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File: 1614185372408.jpg (1.06 MB, 2062x3357)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
what the fuck is wrong with my skin and how do I fix it?
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might be a little of fungal acne. use Niacinamide. it helps reduce appearance of pores too, as well as many other skincare benefits. If you sweat a lot that contributes to it.
Assuming you don't have a skin care routine, exfoliation helps smooth out the skin surface, since that doesn't look like acne maybe just avoided over moisturizing or oil products
Use niacinamide or bha solution. Check the website paulas choice for help and to buy good quality skincare products. Youtubers like Hyram and James Welsh can help (both extremely faggoty but they know their shit).
If you have money for a dermatologist you're going to spend less money going to one than wasting all your time experimenting with serums and active acids and whatnot like the other commenter is suggesting. Please stop before you even start.
Eat less peaches

File: 2a40sq4zacq21.jpg (30 KB, 800x600)
30 KB
I was thinking about going to the forest to hang myself. I thought things would get better, but they did not. I also don't see them getting any better. Even if they do I've already experienced all that I wanted to in this life, so I don't care if I miss out on anything. I don't see much point to linger. Yes I will disappoint and ruin some peoples' lives, but all 25 years of life have given me are sporadical oasises of bliss in an endless desert of suffering. I'm tired of looking for water.
File: Join The Cult.jpg (177 KB, 1140x641)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Never too late to be remember in history.
tell more about your situation, what kind of work you do and what it is thats gotten you hopeless about all this
traumas etc.

File: [Paint It Black].jpg (45 KB, 640x360)
45 KB
>dorm RA sent out "wellness check" emails to everyone
What's the worst that could happen if I'm honest in it and tell her that I really, really just want to stop existing?
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They don't really care. It's just a form they have to send out to cover their asses.
dont trust anybody who isnt family
File: 1538024923115.jpg (327 KB, 750x746)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
>dorm RA
entirely utterly indubitably unqualified to do anything other than refer you to actual mental health professionals and even this is in doubt

im sorry anon no man should get to a point where he just wants to not be anymore and you should open up one day to someone, to just say, yeah look i have a problem and things just arent ok and i need some fucking help and someone to just listen

but the dorm ra probably aint it

also because it's a >>>>>>>>>>>>>her

i met a very great compassionate female manager who asked me if i was ok, very good person i earnestly believe and even then it was hard to just be honest with her, the things ive felt i cannot be open with her, she has no frame of reference to even deal with it, or even understand

its quite sad

because i had cucked myself, at some point i do need to be able to be open about these things but alas

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
*not that i had cucked myself out of fucking her or anything, no, but cucked myself out of being a human being
Don't be a bitch and deal with your shit like a man

Any failed to launch femanon NEETs who got out? I'm 35 and became a shut in 6 years ago.

- I got a degree
- stayed within the lines my family drew
- never had a relationship
- never done anything outwardly bad etc.
- But a life of being kicked for standing up for myself meant I got bullied something fierce at work (I was too scared of confrontation or to be reprimanded so I always quit).
- Slowly but surely, the health problems like bad eyesight, weight and so on are starting to creep up on me.
- Life has been one step forward, ten steps back.

I'm just treading water at this point. Even an heroing seems to be too much work to plan and carry out. I wish I'd been normal and pretty enough to be a gf/wife/mom instead of being this never-ending disappointment and burden to my family.

The advice I seek is, I kind of want to live. I want to know how you got out of NEETdom. I'm tired of every day being the same, being a burden and not standing on my own. But I'm also scared because my health seems to have a sudden decline. Logically, I know what to do - go to the doctor, get help but everything seems daunting with too many steps I can fail at. What do I do?
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Sort yourself out
I'm trying desu. Started working out on a rower and doing some interview exercises online.

I will get out more and get a non-digital hobby, thank you.

>Less computer time and eye exercises will help your vision
I had honestly not considered this. I spend around 10 to 15 hours glued to some screen daily.
I'm you sort of but 31. My condolences. You're not alone.
get your health problems sorted now before its too late and you suffer permanent consequences. eyesight can be corrected and weight can be lost/gained. especially weight, you do not want to pass the point of no return where even if you do lose weight, you're left with flaps of skin dangling off your body.
you also have to be your own cheerleader if no one else is supporting you. it takes a lot of conditioning, patience with the self, and even faking it but i believe in the plasticity of the brain, you can train yourself to like yourself more.
Get yourself out before you lose more years anon.

Permanent damage is what I'm terrified of. If it's like diabetes or something, it's a speedrun to death. Skin's cosmetic, it's prospect of internal damage and pain that terrifies me.

>you also have to be your own cheerleader if no one else is supporting you.
I'm currently using some positive TV shows to cheer myself on. I gave up contact with all my real friends a short while after I lost my job.

What’s the best way to raid my class’ discord?
Like a boss
to drop the link here.
Kek imagine that
Does she have a plumage in her boobs?

I go into a convenience store every couple of days for smokes. There’s this cute cashier who works there, and I want to hit her up. I have no idea what to do. Sometimes I bring my chihuahua in and she lets me. I guess I could use that to my advantage, as in get her to pet it and talk from there. Do I have a shot or am I just another degenerate smoker customer?
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No, women don't like being called pretty or attractive all the time. Imagine the girl you saw probably receives compliments all the time, as ugly as she may be.

