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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
Current board settings:

Anyone can post images.
Anyone can use painter.
Anyone can use dice & spoilers.
Only OP can use text formatting.
3000 character limit.
750 bump limit.
Decreased post timer to match /tg/ (30 seconds for text, 60 seconds for an image reply).
Automatic permasage after 72 hours.
Thread specific user IDs.
Max threads per IP is 5.
Standard 7 day internal archive.

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File: Damn it.webm (1.89 MB, 1920x796)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
>I got Amelia and Elizabeth mixed up
>what should i draw bros?
If you're still after suggestions how about Freya dreaming about being able to fly away from the nightmare that is her life
I'm so glad to see your back gnoll QM, I adore your artstyle and it's what pushed me to try and make my own art and run my own quests even if it's on hiatus right now haha...
Posting the update in a moment

I'm glad you like it anon. Is it Abandoned Robot quest?

File: file.png (15 KB, 700x900)
15 KB
Ah fuck, It's Tuesday Afternoon bro and you need to get ready for your date. Wat do?
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Slip a condom in the wallet. Even if we don't use it, someone else may need it. Or we could make a water balloon with it.
I feel like if we do it might end badly.
Better than having to pay child support for our whole life.
these. more money and condom.
A smart man would only bang a woman he will marry anyway.

Act 0: Birth Under a Pale Moon

A still night.
A quiet night.
A dead night.
Spread across the land its light.
The Pale Moon, high above in the sky.
The Time is right.
The end in sight.
A Birth tonight.

You are born…

>A normal human destined to undeath. [Dead Apostle]
>The Scion of those sworn to protect the natural order. [Demon Hunter Family]

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File: Spoiler Image (556 KB, 3788x3240)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Did you have a planned form of magecraft for the church mystic or was that up to player choice?

What sort of demon hunter kit would we be looking at? Magecraft anti demon techniques like onmyoji or enhanced physical parameters for a more brute route etc.

Is the DA option a special snowflake who speedruns the early more mindless state? Are they a jannie for the one that turned them seeing as they started human and didn't achieve it through their own magecraft etc.

I just find it harder to judge a "class" when we know little about the available "skill trees" that would result from each is all.
So down the list.
Partially depends on player choice, but it will be either based around church sacrements or the spells in their family crest which revolve around manipulating life force.
Mystics will be able to come up with their own sorcereries later down the line.

Demon hunter again depends, but mostly revolves around keen instincts, being able to understand the world around you better than a normal person would, along with physical bonuses in combat.

Dead apostle will start at rank 4 but how they got there will be a choice that being whether they were a ghoul for years or were purposefully made rank 4 by their master, they will be bound to their master early game.

I can elaborate more in a bit if you want me to but this is the general gist.
File: 1637735746210.jpg (94 KB, 800x916)
94 KB
is me

cheers senpai. Don't really need to probe further, don't want to start unravelling the story before its told.

Demon hunter seems the most bland. Shame no mixed blood onikind/faekind/lamiakind/dragonkind etc. style options for inhumanchads. DA and Church mirror each other pretty well in that you're a jannie early on then, life forced based powers too.

This is a really solid start for a DA as well, as it leaves players at the precipice of discarding their humanity.

>Stage IV: Nightkin (夜属, Yazoku?) — An undead who acts as a fledgling vampire while maintaining its original personality.
A half-human vampire whose inhuman physical abilities come at the cost of experiencing extreme coldness and thirst. A low-ranking knight, so to speak. When those of Rank Ⅵ and above carefully drink the blood of their prey, their victim starts out as a vampire of this rank. They become anemic under the sunlight, though it doesn't burn them yet.
In the world of magic, one is considered "a person" up to this rank. A vampire who has reached Rank Ⅳ can now survive away from its parent. From their point of view it has changed from an "object" to a "living thing", in a sense. Only one in a thousand people are able to reach this rank.[9]
Who said there were no halfblood options? I said I couldn't figure out Oni halfblood so it wasn't a flat out char gen option.

Suffice it to say that there is a halfblood option of a sort as a boon for one of these.
Its not the dead apostle.

