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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: 2nd Primarch 2.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren of Nothing, Leader of the rebellion against the Tyrants of Yan, Great Hunter of the wilds, Bringer of Benevolence and Prosperity, The Hero of the Common folk and friend of the virtuous, Slayer of the twin dragons of Gao, Ender of the Cui line, Killer of the Wild Boar General, and the Wise Philosopher who created "The Journey" which has become a rallying banner that gathers the downtrodden and virtuous to your way of life. And Unknown to even yourself, the second son of the emperor, and the father of a legion of Transhuman warriors called Astartes.

Having Gained the Loyalty of the Dai, turning them against their Yan masters by revealing the true depths of depravity their fellow nobles could and had sunken to, you planned your next attack, to keep the Yan forces from regrouping or launching a counterattack to reclaim the Lands of Dai you had occupied, as they were yet unaware of their change of allegiance. The armies that gathered upon the border each posed a great to the people of the lands and your own forces.

So you employed the same tactic you used to win your first victories against the Yan, splitting your army into three equal forces and giving command of the portions to one of your skilled, experienced and talented generals.

Jinhai, son of the sea as he is now called, was given the task of leading a regiment to remove one of the three heads of the Xue, which had similarly fractured their forces. These orders sent Jinhai and his army against Xue De, the youngest of the Xue three, the renowned Generals of their house. A man confident in his tactical acumen, against the Wise Guard who looks for answers in the world around them. Accompany them, were a battery of artillery and Gatling guns, commanded by the daughter of the former house of Tao, Dandan, one of your two experts in the use, construction and care of fire arms

Yin Lei, the Unbroken thunders howl, was given the task of bringing to heel the eldest of the Xue Three, Xue Hong, who while an experienced general, was a cowardly drunk who would be expected to resort to calling his brothers to his side far quicker than the other two. Especially when faced with a General who had never before known defeat and had become a living Legend. Especially when he had the Mad Inventor Shan by his side, a man obsessed with gunpowder and its uses.

While the last portion of your arm was used to construct a trap for the Kang Army led by Kang Yongrui, who had sent word they would aid the Dai in reclaiming their stolen home. Lai song, the Lord of Cavalry and Pioneer of a new maneuver named "Storm of iron" the first to truly utilize the pure destructive potential of your rifles and Gatling guns, by combing them with the expertise of his storied riders, was the general given the task of bleeding the Kang in their march to Dai Niu and his forces.
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>Judge Mao Bolin and his kin
>Show the man how wicked he is, but the sentence is death regardless.
>>Show Bolin exactly how wicked he is, and give him the choice between merciful death or the suffering of living with such knowledge
>Judge Mao Bolin and his kin, and spare the virtuous and untainted
This man sounds incredibly arrogent, thinking he knows of our style simply because he was there near conception, ignoring the great amount of refinement that it would have undergone in a few years of tempering and refinement.
I think he just means that he was one of the few people that saw the style being created and probably the only one that actually watched with interest instead of getting mulched by Lieren, so he has a more unique perspective and experiences than most. Maybe he even became a follower of the style or even an Astartes.

File: SRlogo.jpg (82 KB, 1024x819)
82 KB

The word lingers in your head, your only thought in this empty purple void. Your home since... however long ago you felt existence slip away into nothing. Something happened again, tugging you away from not just the world or even life... but existence itself.

Limbo, a state of existence which you have little control over. You haven't been hungry or thirsty, but yet the cravings of Freckle Bitch lingers. Plus the insufferably of white replaced with purple as far as the eye can see. You don't even know where the clothes you were wearing went after you kicked them off who knows how long ago. You sigh, wishing to return home, your body trembling as you flex it in frustration at the sheer nothing that is there... but what is home?

Your mind flashes to your childhood, uncorrupted and cheap, how simple life was before you became a playa. You feel yourself tugged to this untouched home, a world you remember from your memories.

Then, your thought came to your friends. Those who lived and died, you felt something tug at your heart. You couldn't see what is there but you could feel like a cord was tugging on your heart, urging you to fall into a place you don't know.

Alternatively, you feel like why limit to what you were and instead what you could do. If heaven and hell exist, maybe any world is possible if you so wish it. Kinda hard to disagree with yourself when floating in the void.

