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• J-fashion
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last one is autosaging, post itas
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File: IMG_20200119_123041.jpg (351 KB, 720x688)
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File: IMG_20200119_123119.jpg (469 KB, 720x903)
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File: IMG_20200119_123138.jpg (305 KB, 720x894)
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The starting point to fix this doesn't even exist. It isn't a coord, to say it is, "Ita," would be an upgrade identifying that Lolita was the goal.
Eh add a petti, blouse, lolita tights or socks and shoes, a hair accessory and purse and it could be okay. She has a dress that fits which is better than a lot of newbs

File: 0804-11.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
Previous thread: >>10305280

For cosplay go to the help thread
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craft stores can have some nice ones sometimes if you're willing to dig past the cheap stuff first, for buying online I quite like Laceking on etsy too
How's btssb dresses on tall lolitas?
esp interested in this and similar ones
I have this guy, looks very similar to your example. I'm 5'1 and it covers my knees. The bodices on these JSKs are fairly short, so keep that in mind. It hits me at my natural waist, so if you're tall or very busty it'll probably look more empire and unflattering. Honestly, I see a lot of taller lolitas wear old baby pieces and it never looks right, it comes across like sissy clothes when the dress squishes your bust, emphasizing your shoulders and legs. bonus points for peeking bloomers to try and salvage the inappropriate length which makes it look even more like the dress shrunk. Maybe anons can post examples of lolitas making it work, I want to believe, but I haven't seen it myself.
>tfw 5'8
welp time to find a new dream dress probably,thanks for the info!
Maybe someone knows similar alternatives that size up well in height?

IW used to make their long jsks with an extra inch in the bodice. Couple that with adjustable shoulder straps, it's one of your better options if you're slender. They're well-known for boobloafing anything over B cup and their long jsks are narrower in the skirts (hence you gotta be slender... sorry).

Triple Fortune generally looks too big on Asian models and work much better on taller, bigger girls with taller frames as well. The fully shirred bodices are a toss-up whether it looks good or not though, you might want to pick up a cincher or corset to go with it.

Maybe we need another tallita thread, I'm a short girl just regurgitating what I remember from older tallita threads.

Previous thread >>10273027


Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

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where did you get the bunny fur cuffs on those pink bow shoes? can you link?
gotchu, https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.
yeah, i was using 17track and pic related. i think it's a canada thing? but i didn't have this issue in the past, as recently as last year
My most recent package took a month to leave china. The last update was “delivered to air transport” and then weeks later suddenly appeared on California.
Looking for classic, sweet and gothic lolita blouses made of cotton! short sleeved and long sleeved are both fine, but short sleeved preferred. Thank you in advance!
I'm looking for a nice, pink hime blouse...I've been searching but haven't had much luck. Does anyone know of any nice ones off the top of their heads?

File: sincerely.png (1.47 MB, 974x818)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Appreciation thread for defunct and/ or obscure Japanese brands.

Are there any brands that never kept going that you miss? What did you like about them? How successful are you in finding pieces from them/ how often do they hit the secondhand market?
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Is ex SuG vo. Takeru's brand Malkomalka gone?
There is another brand that lets you choose fabric, colour and does custom sizing. Just have to remember the name..
what was the name of this brand, i remember it back in the day?
Come on anon
are you thinking of annahousefashion?

The old thread died (>>10283357) but Moitié is forever.
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>a set of jewelry, including of a bracelet and earrings.
If it's as nice as the silent moon necklace than I'll be super happy.
Except they didn't stop wearing short length.. moitie long length has always sold out last, even later than skirts
Thank you for the update? Is there also more red? I love the thought of red motie <3
No reds this time, Jewelry are gold and silver, and everything else is the usual black x blue x white colorways.
ah so sad, thank you for your fast response!

Hey ceeg,let's have this thread to look for old/forgotten/impossible to find media we want to find back! Let it be from Livejournal,Youtube,Japanese websites,...

I'll begin with a very simple request: I can't find Peep TV show anymore,although it was a pretentious mediocre poorly made student film i just felt like watching it today w. Can you please be of any help?
Also I am having trouble finding that
Musashino-sen no Shimai (sisters of the musashino line) movie subtitles that an anon made years ago to go along to a chinese sub video of the movie on Youku.
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oh god i forgot chola kei was a thing
are the two others supposed to be gyaru and lolita? what?

