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File: kujikawa rise.jpg (374 KB, 800x1200)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
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This song was hype as fuck
File: laura cute.webm (193 KB, 350x226)
193 KB
Thanks Laura I love you
File: 1490145234687.gif (768 KB, 500x340)
768 KB
768 KB GIF
still gives me goosbumps
P4 had such a godly soundtrack
The Lotus Juice remix is fucking top tier

File: D1-NJ93XQAE4nrd.jpg (61 KB, 1920x734)
61 KB
El gaber just confirmed a new half life, arriving in the next 5 years
You can't make this shit up
The mad man
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>nothing that happened in the past is real
>actually believing gabe confirmed HL3 in an email last year and it's just now coming out
I too would like to masturbate to this.
File: 1548235297592.jpg (63 KB, 400x400)
63 KB
>Tyler asks people to send them Gabe emails
>Someone sends this
>He is either retarded enough to believe it or is just shilling it for promotion
I hope nobody seriously believes that Gabe half a fucking year ago emailed some rando telling them about a new Half Life game, and that rando kept it too himself.

I REALLY hope you people are just shitposting, and don't honestly believe it.
>actually believing only the present is real
chromosome superfluous

File: justme.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
*Blocks your path*
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The botched bank robbery in Saint Denis was a kino mission. I fucking love moments where shit hits the fan and I feel Rockstar is the best at that.
File: fishing.webm (952 KB, 960x540)
952 KB
It is extra sad when you realize that the two best games are made/written/directed by fucking europoors.
What the fuck are Americans doing? Why don't they take advantage of their mythology?
Nah he became selfish and was brainwashed by all the grandiose adventure books he read
fuck, meant for >>454992315
After Hosea died and Arthur / John were constantly doubting Dutch, Micah crept close to Dutch really easily.

File: bald dude.jpg (5 KB, 222x227)
5 KB
>he listens to game soundtracks to fall asleep
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adam sessler looks a lot better now.
File: dab.jpg (57 KB, 887x960)
57 KB
I listen to D&D podcasts to fall asleep. Critical role and unexpectables are maximum comfy
The dude is still good looking at least, so he's got that going for him. Whereas some people live and die by their hair. How does it happen though? How does one person lose so much hair? Something so full and thick can just die in a few short years.
>he falls asleep
do you just use soap or body wash on your scalp when you're bald? what's the protocol here

File: file.png (844 KB, 1024x683)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
>It's a dexterity weapon
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Well, yeah?
File: 1545104248145.png (3 KB, 231x212)
3 KB
>Let's give John the ability to change the past with absolutely no consequences!
>And have him save ONLY ONE PERSON from dying!
As long as it's not some kind of ultra great sword a two handed sword is faster than a one handed one. Has to do with the grip and the fact that a two handed sword is actually not much heavier than a one handed one.
Please don't remind me of how Hussie ruined his own story.
Kid Icarus Uprising

>these QTEs
holy shit
what the FUCK were they thinking
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interrupting combos because you have to dodge sucks
so you can hold any button in a combo, dodge while holding it, and then resume the combo from there.
Ah, in that case I agree. Also worth noting that there's another difference between option for long and short combos in Bayo that I haven't seen a lot people mention. Damage scaling. IIRC, PKP (hold) inflicts its damage-per-hit faster than longer combo variants (I'm probably wording this wrong). If for some reason you lose your wicked weave during PPPKKK (like having to dodge cancel the last hit) you'll possibly do less damage than opting for a shorter one. IMO it's a good way of making the player have to choose situationally what the best option is, instead of going for PPPKKK or similar every time
I have no idea how you got through Hard in bayo 1 without dodge offset. The first fight against Jeanne forced me to learn it.

Dodge offset is still present in bayo 2, and it will help you have more fun with that game for sure. However, bayo 2 is also a game that lets you activate Umbran Climax and obliterate everything on screen without effort, so it's not mandatory to use dodge offset.
So punch>kick>punch and hold each button. Notice how she keeps firing her guns? Now while holding one of the buttons dodge(and continue holding). When the dodge ends press the next button in the sequence. You’ll get the ender.

Punch>kick(hold)>dodge(while still holding kick)>dodge ends(let go do kick now)>Punch

You’ll get the punch weave even though you dodged. Now you can dodge on reaction of enemies and maintain your weave sequence.
>>I've recently started the PS3 version.
Anon you need to do research before you buy games. GTFO. The PS3 version is dog shit and runs at like 30fps. The 360/WiiU/Switch versions are all better, but the PC version is ideal. The PS3 version is unplayable.