Just as you think of it all, trying to imagine worlds long distant at this point, the feeling of speed rushing as you are ripped from Limbo and fall into utter absolution. Your minds eye gives you a vision, three planets pull at you as a kaleidoscope of planets swirl in infinitude behind you. If it wasn't for what you were doing before all this, you swear Shandi passed you something really fucking messed up.. As you draw closer, you feel your body being torn asunder. A familiar friend you call pain strikes once more as you are forced to choose a planet to fall upon.

>Virgin world: A land untouched by the name of the Saints, a land you thought of before you became aware of it all. (A world more familiar with early Saints Row games)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Shit, forgot the second choice.
>Strip club
Grab a drink while we're there--probably fucking parched.
>We got places to be and casualties is just another number that goes up in the world like "Average obesity" and "National Debt"
>Find the nearest motherfuckers that look like a gang and get some fucking answers from them
>We got places to be and casualties is just another number that goes up in the world like "Average obesity" and "National Debt"
>Drive to the local strip club for info on what the fuck is going on plus entertainment
So apparently this is at least in the years after saints row 2, judging from the energy drink thing, but not probably not after 3 since at that point we become enemies of America/celebrities that used to rob banks . That or Zinyak got here and mindfucked us, but the Qm said it's it'd be like the the earlier games.

>Get to the Library, computers are good.
drive normally unless someone pisses us off
>Drive to the local strip club for info on what the fuck is going on plus entertainment
I hope this quest isn't dead. Fucking love this series!

In the North a group of outcasted, clanless Dwarfs have made a new home for themselves, Winterhome. They have no specialty unlike the clans of craft or the clans of war. However, they are adaptable, leading to the one of the friendliest dwarf fortresses imaginable to be built.
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>Below is a cavern we discovered along with giant spiders, eggs were taken allowing us to domesticate them, although a proper dwelling is still under construction. The cavern is still unexplored in some areas, calling for an expedition.
>Thurgrim, the axedwarf who led the previous expedition to the west. He’ll provide a melee boost
I’m not sure if we should do:
>Medium Dormitory to Dedicated rooms (4 Iron, 2 Wood)
>Small spider farm (2 Iron, 3 Wood)
First, given our supplies we can’t do both at once.
Better living conditions sooner rather than later is good imo, but spider farming seems great, for their silk, poison, and as companions potentially.
To that end, can we also:
>improve plumbing situation
Make everyone’s life a little easier/fragrant.
>have Ingres set traps and hunt in the grassland
Her and the crossbow dorfs can hunt gopher for pelts and meat.
Huh, low activity on /qst today. All threads seem to have less replies than usual.
That's /qst/ normally, though it's also football play-off and the super bowl is coming up soon.
>>South is grassland which we travelled through to get here. Elves also came from there although we were unaware of the existence of a settlement.
>Ingres, the crossbowdwarf who met the elf diplomats, she’ll provide a ranged boost

I don't want to investigate trouble until we have an alternative settlement to drag the goblin hordes to. Sure, we know the stone people but they are in the opposite direction... which would require use to go through unknown territory if fallowed and the goblins will just find us taking a straighter route next time. I say we investigate a potential elf settlement or camp, before opening ourselves to a potential attack.

File: Resurrected Jesus.jpg (88 KB, 779x1018)
88 KB
Open your bible anon because we're continuing Jesus Quest.
Jesus returned from his trials in the desert to find himself lost in the year 2000 of the 21st century. Unable to speak modern languages, Jesus is thrown in the asylum where befriends the doctors. The doctors teach Jesus how to use modern technology and how to speak many common modern languages.

On January 1, 2001, a doctor forges Jesus a passport and drives him to the airport. Jesus buys a one-way ticket to (vote result) the Vatican. Pope John Paul II (vote result) announces Christ's return to the world. Jesus and his followers traveled to Italy, (vote result) Greece, and Constantinople, preaching to Catholics and Orthodox but neglecting Protestants.

Protestant spies uncovered catholic sex abuse scandals that are big enough to implicate a cardinal. Crowlian spies infiltrated the Protestants and convinced them that Jesus is a fake catholic deception.

The Protestants challenged the Catholics to a debate. Jesus and the Pope fly from Istanbul to All Saints' Church, Wittenburg, Germany. The Protestant factions stand on the left, the Catholics on the right, and Jesus in the middle in front of the altar.

