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feel resentful that all these boyz stole my youth.

from 17 to my early 20s, i wasted thinking i wasnt pretty or good enough. having low confidence and dating guys that didnt treat me well or werent good for me.

I was always insecure and thought i was ugly.

well now, 5 years later, i saw a photo of me then. I had SUCH nice skin, and my hair was so nice and soft. i cant believe i thought i was ugly. i look like ive aged 10 years, and my skin and hair is a disaster.

does anyone have hair or skin tips or routines theyd like to share? or just kind words of wisdom/support? i need it >.<
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File: crystal cafe banner.gif (369 KB, 300x101)
369 KB
369 KB GIF
I'd hit it
If caring about your looks brought you misery in the past, obviously it will make you miserable now.
Those guys didn't respect you because you didn't respect yourself
Invest in self improvement. Women whos only achievement is their looks are completely worthless and will never find respect. Find a skill or hobby and be genuine about it.
Quit worrying about what other people think of you
ignore them
they're chinks and niggers trying to insult you and get you down
that picture is a literal 8/10 cutie
they're just jealous that they will never be white.
if you're anything like that you're atleast a 6 or a 7

File: download.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
fishing poles and reels freshwater without going over $100

Pic not related
just get one of those ones for kids and take the challenge where you catch the biggest fish you can
Bump for also bass fishing

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB

>then leave

I know, and I am. But you guys seriously need to stop caring so much about your looks and others looks. People saying they aren't worth any value if they're ugly, (which people cannot control unless it's keeping healthy), people degrading other races, men, women, everything. Please do yourself a favor and surround yourself with good hearted people for a while and see how these things do not matter. Where do you find them? I'm not sure other than church and maybe humanitarian work. Even if you don't believe in God, just visit a church one day (non-denominational is usually the most relaxed) and look at the beautiful people around you who love and care for one another and who will do the world for them. So many happy couples seated in the rows, neither of them look like super models but hey they love each other and are happy. All colors, all shapes, sizes, personalities. That's all I wanted to say, I know nothing will change from this site but I still want to fight.

Take care
I'm just here to kill time inbetween my sets lol

File: Doja-Cat-1024x576.jpg (81 KB, 1024x576)
81 KB
Are there any mixed people here that can't date? Give me advice. How do you get over the fact that ur not desirable?
Being classy, doing ur makeup, making ur hair look like a white girl's hair, etc, won't change the fact that there will always be a white girl who is more desirable than u simply because she's white; white men will always find her ideal and want her. Makes me feel jealous and insecure.
How do you even get a date when people are so shallow and quick to judge and discard you over something so dumb?
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You're using imaginary racist patterns as a scapegoat for other reasons. Don't do that.

Where the fuck are you from? UK? USA? Germany?
She did say shallow, which I disagree with, but she's asking how to be more presentable, not just whining. There's irony, but not hypocrisy.
I can pretty much guarantee that being mixed isn't the problem. My whole family is mixed race (white/black) and most of my female cousins have never had trouble getting dates.

If you are having trouble dating, it has to do with something else.
You're cute, shut the fuck up.

File: 1596609889960.jpg (80 KB, 889x1007)
80 KB
>'you're my best friend"
>Tells me everything
>Always busy on the only two days for hanging out that count : Fridays and Saturdays
Why do people lie?
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Honestly the fact that you are saying they lied is why they prob don’t hang out with you weirdo
A best friend would want to at least on a regular basis hang out on Friday and Saturday
The real question is why aren't you busy on Fridays and Saturdays doing your own thing.
Because almost all my friends are on holiday or out of town or with their SOs
Tough shit. Find a skill or hobby to hone in on.

File: 1596678929327.png (395 KB, 1042x1266)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
Hi, I'm not new here but I still don't know really know what I'm doing. I've read the rules several times and they don't make that much sense to me. My question is: how do I learn "imageboard etiquette"? I know there's such thing, I've just been ignoring it. If there's such thing as "email etiquette" (which I do know) there must be imageboard etiquette as well. Thanks for you patience.
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Don't worry. When you eventually fuck up people will be happy to tell you in the most insulting way they think they can get away with.
Not really. In that case you might just have to learn by people yelling at you for things lol
Judging from this post, you seem to be doing fine. There is no real etiquette on 4chan, except that you don't be a faggot. Being a faggot entails undue obnoxiousness, spewing memes, being retarded (but not on purpose, just having a case of the actual dumb). Quality discussion is encouraged but as you may have noticed, there are no shortage of one-line shitposts to be found. In my opinion this is fine, as long as they are someone clever, or have some redeeming comedic element (dry, slapstick, anything but the overseasoned attention-seeking bullshit of your typical Redditor. Hope this helps. Interesting thread.

