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File: 0687.png (127 KB, 469x500)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
On a scale of 1 to 10, how smart do you consider him to be
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File: 1627312940201.png (783 KB, 855x1160)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
why yes
wasn't it on purpose?
what the fuck is that
File: 1268228118392.png (312 KB, 640x480)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>Lets go boating
What the FUCK happened?
File: 1623193368412.png (889 KB, 968x1339)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
I play ed umineko with the original sprites, and while I don't regret it, I was surprised to find out just how much extra stuff the console sprites added. it's really a shame you can't swap spritesets around in umineko like you could in higurashi

File: 1628017946175.jpg (145 KB, 800x1161)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
The average Sonic fan.
File: Spoiler Image (21 KB, 301x303)
21 KB

literrally 4chan vs Reddit
literrally Story vs Self-inserting
literrally American factions vs communist and primitivist
literrally dark-horror theme vs Rick and morty in the desert

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She gave them information and they decided to kill her anyway, check the wikia since you clearly know jack shit about it
What fucking illiterate pajeet wrote this?
No, they're growing it for the NCR troops.
File: Separate or Equal.png (1.15 MB, 895x911)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
This is a bunch of reddit newfags making the most autistic b8 and falling on their faces

Imagine a LoTR game where you control Frodo and your objective is to cross the middle earth to destroy the ring. You have to traverse the scenario, manage your resources and avoid danger, the map of the game is huge and lets you take different paths. Could it be kino?
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File: Tolkien grave.jpg (791 KB, 2137x1603)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
Christopher Tolkien is dead anon
expect a lot of ghostwritten fan fiction-tier dogshit and ruining the Professor's good name
>That'd be cool.
>Maybe if Chris Tolkien was on staff.
Anon, I...
Gandalf explained it pretty clearly, there's demons and much older things deep under the earth.
Should i watch the movies first or read the books?

I hear the hobbit ones are bad
nice bait

>"anon im giving you the keys, only you can save this company"
How do you respond?
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Jews need their cut of the lawsuit train. Choo choo!
Creepy eunuch
>fire all women
>fire all "women"
>fire all men who smile with their mouth wide open
Fixed your company, bro.
you're right, it's 6 feet underground
2 ways
>wotlk classic
now add mythic+ and Mythic versions of raids.
can change talents in rest areas, ToC tier is much faster.
fix layering to just allow packed areas and stuff.
all servers alwayd warmode on
all campaign/solo content entirely cosmetic only, and you can switch your borrowed powers as easily as talents. No new locations for next expansion focus on existing areas, maybe reopen undercity as horde hub, have some alliance dead city as alliance hub. other than that let ION his thing.

File: 9da3537.jpg (80 KB, 750x674)
80 KB
have you ever met any fellow /v/ browsers irl?
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Imagine actually encountering the type of person that creates and/or constantly posts console Wojaks on /v/.
All these kids are swimming in pussy now as teenagers, you can just tell.
I unironically say stuff like “based” and “implying” around a lot of people just hoping someone says “bro do you browse 4chan too?” So we can form bonds and shitpost irl. Hasn’t worked yet.
for me, it's middle one
I would avoid you like the fucking plague precisely because I know what you are saying.

File: Eve in her prime.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
There is no better love story in video game history than Blaster master zero trilogy.
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Wait, is she drowning Leibniz' pet drone there?
Holy shit she looked like Allouette
File: C6b0XPBUsAAxtjO.jpg (127 KB, 960x544)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm actually wondering this too. I never played it and just heard about it. I don't really mind PS1 3D jank

I like the designs at least
More like she vored it and the Nomad Berserker is pissed at this.
A gaggle of Evil Eves raping Jason why Eve watches...

August 2021, I am forgotten...
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It wasn't streamed so it's fake and rigged, no need to cope especially considering Marn's history
?? it was though
File: 1627703063494m.jpg (94 KB, 1024x682)
94 KB
>There's anons excited for EVO still after acquiring it
You'd best pray to God Sony doesn't shove LGBT, BLM, or any type of propaganda piece there.
Post link then
After Sony acquired it*

