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File: 1629755901785.jpg (74 KB, 600x400)
74 KB
Autumn edition


Previous: >>1719421
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what's the number stamped on the ball clamp?
Cycling caps based or cringe?
Considering one to wear underneath/instead of a helmet.
Are there any 80s to early 2000s 26" steel frame mtbs that have enough clearance for 2.5inch tires? I have 5 different steel mtb's from that time frame and the chainstays and/or front fork clearance is shit, best I can fit is 2.10 inch tires. I don't want to spend $200 for a modern walmart junker because I don't trust their hi-ten steel.
based, but few people can pull it off
it’s like a beret, it looks chad as fuck or retarded
caps are functional, give shade and absorb sweat, why not use one ?
> instead of a helmet.
lmao /fa/ is the other way around

File: 1976nl_07.jpg (249 KB, 1045x1200)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
do you guys like older bikes? please post them, talk about them.
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shit, i'm retard
I feel the same about the colors. Giant and Bianchi are just bleh. Specialized is completely flat. Trek had something going for a minute with their metallic copper but I think that's gone now (and I might be biased because I have one), and I've seen a deep metallic blue on a couple.

Seems like the only options going right now are flat black, white with flat black, fucking celeste, and random loud 80s colors that manage to miss the "fun" aesthetic of the 80s and just come off as garish.

I may be retrogrouch/unracer but I miss classy flake paint jobs, with complimenting decal colors that aren't just fuckhuge block letters, and shiny unique components that catch the sun and set the bike off.
I really like the color on this bike from 2018. I even ordered one when it had a reduce price in 2019, but the bike store changed their mind at the last minute and wouldn't ship it to me. Something about
>Turns out this bike shows signs of use. Since we only sell new bikes we can't sell it to you.

Slightly off topic for the thread. Sorry.
Thanks, Anon. The Ridge Runner is my favorite out of all the 80's mtb's I have.
The big problem is that none of the major bike brans these days has a really own brand identity.
I could easily take a BMC and relable it to a Specialized one without 90% of the people noticing it. Just replace the decals and you're done.
If this has come so far something like this is possible, then a brand has evidently lost it's identity.
Fukkkkk ..... i mean i could fucking scratch of the paint of a Colnago Master Olympic and repaint it with celeste and put Bianchi on. No biker with a functioning brain would "buy" this for longer than a tenth of a second. If even that.

The bike "industry" has become great under passionate riders, under people who lived bikes and that identified with bikes (nerds and freaks), the lifestyle and all the stuff around it. But they got more and more replaced by lawyers, managers and poeple that only see ROI and marketshare as a goal.
Hence, uniform mass production of both frames and parts that slowly killed or bought up exotic small brands and reduced them to just being generic labels stamped on a frame or stem that totally mis exoticness or exclusivity.
I only say Bontrager .... A sad story of being bought up by Trek to then being reduced to a label printed on OEM parts from Asia. Many such sad examples that i don't even want to count up here since it makes me suicidal. Lol.

We need bikes from bikers, from freaky mechanics and nerds, from people who are aware what they love and what makes their bike-freak-dick go hard when they have built it.
There is potential to roll up the market. We just have to dare and we just have to do it. And the best is, we lack competition in this regard. The major brands bought up almost all former cult brands and made them "Bontrager" or Synchros"-Zombies of their former selfes.

Are there clothes that make you fast?
If you could put on a magic fabric that added 7km/h to your best speed without any additional effort or drawback, would you spend $200 on it?

what's the one piece of clothing you can add that makes you much faster, is it a jacket or those stupid bibs?
i use a bike to go to work

File: 20211023_102207~2.jpg (2.05 MB, 2875x2465)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Tourist here. Is there any possible way I walk along side a railroad track without getting arrested? How far away from the track would I have to be for them not to care?
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Yes. Don't walk on the track where people can see you.
this shouldn't be an issue unless you're on UP trackage, but usually around 25-30 feet. Don't go close to UP's Bailey Yard though
File: index.jpg (81 KB, 600x450)
81 KB
they can't arrest you if they can't catch you
they can shoot you though
Find rail lines that go through or are bordered by public land and then figure out if any part of it is accessible to you. The ROW itself is private property, stay off it by at least 50' if it's unmarked. If the line has one of both sides in a national forest or state park or whatever, then as long as you stay 50' away you're gold

