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File: elliot.jpg (5 KB, 194x260)
5 KB
What traits do incels possess that don't allow a woman's brain to produce chemicals of attraction an love for them?
sub 5'8 height

>Too depressed to live
>Too scared/angry to die

What do?
just cry and cry, and scream, and maybe you can go to get some help for your mental health., is not always bad and sometimes it really helps
Find an outlet. Anything really, in the arts, in a physical activity, in a career, as long as you don't keep it all pent up something will change eventually. Sometimes without you even knowing it. Life can be incredibly random like that.
Eat a fistful of psychoactive mushrooms
File: smug smile.jpg (106 KB, 538x513)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Overcome depression.
Overcome the fear of death.

File: downloadfile-3.jpg (23 KB, 474x474)
23 KB
Is there anyway for me to get a job associated with photography or taking pictures? I dont even care if its not artistic.

I did a forensic photography class in college once.

My degree is computer science. Im desperate for a career
Start a photography business. Do weddings, family and baby photos. All these pay good money in the states, and are done on the weekends mostly.
You can also supplement it with real estate photography for realtors and rental companies. Doesn't pay as much in the states, but there's lots of work you can do during the week when you're not doing the weddings.
My girlfriend's brother has been doing it for a two years now, and makes six-figures.

File: bda.png (404 KB, 520x957)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
Going to donate blood for a friend. What should I expect from this experience? How will I feel afterwards? Should I be careful the next days? Will I be dizzy? I am feeling sick already.
You won't feel any different
Your friend is gonna become your bitch, cause one part of you is inside of him.

23 M - I grew up in a shitty single parent house hold with my mom. Money was always a problem and my mother is bipolar so I get hit and yelled at pretty randomly.
Fast forward I finally move out and land a sweet banker job (money becomes less of a problem) and I'm in college. Less then 2 months of me moving out I'm asleep living alone. A black guy and Mexican break in to my home and fuck me up and rob me. They told me they were going to kill me, they told me they were going to rape me. Finally they knock me out and leave. I go to the police and they say "that sucks" and do nothing to find the guys. I try to go on with my life, but now I'm worried all the time and have ptsd. I dropped out of college have a ton of medical debt. To top it all off the state fucks me, I got caught with weed ($800 lawyer/ $2000 court fee no jail time) I did smoke until after this happened... then I had so many car problems that were just unlucky like I hit a pot hole that fucked my tires and wheels had to get new ones. A latter fell off a truck on the free way hit my car they drove off. There's more, but I'll wrap up. I'm in a ton of debt that when ever I get paid now its all gone by the time it hits my account.
I just am at a lose to how things became shitty so fast and I get pissed off at the SJW bullshit (see my picture) like fuck no one will help me I can't trust my fellow man, I can't trust the state what am I spouse to do?

TLDR: Think The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but nothing good happens

I think about killing myself, but deep down I know I'm not the problem...

SIDE NOTE: FBI if you are all over this site, help me find these fuckers there is video evidence.
Why do you want to find them?

How do I get out the friend zone with a pretty girl?
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Use your stand to woo her
If you're posting here, you fucked up already.
Fuck one or more of her friends, and make sure she knows.
The friendzone isn't real, she's either into you or she isn't and 99% of the time nothing will change no matter what you do. Move on
This 100%. Just like guys, women usually make their mind up within the first impression of meeting someone

File: 1566337266237.jpg (133 KB, 960x949)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I've been on this site for some years, and in this board since it's inception.
However lately, say in the past 6 months to 1 year, there has been increasing levels of negativism. Not without reason, mind you, but it makes me wonder. Why?
Why there's so much grief and anguish? Look at the threads today. Makes even the most golly gee wizz optimistic guy into a depressive husk.

What happened?
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Incel is a meaningless buzzword

Leave Redditor
Nothing changed, OP. It was always like this. I guess people had to improvise with a larger vocabulary in the past (chad, stacy, incel weren't used). The overall message of your average post was exactly the same, though.
>However lately, say in the past 6 months to 1 year, there has been increasing levels of negativism
You're a blind nigger if you think this place has ever been something else besides a circlejerk for social outcasts, edgelords, and delinquents. Been here since 08 and nothing about the general cynicism of this place has changed a bit.

