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File: 1590246702939.jpg (331 KB, 1414x2000)
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How do I function as a normal person? My anxiety is so bad around anyone outside of my gf. Even my own family. When Im with her family I dont shut down, but I struggle to socialize to where its apparent and embaressing. She likes to swim, go to amusement parks, four wheelers, dirt bikes, ect. I am as opposite of that as its gets, yet am willing to change for myself and her. Even before the pandemic I was a shut in. Had everything set up to start fresh and be a member of society. Now after staying at home even longer Im worse than before. How do I get past my horrible anxiety and function as a normal person?
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No problem brother I wish you the best, I'm sure you're a great man and you will become greater in the coming months :)
Im an introvert and awkward as fuck in public but when Im not that bad looking and have a good sense of humour. Plus I waited for someone to come to me instead of trying to hit on every girl I saw.
>waited for someone to come to me
How long did that take?
I'm 25 and still waiting.
2 years just about. Worth it though
File: 1587453897566.gif (3.42 MB, 472x424)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB GIF
tfw no qt girl to program with

File: Unknown.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
How do I keep from being angered by stupid people? The numb-mindedness of most people tends to fester in my head a lot.
The problem is irrationality and them not acting on reason or developing their intuition, but rather doing as their emotion tell them. Retards cannot think outside of their little boxes and trying to talk to them outside of those agitates them greatly.
>Inb4 OP is an autist
This is not about me trying to ''red-pill'' the normies, but about the most day to day events. 19/20 people I interact with on a regular basis are FUCKING RETARDED I cannot put it any better way, and this goes for my close family as well. I love them with all my heart, but their numb-mindedness makes great food for endless arguments.
absurd stupidity is often used in comedy. try finding it funny what stupid people say instead of getting angry. there are popular shows which have stupid funny characters like family guy or the simpsons. maybe it will help if you watch them. if you want more recommendations for such shows, ask on /tv/
it is a curse you must learn to live with. probably you are just more intelligent than them, and there is nothing you can do besides learning to fake it and dumb down pretending and getting more intelligent friends and people to talk to.
Even those characters lose it more often than not. The comedy of real life situations can be difficult to see when you're personally involved.

File: symbols-017.jpg (79 KB, 600x399)
79 KB
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It's alright this is my last post because it's drifted way outside of the purpose of this thread. That retard can keep posting about how historical wrongs justify beating up white people all he wants without me here.
Do you know what comeuppance means? It means a deserved punishment. You're saying that wealthy white people shouldn't get their rightful punishment because good grief, it's all so barbaric. Ofc it wasn't so barbaric when rich whites were doing the same to poor nignogs, was it.
>tried to communicate with me a lot
What if you talked to them just as much though?
Then, even more so, I needed to detach myself from them because I was behaving inappropriately and I appreciate my boyfriend pointing it out. I don't want to hurt him or to make him feel like I entertain other guys, so I appreciate him.
But as I said, it's never just one behaviour, it's a pattern of behaviour.

File: 76.jpg (199 KB, 900x1350)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
What are some good career options for someone with great memory and not much else?

Outside of reading I don't like many activities. I'm also decent at coding but I hate maths so I don't want to choose CS(I heard there's a stronger emphasis in university on the math part).
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I would say something construction related; quantity surveying or civil engineering. Not much women in those professions too which is a bonus
Sure, but I’m referring more to calculus than basic arithmetic and I’m sure there’s plenty of healthcare jobs which require little math.

>and idk what else

Non-base 10 math and some stats.

But you are still better off doing it than not. Non-engineering fields will have you working bs jobs.
Go into Medicine or Law. Medicine woule probably be better in terms of jobs.

Do you hate math because you find it boring or do you think you're incapable of doing it?
>What are some good career options for someone with great memory and not much else?
You could be a waiter!

File: 31zc52c0cyn41.png (792 KB, 768x768)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
I don't talk a lot at work, I work in a factory and people open up really easily to me about things they probably shouldn't to a stranger (working there 4 months and I don't really chat)
1 woman was telling me about her abusive relationship.
Another was telling me about a depressed boyfriend.
A guy was telling me he was obsessed with a girl
Another guy was telling me how his father beat him as a child.
I didn't have to say anything and they just started telling me without asking.

Is it bizarre? Or am I rude to not open up to people as much?

I don't care about their problems, but I'll listen and offer my opinions and advice, I just think of my own problems as my own.
there are so many unfortunate people who are struggling and sing that job as their last opportunity so they cant help but open up about their sad lives to the hundreds of other lost souls just be their and listen you dont have to do anything and some people deal with shit differently so keeping stuff to yourself aint bad or nothing
Cheers dude, thought almost the same thing.
It's /adv/ threads irl, it's people getting shit off their chest. Ordinary
I had the same thing when I was working in factory two years ago. The first and this guy started telling me how his daughter was sick and that how his wife doesn't care about him. I was kind of suprised.
No, I'm the same. When people open up I don't understand why and would actually prefer if they stopped but I don't want to be rude so I try and let them vent and offer advice if they seem to be looking for some.

