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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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The year is 2031, and Europa has erupted into war between two competing military alliances, fighting for two competing visions of the world. One side is looking to the future and one side is looking to the past. One side is a multipolarity with no center, and the other is based around "Greco-Roman civilization".

The EU and NATO are dead, they did not survive the Great Recession of 2008. That was the world that Tabak knew and grew up in, a world where Eastern Europe was thriving, while most of the rest of it was being torn apart. A world where Pretashinko had convinced the various nations of Eastern Europe to band together to survive, to prosper, to never let the past oppress them.
>>5266299 Description of the two sides here

Tabak has a powerful and capable technology known as "Tactical Operating System for Stability, Utilitarianism, and Peace". In the training exercise it widely expanded his capability to command and consider, now it needs to help him hold the Hungarian capitol. This kind of technology was incredibly powerful and was likely going to be what decided who won this war.
>>5266557 Further Description here

Tabuk had a private meeting with Pretashinko, the man known as "The Tzar" and he is shaken by what he has seen. Those eyes...That thing in the shadow..... The light....The shinering...... Either Tabuk is going insane little by little, he was heavily manipulated, or something is going on. There is something about the world that he did not know before.

Tabuk had fainted. He said made it clear that he was not certain who he could trust, but something went wrong and he fainted after that. It was like he lost his ability to keep his cool and his body just shut down from the stress.
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>Can we interact with the train station in any way; say use them as an underground, hidden means of travel to other train stations or as a bomb shelter?
Bomb shelter, possible source of reinforcement. We can't leave the area for now, we can only reinforce ourselves via the train station and are not allowed to leave the objective or lose it.
>Can we interact with manhole covers to travel in underground sewers, hide in ambush within the sewers, or hide from bombings?
We don't have the training to go into the sewers, we don't know the area, and our kit is too heavy.
Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d10)

Rolled 6, 4 = 10 (2d10)

Um, that's not good. Rolling again
Rolled 10, 5, 1, 3 = 19 (4d10)


>Barely Passed
Overcome and thus failed

Tabak has already put more tabacco in his pipe and lit it again as he tries to figure out what exactly the enemy is planning. Like the popular American cartoon "Гyбкa Бoб Квaдpaтныe Штaны", the enemy is just sitting there...menacingly. They can't see them currently, but they can roughly detect their locations. Standard procedure at times like this, is to just be as quiet as you can and just watch, look for the enemy. At any moment someone will see someone else, and then the shooting will begin. After about a minute, he hears on the radio the following.

This is Ohotnik... We lost track of the enemy mechanized infantry....They have tanks that have moved up into position instead.... What is going on...

Tabak sits there wondering what is going on... It could be flanking... But if it's flanking... Would messaging them to warn them be a good idea? It would expose their position...and if they are in hiding... How would someone sneak up on them.... They would see someone passing in front of them right?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 4, 5, 3, 1, 10, 9, 4, 6, 6, 4, 6, 7 = 65 (12d10)

Tabak felt cold sweat begin to drip down his face as his mind filled with the possibilities and horrors of what likely just happened.

"Ohotnik" They are likely moved among you right now. Find them and start shooting!

We're trying to do that! Hold on!

This is Zolo vehicles here! We got four burning wrecks, we're going to start opening fire as soon as we can!

Pizzeria Quest Continued:

Archives: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nm4wIIRm_qLE6QXMl2oxf8TYqE7apKWw3_Nbl2vmONc/edit?usp=sharing

(Links to various Days/Nights up to the current one are at the top of the Archive)

Prior thread:

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Circled jerk?
Oh god.
Its redditors. DO NOT ASSIMILATE.
That's what Corporate called the system we signed up for. We do not mention that and instead just call ourselves members of the Hive.
What, you thought we were the only dumbasses who YOLO’d everything into shitcoin?
Fuck yeah Galaga.
I agree to reposition the pinball machine into the arcade room if there's space for it but the gumball machine stays near the entrance where every kid can see it, that things a money maker so you gotta keep it by the door, when people leave they think one last minute gumball isn't such a big purchase and get it.
File: sea bonnies.png (428 KB, 1280x1306)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
We been hacked.
All our Sea Bonnies gone.

