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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

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I need a cosplay gf or I will die. Has anyone here actually gotten one and how?
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Also, try to have a hobby outside of cosplay if you can. Things like being a movie buff or being a fan of a sports team is meh, try something more outdoorsy or traditionally manly; like working on cars, riding motorcycles, maybe dirt biking if you live in the country or boating/jetskiing if you’re on one of the coasts. Not hunting or fishing though, women don’t like that shit. If at all possible take some pilot lessons; get a logbook from your local small airport or states website and hire a flying coach to get your hours, surprisingly not expensive just to log a few hours and take a pic w the pilot and yourself flying the plane.
>this faggot actually thinks negging works
go back
>The neckbeardier the better, makes an easier fall guy.
This is how we get mass shootings at anime cons. These events are filled with people who are one bad day away from showing up with an AR-15.
>implying it doesn’t

You must either be a white knight whose retarded and friendzoned or a chick whose on copium that some dude used this on her and dipped after fucking
Skill issue for the neckbeard, fuckers like that are probably going to do deplorable shit like that regardless of if I shit on them a bit for a girl

File: faggots.png (77 KB, 644x873)
77 KB
>Still forcing people to wear masks
>Still forcing staff to get vaxx'd

Anyone else just going to pass on all that and hang out in the park?
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Wrong city friendo
Does this con have parties?
Short answer: No. Long answer: Yes.
Cons that don't take place directly inside / attached to a hotel usually don't have as many. But yes, it does, just might be harder to find.
Schedule is up

File: file.png (1.5 MB, 1440x810)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Since we're in a bit of a down-season right now, and I've never seen this concept put in a thread before now seems like the right time. What keeps you coming back to cons? Even /cgl/, as slow as it, shows there's a billion possible combinations to explain: "Why?" Some answers, but definitely not all, would be
solo, group, admiring, meetups, photography
>What the event itself offers
Guests, shops / artist alley, rave, game room
>The social element
Parties (unofficial), hookups, meet new folks, mutual friends flying in from different areas
>Hanging out
People watch, the weird experiences only cons can provide, that one time in the year "the gang gets back together"
And of course any reasons I forgot to include are always encouraged. The floor is yours, gulls.
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File: 1678378843364269.png (295 KB, 829x663)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
I love getting drunk as fuck in a fun festive environment. I love catching up with my con friends. I like just hanging out with friends all weekend goofing off. Walking around window shopping, people watching, etc.. Random conversations with people while waiting or loitering.

I'm getting older, but at 31 this shit still slaps and I still look forward to all the cons I can make in a year.
File: file.png (467 KB, 490x661)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
>I'm getting older, but at 31 this shit still slaps and I still look forward to all the cons I can make in a year.
You're a rare one, both for this board and in general. The constant posts / remarks I see about "Having to stop after a certain age" definitely implies a lot of them feel ashamed of what they're doing. And yet...pic related. There have been some cons where the actual grandparents are the stars of the show, while the little zoomiezooms here whine "I'm 22, getting I'm too old for this shit."

As you were LG x
Maybe at an anime convention. But an older man doesn’t look out of place at a comic convention
Nothing. I've been cosplaying Tatushiro Satou from Welcome to NHK for the past five years. I've never been to a con and i have no desire to change that.
Does it make a big difference? I heard that was all genetics.

Old thread
Reddit ita complains about people downvoting compliments on a post that isn’t even theirs. This will set the tone for spring.
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Downs syndrome kei

Honestly such a great business idea. Peddle the cheapest fucking "Lolita" skirts using Michaels fabric on Etsy and advertise it as "plus sized fashion," then you got broke landwhales banging down your door buying your entire stock.
She should stop trying to be a Lolita and just embrace cottagecore/Mori kei.
I think It also would make her happier
People really need to just stick to regular kawaii fashion if theyre not going to follow the guidelines.

You cant just put any frilly thing together and call it lolita. Its not hard.
“No concrit” always the ones who need it most who say that
File: aj8e98njujqa1.jpg (215 KB, 864x1536)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
"No concrit" = "I know it's bad but I only want praise please"

why post if you don't want concrit? I know they say "well I enjoy my coord and I don't care", yeah, but then why post it since you can so easily enjoy it on your own?

Maybe if it was on your own IG profile or something, but on a lolita subreddit? You want attention and praise for buying a few things and putting them on.

