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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

>something (the Universe) came from nothing for all we know
>we are stuck in the something with no explanation why we’re in it
>absolutely no idea what the something even is; cosmology and science only describe the evolution and parts of the something, doesn’t give a holistic explanation of what the fuck is going on and why
>somehow I just happen to be a human in this nearly endless universe right as human civilization reaches a historical climax and is on the edge of an abyss
None of this makes sense. The absurdities inherent in reality/cosmology and human existence are so numerous it’s sickening. It’s so absurd I don’t see the harm anymore in wondering maybe we’re overlooking something or that something has been covered up, akin to platos cave and higher forms/reality being obscured by the puppet masters. I’d rather be deemed a schizo than be a cave dwelling troglodyte mistaking shadows for reality.
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how do i get over my crippling fear of death? every time my mind wanders towards the subject, i become extremely anxious.
Agreed. If you’re reading this post you were born into the most important time in human history.

Let’s make sure our future is a good one.
read the pali canon
>NASA tries to justify its billion budget
>can only come up with a dried up planet
>shill this mars crap for decades
>all the drones support those bureaucrats spending tax payer money on a pile of dust

I love how atheists are still upset by having not found a luxurious planet like Earth so they try to cope with hyping a crappy planet

the atheist republic is a huge mistake

>>>most advanced military to ever exist that maintains the Pax Americana
biden says military costs too much and withdraws troops all over the world lol

>>providing opportunity for anyone who wants to learn to do so
woah learning is super cool, like all the bourgeois promised 2000 years ago after the enlightenment woahhhhhhh atheism is awesome
>That before thing is what we do not know about, but it definitely wasn't nothing.
And yet it's not what physics says. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

your face when you relise that you wasted you 190 IQ and most of your life on playing a board game
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IQ tests mean jackshit.
I have scored 130 or 90 and everything in between. Averaging also isn't correct.
Your iq is jack shit
This post glows
Did you just misclick or is your reading comprehension that bad?
Sure he doesn't but I doubt a life of leisure at 190iq is that enjoyable, especially after working as hard as he did.

What's wrong with it?
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>Third edition
Why is the third edition newer than the fourth?
Why is the wikipedia article for Spivak written with Spivak pronouns?
Why wouldn't it be?
Didn't know e preferred them for emself.
E probably didn't write the article. Some smarty pants at wikipedia editor HQ did so

File: pobrane.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
How do I learn electronics from scratch?
Easiest way is to get an EE degree. You won't do it in under 3-5 years anyway.
/Ohm/ has resources on /diy/. Don't bother them though, just read the OP.
Learn relevant physics (definitions of charge, current, voltage, etc)
Learn linear circuit theory (ohm's law, nodal analysis, op amps, dependent sources, capacitors, inductors, RC, RL, RLC, Laplace and Fourier transforms, transfer functions)
Learn transistor physics and circuits (FET modes and operation, ideal amplifiers, small and large signal models, current mirrors, differential amplifiers, etc)
Learn power electronics (linear regulators, switching regulators, etc)
Learn to use microcontrollers and peripherals (C programming mostly once you know all the relevant circuit shit)
Go spend time in a sandbox and learn to make silicon first.

How did we determin that the space we occupy is actually 3d and not just 2d disguising itself as 3d?

I’m imagining a videogame or a painting (possibly a simulation) with good enough graphics/detail/input/sound design to the point where the brain only registers the sensation of space, interprets distances and makes the assumption that things have ”sides” (even though you can only ever see one side of anything) because we’re presented with a high enough amount of definition and realistic features/inputs in relation to what we expect of 3d. You think something has sides because manipulating it changes the way it looks, but what if thats only generated upon manipulation?
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File: Feynman_paths.png (16 KB, 253x381)
16 KB
>You think something has sides because manipulating it changes the way it looks, but what if thats only generated upon manipulation?

The very opposite is true.

In a computer game you have a culling system to reduce computational load, so only things player sees or interacts with are computed. On the other hand, reality is quantum mechanical. To simplify it, quantum mechanics works in such as way that ALL the possibilities are computed when nobody is looking. Then they collapse into one possibility weighted by probabilities upon observation. This is like a reverse of a computer game culling system, making it MORE computationally expensive when nobody is looking. Hence why quantum mechanics is so immensely hard to simulate on a computer.


To sum it up, Nature seems to work in an opposite way compared to how a computer simulation would work, almost going out of it's way to "waste computational resources", implying we probably do not live in a simulation.
What about our observation forces something to settle if untill observed remains unsettled? And what narows down possibility to probability to certainty and when is it decided that the final image is set? Wouldnt all of this mean that everything would always be different?
You’ll have to excuse me, quantum mechanics is not my fourte
The geometry of the inverse square law provides a way to test for extra dimensions.
>almost going out of it's way to "waste computational resources"
only cancels out simulation hypothesis if i reality really IS quantum mechanical
What's the difference between intelligence and self-awareness?

