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Basic Barbell Lifts:

Stronglifts is agreat resource for the five basic barbell exercises.

Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

Yoga forathletes: Yoga can be done anywhere without any equipment and isexcellent for building flexibility.

MayoClinic basic stretching guide

Athlete'sguide to foam rolling

Makeyour own foam roller

File: feelsbar.png (33 KB, 300x174)
33 KB
Bar's open. Comment what's bothering you.
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File: EU7kZ61X0AA665j.jpg (31 KB, 680x629)
31 KB
The pain will subside, then do Cuban rotations before every workout. I've been doing them for years and as long as I remember to do them, never had a problem again.
You are a pathetic little man.
>at this point we're no longer grinding up and I demand an apology

oh boy
Calm down little guy.

File: Thor.png (946 KB, 1181x764)
946 KB
946 KB PNG
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> be me
> stalled on bench
> start working standing OHP into routine
> bench no longer stalled
Nope, no carryover what-so-ever
No, and anything who believes that overhead press has a strong carry over is probably someone who only knows starting strength and sees a 1:1 ratio of bench and press. It's really not important for bench at all.
File: 435345345.jpg (34 KB, 430x370)
34 KB
I love Z but in all fairness he should have 3 wsm and Shaw should have 5. In 2014 Thor jumped the gun on an event, it wasn't called bc wsm is a circus, and he took a point away from Shaw that would have secured him the V over Z
Yeah, because it had carry over to you means that it has carry over to everyone
Not to mention that the reason you got stronger was probably because you simply adding more pressing volume in general, not the fact that the overhead press has some sort of magic properties. I would argue that if you had added more benching you probably would have made even better progress
> t. newfag

what body type is this?
The “oh come on live a little and get drunk with us!” Special
on a meme diet and walks the treadmil

File: www.usnews.com.jpg (101 KB, 1200x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>mfw HIV positive

How will this effect my (life) gains? I'm so depressed. I just want to die. I can't stop thinking about jumping into the baler at my workplace.
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Are you asking if he topped or bottomed? Because he most definitely bottomed and his booty hole bled. That's the only way it happens.
There was no more than 10 occasions where I didn't use a condom.
How did you realize this? And for how long?
>be sodomite
>get surprised at receiving Judgement
10 times with your stable dates? Okay.
10 times with club whores? Too much.
10 times with prostitutes? Too much.

File: pppp.png (270 KB, 463x611)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
look at his arms here and his build in all other videos. he looks like he was working out during that off month right
I thought so as well.
nice try Felix I won't open that image
Is he v*gan? I got the feeling he was from the previous video.

File: fat1.jpg (96 KB, 1024x817)
96 KB
>Catalog search
>Nothing found.
C'mon, people. I need motivation for Chest & Back™ tomorrow morning
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File: 1276172039015.jpg (60 KB, 604x453)
60 KB
>too fat to work properly
>judging by face I would say it's some degenerate queer
>nearing boomer age
Yup, that one is completely disposable.
The degeneration of the spine would remove a tad bit of weight though. So keep standing, lady!
Halo is based on a semi true story. Master Cheif for one is an archetype of men who are infected with a virus that activates under certain environmental conditions (epigenetics). The virus goes by many names. Angel/hunter/eagle virus are a few names. More men like him are going to be born in the coming years as Western society continues to collapse. Also, Halo triggers genetic memories in some people with the angel/hunter/eagle virus. The flood is a parasite that actually exists. People with the Angel/hunter/eagle virus act as a genetic fail-switch slowing the spread of the parasite. Spartans act as a genetic failswitch to slow the spread of the parasite. The parasite wants to destroy the human part of humans.

Caffeine castrates. Most whites are allergic to it. It lowers IQ. It damages males more than females and it is giving them an edge over males. Caffeine = poison for most whites particularly for white conservatives.

Fun fact, electronics not only lowers IQ it alters perception (and castrates). Electronics use is allowing the parasite to spread as people are not as able to identify genetic threats as well as they used to. Eliminate electronics to identify the infected easier.

Grains castrate. Oats, wheat, corn, millet, barley.

Men who are predisposed into becoming "spartans" are not allowing themselves to because of eating poisonous food (see above). Alot of modern food prevents old genetics from expressing itself. Including the modifications.

Post your natty goal body. I’ll start.
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Getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport he loves and is passionate about, while you cry on 4chan because Black men have bigger penises
File: gymbrosatthebeach.jpg (98 KB, 720x720)
98 KB
Me on the right, you on the left
They never do.
Traditional masculinity scares (them) so the come and shitpost in a weak attempt to "sway minds" but really just to obliquely vent their own inferiority and subsequent insecurity.
File: 1585188346135.gif (1.21 MB, 250x167)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
Lmao you worthless nigger

File: 2346462.jpg (59 KB, 300x300)
59 KB
You now remember that embarrassing moment where you spilled your spagetti around a cute girl
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oi faggot, we're in a crisis and you're playing with the fucking TP?
>3rd year of highschool, walk up to a girl that everyone wanted to bang,
>walk her down the hallway making small talk
>she was into it ya know
>I had it, flirty little convo
>she has a knee brace
>”so did you hurt your knee?”
>”probably while you were playing soccer right?”

