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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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File: science fails again.png (174 KB, 594x504)
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174 KB PNG
can science explain this?
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You're a faggot
you cracked down on international travel more aggressively and you're a fuckin island m8.
>this thread
He's not wrong, though. Hospital censuses were way down. It's the ICUs that were full. But ICUs are always full, because nobody's going to build ICU wings that aren't going to be used. The fear was that compounding demand for ICU bedspace between the normal influenza and RSV season and Covid would push things way over capacity.
>but we never got flu and RSV season was delayed until April 2021

If you boys don't mind I'd like to get into some Econ reading as well gesisas600@bbsaili.com

>focus on what is right than what is broken
what do you mean by broken?

>stocks and flows
of what particular resource(s)?

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File: 6c5.png (203 KB, 600x600)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Extraordinarily based desu
As a Texan this pisses me off more than anything. Austin has completely lost it’s personality, Musk is just further cementing it by encouraging even more foreigners to move here.
File: 1624124311133.webm (2.5 MB, 1280x720)
2.5 MB
All this seething ITT
File: Musk-Tweet.png (93 KB, 725x546)
93 KB
The Boring Company is going to build a hyperloop from NY-DC you fucking donkey
Vegas convention center contract was still purely a a regular tunnel, retard

File: 1617323670498.png (265 KB, 1048x1584)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>Life in the universe has existed for 30% of it's entire duration now
>the universe is 13 billion years old but will last 100s of trillions of years
>earth is just 5 billion years old making it and the big bang happen relatively very close to each other looking at it from a grand scale
>mfw the age we live in is extremely special
why are these facts so scary?
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File: 1624224060653.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
>Aging will be defeated in our lifetimes
I wonder how many years humanity will live on, thousands, millions, billions?
Or hundreds?
File: e31.png (244 KB, 600x732)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
5 hours 1̶4̶2̶,̶0̶1̶2̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶

Scientifically speaking, why is the IQ distribution in the US like this?
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Wealth distribution. Locations of where jobs require degrees.
Wait, so OP is a lying faggot?
>can't differentiate between singular and plural
So much for urban supremacy.
Median is such a useless nonscientificly useful term for modren economics. Reminder California also ranks highest in poverty. So who cares if it’s on the high end of median earnings, unless you are a google or Apple worker you are likely fucked, as you pay higher taxes, things are more expensive, and you get paid less
I’, pretty sure all infographics are just trolls nowadays. Except for the ones I post

File: logo-1200x1200.jpg (43 KB, 1200x1200)
43 KB
Rate(Hate) your uni
I went to pic related, do not fucking go here.
First of all Seattle is a pozzed shit hole
Second I fucking nuclear czar bombed one of my classes and when I retook it instead of like any normal institution that replaces the grade they refused to replace the grade and kept both and didn't even give me credit for taking it again.
Third most of the degrees range from 60-50 credits but you need 180 to graduate and have to spend ludicrous amounts of munies of fucking classes like gender studies.
this place is the reason I make so many charts and infographics because it made me hate not only college but also life.
I should have gone to europe for school since it already cost my mum, yeah my mum is the only one that supports my education despite her only making around 40k a year and supports three children, a fucking fortune.
I didn't want to bother because of the test taking, but I know I would have passed them I just didn't for some retard reason.
I couldn't get into my fucking major until like the middle of the fucking second year.
fuck uni, mate. Uncle Ted was right.
>Second I fucking nuclear czar bombed one of my classes and when I retook it instead of like any normal institution that replaces the grade they refused to replace the grade and kept both and didn't even give me credit for taking it again.
Usually only community colleges and open enrollment universities remove failures after passing. Even when they do, they don't actually get rid of the record of your first fail because it must be included in any transcript they send to any other school.
In what grade do students usually learn to start sentences with a capital letter?

File: rover.jpg (102 KB, 800x509)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I heard that most universities in USA have become overrun with SJWs and a lot of people who went to uni hated that life. Since I want to go into a STEM field where a degree is required, I have to go.
How do you navigate through the uni life without getting involved in the bullshit?
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I know what is it with all these retards posting on /sci/ lately, is 4chan raiding us?
It's summer and school is out
Yes I read that when I read the book, the academic in question is the exact same person who gave the quote I posted earlier (notice how the quote explicitly mentions table 3.5?)

You can't say "hey this is a reputable source and this writers position is correct" right until he disagrees with you and then change your mind.

Almost everyone in this thread is retarded.
Fuck off. We're full.
sounds like you don't value your time if you're fine wasting it in course like these.

File: very popular.gif (49 KB, 1471x625)
49 KB
We're going back to masks later this year because covid19 isn't the only respiratory disease that causes harm. The data shows the number of deaths from all other respiratory infections made a dramatic decline when masks were required. Now that the masks are coming off, those diseases are increasing again, which is going to injure and kill again. Many of these respiratory diseases harm people of all ages, not just the elderly or the obese. For everyone's safety, the masks must go back on.
t. https://www.popsci.com/health/rsv-infections-rising-post-covid/
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Seems like they're trying to push certain parts of society into reacting violently so they'll have an excuse to crackdown on them or eliminate them entirely.
None of those previous diseases got a global response on wuflu's level.
This would actually be a good thing.
Social media
Can't wait for the schizo extermination day

File: 1597601237228.png (38 KB, 255x159)
38 KB
>tfw the pandemic ends but you keep wearing the mask because you're ugly
File: apu thumbs up.png (27 KB, 639x639)
27 KB
I'm keeping the mask for winters. It kept my chin nice and warm.
I like using the mask when biking in the forest. I avoid getting my nose and mouth filled with insects.
I like being able to shoplift
I've developed a full NEET beard because I don't need to bother shaving and trimming when always wearing a mask, it's nice
I used that shit in the gym because we have to and I literally fucking water boarded myself.

