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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: Airplane.jpg (68 KB, 735x614)
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I really like the idea of traveling, but I've never felt like I could justify it. I tend to have a very utilitarian value system when it comes to these things. What are some productive reasons to travel, and what things can I do while traveling to make the time useful?
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You will just end up hating travels.
So, when you say volunteering, do you mean like the Peace Corps? What did your friends do?
We aren't American. The friend I have in mind was volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana and a refugee camp in Lebanon (teaching English to women in the latter).
That's pretty cool. I'll have to keep volunteering in mind.
Yeah she saw some cool things in those countries and by volunteering they got put up in accommodation and such. She made a bunch of friends she's still in contact with. She now works in the same line as work as me (public sector) and given her interest in international development I imagine it looked good on her resume.

Tell me how your experience was traveling to the UK.
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File: 1576202281972s.jpg (7 KB, 250x196)
7 KB
Luton is full of arabs and utterly disgusting
Cambridge is pretty nice
Cheddar is where they made cheddar cheese and is worth a visit
North london is alright.
South west england such as devon doesn't have a lot going on but is comfy af
Same with Cornwall nice country feel and is great.
Wales is also worth a visit but the people are weird as
>Cheddar is where they made cheddar cheese and is worth a visit
Sounds good, actually. I've seen so many variations of "cheddar" cheese that I would like to try the real version.
There is this old cafe there run by some old English women and has been in her family for years, There you will find the best most authentic english tea and scons. Across the road from there is a cheese shop that have pretty much everything and they even have stuff out to try before you buy it.
Banged your mom there. 5/10 would do it again
File: 1585753396181.jpg (62 KB, 720x480)
62 KB
If you're only been the London, you've only seen a bastardised version of the UK. I would recommend travelling outside to get a more authentic experience of the UK.

Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester are the obvious choices but consider seaside coastal towns, Newcastle and Devon as alternative destinations.

London is very much separate from UK lifestyles, much like Paris is to France. You'll find a lot of attractions there but its likely find a better experience away if you're looking to see UK for what it really is.

Asian Burger here, I have plenty of guns in the states but which other countries are the best for shooting guns, legally or illegally.

On my last trip I came across and AK in Southern Spain and having a gun in europe is a pretty nice feeling ngl
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A gun club near my house has a bar and a shooting range. suprisingly okay
>Canada has like zero shootings why are they still trying to ban shit over there?
Anon-kun, there's no use asking for logic where there is none. Gun control is, by definition, illogical.

>In the states everyone wants to ban the scary guns to stop mass shootings because they think it will help and then they point to canada and say "See it worked there"
Ironically, Canada also likes to point fingers at other countries. They say things like "We don't want to end up being like the Americans" or "Look what happened in New Zealand."

>So if canada is still banning shit doesnt that mean it either doesnt work or want a disarmed populace
Both, actually. In a strange twist of irony, Canada is trying to become more and more like Communist China, while Chinese immigrants who move to Canada are trying to exercise their newly discovered rights. I see a lot of chinks at the range, as a matter of fact.
I guess this would be the best thread to ask...is there any place where you can have... relative freedom hunting monkeys? I have an insatiable primal desire to kill a mother ape and abduct its infant.
I heard that it's quite difficult to go shooting as a non-resident (i.e. tourist) in Switzerland, as the shooting ranges aren't commercial, but more targeted towards their militia system.
Fair enough. But Swiss people are very into self-control; people who aren’t seriously burned-out alcoholics don’t really get noticeably drunk in public, much less while shooting.

Not sure; I live here and don’t shoot. But I know there are private clubs and ranges with nothing to do with national service (for kids, for example), and assumed that one could buy temporary >>1786073
Ich spreche kein Chinesisch.

How has social distancing or any other government protocol affected your way of traveling?
Are they the same procedure in different countries?
Eh. I'm still getting to your moms house by car
You tell me.

What will traveling by like right after the whole coronavirus events?
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File: rimshot.gif (449 KB, 444x258)
449 KB
449 KB GIF
I'll set 'em up, you knock 'em down, anon.
You forget about your meds?
Its a dick
Guy flexing is homo
I will likely resume traveling to your moms house
Airlines will silently remove 3 inches of leg room for an extra 2 rows of seats per plane and we'll have been banned from traveling for long enough we won't notice.

