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File: download.jpg (3 KB, 266x190)
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They have taken my confidence, my self esteem and combined with family problems I was having i have deep insecurity problems and i prefer to be a fuckin mess at this point, bullying ruined my life.
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>bullies, bullies, bullies
Usually inheriting sins of the parents. jussayin'
Stockholm syndrome I see
One persons experience doesn’t invalidate another’s it could’ve been something like tripping them and breaking their leg or something as light as talking behind someone’s back. however most people now use “bullying” as an excuse to not do anything in their life and stay in their comfort zone or use it as a way to point blame or criticism
>be conditioned to think and act a certain way as a child
>suddenly in highschool you should have no problem finding other people like you

I fucking hate normals like you who have no fucking clue what they're talking about.
That is such a broad topic though. It could be anything between getting the shit kicked out of you to being socially ostracised by your peers. It could stem from one traumatic experience or prolonged exposure to several smaller events.

Quantifying OP's suffering isn't going to help them to get out of their mindset. What matters is that they found the experience to be life-altering, and they are looking for a way back.

File: 1571181484868.jpg (160 KB, 605x1275)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
23 now and I can safely say I regret the choices I've made in my life over the last 7 years.

Long story short, I've gotten myself a degree in a field I do not care about, to do work I do not want to do in order to earn too little money for the life I want to live.

How long would it take to start over?

How feasible is it to save up for a ticket and run off to another country(which I own a passport for)?

Also how long should someone deal with suicidal thoughts before they do it?

Share axioms, maxims, mantras, proverbs, platitudes, paradoxes. Anything short and pithy that might prove generally useful.

>as it seems, so it is
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Life’s a bitch and then you die that’s why we get high because you never know when you’re gonna go
That which cannot do the least, can't do the most.
The whole is always bigger than the part.
The way something acts is the way something is.
These are going to come across a really simple and banal but I actually do think of them a lot

The only way out is through

Don't be greedy

If you smell shit all day check your shoes

To exist is enough.
There is a set such that no element is a member of it.
Time will tell, shit will smell, and water will seek its level.

Avoid the appearance of impropriety.

>am 25
>gf left because I was horrible to her, bad at sex
>made fool of myself harassing her
>have to live with reality of having done things that hurt someone I love, missing her everyday
>she's on fucking tinder already, is posting about it on fb
>found out I have borderline, too bad it's late to fix my fucking life
>no job
>no friends really anymore
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I was on a mood stabilizer but they changed it to an antidepressant. But I don't want to take it because it will make my dick stop working like one antidepressant did or I'll fucking unsuccessfully overdose on it like I did on another

Fuck I wish that seroquel killed me
How do you feel right now? Are you a wreck while you're in the thread or are you more composed in your misery?

Honestly, at least this way I feel I have control

As soon as I try put the phone down I'll be back checking her Facebook on a fake account or fucking obsessing over the fact she could be fucking someone now

I have screen caps of all her dating-related posts, her tinder profile. Its been months I haven't done anything besides harass her with hundreds of messages or obsess about getting her back
Is there anyone else or anything else you obsess over? Has she filed a restraining order yet? Has she blocked your number?
Blocked everything. No restraining order but she threatened to call police last time i tried to see her (which coincided with me taking mirtazipine just as an aside)

File: 1571688355275.jpg (67 KB, 540x549)
67 KB
Does that mean no dating for 99% of this board?
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not only is this fake as fuck its also fucking dumb
it's amazing how delusional some of these creepy ass dudes are
File: joker.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

you know what this means don't you ?

i will get the cream.
He also happened to die a cuck.
High chance you've the depth of a wading pool.

File: Capturez2.png (489 KB, 461x730)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
>Wife just sent me this text. Background is i've been asking her to fulfill some of my sexual fantasies:

I've been thinking
about my fantasies
i've never had any
it was just me and you and I liked it .... then we went through several phases, hotter, colder, but I was always satisfied
but I started to like to imagine it. With others
And to be honest, many times i already imagined it (I believe it happens with many guys too imagining it with others- I don't know your case because you are lucky lol)
and I started to like it
but I thought it would never happen, because I thought In order for it to happen i would have to fall in love with someone who would want to have sex
but this has changed a while ago
and if I knew it would affect our relationship, I'll just understand it's just a fantasy and forget it
but of course I would like us both to be free in our fantasies
I feel like there's a sexual tension between me and the guy from that post
I tried to deny it ... but there is and I like it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She consensual kissed him, i just literally ran the text through google translate. Sorry for the bad english there, it basically is she wants to sleep with other guys, as her fantasy. But she won't do it if she doesn't have my consent.
>you have your fetishes taken care of, and now I want mine.
>But i don't want you to agree to it because you feel guilty.
This is my favourite part. She is a passive-aggressive whore.
>she can't explain this in a sentence
It's probably not worth hearing aye-emm-ach-oh
Nigga you opened Pandora's box and you didn't like it. Best of luck.
no don’t be a cuck

File: 1568670327378.png (181 KB, 303x311)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Not really sure what's going on.

