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File: 1618403055387.jpg (15 KB, 407x228)
15 KB
Just found out my wife(26) has been cheating on me (22) for nearly two months with one of her co-workers. I'd leave on principal but she is in her second trimester for our first child and I grew up without knowing my father so I would never want to inflict that pain on someone but I'm also super pissed about her infidelity.

Should I just tell her you're on your own or try to reconcile this for the child?
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if you cant reconcile then just fight for custody, you'd get to be the father you never got, and you'd get to leave her ass. Better to raise the kid with one parent, than two that fucking hate each other
No that's pretty much impossible. She wasn't working for a while and found out she was pregnant so got a job 3 months ago so she could get that free paternity leave money. If it's not my child then she had to have cheated on me prior and not been caught.
thank god mate maybe there is a god after all
That's very personal. Can you really forgive her and still be a complete Father AND husband? Or are you going to bring it up in every argument as in yeah but you cheated on me with Brad! If you can't it's better to divorce then to make the kids life living hell. Doesn't mean you can't be a great dad for the kid. If the kid is yours. Seriously get the dna test. Get it.
A cheating bitch won't be a good mother. Trust me, I know a guy whose wife was cheating on him. They have shared custody now and she doesn't respect the rules at all, like she doesn't take care of the kids, she doesn't bring them to them when she has to etc. Divorce her and try to get full custody, since she cheated, you might get it.

Honest question here, why do so many people who come from low income ghetto backgrounds always or at least half of the time aspire to become “rappers”, we have a billion of those already and I used to know some dudes like that in middle school/high school, now half of them have criminal records and fucked their lives up and think they’ll still make a come up one day.

Is this delusional? What’s the mindset behind it?

File: DtMlPqiWsAcbqMY.jpg (26 KB, 400x440)
26 KB
How do you approach chubby girls at parties, clubs, at a bookstore etc.?
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Do they like /fit/ guys though?
No, too intimidating. You need to be average weight/thin.
Yes ofc. But they‘ll go with anything if you dare to just demand it or ask.
The more of a catch you are, the more your validation is worth ofc but they won‘t be too dismissive. Validation is validation at the end of the day.
>No, too intimidating
I am only 5'9", I look athletic rather than intimidating.
You god damn fucking autists. It DOESN‘T MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. It matters that you get the message across that you‘re positive you deserve that she‘s sucking on your cock rn.


But has anyone in /adv/ got any experience with taming a wild female? How’d you do the impossible?
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How is being slutty a bad girl thing when it’s so common
>something can‘t be bad because it‘s common
Huehuehue it is retard time rn i see
Kek don’t get joke, please help.
True. When every girl is bad, no one will be!
Basically, since “if she breathe she a thot”, the advice to “only be with non-sluts” doesn’t really work so wtf.
Ah sorry i though you are my bf because that‘s sounds like something he would say
A bad girl sticks out but even a 2/10 ugly girl who barely leaves her house could have a high body count. A bad girl these days is more like an OF thot or stripper lol
Not as common in the normal population

File: IMG_20210209_203126_079.jpg (99 KB, 1089x1280)
99 KB
Reminiscing about my college days and mostly need to get this story out of my system.

