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Basic Barbell Lifts:

Stronglifts is agreat resource for the five basic barbell exercises.

Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

Yoga forathletes: Yoga can be done anywhere without any equipment and isexcellent for building flexibility.

MayoClinic basic stretching guide

Athlete'sguide to foam rolling

Makeyour own foam roller

File: 2475.jpg (114 KB, 600x600)
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are proteins a meme?
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I have seen horse eating meat before.
Because it all becomes glucose in the blood system after being processed by the digestive tract.
Bovines and equines have a digestive tract maximized for processing grains and grasses.
Humans are omnivores who have a digestive tract that will take nourishment from many different types of food but not as well with a tiven type compared with species with more specialized digestive tracts.
>he has broccoli and cabbage growing like grass where he lives
Jesus christ how horrifying
You would be ripped, too, if you also walked on your arms
File: snapshot.jpg (47 KB, 346x554)
47 KB
the fuck's that at 4:00 mark? did he murder a cat or something?

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start slow 16-8 20-4 24-0 then move onto 36's and so on
Why do I feel so mentally clear in my fast? Will keto give the same effect?
ive always been interested in doing this. that show naked and afraid makes me want to try at least a 21 day fast to see if i could make it. if you are broke look into getting SNAP benefits.
you are in keto on a fast. i tried a keto diet with 1800 cals daily and had similar effects.
I thought about this while watching those shows as well like knowing what I know about fasting and ketosis, in a survival scenario it would be best to save up a decent sized meal instead of nibbling as soon as you find food. Best case scenario would be if you found yourself in a beach because you can just take nightly baths in the seawater and that should be good enough to absorb electrolytes (better than nothing)

I don't really live in the US, though so I can't get food stamps.

>enter gym
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File: 1549025554905.jpg (43 KB, 746x541)
43 KB
>enter gym
>enter 2007 gym
>Deleting the moonman post
patrician choice

not yeah baka
File: muhdick.gif (180 KB, 500x375)
180 KB
180 KB GIF

If you had access to control and alter every aspect of your body, what would the “perfect” form look like?
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how did you stop being gay anon, enlighten us
God shes perfect
Im not gay you figure it out, pray about it
but then I'm back to square 1 with no bwb
here's the deal of the arrangement:
>go to bar together looking for sloots
>if we both strike out, go home together and bang
had to confront him last week because over the last month it seemed like he has been intentionally striking out
turns out he wants a thing which is fucked up
better than being a fap addicted coomer

Why the elderly in old times were storng af and could fight until the end of their times, while today's elderly are weak as fuck...?

I don't want to grow old and be weak
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American education is so funny.
>wut? Life expectancy didn’t pass 50yo until the 19th century. It was in the mid 30’s during the Middle Ages.

Actually, there are record of 70 and 80 year old knights fighting well in battle.
They didn't, you're idealizing a past that didn't exist. Media has poisoned your mind.
No it wasn't lol. For the last fucking time, the low lifespan average was due to high child mortality. If you made it your 20s you had a pretty good chance of making it to your 60s.
File: grandchild.jpg (60 KB, 640x464)
60 KB
They actually had things to protect - people go through amazing things to protect their loved ones (or survive).

Average lifespan was drawn down by childhood mortality, dumbo.
>the average height is 170 cm, so everybody is 170 cm tall!!

This indeed. My grandfather is 71 and as fit as at least a 35-45 year old, he used to do running every morning for years (until his heart got worse).

What’s the point in taking steroids if they all come with negative side affects and you can’t keep the gains without them?
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Mine was not that bad but similar, and had a lil in the chest too. Went to derm and got Isotretinoin (the same as Accutane). One month in and I'm so glad I started.
I have not done sterioids and have had acne for almost 10 years now. already tried everything on the internet. useless pills from the useless derms won't do anything either.
>What’s the point in working out if it comes with negative side affects and you can’t keep the gains without working out?
How quickly to steroid gains disappear after discontinuing use?
Sunlight it's great since the UV basically sterilizes it, but you might pay in 40 years if you do it too long. I had it bad until about 26, now I don't do anything and I have no more backne

