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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
10/04/16New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts
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Welcome to /vip/, a board for 4chan Pass users. Anyone can view, but only 4chan Pass users can post.

/vip/ has no topic - talk about whatever you want!

/vip/ is an experimental board, so expect frequent changes to rules and features in the coming days.
Currently, all global rules are enforced.

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/s4s/ does not belong on /vip/

Your fortune: Average Luck
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This is nice board
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Videogames (mostly older ones), weapons, weebshit, and some old horror movie stuff.
Talk if you want.
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On the subject of special extractor stars, there's the Philips & Rodgers M47 'Medusa', which is quite an unusual revolver.

On the surface, it looks like any other hand ejector double-action revolver you've ever seen (it's straight up based on a Smith & Wesson), it has such a previously mentioned extractor star assembly, an unusual kind where there's a springloaded tab/finger for each chamber, which can grab onto the rim of a rimless cartridge and hold it in place, without needing clips or anything.

The purpose of this here is to allow you to chamber and fire literally whatever cartridge which can fit and which fires a bullet which is .357 caliber or smaller in diameter, you can drop typical .38 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges into the chambers and they'll sit on top, but if you were to load 9mm Luger, 7.62mm Tokarev, or 9mm Steyr in there, they can be held onto by the extractor assembly, and they will be fired.
A double tapered forcing cone is intended for trying to solve issues of accuracy, but it seems to not work out all that well for shooting just normal .38 Special or .357 Magnum, while for much smaller caliber cartridges like 7.62mm Tokarev or even .32 Auto, it will obviously do nothing, the bullet will just glance, bounce and skid down the bore, and likely at pretty modest velocities compared to normal guns in those calibers, as the cases aren't properly enclosed and will generally rupture, allowing a lot of pressure to escape prematurely.

The company advertised that it was capable of chambering and firing a few dozen different cartridges, but it can actually shoot well over a hundred kinds.
File: jglY5W9.jpg (315 KB, 1280x1024)
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315 KB JPG
There's a legend that Smith & Wesson or Colt bought out Philips & Rodgers because they were afraid that this supposed super revolver would put them out of business, but in reality, these things just failed to sell, not actually being that good, and the actual niche of being able to fire all kinds of random ammunition you might be able to find, is just so incredibly unlikely to be necessary in any manner of scenario, even many extreme and outlandish ones.

The extractor assembly is a pretty flimsy affair which you have to be very careful with, and general accuracy is poor with most cartridges. It seems the chambers (which will be quite unusually long for any cartridge which isn't .357 Magnum), in combination with the double-tapered forcing cone, makes for pretty mediocre inherent precision in most calibers and with most ammo. The cylinder is also made out of vanadium steel, which will explain why the gun wasn't just expensive, it was quite heavy.

It was some interesting thinking outside of the box, but execution wasn't great, and the concept is of dubious merit to begin with.
A set of magazines, three for 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles, and one for SVD (Dragunova) rifles, 7.62x54mmR. For the Kalashnikov mags, you can see the three general standards Russia went through with the AK in 7.62x39mm, until moving to the AK-74 in 5.45x39mm.

The first pattern, commonly nicknamed 'slabside' magazines, are ridiculously robust and stamped from 1mm thick steel, which works and is damn near impossible to wear out, but it didn't take all that long to realize that they're needlessly heavy and expensive. Eventually a new pattern was devised, using thinner sheet steel, with stamped into the magazine for reinforcing strength, these were much more practical, and would see by far the most widespread use, to this day, this pattern is the stereotypical "AK-47 magazine", and in many countries who still uses AKs, these magazines remain in common use, some in spite of having moved on from the AK itself, yet still using the same 7.62x39mm cartridge.

A particular issue had been showing itself with these steel magazines however, in that during spring and fall season (and generally any reliably cold and humid environment), it was found that frost and/or condensation could form inside the magazine bodies, and over periods of frost and thaw cycles this could cause surface rust to gradually develop in the magazine, which if left unattended to could lead to the follower to struggle to move smoothly, or in the worst case, at all, which obviously can lead to reliability problems.
Initially aluminum was considered as an alternative, original prototypes were just the same 'ribbed' style, then a 'waffle' pattern style was devised (seen here >>94477), and put into minor use, but they quickly found them unsatisfactory.

Synthetics would instead be pursued, a material called phenolic resin, sometimes nicknamed Bakelite (which it strictly isn't), the body of the magazine would be made of this material, with embedded steel reinforcements for the locking lug and feed lips.
File: Plum03-1.jpg (354 KB, 1280x857)
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354 KB JPG
'Bakelite' turned out to be an incredible success, not only would it render rust issues and follower binding problems null, it was also lighter in weight. It was such a good material that they would elect to make AK pistol grips out of it as well, on top AK bayonet grips.

