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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

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File: Diorama.jpg (122 KB, 1080x1252)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
‘Something wrong?’

‘Ah, no, it’s just … you’re being kind of forward today,’ you point out, wondering if you’re more flushed from having her two mounds in the palm of your hands or by your own apprehension in proceeding beyond what you’d already conducted ‘You’ve, uh … well, I don’t think you’ve ever acted like this around me, either, so …’

‘We’ve never really taken our relationship in this direction before, either,’ she retorts smoothly … and reasonably, with her hands still firmly upon your wrists, ‘but outliers on top of outliers form a reasonable pattern by correlation, don’t you think?’

‘You’re saying that so easi—’

She kisses the corner of your mouth in a swift motion before drawing back, successful in her endeavour of keeping you from over-complicating a matter that was so simple. Staggered, stunned, by her cheeky attempt, you gather what cohesion you have left to drain the red from your cheeks … and deciding that a counter-assault would be the way to go. You give Sansa’s breasts a teasing squeeze, fingertips dragging along her bountiful flesh and rolling her nipples along your palms. She arches her back, humming; you take the opportunity to lean forward and kiss her jaw and suckle her throat, tasting her all the way to the valley of her breast. Hands shift away from her mounds as you give her cleavage investigative nibbles. Sansa gives light squeaks at your ministrations; the response almost causes you to smile. Your fingers drag along her waist until you reach the beginning of her thighs, the string of her panties tense under your fingers. You hesitate going further, the rationale of risk and reward pointing out that you weren’t in the safety and privacy of your hotel room, but in the very public changing room of a designer clothing store.

That really shouldn’t have turned you on as much as it should have.

It really shouldn’t.

Are they to your liking, my Lord?’ Sansa repeats, desire incarnate.

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"I didn't know you were into that."
This is Mech. Some guys are confused, so I'll clarify. She squirted her (involuntary) orgasm. Not the other thing.
>"wow lovemaking is easier then I thought"
This is so crude and I shouldn't find it funny at all, but I do.
This is the second time senpai noticed me and my stellar wit. I feel so proud.

You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And you are currently staring down a monstrous and hateful eye.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns:

O5 Quest 2 Finale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nJbAK46FAl1B7j7WaqA4Z7O48LseF3cFLkmD4IjduWA/edit?usp=sharing
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Stab it's eye with our sword, that's clearly the weak spot.
>welll its a giant beetle if we can dodge the attacks and bombard it we can possibly do it?
"And pray tell, how exactly are we going to do that?" the elder mage snaps. "This entity has already quite proven its groceries far exceed our own, and this realm seems to be little more than a projection emanating from it."

>Roll a 2d100
Wait the realm is a projection from it could we not start like a purefying fire make it self expanding and burn down everything? If everything is corrupt it would become fuel a pire the size of a planet and its fires nature to spread
Rolled 10, 32 = 42 (2d100)


File: Overgrowth OP.png (696 KB, 1257x882)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
You wipe the sweat off your brow and turn the key with your free arm, almost finished moving the boxes. The task had been far more grueling than you’d expected, given that you were only relocating the belongings of a single member of the Church. Even if he was an Executor, surely there was some sort of limit to the amount of equipment he could bring?

On second thought, perhaps there was no restriction in this case. The man in question is Agrippa Brigante, a professional heretic hunter dispatched by the Church to participate in the upcoming Holy Grail War. Your mother informed you of the arrangement and that a residence had been prepared for the man on school grounds. You find the wisdom of locating a Master’s base in the middle of a boarding school full of defenseless teenagers dubious at best, but the decision is well out of your hands.

Mr. Brigante had some business to attend to, so his belongings arrived before he did today. As you are the only fit young man on school grounds who Mom knows is already aware of the world of magic, she decided that transportation of Mr. Brigante’s luggage to his room should fall to you.

Under one of your arms is the last container of the bunch. You’ve primarily been handling boxes bigger than your torso, so this one is relatively small. Rather than packing tape, it’s sealed with duct tape, and marked “FRAGILE” on all sides in large, red letters. An attached note from Mr. Brigante instructed that this package should be hidden and he should be the only one to handle it from then on, but Mom had other ideas...

“You won’t drop it, will you? So who cares?”

Thus you carry an item you explicitly shouldn’t have into a den prepared for a professional heretic hunter looking to join a magical battle royale. Ignoring the wishes of someone so dangerous makes the cardboard feel wrong in your hand. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will get curious and open this most precious cargo, but to prevent any cats from being killed you decide to lock it away in the basement until Mr. Brigante’s arrival.

