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File: 1567006973166.png (520 KB, 495x461)
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Yeah yeah, LDR. I know.
For months now my gf has just really ceased hanging out with me. Sure, there are one or two days out of the week where we'd play or watch each other play games, but other than that there's really nothing but texting and the occasional lewd snap.

It really wasnt like this for the first five months of our relationship. She used to smother me in attention, but now it's the other way around. Now's on her social medias fucking 24/7 talking to her friends all day rather than spend time with me. I'm really fucking hating it, but feel like I can't say anything without coming off as clingy and annoying.

I dunno what to do. I'm pretty lonely, even though I'm in a relationship.

File: sketch-1606122453810.png (229 KB, 1320x1080)
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229 KB PNG
Get it off your chest
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im gonna have my way with her no matter what :)
My stepsister is having trouble with what her next steps after college will be. She got offered a great job, but her boyfriend is interfering and making her reconsider simply because she hoped to marry him.
This was a big family discussion over this holiday weekend so far. I expressed to my mom that I'm so glad I've decided to stay single for the long term. She said with a combination of dismissiveness and sadness "You've gotta know."
This hurt a bit. But her guilt tripping will not work.
I don't think so. Keeping the poor comfortable and breeding is what elites want for cheaper labor.
rapist spotted
What's even better, you got angry at me because there was an appointment that you knew I had to go to. I said I had no problem with it, and I'd drive there. You of course, made it about you as your throwing yourself around and whining like a spoiled little girl who didn't get her way, and has to make FUCKING EVERYTHING about her. I don't need you with me, I don't need you in that car, you're just there to control. You are NOT going to oversee me speak about my past, my problems, and my mental health. I'll make sure you won't come, or go back there with me. This is for me, and my apparent benefit. I didn't even want to do this, but after 10+ years of having to hear "you got to get on disability" after everything I did, wanted to do, or had accomplished. Shooting me down, and dragging me through the dirt to strip me of any other positive feelings and drive. You fucked up last year, and I promise I won't leave.. I'm going to be there until you die, breathing down your neck, and watching your every step with a smile on my face. You made my life a living hell for not learning when to let your son go, and now, I'm going to do the same to you. This is what you've wanted, and it's what you're going to get.

File: 1606249754402.png (542 KB, 607x730)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Do women hate men that show any emotion besides happiness and justified anger? My ex was always trying to get me to open up show more emotion, I declined and the relationship was healthy after that. A few months later my father suddenly passed away and she berated me for crying and told me "this is the last time you will cry in front of me". She didnt respect me after that and a few months later I left her because the bedroom and my sympathy for her bullshit dried up.
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The only exception is female friends you have no intention of fucking, but even then keep your composure and focus on solutions
I confided in my ex about my mother’s death and how I never had a father in my life, I even mentioned how I lost a few friends that year. She just kind of made fun of me and called me a sadboi.
Not true, even they will slowly distance themselves from you and tell their girl friends about how uncomfortable you made her feel.
>for god
What the fuck, you mean when God dies?
Women will literally prattle on giving you a series of novels in one afternoon all about the shitty things that happened to them in life but meanwhile even if your mom died of cancer a day ago or you even just broke your ankle at work they will tell you to suck it up buttercup and get impatient with you for interrupting their four hour rant.

How do I cope with tinnitus better? Is there a secret to this?

It's been a year and it is so frustrating. It was completely my fault for not wearing earplugs to concerts. It massively fucked me up in the first 2 months. After that it was this massive downer all the time, and more recently it's been better, but it's so loud, especially in silence.

Some times, I don't give a shit about it. But other times I'm walking around and it still hits me, like "Oh fuck this is really real?" It hits me in the stomach like this is reality.

Does the body cure itself eventually?.. Or does it get worse? Hate this shit.

