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File: pepe-frog.jpg (116 KB, 976x850)
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Pretty much all the men I know above 30 can be pleasant people at work but become completely miserable pricks behind closed doors and around friends and family, especially women.

It's like they need an emotional punching bag 24/7, the slightest aggravation or mistake and they start taking out their anger on people around them. I hesitate to even call them men since sometimes they straight up throw tantrums like children because dinner is late or something. I know this is something married women complain about a lot but I'm just starting to see it everywhere.

What must I do to avoid reaching this stage of emotional helplessness where I can't regulate my own emotions?
Take responsibility, control and seek to use your energies to pursuit things that will enhance your feeling of overcoming obstacles, your personal joy and ability to be proud of yourself and comfortable hanging out with yourself and your ability to relate and empathize with others even if it means seeing the worst in people
Just don't settle when it comes to yourself basically. Some people's life ambitions is literally to sit at home watching anime

File: 1618555791140.jpg (182 KB, 480x539)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Is there any hope for a 27 year old that's never had a gf or been flirted with and has been called creepy and ugly almost their entire life no matter what they change?
I feel like I've taken every chance I can to better myself into someone worth being with and i still have never been the object of desire to anyone.
Every single girl I've ever asked out has said no. They look at me in disgust. What do I have to do to get treated like a normal person that gets to go on dates and maybe occasionally have a romantic relationship with someone that cares about them?
Beats me, in a year I'll be the same age as you and in a similar situation
The main difference between us I suppose is that I barely give a shit. And weirdly enough I think that exactly because of that I'm going to end up with someone before you do
Thanks, asshole

I have two friends one male another female. They have started dating but he doesn’t know his girl and I used to hook up. Should I tell him because his gf may eventually tell him and I’d look shady for not telling him first? Or should I shut up because it might strain their relationship (I’m still her friend and we still hang out)
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i feel like its already an invisible strain on the relationship ready to snap at any moment, better to save your own mental health and just come out right and say it. Respectfully of course.
Tell him OP
Tell him
File: 1618154205679.png (160 KB, 800x600)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Have to tell him, it will become a larger problem if he knows later and his time invested.
It's only going to matter to him if he is insecure, but either way I'd say you're better off telling him.

In bed right now after this huge fight with the GF. Here is some context. Gf likes when I’m dominant. Gf says if I ask for sex the answer is always no. Reiterated it this week even. She left her ex because he wasn’t man enough for her and she tells me all the time that she hated it when he asked for sex. Have woken her up from dead sleep to have sex multiple times over our 3 year relationship. Had already had sex 2 times this night and wanted a third

Gf elbowed me ( never done this ) and said she was tired.
I’ve been turned down a few times this week already so I’m concerned. Wondering what has changed. So I asked. Gf feels disrespected that she had to explain why the answer is no. I try to reiterate that it’s about why I’m getting no answers, not about the no answer. I respect no means no and don’t want to be a rapist. Gf cries and says she is tired because she started a new job and training is rough. I’m confused because it’s Saturday night and we can sleep in Sunday. I try to voice my concerns that she doesn’t find me attractive anymore and she cries that she is tired and I don’t respect her as a woman. Fight on hold til the morning but she is disgusted with me and I’m concerned I can’t voice my concerns with my gf and that she is not attracted to me. What should I have done differently and what’ll am I totally in the wrong?
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>Gf elbowed me ( never done this ) and said she was tired.
>I’ve been turned down a few times this week already so I’m concerned.

it can be a complete plethora of things. Theres no way for any anon to truly get down to what is really her issue without more information or her saying it outright.

In terms of your actions, and I’m not saying that this is required of you, but to be optimal, I would say (after elbow):

>yank hair back
>whisper in ear
>idk whats going on in your head or at work rn, but I fucking want you.
>grab tit
>when youre ready to work it out lets talk
>let go completely and turn over and sleep
Lol got a boner
lol what the fuck this sounds like a excerpt from a shitty erotica written by a 55 year old cold british housewife holy shit
this is entitlement. every time your girlfriend touches your dick be grateful shes with you and even has as much regular sex with you as she does.
women havent changed as much as theyd like you to believe

Have you guys had any experience with losing all of your friends?
I have changed myself in the last years by self improvement and working on my values and beliefs. Now I have recognized that my friend circle is a snakepit and my "friends" are fake as fuck and machiavelli would be proud of them. I have let one of them know, just through looking at him, that i know of his true character. He then started to slander me through his little manipulation tactics which made me lose all my friends. Has this happened to anyone of you? How do you deal with the slander? I am currently in "fuck everyone" mode and it doesn't feel right
I drop friends all the time. I don't attack them or anything, I just make to distance myself. Rarely ever regret it, some people just aren't worth your time

