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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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I’m really apprehensive about these things. I don’t like the brain chips, I don’t like metaverse, and I don’t like NFTs. I really hate how technology has become integrated into our lives. I don’t like social media or email because I don’t think that it’s healthy for humans to constantly stay plugged in, but it seems like these things have become necessities these days to participate in society.
I get really worried about things like another carrington event or a shortage of resources that are used in computer parts because that would mean the complete and total destruction of humanity due to our over reliance on technology.
Am I just being too paranoid? Are these things actually a be positive? Serious answers only
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>electric vehicles, helping save the planet
Imagine believing this.
And how are these batteries produced?
How are the other electrical components made?
Where is this power coming from?
How efficient is it to be transferred?
Electric cars won't safe muh planet.
Keep your mind controlling devices in your own heads.
You’ll become like the borg
Deal with it
Yeah I mean I just cannot wait to have Google's brainwashing beamed directly into my mind. Fucking hell the future is completely fucked. I pray for the zoomies.
I believe his idea is that working in this direction helps to move closer to less pollution. It's just a long-term goal, unfortunately.
>I don’t like the brain chips
its just another dbs. lots of people have it in them.

File: 1642555003064.jpg (139 KB, 1080x1368)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Normal persons perspective:

Swearing > stern words

Shouting> raised voice

Slapping < punching

Stabbing > beating

Murder > attempted murder

Beating < Murder


Rape > murder

What's the scientific explanation for the last one?

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>Most places would sanction lethal self defense for rape.
But not homicide in retaliation for rape, right? Should keep in mind, there's no reasonable way before the rape for the victim to be sure it's going to be ONLY a rape.

There might be some point to be made here that murder is defined as unlawful killing, while rape is non-consensual sex. The victim's choice has primacy in the latter, while in the former you could look at it as "merely" a transgression against the state's monopoly on violence.
File: foid abuse.jpg (225 KB, 1200x630)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
kino pic. found the article, saved the pic, didn't read anything.
not quite, incel
What is worse than raping women or murder??????

Raping the horses and riding off on the women!
As in the women who was raped gets murdered?

File: 14594809cbbad971.jpg (76 KB, 858x899)
76 KB
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Matter can't interact with matter. It can only interact with light. When they interact, gravity is produced. I think.
I suppose technically if two matter particles are interacting via the electromagnetic force each is only interacting directly with the exchanged photon, but that is a pedantic use of language to say the least.
thats not an interference pattern. there are no nulls showing destructive interference.
Maybe matter is just curved space with some light trapped inside. Light keeps running in circles and curving space. To maintain the system. When more light enters it, the system becomes unstable and some light escapes.
it is an interference pattern. destructive interference occurs to cause the troughs. Just because the troughs don't go to zero doesn't mean there isn't any destructive interference.

File: 1624078795985.png (224 KB, 329x496)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Nursing edition
We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor) make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
>>inb4 not science
>>inb4 poor amerimutts wanting medical advice
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RNs don't do that, they delegate that task out to the massive black women and goblinas working as patient care techs and CNAs. Unless that's your fetish, would avoid.
wow can you be my doctor? I did have my doctor look at my penis once cuz I thought it was an STD or something but it turned out to just be sebaceous glands. You didn't say you wouldn't look at penises anyways
Is there any way that you can report the case yourself without backlash? It sounds like the residents there are psychopaths or retarded themselves. Hopefully they're filtered or greeted with a pleasant mangling by one of your country's greatest refugee additions.
You could try Histology. You'll get a lot of breast tissue and colon samples, but it's a solid field at least. You're going to likely have to have a small staff of some kind, especially if you're not wanting to work under another practice or hospital group. Don't despair. It'll work itself out, you just need to weigh your options out for yourself and keep a good list of pros and cons.
>Corvus corax
The most based bird. I have a love for Leucopsar rothschildi though.
Why not work in zoology or some kind of specialized field where you take care of birds? If not doing that, possibly consider a smaller aviary.
These aren't the most incredible resources, but it's going to have what you need for free. Chemistry contains a lot of equations, so you'll need to be at least somewhat competent with that.

File: FJVolq8XEAE1dY7.jpg (37 KB, 680x498)
37 KB

Uh vaxbros? I don't feel so good...
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File: chineehookaz.jpg (132 KB, 756x467)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: Vax double speak.jpg (219 KB, 1070x1160)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
File: FJJd7EcWUAIODB4.jpg (292 KB, 1058x1200)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
work/doesn't work aren't binaries
They are with vaccines, at least according to the CDC.

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Even the most metal-rich asteroids are mostly nickel with only traces of other shit.

