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File: 1553566590988.jpg (68 KB, 799x585)
68 KB
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Yeah, I know right Obamacare was well received in the right wing media and they didn't constantly call him a Muslim, Socialist, antichrist, commie, literal Hitler and didn't question is place of birth.
Another world war?
Let us know when the news declared it open punching season on his supporters and lied about him receiving help from China
>>Trump Tower
>Barr's cover up version that mueller condemned.
Prove it.

File: AP_18039548339600-1.jpg (479 KB, 1068x712)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Newly obtained tax information reveals that from 1985 to 1994, Donald J. Trump’s businesses were in far bleaker condition than was previously known.

May 7, 2019

By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir “Trump: The Art of the Deal” hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns.

Mr. Trump was propelled to the presidency, in part, by a self-spun narrative of business success and of setbacks triumphantly overcome. He has attributed his first run of reversals and bankruptcies to the recession that took hold in 1990. But 10 years of tax information obtained by The New York Times paints a different, and far bleaker, picture of his deal-making abilities and financial condition.

The data — printouts from Mr. Trump’s official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, for the years 1985 to 1994 — represents the fullest and most detailed look to date at the president’s taxes, information he has kept from public view. Though the information does not cover the tax years at the center of an escalating battle between the Trump administration and Congress, it traces the most tumultuous chapter in a long business career — an era of fevered acquisition and spectacular collapse.

The numbers show that in 1985, Mr. Trump reported losses of $46.1 million from his core businesses — largely casinos, hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. They continued to lose money every year, totaling $1.17 billion in losses for the decade.
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>Stop lying, Trump was just caught laundering money
I'll take shit that didn't happen for a thousand, Alex
>“At no time was an investigator prevented from escalating activity identified as potentially suspicious,” she added. “Furthermore, the suggestion that anyone was reassigned or fired in an effort to quash concerns relating to any client is categorically false.
You people have been desperate lately. I think this is the fourth thread in the last week that blatantly misrepresent what the article says
Looks like you just lost a thousand dollars, you're slowly getting to the amount of money Trump has lost because he's a terrible businessman who needed to launder money.
Feel free to check the parts of /news/ that aren't overrun by /pol/ppet propoganda. if you want to actually know the truth.
You are objectively wrong
And your propoganda is just as bad as any other
Just because you keep repeating something wrong, doesn't make it true.
Just check the real threads, the actual facts are on my side.
Trump's criminal, that's already know.
>Just because you keep repeating something wrong, doesn't make it true.
Tu quoque, tranny

File: oklahoma cap building.jpg (51 KB, 640x360)
51 KB

*Honk honk*

>The Oklahoma House of Representatives has approved a measure that would allow adoption and foster care agencies to reject same-sex couples on religious grounds.

>The measure, S.B. 1140, states that "no private child-placing agency shall be required to perform, assist, counsel, recommend, consent to, refer, or participate in any placement of a child for foster care or adoption when the proposed placement would violate the agency's written religious or moral convictions or policies."

>That means that adoption and foster care agencies could turn down same-sex couples, single mothers and inter-faith couples if an agency claims that approving such applications would violate its religious or moral convictions.

>The bill was approved by the Oklahoma state Senate last month and now heads to Gov. Mary Fallin's (R) desk.
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Sounds good to me.
Private organization gets to decide who they adopt to
It's not actually unconstitutional it's just another retard reeeeeing
>aren't same-sex couples the best people to adopt children. They turn out happier and do better in schools.
I think your overlooking all the butt seks forced up on the child and mandatory gender reassignment surgery for them at age 8
Don't you have a cake to bake?
Wait didn't the supreme Court say he didn't have to bake the cake. Just because the board was really being dicks to him?
So isn't the standard here that so long as the private institutions aren't being dicks. They don't have to serve gay couples?

