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File: FRRICBCXoAMG3u0.jpg (438 KB, 709x1247)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
We all know women despise pleasantries, so when is a good time to show a woman your dark side?

File: 1652971172124.jpg (78 KB, 500x620)
78 KB
I dont have the guts to break up with my gf. She was my first ltr and it was a ton of fun in the beginning but now I just don't like her and the thought of staying with her makes me unhappy. She's made her entire life about me and is constantly going on about us getting married and having kids and every time I say "yeah idk about that" she breaks down crying and makes me miserable but eventually she stops and just keeps on thinking we're getting married. I dont know how to have this ultimate conversation with her but I know I need to. I feel like such a piece of shit but she deserves to be with something that really really wants her, and that person just isn't me.

Also idk if I just don't want her specifically or if I don't want a committed relationship period.
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That's hard anon...
You already know what you want to do, but you're afraid of what'll happen, right?
You can control her actions, but you definitely can control yours.
Do it with empathy and listen to her, whilst not leaving her with any hope of a future relationship or go back to her.
Good luck anon.
Shes 26 and im 25, together for two years.
Looking back on, simply because she was a hot girl who really liked me and I thought it was a great deal. We traveled and had a lot of firsts together so it was fun, but none of that makes up for the fact that even in the beginning, I told my friends and family "yeah idc if she breaks up with me or if it doesn't work out" and that was really how I felt and still feel. I've tried suppressing those feelings to be a "better person" but that's just making me miserable
Send her a link to that bastille song
Wow you kind of are a dick for leading someone on like that. When she first said she lived you there should have been deep thoughts and a break up cause you clearly don't love her. As someone who is the more emotionally open and intense partner it sounds like a special sort of hell you are putting her through. Just try to stick the landing and not fuck her over during the break up.

Heads up, if someone is anxious about their attachment to their lover pulling away will just reinforce the desire to connect ironically smothering you more.
I didn't know what any of it meant, I thought i loved her and put effort into making her like me; I was green and naive and I've realized that my unhappiness is because of this relationship and I hate that its this way but here we are. Its not about fault imo, its just the natural process of young people figuring out who they are and what they want.

>turn 25 a couple months ago
>energy tanks
>get blood / hormone work
>everything looks good
Is this what aging feels like?
> better:

> after all of the above:
1. Find a hobby you are eager to do, this will create better connection in your brain for action and moving around.
2. social interaction will also boost your energy level, just make sure its fun, drama free social interaction and it does not involve alcool or drugs.
I'm almost 35 and haven't really noticed a decline in energy yet (though since I was low-energy even in high school it might have been easier to maintain my original levels). At 25 you're in your prime.
Are you depressed? Do you have a purpose? Do you have a long term plan you're striving for?
I do cardio everyday, my routine has stayed the exact same. It just happened out of nowhere.
Not depressed
That's good to hear

File: 1646090909458.jpg (230 KB, 1259x1600)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
You have all been wonderful company. I am ready to start again.

I will be maintaining a journal and taking the final screenshots before I embark.

I hope to see you again in a year or two. I will bring great news.
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I believe in you
You'll try your best
No matter the outcome, you will have learnt and gained something.
Good luck.
Godspeed anon.
Remember it's fine to make mistakes. Don't get discouraged if you hit a dead end.
>dead end
Hijacking this thread.
What Should I do if I hit a dead end in life?
Is there professional life advisor that can help me out?
What are you doing exactly?
You can do it
We all can pull through

File: 1652947504866.png (538 KB, 1280x720)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Last night after I got home from seeing my gf, I started cooking and doing shit around the house. As I did this, I started tearing up and for the first time I actually started to cry. I don't even know how to cry, it was a silent sob.

Truth is, I feel like I'm stuck in this relationship. There is no such thing as myself anymore, everything I do must be somehow related to my gf. I wanted to go home after work and clean and do some laundry, cook some food and my gf got extremely angry and sad, started crying saying I don't want to see her and I always have other things better to do than to be with her. It was an extremely tense couple of hours. I ended up going home late and barely having time to cook something shitty.
I'm feeling extremely trapped man, and the worst of all is the guilt I'm feeling. There is an underlying feeling of guilt she induced in me for anything that I do outside of being with her all day long.
I KNOW this happens at times in toxic relationships. How the fuck do I get out? How the fuck do I muster the courage and strength to get out?
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File: proxy-image (6).jpg (34 KB, 713x401)
34 KB
Weak... youre getting manipulated man why would you cave in to tears remain stoic no emotions. Get stronger moral fiber. https://youtu.be/VjQAU1RbwBI
Don't do this this is some woman/wahmen level stuff women will remember what you tell them and not in a good way.
Stoicism is not about showing no emotions, anon.
It's about knowing shit sucks, but preserving through it, trying your best in spite of whatever outcome there may be.
Agreed but Suffer in silence and overcome
Don't be blind to the red flags.
Don't forget the things you enjoy in life, the things that really make your life worth living.
Tell her how it is, she can work with you or do her thing somewhere else.