A few years ago i was dating a guy who was very nice, though he was overweight. Let's call him Tony. We were good friends and I was tired of assholes so I gave him a chance. My birthday came around, and he threw me a party at his house. Most of the people that showed up were friends of his, since I am an introvert and never have more than 2 or 3 friends at a time. Things were going really well. The party started growing in size, and suddenly this guy shows up. Let's call him Chad. A guy I have had a *massive* crush on for YEARS.
Backstory: I met Chad at a party when I was a senior in high school through a friend I met online. We only spoke briefly, and didnt have any other friends in common. He was about 6 years older than me. It really didn't go anywhere with the online friend, but I was immediately completely infatuated with this guy. I wanted to get to know him more, but also wanted him to take the initiative in asking me out. We became lol MySpace friends and I tried sending hints every now and then, he just wouldn't pick them up. At the time of the party, I was acquainted with him but not to the point where I would have invited him. No idea who did.
Anyway, Chad shows up with a small group of his friends and one of the guys invites me to leave with the group and go to a bar. This is the one, perfect, golden moment for me to spend time getting to know Chad - Unfortunately, I turned it down because of common decency and respect towards Tony. Who I ended up breaking up with anyway months later, for reasons unrelated to this. Now I am just left wondering... Did I do the right thing here? What would you have done in this situation? I will say one thing - not too long after that Chad got back with his boring hapa ex, and they haven't broken up since. Now they are engaged. Could that have been me? Is there better way this could have been handled?
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He said i looked like a specific famous actress. I took it as a flirting initiation.

But yeah, other than that, no. Lol
These are the type of comments I came here for. Thank you. Carry on.
She's not even the cute kind. He really is just throwing away good genetics.
She's probably just better in bed, at emotional support and showing him a good time then you. Also asian fetish
Probably just the Asian fetish part.

File: 1597664155368.png (480 KB, 595x591)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
>Girl agrees to go out on date with me, starts pretending I don't exist after I open up about my insecurities/mental health problems
>Meet girl in school library and really like her, super nice and friendly with her, gets scared away after I tried to speak to her in the middle of an anxious episode and tried to make light of my anxieties and the fact I was having a bad day, all progress deleted
>Make joke tinder account pretending to be Bogdanoff twins, match with girl who studies same subject I do, send a message saying 'hey I study [subject] too what's up' for shits and giggles. She replies to me, all going well until I switch to being my kind, real self
>Girl from my class I don't even know that well constantly messaging me asking for help with work, I act disinterested and say as little as possible, it's been 7 months and she still messages me regularly for help
The blackpill is real isn't it?
Nigga what are you doing?
>Open up about my insecurities
>Says I'm having anxiety
>Switch to my "kind" self
Nobody wants to be with someone like this
Never show your flaws and insecurities to a woman, especially one who isn't already invested in you
Well , it's written in the wall.
Be yourself... but not too much.
A gentleman has to know how to keep secrets.
Or you know, just don't do it on the literal first date ffs. The state of this place
>those pupils
What drug dilates your pupils this extent again?

File: cover1.jpg (211 KB, 800x450)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
yo im kinda done with dealing with this bullshit called life I've had to battle cancer deal with an abusive family and got disowned by my dad and to top it all off 3 failed realtionships all which just huant me to this day birthday was just 3 days ago just turned 18 cheers lmao im not telling u guys this to feel bad I'm just giving some context now please how can I kill myself without traumatizing my mom with blood or seeing her son hanging
Stop giving a shit about your mom. She failed to protect you. She deserves to have to peel the dried pieces of your brain from your walls for six days straight whilst thinking about all the ways she failed you.
Easiest way would be to just overdose i guess but idk on what and how to get it so sorry for bad help.
Why do you mother fuckers always use the same image?
Your probably just depressed from lack of exercise and vitamin D, go outside retard
Also 3 relationships while battling cancer? Half of the people here never had one while living healthy their whole lives. You obviously have potential, don't just give up like that over things that were outside of your control ffs
similar boat minus the cancer, you just gotta realize that if your parents dont give a shit about you, they dont deserve what you have to offer. just try to work towards moving out and everything will fall into place, youll be happier once you do

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I'm too weak to function in society.
But i can't get any free money from anywhere, so i need to suffer through everyday just to survive.
Survive just to have the chance and time to suffer more.
Tell me why i shouldn't off myself now?
I tried many many times to put hopeless faith in you but every single time you destroy it. I do all I can for nothing in return. I don't know why I keep trying.