File: Bill maher.jpg (62 KB, 512x288)
62 KB
Their data showed that 86% of Google’s Top Stories came from only 20 news sources. Just three dominated the coverage, with 23% of all impressions counted — CNN with 10.9%, The New York Times with 6.5% and The Washington Post with 5.6%.

Fox News, which was ranked fourth, only had 3%.
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Type inventors in their search engine and it just shows african american females
>Points out that the portion of tax savings is the same as the portion of taxpayers
This is what you sound like
So first you argue that poor people are taxed more with the new tax law, now you argue they are taxed less but it doesn't matter anyways
What is your argument exactly?
Because you keep flip-flopping it's impossible to tell, it sounds like you're just trying to bitch about it for no specific reason
That's all semantics and I'm tempted to call you out for not understanding the difference between percentages and gross totals. Do you think the tarrif is not a tax?
I'm not responsible for what you sound like bootlicker. I'm proud to argue for the downtrodden.

File: india.png (32 KB, 1200x800)
32 KB
he wait has begun. Polling in India's marathon elections concluded at the weekend, with the results due on May 23.

Private polling commissioned by Indian media outlets points to a second term for the incumbent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), although, given the patchy record of these polls, which have been wrong in past elections, we won't know for sure until later this week.
But if he does return to power, what might Modi 2.0 mean for India? One way of trying to answer that question is to compare campaign 2019 to the one that unfolded five years ago.
In 2014, when Modi first ran for national office -- he was already a major regional figure by then, running western Gujarat state for over a decade -- his campaign was dominated by his promises to usher in a sort of economic renaissance: Modi spoke of reforms to, among other things, make India an easier place to do business, make it better at generating jobs for the millions of young Indians who enter the workforce each year and to clean house to stamp out corruption.

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india is america's greatest ally my man
USA's greatest ally hands down is Britain, not India not even close.
Greatest ally is Israel goy
israel is the master not an ally...slave & master are not allies
This thread is full of hosers,Canada and the us have been closest allies for over 100 years now

File: file.png (677 KB, 1024x685)
677 KB
677 KB PNG

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank recommended in 2016 and 2017 that multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be reported to a federal financial-crimes watchdog.

The transactions, some of which involved Mr. Trump’s now-defunct foundation, set off alerts in a computer system designed to detect illicit activity, according to five current and former bank employees. Compliance staff members who then reviewed the transactions prepared so-called suspicious activity reports that they believed should be sent to a unit of the Treasury Department that polices financial crimes.

But executives at Deutsche Bank, which has lent billions of dollars to the Trump and Kushner companies, rejected their employees’ advice. The reports were never filed with the government.

The nature of the transactions was not clear. At least some of them involved money flowing back and forth with overseas entities or individuals, which bank employees considered suspicious.

Real estate developers like Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner sometimes do large, all-cash deals, including with people outside the United States, any of which can prompt anti-money laundering reviews. The red flags raised by employees do not necessarily mean the transactions were improper. Banks sometimes opt not to file suspicious activity reports if they conclude their employees’ concerns are unwarranted.

But former Deutsche Bank employees said the decision not to report the Trump and Kushner transactions reflected the bank’s generally lax approach to money laundering laws. The employees — most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to preserve their ability to work in the industry — said it was part of a pattern of the bank’s executives rejecting valid reports to protect relationships with lucrative clients.
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The problem is he's a cult of personality and his followers want him to become a dictator.
They won't turn on him and Trump tells his cult to betray the United States, they would.
>collection of raw intelligence
Yeah, unverifiable intel from "anonymous sources"

What is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
Wait you mean the tapes that Trump unironically tried to buy from Russians but got out fucking skilled by Russians
Those tapes?
>"WRONG! It is because I didn’t need money. Very old fashioned, but true. When you don’t need or want money, you don’t need or want banks. Banks have always been available to me, they want to make money.”
What the fuck did he mean by this
Funny you must know more than Congress does because in Cohen's latest round of public sworn testimony he testified that there was no reason to believe anything with the pee tape was true, and Steele said something very similar

File: ALL COMMIES MUST DIE .jpg (62 KB, 640x480)
62 KB
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans today are more closely divided than they were earlier in the last century when asked whether some form of socialism would be a good or bad thing for the country. While 51% of U.S. adults say socialism would be a bad thing for the country, 43% believe it would be a good thing. Those results contrast with a 1942 Roper/Fortune survey that found 40% describing socialism as a bad thing, 25% a good thing and 34% not having an opinion.

