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File: EnhKJ30W8AAXiuC.jpg (84 KB, 1125x841)
84 KB
So tomorrow I'm going back to shit job (idk why I have trouble finding another job but no one wants me).
I don't really get an afternoon and the weekend is spent moping (ik i need mindset change here) and I'm not sure how to cope with it.
Even considering how numb I got last time I worked this, I still hated my life.
The people that work there are shit.
The work is shit.
What's there to do? I meditated last time but I always use my weak directed attention as an excuse (and i'm not sure it helps anyway).
I've sort of given up on life by now, maybe that dullness will make it bearable this time?
Anon, what you have right now is someone's else dream, they'd literally kill for what you have to feed their families. I know it's hard working with these conditions and I know how bad it's to find a better job but you just got to be patient man, keep working and gaining experience and money and when you have enough, make a business career of your own and your own ideas and goals. You just have to be patient and thankful.
And keep looking for other jobs whenever you can.
Godspeed anon, you are better than this.
always looking for jobs
i dropped out of uni, i can understand people wishing for the opportunity for that... but trust me... not this.
It's ok anon
I know it's soul crushing but it's better to have money than not, even with everything you are dealing with you don't want to be without a job.
Take your time and relax, be patient and never give up. And keep looking for new jobs always, who knows when is your day? Keep spirit and keep your heads up.
i made and lost money, not through conventional working.
i made a little money for a loss of sanity.
i wonder when i can run this life on autopilot and forget about it all
That's life anon, you don't expect to have it all right, no one should expect to because they will drain themselves out.
Good gives and takes, we only can move forward and work with what we have and what we are capable with.

File: 3A) Detroit 8.jpg (534 KB, 1600x1200)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
I live in a semi-ghetto area of a city in the U.S. I can't afford to move just yet so I'm stuck here. Most of the people around me seem to be complete whackos, they really are. Any suggestions as to what to do? Is anyone else experiencing this?
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What kind of whackos?
I'm in stockton Ca

If you're walking around don't dress nice or carry money
Start lifting and learn how to fight- being I'm shape and being able to defend yourself will make it so you exude confidence and will fight less
Be nice, but don't talk to people
Carry some sort of weapon
Drive places instead of public transit
Get a dog
It's hard right now because of COVID, but meet people outside the ghetto and hang out away from the area
File: stockton.png (1.41 MB, 902x867)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Just looked up Stockton out of curiosity and what in the everloving fuck are those borders? This has to be the most disgustingly gerrymandered thing I've seen in a long time. It looks like fucking swiss cheese.
Look bitch, it will get easier, you have to be direct and professional (polite). If you fear than get lvl3 soft body armor and a gun or mace.

File: download (27).jpg (235 KB, 840x560)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
how do i deal with this ghetto bf? hes not black but like he doesnt really give a shit

>smokes then just throws butt on floor
>blatantly jwalks
>throws trash on floor rather than in bin

if hes getting shit thrown at him, the mature thing to do would be leave but he just starts shit and throws it back. like i remember a guy bumped into him and he just started shouting, nothing bad happened but u get what i mean
and he stares down people alot

please give advice on whether i should dump him because of these reasons
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forgot to add he likes to purchase firearms and smokes way too much weed .

a nig- ger basically
its scary seeing a guy walk through rush hour traffic with cars slamming the brakes and there horns
also forgot to add he's a 9/10 with a 9in dick and also beats me but it's worth staying with him so i won't leave, thanks for the advice
Based biggie
he is probably black

I just want to drive down a mountain road in the mid-west in a tacoma as the moon begins to creep over the endless sky full of stars illuminating the night sky eventually pulling up to a small clearing with a small house big enough for two. Falling into bed with my already asleep gf with reassurance that it’s real, that im real
You see power is in unity several people in same direction. If you self concern about own comfy pleasure (gay) then you have 0 value to humanity.

As a consequence of everyone's illusion that happiness is to find comfy spot of usury of everyone else. We all get enslaved by jew rat gang in a tax enclosures connected to the bank.

You can dream, but it will never happen. No one can lift one self up , but if we cooperate we can lift one human heart at the time. That is more realistic is not?

