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File: 1603963128640.jpg (55 KB, 500x557)
55 KB
What was the last show ending that made you feel something?
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I cried when I watched Ikiru. I was also drunk but still. The part where he sings the song in the bar.
My grandfather had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and I fear me and my mother will both get it
Cobra Kai S3

I'm with you.
I only watch Mandalorian for the little nods and the quality sets. The story is pretty eh and yeed is a selfish little shit.
Seeing Luke the way he is supposed to be made me choke up a bit with emotion.
File: Batman-v-Superman-pic.jpg (317 KB, 1024x1344)
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317 KB JPG
File: 1480768824076.jpg (647 KB, 2696x2232)
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File: images.jpg (7 KB, 301x168)
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How can such a charismatic doddering old nerd birth such a creative villain and unmistakably unique icon, yet can't seem to gather any support for a true NoEM reboot?
The virgin Englund begging for a reboot vs the Chad Dourif pushing his daughter into reboots
>portrayed a pedophile
>becomes universally loved

How the fuck did he do it?

File: Cobra_kai_sir.jpg (305 KB, 2700x1800)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>spends his entire life in Southern California
>doesn't know a single word of Spanish
>can't even pronounce Mexican cuisine right
>has never heard of a plantain

This is the most unrealistic thing about the entire series
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It's like he came straight from the 80s or some shit. It's cringe. Like the last 40 years never happened for him.
off to a bad start kek
The caravan is coming, puto jajaja
I'm australian and even I know mexicans are gross dude

File: TakesiKitano.jpg (222 KB, 756x976)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I am Japanese. I live in Japan. Do you like this acter? In Japan he is no person. No one likes him. This is means you Americans are bad for put him into many movies.
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good idea, thanks for the rec
did enjoy brother years back, and rewatched it about a year ago, thanks
Pretentious Japanese "Artiste" (with the French accent)
They're a dime a dozen in Japan
i don't watch movies with n*ggers
>he got filtered by Takeshi's Challenge
File: yakuza.jpg (25 KB, 640x352)
25 KB

File: Sauron-2.jpg (26 KB, 300x400)
26 KB
>ruins fantasy armor design forever
nothing personal kid
File: intro-1579883337.jpg (88 KB, 1000x563)
88 KB
how do you go from this >>145510074
to pic related?
Women and Jews
aside from the helmets, the armour itself looks pure kino. What's the problem?

File: David_Lynch.jpg (54 KB, 409x600)
54 KB
Is David Lynch considered a good director here or is his movies just trolling? Because I've been watching Elephant Man and Eraserhead, and am currently watching Inland Empire and I'm not sure if hes trolling or hes serious.
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call the doctor you are suffering from a severe case of L Y N C H E D
He is great. Not the best director ever but great.
He has almost nothing in common with Fellini except that they both use surrealism but that's what 100 other directors do too.
He’s like Fellini in that he makes movies for normal people that arthouse fags over analyze
Best director. No one besides Lynch uses the medium to its fullest potential.
Not really. Eraserhead or Inland Empire are not for "normal" people, whatever that means.
>t. has seen 10 films at best

It’s going to suck, isn’t it?
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Ending is dogshit to that trilogy but the setting is great and the magic system is fun and unique.
Kelsier>anyone else
Not reading any of your drivel, just popped in to say NIGGGER.
I prefer watching YouTube and BitChute than these streaming services. WOT would have been nice but most likely would aslo bore me to death since they usually focus to much on the relationships instead of the lore and action.
You're a colossal faggot.

Robert Jordon did his own "Fan Casting" of what actors he wanted to play the main characters, 100% of them were White.
That's every tv show ever. I don't get how shit that is basically talking heads for 10 episodes with 5 minute badly shot and coreographed action scenes every 3 episodes can become popular.

>anime can't be ki-
yaba daba DUBS
What's this from?

