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“Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL”

>President Joe Biden's job approval rating is 19 points underwater, his ratings for handling the economy and immigration are at career lows. A record number of Americans say they've become worse off under his presidency, three-quarters say he's too old for another term and Donald Trump is looking better in retrospect -- all severe challenges for Biden in his reelection campaign ahead.

>Forty-four percent of Americans in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say they've gotten worse off financially under Biden's presidency, the most for any president in ABC/Post polls since 1986. Just 37% approve of his job performance, while 56% disapprove. Still fewer approve of Biden's performance on the economy, 30%.

>On handling immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden's rating is even lower, with 23% approval. In terms of intensity of sentiment, 20% strongly approve of his work overall, while 45% strongly disapprove. And the 74% who say he's too old for a second term is up 6 percentage points since May. Views that Trump is too old also are up, but to 50% in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.
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Even the left is realizing that Trump was right about immigration. Leftists can try to deflect and blame Republicans all they want but the fact is, the same leftists who said that borders are racist are now complaining about the immigration crisis and saying that they can't take any more immigrants in their own cities. Nobody wants an unrelenting stream of immigration anymore.
>Polls are gay and fake and run by jews except when it agrees with me, then its 100% accurate
Conservatives are so tiring
>Double digit
>51-42 = 9
My coworker, a brown immigrant in California, supports trump over Biden because of gas prices. I asked him about Trump going after immigrants, and hes like naw thats overblown.

Biden is going to get his clock cleaned.

File: kevin_mccarthy.jpg (34 KB, 768x512)
34 KB

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is backtracking on his plan to remove Ukraine aid from a massive military spending bill as Republicans scramble to find a way forward on funding the government.

The California Republican’s U-turn comes a day after he told reporters he would remove the roughly $300 million from the Pentagon bill and give it a separate vote as he faced GOP pushback on its inclusion.

But in the Capitol on Saturday, McCarthy said the bill will move forward with the Ukraine aid included, arguing it would be too complicated to remove because of the Republicans’ funding strategy of bringing the Defense bill to the floor with other measures. The decision injects fresh doubt into whether the Pentagon spending bill will come up for debate at all after failing twice in recent weeks.

“It became too difficult to do that, so we’re leaving it in,” McCarthy told reporters about the Ukraine funds.

Republicans are preparing to vote Tuesday to start debate on four government funding bills: Defense, State, Homeland Security and an agriculture bill. It would mark the latest attempt for McCarthy to get his party’s funding bills off the ground.
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Republicans stand for freedom and liberty.

Democrats stand for trashing inner cities and sucking poop dick.

Everything else is cope and seeth.
>The indictments that made Trump more popular in the polls will surely not be overshadowed by millions more beaners and high taxes ruining the lives of average Americans
kek cope. He won't be convicted and even if he is he won't lose the election still.
How did you become this indoctrinated?
You aren't siding with America if you side with Russia vatnik-sama.
Shut the fuck up.

File: FpHeiAAaMAASM6B.jpg (111 KB, 947x955)
111 KB
111 KB JPG

From Alabama Republicans' blatantly discriminatory congressional map, to the Wisconsin GOP's ousting of a the states' top election official and attempt to impeach a liberal Supreme Court justice, to North Carolina's decision to allow the majority-Republican legislature to appoint state and local election board members, News from the States reports these anti-democratic moves have all recently "generated national headlines" and stoked fears ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

"If they can impeach someone successfully to stop them from ruling in a way they don't like, what will they do after the 2024 election?" Ben Wikler, the chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party told the news outlet, referring to state Republicans' "threat to impeach" state Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz. "It was one vote in our state Supreme Court that prevented the 2020 election from being overturned in Wisconsin. And they know who the justices were, so they could just suspend them. This would open the door to monsters that I don't think they'd be able to control."

News from the States points out other states like Ohio and Florida, which are also pushing anti-democratic legislation, have "flown further under the radar."

According to the report, "In Ohio, the Supreme Court has ruled five times that the state's current legislative maps are unconstitutional gerrymanders favoring Republicans. But the bipartisan commission that's supposed to draw fair maps hasn't met since May 2022."

