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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

File: monjam.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720)
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1.34 MB PNG
The Monster Jam starts in a few days! What do you have planned?

Previous jams and resources:
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kek, this is
>You were the monster all along game
You mean Digimon right?
Great aesthetics and special credit for doing an action game instead of turn based, definitely playing your game.
I like the atmosphere. Flip or not, the music is nice and fitting for a smooth and chill experience in a fantasy world.
I never played that, I was thinking of SMT.

I know I'm late to the party but I just need to spew my bile for a moment.
>ignore FF7 Remake for a long time because there's no way it'll be good
>eventually cave, decide to give the game a try but my expectations are low
>it's actually okay
>certainly not a masterpiece but still enjoyable
>the newly added characters are kinda cringe but they don't really matter so whatever
>ending is dumb but I think I get where they're going with it
>guess I'll have to wait for part 2 to see if it'll turn out any good
>oh well, time to start the Yuffie DLC
>first half is okay, kinda boring though and even easier than the base game
>second half just keeps getting worse, there's barely any story and it's just move to room, kill enemies, move to next room, kill more enemies
>suddenly a plot twist and everything gets really edgy for no reason and I'm figting dudes in bondage gear
>final boss is literally Shadow the Edgehog who has skeleton wings and Kingdom Hearts powers, and constantly talks about DARKNESS
>it's so bad it makes me retroactively hate the game

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The base game is not good either. Endless padding in warehouses and factories and constant "go here! no go there!" busywork main quest. It's a shit game.
I thought it was okay but I seriously do not understand how people can say it's better than OG.

File: dfc.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Demo is out. What do you think of it?
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>Lancarse game gameplay wise too

what does that even mean? they've made a shitton of random jap games
you can disable the CA if you'd like


If you want to remove the chromatic aberration and the depth of field add these lines to Engine.ini:

They have a really distinct way of trying to add TRPG elements into different genres that ultimately never works out and has the least amount of thought put into the actual gameplay loop. They've never made a single game that properly took into consideration that the player would be doing the same thing over and over again for hours
I want to like it. I thought the story would be at least a little better than it is. Maybe it gets better in the full game. The combat on Normal feels too easy. The hame has a blocky, bulky, nice-looking, solid sort of artstyle with nice particle effects, sure, What is absolutely unacceptable is how the game deselects the last character you had selected every, single, time. The story feels less thought out than I thought it would be, simply to serve as a backdrop for combat encounters. I’m sorry but for a JRPG, to be one of the greats you have to have good combat and good story. That’s just how it goes. I wouldn’t pay full price for Diofield from what I’ve been seeing in the demo. Looking forward to Star Ocean The Divine Force over this. I want to like Diofield more but it’s just too simplistic both story and combat. Good luck grabbing all of the “Newcomers.”
>Game actually has a reasonably good PC port
>Game is shit
I swear it's like SE only put effort into porting games that they know aren't good enough to sell on their own merit.

File: Sephiroth_SSBU.png (1.29 MB, 1799x2269)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Are you gonna name your kids after /vrpg/ characters?
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Yeah because 'Chris' is such a weird name, retard.
Why are you not allowed to give a child a modern english name most of the time
All names have to be old english, biblical, or foreign language to be acceptable
says who? you can name your child Moxie CrimeFighter or X AE A-XII
Great name if you want to make sure your kid hates you.
Gerome, and if anyone asks it's after the saint.

I hate to admit it, but whether an RPG is controller friendly has more bearing on whether I'll finish it than how good it is. Sometimes I think I don't actually like RPGs, but looking back on it I actually just hate kbm controls. I gave up on wotr even though I enjoyed it a lot, because I was sick of my arms getting tired. But I beat Jade Empire in three consecutive marathon sessions because it was so comfortable to play.
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Pathfinder wotr
That sounds entirely reasonable.
There are games i should like in theory, but the controls are so clunky i just can't get over it.
File: Muhsetup.jpg (536 KB, 1612x763)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Happened to find an extra mousepad, so I'm gonna give this setup a shot. I doubt it'll fix it but maybe the little bumpy thing is all I need to make it enjoyable to use

File: dragondogma.jpg (351 KB, 2000x1581)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Which class is the best for your Pawn?
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into free title screen, obviously
the one from reddit since nexus has shit audio quality
they probably will since that was one of thevmain complaints about the first game
Are you able to go full Ghadaffi mode and bang your army of hot lady bodyguard pawns?
there's one guy that we know of that wanted to bang his pawn
things didn't turn out great for him
File: file.png (3.66 MB, 1915x1077)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Is there any cape that beats beastly mantle at being peak /fa/?