How do you find something to do by yourself? I see people with all sorts of hobbies and interests but I don't know how to find my own to stay busy.
Think of something that piques your interest. Got it? Now pursue it. That's it. You fucking idiot.
I like to do embroidery and take photos of things, those are activities that you can do alone.
Sitting under a tree in the park listening to music or reading a book also counts as a hobby.

Kind of unrelated but

What is that cat's breed? I see them online all the time but never knew how to look for one.

File: ogH9qWp-770x962.jpg (90 KB, 770x962)
90 KB
Should I even bother trying?

>depressed for roughly 15 years
>was bad enough at one point that I was living in my own literal filth
>couldn't muster up the energy to go to the bathroom so I just shit and pissed on towels and shoved them under my bed/in my closet
>rotting food and trash piled up to my knees
>only showered once every few months when the itching became unbearable
>took online classes and somehow managed to finish high school
>NEET for the past decade
>no work experience
>autismo with horrible social anxiety

What the fak do I do anons? I really fucked up my life, I can't work or go back to school because of how wildly socially inept and retarded I am.
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CHORES! chores clean up your living space while giving you some excersize and a sense of accomplishment. take up a hobby besides online shit or tv/anime, read some books, maybe get interested in plant or animal care? art, journaling and writing are all pretty satisfying too. check online for local counseling and community services, ask one of your parents for help if you really dont have the energy. dont worry about a job right now, focus on getting better. good luck out there, i hope things turn out alright for you!
> I'm agoraphobic and haven't left the house in many years.
Then you just have extreme vitamin D3 deficiency, this will make you extremely depressed.
Just swallow several bottles of D3 soft gel supplements
yuck. that sounds bordering on catatonic depression. and I guess, how is your lifestyle? how is money, food, health, home... how do you perpetuate your lifestyle?
You need help to survive. Reach out to family or a hospital.
What cured my depression was moving to another country.

File: girlgasstation.png (1.01 MB, 1166x775)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Currently 29 years old and without much of a career. Don't have a girlfriend nor my own apartment (still living with parents). Keep working out 4x a week and have about 3k in cash.

While I desire to live a normal life (work, good woman, kids, move outside out of large city) I can also see how degenerate our society is nowadays (I'm from West Germany).

There's foreigners everywhere, almost all Germans (especially the young ones) are hooked on left wing and green politics, women are almost all sluts or corrupted by feminist ideology and look for Chad to bang.

I am currently on neet bux and don't have a desire to perpetuate this insane society by working in it and keeping it alive with my work and taxes, yet I also desire to have a "normal life", so I guess I am just very conflicted on the inside.

How should I proceed?
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File: 1652163937050.jpg (2.68 MB, 3191x3984)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
It might not be worth it, but just doing nothing is making me depressed as well. I feel like I need a task, something to work towards, while at the same time realizing that society is shit and working towards something is mostly a futile goal. Fucking limbo.
>on neetbucks
>extremely far behind your peers when it comes to assets and savings
>living with parents at almost 30
Can I ask why exactly you're staunchly anti-left? Wouldn't you materially benefit greatly from left-wing policies?
cringe as fuck. shut the fuck up, you leftist cunt.
Because it's not about me. It's about the white race that needs to survive, because they basically invented the modern world and we need them to progress into space.

And it's also because left wing politics mostly don't work. I can see its value in stopping inequality from going out of control, but inequality is also natural. Enforced equalism is a nightmarish scenario.
>Your conditioning tells you to want a “normal” existence (“normal” meaning just the MO of the past century qt most), your instincts are telling you this shit isn’t worth it

Not op but in a similar situation but I'm 32 now. Had a simple life, simple job etc and was really enjoying it but was all taken from just because I didn't want to take a Vax which didn't even do what it was promised to do (which was they said it would prevent/stop spread which justified the whole idea of kicking unvaxxed out of society/work)

Anyways I think I've gotten to the point where I just don't see the point anymore especially how all it took was something like this vax to take it all away. Even though it only "protects" the individual who takes it. So if I'm not a person who is at risk of a serious case of covid and it doesn't stop you spreading it to others. Why should my job be held hostage to take it? Weird thing though is that I don't even particularly feel depressed or anything about it and I've essentially been unemployed for 9 months over it collecting neetbux. On top of my daily exercise routine. I always find something to do.

