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I have began chatting lately with a girl I dated around 3 years ago (only for a short time) and always had a good relationship with her after it. We both broke up recently from other relationships and I always felt there was still something between us, I could notice it in the way she talked or how she looked at me.
But now we are both single, and the chats have really sucked, she told me that lately she has been really head off and might not answer for entire days, or just doesnt even enter my chat. (For example, we have been talking for almost a month, and this last 3 days she has literally dissapeared). But when she talks to me it looks like she wants to carry on with the conversation asking questions and telling me how she is, but then goes on and dissapears for 2 days or maybe even more.
Also, I proposed to go on a date with her, and she didnt say yes or no, she just kind of changed topic and said to maybe go and meet up with other friends. That she would really like that plan, but the other one not so much for now.
Idk what to do anons. I literally have never been chating with a girl that does this kind of shit and is not straight forwards. Reminder that we had been together 3 years ago and she always seemed to really be into me. Also she got out of a shitty relationship a few months ago, so that may be a part of it.
Any advice, tips or anyone in a similar situation anons? What should I do?
This is really my dream girl. She literally has everything I want in a woman, idk why I litearlly stopped talking to her when we had dated. Thanks a lot, any advice is apreciated.
I should add that I know for a fact that its not because of physical appearence. Thats what really has me lost. I know she is attracted to me physically, so I dont know what might be the reason for her attitudes or what does she want me to do or not do. (Im even better looking that 3 years ago when we dated bc I was 17, now I look more like a man)
She sounds depressed, ask her if she's alright. Sometimes with depressed people you have to be insistent.
I asked her the other day if anything had happened to her but she told me that not, that she was distracted and head off just because, but now more than ever (she was always a bit like this, but no in such a degree). Maybe she is depressed and doesnt want to tell me. I told her she could tell me anything, that I would listen.
You could just lay it all out and tell her that she's your dream girl and it's frustrating not getting a decisive answer from her. Tell her if she doesn't want to go on a date right now, then how about we schedule one a nice, long, month from now and see if she'll feel ready then.

File: auschnitt.png (3.09 MB, 1817x996)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
i just passed my beachelor thesis with an a. i am proud of myself...
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Congrats mate.
Hope life works out for you like this.
I just closed another deal and the seller accepted and i made 20k off a house in san diego and i didn't go to college so my question is what is a thesis?
the title of your thesis be like: "beachlor thesis -by anon"
>beachelor thesis
What diploma mill did you attend?
Was that a ruin or is it normal for the commission to be this small?

File: download20210100035548.png (140 KB, 600x600)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
So i had a crush on a girl while i was in a relationship. so anyway fast-forward a year and a half later i got drunk and a friend of hers heard me admit that crush and told her about it. we were talking in the meanwhile and she never mentioned it she just kept teasing me saying what if we were together and etc.
so i got really hooked lately(past few months)
and she picked up on that i guess let me approach her more and now i'm just another oribter i guess she tramples on me, ghosts me and then pretends "she cares" says all of this crap and etc. and i am so tempted right now to call on her shit let her know. but i dont know a. whether im wrong and i have a chance and im overreacting b. i'm not worth her time and in should fuck off or let her know that this is not ok.
Crush’s have very vague contracts associated with them.

She owes you nothing because of your feelings.
Ask her out anyway. The experience itself is one of the more interesting parts of being a man.
good larp

File: 1611337773116.jpg (67 KB, 1024x650)
67 KB
Need some adv asap.

Saw a girl after a long and very fucked up break.

She's pretty based and trad. But she keeps talking about her ex while touching others friends in front of me.

After thar I BTFO her by saying some shit about her ex, it made her cry like a little bitch and quit my flat.

Was this the right thing to do ?

