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File: tiresome.jpg (37 KB, 807x659)
37 KB
hey /adv/, over a year ago me and a group of very good friends I have known for 8 years got into what I'll call, the argument. We've had arguments and fights before, but not like this, this was catastrophic. I haven't spoken to these 3 individuals in over a year since this event happened. I really miss them and want to reach out to them again but I don't know and am somewhat afraid of how they will react. The most interaction I've had with one of them was being in the same server and typing in chat, or in another friends discord that they happened to be in and posting memes and shit and having them react. But its really like I'm talking to a stranger. I want to try to start a new leaf but I don't know if I should or if its too soon. any advice or input on how I should go about this or should I leave it alone, give it more time?

will post more info for anyone who wants real context, if they have any ideas
shameless self bump
what did you fight over?
One year is definitely not too soon and maybe too late

should i be worried about my boyfriend doing lsd every 2 weeks? I worry that his psyche is being damaged by the regular consumption but he claims that it's totally safe
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okay McKenna, have fun being a retard veggie due to substance abuse.
less than he does. My best advice is to find a boyfriend who isn't a drug feind because 'muh psychonaut, man'.
yeah that's kind of a long time lol
have you noticed anything weird in his behavior?
don't pay no mind to the christian anti-drug anon, it's all psychological and can go away
We have only been together for a year and I didn't know him prior to his drug use but he's always been lost in thought and someone that takes his time and reflects before saying something but thats one of the things that I love about him so hmm
he doesn't 'reflect', he's fucked up his memory and verbal IQ.
Anon who was lurking up until now and this is absolutely not true. I've known quite some people who used a lot and it's not rare to feel changed or for others to experience you differently, especially if you keep it up for years in combination with a poor lifestyle (little sleep, crap diet).

Even ignoring vague stuff like "feeling less smart/clear-headed", psychedelics can induce spontaneous psychosis which often leaves mental scars, and a fraction of people for whatever reason keep experiencing very mild effects. One of my best friends took LSD about eight years ago and ever since when she reads for example, she can see the letters she is not currently focusing on swaying a little in the corner of her vision. Nothing crazy but distracting and when trying to finish a college education it's absolutely not helpful because you'll get a headache reading for longer and it'll cost you more energy.

I've done my share of drugs, still do occasionally, I'm not anti-drugs, but they absolutely can change people for better or worse.

File: question_mark-760x760.jpg (47 KB, 760x760)
47 KB
~24 million people
I do
sheltered white kids from the first world

So my girlfriend who is 16 got pregnant. Her parents have gone absolutely ballistic

We've spoken and she wants to keep it, so ideally going forward we'd like them to be as involved as possible, but they basically want me dead and nothing to do with her. Will this pass in a few weeks? Is there anything I can do to get them back on our side? We don't want the child to be completely insolated from its grandparents
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Op you are nutty, nice. If she keeps it and you're both all for it, what can the parents do other than disown you or try to embrace and love it?
Women are baby machines.
We've given them too much power, that's why they're unhappy. Women have lost all femininity today and are basically depressed and weak men.
I know you're memeing but that's why all the baby machines I know are unhappy, divorced, dealing with alcoholic and abusive husbands yup
Don't get me wrong if the relationship is actually based on love and friendship and companionship I'm all for early marriage, family, whatever. But a 16 year old girl is not fully capable of those concepts especially when faced by a man that should be in a much more mature place than her completely. She's still at the age where an age gap makes a big difference. With how our current world works you just don't really have any real responsibilities as a woman when you're 16, you're still a kid.
>7 years your junior
>actual pedophile

At this point I would just lay low because the family has already done you a massive boon by not calling the cops on you

You piece of shit

I'm not a paedophile, we're doing nothing wrong.

I'm not sure why you, a random stranger on the internet, feels the need to condemn our relationship

It was a trouble shooting software role for a well known Cable provider. wasn't paying enough attention during the training, and apparently came off as disrespectful towards a lot of the team members and uninterested in what they had to say. The nail in the coffin was the fact that I couldn't retain the things they were telling me during the training presentation. This was a software position, and to be fair I did feel I was smarter than almost all of my coworkers, especially since a lot of them didn't even go to college. Only one of my coworkers was a real Engineer major, the others were just guys that worked their way up and called themselves engineers because that's what's in these days. I was told that I gave off a high and mighty vibe, but I really think I applied for a more sociable role that was farther from software development, let alone Computer Science.

Even reading this back, I do feel I give off a snobby vibe sometimes, but I think it's more important I avoid another position like this where my boss is a former skater bro turned IT guy that probably thinks I'm a dork.

It just happened today, I walked into the managers office, he says "I spoke with the team and this isn't going to work. You don't pay attention.". I returned the mac book they gave me and just walked out, I was so anxious I had to gtfo. When I drove home I called him up for closure, he was like "It was disrespectful that you left, do you have anxiety and ADD?".

