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File: EeP56HVWkAAmlhT.jpg (53 KB, 675x1200)
53 KB
>inb4 trolls
Hey /adv/, my girlfriend recently met up with this powerful CEO of a company. He is possibly going to hire her as a secretary. They had an informal interview at a restaurant.

If he takes her on, she'll be flown out to NYC to train with a former secretary (also female). After that, she'd help manage his business.

What are the odds that he's just doing this to sleep with her? She's attractive, and he's married, not like that matters. All his secretaries have been female.
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Good luck.
t. mother cheated on father after she became secretary for some rich fucker
I appreciate your reply.
Shes going to fuck him within a month.
>Decade relationship
Ohh nevermind, you have been with this girl for 10 years and never married her? You are a subhuman, shes just right for you.
I know she's right for me.
I'm aware that he's playing her. She's vulnerable and in a bad work situation. She sees potential, but I know its naive.
>gf of 10 years
yeah lmao you're screwed
should've put a ring on it buddy

It's gonna be 4 years soon since my pop died after a long battle with cancer. I'm currently 24, and ever since the day we've buried him, I feel like I've not been motivated to do anything for long. I keep switching between hobbies hoping to get distracted, but it never lasts for long, as the thoughts that it's all for nothing always prevail. My sleep schedule has been completely fucked too. I go to sleep at around 3-4 AM and wake up at 1 PM. My various other relatives keep telling me it's gonna get better, but I hardly believe them anymore. I feel immense guilt for having been unable to help my father with anything (his cancer was one of the unmanageable ones once it gets too severe) and don't know how to rid myself of it. I try not to think about it when I'm around people IRL, but can't help it when I'm home.
Forgot to mention that despite choosing this pic related, I don't drink or smoke to try and soothe it.
Just think that he doesn't want u to be the way u are rn.U need to accept the death and move on.
He would want you to forget him and live your best life while u still can
i havent lost anyone close really. i dont keep close friends either. i didnt see my dad much, and am just now (37) having conversations with him about what he does for a living. learn more about your dad, talk to his friends/family ppl that knew him. did he have old pictures? who else had pics of him?

there are tragedies in life. most people get to learn that from a distance. what if you started reading about cancer, and biology, what cancer is, theories on how to stop it? early warning signs
Blood cancer it was, the one that can't be cured, just temporarily stopped. He wasn't diagnosed until 2014.

File: file.png (67 KB, 362x500)
67 KB
inquiring about methods to finding/cultivating same sex friendships that dont emotionally fail. a lot of my previous male friendships, as well as those of many, were shallow in nature and short-lived. i want to develop a deep, tender friendship with a man that transcends all conventional barriers, free of stigmatization. i want to be able to truly confide in my friend and form a lasting dyadic connection because improving the quality of my relationships will put me on route to being a better, less hateful person and help to break destructive habits. i dont want to fall victim to loneliness and perversion as a result of a lack of healthy supportive relationships. i want to bask in the love of my male friends and not fear persecution or betrayal. how?
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Go back to plebbit for your faggot advice you little whore
honestly you do sound extremely gay. I know you haven't mentioned sex yet but if I heard you say this in real life I would not want to be your friend. Putting this amount of intimacy on a friend is creepy as fuck and definitely a vibe killer
I have one friend like this and it was the most unexpected friendship. I have no advice other than do not tell anyone you want to have a lasting dyadic connection with them.

I guess what really helped is that we're very open minded about everything, even though he goes to an evangelical church, which is extremely surreal for me. He's a good person too, charitable and all that. It really brings me a smile to my face being friends with him.
Indeed, I don't know why romance is attributed to gays, they're the least romantic people you'll ever meet. Perhaps cultural resentment is from the industrialized male worker being groomed to be a emotionless useful tool for war and profit.

