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Basic Barbell Lifts:

Stronglifts is agreat resource for the five basic barbell exercises.

Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

Yoga forathletes: Yoga can be done anywhere without any equipment and isexcellent for building flexibility.

MayoClinic basic stretching guide

Athlete'sguide to foam rolling

Makeyour own foam roller

I've been losing a 1lbs a day for the last week unintentionally. I don't want something that has too much sugar
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Chicken: have to clean it, season it, prepare it, cook it, eat it, clean everything after
Whey: chug it down in 15 seconds and get back to lifting
File: YEAH.png (31 KB, 197x257)
31 KB
iso more like soi lmao
skeletons detected
90g daily protein for 57 dollar a month is INCREDIBLY cheap.
90g worth of ground beef costs +5€ for me. So that 57 dollars would get me only ~11 days of worth protein from meat. Fuck yeah I prefer eating meat but protein powder is 3x cheaper per gram of protein.

People always keep telling that protein powder is expensive but it really isn't. It's much cheaper than food. That said I don't buy powders because I'm not poor and I eat real food.

A communist lifted today, and it was me.
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A capitalist cleaned his room today.
It was not me
File: Red Gem.jpg (104 KB, 644x422)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Murder me daddy
there's a (very real) reddit(?) post where some commie talks about curling soup cans to build muscle and how it really burns lmao
Commie cope is as endless as it is entertaining
More like LMAO

File: 1658775637668946.png (309 KB, 1024x720)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Why arent we allowed to discuss nofap on /fit/? In my mind it can be an integral part of someones fitness journey, should they so choose it. I was recently banned for three days for making a thread about my nofap journey. I included height, weight, fitness goals, and current workout plans in the thread. Unfortunately the moderator saw this thread as off topic and banned me. So is nofap a touchy subject on /fit/ that should be avoided? I am new here. Recovering coomer from /gif/ trying to get my life on track.
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File: 1643819329655.jpg (10 KB, 222x300)
10 KB
You cant say that goyim!!
Jewish subversion tactic. Notice how this post doesn’t actually mean anything. Recovering from porn addiction is the same as any other addiction, you need to deliberate and consciously choose over and over again to avoid it until you’ve broken the habit
>they already control 4chan
I assure that this website is entirely unimportant, although it may mean everything to you.
>Recovering coomer from /gif/ trying to get my life on track.
I'm gonna tell you what I usually say in these threads: ride it out. you are probably in your 20s. From the age of 15 to my late 20s I used to jerk off furiously several times a day. I probably watch most of the porn on the internet. Then my 30s came and... I stopped coming myself lol. I don't know enjoy it while it lasts.
Due to some unfortunate life circumstances, I will never be with a woman or have sex. So, really what’s my option here? The end goal of nofap is to get with women but that’s not a possibility for me. I’ve done streaks (2 months) before and after a while I start to feel emasculated, like my testosterone drops.

Should I just regularly jerk off to nothing? I want to see tits man.

my exercise bike broke and im ordering a rowing machine bc you niggers redpilled me on them but it wont get here til tuesday and thats like at least 2 or 4 pounds im missing out on dropping
Not necessarily, just eat less in the days you're not able to do cardio

Cardio speeds up the process but so does hunger
>do I need cardio to cut

Eventually yes

When you cut, from time to time you have to adjust your calories, once you go down to 1800-2000, going any lower is probably a bad idea, and the caloric deficit should be made by increasing the amount of cardio
Go for a jog fatty.

File: 12512512512.png (261 KB, 680x661)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
I took all the mirrors off my walls and have given myself 12 months to get /fit/. I workout every 2nd day, haven't had a cheat meal in 6 months and follow a skincare plan. At this point i don't even know what i look like. Halfway there bros 6 months to go.
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What a special type of body dysmorphia.
i have elite muscle building genetics and seeing my muscles get fuller every week is so addicting.
>"god genetics"
>"every week"
god natty genetics are mogged by any roid cycle
A god isn't born everyday, you're a very lucky woman.

File: 1342466335.jpg (107 KB, 720x960)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
What are the tell-tale signs of being low-test?
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Meant for >>67936504
>here is another retarded...
>this guy thinks...
You are trying to appeal to audience while on 4chan, you are gayest faggot in this thread
Hard Work Deadlift
Wew all these replies from faggots that think they're the big guy until their car makes a little noise. Then they're "o please halp me, i CANT do it" to literally any fat retard that can. And in front of their whole family, too. Sad. And "wrenches" doesn't apply to only cars, pussies.
That said, cars are shitty machines and an obsession with them is autistic behavior
not sure if true, but I kek'd nonetheless

File: 1488killallwomem.png (94 KB, 489x788)
94 KB
How arent you atleast 60kgs at that height?
Thats fucked op
You’re supposed to shit, dummy. Do you wanna be constipated or some shit?

