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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

File: 1605592117949.jpg (98 KB, 450x588)
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What are the meta classes for an Unfair run?
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Any Cleric build will be really strong. It gives you some really absurd damage spells to cover the main shortcoming of the Cleric spellbook, some good buff options, and more importantly, it sky rockets your caster level.
Thanks, I appreciate the help.
um no that's completely true, they have the same abilities
Same abilitites as generic wizard with +4 hat and a list of nukes, or same abilitites as eldritch archer/ranger/sacred huntmaster multiclass with a belt full of random shit and active gear on it?

It isn't that they use separate skillset, it is that they have pretty simplistic builds and won't understand the synergies your monk/sorc/DD is supposed to have.
who gives a shit about synergies, that's not what we're asking for, we just want basic stuff first

File: 1606944015486.png (1.07 MB, 1107x689)
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1.07 MB PNG
What are some games than shit on their veteran fans?
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It's not though
It really is

XV is even worse than the XIII games
man i'm an RBY boomer and gen 5 is fine. It's no gen 2 but there are enough cool mons to make it worth it.
Plus the story has never been anything but nonsense since gen3 anyways
Having cool mons don't fix the major flaws, even less when those cool mons are locked until the fucking endgame

File: 1589738907856.png (670 KB, 640x360)
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Why isn't this series more popular?
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>hasn't played literally any of the 2d games
>thinks he's an authority on the series
Every time. Every single time.
Gameplay is completely different between each game. I'm not even a Tales fan and I can tell that you're full of shit.
Probably because it's the most cliche JRPG series of them all, even more than DQ since at least DQ doesn't usually devolve much into cringy themes and tropes.
jrpg noob here. what game is that?
only half of them are localized, they all play the same and generally have the same overarching plot
they're pretty meh at best, but they're also the closest you'll get to "playing" an anime

File: 1595639351848.jpg (90 KB, 616x353)
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What are the hardest RPGs you've played?
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How do you even know what's going on? I suggest either starting over and focusing or deleting it and forgetting about it forever
Every time I pick it back up I read the journal and remember what I was doing last
>4 years
>to get from Candlekeep to Mulahey
all very hard
I finished it only once. I became a God. The game significantly loses difficulty after you get a permanent safespot. Crow is difficult to kill and the early game is exploring enough to get the right armor and companions and then taking a free save before trying to do the crow battle. There's an another safe spot much later into game to which you could theoretically get to, but it involves a lot of chances to die or to get maimed inbetween. Great game.

File: ETPvBV.png (84 KB, 347x260)
84 KB
How many Enemies should i shoot for (not including bosses) to fill out my games Bestiary? side question how do you nigs feel about recolor enemies?
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how do i get into making my own turn based rpg
first you have to contact mr videogames and ask him to send you the manual
If you have 0 coding knowledge probably RPG Maker
This. It's not hard to give them one more ability, and then give them something that explains that ability.
I've already beaten that shithead 100 times, higher numbers will not change my strategy to beat them.
If you want to learn how to code or know how to already, then keep it simple.
>make 1 ally and 1 enemy do 1 damage to each other
>then make enemy do 2 damage and give player something to still be able to win (like a healing spell/item)
>then make multiple enemies per fight and then multiple allies and/or more ways to turn the tide of battle
>repeat until game is fun
Also make sure to not go overboard. Take it gradually. Don't add shit you won't be actually implementing for a long time.
>when you create the character script, only write down a variable for current health (and maybe name), you don't need anything else to make the game work
>only add max health once you add ways to increase health
>only add stats (str, dex) when you implement buffs/items to boost it
>only add mana when you have enough "game" so you can play and actually run out of it
and so on.

File: 73438.png (1.79 MB, 1244x679)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
The game is not even polished, it has an ugly exterior but gold interior. Kenshi is the game I never thought I wanted, I uninstalled it five minutes in the first time because it looked like shit and had no idea what to do, somebody else praising it made me give it another chance. I installed a reshade mod and dark UI mod and gave it another try...I binge played it for two weeks straight for 10 hours a day in a time where I thought I was burned out from gaming and didn't like anything new, but its really just that a majority of new games just suck.
Because it's an actual sandbox, not an open world tacked on to another game.
it has a few clever mechanics (i think toughness and lack of coup de grace is excellent) and some interesting locales, and is really easy to mod away the most annoying aspects. Unfortunately, there really isn't that much to do in the world, and it seems like they have no real way of balancing stealth or theft.
Nice autism simulator but im a narative faggot and making up my own story out of the generic text replyies gets really boring after a while
Op give me some tips on how to start off. I try and pretty much get fucked an hour in . I tried restarting the game 5 times now and i still dont know how to do shit. This is pretty much my first sandbox type game so i could use some good tips and advices.
Dont have to make up your own story in your head, just play the game and explore the different areas.

Where did it all go so horribly wrong?
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>u dumb
in 4th grade i was walking across the playground w/ my friend and we found a dragonite toy. my friend was like SCORE and then I lied and told him it was mine. It is now at least. I crossed many moral lines
based, the games were never good to begin with
Why do people pretend that pokemon is a good series?

You fuckers lied to me, Trails in the sky is fucking Trash, it reminds of bootleg InuYasha with even worst plot,where is the Chad Protag I was told about? so far I just been playing as some stupid bitch.
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Wait I thought there were only 2 (Trails in the Sky FC and SC).
Wait I thought there were only 2 (Trails in the Sky FC and SC).
File: 1605974016634.jpg (440 KB, 1920x1200)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
There's the 3rd which closes the sky arc and sets up future arcs. Then there's Zero/Ao no kiseki which have very good fan translations.
Bought and Played Trails FC back in the middle of the year while job-hunting (went as well as expected for the type of years this has been). Thinking about buying Trails SC once it goes on Steam sale soon. Is the combat better in SC? It was the one thing in FC that really annoyed me. Also does it answer all the unanswered shit from the first game: who Loewe is, what the aryan general and his pink-haired lieutenant were trying to accomplish, etc.
I presume it’s called Trails in the Sky TC / Third Chapter?

