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File: My_Very_Sexy_GF.jpg (148 KB, 1135x778)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Is $300 a month too much for one person to be spending on groceries?
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>just eat egg peanut butter chicken rice and vegetables for the rest of your miserable fucking life
It's not. It's average. I spend anywhere from 200-300 on cooking food and eating out combined. I eat out maybe 4 times a month. 4 times. I can't leave the supermarket without spending a minimum of 40$.
>an avocado a day
An avocado alone costs anywhere from 1.75-3$. Butter is 3-4 dollars for 4 sticks. REAL olive oil is around 70 cents PER OUNCE. And you're telling him to guzzle 2 ounces per day.
Essentially spending 4-6 dollars extra a day or approximately 120-180 additional dollars for food that tastes worse with no substance a month.
Seems normal to me
File: groceries.png (67 KB, 1281x616)
67 KB
$300 seems fine for someone who isn't being intentionally frugal. pic rel is for my family of 4

ive taken up a habit in staying up for 3-5 days with just short naps. It generally improves my mood, i suspect its hypomania. I just walk around feeling invincible. Anyway how do you think its gonna fuck up my health.
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niqqa Pac said dont go to sleep. razon que lo
>how do you think its gonna fuck up my health
The usual ways that lack of sleep fucks up your health. Additionally, mania is accompanied by a loss in judgement, during mania you can look at the worst idea ever - like jumping off a building to see how high you bounce - is just the most amazing idea ever and you have to do it right now, and that sort of thing is also bad for your health.
its all fun and games until the mania turns to psycosis. stay safe and look after yourself.
Get tested by multiple psychiatrists to make sure
Mania sounds good but staying up multiple days is very unhealthy
You are damaging your body
The damage is building up

File: IMG_6819.jpg (244 KB, 768x468)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Does life get better?
I'm sick of bills and taxes and bullshit.
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only if you strike it rich
What does "get better" mean to YOU and in this CONTEXT specifically?
Stop paying them. Barter has no taxes. No need for the Jew money then either.
Fuck no it gets worse
regular pussy makes it alright

File: 1685366418367474.png (421 KB, 696x860)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
So i have a job, have a house, pay a mortgage, pay all the bills, pay for every date, etc
My boyfriend is a gamer NEET who lives with me who i put on foodstamps to help subsidize my expenses. He doesnt get much, only about $240 a month which we use up within a few weeks and i have to pay the rest out of pocket

We have been together for 8 months now and he no longer gets money from his former partner (ex husband who was in the military and gave my bf $450 a month out of his $1000 bonus for being married). He keeps wanting me to buy him videogames but im already paying for lots of other things.

He just told me he is going to sell his $240 food stamps for $125 spending money. He told me either i can give him this $125 a month or he will sell it to someone else. His logic is that if he didnt live with me, he'd live with his grandma, get free food anyway, and he'd just sell his food stamps anyway.

He tried working at a walmart but he quit after just a month because it was too stressful for him. He's looked for other jobs but i dont want to drive him 20+ min to work and back every day.

Idk what to do, he's being incredibly bratty about it and it feels like i do a lot already but paying for a nice house and utilities is something id be paying for regardless of whether or not he was my boyfriend, but i do pay for dates and other items like clothing for him.
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Why do you put up with ths shit?
>oh and i found his stash of gay furry porn on his phone so idk my respect for him is gone too
??? Aren't you gay too?

>Why do you put up with ths shit?
See -->

>>what's the point of you even being homosexual?
>easier to get someone to live with me
Huh why don't you just let him go live with grandma then?

I'd understand this if he was your brother but this isn't normal behavior for an adult lol
>like i said his logic is id be paying mortgage, utilities, etc even if i wasnt with him
You're not his parents, this doesn't apply to you. You're his partner, he needs to contribute to your life.
If OP was a woman I'd at least get where the guy is coming from. He's getting a sexual partner, food, and shelter with minimal effort. He's still a fucking loser, but it makes sense why he'd get caught in that trap.
However, OP is a faggot and his boyfriend is a faggot too.