I honestly think people are just so self-obsessed nowadays that they can't talk about anything that isn't self-interest. I wish my generation could small talk and be polite instead of using everyone as their free therapists.

so, my sister is dating a loser. comes home finds him molesting a kid. he beats the shit out of her, long story short cops won't do anything cause they are too worried about the rona. Her and the kids family are too afraid of the creep. he is a volunteer minister and is able to target the vulnerable. he also claims he was a spy for csis which is basically a crock to explain his evasive behaviour. I am stuck in Japan which is good cause I'd probably be in jail. I am thinking of some kind of psy ops on the dude so he will think twice about hurting anyone else. any thoughts?
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>cops won't do anything because of the rona
Bull fucking shit. Cops are still out here giving speeding tickets.
not BS. it was a few days after the fact. about 7 OPP showed up, they just checked for weapons in his house and left. a total joke. my sister has left the freak but I'm worried about that next time... Canada is messed up right now. the law I'd not being enforced at all to either keep the numbers down or keep the cops safe from the rona. they are too busy handing out $800 tickets for being in a park by yourself ... if I could get home I would take care of the prick myself, sicilian style...
>keep the cops safe from the rona. they are too busy handing out $800 tickets for being in a park by yourself
Again you're making shit up. If he was molesting a kid and beat the shit out of your sister they're not just gonna shrug their shoulders and leave.
whatever buddy, you work for the OPP or what? Your probably a molester yourself so side with the cops... later officer cockknuckles...
this is utter bullshit buddy. there is very likely something your sister isnt being truthful about. whos child was it? Was it even a child or a consenting teen? (16 is age limit in canada if i recall) Was your sister just a jealous bitch and why was she beaten. Did she start shit? Did she hit him to get hit back? SO many fucking questions and yet here you are thinking you are somehow brave that you want to ruin someone's life of which you dont know the slightest. Your sister is a big girl, if she wants to date rapists and monkeys then that is her own fault not yours.

>be me
>working at wingstop since february
>coworkers are mostly literal crackheads
>being harassed every day for months, assaulted, having my boss’ trailer trash boyfriend come in and threaten my life
>grit my teeth like a good wagie and endure
>start seeking other jobs
>apply at pic related and instantly get interview
>quit wingstop job
>they give me a sheet showing their policies
>have me working a different position than i applied for and starting off with a 10 hour shift
Should I kill myself bros
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Just wing it for a while and see how it goes. Let us know.
Just left BDUBS after working there for four years. Really the only thing nice about it is the amount of overtime you can take. Instead of killing yourself do some drugs and fuck some hoes. Which position did you get stuck with btw?
File: 1531521039168.jpg (6 KB, 200x133)
6 KB
>I hate working food service
>Let me just get another food service job real quick that'll fix it
Go put on your fucking clown suit.
This. Food people are stupid. Get a real job you crackhead OP.
Even fucking retail is better than food service.
I worked food service ONCE. For TWO MONTHS. The second week I was already looking for another job. Worked retail for a couple of years, then I went and did car shit. Just fucking apply ANYWHERE, and remember that going more than a block away from the freeway to do so isn't a goddamn crime.

Bros...I’m scared of going to college. I just graduated highschool and am about to go to college? Will I make good friends? How good will my social life be compared to highschool?
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just dont be a degenerate. and why are you picking a worthless major to get girls? sounds like retard faggotry to me. it's a waste of time. i'd say find something better to do otherwise you'd just fail and waste both your time and money.
women arent worth it. especially in college.

and if u wanna fuck a bunch of bitches and all of that crap then i dont think your major matters. whores will fuck anyone.

but picking a major for women.... grow a brain anon
Meh, he just does a couple semesters of bio and then picks up either biochem or pre-med with basically zero time lost. The first 1-1.5 years of life sciences are usually quite flexible.

Why are you getting on OP's case about his major with respect to chicks? He didn't say a word about that from the start. I just brought it up for his information. His concern is simply how to have a social life in college.
>Meh, he just does a couple semesters of bio and then picks up either biochem or pre-med with basically zero time lost. The first 1-1.5 years of life sciences are usually quite flexible.
Neither of those are good choices either though.
OP, change your major. Biology is fine IF you’re going to 100% commit to medical school, physicians assistant school, or something similar but honestly, it’s not the best idea. If you want to stick with healthcare go with nursing but otherwise, my advice is to ditch healthcare and anything with bio altogether. The closest things that I think would be better choices are ag science/engineering, materials science/engineering, and chem engineering.
Also, definitely spend some time working or volunteering in a hospital if you haven’t already. I can’t tell you how many bio/nursing majors I knew who wanted to be doctors but discovered they don’t like hospital work, that is if they even stayed in the major because many of them didn’t.

