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>Crypto is a PONZI scheme

everyone knows and nobody cares. people just try to make money with this shit before it all collapses.
The thing is that cryptocurrency can be used for a lot of things. While a lot of crypto doesn't get used as a currency one that i would say gets used the most is monero.
And?? 0.6% is nothing compared to the amount of wood cut down to make paper money.

crypto is a money washing machine since it got complicated to use tax heavens for it. fun fact: crypto is supported and runs literally by angloide secret services where they create massive money flow to support own politics and to finance own secret wars.
Ban cryptography. Ban speech. Ban manliness. Ban life.

Spanish language media reported last Sunday that radical pro-abortion supporter Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez died during what she labeled her “dream” abortion operation. She was 23 years old and was the leader of the Radical Youth in the La Paz municipality in the province of Mendoza. Her death has sparked a fierce debate about abortion in Argentina and led for calls for women to know that the procedure can sometimes carry serious risks.

On April 11, the woman underwent a legal abortion procedure in a local hospital. The operation turned out to be fatal for her. This fact came as a shock to the public as this was the first recorded death following the approval of the country's controversial pro-abortion bill passed on December 30, 2020, which legalized abortion in some cases. Previously, abortion was illegal in the predominately Catholic country.

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In fact, abortion should be mandatory for all women where any of the following hold true:
Wed or Unwed and receiving public assistance
Wed or unwed and reliant on alimony as more than 1/3 of total household income
Wed and spouse or any dependants are on public assistance
It's called Karma!
I'm an atheist but even I must say there's got to be a divine hand here. Thanks doc!
Believe me when I tell you that I just posted this very thing above without even opening the thread lol
What gives...
Not many fuckables in that pic. The one at the right seems hot if pregnant.


The Florida Republican Party has passed a bill that allows for “penis inspection” days.

Under a new ban on transgender students in sports passed by Florida's House of Representatives, schools would have the power to subject students to "physical examination" if their gender is disputed.

The "Fairness in Women's Sports Act" bans transgender female athletes from competing on women's athletic teams in both high school and college sports, although transgender male athletes may still compete on either team. In cases where a student's "biological sex" is disputed, the law authorizes schools to require health examinations or documentation from the student's personal health care provider.

"A dispute regarding a student's sex shall be resolved by the student's school or institution by requesting that the student provide a health examination and consent form or other statement signed by the student's personal health care provider which must verify the student's biological sex," says the bill, which provides for "routine sports physical examination" of students' reproductive organs, genetic makeup or testosterone levels.

"This is about giving women and girls an equal chance to succeed. It's simple, it's clear, I've reviewed it," said Republican state representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka, according to the local FOX affiliate.
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That's true, and when it happens it should be stepped on hard.

It's just not happening as much as /pol/ would like to believe.
>The "Fairness in Women's Sports Act" bans transgender female athletes from competing on women's athletic teams in both high school and college sports
>both high school and college

Guess this means they'll have to stick with non-school gyms from now on? Unless they're being affected by this bill as well...
>Might want to look up the MMA fighter Fallon Fox and the two women opponents with broken skulls.
One (only one) of her opponents, Tamikka Brents, suffered from a skull fracture which is a fairly common occurrence in MMA (women's MMA included). There's no reason to believe the injury was due to Fallon being a trans woman, especially given that Fallon Fox doesn't even have an exceptional winning streak or anything. Her lifetime record is 6-1, which is certainly good but nothing unprecedented. Ronda Rousey's record is 12-2, for example. There is no absolutely no evidence to suggest that Fox had some unique advantage as a result of being a transgender woman.
Altar boys next. Oh, wait...
>It's just not happening as much as /pol/ would like to believe.
Keep pretending it's only /pol/ that believes it, and that it isn't happening on a large scale.


Taser CEO says police can replace guns with nonlethal weapons by 2030

The co-creator of the Taser hinted that law enforcement could trade Glocks in for nonlethal weapons within a decade as technology continues to advance.

© Provided by Washington Examiner
Rick Smith, co-creator of the Taser and CEO of its manufacturer, Axon, believes the company will be able to create an electric stun gun in 10 years that could offer a replacement to police pistols, he said.

"We’ve got to outperform the police pistol ... I think we’ll get there, where, by 2030, we’re going to have nonlethal weapons so good, it will actually be a faster time to incapacitation more reliably than a police pistol,” Smith told Forbes.
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The old net gun or beanbag gun(will can kill if it hits the head or heart area)

SCI-fi time....glue/foam gun, glues the perps arms to his body.

The robodog is too expensive...for now.
What about those man catcher poles they use in asia? Though they will never be used in the US because it looks like animal control tools.
so instead of shooting it is electic chair?
* less lethal
The very opposite will happen as resistance to global tirany grows.

