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“It’s a horrible, horrible situation,” Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett (R) told reporters. “And we’re not gonna fix it.”
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>They already are in a school setting.
so you have no intention of compensating them for their extra time and effort, got it
>Muh fiddy bucks!
driving the first point home again. Also interesting that "muh guns and ammo, thin blue line" faggots like you think it's only $50 to be trained and certified in firearms handling and safety. These teachers already have a full plate of work, when and where are they going to find the time? You have to compensate them if you want this plan to make any logical sense.
>If they want to bring their own they can. I don't see why that would be an issue.
You want a piecemeal defense force of guns around schoolchildren? REALLY?
This is firearms safety 101, the good guys have standardized weaponry that the kids are trained to recognize and avoid.
>but just teach the kids about the different types of guns
1, they're not there to learn about guns, they're there to learn basic reading and writing
2. contingent on point one, they're 8. Their brains are not fully developed yet. You need things to be simple and easy for very stupid little kids to understand.
You clearly have never had to work with children btw, and would make a rather terrible father. Needing to make everything dangerous the same is one of the first things any caretaker learns.
I accept your concession.
A proud American woman was just using her 2nd Amendment rights. No need to do anything.
Paste the article newfag
>No argument

transfreak libs have total control of the narrative. they calling this freak a "she"

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>how is having teachers do a basic few days worth of firearms safety unrealistic or complicated?
Because showing someone how to operate a firearm safely does not train them how to assess or engage threats. The thing you're suggesting is trying to give teacher's this incredibly complicated and dangerous skillset that very few people in the population already have the nerve and/or constitution to utilize. Staying calm under pressure, properly assessing threats, rules of engagement, treating wounds, minimizing collateral damage - these are the absolute minimum requirements to be able to utilize a firearm correctly in a live combat situation. The fact that you think teaching some 24-year-old college grad who went to school for math and reading is just some simple thing you can do in a few days speaks volumes about your ignorance on this topic. Not even mentioning the huge additional burden this is putting on the job of a teacher, there's the matter of liability. Who is liable if something goes wrong? Do teachers need their own insurance? If during a live fire situation there's some kind of accident and an innocent student gets hurt whose is at fault? Is the teacher open to prosecution? If a teacher is given a gun but freezes or is unwilling to act in the event of an emergency, are they held liable for any deaths? If so, how do you sell a 50k a year job to a teacher when there's the possibility they go to prison if they make a mistake with this "emergency firearm" they're now responsible for? These are a lot of questions that need to be answered that you clearly haven't even thought about.
>and why is it a "temporary bandage"?
Because the reason we have an issue with school shooters in America is not because we don't have enough security at school - its because we live in a society that enables the creation of school shooters. Our medical and mental health system is a joke. We spent the most money and produce the worst outcomes among all first world countries Our education system is underfunded and performs terribly compared to all other first world countries. The issue is similar to crime. Sure, we can fill neighborhoods with police and catch criminals but what does that do to address the social conditions that create criminals? Nothing. Instead of spending billions of dollars on this nonsense ideas to train teachers to be armed operators maybe we take a look at the data we have on this issue and try to tackle the issues that creates school shooters. It seems like a better idea than waiting for school shooters to be made and then trying to stop them after the fact.
pull it out of the defense budget.
>I’ll just say that what you’ve given me is a conclusion whose inputs are hidden from view.
In the time it took you to type this whole cope paragraph you could've looked up the study and read it but you don't want to because you're not interested in information that contradcits what you already believe.

>This is not data.
It is. The data is gathered from 70+ school shootings from the 70's to the mid 2000's. It says this in the abstract if you even bothered to read it.

>My suspicion is that the report you reference is being selective with data and methodology in order to achieve a desired conclusion.
But you have absolutely no evidence that this is the case. This is just the thing you invented to justify dismissing data that you don't like.
>pull it out of the defense budget.
Again, a massive oversimplification of a thing that would literally require nationwide electoral support. I don't even know how that would work legally, anon. This is just further evidence that there's no coherent policy to support this idea.

"Tennessee shooting: Nashville police release security camera footage of Covenant school attack that killed 6"

"Nashville school shooting: Audrey Hale police bodycams released"

(Note: the second link doesn't actually have a video, just still photos from police body cams)

ban transfreaks
You don't have the one of the tranny being suicided by cop.
Let's fix that:
Well done. Folded and brained that tranny!
>Suicide by cop
An uncommon form of suicide for troons, but it works.
52% when?
A proud American woman was just using her 2nd Amendment rights. This is big government state tyranny at work...

