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I just finished reading pic related, and it appears to of irrevocably changed my perspective on cycling. Everything else from roadies to mountain brahs seems like utter dentistry to me now.

Grant seems fucking based and high IQ, albeit a little bit insane (all geniuses are).

I shall ritualistically burn all lycra and clip-in shoes this weekend. I always hated that shit anyway.

Does one ever recover from the Unracer pill?
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t. poor sock game
No socks. Sandals are life.
t. poor sandal game, evidently abandons his candles in winter like a coward
Friendly reminder that our true enemy is the Fred. I think it is time for a Fred hate thread.
Hey, everybody. Just ride.

Just ride.

The book doesn't tell you to buy an expensive bike at all. It literally is about thinking less and just riding.

Vent your hatred of all things Fred.

File: blackqueersguessing.jpg (275 KB, 1024x768)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Drillium edition

Last Thread: >>1385557


If you want help buying a bike, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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how hard is overhauling hubs?
specifically 7 speed XT hubs that have been sitting for 10 years

i just did the headset and the grease had turned into like nasty glue but that went ok
never done a hub before though
the thing most worth doing a custom build for imo is a dynamo system
If you're deadset on Al for some reason, Emonda ALR frameset would be good but it's only like $300 less than a full bike, so not really worth getting unless you have a boner for the iridescent purple colorway. Most of that $300 is Bontrager trash but at least it has Tiagra. I think that the Specialized Allez is available as a frameset but their site is closed for virtue signalling so idk.
Nope it's for all bikes. MTBs are the worst. Manufacturers are able to leverage economies of scale and supply chain integration that Joe Dentist cannot, even if Joe is shopping at the dodgiest of grey market websites.
Even if you want a dynamo you'll save money by buying a complete and then buying a wheel built around a Sanyo dynohub, especially when IDC has them in stock.
Are 1x13 MTB drivetrains garbage or what?

File: merida.jpg (329 KB, 1168x898)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Bike questions general - because no thread. Looking for inspiration. I've gotten myself this pretty NOS 2003 Merida Big Air frame. What whacky idea of a bike does /n/ have for it.

I'll probably make a video about building it.
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he seems to know what he's got. meant to write $6000?
high mileage and ridden hard, might've been in crashes
old carbon, potential death trap
looks good. i'd check this one out if you can get a good fit with the frame size.
yeah skip it
>Trek Project One going for $600
That has to be a typo, no way in hell that is going for $600 unless it's been crashed and the frame is RIP or the bike is stolen. The graphic is most likely a one off design. Project One bikes are custom made to order and spec, built in Madison, WI. Buying a Project One even grants you a factory tour of your bike being created and assembled. They're special bikes. If it's hot property, you'll be nailed in no time.
>Thoughts on electronic shifting?
Rented a bike with Di2 electronic shifting. It was the smoothest shifting experience I've ever felt but IMO it's unnecessary and would be a PITA to have to charge regularly.
Why does a Specialized with Tiagra cost as much as a bike with 105 from any other brand?
the difference between groups is pretty marginal really aside from compatibility and the frame is likely better riding, maybe even more significantly so than the difference between the groups and if you have a good local specialised shop then fit advice and good service might be more important to you than a few shekels/ specialised is a ripoff
Is carbon a meme? Specifically for hardtail mountain bikes. Thinking about upgrading my 2013 aluminum hardtail 27.5 to either a carbon hardtail 27.5+ or an aluminum full suspension 29. Not sure on specific models yet, but of the brands I'm looking into would likely run me over $3000 for either.

File: kekle.jpg (391 KB, 2321x1958)
391 KB
391 KB JPG

File: IMG_20190913_124704.png (55 KB, 400x400)
55 KB
Why is it so shit? Even third world countries have cheaper and more consistent service than this garbage heap. Why is it genuinely cheaper, faster, and easier to get from Cairo to Alexandria than to get from Suffolk County to New York City?
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If you are going far, it seems like it's better to take a jitney bus. Cheaper, faster, more comfortable... how does LIRR keep the trains running out to Montauk at these service levels?
File: Dg7ZxwmX4AE6fr_.jpg (72 KB, 642x640)
72 KB
Because hamburgers think that their system is hot shit because it's literally the only train system in the hemisphere, so any time someone tries to make it less shitty a bunch of far right nutbags start screeching about how AOC wants you to eat cockroaches and people unfortunately go "well, we should listen to all points of view otherwise it's unconstitutional" and so here we are, with trains on the same level as the DPRK.
>complaining about the greatest commuter rail network in north america
shut the fuck up
>it's literally the only train system in the hemisphere,
huh? there are dozens of commuter rail systems in north america, and they pretty much all suck. the LIRR is the only one that offers 24/7 service

But I’m amazed the infrastructure on fucking Long Island is as bad as the rest of the country. It’s a rich, densely-populated place next to one of the biggest cities in the world

File: feat Yang_lead.jpg (1.24 MB, 1900x1242)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Yang: Climate Change May Require Elimination of Car Ownership

>What physically do you think we will do differently than we do today that will result in us fighting climate change?"

