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Which is better?
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horizontal looks better. simple as
that's for women right
every post by that idiot who habitually ends every post in "simple as" is wrong, simple as
The Tour de France was won lo ast year on a Colnago c64 flat top tube.

The Giro d Italia last year winner and current leader is doing it on a Pinarello Dogma which has the "shitting dog" top tube.

Neither winner's bike has dropped seat stays, the fashion symbol that supposedly every frame needs.
For me it's the step-thru frame.

File: O.jpg (174 KB, 1203x1608)
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174 KB JPG
Now that we are up to a launch per week, two fully reusable launch platforms are about to enter service and the martian/lunar transportation system is about to start its flight tests its time to have a thread that discusses space transportation infrastructure and transportation vehicles.

>since no one created a new thread you're stuck with this picture
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File: FTVBsBuXEAEWJn2.jpg (506 KB, 1385x2048)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
New raptors are beautiful
File: toobin.jpg (198 KB, 1476x770)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Cryo tubing spotted near the Florida tower segments with pieces being welded together already.
It's going up so fast. I wonder if SpaceX is going to do the first test from Florida
There's no way to transfer a rocket, so no testing in Florida until they build the factory first.
Uh what? no


previous: >>1799915
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The outer bit needs a hook spanner, like Park HCW-5. Hozan C-203 pliers are a nice alternative, but they cost 3x as much.
The inner bit you can use an open end wrench, adjustable wrench, etc.
I just enlarged that picture, and I've seen lockrings with 2, 4, and 6 notches, but never one with 3. So the pliers wouldn't work in that instance.
Overall, using the three prong end of that Park wrench is pretty good, but the single prong end is quite prone to slipping.
File: hcw.jpg (170 KB, 2280x1520)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I've had good luck with these types of single prong wrenches. Obviously a fixed type that matches the number of notches and curvature of the lockring is best, but these work okay when you don't know exactly what sort of thing you'll be working on.
File: unknown.png (194 KB, 512x512)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>be me
>bike starts creaking
>wash bike
>no more creaking

Not really a question lol
File: 1626384559050.jpg (42 KB, 646x595)
42 KB
>>no more creaking
for now...

File: Reichstag Bulk Carrier.jpg (424 KB, 2048x1536)
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424 KB JPG
River Bulk Carrier Edition
Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lxDKFTLO4x771l06T9y331XYhlc6TqYj-hfhl91iXXU/edit
Old thread: >>1748858
Question of the day:
Would be inland shipping a viable career to look into for a young anon in Germany?
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This is me but i realized my family prospects were zero anyway due to my autism so went for it anyway, im 25 now and know nobody in the US. Im going to start working less and go shoreside soon and try to find a wife or something, you have jobs you can transition too somewhat easily on land if youre an engineer even unlicensed, but im going to go to a college do get a degree in something i like. The thing with spending your youth at sea is you have a lot more fun with better friends than you would, or atleast i did, on land, but then you are completely alone when you go home. Going to try to work 4 months out of the year from now on and start building up on land and if i still have nothing then idk.
Should I go ETO or marine engineer?
one of these professions has you dismantling the sewage macerator pump while it's full because some chink thought it would be funny to leave bolts in the pipes while they built the ship and the other one doesn't
Imagine the smell
if you're in BC the gov will bretty much pay ur tuition for marine engineering and the place you take it will hook you up with a job through co-op

File: 9074-Traffic-Signals.jpg (227 KB, 1200x676)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
What are your favourite traffic lights, /n/? I like the big, bulky yellow ones.
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File: 5827208843.jpg (101 KB, 599x900)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Came in here to say these, the ones that hang from the wires are peak American Dream™
When I went to England to see family, there was a Traffic Light tree that was installed. Sadly, the lights weren't on when I went, but I think this looks really cool
File: 1492797624897.png (36 KB, 350x371)
36 KB
File: 2022-05-23-002357.png (1.89 MB, 1824x964)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
I don't really care about the lights themselves. The only ones that have bothered me are a few down in VA with a white "strobe ring" around the red light.

More obnoxious is when a little town, neighborhood, etc doesn't use standard signs for street names, etc. There's one near me that uses Trajan (medium, not bold) black text on a white background. And this isn't some subdivision, or outdoor mall "streets", but public roads. A typical four way intersection will have two signposts, diagonall opposite, and if you're not right next to one, you can't read the thing.

File: lol.png (655 KB, 747x760)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
>why don't you want to use the subway?

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Stop and Frisk worked
We all fantasize about this but don't want to end up getting stomped out by a gang of 10 spics on the N train at 1am
The subways are a lot better if you take them during normal commuting hours when they're packed. They've always been filled with crazies in mid-day hours and on weekends though
The fuck's wrong with UA? Their tshirts are great.
how'd that work out faggot

File: iStock-650714360.jpg (1.12 MB, 2120x1415)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>commute home from work
>huge bike lane
>some faggot with his two kindergarten age daughters
>let's her run across the street completely oblivious
>little girls runs straight onto bike lane as I approach
>do an emergency brake
>fly over the bike
>steering tube bent
>rear wheel axle comes lose, bending rim
>brand new bell is broken
>bloody scrapes on my left arm
>guy comes over and says with an apathetic, bored voice: "UH,... I'M SORRY."
>don't even say a word to him and just move on
>carry my bike all the way home

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>cycling so fast you literally hurt yourself slowing down
Deserved it, too bad you didn't break your faggot skull.
>ring bell approaching lady today
>no reaction
>slowly pass

Bells don't work on the self absorbed.
File: howard.jpg (19 KB, 210x240)
19 KB
I yell until they move.
Saw this based black guy making siren noises (with his mouth) at people and it was so effective.
Like a police car and it was like he had invincibility turned on.

