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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

Post truth’s people don’t like to hear about a specific series, and or an individual RPG.
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>can't come up with a valid argument and uses ad hominem instead
I accept your concession.
cave story was not his first game.
Oof, don't be so hard on Filipinos.
File: 1629914511315.png (281 KB, 499x499)
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281 KB PNG
TES, CK2 and Mount and Blade are among the very few good crpgs that exist. Storyfaggotry is a fucking menace and doesn't belong in games at all.
then why is it so fun?

it's far more than "just that". seriously.

yeah no. funny how actually nothing has changed in terms of quality writing and today's standards haven't evolved in many cases. if left unchecked it will stay a shit story and cretins who chime in with their shitty ideas will make it only worse. a good narrative needs to be carved down from a block of marble like you're making a sophisticated figurine out of it. already can't wait for cringe TEStards to flood the thread and tell me about "le ebin lore" of TES.

File: 1655616958090.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
>talking to an Elder Scrolls fan
>mention the lack of roleplaying/rp mechanics
>they seem confused and tell me it's up to me how much I "roleplay"
>they tell me about how in-game they sleep at night, go for walks in towns, eat meals at inns, visit their "friends," etc
>they actually think this is what roleplaying in a video game is
What... what is this? An extreme form of escapism? Autism?
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>described essentially what roleplaying is - immersing yourself in the world and playing a "role" by acting like your character would
>Roleplaying is about choice.
Maybe like 5% of roleplay is choice. Its 95% donning restrictions upon entering a role.
Which game does those two things better?
>playing a single-player RPG like a roleplaying MMO server or NWN persistent world
Not for me, honestly.
Any game where the role is meaningful rather than self-imposed, so basically every game, as these features have degraded further and further with each new entry.

File: 1664242358609418.jpg (1.13 MB, 3000x2000)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Are the complains against Fire Emblem Engage's artstyle legitimate or is it just ironic weebs complaining about an anime game looking too anime for the millionth time? Maybe it's because I'm used to JRPGs but I really don't see it as that different from the rest of the modern FEs...
>worthless jarpig thread #1,324,420
I havent seen any complaints other than the MC hair
Looks fucking great. I wanna fuck Framme's arms and pits.
If those aren't both girls, it's justified to call it trannyshit, if that is what you mean.

File: Fo2_Myron_Ending.png (137 KB, 640x480)
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137 KB PNG
Who is the worst companion in the history of rpgs?
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Jesus Sseth really mindbroke these retarded niggers
Yes it is, ESL-kun
Persona games themselves are bad.
>BioWarefags get filtered by this
He is peak gameplay/story integration : the droid. Yes, he is the most useless droid in the game and you have no reason to take him off the ship. And? Do you think he wants to go off the ship?

+Very original that he is pure evil but he wants you to do goody too shoes things (side with the queen, side with the settlers, etc.)
Glad I never thought for a nanosecond about playing that shit game. >>2789058 I thought they liked black men?

File: tales.png (420 KB, 311x808)
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420 KB PNG
What went right
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What game?
[Insert Buzzword Here]
Is this really supposed to be a Tales thread? Meds.
I can't believe this one drooling nigger made just the worst arguments against pedophilia and made himself look like a ssething retard


Fine here you are

1. Children are weak, vurneable and easy to manipulate and taken advantage of by adults
2. Children barely understand themselves, are emotional and impressionable and have only some control over their actions
3. Children have barely any responsibility ot maturity, being children and all
4. Children are weaker and have no chance of defending themselves from an adult
5. All of these amplified when a child nears puberty and mostly thinks with its hormones

If you're a pedophile you're scum, simple as

"B-but people used to fuck children in the past and it was legal!!!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

What games can give you best experience of being cuckolded, besides picrel? I can only think of BG2 when Aerie cucks you with Haer'dalis.
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Islam is by far the most cucked religion
You're supposed to become an immortal king who doesn't die, anon. Look at all the elves who do dumb shit like adventuring for 50 years straight, dying, coming back to life, then going home to kill their wife's new husband. They're in no hurry cause they actually WONT die of old age, ever.
>if you don't like my cuck game you like the other cuck game
Every time. Have you ever thought that people don't like cuck games? Probably an alien concept to you.
This is a game where the literal God of Humanity got killed. Have kids, incel.

