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File: Gender.png (20 KB, 600x600)
20 KB
Before you post, check the FAQ.
Try to keep questions short so people are more likely to answer.
If you're not going to like answers, don't ask your question

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as: looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ and worrying about some complex only ever makes things worse. In fact, worries like complexes are very often the real problem.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?

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it’s deep in human biology. It stems from at the beginning of humans, women would seek the biggest baddest cave men to father their children because he was the strongest of the group and could fight off threats to the family. It’s all subconscious mental work.
>right person
So its just a luck in the end?

My gf (ex) is an amateur actress and she told me that she was going to have a scene where she would make out with a guy, he’d pick her up and press her against the wall while grouping her. I told her she better not do the scene. But she did it. I broke up with her over it and she cried and cried. Telling me it was “work” and now her friends are attacking me saying I’m a misogynist and shamed her for having a career. That is bullshit. I think it’s good she has a career she likes, but i’m not going to get cheated on, and that’s exactly what happened. She cheated. But her friends still blame me and act like I’m a woman hater
I don't think you understand what "acting" means anon.
You think hollywood couples break up every time one of them kisses another person on screen?
It's called professionalism. Yes, you overreacted.
Better move on and I suppose not get girlfriends in the acting vocation again.
>You think hollywood couples break up every time one of them kisses another person on screen?
Do you know how frequently Hollywood couples divorce?

File: 1545080280871.jpg (689 KB, 1468x978)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
How do I deal with having a hypersensitive girlfriend?

>6 month anniversary
>girlfriend writes a 10 page book about us as a gift, complete with stick figure illustrations on each page
>I think she's cute when she gets upset, so once I finish I tell her "Eh. It was alright. Nothing special."
>she cries for the next 15 minutes
>I hold her, tell her that I was just kidding and that I loved the gift (which is the truth)
>we stay together another two hours, but she's sad and distant the whole time and none of my apologies seem to reach her

Are male and female brains really this different?
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Out of curiosity, have you done anything for her, other than routinely making her cry for funsies?
How do I find a hypersensitive GF? I find those kinds of girls really cute.
Okay, ask yourself what the whole sad puppy dog/little girl thing does for you.
Mate, she either going to leave you or cheat on you. Stop doing this.
you'll die alone kek

File: LifeAndDeath.jpg (372 KB, 1280x1029)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
How do I find a church when so many of them out there are full of brainlets?

What I mean by this is that they:
>Believe in 'fulfilled prophecies'
>Believe the gospel to be fully historically accurate
>Are either cultlike, new age like, or fundamentalist

I would just read the whole damn Bible myself, but frankly I don't understand it all in context, and probably can't do a better job at bringing it all together into a sturdy value hierarchy than someone like say Thomas Aquinas

I just wanna talk to people about philosophy and spirituality that don't NEED to believe in
>muh heaven and hell, gotta save 'em all, it wuz a historical account!
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File: IMG_4153.jpg (43 KB, 267x400)
43 KB
There's a lot of junk to sift through with really interesting metaphysics stuff, I'm spooked that I'll read into something misleading. some autistic wizard would bless this world with a good archive (i'm sure some sweet ones exist)

if you'd be so kind, what are your thoughts on this book or similar books and is it a good place to start?
>your thoughts on this book or similar books
The closer material is to current day, the greater the degree to which underlying truths have been diluted and filtered through the necessities of their ages and limitations of interpreters. Similar to the way language evolves over time. That said, you can only speak a language you already know. If you already know English, it's easier to learn German next, rather than skipping straight to proto-Germanic languages. And if you learn German, proto-Germaic words may intuitively make sense as you encounter them. You may even be able to see the pattern of change over time. This is the approach I recommend.

>is it a good place to start?
You have to start with what you know and agree with already. Challenge your beliefs, and think on things that you don't immediately grasp. But if new material cannot serve as a metaphor for things you already understand at the core of your being, you're not ready for it.

