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File: A_Magical_Place.png (34 KB, 331x386)
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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.


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/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

Do not post threads about gun control. They belong on /pol/.

Troll threads will be deleted, and those posting troll posts will be banned.

File: Flamethrower.jpg (535 KB, 1024x795)
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535 KB JPG
pop pop fizz fizz
no screaming?
there's no oxygen to breathe so you only get about ten seconds to scream before you pass out

File: 6710671506730.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1788)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Has /k/ ever taken any /k/ related classes?

Pic related. They teaching this on my city and I'm thinking of signing up
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>put him on blast

fucking die
>Soldiers don't seek cover
>Trying to make it seem so simple

Funfights are never simple "get your boys, return fire, win."

You're disgusting
>>cars off and you're getting gas at a gas station
No you'd be outside getting your gas you busrider.
>>guy tries to run you off the road with his car
The only way you can be run off the road is if you let it happen. When someone swerves at you after you recognize road rage, you just don't do anything. Where you not taught this in driver ed? Oh i forgot you're a busrider. Producing a gun should stop road rage pretty quickly, otherwise yes, shoot out your window, shooting your windshield at highway speeds is how you end up with a damaged dangerous car, deafened ears and nothing else. And really you shouldn't shoot out of a moving car at all, all you do is become a danger to yourself and everyone. If someones trying to run you off the road, slow down and let them overtake you or whatever else, and report them later with dashcam footage, you can make some decent money doing that. If they continue attacking you or exit their vehicle, that is when you shoot.
>>in parking lot sitting in vehicle
>Let me construct this very specific situation that never happens so i can justify my shit
It's like you've taken tactical training to be a replacement for reality. In real life, almost all jackings happen out of nowhere and from your driver side window. You wouldn't be able to respond for shit and shooting through your windshield will do nothing. The best move is to exit the car, and shoot afterwards if you want to. Not that will basically ever need to, carjacking is one of the rarer crimes, there where like 300 jacking in Detroit of all places. Your car is a confined area and your attacker has the upper hand, your life is not worth the car. Oh also another deterrent for auto theft is manual transmissions. When i did the police academy in 2012 the only situations where we where taught to shoot out the windshield is if we roll up or are in an active shootout, in any other situation as the instructor put it "the vehicle is a liability, and never worth your life"
you got the lotto numbers for next week allknowing faggot?

>his concealed carry method violates one of the 4 rules of firearm safety

Explain yourselves, appendix carryfags
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>implying I'm not willing to destroy everything
I don't flag myself or anything behind me when I draw from my shoulder holster. The arm is forced outwards due to the position of the gun, so I don't even flag my hand when carrying.
>Implying any carry method doesnt flag you or someone else
When the holster is worn properly appendix carry doesn't result in self-flagging any more than any other type of carry. Noguns fags who have never carried a gun think appendix carry is the same as mexican carry and results in your gun aiming at your dick the whole time.
File: 1537337167203.jpg (1.66 MB, 3489x3285)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG

File: barr.png (950 KB, 1024x576)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
"Red Flag Laws are the single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area"
Looks like ERPOs are about to be a nationwide thing, guys.

Thanks, donnie.
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It's almost like other people were running for the nomination, imbecile
Good thing only about 10-12% of immigrants come from the land border instead of overstaying their visa
>Shame all the idiots didn't realize this back in 2012.
When shit goes hot they’ll tie in online posts to this so any comment that isn’t pure kosher results in you getting swatted
So you would rather that we all threw away votes on someone else, and then watch Hillary get elected? Just to what, prove a point? I'll never understand this fucking retarded ideology.

Nobody cares who you vote for, the results are what matter moving forward. You aren't proving anything to anyone.

Post ye area codes, for operating purposes only.
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970 cowshit country
Ah, fuck. 3rd poster here. We gotta do something now?
ever been to the pawnee grasslands?
File: IMG_20181105_163409932.jpg (2.47 MB, 3264x1836)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
i am also 541
any of you actually wanna meet?
i was apprehensive about meeting someone from k irl. in fact when a group of us exchanged emails, i was going to bail at the last second. but i decided i should go, if anyone was really weird, id just never show up again.
but instead, three (mostly) normal and decent guys showed up. we had a lot of fun and have shot a few more times since then.
my point is, if youre on the fence about meeting someone here to shoot, just give it a try. shooting with kommandos is fun just because they already know memes so its like you guys already have inside jokes and they probably like guns as much as you do.

So is Ruger making any new PC carbine models for 2019?

And for the love of fuck, why isn't someone making better iron sights for them yet?
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Same for .45 ACP. I'd spring for the lower, but I just can't fucking bring myself to pay that kind of money for an upper that I know damn well doesn't cost anywhere near that to make, even with the retail profit markup added.