What are some of the RPGs with the best marriage system for the player?

>pic related, skyrim marriage system was not awesome, but its cool that it had the option to marry
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To be precise rather than wanting to rule, I want a trophy wife that is a trophy because she brings a right to rule or something like that instead of just looks. In case of pathfinder there is ruling and romances, but like already mentioned marriages are just an epilogue thing and more importantly a vast majority is in reality a downgrade where you as a king/commander marry one of your underlings ("companions"). Both games have one romance path each that could be seen as marrying up, but they are very specific and put a lot of limiters on your other choices.
Yeah, that works, but the feature is rather underdeveloped (courting is way more developed than the actual marriage where it's basically having a seneschal to take care of feasts and gifts, plus a relationship bonus with brides family that doesn't really lead to anything) and as such feels quite shallow as you can't marry into royalty or make meaningful alliances based on marriage. Does Bannerlord expand upon it?
100% this, I don't know why so many eroge get this wrong. If I'm just shooting blanks or seeding a barren plot its fucking boring.
Check out Renryuu: Ascension then. If I am not wrong, you can impregnate dozens of women here. In Corruption of Champions, you can not only impregnate multiple women but also have them bear your children.
The cabbage is the actual best because it's a nice romance with a narrative. Goats romance is literally just the red one trading in sex favors in exchange for protection until the end of the game where suddenly both declare they love you. Except it's so late in the game you don't even get to fuck the blue one and you get exactly one single conversation as a couple (as an ACTUAL couple in red's case).
Shouldn't let herself be raped

File: 1663715757383399.jpg (315 KB, 1648x1080)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Edgerunners got me thinking, would a cRPG/WRPG with a JRPG aesthetic work to have it break away with the more boring anime-ism tropes while keeping the anime feel intact?

So a JRPG where you are treated to a softcore sex scene or moral ambiguity associated with the Witcher or Cyberpunk.
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False. Look at Arc System Works' games. You made me post something of substance in this pedo thread, fuck you.
It appears that lots of people didnt exactly understood the question. To answer - yes, yes it would work. It might work even better, since this aesthetic is easier done via 2d, or rathere "simple" 3d, thus leading to decreased resource expendature on fucking photorealistic textures of dirt under the nails of random hobo.
>break away with the more boring anime-ism tropes
Does not compute. Either the western creators are weebs and they fellate these cliches as hard as they can, or they aren't and butcher them out of spite or indifference.
>It appears that lots of people didnt exactly understood the question.
like this one >>2789744

File: dev.png (981 KB, 800x954)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
Striking while the iron is not so hot edition.
Post games you are working on, ask feedback about ideas, art, music. Or just post about *that* game you'll never start making.
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I think from my second DD release I learned a lot. For example if you let people move the camera away from units in a top down game they'll scan the entire map for shit that might not have spawned in yet and then wander aimlessly.

Informative stuff. Also realism brown makes npcs really hard to see.
Hold the fuck up, you've built all that UI using gamemaker? That's really impressive. I am using GMS2, and building something half as impressive took a lot of pain in the ass, which I am still not fully satisfied with.

Nah not at all. I generally look back on old movies I watched, books I've read, trying to refresh the memories. I also watched some hong-kong action cinema I never seen before.
Oh so thats the portuguese version. I learned something new today.
RPGM or GM for a retard who wants to make an FF clone?
RPGMaker was made for FF clones.

File: 1664244338280.jpg (462 KB, 720x1080)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
just started playing this, what does /vrpg/ think about it?
the combat is more than a little janky, but I've managed to scrap by thanks to having played my fair share of chivalry and mordhau
I even managed to beat the drunk cunt in the intro, who is apparently a huge filter for new players
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Group combat is one of the better parts. You can easily be overwhelmed by two people as they don't just take turns but rather try and swarm you. Positioning becomes the most important thing to try and limit how many can engage you at once.
honestly, I'd be a little glad
as soon as I saw the combos I thought
>holy shit I'm fucked how am I supposed to remember this
The real signs of the dueling simulation crops up in the group vs group battles because the AI will break up into duels.

I think you just brushed up against Varg's autism, the fixed camera is to emulate concentrating on one person so enemies can and will get you from the back. The combos being useless is because that is true to real life, the fancy combos only work on people you don't need to use them on while the ones you do need can see it coming and block you.
Game is 10/10. Loved being a thief in it. If I ever play it again, I'll try archery and poisoning camps.
The devs once said that they chose CryEngine to make KCD literally just because it had cool forests rather than choose an engine more suitable for making an open world RPG. Was this the right choice?

