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File: gd.png (7 KB, 700x375)
7 KB
This is a place to discuss topics about visual or graphic design. Requests for photoshopping or free work go on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests as appropriate.

#/gd/ @ irc.rizon.net
#4chan-gd @ irc.freenode.net

>What literature should I read to get into graphic design?
The sidebar on the /gd/ wiki has plenty of book reccomendations.

>What programs do I need to get started?
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

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>Can somebody photoshop X? Can somebody make me a logo?
All requests for photoshopping belong on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests. /gd/ doesn't take requests or do free or even paid work sometimes. However, if you're new at something, asking "HOW can I X?" rather than "CAN YOU make X?" will give you better results.

>Can I post some of my work for critique?
There is usally a critique/What-Are-You-Working-On thread, and that is where work for critique go.

>Can somebody find [font]?
also check out your local torrent site or the font-share thread.
Remember to share and not just take. Also remember that using liscensed fonts in commercial works is a bad idea.

>Where can I find inspiration?

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File: 1_nwC9IhBwXNLV1JgwEgetQw.jpg (38 KB, 1000x1000)
38 KB
So do any of you just take other people content & sell it to clients
That can't work often enough.
no, never, this is plain stupid.
All the time lol
I just copied whichever that has the highest views/dl.
i don't have clients, but there is nothing wrong in ripping off ideas of webpages etc from behance because it is all just arranged boxes anyway.

File: 4346.png (1.33 MB, 1188x1380)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
What are your thoughts on Yale school of Art? https://www.instagram.com/yaleschoolofart/?hl=en

Also, I know nothing about instagram gif videos with text and stuff they have. What program are they using to make these little clips?
https://www.instagram.com/p/BwfT83hFs6R/ what program to make videos like this? I've only worked with indesign before
File: AP.jpg (30 KB, 1128x480)
30 KB
Yale thing?
>yale schoolo fart
File: wut.png (49 KB, 456x138)
49 KB
how do you describe yourself?

File: 1396913850199.jpg (105 KB, 560x451)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Are you happy at your job? I used to draw a lot as a kid (mainly Goku and Spiderman, nothing gd related) and I'm wondering if graphic design is a good path for me.
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watch this you naive retard, before you waste your inheritance/parents money

i wish you the best, but unless your daddy's rich, it is statistically unlikely that you will end up having stable high paying job as an animator or illustrator, especially if your perception and hands on experience with 'art' is anime fanart drawings in your childhood.
there are handful of people who sustain themselves from professionally doing illustration and animation and the rest are replaced with third world labor. computer graphics are sweatshop labor worth close to nothing..

at least learn javascript or something.
case to point, i can go to sites like fiverr and spend 30-80$ for digital artwork done by pakistanis that's close enough to what you would be able to churn out in 5-10 years of effort and personal expense
>> Are you happy at your job? I used to draw a lot as a kid (mainly Goku and Spiderman, nothing gd related) and I'm wondering if graphic design is a good path for me.

GD is great to get into as long as you go into it with the right mindset-- which isnt to be an Artist but to be a problem solver. Learn to listen to your clients and solve their problems and make it look cool at the same time and you'll be a happy camper. Just dont take shit personal and you'll be ok. Eventually if you like it enough you can get into the UX side of it and earn triple the money if you're up for that...UI guys become leaders in Tech these days where the engineers just build so learn that you can be come a leader in groups if you're communicator good enough..
love my gd job, I work in a marketing department. Only get into it if u understand art in a professional setting and have experience in gd
>sam hyde
kill yourself

What are some good resources/courses for logo design for an absolute beginner?
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3D OR 2D
File: Allianz.jpg (36 KB, 615x500)
36 KB
Simple logos are shit.
Make it complicated.
I like this guy for inkscape logo design
3d titties

File: Gorillaz.jpg (1.54 MB, 850x1540)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
This is my first serious project of Graphic Design
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What is contrast?
The text needs an outline. I'd go with either white or green.
ye that's what's needed lmao
Not OP, but that's Aloe Vera, not cactus.
Dude this looks hilariously bad, you suck hahahaha

File: VAPORGRAM1633808223041.png (2.17 MB, 1028x2345)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
What size and placement of the bear graphic looks the best?

