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File: N.gif (3.84 MB, 450x542)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB GIF
Despite all the virtue signaling, men showing even understandable weakness is repulsive to people and especially women. I just heard someone commenting on a real story about cheating, some guy gets cheated on by his wife. The guy like an idiot takes her back and is caught crying over the cheating by his wife, while the wife in this story is talking about how she's lost attraction to him. The guy commenting says the husband was stupid to take the cheating wife back which is true. But the guy also says the husband shouldn't have been caught crying by the wife because crying men are unattractive. What's the point of this? The wife has already given up on the relationship but the husband should hide his pain to attract or impress a cheater? It makes no sense. The guy doing this commentary is one of those red pilled guys too who claim to care so much about men's rights and struggles which makes this more surprising. If women and society ALREADY don't care about you why would you conform to what they want just so you can impress them? It's so much more pathetic than crying over the women you gave your life to cheating on you, while you have kids no less.
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Burden of proof isn't on them.
Not my job to fetch examples so they can deny them anyway. Internet is your friend here if you really care.
It's obvious.

>If women and society ALREADY don't care about you why would you conform to what they want just so you can impress them?
>It's so much more pathetic than crying over the women you gave your life to cheating on you, while you have kids no less.

Use society's resources to get to where you need to be, is all I can say.
>men showing even understandable weakness is repulsive to people and especially women

im a female, and i get attracted to and only to weak and sentimental boys, what does this even mean
Talk is cheap in general and women especially have a long track record of lying in a variety of ways to attract men and make themselves look good. Women leaving men over lack of money is just one of the more obvious examples.

File: 1633820026711.png (199 KB, 540x472)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
I'm tall and have recently gotten fit and lost the glasses, but I never really meet women aside from at the store or whatever. I just work and go home, idk how to meet women or talk yo them and get a loving gf
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How the hell are you supposed to ever meet those people again though?
You ask for their number, duh.
<"That was a lot of fun today. Want to exchange numbers? We could go together for the next convention/whatever."
And then you start chatting over phone, start asking them out on other events, not just that one convention
are you a virgin?
Oh. I'll have to try that if conventions ever come back for the stuff I'm into, which they probably won't because the universe sucks.
No but I've only had sex a number of times. I'm not really an incel I was abused as a kid and rejected women for a long time because of it.

I have some sex problems. Got a girlfriend at 29, She’s my first because I’ve had low self esteem my whole life and thought nobody loved me. I focused on school and work for years. She’s younger than me, 20, and she couldn’t believe it when I told her. We decided to have sex and I was nervous the whole time. Even her touching me gave me jitters. I got an erection and performed well, but I wasn’t able to ejaculate. I stayed hard the whole time and she liked that because we went for an hour, but I feel like shit because I wasn’t able to jizz. I masturbate regularly and can do it easy with my hand, so I don’t know what the problem with me is.

She wasn’t upset and still likes me a lot. She’s coming back to my place again next week. Is there anything I can do before the next time?
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No masturbation, no casually looking at porn. You are so used to cumming with your hand, and quite probably in a specific position, that you can't do it any other way. You're lucky you're not into some really degen shit and you're able to get hard for actual sex.
>need sex advice

Why would anyone need that?
That's not uncommon for your first time with a new girl...or a girl in your case. You're just a little nervous still so don't think about it.
I'm not one of those nofap fags but I'd also recommend you keep your hands to yourself until you see her next, or at least for a couple days beforehand. You'll be alright OP, nature will take it's course.
See I thought that so I stopped masturbating two days prior. I’m at five days now of no jerking it and no porn. Honestly I didn’t even really feel anything during the sex, like it was numb. I have about 4 days until she comes back and we do it again so I hope that’s enough.

Thanks for the advice guys. At best she said my abilities were great and she asked if I lied to her about still being a virgin.
Congrats anon, I'm happy for you. Hope everything goes great second time around

Truthpill me on semen retention, does it work, does anything change? I was jacking off at once per day for a long time, haven't masturbated/cum in around 10 days now, wanted to see what ppl think, ppl who tried/are doing it now etc.
It's an ascetic practice. Like fasting and meditation. It's about removing physical needs to focus on spiritual needs
>Truthpill me on semen retention, does it work, does anything change?

do it for yourself or stfu.
I am doing it, but I wanted to see opinion/experiences of people who have the experience in the matter.

