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File: 1563187172445.jpg (131 KB, 750x1334)
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131 KB JPG




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You will never be a real woman.
stupid thot does something stupid and then dies
Listen, ya lil bitches...........
My pants are already down. I'm listening...
She would have married a rich beta and continued to live a life of hedonism with his money

>Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday blocked fast-track approval of a bipartisan bill that would ensure a victims’ compensation fund related to the Sept. 11 attacks never runs out of money.

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>appeal to emotion by saying these people are at deaths door
The first responder who came with Jon at the hearing literally died a few days after. Do literally 2 seconds of research next time.
I am not that guy but although they have a different line on my paycheck it’s still an income tax going to the government and paid out to programs.
“Non-discretionary” is a bit of a misnomer as congress can change these programs via legislation.
I favor both SS and Medicare but it is dishonest to cut them out of discussions on the budget.
It's dishonest to include the when discussing the deficit, which is in the discretionary budget.
Are you implying that all of them are dying that quickly? There are going to be a few who are near death, but those aren't the ones you are securing 70 years of funding for. 20 years would be sufficient
Why can't New York city pay for the benefits being paid to NYPD and FDNY employees?
Why do people in the rest of America owe NYC money? When are New Yorkers gonna show up in my state and pay some of my taxes for me?
I'm gonna need a notarized promissory note on that last question before I'll think its a good idea for the feds to hand out special extra prizes to New Yorkers who are already the best compensated public sector municipal workers in the nation if not the planet.

Long time, first time.


I was trying to watch Courtney Wild (Epstein victim) and her lawyers' press conference today, but the only thing I really find is the same 2ish minute clip reposted from CBS news. CBS also posted it under 'watch live,' but the stream clip is only 15 minutes and one of the lawyers therein mentions they'd been going for an hour at that point, so it was at least an hour long- why does no one have it?

I don't like the idea it's being purposefully buried. Especially when a huge chunk of it was about begging for more victims to help the case, and visibility of that plea seems...important :/

Am I going crazy? I would love someone to just link me the conference in full and call me an idiot for not finding it earlier, so this seems like the place.
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Exactly. The lawyer and the anchor both mention it's been a long event. The 15 minute clip isn't edited like a neat little standalone package, either- it's just a chunk of a livestream, so I can't wrap my head around why they wouldn't just leave the completed stream up in full like in other stories.
Epstein didn't run a hedge fund, he ran a blackmail ring disguised as a hedge fund. He blackmails important people. That's why he was able to walk after decades of blatantly sexually trafficking minors and it's why he barely gets any press despite this being like the biggest story ever.

Great point.

I don't like it when people jump to grand media conspiracies whenever something isn't being covered in the way they think it should, but this is more about access than messaging, and I think this is so particularly rotten smelling, to me.


Sorry, I just figured out how to reply to individual comments. I swear I'm older than 12 and younger than 85.

Nothing substantive, yet, but I have the link to the 15 minute clip from the end of the stream to show it happened, and was over an hour long, if you want!
In future assume people want a link. For third parties and posterity if nothing else :)

File: IMG_20190718_114709.jpg (48 KB, 590x340)
48 KB
Kyoto animation is physically on fire now. Suspected arson.

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Doesn't this just add more weight to the argument that gun control won't stop spree murderers?
He got 34 points even easier than having a gun
Well if murder being illegal doesn't stop murders...

But yeah >>431774

Though shit like this pretty much doesn't happen in Japan - unlike the US where we get it a three to five times a year. So it's still a pretty good argument for making mass murder harder than point-and-click. Sadly, however, I don't think guns are the actual problem in America. When your kids start committing mass murders, ya've clearly got more fundamental issues than the ease by which it is done.
Japan has a similar history, you're ignorant of it like you are about a lot of other things. You come off like a total moron with your huge wall of text and stupid generalizations about whole continents of humanity which you develop from your uneducated brain.
I bet your mom drank a lot when she was pregnant with you.
Ouch. Why the edge? Maybe I'm just not enough of a weaboo to be familiar with that part of Japanese history.

