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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
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File: tinder.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
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>Friends never take pictures at our social gatherings
>Lucky to get one new good profile picture a year
mom takes pictures of you and they end up hideous
friends take pictures of you and you come out nice looking
my mom is a subconscious saboteur
>want pictures
>never takes pictures
>expects others to read his mind and take pictures on his behalf

What are you, a woman?

This thread is about the blah blah micro engineering blah blah is Daniel Wellington a good watch ? No blah blah. Poor fag guide seiko, orient, vostok, blah blah blah. Previous thread >>/fa/wt

Check out this $215,000 RM made with grey cermet. The first rm I actually like.
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its not fair to lump them all as aliexpress watches. And some brands are better made, even for aliexpress brands.
>third party movements
even swiss brands do this, like use ETA or Sellita. Whats your problem? Theres no issue with using a seiko workhorse movement in a watch provided the price reflects this.
people who like RM unironically wear hermes belts with tucked in t shirts
these are pre quartz crisis brands/watches? very nice

>unrealistically expecting small microbrands to have the millions in R&D to develop their own movements
>implying luxury brands dont do this too
>expecting Dufour levels of finishing in an entry level watch for casual consumers
dumbass. Bet you salivate at the privilege of being able to spend $20,000 for a watch just because of its brand name even though in reality most of the parts came from china anyway
bros I really want to change out the strap on my omega but I'm worried about scratching it. I don't have the tool but I can buy it, is it really easy to do?
>buying a $3000? watch without knowing how to change straps
>being scared of getting scratches on a tool watch

its very easy to do provided you dont have fat fingers or parkinsons
get it changed at the local mall monkey if you are so worried

Previous Thread: >>15378778

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
4160 Tuesdays' Sarah McCartney talk:
w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).

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File: mark henry pain.gif (470 KB, 200x200)
470 KB
470 KB GIF
I feel its more for an older person in their 40s or 50s am I right? I have no idea but I do like the Dior sauvage or the Plat/egoiste
File: 1566169719135.jpg (75 KB, 612x458)
75 KB
>Gentoo for men has top notes of citrus flavored effervescent mountain sugar water, mids feature cheesy poofs and stale cigarette butts, and a base of dried semen and animalic piss bottles
>get millesime imperial as a sample
>smells great, decent staying power
>buy it
>absolute trash staying power
yes, yes, and yes.
but it is very smelly-strong
its dark, sexy, and intoxicating
cant get enough

probably not a safe blind buy honestly

chicks will probably like the one, by d&g
i dont like it tho, but im not a chick
Are florals an aphrodisiac or something?

File: oppic.jpg (208 KB, 884x892)
208 KB
208 KB JPG



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Smaller and narrower feet look better as well
Have decided to that i will start dressing like this once im older
Now i just dress north european student core which already incorporates stuff like chinos and untucked shirts but just a lot more casual than full on prep
Who cares?
Your gf

File: rope.jpg (894 KB, 2320x3088)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
how do i get rid of that damn mole on my temple i'm insecure about it, it looks disgusting i'm bald at 24 i don't think it looks putrid but that gross mole being visible really gets on my nerves i don't have money for expensive surgery
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There's no scarring. The worst thing that's happened is that a few times I didn't completely remove the mole, and I had to do it again after the scab had fallen off.
God damn caucasians age like shit. Glad to be black
I know my hair will be gone, my father was fully bald at 25 and i'm loosing hair like crazy already.
2 years ago I shaved my head for 1 year to prepare myself.
It's crazy that hair is such a thing. I wonder if it's the same in all cultures
How bad is your hair if you grow it out? I feel like it's probably still better than what you've got going on right now.
You dont even look like you workout

What is the brown/white article of clothing this man is wearing over his shirt called? Also let's get a vintage hippy thread going.
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File: 20200224-Harrison-07.jpg (432 KB, 1280x1920)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
kek, thanks for this
you're welcome anon I'm more of a Paul fan myself but that does not make Jore Jarrison any less based

File: don draper.jpg (64 KB, 1100x825)
64 KB
Why do people consider this sort of face the ideal? He does look handsome I guess, but handsome in a generic and bland sort of way. He has no striking or interesting features.
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vincent kartheiser was still the most attractive actor in mad men.
I cant get aroused unless I can see every pube in high definition.
File deleted.
pic related,
Jane Birkin,
Charlie Chaplin,
Patrick Stewart,
Janelle Monae,
Mads Mikkelson,
Lupita N'yongo,
Chloe Moretz-Doesnt
Jade Rose Parker
Michael Jackson,
Parker Posy,
Tilda Swinton,

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check inthecrack.com my dude
I need to see that trained butt hole in 8k

Fashion is a cope. You need to learn about the HALO EFFECT

if you are ugly you will always look weird and creepy no matter how good you dress
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zygotic acceleration
This guy looks fucking creepy because apart from the awful hairstyle, he is wearing a suit that was trendy before the WWII.
No, it's because he lost his catamite appeal.
Fit is a cope too for some people. When you cannot be a /fa/ skinny boy you have to lift.