The Allwatcher has sent you on an important mission. You are to leave the tribe with two other kobolds and set up a store in the nearby town. However, it is easier said than done to do that as a kobold. Kobolds are generally not viewed favorably by the races that dwell in towns and all it takes is a group of ambitious adventurers seeking the tribes fortune to lead to disaster. That means there is only one course of action for you. It is trenchcoat kobold time.

Who are you?

>Runt, top rung, diminutive and weak, he's spent his time honing his other skils to survive. Keen in mind and charismatic he does the talking of the group. (Bonus to persuasion and trickery)

>Guss, middle rung, born with natural magic ability he was trained in primarily illusion magic from a young age (though he does love a good fireball). Will make sure to keep the kobold in disguise at all times! (Bonus to illusion magic rolls and enables fireball)

>Rags, bottom rung, born with an unusual size for a kobold, he's stout and strong, perfect for holding up the group. He has mastered the art of intimidation by making the younger weaker kobolds do his work and can beat up anyone (some) in a fight. (Bonus to intimidation and physical rolls)
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File: AllAccordingtoPlan.jpg (65 KB, 613x411)
65 KB

Muahahahahaha all according to plan! These humans have not only fallen for your genius disguise, but want to reward you for tricking them! You shall have a store and fulfill the Allwatcher's mission. First you have to come up with a suitable name, though. You think about it for a moment before it hits you, an anagram would be perfect. You whisper to Runt from within the trenchcoat the name you want.

"We'z iz Garst Gunrusst an we'z want humie stor, yip!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Vinzu Truemantle's craftsman workshop. A store that would offer high quality custom crafts. It was run by a halfling master craftsman beloved by the community. Was inherited by the state after the owner was drained of all his blood for potions. Gives the kobolds a high quality workshop and a craft's store.


The Order of Paladins are holy warriors who swear to defend the weak, destroy evil wherever it is found, and right the wrongs of the world. They are so righteous and honorable that the noble Gods give them powers to help their cause.

You are not a Paladin. You are the exact opposite. You're a real piece of shit.

What kind of are you? Each one gets high martial skill and some basic starting gear. This chooses what abilities you can get as you grow stronger.

>Fallen: You're a Paladin who break his oath to serve the darkness.
>Hell Knight: You signed a contract to get demonic powers.
>Death Knight: You died and didn't want to leave when it was your time.
>Plague Knight: You're a very very very sick motherfucker.
>Not a Knight: You're just an underhanded asshole with a sword.
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This was a joke OP do not smite me, I have murders and raped to commit yet
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Oh man, we should've set bitch on fire first.
File: 1638996548927.gif (222 KB, 250x250)
222 KB
222 KB GIF
Rolled 10 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

You make very good time. The clouds have gone away and there isn't anything going on. Near the end of the day you spot something peculiar: a broken wagon wheel on the side of the road. You get off and take a closer look to see it's chipped near the top and cracked down the middle, like it was hit hard and fast by something small instead of slowly breaking down from the road. You scratch your head. Interesting. Not of any use to you now. Best to ignore it and keep walking. You keep your guard up because it's always up this close to patrolling territory. They aren't very common but you don't want to explain to six men that your rusty shortsword is nothing like their standard issue. You don't think your standard issue gambeson can take much more punishment from arrows or tbe like. You're surprised it held this long. You got it back from the hiding spot the moment after you left the village and then ran away.

Of course, there aren't many travelers on this road and there aren't many moving by foot. Once the commoners all got over the shock and start to investigate they're going to point fingers and they're going to want to point fingers somewhere besides their neighbors because that's how commoners always are. If they ask around, they might get a description of you from the house you had dinner at. There's nothing that happened between you and the arson, oh no, that's what you'll say if they catch you but they'll just want to string you up. They might even tell the nobles about this and have them send more patrols. All of that takes time to happen, time that you're moving, time that you can get to somewhere far off where you won't be recognized. That's assuming they even think it's you. They might be stringing someone up right now. They might be on the road hunting for someone too. Harvesting season makes it less likely but for something like that... They'll probably do something. Idiots. She wouldn't have done that for them or anyone but her beloved Gilberd and precious little boy. If anything you did them a favor, by sending them to meet each other earlier than they ever expected they would. You're starting to get hungry again.