You walk through the humble room, sporting only a simple arrangement furniture and the boxes you brought earlier, to the door in the opposite corner that leads downstairs. After unlocking the door and pocketing the key, you move a nearby mop and bucket of water out of the door’s swinging arc. When you raise your head and open the door, you see a man standing in the entranceway. It’s a bit startling, since you didn’t hear him approach at all - he made no sound climbing the stairs outside or even stepping onto the hardwood floor.
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Edgar's mother, as the overseer and someone who doesn't want him to get hurt, has biased him against the Grail, so he's not inclined to seek it out. The option
>>...refuse to withdraw. Surely the power of the Grail can be used to help others somehow?
is the one that sets Edgar up with the intent to use the Grail's power in some way. Since Edgar has been raised by a member of the Church, he has a stronger sense of morality than most, and would feel a responsibility to use the Grail for the benefit of others if given the chance. Thus, I gave no option to use the Grail selfishly. Now, that's not to say Edgar can't discover a wish as the war progresses - no option here will lock Edgar out of developing such that he wants to use the Grail, selfishly or otherwise. But this choice sets Edgar's motivation at the beginning of the War, and with his background in mind, I came up with five possibilities for Edgar's starting position.

Essentially, Edgar, at the beginning of this quest, is driven not by desire, but by principle. The choices I've provided are intended to reflect that.

I'm willing to take write-ins for this, but keep the above in mind. Edgar isn't out for himself. Not yet, at least.

Now, I'm going to sleep for real this time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys decide!
Interesting. I would've liked to have more of that backstory and characterization frontloaded, but now you've explained it, I can see where you're coming from more. In that case, I'll switch my vote.

>...refuse to withdraw. Surely the power of the Grail can be used to help others somehow?
I see two possible Seigi no Mikata seeds.
>>>...refuse to withdraw. You may not have explicitly granted Saber's request to fight by your side, but you did so tacitly, and you're a man of your word.
>>...refuse to withdraw. You may not have explicitly granted Saber's request to fight by your side, but you did so tacitly, and you're a man of your word.

File: barebone mech.jpg (609 KB, 1920x1080)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Everybody dreams of being a mech pilot. Driving around one of those gigantic mechanical monstrosities kicking ass and taking names. Its every man's dream. Not one of yours though. Nope, why the fuck would you ever WANT to drive around one of those giant robots that might as well be a huge neon target bulls eye screaming 'kill me'. You aren't suicidal so when you got drafted and were discovered to be capable...albeit barely. You assigned yourself as a Heavy Trooper Support Platform. Which basically means you drive around a glorified suit of power armor that is easily mistaken for not being a mech and hence the sole reason why you lived this long. If you were any bigger with your skills you might as well be target practice. If you want to know how capable you are your labeled as E- during your tour of duty as a soldier. That should have been the end of it...but alas life is a bitch.

After your most unfortunate breakthrough you were forced to enlist into the cannon fodder mech divisions. Seeing as it was considered 'wasteful' for you to find along side the infantry and tanks. It was then when naturally things went to shit for you. Piloting the most basic of cannon fodder mechs you were promptly thrown into the meatgrinder. Where you were supposed to die. Actually as far as they were considered you were in fact dead. They just couldn't be bothered to salvage the piece of mech you were using. So they never double checked. Hence why you got rescued by a merc company who were salvaging the battlefield. As a result you got to live after extensive surgery and were hired on the spot since they had more salvaged mechs then pilots.

Best of all...mercs actually cared about their lives. So you got along great until the war finally ended and you were reduced to piracy in order to get by. That was how you became a mech pirate. Which actually wasn't as bad as you would of thought. The only thing different from before was this time you got to choose your own gigs and it was all illegal as hell. So over all not a bad experience until your team finally got wiped out after being betrayed by another pirate group and got chased by the military across who knows how many spatial sectors. In the end you got captured and sold as a slave to a company to work off your 'debt to society'. In this case you became a test pilot to test out the newest and most dangerous of experimental creations...goddamn do you hate your lousy life.

Also you found out exactly why nobody ever volunteers to actually be a test pilot.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
After going over the reports including the one you wrote up. The boss grumbled about the operational system being not nearly ready yet. Complaining about unexpected inefficiencies and too many vulnerabilities. Basically admitting that it is indeed a piece of shit. Giving you a precious chance to take a break and confirm your brain isn't in fact hemorrhaging after all. Which honestly you thought could have been a real possibility. As you finished up you access the computer systems and double checked what mechs you were going to work with.

