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File: IMG_0601.jpg (5 KB, 250x250)
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The things that I do for (You).

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Why would it matter to you if it doesn't apply to you? It's because it DOES indeed apply to you.
People are dying, losing their jobs, looking for food, but I'm still sad about getting a B on my exam.
Yes I know and I don't care because we have protection too. You can't get 30 feet from me without someone knowing.
What 'That's why you're so cold."

Fuck you. You never said why. Are you trying to make some random internet net of hurting people by saing shit like "You're bad person" and then just leaving it there, hoping that people read it and think " Oh I am a bad person. This shit is for me."

Dude. I'm just saying. What the fuck you being a dick for. If you're gonna be a dick. Gve the full report on why you're so butthurt.
If I'm within 30 feet of you, and I have intent, you've been dead for awhile. I can be on the other side of the world. This is what you dont get. You still dont get the strings I can pull... that I take great pains to not pull. But if you fuck me over. I'm gonna kill you. Leave me and mine alone.

Your safety net doesn't exist. Your safety net is not fucking over everything I care about. Leave it.

File: male-female-sign-main.jpg (115 KB, 850x600)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Motion to rename these to "dating advice general" or similar.
>We need to stop dicking around and make a quality thread that that stops the unproductive male/female fighting, attracts experienced men to these threads to give inexperienced guys actual advice on attracting women, and discourages useless roastie dating advice.
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Guys, is it creepy to tell a guy that he is beautiful?
File: flower.jpg (41 KB, 640x639)
41 KB
My girlfriend has overly protective parents whose influence she still cannot distance herself from. They are very kind people, but they are always worried about something, trying to control everything that happens in her and their lives and blaming it on themselves when something bad happens. When I say overly protective, I am talking extremes, those are people who would panic and consider calling police if she fails to pick up her phone, people who would get mad we waited for the tram when it was raining instead of taking a taxi (as she could get sick), people who have never let their dog of its leash due to fear of another dog attacking it, and so on. This whole protectionism mans that as of now she has interventions in her life for everything and has a constant fear she lives in that she might somehow make them worried by even the smallest things like missing a phonecall.

Recently a family member was urgently hospitalized and I had the chance to see how both she and her parents handled difficult situations. It seemed to me it was panic and freezing in the headlights. The problem was ultimately resolved by my mother. To give some context, she has raised me in a very different way. She has never been too controlling and has generally let me do whatever I want so long as I have a convincing argument as to why she should let me do it, in cases where we argued. She has been raising me on my own since I was four months and she managed to both take care of me and pursue a very successfull career. She is in my eyes the definition of strong as she has had a lot of shit thrown her way by life, but has always managed to perservere without showing me any weakness. This is reflected in my character, I am not very emotional and have so far managed to retain my calm almost always.
The way in which the recent "critical" situation played out made me think about the incredible differences in our upbringing and the impact this may have on our future relationship. I prefer to have a strong person next to me, somebody that I can rely on to be reliable so that both of us can help eachother in overcoming challenges, and not somebody who would fall apart when we are faced with something our of our control and whom I would have to look out after and take care of like a flower in a pot. I don't want to give up on her though. I love her and I want to help her build up her character. Do you think this is a worthwhile fight? Is it even possible? How am I to approach it? I am confused anons.
Depends on how you do it, to who, their opinion of you, and their mood.
This is actually a pretty nuanced topic. Creepy is necessarily something that is intimate WITHOUT having reached that level of intimacy. For example:
>Your boyfriend stays with you all night and texts you all the time or always likes your pictures on Facebook
>Some guy you talked to once in high school wants to stay over all night or text you all the time or always likes your pictures on Facebook

See what I mean? So necessarily you're providing us with not enough information. We need to know how close you are.

On top of that, you should know something else too: for men, generally speaking, how we receive a compliment is more often tied into our personal values than the person giving the compliment (I can elaborate on this in particular if you want but it's complicated). Basically, say the target of your affections is a classic macho man. He might prefer "built" or "strong" and interpret "beautiful" or "cute" as feminine, diminutive, or demeaning.

File: 1516997973553.jpg (505 KB, 1136x654)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
I messed up majorly and need any advice since I dont have anyone to talk too.

I'm a dirtbag who cheated on his wife. When I think about it my stomach feels like the bottoms dropped out. I feel waves of guilt and shame wash over me. I am scared of what's going to happen as we have a seven year old daughter.

It was with a co-worker. I know I'm not supposed to shit where I eat. I know I messed up irrevocably.