What is /v/‘s opinion about Raiden, from Metal Gear Solid?
hot robot
he was the lightning in that rain

File: save.png (24 KB, 1198x571)
24 KB
Use vidya logic to do the thing.
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Because mods are retards
no u
but where is his patreon he has been dropping
I don't think she needs saving...

File: gabe_half-life.png (250 KB, 1809x818)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
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except you need a decent PC to run it, plus controllers. And my phone only cost $100.
File: 1532077434630.gif (1.73 MB, 520x262)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
>I'm a massive failure
Who cares.
Enjoy yourself, just don't be mean to others and you're okay.
based wise anon, I'll try :)

File: sekiro-24-1534764186.jpg (442 KB, 1920x1080)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Will it be as good as Bloodborne?
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it will run at above 10fps on my PC so that already puts it above Bloodborne in the gameplay department
That's a hell of a fucking low bar
You're going to be beating on enemies forever if you don't parry though.
File: 1509884963415.png (81 KB, 645x729)
81 KB
>it has to be souls like because it's from Froms

File: abasd.png (341 KB, 695x720)
341 KB
341 KB PNG

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should i make an account on the tender wesbite bros?
>>set in la
VTM, and a lot of OWoD games, are intended to be played in LA. There is stuff for other parts of the world/setting, but most of the interesting stuff(that new characters can, in theory, deal with) is in LA.
I never played the PnP so I can't really say much about the ruleset, but the 90s setting is so important to the IP I don't think that even White Wolf understood this.

>not ny
Sounds more relevant with it's oppressive city scape.
I'm just gonna say this: WoD MMO.

File: asd.jpg (52 KB, 616x353)
52 KB
what's the /v/erdict? i want to play a highly customisable rpg
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Keep in mind though that it depends on difficulty.

I've never played Pathfinder in my life, I kept all my characters pure in their classes and still beat it on normal without huge difficulty (some parts were challenging, but I could get through it all more or less).

But as you go higher up, you're expected to min-max more.
Yes, a lot of martial classes, especially ones without 1 BAB per level, really have issues on higher difficulties.
I did it? I did!
Easily the best of the RTWP-revivals. Still flawed in some ways but definitely worth playing.
>a lot of martial classes
Perfect. Fuck martials. Caster supremacy is the best.

File: 1541382564031.png (15 KB, 528x434)
15 KB
The funny thing is, I don't even like video games.
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Wojakify this image.
File: 710.jpg (39 KB, 532x487)
39 KB
So how exactly do you win an internet argument when there's no moderator to declare the winner?
There is a moderator to declare the winner. When the thread gets 404'd whoever had the last post is the winner.
you yourself decide if you won or not which is usually done by replying to the guy you're arguing with by saying "BTFOed" or greentexting his argument and a brainlet wojak along side it
File: a toast 3.jpg (143 KB, 1200x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
When you close the thread you win

File: wow2.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB

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It makes me sad that there's nowhere near as much Night Elf/Human art as there is of Humans with High Elves
The world needs more like this.

The only Night Elf/Human couple I can think of is that one Night Elf RPer who ships herself with Khadgar
Boring vs Retarded
You lose either way
Or you could be Alliance and, you know... have it consensual.

Why is this card allowed
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oh so you don't have to tutor for Buzz and Phero? This acts exactly like an EX or basic GX?

That's fucked up.
That doesn't feel like something you can't play around at all. It's probably good when the meta first started, but once it adapts and people start playing hammers again, nobody's gonna let it set up 8 grass energy if they can do something about it.

It's not like Buzzwole itself that was doing everything for 1 fighting energy attachment per turn. And if you had a choice band and strong energy that was 30+20+30 to the active and 30 to the bench while being super effective on Zoroark for a potential 190 damage for one energy. 60 to the active and 30 to bench is comparable from the same attack, but grass weaknesses aren't nearly as common so this Jet Punch isn't nearly as strong one people start playing the disruption again that used to be relatively useless vs Buzzwole and Zoroark.
File: 73694767_p2.jpg (398 KB, 729x1032)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Would you fug a bug?
The gx extra effect isn’t normally what you go for but you can use a card called green’s search that allows you to search for 2 trainers if your Pokémon have no abilities in play and a card called lt. surge which says that you can play two more supporters the turn you play it if you are behind on prizes, so you can surge double green’s search for 4 beast rings to accelerate all 8 energy in 1 turn
>tfw most tag teams have more hp than stage 2 gxes
Feels bad bros

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