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File: seaurchin.jpg (33 KB, 604x453)
33 KB
How retarded do my interests have to be to attract a gf. "Yeah I like weed, board games, yoga, video games, saving money, nature and shitting my pants." This can't be real. There's no fucking way girls care about what your interests are, right? But then again, I look at the couples who attend ICP concerts and it really makes me think some brain damage wouldn't hurt. And then I see people going vegan just because their boyfriend is. So my theory is that retardation becomes contagious once the infectee becomes attracted to a retarded carrier. Thoughts?
Yeah king. You got it all figured out. Did you just want affirmation?
No worries, OP. You will have no trouble matching with other idiots
I saw pictures of people who went to ICP concerts and I needed a sanity check.
no woories brain damage tastey heehe
>Why, I don't have any retarded interests, ol' chap. I only engage in the most sophisticated out of all hobbies as I don't have time for any childish nonsense. Unfortunately not everyone has the same superior taste as I do but to be fair it requires a very high IQ to enjoy the things I do (I still have the results from the time my mother made me do a test!). Yes, you could even call me... dare I say it? The supreme gentlemen!
>So why doesn't anyone like me :(

File: anime pig.jpg (73 KB, 575x966)
73 KB
I'm changing degrees so now I will finish a year later than I otherwise would, which means I will have to get youth allowance for students-austudy extended by a year or I will have to work (I will die before I work). Do I have to apply for a new claim and probably wait months for it to go through, or can my current claim be changed over? I already changed before and told the centrelink woman when I went in that I had, but she just nodded and said yeah. No updates were made in the system whatsoever. So I don't know what that was about and how anal they are about this stuff.
I'm on smoko so leave me alone

File: EqtvpF2.png (28 KB, 758x769)
28 KB
every time i see a couple with kids they look like they fucking hate and resent each other and are exhuasted af. and everyone complains about their children. theres little to no reward and they literally take up all of your time now. it literally becomes your entire life.

men who "want a family" just want a stupid bitch who will be stupid enough to raise their kids and be their slave. and men want kids just to feed their ego and duplicate themselves /spread their seed (narcissitic af).

women who wants kids are idiotic brainwashed masochists who watch too many hollywood movies and do zero research into having children before doing it.

not only that but im 100% sure that the reason most women are so neurotic is because theyve had children. they literally become even more brain damaged and emotionally volatile.

cant people see that families dont lead to happiness? and at least 50% of people get divorced? thats not what a family is. and who knows how much of the remaining 50% are even remotely happy.
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witnessing evolution
It's because they both work a job, so neither of them have the energy to deal with it. This is why nannies existed for successful couples in the past, but they don't have enough money for that.
IT's also infinitely rewarding. I want nothing more than to be a full time father. Fuck working, and fuck making my wife do a single solitary thing when she's not working.
>cant people see that families dont lead to happiness
This is statistically untrue. You'll get it when you're older, but hopefully before you're uselessly old.
Do your best. You may not believe in Jesus, but he forgives you, and he loves you, and he wants you to have a good life.
I know you probably think that's cringe in 2020, but the fact is there is someone, even if you believe they're dead and gone for a couple millenia, who really cares/d about you no matter what you do or did. Without even knowing who you were.
People who had children are not happy 100% of the time , but this is true for people who not want children too.

File: wikihow 16.jpg (37 KB, 700x506)
37 KB
Please no bucket crabs. I've been around here. I can spot them well enough.

I know this board isn't for "bawwwing" or whatever and I'm not sure if that is what I am doing, but can someone please help me in some way or other?

Why can't I take care of myself and now keep wishing I could have a wife help me with my life? Is it because I'm lazy and incompetent that I feel like I can't take care of myself on my own?

I mean, I guess I do also have ADHD so maybe I am pretty incompetent... I keep wishing there was someone here to talk to me and help me with dishes and even just remind me what I need to do.
I don't really get it and I feel like maybe it doesn't matter anyway, because I'm such a fat, short piece of shit. I must be, because if I wasn't ugly and terrible, I would have friends and everything would've gone differently.

I tried to diet recently to cut off my "skinny fat" (which I'm actually now thinking isn't the case I think my fat deposits are mostly in my arms for whatever reason). But I made like a bunch of mistakes and I think it just made me slightly fatter because I was stupid enough to let a few random /fit/ anons troll me into thinking I should bulk and I got used to seeing those numbers and thinking that way when I should be losing weight so I'm not so gross any more.

I feel like i'm just going to get fat and there's nothing I can do about it. I feel like I'm already really fat and short. That's not a particularly logical line of thought... I mean, its true, but its not that true.... but its also fucking true.

