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File: file.png (1.36 MB, 850x1193)
1.36 MB
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> male, 29 y.o.
My new physiologist is a solid 7, and this is problematic.
We began our session with exercises we do in sync. She's not even touching me but it's enough to make my peepee throbbing, because she's wearing summer clothes instead of the regular doctor coat.
Then she asks me to lay on the back, and begin to gently massage my arms. Theoretically, nothing to be aroused of, but her skin is so soft I get a half-wood. Still manageable.
But then she starts to massage my neck, head and shoulders, which are erogenous zones. This is too much : I can't help it and get rock hard. She continues talking with me the whole time but she is obviously seeing my bulge about to crack my pants.
She didn't said *anything* about it and remained very professional, but I feel dead embarrassed at the idea to talk to her now.
I see her tomorrow, how should I behave ?
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>I get a boner when my gf sends me a text message nigga
Doesn't matter if it is not public

Nothing to do with beauty, the guy is socially anxious, he even fears to orgasm, heck!

>If I get an orgasm, which is very unlikely, I'll just play it the Chad way >>24419259
Ofc I won't be so sure of my endurance once she'll start massaging my inner tights next month, but that's for another thread I guess

Dismiss such an eventuality from your head. You're really risking going to jail, it's not 1900's anymore. Some guys have been accused for less
because eimi fukada
>My new physiologist is a solid 7, and this is problematic.
No, it's not, lucky bastard
You should be glad to have a 7 massaging you like this
Just imagine the cringe getting hard at a guy messing with your erogenous zones for an hour
>Dismiss such an eventuality from your head. You're really risking going to jail, it's not 1900's anymore. Some guys have been accused for less
You are reffering to men who got fired after making sex jokes, or after grabbing some coworker.

I have face blindness so i never know what looks good on me vs what doesn't, all i can tell is my eyebrows are completely uneven & i need help. thanks
Can hardly even see your eyebrows with your shit camera. Just leave them be. Nobody cares if you have uneven eyebrows.
Bro that's a decent pair of eyebrows you've got there. Bitches be threading the shit out of their eyebrows cuz they don't look good naturally, unlike yours, so just leave them be!
this is pretty good bait
This is a better question for /fa/

Get it off you lovely chest anon :)
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File: 1622399244934.jpg (60 KB, 820x820)
60 KB
Don't make me disown you.
I'm freaking out internally about kidney stones. Today I've felt a twinge in my back right, bit below the ribs, and very sporadic. Sometimes when I sit, or move around.
I know when they start moving they hurt a lot, but I swear it feels like there's something small inside I can feel when it moves.
Could be nothing at all, just my head freaking me out, amplifying every little thing. I suppose I've they're there there's really nothing to do except drink water and wait.
File: 20200917_124234.jpg (21 KB, 513x394)
21 KB
I'm sure you have it all together and nothing in life will ever wreck you.
If it makes you feel better, at least if that is the case, you'll know, and you could be worrying about Hep C or AIDS or something. You'll be fine, dude.

Everyone at my work won't shut up about their girlfriends and it's really starting to get to me. They're always going on about all the nice things they do together and whatnot, and every once and a while one of them will show up and they'll go around flaunting it. Meanwhile I'm just some 23 year old unloveable autistic piece of shit, I've never had a girlfriend and I never will. How the fuck am I supposed to cope with this shit, quit? I'm starting to give some serious consideration to it.
If you don't have any problems with your job itself you shouldn't quit. Any other job you go to is going to be full of normalfags who do the exact same thing.

PS your waifu sucks and magic is real
Wait until they start being married and you’re still single, that’s when the real pain starts
I feel your pain, Erika.

File: file.png (339 KB, 420x312)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Old thread >>>24421533
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I pretty much did. She's a sweetheart tho.
Sweet said people started noticing her bruises, right? That means she got pounded several times by her father?

Mom's can be like that. Bless their hearts
best disney girl
she has the best boobs ive ever seen on a woman

File: 1617212508815.png (89 KB, 335x348)
89 KB
I didn't make it into college this year and my parents are making me go and find a job, I find it extremely difficult to maintain one because of fear and anxiety from responsibility and having to work with people.

