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File: 1497407465509.webm (571 KB, 600x900)
571 KB
How did it come to this?

Someone give me a quick rundown on poppy opossum, the last time i was reading it was before it went to text with few pictures inbetween. I check back today and shits been dead since 2018. The fuck happened.
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What was the point of having the orange monkeynigger human wizard?

Yes I'm talking about Poppy Opossum.
For what purpose?
he graduated real early into poppy's cycle, but he did fall for the "move to portland" meme
Still better than the Bomango guy drawing extreme obesity porn designed to be out of proportion so its like skinny top, bottom half wider than a van and heaving fupa that needs a wheelbarrow tier shit.
>move to portland
why do people keep falling for it? its like being told you can not sink in the quicksand if you keep moving.

File: OFA (2).jpg (893 KB, 1800x1012)
893 KB
893 KB JPG
>When We're Together
Is this song the best Frozen song outside of the films? I feel like it's the best song where Elsa and Anna sing together at least. Wish they got more duets.
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And she beats herself up for it all the time.

Also, you're comparing an accident to something completely malicious. Clearly not the same thing.
Anna was already condemned. Hans' actions did nothing to change that.
"Condemned" how?
Which flag would you like the castle to fly instead?
Perhaps Norway could return to forcefully seize its rightful property?
File: EoQAXIAUYAAX66D.jpg (298 KB, 1439x1920)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Fresh Mego

File: 30f.jpg (125 KB, 1200x962)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Never ever
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Give em sjw inch, they will take a mile
Never tolerance sjw, because its paradox of tolerance
Why /co/ is apologist to them? Sjw don't care about you
Are you fucking blind or what? /co/ got co-opted by SJWs years ago.
I'd like to judge it for myself. I don't know how SJW it really is. I assume most people involved are left-leaning but that doesn't mean it will be culture war shit. The trailer was shit but that was Crunchyroll's fault. It being written entirely by women doesn't excite me or anything but it also doesn't preclude the possibility of it being good. I just want to see it and if it does suck I'll know from seeing it, not guessing from a crappy trailer.
I cancelled mine
Because when nips put trannies and faggots in their stories, they do it because they think it would be interesting. They treat them like normal characters who can have flaws, be villainous, be wrong, can be ridiculed and who bring something to the story. They are not put there for the author to get high on their own farts smells and autocongratulate on how inclusive they are.
On one side, open minded, honest authors who want to entertain and emotionally touch the audience, not thinking they are idiots or horrible.
On the other side, sanctimonious hypocritical pricks who look down on the audience, thinking it's their mission to reform and educate those horrible bigots nazi by ticking checkbox.
Fuck the amerifats. Their entertainment industry deserve to die.

File: Negaduck.png (532 KB, 1280x720)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
ITT: Unresolved cliffhangers
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I'm still mad
Would it have mattered ? I don’t think they even showed azula or even the firelord before season 1 finale
>Oh boy I can't wait for The Leader to be in the MCU
File: Dagomon_b.jpg (47 KB, 360x450)
47 KB
It's just Dagomon. It actually looks better there, and I don't think him being in an episode would have made justice to that scene.

File: 1507595987778.jpg (147 KB, 999x1200)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Post cute /co/ tomboys. While you still can.
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File: linkoh.png (112 KB, 500x513)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
/co/: more tranny talk than /lgbt/, less cartoons and comics somehow
Sexism like you need hanged
No, he is homewrecker & fuccboi
Tomboys are trannies in training. Stop being a fag.
No they're not. There were generations and generations of tomboys throughout history that weren't trannies; because transgenderism is a made-up phenomenon created by a pedophile pervert that only recently gained traction to help push the postmodernist narrative. The answer is not to surrender to leftist subversion, but to combat the leftism.

File: EncEFxfXEAYlJq3.jpg (104 KB, 750x476)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Creatures whose trannysexuality is just too much
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File: 1601232707172.gif (3.38 MB, 260x340)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB GIF
I don't go around making anti-tranny threads, or even posts, but I am kind of sick of them constantly being pushed as "brave" and "epic", as this great new thing that you are NOT allowed to criticise or have any other thoughts on that aren't blind adulation.

