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File: images.png (21 KB, 458x669)
21 KB
That feeling of being pathetic and worthless when you have mental illness and can't even afford a psychologist
Bros i definitely have some mental illness. I just spent last 6 hours crying and i fucking do it everyday. Since last year my best friend doesn't even seem to care about me and now I've just became another blank page in her memory book. She doesn't even checks on me but that's another problem. Life has always been lonely for me. I only had 1 good friend in my whole lifetime who now doesn't give a fuck about me because she got some better friends. I've become miserable plus other shitshows life throws at me. I feel so helpless and pathetic right now. I'm confused, i spend hours crying most of the days. I cant focus on my studies. I can't fucking focus on anything. A part of me wants to die a part of me wants to live my life to the fullest. I would've killed myself if i wasn't such a big pussy. And when I thought that I should get some help and actually improve my life i found out i can't even afford a therapy. I feel so helpless guys please tell me how i can actually improve my life without thinking about any of this shit that happened. Please guys I'm really tired of living this way. Please help me.
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Well you can always try to talk to peeps online. Its free and its better than nothing.
There's a server with therapists and Psychiatrists that can help! https://discord.gg/D4Pb2f
Thats what i am doing since last month, venting on gioyc threads. It feels good for some time then back to the sadness. I really want to get over the fact that she doesn't care about me but its been over a year. It feels really awful
File: stress.jpg (239 KB, 1107x1231)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
So in which phase are you?
And why do you center your whole existence around one vagina?

File: 1541121910071.jpg (54 KB, 500x409)
54 KB
Awareness is bright and if you've lived in total darkness for years it can be painful to look at.
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It won't turn out okay for me, I already know that but I won't let you try to protect me. I won't let someone else be hurt instead. I've already set things in motion, you can't avoid that.
I am not the person you were replying to, you know not a thing about me.

I do know from your posts that you have multiple orbiters that have been in love with you for years—friends stop being friends when they love you—and I know that you devalue anyone that crosses your path in order to maintain a position of control. These are narcissistic traits regardless of your unwillingness or inability to confront that side of yourself and integrate it.
Orbiter is just a stupid word arrogant guys use. How repulsive to even use that word.
Orbiter is used in the realm of psychology when dealing with narcissists as its the most descriptive word to use to describe the relationship between a narcissist and their sources of supply.
I do the opposite of devaluing a person, I encourage the good in them. I devalue their abusive behavior because I won't put up with abuse. Some people feel the need to abuse women, I will not be that woman.

File: IMG_3175.jpg (158 KB, 1200x675)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>go out with girl for a month
>she won't let me do anything and I mean anything
>"we don't know each other well enough"
>she finds out I'm also seeing other people in the meantime
>we never had that conversation yet
>freaks the fuck out that I'm not exclusive, even though there's nothing to be exclusive about
>I would've told her if she asked but now she thinks I was in an effort to keep secrets
>the thing is completely dead now
>she's probably out there telling her friends that I'm just like her piece of shit cheating ex
>now she refuses to meet up to discuss anything since she knows everything there is to know already, and it came out in a "bet you wished I never found out about this huh wow all men are pigs" fashion

Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me. I did nothing wrong. I can't help feel bad for her, though. Seems like quite the gullible, innocent person, and may actually "swear off all men forever" because of this.

What do I do, /adv/?
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If I were dating someone, I'd expect them to be exclusive by default.
Waiting a month before doing anything isn't really that much either.
I can fully understand her.
and no, I am neither a whiteknight, nor a woman, just someone with apparently slightly conservative values
Where can I find women like this? I'm put off by women offering it up so soon
Would you also expect the other person to magically read your mind, though? Or would you communicate?

Can you read or are you that unfunny
>If I were dating someone, I'd expect them to be exclusive by default.
What kind of world do you people live in? You do know that there’s a difference between going on dates with someone and being in a relationship? This has been a thing since the 50s

File: sitting_alone.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB
Tales of degeneracy/advice from the other side thread?

>be me
>fresh 18, senior in hs
>literally have one class, no job, no license
>spend most of my time on my laptop and phone
>piss in cups and bottles because I'm too lazy to get up
>lick my cum off my fingers instead of cleaning it up (no joke)
>porn got boring so I jerk off to instragams of girls I know or knew
>my short term memory and attention span are destroyed
>shit blood all the time but too afraid to call anyone
>probably have multiple cavities and eroding gums
>I'm graduating in less than two months
>not enrolled in any college
>where is this headed

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Holy fuck my guy.