Though I'm curious - was there some period in their recent history where they were regularly losing dozens of civilians to mass murders during peacetime that you could link me to? SFAIK, they've only had a tiny number of very small terrorist attacks. While that one with the death cult on the trains was creepy as fuck, I'm not familiar with any deliberate killing happening on this scale in Japan since World War II.

Also, when ya find the time, enlighten me about all the other things I'm ignorant of. Always appreciated.

File: 1500717108935.jpg (10 KB, 238x276)
10 KB

The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran last week.

Trump, who is seeking re-election next year, has lost support, however, with Democrats and independents since the Sunday tweetstorm.

Among independents, about three out of 10 said they approved of Trump, down from four out of 10 a week ago. His net approval - the percentage who approve minus the percentage who disapprove - dropped by 2 points among Democrats in the poll.

Trump’s overall approval remained unchanged over the past week. According to the poll, 41% of the U.S. public said they approved of his performance in office, while 55% disapproved.
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He told a bunch of congresswomen to "go back to Africa", which is basically racism 101.
I tell fancyass britsh accents to go back whenever I meet them working here. Hows that racism? This country doesn't need to import a bunch of competition for the limited labor demand we got.
Remember all those charts showing how real wages haven't gone up since 1973?
If the bleeding hearts feel so so sorry for people in other countries then they can go there and help them out on their own.
There is nothing racist about telling people who never stop complaining to stfu & gtfo, stop buying into their retarded arguments. Its just angry losers looking for any and every reason to throw a tantrum because they aren't getting absolutely everything done the way they want it.
I missed that part of history where the British were enslaved, dragged over here, and then, after we had to have a civil war to put an end to the practice of human slavery, we started hanging them from trees, and marching the KKK through their neighborhoods, with full SCOTUS support, as they screamed, "GO BACK TO AFRICA" at the top of their lungs.

But, if just missed out on that somehow, then yes, what ya did there is racist too.

Context, connotation, history. It's not enough to just not say "nigger". If you don't believe me, next time you see a huge scary black guy, tell him to go back to where he came from.

File: IMG_2340$large.jpg (206 KB, 850x638)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

Marijuana may be legal to grow in Vermont, but that doesn’t mean the State House flower beds are a permitted cultivation site.

When Vermont Capitol Police were told by a visitor on Monday that there was possibly a marijuana plant growing among the flora in the flower beds, police didn’t find just one — a total of 34 cannabis plants were discovered sprouting up with the summer blooms.

Police aren’t sure how or why, and they also don’t know if the plants are marijuana or hemp — they’re too immature to know the difference just from sight alone, according to Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei.

“If there’s a typical Vermont story about marijuana, this is it,” he told Boston.com during a Friday phone interview. “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

The cannabis plants were removed on Monday after police confirmed the visitor’s observation. A couple more were retrieved Tuesday or Wednesday, according to Romei. He said officials combed the flower beds to make sure the imposter plants have all been removed.

On whether or not the department will try to figure out if the plants are marijuana or hemp, the chief said there’s no suspect in the incident.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There was an eagles nest with a camera on it at a nature preserve in iowa and wild hemp was sprouting out of the nest because the architect must've selected a hemp branch to use in the construction. Anyway the hemp plants were growing on camera and the camera got too popular with the illegal plants on it, so the nature loving folks who were in charge of the preserve took the nest down and put the juvenile bald eagle into captivity.
In Iowa grow cannabis of any sort without a permit is so mega-illegal that they'll even put juveniles in prison for it.
Thing about marijuana, it is actually a weed. Sure if you want to grow a lot of high quality marijuana you need the lights on all the time and all that other shit. But just throwing the seeds in any ditch is enough for the plant to grow. So it's possible they weren't intentionally planted, someones dealer gave them stems and seeds and threw it in the flower bed in frustration.
I wish I could grow penises. That would be so fucking retardily cool. My own flower bed full of penises. Damn, I wouldn't need to go drive the streets at night looking for male hookers anymore. I'll have all the cocks I can handle right there in my greenhouse. Or should I say, Cockhouse?
>I fuck white girls on the daily
>I fuck white girls on the daily
bow wow
arf! arf! arf!

i’ve been reading a lot on this case and i keep finding she was a regular user on 4chan under the names oxychan, ash and many others but haven’t been able to find anything except for the comments on her death..
did anyone actually talk to her or had heard of her before any of this happened? or where can i find some of her old posts?