>I'm spooked that I'll read into something misleading
Maintain that caution and skepticism, and you're fine. Don't take anything you read to be literal gospel truth, and you're golden.
> a good archive (i'm sure some sweet ones exist)
They do. Recommended reading lists for beginners are also often discussed. But in my opinion, where to start depends entirely upon where you are.
If you know a bit of Judeo-Christian mythology and doctrine, Crowley and co. may be up your alley. But they do co-opt a lot from pagan traditions which all fall under a taboo umbrella in Christian ideology. Strongly recommend pursuing information from cultures you're at least a bit familiar with, that fully embrace(d) what we would call occultism as their lens for understanding the world/universe.
Thanks for your time man and for the reply. Have a good one, I'll continue looking around for some comprehensive wizardry
Save yourself some time and check yourself into a mental hospital. If you think a magical fairy that is more magical than the 50000000 other magic fairies dumb fucks kill eachother over determines reality and only you and people who subscribe to your magic fairy get to speak to them, you have fucking schizophrenia and have no place in a society based on logic and collaboration. Everyone else subscribes to the laws of reality and uses their integrity as their credentials, but you and a bunch of literal pedos and swindlers are exempt from that? Go fuck yourself. You have no idea how much pleasure I experience when I learn about any jew Muslim christian or celebrity dying.

"Omg I need a new job I'm gonna pray! " *Applies to job* *get offer because the laws of reality said you were qualified* "omg this time gawd interfered!"

"Omg I got a cut"

Ok use gawd to heal it

"No Harry Potter logic only works sometimes, and only I know when, so worship me and be my slave or you are evil Satan!'

Kill yourself
Looks like you haven't read about Joseph Smith. There's some insight for you there!

Just broke up with my first bf. Trying to get over it. Have resolved that maybe I should try hooking up to make the process faster. This guy was my first EVERYTHING. It’s hard to picture myself with anyone else.

Not sure the social norms around hooking up and stuff.
Also very rare that I find a guy that’s attractive to me. (Wasn’t physically attracted to my ex). Don’t know if I could have a meaningless hookup with a guy I don’t find hot.
How to hook up. What to do about lack of attraction.

File: 2.jpg (536 KB, 785x1197)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
How do you help a sister out who is very clearly depressed, and perhaps suicidal?

My sister works a dead-end job, dropped out of school, and anytime a family member tries to talk about depression, she gets angry and locks herself in her room. She drinks in her room constantly and rarely talks to anyone apart from me.

What can I do /adv/, I'm worried she's going to hurt herself.

File: 8.jpg (39 KB, 750x739)
39 KB
>be me
>26, 4/10, and a neet
>have a 19, 8-9/10, in uni for engineering, gf.
>she plays video games, has a sense of humor, a high sex drive, and is probably smarter then me
>she has to be cheating on me, too far out of my league
>create fake accounts with hot guys on multiple platforms
>talk to her and establish bonds
>she wont send nudes and if i bring up any kind of romantic relationship she says she already has a boyfriend that shes very happy with
>still not convinced
>ask 10/10 chad friend to ask for her number while she walks home
>no one ever says no to him
>she says no thank you but to have a great day and good luck finding someone

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ask her
>Things that never happened
>26, 4/10, and a neet
>have a 19, 8-9/10
pure fantasy
Femanon here, OP from http://archive.4plebs.org/adv/thread/20258257/
My bf is in the same situation as you. He trusts me though, but he thinks i should be with someone 'better' than him. If you've proven multiple times that she's not cheating on you, that means that she loves you and she really finds you attractive, funny and interesting. My bf sometimes thinks i'm with him because i'm feeling sorry for him or something like that. I really love him and i love spoiling him and treating him like he's the best human being on the planet. Maybe you can talk about this with her, the thing is that you have to understand that maybe, if a '9/10' girl is with you, you probably have good things to share with her.
File: 1525564969027.gif (898 KB, 487x560)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
>tfw actually happened to me
>tfw not retarded enough not to trust her becsuse there's no way she'd constantly do all the shit she does for me otherwise
Only difference is I'm 27, she's 19 and I found a job shortly after we moved in together. I love her so much and she spoils me constantly. Yesterday she made me these chocolate chunk muffins with my favorite candy bar and wrapped one up for me in my lunch.