My parents don't treat me like a person, they just talk to me when it comes to education or having a job. I can't mentally handle anything and I need to go to a psychiatrist but my parents don't support it and they won't give me money for it.

Now I am being berated by them every day, what can I do to make money and improve the situation?

rope, anons?
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Unfortunately the only way to deal with anxiety (and any problem that stems with fear of leaving your comfort zone) is to get out of your comfort zone and see that everything is fine.
In particular, failing and seeing the world hasn't ended because of it.
It's hard, VERY hard, but the way to deal with it is to put yourself in these situations.
If you're feeling you're out of your comfort zone it means you're on the right track.
Take your time, you don't have to throw yourself into the deepest waters right away, but for now your goal is, for lack of a better term, be uncomfortable every day.
A day in which you didn't leave your comfort zone is a day in which you didn't make progress.

A psychiatrist will definitely help, if your parents won't help you than it is in your best interest to find work in order to finance it yourself.
Generally you should strive to self reliance if your parents aren't supportive.
And don't beat yourself up about not being accepted into college, there's no point in going to higher education if you don't know exactly what you want to study and what to do with it.
Even if you do and just didn't get accepted, don't worry too much about it, living in a first world country means you can try as many times as you please, and no, started a degree late doesn't make you a weirdo.
I started at 23 and the absolute majority of my peers are around my age.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
go on anon
About my really bad time as a commander? sure, I'll build some background
>be Israeli, which means conscription for 3 years
>have no confidence in myself, I'm not assertive or charismatic and I was always physically weak compared to my peers
>become a combatant after 8 months of training
in retrospect it's obvious I could do it, since you have no choice but train and realistically they'd pass you as long as you didn't shoot the commanding officer in the face, but back then I was completely convinced they'd sober up and eject me.
>after training is done get told I was chosen to go on commander's course, which is 4 months after which I'd become an NCO, a commander in a unit that's secondary to the commanding officer, who's an officer.
>didn't think for one second I could do it, but said fuck it, let's give it a shot, worst case scenario I'm ejected
In retrospect that wasn't hard either because my specific corps was DESPERATE for commanders, so they let my poor physical performance slide
>join my squad
background: in my corps (field intelligence) units are very small, just squads made up of 10-13 people total, a commanding officer, one or two other commanders and the rest are regular soldiers.
Also, this particular unit was alone in an outpost except for a small tank team, so we were pretty detached from the rest of the company save for a weekly visit by the company commander, my whole world was this squad.
>CO introduces himself, seems like a very nice guy, I'm joining an experienced team (keep in mind I was only in courses up until then, didn't know shit)
>he says he doesn't think it's his duty to teach me how to command, should've been my first red flag but it seemed perfectly reasonable for me at the time, I had to frame of reference.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You should know that when I'm anxious (which in retrospect are probably a sort of panic attack) I go full gas on neutral, I work REALLY hard and tire myself out while not actually doing anything and producing zero results, so a lot of pacing around, a lot of freaking out figuring my surrounding out.
>CO berates me every day about how I'm not doing a good job and no one respects me
>Now I know he should have known I don't know shit and it's normal, but again, I had no frame of reference, so I thought he's right
>generally I saw a CO that's very productive and very flattered by higher command, the squad loved him, and everything worked save for what I did.
>I thought I was a useless piece of garbage, the CO said I was a useless piece of garbage, the squad didn't see me as a commander, so really, why WOULDN'T I think I actually was a piece of garbage?
>there were a few times when I tried to get soldiers to do something, I don't remember what, routine upkeep like cleaning or something, and the CO would should at me from the other room that I'm doing it wrong (BIGGEST DICK MOVE IN LEADERSHIP POSSIBLE, never ever ever burn your fellow commanders in front of the soldiers, I wasn't doing well but he killed any chances I did have)
I should point out the soldiers did like me as a person, we were friendly enough, they're good people, but they didn't see me as a commander, which is a problem.
>all this goes on for 4 months until that CO gets reassigned
>had to hide away somewhere and cry at least 3 times
>couldn't wait to go to sleep each day, not because I was tired, but because I really, REALLY wanted the day to be over.
A friend later told me "dude, that's depression", I didn't think of myself as depressed at that time, I thought of myself as a retard who bit off more than he could chew, I was SO angry at myself for having the audacity to think I could be a commander.
>Now I am being berated by them every day, what can I do to make money and improve the situation?

simple question. are you currently doing anything at your own volition to improve your situation?

