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File: images (8).jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
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How do I get a girlfriend who doesnt have a social life?
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Those types of women always have dozens of beta orbiters. You have no chance unless you're a gigachad.
Hit up an Office/HR Bitch or try a female nurse or school teacher

What’s wrong with that? I can’t imagine ever marrying a woman who goes out all the time and gets drunk with her friends, wears tight dresses that show cleavage for ‘girls night’ while I’m at work. Why do men put up with that shit?
Get a fat one.
online dating is unfortunately the only way, they are never out and about, they are always home

File: officelady.jpg (150 KB, 842x1215)
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150 KB JPG
guys i have a 23 year old boyfriend.

a part of me wants to let him go. i sort of feel guilty for some reason?

I just want to see him be free and fuck all the 19 year olds he wants. i feel guilty making him commit to me and i'm in my late 20s already.

I don't know.

i thought i'd ask you zoomers or whoever the fuck comes here idk anymore. do you feel like 23 is a kid or is it a 'real' adult?
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your entire post is retarded, dump him and spare him your idiocy
Yeah Michael and Lily are super cute. Go do fun things together, enjoy life, and love each other. Be happy you can fuck someone that loves you. Either way, I hope things go well for you, anon. GL, Hf
He won't be able to fuck all the 19 year Olds he wants
Try polyamority, I feel your mindset means it will work for you. You don't have to separate. Each of you can have multiple partners and be happy about your partners are happy with multiple partners.
And what if OPs boyfriend doesn’t want that? Maybe talk about your insecurities with him OP. I think that’ll help more than us

File: 1629076343642.jpg (17 KB, 457x396)
17 KB
I'm almost 28 and after months of mental breakdowns and panic attacks that still affect me, I feel like I've wasted my youth and achieved nothing of note.
File: 1620548827786.jpg (106 KB, 1143x1200)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Go slay more demons Dante & fuck Lady while you're at it. Pump that bitch with as much seed as possible. You're already in debt as it is so who gives a fuck
Why do you care so much? What does anything we do matter? Even if you built a business empire and erected towering skyscraper with your name on it, you will still have died with nothing but an decadent waste of resources (the building) and countless people living mundane lives wagecucking underneath you.
What could you do in your early 20s you can’t do in your late 20s and early 30s? Feeling like your behind sucks but that’s not a reason to give up. I also don’t consider 28 “old.” Random example, but Quentin Tarantino worked in a video store until he made his first movie at 29. No obviously 99.9% of us aren’t gonna become rich and famous but there’s gotta be something you want in your life that you can absolutely still achieve OP. Like yeah you’re not a kid and you might be old to some 14 year old but youre not even considered middle age yet.
Lying bitch youre not old at 28

File: E-pE7x3VUAEXWbY.jpg (42 KB, 680x671)
42 KB
Is this normal?
I've already had two friends of my now dead dad trying to set me up with their roastie daughters.
One of them even invited the whole family for dinner.
Does this mean that they think I am a loser betabuxx material?
Both dudes are upper middle class but the daughters are beyond saving.
I am a white 21-year-old guy and I don't want to do anything with those ugly roasties.
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Its thier daughter. If course they are proud of her and want the best for her...are you retarded
for one of them I do think he might be delusional because it's his kid
but the dude who asked us for dinner... his daughter is not just a roastie but a drug addict and a college drop out
it's really crazy cause he himself is a biology professor
he knows she is pure shit
>One day one of these dads will hve a hot daughter
both me and the daughters are in our 20's
the only way they will ever be hot is if somebody pays for p.s.
It is less common now but it is not really unusual either. It is awkward though if you aren't attracted to the daughters but you shouldn't take it as an offense.
He doesn't care, he just want non-black/mixed grandchildren.

We are only together for a month. She has refused me paying for anything for her. She borrows clothes from her sis, like a winter coat. We went shopping and I told her I can buy her a winter coat, but she refused.

I now bought one for 400 euros online to give as a present. Is this a bad idea? Should I rather wait for Christmas than randomly give her a present?

