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I abandoned my social life in pursuit of my ambitions and have virtually no free time at all. Is it still possible to get laid without prostitution? I refuse to break any laws. I'm most likely stuck this way for the next 4-10 years if all goes well. Should I just wait it out?
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And my answer to myself is yes
just jack off. relations with people take way too much time. prostitutes aren't as fun as they seem.
you're a lying sack of shit. If i followed you for a week i promise i'd find atleast 4 hours of you watching youtube or netflix. In those 4 hours you could have had 4 dates.

Meeting girls is too hard? Bullshit, you walk to the grocery store to buy groceries right? On your fucking walk there, you'll see atleast 1 hot girl, approach her and ask for her number to go on a date, not hard at all.

Stop making excuses, you're just lazy.
Nigga you sound like a woman, you can study hard as fuck and still have time to fuck, nigger.
Lazy my fucking ass, this schedule is self-imposed. I don't need to be doing any of this.
Yes, I could probably clear 4 hours of free time in my week, but I fail to see how this is enough time to seek out women to fuck that are not hookers.
Running into girls is rare enough in my life, I had a social circle full of them but I cut them off because I didn't have enough time to talk to any of them.
You've never studied hard in your life retard

File: 1618345112162.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
If you want to achieve anything you have to suffer. I get understand that. But how do I accept and embrace that fact?
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Only in today's day and age. People feel and think too much but don't do nearly enough. They don't take action. There's a time for those three things though. Doing without thinking before is retarded and will lead to shitty outcomes and thinking without feeling will fuck you up emotionally. It's a cycle: Feel - think - do - repeat.
For example:
>See a girl. Get aroused (feel)
>What should I do? Say hi, probably (think)
>Hi (do)
How you may fuck it up:
>See a girl. Get aroused. Salivate until you get home and jerk off in he shower (Too much feeling)
>What should I do? Say hi? Maybe she has a girlfriend? Are my clothes nice enough? Do I smell good? Fuck, she is leaving! Maybe I'll approach her from the side... no from the front. Who is that guy? FUCK! She got approached by chad!!! (Too much thinking)
>Go around approaching all women from fatties to 10s without consideration for their feelings or how socially calibrated you are. Get metoo'ed (too much doing)
File: no gay retards.jpg (579 KB, 2048x1536)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
No you're a faggot, faggot. You clearly missed the sign on the door when you entered this thread.
This is how I do it:
Fuck everyone with their shitty easy ways.
I'm going to take the hard way and I'm fucking loving it.
Also don't complain about it being hard, never.
Say it's fucking great and that you don't want it any other way.
If someone asks you say this and nothing else:
well, there's worse.
Ah, it's not that bad.
Good advice anon thank you
you too anon with the
> feel - think - do
The immense upwelling of pride and satisfaction. There's nothing like it.
People with easy lives will never experience that feeling.
They'll never fall asleep at night with that feeling and wake up like a hero.

File: ni6jo.jpg (34 KB, 685x487)
34 KB
My life is so fucking boring and depressing, this is my schedule everyday.
>wake up
>do online classes for college
>browse Youtube & 4chan
>go to sleep
Ever since this pandemic I've had no social connections, I barely talk to my family, and just lay in my bed depressed all day. What should I do?
See a shrink, work out, take vitamin D
You know, the usual
Join online clubs at your college or something, i'm sure there are some.
Get your motorcycle license and buy a motorcycle
Get a social connection you whiny bitch
bad responses

File: Eh2QCIfVoAE9J3w.jpg (379 KB, 2000x2000)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
So I recently got rejected by this girl that I'm really into, sort of.

To keep things simple, she mentioned that she wasn't ready for a relationship yet and wanted to know more about me before making that commitment.

I figure the dream isn't dead yet, and that the chance for a future relationship is still there. However, since that conversation has happened I have been feeling extremely apathetic- probably depressed as well. I hate these feelings so much and I don't know what to do with myself.

What should I do to handle and counter these feelings?
File: 1620680684804.jpg (44 KB, 739x415)
44 KB
You're not going to like the advice because it's the same for everyone. Just live your life and if she's ready to come along for the ride then so be it.

Stop worrying about other people. Almost everyone is shit, so the less you worry about them the better.
Just talk to her casually, don't simp and try to get to know her better and if shit wont work out just try to find someone else. If she doesn't like you, then you can't do shit about it.
She doesn’t like and is hoping you get the hint she’s trying to let you down easily.

She doesn’t act like this with men she has genuine desire for. I know it sucks to hear bro, but its best to move on.
For any anons who want context this was how that conversation went.
Fucking cringe bro. She isn’t interested.

File: MAY.4.2021..png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
What you're looking at is my mother's dating profile.

