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/qa/ - Question & Answer

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File: 872A0909s.jpg (2.66 MB, 2074x1382)
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2.66 MB JPG
Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.
File: irc for dummies.png (281 KB, 913x720)
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281 KB PNG
Is there an easy way to speak with 4chan staff? What if I have something I want to contribute to 4chan that I don't think will get seen on /qa/?

The answers you seek lie within...

File: 1553433577309.png (242 KB, 900x928)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Homura on /qa/
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Best girl. She deserves a constant presence here whether you like it or not.
homu a psis
Poltergeist Trumpeter

File: autism.png (286 KB, 740x345)
286 KB
286 KB PNG

First off, this thread is an absolute nightmare. Then you have the spergs splitting off into two new threads:


Seriously? These people are literally 90% of all the posts on /vp/ right now. The level of autism in their general is greater than /ptg/, all of /mlp/, and all of /trash/ COMBINED.

What can we do to fix this?
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Thread was just swept by a mod again. I hope moderation in /padt/ remains active over the new few months as that black hole of negativity deserves it more than anything else right now.
Everything is all better now!
It's about time. Everyone is being on-topic and all faggots whining about crap are getting banned by mods.
im sperg

File: 1394673551463.gif (683 KB, 200x150)
683 KB
683 KB GIF
Why so many normies here lately? Did someone linked /vp/ in reddit?
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I thought /trash/ was for that?
File: 1547723162360.png (8 KB, 451x114)
8 KB
/trash/ is for furries and roleplaying and whatever else isn't meta that mods want to move
the thread was moved here to die apart from a psycho bumping it every 6 hours
Kek, this.
/trash/ is literally better than the complain-about-the-mods board.
seething tranny

File: misc 1865.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x2398)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Gonna jack off to anime babes
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Good for you.

One thing I like is girls who don't know or care about the refractory period as in you came already? Tough shit you're going to keep on going with a tug of this leash or a quick electric jolt and it doesn't matter if you're sleepy or if your dick hurts you're not stopping until she's satisfied.
Youkai of Boundaries
I don't have one if I just keep going.

File: 1552847879352.jpg (42 KB, 750x750)
42 KB
can we have a global rule that says "/pol/ should stay in /pol/?
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Just enforce GR3 (garbage outside /b/).
Sounds good to me
see you space cowboy

/pol/ being a containment board right now is a crock of shit and I'd like to know the home board or boards of anyone who sincerely believes it's functioning as one right now.

It's complete bullshit how right now /pol/ can with impunity ruin the conversation regarding any topic if they get triggered by something related to it, the Vampire the Masquerade sequel announcement being a recent example.

File: 1553374358547.gif (786 KB, 800x450)
786 KB
786 KB GIF
why anime girl hit her head with contoroller?
please responds quickly i am very distress
What anime is this
File: thinkin bout searchin.png (117 KB, 661x225)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
click this button
Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
alright i'm waiting, now what
now you wait?

File: thinkin bout purple.png (44 KB, 419x208)
44 KB
honestly, this is me when i post on /qa/ and see people purpletexting
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File: 1524947757343.png (71 KB, 194x200)
71 KB
finally, a function which cannot be mistaken as quoting which I can use for narratives and inner-monologue.
¥my mfw when u r mr gay
File: thinkin bout chucklin.png (60 KB, 353x308)
60 KB
¥that picture
haha funny face

File: pepe without lips.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
that's crazy lois
why do wypipo make this face?

File: happenings OP8.png (491 KB, 947x853)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Last: >>2645760
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It was just offtopic posting.
And it was years ago.
I mean, if you post on topic and actually discuss then there should be no problem here. At the end of the day, everybody at some point evaded bans.
>At the end of the day, everybody at some point evaded bans.
That's a bold statement.
It is bold, but it is very true.
Tell me, if a person evaded bans for a long time (serves the 30 day bans but doesn't matter because of the retarded rule that ban evasion bans are lifetime), but honest to goodness discusses in the threads and whatnot, does he deserve a ban, compared to 70% of the board of shitposters?
Is that range block worthy? Isn't that just bad moderation?

post last image you saved
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File: 1551454967067.jpg (148 KB, 767x606)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
last image is nsfw, so here is the pre-last one.
File: 1553481853391.gif (51 KB, 128x128)
51 KB
File: 1553234090297.png (653 KB, 1280x720)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
File: 1530497046930.jpg (139 KB, 646x875)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
File: 1552883390713.gif (1.99 MB, 400x226)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF

File: 1549427134410.jpg (13 KB, 196x245)
13 KB
gonna eat
The Expressive Poker Face

File: 155300928547.gif (175 KB, 128x128)
175 KB
175 KB GIF
I love /qa/, is best spinoff.
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File: 4953.png (10 KB, 693x433)
10 KB
File: 14848704004848.png (203 KB, 640x550)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Wish we didn't need spinoffs...
go back there subhuman

File: gamingjew.png (337 KB, 1064x698)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I know this is a meta questrion, but I took a hiatus from /vg/ (not vacation, as I'm not banned there) because the people there are such massive antisocial faggots with the Iq below the amount of fingers I got. So I went to /v/ and by comparisson I love it here, you guys are cool. So, the question, why does /v/ get a bad rep while /vg/ is ten times as bad?

Also humor thread, as I don't want to waste a catalog slot just for that question.
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atleast ponysides is a clever nickname, diapersides is just because I find the /r9k/ tendies stories funny. Also, my influence on the world is nothing, not neegative, not positive. Trainwiz is a fraud, a thief and a liar. He is a net negative. Did you tell him to KYS too?
/fog/got here, is the Trainwiz in /fog/ even the real one? The real one has a less assholelike demeanor.
baste mods dumping teenbro drama on /qa/
Yes diapersides, it is him.
Not him you faggot, why you think it's the real one? /fog/'s is a massive douchebag and the real one seems nice.

File: Not Happy.jpg (104 KB, 407x390)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Is breaking your own shit when you're mad at the Internet a bad decision?
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It's a fantastic decision, please keep doing it.
Supreme Judge of Paradise
I have a friend like this too, I don't understand people doing this. I'd be even more pissed off once I broke something
The anger blinds you. In that moment it's just find a target. Then it feeds itself after the fact.

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