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File: 007.jpg (154 KB, 828x795)
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154 KB JPG
What are some good jobs for math undergraduates? Are there any good, high paying ones that don't involve programming?
Bump again.

She feels the same way for me, we are growing closer everytime we meet. But then I keep thinking of the future and how it is not allowed for nurses and patients to form relationships. She takes care of me at my home, not the hospital it is just us, and I am not that sick. She takes my advances, but is not willing to make advances herself. Can it work out? Or is this going to be a disaster?
Post her or larp
>She feels the same way
No she doesn't

Nurses are trained to not form such emotional bonds with patients...there are details I am leaving out on purpose.

File: EyU3SCuWEAAxUWa.jpg (51 KB, 680x654)
51 KB
Why is this place so depressing and demoralizing and how can I leave it?
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I get legit good ideas on /trv/ but when I’m not traveling I get so bored and lurk all these other boards. It’s ruining my life. So much wasted time.
/biz/ made me a fuckton of money years ago now im like an addict
Never take advice from 4chan. People come here to troll and that's it.
This place is like that because many people have nowhere else to go. If you want to leave, you need to fill in the time with something else, otherwise it will leave a void that will just fill itself back in. Good luck anon.
A void that no amount of porn can fill. And that is the only riches I have

File: Ewid5w6W8Ag31RP.jpg (14 KB, 425x319)
14 KB
Does the time you cum while masturbating equate to the time you'll cum in sexual coitus?
Just did within a minute or two.
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... are you a dude? do you grab your dick like a cigarette or something? lmao
I put my thumb on top of my dick and then the rest of my fingers on the bottom I feel like a full grip with my palm doesn't do it for me
I also jack off with my left hand when I'm right hand dominant maybe I'm just weird
My pal hates it when I jack off to her, she complains it takes like 2-4 hours of me tryna cum
small dick dude i suppose?
Nah cuz when you jack off you usually just do it so you can cum and get it over with.

File: PepeHug.png (99 KB, 746x512)
99 KB
A few night ago I was in the back of a car with friends, being driven home. At one point in the ride, my one friend grabbed my hand & was holding it up, telling me about how we're gonna do well in university & pass our exams. I just kinda was chalking it up to quirk of them being drunk, and was waiting for them to leg go of my hand. I was holding their hand fairly loosely, as they have a boyfriend and I didn't want our other friends to interpret as me trying to make a move of something. Instead of letting go, she just rested our and on the middle seat and kept holding onto mine. I probably should've just let go, but in all honestly it was a very "comfy" feeling and I just let it happen until I was dropped off 6 minutes later.

I didn't put much though into it as it was just simple hand holding, & I just didn't find it necessary to bring it up. I'm just curious if this is normal for most friends to do when drunk etc. Something like this hasn't really happened before. This post probably sounds a bit childish, but the whole experience was odd; it was feeling I haven't really felt in awhile, but it was very enjoyable. Usually I just feel lust for a woman, but this was different.
you should probably metoo them
What do you mean
Yes, go on twitter and accuse them of literally raping you.

File: Snapchat-646778397.jpg (35 KB, 892x780)
35 KB
gf blueballed me again. we start escalating and building sexual tension only for her to quickly tell me to stop being horny and that she isn't turned on. once she even admitted to me that she did it just to get my attention. so that makes it twice now, and i was so unbelievably frustrated that i straight up left. was this a good idea? she even texted me asking if i was hanging with one of my female friends (that she despises because she is more attractive than my gf and makes her very jealous and insecure when she hits on me) but anyways, was this a good idea to leave as hastily as i did? i made an excuse that i had plans i forgot about. and as for the gf blueballing part, i think twice is enough and im genuinely getting frustrated. it feels like such a chore to get her turned on and wanting to sex. its great when it happens but id be lying if i said i didnt the despite that there would be times where i would have to put in a lot of effort to get her turned on, when im genuinely turned on myself, but then today happens where she just came out of nowhere and said shes not really turned on.
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No, before you dump her try this. Turn the power games table on her.
She refuses to continue sex stuff after getting you all worked up? Pull out your dick, jack off staring at her. Shoot a load on her.
She'll either be creeped out and dump you, or turned on and want to fuck
Alternatively, call out the other girl's name the next time you're making out. The one she's jealous of
Real advice. Be honest with her. Say that you'll never ever force or pressure her into doing anything with you that she doesn't want to do. But that you also refuse to be strung along like that any more.

