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File: iLThY6E1Pc0.jpg (138 KB, 640x603)
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blessed images thread
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I'd empty an entire mag of 556 to kill it
good luck trying to shoot a mosquito
File: HEsolutions.jpg (226 KB, 1900x1080)
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226 KB JPG
Oh I'm sure I'll manage
I've heard this is pretty dangerous
a dracula arises from its coffin to feast on the blood of the innocents

File: 1587605113327.png (641 KB, 1024x512)
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641 KB PNG
They are killing machines we are losing biodiversity because tibbles wants to 'play' outside. Fuck you.
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People have a social and ethical responsibility to kill every outdoor cat they find
Holy based. Keep those fuckers indoors, they look prettier that way anyway.
maybe nature deemed them unfit if a cat can do all that
Take your fucking meds schizo, stop spamming the board with your ungrounded BS, human activity kills 10000% more animals than cats could ever kill, you've been BTFO so many times, why do you keep coming back for more?
That's not being a vermin anon, that's called being an apex predator

My cat cane home today sith one hanging ear. What could that be? I googled and nobody seems to have a real answer to it. Pic is very similar to how it looks.
An infected bite or similar wound, take it to the vet you retard

File: 1382978261_4dae.jpg (711 KB, 2500x1904)
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711 KB JPG
Welcome to /kot/, the magical general of felines. You're stuck here forever.


Food & Nutrition

Outside Enrichment
Behavioral problems

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File: cat birthday.jpg (73 KB, 720x960)
73 KB
>the vet said there is a chance it may be too rich
sounds like nonsense. What food is it?
Depends on what catfood it is IMO.
Like whiskers and your generic store brands absolutely not because they have like 4% actual meat in them.
But brands like James wellbeloved? 40% meat in those and I can only give a bit at a time to my kitten or else her poos become darker and a little toothpastey instead of a more normal brown and putty texture. (I feel it through the dog poo bags I use)
I sometimes give my kitten some of the plain £2 cheap tesco chicken breast slices shredded up by hand into smaller bits. You get a good amount of pieces in a packet too. That seems to go down well with her. Its pretty watery but its all green on the label and we eat the tikka one in our sandwiches anyway for years so if its good enough for us its good enough for her.
At the moment she seems to work best with like 50% whiskers, 30% wellbeloved and 20% Purina biscuits (17% meat) in her main meals and then some of that chicken as a treat.
But each kitten is different though.
he fancy
File: IMG_20200927_102939.jpg (846 KB, 2162x1722)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
My kitten has figured out how to climb into the empty fruit bowl and look into the kitchen to watch us. She also has already undone the knot and ran off with her hanging bell ball on her cat tower.
Not even had her a week yet. Auroras intelligence and agility is through the roof. You can't even use the cat wand effectively because she can grab it the instant you move it. And she will just bull charge it at full speed if you manage to get her chasing it. She launched herself into a door last night and I was worried she hurt herself but she was ok. I think she managed to last instant cushion herself with her body which is why it made a thud. Her reaction speed is instant and her ears work like little radar dishes and she reacts to any new noise. She watches the TV too sometimes when its on.
And she sleeps with her eyes open sometimes. She's so weird.

Is it not weird
That bats are mammals
Who gave the rats wings nigga?
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their wings are just hands with long webbed fingers
Bats are one of my favorite mammal groups solely because they give the (((birds))) some actual competition in aerial niches. That and the things they can do while flying are cool as fuck.
They're also the only mammal capable of true flight, and can maneuver in air better than (most) birds. Birds fly faster, but bats are more agile. Bats are awesome.
the God of the Bible.
File: sXmhFVL9K-ah_GIb.webm (1.81 MB, 480x480)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM
>bones are too fragile to fossilize well
>the few bat fossils we do have just resemble extant bats suggesting they've gone unchanged for dozens of millions of years
>we'll never know how the fuck these things evolved

What's your spirit animal? Mines a tiger
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why aren't you posting on discord or something man?
are you a homosexual
Butterfly? Am I gay????
no, but the cheetah in me is
cheetahs are weird, males group up while females are alone and have to fend their litters alone while fending off lions that will kill their young for no good reason :c

File: 1593043767422.png (153 KB, 296x170)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
They make the best pets and they give you free food.
don't like eggs
File: wash your cock.jpg (104 KB, 1067x800)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I've been wanting to get into chicken shows! It seems really fun. Plus I could help preserve endangered chicken breeds

Cassowaries got such slappable faces. If i ever stumble upon one in a jungle i'm gonna get a concrete mixer, 59lbs of oatmeal, and a didgeridoo, so i fill the concrete mixer with oatmeal, scoop it the didgeridoo, and blow it down the cassowary's throat, like PTOOF *gulp* WOINGAWOINGABOINGABOINGA. Kinda like foie gras, but instead of a goose and corn it's a cassowary and oatmeal, and instead of eating its liver i pick up some flour from my pockets and give a big ol' slap on its face. Make that blue skin go bloingboloingbloing. Briefly dislocate its jaw and put it back in place with other slap. Yeah, take that. Now you'll learn your lesson instead of being a fake, idiotic, manipulative fool. Maybe with this you'll understand that you can't simply call yourself a friend in one day and become dry and assoholic in the other day. Get a clue, cassowary. Stop being such a fake blue-faced cunt.
there's a worrying lack of use of benis in your plans
>Be me
>My dad, brother, mother and grandfather all died in the great emu war
>Live with my grandmother
>One day, she trips. She goes to hospital, in terrible condition
>She tells me 'Anon, you must get revenge on the emus'
>She dies
>Travel out the next day, with nothing but my fists and a pocket knife
>See a bird
>Not an emu - it has bright colours and a weird head, and makes a strange grumbling noise
>I'll kill it anyway
>Punch it in the face with my bear hands
>It doesn't even react