File: 20210809_003438.jpg (257 KB, 750x478)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Training at judo today my partner incorrectly performed a move that involved him rolling me over my neck. I heard several sudden cracks.
I'm home on ice and in bed with some serious pain when I move, the neck growing stiffer with the ice and so on.

Should I see a doctor or just endure? This just happened tonight.
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U should srsly go get it looked at, I do MMA and got judo thrown and ruptured the ACL in my knee, fully thought it was a sprain, never be too safe
I ended up like this after wrestling my boyfriend in bed. Didnt hear any cracks but my muscles have hurt, from neck to shoulder, to the point i couldnt turn my head for like a month.

I'm not the same anymore now and I still get flareups nowadays especially if I sleep in a bad position, move my muscles abruptly or crack my neck (which i used to do before)

I also thought i had broken my neck or something. Even so muscle pain is a bitch.

You're probably gonna be fine sooner
Do nothing. We don't need your dumb genes in the gene pool
>Should I see a doctor
Get yourself down to the ER *immediately* you fool! You could actually have a broken neck.
I saw a chiropractor in the morning. They said there's no sign of a fracture or break. I've not seen the x-rays myself but have requested they be sent to me.

File: ankle-sprains-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 4500x3504)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
i work in construction. twisted my ankle on tuesday (hopped off a four foot ladder and rolled it). i finished the work day, but couldnt walk on it by the end of the night. fast forward to today and i can walk again, but motion still feels a little limited. basically no pain. can i go to work on monday?
i was gonna go to the doctor today but she cancelled on me and the next appt is like two weeks out
I don't where you live or what your health care system is like but there's not a clinic you can go to and be like "hey I rolled my ankle a few days ago can I get some x-rays and a diagnosis before work on monday"?

>no pain
well that's probably good at least. Is it swollen much or at all? There's no point in waiting 2 weeks.
I live in the US (Portland). I guess there's probably a quick care or something I can go to? Idk, never injured myself that badly before.

It didn't even look swollen or discolored the day it happened. Thankfully I was wearing boots and I think that's what saved me from rolling on it too much.
Yeah a urgent care clinic, no appointments and it's exactly for not-life-threatening issues and injuries but that are still relatively urgent nonetheless exactly for reasons like yours where it's work-related.

Though if you want to be a real asshole about you can go to the ER instead and be like MY FOOT HURTS KINDA BUT NOT REALLY AND I WANT X-RAYS NOW and wait like 16 hours. I've gone to the ER for not quite emergencies before. But like I said I'm not American though it's the same principle, def go to a urgent care clinic.
It's such a fucking shame a lot of people learn about injuries after having them and mistreating them. Health system in my country is shit also.

It's not so much about the pain you feel for the injury, but how much chronic disconfort stays after "healing". Once it sets, it's mostly over.

It's super important to use ice 3 or 4 times a day 72hs after the injury to reduce inflammation. Some immobilization or not using that foot for walking is good. Ketoprofen a must, and meloxicam worked very well. After two weeks, you can try kinesiotape. Some say it's a meme, but it did a lot for me walking and feeling safe: https://youtu.be/xEftUBryYmQ

You can do physiotherapy right in your home and a big % of your recovery depends on it. It's very simple and there are many tutorials around. The most common ones are the towel excercise and standing in one foot.

Yes, you might feel you are already "okey" in a few days, but every missed step you'll feel it later when crouching, or trying to cut your toenails. I'm for sure obsessed about it, but it's really hateful to lose mobility and doing nothing