I think the fact that these guys didn't go to school shows they aren't used to awkward computer science major types. I feel so mad, and let down after 1 fucking week. Still better than a life time of that nonsense. How do I move on from this? I'm going to keep applying elsewhere, but my confidence has stooped so low. I feel like an awkward airhead of a person.
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You're definitely retarded, m8, but you made me feel better and more equipped to deal with a future job with my degree. Thanks OP, I needed that.
I did tell him I have anxiety. The part that slammed me the most is that he gave me this lecture about being a respectful person because I did left that way. His other example was when I talked to one of the senior developers there. They were already talking while I was getting everything set up at my desk. She looks towards me and starts introducing herself. She was stunningly attractive which didn't really help with the fact that I was nervous as fuck. She starts giving me this like 20 second introduction that I should of listened to, but unfortunately didn't. The boss was like "oh I guess he doesn't care", I say no I do I'm just not interested in sales. That was a big fuck up because she was far from that.

So that was his other example of me being disrespectful, after of course asking me if I have ADD or anxiety in a pretty fucking rude tone.

I probably was wrong to shut her down like that. To be fair, I didn't want to listen to what she had to say. I feel you should only introduce yourself if someone asks. Unfortunately, this is how the workforce is where you have to listen to mind numbing conversations. I think I spent so long in university that I'm just not cut for the workforce. However, my last job didn't feel this hyper awkward. Maybe I should just work through remote entirely.
OP i hope this is bait. If not youre pretty retarded
You sound insufferable, OP. Maybe not be a brat next time.
Can you highlight the parts that come off that way?

File: 4L_hp8pR3xu.jpg (225 KB, 1106x962)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
I'm pretty sure my Dad has no will. I think he owns a house and a few cars. I haven't seen him in many years. I don't talk to him much but he says he loves me still. I'm one of 6 kids, only one, my older sister, is my full sibling. The aside from my older half brother, I never met the rest.

Anyway, if he were to have a heart attack and croak tomorrow how would his shit get divvied up in the USA? He's twice divorced and currently single, so I'd assume all his shit goes to his kids. How does that even work? The government sells his house/cars, takes their cut of the proceeds as tax/unpaid debts, and the rest of the money gets split amongst myself and my siblings?
If he didn't have a document saying he'd give it to you and has no legal ties to your family then it'll probably all be put up for sale or given to the government/bank.

Guys, idk what to do.
My gf had an IUD, and apparently it managed to dislodge itself and move a few months ago and surprise, I just discovered two weeks ago that she's 18 weeks pregnant.

Neither of us ever wanted kids. I MILITANTLY did not want kids, and we had agreed that if this ever happened, that we would terminate.

You guessed it, she is now refusing to terminate.
She's taking this even further though, and is making it crystal clear that my opinion and my distress means absolutely nothing and that she is going to do whatever the fuck she wants to do.
At first, we fought for about a week before she "came around" and agreed to terminate. That was a lie. She wanted to do the ultrasound first because "she felt she owes it that much" but afterward she told me she's keeping it and never intended to term at all.

Then last Friday we get the call that they found a heart defect in the ultrasound. It's indicative of downs- about 25% of people with down syndrome have it, and even if she doesn't, she still had a hole in her heart that will require open heart surgery within the first couple months. We won't get the results from the test back for up to another couple weeks, but if it isn't downs, she still won't term, and wants to do the surgery. I again have no choice.

She's saying that she doesn't want to drag me into anything and she'll leave my name off the birth certificate, but after everything she's pulled in the last two weeks, I can't believe her. Even if she's telling the truth, I still can't handle this. I've been extremely anti-kid since I was 10 years old. It's part of my identity.

This shit isn't supposed to happen to people like me, guys. I did things right. She had an IUD. I'm only 24, I lived with my parents until I was 22 so I could save up and buy my own house. I didn't get to have a life, I was just starting. What the fuck, how do I cope with this? Why is this legal? Why can you do this to people? What the fuck do I do? How do I function?
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Women's center worker here.
>IUD dislodged a few months ago
Oh boy, that's not something that just "happens" and no one is the wiser. That causes pain and discomfort, cramping, and breakout bleeding. In other words, she would have known instantaneously and consistently if something was wrong. In addition, a woman should check their IUD once a month or so by inserting their fingers and feeling for the strings on their cervix. In other words, if this story isn't just bait, she knew it was compromised all along and kept it from you anyway. 16 weeks pregnant is well along the path of pregnancy so, unless she's retarded, she knew anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks ago.
Yep, glad someone mentioned it. I learned a lot about birth control a few weeks ago with my gf and this is all pretty well verified.
>m8 it's a fucking iud there is no 'trust it to the other person' involved in this instance. you're basing an argument on utter irrelevance.
And if she was lying and it was a baby trap? Was he in the doctor's office when she got the IUD? The only person you can trust 100% is yourself. Just because she was his gf doesn't mean he shouldn't have looked out for his own best interest.
what a tweeest!

