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File: Can't_Smile.jpg (132 KB, 357x597)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Christmas is near edition

Old one: >>10056149
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You and me both anon I wish I had more things to be happy for but you know what my friends have been having some really good luck lately and that makes me glad. Maybe we could be friends too
I'm glad 4chan's /cgl/ only has like around 100 people going to it. I don't have to think about it as being the crosssection of the cosplaying community.
Thanks anon, it will probably get lost on its own after a few days.

I might try that as well. All for the full on assault!
> meeting tinder guy for sex again today
> told myself never again
> may greet him in cosplay for fetish reasons and to solidify my hatred of myself
Damn, how do I get in on that action?

File: 1542281352331.gif (918 KB, 230x235)
918 KB
918 KB GIF
Previous thread: >>10025716

Ask all your lolita and other jfash questions here. For any cosplay questions, your best bet is the cosplay help thread.
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You sound like the store owner.
They also didn't email me, and the purchasing process was a bit confusing.

Do as >>10059127 said. Buy from shoe specialised brands that are known for comfort. Then you'll get durable, padded and comfortable shoes that will last much longer than branded shoes.
File: FB.png (33 KB, 506x363)
33 KB
For me there is an option to select a topic just under selecting a background when writing a new post. FB also prompted me to add topics when I last posted.
Pretty much no lolita brand makes truly durable shoes as they are mostly pleather which by its nature wears poorly compared to leather shoes for daily wear. You pay more for the brand name and in my opinion can find better quality-for-price from taobao brands and bodyline. I've heard very mixed things about Cotton Candy Feet and would personally never bother buying from there.
I agree with >>10059127 when it comes to shoes for gothic and classic outfits. All the styles that are popular in lolita are pretty popular in normie fashion now - lace up boots, brogues, mary janes, t strap mary janes, three-strap boots (even topshop did some in leather) and there are brands like Oak Tree Farms and American Duchess.

Sweet is a whole different ball game though and it is hard to find anything from mainstream brands that isn't more on the otome/emily temple cute twee retro sort of spectrum, so I would go back to taobao for that
Are there any guides or tips to dyeing velveteen dresses? I think someone in the DD thread recently dyed a brown velveteen dress black, I’ve never dyed anything in my life but since I saw that I’m considering dyeing a light pink velveteen dress black or...any color that isn’t pink.
What’s so bad about conlitas? I know most of my jfash friends are nervous about wearing their stuff in public, and they feel that at conventions they are more free

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This is so classic ita. I applaud her.
>black girl posts about wanting more black girls repping jfash
I mean, what she actually do is go to rottingcows page and comment "fuck your pale aesthetic" which, whitout context could be considered agreessive, but that being said, Jessica behaved like an ingorant piece of shit after that anyway.
I am not supporting that lolcow by any means, I think she is ignorant and racist, but at the same time, if someone came to my page where I am posting my shit and commented "fuck your pale whatever" I'd be upset too? Like, if M wanted to start a thread for black lolitas she could have a) just comment that without the fuck your pale aesthetic part or b) start her own thread. IJS, because even though I do think black people need more encouragement and representation, she DID insert herself on the other cows space.
I agree with this, the first comment was way too aggressive and clumsily expressed. I would have gotten annoyed too but left it alone once the girl explained what she meant.
Jessica seems to love confrontation and starting drama though, and her narc boyfriend doesn't seem much better.
This is the dress she claimed to be wearing on CoF

Many cons have been implementing new rules that bar "replica firearms".

Rules not verbatim for all events but usually similar to as follows:

>"Realistic replica firearms (including reproduction, fake or toy guns that can be confused for functional firearms"

>"Prop weapons will be allowed providing they are composed of cardboard, foam, wood or other light materials. Prop firearms are allowed only if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons."

My wife had her leg amputated and thought it would be a lot of fun to dress as Cherry from Planet Terror, M-16 leg and all. One of our friends brought up the ban on realistic looking weapons and wondered if it would be a problem.

