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File: ATOGA.jpg (321 KB, 600x819)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Destined for doom edition

Previously on /ATOGA/:
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Love of self without validation and vindication that that love of self is correct and reasonable is egomania. A complete piece of shit person can love himself despite or even because of his shortcomings, despite being objectively unlovable to others.
>Nice triples
Thanks, it's 3 fat babies
It's easy to confirm your own prejudices and biases, instead of admitting you might be wrong about certain things and allow others or even yourself to prove yourself wrong. Thought shouldn't be put in stone.
That's just a global rule there, if you consistently find yourself having problems with XYZ, then chances are that you are the one who is the problem.
We're not talking about narcissism here, don't make that mistake.

File: Eisaku Kubonouchi.jpg (64 KB, 564x752)
64 KB
I have some questions for the happy people here, I would be grateful if you could answer them. I am unhappy, and I want to compare my life to that of happy people. I understand if my questions feel too specific and you don't answer some all of them because you want to keep your identity hidden:
1. How old are you and in what country do you live?
2. How many close friends do you have? How long have they been your friends? How often to you socialise with them?
3. Do you have a romantic relationship? If yes, is your partner your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. What do you work as, and around how much do you earn in a year(you can give a range of you don't want to be specific)?
6. What are your favourite moments of elementary school, middle school, highschool, and university(if applicable)?
7. What are short-term and long-term goals you want to accomplish?
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This sounds like a larp but I feel joy nearly every day.

It doesn’t matter who I am or how old I am because whatever I am, it’s not you.

What you need to ask is: why are you unhappy? Something is missing in your life, what is that?
>5. philosopher by trade, i recieve goods in exchange for listening to people and their requests, and i work service for cash (about 12k/ year)
if not larping, how the fuck did you land that gig, sounds great!
OP, why don't you fill it too stressing the parts you think are the worst? You know, so we can try to give some advice

In the meantime thanks for readying my blog:
>29, italian
>8 people I meet during my school years (uni has been a hell for me, didn't meet anyone interesting there). Managed to get them to know each other and now we formed this group that talks daily on whatsapp\discord since the pandemic started.
>I have a girlfriend. I'd like to marry but you don't do it very young in my line of work\study, and generally you don't marry before 25 years here
>I'm a heavy reader (I don't like to do bodycounts but I guess I read something like 50 or so books in the past year). I used to play piano and synths in a pretty famous ambient rock band, nowadays I just compose to vent and pass some time. I have a mini cinema where I used to organize screenings with friends and we talked about it after the film ends. We also used to play videogames there, but nowadays with corona we moved to discord, where someone usually streams a game while the other watch. I also liked to play tabletop games with my pals, but it's still on hold due to corona.
>I'm completing my studies to be a general practitioner (it's 6 years + 3 for the specialization here, I'm in the latter stage). I earn part of my income by doing emergency medical service. Coupled with previous investments in real estate\bonds I earn something around 100k every year
>Discovering my feelings were reciprocated by gfs, first kiss, first fuck, first hug, entering medical school, first graduation
>becoming a general practitioner (almost there), having kids

Am I a happy person? Not particularly. There are happy moments, but there are many hardships which I won't mention here. These have nothing to do with the things you asked. If I were you I would evaluate my happiness on different terms
Thank you for the replies so far.
There are a lot of things I don't like about my life, some of them are being the race that I am(which makes me ugly), being from the country that I'm from(which is a third world shithole with a shameful history and horrible culture) being mentally ill(obsessive compulsive disorder), having no friends, having had a disappointing childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and seeing no hope of living a happy life in the future.

