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File: file.png (497 KB, 1165x816)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
New Kelly Comic

>tfw no sicko athlete gf
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Porn of Sicko x Sicko Athlete when?
File: 1560285080519.jpg (138 KB, 800x560)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>implying sicko athlete isn't just sicko after HRT
The man on the TV looks like Roger Mellie from the British underground adult comic Viz
>cucked kelly

>disney endorses and advertises dyke ships now
Bring on the nukes already, i want off this ride...
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It's easier to fight than it is to love
You're missing what's happening.

Disney is also canceling this show because it was being too gay. It then doubled down on the gay because fuck Disney, and the people in charge of promotional shit are probably just as in favor of saying "fuck corporate" when they select which clips to us.

Disney only likes safe gays who stay in their place and don't interrupt. You can have background lesbians in a big budget thing, you can have girls kissing girls but never boys kissing boys. The only gay men are unnamed dads to a character, but the fact they are gay is never acknowledged, so it can plausibly be ignored or denied.

This show is going full gay front and center with the main character and their antagonist "bully". It ate up the most cliche fanfiction plot. Disney is pulling the plug.
>lesbians hate men
Do you hate men just because you're not physically attracted to them? Are you actually retarded enough that you think women either hate you or want to fuck you with no middle ground? Because that would mean most women hate you.
Anon to think that no network would air a cartoon about a straight white male lead is silly. You can definitely make a cartoon about that.
what the fuck happened to this board, man. I hate all of you.

File: cover7.png (477 KB, 853x480)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
There are no villains that are actually hated. People either like them or are indifferent to them.
Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can't.
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File: Captured.png (247 KB, 376x334)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
I haven't seen The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but is this Captain America a villain? People seemed to hate him.

Also, Joffrey Baratheon from Thrones, somewhat.
File: problem.png (181 KB, 451x251)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>first book I dropped in my life and I read narnia

The problem is you honestly.
File: Thumbs Up.jpg (52 KB, 584x395)
52 KB
I love how he has the same retarded smile as pic related Cpt America.
I dunno, Bondrewd made me really mad.

What a shitty year for cartoons

>Earwig and The Witch
>Arlo The Aligator Boy
>Elliott From Earth
>Spirit Untamed
>The Boss Baby 2
>America: The Motion Picture
>Monsters At Work
>Johnny Test (2021)
>Chip and Dale: Park Life

Aside from a few gems almost every animated show/movie ranged from painfully mediocre to downright awful. It's 2013 levels of bad
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2011 is worse
>Arlo The Aligator Bo

Did /co/ talk about this when it came out? I could see the love put into the songs, who-ever made it really did care and try to make something special! Only... the entire plot was crap! It's been months since I've seen it, I vaguely remember the characters being crap as well.

shame, because you could see the hard work, it was just wasted.
Boss Baby 2 wasn't bad, my kids liked it enough that we saw it twice.
>did r/co talk about this?
fuck off reddit
File: upsnXWy.png (433 KB, 702x526)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
What are you talking about anon? /co/ loves Centaurworld.

File: MY EYES.png (3.99 MB, 2740x984)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
>remaster throws all visual consideration out the window
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File: blind faggot.jpg (77 KB, 878x555)
77 KB
Get some glasses anon.
Right looks fine, i made a typo.
Any good /co/ fan remasters or restorations?
File: retard.png (13 KB, 773x252)
13 KB
File: mickey.jpg (7 KB, 235x159)
7 KB
>the left is blurry
It looks like YouTube compression and YouTube compression can be sometimes shit
>the left is faded
You are retarded because I've seen this cartoon on VHS and Disney Channel and it clearly looked more like the left than the right

redpilled opinion

What do you think is gonna happen in the next season?
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Hopefully this next volume taking place in a different dimension will spare Oscar from being physically abused and/or sexually harassed for a while.
Is that.. Pyrrha's hand?
>Blake and Yang continue doing things unrelated and uninteresting side content
Except it's an entire season.
File: 1621262759382.png (159 KB, 371x368)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Arc furnace is canon
Wew lads we won!
yes but its woke as fuck so it gets a free pass.

What went wrong?
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It's a tepid movie. Too antiseptic. Lacks originality, imagination and inner life. It does have a heart, but what is lacking completely is a soul
File: 1627082125018.jpg (43 KB, 625x626)
43 KB
he doesn't want people to filter him, because he likes the attention
Nothing? Shame about the sequel though
Its sharktalefag, he lives in some favela in south america. Why do you think his entire knowledge of film hinges so dearly on bargain bin shit like sharktale?

