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I need some advice about the gay dating. I’m 25, recently came out late last year after many years of refusing to acknowledge it. How do I actually get a date, or find people who are interested in going out? I’m desperately lonely, and just want someone to do things with like breakfast or going to the movies.

I have a very successful professional career in IT, (AU$120k+ pa), since January lost 80kg and am now quite fit, have a wide range of interests, while gay, not a faggy gay, a normal one, and I don’t have any social problems with people.

I just don’t know how to go on or even organise, a date or even find people who are looking, let alone in the gay world. How do I even start? And the longer I leave it, the more lonely it gets, and more awkward it becomes.

I just want to find someone to do shit with, come home to and cook dinner for and occasionally give them rectal prolapse.
Not gay or a man, but the gay dating scene seens to be the easiest from what I've heard. If you drink, check out gay bars. Dating is going to be really hard right now in general though. I've always found my partners through casual friendships first, or mutual friends. Good luck. I hope it's a step forward for you.

File: true asshole.jpg (139 KB, 612x612)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
So, a friend recommended that I do this. I don't know what it's worth, but here goes...

This is a picture of the man who raped me when was 8 years old. We lived in the same foster house and were placed there at the same time back in, I don't know I want to say it was 1999 and we had been living there for over a year. We shared the same bedroom, and one night He sharpened a bunch of pencils and taped them to his hand like he was Freddy Kreuger or something. He forced me down on the bed with those pencils and said that if I ever told anyone he would kill me. And I, being a scared 9 year old child, believed him

So, this leads me to where I am today. I'm 32. Have been chronically homeless for the last 6 years and Constantly sabotage myself with drugs and alcohol to try to suppress the rage of knowing that this evil scumbag is just living his life peacefully.

I know where he lives. He has a family and by all right seems to be doing pretty good for himself. Something about that doesn't sit right with me. I'm not a violent person by nature. I'm probably the most peacefully zen person that I know. I just want to do good and do right by people.

But there is this part of me that wants to take a tack hammer to the back of his head and beat him half to death, like do some serious damage, and give him some permanent brain damage.

It sounds horrible I know. I've thought about this for a very long time, but honestly, I don't really want to hurt him. Maybe he made a mistake, maybe he's not a horrible person and was just as confused as I was and he took out his anger and confusion on a helpless child.

So, that is my question. You can judge me all you would like, Like I said, I don't know what to do about it and figured I would ask some opinions for some anons.
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File: asshole 2.jpg (43 KB, 600x960)
43 KB
I'm getting some real mixed responses here. and I 'm not jumping to any hasty conclusions. I've lived with this for over twenty years so there's no need for me to make a split decision that I might regret for the rest of my life.

I appreciate the responses guys. I'm monitoring this thread closely. Eventually I will come to a decision and let you guys know what I'm going to do about it.It probably wont be a violent one, but either way I need to deal with this or I'll never get on with my life. Keep the opinions coming guys. I don't sleep very well anymore with this stuff running in my head all the time, so trust that any insight and advice is appreciated.
damn he has tattos in his face.... anyways have you heard of the story of the guy that killed a lot of people in a village and then became a monk in a monastery because he was feeling sorry or whatever and then the people from the village came to the monastery and killed him? the moral of the story is that you can't scape from your karma or something like that I'd suggest doing something like this
>>23193252 it will have repercussions for him.
>I guess there are some good people on 4chan after all.
4chan is not an internet hate machine except for /pol/, most people here are just introverted.
File: 1531790039010.jpg (616 KB, 1920x1080)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Yeah I spent a lot of my early twenties on here, mostly the retro games and Film & TV boards. It was a fun place for a while but I just grew out of it I guess. That and my life started to fall apart around 2014 so I didn't really have the time to waste browsing boards.
post it on reddit. They'll find him and fire him for you.
He got triple 1, do it OP, I don't use reddit but I remember there was a subreddit dedicated to bring ¨justice¨ through the internet or something like that I don't remember the name of it,

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I would go even further and say it's perfectly reasonable to want a person who isn't fat even if you are fat. It's hypocritical but fat people are not required to want other fat people. They don't have to stick to "their kind".

It is, however, unreasonable to expect that most non-fat people will want a fat hypocrite.
Yeah that’s what I mean
Met this wonderful person, they get diagnosed with a disease that requires some heavy treatment. They said they don't want to meet for some time because busy life and limited energy/focus. I like this person a lot and do envision a future, but I don't want to speed things up and make them uncomfortable. How do I keep the spark going? I'd be okay with just texting to check their mood every so often, but that sounds like it can become dull and mundane quickly..
Post something about the opposite gender that you like
What disease is it? Maybe BPC-157 or thymosin a1 can help.

File: lh.jpg (77 KB, 532x500)
77 KB
what are you supposed to do when your fwb accuses you of catching feels and finds it cute or funny?

fwb accused me of having feelings for her but I denied it lol. she just jokingly laughed/teased me about it and said it's ok, she doesn't mind as long as we can keep hooking up. at the same time she apologized that she doesn't feel the same way. she did say that if it makes me feel better that I'm the only one she's been sleeping with since we've been messing around. she said she will be an "exclusive fwb" because she does care for me because I'm her friend and doesn't want to hurt me.

