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This board is for:
  • Asking for help in finding an image or the source of an image, or more of a certain kind of image.
  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
Once you have posted your request, please check the catalog for requests that you can help others with.
All threads and images should pertain to "work-safe" material. For adult content please use /r/ - Requests and for help with personal matters please use /adv/ - Advice.

Do not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

Personal army requests of any form are strictly forbidden.

WebM files with sound can now be uploaded!

File: 1636195487596.jpg (20 KB, 474x391)
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Requesting the webm of the fight from the matrix where Smith and Neo are fighting but it keeps cutting to Neo doing the punch then extending his fingers into a choke move.
I saw it on /tv/ about a month ago but forgot to save it.

File: iya.png (788 KB, 736x918)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
I know who the character is, but I cannot for the love of my life find the artist. Reverse search is bringing back nothing please help
It might make it easier for us to find the artist if you tell us who the character is. Just saying "I know who the character is" doesn't help at all.
Filename. iya maid
Kinda looks like the style of the ero game Black Souls

I’m asking for a rec. I used to be really into anime and would follow the popular shows every season but have been pretty busy the last 2 years so I missed a lot. I was wondering if any shows have been standouts in recent seasons.

I checked out summertime rendering because it seemed up my ally. But after about 7 episodes it started to flop for me. I enjoy psshycological stuff, mystery stuff and a bit of Fujo stuff. My fav series/ franchise is probably psycho pass and evangelion. I was wondering if you guys had any recent shows that were really good I could check out. Thanks!
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first 2 movies are recap from s1. 3rd movie is the bridge between s1 and s2.
Sleepy Princess in The Demon Castle, Kyoukai Senki, Akudama Drive, Mieruko-chan, Getter Robo Arc, The Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest, Skeleton Knight in Another World, Kuroitsu From The Monster Development Department, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, Sakugan, the last Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Shadows House, and Call of The Night (final episode will air within a week). Also Strike The Blood finally finished recently.
Thanks! I’ll check some of them out
>I was wondering if any shows have been standouts in recent seasons.
You can easily check the shows that came out each season at LIVECHART.ME

Furthermore, you can demarcate the show listings and descriptions by TV, OAV, movies, or just show all of them in the seasonal chart. You can also sort them by POPULARITY as chosen by the users of livechart.me when they do their selections. Why selections? That's because Livechart.Me has a feature that you pick which shows appear or not appear on the chart. That helps you pick future shows you want to keep on watching.

It's very convenient once you sign up so it saves your settings:
Cyberpunk Edgerunners

File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
My last two mouses were <$30: the Razer deathadder 2018 version and the Logitech G403, the latter of refurbished condition. Both of their left buttons started double-clicking on single taps every couple of fast clicks. It gets really noticeable in fps games.
I recently got a $100 Amazon gift card so now I'm considering getting a new one. Recs? I would have asked in the mouse /g/eneral if it existed. Also open to other shop alternatives

Requesting the scans or digital version of Kouya no Kotobuki Hikotai Setting Documents and Modeling Guidebook (荒野のコトブキ飛行隊 設定資料集&モデリングガイドブック)
File: 1634399968930.png (3.67 MB, 1200x2399)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
Preview sample of the book can be seen here :

What are some manga in general I might like if pic related are my favorite shounen series? Looking specifically for something along the likes of Jojo, Bastard!! And Shaman King content-wise. Been considering Hunter x Hunter.

File: 1664180122415293.jpg (888 KB, 1789x2048)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
Marvelfag here, my niece wants to get into comics and she is interested in Wonder Woman and Batman. I was thinking of getting her an omnibus or some similar collection. What would comic readers here suggest? Would Golden or Silver Age be better for a new reader? She's a bit young for Bronze Age and definitely too young for most post-Crisis stories in general although I'm not leaving George Perez's WW run off the table. Going to nip this in the bud: No event comics please.
You'll probably want to avoid Golden Age Wonder Woman unless you're ready to have an uncomfortable talk with your niece.

File: 1654207572101.png (32 KB, 128x128)
32 KB
There was a somewhat brief period in which thumb nails of images on my flash drive would take longer to load and I thought that was because of how many files were in some folders but even a folder with only 56 files felt like it took at least 20 or so seconds to load and none of the files were large. It happened at least once after every time I booted the pc, I think, but I didn't pay enough attention to it. Since yesterday they seemed like they started loading normally again and they haven't been acting unusual since at least for now. I speculated a miner was there but nothing else on my pc has been acting slow and the fan never made absurdly loud noises. Am I just overreacting? Also is it normal for task manager to start pff with a 20%ish spike in CPU usage after opening and then immediately drop?
File: 1594608423877.gif (421 KB, 220x220)
421 KB
421 KB GIF
>Also is it normal for task manager to start pff with a 20%ish spike in CPU usage after opening and then immediately drop?
I hope so.
proper answers anybody

File: ezgif-4-5c0bacbe55.webm (2.98 MB, 736x836)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
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why 2gb?
oh, nvm, thought all boards had at least 3mb
Damn teenagers....

