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I'm getting a new pair of glasses in some days after years of not wearing any because I don't think they're really cute. Any pics of any cute jfash with glasses would be greatly appreciated to get me out of this mindset!

Also, do you wear glasses? Do you think you can make them look cute/amplify your coords? How do you get around them making your nose bigger?
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File: EQosTf4U8AA1BhR.jpg (257 KB, 1364x2048)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
File: 20200617144015235_1000.jpg (299 KB, 1000x1334)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
File: 1612550045813.jpg (618 KB, 941x1351)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
Why wear glassed when lenses exist
This is probably bait but some people just can't wear contact lenses, for medical reasons, because their prescription is too strong, or because of sensitive eyes. And some people just prefer the aesthetic, the right glasses are very flattering on some people.

Last Thread: >>10593068
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File: ajf1zq4g3vt61.jpg (1.13 MB, 2400x3364)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
File: IMG_20210418_101822.jpg (616 KB, 1018x2696)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
no one cares, go back to church
So, does Lor have outfits that aren't ita? there has to be some out there right?
I mean, the honeycake coord in above pic looks fine to me?

File: room1.jpg (177 KB, 848x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
let's have another roomwear thread

Discussion starters
>what brands do you think make the comfiest roomwear?
>what do you usually wear?
>are you limited in what you can wear as roomwear because of your climate?
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wanna elaborate anon?
Yeah, we never got any context for this I’m gunna have to know more chief
File: sleepmasks.jpg (133 KB, 1280x1280)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Hey I really want to find sleep masks that are silk, cotton or some other nice material. I don't care what substyle of lolita the mask would be I just don't want dollar store/wish quality masks that are plastic-y.

Does anyone know of a taobao or brand that makes sleepmasks? Pic for inspiration, a collage off google images. I like the magenta/black one but all the available colours are gaudy.
File: mask collage-2.jpg (166 KB, 1076x540)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
please see >>>10588781
for a masterlist of what I found cute if you wanna buy. Adding pictures of Sweethoney though because looks comfy af
link to the store is there too :)
There isn't such thing as lolita roomwear

File: 1613266770202.png (528 KB, 1408x1056)
528 KB
528 KB PNG

Taobao Dictionary:

*NEW* Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

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That totally makes sense, thank you so much!
has anyone bought tomorrow nikki here? i bought teddy dessert without really thinking because i thought it was so cute and im wondering about their general quality there arent really any reviews yet
Does anyone know of blouses like pic related? I'm looking for one with white dots on red fabric.
File: chinapkg.png (99 KB, 806x1290)
99 KB
I'm starting to get worried, is this normal for post covid world packages? (Shipped on the 17th of last month). It looks like it's been returned too many times.
sometimes i wanna learn chinese but stuff like this makes me think it isn't worth it since they seem to use such intense amounts of slang

What do you guys expect to do at the next big con? I already expecting myself to get black out drunk and probably making out with several people in one weekend.
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I just want to get a date with a cute cosplayer, preferably one who could pull off a decent Asuka; but, I'm not picky.
File: cosplay.jpg (634 KB, 1080x1080)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Like one of these guys?
>Finding someone into sewing and cosplay that has their shit together was hard enough
Just find a normie chick and bully her into supporting your hobbies. It’s the old fashioned way
>be me, autistic retard
>know there is convention where the few females who share some interests with me will attend
>want to go
I've never been to a con before, but are they not the best place to find a gf?
kek I remember seeing a group of Umaru cosplayers scurrying around those steps
Good times...good times

Old thread is kill.
>Show your newest purchases!
>Post brand and non-brand inspo pics!
>Share your coords and make!
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More questions:
>Where is the line drawn between kogal and namchatte? Just the make? Or other elements?
>Do you only wear nanchatte, or do you use your pieces for kogal as well?
>How do your brand pieces hols up against off-brand pieces? Have your off-brand items worn down quicker, or are they just as sturdy?
>Why do you wear nanchatte?
>Where is the line drawn between kogal and namchatte? Just the make? Or other elements?
The make is the most distinctive line, but generally Kogal is very "off-campus" vibes vs. Nanchatte's "in-class".

>Do you only wear nanchatte, or do you use your pieces for kogal as well?
I think all the seifuku brands can be used for both styles- don't think there's much of a difference anymore. Kogal makeup is too heavy for my taste so I stick to regular nanchatte.

