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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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Click here to open this thread.

File: UpsideDownAI.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x1024)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Upside-Down Edition -

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>910303

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
/3/ Discord for those interested: https://discord.gg/ujt5vtr4DE
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File: untitled1.jpg (314 KB, 1920x1080)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
I think it's around 80%
not enough blur, add like 150% more.
File: drillseargent boots.webm (1.45 MB, 856x480)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB WEBM
this is why i love u all
And now, boots.
3dguy, you are the best
Neat. I love decayed/neglected scenes.

File: leftism ending the world.png (1.59 MB, 969x1297)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
The radical left is going to end the world. Troon supremacy to empower the mentally ill and unions to empower Jews and megacorporations was totally worth it in the end, right guys!1?1?1?1!1?1!1!1!!11!!!!!1111
True but wrong board, phone faggot.
Does your caregiver know you're using the Internet?
File: 753[1].png (420 KB, 600x600)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
Sir this is a Wendy's

File: 111111.jpg (39 KB, 1410x286)
39 KB
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Until he spoke i was actually fooled that was a woman. I'm still in favor of them wearing a tranny flag mandatorily.
ok schizo
File: unnamed.png (202 KB, 512x347)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
>>Applies for Unreal Grant
>>Gets Rejected
>>reeeeeee it's because I'm a troooooooon

you'll never be a real woman and there's much better training available, paid and free.

cope seethe dilate maximally you trannyfaggot
The size of his Adam's apple is astounding
clicks first time
detects that something is off with the voice
think maybe somebody is playing back audio over some video since the lips aren't very in sync
actually realities it's the person talking
still as confused as i came here

File: Untitled.png (426 KB, 1680x1050)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
Trying to make wolverine but Im stuck, any tips?
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File: Untitled 12.png (482 KB, 1680x1050)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>he's moving points one by one
>he's not sculpting in zbrush
holy kek
File: 946.gif (365 KB, 200x198)
365 KB
365 KB GIF
I hope you learn something from this
what am I doing wrong?
A lot. I guess it’s not your fault because you’re a beginner (I assume, hopefully) and most of the anons on this board prefer to ridicule and give vague advice to beginners. Polymodeling is a workflow that some people like to use, but it requires a lot of experience and typically doesn’t lead to great results. Your model has a few non-quad faces and the topology is uneven and disorganized. I recommend looking into a sculpting+retopology workflow if you want this to be easier. Studying anatomy with an ecorche would help out a lot too so you can get a better idea of how the body is shaped and how muscles and bones affect the shape of the body from underneath the skin.

File: Screenshot.png (367 KB, 792x438)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
The other thread is too far down the page now.

Get started for free. Houdini is fun and easy:
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you should tell your faggot father about your little racist online escapades, he didn't do you any favours of continually raping you
did your whore of a mother know and didn't stop him?
knock it off, dipshits
the only quality post since a week, thank you
I told you to stop projecting, fag and fuck you.
I didn't think about organic modelling, I'll give you that.
But big studios do rig and animate in houdini, especially when it comes to technical animation. Don't bring up maya for animation, because we all know that it's nr1.
Just tell the retard to stfu and that he doesn't even have a chance if he pretends to be a helpless idiot who can't google an easy question like that.
Also fuck you, one more time, because you deserve to be hated for being a retard faggot who can't even bait.
Lol there's so much salt in this thread. Are you guys usually like this?

File: DiYugAQU0AArsCA.jpg (102 KB, 768x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Because just the name of it still makes Autodesk Jews seethe
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You can't even use this software anymore lol
Tell that to Vitaly Bulgarov, Redjuice, or the Japanese studios like from Guilty Gear this
>4 people

That's practically the amount of active users on this board
Just let it rest, dude.
File: softimage.jpg (636 KB, 1440x960)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
>various softimage installers on archive.org
Is that legal?

Previous thread >>902981
/QTDDTOTT/: Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.
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If you're looking for good and easy trees google "tree procedural texture", it should work without you having to worry about seams, then you can easily bake those textures to create normal textures. Although if you're looking to use it in some game I think you should check if displacement textures work in game engines or if you can bake those into geometry somehow because I actually have no idea.
Bethesda uses modular approach for interiors and some exteriors, keep in mind to make them same size along all axes so they still fit if you rotate, It's also good to keep in mind if you can work with grid in your editor, then if you size them correctly to the grid you can also place and align them very easily and very fast.
They are Viruses DONOT TOUCH THOSE
File: file.png (10 KB, 481x145)
10 KB
Is there a way in blender or daz3d to 'flatten' the sides of an object like pic related?
If so, how do i search for it because I don't know how to put it into words

I'm doing some woodworking around the house and got some ideas that I would like to turn into blueprints
UV unwrapping? depending on what you're doing you might just be able to print out the UV layout and use that.
>UV unwrapping
That's what I was looking for. Got a whole weekend to delve into it. Thanks anon.

Daily reminder that even thought I can't afford the price of zbrush or likely most AAA tools, I still have bought every major indie 3D and art tool on steam and itch.io.

So far I have assetforge, pixel basher, kenney shape, pixelover, aseprite, crocotile and other tools like vroid studio and vrm posing desktop.