I make tons of money, so 400 euro is irrelevant for me.
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Very bad idea and insulting. You are threatening her independence and trying to buy her
>Very bad idea and insulting. You are threatening her independence and trying to buy her
Yes, I think this was my intention - to buy her so she does not break up with me. Hmmmm, you think it is a bad idea?
I suggest quietly returning the coat and buying a less expensive but comparably quality one. You can give her something nice while keeping the monetary value of your gift closer to the value of the gift she can afford to give you. That will make it clear that you recognize how she feels and the value of just a few euro to her in her current financial situation.
I think you sound like an autist, is this your first gf?
>I think you sound like an autist, is this your first gf?
Haha, nope. But I have had a long stretch without a gf, pretty much because of work hours. I literally pulled 60-100hr work weeks this year for the most part with 0 vacation. Only the last 6-7 weeks was better and I used that for dating. She was the 4th girl I dated and I kind of liked her.

I admit, I feel that work will pick up again in January and there will be no way to go through a first phase of dating and an initial relationship period and I will stay alone for another year.

P.S. stop calling people "autist", autism is a genetic dysfunction that is being overused as a term. Shy people aren't "autist", you got like 1-2 % of the population who have actual autism. It is super creepy society started to bring in something called "autism spectrum" calling 40% of the population as "on the spectrum". Funnily enough, it is just Anglo-American countries doing that, 90% of the world doesn't even know that concept.

File: wxbu7bnrrrz71.jpg (2.75 MB, 1360x2479)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
I don't think anyone has ever loved me

Why can't I find a guy who will choose me and love me
They all leave eventually but they act like it was me who didn't love them, when it was them who didn't.
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I am one of those females you hear about from time to time


I'm answering you guys together, because of relevant points. I couldn't tell you whether they were dark triad guys because they were all just normal dudes. If I had to psycho analyze them based on our relationships and conversations, I can relate it to myself, we simply have a fear of abandonment. That seems to be the main concern.

>1. How old are you?
Late 20s, but it began in late teens to early 20s

>2. How clingy are you in a relationship?
I'm not at all, I'm really kind of shy with new people but the first meeting always goes really well, we click, and then they try to close the gap and I get scared, so I move slowly and they kind of chase. As it progresses I open up a lot, but I honestly think I am going through the actions because Idk how I should act as a girlfriend sometimes. When I feel confident in my feelings, and try to express that, it goes downhill fast.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sounds to me like they're physically attracted to you at first, but then realize that they don't really connect with your personality and decide that it's better to break things off than prolong any sort of dysfunction. I think this rings especially true with regards to things going downhill when you decide to be confident in your feelings; for whatever reason this causes them to recognize that you aren't what they're looking for.

>The guys I get close to also have some deep emotional issues.
Curious as to what kind and how they go about managing it. Would definitely it clear whether or not you've been dating dark triad guys (in which case you're playing yourself) or if they're high agreeableness guys (in which case the stuff I said earlier is probably about right).
>I refuse to love myself
>Why am I unloved
I never buy food, why am I hungry hurr
Girl, based on your answers, you just didn't find the right guy yet. Don't sweat it. That is life.

It's a shame that we haven't met up, and prob aren't even in the same country. I can tell you how my last 2 relationships ended. Relationship 1, I actually knew we were very different people, she wanted different things in free time (I love sport, music, tech, mountains etc.) and she just loved to sleep in, go for dinner and chill watching shows. She also loved drama and fighting, like picked a fight every week or two, because she loved make up sex... while this emotionally strained me.

My last gf was shy, but kind of had issues in her life, she never really suggested doing anything together like where to go or what to do, she just always went along with what I suggested. She also never initiated sex and even if I did, it felt like she did not want to have sex. This would all not have been any issue, if after some time you grow together - but even after nearly a year, there was this gap between us. And then when I had the decision to move cities for my job, we talked about it and she said she was not prepared to move and we could try a long distance relationship. That obviously did not work.