I figured I would turn to you all to see your thoughts on the matter.

Only in one instance have I seen this costume performed by a real amputee and that was years ago as a promotion for the film itself, well before the restrictions. Any other time, it's been someone with their leg folded back and a makeshift gun prosthetic.

We think it would be absolutley to do this, but dont want the headache of making a functional leg and not being able to wear it for an event. It's also the centerpiece of the costume, so doing cherry with peg leg, crutches, etc. would leave much to be desired.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It stemmed from a guy bringing guns in to a con with the intentions to shoot it up. He got past con security with them because they thought they were fake.
Pretty shit security then, aren't they supposed to at least touch them to make sure they're not metal?
There should be a /k/ + /cgl/ event.
No chance of a shooter incident because every other person is packing heat, no molesters for the same reason, and less stupid drama, and you can go there to watch egls waltz with commando larpers and see anime wenches shoot automatic weapons
>Mfw I've carried a real gun at my local con for the last 5 years and nobody's the wiser
>Mfw I can't find the face I wanted to use for this

>shoot automatic weapons
That limits the location to states none of you would want to visit.
>Inb4 five kommandos corner a chubby 17 year old Pokemon closet cosplayer and grope her fat tits at gunpoint
>Inb4 the kommandos turn out cross-boarding robot seagulls and the guns turn out to be props

File: IMG_20181211_141022.jpg (362 KB, 1525x2047)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10051028
263 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Worst case scenario, it wont give your dress puff even once because it will be too weak to hold up the weight of the fabric. With the average cheap petti, it will just deflate really quickly and the puff it will initially give will be mediocre. So it will be fine for a few uses, but once it goes flat, your dress will look like you're not even wearing a petticoat at all, meaning you'll need to buy a new one again. The quick deflation time of cheap pettis is why it's actually cheaper in the long term to just buy one good petti at the start. More expensive petticoats keep their shape a lot better over time. You don't even need to spend that much for a good one anyway. From what I've heard, bunnyhouse has very good pettis and they are pretty affordable in my opinion (from what I've seen).
>how cheap are we talking?
There are many $8 ones, so I was wondering how noticable the difference to the brand ones is. I thought if there are so many in that price range, surely people buy them?
The description of the shapes helped a lot, thanks!
So I should get at least a decent one or I might as well not get it at all, unless I don't plan on wearing it often. Thanks for the help and recommendation!
What is it about frills?
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE frills and I'm sure most of us do, but why exactly is that?
Other than the fact they look very rich, they're just fun. They're fun to look at and even more fun to wear. That's how I see it, anyway.

Can pretty much guarantee the $8 ones aren't worth it for lolita. They'll either be too flat or too short.

There's a reason lolitas won't even touch them, it's a waste of time and closet space that we'd rather be using on actually useful petticoats.

If you're not a lolita and don't need any of this in particular I'd say just change your costume and do something else. Lolita isn't a hobby you cut corners in, it's very noticeable to other lolitas.

If everyone could stop breaking /cgl/ board rule number 2 that would be great: "Don't bring community vendettas onto this board. Singling out individual cosplayers for the purposes of trolling them will not be tolerated."

Previous thread >>10038932
>Viencon 2019 bookings will open up Friday November 30th
>Yes Anon, Jaapcon is back!
>DCC took place and now we'll enter a long period of nothingness as far as conventions go
>€250 for a 1m tall Sailor Moon statue that's missing her clothes, why?!
>Jaarbeurs halls suck for photography
>Anon who quit cosplay still enjoys seeing so many cosplayers at Utrecht CS

