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The report estimated that the line could bring 160,000 jobs to the Cascadia region and more than 350 billion new dollars in economic activity. "Drastically cutting travel time between the cities would also have the knock-on effect of drawing more companies to the region, which the report from the Washington State Department of Transportation argues would generate hundreds of billions of dollars in economic growth," Tyler Orton writes for Business in Vancouver. The new service could also curb emissions if it could tempt car and air commuters to use the train. The report estimates the project would eliminate 6 million tons of carbon emissions.

The planned train would travel at just under 200 miles per hour and be faster than any train service currently operating in the United States.

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Flawed methodology

>Eastern Washington will never go for it.
Because that's an even worse idea
That's not a counterpoint to anything you dipshit. Short range air travel is a colossal fucking waste of gate slots. That's what HSR competes against, in addition to being way faster than driving an equal diatance.
>That's not a counterpoint to anything you dipshit.
Yes it is

>Short range air travel is a colossal fucking waste of gate slots.
No it's not

>That's what HSR competes against
Just in a more expensive manner
>That's not a counterpoint to anything you dipshit.
>Yes it is
No it's not you illiterate fucking nigger. You haven't said a single god damn thing based on a shred of evidence.

>Short range air travel is a colossal fucking waste of gate slots.
>No it's not
Yes it is. Regional flights are wildly less profitable.

>That's what HSR competes against
>Just in a more expensive manner
HSR is cheaper than adding the equivalent capacity in the form of additional freeway lanes, runways, and airport gates.

No amount of your cunty, anti-reality whining changes anything. Can't deal with it? Put some buckshot in your head.
>No it's not you illiterate fucking nigger.
It's a flawed methodology

>Regional flights are wildly less profitable.
They're still profitable, more than can be said of HSR

>HSR is cheaper than adding the equivalent capacity in the form of additional freeway lanes,

>runways, and airport gates.

>Blue Line gets new train cars and gives its old ones to the Orange Line
>Orange Line now has the oldest trains in the entire CTA system with no plans to upgrade

FUCK the CTA. I hate riding the orange line every morning with its 80s fake wood paneling and burned out yellow train lights with discolored plastic light covers.
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but what did they have before they got those
wew.. even the old ones we had before they changed to electric trains werent that bad
>brown line
>aka waiting for 3 train cars before there’s enough room to get on one during rush hour
to be fair western is the longest road in chicago so it crosses like 5 CTA lines
I have noticed the brown line in the morning for the loop is fucking packed while towards kimball is not and it’s vice versa later.

Cheap Aluminium / Expensive Concrete Edition

OLD >>1347883
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is the m here for meter, mile, or minute? probably not meter...
File: rekt meself.jpg (44 KB, 940x476)
44 KB
I'm fucking dead
i assumed it was mile

chapeau, fre/n/
Are you in the Strava group? You should join.
This wasn't a bad idea, but it got pretty close to becoming one.

Insider from the industry here. Ebikes are absolutely going to take over. You have no idea what how big numbers and forecasts are. blabla its a fad blabla. Within the next 5 to 7 years 90% of bicycle commuters are going to use electric. Decreasing costs and increased density are going to make it too tempting not to. We're heading into an unprecedented personal transportation revolution, personal mobility is going to increase a lot, and guess what, its all beautifully simple and easy on the wallet. Ebikes will replace all mopeds/scooters within the next 5 years, and reduce car usage by a good 30-50% in major cities over the next 10 years.
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>enjoy hitting one pothole and dieing
ok fatass
the world is illegal
File: 1532383530042.jpg (276 KB, 1920x1920)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
saw one of those bike shaped motorcycles few days ago. its the first ever i have seen here. it was not a e bike but something with a tiny moped motor or something strapped on it.
holy shit this bike looks cool!

File: car.jpg (2 MB, 4928x3280)
2 MB
200 million car drivers and yet this board is full of car haters. Why is this?
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I don't have said BSO with me now, but I might do it on a different bike again soon.
popularity ruins things. thing could be good but too much stupid people doing it makes it annoying.
dont really think so. im sure that using public transport daily would cost more than having a car.
Fringies, the car will dominate transportation for the foreseeable future. Accept it.

File: 71Y1kbl1d5L._SX425_.jpg (10 KB, 425x281)
10 KB
What type of skateboard is good for just cruising? I've read online that penny boards seem to be what i'm looking for, but I don't know which ones are specifically good/recommended. Are the ones on Amazon a joke?
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Honestly, a skateboard isn't a great way for transportation except you really learn how to ollie and manual and be super safe on that thing. It's also pretty exhausting compared to a scooter or rollerblades.
(you constantly have to lift your whole bodyweight up and down with one foot while pushing)

I'd personally go for a normal 8" skateboard deck with soft wheels, that gives you the most freedom and fun. As mentioned, you can't ollie with either pennies or longboards. (Pennies are suicidal except maybe for riding bowl parks)

For the best experience you need to learn how to skate properly and that takes years. But its rewarding. You'll reach ultimate zen once you can ollie up curbs and manual while cruising in thr streets.

t.experienced street skateboarder
also makes you look like a faggot

Regular skateboard will do.

