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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

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Recommended Literature

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Hey /lit/,
can you recommend me some book that helps me to stop comparing myself to other people and to not care about what they think about me?
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Literally any remotely well-written fiction, reading a lot will always humble you
there's no way out except for maybe going full monk mode, participating in society brings some consequences and when people want to ignore what other people think of them it usually means they want to ignore the consequences of their actions
he would be the first one to actually admit to it, in my life I haven't seen a single conformist openly admitting that, it's always someone else who's the conformist
how do you explain me then, am I unaware of being a monk?

Is this the most boring novel ever written? I'm midway through 'The Part About The Crimes'.

I've read reviews of almost nothing but rapturous praise, but can someone please tell me what the fuck the point is of this book? I've sat through dozens of flat, distant, emotionally dead characters meandering about with no conclusion or development whatsoever. Now I've just gotten up to what has got to be the 50th mechanical description of a murdered girl found, briefly interspersed with the most uninteresting and boringly incompetent police department in existence and I feel like I'm throw this thing against the wall.

There are all these dream sequences and things that I feel are meant to 'feel' poetic, but I don't get it at all. I know I'm a brainlet, so can someone please show me what makes this so good, or should I just move on?
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I'm reading Last Evenings on Earth currently and I'm liking it quite a bit, how does it compare to 2666 and The Savage Detectives?
I am reading it right now, in Spanish, so far is boring, and I am forcing myself

reminds me of IQ84
also aclaimed, also just "okay"

but definitely not the intellectual piece I thought I was going to get
Pretty sure 1Q84 is not acclaimed at all, I think it was the first of his books to really get a negative response
I like Bolaño's style, its simple but not boring. Maybe it helps that spanish is my native language. I like books that tell stories too, this book wasn't depressed circlejerking, it wasn't too philosophical. It was comfy, then horrifying, then comfy again. It was fun.
its like a cheese light novel
it doesnt help I was also reading 100 years of solitud (in spanish) which only made 2666 more banal, like some cheap movie about intellectuals and travel in europe as setting but withought substance

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Is she /ourgirl/?
>Maxine res du Fault
Never heard of her
File: 385496.jpg (147 KB, 1200x800)
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147 KB JPG
*blocks your path*
Oh, real Butterly, where farest thou?

File: 1555572367244.png (37 KB, 657x527)
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>tfw want nothing more than to be an author

What is your passion?
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same here, OP
i've been receiving my first rejections from online lit magazines for a few months now
before i eventually accept my mediocre fate or kill myself, i've just been reading the books i've hoarded and pushing myself to write to cope
hope things go well for you
I fell in love recently, maybe around 4 months ago
it sucks though because I'm a complete loser
sometimes I wish I could just fall out of love
You can. Stop being a pussy. Love is an absolute waste of time.
I don't think you have EVER been in love. Call me whatever you like, my love for her is too much to just FALL OUT OF LOVE.
If love is a waste of time, so is everything else.
I forget passion exists sometimes, how gay
I feel nothing

What is the essential schizophrenic literature?
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Hölderlin, Nietzsche
Schumann in music
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Not an author, Francis E Dec is absolutely based. His writings were stored as letters, with some being narrated by a local radio talk show host, which are great. Guy really was a paranoid schizophrenic. I remember being struck by the creativity of some of his ideas (ie. birds & stars are all fake, used for surveillance)
The diaries of nijinsky. He was going insane when he wrote. He wrote them because he was going insane. It's a motherfucker of a read.


Adam Parfrey publishes a lot of schizos in Apocalypse Culture

File: ereader.jpg (37 KB, 460x455)
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Recommend me an e-reader pls. It took me several years after my kindle 4 died to realise that physical is not really that convenient. Looked up recent kindles and they charge fucking $250 for a model with physical buttons. Basically, I need something like a Kindle 4, with page buttons on both sides so I could turn pages no matter which hand I hold it in. It was sooo fucking convenient.
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I just read on my phone. It’s even more convenient, because I just download directly onto it.
I don't like phone screens (especially under the sun) and the battery life is awful
>Winter: Dec/Jan/Feb
>Spring: Mar/Apr/May
>Summer: Jun/Jul/Aug
>Autumn: Sep/Oct/Nov
>Winter: October, November, December except for Holidays, January, February
>Summer: Spring Break, March, April, especially Easter, May, June, July, fucking August man, September
Don't know if this is the right place but does anyone know about a ereader with a screen on the back so people can see what I'm reading? I'd love to move over but reading books in public is part of my style.

Someone have a chart for becq? Someone recommended me him but I don't know where to start and what translations are out.

I was told "Extension du domaine de la lutte" was /r9k/ tier which interest me but-mon français est mauvais.

So any Houellebecq fans that can help me out
Whatever > island > atomized >>> submission

left = cringe
right = based
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Yang > Yin
both are needed, but Yang has to be in charge of things.
currently, Yin has too much authority and everything is going to shit.
Clown World = Yin World.
and this, ladies and gentleman and butterfly trannies, is why it's always leftwing liberals that rape.
>muh instincts!
>you'd think they would agree more on things
Apollonians are rule-cucks, why would you think that?
Are you still thinking in black and white, red and blue, and left and right? The world is full of nuance. Clearly you’re of that tribe, but you may exhibit aspects of the other. Big deal.
Capitalists use the state to gain the same way royalty and aristocrats did. The irrational using laws to try and bring order to their ideal world.
So you’re a Clown World adherent. That’s your ideal order.

