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File: 1679334636376.jpg (57 KB, 800x530)
57 KB
How do I stop crying about how shit my life is?
Crying is okay, unless you are attention whoring.

If you need desperately need to stop crying, you need to start reading some stoic books. Also I recomend Maxim Gorky myself.

File: 1620936330211.png (384 KB, 710x842)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
Hi anons,

I work as IT janny deploying computers with Windows 10, fixing Office installs, deploying updates and all that gay shit. I am fucking tired.
There is a chance of changing muh career right now, and I was looking for advice. Something that I don't have to deal with office wagies, fuck users and fuck Microsoft. My company said they need embedded developers, which sounds hard as fuck but looks fun. I can also go for pen testing or cyber security but it seems like every kid from uni is getting into it. What do? Other suggestions? DevOps (kek)? European market btw
DevOps seems cool, if you go C# + python devops, you can use your microsoft experience.

I like your job actually, I am 135 iq and can get job only as salesman-loader in ship because of shitty state of society.
the grass is always greener on the other side I guess. I am trying to get away from MS as much as possible. If you want to get in IT, you can start by getting a Helpdesk job. Learn about troubleshooting, password resets on AD, ticketing systems, group policies, reinstalls of apps and OS

File: whag.gif (267 KB, 128x128)
267 KB
267 KB GIF
How do I go back to being my old autistic self?
>Intense concentration
>Able to think on one subject and find all the little nuances of it for hours and hours.
I wish I had this type of energy again.
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File: ihateu.png (5 KB, 586x564)
5 KB
bump anon we are twins
pick a cool topic and push through the initial boredom. it will come back once you find some cool unexpected shit.
>its not possible to "escape autism

At least one animal model study suggests autism is choline deficiency. In the study, giving female rats insufficient choline during pregnancy led to autistic offspring. Their autistic Behavior was ameliorated by supplementing their water with choline. Women eat s*** diets. Most of the suffering of people in the world is related to bad female behavior. It's absolutely appalling that there's quite decent animal research about autism's nutritional causes and none of it filters down to pregnant women. I have a friend whose wife is an OBGYN and I asked him if she talks to her patience about choline supplementation, and he asked her for me and her response was what's choline? It's only being an essential nutrient since 1998.

First time dating someone with a twin sister so I'm trying to figure out if I should be weirded out and do something or if this is just how close sisters are.

Sister moved across the country and in with us late last year after their aunt that raised them died, and I had an accident that has limited my ability to get around and work. My gf really needed it, she's become a major shut-in and even while on crutches I was basically taking care of her.

But the sister is intense. She makes jokes about how they're both dating me, how if she got to me first I'd be dating her, and on top of all of this, she acts what feels like incesty to her sister. Like, last night kissed her on the lips but held for a little longer than just a peck, she wants to share the bed with us and cuddle most nights, so it's all three of us sleeping together, and she gives zero fucks about being naked around her sister and vice versa. A few stories I've heard over the years make me think maybe they fooled around, but I think I might just be overthinking it. They're also constantly up in my space, like I barely can take a shit without one of them with me.

I haven't said anything yet, but should I? Or are they just close and I'm reading too much into it? Pic not related short of them being redheads.
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I don't believe you, you would have talked with your gf about it already

From an Anon who tried fucking one sister and the other one jumped on my cock to make sure it didn't happen and had a ltr with her.
I think you should be honest with your GF with how you feel about the sister, and ask for her perspective on the situation. I'm guessing they have a really close relationship, as twins tend to have, so I think it would help to be understanding about the circumstances. Tell her it makes you uncomfortable and you want to know what she thinks, ask her what you think you should do.
If your gf is kissing anyone on the lips, sister or not, she's cheating. Don't care about the rest of the LARP.
File: coom eternal.jpg (69 KB, 474x718)
69 KB
>a twin sister
uh oh

I knew some very cool twins growing up, most people did it seems

you should do like a fun netlix & wine night all three of you as a joke haha
Great fantasy. If your gf doesn't realize that her sister is overstepping boundaries when she sleeps naked with you two, she is borderline retarded.

I told my bf I’m in pain and he said “that’s not good” and he made a joke then went back to talking about what he was talking about and I kept groaning in pain and he just ignored me and continued talking. Is this normal?
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Arab eh? Like straight up Muslim? I wouldn't fuck a Muslim bitch with a stolen dick, not gonna lie
This thread makes me hate men even more and confirms my decision to never have kids period, and never get married unless he’s rich.

Then men will whine about women not wanting kids. Kill yourselves desu entitled trash
Lol this
Why does it confirm your hatred for men? Please tell me it’s not because we refuse to play ball with babying women when they have a boo-boo.
Good riddance, I'll hold out for sensible woman
I'm going to be rich in 4 years btw

I'm broke and need to get a job as soon as possible. But unfortunately, I need money as quickly as possible. I got a job offer as a transcriber, Are there any tools that can help me to transcribe a 2-hour-long interview very fast?
Just use GTPchat, it will do work like that in seconds.