On that topic, what do you guys think about riding a skateboard to work? Live in London so not completely ideal
OP, just my opinion, but skateboarding is a sport, both competitive and recreational, and is not intended for nor is it practical as '''transportation'''. If a skateboard is your only choice as transportation then I have to think things have gone terribly wrong in your life and you have my sympathy. Can you get a bike somewhere instead? Thrift store maybe? That would be a better self-powered choice for transportation.
Just for cruising they said
Sorry you hate being able to move faster and smoother you fucking cunt.

*Pops your tires*

Nothing Personal, Kid
File: 1535535377351.jpg (28 KB, 500x333)
28 KB
*slices a vertical foot long, $2000 gash into your bumper without even breaking a spoke*

Nothing personal, cagey.
good thing that im not blind
*pops your life*

nothing personnel, gweilo
Only thing my eyes don't see are the fucking stealthy goatheads.

File: p6pb15904329.jpg (788 KB, 1600x1069)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
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I just read about them. I want.
Nothing wrong with flared drops.
I hear they're nice for touring/randonneuring.
File: s-l1600 (1).jpg (406 KB, 1600x1066)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Triple crown 26x4.0 rigid fat bike fork. Intended for cruisers. I have one, I like it. It's surprisingly similar in weight to the stock fork on my dept store fat bike while being way more durable and overall nicer feeling. Has those little slots for the tabbed washers too and more space to attach auxilliary lights and whatever.
>Triple crown
You need to dig out your kindergarten curriculum and revise counting.
Triple crown, Double crown, Triple tree. All the same from the people selling these. Don't blame me, blame the salesmen.

File: gcn gmbn cool.png (970 KB, 1222x624)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
why are mtbers so cringy with their stupid clothing and tatoos?
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I don't think that it will unless the 26er also makes a comeback. I've been trying to get back into MTB with a 29er and between the big tires and wiiiiide bars it feels like I'm piloting a fucking land barge. It's great for plowing over things but is kinda shit at going around them.
What's so good about MTB culture is that everyone is chill, not tryhards. You can do what you feel like.
Of course there's the odd pessimist like yourself, but thankfully that's a tiny minority. Especially in comparison to roadies
must be the latest cool thing with gays and other similar people
File: sam hill2.jpg (308 KB, 502x800)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
the cringy thing is that they force this authenticTM image when everyone is a brandfag and velominati rules are as strick as with roadies

>What's so good about MTB culture is that everyone is chill, not tryhards. You can do what you feel like.

that is why every single DJer wears long skinnyfag jeans over kneepads, why everyone constantly bitches that their susp needs to me more plush and how they need more expensive tires, why you can wear any single clothing when riding on the mountain and everyone is cool with it...wait a second!

>Hopefully tech riding starts to make it's come back
>I don't think that it will unless the 26er also makes a comeback

I like the neo-mtb geometry compared to the 90s but there is too much focus on speed and lack of low speed control, everyone can be fast on a 160mm modern mtb, but youd be surprised how few of todays mtbers can even ride out a switchback
dude on the right looks like Deadmau5 in ten years

The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

In a country where the laws compel the use of cars, Americans are condemned to lose friends and relatives to traffic violence. My childhood neighbor was a varsity student-athlete, the president of the junior class, and the most popular girl in school. One day in September 1995, a car crash took her life. She had been driving home on the freeway when her car went across the median and collided with one going the opposite direction, killing both drivers.

In our small city in Michigan—like almost everywhere in America—driving is the price of first-class citizenship. We never stopped to ask whether a different bargain was possible. Since her passing, approximately 1 million more Americans have been killed in car crashes.

In America, the freedom of movement comes with an asterisk: the obligation to drive. This truism has been echoed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has pronounced car ownership a “virtual necessity.”

>As I detail in a forthcoming journal article, over the course of several generations lawmakers rewrote the rules of American life to conform to the interests of Big Oil, the auto barons, and the car-loving 1 percenters of the Roaring Twenties. They gave legal force to a mind-set—let’s call it automobile supremacy—that kills 40,000 Americans a year and seriously injures more than 4 million more. Include all those harmed by emissions and climate change, and the damage is even greater. As a teenager growing up in the shadow of Detroit, I had no reason to feel this was unjust, much less encouraged by law. It is both.

It’s no secret that American public policy throughout the 20th century endorsed the car—for instance, by building a massive network of urban and interstate highways at public expense.

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t. Boomer that pays 1k if the HOA doesnt like his lawn
Homes existed well before bush era subdivison mcmansions and strip malls. Streetcar suburbs are forever god tier
>..are part of what he's talking about, fool.
Why do you think I said that's the actual problem?