Two things.

Stop jerking off, and go workout. Set a goal to bench 185 by Xmas. Higher reps are better. Look up for form videos. Stop jerking off. Especially to porn and Instagram you fucking loon.

Secondly eat protein.

You can save yourself. Stop being a fucking cretin. Holy shit.
you just need to start changing one thing at a time, you're not a lost cause. go to the doctor/dentist as soon as possible before things get worse, don't let things progress further
Start eating well and slowly ween yourself off the degenerate shit. Drinking alot of water and excercise will help with your attention span. Start slow and then work your way up to being a functioning human being. find healthy yet enjoyable things to fill the gaps created.

Definitely see a doctor about the blood in your stool. If It's dark blood then you may be in trouble. but if you have a terrible diet and It's fresh blood then you've probably just torn your butthole open with brickshits, also can be an issue as the wounds can get infected and that's gonna be a bad time

"sounds worse than it feels" is not a good justification. That's an extremely confronting greentext. You are going to have to work to get yourself out of the pit you've dug yourself into. atleast you're recognized that It's a problem.

God speed, you freaky fuck

File: 1555835186114.jpg (76 KB, 960x700)
76 KB
Why does reading and posting incel stuff makes me feel so good inside?
I don't actually believe that stuff.
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I knew the children wouldn't understand
I was referring to outside the chans. I'd never call myself and incel, a volcel, or permavirgin off of here. I don't even call myself celibate, but that is the most truthful label. Permavirgin implies it can never change, whereas incel implies it *could* but is still not a matter of volition or agency, i.e. only impartial circumstances contribute to the celibacy, which isn't true, factually
Both impartial and partial circumstances contribute. I'm still a virgin, but I accept that off I really wanted to I could pay a prostitute to lose my virginity
The only thing this image shows is how desperate and pathetic men are for a bloody gash

File: FB_IMG_1555089892588.jpg (113 KB, 1125x1406)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>you don't need women to be happy
>there's more to life than relationships

Who here is happy without a wymen in his life and what the fuck makes you happy then?
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I thought I was content at least but I'm not anymore. Lonely as fuck
I was lonely and miserable. Then I got a lot of friends, several of which where women. That made me kinda happy. Then I started dating one of said friends and now I am very happy.
how so anon?
File: loneliness and you.jpg (65 KB, 512x709)
65 KB
You need a woman's touch to be happy. And don't let the incels try to convince you otherwise.

Doesn't mean you have to be married or have a GF though. Those things are just generally tied to sex

>99.99% of men are only friendly towards women they want to fuck
>80% of women are only friendly towards men they want to fuck
Is this true?
(/fit/ mods told me to post this here)
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To a point yeah.
Just don't be some fedora tipping faggot about it.
Or an edgy 'asshole'.
I wouldn't say 99.99%, more like 95%. I'm friends with some ugly ass women but I treat them just as nice as my hot friends, all my guy friends are the same
File: kids these days.jpg (53 KB, 600x641)
53 KB
>X isnt hobby because I said so
Pic related much?
>Just don't be some fedora tipping faggot about it.
>Or an edgy 'asshole'.
What do you mean?
This makes me happy as an ugly woman. I have good guy friends and like when I'm treated like a human even though I'm not attractive.

File: roasties3.jpg (60 KB, 1000x700)
60 KB
So I have assburgers and I want to have sex with a woman but I don't know how to attract one. I am not interested in relationship. just sex.
You procure the services of a hooker.
I'm too cheap for whores
Pay a hooker

you could also make a tinder account, get a decent photo of yourself doing something sociable or semi-socialble, and then if someone swipes right on you, make a compliment and get their phone number so you can invite them to your place. Most people use tinder for sex.
hookers are cheap tho. Only like $25-$100 for a basic one. Make sure you wear a condom.
I am too shy for tinder. How about something more traditional?