Then it's business as usual from there

South East Asia general thread
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How's learning Vietnam going? I have an opportunity for 2021 to stay a year abroad in either Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, or a few other SEA places (from a list of dozens of countries worldwide). From the three of these though, it looks like Vietnamese would be easiest to learn. I know some Korean, enough to get around and I was bilingual as a kid. Chinese seems stupid hard with all the characters, especially traditional Chinese, and Thai seems more difficult just because of the added workload of a new writing system.

Do you like learning Vietnamese? It's a bit of an ugly language but I really want to give it a go.
Thoughts on Indonesia if you're not going to do a lot of swimming?
>Thailand is all of SEA
Cambodians, Vietnamese and Lao still do not give a fuck.
did it require you to be a codefag?
Any anons here still in SEA? I was in Thailand and Vietnam until early March. Almost stayed another couple of weeks in one of those countries, and if I did I might still be stuck there.

File: InterPalzz.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Let's get an InterPals thread going.. How many people did you actually meet from here? any interesting stories? good or bad.
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So I've started using this again, and I'm just messaging women that seem interesting to me, and it's working out pretty well. Had some message me first, too. Thanks for this thread, guys - never would have known about this site otherwise.
Have an account for about a year. My picture attracts a lot of women, qts included, but is seems gay men too for some reason.
Had quite interesting conversations there, nothing of the autistic china grade. Not using it right now because too busy.

It is much much worse my friend. Had a fake female facebook account years ago. Hundreds of messages. If the competition bothers you, become better.
I pretty much have the same problem. Most respond to my opening line and some even contact me first.

Then we usually talk about hobbies (which are basically watching netflix, reading, listening to music and whatever), about studies and that's about it. The conversation rarely goes more than this and it quickly dies. They rarely ask questions back or anything.

What do?
That's how I met you mom
link to extention

File: europmapp.png (309 KB, 1280x997)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
What are some unknown gems of Europe?

I visited France last year, and didn't wanna just visit Paris, so I also visited some smaller unknown cities, like a city called Nice in the south. I really enjoyed this city way more than Paris.

This summer I wanna go on a longer european trip, so I'm wondering: what are some unknown gems of Europe?
I'm planning to visit Modena (actually the city where Ferrari was founded), but what else?
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grim industrial cities have the easiest puss to get
I've been to Charleroi in November and it was so grimdark that it gave the city a strong atmospheric-ambiental identity.

It is not pretty, it is not nice but it is most definitely one of the most interesting and unique places I've been to.

Would recommend for a weekend trip. ( Afternoon in Namur could also be fitted in).
Your moms house
Nice is really well known. “Educated background” hahaha man you must be a middle class asshole

I like to keep currency of each country i visit, preferably paper notes. What was your fav currency/cool finds that you held onto?
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I know this is retarded, but this thread made think about how hilarious it would be if a whole lot of tourists visited a small country and ended up taking a large majority of its currency back home with them. I don't think this is technically possible, but I wonder what kind of problems it would cause if it did happen.
Whenever they have it I always buy the metrocards locals use for public transportation, not a temporary paper ticket or the expensive tourist cards that they offer. I’m always fascinated by the differences between each system.

I probably have at least 50, but they’re not on me. I have these ones because I was supposed to go these cities soon.
Aw sheeit my nigga, I do this too, although I do also collect paper ticket stubs. I have an AT HOP card (New Zealand), an Octopus Card (Hong Kong), and an EasyCard (Taipei, Taiwan). I actually got my EasyCard three years ago, and I used the same card when I revisited Taiwan recently. I also have a Compass Card (BC, Canada) that I only use to take the train back home from the airport.

My weirdest one would have to be the ZVV (Zurich, Switzerland) tickets. There is nothing to scan. No bar codes, no QR codes, no magnetic strips, no chips, no nothing. Many paper-based ticket systems in other countries do have them, but not in Zurich. There's nothing on the trains/buses/trams to verify your ticket, they pretty much just take your word for it. I supposed you could get randomly checked by transport security, but I've never had that happen to me.
File: 20200409_013121.jpg (1.59 MB, 4019x1881)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Anon from: >>1786057. I do the same thing, but my metro card collection isn't even close to organized. Also have an Istanbulkart somewhere, along with quite a few others. Probably have upwards of a dozen Delhi Metro cards, kek. Unfortunately, this shit's scattered all over my room, and I think it'd be a day-long project just to track most of them down.