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>And raise taxes on the rich and tax the fuck out companies that ship jobs overseas.
On overseas holdings? Sure. Because you don't like them? No.
How about yes. If they want to flee and cut themselves out of the US market, tough shit.
>How about yes.
No. Class envy and hatred is no way to make policy.
You want to discourage expatriation of assets? Fine and good. (Is not great for the long term, but exercising this ability a defining aspect of a soverign state.)
So one class can hate another and that's okay, but turn the table and suddenly it's bad policy.
I'll care about hating them bring a bad reason once they stop hating us.
>they hating us
You think the rich hate you? I'm sorry, but they simply don't care about you. Or consider you at all. I don't know if that's better or worse.

File: h07FBEF38[1].png (116 KB, 583x641)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurant group is facing collapse, putting up to 1,300 jobs at risk.
Jamie's Italian chain have lined up KPMG to handle an administration process, expected to be announced later.

Conversations with employees at the chain are understood to be ongoing.

As well as the Italian chain, the administration process would encompass Mr Oliver's remaining Barbecoa sites as well as Fifteen London.



(CNN)A car belonging to a reporter was targeted by a bomb blast in northern Athens, CNN affiliate CNN Greece reported.
The bomb exploded at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday outside Mina Karamitrou's home in the northern Athens suburb of Papagou, according to CNN Greece. No one was injured in the attack, but Karamitrou's car was destroyed.
Karamitrou is a police reporter for CNN Greece, a news organization that is editorially independent of CNN. CNN Greece Editor-in-Chief Adamos Zachariadis said Karamitrou was at home at the time of the attack. Police have opened an investigation into what happened, he said.
The Committee to Protect Journalists called on Greek authorities to ensure the safety of Karamitrou, to thoroughly investigate the bombing and to "hold those responsible to account."

Free press 'non-negotiable'
Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos condemned the attack. "The freedom of the press, which Mina Karamitrou serves, is non-negotiable," Tzanakopoulos said Tuesday.
The attack was "unacceptable and reprehensible and the perpetrators will be held accountable," he added.

In a tweet, Greek Minister of Civil Protection Olga Gerovasili said such attacks are "unequivocally reprehensible."
CNN Greece, in a statement posted online, said the bombing was "an attack on the entire journalistic world."
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where did he do this?
>More left-wing violence

MI6 at work. Britbongs took over left wing extremists since 80ns. there is not bombing without british help in Greece.
I've been studying the tactics of /pol/tards, so I know how to respond to this story.
Wow, that was easy. Time to go win a different argument.
Wow! This thread SURE GOT SLID DOWN THE PAGE didn't it? Almost like there's a certain subsection of /news/ that really doesn't want to discuss left-wing violence!

You're delusional. Seek help.
You mean the part where they used the anarchists cookbook? Oh wait I forgot
>No TRUE Anarchist would-

Sure, sure, whatever leftie.

>N-no TRUE anarchist wou-
Wow, that was easy. Time to go win a different argument
>THE JEWS DID-, err, the ANGLOS did this. Certainly not anarchists
Have sex.

Her five attackers Florin Calin, 20, Dorel Diaconu, 23, Oprea Dobre, 18, Alexandru Dobrin, 18, and Marius Dobrin, 24, have each been caged for ten years.

The Romanian farm workers all pleaded guilty to rape charges at the Royal Court in Jersey.

The court heard how the men had all gone to a nightclub in December last year when Marius Dobrin began dancing and flirting with the victim.

