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File: noose-edi_noose.jpg (56 KB, 1200x900)
56 KB
Im 22 polish (eastern europe), taking happy pills, studying at university but i dont believe its making any sense. Had one gf, got no friends really, maybe one. My life is painfully repetitive, im broke, cant even motivate myself to find a decent job. Suicidal thoughts follow me every day, i had no attempts though, and my mom recently asked me to not kill myself (huh). yes, i live with parents, in a shithole suburb too. I just dont know how to cope, video games help f.eg. tetris, and wasting time on tv series/youtube. Listening to old hiphop used to help too. I just dont know what to do. As for suicide, i only got tons of rope and knives, no firearms, because in that case i would be gone i guess.
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Get a job.
I don't know if it will help you find purpose or whatever, but if you rope at least you'll have paid your parents/government back some of the money spent keeping you alive
Neither. And that goes for like a huge portion of population specially the younger generations but of course the media tells you otherwise.
It's a literal hell anon, iranian currency had basically zero value.
Look at it this way: see what's happening in Afghanistan right now? This shit happened in iran 40 years ago and it's just getting worse and worse.
Didn't want to rant. But I'm just so fukin tired of it all
I eart one history, tell me one medium what say: this people go to hell... im not know the true, but i don't think what this kill be good...

You must see, what if you kill you, you are reject God...

Not do this, don't kill you
Sorry for mt inglish
>Look at it this way: see what's happening in Afghanistan right now? This shit happened in iran 40 years ago
In what way, except for muh religious extremists taking over?
Yes. Religious extremists and their bullshit laws. This has been going on for about 40 years, they've unironically ruined the country in every possible way. Absolutely zero prospects for any type of progress, unless you suck up to them,
youu just keep getting poorer here.

Can anyone in a serious long term relationship confirm or deny whether it really makes you feel any less lonely at all? It can't, right? Like I will always feel alone even if I do get in a relationship?
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>Do relationships make you feel any less lonely
They do. But don't date just anyone.
If they live with you it helps. Otherwise it can be even worse.
Loneliness is when you don't know how to handle being alone.
Feeling like you're alone is something you feel when you aren't interacting with people that understand you and with which you can form interesting bonds.

What this means is that first, you need to stop being a crybaby about feeling lonely.
Accept that you are alone.
Go out and find people you are compatible with.
Surrounding yourself with annoying "friends" and saying "yes" to the first mentally ill individual that wants to touch your genitals will make you feel more alone and, in turn, make you feel more lonely.

It depends on the day.
Lonely isn't a feeling of "no one's around" as much as it's "no one to share such and such with me". My girlfriend and I don't have everything in common. I feel lonely when she's doing her own stuff or I'm really into a kick she isn't into. But that's on me, should have maintained my friendship's better lol
This makes a lot of sense. I know that lots of people want to be friends with me and there have been lots of people interested in me romantically (and even more sexually). but it just feels like very few people are people who I actually connect with and I can't think of anyone i know right now who I care enough to be with long term

So a few days ago I had an extremely vivid nightmare and I am tearing up just thinking about it

I could straight up not tell it from reality at all i was convinced it actually happened for a really long time but I’m assuming it was a nightmare cause I kept waking up and falling back asleep and weird shit

It was really terrifying I could not tell it apart from reality at all, there was nothing that could distinguish it

Also I tried screaming for help or even speaking and I literally COULDN’T and I was so afraid they would know that I was too afraid to call the police or even move

Can anyone shed light on this or how the fuck do I convince myself I’m safe
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Get some glasses, too, you missed the part about getting a gun.

Hey >>25439334 I think you might have a shot with the OP, buddy!
I can’t get a gun it’s not legal here unfortunately
Knife or baseball bat? A lock on your door only does so much for you.
If you’ve read stuff about self defence a knife would be useless for me. He’s stronger so he’ll just grab the baseball bat from me anyway.
hey. I'm female and pulling a knife on a strange male at night once made him stop in his tracks. I was able to back away and escape the situation.
you need to harden up a little. yes, they can fucking body us easily. no, you shouldn't just do nothing. and no, I don't believe you can self-improve yourself out of the reality that males are much stronger than us.

get into radfem stuff online, too.