File: anole3.jpg (72 KB, 413x273)
72 KB
I found out that I am being underpaid at my grocery job.
I went to my manager with my payslips, compensation information, and the wage sheet.
Even though I have undeniable proof that I am being underpaid these people are still denying it.
The union for the retail sector is absolute horse shit, so I can't go to them. I am also afraid that my manager will now either fire me or stop giving me shifts (I work casual)
Since I am new at this job, I think I will wait a few more weeks and not say anything, and once I receive my next few payslips I will have more proof and can bring it up again.
This corporation has been caught with wage theft innumerable times, and they're still doing it lol.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I am from Australia, and I was referencing the SDA. I have been thinking of taking it to Fair Work but I'm not sure what the process is. Do you have any experience or know anyone with experience dealing with Fair Work?
I don't personally but from research and friend's experience basically they're going to make you try and figure it out on your own with management and if you don't come to an agreement, they'll step in. Sometimes the threat of going to Fair Work will be enough for them to pay you out, however they will absolutely give you the sack (aka just stop giving you shifts) the moment you mention Fair Work. Make sure you keep all your payslips and bank statements, as well as any correspondence you have with management. One play is continue working for them, collect all this information and look for a new job on the side. Once you're ready to move on, threaten them with Fair Work if they don't deliver on back pay/super/PayG/whatever you should receive etc.
Also note that by being a member of the SDA (assuming you are), your bargaining agreement might actually be less than award wage, in exchange for some bullshit fringe benefit.
Get out of the SDA and look into RAFFU, even if you don't have unionisation numbers, they might be willing to work with you or kick up a stink on social media on your behalf. If you're a RAFFU member they might also help represent you in any talks, although I'm not 100%.
RAFFWU* (obviously)
I'll bide my time and collect payslips and bank statements (if I don't get the sack). I will definitely look into the RAFFWU because they seem promising and will also look into fair work as a last resort. Thanks a lot for the advice. It genuinely means a lot :)
Maybe try looking up if law schools nearby offer free/dirt cheap services, sometimes they do for people who wouldn't afford a lawyer anyway, and law student want that experience

File: its_over.png (44 KB, 730x354)
44 KB
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Incels are wrong about everything. That's why they are incels. They will stop being incels once they realize they've been wrong, and their cult has brainwashed them with lies.
Pure, unadulterated cope. The post. Forget about incels you fucking dumb ape. Stop arguing with buzzwords and useless made-up categories. You're probably an incel yourself given how much you love the idea of it.
Normies are the average person, mainstream consensus, pop culture. They are the party people, the ones who do 'fit' in with society, they just go with the flow and everything works out. Non-normies are people who are incapable of doing that, they see past everything and in doing that makes them obsessive and nervous about 'simple' things to the normie, like dating and whatnot. Not to mention they're also disliked, generally through no fault of their own, they were simply unlucky during their formative years, or genetically.
You're both morons. Mirror images of each other.
You have no arguments, just go back to plebbit already

Pic related says we can only focus on high mental energy tasks for a few hours per day.

My job isn’t even that hard, just requires sustained focus and attention to detail. Not much creativity is needed. Yet I get home my brain is so tired that I simply want to lie and be in a vegetative state.

How are people able to read and learn in their spare time like this? Does anyone have tips?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is it some braindead data entry stuff or? Cause yeah, most desk jobs are not actually 8 hours of constant work.

I'm a programmer, at most I work 3-4 hours a day, the rest is browsing the internet, laying on the sofa, doing some housework (now that i'm wfh). When I was in the office, you'd just take a lot of breaks, chat with colleagues, browse the internet. One of my friends works for a legal department, he also usually finishes his work in about 3 hours. High intensity mental jobs are not supposed to be done in such long hours. I literally cannot concentrate anymore after coding for 4 hours and nobody sane expects you too. My last boss told me that he knows nobody actually works more than 4 hours a day and it's normal to be that way.
Bro, I work in digital ad tech and have been told by four-five different bosses across three companies, in slightly different phrasing, that "there's always more work." And not just as an entry level monkey, but as a mid-senior employee in an elite company, to a more senior employee in a large company. My ass is putting in work, and so are most of my coworkers. I'm talking, 9-10 hours a day and no lunch if you want people to question your work ethic kinds of days. One or two full weekend days in the office if you want an employee of the month picture work, much less a raise.

