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File: album.jpg (71 KB, 512x512)
71 KB
Please don't bully me for this question but if a stock is worth $400 and you buy 1 share and then 5 years later it's worth 40k, does that mean you make 40k if you sell the share? Another question is, what's stopping you from buying stocks with high percentage and selling them the same day so you make a shit ton of money? What about starting from 500, buying a stock with +66% and then selling and taking a portion and doing it to another stock until you make millions?
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you make 40000 - (400 + broker fees)

you probably won't have broker fees though
miracle money ?
>what's stopping you from buying stocks with high percentage and selling them the same day
Stock brokers charge fees so there's that. You can do that if you want but you probably won't make that much unless you are really good at it.
>what's stopping you from buying stocks with high percentage and selling them the same day so you make a shit ton of money?
Nothing, people do that. I do that. It's called "day trading" and it's loads of fun

The answer to your first question is yes.

There is nothing stopping you from doing this. You can and men do, all the time, make millions doing this. Stocks are very predictable. You just need to be correct in your decision at least 51% of the time in order to make money.

Some men are bad at making decisions, these men lose out and fall out of the stock trading, but the men who are good stick with it for years, even life. Do it OP, it's worth at least trying.

Tag me if you have any questions about stuff. I'm real good with money, I'm rich.
What do you think about GME and margin loans?

File: 1588966195640.jpg (49 KB, 576x322)
49 KB
When should I tell my future girlfriend about my foreskin restoration efforts?
Are they going well? If so tell her if not maybe stop?

File: images (9).jpg (14 KB, 480x320)
14 KB
Should I get a divorce?

I've been married for 3 years now. I love her, but things have been so stressful the past weeks. We argue a lot, it seems we never agree on anything and she's not willing to change anything. idk. I used to feel excited about coming home from work but now I'm just sad and tired. I get home we argue over something stupid and we go to separate rooms. I don't know what to do.
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all married couples have rough patches. shitty times come and go. ideally you work through it together.
So its at the point where you two are subconsciously throwing verbal nitroglycerin at each other huh? There is clearly something eating away at both of you. When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself?
This. It's clear that OP and his wife aren't communicating effectively.
covid has a real impact on couples, divorces or couple splitting are happening. Being Marry Is also really hard sometimes. Just hang in there, maybe try to write down things She likes, and try to do this kind of stuff. also try to keep offering the will of communication, or Just ask her if Is there anything that can be an obstacle, something hard or Just upsetting, maybe Just listening Is the Key. women are roller coasters in feelings, also because of periods and pre-periods

how old are you? 19? buddy you said it yourself you guys have been married for 3 years, you don't get quit for 3 rough weeks. If you do love her work things out, I mean, it's like you suddenly decided to kill yourself because you had a couple of rough few weeks recently

File: patches45352.png (267 KB, 556x429)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
How/Should I go about having sex with my girlfriend?

We've been together for a little over a year now and I've been her first time for everything (hand holding, kissing, touching her breasts, fingering her.) She says she wants to wait till marriage to do anything lewd and initially denied me touching her tits and fingering her but it just sort of happened while we were kissing. She has since wanted me to do more of that stuff future encounters.

Do I just pull off her pants and do it or will I just look like a dick pushing her boundaries?
>She has since wanted me to do more of that stuff future encounters.

She's very in too it when I do it now and asks me to keep going if I slow down
Why not wait till marriage? Shes clearly a devoted woman and thats really rare nowadays, just cherish what you have and let things come kindly and naturally

File: pic of me dotjpeg.png (850 KB, 750x492)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
hi pic related
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You aren't supposed to go through the dick threads to look for friends.
i didn't see a dick thread and the one general meet somebody thread was icky
nvm found a thread relevant to my interests im gonna stay a while

board is still gross
It is, but what did you expect when trying to meet friends through 4chan?

Honestly, you’d be better off trying to meet people through a board that correlates with your interests. Like how /k/ has range meetups occasionally
Isn't that a literal circle jerk?

File: 1597439696029.jpg (104 KB, 624x920)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How do you even make friends in the middle of a global endemic?
Most of my friends are busy with school, except me, cause I dropped for the year. I've been fine on my on for a while, but ffs, I'm starting to lose my fucking mind. What do?
I don't have many social accounts besides twitter and instagram btw
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oi mate I'll drop mine if you need someone to talk to
Do you have a purpose in life?
learnt o spell pandemic first you loner retard
drop your ig account
mate bailed out on posting his account

File: rene.jpg (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB
How do I learn to love my wife? We've been married for 2 years and I've only told her I love her once. She doesn't tell me she loves me.

