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/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vrpg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/.

File: Nail of the thumb..jpg (31 KB, 540x413)
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Current jams:
Long Jam #2 Ruby
Jam #13 Escape
Have you ever thought about it?
What exactly is happiness.
I think... its the voice of God.
When you're happy God is telling you you're doing a good thing so you should make a game that makes you happy not listen to other peoples hateful messages and make yourself sad by forcing yourself to change to appeal to other people more.
If you force yourself to be something you arent you will eventually burn out and quit but if you do what makes you happy you will have a highter chance of keeping at it and if you keep making games eventually im sure Karma will reward your hard work one day with one of your games becoming popular.
So yeah... have fun.
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File: file.png (312 KB, 954x520)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
At least seems that japan side is actually using it, so we'll have some plugins once it gets patched into usability.
What happened to the Japanese make free plugins
I guess that goes out the window when you put the unity asset store into the mix.
Just more reason for me to not care about unite.
those old free plugins are still there.
Post progress

File: camping and eating.jpg (326 KB, 959x898)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
All of those are extremely important parts of exploring the world and adventuring. Both in real life and in fantasy stories. You should take care to have enough food and water before going on an adventure and then find a place where to sleep and regain your strength. Hell, even when you go on a trip with your family or friends, it's normal to prepare food in advance and that's an experience everyone had.

Adventuring without those mechanics makes it very shallow and artificial. Fucking Skyrim gains so much with basic survival mods that force you to set up a camp and rest from time to time. Older rpgs games had those mechanics. It's normal to manage food industry in strategy games. It's strange how absent those mechanics are in newer rpgs, especially in open world games.
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it can be a chore
I think Pathfinder did it ok. Those dialogues were nice
Some people want video games to not involve realism
Yes, and those people are the very same casuals who normalized regenerating health and consequence-free fast travel.
its not about realism, camping is part of the fantasy
Because they're usually implemented very poorly in a way that feels like an arbitrary chore instead of something that immerses you in the game at all, becoming a part of a constant checklist rather than something that feels natural and part of the gameplay loop. Instead of making my character feel alive it feels like I have to shove half a dozen apples up their ass and sip some water every however many minutes before either finding a place to camp or clicking a bed while fully armored to have a good nappy wappy.

Holy shit, Blackwater is pure fucking cancer.

Fuck augmented Succubus.
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File: 1683790466791893.jpg (213 KB, 1080x938)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Does anyone play turn based here? I feel like the baldurs gate style combat is too fast so you have no idea whats going on and suddenly someone is 1shot, but the turn based is extREEEEMely slow and takes way too long

its neither as satisfying as dragon age origins pause combat and turn based isnt as satisfying as original sin 2 combat, its like its in the middle but not good enough to measure up to either of them, mediocre
>its like its in the middle but not good enough to measure up to either of them, mediocre
same. hopefully they ditch RTWP and just make it entirely Turn based
rtwp is so clunky, the pathfinding in pathfinder is so bad
i never had a problem with it in baldur's gate
I only play turn based. RTWP works in Baldur's Gate because those games 1)have frontliners that require no micromanagement and 2)don't have attacks of opportunity.
>Paizo has been doing it for years, just like Wizards.
That's not true, though. The "slavery" issue was just one employee being retarded, and was immediately debunked.
What Paizo meant was they wouldn't be expanding on slavery, like going too deep into describing it, not getting rid of it.
Makes sense, seeing the political climate.

File: 198324093443543.jpg (200 KB, 1280x720)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
How oldfags feel about the massive derailing of one of the older series in existence in the JRPG subgenre? There's anyone even old enough on /vrpg/ that played the older games of series? I would like yo hear your opinion about it if that's the case. The series has changed a lot over time and with the new release coming soon it seems that is changing even more from what it was.
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Never seen a nigger try so hard so poorly.
VII, VIII, X are the only FF's worth playing. The rest are slop.
File: Chad Howard.jpg (63 KB, 896x896)
63 KB
If one could only be in the booth where they dictated the XIII anci- I mean aussies were going to be aussie and then told the 30 year old cakes to make sexual noises.
If once could only begin to comprehend the atmosphere and aroma in the room and booth at the time. Why that person could probably shatter the mood with dark energy.
Todd Howard - Kojima - Nomura collaboration soon.
I feel nothing because FF was essentially derailed after 10, arguably after FF3. FFXI was an MMO, FFXII was like an action game predecessor, and FFXIII was just bad. I barely even registered FFXV when it came out because it looked like nothing I wanted in an RPG.