Creating a New World - Free from economic slavery

Rule of the People by Popular Peoples Congress
https://youtu.be/p_eyqjNgg1E https://archive.peoplescience.org.uk/education-in-general/The_Green_Book_-_by_Muammar_al-Qaddafi.pdf
Oh look it's the jew rat guy. Fuck off.
There are no mountains in the midwest.
i would squash you like a bug

File: wtf8xpqbcn411.jpg (188 KB, 900x1200)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Ive been thinking making podcast but nothing is scripted and we talk about and do random shit....(let me know if i should continue)
And instead of camera footage everything is animated 2d or 3d maybe

will contain a theme combination like the erick andre show, idubbbz or vsauce and other retarted shit idk , just a total chaos of random shit and hahas

How can i make this look better
thoughts ?

Down here is a list of stuff i think you guys honnna reply
>fuck off
>this sucks
>leave 4chan

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Podcast has no video component, dummy.
they do

some do
I interpret your post as "we're just going to talk about whatever without any plan".
I honestly cannot think of anything that would gain less traction in the podcast medium.
Generally, people listen to a podcast either because they're already familiar with the personalities and they want more or because they have a specific interest.

You are not even mildly famous so you cannot lean on people liking your personality (unless your podcast is extremely funny, which I doubt)
If you want people to listen and keep following you, you're gonna have to cater to a specific audience. And you don't do that by just talking about random shit.

Also just like the other anon said: a podcast has no visual component. That's the whole point.
There are podcasts which upload video to their own website or to YouTube, but the vast majority of your audience is going to consume your content using spotify, google podcast, itunes, etc. Aka: audio only.

You sound underage with a pipe dream.
So I'm not going to be too harsh: if you do this just to have fun, go ahead. But if your goal is to get 500+ listeners, don't get your hopes up and better invest your energy into something else.

File: Snapchat-1160698260.jpg (39 KB, 826x927)
39 KB
I fucked. My big assignment worth 40% of my grade was due last week but I thought it was due this week and didnt check. What should I write to my prof to get at least half credit? He seems nice.
covid excuse

works everytime
you probably don't even need an excuse. if you've been chill and if he's nice you can just be honest and say you forgot.
File: goodday.jpg (24 KB, 340x255)
24 KB
>I thought it was due this week and didnt check
Send him the completed assignment with a note confessing to getting the date wrong and hoping he'll look at it anyway "just to let you know if you were on the right track." Don't even mention getting credit, but eave it to him to decide whether he feel like giving you any.

File: plsno.jpg (39 KB, 661x372)
39 KB
Since most of you fuckers are virgins I'm not expecting many of you to relate, but is there anyone out there who has been in love more than once over the years (and it was returned by your exes) and arrive at a point of singleness where you feel like you've done it all in that area of life? I feel satisfied with the love I've had and if I didn't wake up tomorrow I don't feel like I'd be leaving anything on the table in that area of my life.

It's really weird but comforting. I feel pretty free. Problem is I may want kids, undecided atm but that's the **only** reason I'd look for something serious again.

I'm kinda paranoid and don't want to get buttfucked by the legal system if it doesn't work out with the wife/mother, I know some people make it work but got dayum some poor souls get fucking destroyed in court. I don't hate women but I believe people change, so you just never know.

I'm not rich or well-connected, but I'm an alright looking guy. I don't lack confidence but I don't think I'd ever be comfortable enough to truly believe that a woman really loves you for you, especially when the window is closing and the last people (approaching 35) left are looking for someone latch onto .

Dating younger isn't really my thing. so... kinda going back and forth. I'm chillin tho... I got time to decide.

Wat do?
Yes. This is why premarital sex is wrong
I thought I was done with love but then I had a dream that a friend I hurt came back to me as a girl and filled the void in my heart. Life is fucking gay dude.
> life is fucking gay dude
lol yeah it is. but it can be aight sometimes.
Every woman is different. Every one brings new adventures. Being in love is never the same.

File: chievs.png (8 KB, 340x341)
8 KB
I have flunked out of university two times now. I avoided doing my responsibilities and so almost every class I have taken is an F due to incompletion. The Spring of Semester of 2020 I returned on some probations so it was okay, but then I fucked everything up again, never submitted any papers. If I did decent on that semester I could have stayed but because I didn't finish any class I lost my status.

I want to go back and fix everything. I want to ask my professors again to take my work and get credit for at least Spring 2020 but I'm just so fucking avoidant. I can't bring myself to do it, I know I'm a tard and that no one should give me any more chances and that I have no place in University. But I have to try. It's all I have.

