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File: casswontputout.png (2.49 MB, 1692x816)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
> builds aero bike from garbage components
> spends $2700
> cheap


Hambone BTFO
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>you spent an hour making a dumbass comic
This is how I can tell it's hambone because he clearly doesn't visit any other part of 4chan. Don't forget he's been banned and outed on other forums with actual moderators for making sockpuppet accounts.
File: 1609806804391.jpg (33 KB, 250x323)
33 KB
Guys... As an outsider, this thread is totally lost. You can't, through any social engineering, find out if a poster is habone or if he's just making ham one posts

Why do you bother to try? It's like you want to get pissed off
Hambone has a known history of being an austist and throwing shitfits on any forum he can find (slowtwitch, weightweenies, etc.), then making sockpuppet accounts to defend himself with, which also get banned.

This is all very documented and it's very likely this is him because this is the one "forum" where people won't get mad at him for saying bad words (his victim complex shows though and he accuses people on 4chan about being offended by bad words like on actual forums) and the one "forum" mods won't ban him for making an ass of himself.

This behavior of pretending to not be himself, his unfamiliarity with 4chan norms and memes, his victim complex (who is seriously going to accuse 4chan about being offended by bad words), the attention seeking, and resorting to insults are all very consistent with his behavior on other forums. If you search /n/ history, he keeps spamming shitthreads like this every time he makes a new video. He actually believes all the people that are sick of his attention whoring are a single schizo, and most people here actually like him because he gets a handful of positive posts every thread.
wheels yes
groupsets no, past crippled entry level parts thsy are all baisically the same and mostly differ in weight and elitists shaming you for riding a sora

File: coronachan.jpg (22 KB, 484x458)
22 KB
Urban Planning General
"How will the coof change living patterns?"-Edition
Will suburbanism and car culture rise again?
Will rural areas see people moving in again as working from home makes living and working in expensive urban areas like NYC, San Francisco, Munich, Paris and Berlin avoidable?
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>Where else does it belong?
Who cares

>Can't have one without the other.
Transportation planning is /n/
Urban planning is not
Anyone see the new plans for the NY PABT?
The new ramps put the existing ones to shame.
>you can't design an area without ways to transport goods and people in and out

You mean highways?
Highways are designed.
Gas is extremely cheap. Tell that to Russians and see how they react btw

File: DETROIT.jpg (424 KB, 1221x914)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
bottom = improvement?
Just needs upzoning and rail.
Newer one has a lot more darker areas

File: mastodon229.png (2.33 MB, 2659x1452)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Mastodon Edition

Previous thread: >>1590413
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File: probably Big Alice.jpg (110 KB, 1024x625)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
something somewhat specific to the John Henry (but also seen on the C&O M1) was problematic boiler controls and issues with coal dust getting into the electrical equipment, resulting in APPALLING reliability
turbomotive could reverse but only at slow speed and not while pulling anything
>but direct drive turbines, such as the Turbomotive, also couldn't reverse
Might have misread what you were saying but the PRR S2 had a reversing drive, it was a smaller turbine on the opposite side of the locomotive from the main forward turbine
File: 89b325167693453368.jpg (907 KB, 1800x1256)
907 KB
907 KB JPG

Is the future of transit gender-segregated?
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>t. rapist
Stop trying to reason with retards, dude
The gender/sex distingo is a modern liberal invention with no validity. They are the same thing. What was used previously to describe what you mean was "gender roles" which is correct terminology.
It's really not that fucking hard to keep your hands and comments to yourself.
It's a man problem
Not even necessary, all transit problems would be solved with the single policy of A Cop In Every Car

File: sriwijaya.jpg (17 KB, 600x337)
17 KB
Missing flight, most likely crashed into the sea north of Jakarta. Will post info ITT
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God rest their souls
Another crash maybe?
welcome to the airline industry.
>webm related
you got me

File: download.png (2 KB, 151x84)
2 KB
GWR thread


The Great Western main line (GWML) is a main line railway in England, that runs westwards from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads. It connects to other main lines such as those from Reading to Penzance and Swindon to Swansea.[2] Opened in 1841, it was the original route of the first Great Western Railway which was merged into the Western Region of British Railways in 1948. It is now a part of the national rail system managed by Network Rail with the majority of passenger services provided by the current Great Western Railway franchise.

