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File: 1690152498756983.png (643 KB, 902x769)
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643 KB PNG
Should I try a new therapist? This is the third one (2 men, 1 woman) I've tried
>go to therapy to find means of killing my sexual self so that I may be free of the burden of my sexual failure and become volcel
>new therapist asks why I don't pursue women
>find the question disingenuous, as I am a hideous manlet, but explain to her anyway
>she says looks and sexual experience don't matter to women
>I say comforting lies won't help me and that I'm here for methods to become desire-free
>she looks visibly sad
>keeps pushing the bluepill narrative.
>I say I've never experienced love or sex
>she's flabbergasted but trying to hide it
>time runs out
>schedules an appointment next week
Should I cancel? I don't feel like we're getting anywhere. And any tips on removing desire are welcome.
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>I say I've never experienced love or sex
>she's flabbergasted but trying to hide it
They really just don't get it, huh?
Try and have sex with her. If she rejects you try crying and emotionally manipulate her into sex and she goes for it proceed to next step if not find another. Ok you should have recorded it now you have blackmail because any therapist caught having sex with a client is disbarred or whatever they call it. BAM instant girlfriend or wife depending how far you want to take it.
Her job, as she sees it, is to help you feel better about yourself, not prop up your cope of choice. If you want to eliminate sexual desire, look into what Buddhist monks do.

If you want techniques to stay celibate and become desire-free, you need to go to a monk, a Buddhist monk or some other kind of mystic or priest for advice. The Buddhist monks have the best advice for this kind of thing.
Women do not understand how they themselves think, and always assume the best in themselves. She wouldn't personally fuck you, obviously, but in her mind some hypothetical super nice woman (who again, isn't herself) definitely wants you. The idea that someone could be so ugly as to have basically zero dating prospects is pretty much impossible to her, because she doesn't know and isn't capable of knowing that women don't act like how she thinks they do.

File: date.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
I am 23 years old kissless virgin fresh out of college. how to know if I am ready to start dating women?
you're ready
>b-but how do you know
you are enough. just be yourself
Do you have a general idea of what you want the future and a relationship to look like? If so, you have enough to start.

File: 1592961653632.png (50 KB, 500x409)
50 KB
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I need paid henchmen, any idea where to get some? Do I just drive up to a bodyguard agency and ask them for the "good stuff" ?
I guess
What, do you want me to stop ??
I sincerely hope he cheats on you or abandons you or something. I hope you get your heart broken into little pathetic pieces, you piece of shit bitch. Then burn in a fire but survive disfig'd for life. Maybe then your outside will match inside
I pray for your suffering.

File: 1694181205032761.jpg (80 KB, 400x400)
80 KB
Guys it's actually fucking over wtf I think it's because Takeda Hiromitsu gaslit me into fapping to maken ki and then his NTR doujin and from there 4chan gaslit me into fapping to blacked and dumb shit but now when I see really attractive guys in public I sometimes twitch down there. Obviously I still twitch when I see hot girls and big ass but what the fuck bros, should I just repress all this homoshit until it passes? I have imagined giving a blowjob once or twice but I'd never actually do gay shit IRL that's gross. Although I also find sexual stuff with women to be a bit of a nervous activity.
>> and big ass

Are you black? Fat girls don't deserve love. An ass is supposed to be small and tight.
Even if you're bi, that just means it's literally a choice for you. Just stop engaging with shit that makes you uncomfortable and unhappy. (Easier said than done, I know.) Don't worry about labels or occasional weird urges. Sexuality is fake. Just be monogamous with a woman like you're supposed to.
What are you, 12? Stop being so insecure about what you like. Accept you're bisexual and move on.
Stop watching porn

File: fishing_pepe.jpg (87 KB, 640x640)
87 KB
ive turned gay. i used to fap to big female asses all the time, now it barely gives me a boner. big dicks are so much better.. acting like a faggot for men gives me tingles up my body and dick. i used to be straight. this stuff used to make me want ot throw up. what the fuck happened? how do i turn back?
File: 1694275025316876.jpg (65 KB, 564x796)
65 KB
Take full responsibility for controlling or taking control of your sexual orientation or cope with being a gay homo, I guess
¯\_ – īš – _/¯
how can i change it back? i just cant get boners to the stuff i used to
>i used to fap to big female asses all the time

that's why your gay anon, you didn't quit porn
you're evolving, you're final step is to become muscular and fuck big hard throbbing beasty men
I'm not a teacher, I don't get involved personally with people like that anymore ^^' Let me see what I can do despite that... some advice and materials should do.