Ground Rules:
Jesus does not kill.
Jesus does not commit physical violence toward humans.
(Jesus did curse a fig tree and eat animals and nobody considers that to be violence except breatharians.)
Jesus does not command armies nor does he command others to kill or hurt for him. (Except in Revelations but that's inappropriate for part 2 of a Jesus Christ Chrismas-themed Quest).
Jesus does insult his enemies the Pharisees by comparing them to snakes and dogs. Swearing at people is non-violent.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Christ is fully God and fully man, so yes.

>"I was made aware of allegations against McCarrick but did not believe them. I did not want to believe them."'

Could anyone enlighten me regarding the details of option two? The protestants made this public to convince the world that Jesus is a fake because they assumed the church would attempt to deflect or bury this. So being fully honest and handing off the abusers to the secular authorities seems to be the best option since Jesus cleaning house without any excuses would foster faith in the church institution.
>>Our spies have evidence you have covered up for Pedarast Peter Ball. While we have sinned by turning a blind eye to the wolves who have entered our flock - so too have you sinned. All sins must be unveiled today.
I like the idea that Jesus straight up calls the entire clergy sinners, but may forgive them.
Our spies

canonical trials

I was made aware
Yeah you got the jist of it.

Writing. Will post this evening or tomorrow.
>Jesus does not kill
oh yeah? then why did he kill the White Witch in The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe?

File: degraver.jpg (53 KB, 502x829)
53 KB
You awaken in the dark, which is immediately banished by the stark white beam of light emitted from your helmet. The harsh spotlight reveals destroyed machinery whose purpose you can't fathom at this time. Dust on the console scatters to the ground from a distant rumble.

A quick look around reveals stony debris, heavy sealed doors, and more broken mechanisms... Including what looks to be a conveyor belt directly behind you. Part of it seems to have been flattened entirely by a giant piece of fallen rubble. Behind that, you see several stocky, round figures with turquoise bodies and yellow helmets stand motionless, their optics lifeless and unlit. Your fellow Degravers, you realize, as your mind puts a name to your make and model. Some destroyed, all inactive. The conveyor belt vanishes into a dark corridor.

This seems like as good a time as any to take stock of yourself. You feel like you're... Missing something.

>->LIFE Core (Running at 70% Capacity)
>-Shield Battery (Low Refresh)
>->Reinforced Titanium-X Helmet (Located on Head)
>-->LED Lamp
>->Grip-Tite Gauntlets (Located in Arms)
>->Mineral Deposit Vault (Located in Torso)


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Let's develop our personality as we go along.
I thought I was seeing things in the catalog.

>Fragmented: Thoughts and speech are scatterbrained, and long-term memories are pretty muddled, but can multi-task really well. Once managed to walk, mine, talk and use the headlamp to speak Morse at the same time on a.....dare? Minecarts were involved.

>Check for comms. If you have any contact, or if anyone is trying to contact someone in here.
Triplehand: You've been around the quite a few block a few times, owner-wise, and have gotten bits and pieces of you replaced and lost over the years. Some of the modifications made to us are rather useful, but a lots of them are shoddy repairs and novelties that hinder your performance.
>Realize your pickaxe is gone
Rolled 4 (1d4)

Calling it here, rolling for trait, post will come soon.

File: quest cover t2.jpg (728 KB, 800x1216)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
You are Zedek, of no surname, a young man that has sacrificed his humanity for a chance to become as the heroes of childhood stories. As a chimera, you grow stronger by obtaining monster corpses and bringing them to your benefactor, the infamous Witch of Tharazar, Endorai.

In the past days, you slew a beast that was terrorizing Tharazar, made an unlikely friend in a lowlife named Chungus, registered in the Adventurer's Guild, killed many goblins, rescuing two adventurers in the process, learned that your benefactor has a stranged daughter, and bungled your way through a date. A date in which you prevented Endorai from ruining a girl's life and met the unpleasant Duke Umveos. You also agreed to sneak into an expedition to the subterranean ruins of an ancient civilization.

Today, you have just awakened from a series of embarrassing dreams. The expensive suit that Endorai gifted to you lays neatly folded, not at all how you left it. You suppose Argis is to thank for this, too.