File: 1bmz3zozlvf71.jpg (100 KB, 540x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Should I continue dating a girl if she still has photos of herself with her ex on fb? They're not friends on there but it does seems like she still socialises with the same mutual friends from his circle
Also, all of her friends are male, from what I can see she doesnt have a single female friend other than her sister
>Also, all of her friends are male
This seems bad
>all of her friends are male
a majority of my wife's friends are male
and a majority of my friends are female

can it lead to jealousy? yeah, I guess. but gut instinct is pretty reliable for that sort of stuff.
have they been friends for years? have they ever had any type of romantic association with each other? are the friend(s) in a relationship with someone else?

that's just my anecdotal points of interest on the topic, back to you now.

>she still has photos of herself with her ex on fb?
I know a lot of people erase their past, but some people prefer to just leave it and not "edit" it.
Do you get the feeling that she's someone who wants her past to be a transparent record of events?
If so, I think that shows a level of emotional maturity that I (admittedly) do not have. I'm a "past eraser".
But going back to her, sorry, I'm being terrible bringing it back to me all the time. Bringing this back to her, if this fits in with her personality where she does not hide her past from herself or from anyone else then I see that as a character strength, not a character flaw.
>all of her friends are male
Thats likely the reason her ex is her ex and some of the "friends" are ex's too
No such thing as as girls having male friends. Even if she really believes it. Those makes after 1 thing

File: i am not perfect.jpg (63 KB, 640x633)
63 KB
So I recently became a 21 year old boomer and my romantic failures are starting to hit me harder.
I made out with 3 ugly sluts at a nightclub, who were desperate enough to withstand my autism, when I was 17. That's as far as my non-paid sexual experience goes. 13 year olds are more experienced than me.

I've fucked prostitutes which helped keep me sane for a while but i'm becoming more desperate again.
I will install Tinder again soon but I know that i'm too autistic to go on dates.
I only ever went on one date when this girl I hadn't even spoken to before asked me out. Long story short, I was so autistic and scared of her that she ended up making up rumours about me, saying that i'm a stalker and a rapist.

I just don't have a normie brain. Is my life over? I never even had females in my friend group before.
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25 and actual virgin here. I know that it (ie sex, female interest) won’t “just happen”, but I can’t bring myself to care, even though I spent probably 1/3-1/2 of my conscious time thinking about women and sex.
File: 1652984710636.jpg (111 KB, 747x869)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
> So I recently became a 21 year old boomer
21 is too young to call yourself boomer
21 is too young to worry about not having gf
Honestly your life must be pretty comfy if this is your major concern
> I made out with 3 ugly sluts at a nightclub, who were desperate enough to withstand my autism, when I was 17
So in other words you already know what to do: hit places with alcohol and then just flirt with sluts there
> i'm too autistic to go on dates
Thata not autism, thats more like combined lack of experience + good old fear of unknown. Literally just bee yourself and go try. The girl will be even more nervous than you on the date, dont worry.
>Is my life over?
Nah, quite contrary its starting.
>I never even had females in my friend group before
Men and women cant really be friends. Its always one side secretly wanting to fuck the other.

TLDR less overthinking, more flirting with hoes.
How are you a virgin when you had sex?
I'm 30 years old khv virgin.
You are pretty normal compared to me.
I lost khv status at 24, almost 25. Yes, it's possible to be normal. It will require you to take responsibility for your actions and failures.

One of my best friends tried to suicide last night. I stayed with her, tried to comfort her and offered to go to the hospital. Im not in my best headspace right now, and idk how to help her, who to ask for help, or who to talk to, since a lost is happening rn and all i wanna do is cry.
Idk even know why im writing this, but anyways, thanks for reading
Lol why are you around retards who want to kill themselves
Get some religious friends inshallah
There is literally nothing you can do.

My mom went suicidal and the first thing I do was call an ambulance. The ambulance told me to me to basically fuck off because of covid.
3h later I just called the police and dude helped me out and called the ambulance for me.

2 week later mom got better and she told me I should have never called an ambulance and the police on her.
Dad also fear mongered my mom by telling her they will take her away to the crazy house while she was suicidal.