For reference I contacted all the professors over the summer and they said they would be willing except one. But then I never did anything. I freaked out again so I never did anything. I think it's out of fear that I do this, I don't know. Is it even possible at this point, would anyone even consider it? If you work at a University please let me know if you have any insights because I don't know how to even start with talking to my professors.

I'm not stupid I could've done it all if I tried. But I don't know, I couldn't bring myself to do it. And I still can't bring myself to do anything I should.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yea man
like we could be fixing our fucking shit and yet we are here on 4chan
4chan is the height of pointlessness
we do not maintain lasting relationships, only exchange pure ideas. nothing constructive and useful in our real lives.
still better than whatever else we are supposed to be doing, right? A bit later Im going to have a wank. then i might watch a movie. and by the time i feel like doing the thing, ill be tired.
thats life on adhd.
>ill do anything so long as im not supposed to do it
should be our fucking slogan
File: man.jpg (26 KB, 864x864)
26 KB
you described it exactly. I have been stuck with the same few tasks for months-- email professors, write essays, etc -- yet somehow I have managed to fill all those days with everything but those things.
I wouldn't say 4chan is the height of pointlessness tho. At least you can get some people being genuine here, since it's all anonymous. /lit/ is one of my favorite places on the internet. but aside from that yeah, mindlessly browsing the internet is probably the most time-occupying thing I run to when I'm avoiding something, 4chan or otherwise.

>I'll do anything so long as I'm not supposed to do it
one thing you can keep in mind is that youre running from the task in search of dopamine
you can try to sort of will more dopamine out of the task itself by rexamining it
try to remember something magical about it that attracted you in the first place. just appreciate the task more.
if youre successful, it will start feeling less like a task and more about your curiosity again.
with regards to things I must do, I have these strong feelings of shame that override everything else. emailing my professors after my sorry showing as a student. picking up the pen to write what I should've been done with months ago. maybe I have no right to feel shame but I feel it so strongly and it stops me in my tracks
You do not have a school problem. You have something deeper that drives you to sabotage yourself. It probably would do the same thing on a job or in a relationship. See a shrink to discover and fix that underlying problem before you waste any more time in school.

File: sddefault.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
Anyone agree
File: Devil.png (150 KB, 304x512)
150 KB
150 KB PNG

File: dxl2ui5v2r611.jpg (83 KB, 900x900)
83 KB
I was cleaning the shower in my bathroom with the window wide open. I used up the last bits of Scrubbing Bubbles which were really just a few little slushy squirts, and then got Tile-X to finish the job. I sprayed a bunch of Tile-X and then after about a minute, I remembered I need to be careful about mixing bathroom cleaners. I promptly washed it all down the drain thoroughly, turned on the bathroom fan and left.

I feel completely fine, no runny nose, no difficulty breathing, no burning eyes. I'm safe, right?
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Not my problem
You’re probably fine if you didn’t vomit or feel bad an hour after. Ventilation is a big part of it.
op, it's pretty simple. don't mix acids with bases. or bases with acids. when in doubt look up the active ingredients and their ph levels.
Eat a mango
If you can't taste it, you're screwed (and/or a character from a certain 90's sitcom)
You'd have to empty every can in an airtight room to be in any danger

So to get a girl wet, you tell me to act like I don’t care, ignoring her and disrespect her, assuming she seem interested in me.
And I know this might sound pathetic to ask but...can you give some very concrete examples? How much to ghost, what to say to her to disrespect without going overboard?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You respect her and keep your friendship or acquaintance with here sacred until it become wedlock and keep until you die, never broken courtesy, politeness and respect.

You see we try to fuck girl to check if she is a whore. If she fuck before marriage = her ability
to be faithful and moral reviled. If you both have period of courtship planing what to do for a living and where to live with out fucking (dating).

First you have motivation to plan faster and second you both witness fatefulness to sacredness of life and family. If you can not keep your lust in control few month it is not worth to plan with you whole life.

