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I can't decide if he's a good or terrible actor
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He's incredible at both drama and comedy, and he can sing too
He's good in serious roles. He did well in Thin Red Line and Casualties of War.
Don't forget "This is gonna be hard on my little boy" as the water rose to greet his nostrils in The Perfect Storm.
I like him in Magnolia.
he's a dang ol hunk

What if the Sopranos took place in Japan?
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File: chrissy.png (126 KB, 237x317)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>Hey Tone, this faggot director of yours fucking censored my dick in this movie I starred in. I'm gonna kill him, Tone, I swear on my mother's life!
>your honourable tou-san never had the makings of a black belt karate master.
Top kek

File: st-2ndchances3.jpg (52 KB, 475x363)
52 KB
>smoking gun proof that the transporter is making copies of you because it failed to kill the first one
>fact is never even adressed in the episode..
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it would count as masturbation
Pro Tip: In the very first TNG episode about the holodeck itself, it's explained that the transporter is using that same technology to create solid things or erase them.
This was fucked up. They decided he has to go back because ((reasons)). Just let him stay god damn
Rate my Cat on Lap while listening to Voyager Warhead Kino https://youtu.be/DzlxlLb0M10
It took courage to climb into that teleporting machine every mission, not knowing... if I'd be the man in the arriving down on the planet... or the one whose atoms are being recycled into the pattern buffer.

File: 709b3cb743c.jpg (46 KB, 960x404)
46 KB
>they were once men
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You are at subsection 2.34 of the Matrix.
You are not yet at the Source.
He was a heckin good snake that wouldn't harm a mouse
damn shame that androgynous elf men get tricked into trying to become women
he could've been a male model or in a boy band or something
Galadriel and Arwen if they were of the race of men.
>no u
Anyway, to point out the obvious, the joke still works just by reading the headline. It’s not an ongoing pile of seethe that attempts to build upon itself to get all those crucial “but what about this” and “no u’s” across to like-minded sycophants and emotionally and intellectually defeated sodomites and niggerlovers.

Glad I could help

since most of you are not old enough to remember, this movie was so close. so close. to being a remembered film. the saying 'pay it forward' lives on but nobody wants to remember the movie. the movie fails in the last act as a sort of oscar bait with a ridiculous twist misery ending. but overall. can anyone name a film that was so close and then failed at the touchdown line?

File: trttrtrttrrt.png (482 KB, 617x541)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>black spiderman is the one with a trans gf
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So just because the cult of deranged tranny narcissists claim a character as their own, /tv/ is going to believe it. It wasn't too long ago that people would just laugh at trannies and tell them to fuck off
They would immediately ban it other countries so why would they make her trans
>have a parent wear a literal trans flag pin to work
Wait does Gwen's father/mother actually do that in the movie? If so holy shit Gwen is one 100% a tranny
>background details you have to go out of your way to notice
anon these are still big studios that are terrified of backlash. they dont have the guts to come out and say shes trans
Seethe? I'm dying of laughter

File: d9s_pdo1.jpg (415 KB, 1835x770)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Is this where most public release groups and torrent swarms will move on to?
Can it become good enough to take over rarbg's traffic? What do you think?
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>I liked the little thing on the top of the torrents page where it had newest released kino
Torrentgalaxy has they on the sidebar
>13 pop ups blocked
>still get 3 ublock "this is not a safe website" popups
It doesn't, its entertaining for sure but there are so many absolute bullshit retarded episodes that it sours it all. The whole magical prophets bullshit in DS9 is awful, the boring enemies in voyagers are also awful and the overarching morphling antagonists are also boring and don't really bring much to. When i first heard of the dominion i was kinda excited, how does an alien society function with so many different species that isn't politically driven like the federation, but then you have dumb alligator aliens as the slave/soldier type and the morphling overlords and that's all you get to see of the dominion.
I was where you are at like 3 months ago, almost done with DS9...s1 is a little rough (not as bad as s1 tng, closer to S2) but after that it just takes off. S4 has one of the best star trek episodes ever and s6 has some killers too.
no it doesnt, it just shows random garbage that people are downloading which includes new releases but also lots of old shit

File: 1685506961013272.jpg (110 KB, 1024x1200)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Archived on page 6 edition(it's over)
if you wake up one day and /ftl/ is no longer on /tv/ check >>>/trash/
>Who won?
Josie won the grand prize of $35,000
>Was Letty a plant?
No, but she decided to play the villain at some point during the 6 weeks. She would go to the producers for approval on her activities. She won $20,000
>Will there be a season 2?
Yes, in the winter

Josie's YouTube stream from yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYdDDetUgeI [Open]
Letty Stream: Monday
Vance Stream: Sunday. 8:00PM PST

Keep up with the cast of Season 1

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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my fuck meat
yeah bro post it again
the simmonsissy sketch
what's the fucking deal with letty and this word
rehearsing for the vaccination/circumcision sketch
Fat jet is more iconic

File: miles mo.png (477 KB, 882x505)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
Probably the best animated movie I have seen. Sony actually pulled off the impossible and made Milles an extremely likeable character.
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If you think for one second that this film doesnt get a diversity bonus youre a fucking retard.
What the fuck is it that he can do everything Spiderman can + electricity and invisibility
Audience don't give diversity points and it is still 90%+.

