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File: vrpg.png (193 KB, 360x345)
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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

File: underrail.jpg (99 KB, 1200x688)
99 KB
I have just began playing last weekend.
About to hit level 10 and then try my hands at Depot A which I hear is very hard.
How do I survive the muties and dogs and traps, bros?
Also I'm guessing I should avoid these mythical Burrower enemies?
Exploring shit scares me because it's always a gangbang of Lunatics or something that alpha strike and stun me and kill me in 1.5 turns
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i've made like 10 characters on hard and i've never seen the two headed mutant :(
two headed boy blessed my first plasma beam run when the last patch dropped but i haven't seen him since, fucker is elusive as hell
shoot stuff?
I have only met him twice. Too bad on one of these I had no hope of killing him, so I could only bask in its glory and waste the encounter. Goddamn unicorn of Underrail..
>Can you drop your stealth hammer
Svynfilkinn, psiless Berserker with agility, stealth, evasion, dodge, very high HP for a leatherfag. Uses Pig/Bison leather gear. Uses TiChrome and tabis. Tanky skirmisher.
I recommend this build for people that still want to have stealth glass cannon gameplay but actually being tanky, because being a wimpy conlet fucking sucks.
>And can you drop yours
Ulfhedinn, psiless Berserker with high Will, fully Spec'd Stoicism, wearing ancient rathound gear, no stealth, no dodge, leftover evasion points, very important use of Strider boots to have MP. Uses Tungsten hammer. Stupidly tanky. Stupid amounts of damage reduction.
Recommended for people that love being stupidly tanky like in Tungsten Tank but actually being able to move.

File: arcanist.jpg (44 KB, 500x500)
44 KB
So which is the meta caster build for wotr?
Arcanist8 vivi1 AT10 with 9th arcanist lvl for the cap
Exp wiz8 vivi1 AT10 Sorc1 (crossblood + mythic additional dragon heritage) for max damage output
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>SR affects spells coming from your allies too though.
can't you just stop stealthing?

What I wonder is if True Sight can see through mythic stealth's 'improved invisibility' mechanics. Arguably it shouldn't.
The SR is based off your stealth bonus and not a stealth check so I think the only thing that might affect it would be armor penalties.
>The fact that you don't look like a succ is just another reason demon is a trash path.
but what if your commander is male, would you still want him to look like a succ?
wait I was gonna go bloodrager demon what's wrong with it
nothing read

So without trolling and cuckshit, what are the big RPG releases on the horizon?

>Baldur's Gate 3 (2022)
>Path of the Righteous (2021)
>Starfield (2022)
>Expeditions Rome (2021?)
>Vampire the Masquerade 2 (lol)
>Colony Ship (2022?)
>Elder Scrolls 6 (never)
>Dragon Age 4 (2023?)

What am I missing?
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>muh self inserter
You're the kind of bitch that's self aware enough to know he's too inadequate to fuck a woman but still delusional enough to pretend it's alpha just wanting to watch. Not surprised you hold a grudge against anybody chad enough to insert.
File: 1623815795394.jpg (71 KB, 620x675)
71 KB
>Okay boomer go ahead and play video games in your Obshitian cuck corner like you want. You're too fucking sad I can't bully you anymore LMAO your life is sad enough already.
your samefag is too obvious lmao
>replying to different posts
Go home retard
BG-like made by germans.

Shadowrun trilogy is offer on GOG right now, get in the train.
What I am in for ?
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>play an actually good decker
>triggers all the ICs and shit

They wanted to make matrix and meatspace play differently which is funny because the stealth mechanics in DF is fuckawful. Imagine seeing that shit and going, "yes, I wan't this for the matrix."

I guess the stealth in DF works if you're alone though. Huh. I should do a solo replay.
Who fucking knows dude. I followed this guide and savescummed it.
Thanks, my mistake was trying to do all the combinations on the numpad that just added more time to the timer, I could just skip it. Last one had 7 or 8 digits.
Anyway, is cache really so tight in HK as people speak compared to previous games? I ended up with 20k in Dragonfall before the end.
Spells are really pricey and I need to fill my slots with something. Mind wipe sounds OP for its costs and flame thrower cheap and effective, maybe something better will appear later like AOE stuff.
Oh yeah, they're fucking tight with the nuyen here. Get ready to scrimp, save, and do everything you can just to fill out your wallet. It'll ease up later on, but you stay in the stage of "can I really afford that medkit" for much longer. Try and avoid upgrades until you really need them. Also, about medkits and consumables, I think if you don't use them when you give them to other characters on runs you lose them, unlike DF last I played. So watch out for that. Especially with the expensive stuff. And I'd do the whampoan run first, personally, it's relatively low-combat, and you shouldn't have to waste resources if you know what you're doing. Just be thorough.
File: Capture.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1024)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
That ghoul dude seem interesting actually, but why the fuck did he lose armor with level-up?
Maybe I'll try to incorporate him in the team somehow, with getting haste and heal spells for my mage and replace Gobbet. That Koschei drone is a fucking tank, it seems it even better to use as a melee unit offensively, it saved my party in that parking lot fight.
Not enough place for everyone, would be cool to have 6 characters during the runs and have bigger scaled battles.

