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File: nztwm3zuad4kav27tfct.jpg (33 KB, 1024x682)
33 KB
It seems that I've completely lost the will- or interest to play vidya.
What do? I can't think of even one thing and I literally sleep days away because there's NOTHING to do.
>It seems that I've completely lost the will- or interest to play vidya.
>What do?
Sounds like a great problem to have. Video games are for children. Are you a child or an adult? If an adult, you should stop playing video games. Simple as that. Fill the time you would have wasted on that mindless bullshit with something that will make you a better person. Read the classics, read philosophy, discover what your life's meaning and purpose is. Exercise. Take up a hobby. Take some classes. Take a second job and start investing. Literally anything you do with your time is more productive, useful, and meaningful than playing video games.
I just started working again after rage quitting my job and going on a 4 month Oldschool Runescape bender. By the end of the 4th month, I was beyond bored of gaming.

Now that im working again, all I want to do is game. Try occupying your day with work or other activities you find enjoyable.
Ok boomer
File: 996.gif (520 KB, 422x233)
520 KB
520 KB GIF
Losing interest in playing video games is fine in itself, I used to be super into them in my early teens and now I only play once in a blue moon besides a weekly game night with friends, my interests have just shifted to other things overtime and largely more creative hobbies.

Sleeping days away because you're bored and feel there's nothing to do is more worrying and could be a sign of depression (at least, I spend a lot of time sleeping and have very little energy for doing when my depression's acting up), so I would try to address that and see if any of the other symptoms match; if they do, of course it'd be worth seeing a doctor and building healthy habits.

If it really is just pure boredom and you have all this time then try to put a positive spin on it - you're literally free to do whatever you want, life has no inherent meaning as far as we know so fuck it, make up your own or just do what's fun to you now.

Personally I've found that much of the time, you don't feel interested in something and then decide to do it - you force yourself to do something anyway, and if you get lucky interest develops *as* you're doing it once you're getting deeper in and making progress.
Go away manchildren. Videogames are an infinitely more adult activity than reading books or watching tv, the two most common pastimes among all adults. Even trying to argue this shows your lack of understanding to a hilarious degree.

File: 1603320047112.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
Hi, any advice on where to start? Obviously pen to paper is the first start. However, been looking up lots of videos and books about the fundamentals (Perspective, anatomy, colour, composition) and I'm completely lost as to what and which comes first.
Whatever you suck at most comes first

File: 61fa9C+WWqL._UY445_.jpg (15 KB, 297x445)
15 KB
/fa/shion Edition
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Of course not. You're reasonable every once in a long while. It's pretty rare, though.
You mean like how I'm right about women's taste being so malleable?
Hey JH. That reminds me, have we ever heard your preference for pubic hair on guys?
That's just retarded. Individuals can be more impressionable, regardless of sex.
They vary depending on the dick in front of her.

Im on day 3 of nofap. Im tired of being a coomer but its getting hard. What can I expect at the end of this?
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>gf not in the mood
>she still wants you to get off
>she wants you to jack off and even helps

I'm sorry if your gf doesn't find you sexually attractive, anon
Because guys are usually in the mood for sex somewhere around 100% of the time. Women are significantly lower.
>Is it perhaps because you are an addict who can't sleep until he jacks off?
>Try not ejaculating for 2 weeks and then doing lots of cuddling and making out but not having sex and tell me how your balls feel afterwards.
>I'm not addicted I just need to jerk off and cum literally all the time
Ah ok then
No I am sure she would let me and offer to help if I asked but again I find that disrespectful so I don't ask.
Imagine holding a penis and jerking it and thinking this somehow isn't gay

File: 1570666605096.jpg (27 KB, 599x345)
27 KB
I keep trying to break free and change my life but i keep falling to old habits. It just seems like my whole life, i missed out on everything a young man should experience.
Im a 26 year old KHV. Never had a gf. How do i even begin? I missed out on all of the learning and growth. Every woman is twice as mature as me by now. Even if i manage to get a qt, she will realize my autism. I lost the most prescious moments in my youth to explore love. And it seems everyone else i know has known alot more in their romantic lives then i ever could. I always told my self it will happen. It will happen. Im embarassed.
Im giving my self till 29 then ill...become a monk or something

Just feels bad knowing how everyone around you is able to achieve basic normal shit while you fail to even be a human. fuck my life. I fell off so hard.
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Stop obsessing over the past and start working on the future. You know what to do - it's just that it is hard to make yourself get started doing it.
>You are so obviously 16 years old.
I'm 24yo khhv. But whatever cope you need.
Then you need to man up and stop being a faggot. Don't behave like a 16 year old.
>Then you need to man up and stop being a faggot.
I'll bite. How so?
>Don't behave like a 16 year old.
I don't, you are the one behaving like a teenager by thinking a 26yo khv, in this modern times, it's not old and can still catch up.
wew lad stop being a faggot and if someone is mean to you but still gives you advice, you better take it instead of being an actual loser pretending you're already utterly lost.
kill yourself instead of shitting up this board or take the advice that's given

File: FB_IMG_1603435214724.jpg (31 KB, 960x800)
31 KB
Friend group of ten years becoming weird orgy night, and I'm not sure if I should leave.

