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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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talk maths, formerly >>10960172
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What even is the problem?
Why shouldn't people be separated based on merit and people who aren't as competent be treated worse?

>Especially here, in Germany, it is a disaster.
Is it?

>People are leaving academia one by one.
Firstly, evidence? Secondly, why is this the reason?
I would guess that it is due to having a university culture with an extremely relaxed attitude to students, where you can take half a decade for your bachelor, slowly work yourself through your Masters and then decide to do a PhD for good measure and in the end you have an unmotivated staff member who only sits in the department because he drifted along and eventually just leaves into a less competitive environment.
>prove without using Lebesgue measure
I don't know what this means.

The result is obvious using the Hölder inequality, but you obviously have to use the definition of "integrable" which involves the Lebesgue measure.
Because social Darwinism is flawed.
Competition is a necessary component of science.
People have to scrutinize each other and work hard to create something relevant, nobody gains by having unmotivated idiots slurping coffee on the cost of the taxpayers and shit out some rehashed paper on a beyond irrelevant topic.
Also it isn't like people are forced to partake in this, if you want a comfy office job you can surely get one.
Yes, academia is rough, but why shouldn't it be.

I am in Germany and I have to say that a good percentage of students should have been kicked out long ago, just for their own good and again, I suspect it is these students who move into academia then struggle and leave and good riddance.
I think he wants to show it for Riemann integrable functions.

File: fusion.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
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124 KB JPG
What exactly is so difficult about fusion power that we still don't have it? Is it difficult to get the physics right? Is it the material? Is the theory itself not completely solved/understood?

Scientists have been working on it for decades. Just wondering what the big hurdle is. I'd love an explanation.
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This literally never happened
>What exactly is so difficult about fusion power that we still don't have it?
Plasma physics.

They started out fusion research thinking plasma physics wasn't even a field and plasma just chills in your magnets.
Turns out plasma physics exists, is an entire field of research and it's fucking hard as balls.
>anything actually good is reddit
cringe @ the hivemind attitudes
What's it like having 80IQ?

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The answer is contrarianism for the sake of it
are you fucking retarded, the answer is E, did you even measure the circumference of the black circles
Thats what /sci/ actually believes
Am I the only one who think that could actually be A?

The rectangle içn the second row looks a little bit more large than the first one.

File: tragedyofman_d-580x830.jpg (101 KB, 580x830)
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101 KB JPG
How will the next 25 years look like? 50, 100 or 200 to beyond? How far can humanity get? Is ITER going to accomplish Fusion in 10 years? What would be the effects on society?
Transhumanism and human enhancements is growing strong with CRISPR, Neurallink and Nanites. What would be the effect of such transhumans on the world and philosophy? What about AI and possible superintelligence?
Will we get to mine the asteroids in this century?
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Except those "click the button and watch the robot work" jobs can be hundreds of times more productive, but demand doesn't actually increase that much. So you have one guy monitor a robot that does what used to take 100 people.
No because that’s not how these things work in factories. These man made machines have existed for the good part of the past century with bottling and packaging. The rest requires lots of supervision. One man getting a robot which did his former job in his part of the factory. That’s the situation to come
It already has been for all of human evolution. And no we can’t use trans human tech to enhance ourself unless you’re talking about having your garage door sensor sutured into your forearm. Which I would consider LAZINESS, not an ENHANCEMENT. The human body is just too complex and we will never be able to harness mental commands and translate them to a chip. Only the purest and most basic ones allow this, but the human thought and internal speech? Never going to be possible. You know that because when you say something you could mean another. Nobody has even started to distinguish the “trans human” fixes for these issues because we don’t even know them well enough in pure medical science.
We've already got fusion, but it will never be economical.
Renewables will improve and expand but don't scale well.
We will be forced to use more coal and uranium if we want lots of power.

Human enchancement will probably be things like hormone/drug injections.
CRISPER wont do much beyond fix simple but sometimes important genetic defects.
Neuralink will create headsets/handsfree computer interfaces.
Nanites are science fiction.

Transhumanism will continue to be divided between those who live in a fantasy world and those who don't think of it as transhumansim.
AI will improve and expand, but never be general/conscious. There may be superintelligences but in the same way planes are superbirds.
Mining asteroids probably wont happen that soon. Maybe experimentally.
Politically I fear a move towards balkanization and isolationism accompanied and accelerated by migration, terrorism, radicalization and civil wars.

File: 1567003543499.jpg (48 KB, 750x508)
48 KB
Why isn't psychology a field of science?
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Keep in mind anything below 50% qualifies a field into being pseudoscience/non-science.

Don't know where that guy got the stats on neuroscience though.
Nice fake numbers there. Too bad there's actual number.


47% of psychology papers are reproduced with 95% confidence on having close enough results and 39% of papers reproduced the original results.

Never trust bullshit numbers without source.
Not the same guy but that's still low. See >>10975075
The narrative changed from 15% to "below 50%."

File: pol btfod.png (284 KB, 644x784)
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284 KB PNG
/sci/ irredeemably BTFO by one image
the big cluster of low iq and low net worth is black people
Ok. Now filter the ones who inherited their wealth
Doing this would only make IQ look more legit if you assumed that dumber people are more likely to inherit money, when most likely it's the other way around.
Considering the vast majority of people are of lower IQ than higher IQ, then yes: It's safe to assume that dumb people are more likely to inherit money.