File: 1660081581439566.png (620 KB, 435x602)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
Ukrainian men are dying for their country and for a future that does not exist as all their women have fled and will never return.
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let's give her a go
Ugly fucks all of em

File: 1660167159270070.jpg (15 KB, 270x480)
15 KB
Who is he /fit
What is his workout routine
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Fuck off underage faggot
Noctis Lucis Caelum lookin ass
He looks like griffith from berserk
very strict dieting
post feet

Is it possible to train only 1 day a week and still make gains? Assuming newbie gains have already been fully utilized.
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No gains but no losses also.
no, its a rule of thumb that each muscle group needs to be hit twice a week to grow well in response to training. So the fewest number of days you could do is two if you are doing a full body program.
File: 1640883598264.jpg (85 KB, 702x664)
85 KB
One full body workout a week is basically a maintenance mode. Doing as little as this won't cause myscle mass loss, but you won't make any gains either. It's basically better than doing literally nothing.
Like others said 1 day a week is maintenance mode
You can try Mike mentzers heavy duty training if you want. Extremely doubtful it would work for a beginner or anyone natty, but you can give it a shot

How do I achieve this after 35? This dude is 38 on the right… is he juicy? his body seems in achievable natty… but maybe I’m wrong. His transformation in 2 years is crazy
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I'm getting sick of seeing this every day about being over 30, over 35, over 40. Just fucking see what happens. Obviously being in your 20s it's going to be easier than 30s, 30s is going to be easier than 40s, etc. What is the point of all these threads about age. You're literally just making things worse because not only are you over 35 you are over 35 and running around like a little bitch asking people to tell you it's going to be ok. It is obviously possible to be "fit" at pretty much any age and strong, look at Frank Zane in his 70s. Whether your motivation and willpower is there, you have life stresses, past mistakes fucking you up permanently, and so on is another thing.
File: MMjunee.jpg (63 KB, 393x461)
63 KB
Losing weight doesn't require any time. I am 40 and have a six pack year round. Natty, no TRT no supplements. I just eat once or twice a day, a lot of meat and eggs and traditional stuff like that.

People cling to all kinds of stupid excuses. At the end of the day almost everyone is addicted to certain goyslops whether it's starbucks coffees, or going out for pizza, or having a mcdonalds for lunch thinking they'll just burn it off the next day. Everyone eats like crap. Everyone I know my age is like this and they're always "on a diet" after each binge. They can't accept that to stay in shape you gotta get over the snacking and nutritionally empty modern meals.

I don't care about being huge or looking like a bodybuilder, I hardly ever workout, I just do calisthenics every day and eat more or less the same things, and friends act like I have some sort of magic secret. They actually spend more time in the gym than I do but it's wasted time due to their diets. And then I read people saying it takes too much time to lose weight LOL.
>visible abs
>at 20% bf

This fucking board Jesus Christ.
Dyel, nothing unusual with developed abs and posing/lighting
235lbs and shredded 39 year old. Natty af bros.

File: pepe.png (606 KB, 766x572)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
I'm legit going insane. I think I even have an imaginary gf now.
I wouldn't wish this life upon my worst enemy.

Also, what are some exercises?
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>he thinks talking to a girl first is simping
>uses the word simping at all
Holy shit kill yourself already zoomer, you know fuck all about women.
lol yes giving women attention is simping. She knows why you're talking to her. Whatever you say, all she'll hear is "pls give me some pussy, ma'am."
yeah it's always oldfags that do the most simping desu.
Thankfully my generation has some sort of anti-simp culture.
fr fr that shit aint bussin no cap
how old are you? i'm 28 khv and i literally don't give a fuck about it for ~2 years anymore. girl could offer herself to me and i woudn't even care.
so advice from me - work on not giving a fuck and you should be fine after a couple of years.

File: 1654067185362.jpg (240 KB, 1080x1350)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Why do none of my gym crushes ever come in with a guy?

They are 9s and 10s, what's going on, are you telling me they r incels also? I'm seeing some of these girls come in for over a year now.

Or are they all burnt out from only fans money and don't have any sexual or human feelings left?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why isn't their bf working out?
This, and he's 5'8
He doesn't need to.
they are getting railed by massive black cocks every night. they don't need bf's.
>They are 9s and 10s

Their guy is half way around the world being paid your monthly salary per day. He gives her an allowance that is three times what you earn, and she knows that the unspoken deal here is that she has to keep herself in peak aesthetic condition for when he returns from whatever international business assignment he's on, and then work his dick like an absolute whore for a week until he flies out again.

That's how 9's and 10's live.

How do I bulk 4000 calories a day for cheap as a college student? I'm 6'4 so don't say "muh 4000 too much" either
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Id like a log od strawberry cake please.
she wont get there unless she does some heavy lifting and takes Anavar
4000 is too much, unless you also work manual labor for 8 hours a day
post mortar and pestle

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