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File: k9m7dr3yb1z11.png (587 KB, 656x622)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
In yet another crushing defeat for Trump's fascist sycophants, the GoFundMe campaign that aimed to raise $1 billion for the border wall is shutting down, and the $20 million raised will be refunded to donors.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne told INSIDER that when the campaign was started, founder Brian Kolfage promised donors that all donations would be used to pay for a border wall between the US and Mexico if the $1 billion goal was met.

"However, that did not happen," Whithorne said. "This means all donors will receive a refund."

Kolfage, a US veteran and Trump supporter, updated the campaign's GoFundMe page on Friday announcing the refunds. He also introduced a new 501(c)(4) non-profit Florida Corporation named "We Build the Wall, Inc.," where donors can redirect their refunds to if they still wish for their money to be used, in one way or another, to build a wall.

In his update, Kolfage said that upon seeing the fundraiser's "success," he reached out to several experts in "politics, national security, construction, and finance" and created a team that "has spent countless hours over the holidays reviewing all issues pertaining to the construction of a southern border wall."

"Unanimously," Kolfage wrote, "we have all come to the conclusion that the federal government won't be able to accept our donations anytime soon."

This is why, he wrote, his new non-profit will now accept any donations previously made to the GoFundMe.

Among the group of "experts" listed on the GoFundMe page are Erik Prince, an American businessman known as the founder of the security firm Blackwater (he is also Betsy DeVos' brother), Sheriff David Clarke, the former Milwaukee County sheriff known for his controversial views on immigration, and frequent Trump campaigner Steve Ronnebeck.

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>pic related
still better than niggers...
when you write /pol/ppet, it reads like "pulpit". which makes no sense...
It does make sense because /pol/ppets are trying to use /news/ as a pulpit.
white supremascists think this is a good defense of themselves? better than niggers?
They're deluded into thinking that merely saying the word will make people cower in fear of them. Nevermind that they'd get the shit beaten out of them if they did IRL.

File: margaret-sanger-KKK.png (484 KB, 600x542)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
>Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa was stripped from his committee assignments on Monday night after his controversial remarks on whether white supremacy was offensive drew backlash from lawmakers in both parties.

>"We discussed the worn out label 'racist' and my observation that other slanderous labels have been increasingly assigned to Conservatives by the Left, who injected into our current political dialogue such terms as Nazi, Fascist, 'White Nationalist, White Supremacist, — Western Civilization, how did THAT language become offensive?[sic]'" King said of his interview with The Times in a statement released on Monday.

>King said, according to the Times report. "Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?"

>Following the publication of the report, King issued as statement calling himself a nationalist, and saying that although he supported "western civilization's values," said he did not condone "white nationalism and white supremacy."

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Certainly, but a great many things can and as technology continues to improve the jobs which can't be are becoming less and less
>All Asian countries are all Asian, African countries all black, middle Eastern countries and South American countries have zero whites in any official role
> only white majority countries force so called "diversity"
>still avoiding the fact that only white countries are being subjected to "diversity" i see.
What are Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, India, UAE, Israel, Bolivia, Malaysia, Fiji etc. etc. if they are not non-european countries with incredible ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic diversity?

Just go and look up the demographics of South Africa mate. There's a reason it's called the rainbow nation.
>There's a reason it's called the rainbow nation
cause they're gay? is that also why they have the highest rate of AIDS?
brazilian is a race, brazil is majority brazilian. indian is a race. india is majority indian. Jews are a race, Israel is majority jewish. I really don't see why this is so difficult for you... white majority country = a country with any caucasian race as the majority. So answer me why there is no outcry for any of the places you mentioned to be sent more whites to increase their diversity? when white countries are forced to take outsiders to increase their diversity? arent caucasian majority countries also full of "incredible" ethnic, religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity?
its a very simple argument to grasp, i feel as though you're not applying yourself.
>brazilian is a race, brazil is majority brazilian. indian is a race. india is majority indian.

Not him, but you have no idea how ignorant you are.
>brazilian is a race, brazil is majority brazilian.