File: oats.jpg (32 KB, 720x621)
32 KB
I want an rpg that triggers my autism, i want to be forced to use every mechanic the game gives me to beat it
i want to min max and fail miserably
I WANT SOMETHING COMPLEX (prefer turn based if possible)
37 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
How is it not?
>(prefer turn based if possible
EVE Online
What do you mean "How is it not?" Is tying your shoes complex? There is nothing present in SMT that cannot be easily figured out by a child. I had always assumed the difficulty meme was to give edgy kids better self-esteem. I was not aware that grown adults genuinely believed it.
>easy to pick up means it automatically can’t be complex and difficult to master
I don’t get your point.

File: Map_complete.png (1.26 MB, 2425x2052)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
How come there are so few RPGs in a modern setting?
persona games, what else do you need? it has everything, happy music, a slice of average japanese life. I can't wait to move to japan.
I want a game with the general tone, setting, and humor of a 2000s flash animation/game
>I can't wait to move to Japan

I can't wait until you move there and see that it's nothing like Anime or persona and all but the same nightmareish dystopia of skyscrapers, concrete and dozens of ads and billboards as the western world or even worse, then you'll slowly die inside once you realise every gook is a souless bugman that lives only to slave away and spend most of his wages on escapism and consooming media, everyone expects you to suck off anyone who's above you on the social ladder and that you'll be constantly hated and discriminated for being a foreigner (and probably autistic) too, especially once they see you trying to get it on with their women.

File: cute alice.jpg (95 KB, 743x746)
95 KB
Alice get a haircut.
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>One was a straightforward rape
Nta, but do you mean when you ask her to fuck and she refuses multiple times until she gives in and lets you meaning there's consent?
Or when you ask her to blow you in Hotel Poseidon and she accepts meaning there's consent?
consensual rape is best rape
the time whern Grimm dresses her like the beloved blonde girl and almost kills her because she feels so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
You mentioned it twice then.
>One was a straightforward rape
>and then later a rape forcing her to dress as Alice.
This is actually the most horrible part of the entire game for me and with all the shit that's in it that tells a lot

The perfect JRPG doesn't exi-
94 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
you have a small amygdala, dont blame the game, blame your cursed genetics
>eo is a game with shallow itemization
>eo, the series where your equipment progression provides different equipment options per tier with significant stat differences
>eo, the game where you would sacrifice an equipment slot just to resist an ailment or multiple
Hot take, whats your idea of a game with good itemization? If your response is even remotely similar to something like FFXIV then It will be clear your are a retard.
Survivalist isn’t really the same as farmer they are simply the class that us most effecitve for gathering due to natural instinct.
Farmer was more involved than that because they have an entire kit built around take/chop/mine uses, ariadne thread as an ability, abilities to increase rare material gain and the ability to eliminate encounters entirely. These abilities all stacked making their design as pure material gatherers very clear, their combat side was good debuff support if you cared to actually take one in your main party, which would have the trade off of a slot being wasted in a character that can only provide decent support while being able to gather materials efficiently as you explore.
The early EO games rewarded you for exploring earlier floors again with a gathering team to gather resources, newer EO games made gathering a much simpler process so you don’t have to bother making a gathering team. EO3 was great because it gave you combat study in order to actually do this process without having to do an annoying grind for a team you won’t use to explore.
The issue some of the anons have in this thread is that they want to play the game with whatever class they want without having to resort to making a second party for activities such as gathering, its a vain and subjective argument but understandable. I wouldn’t call EO3s design bad in anyway since Farmers are perfectly useable in an exploration party. People need to get off the mentality that every class needs to perform similarly otherwise the game will truly be boring.
>The issue some of the anons have in this thread is that they want to play the game with whatever class they want without having to resort to making a second party for activities such as gathering
Indeed, which makes Nexus a game for them to seethe. Imagine not only being forced to make a 2nd party for gathering but also being forced to "waste" an equipment slot for the Memory Conch? Guaranteed 2000% Anger.
I just made my Zodiac subclass into farmer, she's just going to be a battery for my main damage dealers late game anyway

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