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File: dice clay.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
>Hickory Dickory Dock, This chick came over and pulled out her cock
File: troon detected.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x720)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB WEBM
Hickory dickory dock
I once cut off my cock
The clock struck two
I realized I was tricked by the jews
So I blew my brains out with a glock

File: 1459312405039.webm (2.58 MB, 1280x704)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB WEBM
Flat like a pencake
File: SGU_215_0215.jpg (106 KB, 1280x718)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
disgusting pig nose
Nah man she is pretty hot

What is David Lynch’s greatest movie?
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That one is just disturbing
I think that's the point
>the other dude in the other thread smoking weed
Lynch really shouldn't be watched under any substance's influence besi
des coffee and tobacco.
Used to be a huge fan but The Return is the only thing I still love honestly
How come? He keeps getting better the more I grow up

File: baldwin.jpg (134 KB, 890x624)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper reported Baldwin was seen on Thursday outside the sheriff’s office in tears, but attempts to get comment from him were unsuccessful.
I actually feel really bad for him. He's a fucking actor, it's not his job to make sure the prop guns aren't loaded. Make all the jokes you want (a lot of them are pretty funny desu) but it's literally not his fault.
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He behaved irresponsibly with a firearm which is never ok, loaded or not. it's a little bit his fault.
>ok Alec go stand on the other side of the road and really show us some grief
>great, yeah, just like that! these photos will REALLY sell it! let me just artistically mess with the focus and get this nice red tree in the shot, too. ooo, and the mountains! perfect!
Talk shut about Trump, find out what happens
thumbnail looks like Gordon Ramsay.

>points gun at innocent person
>pulls the trigger
>kills them
>somehow isn’t culpable
102 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah, that part, but not the self-response saying WATCH THIS lmao
>NOT according to script (he was fucking around)
>did not check the gun

>source: my dad's dickhole
>Celebrity goes to prison
What year do you think this is? You see Jussie go to prison?
You are bullshiting me. He shot colt 45 twice and we are expected to think it is accident?
That's it, you were warned, I'm ramming your meds down your throat with the XL plug and then you're wearing it for the rest of the morning.

Refusal to let /who/ die edition.
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Green TARDIS????
I'm gonna watch but I'm not expecting anything at all, except from maybe laughing at one or two episodes
I remember watching Orphan 55 live and laughing my arse off at how shit it was. Good times.
Fuck off or I'll summon Asher so he can debate the shades of blue used on each TARDISes.

Doctor Who is like that one stupid friend you've got that you know you should break off all contact with but you can't just because how stupid they are and how much you can't wait to see what dumb idiotic shit they're going pull off next. Thinks everything in K Mart is spelt with K and enda up getting lost somewhere between the aisles looking for Kash Cloths, Kash Towels and Kash Bags. Check. Taking gun to work office party to celebrate fourth of july. Check. Instead fixing his seatbelt uses rifle strap instead and is surprise when thing snaps causing him to hit accelerator pedal and careen into oncoming traffic. Check. Check. Check. Chris Chibnall Doctor Who is that friend. Doctor Who is dead.
This is too american for me.

File: 1634904990.png (397 KB, 854x486)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
What were they thinking?
File: 1633832373604.gif (2.68 MB, 498x469)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB GIF
Why does this remind me of futa docking?
You fried your brain with porn.
>You fried your brain with porn.
Nah I've always been horny nofap did nothing and I'm a wizard
My mom and dad where the same mom also is my boobafu
Wow. The prop industry really needs to be more regulated.

File: images (7).jpg (21 KB, 723x424)
21 KB
He did nothing wrong
jacques is...LE GRIS
They should cast this guy as Dracula in Castlevania live action.
Steven Seagal?

I want to drop this shit already....
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Everybody is racist, it's cringe to even bring it up. In different ways, and some are in deep denial, but that's true nevertheless.
File: fug u.jpg (18 KB, 474x476)
18 KB
There's dozens of races amd ethnicities but its always black people. Literally always negros. Always always alwys always. No one else exists. Why? Why are they spamming these people, this group?
It not a coincidence anymore. Is it marketing? Did the overpaid jewess marketing whores crunch the numbers and found that african diaspora sell more tickets??? Because I know that shit doesn't sell in China yet Hollywood is always pandering (and failing) to the chinks. Where are all the hispanics and asians and natives that you amerimutts keep pretending to care about?? My nigger fatigue is at an all time high and my tranny shill tolerance is non-existant.
Explain this phenomenon to me without being a faggot or I will be the metaphysical butterfly that flaps its wings hard enough to set off the chain of event that indirectly cause you to die a most excruciating and embarassing death. Explain. NOW.
It's just 'fuck white people'. There's nothing more to it than that. It's not abour profit, or any other cope. The system and the zionist supremacist hierarchy that rules us and oppresses us simply hates us.
weak as fuck
>i-it's the Jews!
Each single time you retards try pushing that argument it fails spectacularly. Not just Jews, everybody in Hollywood is "woke", and American "anti-racism" when it comes to blacks began with protestants.

