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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

Looking for books online? Check here:
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Recommended Literature

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/quitlit/ general

digits are the number of hours that you have to avoid this board. dubs must leave and never return.
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (214 KB, 1280x720)
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woah bye forever anon
you REALLY gotta leave now
File: 1557186616967.jpg (49 KB, 667x690)
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>dude slavery lmao
Why is this gimmick so popular with modern American literature?
There are some tropes that sell well in today's market, slavery is one of them. Auschwitz/extremely exploitative material from the holocaust and YA-UF are others.
Slave morality has always been popular.
But American slavery is nothing special, slavery was around for thousands of years. It's retarded to screech and moan about "muh slavery" just because you're descended from the people most recently released from enslavement.
Gee it's almost like slavery was an important part of American history.
it's especially dumb because there are slaves today

File: nietzsche.jpg (165 KB, 773x1024)
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165 KB JPG
>says God is dead
poor guy totally debunked
therfor he god
>implying there is death in a universe where energy is not created or destroyed, but merely transformed

Post your novel ideas
It's not like they're going anywhere
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These threads have been made on /lit/ with that exact wording and various pictures of tapirs for years, anon
Please unclench your ass
dwarves awaken from their eternal slumber under European mountains...citizen kane like figure is arrested before he can be an antichrist and is the protaganist along with his daughter who is taken underground by the dwarves to talk to a vampyre/Immortal king. the villain is a woman.

my inspiration is very heavily influenced by Against the Day. I want it to be BIIIIIGGG.
Nightshift Walmart supervisor slowly loses grip on reality. Loses job due to erratic behavior and drinking shortly after book begins. Sits alone in apartment for a month, ordering groceries and liquor to be left outside his door through the internet. Recovers from his drinking due to sudden ecstatic religious experience while watching This Is Us. Takes up Uber driving to pay the bills; despite recovery from alcoholism, maintains an aversion to sunlight, leading to only Ubering during bartime hours. One night, his heavily intoxicated passenger falls asleep; he drives to an isolated location and climbs into the backseat to stroke her cheek, having not felt the warmth of another person for years; she comes to, and is alarmed, and there is a scuffle, and she flees, and she stumbles and hits her head on a rock; he transports her corpse to her small flat and arranges things such that she appears to have fallen in the kitchen after arriving home. Exhilarated by the experience, he begins collecting information on passengers such as full names, gate codes, favorite bars, etc., supplemented by diligent social media searching; he begins targetting those whom he feels are happy, always cautious to commit the act long after their fateful first rides.
but this isn't fiction this is your diary desu
It is not! I get laid all the time! My name is Steven Pinker and I'll have you know that I am an accomplished academic and public intellectual, and that in addition to all of my hot sex with my wife, aided by my psycholinguistically trained tongue, agile and athletic, I get her to cum buckets all the time, not to mention all of those good sluts at Mr. Epstein's parties.

File: Obsession.jpg (2.51 MB, 792x9324)
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2.51 MB JPG
I'm looking for literature that has to do with obsession; Sméagol from Lord of the Rings is the perfect example, but I am not a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Taking the above into consideration, which literature would you recommend?
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Finnaly a book about my boi Mammontov.
Infinite Jest doesn't really have any obsessive characters in it.
How about obsession by as byatt
Anguish by Graciliano Ramos.
Have you...read the book? Ken Erdedy? Pemulis? Orin? Jim? Hal?

Half the main cast is obsessive

File: images (8).jpg (5 KB, 297x169)
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>Gendercels are a fucking volcel. If you think you can't get gf just because you are a 'man', then do a gendermaxxing yourself. Gender is perfomative and you are voluntarily staying vrigin.

File: Hölderlin.jpg (128 KB, 1200x1604)
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128 KB JPG
Also can you guys help me organise Plato, Kant/Hegel, Jung and Heidegger into a coherent system of thought? Wagner is implicit.

File: Hollaback Girl.jpg (55 KB, 685x385)
55 KB
so what did the ending and the whole part about the forest and his failed and then successful attempts to reach it mean?
I understood it as him desparately attempting one final search for meaning, and accepting that he has become completely isolated, and that he has failed the
>goal of life
ie. achieving normiedom.
Also, why did he so abruptly decide to encourage Raphael to kill the black guy, and then snap? it seemed out of nowhere, but thats probably the point, he reached his boiling point
fellas, for once can someone contribute to a nonbait/nonshitposting thread?
Im grinding making a treads about books I juss finished, and yall niggas out there replying to one dedicated to calling dfw cute FOH

Who do you guys think will be taking the prize this year?

For me, its Jon Fosse, the greatest writer of our time.

