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Feeling pretty shit today bros, dumbass dad left the front door open this morning and the yellow one escaped. Drove around for a few hours playing sounds he would respond to (our voices, the sounds of other budgies) but no dice. Left out one of our empty cages and a strand of millet by our front door in case he somehow finds his way back, even though I know it’s futile. Even put up several missing posters around the local area. Is there anything else I can do at this point? He’s been gone for about 7 hours as of me posting this. He’s the partner of green in pic related btw.
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My 3 year old african grey flew away 6 months ago.
It still hurts
that's fucked mate
That's how I got my first budgie. It was in my grandparents backyard one time when I came over.
I know exactly how that feels. I had one who flew away too and I chased after him the whole day. I actually managed to find him on a tree after two hours because I asked people on the streets if they saw anything and one gave me a tipp. After finding him he flew away once again because he wasnt really tame. But I managed to find him a couple times more by going around town and listening closely to my surroundings. I knew his call so well that I even heard it when he was hallf a mile. I carried around a cage with his parter bird, what also helped making them call for each other. When it got dark outside I found him sitting on a tree infront of a house. He seemed tired and exhausted so after a time he actually landed on the cage and ate the milet I layed on it. Caching him would have been pretty hard nevertheless but luckily an old lady, who lived in the house opened the door and aloowed us to carry the cage with him ontop of it inside, where we caught him with a blanked. I hope you will hear your budgie's call sometime in your neighborhood, maybe its not too late. They can survive outside if its not too cold at night. Also if he was tame it could be very well that someone else found him and is carring now for him, I hear that this happens all the time from people I know. Maybe you can inform your local pet shelter or hang signs in other parts of your city. I wish you good luck.

File: great apes.jpg (51 KB, 337x254)
51 KB
I didn't include humans because they can't compete
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Why the FUCK are they so CUTE?
Yes, that's why she isn't a poll option either
no they suck arse. i checked out the graphic design board recently and i thread i made their 66 days ago was still up. it only had 12 posts. what the fuck?
>and i thread i made their 66 days ago was still up
That's a huge blessing. I hate it when I neurotically check every minute whether my thread is still alive.
Try /diy/ instead.
Also not everything needs its own thread.

File: 1569440002629.jpg (189 KB, 1041x746)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
There are cats crossing my yard.
I don't want to shoot them because I know at least one belongs to a neighbourg, but they fucking murdered so many lovely birds that used to come this summer.
Is there anything I can do to make them fuck off? I don't want to poison them :(
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>wintertime rolls around
>dog don't care
>summertime rolls around
>dog bargains with humans, gets access to air conditioning in exchange for letting them rub its belly

we're kind of screwed at this point
They hybridized from african, european, and eurasian cats. Google it yourself.
Can we just delete this thread full of sociopaths, janny?

Why are we not teaching other species, like apes and octopi, how to create and use tools.
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File: spiderpongo.jpg (1.91 MB, 2592x1944)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
At first I was with this but then I realized it's the exact opposite of rejecting humanity and returning to monke
File: maxresdefault.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
The only one that can use them well are the hyper-violent chimps that would wage war against us if they could. Why aren't we uplifting a species we actually get along with instead of murderapes?

Imagine if certain dogs were as smart as us and lived among us as equals. Herding, bomb sniffing, and police work would never be the same. Fuck, even the army. If dogs were smart enough they could learn how to use body-mounted weapons systems and start shooting people. Imagine entire fucking packs of assault collies with rocket launchers and fucking laser beams on their foreheads
>murder apes
>assault collies
why not both?
>Because then we have to give them rights and reparation for locking them in zoos.
Kek thanks for the good laff lad
We can't just make species smart, I think OP's point was to give pongos an evolutionary boost and a survival boost. Also, this isn't a chimp board, we're all about pongos.

File: 20201130_111703~2.jpg (735 KB, 1440x1684)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
Crate training my 11 week Shiba. Is this crate too small? It's the size folks recommended to me but it seems tiny and I am having second thoughts.
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File: IMG_20201107_161408_049.jpg (969 KB, 2205x2205)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
That's my understanding at least and my goal
File: 20201130_153515~2.jpg (844 KB, 2374x1440)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
New kennel next to old one
More pics of cute dog pls
File: IMG_20201123_184914_798.jpg (478 KB, 1488x1488)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Too big. Your dog will think you think it's obese (because of how much space you're giving him) and might become anorexic.