The styles are B-kei/B-boy style/ Hip Hop Kei on top, Gyaru-kei with the pink hair, and Ebichan-kei (I'm guessing modeled after Yuri Ebihara/Ebichan) on the right.
Never heard of her, but I assume she must have been the new hot thing at the time.

Googling her, she doesn't seem to have any particular stand-out style though, so is there any more information on what exactly this was? Was there seriously a whole subset style based on copying one particular model's outfits?
>Was there seriously a whole subset style based on copying one particular model's outfits?

peco-kei, amo style, ayumi seto with aymmy, kyary, risa. tomoe shinohara.
it-girls have always defined what's up-and-coming/popular in alt-fashion scenes
I'm trying to find a live video of an idol who wore lolita. The girls from the audience were in the stage with her dancing and there was crazy light stick action.

Most of us went through the Hare Hare Yukai-calypse and masquerades were never the same.
What are some obnoxious recent trends plaguing the cosplay scene? Pic very related.
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anime mike wazowski
Bishoujo Wazowski-chan
>top right
Haha, tiktok mouth. Even people on the app are tired of that one. I can see why it got popular, but it really is so unnatural and weird.
File: Marge Krumping.png (361 KB, 680x573)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
I'll Caramelldansen with you, sweetie
People genuinely being your friend but only until you’re invested

For everything crafts and DIY related! Thread is for things like felting, resin work, jewelry making etc.
For cosplay crafting, artist alley and handmade Lolita clothing use appropriate threads.

What's everyone making?
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Thank you

I currently have no other colours so I'm doing my experiments with what I have. Not the best possible colour combo but I'm going to get more yarns soon.
File: chokerback.jpg (598 KB, 598x1323)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Pretty good! I cut up some lace I liked to isolate the parts I thought was coolest. I was originally going to have it be -just- the lace, but I felt like that was too flimsy. I have gotten simple lace chokers before, and my first attempt at them was to mimic those and treat them with the same sort of laquer and clasp connectors to make them stiff and more durable, but the result had the design look really dulled and shitty so I scrapped that. I also remembered so many of my friends being allergic to metals (especially the cheap kind I get at craft stores and ali) so I opted to just forego them altogether. Killing two birds with one stone by doing a ribbon support back. It looks nice, it supports it, and helps tie it in the back.

There was another choker I had that was similar to this in that was a velvet ribbon with some lace, but it was clearly sewn together with a machine because there's this big obvious line cutting through the lace pattern and that really irked me, so I took the time to handsew this ribbon into the pattern of the lace so it's basically invisible on the front. It was almost as much effort as cutting the lace itself, but I was really happy with the result! It was so tempting to just glue stuff, but I'm trying to move away from techniques like that because I've relied on them for so long.
A little sloppy but I respect you not hotglueing it together.
That's rly beautiful, and I like that you could tie a rly pretty bow in the back if that makes sense haha
Thank you!

We haven’t had one of these in a while so I wanted to bring them back. Looking for more gulls to follow on social media, so feel free to self post! No vendetta pls.
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something is off with your false lashes. they almost look like they arent glued down properly on your eye, maybe some eyeliner in the upper lid part of your eye so it blends more
Report underage users

Yaya’s patterns are awful because they’re made directly from her personal patterns without any additional grading, so unless you’ve got her exact weird body proportions, nothing fits. Wasn’t there also some kind of issue with the cups of her corset running crazy big?
I don't remember if I was wearing eyeliner on that day but they were probably coming off in that pic lol
Hmu if you wan my lewds uwu
I got her bodysuit pattern and I learnt, too late, that it's not...made for me. I'll have to alter a lot of it next time because it's not made for people with tiny torsos and long legs.

Previous: >>10310603
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Something like happened in my comm too once but now it's like a local lolita horror story we tell people so they'll be careful in the bathrooms at high end places too... How could anyone be proud of stepping in shit? And how could she not wash her shoes jfc you're in a bathroom at least use the sink
No, you are confused with Tamaqro buying Moitie. WW also became worse (more expensive) because of Tamaqro.
As far as I know, WW played no part in their revival. VM is selling through WW the same way Queen Bee sells through Atelier Pierrot.

