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File: IMG_6273.jpg (1.16 MB, 4032x3024)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Never really been wounded before, so I cant tell how serious it is. Should I go to the doctor to get stitches, or can I just treat it at home? And what would you suggest for treating it?
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Yup. Three times.
pour a little hydrogen peroxide on it so it doesn't get infected, then put a band aid on it
Oh, one more thing - make sure to give it a lil' kissy kissy to make the owies go away!

Sorry, not trying to be mean. Just joking.
Damn. Shot with a what?
A 40

File: desmos-graph (1).png (47 KB, 800x800)
47 KB
Pic unrelated. I had nothing better to put, so it's math practice. Fuck it.

My close friend of about a year and a half (he's 23 years old) made a suicide attempt 3 months ago. He survived and promised to me afterwards, in tears, that he was never going to attempt suicide again. I gave him all the support I could. I was terrified I'd lose him.

Three days ago, he called me and we talked. We talk daily on the phone, for the most part, so this wasn't unusual at all. We talked about our days, how everything was going, etc. He told me, somewhat out of the blue, that he didn't like making promises, because they're too binding. I told him I agreed, me neither. So he said, "I want to take back my promise." I asked about what, and he said, about suicide. I immediately became very concerned and told him to please not attempt again, but he cut me off and told me he wasn't contemplating suicide, and that he was feeling fine. He just wanted to have the option "open" so that if the worst case scenario were to happen for him, he wouldn't have to feel guilty about breaking his promise. I agreed to let him drop the promise, because he seemed insistent.

Now that we had the conversation, though, I'm terrified about what happened. I'm so scared by the concept of him attempting again, and that I somehow facilitated that by letting him break his promise. Did I do the right thing? How can I help to stop him from attempting?
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Thank you. I truly hope so. If he chooses to end his life, I want to feel as though I did everything I could for him. Will I be torn up about it? Yes. I'll likely lose sleep one way or another. I'll grieve. But I don't want to regret how I treated him. So I'm going to be the best possible friend I can be for the coming months and years, and hope he chooses to live.
You're selfish, OP. He wants to go, but you want him to stay, so you assert your views over his and tell him he shouldn't do it. "I'm scared", "I'm terrified", jesus christ. Why do your feelings matter more than his? You literally said that “his life means something to you”. Well, guess what? His life doesn’t mean much to him. Can’t you see that you’re enslaving his very existence for your emotional comfort? He’s tired and he’s been wanting to go for a very long time. Not only that. You are controlling. One thing that really adds to a suicidal person's misery is being told what to do. Now you're restricting his choice as to how to utilise something very personal to him - his life. And furthermore – you are arrogant. In fact, you are so high-minded and bitchy that he had to cut you off mid-conversation just to get you to shut the fuck up and listen to what he’s trying to say, and even now, you don’t. This is all very ridiculous, and you’ve never stopped to think from his perspective.
first part is good the rest is just weird. OP no one cares how u feel, sounds like ur some closeted fag since a girl i knew used to say the same thing when i left her, 'im so scared' 'im terrified rn I just want u 2 know I care about u.' If u arent in love with him who gives a fuck, just enjoy the time that remains if it truly is finite, then be happy with the decision he makes
>He survived and promised to me afterwards, in tears, that he was never going to attempt suicide again.
Lmao the rate of reattempts is like 80%
>Did I do the right thing?
What you did is irrelevant to the situation and thus is neither good nor bad
>How can I help to stop him from attempting?
Depends why he's trying to kys himself.
If it's low self esteem, you can't.
If it's something else, you might be able to. Depends if you can fix the something.
Fuck off.

File: 1565899692677.jpg (167 KB, 938x632)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
my gf means the world to me
she powers my life

I don't know how to express it other than saying it, is the issue... do you more experienced guys have any tips for making your girl feel like there's no one else like her?

