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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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Honestly, fuck physicists for ruining culture.

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Poor choice of words, I admit. But there is no way a quark's position being different in a parallel universe leads to Hitler winning Wourld War 2
"Multiverse theory" AKA Many-worlds theory is non-falsifiable mysticism. Clamped.
>physicists ruining culture
L0Lno fgt pls
Depends where and when.
A small divergence in the very early universe could lead to a "parallel world" where our entire solar system didn't form.
So is any quantum mechanics interpretation.

File: 1 plus 1.png (81 KB, 550x679)
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/sci/ humor thread
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File: 1470579920387.png (344 KB, 1899x526)
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Mach 12 projectile. Considered seriously as a weapon that would be accurate?
Mechanical target comps on ship were impressively accurate. But energy transfer accuracy to the projectile and air density energy absorption.
It's fucking cool gun on paper and in proofing fire. But practical use for the upper limit is concerning.
There's some mad-hatter in the future weaponry division, that convinced the check book board of knowledgeable faggots to pay up.
Let's hope they don't learn of this guys persuasion stat.
Are you non English speaking? Cause absolutely none of your incoherent ramblings are decipherable, extremely hard to read. You need to proof read them more or get a better translator or something.
Well, here's the thing. There's tiers of English use.
Remember Shakespearean English?
Well, it's a fucking diverse language dude.
Grammar and spelling? Ha! Falsehoods to make you incapable of decrypting information barely obfuscated from you.
Legitimately though. You ability to read my posts are directly evident of you lateral and logical thinking ability.
A upside down page should be harder.
I don't meme nuggies you may need to sustain yourself with.
BIG Laugh
The point of a language is to be able to get your point across as clearly as possible..
You fail.
Why wouldn't the projectile be accurate? Surely a higher speed projectile should be more accurate than, say, a bullet.

File: 1540715574286.gif (892 KB, 300x300)
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892 KB GIF
What are the causes of homosexuality?
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Rush of estrogen.
gay people
Looking back Rome might come to mine, looking into animal experiments also shows the social stress making faggots. Natures way of dealing with a lack of resources. Then of course this can be triggered spontaneously.


File: blueoriginjeff.jpg (11 KB, 320x213)
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Why does he trigger Elon?

File: blackhole-lead.jpg (142 KB, 630x468)
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142 KB JPG
There are people that literally think these things exist. Yes, there are people that fucking stupid.
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People like you make me want to open a black hole on earth. Just to make you believe in your final terrified moments before I say I told you so.
File: 1563707402543.png (119 KB, 583x482)
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119 KB PNG
>another bus stop masturbator thread
I'll take the bait.
What proof do you have they don't exist, im willing to spend time reading through whatever you have.
File: 4fZZq7w_d.jpg (22 KB, 640x641)
22 KB
I want to hear what op thinks happens instead. Gravity turns off if a neutron star gets massive enough?
I guess i was a bit optimistic that he might actually realize what he thinks could be wrong because nothing proves its right

File: Sleeping.png (57 KB, 480x420)
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How do we find a cure for sleep? I sick and tired of wasting a third of my time doing literally nothing!
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> literally nothing!
I know right! Ain't it great? Really though, sleep is a fucking relief. I hope to god we will always have need of it. Imo, sleep is there to keep us sane. Just like how we need silence to hear. We need sleep to be awake.
I still haven’t caught this fucker 22 hours later
go back to sleep, goy
to sleep...to sleeeeep.........toooo sllllehhhhhh...............p

what's it called though? What's the scientific name?
What? Why?
> Ain't it great?
No, not really

File: ratremove.jpg (90 KB, 600x281)
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>see a rat in my garage
>get my bat
>smack the shit out of it
>dispose of the corpse
>feel bad about it
How do I get rid of my empathy?
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>not realizing oil dissolves sticky traps for release into the wield.
This plus alcohol
Back in the army when we catch rats in sticky traps we would fold them or put cardboard on the rat and step on its head.
"Empathetic" doesn't contain "pathetic" without reason. Join the dark side.

File: gimbal.webm (1.47 MB, 640x360)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB WEBM
With all the testimonies, videos, radar signatures, official statements from pretty much every level of the government and a lot of it coming out very recently. I think it's safe to say the UFO phenomenon is a very real thing. There seems to be very advanced aircraft zipping around our skies and our oceans. What we don't know is the origin of these craft.