When it was time to move to the new 5.45x39mm cartridge and the AK-74, Russia didn't waste any time with steel magazines, they jumped straight to 'Bakelite'.
Originally made as a rather orange-red-brownish material, this looked pretty, but also could be somewhat more visible than desired in some situations, and eventually a darker color of the material was developed, commonly referred to as 'plum'.
This picture is of the later Russian 'Bakelite' magazines, with the darker color, notice also the little reinforcement ribs added along the body.
File: ak74plum.jpg (119 KB, 1024x576)
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119 KB JPG
A later AK-74, with furniture made out of the same plum colored phenolic resin material as the magazine.
The AK-74 series of rifles were noted for a very efficient recoil compensator, which with the high pressure of the 5.45x39mm cartridge really helps the gun stay level in rapid and automatic fire, in this regard, compared with the very similar cartridge characteristics, it's quite comparable to the M16A1 rifle and M4 carbine with their 5.56x45mm cartridge.

File: Yuzu swimsuit.jpg (186 KB, 777x777)
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Best girl in front page.
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>on /vip/
File: Serena horror.jpg (289 KB, 1302x1689)
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Best girl was Serena all along.
File: 1570481654520.jpg (1.02 MB, 827x827)
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1.02 MB JPG
Best thread on /vip/
I love yugioh. Pretty much the only 2000s tv show that hasn't aged really badly.

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File: Selection_999(168).png (511 KB, 542x544)
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mindfuck me
google the uss liberty
File: 1464988409622.jpg (398 KB, 1024x1216)
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File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
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File: 2ea.jpg (60 KB, 680x680)
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DMT is far superior to LSD because you don't have to strap in for a 14 hour trip. Also the visuals from DMT are amazing and mindblowing while LSD visuals are mild and simply distortions of regular sensory information.

File: bulygirlzz2.png (354 KB, 910x910)
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pls pots on [s4s]
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File: bulygirlzzz3.png (334 KB, 785x785)
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File: grapecomix.png (479 KB, 1000x1000)
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File: gussybird.png (26 KB, 300x287)
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Gutsybird do you ever draw cuteboys?
File: S1 E7.png (409 KB, 1024x1024)
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409 KB PNG
not really. i wouldn't mind doing it for friends though.

File: download.png (1 KB, 276x182)
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Any based anons from Maldives whoms't'd've acsended with a pass?
File: 22.gif (4 KB, 130x159)
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welcome to hell

File: Pass.png (3 KB, 76x77)
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How can I get this?
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File: 1575390255650.png (141 KB, 1080x1182)
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If you're posting from a phone, both the mobile view and p.4chan.org (which doesn't even support backlinks and flags on flag boards) do not show clovers. Try an app or desktop view.
Why is this
yeah boi

File: kB7o5d32Yg.png (116 KB, 300x250)
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I have ascended.

File: Pepe376.jpg (46 KB, 1024x512)
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Was wondering why we have lost the ability to post Archive links ?


I can't seem to post them. It says, the system thinks this is spam.

http://archive(delete this space ->) .ph/DBrG8

Can't post that url
just use one of the other TLDs. (.is, ...)

File: 1543362739421.jpg (57 KB, 799x799)
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inevitable truth will find you eventually
File: EEGAG3eUUAAxGsT.jpg (316 KB, 2048x1366)
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chuu is bold
>Just a few more days until the thread anniversary

File: 1572202055681.jpg (102 KB, 650x1109)
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Oh shit I didn't even notice

File: 1536677709017.png (48 KB, 768x439)
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Hello! I write music. Please listen, maybe? If you write music, I'll listen too! You can share it here.
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File: 1546971748240.jpg (165 KB, 1920x1080)
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165 KB JPG

I did the music to a radio-play, so this here's an entire soundtrack!
File: 1567450147776.jpg (953 KB, 1280x1024)
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953 KB JPG

I wrote this tune for David Wise. He's the composer to the Donkey Kong Country games!
File: 1546734571523.jpg (324 KB, 3072x2304)
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324 KB JPG

Used some fun Japanese and world instruments on this track!
File: 1556210618131.jpg (148 KB, 1000x667)
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148 KB JPG

Finished this tune for a game project!
File: 1559480259043.jpg (276 KB, 1600x1000)
276 KB
276 KB JPG

Finished this track for another game project! Kinda been writing a lot of stuff for strings lately... Hoping to do something a bit different next!

File: 1557981551946.png (225 KB, 1000x1000)
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225 KB PNG
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i won't argue with that
We out here
File: 1568525483235.jpg (756 KB, 3107x1083)
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File: map of japan.gif (61 KB, 575x470)
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