best they could. she oughta watch those, particularly the ones where they talk about how against children transitioning they are and their reasons for that despite being otherwise supportive of adults who decide to fuck their own lives up. or hell even reach out to some of those people and get them to talk to her. poor kid. thanks for trying to help him and not just cutting and running, it's not your responsibility but it's the right thing to do and that's admirable af. good luck op.

File: 1587317234414.jpg (6 KB, 247x204)
6 KB
I'm a KHHV who didn't go to highschool, wat do
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Girls in hs are also willing to try out things for the first time, so long as you are the dude who they are doing it with. You are their first everything, or one of their firsts at least, and because of this you occupy a special place in their heart. It hasn't all become cheapened yet. Their is an adventurous thrill to it all that is not present in adulthood as often
>you are at your peak
Most men peak in high school. Yes some men get progressively better throughout their 20s but this is often a meme for I would say at least 80% of dudes. In high school you are arguably at your leanest, which enhances your facial aesthetics. At 18 you have the most testosterone pumping through your body you will ever have. You are also at a time when being tall doesn't matter as much as it does in adulthood because most of the boys around you have not reached their full height and women are not yet as height pilled.

The combination of you being at your best and girls being the most willing to take a chance with you is why high school is the best time to get being a KHHV out of the way. The fact that you are starting now honestly means you are most likely fucked. I'm sorry to black pill you on all this but it is the truth. You fucked yourself out of possible sexual experiences by not attending school. Now as an adult you are starting at a major deficit that you will likely never overcome. I'm sorry OP.
Get over your past. It doesn't have to be a part of you. Get your GED if you haven't, you're probably smart enough to get it right now if you haven't already.
1. Get a shitty job, grind work for a few months while you gain charisma EXP points, optionally get in shape (diet and lift)
2. Go to a bar and throw your money around to collect your pussy.

It's that easy. At that point women won't see a loser who never went to highschool and never fucked and they'd have no reason to because you simply aren't that person anymore. They'll see a virile young man who wants to buy them drinks.
>didn't sign up or go to highschool
is this even legal?
i think what people are really trying to ask here is why did your parents just let you sit home not going to school? 99% of kids don't "sign up" to high school, you go, because everyone goes, because your parents force you to
>why did your parents just let you sit home not going to school?
This isn't a productive question for him.
Many parents through time just don't put in any effort. They have children as a vanity project and when their kid starts to reflect their own incompetence, they give up on them. Burnout teens used to be drafted or given jobs by family but those options have dried up and many of those young adults are forced into alienation.

That doesn't have to be you anymore OP. You aren't a failure, you just haven't begun. Kill your past and live for the present. Your current life is a foundation to build a great future on.

>graduate college
>get ideal job
>make more money than I'd ever dreamed I'd be making at this age
So... what's supposed to happen now? What do I do? I never thought I'd get this far.
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Sorry to hear. I know nothing about that industry though.
Gym, dating, walks, go to the park, get a pool membership, gardening, plan monthly trips/events (national forests, beaches, cool cities, historical intrigues / party with friends, wine tasting, mini golfing), train intriguing skills (shooting, sports, a liberal art, self-sustainability, repairing a car, etc), read books, join clubs, etc., When you are doing something, whenever possible, it’s preferable to -go out- and do it instead of doing it at home. You want as many of your activities to be outside as possible. What you do in the house are only the things that must be in the house.
thanks. Was worth a shot
Thanks anon.
Go travel

File: 1627168958228.jpg (576 KB, 4093x2894)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
What was this experience that I had as a kid?

>Be 10
>Watch a scary movie. There's a very gory scene in the film where the villains murder a bunch of families inside of a cafe by cutting their throats.
>Immediately feel like I'm in a dream, reality didn't feel real anymore. Run out of the room and try to forget about it, but I continue to feel as if I'm in a dream for the next 6 months.
>During this time, I'm convinced that I'm dreaming and that my parents are being murdered. I had this strange idea that I couldn't eat red foods (reminded me of blood) because I thought that I was asleep and that if I ate the red food then in reality I would be unknowingly cannibalizing my parents, whenever I entered the house I had to open every door and check behind the shower curtains to make sure that the house was empty. I sort of knew it was all bullshit, but the fear felt so intense that I had to do these little rituals in order to feel calm.
This gradually faded after 6 months and I started to become better, but for the rest of my life, I've struggled with generalized anxiety, become very introverted, and if I'm very anxious I'll have slight episodes of magical thinking that is maybe about 5% of what that experience was.