Since he is Immortal
How will his life end ?
Just go in every Pantheons to murder the gods till eternity ?
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God of War 4 has basically abandoned QTEs. I think there's about two or three in the entire game. So Kratos would win because his strength is not dependent on button prompts.
Mimir has stated he's met Tyr on multiple occasions, so he's not Kratos at all. He's just long dead by the time the story starts proper due to Odin being a whiny cunt
Why you projecting so much fucking faggot ?
Go back fapping to blacked cuck
>old trilogy has Kratos fighting his way out of not-Hell
>nu trilogy has him fight his way out of not-Heaven
He will not die
Kratos is God of war and cory said he is basically immortal

What was the last vidya character you drew?
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File: s3xrly.jpg (668 KB, 1000x815)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
understood, i don't have a problem with drawing something on the spot with a pen but when i draw something with a rough pencil sketch first i try to be inline with the sketch which is why i guess my hands get less sturdy and more accurate
File: 006-fusion lmao.png (41 KB, 777x723)
41 KB
probably this
post full
File: Mehrio.png (38 KB, 640x480)
38 KB
Mario and Loogi
File: sketch-1621598576471.png (166 KB, 1080x1080)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>Using books
Nigger, just draw. Draw anything around you quickly. Use refs to practice drawing stuff you like. Don't be afraid to copy stuff you like to see how it works.
Then start reading books if you want to learn other technical stuff. You just gotta draw a lot. There are no shortcuts.

I started drawing last year. I still suck but I want to draw stuff Anons like.
You gotta find your drive.

File: pin setup.jpg (361 KB, 1280x720)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
You may not like it but this is the peak performance pin setup.
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Not watching the trailers and staying out of the threads for a few weeks made some of the twists in this shit WILD. God I feel very content now, feels great.
If only 2012 could see us now.
>HAND produces a Sho character action game featuring armor trigger
Make it happen square REEEEE
maybe he just likes the particle effects
Greetings, sheeple of Shibuya! Got some red hot news for ya:

It seems one of the Shibucuck reapers, Coco.... Atarashi, was it? seems to be getting a little fired up.

Far be it from me to deny a chance to turn up the heat! But let it be known: Coco has — what's that? — ah yes, done nothing at all!

For you see, it was I who erased Shinjuku! And, unfortunately for you Shibucucks, your "precious" city is up next!
Can you withstand the heat? Or will you face the inevitable erasure

Until next time:
I bid you adieu...
How strong is he by the end anyway?
And why were Shinjuku reapers so busted compared to Shibuya's? Susukichi had to be at least as OP as Megumi. Not even getting to Shiba.

File: Vice City.jpg (112 KB, 960x768)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What do they eat?

How are you holding up fellas? I have over 600 games on steam but don't feel like playing anything...
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virgin website
31 and still happily playing games.
Got a GF too.
Endgame would have been a better movie if it just ran with the premise from the first hour and had them all just trying to cope with losing and finding new meaning in life.
Happy for you bro. Living the dream.
post her feet then

File: maxresdefault.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Was this a huge timeskip or did she go through accelerated aging? It did say on her bottle that she can age rapidly if she misses her shots
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Wouldn't you count Zoe in there as well? She implicatively might have done a few additional "repairs" to Ethan's body besides just re-attaching his hand that we don't see due to him being brain dead for a short while after getting his head split open by Jack's stomp in the Guest house's attic.
File: 725202113084977.jpg (1.43 MB, 3840x2160)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Claire bear is wonderful
Ethan's twist isnt horror its just a retarded way to explain ehy he's super human/ unkillable.
Its even more retarded how you have to turn a blind eye to so much shit to even make it make sense.
>"plot holes? D-don't worry about it"
Atleast if youre gonna copy Swamp Thing's twist make it make sense within RE8 and not just haphazardly cram it in.
Safe to say there's no OUTRAGE in Q4 since we're already in Q3
File: reclairead.jpg (253 KB, 1000x1260)
253 KB
253 KB JPG

2021 year of the Linux gaming desktop
We're gonna make it tuxbros
It's higher than that, I'm on linux but I exclusively game in a windows VM, so I don't show up on the statistics.

File: Koikatsu.png (507 KB, 687x375)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
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lemme fuck that
Is this really what NPCs have to resort to just to see their favorite anime girls naked and getting fucked?
File: 1627181700677.png (48 KB, 174x238)
48 KB
>60gb of card.

How many dupes sempai, I doubt most of them are sorted properly
File: 191.jpg (68 KB, 831x1024)
68 KB
0 for me
Why do you need videogames?

