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File: DqhgmG1W4AEULU7.jpg (50 KB, 800x600)
50 KB
About a year and a half ago I realized that I'm a terrible excuse for a man. I'm a weak, pathetic coward who lazily coasted through high school doing the bare minimum with only a couple of friends, never having a relationship. I tried to fix things in college, but now that's been interrupted and I'm practically living that NEET life all over again.

I don't like myself as a person at all, I'm such a step down from my dad it's ridiculous. My wants seem to be at odds with my needs, everything about me seems to be defective or shitty. With all of this in mind, is it even worth going on at all?
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Why did you post this in this thread?
He might've meant to post in GIOYC, this thread was above that just earlier
I have been wondering that myself. I am just retarded. I'd blame it on the weed but even without that I am still a retard. I did not mean to hijack the OP. And I do not feel fit to offer him any advice given my current position. Sincere apologies ladies and gents.
I know the feeling, and the feeling of being a piece of shit sucks. I used to feel that way constantly when I was a lolwhale( that's the term right?). But I was lucky to have a close group of friends who held me down and took me to concerts. But even then the social anxiety made it tough to chat with people.

The three things I've learned that helps (without therapy, but if you can go do go, it speeds up the process)
1. exercise regularly, like jump rope 10 mins a day and do some pushups as a start
2. have a plan of escape, figure out where you want to be and backward plan from that if you can, and legit ask people for help. especially if they are where you want to be and or have been in your shoes.
3. Read and work on hobbies - not for anyone, but just for you, when you get better it'll boost your confidence
4. Journal/meditate daily, even if its for a minute, even fr a sentence. it's not a silver bullet but it's helped me with my anxiety before social gatherings or even getting work started (I've got ADHD, and I'm goofing off 2 days before my grad school assignments are due)
5.climbing out of your shell won't be easy, there will be weird situations, but just learn to laugh at them and be along for the ride m8
Good advice, anon

Good dicussion happens on page 8 edition
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>I'm the OP bitch
Fucking mobile browser keeping the name field ffs and I only just noticed kms

You saw nothing tripfaggot
>I always test the waters by rubbing my hand on legs, thighs.
Thanks, I try reciprocate when the girl does this but then don't have the balls to escalate and go for a kiss

So basically just make a move before you can overthink yourself out of it
I believe in you man. If she's already letting you be that close she wants it unless there are some extenuating circumstances attached.
>So basically just make a move before you can overthink yourself out of it
That and don't act nervous, even if you are.
Fuck that, I'm not stupid enough to do something like that twice.

File: 1591753760522.jpg (121 KB, 993x576)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Is it shitty to kill yourself when there are people that would be devastated by it?

I don't want to exist anymore and the only reason I haven't just ended it all is because I know it would fuck up people close to me, especially my wife. Also I have dogs that I don't want to abandon.
Well first of all, I don't really know your situation so imma just drop it now, suicide and any kind of self loathing thoughts won't really do you any better, I recommend that you work out this stuff, talk it with people who can help you with it, look for real answeers to your problems and don't try to escape form them with suicide, I tried not being harsh, but sometimes it may come as such, I wish you good luck and hope that you may find a better way, take care of yourself

File: dlgIconQuestion.gif (2 KB, 40x40)
2 KB
Is it socially a problem to be single because you have too high standards? I mean in the sense of whether or not it's something difficult to hide and if there is a risk of a backlash if people find out?
Honestly I'm quite unattractive so I plan on staying single instead of being with someone I'm not attracted to but I've seen people being very aggressive about people with too high standards, often when they complain too much about single and act entitled but not always, is it a real risk with friends and family?
Is there any decent acceptable excuse or way to hide it?
I think people pretend not to be this shallow, but the reality is they are. People get mad and say stuff like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" no matter how ugly you may be.

I think statements like that are only true to an extent. I used to think some girls were really beautiful when actually nobody else really thought so. When I fall for a girl I find it harder to imagine a more attractive person. When you get into real world situations with women you will generally find the most unnattainable ones the most attractive. Sometimes this girl isn't particularly visually attractive, but since she appears the most unnatainable you might develop a complex where you think she's the prettiest or something.