I just feel lost bros... Never wanted to make someone cry but fuck...
You did the right thing. She was pretty red pilled. Good job bro
so instead of tattoos, hoes are wearing vintage sundresses now. cringe. make sure you call her to apologize. then make her cry again, during the phone call. I'll bet it gets her off, dirty girl.
u did the right thing lad, shes an IDIOT for not moving on in life lol

How do I love other people? I generally like other people until they become real it seems. And I have so much hate and dislike for things when I find something that’s wrong with a person, I don’t know how to share myself with another person, and when another person does I only find ugliness.
you suffer from something known as low self esteem which may be caused by trauma, behaviour/thought patterns that don’t serve you to grow.. unno .
in all honesty... gotta try to love yourself before you can see love elsewhere. you have so much negativity is bc you’re focusing your energy onto peanut brain thoughts, i get them too ok chill but you gotta work on it in order to become more attuned with a higher version of yourself

File: aaaaaaaaaa.jpg (226 KB, 736x1009)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
People who experienced emotional or physical abuse by parents, how did you move on from your trauma?
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I’m 21 too. I started to gain ‘awareness’ about the situation a few years ago. When it was actually happening, I was in deep denial about it. I was deeply depressed during the entirety of all of this and couldn’t admit that my family was the cause of it. I blamed everything else like my hormones, my lifestyle, diet, etc. The sad thing is that my parents were really good to me as a child. It wasn’t until my teens when they snapped and became very abusive. My dad in particular became a completely different person. I often sought out alternate father figures to fill the hole that my abusive dad left. I became close with my high school psych teacher. My father treated me, his own daughter, with so much hate and violence on a daily basis that I just felt better being around adults who were actually nice to me and treated me like a human being. I don’t think I’ll ever completely forgive them. But I keep looking for ways every day to move on.
>People who experienced emotional or physical abuse by parents, how did you move on from your trauma?
The fucker mysteriously disappeared when I had a rock-solid alibi. Seven years later the abuser is legally dead.

Take that however you like ;o
But I’m sorry you had to go through that. I can’t even imagine being in your position like that. You were so young and having to support yourself.
Based as fuck if true. Sadly it probably isn't.
three steps:
1. cut contact
2. cry a lot
3. slowly start to feel better

File: 1513096178820.png (227 KB, 355x308)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I am unironically on the verge of beating my wife for being super bitchy as of late. How do I control my rage? I am starting to think she deserves it. When she starts shoving those fingers in my face yelling at me and shit I just want to slap the shit out of her. I work like a dog at my job and she gives me a lot of crap. I just want some peace but she ALWAYS has some stupid shit to complain about and honestly I feel like she doesn't appreciate me nearly enough.

The sex and cooking is amazing though so I don't want to break it off and I do love her. Drop your anger management advice and whatever else you think would be useful for me to hear.
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I say do it op. I slapped the fuck put of my girlfriend for acting up with me and she fixed her attitude real quick. Infact, she started loving me more and buying me gifts.
This. If you engage with her, she can misconstrue it as abuse if anyone hears her screaming. Withdrawing attention is hugely effective.
File: sketch-1609984213173.png (506 KB, 1084x1080)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Kek, same. Well, I went more extreme than that actually. Way more. All these people so terrified of getting rekt by the legal system amuse me. Guess their gfs don't love them enough.
Just chuckle and go about your business, its a fucking woman dude, don't take them so seriously, you're basically dealing with a child

File: 7sk1fcc4fy061.jpg (57 KB, 700x638)
57 KB
I've been hanging out with this girl I like for a little bit, and I think I want to tell her that I like her. I don't know how to go about it without being weird or sounding like an autist, though.
Are you dating? What the fuck does it mean you're hanging out
From my experience, it always sounds weird, but you just be upfront about it.
>Hey, are you free this weekend?
>girl-I might be, why?
> I was wondering if you wanna go out to dinner sometime
>girl- are you asking me out?
And then you get a yes or no.
Brownie points for finding a way to work into conversation. For example: if you're talking about desserts
>girl- I love cheesecake!
>Guess we should get some together sometime
Boom you just started asking and you might as well finish it cuz there ain't no going back
exactly loool ^
and if she rejects you.. remember this, REJECTION IS GOD’S PROTECTION
Don't confess, just ask her out on a date. Make sure she knows it's a date. I confessed to a friend I was hanging out with regularly, and it freaked her out because she wasn't expecting it.