File: 1613783669776.jpg (53 KB, 318x378)
53 KB
In a love triang lads. The girl I've been seeing has been seeing someone else too. She told me she leaving him for me. She's pretty distraught. What am I in for? Should I set boundaries that he and she can't be friends and he needs to fuck right off?
The smart move here would be to not take her.
This. Give her your dick but not your heart
If she keeps hanging out with him sure, set boundaries. But if you don't even give her a chance to do the right thing by herself then she will just resent you and go back to him

I have been turning my life around for two weeks now, feel like burning out. When will all this stuff like working out, eating healthy, studying, reading, drawing, learning a new language etc. start to pay off?
Your meant to find shit that's sustainable so you can do it for the rest of your life
Cut it down to the things that will benefit you most and start doing those. Id recommend keeping the workouts, the eating healthy, and the studying. Try and focus studying on a topic thats useful and interesting.

The rest, unless you have a real reason to start those now, can be put on the back burner until you've got a basic routine going that you're comfortable with.

Its about sustainable gains and maintenance. You will be able to find or make room for other things once you make good progress on your basics.
2 months at least.

File: 204103175409.png (257 KB, 514x507)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
I saw my fwb again :/

after days of ignoring her I just couldn't help it and finally replied to her message and ended up seeing her again. she told me it was just becuase she wanted me to try some new food she made but when I went there she didn't even cook anything. we just argued for a bit and she turned shit around on me and had me apologize for my "tantrum" when I told her we needed to stop seeing each other when I called her out for being a bad friend, bad for me and taking advantage of me. she just ended up giving me a blow job for like what must have been over an hour telling me that I must have been missing her getting me off the same way she was missing me. then she made me promise and swear that if I really loved her that i was going to come over again tomorrow to hook up.

why can't I resist her? I know I probably shouldnt turn up but the thought of it is making me feel extremely guilty and awful. Especially now she texted me how happy she was that I came over and how I made her week and that she really did miss me.
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>if I really loved her
You've told your FWB you love them? Lmfao. A FWB is nothing more than a friend you fuck. You don't have feelings for them.
it must be love, love, love *dun dun*
Guess what? You sound like a fuckboy. And she sounds like a manipulative bitch.
>how do I stop having consensual sex with this girl?
is this true? could she be experiencing a similar thing with me which could explain why she doesn't like me being with or talking to other girls anymore?

I just got back from seeing her and I swear I think she's right. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to replicate what I feel for her with another girl. I feel like we are just perfectly in sync with each other when we hook up and everything just feels so right and I love she gets with me after. yet after I get this weird feeling about our situation, like I resent her which then makes me feel guilty because she means so much to me.

she was even telling me i should move into her place in the spare bedroom. I don't know how I feel about it. like a part of me wants to be closer to her but I was hurt she still wants us to be in seperate rooms

File: 1598962921687.jpg (77 KB, 909x752)
77 KB
ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything
Previous: >>23975971

LittleBigPlanet Edition
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who are you to say who can and can't find love together? what do you know about it?
File: 1610807024734.png (164 KB, 1911x872)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Men, would you date her?
Not a chance. Sounds tedious as fuck.
if shes cute maybe

File: 1599183926323.png (106 KB, 612x491)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
What's the best way to eat a woman out?
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Wouldn't the forks teeth hurt her?
It’s not the technique per se, it’s a holistic experience with women. Mood, foreplay, and technique all play a role.

You need to know the woman: how aggressive does she want it? Foreplay is a key. Technique is straightforward: pretty good pressure, flat tongue on clit, back and forth in a rhythm, hands feeling nerps, hips, inside p.
why tongue on the clit and not fingers?
Isn't eating out a woman cucked? Is it cucked if you know someone who fucked them?
dumbass for dummies guide:

write the alphabet with your tongue and press harder than you want

File: 1618443163618.jpg (196 KB, 1920x1080)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
It's something I'm holding a grudge on. Very difficult to let go. I'm not opening up to change.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've never considered it this way before, but the same energy it takes to hold a grudge, is the energy that is required to forgive a person.
Not sure if o want forgive getting raped and ... Well what happened was this

I was overseas online talking to some girl for a while

Then I came to see her in United states

I went there for a month
By the way I'm role playing as the guy right now it's to hard for me to talk in my perspective bear with me...