File: wtid2i5ovnr71[1].jpg (255 KB, 2048x1238)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Why do they fly so far out of the way when they could just fly straight across?
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If the Earth is a stationary pancake then why does an ORD-FRK fight take as little as 7 hrs but FRK or MUC to ORD take around 9hrs? Head or tail winds dont make that much difference.
The has some real bad curvature down there.
thats actually the fastest most direct line if you looked on a globe
>oblate spheroid
File: map.gif (16 KB, 540x540)
16 KB
I love this reply. Also imagining a Planeful of Aussies landing on the icy plains of Antarctica in -45°C

Anyone else miss their transit commute?
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No, mine was super crowded before covid and changing trains was annoying.

These days my trains aren’t empty but not crowded. I go to the office maybe 2-3 days a week.
Some of my coworkers bike to work but I only have a single speed so I think I’d show up sweaty.
I start to go back into the office in November and I can't wait to see my old pals on my commuter bus. <3
File: wagey.jpg (107 KB, 1080x639)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
It was kind of comfy, but saving over two hours a day I don't miss it.
I did while I was in pure work from home mode but then I realized I didn't miss my commute, I missed talking to people in general. Eventually I moved somewhere that didn't take me 30 minutes driving to do anything and this cleared up. It takes longer to get into the city by transit than it does by car but I don't have to find or pay for parking (or parking tickets) so it balances out.

The best commutes on a train are very cold, very early mornings. The world feels like it hasn't woken up yet and you're there to see the first stirring of things as the blanket of snow slowly pulls back from the pressure of the rain. And you're huddled up in your coat against the window, nursing coffee, music playing. The train is mostly empty and you're half-asleep and still feel safe somehow.

File: file.png (904 KB, 1320x639)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
Are Brooks saddles a meme or are they really god tier once broken in?
I'm gonna need a nice saddle for my touring trips next year. I'm thinking about the B17 Imperial. Any thoughts on the regular B17 (uncarved) vs Imperial (carved)?
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selle anatomica
Expensive for poor people :D
A new Idéale is what, 270€
Why are Frenchie saddles so expensive
Yes, the term is 'overpriced' vs cogs, you buy it for emotional value of feeling special. Expensive depends on your own budget.

File: publicbikerack.jpg (244 KB, 1600x900)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Am curious.. Do you guys leave your bike on the public bike rack or do you take it inside with you? Or does it depend on the day, bike, or something else entirely? For me I leave it on the bike rack, but I take my helmet, water bottle, and leather bag (With my bike tools inside) inside with me, only leaving the lock behind for obvious reasons. I ask because my grandma's former roommate said he usually took his bike inside with him because he doesn't trust people, and I want to see if there's any of you guys on here that fit a similar bill.
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File: chain.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
god damn i hate tweakers, why do they love bmx bikes? ive had multiple tweakers say to me "aye, you just make your bike look like that(shit) so people wont steal it, huh?"

also i fear my choice of chain tripples the chance of my bike catching a tweakers eye

fuck i hate tweakers
>I also know that someone at my workplace wheels his nice roadie inside and keeps it in the cloakroom, while the rest of us peasants lock them outside.
people let me get away with this, cuase i kinda make it known my bike is more than just transportation for me... and its tiny
lol post bike
fuck you
Today I locked it to a bus stop post. When I returned 20 minutes later, the bike had been moved. I knew exactly what happened. The front wheel had rolled sideways and the bike hit the ground. A good saw Samaritan saw this and stood my bike upright again.

Apparently the Metropolitan Line stock had blue doors in 1997. Is this true /n/?
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I'm not a Londoner and have always tube stations spooky desu, they have a very odd atmosphere.
No, you don't. You think you do, but trust me; you don't.
Londo is a beautiful city to visit as a tourist and the central city stations are really cool, in some of them you can literally get lost (Bank looking at you)

But if you live there, the overall overcrowded situation of public transport will make you cry, and subsequently make you switch to a bicycle or scooter for your mental health.
The metopolitan line still used A Stock in 1997
I know someone already pointed out it was the old W&C line trains but I just wanted to bring up the A Stock
Miss those little fuckers like you wouldn't believe, peak comfy
File: serotta.jpg (200 KB, 744x1002)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Uh, I guess I'll contribute?