>is twice as villainous as the next best rpg villain in half the time as whatever other villain you might name but probably won’t because you know it’s true
File: south.png (1.8 MB, 2560x1920)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>not quoting the "I am sublime" line

About to dive into this trilogy with the Wizardry 6 remaster that converts it to the Wizardry 7 engine. It was just released a couple weeks ago and you can get it here if you're interested: https://discord.gg/yJXvw6M
Anyway, what am I in for? I've done a bit of research into the games, but not too much. I've never played a blobber before, not for more than a few minutes anyway. The state of modern gaming has driven me to seek out old gems and after playing the Dark Sun games (absolutely brilliant, btw) Wizardry is my next stop.
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I thought they liked Wiz 6 and 7 well enough to make the Elminage games at the very least, which is just as bonkers in races/classes. Wiz 8 on the other hand, I dont think I've seen an attempt by them to clone that...
i could guess that it's because Wizardry 8 had not been released outside of japan due to copyright issues and the fact that Sir-Tech Canada had gone broke enough for them not release them anywhere else than stateside. shame, because i could see some japanese then digging this one
>Elminage games
Are these any good?
They're pretty alright. They're Wizardry V-esques with some additional classes and races, some fairly broken subsystems, and post-games that tend to be much longer, harder, and involved than the "main" game. Original isn't too particularly difficult (until after the main quest, when you need to start breeding adventurers with monsters to raise your stat caps), but Gothic requires you to take greater advantage of the series' broken shit to survive - though they also added customizable skill lists to make your dudes stronger.
whats the best way to experience the wizardry series in its entirety

File: Baldur's_Gate_box.jpg (765 KB, 1536x2128)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
Tell us your favorite class and best party composition
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I played them both now and have to admit I had more fun with BG1. It felt like a real adventure.
just you wait when you will have to kill big wolfthing later in the story
hint: don't throw away the silver dagger
File: 1597484298473.png (226 KB, 591x716)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
I actually can't kill him at all even with the dagger. He easily outregens my damage.
Nevermind, I just had to drink all my potions and spam all my wands.
On the off chance someone here knows.
I am just about to get out from the Spellhold dungeon. Right next to the minotaur statue Bodhi should be standing and she should hit me up with a conversation when she sees me. This should lead into the fight where my charname changes into the slayer.
My problem is that Bodhi doesn't start conversation. She is there in her bat form (this should come from the SCS, improved vampires component) along with 2 vampires and is just chilling until I get too close, then she transforms into her normal form and if I kill her, she just runs away and comes back when I rest (this also comes from SCS, Bodhi hunts you in spellhold component).
There is obviously something fucked up. I am running Enhanced edition trilogy using only Ascension, SCS and Unfinished business with very few QoL tweaks (pretty much only bottomless containers and additional bags of holding, increased stacking etc.) and Imoen romance (kinda regret that one).
I tried googling and this is not a new issue and the partial solution here
>Anyway, I spawned her with the console, then changed her local variable "J#RealBodhi" to 1 (this is from PPBODHI4.BCS), and that triggered the dialogue with the transformation, then also the imoen dialogue. At this point "AsylumPlot" is set to 44. However, I tried resting a couple of times, and I still don't have the slayer change ability, nor experienced any dialogue despite "AerieRomanceActive" is set to 1. Should it be 2? Is there a timer for this too?
I don't understand. This mod setup worked when I used it with the original games. Halp

How unavoidable is crowd control in Underrail? I feel like throwing is a must even if you go stealth, or at least traps. I just don't see how you can funnel / destroy all those mobs rushing at you unless you have some crowd control / disables. Even the cover art shows crowd control.
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File: SuperSteel1S_l.png (15 KB, 100x100)
15 KB
you couldve had a better pic
evasion and escape artist neuter traps except for EMPs, but with EMPs you can just not carry enough charged shit to kill you
File: 1609464997244.jpg (83 KB, 1224x720)
83 KB
too lazy to bother, though
hell at one point my psiblade was so fast that if I ran over a mine out-of-combat, I would be outside its radius when it went off
electric spells, plasma beam, temporal distortion, whichever you have available
TD cuts through nearly any kind of damage reduction so it's your go-to for whatever doesn't take damage
chip away at sentry bots while your beetle tac vest lets you basically ignore anything they do
you do have a psi beetle tac vest, yeah?

