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File: vrpg.png (193 KB, 360x345)
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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

File: 1644627615203.png (377 KB, 640x480)
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What other RPGs use a tactics system rather than direct command like Persona 3?
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Digimon World doesn't let you control Digimon directly, at least without a ton work.
Ogre battle was more grand strategy than srpg
Bad ones.
I remember FF12 getting shit on for having this. People claiming the game just plays itself even though the system is 100% optional and fcan be turned on or off for each character.

File: Hajimari-no-Kiseki-005.jpg (149 KB, 900x506)
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149 KB JPG
>Kiseki is One Piece
>Dragon Quest is Dragon Ball
>Tales Of is Naruto
>Persona is MHA
>Final Fantasy is Bleach
>Xenoblade Chronicles is Dr. Stone
How accurate is this anon?
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>the common theme is that they deconstruct common JRPG trope.
my guess is: there are two reasons you're saying this, the twist in symphonia, and yuri killing moustache twirling bad guys in vesperia before they can do worse shit
and those are the two games you've played, and you're making this assumption of the entire rest of the series based on this
These are horrible comparisons but
>>Xenoblade Chronicles is Dr. Stone
How the fuck even? Just shut the hell up
>Xenogears is obviously Neon Genesis Evangelion, mecha show with cryptic religious symbolism
You mean Gundam, the game has Jungian symbolism and it's the exact opposite of cryptic.
what kind of fag watched dr stone in the first place
Jungian symbolism is persona

File: unnamed.png (422 KB, 512x512)
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422 KB PNG
I genuinely don't understand how anyone who's an RPG veteran and doesn't look at games with nostalgia goggles can say this is one of, or the best JRPG of all time. It doesn't even do anything special besides coining the term for NG+

Are people just this easily influenced?
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I hate Akira Toriyama's art and consider it CT's greatest flaw. Glad it's only in official art and character portraits.
Why did Crono sacrifice himself again? Like the party gets fucking washed during the initial fight, what did he legitimately hope to accomplish by just standing in front of Lavos's giant beam mouth?
Don't give me the 'muh hero' trope, it doesn't even make sense because Schala was barely a character at that point and the events after prove that the entire party could've feasibly escaped (as they all literally did except martyr Crono)
Also I haven't played Cross yet but are the games really that connected lorewise? I read Schala appears in some fashion but that's it
How does that gacha game fit into things, anyway? Is there a way to hold in your cum long enough when Marle and Lucca double team you and Lucca uses her machines and a remote controlled Robo to hold you down while Marle uses water magic to freeze your balls and put you in a perpetual state of arousal and pain?
>>What is Chrono Break?
Final Fantasy Dimensions 2, which turned out to be garbage. Be thankful we fucking dodged that bullet.
Why did anon needlessly over anaylize a scene where the main character dies again?
>*Bling cinenema sins noise* he shouldn't have stood in front of the giant alien creature he's never fought before because he should've known there would've been a laser that he's never even known about before! I am very smart
>*bling* He should've just run away despite escape very clearly not being an option!
You should know FFD2 was just salvaging the assets that were supposed to be for Break and it shows. Don't try to be such a disingenuous twat.

File: Aht.jpg (25 KB, 250x332)
25 KB
Shit party member thread. I’ll get this one out of the way since its a common retard trap.

The other one I’d like to mention is Aigis from persona 3 since she is the absolute worst party member efficiency speaking and is another retard trap.vdwsk
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In persona 3 buffs don’t overwrite, furthermore Aigis runs all 3 buffs and does the least amount of damage out of all your party members, objectively.
It makes no sense to have 2 characters using 3 out of 4 turns in a cycle to buff/debuff and 1 turn to deal damage while you have another who needs to heal every so often.
The best party setup is:
Ken, Akihiko (since he can overwrite his debuffs) and a damage dealer junpei or mitsuru are best for this.
Aigis could potentially replace akihiko but it makes no sense to do that unless you manage to put her last in turn order so she doesn’t fuck up her buff cycle making her waste yet another turn buffing.
Ken is better than Yukari throughout the game due to multiple damage types and by endgame Yukari can only break even in damage with ken by sacrificing her +10 every stat stat stick weapon.
The bottom-line here is, ken and yukari are pretty interchangeable in a boss fight tho ken objectively is better in the rest of situations.
Junpei and Mitsuru are also pretty interchangeable, that one should determine more on the weakness and resistances of the boss, junpei is probably better when climbing tartarus tho because he actually gets multiple physical damage types. At one point he actually has all 3, agi and re patra which can be a lifesaver Unfortunately he gets rid of re patra and torrent shot eventually but as far as climbing the tower in a single day goes Junpei is probably your absolute best character
Its also worth pointing out that yukaris wind boost bow doesn’t come till endgame so shes objectively doing less damage throughout.
>X is automatically bad because Y is better
Thats not how it works you moron, a character is only shit if its detrimental to itself or the party or MASSIVELY underpowered. She is decent enough to be playable and this isn't some Player vs Player META bullshit where you are forced to only use the most OP characters possible, Aht is fine
Luvdisc from Pokemon games, honestly, any monster-collecting game is bound to have dozen of garbage party members that are just meant to be eventually swapped by stronger ones but at least some of these games allow for some customization to make them viable. Sadly in the earlier pokemon games Luvdisc is just a piece of trash even with if you use Breeding and TMs to customize its moveset and it doesn't help that this poor thing doesn't even have a evolution
that's how these games work bro. I think they call it opportunity cost.