File: x7adwgbi3yf71.jpg (3.09 MB, 4032x3024)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
In your opinion what is the 'Honda Civic' or 'Toyota Corolla' of hybrid bikes? Something reliable, efficient, good all-arounder, and low maintenance?

Which bike would you give that title to? You can only choose 1.
103 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can you just drill some holes in to mount jt?
>A 90's steel mtb
Always the correct answer, but needs the word 'rigid' inserting.
A 250 ssd and genuine copy of windows aren't "features" in current year and don't help your argument. In fact, those are both shit and you should feel bad for mentioning then. I also doubt it has a "great screen". Also, used thinkpads have been way overpriced for about 4 years now so basically cope and seethe

t. use $200 x220 as daily driver but spent over $300 to keep it usable in current year
Also over $1500. Laptop hardware is a fucking joke now because it's not designed for purpose. To make them fashionable they threw cooling and durability out the window, and that's even the case with "workstation" class shit, which is why my brand new work laptop is slower than my x230. Other reason is that the work laptop has to run Windows. At least bikes are more sensible now after the industry finally realized that most people don't really care about the Tour de Dope, and the avg new hybrid has mounting points for racks and fenders, can take wider tires, etc.
90s MTB. My '95 Giant Attraction weights 37.2 lbs and sounds like a truck with its stock knobby tires.

Post pictures of absolutely grim transportation infrastructure
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isn't this like one of those cross diamond intersections where you drive on the opposite side between the two merging points and no one turning left gets stuck?
it looks horrible but works surprisingly well
I don't know how it is elsewhere, but in rural Colorado there are stretches of interstate that are signed for bikes too - the reason for that is to signal that those are exceptional areas where bikes are allowed because there's literally no other alternative route to places served by that highway.

Not that guy, but if you can ride in stormy crosswinds then you can ride next to an interstate, it's not that big of a deal. It's unpleasantly noisy, but most interstates have HUGE shoulders so it's not particularly unsafe. The potential conflict point is entry/exit ramps, but since you'd only ride on a highway in a very rural area anyways there's not likely to be much traffic, and if you're uncomfortable you can just ride off and back on via the ramps instead of crossing through them anyways.

Admittedly I say this as someone who grew up and learned to ride bikes in a city where 6-lane arterial roads bigger than many interstates are common, so I have a very high tolerance for stressful riding situations...
Car guys will blame the smog on everything besides cars.
File: roberts.jpg (1.86 MB, 4000x1000)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Hey, I've rode through one of those. Industrial area, but therer were bike lanes the entire length, both directions.
You can just see the green bike boxes in this pic.

I like small trains.
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This at a children's railway?
nah, a former forest railway, now a tourist attraction
File: _vyr_14861P1610830.jpg (286 KB, 1756x1317)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Based and Piko-pilled.
E-69 was my First ever train in H0
basically a diesel tram desu
File: Treno_valle.jpg (186 KB, 790x529)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I miss this little 90's tourism train fella as you cannot believe. So many memories of happy tours with my family.

I just bought a Lectric xp 2.0, super fun and very convenient!

My only gripe is that the batter doesn’t last very long when you give it all throttle, the advertised range is 45 miles but it’s more like 10 miles if you are using the throttle, I wish it they had advertised it that way.

Does anyone know if there are any ebikes that go a substantial distance on just throttle? Just in case anyone asks I only have 1 leg so pedal assist isn’t out of the question the throttle is just easier, I just don’t understand why they don’t advertise it more clearly.

