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>be lonely male
>impersonate girl online just to talk to people acting as myself
>not gay, not toxic, literally just to conversate with people who try hard because they think I'm a girl

What's wrong with me? Also, any tips on how to not get caught?
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Sounds like you’re on your way to becoming a serial killer. Nice work
I did this. Developed autogynephilia. Still can't kick it. Stop while you're ahead.
God I wish I were a woman so bad bros, it unironically hurts.
>not interesting or have enough social skills so you need to allude to having a vagina to bait people into talking to you

Work on your social skills and self esteem
Kek OP I did the same thing. I was on IRC, and this horny Indian tried to (((seduced me))), and I was getting aroused.
> autogynephilia
Yea I think I got that, but more of a fetish level. I blame on it on female protang ryona games

How do I make friends outside of parties?
I recently moved to a new city and I met a group of friends at a concert. They seem to like me and we have similar interests so I’ve started meeting regularly with them. The problem is that I only ever meet them in a “party” situation like going to a bar, concert or DJ set. We never meet outside of a night where we’re getting drunk.
Is this kind of thing typical for friend groups in cities? I wouldn’t mind just meeting with friends and watching a movie or getting food together but they never seem up for that and they only meet up for nights out
Suggest it. The next time a conversation gets around to (or you steer it to) something like Marx Brothers (or Jackie Chan or Batman or whatever) movies, you be the one to say "Let's have a marathon movie night at my place next week."
go to parks and play pickup basketball or football

I just got rejected for the third time. Three different chicks. What happened to me. I can’t handle rejection anymore
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When you get older and have more money and stabilty it will be better. Hold off for now because you don't want to get desperate.
What does money have to do with it? Im college age. Were all broke I just want to live life
haha cope and seethe incel nobody ever wants to date you
I'm 21, have money, apt., and a car lol. Just want to say and warn anons that material riches are nothing if you are not getting good at being social and good to hang around. I'm currently working on the later, so I should make it.
Also I might take the unipill and go get a degree
Chad would care about rejection if it happened to him as often as an incel trying to get laid. For every negative affirmation he has two positive ones lined up

File: wojakdarklight.jpg (434 KB, 1328x1488)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Another day, trying to do something, knowing that I SHOULD be doing something, learning, trying to stop doing nothing, to do anything, but feeling extremely demotivated to do anything.

Day after the day, it's the same. I make plans, try to force myself, but most of the time nothing comes out of it.

Am I actually depressed? Like, It's been like this for some years now, I think. It's like trying to move a boulder. I've always heard people talking about depression 24/7 everywhere, but never thoght that's that what I am having. Like, I had a lot of bad shit in my life, so I'd thought I WAS depressed somewhere in my childhood or something, but never made the connection that this might be it.

It feels as if there was nothing in my head, accompanied by the urge to do nothing at all, just sit. I'm not really having fun from anything.

Am I actually depressed? Or am I just delusional? I don't know anymore.

Can anyone with actual, medicaly proved depression tell me if this might be it? It really feels as if I was going insane.
no go outside touch grass fag

File: cl62p9iqlvq31.jpg (190 KB, 741x678)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Howdy y'all. Been feeling extremely suicidal lately. Looking for, I don't know, encouragement? Quick background: I am a 20 year old male. I have some mystery medical issues that prevent me from getting a job or attending school (dropped out of high school, later got my GED) been seeing doctors for my entire life, still haven't figured it out. Been diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety, and ADHD, but lately have begun to believe I have bipolar (might explain in a follow-up). Everything has become dull, I don't even enjoy the things I used to love anymore. I'm apathetic to my own potential to get better. Any anons made it past this sort of stuff and have any advice?
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There is a way out.
bro i still can't believe you have an ego after all this. a fucking mentally deranged aspie can and does do better than you. you have nothing to stand on. you're just another fucking 'gifted kid' with a superiority complex. you've done nothing with your 'intelligence' and blame issues you make up. i wasn't attempting to say everyone's minds were the same, just give you another perspective. just give proof that others have succeeded where you, an individual who's defining take remains his '136' iq, can look at and seethe.
>ad homming bc you can't give a reason as to why your superior intellect has failed you
>I have some mystery medical issues that prevent me from getting a job or attending school (dropped out of high school, later got my GED)
Dude i have permanent nerve damage in my right hand, nerve damage in my left one and nerve damage caused by my spine in both legs, while I can walk I just feel partial numbness. I am now majoring in software engineering, just get your life together.