File: file.png (44 KB, 758x704)
44 KB
what's the easiest / fastest way to get nudes from girls online if youre unattractive?
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>search "nude selfie"
you're welcome
Go on a site like discord where people dont use their real names and add irl friends and family. Theyll be more likely to send nudes. If they ask what u look like just catfish and use some other guys pics.
Go to GIF or random
Thats dumb. You might have to sift through a couple threads to find nudes. Better to just use /s/ or /hc/.

File: girl.jpg (32 KB, 500x708)
32 KB
I want to rip out each and every hair in my head.
I want to cut out pieces of my tongue, snip after snip after snip, until it's completely gone.
I want to snap off every single one of my fingers.
I want to take a pair of scissors and cut off my ears and my nose.
I want to take a knife and gouge out my eyeballs.
I want to twist my hands in circles until they both are ripped off.
I want to bite off all of my toes.
I want to take a pair of garden shears and cut off my feet. Bonus points if I get both of them off at once.
I want to rip every inch of my skin off my body as ravenously as an eager child opening presents on Christmas.
I want to feast on my muscles, nerves, and sinew.
I want to smash every last one of my organs against the wall like a grape.
I want to break every one of my 206 bones in half and stomp on them until they're nothing but dust.
How do I do all of this?
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Can they help me?
I have been diagnosed with CPTSD, not schizophrenia.
Well if you have CPTSD you could seek a therapist who may refer you to a psychologist who could prescribe medications for you if you’re not doing well. For some people, therapy works fine and they don’t need more. For others, they may need medications to help them feel more at ease or peace. It all depends on what is happening to you mentally, emotionally, and physically
There's a lot of well established help out there for CPTSD. Of course they can help you. Try looking into EMDR, it's supposed to be particularly good for PTSD and I assume that would carry over to CPTSD.
Combine that with other types of therapies and medication as needed.

you better stream it if you do

you sound reasonably intelligent. I'm not saying its easy, but part of everyones adulthood, regardless of damage level, is to encounter problems in life and apply the tools they had developed ahead of time, or adapt new tools to the situation.

Some people just... function from that negative feeling place you describe, but its not without its downside and consequences. But if you're posting here, you're probably aware of that already. Just keep making incremental changes. If you want specific /adv/, ask a specific question and we'll try. good luck

What would you tell your younger self to grow financially,spiritually,mentally or physically
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Holy shit anon why would you ever smoke that

How am I supposed to find my inner problem if I don’t feel anything I just feel empty
Go for the things you want to do no ifs or but go for it keep moving forward.
What do you mean by that
File: bd86ccb.png (368 KB, 455x638)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Because my best friend's grandparents held him down while his mom handed him over to the police with a felony amount of weed paraphernalia she'd been saving in a gallon Ziploc bag for years, but it was just crumbs and resin, from when we were kids. Things found in his coat pocket that he thought he had just misplaced. I wanted to smoke with my best friend once he got out of prison, for weed. For this whole stupid thing. But weed is illegal. But synthetic wasn't. And it almost killed me. The drug was untested. It hadn't been in the news yet. We thought it was just lavender root or something. JWH-018. Ruined my neuro-pathways, or some shit. Hindsight 20/20. I'm good, now, but be careful when it comes to drugs. Especially white powders. Cocaine doesn't really exist. It's mostly GNC powder, gasoline, and ego. I don't think most people understand that. Or most things.

