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File: 39483.jpg (5 KB, 260x194)
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Cigarettes, benzos, vodka, weed.
File: 1579213746535.jpg (78 KB, 473x1024)
78 KB
> cooming only once every 2-3 days though senpai it leaves me drained if i do more than that.
> There is no spoon only your self... OOOAAAUAUAUAUAUUUUHHMMMMMM
engage in my hobbies gun range and muay thai
> pewpewpewpewpewpew
Think of the possibilities in a positive manner that could be in my future
> Finding a qt 3.14 chubby gf to blow my dna into and make a happy family
and school
Final notes
> Always keep your face towards the light o my brother
> Be not a brother of darkness but a child of the light!
File: 1578330037666.jpg (188 KB, 1080x734)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
This guy is a huge cock sucking faggot.. Only do this if you want to ruin everything

I am American. My dad was born in Canada. Can I apply for dual citizenship? And if so, how?
File: 1539401830902.jpg (67 KB, 750x797)
67 KB
How to use google

File: CryingMan.jpg (447 KB, 2048x1536)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
I don't know what to do anymore, I have autism and adhd and I am such a fucking moron, I can't follow conversations, lack any social skills, I get confused easily, I am a slow thinker that takes ages on board games, I fucking hate myself, I am such a useless fat piece of shit who no one likes and my family is just forced to love me (but obviously not hang out of me by choice) I just feel like I am better off dead.
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Also anon I’m on the same boat so I know how hard it is to branch out. Find some hobbies and things you might be interested in and just say fuck it and try them out.
As someone with Asperger's it feels like during social interactions I understand the words people are saying, but I miss what is called "social cues" all the other small things people due to communicate. Usually on the internet people take words at face value which makes way more sense to me.
The best way I can explain to you is that there is a difference between speech and communication, and when it comes to autism, your speech is either completely unaffected or drastically affected (nonverbal) with no in-between, and the communication issue lies elsewhere.

Text is the easiest form of communication if done by people who understand its limitations, which is most of us.
Mate, you don't have to be a great famous game developer to start making games. Learn programming, watch tutorials/read books, download an engine like Unity and just start making stuff. Beats the shit out of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
A bump for you OP, I’m sorry you are feeling this way, I hope the other anons can help you

I feel unlucky
1.I broke up with my gf cause she wanted an open relationship
2.My girl/best friend told me she will become a prostitute
3.My boy/best friend told me he is gay
4.I've got arrested cause my face reminded of a wanted criminal, still get fined
5.My cat died
All this shit happened in a month...I feel depressed but i know I'll get stronger from this...but still am depressed af
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Bummer, but the right call. She wanted to break up with you but was too pussy, good on you for having the balls to end it instead of letting her drag you through some shit.

Does this bother you because you're concerned for her safety or because you're judging her? Do you know why she's doing that? She might need some help dude.

Why is a friend being gay upsetting?

Fined for what? I'm assuming they figured out you were not the wanted criminal at some point?

That's genuinely terrible and I'm really sorry. What was your cat's name?
You went Todash? Slipping through the infinite iterations of the universe and witnessing the horrors that exist in the spaces in between as you sleep? Fuck dude.
how are you still fined?
I have seen one but ever since then my dreams are extremely weird and screwed. It wanted to improve me and it was angry at me at same time.

Why are there so many good looking men with good jobs dating single mothers? Does this mean the cuck meme isn't true or is it that bad to date a single mother? I'm wondering if it's worth it for me
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Then you have an impossible standard to live up to though. If the guy is still alive she probably hates him and it makes you look good without having to do anything lol.
Because your dumbass internet echo chambers made weird ass moral judgements about benign situations that are totally case by case.
Cuck is just an angry mans way of shaming others for their dating choices because they themselves have serious issues.

Get away from the sexual side and just examine your friends and social networks and youll notice a pattern. If people are that angry and judging and absolute about just about anything other people do that doesnt affect them, their lives are shit and theyre having a lot of trouble managing something and theyre coping by just lashing out at things they choose to perceive are below them so they can maintain some sense of superiority.

Just imagine someone who cant find a gf or has been friendzoned a thousand times. "Well its because women are stupid whores". Bam, he no longer has to worry about or think about the fact there might actually be something awfully wrong with him thats causing this to happen. Its THEIR fault, not his.

If you like someone date them. Kids are cool if you like them, and remember theyre human beings. You being part of their lives can make a massive difference in their future for the better. The difference between a criminal junky and an honour student.

If you can find a way to be angry and look down upon someone who got into a relationship with someone they like, falling in love, maintaining it, AND giving goddamn human children a huge leg up in life and preventing disaster, you have serious fucking issues.
>someone's past is by no means a character of their personality and judgement!!!
>if you love her this is the only thing that matters, just ignore anything else that might indicate possible issues
Most of us aren't angry, it's just sad really. I simply don't register single mothers as someone worth dating. And when I see men who could do better wasting away their lives for some cunt who isn't worth shit I pity them and i don't like the affect it has on dating in general.