File: 05202022map0.jpg (2.86 MB, 3530x2003)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
Read the rules: https://pastebin.com/hQMZiGUM.
How to play: https://pastebin.com/ehJnx9SL (or the how-to-play gif below)

The dice you put in the "options" box is:

>What is /conqst/?
/conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling, strategy game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. Build your nation on the path that you choose, be it war, economical, benevolence or just plain chaotic. You tell the story of how your nation thrives in this ever-changing world. Just remember one thing: Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world.

>Can I join?
If there's any territory shaded in white, yes. If there isn't any, some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players).

>How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
It's better for you to learn as you go, but its not difficult to play. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to attack, fortify, and/or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll.
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Hail victory, neighborean
Rolled 9 (1d10)

{872829123} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s
{921572152} Australia is a great place to focus your expansion in! EXPAND WHERE THE LAND IS WHERE THE LAND A-
{222222222} I smell her.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Expand into the desert
Capturing the oil fields
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Also sent another expedition to Malaysia and Indonesia
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Fortify and activate ka-ching

File: Start1.jpg (20 KB, 640x480)
20 KB
Saiyans. Known throughout the universe as the warrior race, their power and combat prowess proved invaluable in the Covenant's downfall. And with the largest threat to the PTO destroyed, their remnants scattered across space, the universe has been united under one banner. Peace reigns across the galaxy, under the rule of Lord Freeza, Emperor of the Universe. But not all wish it to be this way. Remnants of those who were conquered are gathering in the shadows, increasing their power, and plotting their revenge. Despite this newfound age of peace swiftly spreading across the stars, there are those who would seek its end. Will you be able to stop them, or shall the universe once more be plunged into the fires of war?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest! This story takes place in an alternate timeline within the greater Dragonball EU. You the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Berserker Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power, widely recognized across the universe as Freeza's close friend and confidant, not to mention his right hand man and General of his forces. From humble beginnings on the now long gone Planet Vegeta, Karn has become the pride of his people, and their greatest champion.

Character sheets and other info:
Support funding quest art here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time, unless otherwise specified
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Cooler vs Remnants
Let's see how far salt can has taken him.
>>Future Chaya and Ace vs Redacted

Always keen for more of Future Chaya, Towa and the kids.
>Future Chaya and Ace vs Redacted

These tidbits are always my favorite.
>Kazuma’s team meeting King Cold
>Cooler vs Remnants
>>Future Chaya and Ace vs Redacted
Seeing the shenanigans of these two are typically pretty amusing.

Welcome to Criminal Empire Quest. A Quest following one of these three character’s descent and (if you play your cards right) eventual rise to the top in the criminal underworld. They start as inexperienced lowlives breaking the law just as a past time before falling deeper and deeper into “The Game” as the money mounts and their personal struggles come to light. Whether they turn their life around, become a kingpin, or get sniffed out is entirely up to you.

Who will you decide?

Officer Chuck Bronson is a beast of a man known for his violent outbursts, grotesquely high blood pressure, and a selection of police brutality cases tied to his name. A loving husband and father to his wife and three children. He’s the picture of the Red Blooded American man: Shooting guns, going hunting and fishing with the kids, enjoying a good barbecue, drinking beer and watching football and going to church on Sunday. The whole picture, accompanied by golf shirts and khakis. This is the persona Chuck likes to give off, the tough but fair lovable Dad. When he’s with his wife and kids it’s all smiles but when patrolling on the beat it’s a different story.

There’s so much that pisses off. Every day is a challenge to not explode into a ball of fury and start breaking shit, he’s a man constantly on the edge. So he uses his job as an excuse to unleash his rage onto the “scum” and “degenerates” of Vegas. They’re his outlet. Officer Bronson prides himself on being as bloody as possible, at least as much as he can get away with. Thought it wouldn’t be the first time he’s bent the rules a little for “true justice”. Nothing makes him feel better than sending fist after fist into some perp’s skull, the crunches of bone and splatters of blood are the only thing that keeps him moving through the perpetual hell of suburbia.

