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File: images.jpg (11 KB, 284x177)
11 KB
all women are the same they only see men as tools and they only want rich people I have experienced this they only see what I have like wealth and so on
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File: smouldering anger.jpg (7 KB, 250x218)
7 KB
I hate that I think like this so much. I see dating accounts all the time that say "love to travel", "must want to travel", "willing to drop everything for spontaneous travel/concert", or have pictures of them posing on boats or at concerts and I just see "I want to use you for money". I don't know who to be more disgusted with - these women for thinking they will be getting free/reduced rate rides forever, or myself for thinking like this.
Your suspicion is probably right 9 times out of 10, most girls huge on travel don't have very many if any responsibilities of their own, and it's well known that you can be a young 7+/10 and basically fuck your way all over Europe at no cost.
Yes and?
You are just now realizing this?
You were close to getting it with "all women are the same" but instead of putting a period on it you went with this dorky nerd rant. So close. >>30253046

File: IMG_9887.png (317 KB, 600x600)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
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if you're gonna kill yourself why not live before? climb mt Everest, quit your job, go train hopping like a hobo.

oh, you don't want to? too much to lose?

well then...
not OP but who the fuck wants to do any of those things? they sound gay and retarded and i'd rather just die
Do a flip
riding trains pretending to be a hobo is fun tho…try it some time sourpuss
rifle or shotgun in the mouth pointed at brainstem. you wont even hear the gunshot

File: 1684165388368.jpg (48 KB, 512x512)
48 KB
How do you feign interest in someone without them knowing that you're feigning interest?

How do you sound sincere when making statements or questions?
Are you autistic? Genuine question
Restate what they've just said using different words.
Yes I am.
This doesn't work. I do this as a habit. It's not the words I'm using because I mimic charismatic people (poorly) and while there's improvement I'm still very much in the: "Awkward non-threatening asshole" category with most people I know, I've also mitigated talking about myself.

File: IMG_5305.jpg (982 KB, 1863x2723)
982 KB
982 KB JPG
I am very feminine for a male, I have xxy chromosomes, and have been taking HRT since 15, currently 19, I have a very weird voice, most people describe it as sounding like a 14 yearold boys voice, I am pretty autistic and socially isolated, the slightest thing destroys my confidence, I don't currently have a job but I am looking for one, and do not go to college. I think a lot of my issues dealing with my self stem from my parents being abusive or absent, my step dad never really talked to me and the only interactions we had were when he beat me, and my mother was always very aggressive and abusive emotionally, she made me work at a fast food resturant with her since 15 and discouraged me from seeking better employment or going to college, and only paid me 8.50 while paying people younger than me and worked less than me higher wages, she abandoned me in the house my grandparents bought for our family to live in and stopped paying bills, all of my brothers moved out by then, to my grandparents or out of state, I lived on around 200 calories (potato, pickles, and frozen things my family left when they moved) a day for 3 months until my grandparents realized what happened and moved me in. I am eating fine now and working out regularly, I know I am a failure and I will probably end it sooner or later, mostly because it's just so hard dealing with societal pressures and the constant grip of hatred.
It feels like every second I step outside people giggle or smirk at my appearance or voice, I have a slight lisp but I feel like my body and face aren't that comical, I just look like a "queer" person, androgynous maybe, when I worked some people got angry or rude when I talked. I don't really know if I can cope with this, I don't really enjoy society at all, I would prefer to end it but I'd feel really bad for my grandmother and cats, I don't want to do that to them while they're still alive, any suggestions?
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I really don't know what you're so upset about, I don't have a loser mentality just because I don't like the current state of how I'm forced to socialize
where can we see your nudes? Can't lie I'm curious
I don't post them, and I've deleted all my social media and content
damn I was too late to witness an angel oh well, probs for the best you dont spread that sorta stuff online anymore

File: 1621688582458.jpg (220 KB, 1404x920)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I've been talking to people online recently and I've noticed that I'm not into anything? I don't really listen to music, I don't watch anime/tv/movies or read books/manga/comics. I don't really play video games, I don't really go out clubbing or partying, I have lukewarm political stances. I just work, come home to do school work, then watch brainrot content on youtube in my free time. Basically, I have no identity. I'm boring as shit, I have nothing to label myself with, nothing to absorbed by a greater community by. Is this like a depression thing? How do I start getting into things?
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labels are for zoomers, don't worry much about that. an autistic interest will come to you, the best way to find it is to just try new things.