File: alien dance.gif (149 KB, 112x112)
149 KB
149 KB GIF
I have a conundrum. I am making musc. I'd prefer for it to be anonymous for multiple reasons including
>I get better feedback from strangers
>not attatched to real identity in case of some sort of shitstorm
>allows me to make side projects
>embarrassingly honest lyrics
>cool factor

I'm having problems doing this though. Multiple reasons. First off, currently writing an album about an ex. I want her to hear it but I have no idea how to get it to her without just sending it to her like some kind of retard. I want her to stumble on it or have someone else tell her but I don't know how to orchestrate that.

Second, my friend messaged me tonight and asked
>"hey whats INSERT NAME? saw a suggested instagram account with the same pfp you use."
Fucking retarded instagram suggestions. I messaged him telling him I'm making music and want to keep it really low key but it's really late and I still have time to delete the message.

Thirdly, I made some album art I've kind of fallen in love with. However, the problem is it uses my face, albiet pretty fucking distorted. If you knew who I was you would be able to identify me, but if not I would just look like any guy. Do I find new artwork? what should I do overall?
who cares just wear a mask if you're so hideous.
>First off, currently writing an album about an ex. I want her to hear it but I have no idea how to get it to her without just sending it to her like some kind of retard. I want her to stumble on it or have someone else tell her but I don't know how to orchestrate that
You're a fucking idiot.
>saw a suggested instagram account with the same pfp you use."
Not anonymous enough.

File: tt.png (123 KB, 230x280)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
I recently lost my job due to COVID causing a lot of the force being let go, and had to move back to my parent's. The relationship with my family is not great, so there is a lot of friction in day to day life

I found some work as a contractor in the meantime which allows me to work remotely, so I am thinking about moving out again.
I have some savings as I tend to live very frugal, and my current pay would allow me to cover rent, but landlords are notoriously difficult when it comes to renting to non-employees. I'm not sure what my options are here
tough it out for a year and stay with this contractor company. collect those pay stubs
A year sounds oddly specific, what do you have in mind?

File: 140178229076.jpg (40 KB, 347x394)
40 KB
I room with two other people, one of whom is a filthy neckbeard who hoards trash and dirty dishes, among other fantastical mess-making habits. I happen to be the person who does 99.999% of the cleaning around the house. The neckbeard's hoarder habits have resulted in several instances where 4+ large black trash bags of disgusting trash had to be pulled from his room. This nearly resulted in the building maintenance discovering the neckbeard's room in a state of ankle-deep trashedness, had I not caught it in time.

I believe that it is my right and duty to go in and do a trash check every couple days and clean the room of all the fast food detritus and other shit, so as to avoid this problem in the future and make it easy for me to keep it clean. The neckbeard and apparently my other roommate think I am being unreasonable.

Who is in the right here?
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It would be very obvious who it was, since we're renting a house and there's only the three of us. It would also ruin my relationship with the other person involved and drive my rent up if he got kicked out.
It doesn't sound like they will ever change their habits. I would try to move out as soon as possible and leave your roommates behind.
I really don't want to go back to being on my own, but it's something I've thought about a few times in the past year.

The neckbeard was supposed to leave this month but that was reliant on him having drive, commitment, and the ability to make and stick to a plan and save up his money.
Just confront the problem. You share livingspace and every single one of you got some kind of rights to be as comfortable as possiblw within it.
I will never understand the roommates thing. Because there will always be these kind of people. Here where I live apartment or flats are more popular for that reason.
I didn't want to get into the backstory too much and subtract from the immediate issue, but I have, and it's gotten nowhere.

The tangible benefit right now is that I'm paying 270 freedom bucks a month or less depending on electricity bills to live in a house.

File: IMG_1364.jpg (896 KB, 4032x3024)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
Hey guys, first time growing. After a week of misting first mushrooms started to pop up but the color of the mycelium changed to this yellowish, golden color, is the kit contaminated? If so, can I still somehow save the mushrooms?
You can try recolonizing onto a clean substrate with a uninfected section, but I doubt that'll work. This is why you take extra measures to disinfect the area, and your tools, etc. when you do grain transfers.
No, it usually looks like that when the mycelium dries out a bit. No need to panic yet.
Also why is that box so deep and narrow? Do you plan to take it out? It's kinda inefficient that way.

Ask on reddit instead, they have some large mushroom communities
Thanks for your answer, it is not in a box, it's in that generic growkit bag that comes with the grow kit itself.
Good luck anon!

Is there a way to erase memories or to give myself amnesia?
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here's how i do it when my mind remembers something cringe from my past
>1. pretend it literally never happened
>2. don't think about it
>3. wait, think about what?

