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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

Looking for books online? Check here:
Guide to #bookz
Recommended Literature

books for how to cope with gender dysphoria?
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I desperately want to kiss Dasha, lads. :(
me too man. she is v cute

File: 20180718_080939.jpg (2.52 MB, 4128x2322)
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...so what have you read so far this year?
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Glad you enjoyed them when you were young, must have been a beautiful experience :) They are a delightful read for the winter season, looking forward to reread them in a few years
File: JAHB.jpg (25 KB, 305x499)
25 KB
Nigga you speak English just get it in English. James Woods translation reads extremely well, it's very smooth and feels quick to read. Once I was well-engrossed in it I was reading up to 40pg/hour and the adventure just flew by. Whether that's on account of Mann's incredible ability to take the read by the hand and guide them through the story, or the translation in particular, I couldn't tell you, but it definitely feels like a great translation to me. It costs about $30-40 though, which some people might feel pretty high as an upfront cost, but considering it's technically a tetralogy and you'll get it in this GOAT Everyman's Library sewn binding with acid-free paper and ribbon bookmark, I think it's a great price.
Ship of Fools by Carlson
Gonna finish Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris today
I have finished a text of Karl Kraus published in French under the title “Je n’ai aucune idée sur Hitler”, which was apparently taken from his book “Dritte Walpurgisnacht”.

I am currently reading:
Simone Weil’s Réflexions sur les causes de la liberté et de l’oppression sociale
Georges Bataille - Les larmes d’Eros
Daniel Cordier - Alias Caracalla
Patrick Buisson - La cause du peuple
Bertrand Russel - Problems of Philosophy (50%)

Just started reading books this year after a long time, when will I be able to devour them quickly like you guys?

Now when the dust has settled, what's your opinion about John Green? Is he a modern Flaubert?

Why is Hinduism always first door to enter the mystic autism club?
Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, Guenon-fags, Evola, and all this type of shit
What makes it so appealing to autistics? Is it the indo-european shit or some other theological thing that I have no fucking clue?
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>Getting visions of Hindu gods is pretty universal to humanity
Could you elaborate on this?
During extreme bouts of diarrhea many people report visions of a vengeful blue figure stabbing their asshole with dozens of knives at once.
According to the traditional description of Buddha within Buddhism, he had "golden skin", soft and straight blue-black hair, and blue eyes. Also his penis is likened to that of a horse's in terms of size because "it retracts well". Buddha canonically had a horse shlong.
wait he was that based??
Buddha was said to be very beautiful. Since the description speaks of colored hair not just on his head, he must be taken to have been hairy to an extent that was visible. There's also the mention of a single long hair that was noticeable between his brows, but they were otherwise separated, so he probably had minor hair between them, or at least that one special long follicle. But yeah, Buddha wasn't popular and charismatic for nothing. You can easily google this information in various translations.

File: emily & franz.png (409 KB, 512x1024)
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409 KB PNG
post your literary ships
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I think it was being ironic.
Schelling and Heidegger.

>“Many of the most bizarre features of [Heidegger’s] ontology appear to have been lifted right out of the occult aether wherein Schelling developed them: [such as] the historical destiny of the artist-scholars of a coming apocalyptic generation to build a new world whose architectonic is established by singing together their own epic poem.”

- Evola

>"God lets the oppositional will of the ground operate in order that might be which love unifies and subordinates itself to for the glorification of the Absolute. The will of love stands about the will of the ground and this predominance, this eternal decidedness, the love for itself as the essence of being in general, this decidedness is the innermost core of absolute freedom."

>"Only a god can save us. The sole possibility that is left for us is to prepare a sort of readiness, through thinking and poetizing, for the appearance of the god or for the absence of the god in the time of foundering; for in the face of the god who is absent we founder"
>"For us contemporaries the greatness of what is to be thought is too great. Perhaps we might bring ourselves to build a narrow and not far reaching footpath as a passageway."

- Heidegger
Is literally every good philosopher a neoplatonist?

