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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

Looking for books online? Check here:
Guide to #bookz
Recommended Literature
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Are you incapable of making decisions without the guidance of anonymous internet strangers? Open this thread for some recommendations.

File: 1627763362187m.jpg (141 KB, 1024x1024)
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How come schizophrenia is a mental disorder but this isn't?
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self distress
This can't last. In a decade or so we'll get to see the end results of all these trans kid experiments and we'll look back at it as a total disaster.
M to F I can get, you get a ton of perks and every door is opened to you.
F to M is moronic, you literally are giving up one of the biggest advantages in the Western world: being a woman.
File: 1613752840664.jpg (435 KB, 1424x1801)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Dysphoria is a disorder; the only way to treat it is to allow us to live our life as the sex we prefer, hence the surgical operations. What's so hard to understand about that?
Being a woman is worse than being a man. I'd kill myself if I turned into a woman

File: alphabets.png (135 KB, 2531x3300)
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135 KB PNG
sound it out

For Prose:
>The Art of Fiction
>Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
>On Becoming A Novelist
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
>How Fiction Works
>The Rhetoric of Fiction
>Steering the Craft
>On Writing, Borges

For Poetry:
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry

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Tough crowd lately!
File: Le tired shark .jpg (32 KB, 576x576)
32 KB
This. I miss the days when the OP image was from Hololive. Those were some comfy days.
Really? I stopped checking in a few weeks ago and it seems about the same.
No, a few weeks ago, people were at least sharing their works. Unlike today.
You have to be living under a rock.

File: page_1.jpg (221 KB, 1190x1498)
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221 KB JPG
Please recommend essential anthropology books.
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Species with Amnesia: Our Forgotten History
Robert Sepehr
When I studied Lévi-Strauss I found "Structural Anthropology" simplier after the read of "The Elementary Structures of Kinship". I think that these 2 are his most important works but if you want to know more about totemics religions and myths you should read "Totemism" and "The Structural Study of Myth". Also I would avoid Sad Tropics which is less scientific and more personal
Naven by Gregory Bateson
No that's Leo Strauss

File: 1209185.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1200)
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238 KB JPG
Hello /lit/, it's the holy month of Shraavan. Ask any questions about Hinduism and I'll try to answer.
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Continuing here; What if Satan is actually God's patsy in his still perfect plan? Then there is no real 'evil' or 'suffering' so to speak, just your limited understanding of the situation.

Do you not find that whenever you're in pain and you can't identify why, it hurts much, much worse, but as soon as you feel confident that it's a fracture in this toe, or an injury in this shoulder, or whatever, the pain eases?

The same is true with evil. Out of ignorance, confusion, and preoccupation, we tend to blame outside circumstances for our condition, whatever that may be, but especially if it is negative. Negative conditions are always impositions on our otherwise undisturbed equilibrium, right? We weren't a bubbling barrel of negativities to begin with, THINKING that it's doing good work, right? We know that, for certain.... every minute of every day, right?

Now what if you knew the source of the problem? What if you had a better handle on the being-who-is-suffering, the awareness of that being?

Buddhism and Yoga essentially argue that this is the case with humanity. Most suffering is volountary, this is why Shiva didn't want to teach in the first place, and why his wife had to goad him into it.

The problem today is that most people don't believe suffering is volountary, that they have much, much less control over it than they do.

Or to put it another way, suffering exists because ignorance exists, and ignorance exists as a necessary precondition for knowledge and enlightenment. You can't know that you don't know what you think you know before you know that you don't know what you thought you knew. Or as Sadghuru puts it in the video, you were given a horse and two legs to ride it with. It's not for God (or the gods) or creation itself to decide how you ride it, or how other people ride it. It was given to you to harness and ride.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
To give this guy some credit, another Sadghuru-ism.

God had to come to India/Barat nine times. Nine times an avatar of the creator came to India because he knew, I gotta handle these fucking Indians personally. Nine times God came to India, and nine times he failed to save everybody. That should tell you everything about India and its love of divinities.
Indians are real dimwits. It's made worse that these dimwits believe that they can become gods and wish to be worship as gods and that these dimwits even put up human beings with clear red flags as gods to be worshipped like that dimwit sadhguru.
Congratulations! You have conquered False Idol! Show us the way, Moses 2021.

File: jcdenton.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1440)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Is there any room in the contemporary advanced liberal nations for a conservative tradition? As the synthesis of liberalism and technology reaches its apotheosis, it appears more inevitable than ever that liberalism will destroy any and all rituals, traditions, and customs that previously allowed the citizens of a nation to find common ground, make compromises, and in general have at least a vague direction to govern their own country towards.

