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File: kittens2.jpg (137 KB, 499x750)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at http://www.4chan.org/rules - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.


File: Thamdarul Gate.jpg (471 KB, 1343x2000)
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471 KB JPG
Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.

You've been drafted into the Elemental Army. Which element do you choose?
Earth. Oh no, I've got an angry fire/water/airbender who wants to kick my ass, sure would be an absolute shame if I just... trapped them in a stone dome that they can't bend their way out of. God damn that would just be a tragedy, huh?

Legendary edition

Pinkertons harass innocent YouTuber who opened Aftermath packs that Wizards incorrectly sent to them, makes wife cry by making husband sound like a criminal. Bootlickers cheer, long for the day where murder for spoiling becomes legal.

WotC selling you proxies for $1000:

WotC decides to skip rotation for another year, make Standard rotate every 3 years.

Bans now at a set time frame every year, sometime before fall rotation.

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>lgs has free pioneer fnm with a generous prize pool considering it's free (pack per win)
>still doesn't fire
to be fair i don't think it's pioneer specifically, but rather people in my area souring on magic in general due to FIRE followed by mh2.
imagine wanting to play pioneer. you'd have to pay people at this point.
played Bant Stoneblade at the shop weekly tonight.
went 2-1: beat Burn, lost to Rhinos, beat Golgari Zombie Infestation
decks fun
LSV looks so rough these days
File: 1658643014412469.png (811 KB, 744x1039)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
ruby storm keeps getting better...

File: 1685957536748608.pdf (5.9 MB, PDF)
5.9 MB
5.9 MB PDF
>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

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File: 1686026642378392.jpg (185 KB, 1000x1500)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Does this Fate waifu actually look like this?
Nice. Where is the Bocchi jump, though?
Yes actually, that's about what they canonically look like.

Most artists either draw her even bustier, more muscular, or fatter, but that's pretty close to her canon figure.
File: E3mVMKuVoAEzh7r.jpg (95 KB, 580x820)
95 KB
Just google her official art.

Imperial Orcs Edition

Previous Thread: >>89080166


>Warhammer Wikis:

>Alternative Models:

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What do you guys really like about the WFB rules (any edition) that other rulesets don't capture? Not a loaded question, just thinking about writing some rules for the WF setting that satisfy my particular desires.
>Are Beastmen necessarily evil?
Yes. Any other inane questions for the thread?
That only lets him in on one of the editions he's asking about, anon.
5th I only ever played a little of, but I remember it being very much character-centric. The list of magical items that could be taken by any faction was fucking huge, and most all your tricked-out characters could ride big nasty monsters to boot. The colloquial term I recall for that time was Herohammer, though I never really experienced that myself. Magic was completely different (it was a card system iirc). I recall having fun, but the game was also new to me and I was a teenager, so my nostalgia is more for the newness of that experience and less the ruleset it occurred under.

In 6th, the Army books were decently balanced. The base magic rules were abuseable by some armies (basically, minor wizards could act as living batteries for major ones), but miscasts and scroll caddies kept the worst excesses under check. It's biggest problems were some of the wonkiness of the panic, fleeing, and psychology rules.

Come 7th, the base rules nerfed magic a bit (no more living batteries and miscasts hurt more, now you only need the one scroll caddy for most armies) and cleaned up the aforementioned wonkiness. It also implemented some minor nerfs like making Great Weapons less effective when mounted and other slightly questionable design choices, but nothing anyone was super frothing over. It was the army book power creep of this edition that really began Fantasy's decline, particularly in the DoC and VC armybooks.

Most people recommend 6th for simplicity, or a blend of 6th and 7th.
Honestly, the only thing mechanically that Warhammer fantasy battles has over other rank and flank games is the magic phase. It was a lot of fun in 6th, in 8th it turned it into who can spam an irresistible purple sun first.

What mechanics do you want it to have, that you think are worth homebrewing?

I was personally a big fan of KoW's flanking system. Doing double damage on a flank or triple on a rear charge feels way more impactful.

File: 1647395937437.jpg (21 KB, 257x400)
21 KB
-Is set in modern day/low scifi
-Has FUN gun combat and combat focus
-Has different properties for different firearms
-Makes room for/has supernatural elements but doesn't completely depend on them
-ISN'T overly complex and bogged down by its own rules(looking at you, gurps)
Twilight 2000

Okay thread done

File: freefrontier22.jpg (2.59 MB, 1306x1724)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
ITT we develop a cute and comfy (sometimes sad and scary) by adding factions or dudes into the region or telling fun little stories within it. The setting is also dynamic where I advance the timeline and showcase the sort of big events that can change history or an example for a more epic campaign.