I know I love you, but I know you'll never love me.. so why am I still holding on this hard?
I just want life to be simple but between work n marriage n family n friends shit ain’t it.
>be me
>be born into an abusive household
>be to autistic not to know
>be abused constantly physically and mentally by mom and dad
>collect trauma and traumatic experiences on the daily
>mom keeps me locked in my room so i dont get the shit beat out of me by my dad
>no friends, nobody at all
>fast forward to high school
>be presented with opportunities to leave my abusive household
>mom goes out of her way to sabotage every opportunity to get a job or better myself
>fast forward to 2020
>finally land a job that pays good, finally cleared all of my debts, about to move out
>lose my job, become homeless for a few months in the summer, move back with abusive mother

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hapa girls are annoying

Have you guys had any experience with losing all of your friends?
I have changed myself in the last years by self improvement and working on my values and beliefs. Now I have recognized that my friend circle is a snakepit and my "friends" are fake as fuck and machiavelli would be proud of them. I have let one of them know, just through looking at him, that i know of his true character. He then started to slander me through his little manipulation tactics which made me lose all my friends. Has this happened to anyone of you? How do you deal with the slander? I am currently in "fuck everyone" mode and it doesn't feel right
I drop friends all the time. I don't attack them or anything, I just make to distance myself. Rarely ever regret it, some people just aren't worth your time
you just gotta meet new people, but thats a trial in and of itself. I had something similar happen to me, I've just never been able to make any new friends since
Why were you Not able to make new friends? No motivation?
I don't have any friends currently, so...

File: 1617183723245.jpg (218 KB, 2034x2048)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Is it worth it to quit porn? I'm a 35 year old KHHV who will most likely never get laid without paying for it.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what's wrong with the browsing ?

I know this can lead to some degree of degeneracy (still go at some bestiality from time to time but rarely from what i used to). So in some sense i went back to just vanilla and didn't fall deeper in the degeneracy but honestly trying to figure out why everyone here keeps pointing the finger at that being the cause of unhappiness with watching porn / being frustrated with the state of their unfulfilled sex life (when all they wanted was just healthy / regular sex life which is the actual lack of that caused all that to begin with)
i've never seen this porn is ok if you watch like a couple scenes and don't browse it idea. is this a meme or true?
i can't cum from sex if i don't stop porn but if i was going to commit to the virgin life like you i suppose i would fap
That's up for you to decide. Personally I don't feel like I can respect myself as long as I am still watching that filth, so I want to quit. If you don't have a problem with it then you don't need to quit.
If it makes you happy then why should you

How do i become a real life anime girl? Is there a comprehensive guid so i don‘t have to overstrain my brain by trying to hatch a plan? I just want to be cute, adorable and lovely.
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Meant for >>23980299

Noted too with concern

Thank you i‘ll look them up rn
How old are you?
In my heart i am 11
And physically?

Is there ever a point where you are too fucked up to be in relationships?
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idk why but most people in our culture think that people should love them no matter what. Idk what wrong with people bettering themselves before the enter the arena of love. I mean we all need love but why cant you just love
yourslef before you require that from someone else! Is that so wrong to ask?
Nah I don't hate myself, I just have this unidentified problem (think avoidant attachment style, a new term I just learned today) and I don't think it would be fair to that person to waste their time or cause them any heartbreak or grief. >>23980205
True I just don't see how I can improve myself. I think I'm just wired wrong.
>love yourself first
I'm so sick of this cliche. Like what level of self-love is required. It's such unhelpful advice and in this case it doesn't even apply.
>what level of self-love is required

I would say more or less when you never have thoughts of a self-hate nature.
So what exactly is it you want from a relationship then?
Not OP but I would like a best friend to share my life with. Not too worried if a relationship never happens because I’m pretty busy with work and hobbies but it would be nice to have a companion for vacations and holidays like Christmas. The everyday parts of a relationship are also great too, like cooking dinner for someone or going to the gym together. I can do the things listed with friends too but it’s not really the same because the expectations are different.