It’s thanks to the “fucking layabouts” he brutalizes that he can come home and be The World’s Best Dad, never showing his unsuspecting family his darker side.

However, the “accidental deaths” aren’t doing it anymore. And that dopamine is slowing down. Is it the violence or the corruption he’s getting into it that makes him want to do this? He has to do something more, he’s got to go deeper and get a bigger rush before the beatings don’t work anymore and he finally snaps.

He’s one “meatloaf again” away from smashing his wife’s head into a pulp and he needs a new way to get his adrenaline high god damn it!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>There’s no running now. Go out into the lobby and answer the phone, face the music.
>Speak really fast so she doesn’t understand what we’re saying

This is how I get out of trouble with my mom
>Use the burgeoning cigarette burn on the carpet to your advantage. There’s no distraction like a fire.
I love drug addicted. Their so cool and based!
>This girl’s young, find way to convince her to tell the caller she made a mistake, there’s no Pablo Garcia here
"Baby, I've had a bad couple of weeks, and if whoevers calling finds out I'm here, it'll get a hell of a lot worse for both of us. Just tell em you misread the registry, that I'm a Pablo Garnita or something.

Behold, Apoch.

Not so long ago in the grand scheme of things, this world was a barren wasteland. This changed when I invited all of you here to seed this sphere with all manner of terrain and creatures. Now that all of this new life has been given the chance to settle, it is time for us to begin our work anew.

I am the Scaper and just like all of you, I am a god. Some of you may have assisted me in the previous age, while others may be new to this plane. Each and every one of you has been summoned so that we might enlighten the primitive races of Apoch together. Let them worship us, build monuments in our images and war with one another in our names.

I shall not tarry any longer. Allow me to lead by example, so that we might bring civilisation to this burgeoning world that we have made.

Welcome to Dawn of Worlds: Apoch, a multiplayer game that is loosely based off of the tabletop world-building game Dawn of Worlds.

In this game, anyone who wishes to participate plays the role of a god that has been invited to help civilise the barbaric world of Apoch. Using your divine powers, you will be able to uplift primitive species and shape their cultures as you see fit. With any luck, friendships and rivalries will form between you and other gods, as you compete to leave your mark on the planet in different ways.

The Age of Culture and Strife is the second of two Ages that Apoch shall experience before we are done with it. Like the previous Age, this Age shall last thirty turns. Each turn gives each god the opportunity to use a variety of abilities to influence Apoch. At 23:00 UTC every day, a new turn shall begin, taking into account all of the abilities were used during the previous turn.

If you have any questions about any species, civilisations or biomes that exist, you are welcome to ask other players or refer to the following folders, which should (or may eventually) contain all of the relevant information:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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((Checking in early, will re-intro later))
Rose and Nightshade, a pair of mouse dryads, worked their way through the grand arbor hostel they cared for. Rooms were tidied, guests were checked on (a motley collection of brave explorers from the gear plains, one of their obsidian cousins, a pair of timid goblins that had fled the volcanic islands, and even a surprisingly gentle ogre), and minor pests were removed from the great tree. It was a day like any other.

“Well, that was the last one.” Rose shut the door on a murder of excitable crows babbling away in one of the rooms.

Nightshade sighed. “I got the short stick today. Want to keep me company on my way to the top?”

Rose giggled. “It’s supposed to be an honor you know. I’ll come with you.”

Nightshade shrugged. “He’s been asleep for a thousand years now. The honor has worn thin. And he looks like one of those weird clown folk without the paint.”

“They’re called humans aren’t they? Or were those their descendants?”

“Don’t get me started on the circus people, the greasepaint takes forever to clean off the sheets.”

The two burst into giggles as they passed through the natural tunnels of the tree, eventually coming to a dead end. They both lifted a moss and bark covered hand then the wall split and opened, revealing a path that sloped upward out of sight. Still trading bits of gossip and laughter they passed through the hidden passage, one of them closing it behind them with a casual backhand.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Rose shrugged. “Shouldn’t take long to clean up then.”