To participate in this setting you can:
>Add a faction
Suggest a faction, give it a name, a color, describe them, etc. You can request a specific location, add new geographic features (like stone arches, more hills/forests).
>Add a dude
A person of interest, such as an infamous bandit or a traveling scholar.
>Write stories/folklore of your dude
Continue to expand a character's lore.
>Respond to current events as your dude/faction
The world is not static, I will often utilize some factions that I think could help advance the plot, but everybody is free to suggest a motivation.

I often write a response to contributions as a way to fit it better or make any necessary changes. If there's something I don't mention, it can be assumed to have made it.

Summary of previous thread (see below for archive)

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a new development has appeared in the war. turns out, the div scare tactics are extremely useful against the superstitious frozen horde, who in fear of these "evil spirits", they evade the div area. their masterful use of theatrics and loud instruments heavily demoralize them, as they especially affect the senses of their beasts, in the mountains, the effect is heightened by the echoes and shadows.
File: factions01.jpg (37 KB, 419x428)
37 KB
The Salt Flats was designed to be mysterious, I'd like for people to put more "secret"/"hidden" landmarks or refuges as "islands", basically just hills/mountains that may have some communities that miraculously survive in such an arid place. If there are protectors of the place, then they would also be mysterious, but their scope of protection shouldn't be stalking random explorers throughout the land, but only when they come too close to some forbidden place that should stay a secret, for whatever reason. Maybe some scooby-doo type mysteries where the monster was some dude in disguise all along.

I think this is a neat idea, but I think I should also give some information on what it means to be a Hearth-Keeper. It comprises two parts: who your ancestors are and if you properly venerate them. Hearth-Keepers claim descent from a founding Goddess, who often symbolizes the Sun (and is one point of contention with the Heavenly Empire's policies), though it does not necessarily literal. You can thus marry into the big wide family, and you'd be righteous if you respect the fires of your ancestors. It was meant to be compatible with many other religions of the setting, even the Heavenly Emperor recognizes the versions that don't claim their Mother Goddess to be the literal Sun. For the Trailblazers, the Hikers is more of a scholarly organization, so Trailblazers could be Hikers who are also Hearth-Keepers and whose role is to keep the dangerous trails safe with light with the fires of their ancestors, because how else could they watch out for you. The lights probably banish evil mountain spirits, so they could be these cool nature exorcist things who might even try to find the bodies of lost travelers and banish ghosts or whatever. So if you want to run a supernatural version of this setting, that could be an interesting arc.

Thinking instead of adding these super minor factions on the map, I will just draw them instead.
File: supermap_wip3.jpg (3.49 MB, 2117x1968)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
>Perhaps divisive news for the Japmi Cabal, the Frozen Emperor had been reviewing tributary relations of the Rotten Emperor. The Rotten Empire's influence is still maintained in far southern tributaries and by extension Great Ocean ones depending on the Lead Principality's mood. Even Japmi's status was not forgotten and by the time Secret Hoarders arrived to tell the Japmi Cabal all this, a Frozen Envoy was already on the way.

>Military historians speculate that the Divs may be responsible for the sudden and massive push of the Frozen Horde into the Cortilian Valley. There are some accounts that report the Frozen Horde's mass arrival was so unexpected that even they didn't look all that organized, like they were fleeing something. It may also explain why they left the Cortilians alone, except for trampling much of their tomato fields.
File: bad drawing.png (11 KB, 872x192)
11 KB

The Grand Refugee pyramid

In the heart of a vast desert, there stood a colossal pyramid that defied the imagination of those who heard tales of its existence. It was a structure of such immense proportions that it seemed inconceivable, and yet, it captivated the minds of all who pondered its existence. However, the pyramid's magnificence was not to be witnessed by any living soul, for it had already succumbed to an unknown force, leaving behind only remnants of its former grandeur.

The destruction of this enigmatic pyramid remains shrouded in mystery. No historical records, no ancient texts, nor any spoken legends could shed light on the cataclysmic event that led to its downfall. The ancient whispers carried by desert winds spoke of no invasion, no seismic upheaval, nor any natural disaster that could be attributed to its demise. It seemed as though the pyramid had vanished from existence without leaving a trace.

Yet, from the ruins of this colossal structure, something remarkable emerged—a testament to human resilience and the will to survive. The rubble and debris that once formed the mighty pyramid became the foundation for makeshift shelters, providing refuge to those in need amidst the unforgiving desert landscape. These shelters became a symbol of hope, a sanctuary for the weary travelers, and a safe haven for those who sought respite from the harshness of their surroundings.