With this method I never remembered anything cringe because I NEVER DID anything cringe. Simple as. Be the master of your own mind.
If you plan on killing yourself I don’t think it will hurt trying, either way I would try drugs just to exprience them before offing myself
Heres a video, just skip ahead to when they do it:


The idea is that animals/kids shiver to release tension in the body, and that as you grow older youre not allowed to do this because you will be seen as weak. So since you can never perform this natural de-stressors to the worlds stimuli, you get more and more tension stored in the body, leading to you getting mad and frustrated at the smallest shit. The US department of defense is studying this technique currently for PTSD sufferers.

Just be sure not to let the shivering go on for more than a minute the first few times or you will be very sore.
I think what have one medication for not remember... ask at your doctor...

I don't have idea how it's the name of the medication, but i eart one history about one medication what after sleep after the night, not remember anythink in the morning... good luck
Yes, it works, but electro shock is extreme. It might erase some other stuff as well. I'd only recommend it as an absolute last resort.

Devil's Breath is a drug popular in South America derived from a plant. The scientific name is Scopolamine. It's not specifically for inducing memory erasure, but one of it's effects is that while you're under it's influence you lose the ability to form new memories so it stands to reason if you were to remember what you wanted forgotten under it's influence there's a good chance you'd forget it. I remember reading about them testing this with lab rats. Basically they'd have terrified responses to certain sounds or stimuli they'd associate with getting electrocuted. After the drug when they'd hear those sounds again they'd react as if they'd never heard them before.

Scopolamine is considered a zombie drug, while you're on it you lose all will. It's a popular method to rob people in Columbia, but it's dangerous as if you take too high a dose it'll induce a heart attack. Under Scopolamine's influence you become extremely agreeable and will obey any command and answer any question, but during this period you lose the ability to form new memories. So typically a victim has it slipped into their drink at a bar then wakes up two days later with their home emptied out and no memory of inviting the thieves in and helping them move out all their stuff and empty their accounts. You'd need to get scopolamine -which bizarrely is legal in the US- and have someone you trust with you when you take it, then have them guide you through detailed descriptions of the memories you're trying to forget.

They wake up at 6am and then blast music or the TV for hours

Why are they such a subhuman? How does it happen that someone becomes this much of a piece of shit? I need advice.
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Move or deal with it. Those are your only options, you schizo pussy
The people you described have no sense of common courtesy. Telling them to behave will just make them laugh. They will never see what they are doing as wrong in any way.

The only solution is to move out as soon as possible. You need to live with people that share your values, which include being civil and being quiet and polite.
>is (singular, non hypothetical)
Don't room with troons or troon orbiters, problem solved
This OP, those people are uncaring degenerates. They want to be loud assholes and won't change. The longer you stay the more miserable you will be. I speak from experience from living with a bunch of lying cocksuckers who were so desperate for a roommate they lied to me about being "professionals" I found out 2 of the 3 had just quit their jobs and were begging their parents for money to party until 4 am on weeknights. I had a fucking day job. When I tried being an adult and asking for respect all they did was try to force me out of the lease. Fuck loser roommates.
They aren’t gay they are a rapist

Anyway thanks I guess but really I don’t feel like my understanding has increased

File: 1638846206790.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
I want to trust people but am paranoid about everyone and their intentions/what they say. What's this called?
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Totally am lmao, I've done it before and I hate myself for it
My point was that you learn your lesson and you go from trusting people to having partial trust in them. What's wrong with this?

Partial trust is OK:
>if the person is busy or selfish (everyone is from time to time) you won't feel hurt
>if you have a real financial issue or an emotional problem you won't get upset if people dismiss you and stop offering you time
>if a friend goes out with you or helps you, you feel like it's something extra, like a gift, and you appreciate it more (since you were expecting nothing)
>you don't put a lot of faith into relationships because people are flakey
You don't need to go full edgelord. I think I know where you're coming from. I don't like those people either. Those are the first people I stop contacting.
People like OP (and maybe you too) need to go from:
>I need this
>oh cool, a friend
It's as simple as that.
I actually agree with that, but only for new people and acquaintances. If an actual friend pulled that shit I would be rightly pissed
The way you put it I thought you meant no one cares for anyone and if you care you're a naive kid etc etc edgelord shit
Guess this is all a misunderstanding. About definition bullshittery. Huh.
>I actually agree with that, but only for new people and acquaintances. If an actual friend pulled that shit I would be rightly pissed
I had that shit pulled out on me a few times in quick succession by different people when I had some bad shit in my life and now I just don't expect anything.
I've spoken with older people and almost all of them say this. The ones who don't usually had a nice, easy (lucky) life and they didn't need to "test" their friendships.
>The way you put it I thought you meant no one cares for anyone and if you care you're a naive kid etc etc edgelord shit
Well, most people don't care about reciprocating when you go past a limit in terms of generosity.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't give. But don't give too much, and don't expect too much. It's a healthy and fair middle point.
This means having partial trust, enjoying companionship but not feeling like you need it.
Because if you feel like you absolutely need friends and women (or men), then you become needy, then you give a lot, and it's a slippery slope.
>Guess this is all a misunderstanding. About definition bullshittery. Huh.
That's probably my fault.