We work together at a small start up company. We would text each other stupid pictures and videos to kill time. Everything was going fine until she got out of a long term relationship. Being nice, I started asking how she was doing or would listen to her vent.

This opened the door to us talking about anything and everything. We start texting after work and sporadically on our days off. I eventually begin confiding in her with whatever issues I was having, including with my wife.

One night I was bitching about my wife's low libido and how we haven't had sex in months. I know this was emotional cheating and I broke her trust, but it felt nice to have someone to finally talk too. Our texting eventually become very flirty after this. I should have backed away but it felt nice to be wanted by someone.

It's not uncommon for a group of us to hangout at a bar, party, bar hop, karaoke or do stuff outside of work. We do these weekly. We would both show up to these, but keep our distance. Eventually we started hanging out by ourselves to do things like go to the gym, hike, bar hop and once to see a movie.

Last weekend, another co-worker planned a mini party at his house. As I'm driving, I get a text that its been cancelled due to COV-ID 19 restrictions. I text her jokingly "fml, I was almost there already". She texts back that shes been pre gaming and is now just going to marathon the mandolorian.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I feel like I deserve to feel like a sack of shit. I'm racked with guilt. I can't eat and barely sleep because my mind is always racing.

I know my wife loves me and I broke her trust. I hurt my daughter because I was a selfish bastard. I know I hurt this girl by giving her feelings for a married man and made her into a home wrecker.

I dont know what to do. All I know is that I will eventually have to come clean to my wife, she deserves that. I know I will have to face the repercussions of my scummy behavior. I know I will hurt this girl if I stay with my wife or my wife even more if I leave her. I know I hurt my daughter and am scared of how this will effect her.

I'm disgusted in myself. I've betrayed my morals and values. I betrayed the trust my wife and daughter had in me.

I'm scared my wife will leave and I won't be able to see my daughter every day. I'm scared I wont be able to be there for her and will miss out on big parts of her life. I'm scared about the financial support and alimony I'll probably have to pay.

I selfishly thought a lot about suicide, but would never put that hurt on my daughter. Like a coward I hoped this problem would somehow solve itself or I would somehow find out my wife was cheating on me and I could leave without having to tell her.

This leads to even more emotions of guilt and disgust in myself. I sometimes feel like my only option is to leave my wife and break it off completely with this girl. To become a hermit who only goes to work and devote 100% of myself to my daughter to make up for my mistakes. I dont deserve to be happy ever again. I don't know what to do and this probably doesn't make any sense. I'm just rambling because I don't have anyone to talk with.
>we haven't had sex in months
Dump your wife. If she doesn't want to have sex with you, why are you together?
Good. That's what you're supposed to feel when you've done wrong. Suffer for a while and then start to do something to make up for it.
Go have a pity party elsewhere
I think this was the issue that lead me down this path. She suffers from severe depression and takes medication for it. Problem is that it kills her libido. We had sex maybe once every few months and even then it was almost routine. The same two positions. She would cum and then I would cum. Even then she seemed like she was indifferent to if we even had sex or not.

I never wanted to push her into doing something she wasn't comfortable with or didn't want to do. I couldn't imagine trying to have sex with someone if you weren't into it.

File: images (19).jpg (42 KB, 556x551)
42 KB
I hate women, because im scared of them. Not of talking to them, just them as people. They are unpredictable and too much trouble. I have all sorts of problems with my head, depression and some form of asbergers.

Everytime i see a cute girl i think 'shes a thot', or 'shes probably a niggerlover' because of my if she breathes mentality. I think of anything to break the image of her.

I fuckdd my brain bad with pharmacy drugs, so im really fucked up now. How do i fix this shit

File: dvx42rkrjnn11.jpg (56 KB, 720x720)
56 KB
How do I achieve this?
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Well, consider the name for a second; "bloomer". calls to mind flowers and plants, right? well, you'll need to be a gardener of your own joy and fulfillment. Take frequent, careful looks at your life and environment, pull out the weeds in it, give care and support to the things that you'd like to grow. if something just doesn't seem to grow, move use it as compost for your future and move onto something new. If something seems to be wrong in the world, look for ways to gently push it in the right direction. learn absolutely everything you get the chance to, and continually pay attention to the world around you. When the planting season and the harvest come, don't put them off. And take time to rest; things do well if you let them do some of their own growing. And remember that your metaphorical plants WANT to grow; that's what they do.
I'm basically this. for me I guess it's a combination of eternal optimist, fascination with the future, perfect impulse and emotional control
This is me too, bumping for intrest.