Additionally, it is also possible she's had some kind of sexual trauma in the past. It's up to you how serious you are with her to try to work through it, or just follow what I said above.
Maybe if you hit the fucking arrow keys correctly when you rap you wouldn't get blueballed every single time. Sage
Incel, you forgot to take your meds

Corona began to hit where I live last year, I got laid off.
Everyone I knew told me to be very careful, limit any access with any person you don’t live with.

I haven’t worked since march last year, I only ever leave the house to run errands, and lately go to the gym because I don’t buy their shit anymore.

All of my friends are getting married/ have gfs since this all started. I’ve been forgotten by virtually anyone I knew before, I’ve become bitter and anxious somehow.

Everyday that goes by my resume becomes worse, and I simultaneously become more hostile to people while craving the touch of them aswell.

I don’t know how to get out of this, I I feel like I’m living in groundhog day and I’m waisting my youth
bro, why are you taking corona seriously? Fuck the boomers. They fucked your generations by offloading all the manufacturing overseas, and then they imported half the free world to suppress what wages were left for you. Fuck. Them. They sold your birth right.

Go out there, fuck sluts, make bucks, and punch cucks god damnit

Every time I try to get out of my shell and do something productive I fuck up and it feels like the end of the world. Today I decided to clean my room and when I was lifting my bed I ended up breaking two of its legs and plate at the same time I just ran out and screamed at my pillow and now don't feel like doing anything . How do I stop doing this.
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When you want to give up is the most important time to keep going. By this you will become more patient. Good luck anon.
Just know it's not the end of the world and that it's part of the process. We all gotta start somewhere. The ability to be weak is what makes us strong. Keep learning from your failures. You'll get the hang of it.
Also this >>23954655
It's ok.... Do you want me to pray for you?
Will you pray for me that I will become rich and powerful and have many women? I would like 3 prayers per day ideally
You are like a dog that spills its water bowl and cowers under the couch. Be the dog that smiles gregariously and gets out of it by charm, but still learn from it.

I am taking a Korean class at uni and my project is to make something in Korean, like a video or poem or something. I don’t have a creative bone in my body. What do I make?
How about something about your interests? From your description it seems pretty open-ended.
Hmm. I like programming, maybe I could make a website in Korean. I’m very hesitant to program for school projects though because it seems kinda autistic to me

Her profile said something about wanting to play minecraft with something? Any suggestions what next?
Tired as fuck

*Wanting to play minecraft with someone or something like that*
>uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuh shit shit shit this has never worked before lmao I dont have any more lines Im actually panicking rn
it's not your job to impress and entertain her. just chat. if she's "bored" by you, then you saved yourself from a big problem.
Yeah, you're right. Fuck this thread

I mean getting ghosted on tinder is easy as fuck. Always walking on eggshells with these bitches.

File: Ryoji_Kaji.png (177 KB, 360x450)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Thinking of giving up my old identity and assuming the traits and personality of Kaji from NGE. good idea or bad idea?
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>I'm not some fat sperg who sits at a computer all day
I didn't think you were, and the fact that you're trying to prove to me that you're not some fugly retard is telling of your blatant insecurity. I'm not projecting because I'm a functional member of society who has had relationships since high school and basically lives an average, normal life so that's not really it.

It's just simply the idea that you want to literally become someone else (an anime character no less) is what's cringe, and it quite seriously reminds me of similar dreams I had when I was 12, that thankfully I grew out of quickly.
not OP but you can look at the way certain characters act and think it would improve your life in someway, and if it's to project some kind of aesthetic well you need to do that anyway to be entertaining so why not take a few hints from a fictional character? can't hurt to give it a try
Taking traits from fictional characters is something people have been doing for years now. You can say it's "cringy" because its an anime character but that just says you have a bias against anime rather than any meaningful commentary on OP.
>bias against anime
Brother I run a popular monetized anime fan account, and have for five years. I love anime, I don't have a bias against it. Dramatized entertainment just has no place in real life.
You wanna become an alphabet person government worker double agent that actually know some of the hidden secrets of the literal illuminati and new world order? Gee anon go right ahead

File: jrel3jldj4h41.jpg (32 KB, 640x393)
32 KB
I'm 20 and still a NEET. I worked a job for a month but I hated it so I quit and haven't been able to find a new one yet.

