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How do I get a girl to love me. I have a girl I’ve been talking to for 2 months now. She says she likes me. And cares about me. But I know for a fact she doesn’t feel the same way that I do. She is absolutely impressive at hiding her emotions and staying positive about things despite her current situation.

Will something as simple as buying her flowers do the trick? I know it’s only been 2 months but I am already in love.
How'd you get a girl to talk to you?
Idk just be handsome, don’t say stupid things, talk to them like a friend for a week or so then start saying nice things like you’re pretty, lets go out on a date etc. women take time to get warmed up.

>you're such a nice guy anon why can't ever guy be like you
Time to fucking end it
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>you're so nice
>you'll find someone someday

what? you guys mean you dont get pussy everywhere you go without trying?
>You're such a good listener I feel like I can tell you anything
>yesterday i got fucked in the ass by this jerk who then ghosted me
>anon why this happen to me
If they say any of the shit in this thread to you, dump em. Don't get oneitis, you weren't after a long term relationship anyway and there's plenty of other girls around.

File: 1630015272045.jpg (24 KB, 279x304)
24 KB
Is my cock fucked up or does pussy not really feel like anything? I've had sex with multiple girls and it doesn't really feel like anything.
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File: 4ki23k.jpg (33 KB, 389x372)
33 KB
Using an ATM
kek that's the perfect description, can confirm i am a girl and shit from my pussy, so the dick goes in and i wanna shit immediately, tho when i try to push the shit out the dick comes out and it goes back in so it's an endless loop of shitting out dicks, but its the same dick
File: 49z2dts807e11.jpg (11 KB, 248x187)
11 KB
take your pills, alice...

File: sigma.jpg (48 KB, 728x382)
48 KB
How do I actually become a sigma male?
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download more iq
i was thinking like that until i actually joined male groups and realized they actually work like picrel, you can give a tag everyone in the group if you've been there long enough and aren't a blind NPC
i think sigma simply applies to the few males who don't fit into these categories. if you don't crave to be part of a group, don't ever fantasize over your place in it, then you're a sigma. but it doesn't actually tell anything about your qualities, just that you don't belong in standard male groups for whatever reason.
File: 1634966372588.png (708 KB, 640x640)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
The whole alpha thing is just a big misunderstanding of nature, most wolf packs and ape squads are led by the parents. Youngsters leave their pack, find a mate, start a new pack. They follow the big wolf because its their dad not because its the 'alpha'.

You shouldn't base your understanding of humans on a misunderstanding of animal psychology.
File: sniper monkey.png (119 KB, 333x469)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Don't. It's a trap.
You can get all the same benefits and much more by just learning social skills and eventually becoming alpha. Being a 'lone wolf' is nothing compared to being at least kinda socially adept. It's scary at first but social skills are a muscle. They get bigger and stronger the more you work them.
Besides, there's a reason they're the rarest male type. Anyone who calls themself a sigma is not a sigma.

he's trying, he knows it's harmful, he knows about the industry etc and agrees that it's degenerate and he wants to stop but he's having trouble with it. I can't stay mad at him because I know it's not his fault and I've never been addicted to porn but.. does anyone have any advice? he's been trying for a few months but hasn't stopped
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Its the Jews
Have sex with him or accept that he'll watch porn. /thread
File: 1602994926944.png (470 KB, 667x584)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Just jack him off every now and again or something. You don't need to fuck him for him to be satisfied.
When are you getting married?
>he knows about the industry etc and agrees that it's degenerate
lol nobody gives a shit

File: 81QRp7e0V1L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (167 KB, 1500x1174)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I have an idea to maximize the space in my rented room by positioning my bed over my desk/battlestation with a loft frame similar to pic related. Will this be a turnoff to any girls I bring home or will they be understanding I'm just trying to maximize the space in the room?
Just having a "Battlestation" or desktop pc in general will instantly dry them up 100% anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Not the kind of girls I bring home.
Yes they are. Because all of them are the same. Unless you are bringing home trannies.
But if you are just going to dismiss any answer you get with "No, actually all the girls I bring home won't be turned off by this" then of course the answer is "No, it won't be a turnoff", but it makes one think why you even bothered to ask in the first place.
create a narnia type setup where your virginstation is hidden/ somehow obscured by a greenscreen or something similar. Pussy doesn't dry up as quick when you say you're a filmmaker.

/Alcoholic General/

How are you holding up? I am on Day Three.
Almost a whole week. Last weekend I killed 2 bottles of whiskey and around 15 beers in 2~ days. The insomnia, sweats and hallucinations really sold sobriety to me. I can't keep doing it.

Just woke up my first Saturday sober and I feel great. The pull is still there but I am going to stay strong. You can stay strong too. Get some zinc and magnesium supplements. Take them with a bunch of water. Multivitamins too. You got this, King.
Day 1, thinking of getting a couple beers for the evening but I'm almost broke so probably wont
day, uh, 17 i guess. not really counting. doing okay. obsessed with getting lean at the moment.
Why did I think that was Dagoth Ur?