They slipped inside the room and set about their task. Dusting, replacing the cup of water and bowl of grapes, checking for drafts. Nightshade had learned from a dryad named Maria, who had learned from the original dryad, who herself had supposedly been dispatched by the sleeping figure on the bed, the god Belphegor. That was a thousand years ago, and in all that time the sleeping god had never awoken. What was even the point anyway?

She shook her head. No use thinking about it. It didn’t take much to come up and clean up every once in a while. She leaned forward and wiped the line of drool clean with the sheets, but as she straightened back up her elbow hit a silver bowl on the bedside. It wobbled and rolled, dropping off the edge, only a desperate dive kept it from crashing to the floor.

As she stood six golden spheres, like glass marbles holding in the sun, popped into existence.

“Are those…?” Rose asked, peering over her shoulder.

Nightshade nodded slowly. “Divine power. It hasn’t showed for…well I’ve never even seen it. Maria told me one of her brothers made the floral sea with orbs like these.”

“The whole thing?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fractal, Lord of Beasts and Ruler of Ice, has lay dormant within his mountains for untold eras. The Hunter slumbers, storing his power and awaiting a time where he may walk the world once again. The Age of Land and Beasts has concluded, and with it, his habit of stalking across Apoch in his full size. Let his ancient hunts remain in the legends of the mortal races, that they may fear him all the more. But he remains restrained, staying in the form of his mountains.

Speaking of his mountains… some unwelcome guests have made their way to the Western peaks. As he dreams, he scoffs at the serpents who dare to make a claim upon his very body. Had they come from the East, he would have welcome their undertaking of his trial. But they are invaders, not pilgrims, to latch upon his snout in this manner. Frosore has punished them with the cold, so the slumbering Fractal does the same. His guardians act as they were meant to, beginning to tear into their encampments and slay them in earnest. The influx of food serves the Ice Drakes well, letting them prosper on the Western wing of the Fangs of Fractal.

>3dp. Create conflict: Iceborn and Poconthy
Endestria, god of order and machinery, looks up from his tinkering. Oh dear, had another age started down in Apoch? How the time flies! While it would be nice to see the burgeoning beginnings of civilisation.... the work of machinery took precedence, and the Wind Farms had been languishing for a while with minimal maintenance. It was certainly high time that he got SOMEONE to take care of it.
>6DP: Adapt the Harpies to Wind Farms

File: Imperator High Elyan 1.png (580 KB, 1600x1600)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
Summary: You are Maximillian Kolbe, the newest transfer to Imperator Academy.
Setting: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_High

It was just another day in academy. The coldness begin to build up as Fall slowly faded toward white winter. The synthetik leafs gained an orange dye and the chill in the air lightly stung your cheeks. Couple days have passed since then. You and Elyan had gotten close. Dressed in your winter uniform you walked across the hallway. Through the window you saw Elyan conversing with her groupies as always. Despite the friendship you had with her, her position did not allow your friendship be in public.

The Daughter of The First, that title carried a weight after all. You stare at the window, the shimmering blind hair, cheery lips, and those sharp yet elegant emerald eyes. It was odd, but you begin to notice that about her. Then again, every Primarch daughters were beauties. You shrugged off the attraction. And with a heavy slap on the back, your attention focuses on the force.

“Hello, Furia.” You said cordially.

“Yo Max.” Furia said. “What’s with you looking like a shriveled grass?”

“Just thinking.” You said with a shrug. “I’ll be heading to the mat later, I need to send off Al and Cathy.”

“As usual I know. Why not just invite them to watch?” Furia said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You composed yourself, and answer. “I’ve been fine, and if I may, your dress, it suits you, it matches your eyes.”
>“Beautiful.” You let the words slip. There was silence.
>You composed yourself, and answer. “I’ve been fine, and if I may, your dress, it suits you, it matches your eyes.”
>You composed yourself, and answer. “I’ve been fine, and if I may, your dress, it suits you, it matches your eyes.”
>>You composed yourself, and answer. “I’ve been fine, and if I may, your dress, it suits you, it matches your eyes.”