The five next major events:
>Moshi Moshi Fair (December 15th & 16th, Amsterdam NH): A special Christmas edition of Moshi Moshi Fair which takes place simultaneously with the Sushi Festival Amsterdam
>JaapCon 2 (December 28th, Beverwijk NH): the sequel to a joke meetup.
>TomoFair (Januari 5th & th, Amsterdam NH): Dealers, some games, yadda yadda.
>Imagicon 4.0 (Januari 26th, Ede GL): Sci-Fi, geeks stuff, cosplay and what not.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
208 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just adding my two cents to the Animecon discussion; please all be careful near the location. Metrostation Zuidplein is not a place where you want to be seen standing out, even if you're in a small group.
I'm used to city life and wanted to say you're overreacting. But then I realised something: thugs are everywhere and always look for easy targets and a significant portion of con-goers are exactly that. They come across as lost in the big city, insecure and some walking alone, flashing their fancy goods around or being piss drunk while wearing revealing clothes. I'm sure us gulls won't run into any troubles, but I can't say I feel the same for the average socially awkward con-goer.
Think opposite, ghetto life has alot of anime fans. Anime events in Detroit are fine. Although everyone expects it to be bad. It actually pretty good in those areas. So yes, overreacting.
I'm from around the area as well and I can honestly say it's not as bad as people make it seem to be. To be fair, The Hague could be pretty ''ghetto'' as well if you ask me.

Just a bunch of SJW's overreacting.
anyone planning a visit to Imagicon?

Let's try to keep one going...
97 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hard to say, these special military/nurse sets tend to be really popular and have cult status.
I dare say Engelsbeginn is more rare than Hospitality Doll. Cause HD pops up kinda regularly these days and I've only seen Engelsbeginn sold 3 times and that was many years ago.
Could be anywhere for 300 to 600 dollars (maybe even higher?) depending on the colorway maybe, especially if it's an (Japanese) auction.
Anon, cross lace skirt is one of my DDs... please email me.
The white colorway with damages, stains and missing items sold for $700.
It's one of my dream items as well. Please put it up for auction instead of selling it directly!
>300 to 600
Please just kill me, I thought it was less popular than HD. Well, it's also a lot cuter, so I guess I should have been mentally prepared for this.

File: cgl 7.png (2.91 MB, 2480x3507)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
Past thread >>10018978

Shipping deadline is 15th December, so that leaves 5 days to send in tracking numbers, receipts or proof of shipment in to me or HelperGull!

If you are having issues, or do not think you will meet the deadline - let us know immediately!

If you have received a gift or card, please post photos in the thread and join in the discussion.
113 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
ID #7078

I could not believe how heavy this box was when I got it! Both of these items are absolutely perfect I’m thrilled! I already have a dress that matches the bow and I’m excited to start coordinating with it. And the cape? I’m never taking it off, even my partner is obsessed with it!!! Thank you so much! I will definitely be shooting you an email soon.
Hi, 3113 here! Sorry about the delay, I've been out of town. I got your package, but I'm planning to open yours when I receive my other gifts so I can open all at once. If I don't receive them before Christmas, I'll open yours first. Thanks Santa!

Also, does anyone else have 3113?
Yay!! I'm so glad!! Have a merry christmas!!
I'm so glad you like the cape! As soon as u saw it I knew I had to get it for you, it was just too perfect.
File: 20181120_100129.jpg (3.5 MB, 4160x3120)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Great I was fearing the worst. I used to work for the postal service and I know how bad they can be. I made sure my cat Snowy was guarding the package. I hope you like everything.

File: 1461749739329.png (15 KB, 414x506)
15 KB
Old one saged
>Neko Nation
File: Beethy-drama.jpg (364 KB, 960x540)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
I just got into lolita, what comms are there in Sydney that I can go to?
Look up "Sydney Lolita" or "Sydney EGL" on Facebook.
Meets aren't happening so often since it's summer, though.
perth? does anything non "con" happen here?
can someone redpill me on beethy? what's he done wrong

Previous Thread >>10052783
27 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
I know this isn’t the kind of coord cgl jerks off to but she is so pretty in a mean popular girl from 70s shoutout kind of way I must have her @
Quinceñera kei
Looks like a Tibia Cosplay to me. I like the top part, but it could have some modifications to make it more modest or less costumey. The skirt also needs some work, specially on the lace part.
Not lolita.
This is super cute!

