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Genuinely curious here. Do all men cheat and lie? My bf tried to convince me that all men have disgusting fuck boy pasts and it’s normal for men to cheat lie and hoe around. Is literally every guy like this? he says that whenever a girl asks to hook up, that every guy will just do it even if she’s ugly. Like wtf? I told him I’ve met good guys before and he says they’re just pretending. Im an extremely loyal person, I can’t even imagine doing shit like that. I’ve never been the type to “hoe around.” I have self worth and I wouldn’t just do shit with anyone. I’m the type of person to do everything for my partner spend money on them be loyal feed them support them emotionally support their dreams give bomb wild sex be there for them etc. I would never cheat on someone, I wouldn’t ever wanna cause someone that much pain I don’t understand how people do that. are girls the only ones like this? I’ve met all his friends and it seems like all of them are the way he’s describing.
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I'm the guy he was responding to. I was personally so disgusted by the way I was treated that I decided to be totally celibate for years and altered my lifestyle and dress to avoid having to deal with women and men pressuring me to have sex.
Yeah I get what ur saying. It’s gross how women get put down for something that men get praised for. I wish people didn’t pressure guys to do that shit. I also know some horrible women who pressure men into doing sexual shit without their consent, then call them gay if they don’t do it..there’s a stigma around it for sure. But just cus they pressure you don’t mean you gotta do it. But it is fucked up how people do that shit.
I’m sorry that happened to you. I hate girls like that. Or anyone who does that shit. People need to realize men get assaulted too. It’s fucked how some people think just cus ur a man that you want to have sex with everyone
>Do all men cheat and lie?
Stopped reading there. Go to Church. Call up your Dad and work on your relationship with him. Inch your way out of the slum you have dug yourself into for you do not know the truth.
I'm nice people

The internet is ruining my life. All I do every day is just browse 4chan for a couple hours, then browse Twitter for a couple hours, then play some vidya, then go back to 4chan and then back to Twitter. It’s a bad cycle, and it’s fucking with my schedule. I can’t get anything done and I’m always overstimulated like a monkey. I need to get out of this cycle. Any tips on how to break it? I feel like a junky. At the very least I’ve stopped watching porn, but I need to stop being an internet degen too. I have no discipline bros.
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hello, im battling that addiction myself, im 23 and is horrible not being able to break free, ive try to change the password of my computer and hide it, to block websites, to willpower my way out of it, absolutely nothing works, i always find a way back, sometimes i go to sleep with such frustration and anger that i cant sleep. But now im going to try something new, im looking for a job, that way i am not thinking in "not doing something", instead im going to ocupy my mind, be busy, i think in my free time im going to go to the gym or anything, the idea is that is easier to decide to not use internet when you have 1 o 2 hours left in your day that when you have 16 hours left, im done trusting in my own judgement, i dont believe in my brain anymore, im going to battle social anxiety with this new approach, but is that or die at 80 with frustration, by the way, start now, dont wait, start now, i hope i help you and inspire you
Thanks for the advice lads. Will try and put all of this advice to use
learn to be bored

just turn off your computer and do other stuff
If we knew the answer, would we be here to answer?
yeah why not

File: qt italian 80s gf.jpg (171 KB, 736x927)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Pretty embarrassing that I even have to make a thread, but I'm pretty much driving myself crazy every day trying to figure out what she's thinking. So probably April of last year, I met this girl and we started talking online and started a LDR in June. I told her repeatedly to make sure that's what she wanted because she had just got out of a really long-term relationship with someone, and she told me it was what she wanted. So I moved down to where she was in the middle of December, but she just broke up with me at the end of January. I honestly think she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen or met, and I actually mean that despite all the shit she's now put me through (she looks a lot like pic related, hair and all). Anyway, she was the first partner that was so down-to-earth and actually made me feel like an equal in the relationship. She made me feel super valued appreciated, attractive, special, unique, etc. We never really had problems in the relationship until I moved down, and she moved in with a few of her friends right at the end of the year and everything changed since then. She just became a totally different person within the span of like 3-4 weeks. Anyway, I hit her up 3 weeks after the breakup asking if she wanted to get dinner with me in a few weeks, and she said maybe. But, when I asked about how she was feeling about us, she was being really cold and dismissive, and eventually told me there was no chance we'd get back together. But, when we did break up, she made it really clear that she at least wanted to be friends with me and that there was a good chance we'd get back together in the future. I'm just confused at how her mind got changed that quickly about us. The only explanation I can come up with is that her parents or her friends got in her head about it and told her the best thing to do for me was to cut me off completely so that I could move on. But I'm alone in this city now without her, and I really think she's my soulmate.
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>I have seen some friends of mine in high school firsthand change in a matter of weeks just from hanging out with shitty people.
This isn't because they suddenly became shitty people, it's because they suddenly had shitty people they could empathize with who were out in the open about shitty behaviour. A shitty person can seem nice if they feel like they have to be due to social pressure.

in anycase I think most people are shit and it's the trends and forces that force them to act otherwise. But I digress.