File: 1542123818722.jpg (78 KB, 1080x1350)
78 KB
I'm not sure how to explain my problem but I will try my best. I am pretty much mature, tall, have decent face, great body since sports and workout whole life. But stuck with a babyish face with barely any facial hair at 26.

Through 15-22 I did really well with women, got to dating really cool girls my age and experienced lots of attention and love.
As I got older, I can see that girls my age get disappointed that I look babyish, and don't really get fired up for me anymore. Some even say they prefer someone more serious looking. Also over time I found people that don't know me (ie lady at the register or butcher at his shop) treat me like an adolescent even though my manners are pretty much the same as my peers.

Any hint as to what can I do to handle this situation?

Pic unrelated, just to grab your attention
Date younger girls.

Problem is I don't hang out with younger crowd as much and as meaningfully, generally I go 3-4 years younger, anything below that and our interests are too far apart to get any meaningful relationship.
I mean this in general for people in younger circles as that would get me to meet more younger girls, which can be cool, but I meet new ones like once every week and don't really click as much with them. I can connect with them, its just they are like "OOOOOH" they tried out drugs for first time and its all the rage now in their lives. I'm interested in partying on a weekend, but they are living for it, and I'm also looking for something a little more serious right now so theres that.
You know what your real problem is. You have coasted on your looks so there has been no need to develop a personality that is engaging, interesting, and fun.

You lead with looks. You talk about your height, your stature, your facial features. Sure, you want someone that has similar interests but at the core you think superficially and thus you attract superficial people and focus primarily on looks.

You want someone serious? Then you need to develop yourself far deeper than saying “ I’m mature and attractive.” You want to know the most attractive girl to me was? A girl with varied interests who was engaging to talk to and had done a lot of things. So, branch out from the lady at the register and start culturing yourself.

I mean dude, you want a serious relationship but you aren’t even talking about who you are and what you can do or what your interests are. You just talk about your vapid attraction and how easy it was to get women when you looked like Justin beaver. And you know what happened to him? He became a broke down loser because he thought that his vapid crap would continue through his whole life.

Do yourself a favor and make your personality interesting, because honestly you sound like you’re a 19 year old frat boy.

File: Czdnh1eUkAE2LY4.jpg (128 KB, 1076x1070)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Is there even any point in debating things? Debates, especially on the internet, seem to always go like this
>Person tells personal anecdote
>Makes universal claim based on personal anecdote

Example : "I dated an Asian girl once. She cheated on me. Therefore all Asian girls cheat."

Either the debate goes like that, or person A will cite a source supporting their claim, to which person B will cite a source saying the opposite of their claim, and so on.

I used to enjoy debating things then I realized it's just people jerking themselves off and nobody ever has their opinion changed. Is there even any way to have a productive debate?
Debating on the Internet is useless.
Prove me wrong.
you are right, a lot of people base their beliefs on their subjective percepion of reality and thats just how humans work. we dont really get to compare how others feel, we might only imagine if we got blessed with enough empathy but will never be able to actually understand how other people think. we are closed with our own environments and minds built from mixed result of genes and personal experiences. more rational people however, tend to rather base their beliefs on researches and actual studies of sociology. they also got a deep knowledge of logical thinking avoiding getting caught in manipulation traps and cognitive errors. but that all requires putting actual effort and most people arent much interested in putting it. you can have constructive dialogue but only with a smart, open minded people who are willing to change mind or get a better insight. as opposed to idiots who seem more like some cult leaders trying to promote their brand new holy water.
No one changes their beliefs or opinions, ever. Especially on 4chan. We don't read what we type to one another. We read a distorted version, whatever we want it to mean, myself included, of course. We don't connect, we don't step out, we don't go anywhere. Things just keep happening around us and we just shitpost around, trying to ignore how quickly time goes by.

Connection outside 4chan is absolutely necessary
not online. it's just a waste of time and energy. you'll be providing facts, stats, videos, and a heck load of proof. nobody will take you seriously.

