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File: 1504173806155.jpg (22 KB, 400x599)
22 KB
Choosing honest, unique, comfy kinos was never Disney's forte.
Me too
Will farmer 1 and farmer 2 be in the movie?
File: 949931.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
>Disney buys out Fox
>less than a year later another Simpsons movie is announced


How did Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson go from being the most hated actresses on /tv/ to the most loved?
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>using soijak to defend capeshit
File: lat5.jpg (920 KB, 1500x1000)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
File: brie-larson.jpg (108 KB, 800x600)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Sorry, I don't have any Emilias. Have a Brie instead.
File: 1556369635939.png (274 KB, 736x1444)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>>>using soijak to defend capeshit
File: D6aszqrVUAAuQJC.jpg (66 KB, 631x647)
66 KB
I'm crashing the rare Emilia market with no survivors

File: last samurai.png (466 KB, 602x395)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
ITT: Scenes women will never understand
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File: maxresdefault (10).jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Why didn't he just stay down?
Faced and cubepilled.
why was he suddenly a terrible and retarded swordsman despite seemingly being a competent one just weeks earlier?
Based unterseeboot kino

Just saw this, how the hell did this scene turn into a tfwnogf meme?
It’s not about that at all
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Yes. It's a very character involving scene for all three characters, not just literally but in narrative terms also.
It's a physical manifestation of K's character development. And what many people fail to notice in this scene is that through the sync act this is most probably the first time Mariette was genuinely kissed in her life, first time felt what love feels like, all told purely by visuals alone.
File: 1563517980246.jpg (41 KB, 1024x512)
41 KB
Incels should be chemically castrated and then offered sex.
have sex
File: 1507731853614.png (689 KB, 456x959)
689 KB
689 KB PNG

File: 1563616554246.jpg (754 KB, 1209x960)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present. Yennefer of Mumbai and Triss of America.
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I'm an Anglo from Australia, this is just the mutted seppos who try and act white by pretending their brown hair is chestnut
Because I read the books. Because the vast majority of people who will watch this show will be white and changing the race of characters won't change that. Because if changing the race of a handful of characters was all they were going to do, I wouldn't give a shit.
They took what could have been a great story and they made yet another hamfisted social allegory out of it, because people watch fantasy to be reminded of how shitty the world is, right?

The worst part is that when this fails the people responsible won't suffer any real consequences, they'll be promoted and they'll blame the failure on Russian bots and evil misogynists.
To be fair the witcher was always a social allegory, it was just a little bit more subtle and not necessarily about niggers specifically.
Yen is the wrong race but at least she's hot. Never forgive them for Triss though.
dude, she fucked up so bad, she literally had to invent a magical skin care cream that will prevent her from blushing everytime people look at her in disgust for fucking up so badly. Nobody even agnowledges her part in creating the amulet besides Geralt, for a very short time. Also, he literally always thought of Yennefer when having sex with Fringilla. So Fringilla isn't even meorable enough to make Geralt forget Yennefer during orgasm

I'm an insider

Fact: whenever you see nipples sticking out, they are fake nipples 99% of the time. Used copiously on Friends

What are some non-obvious secrets/facts you know about production?
Inb4 pedophilia
Hollywood is run by Satan worshipping Jewish pedophiles.
This one is obvious, though.
Yeah, there was an episode where her nipples were poking out her shirt, and when she takes off the shirt (she has another underneath), suddenly no nipples.
My puberty was a lie
Hollywood is run by inter-dimensional shapeshifting vampires who feast on Moloch-worshiping cults of pedophilia-obsessed murderers.

File: EADhzJOXYAA9vEK.png (249 KB, 815x900)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Top 10 movies of all time, RT version https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/
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RT is just some marketing tool at this point.
>just use metacritic

same lame shit
i agree, they're all made by whites or jews, why do nignogs get so much credit for existing?
Why is Citizen Kane fourth when it has the highest score?

Rape in television and film: does it serve a purpose, should it be allowed (and if so, when and under what circumstances; and if not, why not), does it push the narrative of the story forward, can it work for a character's development and story arc, should a movie include content warnings when it handles the topic of rape, and how hard does your shameless pee-pee get when it happens on screen? This is a serious discussion, so serious replies only please.
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Well said. To the topic of the madonna-whore I keep seeing a reflective "Stone the sinners, saving the saint" complex in a lot of the men who react so negatively to the idea of women having the fantasy of rough sex. You will see men who are caustic in excess and thoroughly bitter 'fucking stacys fucking whores I hate all women' (stoning the sinner) and then maudlin in their fawning and adoration over the idea of their tradwife 'I'll hold hands and love her gently and slowly and timidly and we'll be in true love like this anime/real life photoshoots' (saving the saint). The two viewpoints are in a constant disharmony and generally the minute the bitch stops being a saint she immediately becomes the sinner to stone in their eyes. If she's not a madonna, then she's a whore.

