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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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Click here to open this thread.

Why does /3/ despise it so much?
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File: unnamed.png (258 KB, 512x497)
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258 KB PNG
File: you know the drill.png (95 KB, 548x597)
95 KB
What superiority?
File: chad.png (1023 KB, 1582x853)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
Lol its an unintuitive piece of shit. I don't mind that there's a free 3d software out there that ppl can use what I do mind is ppl in the community trying to jerk me around/convert me to use the new software of choice when there are already other tools perfectly able to do the same job

File: Wip Collage_Series 2_v2.jpg (2.13 MB, 3840x2798)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Collage Edition: Series 2 -
Furry Takeover

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>860738

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB

File: 1632589306206.jpg (15 KB, 493x328)
15 KB
bros, videos like this are getting me demoralized
is it really that hard to get into the industry, have I already missed the boat? is everything already getting outsourced?
Why did you learn something that won't make you rich?
>is everything already getting outsourced?

Everything that can be outsourced WILL be outsourced.

Everyone thinks work from home boom of the pandemic is a good thing, but all it actually means is that employers are going to see just how little need there is for them to be paying first world salaries to anyone whose job can be done over the internet.

You should get an explosives license, because we'll all be working in mines soon.
Become plumber. No outsource plumber yet

File: question-marks.jpg (136 KB, 2000x1333)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Opening a new one, ask random questions here instead of opening a new thread.
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Seize this faggotry while you still can. Next you do sissy artwork, then you dress like one, then you cut your dick off and finally you kill yourself.
Shame is not even the cpu can help with shit software.
How would you go about modelling tassets somewhat like pic related?
File: tassets.png (773 KB, 1190x444)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
I'm dumb, here's the pic
File: tassetpology.png (153 KB, 1194x835)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
make a basic shape to work off, just stretch out a sphere or something so you have something to stick the geometry to, then just retopologise on top of that basic shell until you have something like this where the horizontal loops line up with the individual panels of the tasset, you can then unweld these horizontal loops, move/angle the edges a little so they fold under the one below and add thickness to the individual pieces.

File: Screenshot_1.png (58 KB, 449x434)
58 KB
>download zbrush hard surface sculpting course
>already the first three chapters have functions that blender doesnt have (polygroups autism, knife curve carving, isolate selection)
Blender bros...
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is zbrush realy good for hardsurface?.
Yes, but are you?
>>864867 Don't be retarded, use box cutter. on the other bitching you were mentioning you clearly don't know how to use Blender. Stop coping.
yes if you consider mushy looking hardsurface good, or retopo to simplier surfaces instead of just modeling them straight ahead
and here we have a blendlet who doesn't even realise zbrush has booleans and they are maybe 5-6 times better performing than blender booleans.

Post your requests for models/tutorials/software and hope than an Anon will help you out.

Previous: >>841796
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Dang. Guess Steam wont get 2022 so.
Any google drive or mega links for CGboost launchpad course?
Does anyone have a link to Marvelous Designer and Zbrush 2020 that works?

File: kj1ht1k0t9311.gif (575 KB, 369x288)
575 KB
575 KB GIF
What first got you interested in 3D/CGI?
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File: 12564574121294.png (171 KB, 600x1500)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
so basically, i once saw some porn i liked and this is where that rabbit hole led me to: browsing /3/ weekly
>classic Rebecca Chambers
patrician taste
I wanted to make (sfw) 3d furry games since no one else was making them.
are you making it? im interested now
She got fat, got a bunch of shitty random tattoos, and overall looks like some boy you would see outside of a 7/11 at night to try to buy booze from someone. I'm not interested anymore.

File: fuckleague.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1006)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Fuck league of legends.
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That's true, but fartstation also promotes those posts for any fotm game/franchise, which is why none of any other content makes it to the top
it really does.
(F)artStation is fucking garbage now. Overrun by corporate shills and sociopolitical BS.
Fuck 'em.
The fuck you are saying. This Arcane crap I keep hearing about looks like some Telltales game cinematic diarrhea with a bit of glitter over.
Fuck league of legends fuck it's fanbase and fuck this series.
>The fuck you are saying. This Arcane crap I keep hearing about looks like some Telltales game cinematic diarrhea with a bit of glitter over.
cope artlet

File: 1578614425086.png (325 KB, 382x417)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
I know this workflow may already exist, but I need to know opinions from professionals.

>Create a complete low poly mesh
>Use it as basemesh to sculpt
>Duplicate the initial low poly mesh, subdivide once and then do a skinwrap modifier retopo
>Bake normals from the sculpt

I figure out this may save a couple hours of retopo.
piss off cris

File: peenu-1.png (314 KB, 622x795)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
How do I make low poly women sexy?? The UV distortion is so bad you can't even texture paint properly fml.

