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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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Please note the following:

• This board desires high quality discussion. High quality posts will be praised. Low quality posts e.g. "Is this paranormal?" or "I am [insert paranormal entity here] ask me anything," etc. will be removed.
• Requests belong on >>>/wsr/.
• Conspiracy theories are welcome, but anything political in nature should be posted to >>>/pol/.
• For everything else, refer to global and board-specific rules.

File: 13.png (320 KB, 326x579)
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Welcome to Divination General!
Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Recommended /div/ links and books:

>MEGA with Tarot Books:

>Guides made by some of our readers:

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Requesting the future
I am IB
I am 26
I just wanna know when it is going to rain again cuz shit is fucking hot yo
Sorryyy for not doing all the queries in the end, but going to be taking a few now.
of everyone involved.
I think you should keep practicing and leave it until you have accuracy. It is a way of teaching your skills that when you do well, it is the time to stop...or that is what I read before haha.

Thank you for the readings and the effort :p

File: bro.jpg (527 KB, 1400x1400)
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527 KB JPG
Best horror games?
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devotion -- you can find it on some sites, it was taken down from the steam store for some bs chinese political joke hidden inside the game

[the developers are chinese btw]
I'm sure i'll get shat on for saying call of cthulu
But I kinda liked it, senpai
dead space.
The Little Nightmares franchise was some of the best horror games I've seen.
Luigi's Mansion

Previous thread: >>26261770

Older threads and relevant links: https://pastebin.com/UTzNkcde

Letter Method:

Discord: https://discord.gg/FRWMqrk
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Fucking hot.
remember to say no homo afterwards
The succs we know from these threads aren't like that though. They don't get affected by Jesus' name or any "holy" prayers. Might be just a regular demon girl, which is itself an oddity in these threads. I do wish that anon could have just stopped and tried to befriend it - or at least, want it to stay and fuck for longer?

>I probably sound retarded but I really like those Haribo gummy colas and was wondering if that's something I could offer.

Again, consider that the entity you offer to might be offended by the gesture because they don't want to be seen as inferior or a pet. Maybe they want to be seen as an equal to you? Maybe they don't want to be dependent on you for offerings and similar things? In either case, it is something seriously worth thinking and considering regarding whoever you're working with, as well as asking them what their view and preferences are? Just seems like the sensible thing to do, knowing these entities are individuals like us.

Congrats, you got yourself a big synchronicity yourself. You see what me and other people in these threads have been talking about now? Things are lining up. You and other anons in here are here for a reason.

>Atkin Michaels "My Spirit Lover" books come to mind.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>the conclusion was that she was hesitant/choosing her moment but it ended up being too late.
Its okay, you got plenty of sleep left in your life. More than enough time to get it right.
>Not disappointed in her but a little in myself because if I could feel everything better, that would possibly make the dreams unnecessary.
I feel ya man. You'll get there over time and with her assistance. Just be patient. You'll be feeling her to incredible degrees within a month or two, I just know it. Once December rolls around, start preparing for serious shit to go down.
>feel like I've got the grip on what to do, managed to do a few things while waking up multiple times, I have to keep my focus not to fall back asleep though but otherwise it seems promising, will be able to try again tonight too
Good. The moment you successfully astral project, stop and get your bearings, find your succ, and try to talk to her and get information to record upon returning to your body. Do other things too, but information is priority number one, understand? Don't risk that you'll lose info upon returning to your body; make sure you get enough you feel you can hold onto relatively easily first. You might have to return to your body early to make sure you get the info down, as well. But keep in mind that you have free will, frenchie, so you decide if you wanna stay and do things with her or back out and record info.

Explain how? Give MORE context please.

What exactly are you going through that makes you want to ditch her like a real retard would?
So what else could one offer? Any ideas? Not the same guy btw.