Now, where do they come from? Are they of extraterrestrial origin? Inter-dimensional? Some think they may even be humans from the future time-travelling and observing. What if they are our own craft? Is there somehow an elite group of people hiding exotic technology/physics from the rest of the world? How long have they had it? So many questions regarding the UFO phenomenon.

What do you guys think is the exact mechanisms by which they craft get their propulsion and energy. Is it anti-gravity? Maybe it's only gravity reduction or perhaps involves the bending of space-time around the craft? These craft while many come in different shapes and some seem to move differently they all seem to have one thing in common which is that they don't use any of the three methods of lift we know of.
Also, why do so many glow or give off light? By product from it's propulsion/energy source?

I hope we actually get disclosure but if we ever do it will more than likely be a water-downed version.
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That's written by Eric 'Skinwalker Ranch' Davis man. He also managed to get some juicy contracts writing research papers for that AATIP program. Something more serious would be written by leading physicists but (e.g. as part of the JASON group) but not all of their output is unclassified.
What's your opinion on Robert Bigelow? He seems very convinced of UFOs and seems to have lots of insider knowledge as well as doing lots of private research(including buying skinwalker ranch) as well as working with the government.
This guy is for sure privy on some things and has his hands deep in secret things. Guidelines on UFOs for private and military includes contacting Bigelow's company. He has spent millions on the research of the subject since the 90's and openly claims the existence of a UFO phenomenon as well as existence of some of it being for extraterrestrial.
What are some of the more believable stories/videos? Last i looked into this kind of stuff was when a SA country (Peru/Argentina/Chile; cant remember which) had a navy helicopter up on a training mission. They sportted an object on FLIR but wehn swapping to visual it wasnt visible. Was this eer explained?
or by bending spacetime it's actually slowing down you know like, time itself
they'd just exist in a temporal bubble so that from our frame of reference it would seem they are travelling fast but in reality we are just observing them at 1000x speeds

File: 11.-alien-1-696x464_0.jpg (34 KB, 696x464)
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If aliens would come to Earth, wich board will they post first?
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>implying they will even come to 4channel
They will first make their way over to 420chan
/x/ of course
/a/, of course.
(Alphabetical order)
(they need to know the alphabet to post)
Believe it or not it was /b/.
Why wouldn’t it be /ck/? Ayys also gotta eat.

is this true? do you really have short school hours and low course load in western colleges?
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interesting. wish uni life here would demand more participation and output. it’d be helpful to show people who settle for passing grades/mediocrity that there are consequences
ahh in the end we all grind the gears of a machine called capitalism
>Students are getting fucked over hard at non-brand name universities.
>The amount of mandatory structure gets lower the better the school you're attending is.
are lower tier unis trying to compensate for lack of good classes or what
>are lower tier unis trying to compensate for lack of good classes or what
Classes are of very little importance. What really matters is what you do outside of class, which is the whole purpose of giving students a loose class schedule so they have lots of time to take advantage of all the opportunities to do interesting shit at an Ivy.

Of course this mindset only makes sense if you actually have a thriving department with lots of stuff going on in it.
Any anons in St Petersburg State uni. I’m going this September (not Russian or CIS only speak a few words of Russian) and I’m worried as shit. How’s the workload? Particularly interested in pure math. Thanks broskis

Orion in one piece edition

Previous thread: >>10819833
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File: 1526822790583.jpg (764 KB, 1920x1280)
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764 KB JPG
Goys, I didnt follow hopper much anymore for the last few months. Did we get any hops at all yet out of boca chica? I understand theyre building one or two more hoppers now for the bigger tests, but I assume not much from there either?
red pill: the only significant technological advancement since then has been in computers and everything else has stagnated

they've distracted you with shiny smartphones and video games and porn

You could show the Merlin 1C rocket engine to the team building the F-1 and nothing about it would be novel
Just out of curiosity, why pick the Merlin 1C over Raptor in your example?
Because everything about Raptor would be novel to them of course. Hell even a lot of shit going on inside Merlin 1D would be new to them; the equivalent engine at the time was the H-1, which weighed more than twice as much and produced less thrust than the Merlin 1D and at a lower Isp as well. It also cost a shitload more money and time to build, which was part of the reason why Saturn IB was so expensive. Showing Merlin 1D to a 1960's engineer at NASA would be like showing a medieval longsword to a roman soldier who was used to wielding a gladius; he'd recognize that it was a sword, and had all the same parts to it, but also that it was undeniably better in every aspect. Showing a 1960's NASA engineer Raptor would be like showing them a magic trick; I doubt that anyone working on engines then would even believe you that the thing would fire without instantly burning up due to the oxygen rich conditions.
>Showing a 1960's NASA engineer Raptor would be like showing them a magic trick; I doubt that anyone working on engines then would even believe you that the thing would fire without instantly burning up due to the oxygen rich conditions.
It kinda already happened when the RD-170 (and related engines) were brought into the US.

