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File: 07131029_5966cd07559d5.jpg (139 KB, 530x797)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What patterns and colors would be best for the changing season.
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Ahh I wish I had some inspo! Are woman’s hakama always formal, or can you wear it outside of graduation/furisode? They look comfy.
Kimonoseikatsu on insta wears a lot of hakama coordinates

I don't know about how prevalent it is in Japan...I would assume you can, but it's not very common? Outside of Japan it doesn't matter much.
Has anyone done the kimono fittings and rentals in the big cities? I'd like to go to one over my honeymoon, but I worry they'll stick me in something gaudy or costumey. I'd just like to look nice for temple visits.
I’m not too fan of the square pattern with this color. It gives a «cold» feeling out of it. The obi is really good though.
Monday was Coming of Age Day in Japan. anyone see the furisode kimonos on IG or Twitter?

Tbh, this board has the cutest and best reactionary images ever. Pls share your folder owo
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File: 67889090567.gif (977 KB, 245x245)
977 KB
977 KB GIF
Google is your friend, anon-chan.
I did! and went into the lolcow page and couldn't find that picture....or why half of the stuff in this picture exists because i genuinely need to know now
File: 1510085254653.png (195 KB, 794x746)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
File: Screenshot_517.png (167 KB, 735x720)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
File: style 1 style 2.png (373 KB, 920x662)
373 KB
373 KB PNG

File: 1546794619886.jpg (103 KB, 900x675)
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103 KB JPG
Since none of you are brave enough to make a new one when the old one got deleted.
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How many times a day do you report posts? I feel like I'm always reporting incel bait in lolita threads. I just wondered what the rest of you do, especially on the cosplay side
>Just fucking keep trying until one girl finds you attractive and reciprocates.

So find one that pities you, got it.
One of them's bound to have Stockholm Syndrome after all.
That incel attitude is going to hold you back. People have all kinds of likes and dislikes, even people who look absolutely butt ugly to most of the world can be someone's type. A confident and friendly demeanour is extremely helpful too. Thinking this way is just going to keep you alone, or if you're lucky or conventionally attractive it may get you on several dates where the girls bail on you because you have a sad, bitter personality and aren't fun to spend time with.
This x1000
A personality is as malleable as your intelligence. You cant "just change it".

File: 5WbMAe03_400x400.jpg (29 KB, 391x391)
29 KB
This year seemed a lot better for cosplay then last years ALA, maybe even better than AX 2018 so let's begin:

>Best cosplay's you saw
>Worst cosplay's you saw
(Provide pic's if you got 'em)
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File: 1535671409319.webm (2.78 MB, 520x924)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
File: 1543243002105.png (827 KB, 636x915)
827 KB
827 KB PNG
Most of those chicks looked like reject strippers.
Most of them yeah, but some towards the end that were pretty hot. but i was also sorta drunk
File: 1361581654018.jpg (31 KB, 415x366)
31 KB
For what purpose
File: smug_anime_girl_#86.jpg (55 KB, 900x810)
55 KB
>he stayed at the Gateway "breaking and entering" Hotel
>he stayed at the Azure "car explosion" Hotel
>he stayed at the Folk "also affected by explosion" Inn

damn it feels good to be Double Tree master race

File: 1508232908945.jpg (780 KB, 1500x1000)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
Last time: >>9456845
Since the last one had a few bits of Dota sprinkled through it we may as well group all of the ARTS games together to hopefully keep things maybe slightly more active.

ASSFAGGOTS = Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides, so you don't have to hit Urban Dictionary.
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I'm trying to work on K/DA Ahri and the thing that stumps me the most is her tail.. Does anyone have any suggestions?
File: Du_IcJ-UwAAYNNs.jpg (400 KB, 1638x2048)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
Boxbox did a festive-themed K/DA Akali along with Kimi as Ahri.

Old one: >>10072162

I wonder, does AP even have any other models?
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>bare wrists
Begone thot REEEEEEEEE
i like it but their socks arent good like ap
aaaaaand they missed it. Of course.

Anyone else have any recommendations for people offering SS in Japan? I've had no luck with Japonica, Accio, etc.

