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Why isn’t his show as popular as kitchen nightmares?
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Used to watch this with my ex
Trump proved you can actually fail at Casinos, an establishment where people literally give you money with barely any expectation of getting any back.
In the show employees often drink away any profits or constantly over pour/give away free drinks
>thread about bars
>brings up casinos and Trump out of fucking nowhere

File: RIDERPROVIDER.webm (2.93 MB, 450x252)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
What are some good magic movies?
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A daring synthesis
Yes this webm can't get bored
File: Indian Jesus.jpg (253 KB, 1200x1882)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
mad magician
oz the great and pwrfl
lord of illusions
prince of darkness
File: D.png (702 KB, 1280x1134)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
>yfw you will never be a rider or provider

File: 1580321719471.jpg (214 KB, 1536x864)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Why doesn't the sequel trilogy have something like this?

File: 1607447745935.gif (1.34 MB, 268x280)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
>a child is found murdered in a small town
>the town's myriad secrets are slowly revealed as the investigation progresses
Can I please please never see this again please for fuck's sake
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The Third Day was a recent one but i highly recommend no one watch it. Its a bad wickerman for thr first half and black queen slay second half, just awful even my mom hated it
dom was based
>hottest actress gets instantly blacked
thanks again BBC!
There's a magic of sorts out here. You go on a drive or walk or bike ride and realize that you're the closest thing to the sky for miles and miles around. Being able to look around 360 degrees and not see any other signs of habitation is neat in a way.
Demonization of anyone not dependent on globo homo.

File: dc.png (190 KB, 665x485)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
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Ah, the racist and classsist has a disease that the wealthy said people had to die from so they could richer.

Fuck him
method acting at its finest, a simulation of the FOXDIE virus for his upcoming role as the DARPA chief in Carlos Pedros' Metal Geae Solid, i won't be surprised in the slightest if he fakes his death for the movie
seems to be kind of a gamble how your body will react to it, but yeah he could probably even get that experimental blood transfusion shit that trump got.
Probably a good thing considering most of his show would have been him crying about not getting any money from The Chappelle Show
this place is not for you

File: nole.jpg (111 KB, 670x635)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
ITT: Fucking hilarious comedians.

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his material until he got on Brooker's weekly wipes is solid
>yeah we all remember how much great stand-up there was in Nazi Germany.
name a single funny ashkeNAZI anywhere. i'll wait.
I completely forgot about Tough Crowd
There is a ton of episodes on youtube and it is consistently fucking hilarious and puts to shame any boring fucking banter that we get on modern podcasts. It regularly features based Patrice O'Neal, Nick DiPaolo, Dave Attelle and a ton of other greats. Even appearances by some old Daily Show regulars are funny. I miss this shit, apparently it was too un-PC, even for early 2000 Comedy Central.
why are non american english speaking comics so fucking bad, kill these people.
Dave Attel is underrated as fuck. Too bad his standup material would be problematic now.

File: tvfilm.png (886 KB, 1000x892)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
roll for the kino you watch this weekend
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File: zoom in.gif (832 KB, 300x201)
832 KB
832 KB GIF
stupid roll game

File: 106969_druk.jpg (14 KB, 182x268)
14 KB
ITT: Kinos that changed your life for the better
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Still don't understand why his wife "forgave" him when she was the one who cheating? Shouldn't she be the one asking for forgiveness?
because your body is rejecting the poison, this is how it works with most vice, you have to keep going to tell your body to shut up
He was basically an empty shell for years not doing anything. This includes not seeing to her needs or having sex with her and just kind of wasting her life away keeping her prison in the relationship due to the children.

women can do no wrong and it is the mans responsibility to entertain them 24/7
overrated unless you are surrounded by close friends

File: 1610060110121.png (11 KB, 799x216)
11 KB
if you pay for this you're a cuck
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i have a place.it sub, a mega sub, and nintendo switch online sub. i don't care about the fee. the mere fact that netflix promotes trash is why i don't have it. plus I can just pirate whatever I want so why do I even need it? I don't?
>plus I can just pirate whatever I want so why do I even need it? I don't?
but how are you going to smash poon without netflix and chill?
Jokes on you, i get to be a cuck for free
then youre a black cuck i guess
File: smugjak.png (79 KB, 586x607)
79 KB
>why yes? I eat the pozzbugs and pay 50 shekels a month to watch Netflix™ latest white privilege checking, open border advocating, anti Trump-esque, written by Seth Rogan, wf/bm interracial protagonist, bone chilling flavour of the month Goldstein Production© propaganda. How could you tell?