File: hotarou-oreki.jpg (130 KB, 640x480)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
If I'm fairly normal, not ugly, not exactly 0 friends ( although I hang with mine only at school ) is it 100% that I will find a gf if I just continue living my life, finishing studies, going to college and stuff? Or do I have to go an extra mile and actively seek for a girlfriend by asking random girls out and stuff?

I'm 18, senior in HS, and I've always considered myself not that out of the ordinary ( except I don't have many friends ) and I told myself that it will happen if I just give it time. Should I not count on it?
No, do something for it. If you want a girlfriend, YOU have to do something for it. Nobody is magically appear one-day, that will love you for being normal. As gay as it sounds, be special. Draw attention to yourself in a good way, and btw, 18 years is not to late to find someone.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 284x178)
7 KB
I live in a country with a forced military service

At the end of school I had no idea what to do with my life. My mother wanted me to go to college and neither of us wanted me to go to army. And so I went to whatever college that my grades allowed, a 4 year course for a Marketing degree.

My hope was that in those four years I'd figure out what do I want to do and just work towards it.

4 years later I am a husk. I hated every day of college and I hated myself and I think I became dumber and weaker than when I was back in school. I used to be social and had desire to do things, now it's all gone and I'm struggling to get it back.

And after 4 years it happened again. I didn't want to go to army, I didn't know what to do but my mother wanted me to go get masters degree in marketing and she wanted to pay for it. And so I went for it. It's the end of the first semester, and I feel like I will probably kill myself if I have to do more of this.

This is the gist of things.
I'm trying to figure this out and I would appreciate any kind of advice, thank you
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File: endlg5w0szdz.png (1.49 MB, 1045x844)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Woolie is too good for this world
No, coward
this isn't world war 2 you fucking retard
lick that boot harder, make it shine little bitch
>not the same guy
every country should have a mandatory military service lasting for at least a year because kids these days lack discipline, strength of will and organizational skills. they won't get that from staring into their phones their whole adolescent lives
you making the point of licking boots is probably jesting the fact that you have to follow orders but let me ask you this - what the fuck do you think you'll be doing the rest of your life? you need to work to make money, and working is basically following orders

don't kill yourself lol
what country are you from? what opportunities do you have in front of you?
>I became dumber and weaker than when I was back in school
my advice would be to get in shape beforehand not only is it going to make you have confidence and happy hormones you'll be able to endure the training in the army, go do the military service to get it off your back, chances are you are going to bond with a lot of dudes there which in turn will turn around your social ineptitude
read mad books whenever you get the chance
they lack discipline because of parenting and schooling, being a slave for the government is seriously your solution? work isn't mandatory, you don't go to prison for refusing it and the military pays like dogshit

File: 1445485650420.jpg (54 KB, 500x409)
54 KB
Vent away!
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Some days you really remember that some people on here are seriously mentally ill.
What are you trying to say? Did you thought the opposite?
It's been a while since I've posted in one of these, but I'm here on a much lighter note.

I would usually spend this post writing about my ex, how he's trying to contact me, and he still is, but I'm writing this post to thank an Anon who helped me out last time.

I've been doing better. He's still trying to hoover me, but I haven't checked or even cared. I'm trying to find a therapist that can help me with this, and that's the next step.

I don't think you realized how much you truly helped me that night, whoever you are.

Thank you, and honestly, thanks to anyone who helps in these threads, you affect more people than you know.
That's what I meant.
geez get a room
Good luck with your life, then.

File: 1545016024970.png (233 KB, 263x355)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Egomaniac (but hot)ex wants to get back and has been trying to get back
How do I react to that?
Brush her off, it'll drive her crazy.

Think of it this way, if you stuck your dick in a toaster once and got burnt, how would you react the next time you come across the toaster?

Your ex is the toaster. Don't stick your dick in it and consider getting rid of it altogether to avoid the temptation.
Both advices are valuable
Thanks for making me see this clearly anons
I was thinking with my dick
This may be relevant for my interests in the near future... could you tell me
>how long since the breakup?
>story time about her being an egomaniac?
>what did she say when contacting you?
Disclaimer: The toaster poster was right, I know that, I just want to be prepared and like to read similiar stories like mine.
agree with the other anons, you don't need a burnt dick. She will destroy what little self worth you got left. You bagged a hot girl before and you will again just not this one.