File: Image_002.jpg (3.63 MB, 1870x4362)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
I was born to a good rich family with wonderful parents. My parents are remarkable and good people. I stopped loving them gradually and am at my tipping point. I'll detail my life:
>Everything good and perfect until 9 years old
>Older brother gradually became a loser (mentally immature, smelly, fat without embitions) and embarrassed me through association
>I gradually distanced myself from him and resented him
>Parents nag me and younger brother to love and respect him unconditionally, nothing too bad this far
>11 years old younger sister is born
>12 years old younger sister got cancer
>Parents are taking care of her in an American hospital while grandparents take care of me and my brothers
>I start being mentally immature for my age, nothing too bad so far
>Eventually join parents with brothers to see sister almost dead
>I make her laugh for the first time in months and love her regardless
>Brothers copy me too and despite everything we pass a few good weeks as a family together before going back to school
>13 years old we move to Israel and sister almost cured
>Parents become more religious and force us to respect shabbat and keep kosher
>We all get welcomed warmly at first, but my mental immaturity started to show (my older brother's especially)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Should I be lying to him for the rest of my life? What if he keeps asking more and more stuff like he has before?
needed a TL;DR
you turned into a adult and hate your father because he didnt show you any love.
>>boo hoo sucks to be you.

your now and adult: life for you gets better when you learn to accept the apology you will never get.
stop acting like a little baby throwing his toys out of the cot because he didnt get his own way.

>>apreciate you still have a father who loves and still talks to you. when he is gone, he is gone aint no rewind on that.
Idk, just go with the flow.
I lie to my parents a lot about religious stuff.
Just use it in my speech to them as figures of speech and all.
It’s how you maintain the relationship, besides, you’ll end up calling him when you get deep in financial shit.
You still have time for your own, but if all he needs is a “yes, I did/I went.” Then just tell him that.
Could be that simple. I remember wanting to get far away from my family for a long time. I always felt the responsibilities were dumped on me with no return and have been tired from it for a while as well. I haven't talked about myself in over a decade so I don't know.
Thanks for the simple advice

File: 1634665897184.jpg (42 KB, 563x558)
42 KB
I am openly transphobic and have no interest in changing my views just to fit in. I do not, and will not ever, believe that "trans women are women" or "trans men are men" or that "non-binary" is a legitimate thing.

Does this mean I am going to be alone forever? I already struggle to make friends, so does me having these beliefs just make it impossible? It seems like 90% of normies in general now believe wholeheartedly in the "trans rights" agenda, and 99% of women believe in it. So I feel like my beliefs now make it almost impossible for me to make friends or to ever find a romantic partner. But at the same time, I have no interest in changing my beliefs. I seriously feel that I have to die on this hill.

Am I just being too stubborn? Do I really HAVE to swallow the trannypill just to fit in in 2021? Is there NO other option? Because it's really starting to feel that way.
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>everyone kind of supports eugenics
Pls explain
The pedo Jew doctor accidentally proved the existence of gender dysphoria in his shitty attempt to prove that gender was entirely social.
Oh my you're like.... 99% of the population??
You realize that almost everyone thinks like you in a way or another even leftists who say shit like gender is a socail construct so it doesn't really matter what they identify as which is literally against anything transpeople believe about themselves. They believe gender and gender confirmity matters alot that's why they want to look like the other sex.
Both the right and the left has no idea what tf Trans people are.
Not him. "Eugenics" is a dirty word, but everyone will agree that two tay sachs carriers shouldn't breed, which is just eugenics without the word.
I guess, but a lot of people think that the “right to reproduce” triumphs that.

File: DaljdQQUMAE8WzF.jpg (68 KB, 657x900)
68 KB
What does it mean when a girl tells you that you are acting traumatized?
It doesn't mean anything, lol.
its called projecting, tell her to cope and rope sweaty
What did you do to make her say that?
Give more context.

I'm not fit for hookups. I've tried and it just doesn't jive with me. I know I'm quite attractive, but how do I build my confidence like this and feel more viscerally that I'm attractive? The only thing I can think of that would represent sexual success or demonstrate a man as being attractive is having lots of hookups. In spite of this I'm not looking to get married quite yet, and I always am afraid that there aren't any options out there but hookups and dating for marriage. What should I do?

