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File: 3R3T.jpg (54 KB, 932x492)
54 KB
>"Your face makes up for your frontal body"

This is what my BF said to me tonight. He's a chubby chaser in denial. Says he just likes "thick" girls. We ALL know what that means: chubby/mildly fat chicks. He has proved me correct by showing me examples of what he considers hot. Low and behold, all fat girls.

I don't care. At the weight I am now, I'm considered chunky/chubby and I'm super lucky to have him.

I've drawn my body in the pic attached. I have saggy but large tits, and a stomach that pops out but doesn't hang so it just looks bloated, not really fat. I dont have fat rolls thank god. The problem comes around when I turn around. I look slim from behind, you can see my spine line and I'd actually consider myself attractive from the back. From the front view, I look like a somewhat typical mom body yet have never had kids so I'm just cursed and it's been that way since my tits started growing at age 8. And from the back I'm a slutty college girl.

Pretty sure my BF likes my backside more because he says quotes like "wow ur back is so sexy and slutty looking, u have such a nice shape" and doesn't say anything remotely as complimentary when he sees my front. All I really get is "ur so womanly. I love ur tits" Almost as if he's forcing it. But when I turn around, he gushes and it's all sincere and genuine.

Cont.............. >>
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>why didn’t you break up about the looks over personality thing

The nail in my coffin. Cause I love him. I always see myself as ugly so how could any man just wanna be w me for my looks? I never dared assume he was with me for that reason.. cuz I don’t have much to offer in that department.. but after hearing it to m face.. like wtf do I do now
>By the amount of times you insulted me, it’s clear the autist is you sir
I just calls em like I sees em
This sentiment is also insulting to autists. I was using the term literally (which ironically is pretty autistic) while you’re just using it to be insulting (which ironically is pretty insulting)
>my sudden bout of insecurity that HE caused
Oh fuck off, no one else is responsible for your feelings you fucking child, no one can read your mind
wtf are you even on about?
Break up obviously. Sounds like you guys both have problems. Try and love or at the very least be contented with yourself first instead of relying on others. At least find a guy who likes you for your personality not your looks. In any case you yourself care so much about your looks so either come to terms with not being 100% physically attractive to your partners or find someone who is 100% physically attracted to you. You're wasting each others' time. You expect him to reassure you so much but he isn't 100% attracted to you so he literally cannot be natural and honest with you without him upsetting you. He'd have to exaggerate, lie, or side step to spare your feelings and he probably doesn't want to have to step on eggshells with you for the rest of his life. Eventually he is going to be unsatisfied, resentful, or want to leave because of this. One of you will have to settle or compromise. Do you both even have the same views when it comes to reassurance and physical attraction in a relationship?

File: Electric_Wario_WL3.png (18 KB, 193x175)
18 KB
I plan on taking an Electrical/Electronic Fundamentals program next spring semester and I need help. It requires a decent amount of math, math that I don't remember! It's been a while since I was in any school and after entering the workforce my brain dumped a good amount of the mathematics that I knew. Has anyone ever been in this situation? How did you persevere? Any websites that can help me refresh my memory? I'm currently at Khanacademy doing some courses.
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Complex numbers and trigonometry
design math? I'm confused
I forgot all the math I learned in school but after picking up Lang's A First Course in Calculus I got back up to speed. Just do it anon!
Khan Academy is good, there are a lot of different courses you can watch for calc/trig. Neither are difficult to relearn if you already know them, especially trig (just remember soh cah toa and that's what you'll mostly be using in a non calc course).

For calc id recommend finding a cheap used book online so that you can go over the practice problems. The biggest thing with calc is remembering all the rules for the derivatives
There’s usually a preparatory program you can attend. To retake basic algebra and stuff like that.
Go through the “module handbook”, ans figure out what each course requires. Uni is chill but if you fuck up, unfucking is hard.
I’m in my third semester Mechatronics, EE is the hardest breh, i fucked up two semesters and i might fail my degree cause of that.
Plan and keep a straight head

File: 1606501963768.jpg (63 KB, 1080x771)
63 KB
Confess your sins brothers
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4chan day and night. 4chan first thing in the morning before coffee. 4chan before going to bed. I start think and worry about total Anon strangers and wish to help them. My life is 4chan and it’s my drug I can’t control it. I used to play the piano, loved to read now only 4chan. I even use 4chan in the bathroom, in the kitchen when cooking 4chan. Even when talking IRL I think about 4chan. When outside even in the middle of the sidewalk 4chan. I am fucked.
I love you

