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File: 1666040230519454.jpg (121 KB, 607x1024)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Higher ranking establishment Democrats are reigning in or ridding themselves of an outspoken unwanted unconventional upstart as part of their lame duck spree


>Committee Acting Chair Susan Wild, D-Penn., and Ranking Member Michael Guest, R-Miss., said the disclosure of the investigation "does indicate that a violation has occurred and reflects a judgment on behalf of the committee."

>A reporter for the Washington Examiner suggested AOC may be under investigation for accepting an “impermissible gift” to attend the Met Gala.

“Specifically we believe Representative Ocasio-Cortez has violated clause 5 of Rule XXV of the Rules of the House of Representatives (commonly known as the Gift Rule) by accepting admission to the Met Gala, an event whose per seat costs is reported to range from $35,000 to $50,000 without having a permissible exemption to allow the acceptance of the lavish gift,” the American Accountability Foundation wrote last year.
>“If Representative Ocasio-Cortez has used campaign funds to pay for this ticket, she has also violated FEC prohibitions on campaign funds being used for entertainment purposes,” they added.
>Recall, AOC attended the Met Gala last year and donned a “Tax the Rich” mermaid gown.
>Two separate ethics complaints were filed against Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her appearance at the $30,000 per ticket Met Gala.

In September 2021, the National Legal and Policy Center joined the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) in filing an ethics complaint for her acceptance of the tickets and the lavish gifts that come along with it.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the charity that receives the proceeds of the Met Gala, told the Caller that AOC was a “guest of the museum.”

On top of all that, Ocasio-Cortez also accepted a ticket for her boyfriend, Riley Roberts. According to House Gift Rules, lawmakers are only allowed to provide a second ticket to a charity fundraiser to a spouse or dependent child.
Imagine unironically getting news from Jim Hoft's gayboy flying circus blog
imagine being a homophobe
imagine being a represser
imagine being both at the same time

File: 1581181051484.jpg (382 KB, 776x812)
382 KB
382 KB JPG

Lawyers for Donald Trump found at least two items marked classified after an outside team hired by Trump searched a storage unit in West Palm Beach, Fla., used by the former president, according to people familiar with the matter.

Those items were immediately turned over to the FBI, according to those people, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

The search was one of at least three searches for classified materials conducted by an outside team at Trump properties in recent weeks, after Trump’s legal team was pressed by a federal judge to attest that it had fully complied with a May grand jury subpoena to turn over all materials bearing classified markings, according to people familiar with the matter.

There has been a lengthy and fierce battle between Trump’s attorneys and the Justice Department in a Washington federal court in recent weeks, according to people familiar with the matter. Much of the legal wrangling remains under seal by a federal judge, but people familiar with the matter say the Justice Department has raised concerns about what prosecutors view as a long-standing failure to fully comply with the May subpoena by Trump’s team.

Emails released by the General Services Administration, which assists former presidents during their transition to private life, show that the government agency helped rent the storage unit at a private facility in West Palm Beach on July 21, 2021. The unit was needed to store items that had been held at an office in Northern Virginia used by Trump staffers in the months just after he left office.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That attorney, former Florida solicitor general Christopher Kise, had proposed such a search months earlier. Many of the other lawyers on Trump’s team have rebuffed Kise’s advice, and he has taken a reduced role in the classified documents case while taking a larger role in the New York investigations into the former president, the people said.

Jay Bratt, the chief of the counterintelligence and export control section at the Justice Department, communicated to Trump’s lawyers after the FBI search that the department was concerned Trump still may not have returned all the classified documents in his possession. The Post has previously reported that officials at the National Archives also believe that there may still be more records missing. Previous attempts by Trump’s attorneys to identify and return documents proved unsatisfactory to investigators.

At times in the past, Trump has misled his own lawyers as to what was in the boxes that were taken from Mar-a-Lago, The Post has reported.

For example, he told some on his team that he possessed only newspaper clippings and personal items in 2021. One of his former lawyers, Alex Cannon, declined Trump’s entreaty to tell the National Archives he had returned all items, because Cannon was not sure whether it was true, and his team in February did not release a statement dictated by Trump that claimed he had returned all materials, The Post has reported.

