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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: yotsuba_folding.png (505 KB, 530x449)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Welcome to /po/! We specialize in origami, papercraft, and everything that’s relevant to paper engineering. This board is also an great library of relevant PDF books and instructions, one of the best resource of its kind on the internet.

Questions and discussions of papercraft and origami are welcome. Threads for topics covered by paper engineering in general are also welcome, such as kirigami, bookbinding, printing technology, sticker making, gift boxes, greeting cards, and more.

Requesting is permitted, even encouraged if it’s a good request; fulfilled requests strengthens this board’s role as a repository of books and instructions. However do try to keep requests in relevant threads, if you can.

/po/ is a slow board! Do not needlessly bump threads.
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File: origami faq.jpg (159 KB, 762x762)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
FAQs about origami

Where do I begin with origami and how can I find easy models?

Try browsing the board for guides, or other online resources listed below, for models you like and practice folding them.

A great way to begin at origami is to participate in the Let’s Fold Together threads >>>/po/lft - open up the PDF file and find a model you like, work on it, and discuss or post results.


What paper should I use?

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File: kawahata_h.jpg (38 KB, 284x400)
38 KB
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>would not work
Show me the error message.
>i tried to unzip it on many websites and it would not work
What's the extension of your downloaded file and how many of them ?
Better yet, you put all your downloaded files here and I will try to unzip them for you.
Someone should upload it to PinDIY. It's easier to get signed up there.
My friend does!
>It's easier to get signed up there
Why not here. There is no sign up here !!

Rate my wwe title belt /po/
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is everybody in this thread 12 years old boys? all I see are post with *based* in them
Can somebody here make an origami Undertaker? That would be so badd ass mmmmm.
File: 1445820917138.jpg (80 KB, 640x1136)
80 KB
This a RoseCHAD thread. All (((rodent)))faggots go kys

This guy on Deviantart made this and it makes me cringe on more than one level.
I just want to know, if I am not the only one that feels that way.
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>i came
me too!
I think it looks pretty cool, just>>551486
yeah, sometimes I forget /po/ is slow-moving too. (thank god)
Lmao why did your parents do that and how old were you when that happened?
Absolutely love that this was posted 3 years ago and today hasbro is selling silver border MTG cards with ponies on them... One even demands that you pull out an MLP toy you own for special abilities. I hate this parody timeline

File: 1557960846489 (1).jpg (11 KB, 192x146)
11 KB
hello there /po/, I am having trouble making my own papercraft. the problem is, the colors when I export the texture out of blender become really dull and muddy versus how they look when I painted them in blender. how do I keep the colors vibrant? using blender and the trial version of pepakura 4
Maybe make the colors brighter and see how they look after being dullified?

File: IMG_20180101_163336~2.jpg (1.15 MB, 2927x2834)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I said if I came up with anything new I'd share it with you all.

I'm still focusing on drawing, but at the moment I am waiting on books, and these are related to what I want to draw in the future anyway.

I've been focusing on minimalism, and have been trying to come up with a couple.

I decided not to post on the old thread. I don't really like having to slog through petty arguments and people being rude to one another just to find the one or two people who are actually saying anything civil and productive.

I don't know if I'll share diagrams for any of the models I make next Any fun I had sharing has been spoiled by greedy spoild people. I always ask for people to post their finished products, but so far have only ever seen one. Doesn't feel like I'm getting anything back especially for a community that seems so eagar to have every diagram possible.

Anyway, this will probably serve as an update thread for people who don't follow my Flickr.

Here's a minimalist gray fox
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File: 826.jpg (29 KB, 680x680)
29 KB
Ew that cropping. Guess that's what I get for quick downloading memes.

Jokes aside, I finished everything except the wolf, which uses a lot of assets from the lion diagram so it wont take long.

I'm probably only going to make one more model since I only really have the drive to make the one I'm planning.

I've started converting to pdf, I have to decide the final positions of the models before that though, and really try and make the aforementioned model

I'm pretty much 90% done, but I need to do the annoying parts now, like going through and numbering the pages, re rereading the blurbs before the model, check the pictures, etc.

Bacteriophage is going to be a step by step for the crease pattern rather than a straight diagram, since most of it is precreasing anyway.

I finished the cover. It looks the same except the octopus is there.
You have inspired me. I stumbled on this board by accident. Now I will go and play with paper.
Thanks for the info.
Glad I could help turn another to the cult of kami!

No problem! Sorry I didn't answer sooner.

File: 848003.jpg (922 KB, 5606x1960)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Greetings /po/
I've been looking all over the web and I can't find it anywhere, so I hope you can maybe help me out.
I'm looking for : WoW Warrior Tier 2 Pepakura file.
I've found a page where it's located on but the link is broken and seems like the owner hasn't been checking the blog in ages...
I've also tried to extract it myself, but I can't seem to get the modelviewer to work.
I tried alot even tried on my laptop and still no succes. Anyone that could help me out? I would appreciate it alot!

Thank you in advance for your time!
could you post the link where you found it. might be able to obtain it using wayback machine.

thank you for helping me out!

does anyone have this origami tutorial?