File: wXiDn1xNA8M.jpg (70 KB, 770x800)
70 KB
what can i gift a person i barely know /adv/?

Depends on who it is and why you have to get them a gift.
an old friend whom i haven't seen in ages
A girl: gloves , diy origami, some tasty cookies

Boy: literally anything, unless it's useful.

Or money

File: preferred sizes.png (1009 KB, 929x483)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Firstly I understand if no one replies. It's an age old topic.

I'm a straight male who has a very small penis and it's making me ill (4.75 inches long, 5 inches circumference).

I'm struggling to cope with the fact that I'm inherently not as good at intercourse as other men. It's making me depressed and go crazy. I don't want to be that guy that women are always disappointing in that size, so much that I'm looking at every corner rather than just accepting it.

I'm not stupid however, I get that you can sexually please women in other ways, but they just love dick so much! And the worst part is almost all of their preferences are the same: 6 inches OR longer and thick (Pic related) 95% if them fall into that category and I hate it. I hate the fact that I'm not as good, I hate the fact that I'll have to spend the rest of my life 'making up for it' when other guys and women don't have to worry about that AT ALL.

I can't imagine how relaxing it must feel to start to be interested in someone and not think 'oh snap I hope she doesn't hate small penises that much...'

I've been to therapy for a variety of things and brought up penis size almost a year ago, my advice was essentially give up what you want and pursue something different. All because of my dick size... I can't believe something so trivial is so important to a huge aspect of the opposite genders pleasure during a certain sexual act that is basically defines your destiny sexually.

My question leads to: What can I do? I've thought about jelqing ever since my previous girlfriend said some shit about my size (What can you expect, they always do...). Does any one have any advice or any similar experiences as to how I can cope better. I don't wanna take my therapists advice of just 'forgetting about sexual relationships and love' but as you can see I'm a train-wreck. How do I make this better, any advice?

A loan shark is chasing me and I can't leave the city because no one will be able to take care of my mother.

I know that some people in the gambling circle I lost the money in are on 4chan so I won't go into details.

I lost a lot of money through illegal gambling, a lot of that money was loaned. What the fuck do I do? Do I take a loan from someone else and try to gamble my way to enough money to pay back?

I fear for my life.
121 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll update this thread until it gets deleted or archived. So I guess keep the thread alive?

Other then than I will update in a month or so but you'll have to believe it's really me.
I'm buying a gun either today or tomorrow
I would go to jail as well. It's illegal to gamble at ILLEGAL gambling places. And what if the shark figures out somehow I went to the police before they catch him? I'm double dead them
It's secure money from a person who won't hunt me down. I really can't find a different way, don't want to go to jail, don't want to die, can't run away.
File: 1544245504333.png (1.43 MB, 1600x1435)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Won't the loanshark's friends and members from the same organisation come after OP? What then? OP isn't John Wick, you know. Stop suggesting that he should kill the loanshark, things will get worse.
Exactly, that's why I'm not gonna do it. Protection with a gun is the farthest i will go

I have tinnitus which is making my life living hell. I can’t live like this anymore. It’s absolutely tormenting.

What is the most painless cheap and easiest way to go?

If I slit my wrists vertically after taking Valium (Diazepam) will it make the process painless?

Please help me.
Try white noise earphones or earbuds before you go
Fucking coward, just pull through it until medical science cures it
bump please help

What does it mean to be young?

I’m 28, and I’ve spent my late teens and early twenties in the military. Then I have just been studying and working to this point. Other than studying/working I travel once a year.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>don’t think that you’ve wasted your youth

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I have.
It doesn't matter what other say, what it matter is what you think about it. That's all that matter in life.
people tell me that I’m going to regret it in the future that I’ve never been to a party as an early twenty something and that I’ll regret not fucking young puss.

I’ve only slept with 1 girl before and she was 29 years old.
Are you OP?

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