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File: hhhh.png (267 KB, 567x507)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
femanon here im jealous of women who are afraid of men
i mean my face is pretty but i weigh like 250lb/113kg at 5'7".
therefore i am invisble to men. i have a bf whos objectively hot who loves me so much. but i feel like im missing something.
i never get catacalled or hit on or smiled at or anything like that. i dont have to fear walking alone at night. no one wants me enough to break the law for me. it also makes me hate other women
well, im gonna try to lose weight for my own health anyway. but part of it is also bc i want attention, positive or negative.
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> if i work hard for the body i want, and indulge a little bit in the attention i want, will it come at the expense of my personality?
>i used to think i was better than most women because i wasnt an attention whore with a cardboard personality.
idk if I would even want to be friends with you with this kinda personality. You seem too arrogant or full of yourself, when you haven't even proven to us that you're worth it. A thin or healthy girl who wears make-up and dresses nice and smells nice, even without knowing her at first, suggests a person who takes care of themselves and showers. You, being overweight and arrogant without giving us any more info, at first glance do not seem to hold much of a candle to her.

After years of neglecting myself, this year I started to finally fix me. At minimum, I am able to live competently by myself/outside of parents, I am healthy, and if I keep going, I have future to look forward to. Even making my bed and cleaning my room fills me with pride, and overall, I've become a better person, and my friends see it too. If anything, my personality is better because of what I learned.

No, you wont lose anything by working on yourself. If anything, you'll be a better person. But first I recommend you tone down your ego, take some time to self reflect. There's literally no reason to hate on beautiful people. I don't hate dudes who are taller than me or stronger. If anything, they give me encouragement to work out myself. My mindset aint perfect, but I'm striving to be a consistent self correcting human, and I encourage you and anyone else to do the same.

GL. I'm your height and wanna be more fit too. Hope we both reach our goals
I love the honesty and genuineness in this post. Godspeed OP. I'd totally kidnap you and cum inside you based on your personality alone. I know that's not enough validation but if I ever see you I'll catcall.

Captcha: MWANT (man want)
your response game me a shock, the kind of shock i needed.
i mean, trust me when i say, no one would be able to tell these dark thoughts i have. im happy, bubbly, super nice, very generous, i like making people laugh and making myself the butt of the joke.
my self esteem about my physical self is suuuuper low, but i think in terms of my personality, i think its very good, which i guess does make me arrogant. i do think im better than certain other people. but i shouldn't feel that way.
i have some new things to think about, and some new things to work on, so thanks for that.
Try watching Silence of the Lambs.
>invisible to men
>have a “hot” boyfriend
Nigger IQ

File: sharin.jpg (10 KB, 287x281)
10 KB
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Well you see i had 100k in a taxable investment account and like 20k savings. Completely forgot to mention the 10k in checking's cause oops larp diddy larp larp. So my homes live in my imagination.
I figured it was a larp with 500k in money market. Only a fucking retard would do that
Actually 20% in cash is pretty common :/ I was just making fun of the slave ETL data larp lord.
What if it's not a larp anon?

Gary Edition
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You're bowling strikes Spotify
>get an email from bumble saying someone liked me
>haven't used bumble in months
>redownload it
>eventually find the girl
>swipe right on her
>"i wonder if she'll message me"
>check messages
>she unmatched me

Did Bumble just trick me into redownloading it?
Now that’s how you save a life. He left just now grabbing his tools and texting his uber or someshit. Was visibly pissed. Sucks that he had to be hired by them because I’ve never seen someone so visibly disgusted at a person. Some boomer tradie. I’m so curious as to what he witnessed.
sure is a lot of coincidences lately

File: IMG_20210108_204341_596.jpg (419 KB, 1080x1440)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
>meet great girl during pandemic
>rich Iranian parents
>she lives in Canada
>wait for border to open but it never does
>she flies here
>we get an airbnb and go to natl parks
>best week of my life
>completely in love with her
>she goes home
>we can't see each other anon
>won't tell me why so I keep talking to her
>she eventually spills it
>her parents aren't rich
>she has a sugar daddy
>he's going to marry her and give her a 911

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Tfw I'm a big NIN fan. Kanye good too. Sigma male beatwominillionaire grindset.
why would you expose her like that
>I love her
>proceeds to destroy her whole life instead of finding an alternative path
you sound like a psychopath
Yeah that's what she said I am, too.
File: aizen logic.png (109 KB, 307x301)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
All WEEK? Then this anon is right >>24627203
That's a fuckin outcall. She IS a whore. Don't cry over a whore. Especially one you've physically met once, shit that puts you on easy mode in fact in terms of getting over her.

This'll sound funny but you probably just have your standards set too high. And when you have them set too high fucked up shit like this is bound to happen. Start fucking with brown women,asians and white women. Get to KNOW them and don't make excuses with shit like how you think they're gonna be.

