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File: 1498724665966s.jpg (5 KB, 163x209)
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How do I stop wanting to cry evertime I see my co-workers with their girlfriends/boyfriends?
can't cry if you're dead, anon

File: 74519331_p0_master1200.jpg (244 KB, 1128x634)
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How do you live a fulfilling life?

>>Recently concluded that the Only reason I was happy is because I have not killed myself. This made it impossible for me to make responsible and mindful decisions that improve my quality of life.

>>My New mindset is that not killing myself should be a result of being happy, not the other way around.

>>Now I don't know what to do to support my happiness other than create a fulfilling life

>>How do I do that?
Get a job.

File: 1225761.png (371 KB, 4961x4961)
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371 KB PNG
of course you can rape him, wear protection, you don't want to ruin his rasa

Why do younger people generally want to be seen as more mature thus wanting to be older in some cases, while older people want to be young again?

Is it better to look more mature/older or look younger/youthful
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Grass is always greener etc etc
>Why do younger people generally want to be seen as more mature thus wanting to be older in some cases, while older people want to be young again?
The two aren't related.

Young people want to appeal mature emotionally but they don't want to look older. Dudes aren't like waxing their heads bald and intentionally hurting their knees and putting on a beer belly so they can finally get the dad bod they always wanted at only 19 years of age. Same with girls they're not looking to get wrinkles and saggy tits that they'll eventually get in 20 30 years. They just want to be seen as legitimate adults and not be taken lightly in a work setting or society as a whole just because they're younger.

Older people on the other hand obviously want the looks of youth. Botox, hair implants, breast reduction surgery, breast augmentation surgery, fake muscles too, etc.
They don't necessarily want any of the mental aspects of being young.
We don't know what we want. When you're young you have hopes and dreams. To fulfill them you gotta be an adult. Most people fail to fulfill those goals. Being young would be a do over. "If only I could go back knowing what I know now."
Tbh I think people would make new mistakes. Same shit new shoe.
depends on your age. most people want to look like they're in their 20s

pic related

I think in order to have a healthy relashionship with others I need to have it with myself ( I know sounds like hippie shit but it may work) . I'm a female in my late teens .Had extreamly abusive parents in all aspects which is where most of my self loathing is from . I have so far sabotaged any possible freindship ,relationship and opportunitie without antill recently realising it. I'm still have a lot of issues , but i want to get better . How do I do this?...
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File: 20210117_194737.jpg (314 KB, 720x1057)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
(Not to be rude ).I'm 17 and writting in my second languge . Not here for long retorical questions but advice
Every ones mind is chatting thoughts inside and that is totally fine as long as you don’t get emotional about it. We all know what brain fart is it is, everything that did not comes from your heart , real you ,having need to serve life and doing it with love in your heart. As long as intention is to serve life, there is nothing to fear. Please get in touched with what real life is something that we all can sense and feelings we share. Do you know where the”Devil” lives? In the place that does not exist . Yes all suffer comes from the same sin of baiting fruits of imagination and drowning in the rivers of believe. Sade about past , worry about future leaving Garden of Eden right here right now . Peace is a state of mind . In reality there is no you or me it gust our minds imagine self Ego is illusion. May have some purpose to protect oneself? “Real” you as observer never change it just your body will where off . So start to taking care of that animal part of your self first . Love is care.
So take care literally practically get in your possible top shape . that cost effort power of will .

Body and mind are one. Tension creates balance. When you can focus just only on your own breath you are able stand in challenging pose, but as soon your mind starts farting thoughts and you lose your focus to the present moment, your body start wobble, you lose balance.
In order to stop suffer you need to stop sin = stop do things for imaginary reasons like 'money' but from the heart just to make life more wonderful.
Is that help?
What you can do is metta meditation. You can look it up yourself, it’s not a difficult idea. But it works. If you want to be better, then try that for a few months at least most days
You have got a heart in the picture, I expected to hear your feelings and needs, because that what actually life in you is. And first words from you: ‘I think ...’ No one care about your story or how you judge it is is all just a brain fart, it is normal just stop sniffing on all the time. It is like dream at night you don’t need to take it seriously or act up on imagination at all.