FF was at its best when it was a hero's journey through a hostile world and deadly dungeons, a struggle for your party to try and overcome while discovering pieces of the lore. FFIV kept the form but lost the difficulty which caused it to drop all sense of meaning, FFV continued in the same trend, and then FFVI on forward gave up all pretense of struggle and the gameplay became something you just mashed through. Increasingly convoluted stories became the norm for better or worse.

So XVI is really no different from this trend of changing things up from my perspective because the series was already fucked up, it's just another entry I'm probably not going to play. I still do regular replays of FF1 though, even more than 30 years later.
Sadly, this anon has it,
I'm an oldfag. I am nostalgic for menu turnbased combat. I want it back.
When I was cutting my teeth, FF used that and innovated on it to some degree with each new game.
16 is not for me because it's not the thing I want it to be, but the series has always been trying to push something new in its combat. 12 and 13 moved further from menu-based combat because they were trying to make RPG combat more realtime.
I feel like 15 and the 7 remakes went far too far, and ironically I find the literal MMO the best "realtime RPG combat" game because at least you do more than mash X, even if each job's combat rotation is a solved problem.

I disliked 8, personally, because most of the complexity is in setup, and the combat basically plays itself. I'd prefer it if junctioning gave you some buffer of spells to use without losing stats, because then you'd actually have spells to use, rather than your combat choice boiling down to
>Do I need to draw from this?
>Yes? Draw.
>No? Then either GF or attack

The thing I liked is gone. I mourned it, now I play things inspired by the thing I liked, rather than its descendants, who have not earned my heart.
>Play Crystal Project

File: FaqPO8YakAAp4O-.jpg (235 KB, 1590x1590)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Innocent Rules went gold. Now we just have to wait for the release next month, and then the translation sometime later in the year.
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First time tracking a dlsite release but since it's in Japan that means the real release date is June 9th 11am EDT for Americans right
fuck off
File: 1647211615003.png (109 KB, 432x410)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Yeah. I remember last year L.Depth was supposed to come out on May 1st in Japan so we actually got it on April 30th.
weaponizing the homo to fend off the loony troons. Still, it'd be nice to have a bit of guys being dudes in the series without it going into faggotry. We can thank the first w*man who found you can extract mana out of sperm and ultimately caused the male decline.
Hakika made me a smell fetishist and made me learn japanese.

It's infuriatingly bad.

Have no idea what kind of losers worked on it but jesus christ how can you be so devoid of creativity?
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ITs for different people. I agree with you D1 is a cooler game than D2. But D1 appeals to methodical dungeon crawling thats reminiscent of the ascii games it was influenced by, D2 is a different thing entirely
D1 is a cool game, and it is still perfectly playable and even good. But it is just so limited, it content and replay value. It always was style over substance, with amazing graphics and cutscenes being the first impression. It would be cool to see something like Diablo, but massively expanded in terms of build options, enemies, tilesets, etc.
The fact that it has no autistic zooming is a plus. That aspect, which D2 introduced, found its logical conclusion in PoE, which might be one of the most autistic games ever developed.
That’s what I noticed after watching the ending last night on YouTube. Ending is about her and not you. And for some reason she gets to tell everyone what to do and run off with the magic powerful thing and the bald white guy is like “we gotta respect her wishes, so we can’t go after her.”
>player has fluidity in background and motivation
>instead of writing variations in dialogue to reflect this just make the player the sidekick for the real protagonist
gaming, lol
I watched a twitch stream of the beta.
When she starts bossing the PC around to find her crazy cultist mother I thought this would happen.

What do you mean by autistic zooming?
I'm not a big ARPG player, when I played D2 as a 12 year old I did the story and then stopped

Hey so you know I don't want to be that guy who leaves 10minutes into groups, but yeah I'm that guy who leaves groups after 10mins
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General chat was notoriously bad in actual 2005 WoW; not sure what you're on about.
But that's not the experience I had. Most people I played with weren't pserver veterans, both in random dungeon groups and when I started raiding. I don't recommend anyone get into pservers now, though, sure. Nothing but great things to say about Elysium though.
but you're wrong here too. wow classic is still growing
>WoW classic is still growing
WoW classic was so dead Blizzard had to add hardcore servers as a gimmick to get people playing again (and it didn't work)
What on earth would even make you think that? The servers are beyond dead.
Ummm Not sure what rock you're living under.
This, it was like the opium of video games. Never again. Fortunately you can't go back, so the feeling is impossible to get again even if you want it.

