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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
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2.29 MB PNG
Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: PATHETIC.png (984 KB, 1000x500)
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984 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>774647
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tysm im gonna try this later cause blender has made me consider deepthroating my shotgun for the night,
File: hollow face.gif (2.75 MB, 500x500)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
Yeah the hollow-face illusion (apparently that's what it's called), is one of my favorites. Definitely one to keep under your belt, especially when doing 3d models that look like 2d characters.

Here's a less cringe example of it in action. There were other gifs that didn't have the text, but they were too big to upload, unfortunately.

Best of luck anon.
noob here
i've been trying to model a sword as a exercise but i've been having problem with the edges, i either only get them to be so thin it looks like paper, or they are too blocky, any tips?
Show me the model.
bevel the edges and scale them up.

File: 8303[1].png (195 KB, 750x650)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
How can I learn to make nice looking low poly 3D models, a la N64?
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Don't worry anon, it actually looks good, i appreciate the help.
You have to specify if it's rotating or not
why not just tell us these super cool features to disable?
I love this board
the right one is better easily. the left one ony looks preferable because you can get away with an even lower shittier texture like on the arms and people wont notice, but they will notice once its smeared all over. basically someone left dogshit laying around and the smear engine stepped in it.

File: 4chan.jpg (197 KB, 1920x1080)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Arcade creepshot edition.


>Daz Install Manager or Daz Central?
Whatever you're more comfortable with, they do the same thing. I prefer DIM.

>FREE STUFF (not a comprehensive guide just personal favorites)
You'll also find plenty of stuff on the official forums and sites like DeviantArt.

For optimal performance you'll want a relatively modern nvidia GPU. Though now there are plenty of bridges to other 3D programs and engines.

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I hope this is a good place to ask. Anyone capable of creating a head tentacle morph for the twi'lek for G8F? I have pic related for G3F, but want something that would use the textures of the head and works better for G8F.
I'd be willing to pay.
use the script from the last thread to transfer it
File: KStOOF.jpg (454 KB, 1862x1832)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
AMD GPU fag here. Holding out for 30XX or whatever is in the pipeline. What alternative options are available for Daz when you don't have CUDA cores? I see there is a bridge to blender, guess that means Eevee. What about Octane?
Starting to see why she always keep such a blank face in them movies.
there's bajilion thicc morphs dude.

I am addicted to DAZ3D.
I'm not even a proper 3D artist but I spend most of my freetime in this software making girls fuck eachother in all kinda of ways, fullfilling all my fantasies.
It's insane, the library of material is also huge. But holy shit rendering 3D with my shitty laptop is a suffering, takes 30 minutes to render a proper thing without having noise in it. Sometimes I start a scene , and I stay awake rendering until the next day without sleep. Why is 3D rendering such a suffering?
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1/1000 smart ppl on /3/the
it's cause those that do the modelling and texturing are fucking dolts when it comes to understanding how these things are lit and shaded

just kys fgt
Search Diffeomorphic, Anon
he most likely still has more/better works than you will ever have
Same, but for me it's with my pc. In my current project I'm using my pc for everything. I used to calculate all meshes, lighting ect by hand, but I succumbed and ended up using 3d software on my computer. It's just too good and I became dependent on it.

I feel not only like a failure as an artist, but as a human being because of this. I lost the complete artistic control the moment my computer entered my project, I lost 100% authorship of my work because somebody else made that computer and software and as a result I lost the will to live.

And then there's you, a little cooming retard who doesn't even understand what's wrong with this and exclusively uses premade content in a kiddie software, and probably can't even comprehend what it takes to make those things from scratch.

