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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
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Post new releases, ask for recommendations, rate, hate, and everything in between
Last thread >>14562608
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File: off white.png (661 KB, 1200x899)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Was thinking on picking these fake off-whites for $95 for the fashion, are they worth it?
post pics of the shoes
File: IMG_20190821_180720.jpg (723 KB, 2160x2880)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
>spending 95 dollars on chinese copies of sneakers originally made in china for pennies

FUcking neck yourself lmaooo
The 998s definitely

File: 1534292164597.jpg (100 KB, 673x767)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
as a girl who wears oversized band tshirts like an autistic goth zoomer, is it better to cop unisex tops like i normally do or should i go for women's fit when i have the (rare) opportunity??
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Can I put my peepee in your vangina
youre browsing /fa/ too lmao
How do you pull off any oversized top with wide hips? I'm extremely pear shaped no matter how underweight I get and it makes it impossible to achieve the qt-patootie-oversized-tshirt-wearing-sticc look. I've honestly given up on wearing anything that isn't a skirt. Comboing that with an oversized t-shirt means I look sloppy.
im a wild dude tho
You aren't cool, you aren't fitting in, you aren't unique, you're a "normalfag" redditor. Stop trying so hard to be "le hard ass mean we r legion xD", you stupid faggot.

ITT: 10/10 fits
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Thinspo I guess
Glasses and dress match :o
File: 1545596966264.jpg (590 KB, 1080x1338)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
Saved, thanks for sharing
w2c belt?
I like it

File: 1556863442776.jpg (488 KB, 1920x1080)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Yeezy and his Yeezys
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have sex.
If you think "Maybe he have lot thing but still sad whoooooaaaaaaaa" is smart then I was definitely correct in my assumption

Only if Kendall Jenner wore each pair for a week straight during a hot Cali Summer with no socks on
what do yall think of this fit?
Looks like a 8/10 gym fit. Ye has good taste

modesty thread.
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File: SHOT-6-025-700x1050.jpg (181 KB, 700x1050)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
File: SHOT-1-150-700x1050-2.jpg (246 KB, 700x1050)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
File: TOL-_Shot-2_021.jpg (2.67 MB, 1360x2040)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
This world is so backwards disgusting. Were so used to women walking around half naked that these are seen as modest.
I mean, that girls top is cut all the way down in between her titties and her midriff is out, that isnt modest in the least.
File: Smiling Woman.jpg (53 KB, 680x1024)
53 KB

File: James-Heeley-Sel-Marin_6.jpg (212 KB, 1200x1200)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>14559598
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).

(see directory at bottom for your country)

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Literally smells like BO and locker room, so not really...
I thought you were leaving, pussy.
And I thought people knew better than to shit in the street and swim in rivers full of corpses and garbage, but here we are. Funny how life is sometimes, isn’t it?
>thought people knew better than to shit in the street and swim in rivers full of corpses and garbage
I agree, the Indians have a shitty culture. Good thing I'm white!
You seem to know a lot about life in India, Raj. Are you projecting a little?

Post interesting or rare tees itt. Pic related is undercover from early 2000s
Fuck I meant to post this on /mu/

What are some /fa iphone case ? Post your case
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you dont truly believe that
Never said it’s a flex

Phones are cheap why does the possibility of cracking your screen require you to put your belongings into ugly cases? Any phone design is superior to the black silicone condoms people put on their phones
File: Du4_BIyWwAAFTEy.jpg (57 KB, 715x674)
57 KB
*teen cribs. not anyone famous
then money should have never even came up in the first place. shit on cases all you want but the two don't go hand in hand. just like clothes it's smoke and mirrors. ironic or not the fact that some anons truly believe otherwise is...cute!
>why does the possibility of cracking your screen require you to put your belongings into ugly cases? Any phone design is superior to the black silicone condoms people put on their phones
having to replace it is still annoying, even if it was free, and some people like the look of a case even if you find it ugly? what's not clicking. anyway even if the phone looks nice it's still a low tier "accessory" at best
I own pic related and one with the Bauhaus face on it.
The glass backside of my XS costs 600€ to repair, i‘d rather spend that somewhere else
You're trying way too hard and at the end of the day you're still a disgusting poorfag trying to be cool on the fashion board of fucking 4chan, what a loser.

File: 20190821_184742.jpg (2.92 MB, 2028x2206)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
Why are people so ugly in Toronto? They cannot dress themselves.
People are ugly everywhere, anon
based islington
File: Thats you.jpg (136 KB, 926x926)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Reminds me of this.
The real one has no fedora
I mean, I've always felt like the shadow was a shop anyway, dunno why
seems too obvious

File: bad.jpg (103 KB, 1080x974)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
How will we look back on the late 2010s trend of archival fashion and men photographing themselves en masse? This photo is only a year old and has aged horribly.
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Said effect only applies to a group of people with natural blonde hair
chinese niggas always tryna buy taste lmao
lmao cringe
far right chinaman looks good tho

File: 322.jpg (118 KB, 1080x1080)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I feel behind the times still dressing as 2015 fuckboy shit. time for a change
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if you have to ask how to pull something off,,,,,u probably cant ;)
don't take too much advice from these people just lurk to seek inspo
as a 22 year old I mix it up depending on the occasion, where you're going and who you're with. I got like 1k of tech wear and Undercover but I also got button ups and chinos

You're 21 nigga not 50 lmao, do what you want
It's as simple as putting some product in your hair and slicking it either back or slightly to the side OP

File: 125657.png (55 KB, 434x327)
55 KB
any guide on how to stop dressing like a child and more like a grown up
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t. cuck niggear
This is decadence on the same scale as streetwear/hypebeasts. You don't need this many clothes or to adhere to so many rules in fashion.
Have sex.
Throw away all of those ugly ass cargo shorts and only keep printed t-shirts for sleeping or doing yard/house work in.

If you're worried about dressing your age, you're not /fa/.

File: aretheygay.jpg (97 KB, 1200x628)
97 KB
Is it embarrassing to ride these?
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Ignoring the gay ass music they seem pretty cool.
extremely, if you dont want to learn how to skate just buy a bike
I'm sure all the 12 year olds are raring to get one for christmas
learn to skate loser
pathetic. get a skateboard, don't ever waste your money on anything else

>42 years old
>mogs /fa/
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yeah, I see why fa hates him
Honestly, looks alright for a 40 something year old.
I need a link to the video where he gets that one guy ready for SEX.
You must be american, she looks like a fat hog for any age

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