>If you know anything about supply and demand, you know how fucking ridiculous such a concept is.
I'll let this speak for itself, lol.
File: aurea.jpg (120 KB, 736x493)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Wow anon you're right. I'm so jealous of you and your city living. Being packed in like sardines with millions of people sure sounds fun. Especially living in a concrete wasteland and sleeping in an apartment the size of my closet.
I think I'll stick with living out here

File: rohan mystery.jpg (160 KB, 607x792)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
The Rohan Mystery Edition (also The "This Thread Never Receives Replies Once It Has Hit The Bump Limit And Is No Longer At The Top Of The Catalogue" Edition)

Last thread: >>1358578

/n/ Discord: https://discord.gg/z5pdNh2


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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>MKS sylvan
don't unless you're going to use cages and straps with them.

pinned bmx/ mtb platform pedals are much better otherwise, way better support and grip
I actually prefer nylon ones still for casual riding, but expensive ones with nice bearings. just nicer on your shins.
the new MKS sylvan tour NEXT pedals are dope asf
the 2mm ridge that your foot sits on just sucks over longer distances. creates a massive hotspot on your foot. will literally cut a ridge in rubber soles unless you're a wattlet.
yeah well like i said, i cycle for 4 miles so cycling longer distances is not a concern.

File: file.png (213 KB, 620x349)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
mine is a zepplin

File: Shimazaki.gif (2.64 MB, 500x272)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB GIF
What are some feasible ways to achieve teleportation?
38 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1306352254705.jpg (660 KB, 2900x1917)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
But a Time machine is currently do-able with current technology.

( I should receive a Nobel prize for this )

I guess it should be Physics ? or do you nominate yourself ?
that's called a video conference. Add VR if you want.
File: 4.jpg (420 KB, 1920x1440)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
I am wondering if I should tell you how to build a time machine now , because .

A) it is an actual workable Idea

B) some one might steal it and get my Nobel prize and sweet job at MIT
File: bloor.jpg (152 KB, 1039x697)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Well screw it .. like I was going to MIT

So send two streams of unmeasured / unobserved quantum entangled photons around a mirror racecourse , one with a Cad cell in it .

leave note for your future self to invent a time machine and to steer the photons into the cad cell on and off .

when your light stream starts to hit the cad cell you collect your Nobel prize.

Till then you babysit ... Schrodinger cat.

easy job.

now every saw It was my Idea and this is my signature -- I am betting no one else has a close connection to this photo -- so only i can say it was my Idea
Explain Cad Cells in a way that even a blue-pilled pleb like myself can understand

File: universewithme.jpg (289 KB, 1000x667)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
PYBT scenery edition

try show some scenery and a photo you haven't posted before
: )

old thread
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Not even tall, just barely 6'1. Previous owner listed it as L when it's something closer to XL. That said, my crotch JUST doesn't touch the top tube, so it's fine.
>Not even tall
You are above the 6''-6'1" manlet cutoff. Also known as "No bike your size in classified ads" limit
Man, I wish my steel frame had that much tire clearance
Nice colour.

These bottlecages are too nice to not be used.
That's better. Cheers.
>You can ride literally anything anywhere. The bike isn't going to explode. Git gud

true dat, but I just think its a missed oportunity to make it into a mememobil, for trail riding the new stuff really is so much better geometry wise

are you a carpenter? how bad are the brakes on such a nice bike?

File: storm drain.jpg (218 KB, 1200x764)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Do you ride over it or swerve around?
57 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's about the optics when riding
that one is easy
go right over the top if your tires are 38 or more
ultimate yikes
As a kid I thought there was lava underneath these that could blow out at any time so I never rode over them
My local laws also say you must be allowed to take your bike on a train or ferry, instead of a normal luggage bag, and if the rail company denies you it they have to give you a bit of money.

A local law in a nearby city says that bikes "must use municpal parking or parking meters."
Most parks here forbid you from riding through them (but they don't actually post signs at every entrance displaying this so it's hard to tell if stumbling across them at a backway as a shortcut).

Pedestrians nowadays generally don't move until you're almost on top of them, even if ringing a bell. Not just the ones with airpods in either, I have no idea why they don't even look around when the bell rings. That + in the more developed areasm the normal assortment of objects on the sidewalk outside of the SHOP door-zone including trees, garbage cans, lampposts, signs, benches, and uneven sidewalk slabs means that if you were to ride at an appreciable speed on the sidewalk it's more risky than a MTB trail. In residental spaces the sidewalk frequently doesn't follow the same grade as the road meaning you can fall a good extra 1-3ft off it, has bigger trees that it weaves around and peoples' curbside garbage and cans that block the way at times, puts you in the blind spots of driveways more often due to hedges and fences, often ends or turns into a lazy broken asphalt-pour, in the green months has only got the greenery pared back just enough for one pedestrian and not someone with the added height and width of a bike...

It's safer to ride in the road, be aware of the cars and, when appropriate, pull over to allow traffic to flow if the person behind you is a chicken shit who is stalling traffic because they won't pass you.

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