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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: 1493487212662.jpg (236 KB, 1500x1874)
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I have a theory:

Intelligence is inherited on down from your family tree's past anxieties, and how your family tree handled their past anxieties

A mathematician became good at math through how his past family tree handled problems, insecurities, etc

A musician became talented with an instrument through how her past family tree handled problems, insecurities, etc

Temperament comes into place as well, and temperament may influence your innate intelligence - certainly your decision making
Someone who handles a problem well is someone who can think without being nervous during the problem solving

aka - one that can conquer & suppress anxiety when it arises

Someone who inherited that level headed thinking likely have inherited a higher intellect

That's my theory. I don't think it exists yet within mainstream critical thinking
Although this is 4chan, I mean no offense my reply. Your post suggests that you know little about how things work. Both math and music is about 90% practice. Source: I am a (physicist turned) mathematician and play two musical instruments decently. And this is not due to my genes or other bullshit, this is because I studied hard and I traded many things (such as social connections) for pursuing my interests.

File: Capture.jpg (128 KB, 994x685)
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talk maths, formerly >>10259038



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Not any of the previous guys,
I studied that chapter and I have to say it is good but a bit coincise, you need to spell out things and sometime provide a rigorous proof yourself. Not a problem tho.
File: mochi.jpg (76 KB, 1200x1392)
76 KB
>IUT3, Corollary 3.12: Spaces, Pilot Objects, Indeterminacies, Mochizuki Measures
A branch network.
So long as it is about sexuality and intellectualism, I'm all for it.
First cum first serve.

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That's one of the benefits of having an all powerful god.
Nothing is incompatible because it can fucking do anything. It could start the universe in a state that looks, from all observations, that it goes back to the Big Bang yesterday, or 5 minutes ago, and it would be seamless.
Hawking point leaves prior imprint on CMB.

Turns out this correlates with holographic principal and all events in previous epoch can be decoded.

Thank me later.

T. Aliens.
How do you know that when you go to sleep, im not there stuffing my cock down your throat? You dont. Because I just told you you were asleep.

Really makes you think, doesnt it?
“Nothing (ness?)” is impossible philosophically or scientifically?
Most unsatisfying cop-out ever but okay. This should be one of the most talked about things there is, but it’s left to shitty movies like the matrix instead.

Why do modern genetics attack someone for believing in thr concept of racial superiority but never expose the people who believe genetic differences between human groups don’t exist and every human is born equal?
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This is your mind on leftism. Literally hiding your head under the pillow and telling people to go away like a socially stunted aspergers 11 year old.
Weird how /sci/ never had to be deleted from the site and renamed for how shitty the people who post there are.
and /v/ stole /a/'s gets with KOG and corey in the house why can't we make 4chan great again.
File: Lovecraft.png (243 KB, 404x507)
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243 KB PNG

There's actually an uncanny correlation between having the 'tism and being 'racist'.

B. Fischer, J. Watson, Einstein, Lovecraft, etc. and the most popular promoters of race realism online are people like Ryan Faulk. I think something about being immune to social pressure allows autists to just be who they are naturally.
And he said "just because".

File: maxresdefault.jpg (22 KB, 1160x824)
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Most overrated equation in Math?

I swear, everyone drools over this and im not that impressed.
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Show me a π marble

Real numbers are just as imaginary as imaginary numbers
I vividly remember my high school calculus teacher going over this with such a gleeful expression on his face and being bummed out that I couldn't love numbers as much as he did.
>used in sophomore physics
literally the same. You can take calc 2 in HS. What's the hardest math you even need for a bsc in physics?
I hate this more because I hate π. I think that e^ix = isinx + cosx is far more impressive.
>What's the hardest math you even need for a bsc in physics?
"Apply these formulas you learned by heart to solve this """vector analysis problem.""" and find the electric field. Assume everything is [math]\mathscr C^\infty[/math] and analytical."

File: kraut dunning kruger.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
How do I become a proper academic, /sci/?
Study maths. Attempt to solve one problem.
>be up-to-date on the latest research in your niche
>do new research in the field
>repeat 10-20 times a year

File: 1545573020684.jpg (210 KB, 2500x1169)
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210 KB JPG
ITT: discuss engineering, engineering careers, and whatever engineering projects you're working on

>Should I go into engineering?
Well, it depends on what reasons you have for considering an engineering subfield.

GOOD reasons:
>I am looking for a challenge
>I already have lots of connections to industry
>I have a good support network that will help me during school/while finding a job

BAD reasons:
>I have delusions about becoming the next Elon Musk ("I want to change the world!")
>I want a high paying job
>I want a low stress work environment

>How do I get into R&D?
Generally speaking, you will need at least a master's degree if you want to do actual engineering. Though tread carefully: you can just as easily educate yourself out of a job by becoming overqualified. Make sure you have appropriate industry connections and experience before pursuing grad school.

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Are you complaining that your books aren't dry?
Because if you're dealing with abstract concepts and mathematical notation you don't want to burn your mental energy in understanding the book's writing style as well as the concepts it's supposed to be explaining.

Leave it to the people in the arts and humanities to use unnecessarily elaborate and formal language to pretend like they're doing serious academic business.
why do I keep seeing the same names over and over in these types of communities? Also, why is molecular/cellular chemistry a type of chemistry?
A type of *engineering*, I can't word today, it''s past my bedtime
Why would wanting more money be a bad reason to get into an engineering degree?

