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File: 1615146953741.png (1.62 MB, 1000x1000)
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1.62 MB PNG
Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

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File: trv2.jpg (338 KB, 700x695)
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File: shanghai.jpg (111 KB, 700x466)
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>just move to china bro
a meme?
the uni im going to soon has foreign transfer programs to germany, the UK, canada, and china. the US is clearly going to shit and despite the horror stories of the CCP as long as i dont fuck around too much i doubt the government would bother a random transfer student. the great Chinese dragon seems like a good option to defect to and a very unique area to see, even if it only for a few years.
pros and cons?
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It depends. I studied my major in China and the European students were fucking insufferable. They are extremely closed minded of Chinese society (which has less to do with China and more of just living in the 2nd world foreign country as a foreigner). Say what you will about Africans but they are way more open minded and cool about living in China because to them China is developed, to a European China will seem backwards and the cultural habits are too different. There is also the language barrier that drives people crazy. I grew up in Mexico and immigrated to Canada with my parents so to me China was reminiscent of Mexico (for better and worse) and I was more open minded to it. Think of studying in China like back packing in a 2nd world country but instead of one month its 1 year. Will you really be ok with that? If so come, if not prepare for a mental breakdown.
The pollution got to me after a while, desu. Smelled bad and people were rude unless you knew them personally. That first breathe of air after coming back to the EU was amazing.
Living in China is intense for the first year, but you will eventually adjust, learn survival mandarin, and meet foreigners from all over the world. If you’re white and even decent looking you will have bountiful opportunities to sample every type of puss the world has to offer.

Don’t go to Shanghai, it’s not a fair representation of China, too many foreigners. Beijing is good for a long weekend but too polluted for long term living. Chengdu is the golden goose of expat life. Small enough (by Chinese standards) to manage as a foreigner and feel comfy in, but also the gateway to some of the best areas of China for travel (Yunnan province, Western/Southern Sichuan, Xinjiang). Also, some of the best food you will ever eat, and surprisingly liberal for mainland China (gay capital of the country). And finally, tea houses everywhere along the many rivers winding through the city. I loved there for my last two years of a five year stay in China and if you can’t tell, I miss it dearly.

If my current life in Europe ever falls apart, you bet my American ass will be heading right back to Zhongguo.
A man of culture too. Nice to meet you. I love Xi'an and have the same backup plan.
>Christian trying to spread 'the good word'
Some of my students encountered these people. They would basically guilt them into becoming Christian by saying "I thought you trusted me" or "I thought we were friends". I, as a Christian myself, see this way of conversion as shameful. I never bring up my faith and only discuss it when asked about it.

I've been trying different cities. Great results in Lusaka and Manila, awful in Quito and Hanoi. What gives?
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>I heard the Korean girls foreigners get usually aren't up to the local standard
Not necessarily
Some are ugly, some are attractive. Just like the girls anyone may get.
>go to the one by the park
The bars near the park is where Koreans who want to fuck foreigners go so I'd recommend that whole area.
You have to remember, Korea isn't a third world shithole like the Philippines. It's modernized A LOT, even in the past 20 or 10 years. It's nothing like it use to be. It's absolutely a first world country.

Personally, I have had a mix. Good looking koreans and bad looking ones. Most were average. Like with all countries, the best looking women are harder to pull than the worst looking women. There's also a lot of foreigners in Korea, tourists or english teachers or even military, and chances are they are DTF. Pretty much guaranteed pussy, A LOT easier than pulling koreans. Club culture in korea is weird and different than the usa. The men can get very aggressive in the clubs, grabing & groping the women(especially bad in NB2, but is otherwise a really fun club), but are honestly pussies. I dont recommend that you do this for obvious reasons. Also dont get in fights, in the eyes of the police you are wrong no matter what because you are a foreigner and they are korean.
I agree. I also recommend checking out "Mikes Cabin". Its a latin/spanish club where it has probably the highest percentage of foreigners in all of hongdae for a club, so the korean women that are looking for foreign men will go there. Its not by the park but every single bar/club in hongdae is in walking distance.

One trick I learned is to also talk to the women outside the bars/clubs taking a smoke break. As the saying goes, she smokes she pokes. Its absolutely true in korea. Disgusting habit but it worked for me. Id ask them for a lighter in korean, holding a cig, and go from there. Even with the AC, it can get disgustingly hot in the summertime in the clubs when youre dancing and so are hundreds of other people in a tiny cramped space.
Yeah Mikes Cabin is probably the best one. Corner Pub(literally right by Thursday Party) as well.
Also you forgot to mention what is by far the largest group of foreigners in Hongdae: European exchange students
t. actual nigger

I'm planning to spend about a month travelling around Iraq as part of an overland middle east route I'm planning.
Is this enough time to do a relatively deep dive of the country? What must I not miss in Iraq? Which places are good?