Our sex life has not been great either recently. I stopped porn with easypeasy about 1-2 months ago so my libido has crashed.
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its the smile thats important.
Do you care deeply about her? Do you both seem to be happy? Do you enjoy each other's company?
She does smile at me sometimes >>23471266
for the most part yes. I’m just bored with life and in a rut. We are not exciting people
You're going to have a find a way to do something fun with her. Ask her what she wants to do, just in general. Try to spark a new interest in your lives. I don't know man.
She works 12-15 hours a day and I’m always mentally fatigued from grad school

File: fuu62.jpg (30 KB, 594x336)
30 KB
Fem anon here
>meet guy on the internet
>date long distance
>he mentions something about anal
> I break it off
>he's sad/I love him, so we get back together
>move in with each other, elope
>didn't sign a marriage license, because I trusted and loved him
>30 yo virgin on my wedding night, cuz religious
>says he wants anal at least once
>I get mad, say I don't want
>sexts his ex, who he'd been seeing while we were dating long distance
>I get mad, threatened to leave, kill myself, etc
>he crii, beg, we go to therapist once

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I fear for the next generation. I hope this is a larp.
wait do u not want to have anal bc sodomy is against your religion? bc if so is suicide not against ur religion? or is bc you’re scared of the pain
It's not. Just keep me in your prayers. I don't know what to do.
Go see a lawyer and contact a support group for women if your friends are useless. You shouldn't kill yourself just because your husband is an ass hole.

File: 1584555935782.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
I think I may be one of the most sheltered users on this site
>didn't learn how to read, until I was 6
>couldn't walk, until I was 4
>couldn't speak, until I was around 5
>didn't know countries outside of my native country existed, until I was 8
>didn't watch any TV, until I was 7
>parents wouldn't let me play video games, until i was 13
>even then, my parents wouldn't let me play anything above an E rating
>didn't learn about sex, until I was in my mid-20's
>parents made me drop out of highschool, in my 1st year, because it was too chaotic and traumatising for me
>only started masturbating and watching porn in the last few years
>still live with parents, to this day
>never lived on my own
>never travelled, outside of my hometown
>was never allowed to have sleepovers, or go to other friend's houses

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not even sure if fastfood chains would hire someone like me. I'm autistic, and I have literally no history of jobs, or even formal education above Middleschool
You seem normal to me. You can form coherent sentences and thought. I'm pretty sure plenty of people with autism have worked in fast food. You don't need schooling to know how to make food. If they seriously frown on your education on your application ask them why it matters.
>You seem normal to me. You can form coherent sentences and thought
>I'm pretty sure plenty of people with autism have worked in fast food
80% of autists are unemployed. Even ones that have college educations, and shit
>If they seriously frown on your education on your application ask them why it matters
I wouldn't be able to convince them why it doesn't matter. I can barely even talk to people, outside of my family
You're underselling yourself because you've always had low self esteem. I think you're in that 20% of successful autists, even if I doubt that statistic. You have to at least try. You need a purpose in your life, even if it's a shitty fast food job. You can be autistically good at it, just like you you're autistically good at posting on 4chan. I believe in you.
Work on getting your GED or whatever the equivalent of a high school diploma is in your country

Try getting a basic job at like a supermarket, fast food place, restaurant, even just dog walking...

Go to therapy so a therapist can help you adjust.

Maybe move into the basement so you have your own ‘space’. You need that mentally to help you grow.

Hey, the hair on my nuts got annoying to deal with, so I took an electric razor and trimmed it down a bit. But now I wanna shave with a razor. Any advice on how to do that without cutting my dick off?
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Bro I've used a regular razor on my privates all my life and have had no problems. You just do it in the shower. You obviously have to move around your nuts to get the straightest cut and whatnot it's not hard.
>don’t use an electric razor
Well it’s too late for that dickhead, I already did
>the skin on your nuts is tough
Why must the two pieces of advice I get contradict?
Not him, but really, just use a normal razor. Unless you're a retard and use too much of your retard strength, there's nothing to be afraid of. The few times I got cuts from doing so, they were just superficial cuts that barely even bled.
Ok, will do. Thanks Anon
>Well it’s too late for that dickhead, I already did
So now you must use an electric for the rest of time?
>Why must the two pieces of advice I get contradict?
Okay, maybe it will fair ok with an electric, but I think an electric makes you more vulnerable to razor burn and tug/pull. But hey, if you think it works, power to you.

