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File: 1596344773971.jpg (5 KB, 210x240)
5 KB
First time poster here. I will keep my point brief. A thing I have noticed is that when I read or watch books, anime, manga or anything containing a romantic situation(like someone confessing, or other situations) I automatically start to berate myself, like I am pathetic or incapable of anything, and in some situations, I even imagine that something kills me. I am a normal person otherwise, a college student and 18 years old.
For example, yesterday I was reading a manga called Good Ending and in one scene the MC confesses to the main girl. At the instant I saw that scene, I felt somewhat anguished and unnecessarily got angry and started saying depressing things to myself.
If I come off as pathetic, so be it. But can please someone tell me what is this situation?
it's just jealousy, pretty normal, don't worry OP you're not missing out on what you think you're missing out on, you never are, jealousy is always a lie
This, also be sure to stop isolating yourself and becoming obsessed with fantasy. Don't want to go Elliot Rodger on anyone.

Thanks for the replies anons. Can you guys suggest how can I control this feeling of jealousy? How can I just enjoy these fantasy stories and not go crazy like this? Should I just abandon watching or reading these? I am willing to do anything. I have had enough.

I'm starting to realize that my sex drive isn't as high as I thought it was.

My gf wants to have sex at least once a day. Before I thought this would be an ideal situation, but it turns out I'm not in the mood nearly as much as I had originally thought I would be. I kinda feel like I sold her a bill of goods. When we first started dating I told her that I had a high sex drive too. Well, it turns out hers is much higher.

What should I do? Tell her that I deceived her? There's nights where we get into bed and she gets frustrated because she wants dick, and I just want to pass out

>inb4 bro you're so lucky you're just taking it for granted

I thought I was lucky too. Until I realized how wrong I was.
No just tell her, if it comes up, that you thought you had a higher sex drive, laugh about it, move on. If she has some weird reaction to that, run because you're dating a child.
Fucking once a day is not even a high sex drive... are you ok? Check your testosterone levels

I just got married a week ago. We have been together for 4 years. She’s really outgoing and pretty though I’ve never suspected her of cheating until our wedding day

We had a somewhat small reception but the thing is her ex boyfriend showed up. I didn’t know he was invited but she was really suprised to see him. They talked a lot and I could tell they were having a really positive interaction. But she was giving him that “look” like she was still attracted to him and all

Later in the night he comes up to me while I’m talking to my wife and asks if the two of them can have a dance together. I reluctantly just said sure not wanting to cause any problems. She agreed and they slow danced together, and he had his hands on her hips and she’s resting her head on his chest and shit. I was pissed and extremely uncomfortable. Some of my family asked me what was going on and I just said I didn’t know

I don’t know how to bring this up to her. But I’m really pissed and uncomfortable with it cause it was our fucking wedding day and shes all sweet and slow with her ex while I’m right the fuck there.

What do I do? Am I over reacting?
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You didnt pass the shit test

Jump in her window at 3 am with a bow and arrow naked and do your best high pitched scream no acceptions

If you bring this up, you’re sunk bud.
These are the shit tests you’ll now be living with, if you get flustered, clingy, or jealous, you’re done.

Withdraw into your phone for a bit, play it cool, when she asks you what’s wrong say nothing, or go for the big dab and say you’re struggling to accept that you’re a married man now.
God speed.
>I mean how would I have sounded if I was like no dude you can’t dance with my wife?
Not a cuck, not crazy, sane, normal, appropraite, prudent.
i think OP perceives it this way in hindsight because of what his (now) wife did. she's still fucked up though.
You shouldn't have let them dance together, you spineless retard.

File: 501879193.jpg (56 KB, 644x482)
56 KB
Any expert about menstruation?

So, i had sex with my long term gf like 2+ weeks ago, now she's on her period. I used protection but before the condom i penetrated her i couple of times, i was kind of wet from her handjob, but apparently her period is minimal, like a couple of drops (she started on monday) and hers last for a week, so there could be time. She also describes it as brownish

Now she's younger than me and she's in med school, she's telling me it could be sign of pregnancy, i doubt it because i cum inside the rubber, a lot and normally, but i got the scares now. Trying to look stronger for both of us because i'm not a fag and women need that kind of thing, but it got me thinking.