Obviously I'm going to see Baghdad, Erbil, and Mosul, but what other cool things can I do? The more RealTravellerTM the better.
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hey, this thread's up. I was actually gonna ask if it's safe to travel there now. My mom wanted to visit family there and she wants me to go with her. Last time I traveled there was around 2011. In terms of power and infrastructure, have things improved since then?
You have to go to the Tower of Babel!
im interested in this shit. wanna see mesopotamia. the ancient cities. how the hell do you get a guide? i know not speaking arabic is already a big setback
Not really it's still a shit show from what i gather and many places are dangerous for foreigners.

t. guy who lived with iraqis for 8 months last year
I would plan on not being able to access al lot of the southern areas of the country. You should expect to be limited to mostly Kurdistan. There’s still a ton to see though so don’t let it bring you down

I'm going to Biloxi, Mississippi in a couple weeks with some bros to gamble our savings away. What are some casinos in the area that skew younger demographically? I don't wanna be surrounded by fat old people on my mini vacation.

As an aside, are there any good historical sites to see after I've drained my bank account?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Young people don't gamble my man.
Reminds me of what some guy I met at a hostel said about oil rig workers. The older ones were heavy drinkers, but the younger ones were all heroin addicts. I think opioids and harder drugs have replaced traditional copes like alcohol and gambling.

Because young people are gambling from home with x3 returns.

OP don’t. Biloxi is a sad, sad place. Before Katrina it was an ok weekend trip. Now a days it’s a shell made of some casino traps to capitalize on the disappointment you feel from being there.
Source- use to live in Ocean Springs, MS.
Zoomers can't gamble because they don't have any fucking money
it's because the casinos that have an experience price younger people at anyways. Only degenerates go to flyover country casinos

File: china.png (31 KB, 2000x1333)
31 KB
Any white people here ever been to China? Are the Chinese polite? I'm interested in seeing the more rural areas of the country.
176 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
ignore the chinese incel
kek i was there in September 2019, went to those same markets, pretty interesting place
Don’t worry, if they cut you in line just push them out of the way, and the counter person will serve you first. They will probably yell at you in Chinese but assuming you don’t understand their threats it won’t matter.
The “rudeness” of the Chinese is only real if you believe in an objective set of rules for politeness that apply to the whole world. As a westerner you will definitely find things the Chinese do as either gross or rude, but if you spend enough time around that behavior you’ll learn how to adapt. Being able to spit whenever you want actually becomes a very nice aspect of China life, especially when the air quality is less than stellar. Learning how to assert yourself in crowds is a good skill. Being able to light up a cigarette immediately following your delicious meal and bark orders at the waitress for another beer is incredibly satisfying and totally acceptable. And when you’re tired of acting Chinese, you can always revert to your polite ways and utterly baffle people when you give them priority of your own free will, which can be quite amusing.
is it possible to go to china rn as a burger?

File: 1611406986047.jpg (620 KB, 1536x2048)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
Thoughts on leaving the United States forever?
132 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are a citizen and they can forcefully remove you and put you in front of a judge.
Marry your Chinese neighbor
File: DSC_0230.jpg (3.01 MB, 6000x4000)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
>Thoughts on leaving the United States forever?
Absolutely do it. Ignore the retards ITT that have never even seen a passport, let alone another country outside of the US. They cannot even comprehend how good things really can be.Your standard of living will be far, far better off.
The first and best place to move to is Germany. Germany has very low cost of living prices for food, public transport, healthcare, annual property taxes. Compared to the US their food quality is out of this world. Compared to other EU countries its not as good.
A Few things I'll break down for you to compared.
>€60-80 is my weekly grocery budget for me and my family (wife+3 kids)
>€650 is my entire health insurance premium for me and my family per month with a €10 co-pay if someone stays in the hospital overnight. Everything else is 100% covered.
I was easily paying $1000+/mo on healthcare in the US with a $15,000 deductible. Having a family in the US is very cost prohibitive.
>Rent is about €10 per square meter. Buying can sometimes even be cheaper
>University for my 3 kids will be absolutely cheaper. A few hundred € versus $50,000 if they went today. Which they won't foor another 10 years, so the price double again.

Your circumstance may be different, you'll just have to see for yourself which countries you like better, but without a doubt each one will be safer, better cost of living, and healthier to live in than the US. Even many former Eastern Bloc countries are better such as Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania.