18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it says right there that you are mad that women have sex, and it can be inferred it is because you dont, my citations being /r9k/ and r/incels
i bet you listen to black veil brides, and think you're metal for it, fag
Imagine telling people you fantasise about being stabbed and then it happens. Sad but weird
While this incel is baiting this entire thread, I do think he harbors the feelings he’s ironically displaying.

It’s like catching a fart inside of a fart.
i went out on a date with her the thursday night before she died


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by October 2025, a big win for workers and labor groups, even as it remained unlikely the bill would pass a Republican-controlled Senate.

The move comes at a time when the $15 minimum wage fight, first started by fast-food workers in New York in 2012, has been gaining momentum around the country with several states and large private-sector employers that hire entry-level workers.

Cities and states including Seattle, San Francisco, New York state, California, Arkansas and Missouri have raised their minimum wage. Over the past year, employers like Amazon.com Inc and Costco Wholesale Corp have raised their base wages to $15 an hour while others like Target Corp have committed to going up to that level by the end of 2020.

Even some opposed to the move like fast-food chain operator McDonald’s Corp said recently it would no longer fight proposals to raise the federal minimum wage.

The country’s largest private sector employer Walmart Inc, which pays $11 in base wages to its employees, recently said it supports raising the federal minimum wage, calling it “too low.”

The Democratic-majority House approved the legislation titled Raise the Wage Act, in a mostly partisan vote of 231-199. Only three Republicans voted for it, while six Democrats opposed it.

The bill increases entry-level wages for millions of American workers from the current $7.25 an hour - about $15,000 a year for someone working 40 hours a week, or about $10,000 less than the federal poverty level for a family of four. It has remained unchanged since 2009.
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The unions are awful, especially since they are often mob controlled. Nepotism, sheer incompetence and absolutely loathesome individuals that make the average nigger look intelligent permeate unions. Look no farther than east coast of America.

Jesus fuck leftards are fucking dumb. Communism still doesn't work. It never will because of human tendancy. Like yours you tendy swilling basement dweller
You moron. And you're a sucker. You're the type of idiot that would pay $10 for a bottle of water because it says 100% Pure Organic Water with Zero Cals.
Apparently retards from Alabama can also write.



File: akie.jpg (68 KB, 870x681)
68 KB
TOKYO — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition secured a majority in Japan’s upper house of parliament in elections Sunday but will not reach the super-majority needed to propose constitutional revisions, according to vote counts by public television and other media.

NHK public television said shortly after midnight that Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner Komeito had won 69 seats in the upper house, with nine seats remaining. If Abe gained support from members of another conservative party and independents, it would make only 76 seats, short of 85 he would have needed, NHK said.

Abe’s ruling bloc already has a two-thirds majority in the lower house, but without such control of the upper chamber, he has a slim chance of achieving his long-cherished goal of constitutional reform.

Nonetheless, Abe welcomed the results, saying winning a majority indicates a public mandate for his government.

“I believe the people chose political stability, urging us to pursue our policies and carry out diplomacy to protect Japan’s national interests,” Abe said in an interview with NHK…
Akie Abe is my waifu

File: file.png (303 KB, 692x362)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>Yet again, Biden dumpstered by actual candidate.
>Trump literally in tears

A new Gallup poll showed that Bernie Sanders is the most favorably viewed contender for the Democratic presidential ticket.

Gallup released the results of the poll on Friday. It was conducted July 1-12, after first round of Democratic debates, and measured 10 Democratic White House hopefuls.

Sanders led the pack, with 72 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters viewing him favorably. Former Vice President Joe Biden followed at 69 percent. Rounding off the top half of the pack were Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 59 percent, Sen. Kamala Harris at 54 percent, and Sen. Cory Booker at 44 percent.