My ex broke up with me in the most cruel way. He’d kicked me out of his house before but this next time was far from home on vacation. We got into a heated discussion and he was drunk, mad, selfish, and his anxiety makes him escalate issues. He kicked me out and I left him there. He blocked me everywhere after.

It hurt horribly. The guilt of giving up on him after years of trying and the guilt of staying mad at someone I loved ate at me. I tried all the typical things to get over someone thinking we’d never meet happily again, like going on dates with anyone who asked, focusing on hobbies and family and friends, even had another boyfriend for a minute but that lasted like two weeks before I couldn’t stand him and kept comparing him mentally to my ex. Being mad and hurt felt good but it was unsustainable, I want to be happy. So I did the last thing I could think of which was reach out to my ex a new way. I let him know I accepted it essentially but missed him. It was more for myself.

Well we ran into each other after some months. He seemed happy to see me, which fucked me up because I thought he hated me. We ended up fucking the next day.

Lo and behold I find out he’s gone through my phone. He found out about the boyfriend that didn’t work out, and another guy I tried dating. He’s mad at me now, hurt like I did something wrong even though I was single and hurting and trying to heal from the breakup my own way.

Why the fuck are guys like this? He snooped, and I don’t know he didn’t sleep with anyone else. It’s almost not even worth it to reach back out because of how immature he’s being, holding me to some expectation of how I should have dealt with the pain of being blocked for months. It’s like he’s essentially looking for some reason to be mad or hurt again and to have just used me for sex.
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Reaching out to your emotionally unstable ex "to heal".
Immediately fucking your emotionally unstable ex.
Reacting with surprise when he immediately goes back to his old routine.
He was. It’s not all worth writing out. How can you think not respecting your partner or kicking your partner out for no good reason isn’t abusive though.
I am in therapy. I have great self esteem, maybe too much. I just keep having the idea we could make it healthy and make it work.
Thank God for women like you lmao
How else could I be a man like me.
Don't expect to hear from him again except for more abuse.
True, I am human. You can be whatever you want regardless of sex. If you choose to be evil and use people to make up for your insecurity that’s on you.
You had sex with him, so it is your fault you share in his misery. You join to a man, you get his burdens.

Very simple.

File: 1638968041690.png (992 KB, 720x960)
992 KB
992 KB PNG
Is it possible to get an average looking girlfriend as an average looking guy, who is also /fit/ and has his shit together?
I feel like a 4/10 qt would never be happy with a regular dude because she wants Chad only.
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Then you're a dumbass incel. But men are more attracted to women than vice versa. You need to be above average in a few areas for a woman to feel lucky being with you. Fitness is one area but you need two or three.

Sex isn't a need. That's a dumbdumb meme.
Except for all the other ways. People here are so dumb.
We both broke up by force after high school because we were going to different colleges in different parts of the country
no there aren't, and you're the dumb one for thinking otherwise
Yes but average doesn't mean what you think it means. What most people think of as an average girl was the average a few decades ago. Now the average girl is at least 3 points uglier and 75 lbs heavier.

>It's not ok to ask women out while they are eating/chatting in restaurant during work lunches
>It's not ok to ask women out while they are working in some shitty outlet/coffe shop
>It's not ok to ask women out on the street and bother them if they are wearing headphones
>It's not ok to go back to college and ask fresh women out because someone might be a weird abuser
>Online dating has a huge gender user disparity (a lot more men)

Wait, so where do I meet women for relationships and personal growth?


