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God has given me the best life. Where are you? Where you planning to be?
Send me to Austria please. Find me a job too. With a nice apartment
I do not want to use my power for you. I just want to know about you.

1 Corinthians 10:12 "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."

Don't get cocky.

So one dude in our group is diagnosed with schizophrenia about year ago. When he relapse, it's usually harmless. He would just rambling about how this world isn't real and he's the only one who have consciousness and he can move between parallel universes everyday.

But lately it's getting a bit creepy. He would stalk one of my friends office building and tag along when my friend is having lunch with his coworker. Or come uninvited to one of my friends house on weekend and stay for hours. I myself just got a new place and went through a lot of effort to hide it from him.

At this rate, i'm afraid he'll eventually kill one/all of us. And to make it worse, he's smart. He used to be smartest guy in the faculty. I can totally see him planning a perfect crime or something like that. Should i call the psych ward or the police?
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yea, we're taking this approach for now.
but in worst case scenario where police gets involved and they let him off with just a warning, i'm afraid it'll agitate him even further.
>I can totally see him planning a perfect crime or something like that
To put you at ease a little: legit schizos like your friend are terrible at masking their illness. You already mentioned a ton of weird shit about him that everyone notices. If someone ends up dead he's gonna be the prime suspect.
Schizos who cannot mask are super obvious. That said yeah there's a real possibility he'll be in your living room covered in his own blood screaming about the aliens in his brain or something.
Unless he does something really egregious I don't think you can have him committed. Just be wary of him.
i agree but
>If someone ends up dead he's gonna be the prime suspect
it would better if none of use ends up dead in the first place
HOL UP now... how sure are you that this guy can't really travel through parallel universes? This is the kind of friend we all need and really don't want to turn into enemies!
It's a skill that's hard to control, sometimes I'll use it to evade jannies by flipping to another dimension but moot calls his CIA buddies to track me down via the fibrillation of entangled quarks from the semen socks and life energy threads and I think I see moot outside my fucking window, I'm going to stretch my legs and yell at him, HOWEVER, and he was a good friend

File: Capture.jpg (61 KB, 652x525)
61 KB
I constantly get the urge to delete all my social media and block all my contacts except for my mum, dad and uncle but I never go through with it, nobody but them knows where I live so it's not like my friends can come to track me down or anything, I've been getting this urge for years, what's wrong with me?

File: 1662309954241.jpg (108 KB, 800x800)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
i've been rated a 2.7/10 by women on photofeeler (almost 100 women). i'm clearly a lot better looking than notorious incels who get really harsh psl ratings (like 3-4/10). why are women harsher than autistic lookism people when it comes to looks? is it just the site?
Maybe it was a shit picture with awful lighting.
Maybe don't let vain whores on some dumbass website tell you how you look?
it was multiple pictures
one got a 2.5, one a 2.7, and another a 3.2
i was just curious as to how women viewed me. i know that i've been rated a 5 by incels, so i can't be as hideous as they say. what was funny to me is they rated my trustworthiness and intelligence even lower than my looks. very eye-opening to be desu

File: 6b5.jpg (83 KB, 801x1200)
83 KB
Sometimes i realise somebody is trying to manipulate me to get something by being nice like getting something from me like a favour, money, whatever…

in those causes, should i pretended like i didn’t realise or say i did?
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This is how the world works. You do it too. Even altruists get a high off helping people.
fuck it bro, if its obvious manipulation just call em out fuck they gonna do, try to manipulate you into not realizing ur being manipulated
File: index.jpg (8 KB, 220x229)
8 KB
smile like this cat maybe it can solve some mysteries
Depends. Just say no man. If you notice a pattern you can say "I notice this and that". Ask him/her if that rings true to them. Also don't let the given favours stack up. Ask them for something for a change. Don't be their dog fulfilling every wish of theirs

File: FSNbNItWUAAFGce.jpg (21 KB, 640x360)
21 KB
How do i enjoy the company of others? I love spending all my time alone only socialising on 4chan talking about my interest. I hate talking about other people because i'm a cunt. Parents are seething saying i need friend so how do i make them or how do i enjoy being around others?
File: monk.png (861 KB, 470x591)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
Why are you living with your parents? Go to the pub, go to church, talk to coworkers, its not that hard. Nobody actually likes talking about other people they don't know that well [unless they're mentally damaged], just pretend to be interested until you actually are.
File: 1551042553289.jpg (69 KB, 800x926)
69 KB
Friendship is about giving and receiving. You get what you put in. If you put in the effort and want to be their friend and hang out with them, they'll see that, and their reaction to your clear and concise efforts to be friends should indicate if they're good friends or not.

Try not to do any assuming regarding how other people see you, they don't think the same way, you need to voice your desire to want to get together, by telling them how you would like to be friends.

