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Use of Spoiler Tags on /co/ is required.Please be considerate to other posters when discussing any leaks or spoilers.

File: hellboy-1.jpg (431 KB, 1492x910)
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Forget the movies, lets talk about just comics.

Whats your favorite Hellboy story? I'm a big fan of conqueror worm
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You need to understand that it was always going to end like this.
Hellboy (and Mignola in general) was massively influenced by Moorcock's tragic heroes.
Elric has an incredibly similar ending to this but I think the problem is how..rushed the ending is compared to everything that came before.

By comparison, Stormbringer has a much smaller cast of characters it needed to wrap up with.

And also, what the fuck was up with Hecate? Is she still around? Where is Hellboy's soul if he sacrificed his body(again) to reinvigorate the earth? And where did Edward Grey go? Is Koschei still in Hell? Who the fuck was Erekshigal and does she matter to the plot?

And speaking of Moorcock, since this is just an Elric/Corum/Eternal Champion cycle we're going through here does that mean Mignola have a Quest for Tanelorn bonus arc in him that wraps up the rest?
That ending with Roger hit me so fucking hard.
Also, was Liz really just wondering the earth for years or...what? What WAS up with those last panels of her in the snow?
Well The Wild Hunt was really good. I wasnt expecting the movie to adapt it
I mean we all knew he was going to die, I don't give a fuck about that. What I care about is how extremely underwhelming and meaningless the entire ending felt; the story climaxed at The Black Flame and the rest afterwards felt entirely unnecessary. Abe died, Liz got sealed in stone by the Aurum or whatever and Hellboy died.

Anyway, Hecate had been sealed by Bromhime. You know, that fat dude from the early stories; he's a big part of the first time a demon strips Hellboy of his name. By sealing Hecate, he's the reason the Blood Queen can rise.

Hellboy's body was already dead. It's his soul that got compacted by the Iron Maiden I think.

Edward and Koschei are really hard to tell; I'm pretty sure Hell got emptied either by Vavara or Hellboy.

Erekshigal is I think a Summerian goddess of death? In the story, she's the source for the Ogdru Jahad and the Black Flame. The Ogdru Jahad were constructs made by angels that were given life by darkness, the void and shadow; Erekshigal. The black flame meanwhile was a piece of herself inserting itself in our reality. She'll still be around causing problems.

I doubt he'll have a definitive end to the series like that, he'll just slowly start things up again with side stories/back stories and will hint at some of the future things Abe's kids or those underground will do.

It boggles the mind that you'd try to *start* a franchise with The Wild Hunt.

I like this one.
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I like her too
What do you like about her?
I just want someone to finally out her as the raging lesbian she is which would flatline her career as it did Ellen Page's.

File: WitchDoorway.png (1.23 MB, 1128x1679)
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1.23 MB PNG
How were the guys on Magiswords able to do this?
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File: 1508085878880.png (171 KB, 799x748)
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171 KB PNG
File: 1529132865454.jpg (260 KB, 792x790)
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File: 1535750421447.jpg (304 KB, 1172x682)
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Happy Easter
File: 1535428151172.jpg (330 KB, 804x719)
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330 KB JPG

File: RCO540.jpg (952 KB, 2048x1574)
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Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai.
Last time on Usagi-Bowl Z: Usagi gets a new girlfriend, but leaves her behind. Now she's been captured by an assassin after Usagi. Will it end happily - or all end in tears? Find out

Previous threads:
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Right after she whips Chizu's tail in the onsen catfight and shows her who's the top cat.
up to this story I always feel bad for usagi
but then he lets the best girl die

fuck him
Right after she has a fucked-up nightmare, it was a few threads back, we literally just discussed this
Eh, Inazuma felt like a placeholder body anyway. This story finally resolves that plot point and sets up the final (I hope, because Jei is getting way too close to becoming the Joker of this comic) confrontation of Usagi and Jei. Then Usagi will have no real enemy/rival left, since attacking a lord as powerful as Hikiji is pointless suicide and the most Usagi can do is foil some of his schemes. But that may be a good thing.
well what will actually happen is that Ishida will use the power of Christ to exorcise Jei

File: ass.jpg (105 KB, 1920x1080)
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105 KB JPG
yes I read your mind and stole your stuff got a problem with that little bitch?
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I've seen people mention something about a spell without a name, though I don't know what it is or how it's mportant.
That’s what I’m thinking too. His action starts were chaotic but it seems he only goes rage mode when it’s a last resort.
It's some kind of spell that can kill anything, even other spells, represented by some invisible ghostly skull with moth or butterfly wings. It was shown in the prior episodes.
The Book of Spells doesn't automatically belong to the crown. Star had every right to be uneasy and Eclipsa knows this, but she still read her mind without even checking with Glogbor first to see if it was even necessary.
The Butterfly family are just stupid. It’s something both generations have in common.