>Apollonians are rule-cucks
Are you still thinking in Apollonian and Dionysian?
the world is full of nuance.

see what i did there?

>irrational using laws to try and bring order to their world.
>passes laws to make trannies able to walk into whatever bathroom they please, to get people fired for not using the correct pronoun, to legalize pedophilia, banning straws but allowing in millions of illegal immigrants, etc.
>Clown World adherent.
talking to leftwing/Dionysians can be so annoying, because they literally don't have the logical know-how to understand anything. Clown World adherents are the LEFT/Dionysian, they're the ones that want to change the Apollonian Order into Clown World Chaos.

It? Freak? You're a Clown World adherent. You care more about your fee-fees than about being logical.
>i FEEEEL like a woman, therefore I am.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I cant read this. Its too accurate

It hurts too much. I am going to burst into treats
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Tbf I care more about ideas about my existence that I just haven't thought of myself than I care about ideas about the existence of differently-abled minority transsexuals. If the insights of differently-abled minority transsexuals help me understand the general world that's fine and still might be as relevant to my existence as books about people like me. But when books are just about the feelings of differently-abled minority transsexuals because normalfags want to empathize with a wide array of hip group identities I will never interact with I don't care and don't think that's unreasonable.
How the fuck did you make a thread about Dazai into shit about trannies
I like being able to read about things I similarly struggle with, as it helps me understand it better. But that's not my sole criterion for enjoying a book and I would not cease to read something simply because I found it unrelatable. That being said, I do think that No Longer Human is somewhat misadvertised on this board, and people get the impression that it's about being a virgin loser, when it's about something quite different. I can understand being frustrated at reading something that you thought would provide some insight into your own problems and finding that your own problems aren't even present in the text.
I didn't enjoy that book too much. I do like depressive literature (i.e. Notes From Underground), but I felt too unconnected with Dazai's semi-authobiographical character. I enjoyed the first part of the book (the childhood), but then it just spirals into the main character attempting (and failing) to kill himself--which I found too pathetic. Considering that the Dazai was using this novel as a thinly-veiled retrospective of his own life, it just felt surface level in thought. I do like his daughter's, Tsushima, novels though.
Well he did try to kill himself multiple times and failed (not counting the last attempt). E.g. the double suicide attempt where only women died happened in real life.

File: yo ram.png (83 KB, 616x869)
83 KB
wtf I hate Enlightenment rationalism now
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>married ironically
File: CnXmXNSXgAAdvyf.jpg (153 KB, 491x610)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

It was just a prank
Kant was post enlightenment
Women are symbols of Time in that they represent the future in their reproductive capabilities, but thinkers are symbols of Space which are an extension from Time, this is why great philosophers don't father children
>liberalism was built by the incels
>now the incels are hated by the liberals
really makes you think

Are the Barnes & Noble Leatherbound books any good? They look very fancy for a low price; is it low quality dead tree to decorate book shelves?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Same here desu.
Im ok with the quality.
They're gaudy and look ridiculous on a bookshelf. Go with Everyman's Library if you want something that's durable and feels more special than a paperback.
This. I'd be pretty embarrassed to have most of them, though I've been thinking of getting one for my 6 year old niece eventually.
>I've been thinking of getting one for my 6 year old niece eventually.

Alternatively, you could get her something from Calla Editions or the Children's Classics collection from Everyman's Library, both of which are tastefully done, come with excellent illustrations, and have all the stuff you'd want an intellectually curious kid to be reading (Aesop, the Brothers Grimm, Dahl, all the classic fairy tales, Charles Lamb's Shakespeare, etc.).
Hey thanks man. I appreciate it.

File: voxday.jpg (155 KB, 600x551)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Why indeed?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Looks too cringe.

I mean, most fantasy does, but this one looks especially lame.
>google the book
>see the other books by the author page
>"SJWs always lie"
>"SJWS always double down"
Let me guess, another "intellectual" who's thought process boils down to "see what liberals want and do the opposite," meanwhile they have a legion of 16 year old fans from t/the donald who will say anything they write is genius

how fucking unoriginal can you get?

Hey Vox, when are you gonna turn the chat back on? I don't think you're hitting that 30K subscriber number anytime soon.
The author is a trust fund baby who dabbles in a dozen different industries but isn't good at anything. He says a lot of cringy shit because he thinks he's really smart. A few days ago he claimed his book was better than a Game of Thrones and almost said it was better than the Lord of the Rings but checked himself and merely bragged that it was longer even though it isn't.

Other fun facts include him claiming he's a master of karate who could beat up Joe Rogan and he once called the cops on a kid in a wheelchair because he was getting made fun of.

What should I read before starting with Marx?
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read hayek
required reading is mostly a meme.
File: l.png (87 KB, 758x322)
87 KB
>Socialism is when the state does something,

lmao, yeah sure, read hayek
how bleak
marx makes me want to puke
Thanks for the advice my guy

File: 1470835755509.jpg (241 KB, 700x651)
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241 KB JPG
I roughly have 2 months left to submit a 35.000 words long thesis. Is this feasible and what strategy should I use?
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35 words? Are you retarded or something?
I'll write it for $3,000.
t.English PhD
How can I import a Russian qt?
embrace your inner boomer.
File: 1523658415807.jpg (331 KB, 1080x1349)
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331 KB JPG

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