Furthermore, "Lawmakers' goal appears to be to run out the clock and ram through skewed maps with little public scrutiny. Because the Supreme Court now has a conservative majority, it's expected to green-light whatever lawmakers come up with."
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>>When judges agree with me its because they're right but if a judge doesn't agree with me its cause its a conspiracy!
I didnt say that though, did I?

>believing that Republican voter suppression is some boogeyman just created out of thin air
Expecting people to show ID when they vote isnt voter suppression.
Funny how Republican pass strict voter ID laws, they make it harder for groups who normally don't vote republican to get the ID.
Yes they do. Only the oligarchs want to keep illegals for cheap labor. Slave labor is an official policy supported by Democrats. Democrats are bootlickers for oligarchs confirmed. Republicans provably aren't because they want to deport all confirmed.

>leftist loses another argument
>the day must end in y today
You would have a point except those n*****s still need, and have, ID's to buy newports, 40oz's, and collect welfare. People aren't frequently swapping out ID's. You get one it's good for years to come. This is a non issue that doesn't stop blacks from getting or keeping their ID's.
>Victim blaming
Typical Republicanism.


Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson joining the Republican Party"

"DALLAS (CBSNewsTexas.com) -- Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is becoming a Republican, he announced in a Wall Street Journal article appearing on an Op-Ed page Friday morning. Johnson is in his second and final term as mayor, after receiving more than 98% of the vote in his reelection campaign earlier this year.

Before becoming mayor in 2019, Johnson served five terms in the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat"

"In the op-ed, Johnson argues that cities benefit from law and order and fiscal conservatism, which he says Democratic mayors in other major cities are overlooking.

"Unfortunately, many of our cities are in disarray. Mayors and other local elected officials have failed to make public safety a priority or to exercise fiscal restraint. Most of these local leaders are proud Democrats who view cities as laboratories for liberalism rather than as havens for opportunity and free enterprise," Johnson wrote.

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That and the microplastics, the pesticides, the HRT tranny meds, the high THC % weed they smoke, and the porn. The progressive trannies just don't know how to function anymore. Their are no shortages of chemicals they are ingesting on a daily basis.
These are all extremely low-quality posts.
It's always good to highlight the good posts in popular threads.
>Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson joining the Republican Party"
>tough on crime
>consistent tax cuts
>balanced budget
Only question is why it took him so long, on account of him being basically a Republican for the last 8 years.

File: Angertainment.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1820)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Yet another L for Chudcels and Boomoids.
Yet another W for The WokeHEROES

‘The Nun 2’ Puts ‘The Expendables’ In Detention At Box Office In What’s Shaping Up To Be A Low Weekend For 2023 At $52M

By Anthony D'Alessandro

September 24, 2023 8:06am


SUNDAY AM: New Line/Warner Bros is calling the third weekend of The Nun 2 at $8.4M and Lionsgate says Millennium Media’s Expendables 4 is at $8.3M, which by the way, is the lowest ever for the franchise.

While some will argue that’s a tie, it ain’t because of the fact that rival studios have a farther gap between the two movies showing that the Conjuring sequel is the winner. Once again, what genre do most moviegoers care about, even during a slow time at the box office? Horror. Global for Michael Chaves’ Nun 2 at $204M could overtake Annabelle Comes Home‘s worldwide which did $231.2M.
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They (Hollyweird) have not figured it out yet...

They have broken the trust that people had in them, that they could go see a good movie, that is entertaining, well made, has good acting, and is an escape from every day life.

Instead, they use their films to push psyops political agendas, with shitty, spoiled, self-entitled, troon actors, over-budget, under-quality CGI, formulaic plots and stories that destroy canon!

No one wants to blow a week's pay (family of 4 pricing model =over $200.00), on a shitty movie to brainwash their kids!

Hollyweird killed itself, in a cheap hotel room, with a troon pegging them until their rectums ruptured!
>They have broken the trust that people had in them, that they could go see a good movie, that is entertaining, well made, has good acting, and is an escape from every day life.
You say that but then you realize The Equalizer 3 made 80 fucking million dollars. >>1218965
Where does the audience come from?
>Instead, they use their films to push psyops political agendas, with shitty, spoiled, self-entitled, troon actors, over-budget, under-quality CGI, formulaic plots and stories that destroy canon!
Not every movie is movie is The Last Jedi. It's been 6 years. Get over it already.
>Where does the audience come from?
No, they aren't... But I hear Marvels is going to be slappin', and the Snow White live action is so good, they aren't even letting it play in theaters!