File: 1c1a35_6133996.jpg (59 KB, 480x480)
59 KB
How do I make my girlfriend go back to being depressed?

Ever since I've helped her out with life and make her improve herself she has been noticeably less lovey with me i.e. doesnt say anything when I send her pics, has super boring replies unless its about her, doesnt send me pics of herself, no longer having long thoughtful discussions.

She's gone from being a neet to a massive Stacey and I'm just sort of there to provide sex for her.
man just tell her how you feel.
or if you feel like the whole relationship thing isnt working out anymore you can cut it off lol. you arent married lmao who gives a fuck man youre young af just experiment
You don’t need to make her depressed. Tell her how you feel and, if she breaks up with you, so be it
Why can't you enjoy the alpha feeling of being a guy who's banging a Stacey?

Why not also improve with her so you have a new common bond?

File: sakura-freaked.jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
27 KB
I'm in my early 20's and female. I hate my smile and my teeth. It's probably my biggest insecurity. I can't even smile in pictures or in rl because of it. My dad claims that he couldn't afford to get me proper braces when I was younger but that was a lie. He just didn't care. I got Invisaligns when I was 16. My orthodontist ended my treatment when I was 17 and then I wore a retainer for 2 and a half years. Despite doing everything properly, my overbite came back(not as bad as before but still). The gaps in between my teeth also came back as well. They're not super obvious. You can only really notice them if you were to get super up close and examine my teeth but I feel so insecure about it. I feel ashamed to even smile.
44 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You’d have to speak to an orthodontist about that. I know that when I had them, they attached brackets to my teeth. When you wear the Invisalign, you attach them to the brackets with a tiny rubber band and over time that works to correct the overbite.
What does this even mean?
Are you just your teef?
I wouldn’t have noticed anything if you hadn’t pointed it out.

File: qudxz91vuma61.jpg (37 KB, 640x516)
37 KB
Why do I still miss her after a year? She is someone not worth missing BUT I STILL DO. What is wrong with my brain guys. I'm depressed over this shit.
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You're brain is subconsciously punishing you for ignoring red flags and going bust on an investment. It's a learning process.

The rural area I'm in has a lot of old folk(65+). Lotta people like to retire here. I'm assuming obviously each rural and urban areas are different depending on where it is. Sucks not having a lot of people my age here.

She did break up with me over text, that made me feel like I was worthless. It's hard for me to get over that type of thing.
You're honestly completely right. It was one of my first relationships and I kept giving the excuse of "nobody's perfect"
I learned alot from the first time I got ghosted by a girl I fell, like a dumbass, for, it's bad luck and I made alot of mistakes but right after I got my first long term using things I learned from it. You'll still make mistakes but there is alot of women out there and alot of shit to learn and grow from.
Thank you

One of oldest friends from school is financially besting me many times over, with many numbers of zeros, and it makes me feel like I live under the shadow of his gigantic penis, constantly being dominating like that. I’m not gay, I don’t like feeling this way. Tips on not being so bothered?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

you're looking at a character/capability dynamic of self worth.
Like there's people that feel they're super capable at their job but feel like robots.
And people who feel like they're likeable as people but have no useful skills.

You sound like the former, a robot who's gotten flicked from a place of hierarchical dominance

Historically in your life, you've valued yourself for your capability alone. Consider what things about your character that you also value, writing about this shit brings what you know in an unconciousness way into your conscious mind. It helps man. Being able to write it means you'll be able to recall it.

The other relevant point I noticed was the whole valuing your own capability ONLY in terms of approval from others. You aren't looking to be of value alone as a good whatever job you are, you are looking to be the MOST value. Status seeking.

Status seeking generally ends in tears. Social hierarchy is important in a way but not so important you wrap your life around it. You have better things to do than focus on that.
You position in the socio-economic hierarchy determines financial stability, access to healthcare, attractiveness to the other sex, and the wealth to indulge goals, hobbies or other things you care about. It is all that matters and violence is justified to secure your place in it.
>being poorer than someone = being gay
Is this what Americans really believe? Kek.
maybe don't so be gay and learn how to make money. do you think money just magically appeared for him? huh? retard?

File: america ben stiffler.jpg (16 KB, 220x330)
16 KB
Is it a stupid idea to get a loan to buy GME stock? Its basically free money?
Yes. Don't put investments in with money you can't afford to lose.
I wont lose and Im already poor so its not a loss

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