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Herr's Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ.
I swear I had them before and they had more flavor.
Chinese history tells us that the way to defeat a superior force is simply to cannibalize tens of thousands of civilians.
yes, actually
Since when is rentry spam filtered?

How stupid do you have to be to make a DC Cinematic Universe without Batman and Superman? It's no longer about being a Snyder fan or not, it's about respecting the constructed universe, and in the DCEU Ben Affleck is Batman and Henry Cavill is Superman, you have to respect the casting like they did with Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa, but no, they will delete them and make a mess.
I have nothing against Batgirl, Batkeaton and Supergirl, but I have a problem if those 3 will be the replacement
You can't do a DC universe without Batman and Superman, and you know it
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>Yes, now imagine a well done movie and a nice script for a Henry supes movie or Batfleck, easy a billion too
Neither one wants to come back. They had their shot and they blew it. It's over.
Do you honestly think they will stop using Batman and Superman? DC
you can't do superman without
a secret clark kent identity proper
Superman and Batman are right in that cover, no? >>128408505

Seriously, what the fuck were they thinking? How did they get away with it?
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The later seasons of Dexter’s Lab were really slow-paced. Awkward at times too.

The only Dexter episode he worked on was one episode of Justice Friends. And by the revival seasons he was already working on Family Guy at that time.

So no.
Legitimately surprisng.
Who did this one then?
Wrong video?

File: Alone 1 - 01 copy.png (668 KB, 1222x1724)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
Five kids wake up in a city. They're alone. Or are they?
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Ok, so big spoilers: They are basically in a sort of purgatory. All of them are dead. And if they die again, they soon come back to life (usually). But inside this purgatory there's a sort of conflict going on between two factions. The first faction that comes up are some sort of eldrich abominations while the latter faction is made up of kids who have been in the purgatory place for up to centuries or more. And the main cast begin to develop special powers (precognition, telekinesis, etc etc). That's a very rough explanation though.
Is there somewhere that has all the current volumes? This site I'm reading on only goes to volume 12
is this translated from some other language?
the english reads really weirdly
There's apparently 3 translations and this is one of the unofficial ones. So that's likely why it's awkward at times.
Which is to say that it's originally french. Called "Seuls" which translates directly.

i want to see her suffer more
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Fortiche have done nude stuff many years ago. But unfortunately I don't think the rating Arcane has allows nudity. Unless it's upped for next season there's no chance.
File: Heimer Different.jpg (721 KB, 1920x1080)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
He was definitely healthier in act 1. There's also a brief moment after his hospitilization that he looks much better, even Heimer notices. Could be something to do with him experimenting with organic matter on the hexcore and it sucking their life-force giving it to Viktor perhaps explaining why he looks healthier in this scene.
There are no innocents in Piltover. On the good side, unending sexual frustration isn’t as bad as serial fratricide.
To paraphrase another fucked up survivor of horrible shit, Silco is Jinx’s father but she’d do him if he let her?
Nah, it’s the malnutrition. And tithe carcinogenics. And the mutagenics. And the teratogenics. And the water. And yeah, maybe the fumes. Dirty savages.

File: could've been me.jpg (71 KB, 720x720)
71 KB
>The best "I want" song in an animated film in ages
How did a cover of an old pop-punk song manage to put Disney and their songwriters to absolute shame?
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Didn't know that /co/ is full of furries, but then again I am not surprised either.
We aren't furries. Sing is fundamentally different to furry stuff.
The first movie fell into the trap of being so distracted with the main plot, they don't reconcile that all the singular subplots don't tie in together in any meaningful way. The main cast doesn't bond so when they team up to support Moon it doesn't make sense. I heard this problem continues in Sing 2.
File: sing2comehomexfinity.png (906 KB, 1011x568)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
peak furry capitalism

Would you let her suck your blood?
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I would let her drain me completely dry under one condition. I get to have unprotected sex with her and creampie her beforehand.
Has anyone got a recommended reading list for her?
Recent studies have suggested that exceeding 6 cups of coffee a day may damage your body.
Sounds suicidal
Only if i can suck her boobs

Nyeeeeh, wats up dawc?

File: aug8.jpg (596 KB, 2048x2048)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
Among us girl saves the day
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People have officially lost their minds.
why do you keep posting this shit? Do you just want us to brigade it or something?
Why are straight men so easily pleased with this?
There's many comics that pull of that post-ironic cringe really welll like Tails Gets Trolled, Scoob and Shag and My Wife Betty.

This isn't one of them.

