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File: 1582127034973s.jpg (7 KB, 250x200)
7 KB
Issue -
A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

My Reply -
A nation's competitiveness rests on the shoulders of students, who through rigorous training, facilitate their country's growth. In lieu of this, the identification of the intellectual individuals proves to sieve through the plethora of students, who are both capable of promoting or impeding it's growth.

Identification of an precocious individual can help to maximize their potential. This potential is realized through both, school based curriculum as well as trifling behavior. These students, if identified early on, can strive to use their intellectual capacity in areas where the nation faces it' greatest impediments.

Students who see others do well, strive to do the same. This induced competitiveness can actually push more students to study harder than if they were to see their peers in the same class as them. This would only benefit the nation more, as one now has students who are not only intellectually gifted, but also students who worked hard and fought their way through.

Although this induced competition may indeed turn of to be fruitful for the nation, a large number of students may find themselves under depression of not being able to ever achieve something in life solely because they weren't given the same quality of education as compared to their gifted peers. This may prove to undermine the nation, who at one point wanted to solve it's crisis but now faces another crisis.

It would thus be more fruitful to have a good balance of curriculum that caters for both, the intellectually gifted as well as the plebeian.
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Either help me out or don’t reply. This is an advice board after all.
No, do your own homework.
How am I supposed to know if y essay is good or bad? I will obviously be biased. I won’t be able to judge accurately.
A mix of self-consciously pretentious language (facilitate, plethora, etc) and elementary grammar errors (it's, individual/their, both..as well as, it', and several more I'll leave you to find).

The best paragraph is the one that starts "Students who see others" precisely because it actually sounds like an actual human being speaking, and not like a precocious teenager showing off his vocabulary.

How do I lose my virginity guys

I nearly had sex but my dick went flaccid
It happen every time

>how do I have sex
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Get comfortable and communicate with your partner. Take it slow and unhook your expectations from porn.

Also jerk off in a condom to get used to the feel, this took me the longest to get used to.
I don’t fap it’s a sin in my religion though
What's your religion?
Any time a girl touches my penis even if I'm nervous I get hard.
So idk, all my sex starts with a blowjob to atleast get me hard.

First of all I identify as a straight male.
I have only ever been attracted to women and only want to fuck women.
But I fap to gay porn (men on men)
Is this normal?
I’m not attracted to the men I just like seeing men being pleasured because I imagine that it’s me being pleasured.
I don’t get the same thing from straight porn as there is one less man And j dont care about whether the woman is enjoying it. I’m not gay but does this mean I’m gay???
Eh, yeah, it's kinda gay, but nothing wrong with that.
Don't let labels define you, like you are you, end of story. Be you.
You're not gay, gay is when you can fall in love with men. You are just a basic faggot.

>be me
>23 y/o
>relatively decent life
>good job (pre Covid anyway)
>engaged to long time partner
>good house
>own a car
>decent friends
>depression/anxiety/bipolar since age 16

Pessimism has taken complete control of my life. No matter how many things I have to be grateful for (and I am) I still can’t feel this sense of hopelessness that none of it even matters and nothing gets better. In the grand scheme of things, my life is unimportant and I only seem to have a nihilistic approach towards my existence.

Why am I doomer when should be bloomer? How can I stop with the pointless existential crisis?
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I very much feel you, man. How long have you two been together for? It’s kind of bittersweet when you think about doing a leave and your urge to not hurt someone else is all that keeps you here.

My partner doesn’t have parents, so if I anheroed, she’d be totally alone, and that makes me just as sad as my own personal day to day shit.
My psych and GP are in the process of changing my meds at the moment. They’re still trying to label it all different types of shit and don’t want to rush into different types of meds to take.

Enjoy those little things like school and talking to different girls, man. I guess that’s hypocritical of my OG post, but I guess we all see the grass as greener on the other side.

FWIW, I don’t own a house. Maybe I worded it wrong. I meant I rent with my fiancé. And my car is probably older than you heh.

Same too you.
Oh, and I’m type II
Dating for about a year, but we've been really close for about 11-12 years.