How do we sell the nickel?
The value of asteroids is in the fact they are already outside of earth's gravity well.
Crashing them into earth negates the whole point of mining them.
What the fuck does that even mean?
>take nickels to coinstar
>get cash

Most of the metal is valuable because we don't have to spend the huge expense to lift it into space. The most valuable of it might be worth bringing back, but e.g. iron is probably worth more in orbit than on the ground.
>Elements are not destroyed
Completely false. A lot of the rare elements used to make specific types of steels are destroyed in nuclear power plants when they're literally irradiated into different elements.

Then they splatter into tiny molten pieces across several dozen square miles. It's like milking a cow, and then having bottles of milk launched into the ground next to the store at ballistic speed. Do you still have milk at the end of it? More or less. Is it still usable in any way? No.

File: partitions_of_5.png (88 KB, 425x1023)
88 KB
I have such good feelings from combinatorics.
I'm pretty bad at it, but I'm also maybe the stupidest person who's ever gotten a math degree.

But I just fucking love ""advanced counting"".
There's something about it that feels so good to me. I also think it's undeservedly denigrated to "some subtopic" in "discrete" maths. Or a sidenote in graph theory. Or shit like that. But honestly dudes? I just really like combinatorics. It feels good and great and I like how it makes me feel.

Can people smarter than me talk about combinatorics?
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File: 1634958306707.jpg (16 KB, 465x488)
16 KB
jesus man!
Well done, though I'm not looking too carefully, just impressed on the efforts.
Combinatorists go the extra mile!
Guys, I'm not a math major. So I'm not very good at math but combinatorics interests me a lot. I bought a book from the library to study, but these books don't explain the subject. Now my main question is, can you guys suggest videos for studying combinatorics?
Algebraic enumeration is useful as a tool for DNA and RNA analysis, which is a popular topic.
Could you elaborate?
File: kemonographtheory.jpg (1.1 MB, 2508x3541)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Simply phenomenal mate. You did perfect.
God be my witness, if I could give some medal for all the solutions given to problems I posted , it would go to you. Thanks a lot. And thanks for the references at the end as well. Great job.

File: bigbang.jpg (12 KB, 276x182)
12 KB
I think I have some alternative explanation for dark energy, but not the education to express it mathematically. Regardless, the basic concept of my idea is this: the deformation of spacetime due to gravity is the driving force behind the expansion of the universe.

Consider the typical analogy of a sheet of elastic material, such as latex. There are two ways of creating a larger surface area on this material, both involve stretching. You can either pull the sheet uniformly in all directions, or apply pressure to one part of the sheet. This behaves in the same way that mass deforms space. The presence of any energy in spacetime creates a deformation which gives rise to the force we know as gravity. This bending of spacetime must create additional space though to account for the curvature, in the same way the surface area of an elastic sheet increases as it's stretched.

This may also have some potential explanation for the strange behavior of gravity in the early stages of the universe, as well as gravity's relative weakness compared to expectation. As the elastic sheet is stretched further it becomes harder to deform - think of a sheet of elastic material pulled taught compared to one hanging loosely. Now consider the idea that gravitational force transfers at the speed of light along with the fact that we're able to peer into the very beginning of the universe with powerful telescopes. This can very easily imply that the driver of the Big Bang and current universal expansion is simply that space is bending as a result of the incredibly dense regions located at the edge of our observable universe. This preserves that space expands uniformly everywhere still as the observable universe is unique at every point in space.

This may be entirely unreadable and a load of shit, regardless I hope it's at least an interesting thought and worth some consideration.

File: ethzürich.jpg (87 KB, 930x465)
87 KB
Is it overrated?
Underrated if anything

Basically, all universities in continental Europe are underrated by any of the commonly use metrics or university rankings. They all greatly favor the Anglophone world, and the US in particular. There are a lot of really great French and German universities that are super underrated, and ETH is one of them. Ludwig-Maximillian is also really good, and of course the Ecole Normale Superieure and Ecole Polytechnique. And many others too. Eastern Europe has some great schools too, e.g. Etvos Lorand or Moscow State.

Don't look at university rankings or publication counts as you primary means of assessing the value of a school. Look at the names in your subject and where they work or went to school, and which universities host the biggest conferences on your subject.
It is neither overrated nor underrated. It is rated precisely in line with its objective properties. To suggest otherwise is simply absurd and not fit for a board that portends to be a place for the discussion of science.
Weak bait, but I go for it. What you do is believing. You should now, that every data should and can be discussed, because otherwise you will end up with false paradigma and will not longer be able to do bias free research, which is really hard anyway since big money is involved. To say something is true, because the raw data of, in this example a rankink, any form of research is objectiv is like saying that molecules exist, therefore every claim a chemist makes is true.