File: E7y_aPrXMAQqave.jpg (1.07 MB, 1250x1250)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
I don't get it.
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>cuomo asked to resign
>not due to his targeted genocide of tens of thousands of senior citizens by intentionally forcing infected covid patients into nursing homes
>but because he felt up some women
this earth is gay
Looks nothing like Cuomo tbqh
My mistake, I just googled "Sex scandal" and didn't read that much into it.
> For like two weeks there has been a constant discussion of the sheer level of awful sexism and harassment at Blizzard
> silence
> The mayor of new work gets outed as a sex pest
> within HOURS Gprime frantically scribbles out a comic that doesn't even have a joke in it and breaks his keyboard hitting submit

Gotta feed those rightoid twitters something to repost.

File: ludmilla.jpg (47 KB, 640x472)
47 KB
I almost feel bad for her.
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moreso in the comics
human bitches who turn into dragon bitches are the perfect gfs
Truth! just imagine her being all protective for you calling you 'her treasure'
>Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon
Is it good?

File: Titan.jpg (621 KB, 1280x720)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
If the Titan had a name, what would it be?

And would you call it to his face?
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Squirting Cucumbers taste good this time of year, ye
nice ass
I think it's just 'Blightcest' for now.
File: 1627837346314.png (1.81 MB, 1600x1820)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
the superior ship
A note about the title of that image. A single generation of incest is actually unlikely to produce significant birth defects, because the mechanism behind increases in birth defects is caused by an abundance of unique instances of what are called "LINEs" and "SINE"s (Long and Short Interspersed Nuclear Element) in the genome. To cut the explanation short, they're basically elements of DNA that can copy themselves in the genome, and sometimes they paste themselves into the middle of genes and 'break' them. The vast majority of our genes are redundant- we have multiple copies on other chromosomes, or on the sister chromatid (2 copies of every chromosome de facto).
For the majority of the population, the SINEs and LINEs and broken genes we have as a result are all in random genes, and the chances that any 2 given partners will have the exact same gene broken, and then further to produce an offspring with 2 broken copies of the same gene is very low. Even between siblings, the chance of them having the same broken copies from their parents, and then giving them to the offspring is really low. But when you have 2 generations of incest or more, it becomes very likely that any 2 pairings of relatives will have genes broken in the same locations, and a very high chance that their kid will contain 2 copies of the broken variant, which would give them the recessive, fucked up trait. Apologies for all the text, I just get autistic about genetics, because they are so often misunderstood.

Who is best cat and why is it Choo Choo?
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Ryona art of the characters when?
>Choo Choo

That's not how you spell The Brain
Fuck You!
Who's most deserving of Ryona?
Loopy de loop

is it worth reading?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 5.png (75 KB, 900x875)
75 KB
Is there a good way to read it on mobile?
Nah, not unless there's some kind of super abridged version floating around.
Agreed. You had to be there. It was fun to discuss and read speculation but it all ended up a huge mess with a shit ending.

It was intriguing at the start, not gonna lie. Lots of unique stupid silliness that really grabbed me. But after years of that shit it got really dry.

Good if chaotic memories I guess but man I met some absolute fucking serial killer types jesus fuck.
Yea its one of the most interesting, creative, funny, and expansive stories ive ever read. I found most complaints are by people who were exposed to the story while it was being updated and were a result of the story not going in the direction they wanted, but if you read it straight through normally it builds on itself in natural ways I think. I read it as a whole and didnt get upset at the ending or any of the choices I really enjoyed it and loved all the characters and world, theres nothing else like it in its entirety.

Like honestly, he was one of the best characters and they barely ever did anything with him. They brought him back in the spin-off but then barely made him do anything funny.

>Mfw barely any lazy bookworm roasting people

>why live
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I just wish they handled it better. It was done kind of awkwardly.

They wanted to avoid the fanfic cliche of hooking up Noah with a more eccentric girl (like Katie, Izzy or Kitty)
Which is funny because Emma gets sort of like that when she has a crush.
Luckiest guy in the series.
Which they could have done if they set him up with Cody, like they should have.

File: ynl7w83v6zk61.png (885 KB, 1526x1800)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
You what day and time it is. Post the booty.
146 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm gonna cum
such is life.
File: 1565049231188.png (576 KB, 871x1400)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
it is a wonderful butt
The animation is to eh. Also co prefers fan art instead of real for some reason

People seem to be way too harsh on the newer seasons of The Simpsons. I still think the newer Seasons are fantastic and some lines crack me up. If anything, I think there are some Episodes that are better than most Episodes from the First Season of The Simpsons

Why the hate? I never get tired of The Simpsons, both the old and the new
File: schizo thread.png (331 KB, 600x784)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
>Autism grammar
There is absolutely no magic or creativity whatsoever in the writing. You just have too shit taste to look at it critically.
Why is everyone from town in their house?
The New Simpsons Episodes are fantastic, but I respect your opinion

I can understand why some wouldn't like the Newer Episodes since the show has been on for so long that some Episodes are bound to be a bit redundant and samey, but I still really like the Newer Episodes of The Simpsons

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