I can fucking guarantee you the guy screeching out about women and rape fantasies >>118443452 really covets a waifu to tenderly hold and protect and handhold and would only want to engage in timid and meek lovemaking. His waifu wouldn't want to be fucked rough and hard by someone she is attracted to because that'd be sinful and shameful and his waifu is pure.

Never fucking got why guys who hate women (beyond the natural and normal standard all men have that women are overly emotional and can be a pain in the ass) have such a problem with the idea of said women getting roughly and aggressively fucked. You'd think they'd be all on that but instead it's the madonna you treat like a porcelain doll or the whore who never gives you the time of day.
the only people who want to get rid of rape in media are feminists
I cited as many sources as "he" did, and as many as you have, because we're posting on 4chan(nel) and not writing some academic paper. If you want to "raise the bar of debate" and drop some sources on this thread, go bananas. At the very least, be a man and make an actual argument instead of acting like a complete chickenshit.
Have sex
So if a screenplay rapist (for example) double-downed by getting their victim hooked on a highly addictive drug, then when they’re desperate and jonesing give them their hit whilst bringing them to the point of orgasm, they wouldn’t suffer as much undue confusion due to Pavlovian conditioning? Does any film feature this?

Cows watch moovies.
Doors watch keynos.

File: Kings-man-title.jpg (52 KB, 1800x1012)
52 KB
How the fuck did this get announced and slip under all radars?

>Based Ralph Fiennes
>Based Gemma Arterton
>Based series

You faggots won't respond to this and it will die out in less than 10 posts due to the lack of bait or sjw shit anyway. Why do I even bother
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Well I was right, topic instantly died with no discussion. Proof that this board can't discuss anything apart from gossip like bitches, sjw shit or bait.

You'll reply to this though. You can't even help yourselves. Truly pathetic.
King's Man is a shit Bond/capeshit crossover series and you should definitely kill yourself for liking it.
Told you that you would reply. Even when you're told to your stupid fucking face you still do it. You'll reply to this too.
Gotta say, I was expecting reddit shit like the rest, but the trailer was great
Still skeptical though
first movie was lgbt propaganda
2nd movie was the same plot as the first with worse actors

A gif that made me believe.
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>tfw all I need to do is smile at a girl to get her attention, but too autistic to hold a conversation unless it's about weeb stuff

>girl is shy because goodlooking chad...
>all this pseudo science bullshit written by somebody who collects funko pops
mad as fuck
File: 1563779577203.png (293 KB, 580x548)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
oh no no no no no
cope lanklet

File: 20190722_132004.jpg (515 KB, 1037x1383)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
I got mine. Did you?
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They did fix her eyes by making them bigger because of all the shill journalists that were in lockstep calling the first trailer creepy because they couldn't handle her sclera being visible.
File: BASED.jpg (77 KB, 948x500)
77 KB
I only got the dvd, bluray was sold out
I pirated the movie because of the /tv/ shilling and it was shit.
how wide is the disc hole? not very well endowed but still quite thick, would like to fuck the Alita blu ray disc if possible

What does an average /tv/ poster looks like? I’m making a documentary on this board please help and advice
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and men's warehouse
lmao 6ix9ine is an SJW now
Why is this guy driving a civic

File: b58.jpg (34 KB, 640x588)
34 KB
Let's settle this thing once and for all and never discuss it again, /tv/!

Did Fuyutsuki like Gendo? And did he consider him a friend?
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You'll be surprised to find that everything in Evangelion (and most media for that matter) are merely visualizations of more abstract emotions and ideas. Neon Genesis Evangelion is about isolation and the challenging path towards togetherness, and each Eva battle is an exercise in coordination and communication, leading to an apocalyptic breakdown into pure intimacy. It's really not about robots at all
Never be afraid to communicate, is basically the theme of Evangelion
But Adam isn't an Eva, just an alien. How would Misato pilot him?
File: Adam_Giant_of_Light.png (281 KB, 640x480)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
>But Adam isn't an Eva, just an alien
Evas (with the exception of Unit 01) are Adam clones. Did you even watch the show?
Adam and the Evas are the same type of being: organic vessels to carry conciousness across the stars and create new life. Adam was created and filled with souls by the FAR, the Evas were made copying Adam, to carry souls, and was made by SEELE

What the fuck did I just watch?
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the cinematography insists upon itself
your existence insists upon itself
my pee-pee
the best movie released in the last 10 years.
The girl in the ad was Ana De Armas?

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