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File: gd.png (7 KB, 700x375)
7 KB
This is a place to discuss topics about visual or graphic design. Requests for photoshopping or free work go on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests as appropriate.

#/gd/ @ irc.rizon.net
#4chan-gd @ irc.freenode.net

>What literature should I read to get into graphic design?
The sidebar on the /gd/ wiki has plenty of book reccomendations.

>What programs do I need to get started?
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

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>Can somebody photoshop X? Can somebody make me a logo?
All requests for photoshopping belong on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests. /gd/ doesn't take requests or do free or even paid work sometimes. However, if you're new at something, asking "HOW can I X?" rather than "CAN YOU make X?" will give you better results.

>Can I post some of my work for critique?
There is usally a critique/What-Are-You-Working-On thread, and that is where work for critique go.

>Can somebody find [font]?
also check out your local torrent site or the font-share thread.
Remember to share and not just take. Also remember that using liscensed fonts in commercial works is a bad idea.

>Where can I find inspiration?

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File: images (75).jpg (31 KB, 689x445)
31 KB
Need your help badly /gd/. Times are tough. Life is stagnant. I feel depressed. I really really want to earn money. My job sucks and I want out but I'm forced to work because if I don't, I'll starve.

I wish someone could just kill me right now and end my misery. That's how depressed I am.
First off, sorry to hear life is like this for you at the moment. If it means anything, I hope you will eventually be ok and where you wanna be.
Second, I don't know what you could do for fast money. gd probably isn't the route for that, but it can be something to get excited for at the very least. It can be thing that makes you wanna get home after work, or idk, lots of things can be that.

Also are you a good writer? Some college kids pay out the ass for essays

Back when design wasn't infected by the globohomo and tech was seen as a 'hope' for the future and actually looked futuristic, unlike the flat/minimal style we see today

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File: m1000x1000.jpg (202 KB, 1000x1000)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
File: M_V_08_056-057.jpg (1.51 MB, 2560x1933)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Y2K refers to the whole '95-2002 aesthetic, don't listen to what the trannies say, they don't know shit
>tech was seen as a 'hope' for the future and actually looked futuristic
Don't know what fuck globohomo is but is sure solved the horrendous problem of everything looking futuristic. What's with people on this board romanticizing y2k shit anyways?

Are you finding the world too streamlined?

Let me explain my thoughts, as this is quite obvious when it comes to graphics design given the popularity of mininalism but it is also apparent in physical thinga such as cars and phones.

We are currently living in the most creatively bankrupt era of design, and it's not just visual design. The functionality of everyday itema has pretty much reached peak performance and thus we are no longer seeing innovations as much as we used to. Take the current smartphone design for example, a literal square. There's absolutely no nuance to it. In comparison, 2008-2009 we've seen practical and visual solutions such as Motorola Aura which featured a round display and Xperia Pureness which had a transparet display, yet they were never as popular as the first iPhone - which is pretty much what we're using today. The design has largely remained the same and nothing new is being made. This correlates to graphics design as well since we're seeing a simmilar trend, absolutely nothing is changing in mainstream design, we are regurgitating the same stuff over and over, because just like the iPhone's design it works. Minimalism is the hot shit and it's not going away any time soon.

So to return to my original statement, i believe everything is too streamlined and sterile. Nothing exciting is happening in the world of design and it sucks. The oddities are minor and not at all exciting.

Are we really creatively bankrupt or did we reach a point where there is no room for innovation?
I agree. I think it's a reflection of spiritual bankruptcy, not an actual wall being hit, just the result of human degredation.
I think this is a glass half empty view.
Simply put, to have very specific designs that stand out is a problem in a world where nuances make the whole. Current design cannot be a unique character in this world because we are already occupying that role. Instead, it is a means to an end, a canvas for expression, or tool, and the only way to accommodate this is to have design that is simplistic in nature so that it can be built upon. This is what makes simple design an amazing this. We aren't confined to something static with such a narrow purpose, but rather we give it purpose. In other words, it is easier to build on flat land than a mountain. It's oddities come from us and are us, not the design.

File: scumbaginkscape.png (974 KB, 1477x1024)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
>fails to autosave
>Crashes while performing basic task
>fails to save on exit
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And another crash.
>no autosave
>no auto-restart
>no restart prompt
If I was to use this program as-is, I would have to keep the autosave folder windowed and set auto-save to 3 minute intervals
And another crash.
This isn't a resource issue either.
Bro you’re just blogging at this point
And another.
I just want to get through how frustrating it is to actually work with these programs.
Just saying freeware sucks doesn't really convey the seriousness of the issue

File: file.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1100)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
anybody design football badges?
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File: 3.png (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
r8 my favourite one so far
it's still too flat & minimal though
This says "Craft Beer" more than it says "Football Club".
having the football there is lame
You just took a polygon tool and made the laziest crest ever.
That text isn't centered properly and the font doesn't fit the theme. The colors are lacking, the type isn't accesible and hard to read AND you have a three-way colorway, but the dark green is only used for type?
That off-white will look terrible once you take the background away. Also that ball, what the fuck are you doing.