>male-female relationships are predicated on what the man has to offer vs how high value the woman is.
See pic.
The most important thing about male-female relationships is all about your game, man. There are plenty of beautiful chicks out there following completely worthless scumbags on the cusp of going to Prison and serving like a 5 year sentance minimum. Why? Because their game is that tight. How? They put the girl to work. I don't mean prostitution but they give her shit to do and shit to take care of and they get so caught up in it their focus changes.
Yea he really missed out on getting to have sex with a whore every once an awhile. You guys need to realize how pathetic you sound when you say things like this.

girlfriend caught me jerking off and was not pleased. she said she can offer anything i need and that i shouldn’t have to jerk off and claims she doesn’t either. doesn’t help that i had porn open but we never talked about it, she is quite upset

it’s not that weird no?
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If I walked in on a chick with her pants down schlicking her pooossy I would try fucking her instead of causing an argument.

>opens door
>sees poosy
>hey don’t finish without me!!!
>she’s nuts for having reasonable expectations of her partner

the thing is i don’t want to ask her for anything, it implies i have to return the favor and sometimes i want to be alone.

we have sex 3x a week usually. i like sex but not to the point where i want it everyday, sometimes i just jerk off as a way to relief stress.
>she said she can offer anything i need
lol test this in a couple days when she's not emotionally heated and saying anything to justify here current feelings. She will not follow through with this statement.

I want to dom a cute boy and seduce him to convert to my religion

Is this fantasy realistic?
There's an insane amount of desperate men that would convert to have sex with a woman, so yes, it is realistic, assuming you're marginally attractive. However, I imagine the type of guy you're fantasizing about converting are not the type of guy you'd be able to convert.
>However, I imagine the type of guy you're fantasizing about converting are not the type of guy you'd be able to convert.
You mean someone who's not a coomer?
Sort of - I'm reading a lot into 'cute boy'. If they're cute enough that he gets a lot of attention from women, he's probably not going to jump through a lot of hoops to be with you because you're not his only option.
i dont like burka bitches
>you're not his only option.
Hence the "seduce" part

Even the most flirty women rarily put any more effort nor skill than what's needed to get by. I just have to go the extra mile

File: little house.jpg (541 KB, 1894x1636)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
It's friday night and I'm literally just sitting here staring at a wall in a dark room in silence. I don't feel like doing anything. Shows are boring, my friends are boring, games are boring, music is boring, making things for more than an hour at a time feels impossible. What the fuck is wrong with me?
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File: sadman.png (202 KB, 368x368)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
is this seriously the answer? just shuffle my hobbies around until I die? I'm not trying to disregard your advice, I'm seriously asking if this is the best anyone has come up with.
What have you tried making? There are so many things to do, surely you haven't tried them all
yeah? try different hobbies until you find one you like
You should read some books or study about something. If you found that boring then i don't know what to say, honestly, this might be depression
File: cn6vr77709851.jpg (41 KB, 720x960)
41 KB
Life is mostly distracting ourselves until we die. You aren't gonna solve all your problems in a Friday night.

Check a new game out, it may make your night. Or go to sleep either.

File: 1583427733494.jpg (384 KB, 720x900)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
When we first met, my husband used to read books, philosophy, thinking about how to change the world, etc
And now he watches shit TV and drinks beer all day. He seems very happy but I don't like him seeming dumber by the day.
I'm still the same as back then, I read a lot, my work is creative so I spend a lot of time on figuring stuff out and thinking. I also cook in the house, clean and take care of everything so he's definitely not too tired or busy.
The only thing we sometimes do that I think makes him smarter is playing chess and I've been winning at it a bit too often.
He seems to have lost the drive to want to know more and it just pains me a little bit.
Is there anything I can do?
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This happened to me shortly after I graduated college. Once I started working full time and finished going to school I stopped spending as much time reading and exploring various topics like I used to when I was a teen/young student. Now I just get home from work and light up a bowl or drink a few beers then go off to bed to do it all over again in the morning. I don't have the time, energy, or drive to constantly try and learn whatever strikes my interest at the moment or cultivate my knowledge anymore.
Fuck off. Let people live their life and do what they want
>thinking about how to change the world, etc
Sounds like an idealist retard who doesn't know how the world works. Reading books no longer makes you smart, and it usually just makes you pretentious. I'm an engineer and I've finished maybe 6 books in my life.

>The only thing we sometimes do that I think makes him smarter is playing chess
ROFL playing chess doesn't make you smarter. I got to level 1600 and realized the only way to improve was to, ironically, start reading books and memorizing things. Nope.