I think the whole tranny thing SHOULD be treat a lot more seriously than it is, I think a LOT of people out there are being suckered into it when they really just like crossdressing, or are turned on by the idea of themselves being a woman and don't like sports, and are addicted to the "acceptance" given by other trannies who want to groom them into the same position they are in as a way of self validating their lifestyle. I think very few people who are legitimately "born in the wrong body" and to those people we should be supporting them, but I don't think we should just hugbox everyone who claims to be "trans", since it can lead to people making irreversible decisions about their own body that they likely aren't in the right frame of mind to truly make.

I think most people on here just want to make trannies upset since they are so emotionally fragile and pushed as "epic" by big media companies, or just find them disgusting.
File: stupid WORLD.jpg (34 KB, 750x489)
34 KB
pushing trannies as being better people, as opposed to just individuals who wanna live their life like anyone else, actively HARMS actual trannies and instead gives the stage to trenders and sad pathetic people who have nothing in their life ASIDE from being a tranny

if a child is pretending to be sick, they do it for the special treatment, not the medicine
likewise if we stopped making trannies out to be special, and just gave em the help they need to transition and nothing more, the only people who would BE trans are the one with an actual desire to transition, not the ones who know sticking on a label and popping on a dress or some they/them pins is enough to have the whole world pet their bums in unison
My sister's dating a sex offender, but he's covering up his real name by acting as a tranny. A lot of my family are cool that he asked 2 teenage boys to give him nudes entirely because he's a tranny. I think he's just a degenerate.
It doesn't help that his idea of acting as a tranny is dressing up like a whore. Actual women don't show that much skin, I don't want to see that you prick.
Now that I think about it, I think I just hate him and he's making me associate negatively with trannys. I've known 2 other trans people and they seem cool enough, but the one my sister's dating is a degenerate through and through.
File: oh dear no.jpg (61 KB, 640x640)
61 KB
imma be honest mate if this is real and ur not shitposting, is sounds like everyone in ur family is on some right crap, fucking hell
id offer an intervention but at that scale itd be like intervening with an ant colony

>An important thing to remember about kids shows is that they need to look like they can grab a kid's attention for more than a few minutes and pretty colors only go so far, and an offensively ugly main character makes things even harder. It's the reason why Steven Universe looks nothing like its pilot and Rebecca's artstyle had to be significantly reigned in for something safer overall. SU is successful now thanks to that caution.
And this is why Hazbin Hotel will never be wildly successful. No one to reign it all in like Sugar did.
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By enjoyment. You’d have to be a really big loser to want lore
Isn’t the writing of a show way more important than people hooking up?
Why would you be a loser for caring about writing?
Do people really think that people watch the MCU for the plot? Fuck no, they waited to see if Tony and Steve would fuck.
>The lore is less one on one with the writing but more a small section of it whereas relationships are bigger part of a story and more cute.
This thread shows why the tumblr porn ban was the worst thing to happen to this board.

File: 1605042143814-1.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1024)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Will a live action superheroine ever be this cute again? I doubt it
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File: Белый.jpg (82 KB, 700x700)
82 KB

Are you blind? She's beautiful in a unique way, she's a great actress, and she has huge tits.
>Much better casting then Laura.

Bullshit, Dafne Keen knocked it out of the park as x-23.
Holy shit, I wish I could hate you to death
>and she has huge tits.
pics or it didn't happen

File: 81G2lBhWD3S._AC_SL1500_.jpg (153 KB, 1060x1500)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
It was worse than i remember. I appreciated the alien designs much more tho, they were all great
File: Spoiler Image (286 KB, 680x416)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
>Ben 10
>Ben 10
What a castrated dog testicle
This cartoon is very mediocre. I used to watch back in the day and it never grabbed me. I went back as an adult to give it a chance and it was even worse.

File: gadget girl.jpg (298 KB, 1535x2048)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Inspector Gadget would've been a great show if it wasn't about a reckless dumbass whose sole purpose is to be comic relief while his uninteresting human niece solves all the problems.
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Brown Bricks
Get help.