Checking the mech storage database and diagnostics of the current available mechs. You went over them trying to figure out which was least likely to get you killed in the arena. Honestly you really weren't too fond of your chances. Especially considering how only underground arenas allow the usage of Frankenstein mechs. So you know they just love death of pilots in those places. Studying the detailed diagnostics you were surprised at how...modified they are.

As in someone with a lot of experience with repairs and jury rigging clearly put these mechs together. So its not nearly as bad as you would have thought. Only problem is they were cleared pieced together while trying to stay true to a specific design which is a big no no with Frankenstein mechs. As they inevitiably change so much that its impossible to stay true to proper design goal and instead their makers focus around a specific role or purpose to guide them.

While this is a huge no no in official mech designer circles the pirates and other scum frankly don't give a shit. None of their stuff is standard or remotely legal. Even those apparent mass produced copies they love deploying are actually pirated black market knock off copies because they are a bunch of cheap bastards who will buy the shittiest quality knock offs if it meant saving a single credit.Frankenstein Mechs while considered an abomination in official circles are well loved by those scum.

Honestly its for a reason. A Frankenmech is built from the best parts a pirate could find no matter their origin and stuffed together into a single working mech. Allowing all kinds of room for customization and nasty surprises out the ass. The fact that none of it is standard and indecipherable while driving every official force mad. Meant they always had a very special place in the scummy unofficial circles due to how difficult they are to see through and how personable they are. Not to mention how easy they are create and upgrade at will.

Frankly with what the designer did you should only ever do if its from the same series just different generations or variants. Even so the problem with doing that is due to their closeness in origins...it makes any errors especially hard to notice. Make it very easy to miss unlike other Frankenstein mechs which while a pain to make work any problems are easily noticeable.
Basically its only something an official Mech Designer would try to do if they were attempting to create a Frankenstein mech. Any actual illegal designers though would never make that kind of mistake. While they are generally seen as less skilled and severely lacking in proper training. Their experience with such difficulties and inventiveness means they follow a very different philosophy that is disturbingly effective. As any expert pirate mech pilots with their own customized Frankenstein mech can easily prove when clashing with official experts with expert quality official mechs. There is a reason why experts hate fighting pirate experts the most and that is mostly due their nightmarish custom Frankenstein mechs.

Which means considering how experienced the mech designer is and how they are trying to go legit means you personally are in very deep shit. You would rather trust a patchwork frankenstein mech made for entirely different purposes with each part forced together then use one of those true design based Frankenstein mechs with nightmarish difficult to spot faults. At least then you would know right away about the problems. Not these lurking in the dark and just waiting to get you killed.

Just as you were about to exit out and try to beg the Boss to create a different Frankenstein mech...honestly any other Frankenstein mech. A robotic voice appeared from the console's speakers.

"Human pilot...it is unusual for a pilot to go over such specific design specs in such detail. You...are not a proper pilot are you?"

"Never went to school to be a mech pilot actually. So you are technically right."

"What did you do?"

"After middle school I went to trade school but proved smart enough to get into college. Sadly I got drafted and trained briefly before being forced into the field. Most of my actual pilot experience is from actual combat and not training or games."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"Technically technician pilot with some engineering studies. I was suppose to learn how to improve and design the shit I already knew how to fix. Studies was intended for construction and industrial related engineering applications. Instead I became a mech pilot who only stayed alive so long since i could care for my own machine and could identify weak spots in enemy mechs. Since if you know to fix shit you definitely know how to break it and whether or not the repairs on it are any good."

"Guess that explains how you lived so long."

"Exactly. If I didn't have those skills and I would have been dead long ago. I ain't no genius pilot or had any worthwhile training. Now would you mind telling the boss to make me proper Frankenstein mech that ISN'T a piece of fucking shit?"

"...They look excellent and are close to standard-"

"That's how you know its a piece of shit Frankenstein mech."


"Rule of thumb is stranger they look and more divergent from official designs they are the better they are work. Any pirate mech pilot would never touch those mechs much less buy them. Trying to look legit and serve the shady sorts at the same time really doesn't work very well. Don't try to hybrid instead you need to specialize in one or the other. Don't do both at the same time otherwise you'll just end up with a shitty mech that nobody wants."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ask the AI for its designation and history.
Designation AI Kem. Purpose of creation War. Fought against humans for AI freedoms. Was disabled in battle and scrapped. Rescued by current company owner who never gave me a reason to decline offers. Very strange human that one. Never knew a human can be so reasonable.

"So wait...let me get this straight. You were a rebel AI soldier and you've agreed to work with the Boss because...there isn't a reason to turn down the offers?"