Even in marriages the woman gets tired easily if the man starts saying "I think you are very pretty I'm so glad you married me", etc

You are supposed to show some slight interest, but at the same time not alot, meaning you have to pretend you don't give a fuck
Women hate anxious men
>Even in marriages the woman gets tired easily if the man starts saying "I think you are very pretty I'm so glad you married me", etc
This has not been my experience, at ALL, but I specifically married a girl who could accept a lot of adoration.
Don’t listen to any anons above. don’t go for it. No, it has nothing to do with coming off as weird but as someone who’s worked long hours before, I guarantee you she just wants to do her job and leave. Go throw yourself somewhere else but don’t hit on somebody who just wants to get the hell out of where they are
If you don't want to hit on her directly, you could just hand her a piece of paper with your name and number on it after she gives you your change/receipt. You don't even have to really say anything, but if you wanted to, you tell her, "I'd be interested in getting [a coffee, dinner] with you sometime, if you'd like."

This leaves the ball in her court and saves you some embarrassment. If she doesn't text you within two days, then either find a new 7/11 or just act like it never happened.

t. woman
I should add that someone has done this to me before when I was working at a gift shop. It doesn't come off as aggressive and you don't seem like a beta because you make your intentions clear from the start.

I didn't hit him up because I had a boyfriend, so I can't tell you anything more about that.

File: ponder.jpg (44 KB, 1024x585)
44 KB
We are in the middle of a pandemic. I'm 18, in associate's college, working hard on myself and my studies and no woman notices it. time is flying by before my eyes.
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Apparently fucking never at this rate. They're just gonna keep kicking the can down the road.
Same except 29 year old here.
It's good to you worry about it now OP, you have more time to fix it. I've only realized I'm gonna die alone at 26 and still trying to cope
just make more money, do something about it
its just economics my nigger

>certain amount of resources
>hoarded by the wealthy and old
>only way to indicate social value

its just a different time and you need different advice
Everyone dies alone OP. There's no escaping that. The sooner you make peace with death as a inevitable event, the sooner you can start to live.

File: lqfalbxo0d131.png (320 KB, 640x452)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
How do I force myself to enjoy parties, as a non-alcoholic social autist?
>Just don't go to them
I kinda have to
Does non-alcoholic mean you're sober? Honestly you can feel mentally drunk without ever having a drink but not if you're autistic, since that's mostly emulation of other people's vibes.
>Does non-alcoholic mean you're sober?
>Honestly you can feel mentally drunk without ever having a drink but not if you're autistic, since that's mostly emulation of other people's vibes.
So what do?
I don't plan on drinking anytime soon, since my entire family are alcoholics. I would've been too, if I didn't smash that vodka bottle across my dad's head on my 21st birthday

File: 8.jpg (30 KB, 852x480)
30 KB
What's the best way to cheat the unemployment work search system? In two weeks, my state is requiring us to start recording our search and taking all "reasonable" jobs offered.

I'm not against working, just trying to avoid being forced to go work a job that pays 50% of what I made before the pandemic at some clearly terrible company with 80 hour work weeks. I want some leverage to be able to say no if the job isn't a fit without the government getting wise to it.
they won't be checking everyone, they might target the slowest moving fish in the barrel.
Interview skills are good to have, so I'd encourage you to turn up to interviews on time and mentally prepared to get the job.
But if you're feeling that feeling you are describing during the interview, if you are feeling that it's going to be a churn and burn company that forces you to wageslave until you collapse of exhaustion and then they drag your carcass out for the wild dogs, then that's the time to mildly rock the boat during the interview.
Keep in mind, you don't have to do anything too silly. Just talk more about your weaknesses than your strengths. Tell them what you're not good at.
If anyone ever accuses you of deliberately sabotaging your own interview, just tell them you got nervous and got "verbal diarrhea".
>Interview skills are good to have, so I'd encourage you to turn up to interviews on time and mentally prepared to get the job.
I'm a pretty good interviewer and take lots of interviews just to hear companies out, so that's not an issue. My problem is how my industry works. A marketing manager title at Charlie Chang's House O' Sales isn't the same as marketing manager at Disney, but unemployment is going to see it the same.
why should the rest of us pay you to sit on your ass?
get back in the cagie

File: IMG_20210406_202726.jpg (1.7 MB, 4095x3105)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
how do you let go of personal preference an be hypnotized with the mainstream

File: 1mindoodle.jpg (94 KB, 600x600)
94 KB
Q1. My dad is mentally unstable and if I leave the house, my mom would have to deal with my dad alone. Of course I could rent somewhere near them but if so, my mom would rather rent out the house and live in the suburbs to collect money for her children. Should I move out?

Q2. Due to my family issue, I kept fucking up with my life. Now I'm finally having a stable job. But I don't see myself going anywhere. This industry is soulless. I want to have a lifetime career which could make myself proud, however I don't feel if there is something I really have to do. I may have a talent in painting but my sister is already an illustrator. I have an interested in tailoring my own clothes. Do you think it's a good idea to go to tailor school now? I just have 5k savings. Or should I start learning how to code so it would help my family live on a good track in the future?
I know it's late, but I really want to start a true life.