Trump lawyers Christina Bobb and Evan Corcoran met with investigators in June, handing over a taped-up folder of 38 documents collected from the former president’s residence in response to a May subpoena, according to court documents and people familiar with the matter. Prosecutors called the response “incomplete” in court documents and said that they collected evidence of “obstructive conduct” regarding the failure to fully comply with the subpoena.
can they just arrest this guy already? It's clear as day how he mishandled classified documents. What a clown
Bobb signed a certification swearing that she had been told that “a diligent search” was conducted of boxes of records shipped from the White House to Florida when Trump left office and that the file handed over to investigators contained “all documents that are responsive to the subpoena.” Corcoran told the visiting investigators he had been advised that all available boxes placed in a storage room — and nowhere else — had been searched in response to the subpoena, The Post reported.

Soon after, investigators obtained video surveillance of the club and conducted more interviews with Trump staffers, leading them to seek a search warrant from a judge on the basis of new evidence that sensitive material still remained at Mar-a-Lago, The Post has reported. When agents executed the search warrant in August, they found additional documents with classified markings in the storage room and in Trump’s office, along with thousands of other government papers and items, according to court records.
You meant to say the FBI and some Democrat pawns planted those documents as a ruse to lock trump up. Trump knows better and won't be getting arrested by your simple minded parlor tricks
You mean the same FBI that is run by Trump's hand pick pawn?
You /pol/ppets are terrible at this.

File: TffwP8mZYtSO.png (192 KB, 606x701)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti announced the media outlet will cut 180 employees in an internal memo, saying the company, which also owns the Huffington Post and Complex Networks, needs to “adapt, invest in our strategy to serve our audience best and readjust our cost structure” to endure poor economic conditions that he predicts “will extend well into 2023.”
>Buzzfeed's market valuation dropped 88% on the news
>reporters get fired unless you click on the article
Still not clicking on the article
oh no, that sucks
thank you biden


In raids across the country, German police have arrested 25 suspected members and supporters of a far-right group who were allegedly seeking to overthrow the state by force to install as national leader a prince who had sought support from Russia, according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

About 3,000 officers conducted the raids on Wednesday at 130 sites across 11 German federal states againstadherents of the so-called Reich Citizens (Reichsbuerger) movement.

Prosecutors said members of the movement were suspected of “having made concrete preparations to violently force their way into the German parliament with a small armed group”.

They added that 22 arrested individuals were German citizens and were detained onsuspicion of “membership in a terrorist organisation” while three others allegedly supported the organisation, including a Russian citizen.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane, reporting from Berlin, said that those involved in the plot were “heavily armed”.

“It is suggested that these people have believed that there is a deep state operating in Germany, which is antithetical to Germany’s interests and that this Russian national with others may have tried to approach the Russian Federation for some assistance,” he said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Then give me at least one proof, snowflake.
you say neofashist like it's something bad lmao
What makes you think the people arrested were the only ones involved?
What makes you think they where ready to go as is and weren't in the process of getting more people on board?
found the joe biden voter
Please, this shit happens every six months. Germany's got a whole bunch of whackjob nationalists who think they can topple an entire government with like twenty dudes and a few rifles. They fail every single time.

File: FjTTkXNUcAAah25.jpg (139 KB, 907x1204)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Did Ted Cruz molest his daughter as well?


Houston police responded to the River Oaks home of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday night after receiving a call concerning an injured individual on the premises, ABC 13's Jessica Willey reports.

HPD officials told Willey that an unidentified teenager was transported from Cruz's home to a nearby hospital after authorities arrived at the residence. The senator's office has since issued a statement on the incident. Cruz and his wife Heidi are parents to two daughters.

"This is a family matter and thankfully their daughter is okay," a representative told Willey. "There were no serious injuries. The family requests the media respect their daughter's privacy at this time."

As of Wednesday morning, Cruz has not addressed the incident on his oft-used social media accounts. The junior senator from Texas has spent much of the last month vigorously stumping for Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker in the former football star's failed runoff election against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, which was decided Tuesday night.

Cruz recently confirmed he will seek reelection to serve a third term in the U.S. Senate in 2024 and did not rule out a future presidential run.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Rand Paul is a glownigger owned, controlled opposition puppet.
I think you’d need to supply proof he isn’t at this point.
>Conservative projection intensifies
This was Ted Cruz's kid and he drove her to suicide, so it's given he was molesting her. Of course proving Conservatives are the real groomers
that's not how burden of proof works.

File: 1670375413634544.gif (1.85 MB, 540x304)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s top officials certified the midterm election results Monday, formalizing victories for Democrats over Republicans who falsely claimed the 2020 election was rigged.

The certification opens a five-day window for formal election challenges. Republican Kari Lake, who lost the race for governor, is expected to file a lawsuit in the coming days after she’s spent weeks of criticizing the administration of the election.