The best thing about living in another country, is you never have to heard about US politics and its drama. You can tune it all out as if it doesn't exist. This brings many people peave of mind alone.
>"What about the high taxes?"
Add up every tax you pay for something in the US (Federal, State, County, Sales, Vice, Excise, Gas, Income, Property, and God knows what else) and you'll see Germany's and the EU's overall tax system isn't that much of a difference. Actually owning your own apartment or home in Germany is amazing. My annual property tax is $200 on a $500,000 apartment, $1200/mo in mortgage.
>Jobs in Germany
Germany desperately needs mid to high end talent. So much so that the position I recently got was between me, and American, and a guy still living in India. They absolutely couldn't find anyone German to do it.
>Don't I have to learn German?
Not until after you get here. Plus enough people speak English it'll be an easy transition.

The only one coping here is you friend. The EU and China will make African a place where Africans will want to stay.
how does a bear know what apples is?

File: Armenia.jpg (349 KB, 1200x800)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Already got a place to stay, 1/4 Armenian but don't speak a word of Armenian.
What should I know? Where to meet qts in Yerevan?
Is Armenia open? Do you need a neg test?

Previous Thread: >>1931170

Roller Coaster General, for discussion about roller coasters and amusement parks.

>Sit back, relax, and talk about roller coasters and amusement parks!
>No need to bump unless the thread is about to die before hitting bump limit, /trv/ is a slow board!
>Ignore spammers and trolls!

Amusement Park News Sites:
120 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you can afford a slight bump in price, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for deals on Cabana Bay. Stayed there for the first time when the parks reopened and really liked it. Felt like a moderate hotel at Disney for the price of a value. The walking access to Volcano Bay is also great if you intend to visit that park.
>you mentioned you’re a ride op, where?
Kings Island. I wanted to do Cedar Point originally, since it would get me away from home for the summer, but then I got a girlfriend, and it would be kinda shitty of me to just go away three hours north to do the same job I do at KI for no real advantage. Plus, I hear they can work like 70 hour weeks up there, at KI we can only do 60, so I assume they are actually being scheduled out the ass up there, which does not sound fun. The dorms are also cramped and shitty, so I’m glad I chose KI instead. Still a 45 minute drive from home, but when you live in the Midwest that’s nothing.
When’s a good time to hit Busch gardens Tampa? There’s some really slick roller coasters there that look amazing. I went during spring break and it was a shit show. I literally didn’t get on a single ride because of the lines.
I start back at my park tomorrow for training with a newly assigned location (Arrow log flume). Wasn’t any of my picks on the 2021 season questionnaire but I’m nonetheless excited. At least rider restrictions will be virtually nonexistent along with zero restraint checks.

When Gwazi eventually opens.
>When Gwazi eventually opens.
That ride has ended up being an enormous albatross at BGT, can't catch a break

File: 5tg2lpau96j31.jpg (276 KB, 1024x1280)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Where would you go ? What would you do?

Buy land in Utah ?
Spend 5 years in Pattaya?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
if your housing is squared away you can live on peanuts. when you factor in mortgage, insurance, property taxes, home repair, new appliances/furniture it adds up quick. if you factor in auto + housing its half your income. if you can square those two things away you can work half as much, whether that's half as many weeks in the year or half as many hours a week is up to you but its very easy to do this.

if you ever get a large sum of money dumped in your lap you do basically this >>1989999 before you do anything else. Idk if I'd necessarily escrow that much but it is still the right idea.
i just dont know why you would want to
He said Britbong, not Amerislave. You losers buy a house from the bank so that you can rent it from the government in the form of property tax. Truly a cucked nation.
This is fucking retarded, congrats. You have no passive income and all your assets are in a single home. Guess you have expensive furniture at least, imagine posting this in the fucking travel board. The right move is to invest, move to a low cost country and wait for it to grow more.
Are you stupid? Long term that money is going to be worth nothing if you don't invest.

File: images (50).jpg (29 KB, 679x452)
29 KB
I'll be in arabic-speaking nations for a continuous ~4 months soon. I won't be studying arabic, but I'll make a concerted effort to pick up as much as I can while I'm there. Ideally I'd like to become fluent eventually.