File: rwpeim2sbz021.jpg (107 KB, 1080x2159)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Say you meet the man of your dreams, and you only get to have sex with him 3 times with him. Would you rather he is
>a virgin with a 8" dick
>experienced with a 5" dick

Please state your age too ty
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You are a sad boi
Not that guy, but it does sound pretty stupid. When my wife and I bone, we find talking during the act to be weird and detracting from the experience. Much better to hear natural moans/grunting escape each other. Purely carnal.
I like the idea of him being a virgin because then I feel special to him.
are you also a virgin or just a predator?
Experienced, because I'd rather he not freak out when I tie him up.

To femanons: do you prefer toys or the real thing? I don't see how a normal human penis can compete with shit literally built with the purpose of pleasuring.
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File: 319.jpg (21 KB, 850x529)
21 KB
Why the fuck don't you people learn to use your fucking mouths
I rather eat from the trash.
Then eat trash, faggot
Wow that's sad.
I want to, but there isn't any girl who wants my attentions ;_;

You all like to joke about heightism and how manlets can just as easily get pussy as tall guys but just fuck off. How can I make myself taller? Are knee/leg extensions the only way? It's bad enough I'll never have my own kids because no woman will be seen with; I can't even send off my sperm into an anonymous void to procreate because women would refuse my sperm as I'm too short.
Fuck this gay earth
80 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
post a picture of your wrist
Oh boy, it's today's height thread on /adv/. Let's see if we have all bases covered:

>short guy whining he can't get girls and if he were tall he would drown in pussy
>tall guy saying he is khhv and height doesn't help him a bit
>short guy getting lots of girls and telling other short guys to stop whining and start getting pussy
>tall guy getting girls saying it's all because of his height that he gets pussy

Yep, seems that all the bases have been covered.
thanks for the check anon
Yeah, average and above average heights, not midget height like OP
Not that anon, but I know a thicc Colombian girl who's marrying at 5'5" Mexican

File: images (6).jpg (7 KB, 256x256)
7 KB
Yesterday I broke up with my gf. She is much older than me and has a kid, so between her parental responsibility and her work, there was just no space for a relationship in her life. I accept that, but she wants to continue to be friends. Friends that fuck from time to time.

And although I agreed at first, later that day I started to ponder if it's a good idea. There are several things off with this situation which I think will make it worse. First, that even though breaking up was one of the first things we did when we met yesterday, she continued to kiss me and hold my hand and do all that gf stuff. This tells me that her feelings for me are still the same and has issues with moving on. However, she also made it very clear that she'll start seeing other people and that I should do the same.

At that moment I asked her if she could handle it. If, say, in two months time I get a new GF and we can't see each other the way she wants to. I asked, "Will you be able to take it? Because I sure as hell know that I wouldn't be happy with that".

By the time we were discussing this it was very late and we both had to return home, so we agreed to see each other one week from now in order to think through this situation.

Right now my idea is to not be friends with her anymore. At least for the time being. I don't want to loose her. She has become a very important part of my life, but I don't think I can offer her the friendship she deserves rn and viceversa.

Also, if I want to move on, her presence will be difficult to overcome and it would be unfair for us to keep doing this if the idea is to see other people.

What's your opinion about this? Have you ever been in a similar situation? What should I do?
tldr; I broke up with my girlfriend but she wants to be fuck buddies with me. I think it's a terrible idea and that we shouldn't be friends at all for the time being
Ah, i see you are in a similar position as myself. To tell you the truth, ive come to the conclusion that is better to let go. I advice you to let go of her for a couple of months, even if its hard. You said it yourself that she doesnt have the time for a relationship, but she is keen on seeing others. Red flag buddy. Let her see others, she will realizae that is not the same, and she will be back to you. Meanwhile, do as you will.
I have personally done the same thing with my gf/ex gf because i moved to another state. Everytime im back, i message her, we hang out, hook up, be all cute and cuddly. I go back, she gives me the cold shoulder. I have concluded that reviving older and more comfortable feelings is not worth to keep yourself from growing and leaving her behind.
Yeah, that was my logic too. How did you manage to distance yourself from her? And how long did it take?
I cant say for sure if I have already moved on. Say, we broke up over a year ago. However, there was a full 6 month period were there was barely any contact (since I moved out). She´s had a new bf, they were together for around a month. That didnt really affect me and I thought it was for sure over (between she and I). Turns out it wasnt. I came back to town, you know, went to the club with my buddies. Just as I turn to leave, there she was. Walked up to her, stroke conversation, kept talking for a while, ended up leaving with her and hooking up in her car. The cycle repeated itself a couple times, and just 2 or 3 weeks ago we went to a smaller town with some friends and we were acting as we were together. I dont like casual hook ups so you can be sure that it felt as if it was still a relationship. Again, it ended, she stopped talking to me. Im thinking on repeating the cycle one more time and then completelly and truthfully forget about her.
I advice to you to just cease communications in a peaceful way. Tal to her, explain why do you find to be the best thing. It is better than to be agressive and you will find it easier to distance yourself from her. When seeing her, keep the conversation as casual as possible, nothing too important. If you keep a levelled head and you are respectul and assertive, she will get back to you, it is then for you to decide how to proceed. I have decided, and that is to stop full contact with her.
Yeah. The thing is that this "deal" already sounds to me like she wants to have a dog on her lap rather than a friend. And I already was that idiot falling for sex games in the past and I'm not willing to do that again, even with her. My self-respect is more important, so I just have to explain to her that our friendship just can't be. I won't do it right now, tho. The anger will get the best of me.