Anyway you should work on the impulse control of even initiating the action you wish to quit or just like give up or whatever I dunno
I don’t know where to fit in. I guess I can keep living my own life mostly alone, and I’ll probably be fine. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life. I definitely have done wrong things in the past. Maybe I deserve to feel like this. Maybe I’m fine.
I draw fetish porn for money and its not even for fetishes i enjoy. In fact, its for 2 highly specific fetishes i despise and hate with my very being. But the money is so good that im too dependent on it. Fuck that fetish and the people in it.
Cant wait to fucking retire from it. Might be soon considering I was able to put $25k into savings this year alone. My goal for 2021 is to put in another $25k into savings.
I absolutely refuse to study and to work. As soon as I have to become a homeless, I'll shoot myself. Better dead than having to study or to work. I really hate studying or working.

File: remiq.net_3885.jpg.png (34 KB, 900x1200)
34 KB
I was falsely accused of rape after an argument with some chick on the topic of #metoo. My name was anonymously placed on a public mobbing list of rapists, doesn't say why, what or who, but lists where I could be located.

She kept saying no when I told her how delusional and uninformed she was about sexual assault and that she wasn't doing favors for actual victims when I called her out for making false accusations claiming that I and other unrelated men went around somehow sexually assaulting people in public, and then she got offended when I jokingly argued back and said "stop fantasizing" and then she went onto publicly claim that I raped her on social media. A lot of people I've never met my whole life started contacting me to talk shit, and target me with cursing.

This is a girl I don't even know or have probably never actually met. I've been contemplating suicide these past days because I lost all of my friends I've known for years because they saw my name on there. I'm way too autistic and introverted to ever assault anyone. Now my social anxiety is even worse.

I only made rape jokes to make fun of her because I only wanted to be funny. It's all fun and games until you get falsely accused of rape. I guess when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes right?
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I've heard defamation cases are a thing, I'm not sure if that's worth pursuing. I can't give you much advice on that other than you have to figure out whether its worth spending time/money/stress on.

The next thing is to figure out which relationships are salvageable. If you can't save a relationship, just cut your loses and move on. There's no point stressing over what you can't control.

If there is a public mobbing list perhaps class action is possible. You're probably not the only person who has been falsely accused, and may be able to find support among similar people.

Don't kill yourself. Don't lie down and die.

Rape is a real problem, but so are false accusations.

It sounds like you misunderstood the seriousness of rape, but that does not make you a rapist and you don't deserve to have your life destroyed.

I hope autism and introversion are not the only reasons you would not assault someone.
No. This is the way.
Bad idea
Is this bait?
Who keeps making these threads on /adv/
Find all the Metoo false accusations cases. Try to use the past cases as assistance to your claim and build strong foundation of your innocence. If friends dropped you, try to save and repair the damage at least you deserve the right to be able to speak your truth. If friends refuse to believe Fuck them! With friends like this who needs enemies. Get strong support system at home parents, grandparents, brothers even uncles. Stay close to your blood. Clear your name. Change all Social media. If things are beyond help then try all you can lawyers, victim support hot line, suicide hot line, bullying support line. Rebuild yourself. Change your legal name if you have to. Never tell your name online again. Never talk rape, violence,assault with a woman. Now it’s a War against men. Unite with the victims of women’s false accusations form support with other victims fight for your rights. Never give up.

What are some of your personal tips and tricks (bedsides get off 4chan) on maximizing your productivity, and mental stamina and resilience? In the best case, becoming a relentless powerhouse of activity?
Good suggestion (though I already use stims more than I ought to, preferably looking for natural tips)
File: 1573070956636.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1780)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
good sleep, maybe doing light breathing meditation for 10-15 min before sleep to improve your sleep quality and mental clarity. maintiain ocd clean room and clear surfaces so you dont get depressed and demotivated when you look around your room or workspace. eat healthy food, dont be afraid of meat, get fruits veggies in as well. Not too many simple carbs and sugar. Exercise often, especially cardio like running to keep your veins clear so your brain gets enoygh oxygen. Think about why youre doing what youre doing, long term goals and benefits, visualize your ideal outcome and use that to decide your priorities. Spend some time each day working on something thats important to you, even if its not urgent.
Let go of your pride and realize where you have fucked up or are fucking up and try to do better. Let go of resentment and forgive others for everything. Dont be mentally weighed down by personal strife. Do routine/repetitive tasks as fast as possible. Idk thats it for now i dont want to keep typing lol.
Thanks for sharing your tips, all pretty sage. My current main pitfalls from those I'd say are not sleeping, eating and exercising enough; I should try to be more organized and get them in order again, I know it benefits other stuff (I just have little self-discipline so I've often been staying up all night working while lazy to cook or exercise for long).