File: yt8tw80eoud41.jpg (49 KB, 713x743)
49 KB
>finally get job offer from temp agency
>go through onboarding
>last step is taking the drug test
>just as im about to do that get job offer for immediate hire from university as a grader
>its work from home
>part time so it won't interfere as much with graduate school
>dad is pressuring me to flake out on the temp company and take the work from home job fro the university.
I'm not sure what to do, can I literally just say no at the last minute to the temp company?
would it look suspicious if I do this before I take any drug test?
should I just take the drug test and then decline the job?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

You can say "I got a better offer elsewhere, sorry."

The chances of them raising a stink about you dropping out of the hiring process right before the drug test is infinitesimally low. They're a temp agency; pursuing any legal action against you wouldn't be worth the time/money/effort, and they're not noteworthy enough to blacklist you in any way. Worst-case scenario is the temp agency won't want to hire you in the future, but even that's pretty unlikely.

Drug tests cost money to administer, and it'd be on the agency's dime. Even if it's probably a very small amount. you are saving them some number of dollars by not taking the drug test.

Really, if you want to cover all your bases, after telling them you got a better offer, you can just add "Do you still want me to come in for the drug test? I totally can, but I wasn't sure what you wanted." or something.
I'm scared about burning a bridge though , I have worked with this temp agency before and got hired in as a full time years ago.
I'm graduating in may and will be looking for full time work ,
on one hand they are a fairly big player in the temp engineering industry, on the other hand despite having an engineering undergraduate degree they never did managed to get me an actual engineering role.
Just call in and apologize sayiglng you have found a different job, as long as you explain you haven't burned any bridges
As others have said, just explain that you've been offered another position that provides better compensation/a better situation for you and your family during covid, and you'll have to respectfully decline, but would love to work together in the future if the opportunity arises.

File: k6q5r.jpg (26 KB, 499x499)
26 KB
I'll make this short and sweet, today I got scammed IRL; partly my fault for not verifying a model number.
But his fault for swapping boxes and being pushy with sale.

I have not confronted him, instead I have set up a meeting tomorrow to 'buy' his expensive camera.

Now here is where I would like suggestions.

Do I get police involved?

Do I ask for my money back while his camera is in my hands, and if he refuses throw it in the street

Do I play it dumb with "sir I believe you made a mistake, this item is not the one you advertised to me" and take the "not ur fault shit happens route"?

Or do I ask for money back plus extra cash?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Entertaining, but no personal suggestions?
So you've bought it but don't actually have the camera yet?
I purchased an item from him, advertised as one thing but is another (pc related). He basically swapped the box on an otherwise identical product.

But, I have set up arrangements to 'buy' his camera tomorrow; by buy i mean just meet up with him and get my money back. Looking for legal suggestions.
Legally, get his address and make sure you have his real name, then sue him in small claims court.
The item at hand is relatively cheap, as in i didn't spend much on it. I don't think taking it to small claims would be worth it for either party.

I was looking to get something done that day, I thought my idea of holding his expensive camera hostage until he refunds me.

Any other suggestions?

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 691x444)
13 KB
I am generally dismissive of hostile or antagonizing strangers or acquaintances. Friends I need not worry because I can be honest with them or else they're acquaintances. My wife however is very different. I struggle to call her a friend anymore due to our fighting but I cannot easily dismiss her as a stranger.

She will follow me around the house making hyperbolic statements, threats to divorce, sometimes insinuating loss of custody, generally attacking any weakness I mistakenly shared with her. I know, maybe the only advice I need is to leave the bitch but regardless of what's to transpire, I have to be more unwavering in the face of her belligerence.