File: samarie.png (33 KB, 122x291)
33 KB
Why does Samarie look so cute in her battle sprite when her portrait makes her look so damn uuuuugly
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File: Marina's surprise.jpg (557 KB, 2278x1600)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
I still can't get over the fact that this image broke the minds of Miro's pisscord mods back when the game came out
File: Fatherless One.png (137 KB, 600x350)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
just look up the /v/ threads from last year
back when there used to be skirmishers between here and there or at least people that posted here used to harass them
I do miss those times and the daily threads
>since if you kill samarie in a marina run, the girl that meets marina in ending b is implied to be her meaning that it's either a doppelganger or she's not human

All the shit-flinging in the thread and no one still has a good answer for this.
>multiple samaries
>fully formed doppelganger samarie
>literally just can't die because of the church experiments
What else could explain this?
It was already answered easily. She's either a proto new god (especially since the church's experiments to contact the old gods probably involved the void) or an immortal uber mage like Enki in his ending S.
Dopplegangers are non-existent lore wise and are essentially just bugs pretending to be features.

Looking for recommendations of JRPGs that have extensive evil routes/playthroughs

Something like Soul Nomad or Caligula Effect Overdose would be really refreshing because I’m tired of saving the world, I do not care.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Edelgard route. You will decapitate dimitri.
She saved people from religion.
That's a good route in my book.
I thought Edelgard as Garrosh(Weapon looks like gorehowl) and Sylvanas(being vengeful womyn) ripoff of nintendo.
soul nomad has the best evil route by far. have to play as the good guy first.
File: 12353 (2).png (3 KB, 128x158)
3 KB
Lost Magic
Evil portraits can give you nightmares

ITT: We pool our energy to get Styg to hurry the fuck up.
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I think so
He shoot post a video with sound so we can hear the guns go "p, p, p, p" and the chainsaw go "vvvvvv"
If you open combat by shooting someone then it skips initiative and automatically gives you the first turn. But the game remembers AP usage so you don't get a free shot.
You can test that by opening or shutting a door and then manually entering combat mode. You'll notice you start with 25 AP because it remembered you used 25 opening the door, even though it was before combat started.
How do knife builds deal with nagas?
If you have Expose Weakness then you will be fine

Now that Ryza 3 is out of the way, are you getting hyped for the Marie remake? It will be the first game with a time limit in years.
320 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you haven't played Arland at least check out Rorona. One thing about recent games is that they seriously dumbed down the alchemy to the point that to old players it doesn't feel like alchemy anymore, it feels like regular crafting like in other video games.

In older games there were crazier traits like reversal of HP and MP or making it so that enemy damage goes to MP instead of HP, and you could combine the effects to make shit like accessories that cause you to heal whenever you take damage.
And Rorona DX is actually a relatively recent game, the game it's based on is a remake of the original Rorona which came out after Ayesha in Japan so it has decent QOL.
On Ryza 1 I didn't care for that upgrade that lets you see harvest items before picking them up and in Ryza 2 you have it from the start of the game but going to older games lets you see how much of an useful feature is it as it saves you the trouble of seeing if this harvest point has the specific thing you want
>In older games there were crazier traits like reversal of HP and MP or making it so that enemy damage goes to MP instead of HP, and you could combine the effects to make shit like accessories that cause you to heal whenever you take damage.
I find that modern games are much more backloaded in terms of crafting, without pesky time limits players can harvest and experiment chasing the perfect craft as much as they want, which will be the case when they crash into a wall on the postgame where mooks are comparable to the "final boss", the occassional midgame boss that forces you to upgrade equipment aside; and (L&S aside) you are all but expected to make max quality items always instead of those being nice-to-haves, material looping was much more minor and it ate precious time anyways.
Thinking about it, modern games being generous about free refills for useable battle items lets you get away with having outdated stuff for longer, having them run out needing to craft again gives you incentive to use more recent ingredients so progression is more even.
>One thing about recent games is that they seriously dumbed down the alchemy to the point that to old players it doesn't feel like alchemy anymore, it feels like regular crafting like in other video games.
Unless you are talking about games pre-rorona this is factually untrue. There is almost no actual gameplay to alchemy itself in rorona, although the time consumption of alchemy does work well with the time limit system. But it's factually false to say that alchemy in rorona is dumbed down compared to, say, sophie or ryza where actually doing alchemy requires you to play a puzzle game with far more movable parts than anything in the arland games.
original rorona had a good system but otherwise I agree

