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File: Herodotus.jpg (2.58 MB, 1739x2100)
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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.

it was too pure to live
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Odo wasnt bishop of cologne, and bishops using clubs because of their clerical position is a myth, you historylet
>Bishop Odo helped William the conqueror take England
>he just bashed people on the head with a club
Dangerously based.
File: Imperial Circles 15121.jpg (348 KB, 600x533)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
I wonder if it would've been possible to reform it so it would've become a centralized state
emperor Maximilian I tried that but it didn't work out

Feudalism was bad mmmk

File: GuerreVendée_1.jpg (221 KB, 489x599)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
In 1789, the french revolution started, two years later they killed their king, that lead to the idea of a balkanised france, an idea that the vandean people supported, therefore some of them rebelled

the french killed a vast number of them, estimates goes as far as 100 000 people, this was a genocide, but, all nations in the world deny it, to this day,
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File: 1.png (10 KB, 1372x71)
10 KB
leftism is pure evil
based, the french revolution was a mistake, french culture is a genocidal culture, a culture hailing death and murder, one that must be destroyed 4ANWK
File: apuu.jpg (82 KB, 1418x644)
82 KB
we had loli king from Anjou
> Vendeans
> "geno-"
yes, the vandeans are their own ethnic group, imperialist

File: 1624512777557.jpg (62 KB, 920x960)
62 KB
Why do christians feel compelled to co-opt Greek philosophy into their religion? No, Plato would never have let the bible enter his Republic, and Aristotle would've disagreed with the trinity. It is totally ridiculous to call them christians.
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But christcucks need support from sources that aren't retarded
This basically. Without the hellenic, Abrahamic doctrine makes no sense
Trinity is for all intents and purposes paganism. Also, rent-free.
Some just require a little more training
Why do Greek philosophers feel compelled to co-opt the teachings of the Immaculately conceived Jesus Christ. I bet you've never thought of that before, faggot.

File: 1627202373868.jpg (721 KB, 1948x1169)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
german bros...

File: 1626793910178.jpg (132 KB, 1080x1080)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Women want attention/are always seeking attention/do everything they do for attention
What would cause this to not be the case? I know Islamic countries seems to have women subjugated into perfect angels and few of them are attention whores. Disregarding whore end of the spectrum and considering only the attention seeking trait; what situations would make a woman not constantly work for the attention of others? Is it possible to separate this function from women if even partially? Is it just essential to their survival?
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> A woman is unemployable under a "meritocracy".
You can just pay them less. The market will fix itself.
It's just hypocritical for the alt-right to fight against "le degeneracy" when they are the greatest degenerates of all.
Women cost more to the system than they put in.
They work less hours than men and in general aren't as productive as men.
How many of those women want to work in a steel mill? A farm, a mine or any other demanding job?
There are no all female businesses since women never developed the ability to cooperate with each other the way men did.
Still doesn't address the pregnancy problem, so what if you pay the less, if she is going to disappear for a year or more?
what does alt right have to do with the nazis? what does a weird german group who wanted to conquer the entire world and murde anything that's not german have to do with the american globalist movement wanting to unite everything pale into an americanised militaristic english speaking blob of white people?
>inb4 waaaaa I'm a retarded new worlder peoples and races don't exist beyond muh color continents waa it's just white europe, yellow asia, black africa, red injuns and brown spics (the can speak spanish race) waaaaa don't go against that image or ill realise im an inbred mongrel instead of a pure color continent person!!!
What does IQ mean if you lack the ability to be introspective and being able to not blindly follow what other people think?

File: images.jpeg-550.jpg (22 KB, 352x269)
22 KB
People really do get tremendously upset when you point out that Mohammed was a paedophile.

Why is this /his/?
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File: 1590168083833.png (276 KB, 1024x1261)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>why is that
muzlims are allowed to lie. pic related
so they do so, to make izlam appear more palatable
AOC is first wave feminism malarkey
>saudi dogs blame the west for the modern thighing epidemic
Thats Shia practice you stupid westnigger, and lying is only permissible in times of war ie: you're being tortured and can give false information to save yourself
>t. read wikiislam once
You're from a foreign country yourself retard, not even a muslim explaining to ME how to worship properly, go fuck yourself
>Stereotype stereotype stereotype
>If you don't know x scholar name you're not a muslim
Sure, this means you're more muslim than me despite being a heretic, congrats do you want me to give you karma on your r/eddit or smth

Why don’t fascists seem to understand realpolitik?
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tbf whose is?
Who you thinking of?
Pierluigi Concutelli, a far right terrorist who claimed to break away from the neofascist crowd tied with Gladio (such as Stefano delle Chiaie's National Vanguard) and do his own war against the state. Was fond of George Sorel, Che Guevara and spoke highly about Franco Freda and Red Brigades.
File: 1243264.jpg (180 KB, 799x739)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
What a dumb thread.
If anything "Fascists" (which according to /his/ also includes Nazis) were obsessed with Realpolitik to the point of autism.