Long vent in which I try to untwist my thoughts
Days pass really fucking weird.My time perception is kinda fucked. And a lot of times it doesn't feel like I'm living. Like it feels like I'm some sort of npc or shit. And I usually forget to try and get out of that state. I'm not even old (18) but it feels like life trapped me. I lost my hope in people and in future. Its fun cause sometimes I like to think of tomorrow as this mysterious day in which I can get hit by god knows what adventure, but I'm always disappointed to find out it's the same like any other day. It's sad, cause when night comes I fantasize about tomorrow being the best day of my life, the day when all things change..
But little do I know it's all gonna be the same.
You may say now: anon you're really fucking stupid. You can change shit. Well that's fair, but I don't even know what to change. I like the outside. But I have no one there to help me get through. If I go out, I'm gonna be all alone and vulnerable. I also live in the country side and I'm imagining that if people would saw me roaming alone, they would see me as a freak. I wanna change stuff anons, but I feel so powerless. I dont think any advice would work on me. Words are not powerful enough. I feel so disgusting sometimes. I look around people my age and they seem so put together. They're all having fun and spending time together. I tried making friends with people online but usually this things flop so hard. Did it happen to you too? It feels like I am at fault for this. And all real young people around me dont really care about me. And it's so hard to find someone in this shitty world who will keep me invested enough.
And all the work seem so useless and hard. are all people going through this shit everyday?
I want some
Grind to move to a really big city. Plenty of people to meet, plenty of experiences to be had. The country side is really bad if you're alone and not comfortable with solitude.

What do I do if I feel like I'm on the verge of a psychotic break?

File: 1519333296681.png (39 KB, 656x755)
39 KB
well it's official, today I concluded she's cheating on me
everything seemed normal just recently. then one day I noticed she blocked me from seeing her ig stories (pretty easy to figure out). didn't confront her about it, but stopped talking to her as a "punishment". that was about 3 weeks ago, we haven't talked since. it was clear to me something is up, so I creeped on her social media today and I finally figured out who she's seeing. he reposed a story of hers, having his arms around her neck, kissing her ear. not gonna lie this hurts.
two questions. do I even confront her about it? we haven't talked for a long time so it seems to me she already moved on. obviously she's a bitch for not telling me anything, we could have done this in a mature way, but what would be the point of confronting her at this point? if she's not willing to talk to me, why the fuck should I even bother contacting her.
second, how do I sleep tonight without crying?
63 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
That really fucking sucks to hear man. I had a moment like that, and it hurt like hell. Best thing to do is to listen to music and relax a bit. Try to let your mind focus on other things. Also, you're not alone on this and there is always help. Consider this a good thing as she was no good in the first place to do that and you see what she truly is; a lying fucking snake. So take it easy man and try to get into things to ease your mind. Go outside and enjoy the sun, that's what makes me feel better. Sorry to hear about this anon. Don't give it up. Keep your head up high and move on. Don't look back at her and just carry on with life. You'll find someone else in time as long as you're happy doing what you love. Cry if you must as we're all human. May God bless you and give you the strength needed.
>The only other way is to meet a lot of different people at a time and filter out the ones you're compatible with physically and then in terms of personality.
that's basically how I met her. when I saw her my first thought was she's cute, but I've been with hotter women before so I wasn't impressed. it's her personality that I fell for. she reminded me a lot of my first love
You're not pathetic for loving someone. You've just been betrayed. You don't want to believe that she acted the way she did, at least at first, you don't understand why. It's normal, you're not a simp or anything. You're a good guy and you will get over this and find a non-slut.
It's the first time you ended up in this situation, so you're quite vulnerable right now, but if you learn from this, you will be bolder in future similar scenarios, which hopefully won't happen.
Won't happen as in hopefully you finally find someone that loves you the way you love them and you achieve your goals of settling down together. I believe in you
And you should start believing in fitness. Get a membership as soon as you can, and improve your body, it will improve many other aspects of your life too
Well same anon just above, now reading this full story. If you've been hurt by this you're gonna get completely fucked if she gets with someone else further down the line.

File: costa rica.jpg (62 KB, 640x853)
62 KB
How do I get over the fact that I will never fuck my favorite e-girl.

I mean, she has the right height, right skin color, right curves, right eyebrows, right eye color, right head form, right smile etc... everything about her is 100% type as far as physique goes. But I probably will never be able to seduce her, and have sex with her. He depresses me. I'm tired to jerk off her pictures. I really want the real thing, real bad. I'm considering going to Florida and try to seduce her, but I'm scared of the frustration that will come with not managing to do so.

How to cope?
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behind the hair duh.
You've got an unhealthy obsession. Go live your life and talk to a real girl like a regular human, because it's good for you
If they're an e-girl I'm sure you could negotiate a rendezvous, for a price
Why not go to florida and do the impossible
nigga, just save up 800-1200 dollars and slide into those dms and ask her how much. Also this girl is a 7/10 at best, I'm pretty sure she'll be ecstatic about making a couple a hundred for less then 10 mins of work.

File: 1437874213935.jpg (368 KB, 840x700)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
What's the feel of cuddling with a girl?
Better than alcohol or drugs for disconnecting from the stresses of life.
ith legitneth
File: 1586095525313.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
they don't deserve to cuddle with you, bro

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