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File: mu.png (484 KB, 600x456)
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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

File: file.png (296 KB, 1249x664)
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Can we get a list of incel anthems going?

I'll start

>Violent Femmes - Add It Up
>Blink-182 - Dammit
>Descendents - Hope
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even in normieville there are still different sects of normiedom. one who listens to blink will be in the lower caste, unless he compensates in other ways. blink is like Porcupine Tree to them. a little quirky, little nerdy, theyre seen as smart for listening to them, basically normies are too busy working out, wageslaving, and having sex so they dont really have time to think of these things
File: LC_GT500.jpg (340 KB, 1920x1080)
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rent free schlomo
Soon enough we’ll have self driving cars and this menace will be forced off the streets. You kids get off my lawn!

File: thebeatles.jpg (200 KB, 612x618)
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200 KB JPG
>Hey guys! Are we The Beatles yet?
haha those 2 are so lame with their boring one hit wonder
Wait... which one of their two songs that people know do you like better?
Not if you keep acting like The Kinks with your sibling rivalry
>OP isn't mad fer it
What's up with Liam's unibrow?

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File: mia bonbon bike.jpg (85 KB, 736x491)
85 KB
I have mia fever
this sounds cool
but is that essay actually on the album cover
Impossible, look at soojin. You just exist and it's already considered a bullying even by someone from the other school
she was heckin' cute

it's like seeing what Solar did to herself

Everyone else flipping their shit over the price tag and I'm just sitting here wondering why the fuck it wasn't called an OP-2... or even an OP-2000.

>religion is...LE BAD
No wonder reddit loves this band
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And it wasn't that Religion is "Bad" but that there are a lot of hustlers who take the lord's name in vain to make a quick buck. (Or pound, in Jethro Tull's case)
But unironically
truth hurts
imagine not being able to comprehend a song's meaning on such a basic level
I mean Rush were Libertarian and a lot of Krautrock was essentially Marxist+all The Gentle Giant Albums that are historical critiques of Mideval Aristocracy+Prog is a pretty Reddit Genre to begin with. I feel like they're far from alone in the prog world for having a god bad album although ofc Magma and Amon Dull ii were probably both at least spiritual.

File: sssssssssssss.png (13 KB, 342x147)
13 KB
If you’re under 25 years old — or an immature 30-plus — I’m about to set your ass straight. So, listen up. Your music is fucking garbage. There, I said it. Mindless crap. Eardrum-bursting, dagger-in-the-eyes, ass-bagging, blow your fucking brains out — unadulterated dog shit. That pretty much sums up the type of music that’s popular with today’s young people. Listen, you stupid sons of bitches. I’m talking at you.
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You mean pop mostly I'm guessing?
He said classical not classic rock. Very cringe.
File: schizo thread.png (140 KB, 414x319)
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140 KB PNG
"Your music" as in what we listen to? or are you attacking bedroom producers..?
OP's upset about all the pop threads

File: edvid.jpg (31 KB, 640x317)
31 KB
Jet-plane headed up to the sky
Spread wings in the clouds, getting high
We ain't hit a rave in a while
So take me back to London

File: soundcloud-logo-font.png (59 KB, 641x641)
59 KB
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File: mnd.jpg (58 KB, 700x700)
58 KB

>experimental, instrumentals

Nice, really hazy/trippy sounding
File: MOSHED-2022-5-15-12-57-35.jpg (188 KB, 1400x1400)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
based photomosh user. no complaints, but the intro could be either longer, or shorter. I think it's in a middle zone that makes it a bit off putting, but that's just me
>>110543240 sweet, I'll use it as my workout music for today
all recs

>ambient, drone, slushwave
File: a2768728343_10.jpg (95 KB, 1200x1200)
95 KB
>ambient piano tinkering

File: 1652413513968.jpg (103 KB, 365x516)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

