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File: skavenvsdwraf.jpg (345 KB, 1280x720)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
>play Warhammer 2
>play Skaven
>Get two armies filled with Clan Rats, Warplock Jezzails, Ratling Guns, Rat Ogres and Mind Flayers
>Attack a single Dwarven Army led by Belegar Ironhammer, consisting of basic Dwarf Warriors
>He has only 800 men vs my 5 fucking thousand, but it says it's 90% in his favour
>WTF must be a fluke, decide to manual fight it
>Engage the dwarfs
>They will. not. fucking. die
>Only basic dwarf warriors, but each unit is getting 300+ kills
>my skaven are getting 5 kills each, if that
>all his units have armour piercing, armour, anti-large, and he has 3 fucking ghost pals that can't take damage because they're ethereal and I have no magic attack
>literally spend thousands of skaven grinding down his bullshit fucking dwarves
>surround them, blast them warp bullets, smash them with rat ogres
>nothing works except rat ogres, who are promptly killed by one fucking dwarf unit of heavy weapon guys who take no losses
>the dwarfs won't even run

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Even better if it turns on you, then you can swamp the map with rats you dont have to micro.

Queek is an extremely rare Skaven female who managed to blend in with the males and escape being turned into a broodmother. This is why Queek has a 'bizarre' obsession with cleanliness and can understand the concept of loyalty, which are both unknown concepts in Skavenkind. All Skaven females would have a mindset similar to Queek if they weren't being constantly kept in a drug fuelled rapehell
File: 1593913433388.jpg (4 KB, 343x147)
4 KB
File: 1393317443952.gif (1.38 MB, 349x254)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
Queek Headtaker? more like Queef Headgiver.
File: fleshworks entrance.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1440)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Look closely at the picture.
The Aetherials were kidnapping women and turning them into birthing vessels. There's mounds of these writhing birthing machines shitting out fucked up abominations to conquer the world with.
You're missing out.
The music is also good.

File: doomshotgun.jpg (103 KB, 640x334)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>If the shotgun is shit the game is shit
Has this timeless truth ever been false?
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.357 will go through a person though, maybe not through an American, though
>noguns nigger
you didn't even know revolvers can have 8 rounds in them without being .22
picture helps
doom 3 shotgun was a piece of shit but the game itself was still good
CSGO is all about tactics. In the right place, at the right time, a shotgun can be extremely usefull. A good example would be guarding the exits of the terrorist spawn as a terrorist in office. They just aren't versatile weapons, you gotta know when to use your shotgun and when to put it back and take out your pistol.
so it's a good melee weapon then.

File: 1525489885099.jpg (246 KB, 2048x864)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
This is your average Final Fantasy 14 guild.
Don't be a faggot, start playing WoW today.
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That’s pretty fucked up honestly.
File: 1595787599775.png (46 KB, 110x239)
46 KB
ROchads would just play on Origins. I still love my niggas
File: f66871f476.png (1.88 MB, 893x1032)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
lol None of them would survive in the Arena.
Well of course this too. PvP always felt like an afterthought and in many cases like XIV it was, so it's just inherently worse than just playing a fucking multiplayer game.

File: 1619280914648m.jpg (118 KB, 977x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
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File: 701Hawlucha[1].png (360 KB, 870x870)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>Literally have an actual luchador pokemon with an interesting typing
>Bro what if Pikachu but lunchador pikachu
I will never stop being mad

Who is this artist? Anyone?
Titties, no.
Huge ass, that's where it's at.
Not being confident enough for Eevee.
pika coom

File: RE9.png (916 KB, 1358x501)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
ITT: We make guesses at what's going to happen in Resident Evil 9. I bet were playing as Rosemary and she's going to have to overcome her evil orgin ala Silent Hill 3 Heather Mason and Alessa Gillespie. Rose is going to have to kill her molded dad and deal with Eveline in her head all while saving the day from the next bioweapon cult.
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nobody cares faggot
They will appeal even more to the coomer crowd. It will be called Resident Evil : dominatrIX
File: the og 4.jpg (131 KB, 944x847)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I just want one RE game staring the original 4. Is that so much to ask.
File: clairersherryre2.jpg (85 KB, 1200x680)
85 KB
rose is a troubled daughter who will need not only a competent partner but one who will be a supportive oneesan which leads us to the only logical conclusion as to the identity of the silhouette on the road
In no possible way is Capcom losing Alcina and her daughters after gaining such easy cash off them. They'll come back, they always come back.
What keeps them alive is always fan popularity. As long the fans will it, they will not die. Capcom knows this very well, after all Resident Evil is 25 years old.

