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I am a young man in prime age bracket, yet I cannot attract women. What solution is there for a modern male such as myself to attain a relationship? What can I do to alter my physical appearance to become more palatable to women? Please advise. I am desperate nearing suicide.
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nah, dont listen to that guy.
its obviously
1: be nice and courteous
2: try to talk to girls
3: get ignored/ghosted
4: realize girls get off on thinking they'll be raped by you
You need Serial Killer Energy to even remotely attract female interested these days. The recent Netflix Dahmer show proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Dude he looks like a fucking incel.
they should just make it legal already.
then girls will get bored of their rape fantasy and we can go back to talking like adults.

File: 86893747742.jpg (455 KB, 1600x1000)
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Should I ignore relationship advice that women give me?
Ignore any advice a women gives you unless it's your mother, your sister, or your therapist. And even then double think it over.
>Should I ignore _____________________ women _______?
women are horrible therapists
But they pretend to care

File: 1662308096747881.jpg (291 KB, 1242x1722)
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Thread Theme:
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>Make joking comment on /tv/
>Get banned
I swear they make the Hunter Schafer threads just to ban people. Who gives a shit tho.
obviously you do
Second time it's happened, but it's just a temp ban. A little annoyed but that's about it.
Just fall in love with someone good
Yes hello this is 4chan that's a post and this is a thread try not to stick out and lurk more

File: 1654770889870.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1352)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I'm trying to decide between Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Here are some of my pros and cons:
+Most spoken
+Good business prospects
-China is collapsing
-Low wages for high end jobs
-Most difficult
-Racist (I'm white, but there is still prejudice)
+Fun and sounds (speaking) best of the three
+Love the culture (not just the entertainment aspect, fashion and architecture too)

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File: 1662853446091909.png (63 KB, 858x675)
63 KB
File: ultimate_nihongo_guide.png (1.06 MB, 1280x2378)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
japanese is good, and it's also easy to learn thanks to all the resources.
I think Chinese has the most speakers. Korean is easiest though, and it might be the most useful. Korea is a great place to live/work.
>-Actually autistic, contradicting Japanese societal standards
Unless you're the kind of autist who screams PICKLE RIIIIIIICK in packed trains and likes to idk blow his nose on his shoes or something, you'll likely fit right into their meme culture where everyone is a bowing introvert polite loner.
Replies ranging from:
>Korea is a great place to live/work
>Korea is hell on earth
Lmao which one is it??

File: uxiswkkfwwl.jpg (18 KB, 404x300)
18 KB
Too old for her? My girlfriend is 25 and I'm 35
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once both parties are over 25 it doesnt matter. i mean if you want kids its not like youre gonna marry a 35 year old
nice reading the comments i thought 10 year age gap was weird but now i have no anxiety about introducing my gf to my family next week on my 21st birthday
File: NPC_wojak_meme.png (17 KB, 200x198)
17 KB
>35/2 =17.5 + 7 = 24.5 totally fine
>49/2 = 24.5 + 7 = 41.5 not good
There's literally nothing weird about an age gap. As long as everyone is a consenting adult, it's totally fine. Anyone who says otherwise is just projecting their bizarre insecurities.
It depends on your maturity. You most likely haven’t grown up yourself. Like attracts like.

File: 1664248218693463.png (240 KB, 660x589)
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240 KB PNG
>discord calls co worker for like first time (we met like 2 days ago) to discuss music
>we start chatting and eventually he says he's into me but I decline
>he says its cool and we end up talking about porn stuff for some reason
>guy mentions later on that he's always available if I change my mind
>he also asked me how big my dick was
>we continue browsing and talking about porn and stuff
>this guys giving me a bad vibe kinda
Bros I think I found a person weirder than me... Do you think our interaction was weird or... What should I do? Especially if this goes bad?

You found a homosexual who wants you to fuck him which is why he keeps wanting to talk about porn.