Lurking is also highly encouraged.
And I apologize for the typos in this post as I am fucking drunk.
Oh ok, I'll get my earplugs. Ouch.

My sister just had a baby so my dad gave her his 30,000 car and his 1.5 million dollar home (he makes her pay 2000 a month, which is nothing for a home that size and that location).

He is offering to let me live in the basement of a 400,000 home with him in a poorer area.

I stopped speaking to my mom because she encouraged him to do this. Should I stop speaking to him too?

What is the best retaliation?

It feels like the most cruel joke.

I'm thinking of getting a mail order bride and buying my own home, having a kid and refusing to let my parents have contact with me.
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When it comes to 1.5 million dollars...

I am happy to do more than cut my parents off.

I would break their limbs if I could.
It sucks OP, but there's plenty of people who aren't getting homes and cars from their parents at all. I think you're over reacting a little bit.
Anyway can you encourage your dad to give both you and your sister part ownership?
Get your sister to get a divorce and then proceed marry her so that you can share the property
This feels like bait but I'll bite. He gave her a good home and a new car because she is procreating and furthering his genetic line. If you had a nice wife and some kids, your rich ass parents would probably be rewarding you too instead of putting you in the basement like the goblin you are.
File: do it.jpg (59 KB, 631x475)
59 KB
>I'm thinking of getting a mail order bride and buying my own home, having a kid and refusing to let my parents have contact with me.

File: 1596629145365.jpg (167 KB, 800x1068)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I installed Bumble but I'm not having any luck on there. I matched ONCE and then she deleted her account. I'm 18 now but I live like a NEET despite having a work from home job and getting ready for collee. I don't have my own car and the only time I go outside is to ride my bike for exercise.
Do you have any hobbies? Also honestly dating apps are shit and you’re more than likely to just meet someone who you won’t connect with
Lol... guys usually have terrible terrible photos of themselves up. For some reason, guys suck at taking photos of themselves and a bad photo makes a big difference for online dating
At this point I assume women just use dating apps for a confidence boost. I can't wait till they're 40 and they have a reason not to be confident
You may have to wait till school starts in person again

File: blackman.jpg (40 KB, 720x478)
40 KB
How do i make myself more black? Black guys are extremely alpha, have monster size penis, super active, and can get any white girl they want. Plus, they get all sorts of financial aid from tthe goverment. What do I need to do to turn myself black. Please help me. I don't want to be an incel for the rest of my life. Incels don't go to heaven.
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Fair enough.
you must be young. i hung out with niggers when i was younger too, but i liked being white. you're kind of a disgrace. I used to wear fitted caps with shoulder length hair like a swagged out hood skater kid. thats a nice move if you're white. do your own thing you faggot. the nigs respected me. i let them turn up at my house and they put me on all kinds of thots. that's how it goes.

being white doesn't mean being some swaggerless poindexter faggot. it also doesn't mean being a gutta100 wigger. just have some swagger of your own. have some soul, finesse. listent to UGK for inspiration
Why is doing drugs the answer to most of the questions that are being asked on this board? I've been seeing the same shit for like the past 3 days on multiple threads.
I can’t speak for the other threads, but doing drugs is an essential component of being black.
your mindset is what is keeping you from achieving kara boga

File: 1596335006785.jpg (73 KB, 736x730)
73 KB
Where do you find girls that you "vibe" with to be your gf if you're 24 and don't go to college?
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File: a4q4d.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
You make money. That's all hoes care about, simp ass!

You ain't fuckin no bitches at work, they don't wanna fuck your Server/Line Cook ass, they KNOW you broke.

Also bitches in your OP pic aint even worth it SORRY, get the nut and SKRRT like it's FERRARI! Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Uma Thurman lookin' ass bitch who cut her own hair witta pair fuckin Kindergarten scissors boy what the fuck you talkin bout?
Volunteer for causes you believe in. Every once in a while you might meet a female volunteer you "vibe" with.
I love how people say this and then you simultaneously get told

>match some 18 year old on tinder
>she’s crazy about me
>reveals to me she actually turns 18 in two months
>I suggest she go off and date around and get back to me when she’s legal
>she now updates me every week about her being a ho in the meantime
I’m not a cuck and she’s treating me like one. I really bought into her being attracted to me and knew she was a thot but this feels rude. It also sucks that every other girl I’ve been talking to lately has flaked on me but this one still likes me, it feels like a cruel joke
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
so you where also a whore?
it doesn't get more prime than 18 bro. take what you can get. every western girl is a thot. there's no escaping it at this point. i actually feel bad for you zoomers. go get some puss or go to church
Depends on your state, anon. Some places age of consent is 16. But don't send her any explicit pics or ask for any.
Abandon ship. You can't get a proper relationship with a side ho like that and certainly not with her. She'll be very easy to convince by any guy to fuck her. You can keep talking to her, try to help her, but don't feed her too much attention.