File: kfttr64wi7x21.jpg (70 KB, 440x912)
70 KB
>feel suicidal and depressed
>meditate on my feelings
>feel fine
>realise I don't feel bad, I'm just thinking bad
What the fuck is wrong with me?

File: 1675138814603865.jpg (78 KB, 640x852)
78 KB
>ask a girl at uni to go to a museum
>she says yes
>be excited but not sure if she thinks it's a date but don't care, gotta get to know her better anyway
>past few days she's been acting more distant
>day we go is coming up
>not sure how to handle it
Do I just go up to her and tell her 'hey so it's still on?' I don't want to intimidate her but I also don't want to make her feel that I don't want to go. I'd rather crash and burn rather than ruin my own chances by being indecisive.
It feels like I should talk to her one on one but we're in a group. What do I do? I also have no reason to message her, unless it's about asking about if she still wants to go but I might as well wait for a moment in person.
Sounds like she might be clamming up.
Don't ask her if she wants to go.
Ask her if she is excited to go. This gets you the same answer without looking wishy washy.
Be mentally prepared for her to flake out. If she doesn't, try to have as much fun as possible while you're there.
Great advice here.
Yeah I guess that might be true. I hope she doesn't flake but I guess if she flakes I'll be okay. I'm okay with her not wanting to go, it's the not knowing part that sucks. I'm not even pushing for it to be date because we don't know each other that well yet and even if it doesn't work out we should still be able to work together.
Tomorrow I'll just try to talk some more to her I guess. I almost want to send her a message or something just to start some conversation but I feel that'd be artificial and maybe a little pushy.
I'm also tired rn so I'm beating myself up a little. I'm going for a walk. Any more ideas or tips or whatever is greatly appreciated.

My bf really idolizes his best friend. He says really good things about him, basically says he’s perfect and better than him. I think he has a guy crush. He says he’s super handsome, and cool and just always seems happy and never has any problems at all.

My bf is amazing and he seems that way to me so it’s interesting seeing him say that about someone else.

He even said jokingly “I asked him to date me and he said no” or something like that

Is my bf gay or something or is this normal?
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Okay, yeah. He's bi. Be very suspicious if he invites him over or goes out 'for a jog' and disappears for 2 hours.
>he doesn’t love me
that's the important part if we're being real here
It's normal, but I understand your concern. Women don't usually form genuine relationships with each other, so from your perspective this is a completely alien thing.
Masculinity is learned by osmosis so it's normal for men to paint someone they know in a "big bro" or "uncle/father" position.
I know I do, I have amazing friends and I feel lucky to have them

Will I look like a total sperg for quoting a possible future mentor at another university in my undergrad research? I’m planning on matriculating into their program god be willing, and my current mentor suggested that I attempt to assimilate their language and style in order to improve my chances of success via pseudo-nepotism.
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Not a dumb idea. As long as their research is legit, quoting them is unproblematic as far as I've heard at least.
Scholar anon here, Ivy grad, and PhD in Chemistry,

If you’re going to quote someone who’s currently active in academia (especially when lecturing), make sure the quote is extremely relevant to the subject matter.

I’ll give you an example. A particular student wanted to enroll at my school, to study under me. I was told by the enrollment committee that I had been mentioned. In the student’s personal statement I was quoted saying something in a speech I gave at a location in South US, sometime in 2018. When the committee asked me about the quote, I told them:
>”Seems like that part of the speech resonated with the student, despite the fact it had little to no relevance to the subject matter I spoke about that day”

It was my way of saying “if I am to be quoted, make it something relevant or at least the crux of the subject matter. Nobody likes being quoted for simple, irrelevant points that make up a small part of a real argument”.

So I’d exercise caution. Make it really good and pertinent or use someone else.
not a bad idea
From what I have seen it works more then it should. Just don't make it too heavy as you need to fall in the zone of liking and respecting his work, but not being a total suck up. I was having trouble with one professor and after looking everything over found that every report that cited him was one letter grade higher than the ones that didn't, it was an easy way to pump my grade (although I really hated how unmeritocratic it was). Also vocabulary is a huge factor in fields, learning proper words will instantly boost your credibly. Little things like mixing up high temp oven vs high temp furnace drops your standing. Really they should streamline the vocab so it is easier for everyone, but vocabulary is a common filter that's not going away.

Also I would secretly try to preserve your current thinking, it my be a liability now as you need to fit in starting out. But it can act as a source of new and creative ideas years later after you are established and your competition has lost their creativity.
>only takes students that inflate your ego
Good to know, and yeah, I’ll try to make sure I only quote them when necessary. I don’t want to look like a retard who’s just quoting randos

>vocab is a common filter
This is starting to seem very true after looking at CVs of people whom
I want to work with. I’m noticing they call what I’m studying “virtual teams” rather than calling it “telework” or “remote work”.