Yeah the visualizing of ideal outcomes and goals is paramount in deciding priorities accurately. I try to prioritize all the time but you're right it's good to set aside time regardless where you can for other activities that are meaningful to you. Godspeed anon

My diceased ex bf had erectile dysfunction-created complications-and it was one of his biggest insecurities (we were 19/20 at the time) but i was literally so fuckin into him i took his virginity and made his dick work, id slop on his flaccid penis just to relieve my stress after work. It was such an achievement to make him cum. Deep down I truly wanted to marry him/have his offspring but we broke up years before i got married over some career/long distance relationship bs. Before he committed suicide there were multiple times i wanted to message him (my soon to be ex husband was physically abusive to me at the time) he dated a few girls after me but even then I wish I KNEW if he was planning on exiting cuz one of the reasons he did was not wanting to die alone (ironic) like I LITERALLY wanted to have a family with this guy and still loved him/had no closure ect even after i got married-thats what i get for not being true to myself. But yeah, moral of the story is idgaf about the extra work, or if the cock will destroy my insides or not, it was the best passionate/meaningful sex ive ever had. The only butterflies i get is when i think of that dick actually getting up inside me. If he didnt pass id have him squirt his little seeds in me rn.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP is fucking wacko what the fuck
Relationships shouldnt be defined by sex life anyway, there’s alternatives to getting freaky. I feel like i need to start a trend or movement on women understanding this. PLUS men with ED are much less likely to become fuckboys. Hoes will be hoes but theres deffs a communication barrier between this subject/ED/companionship ect
>I feel like i need to start a trend or movement on women understanding this
Women post about it on social media to virtue signal and then not follow it behind closed doors. This is what they always do kek
I could see that if they don’t actually care
Sigh, why do I find these stories hilarious

File: 1544361709723.png (564 KB, 1024x568)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Girl I recently started dating is insecure about having almost no female friends and having mostly only guy friends.
How can I help her, is this a red flag?
Leave her. Every girl I’ve dated like that ended up fucking one of them. Don’t even entertain the thought
she never dated any of them and isn't really THAT close with them
Why is she insecure?
Well I don't know but she probably doesn't feel all that feminine because of that or something, not a psychologist
I mean you should ask her. How do you think you can help her when you don't know why she feels that way? Depending on the reason there's different ways to help and the reason may or may not be a red flag.

File: 3pgxw1m93il51.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x2000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Is it possible that some people just aren't meant to date/have sex?
I'm a soon to be 28 yo virgin. Like 6 or so years ago I had massive social anxiety and was a generally very unhappy person, but after lots of working on myself I'm honestly in a much better place than I used to be. I'm very happy with my job and coworkers, I've gone from being a lardass that got winded going up the stairs to running 5k in under 20 minutes. I legitimately have no issues chatting up with people or doing social stuff and have a solid circle of friends I enjoy and share things with unlike before where we were just a bunch of miserable people that didn't want to be even more lonely.

However it's also true that my success with women is exactly the same as before: 0. But for some reason it's not something I struggle as much as I did before. I masturbate a lot so I'm not asexual, but all the bitterness I used to have has kind of faded into a quiet acceptance. I'd like to do it once to get it off my mind, but other than that I realize I'm 28 so it's not like I'm going to be having mindblowing sex this late in my life.

Am I still normal? Or have I just fallen for how easy it is to have your sexual urges satisfied by surrogates and would be wise to start trying to meet someone?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
What makes you think I don't talk to women?
>Is it possible that some people just aren't meant to date/have sex?

Date = fucking around before marriage. Sin causing suffer.

Life serving behavior is courtship; time to planing new family, from practical matters where to live? what to do for a living? How to fit well in a fabric of local society.

Have sex - sin, that you never ever suppose to do in your entire life . Sex , destroy happy married couples. Sex is a root of all evil against family. I old days purpose of marriage was to escape Devil, strategy to avoid Sodomy.

Marriage is not because you fall in love or like to please your genitals. Marriage is considerate as service to God and strategy to escape Sodomy.