>roll 1d100, 3 food left
Rolled 89 (1d100)


File: KMQ_VI.png (544 KB, 700x1000)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
After the Nine Great Clans united the long-divided lands of Kiyoshu 30 years ago, the realm has entered a golden age of peace and prosperity. However, the will of the samurai lives on! Swordsmen and warriors all around the country still strive for strength and mastery, to compete and reach the very peak of martial skill!

You are Hiroshi Nobuyasu of the Hiroshi Clan, a vassal clan of the Toumi, one of the Nine Great Clans. From a young age, you have been exposed to the way of the sword, trained in the arts of the Toumi School of Swordsmanship. But as fate would have it… You aren’t particularly good at the discipline. In fact, despite your hard work and determination, it would be apt to say that you are rather inept. At best, you are average, no better than some nameless foot soldier. Yet, you are far from discouraged. As one who shows deep passion and appreciation for the blade, your perseverance holds you firm. Never faltering in the face of adversity. Never abandoning the sworn tenets of the samurai.

>My Twitter:

>KismetQM Discord:

>Post Schedule:
I’ll try to post as often as I can, but expect posts to mainly come on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Weekends. If the quest ropes in enough people, I may consider hosting sessions.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 8, 10, 10 = 28 (3d15)

>Balanced. Both technique and strategy are vital, none can be afforded more attention than the other. [Roll 3d15 - 0-20, +1 to all future combat rolls. 21-37, +2 to all future combat rolls. 38-45, +3 to all future combat rolls.]
As all things shoud be.
Rolled 1, 3, 11 = 15 (3d15)

>Technique. None can dispute that good technique is the basis of all offence and defence. [Roll 3d15 - 0-24, +1 to all future combat rolls. 25-45, +2 to all future combat rolls.][+1 to all future technique related rolls.]
Strategy builds on technique. Without rock-solid technique, strategies will remain theories.
Gentlemen, we dont roll until the vote is called.
>Balanced. Both technique and strategy are vital, none can be afforded more attention than the other. [Roll 3d15 - 0-20, +1 to all future combat rolls. 21-37, +2 to all future combat rolls. 38-45, +3 to all future combat rolls.]

It is a time of peace. With Lord Freeza’s explosive declaration, naming himself Emperor of the Universe after single-handedly obliterating the Covenant stronghold High Charity, peace has come to the universe. Not wanting to stand against him and his unstoppable Super Saiyans, within days of his declaration the universe bent the knee. And while there are always outliers, those stubborn or foolish enough to try and resist, the overwhelming majority of the universe is bending the knee. And he wouldn’t have achieved all this, defeated the strongest military in the universe and survived the Prophet’s ultimate weapon without your help.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball EU. Currently it is Age 750 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power recognized across the universe. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 74 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Emperor of the Universe: Karn has become his people’s greatest champion.

Character sheets and other info:
NEW: https://controlc.com/46ec566d

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time, unless otherwise specified
>Pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>One roll post per person, unless at least ten minutes has passed since your last roll then you can roll again

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Legendary ID, dbz anon.
Was a missed opportunity, that’s for sure
It’s a more english-centric naming convention, like how they changed it to Ultra Instinct, Solar Flare, etc for the west.
Omen was the best part of Super, aside from Beerus and Whis themselves getting more screentime. >>5077608
>Just letting your body do as it knows it should can let people pull off some crazy maneuvers.
Not even crazy, but doing exactly what you’ve done thousands of times before
Well as long as it’s the Time Patrol, they’ll keep the ridiculous names. As for Vegeta, who’d probably get it first, we’ll have to see how he handles it.
I do really appreciate this direction of Super. Give the big two separate paths to walk, and let them shine in their own way.
Do hate Toyotaro’s UI aura though. UE proved he can make something so much cooler than basic spiky aura we all drew at 12.
Blue in general was a mistake, glad we’re finally moving past it honestly.
Now if only we could do something with Gohan.
It’s too late. Gohan will always be a disappointment
EoZ is probably where Gohan will end up. Because he is not a fighter. He has never enjoyed martial arts, hell even Krillin and Yamcha like fighting more than him. He was just naturally strong, and always ended up being pressed into conflict after conflict due to necessity. Now that Goku and Vegeta have soundly surpassed him, his role is done. Everyone wants him to be like Future Gohan, but that isn’t the kind of life Gohan himself wanted. And at least Super addressed that with the Black arc, how Trunks got to see the life his Gohan would have wanted to live.