i was obsessed with maps in middle school, now i'm a 35 yo corporate retard that collects old maps and draws on them. also do some antique hussling too. whatever you think you'll even remotely enjoy, go out and try it. you're at the point in your life now where you can afford it
if you truly can't find anything start with your local community. you like helping people right? making people feel good? maybe volunteer or talk to the people around you more, snoop around with the cuckery that is local legislation and politics. maybe you'll be the mayor of your town :O)
This is actually really good, your a blank slate which has a high potential for growth. What do you watch on the Tube? Might help find what you like.

>Antiques hustling
My MAN, what's your specialty? I love early 1900's non-electric musical mechanical devices like phonographs and accordions.

Agreed, find a club and try things out.
File: 2c0.png (68 KB, 380x349)
68 KB
i used to be like this when i was younger. the thing that changed for me was just doing random shit. like I bought a guitar on a whim and now i'm into music. i randomly found a show and I fell in a tv rabbit hole. then I started getting a real basic understanding and found my own "foundation". point is just try a bunch of shit and if you don't like it leave it
haha that's sick. i restore old radios, clocks, and other electronics from the early-mid 20th century. i also refurbish mcm furniture with my cousin.

File: OIG_(2).jpg (253 KB, 1024x1024)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
>26 years old in a trade career
>50k per year
How do I stop being a loser?
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Running your own business and paying other people to do the shit you used to do is the main way you make serious money unless you have a highly specific and highly gatekept skill. Otherwise you make about as much a public teacher.
I'm a private owner for a printing company. I set up tradees looking to take it to the next level everyday.

The only other way I see them "make it" is like >>30252771 said, have an extremely niche talent and dominate at it. I knew a trade guy that specialized in elevator design, every year he'd get called out to 12 or so different high class jobs due to his design knowledge (another case of being advisory).

In that case it's what and who you know. Specialize, dominate then advertise (which also requires social/ networking skills). If your stuck subcontracting because your lack of commercial skills then I don't really know what to tell you other than do better. Start negotiating and learn the trade. Learn how to pressure a client and maximize their need then learn how to outbid. Start high to where you can "slash" your rates to beat the other guy. Learn when to quit as well. It's all one big social game.
4chan IS a social media website.
It just doesn't have profiles.
anon unless you're willing to network/seriously hone in your soft/hard skills expect this pay for the rest of your life along with crippling health problems and a low drive to do anything. trust me man get out of the trades while you still can. my dad is a carpenter and he warned me early on, he regrets not going to college everyday. i went to college bullshitted my way through a degree and i'm making 75k with cadillac health insurance little to no debt and i'm 27.
You forgot to say if its 50k before or after taxes. People need to understand how much of their hard earned money gets stolen for companies to get tax write offs.

I am Genuinely ashamed of my sexual history

I only have 1 body but that was with an escort, I never had a girlfriend or anyone to do it with growing up. I heard a lot of times with girls that virgins or people with 1 body are a turnoff because “lack of experience” and it has affected my outlook with girls

Is there a way to not let this affect you? Am I overthinking it ?
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You should be ashamed of being a degenerate John, not of being ‘inexperienced’
>Am I overthinking it
Yes. It doesn't matter that much. Know one needs to know how many people you have or haven't fugged
Don't define yourself by your mistakes. The more time you put between you and your poor decisions the easier this gets, so long as you don't repeat them.
As someone in his mid 30s, it only gets worse with age. I think about roping regularly due to virginity. The only solution for you might be to think deeply about why it is affecting you. You aren't a virgin, you fucked a hooker, but you're still ashamed. That makes me think it wasn't even that sex was so good and you hate that you've only had it once with a hooker, but rather you've internalized a social stigma. If so, why do you hold that stigma? Do you have friends who pressure or shame you over it? Who irl would ever figure out?
Are you something like a pornstar, or just a girl who made and shared her own?
Cause if it's the former I genuinely want to ask a few questions about the lifestyle, that I've always been curious about
>Are you something like a pornstar
Yeah, in the past, but like a Casanova style one for a good part of it and also help produce doujin abroad. But I rather not comment much on the industry right now.

