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File: 1526243809159.jpg (124 KB, 744x1392)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
> be me
>having a date today with a hot af girl with big tits
>she calls me 2 hours before and tells me she might have covid because her friend was coughing all day the other day
>"sorry anon we canot see each other until he gets tested, but we can see each other next weekend!"

Should I tell this whore to fuck off?.
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No shit sherlock, of course she is fucking lying and fucking other guys, she is a fucking whore. I want her for fucking purposes only as well, but she is not giving me priority and I already bought the fucking condoms and took a shower and everything, just to be turn down 2 fucking hours before.
Never date a girl with big tits.
What the fuck is wrong with you retards? Just say cool and meet up next week. People on here talk like they’ve never met a woman and spent the last 20 years reading about succubusses. If she didn’t like you she’d ghost, simple
This one is correct, if you still have any interest. If being de-prioritized by a potential fuck buddy is enough to turn you off to her entirely, then just drop it. Pretty simple stuff.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
First of all I'm driving in LA, There was a police car such as the pic that was blocking the way and not moving. I've been waiting behind for like 30 sec and they were not reacting, no warning, no signal or whatever, they forced me to perform a difficult maneuver to pass over their car.
If their flashers are on, then don’t honk. If they are, then honk. It’s not illegal to honk even if they are having a bad day and were on the phone with their wife who is leaving them for Juan Pablo de la Tyrone de la Rosas and write you a ticket for using your horn. Just fight it in court and the judge will roll their eyes and drop it.
Eh, I try to steer clear of cops. Honking at one seems to invite trouble.
Yeah do it. They can’t do anything about it legally.
> de la Rosas
Not gramatically correct. It would have to be la Rosa or las Rosas

Oh, and about the OP question, it's not illegal but you still shouldn't do it. It's needlessly poking the bear. Just like it's illegal for your boss to fire you for going to HR too much but that won't stop him from doing it anyway.
If the lights are on just take another way

File: Surgeon general.jpg (33 KB, 644x376)
33 KB
BEFORE you start dating...You need to accept with every part of your being that the girl you will be with has had multiple partners and will cheat on you (physically or emotionally) at some point. STOP the fairy tale bullshit that you watch in movies. Women are not like that. They are sneaky and conniving. They will shit test you and other men have dumped cum on their face and in their twats. You have to grasp this mentality and accept it if you want a chance at a long term relationship. If you do not accept this you will get crushed in the dating market. Take this advice or leave it.
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>So basically every Incel, got it

>Incels are volcels as has been said many times. They're just in denial about it.
This is why I make the distinction between Angry Incels and involuntarily celibate guys who recognize that their actions affect their life, just aren't sure why they haven't found success, and are still trying.
Angry Incels deludedly insist they possess perfect understanding of women, their celibacy is anyone's fault but their own, and the only smart thing to do is to never try.

>>Objectively disaproven.
>>source: My feelings
>I'll be damned if I let what happened to uncle happen to me.
That statement is ironic.
Your feelings about your uncle do not negate the existence of relatively happy and honest relationships.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Sorry, but the first anon is correct.

>Relationships today are like running a military boot camp obstacle course. You work your ass off to maintain it. Put up with all of their drama, tests, mind games, and other horse shit on a regular basis or she will leave you for someone else.
>it's all become mostly more trouble than it's worth.
Then don't waste your time and energy doing all that nonsense? Once you are dating a girl, give her respect and support and expect them in return. Set limits and boundaries and stick to them. Be tactful but honest about how you want to be treated and actively strive to treat her how she wants to be treated. If she leaves you over something, learn from it. If she leaves you over nothing, then she wasn't worth keeping in the first place.
The thing about relationship blackmail is that, like any blackmail, the more you give in to demands, the more you need to. I don't play reindeer games. As a kid, I solved Monkey in the Middle and I found a way to win Gay Chicken without acting gay. Playing stupid games is not what you want do, so just don't play.
Many women who play games and test their man don't want to do it either. They feel like they have to do those things to protect themselves from liars and manipulators. You know, the kind of guys who would spend the whole relationship pretending to be something they' are not just to get what they wanted out of it?