File: Eden Down.png (280 KB, 389x259)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
It is commonly accepted among demons that there is no way out of Hell.
As it turns out, the laws on bringing other places there are not as strict, since there is an exception. The Garden.
When this was first discovered by some small band of Demons, a bunch of weirdos calling themselves the Dance Jenerals, it was just an interesting fact.
It would be foolish to drag it all down at once and besides, the place is bathed in the energy of creation itself, anathema to us demons.
But turns out, if you pluck a small part, a mere thicket from the whole, it is possible to step foot inside without immediately puffing into smoke.
So, when the DJs cracked the code and figured out that following a certain rhythm staved away the withering energy, some demons took to plundering the Garden. And they found a mighty bounty indeed. No useless gold and jewels, but fruits. Actual food, with very interesting properties when ingested by our kind. Demons regenerate, and so can’t starve to death, but still we starve. We hunger.
The DJs are now one of the major players in Hell, and those who run into the thickets they bring down are an odd, mixed bunch, seeking thrill, power, glory, or any number of things, really. Running, or more accurately dancing through a Thicket is dangerous, but today is as easy as it gets, which is why you’re here.
The Jenerals have a new recruit who’s here to bring down his first thicket and hold it there for [10 turns] for some examination or something. For newbie runners such as you, this is as easy as it gets, assuming nothing goes wrong.
You guys are canaries. Go in and see if it poofs you on the spot. If it doesn’t, grab all that you can carry and get out before the thicket dissolves you or gets pulled back up and you lose all that juicy, fruity loot!
This Thicket is small, but it is the Garden all the same. Do not expect a walk in the park.
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That's it for Turn 2 !
Player phase over !
Rolled 5, 1, 4 + 2 = 12 (3d6 + 2)

NPC rolls
File: Screenshot ED Turn 3.png (392 KB, 885x647)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
The DJ’s tentacles dance around his booth as the rhythm get slower, and the sound bassier. It’s Hardbass time!
The Demon to the North-East keeps filling up his bag with berries, staying well out of range of anything dangerous, the Hardbass style helping compensate his rushed gathering as he walks around the bushes surrounding the tree.
Sounor pushes through the berry bush, getting unpleasant prickling wounds all over his body. Surprisingly, he does not gather it, instead pushing further in and attempting to gather fruits. What follows is a burlesque cartoon spoof composed of a great deal of tripping on roots, failing to grab fruits, accidentally letting them go and splatter on the ground, and a least on case of squashing them underfoot while jumping around like a geriatric idiot. And to top it all off Sounor hasn’t noticed the beat changed due to the fact he was busy hurting all over and is now a bit more charred around the edges. He makes it out with a single pear-like fruit for his troubles. At last, he gets a glimpse at…more trees. And something else. Something wrong, deeper in. The already low light inside the circle of bushes seems to fade even more, further ahead. The very ground changes and he can see shapes on the ground.
Sergeant Slider glares at the tree, then at the root. The root doesn’t move. There is no noise around save for the music in the background. As Slider turns to leave, he can’t help but notice a couple of low branches on the tree that, from this angle, almost look like they’re giving him the finger. How strange, he doesn’t remember that either. Maybe he wasn’t looking at the right angle?
The Demon to the South-West keeps styling on the competition as he turns back and ransacks another berry bush flawlessly. With his bag overflowing with loot, he decides to gorge on the remaining berries, before turning to salute the misshapen being in a surprisingly solemn fashion and exiting the thicket at full speed, as a crowd starts to gather around him.
The reason for his gesture is about to become all too clear for little FIL. He reaches the bushes, but fortunately has no time to swallow any more berries. Fortunately, because FIL discovers, much like the first demons to pillage a Thicket, that ingesting part of that very Thicket while still inside it is a very, very bad idea. By sheer luck, and perhaps some divine intervention, the berries he ate merely sublimate, scorching his insides, instead of turning into melting balls of what feels like lava as they char his insides for [turns] on end! He obviously loses health, and the bonus AP he had.
I’ll make a few notes here regarding difficulty.
Those were the light rules. Trees only inflict a point of damage per turn, instead of per tile. FIL’s little stunt doesn’t do damage over time because he ate FOUR berries and 4 damage a turn with no chance to do anything but quit isn’t fun. I’ll admit, I pity the character because he reminds me of Isaac somehow. That’s also why I didn’t roll for him. If I had, he would have eaten another 6 berries at least with the Hardbass boost, loosing half his total health in two turns. Again, under light rules. Under the first rules, that would have been straight up suicide. I sincerely hope no one else tries that so I don’t have to break my rule about giving you guys freebies too much. Also, do note that, as showed by our first exiting runner, exiting directly after or before the end of the next turn cancels that damage, obviously, so using those as a last turn sprint option is viable, if you’re willing to lose out on the resources.
But overall, this is a fun learning experience that I hope you are all at least enjoying somewhat!
Do we have a dance for this turn?

