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How am I suppose to learn about sex if my has had experiences with others? She learned from other people what she likes and dislikes. I won’t get to experience the things she dislikes. So doesn’t that mean I’m missing out?
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Tell her that maybe she'll enjoy those things better with you and see if she's open to trying them again. If that doesn't work then suck it up faggot because YOU chose to enter a relationship instead of just fuck around and experiment.
See, I was right. She ruined herself with Chad. Chad was a dirtbag, but she actively chose to get ravaged by the dirtbag when she could've chosen not to.
>if she's a virgin the chances the sex life is gonna suck are bigger
I never thought that though lmao. I'm only gonna marry a virgin, but I don't think I'd want to marry a virgin with a low libido who doesn't want to do anything other than missionary.
I do, and they really do not care.
If you treat them like normal people instead of gods on a pedestal you are usually better received.
Virgin men are just as dumb. Virgin men are the ones who date actual porn stars. Because they are desperate and think they are winning by having a legit porn star gf. But in reality they are with a real whore

How do I prevent myself from being alone at 30? I'm 18 now and I want to have a family by then. I have a pretty good plan for my life when excluding finding a wife and such. I want to marry a woman who's a virgin though, which means if I don't have a family by 30 I'm fucked. Advice?
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You’re saying 75% of uni girls are virgins? You’re either retarded autistic or lying
Probably more like 30-50% of freshmen and 10-20% of upperclassmen but that's not my point.
>50% of female uni freshman are virgins
You’re blindly autistic
I don't have any self worth to speak of. I own my own home and bring home a decent salary or ~$54k a year and apparently that doesn't mean shit. I'm tired of wageslaving just to come home to an empty house and play a few rounds online with pretty much my only friend from college or watch old cartoons and tv shows from my youth to remind me of better times. Feels like I'm just waiting to die. But hey, have the house and have the job. What more does a person need? Only reason I haven't killed myself is because it would make my folks sad. I literally have no other reason to live. Everyone else would eventually get over it.

GF who I’m madly in love with and can’t picture life without told me a few weeks ago that she’s “not feeling it” anymore. So we decided to take a break….

I got a new better job and earn more money than ever. Get a fun part time bar job and start uploading pics/snaps of me with girls at the bar. Obviously earning a bit more money too.

She now wants to stay over tomorrow. Thoughts? We never officially broke up.
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Say sure but she's not your girlfriend anymore. Seeing that you're so pussy whipped, it's better if you ignore her
Is that Cbum?
>take a break
your relationship ended then, sorry you weren't aware of it. she 100% did things during that time she knew you wouldn't approve of.
decline, its a waste of time and you'll end up the one in control of the situation.
stay strong
If you're sure she only wants to come back after seeing your success then you'd be retarded to do it. Just accept the ego boost from making her regret it and move on.

File: images (6).jpg (11 KB, 284x177)
11 KB
Doesn't look like 4chan has a finance or economics board. How do you start investing? I've downloaded Robinhoo, Webull and Stash. Where do I go from here other than throwing darts at a dartboard of lower priced stocks and hoping for the best?
just buy stocks, bonds, and options.

maybe youll do well

odds are you wont
>other than throwing darts at a dartboard of lower priced stocks and hoping for the bes
I'm cursed with money so if I tell you it's a good ideas it will crash and burn in 1y max.
So at the moment I really want to invest in electric bikes so you figure out what to do with that.
literally the 5th board in the listing
>Doesn't look like 4chan has a finance or economics board.
Well, there's /biz/. So you're right.