The line has recently been electrified along most of its length. The eastern section from Paddington to Hayes & Harlington was electrified in 1998. Work to electrify the remainder of the route started in 2011 with an initial aim to complete the work all the way to Bristol by 2016, but in that year the section through Bath to Bristol Temple Meads was deferred with no date set for completion because costs had tripled.
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Getting real sick of all these trains getting pozzed.
>all these trains
isn't it just the one? and the IETs (Incredibly Expensive Train) are shit anyway so I really don't care. let the degenerates have their GloboCap approved symbol pasted on everyday objects if they want.
>No one matches them in steam development, and just pure unadulterated railroading.

Churchward was the high point, a man who could see good ideas and was willing to experiment. Then they got complacent and thought that welsh coal would always be cheap and available.
If they had taken notes from France/LNER with draughting developments or higher superheat their locomotives could have been extraordinary.
Instead we get repeats and variations on designs that are already 20-30+ years old from Collett and Hawksworth never really got a look in before BR took over.
In the UK, they have pozzed several stock with #trainbow.


File: hakodate.jpg (137 KB, 832x468)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
post coastal cities. extra points for cities that integrate transportation and infrastructure into the sea instead of just being near it

Istabul is supremely comfy - sipping a cup of hot Sahlep on the ferries
>/n/ - coastal cities

Why are dirigibles not a thing anymore for common travel?
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Something like this might be great for a ~6 hour day cruise but they'd never make a profit unless they charge upwards of $5000 per person.

Also, at 160 meters (530 feet), storing the damn thing is going to be a bitch.
Cities should buy them for cross town traveling
This is the only viable application for airships. Massive cargo lifting to remote locations when speed is not critical. I'm talking enormous, like 1km+ long airships. Only at massive scale do you get excellent lifting capabilities.
Nah, there have been many small helium and hot air transportation for a few people since the end of the Kike Ages.

There are very few of those with proper research and development done to them for juicy reasons.

About hydrogen safety, and posts about it get deleted for some reason, you can also find a way to eject the gas (maybe quickly disassembling segments of the balloon), avoid oxygen getting in, burn it all using a lot of oxygen so it doesn't explode (inside a flame proof coated material or ejecting it), ...
It improves as you get bigger, but it's always good enough:


How do we get people back on transit?
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Whites only train cars
just forbid cars
You might be on to something here, what if...
File: 1593670347018.png (278 KB, 813x1214)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
>Harvard Professor of Government James Q. Wilson explained the broad sentiment by saying, "It may simply indicate that there are no more liberals on the crime and law-and-order issue in New York City, because they've all been mugged."
>then explain pic related
What's there to explain? Very mixed places are even more racist than average. Just look at the degree of racial classification autism and clear racial divide in South America.

File: PorcoRosso1.jpg (439 KB, 2000x1208)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
What does it take to have a small private airplane? What do i need to know about airplanes and laws? How freely would i be able to fly if i had one?
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my friend in the air force is ATC and told em a story of this one guy in Alberta who kept flying too close to military airspace in his crop duster and wouldn't respond to radio calls
after weeks of this, they finally found out who he was and sicced the RCMP on him
when the mounties knocked on his door he was like "oh yeah, radio broke 5 years ago but I can't be fucked to fix it"
The flying farmer regulations are a lot more restrictive than they used to be. It's all commercial operations with transport canada up your ass same as everyone now
yeah, my understanding of that story is that he was hiding his plane from transport canada for years and is gonna get royally reamed when his court case goes through
File: IMG_20130626_062912.jpg (380 KB, 1944x2592)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
He deserves it. Unrelated to op but I really miss the work it feels like an era ended and no one noticed or cared if they did. Bet its all drones in a few years.
For anything that doesn't require transporting humans, yes.