>Why didn't you do it sooner
Personal and health issues

>Why do you want a girl
Personal growth and job performance improvement
File: grill.jpg (192 KB, 1920x1080)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Bars, friends of friends, parties
>It's not ok to ask women out while theyre eating or something similar
not entirely true. youre better off talking to girls who are on their own instead of a girl who's in a group of other girls. in my experience coffee shops and places like that have the best odds of cold approach-ing

>It's not ok to ask women out on the street
this ones true. if they're on the street they probably have somewhere to be, so if you're not super attractive then theres a 99% chance youll just be a bother.

>Online dating has a huge gender user disparity
online dating sucks but it's not impossible. if you're not in the top 5% of dudes you won't get a fuck ton of girls, but it's still possible to get some, albeit not a ton of matches if you're not that guy.

so yeah things are bad, but not nearly as bad as you might think
This >>25439682
You can meet a girl anywhere you can talk to her. Some places have lower success rates than others. Go to social gatherings like happy hour at bars, church, through a friend, volunteering, hobby related things. I mean it's still hard, but it's what you gotta do.

File: 1634776858546.png (1.47 MB, 897x900)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
I am not going to go in great detail. I am very traumatized right now. I barely could sleep last night. I was accused of being a bully at work, when in reality I was the one being bullied. I spent 5 months of my life developing my skills at this job and being as productive as possible, all for a supervisor to create a baseless accusation that I was bullying her. It's absolutely surreal.

I am somewhat relieved that I know now that there are toxic people in management that will ruin someone's job over hearsay, so it's better to find out sooner rather than later and move one.

Im just curious, are there any healthy work environments? Or does the anti human process of forcing us to sell ourselves to corporations and to deny our own dreams and humanity for eight hours a day, five days a week, cause people to just be shitty? Self hypnosis to get through the day. My last two jobs I have ran into a person who creates drama for no damn reason. I dont get it. Im the type of person that just focuses on my job and does the best to get along with people and make the day go by quick. But I am frequently targetted by workplace bullies who view me as a threat or something. I cant really comprehend the behaviour to be honest.

Are some people just so deprived of things to do while at work that they cause drama to occupy time or eliminate rivals? Why are work environments so toxic? Are there good companies to work for or are humans just assholes in general?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>immature behaviour from my 50 year old boss
This is more common than you'd think. A lot of older people are narcissistic loons who use the workplace as a way to feel important. Some of them are outright legit racists too and will fire/treat badly employees of their non-preferred race.

For every nice old person who grew up with empathy, theres a mentally ill one who is using work to detract from their awful home issues of a family that hates them.
wow thank you anon and i agree with you. its a part of biology and our intuition that keeps us alive. we often rationalize these processes with mental gymnastics, and also while doing this learn to ignore the gut or the intuition. i agree though, being a scummy fuck thats willing to berate and intimidate and harrass people just because you can get away with it is ridiculous. i think thats why the accusation hurt so much, because i work hard to cultivate a strong character, honesty, empathy, working hard, and listening, and to see this all trashed because someone felt threatened or whatever insecure bullshit is crazy. i cant imagine how much shit like this happens daily and how many lives are so fucked up because of this emotional double standard recklessness
i want to thank any anon who participated in this thread. you dont know how much you helped just by validating me and giving me feedback. thanks a lot this is instrumental in this healing and rebuilding process.
>muh traumatized toxic bully wageslave
Sorry, I reserve empathy and advice only for non Twitter users.
>trauma doesnt exist its a buzzword
>bullying doesnt exist its just an excuse
>toxic work environments dont exist its just a lack of gumption
>wageslavery is an illegitimate category
the only one of these i would even entertain as a legitimate premise would be the final one, but that would just make you an abolitionist, in terms of the argument that you are emlpoying. that negative view of liberty, while having certain utilitarian value or value in terms of preserving individual "rights." however, the rich history of the United States progressive thinkers, the likes of which like Henry George, advocated a more positive approach to liberty adjudicated around property relations as reinforced through tax policy. So in my opinion, claiming wage slavery is an illegitimate category, is the same as saying a freed southern negro is now "free to sell his labour," and to conflate this with him being "free in principle as a free man," is a categorical error, since it denies the obvious fact that freedom is a derivative of an ability to be self sufficient and ward off threats and not have to subjugate oneself to another for sustenance.

File: 1636877336045.png (115 KB, 256x256)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Are midriffs an erogenous zone for women cause i want to do sick perverted stuff to em
Any zone can become an erogenous spot for women. It depends on your vibe. If you act like you're getting turned on by it, then she will and viceversa

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