File: Dune-Featured-2.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
what a pile of shit
Indeed. This film commits the worst crime of movie-making; it's insufferably boring. Little to no world building, no actual characters, no drama, bad miscasting and no depth to anything. The aesthetics are good, but the cineamtography is bland and reminds me of 'Rogue One'; particulary the scene where the 'villain' arrives on a planet to murder the kidnap Mikkelson. It looks good, but it's bland and the characters are shit. They have taken the quintessential SPACE OPERA and made it dull. It's all really fucking dull. The Baron, who is this fat slovenly grotesque (but smart and charismatic) degenerate - whose life goal was to crush the House of Atreidies - is presented in this dull boring manner, who seems bored of everything even when his lifelong nemesis is laid before him like a sacrificial lamb. He takes no pleasure in it. Paul is terribly miscast, and shows little emotion at all. The only decent actual character is Batista as 'The Beast'. Everyone else, from Josh Brolin to Jason Moma are boring dull 'people' who show no real emotion, motivation or drive. I'm reminded of RLM's takedown of the star wars prequels where they show a character to a person and ask them to describe the character. If you showed a photo of one of these characters to people who hadn't read the books, how would they describe them? How would you describe Paul, Leto, the Baron or, anyone? There's nothing here. Fuck all.

Two and half hours of almost nothing. The fight at the end was arguably the best scene, simply because there is some world building and emotion seen in the Fremen. The Fremen feels humiliated by Paul. He feels dishonoured. He's angry. It's a fight to the death and Paul doesn't treat it as such and he feels toyed with. It's the only scene in the entire movie where you know how a character feels and understand why. The movie is embarassing, and I don't care what anyone says; the original movie is better. It's fucking kino imo, and it has CHARACTERS.

File: jacuzz.jpg (78 KB, 983x515)
78 KB
What the hell did that homo do to the jacuzz edition

Pastebin of genre names:

Previous thread: >>58019418
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
my kind of movie
Just saw Videodrome, /tv/ was right to recommend it.
Okay, this was actually pretty amazing. And yeah, violent as shit.
Anything like this?
I have never seen a hellraiser. Should I?

Youre stuck with the Joker in the elevator, what do you do?
Rape IS an option.
>o-oh hello I loved your role as joker
>b-but I'm sure people always tell you that haha
I would save him

File: jigsaw.jpg (71 KB, 350x233)
71 KB
I was talking to my lawyer friend about the Saw movies and he said that an interesting thing about Jigsaw is that he technically didn't do anything wrong from a legal perspective. Is this true?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
how is kidnapping people and trapping them in a shitty movie is not wrong from a legal perspective
Technically your friend is a retard
He didn't trap them, he gave them a choice.
That's illegal
He kidnaps people and forces them to make choices that will ALWAYS harm them. Of course your friend is a dumbass.

>94% audience score
What the fuck is wrong with people?
189 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
nice try marvelcuck.
same applies to you tranny
Oh, you're that guy who calls everyone a "tranny" for having better taste than you. You're a particularly prolific shitposter in these threads and never do anything but go for ad hominems. I guess I might as well stop replying to your bullshit.
>Cinematography? No. Set design? No. Acting? No. Sound design? No? Soundtrack? No.
I'm not the dude you were talking to but you literally just did what you are asking him to do.
I accept your surrender Lyncuck.
you have been laughed out and btfo multiple times already keep coping with your abomination that Lynch shat out.
>you literally just did what you are asking him to do.
Indeed. I did what he failed to do and what I therefore asked him to do.

>is Dickies Moltisanti's direct niece
>also dating Tony by this point
>appears for exactly one scene and barely has a speaking role
out of all the characters that got shafted in this movie, Carmela got the worst of it
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wasn't there an Edie Falco scene that was cut from the movie?
File: 1634777525186.jpg (35 KB, 594x565)
35 KB
big black cocks
>big black cocks
the many saints of big black cock
carmela = big black cocks

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