File: help.jpg (570 KB, 750x1094)
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570 KB JPG
I am 27 and i've never had a girlfriend
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You forgot to ask for advice, virgin.
>I have no idea how this theoretical schedule is supposed to work
It's not that fucking complicated. You have to go to public places and engage with people while doing it in a practical manner if you eventually want a girlfriend, that's it. Girls want guys who are sociable and who put themselves out there, not guys who stay at home all the time jerking off and crying about >tfw no gf like imbeciles.
Minority (not African-American)
Absolutely, and I mean absolutely HIDEOUS
Same situation.

I only exist to balance out the Alphas and Betas. The yin and yang of it all.
It all makes sense, but there are holes in it. How am I supposed to be in public places engaging with people 100% of the time I'm not working? That just doesn't seem realistic.
No one said 100% of the time.

18yo CS freshman. 140 IQ. ~2000 net worth. How do I retire by 30 and live a decent lifestyle?
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Bro, you sound so retarded I'd bet my life savings you read the IQ score wrong or accidentally took a practice SAT section and somehow managed to fuck it up and get a score below 200.
What good is your IQ if you can't even post a transparent .png properly?
No no no, you BECOME a board ape. Sit on a board and hold a position of power. That's where all the money is.
Bro I can barely type in these fucking nwje0 captchas... but I'm JUST smart enough to post on 4chan... Even *I* know how to post a 2n3kjcv transparent .png. Anon must be a world-class retard

wneiuf9 nken9

How do people have social life’s and overall positivity in their life?
Just turned 20, all through middle/high school and both online/irl socially I’ve been through this endless cycle of losing friends then reconnecting and losing them again.
Only until last year I just said fuck it and decided not to have any friends at all, after a friend I reconnected with scammed me for 60$ because I was an “asshole.”
I’ve been banned from like 100 discords at this point I feel. sometimes it takes 5 months, sometimes 1, but it’s always a considerable amount of time before I get banned. I try to interact, and 70% of the time everyone in that community hates me by the end and I mostly am banned for being annoying.
Irl I would always be the one initiating convos and hangouts and sometimes look on Snapchat to see my friends go out without me, sometimes saying they forgot to invite me.
I used to have a friend who was the only one I had during the pandemic and she was very nice but randomly ghosted and blocked me on everything. I legit don’t know why.
Honestly I could say that it’s the communities and friends I’ve had have all been terrible, but I really don’t believe that, I feel like I myself have no idea how to put myself out there and actually be a decent fucking person.
I lost a relationship with my step brother because it went from an acquaintance level to a personal level and I guess that’s why I lose friends like that? Any acquaintance I have I still am on good terms with but every friend I’ve tried to be personal with (and I just mean hang out with and talk to often) have left me.
I really don’t know what to do. I’ve developed this paranoia over the years of people shit talking me because of it actually happening to me when I suspected it too, so it is really hard to make friends now.
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Not necessarily negative. But a know it all. Kind of one uping people all the time. Are you always sharing your take, because if you are that can get exhausting real quick. Conversating is a game of give and take. Remembering small details and using them later as a small joke or a reminder that you remembered what someone said and took the time to reflect on what they said. Not everyone will always like you no matter how much charisma and positive attitude you have. Some people are just cold.
I’ll try to tone it then then.
>some people are just cold
That’s what bothers me. I feel like maybe I am just a normal person who can socialize but have just been extremely unlucky with finding friends irl and online, I mean I did go to a school for depressed people or kids in juvie, for the former reason.
But I am negative mostly to myself and always assume/prepare for the worst. So I do feel like I’m the back of my head I need a lot of improvement.
Its not you, society have been extremely poisoned in the "social status games"
People use to be alot more genuine and friendly in the past, now you have to play their games or everyone would treat you like how you described
Most of these people use "interests" like their labels and terms. No real investment or effort, used as eye candy. Ignore them. Find people with actual passion like you. There is nothing wrong about how you are.
I'm sorry this happened to you. I am similar and withdrew from society because of how true passion and interest are treated.
I would suggest not doing that unless you're attractive and charming.
Don't take this the wrong way but you could possibly be a narcissist and highly neurotic. That tends to push people away pretty quick. You do need to look inside yourself and really find out what makes you angry/hostile. What makes you happy/more open. How were you in elementary and middle school? The same depressed school, can you explain a little. Like for truancy or something?

