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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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File: hqdefault.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
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I was thinking, Why are there no indigenous/aboriginal white people? Why are they always melanated people's?
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Fuck off tripfaggot, trying to present yourself like some gatekeeping authority. Trying to power trip like you own the board when it is supposed to be anonymous is about as pathetic as it gets. Especially when you're blatantly wrong, because it is science.
Can you seriously riddle me why you wouldn't consider Europeans "indigenous"? Please respond.
they're as "indigenous" as any other native European population
Crazy Germans were looking for the "Urheimat" and ever since the topic has been taboo.

Indigenous carries a lot more political meaning to it, making the topic even more sensitive.
Indigenous people have rights to their own land, culture, and heritage. Europeans can’t have those things because European countries are for everyone! (Except Europeans, of course)

Previous: >>14747016

60 years since the first time two spacecraft flew together
Also the first time two manned spacecraft were in space at the same time
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go back
Serious question: How do you determine when to do your gravity turn?
how the hell should i know? it's a miracle i accomplish anything in ksp. best i can do is a duna lander one time, and im too stupid to do it again

>Price: $876.0 million
My true and tested way is to be at 45 degrees at 10km and at around 30 degrees at 20km
After that try and keep your apogee always ~50 seconds away until you reach your parking orbit
Try and find a balance between needing altitude and speed

File: cavemen-wheel-cartoon.png (202 KB, 844x517)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Engineers think that in the equation L = r x p, they can conserve in magnitude, both the angular momentum and the regular momentum simultaneously while r changes.
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I told you this before but you didn't listen. Stop being a retard and listen this time.

You are right. In something like a tetherball wrapping around pole, kinetic energy is conserved and angular momentum is not. This is standard physics, it is not revolutionary.

In the ball on a string demonstration where a professor has to actually pull on the string to reduce the radius, the professor is putting in energy into the system. In this system energy is not conserved, but angular momentum is approximately conserved if the string stays rotating around the center and the speeds are low enough that you can ignore air resistance and friction.
of course water is dry. the state of being wet is having absorbed or been exposed to enough water for it to collect and drip off. Ice can be wet, water cannot
>In something like a tetherball wrapping around pole, kinetic energy is conserved and angular momentum is not.
I wanted to contradict that but I worked it out and it turns out to be true. When a string wraps around a pole, the center of rotation is not in the center of the pole but at the point where the string is tangent to the pole and since the force on the weight comes only form the tension of the string the force is always perpendicular to the velocity of the weight, meaning that the energy is always constant here.
I'd like to add that while it is true that the angular momentum of the rotating weight isn't conserved, that is because it is exchanging angular momentum with the environment the pole is fixed to.

what drives /sci/entists to argue a topic they clearly have no idea about? I mean it's okay talking about a subject as a layman or interested person and having boundaries on the subject knowledge is natural, but pretending to be an expert, making wild claims, denying the status quo while simultaneously refusing to read the basics on the subject, and all of that with unmitigated confidence while being called out for their ignorance... what is there to gain being a pseud, especially here? why can't you guys just learn the basics?
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Define vaccinated. If I have taken a vaccine that you don't have, does that make you unvaccinated?
1. Science is a branch of philosophy
2. In philosophy there is no objective truth and all opinions are equally valid.
3. Therefore it is morally right to talk out of your ass about quantum mechanics.
Are you vaccinated against COVID-19?
Because it makes you upset and that makes me happy. What's your field of expertise? i am going to layman all over it. Check it. Consciousness is the answer to all your loser physics questions you can't answer with maths which is obviously invented. Stey med.

I want to increase my IQ so I can do new shit with it, how?
>this thread is archived
Finding the right cocktail of nootropic substances can increase your IQ by several standard deviations, but finding the right one is hard
It's over.

File: 2048x1024.jpg (158 KB, 2048x1024)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
James Webb Telescope discovered a much higher number of mature galaxies in the early universe than models would have predicted.

What is the official /sci/ explanation for this? Are our estimations for the age of the universe wrong? Perhaps just galactic formation occurs differently?
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>A lawnmower is used for gardening, it doesn't make it a garden.
If you want just to play rhetoric games I will acquiesce

>You people always make the same arguments
Generalization, bordering ad-hominem.

>First it's that their method is unscientific, but then it always boils down to "muh conspiracy".
Strawman and appeal to ridicule

>Because of course they must still be wrong, can't challenge your own preconceptions.
Challenging preconceptions is why we're here, isn't it?