What could be the cause?

1) Despite knowing i shouldn't have penetrated her without a condom and never in my life having a real scare with anyone, i know this might happen again in the heat of the moment. I fucking hate condoms with passion. She used to take pills but not since COVID started (5 months ago)
2) She's younger than me and still in school, and i don't have proper economic means to sustain myself, specially after this pandemic. I have my dad with money but he has a lot of expenses
3) She's pro choice, and i'm pro life, i will be there for her but i know it will be my doom as much as hers, i would still never abort my child. But if she does i can't be with her anymore, so if we are pregnant i know that if she has it she will resent me and if she chooses to abort it i will resent her, it's a lose-lose-

Considering this. Assuming is just a stupid scare. Should i stop having sex altogether, break up with her, become chaste until i get proper economic means?
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It's too early to get a definite answer. The best thing you can do is just wait another week or two to see if she gets her normal period or otherwise take a pregnancy test.

Things to know:
- Brown spotting before a period is normal; it's typically just old blood that didn't shed in the previous cycle.

- Because she recently stopped using birth control, her periods may be irregular for a while. It may start later than expected.

Based on what you described, it seems unlikely that she could have gotten pregnant, but you can only wait and see. I recommend chastity.
It's not yours.
Can't you fucking stop being liberal wastes or shit, the wording is shit because english is not my main language. Your materialist ideology is not the truth, and your replies have nothing to do with the question or are extremely biased on your shitty postmodern ideology, "pro life" is not a belief more than thinking jews or any other minority are human deserving of rights. I don't have a job because i literally just finished my degree, like in 4 days i will be done with it. Neoliberal trash. You shouldn't construct an "other" in order to justify destroy it, i rather talk with a libertarian explaining me how a foetus violates the NAP

>I recommend chastity.

It's what i was thinking, i'm not fit yet to become a provider, therefore a father, and my girlfriend is extremely weak and would consider killing herself if she was pregnant, which i think it's the main reason i should break up with her, maybe i should go back to the military after i finish my degree, i don't know. I know she loves me deeply and i love her, i'm mentally prepared, but i rather not have her damaged.

So yeah i guess that's kind of the point of this thread, probability and the right steps after this.
Yes, yes, and yes. If you can't handle pregnancy scares, don't have means to support a child, or can't handle a woman aborting something they don't potentially want, then you can't afford emotionally, financially, whatever, to be in a relationship right now. Especially in this currently fucked up world.
get ready to leave the country. oh wait, that's gonna be a little hard

File: 1594208928606.jpg (10 KB, 186x356)
10 KB
How do I stop crying over the fact that I will never experience romantic love?
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File: 1596629844528.jpg (29 KB, 492x388)
29 KB
Based bikerman.
To actually answer your question OP, as you develop other goals and interests and find things to be passionate about, it eventually stops bothering you. It probably hurts a lot now, but over the years you make peace with it and can live a good life.

I find your psychological and personality profile are just as irremediable as ugliness desu. I'm slightly above average if anything, but no girl wants to be with someone whose hobbies are obscure political shit
You know the Greeks were notorious boy loving faggots right? If you’re that interested in them, it’s probably saying something
Cut your eyes out. Duh.

File: 1596581286799.png (718 KB, 676x677)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Should I try to get a gf? I am feeling lonely sometimes but I am not sure I want a gf. Any tips how to know what you want?
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No, don't try to get a gf. Try to find a girl you like and want to fuck. Then spend time with that girl and fuck her. Repeat until you find a girl who wants to be your gf.

Trying to "get" a gf is bound to fail or at least you'll only attract someone very low quality. That isn't bad either because the pain will eventually teach you a valuable lesson. That is as long as you don't fall into the trap of hating women for not wanting to jump on your dick and perform emotional labor without nothing in return.
Get a fren.
do you even have friends ?
You shouldn’t just get into a relationship because you’re lonely, it should come naturally
>get into a relationship because you feel lonely
You'll become super clingy with her, get some frens you can hang out with so you stop being a lonely fag, want me to add you on discord and we can play vidya or chat for a while?