File: 1606386528030.jpg (73 KB, 850x400)
73 KB
My gf, like all women, is driven by external gratification and attention. I notice more and more how she is always looking for attention and gratification from anyone and everyone, but especially males. I don't know if this is just due to the circles she is involved with, which are mostly male hobbies, or if she is in these circles for the attention that it brings. It's beginning to make me dislike her because I find attention seeking and living on such meaningless gratification a bad trait, and it makes me feel like I'm not enough for her. What the fuck to do? Is this normal or is she an attention whore specifically? How likely is it that she only involves herself in male dominated shit for attention?
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it sounds like the ol case of you think women do everything for the sake of men. if she has hobbies she actively involves herself in, she's doing it because she likes the hobby as simple as that. look at your gf with more worth for christ sakes!
on the other hand, as a girl, i do believe that girls look for gratification and attention in a way. most of it really is an evolutionary maternal thing 100%, i won't explain but you can read about it if you'd like.
a different pov is, she's not madly head over heels in love with you. it's super rare to see in a relationship where both parties are fulfilled by only each other. these couples are the type to call themselves soul mates and they are very rare. ex: my exbf lost his job and got into a lazy slump after so i provided for both of us for 9 months. i was 19 making 10 dollars an hour lol but i made it work.... i fucking loved that guy more than life. i never seeked out attention from anyone throughout. it was just a different connection
also i agree with the guy who said "attention whoring is how females compete with other females", yeah (straight)girls are always in competition with each other. it really sucks. but older women are not as attractive as younger ones to men, this is known through history, so why wouldn't women make the most of their vanity while they can? it's sad but inescapable.
men don't have to be beautiful. they have to be smelly and fearless. how do you think your gf would feel about your post?
> my gf doesn't cheat, she simply interacts with the opposite sex and now i have no self worth and i'm pissed
she could say the same thing you said. no longer liking you and not seeing men as she did before. you are looking for external gratification from HER at this point instead of being happy.
food for thought :-)
>all women are driven by external gratification and attention.
I agree - so long as you agree
>all men are driven by external gratification and attention

Because let's be real, you're not posting here so you can work through your woes journal style, you're doing it for other people to entertain and maybe enlighten you-


-and because you highly value getting a response from others (AKA YOU WANT ATTENTION)

Everyone wants the same things and the internal-ness of your reproductive system and an inch or two of fat or muscle doesn't change that between the sexes.
never throw ugly girls a bone they start thinking they're hot shit
Honestly, most, if not all, human behavior revolves around sex, I swear to god it's true once you think about it.
yes this is true, because the meaning of life is literally just to reproduce and survive

File: 1595229558205.webm (686 KB, 360x626)
686 KB
"If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So for my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you" - Jimmy Soul

Is this good advice?
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Lol. Do people really think there is a loyalty insurance woth a ugly broad? Delusional. They will hop ship too and they have more options because they have lower standards.

He is wise to do this.
>They will hop ship too and they have more options because they have lower standards.
Dark truth.
Based as always.

Yep. Women will upgrade no matter what. If you are going for an uglier girl because you have anxiety of a pretty one ditching you that means you are very likely a low quality male and know it. You are easily replaced. If you don't croc your girl up you do not have true security in your relationship. Even the ugly chicks have sea of simps to swim around in, and you are foolish if you think you are the only man who had the brilliant idea to date down. Someone better than you will be lurking in that sea of simps no matter what.
I don't think ugly girls are nicer but they're probably less likely to see you as a disposable product.
If there’s always someone better than us, how do any of us ever get into relationships.

Am I a bad person for falling in love quickly after a 5 years relationship breakup?

2 months ago my 5 years gf broke up with me.
1 or 2 weeks ago I started talking on instagram DMs to a crush I had when I was a teenager. She remembered me despite not talking for so many years, and talks to me in a sweet way and she makes me feel good and my heart pound, even agreed to meet up.

I don´t feel desperate to be with anybody in a serious relationship, but I really like her (Not sure if I am passionately falling in love with her, but I have big feelings for her, I always thought some time or another about her all these years).

The problem is that she lives 2 hours away (can take a train, no big deal), and she is a single mother. We are both 23.

Am I desperate for love? I don´t really feel it that way because I don´t think of my ex as much as I used to, and I am improving myself (got a job, working out, diet, more social,...)
Any advice?
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>because even a woman like that would probably snub them and wound their pride
Unlike a filthy cuck such as yourself and OP, the rest of us wouldn't date a used up single mom. You're such a cuck or a stretched out roastie that you can't even comprehend such a concept.
>now single mom
Unironically good decision. I wouldn't want anything else for you, OP.