She was pretty lost and alone besides her mom before me. We both just seemed to "exist" before we got together and she helped/is helping me through so much personal shit, and with me here she seems to feel excitement and drive for life again (we're both in our early 30's).

She's my best friend and I would do almost anything in my power for her, but man this life...I just don't know.
I get you. Maybe some of us are just here for others. Which I guess makes our position kinda shitty, like you’re stuck. Sounds like you guys really rely on each other though. That’s sweet.

There’s answers out there somewhere for people like us, anon.

File: newports.jpg (82 KB, 736x490)
82 KB
help /adv/

I'm in a bit of a financial pickle. Long story short, I have accrued a bit of savings. ($5,600) My goal was to pay off a significant portion of a low interest loan I took out to pay off credit card debt (~$9K) and be debt free by my next bday. However, I recently found out I need about $2200 dollars worth of car repair done. I'm very tired of this car and do not want to put money into it. But I'm also reliant on a car because I live out in the burbs. The way I see it, I have two options.

1) Ignore the car repairs and put all the money into my loan. I would be able to pay off the loan by the end of this year


2) Pay for the repairs and apply whatever is leftover to the loan. My loan would be paid off in like two years.

What should I do?
Three outcomes exist as you've described them:
>You pay for the loan and the car did not need repairs
You're a year ahead and you feel good.

>You pay for the loan and the car DID need repairs
Possibly financially catastrophic. The repairs are now unexpected, may be more expensive, may prevent you from working while ongoing, and you'll probably need to find money immediately to pony up for a new car or repairs immediately without the luxury of time or much research.

>You pay for car repair
You'll never know if you needed or didn't need the repairs, are out the cost of the repairs, but are basically guaranteed a working car

If you're thinking about minimizing regret, you go for option 3, because if you DID need repairs, you'll likely feel like an absolute moron and will be under significant financial heat

If you're willing to risk that to maximize gain, you gamble for the loan.

I recommend third options though, including any of

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If possible, get a second opinion on the repairs needed. Some places just try to fleece you. Also, what kind of repairs are needed? If there are multiple things, you may be able to fix minor ones yourself.

If the repairs are absolutely necessary and do cost that much, you'd be better off fixing the car then using the rest for the loan. If you pay the loan, but then your car needs repairs, you'd end up taking another loan out anyway. You may also end up causing more damage to the car if you keep running it.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 214x236)
8 KB
Without an overdose or obvious suicidal signs like slitting my wrists again, or hanging myself; how do I mildly fuck up my body just enough to wind up in the back of the weewoo meat wagon, or in the ER?
Tried injecting 140ml room air into my median cubital vein over the past two days, 20 ml at first, then 40, then 80 yesterday and I'm still kicking. Thoughts? Need it done fast.

For referance; 170cm tall, 64kg F
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Nah, it's clear she doesn't enjoy the humiliation aspect or at least she can't conceive it over the internet.
>Let her rape
All kinds of anti-depressants, anti-anxieties, natural mood booster bullshit, trial meds & non-prescribed self-medication ones

all made me feel worse in some shape or form, I am off all of them and am feeling better as a result

I am taken. I already have someone that has a fetish for my gore and scars, I'm good thanks.
Literally just want advice on how to hard myself why is this so hard ; (

I have tried staying numb and every time I did, it led to me being hospitalized, getting an emergency surgery against my consent, winding up nearly dead or I'd wind up being sectioned.

I love the humiliation- but I am taken, and do not cheat. I'm hers to be humiliated by, not anyone else.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's fair.
I said meditation, not medication, but let's address that too.

All medication does is suppress your immediate symptoms, but it won't cure your dumb fetish. You are the one who cures your dumb fetish. And yes, your fetish is dumb and childish and you need to move on from it and do better things with your life.
>I have tried staying numb and every time I did, it led to me being hospitalized, getting an emergency surgery against my consent, winding up nearly dead or I'd wind up being sectioned.
How and why? Like, describe the actual process in your head and in general.

Asking again, have you tried meditation with someone who knows their shit?

Also, break up with your "significant other", she's a toxic person and shouldn't be near you at all.