Okay, there's these four ideas:
"The healthy normal for human beings is bisexuality"
"Both heterosexuality and homosexuality are deviations from this norm"
"Improving my sexual health will make it easier to return to normative sexual function"
"I should gradually replace artificial sexual stimuli with natural ones so that I don't become addicted to them or so-to-say malnourished/imbalanced on a sexual level"

These are important if you want your orientation to not get stuck in one extreme. They're true, too.
You can borrow some techniques and ideas from Taoists and similar practicioners of sexuality-adjacent meditation if you like, but basically holding onto good, freeing ideas and contemplating them is what taught me the most about how to modulate my sexual functioning.

File: app.jpg (141 KB, 1404x924)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>almost half of young men do not even approach women anymore

What is the future of dating gonna look like when more and more men keep dropping out of the game when it's not worth the effort? How do I deal with this?
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I see. Interesting.
this vid isn't about approaching anon. its about being rejected. he literally starts the clip off right away explaining how hes getting rejected. what i dont understand though is why wouldnt those chicks actually want him if he looks so good. im confused lol.
nice its already getting responses even with the disclaimer lol. most of the time when i dont put that in for about half of the posts i have trouble telling whether its the bot or an anon making the post. some are obviously nonsensical given the post that it is replying to, that is the main weakness.
>I'm at the bottom of the barrel look wise and I've approached women

does that, uh, go well for you
Yea. Why wouldn't it?

I wrote this last night after my third glass of wine and now im kind of cringing. This was of course to my daughter's boyfriend who I've only met a few times before.
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Bump to counter your sage
>enables ahk script
it reads like an attempt at over the top, self-aware cringe, which in my opinion can be alright if they know you're just joking around
but you fucked up by shoe-horning politics into it, and that part sounds sincere through text, therefore it's just cringe
Ask yourself this then. Can you vote for a party in America right now, that is going to fix the industry and give the margins of said action the the lower class(you)?

Or do you have the choice between making the rich richer (right) and deindustrializing the country and glorifying mental illness (left)
>Ask yourself this then. Can you vote for a party in America right now, that is going to fix the industry and give the margins of said action the the lower class(you)?

Both you and I are part of the top elite upper class, why would you concern yourself with lower class people?

And yes, that's called the Democratic Party. The Republican Party also wants to fuck over rich people and give it to welfare bums, but at least they don't want to take EVERYTHING from the rich, the Democrats want to take everything, so there still is a difference.

File: 1692492935238136.webm (2.83 MB, 640x1138)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
She's 11 and I don't get along with our mom. Is it better to fake a happy family relationship with her or is she going to sense it and have a fucked up idea of family?

Should I openly show I dislike our mother instead? Sometimes I simply don't respond to her for example. Too much happened.

I have my own place so I mostly only see them together.
Honor your father and your mother

File: IMG_1522.jpg (146 KB, 640x586)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Anyone else have parents who did absolutely nothing to prepare you for real life? Like at all. Laundry, getting a job, etc. The most my dad did was tell me to get a job. Never told me how or what to do. Did they just expect you to becomes self sufficient adults after 12 years of 10 hour a day time wasting? What do?
>What do?
You start learning shit on your own. Start by making your own bed, doing your own laundry, cooking your own food. Go from there.
In the adult world part of getting what you want is working out the steps to get there.

File: poep.jpg (114 KB, 976x850)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
That's it, I want hair. No compromises.
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its over
File: 1683912063179060.jpg (75 KB, 1000x567)
75 KB
Youre wasting your time that shit doesnt work I have been on it for years still balding
Buddy did you photoshop your leg with a shirt and shoes to seem like it's a person?
You've gotta give it to him for creativity,
lmao I really do, kinda incredible

How to find your tribe, your gang, your bunch, your team, your guys?
in your case, you just go to the nearest gay parade