I’m considering a WAU X or a Segway X260.
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
he said he has one leg mate
i work as a mechanic and regularly work on bikes exactly like this

they are an absolute nightmare. do not buy them. The brakes were designed for regular bikes and never engineered with the power and weight of an actual motor and are generally dogshit thats actually dangerous. They don't stop for shit and most of the time bikes like this come into my shop i have to spend awhile bending the rotors back in shape.
basic maintenance like fixing a flat can be made a pain in the ass with hub drives.
components like shifters are insanely unreliable, because theyre already cheap components and its made worse by being made to handle a motor ebike being throttled at max.

also no ebike will last long with a throttle. ebikes were made to be pedal assist, throttle is added on to win over nervous new buyers. cranking the throttle constantly will drain almost any ebike fast

basically youre trying to take a bike and make it something it isnt (a moped). you're straight up cramming a circle peg into the square hole

literally just get a moped/scooter. it'll do the job cheaper, better, more reliably, and safer. i know ebikes are cool right now but this isnt what theyre for. also never get a folding bike unless you absolutely NEED the folding aspect. not "itd be handy" but literally its the only option.
I have an Amazon folding mountain bike with a 7 speed freewheel gear that I put a bafang SSBHD on and tuned it to reach 50mph.
Come at me, bro :^)
I have 'fond' memories of building one of these cheap folding e-bikes for a customer, back when I worked in a shop, that had internal cable routing and an internal battery. You know how you can curl ribbons with scissors to make them decorative for wrapping Christmas/birthday presents? Well, this bike's brake housing got pinched when it was packed and that cable got ultra-stuck, and there was nothing for it but to replace the whole cable and housing. I couldn't make the housing budge, so I had to yank out the cable first and when I did that, it got curled up in a spiral just like a that!

Kinda neat to see as a curiosity and I wish I'd gotten a picture, but that whole bike was such a pain in the ass it still sticks out in my memory. And that's kind of the point, like >>1720124 says these bikes suck. Guess how those sellers are hitting such low price points despite adding all the electric bits? They're cutting every corner and cheaping out everywhere they can. It's not such a big deal when this is done on kids bikes, but putting a full grown adult on a bike with garbage-tier wheels and brakes is a terrible idea. Seriously, just get a moped if that's the experience and performance you're looking for.

File: rdh7zsqvz5q01.jpg (374 KB, 1479x964)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
>Cyclists bad
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>using a picture from the one day the brown snake was blue
Brisbane is okay and getting better but theres still a lot of remnants from when everything was car based (looking at Ipswich Road and the road that goes through chermside up to the sunny coast)
American midwest be like
>Yes our capital cities are supposed to look like the aftermath of an allied bombing campaign, and that's the waywe like it thank you very much!
come on dude I know the first image is a bit of a stretch but you don't have to follow up with a photo that's on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, 90% of the time is just looks murky grey
not really, with the exception of the 60s onward most Australian suburbia was developed around tram lines like San fran/L.A. so our infrastructure isn't great but it's not oppressive like the U.S. where they tore down 90% of their inner cities to build highways over them
Yes, European cities are better because they grew organically, slowly, over time without intervention of people who constantly thought they could do it better. Every time someone comes along with a revolutionary urban vision it completely backfired. Towers in a park, the interstate system (going through city centres) subsidized suburbia/automobiles, hell even futuristic shit like monorails usually don’t function well. European cities work because they’ve gone through enough shit to naturally find what works best and now it’s just a matter of continuing that and innovating upon it, not starting from scratch. Basically if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Planners in the 50s thought they had it all figured it out, but they very obviously did not. Anyone who seems to think that American centres haven’t been gutted and sprawling cities aren’t slowly destroying themselves is a retard who hasn’t learned a single thing about the history of cities. And that’s clearly most of this board, because most anons are stuck in a permanent debate about whether or not trains are good/cars are bad. There is no city on the face of the earth where majority suburban auto lifestyles are part of a healthy city, I don’t know why people keep trying to argue otherwise. Just admit you like having a car, because you still can. It’s just not the best way to move people. Christ.

File: sidewalk etiquette.jpg (113 KB, 750x493)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
everyone suck so bad at walking around in public and using sidewalks, why dont we paint directional lanes on walkways to try and correct this?
>always keep to the right side when im going around town
>people are still wait till the very last moment to get out of my path
69 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
see now if they were all on one side of the sidewalk it would be so much easier to brisk walk past them and they wouldnt be getting into anyones face.
>Aggressive cripples in high speed retard chairs
Wew lad
Fucking brutal
>What would you do, politely say "excuse me" like a submissive little cuck boy?
If you are not raping and then dismembering them - don't try to talk shit faggot
>Why do you even want to make things smoother, more productive, and efficient? Do you even really want to participate in a society that acts, thinks, and feels so differently to you?

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