Jazz Jennings (born October 6, 2000)[1] is an American YouTube personality, spokesmodel, television personality, and LGBT rights activist.[2][3] Jennings, a transgender woman, is notable for being one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as transgender, and for being the youngest person to become a national transgender figure.[4]


Bye, bye penis!
On Tuesday’s episode of I Am Jazz, Jazz Jennings‘ mom, Jeanette Jennings, brainstorms fun ways to help her daughter celebrate her upcoming gender confirmation surgery.
“I want to have a farewell to penis party,” she tells her husband, who immediately starts laughing.


Jazz Jennings Hosts a ''Farewell to Penis'' Party Before Gender Confirmation Surgery

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Except a blood test would prove you wrong.
Stop being anti science.
If you have produced male gametes in your life history you are not a female
All men will once again fell forced into joining a segregated labor union by trans-forming into permanent victim women easily identified by pretty white dress (called burkas now) by simply taking off their white hoods.
>The one thing that Liberals and Trump both agree on: Science is lies!

File: 1547525453205.jpg (19 KB, 300x251)
19 KB

Racist Orange man said "who cares" that our queen called him a racist.
We all know drumpf cant handle strong wymins.
She was a bartender, she knows people
Imbeach 45
31 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>The left cannot meme is a forced meme because they can meme.
Saying this is yet another example of why the left cannot meme.

Gritty is also an example of why the left cannot meme: it's a hockey mascot adopted by the left as a political statement, in response to someone the right already did first. It's literally an avatar representing the collective insufferability of every wordswordswordswords longpost comic ever made, into a meme literally even shilled for by mainstream media. It's about as opposite of a "grassroots" or organically viral meme you can get.
>he thinks the country would instantly be better once Trump is out of office
He's a symptoms of political radicalization, not the cause.
>“Where’s Mitch, is my question?” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told reporters. “He seems to be running away from us.”

AOC calling out lil' bitch McConnel


Saudi teen: Starbucks, bacon, eggs and bare legs

Rahaf Mohammed tasted a slice of her new life in Canada by trying bacon for the first time, downing a Starbucks coffee and showing her bare legs.

The Saudi teen who was fleeing her abusive family was granted asylum last week following a desperate bid to escape the oppressive life that was ahead of her.

Mohammed, 18, claimed she feared for her life.

She tried bacon for the first time! SNAPCHAT
But now, all that’s changed.

The feisty teen took to Snapchat to show vignettes of her new life.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>can't afford any of this shit
>refugee without any job or money gets premium fast food on taxpayer dime

This dumb bitch better be worth the photo op and middle finger to the Saudis

>While the most common types of "harassment" reported were "sexual stories or jokes that were offensive" and "offensive remarks about appearance, body or sexual activities," more serious transgressions were also common, including offensive gestures and touching, as well as unwelcome attempts at conversation about sexual matters.

>Two-thirds of the harassers were male. Only a third of the victims said they "took action" following the harassment. The survey was conducted by management consultancy Deloitte in the form of a confidential online questionnaire.
Keyword: Survey

> Last year, Jan Beagle was promoted to head the UN's task force on sexual harassment while she herself was under investigation for the same offense.
>The task force was formed in response to the #MeToo movement, which found vocal supporters among the UN's ranks.

Meanwhile 90% of fortune 500's have Employee Resource Groups (segregated Labor Unions), including one that actively promotes a preferred sexual activity LGBT, that is not considered sexual harassment. These Segregated Labor union are behind every movement. https://youtu.be/k0Cih7Ut93g

>"offensive remarks about appearance, body or sexual activities,"
Calling someone fat is sexual harassment now?
i hope not. when i call some bitch fat i don't want her to think i'm hitting on her. aww gawd, gross

File: rf6hupesgr921.jpg (42 KB, 640x640)
42 KB
Democratic Socialist New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez criticized a reporter for not describing Republican Congressman Steve King as “racist.”

In a tweet Friday, David M. Drucker, a senior political correspondent for DC Examiner, tweeted that Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa and House minority whip Steve Scalise had spoken, following remarks in which King defended white nationalism.

King “'initiated' a convo today w/ @SteveScalise to inform them he would speak on floor to address his racially-tinged remarks,” tweeted Drucker, who says on his profile he is also a CNN political analyst and Vanity Fair contributor.

Hundreds of Twitter users criticised the reporter for the use of the phrase “racially tinged,” saying he should have used the word “racist” instead.