File: IMG_0086.jpg (147 KB, 540x654)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Am I actually good looking? In my best pics I know I am, I posted my face on reddit and got positive feedback, but I feel like I'm anglefrauding. In any random selfie I feel like I'm sub5, even if I'm prettyboy chad level in my best pics. Which one is accurate?
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smiling is a cope for submissive cucks
kek only my mommy and gf tell me I'm good looking, but my bro who tells it like it is called me an average looking guy, which I believe. Anyways, sucks to be good looking and not capitalize on it.
Holy shit
Do you actually think that is him?
I think its the lighting.

File: 1684984937391792.png (81 KB, 615x598)
81 KB
>Make Tinder account
>0 likes, not even from the fat single moms
Yea I'm thinking its over
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Get another dating app apart from Tinder
Tinder is unusable now, the algorithm is broken. I think the only reason people even bother to use it these days is because of name recognition. Its the Coca Cola of dating apps.
Try Hinge. As long as you have decent photos and spend time making a good profile, which it kind of forces you to do, you'll get matches. It also seems to be more rewarding to you if you provide a meaningful first message with your like. I'm matching with EVERY girl I see who's 'my type' fairly quickly because I send something interesting to them. Never happened on other apps lately. However, women can be fickle on any dating app after the first few messages.
I second this. You just have to understand Tinder's metagame: put the highest amount of effort in your appearance/pictures and the least amount in your bio/personality.
If you end up matching with an ugly girl by accident, don't unmatch her. Instead you should just ghost her to assert dominance.

I did this and it worked. I got sex. Now I am looking for an actual gf.
Download Grindr.
>the algorithm is broken
I didn't want to cope but it feels like it. Very first day I signed up I get 20 likes and 3 matches. The next day and every one after that literally nothing. Its like my profile disappeared.

File: f51.jpg (25 KB, 522x587)
25 KB
I'm dating someone like this but I legit don't know what to expect. I dunno if it's just a meme for younger adults, or if it's legit, or bad relationships that just didn't vibe with her. Anyone have experience with this? I want some idea as to what to expect.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Either she's a rape victim or retarded.
>Sex Positive
Okay, so the latter, got it.
Asexual man here. Run this woman likely has fetish skeletons in her closet. the only case when “ace” people are sex positive they are using it to cover up the fact they are a sexual freak.
I'm an asexual woman. All that means for me is that I don't want to have sex. I'm not really sure what being "sex positive" means in terms of asexuality. Is that her way of saying that she supports other people having sex? I'm honestly confused
Sex positive/negative is just a fancy way of saying whether your a whore or a prude.
>Asexual Sex Positive
Never heard this one til now

>I dunno if it's just a meme for younger adults, or if it's legit, or bad relationships that just didn't vibe with her
It's a meme, there are no asexual people

>Anyone have experience with this? I want some idea as to what to expect.
Fuck no I don't have experience with that shit. If I knew someone like this I would constantly be trying to talk some sense into them. I have a hard time just letting people be retarded

She's retarded, btw. No it's not legit, and no it wasn't some bad relationships, or rape like the retards like to say, she's just being dumb

>A sex-positive asexual person is someone who doesn't feel sexual attraction to others, but still has sex for pleasure.

File: 20220610_2335431.jpg (283 KB, 1908x782)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
What is the best method of killing myself if I live in the UK? I tried to hang myself the other day, but I pussied out as the rope hurt when it was around my neck. Should I go to another country to buy a gun or should I try to get myself euthanized? How easy would it be to do as a foreigner?

I can't take anymore of this shit. My life is a fucking joke.
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
why do you want to do this to yourself? go to a church bro.
carbon monoxide poisoning
it ain't hard to figure out a way to do it
Are you 16 or some shit? Don't do it until you're 23. If you're still a loser then it's over, charcoal burning btw
>until you're 23
Bump that up to 25 minimum, ideally 30 I didn't even know I wanted to have kids until I was about 23.
ew gross

File: 1695063471231.jpg (27 KB, 557x550)
27 KB
21yo, used to be a kissless virgin incel.
Recently, I had my first sexual experience, and it was from a Tinder date. It wasn't that bad but got me feeling quite empty afterwards.
After that I got a lot more requests from horny women wanting to have sex with me. I never had this much attention from women before and I feel flattered for it, but not sure I feel proud.

I never had an actual girlfriend before because not a single girl wanted me in highschool or college, and I just can't date any type of girl just because she shows interest in me.

