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File: imrs.jpg (147 KB, 916x687)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Guess it was a matter of time until we upgraded to parents shooting up the school.
>Just before the Page County School Board voted Thursday night on whether to keep requiring masks in schools - as dozens of school districts throughout Virginia grappled this week with a hotly contested executive order from Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) declaring masks optional - parent Amelia King stepped to the microphone.

>King said she had decided, against her normal custom, not to prepare a written statement for the evening's public comment session, which was recorded on video and posted to YouTube. She warned that, "when I go off the cuff, I get really passionate." Then she threatened the board with a promise to show up with guns if it did not make masking optional for the rural Virginia district of 3,000.

>"My children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on," she said. "That's not happening, and I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to, I will call every-"

>A board member interjected that King had run over her allotted three minutes of speaking time. King replied: "Mm-hm. I'll see y'all on Monday" and stalked from the room.

>School officials later contacted police, who launched an investigation, and raised the alarm to federal and state officials, including the commonwealth's attorney.

>It was a dramatic example of the turmoil that spread throughout Virginia this week as some school officials and families vowed to fight Youngkin's executive order, which gives parents the right to decide whether their child wears a mask in school, while others celebrated it. Youngkin promised this week he would take every step in his power to enforce the optional-masking rule. The order is supposed to take effect Monday.
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Oh look, more MAGAt terrorism.
Dunno, after two years of freaking out about the flu I think you're better equipped to tell us.
you didn't read what he said, did you?
>just the flu bruh
unfortunately the "flu" is still killing 3k americans every day.
Antivaxxers and disease denialists have been doing a solid job of discrediting themselves, there's loads of crazies all across the spectrum.
>Andrew Wakefield was a gut doctor that molested autistic children and started the modern movement all as a ploy to try sell his own patented """vaccines"""
>Robert F Kennedy Jr. organized the 2019 Samoan measles outbreak that killed 70+ children just to sell his conferences to the tune of millions of dollars per year
>Hugh Fudenberg, Wakefield's "treatment" co-inventor and major citation for his scam, was a discredited doctor that thought vaccines were bad and sold his own bone marrow as a "cure" to autism
>Kennedy shills a product often called "Miracle Mineral Solution", this is industrial bleach that this group of insane people forcefeed their children, infants, elderly, and pets in an effort to treat/prevent disease; this woman was more than likely in a facebook group advocating this where they share photos of their children's """disease""" (shredded stomach linings) passing through their stool from drinking bleach

Both Wakefield and Kennedy share the same unhinged worldview as that retarded woman; the difference being they recognize its better to squeeze money out of gullible idiots than to go out and enforce their delusions like she tried. You're unironically buying a propaganda industry that is funded to the tune of around $1B to shill on social media every year.

NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora was expected to undergo a second surgery as he struggled to survive the shooting that took his partner’s life, according to police and union sources.

Mora, 27, who sources said had a bullet lodged in his brain and who already had been through one procedure, remained in very critical condition at Harlem Hospital Saturday, sources said. His partner, Jason Rivera, 22, died late Friday after the two were ambushed by a paroled felon during a domestic call in Harlem.

Mora, who is single and has been on the job since 2018, is “in for a long struggle, but we’re hoping he makes it through that struggle,” Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said outside the hospital. “He’s a strong kid. So we’re hopeful that one day you will be here, and we walk him out.”

Mora’s mother and other family members arrived at the hospital Saturday afternoon. A cousin who did not identify herself said he was doing “very bad,” and said his mother was with him, but offered no other comments.

The neo Nazi Socialist Biden cant even control his bowel movements let alone anything else.
As Russian President Vladimir Putin lays the groundwork for an invasion of Ukraine, Republicans in Congress have been laying the groundwork to blame President Joe Biden for failing to prevent an attack.

But it’s former President Donald Trump, recently retired military officials and diplomats told The Daily Beast, who may bear more responsibility for the looming crisis with Russia than Biden.

