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Question bros I've never had a gf so I could be reading into it

>laughs at hella jokes
>has hung out with me and some other friends about 4 or 5 times now
>smiles at me
>blushes when I compliment her
>same taste in music

But she does the same towards another co-worker to about the equal extent. Is she like an attention kinda gal or could i make somethin work
Honestly probably not worth putting it on the line at this stage. Put the ball in her court and give her the chance to be the one to pursue you. Also a better sign would be if you and her have hung out exclusively rather than with other people.
She's probably just a really sociable person but if she's really into you you'll just be able to tell from how she looks at you and if she makes excuses to touch you a lot.

Tbh I'd just ignore it, the phrase "don't shit where you eat" exists for a reason. Yeah some people make it work but largely fooling around with coworkers can spell disaster for your job . If there's any sort of conflict between you two they will always side with the pretty girl.

File: 1647829152134.jpg (59 KB, 324x822)
59 KB
How do I find an apartment that will let me rent for only a 6 month lease? I'm studying abroad this semester and won't be spending the summer after spring semester in my college's city so I'll only be renting from January to July. How do I find a sublet or an apartment place ok with that?
Google "6 month rent {mycity}"

File: 1655332058343.jpg (82 KB, 639x607)
82 KB
Any servers/bartenders find the public to be more disrespectful nowadays? Ive been serving/bartending for 7 years. I moved to a new area were bartending gigs are in high demand. I joined as a server to work my way to a bartender. After 3 months I was just broken, constant mistreatment by old people, who either tip great or nothing at all. Or the black community that would book 30 people parties, and only 10% of them would actually tip, and mistreat me because I was a white male. I have never felt so mistreated in my life. It was a high end restaurant too. A meal there was like $28 minimum. Its been almost a month and I cant find the will to find another job.
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Just gotta find the right type of place. Don’t pass up dive bars or smaller joints, tips might not be as great as the higher class places but generally you’ll have a much easier time working there as well as (usually) a dedicated group of regulars

In the last 7 years I’ve worked at just about every dive bar in my town (they’re all dives) first place was an infamous bar/hotel that was basically run by dealers selling out of the hotel, never had to deal with shit from customers because their boys were basically unpaid security and no one ever fucked around. Ended up managing the place after a while and spent the next 6 months coked up 24/7

Most recent place had the same sort of vibe without all the sketchy stuff, nicer atmosphere, good customers, mostly old people. Place was basically a glorified VLT lounge though. Pic related

As someone who has worked back of house in restaurants I have no sympathy for servers. They bitch and complain for only making a couple $100 a shift while the cooks only see a fraction of it once every two weeks.

I actually went to a sushi restaurant that had one of those server robots and they were actually competent, can't say the same for some of the servers that I have dealt with.
I find bartenders to be disrespectful, huge chip on their shoulder, but most of them are cool.
what does managing a bar entail? ordering? bank deposits?
Bro. Realize who is talking to you. This guy >>27402174
is a fuck up of a person. Zoom out and look at his words.
>You are mad at the truth.
MMMM I think he's mad at your shit post full of logical inconsistency and over aggrandized self importance.
>What did you do on your late teens, early twenties?
Non sequitur. Google that. Then use your Lens of Truth to evaluate it lol.
> You are only a server because you have no other skill
The U.S. became a “service economy” meaning that more than half of its work force is employed in producing intangibles back in the 1940s. Customer service is required for a service economy. Serving tables *is* literally a skill.
> There has been thousands of careers that died in the last century.
Your post is shit and needs to die too.

File: 1661394773300774.webm (2.9 MB, 708x390)
2.9 MB
I've got a porn induced cuck fetish and it's stuck with me for years. I've managed to quit watching porn, even just stuck to having sex with my gf but no matter how long I abstain I can't get as hard or orgasm as I do masturbating. Is there any legitimate way to hit the reset button in my brain?
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And to add to this, IF you do watch porn, explore themes that aren't voyeuristic. Watch stuff where no other dude is involved and the simulated focus is between "you" and the virtual cum bucket.

Well if I do this too much then I fantasize about cheating on my girlfriend, which I suppose is less embarrassing but it's difficult in it's own way.
>I fantasize about cheating on my girlfriend
Dude, most guys do to some degree. There are multiple barriers between fantasy and action if you're commited to one person. If you want to wage war against spontaneous thoughts and instinctive feelings in your head, good luck.

> The whole scenario is almost always BS and would involve people getting shot and killed in real life.

What? People fuck around and swing all the time.
>How do I get rid of an unwanted fetish?
1. Have self control
2. Choose to be unattracted to the fetish
3. Stop doing any "train attraction to the fetish" crap you might be doing
4. Over time, the choice you make in 2. will become easier and your sexuality will drift to what you practice.
>Is there any legitimate way to hit the reset button in my brain?
What you should be doing is instead choosing to be more aroused by sex between you and your GF, or more satisfied/enjoyment with said sex.

