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File: fullsizeoutput_1219.jpg (144 KB, 750x1334)
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dont ask for nudes if youre interested in her for more than her body.

Do what
>>22626147 says, if she agrees to hang out go for it, if she doesnt onto the next one, keep her as a friend if you want up to you

In general, remember, just don't be a simp.
You’re saying too much. She’s barely saying anything and your giving this bitch a paragraph. Keep it mysterious, my man. Get her number and ask to hang out somewhere preferably your house. Don’t give that bitch a free meal. Make sure to stick a q-tip up her pussy to test for corona.
>just don't be a simp.
What does this even mean?
Pizza, movies? Wtf. She smokes weed. OP just tell her you got a blunt rolled and ready to spark and just fuck her in your car
He’s said barely anything at all. He just needs to move conversation from snap chat quick if he wants to get laid

File: 1596315506300.jpg (774 KB, 1067x1067)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
so I hear there are guys who can last all night and come whenever they want to
porn stars come to mind

how do I become one of these guys?
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do you guys feel personally attacked somehow by the thread? if you can't contention to what I specifically asked why are you even chirping in lmao, I don't care
We're giving you advice, fuckhead. You're going to make girls sore as fuck.
At least that'd give them something to remember me by. I remember my ex saying that she could feel me in her throat for days after sucking me off.

We all know how quickly women move on from men.
orgasm control =/= unable to cum and raw dogging her until she's sore
actually what are you even talking about retard, you're describing the opposite of what I'm talking about, it's not "how to last longer" it's "how to come when you want to" hence control
It’s called kegels and cardio (for stamina). These guys don’t have sex on here lol.

I dont know how to work 4 chan but im giving it a try, so this happened around when i was 11 or 12 and this story was set at my house(at the time) so my mom used to make most of the boys to get in the shower so she could lower the cost of water and etc, so at the time i was uncircumcised and my brother wasn't and i was wondering what the hell is wrong with him. so when i got out the shower i pull on his pp with a stuff animal because i didn't want to touch his pp with my hands,and nothing happened he just started to cry. my mom came in the room a couple minutes later and asked what happened. she was in shock that her son would do this, she started to freak out and was threating to call the cops on me for rape, she told me to go into the room and she didnt bluff she called the cops i sat in my room and it felt like a etenerityt and then i heard the doorbell ring and i was the most sacred ive ever felt a day in my life. my mom called me out of the room and i was shamelessly into the living room and presented by a police officer sitting on the couch. he asked what happpened. my mom explain everything to him and asked questions like are they brothers and etc.P.S(before she called the cops she said it would suck in juvie) fast foward the cop leaves and my mom is just sitting there in disbelif i go into my room and think about what i did because i wanted to know what i did (idk i cant think) the summer of that year i figured out what made his pp and my pp different from each other. thats it sorry it was hard to read i feel like a 2nd grader typing
this feels good to get off my chest
Humans are naturally curious. It wasn’t rape, just curiosity. Just make sure to get a neuralyzer to make your brother forget what happened. I have one if you need it.
You didn't rape him OP. Your mother was being a mixture of hysterically over reactionary and ridiculously over protective.

I say that as a mother of 2 boys who I have sometimes had to be a bit "woah that's not appropriate" to. Please don't beat yourself up anymore, ok?
That isn’t rape or pedophilia anon, you were a child and curious, you didn’t even want to touch it with your hands so I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it, your mum should have sat you two down and talked calmly about it but it sounds like she was so uncomfortable in the situation that she wanted a person of authority to do her dirty work of being a parent.

It’s natural child curiosity anon, any sane person will see that.

File: 1596933735377.jpg (271 KB, 859x1023)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>be in my 30's
>lived in squalor all life
>sister buys a huge house with veteran mortgage
>lived with her for 3 years, comfy
>she stops taking her meds because her therapist suggests she might not be a lesbian
>chain smokes all day
>is fighting with our religious conservative parents and I'm in the middle of it
>a group of black guys attempted a robbery at our house when she wasn't home, acts like it was no big deal since she believes black people have a right to rob places during BLM protests
>have to hide my chick-fil-a obsession because she gets offended and rants to me about it
>stays up all night, have to plug ears and wear soundproof headphones to sleep because she's half deaf and occasionally blasts shitty music even though I have given her the common courtesy to use airpods myself
>rants to me about politics and facebook all day
maybe I needed to vent but is there something I can do to not get annoyed by her? I mean, I enjoy her house and the pets

File: 1556511813803.jpg (52 KB, 423x430)
52 KB
Is it better to date several girls and enjoy various experiences, or to marry the first virgin who is wife material and never have the chance to try other girls again?
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>haha just marry the first virgin who puts out for you haha
>Ignore the fact that she's entirely broken on the inside and would be an objectively poor mother. She's a virgin so she's gotta be good.
I think you’re missing the wife material part. If you find someone who will be a good spouse, don’t let that opportunity go just to sow your oats.
What's a good spouse look like? Aren't all women promiscuous by nature?
And you have to date women to know if they are wife material or not.
Aids or herpes? The ball is in your park.

