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I see the "Snub Dave Sim" policy was in full effect at this point lol
How the duck is amazing almost 100 issues ahead of uncanny here?

How does that make you feel, /co/?
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As a queer, good.
>hmmm I just got cancer! thank god it's not hemorrhoids!
Its a big corpo, what did you expect? Disney won't release a movie with a no-ifs or buts about it gay lead until its at least 90% marketable, give it a decade
I read original webcomic as it was being realised, all "gayness" there could be easily cut off.

Post alligator/crocodile characters
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what's the difference?
Quack Pack - Gator Aid.

File: 1568009864324.png (253 KB, 1341x753)
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>Fusion = Sex
Aaaaaand dropped.
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The children's book about learning about consent and fusing with other people
You need consent for relationships too tho
Rebecca Sugar be like "this cartoon ends with a boy transforming into a giant pink monster dick and him having sex with his dad."
File: 1579226803269.jpg (29 KB, 534x393)
29 KB
>Steven and Connie had underage sex
>Jasper fucked a dog and caught an STD
>Steven raped his own adoptive family out of a coma
>Steven fucked his own dad
Bravo, Sugar.

Wanda having powers all along was a stupid fucking retcon
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Samuel L Jackson or Michael Douglas, depending on how regular you need them to be to count.

Redford would be the oldest if you count him being the villain in one movie
Sam Jackson isn't an actor he's just a nigger they need to give lines too to seem diverse and not piss off the SJW woke mob he can role up
blacks really don't crack
Go fuck yourself.
lotion is made of chaos magic

In a 20ish more minutes the Tom and Jerry movie is going to premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day

Streamer (and pirate) Chads, dose anyone want to watch this potentially based and epic film with me
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From the trailer it's obvious some Pigeons do some rapping shit at the very beginning of the film and the butch black cat talks like a ghetto black guy for some reason. Now this thread shows them doing fortnite dances...
No that’s how it works for all their movies premiering on Max and Theater
Making content available for only a brief time on streaming sites, is what drives people to pirate.
people hate things which later become uavailable .
even if it is bad shit.
She's like a 6.5/10, she has that weird slightly ugly kids movie actor look like everyone else.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
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197 KB JPG
>Tom and Jerry

File: Helluva Boss 4.png (387 KB, 600x565)
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387 KB PNG
Episode 4 Helluva Boss coming soon.
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Sure, bugs bunny did it all the time
yup, it's peak content in general.
Ruby Strongwell: Hold my Purse
Okay fan artists, do your thing.
At this rate we are probably going to get 3 seasons and a movie of Helluva boss before we get the next episode of Hazbin hotel

File: 1601630288814.jpg (159 KB, 1076x1522)
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159 KB JPG
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If she was any older you would not like her. Admit.
is straight!
Nobody likes Social Media poisoned people including themselves. It's natural
Kids are good. Adults are evil
Pssst, namefag, he was talking about pedophilia

File: original.jpg (11 KB, 245x245)
11 KB
Any good indie/underground comics currently running?
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That one Eldritch horror Spongebob comic with Patrick becoming a cannibalistic monster
It’s like TGT but with Spongebob and better writing
lmao wtf
File: 61cJZ3cQ8nL.jpg (80 KB, 367x500)
80 KB
My Favorite Things Is Monsters is finally getting a second volume later this year.
i remember the episode, where spongebob the testosterone patties third world country ingredient krabs becomes burger, it made me puke as an 8

File: Lexes.png (392 KB, 747x457)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
>"What Jon Cryer does on SUPERGIRL is awesome and I think the way they presented this version of Lex Luthor is fantastic, but we wanted to present an adversary to Superman at the beginning that just felt different and threatening, but could also lead us in ways that you can't necessarily go with Jon Cryer's version of it," showrunner Todd Helbing said. "So, all I'll really say is you're really going to get this guy's backstory, where he's from, what he's like, where he comes from, his professional life, his personal life. You're gonna get to know why he's going after Superman. Once you understand his motivation... It's like what Wolé said at TCAs: 'Every villain is the hero of their own story.' It's true. Once you start to understand who this guy is and what his motivations are, I think people are going to look at him differently."


Doesn't sound like he is interested in using Cryer's Luthor in the show.
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Wtf happened with Black Lightning? CW went from being all in on it to suddenly cancelling it and dropping almost all advertising of it. They don't even show previews anymore, and the Jenn actress won't even stick around for the rest of the season
WTF happened?
She doesn't know Martha, or have prior relationship, so ehh. Clark has all the support he needs In is immediate family.
I'll stick to my guns when it comes to CW leaks. Way more often than not they're complete and utter bullshit fan fiction.
He's got the rounder, sexier, balder head. That's reason enough to go with him.

>As you could probably tell from the concept art, everyone is just a few years older in this new series. Penny Proud is now in high school, and she's dealing with everything from social media to social causes.
>CeCe and BeBe Proud are now 3 years old and continue being mischievous. They also speak now, but it's their own "twin language" only they understand.

File: 1614307226368.jpg (1.23 MB, 2084x1900)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
>show doesn't portray dinosaurs in a scientifically accurate way
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File: 60329117d751c.jpg (147 KB, 789x1007)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
He had a reason to be more careful and not press his luck
After losing his human family he got a bit more metal and also usually has Fang fo backup
primal you plebian
unless you mean in actual documentaries, in which the answer is that dino documentaries are popular with kids
File: 1572362252507.jpg (1.92 MB, 3496x2000)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Feathered dinosaurs are more cool.
>nothing, but ankle biters

Is this the least hyped DC relaunch ever?
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He isn't hispanic enought tho
Keep moving those goalposts casual
Morrison's GL was amazing, but new DC writers hate Hal, that's true. Just google it.
>dude go read bleedingcool and twitter instead of comics
hard pass
Don't give him attention anon.

What does /co/ think of Cars?
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File: kachatter.jpg (58 KB, 702x642)
58 KB
Cars 1 is a good film. A common story type to be sure, but well executed and very charming and ernest, and the subplot about urban development and economics was pretty thoughtful and mature. Cars 2 was dogshit and I knew it even as a kid seeing it in the theater. Cars 3 I haven't seen but it seems to have gone back to the same train of thought as Cars 1 so it's probably good. People act like these films suck just because they're not the most groundbreaking things ever, and I think that's sad. Give Cars, at least the first one, a chance anons. It's not one of Pixar's best but it has its own surprises.
Cars 1 is better than Monsters Inc, and i'll die on that hill
The first one was perfect, then it just got retarded.
it was the last franchise with the soul of the original pixar where characters lived in their version of reality
File: 1540176582296.jpg (145 KB, 924x732)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>here in my car
>I feel safest of all
>will you visit me please
>if I open my door

>It’s another /co/ refuses to talk about good shows episode
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File: 1612264860132.png (359 KB, 800x791)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
>ctrl+f dyke
>9 results
How does it feel to irrelevant already?
Toxic faggotry that is meant to help bullied kids cope with being shitty and to make them feel special. The Gems are the surrogate friends of the audience, because noone else wants them. Once the audience is old enough, they write hate posts against straight white males on Twitter. And fuck those godawful character designs.

I have no idea how it is, but some things from the past, like Turtles, He-Man, Carebears and Scooby Doo should die already.

>Owl House
From what I've seen it's terribly animated Amphibia with character designs which are straight up stolen.

In conclusion:
Still better than Hazbin and Helluva garbage.
I just now got a She-Ra meme suggested on Youtube and was like "She-Ra has memes? Doesn't a meme need to be known to be a meme?"
Oh there are shitloads of unknown memes

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