File: 1566818919380.png (2.1 MB, 1840x1028)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
>We were having a drink when one of them said "You know all those people Joker killed? When does it become Batman's fault?" and I said, "Why would it be Batman's fault?" he said, "Batman has the Joker on the ropes like ten times a year but he never does what he has to do. He ties him up, they throw him in Arkham Asylum, then he breaks out and he goes on another homicidal rampage. How many times does that have to happen before the whole thing becomes Batman's fault? I said to him, "It's not Batman's fault. Joker's nuts!" He said, "That's true but, it IS his fault the guy's still alive." and I stopped trying to say anything more to him while we watch as the News once again blames Batman on the recent murders.
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File: 1558160057505.jpg (50 KB, 680x510)
50 KB
Real question. When does it become superman's fault? If courts can't hold him. If bat's can't kill him. Why can't superman just throw him in the phantom zone?

Or hell have any of Gotham's other vigilantes off Joker.
It’s not Batman’s responsibility to kill The Joker. His job is to stop him, and abide by the laws he and Gordon follow. Why is it always put on his shoulders? Every cop, medic, and rando with a gun could have stopped Joker years ago, yet we’re too afraid to do. They blame Batman so they feel good about their own cowardice
I have a theory, Joker is made by The Richest of Gotham, Like Stagg or some shit, so when batman does his investigations about corruption, BAM joker appears to make him fuck off the investigation
if I was an arkham Doctor, I would have killed him, I dont care if I go to jail, Ill get out by telling batman what they in arkham, as he offers plea deals and has his word on them
Aside from Batman doing wacky shit to help Joker, it is more on the justice sysyem for not just offing thr crazy fuck after the 20th killing spree or terrorist act
I agree with you.
If the courts haven't done anything about the fact that they're unable to keep the Joker locked up, I'd argue it's more their fault then Batman's that he keeps escaping.

File: 81UwMEqM2jL._RI_.jpg (360 KB, 1600x1200)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Why does Nick never acknowledge it?
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what the fuck is this
Kid in the red hat is a quadriplegic and has a sorry excuse for a guardian angel to guide him.
He's got a smart asian friend, and a friend that might actually be retarded.
Dad is a pussy, Grandma's insane, little sister is precocious.
The creator got a bio-flick a few years ago "He Won't Get Far On Foot".

The only plots I can recall are the one where he submitted Grandma's chili to the Science Fair, one with a cult of Plum worshipers, and one where he made a comic in the school news with a handicap joke, and the Vice-Principal was ready to bring the fucking hammer down on whoever wrote it until Pelswick confessed that he did.
I liked it.
>He's got a smart asian friend

Of fucking course it is an Asian.
Cool story, bro.
>Season 2 Episode 1: WAKY (in the context of a radio station name)
>Season 2 Episode 2: Unbelievable
I don't know about that one chief.

File: EoNl0XIVEAIDF0f.jpg (122 KB, 827x1202)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Finally, she's fixed.
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Post it
bad publicity is still publicity
They both suck. Besides Nightfire is her daughter
You can't fiix something that was intentionally created broken, OP.
She's less fat though.

File: 4g4ggfq77t061.jpg (612 KB, 913x997)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good
>2. Read the pastebin: http://rwbyg.com
>3. Arguing about the thread isn’t discussion
>4. Arguing about E-celeb garbage also isn’t discussion
>5. Don't believe their lies

M3U8s have been dead ever since RT switched to a new back end. For those without First memberships you can wait 30 minutes for new episodes to be uploaded to the MEGA (see pastebin)

Last Thread: >>119399398
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So when do we get the scene were Yang had enough of Qrow and Ravens shit and beat both over the head till they agree that " fighting bad, we good now. "
They would probably job; most of the Gold Saints were defeated because they either spared the Bronze Saints or because of outside help. Shun and Hyoga were the only ones to have killed a Gold Saint on their own without getting themselves crippled or killed and both of these times were out of sheer luck.
File: laurent.jpg (85 KB, 905x904)
85 KB
Implying Jaune's quirkiness isn't a façade and that he isn't actually playing 9D Chess against Salem
you are a cuck
>Hating the current best written character in the show.
>Likes the porn where he is in pain.
Have you been around since v1?

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