White evangelicals’ reluctance to get the coronavirus vaccine could make the pandemic last longer, scientists claim.

The prediction comes not long after a survey by the Pew Research Center found that 45% of white evangelicals will either definitely or probably not get the vaccine.

Last month, pastor James David Greear, the president of the Southern Baptist Convent, posted a picture to Facebook of himself receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

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So Vax's are from 40 to 60% effective.. flip a coin.. for an illness I have much less than 1% chance of dying from.. if I ever catch it (they don't seem even sure when you have it or not?), by taking a needle I don't need that has at least several percent poor outcomes for receiver - eg. everything from illness to disability to even death? THIS DEAL SUCKS. Last bitch slap, the tax payer milked to death for all this crap.
>only 40% to 60% effective
Where do you faggots get this misinformation? And explain what your rightwing retarded conspiracy theorists goal is. Even brain dead red state governors are promoting vaccines as the best way to get back to some form of normalcy. Again, wtf are you doing?

>There were 161 Covid infections in the unvaccinated workers, compared with 16 in workers who had received only one dose by the time of their infection and only three infections in people who had received both doses and were two weeks out from their second dose. The vaccine effectiveness following two doses was 90% — roughly in line with the 95% and 94% that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines showed, respectively, in the clinical trials that supported their emergency use authorizations.


And Israel after widespread vaccinations of their populace has seen a dramatic reduction in cases far greater than masks and social distancing alone can achieve.

What you're saying is obviously true but I think you missed the point in that post. The individual is not the collective. You can guilt 100 people about not getting jib jabbed and maybe 10 of them will, it makes no objective difference. And it's not your responsibility to make people change their minds anyway, indeed trying to do so shafts people's independence for some misplaced behaviorism. The rage at not reopening is better directed toward the authority figures who have shafted public opinion for this implication that the % governs... not some bible humpers.

I think you're right about there is a sort of game theory prisoner's dilemna if you don't want to get the shot but do anyway to hope enough people get to muh herd immunity, but the point missed is that undoing restrictions need not be tied to reaching some somewhat arbitrary concrete figure in the first place. A figure that they can goalpost-shift indefinitely toward 100 by the way. Via taking away freedoms like travel and schooling
>they can goalpost-shift indefinitely toward 100 by the way. Via taking away freedoms like travel and schooling
nah... this flu season will start killing off millions of the vaccinated, then you marxist faggots will no longer be on 4chan for sheckels.
>undoing restrictions need not be tied to reaching some somewhat arbitrary concrete figure in the first place
If you’re talking about the amount of vaccinated people needed for herd immunity, I think there are math formulas to calculate that, that also take into consideration other societal factors like population density too. The linking of various levels of lockdown with levels of vaccination makes sense to me frankly. Very high vaccination rates, or at least enough to surpass the herd immunity threshold allow us to maintain a relatively safe level of protection against the virus, while still allowing normal activity. It seems like a viable compromise to me, you need to balance safety with freedom. Too much of one jeopardizes the other.

The authority figures have to take this into account, when determining vaccine rollout programs. I don’t blame them at all for encouraging, even guilt tripping people into getting vaccinated, because they’re trying to reopen their town, which I can say would likely resonate with the very people against this shot in the first place. How else can we defeat this pandemic? It can’t disappear by itself, since it hasn’t by far. And if they decide to goalpost shift, what other good would that bring them, besides from saving lives? Destroying business is obviously a Nono for a politician, so don’t think that they would take this lightly. A rock and a hard place...

File: 20210417_204655.jpg (59 KB, 426x564)
59 KB
What does that mean?

It means someone can neither read English nor use Google but a chimp will soon do both.
Meant Portuguese.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 299x169)
6 KB

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After her NDA expired. Jake Paul has protection against anything he does under that NDA. He clearly has raped others. Only rapists and thieves use NDA.
Doesn't making a video violate NDA? Also I don't think NDAs shield against felonies.

not even licking on it. fucking pedophiles.
Genuine question: What did the BBC do that makes everyone on this board call them pedos every time they have an article posted?

Like I have the feeling there's probably a central controversy behind it but I've never heard what it is.
They said orange man bad so that means they're involved in a globalist pedo ring that is conveniently only made up of the elite "liberals" that like things I don't like.

What Happens If Derek Chauvin Is Convicted, Or If He’s Acquitted?


The fate of Derek Chauvin should be in the hands of the jury by Monday afternoon. Monday morning both sides will give their closing arguments and then the jury begins deliberations. They’ll be sequestered, meaning they’ll spend the night in a hotel and be escorted by deputies to and from the courthouse.

