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File: 1512538367780.jpg (68 KB, 485x486)
68 KB
I usually work outdoors for my job (delivery) but over December I'm working at the customer service point and I'm really not used to dealing with people who have an issue and won't stop complaining even after I've tried my best to help them and then told them to make a complaint.

Is there any polite way to get them to leave when they are being argumentative without telling them to gtfo? I'm not trained for this.
1. greeting
2. how can i help
3. listen
4. offer solution based upon your company's policy
5. explain that your options are what you listed and thats all you can do
6. go to step 5

File: codecademy.jpg (128 KB, 1920x1080)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Finished codecademy and now dont know what to do. Learned C# and want to get into Unity game dev. I feel like my grasp on C# is just horrible, i didnt learn about arrays, loops, etc. Any resources that hold ur hand far enough to where u understand enough?
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gamedev is a while other beast on top of programming
>i didnt learn about arrays, loops
Avoid gamedev. Shit pay. Shit hours. Extremely high workload. Unpaid overtime is common. Etc.
Udemy, but you're sunk if you can't understand basic shit like loops.
You should be able to understand how to write the most basic kinds of loops from googling. Make sure you grasp "for" and "while" loops and basic ways of ending the loop.

For arrays and other basic data structures and algorithms, try LeetCode. Make an account and go to their "explore" section. They mostly teach these by getting you to understand the underlying theory that will apply regardless of your preferred language. Any sample code that they use probably won't be in C# but you should still be able to get the idea, and if not you can always google anything in there that you need to understand but didn't understand.

Go through each of the sections that LeetCode has available and start trying to solve some of the easy problems on LeetCode. Also, find some random little project you're interested in to work on in tandem with solving problems so that way you'll get a sense of how what you're learning can apply in real world scenarios.

I know it's overwhelming to first learn this stuff but you'll start to feel comfortable pretty quickly if you stay focused.
Also wanted to add, if you get frustrated by some type of problem, data structure, or algorithm, just move on to something else for a while. These are new ways of thinking for everyone at some point so if you're getting frustrated just leave it alone and recognize that after a while it will become more intuitive to you.

File: download.jpg (4 KB, 275x183)
4 KB
My gf's husband is rich af and I'm firmly lower-middle class. Do I stand a chance? Breeding is an option because his tubes are tied.
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You are just the fuckboy. Not her bf.
That's fair. We do go on lunch dates sometimes and she flew me with her to Cabo and Vegas. But like... Dudes fly whores places too right? I get your point.
>Breeding is an option
Don't you have your wife for that? Do you value your relationship with your wife?
>Don't you have your wife for that?
he prbably doesnt otherwise he would have said it
prety based op. get her pregnant while she pretends to be getting inseminated and take that money for yourself lol
An hero subhuman filth

File: 1638952905105.gif (15 KB, 480x480)
15 KB
how to enhance my masturbation game?

>too lazy to make a fleshlight

>too prideful to buy one
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Fap to trannies. Nothing else compares to it.
Try your other hand
This, edge/deny your own orgasm for like an hour and when you nut it'll be like you've discovered a new color
Male sex toys are the most normal thing in the world. Just get a tenga, my bf likes them, but also they're a pain to clean

File: PEPE (12).jpg (9 KB, 245x206)
9 KB
>set tinder to London
>match with 7/10, 20 y.o.
>she messages first (red flag #1)
>asks for a video chat (red flag #2)
>we talk a bit
>give her my snapchat
>she adds me on instagram, facebook
>she begins sexting
>sending pics of her face, tits, vageen
>We just matched on tinder 24 hours ago
>asks me if I wanna go to Asia with her in spring
>asks me if I wanna fly to London to meet her on Xmas
>"you will have to meet my parents, my mom needs to approve you"
>tell her the ticket is 500 pounds can't afford it
>"We can share the cost if you want" (crimson flag #1)

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prepare to get your mind blown:
those are risks that are valid in any type of relationship, especially romantic ones that are based on "trust" (translated: being gullible)
File: PEPE (9).jpg (42 KB, 1200x675)
42 KB
Is completely blocking her everywhere a viable idea? Or just a dumb one?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Block, sounds sketchy desu
Block and delete all socials, go big or go home.
all my socials or her on all my socials?