Among them was Ocasio Cortez.

"You spelled “racist” wrong,” she tweeted in response to Drucker.

"At this point those who use the terms “racially tinged” or “racially charged” to describe white supremacy should be prepared to explain why they chose to employ those terms instead of “racist”/“racism.” If the answer is their own discomfort, they’re protecting the wrong people," she continued.

Drucker thanked Ocasio Cortez for her comment, responding,"appreciate the edit."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
68 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>the onion
Even so, that's funny. C-SPAN by congressional member. Fund it!
I think you may need to rework this one a bit more before trotting it out in public.
We all can't get the Russians to spoon feed us stuff anon.
The quip makes no sense though. If he is arguing that Moore is a pedophile, which is the only reason to bring him up, than clearly he would not care for the AoC. So the statement comes off more as an exoneration of Moore than anything else.
It's funny because Moore is a pedo and he lost a sure win election because of it.

File: trump fast food.jpg (67 KB, 680x453)
67 KB

President Donald Trump is personally paying for the meals that will be provided to the Clemson University football team during their national championship celebration at the White House on Monday night, CNN has learned.

Earlier Monday, Trump told reporters, unprompted, that he is serving "McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King's with some pizza."

"I think that would be their favorite food, so we'll see what happens," he added.

"The President wanted to host a fun event to celebrate the College Football National Champion Clemson Tigers," deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told CNN in a statement.

"Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed -- so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone's favorite fast foods," he said.

Returning to the White House on Monday evening from a brief trip to New Orleans for a speech, Trump told reporters that he was providing the Tigers with the fast-food dinner -- "paid for by me" -- as a result of the shutdown.

"Because of the shutdown, you know we have the great Clemson team with us, the national champions. So we went out and we ordered American fast food, paid for by me," Trump said. "Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
150 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That would have been too far. Serving Chik-fil-A would be homophobic.
You mean like when you took "I think that's their favorite food" to mean "I actually asked them and they told me it was their favorite food"?
Backing this claim up because the truth never rides alone.
You should stop talking to yourself.

Besides, look how miserable they are! They hate it!
>audio testimony of the kids saying they requested fast food for the white house meal

File: s56gwenmzc921.jpg (59 KB, 811x457)
59 KB
In a dramatic escalation of his efforts to sway public opinion, President Trump chose the gravity of the Oval Office to try to create a sense of crisis in pursuit of an elusive campaign promise.

His speech was a compendium of arguments, some of dubious nature, that he has made before: The border is being overrun by dangerous criminals who have committed violent crimes in this country; migrant women and children are being victimized; the opioid crisis stems directly from a flood tide of illegal drugs crossing the southern border; his plan to secure that border includes advanced technology, more law enforcement personnel and, yes, a barrier costing $5.7 billion that would be made of steel slats, in deference, he said, to Democrats who oppose a concrete wall — a change Democrats say they never asked for.

Ultimately, there will have to be an agreement to reopen the government, though exactly on whose terms remains the sticking point. Trump may hope he can get his wall by means other than compromise; Democrats may think they can crush Trump right at the start of a new Congress. That is the nature of the standoff and the reason the president felt the need to use the ultimate bully pulpit to make his case Tuesday night.

55 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You're talking about people who willingly choose to die for corporate interests. They're not worth remembering, let alone their opinions, let alone their political ones.
and here, the bitter heart of an effeminate lefty is revealed. The rage they feel at their impotent existence overspills, and they curse real men from afar, wishing secretly in their twisted souls, hidden almost even from their own consciousness, , that they could be a real man too. but alas, it is not destined to be. and so they cry out in the night, a bitter, womanly squeal in the wind.
You mean the walls that are always in cities and towns, separating human occupied, closed space, and privately owned buildings and properties from the outside? To answer your question, no I don't often see walls separating entire open spaced deserts, forests, and grasslands, which are not privately owned by any single entity. This describes most of where the border wall would be built on.
>I came with stipulations, they are many
I feel like i shouldn't have to explain walls to people. It's really, really not a new thing. no they aren't magic and impenetrable to every possible situation. It's a fucking wall. people been doing it for thousands of years
if you ever left your progressive shithole city you would notice that any highway you drive down there are almost always fences surrounding entire open spaced deserts, forests, and grasslands. You're just an NPC who wants immigration for no particular reason and a wall is a symbol against what you think you want. the funny thing is that corporations/media/movies/etc have paid a lot of money to implant that idea into your unsuspecting, NPC brain. and you don't even really know why you think anything at all.

