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File: 1649551588913.png (380 KB, 890x1060)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
21yo NEET here.
Sometimes if something distressing happens, my brain shuts down and my entire body feels like it's weighed down by a ton. I'll end up sleeping for a long time, then wake up in bad pain. Body aches like a bitch. Don't even want to eat. Just walking across the room will make my heart pound and make me feel like collapsing.
Last time this happened, a week ago, I slept for around 27hrs, only waking up briefly twice.
Is this a normal illness, or is it caused by depression + the 10 years I spent NEETing alone in a dark basement?
You mean like fainting? Do you have a healthy diet?

what do you say on dating apps?
is it even worth trying to message back and forth, or should you just ASAP ask to get food/see a movie/do something or get their socials/number?

i feel like in the past when i used tinder, trying to talk in app just leaves conversation dead. nobody goes back to messaging after the first time
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>had success in the past
>trying to talk in app just leaves conversation dead. nobody goes back to messaging after the first time

Being in college changes nothing. Its the same shit.
>hey lets get food sometime, when are you free?

Try asking: "if you could have anything to eat, what would it be?" Wait for a response and suggest taking her to x place.

I had success with that in the past.
>they are attractive enough
>leading to no matches / low-effort attempts.
>low-effort attempts
You are literally sub zero iq. Confidence figures into attractiveness, first of all. Second, if you were “attractive enough”, you would get more than zero matches. Lastly, if you are attractive, any effort is sufficient.
So, kindly kill yourself
I literally can’t get matches. Even if I could, I would have literally zero idea how to woo a female. Such is life as an incel
Establish some sort of common ground as quickly as possible and then ask for a casual drink date or coffee date. Worked for me almost every time once I figured it out. I haven’t been using dating apps the past month cause I met a girl I want to be with but I was on a good roll in January and February

File: tent.jpg (807 KB, 2560x1707)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
Was going for a walk yesterday and ran into a homeless woman in a tent. She asked me for change for dinner but I didn't have any so went on my way. Couldn't not do anything so after my walk went back to my apartment and heated up about two meals worth of food and brought it to her. The first thing she said was "but will you have enough if you give this to me". Chatted with her for a while, turns out some payment was stopped and she was evicted, and now with no permanent address she can't apply again. Showed me the documents.

It feels wrong to just let someone go hungry. However, I'm pretty broke at the moment. Any advice on what to do next, if anything? Should I give her some food every few days? Is that demeaning?
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>You shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone’s situation when you clearly have no knowledge or experience of what you’re talking about.
I lived in a tent city for three years faggot
Where I live doesn’t have rent cities because we work to keep people off the streets as much as we can, including sending people off to rehab facilities when necessary. I’m sorry you ended up in that situation, but those types of communities are not the norm for homelessness across the country.
reasonable homeless people stay far away from tent cities, anon. They do their best to not appear homeless and try to work and get out of their situation. It's entirely possible to look like a normal person and work while being homeless. It's infinitely harder if you live in a tent city though, where it constantly smells like piss and alcohol and the other occupants drag you down to their level

I'm assuming she was on some form of welfare, though I didn't ask so could have been something else


Not in the States, my city doesn't have a homeless problem so it's not too common to just run into them


Yeah I know it's not a permanent solution by any means but the idea of just letting someone go hungry when I had food to spare
Yeah I didn't give money directly for this exact reason

File: 1660200917398285.jpg (54 KB, 680x382)
54 KB
I had suicidal ideations for nearly 2 weeks, and I thought it might go away. Sure I can do things to cheer myself up and distract myself, but I didn't want to cheer myself up or distract myself. I felt hopeless about goals I had in life, wondering why I even bother. I was dwelling on my problems, thought loops over and over again. Thinking of how I am better off dead and not even bother trying to fix my problems. I cancelled all my plans this past week and stayed home without going out for 3 days straight. I wondered what was going on and why I was feeling like this, how unmotivated I was, because I knew it's just my brain and not me personally.

And then suddenly... SUDDENLY it just started fading away for a day. No reason I can think of. I thought "what in the world was that?" and it was kinda scary how much it controlled me. I didn't even want to be fixed or distracted while having ideations. It showed up randomly, and disappeared randomly. I have no control over it. What if it reoccurs during a critical time in my life?

Now it's back.

Anyone have anything like this? It's like when this episode hits, I don't even want to get better.
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>I know it's hard, but there are people who genuinely love and care about you.