>"Well I mentioned before that we might not own our own cars. Our current car ownership and usage model is really inefficient and bad for the environment," Yang said.

>"You guys all probably agree with this because you're quite young," he told the Georgetown University crowd, adding an anecdote about driving a 1985 Honda Accord as a young man.

>Yang then proposed an alternative to individuals owning their own cars.

>"What we're really selling is not the car, it's mobility," he said. "So if you have mobility that's then tied into a much more, if you had like, for example, this constant roving fleet of electric cars that you would just order up, then you could diminish the impact of ground transportation on our environment very, very quickly."

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stop saying people are too young or they need to leave it's getting tiring call them a cunt or tell them to shut up or whatever instead
I'm flattered you think I'm that hip.
I grew up in a suburban/rural boundary area and have lived the car-dependent lifestyle. I've been through three cars. Right now I live in a central part of a major urban area and ride a bike as my primary transportation, with no car to save money. It's entirely possible to live without a car, and in a place like this it's actually more convenient because parking is a bitch to find and traffic moves slower than a bike anyway. It took a bit of mental reframing to adapt to not having a mobile toolshed with me at all times, but it just means planning for what you expect to happen on your trip and taking a bag if you need more than your personal EDC. A bit of forethought means you can eliminate most of the things you might bring along "just in case."
I have bought this mentality into my car life as well, it's very freeing just having far less stuff in general even if you have room for it. Empty space is nice
A clean car is just more pleasant to drive, yeah. And you get some slight fuel efficiency improvement from not accelerating dead weight.
Bugman confirmed. Just because you are autistic enough to make it work doesn't mean everyone else can or should.

File: 20190828_100536.jpg (1.03 MB, 1500x1125)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
I won't live like a fucking cockroach on a commie block expected to live off your bare minimum no-luxury life-style horse shit.
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OP why did you take this quality image from a quality thread on /diy/ and decide to abuse it in the name of shitposting on /n/? That was a quality thread, and here you're just being an ass clown about it.
no, you shove the throttle all the way down and leave it there.
I never posted it on /diy/ after having footpegs.
that's pretty cool

File: keks.jpg (377 KB, 2127x1595)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
"yeah i'm an airline pilot, but like... you see, there are airlines called 'regionals'..." edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread here: >>1356376
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They required a high school diploma.
I wont say "just the hours" because it depends on how you got the hours. I got mine flying around the Bahamas in light twins and flight instructing instrument students... if you spend 1500 hours looking at powerlines or going back and forth to the practice area for steep turns, you probably wont get a call back with just a high school education. Also I rocked the interview, which at the time was known for being one of the more difficult regional airline interviews.. so to say you need "just the hours" is not being honest... but nobody cares what classes you did or did not take in high school. They care whether or not you are a good pilot who knows their shit.
okay i understand, thanks
From what I've heard so far, college degrees are a nice advantage but not a necessity these days, and it really doesn't matter what they're in. The program I'm in (college program but not for a degree, though they do offer a 2-year if you take a bunch of extra non-flying stuff) goes pretty well into the physics stuff you need to know, too, certainly not a full course but enough to teach you all of the relevant stuff as a pilot.

> if you spend 1500 hours looking at powerlines or going back and forth to the practice area for steep turns, you probably wont get a call back with just a high school education
On this note, I'm looking at going to a light cargo operator that mostly flies turbo twins once I hit their 500 hour minimum, instead of CFIing myself all the way to ATP. I'm in a similar boat to you with no college degree as well, too. Think that'd be a big advantage like your Bahamas background was?
I went to a 141 course in college and physics was on the curriculum, its kinda useful, but honestly the majority of phys101 was rearranged weight and balance calculations
I know plenty of people who went to regionals with just an initial CFI and only a high school diploma

File: IMG_20190912_080737.jpg (1.84 MB, 3072x4096)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Why do boomers keep saying that public transport means being crammed like sardines into a can?
This is what my morning commute looks like, during rush hour. I'm also faster than by car because I avoid all the traffic.
Why are boomers so stupid and deluded?
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Ah yes Tokyo, brilliant example
This board is retarded
>Why do boomers keep saying that public transport means being crammed like sardines into a can?
Because it's true.
LOL you think anyone over the age of, what, 25 is a """boomer"""? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA underage b& you're hilarious, now leave 4chan you don't belong here.
>Because it's true.
>*ignores all my 1st hand evidence against that*
>doesn't know about the 30 year old boomer
200% boomer
>posts cherry-picked photos
>claims it's 'typical'
bull fucking shit
File: RLM reaction2.png (301 KB, 465x473)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA underage b& you're hilarious, now leave 4chan you don't belong here.