File: 1322796122001.jpg (20 KB, 600x600)
20 KB
How do i break this. I wake up 1pm go on my phone and computer until 12am when I go to sleep. Rarely eat just the internet. 22 btw. Doing this since middle school. How do i live a productive day? I actually need help
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1. Sleep at a reasonable time
That seems to be about it desu.
File: eli-ayase-29808.jpg (41 KB, 350x490)
41 KB
>Why would you want to? You're living the dream
Maybe to some but I lived like this for too long, 100% non-productive NEETmode, and while it seems fun and cushy at first it just gets fucking depressing and empty eventually.

I commend you for wanting to change OP. To live a more productive and full life all you need to do is execute the steps and build positive habits. That's the hard part, cultivating the habits and discipline, but once you do, maintaining them is ez game ez life.

Here's my recommendation - you have to do your best to stick to these:
* Force yourself to go to bed and get up at a reasonable time every single day. It'll fucking suck for the first few days but it's not like you're being productive right now anyway. Push through it, don't give in, and you will settle into a good pattern. I recommend bed at 10pm with morning alarm at 7am. Every single day. You have to stick to it. And NO NAPS!
* Exercise every morning as soon as you get up - I recommend going for a run or something, 20 minute intense run. Again it'll fucking suck at first but stick with it and eventually it actually starts to feel good and is an amazing kickstart to the day.
* Eat a healthy breakfast. Sounds like a meme but a good breakfast really is the most important meal of the day imo. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something healthy like porridge, oats, toast, eggs, fruit, whatever, try have some good ruffage in there and at least one of your five a day.
* After this, start the day with one productive task. Doesn't matter what it is, it can be anything, just SOMETHING that's productive and constructive. Don't give into the temptation to websurf or play watch anime or fap or whatever, do at least ONE productive thing first.
* Limit coffee (if you drink) to two cups a day, one at breakfast, and one after lunch.
File: eli.jpg (212 KB, 640x1136)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
* Try to have a healthy lunch and dinner, around the same times every day. Again doesn't have to be healthy, just simple cheap healthy meals, you can Google recipes.
* No alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs (if you indulge. I don't know if you do). I used to chainsmoke and haven't touched a cig in about 2 years - the difference is indescribable.

After the morning routine to kickstart you, the rest of the day's your oyster and what you make of it, and you'll already have done one productive thing to give you a boost. I'm not gonna tell you exactly how you plan your day cause it's up to you, but to-do lists of tasks ranked in terms of priority and urgency, daily schedules/plans of what you're going to work on and try accomplish, and then breaking tasks down into lots of little, easily executable steps while doing them, all really help to make things manageable, break down the anxiety/overwhelm barrier and just make progress.

You can give yourself little breaks through the day to reward yourself: e.g. if you do a solid hour's worth of work on a task, you can watch an episode of something to take a break, then get back to working. Also set a time after which you stop any kind of work for the day, and can just relax and do whatever you want before bed. At the moment I'm very busy (writing this in a break lol) so I'm stopping work at 9 everyday - that still gives me time to chil and watch 2 or 3 episodes of anime (yes I'm a weeb) and switch off from work before I go to bed. When I'm less busy I'll stop at say 5/6pm, which gives me 4-5 hours in the evening to do whatever the fuck I want, after a highly productive day so relaxing FEELS better because I feel like I've EARNED it.
File: Ayase.Eri.full.2667724.jpg (1.87 MB, 1536x2048)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
I rambled a bit there but you can do this OP. It might seem overwhelming at first but just one small step at a time, one task at a time, keep working at it and you can gradually build these habits just like anyone can, and once you get into a good rhythm you'll be unstoppable. And at least for me life is much more rewarding and fulfilling now that I'm seizing every day, and I generally still have plenty of hours in the week to fuck around but I'm not just wasting away and feeling like shit like I used to.