What the hell happened to me? I've never found a good explanation for what that was.
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It's called being scared
Shouldn't it have faded by now though? I'm not really scared of the movie anymore. It kind of creeps me out and even typing the name of it makes me feel a little unsettled (Children of the Corn), but why would it still be fucking me up after nearly 15 years?
how the fuck you see a demonic possesion movie at 10 and not get the chills
im 20 and im getting chills watching evil dead
your perceptions may have been correct op

probably trapped by a time demon
shut the fuck up retard, therapy is a meme and doesn't even do shit anyways, you can't unexperience and experience, OP just had bad luck and probably developed ocd or something because of it, also it sounds like they experienced some kind of derealization or depersonalisation

I’ve met a woman off a dating site who is older and quite large. Over 200 pounds at least. I am not normally attracted to them, but I maintain a degree of curiosity as to what it would be like.

She’s also in an open relationship and willing to rim me. So it would be two more checks to mark off my own sexual bucket list.

Would it be worth it to go after and screw a kind of woman I usually mock relentlessly just to say to myself I tried it?

>Hur dur desperate

To a degree, yeah. I’m single and haven’t had in two months. But with work I could likely get it elsewhere.
You're not gonna date her long-term, right? Then go ahead. Worst thing that happens, you only like the rimming.
But she might be cool beans, you don't know unless you meet her.

No, certainly not. It’s only a one time thing unless things click. Then it might be a fwb thing for a few months.

I did to lose my V plates. Have never been more disgusted in myself. Turned me off of sex for four years.

I feel a little bit nasty about it. But at the same time, it tempts me. Makes me wonder what it is like and what I can do.

I’ve had...some nasty encounters in my day, so it’s not perhaps the worst I’ve done.
You're going to be used goods with no self respect

File: 1626777398640.jpg (79 KB, 1030x811)
79 KB
When having sex do girls really want you to take it slow? I think I take too much time before getting to sex
Some like it slower, others like it faster. Starting out slow and with foreplay is always a good idea. If they like it fast it's more of a tease than anything. Just read the situation
File: This.gif (446 KB, 300x186)
446 KB
446 KB GIF
Yeah you have to stop overthinking and trust your instincts.
Depends on the girl. Depends on the occasion. If you're not sure, ask her.
A majority of girls are subs so they want you to initiate lewd acts and take control of the situation. Obviously if they turn you down don't act aggressive like you're going to rape them or anything.
It's a bad idea to form generalized beliefs. Not ever girl is going to like the same thing.

File: 1627102464214.jpg (123 KB, 1080x816)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
i assume you have not enough money because in the opposite scenario you just hide your wealth.

all women will care about your wealth to some extent - you need to at least be viable for whatever standard of living they have set for themselves. there is a wide range though and it shouldn't be the primary factor for them - if it is abandon ship. it wont last anyway.
File: fa-5.jpg (53 KB, 720x960)
53 KB

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Recently my insomnia has been acting up and through the nights I’m getting even more bored. So, I for some reason decided to check out that website the media looks upon with fear.
I'm afraid I can see why. There are some very different posts here. But I am not here to act like a saint, I will not run around jumping at people when I barely know the website.

That being said, I have some questions and want your advice on them.
There are a lot of terms here I don’t really understand. I would like to ask about one though. Norme, I see a lot. Is that for people who are new, or people you believe to be normal? Why do you consider yourself different from this?
What would you consider the average user of this site to be? And do you fit into that box as well?
Why do you stay on or enjoy this site? I am interested, a lot of the comments on post seem kind of … yeah, you know.
Have you made friends here, or meet like minded people that is fun/interesting to talk to?

Or you can just talk about you day.
Sorry if this is a little out of place, but thank you for taking your time to read.

(I didn't think ahead with the picture, here is a chubby)
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Can you really blame them? When was the last time you took a look at /qa/?
Like a month ago, but if I came here for the first time and wanted to ask about the site, I'd go to the board that's called "questions and answers."
And then probably run for the hills. It's not that much better than /trash/. It's also not listed on the home site at all.
Holy fuck the double spacing is making my head hurt. This isn't reddit, for the love of God don't write posts here in that format.
Wrong board, fuckface journalist scum. Go write your essay elsewhere. This is /adv/ . Go to /pol/ with your bullshit, try it there. Maybe they'll help.

File: rv.jpg (2.52 MB, 2100x1398)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
I want to buy an RV to live in and leave my apartment. It would just be me and it would have everything I want.

I really want to do it but I have a feeling i'll get depressed after doing it for some time.
>getting depressed
by losing myself and the will to try new things. main reason I want an RV is because I hate being in a home. I enjoy doing things that I enjoy alot more. Example: a wagie works most of the day everyday and can barely pay rent. RV LIfe: cost of life is super low and allows you to be more free.
>losing myself and the will to try new thing
sorry but I dont get it. more money, fresh air all the time, new people all the time and even the possibility for a quick relocation.

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