I'm not the most attractive dude in the world, but I did manage to marry a looker and we're actually happily married.

Enter work friend.
She's 18 and I'm 29.
We click really really well, but I have no romantic attachment to her and I THINK it's the same for her.
I've helped her at work and she asks me for hella advice on everything from college to life to driving (I helped her get her license) and tons of other shit, even a guy she was thirsting on at work I advised her on that and it seems they're going well.

I considered her a mentee and friend desu and thought that was our relationship.

I think she might be crazy though because recently she's talking about nipple piercings (the ones she got) repeatedly. Has told me.how.she likes sleeping naked.
Keeps telling me she doesn't love this dude she's seeing and it's just fun
And has started saying things like "i freaking love you man" and constantly praising me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nice trips.

Don't reciprocate her advances and you'll be fine. Those I love you texts? Don't acknowledge them. Those praises? Same thing. She'll get the message right quick, I promise.
I've been changing the subject instantly. So I should instead just straight up ignore and wait for her to text different shit?

It's frustrating I wish I was better at knowing what people mean.
>I've been changing the subject instantly
That should work unless she's an utter retard.
>So I should instead just straight up ignore and wait for her to text different shit?
If she's an utter retard you'll end up having to tell her straight up you don't want those sorts of messages from her because you're married. Ignoring until she texts something else is too passive. If she gets offended during this hypothetical where you tell her directly you don't want this sort of communication, you'll have your answer that she had a crush on you.

Keep doing what you're doing for now. No need to drop bombs just yet.
>It's frustrating I wish I was better at knowing what people mean.
Doesn't matter man. If she's being totally friendly with her I love yous, or if she's making romantic overtures, the response from you should be the same: Don't acknowledge them.
Do you want to cheat on your wife or nah?
OP wants a daughter and this lets him bypass the whole changing diapers bit. It's nice to mentor someone, and if the kid is willing to knock this shit off then things'll be okay.

What the fuck is wrong with normies who say “I hate people but I love animals”
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They're closeted furfags and horsefuckers
File: 8bvch5b3fxs21.jpg (211 KB, 1920x1080)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
just stuck in cycle normies.

they love peoples, they love animals,
they hates peoples, they hates animals.

Also describe peoples and animals to someone else as a concept and see if they hate it or love it.

>bonus you can't describe yourself as people and you can't use it to know if senpai-kun loves you.
Meanwhile we are the real psychopaths hehehehehe
Or you meant fat antisocial cat ladies who smell like cat piss
People are easy to hate, what do you expect?

An animal will let you know pretty quick where you stand with it as manipulation isn't really part of their MO, but humans will do just about anything if they can convince themselves it's in their interest to do so.

I have this horrible fear of teeth that actually prohibits me from doing some things. I can't smoke or drink or eat certain foods without having panic attacks of somehow hurting my teeth and losing one. I frequently dream my teeth are falling out, just writing this post is making it hard to sit still or not panic. My girlfriend once woke up to me with my hand in my mouth trying to pull out a tooth and she had to get me to stop when I wouldn't wake up. Sometimes the dreams get so bad the thought stays in my head for as long as a month and I frequently start panicking when it crosses my mind. What do I do about my fear?
Well? What are we fucking supposed to do? Fix your problem with some text in a screen? Go to a fucking professional and if it doesnt work try another one
It's /adv/ not '/anons reach through my screen to physically assist with my problems/' I assume this falls under the category of.. Advice..?

File: ryo1484548aw.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Gave too much to this girl ( and opened up too much ) I started dating few weeks ago and now she takes me for granted basically ( but does really like me ), I was super desperate but now I realize she's even worse than me.

She has maybe 2 friends, she's a bigger nerd, she's below my league in looks kinda and I see no point in being so oppressed by her and giving her that much power. She should be the one that's hoping I like her and that's trying hard, not me.

How do I show her her place
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well now I want to show her that she's not my only option and that she should work harder too and not just me.

>Heavily doubt. Over rating yourself by a lot more likely.
I don't think you understand, I'm not here to prove anything, I have no need to prove anything here, I'm just looking for advice
Dude, the advice when we say we are doubting your ratings is that we think you are just being mental about this supposed 1-2 point lead in attraction making you some ungodly catch deserving better since you're not a khv anymore. Male and Female ratings are subjectively different sometimes, especially since you decided to be in a relationship with her. That is relative to your perception of her and yourself.
Listen, I'm literally just giving an example. If I made a thread looking for advice on how to cook some food would you ask me how my spoon looked like and said that my pot isn't good enough?
Just give advice or move along man...
Your rep won't go far in helping your situation. I stand by my " she feels comfortable" theory. Get her to suck yoor dick and blow your load in her face. Seriously. At the very least that will subconsciously cement your dominance in her mind. I hate to say trust me, but trust me on this ;)
But shes a girl retard, she can get any loser like you if you act up