I should be honest, no merit raises. Trump cut all those taxes years back and the company I was with cut staff, announced a hiring freeze, and threw a big presentation to 53 multi-million dollar properties that we made record profits. Where'd that money go? Where'd that production come from? The board and C-levels, I guess.

The last company I worked for before Covid fucked their entire world said that "wfh was not a company employee standard of excellence" and would cut your salary if you took a day off adjacent to a holiday. They started on 5 days of PTO a year for both sick and vacation no matter how many years of experience you had... I only worked there because I contracted on a special project with exceptions to their dumb gay rules.

Companies are nowhere near as nice as the miracle land you live in.
I mean, I guess it's an USA thing then. I'm in Eastern Europe, not even the western rich Europe countries and in my field companies are competing with eachother on who can suck their employee's dick more.

21 days of nationally mandated PTO plus 3 extra days from the employer, overtime is extremely frowned upon, bonuses and gifts for Xmas and Easter, performance bonuses, free lunch from the company every Friday, private medical insurance and life insurance, "team buildings" where you basically go to a really nice rented vacation home and get drunk with your colleagus for a weekend. If you do overtime (again, in extreme cases), you're paid for it or you get days off. Every year you renegociate your salary and with how competitive companies are with eachother, if you're even a bit invested in your work you get a raise. I'm not even a senior, I'm mid level with 3.5 years experience.
I forgot to mention, not sure what PTO/vacation means in the US, but here you have obligatory 21 vacation days. If you get sick, that's like up to 3 months of paid sick leave that's paid by the government (aka the taxes we give). If I'm sick for a month, I get 75% of my salary. If it's an infectious disease or accident, it's 100% of the pay.
I program every day for 2h and then I do the stuff I need to do for university for about 2h (solving exercises etc) then I work or listen to lectures for 3h then I do my workout and go back to prep for university (solving exercises etc) so I spend about 8h a day on "high mental energy" tasks.
That doesn't mean I'm high IQ, I'm above average in grades in uni but that's probably the usual workload for any math student.
All these "studies" are social science (didn't look into this but I'd be surprised if they did anything other than surveys to come to these results) social science is another word for untrue, don't trust them. You can do mental work for much longer than 4h a day, the study was done by a coping retard who was to stupid for stem.
Your problem is that you eat wrong or don't work out enough probably

File: 1600930068830.jpg (1.58 MB, 1000x1415)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Is there any easy way to bypass youtube bullshit age check? I used to be able to just watch on my phone instead, but now it requires age verification (bank transaction or a photo of ID) there too. it's fucking annoying
graduate high school
i assume you don't know what this is about so just leave the thread

File: -12582358098532.jpg (75 KB, 500x302)
75 KB
I've tried everything only to keep crawling back every single time. They're slowly but surely deteriorating my life. The clock is ticking. It's the only thing I have. The only thing I'm decent at. The few friends I have come from video games. It's all that's to my name.

What to do?
44 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I guess you could describe my situation. I've tried other games but have stuck with League of Legends since January of 2011. After realizing I spent thousands of hours over the span of a decade I came to the realization that the game could die at any moment and all of that "work" would have meant nothing. I think you have to internalize it to really get started, I'm slowly fading out by doing other things to be productive. I can look back on memories fondly but I think I've been long overdue to leave.
For me >>24137519 it was realizing f2p games are a literal money machine built on addiction-inducing mechanics, devoid of any artistic and human decency, by people who might as well be designing slot machines in Vegas, and who constantly pander on the flavor-of-the-month narratives, like when then added the K-Pop character, or began adding the champions' pronouns on the wiki page.
I see that. For the last 3 years though I've ignored whatever Riot's been doing and only playing Ranked and ARAM. I understand their need to pander as the longer a game lasts the more difficult it is to maintain their product's status in the market. I'm probably one of the very few players left who's stuck it out since the beginning out of sheer enjoyment. All that PC nonsense never stopped me from enjoying the game.
Try to realise your games aren't going anywhere. You literally have the rest of your life to indulge in these things, it's okay not to be super stimulated or steeped in escapism all the time.