>How do your brand pieces hols up against off-brand pieces? Have your off-brand items worn down quicker, or are they just as sturdy?
There's a reason why CONOMi stuck around as long as they have and Kuro-Ori is just as good too. I may a different definition of "off-brand" so this question might need clarifying because I'm not sure what you mean by it.

>Why do you wear nanchatte?
I like how youthful I look in it but also professional and put-together, like I have a future ahead of me. The idea of a J-fashion that's made for daily wear but still very J-fashiony also appealed to me. Surprisingly anime/manga had little to do with it.
File: 1505830552562.jpg (222 KB, 640x954)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

What pieces is your wardrobe lacking?
What are your favorite shoes for old school?
Most and least liked hairstyles for old school?
share your favorite street snap
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That's the only one I have desu sorry anon
I love how everyone is standing far away from her. Pink, bows, and petticoats, scaring the masses.
Got it in this colorway but I want to add some traditional red tartan to it with like a blazer :>
very cute!
This snap isn't old school

File: qu.jpg (953 KB, 1280x1878)
953 KB
953 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>10574142
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Thank you anons
pretty small, if you're above 85cm bust and 70cm waist it may not fit
File: ex.png (3 KB, 251x81)
3 KB
I'm seeing a lot of length measurements listed like this on lolibrary, what do BC and BNP stand for?
BC: Back Center / The length in the BC means the length of the product from the top to the hem in its back center.
BNP: Back Neck Point / The length from the BNP means the length of the product from the base of the neck to its hem.
Nice, thank you!

File: FB_IMG_1618064021309.jpg (159 KB, 1080x1080)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
The Tax-defunct business, IKKICON LLC, has announced that, despite CDC recommendation, they will be opening their doors to the public in MAY 28-30. TAX-DEFUNCT? What does that mean? More on that below
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They have been doing this to AM for years....like since 2014.....and it's STILL running. You'd think they realize how fucking stupid they look by now.
AM is extremely shady as a business though, always has been.
The owners just think they're being smart by exploiting loopholes, but loopholes and technicalities always come dangerously close to law breaking.
If the IRS ever came after them, they'd be screwed.
The con would still go on though. Everyone forgets the government can't take money you don't have, so they usually let you pay off over time.

What's the complication?

Why would the IRS be chasing down cons?

Is management using it as a personal slushfund and writing off personal expenses as con expenses?
>What's the complication?
Oh, there's just a lot of stuff that a regular business owner gets wrong because they don't understand legalese.
Like when you run multiple businesses (like AM does) then when you bankroll one business with funds from another (totally legal) there's specific procedures, and you have to report it a certain way to make sure the irs understands what you're doing. It's to avoid the appearance of money laundering. But a lot of people don't do it because it doesn't occur to them that criminals also do that to cover their tracks.
>Why would the IRS be chasing down cons?
99% of cons will never show up on the IRS radar. They don't make enough money. AM is a little different because they take a lot of business trips to hawaii and japan. Those will be flagged for inspection. They're probably making vacations of it, but the fact that they also actually do business (get contracts signed, launch evens, schmooze industry guests) will cover most issues.
Remember, most irs audits don't actually find anything wrong, but most people are woefully unequiped to handle an audit. They lack the papertrail.
>Is management using it as a personal slushfund and writing off personal expenses as con expenses?
Oh, no doubt, but a con business the size of AM actually has a legal defense.
It's like real estate. They can write off a ton because they're basically always on the job. The car they lease, the clothes they buy, it's all about building an image.
The thing that'll most likely fuck AM over if anything is payroll. How they handle it, who handles it, etc. Their books are almost non existent, which isn't a sign of guilt, but makes it nearly impossible to defend against accusations.
Matsuri is a multi million dollar (in revenue, yearly) company. Despite this, their profit margins are fairly low. They'd be considered a small business by any standard, and some banks wouldn't give them a loan based on this size. So odds are they're under the radar
The con is still running...we gonna do this in 2021 too? You do realize how silly you look, yeah?

THIS year will be the year, right? Pfft.