We have got traffic rules, clocks, morality,... plenty of imaginary things, that actually serves life so please dwell there if you can’t stop dreaming. But if you not then you will more likely get what you need and … life seams rise and shine again.

Where can I get a Tuesday-Saturday job that consistently gives me 30+ hours a week?
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Fast food workers need to deal with terrible customers though
Grocery store
This is the answer but >>23442356 is true. The job itself is brain dead easy but dealing with hundreds of customers and specific requests a day takes a mental toll. Don't work fast food, try grocery stores or something retail
I worked around those hours as a CNA through college. You make better pay and have to deal with less people, but you have to take a course for it and also will be changing diapers.
Both Targets near me rejected my application for some reason, Home Depot may have me come interview but I’ve heard I’ll only get like 20 hour weeks there and they only pay $11 an hour which isn’t a lot at only 20 hours a week, I guess I can try the grocery store near me but I’m worried it’ll be the same shit of getting minimal hours each week. At my seasonal amusement park job as a ride operator I’m able to work up to 60 hours a week and it’s easy to get that many hours too, though I usually only work like 30 hours there at $10.25 an hour, the problem is I fucking hate that job, have been doing it since 2017 and still no promotion of any kind, and I have to drive 45 minutes away to do it, so I would prefer not going back to that. Plus, I need money during the off-season, i.e. now.

File: 1587335554489.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1920)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I've been living with my gf for 3 years, we've known each other for 4 years. We get along pretty well. Should I marry her? She's older than me though, and reaching her expiration date (I'm in my 30s), for lack of better words.
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Women hit the wall way before men, roastie. Women age like milk, men age like wine.
>Do you want to get rid of democracy and women's rights
Although mind you, """women's right's""" are not the same thing as women having rights and protections. I want the latter.
Nah cunts shouldn't be allowed to vote.
I said that I want to get rid of democracy, you illiterate monkey.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 266x190)
6 KB
How do I get over her
Anon, that's a dude...
how do i get over him

File: 20210116_224822.jpg (51 KB, 816x816)
51 KB
I just finished a fast food truck with my dad that I'm going to decorate but we don't have a name for the business and I need to make the logo.

I need names for the business, any ideas?

Also any tips for this kind of business would help a lot.


>the logo will be red or with a red background, etc
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Yes, let's see

In both
Ptom's Ptomaine Ptruck
Burger Dog
Nigger Faggot Burger

File: 1523481933017.png (79 KB, 482x427)
79 KB
My SO has BPD and it's testing my emotional patience. Every hiccup in the relationship comes from her sudden and drastic mood swings, acting on her impulses, and/or my inability to react in a way that helps the situation. Some of the most infuriating moments in our relationship were a direct result of her BPD episodes:
>intense paranoia that I might be cheating on her behind her back and subsequently being accused of it
>treating me like shit because she had a bad dream about me doing horrible things to her
>being emotionally and financially dependent on me because she splurges her checks on designer clothes, expensive stuffed animals, hair dye, etc.
>gaslights me and says I'm the abuser
>threatened to kill herself if I left her

I'm often stuck wondering how a normal relationship functions. I would imagine a lot of the insanity would not exist in neurotypical relationships. The good moments we have are some of the best emotional highs of my life. She is genuinely cool to hang with, shoot the shit, play vidya, watch anime, the works. Yet these ugly episodes have me feeling conflicted. wat do
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Just dump her. BPD people are notorious for burning bridges and ruining any relationships they have. You do know you don't have to deal with her?
Sounds exactly like BPD. Supposedly DBT is helpful here but YMMV. I haven't seen much impact
Its not BPD it's just how women act in general
>I'm just taking it one day at a time and making the good times stretch.
You're living with a scarcity mindset my friend. If she isn't actively trying to mitigate her own behavior and still doing the same thing months or god forbid, years later, you really have no choice but to cut that tumor right off.