File: s9biyhs4lix61.jpg (125 KB, 1377x1374)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
How can I seduce a girl I like through text on Discord?
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a girl? perhaps not
a "girl"? absolutely
If this isn’t bait you should seriously reconsider your life choices.
send her memes
Voice call her pussy
become popular on the same server by being a fucking insane class clown, friend her, engage in conversation, small talk, and the exchange of banter along the course of a couple months or more, confess feelings, if rejected, handle it with grace and move on, if not rejected, enjoy about two months of the best lovey-dovey feeling of your life before she starts being a completely emotionally unavailable asshole, never manage to meet irl. Bawl eyes out and feel the rage and the end of mutual friendships as you struggle for over an entire year to recover from the heartbreak.

Repeat the above at least two more times until you realize people were actually right and not memeing by saying internet relationships don't fucking work. Begin The Search for More Bitches around local areas and realize you wasted a gigantic chunk of your youth pursuing wamens on the net instead of trying to assimilate into the human race irl like a happy human being

File: 1616025130598.jpg (299 KB, 1280x960)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
How do I know if I'm good looking enough for tinder..?
I downloaded the app on a fake profile and there's a lot of qts in my area but I'm afraid i might be just not very good looking
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I surf a lot, is that an interesting enough hobby? My other hobbies are kinda lame even though I really enjoy them like hiking, art and crocheting.
I have tinder, and get nothing from it. I keep it around in the event something does happen, but it's really a 'fuck it' kind of thing. Just don't think about it.
That is a perfect hobby bro, I skate and get a fuck ton of biches, surfing is the same for those who live on coasts. Surfing is your way in buddy, so many easy date ideas can come from that. Good luck anon
That is a perfect hobby bro, I skate and get a fuck ton of biches, surfing is the same for those who live on coasts. Surfing is your way in buddy, so many easy date ideas can come from that. As for the other hobbies, save those for in real life visits. Good luck anon
This. 100% this.

Tinder is a pimp. It won't match you with anyone unless you pay. Better to work on your irl appearance and personality than to fiddle with your profile to see what gets you the most swipes.

Be yourself. Its not a meme. I have proof here. I'm a prematurely balding pajeet and this is a 9/10 really white girl miles out of my league.
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I can't tell if people ITT have the right idea or they're just broken beyond repair from years of 4chan.
I want to believe the latter, but my own several years of 4chan are screaming the former is closer to the truth.
This thread is fucking sad.
Coming from someone who is visiting 4chan for the first time in months, they re broken beyond repair from being on 4chan too much
I really want to believe that anon and have hope, but every time I go out I see everything 4chan told me coming true.
31 yr old boomer here.
I manage to get a 19yr gf by NOT playing the dumb redpill game.

redpill and pua shit only works on the kind of women you don't want to attract.

I'm 6ft so I don't know if I'm just being a chadlite letting my look do the job tho.
This thread is depressing, but a lot of stuff mentioned here is just plain truth. I believe if you experienced something different, then that's good for you I guess...but generally women tend be the way this board has described. If you find a women who is really kind at heart, well I'm happy for you my guy, but as I said 'generally' that's not the case. As someone said ITT, "Men want love, women wants a Mr. Perfect."

Good luck to any anon reading all this, game isn't over yet, just be educated is all I am saying.

File: trad.jpg (16 KB, 223x226)
16 KB
> 23M, certified aspie, been very introspective about it lately.
Meet this girl online, seems we have a common interest so I dm her. Turns out we have a lot more in common, I think there's good vibes. I ask for a video chat, and it goes really well. Quite quickly I realised there's something special about her. We talked shit for hours, no awkwardness at all, and arrange another. And another. 2 weeks in, I'm getting all angsty, wondering if it's weird I'm initiating the video calls etc. so earlier I decided fuck it I'm gonna work up the courage to come out as an aspie in case she just thinks I'm being creepy.

She took it really well, turns out she's aspie too. Explains a lot about why we vibe so much desu. She's also single and she's said I'm "special, nice, really like talking to you etc," after I said the same. She's also said she wants to live off grid and start a family with someone in a few years (based tradwife lol). That's an ambition of mine too. And she's just really fucking cute, though I haven't said those exact words to her yet.