I mean I just denied it all and laughed it off like I got caught doing something naughty and kept denying it but don't think she believes me lol. where do I go from here? I already bought her something for Christmas and I'm not sure if I should give it anymore. I really wanted to give her something too lol

how did she even know? I feel kind of bad like I betrayed her. think next time she brings up the accusations that I should ask what makes her think that?
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File: giphy (1).gif (805 KB, 278x500)
805 KB
805 KB GIF
I just realized that our squad is all dating each other now and i'm basically the last single dude left after the other single dudes either drifted apart or got ostracized for being jerks. it isn't weird yet and the dynamic has mostly remained the same but how long before they ditch me since i'm technically like the 9th wheel? i suspect that the girlfriends will want me out of the way so they have more time with the dudes...
wrong thread!
>he has a female to cuddle with
nigga stfu and enjoy it while it lasts
if I end stuff think she would be upset at me? I really don't want to upset her

I honestly really don't want to end things lol. I'm scared even our friendship is going to be fucked up
This. Don't be a faggot and dump her.

File: GIOYC.jpg (7 KB, 239x211)
7 KB
>the wife left for a black man and i'm losing my fucking mind edition.

Get it off your chest. Previous: >>23188029
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wasn't not the fastest learner in the class.
she went fly fishing and left the hook in my face.
it's always three steps back.
I can't get over my ex gf even though I despise everything about her. She's a horrible person but it still bugs me how I wasn't chad enough for her.
no anon. you were too chad for her. she will never admit it.

File: 1481620423091.jpg (14 KB, 324x451)
14 KB
How do I know if I still love someone or not?
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you love them if you still choose to love them simple as that
baby don't hurt me?
Love is a choice
Love is a choice. If you choose to love someone you love someone. I mean that literally. Any man can fall in love with any woman and any woman can fall in love with any man. Pick one man and one woman at random and throw them on an island in the middle of the pacific. In less than a year they'll fall in love with each other.
File: FF7titlescreen.png (89 KB, 1024x768)
89 KB
if you are still willing to put that persons happiness and well-being above your own, I would call that love.

Then again, I don't really know. I fell in love with a girl in my late teens and I assumed we would be together forever. She had other plans. It broke my heart at the time to realize I wasn't "The One" for her, but despite that, I still love her to death. The person she married is her best friend and a great guy and I dont hold any ill will against him at all. He's a better provider, a more stable person, and they've known each other longer.

Still though. I don't know if I'll ever love someone the way I love her. She's just my perfect foil in every way and it kills me to be apart from her, but that's the hand I've been dealt I I just have to learn to live with that. I don't know what the future holds or if it's even worth holding this flame alive just to torture myself with "what if" scenarios.

At the end of the day. I care about her more than I could describe in mere words, and I don't know or even care if that makes me a pussy-whipped bitch or not. I just want her to live the best life she can, she deserves that, even if I'm not the one to give it to her.

I don't know if that helps, OP, but that's my thoughts on the matter.

File: 1606466716773.gif (26 KB, 200x267)
26 KB
You should kill yourself. That's my advice.
pretty bad advice ngl
No thank you, take your own advice
You should work in customer service with that level of advice.
pretty solid advice op, reccomend you try it yourself

File: two sides.png (692 KB, 1212x636)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
Some days I want to be smol Mafumafu, some days I want to be roided out Vegeta. What does this mean about me?
You're a switch.

File: tcc8la3gvry51.jpg (100 KB, 1024x768)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Hey guys,

If a girl says you're dating, but full stop are not bf/gf, is it cheating to hookup with other people?

5 dates as of right now

Well I lied to my gf at the start, told her I had a nice job when I finish my degree which was a lie, I had no job or degree.

Half a year goes by we meet up then the truth comes out, she was upset and holds it against me still, 2 years later I have my first job and I'm studying for my degree part time.

She wanted to move in with me ASAP as she is tired of being alone and I just want to take my time, but she's not getting any younger (I posted this part before)

I have a house to rent guaranteed and all I have to do is sign the contract and work on her visa to come live with me, the thing is I live with my brother and dad and they can't afford the house to themselves.

My dad has a house he decides not to stay at, and my brother was going to leave but the bank refused him as they wanted half the mortgage as a 1st time buyer.

But tomorrow I have to sign the contract and don't want to, what do I say to my gf?

Im a people pleaser and can't let her down because I've done it too many times

I need some advice before tomorrow im in a desperate situation and feel claustrophobic
Wow this is a clusterfuck.

Stop dating a girl long distance and get your shit together. If your girl was worth it and actually in love with you (not just using you), she'd be independent enough to get her visa and housing sorted out instead of relying on someone as unstable and untrustworthy as you.

I love Korean women. I don’t want to date black women so don’t come in here and talk to me about race mixing.