File: 1606928879404.png (826 KB, 900x1664)
826 KB
826 KB PNG
Reminder that Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing in 7 DAYS. Have you pre-ordered so you could get that sweet preload time to play on Day 1? Have you decided which lifepath for your first run? Going blind or read a guide first? Will you roleplay? Whatever it is it's finally going to be here!
>it must be delayed again
Nope, physical copies are literally sitting in warehouses now. Just a matter of time until they're being sold.
>b-but /v/ said ____
Ignore /v/. They're always wrong and they will be absolutely BTFO in 9 days.
>well, will /v/ even buy it?
sure will, https://www.strawpoll.me/35235361/r (embed) (embed) (embed)
>what will /v/ play as?
https://www.strawpoll.me/38308274/r (embed) (embed) (embed)
https://www.strawpoll.me/38308262/r (embed) (embed) (embed)
>what's the exact time it's available?
December 10th, 12 AM GMT sharp
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Physical games typically have massive download times required when purchased
If we were a decade earlier, I'd agree with you, but today you will actually rarely find a CD/DVD in the case but a code or a steamkey, meaning you will have to download regardless.
I was never a fan of physical(switched to mounted iso/mdf through the network share asap back in the day), but this sucks.
My only recent exposure to physical was PS4, and it looked pretty vanilla, except
yeah, I know about that.
People really liked TW3 that much I suppose. I was never under any illusion the game would be revolutionary, but I'm a bit stoked to play a fairly ambitious take on a modernized Deus Ex and VTMB-influenced game with CDPR's production value that will probably keep me entertained for a while.
File: 1546458430267.jpg (337 KB, 1024x724)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Most normies have never heard of Deus Ex so a mainstream version of that is probably going to be quite a splash

I get that we're on 4chan & I'm kinda showing my own age here but I truly honestly 210% don't get the vitrol thrown to this game. Memes aside it looks fun, if nothing else, and right now that alone in a AAA should be celebrated. DMC5 was the last """Fun"""" game to come out

File: maxresdefault.jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Been recently replaying the KOTOR games and was wondering if TOR is worth playing? I know all about Tortanic and figured the game more polished since then.
I don't care about MMOs, I just want another Star Wars RPG.
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aren't flashpoints soloable now?
Honestly the worst thing about the game is the engine, you're gonna get somewhat bad performance in certain areas no matter what your specs are. Aside from that I think certain class stories are definitely worth playing if you like Star Wars at all. It is the last piece of Star Wars media not having any Disney involvement too. Everything involving Revan in the game is cringe though just like >>1019824 said
Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent were really fun story and dialogue wise
that said game has been nerfed to the Narrative style difficulty level, as in you don't need to do anything since your companion kills everything and you're basically unkillable, gearing is completely pointless
so the question is if you're able to stand that difficulty level and complete lack of challenge and satisfaction from gameplay and character building just to watch some cutscenes
Yes. I believe the only non soloable content are Operations outside of the one that's the finale of the Revan expansion.
I could be wrong, ops might be soloable now.
Mostly, from what I recall there's a fair few that are stupid hard to actually beat solo though.

File: 448px-Priest3male.png (234 KB, 448x600)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
What are some JRPGs (aside from DQ) where the church isn't bad?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Kevin4.png (122 KB, 512x288)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Trails series.
trails in the sky
Xenogears has both an evil AND a good church
Ys and Trails
well most of Falcom's game in general to be honest.
is zelda an rpg

File: Capture.png (1.11 MB, 1565x525)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
picked up dragons dogma in the steam sale
what am I in for?
What should I do if I want to make a block-and-counter character? Basically I block and then follow up. There's a lot of impact to the blocking, ideally.
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File: dragon-dogma-ps4.jpg (1.66 MB, 3840x2160)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
If you're holding twenty rancid baits shouldn't the monsters smell it on you and chase you?
File: 20201203125622_1.jpg (248 KB, 1600x1024)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Just had a run. 400k exp first form and 500k second, so 90k RC for the rental?
Huge swords, heavy armors and dead goblins
Fashion or stat?
Pretty sure enimies can't smell items inside your magic pocket dimension.

Fashion, this is a facist game afterall.

File: 1603187946573.png (134 KB, 327x267)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
The time is upon us. The time of bitching that 6.0 will be a madly spiraling roller-coaster downward, going against literally every piece of information given and going against literally every other expac release.
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Cant wait how they gonna manage to dumb tanks even more down
Gonna be epic YoshiP bros whooo!
they will all just control like solo instance characters, look forward to just pressing 1-1-1
what's worse is that there are people who legit want this and think they would add new buttons to compensate
GNB is gonna get culled so hard in 6.0.
how likely is it that the new crafts are gonna be using stuff like dwarven chromite
not happening, new tome mats

Please post images of characters from rpgs with awful clothing.
>inb4 some contrarion defends the knee nickels as practical combat clothing
68 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
the pearl necklace
fucking why
Because the wield very unusual weapons
File: 1606928280845.png (141 KB, 829x709)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Jesus, you're right!
so just a jrpg clothes thread then
To be fair pretty much all other humes shown in CGs in Rabanastre are also shirtless besides guards.

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