Sometimes my backlog annoys me for sure but on the other hand it's quite amazing sometimes to play a game you overlooked years later and have a great time with it. If you find yourself feeling like you've been lazy and put spent way too much time on one game, don't go crazy, just try to stop for a reasonable period of time (like a week) to break the cycle. This is the issue with "Quitting" anything addictive, it's easier to hear people making grand gestures about stopping (with varying levels of success) and think that's the way to go, but in reality for many people it's about doing just enough that it doesn't become something that's on the top of your mind all the time. It's a personal thing, and if you're reasonable with yourself you won't have these great dramatic relapses. It might seem mediocre and boring, but that's life, and unfortunately the real world is always waiting for you.

I'm no ultra productive self-improvement pilled demi-god by the way and I usually lurk, this is just what works for me. I think games are amazing when made well but I've always thought it's a little disingenuous to compare them to books, in terms of being a hobby and how much time is spent on them. Fuck maybe I'm projecting here but are there really that many book readers who can read for 15 hours straight and not realise how much time has passed, or be shifty as fuck needing to complete them if they have to stop and go to work etc.? I'm sure they exist but getting in that kind of zone is much easier with games for many people I believe.

Oh by the way OP, if you play FPS, my advice is different. I had to stop playing FPS due to internet troubles associated with moving around a lot, and I will say FPS are just way too easy to get stuck in a never ending obsessive loop. (1/2)
Especially if you're very good at them. I'm actually glad my circumstances fucked up my ability to play FPS because it really was becoming a substitute for real life shit. Best to just uninstall them in my opinion if you end up playing for countless hours without stopping and know the maps and weapons like the back of your hand.

File: sad Frodo.png (1.66 MB, 1920x800)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
My eyesight has gone to shit the last couple of years and its making me suicidal. I've been trying different excersises but they don't seem to help. All of my hobbies are things upclose (reading, drawing, guitar, vidya) and my room is so small. Plus I have online classes for 4 hours everyday.
Please comfort me... and share your experience
Wear glasses dumbshit
File: 1618953560744.png (52 KB, 1360x1104)
52 KB
Whats wrong with glasses?

You dont need to wear them 24/7.

Also. Eye surgery.

File: 1620434613739.gif (321 KB, 500x284)
321 KB
321 KB GIF
are relationships worth it? ppl keep saying they're overrated but i'm really lonely. also the people who say they're overrated are usually the ones having them constantly... what gives?
I relate to this.
The longer youve gone without a good relationship the more you want one but i made the experience of a shitty relationship so im improving on liking myself more.
If you have sufficient contact with friends, old classmates, colleagues etc. youll be fine

File: th.jpg (26 KB, 474x474)
26 KB
Just found out that my wife (35 years old) is infertile. We've been trying for a baby for over two years and the fertility doctor has confirmed that it is basically impossible for her to conceive, even with IVF or IUI. I am 31 and really want kids. I have always wanted to be a father. We've looked into adoption as well but that is super-expensive, like $65,000 total and there is a 10 year waiting period. I really love this woman and I feel we are soulmates but at the same time I want to be a father and start my own family. What the hell do I do?
105 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Get a side chick to marry as well. This way you will have two girls and be a father.
It literally says that she cannot get pregnant with IVF.
It might be that her uterus is fucked up, rather than just no eggs
Anyway OP shouldn't have children because he's a manlet with shit genetics
>Men can have children up to 70+
You can't even donate sperm if you're an old guy, old men's sperm is as shitty and likely to create retarded deformed kids as the eggs of 40+ yo women
sorry my reading comprehension stinks. still though i still think its bait as someone else mentioned. and if not op is retarded for waiting this long, AND with the woman older than him
Exactly this. With the info given, the problem does not really seem to be about her eggs

