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/x/ - Paranormal

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File: x1.jpg (39 KB, 591x453)
39 KB
Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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File: x3.jpg (57 KB, 540x533)
57 KB
Please note the following:

• This board desires high quality discussion. High quality posts will be praised. Low quality posts e.g. "Is this paranormal?" or "I am [insert paranormal entity here] ask me anything," etc. will be removed.
• Requests belong on >>>/wsr/.
• Conspiracy theories are welcome, but anything political in nature should be posted to >>>/pol/.
• For everything else, refer to global and board-specific rules.

Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven. You are capable of this too, as long as you stay true to the universe. You are creating your own reality with your thoughts, feelings, words. Only you and God can decide your fate.

He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. As the collective soul reacts to all of our thoughts, whether or not we are at the top or bottom, we must infer a modicum of respect in even our heads to gain in love instead of hatred. Heaven for all is real. Everyone's truest desires are mutual. The only motive is love.
He is not a messiah, nor a holy figure of any traditional kind, if so to be the case; neither is he the ultimate, supreme being of this mortal realm; he is a man who chose to believe instead of giving into despair. Behold the strife in enlightenment asunder, boldly if you must. A belief is best kept neatly divided until it naturally falls in the right places. Temperance!

>What is the general picture?
It's important to not forget, that many posters are human regardless of nonsense spoken and whatever dissidence or vitriol firmly expressed.

Learn to forgive yourself and others. Without this belief, all falls to pointless demise. Believe in yourself, as when believing in good things, you become more than just a mountain to the eyes of the heralded. None of us are perfect; it is important to note that none of us are okay until we accept our imperfections, as they are useless in reclusive efforts. However, they are supreme when combined socially. Community is a thing that requires your belief to be sustained...

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
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thats how pussy the envious
psychopathic narcissistic/racist
antimelanin male
truly is no offense normie
souless sunsensitive control freeeaks
stop let alone control the anger
and will of his soul and or spirit

typical diabolical
villany of egoic immaturity

literally an obsolete experience

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think sensitivity is more important than tolerance. Completely. I prefer all sensitivity and zero tolerance because it brings my awareness to ever lovelier loves.
I don’t want tolerance to cloud my sensitivity to true love. OwO

On a different note, I could complain about a lot but anime is really impressive in this universe. Clearly it is a key aspect of the universal story.
I love Belgium

So around early to late 2017 I remember there being a lot of talk about the supernatural, religious, kabbalistic, schizophrenic, and other "coincidental" circumstances and meanings of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses and their passing over an area of illinois known as Little Egypt, anyone happen to have more info on that on hand?
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Read the article I posted from Super Torch Ritual and you will see the significant movies where 618 is featured like Terminator, Deep Impact, Stranger Things, the Matrix, and the several Microsoft and apple ads among other things. It's not random. They all chose that specific number and time.

Some Phoenician elite that was on here said the number is a frequency to a certain planet and race.

well aint that somethin
>618 is phi the golden ratio.
>No it's not.
Almost. The Golden Section is a proportionality yielding an irrational number the first few digits of which can be expressed as 0.618 or 1.618.
Did you bother to look at the link I posted that has screenshots of it in so many media? It's not a coincidence that so many producers put it in, and they weren't thinking of the golden ratio.

File: eating carcass.jpg (90 KB, 1024x508)
90 KB
> Nurse sets up camera on deer carcass to catch wildlife and instead sees semi-nude people acting bizarrely
This board has really gone down hill.
Came here for the qrd on today's /x/ headline.
0 threads on any of my subject keywords.
The sad state of /x/.
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Girls are allowed to be abnormal. Frankly we, as a society, have decided that women are allowed to have pink and green hair and act like children. I guess what I'm saying is we should start beating women and children more.
you dont know what thats like to be a Girl when you dont fit in No One wants to be your friend or date you if your not pretty or dont act Normal
Let me tell you something, Moon Unit; I never fit in once during my childhood. I was always the weird one, and all I ever got for it was insults and stuff thrown at me. I was so weird the other kids were fucking ambushing me on my bike rides home to throw snow balls at me.

