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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: IMG-20221128-WA0000.jpg (189 KB, 1080x1583)
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189 KB JPG
Scientifically, how would you prove or disprove that a given virus was designed in a laborotoro?
I would send an email to the person running the lab saying that I have filmed him masturbating via his webcam and to send me 0.1 bitcoins or else I'll expose him. Then when he sends me the bitcoin I will send him 0.1 bitcoins as a bribe so he tells me if the virus was made in a laboratory
suppose a long portion of the RNA matched a lab patent
File: COVID_disinfo.png (474 KB, 1600x900)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
>another COVID conspiracy theory thread

OP I think you're looking for pol. Sci is for discussing science and math, not crazy ass right wing conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. We have a lot of MAGA tards and Alex Jones fanboys over on pol. I think your thread will be a lot more appreciated over there.

File: H2P_BasicsOfPoker.jpg (57 KB, 400x400)
57 KB
What strategies are you working on? Any interesting backtests?
Which asset classes are you currently looking at?
Why are equities and bonds dropping together?
How is your desk performing?
A bank where that gives its fractional reserve capacity to its users in proportion to their reputation as a creditor, everyone can print from nothing and lend at interest

A strategy that concentrates liquidity by implied volatility for crypto pairs

oracle to a quantum computer to entangle and superimpose each others assets for the purposes of futures markets

Am I a retard?
In quantum mechanics (wave packet)

how can (2-0) turn into ( 2-1) ?
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A and B can be written in terms of A_1 and A_2
you should be able to figure them out, not that it matters
>Am I a retard?
>Am I a retard?
yes, next
just trust complex aritmetic bro like you trust to pfizer

also note that A1 and A2 is not A and B. They are complex numbers
>basic complex

File: doctorfatigue.png (311 KB, 560x392)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Its so broken nowadays. Covid is quite literally the tip of the ice berg its been bad for a long time.
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Yeah, the administrators are shoveling in the money while they monopolize hospitals and reduce the ability for physicians to operate independently.
>Some individual states have tried, but it doesn't work
It's the insurance companies themselves that control that aspect. It's why we have utilization review and so much red tape with hospital entry and everything else, insurance companies trying to keep from paying costs and the jewing betwixt the providers, healthcare institution where care is provided, and insurance companies. We've never really gotten a free market down within the US, and can't because there's a quadrillion different payers involved in healthcare. They're all required to meet certain standards anyway, and have to be competitive, that just translates into marginal differences in quality of insurance and pricing for comprative plans.
File: 1984.jpg (52 KB, 616x620)
52 KB
>I can barely put into words how much I hate the Democrat party.
Not just them, but the RINOs also, and anyone still stupid enough to vote for leftists/socialists/nazis.
Well you know the old saying. Traitors are always worse than enemies.
>deflecting his requests to use a search engine for him

Every attempt just digs your grave deeper.

File: file.png (1.16 MB, 943x832)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>you know, bro, from the car's perspective, YOU'RE the one moving
einstein was a hack and a kike
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Convincing argument. Thanks anon!
a basement dwelling skinnyfat schizo loser that has never contributed anything to humanity in his entire worthless existence posted this
literally sitting in a mansion looool
but i have gotten fat from covid, just started diet
anyway seethe more JEW
No, OP, you're a hack and a kike. Einstein reached levels of based you will never reach.
Imagine being too retarded to understand mere galilean relativity

File: DuTGxHeXgAAxlnm.jpg (75 KB, 720x480)
75 KB
Really, how hard would it be to convince Muslims to become Christians?
The populations in Muslims countries are so much more destitute than in Christian countries, and so it seems to me that well articulated points would make total mince meat out of Islam.

