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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: 1623887077093.png (560 KB, 637x515)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
How do I extract keyframes from a mocap?
I don't know
there's a nifty keystroke for that sort of thing.
So first you hold the alt button, and with the other hand, tap the F4 button.
That should diffuse, distill, and dissimulate all of the mocap data to keyframes.
Mocap data like BVH files don´t HAVE keyframes.
Usually, every single frame is keyed and you have all 3500 frames keyed from a thing like standing around and moving the arms a little.
...unless they don´t. In which case, we shouldn´t know what the fuck are you on right now.
I meant extract an extreme pose (AKA a fucking keyframe) from a BVH file.

File: 1614297654490.png (349 KB, 720x720)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
I'm not into becomming a Tranny, but I found there's cheap tools to create 3D animations mocapped for Vtubers.

Can you guys pls tell me what are the best tools to have in the easiest way proper Vtuber animations using a kinect 360, a PC, a microphone?

Also, I was looking into a leapmotion which will be very useful to me.
As well a a webcamera.

My goal is to create cheap waifu shit for my weeb games.
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>spending 2 years of your youth pumping yourself full of chemicals so that you can become an infertile imitation of a female with below average breasts, manjaw and manbrow.

You'd have to be mentally ill to even consider doing this to yourself.

Any nation that will still exist a century from now would put this madman in a loony bin.
Ahahahahahahah!!!! Female avatars are for GIRLS!!!! What are you? A girl???!? GROSS!!!!! Ahahahahahahah!!
There is no cheap mocap that has decent quality. Your best option is to buy 2 Xbox kinect v2 (the tracker has much higher detail than the 360 version) and pay for the $700 perpetual license for iPiSoft Basic. Don't bother with Mesh-online. The software is super unreliable and it outputs the animation to a nonstandard armature. All and all, you can have a full mocap setup for under $1k USD which isn't too bad but more than most hobbyists want to spend.
Only bara is allowed


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Efficiency is both you shit for brain.
Do I really need to explain that to you?
One without the other is not efficient.
suck my cock
you are so lost deep inside of your own anus, that no words reach you
yes, august 2026
File: xpbgghjtuke51.jpg (1.05 MB, 1928x1962)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Can XSI do this?
File: dcgp3mkzuke51.jpg (966 KB, 1620x1888)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
And this?

When will VR become a feasible alternative for 3D modeling?
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File: IMG_20210528_190727.jpg (49 KB, 394x407)
49 KB
File: IMG_20210519_234623.jpg (136 KB, 899x453)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

File: OH NO NO NO NO.png (148 KB, 561x257)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

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I'm gay, already make better models than you and will now I will even get a better maya than you.

Straightoids btfo again.
File: 1606677258497.jpg (88 KB, 764x602)
88 KB
>cloud based
RIP Maya as we knew it.
Does Weta own a significant share of Autodesk? They're such a large studio at this point that it's almost crazy to me that they're still so absolutely tied to Autodesk products.
Even evil megacorps like EA understand the value of seeing that projects like Linux and Blender survive (whether or not they're superior or "the industry standard" even though Linux basically is) so that they have a fallback position.
...wait. Time out.
How many functions of this shit is 'online'?
What i am asking is: is this crap even piratable?
Because it does not matter how good a software is, i only pay the rent if i have money, and i only have money if i sell my crap, and i can only have my crap if i HAD the software to make said crap to begin with.
Like Unreal does. And Zbrush (although Zbrush you pay only once, which is wondeful).
I don't think the majority of these features will make much of a difference to freelancers and people working outside of a big studio.

Xgen is fine, speedtree is better integrated everywhere else etc.

File: Qc8NbwXt_400x400.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
How can I improve my NSFW animations? I'm using Blender and I'm trying to achieve an appealing cartoon/anime/stylised look.
If it's ok I'm going to post some censored versions of my latest animations.
The original versions can be seen here:
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kEEP IT UP bro YOU'LL GET THESE perfect your unique style & all these faggots will be eating their words
Your animations are full of Soul
How about you actually learn the animation principles and practice instead of squirting out this ugly slimy ass bullshit and then asking for advice.
Not advice, just crabbing

This is the worst thing i've ever seen in my life just give up faggot you're never getting anywhere
Kill yourself while you're at it

File: mkvndxkvnkxjfxzjdscnj.png (53 KB, 462x391)
53 KB
Anons, what is the worst 3D, model you have ever seen, or made?
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lmao look at this moralfaggot who hates takeout food
I love takeout, but that commercial is still nothing but asscancer
Pirated Zbrush just 3 months ago and I already hate everything i did the first 2 months lol
That's great actually. Being attached to ones art means you're not pushing yourself to get better.
Keep hating your old stuff, it can be your drive to be better.