File: 2021-06-26_10-15-50.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB WEBM
Have you worked on your RPG Maker game today, anon?
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File: analytics.jpg (26 KB, 928x106)
26 KB
it summarizes pretty much my game analytic stats..
Though a bit lower.
Is SGB better for 3D trying to pull off a PS1 era style?
>offers more for people who don't code or use scripts
>more compatible, which runs smoother, which has better vanilla features and event programming.
VX Ace has everything you may want or need even if you don't go anywhere with your project. You can increase the resolution with braindead easy plug-in scripts or just draw your images with larger pixel clusters (32x32 tiles? just draw 16x16 and scale up 200%)

as nice as 2k3 is, that program is for hobby users that don't intend to sell or even show their product to anyone; it's purely for one's own entertainment.
I haven't worked on it since middle school. Although I do want to pick it up again.
Fuck me, post fucking progress or shut the fuck up. You people arguing about pointless shit make me sick.

Why aren't there more rpg's with a raypunk aesthetic?
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, that's steampunk.
you can always go to google images and search for raypunk instead of acting like a retard on imageboards.
File: raygun gothic.png (629 KB, 820x513)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
I feel like the Fallout franchise is the only one that utilizes it in a decent and not over-the-top way. Raypunk can look kinda goofy very quickly.

The Jetsons, and to a lesser degree Futurama. Lots of arches, rockets, circles and arrows - it's a period of futurism and progress (hence all the shapes indicating forward movement) and relic from the optimistic space age 60s.
>toxic green
>clunky blobby CGI
>warped metallic sludge texture
>Futura font

Yepp, it's 90s gaming magazine time.
Yeah because fuck fostering discussions, right.

File: 20220811152814_1.jpg (328 KB, 1920x1080)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
Why are JRPG stories so unimaginative and dull?
57 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not really? Just another jaded "old good new bad" /v/ tier post.

Back then we had almost no sci-fi or post-apoc games, just to give an example, things are definitely better nowadays.
File: original.jpg (20 KB, 595x546)
20 KB
>Why are JRPG stories so unimaginative and dull?
You joking? It's WRPGs that tend to be as generic as humanly possible while many JRPGs go completely bonkers.
The only reductionism anyone applied here is Takahashi when it comes to Xenogears' writing and gameplay, don't kid yourself.
>you come into a thread you don't want to participate in about a game you don't like
Since when was this thread about Xenogears? Because all I see in the OP is Bravely Default.
What actually happened here is that I saw some dumbass (AKA You) say something stupid and I interjected, because you said something so unbelievably dumb it's hard to not stop and tell you how dumb you are.
How about you stop being a passive aggressive bitch and try to weasel out of an argument by attacking me instead of accepting that Xenogears has fucking awful writing?
Because you're not even trying to come up with something to prove me wrong, not like I blame you though, it's hard to pretend Xenogears has good writing when Takahashi is too busy recreating GaoGaiGar gattai sequence and ripping off G-Gundam instead of writing something of value, or really pay attention to what he's actually writing at all since the game has absolutely puzzling writing like Dan's entire character, a third of your playable characters disappearing from the game the moment you recruit them or all those awful and hamfisted moments with Citan playing double agent and purposedly witholding several pieces of information for no logical reason at all, and I'm not touching the shameful display that is Disc 2 either.
But yeah, anybody that points out issues with your pet games didn't play them I guess, they're just mad about vidya right?
The last time I've seen a JRPG going complete bonkers was twenty-two years ago, when a guy kidnapped a magician's husband and poisoned him so that said husband would kill the magician when she came to rescue him, all so that a soul collector would harvest the magician's soul, which would trap said soul collector so that the guy from the beginning would be able to put her in a loli body to fuck her.

I'm not making any of this up. The guy literally says: "I burn, I burn, I burn with passion for you!".
Even shit like Persona 5 Royal has a more original story than most WRPGs.

No really, what are a couple of WPGs in recent memory that actually had an original story?

Just learned about them coming to Steam and the unique launcher for all the games is pretty slick. Plus it includes all the cluebooks and manuals. I never played these games except Dark Sun and I'm gonna start with a replay of that then maybe the Krynn series.
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>the unique launcher for all the games is pretty slick
Care to elaborate? What's there besides the usual DosBox? I heard that there are clients with dungeon drawing for EoB.
>implying games don't go on sale for pennies on Steam
>explicitly proving that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about when it comes to this collection
They run perfectly on Steam with a better launcher that integrates all the games, companions, journals and manuals.
File: Screenshot_34.jpg (301 KB, 1374x908)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
>>explicitly proving that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about when it comes to this collection
>They run perfectly on Steam with a better launcher that integrates all the games, companions, journals and manuals.
Uh huh. Spoken like a true steam drone.
It's an objective truth, gogtist.

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