They are putting it out on Disney +, right next to She Hulk! - KEK!

I'll 'get over it' when you give up Mandingo Penis!


Video shows SoCal deputy slamming girl to the ground during chaotic brawl

A teen girl is hospitalized after being thrown to the ground by a sheriff’s deputy during a violent brawl in San Bernardino County Friday night.

Authorities responded to a large fight that erupted during a football game at Victor Valley High School around 6:28 p.m., according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Cell phone video captured the violent confrontation as a deputy body slams the teen girl to the ground before another teen boy gets into a scuffle with deputies.

It all started when the first deputy to arrive discovered multiple fights were taking place at the time. Pepper balls were shot into the crowd in an effort to disperse the group. The move, however, was not effective and the crowds began heading toward the deputy, officials said.

As additional deputies arrived, another pepper ball round was launched at the group. That’s when 16-year-old Faith Jeffers grabbed the pepper ball launcher from the deputy.
>16-year-old Faith Jeffers grabbed the pepper ball launcher from the deputy
Oh wow so she deserved it then. Ok thanks op.
Donald J. Trump
>another teen boy gets into a scuffle with deputies.
>6-year-old Faith Jeffers grabbed the pepper ball launcher from the deputy.
say, ALL CAPS COON cap wearer, iffen dis were a sista or brutha, dem pale peegs be usin' lead.

you done wore off your 4 post limits?
Bidenomics caused this.

File: 1681230691203416.png (469 KB, 680x580)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
This comes right after Republican leader McCarthy stabs Zelensky in the back by denying him the right to address congress.


Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced Friday that he will strip funding for Ukraine out of a Pentagon spending bill after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) joined conservatives in blocking the legislation from advancing earlier this week.

McCarthy said he would remove the $300 million for Ukraine currently in the Pentagon appropriations bill and hold a separate vote on the funding.

“It would be out and voted on by itself,” McCarthy said when asked about the Ukraine aid in the Pentagon appropriations bill.

The Speaker’s announcement comes one day after a band of five conservatives opposed a procedural vote for the Pentagon appropriations bill, sinking the effort and preventing the legislation from moving forward. It was the second time this week that hard-liners blocked the funding bill from advancing.

Votes on rules — which govern debate for legislation — are normally partisan and predictable matters, with the majority supporting voting “yes” and the minority party voting “no.” It is very rare for rules to fail on the floor.

Greene, who has emerged as a close ally of McCarthy, was one of the Republicans who voted against the rule Thursday “because it funds the war in Ukraine.” It was a shift from her vote Tuesday, when the congresswoman supported the procedural vote to advance the Defense measure.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is the US sending troops to Ukraine now?
Now THIS is Vatnik cope.
We've had troops inside Ukraine for a year, anon.
Nice try
NATO, anon. We have troops stationed at embassies, being used for escort duties, and training Ukrainians how to use the gear we've given them.
Why are you mad about this?
>This level of cope and damage control

File: stop antisemitism.jpg (99 KB, 1100x733)
99 KB

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — The scenes were jarring, as intended, and meant to provoke fear: neo-Nazis parading in front of Disney World and crowding a highway bridge in Orlando, shouting antisemitic slurs, waving swastika flags, saluting Hitler.

Avi Hoffman has his own way of countering such hate. Armed with a laptop in his Miami suburb, he teaches Yiddish — a language that he believes is intrinsic to Jewish heritage and one that offers the soothing benefits of a bowl of grandmother’s chicken soup.

“Verter zol men vegn un nit tseyln,” says Hoffman, an actor who co-founded the cultural nonprofit Yiddishkayt Initiative, slowly reciting the proverb that translates to “Words should be weighed, not counted.”

His students repeat after him from various parts of the country, delving into a world they only knew in snippets while growing up yet now see as central to their identity.

At a time when antisemitism is surging nationwide, Yiddish — once nearly wiped out by the Holocaust and assimilation pressures — is making a comeback. The interest is reflected in popular TV shows, theatrical productions, podcasts and an array of learning apps and online instruction that burgeoned during the pandemic.