These guys are some of my closest friends, known them for ten years, hang out every 2nd week or so.

Last year they were all drunk and slept with each other, I left the room as I was single at the time and didn't want to get involved. One of the couples split up after that, and the dude who's bed it was on (and was not participating) has left.

Since then, it's become an open secret that two of the couples sleep with each other after every event. It's getting really annoying to the point where every night is just chilling with the non-orgy bros looking for a window to leave before it gets weird.

I don't know what to do. I feel like such a simp, because it's not like I can say anything to the orgy couples, and I don't really want to cut ties, but I'm also sick of being a fetish bystander every night. There really good friends when they are sober.
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So if I'm getting this right two couples have sex after everytime you guys hang out, is it like they get drunk and bang while you guys are hanging out or do they leave? I'm confused also how many people participate and what age and sex are they
I would only hang out with them only if theyre sober, otherwise i would peace out long before that happens
Correct, two couples in the group. They either start getting really touchy until everyone else gets weirded out and leaves, or go into a room. Then it's the rest of us awkwardly hanging out. Mid-20s
I am not sure I see what the problem is other than you are uncomfortable with it. Not like they start having sex while you are there. Sounds like this is entirely a you problem.
Have a separate party night for the non-swingers.

File: ahc15.jpg (36 KB, 1024x1024)
36 KB
>Spring break 2020
>House party (because of corona)
>Meet this 17 yo chick (be 26 myself)
>A life changing decision in the heat of the moment
>We get it going but I can't find my condoms
>Idgaf because nobody has ever got pregnant before
>Fast forward to present day
>She and her ape friends have been bombing my friend with calls (idk how they got the number)
>she says she's pregnant
>claims that there are no other possible fathers.

What should I do? I don't want to be a father yet, especially with some fucking redneck town bike. I just graduated and I'm 110% positive she's been sleeping with fuck ton of men besides me and I'm just being targeted as her richest ride. She's easy hoe just looking to finance herself on my fucking expense.

I won't allow this bullshit to fly but I can't afford a lawyer now.
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>tfw fucked my ex like 100 times and never used a condom and no pregnancy’s

the day she said we need to talk, I took a moment and mentally the counted the days since we last fucked and said there’s no way she’s pregnant. Then she broke up with me

Least I don’t have kids like OP lol
>I don't want to be a father yet
Should have thought about that before you raw dogged some random bitch. Now we're gonna have another meme spouting self loathing dipshit in 10-20 years all because his retarded dad thought with his dick.
Demand a DNA test. Pay for it. Then pay for the abortion if it is yours.
Abortion, or take a DNA test and take responsibility
Thats on you homie, she was underage and you didnt use a condom. Find out whos it is and pay for the abrotion if you can
You mean OP got fucked over?

File: 20190789105.jpg (233 KB, 631x949)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
how important is the price of an engagement ring t? my family has been clowning on me for being such a cheap ass for spending only $350 on my fiancees engagement ring where most of them seem to have spent at least $10-15k on rings or their husbands spent that much. they also do that bs where they add diamonds or whatever with milestones

was I really that bad and cheap because now I'm worried her family will start feeling some sort of way about me "not being serious" or whatever if they found out I only spent $350. my fiancee loves it and was always against engagement ring culture which is why I thought it would have been ok. plus I've literally bought us a house to try and set us up right for when we are married.

does it really come off as I don't value her because I do. I'd like to think that the ring is priceless to her because it came from me
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File: 1576170930965.jpg (90 KB, 500x628)
90 KB
>getting married >>23019180
>AD [current year]
I made my wife's engagement ring and used her birth stone. Made the box out of exotic wood. Shit took me 4 months to get right and lots of YouTube videos, but she loves it infinitely more than any other ring I could have possibly bought her. Wax molding is the easiest, a specialty jeweler can cast it in gold for around $200.

Total cost was around $500 after getting it cast and buying the stone.
Unironically, people only care about expensive rings because a diamond company spent millions marketing them. Your family swallowed the bait.. Congratulations on being sensible and frugal! If you still want to spend that money on your fiancee, putting it towards a honeymoon or a house will go about 1000x as far as a hunk of rock.
A lot of people put the wrong kind of value on a ring like that, and they think "the more expensive the more you love her."

I bought my fiancée a three-part ring inspired by Galadriel's ring of power in Lord of the Rings because that film has a lot of meaning to us. The rings themselves were less than €200, no real diamond, but the fact that I got something that meant something to her was somethig you can't put a price on.