Why did Ren and Stimpy fail while SpongeBob become a huge global hit?
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Pitting Spongebob and Ren & Stimpy against each other are dishonorable, as both are far above what the regular industry does. How about trying to get to their level first instead of trying to use the divide and conquer tactic, you dishonorable buffoon.
>Nuh uh oh rationalizer!
Imagine thinking being rational is a bad thing.
File: 1597897272335.jpg (49 KB, 703x475)
49 KB
This is stupid and indicative of mental gymnastics wholly unnecessary. Ren & Stimpy aimed for the quality of Looney Tunes on a TV studio system and budget but it was a distinct thing.
File: 1601109838584.jpg (107 KB, 560x374)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Ren and Stimpy was the complete opposite of fail. It was the product of a long mission to bring back real cartoons. Anytime you hear todays Twitter trained cartoon fans talk about John K you know you're going to hear some complete nonsense that makes no sense at all. because they're opposed to reality. and by his fruits you can know him
guy is a literal schizo.

I know this is a shitty thread, but I missed half of yesterdays duck thread (fuck working) and I wonder if anon can tell me the source to pic related.

I can't find it, not even via filename. I've seen the artist on Pinterest before, but can't find that guy either.

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It changes absolutely nothing.
looked into this artist, apparently theyre an persian english teacher.

thinking they may have a age regression fetish mixed with trauma-core shit
Oh nice I'd let that guy teach my kids, who draws kid slashfiction of a cartoon.
>trusting Lena to make a cake free of drugs
i love this

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ok anon tell me about these security exploits
File: Joker Peter.jpg (227 KB, 1920x1080)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
I hate NFT’s and the shit eating retards that buy them, but I’d absolutely take that deal. No remorse.
I am glad he used wonderbread to represent weird fetish porn. Is wonderbread guy still around or did he drown in a pool of bread?
Yen's getting stronger then the dollar.

File: 0 (1).jpg (757 KB, 1069x1650)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
whats your favorite underrated Superman villain? for me its Silver Banshee.
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File: reign416-1.jpg (40 KB, 261x262)
40 KB
I liked the body snatching shape shifting THING FROM 40,000 AD.
The only silver lining in Bendis' run is Mogul has taken the spotlight and well just have to see if the Mongul-that-is can stick the landing

As for Underrated Supes villains.

Im gonna say Khyber. Hes shown that he can kill Superman in an altrenate future but in the present only prefers to act trough assasin shit. I also like his connection with Scirocco, I like their deigns
Yeah, like Talia al Ghul
also found this:
The most we got was him showing up as a childhood bully in Superman: TAS and Man of Steel.
File: skyhook.jpg (525 KB, 834x1280)
525 KB
525 KB JPG

File: W.jpg (75 KB, 1024x576)
75 KB
From MTTSH, a twitter insider who got a lot of stuff right about Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Marvel shows on Disney+.

>Tenoch Huerta is Namor and Chukwudi Iwuji is High Evolutionary.
>Nova is coming.
>Josh Brolin will return, not only as Thanos but also as Cable.
>Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are both going to Marvel.
>Ben Affleck said no to Doctor Strange 2 but maybe to Secret Wars, so there's still a chance and negotiations are ongoing.

41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ben Affleck as Reed Richards, thoughts?
He actually looks more like affleck in this pic
Did we ever figure out who is playing Adam Warlock? Seems like a safe bet he'll pop up if the High Evolutionary stuff happens. Least I think he's related to that.

Then there's always the chance we get a One-off Ravagers movie, Stallone is fucking 75 though so the clock is ticking on that
Kek you're in for a surprise
File: cyclops.jpg (28 KB, 763x402)
28 KB
X-kino back on the menu?

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 184x273)
11 KB
This was great. Better than no way home and shit-chi. I hope I can see more of the eternals
>Eternals is better than no way home
Blatantly false, and I liked Eternals.
Look, I loved No Way Home for the hype, but it looked like a tv show. The first half was straight up just MCU generic schlock too. Garfield and Tobey's introductions were underwhelming when you stop to think that it happened in Ned Leeds grandma's apartment too. Eternals, on a filmmaking level is just on a higher tier, it looked like a proper fucking movie, the quips weren't overwhelming and they were mostly funny. Hopefully Marvel lets more filmmakers with an actual vision for the movie's photography moving forward
Sersi was garbage tho, and Kros was a dumb character. Making them into androids was weird too, and Whitman was just a nothingburger with a hook for a sequel. Celestials looked fucking dumb considering how they've looked before too, and Ikaris was the only character with a character arc and they kill him off at the end.
The celestial looking down on the planet at the end was great and makes me hopeful for an eventual Galactus. Maybe he likes to eat planets with Celestials in them
Whatever you say, Chloe.

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