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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.


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/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

Do not post threads about gun control. They belong on /pol/.

Troll threads will be deleted, and those posting troll posts will be banned.

I'm building a Rhodesia folder.
Anything goes; pictures, maps, stories, memes...
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File: 1607390890744.jpg (74 KB, 637x712)
74 KB

>that cry for my country to be destroyed

what's your country?

Are we reading the same thread? The exact opposite happened. Libs scurried with their tail between their legs when faced with real facts.
File: 1618193184223.jpg (137 KB, 600x417)
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137 KB JPG
this guy was in the Fifth Rhodesia


that's his channel. full of stories and content.
you'll enjoy it.

File: 1618606063089.jpg (678 KB, 4096x2304)
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678 KB JPG
The SpaceX starship has been choosen by NASA to be the lunar lander. The gives NASA a capability of 100 tons to the lunar surface per starship. That means we now have the capability to put real weapons platforms on the moon. What weapons make sense to put on the moon and what capabilities would they have
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i think that one's from 2020 but it's hard to say because it happens a lot

of course it matters.
wow that is insane, wtf is that propellent load
Why does it matter who steps on the moon next? seriously
nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine, lol

File: vo.png (127 KB, 700x263)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
How did the Volkssturmgewehr compare to the SKS? Why hasn't anyone tried to make one in modern cartridges? It would fit well into the budget milsup crowd for it's cheap production and material and can sell in areas who ban "assault weapons".
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There’s a company making reproductions of them. They’re fucking expensive though since they’re a niche collectors item rather than a last ditch weapon now.
File: 137904_SlTuEa8B.png (159 KB, 600x600)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
there's a reason why that rifle is titled Volkssturmgewehr, Anon.
>real talk
go back
It was a last ditched weapon who was designed to just barely meet the definition of the word "function" I wouldn't go so far as to call it shit but it definitely wasn't good. The SKS was more expensive and is generally a fine rifle.
File: 1618166817161.png (86 KB, 567x300)
86 KB

File: hvtler.jpg (8 KB, 208x300)
8 KB
I just like it bros
Just admit that your gay for Hitler. Maybe you’ll just get a cyanide pill instead of the gas chamber.
File: katzpepe.jpg (7 KB, 249x246)
7 KB
honestly Hitler is kinda funny and lame . but not much is better.
hes at least dedicated and interesting .
fuck it bro go full white power its pretty warm.

AOR1 + Multicam Edition

>guide - useless and antiquated. Someonene should update this haha

Fuck off

Previous >>49012362
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aws smu
sell it and buy Ruger Security 9
who made the carrier?
Thank you for your service
You sound like a guy I knew named Jack so I'll name you Jack. Jack this is a stupid idea just get new western gear, Rus SF and other SF groups use crye for a reason and not just for the name.
Did you sell your JPC?
You're going to lose that mag

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Don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answer to anon.
It's, it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

>>MFW anonymous/k/ommandos honour me with a statue, an honest to /K/ube statute

I am so grateful. As a token of my appreciation, I bestow upon you both


Pull the pin and count to 3. 3 is the number you shall count to and no more. Then throw and watch your enemies turn to tiny pieces. This baby is rated for anything from men to antmen to Russian tracked anti-aircraft vehicles. Use it wisely frens.
threads like this remind me why i still come here. best wishes anons.
Thats not a real cover is it?
File: vc9nqdp1bt061.jpg (82 KB, 500x566)
82 KB
Anon I'm getting a migraine by just trying to decipher what the fuck the slav guy has built
can you explain the drawing to me?

File: 1589418133154.jpg (183 KB, 1080x682)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
AK General /akg/
Mini Jack Edition
>Thread #1312

Old thread here: >>49007074
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>USSR poison bullet propaganda
That didn't even remotely originate from the USSR. The "story" came from a soldier of fortune article from some guy that spent time with the mujahedeen.
>not built from or developed from the TDP that goes back to an original Soviet rifle
It's AK shaped for the most part, that's about it.
Because they make more money not figuring it out.
File: jus's gud.png (1.78 MB, 5032x3520)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
B-But what about GF5?

