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File: 1579318181478.jpg (532 KB, 1335x1823)
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532 KB JPG
How do you stop wanting a gf if you don't enjoy vaginal sex whatsoever?

File: images (35).jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB
I have a busted nose from years of combat sports and was considering fixing it since I'm almost 30 now and getting more and more social needs from work and shit.
Not gonna lie I never really liked my nose and that's probably why I never took too much care of it while young lol.
I might also have fucked my jaw in the process but that is one fucking nasty intervention, months eating nothing but liquid stuff.
I come from a very old-school and conservative place so men don't usually consider stuff like this, am I being vain and should just live with it? Money is not a problem atm
your scars are your honor, wear them and stop being sóy
>months eating nothing but liquid stuff.
Yeah, that'll fuck up your jaw. Start eating harder foods and mewing.

Don't go the fucking surgery route unless you're going to do something with your nose. Even then it's unnecessary, my nose was huge but has reduced in size since I start mewing.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x224)
11 KB
I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Art this year. What can I expect?
Like anything else in life, you should expect roughly whatever you have planned for. If you planned nothing, then expect nothing.
Would be fpbp but there was no joke about working at Starbucks so I can't in good faiyh award you with it
Trouble making money. Art is a tough market.
You gonna starve lol

I hate women
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I’m indifferent to your hate, your seething is affecting no one. What’s up cunt-boy, why so glum?
>I hate women
What a coincidence. They're not too wild about you either.
Based. Me too
I don’t

help, broke gfs heart in breakup what do i do
Get back with her
Move on
If you don’t love her, let her go. If you can’t see yourself without her, go get her. Simple as that.

Keep questions concise, use paragraphs
If you can't handle upsetting replies or the FAQ, don't ask. Any premise of your post is fair game

>Why do I always get rejected?
GIVE DETAILED INFO on what you've tried—this is complex

>What do <sex> ITT/anywhere think about <any trait, e.g. looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits (size, cut/uncut, phimosis), dating/sex history>?
>Do <most/any/you> <sex> like <as above>?
There is no one answer. Complexes are a turn-off; fix the complex

>I like someone. What do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?

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Maybe you shouldn't tell someone they look like a 10 year old and say it's a compliment? I don't want to look 'young'. I grew that beard right back immediately, though partially that was because I looked way worse - I looked awkward and like I didn't know what I was doing with my appearance or my life. Aka like a middle schooler, so I guess the "compliment" was spot on.

If you say so. I'd only ever consider that a compliment if it were about a 30+ year old woman.
Bad Behaviours like what? I've known him a few months and we've been together for about 6 weeks and there hasn't been anything so far.
>tfw you'll never get a virgin gf to have your first time with
It hurts so much
>Maybe you shouldn't tell someone they look like a 10 year old and say it's a compliment?
But that’s not what they said. They said you looked younger than you did. It just as easily means you looked at least 30 with a beard.

Seriously though imagine being so fucked up from xenoestrogens that you unironically take offense at one of the most common things anyone says when a man shaves his beard. Let alone taking it literally. Do you genuinely think if you said, “So what, I look 10?” to that person, they’d say “lol yeah you look like a little kid”?
Yes, virgin-chasing behavior is extremely damaging to the psyche. You should stop that shit.

File: 792121.png (447 KB, 1000x563)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
I'm 18 and I've just come to realize that it's hard to pleasure myself when masturbating because I was circumcised when I was young because of the mother fucking catholic church and their fear of masturbation. I'm getting really depressed about it and I'm wondering if I should just kill myself or if their is a way to get my foreskin back.
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No you fucking won’t.
Posting YET ANOTHER cut/cutlet/uncutlet/meme thread on 4chan is what you’ll do... much like the other idiots of your caliber.
There are a lot of idiotic norms you could pick a bone with, it’s typical that you choose the one involving cooming and ‘muh dick’ to post about on 4chan.
I understand far more to decline joining your mudwreslting. You don’t know what abuse means, your parents are innocent.