I'm not bitter because I've never dated nor will date one, but guys who date them are scraping the bottom of the barrel for no good reason.
Good looking but stupid and weak.

If you're young, single, and have any other option - never pick a single mother. You're raising someone elses kid for them, which makes you a cuck. Anything about it making you a bigger man, or tough, is all bullshit peddled to make you think you're doing the right thing.

The exception here is if you have kids of your own, and you merge families. That's making the best of a bad situation.

File: Photoshop_qLtOfyIsAM.jpg (143 KB, 848x612)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I need a desk placement advice. Pic related is the room, where would you put a desk?
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File: Photoshop_Tq8SfJpkvK.jpg (30 KB, 491x236)
30 KB
the key to any plan, is the measurment, if you don't have it, we can't help. The space and furniture
look at neufert
You must cover the entrance so you have time to shoot first.
I need some measurements for context dude. And is it the only piece of furniture in the room? Make a proper floor plan and come back.

Or say fuck it and put it wherever you get adequate lighting.
File: 159042398868.jpg (50 KB, 491x236)
50 KB
I would say in either of these positions. I like to have my desk near a window but facing the door if possible so I can shoot the cops if they burst in.

File: 1559071691060.jpg (144 KB, 1024x762)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What coping/defense/deflect/damage control mechanism do you use when someone tries to weekendmog you?
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no when you talk with someone about your weekends
Next Monday:
>So yea basically I got bored of being here so I booked a flight to Tijuana and spent the weekend doing coke and fucking hookers...
No mechanism is required because I don't give a shit what they do with my time and am not insecure about what I do with my time because I enjoy it. The weebs shall prevail~
>Oh nothing much, living the dream. How about you?
File: 1590431688412.png (138 KB, 428x344)
138 KB
138 KB PNG

File: 1576719023239.gif (1012 KB, 740x900)
1012 KB
1012 KB GIF
>I postpone everything everyday to tomorrow
>just watch anime/browse 4chan constantly trying to stay in a forgetful dream
>either turn everything into an insurmountable obstacle in my brain, or dismiss it - both options make me do nothing, and keep my anxiety levels up

AAAAAAAAAAA how do I stop this idiocy, and become motivated. I always end up in this pit
I've been motivated in the past, but I've forgotten how to do it. Responsibilities are all so tiresome. And sooner or later, my luck will run out and this will bite me in the ass. I'm trapped in a hell

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if something can be done in 10 or 5 minutes then do it in that time, like if you see a lot of dishes in your room then just bring them downstairs.

another way generally to get around this is to commit yourself to a time. rather than "i will do my laundry tomorrow" which is both vague and procrastinating, set a goal of "i will pick up my clothes from the ground and put them in the hamper for the next 10 minutes". There's a couple of good things about this. You have a specific task that can easily be accomplished within the time frame, and a clear bar for success. You don't have to wash all your laundry to feel like you've done the task, you don't even need to pick up all the clothes. You're not making an unrealistic goal, you're making an easy to accomplish goal to get yourself moving. The purpose of this is to practice your executive function skills and to create the motivation that will make you want to continue doing this. Motivation follows action. You can do this for hobbies too if you experience depression "it's thursday so I will play video games for at least 5 minutes" is a low risk barrier to getting you to take action to experience the joy of something so you will continue to do it later.
The pomodoro technique can help a lot with this as well, and make sure that you're setting realistic standards. If you're going to school for 8 hours a day and then berating yourself for not going home and doing laundry that's not an issue with getting things done it's an issue with your perspective on work. You're not recognizing the work you're doing in that situation and that you're a human being who needs downtime. Building in rest breaks and pleasurable activities into your schedule makes you more productive for the hard work you need to do otherwise.

The easily achievable goals thing also eventually can build into "i will work on (defined task like laundry) for 10 minutes". I often did this with studying, it's a lot easier to commit to studying for an hour than it is to commit to "I will read chapters 2-5 today"
Are you procrastinating on things that you WANT to do or things that you HAVE to do?
If it's the former, it means that your "plans" are just fleeting desires that don't hold enough meaning to push you into doing something, in which case this video and the next ones in this series might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9AG7LsuVyU&list=PLYxtGyYUCbEFAu_Z4x7sakd3CvbJHE6Kx&index=8
If it's the latter, >>22263271 is most likely correct
procrastination is good
Not if you're experiencing guilt and anxiety because of it.

File: images.png (18 KB, 549x558)
18 KB
Have you ever ditched you partner because you lost attraction for them? How to proceed if you don't feel attraction to your partner anymore?
Just ghost her lmao
I have ditched a lot of them, due to emotional numbness. There was just nothing for the both of us
What if you live together
move without telling her while she's at work then ghost her LOL

File: IMG_20170307_145624.jpg (273 KB, 1080x950)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Help get rid of a blackmailer with sensitive information
Stop giving a shit. People sent dick pics and get elected to senate or wear women's underwear and get anchored on a big television network. Own it!
Realy need to get rid of every ! If it gets out I can't leave the country
Need help my bright minds.... Before I get destroyed....
Not enough information. If it is that big a deal, you should have resources at your disposal. Have you talked to management?
As long as you haven't diddled any kids, what kind of info can they have that would be worth caring about if it got leaked?

