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File: 1638968041690.png (992 KB, 720x960)
992 KB
992 KB PNG
Is it possible to get an average looking girlfriend as an average looking guy, who is also /fit/ and has his shit together?
I feel like a 4/10 qt would never be happy with a regular dude because she wants Chad only.
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Then you're a dumbass incel. But men are more attracted to women than vice versa. You need to be above average in a few areas for a woman to feel lucky being with you. Fitness is one area but you need two or three.

Sex isn't a need. That's a dumbdumb meme.
Except for all the other ways. People here are so dumb.
We both broke up by force after high school because we were going to different colleges in different parts of the country
no there aren't, and you're the dumb one for thinking otherwise
Yes but average doesn't mean what you think it means. What most people think of as an average girl was the average a few decades ago. Now the average girl is at least 3 points uglier and 75 lbs heavier.

>go out with 4/10 tinder girl to make my practice gf and gain confidence
>I am handsome 6ft and make 100k a year
>she is a overweight girl with a lot of acne and just watches Netflix all day
>I end up catching feelings for her
>she tells me she has a backlog of guys buying her things and taking her out
>she ends up friendzoning me even though I’m far above her league

I don’t understand how easy women have it and how desperate men are. Tinder has ruined an entire generation. How do I get a gf when firs have such an abundance of men?
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Why did you catch feelings for her? You're clearly not as high value as you make it seem because you're simping some ugly chick. Also, $100K is the new $60k.
>work on yourself
What the hell does this mean?
Literelly the only way to meet women anymore is to do so in school or through mutual social circle
without looks women will not even speak to you
Patrice married am old ugly single mother
For all you know OP already does everything you described and he still ended up in that situation. He's confident and he has a hobby and he doesn't go below his standards and he would still end up completely alone and celibate because world outside of schools simply does not offer enough ways for meeting women
he has no fucking clue, he just posts copypasted reddit comments that are not meant to help anyone he's responding to
that comment is only made to make the guy posting it feel good about himself

>It's not ok to ask women out while they are eating/chatting in restaurant during work lunches
>It's not ok to ask women out while they are working in some shitty outlet/coffe shop
>It's not ok to ask women out on the street and bother them if they are wearing headphones
>It's not ok to go back to college and ask fresh women out because someone might be a weird abuser
>Online dating has a huge gender user disparity (a lot more men)

Wait, so where do I meet women for relationships and personal growth?


>Why didn't you do it sooner
Personal and health issues

>Why do you want a girl
Personal growth and job performance improvement
File: grill.jpg (192 KB, 1920x1080)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Bars, friends of friends, parties
>It's not ok to ask women out while theyre eating or something similar
not entirely true. youre better off talking to girls who are on their own instead of a girl who's in a group of other girls. in my experience coffee shops and places like that have the best odds of cold approach-ing

>It's not ok to ask women out on the street
this ones true. if they're on the street they probably have somewhere to be, so if you're not super attractive then theres a 99% chance youll just be a bother.

>Online dating has a huge gender user disparity
online dating sucks but it's not impossible. if you're not in the top 5% of dudes you won't get a fuck ton of girls, but it's still possible to get some, albeit not a ton of matches if you're not that guy.

so yeah things are bad, but not nearly as bad as you might think
This >>25439682
You can meet a girl anywhere you can talk to her. Some places have lower success rates than others. Go to social gatherings like happy hour at bars, church, through a friend, volunteering, hobby related things. I mean it's still hard, but it's what you gotta do.

File: 1634776858546.png (1.47 MB, 897x900)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
I am not going to go in great detail. I am very traumatized right now. I barely could sleep last night. I was accused of being a bully at work, when in reality I was the one being bullied. I spent 5 months of my life developing my skills at this job and being as productive as possible, all for a supervisor to create a baseless accusation that I was bullying her. It's absolutely surreal.

I am somewhat relieved that I know now that there are toxic people in management that will ruin someone's job over hearsay, so it's better to find out sooner rather than later and move one.