File: trump shutdown.jpg (13 KB, 310x162)
13 KB
At midnight on Saturday, the shutdown entered its 22nd day, which makes it the longest gap in American government funding ever.

That beats the previous record, under President Bill Clinton in 1995, of 21 days.
352 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This. Furthermore, government CREATES the market in which businesses operate, via regulation and it's cancerous cousin regulatory capture. Asking government and business to measure to the same ruler is asinine.
>Pelosi is a deal maker and technocrat, but lacks that charisma to inspire which I assume is why she never had presidential aspirations
I think it's more because she recognizes that being president = peaking - once you leave the office you're essentially no longer a public official. No president has ever held a public office AFTER the office of president, to my knowlege.

So she sits in a middle office for twenty, thirty, forty years, making slow but steady policy.
>That is not true. There's no physical law that says government is always more expensive to do something.

Generally speaking, the government can not adapt to market forces and becomes more and more inefficient as time progresses. The only thing that the government truly excels at is war.
Again, this is not necessarily true. There is no reason why government couldn't operate like any business. Supply and demand is universal. Government is not bad at economics because it's government. That being said I don't advocate for government to produce things a market could easily do.

>The only thing that the government truly excels at is war.
This is also wrong. Governmentso excel at creating new markets. Only governments have the resources to invest in things with no clear return on investment. Most of modern tech depend on Satellites which came from government programs. Manufacturing of clothing came from the need for army uniforms in the civil war. As just a few examples.
Basically everything comes from government investment to get it off the ground, then it trickles into the market where market forces act and we see great improvement from compitition.
>There is no reason why government couldn't operate like any business.
Having cheats enabled is a pretty good fucking reason.

File: attack.png (791 KB, 768x432)
791 KB
791 KB PNG

Washington (CNN)ISIS has claimed responsibility for a deadly explosion that killed four Americans -- two US service members, a defense contractor and a Department of Defense civilian -- in the Syrian city of Manbij on Wednesday, according to the US military.

All four US personnel that were killed were Americans, according to Commander Sean Robertson, a spokesman for the Pentagon.
The civilian was an intelligence expert who was with the troops hoping to collect information about security and adversaries in the area, according to three US officials.

"Two US service members, one Department of Defense (DoD)civilian and one contractor supporting DoD were killed and three service members were injured while conducting a local engagement in Manbij, Syria," US Central Command said in a statement.

"Initial reports indicate an explosion caused the casualties, and the incident is under investigation," the statement said.

Prior to Wednesday's attack, only two US service members had been killed in action in Syria since the start of the campaign in 2014.

The US-led coalition confirmed earlier Wednesday that US service members were killed in the attack, but did not provide details regarding the number of casualties at the time and said the service members were "conducting a routine patrol" at the time of the explosion.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>CIA literally funds ISIS through American proxies
>Has been caught multiple times providing weapons, money, and arms to cells that either turn to ISIS or launder into ISIS cells
>People who are the only reason they still exist start to leave
>Pitch a fit and blow shit up
Gee, I wonder what the solution here is?
Maybe we should give them some more Javelin missiles to make them feel better.
>military group being defeated means they can't still attack you
>expecting that pockets of resistance provided by remaining ISIS fighters waging an asymmetrical war are all going to turn over their weapons and shake hands with the opposite team when they know most of them are going to be executed immediately after

>>hand ISIS a giant victory
One suicide bombing is not a victory you neocon fuck, they're fanatics backed into a corner they know they can't escape from, with or without the US being present.
Send the widows some Burger Kings and pizza.
The American way.
A true burger funeral

File: 1524547331546.jpg (43 KB, 500x659)
43 KB
Trump's wing of the party is defeated again, but Republicans voters still have to live with the sins that they elected a fascist though.


A Washington state Republican committee voted to boot an openly fascist podcaster, seven months after The Daily Beast revealed his racist ties.