Trump, whose relationship with Russia has been famously complicated, pushed back on providing aid to Ukraine in 2017. Trump was reportedly reluctant to provide security aid, in part, because he wanted Ukraine to pay the United States back. That year, Putin made his case to Trump during a 2017 meeting that Russia had sovereignty claims over Ukraine.

Trump has also parroted and played into Putin’s rhetorical arguments on territorial expansion. Trump told world leaders during a private dinner in 2018 that Crimea—the peninsula of land in the Black Sea between Russia and Ukraine that Russia annexed by force in 2014—actually did belong to Russia because everyone there speaks Russian.
daily beasts journos are privilaged morons. their readers are even worst

Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate according to Government data
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imagine trusting the big pharma businessmen :D
enjoy drinking your own piss, shitting your guts out after overdoing it with horsepaste, then getting covid anyway and being sent to an icu
Imagine literally doing nothing and just getting well because you aren't an old boomer or some HIV faggot that has to dodge sniffles to prevent dying from AIDS.
Stop killing grandmothers you heartless bastard.
My grandmother has been dead for 30 years.

File: images (1).jpg (13 KB, 245x205)
13 KB
Much has been made of new battery techs with longer range, but unfortunately instead of waiting automakers have produced a whole garbage generation of EVs with uselessly short battery range, Amazon has put it's foot down and said it will not be a dumping ground for such garbage and that anything they buy must meet Amazon's requirements even if that means the car makers have to build fresh custom lines of vehicles.
All those batteries have lifespan and range fluctuates depending on temperature and usage, it's like mobile phone on wheels. There's nothing "green" about those cars, it's just a business idea that's using people feelings to buy those things, same as lgbt is used to make people love corporations.
>There's nothing "green" about those cars
>doesn't emit hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollution over years of use
Ok Cletus
It's a money laundering scam like all big business is these days. Musk lives off of government subsidies and all our representatives are invested in Musk.
Literal nigger.

File: 1599230573909.jpg (88 KB, 640x714)
88 KB

Oath Keepers planning to violently subvert the 2020 election stockpiled 30 days of supplies and a cache of rifles and ammunition just outside of Washington, D.C., prosecutors alleged in a late-night court filing.

In a memo seeking the pretrial detention of Oath Keeper Ed Vallejo — one of 11 members of the group charged last week with seditious conspiracy to violently prevent Joe Biden from taking office — prosecutors provided new details about the weapons stockpile Oath Keepers had assembled at a Comfort Inn in nearby Arlington, Va.

Three “quick reaction force” teams set up at the hotel, prepared to ferry weapons into Washington to support the effort to prevent Congress from finalizing Biden’s victory. But the cache became “unnecessary,” prosecutors said, because the Oath Keepers at the Capitol — using the force of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the building — were able to get inside without additional support.

Three “quick reaction force” teams set up at the hotel, prepared to ferry weapons into Washington to support the effort to prevent Congress from finalizing Biden’s victory. But the cache became “unnecessary,” prosecutors said, because the Oath Keepers at the Capitol — using the force of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the building — were able to get inside without additional support.

But prosecutors say the Oath Keepers were prepared for a long-haul fight, one that stretched past Jan. 6 to the inauguration. Messages exchanged by Vallejo and others suggested the group cased the Capitol on Jan. 7 and discussed plans to continue working against the transfer of power up through Biden’s inauguration.

But the most salient details in the new memo describe the planning and stockpiling of weapons at the Comfort Inn. Among them, prosecutors say, were “at least three luggage carts’ worth of gun boxes, rifle cases, and suitcases filled with ammunition.”
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>Firearms, a drone and 30 days of supplies: New details of Oath Keepers Jan. 6 weapons cache
So less toys and supplies than the average family farm house?
Up you go.
The average American doesn’t keep enough food for a week let alone a month, it’s why fast food is such a profitable business here

Can't make this shit up. I am used to always seeing a cop a the polling station. Hell a lot of polls in NJ are done in high schools, guess no SRO that day, school shooter
That sounds scary, so now you have an easy target for an out of control incel

File: sharat.png (915 KB, 1024x537)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
As anti-vaccine activists from across the country prepare to gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, they are hoping their rally will mark a once-fringe movement’s arrival as a lasting force in American society.

