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File: maxresdefault.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Lifelong gundam fan
>Want to go to Japan on a sort of pilgrimage and visit the statue and buy tons of gunpla and merchandise as well as playing exvs 2
>too afraid cause i dont know japanese and have no one to go with

Hold me bros...
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Of what? Japan is a developed country and one of the safest (if not the safest) on the planet.
What an original opinion.
>play exvs 2
be careful what you wish for, might as well just visit the zoo, at least the monkeys don't have internet
I dont understand what you are implying
>all the good exclusives are always sold out because of chinese scalpers

Earth is ours by taking: >>17152528
>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links
>Kamen Rider Monster Compilation

>Zi-O Episode 19 preview

>Kamen Rider Cross-Z V-Cinema Trailer

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Was used to kill Chihiro.
>3 min video with gackt

How the fuck TVN encode their video?
I don't like the way Shotaro is eyeing Phillip from the back like that...
As someone who has only finished Amazon and Amazons what should be my next watch? I've been eyeing Ghost and Build but I feel like that's too big of a jump (Though Amazons is too but I felt the need to finish it after Amazon though they aren't related).
File: DxCTHfcUUAAs0d7.jpg (182 KB, 1200x900)
182 KB
182 KB JPG

File: rising.png (117 KB, 640x480)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Hi, I'm Oppai Missile. You might remember me from translations such as Mazinger Angels, Dancouga Burn and some weird lesbian Gundam visual novel. I was also the main story translator in the Super Robot Wars GC translation project we had going on here a long time ago, and I guess the project died because I vanished and there wasn't anyone to take my place. Sorry about that, it was a combination of burnout and life happening. When you do something as a hobby for free, you have to accept that it will be low priority if anything happens to you.
However, I kept my translation files safe and backed up all this time, hoping to maybe one day get back to it. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to it. I played through the game again from the beginning up to where I had left off to get myself back up to speed, checking my old translation as I went to fix any mistakes or things I thought sounded awkward, and then I just kept going for a bit. I think the last thing I shared was the files up to stage 20, now I'm done up to 25. Here's the link to the script files (my old mediafire folder won't take the upload for some reason):
I haven't tested these files in game because I don't have the binsplitter utility to recompile the thing, my past self didn't think to back that up with the rest of the stuff for some reason. I only have the game script files and Dashman's awesome script editing tool.
Now hopefully the rest of the team is still around. If they're not, which is understandable, I can totally finish all the cutscenes myself, and I think the menus and stuff were already done? though I don't have those files either. We might have to look through old archived threads to put everything together if it comes to that.

(If anyone needs proof this is really me, I'm putting a little edit on the last post on my release blog, which you can google.)
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Will there be a convenient way to access the script outside of the game?
I have a copy of the game on Gamecube, it would be cool to play it that way.
File: 1495857375409.jpg (1.57 MB, 2199x2163)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
That's not the actual chart though.
It is, they updated it.
No, one guy (you?) updated it and outside of /m/ it hasn't been reposted anywhere.

Huh. Lets change that.

File: IMG_20190109_214937.jpg (221 KB, 1000x1480)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Tickets go on sale on the 18th and the movie airs on the 19th
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>Buy ticket
>Remember that I have to wait a whole ass month for fucking Unicorn 2

Buyer's remorse, senpaitachi. Still, yay Gundam I guess.
>closest showing is in Memphis
>Menphis is 2 hours one way
Four hours of driving for an hour and a half movie... If it was in Clarksville, maybe. Memphis? Fuck no.
File: Deep in thought.png (480 KB, 834x468)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
>Not showing it in the UK too
>That stinks
I'm still hoping against hope for a joint Australian-Finnish-Hong Kong fandub to pop up and btfo of whatever they're pumping out of New York
Just watched it, any of you guys want some spoilers?

File: 14901969761320.jpg (277 KB, 1920x1080)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>Japanese people love Char and everything related to him
>yet the character that was crucial for his development got little to no screentime and development both in original series and numerous later works
>outside of Elmeth gunpla her merchandise is almost nonexistent as well
And it seems that Bandai and Sunrise don't want to fix this problem. Why?
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She's from a country where adults shit on the street,
fuckoff to your containment board

If it was Tomino running, his arm would be extended to slap them all.
>Maybe they are just afraid of touching the whole prostitution and making their golden boy into a pedophile
They weren't afraid inserting a teen rape story in Valvrave and Unicorn.
They could have written alternative backstory, like this: Lalah's dad was a worker on a space construction site, where he spent several years (that's where he recieved the possibility to concieve children with newtype genes). He got enough money to return to Earth, but due to falling a victim to some kind of a banking scam he got himself deep in debts so the entire family had to work to keep themselves alive. Then authors could explore the reasons and story of Lalah becoming a hostage of gambling mafia (may insert a reference to a Solitaire from Live and Let Die). All this would make for a one hour movie.
Second movie could be about Lalah's life after she got freed by Char. We need to exclude the family out of the story somehow (there might be several variants, like some of the family members may die, or get a good job, so Lalah wouldn't have to work that hard). Anyway, this is the time when Char x Lalah romance should begin to develop. In the end she should recieve an invitation from dr. Flanagan (may be different variants, including a reference to a WWII era crossword test used to hire the codebreakers among Daily Telegraph readers).
And those are the things I came up with just now.