Weak men deserve to be used.
Hey look, some retarded anon perfectly proving my point in real time!
Honestly the most based anon I've seen. This is truly one of the mentalities of a real chad. Not giving a fuck about the inevitable ups and downs in life, and not giving a fuck about other people's retarded opinions. OP is going to pursue the girl he likes and doesn't give a shit about the seething apes in his thread. A sight to see.

I think my little brother (aged 14) is being radicalized by the far-right. He recently said "Jews hate us" and made disparaging comments about the black people at his school. How do I stop him from falling down this path and ruining his life?
107 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You’re weird, man... nobody in their right mind would do this but you don’t give a shit, so there’s no use saying more. Not sure how your wife is cool with pictures of her children featuring on a board that regularly hosts threads by self-admitted pedophiles
>How do I stop him from falling down this path and ruining his life?
The first and only step is to help address whatever inner insecurity or emotional crises he's going through which is pushing him to being susceptible to this brainwashing.

Because far-right ideology is inherently incoherent and devoid of any consistent logic its all powered by emotion - by a sense of disillusionment, disenfranchisement, loneliness, insecurity and a desperate need for identity. These people are lonely. These people struggle to develop an identity outside of this imagined struggle of good and evil. They are lost.

Find out why he's lost. Find out what void exists in his life that is causing him to reach out for this nonsense to fill it. People whose lives are going great don't become Nazis. Find out what is going wrong with his life and you'll probably fix his Nazi problem. Proving a Nazi wrong is easy - they're dumb as fuck, but they don't care about being wrong. They care about power. They'll believe or deny anything so long as it fits with their narrative. Proving his arguments wrong won't do anything if you don't find out why he's so hopelessly addicted to the delusion of supremacy.

Do it now because if this progresses into his adult life and he completely loses his ability to self-identify outside of Nazi echo chambers he'll be completely gone. He's angry and insecure about something and he's using jews and minorities as the stand in for his inability to process his emotions in productive ways. Sometimes the difference between whether or not someone falls down the far right pipeline or not is simply someone giving a shit about them.
>but you don’t give a shit
>Not sure how your wife is cool with pictures of her children featuring on a board that regularly hosts threads by self-admitted pedophiles
Becuse she is based and not a redditard with thin skin.
>Because far-right ideology is inherently incoherent and...
leftists always project. see how he's just spouting big words but still being incoherent despite pretending the right is incoherent. lefties are all evil. you killed more with mao and stalin than Hitler and mussolini ever did
It's also possible to be coherent and stupid.

File: get to beep.jpg (40 KB, 500x491)
40 KB
So last night I worked a night shift over the holiday and I'm pretty sure I was the only person on the entire campus. Halfway through the shift I got bored and searched for some porn using my phone's connection. I opened a site to look for prostitutes, after that the phone automatically connected to school WiFi, then I opened a few new tabs on that website, then Googled something about phone sex, opened a phone sex site, realized I was connected to school WiFi and then tried to disconnect. The phone may have connected and disconnected a few times, I don't know. Then I just closed everything. That all happened in like 5 minutes. This has never happened before.

I was just wondering if I'm going to get in trouble? They have my phone number and student ID and everything associated with me as you have to register before using WiFi.
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do you connect to company WiFi to do this? Like I'm not going to start but I'm curious now
They could probably find out if they really wanted to but the reality of the situation is nobody gives a fuck.
You're fine. In case you don't believe literally everyone here, think how often people in large universities actually accidentally open pornography or other extreme websites by accident. They don't hunt them all down, even if it was one repeat offender over and over the admin would be more likely to blacklist the site than escalate unless he felt someone was at risk.

And as everyone else here said, if they pull you on it, feign innocent and KISS. Keep it simple stupid, no elaborate stories, just "could have been an accident". In this unlikely scenario, if they wanted to fire you over it they would just fire you regardless of what you said. if they just want to warn you sternly, they are going to warn you sternly.