By the side of your silver armor, you find something new. A snouted helmet, one that fits your monstrous head much better. Another gift of Endorai's? But she isn't the type to shy away from... anything, much less from giving a gift in person.

The only person that could have done this is Argis, but the silver-haired maid doesn't seem like the type to shy away from things, either.

You make a note in your head to ask about the gift to either of the two when you can.

Today you plan to...
>Get rid of your "meowing when startled" problem. Endorai said she could do it during a chimerization, but you'd rather get rid of it now. It's embarrassing.
>Go to the Adventurer's Guild. Not only have you still not got the reward for those quests you completed, but you also need to see if they can offer you a way into Duke Umveos' expedition. You might also see a quest that catches your attention.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>''I'm... sorry?'' While this sounds like it's Illya's fault, you're more confused than angry.
Head pats. Does she need us to sign something right now?
>''I'm... sorry?'' While this sounds like it's Illya's fault, you're more confused than angry.
>>''I'm... sorry?'' While this sounds like it's Illya's fault, you're more confused than angry.
>''I'm... sorry?'' While this sounds like it's Illya's fault, you're more confused than angry.
Inb4 this becomes a running gag
See anons ? That’s what happens when you delay things and find a stranger in the alps
>After yesterday, you're done with embarrassing public situations. Grab Illya, put her behind the counter, and have her do her damn job.

File: Fantasykey1.png (26 KB, 900x900)
26 KB
(This is going to be a quest about fantasy military strategy with drawn battlemaps. You might remember a similar quest that was about a not!roman province governor.)

The continent of Oth is home the Free Alliance. The nations of the Free Alliance depend on one another and live in relative peace. But the borders of the Alliance are surrounded by enemies and every nation bears some responsibility for defense. There are large forts located on the borders, where joint forces of the Alliance defend against encroaching enemies. You have been selected to command one of these forts. Who are you?

>High Hammerer Urist Kolost, a veteran warrior chosen to command the northern fortress, Ngath Guluk. You will command the large ballistae and heavy infantry of the Dwarven Kingdom.

>Holy Knight Sir Rolfe the Truthful, a pious knight chosen to command the southern fortress, St. Remmonet's Abbey. You will command the clerics and paladins of the Holy Order.

>Elder Raendel, an ancient elf chosen to command the western fortress, Ionolos. You will command the spearmen and archers of the Sylvan Union.

>Archmage Tolosivic of Golos, a powerful wizard chosen to command the eastern fortress, Nel. You will command the wizards and constructs of the Golos Wizard's Guild.
43 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Charge into the nearest group.
Take them in one-by-one, don’t want to get surrounded. We can take a couple of arrows assuming our steeds are barded.
Slaughter peasants later, kill the actual threat first
Then how about we send a small group to slaughter the peasants and force the enemies to move troops to defend them?
>Charge the horse archers in the back.
if their leaders fall they will rout.

we could have avoided this like Ceasar did when he was captured by pirates, he paid them then he came back with an army and crucified all of them.

We don't have enough men to spare, if we do that then our main unit is even more vulnerable to being surrounded.
>Charge into the nearest group.

You wake.
Your King speaks.
You grip the sword by your side.
You behead the bound man before you.
You sleep.
59 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
What? Who? He must have god like taste if he reminds you of me.
File: 4tsj9i.jpg (86 KB, 500x739)
86 KB
Dead quest?
Ironic, he took it over from a previous QM, but now he’s dead too
Now just wait a minute - he said that he hoped he would get something up yesterday. Well, some times, things fall through. But now we are entering the weekend, and presumably, he should have enough time get something up. Don't call the Quest dead until we are on the other side of the weekend without a post from the QM.

Zombies. The living dead. Once an obscure folktale has now become one of the most well-known monsters to enter the world of fiction. We’ve seen many different types of zombies in all kinds of stories.

However, I want you to forget everything you think you know about zombies. Those were all tall tales meant to entertain the masses. While many stories got some basic concepts right, the real world tends to not work out as well as fiction does. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself these questions.

Why would the world militaries become overrun by slow, stupid creatures? How can simple viruses raise corpses from the ground when the bodies would be decomposed beyond repair and missing many important organs? How can so many zombies still be around after months of no food or water? If we took zombies from fiction, but gave them real world limitations, they would be killed off faster than you can say “brains”.

