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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
29 KB

Roman numerals edition

Guides and Info:
> Poorfag guide: https://m.imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK
> Watch essentials 102: https://pastebin.com/Rc77hhXV (embed)
> Purchasing used watches: https://pastebin.com/f44aJKy2 (embed)
> Purchasing straps: https://pastebin.com/SwRysprE (embed)
> List of space watches: https://pastebin.com/Te6PNzxr (embed)
> /wt/ Pasta: https://pastebin.com/GBLwAm0f (embed)

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?
> https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8

Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch?
> https://imgur.com/a/Sw1FsAn

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File: watch.jpg (76 KB, 522x954)
76 KB
would it be a travesty putting a silicone band on this watch?
Nice reps, chazingtime focusing on other brands than Rolex was the best thing they did in a long time.
It's a fucking diver, why would you say
Gold. I have that one and it wears like a budget VC 222
it seems customary that these watches come with stainless bands

File: 91BvXvOHa+L._SL1500_.jpg (297 KB, 1500x1500)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
I have an idea for a clothing store. No actual clothes on display, just models wearing outfits. There's activities you can do with them to hang out like have a drink or play cornhole or something. If you're interested in the aesthetic they take you to the back for a personalized fitting. What do you think /fa/?
Personalized fitting you say
In the building where I work, one of the spaces is rented out to a fashion designer. His layout is how you describe it (no racks, no shelves, just mannequins wearing his designs). You have to make an appointment with him and his clients are from the looks of it pretty well off. He's a nice guy and we always wave to each other

What do you wear to the gym?
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same but without the underwear
File: fitness clothing.png (535 KB, 2518x1024)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
approximating sleazecore is peak gym effay.
File: goldsgym80s.jpg (104 KB, 470x640)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
peak /fit/
File: maxresdefault.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
If that's the first thing you think of, we got bad news for you.

Discontinued Thread >>17097385

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

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Well ill see how it goes, i can find plenty of the older bottles for sale over here.
File: ropbanw_aedp10-01__18.jpg (19 KB, 226x350)
19 KB
not sure if you know picrel, but cabochard does alright for tenth of the price
is a bit different, bandit is harsh and sharp like horseradish, when cabochard is more balanced
have you tried any other womens frags?
>have you tried any other womens frags?
Not really, im somewhat tempted to grab a bottle of chanel no 5 edt but that's about the extent of my experience. Based on how this sounds im not worried about it smelling too feminine.
You'd have better luck pulling chicks at a nursing home with that old smelling crap.

File: Patrick-Bateman-Smiling.jpg (339 KB, 1920x1080)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Opinions on this type of 80's banker shirt? (Gekko, Bateman etc.) I bought an identical copy
at flea market for 4,50€ today.
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Its a mature hairline you autists. If anything pierogianon has bald spots due to women desperatly clinging to his body to make them some babies. Sadly he can't fulffill his parental duties with all those women, so has to disappoint them.
You don't let him make a shirt, you bring him one which fits at the shoulders and arms and he will make it tighter where you lanklet do not need it.
>i-i-its mature!!!1!1

>That subtle, ruffled yet unwrinkled texture. The august, unflinching pinstripes. The perfect complementary hues of white and blue.

Nice. Very nice.

What does /fa/ think of the guy's channel and what he does? He talks a lot about growing up on a farm and wearing Carhartt stuff and bear hunting but he never seems to do anything at his hipster-looking workshop but sell some cheesy leather goods that a boy scout could stitch together. I like seeing the boots cut in half, but his entire persona is so cringe that it kinda ruins things for me.
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Speaking of, is there a /fa/ archive that can be recommended like desuarchive?
IDK if you're still around, but do you have more suggestions about the best last for hiking? I wonder if the NW last is really all it's cracked up to be compared to some of the others.
sorry bud i only got experience with the 4811 and the 55 last. I would imagine if the 4811 is good enough for parachute firefighters it's good enough for whatever hiking you got in mind
Hey, were you the guy I was talking with a few days ago about Bakers?
I see it more as entertaiment just cuz i actually dont care about shitty quality when i barely buy footwear in general, but his chanel at his best is actually with sneakers except he ruins it with his exfirefighter, hipster heritage boot fetish and wants mcdonalds looking sneakers to be fireproof
His most redeemind quality is just cutting stuff in half, something kinda easy that surprisingly noone is doing

File: 1547825107241-1.jpg (804 KB, 1600x1071)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
How do you feel about men in their 20s or sometimes even 30s still participating in sub cultures?
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rock and roll
i'm a performance artist
Of course I'm projecting. Obviously. I don't deny. That is how I felt When I was younger. And that's how I feel now. But I think a lot of other people experience this too.
There are certain subcultures where its alright to be old, like you can be an old hippy.
But you cant be an old punk, its pathetic
imagine being so poor that you constantly have to be in your wagecage instead of having free time
Some people never grow up.

