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File: diy.jpg (657 KB, 800x600)
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Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

Helpful links:
Some friendly suggestions for posting:
- First ask Google, then ask /diy/. Your question will probably be better received if you do so.
- List available resources (tools, materials, budget, time, etc.)
- Try to use pictures and explain the goal, if possible
- Be patient, this is a slow board; your thread will be around for days.
- Share your results! /diy/ loves to see problems solved and projects completed!

File: dawnsand.jpg (54 KB, 446x229)
54 KB
Hand cleaner companies hate him

Learn how he beat the Gojo Jew with this one simple trick

File: file.png (1.35 MB, 1322x742)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
This guy is putting himself at incredible risk. There are probably so many CEOs and sales managers that want him dead right now

Does anyone know if any of these blue collar companies have hinted at trying to threaten him yet?

Todd compares tools and electronics from various companies using elaborate expensive tests. He's shown people that more expensive items are not always the best and that sometimes companies will sell you shit that does not even work. Many a contractor watches his channel. He refuses all sponsorship so the companies he mentions have no choice but to mald in silence

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>patreon isnt sponsorship
>affiliated links arent sponsorship

the sad thing is, there are ~2500 people unironically paying money to see glorified ad's
so much jealousy and butthurt in this thread.
guy has a good channel and he's helpful.
Patreon money doesn't steer a creator to be negative or positive, only to be informative. The affiliate links on the other hand always make creators over the fucking moon about anything they review.
File: 1587606844075.jpg (150 KB, 1091x1045)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>Patreon money doesn't steer a creator to be negative or positive, only to be informative
It steers creators to quickly and continuously pump out content which makes the content suffer in quality.
This is exactly why you get half baked tests out of him.

Free shit on Craigslist general
Last one 404'd
Previous >>2404235
Go to Craigslist free section and report back

My guy giving away a bucket full of oil and bent wood is still at it.
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Minecraft yourself for posting >>2421527
oh boy what a deal
I wish the faggots on FB would stop clogging up the free section with shit for sale
Look, he's smiling!
imagine the smell

File: wirewrap.jpg (232 KB, 640x480)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Thread lacked TVS diodes:>>2437936

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Incredibly comprehensive list of electronics resources:
Additional resources below:

>Project ideas:

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That's the sound of oscillation.
My definition of "sounds decent" has come a long way since I was screwing around with lm386 chips.
I like NE5532 the best, and OPA2134 when I need jfet inputs.
And TL07x?
I think they're probably not much worse than an OPA2134 if at all, but IIRC they're a bit more restricting when it comes to voltage rails. Prefers wider ones.
>copper cathode gets oxidised to oblivion
Guess that's not enough current then. I'll try 10k series resistance, then 1k. About 0.5V was being dropped across the solution with 100kΩ, hope it doesn't increase too much, as going too high increases the chances of making chlorine gas.
>increases the chances of making chlorine gas.

Please to be telling me more about purchasing or manufacturing of such gas.
Please to be contacting me Muhammad.vonNeuman@gmail.com

File: 1660119288812.jpg (612 KB, 1200x900)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
How do I go about fixing a board like this? When powered, it doesn't light up until the room it's in is above say 75F, and then it's only half of the board. When it is 80F+ ish, the whole thing lights up. Wat do?
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File: 1660119762609.jpg (595 KB, 1200x900)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
check connections
Just the wire connections? Should I be checking the boards as well? Would a fuse tester work to see if it's getting power?
>chink shit
>thermal expansion
>bad solder joint sumwhar
Perhaps take a hair dryer and gently warm parts of the board to narrow down a problem area. This includes the power supply.

Here's something to try if you have no volt meter or multimeter.

Firstly, are those printed number or are those two dots adjacent to the LEDs pads with continuity to the LEDs?

If they are pads and not printing on the board, use a wire jumper or a metal tool to short each of the LEDs one by one. If one LED has an open condition the other LEDS will light when the bad one is shorted. It might reveal an LED with a poor solder joint or an internal failure. This assumes the power supply is working.

An alternate way would be to check the same points with a volt meter. An open LED would show full supply voltage and the other LEDs would be zero.

Found this object in grandpa’s tool chest, and I’m at a loss trying to figure out what it is. Says “not for impact use” on it. What is this thing?
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You’re going to tear up the edge of that velcro backing pad real quick and it won’t hold regular 5” discs properly in the future. You would be much better off spending $10-$20 on the right size ones instead of ruining part of the sander.
Keeps getting restuck. I rotate it using an Alen wrench, then it hits something and stops. I back it off and then I can rotate freely. But as soon as I turn on it freezes up again within one or two rotations. ( all but instantly ).