File: vidya.jpg (10 KB, 200x252)
10 KB
did it recapture the Baldur's Gate lightning in a bottle?
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The entire game feels like walking around in the landmass mod for some other games. You know there is some story and main plot but you don't care too much attention to it, as you know it's some silly fanfic tier idea of the modder. So the game turns into walking from place to place, to appreciate the creativity of an amateur team, until the novelty runs out and you get bored. Except then you realize it was the official product and not the mod.
Also, you discover expansion a bit later in the game and if you don't go there instantly, then you'll be overleveled? Who does that. There was also this clearly insane barbarian, who obviously was a gay homeage to Minsc from BG, except he had no charm and was too tryhard compared to the based hamster haver.
Overall, 5/10 game, life is too short so better play some nicer cRPG.
>feel like booting up PoE2
>have 25 achievements according to steam
>find out that the game saves a global achievement file on your boot drive by default that I had lost due to drive failure a few months ago
>out like 50 berath blessing points with no choice but to either cheat a complete achievement file into the game or replay the game from scratch and unlock all those achievements again
Kind of immediately killed my drive to play again
>mobs take forever to kill
What? You can kill dragons in seconds. Poe is faster than any DnD game.

>usually require micro

CRPG require micro, Shooter require aiming. What is the point?
Cure your OCD or download full achivement.
Durance was dangerously based. So much that they didn't have him return in the sequel.

File: retro-4-scaled.jpg (306 KB, 2560x1440)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>no one even trying to make a "daggerfall but more"
What the fuck is wrong with rpg devs? They'll pump out shitty indie "jrpgs" and "roguelikes" all day and night, but none of them have the stones to assemble the money-printing machine a successor to daggerfall would be.
>it's too technically difficult
Daggerfall was made by like ten people thirty years ago. You'd barely need to update the graphics, just more mechanical complexity would be enough to make it popular
>it's too hard to make a good game out of it
Daggerfall put next to no effort into making a good game out of it. It's a fantasy adventure simulator. Simulate shit.
>no one will buy it
People love procgen games built around a progression curve but no story. People ate valheim up, and it was basically a shell of a game. This is exactly the kind of game zoomers enjoy, a self-directed mechanical grind with exploration
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah. One is good (Morrowind). The other isn't (Daggerfall). 2 completely opposite ends of the spectrum.
it's niche
Wrong. It is enyoyable without getting repetitive for 15 hours at least. Leveling skills for your character build and ranking up in guilds/knight order takes a lot of time. After that you just play through the HANDCRAFTED story dungeons and finish the game, ending at 25-30 hours.
Daggerfall is a good game and a great idea, you zoomers never played it.
>Leveling skills for your character build and ranking up in guilds/knight order takes a lot of time
Just like MMOs. Which basically describes this whole game aside from 5% of the dungeons.

>Daggerfall is a good game and a great idea, you zoomers never played it.
LOL. Daggerfall Unity made this the peak zoomer contrarian hardcore gamer cred game.
The major reason why no one cares about wayward realms is that the game is not even in development but just discord tranny idea limbo