File: .jpg (35 KB, 474x266)
35 KB
Now that the dust has settled, was he based or not?
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he was as troubled guy, did some bad things, but he's far from irredeemable

that lady who killed her husband is the real villain of the story
pretty sure everyone in Tiger King is guilty of something
I really liked that dude and felt bad for him toward the end
>tiger puppy mill
extremely cringe

File: he long.jpg (87 KB, 700x875)
87 KB
post borzois
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That might be a vacuum cleaner.
Hey pal wadaya tryna pull here?
Schnoz with a pack of schnoots.
when do they start to get long
A few weeks to straighten, three years to fully grow.

File: urban peasantry.png (2.37 MB, 1818x1186)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
what's with eastern europeans and their obsession with keeping farm animals in block apartments
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they look dead
>beef is all the food
Your basic bitch "cheese" cant be solds as cheese here.
Your puke flavored chocolate cant be sold as chocolate.
Your Subway buns cant be considered bread here.
Machine-Learning AI codes typed this.
>Shame most of your food come from us
Okay I see where I messed up, I read food as beef. That dude IS wrong.
in my spanish history class this was a topic brought up by the prof when we talked about Cuba. Commies would relocate country bumpkins into the city and you'd get shit like this. A movie we watched had a scene where a bunch of dudes were hoisting a cow into an apartment for slaughter.

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor, and issues. Before asking questions in this thread, make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Stocking and Water Change Calculator:

Articles and Care Guides:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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so they can offer you more servants and tidy up faster.
>armless, beneficial, peaceful, practical
They don't clean anything, the shit he entire tank
File: bwt.jpg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
R8 my brown water tank.
brown outta ten
and what do you think they are feeding on? the holy spirit? or good intentions?

File: yp7rrxtn-1407409945.jpg (146 KB, 1200x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Share your thoughts on these amazing and cute little fellas!
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bros where can i find a macaque pet in the US?
Why is Jovo so fucking boring? i'm tired of him, we need an "accident" to happen so the rat master gets a new monkey
Jovo is retarded. He doesn't care about anything other than sucking his purple deformed thumb. Ratmaster should really put a glove on him again

File: facts.png (139 KB, 1000x738)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
It is just not possible.
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Humans are cercopithecine
File: all of monki.png (213 KB, 1024x705)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
They monke
Homo lmao
>G blacki
I knew it, they're apes after all

File: r11gxjqwa6b51.jpg (78 KB, 958x640)
78 KB
Honestly I can't buy the Ibrahim modification. Those legs are too short to walk on, and the front paws were not made for walking.

Just waiting until this get rectified. Spino will have it redemption arc.
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Paleontology is doomed to be an endless personal theory wankfest at worst, and an endless series of debates with no clear answers at best, isn't it
I've seen people support and repeat my points before. It's pretty strong bait. I love the idea of creating my own flat earth retards.
Only on 4chan, the domain of pseuds.
>Those legs are too short to walk on
They aren't adapted for walking, but for diving. Cormorants, anhingas, frigatebirds, kingfishers, gannets, pelicans, penguins, and ducks have legs of similar proportions. Notice how all of the animals i mentioned share the characteristics of not moving well on land, but being great at underwater fishing, with their stubby and muscular legs being used as paddles. You don't see flamingos or storks diving because their legs are too long and would cause a lot of drag, so they fill the niche of waders, but short legs are great for a underwater fisher niche, with the drawback of worse mobility on land.
Bird legs are sturdy and well built, unlike the Ibrahim reconstruction.
Just because you only see part of a cormorant's legs doesn't mean he's not packing a whole lot more under that coat of feathers.

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That can't be real, can it?
It is real but the way they get the wings to look like that is kind of fucked up. Looks cool though.

they make them drink brown recluse venom
That is fucked up

What would have to happen to get these guys back out on land while retaining their intelligence
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File: abandon all hope.jpg (147 KB, 766x960)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Stop reminding me.

none of those are hybrids or real.
they are all real
File: ginzo.jpg (11 KB, 375x200)
11 KB
>lost legs
>needs two arms to justify brainpower

so are they going to slither around?

okay guys get this:
dolphin lamias.
explain your mother

File: file.png (643 KB, 1080x810)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
wtf i love bees now
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File: 1573087698738.jpg (387 KB, 1400x1314)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Which way western man?
Moth gf
Ant, of course.
File: 1599011207101.jpg (136 KB, 800x1149)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
i would kill for a moth gf I don't even need to read the picture
To the hardware store to buy their entire stock of insecticides

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