File: 8.jpg (105 KB, 525x558)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
How do people do more than one playthrough of this game? I mean I enjoyed it but holy shit does the last chunk of the game feel like a fucking slog to the point where I never want to touch it again.
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I’m digging the Eldricht scion class. Think I finally found the one for me. I’M FAST AS FUCK BOOOOOOOOOOY
>can't beat rovagug spawn at lvl 15
>finally try alchemist gnome dude
>holy bomb
>get two alchemists in my party
Why is this class so OP?
How do I create a party that never needs to rest?
>some failed skill check texts
Some of these are actually pretty funny. Like your arm being too strong so you chuck a rock through a window instead of pinging it
File: Linzi.jpg (54 KB, 662x482)
54 KB
reply to this post if you're not a linzi hater and would let Linzi dominate you and step on you with her dirty halfling feet!! :3

File: leafu.jpg (271 KB, 1000x780)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
What do you think her role will be in the next BS game.
our companion? Bonfire lady? Bad guy? The new Alice?
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Did I screw up in the VN part? All the girls are dead and I can't escape anywhere.
Read the message in the vestibule carefully.
In a way, no
The VN literally doesn't matter, it's just a couple of scenes and they are greasy even by this game's standards
File: 1617540354261.png (659 KB, 901x1024)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Need your help Blacksouls anons. I got really into BS1 and beat the "final boss" and stuck running around looking into everything and gave up and haven't touched the game since january. I haven't finished the library, missing beauty and beast as well as cinderella. Should I restart or what?
if you beat ending B I think you can go into the forest and theres a crystal ball there that lets you reset and start over with your current stats and equipment I think

Who could possibly have been behind this decision?
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When I was in grade 6 back in 96 there was this very Christian family with 3 kids at my school. It was commonly known they (gasp!) didn't have even a single tv in the house.
The middle kid was in my grade, and a few of my friends and I had started to play MtG and his parents forbade him because it was "witchcraft" which seems silly to a kid: 'it's just a card game.'
Anyway the parenting strategy worked off and all three children are now successful college educated adults.
i have an old friend whose dad used to smoke weed with us all and party at their cabin. and that friend got caught up drug debt with the wrong people and ended up dead recently. it was all innocent fun at the time. on the other hand i had old old childhood friends whose parents would only let them play bible games on their NES. they used to beat them. the parents eventually got divorced but the kids went on to become successful. at least they tried
Invest time in your children. There's a lot of hurt in the world.
Quit with the retard act. It's plainly fucking obvious what op was implying
Maybe.... you're just getting baited?
For reasons you've already personally elaborated?
>in between rigging elections and planning 9/11 you take time out if your busy schedule to tell a Japanese game company they have to rename one of the spells in their new game. It's fucking retarded

How do new Persona become available? Do you have to be a certain level or something?
IIRC you get tarot cards from demons and trade them for new personas. There's an optional dungeon which will break the rest of the game and basically make it pretty boring if you actually challenge yourself and beat it when it becomes available because your progress is sort of limited by how many cards the demons are willing to give you at a time. You should still probably do it because the encounter rate is pretty high and nuking all of them might make the game shorter.
>IIRC you get tarot cards from demons and trade them for new personas
Yes, but even if you have enough tarot cards, higher level demons will be listed but you still can't summon all of them. I'm not sure if you have to be the same level as them, or what. Anyway, I managed to beat the final boss by buying 99 full heals and 99 revive + full heals, so I don't care anymore lol.