Dante Alighieri and Virgil

Alright who is astroturfing Murray into the spotlight? I mean I'm fairly right-leaning; I just finished this book and it reeks of his agent telling him "Look, Haidt and Lukianoff's 'Coddling' and Heather Mac Donald's 'Diversity Delusion' have been out for a few months, they're selling big, why don't you do a book on woke culture?" His writing style is horrid; the book is littered with maddening (heh) sentence fragments and reads like there was little to no editorial oversight. The anecdotes relayed will largely be a rehash to anyone remotely redpilled and unlike Heather Mac Donald's fantastic book the hard data (that might get an undecided person off the fence) just isn't there. His exploration of the root causes of all this is painfully shallow, with references to Marx, Hegel and Foucault throw out so matter-of-factly and with so little elaboration into their ideas you wonder if he's even read them. Murray has very little to say that hasn't been articulated a hundred times more clearly by Haidt, Mac Donald, and Peterson.

A recurring motif seems to be: Murray points out the complexities of X fragment of SJW theory, notes the impossibility of its proper implementation or the infinitude of plausibly correct implementations, and throws his hands up. It's obviously cribbed from Peterson's talks on the topic and there's one essay in particular on JBP's website that explains it with far more clarity.

There is something so frustratingly milquetoast and unoriginal about Murray and the breathless praise where he's lauded as the next Christopher Hitchens (or even more laughably, the next Roger Scruton thanks to his role in last year's New Statesman dustup) just feels forced and hollow. Should I have read Strange Death of Europe instead?
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Have you read Aquinas and Augustys?
I think the thing that often gets confused is the actual economic/government system of communism with the moral paradigm. I don't really know how strong the connections between the actual tangible governmental/economic manifestation, but usually the argument is about the Marxist moral paradigm (which is really the relevant topic to today given that modern leftism is essentially just the moral paradigm of Marxist egalitarianism laid on top of technology driven mixed-market capitalism as an economic system) being an outgrowth of Western Protestant Liberalism. I'm also not exactly an expert on this argument. I've read a few books where that sort of idea is talked about (e.g Why Liberalism Failed by Deneen and Return of The Strong Gods by R.R.Reno) but I'm not 100% convinced myself beyond it being an interesting angle to look at the fairly Christian moralization often used by the powers that be in the modern social left.

It's really not a productive conversation to have because when you talk to a leftist about Marxism they are expecting a conversation about the economics, whereas Marx's often indirect moral philosophy and the resulting critical theory is really more what right wingers refer to as "Marxism". It's sort of like when leftists argue with libertarians about the moral questions surrounding those who end up on the losing side of capitalism, and then the libertarians go on to talk about efficiency data. Both sides are intentionally ignoring talking about the moral weaknesses of their beliefs and instead deflect away from the visible problems trying to instead play semantic games surrounding "economics".
File: 81fxaUTw-vL.jpg (303 KB, 1712x2560)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
>Should I have read Strange Death of Europe instead?
Yes absolutely, read it in tandem with The Camp of the Saints.
this is a good question
this is an important question
the answer is surprisingly simple
>I don't really know how strong the connections between the actual tangible governmental/economic manifestation, but usually the argument is about the Marxist moral paradigm (which is really the relevant topic to today given that modern leftism is essentially just the moral paradigm of Marxist egalitarianism laid on top of technology driven mixed-market capitalism as an economic system) being an outgrowth of Western Protestant Liberalism.
Right, but imo Western Protestant Liberalism is if anything closer to what Marx criticizes. Such a systematic, all-encompassing philosophy would never catch on in the Anglosphere outside of a certain class for example, and even there Marxism becomes more of a moral sentiment than a system of critique, i.e. "Marxism is about being nice to poor people, the nicer you are the more Marxist it is" or "Even though Communism has its flaws, all decent people are at worst anti-anti-Communist". Also, the authors you cited are Catholic so they're going to see Protestantism in everything. I am Catholic as well but I don't really buy that particular line of reasoning.