File: 1608093889555.png (361 KB, 531x516)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Doing a call with tinder match very soon. What should I talk about? Drawing a fucking blank
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You'd be surprised, I've seen worse
>he unironically took the painfully obvious bait
Are you fucking slow, dude? I didn't even know it was humanly possible to be this monumentally dense.....
God, you people are assholes and should get off the advice board

File: cam.jpg (19 KB, 474x474)
19 KB
Hello /adv/

Is it possible and reasonable to expect to make some money as a man on a cam site.
Specifically the setup would be you only see my ass cock and balls legs abs back, and you can tip to run a fucking machine to pound me. Speed/ duration is tip based and goals could be like dildo size?

No face ever shown. ever

Good physical shape, lean and muscular, nice looking cock average length but thick, nice ass.

Is this a thing that could be done?

I mean, I do this on my own anyway, so why not make it also a method for income?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I listened to a podcast where they had a guy on who ran a cam site and he said that he gets so many applications for guys who "don't want to show their face" and just puts them in the trash.

thanks for the perspective
So what you're saying is that instead of cam whoring yourself, you should start your own site and start whoring others since there are so many applicants.
stfu fag

File: ee1.jpg (22 KB, 600x567)
22 KB
She hasn't been online on any platform for the last 2 days.
Before this she was joking about killing herself if the lockdown was longer. What do

File: tenor.gif (594 KB, 498x371)
594 KB
594 KB GIF
Before Corona and while she was still working, she would only watch fox news during the evenings when she came home. But for about 9 months now she works from home for maybe 2 hours in the early morning, and then sits on the couch and watches it all day long without even moving. She absolutely refuses to watch any other show, do anything else, or even switch up news stations for variety once in a while. She's always been towards the right but since this has started she's become kind of a far-right extremist slowly over these months. Not quite storm-the-capitol-crazy, but pretty close. Is this normal? Is my mom just crazy or do a lot of parents do this, watch the news a ton without ever stopping?

For reference, I'm a complete centrist and nearly apolitical myself so I'm not trying to complain about Fox News or people on the right, I just don't know if I should be concerned for my mom. She gets really angry, dismissive, and offended when anyone tries to bring this up with her. She's said many times there's nothing wrong with watching Fox all day because she is "too smart to be mislead or manipulated by a news channel"
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They're coming in from the lunatic fringe so it will take them a while to reach Republican
What does she do for work? Does she have any friends her age? Does she have grandkids? Is your dad around/alive? News channels and cooking shows are basically the twitch of yesteryear. She might be watching it all day because she feels alone otherwise and watching lively people talk and discuss things might be her way of dealing with it. Nothing to do with politics, except that maybe she's somewhat right leaning.

Unless you only care about what her political opinions are, in which case she's 60 yo and can think whatever she wants to think. No need to supervise what a grown adult thinks or how she votes.
Hang out and talk to her, suggest eating a picnic outside etc etc force her
Does she browse /pol/ or believe we should create ethnostates?
She teaches kids English from different countries online
No friends, she hasn't had any at all for my entire life (I'm 21). No grandkids, and probably wont have any for 10+ years. She is still married to my dad but they have always had a pretty hostile/nonexistent relationship as long as I can remember. So you're probably right

Previous thread:
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>but wouldn't that ruin things and he won't be genuine?
Safe words are pretty basic core stuff.
You don't have to tell him about the knife first.
You really do, edge play is edge play for a reason. This Anon sounds new to BDSM, and so does her boyfriend. You shouldn't encourage her to flagrantly disregard how important proper communication and discussion of limits is in a relationship, especially a BDSM relationship, when she's charging head first into something as extreme as knife play.
But anon is right that that being gagged the first time you use the knife.
I amend my idea to remove the gag after revealing the knife but before you come near him with it.
You already tied him up once, so he's not new, but there's a line between scaring and torturing.
Communicate, read, prepare. Care and safety first.

I meant before revealing it.
If he's hard to scare, walking him through it might not work at all. But he needs to be onboard with the core idea and set limits.
Scaring someone is fine. But he's got to understand what knife play entails and consent to it beforehand. That can be very traumatic for him otherwise. It's up to him if he wants to give it a try, and while he's tied up is not the appropriate time to negotiate whether he's okay with it, or to bring up how the safety side of it works.

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