>Which is why the GW170817 prediction is such a nice result, because it puts retarded claims like this to bed.
A single event is a miracle. Two events is a coincidence. Three events is a pattern.
>Generalization, bordering ad-hominem.
Learn what an ad hom is. Calling you an asshole is not ad hom. Saying you're wrong because you're retarded is. Same goes for the rest of your "fallacies". Something is only a fallacy if used as part of an argument, Christ. You wanted a side-chat, there it is.
File: pas-at2k_sn_xl.jpg (85 KB, 1450x890)
85 KB
We could go back to statistics if you like.
Attached is a tuner used for HAM radio, called a PI filter or Twin-T filter (both different but the analogy is the same).
If I wanted to match impedance between 50 ohms and 75 ohms, how many possible combinations are there using the three dials?
Answer is: The number of solutions approaches infinity.
By controlling only three discrete variables, we are able to arrive at a nearly infinite number of possible solutions (within certain boundaries).

Applying multiple Fourier-derived filters can likewise lead to similarly astronomically diverse results. Or am I wrong?
>Applying multiple Fourier-derived filters can likewise lead to similarly astronomically diverse results. Or am I wrong?
There are infinitely many numbers between 0 and 1, it doesn't mean it encompass every number. Same goes for GW templates, they can't fit any data. If they could there would be false detections constantly in the time-slides.

And I misread the section of the generic burst search, it does not use templates at all as I originally thought. So double no.
As the official /sci/ brainlet retard, I give this explanation: models were wrong

File: obesity.png (27 KB, 568x158)
27 KB
How does it ACTUALLY work, and why is it so misunderstood?
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File: shriek_and_point.jpg (86 KB, 612x857)
86 KB
>Who invited these chuds
Hotels have event rooms and are regularly booked for as venues for things like medical research conventions.
File: O3MnNHN.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x4000)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>>Saying CICO is THE cause of weight gain
>It's the LIMITING cause though.
So is oxygen. completely irrelevant
>>Genetics determines your eating habits
>Get the fuck out of here. It might determine whether you get hungry. It does NOT determine your eating habits.
It literally determines whether or not you can even digest some stuff like lactose or gluten

Genetics are why every hispanic woman turns into la goblissima mas gorda at 30 and why fat asian people don't exist.

You're only a step removed from people who think if we give tyroyale wallace and his niglets more money for dem programs we can close a whole fuckin standard deviation IQ gap.
File: 1660194985708319.jpg (50 KB, 621x540)
50 KB
Fat Asian people do exist. Taiwan has a growing obesity issue, on par with Western Europe. Obesity is steadily on the rise in mainland China as they can afford more food. There are now more obese people in China than there are people in Germany.

File: city.png (537 KB, 2417x2921)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
King Champ Gillette's (of razor fame) ideal city. Hexagonally packed buildings, every residential building directly next to an education, food and recreation building. Powered by the Niagara falls, everything covered in porcelain. Why haven't we completed his vision yet?
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>I don't know what it is, but it certainly isn't just a modern generational trope of rich people coming up with these ridiculous pipe dreams.
It's been happening for centuries now. Read "Seeing Like a State". Statehood itself is intrinsically demonic.
>AND keep multiplying further like fucking locusts
Please do continue making room for my children. The more of you fucks cramp up into giant metropoles from hell the better.
>you cannot put all people in low density housing AND blahblah
I don't care about your preprogrammed political diatribe. I just answered your quesiton. There will be no bughive utopia. You are being culled.
>Please do continue making room for my children
Lol, faggots like you never get laid at all. The children who's gonna inherit your suburban sprawl are your wife's black bull that you keep hiring.
But it has triangular parks and free food somehow.

Do any of you actually use this "trick" to help you understand a math/physics concept? I always found it useless and more confusing than helpful. Every professor, textbook, and online source always fails to reach me with this mnemonic, mainly because I don't get the relation between the direction of my fingers and the direction of my thumb. They never explain it and make it seem like obvious fact and it pisses me off.
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I don't get it.
Magnwtic field means nothing. You have to use lorentz force ewuation to get the meaningful result. It too contains cross product. Then you can use the double cross product equation and get a result that only contains dot product
I always used it when trying to figure out the direction of curl. If the curl goes from your fingers to your palm, your thumb points in the direction of the curl.
File: 1645678725120.jpg (30 KB, 446x477)
30 KB
>needing any of this shit
absolutely pathetic
File: 1660350947074.png (492 KB, 968x928)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
>be me
>high school physics special class
>solving competition problems
>tired af
>has to use right hand rule
>look at hand
>it's not working
>literally spend 10 minutes wondering why the fuck the right hand rule doesn't work
>mfw I realize I've been staring at my left hand for the last 10 minutes like an absolute retard

