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File: DO IT NOW.jpg (139 KB, 1200x604)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
How would you like Marvel to expand on Red Skull Peterson?
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>caricaturing a self-help author psychologist's advice as the evil plot of a literal WWII nazi isn't vicious
File: EjnkcR0XgAUW5gD.jpg (42 KB, 1015x399)
42 KB
Reality has a strong liberal bias, anon.
>projecting this hard
And it creates a political tie (amerifats) that isn't that heavily argued against besides twitter whales. It would get to the normies for sure.

File: Daria.jpg (9 KB, 219x331)
9 KB
Is Daria an arrogant, entitled spoiled brat? She whine a lot about how miserable she is, but she's living a cozy middle class lifestyle.
No. Just arrogant and entitled
She was one of the few unitedstatesians with common sense, fuck the rest of her ilk
I've met too many people with her mentality who think being sarcastic and self-righteous constitutes a personality.
Chronically depressed retards who are acutely aware that their actions are meaningless, but believe as long as they can drag other people to their level, then at least they won't be sad alone.

You will never find a Daria fan who is happy or fulfilled. And it is entirely self inflicted.

these hoes mad
She's got some funny zingers, shes alright

File: best boy.jpg (29 KB, 444x400)
29 KB
>Musical genius
>Soft boy, even when Akumatized
>Resisted getting Akumatized and only got overpowered by Gabriel's power creep, unlike that whore Chloe who went willingly
>Actually makes moves unlike that white bread Adrien
It's going to hurt seeing Marinette turn him down for status quo endgame dick, huh?
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Nathalie didn't use it except because she's in love with Gabriel. I can imagine one reason why someone might use a broken Miraculous knowing full well the consequences, especially if they were my only child
>episode 4 isn’t even done yet
>yet they handed out episodes 7,8, and 11 to broadcasters
why is zag so incompetent
based anon
The animation studio working on 4/5/7 got buttfucked by covid?

I mean it's a nice theory to write angst fics for but it's not actually going to happen in canon, sorry.
She has the unconditional support of her soulmate.

Why is it that when a male creates a show for Disney they push their self inserts into /ss/ while when women create shows for Disney they are lesbians? What does this say about the cartoon industry?
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It says the industry has bred sexual dysfunction
He said she was bi
This, I get the [insert company wants to limit my creativity so we have to censor or stop some thing plea] but then why even go to said Studio? You'd just be a sellout. It's actually funny cause this happened with Owl Houses's Luz and how in a fucking ND and people are like yes, rep! for who though?

That it's filled with pedophiles, dykes, and pedophile dykes. All of them mutant vermin that ruin everything they touch.

File: HonkHonk.jpg (122 KB, 780x468)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
First Meeting Edition
How did your OTP react when they first met each other anons?
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Rewatching the episode on how they first met
File: IMG_20210409_154647.jpg (177 KB, 1909x877)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
It pisses me off that Nick doesn't air the 1st episode internationally, would definitely make a half million views easily and gather enough traffic and viewers to guarantee this show to be a hit
File: Jade and Seymour.jpg (72 KB, 874x894)
72 KB

This anon gets it.
Based, loving this show so far.

Who’s your favorite female character in American Dad?
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Why does she have a kitchen but no sink?
Do school uniforms show the mid riff?
the hot ones do
Steve got hit on by many hot girls & didn't
realize it. He'll be like his dad & marry a blonde.

File: Nice moxie face .png (1.62 MB, 1242x978)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Helluva boss thread
A thread to discuss Helluva boss, news, fan art etc
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Give me some good Octavia pics (Nothing Lewd pls)
The artist is better at backgrounds than the characters which is a first lol
>Loona is at least +6ft
Helluva is more critically acclaimed but Hazbin has (or used to before HB started to get more episodes) a bigger fandom and more hype around it.
>Blitzo builds up the nerve to admit he watches MLP in his free time
>Turns out Mayberry was also a fan before her life flipped upside down
>Their next "date" is watching the latest season together so she can catch up

File: Magica de Spell 2.png (69 KB, 318x436)
69 KB
Magica de Spell is along with Daisy Duck the best female duck as well as the best female bird in cartoons and comics.
It is also her birthday today, because on this day in 1961, Carl Barks invented her. Happy birthday to Magica de Spell!
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And is this Streghella a good kid? If so she's basically a reversal of Brazil, where the white wide hat kid is a brat and mean, and it's the black hat one who's a good kind kid to the disapproval of her aunt. Seems Streghella is a merger of the two back together, design of one and personality of the other.
File: Matilda.jpg (246 KB, 1280x1255)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Here's Matilda.
teen version can be forgotten, just a one-shot character from old years never used anymore.
yes, she is the classic white sheep.
File: Streghella.jpg (93 KB, 469x465)
93 KB
Apparently, this is how the Streghella thing works out:
1976: Oneshot character by that name appears, she's a niece of Magica's.
1980: "White hat" Streghella debuts. She's also a niece of Magica's, and is one of the family's white sheep(Adelia being the other).
This character then splits into these two overseas: >>122416337