How does the light in the movie look so good and BRIGHT. Is this the power of ACES?
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Remember when Pixar made shit like The Incredibles?
Why does every new Pixar movie that comes out look like throwaway, 1-year turnaround garbage?
I mean the next movie they made after the incredibles was cars what did u expect.
Well there weren't any "black" cars, so it wasn't too bad.

In all seriousness though, Cars is a guilty pleasure of mine t.b.h.
Fuck, any movie where they turn society on its head and juxtapose it with things that aren't humans. It's just the fucking logistics and picking apart damn near everything that I like.
Like the fact that there's the hippy car and the Sarge one next door, and the Jimmi Hendrix NA, implies that there was a cars Vietnam war. I mean what the fuck was that like?
Was there a Kennedy car assassination?

If you're gonna parallel human society and times on things that aren't humans, you can't go half way.
Now I'm on a fucking tangent.
Since there was a Cars Vietnam, there'd also be a Cars WWII.
There's a Cars Hitler, decommissioning the Jewish Cars. Siphoning off their gasoline.

Planes is part of Cars too. There were Japanese planes killing themselves by ramming into ships. Ships that also were "living" beings. There was a cars Hiroshima.

Fuck, the rabbit hole goes deep.

Speaking of rabbit holes....(heh) Zootopia got it right steering clear of history. All you gotta worry about there is the logistics of a society like that, and they seemed to have it covered. For the most part anyway.
Last one, I swear.
Was there a Cars 9/11? I mean there would have to be, right? How do a bunch of cars hijack a plane? The planes are alive too. It's not like you can hold the plane at gunpoint and then try and force him to hit a building. It'd be a moot point. Would that mean the plane would have been in on it too? Was Cars 9/11 an inside job?

I guess there's religion in Cars too.
There'd be a Cars Jesus. Did he get turned off on the mechanic lift? I guess they'd use a car jack since it's more primitive. Then he'd break out of the garage after 3 days and ascend to heaven, where god is also a car of some type. Well maybe he doesn't have to be a car, but he probably would be.
What the fuck would Cars Satan be? A fog light?

File: images (7).jpg (30 KB, 500x400)
30 KB
how to love 3d again
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>3d is simpler than 2d thats why
let's see your work, 3d and 2d
not really but

no. you d get heart attack just by its sheer awesomeness. i was good with maya's shortcuts tho
3d is simpler is what they say tho
What third world country are you in?
If you were in the US I'd say go become a welder or a (certified) forklift driver
>third world country
not US

File: IMG_20210619_082243.jpg (59 KB, 332x324)
59 KB
why do you like 3D m8
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Same reasons, I like doing graphic design for similar reasons. I like being creative, but my mind pushes more towards a technical mind set.
3d is retarded
>t. sub 80 IQ tard
File: a1yxemmpz2q41.jpg (120 KB, 1242x2018)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

Is 3D closer to kitbashing/miniature work IRL or 2D drawing/painting IRL?

I feel my entire 2D skillset is totally good for 2D but woefully irrelevant for 3D and I need to learn kitbashing and miniatures skills.
3D is closer to real life sculptural art than miniatures. Kitbashing could let you produce something to impress your grandparents, but for anything serious you just have to learn proper 3D modeling.
hello fellow 2dchad.
so far to me 3d is more like being beaten up by a spreadsheet. when you fuck up a sculpture irl it falls to bits, but fuck up an obj file, it looks fine but you get error messages out the ass and have to untangle it manually
>Is 3D closer to kitbashing
You want the daz general for that. But like anon says, you have to learn proper 3d modelling some day. And editing daz goblins doesn't get you far in terms of actually learning, it's just feeding your porn habit
Just start grinding 3D tutorials in whatever software you want to start with, stop wasting time with "but can I? But what's the BEST?" and shit of that nature.

Have you developed the specific muscles for 3D (wrists, hands, etc)? Probably
Are you able to visualize things in 3D? Probably
Are you able to form an image in your mind and retain the details while also possibly adjusting those details as you adapt to real conditions (i.e. working in a 3D space) versus what your 2D conception looks like? Probably

But if not? Doesn't matter, you're a human with a human brain and human brains are GREAT at changing themselves to get better at doing things they're not good at.
It's called neuroplasticity; animal brains are able to do it too but humans are really good at it, it's one of our super powers right up there with sweating.