File: 1544420510478[1].jpg (91 KB, 640x887)
91 KB
Besides the great(A probable a Waifu of mine if I was younger)Kamala.
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I am 26 years and have aspergers.
So I have friends last functioning then Kamala.
File: unstoppable wasp5.jpg (1.04 MB, 1987x3056)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
characters take a while to build up, Nadia is getting there, her book is fantastic. Ironheart I don't know about, I never liked her
Well okay, I was actually worried you'd be older, but you're still younger than me. I'm 31
Measuring success by sales is myopic in my opinion. If these characters actually managed to get fans and a following, it doesn't matter if they aren't selling as well as the current event or the most popular characters, because they never will. Not everything is gonna sell at the same level, but think about it: Ironheart went from a character that raised eyebrows to someone people can actually relate to, and enough to garner interest in Champions and her own book... Something that didn't happen under Bendis. And a similar thing happens with Nadia, who was basically background character until she was given emotional depth in her own book.
This applies to Sam and Miles also, as well as Kamala. They're not just clones of their mentors/legacies but actual three-dimensional characters.
This girl is 9? She look sixteen I swear
would hot glue/10

File: Raven_Leader.png (498 KB, 706x830)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
I just finished Hilda.

Need Raven Leader fan art. Librarian and Johanna's fine, but that Sparrow Scout uniform is something.
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Where is the rest?
That's obviously not Jack Daniel's by the position of the label and even the text. I think it's Jack Dangle, a knockoff sour mash.
File: 04.jpg (497 KB, 1200x1200)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
File: Johanna Barefoot.jpg (77 KB, 1200x1334)
77 KB
I'm more bothered by her hand. It's like they didn't even TRY to draw something that wasn't a fleshy claw.
It's a really nice imagining of slightly aged-up Hilda, artist's got the style and the colors down perfectly. I wish they'd do more.

File: 20190421_084739.jpg (280 KB, 720x876)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>taking your kids to see a children's movie

I seriously hope you guys don't do this
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I am not a zealot, would have preferred if they just had sold back the right to Disney, or have a similar deal than they had with Sony for Spiderman, or just make good movies. I am just reminding you that People hated Fox and Sony for what they did with those franchise, not because they were holding on the rights.
It’s not just capeshit films, most audiences are awful, I went and saw Pet Semetery last week and these six fucking little preteens were running around, taking selfies and all kinds of obnoxious shit before the clerk finally kicked them out. My advice, wait to see the movie at a time when all of the kids will be in school so you don’t have your movie experience ruined. I just don’t get parents these days, back when I was a wee little chap and went to go and see Batman and Robin with my friends, if we got loud, one of the parents would tap us and tell us to be quiet, why is that so hard to do?
File: 1546504021821.jpg (98 KB, 1200x628)
98 KB
>flying musclemen
But the only MCU character who can actually fly unassisted is a borderline anorexic woman.
You want reactions?
Like their SUPER OVER THE TOP REACTIONS to every small thing type videos?
I know, right? They could have divided it into TWO movies and doubled their money!

File: 1489632906206.jpg (230 KB, 1280x961)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Last thread hit image limit and we were having a good time. Post your favorite art and discuss the show/characters/anything else if you want.
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god damn, why does rbqz 2.0 has to look so bad
File: Spider-Pearl.jpg (254 KB, 833x1038)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Pearl goes to Comic Con
>Hairy armpit

Holy fuck some of this art

File: easter.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1080)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
Post bunnies or anything Easter-related.
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There is such a thing as trying too hard.
Forgotten bunny waifu

Too hard how?
She's practically shoving it down their throat.
Nice trips

File: 5v5WFqH.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
How did she raise such a spaz of a daughter?
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Lola clearly got her.... Looniness from her father

God I miss this show
She's got the face of a mother who likes to get gangbanged while her husband's at work
Yeah, Walter was almost as obsessed as Lola for Bugs
....Lonbluewolf, get in here!!
This family is kind of weird

>Literally the best capeshit with the most SOUL in years
>Nobody is watching or talking about it

Fuck this world.
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>Aquaman made 1.1 billion
>posts openings
You do realize that openings are just boosts, do you retard?
still more than average black guy
thats not racist that's a fact
don't believe me for word check for yourself
Other guy here, but did you miss Black Wally, replacement Power Girl, Jamie Blue Beetle, Duke or the Batgirl run wasting whole pages whining about "misgendering"?
Not even company wars, just pointing out. I'm personally more bothered about how edgy they keep trying to make everything.
File: 1542334398137.jpg (231 KB, 1080x1327)
231 KB
231 KB JPG

I haven't watched gumball since season 4 when i was in high school

is it still good?
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>episode that mocks fandoms and roasts deviant art
That isn't what happened
The Episode that mocked Deviantart is called "The Shippening".

when does the show completely go to shit? i know season 5 and 6 are garbage but i don't remember how much of season 4 was good
Most people will say no, it's definitely different from when it started
Half way into season five is when it fell apart imho. Season four was good throughout, season five started good but by the end was the same garbage as season six.

Left or right?
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You mean her best version?
>As long as we're not doing the tru wuv Harlivy shit then we're golden.

You know avoiding that point is useless, right? Some way or another the "tru wuv Harlivy" shit is always going to happen
How about hand-holding?
Excuse me! I come here for serious discussion of cartoons and comics, not to be subjected with crass smut.

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