If you need love go to mama. But if you have request to do something in order to met your need for love , then spark of life is possible.
If you have intention to make life more wonderful to people around you, create circumstances where spark of free human will could be possible. If you have loving intention to serve life, people can sense it, by their hearts.
It is delicate feeling not everyone, will pick it up that pinch of high morality.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
zoomer tradcaths are weird
that you are a virgin?
Not OP, but being able to hold a friendly conversation with a woman doesn't make them interested in you.

File: images.jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
taking care of my grandparent, and when i am trying to help them with their medical equipment they always stare at my private areas. even if i walk past going into another room they will stare at my ass as i'm walking by, or if i turn my head over my shoulder i can see that they are staring after i walk past

i'm normally good at ignoring things, but this has grown to piss me off way more than i thought it would. the compliments on my physical appearance at this point are unwelcomed from them.

when i attempt to address the behavior all i get is a contradiction of "i wasn't even looking at you" or "i don't do that" when i can clearly see where they are looking.

how should i take a different approach? is there something that i can wear that wouldn't show off so much of my body when i'm helping them? trying to verbally address the behavior and how it makes me uncomfortable is always always always met with a verbalized statement from them saying "it's all in my head" etc etc
44 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude that’s a completely different situation, why be all woke and vague about it?
just talking about the idea and a lot of anons have told their experiences too
hate to say this but this is why i moved out of my last roomates house. he was an older dude in his 70s so he was fucking 45 years old when I was born, yeah, not creepy at all, and was still trying to touch my thy and ask to kiss and all that crap.

thats why i only live with females around my age now. im not at the point yet where i dont want roomates though, you save a shti ton of money having roomates and a lot of strife just having other humans in your life in general, you just have to choose quality humans to be around.
um...well anon if you really do think old people are just like everyone else then you'd agree they need to show respect and they shouldn't just be allowed to technically harass her just because they're old. that line of thinking is maybe ok if both parties consent but thats a territory i can't really advise on. i don't know enough about that crap

you must be trolling.
not to be rude but i wonder if OP comes from like an asian family or something? typically westerners don't excessively care for their parents or their grandparents.

i mean if its yoru culture to take care of your parents i guess you have to take care of them? stuff like this is hard to advise on because in the states you're generally not expected to take care of your parents. it obviously would be a pretty fucking nice thing to do, and is worthy of praise, but its not something that's expected like it is in maybe like China or something.

File: 1596596702677.jpg (796 B, 20x20)
796 B
796 B JPG
How do I start thinking I'm superior to other people and see girls as less than me?
you already did

File: 1583423353959.png (2.26 MB, 985x1153)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
30+ Thread

Got 15k in savings and currently in furlough from my wagie waiter job. The place I'm working is likely to go under which means I'll be in the job seeker queue in less than 3 months.

How viable is "Learning to Code" shit I keep hearing in the news? Are coding bootcamps worth the money?
134 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
what profession could you be talking about that it would have such a large impact? teaching? some finance function? Name a general economic sector you larping tranny
File: Ecw3uOrUMAIrzNL.png (27 KB, 740x541)
27 KB
>As in you can't get sex or you can't get love? Both?
Both. I'm socially retarded and work a crap job with no real idea how to fix either of those things. I'm also bald and short and ugly.
>Trying to find someone to date, who is within your reach, kinda seems impossible as a wizard particularly when there isn't much choice.
Pretty much. I have about as much experience with women as someone half my age. Less arguably. Why would any woman put up with me in a relationship when there's hundreds of more experienced guys they could be dating?

Pic related. I'm a joker who spent 30k studying a life sciences degree and now works in fucking data entry at 30 years old.
Truly, this life was a horrible experience
How are Maths and Engineering degrees so little in demand?
£30k? What was the career choice at the end of that degree?

File: lh.jpg (77 KB, 532x500)
77 KB
what are you supposed to do when your fwb accuses you of catching feels and finds it cute or funny?

fwb accused me of having feelings for her but I denied it lol. she just jokingly laughed/teased me about it and said it's ok, she doesn't mind as long as we can keep hooking up. at the same time she apologized that she doesn't feel the same way. she did say that if it makes me feel better that I'm the only one she's been sleeping with since we've been messing around. she said she will be an "exclusive fwb" because she does care for me because I'm her friend and doesn't want to hurt me.

I mean I just denied it all and laughed it off like I got caught doing something naughty and kept denying it but don't think she believes me lol. where do I go from here? I already bought her something for Christmas and I'm not sure if I should give it anymore. I really wanted to give her something too lol

how did she even know? I feel kind of bad like I betrayed her. think next time she brings up the accusations that I should ask what makes her think that?
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
fwb - I assume it is friends with benefits of sexual pleasing each other. So you see seeking pleasure is a sin called Sodomy that destroy life even for couples in a wedlock. Human mind is sharp if you use it to seek pleasure you will be so good at it, that it will screw your life.