It's normal to have unreasonably high standards, a lot of people just settle. I am not going to settle despite being a 5/10. I still manage to bed solid 8/10 girls sometimes because I just hold out I guess. I'm pretty damn shallow
man, the thing is, you have to be at least what do you want, because if not you will be controlled by the relationship and you will be or simped or MGTOWed. Do exercise, buy better clothes, be intersting, have hobbies, skills, eat better, and in 2-3 years maybe you will value yourself and the 8-10/10 will value you in the same way.
No problem with high standard, I have myself. The question is, is it a healthy decision to your emotional life?
pretend to be a normie if anyone asks if you’re single just hit them with the good old “im talking to someone” while you do that you can date around (to see if people meet your standards) and the likely backlash you’ll receive is most likely being insulted by women who simply can not accept rejection. also advice is don’t complain (people hate that trust me I know from experience and analyzation) don’t let people know your standards it’s like giving the person manipulative power towards you lol. also it’s okay to have high standards which seem high to other people but in reality it may be because the bar is set so low. my last advice is to not let your loneliness lower your standards. even if you are or aren’t I just thought it might be a good reminder. :)
I've been with plenty of girls that were objectively not the hottest ones out there, but because we connected on a personal and emotional level I didn't even see how ugly or chunky they were. I mean I physically couldn't see it, at times my friends were like "hey so what's up with her jaw" or whatever and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

On the flipside, there were more than a few objectively hot girls that I got completely disgusted with after a while.

Attraction is more than physical.

File: image.jpg (127 KB, 999x624)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Questions that don't deserve their own thread. No need to litter the board with your nonsense. Or, some of you may be too shy. We all know that "googling it" isn't going to work. More important than the questions, are the answers. Please do your part to help Anon.
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Most reality is perception. You can't trust your memory at all. How you perceive an event is more important. I had a memory of hatred for someone and made them my enemy. Later, I traced my fued down to a harmless question he asked about what race my girlfriend was. It was just a question. There are people with happy memories of young sexual encounters and others who think that they were abused. Remember things the way it helps you the most.
But what if I really did do something horrible years ago?
It wasn't.
I have a 2011 macbook air. My sister says I should sell it. I just wanna play around with it and see how long it lasts, lol, because I don't think it would really be worth all that much.
Realistically, how much would it go for, if I did choose to sell it? It's stock, same OS that I bought it with (I could always install a newer one I guess), and about a 4-5h battery life (battery condition is "Normal").
Would anyone actually buy a computer that old? I saw some posted online for 200-400 dollars, but I can't believe anyone would actually pay that much for a computer that's almost a decade old. Then again, idk much about computers.
This is probably a very dumb question, but it's late and I'm tired of trying to find computer listings that explicitly state 2011
But I'm almost positive it was, I just can't remember the exact details about how horrible it was.

File: 1562696509740m.jpg (194 KB, 1024x768)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
yo i dont know whats wrong with me, but i feel like im number than usual.

Had big fight with GF who I lived with for a couple months. It was intense and moved too fast because she had manic episodes and stuff.

But regardless I loved her and tried my best.
Late may I had about enough and my own mental condition wasnt so hot. She got on my case again about something I had no control over and I told her to leave me alone.
The next morning she told me she'd be moving out. My blood went cold and I said okay I hope it works out for you.
I could tell she expected me to stop her but I just said oh okay, sorry it went sour, im sure we can stay friends, let me know if you need help moving! best of luck.

And I couldnt stop myself. My blood turned to ice and I just let her go.
Now she found her own place and is moved in and moved on. And wont return my courtesy texts.

That kind of macho gusto kept me going for a while. But I've noticed odd things about myself these days. I just sort of 'exist' now. Worse than before quarantine. I've no longer been invested in my hobbies and just kind of trawl twitter and 4chan, and argue with strangers.

Just now I tried to really Exist in the moment (note the capital E) and it was hard. Dunno what the fuck happened to me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well just gotta know your own limits, sometimes we like to think that we can do more than we are capable of, but reality hits real hard sometimes, but that doesn't mean that you can give up, keep going, I believe that one can gain a new experience out of everything, think of this as a new experience something that will make you remember to always stay grounded, but a reminder too that you don't have to stop because of this, keep loooking for what it is that you want and learn to protect it, live a life that you feel has been made by following what you want to get out of it
(as an extra, my favorite emotional scene of dragon ball was the death of vegita, really shows his growth as a person [in the majin buu arc], he really did his last of anything in that moment for thos he cared)
Please dont. I know, I just wanted a lightning hit me up. Dont do it, be a better man, a better husband, father, worker. Eventually you will find value in yourself, you will find pride in what you are and do, and will see that others see the same on you. You will have the true confident, on which you know your value and know that others want what you are. I believe in you, it gonna work
Well I hope that you learn to live for yourself, it sounds bad, but really, you are the only one with only your true well being as a priority, good luck with it
I will keep reading this thread to remind myself. Love you all, thanks so much.
It's not my break-up, it's just the general hopelessness I feel. I won't kill myself. I'm just exhausted of trying while feeling like my actions have no positive influence. I wouldn't put that burden on my family. Don't worry. Thanks for the sweet messages. I just hate my life right now. I didn't even remember my age, I had to look it up. It took me twice the normal time to get a degree that is useless now. And I've made my ex-partner's life better just by being absent. I can't even get a job and I don't see myself doing it soon because I can't focus on this environment. It feels like most of my energy goes o waste daily and I never get anything done. I'm too old for this
love you too man i will read these when I feel like shit again, i genuinely believe you'll get over this, don't give up