File: 1596829837576.jpg (106 KB, 612x612)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I sent a dick pic to a retarded chick and now I feel like shit. Should I apologize or just leave her alone?
Just for the record I'm not retarded but I feel like it, you know?
File: 1579452672405.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1024)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Just apologise for your peace of mind then nope out of there and forget it ever happend

She’s like my personal 9 out of 10. I’ve never been this attracted to someone before and I’m having trouble not having a boner around her. I’m not a virgin or inexperienced.., I’ve literally been married and in LTRs. Tips? Anyone been through this? Does it go away after having sex?
Dick her down and love every second of it you horny fuck, chances are you're just vibing around her and hopefully she's into it
Have you dated this person or just have a crush on them?

I’ve dated a girl since she was 12 and I was 11 or 10.5 something like that. I guess I love her. How can I be in love if it’s over us two. I’m under love. You overstand? And way over the impression. For goodness sakes we met spooning. I feel I branded that to an extent. We are on and off. Mostly off limits. Every guy she dates is just like fermented ginger slice for the palate in between the sushi/sashimi ala carte discourse. I’ve been past the analyzing love and commitment stage to the jealousy stage. But I realize it didn’t have to be like that. But I despise the arguing. But why the jealousy stage? I realized after knowing her I really don’t want to know more. She can get me out of any relationship. But that’s beyond reason but within the confines of rationality and the hopes of being remembered. That’s like the for one, one, motto. She’s my one. It’s like changing the spark plugs on a car with over 100k in mileage. It makes it spark just right. Jealousy just works better than viagra.

She can always upgrade or downgrade but this 1923 Mercedes is vintaged for the purpose of continuity.

File: uh.jpg (8 KB, 250x193)
8 KB
>girl at store
>works there
>always see her around the neighborhood
>stare at each other a little
>today when leaving store hear "byeee"

should i grab her by the pussy next time?

File: pepe wdf.jpg (6 KB, 240x240)
6 KB
Got a nasty bone bruise on my shin friday night from walking in the dark and banging my shin onto a heavy low wood cabinet. Is it safe for me to do my standard 1x5 trapbar deadlifts and 2x(30 feet) trapbar farmer walks tomorrow/Monday morning (both of them w/ 115 lbs, yes I'm a total dyel noob, I know)? Or do I risk taking a trip to Snap City and fucking my shit up, turning my shin bone bruise (most likely a subperiosteal hematoma) into a complete shin bone break/fracture?

>With a bone fracture, all of the trabeculae in a region of bone have broken. But with a bone bruise, an injury only damages some of these trabeculae. It's also called a microfracture. An injury might cause blood to build up in the area beneath the periosteum. This causes a subperiosteal hematoma, a type of bone bruise. An injury might also cause bleeding and swelling in the area between your cartilage and the bone beneath it. This causes a subchondral bone bruise. Or bleeding and swelling can happen in the medulla of your bone. This is called an interosseous bone bruise.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yea sure, doctors handle medical problems, go see one retard
I did. Got an xray that showed no break. Problem is, bone bruises don't show up on xray, only on MRI. Since bone bruise = microfracture, would deadlifting/farmer walks turn that microfracture into a full fracture/bone break? That's my question.
Why even risk it?
Ok, so lay off the deadlifts for a while then? How long should I wait to deadlift again?

>Bone bruises can heal in as little as 3 weeks or take as long as 2 years to fully repair.
Wtf am I seriously gonna have to wait 2 fucking years for this shit to go away and deadlift safely again?
Should I go down to TJ for a stem cell injection into my shin bone? Will that help it heal faster/stronger?

File: 1589934807276.gif (2.68 MB, 400x501)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB GIF
>have enough grants to go to college for free
>intense social anxiety and disinterest has made it impossible to choose a major because I think they all suck

do I just not go? or pick anything and suffer through it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
> I chose a thing just because I thought I wanted to do it without actually giving it much thought
just curious what did you choose? did you end up getting your degree or dropping out?

> If you do go just get the basic shit out of the way first, then you can decide what you really want to do.
got my AA degree from a community college, did all the basics and felt no attachment to anything... still cant decide
Ah I cant remember exactly what it was called, something related to computers.

I dropped out after 2 months

The reason I chose it in the firstplace is because I didn't want to do any hard labor or work outside.
Found out really quick that I did not like it.
>Ah I cant remember exactly what it was called, something related to computers.
>The reason I chose it in the firstplace is because I didn't want to do any hard labor or work outside.

wow this is really similar to me. I am considering "computer information systems" as a major, mostly because I also don't want to do labor jobs

>Found out really quick that I did not like it.
what didn't you like about it?
See if you can take your classes online, and don't worry about picking a major right out of the gate. The first two year of college are General Education Classes that everyone has to take, so explore careers and classes that pique your interest . In the meantime you REALLY have to put yourself out there man. Start with little shit like saying hello to the mailman, then starting a conversation with a stranger. You gotta remember that all progress takes place outside of the comfort zone, so if you're feeling uncomfortable that's a great thing. Also the more you become familiar with social interactions the more you'll notice pasterns and the more predictable shit will be.
didn't like the main class that involved it. I also didn't like my English teacher or how English is taught. (Or how he taught it idk)