That hope, some public health experts fear, is justified.

Almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the movement to challenge vaccines’ safety — and reject vaccine mandates — has never been stronger. An ideology whose most notable adherents were once religious fundamentalists and minor celebrities is now firmly entrenched among tens of millions of Americans.

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>big tech 1%
You against big corporations freely conducting business, you fucking communist?
>What a coincidence, every swing state didn’t report the results that night or even a week later!
Mail-in, and early voting ballots took longer to count. Turnout was insane, and Republicans shoot down any attempt to pay for more polls, and more poll workers. That'd make participating in the process too easy
>vote spikes at 4am
[Citation needed]
I actually haven't heard about this. Source, pls
>Anyone remember the windows being covered up to prevent election officials from watching the counting?
The election officials are officiating the election from outside the polling place?
>Remember how the media didn’t cover the fraud lawsuits?
Remember how many got shot down in court? Some by Trump appointed judges?
>Anyone notice how there was never any audits of the results reported.
You being ignorant of press coverage doesn't mean there wasn't any
>Notice how 1/6 stopped RINOs in their tracks from daring to talk about the fraud? It was all a big false flag planned event

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The coup was by the big tech 1% and Democrats in a few cities.

Only a few counties in a few swing states had to be stolen to pull it off.

What a coincidence, every swing state didn’t report the results that night or even a week later!

Anyone remember the vote spikes at 4-5am? After the election officials had gone home?

Anyone remember the windows being covered up to prevent election officials from watching the counting?

Remember how the media didn’t cover the fraud lawsuits?

Remember how tech platforms banned people who talked about it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
look, you can keep posting this dogshit if you like - i'll keep calling you a fucking faggot everytime i see it though, OK ?
>every swing state didn’t report the results that night or even a week later
just like every presidential election

>the vote spikes at 4-5am? After the election officials had gone home?
some were still there

>windows being covered up to prevent election officials from watching
fake news, the poll watchers were INSIDE, covering the windows was to block aggressive protesters, and did not interfere with poll watching

>media didn’t cover the fraud lawsuits
they did, but not very favorably

>tech platforms banned people who talked about it
this was pretty lame you're right about that

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Minor celebrities? You must have missed the 2008 Nobel Prize winning virologist, Luc Montagnier, who discovered HIV.

File: 90.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
A woman and a teenage boy didn’t hesitate and jumped into an icy pond in Arapahoe County to rescue three children who fell through the ice Sunday afternoon, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

One of the victims, a 6-year-old girl, was not breathing when she was pulled out, but first responders performed CPR on the child, who eventually began breathing on her own, the sheriff’s office said.

The girl was transported to Children's Hospital where she was listed in "stable" condition on Monday. She was later transported to Denver Health where she is listed in serious condition but is expected to survive, the sheriff's office said.

Four children between the ages of 6 and 8 years of age were playing on an icy pond at 9100 E. Florida Ave. when three of the children fell through the ice.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. The pond is located in the middle of an apartment complex, The Addison at Cherry Creek apartments, at the Florida Avenue address in unincorporated Arapahoe County.

Arapahoe County deputies and South Metro Fire Rescue responded to find all three children were out of the water after being rescued by the two bystanders. The woman was identified Monday as 23-year-old Dusti Talavera.

The sheriff's office said Talavera jumped into the pond and pulled two children out of the water, a 4-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy, but she struggled to pull the 6-year-old girl out of the water. That's when the 16-year-old boy, who is a relative of the victim, jumped in the frigid pond and helped pull the girl out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bump for a hero
Big white pill. <3
How did she pull a 4 year old out of the pond when only children aged 6-8 fell in?
You don't read well, do you?