File: 218.jpg (62 KB, 976x850)
62 KB
>Girl I barely know sends me hearts in whatsapp multiple times and engages in conversation with me.
>I obviously believe she has a thing for me so I tell her I am gay because I actually am.
>She answers she has a boyfriend and she just acts like that

Mfw I'm gonna see her tomorrow and I don't know how will i look into her eyes without feeling ashamed. I might look more gay from the outside than I previously believed.
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send her back to her "bf" with cum in her stomach
call it her little "gift"
tell her that next time that cum's going in her womb
Its fine most girls have experience being in your position and its not a friendship ruining moment, shes probably over it by now
Why the fuck do you care? You suck dicks. Maybe give her a pointer on that to break the ice.
imagine rejecting a grils like this. what a faggot

File: IMG-20211207-WA0002.jpg (50 KB, 480x960)
50 KB
>21m not fat, don't get sick often
>bullied by uni to take the jab
>get pfizer'd

I have never refused to get vaccinated before, its just that I had my doubts about this one in particular because of possible side effects.
Well now I can't unvaxx so what am I in for bros?
>what am I in for bros?
Spend your last few months with the ones you love
Dying before you’re 30
Probably nothing. If you get it a second time you'll feel flu like for about 24 hours, just like every other vaccine.
Forgot to mention that I probably already had corona before since my sister had it and I spent some time close with her for about a week before she got confirmed positive

Shit where do I get some of those?

File: 1638991574114.jpg (76 KB, 970x546)
76 KB
how do I get over not growing up and experiencing my teenage years in 70s/80s america? I'm a zoomer from europe. 19.
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I feel you.

Good point. You can live out a meme life if you really, really, REALLY want to, as long as you have a healthy body, healthy mind and you are in a developed country.
There's a lot of freedom in your body and mind. Open it up bro.
>There's a lot of freedom in your body and mind. Open it up bro.
Exactly. This may sound weird, but when I'm feeling a bit down, I do try to cast my mind back to these earlier childhood times. I fire up youtube and just pay old ads and tv show snippets from that era in the background. Helps with a mindset change. OP, try it out - there's a lot of content out there like that.
Very based point. You need to take care of your mind. It's a spectrum that goes like this, from bad to great:
>mentally ill
>mentally sane
>mentally flourishing
To go from ill to flourishing (assuming you don't have some kind of hardcore problem like schizophrenia), you can start by doing positive shit:
>positive thinking
>positive doing and positive habits (taking a shower daily, quitting smoking, quitting your drinking habit)
>positive emotions (very hard to do, but doable)
All these form some sort of network, like a spider's web. When you press at any point in the web, the entire web bends. This is what happens if you do positive shit. It makes everything taste better. If you do bad shit, everything tastes of fear, disgust and "realism".

Going back to your childhood and re-living, re-writing and sort of "wearing" those memories (even the memories of watching 70s, 80s and 90s tv shows that were set in the US or Japan) can help you make your mental dish taste better and then things will come true. At least partially. But that's better than nothing.
>how do I get over not growing up and experiencing my teenage years in 70s/80s america?
go to american college and join a frat
This perspective may help you:
Thanks to the internet you have access to ALL of the stuff from that time, movies, music, retro games, whatever you want and free on top. These things were around in the past too, but the world and also the US were far less interconnected. Just because it existed, it doesn‘t necessarily mean you knew about it or had access to it. Of course having superior access is different from experiencing in real time, but appreciating the advantages the present has for enjoying the past can be a nice cope.

File: 1584232604363.png (680 KB, 640x437)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
Will self-improvement make me less socially-anxious?

