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File: 5612.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
>mind controls you in your path
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File: kwat.jpg (434 KB, 1017x680)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
if you post a pic of any woman wrestler and ask to randoms if ''they pass'' they will always respond the same way
File: 1623095281209.jpg (283 KB, 586x1133)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
>Has the highest powerlevel in pro wrestling history in your path

What is more embarrassing? Doing those weak ass strikes, the cartwheel or the smug look on his face after doing it?

File: E4X_jAfWQAEvPr-.jpg (86 KB, 828x753)
86 KB
The Wyatts
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imagine jojo looking back at her old nudes that shit must be sad
I get that vibe too
which is why she'll lose her virginity by the age of 12
Have you seen how her father looks. She'll be giving bjs for meth in a couple of years
nah she aint black

She's op as fuck, nerf this bitch
am gonna nerf her tiny asshole with my cock lol
She's like a warlock in TBC
One seed out-DPSes everyone

File: EprEsk3VoAIkkiy.jpg (36 KB, 1200x664)
36 KB
Make the switch
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My money is on Giulia to be the next that kills herself
File: RbgYhzI.gif (1.5 MB, 303x184)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
>Stardom isn't good
Hope you feel better saying Fuck up shit like that.
I can't afford another streaming service
Switch from across the road to down the street? Hana found that out, Mayu is learning too

File: E4P515CVoAkh-ab.jpg (115 KB, 675x900)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
previous: >>1603566
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File: 1621901490563.jpg (150 KB, 768x1024)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
big fan of this big titty semen demon
>its morning where I am
>She's sitting on morning wood kek
she knows what she's doing
she looks like a bunny
>mina please we need to finish the gunpla

File: horizontal rows.jpg (359 KB, 920x1225)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Which row has the most talent?
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Third row checks all the boxes when put together
4th I meant
2nd row has guys who are all charismatic, great wrestlers, and know how to connect with their audiences. So I'll go with them.
It's second row

File: Hogan slamma.gif (3.94 MB, 427x327)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB GIF
Or was he just retroactively given a top spot a la Flair or Cornette because the moment was to go down in history?
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It's a dumbass question with dumbass insinuations. It's like saying, "was Magic famous before he lost to Jordan in the finals-- or is he like Bird and Isiah Thomas" It's fucking stupid. If you didn't know that Andre was famous, why would you insinuate that Cornette and Flair were retroactively given a top spot. The fact that this tard has to ask if Andre was famous (and he was known in main stream- you don't have to be Magoo to realize this) should absolve him from even mentioning anything about Flair or Cornette's career.
File: EswJeRxWMAYiE5i.jpg (36 KB, 600x671)
36 KB
Hell yea he was. Vergil talking of Andre's peak is dimes
>Thanks to Virgil, I can never look at Andre the Giant the same again. He referred to Andre as the "firehose" and recounted a time when Andre took four chicks and "stacked them up like a sandwich" and went to town with his "cock fingers."
What are you talking about, he was the most famous wrestler in the world way before Hogan. He's listed in 1974 as the highest paid wrestler in history.
It's not fair to say those guys weren't over because they were.
Dusty sold out MSG when he came to work for Vince Sr.
Andre is certainly more well-known, but I wouldn't call them, well Dusty more, but Lawler was known for his Letterman appearance and being the guy in Memphis, nobodies. Especially Dusty in the 70s. That was his peak.

But I see your point, it's different though. I was born in NY and used to live in Montreal which were his biggest territories and he was always well known here. Inoki is one of his bigger feuds and it's part of why guys made huge money over there. Yes, Hogan was important to his legacy, but Andre really was already made. There's a reason Hogan stupidly says that he was scared if Andre would job or not, despite Hogan already being champion for three years at that point. He was still acknowledged as that big of a deal. Shit, Andre putting him over made Hogan even more popular than he already was. You could say Hogan would've whined down earlier if it wasn't for Andre.
>didn't get mainstream national or international acclaim until the lead up to this match
get a load of this retard

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Fuck you this isn’t funny and all the blatant samefagging is cringe