File: full retard.png (961 KB, 659x630)
961 KB
961 KB PNG
>overtaking a vehicle that's turning on the side they're turning to is universally considered to be dangerous, and is a ticketable offense under normal conditions
>roads layout since motor vehicles have become prominent was designed around eliminating this possibility due to the danger it posed
>somehow everyone manages to forget this when implementing bike lanes
>insanity like pic related, where bicycles not only are expected to overtake cars turning right on the right, but are also obscured from view behind parked cars until moments before a car turning right is in a position to turn, actually exists
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you could always just ride in the 'car' lane
how is this any different than all the sidewalks where pedestrians stop to look over their shoulder to make sure its safe before crossing an intersection? i dont think there is any bike lane configuration which you numtot faglords wont criticize.
Then at least use it in the places where it's normal for fist graders to walk a few miles through the city or town to get to school and then block the corner stores on their way back buying sweets.
that looks nice, there's clearly an effort to establish a ped/bike route to school

rezone the neighborhood to allow small shops and you have a walkable community
this is how cul-de-sacs should be used, prevent through car traffic while leaving an opening for pedestrian and bike traffic to go through

Nailed it.
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Is that the guy who made ethereum?
Musk could make an awful lot of nearly passive income selling transportation as a service.
File: 1536018734063.jpg (15 KB, 407x407)
15 KB
That is sort of what happened with the SF tech bus protests.
>private companies provided transportation for their workers, taking dozens of cars off the road at no cost to taxpayers
>hippies and left wing extremists start blocking the buses, vandalizing them, or trying to board them
>even after negotiating with the city to compensate them for using the bus stops at $8 a stop, activists still whine about them using the dedicated transit lanes the city built
Other modes of transportation like biking and walking would become more desirable if towns were densified. European cities have a higher density than US cities and they don't need superhighways like the US.
los angeles is stupid though
this exact thing happened with ALWEG and the proposed monorail metro system, and it wasn't even ALL profits, it was just a portion (the rest went to LA, but the building was still 100% ALWEG)

they rejected it lmao, what idiots

There's a special place in hell for people who cross DON’T WALK sign.
File: 1651897037660.jpg (41 KB, 512x564)
41 KB
>letting a light bulb tell you what to do
Yes, that place is called the other side of the road.
OP status: burnt

File: bikelock-2048px-2365.jpg (461 KB, 2048x1365)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Are high end bike locks worth it? Cable ones can be cut through like it's butter and chains although stronger are far too heavy.
I bought a cheap one but the key housing is fucking plastic ffs, what lock is a good compromise?
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>SRAM (>sram)

If it was my bike I definitely would
The most cost-effective trick is to have two different cheap locks. Any bike thief can break a cable lock or a D-lock, but they probably won't have two separate sets of tools to break both at the same time.
True, it's just for trails, I don't stop for icecream or coffee while I'm riding. Just take it out of car, ride, ride back to car, put in car, drive away. I store it in my garage

whats wrong with SRAM?

File: 330px-0-4-0-engine.jpg (32 KB, 330x209)
32 KB
Weird/unique train thread
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File: Train.jpg (1.58 MB, 3245x2434)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
I saw this wacky thing at the Homestake Mine in South Dakota
I think that’s powered by storage batteries
Big Diesel wins again
Ah, yes. The W1, AKA Hush-Hush, or The Galloping Sausage.
A shame it never earned LNER a single penny.
was gonna say probably a battery engine for working underground.


General Aviation (GA) refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying. GA flying includes gliders, single-engine trainers, twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, personal ownership, fractional ownership, etc.

Previous: >>1761181
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Thanks, yeah its not atlas thank fuck. I’m not really looking at staying in cargo, depending on the coming recession I’ll be holding out for a job with AA. Antivaxxers unite!
File: my ass is heavy.jpg (37 KB, 640x960)
37 KB
B-52 has 4 gear

Whats the consensus in flying feeder planes? Seems comfy flyibg a caravan into remote areas
depends on company. You could be flying from Buffalo to Elmira everyday forever, which sounds boring but it's easy. Cargo on demand has you flying all over the fucking country which is rad but also you get called to fly a 7 hour trip at midnight which blows.
Caravans are comfy but slow. they suck in ice but if you arent a retard you'll live

The purpose of this thread is to discuss various light electric modes of transportation, such as ebikes and escooters.

Reputable Dealers
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enforced then
though in all honesty I'm more bothered by those loud and smelly 49cc motorbike conversions, god they should just ban those completely
seethe cyclie
who's going to be seething when you eat shit into the pavement?
I've been researching this stuff for a few weeks and I just bought a mid drive conversion kit from Bafang for my bike (a Marin Larkspur). I'm pretty pumped
>I'm afrain of falling down.
You're a pussy. Refer to this: >>1786570
good choice

File: menace.jpg (432 KB, 1506x1300)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Does /n/ agree with Mr. Cuozzo's latest opinion piece about ebikes? He's been right about bike stuff before. For example September 1, 2018, when he dropped the ultimate truth bomb on the 5 boroughs.
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File: wat.jpg (46 KB, 543x543)
46 KB
El Goblino Italiano
I hate it when people on e-bikes ride on footpaths. Zooming past doors.
>a new thing popped up
>we have to ban it
Why are people like this?
Used responsibly, I think e-bikes are great. I use it to commute to work in my office attire, and I don't get sweaty at all. What's next, ban knives because someone got shivved?
That's what they did in Britain

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