Also, no one gives a crap about IQ.
everyone agrees you're a fag

Is it possible for Borderline Personality Disorder to go away? I had a lot of BPD traits during my 20s but during my 30s it feels like I've mellowed a lot and don't have it anymore.
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Fucking feel

Every time I see a bpd thread I assume I'm being bated

>inb4 someone tells us to kms
I want to kek
He's baiting and doesn't have bpd. If you want to leave, leave. You can't be someone's psych. Your partner is unlikely to kill themselves over you leaving, it will just hurt a lot

Are they even in treatment? You could make an ultimatum and tell them to get treatment if you don't want to leave. But it sounds like you do
Yeah she’s in treatment but I feel like it’ll always be like this, it seems the meds are only making her lazy but at the same time not, I just feel stuck.
You gotta look after yourself. My ex gf couldn't handle my shit moodswings and anger so she left. I was undiagnosed.

I miss her, I really do. But if I ever get around to roping, it's not her fault. You have a right to be happy one way or another.
So once again you need to be coddled. Got it.

This is what it looks like down, but I normally have it tied up. I’ve been told it’s too thin. Should I cut it? If so, to what length/style? I’ve always had it fairly long.
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Neck hang till failure tranny Degen
>What should I do about my nose?
Cut your hair so its less noticeable i just told you
It looks pretty rough down... that's my haircut and I'm a grill. It might look better up, but I think the issue is that you've got zero body-- it just hangs down limp and flat. Maybe look into getting layers or hair pomade or both, to give it some texture? Alternately, you could grow a full beard and keep your hair the same and just pretend you're a Viking.
You have potential but honestly i thought you were a tranny at first maybe try to look a bit like legolas like you said because while we don't have the full picture it fell a bit on the uncanney valley side of things.
You have a girl haircut

File: 1200px-Cowardly_Lion.png (894 KB, 1200x1363)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
And become brave? I've suffered excessive fear and anxiety my whole life. But I've also been a massive coward and lately realizing that my cowardice has ruined my life in many areas it's been a major source of depression and shame, to the point that I won't leave my house anymore at all.
> 25 yo never had a girlfriend too pussy to approach
> had public freakouts due to panic attacks, you know how they say you wont loose control ? I did. Now I fear leaving the house.
> Got bullied in HS, gathered the balls to punch the bully in the face but chickened out from a scheduled fight after school so lost all the little respect I might have gained. Got bullied by a different bully after that. Never again dared fight back.
> humiliated many times didn't stand up for myself etc etc

Now I'm to the point that life is not worth living and I dream of having the balls to do a brave redeeming suicide like cutting my stomach open with a knife or stabbing my heart.
Has anyone in history ever recovered from the level of pussiness that I suffer from or was it all over before it began? Its not the anxiety that bothers me it's COWARDICE there's a difference. All i wanna know is it possible has anyone ever done it? Or is it once a coward always a coward?
Exposure, therapy, and medication
Hey im a coward too lol im 20 and i was bullied in middle school and high school and i don't know what to fucking tell you, i fear people's emotions. well, after a big fuck up that happened in my life i started playing sports (alone) and i started meeting new people, i called my friends and we listen to music together and they're giving me courage to do everything. i think friendship is the key to success, don't be scared of being yourself, show people how cool you are and care for them. just bee yourself my dude, you seem like a good person so that's a beginning
try therapy too if you can
I'm here with you OP, I think that's the appeal of 4chan, most of us here are likely this way. For my own experience I let my ex wife bully and abuse me without standing up for myself and calling her bluff. I also let my friend get punched on deployment without standing up to help him. I think that this is all likely as a result of trauma we experienced as children, reinforced and possibly multiplied by bullying. The thing to do, I believe, is to learn to love fear, but that's far far easier said than done.
I have very few friends that I don't see often and making new ones is hard right now.
The irony of being a coward is that we do it to avoid suffering but end up suffering even more. Cowardice is a shortcut to pain.
I'm genuinely interested has it ever been documented that a genuine coward has transformed into a brave human being? Because I won't be content with myself until I've gained courage, I consider it so important after seeing what life devoid of it is like.
I did parkour as a teenager it fixed my fair of heights and performing in front of crowds but it had little effect on my general anxeity until I got older