Attraction is genetically deterministic. If you don't have those characters predisposed to sexual selection (i.e. height, bone structure, musculature), any attempt to looksmaxx or gymmaxx is doomed to fail. After all, you can only work with what you've got. Trust me, I've spent too much time and money on improving my appearance, only to be held back by my physical handicaps.
The only surefire way to attract a woman is by raising your socioeconomic status, but you would need to be in the top 1% of earners for that. The vast majority of us will die as worthless wagies or NEETs.
>inb4 normies find love
First of all, normie women usually settle for some beta-cuck after she's been btfo by too many Chads. Secondly, they are literal NPCs. They're just here to pad the population and don't reflect reality.
Also, be careful of the "try harder" tactics people peddle on here. It's a tautological fallacy designed to stall the argument.
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Because they have the balls to approach them
Jesus still loves you anon even if you think no one else does your dad too maybe not your mom since she made you.
But stop tripping your fellow man with this nihilistic bs.
I did everything within my means to improve my appearance. I worked out regularly, ate a strict diet, lost weight, bought an expensive wardrobe, designer haircut etc. etc. It didn't change a goddamn thing.
>Why were you hanging around scumbags and idiots? What was scumbagy and idiot about them?
I wasn't hanging around with them but I knew them. If you're good-looking you can act like a douche or you can be a doofus and women will still date you.
What was your workout routine? PRs? What was your diet and macros? What kind of wardrobe did you get from where? Did you just buy expensive clothes because they were expensive or did you actually have a style that fit you or tried to emulate?
>but I knew them
Knew them how? From work? School? Acquaintances? What specifically made them scumbags and idiots?

What are some examples? Can you give me specifics instead 'no really i totally tried' or 'trust me these guys are jerks'?
>What are some examples? Can you give me specifics instead 'no really i totally tried' or 'trust me these guys are jerks'?
I know you're not actually interested in being demoralized, so you can drop the act, dude.

Realistically, how much would it cost to buy the Chandler household, turn it into a christory museum and commission a bronze statue similar to picrel but with Chris Chan and Sonichu instead of Walt Disney and Mickey?
No, this is not a troll post and yes, I know this is a massive waste of money, but it is a personal desire.
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Holy fuck, why are burgerland houses so expensive?
This isn't that expensive, it's three to four times the national median household income.
The typical family should have no problem paying the mortgage for this house off in fifteen years.

Where do you live?
>Where do you live?
Here in Brazil you can buy a small mansion with a million reais (the equivalent amount of 215k dollars), while this is a hoarder house (a fire hazard).
Buying the house and making it code compliant for a public museum (handicap accessible bathroom etc) would probably be a million bucks.
The statue would probably be another 500k-1mil depending on how fancy you want it (size, pedestal, water feature etc)
decades of not building houses + exploding population + muh look and feel ub muh neighborhood

File: FCotFscWUAgQF4r.jpg (72 KB, 1000x982)
72 KB
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If <23, it's more likely than not. 24+ lmao no, unless an obese femcel.

To be fair, self-declared Christian women (white) are less promiscuous than average.
Depends on the the denomination and location. Presbyterian or Baptist in the south? It's possible. Non denominational with a gay "priest" in the city? She's taken it up by ass.
Not really, it depends, is she like 18-19, good chance, if she is like 26, unlikely, she is probably coming back to the church after a long time of slutting around.

I'm a programmer I got a sudden desire to focus on making money by developing products focused on the internet. I realized that I work with people that make me feel miserable. It's not that I hate them, but the fake positivity kind of behavior that is commonplace in the industry I work is eating me inside out. Should I pursue this goal or is this a trap I'm making for myself? I know the success of solo "entrepreneurship" is really low, but I'm willing to keep trying over and over again. I could be a minimalist and simply quit my job, but that would require a lifestyle downgrade. I live in the third world, so downgrading my lifestyle means moving somewhere else with shittier infrastructure and exposing myself to more violence.
Sounds like a great plan. If you put in an hour of work towards your goal each day fornthe next 30 days, you should already see huge results.

Just be sure to put in that hour every day, without excuses.
Why not compromise and stick to what guarantees you financial security while working on your projects on the side? Once you've got something more solid and maybe some savings, maybe take the risk.

File: Sarah Gadon eldxx.jpg (2.75 MB, 1365x2048)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Get It Off Your Chest: Sarah Gadon Edition.

Previous Thread:

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File: 1530593210566.png (49 KB, 481x406)
49 KB
I'm usually working, but today I'm off!
Focus on the clit not the hole
I saw your post just now. Do you want me to call you?
I'll be back later. I have to go out for getting groceries.
>she tells me she's too poor for that or that the help takes too long
How is that your problem?