I liked My math teacher and my other computer class teacher though
(it was a class were we were learning about how to do things in word and other basic PC stuff that no one ever does normally)

I’m 25. My friends since I was 15 are growing away and it’s bumming me the fuck out

My best friend doesn’t hit me up anymore and they’re all moving on and dealing with other people

Shit makes me so bummed and depressed because I miss when we were the homies and I was still involved

What the fuck do I do? I try making new friends but it’s not the same
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It’s hard to make new friends though and I’m still bummed. Some of our other high school friends are still closer than I am

I’m just tryna get over it though
>What the fuck do I do?
Honestly, just hang out wih people that are available and willing in the presen time.
Yeah, it will never be like before - in the same way that a new gf will never feel like the first one, or some really special one from your past.

Who gives a fuck, man. People come and go, it's always been like that. People have the freedom to come and go, and some of them do it. Sometimes all your friends belong to the "some of them" set. But who cares? It's nice to have freedom to leave someone you don't like, tho.
This is honestly really valuable advice and I appreciate it a lot thank you anon seriously
All a part of growing up my friend. Go to your local bar, buy a hot chick a drink then let her know plainly you want to fuck her. The worst that can happen is she says no
Going through the same thing OP. But it's okay. You just have to accept that people come and go. You just need to move on and find new friends.

>Find girl I like
>Ask for her number
>Says she has bf

How am I supposed to find a girl I like when they are all locked down already?

File: 1596121924278.jpg (88 KB, 640x640)
88 KB
I'm thinking about going to an Asian massage place to get some head. What should I expect?
33 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you've ran away every single time
it's sad more than anything desu
you're dishonest
Look, you could try to help by making me aware of these flaws but what am I to do? I'm willing to change my personality but it'd be hard for you to gauge my personality from a few posts here, wouldn't you agree?
File: ella_3.png (541 KB, 470x507)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
A custom sex doll is better than any whore. That's why they seethe.
File: 41Nhgusd6lL._AC_.jpg (19 KB, 333x500)
19 KB
I did it for years in NYC. The massage parlors were basically brothels, there wasn't even really a massage part, these Chinese/Korean women would take you in a room and fuck you.

The Koreans were hotter but were terrible at sex and usually had fake boobs. The Chinese girls were still pretty hot and were usually a lot better in bed. They were all like late 20s to mid 30s but looked good for their age. The best sex I had in one of these places was with a girl who said she was from Japan, she had a nice body but jacked up teeth.

If you live outside the metro NY area you're a lot more likely to get actual massage with rub and tug from an older, less attractive lady. If you're in LA, I've heard that there is a whole network of Korean brothels based out of apartments/condos, but you have to go through a whole vetting process to be allowed in (the NY ones used to also do this, sort of).

GF is really sex positive and in the last year I’ve become really prudish (no sodomy-oral or anal). She said she’s willing to do anything to satisfy me and after learning about her sexual history (has blown a couple other dudes) something changed. I initially felt really disgusted and wanted to end everything but I’m struggling to follow through. I feel like now that I know about what she let other guys do to her, I want to do the same (even though I had very little prior interest). I want to fuck her face and cum in her mouth. I’ve always felt disgusted at the idea of doing something so degrading to her but it’s been different ever since I learned about her past. This is absolutely unhealthy right? Like the only reason I feel ok doing this is because of learning that she has done it before. Is this a bad for our sexual relationship? What should I do with these feelings?
49 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's so deep and clever anon, did you spent all night coming up with it?
Tf are you on about lol
>a year together
>no oral
wtf? Did you just do missionary and doggy for a full year?
Lol, incel

File: 4091.jpg (7 KB, 203x283)
7 KB
local council fucked my windscreen cos the contractors They hired left loose stones on the road and chipped it - filled out an incident report for council to reimburse cost of new shield - council says they have to get the contractor to investigate and decide if if they are liable or not

so i says are they gunan be honest with you ur basically asking the criminal to confess type thing and they says oh yeah its fine then i says well i aint contract them - you did

you pay me - and if you want them to pay you - thats on you. you hired them. i didnt. me report is filed with you. not the contractor.

so they gunna send me some letter about it - when straight up they can reimburse immediately - they didnt send anyone out to check the road when i first reported it either.

give me my fucking money.

is this the right way to handle it?

i gave them the invoice for the new windshield plus photos and have 2 guys willing to back me up
they reckon the contractor is responsible even though the council fucking hired therm. council is responsible 100% and they are buck passers.

slimey fucking buck passers. give me my money.
they also fucking lamed out an said they couldnt send me the letter snail mail because they're "working form home" get off your lazy ass and mail it
Small claims court ftw
File: 1563129625004.jpg (89 KB, 258x308)
89 KB
Read a grammar book, holy shit. This is unreadable. I stopped after the first five words.

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