I found it a couple nights ago when browsing out of boredom, and I've been SICK about the whole thing ever since.
She doesn't know that I know, but I have so many negative, harmful thoughts and emotions running through my body
for a solid 3 or 4 days now. I've even had to take a personal day off from my job and spent the whole day in bed,
crying and sleeping for hours on end (it's that bad).

I just feel absolutely sick to my stomach that my MOM is getting fucked by chads, and ghetto degenerates.
The fact that she would show herself to the public like this, to know that the guys she's having sex with guys that are around my age
(and are probably the "popular/hot" guys that used to bully me growing up) is taking it's toll on me physically and mentally.
Just imagining these "Zach Effron's" & "ghetto black guys" passing nudes and videos in some SMS normie Group Chat of my mom
getting railed by them, and bragging about how she's just another "Slut/MILF added to their list" makes me feel like dropping dead.

I can't possibly explain what I'm going through.

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You've been reading too many doujins
Dude this isn't r/hapas
>Open relationship
Your family has been fucked for a long time op tell me what's your relationship like with your cuck father
I should start fucking milfs. They need the love and so do I.
Seems like she wants BBC

File: 1594587752281.png (305 KB, 1024x601)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
>Going to parties is going to feel like actual torture, but it's the only way to meet girls
>Just going isn't enough either; need to be into dancing and getting shit faced drunk or high
I don't want any of this, but I seek companionship nonetheless.
I think being introverted should be part of the autism spectrum. Am I actually expected to just be okay with being forever alone? I thought I would get diagnosed, but my therapist keeps telling me there's nothing wrong with being introverted.
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Who said you need to be loud mouthed to get pussy? Believe me, I tried and it's not effective. Maybe your view of things is skewed because you are a weak little faggot who sees a man talking to a woman and you automatically feel emasculated so you project your insecurity onto that man. Giving up porn which is literal cuck training will help you with this.
To get pussy you just need to be not ugly and be confident. You don't even need to talk that much. That is another thing that you have zero excuses not to practice.
I'm not in high school. I'm 22.
Then I advise you to start NOW. This shit only gets harder with time. I know I'm just a random asshole on a vietnamese basket weaving forum who sounds like a loudmouthed normie, but trust me. Just imagine how nice it would feel not to be shitting yourself in the corner during christmas.
How do I even start? I don't even know where to begin. I've never kissed a girl, never talked to one aside from random small talk about school in class, never even had any physical contact. No hugging, holding hands, have zero friends, never been to a party. Where does someone like me even start if I missed my entire development window?
I get it. I didn't go to a party until my last year in highschool. I would pick activities where you can meet some people and try to make friends that way. If you are in university you can talk to the non-normies. I'm sure there's people you will like. One problem I had with this is that I always looked at the negative in people. I hated people (probably because I hated myself). Just be more open. Once you get one or two male acquaintances hit them up on whatsapp and say you should grab a beer. If you don't drink just do a pizza or go to the bar but order a coke/water. Practice, practice, practice. Try to not be weird, show appreciation and if you fuck up don't be too hard on yourself. You can even open up to one of them about being a kisless virgin and maybe they will help you out. You can also hit up some old friend to hang out at least once. I'm sure you know someone who would be up to it. What will probably happen if they have plans is that they will invite you.
Smile, be positive and be ready to fuck up big time, because you will fuck up and it will hurt like hell. One of my most recent friends is autistic af, but he talks to everyone. He introduced me to many people including girls. He just has no shame and invites random people to his house. You can also use that strategy lol. I became friends with him because we like the same music.
Be ok with teasing and being teased. Men bond by teasing and roasting each other.
Regarding girls try talking to as many women as possible. Even a single "hi" and a smile goes a long way. Get comfortable with making comments to people and talking to girls will come easier. For example: if you are buying something on a shop and you are thinking about the weather, mention it. If you are unsure on what to buy, ask the shop keeper what they would pick. Say hi to cops, etc.

How do I stop looking at my female coworkers?
It's getting warmer, and the women are dressing more lightly.
I always find myself looking at them, making me feel like a creep.
And it's worse because they can tell I'm looking and would cover their cleavage with their hand or something.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
so youre impotent?
Report them to HR for dressing unprofessionally
Stress that they're making you uncomfortable
>The girl next to me make a habit of stretching
lol she's doing it on purpose bro
Report the bitch and make the world bend to you
>They probably didn't even notice
I'm sure they do.
Many would hold a hand on their cleavage when they talk to me.
I can get hard, but not in the mood to fap I guess.
The HR are part of the problem.
>on purpose
I don't think so, sitting for +4 hours isn't exactly easy.
what worked for me was moving my seat in a way that was difficult or impossible to see them
now if you do that and they start getting close to you, you'll know that they are doing it on purpose and want your dick