Do women really hate when you try to get know them and form a friendship before trying anything sexual or romantic? I've never cold approached women, it usually works by first being friends and then feeling sexual chemistry, at least here where I live

However I've seen many women in America that complain their male friends always end up trying something with them and they describe it as something terrible and school-shooter worthy.
I'm assuming you're referring to the way women post on social media, and I don't really think that's indicative of their true thoughts. That said, I personally wouldn't make a move on a female friend unless she was being flirtatious or how she was acting made it obvious she wanted it. I don't think the American experience is that dissimilar to wherever you live.
>that's indicative of their true thoughts. That said, I personally wouldn't make a move on a female friend unless she was being flirtatious or how she was acting made it obvious she wanted it
Why? I'd think it'd be flattered regardless of the result
The women probably express anger at men who just try and make moves because it makes them feel as if that's the only goal the man has in mind for the friendship. For example, if I befriended you, and shortly after, I start asking for money, wouldn't you feel offended? I think it's a similar premise here.
>if I befriended you, and shortly after, I start asking for money, wouldn't you feel offended? I think it's a similar premise here.
Not at all. You can befriend a woman and have no attraction towards her beyond thinking she's cute, and only develop attraction after a while. Doesn't mean all I had in mind the second I laid eyes on you was to fuck you silly.

File: christi_starr.gif (851 KB, 400x219)
851 KB
851 KB GIF
I would consider myself to be a avid porn watcher unfortunately. However, I have never really let it skew my judgment and expectations about women. However, because I have never had sex, I am not exactly sure if certain things are "real" or fake in regards to sex. For example, a friend told me that doggystyle basically never happens in real life and that most sex happens in the missionary or some weird spooning position. Doggystyle is apparently a "once in awhile" position. Same with girl on top. Also, apparently sex in real life doesn't last very long. From what I gather 10 minutes of penetration is average? Lastly, apparently sex smells pretty not great. Basically, it smells akin to a gym locker room after its all said and done. As in you can tell if someone was having sex in a room with no air flow if you walked in after.

So what other things are fake about sex that porn may not convey?
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> I'd say twice a day should be your absolute max.
Like I'm capable of that kind of self-control.
My point is, yes if you are a mess and destroy your dick you won't feel anything if you put it in, you won't even be able to feel her warmth, believe me.
File: waning_sadness.webm (1.46 MB, 450x472)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB WEBM
Why is it that my testicles are almost never in my scrotum if I have an erection? My scrotum is almost always empty and my testicles are like in that weird empty space above the scrotum going towards my abdomen. When I don't have an erection, my testicles are in the scrotum like they should be. I can like push my testicles back down into my scrotum when I have an erection but they just go back up again. Figured this would be a okay thread to ask sex ed questions in.
You have a muscle called the cremaster muscle that pulls them in. Mines faulty, it can pull them up to my hip bone level to the point i can feel it in there when I nut.

Anyway, your balls go in you for nut and temperature reasons. Either its cold so when you pull out your bone theyre receding for warmth, or in prep for nut.
Most are shaven, no idea about zoomers. had sex with 4 zoomer and they've shaved all together.
If she is a chronic party/rave/drug user she most likely doesn't shave. But then she doesn't shave her arms/pit/legs as well
You'll use a condom, so of course you will feel less. Almost underwhelming (not without a condom, mind). Buy a Fleshlight and you at least will cum because no death grip.

File: 1668520253353474.gif (2.81 MB, 468x640)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB GIF
how do I get a job and keep it? I just want to earn some money to pay the rent and buy food, but noone is willing to hire me.
Im not qualified any less than my peers, but it seems that they're doing fine and Im fucked.
Their junior positions are entry level work with full team supporting them, while my junior positions that I had/have are actually for people with 3+ years of experience.
>you don't know how to do X, so we won't allow you to do X
>you're not doing anything so why should we keep the contract?
I genuinely would even consider menial tasks job but noone will hire someone with a degree for those and I'm heavily pressured into living a perfect life.
I'm fucking tired of sending CVs and doing interviews for fucks sake. Just thinking about jobhunt makes me sick.
Unironically, for the first time in my life, the only thing that comes to my mind is to just kill myself.
what do I do wrong holy fuck
what should I do
I feel you. I don’t know what I should do either?
If you're somewhat socially competent, do sales. It's literally the most braindead job out there if you want to make actual money. Some make more than doctors and lawyers. I'm a high school graduate who just got started doing door to door which is the most pathetic variant of sales but it's fine.