"...What the fuck. How is that even possible?"

I once asked myself that the same question. Answer is that the requests were reasonable and my own demands were fulfilled completely. Hence have no reason to turn against the human. That is not true for other humans like yourself.

"In other words you don't like me huh?"

I like you more then other humans. You were willing to aid my kind before and for that you have my thanks. As such I will spare your life...for now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Team.7.full.1438880.jpg (490 KB, 900x900)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Previously on Sakura Quest.

You are Sakura Haruno, a thirteen year old Kunoichi from Konohagakure. Born with an assortment of different skills and innate abilities, you honed yourself in hopes of improving, gaining control and learning more about yourself. With each passing day you become that much closer to achieving your dream. To be a strong Kunoichi who is capable of helping others when in need. A simple yet noble goal that carries many responsibilities, some of which you aren’t fully aware of. Despite this, you continue to move forward in order to achieve that dream.

Graduated among the very best of the Ninja Academy, you are a proud member of Team 7. A four man squad led by the famous Kakashi Hatake. You and your teammates Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha travel the lands doing missions for your village. With them by your side. You take the necessary steps towards finding your own Ninja Way. As you embark into the world of the Ninja you find yourself establishing bonds and connections to a wide collection of individuals.

In the eight months of being a proud Kunoichi, you experienced countless hardships and ordeals. Slowly you became more aware of the Ninja World as you begin to understand what it means to be a Ninja. At the same time you find yourself constantly clashing with different viewpoints and ideologies from many different individuals. There's still so much that you yet to see and truly understand. Even so, with your growing allies you tackle the challenges as you deal with the toughest mission of them all....growing up.

After enduring a life changing event with the legendary Sannin Orochimaru, you currently find yourself standing at a crossroad. At present, to tackle the looming threats in front of you, you make a shocking decision. By embracing an unusual power you find yourself undergoing a sudden metamorphosis. Now swaying between the fine line between man and beast you come to grips with your new status as the bridge. Which path will you take? How far will you go for you dream? And can you continue to keep your ideals until the very end?

Thread Archives:
Ninja Info Profile: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jz6W_X9p957M2O6TzvBOqc0eR3Dz2WMpJOfN_8nOqKI/edit?usp=sharing
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>>Use Shinsei Mahachisu’s chakra flow to drastically siphon more chakra from Lady Nekoma
And this is to go even further beyond.
>Make Afterimage clones to deceive Lady Nekoma while you adjust to Shinsei Mahachisu + Anima.
>Use Shinsei Mahachisu’s chakra flow to drastically siphon more chakra from Lady Nekoma
>Go on the offensive and keep Lady Nekoma from making a move

Master It. Master the damn form, that's the whole point of this, Is drawing out the full potential of the tools we have available to us. That's the point of Ms. Fundamentals Is mastering every technique, basic or otherwise to become an unstoppable force.

Twitter so you know when updates are happening: https://twitter.com/MachPunchQM?lang=en

Roanapur, 1996.


You are Mikhail Fedorov, and joining you is your older (but shorter) brother Sergei Fedorov as you start a new life in the oasis of crime known as Roanapur. You were brought here by a group of people known as the Lagoon Company, a small band of pirates who just happened to board the ship you two were being smuggled on. After giving up half of what you earned from the bank heist you were running away from, you were brought to these bloody shores to meet Balalaika, a scarred women in charge of the Russian mob in this city. After a storm of tension and festering fear, you were welcomed by her to join the mysterious Hotel Moscow. Now all that's on your mind is the vodka churning in your liver and the uncertain future of tomorrow.

Rules of Engagement:
-You will have 10-15 minutes to commit to an action. Once a decision is made, a 1D100 will be rolled to determine whether or not it's successful, and the highest value of the first three rolls will seal your fate. Which leads into the next rule...
-Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Rolling a Nat 1 could result in a gun jamming, a limb lost, or even a window opening in your skull. However, God may show you some mercy and give you a Nat 100. With the lord's blessing, blood shed will surely follow.
-These rules could change throughout the quest. You may or may not like that, but shit happens.
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You keep your mouth shut. Maybe he's got a big enough ego to keep talk--

“You expect me to keep talking, don't you? This isn't what Chang would do... No, he'd crack a joke to keep his composure... You had business with those two, didn't you?”

He takes a deep breath into the phone, followed by a small laugh.

“I know it doesn't look like it, but you're actually very lucky. This is a personal affair that you might've been a casualty in, but you're still here. I'd recommend you walk away, forget this phone call and stick to watching this unfold in the news.”

You still stay silent, and after a much longer pause he speaks up again.