With the exception of Bill de Blasio, none of the 10 had unfavorable ratings above 19 percent. The New York City mayor's unfavorable rating was 30 percent, nearly the same as his favorable rating—31 percent.

The new poll also noted a downward trend for Biden.

In Gallup's April poll, Biden was viewed favorably by 80 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leading voters, and by April, the measurement dropped to 74 percent. The new poll's 69 percent rating reflects an 11-point drop over the three-month period.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
66 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Polls are not useful at this point. The canidate who will win needs to stay in the news and remain relevant and popular.

This is the primaries. It is most important to have name recognition and popularity relative to the competition. President Trump is not yet their competition. The primary is before the general election.
It’s not really hard, that’s not the original- but does it matter?
Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Is that going to be a problem with you, fagster? Don't make me suck your dick! I'm warning you...I'll do it!
I literally cannot stop sucking nigger dick, I'm already pozzed.

500 dollars to the campaign, will anyone match me?
>lol, bernie beating trump
>only if communism works


Plot twist the medium killed the boy and simply revealed the body’s grave to the feds after a while

File: 1563725846563.jpg (72 KB, 600x489)
72 KB
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not everyone is aware that the original american horse died out and that mustangs are all descended from european horses brought by the first colons
There's also a mini game called "Who's Penis Is This?" It's an all-male game. Each participant's blind-folded then have to grab one another's penis and make a guess of who's the owner.
Looks like another 6/10 open world that I'll end up buying on sale. Am I supposed to be offended or something?
Only if you're the type of person who rails about politics in video games while at the same time making everything political
I was offended as all hell when the original version of quake came out, it was very insensitive to us dimensional shamblers.
woe is me

File: DP5tTPKW0AAOik6.jpg (76 KB, 1024x626)
76 KB
Official figures published on Monday showed annual inflation had almost doubled to 175% in June, adding to the pressure on a population already struggling with shortages of basic foodstuffs, fuel and medicine.

The government has repeatedly increased the price of fuel as it tries to end subsidies and is expected to increase electricity prices in coming weeks.

Despite the ousting of Mugabe, the ruling Zanu-PF party remains in control and the army has deep financial interests.

“The trouble with Zimbabwe is a predatory elite that prioritises personal accumulation over public interest and service. Comprised of top ruling party officials, their relatives and friends … It is accountable to no one, relying on coercion to protect its interests,” wrote Siphosami Malunga, director of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa

15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Clearly they sacrificed innocent children to underground Satanic pedo organ-harvesting operations to become better writers
im so very pleased to see that the curse of rhodesia is still alive and well
hope all the niggers there starve to death
here's hoping they all flee to south africa and accelerate that country's collapse too
Lol that instant desperate deflection to MUH WHITE PEOPLE COUNTRIES TOO by libcucks
If only someone had predicted this...


A New York man charged with murdering the alleged boss of the Gambino Mafia family believed he was carrying out a mission on behalf of President Trump, his lawyer said in court documents, according to The New York Times.

Anthony Comello of Staten Island allegedly shot and killed Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali outside Cali’s home in March, which law enforcement initially suspected was the opening salvo in a turf war after decades of relative piece between New York’s five major families.

However, according to a filing from his attorney, Robert C. Gottlieb, Comello was not affiliated with the Mafia. Instead, he believed Cali was an agent of the “deep state” and that he was authorized by Trump to arrest him. Gottlieb said Comello had brought handcuffs with him and shot Cali only after he refused to submit to a citizen’s arrest and reached for his waistband.

Gottlieb, who sought to prove in the filing that Comello was not liable by reason of insanity, wrote that his client was a subscriber to the “QAnon” conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump is secretly working against a powerful network of pedophiles who control world institutions, according to the Times.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
About 42% of it.
Trump is the pedo though, and is apart of the pedophile network with Epstein. This is standard conservative projection
Still no
The dude actually wasn't connected to the mafia which is why the guy he shot told him that he couldn't date his daughter. I think he was actually just legit cockoo
mafia don who wandered the streets of little italy in a bathrobe pretending to be an indigent.

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