File: girl-losing-weight.jpg (21 KB, 800x450)
21 KB
I might come off as a jerk or something, I really don't want to, but I do find my girlfriend overweight...

How do tell her that she should lose some weight, without hurting her feelings?

She doesn't like (never liked) working out, or any kind of exercise for that matter..

Thanks in advance
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I am working out. but it doesn't really motivate or interest her.

can't really say we are eating junk food. our eating habits are quite normal.

Haven't tried this, will try, maybe this'll work.

I do and I try. I'm skinny with a bit of a stomach. I'm skinnyfat I guess
>how can I tell my girl shes making bad life decisions without her being a cunt about it
I swear to god man if women didnt have vaginas nobody would have anything to do with them. obviously your girl likes sugar and starch more than your sexual advances op, my main motivation for working out is to look good for my girl, I'd hate for her to feel anything but pride when we're together, same as I do. why settle for someone who doesnt give a fuck what you think about them? dont shame her or anything, but sexual attraction is important in relationships
Just be honest with her. If she can't handle your honesty then you may as well end the relationship.
How to tell gf to gain weight?
Marathon the Brosnan Bond movies

File: 1589204849090.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>thought about starting a YouTube channel every day for well over a year now
>was about to start filming the channel intro video
>pussied out
How can I convince myself to dive in?
>inb4 you don't actually want to do it
I'm barely doing anything at all with my life outside of my job, I feel like I have to do something

How do I work my way out of poverty?
Become a narco Juan
Here's a few things
Develop job skills
Keep your life costs low
Put a bit of extra time in your career
Negotiate regularly for pay increases
Live like a minimalist and save ferociously (I mean literally only by bare nessecisits no alcohol or drugs or anything of that nature) Of course saving obviously only gets you so far. Try to maximize your income potential by learn skills or a trade or anything to get you a bigger pay check.
Are you American?

File: 1587932554356.jpg (285 KB, 750x917)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
How do I stop caring about the fact that my friends don't love me or appreciate me? I have a lot of "friends" and they do care about me, just not in the way that I want. I really cant take it anymore anons. I'm a very emotional person, and rejections of any kind really affect me, probably due to the emotional dysregulation that I get because of my ADHD.
ADHD is a crutch, I know this because I was diagnosed and on pills for awhile. CBT, mindfulness meditation, and regular exercise will do much more to help than some meth pills.

Our society is sick, but instead of fixing the causes they want to label everyone in it as 'sick' for not being compliant bugmen. There's no such thing as ADHD, just like there's no such thing as Bipolar or Schizophrenia. These are just labels given by a society that knows nothing about mental health and further more is neurotic itself, and so it's 'diagnoses' are just another manifestation of it's neurotic and obsessive desire with productivity ("no bother looking into why you're depressed, just take these pills so you stay productive!").

Start regulating yourself and watch your own emotions. Given time and effort you will get better at regulating yourself. The brain is a lot more plastic (able to change) than the Eternal Psychiatrists want to admit. They want to keep you contained in a little box, so that you remain a good, productive little consumer.
honestly, I agree with much of what you say, but the pills DO help ngl

File: EWDwovmXsAABVVx.jpg (1.34 MB, 3840x2400)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
give me your best get rich tips my goal is to be a millionaire in 5 years. thx.
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I think you misinterpreted it, that's not the salary progression. That's my potential savings assuming 90-100% savings rate at each year. So by 31 I could have 450k in the bank.

I'm assuming I'll get like 3k raise every year or 2 which is pretty insignificant.
>As I said before, I'd say you just need to get a regular J-O-B at this point to backfill your losses.
I've never had a job before and I have no degree or qualifications for a regular job. I've started flipping Macbooks on Craigslist and I'm making about $10,000/month in profit from doing that but it's a grind. It's also really risky now with this Coronavirus thing. Doing the numbers I'd only make about $2,500/month if I sold them on eBay (lower profit margins and shipping are a killer).

Desperation is starting to creep in because I don't have enough to retire and the world is just getting shittier and shittier with each passing year.

The other option is I can become a NEET. I can't make enough to actually make it into the 1% club and I'm so tired trying. Unless you're born into money you really can't make it legitimately.
Well, just do what you can. But honestly, you'd probably do ok in sales. That's what I'd recommend, a J-O-B
Where do you find these boomers to sell to? Just go into traditional businesses and ask to speak with them?
>Where do you find these boomers to sell to?
It's not difficult. Most business owners are boomers. Build a website about website design, market the website on Google, Facebook (making sure to target ages 40+), Craigslist, etc. You can also advertise on boomer favorites like the Yellow Pages or you can even send out physical flyers.

Getting boomers is easy. It's the Millennials and Gen Z that are impossible to sell to. Not only do they have no money, they don't care about stuff. A younger person would just go on Wix and throw up a free website in 20 minutes. Who cares if it looks like shit? It's cheap. $5,000 to a boomer is like $100. $5,000 to a Millennial is like 3-5 months of income.

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