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File: moot.jpg (16 KB, 350x298)
16 KB
And in contrast, which ones do you think have a positive influence on your life?
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>/g/ (Useful programming stuff exists in the middle of the memes)
Taking programming/career advice from /g/ is like paying the homeless guy on the street to teach you tae-qwan-doe because you saw him fight off a stray dog once.
>/x/ (Cool creepypasta/greentexts, but ignore the conspiracy theorists)
Ever since 2014 its just been 90% "how do I do x to make me better at y using z"

Just find something interesting and laugh at it like you would laugh at the characters in comedy. Don't take anything seriously here, use the site as you would a mental fleshlight
>Adult gif is a good board for porn sometimes.
Not anymore.
There are a couple of autists that have made it their mission to spam their shitty fetish all over the board.
nah bruh, /biz/ made me a g or so because they told me to buy chainlink
>stay away from?
probably all of the pink boards, except for /e/, they're pretty civil
If you like sports /sp/ and /asp/ can be very funny

File: 20200805_173748.jpg (2.89 MB, 4128x2322)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
First time grower long time retard.
Is this plant in the budding stage a male or is it a female? Or hermaphrodite?
looks male. dont see any hair come out of those sacks anywhere
but also could be an hermaphrodite. not completely sure.
One of the plants I'm growing started out looking just like that, but eventually those little bumps got bigger and pistils started to sprout from them. I would keep it growing for another few weeks.

File: EI30XiWWsAA1hCM.jpg (381 KB, 1334x2000)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Have any men here ever done like a big makeover in their life?

I am 23 years old. Most of the clothes I own were bought because they were on sale. I dress like a slob. I feel like I didn't really grow out of childhood in the ways I dress. I kinda want to go out and just replace my entire wardrobe with good stuff and develop sort of a fashion sense. It feels kinda faggy to put so much attention onto my looks, but I feel like it is necessary to truly become a serious adult. I kind of want to burn my old self if that makes any sense.

Have any of you ever pulled something like this off successfully? Any tips? Where should I start?
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I'm about to start my second year of college and I've realized that all my clothes are the shitty ones I wore in high school so I've been doing research online and learning about fashion.

All throughout high school I would just wear gross grey hoodies and jeans and I cringe thinking back at how shit I dressed but whatever, I've recently been buying some nice fitting shirts, some new jackets, and new pants that would fit me better.

What really matters is how well the clothes fit rather than what color/pattern they are. You can pull off basically anything with enough confidence btw so just go experiment.
>first of all. have money.

>second off all have an idea how you wanna dress
I want to dress like I have my act together

>someone with a kind of fashion sense but is respectful enough to follow your direction
I kinda sort of have two friends like this. One of them wouldn't meet the "respectful" part, but I feel too awkward to ask the other friend. I don't regularly meet them irl either.

>Not too baggy
This is a big issue right, partly because I lost a lot of weight several years ago, so many of my clothes are way too big now.

I feel like a big issue is that I don't really have any good friends whom I regularly meet irl who I can rely on to dress better
>second off all have an idea how you >wanna dress
>I want to dress like I have my act together

when you like a particular style then you can follow some brands. thats why you should get an general idea.
>All throughout high school I would just wear gross grey hoodies and jeans
I feel you man, but for me it was just generic t-shirts or polos and jeans. I've really come to hate jeans. I own so many of them. They're so all encompassing and mundane.
Go to >>>/fa/ and read the sticky, especially the one on colour scheme since most other decisions are subject to you.
DO NOT LOOK AT ANY OTHER POST. The people there are retarded.

File: 1588850764831.jpg (9 KB, 250x267)
9 KB
How do I convince a coworker to have sex with me? She is over 30, married, has kids, a husband and I am 19. I don't want to get sexual harass her
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I slept with a girl my age at work. she's married with a toddler. not much in the face department but she was petite with a fine ass and nice legs. we added each other on insta and we started talking more and more. she let me know that she's never been with a toned guy, I said I can help her out and we went to my place and banged during lunch for a few months. she was almost caught because her husband brought her lunch one day and she wasn't at work and she came up with a weird story. we haven't fucked since.
>how do I convince a coworker to have sex with me?
How does anyone post these questions and threads and not realize they sound like autistic creeps that have never touched a girl?
Fuck off simp cucks. Women can make their own choices. If she chooses to cheat then it’s her fault and.
You don't.
To most 30 year olds, a 19 year old is like a baby. She's a fucking creep if she
is interested in you. Stay away from her.