Fuck, I hate when women start playing those attention/I can't end a cycle in my life types of games. I'm over that, it ain't fair for her and specially not for me.

If there's a femanon lurking, I'd like your input on this from a woman's perspective

File: 1560269617082.jpg (21 KB, 654x655)
21 KB
So I signed a renewal agreement for my lease that goes into effect mid August, but I need out. I'm not super worried about finding a new roommate to take the lease from me, but the landlord would want me to get approval from the other roommates. There isn't anything that specifies this in the leasing contract, but I'm worried these chuckleheads are gonna try and take me down with them and won't approve anybody.

Can they get away with it if it isn't in the contract? Contract says the candidate must meet their standards.

File: JPEG_20190623_101202.png (114 KB, 430x430)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I got my friend with benefits pregnant. She agreed to keep it and I did as well but we're not getting married. Should we consider marriage even if we're just pals? Is there any financial benefit? Would it help the kid?
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yikes. You still defend premarital sex even though it's gotten you into this situation? I'd like to to take just 22 minutes out of your life and watch this video. Christianity is extremely important. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcM4rdGWZKA
Shit happens.
If you get along as friends, why not just take that step into being a family?
You don't have to marry her, but consider moving in together for the sake of the kid. Unless you both have other partners on the side, then consider your ass paying child support in a few years
It'll never work out unless you get married.
It could work out. I hope your your child and yourself it does.

Marriage can be very comfy. I think it's more about your mindset than anything. I think you can still have a beautiful and meaningful marriage without some whirlwind emotional precursor to it. You can have a slow-burn love. But you actually need to work towards that.
Read any of the thousands of studies showing that children with a proper family where both parents are married and live together have much better lives.

File: images[1].jpg (7 KB, 325x155)
7 KB
Is sex without attachment a meme?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sex is better with an intimate emotional attachment. Without it you're just masturbating with someone else's body
Yes but most people just distract themselves with various other chemically-dense sources.

Some people have the mentality that they can overcome their biological make-up and transcend into some higher state of being free of societal order, but most of that is nonsensical ego-driven delusions fed by inebriation. Or so it seems.
I guess if you just detract from yourself / protect yourself with a persona/alter ego, and do it for the sport's sake.

Obviously sex it's there to create bonds, but also your dick is for procreation and pee and you use it to masturbate, so what the fuck we know about life?
If it's a completely random one night stand, sure.

If you're friend with benefits, eeehhhhhhhh.... there's always going to be some degree of emotional attachment. You do have to like someone well enough to have sex with them regularly. Some people are better than others at ignoring or detaching themselves from their emotions.

File: ef193d9.jpg (97 KB, 683x768)
97 KB
Here's my 5 year plan as a high school student, please tell me if I'm retarded and I should do something else.

I'm Romanian and I'm moving to London to study, I'll major in marketing management at a mediocre university, while there I plan to study programming and design, some finance in my free time.

By the end of college I should have a 30k/year job somewhere in England (40k/year for us fags, after tax).

In the meantime I should have more income as a freelancer or something, once I have enough money I plan on opening a business or just investing my saved up cash into one, or just invest everything in real estate.

The plan is to have at least £2000/month in passive income by 30.

Then come back to Romania get married have kids and fuck around till I get a stable job, that with the passive income should satisfy me and my family.

Is this doable or am I retarded and I should do something else?

Any tips?
get educated and stay in romania as soon as you get done with a half decent internship.
There's no hope for life in the UK, shit looks like fucking Cairo.
>Educated in Romania
Lmao no
>Get back to Romania
As soon as I can, not a big fan of the UK, but your salaries are 4x ours, I need to save money to get my shit together and it's easier there

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