File: 1671183605670832.jpg (38 KB, 506x336)
38 KB
Why are Remakes always dissapointing?
60 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Trials was solid. The gameplay improvements far outstrip any dissatisfaction I have with the fucking voice actors (which you can either mute or switch to nip so it's literally not an issue)
The fact that spells don't halt the game every five seconds by itself is enough of a difference to make it the definitive version
I have no idea where such a massive remake came from. Shit, they even localized the original game.
>played it in jap dub
>downloaded mod to fix the god awful subs
was pretty fun, definitely not as good as the original but I enjoyed it which I can't say about any other remake
What is the purpose of remaking a perfect game? How exactly can you improve it? Why would you pay money for a remake of a perfect game that has been widely available for free online since the 90s.

Trails of Mana gets mentioned in this thread, and is a case of a game that was originally actually kind of bad. Even then, the original has better graphics. Remaking bad games and making them good is something that basically never happens. I can't even think of another example.
A good Chrono Trigger remake will have to touch on the graphics but also deepen the mechanics and add new contents

I am instantly not as into this as I was fallout 1 and find myself getting distracted and closing the game faster and faster. The temple of trials was not that bad but it does feed into my overall opinion.
When I started up Fallout 1 i was sucked in and doing everything, making stories in my head. It was great. But with Fallout 2 I just dont feel as interested at all and the effect was nearly instant from the game's intro. It seems like they really want you to wander around with no direction more than the last game. And I seem to move around the world map way slower too.

So far I'm not sure how this is better than the first one at all.
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Does UnderRail fill the craving of someone who enjoyed Fallout 1?
depends on what you liked about fallout 1
underrail is heavily combat focused
Only if you liked the combat but hated its numerous flaws. In addition to the obvious, liking a post-apoc world with decent enough attention to detail.
In terms of factions it doesn't deliver, in terms of having choices with consequences it is even weaker than F1, it has "balance >>>>> fun" approach to weapons and character traits (skills, perks). Also psi works completely differently from how it was advertised in the demo but if you haven't even played it it's likely a non-issue for you.
But if something in it doesn't annoy you so much you just can't bear it, try the water content stuff that's added in the expansion. Jet skis are a great deal of fun and some of the areas unlocked by them are great too.
the impression i get is its almost a live game. the only joy its fans seem to have are all about builds and runs like its a roguelike. That puts me off it
>the impression i get is its almost a live game
Ironic, considering there are monsters respawning endlessly in exact same spots. MMO PvE at its finest.
>and runs like its a roguelike
You know, my first reaction was that it doesn't feel like a roguelike but it really is a poor man's Angband. Except also with almost tacked-on-as-afterthough quests and characters. And I can enjoy Angband until I burn out from grinding. So if Underrail wasn't so slow and laggy, and if the world was randomized, I suppose it could be fun in the same vein for a while.

File: file.png (2.6 MB, 2400x1350)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
>Made by a famous video game director who made Final Fantasy VI and invented the active time battle system
>Creates Dungeon Encounters
This has got to be one of the worst modern-day RPG games of all time. So unimaginative and devoid of any fucking creativity and the level design is so fucking basic. On Steam it costs fucking 30 dollars. 5 or 10 dollars at the very least.
51 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's definitely a feature.
I like the game I just wish it had more dungeon crawling aspects to it. a pure dungeon crawler would be cool.
There are plenty of games made by a single person that look better than this. It isn't low effort, it is no effort.
I rather play dwarf fortress than this desu. It's not the graphics, it's the lack of content and boring enemies, not enough options in battles
File: 1.png (1.09 MB, 788x882)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Pic related is also one of Square's "no-effort".

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