Its just so difficult to not be pessimistic when the majority of your interactions with the world have ended in failure and pain. I have to wonder if my experience has really been shittier than most? Is it all in how I interpret my interactions with the world and my fellow man? Is fixing my attitude and working towards or becoming a bloomer even a possibility at my advanced age (37)?

Truth be told my plan is to work on my life (career, physical appearance, social life, etc...) for three years until I am 40. If there is no significant improvement or at very least a light at the end of the tunnel I am going to conclude that there is no pulling out of the tailspin that has become my life. Sometimes things are too far gone and not salvageable...

Here's hoping! Best of luck to you all too.
I took my gfs adderall once. I was so focused on my book that I missed my busstop and I usually cant focus around people.

But I also felt my heart beating so fast I felt like it was about to leave my chest. It's speed. I wouldnt do it unless you literally cant hold a job from laziness.

Unironically put your faith in God and develop your devotion a higher power.

I have been doing this for a few years now and I am the happiest person I know.

have an eye anomaly caused by a mutation that most people who are trying to be nice refer to it as a “facial deformity” but most commonly really messed up insulting things
should I just wear sunglasses all the time?
should I commit suicide knowing that I will never be loved, envied, or respected as a human being?
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Really? Post picture please?
What’s HaPA?
You just need some tributes to cheer u up
Yeah you’re really pretty and the people who’ve criticized you are just assholes. It happens to everyone. 22 is young and many people feel hopeless in finding love. But believe me, you will. Don’t worry too much about it. You’re fine. And as far as surgery goes, only get it if you want to and if it’ll help with your confidence. Most of us don’t think you need it but at the end of the day it’s what you want. I hope you’ll be happy with your decision. Fully support you!!
Oh, I see. I didn’t know. She is very beautiful.
I think you’re right, especially about those people being not normal... thank you, anon.
tysm anon
this made me laugh really hard because I’m very tall (5’10”) just imagining me in Korea in those cute uniforms but next to very very short women is funny af. Taekwondo is really cool though
super cool, thank you for saying this

oh no I couldn’t >.<

File: jaw-thrust.png (18 KB, 585x301)
18 KB
This isn't a pity me post. I'm asking advise from you all because I may lose my job if I'm deemed unfit. I'm a veteran, and currently an EMT. I got divorced 6 months ago and she kicked my ass in court. I feel like it's all REALLY adding up. My appartment is a mess and I can't make myself fix it, I cant even make my bed. The only time I feel put together is when I'm at work. But sometimes I'll get a sudden boost of energy where I get shit done around my home. Am I bi polar or just depressed?...
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You are having a very difficult time Anon and that is understandable. Is there anything I can do? Do you need a 21 year old NZ guy to talk to?

I am sorry you are dealing with what you’re dealing with. Good luck and be strong brother. Life fucks us all in the as sooner or later one way or another. Trust me.
i was in such state where i couldn't drink, eat, sleep, shower, was in deep fear and anxiety for two weeks non-stop.

Im pretty sure i have permanent brain damage from it. I wanted to kill myself every second. I couldn't even call myself help or tell my parents because i was paralysed for all of it.

Good shit
Lol anon I went thru something similar but not as long. Almost killed myself. Not sure exactly why I didn’t desu and not glad I didn’t but I mean I guess I am cuz I can kill myself right now but since then it hasn’t been so bad.

Anyway that period of time was fuxked. I still had to go to work of course just I just was waking up and drinking jack Daniels straight and driving to work on my motorbike doing 120 in a 50 cutting traffic (only did that a few times though) and smoking a lot of cigarettes and not eating and showering.

Never even saw a cop, never crashed

Maybe god was on my side

Anyway idk why I said that but here’s my story
my friend had it for 3 months. He lost 40kg (was overweight as fuck). When i was visting him he was like corpse in bed. His mom had tears in her eyes. He was on like 7 different anti-psychosis, schizophrenic, sleep, bipolar etc etc drugs. He got better and said it lasted for eternity and was in hell.
Clinical depression is not just sadness. It's can't-get-out-of-bed lack of energy, nothing-tastes-good lack of appetite, nothing-is-interesting lack of engagement with life. If you're there or approaching there, you need professional help. Personally I'd recommend therapy over drugs.

