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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: 3d-cartography-26-638.jpg (164 KB, 638x479)
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164 KB JPG
I'm considering a career related to 3d modelling geological places for mining or general /out/ industry companies
Its straightforward enough to crack open geography/GIS/natural science textbooks and attend lectures, but,
How should I learn the 3d modelling and technical stuff? What should I learn?
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>You two are actually very inaccurate.
The first guy wasn't being innacurate, he pointed out that was a lidar image and it is.
If you wanna get started
>get a high end phone
>if not, get a friend with one
>scan small objects at home
>once you've got that down go to interesting places around your city
>scan progressively more difficult things
>start with rocks
>then small statues, benches, etc
>then trees
>then larger statues, fountains, things like that
>then try something way more difficult like a whole parking lot or a tall structure

Your job is partly operating very expensive equipment yes, but the mechanism behind lidar and photogrammetry isn't that different so if you have experience scanning stuff with your phone you can then move onto the more complicated stuff.
In the end it's all about problem solving. How do you scan whatever I'm tasked with scanning? That's why you start with trivial things that you can hold in your hand like a mug or a toy, and move to progressively more difficult things. Each kind of thing will have its own set of problems, for trees it will be leaves and wind, for statues the fact that you won't be able to easily take pictures from the top, for landscapes their size, etc each more difficult than the other. Eventually you won't have any choice but to get a drone.
But sometimes it's more difficult than that, for example underwater surveys, caves, mine shafts.
guys I got a job that does modeling on presagis creator, I cant find hardly anything on it, I havent even modeled that much before, is there any books on it you can recommend? I did a CS major/GIS and math minor, and use qgis, arcgis, global mapper, and they want me to do some modeling with creator as well.
also I used this book in college in my intro class, it explained the basics of arc pretty well, idk how hard it will be to get a license if you arent a student tho
Don't worry they'll provide their own training for that kind of specialized software.

File: file.png (243 KB, 1024x576)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Daily reminder that this UI sucks dick.
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Watching red󠛡ditcu󠛡cks seethe about zbrush is cathartic

Case in point
Imagine basing your self worth on learning obtuse programs.
I don't think anyone forgot.
File: 1574752843444.jpg (32 KB, 600x400)
32 KB
Jesus Christ, how's it like going through life with 55 IQ?
There's a correlation between hating Zbrush's UI and belonging on redd󠛡it

File: whoah-donut-CUDA.jpg (107 KB, 960x540)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
hey /3/,

what do you listen to when doing /3/ things?
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The voices in my head telling me to kill myself
Our guy Joe Rogan
My tears falling into the ground.
File: Lattice_eyes_without.jpg (17 KB, 640x250)
17 KB

File: ghfghfghff.png (510 KB, 1439x899)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Is viewmodel animator just a meme or I can make it big with it?

File: Ri_pc_sch.png (124 KB, 227x394)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
whatever happened to the anon who made that godawful rika model? did he get any better?
i don't have it. i made the thread hoping someone saved it. i think it was from like 2010.
oh, sorry.

File: master-geass-a1kkkkc.jpg (570 KB, 1920x1547)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
Ok, so I watched the GGXrd GDC talk and It seems I'm the only one in this board who understood what they were talking about.

Since there's a lot of discussions about such lecture I think I can summarize the video.
Maybe we can discuss here how to acomplish every step on blender and godot or unity.

It seems that the most dificult and important part over traditional cell shading is a texture that controls the threshold of the cell shader.

Dunno how to implement this on blender, maybe someone can help there.
This texture is like 70% of the work.

Later they use an individual vector light point for every character, they didn't used universal/global lightning.
Last step for the anime perfect shader is normal editing to fix areas like the face.

The colors are done using a basic albedo/specular texture and another tint texture that effects the shadows.
They also used an inverted hull for the outline of the mesh.

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They just do it.
>how are they rigging the clothing to be so animatable by hand?
>rigging the clothing

The clothes are rigged.
The only reason it matters to use vertex normals over texture map is the ps3 was a target platform, you could do the same thing with a AO map.
Each character has 100 bones or something ridiculous
File: 1572431431064.jpg (62 KB, 583x500)
62 KB
>Modifying the vertex normals to that of a simpler object is the exact opposite of what you would want to do when creating any 3D asset. It's a genius idea.
That's some severe mental retardation you got there.

Previous thread: >>727558
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they're supposed to be ears. i know it's not high quality i just gave myself a crash course on all of it a few hours ago
i was just joking around
thanks, but they do look like cheekbones lol, might not be a bad idea t b h
Here we go
LTS plans (ongoing)
>A new LTS release each May, good for 2 years
>API needs to stay unbroken for 2 years in an LTS release

Discussion of release dates for 2.83 and 2.90
Curves, or use planes to box model the shape, then use the solidify modifier.