If I ever hear another dumb cunt say I don’t know something that I’ve known for over a decade I might blow a gasket.
I have chosen to take a tertiary path thanks to the wisdom of years, please do continue on your own path and discover yourself.
This is always funny because the apostles nullified circumcision and proclaimed that you do it, you should follow the entire ceremonial law which the Son fulfilled.
Well do you even know where to point the finger? What do you think the purpose of the practice is and where do you think that tissue actually goes? Into the trash or what? My mother is Catholic and I was circumcised because they were told it would be more hygienic for me in the long run. They took into account my health and all, this was before the internet so I know regarding all the info that has come out about psychological trauma etc that they would have never gone thru with it. I don't blame them because they've done so much else for me. My thing is that there ARE ways to fix it yourself, that YOU can start TODAY so your energy can be directed more positively. Trust me, the practice is horrendous and I hate that OT happened to me, but it did and definitely caused me problems that I wasn't aware of until later on in life.
Go back to cutting infant foreskins off and act surprised when they kill themselves in 18 years or shove a knife up your asshole just fuck off.
I’m here to solve problems. Practical problems. Your solutions are retarded solutions, friend. Designed by a retard. The implementation would be equally retarded, and it would end up causing us even more problems.

I will fix this shit society the way I deem. Using my big fucking brain. Fuck off, retard.

File: 1579201796411.jpg (396 KB, 2448x3264)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>why don't you have a gf?
How to answer this?
Because I don't want one.
I'm not available, too much occupies my time. I gotta work and do other things, I'll only neglect my gf.
I'm useless in that area. I'm weeded out of the gene pool.
Creep the people who are asking out about your made-up views on women. It's the only way.
With sarcasm. That's way too personal a question to take seriously.

File: 1569454567206.png (152 KB, 391x477)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>came out of depression 8 months ago
>been taking antidepressants
>suicidal and obsessive thoughts are back now
What can I do?
Pills don't cure anything. I take a reuptake inhibitor for BPD. I sometimes think of death, suicide, and other miserable things. With suicide ideation, I tend to chase it away. It's like a fucking fly. It buzzes around your head from time to time. If you don't get any exercise, do. It helps, but it's not a cure, just a treatment. Negative thoughts can't be gotten rid of completely. They are there for a reason.
Just stop being sad. lol

File: sketch-1577108914193.jpg (24 KB, 341x515)
24 KB
I just see no point in doing anything anymore. I look like a fucking ogre and women are disgusted by me. I will never have a family, I will never reproduce and raise my children and all that cool stuff.

The fact that people automatically dislike me because of my physical appearance makes me feel anxious as fuck and social interaction is very difficult without alcohol and Xanax because I subconsciously assume that everybody hates me (the rational part of me knows that no one even cares about me enough to hate me, but it doesn't help) and because of this, I can't relax around people no matter how hard I try to rationalize this to myself.

I'm in love with the only person I enjoy spending time with, but she will never like me as anything more than a friend, again, because I'm a hideous incel freak.

I feel like my life was ruined by my genes before it even started. Even during my childhood people disliked me no matter what I did or how I behaved, even my own family, and I honestly can't think of any good reason apart from being ugly.

I try to distract myself with hobbies, shitposting, uni and work, but I still feel soulcrushing sadness when I think of all the things that come naturally to other people, yet I am denied of because of something that's mostly outside of my control.

What the fuck should I do?
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You look like my sister's husband,but 60% less fat and no beard.Granted,I heard from my little sister that he tried to diddle her before dad came in from his nightshift,so maybe getting a bit fitter and growing out your hair(buzzcut doesn't really work for your face) to avoid the pedophile stereotype would help.If you're really desperate and don't mind shiity people,you might wan to consider becoming a tranny/fat chaser since they'll settle for anything due to their low standards.
youre fine

stop whining and read about socializing, dress /fa/ and your brain
btw i'm 100% sure that your appearance isnt the prob, but your beta attitude

>full head of hair
>cut low as if he's balding
>NEEDS to wear an accessory most people fake

Fuck off man.
Grow your hair out and get a classic short back and sides.

Wear shirts that aren't white.

Go to the gym for a year.

Do these things and you will go from a 3/10 to a 6/10 or higher.

File: 1569909047377.jpg (66 KB, 608x1080)
66 KB
I want to fight people (not assault, but something like an organized street fight ring) but I don't know if there is such a thing aside from martial arts dojo, with are filled with frail zoomers that can't take a single hit without copious amounts of padding and pussying. I'm not some delusional nigher, I can take a beating, it's not like I can beat everyone I encounter. But I want to fight and not hold back.

Also I work in a prestigious job and I can't appear one day at work with a bruised eye and a bandaged nose.

Anyone has any advices from me? I think I'm too old to get into professional martial arts even though I'm over intermediate level. But realistically speaking I can't compete with 20 years olds.(28)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Go to a proper boxing gym. There's heaps of people who aren't 'frail zoomers that can't take a single hit without copious amounts of padding and pussying' who'd be willing to spar with you.