No, zombies are nothing like that. To combat these glaring issues, some writers make zombies fast so they can run at high speeds. But this has its own problems. All this running would make these zombies expend energy quickly. There is only a limited number of humans in the world to eat. These zombies would die even faster than the slow ones just through starvation.

All of this is to say that zombies in their fictional forms are not realistic. Their real-life counterparts are much more capable of survival.

Here is an updated summary of everything that was learned about zombie behavior so far: https://pastebin.com/z8LaVEFS

Here is the limited background knowledge about the apocalypse that is known so far: https://pastebin.com/WSwrTF4G

If you would like to catch up fully, please read the archived threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=ZombieQM

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
213 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm going to extend the voting window until 10AM PST (about 13 hours from now). Get your votes in, you guys!
>Decline the crew's offer and pick another way to deal with the zombies.
>Set an alarm on our phone to play in a minute, wrap the phone in our shirt for protection and throw it out as a distraction.
The fire extinguisher is more valuable right now than a phone, and a phone is easier to protect from shocks..
>Accept the crew's offer and wait for their help. Assuming that Larry and the others can stay quiet and that the zombies have not noticed them, they should be fine. Otherwise...
im open minded about changing my vote, though
>>Accept the crew's offer and wait for their help. Assuming that Larry and the others can stay quiet and that the zombies have not noticed them, they should be fine. Otherwise...
No more votes!

1 vote for "Decline the crew's offer and pick another way to deal with the zombies."

2 votes for "Accept the crew's offer and wait for their help. Assuming that Larry and the others can stay quiet and that the zombies have not noticed them, they should be fine. Otherwise..."

Writing now!

The Silver Marches

It has been 141 years since the Stonefall. The destruction of the great Dwarven hold of the Tyrese chasm. Some have claimed the Dwarves became too greedy, and with their incessant digging stuck a fault line. Others hold it was an act of the gods. Whether fate or providence the hold fell, the great chasm collapsed in on itself, and where once had been a city was now sky and rubble.

Against all odds many survived. Within a year Silver Mantle was founded by the survivors who trekked north into the vast untamed wilderness now known as the Silver Marches. Great untapped riches were to be found not far below the surface. Silver, platinum and other metals that are easily worked. Though skill and determination -and no small measure of luck- they have survived and even thrived.

Those who had fled south from the hold's hall eventually returned to Tyrese in the hopes of rebuilding. Only then did they realise the destruction of their home had opened a pass through the mountains. Some of the tallest in the world, the starlight mountains and the airless plateau had always been impassable by airship until that point.

When word reached them of their surviving kin and the untapped resources of the marches, their course became clear. The remaining Dwarves of Tyrese would rebuild not just a city but a great airship gate. Eventually the Empires to the south would want to lay claim to the riches of the north and they would be ready for that day.

It has been 140 years since the founding and the lands between the Tyrese Gate and Silver Mantle are little changed since then. Hundreds make the journey each year with the caravans, hoping to start a new life or escape from their old ones. Men and women from a hundred nations risk life and limb just on the journey.

Orcs, goblins, monsters and demons are a constant threat to the caravans and those foolish enough to strike out on their own. Despite this more arrive every year. From craftsmen and settlers to sellswords, vagabonds, thieves and ne'er-do-wells, all hope to carve a future for themselves. All make the trek, from the surrounding lands, or port of Hennessy some 300 miles south of the gate.

As the Dwarves predicted airships have begun to arrive at the gate but few are risking the journey north to Silver Mantle. The Marches still pose risks and with no infrastructure in place there is little chance of replenishing lost gas cells if they take damage. Only the occasional shipment of platinum is worth the risk at this stage. Some day that will change there is little doubt, and it may be soon if prospectors can find what is needed in the north.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
162 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
No real problem with them, met many who were kind and many who weren’t. It’s simply the fact that we are in new lands and have big pockets around small people.
>1A) Sell hides for silver
>2B) Not right now
>3A) Barn, warmer than outside
1B) Trade for tanned hide
2C) Always yes
3B) You're fine with the outdoors
>This bears asking: do we have a thing against the smaller folk?
I don't see why we would plus based on our actions so far we seem to be generally pretty amiable.
My take is that we're sensible enough to recognize that people are people no matter the size and therefore are also sensible enough to not going looking for trouble where there doesn't have to be any
>1A) Sell hides for silver
2A) Yes
3A) Barn, warmer than outside

File: download (5).jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
You stare out into the stars, the blue tint making it such a beautiful sight. Slowly the sun rises and grows closer... closer... ever closer...

