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File: ch220116.jpg (273 KB, 900x638)
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273 KB JPG
So why do people say that Calvin's parents are terrible people?
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Man, I love Watterson.
If America is to be saved, they will be doing a lot of it.
That's one of my favorite strips right there.
>"In the garage?!"
desu I can understand this attitude, dude spends his weekdays in an office doing a job he hates.
This thread reminds me that I haven't read Calvin and Hobbes since I was in grade school. I think I still have the old books somewhere.

>In the fictional Marvel Comics multiverse, Earth-616 is the primary continuity in which most Marvel Comics titles take place.
Part 1.1: Timely Heroes- Birth of a Superhero
Following this guide
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File: 1607450003231.png (340 KB, 500x500)
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340 KB PNG
>/co/ can self insert as geeky white guy MCs
>/co/ can self insert as geeky mexican guy MCs
>/co/ can't self insert as a geeky black guy MC and will choose a side character instead
Why is this?
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I never understand this statement when we literally had dozens of latinx representation in 2021.
You know, I sometimes wonder what would happen if I tried to discuss Latinx with someone who unironically uses it. These are the people who should be first to say that a group decides what they are called, but actual Hispanics dislike the term and we are still in this situation.
Almost as if at lot of them are self-centered egomaniacs.
>You are trying to claim that static flaw is his politics, but the creator disagree with you.
By your logic Miles is a great and fleshed out character that gets hate only because he is black, right? I can't see his creator having a different opinion. Try thinking for yourself, mutt.
>Hey guy, your character is flawed
>No, it's not.
Cool discussion, bro.
>The Creator
Dwayne McDuffie is dead. Mike Davis is not but would likely rip you a new asshole for this dumb ass conversation.
Geeks all over world self Insert as Peter more than miles. Even black ones .

What WAS a gorilla doing underwater, anyway?
He was a sea monkey.

>"Cartoons made to sell toys are bad!"
>"T-they just are okay!"
I've never seen a more massive cope in my life. There is not a single show from the 90s that can match the animation quality of the 80s.
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More like this.
>"90s is when they got better!"
Name me a single action cartoon that had animation in the 90s to now with the same level of quality as this
>reposts thread again because he got the attention nobody gave him in his childhood
File: BDAxatorBallForm.png (631 KB, 1000x563)
631 KB
631 KB PNG

File: 1642699710126.png (50 KB, 1610x1344)
50 KB
The show seems cringe but this kinda makes me want to watch it anyway...

File: Foe-ish Friend.jpg (274 KB, 900x1382)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Why can't they be friends
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Look at how they draw Damian, comic book artists can’t draw young kids and teens for shit
I think Damian was originally meant to only replace Tim for an arc or two then be killed off, rather than be a permanent replacement.
He caught on though, so Tim was eventually squeezed out
That’s hard to save since Tim had his solo till the N52, and Damian didn’t truly catch up till Tomasi and Gleason made him a serviceable character in Batman and Robin N52.

Damian was blow up once not that later than his intro but Talia fitted him out with new organs.
one is a homo
That’s how Tim likes it.

>8/10 animation
>3/10 script
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>the animation is trash and for casuals
Do you guys even pretend to have seen any of the show before making posts like this? This show put spiderverse to shame.

What non-generic high brow animation are you comparing it to?
It's hilarious how new you retards are. If you think anyone on this whole site is dumb enough to fall for the beaten old
>"well name something better"
>anons name something better
>rinse repeat
routine you probably haven't been here longer than a week. Then again, chinks always prioritized quantity over quality and that applies to you shills as well.
I didn't say name something better, I said name something at least comparable. What animation out there is so good that this is mediocre trash?

Can you name one thing?
Fascinating. I've never seen more pedantic shills.
You're not fooling anyone, shill. Your ugly tumblr trannies have zero appeal to anyone who's not mentally challenged.
File: p2.jpg (7 KB, 228x221)
7 KB
It's amazing to me how much trannies seethe at that word.
"Tranny". It literally means nothing if you're not one or don't care about them, so good job outing yourselves.