Testimony complete in Derek Chauvin trial after former cop says he will not testify


Testimony is now complete in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the fired Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd's death. The defense rested its case Thursday after Chauvin said he will not testify in his own defense. Chauvin spoke in court from the defense table just after court resumed on Thursday.

"I will invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege today," Chauvin said.

Prosecutors then re-called to the stand Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonologist who offered key testimony for the prosecution last week, saying Floyd died of low oxygen under the pressure of officers' weight on his neck, back and side. Thursday, Tobin rebutted some of the testimony of forensic pathologist Dr. David Fowler, who testified for the defense that Floyd suffered a heart arrhythmia due to his underlying heart disease.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Cowardly going into Witness Protection. Such a Proud Boy. Like we will ever forget what he looks like.

First guilty plea. The Titanic has sunk and your GEOTUS is nowhere to be found, as predicted.

You are losers.


A member of the Oath Keepers pleads guilty and will cooperate with prosecutors in the Jan. 6 riot inquiry.

Jon Ryan Schaffer wearing a blue jacket and a hat that reads “Oath Keepers, Lifetime Member” while inside the Capitol on Jan 6.
Jon Ryan Schaffer wearing a blue jacket and a hat that reads “Oath Keepers, Lifetime Member” while inside the Capitol on Jan 6.Credit...Roberto Schmidt/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
A member of the Oath Keepers militia who was charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol pleaded guilty on Friday and agreed to cooperate with the government — potentially against other members of the far-right group.

The guilty plea by the Oath Keeper, Jon Ryan Schaffer, 53, of Indiana, was the first to be entered publicly by any of the more than 400 people who have been charged so far in the Jan. 6 riot. News of the plea emerged last week after secret documents in Mr. Schaffer’s case were briefly unsealed by accident on a federal court database.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
45 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>sarcastic strawman
Every good cause can be abused by conspiracy theorist demagogues, even your most heartfelt beliefs. You are a flawed human being like everyone else and you are not above criticism.
the man is 53, i guess the prospect of a couple decades in prison wasn't all that attractive
don't do the crime if you can't do the time
or rather, go ahead and do the crime but make sure you plea-deal out of jail time to become an informant for the FBI
i wonder if we'll see a book release from him in 3 years or so
i wonder how he'll logical fallacy his way out of it
The common and root causes of all social problems are people's ignorance, immaturity, mental illness, personality disorder, and low-level education that neglects them.
Anyone who is inspired or brainwashed by conspiracy theory, fake, pseudoscience, hoaxes, fortune-telling, or religion and is euphoric as "my knowledge is all true" is a victim of inappropriate low-level education.
Since we do not teach philosophy or psychology in compulsory education, children grow up to have a personality that lacks foresight, sympathy, self-control, problem-solving, logical thinking, various literacy, and self-affirmation.
Inexperienced people need not HATRED (punishment, blame, exclusion, neglect), but LOVE (adequate high-level education and psychotherapy counseling to enhance information analysis)

"Emotions Self-Responsibility Theory"
Agree except that teaching philosophy and psychology have led to mass narcissism. They are not the solutions to anhrbjnf

File: Clipboard.jpg (923 KB, 1600x2133)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
On Thursday, Michael A. Bolton, the inspector general for the United States Capitol Police, will deliver a report on the law-enforcement agency’s preparation for and conduct during the attack.

Bolton determined that leaders told officers on the scene to hold back.

The strategy on January 6, the inspector general found that Capitol Police leaders ordered the Civil Disturbance Unit not to use its most serious crowd-control weapons, such as stun grenades, as Trump supporters took over the building while lawmakers were still inside. Officers on duty told the inspector general that those tools could have helped “push back the rioters.”

Despite this report of the violence to come, the FORMER chief of the Capitol Police determined that the likelihood of an attack was “improbable.”

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This is right
Your a shill
The person your responding to is a shill
Your a fag
The person you're responding to is a fag
>The irony being that BLM doesn't report to be the party of civility and godliness.
You're retarded. They literally believe they are a part of a new civil rights era.
>Hey capitol police, hold back against rioters carrying flagpoles.
>Local police: stop people who firebomb buildings and loot commercial structure.
Sounds about right.
>People weren’t chanting “hang Mike Pence” outside
>There weren’t people wandering around with quick cuffs ready to detain hostages
>People didn’t show up with weapons
>The fascist retards dindu nuffin wrong
>People didn’t show up with weapons
Hell yeah they did muthafucka
Flagpoles and selfies!
Teaching patriotism to the braindead liberal one selfie and viking helmet at a time

File: james_o_keefe.png (306 KB, 1280x720)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Twitter said it banned O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, because he allegedly used multiple fake accounts to boost his following.
James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, a day after being permanently banned from Twitter, says he is preparing to launch a legal broadside against Big Tech and the mainstream media.