File: 4Chan airbus posts .jpg (126 KB, 1920x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Thought on electric air travel?
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Hydrogen generators also release oxygen and it can be easily separated. It's also a very efficient process so most of the consumed energy is still available to be used in a heating system, generator or other chemical reaction.

Some comments about related research I found:
> other researchers also tested this on jet fuel, but most research is about diesel
> the amount of water can be very high, from 5% to 40%, both on diesel and jet A
> if you need a stable fuel for storage, lots of emulsifiers are necessary
> if you have a mixing apparatus onboard (steam emulsifier, shear mixer, ultrasonic mixer, ...), only water and fuel can be used, mixed and sent to the engine
> the results are sensitive to which mixing process, emulsifiers and other details are chosen
> there are many improvements in emissions, temperature, fuel consumption, costs, ...
> it's a very old concept that got "juiced"
> usually unmodified engines are used, but in this research from the 70's it didn't work
There are other methods to obtain pure oxygen:


Metal-Air batteries also need pure oxygen in one of their electrodes, using air filters to obtain it:


Of course there are other electrodes, air filters, metals, electrolytes, ... not mentioned in this overview. And the incomplete list of metals shows there are other promising alternatives to Aluminum, Zinc, Iron and Lithium, which are the most commonly used. Specially when it comes to efficiency and complexity of recharge.
Compressed natural gas requires less changes, but this still looks viable:


The difference between a hydrogen ICE from a traditional gasoline engine could include hardened valves and valve seats, stronger connecting rods, non-platinum tipped spark plugs, higher voltage ignition coil, fuel injectors designed for a gas instead of a liquid, larger crankshaft damper, stronger head gasket material, modified (for supercharger) intake manifold, positive pressure supercharger, and a high temperature engine oil. All modifications would amount to about one point five times (1.5) the current cost of a gasoline engine. These hydrogen engines burn fuel in the same manner that gasoline engines do. The power output of a direct injected hydrogen engine vehicle is 20% more than in a gasoline engine vehicle and 42% more than a hydrogen engine vehicle using a carburetor. Hydrogen internal combustion engine cars are different from hydrogen fuel cell cars. The hydrogen internal combustion car is a slightly modified version of the traditional gasoline internal combustion engine car. These hydrogen engines burn fuel in the same manner that gasoline engines do.

Mazda has developed Wankel engines burning hydrogen. The advantage of using ICE (internal combustion engine) like Wankel and piston engines is the cost of retooling for production is much lower. Existing-technology, ICE can still be applied for solving those problems where fuel cells are not a viable solution insofar, for example in cold-weather applications. ICE has been demonstrated based on converting diesel internal combustion engines with direct injection.
Similar idea:


File: BQG.jpg (109 KB, 760x760)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
post your bike and bike accessories related questions here
268 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you have to ask you probably don't want a carbon fiber bike man.
Nah it's a really cool stem but the length makes it look like a worm or something.
I'm all about making use of what you have, but I'm also an assholr and just shout my opinions on 4chan.
File: 1610595402526.png (902 KB, 1080x1052)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
Don't get me wrong, do what ever you want.
I was attacking an unracer straw man before my morning coffee. I had this idea in my head of this guy acting like he's preserving a lost art and probably charging extra for this stupid shellac covered scrap cloth.
rent free, my schizo friend
I don't know if you need to gatekeep shitty mass produced plastic bikes

File: Howard Hughes.jpg (59 KB, 700x360)
59 KB
What the fuck was his problem?
Too much pussy, too little time.
Lots of bad cohencidences, predisposition to being somewhat gay and maybe this:

File: Usaf.u2.750pix.jpg (82 KB, 750x457)
82 KB
What is the biggest single-seater airplane in history?
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at least give us some credit for not having porn.
File: TRAIN GIF 2(1).gif (435 KB, 500x274)
435 KB
435 KB GIF
>not having porn.
>fucking bicycles
They can't even afford a scooter?
And this is the misanthropic single seater Lockheed A-12 "Archangel", not to be confused with the two seaters SR-71 (((Blackbird))) and the YF-12 (((Interceptor))), or the D-21 (((drone))).

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