Tl;dr: fuck transistors, fuck software, and fuck you
>Tl;dr: fuck trans

File: sntr.jpg (219 KB, 1085x597)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I seem to have no clue how to pose and therefore animate models in SFM. If I try to make a model bend over, their ass turns into a hexagon and breaks. If I try to bend a model's legs, their knees curl up like a Dr Seuss creature. If I try to made a model sit down cross legged... yeah fucking forget about that.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I have tried rotating bones, translating them, using a rig, not using a rig, everything just turns to shit. Yes I know SFM is dogshit abandonware.
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come on, you know very well and models are garbage.
yes, it's the models weighting
probably a result of the thigh weighting and calf weighting overlapping at the knee
There are some bones called twist for each limb. Don't limit yourself to only what you see in the viewport, see what each bones in the hierarchy window does and experiment.
If you don't understand what weights painting is and think this stuff is an animation problem, you should not be trying to animate anything in any software. Go back to the basics, look up some tutorials explaining how a 3D model is created, and then you will understand what is happening here.

Will you be able to fix it? No, most likely not, unless you want to start understanding how to create a rig with some corrective joints/blendshapes.
But at least you should then have enough knowledge so you can pick some decently made characters, with some good deformation already setup, and not just the ones looking nice in TPose.

File: rngines.png (523 KB, 2000x1037)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
How's that game coming along, /3/?
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i used unity to make an app, not a game, but an app. Games are too much for a single developer.
dir = dir.rotated(Vector3.UP, <angle>)
would that work?
oh wait, I mean
ver = ver.rotated(Vector3.UP, <angle>)
Could Daz3d be useful enough to make background characters for a game? I really want to save time if i am going to continue my project.
1. Unreal Engine 4
Very good licensing
Best graphics
Good documentation.
Good licensing
Good graphics
Best documentation.
3. Godot
Best licensing
Ok graphics mainly 2D
Good documentation.

Everything else is just garbage.

i made this model as a practice for texturing, and I've grown a lot since then and made some fully rigged low poly models, i wanted to revisit this old model to rig and make it animate-able but it has to be re-topologized first, is there a good method to do this?? what is good topology for a plane character like?
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looking good! you're reminding me of this theory of art i had developed some time ago: that an independent artist/animator/storyteller, instead of focusing on organic naturalism, MUST focus on the convincing portrayal of inanimate materials. through this framework:

BAD GOAL as an independent storyteller: creating CG characters that seem like they are living members of the natural world.

GOOD GOAL as an independent storyteller: creating characters that SEEM like they are inanimate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqfoKZtD5RA this allows the suspension of disbelief, and you're still fooling the viewer into thinking they're looking at something "real."

a comparable tactic is the "frame story": when the audience is led to believe that there is an artistic work being produced WITHIN the work, they start to take the existence of the work itself as base reality.

both are great quick tickets to audience immersion.
Just make a plane and make loop cuts then drag the vertex to the shape.
File: Gumball_Teri_Undress.png (182 KB, 912x1128)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>You can see her inside organs when shes next to the window
Musgrave that bitch


File: file.png (821 KB, 931x677)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
Oh no! the CG police are coming!

Quick, prove you're not a pleb by modelling this object without any pinching.
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I copied and then tried to do a volumetric sim and fucked it up so it was unusable but here's the homework, teach.
File: 1594720644841.jpg (43 KB, 431x580)
43 KB
>all these triangles
I'm new to 3D modeling, what's wrong with this?
It doubles the faces being calculated with the useless supporting loop in the middle while adding no detail, and it has hard, unbeveled edges which exist nowhere in real life.
File: untitled111.png (530 KB, 3501x1969)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
least polys itt

For sharing 3-D animated music videos
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File: 6o1JZ69.jpg (122 KB, 769x1024)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I think the timing issue translates to the fact that I've got an 'interpolation' error. The spectrograph I generated is 1280px wide, the song is 5:05.568 or 305.568s, which means I need to scroll 4.1889px/s. That was the basis I was working from initially, but I got better results from just translating the UV on the x for the length of the song, but something went awry, it could be my UV translation not originating at 0 on the x or ending at 1280, might just be the viewport lagging because the framerate is like 19. I could see it being what you're explaining, too, but I can't even begin to figure the BPM.