What do you do /sci/?

You've been training your whole life for this, you should know the right answer.
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Without information, Bernard can only know certainly if his number is 5 or 6.

Albert knows Bernard doesn't know, which means his column does not include a ball in 5 or 6. Therfore delete columns A and B,and rows 5 and 6.

Now Bernard knows, which means that after the exclusions, his column has exactly one ball. Column 1 has two balls, so we exclude it from possible columns. We are now down to columns 2,3,4 and rows C, D.

Albert says he knows too. That means his row has exactly one ball, which is in C3.
2 3 and 4 all contain 2 balls?
Nvm only rows CD are looked at
File: solution.png (21 KB, 680x408)
21 KB

File: IMG-20181021-WA0001.jpg (101 KB, 700x965)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
So, except for the schizos, we all agree that exposure to the spike protein generates an immune response that, in the medium to long term, builds resistance to COVID?
And we're also in agreement that there are three variables in comparing exposure methods?
>How safe they are
>How much resistance they build
>How expensive/scarce/difficult to use they are
If we can agree on all of that, we can then start talking about the real question that matters:
What is the best vaccine?
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Thank you for your input anon!
Concerning the part about mRNAs longevity, that's what I was thinking. I don't know our current technical capabilities but emulating a certain form of post-translational processing to limit the mRNAs lifespan might be possible.

About the immune reaction part:
This was based on the assumption that cells producing the protein would then present it on/in the cell membrane, which is what some people were saying. Following this assumption the immune reaction should be triggered with the various types of lecocytes producing antibodys to bind to the 'infected' cells and thus mark them for phagocytosis.
Anyway, regardless of wether the spike protein is released or bound to the cell, it should dtill be recognized as an antigen and thus be dealt with by the immune system. Considering this combined with the assumptions on mRNA lifespan I don't get why people claim the protein will accumulate in large quantities or other adverse reactions (e.g. the multiple threads on this topic).
I'm not going to bother to get a vaccine. All my life I've been pretty 'bluepilled', but this whole situation is very bizarre to me. Why is everyone responding so hysterically to such a undangerous disease? Why has the vaccine rolled out so quickly? Very weird.
Best case scenario is some agents come and kill me or something, little tired of life at this point anyway lol.
>but this whole situation is very bizarre to me. Why is everyone responding so hysterically to such a undangerous disease? Why has the vaccine rolled out so quickly?
Because things were politicised and opinions about different things get correlated which shouldn't be.
i went the opposite route, getting second shot in a week. I know its possible that I will die. So be it. Also I wouldn't take the vaxx now but parents pressured me in may.

Just a question but how many fucking strains of this virus are there? It seems like they come up with a new one every week
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11 out of 2581 patients have asomnia or hyposomnia (6 have asomnia if I'm reading it correctly), so if your covid is bad enough to get you hospitalized you have a 0.43% chance of having asomnia/hyposomnia (0.23% chance of asomnia) which lasts at least six months.
they use new vaccines to strengthen the virus instead of letting herd immunity take place like it has for eons

the virus will get so strong that its 100% lethal without the vaccine

then ((they)) will have absolute control


File: stone stacking.jpg (479 KB, 1440x1080)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
scientifically speaking, why are african nations seemingly the only nations not to have stacked rocks?
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Nice cobra head wojak
As I wrote the pyramids go all the way south to nubia. Those in Cairo are only best known due to tourism.
Whites don't have eyes that look like this.
>the pyramid workers
BS. Giants built the pyramids, in Egypt, in Mexico or in China, anywhere. Pyramids were built by these sons of fallen angels
Again, the ancient egyptians were closely related to Levantines and other north Africans like archaic Libyans/Algerians. Study after study has confirmed this anon.
File: 1624224060653.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
Wrong board m8

What is the scientific consensus on the lab leak theory?
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The basic theory is that the patterns found in the genome look like they are the result of gene splicing because it looks like something that can't occur in nature.
>So I am convinced it's man-made either way. We should fucking hold Beijing to account and stop pussying around.
Based and pragmaticpilled.
diversion to enforce hoax. you are paid faggot.
Maybe the US's goober in chief shouldn't have said it was from China if you wanted it to be investigated by science instead of politics. Since he made it about politics, science and the world will never know the answer. Well done America!
Except its not, schitzo

Overdose , now

was plastic a mistake
Yes in 100 years they will see plastic bottles as we see lead paint now
File: 1622931343776.jpg (69 KB, 450x405)
69 KB
>tfw I'm a polymer researcher in packaging company and get paid for making your life worse
Yeah, but like, whatever. Not my problem.
That sounds very impressive anon! Perhaps can you share the name of this delightful company you work for? I have credentials and I want to send the company some of them...

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