File: pic_unrelated.jpg (471 KB, 686x932)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
What do I do next?
I am getting to the point where it starts to get to me that I never met someone. I think I might have fallen in love once, but that is questionable as well.
I don't meet a lot of women naturally, so it actually never bothered me to be single. I got on with life and everything is going great except in the relationship aspect.
I know people here claim all women are terrible, but all the relationships I have seen are picture perfect and I believe I could offer a lot.
I don't know what to do anymore. I have a ton of hobbies, a lot of friends, I am engaged in the community, have a good job. I am fit and knows how to dress properly and have a good relationship with my family. All the shit women claim they want but doesn't really care about.
I am not terrible when I talk to women, but I don't meet a lot of them so they are somewhat alien.

File: 14364098756568.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
I'm 18 and I started taking birth control as a last resort to my acne and it made it FIVE FUCKING TIMES WORSE.

I eat healthy, I'm like 120lbs, only drink water (haven't had soda for 3 years), don't take any other meds, change bedding all the time, use cleansers for my skin type.

Neither of my parents had acne when they were young.
What am I doing wrong? There is no one else in my year with this issue. I hate it. It looks like I'm not taking care of myself, but I'm probably taking better care than most people my age.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I do occasionally wear bb cream when I feel like covering the redness up a little bit. But most of the time, no. Not my kind of thing. I like natural beauty.
"eat healthy" may not be enough if you have an autoimmune response to something in your diet. Go get an allergy screening. They're not 100% accurate, but you can use it to help guide a trial-and-error elimination diet that will identify what the irritant is that causes your body to break out.
I do some yoga and I'm a waitress so I'm constantly running around at work. Once school ends, though, I'll try to get out and go on a run in the mornings.
I'm currently using cetaphil at night and a rice water cleanser in the morning. I was given retin a by my dermatologist and that ended up making my skin peel. I'll ask about getting ziana gel! Thank you for the suggestions (:
itll go away if you be my gf

Acne forms from a variety of things, if you're fit you'll have a strong immune system and strong blood flow. Both fight acne.

File: 0334 - 1fnolXU.png (21 KB, 200x194)
21 KB
> got my driving license a year ago
> want to buy a car
> take up an another job and save as much money as I can
> have this one friend who is really into cars, help him out repair his so I can get around cars better
> I help him and he is teaching me
> I really grew to like his car too
> when I go the money I decided to get the same model as I know many things about it already, less likely to be scammed
> can't wait to show it to him
> could not see him for a month after purchase, so I fixed up some things
> one time I call him out to get some mcdonalds and I say I'll pick him up
> he seems excited when he sees it, goes around it
> we talk, but he said he has to go early
> barely talked since
> when I try to talk to him he is closing the conversation fast and he does not call or write to me
> an another friend just told me that he sold his car a week ago

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hi Everyone,

I am a Afrikaner From South Africa.
I have a degree in Commerce.

I really want to move to Hungary, it seems like a very traditional place with Christian family values.

Any advice? How are Hungarian people? How is the Hungarian Economy? How do they act towards immigrants who actually assimilate, integrate and contribute to the economy?
I'm sure there are more Hungarians on >>/int/ than on advice. I suggest asking there.

Good luck, I never heard about anyone wanting to move to Hungary.

File: cover.jpg (47 KB, 677x648)
47 KB
How do I turn off my brain?
You already did, loser
Are you taking about dying or being able to blank out on command
The closest way to accomplish this is by meditation.

File: 1539824432687.jpg (90 KB, 658x504)
90 KB
Going to college next year and wanted to major in Entrepreneurship. Will this major actually be useful in the business world or is it a useless waste of time?

18 yo, been treating some mind related problems for about 4 years or so. For The last couple of months i've been feeling uncapable of doing what i want.

I like spending my time studying stuff by myself, mostly tech and economics.
I have a hard time concentrating, so reading and finishing what i start is hard.

I used to exercise a lot, but lately i'm so sleepy with the meds that i can't do shit.

I'm mostly a loner, and i'm okay with that for most of the time, but i miss having somebody to share stuff with.
I can get pretty social when i want, but most of the people i got to know and try to make friends with made me feel bad at the end of the day.

How can i get more productive with studying and exercising, even though my brain is quite fucked up at this point?

Also, if anybody feels like studying together through voice chat and shit, that would be nice.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is there an app you prefer or that I should get? I typically use steam, Skype, or discord
Use https://riot.im or another matrix client
I sent a message
Can i join you guys
I like studying too and im a loner as well
just DM me :)

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