Over time, a thriving community arose, built upon the remnants of the fallen pyramid. The inhabitants of this desert refuge cherished their homes, constructed with the fragments of an ancient wonder. They understood the paradoxical nature of their existence, for their shelter had emerged from the ruins of an awe-inspiring monument that had once seemed indestructible.
A leader of a Bloodied Sheet mission id called Bloodied Sheikh.

File: image-12.png (709 KB, 606x696)
709 KB
709 KB PNG

Previous Heresy >>89092499

『Horus Heresy』
>Official Website
>New to The Horus Heresy? Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Get Started
>Official FAQ/Errata/Downloads:

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will people get mad for me using storm bolter bits in place of combi bolters? 'oh it's an artificer prototype' excuse still won't make it?
the lack of an assault ramp version to sit alongside the Spartan has always been weird

anyway the Land Raider Phobos looks like shit, weird ass blocky sponsons looking motherfucker

they're leaning heavily into putting primaris and firstborn alongside each other in promo materials for this edition, heavier than 9th even

it's all ogre for the tallbois next edition they're gonna get corrupted
>everyone making all this fuss about John Blanche retiring
>I thought he’d retired years ago
If the past few years of miniatures are anything to go by, his influence on the game’s aesthetics have long since dwindled to nothing. Why would anyone care?

File: Sanctuary Keeper.jpg (7.62 MB, 1460x10000)
7.62 MB
7.62 MB JPG
Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/wETipqYw
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread: >>89081371
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File: IMG_4029.jpg (1.24 MB, 640x3946)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG

I made a second to this, you know
>I made a second to this, you know
Hi Fox,

How are you these days? Working on anything new?
>The Borderlands

>>Eye of the Storm
>>At Doom's Gate
Umm . . . how are you planning to get through the barrier around Australia, if you're starting in Europe?
>Espanol Delenda Est.
Nice classical reference, but why do we need to destroy Spain?
>he doesn't know.

File: UESRPG-3e.jpg (41 KB, 487x630)
41 KB
I Started a game using [pic related] system
Running a party of three through the time of the Stormcrown Interregum, 4E year 14ish.

Might change some dates of events. I want them to be involved with the siege of Orsinium and with Titus Medes rise to power. Right now we're doing dungeon crawls and basic fighters guild stuff. But I need some plot-hooks. Got any Ideas?

One of my players is working on a map of Cyrodiil too If anyone wants that for their games.
45 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Imo deep jungle near the central area doesn't fit 100%. I have that general area as essentially the breadbasket, massive rice farms and such.
Colov's I consider holy Roman empire central Europeans, primarily Czech slav and Germanic. Definitely not too far east to Poland or hungry where you start seeing curved swords, tassel's, and plate armor is less and less common.

Nibs are a bit more abstract and I see them as southern Italy, Greece, maybe vaguely byzantine.. Carthaginian?
I don't like them very slavic at all. I like a mixture or bizarre romans and condottieri with a dash of nordaboos (I think the phrase Hiberniores Hibernis ipsis, more Irish than the Irish themselves, which describes to gaelicised Norman nobility in Ireland is prety apt in relation to the Colovians and their nord larp).
This is neat. A TES TTRPG is really appealing. How does it play?
Like somebody combined runequest and dark heresy but made it good

File: pawk.jpg (47 KB, 720x720)
47 KB
This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from sci-fi, fantasy, historicals, fantasy football, and more! Share your printed minis, terrain, print fails, 3d modeling, printing advice, works in progress, or anything else /tg/-related to 3D printing.

- Post pics of your prints be they fails or triumphs
- Keep your prints and files about tabletop games only
- Encrypt file links
- Use Passwords
- Post your resin/printer/settings for faster advice
- Help your fellow anons with advice

- Not make a new thread until old one dies
- Not encourage namefags, tripfags, fumefags and coomers
- Not spoonfeed newfags
- Not encrypt links to websites

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you can rescale minis anon
Woah that design, where you got those from??
>Open window to let the resin/alcohol small out.
>There's a dead skunk within 10 miles.
Can't win, can only break even.
So why did you kill the skunk anon? Tell us please.
File: failprint~2.jpg (2.97 MB, 4208x3120)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB JPG
Why does my print keeps failing? It seems to break off at the supports. You can see the big nothing near the building plate where support connect to nothing. I added additional support but to no avail.
Should I increase exposure time or decrease layer thickness? Does having a fully loaded buildplate have an effect on the print quality?