I already speak Pashto, so I can read the arabic alphabet and pronounce with no issue. Am I likely to pick up a decent amount of Arabic in 4 months in the middle east? Cheers.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you're going to learn a dialect learn palestinian or Lebanese. Those are the best sounding in my opinion and most arabs from other regions would understand it, but not the other way around. The next most used dialect, egyptian, is very close to it so you won't have much trouble
I mean what do you expect? Sure you'll learn some Arabic casually, but you will have to put in a lot of effort to actually get anywhere. Maybe you should focus on one language at the time, and then move on to arabic once you're ready to make an effort.
> words are identical between Pashto and Arabic
This is false. Im a native Arabic speaker and cant understand anything from Pashto.
Youll pick up the language rather easily if you put some effort and generally arabs are friendly towards foreigners.
This of course applies to speaking Arabic, writing and reading is a different material and is very difficult.
Pashto and Dari take a lot of words from Arabic. A lot of words for government, political concepts, religion etc come from arabic via Islam.
It doesn't mean you'll understand what's being said, but you definitely recognise words (Hukuma, Wilaya, Kathafa, Mantaqa etc). in some cases enough to have a clue about what's being discussed.
Egyptian dialect is taught as vernacular stand in for MSA, and is what most will be expecting to hear from you as a foreigner. Egyptian is the most widely understood version. Levantine arabic is popular in the Levant, but Egyptian is the only one where you have a decent expectation that an Omani and a Tunisian will follow through.

File: kabt.jpg (154 KB, 964x1388)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
What languages should one learn for traveling? I would guess Russian, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish are all you really need
48 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hate the military
>Needing anything but English
The only places where I needed to learn something new were Japan and Central Asia.
Everyone else speaks English nowadays.
You haven't been to France outside Paris then I guess.
Learning Thai for "reasons":

That is funny. But in real life, knowing Thai dramatically improves the quality of expat life in Thailand. Maybe not so much with hookers, though—I don’t monger at all, but I lived there for a long time and passed through the underworld a bit (I part-owned a bar for a while), and noticed that bargirls often seem to like to talk shit about their patrons without the johns catching on. People would occasionally talk about me to my face before they realized that I could understand them, which could be funny.

File: Wynn.jpg (711 KB, 1000x558)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
When I go to Las Vegas, I prefer to stay at The Wynn. Where do you guys like to stay in Vegas?
109 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The kids grow up and get jobs and disposable income, you mong. It's the cycle of adulthood. Vegas isn't going anywhere.
Reno is like Vegas's retarded, poor younger brother. There's far less to do and you're surrounded by methhead dipshit locals. It's also, ironically, more expensive to do a trip there.
Vegas has been making more money from non-gambling for years now. It's got a bunch of shows, clubs, restaurants, shopping and other stuff that's not gambling.
Vegas is BORING

>saw this boat that said “new mystyle” on the side.

Anyways, songkran is in full swing. Already say a kid who was probably 12-13 years old getting attended to by medics for some serious road rash on his arm.

I go to this bar staffed by two sluts because they let me sit right up on the beach with a long chair and they’re really friendly and accommodating

Tight sluts are in decent supply. I got a gogo girls line before paradise agogo closed and smashed her out earlier today for a cool $60. No bar fine. She has a tattoo that says “fuck ass” emblazoned across her butt cheeks but claims she doesn’t actually do that she’s “just a crazy girl.” Bitch looks like a beat version of Carmen Electra. Pretty based

All in all, whether songkran is a super spreader event is whatever. These whores will always spread their legs and it’s just super.

>how’d you get here?
Tourist visa + currently on ED visa with brown envelope money sticker price
73 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 5316.png (217 KB, 640x800)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>$60 dollar Thailand pussy
Great deal for a STD/AIDS package.
HIV and STDs are a meme. Unless you j take a razor and slice open a ladyboys butthole, then slice your shaft skin open, and then fuck them raw, you’re not getting HIV.
>that receding hairline and limp-ass hands and glasses
Yeah I'd fly all the way to Thailand to fuck a disgusting fat prostitute too if my case was that bad.
the girl on the picture looks nice btw
OP I get restaurants and bars are closed but what about soapy massage? Personally I HATED the bars and strip joints when I was there but I could go for a SM 3 times a day, I love it. I don't care if they don't serve beer/food there I just want to knock on the fishbowl and get a massage from some qt kitten.

My favorite travel show clip ever is Huell Howser at the Bagdad Cafe, which despite its name is somewhere in the Mojave Desert.


Everyone in the video is a character. I especially like General Bob, who seems legitimately angry to be interviewed.
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1616062481346.gif (672 KB, 400x300)
672 KB
672 KB GIF
Huell Howser is THE best.
this is so good, thank you for posting this, lived in socal even and never heard of this
>Some cool website actually archived all his stuff both legally and for free
probably the internet archive, they do great work preserving old public-access tv
The movie is also very popular in France.

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