File: bribe-doctor.jpg (33 KB, 600x400)
33 KB
There's a vaccine I want to get a prescription for (HPV9) but I'm a few years above the age cut-off of 26. Do I just hand an envelope with $200 if the doctor refuses or will he/she be insulted by that amount? How much should I offer?
Doctors make bank*, so it would need to be a whole lot of money for them to potentially risk losing their license over. So much that it would have to be an unreasonable amount of money for you to even consider doing.

*Doctors in the first world make bank. It would be easier to bribe a doctor in a third world country where they make shit wages.
Do you have any idea how much a doctor makes in a year? Every year?
If they get caught pulling shit like this, they risk losing that sweet, sweet income.

For what? A quick $200? Are you retarded?

You don't have enough money to bribe a doctor if you thought $200 was ever gonna be a good bribe.
Don't bribe a Doctor. They have too much to lose.
Go to a drug store like CVS or Walgreens for it.

How do I find someone to be in a relationship with in Japan? I don’t have any education past high school. I am able to make about 2000 a month right now.

I don’t understand how to apply for college (I graduated high school in 2013) but seem to be able to do other things. If I need to starve myself to be good enough for a Woman over there, that’s fine with me.

As for a degree, I’m not sure what I could do. I don’t really understand the process of applying for anything. I know that to teach English there I need a degree.

I was able to teach myself to read hiragana, katakana, dakuten and handakuten.

How do I get some degree so I can leave this shithole I live in?
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Also what are your political views?
I worked in mining specifically coal mining
if you live anywhere near a mine salary is about 30 an hour starting
File: fctyler-main.jpg (63 KB, 737x708)
63 KB
I don't see how that relates to anything
Because either you’re conservative and I’m not surprised or you’re liberal and you’re about to get verbally assaulted because you’re basically implying I am less of a human being because of your education or the amount of money you make, which goes against your fake ass political views. Since you work in a mine I doubt you’re a liberal so I’ll leave it alone.
Yeah I'm a Chud
Here's what you should do look to apply at your local community college if you have 2000 dollars month to spend you should be able to afford to take a few classes. Or go into a trade. Or work at a factory or mine or shit. Second hit the gym and eat healthy
Third and finally go to japan and bang sluts
I really don't know I like white women

File: 1664331074032552.png (789 KB, 982x670)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
My girlfriend is taking a trip with her college to Ecuador for a week (Christian college so they're doing some kind of music service)
How safe is Ecuador? I'm worried, even though she'll be in a big group of people.
They dont have religious maniacs who want to behead westerners

They dont have hostage-taking cartels

Ecuador is just the actual south american indians living very rural, backwards lives. beans and rice for every meal, every day.
She's going for a fucking college program, not real tourism alone, so she's going to be fine as she will not be allowed to go outside tourist areas.
That's so generous that you have been so blessed with her pussy that you decided to share it with the men of Ecuador anon

File: 1532779781964.jpg (216 KB, 640x628)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
I work a call center job so I don't leave the apartment most days. My bf insists I lock the door after he leaves for work, in case someone tries to make trouble and break in, but I feel like since I'm here at home people would be scared to break in.

I like knowing it's unlocked just incase I need to run in/out for something really quick. It's also nice for when my bf gets home from work since he doesn't have to fiddle with his keys or anything and I can focus on finishing up cooking.

Is it a big deal to leave the door unlocked? We live in a small town in Maryland, and in an apartment complex on the edge of town near the woods - it's not like there's a bunch of people or crime around or anything.
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Lock the door…if you don’t, anything that happens is your fault
Stupid whore you get what you fucking deserve
Hope you die in a car crash and that someone robs your shit right after lol
Just lock the door. I don't see what's so hard you had to shit up the board asking this question. It's full of shit anyways. Lock the fucking door or someone will walk in and rape you, dumb bitch
If this is legit youre just stupid. Be stupid if it suits you. Have fun.
>My bf insists I lock the door after he leaves for work, in case someone tries to make trouble and break in
He's lying and it's a subtle lie.
What he's doing here is making it so, if you fuck someone else in your house, you can't claim "h-h-he's a home invader! eek! he came in b-because the door was unlocked!"
>Is it a big deal to leave the door unlocked?
Of course not, but denying you as many excuses as possible for cheating is.

File: pepeconfusion.png (150 KB, 474x474)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
So I sperged out and said some things at the beginning of my current relationship that gave my gf major cheating anxiety (things about still having feelings toward a previous partner, shit like that). All her previous partners cheated on her and, even though I haven't done anything and never would, she lives in fear that I'll cheat on her too. Every other day she wakes up from horrendous nightmares and spends the day in a bad place, mentally. It hasn't helped her confidence that I tend to not cum when we have sex, even though I thoroughly enjoy it.

