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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at http://www.4chan.org/rules - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.


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Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.

Dark Elves thread.
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>first age elves insane
I’ve been seeing more and more people talk about First Age elves being basically fae or druchii and it’s absolute bullshit. Only the Fëanorians ever commit kinslaying or do anything that isn’t reflective of their perfect Catholic virtue (except for the House of Fingolfin at Alqualondë on accident). And even then most the Fëanorians are basically noble, except Curunir and Caranthir. They just have jewel autism. They’re nowhere near being mindbendingly capricious or cavalierly sadistic like I’ve seen anons pretending. And that’s a good thing; keeps the Eldar unique among modern fantasy elves.
File: 8,400.jpg (106 KB, 389x549)
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106 KB JPG
File: w6yto6fnfvl21.jpg (46 KB, 800x470)
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Didn't know he was elf.
Whatever. You know you I meant.

btw new captcha sucks

>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

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File: Spoiler Image (921 KB, 849x1200)
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921 KB JPG
So Blood Pointer is really good if we are also very good at pissing off our enemies?
I should make a jump of this game sometime when my life isn't collapsing around me.
I'm not really sure what all jumps are in production right now, so nothing in particular
Maken-Ki, Nioh, and MGR

‘Songs of Middle-earth’ edition

Previous thread hit bump limit
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Literally everything in your post is speculation motivated by a your personal need to insert lazy racism lectures into a series where it doesn't belong.

Tolkien hated racism. His portrayal of Numenorian imperialism was meant to represent the height of human evil. Sorry if that offends you but late Numenor is fucking cool and we're probably going to keep talking about it. Suck it up buttercup.
>The Shire is hardly "early modern". The area around Hobbiton was explicitly based on his youth in Worcherstershire (and the general geography of Kent for the whole Shire)

That's what I said? It's basically rural England before it got paved over and industrialized. The Scouring was analogous to that change he saw in his life.

>Rohan has no specific "saxon England" callbacks that

Their names are literally copied from Saxon England names. I'll just quote from Wikipedia:

Rohan is grounded in Anglo-Saxon tradition, poetry, and linguistics, specifically in its Mercian dialect, in everything but its use of horses. Tolkien used Old English for the kingdom's language and names, pretending that this was in translation of Rohirric. Meduseld, King Théoden's hall, is modelled on Heorot, the great hall in Beowulf.
I mean he did several edits of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and planned a few more, it's not like he thought books had to come out without a patch coming later.
He also hated sanctimonious preaching in stories from self-righteous shitheads, so you'd definitely get the boot from him personally, dingleberry.

How the fuck do prisons even work in settings with such powerful characters, like D&D?

Couldn’t spellcasters in particular easily get out no matter what you do?
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You need your spellbinding or material components or your divine focus. They take that short away from people when they put them in prison. There's also arcane people in the justice system. You'd be surprised what you can keep in with just a silver cage with a magic circle in a cell with iron bars in a wing that has lead lined outer walls - and none of that is super resource intensive
There must be a lot of cantrips that could either make life much easier in prison, or even aid in escape, right?
>Such powerful characters like D&D
Take away the caster's material components and don't let them get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Also your average adventurer is not your average peasant

Ultimately its what your DM allows for your characters have access too, a rogue might be able to fashion some lock picks or a shiv, wizards stockpiling certain things from their meals to use as spell components, ect

Of course you have characters that will always be able to get out of jail free, like a druid.
When you have a better criminal, you make a better prison. Haven’t you ever read a comic book?
File: 1626823566653.jpg (505 KB, 1024x1177)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
The bars are made out of a metal that negates all magic that I just made up

File: Gargamel_Comic.jpg (26 KB, 274x400)
26 KB
>The local BBEG refuses to use gender inclusive language when gloating over his defeated enemies, does not adhere to the guidelines for evil lairs, including the adding of ramps to accomodate wheelchairs, and only hires male goblins as minions, ignoring the gender quota as determined by the guild. The Guild of Evil and Villainy seeks now people who will bring lBBEG to justice, enforce GEV-standards and force him to pay his overdue warnings due of multiple guild code violations
what will your characters do?
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Total crap

weak bait

enjoy your thread of losers and garbage.
she is also extremely bad at being a succubus, but her family expects it from her, so she is not as enthusiastic as one would might think
Abuse my position in the local HoA to make the GEV repaint their headquarters in the approved light pink and periwinkle tones for transgender racial pride month.

