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CAST > Human > Newman > Duman/Beast
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File: phantasy_star_portable.jpg (472 KB, 2560x1600)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
But why? Beasts are no longer relevant but Dumans are in PSO2 aren't they? They're clearly here to stay. That reminds me that I still haven't played Portable 2 (despite already owning the UMD), only Portable 1.
I liked the small lore in one of the post-ending dungeons that connected Zero to PSO.
Go play it, the game is pretty good. I really liked the parrying mechanic.
>I liked the small lore in one of the post-ending dungeons that connected Zero to PSO.
Eh? Eh? Post-dungeon in which one, PS Zero? I recall finishing PS Zero but not continuing any bonus content afterwards. Unless you're talking about that one extra Final Boss Fight where you face off against Dark Falz.
Incredibly small spoiler ahead: the connection is simply that the original name of the planet is Coral, the same name as the planet the Pioneer ships came from in PSO. This puts PS Zero in either the far future or far past of the PSO timeline, so far away and with such a little connection that it doesn't even matter which.

File: download (5).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
If they don't nerf Young Link next patch, and I mean nerf him so he can't even be playable, I'll commit suicide live on stream.
What does he do that deserves a nerf?

And yet you're okay with the Belmonts?
They haven't nerfed Kirby and he's since the beginning, so just kys.
I love how his arrows can actually be used for combos.

File: 1545117987394.jpg (162 KB, 1920x1080)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
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>they call it ammo in the third game
File: 1445172913451.jpg (64 KB, 979x1068)
64 KB
Which lips?
Something even sadder is that you can get one of the old style weapons in ME3 but only as a DLC item.
File: b89.png (118 KB, 400x224)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Ah, I had such a great time with the Mass Effect Trilogy, it was very entertaining and it had an amazing setting overall, it actually amazed me. I really liked how they set up the universe around it and it didn't fee that itl too unnatural so I was able to get into it.

I also miss the purposeful butt shots during cinematics and I always used to fix the camera on Miranda's back, those tight clothes were something else, I would abstain for days just so it would be more exciting.
And it's the most broken gun. Imagine that.

File: 1521532519934.png (55 KB, 617x347)
55 KB
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File: 1533414707687.jpg (13 KB, 220x229)
13 KB


basado brainlets
The best representation of the pure unadulterated 4chan essence.

File: Miner.jpg (192 KB, 1802x2048)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
What happened to open world crafting games?
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Don't know, ask Todd Howard
Easy to start developing them, but too hard to finish. That lead to a a number of half finished games were half finished, but with little room for new competition.
File: Fancy dress.jpg (73 KB, 849x1200)
73 KB
Stay on topic, anon
>a a number of half finished games were half finished

god fucking dammit.

A Necromorph-flood hybrid contamination event has just broken out in the /v/ gaming lobby.

What video game are you playing right now and how can it help prevent the spread of the necroflood?
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No fucking shit sherlock a parasitic alien lifeform with a hive intelligence that grows with each host consumed able to use their hosts technology to fight wins?!
Would you kindly link us to at least a dozen threads on this topic?
lamo just merc up dog just take the loans
Would you kindly do a simple "flood necromorph" search on the archive, rather than asking others to spoonfeed you?
>air raider and fencer both wear masks
>ranger and wing diver both could equip masks
>even so the spores only infect dead or dying flesh not live tissue
>fencer moves at the speed of sound so direct contact is hard, air raider has vehicles and air strikes, wing diver can just stay out of reach, ranger kind of fucked though
>all classes can equip some kind of plasma or fire based weaponry so dead stuff can be gotten rid of
i can see why you would say that but the EDF is very well equipped for fighting alien threats

File: shit.jpg (9 KB, 225x224)
9 KB
Like I GET that they wanted people to use her cause that onions infested shit game is the newest IP... but I honestly to God in heaven hope whoever OK'd her OP moves trips and falls. Nothing too bad... just that they hit their shin and it really smarts the entire afternoon.

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>thinking tiers matter this early
Dumb tierfag. This is going to be a repeat of Little Mac where a newcomer is actually fun and has new gimmicks and still viable but compfags complain and complain so they nerf the newcomer instead of waiting for new ways to counter him and learn match ups.
> How much priority does the roller have?
Next to if not none at all. Any disjoint will clank with the first hit and then you have ample time to punish.
>> samus missle
>> simon boomerang
>> little mac punch
Yes, assuming it's a Smash. This might trade and bury Mac but I'm not too sure. His Dtilt would be the better option.
Inkling's roller is about as "OP" as my (Ridley's) fucking command grab. Predictable, easy to punish move that is very strong but also very very easy to land on inexperienced players, and thus really easy to spam once you realize it works on them.
What they really need to do is make it so Woomy can't essentially 0%-Death my toobig character from a fucking throw.
Fran is cute! CUTE!
File: 1543786516836.jpg (266 KB, 661x649)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Compfags never complained about little mac.

File: 1544913285914.jpg (6 KB, 219x186)
6 KB
Post your game ideas and rate others. I'll start:
>xcom but the missions are an artillery game like worms except with line of sight and different enemy types
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Everything born out of spurdo is destined for greatness
you can do this in minecraft if you try hard enough
Super zelda bros but instead of fucking the princess in the end they fuck j*nnies
Xcom but instead of aliens its set in fantasy land and you have to fight different monsters while maintaining bases around the world.