There's been a jailbreak in the quiet town of Port Polka.

The radio waves have been taken over, screeching hideously and endlessly.

Smoke chokes the sky as bridges and buildings burn.

All 8 types of dastardly Disco Biscuits have been found in the town's water supply.

Nearly all normal humans have devolved into maniacally dancing freaks, dancing so hard that they can't stop to eat, drink, or drive properly.

There can be only one cabal of cads and fiends who are fresh and funky enough to pull something like this...

The Disco Division!!
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Rolled 1, 4 + 3 = 8 (2d11 + 3)

>Activate PALEDRIVER on the enemy in front of me to send him directly towards the trap right next to the pink dino #4
>Heal up.

I'm not sure how exactly you keep expecting us to survive when you smash 17 odd enemies at us. Most of these traps aren't even going to do shit since no one is over there and the enemies would have no reason to go there since you auto aggro them to go to the center.
Rolled 7 + 3 (1d12 + 3)

>Crystalline shell
>Crystalline claws: on safety dancer
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d8)

>Basic Attack Ballroom Blitzer by the Sanctuary
>Basic Attack Stanky Legg

Man, that Blitzer just refuses to go down.

So, there is absolutely no hope of actually killing all of these dancers, and thus no real point in killing the mobs as long as we can block them. However, if I can manage some high rolls and kill off Mr. Legg, we could get an extra Stat point.

Anyways, WALLY, cover that Northern Pass! They are going to be coming in from there!
what the fuck, why do we keep low-rolling on that blitzer, this is actually going to lose us the mission
Also, I went back and checked, and my rolls have been absolute dogshit this skirmish. Every single roll has included a 1, a 2, or both. Actually crazy.

File: TuffleKaiwithLogo.png (2.05 MB, 1600x2000)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG


>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:

Peppa: https://pastebin.com/5DztmZLc

Gohan: https://pastebin.com/whf4nu6L

Izumi: https://pastebin.com/5zhDrpdM

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Rolled 16, 15, 17 = 48 (3d20)

All righty! Roll me 3d20, best of three! DC is 13 for all!
Rolled 11, 13, 20 = 44 (3d20)

Rolled 16, 5, 20 = 41 (3d20)

Rolled 5, 1, 8 = 14 (3d20)

Rolled 12, 15, 13 = 40 (3d20)

Passed all, with slight complication! Writing...

File: ValenQuest-OP.png (226 KB, 640x480)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Long before you were born, a blind man accepted the hand of terribly wise men in the hopes winning the hand of an equally terrifying woman. He followed their advice, grew to trust them at their word, and why wouldn't he? The future unfurled as they said it would, time and time again. With their hand at his back he navigated the unknown, grew fat, grew old, grew happy with a family he cherished... So when they spoke to him of a danger far greater than man, he believed them. When they told him what must be done to protect all he had gained, he believed them.

Long before he was born, a brother took upon himself the solemn duty of seeing his sister murdered for a greater good. He had read the now ancient texts and heard the whispers in Luna's gentle glow, and he knew what was at stake. He volunteered himself to be the one to see it done, because he would have no one else shoulder the sin in his place. Why them? What blessing of fate led them to this end? It was cruel enough to recognize the necessity, but crueler still to let him decide for himself if divinity were to blame, or pure, random chance.

Between the two, you could only imagine how many times the scenario had played out. How many lives had been wrapped up in the fold, then subsequently lost in necessary sacrifice. For what? Dryad's continued imprisonment? The prevention of some ill-defined danger it may spread through its favored? If that were all it took, then why had Artemis taken up purpose in political meddling? What did they stand to gain from the ensuing chaos?

