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Basic Barbell Lifts:

Stronglifts is agreat resource for the five basic barbell exercises.

Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

Yoga forathletes: Yoga can be done anywhere without any equipment and isexcellent for building flexibility.

MayoClinic basic stretching guide

Athlete'sguide to foam rolling

Makeyour own foam roller

File: DbAiuIuU0AAd1xo.jpg (59 KB, 757x650)
59 KB
Chad thread
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Listen, retard. The claim is that women would rather share a chad than be with a man in their own league. You say this is supported by the fact that multiple women can be impregnated by the same guy at once.

That's not logical support at all for the fucking claim that women would RATHER share Chad. Just because it's possible for them to be impregnated by one guy doesn't mean they would RATHER it.

The Duce
Based, rip

File: u9ZTAuv.jpg (21 KB, 600x400)
21 KB
BaIding is a death sentence
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>You ever tried to get laid when you look like a human thumb?
Of course. Even did a Tinder experiment creating two accounts with the same photos and bio, except the main photo was me bald and with hair. The difference in matches was no more than 10%
You're clearly overestimating importance of hair. Only vapid sluts go for prettiest boys. Do you need that kind of woman in your life?
Hope you're hot chicks.
So far, 670kg powershitting total in the gym
Not many years left until 30 year old boomer status, my friend.
File: Shaved Zyzz.jpg (42 KB, 482x720)
42 KB
I don't think so
>I won't make it.
Imagine gauging whether you'll make it or not by the amount of girls you attract, holy shit you're a sorry sight. This board is so fucking pathetic.
actually he still looks good because he has such an attractive face
it really is face or nothing

File: rekt.png (1.24 MB, 1362x1324)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
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lol i just looked it up, hes 35 and he intentionally tries to make himself look old
>implying I dont have a joocy ass
>looking at some action scene desktop wallpaper and sperging out about the logistics of the scene taking place, strategy etc

its interesting how different people's brains work.
"different" is a very nice word to use
Wouldn't work with any disciplined soldier

t. my brother was in a desert shithole had to regularly tell civies to fuck off from the equipment or eat shit from a 50 cal. Didn't matter if it was a kid or a woman, you get paid to do a job, you do it.

What mode is this? How can I achieve it?
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Step 1:toss a coin to your witcher
Step 2 :that's it bruh
Gary of Rivertown
looks like rain
Gerald from the French Riviera
Geraldo Rivera

File: boss of this metabolism.png (382 KB, 1379x2322)
382 KB
382 KB PNG

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Anyone here eat raw butter? If so do you just eat it by itself or on a piece of beef?
vegan spotted
the best source for copper is literally liver
File: 1498015745804.jpg (107 KB, 634x858)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Just started OMAD.

>1/3 lb 80/20 beef patty ~390 kcal
>slice of cheddar cheese ~70 kcal
>bunch of steamed broccoli ~30 kcal
>an entire stick of butter ~800 kcal

So about 1290 kcal total and very low carb high fat. Also probably the most economical way to do keto without BS seed oils. It was extremely filling.

How'd I do?
Why omad?

Arnold Pro Strongman Santa Monica watch thread PART 2

Old thread >>54086320


Log Press (380lbs) Results:
Maxime Boudrealt - 5 Reps
Rauno Heinla - 4 Reps
Rob Kearny - 4 Reps
Martins Licis - 3 Reps
Jerry Pritchett - 3 Reps
Wesley Claborn - 3 Reps

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the fuck is up with pritchets belt that shit is like 1 inch wide
i guess maxime is the new strongman gigachad everyone fanboys. not coomplaning
has he done any good showings in big comps before? I have never heard of him, altho i follow strongman pretty casually
File: 1287383272.jpg (30 KB, 605x408)
30 KB
that mire though
Anyone here do strongman? I'd love to get into it but there are no gyms in my area. I'm saving up for equipment to do it at home some day.
>his dutchness is showing

Ideal body type?
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>6'2 vs 5'10 vs 5'8
Why don't you tell me
Ectomorph with endo hips
> I’m dying
how the fuck did the emperor blend into humanity
who here /mendomorph/

File: 1579386176616.jpg (54 KB, 580x346)
54 KB
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>Mire Thread
I-I grew them myself
Haha thanks!
You guys are alright, don’t go to the club tonight
File: cover2.jpg (126 KB, 882x495)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>*knock* *knock*
.it's the jews ma'am. Your son questioned the holocaust...He's dead!
File: 1579356755189.jpg (64 KB, 580x346)
64 KB
post boybussi haha