Im just curious, are there any healthy work environments? Or does the anti human process of forcing us to sell ourselves to corporations and to deny our own dreams and humanity for eight hours a day, five days a week, cause people to just be shitty? Self hypnosis to get through the day. My last two jobs I have ran into a person who creates drama for no damn reason. I dont get it. Im the type of person that just focuses on my job and does the best to get along with people and make the day go by quick. But I am frequently targetted by workplace bullies who view me as a threat or something. I cant really comprehend the behaviour to be honest.

Are some people just so deprived of things to do while at work that they cause drama to occupy time or eliminate rivals? Why are work environments so toxic? Are there good companies to work for or are humans just assholes in general?
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>immature behaviour from my 50 year old boss
This is more common than you'd think. A lot of older people are narcissistic loons who use the workplace as a way to feel important. Some of them are outright legit racists too and will fire/treat badly employees of their non-preferred race.

For every nice old person who grew up with empathy, theres a mentally ill one who is using work to detract from their awful home issues of a family that hates them.
wow thank you anon and i agree with you. its a part of biology and our intuition that keeps us alive. we often rationalize these processes with mental gymnastics, and also while doing this learn to ignore the gut or the intuition. i agree though, being a scummy fuck thats willing to berate and intimidate and harrass people just because you can get away with it is ridiculous. i think thats why the accusation hurt so much, because i work hard to cultivate a strong character, honesty, empathy, working hard, and listening, and to see this all trashed because someone felt threatened or whatever insecure bullshit is crazy. i cant imagine how much shit like this happens daily and how many lives are so fucked up because of this emotional double standard recklessness
i want to thank any anon who participated in this thread. you dont know how much you helped just by validating me and giving me feedback. thanks a lot this is instrumental in this healing and rebuilding process.
>muh traumatized toxic bully wageslave
Sorry, I reserve empathy and advice only for non Twitter users.
>trauma doesnt exist its a buzzword
>bullying doesnt exist its just an excuse
>toxic work environments dont exist its just a lack of gumption
>wageslavery is an illegitimate category
the only one of these i would even entertain as a legitimate premise would be the final one, but that would just make you an abolitionist, in terms of the argument that you are emlpoying. that negative view of liberty, while having certain utilitarian value or value in terms of preserving individual "rights." however, the rich history of the United States progressive thinkers, the likes of which like Henry George, advocated a more positive approach to liberty adjudicated around property relations as reinforced through tax policy. So in my opinion, claiming wage slavery is an illegitimate category, is the same as saying a freed southern negro is now "free to sell his labour," and to conflate this with him being "free in principle as a free man," is a categorical error, since it denies the obvious fact that freedom is a derivative of an ability to be self sufficient and ward off threats and not have to subjugate oneself to another for sustenance.

File: 1636877336045.png (115 KB, 256x256)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Are midriffs an erogenous zone for women cause i want to do sick perverted stuff to em
Any zone can become an erogenous spot for women. It depends on your vibe. If you act like you're getting turned on by it, then she will and viceversa

File: hahe.png (22 KB, 969x541)
22 KB
Im a newfag when it comes to torrenting - was pirating shit on the daily in 2013 but a lot has changed still then, so spoonfeed me what is best now.
I heard that utorrent is malware now, is that true? Should i even bother if i dont have a VPN?
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Is The Pirate Bay still working? How do you know the one you are using isn't a clone used to spread malware?
Just use transmission cli bro
Use duckduckgo to search Google blocks it
Always be worry of exe files so if you download a movie just make sure is mkv or mp4 same for books and such. If u download software then dunno F

File: a38.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
>too dumb for college
>too clumsy and inept for a trade
What do I do with my life? How do I achieve happiness?
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I'm not a good lyer
This is wrong. No. OP you should get some hospitality or barista work if you can. That will be much more enjoyable, safe and they won't bully you into stupidly long shifts. Warehouses are notoriously bad places to work.
>Its all about patience and reading the scripts over and over until you can repeat them from memory.
Then I guess I can't even do that. I have linguistics courses I can't wrap my head around and an inhumane amount of assigned reading for my literature classes.
NO ONE is "too dumb for college." It might not be the right path for you, but if you choose against it, don't do so out of fear you can't do it.
Don’t do warehouse. Long hours. Foreign people and they will instantly fire for dumb shit like working too slow

File: 42323423443.png (28 KB, 260x241)
28 KB
>pussy out on getting the girl when I had the chance
>she ends up getting with a guy that looks and acts just like me
I mean, what the fuck
File: maxresdefault.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
Use this disappointment to fuel yourself for next time. Become a more confident you.