How the fuck do you text with people, I can hold a conversation through voice chat or in person but when it comes to texting I suck so bad, I just feel like I'm bothering the other person while asking questions and I'm completely incapable of taking the initiative without it being awkward as fuck.
How do you do it anons?
bump cos im in the same boat
I definitely don't have long conversations through text, usually its something along the lines of telling someone something.
For me it's more about if I know them irl or not. I'll spam online all day but someone irl messages me it's a totally different thing and I sperg out 1 word answers only. Just gotta practice anon, try and envision it as a voice chat with what they ay and just type what ur reply would be
If you're worried about whether or not the other person is bothered perhaps we should evaluate the responses. When you're texting what kind of responses are you getting from the other party?
Answers to my questions, sometimes short and direct sometimes more open, a few times they counter ask but not usually

File: LOL.jpg (40 KB, 502x625)
40 KB
I ordered some food and forgot that my phone's is silent. The delivery guy calls me 20 times and waits for like 30 minutes.

By the time I remembered that I ordered food and went down I saw him calling someone, maybe the cops or his superiors.

He looked at me like he wanted to beat the shit out of me so I mentally prepared to hit him back, he told me that the order was "cancelled"

But then he whinced and said whatever, took my money, threw the order into my hands angrily and walked away.

I had an automatic silence on my phone because of my god damn brother who calls me at 3 at night for crappy chitchat

I feel both scared and angry. Scared that that delivery man could 1v1 later and angry that my god damn brother got me into a fucking ordeal.

What to do anons?

A girl waved to me on the train before getting off. Thought about her for the rest of the day. Is making a TikTok reaching out to her a bit cringe? We live in a small county, so with the right tags it’s hard to believe she or one of her friends wouldn’t see it.

File: E0lDQ0kWYAAC34i.png (474 KB, 809x625)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
i keep unintentionally saying edgy shit to her when we bring any topic, i think she's sick of it, today she's seeing my messages but not responding, i can't even tell if i like her anymore, i wish i wasn't a submissive chud, what shall i do? i really needed love anons and i don't know what to do
If the conversations/replies sound forced or uninterested, it's probably a lost cause. Go next anon, you'll find someone eventually!
you mean my heart was stepped on again? she's the one who came first

File: 1617912830639.jpg (32 KB, 680x377)
32 KB
Is there any point in me continuing to live? I am 42, in chronic pain, autistic, still a virgin, have no family, relationships, relatives, or friends, have no money, and work a shitty poverty-wage job that I hate.

File: 1303334135.png (6 KB, 800x480)
6 KB
I don't have anyone to talk to and I can't move to English speaking country, so...
I'm having a hard time finding any decent exercises, so instead, I have tried recoding myself reading a book (paragraph by paragraph), and then listening and deciding if sounds proper, then listening to a machine-translated version and recording until I'm happy.
Does that sound like a stupid way to practice prouncination?
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texting wouldn't really help like I said, I only need pronunciation improvement
Unpopular Opinion: You should focus more on learning American English than British English. A lot of people will give me shit for saying this, but the American form of English is more relevant nowadays. There isn't too much of a difference between the two, but English is mostly an "American" language, nowadays
Post vocaroo of you talking and people can tell you how to improve
I'm actually going for Canadian English because I find it easier.
Canadian English shares almost everything in common with American English, in terms of pronounciation. Just note that the spelling is more similar to British English (spelling words like "armor", "color", ect with an "our" instead of a "or").

File: any.jpg (91 KB, 700x950)
91 KB
Guys I am tired of eating the same food all the day: Sweet potatoes, Rice, Banana, Kefir.
I have a high metabolism, so I have to eat a lot of sweet potatoes an rice.
My body is so tired from it I about 5 days without eating.

So what I did is making a list foods I can use to make a diet. Can you give me light on my preferences and give me an idea on how I can make a diet?

PS: They are intended to be of low glycemis index
- I do not want to eat meat.
- No unhealthy food.

Foods I can consume with consistence:

Sweet Potatoes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Spewlb.jpg (32 KB, 516x516)
32 KB
There's a cute girl at work I interact with multiple times a day, how do I find out if she has a boyfriend? Don't want to straight up ask her, was thinking I'd ask about local restaurants she likes and maybe she'd be like "me and my boyfriend go there" or some shit. How do I go about this?
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femanon here, there's no problem asking directly.

if you want to find out indirectly, does she have social media? she may have her's bf name in her bio, or be tagged in each other's posts, or have photos together.
Ask her on date
Rape her. If she has a boyfriend you will probably find out in court.
Another anon suggested this already, but just cycle up to a topic about plans for the weekend and such on. If she doesn't reveal anything about a boyfriend then, just ask her directly about whether or not she has one from there on. Good luck!
Straight up ask her if she wants to swap spit, and say it’ll be fun.

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