You wake up to your alarm with a groan, rubbing your head. These weird dreams had been getting weirder and weirder. You'd be okay with that, if they didn't give you massive headaches.

You get out of bed as you hear your mother call for you...

>Name and Gender our Hero.
36 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Alright fellas, quick intermission!

I have midterms tomorrow, so I'm going to go late into the night studying.

So just a single day's hiatus, and we'll be back tomorrow night :D

Maybe during that time you guys can theorize about what's gonna happen, whatever those sss dudes were, and why the sun is yelling!

See you all tomorrow
Good luck, QM. Kick those midterms' asses!
I did it!

So, as a treat, I'll give this one early :D

Llonx uses Psychic Strike!

The blue energy is slightly to the right, and slams into Crackhead 03's kidney!

Zach Used Strike!

Zack dodges a punch, and lands his fist into the soft target of Crackhead 02's stomach.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Friggin' crackhead bites.

>Llonx: Psychic Strike
>Zach: Strike

File: Turn 74.png (1019 KB, 2048x2570)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
Were on thread 4. Congrats

3QM-NRP is a Semi-Freeform game where you roleplay as a fantasy nation. The point of the game is not to win, but to create stories and a living breathing world

> Rushing, Meta-gaming, & other faggotry will be punished
> You can start one diplo with an NPC per turn (you can continue it over multiple turns though)
> Diplomacy is free and not tied to turn order

Updates will be Monday-Sunday (6 turns per week, 2 actions per turn, Thursday no update). Players can post until 20:00 UTC

You can take any actions you want as long as they are reasonable, here is a more detailed ‘system’ description with the nation submission template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14HNy14bXFeStBhhfgMOh6pppbZGHuIS-nH32POHvB1U/edit?usp=sharing

> Discord Link (yes, you have to join)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Republic of Durmaign (Durmaign): Cooldown ?
The Lift Elementals allow a balloon to not only lift by controlling it's density, but also propulsion by cycling air through it. This also means it can lift heavy frames, though not as effective as Crystal flight, it is far safer, as it neither explodes or has crystal contamination.

Nothpuez: Cooldown ?
The spell of Plague Localisation works, but one must tweak the spell for each plague and each strain of the plague. This means to treat a natural plague, one must memorise a repertoire of spells, though fabricated plagues have far fewer strains, making this spell much more effective.
The plague mages are hard at work cataloguing the various variations on the different strains and even different diseases going on in this plague, as there are other diseases piggybacking off plague, to finish off weakened hosts.

Next turn's event cooldowns: Nemea 2-1, Sealand 2-1, Imperii ?-?, Lo-hai ?-?, Durmaign ?-?, Nothpuez ?-?, North ?-?, Tarvos ?-?.

[Because Viorp didn't upload the map file, I can't upload a map. I will likely leave it to Viorp to do two turns worth of war update on his turn. So feel free to post for Turn 76 now.]
1. Study the divine archives in shorino and prepare a sphere friendly uesugi religion. There is much ancient lore here that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. With our help accepted by the taur we have free reign to study these secrets and also have massive influence over the reformed cult of uesugi. Sybaael, the one who saw the face of the godhead is also an important source of information regarding the divine. With these truths in mind we will also be able to fill in many gaps and give interpretations that result from our own study of the spheres. Letting us rebuild the sphere of shorino from the ground up.

2. Build a church in shonino, shorino and in liberdantoc. We have seen these paladins of Stakh fight bravely to maintain the integrity of their sphere of freedom, however this freedom has also introduced division amongst them that subverters could potentially exploit. A house divided cannot stand so we must work towards unity of purpose. Our warriors and theologians work closely with these paladins studying their practices and beliefs. With this knowledge we will bolster their sphere and ensure that their doctrine is fulfilled. In shorino the people are currently left desolute. With the shogun dead they need something new to bolster their spirits to give new life. With our study of uesugi and the divine complete we shall build a temple that shall act as the focal point for their conversion.
Liron the wife of the caliph will turn her attention to shorino. Their plight being similar to the borevians she has taken care and the prospect of the archives also greatly appealing to her.