ITT: red flags at Anime convention
>game room has isn’t 24 hours and doesn’t have Smash Bros.
>tabletop game room doesn’t have Cards Against Humanity
>anime convention doesn’t have a speed dating room
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>Mask policies
Ohayocon was wearing masks as cheap cosplays before (insert illness here) shut shit down.
>Their logo is even a parody of The Red Cross
>Hyatt areas are more strict than Hilton areas
It's the one event a year when rules are generally ignored because it makes so much money
>Not just from vendors, many weebs can no longer achieve wizard status afterwards
>Autistic friend does security for cons, wasn't working at one this year
>There were multiple threads about said con on /cgl/
>Con attendees were aware of thread
>No clue if she made one or more of them
>Was too stoned to care
I was at both of those cons, and this year. Too many Mall Raver is an understatement.
It's not a con without at least one big rave
>The majority of the scheduling and details come out 2 weeks before the con start date
This one has been happening more often. Having bat flu policies is one thing but providing the details riiiight up until it is too late to get a refund is a downright scam. Not to mention it makes planning a lot harder when the schedule isn't available ahead of time.
>Several panels getting cancelled during the event
How about making sure your presenters are prepared before comping their badges??
>Completely random corporate booths at the dealer's hall
Japanese corpos sure, but why is TMobile here? They don't even provide a hotspot for the crummy con center Internet.

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clip some other bows on top of the standard ones. depending on the size of the kumya, they may also be able to wear bracelets as necklaces, hairties, wristcuffs as dresses. also you can get other kumya-themed accessories so the kumya colors can be balanced throughout the coord - kumya hairties, kumya bag, kumya shoes.
this. both you and your kumyas deserve an amazing closet.
How did I not thought about this before! Thank you !
Good, they are hard so I recommend buying a half size up to allow for good insoles.
Even though I'm 150cm, most waists on OPs and JSKs still hit me at the bottom of my ribcage, if not underboob. I got DDs though which also does not help. Moving down strap buttons sometimes makes the dress longer than I like though, creating a whole different fit problem.

File: bruh.png (663 KB, 987x853)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Last thread: >>10829325

Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.
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saw this earlier and kekked, i don't think ap re-releasing a newer, cheaper version will help anyone though. in a perfect world we would ban all slobs from owning lolita
what's the slobby behaviour, the sewing job or the holes?
First time Ive seen it under a grand
I still think about that thread a lot.

Alright lads it's time to settle this.

What is your dream couple cosplay
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I didn’t even call my bf ugly. I just said he doesn’t have an “anime face”/features for a good male cosplay. He’s gorgeous and handsome. Its because he doesnt look like a little fag that I can’t dress him up accurately

Yeah you’re right. My cute/loli cosplays are obviously leagues ahead of any more mature cosplays I’ve attempted (which I almost never do because I want to enjoy my youth while it lasts). I will never cosplay a bitch with huge tits because that’d just be awkward. But misato for exemple has a nice decent rack i can pull off with enhancements and with a more mature makeup it’ll look just fine. If not great. Plus bf could deffo pull off Kaji since Kaji doesnt look like a little bitch boy fag
this is an awful attitude. anon is right, you sound insufferable.
I mean, I’m a person who exists irl with multiple connexions which is basically what most of 4chan’s inhabitants tries to avoid, so it kinda checks out that you’d find me insufferable. But can you point out what exactly in my latest reply is insufferable? Without putting words in my mouth that I have not spoken of course, take my messages literally. ( for exemple, don’t say I called my bf ugly as that is a literal lie that can be proven with reading the thread)
what's insufferable about you is that you act like every other attention whore that has ever been on this board. both the way you type and the content of your posts make it obvious you have a very lonely and pathetic life for someone your age.
Lol ok. I see your point of view but Im really far from lonely and my life is incredibly fun uwu. Can you say the same?

Also the concept of calling it “attention whoring” when its anonymous is kinda odd. Its just a form of entertainment. Every human seeks entertainment one way or another. I have dopamine deficiency (adhd) so I need more entertainment spikes than the average person. You're entertaining me right now wether you like it or not.

There hasn't been one in a while. Talk about skin-care, hair, and makeup.
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you overdid it
Thanks for the thoughts/info, I'll take it easier with the masks and oil
Yeah, recently there's been some pink mascaras that work. Essence is one I picked up recently. I hate to say it, but the last one I picked up worked so much better even sans primer, but it was... like a NYC Halloween release or something. I have heard Dark Star is amazing, but I myself have never used it. The essence one does seem to require primer to really show at the base.
Clay will explain the redness, but you said that's what's been getting rid of the acne, huh? If it's an acne vulgaris infection you picked up, that would explain the masks helping, but either just your body eradicating it on its own or even medication might help. Some doctors will give you an antibiotic depending on the circumstances. Most jump toward hormonal, but it could've been maybe you just never had an actual acne infection before. Have you been stressed? Stress will make you susceptible to infection. Also, if you got a little container or bag or way to keep your clay mask away from air, you can take a little dab of it and apply it overnight as a spot treatment on the sores versus your whole face and reap the same benefits minus drying all your skin out.
get a cleanser(face wash) that contains clay, rather than doing a daily mask. clay masks are meant for 2 days a week MAX. i'm allergic to tea tree oil so i can't really weigh in on it other than it's very harsh from what i've heard. the clay is probably getting rid of the acne since you're just stripping all the oils from your skin, which is a bigger problem.

