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File: images (50).jpg (67 KB, 674x455)
67 KB
Are hybrid animals rejected/loners in the wild?
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A liger will not occur naturally. They do not share habitats and will never meet in the wild.
Why are they so mellow in temperament that they're like colossal domestic cats? Apex predator+Apex predator=Huge docile retard? It makes no sense.
Would you put your neck in the mouth of a liger
because they're raised in captivity
maybe mixing species that have been separate for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years evolutionarily doesn't make completely functional animals....
Maybe this applies to more than just tigers and lions.........

File: 1614761221563.png (775 KB, 800x600)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
So my dog is getting old and I don't think she'll be with me for another year (3 years past avg life expectancy for her breed) and I want to buy her a really nice meal for being such a great dog

Is there anything I should keep in mind, from trial and error I've determined that she likes cheese>>venision=lamb>beef>pork=duck>chicken, she also really likes eggs too, so I'm considering serving her several meals, such as fatty venison steaks+eggs, lamb patties with cheese and pork sausages+salmon.

Is these anything I should be careful of? I don't really know the ideal macro nutrient ratio for a dog is so I'm thinking of just copying what's on canned dog food, also I'm not sure how much I should cook the food but I'd imagine she'd enjoy it as rare as possible, other meal ideas are welcome
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I'm not disgusted by dog meat faggot, I'm disgusted by the people who eat it.

Me too, man, me too.

You're a bit of a tard OP. Should've fed her well and diverse her entire life. Could be giving her stuff she never had before gives her the violent shits, dogs who only ever ate kibble tend to have lazy gi tracts and anythng out of the usual pulp pellets upsets it. Try easily digestible cooked white meat, like chicken or white fish. A cooked egg could work too.
yeah man I was expecting when I saw the header and the first half of the first line I thought OP was asking for recommendations on how to cook and eat his dog when she dies.
Die, chink and/or edgy 14 year old who fancies himself philosophical.

Also never give her uncooked pork. Could cause Aujeszky's disease. Be careful with raw fish too, make sure it's been frozen a good while to kill off parasites. What do you normally feed her? I feed my dogs raw since puppyhood but I would be hesitant to do so with an elderly dog that only ever ate kibble before, like i said, lazy gi tracts.

File: dolphin.jpg (1.08 MB, 2587x1709)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Will Dolphins actually save your life if you are in danger?
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A trailer for a video game called Balan Wonderworld
>le animals are actually super smart just like us
getting real tired of this meme
Once, they did it. Later, we killed them.

I think every mammal has some degree of self awareness and language and theirs is just complex enough to go into detail about how the land-stars slaughtered an entire family as revenge while they were all powerless to stop it.
>Land stars, scary things
>Glad the stars down here aren't much, eh flipper?
these brains are far too developed to be for mere echolocation. they probably aren't great abstract thinkers though, they don't need anything except good memories, procedural problem solving ability, and good social skills.
File: 1614732476817.gif (306 KB, 500x375)
306 KB
306 KB GIF
Dolphins only want one thing anon.

File: trait_belge_3.jpg (33 KB, 350x274)
33 KB
Previous thread: >>3752188
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Would you mind not being a total faggot?
I see horses eat their own manure all the time.

I'd eat horse toenails myself if they were washed first.
File: '.jpg (116 KB, 640x479)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
boiled hooves do sound pretty tasty ngl

maybe dip them in some au jus
Just try the horse foam, that's all I'm saying.
Holy heck, thats enough hair to make yourself a sweater out of.

post shrimp. love the funny dudes and their beady eyes
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nigga that’s a lobster
what do starfish eat? might steal one from the beach
anyone else try getting a bunch of salt mix and making a shitty low tech saltwater tank just to take a bunch of wild shrimp, snails and crabs in from the beach? real fun.
Depends on the type of starfish. Taking a starfish will almost certainly kill it if you are an amateur

File: labrador.jpg (117 KB, 800x600)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Name a shittier dog breed.
>have a mutated gene that that triggers the starving response in the brain so they spend every waking hour focused on food
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greyhounds are smart like cats are smart. however smart they are, they're not that interested in using their brains to entertain you.
The sighthound is an intelligent and civilized canine. Filthy canadian pigdogs do not compare.
I'd take a Golden Retriever over a shitass Lab any way. At least I can eat a snack in front of goldens without them pacing, leaving trails of drool, and constantly whining.
Dogs specifically bred to bark a shitton. Yes, this is real. People breed dogs to bark non-stop. Then people get these dogs and bring them into cities.
>most pitbulls are lab mixes
>mfw mixing these two made the ultimate biological weapon

File: 1583340739097.jpg (118 KB, 960x959)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
They are considered "beginner pets" and are treated like decorations. They're seen as inferior to other pets like dogs, cats or even larger birds.