Dark Souls combat with Killing Floor matches. Survive with other players against waves of enemies with different builds and buy items in between rounds.
File: 1540407910397.jpg (43 KB, 569x802)
43 KB
Basically Cities skylines but time progresses.
Same mechanics, same everything but you start off at prehistoric times (or any other period you've unlocked) and manage a settlement. Time goes by and so does architecture evolve and it reflects the culture, regime and economic prosperity you have. For example in the 30's, you could go for american art deco, uro neoclassical or soviet commieblocks. You also have to keep your town up to date, building aquaducts at Roman times, railways for the 1800's or roads and highways for the early 1900's.
Additionally. When you pass the present era, you can choose between a utopia, with vertical gardens and spaceports and stuff, a dystopia, with factories, corporations and the lots or post apocalyptic, where your city gets nuked and you help the survivors make shanty towns out of the old, ruined skyscrapers

File: DuljKy3UYAE5QsI.jpg orig.jpg (598 KB, 4000x3800)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Are you rolling for FEH's first "armored" healer tonight?
479 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
Her pits look so soft.
Whales sure love their Fort Def/Res.
That's not going to be fun dealing with in AR/Arena.

Don't care for fate
>another fucking eirika alt
fucking retarded nips CANT YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT????
I was looking at that but I don't and can't whale i just happened to get a -spd +res sheena and had 8 silver manuals of her for fortify armor and a 5*sheena I rolled when the game came out. She will mostly be helping with infernal and other unclear GHB content.

File: 345353.png (566 KB, 759x1032)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
>Solve the case by sudden supernatural shit
This is one of the WORST thing you can do in this type of story what the fuck. It is absolutely forbidden.
The game was amazing up to that shitty asspull.
If the game has more shitty ""twists"" like that then i don't get how it gets praised so much. I will most likely drop it.
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File: miles edgeworth.png (523 KB, 933x524)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
I don't think that's true, especially for the trilogy. My favourite case in the series is 2-4 because it marries good characters with a simple case, and spends most of the time you play it just playing out those characters against each other. The "case" doesn't have much meat on its bones at all. It's definitely a good combination - a good case can make up for mediocre characters, and good characters can make up for a mediocre case. In the case of 3-5, it's the latter.
Udgy, no!
2-4 was more about everyone working together to get the truthful verdict. Mia and Pearl through spirit channeling, Gumshoe and Franziska through actually getting the evidence to the court, and Edgeworth through prolonging the trial long enough for Phoenix to present the last piece of evidence.
If one of those things didn't happen the way it did, someone innocent would have ended up dead or in jail. It's definitely one of my favorite aspects of the case.
absolute madman.
You shut up Godot's an hero, he murdered a girls mother in front of her eyes for true mamoru.

>Maya turns Judas against Phoenix and protects the asshole that killed her mother in front of her eyes
>Mia is passive as fuck, even though his stupid ex almost killed her entire family
>Godot allowed a 6 year old to carry out a murder plot, even though he stole the plans for it, he gave them back later
>Godot gloats that for all he knew the person he was murdering was the 6 year old not Mia's mom
>Godot shittalks Phoenix and says everything is his fault despite that not at all being the case
>Phoenix the bitch despite all the shit Godot pulls is groveling like a cuck and is saying chad Godot's a good guy 'cus mamoru
>lolo lets drink coffee

Fuck that case. It ruins all the main characters of AA. Probably why Takumi wanted to nuke it and start over. He knew he fucked up

File: LSK2.jpg (134 KB, 850x651)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Port Resi 4 to the switch please
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
already coming bby, no worries.
looking forward to playing it again, top 10 game for me. I always have a great time replaying it.
File: 1539684549402.jpg (90 KB, 720x751)
90 KB
could you post a link to the article please?
buy re7 cloud ver.
File: 1543654319387.gif (1.4 MB, 320x213)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
I now realise i have bought this game 5 times. Bought it twice on PS2, once on PS3, once on PC and once in PS4.
They announced that a while ago, though.

File: 1545062958481.png (378 KB, 498x528)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>that one black friend who loved anime and fighting games a little too much, who you never saw again
what was his name, /v/?
Im sorry we dont have negroes in my country
File: 1513189790448.jpg (33 KB, 419x419)
33 KB
im gonna say the N word

File: 1538747949819.png (94 KB, 223x228)
94 KB
What will be the first console you buy for your kid?
121 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FUCK OFF.jpg (46 KB, 960x720)
46 KB
imagine believing this and thinking you're redpilled
>Implying you aren't going extinct
Your god sucks pig dick mussy
The Nintendo 4d Fun-Cube

The PlayStation 90 has NOGAEMS
>le epic day of the rope
been waiting for that day to happen for years, back to /r/the_donald with you
It's only liberals stopping the church from treating you that way too gayboy. Hope you thank them often.

What are some gremlincore games?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: Goblin+slayer9.jpg (485 KB, 1200x1800)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Imagine having sex with a short stacked female goblin haha.

File: 8fd.jpg (201 KB, 861x929)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Prove you are not a Zoomer and Give me your best or favorite Doom and Doom2 Wads
113 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Based zoomer

Hdoom is brutal doom for autistic weebs
I like chain gunners because they shred enemies when they accidently shoot them
>Zdoom Wars
>Colorful Hell
Literally all you need.
HDoom would have been 10 times better if they reversed the idea, a hot doomgirl fighting to not get raped by the demons.
except for teleporters, flying monsters and a dozen other things carmack was reluctant to add into the engine originally

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