Fuck my parents. Single digits IQ.
kys faggot
Why not go on youtube and listen to pros talking some one down or helping them through. Also wheres her family?https://youtu.be/Gc-ZHNooumQ

File: 1624383858747.png (324 KB, 686x700)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
why does no one talk to me?
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Invite me to your house
File: sad.jpg (95 KB, 851x902)
95 KB
i knew it
so that advice was a lie i guess.
I feel bad for you desu
nah, that was for that thread, this is for this thread cause you're thinking some random anon laughing at you should discourage you from sharing the link.

Schizo marcus once said
> Don’t waste the rest of your time here worrying about other people—unless it affects the common good. It will keep you from doing anything useful. You’ll be too preoccupied with what so-and-so is doing, and why, and what they’re saying, and what they’re thinking, and what they’re up to, and all the other things that throw you off and keep you from focusing on your own mind.
Are you interesting? Are you - being the person who seeks someone to talk with rather than being satisfied in this regard - approaching people with something they'd want to talk with you about? Do you make good impression and can be charismatic enough so people will appreciate your company? Are you free from some mental or social issues making it hard to understand and interact with others?

If not, work on these.

So just got my Security+ cert and am working as a security analyst for the state government on contract for the next year. What certs are the best/most logical to aim for next? Anyone have good experience with CEH (fucking expensive but I heard fairly easy and recognized by DoD), cloud certs (CompTIA vs vendor specific?). Right now I’m leaning towards CySA+, as I really like analysis work.
I would ask /g/ or r/ITCareerQuestions on reddit. Im lower in the IT field than you, but the reddit actually has helpful people. Everyone here is worried about having sex

>be 30, carpenter
>brother is 27, some jackoff telemarketer
>every day for years, he texts me non stop while I’m at work
>every single conversation ends with the same message: something about how evil white people/conservatives are, some edgy quip talking shit about men, something about the trans/gay movement, something talking down about people who work or invest their money, etc
>block him for >6 months at a time sometimes. End up seeing him at some family event. Unblock him. The cycle continues
>had him blocked since Christmas, see him recently. Unblock him

Within 3 days he’s texting me about how anti maskers are gay twinks. It’s not even that I hate what he’s saying (most of the time I do), it’s that it’s his entire personality. Literally every single reference he makes is something iis reference to the leftist movement. Some comment about how fascist republicans secretly love it up the ass. Sneering down at people with families. Every, single fucking comment and sentence. For 5+ years.

I don’t know what to do. Today I got angrier then I can ever remember being, in my entire fucking life. I had a mental fucking breakdown. It isn’t what he’s saying, it’s that he won’t stop saying it. From the time I’m up at 9 am, I’m getting text messages about how gay republicans are, and how it doesn’t matter if there’s a food shortage because a bunch of straight white people who don’t want to teach their kids crt or transgenderism will die.

Is their any hope? Do I just cut him off for good and never talk to him again, save Christmas? I know that he hates literally everything I stand for or any dream that I have. He doesn’t want anybody to ever be successful or do anything respectable, he thinks we should all be dead.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Leave him blocked
He's trying his hardest to educate and civilize you.
just ignore it. honestly it's sort of pathetic if that level of reddit culture war bullshit triggers you. nothing you posted moves the needle even a little bit. Bill Maher tier
The only reason he's doing it is because he sees hope in you bending to his religion lol. His religious friends are going to give him so much emotional validation when he recruits.

File: 1652370361275.jpg (36 KB, 400x524)
36 KB
How should I tell my partner I want to start an onlyfans? No I will not break up with them, if they want to break up with me that's their choice but I won't go for it first.
89 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
> them
> they
treating your partner as a 3rd person
just breakup already
Oh, you're deranged. My bad. I hope you'll support my puppy killing hobby lol
equating making porn to killing animals is the only deranged take there
Only fans is really hard work and only a rare few actually make liveable money off it. Its not show tits get money.
If you have the skills to be a successful only fans model, then you have the skills to do social media marketing or content driven marketing, lead generation and so on.
These professions are also easier and pay more... lead generation is practically auto pilot once set up so its even passive income.
Youre about to fuck up your relationship over a pipe dream.
Are most retards on 4chan now too young to know that they/them is and always has been an acceptable amd very gender neutral pronoun, and we would always use it when talking about people whos identities were trying to completely protect to the point we wont even share their gender?
Even at work yesterday (im in construction) my foreman who happens to be quite anti trans referred to a coworker as "they" because he was shit talking and didnt want to expose their identity. Our crew is 100% male.
English just works like this..

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