File: h8T4xqj.jpg (94 KB, 720x720)
94 KB
Old thread in autosage: >>9983578
132 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mail.png (215 KB, 498x340)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
On fril yeah, I'm sure I can fix it with a good steaming
They're by AP and omocat respectively, but I bought them both secondhand!
File: w-42706-00.jpg (71 KB, 700x700)
71 KB
I feel like I've been looking for this skirt since...2010?
Was that the skirt from mbok? I was planning on bidding on it but decided against it. Congrats!

I spent less than $100 for both dresses so I’m pretty happy. I didn’t check the length for the AP dress until after I won the auction. It’s only 88 cm long rip. Anyway know of a good underskirt that matches AP pinks?
Um...even AP pink doesn't always match AP pink, best wait until you get it in person
File: PrincessLongPetticoat.jpg (245 KB, 500x600)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
AP has released pic related a while back, afaik it works pretty well as an underskirt with their designs, if you're willing to look for it secondhand.

Didn’t see one in the catalogue so let’s do this, questions you have that don’t deserve a whole thread.

Mine is: what hairspray do you use to style your wigs? The wig I’m styling doesn’t need anything intense or gravity defying but I do need it to hold while I go about my day. Also wondering, what is the best way to wash it out? I’m just styling the bangs and hoping to be able to restyle it for later uses. My wig is from Arda if that matters.
176 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
nayrt but what do you mean?
good one
Would i be more convenient to find a shopping service/proxy to order from this online shop and have it delivered to me or bite the bullet and get a pixiv account and figure out how to get it from japan to my U.S. address? Have you purchased from jp sites like these successfully or know of shopping services that would consider doing it for me even if it wouldn't be a $300+ order? Thanks

Here's the page if it helps:

illustrates for kera, glb, aatp
any help on how the hell i'd style a gravity defying wig like pic related?

Previous thread >>10025996

Because the old thread hit sage a while ago.
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
First of all, talk to your orgs.They'll (or should be) more than willing to help with that!
Otherwise, it kind of depends on the Renfaire/LARP and your role in it. Wanna tell us about the one you wanna join to?

Check out the Blood&Iron's "Flashy HEMA techniques" series. I don't know many movies or games that'll help though, maybe Soul Calibur if you wanna go extra weeb
Yes, it is a faire that is based around the 15th century. A large number of the group that makes up the cast is also the cast of different LARP events around my area, so if you get in with them, then you can basically be a part of any of those events. My spouse and I became friends with several cast members and they introduced us to the group. Everyone was so welcoming and was asking us to audition for the cast next year because we all got along so well. But to be completely honest. I don't want to bother them with asking about all the details of being on the cast. I feel like it is my responsibility to be prepared if that makes sense.
It does make sense, I can understand your worries. However, do keep in mind that letting them explain that stuff to you could be fun for them as well, let alone a minor bonding experience of some sort. Also, do keep in mind that even if it WAS uncomfortable for them (Which I doubt), it's a thousand times better than having to explain you what to do on site, when there's the pressure of work etc. I doubt anyone assumes you'll just know everything yourself by the first time.
If you want to feel like you did your best to prevent the oh-so-inconvenient matter, make a list of questions in advance and, assuming you're friends with them on some level now, make it seem pretty casual, don't over-apologize it, and thank them for their time. You can bring up the fact you're nervous, so they'll emphasize you. Like, they've all started knowing nothing, so they'll understand you.

Last, but not least - Make sure you actually enjoy the process. It's what we're here for.
This was great advice. Thank you! It really helped me.
Sure thing anon
We are in the happy wholesome edition, after all

File: 1370670704583.jpg (82 KB, 606x392)
82 KB
>guess I gotta do this shit myself edition

Whether you're a cosplayer, photographer, arrested sasuke cosplayer, lolita, into another form of Jfash, or just interested in the con scene or getting into these hobbies, feel free to post here and find friends.

