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File: DogjR-rW4AENYJ9.jpg (84 KB, 640x640)
84 KB
> first date: bike ride
> this girl rolls up
> no helmet

what do
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How do we know it is a femanon, has it posted video of it giving live birth via a biological vagina it's had since birth?
>Rising stem instead of just cutting the steerer tube at the right height
>your name is not Sarah
>you are not a girl

Am disappoint.
File: NoU.jpg (45 KB, 407x407)
45 KB
>> no helmet
>no helmet, no clipless, no bib shorts, no cycling jersey, no gloves, flat bars, singlespeed (or worse: fixie), one bottle
Just ride away, mate.

File: compass_tranp.png (761 KB, 1127x1127)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
>your preferred mode of transport
>your political views
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Bicycles and motorcycles, anarcho-capitalist.
File: hitormiss23bb.png (191 KB, 354x563)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>excellent example of circular logic

omg a leftist is actually accusing someonee of circular thnking lelel



>all property is private property


>You're here to wave your wrinkly black and yellow rattlesnake penis around.

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Bicycle & right-wing degenerate
But I ride bikes and favour authority as that would mean less bicycle stealing
I think the choice is clear.

I think it's finally time we discuss this franchise.
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Actually Awdry originally wanted Henry Killed off. It was the publishers insistence that Henry still exist
Not so much killed off as left to rot, if I recall. He wanted him left in that tunnel forever, for the egregious crime of not wanting to work. The publishers refused to publish unless Henry got to leave the tunnel.
The Island of Sodor: Its People, History, and Railways. Pdf link here >>1260982
I was referring to the original ending to "the Flying kipper" but yeah that also kinda happened

>tfw no Kettenkrad
Just imagine the judging looks from soccer moms as you load your groceries into your sweet ride
>tfw no ugoku, ugoku

Imagine yourself lining up on the runway, thinking you’re going to have a safe flight, but shit starts going wrong right as the nose lifts.
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Well, for one you'll disintegrate midair, and if somehow that doesn't happen, the exterior will melt away. Then the supersonic air infiltrates into the airframe and it disintegrates anyways.
If none of the above happens, then congrats, either you're in the Concorde era, in the new supersonic era (Release date TBA), or flying a fighter jet.
File: k-bigpic.jpg (312 KB, 970x546)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
*muffled naval laughter in the distance*
It collided with a small plane fucking up the control surfaces.

File: Aloha-243-color.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Imagine being in the first few rows of this one.
>Flight 191
I recall reading that the blood mark in front of the window on the right is from the one flight attendant who died. It's where her head smacked into the fuselage on the way out.

File: 1486470019447.jpg (65 KB, 500x667)
65 KB
Do you trust women pilots?
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Warm fronts on the weather radar.
Omg liek I know
from the local white bike dealer, he paid for the bike in instalments
Probably an Indian, arabs are too retarded to be doctors
Other way around buddy

File: 1541461601370.jpg (58 KB, 773x274)
58 KB
ugh... what could have been...
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i agree. lockheed should have gotten the contract.
Can we make new supersonic plane for bydlo, which will be fuel efficient? We have like shitton of new materials, computers...
>Can we make new supersonic plane
>for bydlo, which will be fuel efficient?
>We have like shitton of new materials, computers...
They can not change physics, aerodynamic drag at supersonic speeds is verry high, so unless you practicly leave the athmosphere it will be inefficient.
If you leave the athmosphere, you need to reach near orbital velocities and deal with reentry heat.
With our current technology this is not a cheap issue to solve, as we saw on the space shuttle, X-33 and currently Falcon-9 that only recovers the much slower first stage.
The booster barely reaches 1,6 km/s instead of about 6-8 km/s required for a suborbital intercontinental flight.
Can we pack a lot of bydlo, so it has at least 5l/100 km or better for one bydlo?
>Can we pack a lot of bydlo
Yes, but verry few people would be ok with less space than economy class.
>so it has at least 5l/100 km or better for one bydlo?
No, even large modern airliners need about 3L/100 km per passenger with 100% economy class seating and a supersonic aircraft will require multiple times as much fuel.
Now combine that with the length of an intercontinental flight and you see why this was never all that popular...