When American voters swarmed to the polls last November to elect Joe Biden, they probably thought they were voting for a kindly old man who would help heal the country and maybe sniff a few children. But now it looks like they have ended up electing something much worse -- a total, maniac, Hitler-loving Nazi!

On Day One, not only did Biden get rid of Donald Trump's Pepsi button from the Presidential desk, but, as a fan of the Third Reich, he also ordered his staff to immediately trash a bronze bust of Britain's great wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill.

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Kek holy shit tho op your op images are gemmies
pandemic narrative ended

now global conflict is the narrative
samefag OP
What kind of crack are you smoking lol There is no way people are this delusional.


By The Associated Press
DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Residents of a Pennsylvania county were warned Saturday not to approach a monkey that was missing after a crash involving a pickup that was towing a trailer taking about 100 of the animals to a lab.

State troopers urged people not to look for or capture the cynomolgus monkey following the Friday afternoon crash on a state highway near an Interstate 80 exit in Montour County.

According to police, Cody M. Brooks, of Keystone Heights, Florida, was driving a Dodge Ram pickup with a trailer filled with the animals on Route 54 East near the intersection with Interstate 80 just after 3 p.m. Friday. Brooks went to turn left onto the ramp for Interstate 80 West when a Peterbilt truck driven, by Tyler G. Deeghan, of Canton, struck Brook's vehicle.

The collision caused a trailer being pulled by Brooks to break loose, spilling crates full of monkeys in cages into the road. Three monkeys escaped and were all located by Saturday afternoon.

The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said. The location of the lab and the type of research for which the monkeys were destined weren’t clear, but cynomolgus monkeys are often used in medical studies
touch the monkey

File: header-jan18-1.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG

Microsoft Corp. MSFT -2.43% agreed to buy Activision Blizzard Inc. ATVI 25.88% in an all-cash deal valued at about $75 billion, using its largest acquisition by far to grab a videogame heavyweight that has been roiled by claims of workplace misconduct.

The deal, if completed, would sharply expand Microsoft’s already sizable videogame operation, adding a stable of popular game franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush to Microsoft’s Xbox console business and its own games like Minecraft and Doom. Microsoft said the transaction would make it the world’s third-largest gaming company by revenue, behind China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Japan’s Sony Group Corp.

The deal is valued at $68.7 billion after adjusting for Activision’s net cash, Microsoft said.

An acquisition also would mark the latest and biggest move by Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella to reshape Microsoft through a string of deals that have helped make the world’s second-highest-valued company a powerhouse in business computing and a rising giant in videogames.

The deal entails significant complications, too. Shares in Activision had been down nearly 30% since California regulators filed a lawsuit against the company in July alleging sexual harassment and gender-pay disparity among the company’s roughly 10,000 employees.

Activision shares, which jumped in premarket trading Tuesday after The Wall Street Journal reported the company was close to a deal with Microsoft, ended the day at $82.31, gaining 26%. Microsoft shares fell 2.4% Tuesday to $302.65 amid a broader market selloff.
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not a monopoly in gaming, having wow and game pass might be lead to a monopoly on subscription gaming
More big corporate leftist 1% shit.
Who are the leftists in this situation?
Who am I?

File: 1642138847086.gif (121 KB, 346x449)
121 KB
121 KB GIF
>The F.B.I. arrested Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the far-right militia, in a major step forward in the investigation into the attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.


Stewart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the far-right Oath Keepers militia, was arrested on Thursday and charged with seditious conspiracy for organizing a wide-ranging plot to storm the Capitol last Jan. 6 and disrupt the certification of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s electoral victory, federal law enforcement officials said.

The arrest of Mr. Rhodes was a major step forward in the sprawling investigation of the Capitol attack and the case marked the first time that prosecutors had filed charges of sedition. According to his lawyer, Jonathon Moseley, Mr. Rhodes was arrested at shortly before 1 p.m.

Mr. Rhodes, a former Army paratrooper who went on to earn a law degree at Yale, has been under investigation for his role in the riot since at least last spring when, against the advice of his lawyer, he sat down with F.B.I. agents for an interview in Texas. He was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, communicating by cellphone and a chat app with members of his team, many of whom went into the building. But there is no evidence that he entered the Capitol.