Ask. Talk to her. Find out what the fuck happened. Wait obviously but at some point she's going to stop and wonder if she made a mistake even if it's 5 years from now.

anyways I do have stuff to do. Good luck!!
No actually, not at all :) So we met online in April, video chatted a lot, called it official in June, met in July, October, and November before I moved down in December. I was actually at my most overweight point in July (180lbs), but that was the point in our relationship where she seemed the most in love with me. That's the funny thing, is that literally not a single thing changed about me physically or otherwise since I moved down or even since we started the relationship. If anything, I lost more weight since then and I got better at reading her and dealing with our problems. I was pretty low maintenance and was sooo good to her. I complimented her all the time, replied in a timely manner, gave her gifts and gestures to remind her I loved her, was good in bed, her family LOVED me, etc. She actually told me her mom was really pissed she did this to me, I forgot to mention that. I feel like I'm just missing something
I guess I never thought about it like that. Just the way she talked to her siblings or regular people or what not kinda made me feel like she was a ruder person to people that weren't me. But she was so incredibly nice and sweet to me all the time that I never analyzed it at all. And yeah, that's the thing that makes me feel better is that eventually when she's alone without her friends or in a shitty relationship, she's gonna realize she fucked up there. Mostly because no guy she's ever gonna end up with will see her like I did or treat her and praise her as much as I did. But yeah, I'm definitely not talking to her anytime soon. It's only been a week since we had that conversation, so if I tried hitting her up now, she'd just push me away again and give me nothing. Only way out right now is just to wait and see what happens. I just really really keep hoping that she'll randomly hit me up in a month or two and explain or want to get back together with a clean slate or something. I don't know, but thanks so much for the help.
Now think REAL hard.

Things were going well until she actually met you in person, and then she turned cool. What does that suggest?
She broke up with you and YOURE hitting her up?

You Zoomers shouldn’t fall for the meme. If someone decided to end your relationship you move on. That’s it. Kaput. You just focus on yourself and improve.

As to why, you may never know and you have to be okay with that.

Ironically the best way to get her back is to forget her and focus on yourself. But don’t do that just to get her back, do it for you king.

I'm a high functioning alcoholic currently on a indefinite hiatus from booze, and have been sober for a good chunk of time. But, I've been unemployed since March 2020 and a major company that you'd all know is interested in hiring me for a corporate sales position that would make me lots of money.

The catch is, I'd have to socialize a ton with clients, and that would mean getting back to drinking. Multiple times a week. Should I take this job if I get offered it, knowing I won't be able to avoid booze?
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What do you want? Answer that question and things will fall into place. Deciding your next life move based on such scarcity and your next job on whether you will have to drink is a pathetic existence. Level up. Get more oppurtunities. Live in abundance. Or deal with shitty consequences like having only two options for your next life move.
Uh, I'd like to make good pay and set up a future for myself without spiraling into alcoholism and ruining my life? You've kinda given non-advice here, pal.

The self-control is really fucking hard. You go out with clients, you go out with friends on the weekend, next thing you know you're drinking 5/7 days of the week and you say "why bother not drinking on the other two?"
Have some fucking control. Use your gd brain. I can tell you’re smart, why don’t you use that fucking brain for a change.

Balance it to what you want
>quitting booze was surprisingly easy because I wasn't stress drinking from work anymore
probably not an alcoholic then.
>and that would mean getting back to drinking.

That is an assumption that only am alcoholic would make. You can do all the business socializing in the world while drinking club soda or Cokes. And when you do, you'll begin to notice many others around you doing the same thing, almost certainly for the same reason.

File: image.gif (312 KB, 480x360)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
Long story short: I was studying physics for one year but thanks to the pandemic my family's economy went to shit. I couldn't study for 2 semesters and now I'm here, trying to study for another admission test to join to another university (computer science).

The problem is: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY BRAIN IN ONE YEAR THAT I CAN'T FUCKING SOLVE ANYTHING OF THE TEST. Jesuschrist, I passed another test before and I was studying fucking physics, this should be a piece of cake for me but for some reason, I can't fucking solve anything on the guide without help. Even after a quick review of the subjects, like trigonometry, my brain just doesn't fucking work. It's supposed that I should solve the questions in one minute.