Although to be fair to the American rocket engineers, the Russians were pretty amazed by the hydrolox engines developed in the US, IIRC. It was just that American rocketry was alot more public than Russian, so it came more as a shock when good Russian engines became known.

File: 97338_web.0.0.jpg (64 KB, 1200x800)
64 KB
What kind of complex life-forms might evolve on a gas giant?
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Maybe thermophillic, spherical masses of prokaryotic life forms. Although wind speeds are incredible there, vortexes exist and some can last quite a long time. If these colonies were able to develop in a way that created an internal vacuum, then they could float in the dense gas despite the higher gravity. I don't think it would be beyond all possibilities.
How dare someone think about abstract concepts on 4chan when there's muh pollution?!
Remember that thread about "gas aliens on Neptune"? I'm still laughing.
No way you are getting beyond the unicelllular stage in those kind of horrible conditions.
File: M5438.jpg (32 KB, 953x729)
32 KB

File: maxresdefault.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
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has anyone sequenced the genome, 23 and me + promethease. then release data publicly? embarrassing data to have public
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There are laws in place regarding the intentional spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.

So yea she cannot sell her bath water legally
Classic debutante who does dick tease videos on tiktok. In a year or so nobody will care and there will be a new debutante.

It's like asking why do young girls like (insert Youtube teenage boy celebrity).
File: mary-belle kirschner.jpg (95 KB, 1080x600)
95 KB
a /pol/fag said she's jewish and has had a nose job but i don't believe it
To be fair, there are many more places on the internet you can go if you want actual serious scientific discussion. 4chan is always 90% off-topic shitposting regardless of the board topic
File: 1516385489546.jpg (24 KB, 540x375)
24 KB
>Mary-Belle Kirschner

So how can we actually slow down the aging process fkin pubmed says only about avoiding the sun exposure to prevent the skin aging and a diet!
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No, it's more like summer and winter fur. It's genetic if you tan or not. You can be very white and tan or brown and not tan.
Summer and winter fur are also adaptions meant to protect against changing environmental conditions, but fur is moreso for cold temperatures than it is for anything to do with UV. Tanning is the same. You tan in the summer to protect yourself against the suns rays. Yes there is a genetic element, but you will only tan if exposed to sunlight or other UV light. If you spend the entirety of the summer indoors and in shade, you won't tan. You can even tan in the winter if the sun is out enough and you go out in it. So tanning is certainly more of an on the fly adaptation to current environmental conditions than anything else.
>It's genetic if you tan or not. You can be very white and tan or brown and not tan.
Most people do tan to a degree. Very brown people might not tan as much because there is no need for them to do so, since their skin has the long term adaption of high melanin levels due to longterm evolutionary changes. White people have more of a need to tan if they go into a more UV exposed environment, and of course tanning on a white person is more noticeable. Inability to tan is pretty rare and is a form of albinism, a genetic defect, since this ability is actually pretty important for most humans on Earth.

I guess what I am rambling about is that tanning is a genetic but it is also a real time adaption to whatever level of UV you are currently exposed to. If the body decides to tan it is because you are in an environment that the body detects has a high level of UV. It is very likely that if you are tanning you are also accumulating cellular damage, which is why the body needs to react fast in order to protect itself against the sunrays.
wrong, testosterone is necessary for a healthy life and deficiency is associated with a lot of diseases, aside from just the lower quality of life you will get as it saps energy and in effect the amount of life you live in a year. Women don't need a lot of testosterone because they're not evolved for it. Test does nothing by itself, it only interfaces with cell receptors which have a sensitivity and effect depended on the tissue and lifeform.
25 micrograms isn't a lot, the 100% absolutely truley bitch boi safe upper limit is reported at 4000 IU or 100 micrograms, while the skin can apparently produce tens of thousands of IU in minutes and you can possibly eat millions of IU for a few weeks by accident and don't have any real negative symptoms

I would recommend you take a blood test or whatever to see if you're deficient and to take more supplements, or wheel your chair out to the balcony or open sunlit window for an hour a day whenever possible
yes, but you can add telomerase to make more. We even have it in our DNA but it's turned off for the most part.

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