“We’re going to sue CNN and we’re going to sue Twitter,” the combative 36-year-old conservative activist and guerrilla journalist told The Post during a Friday interview at his bunker-like headquarters on a non-descript street in Mamaroneck.

“We’re going to sue a bunch of other people and we’ll represent other people suing these organizations and represent a people’s defamation defense fund under the country’s libel laws — something that no one’s ever done before,” he said.

Twitter said it banned O’Keefe because he allegedly used multiple fake accounts to boost his following and tried to “artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.”

O’Keefe denies ever using fake accounts. He said he got the boot because of an embarrassing exposé of CNN he released Wednesday showing secretly-recorded video of a CNN director, Charles Chester, boasting that his network produced “propaganda” aimed at defeating President Trump in the 2020 election. Chester was also caught on tape saying CNN played up the COVID-19 death toll for ratings.

25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This, he's exists to attack and destroy enemies of the fascist right wing under the guise of 'journalism' and is willing to cross any line to do it.

It's a given he's shilling on /news/,

Fuck off James, you got banned for being a sock puppet faggot.
The left would never cheat!
Just use 4chan like the faggot he is

File: 000_1KP8LU.jpg (285 KB, 1024x682)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Pfizer hikes cost of Covid vaccine for EU by 60 per cent. The money will go to artists painting your blood cloths into american colors.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Bokyo Borissov this morning said the US pharmaceutical giant has increased the cost of future orders sold to the EU from €12 per dose to €19.50.

Borissov added that the EU is currently in the process of signing a future order of 900m further doses of Pfizer’s vaccine at the higher price.

Pfizer chief financial officer Frank D’Amelio previously hinted that the company would only roll out a significant price hike once the spread of the virus moved from a pandemic to regional endemics.

Speaking at the virtual Barclays Global Healthcare Conference last month, D’Amelio said there would be a chance for Pfizer to take advantage of opportunities from “a demand…and pricing perspective” with the resumption of “normal market conditions” over time.

Pfizer has pledged to split costs and profit margins equally with German firm Biontech on their Covid vaccine.

>Pfizer hikes cost of Covid vaccine for EU by 60 per cent
Pfaggot not only employed 70 chinese communist officials at the time of the ccp database leak in 2020 (roughly 35x more officials than their horizontal competitors) but they also announced their vaccine within 7 days of the 2020 election.
Chinese scam or stronk beijing Biden.
You choose.

Special operations officers reportedly shared racist comments and language supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory in secret Facebook groups

NBC News reviewed of hundreds of Facebook posts on pages for current and former Rangers, Green Berets and other elite forces and found comments lamenting a so-called deep state run by pedophiles, a hallmark of the QAnon theory.

One post accused aides to former Vice President Mike Pence of being part of a "Concerted effort by the thieves and pedophiles walking the hallowed halls of the peoples government" to undermine former President Trump.
"In a just world, they would have already been taken out behind the court house and shot," a user remarked.
Another post reportedly discussed criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement and featured a noose and the message "IF WE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN WE WILL HAVE TO MAKE EVIL PEOPLE FEAR PUNISHMENT AGAIN."
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the left want a woke world and then when they have nothing else to change again.. they will change it all back.
the world is already woke and has been for a decade, you're the slow boomer faggots who didn't notice.
Wrong, cool fantasy though faggot
So do you also masturbate when you imagine your fantasy totalitarian world or do you simply post it online

A gunman killed eight people and injured several others before killing himself in a late-night shooting at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport, police said.

Five people were hospitalized after the Thursday night shooting, according to police. One of them had critical injuries, police spokesperson Genae Cook said. Another two people were treated and released at the scene. FedEx said people who worked for the company were among the dead

It was too early to tell whether the shooter was an employee at the facility.


75 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So that's the kind of fanfic bullshit leftards have boiling in their mentally ill minds, huh?
That's because Amerifats and Ameriwhites relish the thought of running around with guns killing their countrymen like a bunch of Central African geurillas.

b.hole purchased the guns used in the shooting legally, IMPD says: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2021/04/17/fedex-shooting-gun-details-brandon-scott-hole/7273859002/

personally i'm happy that this violent, mentally insane incel was able to simply exercise his 2A rights. god bless him and god bless anyone here who agrees that just because someone is mentally ill and wants to die in a murderous suicide doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun.
>b.hole purchased the guns used in the shooting legally,

i am OK with that. that guy took the right given to him by US constitution and executed this right fully rightful. if you dont like it then you are a commie.
>The GOP is hellbent on ensuring we reach banana republic status as quickly as possible.

Please consider killing yourself.

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