File: bob.jpg (122 KB, 653x507)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
im ex-MKultra, so i have no clue about anything and ive been scrombled HARD, life long psyops they seem to have stopped now but i have no clue where the fuck I am now, help pls

it seems that the plan was for me to never find out what I am, or delay how long until i realized.
reptilians and masons hate the pleaidians. and ive had manipulator encounters, mkultra'd by masons when i was a kid, you ever hear about those gifted programs they run? fucked me up BAD

if im pleiadian / naturally psychic, how do i improve my abilities day in day out, like getting better at a skill like you would get better at photoshop by going online and youtubing stuff
>inb4 some retard says take meds schizo
i can literally channel an alien. fuck off i know what im seeing

2. why does absurdism raise your vibration? when i listen to death grips or content from church of the subgenius, i start astrally projecting
any other content music audio that does this shit too but isnt some super-serious unfunny shit? like something absurd that raises your vibration similar in nature to [adult swim] shows

any help is greatly appreciated, anyone else here pleiadian or knows how to channel and use magic? It would be good to be able to realise what im capable of, my life is major fucked up rightnow because of all the psyop and gangstalker shit ive been through and only realized it all now that ohhhhh thats what it was thats why that shit happened constantly, the manipulation shit
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>your people have been fighting to rescue you for a very long time
me specifically? how many are there like me though? theres gotta be plenty others, right?

>this material plane doesn't matter
yeah but ive got like 60 years left on this planet to live, dont i have to like... do something with my life or some shit?
what should i do with my time here? im all ears, this place fucking stinks and is demonic at every fucking corner, every crack in society is filled with some kind of demonic influence which everyone just seems to fucking ignore when it is so blatant and in your face its like that, they even give the clues out to us "cattle"
is my only job here to make people aware of the staged shit and let them see what is out in the open already because they're too fucking dumb to look into things? im not even a smart cookie, this planet is just full of drooling retards

>it's just important you don't become the evil they are trying to rescue you from.
not a chance i would, i despise it in all forms. its low vibration shit anyway, not interested.

>they're using you as a bait of sorts, you're trapped pretty deep.
what does that mean? was my soul captured by this place? im being used to bait other pleiadians into the shithole? i thought governments and world leaders WORK with aliens though, don't they? im very confused.
File: 1556859538521.png (627 KB, 720x715)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Reminder if you develop your abilities too far you're going to get targeted by glows and probably gangstalked. Guarantee fucking tee that.
File: 1594491999968.png (26 KB, 739x437)
26 KB
Start with meme magic(k)
Terry really got the best deal out of all this, he didn't have to live to see 2020.

File: they-live-here.jpg (90 KB, 500x568)
90 KB
we keep seeing these things. they're not "visiting." wake up!
we share this planet with several highly advanced species.
we keep seeing these ufos because this planet is actually theirs.
you can't keep attributing all of these encounters on visits.
we see them when they're leaving and arriving. they must have bases or civilizations in our lakes and oceans since we see them entering and exiting them so often.
wake up folks.
the brainwashing is done.
highly advanced species that pilot the vehicle we encounter also live on this planet.

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that would be incredibly horrifying and sad. Would make sense why we are trapped
Hahaha. The Powerful Nameless have this gate wide open. So begins the revolution...
Ayys are demonic forces
They are not extraterrestrial, they are extra dimensional. The ones in the craft are the lowest form of extra dimensional life. They do not have the power to manifest where ever and when ever they want (thus why they are mostly observed at night). There are extra dimensional beings that have the power within to manifest and cross the rift between dimensions. They require no such craft because they are at the highest state of energy (call it Heaven, Valhalla, whatever). The ones on the craft are actually envious of us human folk because we are closer to the ultimate energy. Some humans can cross the rift just like the higher energy ones. Don't believe heaven and hell? This is the least biblical way of explaining it.
File: 1fb7986c.jpg (99 KB, 660x656)
99 KB

>Why would they want to remain hidden from us?

Imagine living in the amazon or something as part of a tiny scientific observation team and getting attacked by brazilian niggers like a rich white man in a favela at midnight because you might just have something valuable?

Or imagine getting chopped up or drained of blood to be sold as aphrodisiac for fat, impotent chinese businessmen?

That's how it is for anything more advanced than humans, in nearly 100% of the world.

File: spellgalorecom.jpg (108 KB, 900x1132)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Are vampires real and are they attracted to humans? Do vampire human relationships exist? I always wanted to be in a relationship with an immortal but I don't know where to begin how does a normal girl attract a vampire..
230 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
And why are they not pure? Because they drink blood? I would let him, it's more pure than anons in this thread telling me that I'm ugly or should kill myself. I believe you're pure if your heart is pure no matter what kind of being you are.