Please note this is not a hook-up thread, and please keep things /cgl/ related. <3

>Cosplay, j-fashion, lolita?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
>Favorite games, anime, brands, prints, etc.
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
>Other interests?
>What are you looking for?
>What aren't you looking for?
>Contact info (Discord, email, LINE, Skype)
64 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1511519626918.png (52 KB, 250x250)
52 KB
>Cosplay, j-fashion, lolita?
cosplay (getting my feet wet still) and not so much j-fash but i do enjoy a lot of ranges of fashion
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
i usually attend any local con i can and enjoy people watching when i'm not focused on con plans or friends.
i really enjoy my computer, i've built 2 of my desktops now and enjoy graphic design - not so much art but i'm always on photoshop messing with something and always want to learn (recently just finished a course this semester relating to)
>Favorite games, anime, brands, prints, etc.
i'm a nintendo fag pls no bully (i do have smash ultimate for anyone wanting to play), but i enjoy rpgs/jrpgs (persona especially) and revisit overwatch sometimes. lately been big into siege again after over a year (i know it's trash), as well as BFV. i usually watch whatever anime piques my interest so i don't really have any preferred genres, but i love comedy and slice of life. toradora! is a classic and probably one of my favorites other than school rumble (also a great classic)
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
windwaker zelda this past year, my first cosplay
>Other interests?
computers (always learning), writing, cooking, my doggies and watching make-up/fashion videos but never trying anything from them
>What are you looking for?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i haven't been to RTX since 2015! how has it been if you have gone after that, anon? i hear it's increasingly packed every year
this anon, btw
File: brushel-nosweat(a).gif (307 KB, 256x192)
307 KB
307 KB GIF
>Cosplay, j-fashion, lolita?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
I haven't in awhile. I like to play some casual vidya and draw animu shit on my spare time
>Favorite games, anime, brands, prints, etc.
Ace Attorney, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, Divinity Original Sin 2. I watch a lot of anime but ones I'm keeping an eye on for updates are Cardcaptor Sakura, Overlord, Shokugeki, Saga of Tanya the Evil and Log Horizon (annd a lot others)
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
They were embarrassing...
>Other interests?
Uhh animals. I have a cat but I like dogs too
>What are you looking for?
I would really like some friends to share fandoms, draw, play vidya and build cosplay together with. Ideally female but I don't mind males either.
>What aren't you looking for?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: P1210990.jpg (3.81 MB, 4320x3240)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
>Anime Boston, Northeast Comics & Collectibles Extravaganza!, Fan-Expo
>Dark Souls, MGS, Halo, Half-Life, MSG 08th MS Team, Berserk, Castlevania
>MGS: Big Boss, Diamond Dog, Gurlukovich Mercenary. Dark Souls: Elite Knight/Oscar Of Astora. Half-Life: HECU Soldier
>WH40K, Gundams, Photography, Prop-Making, Taking commissions for the previous, Camping
>People to talk to about the hobby
>People that are, in the current year, still pretending that Homestuck is good
>Tumblr: http://quarryknightcosplayandcustoms.tumblr.com/
>Discord: RawSnake#7058
>Email: SashaMilashka@Yahoo.com
>Facebook: Ask me on one of the above
>Cosplay, j-fashion, lolita?
25/f/bay area
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
fanime is my main one, i also go to small ones like krakencon (rip), anime california, etc. want to go to ax eventually
>Favorite games, anime, brands, prints, etc.
soulsborne, dishonored, evil within, otome games, tes, bayonetta, dmc, fallout, mypnosis mic, hunter x hunter, utapri, jojo
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
yuria from dark souls 3
>Other interests?
idk anything i guess
>What are you looking for?
chatting, working on cosplay together, movies, casual stuff
>What aren't you looking for?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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