People who learn art of dating = fucking around , they continue this life style after, heat of honey month cools down. Truth is that all girls dream about moral straight men and rejecting 80% of sinners like you. Men, that considerate about own pleasure are called faggots, because they are immoral Sodomites.
You are not family orientated your value is 0. You can hook up only with a whore who give in for a sweetness of animal sex pleasure so easy not just for you. 12% of daddies have no clue that their babies are not theirs.
File: 1606344036863.jpg (26 KB, 377x500)
26 KB
no you do care, but you are just really focused on your career and have things you believe are more important than your gf

not in a rude way, but me working towards my dream job is more important that 1 girl, my family is more important that 1 girl
so in return

so yeah when shit gets in the way you dont care for her in a specific way


1-you ask her to hangout on sunday, today is monday.. she doesnt text back until friday

nope, took you too long to answer i could have schedule other more important things.. cancelling this date shit

or she comes late.. i wasted my fucking time waiting for this shit? i could have been doing something better
next time come on time or this wont happen again

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"Sup nigger" as the very first opening line
>Being indifferent to her, ignoring and acting like you don't care only works WHEN she's already attracted to you. It won't do shit if she's not already attracted to you.
Well I am talking in a sense that they are already attracted to me, which is the case now for a few

File: Mikan-Gambler.png (687 KB, 732x937)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
How do I make a little bit of disposable income on the internet?

Im a female uni student in her twenties, and while a job would be the best option corona and shit, I needed one solely for credits aka I wasn't asking for pay and still no one would hire me, times are dire, and while im not starving or anything I need a wee bit of cash to actually do stuff, like you know, my hobbies, there's only so many pirated games one can play in their laptop before it gets boring, that also makes streaming impossible because you need a good computer to stream.

No camwhore/onlyfans/etc suggestions, not interested in sex work, ironically enough im a prude.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you only need $30 for books, you can try MTurk through Amazon. It will take you the better part of a week to earn that much (unless you look up some guides on how to game the system), but it is fine for small amounts.
I don't recommend it for any amount more than about $25-30 at one time, and the "work" is terribly inconsistent, but yeah, worth a shot I guess...
why no camwhore/of stuff?
i don't understand women, they can literally make money off of coomers without even showing their face and they dont fucking do it.
why? what the fuck is stopping you? you can literally make money masturbating sowing only your pussy
Holy shit
you're in the golden zone to make bank off nudes, sex work, and camwhoring
most likely 6 digits
>I also speak three languages but im not sure if the tutoring market is too saturated.
>I speak english, portuguese and french.

Look for online translating or tutoring jobs: Asians are always looking for people to baby sit and teach their offspring new languages, etc... Like, people ALWAYS want to learn languages.
Sell stuff on Ebay or similar.

Spread the word that you'll do all the work of selling other people's stuff - listing, monitoring, shipping, collecting - for 50%. You'll be surprised how many people will pay you half to sell their stuff for them.

As someone that’s very oblivious and rather dim in many things, I’m so glad I’m not a woman. Every time I watch a movie that isn’t an SJW shitfest with female conflict, I’m just like, “holy shit I don’t understand half of this shit.”

Either women are crazy, or they’re just more socially intelligent than us to the extent that all their schemes and machinations or whatnot wind up looking simply erratic and nuts to us. Again though, I also know a lot of crazy bitches.

Can someone help me figure out if women have the edge on us men in social smarts or if they’re just crazy?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
More socially/emotionally intelligent.
They paint their faces. What more do you need to know?
Woman here. We are all a little bit crazy, yes.
Women are crazy as fuck, like holy shit if you ever had a gf or had to live with a woman you'd know. I fucking hate them but the holes and cuddling feel too good to give up as much as I'd like to.
are you ok?
women are fucking stupid and mentally unstable, are not capable of critical thinking, or making rational or informed decisions. Why do you think they think it's inconsequential to make false rape accusations?

How may I successfully avoid masturbation? It is wasting time and at this point I'm watching porn during free time which isn't healthy for my mental health to have it on my mind constantly.
What methods do you know of?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
When I'm stressed I fap too. What I did is make a checkmark everytime I do it. That way I can see how many time I did it and reduce it every month.
I don't fap when im stressed, i fap when im bored

I have bad anxiety so I might get prescribed Xanax soon, maybe it can help (but I wont abuse it)
just don't be bored lol
there aren't many places to visit or even things to do with friends or family besides play games all day like a degenerate zoomer
Could it be that you're actually addicted to porn instead of masturbation? Try to quit porn, but masturbate whenever you want. This is actually a lot easier and in my experience you feel healthier than when doing nofap. Of course some minority of guys really are addicted to masturbation itself and quitting porn doesn't help them much, but for most, it's the use of porn that makes the habit unhealthy.

File: 1552547772429.jpg (86 KB, 720x936)
86 KB
Got any tips for writing bios on dating apps?

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