I want to learn techniques such as physical distancing, deescalation, self-awareness and generally how to divide what she says from how I think and behave. I never had this difficulty but I never dealt with someone who is unrelenting within my own home.

Any married folks or gifted stoics out there got advice?
It's kind of hard to answer not knowing what you're arguing about but in general staying calm and not raising your voice is important. You could always just try and confuse her and see what happens, try and rekindle your old passion for each other in the middle of one of her episodes, ask for a little kiss, or tell her she has something in her teeth to throw her off.
Or just the good old "I'm sorry you feel this way, we should discuss this matter in a respectful, open setting so we don't have to live in such hostility"
You'll learn through experience. But please, walk away. Do not "learn" how to cope with severe malicious psychological abuse. Do not "learn" to never truly relax or be hopeful for the future. Do not invent fanciful stories in your head and twist around everything to justify the shoddy treatment you receive. And try, if you can, not to abuse others in turn, though this is harder than it seems.

For every Nelson Mandela there's tons and tons of abuse victims who die unmourned and unknown. Vindication is not necessarily a thing.
Yeah best thing to do is divorce her, but I'm assuming OP can't just walk away because

>She will follow me

File: George-W-Bush.jpg (1.59 MB, 2267x3000)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
What's the best way to flirt over text without getting cancelled?
same way you would flirt verbally
>don't start with a dick pic
>don't make rape jokes unless you know she likes them
>don't spam her

File: 1466538553721.gif (1.66 MB, 540x603)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
I have been thinking back to last year, the best year of my life, with fondness but also sadness that it's gone... I don't think life will ever be that good again. Does anyone have any book recommendations, perhaps on this topic or area? Looking for some new things to read to try and understand myself more.
A year's end is an arbitrary date in time. Why does the good time have to stop on January 1st?
It didn't end on January 1st lol, I just said a year because it is more straightforward than giving you dates. If you want me to be more specific, the good times were from October 2019-May-ish-2020.
i just hope that life surprise me again
What changed then?
The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

You are not happy because you think the good times are over, but you are wrong in thinking good times are required to be happy

File: fat guy.jpg (300 KB, 1423x2136)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
why do so many people hang themselves? its a brutal and unpleasant way to go, is the desperation just too much?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I prefer North Korean Force labor camps. You get big and strong by doing forced labor. Plus they eat natural ingredients like rice with no GMOs. They know how to do it.
There are painless ways to die, but they're a well-guarded secret and if you don't have the time or money, maybe you just want to die in the most painless way you can think of.
This >>23470953

You’re pretty stupid. Literally any common pistol caliber or anything more powerful to the dome will effectively destroy brain function to the point of death unless you hit it at some retarded angle.

Not that I’d ever recommend it or for people to commit suicide in general, but my father offed himself with a .22 LR to a dome and it worked pretty effectively ricocheting around his skull, all memes aside.

You have to be pretty desperate to commit suicide in the first place so yeah, pretty much. But while not everyone can easily get a gun depending on age/criminal history/location, literally anyone can get a piece of a rope and look up how to tie a knot.

As for overdosing, drugs can cost a lot of money, be more slow and painful, and can be more difficult to obtain as well.
sorry about your dad anon
As far as I know, CO poisoning is the cheapest, easily done, painless way to go.

File: 1444336551797.jpg (222 KB, 915x678)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
How do I cope with being a manlet?
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>making fun of manlets while simultaneously coping being a manlet
The absolute state of the one who made that image.
sir, you must do needful
File: eatmyass.png (590 KB, 672x505)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
If you really do care about it that much, travel to an Asian country(except China and maybe South Korea). Statistically they're shorter than other ethnicities. Or go to areas where Asians are prominent. Either that or get used to it. I'm 5'4' and I haven't dated a lot of women, but they've both been shorter and taller than me. Be humble, don't be an asshole, you don't have to be fit but don't be a slob, have good morals and be a decent human being.
Platform shoes?
>woman tells me she's 5'7
>im 5'5
>shes shorter than me
literally why

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