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File: fuckfuckfuckfuck.jpg (246 KB, 906x679)
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246 KB JPG
Welcome to /plant/, the perpetually dissatisfied green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists argue about how much they hate arborvitae.

Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

>Flora of the World
>Plant ID Sites
>Pests and Diseases
>Thousands of Botanical Illustrations

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The plan looks good.
Yes, chlorine will evaporate after a few days in the open
thank you anon, i repotted it but didnt really prune the roots, will is def die if i dont? i loosened a bit of the soil around the roots. does this look like enough soil in the pot? i ran out reaching that amount but its about 50%cactus mix+50%perlite
What the fuck have I done to my ficus? It's only one stalk, the biggest, that has a couple of leaves turning black, this is the worst one.
It won't die. By 'becoming woody', anon meant that it becomes a big, strong bush. The only way to keep the plant small is to stunt its development. I don't know why you'd want to do that, though.
kousa dogwood

This is the dog general. Anything dog related goes here.

Discord: https://discord.gg/3xGbBG2

Dog breeds -https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/

Genetic Databases and Information -https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/genetics-databases.html

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!
>Should I bring my dog to a vet?
>What breed is my dog?
>What toys should I get my dog?

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Hire a good trainer.
Beagles are not golden retrievers. They have a mind of their own and don't respond as well to individual training since they were bred to hunt in a pack. It sounds more like you got a breed you couldn't handle than anything else.

T. Lifelong beagle owner
I did that but me doggos just bite the balls and then they are dead after pushing them around
He knows what youb did in front of your pc and is sniffing your dried salty coins and milk

I’m extremely fascinated by animals’ mating behaviours and dances, especially among birds. Frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, doves, peacocks... you name it. Why do they do this? Why do humans not have this? Share your favourite mating behaviours here!
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It also shows deeper genetic sample as nothing "taught" these animals to do the dance, its genetic coding that does. Its a way to check the unseen coding.
im extremely fascinated by you are mom's dick
Human males often show off by cracking jokes around girls they find attractive. Woman tend to prefer and select funny men like a peahen would a colorful male.
this isnt true. Men crack jokes to check affinity. If the girl laughs, its because she likes him, not because he's funny.
>Why do humans not have this?
We do. We dont spend countless dollars on fashion appearance and fragrance JUST because of marketing. There's plenty we do but dont realize. Fragrance for example is to mask your natural scent. This is because women can choose who they are most genetically promising with through scent alone and masking it potentially gets you past the filter

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
excuse me, he's a he

wow, I had no idea they were still doing it

also relevant
Eternally based
File: 1553692326354.png (88 KB, 568x548)
88 KB

File: 1598379269756.jpg (58 KB, 800x497)
58 KB
Bactrian camel > dromedary camel
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File: 1598381769215.jpg (119 KB, 720x718)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
File: 1598381831622.jpg (59 KB, 417x630)
59 KB
File: 1598381970225.jpg (120 KB, 604x604)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: 1598381906698.jpg (91 KB, 1024x768)
91 KB
File: venäjä kameli.jpg (177 KB, 750x693)
177 KB
177 KB JPG

File: d2sv0zhsyhp51.jpg (117 KB, 634x651)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
How do animals that rely on camouflage even know what they, themselves, look like? Does a stick insect know it looks like a stick? Does an owl know it's feathers are the same colour as a tree?
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I'd climb to the top of a tree.
Cats generally lie on things which are the dominant color of their fur.
It's instinct driven behaviour. They don't know or think about it at all, the animals just feel safer in an environment where their natural coat blends into their surroundings, and will instinctively prefer being there.
File: 1600978940634.png (366 KB, 523x499)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Accurate summary but let make it shorter
>animal behaves a certain way [aggressive false water cobra, defensive hawk moth caterpillar]
>trait gets passed on by the animals that survive [intimidation through head shake, sudden display of wing patterns, ect]
>the animal doesn't know why it's doing it but it knows it's defending itself
>animal knows a certain pattern of bark protects it, offsprings will behave the same

Still TLDR: natural selection of behaviour and display
I'd kill the teacher and hide in her corpse

whats the best companion(wife) for lonely gentlemen?

I do not imply anything untowards just "companionship"
A dog is great in my experience. My (dog)wife is everything I wanted in a girl without all the downsides. Live together easily, similar sleep schedules, unlike a mare I can take her everywhere, she loves kissing, always great sex, talking, likes outdoors and always in a good mood.

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