Despite that, they're incredibly intelligent, on par with if not more so than dogs. Their vocabulary is greater than that of many larger parrots. They form emotional bonds with their owners unlike the case with other "decoration pets" like fighting fish.
Regardless of what they are actually like, budgies are still often treated like dispensable objects and literal punching bags just because they are small and look like they have avian down syndrome.
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i tend to imagine the worst case scenario when i put toys in the cage. when i was a teen, i used to keep a ball similar to those scented twine balls that people use to decorate bowls but it was made out of metal. i’d hang it from the top of the cage with raffia and put millet sprays inside it. they used to hang upside down to eat them.

and i think i’d struggle to keep toys in the cage at this stage without making it cluttered. have to rearrange everything once i’m ok with her being outside the cage, and that i can easily put her back in.

i believe food inside the toys would help motivate her to play with them, or i can train her to at least associate with them and hope it comes naturally.

sprouts or at least soaked seed seem to work, just have to make sure it doesn’t go bad. have another feeding dish that you attach to the cage near her favourite perch, but i’ve lost the food bowl.

i also don’t talk to animals, i find it weird.
also had a pair of pic related (m/f pair) before this budgie, 4 zebra finches, 3 other budgies, a cockatiel and two lovebirds. just restarting since i no longer associate with my retarded murderer parents.
You gotta lack empathy with the animal to breed those.
Talking to them in this case is making responding flock noises. They will learn what you are saying and repeat it back to you. It is purely social from their end. You might find it weird but they actively like it. If you watch them you can see them tilt their head to listen and focus more on your words. Mine like to chirp back at me between sentences. They will stop when I talk, listen, then talk during the break rinse and repeat. One or two toys shouldn't be too much for her cage. She will need them, if one or two is too cluttered then her cage is too small. Not putting them in would be mental torture for her. I still hope you build your flock up again and I am sorry for what happened to them. I do wish you the best with your new friend.
Nobody likes them because they do nothing but fucking scream

File: We-Stop-Dogs-From-Play.png (405 KB, 550x368)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Can animals "play" that does not replicate their nature?
For example when dogs play they chase each other and play bite, just like they chase their prey before biting it.
Cats play fight and play ambush, just like they ambush their prey and fight in nature.
birds playing is really just bird sex without the sex.
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Ain't got no time for bird sex - I gotta fly
>Video games and sports is literally just social posturing.

But I only play vidya alone and by myself anon
Well they're more intelligent than you that's for sure
Octopus(es) is the usual pluralisation, but if you want to be an autist then it's Octopodes
When humans play it's just tool making, tool use, and controlling the behavior of little simulated people. When they get older they start imitating their prey-chasing and dominance fight behaviors.

File: 20210416_192230.jpg (1.47 MB, 2058x1725)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
I rescued an orphaned wild mouse and it's been really active and otherwise healthy but refuses to eat or drink. Why?
Not an expert but maybe leave the room for a bit to see if he’s just not comfortable eating around you. Of course, do this only if you can be positive that it won’t escape or run away when you leave
I think it might be been eating while I wasnt looking at it. It's hard to tell though because baby mice eat and drink so little. And dont worry, he cant escape. I put him in a huge bug cage with a lot of soft material over a small heating pad so if he gets too hot he can just leave.

I’ve got a couple of scrub jays in my backyard (Western) and that’s great. I love to see them hopping around the branches, cracking open nuts, and being pretty.
I leave peanuts out for them and they devour them. Great.
Problem is that they seem extremely skittish about me. I understand that a creature who weighs 1000 times more than them can be scary, but even when I’m on the other side of the window as soon as they notice me looking at them they’ll fly away.

I don’t need them to eat out of my hand or anything, but is it possible to get them comfortable enough with me that they’ll act normally if I observe them from a reasonable distance? The other birds in my yard seem fine hopping/buzzing around with me there.
I love scrub jays and the weird noises they make, so many stories about those clever guys.
Just keep feeding them and they may get more used to you and your presence. If they really want those (unsalted?) peanuts, they will get more bold and decide you standing by the window isn't a big enough threat to miss out on food. You could also try a bird treat that is fixed to something and requires time to eat, like a suet cage hanger or nut ball, so they will be more inclined to stick around and hopefully feel safer. Unless you have outdoor cats in your neighborhood, then probably best they don't stay in one place for long.
These guys are smart too and remember traumatic experiences. It may be that some other person has chased or scared them off, or even shot at or harmed their fellows. They may never be over their fear of humans. But feeding and time is definitely your best bet.
I will heal their broken hearts

post cool looking animals!
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File: coconut-crab.jpg (661 KB, 1600x1200)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
File: IMG_9241.jpg (205 KB, 900x1122)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