File: 1677000558216805.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
I'm a shit person with a shit life and everyone blames me and it's fucking pissing me off. I gotta find a way to be above their criticism once and for all. I think they're insufferable cunts though like they can do no wrong. It's not looking good for me and I'm up against way too much for me to come out on top. So this is my last cry for help, wtf do I do? Just tell them to fuck off if they criticize me? They're not just criticizing me they're also walking all over me.
Well if they're walking all over you, the best response would be to tell them "no" and "fuck off". Worst thing that could happen is they kick you out, so you are free to find another environment not so toxic.
Invest in BTC and laugh at them in 10 years, the probability of this happening is quite high

focus long term for lasting victory
Who blames you?
My sister :(
If it's your sister, I wouldn't worry that much because, she's your sister. I can't really say much because you didn't provide one example how you were criticized but if it's that bad, you should get out of the house often, focus on yourself. I think you're proving your sister right by giving her a reaction.

If it's a type of situation where your parents chooses over your sister, then I feel bad for you feeling like you're excluded and that you're not appreciated.

I pray that life will be good for you and that someday your relationship with your sister gets better. God Bless

File: IMG_0586.jpg (305 KB, 1024x1367)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I’m 26 KHHV by some miracle I might get a gf soon. How do I show love and affection? I’ll have no idea what I’m doing the whole time and she’ll want to leave …
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Put yourself in her shoes and try to keep things enjoyable and fun for her. Don’t use your strength to force her to kiss you. Don’t have a meltdown if she doesn’t want to touch your penis.

Read up about the 5 Love Languages, those are the primary ways people show love to each other. Most people have preferences for how they want to express love and receive love, so try them all and see what gets the best reaction
>Don’t have a meltdown if she doesn’t want to touch your penis.
not op but how do you fix your insecurity?
This is literally the only acceptable reason to have a meltdown.

How realistic is it to fuck 5000 girls in your 30s?
3650 days and you have to fuck at least 2 girls on most days
I really wonder how many people I've had sex with thanks to 4chan's shenanigans
You would literally not have any time to do anything if you need to have sex with two different women everyday.

Even if you were white in SEA, you'd have to be scheduling women to come to you all the time and most of them will flake. You would have to live to fuck 5000 in 10 years.

This is significantly easier if you have tons of money to waste and you can just uber them to your place and sprinkle a few gifts and have an assistant to do the scheduling for you.
Extremely unrealistic. Best shot of making it happen is probably traveling the third world, like hit up every African village, fuck the first few girls that offer themselves no matter how ugly or AIDS infested, then move to the next.
Bruh you'd have to be like Genghis Khan or someshit

File: тони-пик.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB

How is my accent? Is it obvious where I'm from based on the way that I sound?

File: tired.jpg (17 KB, 474x248)
17 KB
From seeing photos of myself I realised that for the past few years I have been looking very tired. Like deep sunken eyes, looking like I've aged a decade.
I'm 30. Used to drink pretty heavily and suspect that's had something to do with it, but stopped 2-3 years ago. My sleep isn't great. I get more than enough but I wake up a lot through the morning and don't feel well rested when I get up, even though I'm usually in bed at least 9 hours.

I think it makes me look miserable.
I don't know what I could do to make myself look like I've got a bit more vigour.
Somehow get better sleep? Less stress/anxiety? dermal fillers? I dunno. It's hard when I don't even know what's causing it.
Keep a consistent sleep schedule and drink more water. Ask this question again if nothing changes after 3 weeks.

I don't have any motivation to do things, meet girls etc. How would I go about increasing my testosterone to healthy levels?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go to a doctor first, get checked. Otherwise, eat good food, rest, drink water, digital detox and lift heavy.
>get lots of sunlight
>make sure you’re getting Vitamins A, D, C, magnesium, and zinc through a nutritious diet (don’t rely on supplements, your body barely absorbs them)
>eat lots of healthy fats and protein
>lift weights
>engage in a competitive sport (competition boosts testosterone)

There are plenty of other small things you can do but those are easily the most important, especially diet. You will never increase your test with a shit diet
Also, buy a dynamometer. Your grip strength is directly correlated with your testosterone level. It even fluctuates throughout the day so you can track it in real time. Most people don’t know this and spend hundreds on blood tests. Testing your grip strength gives you a ballpark range of your test levels and it’s only $30

<100 lbs = low test
100-130 lbs = average
130+ = great
This, especially the faggot part
Do more stuff and interact with more attractive girls.
Act first, motivation follows.
Do you do this? What you just said?