And stop being a fucking degenerate, stand up for yourself faggot and control yourself.
Funny cause he's right. When you know you're busted, what else can you try?
yeah man my whole family is dead and I was alone on Thanksgiving so yeah I'm just kind of fucked up, you're advice is good dude

kill boss, got it

File: images.jpg (25 KB, 807x380)
25 KB
>be me, 30 y/o male
>gf of 4 years broke up with me
>lived together for 2 years
>I never felt like she was 'the one' and couldn't treat her like she deserved
>she wanted to marry and have kids, I was unsure/unwilling to commit
>we had issues in the bedroom
>she wasn't my ideal body type, kinda plain and boring
>she was my best friend, super supportive and sensible, honest and trustworthy and the nicest girl I ever met

basically it's been a month since our breakup and I keep having panic attacks throughout my day because I worry I'll never find another trustworthy girl

I feel I've missed my chance to have a family because of my selfishness and bad values

what can I do?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
any help appreciated.
some of it but I almost have the opposite problem
Start asking girls out, find a new one.
If you could find a girl like that at 26 then you can another at 30. Change your mind's sense of defeat and flip it to hope. Being hopeful of the future and what awaits.
last bump

Is it normal for A students to do entire group projects themselves because failchildren don't mind getting bad grades or putting all the work on the back of a nerd?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You can always blackmail them into doing work (i.e. I’ll be talking to professor anon about the work distribution for our project). That usually gets people going.
File: 1597356763793.gif (1.39 MB, 200x150)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
Oh god yes,

I was in business school and we had to write a business analysis report on a simulation we did over the semester where we pretended to run a shoe company. Your grade was not based on your performance, but rather your analysis and how you could improve things. It was about 20-25 pages of written material. There were four of us in the group. We met once a week and did work, each writing up our 5 pages. We had this Latina chick who was a cunt and half assed it because "she was tired and had kids and a husband to feed" or some stupid Mexican excuse like that. She never attended meetings for more than 30 minutes (out of two to three hours)

Anyway, she turns in 3 pages, all stream of consciousness garbage, no citations, looks like she wrote it last night. So I meet my friend and we look over her work and decide it's shit. We sit down for forty five minutes in the library that afternoon, rewrite it, and then pen an email as follows to the professor:

Professor Dipshit

This is XXXX's work, which she has had three weeks to complete. We do not, as a group, feel that she has contributed significantly to the group. Here is the submitted work she provided, which required a collective time of 5 hours to rewrite to meet our grade standards for the course. We will be reflecting this in our evaluations.

We turned in our papers, submitted our peer reviews, and gave everyone in the group low A's and a high B to the other guy (he requested this, said he was lazy at meetings and deserved it but wrote well and handled business functions, which was oddly fair) and we gave her D's and an F. When we visited the profs office the next day, he said he was "Going to be taking appropriate action."

A week before finals she emailed us cursing us out for throwing her under the bus. She got an F.
Yes. I've done all my group projects alone this year.
I'm not getting a C because you're lazy.
In high school, yes
In college - you went to the wrong college
It's community college. I probably wouldn't have a 4.0 otherwise. I'm going to transfer to a university.

I'll resort to that in the future if need be. Thankfully. I assumed ahead of time that my partners would do zero work.

Wow. What's most impressive about your story is that you had three decent partners.

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 206x161)
11 KB
My ex boyfriend has expressed the desire to kill me. He was always kinda edgy and would always say shit like "man I just wanna be a serial killer" and I always thought he was just being a cringy edgy guy.
The last time I talked with him he was telling me how much he wanted to kill people, and more specifically me. He made a list of people he wanted dead and I was at the top.
Ive since blocked him on everything. He lives several states away but he knows where I live.
I really dont know what to do here.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
When you get in a relationship with somebody it is permanent
ignore the retards

if you aren’t larping and he’s repeatedly expressed this to you, get police involved and possibly a restraining order. Let people close to you (family, friends, roommates) that this guy has made threats to hurt you. Show them his picture so if they see him lurking around they can let you/cops know. Sorry you have to deal with a nutjob op, stay safe. Maybe private your social media too
*let people close to you know

also, i would keep a paper trail of his threats so that you have evidence of this, preferably with a date attached to form a timeline of how long this harassment has been going on
If there's serious cause for concern, alert the police and your parents of the situation and stay clear of him. You never know what edgy retards are capable of, so cross your fingers that this is the usual shadow sonic show.
Quads of delusion

Where can I find 30 to 50 year old women who want to have pandemic sex with me?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why wouldn't they let people use the changing room? Also if she says "yes" or "I don't know" how are you supposed to continue?
> yes
> really? thought it's not because of pandemic
> last week they were not
> nice haircut btw
> wanna spend some time together?