The only reason it gets me turned on is because it makes me stressed. I have no interest in sharing my SO otherwise. Does it make me a cuck? Is it weird or something to be shameful?
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I get off on watching others in pain emotional or physical and cuck is like the highest tier emotional pain you can inflict on someone and it's really fucking hot. But if I would never want to be in such a situation irl. It's like a sadist cuck voyeur thing I guess.
I did it once, and puked immediately after when cleaning up. I never did it again.
The heck. What other stressors turn you on?
>Stress is a turn on for me
This year is probably making you coom all over the place huh
So i guess it’s not something i should get anxious about, right? It makes me feel like doomed since i learn about that i get turned on by it.

File: Nick.png (8 KB, 56x59)
8 KB
Today i turned 18.
Any general advices to my adult life?
Pic unrelated.
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If you don't have scholarships and are looking into college, community college will probably be your best option. Just make sure your credits will transfer.
t. getting fucked over by accounting department in uni
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALSO I LOVE YOUR PIC RELATED. Left 4 Dead 2 is the most amazing game ever, and Nick is my vidya game crush woot woot
I have not... Come this far... To die now.
We, are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, and kicking ass!
That sounds awesome, I'm envious.

My girlfriend is really hurt that I haven't gone down on her in 2 years. I just don't enjoy the taste or smell of vaginas at all, so it's something I've been unintentionally avoiding. How can I learn to like it?
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I really dont think it is submissive to eat pussy. Regardless of that I make her come from foreplay alone. Second time at my apartment she actually told me a bit embarressed she didnt think she could come that many times in one night and that I must have magic fingers because even just me touching her can make her go crazy.

Granted it is still teh honeymoon phase but even just being apart a day or two she tells me all she could think about was me fucking her and she cant get it out of her mind. I think the power dynamic is pretty clear from that alone, I love her but I could walk away and be fine she is starting to have a real obsession about me.
You might be gay, anon.
Dude, just admit you're still pressing the argument you lost out of hurt pride.
Put some Nutella on it
You could literally rip her pussy to shreds with your teeth at a seconds moment. Shits primal not submissive wtf

File: PVqlqhig_400x400.jpg (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
Has anyone here done this on tinder?
1.make a new profile with better looking dude and random bio
2. Wait for likes
3. After a while change it to your pic and bio

I feel like I would just get reported, also tinder thread I guess
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I found someone who looks like me and is fit. I used his pics and picked up a lot of girls. I got their snapchats and no girls suspected a thing. I got nudes from one girl but was too afraid to actually meet any irl
one time I got a hook up on tinder after millions of years of trying but I totally regret it because it was the night before my calc 2 midterm and I bombed that test :"(
You can get banned for that too.
Do this but don't swipe right on anybody while you have your fake picture. When you change your picture wait a few days before you start swiping so they wont notice.
Where I live a majority of people just use tinder for the ego boost so it's not like you are going to magically get some pussy by sneaking into someone's tinder matches
I had this idea too
But where to get some good pics? Are there imgur galleries of hot dudes i could use?

File: seaurchin.jpg (33 KB, 604x453)
33 KB
How retarded do my interests have to be to attract a gf. "Yeah I like weed, board games, yoga, video games, saving money, nature and shitting my pants." This can't be real. There's no fucking way girls care about what your interests are, right? But then again, I look at the couples who attend ICP concerts and it really makes me think some brain damage wouldn't hurt. And then I see people going vegan just because their boyfriend is. So my theory is that retardation becomes contagious once the infectee becomes attracted to a retarded carrier. Thoughts?
Yeah king. You got it all figured out. Did you just want affirmation?
No worries, OP. You will have no trouble matching with other idiots
I saw pictures of people who went to ICP concerts and I needed a sanity check.
no woories brain damage tastey heehe
>Why, I don't have any retarded interests, ol' chap. I only engage in the most sophisticated out of all hobbies as I don't have time for any childish nonsense. Unfortunately not everyone has the same superior taste as I do but to be fair it requires a very high IQ to enjoy the things I do (I still have the results from the time my mother made me do a test!). Yes, you could even call me... dare I say it? The supreme gentlemen!
>So why doesn't anyone like me :(

How do I stop being anxious pussy and faggot?
as a kid i had wracking, constant anxiety. just endless terror. and i had affluent parents, so i saw a variety of mental health professionals - psychiatrists and therapists. i basically was in mental healthcare from age 10 to 19.
i found that none of these helped a whole lot.
but what did help (in my case) was gaining life experience. going to bars. working shitty jobs. getting rejected by girls. doing to university. getting into fights. traveling. with each new experience, life seemed less daunting. i gained a stronger sense of self and became a bit more resilient. the outside world doesnt impinge on my inner life as much now.