>anon why didn’t you go to Suzy’s Bridal lunch? You didn’t want lunch anon?
I work a corporate desk job. I fucking HATE corporate culture.
No, I don’t want to give you money for a gift for someone I barely know.
No, I don’t want to go to lunch with a group of mostly women I don’t like for someone I barely know getting married.
No, I don’t want to join a fucking Halloween costume contest.
This is my first job out of college.
Is this really what working in an office is like? Am I supposed to enjoy this? Because every time someone tries to push me in to doing anything that doesn’t involve the functions of my job I want to kill myself (figuratively).
I like my work, but I hate all of this other shit.
Does this mean I’m not cut out for the office life? Should I be considering a career change?
Quit the job and get a better lifestyle 6ou gotta risk some shit.
This. It sucks that office jobs got so bad but they've always been a weird, synthetic situation. Just go work in a store or something as a salesman or manager and get some money and work experience so you can have your pick of mid-high level jobs in a few years.
Wait 10 years.
You will either be that guy who everyone hates or that guy who just goes with the flow.
Being standoffish isnt a positive trait.

File: 1e708ba.jpg (15 KB, 377x330)
15 KB
all of my friends from my previous social circles were edgelords, we recently fucked around on discord making /pol/ style jokes and laughing our asses off, but since I moved Ive realised everyone here has a way "normier" sense of humor, theyre funny, but I honestly dont know how to make jokes that arent edgy anymore, what do I do to fix my sense of humor without making myself a social outcast by being too edgy before I learn their boundaries?
Make dad jokes and puns these are always okay so long as you stay away from certain topics.
If you're like me, you have to find people to make such jokes with or you'll never really be satisfied
The degree to which a person is ok with edgy jokes is measured by their trait agreeableness and trait conscientiousness iirc
People who aren't ok with such jokes are internally afraid of hurting or offending anyone so you might feel boxed in
Honestly a lot of edgy jokes are unbelievably cringe worthy, even if they're funny, because in any kind of group setting you come off as really antisocial.

Edgy jokes exist for the shock value but a lot of people just aren't shocked anymore, and you come across as really socially inept (in two senses: 1) way misjudging what normal people find funny 2) way misjudging what will shock those people). It's rare you'll get someone whose the perfect mix of un-offended and also immature enough to be into edgy jokes they likely outgrew after high school.

Also they're usually so low effort, like lolol something racist/taboo/sexually extreme. It's rare there's any substance beyond that.

Try to be clever. Think critically about your jokes for like a second and ask if you're trying to make people laugh of you're trying to "be funny"
edgy stuff usually turns out to be pretty stupid low effort shit
I turned my normie friends into edgelords just by making edgy jokes with them.
Just be yourself dude.

File: index.jpg (5 KB, 292x173)
5 KB
Why do I have no motivation to do anything anymore?

>last year undergrad, started college late
>was a lot more motivated and had an overall better average mood before college
>was in military before college, left because tired of dumb shit
>not close to family so moved to a new state on my own
>lonely as fuck
>become too used to being lonely
>stayed like this for 2 years, basically depressed
>started a new part time job at school
>met fun people, we go out a lot, they seem to like me
>meet girl, i think she’s attractive but i feel dead inside
>we are talking about dating

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
> You're lying to yourself.
> There are things that you know would give you joy. And I'm putting "things" here as a placeholder for you to fill.
> But you know you are factually incapable of getting those things. This is not an insult. It is a statement describing your current reality.
> Because you know you are unable to get the things that would make you happy, you've decided to sour-grape them instead. Be it consciously, or sub-consciously. To save yourself the pain of failure.
> The only path forward is to fix the reasons why you are incapable of getting what will make you happy.
> The first step is to openly admit yourself there are things you want, that you are not getting.
> The second step is to identify what abilities, skills and resources you need to get those things.

So, tell us. What is it it that you truly desire?
You have no reason to be depressed you spoiled fuck. You're out of college, can talk to girls, and apparently have money.
you think so?

i'm not sure what will give me joy at this point...,perhaps a family? at first i felt lonely and now it's slowly shape shifted into something that i find hard to describe.

perhaps i'm unable to be with a family because i refused to be a part of their religious ways. then what?


i'm with you on this, had to ditch my parents because of how far they took the G word

File: IMG_20181007_193835.jpg (421 KB, 1920x2560)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
How do I improve my self esteem?
Make goals and achieve them.
Self confidence comes from learning that you can succeed if you try hard at something.
Even something small like lose 10 pounds in 3 months will boost your self esteem after you keep with it for a long period if time.
Taking a class is the easiest way as you arent in control of the schedule and have constant feedback.
Pretty much this Op. Start small , go bigger. Guess what's not appearing over night. No motivational talk or meditation on earth will make you go full confident.
If male, lift weights.
If female, get a pair of tits.
Well i've been dieting for a year and lost 50 lbs.

Why my girlfriend always feels the necessity to talk about her exes, like every conversation seens to drop in the past experiences talk, i already stated that i dont like, what is she trying to do anons ?, is she insecure with something ?
well she obviously doesn’t take what you say seriously because she continues to talk about them sounds pretty vapid

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