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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: 1577918781026m.jpg (72 KB, 776x1024)
72 KB
I can tell there are lots of software arguments here, but what about hardware?
I could do a little bit of sketchup and sculptris on my shitty former laptop, but source filmmaker and blender struggled.
What kind of computer are you running your program of choice on? RAM, cpu, gpu, etc
I'm looking at 16gb RAM, is that enough to do 3D animation?
File: d45.jpg (40 KB, 680x510)
40 KB
The moar cores and RAM the better. 16GB will serve you well.

File: m249parassforblendswap.png (121 KB, 923x923)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
From: https://warosu.org/3/thread/719799
>It's literally in front of you on those captures. That is, if you knew the tiniest bit about proper modeling.

No it is not. There is nothing wrong with those surfaces. The normals are correct, they aren't overlapping, nor concaving (like quads can) etc.

State what your fucking problems are.

>Do yourself a favor and study some more.
No, you stupid _dog_. I am a _LAWYER_, this (3d modeling) is NOT my profession: it is a hobby for my hobby game, In game there are NO problems with the models.

Just because you shit-for-brains WORKERS (slaves) were taught to do topology in one way (quads only, easy retopo), does not mean it has ANY relevance to my models.

There are NOT player models that will be bent and animated, moron.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Why do you type like a fucking moron?

Because your criticisms of my models are baseless and only applicable if you are part of a "team" that needs quads-only for your retopo pipeline.

Ie: If you are a wage slave.
Looks like you fucks have been /w/recked.

Take a fucking look. All tris and quads. NO n-gons (Ngons aren't real).
Whether a model is made of quads is inconsequential to the retopo process, you fuckwit. Tris/quads/n-gons have an effect on shading however, if you are not careful. Learn some more before opening your mouth again.
>all that "effort" for a game that probably only 6 Brazilians play.
I don't think he also has DID, anon.

Previous thread: >>715866
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The colors yes not contextual color scheme
You can have them red, white, green, blue but it is all binary, all same color
I guess it depends on what you mean by contextual, the fact that they color coded, object, modify, edit and material related things was a huge help and is arguably contextual.
it is a flat desing, you can put the color that you want, and looks better
What does the workflow of creating a character with clothing for animation look like? Should I create the clothing from the very beginning or only after rigging when I am ready to begin animating?
In all fairness though, how many of you actually even look at the icons for more than a fraction of a second? I prefer the colored ones and would prefer the option to have either, but honestly as long as they're all in the same relative place it makes no difference to me. Using shortcuts, I'm hardly pressing most of them anyway. Only ones that I really use are the ones that switch panels.

It's got no real impact on usability. Things aren't suddenly slower because I can't find the icon I'm looking for because it's not colored.
Again, I'd prefer them colored, but it's honestly not a big deal. Compared to the other things that are really lacking in 2.8.

File: 1557964114801.jpg (51 KB, 818x490)
51 KB
one question, which one?

ok one more question, why are all the youtube videos saying that unity has a bigger community and huge list of tutorials but when i look for them they are nowhere to be found, i go to communities like polycount and there are about 10 times more unreal threads then there are for unity... where are all the unity bros hiding?
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you realize that looks awful right? I have to assume I'm taking the bait right now...grats you got me
Question - is baked lighting supposed to have the same quality as an offline render, or is it still not the same? If the latter, why and what are the differences? I'm talking about comparison of still images ofc, I know you can't have movable lights when you bake everything into lightmaps.

I want to learn as much theory as possible behind everything related to realtime vs offline rendering, so if you know of any good learning sources, please share.

Also, I noticed there are some people here working with realtime render engines for film, I'm interested in workflow differences between offline renderers and game engines as well. Thanks.
the bottleneck with realtime baked lighting is texture memory. soft shadows look ok even with smaller lightmap sizes.
that looks like.a mobile game??
Edgy cunt.

Also fuck far off for mentioning mobile games.

File: politicalchartofCG.png (227 KB, 2000x2177)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Please discuss.
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Blender is much more to the left.
>not being content with just chewing the crumbles falling off your master's dining table means being self-loathing idiots
This is your brain on /pol/

>Any socialist country devolved into a dictatorship with enforced slavery to keep it going.
Yeah, I sure remember those dreadful scandinavian dictatorships with their enforced slavery.
Scandinavia isn't socialist, you muppet. How many times do you have to get corrected until you stop spreading this bullshit?

If you want to become more like Scandinavia, stop advocating socialism, but before you do that look up how their economy works and if there is a chance to repeat it in the US (you can't)
is Paint 3D any good?