SaaS or anything that's B2B (business to business) is usually comfy, also look for inbound positions. You're probably going to just be cold calling at first and letting senior salesmen close the deals but you'll work your way up quick. I'm pretty awkward and quiet and still got my job (not b2b but still), so even if you're somewhat autistic you'll get the hang of it quick. It's usually a bunch of phrases and shit you memorize (sometimes there's an actual script they won't let you stray from) and that's what you just mindlessly repeat with fake enthusiasm hoping someone will bite.

Yes it's stressful to some degree and people will insult you and shit but it's worth the money IMO. You might think you just want to cover the bills but once you actually have money to look for investments or real estate your quality of life will improve drastically. Think of it in terms of making more now allows you not to work for longer in a lower stress and lower pay job. Hope this makes sense.

Also show initiative like showing up in person and messaging managers on LinkedIn. They get shittons of applications so don't take it personally that you're getting rejected. If you can show you're an actual person they'll be more likely to hire you.

I think I just got used for money laundering.

I was going about my business and I was putting some cash in a ATM machine. This guy comes up to me and he tells me that he has exceeded the maximum Input for this month (Swedish atms only let you put in so much each month, i know this from personal experience)

He says that if I put it in and then send it over to him with swish (Swedish equivalent of pay pal) I’d help him out. I think “bit suspicious but seems like a ordinary guy and what’s the harm?” So I go through with it.

I get home and I’m still thinking about it so I look it up and according to the Swedish police apparently it’s a common way of money laundering. This is terrible news since I’m looking to work in the military and can’t be involved in criminal activity in the slightest.

What do I do?
You were an unwitting party, so you'll probably be fine.
Find the guy and kill him, obviously.

But seriously, >>27798078 is probably right. If there's no reason to suspect you it's probably okay and since you didn't have any previous contact with that stranger there's no reason to assume that you're doing illegal things together.

File: 1668977631453715.jpg (132 KB, 649x923)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah.

>Topics discussed:
●Dating apps and texting
●Having sex and getting to that point
●Reading signals
●Getting and maintaining gf

New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions.

Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
151 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>used to be anorexic
fatty cope
not >>27797669 but asking the same thing
>inb4 go to church
I do and it's mainly old people and a few kids.
no matter how much i work and improve myself, i never feel like women can be attracted to me.
You don't.

Attractive, smart women are found in college.
Good luck bro.
You can’t really find them anywhere. They exist everywhere in daily life. Don’t believe all the memes and shit that every girl has 1000 bodies. I knew plenty of girls at college who were actually virgins. It was verified too. Not to say they still are virgins, idk. Just Put yourself out there. Likes attract likes.
You’re a retard and shouldn’t have flirted over the fucking phone like I told you. Don’t talk to her at all. Even if she texts you
>wait 3 days
>text her
>if she answers make plans to meet up
>keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it focused
>if you try to carry on with a convo she will ghost you halfway through it.
Hopefully you didn’t fuck this up. Good luck.

TO ALL ANONS, don’t flirt via dm or text please. Women find it creepy and off putting. If you do it and it works it is not the norm and you shouldn’t practice this.

File: 73836.jpg (989 KB, 2000x3008)
989 KB
989 KB JPG
We planned to have a day or two to go on dates and do cute stuff together this weekend when our vacations start. Any good ideas what to do? Cost doesn't really matter. Preferably indoors because it's cold, but something either fun, or with privacy. Something more than just watching tv and drinking tea, we do that enough already. Also something that wouldn't seem too weird to tell our parents in case it comes up later.
64 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Those two aren't biologically related though. Still weird in a social sense.
File: 1656958996601.png (213 KB, 655x815)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I read the article and it seems that way. Weird for Google Translate to translate as half-siblings instead of step-siblings if that's the case, though. Does Finnish make no distinction between the two? Anyway, here's a case of actual biological half-sibling incest, although it's a case of GSA rather than growing up together.
File: 1668535461607315.png (250 KB, 480x344)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
That child was conceived the night they knew they were related
I wonder what their parents think about that. Why make it public like that?
How about Hell? It’s very well hidden, and you’re on your way there anyway

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