Telling the world you want one thing but scheming in the shadows for the opposite, going against ideological or ethnic kin, allying with Communists (even Italy had good relations with the Soviets)
betraying your allies especially smaller nations...
Fascists fully embraced it.
Because there is no pushback. As a fascists he is basically a dictator who can do whatever he wants and there is no indecent media to criticize him or other people cannot criticize him either. So if the fascists leader thinks it's a good idea to invade abc country and do xyz then there is no ody there to criticize him to not doing it.
Never heard of him, sounds like an interesting guy.

Through studying my familial history I was able to deduce facts about what American history really was as opposed to what we were taught in school.

>The British were actually the good guys.
Apparently the revolution was an uprising by a band of fanatics that sought to create a hierarchy that put them at the top at the expense of the indigenous ppls and turn the american continen tinto a settler/immigrant nation. The vast majority of blacks and natives were equipped and backed by the British and did most of the actual fighting for the British in the americas. Moving and maintaining massive British armies across an ocean was not really logistically feasible at the time, so the british sent detachments of officers and elite troops to raise local forces, like they did in every other colony. This image of the revolution as two large white armies fighting each other is historically inaccurate. The initial persecution of ppl of color seems to have been rooted in them siding with the crown.

>The civil war created modern America and arguably contains a hidden genocide of the Southern mulatto class.
My great grandmother was a mixed native from south Carolina, but felt compelled to identify as negro due to the intense persecution of natives immediately following the civil war apparently this was common. My great great great grandfather was the sole surviving mulatto son of a wealthy plantation owner. ALL his other Male children bothered legit(white) and illegit(slave) were eventually conscripted to their deaths in the civil war. The civil war was way more nuanced than the modern narrative leads on. The curriculum is so wrong, it's very nearly the opposite of what actually happened.

>After WW2 our history was essentially revised, rewritten, and repackaged to what we hear today.
Our history being this oversimplistic black and white narrative of racial autism defined by shame and guilt is a modern phenomenon written by 20th century immigrants.
> We are all descended from Africans who came here in boats and never assimilated into the culture.
This is true, but there is also a lot of evidence that suggests we are all descended from Asians who came here on ships and assimilated into the culture.
> All whites are racist.
The only reason why this is even controversial in our society today is due to the modern-day migrant crisis, which actually has little to do with actual white people and everything to do with the tidal wave of third-world-ers invading us. There are some good and altruistic white people out there, but these are in a very small minority and generally get ignored by the modern left.
> The modern mainstream left is an enemy of Western Civilization and our way of life.
They are our enemies, they are the enemies of us all.
As I said before, I am not actually a "pro-white", I am simply a pro-human being advocate. The modern left really believes that they are the "defenders of the poor and weak". In actuality, they are the greatest threats to both. They advance like a virus, they advance by attachment and then subsequently by detachment. They advance by co-opting the language and then subsequently replacing it with new, more charged terms. They advance by encouraging dependency and then ultimately by encouraging "free" detachment. This is why they call themselves the "anti-patriarchy". They believe in free sex, free drugs, free alcohol, and ultimately free detachment. This is not how a healthy society behaves.

ITT: Moments in history in which the good guys actually won.
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>would that socialist government have been able to stand up to the white armies? to the US UK and French expeditionary forces that sought to crush any hint of a revolution?
The Whites weren’t even a thing during Kerensky, you mong. It was only after the Bolshies overthrew the Republic that the Russian White Army was formed.
Literally chartered his train lol
>was only after the Bolshies overthrew the Republic that the Russian White Army was formed.
First, there was no Republic. There was self-appointed provisional government.
Second, there was a time gap between the failure of Constituent Assembly (which was pretty undemocratic, refusing to accept the initiatives already accepted by the councils) and actual "hot phase of civil war" that starts with the Czech Legion uprising, the gap was half of year long, before that all kinds of resistance were very local and easy to defeat.
Third, White Army was more or less historical and propagandist concept, they never had any operational unity
A train from neutral Switzerland to neutral Sweden, where they got a huge load of other political immigrants from many other parties?