File: 1650151172796.jpg (23 KB, 512x388)
23 KB
I'm new to dating, I get a fair amount of first dates but never any second dates.
How do I balance "being myself"(autistic socially anxious weirdo) with actually making the girl like me enough to go on a second date?
Own your weirdness and make jokes about it, but gradually so. I wouldn't mention it until after you find out you sort of get along at least, let's say after the second drink or so.
If you're not comfortable with your personality, don't date until you do.

File: FroHfK8XgAE2HH9.jpg (104 KB, 680x597)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
My dear friend I have known many years with some mutual attraction paused for a long time after I asked if he would be safe on his submarine mission, then he said "Super safe". Was he lying or am I overthinking?
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He's super safe, anon.
Men don't mince words like women do.
was worried he was lying because i started researching it in between and submariners seem to have a historically high fatality rate. idk what his mission is like though.
He's super safe, anon.

You're looking at WW2 fatality rates. The last submarine incident was in 1968. Stop worrying.
okay that's good. i hope he doesnt go into an active war zone. pause mightve been a coincidence
There is no active war zone involving submarines.

He's super safe, anon.

File: femnazis.jpg (64 KB, 540x432)
64 KB
Bro's this article is hitting too close to the mark. Femnazis are onto us. Of course, the feminist author will still just blame her son's failures to launch on the father if she fails miserably- which we hope and pray she will. Please read "Perspective: The vanishing American man" and shitpost the author. Link below.

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>huuurrrrrr duuuuhhhhh baby boom was in duuuuuhhhhhh '70's, duuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr
>as duuuuuhhhh populationz increased in duuuuhhhhhhh '90's duuuhhhhh inflation fell, huurrrrrrrrrr
Population has zero to do with inflation, you pinhead. It is a result of monetary policy. The worst hyperinflation was in Germany, Argentina, and Zimbabwe at times of local population *decline*.
>"Wyped that out"
look up "ctrl+C" and "ctrl+V"
How would you feel if you couldn't understand analogies?

I think they do have a small but significant increase in true mental illness. I think it's more social contagion and status games. There's a reason politicians say they're "taking a break for their mental health" when they get caught in some scandal, when they used to say "I'm going to spend time with my family ": America puts unwarranted esteem on gay, weak-minded, retards.
It also is a status game, and that too is mentally ill.
How would I feel if you could use an analogy that made sense?
Hint: a lot less like laughing at you.
>America puts unwarranted esteem on gay, weak-minded, retards.
Well, I wouldn't know but I bet you would

I am short (5'7") and I have a small dick (4.5"-5") and I am terrified that I will never have a great relationship because of these things. Do I have any hope of a woman not looking down on me?
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>small dick
LMAO you're the epitome of what women despise. They'd rather fuck a dog than a short man.
Why do you conflate what you think you look like with what you ARE?
this anon is right
>studies show
This always means "I'm lying out of my ass".
Found the bitter virgin lanklet.
Its peer reviewed man https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26332467/

File: IMG_20200410_041618.jpg (138 KB, 582x579)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
i (25m) found and very infatuated with the girl (31f) of my dreams. kind, funny, body of my dreams. we've been dating for 6 months now, so i feel this reflection is valid.

main problem is, i think we have two separate views of what we want in life. she wants a partner because she's an engineer and likes the comfort of having someone around. she claims to project that "happiness comes from within" but is very dependent on me to give her gratification, very dependent on someone giving her sex, love, attention, but also claims to be hyper independent. which she is, somewhat! to her credit, she's got her own place, well paying job, she's got the foundation of her life in order.

me on the other hand, im 25, just switching careers to an online business at home, im just starting up, and need to focus a lot (and i mean a lot) of my time towards it. im striving towards independence also, but im currently living with my folks to save myself on rent and part of the bills. im giving myself a year or two to make this business thing work and to make it into a full time gig, then move out again.

i just don't know if she's going to be part of the equation at the end. she has some conflicting values. she wants me to move in within a year, she wants kids (that im not sure that i want right now). she doesn't even want to call what we have a "relationship" or call me "her boyfriend," and also rarely tells me she thinks about dating other people who "already have aligning values as her", so quite frankly, im starting to think it isnt worth my time that i could be putting into my business on the weekends. although i really do enjoy her and spending time with her. it's a conflict. other red flags from her include PTSD from child abuse, double standards of wanting to be treated like royalty but is fine being shitty towards men, feeling like she's always testing me, etc.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
when the genders are flipped, yeah
a 31 year old woman can be very different from a mid-20s guy.
I don't see an issue with an older woman. Where exactly does this issue lie?
You don't want to end up like Macron.
That being said my mom was 3 years older than my dad and they got along fine.
Just keep in mind that by the time you want to have kids she may not be able to give you any.
Most of this is whatever fine, but her refusing to say you're even in a relationship means she will never be faithful so it's not worth the time.

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