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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: 1562359244780.webm (2.92 MB, 1920x1080)
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2.92 MB WEBM
Let's talk about the state of 3D in anime.
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This looks pretty good.
they really put effort in to make it seem like 2d.
The future is now.
>BUT you gotta go over the results from start to finish making everything work right.
This is the normal workflow to traditional animation too

>time to stare at gg xrd
You should look at the ripped models (on DA) and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, they leverage a ton of tricks to force the 3D models to have the imperfections and faults of 2D

There's a cool behind the scenes video for the JoJo 3d intros as well where they literally have heads (for example) massively over rotate relative to the camera so that you get an orthographic-like effect on the face but with the model deformation (i.e. gigabroken neck) being hidden by the camera's position

Also I found this video to be really good in general for a modern take on exactly what goes on right now in an anime studio:

Incidentally Dr.Stone is a really good anime (has some problems but more good than bad)
Honestly, the guy is the best animated character in all of the shots. The posing is stiff, the models and materials are early PS3 tier, and the art direction isn't even really interesting.
This looks like some 15-year-old's, fucking SFM pet project.

File: 3DCoat+Blender_.png (538 KB, 1500x1220)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
The Perfect Pipeline.
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Imagine you want to punch a hole through something while you're sculpting in Blender. Oops, it's impossible.
File: 1589444170660.jpg (130 KB, 1242x1388)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

Alchemist is better for turning your shitty pictures into good looking tileable materials. For fast and effective texture creation, Mixer is much better.
Is it really a good combo?


The 3DCoat devs have been putting a lot of work into their Blender applink. They can see Blender usage is growing a lot and they're clearly trying to one-up Substance on this front.

File: 479962_smoke.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
how do you make feet look good on daz3d?
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File: dazlolnec.jpg (962 KB, 1590x1343)
962 KB
962 KB JPG
just saw this in another thread, and thought it was relevant.
rip what a shit
I never used daz, did he took an already made character and called it his own ?
>sculpted in zbrush, but not talented enough to make cloth, hm...

is this from deviant art ? I thought nobody went on it since years. Isn't it a lot of weird porn and bad design ?
he downloads them from deviantart. and claims that they are his own original creation

DA design got revamped just recently, still full of weird porn tho
he means that the morph was sculpted to look like rapunzel.. not the model itself.

File: wk7s8wc3j8p11.gif (2.95 MB, 457x360)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
Does anyone know how this demonic looking gif of dwight shrute from the office was made? looks like artifacting typical from an older TV with shitty recording hardware tho im curious if its possible to make in after effects or something (any links to guides if possible would be dope)
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>typical from an older TV with shitty recording hardware
Nope, shitty digital compression that's still a problem today
>huuuuuuurrrr a vfx related post is polluting my pristine, desert board

just stfu and move on
data moshing?
Exactly, thank you so much anon.

For OP: What I was referring to as the ''still images" are i-frames, and the motion is saved in "p-frames". Those kind of videos are made by displacing one or the other in the timeline.
looks like data moshing with a bunch of still/2-3 frame clips

This has nothing to do with this board

File: IMG_7501.png (3.03 MB, 900x1800)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
Post anything that you're working on rn.
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It still wouldn't matter that you made the thread.
I'm not Op, just a nameless tr/3/pot who realized the horrible truth.
Stop following me around or I'll intentionally go to other sites just to piss you off even more.
Take your meds, schizo
You're sprung, the murderous kind.

what does this board have against blender? its popular and free, with plenty of guides and a simple ui. I've recently started using it. thoughts?
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Replace Cycles and it immediately becomes better.
No it doesn't.
We hate everything that's popular
Maya is popular. Blender is fringe.
>plenty of documentation
>simple UI
>being used by new people
LITERALLY answered your own question

Optimal Rigging Edition.

Post your latest work, ask questions, discuss addons, etc.
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File: Screenshot (24).jpg (1000 KB, 6693x1285)
1000 KB
1000 KB JPG
on the left is rest mode, on the right pose mode.
Trying to attach the claws to the body, used join option.
Why is the body invisible in pose mode?
This is so confusing.
does the mesh have an armature modifier that's enabled, connected to the right armature, set to be visible, etc?
File: why.png (429 KB, 809x735)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Why is it that when I'm weight painting it sometimes gets fucked up like this? Trying to paint over the right side but it paints on the left and just spreads this weight ring around.
Is there a record for solving your own post? I think I just set it. I had the x mirror modifier on in the top right in addition to the one under tool settings underneath auto normalize. Just turned off the other one.
guys I got a question, is there a way to set like the default projection to be cubic from linear on everything? I'm tired of changing it every time I import textures

What is the future of 3D modelling?
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File: IMG-20200522-WA0000.jpg (106 KB, 828x796)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Oi Ronald, sou uma fonte confiável
you cannot polish a turd into a diamond.
it looks like your standard shit Daz3d render
Do you feel the same way about video games violence?

Anatomy, tutorials, construction, building, texturing, etc. Anything that you think might be useful goes.
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damn, good textures can really make a model standout

Where can I download this or a similar character for free?
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>all models for BLENDER or CINEMA_4D
Us poor 3ds MAX users had to do our own thing.
unironically kys
Bro, there is gonna be a VR loli ass cumming game on steam in like 3 weeks. OP is working hard on getting asset's
Just convert them. You want to redo the entire skinning/rigging anyways since most of these clowns providing the models don't know shit about it.
What are you talking about?

Did you see liquids on HL Alyx? Now this is the future. Its the first time Im seeing something like this on a real time engine.
Do you know how to make something similar with UE4 for example?
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Didn't you see the impressive Nvidia Physx demos about realtime fluids we where presented with several years ago? I'd be surprised if that stuff would not start creeping up in games soon.

Realtime fluids simulations have been way ahead of what's on display here for years silly tr/3/pots.

That's noting new and this >>745027 anon is right.
Doubt it, you see the liquid self collide and wrap around going up the neck as well as them bubbles forming and the translucency. Think it's the Nvidia Physx fluids.

Simple shader solution linked there can't do stuff like that.
Here is the source from the guy who made it:
It's a shader. (Obviously it's a more advanced implementation, the bubbles could still be particles that get spawned when shaking it.)
>Think it's the Nvidia Physx fluids

File: 1562192618384.gif (1.61 MB, 500x500)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Post what you are working on or others work
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>that uv placement

That does look tons better. Definitely going to drop some noise and grit on him. But with some finetuning and I think he'll look pretty sweet in game depending on lighting.


lol you're still so assblasted you dumb imbecile. go fuck yourself. been dealing with insecure envious malevolent low iq animals like you my entire life and I'm completely tired of it.

>hurrdurr I'm not that anon

sure you're not . go do something productive with your time instead of wasting your energy hating on someone else.
pyw, and while you're at it please make constructive criticism and quit acting like an underage. you have >>>/v/ for that
File: bli-gif.gif (2.17 MB, 500x500)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB GIF
Keep producing shit work

File: uv_map_reference.jpg (1.46 MB, 2048x2048)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Can someone recommend a uv mapper that isn't blender? I'd be willing to pay up to $200. I do NOT want to use blender, it's a fucking mess. Mac is preferred but I'll use windows if I have to.
RizomUV Virtual Spaces.


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