Take a Europe vs Middle East quality of life comparison chart & re-label it as a Christian nation vs Muslim nation one.
And then go "now which society would you want to live in?"
The muslim would go "I'm listening..."
Wherein you layout the points for why a Christian nation indeed makes for a better nation

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Lev 20:13

Christianity condemns homosexuality and if the west were muslim we'd be on the same page. Read the Bible and study history before criticizing it next time.
Not every society is driven by materialism. Also Islam is a one way street. You can join freely but if you try to leave, that's a death sentence. This makes conversion away from the religion much more rare than with Christianity, which says you're free to leave the faith without penalty on Earth, but God will send you to hell in the afterlife for rejecting Him.
If you get to now a bigger number of muslims from different backgrounds, especially western and (middle) eastern ones you realize that most of them aren't real believers like 'from the heart'. Most of them will defend islam as it is a historical and social frame which gives them ideological stability.

Many of those who come to the west and despise it start to party / drink / have extramarital sex while pointing out how weak and corrupt the 'christian west' is.

From there, if you can provide them social stabilty and physical protection of the persecution they might face, you could win plenty of real christian believers.

They see, that many so-called christians fall away in the west but realize that there is the stable core who chose to believe while not being forced like in so many places.
*like in so many islamic places on earth
False. About 60% of LGBTQ are religious and of those its majority Christian in the US.
>muh hate
>muh condemn
Yup. Many do. So what? Unlike muslims, Christians aren't going to throw gay people off a roof top. Bigoted Christians just say they don't like it and leave it at that. Wow, dipshit.

File: 1650838647600.jpg (263 KB, 1033x744)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>overpressure notice for boca chica tomorrow (monday)
>chinese space station will temporarily have 6 people onboard for a week

previous >>15014320
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this could've been as simple as a steel plate and a rubber gasket but they had to make it complicated
The most extraordinary thing about waymo is that google didnt can it 10 years ago. now theyre tens of billions in debt with a handful of (goofy ass) cars on the road. i've never met anyone who's ridden in one. and to think it only took 3 years to kill stadia.
If self driving wasn't here now then Elon Would look bad. Therefore it is here.
Well shit this lead me down an autistic rabbit hole trying to find out more about the LM door. I know a lot about it but I wanted to find stock footage of it being tested (couldn’t find anything… yet)
I did, however, stumble upon one of these “prove the deboonkers wrong” videos and while I usually don’t give a shit this guy did a cool build of a lidar scanner and 3D mapped LM-9’s door and Gene Cernan’s apollo 17 suit
Giving up means Tesla chad Won.

>Tesla spends few billions of dollars, paid for by people buying their software/cars
>gets a self driving car on highway within 3 years (2013 concepts -> 2016 autopilot on highway cars)
>talks about FSD (in city) in 2016 -> small beta test drivers team starts out in 2020 -> full release to all of their US customers in 2022
>has half a million people in the US driving in cities now
>has 3+ million cars with autopilot on highways now

Meanwhile Waymo has handful of cars that costs $200K+ with handful of "testers". Every other self driving companies chasing Waymo has gone nowhere over the last 10 years

Its crazy.

File: 1665703568794.png (1.29 MB, 1872x892)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
What if we find some funky fish swimming around in Europa's oceans?
Then it will explain why they push the normalization of sodomites, because if those perverts are too funky for us, imagine how we can react to those alien forms of life
why do you have to harass innocent astronomists with your politics
it's just a flyby
>arriving at Europa in April 2030
lol by that time we're going to wish we could scavenge it for scrap metal
File: 1644478979453.jpg (46 KB, 570x624)
46 KB
Harassment is the least those prostitutes deserve for conforming to the jesuitic big bang narrative, and that will be so until they finally find balls to refute it.