But low-key, everyone who wants long term friends and family does want what OP described, just not as explicit and most adults become so jaded by being generally bad people to each other.
Current year people like to be in dissociative states as to not expose themselves to lines of attack on their ego. Most people don't like to realize how gushy and romantic their goals are likely because they believe if they put these in front of someone they would just crush them.
>same sex friendships
You mean friendships? Because the way you call it sounds fucking gay

File: b11.png (180 KB, 680x572)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Can't get sleep
>Every damn morning (around 6am) my neighbor tortures me
>This boomer starts up his loud ass car
>On top of that car is an old convertible so he has it idling for a couple minutes to warm it up
>Proceeds to blast Frank Sinatra the entire fucking time
>Drives right by my house with his loud ass exhaust and music
>Paper thin walls so I hear EVERYTHING
>Can't go back to bed because I have insomnia so I just lay there until I have to get up for work

What the hell do I do? This is driving me mad
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Break into his house and switch his viagra with tictacs
I like your thinking!)
Well if talking won't work I'll try that
Give him a firm handshake and call him sir

boomers love that
I gotta check the place for cameras. Luckily he parks in the driveway so I won't have to break into his garage.

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individual consumption choices won't make any difference compared to what states and corporate interests are doing to the earth
Look at all the failed predictions they've made already, the climate apocalypse should have happened already according to them in the 90s and 00s. Sure it's getting hotter, but no where near to the extent that human ingenuity can't keep up. The Great Barrier Reef just had the highest coral growth in many years
Thanks everyone.
Literally not my problem.
>corporate interests
can you not understand how your consumption choices lead to corporate pollution, or are you completely fucking stupid?

File: 1653427301858.jpg (1.08 MB, 1100x2081)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Can I get into a decent Law School with a 3.4 GPA if I get a decent LSAT score of around 165-170?

I'm going to be a senior next year and I wasted my first three years at college not caring about my grades since I didn't have any direction in life. Since then I've decided to become a lawyer and while I'm gonna do my best to raise my GPA there's only so much I can do with only two semesters left. So will a decent LSAT score be enough to offset the low GPA and get into a good Law School?
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answer pls
Not OP, but is it worth going to a non-top ranked law school?
Like, I've pretty much conceded there's no way I'm getting into any big league schools with my GPA, but I still have hope for like, top 50-100 law schools.
You could easily do a tier 1 school (i.e., top 50) with those numbers with a small (15-20%?) scholarship, especially at the schools from 30 to 50.
I'd say bottom half to bottom third of T14 schools, maybe with 10% scholly, but definitely at sticker. Tier 1 schools outside of T14, you'd get much better scholarships.

Just make sure 3.4 is a realistic estimate of how you're gonna do next year. ALSO make sure that's how LSAC is going to calculate your undergrad GPA. How your school calculates it is different.

I had a 3.1 UGPA and 167 LSAT, and got into an upper non-T14 school with like $19k/year in scholarship about a decade ago. Just make sure you actually want to do this.

>Had LoRs in high places however so that may have helped
Unlikely unless your LoR came from a major donor to the university, and even then I'd say unlikely to have made a difference. Everything other than UGPA, LSAT score, and URM status is a soft factor that just lets the school differentiate between you and other applicants with very similar numbers.
If you're a black woman, you'll be on the supreme court in 20 years
nta but if you're from that area and have family just go to the best school you can get into, you'll find a job back home without needing the alumni network.

>So do you think I can definitely get into one of the two Boston schools or at least a pretty decent (like top 50) school as long as I get a 165+ on the LSAT and maybe bump my 3.4 a bit in my last year?
As I say here >>27096514 you will have zero problem getting into a top 50 law school with those numbers provided you apply widely enough. I can't promise BU/BC because shit can always happen.

Apply to a lot of schools. If you get a fee waiver for a T14 go ahead and submit your application to them.

That said if you know what the market's like in Boston and having a local law school degree is more important than anything else, then you should be applying outside the top 50 and going for Northeastern, Suffolk, UMass Dartmouth, etc. But for real dude, I don't think things are that bad there. Here in Chicago a ton of people in the judiciary and state government have law degrees from fucking garbage law schools like John Marshall. I don't get it either, but people from out of state DO get jobs here.

Really that's the main key of anything. Go where you can and get your first job. Where you went won't matter after that.

File: 5472.jpg (253 KB, 1200x900)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
theres gotta be pizza somewhere in the username and ive got mamapizza, pizzaboss, pizzaeater28...
give me more
Yeah, as an assistant IT sec guy; just no.
i'm with the other anon, i knew a guy whos neighbor worked at office depot, so NO

Is (fairly light) corset training a uh... good idea for a transwoman?

I'm not looking to use it lose weight like 90% of half these fucking shock appeal articles say, I just wanna make it look like I have hips.