You mean to tell me the place that used to be used in connection with trafficking massive amounts of cheese pizza and has convinced numerous people to commit suicide feels more negative "now"??? Fucking kek. /adv/ really is the most newfag heavy board isn't it?
>Been here since 08
>Fucking kek

sounds like you made a type and wrote 08 instead of 18
calling people you don't agree with "redditor" is also an empty buzzword. Same with "normie" and whatever else, those aren't even insults.

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 249x203)
7 KB
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You're so predictable. As soon as you find out he calls someone else dad, you'll start to visit him, eh?
File: 1522635800491.jpg (61 KB, 858x960)
61 KB
>my full time job takes my saturday nights
>the part time job I just signed up for is going to take my Friday nights
>I live in a college town and school just got back in session. I'm 25, and the first 25 years of my life have been pretty fucking shitty.
Last Friday night was probably the most fun I've ever had. I ended up racing a sorority girl with Irish car bombs. She was in shorts and a tank top. We were drunk, elbow and elbow, thigh to thigh, and kept rubbing our booze-covered bodies together while we got fucked up. If her boyfriend weren't there, or I were just a more aggressive person, I might have gone home with her. He was blonde and seemed like a nice dude, even if he kept trying to squirm between us after she sat down next to me.

I don't want to lose that, but I'm not doing enough. My job's not paying enough for me to keep living like this, and it'll be fewer trips down town and fewer trips to the bar unless I get more money coming in. Am I missing out on too much with the weekends?
My gf's dad doesn't like me because I'm not Asian or a doctor.
I don't know if i'm capable of having romantic feelings for anyone after what i went through with you. I don't even love you anymore, but the simple thought of going through that pain again makes me afraid of engaging with anyone on a more than surface level.
You're a good person, you honestly are, but fuck you for making me feel this way.
Anger, hate and pride have been my go-to reactions to uncomfortable situations for as long as I can remember, to the point where I barely feel anything else any more. I am animosity wearing human flesh.

File: 20190821_175941.jpg (493 KB, 1019x975)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Hello guys I was in a biz travel around in Europe and my last stop was Paris. So I wanted to take holidays and I called the boss.

Hey dad whats up senpai, you I finnish all the things here so you mind if a take a week off?
So he agrees, and I searched renting an sport car or an escort haha.

So I saw a really hot girl 9.75 - 9.85/10 but her description was only white european man 30 y.o +, but I contacted her so she ask me for pics. Hey Im from SouthAmerica 24 y.o tan color haha but she was like ok is 400 eur/ hr come if you want.
I told her no, I want to go to south of France can you?
She told me yes 2 days 4000 euros.
I was like Wtf, hey Im good looking and young.
She was you contacted me ... then she replies ok 3000 but Im princess treat me like one.
I told her ok meet you first, so I meet her in Paris, really stunning 21 y.o from Estonia and we agree 3700 eur for 5 days.

I bought the tickets to Cannes. Amazing time, she was fun, like to party, wild, passionate, romantic, sexy, good talker, seductive.
Good times in the clubs, I was drunk ass hell she needed to take me to the hotel cuz I couls barely walk by my own haha. Good time in the beach, and people was like you have a beautiful girlfriend I just reply well yes she is fine haha.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I told her ok meet you first, so I meet her in Paris, really stunning 21 y.o from Estonia and we agree 3700 eur for 5 days.
You overpaid.
mmm I dont know but I mean I got pretty fun time with she also I met South of France and the good moments just dont have price so I am cool with what I paid.
I wouldn't spend more than $1500 USD for that. Great looking escorts are really cheap nowadays.

I hope you took a lot of precautions and especially protecting your personal information.

These types of women like to data horde your info, give to their pimps or sell to bidders who then will use it for extortion years later. If they use some kind of online verification service, those companies do the same thing.

Stay safe Anon.
What the fuck literally just get one of your friends for free to travel with you and bang some local whores with that 3k instead
I do my search also, there could be lots of fake pics and everything I got a good search engine and she was real, she it showed me her Vk profile she is just a normal girl. I got other experience with escort girls (some in her real life are catwalk models, instagram models, playmates, they sell fashion or beauty things in the web or they just want to travel to nice places while man give money to them to buy her louboutin heels, her fendi bags, whatever) and the pics I gave her was from my social profile.

