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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

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If someone transcribed all his podcasts and published it under Oxford world classics would you read it?

What are some russian books that explore realistic 1800s Russian way of life. Anything excluding Tolstoy and Dosto. Family, work, royalty - that kind of thing.
To add, I have read most of Chehov's shorts. I'm looking for a 200-400 pager or something.

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write the first sentence and let the robot do the rest
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jesus fuck n'wah this is absolute kino I am saving this
The first thing we must do for truth to flow is to acknowledge and forgive what we are saying. It's hard enough to have a genuine sense of what's truth when you are so afraid of what others will think!

A good question to ask yourself right now is: "How much of what I'm saying is truth?"

Do you know the truth (that I'm saying is the truth)?

I have a question to ask you: "What is the truth?" If you don't know the true answer, then you are not true. It's not in your head.

The truth is not something that is easy for me to express. It is something I live with every single day. As a person I can never be certain or certain of my own truth, for what happens happens. The words of truth are not things that are easily memorized. What I hear all the time is always true. I don't even know if I heard it all in the first place.

Even if you have a lot of good things to say about something, is truth really something you are really interested in seeing?

You're wrong, right?

No. If you think everything you hear is the truth, then you're not interested
File: max stirner.jpg (170 KB, 753x800)
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"Now Rome shall become great under me!" Augustus shouted to the excited crowd. The people cheered on their new Emperor.

The Roman senate met in solemn silence at the celebration of the triumph.

In his message to the senate, the Emperor congratulated each senator on the "sacred" title he now held. But all who witnessed the event realized that the crowning success, no longer meant any great accomplishment but the triumph which the Emperor himself had given to humanity. This was a new glory which had been earned not by valor but by the common efforts of all citizens and all men of courage.

On the morrow, Augustus would receive the honours of the "Sacred" with a public speech, which he gave at Piso. That speech, while containing the greatest number of arguments of good faith and true devotion and sincerity, still contained some of the harshest criticism which ever he could ever offer his friend and fellow-subject of his glory and friendship. He declared in it that Rome had, "a common soul, but not a common spirit." He described it in terms which, when compared with his own words, might well strike us as a trifle absurd, or, as he called it, a "wretched exaggeration." He did not say a word of the sublime triumph which he seemed to enjoy, nor of the splendid triumph which he seemed to wish

Marx started to shake, he saw it right behind him in the mirror in the morning. Max Stirner looking at him. The question of the self-manifestation of the communist revolution. At that moment it dawned on him that the whole of Europe, no matter where, had fallen into the clutches of liberalism and the revolution had entered his realm. But he did not want and could not accept that. He wanted to see a real, physical, concrete reality. How it should develop.

Stirner would never have been able to conceive such a question if Heidegger had not come up with the theory of dualism. In order to understand the Marxian doctrine of historical determinism, one must understand Heidegger himself. He was still very much a student of Dasein (who was himself a German who later entered the Communist Party) in the early 20th century. From his youth, even into his old age, Heidegger understood everything that Dasein taught himself, without knowing what it was. In his later writing of 'A Life in the Weltanschauung', which was not published until the 1940s, he is so influenced by Dasein that he seems to have gone from Dasein's position as being a person who knew nothing, to being the greatest philosopher of all time (which was certainly not the case at the
robo caller is coming. But wait! Another group of hackers, who work closely with Anonymous, are looking for you! It's no laughing matter, when two groups have worked together on your enemy. Do not be deceived — this is not a prank. It is no bluff—but an opportunity for you to prove your status at Cyber City, and prove you are the real enemy. You can help keep the hackers at bay, and help keep the people down by answering simple questions and avoiding unnecessary distractions.

To start, your goal is to get a ticket, which will prove to be of no use. Be careful, because each ticket has an expiration date, and when you get charged, you must pay another one. Just remember, you cannot get back the original ticket. The only way to get back an old one is to sell it: that's a crime!

Second, be aware of your surroundings with your computer. It's likely that there are intruders watching your every move, and may steal your information, or make you look like a hacktivist for a little while (see the next section on how to sell your information).

Third, try, as few as possible, to be anonymous. If you think you might be one of them, make your identity public in some manner. A photo of a tattoo will be the best idea. A picture of you in
Have any of you used this to actually write something?

File: 1561180875106.png (44 KB, 192x192)
44 KB
Is semantics even worth studying? Does it have anything to offer that grammar and logic cannot?
It all depends on how you define "worth".
>answering a question with “depends on how you define x”
This literally goes without saying. Totally worthless post, hope you’re proud of yourself
It's a thread on semantics you fucking bellend.
No, you can learn everything you need to know just by looking up what semantics means
Go easy on him; he's retarded.