File: 100_0755.jpg (140 KB, 1280x960)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
(The dodecahedron needed glue because the paper got all soft; I needed tweezers with the cube, but the crane I can do with my fingers.)
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File: image.jpg (5.38 MB, 4032x3024)
5.38 MB
5.38 MB JPG
My newest record, any smaller and the paper gets torn I need to get smaller tweezers
>tiny crane
>5.4mb photo
I enjoy the irony.
File: 20190920_123920.jpg (1.85 MB, 4032x1860)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Remember posting one of these a long time ago. Here's a new attempt I did today during lunch with my bare hands. Definitely not my prettiest work.
I also cheated and skipped the thinning since at that scale it would just be crumpling the paper.
>I also cheated and skipped the thinning since at that scale it would just be crumpling the paper.
So, you should just call it a flapping bird and get away with it.

I want to do some papercraft stuff but all I have is printing paper and notebook and some pencils. Are there any cool things I can make? I'm thinking something touhou
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There is a method by which you can get perfect squares and a long strip from computer paper, simple method really. Once you learn that, do them in batches with a cutter and you can use the squares for traditional models, the size allowd you to do alot of intermediate models, and the long strips can be converted into units for 3D origami, which is its own little pocket of origami enthusiasm, distinct from say, modular origami.

t.origami-specific enthusiast
File: DSCF3496.jpg (20 KB, 400x300)
20 KB
You can also get a 2x1 sheet of paper by folding the computer paper hamburger (make a crease along the short length, not the long length) i make the origami magic ball model alot with computer paper, you can use tape to close it together on both sides if you can do fine folding and can reenforce the creases on the tape.

Attached is an image with the method to obtain a square from a sheet of printer paper, merely cut along the line that the papers edge creates. (You can make a "template" sheet and cut along the template line over a stack of sheets with a paper cutter to avoid having the diagonal fold on all of your paper)
I cut the squares i make now into smaller squares and do modular origami now, because i have no time to get to a paper shop and no patience to order paper online to do more advanced folds. I also have no real work space to do my projects right now, havent for a few years, so modular origami works well with my lifestyle. (I know it gets some heat)
huh? naze?
he is just kind with us earthlings

File: _sXHGAPApIc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vTOwUI78y3D0k63uTxC7-G5bArKQP0Sr
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File: RZ7P9ZXzlAs.jpg (47 KB, 640x497)
47 KB
Дyбликaтoв тaм гигoв нa тpинaдцaть вeca и яeбaл их иcкaть eccищecнa
File: DmAVugHx9Gw.jpg (284 KB, 900x900)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I cleaned up quite a bit so there's not a lot of copies, my new archive is way better in that regard but this mega folder is fine
It would be better if you buy him premium for 1 month)
Я бы пopeкoмeндoвaл CloneSpy или Duplicate File Detective нo этo кoнeшн нa твoё ycмoтpeниe)

B пocлeднeй пaпкe мeги пoлoвинa пaпoк пycтыe, тaк чтo нифигa нe пoнятнo. Ho cпacибo, пoкa "oткoпaл" кoe-чтo интepecнoe для ceбя. Moя нeмaлaя кoллeкция пoпoлнитcя, кaк paзбepycь) Oнa в Яндeкce, нa нeё ccыль мoгy дaть нo в мeнee пyбличнoм мecтe. Oдин paз нa нeё пoжaлoвaлиcь и были cлoжнocти.
Haпиши мнe в диcкopдe, a зa coвeт cпacибo тaм мнoгo фaйлoв нaзвaны пo paзнoмy нo coдepжaт oдинaкoвыe paзвepтки и c тaким cлoжнo

File: IMG_20190609_012846.jpg (188 KB, 2048x1364)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Books, crease patterns, any diagrams or pdfs. put em here
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What is that supposed to do/show/... ?
Anyone knows the name of this model and the author ?
A five-second search on the internet will give you the answer and more.
File: aiueo.png (134 KB, 276x232)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Is pic related what you looking for?
Thankyou so much!

Let's fold together. I am folding models from this book for fun. Probably in order. Come join in, ask for help if needed, and help out if you can!
262 replies and 96 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: WIN_20191011_18_59_19_Pro.jpg (227 KB, 1920x1080)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Did it
File: foxjohnmontroll.jpg (3.73 MB, 2885x2885)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
Paper wasn't meant for this kind of project. I really like the model. I'll do another attempt when I get better paper
These are very clean! One thing I would say is try a different paper size for the stem and leaf adjoining the lily

This is exactly how my rendition of this model turned out in the past. It is very much a material problem than a skill problem. Judging by the picture, your fold would've been excellent otherwise
Bless your kind words, Anon
File: IMG_20191022_112643.jpg (3.87 MB, 4608x3456)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
all's I got is a baloon

Does anyone know how to create a papercraft model? I've been searching for a thargoid interceptor from elite:dangerous but i've only managed to find a cobra,sidewinder and coriolis station.
It is supposed to be simple, but i have next to none experience in that.

The image is the Thargoid interceptor from the game.
stupid hyperdicting flowers, just got pulled by one recently
have a bump

Does anyone have this Type 38 rifle model? Or any other bolt action rifle?
wrong board :)

Huh? This is a papercraft
Does that happen often here?
It's papercraft and it looks cool.
File: IMG_0223.jpg (1.7 MB, 2592x1936)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
Type 99?

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