Wtf should I do? Is it over?
Keep your position solid! You don't want to be ensnared for any reason because you might show her your music you put your heart into and she will respond and you realize she was a sex pet all along. I don't want that for you. Get your knowledge. Get to the bottom of things, absolutely. Experience pays. Oh, yes it does.

File: 1701389555075.jpg (50 KB, 1024x683)
50 KB
Everyone thinks I'm retarded and mentally ill and it's bringing me down. How do I cope? How do I not care what they think and live my life? They have a lot of reason to think so so I can't change their mind but it's weighing me down and discouraging me.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe you guys are too young but I'm pretty sure I ruled out blaming everything on myself as a way to go.
What? How about you chill out and think as objectively as you can about your life? You'd come to find you cannot simply blame everything on yourself, everything is sort of a mixed bag. You probably have major faults in your personality, write them down and then go through each fault and write down ways you can improve the faults. It's all about, slowing down, stopping to think, planning, and then action. You got this.
I got undermined man and the mine collapsed. That's what happens when you get undermined.
Yeah, cool. Fuck those people, you only get undermined if you have no support of your own creation. Stop living off of peoples approval or something, I don't know.
Without favor, you will drown! Drown drown drown you will but with favor my God Jesus is gonna come through for you! Just say "Yahoo!"

File: 1698624405307258.jpg (260 KB, 1000x1430)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
What can I do as a fully grown adult if I find myself wishing my parents had payed more attention for me as a kid?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I feel really sad that I've wrote so many things, thousands of poems, several hundred songs. Most people don't care, trying to share them feels like begging even though my stuff is completely unique, powerful and cultivated. I'm done trying to get noticed and the feeling is grim. I wish I was born in a time where people appreciated artists but I guess lots of famous artists were over looked during their lifetimes
I feel you. I'm working on getting over that fear and accepting that some people will care, some won't. If no one does, that's okay too.
Why do zoomers have such trouble correctly spelling a 4 letter word?

Like, people were dumb as fuck and bad at English language my whole life, but I never saw people regularly saying "payed" until the last five years
HAHAHAHA HEY FRAUD I'm out here with my speakers with my Mom playing Earthbound and Mother 3 music and she thinks it's Heetah Fajita. You? You have never put anyone on because your taste is so trash and you know it. Could I relate? Nah.
Note that he actually had to ignore the red underline of spellcheck in order to make that mistake

File: images.jpg (21 KB, 593x517)
21 KB
We are both 21 and live together. We are almost a whole year living together and it has been a whirlwind, not because of ourselves but rather my family that made hell into our lives by not accepting her.

But now that we are by ourselves, we are being able to focus on each other way more. She takes care of me, she has been on my side even when our financial lives was brim, we went through months of financial struggle and she still stayed by my side. She's almost helped with home duties and also cared for me more than anyone else.

However, the only problem is her temper. She can become really angry at times for the smallest things ever. There are days she is calm and quite ok, but there are some that she is simply unbearable with all her anger. She has POS (a condition which is known to unbalance hormonal levels on females and often lead to emotional instability) and we have talked to each other about that.

The good thing is that she recognized that she feels a lot of anger sometimes, I talked to her about seeing a doctor to check her hormones or even some therapist (since she has gone through some traumatic events in her life), I am glad she accepted.

Meanwhile, how can I deal with her when she is exploding?

I know that some may think it's not a good idea to keep someone with such temper, however, it's clear that she fights for me. Whenever I am ill she gladly takes care of me, she will cook and even work in order to help us. Sex is also not a problem, she doesn't have a problem with that and we both have similar goals in life.
Take her to boxing or martial arts
An angry woman wants an angry partner to destroy each other. She enjoys the adrenaline and testosterone from verbally attacking you. If you’re the quiet type she will sooner or later calm down but will eventually explode again because she wants you to fight back until she starts crying and apologizing (this will inevitably kill the relationship).
Use that anger of her on a better more productive activity.
what you are describing is literally all women.

not a real thing. all women with active hormones are like this. some just worse than others.

>how can I deal with her when she is exploding?
don't. remind her that her behavior is damaging and unhealthy and if she doesn't want to check herself at the door she can check out of your life. getting on with this type of shit is how domestic abuse situations happen against men, and at that point there is just nothing you can do because abuse against men is just laughed out of courts.
She might have borderline personality disorder? My situation sounds similar and I recently realized my physically and emotionally abusive gf has this. But of course she will never admit it, and everything is always my fault. It is maddening.
This guy is right

All women have mood swings. For what you are saying it seems like at least you guys are addressing it. However is something you'll have to learn to live with.