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she's a qt p2t with her hair down
it is tragic that she has been seeded by another not myself

I'm going with rabbi.
Good taste anon
this guy gets it
She looks like that 'Khazar Milkers' lass
Ben Shapiro's sis

File: Dominated.webm (2.88 MB, 600x600)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
How come modern philosophy is either autistic attempts at science or a reduction of everything to pure socio-economics? It feels like Nietzsche was the last philosopher with something of a soul left, all else is just race to see who can reduce everything to matters of labor relations, sex, and stupid attempts at making ethical systems without a God (which are suspiciously reminiscent of Christianity, for some reason).
Was Spengler right, and is there really nothing left for Western philosophy?
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File: No Phones Please.webm (2.79 MB, 640x360)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Oh dont worry, many are fully aware

take a tour of india next
the only way to treat insufferable tourists
I remember when I was 12.
File: 2048-5-elephants.jpg (372 KB, 2048x1407)
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372 KB JPG
>i will never live in the wild with the elephants

File: v.gif (3.57 MB, 396x229)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB GIF
>My best friend is a girl, she's super well read and more intelligent than any man I know
>Haha no I don't want to fuck her
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Based mindset. Ever since mid-adolescence when I began to read a lot more and busy myself with political and church related things, I completely lost my sex drive. I’m not pic related anymore and I feel a lot happier now and don’t dwell on romance and whatnot anymore. I am able to embrace solitude and often spend numerous days by myself just studying, reading, attending mass, light drinking, baking, occasionally going to central london, and sometimes visiting archaeological sites. I’m comfy and making steady progress towards my ultimate goal.
Having female friends is the golden road to pussy. It shows that you have standards beyond "she thicc" and that you can control your emotions enough to maintain a friendship without behaving thirsty, awkward, creepy, or desperate. As long as you have your own relationships, so that your friends recognize you as a man who is sexually active, sexually desirable and discreet, some of them will turn to you for sex as well as comfort at some point in your friendship. More importantly it expands your social circle, putting you in contact with ever increasing numbers of new people, all without having to do anything but be a friend to females. A lot of guys fuck this up only because they can't make up their own minds what they want. You tell yourself you only want her as a friend, but deep down you have zero self control over both your desire and your fear. If you committed to one or the other, you would not be projecting right now onto others. You are the one who claims to be a woman's friend, when you secretly want to fuck them. Stop being a coward and either try to fuck them, or be their friend.
You sound like... you’re in your 20s.
Maybe she's ugly.

Is there any literature with the thesis that polygamy is good?
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I've been doing variations of the same argument since before the 20th post itt.
Is their any literature that highlights psychological subversivion tactics and the free societies inability to defend against them?
Love is lost.
Sex without love is just masturbation
Yeah this is true, big part of Moon is a Harsh Mistress (big poly family unit) and Stranger in a Strange Land.

File: file.png (133 KB, 306x306)
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133 KB PNG
>coffee and cigarette
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>smokers only smoke because its cool
I like me a flat white with 3 sugars and a B&H silver at first break (around 11)
I smoke because it hastens my progress towards an early death and I’m too much of a pussy to kill myself

>"It's a good thing there's not much suffering," he observed, "when the head flies off."
>"You know what?" the prince picked up hotly. "You've just observed that, and everybody makes the same observation as you, and this machine, the guillotine, was invented for that. But a thought occurred to me then: what if it's even worse? To you it seems ridiculous, to you it seems wild, but with some imagination even a thought like that can pop into your head. Think: if there's torture, for instance, then there's suffering, wounds, bodily pain, and it means that all that distracts you from inner torment, so that you only suffer from the wounds until you die. And yet the chief, the strongest pain may not be in the wounds, but in knowing for certain that in an hour, then in ten minutes, then in half a minute, then now, this second—your soul will fly out of your body and you'll no longer be a man, and it's for certain—the main thing is that it's for certain. When you put your head under that knife and hear it come screeching down on you, that one quarter of a second is the most horrible of all. Do you know that this isn't my fantasy, but that many people have said so? I believe it so much that I'll tell you my opinion outright. To kill for killing is an immeasurably greater punishment than the crime itself. To be killed by legal sentence is immeasurably more terrible than to be killed by robbers. A man killed by robbers, stabbed at night, in the forest or however, certainly still hopes he'll be saved till the very last minute. There have been examples when a man's throat has already been cut, and he still hopes, or flees, or pleads. But here all this last hope, which makes it ten times easier to die, is taken away for certain; here there's the sentence, and the whole torment lies in the certainty that there's no escape, and there's no greater torment in the world than that. Take a soldier, put him right in front of a cannon during a battle, and shoot at him, and he'll still keep hoping, but read that same soldier a sentence for certain, and he'll lose his mind or start weeping. Who ever said human nature could bear it without going mad? Why such an ugly, vain, unnecessary violation? Maybe there's a man who has had the sentence read to him, has been allowed to suffer, and has then been told, 'Go, you're forgiven.' That man might be able to tell us something. Christ spoke of this suffering and horror. No, you can't treat a man like that!"
Is he right?