>Do good women still exist? Probably, but they're very few and far between.
There are lots of good women out there. Lots of them. Finding a good woman that's compatible with you is harder. Finding a good woman that's compatible with you when the two of you are not clearly communicating with each other is nearly impossible.

Even great relationships require work, effort, and personal growth from both sides but if you are spinning plates trying to fake a persona in order to keep a girl from leaving you at any moment, then you are doing it wrong.
>I have no arguments so I'm gonna call you kid like your typical ignorant teenager
>Yes they do. That's why all kinds of men get women.
This is a lie that can be proved wrong just for looking at couples compositions in the streets.
>This is a lie that can be proved wrong just for looking at couples compositions in the streets.
It is actually proven by looking at couples in public. You are experiencing confirmation bias. At a concert, I saw a chicken man canoodling with a potato of a woman. They were tender and sweet in love. Short men, ugly men, fat men, stupid men, poor men, and mentally unstable men all get women.
You know who *never* gets women? The ones who insist that the world is unfairly preventing them from ever getting a woman and then fume about it.

How do I tactfully break up with my therapist?
Professionally or romantically?
"I feel like I can do without your support, thank you for all that you've done for me"
Cum in her raw and say it isn't working. Do this at her place so she can kick you out. Make sure you've settled any outstanding balance on your account first.

She should have known better. You shouldn't ever mix personal life and patient/client care.

File: 1600578544193.jpg (165 KB, 975x600)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
I know that I want to make online content.
I want to make content that I would like and find funny and entertaining.
There's some edge to my humor, but it's not extreme.
However, I still fear the idea of getting cancelled and/or having to restrain myself in certain aspects.
Even if I have context surrounding it, somebody is just going to cherry pick shit about what I say.
Is this just a boogeyman or is this really something to consider?
>Pic related
Anything with edge will get you demonetized on JTube and all the other big platforms.
The golden days are long gone.

File: eye-floaters4-300x244.jpg (6 KB, 300x244)
6 KB
How do you cope with this shit? I'm close to mental breakdown, it's been 6 months since they got really bad with one big black dot constantly drifting in the center field of my vision, all day, even at night. Working, studying, walking, everything is hard to do.
The black dots only happened to me when I was dehydrated or stressed or something. Otherwise I think floaters are cool as shit, I used to play with them a lot as a kid.
Just cope lol. I have them and I just ignore them. They're still there all the time but you eventually get used to it and your mind filters them out naturally. In fact, you just made me notice mine by thinking about them and I'm annoyed now. But this is the first time I've thought of them in awhile. They can't be fixed unless you're willing to try a risky and invasive surgery so just deal with it. Our bodies are all slowly breaking down from the moment we're born.

File: 1487178685323.jpg (5 KB, 186x208)
5 KB
I really wish I understood the way that a woman thinks. If a girl sees me, what is she thinking? Do I look attractive? Intimidating? Ugly? If I talk to her, would I come across as creepy or friendly? Do women think of men as oppressors? What is it like being a woman? This confusion haunts me constantly and is a major source of anxiety.
Bumping for interest. This is something that has always intrigued me too. How different is a woman's mind from a man's mind and in what ways? It's impossible for anyone to truly know the answer because no one has been both.
> inb4 trannies
Doesn't count. They still have the mind of their birth gender.
Read the rational male by Rollo Tomassi if you genuinely want to know.
It is so simple and yet not without its subtleties. I wish I could explain it in one post. People in general are not that different from one another.
Well start explaining then.

File: subhuman.jpg (109 KB, 1024x894)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I literally have all of these features. I have a smaller lower jaw. My eyes are always tired looking. It's like god is cursing me. Women have a look of disgust when they see me but their eyes light up when they see guys in the top half.

I tried mewing and it didn't help, still look subhuman. Should I get jaw surgery, I don't have the money but maybe I'm rich one day it might work out and I can somebody to love this subhuman
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you'd be fine if you'd just settle for an equally unattractive or reasonably fat gf, but none of you want to do that, huh?
>tfw when I was 4 I broke my nose twice making me incapable of breathing through it
>tfw my parents never gave a fuck and didn't bring me to the hospital
>tfw I was a mouthbreather until I was 18 years old
>tfw I look exactly like bottom dude from the side
>tfw I am very handsome phenotypically, when you see my face from the front girls start dripping right away
>tfw as soon as they see my side profile they change their minds

thanks mom/dad.
File: face and thoughts.jpg (72 KB, 500x667)
72 KB
>OP's pic
The virgin surface beauty

>pic related
The chad inner beauty
This image is literally about what happens when you breathe from your mouth as opposed to breathing with your nose during your early childhood. Bottom is from being a mouth breather and top is from nose breathing.
Well no. Because the truth is nobody likes ugly people. Including ugly people. Those fat girls also want hot guys. But most people settle if they want a relationship bad enough.