Why am I even telling you that? Well, relationships are complicated. What I learned is that you really need to connect with someone for a relationship to work. If the guy you are dating aren't essentially getting you completely and knowing what you think (sounds creepy, but I really mean it) then somehow I doubt it works out.

Anyway, good luck, hang in there, you will find a guy who always looks for love. I do, so I know there are guys around who do. My problem is that after a break up, I just retreat into work for a long while, right now I have been single for 2 years and only started dating again since September.

P.S. maybe you can find someone offline? It is often better than online dating ... at least I think so after dating 6 different girls in 3 months...

You must have a toxic quality.

Are you:

1: a feminist

2: do you use TikTok or indulge in any particular media (ie Netflix) way too much?

3: easily offended

4: an sjw/liberal?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1620404907670.jpg (72 KB, 260x400)
72 KB
I'm trying my best to make peace with it, but it's so goddamn hard. I spend so much time on lookism forums and just feel worse and worse. Even half the people in a /soc/ rate thread mog me into oblivion. How can I come to terms with the fact that I'll never be good looking?
It's be design, anon. You should feel bad. It literally lowers the chance of you and your descendants passing your genes.
Just get plastic surgery.
everybody is ugly anyway.
It is not that bad. Ugly=invisible. I hated how fat I was for years. Finally lost the weight and started receiving too much attention. I was almost kidnapped twice.
I'm a girl

File: Woods2017.jpg (510 KB, 1200x844)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
What's wrong with me? I have little to no desire to talk or associate with anyone (save for a select few people.)

Like I'll go on tinder or something and get a match here and there, she'll message me, and I seldom respond. Or I talk to her for a day for a few lines and then just go ghost on her. On the occasions I do meet up with one, or things do extend beyond that, I lose interest very quickly, or simply get fed up with the clingyness and ignore them until they leave me alone. I just feel myself withdrawing more and more and I can't explain why. I don't feel depressed or anything, aside from the typical day to day stress that comes with life. But I manage it. I'm just an extremely independent person I suppose.

Pic unrelated. From a time I visited Colorado for no other reason than I felt like it.
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I definitely know that lack of energy feel. Doesn't help that I can't sleep at night either. I'm usually up until about 4am. And thats with all the lights off, no computer, phone, anything. Like I kinda go into like a trance, but I'm still fully awake and aware. A few nights ago, I remember just trembling. I don't know why. It was probably 2am or so.
Sounds like depression my guy. The saying "you can't love others until you love yourself." Rings true. Depression doesn't always mean sad and wanting to kill yourself. You just sound burned out.
It is called Ennui, not depression.
I don't think he has that. If he was just bored he'd be looking for things to do and people to talk to. He claims to only want to talk to certain people and him not wanting to or losing interest in dates quickly.
Youre not depressed, youre normal. Women on tinder are boring and what you feel is a natural reaction to shitty people.

File: t-1.jpg (97 KB, 1920x1080)
97 KB
Can you still be straight if you jerked off to gay thoughts once?
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Who cares? Give yourself whatever title you want.
No. I am repulsed by gay men and gay shit. If you actually jerked off to gay stuff, even trap stuff, your brain is already compromised and you are mentally insane - aka as gay.

Start dating other gays and take yourself out of the gene pool.
Once youre straight, youre straight forever, no matter how much you try to illude yourself with pleasant fantasies that youre gay
What turned you on about those gay thoughts?
I've essentially turned myself prison gay by going down the slippery slope of hardcore/degenerate porn. Once I bust I'm disgusted with myself, and I've never actually seen a man in real life and been attracted to them sexually. Feelings went away after I got my porn addiction under control, and even then I rarely had them.