File: smokeweed.jpg (74 KB, 1200x600)
74 KB
Should I smoke weed now to pass the time or do something else.
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>Do you have things you need to do?
Yes ill do them tommorow
If possible, do productive things before recreation things, but is this really something you should be asking?
You're gonna smoke weed anyway, in fact, I bet you're doing it right now and jacking it to (You)s. If you really want some shitposts, ask:
>should I take a breathe now or ten seconds later?
Im going to smoke rn thanks
Smoke time to pass the weed.
smoke weed as a reward. I start my day productive and smoke a little in the morning. I continue being productive later then end the night with a bit more weed

File: crickets.jpg (112 KB, 1688x2000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I believe I may be suffering from some sort of autistic disorder but I'm not sure. What do I do?
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You are an autist, correct. If I were to describe particular behaviours to you would you be able to state whether you believe them to be indicative of autism or not based on your experiences?
do you have a gf, or have you ever had a serious gf? if the answer is yes, you're not autistic
Alright what makes you think that?

I'm a diagnosed autist. Trust me it doesn't change anything, except you can get cheap shit from the government as its a "disability".... Ive always embraced my weirdness though and don't feel tied down at all to the diagnosis so eh

My mother was diagnosed with BPD behind her back by my psych, she later brought a diagnosis of autism from a private corrupt psych. She has changed massively since then. If you feel like a diagnosis would change your persona, it's not autism.
No I’m a khhv. I also value celibacy so I do not intend to get one either.
I wouldn’t do anything with a diagnosis, in fact I would probably keep it secret from others. It’s really just for my own curiosity. The reason why I think I may suffer from some sort of autistic disorder is because my life has been very unique compared to my peers. I will elaborate shortly.

File: 1633279179659.jpg (285 KB, 900x677)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
I am in an immense rut. For the whole year now I have done very little. After I finished college and couldn't find meaningful employment I've been doing gig work and retail for a year. Sure I moved and got a car. But I have no consistency.
Mainly, I am plagued both by the feelings of listless depression. Then, red hot shame for squandering potential and decaying. Followed by some burning desire which, when faced to face with reality, is extinguished into depression.
I want to escape this cycle and feel good about myself so that I may be a joy in the life of the people I care about, and so that I may sleep at night without fantasizing of dying.

How can I know wether I'm possessed, evil, mentally ill, or both? And what do I do about it?

I sometimes have violent sexual fantasies of me kidnapping and torturing teenage boys until their minds break, only to then maim and kill them. Conscious me wants to stop. Help.
I come here every once in a while when the urges get potent, to see if someone could talk to me or something, perhaps even give a more solid answer than "get help", because I can't really afford a therapist and such.
We all have urges that we know are wrong, from time to time. It's good that you know that this is bad and consciously feel disgusted by it. Is this your only sexual fetish/fantasy, or just something that crops up from time to time?
just the imp of the perverse. not an indication of evil or mental illness
It crops up from time to time, always during the night. It's so VIVID that I often curl/shift/twitch around, wimp and talk conversations out loud, "stop! please!" "we're just getting started" etc. The feeling I get is like an addictive poison, like a physical trauma manifesting and burning both my brain, heart and genitals.
So what, I'm possessed? Just weird?

So after a recent breakup, ive moved in with my aunt and uncle. They live in a nice house and have a really nice pool table. I'm in college and so I dont have a lot of time for anything except school work, but im thinking eventually i can start going out like one night per week and I wanna make table billards my thing. it would be a great way to get my mind off schoolwork and to meet new people, thing is I SUCK AT THE FUCKING GAME.

does anyone here play? Ive watched some youtube videos and have maybe practiced 5 hours total. I try practicing my form and everything and I have seen some progress, but I need some advice from someone who has gotten legitimately good at the game. any tips for a noob?
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I play sometimes, gotta practice mate, practice practice practice. Also visualising where the ball will roll and the sequence of events (sort of like if you play a billard flash game) helps aim your shot. You kinda just draw lines in your head on the table and it helps somewhat

one thing you can do is take your pool cue (or whatever the fuck it's called) and place it as a line to where you want to hit the ball. THat's good if you find it hard to visualise it in your mind
1. Simple practice. You suck because you have barely played at all, over time you will build muscle memory for how to shoot straight etc.
2. Study the basic physics of how it works. I don't mean reading a textbook on Newton, but just pay attention to where the balls go and why. Play the free phone/web versions that show you preview lines and learn to recognize that the ball you hit will go the opposite direction of where the cue ball hits it. If that ball hits another ball, same thing. The cue ball itself will bounce at the opposite angle from where you shot it, and as far as you hit it (pay attention to this to avoid scratching and to set up later shots).
3. As a basic noob tip for now, just don't always hit the ball hard (except the initial break obviously). You are going to miss shots, and often it can be a lot better for you in a game to leave a ball right NEXT to the pocket you were aiming at instead of having it bounce around the table randomly. It sets up an easy shot for next turn (or whenever you need it) and can block the pocket from your opponent. Practice hitting a ball JUST hard enough to make the shot so that even if you miss the ball ends up sitting half an inch from the pocket.
If you think the web versions will help then I'll start playing those.