/bant/ probably.

Way too many fake claims. The teenager across the street tried that lying tactic on me to get me to help him with his homework. He apparently spent zero time studying, zero time prepping, and so his claim of "Help, I spent hours working on the homework problems and I don't understand them".

If you want help, just ask for help without trying to use manipulative pity methods claiming like "2 hours".

Recommend me animes that go good with a strong indica and a warm blanket
File: anime recommendations.jpg (1.44 MB, 1460x2350)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
depends what you're looking for but basically everything on the old list is good. obviously horror and psychological wont be comfy but maybe you want something from that column next month
Raijin-Oh and Ryu Knight

File: 1663020553723392.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
Requesting the name of an old Newgrounds RPG where you played as a bald telepath guy in like bondage gear and the main antagonist was Hel, who turned humans into demons or something. Thank you.

File: FRoeumvXsAAiAo-.jpg (99 KB, 1284x1020)
99 KB
>work at restaurant as a "food runner" (basically below waiter-level for less pay because muh tips) for the past year
>shit hours
>shit pay
>constant drama and gossip
>no benefits
>obnoxious live music
>retarded customers who are often rude or ask me for shit outside my job description
>food runners who started working just a few months ago are already being promoted meanwhile I'm still just a shitty runner after a year
>actual waiters/waitresses get payed twice as much as me, do half as much work, and constantly fuck up table numbers so I'm running food to wrong tables and having to play a guessing game, or ask for help from them and get an attitude
>asked for a new shirt (mine shrank in the wash) months ago and they never gave me one
Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm turning in my resignation letter tomorrow, and I have no intention of holding back. I'll let /wsr/ write it for me.
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>I have no intention of holding back
No one here has explained this clearly to you, so I want to make sure at least one post states it clearly

>food runners who started working just a few months ago are already being promoted meanwhile I'm still just a shitty runner after a year
You're probably not actually that good at your job then. You leaving is probably in both parties' best interest, so consider leaving on good terms: text your boss saying you're not up for working anymore, but you'll do whatever's left on the rota, and they will, in turn, give you a reference that's not shit.
>I have no intention of holding back.
Don't burn bridges. And if you irritate someone, they may anonymously post your name and email address somewhere attached to some child porn just to make trouble for you.
>walk up to boss
>you: "I quit."
>boss: "Wh-wha-"
>you: "Jiren. BOOM, btw."
I can tell you've never worked in a restaurant. Waiters get their jobs because they are either attractive or personable. OP is probably either too autistic to be a waiter, or the reason he hasn't been promoted is because he IS good at his job. Food runners are important, and do more work than waiters, but get paid way less like OP said so they are harder to find. I guess waiters and bartenders used to share tips on their own with runners so they'd help them more, but no one really does that shit anymore.

File: img_5300.jpg (5.76 MB, 1836x2448)
5.76 MB
5.76 MB JPG
I wanna get more into manga instead of only anime. Any must-read suggestions? Any must-read obscure ones? All genres and ratings are acceptable for me. I happen to really like the creator, Nagabe, for example. His manga are whimsical and cute. Anything like his stuff, maybe? I also really enjoy Kōsuke Fujishima's artstyle and stories.
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I've clicked on this thread cause I saw Nana to Kaoru. IF anyone picks it up. STOP after black label. DON'T read the sequel called "Last Year" it completely invalidated previously established character development for the sake of forced drama and has extremely out of character moments. It's sooooo bad...

The rest of the manga is absolutely awesome and Black label ends on a high note as well.

Regarding the "is it a romance" angle I agree with
The author also made Puppy Lovers with the look-alike characters from Nana & Kaoru.
What 'forced drama' are you talking about?

The two big dramas throughout the 'Last Year' arc are Kaoru struggling to learn enough to pass the final with a good enough score to go to Tokyo University with Nana (which he decided to do all the way back in Okinawa in the original story), and of course the two of them being in love but being mutually terrified to express their feelings to each other. (Which has been a staple of the story since Day 1).
>What 'forced drama' are you talking about?
Not that guy, but the manga aggregator sites are starting to accept comics drawn in a manga style as manga now. So the definition of manga, at those aggregators, no longer means comics made in Japan. I don't know what this means for changing definitions of words such as manwha (comics made in korea) or manhua (comics made in china). Maybe they will all end up being "comics" with no racial source designation as that could be racism when it allows people to choose or not choose comics based upon the source.
what the fuck are you talking about

File: 1648575606037.png (399 KB, 500x694)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
How would I go about setting up something that tells me whenever a certain word is posted on the archives? RSS feed?
just refresh https://find.4chan.org/?q=femboy when you want to check
no archive covers all boards anymore, so you would literally have to search every one
If you do something like that feel free to post a link to the git repo here. I will help.
>no archive covers all boards anymore
archived.moe has posts and thumbnails for all boards, just no images

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