When I was 11, I was raped by my brother until I was 16.
It wasn't violent, but I didn't know any better.
I only came to terms with it being rape recently after being friendly with him and regularly calling him for almost a decade.
My family never told me what happened was wrong and actually made fun of me for it so it never clicked that I shouldn't have forgiven him and should have taken some kind of legal action. Again, I didn't know any better because of my age.
How can I get over it? It plagues my thoughts when all I want to do is move on.
I'm doing so good everywhere else rn but those moments are constantly replaying in my head.
I feel like everyone failed me.
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Over a decade old. I'm in my 20's now but it happened when I was 11-16.
Hey anon,

I went through something very similar when I was 11, except he was my neighbor. He was 17 when I was 11. Until I was maybe 17, it never really occurred to me what had happened to me. I blocked out most of it from my memory but there were always little things that reminded me of it.

When I went to see a therapist about it, she told me that since I was so young and I have no proof, there's no way to go but ahead. Are you still in contact with your brother? If so, I would say cut all contact with him. You won't grow from the past unless the trigger of it is removed from your life.

During those times, I have never felt more alone. I always felt like the people closest to me failed me because when I told them what happened, they were speechless. No comforting, no support, just blank stares. The way I got through it is remembered that there are other people in the world going through similar things, and there are people that are willing to listen, even if it's a professional like a therapist that is forced to listen. There will always be people out there willing to listen and support you, you just have to find them.

Also remember, never blame yourself for what happened. That helped me a lot. I always blamed myself for being naive, but I was 11. I could barely dress myself at that age. What happened to you was never your fault.

Take care anon. You can get through this.
A couple of months ago I stopped talking to him. He is quite literally a child and a shithead racist.
I'm happy he's not around.
Thank you for the response anon, that makes me feel a lot better. I needed a good cry.
I'm happy you don't have contact with him anymore. It'll help you grow and get over everything.

Good for you anon, only up from here.
You won't raped. If you were, your brother would have been a convicted pedo ajd your family would haven't been OK.

It looks more like sex on mutual consent when both parties enjoyed it. I also suspect your "brother" is not really your brother but an adopted child. Ask your mother about it. If he is not genetically related to you, it is OK to have LTR with him. Otherwise it is OK to have casual sex with him, as long as you both take the measures so you not got pregant. It is disgusting to most people to fuck with relatives or people having enough common trajts, it is a natural mechanism to minimize probability to get both copues of defect genes, but different people are different, the most important opinion here is yours one, not of other's people, if you like to fuck with each other, just keep fucking.

There's this man I talk to online. He is on his 30's and a workaholic.
We have a thing but we have never really oficially started dating. The problem is:
>We have been talking for a very long time now. Flirting a lot.
>It is really intense and we feel very close to each other.
>At some point he starts acting depressed. Talks about how stressed and frustrated he is (for different reasons but that's not the issue).
>Suddenly stops talking to me.
>I don't know what happened. Totally out of the blue. Confused.
>Comes back months later. Apologizes for leaving like that. Says he thinks he may be depressed (never been to a psychologist) and feels like he doesn't deserve any attention or love from anyone. Distances himself from everyone else.
>Really intense again.
>Half a year goes by and he starts acting depressed again.
>Leaves a few weeks after.

What am I supposed to do. I am head over heels over this man and it is really painful to just wait for him to come back (if he even does). I don't know how could I even get over him...
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

I guess not. I'm afraid that if he ever comes back I won't be able to resist talking to him again.
getting over people is really easy.
initiate a constant conversation about mental health and if he cant keep up leave
lol fuck you eat some more dog shit and sit when i call you
>I don't know exactly where he lives though
How about you ask him directly. You say "I have really fallen for you, I want to meet you and see if we have a future together. I am not asking, I am telling you this needs to happen. You text me your address and I will fly to your location and we meet up. OR you fly to my location or we go on vacation together. You OWE me this after all our time together, I love you and I know you like me, so let us not waste more time apart. I know we can make each other happy together, life is too short to not go for it. What do you say?"
Youre not in a committed relationship and have no reasonable claim over his time.

is it still possible to find a decent 6/10 20+ years old girl in America who's still a virgin nowadays? and where do I find them?
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Men are insecure because that is the nature of there lives. Of course the sex that can always know with certainty that a child is there own is the secure one. Women also provide intrinsic value to society that men do not. Chosing to work around this as best as you can doesn't somehow make you a bad person.
>where do I find them?
Unironically church.
Yeah, ive meet a coulple of girls that were still virgins, but why does it matter?
I dont think you are looking for the right atribute. I mean, a girl can be a virgin, but that wont stop her from being a toxic bitch, while other girl can have a shiton of sexual experience, and be the most down to earth person.
If you look hard enough, sure youll find a virgin girl, but really, why bother?
>Men are insecure because that is the nature of there lives

no it's not. why would it be?