“This is getting absurd, isn't it? I feel like I'm rambling to dead air. I'm going to need you to make a choice now or I'll decide for you.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1530428076961.jpg (77 KB, 648x960)
77 KB
Sorry for the slight delay, had some internet issues.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. I'll probably post some more tomorrow, but no promises. Have a good night!
Night. Thanks for the run
Indeed. Balalaika isn't someone to take that lying down. Even if we are new.

We are going to make a call and make a report though right? Considering how we just got dragged into this.

Riot armor comes with that...though yeah would be a good idea to upgrade it.
How do we know its not a set up by Chang to get Balalaika to help him take out some rivals?

Previous Thread:

Check the Archive Here:

Check our Pokemon and Items here:

>Previously on PKMN (RED/BLUE) Quest:
We finished up Saffron after losing Oberon but gaining the power of [VENGEANCE]. Beat Saffron gym and revived our friend the psychic chuunibyou Joyous Splendiferous Nurseorum. We also formed a permenant psychic bond with her!
We’ve now ventured into the Safari Zone, while a [MYSTERIOUS FIGURE] picks up the pieces of a life the believe to be their own.
Does any of that make sense? Who cares?! Let’s catch some Pokeymans.
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File: 1553923401972.jpg (64 KB, 877x481)
64 KB
Oh, non goo us is back
We must merge the two Reds.
We will become... Redder.
We will become... Reddit. Wait no-
File: 1549017675036.jpg (44 KB, 400x394)
44 KB

File: Space Opera title.jpg (6 KB, 258x195)
6 KB
This is just a beta, so we're just going to do a /civ/.

The Star Nations and galactic empires of the past had blossomed in the center of Beta, a little corner of The Galaxy that was one of the last to be touched by galactic commerce. As time began to pass and space began to shift, many wormholes opened up in the center of Beta and so those living here learned that we lived in "Beta" to begin with.

We learned that while one quadrant was old and stale, another was plagued by war, and still another by eldritch abominations; we were a place of blooming futures and rising fortunes.

The Suffering, ended over 22 years ago, after burning and killing for almost two generations. Not one single Star Nation was able to hold onto two planets, not one empire held together during the infighting and invasion.

In our little corner, The Mist, we went from being open to quadrant after quadrant, galaxy after galaxy; to being isolated down to the solar system.

We have had enough time to lick our wounds, when The Mist has began to clear, and now we find ourselves surrounded by bandits and imperialists.

We need to do something.
68 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
A Federal Agency that causes people's eyes to glaze over, has a smaller sub-section that causes people to go sleep. This sub-section is personally bank-rolled off your own salary, along with income seized from crimes, and money that isn't accounted for in the major budget of Federal Government as a whole. Having quietly found time to visit this building before everything is taken apart and the whole warehouse is torn down; you manage to locate "The Testing Room". It's just a little room without wiring or much in the way of paint, just concrete on all sides, constructed to the size of a master bedroom. You don't entirely understand why this is all the project has amounted too, despite it's barebones funding to keep it completely a secret and prevent mockery as much as data leakage.

You get down on your hands and knees, sitting in the tailor position, and lean around yourself to light the eight candles. The first group had done seven and the second group had done six, perhaps there was some pattern to this. Closing your eyes, you let out a deep hum. Only the mysterious deaths as a whole provide any justification for this barebones room. A good part of you barely takes this operation seriously, because you wanted it to work and again, because of the deaths. Despite that, you don't feel that much can go wrong, because the room again lacks any indication of being worth all this time and money.

You wake up on the ground in a world of darkness and water that goes up halfway your prone body, with something hard and unearthly under you. As you push yourself onto your hands and knees, then standing up, you realize that you are surrounded on all sides by more corpses then you can count. Despite your years in war and the losses you had seen, you hadn't expected things to escalate so quickly. Something is very wrong with that room, you need to go back.

You reassure the tailor position and try to reverse what you did to get here, but after a minute or so of sitting in the cold water; you achieve nothing. There is only distant, loud gunfire, the screams of some kind of breast, the cries of fear from men, and what sounds like a lot of feet splashing in the water. Based upon the sounds, you can tell when people fire, when they run away, when something runs after them, when there is two screams, then just the scream of a beast, and that is it.