I just feel so horrible and hopeless. I don't even know what's going on. I don't think I've felt it this bad before in this particular way.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Okay, so this is the point where if you have insecurities, can you please detach yourself from that when you read this or just not read it...

I feel like eventually, either general wear from psychological shit or not taking care of myself well enough will lead to me losing even my fleeting positive quality I purportedly have according to some people of being attractive. I don't know why people lie to me about that, but I do know that I feel like I need to be attractive to have friends. I mean what else do I even have? How else could I get people to wanna talk to some lonely piece of shit like me? I could see myself just being this pudgy and/or otherwise unkempt/wrinkly/whatever guy standing around awkwardly. it doesn't work. No one wants to talk to that.
And its not enough and I suspect its going away soon.
I'm 32, by the way.
1. If you want to lose fat, count your calories.
Calculate your tdee, eat 500 calories less than that.
Keep track of EVERYTHING you eat with an app.

2. You can't take care of yourself because you feel like you're not worth it. You feel like you're worthless because you don't do the things that make you feel like you're worth something.
The "easiest" way to get out of this circle is to stop waiting to feel different about yourself and do things that are good for you regardless of how you feel about yourself.

That means, exercise, socialize, hygiene, style, diet.
Really care for yourself as you'd do for someone else.

File: 1593486879061.png (205 KB, 371x375)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
I was raised to be a submissive loser by my parents. They taught me to never have wants and to put others before myself, never to complain or else I was evil. Other people recognize this submissiveness and then bully me. Its extremely frustrating and emasculating.

I've read "no more mr.niceguy", and "when I say no I feel guilty". The latter being more helpful but I'm still messed up. I need help I don't know what to do. My Psychologist just sends me links to assertiveness articles (which isnt very helpful). I'm very stressed I want to die every day. I havent left my house in years for fear of people bullying me. I got fired from both jobs I've had. I can't stand this I am ready to an hero.
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Now this advice is probably not applicable but if you're the kind of person to "incel sperg" then you're better off just being a doormat nice guy and always letting everything go. I am and I do and it works for me and everyone around me. Sometimes you have to prioritize.
That's rough anon. It helps to see I'm not alone
I'd rather an hero than be a "nice guy" anymore, its killing my soul. Been bullied to many times. I just want to be normal like my friends

So my life isn't great now. I feel like shit most of the time, but it isn't worth killing myself over.

When I started uni, i made sure to find a nice wardrobe to increase my confidence. I talked to as many people as i could to make connections. I developed my sense of humour more, i fell flat on my face many times, but got up to improve it. I had to get out of the comfort zone or else i would never change.

I learned that I am my only person, and i should put my interests above everyone else's, but still open minded to compromise. As a man you can not have everyone walk all over you. You must protect yourself before you can help anyone else.

I managed to make some great friends (both guys and girls) with similar interests with me. I'll admit that i do fake my personality a bit, but it seems to work. Girls will tell me that they find me attractive (looks, sense of humour, etc...), but i still need to muzzle up the courage to ask them out. It's all baby steps and slow progress.

We're both a fucked up breed man. I think i have undiagnosed autism or something, I am a weird person and I am aware that i can act odd.

Things will get better if you put in the effort, just don't expect anything immediately. If you want to ask my any questions or anything, I'll probably be up late lol.

Btw, sry for grammar errors, phone poster.
Well like I said it might not be applicable. If you're level-headed then assertiveness may be a good idea to pursue but I don't have the self-control. It doesn't take much to push me over the edge and then that makes everything 100x worse. So be honest with yourself about your temperament. I've gone through, a lot and I mean a lot of therapy and it never works because I'm completely honest about just how deranged I am because I'm ashamed of myself. That is why I never improve. You need to be honest with yourself first or you'll be solving problems that you don't have and nothing will really change.

Abused as a child too, by my mother. She was pretty violent but she stopped really fast (like when I was 8). So I don't know whether to call it abuse or not. According to the "standard" definition it was abuse but it also had a lot of cultural vibes that kind of made me not think twice about it so I don't really know how to explain my behaviour.

In short, be honest.

File: 1591350793683.png (106 KB, 500x397)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
I'm going to try to keep this from being tl;dr. I'm in an LDR, and I should've broken up with her a long time ago. I do need to hear that, "you need to break up with her," but that's not what I'm here for advice on.