>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread >>48993706
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Commiefornia doesn't even count as part of the US.
File: K11.png (550 KB, 1024x1024)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
yes, 100%
File: 1598323477125.jpg (334 KB, 1448x2048)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Testing out ur mom
Mommy Tommy will pass any test you throw at her.

This was some shit straight out of an action movie.
I call him Jamal Wick
Timestamp: 4:05 to 6:20
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You're an absolute retard.
You must be at least 18 to post here.
File: IMG_20200421_110311.png (502 KB, 720x540)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
my fuckin sides
god bless our officers.
Is that why their boots are literally getting licked in the streets, you're giving them your money and they've been set up to ethnically replace and murder you?
Nice one

Big hydro will pay edition
>New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this:


previous thread >>49023253
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wait so .22lr guns cant be antiques? explains why i cant find any .22lr pistols then
You know nothing ever happens, right?
Come July we’re going to be back to normal. That is of course as long as you wear the mask and follow all the rules. We’re in this together, start acting like it.
Enough with the bait anon, nobody here gives a fuck about this hoax garbage.
>wait so .22lr guns cant be antiques? explains why i cant find any .22lr pistols then

also why some people will go out of their way to rechamber and rebarrel rimfire antiques to 22 magnum
File: 1618323926425.png (399 KB, 540x544)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
How do i stop myself from sperging out on my soi coworker it's gonna be hard bros

File: 16183158437540.jpg (299 KB, 680x1020)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>playing hunting "simulator"
>it puts restrictions on what animals and with what weapons you can hunt

Not much for the simulation part.
The chicks pretty cute, in a girl-next-door-not-exactly-a-10/10-more-like-a-7/10 kinda way.
File: 1612576842039.jpg (54 KB, 500x500)
54 KB
>tfw no range gf

My range is 98% men, with the 2% being uppity women from the pistol clubs, and the one RSO grandma. Such is life in a liberal European capital.

File: 1617785367520.png (1.31 MB, 1000x571)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

Previous Thread: >>48989558

Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?
Newer but not updated

Classic but severely deprecated

Remember that if someone posts bait or makes a troll post, your best bet is to just ignore it!
Do your part to keep our treasured thread clean.

Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/jvpLj9azlkk

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wow murder
Yoooo, glad you like it. Oklahoma gang
Based abowaffen, I joined my local durrey and took a few hits on the didgeredoo, my chief told me bout tha dreamtime and how the white dogs took off all dah rainbow serpents scales and used em in their magic to take our land ay
Well I did not watch many shows as I was working a lot the last few decades then this covid pandemic happened and I could not work as much as I used to as I shifted to more of a care taker for my elderly parents and family members. I only got into this forum in recent years and have been seeing from time to time people with patches so while talking with some people I find out about different people making patches.
File: 1364456584472s.jpg (3 KB, 250x140)
3 KB

File: mqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 320x180)
18 KB
Which one is better ? T-90 or Leopard 2
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depends, are you a manlet or not
The one with the more skilled crew.
T-90A is lacking too many things, no commanders panoramic sight with thermal. Maximum reverse speed of 6km/h, inferior mobility in general. The armor is actually really good, the problem is it has too many unprotected weak areas. The driver periscope removes a chunk of composite armor to fit, the lower front plate has minimal armor, the gun mantlet has no meaningful armor. There's a good chance it can be frontally penetrated around the gunners sight and commanders hatch as they stick out above the main turret armor.

The soviet tank layout is quite efficient in terms of armor but they never bothered to fix any of the unprotected areas that date back to early t-64a and t-72 models.
The Leopard 2 was never run against the M1 in Australia. Germany refused any support of potential Australian Leopard 2 tanks because of the Iraq war, which left Australia only with old M1 tanks.
Pretty sure it did when it ran tests to see which one it would buy, anon.

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