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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.

File: t3.jpg (142 KB, 1200x629)
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What was the most kino last stand in history?
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imagine being so cucked that you'd fight to the death for someone who views you as subhuman
France truly was a mistake
File: images (15).jpg (22 KB, 236x286)
22 KB
Constantine XI, having a baller speach, stripping all his royalties and having a last run into the breach withnhis closest bros at the fall of Constantinople
File: Screenshot_8.png (95 KB, 326x610)
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They killed so many attackers that they ran out of bullets. They started to rip out their own teeth and firing them.
why was Waterloo such a kino flick.

File: ARVN_Ranger20.jpg (47 KB, 576x502)
47 KB
So, was the ARVN competent or not?
They fought the wrong enemy.

and this
It’s time to stop posting.
We'll trade you for some ARVN rifles, never fired only dropped once.

File: brect.png (457 KB, 1235x1138)
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457 KB PNG
>In the Hundred years war the response to the Ordinance of Normandy, after the Siege of Calais of 1346, King Edward III expelled the inhabitants of that city because, in his words, "I wolde repeople agayne the towne with pure Englysshmen".[20] When King Henry V conquered Harfleur in 1415, he ordered the inhabitants to leave and imported English immigrants to replace them.[21]
The concept of being English existed before the hundred years war but my question is when? /his/ told me the 100 years war was a french civil war. When did the Norman monarchs decide to become English nationalists and why did these norman monarchs embrace englishness so agressivly considering the english hated them?
>William of Malmesbury, a chronicler of mixed Anglo-Norman descent writing in the twelfth century, described the Battle of Hastings as: "That fatal day for England, the sad destruction of our dear country [dulcis patrie]".[8] He also lamented: "England has become the habitation of outsiders and the dominion of foreigners. Today, no Englishman is earl, bishop, or abbot, and newcomers gnaw away at the riches and very innards of England; nor is there any hope for an end of this misery".[9]
>Another chronicler, Robert of Gloucester, speaking in part of earlier centuries, in the mid to late thirteenth century:...the Norman could not speak anything then except their own speech, and they spoke French as they had done at home, and had their children taught it, too, so that important men in this country who come from their stock all keep to that same speech that they derived from them; because, unless a man knows French, he is thought little of. But humble men keep to English and their own speech still. I reckon there are no countries in the whole world that do not keep to their own speech, except England only.[10]
Also was england the first nation state and could being an island nation attribute to Englands early nation state identity?

Non American here, wondering why Kissinger seems to be so despised by Trumpists, Sanders fans and pretty much every other millenial in modern America. From what I have read, he's a pragmatic and intelligent Secretary of State who did his country a great service. What's the cause for the hate?
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seething commie incel
united korea under north korean rule would be based and you know it
>I'm fine with military adventures that benefit us
give me some examples
>That's nothing he even betrayed Pinochet after all he did for them.
Pinochet lost power in 1991 Kissinger had nothing to do with it retard

Based and saltpilled
Romans were a tribe of savages , rapists , slavers , torturers and killers who should have been burned to the ground .

File: FirstHorseWarriors.jpg (483 KB, 1280x720)
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483 KB JPG
Did anyone else here watch the recent PBS Nova episode about the rise of the Yamnaya culture/proto-indo-aryan steppe germanics? I thought it was really rad personally
I'd be into that. Where do you watch current PBS stuff? I don't have an antenna or anything so I usually have to settle for older episodes people upload on YT.
My body is ready, is it online somewhere?
It's public broadcasting, so I think it's all online for free. Check pbs.org or youtube.
Episode is called "First Horse Warriors" just google it senpaitachi
File: 1551542637106.jpg (66 KB, 444x366)
66 KB
I found torrents with plenty peers and seeders on torrentz2.eu by searching for "First Horse Warriors" as anon suggested. Thank you OP for bringing this to our attention

File: 13659.jpg (105 KB, 700x490)
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105 KB JPG
>james ossuary
So is this shit the real deal or not?
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Do you have a thought you’re trying to articulate, or are you just showing off your picture collection? The name written on the ossuary is


יעקוב is Jacob far more often than James.
And what about Jessie from Pokemon?
Died in a horrific ballooning accident.
Jesus and Joseph were common names, its just acoincidence. Theres also another burial with an inscription that also says Jesus, son of Joseph out there from the same time period.

File: 1485629386208.png (2.07 MB, 1500x1395)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
The one man who could have realised Fascism in its true form and he was taken from us
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Watching fascists clamber on about how great it was, while at the same time claiming that it wasn't TRUE fascism is a lot like watching communists clamber on about how great it was at the same time claiming it wasn't TRUE communism. The entire time, fascists just have this vague sense of smug superiority because they are "WOW EPIC BASED DA JOOOZ, GET REDPILLED!1!1"

Stop pretending that your failed political ideology has any sort of value by yelling at strangers on the internet. It doesn't take a genius to see how autistic this thread is. Mosley was just riding Hitler's dick.
Mosley just wanted to make shit better, at least when he first started. Poor guy was a member of both of the main parties in Britain in an attempt to fix insane unemployment rates. He saw that both parties couldn't do shit to fix anything so he looked at other European examples. At the time, Mussolini and Hitler had turned around downtrodden countries into powerhouses. He thought they were shining examples of countries that had shaken off the old, elite members of society that were keeping the people down. The BUF had a surprisingly strong base in England, but Nazi influence eventually turned the BUF into antisemites, which would then alienate Mosley from his working-class base that saw Jews working hard alongside themselves. The only thing that really snuffed out Mosley was WWII when he was arrested as a Nazi sympathizer.
fascism was tried in every big south american country, as well as anywhere socialism fails. it's always been the pendulum's answer.
the fact is that human beings suck at handling the entirety of the economic reality. there's simply too much to account for. that's why basically ANY economic system works on small scales and collapses once it reaches the continental.

the best performing countries let the tides do what they will - as far as is publicly acceptable. even in medieval kingdoms. there weren't enough tax collectors and computers to keep track of it.
>There were even transgender British Fascists but they came before the BUF in the 20s.