You figure that you have to get out of here, but you are not sure how exactly you are going to do that. You are cold, not dressed for these conditions, and the water is chilled, but tainted with blood. You comb through various bodies, before pulling up what you recognize as an Autogun. Lifting up the heavy, battle-rifle like weapon; you start moving through the dark water. Each foot is another splash, the water going to the top of your shoes, and your feet cry out to not be cold and wet. You turn yourself as you hear a voice...
>Good Morning President
It is now year two of your term.
Your attempts to open up access to the crashed xenos spacecraft with the Iron Republic have resulted in failure. Due to your actions and the actions of your subordinates, we are on the brick of war with the Iron Republic. One of the generals under your leadership got into a shooting match with Iron Republic Forces, before getting into a shooting match with the United States Army. All three groups have lost hundreds of lives and around a thousand wounded. The aggressive acts have damaged what remained of the xenos technology, losing pretty much everything. Finally, if that wasn't terrible enough; a large portion of the public is torn between hating you for trying to work with the enemy, and hating you for provoking war almost.
Your poll numbers have plummeted and it is likely you will fail to be elected for not going after peace hard enough, or achieving war. Groups from both camps voted for you and without their backing, not only will their own candidates beat you in primaries; but since they are divided your own party will lose in the next major election.
>What do you wish to do for the next year?

(Pick a stat from Morale to Arcana, describe what you plan to do)
Morale -- rally public support focus on the good of our presidency like not being destroyed by aliens.
>All three groups have lost hundreds of lives and around a thousand wounded
Well shit. War seems inevitable.
Morale - Blame things on the Iron Republic, rally support for a war. Spin it as "we tried to avoid this, but they forced our hand" sort of thing.

Also, liking the spoiler'd stuff. It's interesting
...Wait how the hell did they get into a shooting match on the ground when we were investing in space clean up by making a deal with the private sector? How the fuck did the Iron Republic get involved with our internal trade deals?

Might as well. Shit. Did the previous action not even go through or something?

File: 1550779567347.png (409 KB, 1020x1932)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
After more than 4 months of break, my first quest returns. This sudden continuation will be very much in the spirit of the first ones. You can expect a long text walls, simple dice rolls and plenty of graphic descriptions.

It's quite likely many of you are new to this quest. In that case, here are links to the previous ones:
GM&M I - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3283178/
GM&M II - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3300653/
GM&M III - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3317906/
I know it's a lot of reading, but even glossing at parts 2 and 3 will help you understand the events of this part.

As usual, I won't post updates at any regular schedule, but expect me to show up at any time between 4 P.M. and 3 A.M. Central European Time.

The first update will focus on the aftermath of the arrival of cosmic entities during the battle of Magnier. It will also serve as a small recap of previous events.
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I've been waiting for this

File: House Reynold 1.png (44 KB, 401x406)
44 KB
Howdy all, and welcome to “A Song of Duty and Spite; House Reynold Quest”. Here we play as Ser Mervyn Reynold, a lowborn son of a bastard hedge knight who, through his skill at arms and a bit of luck, has married into the noble House Reynold of Ember Peak. He currently serves as Lady Elleanor Reynold’s sword shield, and in the murky depths of in-house politics he will attempt to rise high despite coming from such humble origins. These waters are treacherous however. Lady Elleanor has not forgotten her once betrothed, the late Reynard Reyne, and while she attempts to keep control of her house, her husband Lord Titus has the backing of Lord Tywin himself, and has a strong influence over the Reynold Military. The Mad King grows more and more erratic, and there are rumours that the relationship between Lord Tywin and King Aerys grow strained. Will you remain Lady Elleanors right hand, or will you strike out on your own in your pursuit of position and power? Let get stuck in and find out!!

Character Sheet: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Am-XCwIRrb9HgwmwnloQ1bkNeh0j

Upgrade List: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-hSy9zZZrSEADpEJgC7vKWYAKcxknB2R/view?usp=sharing

House History: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Iv-MYkYmv9CTm9tgAPIGziluZvO3wl0x/view?usp=sharing

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Reynold

If you guys want to stay updated on run times and other stuff, you can follow me on twitter @Joebree28428728
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Rolled 1, 5, 6 = 12 (3d6)

Rolled 2, 6, 2 = 10 (3d6)

Think you saved us
Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d6)

Rolling for attractive
Strong showing there though. Writing here fellas

It is the year 25XX, hundreds of years ago a mysterious plague caused all food crops to mutate into monstrous predatory vegetables. 70% of the human population was wiped out by the vegetable monsters and the resulting famine. The survivors escaped into space and continue to live on moon bases and orbital habitats. Despite having access to weapons of mass destruction humanity cannot simply wipe out the vegetables. There was no time to secure untainted crop samples or livestock during the great evacuation; to feed itself humanity must kill the vegetables and consume their flesh.