He "hardly left her side" for the rest of the night, with the woman, who now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, appearing to be "very drunk".

>"In the normal world she is called a w****r"
>article doesn't match
what's wrong op, forgot your prescription?
g*psies as we know them
What a fascinating new word bring actively pushed as a synonym for imprisoned. It's not, but who could be behind such a manipulation?

File: 1558296299265.jpg (42 KB, 540x540)
42 KB
Another win for America and the rule of law.

>The judge, Amit Mehta, ruled that Congress can investigate the president without beginning formal impeachment proceedings.

A federal judge on Monday upheld a congressional subpoena seeking President Donald Trump’s financial records from an accounting firm, arguing that Congress is well within its rights to investigate potential illegal behavior by a president — even without launching a formal impeachment inquiry.

U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta’s ruling delivers a striking blow to the president’s efforts to resist Democratic investigations, and is certain to give Democrats further legal basis to investigate Trump, his finances, and his presidential campaign.

In addition to upholding the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subpoena to accounting firm Mazars USA for eight years of Trump’s financial records, Mehta took the extra step of denying the president’s request for a stay pending appeal.

Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s personal attorneys, said: “We will be filing a timely notice of appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Speaking with reporters at the White House on Monday, Trump called Mehta’s ruling “ridiculous” and “totally wrong.” He also noted that Mehta was appointed by President Barack Obama.

Mehta's decision is a sweeping repudiation of Trump's claim to be largely immune from congressional scrutiny, particularly in matters of potential legal violations. Mehta's opinion emphasizes that lawmakers have the authority to investigate Trump’s conduct from both before and after he took office.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
In particular, the committee has sought to corroborate specific claims made by Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. Earlier this year, Cohen turned over documents to the panel which purport to show that Trump artificially inflated and deflated the values of his assets to suit his personal financial benefit.

For example, Cohen told lawmakers that Trump submitted false financial statements to Deutsche Bank in 2014 as he was seeking a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills NFL team.

"The court recognized the basic, but crucial fact that Congress has authority to conduct investigations as part of our core function under the Constitution," Cummings said in a statement.

Mehta emphasized that even though the committee never adopted a formal resolution outlining the purpose of its investigation, many other factors would deem the probe legitimate. Mehta pointed to Cummings’ reliance on federal ethics law in letters outlining the purpose of his investigation, and noted that legislation could conceivably be connected to the results of that probe. The judge also noted that Congress has unique constitutional power to oversee potential “emoluments,” or improper foreign payments, steered toward the president.

“Surely, incident to Congress’s authority to consent to the president’s receipt of emoluments is the power to investigate the president’s compliance with the Clause,” Mehta argued.

Congress is also allowed to investigate presidential conflicts of interest and a president's conduct “before and during his term,” Mehta ruled, pushing back on an argument from Republicans that Congress shouldn’t be investigating Trump’s conduct that pre-dates his political career.

That Mehta ruled in favor of House Democrats wasn’t entirely unexpected. Last week, he heard arguments from Trump attorney William Consovoy and House General Counsel Douglas Letter last week, during which the judge cast serious doubt on Consovoy’s legal arguments.
Consovoy contended that Congress has no legitimate authority to investigate whether the president violated the law, because such probes are handled by “law enforcement” entities and aren’t tied to a specific legislative remedy.

But Mehta pushed back strongly on Consovoy during the hearing, stating those types of investigations are “strictly” within Congress’ purview. He also said Congress has the authority to investigate conflicts of interest — for example, whether a president has a “financial interest in a particular piece of legislation that was being considered.”

In addition to the Mazars suit, Trump has asked a federal court to invalidate the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees’ subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One. Those subpoenas also seek Trump’s personal and business financial records, as part of a joint investigation centering on whether Trump is compromised, financially or otherwise, by foreign actors.