I often feel like my biggest problem is aiming, I can usually hit the ball mostly straight.
Obviously playing the real game is better in the long run and for overall skills (especially once you get into considering spin etc), but yes, I do think the simple web versions can help you understand where you need to aim to get a certain result.
File: cool as ice.png (176 KB, 586x426)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
if your goal is just meeting people through it, just have fun with it. theyre not gonna remember how good you were at billards, theyre gonna remember how much fun it was talking with you
plus, youll also get practice time in and thatll help you with it too. Only way to lose this situation is to not play

Took this pic with my hair pulled back immediately after a shower a few days ago. I’ve been noticing a small bald spot where my hair parts/on my scalp. I’ve been wearing a hat recently, when I usually don’t. Also I’ve lost a lot of weight fairly quickly, so that might be causing it? I did a 23 and me a long time ago and it said there was an 80% chance I wouldn’t experience balding before 40
first off go ahead and get any ideas of stress related hair loss or whatever out of your head, if you're baliding as a man it's almost certainly male pattern baldness. it's really hard to tell from this pic, but maybe slightly. go to a dermatologist or find a hair loss specialist. trust me you wanna catch this shit early, if you do you have a really good chance of controlling it.

File: 1620945615513.jpg (131 KB, 570x1191)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I think that I might have something wrong with me. I'm not even thirty yet but I think i have something pretty bad and I need to go and get it checked. I don't know whether to try and tell my boyfriend or friends but I wanted to get confirmation first. In the meantime I've been really alone in my head about it and I'm finding it really hard to focus on even simply things I enjoy. My boyfriend and me haven't spoken much recently either and I'm afraid of bothering him and my friends have their own issues. Should I wait?
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I think I might have cancer or a disease in my breast

I'm very young but it runs in my family and I've noticed some changes in the last half year or so

It keeps me awake and I know stressing is psychosomatic and you end up aching BECAUSE you're stressing but I've become very aware of some changes that even the doctor wasn't completely sure about when I saw them. I'm probably going to try and get a mammogram but they are really hard to get before forty.

I'm between wanting to lean on my boyfriend and friends and not wanting to annoy them or sound crazy though. I'm really fatigued and publicly trying to seem productive and energetic but, I'm really struggling and my depression isn't the best. Thanks for replying anon
What I would do is refrain from talking about this until I get it checked. Only because I don't want others to worry about me (especially parents).

To aleviate the worry that you have I'd take some simple sedatives (idk if that's the right word) to calm you down. CBD works great if you have access to that.

Once I have it checked and know for sure if I do have the disease, then I would tell somoene you care about just to have that support from them. Personally I still wouldn't tell my mom specifically cause she starts to worry like crazy about things like this.

About the depression, I too have this, had it for years. Only thing that actually helps is meds, but also not strong ones so I don't feel like a vegetable. Just some simple ones that help control your mood.

Lastly, I wouldn't try to pretend who I'm not... if you don't have the energy to stay as productive and energetic as you've always been, why pretend? Just be who you are. If people ask questions just say you feel under the weather or something, nothing wrong with that.

Just my two cents
Get it checked NOW. It is not a death sentence - not even a breast removal sentence - if caught early enough. NOW.

Sorry, I ended up sleeping for a bit, exhausted, I ironically have a CBD drink in my fridge for this right now so that was just as well

Thank you both anons, I'll get it checked but I will probably do something about my vegetab- DEPRESSION, fuck, sorry, sleep got me that's too funny to backspace, too. I was on meds years ago but they were really bad and didn't mesh with me but I appreciate this

I'll try to just rest and not feel too conscious about anyone finding my energy drop bad.

I will also go back about a mammogram now there's more evidence of it, my mother has just beaten breast cancer for a second time! I hope they accept me this time. Love to you both.
you're definitely fucked up on something right now, so I highly recommend not X-ing out of this thread and saving it for later to read it when you have a clearer mind

File: frnocap.png (169 KB, 372x474)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Ok im getting really desperate now that im 25 and never been in a relationship. Should I just get with this chubby girl that actually gives me some attention? I dont really find her attractive but she seems like a nice girl
depends on what youre so desperate about. if youre just desperate to get a relationship so you can say you did (absolutely fucking pathetic way to live your life but whatever) then go for it. if you are desperate for genuine romantic connection you shouldnt even consider it.
No. This validates her being fat.
If you're not attracted to her, you will only suffer.

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