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You know what it means, faggot.
>Sorry, you cant just deny that the ideology exists

nor do i, but in its current state, the political dichotomy is a fraud, contrived to occupy the public and maintain the pretense of democracy. they do not serve the interests of the public at large. these "ideologies" are self-defeating. the language that the media uses to identify, promote, or criticize them is a classic example of what the french call "wooden language".

and i'd bet that most people sense something fake in the media. it's too campy, absurd to the point that even someone not inclined to skepticism must start to question the honesty, rather than intelligence, of politicians and pundits. you can say that i wouldn't be taken seriously, but this is really just a bluff. i think decent people would be very receptive. only propagandists fly into hysteria, and because that is what they are told to do.
nice title
Where the fuck is the manifesto? Why are they hiding it from us?

Iowa democrats are seething over Republicans using money from The American Rescue Plan Act to hire a consultant and ultimately pass legislation increasing government efficiency and consolidating the state government
Democrats threaten "We will have a Democratic governor sooner than some folks in this room think," and "Republicans wont like the changes once a Democrat is in charge"
Iowa lawmakers pass 1,500-page plan to reshape state government
Iowa lawmakers have approved a massive plan to reshape and consolidate state government in an effort to change the way services are offered to Iowans.

Senate File 514 shrinks the number of cabinet-level government agencies from 37 to 16 and gives Gov. Kim Reynolds more power over the appointment, firing and salary of top-level state employees.
"This is a bill that is necessary. It’s time. We’re going to streamline state government. We’re going to save taxpayer dollars. We’re going to create efficiencies. And with all of that, we are going to better serve all of Iowans."

The Iowa House voted 58-39 Wednesday to pass the 1,512-page bill. The Senate passed the legislation last week.
Reynolds, a Republican, has made the legislation a priority this year. Last August, she used $994,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to hire a consultant, Guidehouse LLP, to write a report recommending how to reorganize the government.

She then used part of her high-profile Condition of the State address in January to call for the changes.
Reynolds praised the House for passing the bill, saying in a statement that it puts Iowa in the best position to thrive.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
26 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>It is. You probably already know this.
It isn't.

>Because of the proven benefits for the populace.
Trickle-down economics and giving massive amounts of money to corporations has never once in the history of the country benefited the populace. You're delusional.

>Yes Democrats do. Republicans want as little taxation as possible and not more tax burden on the lower brackets.
Republicans want as little taxation as possible on the ultra-rich, who then horde their money and use it for stock buybacks while working class people are crushed under the weight of inflation and wage stagnation. This happens every time Republicans are in power.

>No. Both statements in this false dichotomy are untrue.
Democrats started unions. Democrats advocate for things like overtime, increases in minimum wage and programs like maternity and paid leave. Republicans are the ones who want to give billions in corporations, smash unions, pass right to work laws, deregulate everything and hope that corporations pass on their profits to their workers out of the goodness of their hearts. Spoiler : that never, ever happens.

>The answer, as you may or may not know is that the government hands out massive amounts of subsidies and government contracts.
>In an economy like that higher taxation is essentially guaranteed profits for corporations.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>If this is true then why is it exclusively the Republican party that votes for deregulation, massive tax cuts for corporations and trickle-down economics?
dems literally just gave the rich a massive taxcut via increasing the SALT cap. find a new script
Good post
if you only post the exact opposite of the truth i feel like your disinformation is just information + admitting you're a piece of shit
I'm sorry the truth hurts your feelings

Joe Biden praises China. Was supposed to have been praising Canada.
Old man speaks his mind rather than the teleprompter
Biden accidentally praises China instead of Canada in awkward state visit
Joe Biden found himself in a sticky situation when he accidentally hailed China instead of Canada in a speech praising the country
Canada has recently agreed to accept 15,000 more migrants per year from Latin America.

“Today, I applaud China for stepping up,” the president told Canadian parliament.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Holy fuck this is a retarded take. You can't on one hand think he's a senile old fool who constantly fucks up everything he says, and also simultaneously believe he's dropping secret thank you messages to China in his political speeches disguised as mistakes. You need to pick one. Clearly it's just another Biden being retarded moment he's not a Chinese agent dumbass
>believe he's dropping secret thank you messages to China in his political speeches disguised as mistakes.
Op referred to it as a "Freudian slip" which would be unintentional, and actually, fits pretty well with your aforementioned behavior of him being senile
You seem to be arguing that Biden can’t be both a gaffe-prone idiot and someone whose family has taken millions of dollars in ethically dubious influence payments from shadowy figures attached to the CCP. I disagree.
>You seem to be arguing that Biden can’t be both a gaffe-prone idiot and someone whose family has taken millions of dollars in ethically dubious influence payments from shadowy figures attached to the CCP.
These are actually two incompatible positions, anon. Either he's a blithering idiot who doesn't remember where he is or he is the head of one of the oldest and most politically effective crime families in U.S. history. I have no idea how you think both can be true. This "the enemy is both weak and strong" bullshit is illogical.
This was the same argument people used to support Bush.
Modern Democrats really are just 00s Republicans these days.