> I don't know
> well I guess I will go there and try, what would you do if they're not
> ...
> nice haircut btw
> wanna spend some time together?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What do you do if you're forty years old but you've only known how to date women in their twenties? I turned forty a few months ago, lost my gf before Covid last year and now wanna date but wtf now I gotta date middle aged women? Most if not all have had kids by now wheras I always made sure to not have kids. Also women of these ages don't have the same interests as I do. I'm still into the same stuff as I was when I was nineteen. It's fucking weird but one day you wake up and are expected to fuck your mom wtf?

File: photo.jpg (81 KB, 900x900)
81 KB
How can I build a successful social media page on IG now that I'm an ascending incel?

I've been hard mewing for 2 years now so I'm starting to look good, I also workout I'm self employed and still only 22, and now I want to build a successful social media account on IG since apparently its a good way of getting women. How do I do this though if I have no friends to follow me and also if I'm inept when it comes to the social norm(never been to a party or talked to a girl).
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I want to be a chad
lol. did you made this as your birthday wish? slow down there, you mentally ill incel
That's because it's a fucking dumb way to "approach" women, I mean... what does that even mean. The whole purpose of meeting people is to find other humans that will collaborate with us (whether that be making babies or building robots). That's why you have to do something with your life. If you're not doing something then what use is your collaboration? even if it's just playing vidya, you have to have a reason to collaborate. With girls it's the same. Just randomly walking up to a girl who knows nothing about you, how can she possibly make a reasonable judgment. It's bullshit. You need to go and do stuff and meet girls in a more natural way.
go out and meet people like a normal person you fucking incel
Hey, thanks for the detailed reply, pretty much exactly what I asked for.
Sounds good, chose can't seem to really find anything regarding charity and organized offline events. That's what I mean by "in real life" basically.
Funny thing is, I actually basically co-founded a book club recently and did some legwork doing the organizing, creating a discord, scheduling Zoom meetings and such. Now we meet like every 2 weeks and its nice. Thing is, nothing happens in between, people show up for the meetings, but that's pretty much it. And I'd feel weird just randomly chatting up somebody in the group on Discord or Facebook with no reason other than wanting to make friends. I feel that would be really awkward for the person and he/she might even leave the club. I feel this has to happen organically. How would you approach this?
Also that was OP, not me, who called you that. This is why I hate the anonymity here sometimes lol

Any advice on dealing with constant fear?

Mentally I have a clear understanding that I have nothing to fear, but my body just doesn't care and fires up the feelings of fear, panic and anxiety for absolutely no reason, every day, again and again.

It's been about 6-7 years like this, I adapted and learned to just bare through it, but this is torture. It is stopping me from being myself and it is only getting worse.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just want to be free
File: 2020-11-26 (1).png (1.4 MB, 1280x800)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
What exactly triggers that fight or flight response? And I mean I can't imagine going on your day normally when suddenly you start to have a panic attack. If that was the case, then you should seek help personally.
>What exactly triggers that fight or flight response?

I’ll try to think of them all:
Talking to people (any kind of person) or just being next to people
Having any kind of prescheduled event or job that needs to be done
When trying to learn something new
At night, when trying to sleep (no particular trigger, the fear just suddenly rises)

I guess in short I could just say “most activities”

And I’m honestly not entirely sure where to seek help. I don’t have access to good medical help and anything that has to do with mental health in general is incredibly poor in my country.
Try to use your imagination to relive a familiar place. Imagine smelling things, tasting things, hearing things, and feeling things. That turns off your sympathetic nervous system. Make sure you are using your diaphragm for breathe and not your neck and chest. If you feel a lot of tension in your muscles then do the imagination thing and take deep full breathes. Just as a reminder. Your diaphragm pulls down and out. You should feel your muscles attached to your lower ribs and not upper ribs.

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