I'm gonna go back to being productive now... have a good one OP, godspeed.
>doesn't have to be health
I meant doesn't have to be fancy lol, sorry, should've proofread this...

am I fucking myself by not texting with people? I fear I may be missing out on friendships or love but I just don't really care to text for no reason

File: 1590679248917.jpg (172 KB, 450x317)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
The secret to power and happiness is to be healthy, fit, wholesome, virtuous, sociable, educated and rich. That's literally it
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The interesting thing is that every single item on your list is achievable with a little hard work.
One more would be "cultured" - immersing oneself in the most important and fullfiling works that humanity has created
Wholesome based post, though personally I think being a strong leader and helping progress on something bigger than yourself, is a more fulfilling goal that simply power and money which can be vacant.

Also did you take that pic from my post on wageslave thread about working in a garden centre lol? Nice
Definitely a must.
>helping progress on something bigger than yourself
To me that would be something that brings these qualities to others
>Also did you take that pic from my post on wageslave thread about working in a garden centre lol? Nice
Possibly lol

File: 1590673019620.jpg (30 KB, 439x545)
30 KB
>be me
>be 14
>walking home one day after class
>had to stop walking because of pain near my left groin
>think it is chaffing from my pants
>brisk walked with a weird gait until I reached our home
>quickly remove pants
>look down
>there's a patch of swollen skin near my left groin that looks like a cystic acne
>touch it
>can feel a lump underneath the skin
>have a really bad habit of popping pimples
>pick a pin from a sewing kit
>pierce the "light" part of the lump

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah that happens
Drain it, swab with antiseptic. Then clean it regularly.
File: 1586378550099.jpg (27 KB, 595x515)
27 KB
Exfoliating is something I am currently learning to do in the recent months, no one taught me how to exfoliate when I was young
Will do
It could be nothing more than a sebum well - in effect a big blackhead without the head. But see a doctor.
Get it checked out obviously OP but the good news is that if you are showing no other symptoms as you say, not experiencing ongoing pain, and nothing turned up on your blood test, chances are you are completely fine. Most likely is >>22282778

Even if it is pus, it could be safely sealed off from your body in something called an abcess. I've had this happen twice in my life: body basically walled off an infected zone. It was very gross but really easily dealt with.
Yep, I passed every laboratory test that I had gone through recently, everytime I go to a doctor for occasional pain they would say that it is only muscle-related and nothing to worry about
Last time that I got admitted to the emergency room was because of "acidity" which resolved in a few hours after a nurse injected me with something. Not sure if it has anything to do with this lump that I popped

File: 1548467321180.gif (275 KB, 220x300)
275 KB
275 KB GIF
Any tips for gaining weight if I just don't have the appetite?
70kg is my goal weight, currently 61kg.
I should add that food quality isn't an issue with my appetite, I'm just sated by very little food and it feels like I'm pushing myself to eat a normal amount.
Yeah, shit sucks man. I had to go from 61kg to 85kg (6'4" skeletor). Used to barely need to eat to be sated, but now if I'm not downing 3000+ calories a day I get hungry as heck.

I'm no expert, so I recommend you seek one out. A dietician may cost a few hundred for a few sessions, but it's a viable investment. I also found exercise was a great way to gain weight, simply because it pushed my desire to eat a lot more.

Look in short it's not easy, you're going to have to research it pretty heavily and spend a long time making mistakes until you get a good balance. But it's worth it, fuck man it's worth it.
Possibly try exercising more/going to the gym, and you may increase muscle mass and appetite?

Would anyone be interested in asking someone who's been panhandling,for about a month now, anything?

I've become very comfortable doing this too btw. I made $50 in 30 mins last Sunday.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lol if you think being homeless is not a full time job and rough, you're ignorant. It's not easy keeping your bearings or asking for change.
Closest thing I ever did to panhandling was going to AA meetings when homeless and lie about having a little time sober and not knowing what to do. In LA I was getting anywhere from 20-60 bucks in an hour long meeting.