How do I make sure that my future child doesn't hate white people as much as most of my family does?
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Anon, stop falling for obvious bait.
You give off Nigger Vibes
File: thisisbait.png (66 KB, 625x626)
66 KB
>twitter sjw picrel
>thread about race
I'm not retarded OP
now fuck off
File: 9d2.jpg (77 KB, 1191x893)
77 KB

piggybacking on OP's pic

>a bunch of ironic parodies of tryhard cringe stereotypes from 5+ years ago
>commodified and packaged into a bunch of corporate cardboard 'aesthetic' chics made in full sincerity

is this shit that common/normalized nowadays? or is it just a vocal minority of toxic/cringy people attempting to fill in a personal void?
Black female wojak make my pp go hard
Wish more black girls looked like this irl
Also didn't read your post and dont care

File: spooning-cuddle.gif (901 KB, 498x233)
901 KB
901 KB GIF
My wife can become abusive when she's drunk but then once she calms down or got what she wanted, she apologizes and wants me to cuddle her and be intimate with her.

It can range from name calling, hitting, aggressively coming on to me or throwing stuff at me when she demands sex from me while shes drunk and I refuse. At times whipping me with a belt while I was asleep and yelling at me how I was supposed to be her husband. But last night she said the most hurtful thing. When she tried getting it on with me and I tried to push her away I could see the anger in her building up then she said "I might stop loving you". My heart sank so I gave in then immediately after while cuddling she started crying saying she didn't mean that and said I make her feel undesirable when I reject her advances but I keep telling her it's just because she's drunk and I'm not. I told her I think she might have a drinking problem because she's not like this but she says she just likes to wind down and have fun.

Why is she like this and why cant I help but just want to be there and take care of her when she starts to calm down.
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I might consider doing this but thought of doing so makes me feel so dirty. It feels like such a betrayal :/

I love her though. She's the love of my life
I wouldve full stop the first time I saw her getting drunk if I were you

like not even at parties should a woman get drunk
such women are impure, uninhibited, and lack the basic morals and virtues
and so they're useless to you
but what do I care, yall mamzirs are dirty niddah mofos and probably don't care about basic humanity
I just say don't be suprised when shit tastes like crap
You're a bitchboy. Congrats. I'd tell her to stop being abusive altogether and if she wasn't immediately apologetic I'd dump her instantly.
>demands sex from me while shes drunk and I refuse
I dated an alcoholic. She was the same sober she was still violent.

>my mom divorced my dad for literally and unironically NO reason, other than she was having a woman moment
>now she’s single and he’s dating a woman 15 years younger than him
>she and all her friends get together and say he’s disgusting because of this and trash talk my own dad for pursuing his happiness even though SHE divorced him

Why are women like this? What causes a human being to be this evil and solipsistic?
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One thing about 4chan that will always be utterly exhausting to me is people jumping to utterly wild conclusions not based off a single God damn thing.
Unless she's bipolar/bdp/schizo, she's probably has an actual reason, but didn't want to tell you. You should probably ask her the truth for peace of mind.
What woman thing? And things rarely happenwd without reason. Anything you thought to be the main catalyst?
I think that's people in general. I was listening to some girl talk about her great grandparent's love letters from the 30's and one of the letters had "I will never forgive you for how you hurt me" or something along those lines in it so she made the logical leap that her great grandfather is a piece of shit who had an affair off of one sentence in >20 letters.
I have never in my entire life seen any woman show any level of empathy at all except for my mother and grandmother and attribute that to seeing them every single day and nothing else you’re a fucking idiot and obviously a woman (same thing) a parents relationship (whether or not they will divorce) is more a problem of their childs feelings than it is theirs until that kid grows up. Until that kid grows up both parents could be on the brink of suicide from their negative relationship and so long as the kid thinks they’re happy whatever. You’re not dating after you have kids you are a parent for 18 years thats what you get. The father dating a younger woman is probably a combination of lashing out and anger that his wife wasted his entire life up until that point because she felt “goofy” that day i hope he gets his new girl pregnant and they have a beautiful happy family that OP’s homewrecker whore idiot mother couldnt imagine

Talk to people! Go to clubs and on campus events. Go to RA events. Hang out at the college town, if you have one, and just be part of the scene.
I don't recommend frat life, even if it's an option.
I already want to beat you up

File: 266512.jpg (116 KB, 575x768)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Obsessive and hopeless romantic like the main protagonist from You (minus the killer parts).