James Allsup, 22, is a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, and marched with them during the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. Despite his public affiliation with the racist right, Allsup managed to obtain a role with the Whitman County Republican Committee earlier this year, after he ran unopposed. Seventh months after Allsup’s quiet election, Whitman County Republicans moved to eject him from their group, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported Monday.

In early June, Allsup announced that he’d become a precinct committee officer (PCO) with his county’s Republican committee. Under Washington law, PCOs are publicly elected officials who manage local affairs for specific political parties. The role is small, but PCOs earn a vote and a voice within the local committee.

Allsup’s election was part of a plan to infiltrate mainstream Republican groups and pull them to the far right.

In an Identity Evropa podcast earlier this year, Allsup recommended listeners work with “three or four fashy goy [fascist, non-Jewish] friends” and “take over your school’s College Republicans group and move it to essentially being an alt-right club.”

After The Daily Beast reported on Allsup’s PCO role, some Republicans distanced themselves from him. "The executive committee is going to meet and see if we have the ability to not seat him," Art Swannack, a Whitman County Republican Committee member, told Washington’s The Inlander.
27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>If I tell him to go use google maybe he'll go away
name one fascist party in control of any aspect of any government in existence today. oh, looks like you're a century too late old sport
i don't think you understand how the "no true Scotsman" fallacy works...
who cares. race is boring, find something else to bitch about already
The democratic party


>Safety inspectors are being recalled to monitor flights, food
>Trump set to sign bill on Wednesday to give workers back pay

Full article forthcoming.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Unpaid internships are in fact illegal and have been for some time.

But it was your employer breaking the law, not you. You can sue them, if you really weren't being cimoensated in any way.
Technically they can be fired for not showing up to work.

Realistically if they all went home it would occur exactly as you describe, but most of them don't because they see their work as valuable and continue to do it regardless.
To get unemployment requires that they have the promise of getting paid back by the gov

Others work a pretty good job and rather hold on to it.

Finally a good chunk of them are quiting or calling in sick.
Pay them in Burger Kings and pizza.
Obamacare had been passed in 2010. It was LAW. Since the Republicans were single-minded in getting it repealed eventually they decided the only way to get rid of it was to hold the government hostage.

So (a) the wall doesn't already exist, unlike Obamacare and (b) it's not like there isn't actual arguments to oppose the wall or support Obamacare. Obamacare ended up being so popular that Republicans couldn't fully get rid of it once they got in in 2016, and the wall is a pointless project that will do nothing to stop where most undocumented migrants come from (airports.)

File: Erdoğan.jpg (19 KB, 600x400)
19 KB

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a blunt put-down Tuesday against White House national security advisor John Bolton over his pledges to ensure Turkish nonaggression against Kurds who fought against the Islamic State in Syria.

“We cannot accept Bolton’s messages given from Israel,” the Turkish president said, adding that Bolton made a “serious mistake,” Reuters reported.


Turkey's president has strongly rejected US calls for his country to protect Kurdish fighters in Syria.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said such statements made by US National Security Adviser John Bolton at the weekend were "unacceptable".

Mr Bolton was in Ankara to seek guarantees that a Kurdish militia battling the Islamic State group would be safe after US troops pulled out.

Turkey regards the People's Protection Units (YPG) as a terrorist group.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is it because of that jewish nose of yours?
Turkey has a persistent separatist movement in the eastern regions of their country, many of whom are Kurds. They want the same thing the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds want - a nation of their own, Kurdistan.

The chaos created by the upheval of the last fifteen years has given them the best chance they've ever had at getting this, so they've gotten really bullheaded about it, which has angered Turkey further. They're really not into the idea of a bordering nation captained by who they percieve to be terrorists.

They've got reason to be angry - Turkish Kurds have not been peaceful in their assertions.

Of course, much like Israel, having legitimate grievance does not justify literally any response.
hah, that's rich coming from a country that bankrolled and harboured isis fighters. Eat ching
Previously a western(ish) style democracy, now an Islamic autocracy, all about murdering dissidents
Not Islamic, all about the democracy, not so much into murdering dissidents. Or being murdered.

As you can see, they are natural enemies
nice generalization. if you knew anything about them even you would hate them.

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