I believe the only change that came with VM's reopening was that Nimu left and Lumi seems to have taken over as head designer.
There’s a risk to get everything else dirty if you use the sink. Probably the only thing she could do is to step on paper towel for a few times to get the majority out.
Their lace is less delicate now, but other than that people exaggerate. The really old things I have/had from them were very simple.

File: 1349298854898.jpg (101 KB, 290x437)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Sometimes I feel sorry for how accessible lolita fashion has become. Back then you needed to deal with so many obstacles. Every brand purchase has become something extraordinary and precious. It doesn't feel that special anymore and I miss that.

Another feel is based on my observation about other people's outfits and their quality. So many people say that insta perfectionism has killed the spirit of lolita. Well, today I noticed that imperfect, maybe somewhat messy outfits bother me, so idk what do I stick to.
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Catherine cottage makes lolita shoes for adults and children, if your feet are small look there.
File: piggy.jpg (507 KB, 1097x1038)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
I was eating Chick Fill A in the con hallway. Some gay dude got offended and started calling my gf a "tootlet"
Is that like a small braphog?
Maybe LM ate your message or the seller has ADhD and is incapable to do things on time
I'm in debt because of a degree that I didn't finish. I really wish I had spent all that money on lolita instead.

SYD OZCC is underway! Who do you think will win he champs? Who do you think should give up and let other cosplayers have a chance at the title?
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Not to be That Bitch but Madfest has always been called Anime Festival, they've just changed their design aesthetics this year
What happened to her eyes? Compare it to her photosets even a few months ago and you can see where something went wrong. Do what you want to your body but she looks like a haunted doll now
Who wants Silhouette Damore's mobile number and newdz?

Yeah she old news sue me lolololol
Fake news
Just in planning for my first cosplay, for sydney madfest.
Wondering if anyone had exact details and/ or experience on their weapons policy. I found their terms on the site but its not 100% clear.
"hard props" (made of metal, glass and fibreglass) is one not allowed. This doesn't mention wood, so i could i make a sword out of wood and be OK?
I have been to the previous two melbourne madfest and certainly feel like people had 'hard' props (as well as many over 1m which is also not allowed). So are the rules somewhat lenient and as long as you dont seem to be acting like a retard they'll be chill with you?

Also anyone been to both melbourne and sydney madfests? which have you liked more?

Give me your best bad cosplay makeup finds! I'll start off with some of my favourites.
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>wa lolita
>cicada shells
fucking of course.
I’m so fucking tired of this girl’s face and eyebrows
File: FB_IMG_1579345577722.jpg (60 KB, 960x960)
60 KB
eyeliner should NOT be touching eyebrows like that, good lord
If that's all you're disturbed with... what the hell is going on with the nostrils?

File: 1578349131020.png (460 KB, 547x477)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
How do you feel about the topic of fitness relating to cosplay?
Have you ever lost/gained weight for cosplay?
Do cosplayers have an obligation to be relatively fit?
51 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t. fat girl cope
Most anie girls are underweight
How much bread do you eat? Is it white bread or something else?

Also you gotta learn to love veggies! I used to hate them too and then I learned how to prepare them so I'll actually eat them and suddenly this whole world of freshness and flavor was opened up to me. Now if I don't get veggies often enough I crave them and it's kind of great!

This doesn't happen overnight though, so start by incorporating veggies into your meals in ways that are palatable, whether that's by drenching them in cheese or dipping them in ranch, and then slowly start phasing out the unhealthy bits over time. There are plenty of amazing resources out there on how to cook vegetables so they're actually appealing (hint, don't fucking steam or microwave them, whatever you do) and get the good quality vegetables.
I do a lot of martial arts and started cosplaying more fighting characters. I don't think it's obligatory for cosplayers to work out, but it does add an extra dimension to cosplay.
When I dressed as Chun-Li and people saw me warm up for video or photoshoots, they got so stoked to see me do proper kicks and stances. It's like people who can do actual basketball when they cosplay from that basketball anime. It just adds to the whole experience.
But it's never obligatory. Have fun and add into cosplay what you want and what you like.
Nice job anon
The first con I'm going to this year is about 3 months from now, and I want to lose 20lbs of fat by then. I've been losing about 1lb/week since I started my current diet. Is there any real hope for that I can do that & build some muscle without doing anything dangerous?

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