File: 1633388201492.png (6.88 MB, 2261x1676)
6.88 MB
6.88 MB PNG
They tell stories of steel in every land Men live. Tales of knights and heroes, of brave adventurers and wise kings. Those are the tales sung by bards and minstrels. But the stories you hear are different. Tales of gold to be had. Of opportunities the next Kingdom over. Of contracts sealed with blood. For you are a sellsword.

You are Joseph Saintswood, a former butcher from the Eastern Frontier turned a blade for hire. Where your life was once only dictated by the harvests and the seasons, now you live and fight in Gothyka, a land ruled jealously by Knights and Lords. Ever since running afoul of the local law, unjustly you might add, you were rescued by a rogue by the name of Hadhan who recruited you for the Black Hounds, an infamous sellsword group. Since then, you have journeyed with his party in their commissioned Duty against the Count Visihrod in a feudal dispute between him and the Black Hound’s employer, Duke Grenzheim.

Currently, you and Hadhan’s party are in the keep of a Lord Zuflucht, apparently an acquaintance of Hadhan. Why Hadhan has an acquaintance of a bannerman of your enemy, you did not know. But then again, you did not know why the conflict was being fought in the first place …


You had stayed in Lord Zuflucht’s keep for three days. In that time, you had rested and recuperated. A healer had seen to your injuries, treating them better than Schni had been able to. Now you were no longer at risk of reopening your wounds entirely. These few days with no need to travel or worry about where your meals were coming from had given you a chance to rest and maintain your gear more thoroughly. You now felt more ready for further battles than you ever had before. Which was good because it wouldn’t prove long before the next one …

But in the meantime, you’ve spent your days …

>Working in the kitchen (Good relations with female servants, extra provisions)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Eat your last meal … for now at least
>Listen in on Hadhan and Caelan’s conversation
So the company is only like 5 guys strong?
Isn't this closer to a party, or a bunch of murderhobos?
For the sake of moving on to the next chapter, I'm going to say thta you should only pick one option for this vote.

Hadhan's party is part of a larger company.

Wait shit I forgot to post the archive

>Listen in on Hadhan and Caelan’s conversation
>Listen in on Hadhan and Caelan’s conversation

You and 30 other Dwarves have just been banished from EmeraldHall the old mountain fortress city where you lived all your life. Your crime? Growing mushrooms on an abandoned mine without a licence to try and feed your starving kin.

Now you find yourself in the forest just in front of the mountain you once called home. With little of tools other than some knives and pots, the group is starting to get disheartened at their current state of affairs, for a moment you also feel the dread of being exposed to the elements without the comforting hug of stone, but then you remember the cramped quarters, the stale food and the unending hours working the mines for a meager wage and you start to feel hopeful of this new beginning. If elves can make a living here, why wouldn't smart and strong Dwarves?

How should you and your bredrin prepare for the coming night?

FOOD: Very low

>[PROJECTS]: Every turn you vote on a task to have the group focus on. Tasks may branch out into different choices as dwarves debate on which is the best way forward. Specifications can be added to votes, but results may vary due to cruel realities of a work effort not panning out. Specific numbers of dwarves can be assigned to separate tasks. This can be good for short term tasks, but longer ones can suffer, never forget the limited knowledge a bunch of underground Dwarves have of a forest and the outside world in general.

[Choose a task to focus on]
>Food & Water

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Magic user maybe? Let's be polite anyway.

- I am Lossëa and this part of the forest is my domain, where is your gift?

>Offer her knowledge, tell her about your groups situation
>Offer her food and water
>Offer her an heirloom from your old life
>Offer her something else (what?)
>Refuse to offer her anything
>Offer her an heirloom from your old life
Probably some fairy shit, she will help us if we give something we value but kill/curse us if we offer her the wrong thing or nothing.

File: f27.png (161 KB, 1000x1000)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
You are deep in a thickly-wooded forest, surrounded by snow-covered conifers. It is cold and dark.

What do?

(This is a shitpost quest designed to keep me accountable. My goal is to update this at least once a day, but also to spend no more than 5 minutes per update. Set your expectations low.)