Zhp gets its rerelease tomorrow. Anything a newb who's played it's spiritual successor should know?
Also other Nippon Ichi games welcome.
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I think I'll just pass on the next Disgaea if they keep using theses cheap chibi models. I don't have a problem per se with the models, but knowing that one of the few things NIS does right is being phased out, kills me. And it's not like either D5 and D6 are interesting enough to justify keeping up with the series.
>Just look at that garbage Disgaea Mobile, tons of new sprites and decent animations.
>And all that into mobile game.
The same could be said of multiple series. All those mobage shit get some pretty cool spritework and even music and the mainline and console games get jack shit. What a fucking waste of budgets.
>I think I'll just pass on the next Disgaea if they keep using theses cheap chibi models
Honestly I could've stomach them if not huge decrease in gameplay everything. Gameplay in 6 is what broke me in the end. It is outstanding how backwards it is compared to previous games.
In some ways it's even more basic and bland than first game.
I'll shoot whoever will ever mention "but autobattle is optional, you can just not use it if you dislike it so much", entire fucking game designed around it. It existence affects gameplay in worst ways out there.
>All those mobage shit get some pretty cool spritework and even music and the mainline and console games get jack shit. What a fucking waste of budgets.
Sad thing is, that few whales are more valuable than one proper release. Especially since it's a niche game which sells like 100k copies world wide.
We live in dark age of videogames.
>I think I'll just pass on the next Disgaea if they keep using theses cheap chibi models.
I bought the Disgaea 4 PC port just to support them and when they announced Disgaea 6 I instantly refunded it because I knew the series was absolutely dead.
>buying to support a thing
that's why you can't have nice things.
Such a good game, that like nobody has played.

File: Tali from mass effect.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Would you?
who wouldn't?
Plebs. Most ME players went for shit like Miranda.
what's the appeal?
Being unable to see her face makes it so your brain fills in the spot with what you find desirable. Bubbly and cheerful but also slightly sassy and strong-willed personality makes her likable.

I mean, I moved from Mass Effect long ago, but it's not hard to see why Tali was popular.

File: y0qri3s9mf961.jpg (36 KB, 340x411)
36 KB
thoughts about the upcoming KOTOR? what are your hopes, dreams and fears about it?
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It'll have "new systems and content". From Aspyr.
It's what the industry has turned us into.
i hope it plays like Elder Scrolls
they said its gonna be more like nu god of war
oh i'm gonna have to see this

I'm looking for a powerful melee DPS build which is not a glass cannon. Tried half-orc/primalist but it didn't go as well as expected. Primalist is cool but orcs are not. And I'm not sure about multiclassing. Monk loses all his abilities if you wear armor and i want at least some armor on. Barbarian is the same as Primalist, just weaker. Maybe mix in some Armiger or Aldori stuff? I need ideas. Also, I'm going for a Legend mythic.
271 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has anyone ever made a kinetic knight dual weiding with a light weapon to make aoo. I thought it was pretty good
dip vivi
you're so cute anon
File: neckbeards.jpg (114 KB, 1080x768)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
started playing this yesterday, and created an inquisitor
this is my first pathfinder game so i'm not sure what to expect from the inquisitor
but i see that my Bab is lower than all the other starting companions, so i should buff myself to be viable?

File: approach.jpg (52 KB, 474x862)
52 KB
>Approach my child, and choose where your new life shall begin.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: cryjak.jpg (70 KB, 728x724)
70 KB
> Shartmoor when something about the nexus or some shit i do not really care. but he isnt making anymore skyshit mods.
For me it's Alternate Perspective, you don't have to stay a mile away from Helgen, it feels like any other town
>no thanks, I've got a save just outside helgen
>i was attacked an left for dead

>Game for tactics nerds
>Main character is a generic feminist-friendly female
141 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only if you're poor.
Progressivism is a religion, an extremely zealous one that criticizes, shuns, or destroys those who dint share their beliefs. Diversity of everything, except thought.
Acceptable early on, then becomes a slog as every enemy has a way of healing itself or removing debuffs. RNG for debuff application is laughable and makes associated skills less useful.
This is something I really don't get about people who design combat systems. Why even bother putting debuffs in the game, if they're useless when it really counts?
Tbh any game with female characters is kind of söy and Jewish. Should have named it “Enter the Pit” with only the guys, and the story should have been about bros helping bros.

File: D80mYxKUEAE0kqt.jpg (292 KB, 1427x2048)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Do you like berets on your Atelier MCs?
87 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Another one for the yuri domestic violence collection.
>got cucked by a robot
File: bd2.png (80 KB, 680x524)
80 KB
Hope Lulua is packing a lot of elixirs.
Was Eva a Cyborg?
File: Stia3D.png (110 KB, 359x1065)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Play Lulua, it's the second-greatest yuri love story across time and space ever told in a videogame except not really because Stia is woefully underdeveloped.

Steiner is the Balthier of FFIX and that is why I self insert as him
Steiner came first so wouldn’t Balthier be the Steiner of XII?

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