Also if you "can't appear one day at work with a bruised eye and a bandaged nose" then why are you talking shit on the padding?

I think you need to get your ass kicked because you sound like a fuckwit. Look for the nearest proper boxing gym and ask to spar with their top guys.
>I think you need to get your ass kicked because you sound like a fuckwit.
I saw this response coming since before you was born you smartass. What makes you think I haven't got the shit beaten out of me before, and what makes you think I haven't beaten the shit out of others before? I like fighting, always did but I've lived most of my life in a sensible environment, trying to do sensible things. Study, work a clean job, go to church. Parents were calm, christian people, my friends at school and college and work were normal people with normal hobbies. I've joined many dojos and spared with a lot of people but it's always something lacking when doing so. It lacks the proper grit. The only time I had to genuinely fight for my own safety was in highschool, but even then it only happened like 3 times. Made friends with the guys I beat too.

And unless you going to a genuine boxing gym where they trained national champions at the very least, even the "top" guys at commercial dojos are only slightly bulkier or crazier dudes than the usual, or who can take a beating a bit more than the average joe. It doesn't say much.
You sure you're 28? You've got edges like a 13 year old. Are you gay or mentally ill?
You're a fucking idiot in denial. There's heaps of boxing gyms that have guys who'd happily beat the shit out of you. You're either not looking hard enough or don't want to look hard enough because you really don't want to get your ass kicked.

This is the only advice that's viable in this case. If you want to push it further, try to connect with some gangs or something and convince them to set up a 'fight to the death' type of scenario or something with some guy. I honestly don't know what you're looking for. Apparently you're so fucking badass that there's not a gym with a single guy who can beat your ass good enough.

Either that or go to biker bars and clubs or those with other gang connections and pick a fight with someone. You'll experience the 'proper grit' then for sure.
Oh fuck off. Everyone who doesn't sit in a cubicle for 12 hours and doesn't go to happy hour afterwards is edgy. I smoke your type every fucking day, it pisses me off.

File: 1579341975941.gif (1.1 MB, 806x720)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
My best friend told me i have high standards. My only criterion is a woman who covers her mouth when she yawns. I think that says a lot about a person. I could find a woman im attracted to, and we have great conversational flow, but then she'll yawn open-like, and I just have to move on. I dont even care about facial looks or body. Am i in the wrong?
Honestly, as someone who finds it disgusting when people yawn without covering their mouths, I understand you. That’s not high standards, but it’s weird standards
Well, perhaps your friend is a bit confused why it makes or breaks a date for you. Covering your mouth while you yawn is a behaviour, not a personality. I'm sure if you really liked a girl and she liked you back you could tell her about this and she would listen. It's a pet peeve at best. It's really just like asking your boyfriend to put the toilet seat down after he goes to the bathroom, just a habit to learn and keep.
That's like turning down a dream job because their office chairs are a color you don't like. Its just a really, really weird hill to die on. Sounds more like OCD than a standard.

File: woahboi.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
I have questions for the ladies.

Have you ever lied about having a boyfriend to a guy because you thought he was out of your league or unattainable (even though you really liked him)?

Bonus Question, have you ever schlicked while thinking about a guy you had a crush on?
No that would be just retarded

File: image.jpg (20 KB, 200x200)
20 KB
how about a “no medical insurance” thread?

post problems you’re having and maybe some medfags or people who have similar issue can shed some light.
okay i’ll start then:

Migraine Headaches, every day. Mostly around 6pm. I also feel jittery, and very very tired.

This happens daily, and it just started about 4-5 months ago.

File: images_1578603463677.jpg (27 KB, 738x416)
27 KB
I accidentally impregnate my GF and she was kicked out by her parents, so she stays now at my house, but my mom is not happy about this.

I am just 19 years old, a HUMMS Highschool graduate. I don't have any idea of how to have a good working place. I'm so scared to face these consequences but it already happened--we cant murder the baby tho because abortion is illegal here.

Please don't criticize my situation, any advice about the job and passive income would work.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In the United States you have a lot of options while searching for a full time job, door dash, instacart, Uber, etc. I wonder if you have options like that where you are?
You will have to stop making weak ass excuses if you are about to support a family you pussy.
I am from Philippines. And the system here is so stupid. I am hoping for a better-future-life job.
That is an embarrassment job, i dont want my friends and schoolmate to see me fixing their pipes.
Abort your child then abort yourself

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