File: e65.png (648 KB, 825x707)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
How to let go the past?
I'm 18 now but i keep thinking about the cringy and embarassing things i have done on my life costantly.
This thing is ruining my life and i don't know what to do.
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You accept what you did. Not by saying it was good but just accepting that this happened and you don't need to do anything about it.
That's pretty normal anon. Childhood is embarrassing, it's where you make the most mistakes because you're still learning. If you ever become an alcoholic it'll happen again. Great fun.

Let's see, what awful things have I been tormented by lately. First time I went out clubbing I thought an urban black man was poor and bought him a bag of doritos, saying he looked like he needed help. I was honestly trying to be helpful and had lived a sheltered existence. But he was not happy.

I wrote a very bad poem to a girl who was secretly making out with one of my friends after school. Many years later he fucked a girl I was interested in at a park. Love that guy, he gave me some of the most important advice I ever got in my life. Hope he's doin good today. Neither of those girls would have been interested in me whether or not he was there.

I was messed up on drugs and asked to suck my friends dick, showing my bisexuality that I pretend not to have because I'm much more attracted to women and it generally fucks things up. That was a big betrayal because I know how it made him feel. I apologized for it later. I still feel awful about it. Now I don't do those drugs.

But you see a pattern... everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. Feeling guilt and fixing the problem is good. Obsessing about shame creates many problems.
Real talk right here.
Art is for faggots
Eh, you slowly forget and care less about the cringe.

I play both guitar & piano at a bragging normie level, but I don't know which one to showcase on my dating profiles (I don't want to do both since that seems pretentious to me)... which of these two classic instruments gets girls hotter?
is this even a question
guitar in pic, mention both in bio
No no no bro this pic might score you points with their dads but you’re looking to get laid not look at ac/dc records in a garage with a bar in it. You want to get into pants not into their dads “man cave”
>girls with functional cool dads
>hookup culture
haha where the FUCK do you live

I love my kids but my wife is driving me crazy. I am so much happier when she is not around.

She’s fat, lazy and just trashes the home we live in. Also she’s always asleep due to a diet of prescriptions to control her anxiety / depression.

She doesn’t help around the house and is terrible with the kids to the point that I have to take them from her. Dealing with her shit every day is a complete chore.

I’m thinking of getting a divorce but I don’t want to destroy my relationship with my kids.

I also love my home and don’t want to lose that either.

My family loves her socially but she is a complete PITA otherwise.

What should I do?
Sounds weird. Why would you marry a woman you don't seem to like? I know some woman fall apart after marriage but can't you detect that sort of thing
Skip to 3:49 and read The Rational Male

Last >>22601756
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Boys and girls
Would money solve all your problems?
No, but it'd be a start.
no, but it'd solve a good 60% of them
What would be the minimum age of a partner as a 23 year old girl?
To provide some more info: I'm 18 and look even younger, but she told me that I am very mature for my age and that she thinks I am just as mature as people her age. She would be the perfect partner for me character wise but I am afraid of destroying a friendship if I start flirting when she might think very different.
I think she is still a virgin but really attractive if that matters
Not that bad as an age gap. But you are definitely not more mature for your age, no one is. And risking a friendship for a relationship is usually a bad idea.

File: 1535002824155.jpg (67 KB, 680x675)
67 KB
Would it be crazy for me to drop out of my university course (which I'm finding quite dull), buy a car, and just travel around trying to have 'adventures'? I feel like an impostor when I tell myself that I'm confident and brave, when the reality is that those are mindsets which are cultivated out of necessity, not choice. Travelling would be a great way to not only give my system a shock and get out of the monotony of day-to-day life, it would also hopefully result in some circumstances where I can make myself a better person, and have some stories to tell. I'm a strong believer in the idea that we ARE our experiences and our habits, and I feel like I'm drawn to situations or experiences which would enrich my soul and make me feel like a more interesting person. Is there an inescapable egoism in that, or is everyone deep down hoping to be 'interesting'? Making dramatic choices like dropping everything and leaving is also a marked characteristic of my personal neurosis, so maybe I'm just panicking and feeling stuck due to the virus and other things. Anyone have any thoughts?
>would it be crazy to stop doing things I’m supposed to do and do things I want

Get the fuckin straight jacket lads
Thanks anon very precise
I'm not taking the piss btw
as long as you can come back and finish your career later, sure go ahead, just be careful the actual world can be scary.

