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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.

What are some arguments against Buddhism?
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File: shankaracharya_new.jpg (267 KB, 480x630)
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>dude nothing is real lmao
It's their innermost premise that is obviously wrong. Everything else is spot on though.
>and still worship a man (Buddha)
But they worship a man - Yeshua bar Yosef
If there is no real self, what is getting enlightened?
how many buddhas did it produce afer guatama? zero.
No worship needed. Gautama might have been a man, but a Buddha is simply someone who has awoken.

Buddhism also teaches the importance of right speech. You might want to look that up.

Does spirituality have an evolutionary advantage?
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I have always regarded spirituality as a coping mechanism with fastly developing awareness of the environment and self-awareness in human beings. Like a tool to ease the transition from the state of beast into what we consider human or godly if you will. People are confused about existence in general so they create some explanations for existence, some are more complex, some are more simple. The belief in God itself is a coping mechanism with existence, but that mechanism is very necessary to acknowledge, otherwise you start worshipping that which you do not acknowledge as the object of worship, like niggers for liberals or money for those within civilization.
spirare - breath.
define "spirituality" faggot
100%. Reading about fitness, or watching videos of good training increases my abilities. Similarly, working out stimulates oxygen flow and I can think more clearly. Same goes with meditating, sustained aerobic activity and the like.
File: we_made_it_bros....jpg (150 KB, 646x700)
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File: 1594313187990.jpg (34 KB, 320x347)
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Was Marx right?
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Based black marketer.
You cannot built an ethnostate in Capitalism. Because supply and demand of wage labor. Capitalism demands mass immigration, in order to increase the offer of labor on the market, thus decreasing the price of labor, which allow the Capitalism to pocket the difference. More profit.
Nationalism couldn't exist without the economic systems that retards stereotype as "capitalism"
(...) Also Marx wasn't ignoring race. He literally wrote in Das Kapital Vol.1, that the aim of Capitalism was to replace 1 Yankee by 3 Chineese.
Capitalism doesn't serve nationalism. Nationalism serve Capitalism.

File: Isil.jpg (216 KB, 506x729)
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216 KB JPG
This book convinced me that authentic Islam is something like ISIS and most "Islamic" criticism of ISIS is just crypto humanism
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Farmers were serfs and "workers" here refers to slaves. These classes were not allowed to own weapons and were embondaged. It doesn't mean don't kill a free man unless he is in uniform and carrying a weapon.
>Farmers were serfs
You have to be really stretching your interpretation to pull that out of your ass.
>these workers were slaves
Slaves is abd and I don't see abd mentioned anywhere hear.
Also a serf is a free man legally so what the fuck are you talking about? The mercantile and crafting class was infinitely smaller back then and the default of the commoner would be being a farmer.
File: 1415661227556.png (31 KB, 321x623)
31 KB
Crusaders took back the holy land and protected christian territories multiply times, muslims have tried several times to take over europe and failed miserably. They also conquered Constantinople when it was struggling with civil wars and still didn't recover from the fourth crusade, byzantine fell because western backstabbed byzantine when they needed help the most. The caliphate got btfo by charles martel even after outnumbering the westerns and lost the reconquista.
The only workers who didn't fight were slaves, otherwise worker couldn't be taken to mean "non-combatant" as that's a modern interpretation. Every free man took up arms then and that's also how it often is in the Middle East where fighters don't wear uniforms anymore than they did then

Serfs were "free" but could not leave their land to go to combat and we're forbidden from owning bows. Hence they were legally prohibited by their own people from fighting.

*pats back*
There, there, atta Turk...
*pats back*
There, there, atta Greek...
>*pats back*
>There, there, atta Shqip.
He lived in a time where the whole world was conquered by Europeans so he had a bit of an inferiority complex. Best not to take his ideas to heart. Turkish nationalism is a fundamentally silly concept.
Atakike was a subverter who turned proud Turks into kebab makers and ice cream flippers

Can we have a serious discussion about the 1619 Project and what it means for reframing American history in the eyes of the public?
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You realize by admitting Michigan was one of the greatest in the world, that the West had far outpaced the South by the 20th century, right?
Ashkenazi Jews (most American Jews) are white.
It was my fault for responding to a post that was bait, we were specifically talkign about pre-civil war and then this retard started spamming about the automobile industry.
>It was my fault for responding to a post that was bait, we were specifically talkign about pre-civil war
Oh really?
>>The "industrial revolution" didn't start really outpacing the South until after the Great Depression
COPE D*xoid
>muh automobile industry, fuck you southerners
The absolute state

File: faggot.jpg (52 KB, 639x898)
52 KB
>alexander bad
>mongols good
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typical know it all american faggot
>HS teachers use it as lesson supplements
Is america one of those countries where hs history is taught by literature teachers?
John Green isn’t an academic, brainlets
I was shocked to learn wasn’t an atheist. Then I learned he’s Episcopalian which is almost the same thing
the absolute state of /pol/fags

How did historical people deal with PTSD?
Drinking, wife beating, talking with people who were there, man. The usual. Also opiates.
gospel, prayer and quiet reflection

They really did it lmao
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You can enter all mosques in Turkey
You have provided no arguements whatsoever in favour of this
Actual policy is very favourable towards Muslims but keep believing in your retarded delusions based on waxing and waning voting rates of a memeparty
A European is more welcome in turkey than a Muslim in Spain. That’s a fact.
Don't see a problem with this. In fact, I wholeheartedly support this. It was a mosque for almost 500 years before that gay donmeh Jew Kemal turned it into a museum.
It's symbolic of the death of Turkish secularism. Fuck Erdogan.