>the fairly Christian moralization often used by the powers that be in the modern social left.
Rene Girard writes about scapegoating the outsider and how Christianity subverts this social phenomenon. Modern leftism essentially identifies a rival and scapegoats him by accusing him of scapegoating an outsider (that's not very nice!). A lot of social leftism gets denounced as hedonistic, or individualistic, but it's really more like highly-evolved anti-racism.

File: lit.jpg (153 KB, 635x390)
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153 KB JPG
I am not necessarily searching for 12 rules for life type books (still open to self help), but any books that helped you build up self esteem. I need to become a better public speaker as my job revolves around it.
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Unironically, How to Win Friends and Influence People
Do you think people spend time practicing eloquence? I think spilling the spaghetti, with respect to literature, follows from reading itself. But how the hell do you end up like, say, Terence Mckenna. I want to spout new age gibberish and fuck smelly hippie qts
48 laws of power and art of seduction will help set direction and strategy. But you will only improve by practicing.
I fucking love Timothy Treadwell. He was the psychotic, gay, bear worshipping death-cultist we didn't know we needed. Shine on in bear Valhalla, you campy diamond.

I aspire to one day be killed by something I nicknamed "seargent skittles"
here's what helped me
>trial and error
>get your overall confidence game up by doing shit that scares you

File: images(3).png (4 KB, 512x512)
4 KB
Who are some /lit/ tweeters?
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Uh no, Lebanese. Which is from Phoenican descent. Gabish?
Oh so this is the fag that is getting retards to spam the shitty translation of Junger. Should have known.
File: Screenshot (3).png (61 KB, 576x541)
61 KB
based takes
also why the fuck is twitter in greek
the Creighton translation is fine

Favorite John Gray book? Next book will be about cats.

File: tgh5he3ty.jpg (27 KB, 457x472)
27 KB
>tfw you jumped timelines again and now Fyodor's name is spelled "Dostoevsky" instead of "Dostoyevsky"
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She sounds annoying as fuck.
Dosztojevszkij Mihályfi Tódor

You might also get warped to a very distant place on earth while keeping your initial position and fall on your face.

/lit/ I name you Darkfriend
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>ouroboros + dharmachakra

you wouldn't even know what either of those are without Wikipedia, so shut the fuck up
What? We learned those when studying the world religions in 6th grade. The fuck are you on about? Acting like literally some of the most recognizable religous symbols (except the Cross and the Crescent moon) are some obscure thing. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you might be american.
I walk in the Light nigger

File: brandon-liao-epic40.jpg (382 KB, 1920x910)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Friendship Edition
What's your favorite character duo?

Group Reading

What /sffg/ has read, is reading, and will read

SFF Charts Gallery

Charts, Recs, Upcoming Books, Downloads, etc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Very true
ok Daniel
so basically the AI is a mary sue (or whatever the non-gendered version is)
File: 1574048832246.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What do elves smell like?
Black company sucks. Is that all you have? I’m honestly asking

File: Virgil.jpg (364 KB, 1200x1492)
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364 KB JPG
Is Virgil "great"?
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t. Pseuds
Virgil was beloved by the greatest poets of all time: dante, blake, milton, shakespeare-- the list goes on. Besides, only a fag cares about shit like 'aping' plots; what matters is that virgil was a master of words.
So I shouldn't skim the Romans before modern literature/philosophy?
early modern worship of the classics leads to people thinking Ammianus Marcellinus is a good read.
So which translation?

And what about Ovid? Should I wait to learn Latin first?
Georgics is divine inspiration.

What few books are actually really essential that you need to have read them in your life?
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cope & that isn't why you said kys
>good DIY manual
must be hard not having a dad lol
>personal investing guide
if you can't pay an investor to do the job, you'll always be poor
>decent cookbook
get a wife
is this bait ?
>good DIY manual
>must be hard not having a dad lol
No that Anon but what is the objective of read if you don't learn something useful?
The Bible
Moby Dick
>Moby Dick

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