File: 1111333.jpg (68 KB, 1022x731)
68 KB
At this point, im well over 20 and still the only guy from my group who never had a gf, sex or even any intimate moment with a woman.
It makes me extremely depressed and recently it becomes violent self-destructive fits out of frustration (i almost broke an arm for punching a wall so hard etc.).
It gets to the point where i ruin my friendships, i insulted my friend because i just couldn't bear him talking about his new girlfriend and how cool she is out of frustration. And it only keeps getting worse and i have no idea what to do.
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Stop lying. You're an incel, and your fake outburst is going to turn other weak gullible men into incels.
File: LDL.jpg (26 KB, 396x600)
26 KB
File: 1589930656487.png (111 KB, 657x539)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
File: images.jpg (13 KB, 256x197)
13 KB
> like I would with any of my guy friends
That's not very helpful to me with no guy friends.

My boyfriend [30] and I [19] have been together for a year and sometimes I wish I was single. Before I explain I want to say that I'm really happy with him and I could see us being together for a long time. Also I writing this on mobile so sorry in advance.

So recently my roommate showed me her tinder, I've never used it so I was surprised to see how many people there were in my area that were single.
Since then I've been thinking about how it would be nice to date someone who lives closer (we have been in long distance for a year), also last nights I had a dream that I asked my partner for a break and then I went on that app just to look. I didn't date anyone in my dream, I was just curious and looking at the app
So I kinda wish sometimes that I was dating someone closer to my age and lived closer to me, does that make me a bad girlfriend?
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Keep coping bro HAHAHAH
Keep luring jailbait dude like as if it’s a life achievement to all your pedo bro friends KEK
Cope* kek
You'll know your man better than us, but be cautious, OP. Older men who go for women who are barely legal often do not have your best interests at heart.

I am a brainlet, pls define this word.
So true on that first part.

it’s a male variate of roastie.
If you weren't such a retard you would have picked up that I sympathize with you, men nowadays are fuck ups. Even at 30, alot of dudes still don't have their shit together but the fact is women are a depreciating asset and peak value at 18. Whilst men only get more valuable, >>22456049
fucking lol

Where would you move if you were a guy in your late twenties? I know the downsides for all 3 are quite obvious but of the 3, which one is the best and why?

LA is probably my least favorite but the West Coast is the better region with the best weather. New York has obvious problems shit weather and is way too expensive but offers the most big city experience possible, which I want. Chicago is the most livable overall but also doesn’t have any significant draws and the worst weather overall. Wherever I end up, I want to stay until it’s time to leave city life behind for good.

What do you guys think?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah. I know I said Chicago doesn’t really have any draws but one of the reasons I’m considering it is because I got the impression that it is the most normal of the very large American cities and unlike NYC and LA it is relatively affordable which is good. I just wish the area had more draws than that.
>I have a bs in economics and I’m a financial data analyst
Isnt NYC the epicenter for finance in Burgerland?
File: coronamap.jpg (107 KB, 1020x573)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I would leave the USA ASAP
Yes, but I don’t work in the finance industry and I don’t want to. I’d actually prefer to get away from finance entirely.
Where you from bruh? I am way north bay. A stone throw into Napa county. It's sweet.

I'm 19 and usually get called pretty & beautiful, but I always feel it's a backwards compliment. I know we live in a very "modern", currently more feminine world, yet I've always felt being more masculine as a guy is better. Is it bad and will I eventually look more masculine in the future?

Pic isn't me but someone said he looks like an extreme, more attractive version of me so eh.
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That's actually some good advice. Thank you, fren.