File: 1701343809082444.jpg (51 KB, 479x640)
51 KB
What's the saddest thing you've ever seen somebody do?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So nothing. Same thing would've gotten a man locked up for a long time.
Some problems are only temporary in the sense they can't follow you to the grave.
use my Netprofile to spread "music". and i left a playlist on youtube for saplings.
Damn, the ending
I met a ex-felon who smoked pot in a homeless shelter, despite the risk of being kicked out. I met another person who was homeless almost their entire lives and had severe PTSD. She couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time.

My “friend” calls me stupid and a retard all the time and thinks I am ridiculous for getting irritated by it
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He doesn't really sound like a friend. It's usually a red flag when people push your boundaries after you've already expressed something is bothering you. I get banter is a thing, but there are more fun/clever ways of going about it that don't involve straight up calling someone retarded.
Mine is very smart, but has many insecurities. I think this probably impacts why he acts the way he does.
I don’t know if he’s really been aware that I think it’s a little annoying. I mean today was the first day I was clear about it to be honest. But the rest of your post is very true.
Punch him
File: 1679757763786880.png (449 KB, 798x687)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
Yeah I can relate to a certain extent. My friends and I like to banter a lot but sometimes it gets old and feels like I'm at the butt end of the stick. First consider whether this is worth doing anything about, these seem like pretty shallow and generic insults, I call my friends dipshits and retards etc all the time but I don't really mean anything by it. They do something retarded: "You're a fucking moron". I still love them, I'm just being real, no hard feelings. If they do genuinely care about you there could be a way to let them know it's starting to rub you the wrong way without coming off like a pussy, but that's a delicate balance and is hard to pull off. However there is a chance you might be right and they do have some subconscious sense of superiority. Don't jump to this conclusion. But in that case your friendship doesn't have to be over. Do something or improve a part of yourself to gain their respect. A while back they'd call me a deadbeat and a loser, it was pretty harsh and I took it got under my skin. You know why? Because for the most part I really was a deadbeat loser. I was a super skinny guy on academic probation with no gf. But then I got my grades in order, made a huge step towards my career, still skinny, but less so. Then, suddenly, the hurtful comments stopped and it was back to normal banter. So what I'm trying to say is that if you're offended by being called stupid, you might be stupid, but that doesn't mean you have to stay stupid. More likely than not though they don't mean anything by it and aren't actually trying to hurt you.
stop talking to him, if you don't talk to him that way then he shouldn't talk to you that way.

File: 1701268578844821.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>religious parents told me I'd never find a husband if I didn't stay pure for marriage
>have slept with 36 different guys multiple times each
>have a fiance now and am getting married in a month
So, joke's on everyone who tried to enforce the patriarchy over me but
>he wants me to swear some born again virgin thing at the church before we get married
>feel like this would make me a hypocrite

should I do it or does it not matter?
68 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I checked back in to see if there was some advice and this thread turned into a dumpster fire. If I had been a man posting that I had sex with 36 women you would have all been treating me like I'm brilliant.

Grow up guys, its 2023. Women aren't required to be chaste, uneducated, barefoot and pregnant like you seem to expect.
shoes are an abomination. Post feet, whore. You can tell your husband you shared feet with 37 men.
>If I had been a man posting that I had sex with 36 women you would have all been treating me like I'm brilliant.
No, at least half the posters would be calling him degenerate, and the other half would be calling him a shitposting liar.
>If I had been a man posting that I had sex with 36 women
I would tell you that you're a degenerate all the same.
Incels have nothing to do with waiting until marriage.
Well what you gonna do? Are you gonna do what Jesus wants or are you gonna obey your parents who will kill and abort your destiny?
>Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.
>Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;
Okay so your source who reveals an aspect of God like me rn, that is who you OBEY okay? Your parents? You honor NOT NOT NOT OBEY NO OBEY HONOR NO OBEY okay? So, honor means "okay you did all this stuff I give you that but I'm gonna do the thing that makes sense okay?" See the mathematics of this thing?
Wowie 36 is crazy tho… maybe not these days LOL?

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