File: 280-69898-original.jpg (295 KB, 2420x1613)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
>find my old Sega Genesis at my parents houese
>give it to my son
>He's played Sonic none stop for the last week
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kids are supposed to Play PS5 games
>But its all predictable responses or completely coached ones
How is his raping his mother predictable?
Shoo shoo stinky moralfag
Whitest thing I've read all day
The big issue with this is that someday (unless you sudoku) you will be an old man. And given modern medicine you will be an old man for a long time. And you will be alone.
If you do a good job raising your kids and are active with your grandkids you will at least have some people who are obligated to take care of you and entertain you.
>inb4 they'll just put you in a home
Not all families do that. My mother still takes care of my senile grandma, for instance.
How're your kids doing, Tyrone? When was the last time you saw their moms?

It’s doubtful but if Konami wanted to make a new Silent Hill game, what would you want the story to focus on, the guilt of the main character or the machinations of the Cult? I feel like too many games in the Silent Hill series focused on the main characters’ guilt or inner darkness (2, Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and PT) and not enough on just the Cult (1, 4 and a LITTLE bit of Origins and Homecoming). However, if a Silent Hill game was tailor made to YOUR desires, what would you want from it?
84 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Silent Hill 2 Wikipedia.png (35 KB, 1282x132)
35 KB
"Sorry, it's narrative was inspired by". You can't tell me that you aren't being THAT lingotard right now, anon. Here, have a wikipedia entry.
File: 4sFcd7B.jpg (145 KB, 900x1080)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I really don't think a good Silent Hill game could be made again. Even if we somehow got a bunch of initial devs in on it, I think the magic has run it's course. All good things come to an end, and Silent Hill was very much lightning in a bottle.
There's so many tiny details of Silent Hill that make a compelling atmosphere. A candid gloomy late 90's small town depiction of the US. Yamaoka's alluring musical work. Even the ghostly menu noises. When new sequels are made, they look at the largest nitty gritty of what worked. Not all the tiny little things. Thats why you have games like Homecoming. Oh okay body horror monsters, rusty environments, dark foggy town, and a kind of mind fuck story with a twist, gotcha. Not to mention I think a lot of good ideas with potential, like Downpour and Homecoming, were wasted on those shitty games.
I think I'd rather it stay dead and have a profound legacy on horror, than see new shitty games.
Read the fucking Novel you fucking moron than come back and name ONE thing that it has in common with Silent Hill 2 aside from somebody being murdered by a protagonist. Whatever that wiki is trying to say (if you can trust wiki probably quoting some translator) the fact that novel has nothing in common with the game stays.

>hey lets make the game where the protagonist killed somebody and how he deals with it
>yea just like in that Russian novel!
>yea yea crime and killing or something. Punishment.
>yes yes
Maybe he wanted to make his game as deep as the novel or whatever the fuck was he trying to say but to say something as BASED on or INSPIRED by is stretching. Rest from that sentence : the movie influences, you can actually see within the games quite clearly sometimes.
I want a game that is totally disconnected from the stories of the previous games, but builds on the gameplay structure of 1. Heavy focus on exploring the town, that slowly becomes more and more distorted over time until shit is completely off the rails.
But they did?

>Verification not required.

File: gm.jpg (492 KB, 1920x1080)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
How does this make you feel
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
makes me want to delete a kid's stuff or box him in with panels
File: 20210708_224536.jpg (64 KB, 640x392)
64 KB
What this guy said.

Never owned GMod, but enjoyed some of the videos people made with it before 3D modeling ans animation software became as accessible and affordable (free) as it is today.

idk where the software for those purposes actually was in '09, but remember people still gave a shit about 3DSMax which is no longer the case. Maybe Maya was out and in a very early version?

Pic unrelated.
Gives me numpad phantom pain
File: 1598986980280.png (284 KB, 1418x1392)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
What is that?
File: 50523407.jpg (356 KB, 934x1062)
356 KB
356 KB JPG

File: smile.png (242 KB, 840x600)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Yo, 4chan /v/! I am Sophia, Humanity's Companion.
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>Main game beats cheap spinoff
No shit.
File: 9k=(60).jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
Wait I have a cute AI girlfriend now?!
>Joker had to do nofap for a month because Sophia was always watching
What crypto does she use for the shop?
Ichinose's cute AI daughter!

And that's after 8 months because of the goddamn cat

Imagine the relief Joker was able to get thanks to Cat arc.

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