File: PHOTO_sleepingpositions.jpg (296 KB, 2500x1308)
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296 KB JPG
Does your resting posture influence your muscle development?
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remove pillow
File: serveimage.png (392 KB, 1185x648)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
I drink heavy on weekends I sleep like this just in case.
I sleep on the side hugging my fron't delt on the upper side. I just remember time when I had no separate front delt and this calms me and helps me sleep well.
Sleeping on your back with your hands under your pillow
“Instinctive sleeping and resting postures: an anthropological and zoological approach to treatment of low back and joint pain”

The short pdf suggests, in my opinion, “correct” sleeping postures. I originally found it when I was attempting to mimic the sleeping postures of more primitive pirate species. Please use it if it will be any help.

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You sound super jealous, maybe try going for a walk
he said during this stream he works out 12 times a week

also recently discussed his new diet tip of eating 5 cinnamon raisin bagels (based)

anything it takes
Dumbfuck brainkiller got something right for once
It’s not the lifting methods he uses or any special diet that makes him a beast, it’s just one thing my friend do you know what that is? Well let me give you a hint.

went to the old college gym today, biggest guy there. kids these days are completely lost, had to tell some frat boy to keep his feet on the bench or it doesn’t count. Pressed his max for a few reps without even warming up to show him the ropes. Also to let the boy know who’s boss. LOL

Post your triceps, here’s mine. Massive boulder shoulders and a nice horseshoe going on.
File: laughingtakagi40.gif (941 KB, 908x765)
941 KB
941 KB GIF
>biggest guy there
yeah, we can tell
>Pressed his max for a few reps without even warming up to show him the ropes. Also to let the boy know who’s boss. LOL
i had a gym boomer do this exact bullshit, started whining about me arching my back and then loaded up 270 on the bench beside me to "show me how its done". needless to say he was a retard who couldn't even bench 200 and dropped it on himself fast and hard, lmao
yea I'm sure he felt devastated

What routine or diet can I follow to get a jaw like this?
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Lol underated
Chew gum all day every day
last I checked your masticator muscles are skeletal muscles, which means they respond to physical stimulus.
of course chewing normal gum that isn't hard won't do shit for your jaw, it'd be kind of like curling 2.5lb dumbbells for sets of 150. you needs to be doing something that actually taxes the muscle to coax it to grow more to handle the load.
take a picture from too close with bad lighting and angles. then take one from further away with good angles and lighting. thats all this change is like his eyes literally go from being kinda negatively tilted to being positively tilted
I miss the old days with filthy frank, getting hyped when a new video came out, jojis gay now

Thoughts about this?

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Not native to Europe, and the wild varieties are barely edible anyway, full of toxic alkaloids and tiny. Cooking would be absolutely required, longer than the modern version, and the return from a single tuber would not justify the energy expenditure to find and gather them
wild carrots are tiny as fuck, barely worth the effort
its a condiment, not a food. Try getting enough calories from it to matter, and you WILL puke your guts out, and ruin your stomach lining
Again, a modern variation on a barely edible wild ancestor, and even today there's no way to eat a significant percentage of daily calories from them without becoming ill.

You're making the mistake of assuming modern varieties of plants were available to our ancestors. They were not. In fact, most of them weren't around even a hundred years ago in the same form as today. Plants of yesteryear were smaller, less nutritious, and harder to digest, requiring more processing. You said surviving strictly by foraging would be extremely difficult in a northern climate. This a false statement, it would be impossible. Not a chance. You'd need to supplement with hunting, and if you can catch game, you don't bother looking for plants to eat, other than the occasional fruit or acorn in the late summer or autumn. (interestingly, wild acorns are far more nutritious than wild apples, for example, and often require little to no processing to be edible) Certainly not tubers or leafy greens, other than possibly as medicine or spices. Those things were never part of our diet until very recently.