The end goal of liberalism thus seems to place us in the very state of nature that earlier philosophers thought reason enough to leave (as Patrick Deneen notes), though this particular state of nature is decidedly not that of Hobbes or Locke or Rousseau. Instead it entails each and every individual living in benign alienation from each other, their necessities either provided for by the black-box bureaucratic-monolithic sugar-daddy state (conveniently scalable to cover at least the planet, and perhaps that is even the goal considering the vitriol towards nationalism and decidedly cosmopolitan outlook of most intellectuals of the tradition throughout the 18th-19th centuries) or earned through hard individual work in a world where even hard work may no longer provide those necessities. Any compromise between these two camps necessarily exists on a spectrum somewhere between those two poles (of which the sugar-daddy variant will inevitably win due to the nature of the universal expansion of the market and the ascendancy of multinational corporations), and unfortunately brings with it all the axioms that unite the two in the liberal tradition: rampant individualism, violence towards tradition or custom, "scientific" management of human beings, and what ultimately amounts to the same goal of allowing each individual to "eat, drink, marry, bear children, and go to their grave in a state that is at best hilarious anesthesia, and at its worst is anxiety, fear, and envy, for lack of the necessary means to achieve the fashionable minimum of sensation," as Christopher Lasch summarizes Lewis Mumford.

But then even if we recognize the problem, what basis exists for tradition, ritual, and custom? The simple (if eloquent) defense that Burke provides amounts in contemporary society to what would be succinctly and in the last analysis to be a prejudicial institution or structure allowed to exist without scrutiny. This does not seem like a realistic foundation unless hollowed out of all its importance, ie contemporary holidays (many of which are under attack today). This also raises the question of such a divided and alienated citizenry could possibly willingly (as it must be willingly, ritual without authenticity is mere charade) walk into and be truly united by such a custom. War seems like one such option.

Thanks for reading my word soup
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what does this have to ro with deus ex?
The progressive degenerative effects of "hyperdemocracy" (Gasset), which is really pseudodemocracy of masses manipulated by people who know exactly what they're doing, becomes even more frightening when you realise that those people are perfectly capable of accelerating the degeneration as a long term plan. They aren't just opportunistically worsening things in aggregate, they are actively conspiring to dissolve all nations into this nationless goo of subhumans who can be rearranged, broken down and built back up, or simply culled at their convenience.

Things have accelerated even more now that the old cold warrior elite, whose main thrust was anti-Sovietism at any cost, has mostly died off and given way to a truly cynical international technocrat class, what Peter Dale Scott calls the "deep state," functionally identical to what Quigley called the Anglo-American elite, whether the latter literally exists or not. The old cold warriors at least had some residual idealism, which was exactly how they were manipulated into being allies of convenience by the truly cynical ones, who knew that the forces they were unleashing would dissolve everything down to a homogeneous soup in the end.

Obviously contemporary "conservatism" has no answers. Merely reactionary conservatism is little better if it does nothing but say "boy how I wish everybody could go back to being nice comfy Catholics again!" when institutions like the Catholic church have long rotted away from the inside out (and again, there is very good evidence that this was intentionally steered by the technocrats).

As Mel Bradford says, to be a conservative now is to be a reactionary and even a revolutionary by definition, because the things worth conserving are no longer instantiated at all, they have reverted to being merely latent and potential. To "conserve" them would in practice mean clearing the ground so they can grow in a healthy way again. How can you "conserve" healthy gender roles when 80% of young people are some combination of involuntarily celibate or barren cat lady, transvestite self-mutilator and chemical castrator, emotionally destroyed serial slut who can never be a good mother, literal prostitute (onlyfans micro-economy, a real sign of things to come), mentally ill and retarded, infertile or voluntarily sterilized, perpetually sexually excited and porn-addicted, drug-addicted, and so on? What is left to "preserve" when you live in Babylon itself?

The thing about Babylon though is it naturally generates its own negation, by compressing healthy people who are more in touch with the normal (in the sense of archetypal) aspects of humanity until they become self-conscious of their role as standard-bearers of normalcy, while also connecting these people with many who are maybe less conscious and less capable of doing it for themselves, but who crave health and normalcy without even realizing it, and who will recognize it when living avatars of it start to present themselves.
Ultimately that's the real solution and the real way of getting back in touch with our roots, simply the natural coming to the fore of the healthy and archetypal. But all the people just mentioned are still running on Babylonian software. They were raised in this rudderless nightmare world, so even when they want to escape it, they can't imagine a way out. They try to address the evil by inverting it, since it's all they've ever known and the only negation they can imagine still fundamentally posits the evil itself, and just negates it abstractly. We can't even imagine what "tradition" or "traditionalism" are like so we try to over-theorize it and summon it out of thin air like an abstract idea, the same way that the deluded liberal is trying to summon his abstract idea of final utopian hedonistic equity between all human beings.