File: anon-3159592.jpg (25 KB, 500x440)
25 KB
Control and Conquer
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right there with you pal, college is fucking trash.

third world men are basically slaves from birth, and there are 1000x more male slaves than sex slaves
I have a somewhat-attractive girl throwing herself at me but I kinda just want to be with my ex-girlfriend.

I don't think the girl throwing herself at me has ever been in a long-term relationship. She's had a lot of casual sex. She seems needy too. Her personality isnt bad and she seems kind.

My ex girlfriend is a nice person to but she won't message me back. I'm her only boyfriend and took her virginity. I was the one who broke up with her but I regret it. Nobody is as kind or patient as she is. I just want her and want to stay with her but she isn't reciprocating much right now.
Just accept gifts and favors but never ask for them. It makes people feel like they're being helpful and boosts their self-esteem
New girl sounds like a ho.
Alright, I finally cancelled the friend request. I guess it's still a win that a 10/10 girl showed that much interest in me. But I'm still sad because I didn't even get a date with her nor did I get a gf and it's been 4 years since I've been on a date. Oh well.

Every wall in my house has these stains that have started popping up as of a year ago.

The building manager (office clerk) says that it’s because of the humidity so it’s my responsibility. I say it’s because the unit above us flooded.

The stains are on the walls anywhere from 3 inches to 2 feet down.
I’m not an expert on this though, can you guys give me an opinion?
I would ask /diy/, the'll have more expert advice.
Weird. Does the building have anything which would act as a thermal bridge around the tops of the walls? Do you see condensation form at that point? The marks indicate water running down the walls at some point. Used to see this in bathrooms typically when a concrete or steel beam acted as a lintel or formed part of the structure tying the walls together and the cold weather would transmit from outside to in forming a surface where condensation would form.
The technical term for this is "damp." Really, as a noun. Damp is a condition in which the fabric of the wall is weakened by water - in this case probably from above. Insist that the landlord have an expert look at it, because apart from the wall beginning to crumble, all sorts of molds can grow in there and affect your health.

File: images (2).jpg (6 KB, 210x239)
6 KB
Serious. All the girls I come across are all super lefty and in love with the gay shit. Or maybe they're not super lefty but they still think it's impolite to say faggot.

Where do homophobic women hang out?
31 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP, some wise posters here said to check a woman from the south, I'll build off that a bit:

Get a black woman. Or a non-white woman.
If you really want a woman who's gonna give you what you want, similar to >>22601138, and I'm assuming you're American, you gotta go brown or find a Russian woman or some shit. Black culture doesn't like the gay, find a black southern or an African woman or some shit - they're not super chaste like a church girl would be but they'll say faggot right along with you and make fun of trannies and dykes. Some Latina women are like this too, but make sure they identify as LatinA, not LatinX.

White American women are all retarded, sorry.
Minus the racemixing that's based. She's brave enough to do what most white men want to do but can't
Seconding Latinas if you cant find an intolerant white woman
Gluttony is a sin.
True Muslims hate fags

Islam was right about women

File: 1596561017072.jpg (33 KB, 450x281)
33 KB
>be me
>grow up as a hyperautistic clown, with parents that keep telling you that you're normal
>get kicked out of multiple schools for horrendously autistic things i did
>get sent to the boarding home at age 14
>live there for years, slowly becoming more aware of how much of an orc i am
>complete 180
>start to behave, act like a human, discover how braindead i spent most of my childhood, not thinking before doing, just living on autopilot.
>best grades the school has ever seen
>praised by every single adult around me
>still dissapointed in myself
>fast forward 6 years and i'm still in this fucking place, stuck living with other tards that haven't quite noticed how braindead they are
>occasionally have autism moments that keep me from going back to society ant trying again
>those tard quirks would never activate if my housemates actually fucking behaved
>i wasn't meant to live in this fucking planet and mother nature despises me and the tards that i'm being forced to follow around ruin not just my sanity, but also the combined sanity of everybody in our town, as i watch.
>the only reason why i have to deal with this is because of myself. I believed that i was perfectly normal, and that i was not a brainlet. I never worked my problems and now i'm stuck being seen as a disgrace.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You got where you are through effort. You still haven't got where you want to because of lack of effort.
Talk to your counsellors, houseparents or whatever they are. Don't complain about your neighbors, but make the positive case that you are 90% functional and it's time for you to try some more independent living.