I really want to become more independent but I'm always with my parents and I don't know how to do things on my own. Everything's so confusing. I was originally going to buy a plane ticket to some english speaking country and force myself to be all alone in a new place, but covid happened and I quit my job so I don't even have money. I also want to move to somewhere else and I want to get married eventually but I'm not making any progress. I've not even tried talking to girls because I feel like an embarrassment.
Join the military
I tried that but they didn't let me. Maybe that's for the best though.
you wanna be a sailor?
Hmm maybe. I'm afraid of the ocean but maybe I could get used to it. How would you do that?

im a naturally argumentative person, and i hold very strong opinions about things. whenever someone on the internet has a different opinion i get the immediate reaction to go and argue with them. id rather just not give a shit if someone thinks a game was bad or if someone thinks a movie was good
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there is no evidence that gods do or do not exist retard
I couldn’t think of a bigger waste of my time than arguing with either of those people on the respective topic.
but it feels like its in my nature to argue, i should have been on a speech and debate team or something
yeah i know there should be a required IQ test before consuming the same media as me
its usually only internet retards but sometime me and my friends have debates about ranking stuff/tier lists/whatever.
usually if somebody says "oh i think blank is the best" i don't really care, i guess its negative opinions that i dont like? like, if someone says "killers is the worst iron maiden album" i'll get ready to throw hands, but if someone says "powerslave is the best iron maiden album" and i don't agree with it i don't really care. but i could still probably make a case as to why they're wrong
go find a bridge and argue with the laws of gravity
Remember that your views are no more right than anyone else's. Remember that others' perspectives are just as valuable/worthless as your own. Remember that sometimes people are wrong, and for your own wellbeing you have to pick your battles.

File: 1617579948976.jpg (113 KB, 900x1200)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I got a creepy email recently and its freaking me out. Somebody please convince me that thins is a scam.

>U have got forty-eight hours to meet my requirements.
Within 96 hours ur prestige is going to be fully destroyed, read the message entirely.
Ur onanism was shot via your infected device through your web camera.
If it makes u happy, I’m not the one to convict ur home passion.
But, this runs counter to any religious thought of the world.
When I get the remuneration, I will destroy ur earth-shattering vid and nobody ever gonna see this.
Neglecting me, I am going to send the video to your relatives and publish it on the web.
After infecting ur device, I run recording using ur camera, distantly copied contacts from ur mail, and as well have accessed to ur social networks.
As soon as u read the message I’ll see that. There are 48 hours to implement my requirements as soon as you read this notification.
Do not attempt to beg me, on sending this notification I’ll delete the email address in order to erase clues.
I recommend u not to access questionable websites next time, antivirus can’t always protect u.
yes it's a scam
it's a scam, i got something like this as well. change your passwords just in case
scam. besides if someone recorded you fapping who gives a shit. everyone masturbates to porn

File: 20210412_175842.jpg (3.35 MB, 4032x3024)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
I think everything that I'm doing, every way in which I'm behaving is completely wrong.
I'm 22 years old, I want to be really rich, I learned english on my own, came to America, I'm working 2 jobs, I have a talent, but I'm not using it right now.
I'm afraid of people, I don't know how to behave with them.
I'm really afraid of people, although, when I get confident, I do a great job at being a human, I mean, almost every person that really gets to know me (1 every 6 monts, or even more time, I don't let people get close) develops some kind of crush.
But, I am afraid of people.
I'm confesing this in here, you and I are not normal guys.
Maybe many of you can relate.
Maybe not.
Tell me what ever you think, insult me if you would like, naybe this comes off as cooky, maybe I am, but as an anon, who cares?
Why you develop a crush, or do you mean why you're shy? If the latter, that's just who you are, if the former, maybe you're just lonely?

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