Jesuschrist, I'm so mad right now, I want to cry.
Probably just stress. If you chose physics as a major you’re def not a brainlet
This is my 4 day studying the test guide, and I still can't solve the problems on my own. Seriously, it's like having brain fog, my mathematical intuition is completely fucked.
Do you get enough sleep?
get a fucking scholarship you weeb and get a job and join the fucking workforce your rob them all with your gun you fucking leech of a loli

fucking loleech

File: NeckbeardNests-e2qnkg.jpg (64 KB, 1080x1091)
64 KB
I'm going to minimum security federal prison in 2 weeks; what do I need to do/know to prepare?
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I didn't sell drugs retard, I trafficked pounds of marijuana across the border
Yeah man that's the plan; hopefully I can survive mentally
>I didn't sell drugs retard, I trafficked pounds of marijuana across the border
Well you're pretty stupid, why'd you do that?
The money was beyond what I could've ever gotten legitimately
Well, you didn't get to keep all of it. Is what you spent worth 36 months? Think ahead next time.
Minimum security prison is like a slightly seedy country club, except that you can't leave. You will be among crooked politicians, shifty accountants and the like, under absolutely no gang danger, and the worst part of it will be the boredom.

File: kankerroblox.png (398 KB, 563x496)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
How do I prevent my dumb body from turning around in my sleep? I had some back problems from sleeping on a mattress, so I started sleeping on the floor since a week or so. It really helped with keeping my back straight while sleeping for the first few days. But now that I am comfortable sleeping on the floor I usually wake up finding myself on my side or some other dumb position that rounds my back. And it really fucks up my back for the rest of the day. How do I prevent this?
File: OIP.jpg (22 KB, 474x474)
22 KB
Are you overweight?

Try losing weight if you are because the excesses may be interfering with the important things beneath it and you instinctually turn yourself to free your organs.
bump. i also wanna know
File: unnamed.png (84 KB, 512x256)
84 KB
If possible, get a harder matress.
Then go back t sleeping on the bed.

But anyway, Pillows my dude.
Like the following, but you can also hug a pillow as well if sleeping on your side, so then you're got your arm supported aswell.

Also, do a fuckton of core workouts. and stretches for your back. Non-Weighted core work though

The third position is actually what caused me back pain in the first place. It's also really bad for your neck.

I don't know why training my abs would help. I have some cases of bulging disks and I do mad stretches all day and they really do help. From my experience I just need to keep good posture (especially at night) and do the stretches daily to fix it.

How do I interact with people I dislike, without blowing-up in their face. It's the number 1 reason why I don't have a job, and is one of the reasons why I have very little friends and an unfulfilling social life
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>If they have some sort of "authority" over you, just be fake. It's not hard
It's hard for me
>Minimalize interactions if possible
That's what I try to do
>And agree with everything they say
You just have to say "yes" "ok great" "wow you're so smart. I never thought of that. Great idea" i don't mean actually agree with it just make them think you do. Its alot easier than trying to make a point, because they're not going to change their opinion, and it's just going to make them dislike you. Even if you're right and they're wrong, especially then. Because guess what? If you tell them your opinion, they're just going to either claim it as their own, or use it to talk shit and make everyone else that's kidding their ass hate u too. It's not hard. Its easier than arguing.
Based and truthpilled
Why do you feel you have to love people to work alongside them? Do your job, deal with them on a professional level, and get on with it.
t. textbook psychopath

File: btcover.jpg (372 KB, 620x643)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
my wife and I experimented with anal and before we got to a place of her being comfortable she abandoned it - it hurts , etc.

to make a long story short, she had surgery to remove fibroids and since then , regular sex hurts her. it's painful and we cant do much for very long because she is in actual pain that requires medication.

She doesnt want to lose our sex life so I went out and bought a small vibrator that on occasion will use on her if she starts feeling uncomfortable and when i use that , she gets off and we can finish.

I guess i'd like to know if anyone else out there has had to deal with a situation like this and what did you do ? I suggested using the vibrator while we attempt anal again so that if we can get it right, we have more options and can get around the area causing her trouble, but she isnt really interested as of right now
>did anal
>hurt his wifes asshole because lo and behold assholes are not meant to be fucked
>she is permantely injured because op is a porn sick coomer
>buys a coomer toy because he needs to coom
>wife even less into him

stop being a fucking coomer
the point is
shes in pain no matter what

so we are hardly doing anything out of respect that shes uncomfortable
Why do you hate her so much that you want her to do something she doesn't want?

File: opm_6.jpg (56 KB, 620x349)
56 KB
I had a dream about punching people and generally fighting someone. Was pretty dope. I really feel like doing it for real now.