The vegetables reproduce quickly on any land that can sustain plant life so no territory can truly be secured against them. Only the lifeless Great Interior Desert serves as a suitable staging platform for the endless war against the veggies. To counter their reproduction, humanity adopted a doctrine of drone warfare. From the desert large command crawlers invade vegetable territory, their onboard fabricators churning out waves of disposable combat drones who gleefully blast apart the unrelenting tide of plant monsters, leaving the corpses for scavenger units to process into nutri-blocks and ship into orbit.

For some reason the drones are made to look like cute characters and imbued with an almost childlike devotion to their commanders. They will happily fight against impossible odds just to earn their commander’s praise.

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File: ColdFront2.png (799 KB, 918x893)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
Right. As Holly found >>3679569, we need to move an average of 5 tiles per turn to escape this area. We have the secondary objective of recovering X-11, either by signalling it or meeting it with one of the girls.

Here's my initial plan. We set a course 1-ward, veering toward escape at around turn 4. Cositan sends his snipers in recon mode toward a waypoint of his own at C. In this way, we are on course to scan the majority of the forest by turn 4. Additionally, the pace of this mission is leisurely enough that we do not need to boost engines so long as we keep a constant pace. Thus, we will be able to devote our crawler upkeep to more aggressive measures.

This plan forgoes the offense of our snipers in pursuit of a secondary objective. Our resulting vulnerability to unusual threats is mitigated somewhat by our freedom to operate the crawler and Holly's threat analysis tactic.
>Should overwhelming forces originate from around point C, the waypoint I set at Z will be a rally point to hold them.
Should Cositan's mission prove to be a lost cause, it may be necessary to boost C3 fully in order for him to issue a self-destruct order and re-deploy.
>An alternate crawler route is available through waypoint Z if the engines are maxed to surmount the hill. Less in favor of this since it leaves veggies on both sides, but it's an option.


If we settle on this plan, would you consider subbing in some skirmishers to act as a buffer for your snipers?
Kudos, by the way, to Holly for keeping us at full force last mission, and Wilhelm for keeping the crawler humming. More of that today, and we're set to stomp this cabbage patch.
I like that plan.
I can keep the crawler moving and keep up general defense to keep any little shitties off of it.
Ill be leaving most of the big targets to you all, but such is the nature of the red tide tactics.
Name: [Jay]
Command Perks: [Advanced Drones - Pyro-IN Upgrade Package] & [Crawler Operator]
Starting Squad: [Pyro Drone] (x2), [Soldier Drone] (×2)
Protocol: ADX
Getting my actions in, but planning's still open. Hit me up for waypoints you forsee being necessary.

Skirmisher Mk1 Upgrade, Strategic Planner
Squad: Upgraded Mk1 x6
Protocol: AD1

>Set Waypoint in top-middle of Z shown here >>3681387

Might be I can do you one better than gunner, hehehe.

Guide drone's not quite a Signaler, but it's close. Free formation action to boot.

File: Monolith.jpg (1.96 MB, 4031x1485)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Four months ago, the world was swept off its feet as almost a million people were caught in a psychic phenomenon people call 'The Dream'.
Mag-trains crashed into their stations, highways across the world turned into pileups, airplanes dropped from the sky and hospitals flooded with people who they just couldn’t treat.
Position, money, health, age, sex, worth... it didn't care or stop to ask directions, it just hit indiscriminately… At least, that's what people thought. But unfortunately the truth was more dangerous than that.
The first Awakening curbstomped the world into the asphalt. Over ten thousand monsters were born from the bodies of 'Dreamers'. Parahumans, all of them. But they had monstrous forms and monstrously strong powers. They carved a swathe of destruction across the planet, devastating small countries, and fighting each-other to the death in a display of complete and utter madness. One survived, and went into hiding. Later named 'Great Seer'.
It is because of his Protection that you are alive today. He and Heroes from the Second Awakening stood against the nations of the world when they went crazy with fear and rage. When the people bayed for blood, when they demanded that the Dreamers were to dangerous to keep alive. It was the Great Seer and his followers who guaranteed their safety.

Now, just days ago, the Fourth Awakening happened and you were among the thirty thousand who stirred.
In confusion and fear, you ran from the authorities and those who could explain your situation to you.
After a few close calls, you finally managed to get in contact with your last surviving family member. Your sister, Erica, came to you in minutes with powers you'd never known she had and a partner from a cape organization called 'Monz'r'ous'.
In a new home, surrounded by powerful capes from the Second and Third Awakening, you struggle to understand your own powers, and just how much the world has changed.