Flying supersonic is about as expensive as regular first class and as comfortable as economy class.
Why sit cramped in economy class when you could just sleep or work during a flight twice as long for the same price?

Bydlo just wants to fly somewhere, it doesn't realy matter to him how long it takes, it just has to be cheap.
That is part of the reason why Ryanair does so well, while Lufthansa struggles.

Hello /n/, /out/ here.
Last time I was out at Yosemite, I noticed a large amount of bicycle riders, and that there is a lot of bike paths all over, so it seems like a great way to get around and have some fun.
Problem is that I drive a Toyota Mr2, and I do not wish to mount a stupid rack system to haul a bicycle 200 miles and look like a stupid cock doing it.

So how shit are folding bicycles? If I can get one small enough, I can just place it behind the passenger seat.
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I have a Dahon Visc 20 folding bike, and it rides great. But when I bought it I thought all 20” wheels were the same. Mine is 20” 451 which is more a road bike tire and the biggest I found for it was 20” x 1 3/8. If I did this over again I’d get a KHS soft tail. My bike rides fine but a bit twitchy.
The brompton is affordable.
I always think they're bros because having a rack on sports car means they don't care to own anything else more practical
File: 1NsgqLvzsD.png (24 KB, 300x250)
24 KB
an mr2 with a proper rack would look sexy. bad taste, bad thread. you could even /diy/ a horizontal mount over the engine bay, that would look awesome. you suck.
>horizontal mount over the engine bay
>that would look awesome
Not OP, but it gets verry hot there.
In the MRS the entire engine, gearbox and exaust system sit under there and create a lot of heat, I doubt that it would be good for the bike if you would place it there.
Plus there isn't enough space to mount a bike horizontaly there, MRS is a little smaller than the NA MX-5.

File: lux.png (61 KB, 262x308)
61 KB
Some politicians in Luxembourg expressed a desire to eliminate fares for all forms of public transportation.
What do you think?
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Interesting. I'm from the UK but im going to school in America, and the town in which im attending uni has a population of 40,000 and all of its buses are free to ride. I wonder whether this is an anomaly or whether the rest of America does this for suitably small towns...
Nothing is free. The list revenues will just be made up elsewhere. Putting the expenses onto everyone.
Other than UBI there isn't realy a incentive to abuse tax funded public transport.
You still have to work, you just pay for your tickets differently and have less incentives to drive a car.
It is only about as socialist as tax-funded roads...
Roads are paid for partially by taxes on cars and fuel. Making these taxes essentially fares or user fees.
They are paid for by taxes in general, not just road tax.

File: 20181030_214913.jpg (900 KB, 1080x1253)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
"90s rigid MTB with track bars and fat supple gumwall slicks" edition.

Please post your requirements in a bike and also your budget and height anons, and someone will more likely be able to help you.

I'm looking at buying something with drop bars, briftees, and very big tire clearance (~45mm) for very comfy cruising, commuting and some gravel and cargo hauling day trips.
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Road bikes simply aren't some scary difficult thing. Road bars are around 420mm

could be worse but I think it's worth paying more for something with a shimano groupset, and a double crankset. Claris, sora, or 105. A triple crank with indexing is a bit of a cunt. I don't think a new bike at that price/spec is worth buying, i'd go used.

But a bikes a bike.
what is the best value for money carbon fiber frame, with a threaded bb?
Do those even exist?
What size are you?

Do eet man

old thread
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Keep your hands on the bars until you hit the ground and you'll be fine.
Last time I found a patch of ice I couldn't even move my arms if I wanted to. I went from vertical to horizontal in approximately .25 seconds, still sliding forward.
File: bIMG_2673.jpg (411 KB, 1459x1094)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
I can across some odd snow conditions today on the creek. We had freezing rain about a week and a half ago, then some more snow after that. Earlier in the week I was out and this spot was snowy. Then wind blew most of the snow off the layer of freezing rain. The ice is perfectly clear and you can see the textured snow underneath it. It was actually nice to ride on though my studs made a hell of a noise punching holes in it.