I've played the Irish whistle for years I anyways wondered if I could've made a sign saying "will play ye an Irish jig fer moneh$$" and sit at the island of an avenue or freeway off ramp and play and make money. There was a (now deceased) homeless guy who used to do it. What do you think panhandle bro? With a sign and a whistle in an area with lots of car traffic and little foot traffic (so the whistle doesn't annoy people into kicking me out)

Why is t you have a social worker?
What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

My boyfriend made me give him a blowjob last night, now I’m feeling upset today. We’ve been dating for 3 years and last night I was just really tired and wanted to go to bed early. He wanted to have sex but I didn’t really want to, which I get is disappointing for him because it's been 5 days of no sexual contact. He said if I didn’t want to then I had to give him a blowjob at least to help him out. I didn’t really want to do that either, I just wanted to sleep. I told him we could do something in the morning but after I turned the light off and went to bed he came into the room. I figured he was just going to bed early too but he got on top of me and pushed his penis into my mouth.

I wanted to push him off but I also didn’t want to anger him. So I ended up just giving him a blowjob. He came I think and then he said he was going to watch tv. I ended up getting a terrible sleep and now today I just feel uncomfortable. I’m upset in some way but don’t know how to describe it. I feel like if I bring it up he’ll get mad. Has anyone else had this happen? How do you describe the feeling?
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You should split you are a terrible gf to him and he is a terrible bf to you
Ignore the trolls.

This, except I have had a girl climb on top and go for it after telling her no so I'm extra sensitive to this sort of stuff. And the paradox of being a guy is that I am more than strong enough to get rid of her but still don't want to physically hurt her because I'd undoubtedly get in trouble for that.
>he "MADE" me do it
>I am a child and I can not be held responsible for my actions, but I am also a strong and independent adult
>we have been dating for 3 years but I am asking an anonymous imageboard for advice rather than talking about something that makes me uncomfortable
I know this is bait, but this is legitimately how women think. Useless human beings.
Oh what the fuck

File: 1557523233130.jpg (42 KB, 640x524)
42 KB
Hi, I am 23 years old and I work as a registered nurse. I took care of a patient who was very very nice and liked me a lot and wanted to set me up with his granddaughter who is a musician just like I am. so the guy send me a letter with her phone number and name and is very adamant about me dating her. My dilemma is that I have no idea how to send the first message without looking like a stalker. And I don't know how exactly to talk to this girl and introduce myself without breaking HIPAA laws. Please help
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Ahh that makes sense, I thought you were in a job or something. Where do you see yourself working? I'm guessing primarly research?
Ha ha ha ha, you are mistaking me for someone who thinks he will have a job! I was a computer programmer before I did my degree, went to grad school, maybe I will go back to that, who knows. My family isn't wealthy, but we're not poor, so I have a few options.
Man I promise you that when you are in hospital and they have to shove a tube up your dick you will be grateful for the impartial male nurses who can do it for you instead of the cute female nurse who has been looking after you all day.

As someone who has spent more than enough time for the next 10 people in hospitals, I appreciate the fuck out of the men who choose to be nurses.

Also they lowkey tend to be better at the technical side of the job.
File: proxy-image (1).png (65 KB, 360x450)
65 KB
it means he's a homosexual.
There is no recognised academic study of ethics- it's just something they claim about themselves.
There is a section on ethics in PR work and corporate guidance, and you can study it as an area in philosophy.
All the aforementioned groups are also homosexual

I got messed up in hospital by male nurses who kept me for 7 hours with no water and fucked my IV, I'm not sure there's a difference in competency.
>female nurse shoving a tube up your dick
>pic relate
Let him write to her and ask if she wants to meet you

File: goomer.jpg (128 KB, 880x480)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Gaming is literally the only thing keeping me going. I played video games since I was 5 i think. I tried going a whole day without gaming but I always felt empty at the end of the day, then Id go on a gaming spree the next day. Its consuming my thoughts too. I cant study without thinking "I should be playing video games". What can I do?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you sure it's an addiction and not just something you happen to enjoy? If it's positive to your health and well-being, don't be so self-conscious.
If it is a problem, get accountable, you fuck.
The easiest way to beat an addiction is shame. It has to be inner shame, too. If you know you're better off without gaming, there's nothing better than reminding yourself how much better you are than past you, and getting someone else to remind you of that.
I can never force myself to open the app honestly. If I could just commit to trying it, it might.
File: 1584948191179.jpg (13 KB, 600x589)
13 KB
Embrace your passion and find a way to monetize it. Stream on Twitch, or start a YouTube channel. Or both. Cultivate an entertaining persona and build your cult.
no it's shit too boring to inspire too complicated too focus on your goals
Join /fit/ man.
Heavy free weight training gives you a simular feel good feeling.
Ones you get really into it you won't have time to play games all day.

