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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

File: TheCureWish.jpg (25 KB, 316x316)
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Who the fuck thought Friday I'm In Love was a good idea?
it really wasn't a great album for single selections - High, Friday I'm In Love and A Letter to Elise

File: timeless.jpg (85 KB, 953x953)
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This album is timeless
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Shout out to my friend who loves jungle for recommending Source Direct to me.

I think this is the best jungle or dnb album ever with In Silico by Pendulum as a close second.
File: folder.jpg (183 KB, 600x600)
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183 KB JPG
>with In Silico by Pendulum as a close second.
Reading this physically hurts, In Silico isn't even Pendulum's best album.

Listen to Torque.

My favourite track off it.
Thanks for the recommendation. Drum and bass, jungle and stuff like that are very far from being my go-to genres when listening to electronic stuff but i always wish to explore more of it.

I dislike Hold Your Colour because the tracks loop themselves at the halfway point. In Silico is more consistent and it has Propane Nightmares in it so yeah. Haven't heard Immersion or anything else beside some remixes.
Well if you like Source Direct then you'll like these, all of which are in my opinion infinitely better than anything Pendulum has done.
Get the Suburban Base comp


File: 9369255438.jpg (245 KB, 500x500)
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245 KB JPG
previous: >>85307454
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc
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pretty trve with 600 views on a music video

File: Hitmen.png (964 KB, 1280x720)
964 KB
964 KB PNG
Yeah, I know. Hotline Miami has a lot of stutters and mess-ups in dialogue though so it would've almost looked better with that in there to me. Nitpick and a half, but oh well
To not get too off-topic, what's some /likehurtingotherpeople/-core? I.e. what's the ideal /meal/ for clearing out Russian mob hideouts
I really hope that some chad smilar to Varg will do smilar thing as Varg did to Euronymous
>To not get too off-topic, what's some /likehurtingotherpeople/-core? I.e. what's the ideal /meal/ for clearing out Russian mob hideouts
are you talking about synth or metal
if metal https://youtu.be/uDxZIwtcbxg

File: maxresdefault.jpg (43 KB, 1024x576)
43 KB
Name a better late 70s/early 80s band. You can't.

File: don't take it personal.png (517 KB, 840x1120)
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517 KB PNG
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File: 1535053483276.png (107 KB, 1400x1229)
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107 KB PNG
anyone who cleans that white bit on the bottom right square is a fucking pleb btw
>those gay flowers
lol every time
buddycucks getting uppity again
I hope it shows more of the other members and not just jin and jk

File: 20190115_190838.jpg (218 KB, 718x712)
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218 KB JPG
All I want is one to take me home... :_(

The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to and discussing albums we've not heard before. Typically, this is done by making a chart of albums, then listening to and discussing one album from the chart each day. Expand your horizons!

>make charts

>listen to tunes alone

>listenalong schedules, OP pics, etc.

Previously on /daily/: >>85193254
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new list of patrician genres:
Jazz pop (regular jazz was removed because i remembered “Avant-garde Jazz” exits)
Shoegaze (new)

Potential future additions:
Video Game OSTs

thank you for listening to my podcast
currently taking applications for a partner to start a avant teen podcast with
send me your top 5 anime movies over RYM pm and we will go from there
serious applicants only
File: 719.jpg (27 KB, 500x333)
27 KB
mum made me tendies
End of Evangelion
End of Evangelion
End of Evangelion
End of Evangelion
Eiga K-On!
i said serious applicants only

File: img_012.jpg (59 KB, 596x528)
59 KB
based music opinions. pic related.
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File: the truth.jpg (84 KB, 466x454)
84 KB
If I could go back in time and murder any group of people before they had a chance to gain influence it would be imagine dragons
STFU when you create a successful band you can then talk shit otherwise FUCK OFF
Coldplay is best modern rock band

I can't stand colplay, i also dilsike U2

File: DYlxOLWXUAIhHWA.jpg (132 KB, 1080x1062)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
music taste is subjective
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>So, would it fulfills needs that the original wouldn't, right?
Fair enough, but in that case it would still be different. Very slightly original, if you will.