How do the god tier japs do it?
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>unwrapped by hand
try again

I just don't know how to unwrap the tits in a clean way. It seems like with low res textures this ugly heavy distortion always sneaks in.
1) pixel snap by corner
2) hand paint the face
Upload the model so some of us can have a go.
Chest/shoulder topology looks a big unpleasant to me, but I suspect the biggest factor is that your uv maps just suck.

File: Houdini3D_icon.png (20 KB, 520x520)
20 KB
Is Houdini really THAT hard to understand?
I've been avoiding this bitch for a very long time.
I remember watching tuts when I was like 13-14? and said fuck it, and became a cinema4d fag. The rewatched tuts at 20-23,and still didn't pick uptmavh
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is the group selection on attribute adjust float and attribute adjust vector completely broken on 19.0.383 or is it just me
Yes, Redshift is based as fuck and nothing else compares despite what the Cycles and VRay shills say.

But this case is a little biased (no pun intended), Redshift shines really hard on volumetrics. It's not going to have a lead that massive in every use case.
in fairness to those other renderers, that screencap is from a 3 year old video. i don't think arnold was even running on gpu then.
redshift is still probably the fastest for most situations tho.

File: interfacez.png (379 KB, 1920x1080)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
I have been trying to swallow the Zbrush pill for a few days and I'm nearly done with it. But I got several questions that (I feel) deserve their own thread. Anyway, feel free to use this thread as a Zbrush general.
So I'm finally passed the basic shit and now I'm just trying to customize and fix this shitty interface.
Pic related is what I have now. So here are my questions:
- I want to add two strokes I've seen in a tutorial but can't find them. The circle and curve stroke. Are they in Zbrush or are they custome strokes?
- Any critiques, things missing, advices on improving this interface?
- I'm coming from Blender and besides the (green) brushes you see, anything I should add/make available (besides everything mask related wich will be added later)?
- I also want to put these brushes on two different rows, but Zbrush won't just allow me to move them in this way, the white rectangle (container) never grows vertically to make place for another icon. Why is that?
- Finally, I need some brush recommendations. Free or paid, I don't care, as long as they changed your life
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I think they're showing off
Simple question but does Dynamesh make the Divide button obsolete or does it have its own purpose on real full projects?
And why would you need both of these when having sculptris pro?
>meme mode

read >>864150

You use Dynamesh when you're still blocking primary forms, exploring shapes and silhouettes, and when you're building your character/creature by literally attaching limbs and such a-la Frankenstein.
Once you're in a good place, you retopo (even a zremesher with non-retarded loops is a serviceable topology if you don't have special requirements), reproject detail and use Divide to subdivide the retopo'd geo and do your secondary and tertiary forms there.
With multiple subdivision levels it's easy to go back to a lower subdivision and tweak your proportions slightly without affecting the hires detail.

Dynamesh effectively locks you to one resolution level, either too low or stupidly high, for the most part.
Sculptris pro mode was supposed to be a "solution" but it isn't, really. It just makes it lighter on your machine as it dynamically adds topology where you sculpt finer detail (and remove where you smooth) instead of it being uniform, so you don't end up with smooth, large surfaces eating up 6 gorillion polygons if your dynamesh res is high enough.
The workflow is still wrong, you're not supposed to sculpt details in dynamesh, unless your sculpt is just for a flat grey render or a figurine that you'll 3d print, and even then that's still stupid because in the end you'll still end up with one single high resolution which is hard to work with if you need to make broader changes. In an ideal world you won't do broad changes to an almost-finished sculpt and go primary->secondary->tertiary forms without ever backtracking once, but this isn't an ideal world and you're not Michelangelo.
Thanks m8

File: 1615596276426.jpg (34 KB, 750x684)
34 KB
Am I stuck to making low poly pixel art models if I am a 1MA trying to make games?
You'll never make a game that anyone except for your autistic online friends will play out of pity, Cris.
No, look at shit like The Mortuary Assistant
cris please fucking kill yourself
If you’re you? Yes. If you’re anyone else? No. Stop making this fucking thread, the answer will never change.

File: Capture.png (155 KB, 592x749)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Move over blendlets/zbrush cunts, a new KING is arriving in town...
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
sculpting is for faggots.

no thanks
looks like some iPad hobby sculpting app
I remember this shitty meme in 2018. Unsurprisingly, nobody wants to waggle about with motion controls when trying to do actual professional jobs.
It's 3D Coat in VR. Wow.

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