>"I think I've heard this one... yeah it's the one with the guy and... uhhh no dude I loved it, really good, the best I've heard of your stuff by far!"- Wagon Lord, 2022
>"Above average" - Dekomodo, 2021
>"A better version of the black keys, 7." - Doldrums, 2022
>"Really good" - Mom


friends/shills I like

we all gonna make it bros
File: Bearhug.png (542 KB, 500x500)
542 KB
542 KB PNG



I like making messy synths melodies




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File: 1630862926599.png (15 KB, 512x512)
15 KB
do you bother rating an album you don't like?
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And yet you selfishly make use of others rating to find out good albums.
ryms a cool place to talk about music and i dont see anything wrong with rating music but people take it way too objectively
this is what peak rating curve looks like
(ideally 3.0 and 2.5 should be equal)
>rym a cool place to talk about music
>rym a cool place to talk
>rym a cool place
pls gooby
it can be preddy reddit sometimes but i've been down some zaney rabbit holes on rym so i'm glad it exists

Normally I wouldn't want to shoot down an artist for being so honest but the vulnerability on this record is off-putting. The music itself is high quality but the lyrics are cringe, and I consider TPAB to be one of the best hip hop records. Kendrick embarrassed himself with this one and I can only imagine the thousands of listeners who are in denial about the record due to his strong track record. The whole thing feels like a therapy session, and he's more unhinged than Kanye. It just comes across as sad where as when Kanye does sorrow, it still works. Nothing on this record matches Come to Life, and this record focuses almost solely on that emotion. Kendrick is just spewing so many confessions so quickly that it's overbearing. My conclusion after this therapy meeting is that Kendrick needs to quit thinking so much and get over himself.
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well he literally says he had writers block for 2 years. so you need to factor that into it
Life of Brian is a great comparison
The Heart pt 5 was him acting the savior and p4k loved it
Then the album had him rejecting all that and working through personal trauma and p4k shrugs at it
Who the fuck cares if he is trying to lecture you. That's the problem with society today. Everybody knows our culture is fucked up, and nobody wants to listen to anybody. Even people with honest good intentions get called "preachers" or God complex. Just shut the fuck up.

That's the whole point of the crown on the album cover. Kendricks a regular guy and yet here we are placing a crown on him. We did that. He didn't do that. We said this guy is "preaching" too much and then we called him Jesus. That's why he spent the entire album saying, im not your savior I'm just a regular guy.

Somebody can talk and give life advice without you thinking he thinks he's better than you or without you thinking he thinks he's God
Honestly I think it's amazing I agree with the critics raving about it in a way I didn't with DAMN
>The whole thing feels like the life of Brian in a way. This guy wandered in, tapped into something no one else realized was there, and was completely freaked out by everyone bowing down to worship this caricature of kendrick lamar that never existed. Its pretty interesting.
Great take. This is why it’s ok for whites to be rap critics. No black hip hop head on earth could make such a trenchant comparison.

File: 61YVYbrTTDL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (118 KB, 1476x1500)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
What're the best in-ear earphones for cheap to listen to music? My only requirements:
>with a mic
>with a wire
>under 50 bucks
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File: 1629083602178.png (106 KB, 612x491)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
for what
Those look like hearing aides.
They do sound good tho and they are built really well

These sound like $500 monitors

>easy to lose
>need charging
>more bluetooth shit that drains your battery

File: madchild.jpg (18 KB, 225x225)
18 KB
what do you think about madchild
Thought this said ManChild for a second. Was like "damn that's actually a really funny band name".

File: pepefroggie.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
>White people listening to rap
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shit goes hard frfr
>people listening to rap
It's easy to associate yourself with the lyrics. The correct question is why are people listening to metal
yep i dont´t understand why, propably brainwhased throught TV, general media, etc

its being with us for 40 years and bands keep coming up, music is loud and funny, lyrics are about literally everything and its alternative to the mainstream shit there is literally nothing wrong with metal, is made of passion.

idk if you like rap just hang yourself
Why indeed?

File: a1450192748_10.jpg (277 KB, 1200x1200)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
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File: ariel-crying-on-stage.png (304 KB, 490x490)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
It's not terrible, and the new darker direction is interesting, but no single track ignites a spark in me, the rap parts are...idk, it sounds pretty uninspired and half-hearted overall. Is Ariel done for, bros...?
PS: oof, just heard the last track, that's a yikes for me
Where do you get it?
>the rap parts
it's the fucking zoomers he worked with fault
>its real
Based OP
R. Stevie said the masters of this floored him. Is it really bad?

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