File: BALKAMBEASTr.jpg (907 KB, 1080x1920)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
noo balkanchad cant lift
nooo balkanchad is weak he uses momentum

im tossing 140 KG

2 bunper= 25 KG x 2
bar= 10 KG
4 small disks= 10 KG X4



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How can't you clean more than you can press? Is that even anatomically possible?

i cant do full clean, i dont have the mobility to do it

i can only do muscle cleans, power cleans are hard to me idk why only muscle cleans is safe why

i can muscle clean around 130/140 kg but i can press that weight for half reps for like 10 reps or more, no usefull also i waste a lot of energy in the muscle clean and after two sets or three i cant muscle clean it again...if one day i get a rack i will ohp again

i cant extend my arms full at ohp thats why i do half reps

anyway cheat curl do all the job and improve ohp and clean without doing them
You can just use strong boxes and metal poles as a rack and get a cheap bench or make one yourself, consider it
Find yourself a stick or band of any kind and then look up some MAQ exercises to work on shoulder and rotator cuff mobility. After a couple of weeks your joints ought to be fairly mobile enough for you to do a full clean, then again if you don't enjoy the exercise or find it sort of useless as you said then there's not much of a need to be doing them for overall strength.
Ever considered bloatmaxxing?

You’re about to deadlift when this chick smacks your ass and tells your girlfriend your her property now
What do you do
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File: 182385762398576.jpg (19 KB, 409x393)
19 KB
>bring her home and let her live with my girlfriend and I and start wholesome two mommy family.
>one for one set of hobbies one for the other
>genetic diversity increases

I'm not a beta cuck who just works out all day, I need a woman who can stimulate my mind and my body.
File: 1574358818830.jpg (8 KB, 183x183)
8 KB
Hit a PR with that extra motivation.
I dont have a gf but if i did she'd probably be uglier than her. So id accept it

File: 20200114_194826.jpg (2.86 MB, 4032x2268)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
How much soda do you drink?

I don't drink soda and I don't have much things to eat immediately like chips.
I have a little delivery job where people will order tons of soda from my pizza joint. And to be honest I have no idea how people get to the point where the drinking liters and liters with no self-awareness whatsoever. It's absolutely fucking disgusting.
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
yup, it also fucks up your insulin sensitivity even worse than actual sugar.
Very little. Like one 500ml bottle in a month maximum. I avoid it like the plague because it contains so much sugar.
>glass of pineapple juice with breakfast
>protein shake with lunch
>glass of water with dinner
>3 liters of water throughout the day
>once or twice a week I'll grab a couple beers with a friend
That's everything I drink. I can't stand soda. It's too sweet and the carbonation messes with my stomach (in ways that beer doesn't for some reason).
>got no tips tho coz i just read about social seduction online

finished that thought for you bro
>can of coke a day
Thats what like 300 calories tops? It’s not healthy but definitely not a gateway to diabetes, especially if you exercise regularlyx

What is her ethnicity?
satan go back to pol
Sick of fucking coomers on this board, why the fuck can't you go to /b/
Collagen, saline, and silicone
You must be far off if you can fap to this.

This version of /fraud/ is gonna be a little different. Instead of reading that retarded ass wiki and visiting re- red- I cant fucking say it, you’re gonna put all steroid related content here.

Questions, experiences, before and after pics, etc. are all welcome here. However, like the traditional /fraud/ threads, ABSOLUTELY NO STEROID SOURCE TALK!

Have fun
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I love how these losers who talk shit the most never post body. Don't worry mast, all you have to do to win an internet argument is say 'post body' and watch them frantically try to do anything BUT. They already lost.
>if you don’t doxx yourself then I win!!
I said post body, not face not name. Getting body doxxed is unheard of. Heck, if its a profile pic of yours just MS paint a black box on your face and greyscale the image, completely untraceable, not even your mother would recognize thats your body. Put up or shut up.
hi /fraud/, what would happen if a 25lb female dog was given 5mg of test-c intramusc once a month?
asking for a friend.
Yo boys, I took a pin in the glute but now it hurts a bit, skin is elevated but it’s not red. This spot had a bruise on it last week but it cleared up before I pinned again. What does this mean??

So has anyone actually tried it?

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