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Animals Interacting
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File: 011.jpg (24 KB, 508x592)
24 KB
wtf was that
File: 1478720241701.gif (1.99 MB, 400x306)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Add a donkey and you basically got that Bremen shit.
are you seriously comparing a fucking pitbull to a computer?

Good point

>want a dog so badly
>can't afford one because I'm a grad student and poor
>even if I could afford one my apartment doesn't allow dogs

I'm so desperate for a dog that I dogsit for other people just so I can hang out with a pooch for a few hours.
Wow, focus on tryng to finish you studies then, and what dog do you want?
>inb4 he's studying sociology or art history

File: 1541080874429.png (630 KB, 854x655)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
but I've yet to see ONE (1) that actually does a cleanup job like everyone says here and not just sucks on one random bug or fruit fly for almost a week or even just eating a buddy while wrapping half of your home in webs and spider shit

Are bees the most fucked animal in existence?
>can't defend self or hive without dying
>plenty of animals try to steal honey, some even destroying the hives in the process
>rapidly dying out en masse globally
Feels bad to be a bee

File: dindu.jpg (29 KB, 400x300)
29 KB
What do you guys think of chimpanzees?

File: Hippo.png (368 KB, 495x378)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
*bites you in half*
imagine the smell

File: dog-12.jpg (47 KB, 600x600)
47 KB
Dog General #35

Old Thread: >>2880050

Dog food review site - https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com

Puppy guide - http://drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?articleid=1449

Discord link goes to /an/cord's dog hub:

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!

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Fuck, it's been about two weeks since mine died too. Had the little guy for 14 years, and he was already four or five when we got him from the shelter.
File: 20180201_192758.jpg (1014 KB, 2764x1836)
1014 KB
1014 KB JPG
I believe they can, yes, but it depends on your behavior immediately after the "accident." If you step on your dog's paw and immediately apologize to her and talk in a kind voice to her and pet her, she will probably understand that you did not mean to hurt her. When I accidentally step on a tail or paw and say sorry and pet her, my dog wags her tail and expresses comfortable body language.

Conversely, if you stepped on your dog's paw and didn't react or acted annoyed/angry, she may think you intended to do so, and is more likely to cower/slink away, etc.

I also think they do understand intent/accidents because many dogs themselves "apologize" (display appeasement behavior) when they accidentally hurt you (or another dog.) When we're playing and my dog tries to grab her toy but accidentally nips me and I go "ouch!" she stops playing and looks concerned, might lick my hand, etc. i.e. They have a concept of what they intended to do (grab the toy) vs. what happened accidentally (nipped a hand) and act accordingly. So I don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume they can comprehend the same thing in reverse, at least to some extent. And in the case of dog to dog interaction, when the offending party accidentally hurts or offends the other dog and "apologizes" with appeasement gestures, the injured dog usually accepts this, vs. if a dog hurts another dog and doesn't react to the fact that they hurt their playing partner, the injured dog is more likely to stay upset/escalate a conflict.

As long as she's happy and healthy, that's all that matters! She's a cutie and I'm glad she's ok.

Could be her acting weird because she might be going into heat. Could be a fear period. But I would get her checked for a UTI just in case.
File: htbjj0z1wn46blo1_1280.jpg (317 KB, 1280x746)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
That's fair. That level of reactivity is understandably not ideal. I know you didn't ask and you may have seen or used it already, but look into the "CARE for reactive dogs" protocol, it may help. I also recommend a muzzle if taking her out in public just for peace of mind. Plus, people tend to stay further away from dogs wearing muzzles so that can be helpful too.

I'm so sorry, anons. I'm glad you guys got such a long time with your dogs, though. Think of how loved they were for all those years! Lucky dogs. Planting a tree and making a patterned glass sheet with ashes are both such lovely ideas to honor them.
>When I accidentally step on a tail or paw

one of those stupid things you need to be strict about. when you let your dog sleep in your bed, chances are neither of you will get any sleep because dogs have very light sleep and overheat fast. so they'll be jumping in and out of bed all night. they also like to lay behind your chair as you work so when you slide it back, you may roll over their appendages or worse, fall on them. It's best to have your dog sit/sleep in a designated place just to be safe.
I don't have her sleep in my bed, ever (allergies.) I'm not sure how I would step on her while laying down anyway, ha. She's allowed to cuddle with me on the couch on invitation. Otherwise she sleeps where she wants (in her crate, on one of her beds, or on the floor next to me while I'm on the computer) and if it's in an inconvenient spot I just ask her to move, though that's rarely an issue.