Election results have largely been certified without issue around the country, but Arizona was an exception. Several Republican-controlled counties delayed their certification despite no evidence of problems with the vote count. Cochise County in southeastern Arizona blew past the deadline last week, forcing a judge to intervene on Thursday and order the county supervisors to certify the election by the end of the day.

“Arizona had a successful election,” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who beat Lake in the race for governor, said before signing the certification. “But too often throughout the process, powerful voices proliferated misinformation that threatened to disenfranchise voters.”

The statewide certification, known as a canvass, was signed by Hobbs, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Chief Justice Robert Brutinel, an appointee of former Gov. Jan Brewer.

When the same group certified the 2020 election, Ducey silenced a call from then-President Donald Trump, who was at the time in a frenetic push to persuade Republican allies to go along with his attempts to overturn the election he lost.

“This is a responsibility I do not take lightly,” Ducey said. “It’s one that recognizes the votes cast by the citizens of our great state.”
59 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>company dedicated to computer forensics
>literally hired by the state of Arizona
>not a legit source
You're an idiot.
whatever, shill
The AZ audit was their first big job, and they literally dismantled the company rather than answer followup questions (republican controlled) AZ had.
Cyberninjas was, is, and will always be a joke
>they literally dismantled the company rather than answer followup questions (republican controlled) AZ had.
No, they went bankrupt because the DNC was swamping them with frivolous lawsuits in order to stop the audit.
Really gets the old noggin' joggin' why the party which adamantly denies the possibility of election fraud might want to stop an audit.
>DNC was swamping them with frivolous lawsuits
nope, try again
Why do republicans always have to lie?
>they went out of buisness because of lawsuits
>HA! look at this link saying they were fined into oblivion because of lawsuits! WHY ARE YOU LYING!
You beclowned yourself.

The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol has decided to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, the panel’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, told reporters Tuesday.

Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, said the committee has not narrowed down the universe of individuals who may be referred.

Asked whether Thompson believed any witnesses perjured themselves, he said, “that’s part of the discussion.”

When the panel makes referrals, Thompson said it will be a separate document from the panel’s final report that will be sent to DOJ.

The committee is expected to meet later Tuesday.

A source tells CNN the criminal referrals the January 6 committee will ultimately be making “will be focused on the main organizers and leaders of the attacks.”

A subcommittee of members was tasked with providing options to the full committee about how to present evidence of possible obstruction, possible perjury and possible witness tampering as well as potential criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, according to multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work.

Democratic Reps. Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren and GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the panel, all trained lawyers, comprise this subcommittee.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
let's hope one or more of the referrals are actually for trump himself, because some are most likely for associated individuals such as eastman and giuliani
Chris Wray runs the FBI, appointed by Trump
See: >>1121802
>A DINO who refuses to prosecute Trump and the Republicans for their countless amount of crimes and just punted yet again.
Thanks for proving the point that the DOJ is controlled by Trump.
Delete this thread IMMEDIATELY

File: putin astrakhan hat.jpg (8 KB, 458x305)
8 KB
Eva Schloss (Anne Frank's stepsister) proves that the Russian accusations that western nations committed war crimes in the Poland-Ukraine region are fake, fraudulent and baseless because the Russian's evidence was faked by the Russian government
Ras-Putin very much related
Not news but
>(Anne Frank's stepsister)
Which makes her an indisputable arbiter of what is and is not a war crime. Russia is a good as disbanded.
>Russia is a good as disbanded.
want more look like?

File: 1669749761946622.png (477 KB, 471x645)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
The new precedent set in the courts strikes again, will the anime pedos ever learn that their pedophilic masturbation material is now federally illegal?
>conviction for possession of obscene visual depictions of minors
>three hundred computer-generated images depicting children engaged in sexual activity
thats two and a half weeks in prison per anime pedo pic


GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA – Matthew Lee Ostrander, 36, of Missouri, was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison following his conviction for possession of obscene visual depictions of minors. The sentence was announced by Jason R. Coody, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida.

“This sentence is yet another example of the unwavering commitment to the protection of our most vulnerable and should serve as a significant deterrent to those who would attempt to harm them,” said U.S. Attorney Coody. “We will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute those who prey upon our children.”