File: 1595282355642.jpg (81 KB, 580x580)
81 KB
my 1st week at uni is a welcome week, where all my required induction activities are online

so should i just stay at my home for that week and then move in later when class starts ( the saturday before)
or should i move in early but i wont have much to do, i mean im new and alone there, wont be much people there i could see around town for a week?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i have social skills do not worry, but i dont drink though lol for health reasons :(
and i didnt play sports but i suppose i was friends with alot of them

is there still hope for me?
royal holloway london broski


also i need a group of 6-8 to attend alot of them
where the fuck will i find 5 people
Dear God, that’s so gay. Just show up with bongbux or whatever Monopoly money you freaks use and if they turn you away give them the finger and say your fat Texan friend warned you that they were all a pack of nonces and fruits and go down to the pub or whatever to watch poverty ball.
and to make it worse i have mild epilepsy where i cant drink alcohol or go to parties :(
The fuck? College starts in late September in Bongistan? Whose idea was that?
Just go to parties and don't drink then. It's not like the movies where people are going to pressure you to drink and get pissed if you don't, unless you're partying with some asshole frat bros or something.

File: fe6.jpg (82 KB, 655x509)
82 KB
I'm 23, my girlfriend is 18 (she turns 19 in December). Her parents and friends think I'm a huge creep because we've known each other for years, but we've only started dating a few months ago. They think I'm a creep even though we weren't romantically or sexually interested in each other before. What do I do?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I wasn't going out with her. We were friends/acquaintances until May this year.
Sounds like good advice. I'll try to slide it in casually next time I'm with her
5 YEARS!!! OH gosh OP you better start worrying about what her dumb friends think. Imagine what would happen if you just ignored them and lived your life, that would just be horrible wouldn't it
It's grooming
I think this is funny because it implies young females are too dumb to think for themselves

File: 1574664808143.jpg (306 KB, 1078x1079)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Why are even alt girls now massive hoes like the stacys? They are literally the same just hoeing for other drunktard junkie chads.

Not all girls of course.

I feel like I genuinely can't find a girlfriend unless I become either a muscle sports amazing bone structure chad or junkie bright colored hair cringey emo twink
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You said you wanted a gf. Most guys with gfs were the ones to initiate things.
Of course and I would but I'm unwanted, why would I ask out a girl that's openly swooning over another guy
they dress themselves up to catch different types of dick, its to stand out from the rest of the women, nothing more

alt girl my ass KEK
Alt girls are literally the ones who don't want boyfriends
they just don't want us

Finally made an appointment with a psychiatrist for next week after a nearly two year long depressive slump and am curios what to expect?
How does the psychiatric tool kit for a depressed aspie look like?
You can expect them asking you to tell them about yourself so they can get to know you.
You can also expect them to ask you why you've sought help, what you're expecting from the treatment and how you think they might best help you.

If they are quick to prescribe antidepressants, they're probably shit at their job.

Generally depression is treated with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a collective term, you'll probably understand what it generally means when I say "talking therapy".
It's used to help you understand your feelings better, help unearth the causes for your feelings, and to help deal with everyday problems.
Generally with that type of therapy you gain knowledge about yourself in the safe space of the room with the therapist and it's up to you to incorporate that knowledge into your daily life.