Still mad.
I'd pay $250 a conversion if only to have one sbr.
This is a big part of what has me interested in getting one of these, but I also think the gun has a ton of aftermarket potential, and that makes me excited about it. The combo of removable barrel and swappable mag inserts should make for pretty easy caliber conversions, integrally suppressed barrels, etc. The fact that it's a Ruger and a cousin of the 10/22 is also a big factor in its favor, tons of companies out there making stuff for the 10/22 that will probably be inclined to make stuff for the PC9 if the market develops enough.
Waiting for the 10mm version.
File: rpccs synth td nontd.png (271 KB, 1336x530)
271 KB
271 KB PNG

Was he a competent general or an egotistical dude who made tactical blunders? (IE. stretching forces way too thin as Chosin Reservoir)
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I dont know. I wasnt alive when he was.
Why, because it doesn't have strategic bombers? Who gives a shit. It has a comparable capability in every field the Air Force does with the exception of strategic ballistic/nuclear assets, and that's it. It is perfectly capable, and has a better track record, of performing air superiority, interception, COIN, CAS, precision bombing, etc.
He was restrained. I personally would have killed all male Japanese and subjected all the women to rape and then kill them. The only good Jap is a dead one.
How come he got to wear a fancy hat with gold trimming and on other general did?
Did MacArthur actually command any operations during the advance on Japan? Coming from Australia, all I know is he bailed out of the Philippines to shag WACs in Sydney for a few years, then went to Tokyo to push around the Japs for a while.

Is it truly /ourschool/
>Minimal liberals because engineering scares them away like a vampire seeing a cross
>concealed carry on campus
>school police station will store a gun for you if you live on campus
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File: UD-MCE Logo.png (33 KB, 722x264)
33 KB
Was at C.U. Boulder, which was great for funs. Too many liberals, not too in your face about it though.

Now at D.U. (private university), can't CCW. One of my first papers I wrote here was how our school was a death-trap for an active-shooter scenario by design, and their policy concerning CCW was fucking stupid.

My grad program now is 95% women, very liberal but fairly focused on school at school. All great people though.
Used to be stationed real close to DU and rail out some of the girls there. Y'all have a real small campus.
>My grad program now is 95% women
damn, what is it?
JAX is about 6 minutes north of campus on College. Theres a great mexican gut truck that hangs up there by the Autozone as well its on par with cafe Mexicali.
Honestly its the one of the best outdoor stores around it beats the REI and Sierra Post there and they'll price match anything as well. Their armory wasn't too bad but after all the highschools did that fake ass anti gun protest they refused to sell "high capacity assault rifles" anymore.
slackers represent, we wont be silenced by your violence! Big beautiful blue state with no guns allowed.

Seriously speaking, if I could redo highschool it would be to get better grades to get into an slightly better school. Also don't even think about carrying anywhere in chicago.
And why are there so many engi's on /k/?

File: 1547590308220m.jpg (106 KB, 1024x704)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

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I'm genuinely curious, do you buy clothes for them? If so what does that look like? Do you go online or go to a store?
I've always wondered about sex dolls. what do you do when say, you get married or it breaks and you want to throw it out.

How do you get rid of a life sized human doll without people at the dump thinking your a serial killer dumping a victim. Do you cut it up into pieces in your bathtub and dipsose of it at several locations or do you bury it out by the lake for some jogger or someone walking thier dog to stumble upon?
They come in parts. You can disassemble them and mix and match body parts
What. Not mine. Just body and head. My plan if I get married is to simply strip the metal skellyton bare and throw away the soft material and metal skelly separately,

Hey /k/, I'm looking to start an Armor Hunter Mellowlink cosplay and I'm aiming to incorporate unaltered military surplus wherever possible.

Anyway, Arity Mellowlink has this brown garment underneath what looks like an ALICE rig, and I can't tell what it's for or if it's based off of a real item. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, weird military garments thread I guess? /ak/? /k/ties manime thread?
just learn how to sew, and modify a chicom rig or an ALICE rig. The pauldron looks like polymer with cloth coating, it's all whatever DE color scheme you can get ahold of. good luck dude

File: 20181207_100312.jpg (1.35 MB, 2146x1080)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
You do you edition

Old >>40296402
216 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm talking about the vise you absolute moron
Either the stencil was fucked or the execution.
how far off are the holes/ can a pin go through without any trigger in there?
my dude vises are cheap.
>using tools that i dont have
>"im not talking about the cheap wrench anon"
>"im talking about my harbor freight vise"
>retard can't afford either
>retard has no where to put either
some mental checkers you got going on there bud, lemme guess 11 bang bang

ITT shit bootlickers/grabbers say
>you dont need an assualt weapon
>you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide
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Where did I mention dreaming about roaming around, committing mass murders? Disregarding that retarded strawman shit, you do understand that when you vote, you are imposing your will on your others? Sometimes successfully, sometimes it's others who will do it to you. Are you intelligent enough to understand this?
>Where did I mention dreaming about roaming around, committing mass murders?
By stroking it to William Luther Pierce
>you do understand that when you vote, you are imposing your will on your others?
No, you are standing up for yourself in a civilized manner. You are making your voice heard.
I've never called another person "sir" in my life
File: grabbingpussy.jpg (30 KB, 484x365)
30 KB
>if we keep voting for Republicans like good boys, they'll give us back our guns!
File: confucius.jpg (54 KB, 850x400)
54 KB
Alright, whatever helps you sleep better at night.

Weirdest boners edition.



>Do your own research to start, then come here for clarification.
>No vague questions, like "What job is best?"

Guides to prepare for high-speed shit. (SEAL, Ranger etc.)


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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which MOS lets me suck the cum out of other dude's dicks like soda through a straw?
File: mp23.jpg (217 KB, 1160x629)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
yeah, and they're outnumbered 10:1 by mechanized infantry, there's only one recon troop per entire battalion
Guess it varies by unit. I only have expereince with 4ID and what I've heard from buddies in 3ID. I don't know much about 2ID

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