>Exposure time: 1,5 sec
>Layer thickness : 0.05 mm

Im using a anycubic photon mono se
with the anycubic grey eco uv resin.

File: shadowrun.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: *********
>>>Enter Passcode: *********
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to Shadowland...
///...I'm Still Here...///

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
>Last Viewed Files: >>81679534

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Ok3ufB0_(1).jpg (78 KB, 720x702)
78 KB
>Jump-in toys
How have I never considered the hotsim Hitachi as the next step in e-thottery? Give 100 credits, get 10 seconds to be pressed into the bits of your simp-target.
>The elf variant is the Chinese Immortal elf, which is literally just "better human with paler skin and golden hair."

That's just every SR elf. Sub out red hair if you're a Tir poster child I guess.

Do Odkhun have a default magic rating/quality that gives them Shape [Fire]?
File: 1622793463833.jpg (243 KB, 1120x1600)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Target UCAS has a good section on them for old lore.

If you follow the current timeline, it's actually a great time to jump into Motor City. With Ares looking like they are moving to the CAS, you have a lot of vested local interests suddenly getting shaken up. Out-of-town mobsters trying to get their hooks into corpos before they move down and become enmeshed in southern shadowpolitics (or local gangs trying to keep their connections), suppliers and contractors trying to make one last big score off the Ares teat, 'legitimate businessmen' trying to get a deal on whatever real estate/equipment they can't bring down, and lots of soon-to-be-unemployed labourers wondering what the next step for them is going to be.
>That's just every SR elf. Sub out red hair if you're a Tir poster child I guess
Absolutely, except that they explicitly have moonlight pale skin and golden hair. There's no variety at all in any of their features except eye color, which is either black, brown or green. Most Elves have features that more directly reflect their human ancestry.

I've never had someone ask to play Odkhun that didn't take a magic rating high enough for it (adepts and mages for the most part). I think I would allow it because the idea that the bloodline isn't absolute makes sense to me. From an NPC perspective, I worked from the assumption they all had something related to fire, like Shape Fire, but I wouldn't say it was an absolute. If you wanted to enforce Magic rating for them, that seems totally fine.
>I have never even heard of someone playing in mongolia
Hell, even acknowledging the place is pretty rare for cyberpunk settings. I can only think of one off the top of my head, and that one gave the place three paragraphs of fluff in its first edition and then promptly nuked it when second edition was cutting down the number of mega-cities.

File: Saucy Sixth Steiners.png (310 KB, 584x650)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Der Lyranische Staat wird erwachen! edition

Last Thread: >>89101073

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
268 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
You say shit like that as if the other authors didn't do a better job at articulating the Battletech theme.
File: big steel claw 2.png (3.85 MB, 1920x1080)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
File: 20230114_175533144_iOS.jpg (1.7 MB, 3024x3024)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
I'm a fan of those too. It's how I got started in BT; I chewed through most of the Jade Phoenix trilogy while I was stuck in Saturday detention in middle school.

Meh, tropes are tropes. I'm not going to pretend it's high art, because it was just a thing I wrote for fun. The whole thing is self-indulgent bullshit rife with dumb references and I won't deny it. I don't feel bad about it, because it's not canon. Y'all can yell about it being fanfic and you'll be 100% right, because that's exactly what it is, and that's also why I'm not sure why it caused such a fuss.

Yeah, but I mean like, "the entire thing is rigged, the MechWarriors are actors first and warriors second, there's a script and persona that's being given to the actors," etc. Modern pro wrestling is soap operas for men, and I can't imagine anyone *not* wanting to do it but with 'Mechs in the BT universe.
I did. I told him his story was shit the first time he admitted to writing that garbage as well.
Well that certainly explains a lot.

File: ARN-002-Army_of_Allah.png (398 KB, 365x509)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
LOTR memes Edition

Previous thread: >>89100679

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by wotc employees in the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Sites: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
31 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Holy fuck i want to play EDH bros i wish my faggot friends were more willing to play
You have Serra's Ascendent for it, only costs W for 2 less power and toughness.
You're half right. The distinction between the two is only when you're choosing the dungeon to move through. Intitiative can only go into the Underdark, Venture chooses between the 3 other dungeons. After you have entered 1 of the 4 dungeons, from that point on until you've cleared the dungeon off the board both Venture and Intitiative will move you through the current dungeon you're progressing through
>faggot friends
Maybe you could offer them sexual favours?
Regarding last thread, I also wanted to make Angel tribal but is it possible to make it on a budget?

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