Very true but what if I needed to protect myself and shit? Let's say some huge Latino macho fucker tries to fight me - do I accept I'm a lean androgynous man? Idk
File: e4oy9py7vhqx.jpg (91 KB, 800x1201)
91 KB

Only legitimate homosexuals could think Margot Robbie is not perfect.
Even if you were jacked getting into a physical fight would be unnecessary and dumb - try to avoid/dispel/leave conflict to begin with
I suppose fixating on hyper masculine features is normal but pretty pointless in the end. Cheers anon.

Oh yeah of course. There's always going to be a group of people who shit on every specific thing no matter what. I'm just overthinking it desu
Nah yeah of course, but if worst came to worst yk. I'm not weak but I'm very lean, and ngl I don't wanna be deemed as a weak, docile "faggot".

File: 1522796705931.jpg (35 KB, 480x360)
35 KB
I live in a very racist area of rural Mississippi and ever since I started seeing a white girl, white guys have been overly aggressive to me. At a bar last night some drunk white guys tried to pick a fight with me and were saying to back off their women. How do I avoid these weirdos?
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
have you seen how repulsive black women are?
File: D38Z3gmWwAIoVu-.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576)
51 KB
Speak for yourself homie
Imagine being so butthurt and cucked that you take the time out of your day to make a collage of the few wmbf couples you find on google images. Lmao stay mad white beta virgins.
>How do I avoid these weirdos?
Move out of bum-fuck, cousin humping, hay-seed knuckle dragging Mississippi.
If this was true then it wouldn't matter who they date. You wouldn't care if it was actually all fat uggos.
But you know it's not and that's why whites in desperate need to cling to their tribe for safety scream when they see a Black man with an attractive White woman.

Either way, you are in mississippi. I have no idea why any black would willingly chose to stay in mississippi. Move. You live in a state proud of it sheer ignorance.

File: 5ed6f8a74e93b.image.jpg (118 KB, 1200x801)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Any advice on how to ride amtrak for free?

Thanks dads
Hop on the right track wrong train. Get on a freight train that uses the same track. Bring a blanket.
Drive it!
They don’t check tickets until you get on, and then half an hour or so into the ride the train workers will walk down the aisle checking tickets which they post above the seat where you are sitting; I imagine it’s possible to slide past them if you are careful to not look suspicious but you will have to head to the bathroom or dodge them each time they check tickets. I would leave your luggage on a rack so you aren’t seen lugging it around

File: Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg (114 KB, 555x414)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Why do I feel depressed and ashamed every single time
I jack off?
What are you jerking off to?
I was gonna say, does OP watch porn?
you're jizzing away your life force
Because you're sexually repressed.
I do but in the form of images rather than videos. I have had alot of pent-up anger that I felt afraid to release since I didn't want people thinking I'm a monster.

I don't want to go into details but most of the stuff I'm into involves humiliating and physically hurting women. All consentually of course.

File: abj5qya26iw21.jpg (53 KB, 660x716)
53 KB
Advice for dealing with psychologically abusive family always causing problems and not having the financial security to completely cut ties or else you'll lose out on insurance/living space/etc. if they get pissed off? I have only one person in my life who helps me out a lot already, but otherwise I'm completely alone dealing with my problems as all other family is long distance or a victim of their shit too. I'm going crazy, dealing with fucked thoughts and habits again, not wanting to be a burden on the one person who is there for me, and socially withdrawing (friends and work, probably will quit soon, barely get hours and stupid boss anyway). I want to go total no contact, but I'm still financially dependent on them (health reasons mostly) but any less than no contact is a HUGE weight on my shoulders. They're manipulative, vile, idiotic people who deserve to feel shame.

Advice from those with experience?

File: aaaa.png (35 KB, 360x495)
35 KB
Should I quit my job tomorrow guys?

>went to college
>had a ton of debt
>got a shitty office job
>tried a few different things with the company, >convincing myself I'd find a job I like
In my 3rd job 5 years later still hate it
>make 55k/yr with good benefits
>have 55k in my 401k, about 12k saved
>still 70k in debt
>live in a small shitty apartment
>got dumped by a girl I fell in love with, I feel like working in an office, being crushed by debt, and just hating my life made me so boring that even though we connected she lost the spark for me after a while
>made me realize I haven't really had any interesting experiences in life, I never got in touch with myself or did much of anything I wanted to do
>life was always about work, pay off debt, entertain/distract myself with video games and TV
>want to quit and go live at a cabin my parents own in the middle of nowhere on a lake for the rest of the summer, then go to trade school and become an electrician
please help me fellas

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