Where do I go? Who can I punch? Help me out advicebros
Take up a fight sport, idiot

File: 1476657638461.jpg (261 KB, 1078x1070)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
I want to get a dog, and I've been thinking about it for months. But I get anxiety over it and am too scared to make the jump.
It's like when I've gone to buy a car. Or a bike. Or a laptop... any major purchase. I spend so long looking at all the options, and I always get set on one that's hard to find, expensive or something like that, and then I start getting second thoughts, and considering other options, and then getting stuck between multiple choices, then questioning whether I should get one at all...
I have some sort of anxiety disorder, and that seems to get in the way of my decision making.
I wanted a particular type of dog (a Jap akita). There's only a handful of breeders here. I found one who just happened to recently have puppies, and I enquired. She said they'll be ready to take home soon, asked me what gender I was after. I replied, asked what the cost and what the her process was and she didn't reply. Now I'm getting anxiety the breeder didn't like me for some reason (even though we hardly communicated). I don't want to ask again. It seems there's no other breeders breeding. Then I'm worrying - these dogs are hard to train. I'm not very experienced, maybe I won't be able to commit to looking after it all the time (even though I fully intend to. But I worry incessantly).
Then I think, well maybe some time in the future I can get an Akita, and this time get a different breed. But then I start worrying about all the aspects of dog ownership and that I won't be able to look after it properly.

I don't know man. I just want a dog. For companionship, and to go hiking sometimes. But I get all nervous about actually committing to it. I've never done this before, but there's all these warnings about behaviour, health problems, exercise, it seems really daunting. Will I be OK?
A dog is not a car or a bike or a laptop. As an owner YOU will owe IT a commitment and care that your post gives no indication you feel.
Of course I intend to care for it. I believe I'm capable. But my anxiety is getting in the way.

File: lj696kesznt11.jpg (26 KB, 650x370)
26 KB
Do you like the new iphone silicone case or leather case more? I can't decide and reviews online are pretty mixed
Drop both and get a nice protective case, leather isn’t saving you from a cracked screen
This right here.
Protective cases are #1. I don't care how cautious you are with your phone, it takes ONE mistake or accident or leaving it just a hair too close to an edge on a table for it to get fucked. Don't take the risk, spend $40 on a good otterbox case and save $500 in fucking repair fees.
There must be something wrong with me but I have LOTS of things that matter to me more than that.

My girlfriend likes to give me blow jobs.

When I got my girlfriend to give me blow jobs she used to say she didn't really like it and complained and said cum in her mouth feels gross.

So I stopped asking her to do it.

She started saying hey why don't you get me to suck your dick any more I miss you cumming in my mouth.

So I say okay and I cum in her mouth and she starts complaining like.. why do you always have to cum on my mouth it's so gross.

So I say okay I will stop. And then she is like no don't stop I like it I just think it's fun to complain about.

She will say please put your dick on my throat and then later say "why did you do that I couldn't breath" even though she asked me to.

I say sorry won't do that again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It is deeply insensitive for you to come to a board of teenage dweebs who have never actually spoken to a real live girl and complain about getting too many blow jobs.
she cant admit that she, a precious innocent girl enjoys taking cock so vile and brutally
I too like to larp on mongolian basket weaving forum and pretend I have a girlfriend that likes to choke down my massive cock
Since you're clearly retarded: her complaints are facetious and she's explicitly asking you to dominate her and ignore (or even tease her about) her complaints. Jesus, do you even fuck?

When she complains just tell her to stfu and force her on your dick. THATS the key to krepiny a woman around

I'm coming to the end of my CS degree and I've realized that I am terrible at programming. I'm good at math and algorithms, but when it comes to developing an actual application, I'm retarded. It's too late for me to switch majors and I want to do something well paid. Any ideas?
Something in finance given your strengths with math and algorithms
Don't you have to be a genius to actually get a quant job in finance?
Don't sell yourself short.
Just go into web dev a retarded monkey could do it.
That's the problem with using college like a trade school and training for a very narrow field.

File: 14f.jpg (58 KB, 680x510)
58 KB
Unable to use technology.

I have what would be commonly referred to as a "learning disability" and as a result struggle to use technology.
This is a serious barrier to me in my life, but I am unsure how to overcome this.
What makes this a difficult issue is that it is not straight forward.

A. My short term memory is severely limited, to the extent that I cannot manage logins, codes etc. It's so bad that it presents as a form of dyslexia- I simply forget the first half of a word when I'm reading the second half.

B. I am completely autistic with human-machine interface.
User interface is inflexible, un-intuitive and normative- there are thousands of assumptions made about the user and none of them hold true for me.

I have a strong technical ability and can code, edit BIOS, I work with linux and can hack systems.
But I just can't manage day to day with this new generation of face-machine apps
Even today it IS possible to lead a largely tech-free life. No one really NEEDS a cellphone or laptop, or to use an ATM. (They are convenient for most people, but not essential). Meanwhile, find a job that lets you sit at your desk and code or fix code or repair machines or whatever you CAN do.

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