>He seems to have lost the drive to want to know more and it just pains me a little bit.
Is there anything I can do?
Stop being attracted to the ego boost you apparently need by being with an "intellectual"

based desu

you went from a pseudo-intellectual tool to an honest working man. fuck the stress. just get your work done. no one needs to be the smartest man in the room
The guy is living his life and able to support himself. What more could you ask for? "Muh potential" lmao none of you are going to change the world or become millionaires. You should just enjoy what you have and do what makes you happy.

File: suffering.jpg (236 KB, 680x868)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
3rd time typing this, keeps saying it's too long so I'm gonna try to keep it short but I will answer any questions

GF and I have been dating for 3 years. We're both 24 but she has an 8 year old son. I didn't care at first because I was gonna pump and dump but I ended up catching feelings for her.

About a year ago her behavior shifted and she started acting like a feminazi bitch. I thought that maybe it was birth control so I talked to her about it and she agreed to stop talking it but her behavior kept getting worse.

Fast forward till a few weeks ago when my gf tells me that "our" son wants to be trans. I thought she was joking at first but when she saw I wasn't taking her seriously she get pissed and doubled down on it. I asked the him if he wanted to be a girl and all he said was "I don't know". I told her that she was retarded and that he is only 8 so how would he even know what transgender is.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
i would say to call CPS but they would just encourage it too
you could try to call your local police dept and say shes a crazy bitch thats trying to sterilize her son against his will
I'm trying to keep the cops out of it as long as I can. Besides, we live in the city so I doubt the police will give a shit anyway
unfortunately the cops are probably your only option unless you want to try to convince this psycho that shes wrong
I have a friend who's a cop and he said that technically it's legal for her to do it if she finds a way to trick him into consenting to it

File: 1615613486563.jpg (330 KB, 1500x1538)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Sex and Dating General
ITT: Ask and post about sex & dating, can be anyone commen, question or advice as long as it has to do with sex/dating. It makes more sense to me to have a dedicated large thread about this topic instead of a bunch of shorter threads
239 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
How can you close first date, lets say you an incel
She is alpha widowed by big pharma
Boys I have a question.

Do non-virgin women care if you’re a virgin male. And if I’m a virgin and I wanna settle with a non virgin women does that make me a cuck?

Fuck I swear this fucking site has fucking damaged me with all the schizo mindset about women and sex, For us men, finding a virgin woman is a plus and is like finding the holy grail meanwhile for women a virgin man is pathetic cause of “no experience”? they don’t actually think this way and all this shit comes from autists in 4chan?
Should I hire a hooker before having intercourse with a woman I like and also is it time to leave this site?

Depending on how the girl sees her past relationships she might have a different view

My gf said she was happy for me being a virgin because now she really dislikes the person she was in a relationship with, so its nice that i lost mine with someone that's not psycho schizo.

I have talked about it with lots of women and they literally don't care, its just a 4chan meme dude, and if she does care a lot about it, then she is probably not the right one for you my dude.
what does this mean?

File: anon_is_a_cutie.jpg (67 KB, 728x410)
67 KB
/ATOGA/ - Trees and Breeze Edition

Previous thread: >>24621115
184 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Same lol, I don’t live in the us, but in Canada. Both of my parents come from completely different places and is grew up in the uk. I honestly don’t feel a strong sense of ‘home’ anywhere, and it seems like Canada doesn’t have much of an identity either. It is a pretty young country, so I guess that’s part of it. We also pride ourselves on ‘multiculturalism’, but I’m starting to think that too much might be a bad thing. It makes it harder to have a united nation and a shared vision for the country. Anecdotally, I feel that the UK has a much stronger identity than Canada. Probably a result of its history, but it has other issues anyway
File: sketch-1624402885108.png (948 KB, 1080x1325)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
Its unironically based to clownmax. Bitches love funny, entertaining men.
File: sketch-1625973804066.png (898 KB, 1607x1080)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
She calls me a retard or a faggot, and she hates jannies, kikes, niggers, and dishes. She also is an exteme degenerate who wants to be punched and live life as my stupid ragdoll bitch slave. The other one is a little less DARKZ(based), but makes up for it by being really sexy and moe.
>then she’ll be excited to deflower you
I agree that the guy shouldn’t let virginity define him or weigh him down, but come on dude. Women aren’t men.
Anon, businessmen ride public transportation in cities every fucking day. You have no idea what you're talking about. You're fucked up because you're giving some real city anon bad advice based on your tourism. You're not from cities, you don't know how people from cities operate, all you were was a tourist who "like totally just grabbed an uber god." You sound fucking ridiculous to anyone who's from a city.