Chainsaw man edition

Previous: >>14972730

We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor), make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
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Your life ain't worth shit. Honestly don't know why would you sue.
where to acquire research chemicals in EU
File: 1667917030720865.jpg (41 KB, 622x640)
41 KB
>coke and opiate addiction
Why is it so surprising? Stims, opiates and anesthetics are the only decent drugs that work well both recreationally and more importantly for their intended purpose
But most of these are a meme for actual issues unless that's the point - get rid off retards that don't have real mental/neurological issues
So are rotations in every country just standing around doing fuckall all day? The doctors aren't even slightly interested in teaching anything. I already stopped having any expectations and just find a place to sit down and do anki and browse 4chan for the 8 hours daily I am required to be there.
Having anal sex with a woman is gayer than fucking a man's ass.
At least when you fuck a man's ass you don't have another choice, when you fuck a woman's ass you willfully decided not to fuck her Vagina and instead fuck her ass to simulate faggot sex.

File: cock.jpg (251 KB, 693x924)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
>open visual complex analysis randomly
>see a picture of cocknballs as an example of a non-euclidean manifold
how did he get away with it?
Cock 'n balls is a proper non-euclidean manifold. You agreed to this before taking the course.
True enough and i dont have a problem with it, just seems curious for a mainstream math textbook

File: 1669464703205533.webm (1.96 MB, 576x750)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
Is milk unironically the healthiest possible drink?

>proven to improve protection against diabeetus, caries, cardiovascular disease / stroke, Alzheimer, colorectal and gastric cancer, osteoporosis and obesity
>highest amino acid score according to FDA and WHO approved scoring methods PDCAAS and DIAAS
>only half the carbon footprint of coffee
>twice as much protein as almond or oat milk
>no phytoestrogens as in onions milk

If you aren't lactose intolerant you should be drinking milk every day.
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Even animals knows you should stop drinking milk after 3-6months. Otherwise you are just an anomaly.
File: bff2evar.png (37 KB, 553x196)
37 KB
A clue as to why she offed herself.
Non babies don't drink milk because it's more efficient to eat grass rather than drink the refined grass someone else ate, durr
>short hair
she was broken long before that.
>divorced parents
>mexican stepdad

Can I make it into UofT as an Ontario resident if I did my top 6 U level courses on ILC? I was homeless for a lot of high school and dropped out before doing grade 12, I recently upgraded all my credits and now have a 90% average but with grade inflation and the fact I did these courses online I feel like they're gonna look at me like a joke
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i concede and sorely apologize for my initial retardation. mech eng, 2nd asker
out of a meaningless curiosity what was yours?
>I was homeless for a lot of high school and dropped out before doing grade 12
you dropped out of high school and you think you can handle university?
stick to cleaning streets or whatever, low iq retard
kiss my ass pajeet
Solve the "Unsolved problems" list on Wikipedia you only need paper pens and e-books

University is daycare for adults.

what do you guys think happens after death?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Looky here, lookslike we got us one of those facny death-experts. Tell me, Caspet, whats the other side like?
death is probably a really fucking intense experience.
Your body stops working and its decomposed by nature. Your flesh becomes food to a variety of insects and parasites. Your conscious no longer exists so all your memories and thoughts are void. Your friend and family members may or may not mourn. The next version of a playstation gets released and you will not play it. You will not see the next Magic The Gathering set. Your belongings get sold on Ebay or craigslist. Your home gets renovated and moved into by Asians or Mexican, depending on the property value, blacks. You also shit yourself before all of that happens.
Everybody is placed in such a state as to make them exactly as happy as they deserve

File: elsevier-non-solus.png (22 KB, 145x160)
22 KB
How do we fix the problem with scientific publishing?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
WRONG, scientists should be paid to design and conduct experiments. After the experiment is completed the results should be put on the internet for free, why involve a (((piblisher))) at all. Literally just a fee collector that does no actual work.
Trust me, the problem is not pirates. Your papers are just so not worthy for citing nor paying.
oh i've got it.

you just have a huge website where people can bid and offer research ideas for capital investment.
for big companies they would fund huge research concepts
for the basic public they would be able to invest into products like massdrop

think patreons for universities decided by the public instead of closed groups.
kickstarter for big and small ideas, and subsequent products that could come about

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