Working with the animation nodes now, it's a far better method, way more extensible.
Oh I never thought about scrolling a spectrograph like that. Are you doing it in single pixel slices, and then sliding it at the 4px/s?
I know it's too late probably, but if you do the slide, and then used a stepped interpolation, you might be able to find a step-rate that syncs up per-pixel, instead of using a linear interpolation. Doing that, you should only need to align the UV to the pixel one time, and then using the stepped interpolation it should naturally keep aligned.
Pairing that up with a BPM fixed framerate and it might fix your syncing issues.
Not to mention, try to end things on whole numbers if you can. If a song fades out, sometimes it's not worth it to use the actual length of the audio file, and instead find a spot where things end manually.

As far as finding the BPM, is it a crazy song with different time signatures that you can't tap out? If you can tap it out, I'd just go on an online metronome or something and try to sync it up, starting with basic BPMS like 120, 135, 140, 160. Generally if it's got a dance beat it's around 130-140.
Having issues with lag though might have problems too. If you can have your viewport drop frames to keep speed, it might be a way to keep things performant.
It's not good, I have 3k layers in my dope sheet.

I just /tried/ to isolate a single pixel, but Blender's UV editor will let you zoom in and select below a pixel, so I don't know that it's actually 1px. and then used linear interpolation from "1"-"1280". I moved it to constant interpolation just now, seems like it defaulted to more appropriate values, but I also changed the displace multiplier down to 1.9 from 16. I think it's introducing distortions that make it less readable. Seems like the response is just too long and there's like a hair's breadth of hang time. No biggie though, it kinda worked, neat experiment.


>tfw still can't figure out how modelling and rigging anime eyes works compared to normal eyes
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Anime hair is easy AF if you are having troubles there you may want to practice basics a bit more. Not bming you just being real.
You can animated by texture or you can do a eye with a little deep and rig it
There are a lot of games out there that start out as animes but the game become 3D. Naruto games, Dragon Ball, Fairy tale...
Question is how to make it good looking like in the anime.
this is fucking amazing, how much does it take to hire someone to do this?

Would having a glasses free 3D monitor help with 3D modeling?
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File: cookies.png (536 KB, 512x460)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
How much can you extrude and spin a cube without reasoning before it starts questioning its existence

File: Mastercam.jpg (53 KB, 900x900)
53 KB

Will getting certified land me a job?
No, the only things that will lend you a job are being good or having connections in the industry
Define good
getting certified for what?

if we're talking about 3d in general, then no, a degree or diploma will not help. It's your portfolio that matters.

The only purpose of a degree when it comes to 3D, is getting an easy visa and or connections.
For example, a popular art school: Gnomon, offers a lot of different courses that will land you a job, on top of their alumni network. And people take it even though it's the highest art school in the world.
Look at people working in the industry and what they produce. You have to be close to that, skill-wise
I know some people in computer aided manufacturing that use this in the industry. But most of the industry use either Mastercam or Solidworks.

File: 7SwbI1E.jpg (110 KB, 1814x956)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
can I get some critiques / suggestions for my mech? First time designing something like this,
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Dude you killed him. OP is never coming back.
yeah but it looks cool as fuck
is there a market for quick models like this? I see shit arts printed on everything from walmart t shirts to just like random shit in general, who are they buying these rights from? and how do you put your shit out there to big clients? like obviously theres big websites to host your models but that shits flooded.
I'm going to assume... nepotism.
I don't know enough to give mech design tips, sadly.

With the materials, I think you went hard mode since you need to be deliberate to pull off this style of "realistic materials + toon design elements". It feels like the natural progression of this style is something like Let it Die, and to pull it off well I think you need to come in with a plan regarding "how I'm gonna shade crap".

I like the design, I think having slightly more complex curvature to the geometry would look cool. Pay attention to something along the lines of the 70:30 rule regarding having small hotspots of detail. I'd also sticker bomb the heck out of it with corporate logos like Wipeout.

But you have something going, desu

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