What's scary about these phases is that when I am in that very depressed phase, I think about "there are people who would be hurt by me dying" and I don't give a fuck. I give a fuck now when I am relatively sane, but damn during those moments I just don't give a fuck and I am like "they can go fuck themselves. Fuck living for other people"

its like the depression has mind control over me and free will doesn't exist. at least my rational part of my brain is still working and I know it's not really me talking
>Anyone have thoughts like this
Yes, I fluctuate between "I'm going to fucking do it, I'm constantly suffering and I can never return to normal society" and "Fuck that, I don't care anymore, I have no reason to off myself, fuck what people think of me too" week in and week out. Unfortunately, it's because I have a disability and I can't live without physical pain daily. I end up doing something outright retarded everytime I enter the non-suicidal phase. It's a miserable existence, I feel like I'm a burden dead or alive, and I know eventually either my living will come back to hurt the people I love or my death will. Keep yourself in check when you're feeling fine OP, workout and live morally, because it makes it harder when you are suicidal if you don't. Sorry for derailing your thread to vent a little there.

>Go to a therapist
I think it's worth trying, but it didn't work for me.
Gave me "temporary" psychosis, be careful. SSRIs aren't good for anything other than awful mindless dazes in my honest opinion, and the literature on them is conflicting. I have not tried other anti-depressants, so no comment on them.
Never tried
Mantra meditation, breathing exercises help me keep it at a more manageable level for a while, but it does come back eventually despite the effort.

Wishing you well OP, hopefully this just blows over for you.
Same. Both of my parents were neglectful alcoholics who didn't give a shit about me growing up. Now as an adult they try to do better but it's too late. The damage was already done. I barely feel any connection to them and never contact them. So if I killed myself I really don't give a fuck what they think.
>Unfortunately, it's because I have a disability and I can't live without physical pain daily.

I have chronic physical pain too, but I wouldn't call it a disability. Sorry about your situation. Our physical reality, even minor stuff, does a lot to irritate us mentally.

Therapists didn't work for me either. I just end up feeling more alienated and fucked up, and with time and money lost. Bad therapists are worse than no therapists.

I am trying to stay away from prescriptive meds. They also take forever to kick in apparently.
Sorry about that

File: 1679912377032579.jpg (23 KB, 336x485)
23 KB
i came to relaize that I've never felt good about myself in my entire life. no matter how much nice i be with people, or how much time i spent on improving myself. I've never felt comfortable with myself.
it's not like I'm insecure or something, or lack confidence or looks. i just don't like me even though a lot of people do.
what to do?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i said "spent", now I don't even go to the gym. all i do is sleep.
>i came to relaize that I've never felt good about myself in my entire life.
You probably tied your time energy self-worth and sense of fulfillment up with things that are inconsequential and now that you’re getting older you realize those things aren’t as important
File: 1679741662546867.jpg (39 KB, 831x1107)
39 KB
probably this, for all my life I had this feeling, stopped watching anime because of it, stopped playing video games and i directed all my time and energy to my spiritual awareness, and it seems like any retarded thing I've been into so far.
thanks for this I will probably stop messaging around and build a career or something. I still have time luckily.
You’re already more cogent than the dozens of other kids who make this exact same thread every day. Good on you. Just be open to trying new things and do something with your energy that will return your investment in the form of money or time later and everything else will take care of itself.
yeah I will just continue with computer science. i thought i could achieve something more than death but i guess that's for later. maybe i will when i become the next elon musk.
thanks anon.

File: ElHde0IVkAAt1Je.jpg (273 KB, 1200x838)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>girl gives me lots of indications of interest
>feet always point towards me in group settings
>smiles during greetings
>glances at me when im not looking
>talks about me with her friends
>text her
>never replied back
>ignores me

Is she a waste of time?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Is she a waste of time?
I mean, people who pretend like you don't exist usually aren't worth your time.
You probably misread her body language as romantic interest when she was just being polite and wasn't creeped out by you. She might not even think you're a creep for having texted her either, but she clearly isn't very interested in you.
Oh man, you owned him and got trips for it. That's brutal.
>You probably misread her body language as romantic interest when she was just being polite
I'm not like most of the retards here, I'm actually handsome and girls approach without me having to do anything, I can say for certain that she like/liked me but was it me or just the attention?
probably the latter or she got cold feet when you confronted her. In either case, move on.
Right, I honestly assumed as much about you. It's still possible that you could have misread how serious she was. She wasn't interested enough in you to actually want to talk to you in private, in any case.
>feet pointed at me
>this means she's in love
>i would know, I've had girls on discord before