What game makes a better use of an "action points" based system?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Taking damage reduces AP on the spot, your condition affects AP generation per turn, and energy does as well. You can read about it on the JA2 but it's a number of systems affecting everything that on paper are complex but is intuitive because it follows logically (e.g. getting punched in the face would disorient someone and make it more difficult to react afterwards). You also have to balance out how much AP you leave on your characters when you end your turn for interrupts, but if nobody crosses your field of fire, you only carry over about 5AP to the next turn along with the standard AP generation.
Second the SaGa games, they've got really original and well done AP systems.
File: LibraryOfRuina_VIOLIUZkHR.jpg (513 KB, 1920x1080)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
card games
Divinity Original Sin 1 (One, NOT 2) has some action point management. If I recall correctly base AP, max AP and AP recovery are tied to different stats so you'll have to allocate stat points into those stats based on how AP heavy the spells you want to use are. If I recall correctly the AP cost of different magic abilities also scale with how proficient you are in those magic schools
It's a fun little system that's not too intricate, but still fulfilling enough to just feel basic. It's a shame they more or less removed it in the game's sequel
File: C2JH3QcUoAAtKfo.png (1.14 MB, 700x990)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
This has one of the best Battle systems in any JRPG I've played

File: 1627814238654.png (1.16 MB, 692x1024)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Post any portraits you got. Don't care if it's for fantasy shit or something like Wasteland, just give me the best you've got.
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>That looks like some straight up cringe LARP art from a "trad" Amerilard's fever dream
idgi that fits in with the rest of nazi aesthetics pretty neatly
Its the black and white image duh.
>That's literally what Nazi era art
The same argument can be made about most, If not all, Western Art. i.e Neoclassical, Art Deco, The Romans, and Romanticism.

And Breker statues are not a representation of Ancient Greece but of the Nordic Race using an art Greek style.

>A variety of related European races have merged in Germany. One trunk grew from these roots. Each race gave its best strength. Each contributed to the German soul We Germans have a fighting spirit, a look to the horizon, the “desire to do a thing for its own sake” of the Nordic race. Another racial soul gave us our cozy old cities and our depth. Yet another racial soul gave us mastery of the magical realm of music. Yet another gave us our ability to organize, and our silent obedience. §We can not hold it against anyone if he carries a variety of racial lines, for the German soul does as well, and created out of it the immeasurable riches which it possesses above all other nations. The greatness of our Reich grew out of this soul. §But the Nordic race must dominate in Germany and shape the soul of each German.

Their definition of "Aryan race" was the ancestral race of the Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean races.

>Chamberlain grouped all European peoples – not just Germans, but Celts, Slavs, Greeks, and Latins – into the "Aryan race", a race built on the ancient Proto-Indo-European culture. In fact, he even included the Berber people of North Africa in the Aryan race: "The noble Moor of Spain is anything but a pure Arab of the desert, he is half a Berber (from the Aryan family) and his veins are so full of Gothic blood that even at the present day noble inhabitants of Morocco can trace their descent back to Teutonic ancestors."[81]
File: racial_classes_1.jpg (173 KB, 1600x1594)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

>Günther divided the European populations into six races, the "Nordic" ("Nordische"), "Phalic" or "Phalian" ("Fälische"), "Eastern" ("Ostische"), "Western" ("Westische"), "Dinaric" ("Dinarische") and "East Baltic" ("Ostbaltische") race. "Western" and "Eastern" were, in practice, alternatives for the more widely used terms "Mediterranean" and "Alpine". The "Phalic" race was a minor category regarded as a sub-type of the Nordic race, and was dropped in many of his writings.[8]
>Although Günther seemed to admire Mediterraneans and Dinarics, as well as the highly praised Nordics, the East Baltic race was considered inferior in nearly every instance Günther mentioned it in his book, The Racial Elements of European History.

File: FF8 cover.jpg (182 KB, 856x800)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Holy shit, this truly is the worst FF game. I can't even be assed to finish Disc 1. And people keep telling me the first disc is the """fun""" one. Jesus Christ, what the fuck were they thinking with this piece of shit?
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I'm crying
At no point did I say that I like the game though, I merely pointed out that you're a retard filtered by a simple dungeon that has tools to guide you by the hand.
Might as well be the only point of gil in the game. God knows you don't need it for anything else, except the occasional phoenix down.
and to buy items to refine

File: 1627909813466.jpg (308 KB, 1920x1080)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
What the fuck I thought you guys said this game was bad? I've been smirking my whole way through.
54 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Calling the criticisms of the game stale and parroted as a means to deflect from ever having to address them is really compelling, It doesn't instantly single you out as a fucking retard who has no means to articulate a response. The reason those criticisms sound stale is because they're major issues anyone who isn't blind can see, even you can see them, but your hope is if you "HURR DURR I RETARDED FOR SAYING THIS" loud enough people will somehow feel pressured into not bringing them up as complaints. It's a boring hallway of a game, and no amount of "it has synergistic equipment" will ever compensate for it. At least have the decency to make an OC "I AM SILLY" comic to post along with this mess of an argument, I'd at least get to laugh.
The only character I have a strong ...whatever about is Lightning and it's mostly because she flip flops from cunt to actually understanding between a flip of a dime. I get her motivation but I don't think it's shown pretty well throughout the game. I'm on chapter 7 though so she might end up getting something for me.
I call your """"criticisms"""" of the game stale and parroted because they are. It's really interesting to me that you fail to actually address any of the other points I made in my post, could that be because you don't have much of a knowledge of the game? Are you more interested in making uninformed shitposts than in actual video game discussion? Instead of shitting your pants and trying to talk shit, maybe you should consider actually playing video games. That way you'll have something interesting to say when you enter a thread for discussion.