20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>man dressed as a woman
It was a woman dressed as a man, retard
why is their being trans more important in the headline than the fact that they murdered people?

It turns out it was a chick identifying as a man.
>why is their being trans more important in the headline than the fact that they murdered people?
Because this is what modern politics has been reduced to - this barbaric, moronic point system where people use tragedy, suffering and violence to score cheap shots against their political opponents. Nobody really gives a shit about any of the actual problems with the world anymore. They just scour the internet looking for stories of people they don't like doing bad things so they can load them up into the shit cannon and use them as ammunition against the other side. Right wingers actually got excited when they saw it was a trans person who did this because it just adds more fuel to the endless rhetoric fire. It's sad, pathetic, sub 80 IQ behavior but this is our country now. This is how we live now and we're fucking cursed.
And liberals started it.
The problem is now everyone is trying to participate and it's not working for them exclusively anymore.
Don't start none, won't be none. Simple as.
Every time there's a school shooting the radical leftists blame "The GOP", and "Conservatives" for "Killing kids".
This time it's a troon so we get to give you 100% homosexual Internet activists some push back.

File: 1679592399593551.png (328 KB, 491x479)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Sen. Rand Paul staffer ‘brutally attacked’ by knife-wielding assailant in DC

One of Sen. Rand Paul’s staffers was stabbed over the weekend in Washington, DC, on the same street where a congresswoman was attacked last month, he confirmed Monday.

The unidentified male staffer suffered “life threatening injuries” in Saturday’s attack that led to the arrest of 42-year-old suspect Glynn Neal, according to DC police.

“This past weekend a member of my staff was brutally attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.,” Paul (R-Ky.) wrote in a statement provided to The Post by his office.

“I ask you to join Kelley and me in praying for a speedy and complete recovery, and thanking the first responders, hospital staff, and police for their diligent actions. We are relieved to hear the suspect has been arrested. At this time we would ask for privacy so everyone can focus on healing and recovery,” the Kentucky Republican added.
Police say that Neal has been charged with assault with intent to kill and that he used a knife to carry out the savage attack, which took place at about 5:17 p.m.
Paul himself was the victim of an assault in November 2017, when Rene Boucher, then a neighbor in his gated, Bowling Green, Ky., community attacked him over a landscaping dispute, breaking six of the senator’s ribs and bruising his lungs.

Part of one of Paul’s injured lungs had to be removed almost two years after the attack.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lmao, this isn't true at all.
There's a good chance it's just some random nog from DC like the one that attacked the Dem congresswoman mentioned in the article.
Found the right wing wacko
Yeah I know. I was mostly taunting the disingenuous left wing faggots that troll this place.
DC is ruled by Democrats, so it's pretty obvious this was a random attack made possible by Democrat policies.
>DC is ruled by Democrats, so it's pretty obvious this was a random attack made possible by Democrat policies.
Democrat policies tipped over my trash cans last night. Don't ask me how. Its just true.

File: 20221110_110206.jpg (270 KB, 1095x1080)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
39 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He does this all fucking day long
I know. He's got nothing better.
He'll probably be the next trans school shooter.
he doesn't have the balls to do it literally. He's going to just keep gaslighting online and making sure old joe gets his daily sloppy toppy
You really don't want the truth that conservatives are cancelling their own because they honestly believe one of the most illustrious sculptors in the world was a pornographer on the front page, do you
>You know what it means, faggot.
Do female, hispanic school pricipals trend conservative?
I have a feeling they don't.
But here's another (You) for your troubles.


File: file.png (685 KB, 1248x700)
685 KB
685 KB PNG

McCarthy keeps trying to bait Biden into proposing tax cuts, keeps failing

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) broke new ground in shamelessness Tuesday, sending President Joe Biden a letter accusing him of holding an “extreme position” on the debt limit because the President has refused to negotiate spending priorities — which Republicans have not produced — so long as the debt ceiling is being used by right-wing members as a bargaining chip.

It’s McCarthy, not Biden, who is determined not to let the impending debt limit deadline pass without using it as leverage to get political concessions from the President. The White House has maintained that the time for such negotiations is when Congress has to pass a budget — as it did last year, and will do later this year — not when it must raise the debt ceiling to avoid sending the country into default on its debts.

In an additional level of unseriousness, McCarthy has still not produced a budget. So he’s scolding Biden for his unwillingness to debate completely unidentified policy planks.