So I was talking to this girl for about 2 months. And all of a sudden she just ends it. Here’s why.
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Ching up king, you're a legend and you're right. She probably is a whore herself.
File: 1581336336425.jpg (42 KB, 334x506)
42 KB
OP no matter what anyone says to you. Cheers. You will be my brother forever.
The only one who got cucked here is that woman. She had no argument against his believs, no rebbutal, no logical process to challenge him. He stands true to his believs no matter what. So who is cuck here? Man who believe in something greater than propaganda or woman who follows this propaganda? You can see difference between men and women in this very picture.

Men lead
Women follow
Women fails to follow
Women suffer

And so she will.
I mean, she sounds pretty reasonable.

Maybe use this time to better yourself
How is that reasonable? How is saying "you better not bail on me in 5 years" not reasonable? Is commitment not what these women want? If so I'll just go fuck as many chicks as I want. This is this womans logic.

Still have a bunch of free time due to the lockdowns. Ask me questions and I'll try to help you!

Had a lot of fun giving people advice last week, so gonna do another one of these.

Some topics I have experience with:
>online biz / entrepreneurship
>dating / relationships / girls
>travel / living abroad
>learning new skills

But you can ask whatever you want.
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OP, i don’t get anything in this thing we call life. why do we exist? why do we have this conscience feeling of existence? you know what feeling i’m talking?

i wish that i was never conscious of life. like i wish my emotions never existed. i can’t stop my mind from running thoughts and scenarios over and over again. i overthink everything that happens to me.

OP, i want to just kill myself so that i don’t have to feel anything anymore.

my whole life has always felt some sort of misery, in the sense that nothing truly matters. so why even bother to keep living. if things are so bad and hard to deal with now how can i keep up with it for the next 60 years ?

something drives me to stay alive, but i don’t think i can keep going on feeling like nothing is ever going to matter. how do i shut these thoughts off?
I've never had a girlfriend, and would be pretty clueless on what to do with one. Basically if I ever got one she would probably be the one leading and it would likely fall apart fast due to my incompetence. However I do thankfully have experiences with male relationships, and up til now I've been treating relationships with girls the same as with my guy friends and it hasn't been working out. So what exactly is expected from me in a romantic relationship, how am I supposed to behave, how does the sex even start? Explain to me like I'm a 9th grader cause I need to wrap my head around this.
Start improving your life so it brings you more joy than misery. Act as if your life has a purpose and work towards something.

Sure there are lots of bad things about being alive, but there are also lots of good things, too. You can choose what to focus on. Mindset helps a lot.

I was really suicidal once, too. The first thing I did was accept responsibility for my life (if things were bad or miserable, it was because I wasn't taking the right action to fix those things). Once I did that, the next step was to identify things I could work on to improve my situation and make some plans with action steps. The first one was developing my social skills because I felt really lonely and isolated. Once I started seeing some results in that area, I started to branch out and fix other aspects (started working out and eating healthy, got into making money and working on career stuff, etc.)

In terms of overthinking: start meditating (just sit quietly for 10 minutes per day, doesn't need to be more complicated than that). If you can't do 10 mins, start with 5 and work your way up. That will help quiet your brain down a bit.
The best way I can explain this is to think of any relationship as something that has stages you progress through. All relationships have roughly the same progression. It looks something like this:

>Meeting for the first time, light banter, small talk, simple conversation.

>Learning about each other, figuring out what makes the other person unique and then deciding if this is someone you want to invest more time into getting to know.

>Building rapport and deepening emotional connection (learning about the other person's life on a deeper level, sharing personal stories that you wouldn't share with strangers, etc.)

All relationships (romantic or not) go through these stages more or less automatically. At its fastest, you can progress through those stages in 4 - 6 hours. It can also be drawn out over several days, months or even years. It all depends on the effort you and the other person put in and how often you can meet each other.

With romantic relationships, there's one extra stage that happens after all of the above three have occurred:

>Sex and physical intimacy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

There's a lot more I could write about this, but honestly, this guide is really good for beginners: http://www.pickupguide.com/puguide.htm

I'd recommend everyone who has zero experience meeting and dating girls read that to understand what a typical progression looks like from meeting a girl to having sex for the first time. It's old (from late 90s I think) but it's classic and the advice is good.

I strongly hate slutty behavior and I hate people who whore themselves out for money. (Prostitutes, strippers, twitch thots, etc.) But I masturbate to pornstars. People that OBVIOUSLY whore themselves out for money. Does that make me hypocritical?
50 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Why do people care? Maybe they just do, it's their humanity speaking for them.
I don't tolerate you posting on 4chan. Please get off of the site NOW.
Yes but if anyone deserves your empathy it's the girls. It's easy to forget they're putting on an act especially the good ones, and not every girl is doing this... willingly
I'm just not attracted to ugly people. It makes no difference if I'm ugly or not. My boner doesn't get hard for people I'm not attracted to and I'm only attracted to people out of my league.