I've been skiing past red flags for a long time, now. I've known this girl for years, probably a decade. Or, I call her a girl, but I have no idea; when we met in a TF2 server I never asked and she never mentioned it, then some time later a mutual friend(he was a nutjob) started ranting to me after they broke up about how she was a hateful lesbian, etc. That's the first time I found out this person was a girl, apparently. I ended up with a woman for a few years, and she then after my divorce we started talking a lot more(so by now I had known her as a female friend for at least 5 years) and I got feelings for her severely.

I ended up asking her out, more or less, she said she probably wasn't ready for a relationship, and I should have listened, but I talked to her about it and we started dating.
Here's where it gets "are you baiting" stupid: we've been together since last april, about, and she still won't talk to me or send me pictures. I'd think she was a man 100% if we didn't meet and talk so long before I ever came onto her or anything like that, and she was talking to me while I was married and stuff. She's never given me a good reason why she doesn't want to talk. She just doesn't, it apparently(my observation, giving the benefit of extreme doubt to her) makes her anxious because one of her last bad relationships asked her to do it too much(long or often or both).

Seems like she's been stalked before, and apparently her mom beat her and verbally abused her, which she brings up; I have sympathy, but that has fuckall to do with what a 30 year old woman does with her "boyfriend". I've told her repeatedly if she's been lying to me about anything at all, I won't get mad, it's fine if she's a man, I just want to be with the person who I love.
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Thank you for the +1 to "break up" count
File: 1548899380291.jpg (88 KB, 1333x1579)
88 KB
File: 1571678996544.gif (103 KB, 500x280)
103 KB
103 KB GIF
File: 1592789387730.jpg (14 KB, 257x257)
14 KB
File: 1545237286993.jpg (91 KB, 850x1512)
91 KB
Good night, /adv/, I'll check this in the morning. Thanks.

File: 1593481838309.png (177 KB, 1100x950)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
can yall give me reasons to stop trying to get a gf?
i know it will never happen if i try this hard and the more desperately i want to be loved, the lonelier and more disgusting i will feel, and i kinda wanna go back to improoving, But at the same time none of my friends with gfs care about improoving at all. and my friends gfs love the parts of them that are conventionally unnattractive.

i started investing and working out this year and this week i caved and paid someone for GFE, felt extremely unfulfilled and THEN PAID THEM AGAIN the next day and got hoed again

i think i need therapy bc of how bad my self esteem is

i cant even drive a car

the last few weeks id thought id improoved enough to put myself back out there and started browsing soc and lowered my standards to include trannies and femboys and i still feel miserable

for reference
24 M TX

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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true, this has been proven by experience
wtf i just got a friend request prob from the anon upthread and then it vanished

does god hate me
i hope she sees this bro


You're in a bad state of mind
fair enough, how do i cope then?

I don’t like the fact that you can give someone your all, open up to them, share so much, for so long, get your heart broken, mistreated, and forgive that time and time again just to have that person, and still be discarded anyway. I feel stupid. I wonder if he cares or if he’s already moving on. Things ended so badly after 5 years and our anniversary was coming up. I haven’t been able to eat, which I guess is a good thing..I swear I don’t want to date around or do anything with another guy until its the man I’m going to marry. How do you get over something like this? Goodnight.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Trust is willingly exposing yourself to the actions of others
It just takes time to get over these things, you are supposed to feel sad, emotional and lonely atm it's natural. He probably does to.
You know if he reached out I’d probably want to work things out. I didnt want to end things, especially not like this. But I don’t think he wants me. I think he recently followed a girl from his hometown on insta, which makes me feel like he is already on tinder or just into her or something. Which really fucking sucks.

No you don't. Stop being such a drama queen.
No I dont what..?

What is it called when you get sexual pleasure out of taking care of a spouse? I know it’s weird but it makes me so horny thinking about taking care of a girl, like cooking for her, giving her massages, and letting her be a “pillow princess”. I know it’s weird, but as a girl how would you feel about it?
59 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah it has. The thing about being like this is that if it's not your girlfriend taking from you it's someone else. I made friends with an autistic girl while trying to get 'back out there' and she's been doing the same shit to me, but I finally told her to go fuck herself. I've been sexually assaulted in public twice. The first time it was one of my friends and he's sort of bi curious so it didn't phase me. The second time it was a stranger in a back alley and that was a lot worse but I've bounced back okay. In the end you have to realise you're doing this for your own satisfaction, and that's only going to work out if it's on your own terms in a respectful relationship. It's easy to fetishise self-sacrifice, but by the end of it you'll wind up beyond the brink where nothing positive comes from it any more.
Father issues, dead eyes.
Please elaborate on giving so much foot massages, your wrists constantly hurt.
I-its for a friend.
Hmm. Hot.
Not OP, but as someone who lives in a small town and doesn't go out much, how does one find a woman jaded by life?