In stark contrast, weird girls all got fawned over and told how quirky and unique they were. No one wants to date you because you smell bad and think that men are the devil. You wouldn't date you either.
Women are powerful and control the social perception of men among other things.
To reduce either to sub or dom is black magic.
Virtues are rewarded.
Do not let modern active spells manipulate you.
Me too they bully me and make fun of how i look how i Act when i was little and i never said men are the devil i like Boys they just dont like me Ok but being a Girl and not being Pretty is harder

File: 1664120462609747.jpg (77 KB, 593x593)
77 KB
Was it another nothing burger?
You have to wait for 6/6/2026
2 more weeks reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
File: 1681723894876781.png (295 KB, 445x476)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>Didn't mention the war crime of the dam destruction in Ukraine that is highly accelerationalist of both sides of the conflict, considering the civilian loss.

Happy 6/6 /x/!
>"both sides of the conflict"
>tranny skeleton meme
Imagine being this possessed by demons.
File: 1656363071203222.jpg (53 KB, 635x407)
53 KB
>posts something burger

Take your L nigger and enjoy the silliness of the strange times you don't want to admit you live in.

File: chart.png (146 KB, 797x561)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Reading List and Book Recommendations: https://pastebin.com/pvtCs9H5
>Useful Links:
old /astro/: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/search/subject/astro/

>Get your Chart:
***Try to use the most accurate time. The default chart settings may not be the best (use whole signs)***
Don't be lazy: most chart-making sites have automated readings

>Tips for Posting:
· Be respectful
· Have some questions ready when posting your chart
· Ignore posters who only post their chart w/o context

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>be me
>Work with a team of 5
>Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo and a suspected Taurus or Pisces

>The Gemini annoys me with their attention seeking tryhard behavior

>The Scorpio thinks I'm stupid, attempts to order everyone around

>Sagittarius manager, don't respect his lack of leadership

>The one I'm not sure about likes to gossip and talk shit about everyone and everything

>The Leo is pretty chill but not great to work with.

I feel like we should get along better.
saturn in the 8th house was the first thing i saw. let me guess you almost never get a chance?
Why is it so difficult for me to be emotionally stable? Why is romance so difficult for me? Career advice?
Any feedback is much appreciated.
Yes, the Mars energy will slow down. The natural assertiveness, directness, action that you once had towards 2nd house themes will slow down or at least won't have as much of an upfront presence in your life than before. It will still exist but the energy is more directed inwards within yourself instead outward. This could manifest in several different ways but in your case, it shouldn't be too much of an overly negative thing because your natal Mars is in somewhat of an okay condition, (+Mars is domicile in Aries). Perhaps you'll become even more self-reflective on your actions before you take them. But it could also be bad and makes you unable to take any kind of physical action. For example, having TOO much hesitation to do anything at all. Your Sun+Mercury and Moon+Mars are in good trine. Sun(ego)+Mercury(mind) and Moon(emotions)+Mars(action) are working together in a way that makes you consciously aware of your own self, your reactions, emotions, your surroundings. Of course, Neptune and Uranus, Saturn could be causing some other issues in your emotions and actions. Which is the projection I mentioned and also perhaps trying to control your emotions and actions too much.

What I meant was that your progressed Saturn going direct is good. It was in retrograde before. I would interpret this as, the things that once held you back before has lessened since then. Your Saturn is in 10th house. Maybe you had trouble with public life, working, society but Saturn "took off the heavy chains" it had on you before. Before then, it was probably very difficult getting your public life in order. So, handling those 10th house things probably got a little bit easier for you as you've grown up, since it is not in retrograde anymore and is going direct.
You can't go off sun signs. Hack their birthdays with year and we can see what's wrong with them/how your synastries don't work out

Do synchocities prove I'm in hell
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: w7de91hvvfh31.jpg (75 KB, 898x895)
75 KB
Eerie just Eerie
Time to ascend and put good luck into my loved ones lives
depends on the flavor

File: 1685905357545288m.jpg (112 KB, 795x1024)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What does that mean vague schizo
depends on how you interpret them I guess or what they are

synchronicity itself wouldn’t mean hell
Synchronicities are glitches in the Matrix.

Wake up, Neo...
The Matrix has you...
Follow the White Rabbit.