The Oath Keepers, along with the Proud Boys, have emerged as the most prominent far-right extremists to have taken part in the assault on the Capitol. Prosecutors have collected reams of evidence against them, including encrypted cellphone chats and recordings of online meetings. They have charged its members not only with forcing their way into the building in a military-style “stack,” but also with stationing an armed “quick reaction force” at a hotel in Virginia to be ready to rush into Washington if needed.
67 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>Every terrorists I support is actually the FBI.
>Meanwhile the FBI false flags against BLM protestors.
This is how trumpanzees deal with adversity, by turning their brains off.
Yeah, I wonder how much money Hiro gets to let the rusbots run rampant.
you need to be 18 to post here, kid.
They are already doing it.


Pope Francis on Friday promised justice for the victims of sexual abuse by clergy members, a day after a Catholic Church-sponsored investigation found that former Pope Benedict XVI failed to take action when knowing about sexual abuse while he was the archbishop of Munich, The Associated Press reports.

Francis did not specifically mention Joseph Ratzinger, the former Pope Benedict's name before he was appointed as pontiff, or the investigation's findings while giving his speech, but he did reiterate that the Catholic Church would continue to commit to justice going forward in the investigation of various abuse scandals that have plagued the Vatican and churches all over the world.

“The Church, with God’s help, is carrying out the commitment with firm determination to do justice to the victims of abuse by its members, applying with particular attention and rigor to the canonical legislation envisaged,” Francis said while giving his speech, reports the AP.

Francis said that he recently had modified the Vatican's protocol for responding to abuse situations in the hopes of making them more effective for the victims.
“This alone cannot be enough to stem the phenomenon, but it is a necessary step to restore justice, to repair scandal and reform the offender,” Francis added, notes the AP.

The report on Ratzinger released Thursday by the German law firm that collected decades of Church records stated that there is evidence that Ratzinger knew directly of abuse by particular priests before the scandal became public, but he did not act.

German media questioned for years how much Ratzinger knew of the abuse at the time he was a cardinal in Munich, as Peter Hullermann, a priest who was accused of abusing children in the late 1970s and '80s, had been sent to jail in 1986 for abusing children, but he was still permitted to remain in the church.
I guess people just expect it from the Catholic Church.

File: FJoUpx1XMAUpVH8.jpg (63 KB, 679x509)
63 KB
Liz Truss spoke about how threats to freedom, democracy and the rule of law are global.

The UK is considering a tripartite alliance with Poland and Ukraine. This was confirmed by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, according to the website of the British government.

According to her, the partnership between the countries is developing after high-level talks in London in December.

The UK Geostrategy Council on its Twitter published a map of a potential alliance, which demonstrates the triple axis between London, Warsaw and Kiev.

Territories of Russia and Belarus are designated as hostile

Recall, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russia that in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin will get a war comparable to the campaigns in Afghanistan or Chechnya.

6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
literally most of the wars our nation ever has fought lmao i bet you are a fat nigger american who thinks history began in 1776
it'd be cool to see one of those 1950's vulcans flying again, maybe get in a little bayonetting and some war crimes also - that was what though, 40 years ago now, so it isn't very likely.
face it, your government is far too intent on waging war on it's own population to spare much energy for anything international...
Finally a thread that's not revolving around US political bullshit. Mods better do something about that crap.

Anyway, good riddance. Glad to see at least the Brits have the guts to step up.
Retard I did not at all say I find Polish or Ukranians scary and bad, I said they're much more of a military power than Great Save-Me-America-tain.

Why should I move the goalposts when I can score a goal from the other side of the field Britaninny.
You last victory was Waterloo. Everything else has been you getting shitstomped by Germans, literal spear chucking Zulu, and by an Indian man who quite literally did not fight back.

In three years time we'll be reading about the horrific British annihilation at the hands of a crippled duck.

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