File: DWVQ-SKXkAEtCoA.jpg (87 KB, 675x1200)
87 KB
Serious question, I want to start making profit with my 3D abilities, throw me ideas in how to make money with niche porn, I wonder if this is a good market haha
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>do it for free
put in a single day's work, tease the internet with your "talent" and rake in the patreon bucks while shitting out one 2 second gif a month. your own lack of initiative is preventing you from making bank with how high of demand there is for 3d porn commissions.
Animators at Disney like to hire people that have an ability to draw.
Why is this?
Well for starters, a computer cannot capture human expression.
Models are extremely good for automation.
You can capture vertex data and make thousands of simplified women, all with no life or feeling.
My advice?
Start with a figure drawing course, then invest in zBrush.
Box modeling is not an intuitive way to model figures.
Animation is especially hard without understanding of gesture drawing.
Make sure it has heart, that's the most important.
We're talking about porn, not the fucking Oscars.
Everything is creative expression of the senses.
Pornography can be more intimate and rewarding than an award winning film, or a song, or a book.
When I was a child in school, my art teacher would regularly chastise a student for not drawing what they saw.
Imagination is something that comes naturally to every living person, and everyone has the power to make expressive art.
It is a shame then, that too much focus is on technical correctness.
A gesture drawing can capture every sense, every emotion, every fiber of a person's being.
Pornography is considered crude because it is lacking in experience.
Because to most it feels unnatural or even cruel.
Everything is a form of expression.
is it worth making posters over animation nowadays?

What kind of computer should i get for making 3d models?
I think ive read the lenovo yoga is good but it doesnt come with a good graphics card.
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>What kind of computer should i get for making 3d models?

Something with a good graphics card, preferrably a desktop pc. Yoga laptop and such are for artsy drawing/skeching applications
There are basicly just two rules:
#1 NO laptop, real computers only.
#2 NO amd graphics card. Amd cpu is fine though.
>NO amd graphics card

Get outta here, shill
He's not wrong. I'd rather set my groin on fire than ever buying AMD again. I never had something quite as fast(and stable) as my current setup(2x P6000).

AMD gpus are not supported by most GPU renderers, also they currently lack raytracing (which can speed up certain tasks like texture baking a lot). RDNA2 might change things, but atm AMD gpus are not a good choice for content creation.

Where can I find quality models of space marines for 3D printing?

File: 1573368744063.png (1.6 MB, 1297x752)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
WIP thread, get your WIP thread
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File: received_224595931989679.jpg (76 KB, 1080x1920)
76 KB
Bullying begets improvement. Never going back to poly modelling for my characters.
File: IW_Caproni_Stipa_01.jpg (60 KB, 664x456)
60 KB
People have forgotten how chaotic and absurd prewar aviation development really was
File: Practice 4-3-20.png (149 KB, 1366x768)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
is this any better?
File: 1561101945729.png (2.75 MB, 3840x2160)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG

Where does photoshop fit into the pipeline? Doesn't substance painter + mari replace the need for PS?
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>implying 3D isn't for Chads
Photoshop is top tier for painting. CSP or traditional paint is the only thing that can compete with it.
Yeah fair enough, I've said it was good for painting for years, on second thought. My wife argues against that though and swears by something called Clip Studio or something. I haven't done any digital painting in a while anyway.
Shit, I dun goofed. Didn't know what that was until I went on the desktop and saw it was called Clip Studio Paint.
for crisp looking artstyles would you say to pick ullustrator over PS? Like bold outlines that are fat,with simple colors with only one or two shading steps.

I see all these annoying sculpting tutorials for sculptris, mudbox, or Zbursh and it makes me mad. The sculptards have taken over the the tutorial section of any website. Plus sculpts don't animate that well. They need to have their topology corrected.

But enough of that whining. Does anyone still low poly models characters like an OG? Around the 4k-10k tri region.
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how many polygns?
for the model with the dress: 1,600 tris currently. Plenty of areas where I could optimize further, and the upper torso is still there under the dress because I'm still playing around with the torn areas. I ended up spending more than I had to on the breasts and butt because it's meant to [spoiler]be for a pornographic horror game[/spoiler] so they'll probably be seen close up.
>spending more than I had to on the breasts and butt
Ah, so already on the path of the japanese3D artist I see. I suggest taking pointers from Nier: Automata. Most of the polycount are centered on 2B's ass.
since youre going for a ps1 sort of look, how close are you following polycount and texture restriction? Does anyone here know anny general ballpark figures of what old models in the 90s and early 2000s used?

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 373x135)
5 KB
Send help, I need to find this surreal animation where a man trapped in a birthday party, and he cannot escape, and as the date changes over a bunch of creatures come for him. I want to show it to my friends after we watched the uncle samsonite video.

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