I then pull up my written statements on the Goblin minions' preferred pronoun usage and gender identities before fining the GEV for bigotry and foreclosing on their guild house.
>The local BBEG refuses to use gender inclusive language when gloating over his defeated enemies
Its sounds like youre assuming their gender

File: file.png (1.54 MB, 672x936)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Previously: >>80468062

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Usage statistics for popular cards

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


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>he doesnt have all the allied colored ones from playing for near 30 years
Probably to most played tribe and Yavimaya got printed.
>she is replying to herself
I generally agree with this reasoning. The scarcity of certain cards seems like a deterrent to proper mechanical exploration. Basically but not quite Pay-to-win

I enjoy draft, as it removes the problem that I mentioned above, and also helps me build my collection
Legacy as a format is on really hard times due to the fact hardly anyone wants to invest a thousand plus into, not a game, but a single deck. That sort of the reason there is so hard for new decks to form and break out let alone have enough people to fill a tourney.
People already shit on gachas all the time for doing exactly what Wizards is doing and the arguement that you can cash out by selling your account is just as rediculous as people saying that their cards have value. People don't want to buy packs for a lottery, they want to play the game.

File: E2l11hRXoAE6Iu0.jpg (152 KB, 1285x658)
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152 KB JPG
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File: handcannons.jpg (58 KB, 595x583)
58 KB
File: tech bow.jpg (203 KB, 1775x1620)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
File: Frag Knife.jpg (137 KB, 1920x785)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: Gunblade.jpg (51 KB, 564x846)
51 KB
File: Fucile da battaglia.png (1.93 MB, 1018x1866)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Is this thing a Franchi?

File: 1627060292796.jpg (491 KB, 1300x2500)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>80458395
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You're dead, anon.
You presumably don't get the Deo Volente upgrades before starting and a rough idea a few days before probably didn't cut it against an organization that's done this before. Given you receive associates, items (and so hobo/lan quishi favour) through the mafia you probably master your powers through use in a criminal context.
>he thinks the mafia trying to keep their loose god-nuke under wraps is going to accept "sorry guys, I really tried"
All those millennia of subjective experience and you're still dumb as a rock.
I moved out of the city a year earlier, because my imaginary waifu told me to.
>he thinks the mafia trying to keep their loose god-nuke under wraps is going to accept "sorry guys, I really tried"

Pretty sure the cyoa is unsurvivable/unplayable if you don't go for certain options, so I'm not sure what to say to you here.

It says don't *cross* them. Helping them out by telling them this is no longer your area of expertise isn't crossing them. That they *need* you probably means they will keep in-touch.
I'm trying to bring it along, but I'm having trouble finding pictures. Right now I'm working on the boob/butt/hip section and it's hard to find proper images for each category when artists think d cups are average.

It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

<----- That image is not an image, it's a PDF.
It will answer 99% of your questions about this thread. If you haven't read it, we will know.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, share, stay awesome!

Previous thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Fight 2e.jpg (159 KB, 695x899)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Requesting Fight! 2e
Remember Anon who got a copy of Green Devil Face #6? Did they get in touch with Carse? Any news on that?
has anyone found a trove that has all the first edition pathfinder pdfs? all the links are missing for them right now it seems

File: snack.png (390 KB, 1200x628)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
does your DM prepare some decent eats and provide beer for your session? what are some good memories you have in that regard?
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Anheuser Busch still uses rice for their beer and Busch/Bud Lite are the best of the cheap domestics (not that that's saying much) (and i'm sure you already know this)
Nah, Yuenling and Rolling Rock and the best cheap domestic. Amberbock was pretty good too.
lol quit trolling
And it's a burden to others who aren't smokers. If you can't control your heroine addictions, you won't get invited back.
no good beer has ever come in a green or clear bottle