What information does the ratio between two numbers give you that the difference between them divided by their sum doesn’t?
Let's compare 5 to 10.
they are different things :)
This question may be slightly more involved in the neighborhood of infinity than it is in the neighborhood of the origin.
>neighborhood of infinity
into the trash it goes

Would a thermocouple get cold enough to liquify air?
>-240 degrees

Probs not
You'd need to cascade a bunch of them and dissipate all of the heat it generates. Delta T is like 20 C for each stage, so good luck with that, breh.
>You'd need to cascade a bunch of them
Would that even work or would each one have to be larger than the last?

File: 973.jpg (6 KB, 200x202)
6 KB
>scored a 47 on calculus quiz
>average class score was 75
I'm really a fucking retard lmao
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Oh I didn't make it that far down on your original post
I had my second semester of real analysis in college was “flipped”. It was part of some initiative to attract more minorities. It turned out being easier because the professor was too nice/pushover, and it wasn’t that bad I still remember most of it years later.

I also had calculus in high school flipped. I loved that too. I never had to do homework or worksheets (all that was optional in my classroom). I didn’t even bother to watch the videos, I just read the textbook. The hardest part was during the AP exam when the red haired nerd was assigned to sit next to me. She was constantly tapping her pencil and fidgeting even after I asked her to stop multiple times. It was so aggravating because she shook our whole shared table. She was also struggling really hard on the exam judging by her bubble sheet and I heard she barely passed it. Fucking hated that bitch she was 3rd in the class and very dramatic, formerly homeschooled, pretended to be poor, and she had a total breakdown when I beat her in the class rank. I never cared about grades but I believe God intervened just for my amusement that day.
If you weren't an autistic retard you could have offered to help tutor her and then hooked up.
>score 30% on final
>fug, think about dropping out
>average was 35%
>end up with A- in class
what the fuck even are PHD programs?
>glug glug, thank you for your cum billionaire-sama! You must keep your job even if we don't!

File: 1640070411407.jpg (402 KB, 750x750)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
This is /sci/, computer /sci/ is still /sci/, I think that the AI will be the biggest hurdle to get over, how close are we to having realistic sexbots? Their physical bodies need to be realistic, appearance touch, orifices, etc. They don't have to be Detroit: Become Human tier, they just need to be realistic for one purpose: make a good fuck buddy. They need to be able to respond to simple commands, make basic conversation, and have the right programming so they don't accidentally injure you. Basically you de-activate them when its not sex time and when it is time they are 100% realistic for that/those tasks and situations only.

We do this and women are irrelevant, you can have any sexbot you want, any human, anthro, animal, either sex, anything you can think of. Imagine smoking a fat bowl taking 2 shots and getting a bj and reverse cowgirl ride from your favorite porn character, and it looks feels and sounds 100% real.
SIMPs dissapear, pussy power dissapears, everything is great.
If you don't care about these things themselves, you should care about the technological advancements in AI that will result from it and also all the money you stand to make from investing into companies that are making this stuff.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
5 years from prototypes, 10 years from mass market introduction
a majority of sex being had in the future will be artificial
The AI doesn't make the actuators efficient enough to run off of batteries or get it into exactly human form.
True but you really think the energy hurdle is bigger than the AI one?
It's a combination of engineering issues to me. Look at the current state-of-the-art hardware with ATLAS. It now runs off batteries for a decent length of time, but it still weighs twice as much as it would need to and is way too bulky. With proper funding I'm sure a usable enough "AI" for a sexbot wouldn't be anywhere near as hard as humanoid robotics has been. There would be serious constraints but it would be much more feasible.
What about cutting the battery capacity in half and adding wireless charging? could wirelessly charge while in use

File: no memes=low iq.png (126 KB, 1327x153)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
/sci/ is the ability to create original humor an indicator of high iq?
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
If /sci/ is a high IQ board & Twumposters are the only ones on the board making new memes then that means that Twumposters' IQs must be off the charts.
File: 1575268180163.jpg (55 KB, 474x585)
55 KB
i saved this pic from /sci/ in 2018
seems to be the only original meme i've ever saved from this board. there are several memes of my own creation which i see reposted occasionally, i guess that makes me smarter than nearly all of the rest of the posters here.
good meme tho
Can someone post that one about a /sci/ short story where there's an autistic guy and a girl talking about buying a new soccer ball? Been looking for that and google is a whore

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