I get that it's not instantaneous and all but 12 months and about 20 attempts is more than just unlucky imo
Anon...I'm trying to keep the hope alive. Please...
Look at how happy those god damn birds are

ITT: Hotels you wish would host a convention but haven’t yet

>Hotel in pic is the Gaylord Palms Orlando
>Nice hotel
>Cheaper rooms than Katsu Gaylord
>Awesome photoshoot areas ranging from a mock pirate fortress, fog machined swamp, fake boat in indoor lagoon, bitchin pool
>Would be a better hotel venue than most Orlando cons and Megacon venue, would second only to Holiday Matsuri
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1525803357766.png (250 KB, 360x594)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
It’s supposedly happening next weekend. A few people on twitter are talking about it, but no official information is out there. Wonder if they’re keeping info private to attendees only

Oh I like the Gaylord in Orlando. It's gorgeous inside and they host ICE! in the winter with all those beautiful ice sculptures and ice skating too.
And here in Spain since tickets are spool cheap (people say 10€ for a day @ Japan weekend Madrid is expensive) the only way the organizers can break even/get some money is renting out a buttload of commercial stands(so,Spanish cons are basically huge dealers rooms) which mostly sell overpriced fake merch from Ali for 12yo kids whose parents don't let them buy online. unless it's a big con, there are barely any guests or talks, and they are rarely the big selling point for most attendees. Also, I'm not a cosplayer but I keep hearing about not so good prizes. But,hey, even your 100k inhabitants town can have it's own con for young weebs to wander around for 3€ a day!
File: 1488949965289.jpg (6 KB, 187x188)
6 KB
I was so close to buying a ticket and going, but since it's the first time they're doing this I want to see how it goes first. Being stuck on a boat with a bunch of disgusting neckbeards orbiting one or two sluts and their Chad keeper sounds like hell. A huge party cruise sounds awesome though, just without the unshowered neckbeard swarm.

What are your worst cosplay experiences?
131 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
>guy friend of mine invites me to a convention
>room paid for, food paid for, and can have a +1 female friend (also paid for)
>only negative is its with his friends, which I hate
>go like an idiot
>two rooms, one for girls, one for guys
>ask guy friend why he invited me
>"to be honest with you anon, I'm doing it for my girlfriend. my parents are paying for the entire thing, but they said that they would only do it if there was enough people in the hotel room to justify a 'girls room' "
>cool whatever
>con starts
>go back mid day to change cosplay
>me and other girls walk in on his girlfriend fucking his best friend
>we run out, horrified
>come back later her fucktoy is still there
>"we were just cuddling you guys, don't get the wrong idea!"
>ask him to leave because I need to change and someone's in the bathroom taking the world's longest shower

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I didn't react to it and let them finish taking the picture like nothing happened.
You are a saint among men.
>Women use their beta orbiters like Pokémon
Can you go one day without making me an incel, please?
>women do X
A woman did X. And got called on it by another woman. Jesus Christ, you’re like one of those girls who says all men are rapists.

File: riphaenuli.png (451 KB, 957x607)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Old thread >>10064900
260 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hrs banned for a reason, he was incredibly obnoxious at a TPC event, as well as being rude to the organisers at the event, complaining about his tickets, the photography and the running of the event. He’s also been known to perv on younger minors in the community and is basically a confirmed sissy.
Aw I like funk bros. I don't know much about him but he seems nice. Some sort of make-up artistry class would do him a world of good.
hi lee
>Posting 4ching shit on social media
>Year of our Lord 2k19

For real
>being this late
Boy, have I got news for you.

File: candycoordidea.jpg (391 KB, 612x671)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
What are your predictions for J-fashion and Cosplay in the coming year? Which characters will be overdone, which coord combinations will sweep the Lolita community? Will Larme rise again or will a new Kei take over the lands of social media?

To start off, I think this might become a thing; Scallopets over OPs. It's probably been done before, but the idea could really expand a lot of people's wardrobe options. It also brings up the issue of print-on-print in Lolita fashion... Is that a thing? Will be come a thing? Fashion brand Hei Hei has been doing a lot of plaid-on-plaid in otome-type cuts.
77 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
going even further into my unrealistic pipedream, i think that if this were to ever happen i would need to collaborate somewhat closely with the developers of LM and lolibrary to integrate their features

it'd be a behemoth task, but when broken down into smaller bits it may be possible to pursue with a small team. my gears are a-spinnin. thanks for the ideas!
speaking as someone who's lolita website went under after going several hundred dollars into debt; Do it but Do it at your own risk. Lolitas are hungry for a platform, for content, but they will not pay for it. Your pages will get archived because they don't want to have to see ads. Again, not saying don't do it, just don't do it expecting it will pay for it's server cost.
Even if you make a nice platform, a huge issue you're going to run into is that no matter how nice a platform you make, unless you advertise it hard on Facebook/Vkontakte/Instagram/Twitter/Amino/etc you will be fighting an uphill battle to get people to migrate.