File: warning-01.jpg (729 KB, 1107x753)
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729 KB JPG
Alright, /sci/, it's time to test those deductive capacities.

Pic related is the test, in the idiom of Special Containment Procedures.

See if you can guess what it is.

winner gets a potentially profitable redpill. (don't ask)
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Okay, so you want to filter in order to agglutinate divine matchings and exclude certain energies/vibrations.

You and every other expresser of narrative kind of does the same thing with less. Unless you only want to hit the people that hit enough points thus signalling to you that you're not alone or have another potential to include/invite/have awesome sex with.

Or is this a destruction upon observation style memetic.
Also, you invited & let me in. So if there are any reciprocal conplaints you want to make, may I suggest you mature and realize everyone is you? Reality has no audience save for the most isolated participant: a divine being.
You can only submit or resist the narrative in your mind.

All succumb to being a story once told, eventually.
The fuck did all you /x/ faggots come from?
Social and intellectual neglect. Want to try a harder question?

File: 1543491606687.jpg (1.21 MB, 2400x2400)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Humans are just plants that respond to stimulus.
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Is 'life' the having of options as in choices of how to respond to a stimuli? Otherwise, physical interactions of say, a rock knocking another rock constitutes life also as the response would be the appropriate energy transfer as motion/heat/sound/etc.
its the purest form of love
Here it is:

Human beings try to acquire the best quality of life and the best quality of mate.

In modern industryiahl society both of those are tied to money

In order to make money your product needs to appeal to your target audience

Lonely masturbating incels love imaginary girls that appear to theire vague notion of how human sexuality must be like.

Bam. Science
Why diogenes?

File: 30C_F1.gif (47 KB, 595x493)
47 KB
Can anyone recommend any books or reference circuitry books to get started with design? I'm very motivated to leave EE testing and go into Design, I just need a starting point.

I'm currently working through Power Electronics on Coursera but I get frustrated at the lack of guidance and resources to do the homework. The 'Mentors' are especially aweful and nudging you in the right direction and often ignore or claim answering you would be cheating.
fuck man you work in EE but you can't figure out how to find a basic resource, all the while doing scam online courses. Are you retarded or something?
Can confirm retarded.

I have AoE as a recommendation from work. Just interested in what else was out there.
read thru Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by gray and meyer.

once ur done, pat urself on the back. uve now read thru the circuits bible, which contains mostly outdated stuff that people dont really use anymore.

then switch to CS because entry level analog/digital design jobs require PhD and 10 years of experience.

t. analog circuits

File: PD.jpg (6 KB, 528x130)
6 KB
double e = exp(-(pow(x - avg, 2) / 2 * vari));
return e / sqrt(2 * PI_M * vari);
What am I doing wrong? avg 0, var 1 works fine but increasing or decreasing the var does the opposite of what I expect in terms of curve intensity.
/ 2 * vari

You're dividing by 2 and then multiplying by vari
god damn it. For some reason I though it would multiply before divide. Thanks.
p.s. I love you
>What am I doing wrong
Wrong board, >>>/g/tfo

File: pagliacci.jpg (62 KB, 680x764)
62 KB
Everytime I see the amount of work I have to complete I just end up procrastinating.

So how do you /sci/entists do it? How do you stay on track with your work? Also, how do you focus on work in a distracting and noisy environment?
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>tfw you're a NEET and have spent lots of time devises study/exercise/nutrition plans, but you never actually do it.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAA. Why am I so useless? I have study material on a wide breadth of subjects, yet I do nothing. FOOOOOK.
>Start deadlifting and squatting.
I do it just to increase my test levels. I feel anxiety fading right after a squat session. It's good for depression too.
File: 1503539379497.jpg (256 KB, 2047x788)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
File: 1472667167990.jpg (616 KB, 1400x1993)
616 KB
616 KB JPG

Thank you!

File: genius.jpg (123 KB, 710x512)
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123 KB JPG
ask a BSc in Electrical Engineering anything
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>>Lmfao engineers don't actually do science
You can call them artist with a BA and it would somehow be even more pretentious and annoying
not OP, but get started on learning study skills and how to learn.
learn the metagame
Is it true that EE is the hardest major?
Thank I'm a junior in EE
how do capacitor banks improve the power factor of motors, and why does my plant have capacitor banks that are in bypass?

File: 2l0ahe.jpg (39 KB, 415x470)
39 KB
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That same case also forbids this who score too low from getting hired though. The police were not asked to stop testing for general intelligence. They still test for general intelligence to this day, and they still refuse to hire people who score too low.
It has nothing to do with them being "too smart" as opposed to "too stupid". It has everything to do with their 50 year employment records proving that hiring smart cops is a waste of public resources.
>Do I put my IQ on my resume?
1. Is it exceptional? (i.e. are you a member of MENSA?)
2. Are you an RCG?
If you can't answer 'yes' to both the above then don't bother.
Trying to qualify for that "special" job?
yes I have an exceptional IQ, 130

Yep, it has been decided by our lawyer overlords that it's rayciss to use IQ in hiring due to the negative effect it has on nonWhites.

Fucking clownworld.

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