Previous Thread:

Super Robot Wars T PV 2

Lastest Stream

Super Robot Wars T for Playstation 4/Nintendo Switch PV

English Trailer

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OG when
>Thread #1578
>Most of the TTGL uses weapons from other characters, like Katana's, giant sniper rifle, my wife is the best in the unvirse swing, etc...
Most of this is in the movie, except the swing got ported over to TTDG

>the final attack is Simon using each form of GL to get close to the Anti-Spiral, each getting disabled and propelling the next form forward until only the Lagann is left and it takes out the Anti-Spiral.
Actually I already pointed out how this is much worse in the movie than in the show. That said, for an SRW final attack, using the STTGDB is fitting. More than an attack that all your forms get destroyed in (I understand that other units have such attacks, but they always feel odd)
Any way to know what characters have what relationships with other units in SRW X (love, friend, rival)?

For the life of me I can:to figure out how to find out, maybe I just can't find it in game, and akurasu doesn't list any of it.
>Thread #1576

File: IMG_3507.jpg (273 KB, 1920x1080)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Teamwork kicks ass.

Episode and Music DDLs

New episodes air on Saturdays at 7:00 AM JST. Episode replays are uploaded to YouTube the following Friday at 3 PM JST.

Tomica Rescue Drive Head discussion is welcomed, as there isn't enough for it's own thread.

>Is this the show with the wacky Miku and Evangelion crossovers?

>Upcoming Toy Releases
DXS 12 Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa Iron Wing - December 27th
DXS 13 Black Shinkalion Kurenai - February

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's episode 50. I'd rate it 9/10, -1 because it's really gay >>17157139
I watched tiger and bunny so i can probably handle gay
also, thanks

Tweet just says January 2019 so still no definitive date. I listed the dates shown on Amazon Japan in the OP and they may be the actual dates for all we know.
too late bro

I've never seen a better mecha movie. Am I wrong?
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File: 1534673590518.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
>Live Action

It's got Shige's VA as Old Shige
/r/ing some more standalone mecha movies.
File: ovanew7.jpg (32 KB, 185x140)
32 KB
ok- now I'm interested.
>posts a movie poster
>says it's a TV show

File: 5166677-image.jpg (22 KB, 500x281)
22 KB
Will we ever find out what happened to him?
74 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why not?
Good point.
It's not a clone, it's just a cyber newtype girl who was in the same OYW unit as Johnny Ridden but kept in cryostasis or someshit so she hasn't aged much. Her name is "Ingrid 0".

She uses the Johnny Ridden name as a callsign to try and draw out the real Johnny Ridden, just like all the other "subtle" shit they're doing like hacking into Led's combat simulation and inserting Johnny Ridden's combat data as an opponent and dropping the Johnny Ridden name every chance they get like they're actively fucking with him to see if he's faking the memory loss or not to see if he gets nervous and trips up.
Oh, well that makes more sense and is way more interesting than the clone thing.
Everything you said is wrong.

Am I blue to you? edition

Held down by Earth's gravity >>17142925

To activate english text, activate HARO, and pick the second option from the bottom, then pick the second option from the bottom again. Go right once from the starting choice(Japanese), then back out and confirm. The game will reload, with ALL text now in English

Current drops https://bo2.ggame.jp/jp/items/
How to join http://mobile-suit-gundam-battle-operation-2.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_download_the_game
GBO1 parts http://gundambattleoperation.wikia.com/wiki/Custom_parts
>get 2 Guncannon II's immediately

fucking the range on this bad boy

Oh god I wish that straw were my cock
156 replies and 81 images omitted. Click here to view.
And the fires keep burning
File: 1546117135270.jpg (34 KB, 184x184)
34 KB
File: Laughing AEUG.jpg (58 KB, 500x270)
58 KB
> this thread
File: 1511730838283.png (313 KB, 400x400)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Fucking destroyed senpai
File: smug.jpg (37 KB, 704x396)
37 KB
I fucking love this thread

Is this show any good?
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

No, actually, Liv, a Earthbound squid falls in love with Ledo and, though she loses to Ami, convinces the one ship that returns to Earth everyone can live in harmony by realizing Earth is their homeworld. The space Hideuze honestly fuck off to places unknown. However you are right. Ledo's space mate Murica had already bought it even before season one.
File: 1546215707852.jpg (36 KB, 480x480)
36 KB
>Not good
Rebellion was pretty bad, let’s be honest

No lie, the female character design in this show is crazy. It's not a traditional mecha show, but it is an interesting story worth watching.
File: 1372640026423.jpg (123 KB, 700x700)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Honestly found it really boring. If you're wanting a true action show, you're not going to get it. It's not bad, but it's not something I would normally watch. Also it's classic case of Urobutcher's onions green is people nonsense. Honestly, it was the one I enjoyed least out of the three big mecha shows that aired that season. Hell, I preferred date a live to it, so what do I know. Watch it yourself if you really want to know.

Ever seen Phantom?

File: whoisthisguy.png (226 KB, 392x294)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Hey /m/ do you know who this guy is? He approached me to give my Gundam the ability self-recover and to ressurect, sounds like a cool dude.
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Isn't that Kee-oh-jee?
Don't listen to this man
File: withthehelpofKyoji.png (256 KB, 537x349)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
I can't believe you received the help of KYOJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Yeah, it turns you into mustard gas

Just got done watching the original series. Season 4 was garbage. Is Headmasters worth checking out?

File: 1322165263892.jpg (1.85 MB, 2550x2582)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
This year marks the 20th anniversary, are we going to see anything from best Gundam?
64 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>implying any new result won't be fueled by shitposting
Turn A was pretty boring, I never found the appeal of such a slog fest when every previous entry was just better and most entries after it.
lmao, why would you admit that? Nobody is ever going to be okay with your degenerate fetish.
File: The best.jpg (109 KB, 711x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Yes the 20th anniversary of the best Gundam
Turn X

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