I can find anything I’m there to remove. It feels a bit like metal on metal and I’m wondering if it is just broken.

Spent an hour on this already coverd In food shit about to throw things in frustration.
Garbage disposal? Sanity check, are you sure there's no utensils or anything else that fell down the drain? Maybe something on the counter that might have fallen in? It doesn't have to be big to lock the thing up. If a bearing or something internal to the motor was wrong I think it would make a lot of noise and not just lock up solid.
I’ve cleaned out the the disposal I can’t see anything else In there. I’ve done this maybe 50 times. I get it rotating, run water to clear it out. Manually rotate. Then it catches on something.

I can’t see what. Trying to look down with flashlight don’t see anything like seeds or anything that could be getting caught. Once it is “clear” and rotating it is fine for a few manual rotations then it locks up again.
File: PXL_20220812_211900798.jpg (1.96 MB, 4032x3024)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Back again with a couple more questions. Pulled all the carpet up in the living room and the back half had an addition put on at some point. there's a difference in height between the two subfloors, and the difference isn't consistent along the entire length. The addition is about 1/2" higher on the left side, pretty flush in the middle, and 1/4" higher on the right side. Whoever installed the carpeting used shingles along the gap to gradually bring it up to flush in the areas where it needed it. How can I go about correcting this if I plan on building up the subfloor and using vinyl planks as my new flooring? After I'm done can I run a belt sander along the seam and kind of feather it down to match? Should I use shingles or something similar again?

Also, is OBS okay to use as a second layer to the subfloor? I'm trying to do this pretty budget, and OBS is about half the price.

So you don't get any sort of squeaking or anything where it's wood on wood?

File: stainlessrods.jpg (1.45 MB, 3024x4032)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
I can get a bunch of these at work. They're part of a roller system that parts of get replaced pretty often. They're 20" long 1/4" diameter

Ideas on what to do with them?
Practice welding. Or use them as rods to hold together wooden box-type projects that you want to easily disassemble later. Or bend a couple into hooks, thread the other ends, and screw them into poles to make grabby-sticks, or into boards for hanging things. Or insert them into parallel boards to make drying racks for shoes, etc. Or cut into short pieces, drill holes, and thread cord to make necklaces or dinky wind-chimes to sell to your sister's art-ho friends. Or make lethal bolts for your homemade drill-powered automatic crossbow:


Or the obvious answer, sounding rods.
Urethral sound

File: images (1).jpg (68 KB, 1000x1000)
68 KB
Is there a /diy/ solution for a cat shitter? My main contention with doing it manually is it's another thing to keep track of, and I'd rather buy a bandsaw instead of spending $500 on a consoomer cat shitter.
>inb4 Wuhan the cat
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Your fucked. You have to scoop daily. Sorry it’s just the reality of having a cat. That or spend the money on something. Get whatever has good warranty because this type of shit breaks all the time.
I had pretty good success with the ones that are a round, rotating basin with a grain elevator-style ramp. They're fantastic when they're working, but the motors burn out too easily. I eventually gave up, but if I were going to DIY this, I'd either try to recreate that design with more robust materials, or buy another one and swap out the mechanical guts. Gear something way down to low speed/high torque.
i have the litter robot and it's just a big shitter on a plastic gear with a pressure sensor
you could probably build one yourself for maybe 20% cheaper than the cost of buying that one
if you have more than one cat just get it, there's no better alternative
I trained 2 to shit outside, 1 is old and insists on the shitter box. Biggest issue is when I travel and they are inside.
I have one of those roll boxes that deposits poop in a drawer, easier than scooping but still there must be a better way.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (245 KB, 1280x720)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Will they ever be displaced as the king of pliers?
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I have some old and some new and while the castings are definitely different, they seem to be good as always.
These look fine but I'd prefer the dipped handles, I think.
>he doesn't remove his handles and epoxy them back on
they're not plastic, though. some kind of rubber-ish something that isn't actually rubber. idk.
i thought i did, too, until i got a set with heavier, more comfortable grips.
I mean they bite super hard with the short jaw and long handle. With the sharp teeth, I imagine they could rape a brass fitting if it was previously fucked by somebody else or like unthreading a pipe from some fitting.