I liked her well enough but her personality is kind of inconsistent. It's been years since I played, though, damn, maybe it's time for another playthrough.
I mean I get her motivation and all, but seriously. She's a cunt to the rest of the party in the beginning and then she randomly warms up to Hope (I know because she's acting like Hope is a surrogate sibling and treats him like Serah) but then in the flashback, she's a cunt to Serah but nice to her superior and then now she tells Hope to go with his revenge and then all of a sudden realize their the Fal'ce's pets and now she suddenly goes in discouraging's hope's plan for revenge. It's just so clunky. It's not as bad as people were saying though, I've seen worse in the FF series before (Rinoa and Squall's romance) but is she on her menstrul cycle or something?
Not them but all concerns I had after finishing the game were not just me after looking at various discussions on websites. I won't deny that people do parrot points just to give a game that people like a hard time. After finishing XIII not too long ago I felt like it would be a game I would recommend people to try, but if they are not feeling it after several hours to just put it down. I trudged on to get the full experience.

I think what would have helped the corridor-tier level design is to allow interactions that make sense for the story to allow it to happen. Such as with X where talking to NPCs can give you items because of the summoner's journey, or that one summoner who pops up from time to time to test the strength of your aeons. The latter has helped with a sense of progression.

Which I think was one of the reasons why I felt indifferent to XIII was because I didn't truly feel a grasp on characters progressing. I appreciate that the paradigm system offers strategy more than whacking monsters with a bigger stick, especially so since you don't need to upgrade equipment for a majority of the game - or at all but I don't know, but there were times I felt I may be underpowered when fighting field monsters because of the minutes it took to take them down only to be given five stars after that which left me confused.

I really love the paradigm system, but at the same time I can't pretend that it kept me on my toes as I seen others say because once you're locked in with your decks for a long boss battle then it becomes monotonous once you have a strategy for winning that you just have to keep up.

I wouldn't call XIII bad like DMC2, but I don't feel strongly for it either. It really does feel like a game people truly are split on that boils down to personal preferences if someone is going to like it or not.

File: NPC-Kolgrim.jpg (65 KB, 374x596)
65 KB
All Dragon Age Origins main quests arent totally one sided. Even the option to kill the Elven Dalish clan in Nature of the Beast can have its own reasoning.
But what is the deal with Kolgrim deal in Urn of Sacred Ashes quest?
An entire town of nutjobs tried to kill you because you were an outsider; And when Kolgrim meets you, he will jump on you at the first criticism of their actions.
And the deal? Defile a sacred relic, and get as a reward a class specialization that is just almost the same as Berseker.
Only reason one would one choose this option, would be if the Hero of Ferelden REALLY hated the Maker/religion. Because even one that would be less than that, would be attacked anyways by Kolgrim once you told them their religion sucks.
>But muh achievements!
Fuck that shit. Besides, you could always save and reload anyways.
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Jealous that a "str8" man would fuck a deformed abomination but not you faggot?
File: 1615194343766.jpg (295 KB, 1186x1205)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
>str8 men truly are mentally ill
Yeah it's kind of funny how a "dark" fantasy game wound up being really easy to get the best of everything just by playing the good guy. If anything being evil should have been more immediately rewarding in all respects and being good more punishing.
>pic related.
"No way fag."
I once tried a super evil-playthrough one of the goals of which was to see if it was possible to genocide the elves from Ferelden.
- side with the wolves
- side with the slavers
- don't save the Alienage during the battle of Denerim
They should have been effectively wiped out after all that. Maybe a few knife ears left scattered about. But they would have gotten the message by the end of the Blight.
Still got the same bad ending slide for the evles, very disappointing.

File: 26246035_p0.png (572 KB, 487x648)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
I never see anyone ever talk about Final Fantasy Tactics A2, have any of you played it?
Combat was the pinnacle of the series. Don't remember much about the plot. Lots of side content though.

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