I am grow man 24 y.o I know there are some risks but what they will do with my info, black mail that I have paid escorts?

hello im going to college soon and id like to know is there any majors I should go for? ty
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I took computer science and now I make 140k a year in my second job out of college and love it. Just like any career path your mileage may vary and its also all about the fact that you get out of it what you put into it. I'm a smart networker while others are not.
Well I said all that, but I do think the degree itself is worth something. I just don't think you should go in expecting to learn much. A lot of it is self learning.

I'm still interviewing. I just graduated a couple months ago.

I'm not worried about getting a job. I'm just kind of disappointed that I wasn't taught much. You really need to go out of your way to network and create projects.
Stay away from creative fields less you are a raging SJW Cucklet.
How many interviews have you gotten so far ?
It depends. Do your parents have money or do you have to pay your own way?

File: 1542765673110.jpg (56 KB, 337x290)
56 KB
So how bad of an idea is it to fly to a random city and start life over? How worried do you think my parents would be?
t. Depressed and miserable person for years
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I left when I was 20 so it'll all be ok, good luck <3
Because i'm probably unstable because i just got out of a relationship that rocked me to my core. But the idea of finding someone else in a new place is honestly what i've been dreaming about. I just wanna go to sleep happy for once, not scared that i'm just wasting away
It's a great idea, you can't get new life while holding on to your old one.
I said my age above, also I've been thinking about this for years so its not just a spontaneous idea. Family would never let me do this so i cant really talk to them about it. Not gonna leave for a week or so anyways since I have to get ready, so ill have more time to contemplate on it
Thanks for the good luck, this is the first time in so long im actually looking forward to the future, it feels amazing
We're all going to make it , i believe in you OP.

File: love quest.jpg (96 KB, 450x600)
96 KB
anons, how do i act? what do i talk to her about? back when we interacted with each other face to face i was a fucking autist (still am, just used to be kek) and am worried that i made her feel uncomfortable; do i bring this up with her and apologise if necessary or just pretend it never happened?
File: 9faac7a.jpg (76 KB, 602x533)
76 KB
Completely pretend it never happened, if you bring any of the past up you'll make it seem like you're still attached. It's been 2 years there is no reason you even should be attached anymore.

i am slowly giving up on myself
becoming more distant than ever with friends and family
have become semi self destructive, drugs etc
what do i do
what can i learn from an internet board
Why are you giving up on yourself? If there is no reason for it beyond a change in mood then it's probably a more serious issue than you realize.

The drugs itself might be the problem that you need to cut out of your life
Try harder. Feels good.
Getting distant? Get closer
Self-destructive? Get creative
Doing too many drugs? Get some self discipline
Do something simple, and increase the complexity every other week. On the weeks you don't increase complexity work on speed.

File: JT5mWDL.jpg (135 KB, 840x578)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How to increase your Sexual Market Value as a man?
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That was a succintly put answer anon gave you. If you're too stupid to use it, you don't deserve a girlfriend - well, maybe a stupid one. Go to a stupid bar and buy a stupid looking girl some stupid-sounding cocktails, you spoonfed fuck

I can't believe that you even have to ask this. As a gender, we're sadly only valued for the resources we obtain for our chosen "dependapotamous"
>get a good career
>work on your personal hygiene , health, etc
>improve your personality and acquire friends
Simple as that
Is that really that different from the tits I seek? I want them, they have them. Then we date.
Not sure how that's relevant. You asked about increasing your SMV, now you know.

File: liar-liar-1023616-p.jpg (62 KB, 480x720)
62 KB
Ok guys let's be real here for a moment. Fuck self improvement, nobody gives a shit about that all we want in the end is some pussy. So let's cut to the chase.
What lies to tell to a woman to make yourself appear better in her eyes and fuck her? Ok, nice job is one of them or ambition. What else?
File: e851d52.jpg (45 KB, 460x612)
45 KB
How many friends you have
I'm having a wonderful week.

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