Questions without answers. In the first place, the only ones who could answer them were Artemis themselves... And even should they answer, you struggle to conceive something worth everything they'd done. That they continued to do.

Maybe your cousin had the answers, though. Or, if not, maybe he had made the right choice in deciding to meet with the ones who did to find out more. You had to believe that he had something like that in mind, because the alternative was that he'd well and truly turned his back on his own family and abandoned you all. That he'd been stupid enough to be enticed away by some lurid harpy and promises of authority, power, or righteous purpose.

...Though maybe you weren't so different.
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Rolled 27 (1d100)

>Three Failures
>Three Success
I will take on the mantle of arbiter of victory. Which is bad news for everybody but fate is a fickle mistress and who she brings over for the party a particular night isn't something you can help.
Except not really because there's still an outstanding roll anyways.
I'll vote for using Lily even though things don't seem to be swinging that way.
M-maybe it's the number of successes rather than successes vs failures.

Anon, we were 2 behind from the get go. The horse is gonna win on score, we gotta win by judges decision.
>NW acts pretty different to the (limited) information we have on the fake artefacts made out of fragments.
It does! They are not the same. The tools you've found were never really born. They can only do the one thing they do. Nymph's Wood, on the other hand, was the "body" of one of the Mana.

It's not accurate to compare the two in form or function, because one is an unborn and artificial imitation, while the other is the mindless and ever-living body of God.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

ah, figured it was Bo3. Rolling.

File: Qtg.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
Please limit your vampire sorcery edition.
>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

Questionably Useful links:

A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

>Archive of quest reviews: http://pastebin.com/u/QuestReviewsArchive
Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

>Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.

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Sadly no, part of it is that its still unfinished, part of it is I'm undecided on whether to cover with a primitive style or not, and mostly its just that I'm that much of an amateur that I struggle translating an image in my head to words.
But you know how it goes; if there's something you want to see made best to just nut up and do it than hope someone else will.
Thanks, I still plan to spin it through the mill a bit more so it doesn't take me all day to come up with something simple and have a bit more that I'm not completely writing by post.
Isn't part of the appeal of Metro-2033 and Post-Apoc settings, that the technology you salvage is more advanced than the technology you can organically make?

Is there the possibility of salvaging technology closer to pre "Bronze Age collapse" at least?
Metro does not have advanced tech. It just has ayy lmaos and gopniks
>Metro does not have technology more advanced than the technology you can organically make
>Ammunition that sets targets on fire, pierces through armor, and has strong effect on internal organs.
>Suppressed 50 cal bullpup rifles
>Kalashnikov 2012, which is somehow reloaded like a P90, despite having ammunition a lot bigger
>VSV rifle
>Night vision Goggles
>Cutscenes where the high speed rail system is explained to be impossible to understand by any survivors and will likely be assumed to have been made by Gods in just a few generations
>Nuclear Power plants, no nuclear engineers
>WMD stockpiles that can basically kill everyone
I mostly meant to use Metro as a framing example for 'warring stone age tribes fighting for control over an underground cave-world', as for tech I plan to keep things set in the stone age at least until I find out if I can get things off the ground. After that you know what they say about the possibilities.

File: magic.png (1.83 MB, 1024x1024)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
The magic of the world is fading. Can people survive this abrupt change?
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> Stay there chatting until necromancers show up
Rolled 1 (1d2)


1 - explore
2 - stay chatting

"Lets explore the tunnels.", you say.

"This is unnacceptable.", says the bodyguards.

"Oh c'mon, it is just a bunch of unmapped tunnels infested with undead, what could possibly go wrong?", says the princess.

"Did you heard the phrase you just said your highness?"

"Well, it sounded better in my head. Still, I think we can deal with it."

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> Ask banshee where is the nearest village
> Ask banshee where is the nearest village

File: 1652111001580.png (712 KB, 640x960)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
test quest is a game where I can test how /qa/ works and see if I can sustain a session. Lets begin

>you wake up there. What do?
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Thanks for running, QM.
it was shit I know
I can use this thread to make another one,wdt?
I liked it.

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