File: 1552778701912.png (236 KB, 885x740)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
ITT: just post the last thing you made, no matter how good or bad it is.
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somehow lewd
File: 35.png (1.42 MB, 1239x2496)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
I hate myself
File: 1 (2).jpg (833 KB, 1550x1037)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
Not bad for a first, but the eyelids are way too thin and the ear is all wrong. Look up anatomy tutorials


Am I mistaken in thinking that zbrush's detail projection does more or less the same thing as baking normals? As in, you get the details from the high poly onto the low poly. I don't own zbrush, is this a zbrush specific workflow or is this a necessary step when working in other 3d programs like blender? When would you use one or the other / or both?
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Calm down Muhammad. Go fuck your goat.
>>Displacement maps are just the alpha component of a normal map
>They're not, you're just a moron.

They're bumpmaps, seething moron, and yes: good engines like Darkplaces simply have them as the alpha channel of the normal map.

Stupid wagefag.

Holy shit the level of incompetence in this thread, every one of you must be a Blender user I assume
Nice grafix bro

Impart us with your wisdom o wise one.

After learning the base fundamentals of a program, do you think the best way for beginners to improve is character creation/modeling, or object/landscape creation?
one requires anatomy knowledge and sculpting, the other requires none of that. Apples and oranges.
whichever holds your interest for more than an afternoon. the key to improving at anything is applying consistent thoughtful effort to it.

File: 8nzsdkubqjf21.jpg (69 KB, 960x540)
69 KB
Wagefags should be banned from /3/

Hobbyist only.
Blender 3d forever.
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An incel AND a blendlet? When you thought people couldn't get more retarded.
no, thats the banner that moot (who?) chose. He doesnt represent us
All of you fags keep taking the bait, just s*ge and hide
go back to r*ddit

What 3D jobs can you get with a lowly computer science degree
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

Well I guess that’s better than nothing.
Work hard at 3D every day for a few hours and you'll get there. Tech art is probably the way to go. Houdini tools might be a good direction for a CS degree.
Become a TD, that's where the money and job security is.
Is there a good knowledge map for TA/TD somewhere?
I'd wager its rigging, probably python, cpp, what else?
python+whatever scripting languages the tools use (mel, maxscript, vex, lua etc.), also their own python libs (so pymel, hom etc.)
all of linear algebra erryday, sometimes a little calculus
c# or cpp depending on what off-the-shelf engine you use

pick your battles and brand yourself as a shading/rigging/pipeline/procedural modeling guy, trying to be an expert on every technical aspect of a product is a very quick shortcut to terminal burnout & misanthropy.


File: dead_canal.jpg (301 KB, 1600x900)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
This is a Half life 2 map I have made

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Imagine doing "art" as "work". I don't understand the faggots here. They then take a screenshot of a part of a model of mine and then criticizes it amongst themselves because I didn't do it the way they do it "in the industry": no I did it for minimum triangles needed for that geometry.
seething wagie
File: 1.png (61 KB, 210x210)
61 KB
Still here? Get back in the cage.

3D art for games is not real art. Gamers don't give a shit about the quality of assets as long as the overall result doesn't look like shit.


seething blendlet who still lives with his mom working part time at dunkin donuts.
>You can "only work with quads" because your boss says so "make retopo easier!".

You just proved how much of a poser you are. Typical blender fanboy who has no real knowledge of 3d.

Quads, ngons or tris have nothing to do with retopo. You need all quads on character models because otherwise it will create artefacts during animations. Triangles are unavoidable on hard surface models and no employer will scold you for using them. But go on and keep seething because of people who made it doing what they love while all you can do is modeling donuts.

File: 1516215611120.jpg (48 KB, 950x962)
48 KB
what's the best way for a noob to learn blender? also is blender the best one I should start with vs. programs like cinema 4d, etc.? also are there some good asset pools I can download for blender to help me jumpstart some ideas?
If you're only doing this as a hobby Blender is fine.

If you plan on doing it professionally learn 3ds Max or Maya instead. It's what most companies use.

Don't know about any asset pools.


File: 3d-Blender-1.jpg (84 KB, 850x1020)
84 KB
Can we ban blender from /3/?
153 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.

Ah yes, but if blender borks, who fix? Big think.
>If you already missed your deadline twice maybe it's time to consider you're just not good enough. Also, being computer literate enables you to make script and since a lot of 3d software can be extended, given enough intelligence and creativity you can solve a lot of problems yourself

Lol, non-lawyers criticize others for not being "smart enough"

Yet were not smart enough to choose their schooling wisely.
>I'm mad because the blender fanboys WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP CIRCLEJERKING BLENDER.
Sry to tell you the truth but it is the opposite. When one person mentions Blender (just mention it nothing more) the thread will be flooded with anti-Blender fags.

Being this delusionnal. Typical edgy blendlet. Keep modeling your donuts while the big boys earn a living working in good software that don't crap themselves past 100k polygons in edit mode.
>When one person mentions Blender (just mention it nothing more) the thread will be flooded with anti-Blender fags.

You mean when one person makes a 3ds max or maya video on youtube the comment section gets flooded by underaged blendlets.

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