I also save a lot of business cards, travel tickets, and receipts, but I don't think that's too uncommon. Usually it all just sits around in boxes for months on end, but every so often, I'll go through a pile. Kinda strange but fun way to relive memories.

TBQH this thread--along with the lockdown--is tempting me to actually start organizing my stuff.
Coincidentally I’m from Vancouver as well. I don’t really live in the city anymore but know they’ve got the wristbands and the compass-mini, wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of the former.

Probably my favourite design would be the troika card, from Moscow, additionally the city and St. Petersburg both have some really stunning metro stations.

Share your
>favorite places
>favorite acts
>favorite clubs
>future plans
>experiences, both good and bad

All electronic music is welcome
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>club maze
Sounds scary desu
1. Your moms house
3. The one that was inserted
4. I'll prob continue to see her regardless of Covid situation
5. 5/10 would do it again
Epic XD

Planning on moving to one of the great leaf metropolis'. Where should I go? I want to take university there, but also have grown up in a small town all my life and want a radical departure.
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I live in Montreal. I just always felt that nature gets interesting past Quebec city and north of Shawinigan and Trembant. Les gouts ca se discute pas apres tout.
Like a fucking dream.
That wasn't the only problem, though.
What was?
Fucked up teeth and a wonky nose from birth defects.
Dental work and plastic surgery fixed both.
That must've cost a lot of money unless if you had dental insurance

File: angloid.jpg (169 KB, 664x1055)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
just turned 19, what's a good first country to travel to if I'm very inexperienced? I'm American btw.

I was thinking once Corona-tenshi is all over Canada or the UK would be the best places to visit because they speek english.
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Canada barely counts as international, you might as well go visit a new state in terms of difficulty.
this would be fine of Mexico didn't suck ass.
Mexico blows and everyone knows it
Argentina or Chile
speak for yourself, you went to the wrong parts of Mexico

File: pwnodera.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
how is /trv/ coping with all the lockdowns & closed borders?
50 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: giphy.gif (668 KB, 448x318)
668 KB
668 KB GIF
Expat living in Norway here. The situation isn't too bad, especially since I live outside of the Oslo area. I figured if they loosen the lock-down a bit over here while the borders stay closed I may use the opportunity to actually do a bit of traveling in Norway. I've actually never been outside of the Trondheim area so this might be a good opportunity to check out the North or maybe Bergen. Maybe take the night train to Bodø, then go to Lofoten.
Probably won't happen before mid-May, though.
File: 1563144008582.jpg (44 KB, 640x603)
44 KB
>haven't traveled in a while
>was seriously considering a trip to central yuro and maybe a bit of hiking in Switzerland
>this shit happens
By spending lots of time at your moms
you think this is bad?
I got a working holiday visa that's running out and haven't even entered the country and embassy is too busy to deal with this shit...
All fine over here, I'm in a country with very few infections. Can't do any trips for the next couple months, but gives me some time to catch up on reading and gaming. Before the pandemic hit, I was doing a trip every month or so.

It's actually pretty comfy to settle down and chill for a while. I've been enjoying the slower pace of life.

Even after corona virus destroys multiple airlines, airports etc and prices go up as competition goes down there is something more at sinister at play. A left wing agenda

"Until a few weeks ago, politicians in Europe were leaning toward making air travel more expensive to discourage planet-heating carbon emissions. "
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Its worse than that anon. Here in the states, they're implementing state passports (need this special passport to go to a different state). They also have new worker cards where if you don't have one, you don't get to travel. Soon enough, they'll find out my family isn't from here, and deport us back to Alaska
>left wing virus
That is so messed up. I was outside the US when this all went down, and I decided to stay in Japan instead of returning. I probably would have gone to SF or NY. I’m so fucking glad I stayed out.
You might be right, but luckily I don't need a plane to get to your moms house
prove this or you're shitposting

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