What's the inverse of your logic? Dumb people are less likely to inherit money because dumb? Why would this be the case?
The vast majority of people are average IQ. You can't just take two arbitrary points like "higher" and lower" to make a point. Besides, the bell curve clearly implies that there are just as many extreme retards as extreme geniuses.
>What's the inverse of your logic?
If IQ has an universal effect on net worth, is genetic, and therefore hereditary, that would mean that the kids of wealthier (higher IQ) parents would inherit both the IQ and the money.

File: 1566850512284.jpg (114 KB, 736x552)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Why aren't you taking high doses of vitamin D3 and K2, /sci/?

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Too much of vitamin D is bad for you.
50 000 IU/day isn't overdose, though. Your body produces up to 25 000IU from just being in the sun it says in your link.
>Fourteen male friends were invited to participate in a research project
Read more in the link. Vit.D from sun =/= Vit.D from pills.
>Overdose has been observed at 1,925 µg/d (77,000 IU per day).[citation needed] Acute overdose requires between 15,000 µg/d (600,000 IU per day) and 42,000 µg/d (1,680,000 IU per day) over a period of several days to months

File: 1568362201997.png (1.89 MB, 1080x6760)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
File: 1550260365749.png (58 KB, 517x480)
58 KB
>le infographic
the australian looks so retarded
prepare for all the science deniers to flood your thread
Serious question. Is the term race still used seriously for anything non-human? (For instance, we've got the term strains for viruses, breeds for dogs among others).
Whoever had the time to put together that infographic has no life.

File: 1568530790265.jpg (218 KB, 1475x1104)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
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master race on the right
Dogs with poor health are normally not allowed to breed. Yes, there are ugly examples (Alsatians etc.) but people know to be careful.

Belgian Blue shows we have a log way to go yet.

At least someone loves their doggy.
Racial purity
File: 20190915_093553.jpg (2.74 MB, 1579x2537)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
Post your cute doggos
File: doggo.jpg (3.5 MB, 4032x3024)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG

how are geese so fucking efficient? they literally are fat fucks, yet they’re strong enough to fly their fat asses, with the endurance to go hundreds of miles, all while shitting all over the place and going “honk honk” fucking constantly. and they eat a diet of fucking grass!!!

how do they do it? a non-lard-laden drone only has an hour or so of battery life and doesn’t need to extract its calories from GRASS. i can’t even eat enough salad to feel full.

what is the goose’s sekret?
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The first one flies up into a fucking tree.
he got lucky. a breeze came and he "surfed" it to the tree
>chickens can't fly for shit
They are not good fliers, but they can indeed fly. They are not flightless.

Cool. Show me a vid of you "surfing" up into a tree. Since, like chickens, you are flightless, right.
When you cook a goose you see how much fat seeps out. It is horrific.

File: sal.jpg (29 KB, 474x563)
29 KB
Based or cringe?
Have sex

Does every object with mass have a Schwarzschild radius?

(Does that mean everything is a black hole?)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
> Does that mean everything is a black hole?
I'll fill your gaping black hole with sperm faggot.
There's something i don't really understand.

Say the sun, it has a Schwartzchild radius is around 3km. There is matter that exist between radii of 0 to 3km of the sun, and they're within the schwartzchild radius. Doesn't that mean they're in the event horizon of the sun already?
Yes, if the Sun were a point particle. Matter in a spherical shell outside your current radius doesn't pull you in though. Sort of like how the mass of the sky above you is not pulling you gravitationally towards the center of the Earth. (The mass of the sky on the other side of the Earth is, but it all cancels out.)
> Doesn't that mean they're in the event horizon of the sun already?
No, When someone says that something has a schwarzchild radius of x meters, they are saying if all the matter of that object was squashed down within a sphere with radius x meters, then that object will create a back hole.

Earth has a Schwarzschild radius of about a centimeter. That means if the earth was squashed down to the size of your thumb, it will form a black hole.

File: spurious_correlations.jpg (85 KB, 700x467)
85 KB
"We’re more fooled by noise than ever before, and it’s because of a nasty phenomenon called “big data.” With big data, researchers have brought cherry-picking to an industrial level.

Modernity provides too many variables, but too little data per variable. So the spurious relationships grow much, much faster than real information.

In other words: Big data may mean more information, but it also means more false information."

Here's a quote by meme taleb. I'm posting this because I'm finishing up my honors in physics and have been accepting into a data science masters. If i want to become an ai researcher is it worth it? Or is the whole field just a fucking meme
Taleb is an idiot.
data science is an extremely good career. but good fucking luck getting your first job. the field is completely saturated by entry level applicants, because basically every stem major can justify themselves into applying, even things like economics and biology. the result is that experience is the number one qualification, and getting your first data science job is nearly impossible.
AI is a highly sought after field today and will be for the next 30 years. Go for it.

File: 1945895689845.png (464 KB, 700x393)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
How long do I have to wait until I have my very own Joi gf, /sci/?
File: Carl_Jung_quote.jpg (95 KB, 536x619)
95 KB
did you just refer to JOI (Jerk Off Instructions?)
Satan beat me to my question.
Seems Google has figured me out and is now spamming me with ads for second hand Russian brides and women from eastern parts of the world.
Anyone getting the same avalanche of ads?

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