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File: lQGT6xM.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
58 KB
Confess, my children.
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As long as it doesn't say "HUFFY" or some chink brand (or worse, is blank because it's an unbranded deathtrap frame you bought on aliexpress for $20) don't worry about it.

No one calls anyone "downtuber" except one retard on /n/ who actually had stopped for a while until you showed up and encouraged him.
File: 1596767904173.png (449 KB, 620x372)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
Sounds like you weren't wearing your mask, comrade.
>waaah why do the mean normies keep asking me to do a really easy thing that will reduce the harm I can do to them
File: 1584052750943.jpg (65 KB, 769x733)
65 KB
>constantly sucking in a soup of fungus, bacteria, and CO2 because muh health
Yikes. If you really want to protect yourself from Trumpvirus and other health risks, there's only one correct answer.
It was worth it

File: KENT FIXIE.jpg (1.41 MB, 3896x3029)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
/BBG/ 98 dollar kent fixie edition


All potential bike purchases to be judged on

Quality compared to competition
Will this bike provide x dollars worth of fun
Bitchin paint jobs

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>1x is trash with a small chainwheel is awful, never again.

absolutely, same as modern mtb geometry it's forced by the cycling industry because they want people to buy 3 bicycles instead of just owning 1 versatile bicycle that's capable of covering basically everything.
>instead of just owning 1 versatile bicycle that's capable of covering basically everything.
So a gravel bike
I'm like 280 right now, but I've been dropping weight fast.
By the time I save up some cash for a bike and it gets a bit warmer I'll hopefully be in human shape again.
i have the XC100 and those stock tires are trash, changed them to some wider maxxis ones. the length of the stem is also a meme. i like the drivetrain, i'm not particularly bothered about not being able to spin over 30kph on an mtb. if i were you i would hit up the used market and buy a full carbon 2x XC race bike. bunch of freds buy those bikes, ride it on pavement once every 2 months and now you can buy it for a fraction of the price.
>buy "sporty" bike, fit it with lights and package holder
>all activity profit

I'm in the process of converting my 15 year old bike in to a winter bike with studs and everything. Take that consumerismos!

Is the autism on parts of the german side about the tunnel's supposedly devastating ecological effects and questionable economic value justified or not?
Is the project really worth the 10 billion euros it's supposed to cost or not?
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A Fehmarn Belt tunnel would create a sensible direct route to drive between the Scandinavian peninsula and continental Europe without having yo take a ferry (or driving the detour through Jylland), so I hope they build it soon.

We already have LIDL and German cars as well.
Why didn't they propose a pure rail connection?
Because it would be financially difficult. It's funded by tolls. Trains barely contribute anything. By making it a combined road rail tunnel, the cars are paying for the train.
File: 1597417479894.jpg (12 KB, 297x300)
12 KB
Their problem with the project is that its not German, nor of German benefit.
Can't make a shuttle service like with the channel tunnel with terminals at Heiligenhafen and Rødby? That should still be preferable to using a ferry or going over Jylland and Fyn.

Ahem... Hello gentlemen riders and the sundry sophisticates of /n/, perhaps we should discuss the proper and mature side of cycling, unracing. To all those that say no to consumerist frivolity and yes to beauty, utility, humility, and craftsmanship. We welcome all who see through the lies of the corporate disposable plastic racer agenda and choose to just ride on fine steel velocipedes
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>Yeah but you can save $1 over the course of a lifetime if you use twine instead of tape. It's frugal and practical.
Meanwhile I've wasted so much money buying rolls of electrical tape, trying to find something of good quality and with a nice satin matte surface.
File: sawyer.png (278 KB, 409x352)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
ITT: Weak chicken-legged casuals who get their asses handed to them by real cyclists everyday.
File: showme.jpg (2.1 MB, 3810x2508)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Beautiful bike.
hipster contrarianism