The trends aren’t directly connected, say those encouraging the revived interest in the language as well as other aspects of Jewish life. But for some, its growing popularity beyond mainstream terms such as “schlep” and “klutz” has become a kind of defiance against feelings of being perpetually under siege.

“We have to stand up because, you know what? We’ve already seen this movie,” Hoffman said, alluding to the early 20th century prejudices that led to the Nazi Holocaust and the deaths of 6 million Jews.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
In New York, a Brooklyn-based chef runs a “Gefilteria” website offering artisanal gefilte fish for sale along with cooking classes and catering that offer spins on other Eastern European staples.

And upstate, the Borscht Belt Museum celebrates the golden era of the Catskills during the early- to mid-20th century, when millions of vacationing Jewish families decamped during the summers to the far cooler patchwork of resorts and farm land 90 miles north of New York City that became known as “the Jewish Alps.”

During that period, lionized in the movie “Dirty Dancing” and the TV comedy-drama “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” antisemitism was so rampant that Jews were barred from most hotels. The resorts were a refuge from that bigotry and became a cradle for live music and stand-up comedy that left a deep imprint on American culture.

The recent waves of antisemitism have coincided with increased donations, according to journalist Andrew Jacobs, who is leading the museum effort in the village of Ellenville. Its future plans include a film festival and classes on how to make chocolate babka pastries.

“I think some Jewish people really feel motivated now to show and celebrate our culture,” he said. “I hate to sound glib, but it’s harder to hate people when you are laughing at their jokes.”

Combating hatred and even violence can feel ever more daunting, though. Nearly 3,700 antisemitic incidents were reported last year in the United States, a 36 percent increase from 2021 and 82 percent higher than 2020, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism.

Certain groups “have entire podcasts where they replay all their activity and monetize it,” said Carla Hall, the center’s senior director of investigative research. “That’s what is so concerning. When you’re doing that form of entertainment — hate for entertainment — how far do you have to keep going to continue to build that following and keep them entertained?”
Florida has been a hot zone, with almost 40 neo-Nazi demonstrations since January 2022 and more than 100 instances of antisemitic fliers being left on residents’ doorsteps. The incidents have intruded on the presidential campaign of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who has been criticized for not condemning them more forcefully.

During a campaign stop in New Hampshire last month, he was asked about a Ron DeSantis 2024 poster being spotted amid swastika flags and antisemitic banners at one of the demonstrations outside of Disney World. “Those are not true supporters of mine,” he responded. “That is an operation to try to link me to something so that it smears me.”

Rabbi Rachael Jackson, who leads the Congregation of Reform Judaism in Orlando, tries to reassure her families and remind them that many elected officials and law enforcement have denounced such ugly displays.

“We’ve had to be pastoral and reassuring that we’re not there. This isn’t Germany of the 1930s,” Jackson said. At the same time, the reality is that her synagogue and many others posted security guards outside their buildings during Rosh Hashanah services last weekend and will do so again for Yom Kippur. “We have to be very cognizant that hatred is on the rise, that we’re not making this up.”

She views the renewed interest in Yiddish as a kind of salve, offering “peoplehood” and Jewish pride to those who need it. “You can find TikTok videos and Instagram people and Facebook groups that are creating this community,” she said. “It’s definitely something we’re hungry for, and it’s a way of combating antisemitism that doesn’t deal with going to synagogue and talking about God.”
Across the country, a “Yiddishland” cultural center in San Diego, raising funds to re-create an Eastern European shtetl, or village, that will double as an immersive hotel for guests, featuring Yiddish-themed breakfasts and a venue for Yiddish weddings. The two-year-old center already offers Yiddish classes, a Yiddish theater academy, klezmer music performances, and a gallery with artifacts and paintings on Jewish themes by Yiddish-speaking artists.

Director Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh said she created Yiddishland primarily out of a sense of nostalgia for a language that her grandmother spoke but that she didn’t understand while growing up in Poland, an experience common to descendants of Holocaust survivors. Yiddish was largely phased out after World War II — many associated it with victimhood and defeat — particularly with Israel’s embrace of Hebrew as its official national language. About 250,000 Jews in the United States speak Yiddish; most are Orthodox and consider Hebrew too sacred for everyday use.

