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File: 1616683014128.jpg (9 KB, 240x240)
9 KB
Keep failing driving test

I'm being told that my driving technique is really good, but I keep failing on observation-errors. My autistic brain cannot understand why I need to exaggerate turning my head and checking blindspots even though when it's not necessary.

How do i overcome this?
Would stating what you're doing out loud work? It's autistic but it's clear.
God this could work, but I'd look like a total fucking retard and I'm already dealing with social anxiety and test-anxiety

File: 1673477968143208.jpg (136 KB, 888x1024)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Anyone got any good tips for this? I've had to move back in with my parents (temporarily) and they don't know I smoke cigs now. I'm not looking for advice on quitting, I only smoke 2-3 a day and enjoy my little moments of stress relief they bring me. I obviously never smoke in the house and just say I'm going on a walk or smoke whenever I drive somewhere. However when I return my mom seems to notice the cigarette smell sometimes, a few times she's questioned me about it and I just make an excuse like oh I was with my friend who smokes or whatever. I think she's starting to get suspicious, I don't think my parents would necessarily kick me out of they found out I was a smoker but they're incredibly conservative about any drugs and would absolutely be on my ass about it and give me shit over it, and also part of me just doesn't want to let them down with them knowing their kid smokes.

So what are some good ways to keep the smell off you when smoking? I already try to keep the smoke from blowing in my direction, and wash my hands/chew gum when I'm done but the smell still manages to linger sometimes in my hair, beard, and clothes. I've been thinking wearing waterproof stuff like raincoats which I happen to own a lot of might be better at not absorbing the smell like cotton clothes, do you think there's any truth to this? Any other tips you all can think of?
it's going to cling to you no matter what, a few small tips are,
A. when you smoke try to not keep it in your hand between puffs, the smoke clings more to you when you do.
B. chew on some spearmint gum after or just any minty gum to mask the scent a little.
C. stay outside 15 mins longer to let the breeze get rid of the scent a little more.
D. Some strong Deodorant.
E. get a nice facial scrub(or some soap for your face) when you've smoked.

All in all its a losing battle man, it's going to stick to you. its what smoking does best thing is keep it in a ashtray a few steps away from you, and only grab it for puffs it'll minimize it.
have a hat on and use a different jacket everytime you smoke. when you're done take them off.
just take care of your breath smell with candy,mint spray or w.e. i don't smoke but pick up on the smell too often thanks to the retards constantly smoking next to me when i was a child.
Just Stop smoking while you still can. Nicotine withdrawals are a bitch but it feels great once they're over.

File: Porn.png (499 KB, 616x385)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Let me first start by saying, yes, I know this is a blue board!
Maybe this topic fits more on a red board, but I fear I'd only get dumb responses, so I will first try here on /adv/.

Since my last vacation (christmas holidays) I have been asking myself how to live a more enjoyable life, while generating passive income all while making up for the sex I missed out on. Also I have burried all notion of ever finding a gf/wife in the current westernized world. Being a cuck and marrying someone elses used up trash, who already has trouble creating new bonding experiences and only brings baggage along is simply a disgusting, sick and twisted reward to a man who has tried to do everything right and play by the books (good grades in school, good education, good job with good pay).
In order to counteract such a abstinent hermit life, I wish to create or partake in porn videos! (Don't care about the sinful act. I am happy to accelerate the western world's fall into darkness for the betrayal on us young men!)

Currently I am a virgin in my 30's, but in top shape for a man who has lived over have of his life playing shooters in total self isolation. I am also lucky to be physically gifted in size and visually fit the racially ambiguous theme of todays male porn actors (POV) and if a racial fetish is required, have enough black/negroid features (Interracial) to scratch certain individuals itch!
I currently live in Central/Western Europe (Switzerland) and my hopes are to find a female with an already established OnlyFans/Fansly etc. following OR a newbie, willing to hire/work with me creating online content from the safety of our homes. This partnership will be stricly business! The endgoal is to generate an additional stream of income and hopefully jump over to doing this full time, to the point of finding a niche OR entering the industry. If there is a direct way without needing to do gay for pay I am also open to it.
Examples of niche and of an actor who's life I would love to live is Brandon Richards from Dickdrainers. From his fetish to appreciating his camera style, how he shoots, cuts and produces his videos:

>living a boring sexless life
>am a 32 year old virgin
>given up on love
>have high libido and want to generate passive income doing amateur or professional porn
>physically equipped (muscular + low body fat + 24cm / 9.5 inches bp erect length)
>emotionally reserved, detached and hardened due to isolation for passed 10-11 years locked up with no friends only playing vidya
>live in Switzerland

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

how do I quit making excuses and ask out a girl who I know for a fact likes me back?