File: CGL2020inanutshell.jpg (1.26 MB, 1125x1416)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
The ride will never end edition

Previous thread

Thread theme

All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Anime Los Angeles 2021
Katsucon 2021
Seishun Con 2021
Anime Milwaukee 2021

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"We will have to make decisions about who will live or die">>10597831 here you go, wonderland for ya

it's really bad, all info keeps getting scrubbed so its kind of disheartening to do. It used to be manageable but now it's on another level
>"We will have to make decisions about who will live or die"
USA has that problem too.
>Wanting to flee from a place with Universal Healthcare and a government that actually cares about its people to third world shit hole that is on the brink of economic collapse
Stay where you are Leaf.
>Canadian government caring about its people.
yes thats why our old age people are being beaten to a pulp.
it's why it's legal to lie about where products come from, unlike the States (our farmers markets are full of grocery store products)
the universal healthcare looks like this even precovid:
We have to pay for parking with that universal healthcare and dental is not included. Also going between provinces will mean that you are SOL for medical aid unless you pay.
They dont care about what is in our food: see like 100s of other cbc documentaries on it.
And the third world shit is bad. We have a lottt of homeless people and the economic collapse is going to be much worse in Canada if USA goes through one.

I'd rather try my luck in a "third world" country that has a lower infection rate than the place I'm now

>I'd rather try my luck in a "third world" country that has a lower infection rate than the place I'm now

Jesus fuck you really are a retard.

Third world countries have better covid infection rates because guess what. Unless you test for it, you won't have high infection rates!

And especially in countries with completely different demographics where your population is largely young, it's barely a blip on them over their dozens of other higher causes of death.

File: 4770731614_b9587ba461_o.jpg (224 KB, 1368x1824)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I vote for Crysta Graziano.

98 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why is cammy so based bros?
Ikuy although Alisa is the most based.
The Fine Trouble or Alisa.

File: larp-dog.jpg (37 KB, 315x289)
37 KB
last thread >>10532631
90 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Do poc feel discouraged from joining?
Most certainly. Not just some whiney grog complaining about immersion either, but anonymous threats and in one case, smashed headlights.

>Do people try to show up in historically accurate Klansmen outfits?
No, we’re talking wannabe stormfront vikaboo “muh aryan hurrtage” and deus vult “modern crusader” spergs.
Wow they do indeed attract unwanted attention and present a PR nightmare with their presence and very vocal nature, the biggest problem is when enough of them establish a foothold in a game. They will actively try to leverage their power and numbers and create a hostile environment for those who the consider undesirable, actively attempt to recruit, and eventually fuck up everything.

Alt right idiots are like Vegans and Furries, and simply can’t keep their douchbaggery to themselves.
wow smashed headlights is terrible!
I hope the police was able to do an investigation about the hate crimes.

Aren't there very specific guides on what to wear/act/say though? or do they just assume since its a village of the XX century that they're going to be vikings or crusaders?
The headlight smasher got caught because the park had security cameras.l but was only charged with destruction of property and tampering with automotive signal (yeah, thats a thing).

>Aren't there very specific guides on what to wear/act/say though? or do they just assume since its a village of the XX century that they're going to be vikings or crusaders?

In hardcore living history, sure, but they attract a higher level of education a socialization, and are not the problem. We’re talking kitchen sink larps and boffer games primarily that have a bunch of vikaboos and crusadiots from /pol/
ahh I understand now! Yeah this makes sense

When will conventions return from war edition

Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
159 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok, makes sense
i want to color just the roots of a white wig with a really light color. I'm guessing I should just get a copic in the right tint. But last time I did this there was still some bleeding. Will rinsing it until clear really make a difference?
you should try cutting off a piece of hair and using it to test whatever ink you're going to use
It's definitely quilted but maybe use something more like a felt as the "batting" layer
Somethibg like a henley placket maybe?

Last thread: >>10583915
38 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Never been in a relationship
>Girl hunts me down for a year and asks me out
>Not into her but fuck it why not
>One year later
>She's sweet
>Cares about this relationship a lot
>Still not into her
>Want to break up
>All our friends are mutual
>Her parents love me
>Don't want to break her heart
Apply for a job in a different city, move and then say long distance isn’t working for you.
It's the only way lol
Lesson learned I hope. But yeah, figure out if she has any dealbreakers maybe. Or maybe pretend you've realized youre gay or ace or poly or something
Unfortunately I didn't buy it through lacemarket, but I messaged the seller, she gave me a full refund, and I'm sending the dress back to her so that's that on that. Man I was angry for a second though.
File: a fair price.png (86 KB, 500x393)
86 KB
damn anon that must be...
so hard... for you.
damn im sorry.

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