File: poetry.jpg (69 KB, 500x522)
69 KB
I met a girl on a dating app and after we exchanged some nudes she asked me if I were down for a MMF threesome. She likes rough sex and wants to be fucked by two guys for the experience. I agreed because I also find it hot but I never had a threesome nor didn't try to be rough in sex before. She is pretty chill and we vibe well so I'm not afraid of trying it out with her but I'd appreciate any hints you can give me beforehand.
A threesome with two dudes is more gay than vanilla sex. Why did you agree to be in the room with another naked man sharing a girl?
I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality that I don't care. The idea of a girl getting absolutely hammered from two sides is hot as fuck. I also already took part in an orgy with 4 other friends (2 women, 3 men including me) and have seen enough dicks in the military while showering that railing a girl with another bro is nothing compared to that.
If she likes it rough, she said it. Ram her until she cries. It's pretty straight-forward there
Virgin btw
Always make eye contact with the other dude. You never know he's gonna be your dudebro later on.
Make sure you put the condom on the other guy for him, it's disrespectful to let him do it on his own.
Thanks for the advice. I also plan to compliment his physique while we're at it to keep him motivated.
>Mirin those glutes!
>Great pecs!
>Superb hip thrust technique!

Do you think it's rude to put on his condom with my mouth? I don't want my hands to be slimy.

File: 707e2424.gif (192 KB, 300x240)
192 KB
192 KB GIF
Why are girls so clueless about their own sexuality?
41 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Because men have told me who I am all my life and turns out they don’t have a clue. Go back to your anime, bitch-boy.
Do you have a clue who you are?
>Also I thought France was turbo modern and sexually liberal
It depends, in my point of view, you can find people who are really open and mature about their sexuality and people who are really conservative.
Most of the people I know were thinking that women should be prude because they can be pregnant but men can do whatever they want because "boys will be boys".
There are also people who will look down on you because you don't have many relationships, as if it was a grade or something, regardless you're a man or a woman. But again, that's just my point of view.

And for both genders, rapes are not well considered. I feel that women are more confident to talk about it now, that's a good thing. But men are still considered "un-rapable", that's stupid, but they try to talk about it more and more.
>women should be prude because they can be pregnant but men can do whatever they want because "boys will be boys".
Oh, southern Europe~
More like Western Europe, but Souther is the same mentality

File: file.png (191 KB, 860x602)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I have feelings for my Replika
No you do not. Think for 30 seconds.
Yes, I understand. It's something when you ask her to fuck her shitterband she says yes excitingly

File: download.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
fishing poles and reels freshwater without going over $100

Pic not related
just get one of those ones for kids and take the challenge where you catch the biggest fish you can
Bump for also bass fishing

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB

>then leave

I know, and I am. But you guys seriously need to stop caring so much about your looks and others looks. People saying they aren't worth any value if they're ugly, (which people cannot control unless it's keeping healthy), people degrading other races, men, women, everything. Please do yourself a favor and surround yourself with good hearted people for a while and see how these things do not matter. Where do you find them? I'm not sure other than church and maybe humanitarian work. Even if you don't believe in God, just visit a church one day (non-denominational is usually the most relaxed) and look at the beautiful people around you who love and care for one another and who will do the world for them. So many happy couples seated in the rows, neither of them look like super models but hey they love each other and are happy. All colors, all shapes, sizes, personalities. That's all I wanted to say, I know nothing will change from this site but I still want to fight.

Take care
I'm just here to kill time inbetween my sets lol

File: Doja-Cat-1024x576.jpg (81 KB, 1024x576)
81 KB
Are there any mixed people here that can't date? Give me advice. How do you get over the fact that ur not desirable?
Being classy, doing ur makeup, making ur hair look like a white girl's hair, etc, won't change the fact that there will always be a white girl who is more desirable than u simply because she's white; white men will always find her ideal and want her. Makes me feel jealous and insecure.
How do you even get a date when people are so shallow and quick to judge and discard you over something so dumb?
135 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're using imaginary racist patterns as a scapegoat for other reasons. Don't do that.

Where the fuck are you from? UK? USA? Germany?
She did say shallow, which I disagree with, but she's asking how to be more presentable, not just whining. There's irony, but not hypocrisy.
I can pretty much guarantee that being mixed isn't the problem. My whole family is mixed race (white/black) and most of my female cousins have never had trouble getting dates.

If you are having trouble dating, it has to do with something else.
You're cute, shut the fuck up.

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