So don't worry about "but what's the best way? what if I'm missing skills?" just start grinding away on those tutorials. And don't worry about "best tutorial" either, you want quantity over quality; you're going to be sifting through hours of information to find that new kernel of useful new skills that you wish you'd known six months ago.
Oh and don't waste tons of time with "sketching" (i.e. iterating over the skills you already have over and over), all that does is build up muscles for those skills but once you've got those muscles there's no use in continuing to "sketch".
Of course plenty of artists sketch so they can put it on youtube or artstation or patreon or whatever as content; that's completely different.

File: renders.png (1.06 MB, 1080x608)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
How can I make stuff on this level? I work on DAZ Studio
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Idk, it is also kinda depressing, just in another way. Because even a lot of these renders that can be considered trash seem to have a lot of time put into them. All those animations and unique characters... Except if they just bought those assets. It just shows how much of a ridiculous time sink 3D is, even these trash renders probably took dozens of hours to make. And gitting actually good enough at it to even get considered job-ready takes years and years of grind. Meanwhile, dumbasses learn Python for 1 month, make a shitty Netflix clone and $$$$ job offers start raining all over them. We picked a hard profession, but hopefully it will pay off one day.
>Except if they just bought those assets.
I recognized a lot of free shit, not to mention the stuff ripped directly from games.

>dumbasses learn Python for 1 month, make a shitty Netflix clone and $$$$ job offers start raining all over them
That was like 15 years ago
>That was like 15 years ago
Still happens today
DAZ is fine but only for a specific purpose

However if you want to make animation and more complicated and dense scenes then DAZ isn't what you should use, neither is Blender.

Maya is best case but as with all software its brick wall learning curve. Also don't use 'its expensive' as an excuse. Pirate it, -- however if you don't agree with 'Pirate it' then kys.
>these renders that can be considered trash seem to have a lot of time put into them.
Welcome to human endeavor.
You can apply this same sentiment to a piece of music someone has spent months on, or painting, or dancing, or on and on.
You can even scale up the level of failure and start adding in other people beyond just the one artist: indie films may represent YEARS of work and involve dozens or even hundreds of people (or more once you start looking at everyone involved in the peripheral/ancillary but essential parts like distribution) and hundreds of thousands or MILLIONS of dollars just to end up worthless garbage that no one wants.

To quote google:
>"According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50% have faltered. After 10 years, only around a third of businesses have survived."
Imagine working for 10 years growing some business from a tiny little thing to a major regional business, making acquisition after acquisition, making better and better iterations of your product, only to ultimately get crushed and have everything you've done be thrown away.

According to google:
>"only two to ten percent of patents ever make enough money to maintain their protection."
Getting a patent is very difficult and expensive and only a set number are awarded each year. Imagine managing to make that swim up river only to have a 2% chance of even making enough to renew your patent.

/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Impostor Edition -
Every day we get closer to God's light.

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>823122
List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
236 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
Neato. I think there should be more of a "cascade" of them plugging in instead of in weird different waves.
So it eases in with a few, takes a slight pause, and starts to plug in a bunch, rapid-fire individually instead of in chunks.
so like
retarded example, but hopefully you get the gist.
Yeah, I get what you mean. Currently the animation itself is really simple, just a single keyframed sequence offset randomly for each cable - I could just sit there switching seeds till I find a good one, but I want to figure out a way that'll get more consistent results. I'll come back to it after working on some other elements I'm thinking about
Good luck anon. For what it's worth, I hope it turns out pretty cool! I've been liking it so far!
ooh, very cool looking
File: untitled2.png (1.53 MB, 1024x1024)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG

File: freecad.jpg (122 KB, 1800x1100)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
This is for my CAD bros.
What projects are you working on?
Where are you struggling?
What software are you using?
136 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>you need to retopologise it manually
Is there really no retopologizer that can handle hard surfaces decently?
How do you feel about making like 3 of them but instead of AEIOU / RSTLNE / etc you map to a current wasd keyboard with the idea that if I want to type R it's up and to the right with my left hand so if R is the up and to the right position on the left hand knob it'll be pretty easy to learn
games have the highest requirements in terms of topology specificity
Why are YOU liable? Do you own part of the company and/or have some other sort of partnership arrangement or what?

>screw up lose job
Okay I guess but usually there's a chain of responsibility with other people checking everyone else's work
It lets you combine two motions in one (pan and move? rotate and pan? whatever) that you normally can't do with kb+m
It's not ESSENTIAL the way say a drawing tablet is essential for 3d sculpting, and even though it's meant to be a sort of replacement for your keyboard it doesn't have enough buttons (obviously) so you'll end up having it next to your keyboard which means, ironically, you'll want one of the smaller sized ones rather than the larger higher button count one.
I think it's probably really great if you're doing sculpting or like archviz or I don't know, the inside of an airplane or something where you need to really look around a lot with the camera all the time and are making considerations based on look rather than function

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