File: 33e (1).jpg (36 KB, 600x583)
36 KB
ITT: We post what college degree we are taking
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You don't have grades in Europe?
Same. I drop out because i got filtered during final year. Still got Higher Diploma tho, but its probably useless
File: 1617854784543.jpg (1.19 MB, 2060x1236)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Speech pathology requires a masters or special certification program after a 4 year degree. They make good money. And you're helping people.
I mean don't you need a master's to do anything with linguistics anyways?
Speech pathology seems cool, I'll look into it.
Honestly I think I might just say fuck it and go into college with no real career plan and figure it out later.
Based BCIT sucker

File: 79689132_p0_master1202.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
what is consciousness?
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It's a complex pattern of quarks and electrons moving at certain velocities and directions.
Just use, simple linear algebra to calculate those directions and we can simulate it, just think about it.
Or maybe we're Boltzmann-brains that get created by a universal process
The brain is always looking for patterns and anticipating the future. At some point it gets so far that it starts predicting its own behavior, and at that stage you feel like you are conscious. It's like those déjà vu moments when you feel like you've experienced the same instance before, just because it's accidentally feeding into your long term memory. It's the same with your thought but all the time
>subjective experience of sentience
this is basically begging the question

"what is consciousness?" is another way of saying "what, really, is subjective experience?" and "what, really, is sentience"?
Reminds me of some ideas Joscha Bach has expressed. He also says something like "it's when you're paying attention to your attention-paying".

File: download.jpg (133 KB, 800x800)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Is there any science behind semen retention? I've recently discovered a very passionate, almost cult-like community of these guys online and they swear by it. I just think it'd be funny to refuse sex from my gf - but these guys claim it gives them more energy, productivity, mind clarity etc.
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I got so horny writing this that I'll have to coom now.
This can't be real
>try stopping any daily habit for a few days and notice the instant difference
You're not alone brother, I masturbate at least 1-2 times a day. I'm horny and healthy, and I love sex and women, what can I say. I'm not sure what's wrong with these boys here but I find it weird they go days without using organs in their body. To me, sex is a natural daily bodily function.

File: 39933676_101.jpg (44 KB, 1024x576)
44 KB
how come they do nothing with their lives if they are so smart?
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how come they do nothing with their lives if they are so smart?
>Better to be bored and maybe depressed than most people risking sickness, pain, starvation, exposure, predators, and death every day.
Better for a fat self castrated fuck like you no doubt. But for real humans this world is fucking unbearable. People like you who'd rather have gay sex while their cities are burning are the cancer of civilization, you are the cancer of fucking everything and need to be removed.

We need struggle back in society
>tfw you will never psionically shitpost and eat tuna with your bros before a gangrape
The problem isn’t society or civilization.

The problem is you.

File: file.png (55 KB, 600x314)
55 KB
Post your unis
BSc, MSc, MEng, PhD welcome
Fuck BAs Edition

>going to pic rel for CS BSc
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that would be based
imagine your prof browsing the same board you browse
ngl if my prof browsed /sci/ i would drop the class.
imagine if he browsed /pol/
now that would be funny
i was looking at the photonics program at UT
Rice fuckin ghosted my ass when I applied to their ECE REU which sucks cause i really wanted to go there :(
I'm applying to universities next year. Since I'm not sure if I will be accepted to MIT can you guys recommend some colleges in US that are easier to get accepted, but have good education. Friend of our family has manufacturing business in US and he says Colorado School of Mines and Rose Hulman produce great engineers. Are those two really that good for bachelors in Engineering?

Can any one of you fantastically intelligent nerds help a post-grad chemistry student understand how the science realm is attempting to observe dark matter/energy?

I understand the mathematics behind it, but I want to know how we can observe it without the use of photons.
It's a wild goose chase
i think they don't really know how to yet

there are some labs where they have gigantic tanks of heavy water in hopes that they'll get lucky and some dark matter particle with a 0.000....1 chance of interacting with the water will eventually interact and they can record it, i think. don't know about the status or results of those though

File: 1615018008167.gif (1.91 MB, 373x204)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Psychologists really consider being able to explain 15% of a behaviour a "large result"
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
doin your mom
File: 1581752214926.jpg (63 KB, 594x516)
63 KB
Because Freud and Jung were just rambling schizos. Because as late as the 1970ies you could still get away with building your career on obvious pseudoscience. Because even the ''''empirically'''' sound psychological methods like CBT are based on ludicrous models that have no relation to reality. We only use them because all the other pseudoscience they came up with is even worse.

And most importantly, because even in current year there are STILL therapists and other quacks out there in the wild applying these mixtures of 19th century ''''''science''''' and new age esoteric babble.
suicide neutral
>>With the replication crisis of psychology earning attention, Fiske drew controversy for calling out critics of psychology. In a letter intended for publication in APS Observer, she called these unnamed "adversaries" names such as "methodological terrorist" and "self-appointed data police", and said that criticism of psychology should only be expressed in private or through contacting the journals.
I'd also say way better to have independent, self-appointed data police than official, governmental data police
We use them because they work. Not for everyone, sure. But to deny that methods like CBT have some positive effects on certain people is ludicrous.

If flossing is necessary why didn't our teeth adapt?
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>i was just pretending to be retarded
I would love to see the meta-analysis you base such a positive claim on.
>a thread about "should you floss" has devolved into people calling each other schizophrenics and retards

As hominids began eating softer and softer foods (grains) the need for large and powerful jaws decreased.
Smaller jaws, means overcrowded teeth, pushed together, this the need for floss.
Teeth used to have spaces between them, not anymore.
So the English and the Chinese have an evolutionary advantage, crooked, misaligned teeth allow for space between teeth, less tight spaces for debris to collect causing pain and toothed decay.
Be shure to use your white strips and pull your teeth closer together with braces.
seems like the best option is to just eat grass

I’m looking for any kind of decently-accurate online IQ test that I can use to roughly gauge my potential. I’m pretty smart, but I need to know if my goals match my abilities.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Those cost a fuckton, and I’d rather not pay hundreds if I don’t have to.
Then do the mensa i guess idk
I heard they only tell you if you’ve passed the test and don’t give you a real score.
Not true
Besides why go on word of mouth? Just do it
Try Mensa's OP I heard they're quite accurate

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