You can't impose traditions or healthy nations on people, you can't summon them out of thin air, you can't theorize the ideal tradition abstractly and then set to work getting a community to LARP it until it becomes reality. That is the same fundamental misconception of the shallow progressive mind, the Rousseauist fantasy that by renaming the months of the year and putting a dressed-up whore on the altar in Notre Dame you can erase Frenchness and replace it with the ideal republic of atheistic humanistic reason. It's the same error, just turned inside out and applied to "tradition" instead.

The whole premise of tradition is that it precedes abstract reasoning and makes the latter possible in the first place. It's not irrational, it's superrational, above and preceding ordinary reason. If you are a traditionalist you must always already believe in certain immutable platonic ideals, some kind of "natural law," and believe they're worth defending. Of course there will be disagreements, even radical ones, but that is what politics and history are, the ongoing dialogue of different attempts at taking a stand on what reality is and what it means and what we ought to do about it. Sometimes those lead to conflict and sometimes those conflicts are unfortunately zero-sum games, but the alternative is the hellhole we currently live in. A traditionalist could reply to this cynical realpolitik view by saying that we are getting better and better with each attempt, possibly signifying a metaphysically real, that is immutable and ideal, goodness to humanity, and therefore a humanity that can be trusted to take its chances of future conflict. That kind of optimism used to be the essence of conservatism, now conservatives don't even realize it's a position, because it's "faith" and faith is not abstractly provable in some pissant college debate.
>it appears more inevitable than ever that liberalism will destroy any and all rituals, traditions, and customs
Sounds good to me

File: 20210804_022755.jpg (1.4 MB, 2172x3862)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
What book made you grow out of cringe profane monotheism and embrace polytheism?

Does language affect reality?

>Language does have an influence on reality

>It serves to interpret reality but being tied to specific rules it is impossible not to alter that perception

>That perception will enter the psyche of those who use that language and they will act according to this altering reality

>In contrast, language has no meaning if it is not understood in a group of people

>These people grow, they change. And so does the language

>Words make sense when it is in harmony with the network of meanings and it has the ability to constantly renew itself


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Nothing like being from a multi-generational autist family to show you how to distance yourself for protection from the world while also revealing truth which you can abandon if people come against you.
But words are in themselves imperfect carriers of meaning. Happy is a word that we have created and agreed to apply to a certain emotional state, but I cannot accurately describe what happy feels like to another person in a way that can be measured, I must rely on shared concepts or experiences which they may have interpreted differently than me in order for meaning to be conveyed which is an inherently imprecise method.
This is so simplistically naive. The lookup of “Buffalo hunt” would return radically different meanings for a Native American in the 18th century than an average American. Thus the same pointer would in actuality point to radically different memory spaces which have no interface between them.

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the statistics agree so plainly and overwhelmingly that i dont even consider you a person anymore. nothing you say matters in this life or the next
File: 1624507455870.png (859 KB, 987x470)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
You say this to kids before raping them?
be as sick as you want, it's the truth. wish people like you would be more sick on behalf of the children getting raped
yes you arent a pedophile at all

File: marxwoj.png (45 KB, 240x273)
45 KB
>1 coat = 20 yards of linen
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lel based
File: 1627508213087.jpg (1.07 MB, 1579x1920)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Surplus labor is just the product of the boss's labor. No I will not expand.
to the guillotine
You can exchange 1 coat for 20 linen but that doesn't mean these things are the same. You're retarded.
California neoliberals are so totally commie amr gueis

King James
What about other languages?
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No they didn't retard
It literally says
>The First Book of Moses
>Which is Called Genesis
why are you autistic?
Rudaki and Ferdoosi
Ali Sher Nava'i
>"Amen, amen" instead of "Verily, verily"
>prophets having the same names in both Old and New Testament
The Douay Rheims is the superior translation
Do you go to a Catholic Church? It's NRSV at least in Canada