File: images-8.jpg (9 KB, 268x188)
9 KB
How do I care for my depressed and hurting gf?

My girlfriend suffers from IBS and some form of depression ( she won't be specific ) She used to take Prozac for it and now she's on Wellbutrin

I know that both of these meds are horrendous and only amplify the pain she feels from IBS

Also I did some research on Wellbutrin and learned that even if she misses a few minute window between doses she goes through intense withdrawals

I feel really inadequate because I drive 30 miles to see her, and when I get there she's just a depressed poop that doesn't wanna get out of bed, outside and eat or anything. I don't know what to do besides help her with chores and bring book to her in bed give her a back rubs and hold her. I feel like I should give her some advice or do something to motivate her but everytime I open my mouth she seems hurt or offended.

Yesterday she lashed out at me when I tried getting her to move out of bed and eat something. She said that I was only nice to her to get into her pants and went on a tangent about the patriarchy. I simply got up and cooked her a breakfast and she came to and apologized.

I feel like this has gone on long enough. I also noticed that she's balding, she's become vary skinny and developed bedsores. I hate seeing her fall apart like this. Worst of all she reminds me of my mom when she went through cancer and passed. I feel just as helpless. Her friends, parents and roommate don't seem to care at all. What do I do /adv/? how do I help her through this?
Remember that you're not her therapist and that you shouldn't act like one. If she has problems to fix, you can support her with your presence, but it's not up to you to fix them.

That aside, something you can and should help her with is exercise. Go take a walk or run together. Get her to sign up for exercise courses of her choice.

Also, what about her eating habits? She needs her omega3, D3 and A vitamins for her hair, so fresh vegetables and fish (or cod liver oil)
i have no clue but, how about some mild torture? like pouring cold water over her to get her out of the bed or kidnapping her to have a walk outside.
if its a bad advice feel free to tell me.

File: anime pig.jpg (73 KB, 575x966)
73 KB
I'm changing degrees so now I will finish a year later than I otherwise would, which means I will have to get youth allowance for students-austudy extended by a year or I will have to work (I will die before I work). Do I have to apply for a new claim and probably wait months for it to go through, or can my current claim be changed over? I already changed before and told the centrelink woman when I went in that I had, but she just nodded and said yeah. No updates were made in the system whatsoever. So I don't know what that was about and how anal they are about this stuff.
I'm on smoko so leave me alone

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 214x236)
8 KB
Without an overdose or obvious suicidal signs like slitting my wrists again, or hanging myself; how do I mildly fuck up my body just enough to wind up in the back of the weewoo meat wagon, or in the ER?
Tried injecting 140ml room air into my median cubital vein over the past two days, 20 ml at first, then 40, then 80 yesterday and I'm still kicking. Thoughts? Need it done fast.

For referance; 170cm tall, 64kg F
80 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Any way to fuck up my body without becoming extremely fat?
I've tried not drinking for 7 days and not eating for 25 in the past. The drinking was the hardest.
>Will not break up with my partner, she's hot and she makes me feel really happy. All rapey stuff aside; she is a lovely person and treats me really well.

She is an unhealthy influence, sorry (notsorry) to say. She's not treating you well at all, cut her off.

Take care.
>if I didn't have other people living in the same house as me

Oh dear, we're 80+ posts deep and finally this comes up.

Tell us about your family and the people in your house, OP. What's your relationship with them, what kind of people are they? Yoga anon here, btw
I don't have any contact with my family at all. I live with other people, two adults. They're nice but super messy and I'm super neat so I do all the cleaning. They're also both lazy and loud.
>I live with other people, two adults
How did you end up living with them, what's their relationship with you? Are they male or female? What's their age? Do they work?