File: order66.jpg (56 KB, 800x342)
56 KB
Do What Must Be Done Edition
Last Thread: >>145494339
Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVJODH8fD8U
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File: Rex pain.jpg (26 KB, 1094x544)
26 KB
I really don’t since right now it all leads to tros so who cares. But I liked the authors work so I just rented the first book from the library so Disney wouldn’t get any bucks from me
If the council kept Obi wan on Courscsnt and sent Dindu to deal with GG then they probably nwpuld have been fine as if palps ends up killing Obi then it's bye bye sheev
Hello also:
Yeah, Maul didn't even know Obi-Wan was alive until all the holocron shenanigans in Rebels.

File: utopia.0.jpg (60 KB, 1200x800)
60 KB
just finished Utopia (UK) season 1 and I think I've finally figured out why it's so popular.
It's all style no substance. Most normies (nu/tv/ included) are so used to sterile 16:9 aspect ratio garbage TV that they go apeshit when a show tries something remotely original.

The actual plot is like a season of 2000s era Doctor Who, or some particularly terrible anime. The conspiracy/mystery writing is less interesting than what the average /x/ schizo comes up with, and even the acting of half the cast is absolutely terrible.

TL;DR don't fall for the Utopia meme. US, UK, all version they all suck. Unless you've never watched an arthouse film, then you'll think it's the best show in the world
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File: 129730897791.jpg (21 KB, 319x324)
21 KB
>being so contrarian that your opinions need to be the opposite of /tv/'s

>"I-Its not a good show! N-Nobody really likes it here!"
>"T-Those dirty dang Trump supporters are just invading us!"
Go see a mental health professional.
yea, man, people were craving style back then, I love the show because of that
you can see it a lot of media trending towards style over substance right now and I'm sure it'll get obnoxious when narratives start to suffer for it, but I think it's making a lot of works way more interesting
you sound mad cause I didn't like your little Doctor Who spinoff. 4 other people here so far said they didn't like it, even people who like it admit it's style over substance. maybe /tv/ isn't some hivemind you blindly follow, retarded plebbitor
>>"T-Those dirty dang Trump supporters are just invading us!"
no matter how you wanna twist it, newfags like you ruined this board. Oldfag conservatives (and there were plenty) aren't the problem, (You) are
>buzzword buzzword buzzword
>"U-Ur a newfag!"
>"Y-You're rebbit!"
Ironic that you speak of a hivemind yet you keep spouting those meme words like its all you can say.

Ps. Conservative movies are universally shit
>meaningless greentext
you sure are mad
> Conservative movies are universally shit
that we can agree on

Zillabros... did we just lose?
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File: rampageposter2.png (2.27 MB, 750x1060)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
A hot garbage with the kino poster
if you've ever even watched a king kong movie, kong is always made out to be a tragically misunderstood character. stop projecting your "lol nigs dumb" bullshit onto it
Whats the point of this movie.

The last one one PERFECT

Amazing monsters, amazing music, hollow earth, nice jap guy sen-off, likeable non-superstar actors. And for the first time in AGES, a non-cringy tech guy.

I could care less about Kong.
Salty godzillafag detected.
The red dress was one of my favorite parts.

He was so happy bros...
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Absolutely this, also she sleeps with every director for a role, that’s why she’s naked 99% of all her movies. That’s her brand of slut feminism.
>Be Ben
>Choose delicious Dunkin over slut who wants to tie you down with a kid then cheat then divorce you
>dodge a huge bullet
Wait, did they split up?
She wanted to have kids and he was done with her.
She wanted a greencard.

File: 20210123_134637.jpg (90 KB, 473x355)
90 KB
glark glark glark

What’s the first movie I should watch
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pet sematary
>he thinks he is going to do anything but get up every few hours to tend to his new spawn
I had a kid last May. The first month was hell. The second month was hell. The third month was hell. The 4th through 8th months were shit on and off. And guess who just hit another sleep regression?
Congratulations bro.
children of the corn.

File: turd.webm (1.36 MB, 1280x720)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB WEBM
Why is anime so bad compared to western shows /tv/?
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That is because it did not happen
me unironically
nuke canada
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted often
File: maxresdefault (6).jpg (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>bad compared to western shows /tv/?

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