File: fickle_woman-synonyms-2.png (53 KB, 1200x628)
53 KB
I have a hard time accepting when things fizzle out with a girl. Whether they got the ick or changed their mind or found someone else or got distracted for a while or whatever. It is so, so hard for me to accept that I was clearly like 98% done sealing the deal only to fall short.

They're so brutal about it, too. I've learned that when women back out on a dude they were initially into, they back out HARD. I'm better off approaching a complete stranger than trying to hit up someone I had a few dates with and maybe sexted/hooked up once but never ended up dating. It's like to them you're a life mistake who's been given human form.

Is there ANYTHING that can circumvent this?
shit just happens, man. such is life. good memories were had.
>It's like to them you're a life mistake who's been given human form.
Well if you don't want to be a mistake, maybe don't put out on the first date? If you're escalating to sex right away within a week of knowing each other (or less) that's a quick way for a woman to wake up in the morning feeling like she "made a mistake."

Try a more traditional form of courtship: actually get to know the person, and slowly escalate tensions over the course of like a month or so. That doesn't mean being sexless, it means relying more of flirtation, teasing, and extensive foreplay. As well as your actual personality. There is a LOT you can do before full on sex.

This way, you also signal to her "I'm interested in YOU, not just your body." If she's used to making quick "mistakes" or being chased after, this more slow-burn approach will come off as mysterious and enticing. And if you're not totally sexless about it, it will leave her always wanting more.

Make out on a date, but deny her (with a smile) if she tries to go any further. "Not yet." She'll end dates thinking about you MORE instead of trying to forget about you. Your restraint will also be a turn on.
Basically, you're kind of edging and mentally domming her for like a few weeks until she can't stand it. You'll know you're doing it right when she's distracted at work and thinking about you and texting you.

Then, when you finally have sex, it'll be this huge tension release. You fuck her 10 different ways. Make a whole day out of it - seriously. Not just some sloppy 10 minute pump and dump after dinner like she's used to. Make a whole day out of it, schedule it, and tell her you're ready.
On the day, spend time building up to the climax too. Cover every inch of her body with your tongue before you ever stick your dick in her.
And when you've both cum, it's not over. You keep kissing and cuddling and build that oxytocin until you're hard again. Both of you should cum like 6 times minimum before the night ends.
TL;DR women unirionically want like a 50 Shades of Grey dude, but who's actually genuine and not abusive, and also loves puppies and kids and shit.

For women, romance and sex is almost entirely in their heads. It's experienced in a much more psychological way than for most men.
What "deal" you fucking milestoner, there is no deal.
Either the girl does what you want or she doesn't. If she doesn't do what you want, you lose 0 when she fucks off.
And for the ones that do what you want, they're unreliable. So grab it while it's on the table and don't expect anything tomorrow.

Is there anything that can circumvent it? Yeah. Go for new girls. Show them what you want, lead them into readying it, grab what's available, and disregard 'em if they don't do what you want.
I could never live this way, but if it works for you, cool.

File: 121412423112.jpg (19 KB, 308x417)
19 KB
Growing up i had... touched as a kid but it wasn't by other adults, it was by other kids
twice this happened and like a Deer in Headlights i didn't know what to do

one was at school and this kid pushed by into the bathroom stall and started to rub my balls
the other time was a family friend who pinned me down naked and ejaculated
both of them were boys, not girls

i never told anyone except for 1 online friend and i never told any therapist or parents or anyone because of fear. i buried these thoughts for a long time but they started to resurface and i don't know what to do. i have no one to talk these thoughts out with. any advice?
keep a journal and write about your thoughts.
Definitely talk to a therapist or someone you trust. The thoughts will probably keep coming back and feel upsetting to you.

Just find a safe space to rehash your feelings and help you gain a new, adult perspective on what happened.

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