So we meet again, pige...
File: snibbedy-snab.jpg (158 KB, 1023x437)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>Based on the isolated fossil remains of a large chelicera (claw) from the Klerf Formation of Germany, J. rhenaniae has been estimated to have reached a size of around 2.3–2.6 metres (7.5–8.5 ft), making it the largest arthropod ever discovered, surpassing other large arthropods such as fellow eurypterids Acutiramus and Pterygotus and the millipede Arthropleura.

File: 20210319_214011.jpg (3.42 MB, 4032x3024)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Post your little poop machines. I'll start with my girlfriends guinea pigs.
50 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
I love it. They do this bubbly chatting among each other when they suspect feeding time, and only break into full wheeking when they're absolutely sure.
File: guineapigFlower.jpg (27 KB, 720x480)
27 KB
I think it's their big fat bean bodies and tiny legs.
give me a quick rundown on what i need to prepare for getting one of these guys.
You don't get ONE because that's torture. They're social animals and need company. They can't relax if nobody has their back, and will be constantly under stress.
About 1 square metre per animal. They're clumsy dummies that don't climb, so a fence or similar keps them in.
One house or hiding place per animal, as they're not that big into sharing. Either with two doors, or light enough to flip over, in case they argue over sleeping places.
Bedding or soft blankets that you can wash easily. The poop is just dry, but they pee a lot.
Places to put hay, like a hay rack. They always need some available.
Plates for veggies and something for water.
Also, a nail trimmer.
duly noted. I'll take this into account.

My wife found this cat on our patio at our apartment and he keeps meowing at me. I gave him food and water from a distance and he seems nice.
He walked up to the door and continues to meow. Do I trust him, /an/?
56 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: same_thing.jpg (9 KB, 320x180)
9 KB
"they take care of rodents" is the toxobrain version of pitbull owners saying "he wont bite, he just wants to meet you"
He's on top of our planter now. My sister in law says he might have nerve problems, considering how his body twitches and the strange movement of his tail. I assumed it was because it was chilly outside, but apparently that is not the case.
You can't teach a cat how to use a litter box. They already know how to. It's instinctual. If he's pooping on the mat, that means he probably wants to mark the area with his scent. Put a box out there for him and he'll probably start using it as it's a better option in the same area.
That lad has some large cheeks. Unfixed male, very developed. He's probably got hella marking instincts as a result. You really need to give him one place that he feels like can be home base or he's gonna find a place he wants to mark.

I'd suggest keeping him in the bathroom with a litterbox for a while. Like a few days at least
File: wamaka-in-house.jpg (1002 KB, 1536x2048)
1002 KB
1002 KB JPG
nah, he's still going to piss all over the place. he's a wild animal at this point. cats are like wolves and foxes, cute if raised in captivity and surprisingly easy to get along with but they are still very much wild animals who will hurt you and piss on/destroy your stuff and if you take them in too late, they're going to be even worse.

Literally what are you supposed to do in order to fix this garbage?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
punch pieces of it until they look like fucking barrels
then burn them with fire
Raised garden beds, or spending boatloads of money to get the entire area excavated out and replaced with better soil.
File: 1616374566258.png (16 KB, 633x758)
16 KB
>only solution is to replace it entirely
God I'm so fucking jealous of people who live on sandy soil. All they have to do is mix compost and they have perfect loam for growing whatever they want.
Only thing clay is good for is ponds.
The only thing I can recommend is adding in loads of the peat moss you can get at home depot. My clay heavy soil is actually superior to the shitty raised beds my dad built. Nothing likes to germinate in those fucking things and whatever he used to make the soil repels water.
Don't replace it. Add compost/organic matter on top.

File: tenor.gif (868 KB, 220x221)
868 KB
868 KB GIF
>be loyal to your owner
>always there for them no matter what
>they repay your kindness by removing your balls

This says a lot about society
Don't blame me, blame yourself or god.
The owner is too irresponsible to keep you from using those balls for evil so it was either lose the balls or lose your life

If you had to choose between rotting in a cage for a year and then dying because almost no dogs can take care of an intact human, and being castrated, which would you choose?

The only problem is people doing it before 2 years of age fucking up their development
Balls are cut off because owners love you. Just like how the government is giving us free vaccines because the government loves us.

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