I want to date and eventually marry a Korean woman, but for the life of me I can’t get one to give me the time of day. White girls, black girls, latinas? No problem. I’m good looking, educated, and have a great job, but no Korean gf :(

Help me out bros, how did you get your Korean gf?

How did you get your Asian gf even? Asian women have always been elusive in general in my lifetime.
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Just do some blm shitshow like all of you Black people do and maybe biden will give you a state mandated korean gf
I found the youtube channel of the guy. He was married to an asian woman, although it looks like they're separated now. He still goes out to chinatown to blow people's minds.

I don't mean to be rude but I thought Asian girls are racist and don't like black people. Correct me if I'm wrong.
This as an Asian I can confirm dark skinned are viewed as lowlife
get off the internet dude

I’ve been dating this jewish girl for about a year now, and I know her family really well, and I love her very much, but when it comes time to have kids, I don’t want my sons to be 180 cm tall. She is relatively short (160cm) but her fsther and brother are both 178, and I’m 185. I don’t want to doom my kids, what should I do?
Learn English.

File: 1549137968630.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
What do people who don't play vidya do all day? I quit three weeks ago, it's the longest time I've spent without playing at least a phone game since I was 4 years old.
I have no idea what to do instead, I want to be motivated and make money but I realized that without games, I've got nothing to spend it on until the pandemic lifts. My family asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and there's pretty much nothing I want. So it's hard to get motivated to find a job if it won't do me any good until I can move out.
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I think the exercise will have to wait till I'm over the withdrawal hump. This post was kind of invalidated by the fact that it's only been 11 days since I quit, not 21.
>won't do me any good
It will fill your time
have sex
read a book, dude.

I read every day, but it gets boring

File: a54.gif (133 KB, 150x290)
133 KB
133 KB GIF
i have 0 real confidence in social enviroments but i recently found out i can fake it for a period of time and i think i can do i for longer if i train myself. is it worth it or will it just lead to worse social anxiety and self doubt?
Faking a personallity is only for the worst. People that you make friends as not yourself, will quickly dissolve that "facade" and you'll lose them. The best way is to stay true to yourself. Even though it's hard. Trust me it's better to find friends in your field of hobby. That way it's easier to stay true to yourself. I have suffered from putting up "fake personallities" to please other people. But since i'm not capable, i quickly lose control and the "true me" ruins possible friendships.

I'm a Britfaggot who grew up my whole life in London. A few years ago I went to uni elsewhere in the country, and while I was there, my mum decided she no longer wanted to live in London, sold the house, and bought a new one in the middle of bumfuck nowhere - an small rural town of 9000 population on an island off the coast of mainland England.

This wasn't too much of a problem while I was at uni cause I basically lived my own life and only stayed at my mum's house during the holidays. Then 2020 happened. I was due to graduate this year anyway, but corona bullshit and lockdowns just accelerated the process. I moved all my stuff to my mum's house in mid March and did the last few months of uni online.

The local population consists solely of the elderly, or of eccentric druggies and drunkards. There is nothing to do here even during "normal times", so corona restrictions have only made things worse. I have close friends, but they all live elsewhere, mostly in London cause that's where I grew up. I talk to them on Discord and other online methods every day, but other than that I'm completely socially isolated.

The worst of all? There is quite literally no jobs here. Because it's an island a good part of the local economy was built on tourism, that's all gone because of corona lockdowns. Pubs all shut. One small supermarket in the vicinity. And anything higher skilled or graduate level is completely non-existent. The fact that it's an island makes commuting somewhere else impossible. And in ordinary times I might say "fuck it" and crash on a friend in London's couch to look for employment there, but these corona restrictions have been going on for 9 months now with no sign of stopping, so I can't even do that.

Just what am I supposed to do? I really feel like I'm screwed here. I'm sad, I'm bored, I'm lonely, I'm homesick, and I just want to move on with my life. How do you move on with your life when you're trapped in the middle of nowhere against your will?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just do post grad
It may be of little consolation, but there are millions of people in your shoes right now. It's been a rough year, but it will pass eventually and the world will open up to you again. All you can do right now is spend this time wisely by improving yourself in some way, whether that be by getting fit or learning a new skill.

If you're determined enough, your situation won't be permanent, and you'll soon see your friends again—perhaps as your flat- or housemates in London. Just keep your mind on the ultimate goal, and you'll get through this.
Why in the goddamn fuck would you actually want to live in London?
>ohhh too many druggies around me
>this nasty city filled with homeless drug addicts and slags snorting coke outside a kebab shop is by far the superior place to live
Fucking zoomers, I swear. Quit being a faggot and either make work for yourself or find some way back to your shithole city.
> Moves out of London onto comfy island
Your mom sounds based. You should thank her for getting you out of that shithole. Also, I can't take Britfags who complain about "isolation" seriously. I live 4 hours from where I went to college and I didn't even go out of state. Your entire country can be driven across in 2 hours. There's nowhere you can go that puts you more than a day trip from your friends. Is there no bridge to your island OP? Then surely there is at least some sort of ferry. How much does it cost and how often does it come?
Thank your mom for letting you escape from the shitskin-filled hellhole that is london.

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