Literally this is only something a suburban boomer would type.
Go back to your unsustainable, subsidized, cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere, well the rest of the world modernizes past you in cities.

File: 1567915625683.jpg (910 KB, 2048x1536)
910 KB
910 KB JPG
Give Zishan the attention he wants.
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Fucking hate people who keep pushing the fixie meme. I permanently fucked up my knees from the fixie fad. They're stupid. There's a reason derailleurs exist.
freewheel with 2 manual brakes is a good idea tho, so is a kickback hub gear.
>I permanently fucked up my knees from the fixie fad
Did you ride a huge ratio? Sheldon says fixed gear bikes are good for the knees... or at least he has an article written by some guy who says they are.
Yeah sheldon was wrong
Honestly if my city wasn't so flat, I would've gotten a multispeed. I've had geared bikes before but I used such a narrow range I eventually opted out for this and my last bike. And thanks again for more compliments fren. It's been 2 years in the making but when I first got it, it was going to be my entry into the velodrome but my previous fixie that I use for courier work got stolen so I put this bike to work. I liked how it rode so much that I haven't moved to a different bike yet. (Still want to get into velodrome racing but haven't built a track specific bike yet)
Shoulda drank milk and stretched erryday. No one told you to MASH all the time too.

File: 85154341.jpg (76 KB, 975x599)
76 KB
this would make more sense if the girl had her limbs amputated
By “make sense” you mean it would be incredibly hot, right?

Amputation turns a 5/10 into an 11/10 automatically, kinda weird huh
it's your sub conscious telling you that there's a vulnerable female to use without any possible risk of injury
pretty hot desu

File: IMG_20190815_173809~2.jpg (1.5 MB, 2500x1596)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Thread 2 boys. Post your fixies and SS here.

Don't call me a fixter edition.
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are fixie inc bikes shit? can find them new for 200 eurodollars and it seems okay but i'm not good at this bike stuff.
which model are you looking at? i think they are not ideal. for example the thickslick tires are considered to have bad performance. the stock gear ratio might not be what you will come to prefer so you would have to change it later for some more $$. but it might be decent for the price.
blackheath, grimm and betty leeds are similarly priced. i'm assuming i will need to change gear ratio because i like it quite heavy. but if the tires are crap it feels like a waste to have to change them as well.
>thickslicks are considered to have bad performance
Nah they just are
the bike thing is getting a chromoly or carbon fork and not a 'alloy' or 'hiten' or 'aluminium' one

Post your favorite old plane.

31 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
*king of the skies
Imagine that thing in a crosswind.
File: IMG_4038.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Rented a skyhawk to take photos of the goodest bois in doggy heaven last week
So overrated

/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread. All welcome- Sanics, Unracers or even bromptonbois. Come and tell us about your bike ride, even if it was just over suburban tarmac (not everyone can be BaconRider and that's OK)


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Aww, what a shame. Didn't realize it was a hemp strain. My state is legalizing recreational in the coming year, makes me wonder where they're going to get their supply as it's still illegal at the federal level along with the neighboring states. Our farmland is better used for food as we're the corn and bread basket region of America but there's projections for insane demand on the tasty strains here in the coming years. Anyways Bacon, ride safe and stay based.
Damn. Sorry to hear that. I never wear a helmet, but now I'm considering ordering one.
How fast were you going?
20 mph probably. I thought it was 16-17 but the last speed on strava before ambulance speeds looks to be 20 mph. I didn't stop the ride until I got home so this has the car ride home too.
The helmet is just a cheap $25 Walmart one. They have cheaper but at the time it's the only one that fit my big head.
I always felt like I would be able to react to the situation and catch myself, but a sudden mechanical failure like you had... no way. I'm going to pick up a helmet when I go get some lights for my bike.
Thank you, anon, for potentially saving future me from a severe head injury. I hope you heal quickly and don't have any lasting damage.
Good to hear Anon, and thanks. I'm just bruised and should be ok in a week.

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