File: 1624228693068.webm (2.53 MB, 1920x1080)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
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Who should have won the Joshi wrestler MVP last year then?
probably Yoshiko for having good matches and crossing over in to mainstream with her TikTok and cook books. Maybe Suzu Suzuki or Chihiro Hashimoto.
so mad the truth hurts?
Yeah I was thinking Yoshiko too. Just wanted to see if you was going to say something retarded like someone from TJPW.
Why was the dumb bitch on the ropes just sitting on the ropes for an eternity? That cunt should have hopped off and stomped pinky

File: wwe_hell_in_a_cell.0.jpg (183 KB, 1200x800)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>2016: Charlotte fails to put Sasha through a table then pins her in her hometown to absolute dead silence.
>2017: Shane trying to be one of le boys, start of horrible Shane and Bryan vs. Owens and Zayn feud.
>2018: Lesnar breaks in, no contest in Hell in a Cell.
>2019: Bray lays on the mat for 20 minutes while Seth cries and the ref yells.
>2020: Roman, his cousin and the ref do high school level acting for half an hour. Orton and McIntyre have a shitty match with a nonsense finish.
>2021: Distraction, roll-up, holding the tights.
Holy fucking shit this gimmick is dead.
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no contest by referee stoppage
Roman vs Braun was no contest because neither Roman nor Braun was able to continue the match
in short pure autism and X-Pac was right
this, a rarely used rule means that even a no-DQ match can end in a no contest but oddly enough WWE didn't do this for decades until lucha underground had mil muertes vs matanza end in no contest after the flatliner through the roof of dario cueto's office
>Fs to all the guys that took years off their life for this gimmick.
no wait a fucking second there, Foley nearly killed himself twice within the same match to establish Hell in a Cell after Shawn v Taker, and Haitch hates Foley….this gimmick match isnt ruined on purpose to fuck with someone’s legacy, right?
>Seff v Fiend ended when Seff used a Sledgehammer™

File: 1590258581871.jpg (88 KB, 890x602)
88 KB
post entertaining shit that happened here for fellow anons to laugh at
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File: 1616140824130.jpg (451 KB, 1080x1205)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
This is pretty based
File: Titan Towers.jpg (482 KB, 1200x800)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
>Applied Physics
>Owen Hart
Gets me every time

File: E4TmYG6VUAUY7KU.jpg (238 KB, 1600x1067)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Ehhhh?! Starlight Kid joined Oedo Tai?! When did this happen and when will Mayu go full Crow Sting from all these betrayals?
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1593877022349.jpg (766 KB, 2288x1716)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
Konami being older than me is weird
Agreed. And you wanna know what she looks like? Basically a cuter version of momo.
>When did this happen
fagua confirmed to not watch joshi puroresu for the nth time
SLK didn't betray mayu she had to switch because of the stipulation. she's in oedo tai against her will

File: Crying.E-Drone.webm (295 KB, 256x256)
295 KB
I'm tired guys. I am so fucking tired of having to defend WWE every single fucking day. Why are they like this? Why can't they go back to being based? It is so fucking hard putting on a brave face and fighting these fucking trannies when I know in my soul that WWE has been garbage for the last decade. I just want it to be good again. Not even great, just fucking good enough to be watchable without fucking cringing and dreading coming to /pw/ and seeing those uppity trannies shit all over my company.
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false flag tranny outed by base LA Dimes and that's not an insult just a fact of life ya dummy
Seek help you gigantic retard
File: 1624159710874.jpg (56 KB, 339x315)
56 KB
DUMMY detected
>name fag
Into the filter it goes
false flag tranny cope
HIAC was great

File: Based Bobbo.jpg (19 KB, 580x330)
19 KB
Storyline aside... did they?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Indeed, I remember an anon posted here that it was an Impact house show in some third rate city (think Chattanooga TN, St. Cloud MN, Pierre SD, Peoria Il, Montpelier VT, etc.) and despite being a show for like 25-50 people, Bobby showed up to the venue in a full suit. Unless you’re a man with a lot of honor and respect, you’re not gonna do that. Hell I did a show yesterday for about that size and I fucking showed up to the venue in basketball shorts, sandals, and a tank top.
wtf rusev posts here?
Miro was too busy playing vidya games while his wife was getting railed every night by Big Based Bobbo. What did Heyman mean by this?
it was the day after Miro got his US citizenship, go figure
File: FaceApp_1624259464043.png (254 KB, 580x330)
254 KB
254 KB PNG

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