Jew rats succeed to convince people to be afraid of sacred humane love. You scare for bright light of love do you? because you sin full.

It is not the darkness and cruelty, scare people most , but that bright light of godly goodness in their hearts. You get use to pleasure and it hurts when you get apart or cause you longing for each other . Happiness is side effect of healthy living. There is nothing more satisfying, then live healthy in a family keeping sacredness to life and respect .
Imagine two pictures: one is highest level of your sexual satisfaction, fantasy dream picture , best way to drain your balls out of courage. Total orgasm for a few seconds.

Another picture of happy family life that last life long bringing nourishing joy and enriching life with a lots of kids and grand children.

It is difficult to not sin and choose long path of life instead of fun trap.

Train do not wait for people who sit and siting.

You get very few chance in life to get in to a wedlock after 30 you are fucked for ever in to loneliness , Only people that choose sin, fun and miss their path of life.

I rather pay some amount of pain to maintain my body in shape, then later on have hard time with disease.

= I rather do as good as I can to not sin and follow morality guideline to choose courtship - planing; instead of dating - fucking around.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
sex before marriage is a mortal sin
i was in a similar situation except i really didn't catch feelings. it's annoying because now that i know that she thinks she has power over me (that she has no feelings and i do) i find her irritating and no longer have much interest in her. that's why i decided i have to quit fucking her, which means i'm entering another long dry spell because i haven't had time to find any backup/alternate girls. honestly OP i would get out of there if i were you, preferably if you have alternative sexual outlets prepared.
You're a literal nigger aren't you?

File: 20201125_220141.png (317 KB, 1000x1000)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
As someone who is 18 and has never drawn anything, what would be the steps to start? I'm not really interested on becoming some kind of professional (I should have started when I was a kid for that lol), I just want a hobby and I have a lot of interest on drawing, I think it would make me happier. So, where can I get some basics so I can start doing my own thing?
just copy whatever stuff you find cool, i did this for most my childhood and this got my skills up

imo all the basic shit books are garbage just have fun and do whatever things are fun :)
(Fair warning, they’re all bitter cunts who’ll probably find something to yell at you about lol. Don’t make a thread asking for noob advice, but there are beginner generals and such were you can ask questions, and resource threads with books and reference images and shit)

Occasionally I cut down my legs and stomach to watch myself bleed. This is because it turns me on Hella, but lm not suicidal or do even like hurting myself. I don't understand why I enjoy it... maybe you guys can help me understand? I don't do this very often, but I can't understand why I do it at all.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: groner.jpg (54 KB, 720x360)
54 KB
Goyim was groomed in generations to work for imaginary reasons suggested by Gods chosen people. So as you see if we leave goyim alone they will hurt them self and die . Like other domesticated animals they can not survive on their own .
File: hiden face.png (139 KB, 218x500)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
I couldn't believe either, that slaves can not survive with out master .
File: News.jpg (2.75 MB, 3755x5759)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Officially it is corona virus related ... that what happens when you forget your obedience muzzle master would see his property and would save your life. You die because you disobey . All humans exist only to serve jews as it is written in the jew book.
File: Jewkillchild.jpg (147 KB, 1024x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Can you film it life while you cut yourself?

I just want to share joy
Jew book XD

File: 1418844093326.png (14 KB, 399x391)
14 KB
How do you start seeing people as people, rather than something to fear?
36 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ur gay.jpg (31 KB, 309x415)
31 KB
>concrete ape
woah um ok what is that supposed to mean
Metaphysically speaking, hate is self destructive, period. If you have to physically defend yourself thats one thing, but if you want to stop perpetuating hate and violence in the world you have to forgive people and try to reconcile even if theyre not ready to forgive you back. Thats my spiritual stance at the moment but admitedly im easily influenced by things i read a moment ago
>>you see the chick and might feel some type of way or have some kind of thoughts, but you aren't swayed by them because you know that in the end, she's just another human who doesn't have much importance or relevance to your life or you to hers. She probably isn't even thinking bout you, let alone judging you, and if she is, that's a sign of her problem not yours.

Why the fuck would you go through all of this thought for some random person you see on the street? Thats my fucking question
>You fear people because you have too many reasons to be afraid of them.
>You need to balance it out with reasons to not care about them.
How do I not care about them?

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