I yell at pedestrians walking in the middle of the street in my neighborhood at least a few times a week. I am just so tired of it guys. I have no problem with people walking through the neighborhood like people do here, but the problem is mostly in the morning. For some reason, despite having perfectly good and empty sidewalks, people feel the need to walk in the middle of narrow residential streets which is a nuisance to both bikes and cars, and even though my neighborhood has painted shoulder bike lanes, people still walk in these. The neighborhood is mostly downhill so I'm going pretty fast and these people don't even respond to me shining my light on their backs (they walk with traffic so can't see anyone coming) so I have to yell at them
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>which would catch me, because I was paying attention.
This makes no sense whatsoever.
I was successfully avoiding the joints which were evidently uneven when looking directly at them because I was paying attention.
There are joints, like in the picture I posted, which do not appear uneven from above as one approaches due to perspective, and jogging gives you even less time to directly stare it. I have 20/25 vision, so visual acuity isn't the issue either.
It was more effective to space and time my steps to avoid the joint altogether than merely focusing on each incoming joint, and that takes a significant amount of attention to actively do. And even then, vertical/horizontal displacement of the slabs will lead to different lengths, and not all the slabs in my area are spaced the same size.
I paid way more attention when jogging on sidewalks than I have done on any other surface, but still went from a almost never tripping to tripping being a monthly inevitability. I have never seen anyone else use the sidewalks for jogging either, so I assume they either learned through similar experiences, just knew better, or just figured it was more convenient to use the road (and they weren't wrong).

No other common surface I've encountered has such constant risk for trip-causing nicks than sidewalks. Yes, the nicks are more predictable, but the sheer amount of opportunities makes it an inevitability to eventually trip up.
In comparison, asphalt/tarmac rarely has nicks at all, and even then it is either light debris that doesn't cause a trip, or exceptional potholes which only need to be encountered once or twice to remember. This is why running tracks in parks use asphalt instead of concrete.

Oh, and another thing: rain. Concrete/stone can get slippery with just a little silt, much more so than a road. But since I was paying attention, I just knew not to jog then.
I run on unpaved trails through the forest every day with boulders and gravel and roots everywhere and I don't bleed out
This guy can't run on a paved sidewalk without bleeding lol
You would absolutely hate running on forest trails.
I've run on plenty of forest trails before, especially when I lived in my rural hometown. And I have been snagged/tripped by roots before. The next time I come around I just avoid the root.
And I don't bleed out in those cases, because I either land in dirt, grass, or maybe get gravel pebbles embedded into my hands when I break my fall. No biggie. With the sidewalk, it just tends to be less effective at absorbing the impact, and the surface tends to be much more finely textured so that any residual acceleration is going to act like sandpaper.

Is it really that unbelievable that slightly uneven slabbed sidewalks are particularly not conducive to jogging?

File: maxresdefault-1.jpg (395 KB, 1500x1000)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
Bike theft general!

Hi all, just a quick update from bait bike anon here. Just been informed that the bait bike case from 5th Jan 2020 has completed in court (he skipped bail). He got the following-

>To pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service

>Fined £450

>To pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £45

There are two more pending prosecutions.
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shut the fuck up about 'fair'
it's a brainlet concept
>Hydraulic Rebar Cutters
You're talking about tools being owned and kept by a junkie. If they could invest in good quality tools, they wouldn't be stealing bikes to score heroin. Any decent tools would be pawned for a hit when they have a bad day, or stolen by another junkie for the same purpose.
File: 1557498903116.jpg (72 KB, 690x460)
72 KB
Get a cracked carbon frame/parts. The retail price, for inflating the criminal charge, would be $$$ (well I guess it's £££ since you are in the UK), but the actual secondary market cost is dirt cheap
This shit is why high power ebikes are so nice.
>goes as fast as a light motorcycle
>looks like a bicycle
>handles like a bicycle
I've blatantly rode by cops going 45mph and they've never given me any trouble
in first world countries (not america) there are social programs that keep people from resorting to those kinds of things.

File: 20201010_145618.jpg (3.01 MB, 4032x1960)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Very proud of mine bicycle, I am top bicycle from Checkosloberaniastan. If you want to be top bicycle from Checkosloberaniastan, you can't.
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He was talking about the thread.
Real or fake? There's a lot of fake De Rosas

I dislike that De Rosa font though, and the heart in the o looks so out of place.
why do you need so much suspension motherfucker
Hahahaha, China makes fake everything. What the frick!?