It's been years of this, and I hoped it would subside over time, but it hasn't. I honestly feel burnt out at this point. I'm tired of all the reassuring, of having to walk on eggshells to avoid triggering her. I'm struggling to love her as dearly as I once did.

ffw to a couple months ago, in walks this absolute cutie pie at work. She's sweet and soft-spoken, gives me smiley crinkly eyes from behind her face mask (lab setting), and blushes when I talk to her. I think she's into me, and I'm kinda into her. If things were to work out with her (eg not getting a call from HR), I would get a clean slate, a fresh chance to not talk myself into a similar mess to the one I'm in, and everything could be so good.

What should I do?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She has like babby PTSD from getting cheated on. In a sense cheating is abuse. It's her responsibility to manage her symptoms and be happy, not yours. You can be supportive but you can't do the work for her.
Thanks for catching this insanity.
>Kinda into her
What the fuck? Why are you dating people you're kinda into?
So, I fucked up big time and told her about a letter I wrote to my ex in which I said some pretty cheesy, emo teenager stuff, real cringe. That, and I told her the sex was amazing.

That being said, all I've done these past years is tell her I have no interest in ever going back to my ex.
>monkey branch.
I'll definitely try not to do that. I've struggled to be alone in the past, that's definitely true.

File: marriage.jpg (77 KB, 452x678)
77 KB
How do I get a 21 year old Catholic virgin wife in this forsaken year of our Lord 2022?

Go to a Catholic church. Become Catholic. Stay off 4chan

File: 1663950376484585 (1).gif (74 KB, 540x540)
74 KB
I dont like online dating sites/apps.

These days however nobody talks to anybody anymore outside. At least where I live in Amsterdam. There is no longer a small talk culture. Even in places where people are supposed to go out they only stick to their own friend groups. Any random start of conversation is considered weird and creepy unless you're Chad which I'm not.

I'm also not a very lively person. There's not that much life / loosh in me anymore. I'm at peace but I'm not excitable or able to excite others anymore. I'm loving but just very jaded though not in a negative way. There's just little for me to say anymore. I know that's not a very attractive trait. Which gives off boring vibes and people don't like that. There's nothing to feed from.

Where do I find a girl that's right for me?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

> this been my life these past three years to the point where i don't even have anything planned everyday feels and looks the same i don't even have hopes or dream or ambitions anymore. this isn't exactly helping OP but i kinda related to
>because i be just tryna be myself,

Feels . Yes man. I feel you.
File: 1587163632403.jpg (13 KB, 352x395)
13 KB
>There's a meetup for pretty much anything and everything now. Just Google search "[name of activity] meetup [your city here]."
No OP but there's a lot of places where that's just not a thing. I live in El Paso and if you're not in school or married you have nothing to do to meet people. Unless you're over the age of 55, for some reason this city has a ton of activities for seniors.
You wait patiently or die single. Or use a dating app for speed sex, if you're chad enough. Hey, if it works for the white boys and Chads it could work for you too!
I had a boomer randomly have a conversation with me at the mailboxes; we had a 45 min conversation about him, as a white man, living with Native Americans and learning their ways as a child. He also talked about his time with the Navy and you know what, it was a very interesting and nice conversation. Everything flowed despite us not knowing our names. It was like I was just talking to family despite different skin color as well.
Doesn't Weedcanal have coffee shops where people talk or is that just propaganda for tourists?

File: y24.jpg (11 KB, 255x170)
11 KB
as someone who stopped regularly studying in 7th grade due to certain issues with mental health, and since only studied to pass exams, where should i start? i'd really appreciate any guidance i could get
more guidance, please...
What level of math do you want to learn? Uni or highschool?
>7th grade
khan academy

it goes from preschool to some college and is free.
What is your goal?
To become good at maths, you have to solve problems. Do as many problems as you can. If you are stuck, there are many free resources online (just look them up). Also, mindset is important. Anyone can do maths.

Elizeath-Leeload‘’n Highleeminth School of Seltineaner School Tieil
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
M.A.S.H.--'Pyramids of Sunrise'
Did I say Fuck on 'Soul Crash' in the tape?
Ret the hgetec af
Aweertez Ihewertre maccanreded

Im stuck thinking of a project that virtually has no goddamn solution

Fucking hell

Like figuring out 4 letters of the emc2


How do I become more interesting to text? In regards to the pick me and the person are actually super close in person. But i can't seem to keep that energy through text
And when i talk to new friends it often devolves into sending memes back and forth with nothing of real substance.

Should I simply try to go in person more or do i need to find new topics?

Get a new friend. Being ignored means they really dont give a fuck and friends like that are not worth having.
That person is not your friend. Anyone who doesn't respond to basic shit like a text is not your friend. Cut them off.
>How do I become more interesting to text?
1. Be interested in yourself
2. Discuss yourself and your interests
3. Project.

2b. That means the sexual and romantic ones, just in case you're the kind of useless shit-eating moron who forgets to talk about relationship stuff while pursuing a relationship. Disregard this abusive message if you are not a shit-eating moron and you said "well d'uh"
Oh you're one of those "OH GOD I'M SO ATTACHED TO YOU AAAAAAAAAA" faggots.
Kill yourself. Being emotionally attached to people who aren't interested in you is retarded.

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