Knock, knock, Neo.

File: bob.jpg (2.32 MB, 6154x4103)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
He was telling the truth all along wasn't he?
>Bob latard
i remember him on the billygoodman happening show with bill cooper, drunk as fucks, all claiming area 51 "Q clearance"

and talking to the mythical insider "Yellow Fruit"

what a load shit.



and people fell for it then, and still fall for it now.
35+ years later.

still no proof of anything.
I choose to believe he is telling the truth. Would explain the recent more credible ufo encounters, probably just the government testing the capabilities of these craft vs their own forces.

File: cover.jpg (53 KB, 700x700)
53 KB
Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Digital, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Recommended /div/ links and books:

>MEGA with Divination Books:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
•/div/’s Spreads Guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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2S 8C Judgement

She's in mental hell anon, there is definetly something going on, what is it that is so harsh to her? This is an issue that solve itself but it will take a while until it does so
AQ, Gemini

Will I finally forgive myself this year? Just disappointed a very dear person to me and I feel awful.

10 of Wands
Hanged Man
Queen of Pentacles

M will go through a phase where they will have to work hard asf and face continuous hardships. However, this will be a turning point in their life and they will face a huge shift in their perspective or an event that will change them completely, for the better.
What I was trying to get at was what was it that they'd become, they're a friend of mine who yes, are going through hardships but I expected them to become someone famous or something by now, do you think they'll become that?

A guy is hiding from the police and yells "I've got a gun!". I've thought about this movie trope a lot. I've probably seen it dozens of times. It is probably not the best thing for a person in that situation to do...but it's certainly convenient for the police if people think that is the best thing to do.

Other Hollywood examples might include how people react to sightings of aliens or demons. Rarely do people think critically in these situations, and it seems like programming for Bluebeam-type scenarios. Or consider how people in movies act toward authority in general. I was watching Dr.Strangelove the other day and there's a scene where the phone is ringing and she asks if she should answer it. "You have to!", he responds, and I wonder if this is also programming designed to make life easier for police and debt collectors.

Can anyone provide any other common examples of this sort of subtle behavioral programming, or perhaps some resource that has already gone through the trouble of listing and cataloging them? Thanks in advance.
182 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
More and more programming shows children in the work place as a gag. Haha what if a kid was driving that truck! They salivate at the idea of paying someone less to work for them.
I fucking hate marvel bullshit. Thanos is the most retardedest character of all time, villain or otherwise. He goes through nearly impossible efforts to get magical rocks that give him ultimate power over the entire universe and what does he do? He makes half of all life disappear. Why? Because he thinks the universe is overcrowded. By what metric? Couldn't be just expand the universe and vastly increase the resources therein to eliminate resource scarcity? Nah. Why not? He can already violate conservation of mass and energy apparently. Ok fine he wants to get rid of half the life in the universe to somehow make the universe a better place in his mind. So he gets rid of all the bad people, right? Or at least prefers to keep the smart and altruistic people around? Nah. He'll make it just completely random. Quality of life among those forced to then live among criminals and psychopaths be damned.
In the comics it's because he's a simp for death but those are cringe too, superheroes and shared universes are antithetical to good storytelling.
Brainlet take. Thanos wiping out half of all life represents the rapture from Satan's perspective. In the very first scene his son is foretelling his father's coming, a metaphor for Christ, whereas Dr. Strange who weilds the time stone represents the antichrist. The various Marvel heros depict the various fronts of the war waged by the antichrist against God.
>resource scarcity
not a thing. the earth has plenty of resources for everybody, you just aren't allowed to live off the land because the government is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to participate in the Beast system
Yes, it's called propaganda. Can guarantee most of the autists who post/browse on 4chan daily are immune to this due to a high likelihood of autism.

File: IMG_0130.jpg (40 KB, 400x396)
40 KB
why is the mandela effect happening? hopefully you realize were not gonna let it go and the false memory bs isnt flying anymore. just tell me why its happening
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Silver is the Iraqi Dinar scam of the 1800s.
The one that pisses me off the most now is from"Scary Movie". Shorty, the black guy, I remember saying "I see white people" because he's watching a scary movie with a bunch of white people around him and it's a parody of the sixth sense "I see dead people".