She know I like her, I know she likes me but whenever I think of it i'm too scared of ... idk exactly
File: bounce.jpg (52 KB, 514x680)
52 KB
reply with "c" if op has cancer
Well, it's just simple as that. Just slap yourself and do it.

How do I get someone banned off discord while ensuring the same can't happen to myself? I just hate someone from my friends group but no one seems to understand. I don't want to lose my friends.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It's a small friend circle, doesn't has much to do with the platform itself.
If nobody understands then maybe you're the one being a cunt, not him.
You're gonna have to take my word on it, but I just have a specific problem with one person. Everyone else is cool. I joined the group because of someone else, I talk often with them and they understand my side but aren't particularly sure how to help either. I'm not even comfortable with starting open drama so I try to keep it low.
Well how do you hate them? Do they have your same traits or something?

File: 6-weeks-pregnant-baby.jpg (6 KB, 229x220)
6 KB
I live in Massachusetts. Last Friday was served notice of housing court for eviction. No court date yet. 2 months behind and I'm broke. Should I end it all? Gf does not know that I'm an enormous loser.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well you can probably at least go to court for the eviction, idk. If you're making money it's not like you can't pay it. Get some debt counseling too so it seems like you're trying to get straight. If you're making money you're really not out of options. Go live in an Airbnb or something if your credit is really shitty enough to not get an apartment. Get a new credit card with 0% apr and transfer your credit onto that and start paying that off (making sure to plan for end of promotion). Get rid of any big liabilities, sell off the expensive beamer and get a clunker
All great ideas
Feeling suicidal
I have no sympathy. You're just a stupid ass moron who is now going to deal with the consequences of his own actions.
Similar situation but minus income. 3400/mo minimum living expenses. Unemployment is done soon, savings depleted, career opportunities dire. Still a stubborn fuck and not gonna kms over something as stupid as an expensive lifestyle that is prob temporary. Some days I wallow in the self pity and other days I actually wanna do something to better my situation. Quit beating yourself up and find even small solutions. Also be transparent with your gf about the hole you've dug yourself in, at least 2 brains figuring out fucked debt is better than 1 like my dumb alone ass.
Op here and I couldn't agree more. Been irresponsible most of my life. Not looking for pity though. I deserve the criticism even the "moron" title, because I'll most likely never learn . I'm more of a loser than a moron though.

I am having those weird and long dreams about a guy making youtube videos in which we're having a relationship. Those dreams began since I learned that guy is single, and he's living not that far from me.
The first dream was a normal meeting. The second dream was us learning more about each other while visiting a museum. The third dream was a date during a football game. The fourth dream was a casual chatting while walking outside. Thr fifth dream was actual sex.

The real weird thing is that I don't understand why my brain is so much OBSESS with that guy: Ok he's handsome but come on, I'm having these dreams since October 2022. Is it fate ? Is it insanity ?

At some point, I was so desesperate I almost send a message to his youtube's insta account in order to tell him I was interested in him.
But it's totaly insane, isn't it ?

What should I do /adv/ ?

File: 1619406042398.webm (2.85 MB, 1920x1080)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
how do i get a bf like this?
Be gay, like them.
these are literally twinks

a general thread for femanons who need advice about communicating, dating and courting men.
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
True. It's quite difficult for me to accept but perhaps it wasn't that bad. You look awesome, and you have standards and that's alright as long as you are kind. I think.
I’m about as good looking as Elliot is, I’m fucked aren’t I?
T. Man
>xpensive makeup, facial masks, branded handbags, extreme dieting, anorexia, mental health just for physical beauty, at times it wasn't even for "health" anymore, it's just so you could look enticing even if you're dyin
i hope this is bait else this is a fascinating yet harrowing look into potentially widespread stupidity
>courting men.
Literally doesn’t exist. Women are passive by nature, femininity exalts passivity, and courting is an active process. Shut the fuck up with your bait thread FUCK
feel like i'm gonna die alone because it is so exhausting to try and let someone in only to find out they're not what I am looking for.
Really hard to go the route of talking to many people and then taking a pick.
idk how people manage to have readiness to treat so many as potential person to date.
I pick one and focus on the person that ends up being wrong most of the time.