>Good use of negative space
>Probably the cheapest

>Good middle-ground approach
>Possibly boring (??)

>Bold statement
>Too big (?)
>Expensive (??)
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price wise they are likely all similar
also who wants just a bear on their van, placement kinda depends on text placement and why they want a bear in the first place.

Go back to your teacher and tell them to stop giving you bullshit assignments
second one but a lot further back
with this design you should go with medium, the other designs look way out of proportion imo
File: ftfy.jpg (354 KB, 1028x2345)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
File: anp-407780535.jpg (660 KB, 2000x1333)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
big. you see a van from distance
the medium size might look better in the example because its an abstract. given the context, the bigger the better
everything else will just be an indistinguishable mess

just go look at a road sign up close, its massive

File: nao.png (596 KB, 640x640)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
How do I achieve this effect for my text in either Photoshop or After Effects?
maybe element3d on ae
Got a tutorial link for that?
get an old version
An old version of AE or?

File: for trolling.png (9 KB, 552x496)
9 KB
i love graphic design. it (the logo) has been a passion project of mine for 7 years, now. hope you like it.
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all amazing work anon
Too much soul for market
File: gaffin.jpg (55 KB, 633x606)
55 KB
looks legit good
We have quite a few winners here, folks.

File: logo 3.png (35 KB, 510x392)
35 KB
I made this in Krita. Its a logo for a hypothetical wildlife protection agency. Its meant to be a Tasmanian Tiger.

Thinking of studying graphic design in college.
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is it a wolf tiger holding a saw?
to be frank i don't really like it
Flush as in it lines up with what is next to it
Is flush
Is not flush
No, its a Tasmanian Tiger with its mouth open
looks like a basedjak

redesign them
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I love them all actually. Google has been pretty good with them. Miss the blobs tho
Because the ones we do have are unimaginably stale and unoriginal for how often they are used
File: 435677890.jpg (301 KB, 1920x1080)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
omg chink eyes, racist
Face savouring food? I thought it was the face of self deprecating humour

Back when design wasn't infected by the globohomo and tech was seen as a 'hope' for the future and actually looked futuristic, unlike the flat/minimal style we see today

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File: 3BUzY.jpg (49 KB, 640x255)
49 KB
greetings from six months in the future
the world is still shit
File: locomotion.png (176 KB, 2000x551)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Wait that looks familiar

File: 1597003630858.jpg (71 KB, 533x411)
71 KB
hello frens, i want to make a youtube video from an image of an animal on a bicycle. i need the wheel to turn on a bike and for it to ride the tangent of a curve. how do i do this? or if anyone knows how, i can pay someone to do this like 50 bucks or some shit

Stupid questions thread / Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm trying to blur the eyes/nose on a movie in after effects. Tracked motion, applied to null object, using tracking info to drive an adjustment layer on top of eyes/nose. Due to lighting and movement, tracked movement is not precise enough, so I'm tweaking the shape and position to follow the face's perspective/position changes. I've activated keyframes on Mask Path, Mask Opacity (for when blur is not needed) and Position, see pic related.
I'm scrolling trough the video and adapting the mask's shape/position as needed, 30 seconds of footage in, I preview my work and to my surprise the mask has changed shape from what I originally set it as, and basically all my work carefully shaping the mask to the subjects face is gone. It's close to what I shaped it, but different enough to fuck me up. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to keyframe so I actively lock the masks shape/size as desired?

tl;dr how do I lock an adjustment layer's mask's shape/size per keyframe?
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inkscape (free), adobe illustrator (pirate)
I'm tempted buying refurbished iPad pro from amazon. I want the portability to sketch on the go using app and save it so I can work on them later.
is there any free version of photoshop? I don't need the latest version, i thought they made cs2 free a few years ago.
Just google 'photoshop cs5 or cs6 portable'
thanks anon!

Posters and political art from the Occupy movement.
File: may day poster.jpg (94 KB, 600x920)
94 KB
File: 6221571650_415514860f_o.gif (69 KB, 1224x1584)
69 KB

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