But if you do make it, please remember to include community and maybe event planning tools!
Which was this? But yeah I'm not surprised, this is why I think optimizing an existing platform would be better. Like the r/lolitafashion reddit or an experienced lolitas Amino or something
can't say, sorry. basically we needed the server we had for the amount of traffic we were getting but we never seemed to make back much through ads. we bounced between the black and the red and then we just started losing at some point and never bounced back. people would tell me to my face that they liked what was being done, but then would comment that maybe we should take those ugly banner ads down. Just, all I'm trying to say is that the lolita community is great to collaborate with, work with but they are not interested in funding any kind of a serious operation.

File: oldschool.jpg (23 KB, 300x400)
23 KB
For all your oldschool needs: questions, advice, communities, inspo, etc etc.
227 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
Those shoulder straps look so stretched out, don’t hang dresses with elastic on their straps like this. Especially not the hevier ones...
Does anyone have any recs for a shorter petti?
I wear a lot of oldschool and my modern ones seem to keep poking out of my skirts
I use a diamond honey one that hits just right where the dress hem ends. I believe it was their a-line
I have one of the old 'victoriangirldress' ones. That seller is long gone from ebay as far as I can tell, but it's basically a soft petticoat in a kids' size 10-12 - if you have a look on ebay for 'pettiskirt' there are a few similar ones being sold and if they have full elastic, they should be fine if you can fit in old-school skirts. They are shorter than most lolita petticoats (~35-40cm) which tends to be perfect for most old-school outfits.
i got my aatp rhs secondhand on lacemarket for $60 and in great shape, keep an eye out

new thread, last >>10067198
240 replies and 97 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why take a dumbass "artsy" picture like this and choose it to show off your coord. I can't fucking SEE your coord.
then it's not that you're not "quirky" or "original", it's that your photographs fucking suck.
It's that we don't have much charisma so even though the photographs are good quality and we were having lots of fun, we look happy yet awkward as hell in them. They make us smile, but we're just too boring to look at. No one wants to see three oldfags in nonprint moitie climbing an old lamp post with rungs and laughing hideously with their mouths wide open.
I don't know. I think it would be refreshing. As long as you're not doing retarded meme things like dabbing or whatever, sounds good to me!
fuck tumblr
weird pics were fine before then
now there only fine if ~*aesthetic*~

File: DWRkpOEX0AAUxCA.jpg (113 KB, 750x636)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (RIP) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

Last thread is well on its way to dying
178 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mine is Kaga Kaede from Morning Musume currently. I also love Rikako and Ayaka from ANGERME.
That would require the smaller states to have some sort of incentive or a big name to bring people in/ have really big idol comminutes to begin with.
not to be that person™ but you really cherry picked a bad video of her. All of her other stuff is pretty good.
>but if you're going to be upset by this kinda stuff
She's not though, seems like quite the contrary. And I disagree, if you have thick enough skin not to overreact, reading stuff said about you by the most savage people can be very helpful
okay other mosuri member
4te, pinku project, peachy parade

What exactly makes a cosplay 'bad'?
66 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Semi-related to this, but how accurate should I try to be for a first-time cosplay?

I'm still a bit terrified of cutting/styling my wig once it comes in and part of the attire won't be 100% spot on, if I can't get lucky at a thrift store/make the alteration myself and risk screwing it up.
Are you implying the OP pic is Ram?
As much effort as you are willing / capable of putting into it. You need be realistic with yourself and accept that not everything has to be perfect the first time around. Do what you can do and be proud of what you have done. If you manage to get into a conversation about your cosplay then congrats, you have a great conversation starter. Talk about what could improve and slowly work towards that goal.
File: margesimpson.jpg (57 KB, 600x450)
57 KB
Why don't you go and tell all females to cover themselves up with garbage bags?
Either something's acceptable or its not. Grow up and stop trying to censor on the basis of "it's okay only if I like it."
Most Asians and Japanese don't make their own cosplay though, many in Japan especially just touch it up but usally order it made. No one cares you made your cosplay, just have fun. I actually can't fucking stand those people who come up to me
>"Uhm did you make that cosplay yourself? looks nice"
"oh uh nah just got it off aliexpress was way easier"
>"Oh.... I see... *sigh*"

Bitch what the fuck

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