Cringe inducing.
I don't this future for fantasy genre.
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Its also not true.
Backers got the episodes "for free", and get the DVD set special delivered to them
Lots of trannies, negro King despite european medieval fantasy setting, some homos but at least some are the male variety, and cringe American modern slang but Thats about it

Solid Animation, save perhaps for the Dragon.
>european medieval fantasy setting
But literally nothing's looked "european medieval" so far

Okay but why is she so fat?
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The last steps look like zapateado flamenco but idk if Flamenco is danced in LATAM
based, spbp
Happens a lot in colombia actually
redheads in school get called 'fosforitos' (little matches)
File: 1643384830069.jpg (783 KB, 1123x1404)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
Nope. It's actually a TGAMM thread

The Episodes:


New Episode:

File: 1622596708661.gif (431 KB, 598x600)
431 KB
431 KB GIF

Patrician and Architectpilled

This thread is for actual discussion of the movie. No waifu worship please.
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File: 20220128_171105.jpg (623 KB, 1080x1660)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
this shit was real
my fucking sides
File: 1621175912704.png (1 KB, 145x15)
1 KB
kek can't decide if based or cringe
Is this character supposed to be a reference to the band White Lion?
>>tiktokfags cancels a fictional elephant from the film

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Maybe we do get it but don't care and intentionally made it dumbed down for ease of use.

There's so much that should have gone wrong with this robot.

By the way, walking through the harbor, there's no way they weren't taking on water given their technology level.
also such a large and heavy robot should fall on its own weight when taking a single step, it is impossible that something with such magnitude can bend a joint without falling.
The biggest problem is the thing is made of fucking platinum. It's not some sort of fantasy super metal. It's a relatively soft metal that is easily deformed. Any earthbender should be able to deal real damage to it.
Dark Avatar is the stupidest franchise killing thing that I've ever watched in a cartoon show. Like. I was onboard with a more hot headed Avatar and more politically grey characters but man. This just completely killed it for me. It doesn't help that season 3 is kind of bland for the most part too. They should have just stuck with this guy for the rest of the show and explore how this world reacts to him and the Avatars hijinks. Let energy bending be the focus after season 1. End it sooner. Just have 2-3 seasons at most

File: GOTG3.jpg (88 KB, 711x752)
88 KB
Are they breaking up the team after Vol. 3?
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File: 1637026478509.jpg (372 KB, 1440x1080)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Once GoTG ends. I'll have only 4 superheroes to give a fuck about in the MCU. 3 actually since Ant-Man is retiring after the third movie
what about xmen and f4?
For me, GotG3 is really the only thing I seriously care about. Perhaps the Thor movie since I think Hemsworth is fun to watch.

I'm sure I'll still watch them from time to time since most of the time they are at worst average, but I'm not invested in any new myth arc. Though I'd probably get excited if Nova finally gets a debut.
If you're really that desperate to keep Pratt in the MCU, just have him be a mentor to Nova, which I think is already dumb.
No need to further fuck over Rich.
I mean it depends on whether Richard is gonna have his origin onscreen or offscreen. I could see him learning the basics of galactic stuff from Starlord while growing into his own.

File: 1643305993697.jpg (123 KB, 508x490)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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>it's real
I hope you're stealing some of our episode ideas
The choir on the verge of losing their shit will never not amuse me
>Kony was a whole decade ago
>there are South Park fans who are too young to remember it
The passage of time is unrelenting
No....not like this....
what? what the FUCK?

Let’s have a thread to talk about everyone’s favorite Golden Headed Lord of Order
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I forgot one in the not important but interesting ones Multiversity: Society of Super Heroes
File: RCO042_1610464022.jpg (492 KB, 1041x1600)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
really like Khalid look in future state
>I mean it really was not good,
Robinson's run was.
>most of the characterizations were terrible like Jay and Al acted nothing like themselves
Because it was an alternate earth under different circumstances
Just cause it was an alternate earth doesn’t automatically make it good though, it was a genuinly bad take and listen I like Robinson his JSA and Starman stuff is god tier but his Justice League era and Earth 2 were just giant missteps for him
It’s pretty much what fate usually looks like, not to say it’s not good it just isn’t anything different from what we’ve seen before

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