Trump and his GOP allies have argued that the Democrats’ probes are illegitimate and amount to an abuse of power.
Blatent violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Tweet in hell you senile old bastard
>T-this attack angle will work! This is gonna be the one! I- I just know it!

File: another hate crime.jpg (75 KB, 1103x566)
75 KB

The old man died. This was yet another Hate Crime against white people. And it seems to be happening more than usual.

Remember hearing about "Sucker Punching." That too was hate crimes. Yet the media and law enforcement covered that up and said it was some sort of stupid thug trend. When in fact, most of the victims were white and the punchers were........black.
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the first sentence seems true if it is to describe prehistory up to 1800
Niggers gonna nig
>the first sentence seems true if it is to describe prehistory up to 1800
Hey, do you think the phrase "since the dawn of history" might imply that?
Another fun fact: history in some parts of Africa only started with colonialism, because the fucking animals never bothered to develop written language or a durable medium onto which to record anything.
>martin luther was a german
hahaha another trumpanzee bites the dust

File: Mum-energy-drink-08af.jpg (40 KB, 644x359)
40 KB
A mum started to experience blackouts after becoming addicted to energy drinks.

Samantha Sharpe, 33, had to be fitted with a pacemaker when doctors discovered she had a second degree heart blockage after she passed out one day.

They could not be certain the sugary beverages had caused the heart condition but told her it certainly did not help.

She also suffered with kidney stones and was on the verge of Type Two diabetes due to the amount of sugar she was consuming.

Ms Sharpe, from Hamilton, has now warned others to limit the amount of energy drinks they have as it could be detrimental to their health.

She said: ‘My sister, who is a nurse, said the addiction is worse than that of heroin, which I can understand because I needed it to help me be awake.’

Ms Sharpe started drinking up to six energy drinks each day due to her hectic lifestyle.

She added: ‘I have three children and I work so it was daily life that pushed me to drinking the energy drinks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thread is old. Fuck off back to whatever board you're from
Shut up, cunt.
Literally only retards drink energy drinks.

I drink 1 a day. I actually consume less sugar than I did before.

There's literally nothing harmful about energy drinks, so long as you don't drink the off brand shit. Monster contains ginseng and sugar. That shit aint worse than heroin.

It only becomes a problem if you're consuming 6 fucking cans a day like this dumb bitch. 1 can of monster has around 50g of sugar. This slut was literally ingesting 300g of sugar or more....daily. Yet she has the nerve to blame energy drinks?
I’m only here to laugh at you

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders went on the offensive against the anti-Putin Democrats Sunday, claiming that only his 2020 presidential campaign understands it has to do more than just defeat President Donald Trump (which it won’t).

Speaking with NBC News' Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sunday, Sanders said he and the other Democratic candidates for president have a "moral responsibility" to protect Obamacare and preserve the Earth from the negative effects of climate change.

The senator pushed back against Todd's suggestion Sanders was merely offering the same platform that got him defeated in the 2016 primaries by Hillary Clinton, without giving any evidence. Among many topics touched on during the interview, Sanders said he does not support any restrictions on abortion, and views the subject as medical, rather than political.

"There are millions of people who are sick and tired of that Democratic [Party]," Sanders said, noting several recent polls which showed him ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden has a larger lead over Trump in Pennsylvania than Sanders does.

“We took on every Democratic governor, we took on every Democratic mayor, and we ended up winning 22 states and 13 million votes,” Sanders said. Clinton won 5 more states and 6 million more votes than Sanders, proving that it’s better to work with your party rather than opposing it.

Todd produced a quote from T.J. Rooney, Democratic Party chairman of Pennsylvania, who told U.S. News and World Report Friday, "I'm supremely confident Bernie Sanders could not win Pennsylvania... When Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren open their mouths, many, many Democrats in Pennsylvania stick their fingers in their ears."

13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Seething tranny
Bernie's gonna win. I have a non-zero probability of being correct, so this post will look impressive if someone screenshots it and I'm correct
56% lmao

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