“I started to ask questions: ‘Why were we not introduced to this language and culture? Why were we only taught Hebrew in school?’” Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh said. “I would like Yiddish to survive. If not our generation, who is going to do it?”

Over time, she noticed that non-Jews were also visiting the center, including her 6-year-old daughter’s African American and South Asian schoolmates. She realized Yiddishland’s value as a tool to counter antisemitism.

“People fear what they don’t know,” she said. “If they can come here and learn. It’s a powerful weapon. It has to become part of mass culture.”

Some Yiddish vocabulary is already ingrained in that broader culture — words such as chutzpah (meaning gall), mensch (a good, decent person) and oy (often conveying exasperation).
But the 1,000-year-old language is infinitely rich, even whimsical. Several of the 15 students who joined a recent online “Yiddish Lite” introductory class laughed at the expressions shared by teacher Alan Davis.

“Menschen trakht aun Got lakht,” he explained, means “Man plans, God laughs,” while “a shanda aun a kharpa” translates into “a shame and disgrace,” usually uttered when something disagreeable happens.

“My mother used to say that to me all the time, and I never understood what she was saying,” Davis told his students from his home in northern New Jersey. “It’s a good one to know. Oy, vey. A shanda aun a kharpa! What are you doing?”

As a child, Davis began teaching himself Yiddish to understand his father’s off-color jokes. His class, offered through the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, is meant to invite beginners in through songs and stories.

The discussions don’t address the worries of the day. Rather, they delve into the traditions and words that students learned while growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. “They’re glomming onto something Jewish in the songs, in the stories, in the expressions, in certain Yiddish words. And this gives them a connection to their heritage,” he said.

Several students in a class this month confirmed that explanation as their motivation, admitting to some frustration over not being taught the language by their parents or grandparents.

“I see kids that are high school age who may speak Spanish or Korean or Chinese at home, and they’re fluent,” said Howard Kaye, who lives in Northern Virginia. “But the Jewish kids didn’t speak Yiddish when they were in high school.”

Renata Lantos was a young child when her family fled Europe during the Holocaust. She signs onto the Yiddish class from her home in Connecticut to hear her parents’ voices again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1662263902688826.gif (3.18 MB, 400x333)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB GIF
MAGA moron gets 5 years after preparing himself for a peaceful stroll through the Capitol by jacking up on steroids because someone needed to 'hang for treason'.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A man who attacked an Associated Press photographer and threw a flagpole and smoke grenade at police officers guarding the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was sentenced on Friday to five years in prison.

Rodney Milstreed, 56, of Finksburg, Maryland, “prepared himself for battle” on Jan. 6 by injecting steroids and arming himself with a four-foot wooden club disguised as a flagpole, prosecutors said.

“He began taking steroids in the weeks leading up to January 6, so that he would be ‘jacked’ and ready because, he said, someone needed to ‘hang for treason’ and the battle might come down to hand-to-hand combat,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

A prosecutor showed U.S. District Judge James Boasberg videos of Milstreed’s attacks outside the Capitol. Milstreed told the judge that it was painful to watch his violent acts and hear his combative language that day.

“I know what I did that day was very wrong,” he said.

The judge said he believes Milstreed is remorseful.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Only chuds think BLM did the riots at all, mostly because they don't know the difference between a protest, a riot, and a failed coup.
Yeah really huh... it's not like Trump wasn't telling Pelosi to send in the troops and she refused or anything like that huh...
4chan has been compromised by the feds. Its actually really easy to tell who is who on here.
Ah yes, tell us more about those "mostly peaceful" protests.
You're right, that didn't happen. Its a right wing conspiracy theory. Nancy Pelosi has 0 control over the national guard. Conservatives made this delusion up a few years ago and never let it go.

File: Dude.png (396 KB, 634x700)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
One of the NFL's male cheerleaders Justine Linsday angrily slams everything in his path; complains about home state of North Carolina for law banning men in hoop earrings from competing in sports


A male NFL cheerleader has slammed the entire state of North Carolina with his massive bulge. He's complaining about banning men in hoop earrings with lipstick on from women's sports - as he insisted that his role is 'setting things up for the younger generation.' (probably to rape them)

Justine Lindsay, 30, captured headlines in March 2022 after joining the Carolina >Panthers' TopCats cheer squad, comparing her dancing achievement to becoming 'a doctor or a nurse' in an interview with Elle this week.