-inside the physically finite brain is an infinite and immaterial imagination-

which avant garde designer does plaid/flannel best
oh no he's back
comme des garcons
they're 1. arguably the only avant garde line left in fashion
2, plaid has been a house code for them for decades, often in unexpected ways
this isn't avant garde
Super cool look
???? retarded post

Opinions on this harrington jacket? https://www.elganso.com/es/cazadora-verde-101167.html#
looks aight and the price on sale is reasonable
looks aight and the price on sale is reasonable
looks aight and the price on sale is reasonable
looks reasonable and the price on sale is aight
logo ruins it DNC

File: 1654408573514.png (711 KB, 696x522)
711 KB
711 KB PNG

What do I need to care for my boots?
>Old cotton t shirt (one for cleaning, another for applying conditioners)
>Horsehair brush ($10-15)
>Wooden shoe trees ($10-15)
>Light conditioner like Lexol/Bck4
>Heavy conditioner (if you live in terrible snow/rain areas) Sno seal/Obernauf LP

How do I deal with x stain?
>mud: allow it to dry then brush off
>salt: water and cloth as soon as possible
>saturated wet: allow the boot to dry for a full day, stuff with newspaper
>scuffs and scratches: buff vigorously with horsehair brush

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File: 1646747275015.png (2.63 MB, 900x1200)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
File: 1655630530216.png (884 KB, 640x853)
884 KB
884 KB PNG
GYW is making fun of us again
probably a tourist
Who cares, reddit niggers are literal goyim cattle.

File: Wover leather loafer.jpg (30 KB, 600x800)
30 KB
Penny, moccasin, etc, seem either outdated or gay.

Any anons know good sites or underrated quality brands that sell plain slipper type loafers?
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lol u mad someone knows how to spell and add line breaks?

what kind of loafers do you suggest?
Closeted faggots who can’t into business slippers are the worst. God forbid someone doesn’t wear skate shoes or boots.
File: laof.png (504 KB, 961x659)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Anyone else really only a fan of a chunkier/wider loafer like pic rel? I feel like those traditional slim cut ones that have been posted in this thread really only work with very slim and tight silhouettes (pls post counter example if im wrong)
For me it's Carmina and Cheaney
tranny shoes i see on ugly mutts in brooklyn

If I could have any /fa/cial feature, it would be hunter eyes. Prey eyes are soÿ and feminine
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hunter is masculine, doe eyes are feminine
so why do lots of men have doe eyes.
Beta genes
He was so cute
For me, it was him in tulip fever with the lil stache

someone really should come up with a unified tip and sprez pasta for these

/sprez/ pasta:

This thread is for the well dressed man and those seeking to improve their dress by exploring colors, patterns, textures and other styles while appearing more mature, elegant and refined.
>What is “sprezzatura”?
Required viewing: [YouTube] The Truth About Sprezzatura (embed) [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Required reading: https://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2017/02/24/how-obsession-with-sprezzatura-can-kill-the-sprezzatura/
>Do I have to be European to wear this style?
Yes absolutely. Some east asian men can also wear this style. Blacks, indians, mutts or any other race definitely can't however. If you are american (even if you're white), please stay away from this style, you'll ruin it.
>How is this different than Trad/Ivy/Prep?
Trad/Ivy/Prep = american cringe shit
Sprezzatura = mediterranean refinement
>Where should I start?
idk buy yourself a nice unstructured sports jacket, grey or cream high waisted trousers and a pair of fine suede shoes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How come the least offensive men’s fashion brings out the most virulent know-it-all schizos ?
because they think it's fun to LARP/ troll
im sorry but i would never be caught dead in blue jeans and a blazer
Looks like you scared him off, good post

File: 8681714_fpx.jpg (6 KB, 328x400)
6 KB
Thoughts on these Giorgio Armani Sunglasses? Are they effay? Are these enough to get women wet when I walk past them on the street?
File: 1654814913454.jpg (344 KB, 1110x1480)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Thoughts on my purple Hugo boss shirt?

Is it enough to attract women too me and make them fall in love with me?
Pic related is the fit.
File: images.jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
Where did you find this specific shirt?

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