File: first-Cause.jpg (177 KB, 2100x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
My take on the First Cause Argument. Take a seat as I try to disprove many variations of the multiverse.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

E.) The beginning of the universe is without cause. (Distinct from uncaused)
Problem : Spontaneous causation does not occur. An entirely null value or nothingness is incapable of causing something. (The absence of something can cause something, but that's different)

F.) An eternal oscillation.
Problem : Essential self-causation violates the principle of causality.
i.) Imagine another scenario of essential self-causation. Hypothetically, human beings cause matter to exist through observation. But human consciousnesses is in someway caused by matter. Can the human mind reach backwards in time to conjure existence into itself?

G.) Infinite Simulations
Problem : Hierarchy
i.) Simulations are run on matter. There must be at least one physical universe. What is it's cause?
H.) God is the first cause.
Problem : None.
i.) Can an Eternal and Uncaused Being, through exercising His free will, create a universe? Can a human being stop and create a work of art? They both seem logical to me.
File: aquinas rekt.png (73 KB, 800x572)
73 KB
> There can not be an infinite regress.
I disagree. If you do not have a justification for some step in causation, the entire causal chain will be arbitrary. which means it is meaningless.
File: 467705415_1280x720.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
H.) God is the first cause.
Problem: Special pleading.
It's faulty to assume that the universe should be caused but God should be not because he must possess some exceptional properties.
File: index.jpg (49 KB, 587x374)
49 KB
If you accept in the possibility of what is referred to as “God”, “source”, “singularity”, “one”, “all”, “mind”, “spirit” as the origin of the universe, then you cannot deny other possibilities that also deny the laws of logic and causality that allow you to conclude “God” is a legitimate reality and truth. To employ causality and logic as universal laws without breaking them, would necessitate the infinite regress as the only logical conclusion, and it is possible as I will explain, as long as we follow the laws of logic and causality. To accept the “argument from a first cause”, is to deny the universal truth of causality and logic simply in order to justify your imaginary belief that attempts to provide a universal one-size fits all, catch-all belief to answer everything but doesn’t fit into any of the laws of thought that you used to imagine its existence.
explain for a brainlet please

File: silbervogel.jpg (45 KB, 621x386)
45 KB
why are germans so good at science?
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File: 1612944936271.jpg (63 KB, 460x426)
63 KB
They aren't. American WASPs and Jews are way more accomplished
Wrong, Science wasn't by anyone and second most history advancement were made by the Roman and Greeks. Keep seething bong
Says who? It's seems like you are sad you country is shit as science.
Wrong, Though China has played a big part advancement.
Found the autistic bong, you haven't created anything.
Celtic didn't do shit and were living in huts before the Romans conquer them and built up their huts and villages to house and cities.
Look at the mirror and you'll find someone with advance autism.
Autism? It's ok anon you don't hide the fact that you're retarded. We have made the necessary adjustment so people like you don't feel stupid.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
lots of jews there
File: A tale of two brothers.jpg (126 KB, 640x1130)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
LMAO entirety of Yurop is an American-Jewish client state. Seethe, kraut subhuman

Why are so many people fascinated by the occult, hermeticism, and Gnosticism?
108 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
apex midwittery
This, it's real. Why aren't you occulting yourself?
The autists have no coherent response to my argument.
Sure I do, in fact I can ass smash you like I did the other retards but why waste my time arguing with an idiot? What is in it for me? I already linked to an article I wrote. You are more than welcome to read and post any attempted refutations you can come up with for us all to laugh at. I'm not going to do the work, I already did my work, I already out my money where my mouth was. You are just another squeezing retard in a sea of squealing retards in this website. You want to impress everyone with how big your galaxy brain is then go for it, Until then stfu
what a shit show of fucking retards itt

File: Lee-Kuan-Yew.jpg (14 KB, 245x300)
14 KB
> he mogs every commuist leader
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
his achievements dont impress you? he turned a shithole into a high income utopia in only 30 years. you dont find that impressive?
>you dont find that impressive?
I don't considering that it wasn't a shithole at all but an extremely vital port that was already developed by the British.
You will never have real Judeo-tranny communism.
File: file.png (612 KB, 600x400)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
What a bugmen, Singapore isn't a "utopia" by any stretch. Yew is glorified mayor and there are plenty that achieves the same with their city, maybe you should start sucking the mayor of Shenzhen's dick too
It literally isn't. Mostly the economic ones.

Why was she more beloved in America than she was in the UK?
Americans love a bargain.
>yet another Labourfag cope thread
Americans screech about liberty and freedom the most but paradoxically enough love to lick boots
The American party system goes like that.
> Cultural liberty with economic opression.
> Economic liberty with cultural opression.

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