"Exterminate all homosexuals and Fascism will vanish" - Maxim Gorky
>that cartoon

Hitler wanted to burn Paris before it got liberated by the Allies. So if it were up to Hitler that cathedral wouldn't exist lmao.

Would a victorious Nazi Germany have lasted longer than the Soviet Union?
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Only a thousand? Not very confident 2bh.
It would have turned into a social democracy sooner than that
Well the poltical structure survived very well, since the very same guys managed post war germany without suddenly imploding into a civil war between Erhard and Kissinger.
It depends on how soon hitler dies after the war. Assuming that the war still ends around 1945-1946 you’d need him to survive until at least around 1955. It’d fall apart if he dies beforehand then it’d be enough to convince people to launch a large scale uprising. If this happens it’d probably result in a split between them and Spain and Italy. They’d then collapse around 1960 due to lacking the ability to move enough supplies to fight in any proxy wars. Either they totally collapse Soviet style or simply changes too much to be considered the same nation. If they survive this they’d be forced to remain isolated from the rest of the world. Either way the USA still wins this Cold War.
>im not a cuck you’re the cuck, my wife’s boyfriend says so

File: IMG_0026_master.jpg (28 KB, 768x576)
28 KB
How have people with poor sight, particularly men fared throughout history?
Obviously many cultures expected men to be warriors, and i know many would have died from a variety of diseases and war before it became an issue - but some people, like myself started to have very poor sight in their teens/early twenties

Did many cultures make concessions for this? Or were you just expected to suck it up and keep fighting? Or could you be assigned non fighting roles for this reason? Not really bothered which time we're talking here just interested to find out about this
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Most militaries allow glasses in combat roles. Elite forces and stuff like pilots, no.
im surprised at that - it seems like a real risk, having one of your soldiers be taken out of action because his glasses fell off/got shattered/got covered in dust etc seems very risky.
Pretty sure the US military provides LASIK. I think there are people who join just for that.
You're asking a question that is too wide in its area. Could you please specify?
Myopia wouldn't have existed or would have been rare and would have meant a big disadvantage, short sightedness has increased massively now that children do near vision task more and go outside less.

In historic times children would have been outside most of the time and their vision would have evolved naturally.

Presbyopia would have existed but a lot of people didn't live old enough for it to be too much of an issue, nor would they have been literate anyway. Although their are examples of ancient greeks using, crystals, glass and water vessels to magnify writing.

File: Ayub_Khan_1972.jpg (685 KB, 1592x2104)
685 KB
685 KB JPG

File: tegyra.png (24 KB, 323x420)
24 KB
how the FUCK did they do it???
the power of gay sex

File: duelpic.png (876 KB, 720x405)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Why don't we have duels anymore? It seems like the issue of physical confrontation among two men is impossible to avoid no matter what you do. Men have been defending their honor for centuries and what its trickled down to (in my experience) is kids having the most banal pathetic fights in a parking lot of somekind with the video being spread everywhere so no-one is satisfied and usually the two involved in the confrontation get in trouble. I'm in uni now, sophomore year and I still,which i thought was a thing that I would never really see again, find people fighting or having scenarios where a fight will really only bring the issue to a complete close(even in 3am 7-11 parking lots drunkards fighting). Yes I know fighting is a "degenerate" thing but its a unavoidable human event that will continue to happen forever, and "fighting" seems to be always lopsided to the experienced fighter or the bigger man, why don't we bring out a revolver for the two men and let them settle it once and for all? Loser gets six feet
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For example people say the Jew ended duels. What is a Jew?
If German law dictates that a child is German by race. Not by location if born to German parents. Under this law an Asian is also always an Asian.
In French Law you are from where you were born.
English Law: Resident Vs Visitor Vs Inquirer. You are a visitor solely by being relative to the resident. An inquierer is related to none.
Jews are technically people born to German Law (similar). Is not related to residents or visitors but makes it their active participation to enquire. Residents don’t fall under German Law. Neither do their Visitors whom fall under Native American laws. However due to the Asian transactions they no longer have to say it.

So the Jew says that Americans are trying to kill their guise. So they try to trample the Americas but leave themselves open to a neighbor. However Germany still screams Native German soil.
Well they didn't look past me.
the African revolution when they united under Maoism. All the African Mula-Di. Mula-to are African according to their hair.
In China all the Chinese are united to their hair. So the native Americans had straighter hair than the Chinese. Where does that leave them? It’s an invasion they are trying to propagate. Must they claim asiatic on the basis of hair? Imagine if they own their native gene code. What can they do. The idea duels are not called duels is because of this situation where they are scared their messengers are being target by larger groups. So duel laws are handled within organizations that handle those sort of things.

File: 1558267250236.jpg (256 KB, 738x600)
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256 KB JPG
What the fuck was their problem?
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File: 1557217856557.png (250 KB, 500x375)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
ITT university students and lazy NEET tier faggots who just happen to (barely) work a job romanticize corrupt worker organizations because they fall for the propoganda of symbolism
File: der_milchmann.jpg (81 KB, 336x432)
81 KB
I am, therefore I do whatever I want.
>Didn't read the thread
>Everyone who disagrees with me is exactly like the caricature in my mind
>'the propaganda of symbolism'
3/10 please read posts before making your own posts
To hell with the japs. I am the best worker in the gang!
Post your paystub, you little bitch. You probably make less than unionized workers

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