>Of course the sex that can always know with certainty that a child is there own is the secure one.

insecurity has nothing to do with knowing wether a child is actually yours, not to mention that we have dna analysis for that anyway if you are so insecure that you need scientific proof.

insecurity is directly correlated to perception of one self. if you reduce your worth to who you can have sex with then you arent just perceiving yourself in a distorted way but also others.

>Women also provide intrinsic value to society that men do not

there are women and men that do not provide any intrinsic value to society and vice versa.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Alright thanks anon. I think that’s a good attitude to take. Go for what I want and improve myself but also respect others standards and desires too.

Is there anything I can do about this? I never thought that I would start balding.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I can deal with absolutely all of that, balding just sucks the most IMO.
was going bald since 21 because of a weird scalp condition. You can mask it awhile with a fade but once that shit gets bad shave it off. You have facial hair so it will balance it out.
Eventually, at some point you'll be completely bald unless you get a transplant. Embrace it like I did and I'm still 22.
Dude, you look like average at best and you have a cone jaw.
You're screaming "why the long face?"
Your neck is too short too.
Your lips are too small.
You have no calves.

You have more to worry about that your hair man.
Just go bald you big baby

File: apuwanderer.jpg (77 KB, 800x1024)
77 KB
I am still a virgin. I have missed the prime years of my life. Unironically, is there any point in continuing to live? It's just going to get even worse from here.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like you’re coping OP. Settling for failure. You’re gonna actually old one day and realize how much potential you wasted if you give up at fucking 25. There’s ton of things you can do so I don’t need to repeat the work out/gray better/be confident memes because I’m sure you’ve heard them. And you know yourself better than anyone so start working on what you don’t like. Bitching on 4chan will make you more miserable. Don’t choose to fail OP. A lot of guys don’t really hit their stride until their early 30s. I get being a virgin can suck but you’re being too focused on it and I doubt it’s the main reason you’re depressed it’s just the cherry on top.
Eat better*
Just fuck 22 year old prostitutes. Make up for missing in your prime by fucking prime girls.
there are no prime years
primes years are a sum total of what you think you can effectuate
prime years could be 78 to 92 for all you know
Prime is what you make of it.
Some folks go their entire lives without experiencing a high point.

Due to childhood abuse I'm paranoid about people hating me, trying to use and hurt me. Thanks to this I never made any, any, any friends at all and am still paranoid. I only get to talk with people if they're the ones initiating the conversation. I have some inner desire to hurt people, as you are all evil in some sense. I always try to be nice to others, so why the fuck are you fucking assholes? Like the time I didn't hear what a bartender has said and I ask him politely to repeat and the motherfucker dares to raise his voice. Makes me want to stick a knife into your eyes, cut your throat, gather the blood spilling out of it and spill it back onto your corpses

>people hating me, trying to use and hurt me.
People are by nature manipulative.
You even learn to live with it or stop caring.

What you are feeling is resentment towards a perceived offense,
which is probably due to your trauma over your past.

Instead of the abused, you fantasize about becoming abuser.
It is an endless cycle of abuse, the victim becomes the perpetuator.
For your sake, I hope you find your peace.
>I'm paranoid about people hating me, trying to use and hurt me.
Either keep doing that or stop doing that
y'all niggas gay

OP think of it this way, people aren't assholes, they just put their needs, and their family's needs, above yours, and your family's, as they should

If people step on you, just let them know you won't take it, tell them to fuck off, if they escalate escalate with them, do this repeatedly until people don't fuck with you, simple

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