File: 060.jpg (62 KB, 953x730)
62 KB
>Anno Domini MMXX
>not owning at least one fixed gear bike
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Case park and cliff drive for views

Trolley track trail
James Reed for flat TT rides. The trifags train there
Why would you own a bike when trains exist?
literally give me one (1) reason why I should

File: usa tour de.png (506 KB, 1560x1019)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Why there are no Tour de USA?
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There is a Tour Down Under held in Australia
File: unracer.jpg (76 KB, 630x630)
76 KB
we have a UCI stage race in Colorado that periodically doesnt get scheduled for the sole reason of the europoor teams getting decimated by elevation in the Rocky Mountains. Americans almost always win it. then you've got the fact that the US is fucking huge and France is a tiny little shithole, we have the Race Across America anyway.

tl;dr we're just better than you
nah you're just stupid. Madison Square Garden started off as a velodrome.
File: 46789159240.jpg (24 KB, 300x343)
24 KB
Wow, that was a nice catch.
>You might as well ask why there's not a Cunt de Oz
But there is...

File: 1581767148152.jpg (182 KB, 573x374)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>faced with intimidating bike maintenance task (changing cables with internal routing)
>remember that even 80IQ ex-felon pedophile bike mechanics can do it
>suddenly have confidence
>finish job no problem
feels good man

Anybody get a first job other than a CFI? I know its possible, but haven't met anyone who's done it yet.
Bump for interest.
File: 20200604_113737.jpg (379 KB, 1080x1080)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Also interested to hear from anyone who's gone street to seat, or didn't and regretted it.

File: helmet.jpg (43 KB, 498x500)
43 KB
post em
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>i AM the boogaloo
lacks ventilation
Ordered a 40€ skiing helmet for winter cycling
File: cairn-andromed-skihelm.jpg (326 KB, 2000x2000)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Looks good. I thought about something similar several years ago, but I eventually just settles on a thin merino cap under my mtb helmet. Maybe if it regularly went below -10°C here an alpine helmet would be worth it.

File: 1667187.jpg (460 KB, 1200x1800)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>Insert pro cyclist pun in here.
So, I recently started a mechanic bike repair service on my garage, and it seems I am the only one who fiddles with bycicles around here. I have most common bike tools to fix my bikes, problem is I dont known how much I could charge another people to fix their rides. can you give me some advice about fair fees to begin with it??

Like changing cables, tires, parts, greasing hubs, bearings, etc, trueeing wheels, painting a frame...

honestly, besides including price of purchased new parts, I dunno how much I should charge.
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cheap chain
This is set up, not service.
>I dont known how much I could charge another people to fix their rides

Depends how much you value your time. It's that simple.
You could charge a bit less than workshops and still come out on top as your overheads are massively reduced from it being a home business.
Long term you would want to stock some common consumables for people who walk in and need a quick fix.

Queen of /n/ forever and always.
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File: EZxc-6PWkAA0m_2.jpg (245 KB, 768x1024)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
At first I was unimpressed but the more I watch the more I realize she's literally perfect
>says the basement dwelling permavirgin
Puck is over dude, she's shown her true colors and is normie af

All hail queen Demi
>not fat?
>Man jaw
>weird spots all over her body
>eyebrows look diseased
>two sets of piercings in the ear thus gently implying AIDS
>split ends
4/10, would bang but not marry
Bad genetics + never picked a single dumbbell in her life.

Old one hit 300

New mid-rise planned as San Pedro’s commercial corridors grow


Mid-Rise Mixed-Use Development Revitalizes Neighborhoods

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The cost of student housing is absurd now because universities only build """"deluxe"""" housing now. In many cases (maybe most) the cost of housing is higher than tuition. A 100% bullshit way for the school to skim money from students.
Yes building hundreds of thousands of new homes will surely make traffic better, so true, genius idea
I don't have a problem with public transportation whatsoever, I have a problem with densifying to MAKE people want to use it because traffic ends up getting really bad.
if you build these homes in the city center where people could walk or ride bikes to work, then yes, it wold reduce traffic.
It's not a silver bullet, very few if any will commute to work with a bicycle. If anything recreational cycling might increase a little but not to get to work with.

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