So if your girl is happy, that's all that matters. And if people are treating you like a cheapskate, then ask them why are so shallow that they think you need to buy a girl's love.
Does she care? She is the ONLY one that matters.

File: cover.jpg (90 KB, 960x960)
90 KB
I think my gf (20) may have bpd, she has every symptom since ever, she's going to a psychologist, but refuses to have a psychiatric treatment cause she's scared, and doesn't have money for the pills.
She can be a very sweet girl, she's giving, and loves me really fondly, we are very romantic, we have literally more than 200 poems written for each other, she cooks, and the sex is perfect.
Thing is, I'm losing my patience with her tantrums. I characterize for being an understanding person, everybody is amazed with how I cope with how she treats me (when she's being cruel), but this last year (after some incidents wich really, really hurt me) I started to answer less wholesome. I don't want to hurt her, and I put all my effort in stand by her side, but every fight I think I get a little colder.
I don't want to break up, I just need tools to deal with this.
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>We have an open relationship so I see girls midweek if I want to.
No wonder she freaks out. You have no respect for her so she doesn't have any for you in return because of that
File: 1540155398824.jpg (111 KB, 709x290)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Nice projection faggot.
>open relationship with a BPD girl
8/8 b8
My girlfriend was misdiagnosed as BPD when she was younger. What she actually has is PMDD which is basically PMS times 10. She has never gotten angry at me but I have seen her get angry at other people/things and I can see how it was mistaken for BPD.
We always had it, we didn't want a monogamous relationship since 13yo (separately, we are since 16)
We just like to see other people and really don't care about it
Nah, it isn't related

Sure bro, you must have a lot of sex
What does PMDD stand for? I'll check it out

Is it a bad idea to marry and raise a family with a girl who: has a mental illness (BPD), attemped suicide 4 times the past 8 years and has a self-harm/drinking problem? I still think I can save her, well I like to think, but at this point I’m very worried if out kids will adopt her vulnerbilitities and mental problem
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anons told me people with BPD have some hope of maintaining relationships, was it a lie?
Encourage her to go to dbt
Look into emdr
Encourage her to go to AA meetings
You can’t save her. It doesn’t work like that. She can only save herself and clearly isn’t going to
>wanting to have a family with a person from a broken home
do you realize she can never be a good mother? personality disorder or not this is the biggest red flag, she will just repeat the same mistakes
"Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own."

File: 1561904708262.png (60 KB, 295x217)
60 KB
What's with people that say things to irritate you all the time but when you do get angry they do a complete 180 degree turn and act all nice and try to make up for it? Is this some kind of guilt trip? Do I just get angry over petty stuff? I don't know how to react to that anymore, I feel like I should just not particularly care about whatever they do or say from now on since it's so confusing to me.
>Do I just get angry over petty stuff?
Yes. They are not intentionally doing things to irritate you. You are just overly sensitive is all and apologize after you get angry.
I'm exactly like that.
You should learn to laugh it off because that's all the other person is doing. He's appreciating you and how you are exactly by making fun of it and annoying you. I'm fairly sure that person cares a lot about you.
There's a saying among kids in my language that essentially means 'if you're teasing a girl you're asking for kisses'. It's the same thing, but then on a more grownup level. Don't think it's childish, it's part of a philosophy meant to accept bad and good at the same time.
Just be somewhat bitchy and annoying back, but only to tease him harder. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself and I'm very sure he'll love it.

File: unnamed.jpg (60 KB, 512x512)
60 KB
I'm in my final year of high school and I am getting a large amount of college letters. Thing is, they are 85% from art schools because I took a photoshop class and came off with the highest grade in that class due to me doing it as a hobby sometimes. While it's nice I'm getting these letters, I find a degree in art to be pretty useless (especially if I have to go out of state and have the money, time, etc.) I might just go to a trade school and take on a skill there since it seems more useful. Is it worth it? Or should I just take on the art school opportunity? I just want a steady job that can keep me steady with a good income, and trade school seems like the best direction for that.

File: 1590626951829.png (1.02 MB, 573x633)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
In dire need of social contact. I graduated college 2 years ago and moved to cali from nyc. I know absolutely no one here. I dont have a gf. Honestly most girls i meet now is from tinder but its just shallow and boring. I honestly have no idea how to meet new people now. Its lonely as fuck. Nothing feels like it matters without sharing it with other people. I feel like 24 is too old to join a social circle and just invite myself in. Should I just be comfortable doing things alone? Dont want to seem like a loser.
What city?
I promise 24 is no where near too old for that. Make friends however you can
If u near sac/tahoe hmu! ill show you around brother

File: 1603159989849.png (338 KB, 695x797)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
What degree did you get /adv/ and how did it workout for you? I'm looking at a finical degree a computer engineering degree or maybe becoming a stock broker. Also if you have a degree in something else and you want to give me a warning or tell me how it's going good i thank you for adding to the thread.
74 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What degree did you get /adv/ and how did it workout for you?
Electrical engineering, 2 months ago
I've came to the realization that I only learned the fundamentals in uni
I didn't intern much during the course
So now I maybe have to focus on doing well on the few interviews I may get
So I don't think I got marketable skills in uni.