File: 204103175409.png (257 KB, 514x507)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
I saw my fwb again :/

after days of ignoring her I just couldn't help it and finally replied to her message and ended up seeing her again. she told me it was just becuase she wanted me to try some new food she made but when I went there she didn't even cook anything. we just argued for a bit and she turned shit around on me and had me apologize for my "tantrum" when I told her we needed to stop seeing each other when I called her out for being a bad friend, bad for me and taking advantage of me. she just ended up giving me a blow job for like what must have been over an hour telling me that I must have been missing her getting me off the same way she was missing me. then she made me promise and swear that if I really loved her that i was going to come over again tomorrow to hook up.

why can't I resist her? I know I probably shouldnt turn up but the thought of it is making me feel extremely guilty and awful. Especially now she texted me how happy she was that I came over and how I made her week and that she really did miss me.
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it must be love, love, love *dun dun*
Guess what? You sound like a fuckboy. And she sounds like a manipulative bitch.
>how do I stop having consensual sex with this girl?
is this true? could she be experiencing a similar thing with me which could explain why she doesn't like me being with or talking to other girls anymore?

I just got back from seeing her and I swear I think she's right. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to replicate what I feel for her with another girl. I feel like we are just perfectly in sync with each other when we hook up and everything just feels so right and I love she gets with me after. yet after I get this weird feeling about our situation, like I resent her which then makes me feel guilty because she means so much to me.

she was even telling me i should move into her place in the spare bedroom. I don't know how I feel about it. like a part of me wants to be closer to her but I was hurt she still wants us to be in seperate rooms
Jesus christ. Be done with her. I am in the same situation and it is crazy reading it. She wants to have you on standby at all times while she tries to look for other guys. Go for another girl and don't let her guilt you at all if you're not going to block her. She is emotionally manipulative. Don't see her while seeing other girls. It will just ruin those relationships.

File: 1618555791140.jpg (182 KB, 480x539)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Is there any hope for a 27 year old that's never had a gf or been flirted with and has been called creepy and ugly almost their entire life no matter what they change?
I feel like I've taken every chance I can to better myself into someone worth being with and i still have never been the object of desire to anyone.
Every single girl I've ever asked out has said no. They look at me in disgust. What do I have to do to get treated like a normal person that gets to go on dates and maybe occasionally have a romantic relationship with someone that cares about them?
Beats me, in a year I'll be the same age as you and in a similar situation
The main difference between us I suppose is that I barely give a shit. And weirdly enough I think that exactly because of that I'm going to end up with someone before you do
Thanks, asshole
>he thinks his life is magically going to change
I saw some of the ugliest guys still get a gf a practice sex. You have to keep hope
I don't though? I didn't think it was magically going to happen at 27, I am not waiting for anything that I'm not doing myself, I don't believe anyone owes me anything or that it's my right to be loved. But nice projecting baby kek

File: 1585681967627.png (720 KB, 595x720)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
I've been seeing this girl, and things have been getting more and more serious. She's great. The only problem is that she's in a sugar-daddy relationship with a 63 year old man (I'm 19, she's 20). She doesn't love him, but he's has given her literally tens of thousands of dollars. She's a student, and she told me that she doesn't think she could leave this opportunity to avoid a lot of debt.

What would you do if you were me? I kind of see her point, and if I could fuck an old lady and not have to fall deeper into this abyss of student loans, I'd be 100% on board too. And I really like this girl. I really don't like the idea of her fucking this geezer while we're starting to date. But I feel like it would be hard to tell her that she has to leave all of this money just for me, when our relationship is new and might not work out anyways. What should I do?
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

thread should have fucking ended here
what country you in?
File: 1617847757591.png (455 KB, 640x434)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
If she was only doing it to get through college and he has already given her tens of thousands of dollars, she should have invested it better. Why is she destitute without him?

It takes a very specific cold mindset to be able to do this. Get a better girl.
The better question is why are you avoiding deep connections by seeking someone like this?

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