I avoid being alone with someone for this reason. I'm also not really interested in much things. I kind of just drift throughout the day. What is wrong with me and how do I fix this?
Get a hobby. If you like anime, get into the animation/art side of it. You don't have to do anything yourself, just show a little more passion, eh?
go out to your local community center and ask them what clubs are open. go to the one that you find most interesting. you now have a hobby and can develop conversations about it. also talking about news and movies and stuff like that it can also start a conversation
I don't know. The people who usually join locally organized clubs are well-adjusted and very eccentric, which I am neither. I feel like I'd end up scaring people with my attitude.
most people do not have anything interesting to say, we stopped reading books. start reading and pick up a social hobby, and later at a social moment with your group you can say "hey, guess what I was reading lately?" they will be impressed, start with history, politics, philosophy, existentialism.

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Oh... Hello~
I couldn't. I could only date a girl who is younger.
It has been said that there are two types of men: those who get haircuts, and those who do not. I stand by those who do not.
Thank you for the interview.
File: 1634630739543.png (637 KB, 485x646)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
When people say a guy is "mysterious" and "cool" etc. does that indicate he's a psychopath? Because that's how people describe me.
t. Psychopath
You're welcome.

File: 1634863308710.jpg (9 KB, 179x281)
9 KB
I poured +.5-2L of water into my yknow and it was traumatic but it's over now. Has this done anything serious or am I good?
I'm guessing I should say my prayers

File: sitdownandstudy.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Should I take adderall? They diagnosed me with ADD but I dunno, it kind of seems like bullshit. I am not high energy and am actually tired and lethargic all the time. Will it make me a retard and affect my creativity? Thanks
how would Adderall make you less creative?
> I am not high energy and am actually tired and lethargic all the time.
Maybe that’s why they didn’t diagnose you with ADHD?
Though tell us your average day. Most of ADD is lifestyle problems over brain broken issues.
How many hours do you sleep? What do you eat? What do you do? Do you jerk off 10 times a day? Did you burn out your dopamine receptors? Etc.
I usually sleep 7-9 hours, it doesn't seem to matter how much I sleep. I don't eat great but I have been taking Vitamin D supplements. I mostly eat burritos and chips and dip and stuff like that. I am on zoloft and it kind of killed my sex drive so I jack off like twice a week now. It used to be a once a day kind of thing.
My day usually involves getting up and driving to my job. I fuck around there and get some stuff done and come home. In my downtime I will usually watch movies while working on personal projects. I don't have any friends really due to trauma. They also diagnosed me with PTSD and high functioning tism.
I don't know, I've been told some meds do.
Yeah, never liked it.
Why are you taking it anyways?

> They also diagnosed me with PTSD and high functioning tism.
Seems like there is a bigger problem here than the ADD.
That’s a cocktail of mental disorders which is usually a hint that those are symptoms. One causes the others dues to environment and lifestyle.
My bet is the ADD, and PTSD are side effects of your tism in the current environment, and lifestyle (which includes zoloft).
Use your tism to figure out what the problem could be and fix it. Generally, just adopting common healthy lifestyle routines is the way to go.
However, if some problems persist, follow a guided continuous improvement cycle.

This was developed from the Kaizen approach, an improvement approach in manufacturing in Japan, for agile development, but it works so well for individual life improvements.
WoW stands for way of working, but just change that to lifestyle choice and tweak it to fit your scenario.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1614891388702.png (2.55 MB, 1124x1351)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
How the fuck do you have depression AND anxiety? Isn't depression when you just don't care about anything, and anxiety is caring too much about everything?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
If you have these welcome to the club. I got diagnosed with major depression and panic disorder and it makes life hell.
i really need to stop underestimating the raw stupidity of the modern age, i could come up with the next 35k useless machine
i just cant do it
its like so goddamn stupid you have to be a genius to come up with it
there's a reason why automation/robotics in daily life has barely evolved past the roomba these last 20 years. Teslas on autodrive keep driving into shit, people always meme about how oh no truck drivers are gonna be out of a job by next Tuesday because self-driving trucks are right around the corner. No way, not for again a couple of decades.

Anyways OP the two aren't mutually exclusive you can easily be overwhelmed with either day to day happenings or big picture existential dread and that gives you anxiety which in turn makes you unable to function properly and so you become depressed.

Like that Simpsons episode where Mr Burns goes to a doctor and there's the bit about all the diseases trying to enter his body all at once and getting stuck in the door.
both are based on fear. get a book.

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