And yes, doesn't mean I can't brag to industry fags who make thousands, I still can dab on pirate fags who haven't bought a single tool.
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I don't know if you are coping, or you are legit this oblivious. For god sake, it is like a 128x128 texture, with 9 different colors.
You need to get off this board and learn some fucking drawing skills, if you think this is somehow high to low poly texture baking magic. Holy shit how creatively bankrupt are you guys on here?
How is this a dab? You're proud of spending money on things others get for free?
>I still can dab on pirate fags who haven't bought a single tool
Bragging that you spent your money while we saved it. Dumbass npc
File: PFP.png (55 KB, 320x240)
55 KB
Using minimal colors, 32x32 bits of texture data and sub 100 tris lower is easier than sculpting indignantly high poly counts with limits only as far as your imagination, infinite colors, with auto shading, and auto rigging.

I could guarantee using POV ray to hand code polygonal data by hand is harder then using modern tools. The problem is bendlet's who think every low poly texture's has to look like it was microwaved on the highest setting. Everyone wants to emulate N64/PS1 era graphics without understanding what actually made them tick.

I would argue using low poly graphics aren't just for nostalgia bait, they can also be a good stylistic choice.
OK low IQ cuck.

File: mfw blender alpha.jpg (58 KB, 644x800)
58 KB
HEEEEEEEEEEEELLO THERE BLENDER-MANIACS!!!! (star wars soundtrack) ARE YOU READY TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS? (whip sound effect) ARE YOU READY TO LEARN THE BEST (whip sfx) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL (whip sfx) THE MOST (whip sfx) MOST (whip sfx) MOST COMPL- (whip sfx) Ummm well now, will you stop with the whip sfx? (corny comment) (whip sfx again) Well well well, oh you!
Anyway links for my courses on udemy below! I also forgot to (video ends)

File: 1636962767490.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Are you going to participate in the next community challenge?
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what program do you have that doesn't support fbx? lmao
There is blender (no i wont hear of your fbx plugin), clara.io has FBX but loses data so it's not 100% supported, Wings3D, Cinema 4D is limited file support, Modo has rules when importing FBX, Houdini same limits so they change the original files as much as possible, etc. The list goes on. FBX doesn't work with other programs nicey and no company is going to pay money for it.
File: 1634174760098.jpg (329 KB, 1000x770)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
There's other options for a Sakuya model.
Why not create your own fun? Your own portfolio?
Ngl, I'm just joining to learn more. I probably won't even submit, there's some cool game jams going on this month. I don't do polished rendered pieces, or use other people's rigs/animations, I just make my own shit from scratch and toss it into a game engine, and that leaves a whole lot of gaps in my 3d knowledge.

For example, I had no idea how to import the skeleton properly, because I've never needed to before.

The general for Unreal Engine, arguably the best real-time 3D renderer available. It's also open source and free to use. If you have any questions, ask away.

What projects have you been working on lately? What features are you eagerly awaiting?


>UNREAL LIGHTING CHALLENGE (must be submitted before June 26th)

>Metahumans update, including mesh to metahumans

>Featured free Marketplace content—June 2022

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
203 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
please, anyone, where can I get a working Zbrush torrent?
this is a cry for help
Cgpeers, maybe rutracker
no, you're just stupid
wow proved me wrong despite how many cases where thats what happens,
anything that isn't a stupid gatekeep like Cgpeers?

Why does 3D look so fucking uncanny and unnatural?
161 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ash_paintover.png (330 KB, 1000x320)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
I feel like this would be pretty manageable to bring to 3D. The only part I'm not 100% on is the lips, because I'm bad at rigging lips. Otherwise I think this would be pretty possible to translate to 3D without much issue.
It's just not a very appealing model.
And bam, you've finally fixed what bothers me with this thread.
Realistic lighting/shadows doesn't look good on anime avatars. Try changing the lighting to be more harsh or add in different shaders to either make a cell shading like Boarderlands or some sore of harsh lighting to try and recreate 2d lighting
This looks really nice, how would I get this style?
shin chan game does it correctly.

Hi, I get models from clients that currently are like a skin with no thickness. I would like to be able to add a thickness or make the inside of the model a complete solid so I can use the model for manufacture. Some models are very detailed so recreating them is not an option. The models come in different file formats such as Stl, obj, 3DS max, scanned models.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How retarded are you that these are the models delivered to you? Does your company hire retards to model stuff? Don't you give them instructions or something???
Client produces the models for visualisation only, not for manufacturing. We are trying to use the modes to be able to manufacture from. The models provided are normally IP related so we don’t want to recreate them.
What is a large, professional company doing on this site in the first place? There are better sites than this shithole. Amazes me how everybody finds /3/ out of all places.
>this shithole
you can leave
all 3d software has modifiers that do this automatically

if you have Maya, refer to this thread https://polycount.com/discussion/211522/non-destructive-thickness-in-maya
If you have Max its the shell modifier
If all you got is blender that's fine, the solidify modifier will do the same thing

For all of the above you still may have to do some cleanup, also you can extrude along normals to do this destructively

File: unknown (8).png (568 KB, 929x723)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
I'm starting in Zbrush 3d modeling and other things, and I saw this modeling program, I understand that it is to create references for 2d/3d drawings but I have no idea what the name is
looks like design doll but better somehow

I am quite interested in finding out that it could be for that very reason of the quality, I am very new and the bodies are difficult for me and I think something like that could help
Pretty sure it's Clip Studio Paint.
lol no.

Is Design Doll.
Not for modelling anon i'm sorry, is just for reference so is not your program

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