(If you want to read more of this for some reason, head to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4990214/ [ctrl-F “filler”].)
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We just escaped from the IKEA dude, read the previous threads
This, we should also see if there's any clearings large enough for small planes to land
File: Untitled.png (435 KB, 971x532)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
We need to find cannibals to slay, the effigies must be built
Your obama looks pretty white
Bow our head reverently at MLK and begin planning our escape by cutting down some trees for firewood.
>Sell the Presidential N-Word Pass on the bla- No wait, White market for immense gain

The Second Grand War dragged on for almost nine years. The Federal State of Gelfborhr pushed east and west simultaneously, its modernized armored divisions and elite troops carving through its comparatively unprepared neighbors. Bogged down in socialist Ephragia in the east and the subsequent overseas landing of the Jacksonian States put paid to it's ambitions. Fatally. Once the greatest power in the world, Gelfborhr saw itself fall to the coalition of its enemies. Further statehood, or even safety for the population, seems unlikely. It is a time of chaos, abuse of power, and despair.

It is a time of occupation. 1/2
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry if that was unclear, the only Gelf option was the Revenant. The Fanatic for example is a rabid Ephragian Communist.
>> You remain silent, and stalk through the mist ahead, hoping your men are able to follow suit. This will be finished hand to hand. (Bloodthirsty)
>> You cannot trust this gaggle of replacements and children to do this alone, you suppress the enemy position with your Alaric SMG, before treating the enemy position to several grenades, and then entering knifefight range. (Glory Hound)
Bloodthirsty and Glory hound seem to have it for now. In deference to timezones this vote will stay up for some hours.
>some hours

Sorry I'm about business. Update will be tonight, likely around 10 est.

File: TITLE1.jpg (503 KB, 1914x1464)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Star Wars Traveller Quest is a quest where we fill the boots of one man trying to make his way in the universe, or in this case, the Candorian Star Cluster. Largely a personal story set at the height of the Empire and the birth of the Rebellion.

>Paste for rough overview of the Cluster

>Map of the Cluster



You are not quite a rogue, not quite a renegade. You are an outsider though, a freelancer, a Traveller. Someone who operates on the fringes of imperial society.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>See about making some extra cash

Never hurts to keep an ear on the ground also gotta give the QM some way to feed us some plot hooks since we're pretty aimless so far
I appreciate it but that problem will take care of itself once you get a ship one way or another
>See about making some extra cash
>>See about making some extra cash
>>See about finding crew to travel back to Kodiak with you
>Just see about getting passage off this ball
>See about finding crew to travel back to Kodiak with you

File: Candlemas Thread.jpg (176 KB, 728x508)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
You are Rhea Silvia.

It is getting close to a year now since your life was first turned upside down.

Your resume now includes; corpse starch factory worker, warehouse drone, Imperial Guard conscript, pawn to mad sorcerers, wielder of ancient evil power, glorified house cat, treasure hunting pirate, bearer of a different ancient evil, and spy for demented sadist xenos.

But for the past two months, you have just been Rhea the Idle. Drinker of hot chocolate, builder of lopsided snowmen, wearer of fuzzy sweaters, and taker of hot baths.

You have been living in a townhouse in the upper class Brannet district of Groxbridge ever since the end of your last set of adventures/trials/misfortunes, and you probably haven’t been this happy and relaxed since the time the “Inquisition” let you hang out in a resort hotel for several months.

No doubt someone or something will come along to ruin this period of bliss eventually, but for now you intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

You have just spent the morning:
>Sleeping in, because the bed is warm, and the townhouse is a bit drafty.
>Skating on the nearby frozen pond in Aria Park.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Propose truce with “ursid mask” and “fox mask”.
>>Propose truce with “ursid mask” and “fox mask”.
we're not going to help them per se, but there's no reason why they should go after us when they have bigger problems to worry about, and maybe we should remind them of that. We don't actually want to kill the krampus thingie (assuming we even can) until we have a better idea of who its patrons are and whether we need to worry about getting on its bad side or not.
>>Propose truce with “ursid mask” and “fox mask”.
>>Propose truce with “ursid mask” and “fox mask”.
>Propose truce with “ursid mask” and “fox mask”.