Or maybe it would just make me look weird I dunno. I don't intend to get a super insane curve necessarily, I just thought maybe I could use it a little bit to make up for the fact that I'm never gonna have hips and my torso and hips look like an ice cream sandwich...
hm, post body and then we'll decide
If you have money for a surgery, you have money for a corset.

Buy one and find out, you're drawing us circles we can't even begin to pin on without other information.

File: images (45).jpg (19 KB, 739x415)
19 KB
>invite gf to dinner
>She tells me she already has plans
>Ask her what her plans are
>She becomes defensive, accuses me of being controlling, won't say what she's doing
She's literally never been like this before, It's over isn't it?
she's going to watch a tv show and eat junk food at home
a woman is a 10 year old with 20 years of practice lying
let it slide, make the 10 year old brain happy by doing something for her, never hold them responsible
Pretty much. But since you know this, let her have her fun whoring out, and break up with her in the morning. Waste no time crying over this bitch. Get in some better pussy asap and block the ex after you break up with her.
At least you know. Many anons on the 4chinz would never have figured it out unfortunately.
Yes it's over. I'm a pretty vindictive person so I'd think of a way to twist the knife on the way out but what you do now is all up to you.

File: gioyc4.jpg (181 KB, 1125x1111)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Wish you were here, anon!

Previous: >>27084031
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File: joe-rogan-experience.jpg (132 KB, 760x443)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>friend relapsed into alcoholism after he moved an hour away
>scored tickets to see Joe Rogan live in Chicago, took him and my father in law
>both of them got severely drunk before we made it to the show. We were walking around the torture museum drinking a little bottle of whiskey, curator basically told us it was okay but to be less obvious about it.
>father in law slept through the whole show, friend was belligerent and doing everything he could to be obnoxious during the opening acts, fell down the stairs at one point and almost killed himself, not even sure how much he remembers.

I had fun, but I'm also kinda perplexed. It was like having someone watch your favorite movie and they're just fucking around on their phone the whole time, except both of them paid like 120 bucks between the show and the museum. We're probably never going to see Joe Rogan do standup again, and it was fucking hysterical.
I'll decide for myself what to believe and what to pass on! I'll find something worth fighting for!
I think paranoia is one of those labels that covers a wide variety of things.
General rule of thumb is you can trust blood of your blood with almost anything. Strangers less so. And then the relationships (e.g., neighbours, possible girlfriends) in the middle is where most struggle.

Never feel bonkers though, we all make mistakes. After all, isn't that the quintessential human experience?

To quote Reagan: Trust, but verify.

Btw, captchas are tough, any tips?
I do wish I wish I were with those cats. Sweet babies.
the file I was working on the last couple of hours got corrupted and I didn't have any buckups. God fucking damn it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so fucking pissed and sad fuuuuuckrhehskdnfvdhsksndvvddjsknsdbbdbd
I can re do it but it won't have the same charm as before. I wanna fucking die

File: 6800076432.gif (899 KB, 480x265)
899 KB
899 KB GIF
Has anyone found a solution yet for all the popups that started a few days ago on gif and b yet?
This is still going on? At least it's helping me with nofap.
File: 1639351144053.jpg (32 KB, 640x406)
32 KB
That is what I was thinking but now that pol is the only adult board working I'm spending way too much time there.. wish they would fix this shit.

Hello there,
I am using the help of a translator because English is not my first language and I do not want to make too many mistakes. I apologize for any grammar mistake.

Its my first thread on 4chan even tho I often use it to reply.

I really need help. I am in a stage of my life where I finally reached my goal of doing the job of my life. I have an amazing bf that helps me out no metter what. I have a stable income even despite my family being pretty poor and hardworking.

But besides that, no metter what I do, I always feel frustrated and sad, anxious and depressed.

I think that my friends hate me for some reason, and I can lose everything in a moment or two.

I live in the fear that something bad will happen to me, and I feel terrible and guilty because I should just feel happy and enjoy my life instead of feeling bad all the time.
My therapist is useless, my friends have no time to spend on me, my bf cares but feels like too focused on his job.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
disclosure: this post preaches to you
I'm happy for you that your life is good and safe, few people get to enjoy that
everyone has that feeling you have to want your life to have meaning beyond just getting what you need in life
you helped yourself and did good for yourself
you're helping your bf and do good for him
help more people and do good for them however you can with what they need to have a good and safe life too
beyond that, go ask God for help, he's real and will put life's truth in your heart if you really do want to do help others out of love for them
>I always feel frustrated and sad, anxious and depressed.
It may be best to stop and write in detail how you feel.