We developed agriculture because we had no choice after climate change and overhunting killed off our natural food supply. I'm glad we did, as it allowed us to survive. But our natural diet is animal flesh, preferably fatty ruminant meat and organs.
It would be way more time and labor intensive to try to survive on meat. Take potatoes, onion, and carrots again for an example. You plant them in the ground. In 6 months you dig them up, and store them in a dark place where they will keep for a long time. Then you cook them and eat them whenever you want. A single man could easily grow and harvest enough vegetabkes to keep a large family alive.

Compare that to trying to feed a family with meat. You'd either need to raise and harvest substantial crops to feed livestock over the winter or you could hunt. Growing vegetables to feed to animals is more work than just growing vegetables for yourself.

If you subsist from hunting you'd need to hunt pretty much year round, and would probably need to move around to follow the herds or whatever. Exactly the opposite of what you would need to do growing a garden.

Plus whenever you do kill an animal you need to clean, butcher, process, and cure the meat so it doesn't rot.

Meat is way more work, way less efficient, and way less healthy
The recent death of H. Jay Dinshah, Founding President of the American Vegan Society, of an apparent heart attack at age 66, brings to light the reality that consuming a plant-based diet may not be all that is required to protect our arteries as years go by.
Healthy as fuck. Why is it that when adjusting for wealth level vegans have higher rates of both heart disease and dementia/alzheimer.
fucking lmao, now try that with non gmo crops, you'd starve to death in a year
You're talking about agriculture, not foraging. Agriculture absolutely is capable of feeding more people, and of more easily storing food for the winter. I would never argue that. In fact, I'm glad for the development of agriculture, as it was the impetus for us to develop civilisation.

But it is not the way we evolved to eat. We spent the vast majority of our evolutionary history as apex predators, following vast herds of megafauna ruminants across the European tundra. We don't even have to look far back into history for examples of that, this is exactly how the plains Amerindians lived, following the buffalo herds, and they were some of the healthiest people ever recorded in writing. We certainly didn't evolve growing gardens and cultivating crops. We learned how to do that because we had to, and its a good thing we did, because without it we would not have survived as a species. But given the choice, I choose to eat as close as possible to how people ate for at least 1.5 million years, and probably longer.

File: is she right.jpg (202 KB, 1125x853)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>tfw I went to the gym for 7 years
>never had a routine, just did random workouts
>still ate the same fast food every day as before
>never made gains
>always wondered why I never made gains
>dismissed the sticky of /fit/ as dumb shit
>learned from my mistake this year
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Made a move on my gym buddy. Rejected hard. Not sure if she'll continue working out with me. Today blows.
I usto pick peppers during the fall and fill them in the same buckets when I was like 8. They paid us 50 cents a bucket.
>not doing OHP
>not doing farmer's walk
>not doing deadlift

Hey bros, just returning from first date ever and all went ok but i didnt felt much attraction towards the girl. The problem is that i did liked her as a person, like a friend and nothing more. What to do? Should i push myselft to improve test?Did /fit made me fag? Btw im on 4week of nofap and wet dreams are a issue.Pic related.
You look ok OP so I'm sure you'll find other dates. Maybe get a haircut though

File: 1_I29LwTEVz3d4gZYKQtbMag.png (1.47 MB, 1610x1174)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Literally the best thing you can do to yourself
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So you've defined stress, good. How is ketosis stressful and bad for the body? You are yet to show evidence for this.

I could make the argument that the constant spiking of insulin (which carbohydrates are really good at) is the stimulus that creates stress per definition. Furthermore, this stressor being overwhelming and unresolved leads to insulin resistance and eventual Type II diabetes. Then again I'm not going to make the claim carbohydrates lead to diabetes either because stress isn't necessarily a bad thing.
>stress is literally anything
okay, so by that studies definition sleep would also be stress?
>How is ketosis stressful and bad for the body?
You didn't read my last post.
>constant spiking of insulin (which carbohydrates are really good at) is the stimulus that creates stress per definition
Prove it.

Possibly, yes. Anything that increases any stress hormone is damaging to the body.
Jelly of that hip mobility.
>Possibly, yes. Anything that increases any stress hormone is damaging to the body.
Sleep decreases cortisol dumbass

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