File: we are the same.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>3 months ago, was a twice daily masturbator with a penchant for hardcore porn.
>started a relationship with a new girl for the first time in 6 years.
>could barely stay hard with her
>panicked and thought i'd have to get on viagra and spend years recovering from deathgrip

you guys told me to chill and take a break from porn and go exercise and eat clean and focus on the sexual connection rather than achieving orgasm. you fucking nailed it. i went cold turkey on porn and masturbation and 2 months in we started having great sex and today i came in her for the first time without touching my dick with my hand. sensitivity is mostly recovered.

deathgrip isn't permanent!!! YAY. again. thank you all.
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hell yeah
we boner city now
Wait a minute you actually DIDN'T BE AN NPC?
You actually disagreed with your impulses, changed your routines and solved your problems?
I thought that didn't actually happen on /adv/.
there was one guy in particular who really gave me hope and said he was in the exact same position in the past and told me what worked for him. he made it sound super doable and worth it. i owe that guy several drinks. i hope he's killing it wherever he is.
Can you post what he said for us that are still in the proccess?

Been sitting in my lounge chair for the past half hour, my chest feels full of fluid and my ears feel like they’re gonna pop.
Weird part is my pulse ox meter says my bpm is flux between 70/99 which has been normal for me and my oxygen level is great. So now my heart feels wrong but don’t wanna spend 5k and the next 18 hours in some shit city emergency room only to find out it was indigestion.

I’ve been having heart problems for the past year but i have absolutely no idea why and the cardiologist hadn’t figured it out yet: Having an echocardiogram later next month should i just wait until then?

Any medfrens around?
EMT here so take that with a grain of salt. What do you mean feels full of fluid? Physically or upon inhalation?
wish I could explain man, it just feels like my chest is full of some kinda fluid. feels like my chest is full and suffocated. If i could guess, fluid in or around the heart. Dunno how the fuck something like that even happens i’m 26

She is horrible at giving head and she orgasms too quickly and completely checks out after. I don't want to ruin her self confidence by telling her straight up

Tell her and make her cry. Also tell her that her nipples are gross looking and her pussy looks bad. She will never orgasm again and you will be able to do what you want to her.

Should I grow a mustache?
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Staches are for pedos
File: WW.jpg (29 KB, 480x478)
29 KB
Nope, see >>27401877
also Heisenberg
That isn't a mustache.

File: 4b8.gif (761 KB, 500x375)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
i have a bachelors degree from a community college but I graduated with 0 experience, so I can't even land interviews. I live with my parents, who are pushing me to go back to (a better) school and get a more relevant degree in compsci, but that just seems like a massive sink of time and money that doesn't guarantee any success. Doing a coding bootcamp seems like a better option, but that's not a guarantee either, and there are so many options while they also cost a lot. It already feels like it's too late for me for find any success. Internships won't even let me apply because they all ask that you be actively enrolled as a student. What the fuck do I do?
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>just work for free bro
>have you tried searching "Inbound" and "technical support" on job boards?
no but I guess I will now
This is, sadly, normal. It was like yhst for me when I got out of college over a decade and a half ago. Same for many of my friends, some who had STEM degrees, because, well, college is a scam.

Find whatever work you can and keep applying for jobs. Eventually you get out but it will take a year. If you dont try it could take a gakd decade or longer like for me
File: 1661864723610.jpg (181 KB, 1920x1080)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
i feel for you bro, graduated a month ago and i havent learned anything except for the fundamentals (I.T.). and nothing deeper than that. also uni made me somewhat hate coding.
I graduated a year and a half ago...

File: 1625880548749.gif (68 KB, 570x537)
68 KB
You losers need to stop posting so many frogs. Full stop. Its total cringe.
Autistic screeching
Wrong board

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