In other words, you give them opportunities to be your friend while you make the effort to be the friend you would want others to be for you. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

If they go on to reciprocate your advances of bringing together a friendship, you've found yourself a friend, and if not, and they're still nice, that's an acquaintance, someone you don't hang out, but can be friendly with.

Then you have best friends, whom are the ones you hang out with most.

You'll have a lot of acquaintances, and a couple of friends who you could hang out with you on occasion, but your best friend(s) are the ones you hang out with a lot more than others. Your Best Friends care about you most.

Now, It's important to note that Friends have an end. "fri-end." What I mean by this, is some people don't stick around forever, and people can change, and come and go. But always remember that you'll always be there for you.

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I wasn't even a big monarchist or anything, but I am British and there's just something about the Queen dying after being on the throne for so long. 70 whole years and then she's just gone. It feels like everything has changed and the country is darker than it was before. Time is moving on and the constant truths and standards we had grown accustomed to are crumbling. It just has made me think a lot about change, and mortality in general, and it's not a good feeling.
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Britain can go fuck itself ugly cunts
Imagine asking internet strangers for permission to feel emotion
That queen was a disgusting cunt who ruled over most of the world for a period of time while hundreds of millions under her thumb starved. I'm glad she is dead. You are a faggot also.
I think you've mistaken the late 20th century for the late 19th century.
Your problem isn't the Queen, her death just made you realize existencial things.

File: 1663582986078235.gif (751 KB, 1000x500)
751 KB
751 KB GIF
Starting at the beginning of this year, there was this girl at work who developed a crush on me, I kept ignoring her though since at the time I was already seeing someone. Fast forward to three months later and I break up with her for personal reasons and immediately got with another girl that I already had on the side, I then told the girl at work this and she seemed sad, eventually the second girl I got with ended up moving to California, so now I'm practically all alone, and the obvious choice would be to try the girl who's been crushing on me, except she now has a boyfriend. But to be honest I've been developing a crush on her the more I've gotten to know her, but I don't know if I should even come clean with my feelings since she's in a relationship so now I'm feeling like shit, what's the best course of action here /adv/?
File: 1663567705711874.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Another thing I forgot to mention is that I actually did end up going out with the girl from work once and it didn't go well at all, not only was it incredibly awkward but she also informed me an hour before we were supposed to meet that it wasn't a date and that she only saw me as a friend, which of course was a result of me curbing her for 6 months straight, so she figured she'd just give up and keep the relationship platonic, which I was cool with at the time considering I was already with another girl, but as I've stated previously I'm kind of starting to regret not getting with her in the first place, I feel like an idiot right now and it's a little embarrassing going back to her and saying "hey you know what I actually do like you, just forget all those months i ignored you and let's give it another go".

Femanons, what does this mean? She doesn’t respect me, right?
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I’m kind of turned on by the prospect I’m not going to lie. I’d also kind of like to have sex with the guy along with my girlfriend. But I’m not going to do it just because I feel like if she were to see me have sex with a man, or watch her fuck another man, she’d lose respect for me so. Best not to.
It means break the fuck up you poor schmuck.
>she’d lose respect for me
She wants to fuck other men. She already doesn't respect you, you pathetic faggot. She isn't attracted to you but wants to keep using you for money.
Dump her.
Walk away.
This is not a tea leaves thing.

It's a you dumb fucking retard get the fuck away from this dumb ho and wash your hands of her completely now, right now.

The ONLY, ONLY reason to stay is to monkey branch over, find another girl then when you have a new one, gtfo.

Are they basically all undatable, trashy thots? No exceptions?

Been thirsting for my female coworker (we work in a grocery store), but recently discovered that she has an OF account where she posts nudes and also some sex content made with exes. Should I just forget about her and keep our interactions strictly professional? As of now we just casually text, play GamePigeon, and send each other silly memes etc...
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It's like asking for men that don't watch porn. At some point you're going to figure out if you can get one that really doesn't or settle for one that's really good at hiding
>thirsty for coworker
>fucks me over at work
>has an OF
Are you stupid, OP?
Men don't need porn when they have a girlfriend
Fuck her on the next of her new video
doing onlyfans is such a dramatically stupid decision that it would make me question any relationship or friendship with a woman doing it, like that's like hearing your buddy cashed out his house for dogecoin or that your gramps spent his 401k on scratch off tickets, there is just no way to look at the person the same way again.

File: Unknown-5.jpg (6 KB, 194x259)
6 KB
So I have a very tiny boney body but my boyfriend always like throws me around and stuff during sex and stuff and I always get really hurt how do I like tell him to like calm down it really hurts and he won't listen
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If you told him and won't listen, you should try again. If he doesn't respect your feelings you might have to rethink your relationship. Sex is not all about granting every wish for the man. It should be enjoyable for you both.
>has sex
Have you tried saying "no" or "please stop doing this, I don't enjoy it"?
Be honest with him about the way you feel. If he loves you, he'll understand and act accordingly.
The only way is to freak out in the moment when he dies it. He needs to see how much he hurts you. Men are kinda dumb and need to learn by experience and can't be told. If you take his orgasm away cause he's being a stupid gorilla he will understand.