File: 1597595876337.jpg (386 KB, 2048x2032)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
How will it go down?
253 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you think "True Colors" refers to?
Thank you.
hell ye bruv
>Sasha wants to conquer the world for no reason
>Marcy might want to stay in Newtopia where they don't think she's a dumbass
>Anne just stares into space
Anne is in desperate need for some fucking agency.
This is great

File: Lois Lane.jpg (383 KB, 998x1508)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
So what's sex with Superman like?
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Dana Dearden aka Obsession is exactly that, an obsessed Superfangirl who wants to be with Superman. She dated Jimmy just for a chance to be close tp Superman then stole Mystical artifacts when that didn't work out.
because shell have you screaming "GOODNESS, GRANNY!"
Never heard of this one. Imagine having the power of Super Thirst.
Why's there no art of Obsession raping Supes?
I'm more interested in sex with young Jon Kent.

File: EhwSI1kWsAMLIjy.jpg (61 KB, 640x386)
61 KB
>/v/ is laughing at us again
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The tranny mods on /co/ are cringe, but it is the tumblr dykes mods that make /co/ unbearable.
>/co/ is laughing at OP again
God, I wish /comics/ was a ghosttown. /cartoons/ being a cesspool isn't different than what it is now.
/a/ is pretty based, I agree
File: .jpg (56 KB, 718x293)
56 KB
>this thread again
Eat this retard

File: images.jpg (331 KB, 960x1440)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Why did this show have to be so goddamn preachy?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because thats the entire point of the show? Literally watch the opening theme.
Yeah, but they could have thrown humor into it to make it enjoyable
Why do people like this show? It doesn't even try to have humor. Its just a show that talks about Bill Clinton, the Environment, Communism, Corporate Greed, and other political shit and it's incredibly boring
Cynicism was humor in the 90s before it became the standard.

File: EzHsGbdUUAAMJpM.jpg (2.72 MB, 3840x2160)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
what is this?
437 replies and 109 images omitted. Click here to view.
>other than Aang and Zuko
Aang is the avatar and Zuko has Azula's custody. If these two don't want Azula's bending to be taken away than other people's opinions don't matter.
Now you know how Zutarians felt.
So is this just dumb YouTube videos like the channel normally does like BEST ABATAR COUPLE MOMENTS or is it a new animation?
File: 1475170497886.gif (68 KB, 220x179)
68 KB
its pretty obvious
also as side effect, they will ruin atla image which in turn will allow them to create even more abominations like lok
>new, original series
>new, fan-led original DISCUSSION series
fucking nothing?

Why do twitter artists pretend this has an effect when minors can look at their art freely by just not using an account?
145 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Katie Price. She wants a law implemented ("Harvey's Law") that requires you to submit a full ID when signing up to sites like Twitter and Facebook so they can track you easier if you say mean words. Funnily enough, twitter trannies were livid at this because it would be "outing vulnerable LGBTQ youth to bigoted parents" She managed to enrage both sides with that autistic conquest to banish trolls
You can't post your art there though unless you were to draw fucked up fetishes or tumblr sjw bullshit and post it under a different name
Could you draw us some art then? Please.
I still just use DA. The amount of freaks there prevent it from ever being overrun by moralfags.
That's pretty dumb. At this point we all know it's just a meaningless thing to do that everyone pretends is working to protect minors from seeing inappropriate content. Emperor's clothes and all that.

It serves no purpose other than waste time because we know it doesn't actually work, but we still do it. Because doing something that would actually work would be hard and require people to do hard work, such as forcing 18+ sites to require actual ID to get access to them or punishing parents who let their children access this material.

File: sketch1618728761852.png (333 KB, 750x421)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
best magneto matchup?

also general db thread

Something that isn't immune to his powers but has a good work around or counter to them. So maybe something like Amazo
>magneto match up

anyone who can do telekinesis or electromagnetic manipulation to counter his manipulating the environment or disrupting his powers

or a heavy hitter like hulk, thor if he can summon lightning, silver surfer, beta ray bill

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