File: Capturar.png (242 KB, 370x330)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
-Grandparents are massive hoarders
-Uncle is a failure, lazy slob at 30 living in parents house
-Mother is a enabler
Have to spend a month at the grandparents place due to paperwork im getting a piece of land etc etc, and I have minor to mild OCD.
Being in room in the house makes me feel uncomfortable. Old broken shit, old furniture from 30-40+ years ago.
The computer room was full of junk so I decided fuck it and grabbed trash bags and started cleaning up the room. 2 hours later of cleaning, grandma comes in and starts yelling explaining how this and that isnt trash, she went on for a hour taking each and everything out calling me a retard cause i was going to put things like empty boxes,broken toys when my uncle was a kid, old calendars, ripped and old clothes and news papers and even a old piss bucket that was under the bed.
She then got really defensive when i said that she would never in her life real the hundreds of health and religious related magazines and started name calling me. At the end of it all I said fuck it, went out for a smoke and when i came back the mess was back in its place if not even worst.
There was also another time when my grandad was moving shit from a garage he had from another city and bringing it home and he got really pissed at me for not wanting on of those tilting tables for artists or whatever, because I like to draw. I had to spend the last 2 days carring weird shit up and down the place, like a school desk, old clothes from 2 decades ago that "they can give out as gifts" bed frames, furniture with rotting wood and water damage.

Is there any hope or do I just try my best to live among the filth and the eventually when they die, just burn it all or is there a way to fix them? I feel like they are way to old of dogs to learn new tricks so I might not even put the effort in...

It appears my roommate is dead in the hospital. I can't fucking handle this, but should I ask his mom if I can keep the dog?
Why not .
I don’t think you need to ask. In fact it May be better if you don’t. One less thing for them to worry about.
This might be the case, of course, asking might keep any stressful situations from happening later if it turns out they do want the dog.
Mention it when they come to collect his stuff. For now let them mourn
Don't ask - that's too ghoulish.

In the spirit of helping, offer to take care of him for a while. Then later see if the "while" can be extended.

What happened to me?
I know there are people on here that know exactly what happened and maybe even have evidence of it. Just show it to me.
After some time with my ex things got real weird and she started acting like a different person, she would constantly snap, and find ways to exploit my anxiety, knowing that I would never reach out for help

File: EbccAHeUwAAknc7.jpg (325 KB, 933x1200)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
>Asian(South East)

I know that from a biological deterministic standpoint my genes are deficient, undesirable for forwarding the human race as a dominant species. However, even if the rules of nature dictate my abortion, I'm still convicted to play my hand no matter how poor.

I don't want my children to suffer the same struggle I have so I'm open to all advice, however ugly, on how to maximize my reproductive prospects.

What do I have to do to mitigate my spawn from having irreversible physical traits that make them naturally undesirable?
>I know that from a biological deterministic standpoint my genes are deficient, undesirable for forwarding the human race as a dominant species. However, even if the rules of nature dictate my abortion, I'm still convicted to play my hand no matter how poor.

Stupid ahistorical opinion. Calories are abundant nowadays and society is organized around that abundance, a desirable human phenotype nowadays is one with traits determined by society, not biology. Your social capabilities are what matter, not your ability to hunt deer with sharp sticks. Stop swallowing /pol/ memes.
Doesnt your historical gene pool have comparable actualized genes to the ones manifested via your body?

Can't you just try reproduce with those from that gene pool?
I could yes and it'd be the easiest option. However, the goal is to mitigate irreversible flaws that'd put my heirs at a disadvantage in life

Right. I know that stuff like "taller people make more money" is a meme, but even so such knowledge doesn't account for the predisposed discrimination one faces for having certain physical traits.

I want the best for my future legacy. Is not wrong for me to maximize biological phenotypes as well as social?
>predisposed discrimination one faces for having certain physical traits.
Not predisposed, it is entirely and absolutely socially determined.

If you care about your future legacy, be a loving and caring father and equip your kids with knowledge that will help them with their social life later on.

What are the best ways to self defense?
What to use that is legal?

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