File: girl 1 and girl 2.png (5 KB, 312x211)
5 KB
games for this feel?
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She can eat me.
for me it's the one with her tongue out
Top right qtpie for me.
I understood that reference.
File: 32f.jpg (10 KB, 251x242)
10 KB
OP absolutely btfo

File: 1610070617098.png (189 KB, 462x450)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>game is 90 GB
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Remember when Max Payne 3 being like 30 gigs or some shit was newsworthy?
console kids and niggers are cucks. Did you know most COD niggers only have 500gb console storage and still fill 250gb of that with one shitty game, and not a single complaint or peep out those faggots, they happily take publisher dick with a smile
File: 1586929973492s.jpg (9 KB, 250x208)
9 KB

>online only
Gomu Gomu no-
the one in the PS5 is 825GB and yes there's a chunk reserved for system files. They have kept the file sizes for their first party games pretty reasonable though: Spider-Man and Demon's Souls are both 50GB. They you have CoD Cold War which is 225GB.

File: 1619821991486.jpg (21 KB, 231x259)
21 KB
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wingtalons typed this post
Depends on how much raw the weapon has, right? Attack boost 4 is 10 raw, so Exploit would be equal on a 200 raw weapon, and better on anything with higher raw. Exploit also adds shelling damage for GL though, so it's generally just better there.
I see Ive got an Attack 3 Charm so I can probably make that work minus evade extender, so it should end up looking something like this?

Attack 7
Handicraft 4
Crit Boost 3
Masters Touch 3
Imma just stick with the attack boost then, thanks
What does handicraft 4 even do on Hi Ninja? There's like no bar left to improve.

File: Gb8LJIC4wy9vjAtWABszHg.jpg (584 KB, 780x1080)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
Where does it lie on the scale of goodness?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Somewhere between Jeffrey Epstein and the last shit Jeffery took.
I spent about 10-15 hours playing this before I realized nothing new was happening. All I can say is I'm glad I didn't pay for it. It's worth pirating, that's about it.
VERY cool concept, however, it doesn't go hard enough, not enough unique tile combinations.

the plot sort of hinders a sequel, the Main Character or "Loop Hero" is already so powerful that he easily ranks in the top 10 strongest protags in video game or comic book or anime history.
Interesting concept, great execution. I really enjoyed it and 100% all achivements but it sucks that there is not more content than that.
The game is fun until you realise it isn't.

File: Franchise killer.jpg (234 KB, 455x607)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

Others have been calling it for awhile but its over.
>Crash 5 is dead
>Wumpa League is dead
>Spyro 4 is dead

Long live Call of Duty.
61 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>did the fucking box art.
Sure thing, pal.
he's designing for a new sonic game
>sure she could have just been a new character at that rate
She IS a new character, she's not the Tawna from Crash 1.
File: 1544468236711.png (977 KB, 1895x1077)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
Right, their skeleton crew missing all the designers that made crash 4 such a mess is still pumping out a bug fix patch once every 6 months
Half of /v/ wouldn't buy Crash 4 cause they slightly changed Coco's design so they couldn't jerk off to her.
Also working on DLC =/= can never make a game again according to anti-crashers.

File: firefox_AyB7iuAubL.png (11 KB, 601x230)
11 KB
Battlefieldbros... we're going home
305 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh boy, can't wait for the next months to have a battlefield shill thread up 24/7, saying how we are going home and then all discussion to drop dead 3 days after release
Its already up 24/7 for a week now.
new bf2 has like 20k players still, the old shitty bf2 has like maybe a fraction of that
They lost a shitload of money with 1 and V, especially V. The suits won't let them
>people get hyped to a game
>people discuss a game that just came out
Woah, rocket science

File: 1620409093693.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>'Doktor! Turn off my gamer word inhibitors!'
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>it's time for all jack to join the 13 percent!
Blasting my favorite song over the mic and they can't even ban me
Stop being racist, nigger.
nigger nigger chicken dinner

File: 2379.jpg (383 KB, 1200x1350)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
How did Nintendo do it?
352 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
this board was adamant a couple years ago that botw "won't influence anything"
BOTW is just New Vegas - unfinished barebones "game" with empty world and no content released in state is it hoping retards would swallow it - and they did.
or you could just ride a tree to get to the shrine, even if a player has the resources to tank it the odds are low that they actually would want to - humans have a deep-rooted desire to keep their resources, and that has an affect on how you play video games as well. It's why hoarding items in RPGs is so common.
it is arthur, he reposts his own pastas as images to get around the spam filter
Thank god Genshin exists and btfo tendies so all they can do now is seeth powerlessly.