He now no longer says that and instead days "I see dead people" which is literally from the movie and no longer parodies it
File: 1609575467633.jpg (82 KB, 1024x931)
82 KB
>skim through video only once
>"in out multiverse, and there's infinite"
Stopped watching.
this is a fascinating concept to me even if the explanation at the end of the day is as simple as "a bunch of people stubbornly misremember something and refuse to accept it." i'm intrigued by how strongly convicted these people are to their false memories, mainly.
the one on the right is honestly the one i personally remember seeing as a kid, but left looks way better and more cohesive.
Genetic memory definitely exists in humans it happens in twin studies sometimes I remember a case where two twins were put up for adoption and eventually reconnected and both were college level baseball players who played the same position and it was the position their birth father played as well.

How did humans knew that Venus if a fiery, burning planet and associated Venus with Lucifer, Hell and Satan?

Also are women evil because they come from Venus/are influenced by Venus? Not an incel question, just genuinely curious. All the women I've ever met were malicious, bipolar, frequent liars and cheaters. It's almost seems like nature.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Love is evil
Yup sounds christfag enough to me.
>You want to fix the problem genius and innovation is the driving force of the economy, be an enlightened scholar and above the bullshit, learn to conduct yourself with class and in a professional manner.
Found the forked tongue usury expert.
Found the double speak hoe bag.
This guy can tell you about Luficer.

File: 1685873856106115.gif (679 KB, 500x266)
679 KB
679 KB GIF
Hi I remember reading a modern book that contained seal/sigil of Samael, book was about 150-200 pages long, the entire page of this book was dedicated to this seal, it talked also about other spirits I think and discussed the entire tree of life do anyone have idea about the name of it? I remember it had long title and was written by 1 author.
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of A Goofy Movie.

This is a general thread for discussion of the mystic power of semen retention.
41 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Meh, that's one of those "it's the Jews" misdirection memes... rent free my man, rent free.
why google it when you can /x/ it:
i don't care anymore. the protocols are coming true whether we debate its authenticity or not. just look at the absolute state of america and other countries. we're beyond salvation as a human race. each person needs to focus on himself at individual level.
That's really no excuse to support structural injustices, doing so causes (you) harm too. Also completely impertinent to this thread.
i don't support or not support anything. i support myself and control myself. don't even know or care what you're taking about. obviously everyone outside of me is a potential adversary since we live under resource constraints, zero sum game. and if i am charitable to someone outside of myself, a friend, i do expect that person to help me out later in the future if i need it. i'm not trying to help any other anons here by posting. i post for selfish reasons, to keep myself in check. i share info without knowing who will benefit from it. but it benefits me to participate.

Welcome. The purpose of this general is to show you how to use your own wonderful human imagination to achieve your every desire.
The world and all within it is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. So it is to consciousness that we must turn if we would discover the secret of creation. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life.

The Main Concepts:
>Imagination creates Reality
>Assumptions harden into fact
>Consciousness is the only Reality
>Feeling is the Secret
>Prayer, Living in the End/In the Wish Fulfilled (remaining Faithful to your Idea)
>You are the Operant Power
>There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept)
>Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion)

>Can I manifest ___?
Yes! Creation is finished.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
52 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think you might be onto something, weird...
>Read something on /x/ of all places that strongly resonates with me
>Try a wild experiment, just to see if it works
>"Pray" in my personal way for friends of mine
>Focus is financial security
>Two days later job interviews and 'sudden strokes of luck with clients'
>Four days later I learn that raises where I work will be postponed a month

Did n't expect that to go that quick...
What you mean by pray in a personal way?
Well...I pray in a certain way in my dreams, with a combination of hand signs. I am not sure what else to say as it's 94% intuition and 6% understanding. All I know is that the digits of the hands correlate with the Sephirot and by gripping, holding, and orientating the hands and fingers it's like a code.

I mean...that's why 'conventional' prayer has your hands flat and touching the fingertips and thumb tips and palms... all ten major nodes touching... means The entire body, spirit, and soul. "So be it" so to speak, a signature; underscore "and I mean it."
Interesting. This reminds me of the involuntary mudras a body can make during meditation.

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