Why do I want to abandon my life so badly?

I'm in my first semester of college, after working a blue collar job for about a year right out of high school. Didn't like blue collar and this first semester of college is making me remember why I did the bare minimum in high school: I fucking hate it.

I want nothing more than to drop everything, cease contact with everyone I know, and wander the world with nothing but the clothes on my back. No deadlines, no schedule, no expectations, I can experience what this world TRULY has to offer; maybe I'm just severely depressed and jaded but I have no interest in what a "normal" life has to offer me.

I bust my ass and stress myself the fuck out through college and for what? More work, more stress, bills to pay. My only rewards will be material goods, which I care nothing for.
TL;DR: Why should I participate in society when I know my only real rewards will be manmade objects? I'm no Einstein, I don't have the capacity to change the world.
It seems good from the first look, but you can be very evil not described for obvious reason. Would wander too myself.
because you are realizing in order to live you are going to have to work and you cant fuck around any more, no more staying home from school to play halo no more letting people know you dont like them

you could find a easy life you just have to make sure you arnt fucking up or fuck up. also most ways of living take work and have to be dealt with day to day, living in the woods? guess what you are hunting and gathering all day and spending time doing shit to live. life is filled with doing shit you may or may not want to be doing at a time

dont want to hunt a deer *dies*
dont want to work to day *dies*
Hunter gatherers only had to work 2-3 days per week to feed their entire extended family

Nice cope though
you would be fucking solo and having to do everything, it doesnt matter unless you actually like doing that shit and that fucking assumes you live in a area that has that fucking many animals or at least big ones, fucking so many american frontier men fucking starved and had to fucking hunt for ever to fucking find shit to feed their starving family

File: this is me right now.jpg (6 KB, 223x226)
6 KB
I want somebody from /mu/ or wherever the fuck else to help make my brother's music for free because he keeps bothering me every fucking second when I don't even have the professional skills to help him make music. I don't know how to compose music, I don't know how to mix and master, and I definitely don't have ideas. He's making me want to kick the shit out of him or murder him because he keeps on bothering me, so I need somebody to help me RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

File: areyouhappy.jpg (87 KB, 467x680)
87 KB
why are you alive?
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cause I want to go travel a bit and wait out till my parents and siblings die before offing myself.
Maybe shit will change and I end up starting a family but I don't think thats going to happen. I have no real interests that matter and girls that would probably be good mothers are not interested in me despite working my ass off to look better. Life feels pointless.
File: 1664252463795709.png (101 KB, 502x771)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I'm alive because my mother forgot to take the pill.
>Why don't you shoot yourself?
I want to see society collapse before I go. I feel we are close to the end of an Era. I want to witness it.
racking up good karma for next time. Also waiting for eventual robo gfs to become a thing.
I think/ hope God just finds it funny I'm still alive.
File: hey.jpg (39 KB, 680x671)
39 KB
hey that's nice! frog related

File: images.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
How does one meditate properly?
How many kinds of meditation are there?
How long should you meditate for?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
More important than focusing on stuff is getting as close to possible to not thinking and having a totally clear mind. Focusing on repetitive external stuff is just a means to that end. One of the teaching styles I was exposed to back then was something like movement meditation, super slow and thoughtful movements that are your way of emptying your mind. Or focusing on breezes and temperature changes on different parts of your body. Or going through every part of your body from your head to your toes and making sure every muscle is relaxed, not tensed. All the while trying not to actually have coherent thoughts and even when those thoughts do come in, guiding your mind back to quiet calm
> How many kinds of meditation are there?
Tons. If you go native, there are all sorts of colorful traditions that are entangled with spiritual beliefs. If you go Westernized-localized, the more modern traditions try to theorycraft the practical techniques into neuroscience theories and findings.