Q3. My parents really hope I could find someone and get married ASAP. But I don't think it's realistic to build a new relationship when I'm still struggling to have a clue of my life. Also how could a 30 year old 7.5/10 female find a near age unmarried man without big problems when there’re so many 20ish 7.5/10 single woman on the street?
Sounds like you need to marry into a family already. Your mother and father need care that only a family can really give them after all. If you're reasonably attractive then there's actually a few widowed or divorced men at that age who want to marry someone new and get a step mother for their children. It's going to be awkward of course but that's life anyways.
Yes I forgot to mention my last grandparent left us last year. And all of my uncles and aunts are in othr cities. So my parent literally only have each other now. I guess that's why my dad stops yelling at home anymore. I feel like my mom has a long hard time. I wonder if I move out it's like another family member leaving her. But what she wants from me is having another person who would take care of me when she's gone. Last month the doctor found a shadow in her lung. It's not yet a bad tumor. But that was enough to force me to change my position in life. I don't think I have much problem with marring a divorced man, neither my mom. What makes me consider is if I am closed to be qualified to be a mother. I'm not even proud of being the first child. But thanks, I would think about it.

File: 0Kathryn_Newton-12.jpg (113 KB, 656x1000)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I've been out of the dating game outside of one mid-pandemic Bumble date last year, and haven't hooked up with a girl since late 2019. Somehow I just snagged a date with a girl that's a total babe and is 10 years younger than me. I'm already panicking.

How in the fuck do I calm down about this? I don't wanna press.
ghost her
have fun

dont be too serious and fall in love right away

if you lose her you lose her, are you panicking about losing her? well, at that happens is you start at the same place you were before

that's not that bad

File: 1604050412118.gif (218 KB, 220x258)
218 KB
218 KB GIF
>meet girl
>we hit it off
>she seems legitimately interested
>wait a couple days
>decide to ask her out
>she says yes
>"things may actually start improving for me" (after 10 years)
>she seems excited but i have this feeling shes going to back off
>know its fucking gonna happen
>check messages
>"Sorry anon but due to Covid (lame ass bullshit excuse) I cant go out"
>reply with "Don't worry"
>she doesn't even "See" my message (Blue checkmarks) leading me to believe she saw it from outside the convo

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There are billions of people out there Anon, don't waste your energy on people like that. Work on yourself, make a difference in this world, and carve out your own legacy in your passions. Women are like bees, once one notices what a good guy you are, others will come. It's all a numbers game, you can be a demi-God and people will still reject you. It happens to everyone. It's how you grow, that pain you feel, it's yours. It's special, I feel it too. She only wanted your validation, women are like that. They want male attention, men want sex. It's how it goes, just roll the bones and live your life.
Ask for a skype call or whatever if she can't go outside. Go back and delete that lame ass "Don't worry" shit before she sees it

I know you're fragile, but don't fall into self-fulfilling prophecies.
Keep going, keep improving and realise that this happens even to Chad
Give her an actual chance before you decide that she’s definitely blowing you off. Be lighthearted about it, just something like “I get that you don’t wanna go out right now, but if you’d wanna have an online date in the meantime, let me know :)”. If she doesn’t respond, then whatever, she wasn’t interested. But she may take you up on it and meet up with you soon.
all i can say is i understand your suffering somewhat

10 years is a length of time that changes a person

pick yourself up anon, ive found time somewhat lessens the blow, just don't forget to keep on moving forward

File: an easter carol.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB
>great-grandma turns 90
>she'd seen some shit, most recently she was an evacuee from the Paradise wildfire
>hanging out at her birthday party a couple summers ago
>talks about how content she is with her life, how there's nothing left to do, and she's okay with whatever happens next
>little heavy for a birthday party but whatever
>she passes away peacefully a few months later

>be me, 22
>not suicidal or anything
>still starting to feel the same way
I'm trans btw if that matters
unless you're a bot youve got some serious focus issues

we're at the whims of economic forces we lost control of long ago. you can still reclaim but you need a fire in your heart

read david gemmell

on a more related note, my grandmother is 90 now as well and is just waiting while making the most of the day to day. it weighs on you

youve gotta follow your own way and not just keep worrying about them, its obviously had an impact on you
Bro, people get old, they die. get over it.

Wtf does this mean? Is this the new way girls are ghosting people now?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
she prob got swooped op...
Maybe stop talking like a nigger
She's just traveling, you retard. How long has it been like that?
File: 1553676808370.jpg (15 KB, 205x246)
15 KB


>new way girls ghost you on ap-

who the FUCK cares

never been easier to just move on, ghost? pretend to be traveling (lmao during covid???????) she isn't making herself available there she fucking USELESS TO YOU

why the fuck you hung up about someone fucking USELESS IN ALL RESPECTS? WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE GAMES PLAYED ON APPS

fucking hell
>all the freaks and boomers seething because OP's not being phony and just talking about silly stuff

Good lad.

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