I feel like shit, for being pudgy and unathletic as shit. While I'll probably never become even as athletic as the average untrained guy, due to various weird disorders I have, I can at least hopefully get a better body. Would you say it's worth me working-out, just so I can socialise with people (and so I can wear better clothes. The main reason I don't bother wearing good clothes, is because my body is shit. This pisses-off my family, but I just don't see the reason in putting good clothes on a bad body)
I've asked my mom about this, and she says I should just stay the way I am, because I don't enjoy exercise (which is true, I FUCKING hate exercise) and looks don't matter, or whatever

Also, I'd like some tips on making exercise more enjoyable, for someone as unathletic and unsuited towards sports/exercise both mentally and physically as me

Right now, I don't even say a single word to people, when I'm in public. I need to do whatever I can, to make myself start talking to people
Just exercise, it gets better you're body is in terrible to exercise and you might want to puke but it gets better honestly. You could start with walking for 30 minutes each day, doing small cardio sessions and it will get better honestly, back than i couldn't even do 1 pushup and now i can do 50 atmost. So yeah keep Believing
yeah. every 10 pounds of fat you lose, you look better to yourself in the mirror. it improves your self esteem. it improves how others treat you. do it.
since you asked for help exercising, i assume you like some kind of music. buy earbuds. wireless earbuds, and bluetooth them to your phone. get an app like Pandora to listen to music while exercising. a bit of caffeine during the exercise never hurt anyone, but dont go over 140mg in one session. Also if your state sells Kratom, buy some of that. 2-4 grams before exercising helps QUITE A LOT. makes your mood better and you have more energy. last few days at the gym ive done 2 hours walking and 1 hour biking, with the steps i listed above.
Working out is good for your mental health and self confidence. Make sure to do your research so you don't hurt yourself.

>I'd like some tips on making exercise more enjoyable
A team sport or dance / martial arts class is much more fun than pure strength training, since it gamifies the whole thing.

>Right now, I don't even say a single word to people, when I'm in public. I need to do whatever I can, to make myself start talking to people
Can you talk on voice chat or video chat? Can you talk to store employees? That's a good place to start

Very simply, how do I become cocky, arrogant, and extremely confident?
step one independence
step two competence
step three confidence
step four arrogance
Generally you are raised that way and get positive reinforcement throughout life. But just having friends like this will help you emulate them
How do I make friends like this? Or even just make friends, period. I've never been.able to socialize with other people, properly
Unironically cocaine. Not recommending it, but this is literally what it does.
You can start by placing your order without stuttering.

File: alu1bEp.jpg (112 KB, 1688x2000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Texting with Girl, talking about meeting up and watching anime together
>It takes her an entire day to reply to one of my messages, despite the fact that she seems genuinely happy to talk to me.

My gut tells me that I should just stop giving her attention, even though I do like her quite a bit. She frustrates me to absolutely no end, particularly because I know that she looks at her phone all the time.
I guess my question is if it's logical to stop talking to her. Sorry for making you read my blog post.
Don't give up just yet. Tell her to go for a more formal date. Something that has the subtext that you are interested in going through with the relationship in a more serious matter.

You'll know what she wants from her reaction. No answer means that she doesn't want anything probably. If she says something, it will probably be obvious aswell what she wants.
Thanks. But I thought watching stuff together counts as like a cinema date or something similar. Shouldn't the subtext be obvious? Even if it's not explicitly mentioned, It seems weird that she wouldn't know what that means. For context we are both uni students so I'm not taking her out to a fancy restaurant and I don't have a car either
Yeah, the subtext is obvious. But I'd try again, just to be sure. Like, I guess you still are doubting, so just try, you can't really lose anything.

This time, maybe change the plan, and make sure it's another plan with an obvious subtext. When you guys meet, try to play a little bit and she how she reacts, maybe compliment her on something (but mean it). Obviously don't get corny, you'll figure It out.

But yeah, watching stuff together is pretty obvious. However, as I said, you still doubt whether or not she is into you. And you know if you don't try one last time you'll probable regret this. At least this is how I see it.

What do you think?
I'm waiting to see her in person (3 months from now) because I haven't seen her since 2019. Guess I'll try the old arm around her while watching a movie thing. Complementing her isn't an issue either, trust me on this. Guess the next time I see her I'll just flat out use the word "date" in a conversation in case she didn't catch what my goal was (which I doubt, since she is not autistic)

File: download (6).jpg (52 KB, 1155x648)
52 KB
>Be 19
>Trying to become indepedent financially
>Finding work is difficult
> I Refuse to go to college
>Dominance fights with my father. We cannot coexist together. I refuse to take orders and he refuses to put things nicely only direct commands.
>Want to move out but can't for the first two reasons.
>Have two pets i don't want to abandon either.