>They're nice
In what way?

>super messy
>also both lazy and loud

File: EqtvpF2.png (28 KB, 758x769)
28 KB
every time i see a couple with kids they look like they fucking hate and resent each other and are exhuasted af. and everyone complains about their children. theres little to no reward and they literally take up all of your time now. it literally becomes your entire life.

men who "want a family" just want a stupid bitch who will be stupid enough to raise their kids and be their slave. and men want kids just to feed their ego and duplicate themselves /spread their seed (narcissitic af).

women who wants kids are idiotic brainwashed masochists who watch too many hollywood movies and do zero research into having children before doing it.

not only that but im 100% sure that the reason most women are so neurotic is because theyve had children. they literally become even more brain damaged and emotionally volatile.

cant people see that families dont lead to happiness? and at least 50% of people get divorced? thats not what a family is. and who knows how much of the remaining 50% are even remotely happy.
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
witnessing evolution
It's because they both work a job, so neither of them have the energy to deal with it. This is why nannies existed for successful couples in the past, but they don't have enough money for that.
IT's also infinitely rewarding. I want nothing more than to be a full time father. Fuck working, and fuck making my wife do a single solitary thing when she's not working.
>cant people see that families dont lead to happiness
This is statistically untrue. You'll get it when you're older, but hopefully before you're uselessly old.
Do your best. You may not believe in Jesus, but he forgives you, and he loves you, and he wants you to have a good life.
I know you probably think that's cringe in 2020, but the fact is there is someone, even if you believe they're dead and gone for a couple millenia, who really cares/d about you no matter what you do or did. Without even knowing who you were.
People who had children are not happy 100% of the time , but this is true for people who not want children too.

File: wikihow 16.jpg (37 KB, 700x506)
37 KB
Please no bucket crabs. I've been around here. I can spot them well enough.

I know this board isn't for "bawwwing" or whatever and I'm not sure if that is what I am doing, but can someone please help me in some way or other?

Why can't I take care of myself and now keep wishing I could have a wife help me with my life? Is it because I'm lazy and incompetent that I feel like I can't take care of myself on my own?

I mean, I guess I do also have ADHD so maybe I am pretty incompetent... I keep wishing there was someone here to talk to me and help me with dishes and even just remind me what I need to do.
I don't really get it and I feel like maybe it doesn't matter anyway, because I'm such a fat, short piece of shit. I must be, because if I wasn't ugly and terrible, I would have friends and everything would've gone differently.

I tried to diet recently to cut off my "skinny fat" (which I'm actually now thinking isn't the case I think my fat deposits are mostly in my arms for whatever reason). But I made like a bunch of mistakes and I think it just made me slightly fatter because I was stupid enough to let a few random /fit/ anons troll me into thinking I should bulk and I got used to seeing those numbers and thinking that way when I should be losing weight so I'm not so gross any more.

I feel like i'm just going to get fat and there's nothing I can do about it. I feel like I'm already really fat and short. That's not a particularly logical line of thought... I mean, its true, but its not that true.... but its also fucking true.

I just feel so horrible and hopeless. I don't even know what's going on. I don't think I've felt it this bad before in this particular way.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Okay, so this is the point where if you have insecurities, can you please detach yourself from that when you read this or just not read it...

I feel like eventually, either general wear from psychological shit or not taking care of myself well enough will lead to me losing even my fleeting positive quality I purportedly have according to some people of being attractive. I don't know why people lie to me about that, but I do know that I feel like I need to be attractive to have friends. I mean what else do I even have? How else could I get people to wanna talk to some lonely piece of shit like me? I could see myself just being this pudgy and/or otherwise unkempt/wrinkly/whatever guy standing around awkwardly. it doesn't work. No one wants to talk to that.
And its not enough and I suspect its going away soon.
I'm 32, by the way.
1. If you want to lose fat, count your calories.
Calculate your tdee, eat 500 calories less than that.
Keep track of EVERYTHING you eat with an app.

2. You can't take care of yourself because you feel like you're not worth it. You feel like you're worthless because you don't do the things that make you feel like you're worth something.
The "easiest" way to get out of this circle is to stop waiting to feel different about yourself and do things that are good for you regardless of how you feel about yourself.

That means, exercise, socialize, hygiene, style, diet.
Really care for yourself as you'd do for someone else.

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