File: Screenshot_4.png (56 KB, 198x187)
56 KB
I feel like an idiot, whats the best wait to achieve this taper, while keeping the top flat, on illustrator. How do I achieve this without individually handling points and moving this manually? Ive tried using the handful of text effects like warp and all that but cant find what I need.
Envelopt distort by font object
thank you
File: COPE.png (299 KB, 500x375)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>vector imaging
>without individually handling points

File: Untitled-2.jpg (64 KB, 816x1408)
64 KB
how Do I make posters look 'vintage' in indesign? I wish this looked like the old OSPAAAL posters (i'll leave an example)
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you got some onions in your neckbeard.
do you have a bagina
File: best-korea-prop.jpg (518 KB, 800x624)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>putting jew noses on US troops
What did Best Korea mean by this?
File: 1611397196901.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG

Stupid questions thread / Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm trying to blur the eyes/nose on a movie in after effects. Tracked motion, applied to null object, using tracking info to drive an adjustment layer on top of eyes/nose. Due to lighting and movement, tracked movement is not precise enough, so I'm tweaking the shape and position to follow the face's perspective/position changes. I've activated keyframes on Mask Path, Mask Opacity (for when blur is not needed) and Position, see pic related.
I'm scrolling trough the video and adapting the mask's shape/position as needed, 30 seconds of footage in, I preview my work and to my surprise the mask has changed shape from what I originally set it as, and basically all my work carefully shaping the mask to the subjects face is gone. It's close to what I shaped it, but different enough to fuck me up. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to keyframe so I actively lock the masks shape/size as desired?

tl;dr how do I lock an adjustment layer's mask's shape/size per keyframe?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Can windows fonts be imported into creative cloud?
where to find downloads for asset packs? like GFX database, ezra cohen, blk market, etc.
Thanks fren, by adding a keyframe to the scale my issue was solved but I'm sure your tip will come in handy. Censoring is fun! I'm amazed with the program, and I've barely scratched the surface.
cgpeers, cgpersia, rutracker, shareae
thanks, I ended up falling down the rabbit hole of vk boards. is cgpeers/cgpersia much better than that?

File: 1609065382657.jpg (1.69 MB, 1638x1158)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Hey /gd/ros

I am a recent grad looking to buy a computer. Plan on using it for video editing, photoshop, light gaming, etc. I'll be mainly using Adobe software. However, I'm on a budget of $500. It'd be cool if someone can suggest a desktop or even one that can be upgraded.

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
bad time to buy a computer. either get a used full pc or build something temporary like athlon 3000g +16gb ram
Best bet is probably to find an old Dell, usually you can find ones with 2nd gen or newer i5s for quite cheap, that can be upgraded fairly easily. I've had a quick check on eBay, and you should be able to get one for around $100-150. That'll leave you plenty of room to upgrade the RAM, along with getting a GPU and an SSD to boot off of. Granted, GPU prices are fucked right now, but it's not affecting the lower end ones too much, so you should still be able to get something like a 1030 or a 1050, which will work fine with the stock PSU. I'm presuming you already have a monitor, but if not, you can probably squeeze one into your budget.
But is it only me thinking her cat is like 30kg weight?
if you get an older desktop make sure its motherboard can support a decent ram upgrade.

16gb or more of ram + SSD + i5/older i7 should be plenty

File: Frozen Grounds.png (298 KB, 1900x985)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Hello, using GIMP
I want to make it so the upper trees and that 3-headed dragon have less opaque/ fading into the white background, How do I do that?
Do Not do it for me, I want to do it myself. Just tell me how. Just that top part btw, nothing else.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You're on the wrong board. Go to /ic/ m8
Alright, so first thing to do is to learn how to work properly. Getting Photoshop would put you on the same page as everyone as the only people I know to use GIMP are either too lazy to pirate Photoshop or purposefully use GIMP to make bad-looking memes.

First lesson is to use different layers for the various things you'll draw. That way you can use effects on them independently of each other and re-organize them in a non-destructive way.

Second lesson is to learn how to work in a non-destructive way (using as many different layers as you need, layer masks, smart objects/filters, etc.). This will enable you to always go back to fiddle around and try different things.

Once you've mastered these basics, you can learn how to draw and will avoid very basic mistakes.

As for the effect that you're trying to create, this guy has a good answer:
I know that GIMP has layer masks, but they might have a different name though.
>make it so the upper trees and that 3-headed dragon have less opaque/ fading into the white background
You should draw these elements on a separate layer, and set the opacity for the individual elements.
>implying that all of 4chan isn't larping
we're all frauds who just want to shitpost
this guy doesnt need photoshop, he needs a stack of copy paper and some pens/pencils

File: 1605345813127.jpg (571 KB, 1000x702)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
ITT: we post the mid- & late 2000s aesthetics.
Anything between 2003 and 2012 is welcome here.
While yes, those two aesthetics may overlap, y2k already has its own thread, so post blatant y2k stuff (i.e. anything from between 1996 to 2002) there instead.
8 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Your-Scene-Sucks-3.jpg (191 KB, 550x643)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
This fucking website (i forgot the name)
File: Your-Scene-Sucks-3.jpg (112 KB, 652x762)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
where did the time go bros...
That looks like something made in 2014-2017
does anyone have the pic from the last thread of a wii remote on a wooden background, can't find it in the archives for some reason
it was atrocious

File: 20200615_144856.jpg (56 KB, 828x911)
56 KB
>be me
>use GIMP
>downscale pic
>pic becomes pixilated

Am I doing something wrong bros?
Pic from where, 4chan, does it have a s after the numbers, I don't get what you mean pixelated
>this is the kind of softbrained moron i share a board with
maybe learn the difference between a vector image editing program and a raster image editing program first?
gimp doesn't create vector images. inkscape does though

File: soul1.png (1.76 MB, 1664x2048)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
In this fhread, we post our projects and ask if they have a soul.
32 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
your screen printer's gonna tell you no lol
>Please go watch even just one youtube video about design.
what does that even mean lol

What did he mean by this?
>every vector character I see is globohomo
*is shit

let's compare GD programs.

I'll start:

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