File: 1562283824700.png (1.01 MB, 909x890)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Coworker is flirting with me even though I'm pretty sure she's engaged.

Should I hit it? Why or why not?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Should I hit it?

I agree with >>22073241 and >>22073253.
I would advise against it.

to play doubles advocate, I guess if she's flirting and wants to wreck her relationship then that's her problem.
It could be a good way to have a quick casual relationship without any strings attached.

>why not?
Too many things can go wrong. You don't know what the fiance looks like, is he a giant ogre who will beat you to a pulp with the nearest stick or rock?
Even if he's not, you're still hurting some dude's feelings and ruining his relationship. It's not a bro endorsed move.
So you know going into this that saying no is the right thing. I've had sex with a married woman, and I really enjoyed it, cause who the fuck wouldn't, and neither of us spoke of it, and there is 0 risk of either of us ever blowing it. I enjoyed have sex with a married woman, and I saw no reason to further pursue that again by texting her, hooking up with her again, or whatever, and her husband will never know. To the both of us it was just carnal, no emotions, we just found each other attractive and wanted half an hour of release. If she's doing it because she has cold feet about her marriage, then her emotions are probably in the way. It is never right, and there's nothing you can do to justify it beyond the fact you'll feel good for a little while. You're a man, make a choice
WHAT IF She is just a flirty person and has no intention of having sex with you?
anything else then a ring would be fine

File: MllhLG3.jpg (214 KB, 1125x1558)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I know, sounds like obvious bait, but seriously...

First off I don't support/oppose it. I'm a virgin anyways so I have no experience with stuff like that.
I read about porn being unhealthy and what effects it has on the brain thanks to yourbrainonporn, fightthenewdrug etc
Is there any research out there that suggests that cuckoldry (i.e. watching your partner be intimate with another man) is unhealthy?

The reason I ask is because I'm curious because of the meme. Is there actually anything that proves if it's beneficial or detrimental to a relationship or whatever?

For what it's worth, an article from FOX and CNN opposite viewpoints



Yeah... Lol, thanks.
The fact you even have to ask this question shows how little you know about history, psychology, and biology, to start with. And to think you would even allow MSM articles to influence you? I have been fucking trolled. You cannot be this stupid. Or you're from Reddit and you are, in fact, actually this stupid.
Based hobbit poster.
No I'm not trolling you as elaborate as this may seem, and I like to think I'm somewhat educated in the areas you mentioned.
I'm not from Reddit, tranny discord or whatever the fuck; I'm genuinely serious in asking this.
The only source I can actually find is from a sexual (((therapist))) called Kerner, but in reading it there's zero actual scientific explanation to back up their claims. As I mentioned in the op there's even more science, albeit pseudo science that indicates that porn use is unhealthy because of the over-stimulation and maybe, the fact that porn users are watching others.
File: rapist.jpg (46 KB, 592x561)
46 KB
Women are branch-swingers by nature. Men are romantic and want love. The men she's fucking around with would prefer to be dating her, and it's common for these "cuckold" things to end up with her leaving her boyfriend to just date the other guy. Being dumped for another man and knowing that you let it happen is not healthy for you.
I think cuckolding is one of those fetishes that is super fringe and not actually healthy for most people. I mean just look at the numbers. The majority of people (something like 60%?) are said not to cheat. Meanwhile the 40% or so percent that do usually have some drama or regret associated with it. Willful cuckolds probably represent less of a percentage of the population than actual trannies.

I think that cuckold porn got super popular on 4chan and other faggot forums where users can vicariously get off on experimenting things and it became an extremely popular insult because of how vulgar and repulsive it actually is to anyone with a normal brain. So the staying power of the cuck meme really had more to do with the fact that it is insulting.

If you are a cuck and actually enjoy it, I don't really care, what you do is your own business. I've even jacked off thinking about getting cucked because, idk I'll try anything once, but as someone who's girlfriend has actually cheated on him, it's the worst feeling on the planet. You feel like an absolute genetic failure and won't stop thinking about suicide for weeks. Cuckolding I guess could be healthy for the .03 percent of people who unironically get off on it, but there's no reason to be invested in the subject because it's basically a meme like gooner hypno and black supremacy.

