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File: Herodotus.jpg (2.58 MB, 1739x2100)
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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.

File: nazis.png (111 KB, 2068x671)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Were the nazis pro vaccine or anti-vaccine? i dont get it
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anti-vaccine. they believed the genetically weak should die, they also said the jews would probably use them to sterilize Aryans (non joke Goebbels actually said that in a speech)
Moronic reply.
His is a retard board, so I expect them to strongly agree with your post.
Nazis were leftwing socially in all ways. Maternal care, abortion, eugenics (which is leftwing and comes from abortion, proves his is a retard board), evolution, voting rights (nazis had town council elections), gays, environmental, nationalism is leftwing, immigration (nazis supported turks), etc.
Pol is a single issue board focused on immigration, and in that sense it's anti nazi because nazi Germany had completely open borders with no immigration controls at all. Germany had no border guards before the FRG.
What pol is trying to do, besides the single immigration issue which contradicts everything, is to build a midwit ideology. It's not the "sides don't exist" argument, and it actually takes a center position. It supports the version of the left that existed under boomers. It doesn't fully support either position, just this intermediate welfare state that also has border control, but it doesn't expel anyone already here.
As you can see border control as pol does it is the most pathetic position to ever exist, not only did nazis have no border control at all, but communists have the best border control in history. The ideology that pol is defending is closest to stalinist centrism. It's not even nazbol, it's just midwitbol.
80% of what you said is wrong and the other 20% is misrepresented. you think you are smarter than you are
what about things like vaxx mandates and quarantines?
Excellent work lib.
There were no pandemics for most of the time nazis were there. I believe there actually were vax mandates, I found something there.
If there were disease outbreaks that required a quarantine, the cities were destroyed anyway so I'm not sure that existed as a issue.

Why hasn’t there been a hitler like figure sweeping to power in a major country since WW2?

Closest I can think of is Fidel Castro but Cuba isn’t major
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File: mao-zedong-393069.jpg (580 KB, 875x1196)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Because Germans are gullible, easily brain washed and autistic.
Putin is like Hitler but in some retarded alt-his novel where somehow the Austrian coup part of the plan fails, And Germany has to blow its load early and openly invade, but Austria manages to resist the Anschluss for a year and a half because everyone and their mother keeps sending foreign legions and giving the Austro's free guns.
Maybe if jan 6th hadn't been such a meme attended by nothing but a bunch spergs

File: WHG.png (943 KB, 1684x1356)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
why people be sayin WHG looked like ubersmench and stuf when they were ugly black jewish midgets?
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Nigger people still speak Zapotec today.
>the same natives who claim their ancestors walked out of caves in a moment of spontaneous creation?
Are you talking about the Navajo?
Because the Nahuatl creation myth is very different and the Navajo don't even speak uto-aztecan.
People speak languages descended from groups that no longer exist everywhere you chimp.
>are you talking about
I am poking fun at the inane stories these primitives tell themselves to justify the genocide and conquest which is the ACTUAL reason they are at any geographic place.
There's no such study. Latest zapotec genetic studies still locate them in the same region over the past 2000 years.
Again, where are you people taking this information from?
>have you read about paleo-sardinians? they are the source of borrebies via berids, nd were austrlaoid as well
Borrebies are from ane. Steppe maykop and the Dutch borreby were borrebies.
the idea that native europeans were black is just afrocentrism like the Cleopatra shit. Completely false, its trying to insinuate there was a direct migration to Europe from Africa

What was the positive alternative to the partition of India?

I always hear Indians and Pakistanis claiming it’s caused all their problems while also being glad they gave their own countries and aren’t stuck in either a Hindu dominated one or a Muslim dominated one

Its always bizarre to me how Muslims and Hindus blame the partition for their cultural and ethnic conflicts... even though they had those before the British ever arrived, and it was minimal while the British ruled

So what’s the deal here? Just sounds like Pakistanis and Indians can’t recognise their own failings so they blame the evil colonial overlords regardless of logic
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The driving force behind partition was not religious division, it was resistance to land reforms. The god awful land revenue system of the British Raj benefitted a small minority of elite landowning families at everyone else's expense. In the case of Hindu landowners, the majority had sold their holdings by this point and had become mostly urban. When it became apparent that Nehru would become the leader of independent India, Muslim landowners wanted out because Nehru was a socialist who wanted to implement his Fabian land reforms. The British obliged because a divided India would cause the region to be far less stable which would benefit them and their American successors. By the way, the lack of Nehru's Fabian policies is the reason Pakistan is such a massive shithole even compared to India.
Nigga the brits caused the death of millions, also among the hindus.
exacerbated at least
>Nigga the brits caused the death of millions, also among the hindus.
A question you've probably never considered before: How?