File: 1661069759049156.png (1.45 MB, 1220x1004)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
I have multiple organ failure, I'm going to die probably in 2-10 years, a transplant will not happen because my liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain are all damaged. I've accepted that I'm going to die, and I've technically died twice already, my heart stopped and in the 15 seconds before losing consciousness I willed myself to breathe and restarted it. I can say that I've been to the other side, there is no afterlife, god does not exist, it's just black. I don't want to die, and I'm extremely depressed. I jog every morning, but my body is giving out, I have severe tendonitis. I'm unwilling to make friends because I don't want to be missed or mourned when I pass. I'm asking for advice on how to find happiness and overcome feeling alone.
Not everyone finds happiness or even finds meaning. Just tough it out. That's all you can do. If you don't mind it doesn't matter.

Get off 4chan if your time really is that limited. You said your heart gave out once. Is jogging something you should be doing then? 2-10 years is a decent amount of time. You should be able to fill your head with pleasant memories in that time frame before checking out. I don’t know your financial situation but try to work as little as possible. Don’t alienate yourself from others just because you’re going to die. If they feel sadness and mourn your loss that means you had a positive influence on their life and they’ll eventually get over it. I hope you find peace, anon.
You have not died anon I too have flat lined but it wasn’t darkness or nothing that you experienced your brain went into shock we are on a rock spinning on a molten core rotating around a star in a galaxy on the edge of infinity and that is not a coincidence maybe scripture is not the exact truth but there is certainly a greater power
I want happiness.
I can't make friends, I would feel guilty when I die. I know it sounds cringe, but I stand alone.

Technically I did die twice, I want to believe that there is a god, but there isn't. The best I can do is practice Buddhism.

The greatest question a man can ask themselves is if they should kill themselves or not.

Are churches a scam?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the sad reality is that pre-scientific method organizations were a necessity for human society to progress. society needed structure and they needed authority figures that could not be questioned.

however, since we've acquired and refined the scientific method, such organizations have gone from necessity to "cultural." the people who have gained socially and financially from them do not, obviously, want them to end and so attack the scientific method because science is a "competitor" to these organizations.

very slowly, these organizations are being pulled in the direction of science. creationism is on the decline and ideas such as dinosaurs predating humans is now generally accepted in all but the most radical corners of these organizations.

in the end, these organizations will disappear as science improves to the point where death becomes optional and realistic immortality can be achieved by the masses.
bah; just saw my own mistake. replace "ideas such as dinosaurs predating humans is now generally accepted" with "ideas such as dinosaurs predating humans is now generally NOT accepted"
>when you think space isn't real but you think the "big bang" was
File: 1608365524686.webm (1.76 MB, 374x380)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB WEBM
Please. When people stop going to church they don't stop worshipping. They merely change what they worship
I thought it was ridiculous when Moses is gone for 5 minutes and immediately the Jews start worshipping a golden calf. I had no idea that I would see that happen in real time during my lifetime
>science improves to the point where death becomes optional and realistic immortality can be achieved by the masses.
holy shit this is HUGE if true, source??????

Been feeling pretty low since last year: I was living abroad during lockdowns, alone, no gf or friends.
When I came back to live with my mum earlier this year I told her I had suicidal thoughts and she said "You might as well join the military so you can die for something"

I ignored it at the time but brought it up again today telling her how that’s a shitty thing to tell her son, that she could’ve helped me differently before suggesting such an extreme solution. She got angry and started justifying herself saying how much she has done for me.

Am I right for thinking that’s a fucked up thing to say?
Ideally you wouldn't need to live with her. I live with my mom too. Large scale shitty employment prospects for many people. Ideally you'd make a fair wage and pay a fair mortgage amd everything would be nice. But life doesn't work out sometimes. So my advice is ignore her as much as possible. Don't rely on her opinion of you or her advice. Try to stay away from her and talk as little as possible to maintain your sanity.
That is a fucked up thing to say, but it's a hell of a lot better than killing yourself like a wimp. Learn to enjoy life, try get a girlfriend and keep going until you make it. If you have a job, chat with your coworkers. If you don't, go to the pub, or even to church (no, I'm not christian, but sometimes I pretend to be). Everyone is a lot more like you than you think.
Thanks anon. Becoming independent from our parents is essential, even if they’re great parents. For now I have to live with her but hopefully I’ll be making progress to build my own life. Good luck to you too

Good tips. Thankfully I’ve been feeling better. By implementing good habits I can get back on track hopefully
I'm the second anon, you can get on track mate, just make urself do it
if u got discord, add me

You could join the military, get away from her and "die" in her eyes as far as never contacting her again. It's safe so long as you can test out of the Cannon Fodder MOS...

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