> How does one meditate properly?
It depends on what tradition you ask. The cluster of Western-localized traditions that seem to agree with other the most are the ones that took from the vipassana/mindfulness traditions. So they feel the most peer-reviewed and sensible (although the homeopaths ALSO favorably peer review each other so that's exactly not a foolproof gauge).

They all converge on the basic idea that you can train awareness and focus like a skill or a muscle, and focusing on the breath (or some other arbitrary neutral sensory input) is the most basic training method. Beyond that, they start to diverge, often claiming different benefits from developing the skill/strength or claiming different destinations based on their experience of ENLIGHTENMENT, which is what apparently happens when you take your razor sharp focus ability and shove it into examining some mental mechanism.

> How long should you meditate for?
One account of attaining ENLIGHTENMENT said that it takes as many hours as getting a legit Phd. Efficiency matters: if it takes X hours of willful effort to reach the end goal, it will take 2X hours if you literally 50%-ass your sessions. Many people report benefits even if you don't reach the ENLIGHTENMENT endgame.
>too expensive
most of their materials are available for free online. if you don't want to invest money (and there can be good reason for that) and are too much of a baby to take a written or recorded instruction and try that out to see if it works, then at least start by doing your own background reading and research.
Thanks to everyone for their replies. Last bump
"chan buddhism" is the chinese branch of buddhism from which zen buddhism developed btw. so much of the roots of zen buddhism are still just chan buddhism.
and no, no relation to the chans, chan as in 2chan, 4chan is a japanese word, "chan" in "chan buddhism" is chinese.
chan buddhism in turn derives from indian mahayana buddhism. so you can say that zen buddhism has roots in chan buddhism and mahayana buddhism.

File: Imaybestupid.png (287 KB, 488x480)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
>does HRT
>no dad
I need a normie's perspective. What would you think of me if you knew only about these three aspects of me?
60 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
After reading this thread you seem like a very stereotypical gay guy. Because of that I find your word use of normie ironic. Also >>28583006 this isn't how you use "checked", newfriend.
Nutcase obsessed with anime that has little to no friends and is ugly as sin.
Also, probably has no personal hygiene standards.
File: image.png (2.55 MB, 1600x1200)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
>I need a normie's perspective
You won't find that on 4chan, but some important things to consider here:
The vast majority of people will not care about you at all because they will not know you and you will not be in their lives.
The only people who might care about you are the ones who let LGBT people live rent free in their heads 24/7.
The question is inherently pointless because nobody will meet you and only know these 3 things without any other context surrounding you as a person.
I didn't read your discussion with other people in the thread so idk how nuanced you feel your usage of hrt is, but it'll probably depend on how you present yourself. If you're an uwu femboy who wears skirts and makeup and shit, people will just see you the same as any tranny. If you present masc, then you'll probably just be seen as a hyper-flamer faggot. From there, it's just based on however the person you're interacting with sees you.
>inb4 i read the rest of the thread and it's just a troll baiting people by obviously just being a tranny but claiming to still be cis
Do you give good head?
I would assume that you are a prison gay type and years of self-isolation has made you desperate enough to get fucked by men. And as the other anon said, absolutely desperate for attention from any masculine figure.

What is an alternative to pay-pal when it comes to making anonymous, (or mostly anonymous) purchases online?
I decided to use pay-pal to make some questionable purchases recently, and now they've frozen my account and won't
let me delete it either until I submit a photo of my driver's license. They say they're doing this because of "Suspicious purchases",
but they already have my full name, address, e-mail, phone number.... Why do they want my driver's license? I don't want them to
have a photo of the guy that made these embarrassing purchases. I guess my account will stay in permanent limbo, because I'm too
embarrassed to submit my photo.. Any alternatives?

I've tried using gift cards and other prepaid debit cards, most of the sites I use don't accept them.
File: hhmmm.png (2 KB, 163x209)
2 KB
>embarrassing purchases
Prepaid cards bought using monero from cakewallet
>I've tried using gift cards and other prepaid debit cards, most of the sites I use don't accept them.

Porn comics on patreon

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