File: 1664982498854856.jpg (441 KB, 1149x1080)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
My husband is a nightmare and I regret ever marrying him. He was nothing like this when we were dating an engaged, its like his personality just switched once we'd been married for a year. I work a job as a waitress because he thinks I'll start sleeping my way through town if I'm not busy while he's at work. He takes my pay and tips each paycheck, and only gives me enough money for whatever errands I'm doing in a day. I didn't even live under this level of restriction as a child, and I feel like a prisoner in my own home. The worst part is the sex, he acts entitled to it and has forced himself onto me before. Since then he gets me drunk when he wants sex.

I've been secretly keeping a little bit of my tips to put toward getting away from it all, and I have about $600 saved up. I'm worried because I've just learned I'm pregnant and my state is one that doesn't allow abortions. I can't support myself and a baby, I don't want to be the mother of that man's child, and I don't want to stay with him. What are my options to resolve this? I'd rather not go through a whole pregnancy, but if I could leave the baby at a church or something that could work. Is there a way I could force a miscarriage at home using a little of my saved money?

Pic is just because I think gnomes are cute and they take my mind off of things.
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Somebody with real problems on this board. Kudos. OP, I know you're a woman but in times like this, you have to be a man. Don't just take that shit. Get some hard evidence of the abuse, then you can literally fucking kill that nigger and get off on self defense. Don't just run away. He will do that shit to other women if you do. End this guy.
Get the fuck out of the South and stop voting Republican. All this behavior is abusive.

By the way I'm like the husband in the OP. How can I convince my dumb-as-bricks wife to behave? Thinking about dumping her and getting a new one
the incel cope is strong in this thread
Exhibit 604,987,563,221,899 of women being totally capable of sniffing out socially awkward, financially stable, caring virgins and selecting against them, but not being able to detect abusive psyopathy
Cool bait. Very cool.

Basically I need a guy to do some stuff for me like take care of some shit while I’m gone etc.

We’re not super close but he has been texting me for years since we met and he had a gf and recently broke up with her. He kept wanting us to hang out while he had a gf and I didn’t cuz i didn’t feel comfortable.

Do I just bring the stuff up quickly and he probably wouldn’t mind or would that be very offputting? Do I have to make it subtle and slowly reveal the stuff over time when the topic comes up?

Also I am worried he won’t be attracted to me anymore since it’s been a few years idk
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just pay him then, problem solved. If you can afford to travel to Mount Everest surely you can afford to pay him $20 a day to water some plants.
Unfortunately I’m actually very poor and won a contest to go

I thoguht friends were supposed to help each other out?
>Didn't feel comfortable hanging out with him because he had a gf
Doesn't sound like much of a friend to me!
Well he kept msging me and said he really likes me and stuff

But to me he is a friend because I am asexual
lmao, this keeps getting better

File: vd1keauagdka1.jpg (67 KB, 750x750)
67 KB
Who can I ask for actual advice and help? I've visited multiple professionals but none of them offer practical advice. Maybe something online?;

I'm kind of scared of finding someone good at this point because I'm so desperate I'll become annoying or angry when there's no perfect solution for sure

File: gorf.jpg (93 KB, 880x644)
93 KB
I hate everything in life and can not find happiness, i tried everything, what do i do
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>If you say drug abuse is bad you are mentally unhinged

Okay druggy.
Psychedelics are actually based anon and there’s good science to support this. The use of psilocybin helps break people out of negative habits by breaking people out of bad thought patterns.
>therapy meds drugs many different hobbies excersise vitamins socialization writing reading paintin drawing yoga meditation nofap dopememe detoxing fasting
I see you didnt tried sex?Find good escort with good reviews and have some fun with her,dont be anxioius about STD or something,they actually take care of themselves,better than tinder whores for sure.
If you will still feel bad at least you will stop being a virgin.
For me it was nice experience,not life changing but i am not thinking about sex for entire time,it was better than nofap.
My mistake then. You should still be mildly concerned that you can be confused for OP though
I didn’t say “go to the gym,” I meant run outside. Its much harder than running on a treadmill and fresh air + nature does you good.