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 318x159)
8 KB
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>The ability to problem solve isn't even a contest between a mathematician and an engineer.
this guy legitimately believes the "any job i want 300k starting" meme. if you have a mathematics degree and are proud of it, thats great, but dont just start making shit up. you look like a retard.
i agree that guy is full of shit but i also think you're incorrect as that only really applies to CivE and people designing bridges and buildings and shit
Which, by dollars and hours, is the vast majority of the engineering work in the US. Electrical, plumbing, process chemical systems, literally anything that requires a permit from the state for you to build needs a licensed engineer.
insurance for engineering firms generally dont let you hire people without ABET degrees
I'm in Math, and when I asked a Physics PhD from the uni what are the requisites to get in to a Graduate Physics degree, he gave me book recommendations about the topics and he said basically being able to solve exercises from the first one or two chapters on each would get your foot in any further topic. That's effort for a month if taken like a summer course. But my career has some overlap with Physics, in fact the first two years are exactly the same here. I have a hard time figuring that doing the same with mechanical engineering would be any harder. But for your career sure, Electromagnetism hits harder and Physicists here only see so much circuitry and materials related to it.

File: sc.png (437 KB, 1344x1388)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
The scientific process that science used to arrive at this conclusion?
"We don't know, therefore it's complicated, therefore white mans bad, therefore UK child groomer gangs are white men"


Thanks, science!
>"We don't know, therefore it's complicated, therefore white mans bad, therefore UK child groomer gangs are white men"
One more step: all the data that says otherwise was excluded. A science classic.
>sex was a motivation for rapists
absolutely stirling work lads
pride of the nation, you lot are
File: Rotterham.png (97 KB, 860x1080)
97 KB
Britain is well known for protecting child rapists so long as they are non-white.
File: 1660349818771.webm (1.6 MB, 320x320)
1.6 MB

File: 1659331683517015.jpg (3.69 MB, 3000x3000)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
Previous thread: >>14714495

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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understood, thanks
that book was always a meme
Real physicists don't bother with the mu_0. That is just left in for undergrads, engineers and the dinosaurs that teach classes for them
In a difficult paper a reference can serve as a shorthand for a whole idea that is not explained properly in the present paper so you should be constantly flipping back and forth to see what the numbers stand for. If you haven't read many of the references before and can't understand the paper, back up and read a key paper from those first. You might have to jump around to several papers before the paper you are interested in makes sense.
Need a recommendation for a graduate-level analysis book.
Took undergrad analysis, so I know thr basics of metrics, measures and lebesgue integration.

File: Capture.png (287 KB, 589x612)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
How many of you are or are considering pursuing your science or medical degree right now thanks to the inspiration of Dr. Fauci?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
theres no way this guy isnt a nazi doctor full of stemcells and botox

dude single handedly created the aids epidemic and never catches any hate for it, probably because every fag in the 80s died, he cant keep getting away with it
File: 342344.jpg (76 KB, 1200x1200)
76 KB
>the fauci effect
>mfw it's an actual thing they are trying to push
This guy got called a fucking retard by Kary Mullis
File: fauci.jpg (24 KB, 248x360)
24 KB
Dr Fauci inspired me to become a eugenic racist mass-murdering gigachad
File: 1658334085612.png (1.79 MB, 1496x1029)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG

File: 1651614015347.jpg (1.33 MB, 3000x2014)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
I feel like if you were a scientist 100 years ago, there was a good chance that your work would significantly improve humanity.
Now, everything seems so piecemeal. Like you can only chip away at some subject so obscure that it is irrelevant to people, or only contribute a tiny amount to some meaningful effort.

I would love if someone could tell me "no, you aren't considering x field".
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No, when we fix the theory we will have a much better understanding of our results at CERN, some of which we cannot even begin to explain properly and are currently making up excuses for.
>My theoretical physics paper is proof.
Said no real scientist ever.
I am not a scientist because I am not arrogant and stupid enough to negelct the evidence and insult the author like the piece of stinking shit that is you.
File: 1652462419403.png (285 KB, 1920x1920)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
That just sounds so arbitrary. Why 12,000 rpm? My BS detectors are going off.
I believe you, I don’t think the other guys should be mean to you either. My only question then is: what are the practical applications of nature violating coam? Can I make money with this knowledge somehow? Guys being mean to you aren’t making any money with their belief in coam so I’m wondering what non-coam has to offer.

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