Something else, I found worked for me, was "breaking the cycle", so to speak.
Most of the game addiction is routine.
You enter your room and see your console, sit down and start playing.
You start up your pc and steam pop-ups have you enter your name.
Breaking this routine is quite difficult.
I don't see an alternative to simply grind it out for 2 weeks, not playing any games, until you no longer automaticly sit down and play games.

Finally, find something you else you can be autistic about.
Some hobby you can poor some time in.
Something to keep your mind occupied.
Again I like to propose heavy free weight training.

File: apple storage.png (101 KB, 1670x837)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
every time I try to manually upload my photos from my iphone 10 onto my computer by going into This PC > Apple iPhone > the internal storage inside of it > DCIM > apple folders which contain my photos and videos and i attempt to copy one of the folders onto this separate folder I have. it says this error (pic related)
what do i do /adv/?? this has happened two times already. the first time may of had been due to my iphone auto-locking. but the second time it happened I had set it to never auto-lock;go into sleep mode. Still did it.
File: not functioning.png (25 KB, 545x278)
25 KB
it did this before too

How come every single person I meet in life always wants nothing to do with me. I try to think about why but I can’t figure it out.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
do you suspect anything particular that might be a reason?
I feel you, and in my case I've figured I'm just not someone people would want so idk. I'm trying to move on tho it's never easy but what can I do
you're full of shit and can't even answer honestly an anonymous image board
Whatever you're doing, don't.
Whatever you're not doing, do
Might be too negative or maybe I’m just not an approachable person.

You’re not alone bro.

I’m being as honest as I can be.

Easy to say, very hard to practice.

File: IMG_20200511_021725.jpg (339 KB, 1024x1426)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Help me out folks. This girl at work has been clearly and unambiguously flirting with me (holding my hand, caressing my back, telling me she likes guys my type, commenting on my clothes, hovering around where I work, asking me if I want anything, etc.) Even other girls at work are telling me she's flirting with me. Yet she takes hours to reply to my texts, and even then her replies are terse and to the point. Sometimes she even drops out of the conversation midway through. I tried not to text her for two weeks and she hasn't texted me of her own. What's going on here? I can't ask her out at work since I won't be able to do that in privacy.
some people are not as internet-oriented as others. many of us might spend a lot of time on here but others don’t consider virtual communication as important.
or, maybe, she’s just really nervous on how to talk to you. i’m a girl and when i have a crush i always feel so nervous to talk to them on the internet, even though i’m pretty confident in person.
Most likely she just doesn't like texting and prefers irl interactions. Texting/messaging can in some cases be a mental game between the two people.
Also possible she's just bored at work and flirts to pass the time
> I can't ask her out at work since I won't be able to do that in privacy.
But you're already texting with her, so just ask her out over text? Maybe that's what she's waiting for you to do and is getting bored?
female opinion into the bin

depends on the race. if shes black who cares lol. any other race then just stop texting her and only talk to her irl that shouldnt he such an issue. When youre at work just find some way to walk out of work at the same time and just before you reach some sort of T junction ask her wtv u want, over text is pretty gay anyway and if shes shy its gonna be cringe
It could just be that she's nervous over the phone. It could be the bitch is retarded and can't read and shit. Seriously. I was once set up with a tard who was dyslexic. It was after I decided we weren't going to work after a few dates that I found out she had her sister helping her write all her FB replies. Talk about weird. My point is the shit happens

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