A few months back there was a thread talking about zoomer philosophy majors who grew up on the internet and have acquired vast amounts of encyclopaedia-level knowledge of obscure 18th century philosophers. What I got from all this is that German idealism is making some sort of comeback in academia (in Europe at least). Can someone confirm if this is true? Seems pretty exiting and would make sense now that even normies are getting desensitized by postmodernism and turning back to romanticism.
89 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
So many typos
I can tell you* instead of I can't
I'm a zoomer and I read the Critique at 17, not saying I understood it an "Academic" level but I'm sure there are guys smarter than me out there who have even more extensive knowledge on the subject. That being said, zoomers ARE generally stupid as fuck and I have yet to meet anyone else irl who gave a shit about philosophy before the age of 20.
wholesome wisdom thank you anon
While it might be true that hegel had an influence (via obscurantism, for example), hegel believed in truth and was still practicing metaphysics derived a priori, which is antithetical to postmodernism.
This is true but also pessimistic. Zoomers have a few people set up to be genius-tier if they keep their heads straight and continue to be upset at the general mediocrity of our time, and the mediocrity of one of the new generation inspires the excellence of his superior. Literature like the German Romantics and Idealists are a good area of intellectual influence in light of the typical dross zoomers are exposed to; its a miracle they consume this at all. So they are superficial and possess less depth for the time being, I am just as guilty, but I sit in a room alone with my eyes closed and feel a greatness must live somewhere, if not how could I possess the eye for it? Why do I yearn and dream of myself and those of my age continuing the progression of that beautiful Mind which has reared us? This is who we are, useless effortposting which nevertheless shall culminate in an adult articulation in likely ten years time. I am happy to be here with you now, anons.

File: VF_NickLand.jpg (81 KB, 1500x844)
81 KB
Press F to pay respects.
90 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>not even trying to emulate his diction..
holy fuck this is embarrassing
It's actually a beautiful prose tone poem and deserves respect for its vital use of dynamic textual elements.

File: 1627864610232.jpg (64 KB, 719x688)
64 KB
>Stopped reading at the end of highschool
>It was a weird change because I was always the guy with his nose in a book
>Looking back, it was mostly trashy fiction with no real value, but i still took pride in reading
>for the last ten years only read one book
>become increasingly addicted to pornography
>about 6 months ago quit watching porn
>suddenly strange desires to read overcome me
>Can't go a day without reading now
>usually won't even start my day until after i get a few chapters in
>It's all good stuff too, science, history, philosophy, self help, religion
>a little fiction, but mostly classics like 1984 with great educational value
>due to quitting porn, my penis is acting strange suddenly
>start associating the concept and culture of books with eroticism
>get turned on by a cute girl I met who likes talking about why she bought each book she shows me
>she talks about how she never buys on amazon because she loves to 'find books in the wild'

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: truememe.jpg (43 KB, 500x500)
43 KB
>I have been back on 4chan for 2 weeks now, though I've been coming here off and on for 8 years.
>have a new roommate so I can't fap so much anymore, because he is really creepy and religious so I can't get away with it, though this never stopped me in the past.
>get sick of taboo porn after Chris Chan
>fap last night to tranny porn for the second time in my life.

>finish a book and am disgusted with myself all day, today
>huge urge to be a simp comes over me, to make up for my homo excursion, but for a girl.

>I'm just f-ed up.
>It's all good stuff too, science, history, philosophy, self help, religion

File: 1627943415458.jpg (604 KB, 1500x2000)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
I just finish this book. What did you guys think about it?

Some of my thoughts: the entire time I had these existential thoughts that maybe this all wasn’t worth it and the wife was correct to take her own life. Of course there is always a strong will to live, but their future was so bleak and every day became more and more difficult. The boy himself suggested something like this towards The end, and you had to wonder is the father selfish for making him go on this journey. Maybe they all should have killed themselves when the wife did.

The other obvious transformation as the book goes on, Is that the father becomes more ruthless and more desperate. I think we as the reader can sympathise because he is fighting for his life. But this also seems to create some doubt in the boy that their endeavour is worthwhile.

I couldn’t tell if it was just McCarthy being Mccarty or if it was intentional, but it seems that the writing became blurred, mirroring the troops’ cognitive decline as they continue on the journey. Faltering health, fatigue, and hunger all certainly blight their consciousness and I felt like this came through in the process. It was sometimes frustrating, but I also felt it was effective at putting me there in the moment and in theie thoughts.

Overall I found it touching and believable. I wanted to know more about what the disaster was, but probably best that he didn’t distract us with those details and we focus on the struggle of the boy and the man.
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You unironically don't know how to write if you meant this>>18776245 and wrote that>>18775723
>can't even understand his own post
Incurably retarded lmao.
it was boring but i learned the word catamite from it
Yeah I was actually pretty shocked that there exists a word for such a specific thing. A boy who is held captive for the specific purpose of getting railed

Regarding the accusation that people only like this book because it has famous author: I can say personally that has never weighed much and my reading of the book. Some of my favourite books were written by authors who have also written other works that I didn’t like it all and would gladly shit on.

I thought that rules of attraction was a fantastic book and I thought that American psycho was absolutely terrible. In this case I thought NCFOM was better in every way (prose, story) but the road was not bad
Not the book but I watched the film earlier today, and it was depressing asf. Great though, because it's more realistic than something like the walking dead

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