Honestly it is so funny to see how this movie has mind broke some /tv/ users.
File: 1639827128230.jpg (130 KB, 1200x654)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>the existence of every single universe in the multiverse hinges on some arbitrary events that happens to its own version of Peter Parker, and if they dont play out the entire universe literally collapses
How can anyone take this trash seriously?
/co/ is gay. No one goes there.

File: cuti314.webm (591 KB, 480x480)
591 KB
Any other cute black kinos like my little mermaid?
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File: Yana_C.png (645 KB, 683x1024)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
This is italian Ariel VA
Do American niggas just not think about this? Like they're quick to admit that mulatto girls love going white, what do they think is gonna happen? Niggas really have no foresight, are so hilariously insecure that they're fine with integrating and disappearing just to leave a genetic scratch on white people? They just watch porn and don't think about it? Such lame bitchy little boys.
Watch H20: Just Add Water with my favorite African actress Cariba Heine.
cute monke

File: madmax.png (838 KB, 575x828)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
>men are... LE BAD
82 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
trannies do the school shootings nowadays
>I'm too enlightened to enjoy a plebeian movie with action that lacks the deep themes of the comic book movies I usually watch
It's a comic book movie with cars you deluded faggot
Except, you know, the comic book part.
But it was a movie with cars so you got that correctly at least.
it definitely is
>lawyers, bean-counters, and bureaucracy bad
which we can all get behind
however it's also
>Ripley is the smartest person in every room and has to make decisions for everyone; also let's emasculate Hudson repeatedly

File: nikcadoavocado.jpg (69 KB, 564x802)
69 KB
what does /tv/ think of Nickocado Avocado?
16 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would have to say he's very fat and gay.
File: 1657374490978.webm (2.5 MB, 608x1080)
2.5 MB
'cado on the 'log
Haven't you noticed there is no innovation anymore, just people finding new words to describe shit people already do.
he's the Andy Kaufman of our time
Back in my day, mukbang meant your muk used self-destruct.

File: channels4_profile.jpg (52 KB, 900x900)
52 KB
ITT: Dead careers
dime a dozen movie youtuber with boring safe opinions #2847271638

File: 1677557355684196.png (467 KB, 480x720)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
The original Xenomorph had translucent skin, with a visible human skull inside. Would it have been a better design?
204 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
>rapes Lambert
I liked it in Isolation because the legs gave it an intimidating height that the single-jointed didn't have. Plus it had that animalistic predator look while stalking and running that would just look kinda silly while looking at the single-jointed, which just ends up looks like a man running around. So I think it came down to how it looks to a player/audience when you can get a good long look at it in full light moving around, versus like in the movies only seeing bits and pieces of it for quick glimpses and lots of shadows.
shut the fuck up
takin a lil nap

Are these chicks right, are modern films trying to turn men gay/trans?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>the spiderman flick didn't say protect all trans kids

you chuds and your selective outrage are pretty hilarious. Ranma was written by a female and had no intention of ever being tranny shit it's a gag. Trannyism is exclusive to western culture it;s a well known fact at it's exclusively forced by6 western companies. OOr are you going to memory hole every single western company having pride shit everywhere. You people are intellectually dishonest and a joke. For real imagine wanting to die on the hill that western media is le based and redpiled.. It's obvious you are a tranny trying to poison the well. Dillate you freak.
I think a lot of these women don't want to examine why they picked a closeted gay man over all their other choices.
Reasons for trannyism:
#1 - Extraordinarily misandryst society where pretending to be a woman will give you immense benefits, in many cases prevent you being jobless, homeless and dead on the street.
#2 - Faggot who thinks saying they are a woman will make them more socially acceptable.
#3 - Just straight mentally ill and isolated enough that glowniggers can mkultra them into leaving the gene pool.
Are you a pathetic beta zero nothing invisible nobody with no sense of yourself, what you want to do with your life, or who you want to become, desperate for a magic escape ladder that will lead you out of your shitty slave-cattle life?

File: 1630886024917.webm (1.56 MB, 288x360)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB WEBM
It's not a fetish

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