Anyone also think that university only teaches you the fundamentals, and working on the field is completely different?
Finance Degree, Minor in Marketing. Graduated 2017. Got a job in electronic sales right after grad, worked my way from associate, to department manager to assistant manager. Made good money (commissions and bonuses) but GM was a cunt. Quit in June.

Now I work at a car dealership as a Junior Finance Manager. Im all commission. Stressful but unlimited potential for earnings. Learning lots and it’s essentially internet sales but huge opportunity to make almost doctor level money. We’ll see hoe this next month goes.
Who the hells buying new cars right now?
File: 1572388264231.png (271 KB, 1436x1210)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Chemistry. The BSc is horrible cramming but the MSc is pretty chill. I'm currently in the Ph D and I'm annoyed by the people I have to work with. No self-sufficiency, no problem solving skills, but tons of entitlement. Of course, there's some people that are genuinely good, but they all leave nowadays.

If you are a good cook, you'll also be a good chemist, as both are very similar. You have to keep your kitchen/lab organized, you need to know which equipment best fits a specific purpose. You learn rules for recipes/reactions, then you learn the exception to the rules and then you learn why they are exceptions in the first place. And as soon as you get the hang out of it, it's tons of fun and you sometimes catch yourself reading a paper in your free time or coming into your lab on Sundays, just to see how your reaction is doing.

Chemistry. Love the subject, hate the people.
I got a bachelor of science in human resource development. What does this mean? I basically got a business degree without any of the accounting knowledge and a quarter of the respect despite working incredibly hard, accomplishing insanely intricate training module projects (I created a 2-hour training guide (instructor and trainee) with remediation instructions, AND pictures) as well as multiple semester-long research reports AND a required internship for graduation. But nobody respects what I've accomplished, they hear "hr" and their brain pictures a dumpy middle aged boomer woman in charge of sexual harassment complaints and I get a sneer and a "oh, really?". I can't get a job because I only have experience in that one hr-internship I needed for graduation, some retail jobs, a college student aid job, and a secretary job. It's just really tough. I regret not getting a business degree. I'm a jackass

File: smonk.jpg (87 KB, 742x431)
87 KB
>Girlfriend of 1 month is at my place
>Decide to tease her by pretending to get upset over something stupid she did
>i turn around and pretend to ignore her, playfully saying she'll have to beg for my attention
>she becomes extremely clingy but i hold my ground
>she becomes silent after a while
>i turn around to see her breaking down and crying
>I ask her whats wrong and she pulls the usual "you wouldnt know" like everyone does
>decide to not bother with it and start cooking food
>She is still crying but i dont bother with problems that are "something i wouldnt know"
>"Do you even care about me anon?"
>"Yeah im cooking for us right now, how come?"
>She finally breaks and tells me i should know about her past relation that apparently was emotionally abusive
>Boyfriend ended up ignoring her and neglecting her after two months
>she has trauma from people ignoring her and being neglected
>carry on with the day with her as normal. I dont react or hug her despite her crying well over 15 minutes after i stopped ignoring her.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
64 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>she tells you exactly what you did wrong and that your idea of a joke isn't funny
>idk what I did
You're retarded, let her leave because you deserve far worse.
She may leave when she pleases. By all means i am not forcing her to be with me. That is illegal and could put me in jail. Most women leave on their own anyway. I dont see why i should interrupt that process. One of my relations ended in her parents forcing her to leave me because she was harming herself. My point is i dont have any business in trying to make someone stay. If they dont want to stay then they leave, and if they want to stay then they be with me. It is plain common sense
There are some really nice guys on here who don’t have a girlfriend but somehow you do? Why do you refuse to leave her? All you’re doing is hurting her. She likes you a lot, that’s why she stays. Leave her now and stop using her for your own personal gain.
If she wants to leave then she can leave. She knows that and she isnt stupid, nobody is. I do not see the point in leaving the relationship as i still have more to learn. I have never broken up with a woman before, since they leave on their own after a while, whether its about them becoming distant or when they break up with me. Most of them come back, and i can keep learning even if im already in a relationship. I dont understand how im hurting her either. She sees value in me, i see value that i can use to improve and become a better person.

I dont understand how being nice justifies having a girlfriend though, would you care to elaborate?
Your presence in her life is clearly detrimental to her mental health. If you had any self-awareness or empathy you’d realize that means inviting your girlfriend to end the relationship. Unfortunately you have neither, and she’ll suffer on.

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