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File: 26stroadempty.jpg (114 KB, 1000x660)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Post your best burgerpunk stroads ITT. the more dismal, the better.
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This is why public housing is a terrible idea...

No joggers in the burbs.
At least you can choose between McDonald's and Whataburger.
With studded bike tires it’s not too bad if you’re not going too far. I biked to my old job even at -30

chinkshit edition


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it really just depends on your riding conditions. i mean 1700km is a lot, but if it's not all dry and squeaking then that's cool.
it's time to get the hint, neckbeards here shill used bikes but used bike sellers are shady or clueless most of the time, used bike components are even worse, you should only buy used anything if you have low standards or if you know what you're doing so that you can tell if it's a good deal or not, if you bought it on ebay or something like that you could try to dispute the transaction
Never counted the kilometers between relubing but I add lube whenever the rollers start making rattling noises
Only use lube to clean dirt off of lubricated surfaces like chains
Yes. Make sure you never use lube to lubricate the chain.

File: Tubed-vs-tubeless.jpg (36 KB, 600x313)
36 KB
Ahoy good anons of /n/!

Genuinely curious as to y'alls opinion on whether to go tubed or tubeless? I am mainly riding in urban and semi-rural roads and debris is definitely present and has caused more than one puncture before.

Any downsides to tubeless tyres, such as worse grip or excessive added weight?

Thanks in advance!
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>Leave that for low pressure setups, i.e. mountain bikes
Downhill isn't mountain biking, anon.
Yes it does. Read it again
It does not make sense trog.
What about it doesn't make sense? I can help explain it to you if you're still struggling
The entire concept DESU. A puncture/tear that kills a tubeless tyre is going to kill a tube tyre. So your entire point is well pointless.

File: pybt.png (1.37 MB, 1100x731)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Gas jannies and ride 80s bikes edition
Last bread >>1643674
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He has a point, that frame bag / bottle holder setup seems disfunctional
you're forgetting the bag would squish up
could definately fit regular size bidons in there
Slam that stem
You reckon? It's got 23s on it atm, theres plenty of clearance at the back but this is the fork. I could try get a different fork off eBay I guess
File: IMG_20210621_091813.jpg (952 KB, 3000x4000)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
Forgot pic

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 302x167)
9 KB
1. Walking (Only recommeded 2km max)
2. Cycling (Only recommended 15km max, secure locking place, shower)
3. Train/Bus (Best all-rounder)
4. Taxi/Uber (If time is important)
5. Own car (Only with kids or clients)
If you use a taxi every day instead of a car it is not cheaper

UK cyclist cyclingmikey, Youtube and Twitter.
He purposefully waits at well known spots to record people checking their phones in stationary traffic and reporting drivers to the police.
Responsible for over 360 convictions, as stated in his twitter bio.
Big advocate for Cycling lanes in the UK.
yes you shouldn't be on your phone while driving but in stationary traffic is hardly the worst offence.
should this power lay in the hands of a rat. see the twitter page for his total.
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I see that you're a dumbcunt who can't distinguish between different kinds of things you don't like
Perhaps anger management therapy would be a more productive use of your time than seething about cagers on the internet or being a freelance unpaid traffic cop <3
I bike everywhere on weekends. Drive 35 mins to work every day. I never have issues with cyclists, and I rarely have issues with drivers just taxis mostly. I assume these debates just come from people who drive like retards or have anger problems.
Spending as much of your free time as possible videotaping people in cars and sperging out on them is definitely not based, that's for certain
This is legal in my state

File: cgmtb.jpg (207 KB, 1440x1046)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Who would win in a fight between a mtb'r versus a fred roadie?
Depends, Gianni Moscon and /n/ legend Cippolini both got kicked out of major races for punching a motherfucker
a thread died for this

I don't see the benefits of having normal- or wide-gauge trams. Are there any?
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I can't find anything on the subject. So US and China has wider trains that Europe on same normal gauge track? Do you have a direct comparison, like same series for different markets?
>can't find anything on the subject
"loading gauge" are the right keywords newfriend
I know. But it doesn't mean wider trains
Here is a nice comparison: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Loading_gauge

Shinkansen is the latest and has the widest cars.

Hatton's genesis coaches edition

Previous thread: https://archive.nyafuu.org/n/thread/1593462
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Looks great

I’m hoping to get a resin 3d printer in the next year or two - there are some semi decent models of East bloc equipment on Thingiverse.
why is it so tall?
File: 1623968349312.jpg (61 KB, 634x633)
61 KB
I'm not really interested in a model rail circuit layout, but just want to display some locomotives I personally love in a glass case display.

Who makes the most accurate and detailed locomotives of say German Japanese or Swiss railways in HO scale?
russia big loading gauge
If you want a tutorial on building a display then watch this. If you want Japanese in HO, you're fucked.

Is the Ford Bronco made completely pointless by the fact that they all have the ecoboost engine and 10 speed transmissions on the automatics?