>The thing is that you didn't make a connection between being redundant and being devoid of value on this post.
Well, if redundant (let's say an exact copy), there is no reason to assume it would have any value.

>why would it not taste better?
The proper question is why it would taste different on the first place. There is no reason to assume it would be different unless there was a reason for it.

I still think the sequence of ideas is fine, but elaborating on each sequence doesn't hurt either.
Do you think they did that on purpose?
lol i didnt even realize that was a guitar until i saw ur comment and had a second look


The Beatles never started any genres and the best you can say for them is that they wrote decent music most of the time and they "influenced" various genres.

Change my mind.
>decent music
That's a weird way of spelling "the greatest pop songs of all time".

>For half, half of his niggas'll take him out the picture The other half is rich and it don't mean shit-ta
>Hackthoo'ing songs lit, in the booth, with the best host
Doing bong hits, on the roof, in the west coast
Making up words so they can rhyme is lazy. This guy is suppose to be the greatest rapper of all time?
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but those lyrics make sense
>This guy is suppose to be the greatest rapper of all time?
Only by backpackers and people who like "lyrical miracle" type of rappers to sound sophisticated
File: 1530467333639.png (41 KB, 346x326)
41 KB
Nice try but I don't listen to 6ix9ine, nor like his music.
It's "it don't mean shit to/ villain". He's breaking the line in the middke of a sentence for the sake of rhyme and flow, such as rappers like Rakim were known to do. His lyrics are filled with nods to early rap, and the use of this technique is arguably an example of this.

"Hackthoo" is onomatopoeia for spitting, and it particularly calls up comic books and cartoons, which fits perfectly with his supervillain rapper persona.

File: 1471912392045.png (41 KB, 232x293)
41 KB
I'm a girl and within seconds of meeting a guy my age I can tell whether or not he has listened to ITAOTS and whether, consequently, he is someone I want to spend my time with. I meet a guy, he's quiet, reserved, he stutters and stumbles over basic sentences. He doesn't smile, he laughs politely and rarely, he wears clothes that are either too tight or too baggy and which look as if they were picked from a thrifstore clothesrack by his mother back in 2008. When I ask a question his answers come in "yes" and "no"s, when I begin talking about a subject he has expressed (mild) interest in he simply agrees with what I say and smiles the way a small child does when praised by his aunts at Christmas. In short this guy is not a reader. Instead of venturing out in the world, instead of asserting his will and demanding that the world yield to whatever demands he may have, instead of turns inward, his will is inverted, he would prefer to plummet than ascend. Rather than reach overcome his anxieties and mental peculiarities through empathy and conversation, he allows them to entirely dominate his perspective and disposition, to make themselves so much at home in his distorted psychology that the disorders and peculiarities and paranoid distortions themselves eventually become the essential substance of his character. I'd buy him a music ticket myself if I thought he had the courage to use it.

File: 1529389356289.png (2.23 MB, 1477x1594)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
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James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Games
File: 1547008768060s.jpg (9 KB, 242x250)
9 KB
ITT: seething tourists
why is it bad to be a tourist to expand ones taste
liking nonclassical music is for faggots. it should fill you with as much shame as possible
Playboi Carti - s/t

File: rkv7qfj0pma21.png (98 KB, 623x340)
98 KB
The two greatest music critics of all time are beefing. What does /mu/ think?
Christgau's review pictured
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Eat a few copies of the Village Voice
Anthony says the same kind of faggy shit, good for him to get a taste of his own medicine
File: soulfood.png (727 KB, 1920x1080)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
What did he mean by this?
Can confirm this is a what dark proggers look like
t. dark progger
false dichotomy. they're both non-academic pseuds

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