Does anyone here have any advice for dating female aspies? Any femanons on the spectrum or anons who have dated one before? I feel like we can be quite honest with each other, like we both agree we don't hold stuff against others the same way normies do, but is there anything I should be careful about?
43 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The part where you tried to talk about dating an aspie when all you did was fuck them once or twice while they were under the impression that you two were in an actual relationship. Which honestly is even worse, because you either deliberately lied to her or lead her on without clarifying what you wanted so you could fuck her. So basically you ruined a virgin girl who had no clue what was going on just so you could get your dick wet, which basically makes you a nigger in all but skin tone.
Congrats, you're a nigger, Harry.
Oh I’ve already done that. We literally talk for hours, I’ve had some of the most interesting conversations in my life with her. We’re already talking regularly and I’m gradually but unambiguously making it clear how I feel about her.
I agree with >>24424404
that’s pretty disgusting of you. I’ve heard before that pieces of shit like you will exploit aspie girls for sex under the false pretence that you like her and she can trust you. You ruined that poor girl and probably broke her heart. Considering you lead her on to get sex like that, it makes you not much better than a rapist. It’s the equivalent of asking a male aspire out for a joke then humiliating him in front of everyone when he says he likes you. Really fucking immoral.
Yeah I get it’s kinda cheesy and retarded - at least a large part of that is the aspie in me.
my ex is an aspie, to me she was an adorable little muffin that was obsessed with her cat. she also loved sex a lot

File: camara002.jpg (29 KB, 500x374)
29 KB
i have had homicidal thoughts since i was about 13, im a complete social outcast ive never had a friend, even online. high school dropout never been to a social event. even my parents dont care about my birthdays, ive never had a party or what is normal.

im 19 now and every time i close my eyes i wanna kill i see busted lungs, broken skulls brains guts and blood, it keeps me up at night i get 4 hours a night and i cant concentrate on video games or recreational copes. i target with my thoughts randoms and people who were slightly rude to me about 5 years ago. ive been to doctors they are fucking worthless and reported me to cops. i dont even like using 4chan due to all the triggers like anons mentioning their friends or time in school. im asexual due to being forced on antipsychotics, the only thing i can get off to is unironically killings beatings dead bodies gore vids,and morgue pictures.
all i do is attempt to get an erection to dead bodies which usually fails, i look at the walls in my room play some video game for 2 hours and go to bed repeat. i hate going outside because i will attack a passerby.
i killed some animals and i liked it alot. i got caught by mom and was in psych ward where they gave me the drugs.

i am not a threat i really want help for this i dont feel anything, and this is probably the place where i will get shit on and have actual responses not robotic doctor dialogue. thanks if you read this.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
did, they broke confidentiaity and laughed at me when i got angry and forced me out the door. i have no trust left for authority.
all they will do is give me drugs or report me to cops again.
You need professional help.
I don’t know what to tell you dude, I hope you don’t actually act on these urges. I’m sure the meds don’t help the root of the problem. When did you start feeling like this and why? Are there any triggers?
Hi anon, I too have homicidal thoughts. However, the key difference between myself and sociopaths/serial killers is that I do not enjoy the thoughts. If you truly do not want these thoughts and aren't evil, simply stop forcing the thoughts to leave. Give them space. This is different from entertaining them mind you. Treat them as a schizo screaming random garbage at you while you walk down the street.
I wish I had better advice to give you, but I sincerely recommend professional help. If I were you, I'd go to my personal physician and see if he can get a word in for me at a recommended psychiatrist who's actually going to give a shit about your case. There are legitimately good people out there who do want to help you, and I don't want you to go and do some stupid shit and ruin your life like Stayvun.

File: 1599803133437.gif (148 KB, 340x340)
148 KB
148 KB GIF
heres a hypothetic self defense situation. what would you support if every female went there own way and denied men their eggs?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it would go something like
>rape becomes legal in most countries
>women try to form their own governments
>short-lived civil wars ensue
>women lose in end
>rape continues
>mankind survives
>women constantly reminded of their failure to be independent
honestly sounds like heaven
if you did this your country would just collapse and be overtaken by a society that doesn't give a shit about feminism
>self defense situation
>denied men their eggs

breeders are mentally ill
Go back
You mean to say incels. Actual breeders don't have retarded thoughts like this.

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