Do guys so passionate, persuasive and introspective about love even exist? Are guys capable of similarly noticing and thinking about all they see and experience?
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>wouldn't consider an ugly fat girl stalking or oogling you as a creep
I wouldn't, and most lonely men wouldn't either
You can stop projecting now, dumb roastoid
You dont understand men at all
>Of course pushy people we don't find attractive will be undesirable, hence creepy. Heck, even those attractive to us displaying the same creepy behaviour may fall in the creep category
Is this really what women believe? Are they really that incapable of understanding being devoid of receiving affection in your life?
It continues to baffle me how easy women have it
Don't put all lonely men in the same category, desperation only runs so deep. Sure you may settle with whomever gives you affection/attention but that wouldn't last long if you can't nurture any feeling towards them.
I exist, I'm just obsessing over some other girl right now.
When I was single I would have absolutely been flattered and would have dated a fat ugly stalker lol, honestly any woman showing any kind of affirmative interest in you is so rare that I don't think this conversation can really be productively had with women.

Now I would probably be pissed off because I'm already with someone I love.

File: unnamed (20).png (1.3 MB, 3000x3000)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Should I get a mortgage with my 3 brothers, with the intent to flip the house after 2 years


Rent an apartment for 1 year with my GF
house market suck ass at the moment. Wait to see if the market go back to normal after the new year.
>Should I get a mortgage with my 3 brothers, with the intent to flip the house after 2 years
Nah don't mix finances like this. Even if they say they're okay with selling in 2 years, shit can change and make them want to back out.

This is only a valid option if the house is in your name only and you're okay with telling them to get fucked in the event they try to back out (which is why it has to be only in your name).

Mortgage (split 4 ways) is 1500$
Rent is 2100$

I agree i feel much more comfortable buying house on my own
I agree with this. It really depends on how reliable your brothers are, but if they mess up then the rest of the group are still liable for that person’s shortcomings. It would be like what happened in the movie Michael Clayton.

I would consider it too risky to go into what is essentially a financial partnership with anyone else. I’ve heard too many bad stories about it. It may not happen to you, but it only has to happen to you once and then you are in trouble.
Sharing a mortgage is always a high risk and moat of time bad idea in long run. Only do mortgage by yourself. Between tour two choices, renting is a safer bet.

File: unnamed.jpg (107 KB, 900x900)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>be me like two years ago
>during covid
>bored and join some kpop discord server to harrass people
>somehow becomes friends with the 2 most active people on the server
>both girls
>gets banned from server because of homophobic/racist jokes
>keep talking with one of the two girls
>months pass by, we get closer and closer
>ultimately develop a crush on her and then fall in love with her
>we have similar interests, everything's perfect but we don't date
>don't tell her I like her because she's asexual or some shit
>eventual after 6 months we talk everyday and very often
>can't stop talking with her for more than a day
>eventually I feel like it's an addiction
>try to stop talking with her, doesn't work

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
don't ruin a perfectly good friendship over fear that you can't date her. Maybe you can date her one day you don't fuckin' know what your life will be like in five years. Of course, don't bet on being able to date her, it's somewhat unlikely.
First of all, you barely know this chick, you chatted with her on Discord, so "she" is probably a LARPing tranny. Also, if you got this addicted to him, he's 1000% manipulating you, either consciously or unconsciously. Get the fuck off the internet and learn to value your time and your life. You became an orbiter to a secret tranny, you need help, and the only ones who are gonna help you are the people who tell you to wake the fuck up.
this. you dont even know him (lol) personally. stop fucking simping that's not love. discord women are just lookign for simps
>she's in new jersey and i'm in quebec)
thats not even far but who cares, you didn even meet

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