What can I do?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I refuse to be under his wing
Too late, you already are. What you're trying to do is gain spiritual freedom while living in actual bondage. Be a good slave until you're out. You're honestly not that intelligent if you can't figure this out, so I doubt you'll listen to me.
wfh data entry
or come pretend to be my son so i can get a 2 bedroom apartmenr
So what? it's not like I need their help. If they told me to leave, I would and I would struggle but eventually find a way.

Anyways you're just a daddy worshipping faggot.
>it's not like I need their help
Don't act high and above him when you're dependent on him. He's letting you live on his bill despite your differences.
>I would... I would
Then either do it or put your head down and shut up untill you've found your own job and own place
>> I Refuse to go to college
Good. It's generally a waste of time and money anyway.

File: man of inaction.png (312 KB, 1730x1000)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
I can't figure this out. I know this girl and have been getting mixed signals. Here's a summary.
>Signs of interest
she called me cute, she stands close to me, laughs at things I say that aren't funny, complimented me several times, smiles a lot, I hugged her the other day and her hand stayed on my farm for a second after I pulled back, she slid into my dms rather than the other way around, she apologises for being awkward/rude. Also I noticed she doesn't treat other guys in the social circle like this.
>Signs of disinterest
6 years older than me (doesn't look it though), texting is dying out, and the other week I had a few beers and was texting her and jokingly asked her to ask me out and she declined because she was worried it'd be awkward in our social circle. It was a while ago but maybe this negates everything else.

She's shown signals of interest both before and after that conversation, which took place when we barely knew each other. Would suggesting to hang out again be too much? Or should I flat out ask if she's interested in me? Do you think she is just looking for validation? She seems shy so I don't want to scare her off but at the same time if there's a spark there I don't wanna waste it, she's pretty hot desu. I have Asperger's so I can't tell if people like me or are taking the piss. Also worried about ruining the social circle.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Jesus fucking Christ OP, romanticism? Of course you abandon that shit.

Unfortunately I don't have any more time to write in details so I'm gonna leave you with this, because the people in your life seem to be incompetent and they haven't taught you shit.

In this life you should strive to become a powerful, honourable man. Become stoic and righteous, control your emotions, be a support for everyone in your life and make their lives better. Learn pickup so you can understand women and make them happy to be around you and they will give you back so many gifts man.

Just focus on that for a few years and you will become unrecognizable. Abandon emotionality, complaining, confusion, and laziness.

Start with the youtube channels I recommended and you will understand this social life game so much more than anyone around you. You can do this OP, I fucking believe in you.
I just want a nice steady gf I don't need to fuck a new girl every day
It's the same skill set for a steady gf or for being a fuckboi. If you don't understand women you don't get them. Simple.

Jesus you are so whiny about this shit and making excuses in every post. You can give a person pure gold and they still find ways to complain about it kek.

Keep dreaming that a nice girl will sacrifice her life to deal with your inexperienced, clueless and awkward personality. I don't think even a crack whore can tolerate you OP.

I'm not mean, this is just reality. If you're too pussy to do something about your situation then you deserve what you get right? You think I wasn't fucking scared to do this shit?

I got my heart broken every fucking day for months and months and months and now I am not even sure I can feel like a normal person anymore. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life and because of it I'm on 4chan sitting heart broken and giving golden advice to ungrateful strangers cause this is one of the few pleasures left.

And with all of this suffering, and now sitting with my heart in pieces probably irreparable, I can still say that it made me the most powerful man that I know and the journey was well worth it and I wouldn't give anything up even after all this darkness.

Goodbye and good luck you scared bastard
How many women do you fuck per month?
Why is all that suffering worth it? Most people don't go through it that bad.
looking at that picrel makes me want to curl up into a ball and die

File: 1604855866384.png (46 KB, 182x186)
46 KB
>mfw realize I'll be 30 in less than 2 years with no accomplishments I am proud of, a job I hate and no friends or romantic prospects since I was 22
That shit is all your responsibility.
File: 1577645314987.png (253 KB, 500x477)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
I have been feeling tired for years, but all medical checks show there is nothing wrong with me.

Should I date as soon as I'm ready, or wait until the most opportune moment? I want to get married and have a family, otherwise I'd be willing to masturbate instead.

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