It was so awkward after that. We had never talked before. I had looked at her Facebook a few times and knew she played soccer. It just came weird sounding
>that embarrassing moment where you spilled your spagetti
I never had one, the problem was that I was too confident on my skills (which I had none in retrospective)
One time I was at a party and I saw this hot looking broad, I asked her name, I gave mine, then I said I would come back
When I came back I asked "did you miss me?", she said "what?", i repeated it, she just looked me weird and turned her back on me
Later on my friend, that was friends with her, sent me an audio on whatsapp with her talking shit about me, saying I had no notion of things, that I must have been that "virgin dude that plays videogame all day"
I have many stories like this
In accumulation I am unsure if I can regain my gf trust.

I came to her at two years in our relationship when my drinking was getting out of hand, and I confided in her I wanted to get better. She didn't know it was that bad, and though I slipped up a couple of times in the following weeks, I'm going on 3 months now without a single drop. Barely miss the stuff.

But due to my massive fuck up, coupled with past trust issues on her behalf, anything I do now is End Relationship tier.

A girl on Instagram liked a post of mine, she was a mutual contact. I guess we liked each other's posts too much, and that was a huge red flag that I was "helicoptering girls". I offered to meet up and give an old friend(who happened to be an ex) a pull up bar because I wasn't using it, I went to her saying I was going to do that to get her blessing and she said "Thanks for telling me after you made the plans" and could not see how I could just not care that we dated, for 3 months, *over ten years ago*.

We're on a break right now so she can "take some time" and figure herself out, going on two weeks with minimal contact, but it feels more like a test break up. I'm bummed, anxious, but I'm ready for whatever outcome.

And when did you start lifting r/fit?
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Absolutely based Fuck these mentally ill freaks
I'm not a freak dude...I'm a person just like you.
>Then Korra came out and it was shit but I kept lifting.

are you cute?

Are good forearms exclusive to big wrists?
Can you even get big forearms with 6.5 inch wrists?
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Lol looks like a turkey leg
File: DDe9jmjXYAAaPQ2.jpg (42 KB, 646x595)
42 KB
Wtf anon, there's people with wrists as small as my dick is girthy?
File: hmoulinet5.gif (6 KB, 281x251)
6 KB
>Can you even get big forearms with 6.5 inch wrists?
Yes, you just have to find an exercise that works for you. Some swear on the wrist roller, some swear on grippers, some do sword fighting exercises, some swear on wrist curls.

You gotta try stuff out and find what works for you.
Are you a manlet?
I'm not a farmer and I don't know who you are referring to
By /fit/ standards yes

File: korean.webm (1.22 MB, 426x240)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB WEBM
>fast metabolism is a meme
explain this /fit/
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Honestly beast mode man, my goal is close to that physic keep it up
So let's break that down and use some google nutrition info numbers.
Potato: 200g @ 77kcal/100g = 154kcal
Beetroot: 200g @ 43kcal/100g = 86kcal
Pumpkin: 150g @ 26kcal/100g = 37.5kcal
Mushrooms: 60g @ 22kcal/100g = 13.2kcal
Broccoli: 150g @ 35kcal/100g = 52.5kcal
Carrot: 100g @ 41kcal/100g = 41kcal
Beef: 200g @ 250kcal/100g = 500kcal
Grand total: 1kg, 884.2kcal
Or put another way: equivalent to 2L of Coca Cola, or 2L of beer, or 150g of pistachios, or 150g of potato chips, and so on.
Conclusion: you're eating far fewer calories than you think. No worries, I was exactly the same way.
cause they are subhuman garbage without souls.
Not even 1000kcal. You need more than 3 times this you idiot.
They're sadistic and utterly lacking in empathy, whether it's in their dna or just part of their culture

File: 1585981820412.jpg (54 KB, 570x524)
54 KB
Do end up with zero muscle glycogen? Or does gluconeogenesis take care of that? I know it makes some stored in the liver.
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What is fasting?
>A period of time where you don't consume ANY calories
What is the shortest time I can fast?
>16:8. A 16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window per day
What is the longest time I can fast?
>You can fast as long as you have more than 8% body fat and supplement correctly
How do I supplement correctly?
>Get enough minerals. Mainly sodium and potassium
Where do I get sodium and potassium?
>Sodium Chloride is table salt or pink salt. Potassium Chloride is salt substitute, found by the salt in grocery stores
Can I just take sodium without potassium?
>No. This is how you fuck your shit up. Potassium is non-negotiable
How much sodium and potassium?
>2500 mg / 1 teaspoon of each is a good start

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The first few will suck dick no matter what, it gets easier very quickly though. How long are you fasting?
I have done a 16/8 fasting for a few days now. I last ate 10pm yesterday. It's now 9:30am here.
Yes your body will grow a lot with no food hehe xD!
16/8 shouldn't be hard. Try having your dinner earlier in the day, preferably while the sun is still up

I'm in a bad place without the gym. Ever since coming to college I've had horrible anxiety and depression and body/face dysmorphia, I couldn't even leave my dorm for a period of time. The gym has been one of the best ways of controlling these things, and by actually getting good at something I started feeling much better. The first time I benched 225 I swear my dick grew by a foot.
Now that I dont have it anymore I'm going insane, I feel like crying. Home workouts just are NOT the same. Anyone have similar feels?
Turn to recreational drugs

Uhhhh.... guys, maybe we should lay off the pajeets a little.... or be even harder on them if this is what they were capable of in the early 1900s compared to nowadays
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Wasn't there a movie about this? I feel like I watched it on Netflix
kek they all look like coping gymcels
Why the fuck can't we all grow up in a place like this?

What the fuck world, get it together.
>But did it cause a change in ones natty test levels?
Look at them, idiot.
File: ABS-7.jpg (54 KB, 500x450)
54 KB
Indian construction worker.

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