Ostrander was convicted by a federal jury on May 12, 2022. Evidence introduced at trial revealed that in September 2020, Ostrander was arrested in Gainesville, Florida for an outstanding warrant from Missouri. At the time of his arrest, he had also failed to register as a sex offender in the State of Florida. He knowingly possessed electronic devices that contained over three hundred computer-generated images depicting children engaged in sexual activity. The activity included sadistic and masochistic abuse and sexual intercourse with children.

According to court documents, Ostrander is a registered sex offender who was previously convicted of possession of child pornography on October 18, 2017.
60 replies omitted. Click here to view.
cartoon stick figures porn will lead to people raping irl - american dipshits
destigmatizing pedos and creating communities where people reinforce the idea that attraction to children is acceptable will lead to more child rape, yes.
Oh no! Anyway
lmao at being butthurt that things in another country where you don't live and have no influence aren't the way you'd want them to be. lmao at condemning yourself it terminal butthurt over thing which are outside of your control.
>my life:
>i was angry for a few decades and then i died
>drawing the line between fantasy and reality causes rape
Nope, and plenty of research suggests the opposite.

File: xCTBrlv4gbbM.png (362 KB, 836x588)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>14 years in prison
what a character

File: OIP.jpg (36 KB, 474x414)
36 KB

The IRS has warned Americans that they must report payments on Venmo, PayPal, & Zelle over $600

The $600 threshold includes part-time work, side gigs, and selling goods
Wasn't the plan to go after Billionaires?

Oh well... the dumb democrat base voted for student loan forgiveness.
Instead, they got economic depression, $8 gas, IRS hunting the middle class and World War 3.
Maybe this will be a learning experience for democrat voters...
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you are braindead if democrats gave a shit about that they wouldnt be responsible for the biggest financial robbery in US history with ftx you retard
Sure smells like low paid republican operative ITT
hang all traitor democrats and enslave all the democrat voters
>implying voting is real

File: Trayvon_chimp_out.jpg (63 KB, 720x501)
63 KB
55 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bad faith.
Atheists have no faith, they are faithless, it is impossible for them to act in good faith because they don't know what faith is, atheists are faithless.
can we just capture them all and space them
Bougie university children chimp out at the drop of a hat, they're like niggers, but way more pretentious

File: 1670335523495102.png (469 KB, 680x580)
469 KB
469 KB PNG

Peter Stone
Tue 6 Dec 2022 04.00 EST
Last modified on Tue 6 Dec 2022 08.51 EST

Ever since Russia launched its brutal war in Ukraine the Kremlin has banked on American conservative political and media allies to weaken US support for Ukraine and deployed disinformation operations to falsify the horrors of the war for both US and Russian audiences, say disinformation experts.

Some of the Kremlin’s most blatant falsehoods about the war aimed at undercutting US aid for Ukraine have been promoted by major figures on the American right, from Holocaust denier and white supremacist Nick Fuentes to ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Fox News star Tucker Carlson, whose audience of millions is deemed especially helpful to Russian objectives.

On a more political track, House Republican Freedom Caucus members such as Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Scott Perry – who in May voted with 54 other Republican members against a $40bn aid package for Ukraine, and have raised other concerns about the war – have proved useful, though perhaps unwitting, Kremlin allies at times.

Pro-Moscow video materials from the network RT (formerly Russia Today), which early this year shuttered its US operations, have been featured on Rumble, a video sharing platform popular with conservatives that last year received major financing from a venture capital firm co-founded by recently elected Republican Ohio senator JD Vance and backed by billionaire Peter Thiel.

As Republicans will control the House in 2023, the influence of these Ukraine aid critics in Congress and Moscow-friendly media on the right led by Carlson is expected to increase. But analysts say they’re unlikely to block a Biden administration request to Congress in mid-November for over $37bn in emergency aid for Ukraine, although they may try to pare it back.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>if you dissent with the current policy positions you're a fucking russian.
They've been on the russia hysteria since 2016 at least. Why am I supposed to hate Russia again? In b4
>They hax0rd our elections!!
Why aren't democrats selling their homes, cars, valuables and businesses to finance this war? Why aren't they lining up to fight Russia with Biden setting down the presidency to be a soldier? Why are democrats engaged in such partisan politics weakening the US and lowering oil supplies? They may not realize they're unwitting and tools of Russia. Many democrats who are exposed as criminals or terrible people still aren't canceled and removed from power. Maybe we can fix all of this.
>muh russian collusion n..now all the evil republicans do it!!!!

damn you retards still waiting on mueller? two more weeks right?
I can't wait to see all the progressives who hate the US and military to sign up to fight Russia. I hope retarded hick daryl and cleetus don't get psyoped into joining either.

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