>best games of all time list
>half of it is JRPGs
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
turn based games are barely video games
most jrpgs are literally menu simulators. all the hard work is in the art and spritework. the actual game is just roshambo with a spreadsheet that probably took a day to code and can be copypasted into several games in a row. rpg fans cannot tell the difference as long as the spreadsheet numbers are changed. there is nothing fun or interesting about clicking a button to read text then clicking a button to read more text. this is ancient shit game design that should have died with the 3d era.

anything particularly made by square is just bottom of the barrel low effort shit, barely worth playing. games with deep lore and stories are great but they have to come with equally deep gameplay or else it's just a picture book. attempts to make the turn based games work in real time have extremely mixed results and most of the time it's just a janky and shit compromise between the two combat methods to appease the oldfags.

anyone who claims a non-action game to be better than a game with real player agency has no business opining on video games at all
File: Adventure_Box_Front.jpg (25 KB, 270x376)
25 KB
it's actually been a thing since about 1980 and it was shit then and it's still shit now
even americans make better rpgs
File: twewy combat.jpg (54 KB, 256x384)
54 KB
>Also visible encounters may have improved the worst aspect about JRPGs but the gameplay is still just press one button which has not changed.
Holy fuck, play more JRPGs.
File: 1605041666269.png (57 KB, 229x137)
57 KB
Not him, but why the fuck are you defending an entire genre of video games that you know absolutely nothing about?
Whether you're a WRPGfag or JRPGfag, just shut the fuck up if you're a clueless retard.
morrowind you fucking n'wah

File: Bloodlines.jpg (32 KB, 360x360)
32 KB
>is secretely the best game in the series
78 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>have been free to do this for six years
Did you know that the eight legged horse Sleipnir was depicted in central asian communities as well? It was a representation of travelling caravans. Pre-eminent researcher of the Kurgans Mihail Gryaznov had this hypothesis:

> "According to ancient authors, nomadic hordes (Large relatives communities (aşiret)/little (kabile) - tribals) Massagetae and Scythians moved across the steppes in carts. Each family had a pair of oxen and a cart ("eight-legged Scythians"), which served as her permanent home. The wagon people were born, lived, worked and died there. The men traveled on horseback, and the women ran the wagon, which were their children and all the family's property was."

Pic related are many depictions of the eight legged horse found in Kazakhstan and the Altai region
Nigel please I’ve been making fun of your asiatic race before you were even born. And my ancestors made fun of you before you even entered into Europe en mass in 100-600AD.
Pic related is an Orkhon stone which contains inscriptions that are clearly the root of Futhark (germanic runes). These Orkhon stones exist all over Mongolia and predate the oldest stone in Sweden which was from 200AD. This indicates a clear root of the germanic language.

welp, ac threads are pointless. time to move to r/assassinscreed boys

File: 1616373794501.jpg (237 KB, 1920x1080)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
you get all your endings yet?
249 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Emils shop theme plays at ending B Emil with the automata music on
I laughed out loud
I can't believe Emil fucking dies at the end of Automata.
File: 1613247747964.png (160 KB, 265x379)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
File: 1232132132132132131.jpg (173 KB, 500x500)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
only some of his heads, plenty of suffering still waiting for him.
No he dont gay homo

Imagine a LOTR open world game using the whole LOTR map.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
anon, tolkien is too problematic these days. Nothing like this can ever be recreated anymore. Even the amazon's show is set in the most degenerate period in the lore because you can't sell anything without sex and gore anymore apparently.
Then delete the OP before you get monkey pawed
I want this
Yea, it's really frustrating. They think appealing to the GoT audience with LoTR is the way but really it's going to make people fucking hate it.

File: RE Village Sales.png (425 KB, 748x576)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
And people tell me Xbox is still relevant?
177 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
They did you fucking retard and PS5 is the leading platform so fuck off
>as recently as 2018
2018 is three years ago and stats are for a console only popular in the usa

capcom's switch figure is for 3 years of activity for a console popular worldwide, even if you consider this a "recent" figure you're retarded for not seeing this as disingenuous as fuck
>subject to material platform limitations
Wouldn't that mean the contract specifically means it doesn't block the game from performing better on, say, the Xbox?
File: 1606806301355.png (173 KB, 1188x1115)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
I'm sure this doesn't count either.
File: 1619440317436.jpg (188 KB, 1010x570)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Because MS gave out dev kits later. Same reason they rushed out the PS 5 after MS revealed technical data for the SeX. And "so far" isnt saying much, seeing how, since the start of the gen, we havnt really even truelly had a real next gen multi plat. Everyting else runs and looks better on the SeX.

File: star citzen.jpg (128 KB, 792x890)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
18 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ATz7UWL.jpg (31 KB, 800x373)
31 KB
it will never release
Funny, because your writing is very cult-like itself
Oh fuck off
File: DcGad5RW4AA-TeK.jpg (92 KB, 680x511)
92 KB
Just a reminder that all the directors and senior management at CIG know the game isnt possible as scoped and knew it wouldnt release when they said it would but continue to lie and take money regardless.
File: Sandigif1_zps609465b7.gif (2.82 MB, 360x270)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF

what do you think of the new warthog?
66 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
So are these redesigns of old enemy ranks or new ones entirely? The elites looked nothing like this in the first trailer

I like the warthog. Seems like something ONI would make
File: craig.png (343 KB, 730x445)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
>maybe it will have super durability
I guess. The blog post where it was posted mentioned "using it to run over brutes". Also they're doing a new dynamic damage system to warthogs so they won't just blow up when they take enough damage.
New ones. Named bosses iirc

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