I'm just a clumsy person and she is sometimes not so graceful either. We forgive each other.

File: 1542214887191.jpg (45 KB, 521x521)
45 KB
Dog reaction image thread, fuck it, let's go
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File: IMG20181125143607.jpg (1.5 MB, 2448x3264)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Pure bliss
File: hungry malamute.webm (1.66 MB, 640x800)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB WEBM
You're not alone
Top left corner dog
Someone put a caption 'Toxofag detected'
File: 1545125772970.jpg (12 KB, 253x237)
12 KB

File: spider.jpg (6 KB, 375x281)
6 KB
Possibly not the most objective place to ask, since everyone loves nature here, but is it?

I have a few of these critters in a few corners, also next to my desk, they keep to themselves, and don't move around much. I occasionally see a few tiny fruit gnats and such in their webs, so they might even be useful. I don't bother them, unless they grow really big, in which case I tend to throw them outside. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What a whiny child.
File: furries.jpg (29 KB, 550x471)
29 KB
bigger the better I say. I wouldn't even evict huntsman spiders, if we had any.

I let all sizes of spiders run around or set up in my place. They don't get in the way and I happen to not mind webs (I don't give a fuck about traditional decor) unless they are abandoned and pick up too much dust
I have these assmasters in almost every corner. I wish they ate the other bugs that wander in instead of each other.
some of them can do this too

It isn't, as long as you get rid of the webs from time to time because old webs only catch dust and look disgusting.
My favourite home spider is a little jumping spider that lives behind a poster in my kitchen.

That's the reason why I throw out the ones that carry babies.

File: 1280px-Pug_-_1_year_Old.jpg (161 KB, 1280x853)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Are pugs the only small dog without a napoleon complex?

I guess corgis too if you consider them small and not medium-small.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I love every pug I meet because it's always playful, sweet, and good around other animals.

If someone tried to breed a healthier pug, I'd have a few.
File: retromops.jpg (41 KB, 644x389)
41 KB
>If someone tried to breed a healthier pug
People have been doing this for years. They're called retro mops. Ther're still ugly af tho.
Looks cute to me, same temperment?
I don't think dogs have the capacity to really measure size to the point of compensating for being small by being aggressive.

13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
his dad?
for fucks sake... it called "his owner". why the fuck do people have to call themselves the dogs "parents". wtf. i don't get that.
So? It's well known dogs don't discriminate neither the mentally ill nor the deeply depraved.
They both could use a one way helicopter ride.
>dr evil
>ending toxic masculinity
Because deep down they know what they lack but admitting it means you get called a nazi

>tfw your cat kills a bird
10 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw I get shited by some gull every time I go to the beach
They are lucky I like birds, otherwise they'd be dead.
more like, nuking your neighbour's house because his house was in your FOV "territory"
>ycfw he kills a bird on my property
There's a reason there's an expression about bringing a knife to a gun fight. If a gator were to walk into my backyard and I decided I'd try to Steve Irwin it I'd probably be dead not because the gator was wrong but because I was stupid enough to pick a fight I can't win.
The moral of the story is to level the playing field by shooting the burglar

Only 10% of the ocean is explored. How does it make you feel that there could literally be giant sea monsters in the ocean?
>There could be giant sea monsters
No there couldn't, food in the deep sea is scarce and the avarage giant sea monster would need a fuck ton of it

File: 91LL6z+u4OL._SL1500_.jpg (440 KB, 1500x1500)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Anyone have any recommendations for a good vegan cat food? Is pic related any good? Would really like to get my cats on a vegan diet.
41 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I see your point. That's mostly why I don't have a dog/cat, wouldn't feel right to feed him meat, but wouldn't want to abstain the animal from it either.

I wouldn't even do that to my children, desu.

You are saying that without saying why it's not taking care of their nutritional needs. Although you haven't outright said it, it seems like you are tending towards the "it's unnatural" argument.
So instead the animal gets euthanized, good job
No they dont
I'm a vegan too but you're a fucking retarded faggot OP
File: 1519548766676.jpg (32 KB, 430x366)
32 KB
>canine/feline formula

File: xmas_hoers.gif (2.01 MB, 281x308)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
Christmas time Edition
Old thread: >>2878795
84 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wonder what that particular cow did that made that threat necessary
Well it is black.
Well, so is the mare's milf buddy
File: syncrostomp.gif (1.13 MB, 395x257)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
what did they mean by this
You could see him thinking about it
>I'm going to go dab on these virgin bovines

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