>insane demands from cosplayers, more so than an actual paid shoot
>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.
>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.
>thinks posing like a scene from an anime is the same as posing for a real life photo
>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
>will facetune any image you take
>will suddenly want to shoot with you if you have any form of clout from bigger cosplayers

While I still enjoy it, I mostly now just shoot for friends/less popular cosplayers. A few of us photographers actually do have our own group chats, and its pretty civil and we don't really shit talk other models, we actually hype eachother up. The cosplay chats i've seen though are pretty fucking vicious.

Any other photographers want to chime in on their experiences?
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This looks amazing
Not taking the bait nice try.
File: Vader.jpg (1.76 MB, 2070x3456)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
I did my first cosplay photography-gig a few weeks ago and had a blast, everyone i asked to take a picture of was pretty cool about it. Although i was nervous at first i just went for it and ended up getting some pretty good shots
That's terrible
what do you think looks good about it? or is everything being shiny distracting you from how bad it is?

Haven't seen any threads about fairy-kei in a while and I wanna talk about it,so here goes! Feel free to share pics as well.

-What are your wardrobe staples and how do you like to use them?

-Favorite motifs?

-What things do you think are over- or underrated in fairy-kei?

-Dream items?

-Do you have a favorite brand, and what you like about them?

-Do you incorporate yumekawaii/fancy aesthetics into other aspects of your life, like home decor?
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every single fashion was better in 2010s. everything was cute and fun.
Nowadays you would get cancelled for creating cute clothes like this because Tiktok decided it's sexualizing children? somehow.
Yes. Old retards love those times.
>Tiktok decided it's sexualizing children?
just clap back with the whole "only a pedo would think this looks like a sexualized child!!" thing. and ignore tiktok, i've seen them say not to sexualize gyaru which is the entire point of that fashion...
Tiktok can suck my dick is what they can do. I'll even put a bow on it and make that shit pastel.

Old thread >>>>>>10660802

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's actually proven that attractive folks get more sales. So yes, a small % increase in sales will seen statistically.
does anyone have any experience selling wall scrolls/tapestries? art printed onto material?

I'm looking for recommendations for where to get them printed for an upcoming con
I just got an acceptance email for anime next like two days ago but I don't even remember applying and I'm taking a year off AA b/c of life exploding.
Is this even legit?
Did they do rollovers from cancelled years maybe?
Look into the last page of doujins (if it has been scanned), you can get some printing services info from there.There's also services like Komorebi. Now, if you live somewhere shitty like me and can't get them shipped to you, you can always print them at home.

Same shiz different thread. Except now it’s the beginning of con season.

Nothing clever to add, just the usual shit about lifting this off another website and the formatting to get messed up.

MinamiCon 2023 March 10-12, 2023 Novotel Hotel
Southampton, UK
Manchester Anime & Gaming Con 2023 April 15-16, 2023 Sugden Sports Centre
Manchester, UK
Leeds Anime & Gaming Con 2023 June 3-4, 2023 Leeds Marriott Hotel
Leeds, UK
Japan Fest Mansfield 2023 June 4, 2023 Mansfield Rugby Union Football Club
Mansfield, UK
AnimeCon UK 2023 June 17-18, 2023 National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, UK
Norwich Anime & Gaming Con 2023 June 24-25, 2023 University of East Anglia Students Union

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
221 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only staying 2 nights?
4 nights
I've not been to a campus/hotel con before, only done bigger conventions.
Might go to Ame this year and Kita next, what can I expect at these sorta events?
Zero guests, a shitty little games room, mediocre panels except 2-3 good ones (hentai panel is mixed), if you don't have friends going it won't be worth it - these cons are for friend bants first and foremost
stone steps at uni, everyone gets drunk

watch out for the wasps

File: ab.jpg (291 KB, 902x1277)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
Anime Boston is April 7-9, who's going?
107 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
You guys got any blow?
What are the bears to go to? I saw barely any attendees at the two bars right next to the venue. Should I just walk over to Fenway and hit up the cask?
A lot of years there’s an official 21+ lounge set up by the con at King’s bowling alley. The Sheraton has a bar that you might catch somebody at if you’re patient, but I think most attendees avoid it under the (probably correct) assumption that it’s expensive. Personally I like Bukowski’s Tavern the best.
Yeah I missed the 21+ party it capped out early and there was a long line. I hit bukowskis a bunch but didn't see many congoers there. I went to some fancy place too and didn't see anyone. Talked with this cougar for a while that in retrospect I think was into me and my ex.
>>10841267 (me)
Btw I want to hide my face. What are some anime masks, full head gear cosplay, or hoodies that zip all the way up I can wear?

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