In a seeming attempt to give himself cover given his party’s struggle to identify budget priorities the whole caucus will support, McCarthy listed out some vague spending policies at the bottom of the letter. They include “reducing excessive non-defense government spending to pre-inflationary levels and limiting out-year growth, similar to what Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has proposed,” and “policies to grow our economy and keep America safe, including measures to lower energy costs, make America energy independent, and secure our border from the flow of deadly fentanyl that is killing 300 Americans per day.”

It is apparently also Biden’s responsibility to translate what’s essentially a handful of messaging bullet points into fleshed-out policies.
“I have no interest in brinksmanship — only in doing what is best for the American people,” McCarthy intones, adding, in some insult to injury: “But we cannot continue to kick the can down the road and ignore America’s ballooning national debt, all while you continue to spend trillions more, including through unaccountable executive fiat.”

The “ballooning national debt” seemed to trouble McCarthy far less when he voted for then-President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. Those tax cuts, in addition to then-President George W. Bush’s, have accounted for “more than 90 percent of the increase in the debt ratio if you exclude the one-time costs for responding to COVID-19 and the Great Recession,” according to a Center for American Progress report released this week.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the Treasury Department will run out of “extraordinary measures” to prevent a default sometime between July and September of this year.

House Republicans have proposed a plan to prioritize making some payments and not others, working under the assumption that they won’t help lift the debt ceiling. But experts have warned TPM that such a scheme is not certain to avert the damage of a full default, and would almost certainly be met with immediate legal challenges.
>March 24, 2023
1. All topics and discussion should be about current news articles. The OP must contain a valid URL of an article from a credible news site (i.e., a newspaper, news magazine, or TV channel). Blog and editorial articles are not acceptable
2. News articles should be current; no articles older than 48 hours should be posted.
>March 28, 2023 9:57 a.m.
you'll never be a woman either

Nashville school shooting: Biden criticized for joking about ice cream in first statement since attack


The suspect in the Covenant School shooting was identified as a 28-year-old transgender woman from Nashville
Post the article
Conservicucks can't post the article, it ruins their narrative. They just need an anti-liberal headline and they're good to go.
Anyone that actually reads the article realizes their position is bullshit, and thats no good.
Any article that does support their position is either an editorial or blog, and thats no good.
Conservative 'news' is the worst, not only does the article not support their position, but people rightfully call out their shill sites as cheap propaganda.

All they have is their cheap and quick drive by bullshit, and they gotta move fast enough to slide their own threads to prevent anyone from actually reading the articles and finding out their full of shit.
Haha he do like ice cream doe

The latest american school shooting....
'Nashville Covenant School shooting: Multiple victims, shooter dead'
Multiple people have been injured in a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, according to local authorities.

On Twitter, the city's fire department says there are "multiple patients" from an incident at a local school.

The tweet added that the area remains "an active scene".

Nashville police report they engaged the shooter and the person is now dead.

Parents have been asked to meet at a nearby location.
268 replies omitted. Click here to view.
governments don't give humans their basic human rights, and owning a gun is neither a basic human nor god-given right. these two facts are not mutually exclusive.
I tend to agree with this. Human rights are a philosophical concept, not a legal one, which is why heads of government can be arrested for indicted by international court for human rights crimes...
I think a lot of people confuse the concept of a human right and a civil right..

Before I posted this I did a quick Google just to make sure some leftist wasn't going to argue with me about the definition of words and this is what it turned up
>Human rights are derived from natural law and are universally protected and applied while civil rights are contextual, meaning you are entitled to specific civil rights through being a citizen of a particular country, nation or state
And regarding natural law:
>Natural law (Latin: ius naturale, lex naturalis) is a system of law based on a close observation of human nature, and based on values intrinsic to human nature that can be deduced and applied independently of positive law (the express enacted laws of a state or society).
No bodycam video? What is this trash as place anymore
>tranny targets Christian school
This will be recorded as a religious hate crime, right?

File: 1650591482238.png (837 KB, 1280x720)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
Saudi tv openly mocks Biden. Recreates the time Biden tried to shake hands with the air.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>terrorists behind 9/11 continue mocking America
>conservatives cheer
we're used to your faggotry already
Will Biden begin bombing them as he has been bombing Syria?
I dont understand the n i g g a s
Centrilift n i g g a s
>terrorists behind 9/11
Both parties in the US covered for the Saudis but also the Israelis. Any mention of the "dancing Israelis" in the 9/11 report? How about all the Israeli spies who were arrested in NY and NJ after the attacks, whom police interrogators learned were shadowing the hijackers? They were released and sent back to Israel on orders from Michael Chertoff, who later became Homeland Security chief. And what about Odigo, the Israeli instant messaging company near the WTC that received an anonymous warning about a terrorist attack two hours before the attack (as reported in Israeli newspapers, and documented even on pozzed Wikipedia)?

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