They’re not some hard plasti that shatters when dropped. The indentations and how they’re affixed matters much more than dipped vs some big dual material.
NEET life

File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Jeff needs to be thrown off a roof
120 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Asshole with a camera trying to get people in trouble....
File: 936.jpg (31 KB, 625x626)
31 KB
Typical fucking American retards crying because they want someone else to pay and they'll never fix the issue themselves

Hurricanes should be exempted from insurance claims, what a joke, a fucking beach front property complaining about roof and water damage

State Farm basically fisted me without lube when I had a claim during the COVID hoax, so YMMV.
Tell us the details of the loss and what state farm told you.

File: 1651497381950.jpg (483 KB, 700x758)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Howdy Dougers and Dougn'ts. What did you make today?

181 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
>doesn't understand how quote texting works on 4dongers.
>anchor app okay
>engine monitoring app bad
>singularity brain wojack.jif
>literally makes shit up
meanwhile you be making shit up here >>2446261 and cryin over getting called out. you didnt have to respond. coulda just let it die. too much pride. too little smarts. what a bitch.
File: 1656918842344.png (679 KB, 882x742)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
Did anyone update the meme?
File: 1631830617969.png (7 KB, 237x279)
7 KB

File: 20220801_140006.jpg (2.28 MB, 4032x1960)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
I know it's not perfect but I'm very proud of some of these https://youtu.be/6vjLimM35jo
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1660174061231191.jpg (99 KB, 639x960)
99 KB
Thank you..
>air dry clay
Ditch that shit and get some polymer clay so you have as much working time as you want and can harden it in the oven for painting. Alternately oil clay and makes molds for casting.
buy a small kiln man, glaze em up man, fire that shit.
if i walked in on my son with something like this id take out my shotgun
Why? It's a healthy hobby, I also Garden, is that manly enough for you?

Tomatoes: https://youtu.be/rBqQPrDGzZw

Potatoe Harvest: https://youtu.be/aPv4zuMZInY

File: 717z43Bhk3L.jpg (251 KB, 1500x2100)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
About to have my first kid in a couple months. It's a girl. Doesn't come with a manual from the manufacturer. Any DIY parenting tips?
89 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>If you decide to have your daughter circumcised
> If you decide to have your daughter circumcised
Absolutely do NOT do this. It has precisely zero health benefits, and often leads to countless health problems down the road, not to mention a ludicrously high complication rate. I nearly lost my younger sister because my parents decided to circumcise her. I don't care whatever your beliefs are, people are born with their genitals intact for a reason. You wouldn't cut off your daughter's toes for the hell of it, so don't fuck with her genitals either.
>your kid is fucked

Now you’re just daydreaming, tranny. Don’t forget to dilate.

Be patient
You need to go back.
You sound antisemitic

File: Z(7).jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
You ABSOLUTELY can diy HVAC yourself, if youre not completely retarded.

HVAC contractors are the biggest ripoff I've seen.
They charge 2-3x market value for parts and will charge you $XXX in labor for undoing 5 screws and 4 wires being swapped.

The fact they they feel the unchecked entitlement to charge this is proof in itself that their clientele are retards.
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From 40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F, section § 82.161, Technician certification:

"Any person who could be reasonably expected to violate the integrity of the refrigerant circuit during the maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of appliances (as follows in this paragraph) containing a class I or class II refrigerant or a non-exempt substitute refrigerant must pass a certification exam offered by an approved technician certification program."

The law also says that it is a crime to sell or distribute non-exempt refrigerants to someone without a license, which means that unless you synthesized your own-- there is no legal way to get ahold of the refrigerants. There are exceptions for things like propane, water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and also for certain quantities and types of refrigerants for motor vehicle use (hence the little cans of r134A at walmart)

That being said, obviously there is nothing stopping you from illegally buying r22 or r410a on ebay or amazon or facebook marketplace. And the government doesn't meaningfully enforce these restrictions on sellers like those.
Even though tankless water heaters are theoretically more efficient in terms of energy usage, the amount of energy saved compared to a conventional tank water heater is minimal, and you will not save money on energy costs over the lifetime of the heater compared to price difference that you will pay for the tankless upgrade.

The most common situation that makes tankless a good idea is if you have enough people trying to shower or bathe in a small enough time period that you're having problems with running out of hot water from your tank heater. Imagine having 6 people all trying to get hot showers in the morning before going to school or work. If you never run into that issue, then it's not a problem for your household and you will likely lose money by switching to a tankless unit.
my point is that unless there is a specific reason that you want a tankless, then you probably don't want one.
You should make sure your ducts can actually handle the airflow they’ll need to move 5 tons
What refrigerant do I want to make my house blow icecubes?

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