'Everything that I'm going through now,
>it's bigger than me,' she said.
'No one is going to stop the show.'

Since her groundbreaking appointment, the dancer has become a figurehead in debates around transgender athlete's inclusion in female sports - despite her own role not being threatened by a recent ban passed in her home state.

'I will fight this until I can't fight anymore,' she said, speaking about the passage of the Fairness in Women's Sports Act in North Carolina. 'It saddens me to see it.'

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
37 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't give a shit about this discussion but everybody in that field (including myself) knows APA is basically a bunch of jews changing the definition of mental illness and treatment based on what gives more money to their overlords
>The APA doesn't say men can be women. They say the treatment guideline for gender dysphoria is medical and social transition. "Muh reality" isn't an argument

>Why would the APA recommend brutal and irreversible medical procedures and chemical alterations of the body (that are extremely expensive and make Big Pharma lots of money) for a mental illness, that don't actually fix the mental illness?
It does treat the mental illness. The data and medical consensus us hurts you're feelings and you can't accept so you're pretending like its a conspiracy.

It must be really comfortable to dismiss every bit of reality that goes against your narrative. The data proves you wrong. I can't engage with your delusion that everything you dont like is fake.
>It does treat the metal illness
no it doesn't. If anything it makes it worse. As the head of the APA I am telling you that men cannot be women, and if a man is delusional enough to believe that he is a woman, then telling him he is indeed a woman is only going to make his delusions worse.
I'm glad you're open enough to telling me your feelings but the data proves you wrong. Actual doctors and psychiatrists with actual medical training disagree with you and have the studies to prove it. I know you feel really strongly about this but your gut instinct has no relevance to medical data.
>Actual doctors and psychiatrists with actual medical training disagree with you
Actually they don't. And as things proceed doctors and psychiatrists are backing away from the transition narrative, especially for younger troon fags.
They do this because most younger troon fags simply grow out of troon faggotry.
APA shit some faggot posted in this very thread. In fact, it was probably you.

File: 1695494753600009.jpg (69 KB, 588x617)
69 KB
Once again, DailyMail's reporting exceeds expectations. Videos of browns shoplifting in link.

Sworn at and threatened by shoplifters so brazen they don't care who sees them... HARRY WALLOP spends a harrowing day at a Co-op branch that's been robbed 1,000 times already this year


Naomi keeps a red book in the little office at the back of the Liverpool Co-op store that she manages. On the front it says: Santa's naughty list. She laughs when she shows me, but the contents are deadly serious.

They are a log of all the shoplifting and abuse her staff have received since she took over the store in December last year. She is already onto her third book because, in 2023 alone, there have been 1,000 separate incidents.

This is just one small convenience store out of the 2,400 that the Co-op runs in the UK.

I open a page at random — a Sunday in September:

7.09am: Guy wearing green hat and grey jacket shoplifted some sweets and ham, £30.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
they are usually looting their own communities
The country is a shit hole. Let it burn.
Donald J. Trump
I can't think of a worse country than the UK. The USA is essentially nazi Germany but at least it pretends to be a free country and some pride. And the weather is good.

The uk is just a miserable, grey cloud, shitty impoverished dump ful of foreigners where you are overtly taught that you are a prisoner and you will do as told. I pray for it's destruction every night. I hope god hears me.

File: meathead.png (624 KB, 1136x640)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Volodymyr Zelensky the Mad, Ruler of Ashes and 1ST Of His Name has been told that he must not insult Poland amid a growing spat between the countries, which one expert told Newsweek is being driven by the upcoming Polack election.

Since Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion of Ucrane began in February 2022, Poland has been one of Kyiv's biggest backers, pledging around 4.27 billion euros (about $4.54 billion) in military, financial and humanitarian aid.

But relations have soured in recent weeks after Warsaw said it would not suspend an EU ban on Ucraneian agricultural products that Brussels had imposed earlier this year, which aimed to protect European farmers fom surplus Ucrane grain.