File: lowk2_00.jpg (94 KB, 491x649)
94 KB
prev. thread: >>5037268

>The supposed Doom was 8 years away. Kingdom Torlund's growth had stagnated. The obligations Empire Loris imposed on Torlund sapped its energy. But the people continued to smile. While the Clans struggled, the Torlin Royal Clan grew in popularity if not power. The Old King's Death Day Rites continued annually, though they were no longer the happy affairs of the past.
>Meanwhile, the Emperor's influence and power grew at the Imperial Court, challenging his former puppeteer the Constable. The death of Rolin caused a shock to the Constable, and his power only waned since. It's only a matter of time before the inevitable power struggle at the Imperial Court.
>Odon Milly, the Princess of Torlund and its Idol-Hime, now 18 years of age, was only a few years away from the expected age of marriage. Thousands of suitors from across Telay, from Kings to squires, came to Torlund under the guise of visiting the Death Day Rites festival. Idol-Hime still felt like grieving for Rolin, but she wanted to move on. Her people's future was more important than her past.

The Story Thus Far
>They said Torlund would always lose. Torlund was once a swampy and boggy land where all the rivers of the world ended. A strategic but unappealing land, it had been invaded and subjugated by foreigners countless of times. In its current era, Torlund had already been officially annexed by Empire Loriss; it's larger southern neighbor. Through the efforts of Old King Howser, he built the waterways and drained the swamps, revealing verdant and fertile valleys where the swamps once were. The Old King suffered from the Crusting Itch, a disease he died from leaving behind only a daughter; Odon Milly.
>When war between Empire Loris and Electrias broke out, a knight from every noble family in Torlund was mustered. Milly had a relationship with Eliando Rolin, the son of the Imperial Constable. This union was supported by the Imperials but disconcerting for the Torlins, and Rolin who truly loved Milly wanted to prove he was a true Torlin. He secretly volunteered into the Torlin Regiment.
>Rolin lost his life protecting hundreds of Torlunds after the Disaster on the Bridge where only a third of the whole Torlin regiment survived. What was once a concern for her people now became sorrow. Rolin might have been the hope Torlund needed.

Romance of the Low Kingdom is a Passive Quest, which is something I made up because it was might first time running a quest last thread. A Passive Quest is one where the main story remains wholly unchanged but the plot can be affected via player interaction, meaning there is no voting. Generally, any player interaction that can somehow be worked into pushing the plot or developing even your own story can get included into the main story. They're basically secondary characters, though not NPCs or side characters.
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File: lowk2_10.jpg (112 KB, 1025x452)
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>Bano was last heard taking the Imperial Military Examination last year. He started taking his studies seriously since the Disaster on the Bridge. Ulf and Bano actually skipped last year's duel, hopefully they'll get this year's. Perhaps he's on his way back right now? Regardless, Idol-Hime's close friends decided to vet the top 3 most prospective candidates. They would come up with an "Impossible Task" for the three, Jenna, Denver, and Nunalana were sent off to collect the candidates. The first impressions of each were some scenes.
>Jenna without warning striked at Stengry with her sheathed ceremonial longblade. Whatever test personal Jenna had for everybody, it seemed like the king passed.
>Denver was amazed by the size of Hando's muscles and the prince indulged in the monkey boy. It seemed Denver enjoyed the prince's personality, or however you would make a series of deliberate posed flexing.
>Nunalana met the young Dogar, who was accompanied by his gentle parents and numerous of elder sisters. They were actually here for the Death Day Rites and were just politely waiting to be formally received by Idol-Hime.

Thanks dawg
>Is this some swamp greeting?
This made me laugh harder than it had any right to, Stengry just got higher on the list for me.
Denver's test certainly has something to recomend it.

It's the topless muscular men.
This sets it. I shall wrestle with Hando, he looks like an absolute beast. Moustache on moustache action baby! And yes, in some parts of Torlund, older and experienced knights do attack each other with their sheathed weapons. It's mostly reversed for old friends and rivals and it's meant to keep you on your toes!
Solid contenders we got here. As for the impossible task though...Any dragons around?

Gasket has good taste. I suppose I met the King of Morgund's family at that dinner before, it sounded like a big family.

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