A therapist can help you understand yourself better and can give you certain tools, but in the end you are going to have to do the hard work.
Don't expect that just sitting in a room once a week, talking about how shit life is for an hour will solve anything.
You really need to also put in the work outside of that space.
But one step at a time of course.
First get to know each other and get comfortable with sharing.
Treat it like you’re going to the mechanic to ask why your car makes a squeaking sound when you apply the brakes. List what you are concerned about, ask for feedback, answer their questions honestly. They’ve heard exponentially worse, I assure you.
make sure you gel with the tools the therapist will use. i had an initial session with a guy who was big into playing with kids toys in sand to express problems, and some woman who liked to do this tapping thing (EMDR if you're curious). i dont want to play in sand like a fucking child, or do weird EMDR shit. so i found someone who just did talking therapy and who wasnt trying to pedal some wacky nonsense. basically my point is, don't go with someone who does some weird shit if it doesn't interest you and you feel it will work with you, because they'll be trying to get you to use their methods and you wont get value for money.

File: nonya.png (587 KB, 860x460)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
Will Plab B affect future fertility? Give it to me straight - I don't wanna hear planned parenthood statistics.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Use a condom
Google says it doesn't affect fertility, but it does make you pretty sick for a day so use as a last resort
We did. There was a malfunction.
I already googled, of course. I just don't trust what google says about these sorts of things.
>We did. There was a malfunction.
Why weren't you on birth control pills?
Because birth control is bad for women. Why did you post in my thread if you weren't going to even try to answer my question?

File: 1600248874585.jpg (557 KB, 1080x1023)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
I told a friend that everyone should feel good when we go out in a group together (part of a larger convo)
Then she asked me
>but do YOU feel good?
Should I just tell her the truth that I hate everything and I never really feel good (nothing personal tho, I just hate life in general)? That would probably put me in a socially shitty situation, but at least I would be telling truth.
the edge.
there there edgy anon
Look if u wanna share your true emotions with someone just do it
If you dont want to then dont.
there is nothing wrong with saying what you feel and you dont need to pretend otherwise
This post reminds me of 13 year old me so much
Depends. Are you tall and relatively easy to look at? Then respond with “only when you show up.” Are you unfortunate looking? Lie.
This is what I’ve learned about sharing. Don’t do it unless they’re prepared to have a conversation. Otherwise, you’re just dumping your emotions. Maybe she senses you’re uncomfortable/withdrawn? And wants to pull you out of that shell. Idk mang, open this can of worms if you really want to.

Hello everyone,

I'm a man, 21 years old i went from big city.
My Brade, she's 19. All you need to know is that we both like hardcore sex and bdsm. From the very begining of our relationship i was interested in that, still i do. I was wondering if i can became master to her. I have become her master in bed life, not in real life. Sometimes my dark nature pops out, no matter how angry she is, and what i've done to her. When we w'ere in the begining of our bed-play, she disagree with me when I give her the order. She started to smile like "what you gonna do now, huh?"
I whisp to her ear: if you don't do that as i please.. I will start to choke you, and we'll see how hard is to tell the answer as your life coming out.
*And i started it*
She hit me with the open hand to my face, that was the moment that i realise i was saying that. I went to kitchen and I picked the knife, pointing at my neck just to kill myself by hitting my entire body straight to the ground. She stopped me.

Every single person that we both know: no matter if they are her friends/best friends, my, even parents and random persons. Everyone thinks that i'm a perfect man, and they didn't see so much love in they entire life, as I give to her.

Today is one day after following situation. Its weekend and i'm completly down mentally. She is in work, and i know that my death is the last thing that she want's hear/see, after long day of work.
I need some kind of penalty for saying that and of course doing it.
She gave me one:
*Sleep with me, hold me and spend the rest of the evening with me*

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I don't think you need to kill yourself.
You've realized the mistake you made and were able to talk about it with her.
I do think it's important to get to understand why you lost control in that moment.

Incorporating sexually aggressive acts into your sex life is fine.
But you need to know if both of you are okay with it.
You can't just start smacking someone around, you know?
So a healthy conversation about boundaries and safe words seems appropriate here.

Also try to think back to when you said what you said: did you mean what you said? Were you really intent on choking her until she passed out? Because that is dangerous.
And I think that as soon as you no longer have the safety of your partner in mind, then you really need to question yourself and find out why you weren't able to control your feelings.
Therapy can help with that.

But really just let her know how sorry you are about things, get her a gift and some flowers to show it. And talk about it with her. Try to figure out together what happened, what you can do to prevent things from happening again, if she's still interested in this sort of play, what her boundaries are, set up a safe word etc.

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