File: 1504274041713.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
I gained interest from 2 girls at once and it's gone too far. Each time I talk to one I begin to think I will choose them, until I talk to the other and then it's them. Help me decide once and for all.
Girl 1: Wants to be a good wife and mother, seems a little crazy, low self-esteem, would give great sex, 6/10 face and body
Girl 2: Sweet and innocent cutie, somewhat a language barrier, likes vidya and anime, 9/10 face, flat body

Both want a serious life-long commitment. Which should I pick?
File: ArchieAndrews.png (13 KB, 150x210)
13 KB
Are you Archie but autistic?
Is this a banner for the 1920s
Both, mormon-style
Keep them both, say to them "I am open to a relationship for the right girl". Then make them fight for your attention. Never give them what they want/choose as they will lose interest once you do

File: Can't deal with it.gif (497 KB, 300x126)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
28+ Thread - Surviving Corona Edition

Kind of in a bad place, wageslave job has me constantly interacting with customers but the bastards won't give us any protective equipment. I need this job but I'm deathly afraid of getting covid. I don't know what to do.
256 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I never implied that just coasting in your 20s leads to a good 30s. I just know 20s are the hustle and often struggling years for any that enjoy their 30s.

It just took the pressure off to expect my 20s to be amazing best time of my life nonsense.
>I just know 20s are the hustle and often struggling years for any that enjoy their 30s.
>the hustle and often struggling years
In terms of what?

>It just took the pressure off to expect my 20s to be amazing best time of my life nonsense.
It's not nonsense, it doesn't have to be THE years of your life but it's the only time of your life when you have few responsibilities, some money and peak health AND the ability to fuck up again and again.
File: 1226557973039.jpg (73 KB, 460x400)
73 KB
>finally moved into my own place
>great neighborhood in a major city
>started dating and surprisingly had success
>get gf after 7ish years of no sex
>string connection through common interests
>she quickly gets super attached
>I end it due to her drama and waning physical attraction
>go back to dating, get another gf
>not as exciting in terms of interests or personality but chill and zero drama
>this one quickly gets super attached as well
>I'm starting to get a bit bored
>wondering if I could get someone hotter and more interesting
>wondering if I should end it
>wondering if that would be a huge mistake

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>almost 33
>January tried to rekindle old relationship
>ended badly
>February met an amazing 19 year old girl
>she was actually 14. Narrowly avoided jail time
>March met a girl on bumble
>relationship ended Monday
>car AC went out
>dropped to part time thanks to Corona
>started smoking and drinking again as a cope
>terrible gum infection out of nowhere

It's been a bad year but it could've been worse. I expect it to get worse. I think I'm going to avoid women for a bit and just playing FF7R and watch JoJo. I don't feel like there's any hope for me to have a family and a normal life now. I need to just accept it.
>close to moving out of parent's house probably
>have never survived completely on my own
It sure does suck knowing I'll be experiencing the same hardships and emotions as a 20 year old who just moved out, but fuck. I can't wait. Finally being able to breathe and be the person I want to be will be so fucking nice. God damn. It's like I've been in a coma for half my life.

File: gex time.jpg (51 KB, 1080x720)
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for my entire life, I've always been a gamer. It's always been a part of me. My favorite series has always been the Gex series of games. They were so brilliant, gameplay and writing wise, and I've always defended them against soulless cucks who attack it for no reason. I adored Gex 1 and it's amazing graphics and sound. I loved Gex 2 and it's bold platforming innovations, and I completely became infatuated with Gex 3 and how it perfectly evolved the format. But of course, there is a problem. For years, there has been no new gex games, no ports, no remakes nothing. This may not sound like a big deal, but gex is my life. It is the one thing that makes me happy, and I just can't take not having any more gex. I mean, why won't they bring him back, at least just once? People always ridicule me for liking gex so much, they call me a freak, and I just can't take it anymore. If there's anyway you guys can help me, then I'd be glad to hear it? How do I cope with the fact there may never be anymore gex?
File: 1586065730288.gif (2.04 MB, 480x480)
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You can comfort yourself by knowing that the Gex series will inspire some of the games of the future.
You must make your own gex game. Learn everything you can about how games work and make a remix of the first gex game. Then move on to 3d and try making your own 3d models.

I actually really enjoyed the Gex games as a kid and recently revisited Gex 2 and must say that it isn't very good. I prefer the first one. The 3rd one is okay too, but the 2nd one just looks messy since 3d has advanced so much. At the time that it came out it was a good game, but games have gotten much more sophisticated.

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