>I think that my friends hate me for some reason, and I can lose everything in a moment or two.
If those friends really, deep inside their hearts, hated you; are they really your friends? It may be best to confront them about it. It's also a good test for you as well since friends are people you can trust and be honest with.

>What should I do to be more grateful to my life?
It usually genuinely appears in deep regret and loss, but perhaps there may be another way.

>How can I enjoy every moment of it?
You should be able to feel the entire spectrum of emotion, and it would be a really bad take-away if you merely categorized a person to be either "Happy" or "Unhappy". You are so much more complex than that.

It is completely valid to feel negative emotions, and it is what makes you whole.
post breasts

I think I got involved with the cartel
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also it does sound like a fucking scammer. Pretty sure the term by hook or by crook is indian as well, doesn't make sense in context as it means by any means neccesary.
Just be honest
Send him a picture of your balls
My homie and I already skipped town before this by coincidence. There's also no way I get 3k. I'm from out of state, but I don't want my friend or his family to get harassed. I'd rather try to convince him whatever address he has isnt mine. Like "I was posted up there to pick them up in my car". I also told him on the call that it sounds like a scam and if I'm being threatened I'll involve the authorities. I'm such an idiot, I should have thought out what to say first. I just don't see how denying a couple hookers rates justifies bringing the cartel in. He didn't give any specific info. He did say he had my families info which would be impossible, they don't even live in the states.
He's not Indian I already got called by him. He has a very firm deep voice, not something you'd expect from a beta scammer.

File: 0_Cinderella-1.jpg (18 KB, 615x409)
18 KB
>i was a kissless virgin till 21(current age) met this 5(20) on Tinder who agreed to meet up quickly
>5 looked like a 6 in person but is not my type
>got many better matches on bumble and Tinder but none ended up in dates, so I just gave this one a go
>she is a nice girl and open to any kind of relationship
>she is new to the city and wants me to show her around
>keeps talking about her friend who committed sudoku and how she keeps thinking about it
>had my first kiss by the beach with moonlight
>I'm not sexually attracted to her
>what to do
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>keeps talking about her friend who committed sudoku and how she keeps thinking about it
>had my first kiss by the beach with moonlight
>I'm not sexually attracted to her
>what to do
Things can get really fucked up if you continue trust me.
I don't even want sex, kissing her didn't feel good, i didn't get butterflies, I'm just scared she'll do something to herself. I just can't bring myself to break it to her
how do I break it to her without hurting her
Hurting her now is better than stringing her along and feeling trapped and worrying about how much more you will hurt her later. It will hurt less now for her now than it will later. I'm sorry mate I know how hard it is, you never really *want* to hurt her. It's how fucked things are at this moment.
>how do I break it to her without hurting her
I dont think you can do it without hurting her. you either have to accept that or continue trying to protect her from that.
thanks g, just needed to hear that

File: breaking-bad-reg.jpg (419 KB, 2070x1380)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
I've started simping and tossing away money on e-whores

Tell me I'm disgusting so I can kick this repulsive habit brehs. Like a Walter White of limp dicks I started off making reasonable choices and ended up a disgusting cretin even a mother couldn't love. My arc is a sad and pathetic one. Help me.

P1: The justified & the reasonable
>COVID lockdowns lifted
>Doing lots of fucking, lifting, dating and socializing. life good.
>One night sitting with 3 buddies and get a genius idea
>Chip in $15 each to make e-whores play ISIS and remove kebab songs, put shoes on head and smear random gulash from their fridge over their tits
>they're just thankful for not having to fist themselves
>i go to bed happy knowing the world is a just and orderly place

P2: The descent
>Months pass
>Having sex biweekly, give or take

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you
wire me the money you're wasting I'm unironically desperate for cash because despite having my head and my life together im unemployed in a shithole country without the right visa to get work
I will pick up the phone at hour of the day to listen to whatever problem you have and yell or counsel you however needed
send contact info for cheap 24h therapy
No problem. Get your shit together.
I can give you career advice if you like anon, but I think it's time to curb my impulsive spending, sorry
Haha "e". Like,digital? Go to vegas, loser

Bet you dont even have 5 bucks to book a plane from whereever chinese sewerholes you steal your wifi from.

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