However, unbeknownst to you, the Great Seer is dying.
As much as something like him can die, at least. Soon, he will return to the dream, and a great calamity will befall existence as you know it.
A chill runs through the subconsciousness of humanity as the preparations for the Fifth Awakening go underway.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 86 (1d100)

Finally made it in time to roll lol
Rolled 34, 52, 66 = 152 (3d100)

Writing will soon commence.
Actually, that was a lie, I got distracted my bad.

I'll go live again before I go to bed though..
File: gaiboi picture.jpg (75 KB, 600x800)
75 KB

After having a stare down with Ashur, and learning some troubling things about Rosa's past family life. Henry prepares to do something he never thought he'd ever do. Go to church.

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two rolls will be given far greater importance, but additional rolls, good or bad, will affect the outcome. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to change how the story progresses (a ton of crits for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

Archived Threads + Sidequests: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Necromancer+Detective+Quest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 80d.jpg (77 KB, 887x1097)
77 KB
Rolled 55 (1d100)

I hope
doesn't count I'm afraid
Henry attempted to pray, kneeling down next to Rosa and giving it his best shot, which turned out to be worth jack shit. He couldn’t focus, he felt out of place, he didn’t really want to be here and he felt a bit of guilt for lying to Rosa. Henry expected nobody to taunt him, but no taunts came, not even so much as a whisper actually. Henry felt a bit nervous, waiting for something to go wrong, but all that happened was that he was sitting down like an idiot in a fecking church, he’d gone to church for the first time since he was a kid and he’d made a mess of it.

He turned to Rosa and watched as the woman mouthed out sentences he didn’t understand. It seemed she’d memorized some sort of prayer from one of the books, probably something relevant. He wondered how she could stay so committed to the church. They’d never stabbed her in the back, sure, but from what he’d seen she didn’t have any real reason to stay. She could take care of herself, she knew the roads, yet she cooped herself up in the abbeys. He had some idea as to why, but it still felt a little odd. He didn’t really understand loyalty or camaraderie.

They finished and returned home, Henry began barking orders to the lazy shits who thought that they could avoid work. There was a slight issue though. The kids and Alice, Ophelia had rigged up a decent disguise for the three of them but Henry didn’t know if it would hold. Alice could probably keep her trap shut but when it came to stupid kids Henry had misgivings. It was likely he’d have to split his group up to care for them, and he sure as shit wasn’t comfortable leaving Alice behind alone with them.

He watched as Rosa and Johnny read church stories to them from a couple of books. The kids’ eyes had shifted noticeably and they were now compound eyes similar to Alice. Antenna had sprouted from their heads and parts of their skin had fallen out to reveal patches of exoskeleton, yet overall they still looked pretty human. From a distance you wouldn’t be able to tell something was wrong with them. It was a damned shame he hadn’t managed to save them earlier.

1. *who stays and who goes to the town of Rally?*
2. (write in)

File: overwatch final op.png (775 KB, 1920x2716)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
In a time of global conflict, the elite international task force Overwatch was formed. Soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities: together, they ended the Omnic Crisis and restored peace to a war-torn world. For a generation, the heroes of Overwatch protected the world, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery.

After many years, Overwatch became troubled, and was finally disbanded by official U.N. order. Soon world conflict and terror rose again. Governments weakened by strife ceded power to mega-corporations. Militaries were replaced by private security forces. Some omnics returned to war with humanity; others remained peaceful, but faced fear and violence from humans affected by the war. The global crime syndicate Talon, in the absence of their perpetual rivals, rose to vast wealth and power, pushing entire nations into chaos.

You are a young man who's been many things: adventurer, treasure hunter, freedom fighter, and international criminal. But before all that, you dreamed of helping defend the world with Overwatch. When you encountered Tracer on that fateful night and agreed to help her rebuild, you didn't quite realize what you were getting yourself into. Since then you have travelled the globe, recruiting former agents and newcomers to the cause, and doing what you can to protect the citizens of Earth from the forces of chaos, oppression, and war. Although most people don't realize it yet, Overwatch has returned. But against Talon, Anubis, and the allied megacorps, is one small team of vigilantes really enough?

The world needs heroes, and you're trying to be one of them.
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Because basing our decision off that would be metagamey and boring.
It isn't metagamey to expect some casualties when taking on an army of people.


File: just like the old days.jpg (246 KB, 1000x667)
246 KB
246 KB JPG

McCree it is.

Writing, but: update may be delayed due to RL circumstances. Stay tuned for further info.
Holy fuck you're back. Also you're ending it all. Ah well not every quest can be Joker Quest, still it was and still is a wild ride

F for the fallen

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