>be me
>have ocd/tend to hyperfixate on shit
>looking through the archive
>see an image that looks generally tame
>just three sentences
>however can’t find it in any other place on the internet
>this frustrates the shit out of me for some unknown reason

Am I autistic? I don’t know why but I periodically think back to this image and it’s getting on my nerves
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also thank you
What's the image?
File: 1679923329603398.jpg (9 KB, 453x111)
9 KB
File: glue.jpg (21 KB, 346x482)
21 KB
iktf OP

>buying a new calender for 2023
>search online and go in stores for the perfect calender
>narrow it down to a few but become paralyzed
>comparing prices, the artwork, the boxes
>keep going back and forth, can't make a decision
>feel irritated, angry and overwhelmed
>12 hours later I still have no calender

Eventually bought a $5 calender with puppies on it and never thought of it again until now. The puppies are cute.
oh right, advice

Whenever you notice yourself in this loop, do something else. IME variation of activities in my life prevents these cyclical thoughts, you prevent the whirlpool from forming. I notice that I have moments like this a lot on the weekends when I have the most free time and so fall into doing or thinking the same thing over and over.

Redpill me on tinder algorithm cause something aint right.
I got
>5 matches and 7 likes on the first day
>13 matches and 39 likes on the next
>then 14 matches and 48 likes
>20 matches and 51 likes
And then 53 likes for three days straight and only ugly whales appear to me whereas before I actually matched with a fair share of 10/10 girls, so it cant be that Im ugly since they actually liked me when they saw me, so why isn’t tinder showing me anymore, this is retarded. Not even the whales are liking me gad damn nigga what a nigga gotta do to get some pussy damn
The first few days it shows you higher (or higher elo) to get you hooked and then it drops you off either naturally though how elo works or as a way to get you to spend money on the app
But shouldn’t I be getting likes from these lower tier girls since when tinder showed me to top tier girls they actually liked me? How come Im getting less likes NOW?
Tinder is practically designed to make you feel shitty. Use a paid dating app. More likely to get actual dates
Idk if women actually pay for those in my country. The best strategy would probably be to just uninstall, wait a few weeks, download again, get matches with top tier girls and get their instagram before tinder algorithm fucks me over again, repeat until I get a date
you also have to realize that a girl that pays will be looking for a relationship. A girl on a free app is most likely just looking for attention

File: 1638717348851.png (44 KB, 200x200)
44 KB
>29 male
>social recluse for 5 years
>haven't worked in 10 years
>too depressed and bipolar to function most the time
>not even done with my associates degree yet
does it get better...? i have no idea how I'm going to function at a job because of how much of a reclusive weirdo I've become. i'm back in school but really i have no idea how to function at a job... my major is information technology so at least it'll be inside a cubicle i guess??
The boomer years when you could get a middle class existence by just being present at your job side are over. Lets face it, 90% of the western population are descendants of fake middle class people and youre not genetical fit to blend in any longer. Youre meant to be lumpenproles and thats where you belong.

pic unrelated unless bowling is a good idea.
The first date I ever went on was bowling.
Granted the girl was ugly, incredibly needy and depressive, I was forced into it by my parents and then demonized by them afterwards for rejecting her in favor of pining for my oneitis.
I'm still a virgin over a decade later
How did your parents force you? You mean literally?
lol dont go bowling for a first date you fool. imagine how awkward it is trying to talk and getting to know her and then the ball rolls back and it's your turn and you have to awkwardly throw it and before you're able to walk back and continue the convo it's her turn again etc.

just go on a walk and get some coffee or whatever. if it goes well and ur both feeling it you can grab some dinner and see where the night leads. good luck anon.
I always try to do dinner + walk. Bowling and movies and shit like that I usually reserve until I’m actually interested in the chick.

File: 0c4.jpg (24 KB, 600x602)
24 KB
Is 19 old? I turn 19 this year and I feel so old, especially considering I'm not a teenager anymore in little over a year. I get if this seems like a ridiculous problem to have, just had to get it out there.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I turn 19 this year and I feel so old
Lmao even, fuck off kid.
lol, lmao. Someone bring this boomer a cane.
your age literally ends in "teen", and your brain isn't done cooking until you're 25. when people call you a "young man" it is because they are consciously trying to not treat you like a child. you are still very young.
I'm twice as old and slowly starting to feel old now
I'm nostalgic half of the time and got me a midlife crisis motorcycle lol
lmao you're a retard kid with 0 life experience. if you're under 25 i don't want to talk to you about anything because you don't know jack shit about the world

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