File: b.jpg (33 KB, 480x360)
33 KB
>be me
>job + contracting work total to 100k/yr gross income
>live in rural area
>all hobbies are solitary
>/fit/(dyel), at 1/2/3/4 5x5
>get told i look handsome/strong often
>dont drink or do drugs
>no friends
>never even went on a date
So i focused on my career, now how do i find a wife? Where i work, most people have graduated college at least 5 years ago, so theyre all old. I dont know how to flirt or talk to women. I only got ~10 matches on tinder even though I'm 30 miles from NYC. The ones I texted havent responded.
Im considering moving to a different state/country and starting over but im not fond of travel and im pretty comfy where im at.
I think im developing some kind of personality disorder from my loneliness, as ive stopped feeling love and empathy. Im slowly slipping into a state of not giving a shit, which has actually cured my anxiety. I dont get sexual desires anymore without stimulation. I need to fix this before it's too late to turn back, and this is the only place I can turn to.
I asked for advice here a few months ago and i havent gotten any answers, so if the same happens here, im probably just going to lose my virginity to an escort and if that doesnt help, ill just give up.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Going to those events by yourself is awkward as fuck, ive tried
Im starting to think that it really is futile
Im probably gonna do a trip around europe soon, maybe that will work
Good speed anon, maybe come to argentina, you are gonna drown in pussy just for being american
whats your job?
Any cities/spots you recommend?
Software engineer
did you not need a degree? i mean 20yos barely finished high school where im from

otherwise if youre dont have a super fugly face its not over. young girls your age simply dont give a crap about income and jobs. the older girls care

File: 1613991239626.jpg (92 KB, 908x589)
92 KB
ive been able to get through all of k-12 schooling and most of college (compsci) on my current level of effort. however, i realize that at this rate i will never have a job post graduation. despite this realization, i have no desire to work on any personal projects, no desire to "grind", no desire to do anything really.
when i actually decide to do something, i give up quickly if i dont show signs of potential success.
my questions are:
1. why does this happen? i have suspected that i may have adhd and/or autism but that seems like a cope to me.
2. how do i stop this from happening?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Try to sit down and actually read the documentation, and understand how to use the features. If you just skim it over you won't ever know how to use it.
There are four reasons, I find, when I don't pursue or give up on something. Pick one specific thing you're trying to achieve, and tell me which of these 4 reasons you seem stuck on:
>1. you've been forced into it and don't actually feel like this task/project was your choice
>2. you do genuinely want it, but right now there's other shit which is more important to you that you're prioritizing
>3. this is your main priority, but you just don't know why it's important to you and as a result you're sort of vague about how much you want it.
>4. you don't know the process - you have the what and why, you don't have the 'how'
number 4 is the one I always struggle on. It's the hardest thing to solve because that's where all the motivation shit is irrelevant and you have to come up with the real world.
I can't give you more advice until you tell me A. what it is specifically you are giving up on, B. which of the 4 reasons you feel is the explanation for you giving up on it.
Yes, you can describe multiple projects/goals but separate out the reasons.
the things i give up on mainly are things im not obligated to do or things that are not urgent. for example, work that i do outside of an academic context.
the most likely reason is 4.
>mainly are things im not obligated to do or things that are not urgent
Which are the top three, the absolute top three examples right now which are causing you the most distress?
1. i want to do some personal projects to build up my resume but i dont really know what to do or how to do it
2. ive been asked by a family member to design a website for him and i havent really been working on that
3. im trying to improve my diet but i cant consistently eat at a deficit

File: what.png (569 KB, 766x766)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
I have had a friend since freshman high meeting through a former mutual and I thought that we were good friends. He is 2 years older than me (18, 20) and lately he has been weird. Note that I am straight and he is openly gay.. He has been hitting on me a lot which I let it slide most of the time but more "jokes" have been...aberrant. Last night was especially bad as he turned on vanish mode and suggested that I explore my sexuality a little and "everybody's a little gay" and "girls are impossible to please and guys are simple: along with persistent requests for me to send a dick pic and "maybe we do some sucky sucky" which makes me cringe. I have told him several times that I am straight and I want someone's daughter to crush my head with her thighs while showing me her favorite tv show. He said that he would do that and was just creepy, even after I asked him if it was a joke. He apologized later after I stood my ground and now I don't even want to talk to him. He always tries to subtly steer conversations into a sexual direction and I play dumb but he won't stop. I have lost count of how many times I told him that I like women. How do I get it through his head that I am straight? Is this friendship even worth keeping? Is he pretending to be my friend to get in my pants?
Just more proof that gays tend to focus on lust and not love. OP nobody would think bad of you if you distanced yourself since he’s not respecting your boundaries and also soliciting sex/lewds to boot. I’d probably choose to avoid at this point since he’s hungry for you and I just wouldn’t trust him to not spike my drink or something.

File: Angrysun.jpg (20 KB, 357x317)
20 KB
What board is best for complaining about the weather?
This one.

Fuck summer. It's too fucking hot to do anything.

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