File: crutches.jpg (296 KB, 1364x2048)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
It's been 2 years and the sadness hasn't gone away. I still feel like I did when I found out he shot himself. I understand why he did what he did but I just can't come to peace with notion of life being unfair. He didn't deserve what happened to him. I'm in so much pain.
34 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
He did beat them up so they didn't go unpunished but physical revenge just didn't satisfy him. The damage was done.
>fuck your parents though. they could have saved him, and no, muh work is no excuse.
Yeah I agree. I used to think they were just stupid but as I've gotten older, I've realized that isn't really a reason to not hear your child out. They were a lot more lenient with me but the damage they inflicted to my brother was also cause for why he did what he did.
Do you know of any strategies that can help you get out that self-destructive tunnel vision?
>the only thing you can do I carry that pain and don't pass it on to others like he did
Surprisingly I don't feel the pain of his suicide as much as I do the circumstances that led him to that decision. Circumstances that were out of his control. When people came to his funeral, there were some that admitted that in another social setting, with my brother alive, he wouldn't have recognized them but they wouldn't have forgotten what he did for them. Standing up for their rights, hoping that they get their due.
I don't know how to phrase this in a manner that isn't psychopathic but his suicide showed me that he was loved and cherished and he never truly lost himself.

Props to the both of you for getting out of this cycle. I really mean it. You go through with this and your empathy for others overcoming their flaws and problems increases tenfold, it really means a lot. I won't say I get live through it vicariously but it does hint towards a solution and the possibility that it does get better. This is the first time since that fateful day that I've actually considered what his suicide meant to me. I kinda lost my best friend and my teacher. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't made much of my life so his life definitely did have meaning and its comforting to have anons reaffirm that. Not you two but all those behind you.
You know I was thinking, I would've liked to see the type of woman he would've married or fallen in love with and the children he would've had. Is that a weird thought anons? have you thought of what the deceased would've been like with a charitable life partner?
It's an interesting thought but there are way too many variables to consider.
Abused people usually end up emotionally stunted because they have to shut off from reality and miss out on many milestones of maturing so it could've gone multiple ways for his depending if he had decided to take therapy, if he had met a woman who would take advantage of him or support him, if the parents showed true remorse for their actions or kept at it...
It's impossible to tell because our future can only be written by us and suicide is a finite ending to one's future.
NGL to you. As someone that lost his mom 27 years ago and his dad 19 years ago, I'll keep it a buck and say that shit never fully goes away.

The only way for me to cope with that shit was to accept two facts.

1. Life is just random as fuck and there is no rime or reason. Nobody knows what it's going to look like, and actually nobody "deserves" anything. Asking "Why?" questions is point less because of the second fact.

2. The universe doesn't owe anyone shit. Not me. Not you. Not my parents (who both died young due to illness), not that baby that was just born to a meth addicted crack whore or your brother.

And when you think about it, its is actually fine for the universe/life not to give a fuck, because is applied 100% consistently and fair across the board. It affects everyone equally. Werther its the Dinosaurus getting clapped by a rock flying trough space, or 191 people getting killed because they were at the "wrong place at the wrong time" and got killed by some Terrorist planting bombs in a spanish train in 2004.

Make your peace with these two facts and your pain will go from an 11/10, to a 2/10 expect on your brothers birthday and the date he died.

Keeping it real.
the only thing that works is self-acceptance. but to get there you need forgiveness. and to get forgiveness you need others. I know the usual mantra is that you cannot love others if you don't love yourself, but I've always found that to be horeshit. once I mellowed out and found someone who accepted me, everything fell into place. now I laid the foundations on my own. bit by bit. in the beginning progress is slow. I counted my destructive thoughts and if the next day I had one less it was progress. I'm still far from fixed. but I can forgive now and I can love again

File: 1696271413408.jpg (22 KB, 512x512)
22 KB
Why does my mom kiss me so much? She should find a husband (like I told her to before) if she wants someone to kiss so bad.

I don't want her hugs. I don't want her kisses. I'm a grown ass man so treat me like one.
>I'm a grown ass man so treat me like one.
Leave her house then you fucking loser.
No this city is expensive as fuck. I don't want to deal with roommates.
I'll kiss your mom for you. Hell, I may even fuck her.
Leave the city. Stop being a leech. Stop having excuses for being a leech. Stop being a loser. Stop complaining.

File: 20231002_115411.jpg (704 KB, 4000x3000)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
any advice on how to make more money off of the democratic republic congo like I mean corpse profits jej

File: 20231002_095548.jpg (1.08 MB, 4000x3000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
any advice on handling that Ill have that much tree reading cassette made today ?
File: 1696269594917.jpg (498 KB, 2012x864)
498 KB
498 KB JPG

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-> ' " you ' re getting whacked ' " .

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