Why is any t-shirt I buy super long? I’m 5’9 and wear small but every t-shirt looks like a dress on me!
That's an undershirt. It's long because it's meant to be tucked in.
>iPhone photo
is that you? I'm 5'9 and I've never had this issue. Maybe you have a weird body composition, are you like an endomorph body type?
go buy uniqlo blablabla
That’s not me that’s just a pic of a guy wearing a white t-shirt
Not trying to rank on you but you probably have a small torso.

File: 1_176795_ZM.jpg (73 KB, 1200x1200)
73 KB
Almost every pair of leather sneakers I've owned crease in the toe box then look like shit. Just one pair of Prada sneakers with buttery smooth leather didn't crease, but I don't buy shit like that anymore. I'm not into the hypebeast, excessively expensive for no reason brands.
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File: unnamed (1).jpg (107 KB, 900x900)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
It's all about the consistency of the leather. Softer, thinner leathers will crease less and bulkier harder ones will crease more. Look for anything with tumbled leather. Many nike and adidas shoes have versions made with tumbled leather.
You need to put shoe trees in your leather shoes if you don't want the toe box to crease or collapse. If you take them off and let all the sweat dry out while their shape is being held by the shoe tree, they will be much more likely to retain their form for longer. Order the wooden ones online; the plastic shoe trees you get at target or walmart are for putting in your suitcase. You can thank me later.
Years ago some shoe outlets sold these things to put under the part that crease when you walk. It prevents it from getting creased. Idk if they still sell it
That sounds stupid uncomfortable to me.

File: Old Skool.png (321 KB, 689x711)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Just bought a pair of white Canvas Old Skool Vans. I thought they were more comfy and I liked how they were slightly off-white, while the leather ones were more of a true white. The Canvas were also more comfy to me and cheaper. Now I'm thinking that maybe the leather will wear better. I mean the Canvas won't crease, but the leather won't hold onto dirt as much. What do you guys think? There probably isn't a wrong choice.

Will the Canvas hold up well if I camp dry the shit out of them?

File: mogging.jpg (107 KB, 600x1349)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
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damn thats crazy
yeah. I really wanted that pibb Xtra
The dog wore it best
File: image.jpg (2.66 MB, 2048x1356)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
You're not even including the best ones.

wtf why do my t-shirts all fit like this?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
muscle seems like compression its that tight?
also I'm not sure where, ASOS and such are paper thin unless they changed them recently?
Fix your posture by tilting your pelvis

Quick and immediate fix is tucking in the back of the shirt. Nothing extreme, just stuffing a fistful down the back of your trousers will work fine. Then drape the front of the shirt nicely. This will give a much nicer silhouette and remove the 8 figure from your torso, instead giving you a much more aesthetic V

July 4th
127 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck what others think. You look great bud, don't listen to the anorexic twinks on this board. Everything what you are wearing looks good and if it makes you feel comfortable and attractive then you're doing it perfectly. Everyone on this board is a bitter basement incel lol
nice samefagging
he is morbidly obese, regardless of aesthetics he is unhealthy and clearly completely disrespects his body. that shouldn't be acceptable let alone encouraged
/fa/ mods are mentally ill
/fa/ jannies are subhuman monkeys
>>15383434 me

the way it all ends on a nearly same line looks a bit odd too me and the pants seem too tight but that's more of a personal preference.
nice shirt
the socks and shoes are throwing me off, but overall it's pretty nice. You wouldn't be able to pull this off with a worse body
I like the jacket. solid fit.
>don't like that style of sandal though, tevas or similar would look better imo
I agree, just using what I have currently
>are they really comfortable?
eh they used to but they are pretty worn out now I need a new pair but most thongs are rubber banded which irritates me. And yeah just a pattern of shapes, nothing to it.

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