Ucrane filed a lawsuit against Poland, as well as Slovakia and Hungary, which also intend to continue with the ban. Then Zelensky the Mad, Ruler of Ashes and 1ST Of His Name told the United Nations' General Assembly on September 19 how some of their friends in Europe are demonstrating political theatre, which played into Moscow's hands.

In response, Poland summoned the Ucraneian ambassador to Warsaw, and Polack Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on social media that Warsaw would "no longer transfer weapons to Ucrane because we are now arming Poland."

Morawiecki took aim at Zelensky the Mad, Ruler of Ashes and 1ST Of His Name again on Friday, telling a rally in the city of Swidnik, Poland, that the Ucraneian leader must "never insult Poles again."

"The Polack people will never allow this to happen," Morawiecki said, adding that "defending the good name of Poland" was both "my duty and honor."

Morawiecki went to reiterate that, "The Polack peoples are not as dumb or backwards as the rest of Europe claim we are".

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The ruble is doing better than it was pre-war


Reality continues to not have a Ukranian bias
>After the Russian ruble crossed its psychologically important mark of 100 per US dollar, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) called an emergency meeting to stem the currency's further decline — contrary to earlier assurances that bank would not take an extra-term rate-setting decision until Sept. 15.


everything is fine comrade, trust the plan
>shorter timeline, less data
Hmmmmm..... weird
much vranyo, sir
>mfw the retarded Polack memes are real

File: 1685573798886723.jpg (153 KB, 922x1200)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Justice Clarence Thomas reportedly attended Koch network donor events
By Amy B Wang and Ann E. Marimow
Updated September 22, 2023 at 11:59 a.m. EDT|Published September 22, 2023 at 10:49 a.m. EDT


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas flew on a private jet in 2018 to speak at the annual winter donor summit of the Koch network — a trip that was intended to be a fundraising draw for the influential conservative political organization, according to a report published Friday by ProPublica.
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>weekly threads about Clarence Thomas
>100+ replies
>Not one shred of corruption provided in multiple threads with hundreds of replies
>This thread has turned out no different
Standard American leftists smear campaign tbqh
All that's missing is the bogus rape allegation. Oh wait they literally already tried that in 1991 in a failed attempt to block his confirmation. Literally the same exact thing they tried with kavanaugh.
wow the reddit spacing, the things like "huffing farts" and "shitnigger"... are all online queers stuck at 10 years old mentally? how would anyone believe/;listen to/agree w someone so obviously mad at their own dick size (tictac?)
Maybe the GOP should stop nominating sexual predators

Senator Robert Menendez(NJ- D), the chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and his wife are charged with bribery.

The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan accused the defendants of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes to assist businessmen in the ultimate benefit of the coup founded military dictatorship of Egypt.

>The indictment contained an image of gold bars that investigators seized from Menendez's home, as well as envelopes stuffed with cash found inside jackets bearing Menendez's name and hanging in his closet. Prosecutors said they found more than $480,000 in cash in his home.

32 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tbqh the whole Clarence Thomas campaign being pushed by the left is pretty fkn lame

The dude legally accepted transportation given to him by someone and violated no regulations or laws when he did so, and the left wants to act like he's a horrible person because of it

This guy in op article is legit hands down corruption/bribery and it's not even his first time being caught
A billionaire "bought" his house and continued to let his family live there. Shut your whore mouth.
bob menendez has been in congress for 30 fucking years.
Charlie rangle was an openly corrupt dem from nyc for 46 years. so openly corrupt the daily show even called him a corrupt piece of shit and he still served 10 more years and only left office because he retired because he was like 87 and didn't want to have a job anymore.
So a judge can't sell property now?
Oh I'm sorry he wasn't gifted 680k in cash, given gold bars and a Mercedes in exchange for demonstrable political favors, I guess that would have been ok, huh, because that's what this Democrat did??

No, if Clarence did the same thing you'd be even more upset.

Fact is the actions Clarence took were legal. This dude is outright corrupt.

You people do try hard tho, that's for sure. Get back to your Amazon wage cage, shill, your break time is over
Democrats are so corrupt it shouldn't even be joked about at this point

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