Yeah, front wheel washouts happen really fast on ice. You are practically on the ground before you realize you are falling.
File: bIMG_2716.jpg (286 KB, 1204x903)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Since my heated insole pads were a much simpler build than my heated gloves I decided to take another crack at the gloves. Using techniques similar to the insole pads I got rid of the gluing, external heating material, siliconing and external wires. A few more steps are required but overall a faster build since there is no need to wait while stuff dries. I used double sided fabric tape, and a thin layer of fabric on the inside to keep everything hidden. The extra fabric makes the gloves a little smaller, so it would be best to start with a glove liner that is slightly loose.
File: patrician tanlines.jpg (122 KB, 1920x1080)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Had a break in the weather. 39 and windy. Was able to do 26 miles but came back with windburn all over my face except my glasses area- so now I look like roadie Kenny Powers.

Pic related Enviro 400 MMC.
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>Not using double deckers
city's fucked with wires and bridges everywhere, also dumb people sitting in stairs.
There was some urban dd I believe late 80s/early 90s but the bad guys (articulated) won again and never came back

This tall boi pic related is only available for sightseeing on very specific routes - dont mind the neon stuff, that's common for festive season
File: onibus-2-andares-sp.jpg (303 KB, 848x477)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Fuck BRTs with a rake, they're literally good for nothing.
t. third worlder who has a BRT instead of a proper metro
at least it’s better than minibuses that look like it could fall apart

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wtf happen?
Isn't Brightline a thing in a Florida? Not sure if it counts as high speed but it looked the part
>high speed
max 110 right now, 125 planned
its 30mph faster than amtrak, but its not HSR
Trains are for commies.

Tear up all the tracks.

All of them.

File: IMG_20181123_1157251.jpg (1.49 MB, 2637x1758)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Nestled Edition

Previous >>1218128
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Cheers, thanks man. lol I thought I might be talking to the same guy.

Will keep in mind for the future.
Any experience with the Lauderdale hall?
Never sailed with anyone from there.
From the enlistment threads on /k/:
Lying on medical history - Great!
Lying about criminal history - Bad! They know!

YES MEANS Your Enlistment Stops
NO MEANS New Opportunities

Baker act might be something bigger though.
OK, here's a few more details:
>enlisted in the navy 2010
>washed out week 2 when they sent me to a shrink (was going for IT rate, which meant FBI background, which got me into psych eval, which had someone tell me I had depression)
>2012 had bad time, submitted myself for observation, dumb shit being a dumb shit
>2014 saw personal shrink, got re-tested and cleared of any mental issues
I was under the impression baker act was something you couldn't find unless you were searching really deep into someone's history because of HIPAA laws, but that would be my luck.

Considering we're mostly the products of English convicts/settlers and Europeans, you'd think we'd have a comfy af public transport system, yet it's terrible.

In my city of Adelaide, we have like six train lines (and one of those, the Tonsley line, doesn't even count cos it goes along the Seaford line before splitting away for like three stops before terminating), only one of them is electrified (the others are diesel powered) and the train cars look like they're straight out of the Soviet Union). Unlike in England where I could take a comfy train from London to York or some shit and see all sorts of countryside or whatever, in Adelaide it's nothing but concrete jungle and derroland (unless you're on the Belair line, but no one cares about that line). Honestly wanna live in England for a year or two, all I'd do is take kino as fuck trains everywhere and go all over the country.

On top of that, the stations are all run down and disgusting. The pic is of the station I'm going from or to regularly. There's derros everywhere, the lift is broken and smells like piss and shit and it's fucking disgusting. Why can't us Aussies have a kino train experience?

Also Australian transport thread. Talk about Aussie trains, trams, buses and other things about public transport in Straya.
102 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: .jpg (392 KB, 1024x682)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
The trains in Brisbane weren't too bad when I lived there. Used to live in the city, rode my BMX to the station, caught one train, transfered to another, then rode from the station to TAFE (community college).
I liked waiting at the station alone at night. Or coming into the city late in the afternoon around this one curve.
You're the kind of guy who tries to catch a train to Seymour with $2 left on your Myki aren't you?
File: IMG_20181212_160522.jpg (438 KB, 1706x1280)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
on a side note but melbournefag on a holiday in NZ here, and can I start a discussion about our shitty ticketing system? Myki is far inferior to both Auckland's Hop card and Wellington's Snapper card (even though the latter is buses only). Both are much faster than Myki and NFC compatible with your phone. I think they look snazzier too.
At least you aren't USA/Canada tier
no you can't start a discussion about that

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