Your thoughts are correct, you should abandon her and go find someone that's not a paid whore
File: Costanza implying.png (140 KB, 400x400)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>I’m not a cuck and she’s treating me like one.
>I suggest she go off and date around and get back to me when she’s legal

File: EP7TNsRUEAUDJWt.jpg (70 KB, 478x640)
70 KB
It's like I can't make connections with people the way that other people can. it's like I get more satisfaction out of playing videogames than interacting with other people. Something that I realized is that my coworkers are really comfortable talking to other people. They know when and why to talk, and what is and isn't socially acceptable and their good at it. I don't think that it has something to do with being a shut in as a kid, When I was in school I had friends and talking to them was something normal and easy for me, I think that I might legitimately have autism. Any Advice?
>it's like I get more satisfaction out of playing videogames than interacting with other people.
and how are you not happy exactly?
you are happy with your games
It feels like I'm missing out and that I could be doing more with my life. I think that I have this preconceived notion that I'm supposed to have serious relationship with a girl by by now since. A couple of people in my family have been trying to get my to understand that I'm too old not to be in one, I'm 23 btw.
>he's fucking 23 years old
i was a normie but got a traumatic brain injury when i was 16. i made a full recovery, and was socially successfully, but i lost the blind confidence that allowed me to be so highly extroverted pre-injury. I road on the coattails of extroverted people until i cucked my gf and caused my social circle to implode at 25. My advice to you is find a way to fall under the patronage of socially savvy and extroverted people who will rise your social tide alongside theirs. I hung out with loser druggies who didn't go to college, but i provided my house as a base of operations for them to bring girls, have parties, and gatherings of people. i fucked lots of girls and made a lot of friends second-hand off their social efforts. once i got older though that role became redundant and i also committed some social fauxpaus
Organize or get involved with social activities around your interests and hobbies.

Chads play team sports, maybe look into one of those.

With those people hard to break out of shell, and even some more charisnatic types, need to have an activity that the social group gathers around.

Like consider this,
all those rioters and protestors didn't just say lets just show uo here and hang out.
No they were like , me ana bumcha others are gonna go scream amd throw shit at the cops. If you're interested you should join us.
Thanks but no thanks, I'm going to school to be a lawyer and I can't go and get into trouble like that.

File: 8654752-3x2-700x467.png (236 KB, 700x467)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Long story short. I masturbate to really degenerate shit since a long time ago. When I started I didn't even realize how fucked up it was, I just let it drive me.
I'm 99% sure I'm actually addicted to it. I feel awful if I go for a long time without porn, and the only thing that relieves me is masturbating to stuff I REALLY hate, and even then I regret it all right after.
I've been trying to leave porn since last year, and the exact same thing happens over and over again.
>Try to leave it
>Resist for like 9-10 days
>Start feeling awful
>Masturbate to it and regret it
The longest I went without it is 34 days.
Is there anybody here who went through this? If so, how did you manage to leave this shit?
I'm desesperate for real. I hate this shit
i have no clue about addiction, but how about every time you fail you do something for your health? like visiting a spa, going on a hike or going for a swim and so on.
How hard can it be? It's porn not heroin.
Check out nofap & yourbrainonporn communities. A lot of people overcame their pornography addiction, you can do it too anon. Good luck
Education and understanding pr0n related addiction is the key to success. I reccommend you to read "Your brain on porn" by Gary Wilson.

File: 1565724937876.png (2.09 MB, 1600x2400)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
I've had a lot of surgeries done on my jaw, as well as a lot of other shit done to my mouth growing up and whenever I hear myself in videos I noticed slurred and mumbly speech that makes me feel self conscious. Has anyone here had similar concerns? What can you do to help yourself speak more clearly and confidently? All I see online are courses that cost money and I'd prefer to do it cheaply and on my own if possible.

Anime tiddies for your advice?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do you ever recite songs made by others?
need some myself
if you find a good resource lmk
I sing songs made by others while playing guitar. I can notice my speech problems a bit in my singing, which is a big part of why I'm asking about this.
Might need to start with rhymes before graduating to full songs. Start with repeating "How now brown cow?" Over and over till you can get that right. After that move on to longer rhymes. Then speeches and songs.

File: shame cube.gif (672 KB, 250x188)
672 KB
672 KB GIF

I know it's been asked a million times

But seriously

Is there a way to get rid of the sex drive without
>lowering T levels
>chopping off dick?

I was looking into oxytocin inhibitors but they're stupid expensive
bump i guess
nobody knows
People have reported that DHT inhibitors lowers their libidos which doesn't affect one's testosterone.
lol take an antidepressant like the rest of us, that’ll kill your sex drive nice and well

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