Why has violence decreased worldwide since ancient times?
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yes to both
File: gdp schizo.jpg (6 KB, 439x25)
6 KB
Truly a fascinating creature. Does he ever get tired? What's his mating ritual?
hard to say on one hand his months of inactivity could be the jannies finally doing their job, on the other hand it could also just be him getting bored and annoying a different place like /k/ since he schizo posts there as well along with other websites, as for rituals you will probably need to go to vegas since that is his unironic home
Has Africa's (the whole continent) total crime rate been dropping? Makes me think.
It's not measured but homicide is increasing everywhere due to the collapse of capitalism from peak oil.

Why hasn't anyone told me someone had finally distilled a true definition for fascism 25 years ago?

>The cult of tradition.
>The rejection of modernism.
>The cult of action for action’s sake.
>Disagreement is treason.
>Fear of difference.
>Appeal to social frustration.
>Obsession with a plot.
>The enemy is both strong and weak.
>Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy.
>Contempt for the weak.
>Everybody must become a hero.
>Machismo and weaponry.
>Selective populism.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Umberto Eco's definition of fascism is just as stupid as Voegelin's definition of gnosticism.
you have a diseased degenerate mind.
You're talking to the gdp schizo, he just rambles on like a retard
You do if you can't even form sentences to defend leftism.
he sounds like an ai troll

File: human sacrifice .jpg (235 KB, 1087x764)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>"Myself! Myself! Why have I forsaken me?
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>"Myself! Myself! For this I have spared myself."
There is no reason for the judge to forgive your debt, unless th debt is paid

That's a false equivalence. Shooting someone else wouldn't pay the debt

Hence why the money analogy makes sense
The prophetic part is not the first verse, it's the part where it says that his hands and feet are pierced. He's just reciting the first verse which traditionally implied the whole text.
The psalm has its own context and meaning, beside the prophetic part.
If you really wanted to quote a schizo moment, you should have go for the part in the garden of Gethsemane but you're just an illiterate cunt, like every fedoras.
>could just forgive everyone
>decides to kill himself

But why?

File: 1568285827862.png (1.01 MB, 1100x1048)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Anyone else remember the anon argueing that a super power or economy could be measured in oil + tourism? Anyone got any old posts from them?
That was a schizophrenic kike who was angry about the holohoax threads. He snapped one day and started spamming that, and the stalingrad shit too.
He is here right now, he will probably reply to this thread within minutes.
File: 1670158156678.jpg (137 KB, 750x1134)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
No I won't.

Why do people always gloss over the fact that the Kim dynasty is more similar to Hitler's Germany than it is any Communist state?
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how can a country established in the third world 70 years ago be compared to a country that was established as a wealthy colony of a much wealthier european state 250 years ago
File: 98989.png (442 KB, 816x543)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
I've read the book and bought into Myers' thesis but I've come around to thinking he's incorrect. It's a holdover Stalinist state.

Well even neoliberals (not so much anymore) would claim China also proved their ideology was successful because China's economic growth was due to market reforms. But I think ideologues who are on the outs in their respective countries like to do that because they have some dissonance with their own governments, which makes the "grass look greener on the other side," and there's also some second-order prestige involved, like it's easier to sell your own fringe ideology if there's a powerful state on the other side of the world that shares it.

However, the problem for Keith Woods is that the CCP doesn't care about him while it does have meetings with other communist parties. See:

>It's a holdover Stalinist state.
Correct, but if anything Myers' thesis only proves how close fascism and stalinism are in reality, if one can be easily be taken for the other.
There are some similarities because we tend to use Europe of the 1920s/1930s as the historical reference point when the idea of the state as an expression of the general will/masses/People was big, but also not something that was the exclusive monopoly of any particular ideology. Also the idea of trying to create new society notably different from that shaped by capitalism or at least liberal/bourgeois parliamentary democracy (the communists would say the fascists were capitalists but illiberal but it's a waste of time to argue about that right now).

Also you had states with different ideologies doing similar things and often for similar reasons! Including FDR's America.

But that's not the world most of us live in today, most of the world today is neoliberal which presents itself as hyperdemocratic with the state apparatus, bureaucracy, progressive taxation etc. seen as fetters on democracy which is the market.
File: DdLFEdUUwAEL-wa.jpg (58 KB, 707x534)
58 KB
A few other observations... how much of politics today is defined by who was mean to you/me/them on the internet five years ago. Or how much it's aesthetics (see B.R. Myers here too... Kim Il Sung riding a white horse! That makes him like Hirohito!). How much of anti-fascism today is more of an aesthetic preference and aesthetic objection than anything else? The fash and anti-fash aren't even punching each other anymore now that there's a dementia-addled white liberal in the White House.