File: 1548705072401.png (210 KB, 579x797)
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210 KB PNG
Write a purposefully bad opening paragraph.
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No thanks
Hcaptrr 2: Life without Rates and other food sStories

My whole entire apartment is carpeted with a nice, medium quality carpet that I clean once per week. Even my bathroom has a carpet on it. Sometimes when I pee on it I leave it there and my car goes nuts. But it’s to warn the bugs that this is MY territory and they are NOT welcome. Just like the rats who aren’t here.

Food gets trapped in my carpets and I have to vacuum it out for my dog.

Chpater 3: Why I have not allowed myself certain Things
It was a dark and stormy night, and when the moon was full and at its highest, the captain said to his men, “gather round men, and I’ll tell ye a story...

It was a dark and stormy night, and when the moon was full and at its highest, the captain said to his men, “gather round, men, and I’ll ye a story...

It was a dark and stormy night, and when the moon was full and at its highest, the captain said to his men, “gather round, men, and I’ll tell ye a story...”””

>repeat as necessary

Chaater 3: Why have I not allowed myself certainty

In the last paragraph cum chapter I misspelled cat and wrote car instead. Throughout my life I have thought that life was more a process then a destination. Therefore I don’t like being sure of things which is why I always, always leave a little room for myself to disagree with the things I say or think. For me, being sure of stuff is a bad arrangement that can bite you later, often when you least expect it. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, I love eating munchie bars and capticoney slices whenever they are in season. So, as you can see. Many things are not too bad, but that can change later.

Cccter 4: portrait Of my cat
Ccchter 4: Cat, my cat

My dog is a friendly guy who likes everyone and is not a humper. He is also not good at violence or security initiatives, therefore I don’t consider him to be a guard dog but instead more of a buddy friend of sorts. To me he is not an employee. He’s like if I did have a rat that wasn’t a complete ugly asshole. Rats are just... I don’t want to think about them. They’re that bad. Now, my dog is not a good frisbee player but is also not jealous of the dogs who are good at frisbee. I cannot throw a frisbee well. My dog can’t catch it. Why we continue to try is anyone’s guess. We would both rather just sit down and eat on the grass.

File: 1554559937482.png (45 KB, 240x273)
45 KB
I feel bad for him, he was wrong about almost everything
>LTV isn't true
>Rate of profit isn't declining
>Class conflict isn't the engine of history
>historical materialism is untrue
>Marx's doomsday predictions about capitalism are wrong
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Increases,rather. Sorry
Nope. Most NEET don't read Marx. They just play videogames all day.
I you read Marx or Hegel, you might as well work, because it's harder than many jobs.
Labor theory of value definitely is true, as is class conflict being an engine for change in society.
Marx is not hard. It’s not difficult to understand his biased view of economics.

You Marxists sometimes make me wonder if it’s really hard or not, but a quick perusal of Capital will show you its not.
How do you transform the organic composition of labor into competitive market prices?

>A massive person, 6 feet 3 inches tall, Thackeray was a genial and modest man, fond of good food and wine. In the years of his success he candidly took great pleasure in the amenities of the society that he portrayed so critically in his novels.

What an absolute unit. Is his writing any good?
Pretty good, yeah. Vanity Fair spends a little too much time lollygagging for my taste but it has some very strong moments.
Vanity Fair is his only readable novel. Pendennis, The Newcomes, Henry Esmond are too much of their time and never really come alive like VF does. He didn't have the genius for caricature that Dickens had, but has most of Dickens flaws. His short comic stuff like Book of Snobs has aged much better
what about Barry Lyndon?

File: 1478618471012.jpg (57 KB, 633x758)
57 KB
>grandma found the anti-natalism books
>she says I can have them back if I write a 200 word essay on why I should make her a great-grandchild (she used to be an English teacher)
>mfw it's due tomorrow and I haven't started at all

Any books or authors to research to help me on this? She said if I don't write it she's giving the books to Goodwill. At least that will help spread the anti-natalist message, right?
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Trust me I'm trying
It will come to everyone in the end. The hubris of the west has always been to overlook its entanglement in the world. 9/11 should’ve been your wake-up call, but you’re still not paying attention. Something far worse is hiding behind the horizon...
File: ted-kaczynski.jpg (214 KB, 1200x1200)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Yes, the collapse of industrial society, God bless
>suffering is bad
Basically the anti-natalist mentality. Life is full of suffering, the point is not to stop having babies but to improve the world to lessen a suffering that will always be there anyway
Gay. I say we put the nukes to good use.

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