Don't forget that two writers will be getting the prize this time!
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One American and one outside Europe/N. America. Maybe McCarthy and Thiong'o.
And a jew no less. But they're overrepresented because they're smart and not because of ethnic nepotism.
I hope Houellebecq does


(Houellebecq and Vollmann, for the mentally challenged)

what's the best place to start with Fosse? Never heard of him

File: download (6).jpg (1.37 MB, 1200x1193)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Old Thread: >>13831579
Starting a crit thread, saw the last one is archived. I'm pretty pumped because this is the first thing I've written in a couple of months, also the first I post here, I know it's probably very bad.

His huge crystal wings, floating too close to the ground.
The end, no more than a magmatic explosion - an effluvium of climaxing ecstasy, a scent of pleasure embodied in the outbreak of all that exists and ever was. Every moment experienced by each individual as a frame, lava that begins to leak out, images that overlap to form a perfect clear picture and BOOM: all becomes one and acquires meaning in retrospect. Would you wonder about the meaning of an incomplete picture? Of a Work-In-Progress book? This universe, the Angel lives it as a violent impulse to destroy, a call-back to the end of the Opus, an eccentric splash of color on a majestic canvas, an off-site sketch capable of giving a new flavor, the unexpected event that made the career of Pollock and the like.

The great leveler: the awareness of acting free. Me and you, moved by obvious but incomprehensible threads; him, who saw it all and knows how to rewind the film and change it, what little is enough to leave an imprint.
Seeing the terminus is not quite like reaching it. The Angel is leaving traces unknown even to himself, only a kaleidoscope of possibilities. Cones of colors to choose from, a different species. A static rain dissipated by an umbrella of pure imagination.

A single purpose: to preserve that head, that third eye that saw beyond by birthright so that his signature does not remain approximate, unintended. The difference between voluntarily lending oneself to chance, to the mercy of one's own impulses and suffering destiny. Deviating from the pact creates new possibilities but unforeseeable dangers.

English is not my main language so please be kind :(
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Someone please read my erotica from last nanowrimo and tell me what you think
>>13855378 You made it a private paste. Only you can read it.
>>13854314 It's very basic feedback really. I could have done a lot more.
whoops, fixed now

Who is this faggot? Anybody got any informations what he's up to after that cringefest? Did he revolution?
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name pls he cute
File: TeBs718.jpg (98 KB, 902x1372)
98 KB
The dude's name is Anatole Atlas. He's alive and well.
it was a stunt u dumbasses this is on the internet

lacan was in on it
That dude was incredibly Chad. No one here would have the balls to do what he did.

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
He was so cute, bros ;_;
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File: thatsthejoke.jpg (33 KB, 600x450)
33 KB
I'm homosexual ephebophile and have fantsy with first-timer jailbait who has been believed his straight as hell uwu
Oh, I also write&read lots of straight-to-gay erotica. Gonna publish them myself at kindle store.
>I was only pretending to be retarded
I'm not sure who's replying to who anymore.
People hating on gays because of the fucking Bible, stay cool /lit/

File: disgusting faggot.jpg (19 KB, 220x270)
19 KB
>What do you know
>a repressed closet homosexual sadomasochist with Daddy issues
>whose father was a bourgeois surgeon(power structure) among a long line of bourgeois surgeons
>had a upper class education(power structure)
>went to elite Jesuit institutions
>was hoped to become a doctor like his father
>tried to commit suicide
>which leads to his father forcing him to go to a psychiatrist
>which leads to him accepting his homosexuality and sadomasochistic urges
>just "happens" to believe in a marxist-anarchist revolt against the capitalist power(Father) structure, that the mentally insane are just different and are just forced to confirm to (Fathers judgement of me) the power structures 'conception' of what is normal, understanding of love is purely erotic and pleasure based, has a stupid understanding of the purpose of history, etc.

Why am I not surprised? His literal entire philosophy revolves around his homosexuality and feelings about his father.
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>ad hominem
>ad hominem
>ad hominem
>ad hominem
>ad hominem
actually that's probably /v/
File: 1560110843134.webm (2.92 MB, 960x540)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
society disapproved of his faggotry.
so in order to justify it, he has to destroy society.
he is the ultimate faggot
the gigafaggot if you will.
he spent his entire life criticizing and wondering about civilization's disapproval of faggotry. then while dying in his hospital bed from AIDS, i have always wondered if he ever said to himself, "Oh, this is why"
File: trashstanza.jpg (22 KB, 640x640)
22 KB
>philosopher wears glasses
Catholics against Masons
Protestants against Jesuits
Communists against Capitalists
Nazis against Jews

File: 91RaSXl-suL.jpg (825 KB, 1556x2400)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
I just finished this after going blind and I just found out John Shade isn't a real person. What the fuck? Has anything similar happened to anyone else?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why? I went into the book blind. How could I have known?
>John Shade isn't a real person
You sure about that? As I understand the novel John Shade is real but Charles Kinbote is an invention of the mad professor V. Botkin (also Botkine, of which Kinbote is an anagram).
I thought Humbert Humbert was a real person trying to convince a jury that he wasn't such a bad guy.
that's one (gay) interpretation (which is wrong)
read brian boyd's "magic of artistic discovery"

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