File: 1620655509036.jpg (746 KB, 1000x896)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
Manfred Edition

Previous Thread:

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Majority of the people who will actually play ToW already rebased their stuff, if people actually care about your round bases then that's their problem. Just get a movement tray with circles, it will be ugly and annoying but no one's gonna blame you for not wanting to rebase an entire army twice because GW decided to do a "just kidding". Besides once GW sells you literally the same army again there's not much else for them to do with it and we'll end up with Horus Heresy 2.0
Your memes are no good.
Too mutated looking unless you're going for a sea themed chaos army which would be based af
I've never met anyone IRL who actually cares about round vs square bases
Why not use the idoneth hippocampus thing

File: Shut up and sit down.jpg (105 KB, 800x574)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Welcome to board game general - tripfag hate edition

Let’s get this thread started.

What games are you still waiting to ship?

Any good kickstarters you want us to know about?

Which tripfag do you hate most?

Previous thread: >>80379584
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I have not seen anyone recommend Rex and if they did I would want them shot. Rex forbids the Atreides from taking notes, limits the BG to only forbidding cards with the Voice (so they can't demand a card be played), forbids allies from secret communication, only allows you to exchange spice bribes during a fucking alliance phase, changes shipping prices to make battles far less likely, and makes all deals non-binding.

Oh and it eliminates Fedaykin, as well as eliminating the rule that lets Fremen ignore Sardaukar's double count, and since it doesn't do advanced combat the rule where Fremen fight for free also doesn't come into play, so the Fremen are garbage.

Dune is so much better than Rex it's not even funny.
The Fremen can win without fighting if everyone else is retarded, because at the end of round 10 they auto-win if Sietch Tabr and Habbanya Sietch are controlled by either them or no one and Tuek's Sietch is controlled by either them, the Guild, the Bene Gesserit, or no one.

The Guild can win without fighting because at the end of round 10 they auto-win if nobody else has won (not even the Fremen).

Allies can win without fighting, because if your ally wins so do you, and that includes both winning normally (if your alliance controls 4 strongholds at the end of a round) and the above special victories.

The Bene Gesserit can win without fighting, because at the start of the game they secretly predict a faction and a round, and if that faction wins at the end of that round (by the normal way, NOT the above special ways) the BG player wins alone.

In practice, all of the above victories will usually require some amount of fighting, but the BG, Guild, and Fremen don't necessarily need to WIN fights -- just have them at the right places and the right times to block shit.
On top of not using advanced combat, it also has double spice blows, so the whole economy is fucked.
hopefully i'm getting to play Captain Sonar for the first time tomorrow
anything to know?
Captains should be clearly stating their moves. With engineer confirming move is valid. Sucks to be radar and the enemy captain is saying "north! No, wait a minute, can we? East! No? No oh ok. But wait can't we if we just? Ok, NORTH!'

File: 1626282635300.png (2.21 MB, 983x1400)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from sci-fi, fantasy, historicals, fantasy football, and more! Share your printed minis, terrain, print fails, 3d modeling, printing advice, works in progress, or anything else /tg/-related to 3D printing.

- Post pics of your prints be they fails or triumphs
- Keep your prints and files about tabletop games only
- Encrypt file links
- Use Passwords
- Help your fellow anons with advice

- Not encrypt links to websites
- Not make a new thread until old one dies
- Not encourage namefags, tripfags and avatarfags
- Not spoonfeed newfags
- Not discuss encryption/passwords

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>nearly perfect
Those necrons are pretty great, does he have a place to download them?
Looks sick but at $15 a model I'll have to wait. Thank you for the link
Viruses of Death free stuff: https://cults3d.com/en/users/virusesofdeath/creations
paid stuff: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/p19jv1TpXdD41w?w=1
$550 for the set? Ouch. But good quality.

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