So when I get there we get some crepes, walk around town- I came from Australia. I'm fucking tired and we are walking around without even sleeping.

We talked for months before hand, talked about marriage getting kids and having a house. She was going to be my bride because I was going to bring her back

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You know what this is op here blow this thread up I'm not venting about it. It's against the rules anyway. The only thing I need advice with at this point is to how to not vent when you went through something you need to vent about? It's really traumatic and I can't waste my life just talking about sad shit

You should see a therapist. It's right to be furious at this kind of heinous act, but you should try to understand how and why this happened. Don't run from it, and don't leave out the details.
I'd end up telling them about this website. Should I still see one?

Any other recluses here? (I haven't socialised with a group of friends in like 1.5 years now) How are you faring, how do you spend your days? Do you ever get lonely and crave normalcy or do you just keep on trucking?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you anon, you're right desu. Maybe I would be able to make friends with some people from those forums for example. I'm being too defeatist and close-minded rn. I'm drunk and very sleep deprived so about to pass out but I'll look at the thread in the morning. <3
I hang out w my brother and our friends, but its been very bad this year, my friends live very far away and because of lockdown I had to move back home, though yesterday my brother invited me to a session w his girlfriend and a bunch of her friends, I had a really good time and met a qt3.14 for the first time in nearly a year
>I'm almost 25 and have never had a friend.. it's fucking shit. I've suffered from crippling loneliness in the past and it's really taken a toll on my mental health. Right now I'm just focusing on the future, sorting my life out and hopefully meeting a companion or something who can fill the gaps with me. I don't care about friends anymore.

I'll be your friend :^)
one of my only friend's left is pretty much browbeaten by his wife and really doesn't have a social life anymore, every time we try to hang out she makes a big deal, idk maybe she thinks I'm bad news, my other friend I kinda cut loose, he kept annoying me with his sob stories of why he shouldn't have to take any entry level job because of muh education and all he cares about is playing vidya and comic books which I find pretty pathetic, he's in his 40's a fucking manchild
I haven't had a friend since late 2019 ans before it always was just short relationships that didn't last long. I kind of got used to being alone. Just focus on your things.

File: Glacier2.jpg (82 KB, 1024x576)
82 KB
> Recently turned 21, M
>ADHD so high energy
>Friends tell me that I'm fun to be around, funny guy
>"You're an energizer anon, you always make things more interesting!"
>Always have to be the one to initiate conversation with guys and girls
>Very few people actually seek me out despite saying they have this opinion
Do I just need to accept that very few people actually say what they mean? I work hard to make friends and be as supportive of people as possible, but very rarely does interest be reciprocated. I don't want to live my life having to pursue other people and rarely having someone interested in me, even if it makes those relationships that do pop up more rewarding.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I need to rationalize that I should just move on if something doesn't work out and not invest heavily in a one-sided relationship.

It just feels like the majority of the time I have to chase after the first impression. I'm tired of chasing but I thought waiting around for a good relationship to fall into your lap is the opposite of productivity. Gotta work hard.
That's good ethic. It's your choice to choose who to invest in. All I'm saying is: be more selective.
Thanks for the advice. Wanting to be friends with everyone is irrational. Gotta be realistic.
I'm twice your age OP those people you'll lose contact with over the years, you're still a teenager
Doesn't feel like it most of the time. Maybe I'm still young and its hard to internalize that all of these relationships will eventually come to an end once this period of my life is over.

File: 1601833156338.png (434 KB, 571x540)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
How do I just tell my cousin I wanna fuck her? Sometimes when we're together, I can almost tell she's into it as well. But I just want to break the ice and just tell her I wanna fuck her.
I never had sex with someone blood related, but me and my step sister had a thing that spanned multiple years. From my experience is just throw out a few feeler flirts and see how she responds. If it's positive then at one point when you are both laughing about something else just go for the spontaneous surprise kiss. You will know right away if she's into it.
Why tell her at all? Is that how you do the sex now?
Start flirting with her

When I’m talking to a woman, I want her to criticize me and say whatever the hell is on her mind. But instead, she carries the conversation based on what they think you want to hear. It always ends up being fake, I get pissed off, and I start beating them up. Where did everything go wrong?
They are small and submissive
It’s you, not them
women have this thing in their head like in RE4. Its a parasite that makes them conform to social norms. The great part about being a man is that you are able to define those norms. Don’t see them as people, see them as moldable slaves that you can fuck and you’ll be a lot happier

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