File: grrm.jpg (264 KB, 1200x1529)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>I just don't get the happy-go-lucky midgets. Tolkien doesn't resonate with me. Personally, I'd rather read about a maid of two and ten getting trained for whoring by severe whippings that really urge her to give her all when she gets fucked by the dogs. That's real. That's what Middle Ages were like.

I mean, guy has a point.
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>GOT is better because the characters take shits
Unironically yes. That's also why Pulp Fiction won the Golden Palm at Cannes.
He looks like that fat fedora guy
What I most about the fat man is that he can’t just admit he heard some edgy stories as a tourist

Even the Dothraki are nothing like IRL steppe tribes
>implying he has actually travelled and talked to people

>the best character in a show is the one you're supposed to hate
Any other examples?
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Donald J. Trump is STILL PRESIDENT.


The plan was enacted over the weekend... Only you never saw it.

Biden, his cabinet, and tons of both Dem and Republican senators and other officials were arrested. Proof of their vast crimes was shown. They were court martialed and found guilty. However, it was decided this was too much for the American people to accept. Overturning the election and showing the crimes of these politicians could lead to Civil War.

So an agreement was reached: Biden and other deep state elements wI'll be allowed to move freely and serve their terms. President Trump would "concede" and leave office. But this is all for appearances. Behind the scenes, Donald J. Trump is still President.

Th1s plan, known as Shadowprez, was seen as a last resort. But it worked. Anything that happens in the next 4 years is actually President Trumps doing.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>star wars nu and real one
>legend of korra
>the dark knight rises
>the dark knight
>law abiding citizen
File: danish.scum.jpg (55 KB, 512x384)
55 KB
neuroswedechads unite

File: ZISZOfu5_400x400.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
>Jehova Witnesses tried to take away muh movies!!
>saw this movie in theatre with my mom when i was 8

No Chris. The Jehova Witnesses didnt try to take away your kino. They were trying to stop you from growing up to be a pansexual camwhore
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tell that to zodd's snapped neck
I will, but for now I must stay inside as THE RAIN ASSAULTS THE GROUND.
>is literally on the fringe of the ground
>the black guy in the white shirt right neck to him is recoiling slightly
I have to love how he posted this shit of his own voilition but was too stupid/autistic to realise how funny and cringe it is
Gonna report him for constantly jerking off to Chris-chan. Fucker needs to be disfellowshipped forever, for being a jerker, a faggot and a pedo.
Ashens made a decent movie, but then again, he doesn't review movies. Just looks like Simon Pegg's alcoholic younger brother.

I'd like me, uh, a thick Kansas City steak and, uh, some country fried potatoes and, uh, a mess of greens. Edition.

Previous: >>145452797
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I'm pretty sure that most Trekkies were also bronies back in early 2010s.
File: tenditrek.jpg (175 KB, 1092x1619)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
File: 152625567.jpg (25 KB, 406x227)
25 KB

File: zug zug.jpg (38 KB, 540x405)
38 KB
Zug zug.
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File: gT7oURH.jpg (23 KB, 359x437)
23 KB
yeah bro just spend your time consuming the same story rehashed over and over dont question it just consume
Behold, the pit of despair:
Wow is still the most profitable and largest subscription based mmo. The last expansion, shadowlands, even got subs back to over 5 million in the west for a month.
Since wow was so defining for the industry, nobody even knows how to make an MMO that is not like wow. Everyone that went after Kotick's lunch money failed miserably.
I need naughty night elf ladies
im telling you go to live the story of your life instead of staring at pixels all day
>defined the industry

That honor goes to Ultima, Asheron's Call, and Everquest

People who genuinely enjoy WoW seem braindead to me

File: Stop_Kony_2012_poster.png (75 KB, 255x391)
75 KB
ITT: It's 2012
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He doesn't need to hear that right now cunts
What happened? Did orange man kill him?
Be less cringe and do more drugs
From context I guess he got killed in Aurora shooting

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