How can I make my girlfriend's boobs bigger without implants?
46 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
add some hormones into her diet
massage them and embrace their size.
Why you want them bigger?
Wasn't proved to be a boobjob?
File: 1608393103291.gif (32 KB, 220x220)
32 KB
I have a feeling op is an undercover tranny looking for bigger tits

File: 1445807179259.jpg (1.12 MB, 1280x853)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I met a girl at this course I was taking last week and we talked a lot during breaks and I found her to be really pretty and interesting to talk to and would love to get to know her more. I'm not good at taking hints but I'm 100% certain she showed some genuine interest in me. I was going to ask for her number before the course ended but she had to take off to catch a bus so I never got the chance to and was left with only her name and where she lives. However yesterday I looked her up and I found her Instagram and thought that maybe I could ask her out there, or would that be weird? Outside of snapchat it's the only social media I really have but I've never really been active on Instagram, I've only uploaded a couple of pictures of things and I the only picture I have of myself is really old
I don't want to come off as a stalker. One one hand she didn't personally give me her number, but on the other hand it's social media, you don't really have to be a creeper to look up someones name and find them.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's been a day and I still haven't heard back from her
did I fuck up?
Fuck, never mind. Like a minute after I wrote that I got a response
good news?
Tell us the news anon
Back off she’s mine

File: cock.gif (35 KB, 200x267)
35 KB
We were playing a game and I was showing her how it works. She didn't really get it and was really bad, and I thought it was cringe and kinda funny. I was expressive of this, not in what I would consider to be a mean way; kinda just rolling my eyes and chuckling and trying harder to explain. It was just frustration, but I was still having fun and being what I thought was good spirited about the entire thing.
She says she wants to take a break, and then makes an issue out of it saying that I was "yelling" at her and "angry". I told her I just thought it was "cringey and kinda funny, but it's just watching someone do something wrong when you know how to do it right" and that "it's normal and I was just trying to help her learn how it works."
I know this sounds really gay and that's because it is. I kept it light during the time we were playing and it's not like I had to try to do that or anything. I was having fun with her. I don't get why it's an issue and I don't see how my behavior conveyed anger. She does this a lot about a ton of different things, always saying that I'm "angry" and she doesn't believe me when I tell her I'm not. It could be just having a discussion where I speak in a more serious tone, or just joking around in the same way that she does with me (calling each other "dumb" and the like). I don't get it at all.
I have same problem with my dad.

I have thought long and hard about it.

I believe the symptom is normie.

The reason normies work so well with propaganda is because they project.

Once a normie has been demoralized, they will project their programming onto others as a demoralizing/subduing way.

The same thing with your girl. They project. She is mad at you. But projects it as you mad at her.

My allergy is driving me to suicide.

I am allergic to pollen. All shapes and forms.

Its summer. I get blind, i can not open my eyes.

I scratch my skin off.

My nose runs 24/7. Literally non-stop. I have contemplated getting a bucket so i can showcase how serious it is.

But i dont want to become the cum jar guy.

I get difficulity breathing.

Literally cant go to education at times.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Permanent scars. And its only getting worse.
Do you use any treatments, like anti-histamines?
Legit research and take Loratadine.
File: DjogoA2X0AAxwVE.jpg (108 KB, 836x1138)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Some cases meds have no effect at all.
It removes about 20-25% of pain.

Ive heard there is vaccination/tablets. But there is a big questionmark on how to acess them. And costs.
I did therapy and it helped me quite a bit. But I also know people who didn't have any effects. It didn't cost me any money (europoor) so I just gave it a shot

File: IMG_20210131_095438.jpg (16 KB, 562x733)
16 KB
I think im legitimately becoming a porn addict anyone got some steps to take to stop myself?
Do not look at anything besides missionary normal sex. Keep it amateur.
No anal.

Thats what i do.

The reason humans have sex is too reproduce. Your brain should find sex so stimulating because you want girl pregnant. If not. Make the brain think that.
You are doing it because you are bored. Find an activity you have to do with other people. Job, work out with friends, or sports team. Do this for 2 months, and you will not get cravings anymore.

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