The many games would be quite grand, though over time Craterem Sanguis would have further rule updates and new tactics employed by teams, such as no weapons being allowed, or heavier armor being worn. Amusingly, people would get around the no weapons rule to an extent by integrating them into the armor. Still, the furthering of the culture of the Imperii wouldn't stop, as tailors and leathermakers would start perfecting their craft, creating far greater clothing than before. For the longest time, their clothing was fairly simple, and arguably bland, with their armor being far more ornate and decorative even when purely made for function rather than artistic design. Instead, the more modern clothing would take a lot more color with a single tunic oft having ornate edges and collars for the upper Civilis and Nobilitatis, in contrast to the older more traditional clothing that the Imperii which was often a single color. This partially was inspired by the Meoswilum's clothing, along with the dresses and clothing of some other peoples, and some of the most ornate clothing would even have simple patterns and other decorations upon it.

Meanwhile, as things slowly moved on, the Imperii would prepare for the great games which were to start quite soon. And, in preparation for the varying events, great trophies and medals would be crafted of the finest materials in the Imperii and outside of it, and they would be separated by bracket, with the lowest bracket of events that had such being mere medals while the highest bracket had large trophies that took quite a bit of space. Naturally, only the finest craftsmanship would be accepted, and a decent amount of funds would go to getting the finest of materials alongside it. Originally, it was planned that there would be five medals or trophies per event, however these would be abandoned due to cost restraints, and simply due to the fact of how there weren't enough nations to warrant it. Further, a kind of chaplet would also be made to be granted to the first place winners of all the competitions as well, simply due to the fact it was quite common in local competitions to reward a victor.

Lastly, the faith of the Imperii is one that is founded upon one's life and how interesting or lacking it was. Naturally, there was an issue of the most poor of Civilis sometimes going so far into poverty that they couldn't hope to have a life greater than struggling. As such, the church would as an act of good will work to aid them through training them and giving them important skills that would allow them to have a far more interesting life. The skills in question ranged from simple cooking to swordsmanship to that of a playwright and everything in between. There are some issues with it at times, but overall it aids the faithful, and gives people hope that their lives will be acceptably entertaining stories.

>Action One. Imperii clothing.

>Action Two. Trophies and Medals

>Action Three. Religious Education.
The Iron King kisses her daughter goodbye as she's sent over to Shorino to assume the Shogun's throne. Sure she's more of a figurehead, not the head of state as Tavthalla is, but it's still a test of her ruling skill, as she is to eventually succeed Tomoko. But first, there are things to do, first and foremost, Fraternitas asked for a favour, the helping of their partly feral Yasei Hybrids. They have a lot of influence, so a favour from Fraternitas could have us ask things of the Cuiver people, Menzentia, and maybe even Marca. Other than that, the work on joints continue. But most importantly, we were betrayed. We bolstered our numbers with refugees, we trusted them to follow our rules, and they betrayed us. This not only made us look bad, but further fed into the mentality that lead to the ravaging of the Shorino people. Therefore, we shall hunt them down, slaughter them all, show no mercy.

Action 1: Mental fortification of the Fraternian Yasei Hybrids.
Our friends in Fraternitas has an issue of Yasei Hybrids being overtaken by instinct and emotion, becoming unruly. This is clearly a result of their Body and Spirit overpowering their Mind. The solution is simple, train their minds to compensate, so they can think logically in spite of their powerful bodies. Though this is expected to take a very long time.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: Mechanical Joints from Golemancy and basic mechanics (2/2 progress).
We will find ways sof making the joints economical, using gears and using mithril for the parts that take most wear and tear. But we will also implement our shapecloth and shapeweave's elastic properties for parts, which should make movement more smooth, less clunky, and therefore cause less wear and tear.

Action 3: Slaughter the Shogunist traitors.
We trusted these people to aid in keeping our allies in check, but they have betrayed us. They could've cost this entire conquest, getting their fellow Kitsune killed, because they love their accursed Shogun so much. So, we will kill them. We wont torment or enslave them, we will simply hack them down, excising the cancer in one decisive move.