File: 0043-043.jpg (1.13 MB, 2133x1600)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>Literally blacked out for 4 hours of my life yesterday
>Apparently talked to sister who hung out at my house
>Niece was was here too
>No memory of anything
Is there something wrong with me?
So you got BLACKED in front of your niece and sister?? We’re they into it???
Dont remember bro

File: 1596620061573.png (411 KB, 702x526)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
My social anxiety is so terrible I can't talk or act properly around people, I tried many times but I always fucked up.
So now I have no friends, no gf either
I basically gave up at this point, but I can't stop thinking about not having someone to talk to every single day.

>find a hobby, do stuff you enjoy
I can't focus or enjoy anything anymore. Whenever I try doing something I start getting anxious and nervous, thinking about how I'm a lonely piece of shit.
Like when I do something as simple as watching a movie or some anime, I just start automatically thinking about cringy and awful interactions I had, it makes me feel so irritated and nervous, my head starts hurting, and I cant enjoy or focus on whatever the fuck I'm doing.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry, but you can't. That's not true happiness; only accepting a situation. Trus happiness comes from interacting with others.
I mean why? I just wanna spend a moment with myself without feeling like shit
Humans are social animals. Your brain will punish you for isolating yourself for extended periods. Doesn't matter how much NoFap you do or how many meme advice books you read or whatever.
idk nigger, do you play vidya or something? i can add you on discord and we can chat or play something if you want
I make posts like this sometimes. Nobody here knows. The only thing I understand for real is that you can't give up. Giving up and wanting to kill yourself, running away, it will ensure you never figure it out or find any happiness.

File: pexels-photo-1545565.jpg (91 KB, 867x1300)
91 KB
So the neighbor girl has a thing for me. Only problem is that she's 17, and I'm 24. How can I keep her interested until she's 18?

I'm sure I sound creepy as fuck, but I've had a few good conversations with her at neighborhood parties and the like over the past ~year, and we really get along well. Besides the age gap, she's really my type, and I've really enjoyed talking to her. Whenever I'm working on something in the driveway, and she comes out to get the mail, she often stops by to see what I'm doing, and talk about something.

I'm also basically friends with her dad. I've gone to a couple car shows with him, and we've helped eachother wrench on our cars, etc. Recently, he mentioned that his daughter is asking about me all the time, and that he sees us being together in the future. That kind of caught me off guard, but it's what made me think I really have a chance.

So, what do I do? Don't want to be too aggressive, because she's a minor.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why not fuck her now?
Where do you live? Age of consent could be 16 or 17, so who cares?
Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's socially acceptable. For some reason it goes from "ew gross, what are you, a pedo" to "you're kind of a scumbag, but niceeee" when she turns 18.
>Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's socially acceptable
Yes it does. If she’s of legal age and she consents, then there is no issue. There’s no use worrying about what moralfags think.
Don't worry too much especially if the dad approves. And aoc is for sex, you can still date her and my guess is the dad will love it if you actually date her because you like her and not for sex

File: 1593092843419.jpg (109 KB, 563x1003)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Moving to a new city for work
How can I make new frens that aren't coworkers?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I am not a musician but most bars here allow for amateurs to try out. Ask /mu/ for advice?
are you a normalfag or someone with social skills? If yes, anywhere social.
If not, you're fucked.
95% of DJing is listening to music and writing songs down. It’s not music production, it’s even more rested tier than drag and dropping premade loops. You can do it and if you look half normal you could even potentially get paying gigs doing it
*retard tier

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