File: Pakistan Map.jpg (506 KB, 2000x1598)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
How/why did Pakistan come to existence? The traditional view is to provide for a muslim homeland but at the time, India actually had more muslims than Pakistan did (and is also projected to have substantially more muslims in the near future). And somehow, Pakistan has lands that belong (ethnically speaking) to other countries (Pashtun areas to Afghanistan, Balochistan for Iran). How did this country came to be? It seems to me that it's a fragile country, not really grounded in any solid ideal beyond islam and hating India. I don't imagine that such a country can be united for too long. Fair to say?
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The Raj wanted muslims to stay part of India only for so long as the Raj stayed in brittish hands. The muslim's solution of two states was a great opportunity to divide India.
Its not interesting. Its just simple. Every state should be its own country because people hate people in other states in both countries. But the issue is that bigger countries always have the advantage when that happens.
>They worship graves
Only Sufis and some Shia sects do this.

>women don't observe the hijab
The overwhelming majority of women do. Only in the cities (couple million people) don't wear them, like in most Muslim countries.
Keeping potential future geopolitical rivals weak and fragmented was a stroke of genius. Indian society is tied to British finance to this day.
barelvis have tons of shrines. You have no idea what you're talking about

File: unnamed.jpg (69 KB, 356x512)
69 KB
Not Muslim myself but i don't understand why the most aggressive objection used against the faith is Muhammad marrying a 9 year old. Do educated people seriously believe that a 9 year old in 2020 is the same as a 9 year old in the 7th century? Not to mention the fact that English kings in the 1300s were still marrying nine year old children as well as many other figures throughout history who have taken child brides. People act like this is some exclusive stick to beat islam with and i don't get it at all.

Also, the Christians use it to abuse Muslims yet Mary was married to Joseph when 12 in the Bible.

Why the obsession with Aisha's age?
He didn't
>Also, the Christians use it to abuse Muslims yet Mary was married to Joseph when 12 in the Bible.
according to a single, vaguely and poorly sourced quote in the Catholic Encyclopedia.
Also, no Christian considers Joseph to be the ideal human being.

was he the bad guy
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If he was passing out mushrooms to teeneragers and telling them to question their parents, yes.
He died with courage he is in limbo
Childhood is Socrates
Adulthood is Callicles
>says he will commit suicide because the state ordered it
>refuses to bring the criminal to the courtroom even when the state ordered him to do it
he was executed like seneca

I'm reading 'The Rising Sun' by Toland and even though he goes pretty in-depth with a lot of the political machinations of the Japs before the war, I still never really got a clear picture of what exactly they hoped to do to actually win the war against the US. Did they genuinely think that they'd be able to beat the largest industrial power in the world just by bombing their fleet and taking the Philippines? They seem to have never even drawn up plans for an assault on the US mainland, so how did they plan on scoring a decisive victory? Several senior figures noted that the US was vastly stronger than Japan in terms of industry and manpower, so why did they start the war in the first place? Was Tojo really that delusional? Did he really underestimate the US that much?
48 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>especially if they timed it to coincide with Operation Barbarossa or just afterwards.
The Japanese did not know about Barbarossa in advance nor did they know about Molotov-Ribbentrop in advance, these incidents hardly making them feel cooperative towards Germany. Hitler's unilateral action brought down Hiranuma's cabinet.
They can't just launch an invasion on a whim.
The IJN's mobilisation for the Pacific War started in 1940.
Since OP mentioned Toland.
>Once again the Russians crushed the Japanese, who suffered more than fifty thousand casualties. This embarrassing rehearsal for war not only caused a revolution in Japanese weaponry and military tactics but drove Japan closer to an alliance with Germany and Italy, since she felt that the
Soviet Union, England, China and America might combine against her at any moment.
Hawaii was considered to be US national territory by that point.
It's one of the reasons why FDR's Infamy speech focuses heavily on Hawaii, (and on Hawaii as opposed to the US Navy) with the Philippines given a single line.
>before Yamamoto
Assume a defensive posture and reinforce island holdings. As the US Navy pushes into the Central Pacific, use submarines and aircraft to attrit it and cause it to become disorganised. At night destroyer squadrons will launch long range torpedo attacks. These actions will reduce its strength by ~30% and leave it confused and impaired. At this point, the battle line will sortie and crush the enemy, with submarines, aircraft, and torpedoes completing the annihilation of any stragglers.
The shock of such an absolute defeat will compel negotiations.
>after Yamamoto
Attack the US fleet at Pearl Harbour to cripple its offensive power for six months or so. Take the Southern Resource Area and other key targets in the south. Take key islands and build fortifications and airstrips, turning them into a mutually-supporting mesh that the US would have to slowly grind through at enormous cost. While they are attempting this, the Combined Fleet will come in overwhelming strength and annihilate US naval forces, at which point Japan will begin a peace offensive.
>Of course if we just hadn’t hoarded all the oil it might not have had to come to that.
Apparently, the war on China caused a balance of payments crisis which would've left Japan without foreign reserves (and hence no way to purchase inputs) by 1942 anyway.
If so, US actions merely sped up the process.
They also held hope that the Soviets would try to mediate something until August, when they do invade Manchuria. At that point, they just gave up.

File: PP228.jpg (370 KB, 738x1100)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
How was USSR not real communism?
It was state capitalism.
communism is an idea. just word, mantra. like allah akbar, jesus saves. "justice", which is subjective. there's no strict understanding if what you see is communism indeed.

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