The rest of you are sub 80 IQ certified retards.
>He told me I was cute once
Are we suddenly back in middle school? Fuck me kill me now.
I would prefer not to murder you I'm not a beast.
A groomer with a baby carrot dick

>explain this shit
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The global coordinate system was established in 1911
and what is it based on? a sphere and 360 degrees that was used by the ancients
>and what is it based on?
The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England being set as the zero-reference line.
File: ffffffffffffffafsdf.jpg (535 KB, 900x1273)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
they knew the speed of light an aligned it with the great pyramid in egypt!

File: IMG_20200926_175135.jpg (2.32 MB, 3120x4160)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
What does this symbol mean?
Nothing. Pls kys
Mind of descending to hell.
Looks like a Portal's doorway
Opening to the show The Rugrats
Whatever you want it to mean. Symbols have no inherent meaning.

File: EWS1.jpg (451 KB, 1920x1088)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Just finished watching it and I think I mostly understood it. Nevertheless, I want to read other people's takes on it. What are the best explanations for the film? The only explanations I find are stupid mainstream media BS.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Schizo, there is no communism in USA. Hollywood is capitalism capital of the world.
The thing is, there is nothing to read. It's plainly showed how it is, except for the deleted scenes (probably human sacrifice).
nothing. it was pointless and kubrick himself knew it was bad
It's an ideological subversion campaign.
I've been to private hollywood events. It's all a larp and even they hate it. The actors are just baby sitting rich people's kids pretty much.

File: Dulce Base.jpg (67 KB, 750x445)
67 KB

I was a total germophobe. Was. Until covid-19 hit.

Now I'm labeled as normal, completely functional, precautory and pandemic rule following person.

I suffer from asthma but it's not as bad as it used to be. I was hospitalized or taken to the emergency room many times in highschool over me not being able to breathe. I always got sick many times a year, and even one simple cold would spiral into very debilitating asthma attacks.
So I always have to be careful with my health.

I learnt to hate people. I hate how old men don't wash their fucking hands, take space, cough and sneeze everywhere. I hate how they gargle and then spit their fucking disgusting flem on the floor, in the middle of the street. They enjoy being gross.

I hate mothers that don't watch their kids being fucking nasty microbe farms. They pick their runny nose and cough everywhere and you're supposed to go "aww how cute". They're the main way to get the fucking plague, because kids do not have inhibitions. But a busy karen mom could have their kid with a big ass fever and still take it outside and infect everyone.

I hate touching door handles. I hate dirty shoes. I hate people who touch something dirty and then carry on with their lives without washing. I hate people touching me. I hate sick people.

For the longest time wondered why nobody else had the same precautions that I had. Why westerners are not supposed to wear facemasks. Why can't we be like asians and their facemasks. When will facemaks be a thing in the west? Please, I just want people to fuck off and stop spreading their diseases.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
both. one cannot exist without the other.
I was one of the nasty old men you deacribe. Until COVID I never realized it. Now, basically everything I used to do is Highly discouraged, and I realized what a fucking germ-spreader I used to be.
what the fuck are you talking about fucking schizo TOC paranoid.
File: DIV THREAD.jpg (90 KB, 540x514)
90 KB
File: 1595980858497.png (961 KB, 824x760)
961 KB
961 KB PNG
>germs bad

I was just curious if anyone here knows his source on the idea of martians coming to earth. Did he just make it up? Most of his other ideas seem to come straight from the corpus hermeticum
>Did he just make it up?

Hello Folks,

I have stumbled upon this piece of work which has changed my life. I would to know if any of you have taken the chance to read it. What are your insights?

Passion is suffering, love is passion. The creation is love. Our ultimate goal is to gain knowledge so our higher being ascends, but not until we experience every human life on this planet. It might sound weird but this life is just a tiny fraction of your true self.

Please share your opinions brothers.

File: 1568093858110.jpg (69 KB, 904x621)
69 KB
This shit site is time consuming for majority of its users and numbs the mind to the point of depression. That being said /x/ is the better of the bunch and you could get something out of lurking here, atleast hypothetically. Still remember, the reason you can't astral project yet is because you spend so much time on 4chan.

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