File: dream_sailor_sa1.png (1.57 MB, 1177x1128)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Welcome to my first ever quest! I am so excited to be posting. As my first decision as QM is to let you guys decide the first course of action in the quest.
The setting can be best described as a Lovecraftian space opera taking place shortly after the year 5000. The Dreamlands and the Material plane have merged, allowing psychics, sorcerers, and any magical practitioner to have much greater amounts of power than they ever could have dreamed of before. Elder gods toy with mortal life, playing their strings of fate like a fiddle.
I will take votes as to what faction you would like to start with first. This story will be told in four major parts, following each of the major factions.
The faction list is:
Dominion of Man. An immense feudal theocracy that spans much of the galactic sector surrounding Gaia, otherwise known as Earth. Humanity originates from this sector, but humanity has been changed irrevocably so, by the merging of the Dreamscape with reality.
The Moonlight Legion: An order of vampiric crusaders and pirates who worship the Elder gods with immense fervor and zeal. The Moonlight Legion does not care for race or class, because ultimately we will all serve the Daemon Sultan eventually…
The Order of the Third Eye: A splinter organization of arcanists who were persecuted under the authority of the Dominion. They study the arcane arts, as well as guide travellers through the dangers of the Etherium.
The Covenant: A mostly fractured confederacy of mainly three alien races. They worship their strange alien gods, that are really the only thing that unites them. Not directly hostile to the Dominion, or the Order, but they are not on the best terms either. If needed, the Covenant races can be explained later in the thread, if needed.
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Cultist all the way
Caleb Time
Alright. Voting has been closed, sorry for the delay. Seems you guys decided…
…you guys aren’t making it easy on me are you? kek
Very well. Give me time to do a write up. Next update will be in the next couple of hours.

File: bubbles.jpg (590 KB, 2000x2000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. This young girl lived a happy life with her loving mother and hardworking father. She loved both of her parents very much.

One day, there came news of a crisis sweeping the nation. A "depression" is what the young girl's father called the situation. Of course, the poor little girl wasn't aware of what a "depression" was, so she cared very little about it; so long as she could spend more happy days with her loving parents, she would be happy...of course, as most would have guessed, that is not how things played out.

The girl's parents began fighting. The fights eventually became daily occurrences, which the little girl had to get used to. One cold, gray winter day, the girl came home from school...the house was cold, and felt very empty. She called out for her mother, who was generally home at this hour, but got no response. Instead, she heard her father call out to her from her parents' room. The girl did not think about how strange it was for her father to be home at this hour, and rushed over to the room........


...oh god. Blood, guts, and bits and pieces of Mommy's brains...everywhere. Daddy...what is Daddy eating?



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Oh no it’s so much worse than any outer god. It is true American hero.
>Ask him about what’s going on on the maze
>Ask him if he can help us get out of here
>Get consenscious with our group whether to stay and help with the murderer or just leave
Perhaps is we stay Tommy can teach us a little magic
File: FOOTBALL.jpg (41 KB, 650x400)
41 KB
You ask this strange man about the maze.

"That's good question. The maze is an enigma. A figment of our imagination made reality. You have to walk around the maze many time before you really understand it. I have walked around it many times, and now look at me: I'm a master wizard."

That was...unhelpful. You ask if the maze has a way out.

"No, not it does naht."

Awesome. You then ask if he can help you and your friends with getting out.

"Of course, my friend. I can help you all. I just need to meet with the Queen, and the two of us can send you closer to home."

Sweet, you then ask for a moment to chat with your group alone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>We should help if we can but it’s not our top priority
Deep, wtf world is THIS? What's the story behind it? Shit weird af.
>>We should help if we can.
Absolutely. I don't see why the voters are always so keen to rush through worlds. We're having tea with one of this world's most powerful denizens, and we can learn magic. Imagine what else they'd help out with if we helped them do something. It's not like we're getting to the bottom of the eternal isekai shit in-character. Since this quest began, we've fought bunnies, vampires and demons. IN THE FIRST PARTS OF THE QUEST. Let's chill out, do something nice for once, and get a heaping reward for our troubles.

Also, "true American hero?" Who df is the pic related.

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