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File: Starla.jpg (23 KB, 400x278)
23 KB
>you will never go home to Starla at night
Imagine Starla holding you down and forcing cum out of your cock for her collection
File: 1618227821240.jpg (147 KB, 700x557)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>take the ogress pill
Anytime I see a female bodybuilder I can't help but think of Fred Norris imitating Nicole Bass with Herman Munster's voice.

File: 1597691827299.gif (1.9 MB, 1200x1048)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
any movies where the main characters are youtubers?
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someone post the real youtube video
What is the steam coming out supposed to be?
they just had a ton of beans
horny steam
God I wish I was a little girl.
The life that I would live...

File: Extractposter09.jpg (21 KB, 259x383)
21 KB
Is it underrated ?
yeah. batman is funny in this

File: fbd.jpg (45 KB, 600x732)
45 KB
Let's get this party started.
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>are those...two identical numbers?
Dubs for Peter O'Toole's stickiless ghost.
File: giphy.gif (844 KB, 600x251)
844 KB
844 KB GIF
File: czechd.jpg (56 KB, 470x294)
56 KB

File: IMG_20210418_083630.jpg (707 KB, 1075x1275)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
Post a celeb who shares your birthday who you'd fuck

>Miley Cyrus, Nov 23

Hard mode: celebrities in 2021 only, for example no if you choose Angelina Jolie it has to be her now not her in her prime
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How could I say no
File: 1596868422942.jpg (131 KB, 1080x1349)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Sebastian Stan
File: OIP.jpg (40 KB, 474x710)
40 KB
Not quite a celeb but Maria Sharapova
19 April.
Only hotties are born in April.

File: file.png (998 KB, 1200x650)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
After watching the Floyd trial I decided to watch My Cousin Vinny and now I'm in love with Marissa Tomei
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you all confuse me
i just posted a hot italian woman who is not Morissa Tomei, and who will not be in bed with a faggot anon.
File: Costanza and Marisa Tomei.jpg (375 KB, 1035x1289)
375 KB
375 KB JPG

I hear she's into short stocky bald men.
meh. 5/10 for me. Honestly white girls just don't do it for me anymore since visiting pol and r9k. I only find black girls attractive now and honestly not even sexually attracted to asians, whites(ew white girls are gross majority of time), and mexicans anymore.
>Also both groups have a strong sense of family so the women are assertive and dominating
So how do I get an Italian wife?
god I wish I was michael fassbender there

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hatred doesn't have to be rational
File: marxist language.jpg (844 KB, 1428x800)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
It comes from Marxism, actually.
>/pol/ still seething over commie boogeyman even though literally ALL modern degeneracy like faggots and trannies comes from western capitalist democracies as well as the fact that these countries worship the state of Israel
fucking zoomers think anything longer than a 10 minute youtube video is too long
Cut the semantics, zoomer subhuman, no country has ever been or will be communist, short of some kind of supercomputer AI ruler in a post scarcity society. It's still a valid description of totalitarian socialist countries in everyday speech.

File: Mentos fountian.png (544 KB, 884x781)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
Is it true that there's porn drawn by the animators in the disney vault?
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Kek saved
Even a 5 second clip of porn would cost thousands to animate. I don't think it's worth the time and effort of ZOGbot Disney
File: 1618643550033.jpg (17 KB, 473x357)
17 KB
jej, based
this bitch genuinely willing to do anything to please you.
Would be good fun but I just don't think I could look her in the eye after i saw her propel shit and coke out her asshole at mach10. In her other videos she takes out a huge buttplug and eats a lump of shit off the end. I couldn't bring myself to marry someone after seeing that.

File: deniro.jpg (95 KB, 828x833)
95 KB
Robert DeNiro looking based
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Brigitte Bardot
Ew way too young.
>tfw no ayy lmao gf
God, she’s so beautiful.

File: best tv show.png (564 KB, 750x500)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
The eternal debate
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Sopranos > Mad Men > The Wire >>>>> Breaking Bad and other shows.
well certainly NOT breaking bad
The Sopranos > > The Wire > Mad Men >>>> Breaking Bad
breaking bad and sopranos are kino

mad men is unironically a soap opera for women.

File: 1.jpg (131 KB, 712x1000)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Actors you have told be look similar
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File: ghghghgh.jpg (205 KB, 2220x1248)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Also Steve Buscemi but that's ok he gets Enid
I thought it ended with her leaving the town and him going to therapy (?)

Can we admit that this is the worst Indiana Jones
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>It's intentionally a lot campier and more comedic
>guy gets his heath ripped out
>child slavery
>Indy is in his weakest and most defeated state
>the fucking bridge scene is still one of the most intese action scene
the only mistake was hiring the yelling blond bimbo, but luckilly for me I had watch in my native dub so I was spared
no it's my favourite. the Chinese bar scene is amazing, i love it when they plane crashes and they escape with the rubber boat, the Indian jungle is cool, I like short round and the bonding between him and indy, the food scene is legendary, evil voodoo power is cool, escaping with those train lorries is one of the most kino moments in film history and got copied countless of times. heck we wouldn't have that stuff in donkey Kong games if it weren't for indy. sorry but this movie is kino and I know many love the first indy way way more but personally I prefer 2. I have way more memories about 2 than I have with 1.
the fact that there isn't a way to watch young Indiana Jones anymore without sucking. why the fuck did he have to edit episodes together and ruin it all? it doesn't make any sense. was watching maybe the first episode and then they just cut and it's totally different locations and they don't explain why they changed settings and why time has passed and they don't talk about what just happened before. i was so confused until I read that Lucas later stitched episodes together for whatever reason. it is completely ruined and the only form this is only available nowadays.
>movie literally begins with a musical number
>life raft plane crash survival
>blond bimbo screaming at every animal she encounters for lels
>”chilled monkey brains”
>”feels rike fortune cookie Doctor Jones”
>Indians apparently have a portal to hell built in their palace
>mine cart chase in theme park roller coaster
you gotta admit that as dark as this movie gets it has some cheesy moments that Raiders never had.

File: 1618636394151.jpg (186 KB, 1280x720)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>Disney first approached Alien, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant director Ridley Scott. The iconic filmmaker apparently turned in a script that was “convoluted and incoherent,” so they ditched that and went with a team of new writers. Disney is said to be impressed by what they produced and envisages it being the seed for a rebirth of the franchise with a new entry planned to hit theaters every 1-2 years.

>Reports are that this project doesn’t feature Ellen Ripley or David and isn’t directly connected to any previous movie, but also isn’t a complete reboot. According to the leak, the story centers on a group of colonists trying to find a planet on which they can establish independence from governments and companies. They chance upon one that appears hospitable and seems to be free of life, but it won’t surprise you that this isn’t strictly true.
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>They really didn't learn their lesson from Star Wars did they?
what lesson? making billions?
>a “Mary Elizabeth Winstead type”
The most retarded thing I've heard all year.
Disney will not rest until they've destroyed every franchise in their catalogue.
File: 1618670043861.jpg (8 KB, 227x222)
8 KB
I hope they hire JJ

File: 91A9J4398oL._SL1500_.jpg (332 KB, 1193x1500)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
movies that are impossible to find
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
sam hyde???
Is this a legit site ? Looks sketch
>downloads and watches Deadly Eyes while laughing at you for being too much of a pussy to download it yourself
rarelust is ran by some guy from a huge tracker. idk why he does this shit. its legit though.

File: IMG_6964.jpg (25 KB, 500x500)
25 KB
Why can't (((Hollywood))) accurately portray this brapacter?
Manlet rage

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