Also it's interesting to look at how actual got into power. They didn't usually coup their way into power, guns blazing. It was remarkably "constitutional" and institutionally unopposed.

File: DM2tMk4H_400x400.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
Is this good casting? Is this what he would have looked like?
Is that what the average Sicilian looks like nowadays?
Why is Archimedes cast at all in an Indiana Jones movie?
Everyone's a nigger baby, that's the truth.

File: chart 1.0.png (229 KB, 1052x1000)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
What is the difference between Magian and Babylonian culture?

What kind of copes did Catholic rulers use for violently subjugating other Catholics?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This doesn't answer my question in the slightest

Presumably these men feared God and took their religion somewhat seriously, so in what ways did they twist Christianity to cope with their warmongering ways?
It was the final holdout of Byzantine presence in Italy iirc
Why would they need to twist it? Brutal reality of the secular aspects of life could coincide with religious devotion via prayer, church attendance and monogamy. You have the perfect example of the Pope fulfilling this dual role: spiritual leader of Catholicism while simultaneously being a pragmatic secular ruler responsible for political decisions and his subjects.
Early Christians had been pacifists.

Ceasar and the senate became the pope and the cardinals

Because the Roman army was too expensive to keep, fear of eternal damnation and cash for indulgences replaced the boot and club

The catholics also continued the Roman tradition of creating glorious architecture and art to substantiate their existence. All of this is more Roman than like Jesus
>Early Christians had been pacifists.
Early Christians were many things. Including Violent.
>Ceasar and the senate became the pope and the cardinals
Not really, a papacy proper only began to exist a few hundred years after the fall of western Rome. But yes most mainstream churches (except the calvinists) use bits and pieces cribbed from Roman governance.
>Because the Roman army was too expensive to keep
No, it wasn't, Billy Bob Evangelical.
>fear of eternal damnation and cash for indulgences replaced the boot and club
Your mind on being from the U.S and a radical dissenter protestant.
>The catholics also continued the Roman tradition of creating glorious architecture and art to substantiate their existence.
No, the architecture and art came after that, often it was a local initiative.
>Early Christians were many things. Including Violent.
Yet Christ allowed himself to be crucified, and his disciples did not preach violence, and were burned to death for their pains.

This only fuelled the church and added to its followers, because the world was witnessing a most exceptional love and loyalty.

>arrives in New England
>gets off ship to discover a place to settle
>starts turning up and seizing stores of Indian corn in the ground belonging to the Indians
>turns up Indian graves and takes the best items from them
>come upon a couple uninhabited houses (Indians fled in fear prior)
>take the best items from them for yourself, intending to leave some of your own in sign of peace and intent of trade
>oops, we were in a hurry back the way we came and forgot to leave anything, sorry lol
>shortly thereafter one morning Indians attack you
>fend them off and charge after them yelling at them for a quarter of a mile after they retreat
>take no casualties against numbers that are multiple times greater than yours
>finally choose a place of settlement
>the local king/sachem (Massasoit) brings his shamans into the swamps to continuously curse you to destruction day and night
>comes to make a longstanding peace with you after this doesn't work
>shortly after you make peace with this major sachem he's captured by his enemy, and now a guy called Corbitant is trying to rile up the natives against you and reportedly threatened and killed one of your interpreters, Squanto
>barge into his house at midnight to the screams of women and children and Indians desperately breaking out of the walls of the house (not to worry, you have men on the outside of the house)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The smallpox crap is fake.
But otherwise nobody actually considers the final outcome bad.
Do the merrymount saga next.
File: buildingfort-hires.jpg (358 KB, 800x586)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Europeans came to trade – and often to kidnap and enslave Native Americans – well before the arrival of the Pilgrims.

Juan Ponce de León explored Florida as early as 1513, and the Spanish had a settlement in St Augustine by 1565, while French Huguenots tried and failed to establish a colony on the coast of what is now South Carolina in 1562.
Spain created all the native American tribes. Archery only originates in steppe and they gave them archery.
God fucking knows. But yeah, the first decades of most euro colonies in the Americas were fucking wild. Especially the English ones.
>God (Anglican)
>New England is literally dissenterland
>Virginia and the other Anglican shitholes import ten trillion niggers to grow dey cotton.
>Europeans came to trade
In North America, they mostly came to fish. And that was in the grand banks.
>Juan Ponce de León explored Florida as early as 1513, and the Spanish had a settlement in St Augustine by 1565, while French Huguenots tried and failed to establish a colony on the coast of what is now South Carolina in 1562.
This was all in the southeast, and you are ignoring the 2 prior English colonial efforts on North America (roanoke, Popham, I think there was another abortive one)

File: image (4).jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
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File: jjs9.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
He's balding too, if it makes you feel better.
what has this board come to

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