I have a friend who knows a fair amount about cars but I know he’s got a pretty strong bias. He tells me the ecoboosts and the 10 speed transmissions are essentially the worst ever made. As far as he’s concerned the ecoboost is LITERALLY HITLER dumpster fire irredeemable trash and as long as the Broncos have them then they wouldn’t be a good buy even if they were $10,000.

Is his hate for Ford and more specifically the ecoboost/10 speed warranted? Exaggerated?

The new Broncos are everything I want out of an off road toy. 35” tires from the factory, doors and tops that are super easy to remove, triple locking differentials, sway bar disconnect, sharp turn assist, wash out floorboards, comes already wired for accessories like lightbars and amber lights, terrain selection, all the numbers on things like approach angle and ground clearance and wheelbase are great and that’s without a lift, it checks almost all my boxes except having a solid front axle.

So.. are the ecoboost engines and 10 speed transmissions really so bad that it makes it pointless for me to look at the bronco at all, even though it’s basically my dream off roader? I want to love the bronco but reliability is very important to me.

And please don’t suggest something like a 4Runner, you can’t take the doors off a 4Runner, you can’t flush out the floorboards of a 4Runner, you can’t lock the diffs on a 4Runner, honestly the bronco and the rubicon are the only 4x4’s I know of that are seriously built with off road as the first priority and offer the full suite of off road features while also still keeping a small, fun form factor instead of being a pretty fucking big SUV.
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>sounds like commieshit.
Anyone who has a strong opinion about the ecoboost is a fucking idiot who's just mad that it's not the 80s anymore. The guy's argument if he could ever manage to wrangle it into words is undoubtably >>1671894
engines are unequivocally much better than they used to be.
the high spec 5.8L V8 in 1980 made 156 hp

your modern low spec 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder makes 270 hp
"I value /n/'s opinion on cars" - literally no one ever
if there's 1 reason cars are worse now it's because they're heavier but the bronco isn't an example of that.

Bounced the shit out of my plane on landing edition
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With a bachelors and a cpl can I just walk in and get hired?
You can try to do that with an officer recruiter, but good luck.

An addendum, you can get selected as a pilot without a unit in the reserve (unsponsored) then have to rush units during or after UPT. Its not common, but possible, this is called a palace chase.
Yes, though it's a bit more complicated than just 'walking in'. You have to wait until a squadron is actively hiring, which is typically once or twice a year depending on the squadron. You have to get in contact with them and schedule a visit, and also put together an application packet which is different for every squadron.

But as far as qualifications go, you're all set. A commercial pilots license is great and better than what most have.
Damn, that's so weird that you apply to the specific squadron, and then you can fly with them your whole career. National Guard and Reserve sound like awesome programs.
Idk if I want to be an army person. Did nrotc for a year and felt like I didn’t fit in. However I do feel that I fit in with other pilots

File: sgoos6rtuxj51.jpg (534 KB, 2298x1537)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
smol edition

previous: >>1632491
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>tfw almost hit a sea lion with the fast rescue boat
Are the schools for seafaring open again? I want to explore my options since my month of working as an office drone kinda sucks.
what kind of vessel is that?
NOAA gay cum scientist fag ship
File: Untitled-1-Recovered.jpg (56 KB, 1200x908)
56 KB
have the nerds found some cool deep sea fishies or is it more charting/researching the ocean floor?
I mean check out this cthulu mind breaking aeons old motherfucker

How do we make bikes themselves safer?
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Better than him riding drunk with no helmet when he's 17 and dying.
keep retards away from them
raise the price of gas so poor people stop driving.
I ride drunk with no helmet. Have no driving license. Dab on niggers. Riding drunk is a right. If i can't walk i can still ride a bike.
>1 in 5 cyclist killed in crashes had a BAC over .08.
maybe I should stop going to get more beer while demolished I see

File: 1624245817457.jpg (298 KB, 1200x1094)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Shouldn't we genetically engineer smaller humans so they are more energy efficient to transport?
Why do you think it’s trendy to refuse milk nowadays?
File: 1614620760886.jpg (92 KB, 1506x1204)
92 KB
Because milk is white supremacist.
I mean it is though, it’s why white people are bigger and taller than other races. In fact there’s a huge correlation between a countries’ milk consumption and its average height, and also explains why children of immigrants to the US end up bigger and taller than the people in the country their parents came from.

File: shorelineDRT.jpg (967 KB, 1737x1084)
967 KB
967 KB JPG
/DRT/ Daily Ride Bread
Ducks and turtles live in harmony edition.
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>fixed it in the morning
>went for afternoon ride
>another flat after 5km
they come in threes
I'm so tired
anon sure stops a lot
You probably have something stuck in your tire
File: IMG_4199.jpg (1.64 MB, 3461x1705)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
What do you feed the turtles? I know that ducks are content with bread and chips and shit but that can't be good for the turtles do you bring fruit or something else?

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