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what do you need advice with
yes, and that is good.
That's a long text to cope with growing old and not being in your prime
Sure whatever. Good luck calling your American cops to arrest me in Japan.
>Are all men attracted to developed teenagers?
Yes. Any anecdotal observation of society and its history should tell you this, and all available scientific literature on the subject confirms it just as handily. Attraction to developed adolescents with secondary sexual characteristics (who were given independence earlier despite living relatively as long: the idea that life expectancy was 40 for most is a myth) was an accepted part of nearly all societies until very recently. However, earlier societies also generally forbade copulation until marriage, which itself was not a walk in the park when dealing with effectively a multi-family transaction, so it at least wasn't founded on hedonism. Families were still protective, just rather about character and chaste life instead of age.
>Are all men actual pedophiles, as in attracted to prepubescents, not the meme 2021 definition?
No, actual pedophiles are roughly 2-5% of the population according to [very scarce] data.
Women aren't attracted to men who are younger or "beneath" them in terms of social status/experience in general, so in an absence of being able to relate, they seem to often simply equate it all to actual attraction to small children, which is medically, legally, and historically incongruent, but irrelevant in a world where feminism (and its model of attraction) is now the dominant social dogma. I see plenty of women calling an attraction to 18 + 19 year olds "pedophilia" and it is completely insane and counterproductive in every objective way.
If you go to a therapist and tell them you're terrified because you're attracted to 15 year olds, they'll teach you how to not be terrified and fixated, because the anxious fixation is what isn't normal, not the attraction.
Essentially tl;dr yes men are capable of being attracted to teenagers (but shouldn't date them in this society), no most aren't into real children, follow the law where you are regardless, and talk to a therapist if you're feeling anxious about it.

File: 1623493034292.jpg (45 KB, 500x500)
45 KB
How do you stop getting arousing thoughts of your girlfriend cheating on you, someone you nurtured and cared for and loved and protected and shared many intimate moments with someone who you have a very strong emotional connection with and now she gets used by other men and irrevocably damages the relationship you have worked so hard on?
Fuck off tranny cuck
No idea. Mind if I meet your gf?
You completely cut them out of your life and stop being retarded faggot

File: o0200020013372500852.png (30 KB, 704x1548)
30 KB
I am Japanese.
I'm looking for a video on youtube.
A boy has something like a knife in the classroom. You can hear a scream behind you.
Finally, Kenshiro's voice from Fist of the North Star said, "You are dead," and the animation ended.
The video is less than a minute.

File: ey5trhsfxgnb.png (881 KB, 988x956)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
How do I get rid of fetish/es I don't want (severely damaging to me and my relationships) as a female?

These would kill off any real chance I have at a healthy long-term marriage.

Do not give male "no fap will get rid of it" advice please. Ideally, I want a female anon who's also struggled with but overcome this.

Fucking HELP ME anons.
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If you're not going to share it because you're embarrassed on an anonymous message board, you definitely didn't get to the core of the issue from which it arose in yourself. If you were able to be honest with yourself, you'd be honest here as well.
it's not that at all, actually I'm repulsed by blacks like most white women
Not sure how fetishes develop. It’s got to be some latent early childhood environment thing because I can’t think of reasons why I developed what I did. For example Fern Gully is the earliest I can remember being into vore and the rest has been downhill since. Not op btw
Are you the rape fetish girl? This is like the 3rd time I’ve seen you post this shit
It's wrong now but it used to be true.
Fetish used to mean that you needed a certain stimuli to get aroused.
Kink used to mean a think you like.
Now fetish and kink mean the same thing.
Words change.

I go to Church because I’m part of a Christian program. I always believed in God since my acid trips and I thought I was so spiritual and smart and just thought Christianity had the same exact beliefs as me for some stupid reason.

Anyway, after church I felt unbelievable gratitude. I am blessed. I’m ten times happier, productive, grateful, I truly love life since I found Jesus Christ.

My advice to you all is to find something you believe in. Even if you have to go to Church a thousand times or pay for a thousand hours. Once you find that “thing” your life will change overnight.
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I've been really depressed for a while and wanted to go to church for weeks now but always postponed it. I really should go. Thanks for reminder
File: 0098f-toptem39.png (73 KB, 387x348)
73 KB
God bless you anon, take your long walk with Christ on the path to the Kingdom, this material world and all in it is temporary but the love of God is always and forever.
You don't have to go to church just be baptised and read the word of God in Bible and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

>But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matthew 6:6
I was thinking about exactly this when I saw ops image and just how petty someone would have to be for them to point it out. As if Jesus would care.

File: 1622707211089.jpg (170 KB, 1200x1223)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
What are ways that I could make myself funnier? Depending on the ppl I'm with I'll be varying degrees of funny, I can't intentionally bring forth a comedic ability. I've made friends, coworkers/classmates, teachers/bosses & strangers laugh. The issue is that I can't control it, it just happens. I have an easier time making my close friends laugh than anyone else. I want to become funny more often and intentionally
maybe if you watch a lot of comedy
Just replicate what funny people do, roughly speaking. Being social in any successful manner is 40% regurgitation, 45-50% performance/presentation and charm, and 10-15% originality.

Okay so once a few months ago, I let David Liebe Hart crash at my apartment while he was doing his “tour”. Ever since then this guy has called me at all hours of the day to complain about random people being so horrible to him. How do I gently tell him that I want to cut off contact?
Have a spine.
>gently tell him
You don’t have to tell him shit just block his number lol

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