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File: vm.jpg (695 KB, 1000x623)
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/vm/ is a place to discuss all types of multiplayer games, whether on console, handheld, or PC, co-op or competitive, online or local.

Does this mean discussion of multiplayer games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vm/ is just a separate board specifically focused on multiplayer games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

File: vm2.jpg (293 KB, 1023x758)
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Multiplayer games includes (but is not limited to) Fighting games, First-person shooters, MMOs, Racing games, Sports games, Board & Card games, Party games, and any other genre of game that requires two or more players. Please post threads about single player games on an appropriate board.

Looking for players? Post a LFP thread. Advertising your game servers is allowed and encouraged! Just don't ask for money or spam the board.

Consider using Hamachi, ZeroTier One, or GameRanger for playing old-school LAN games.

File: shit.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
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I'll start
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You both suck cock. Tarkov is the best FPS on the market.
File: league-of-legends.jpg (102 KB, 1607x895)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
league of legends and world of warcraft have set back the gaming community 20 years
I still cannot believe how long it took people to figure out that wow is a shit game.
its already dead anon
When LoL dies, moba will die
FFXIV barely breathed some life back into the genre

Discuss content, updates, stories, tales of griefing, etc.
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File: 124.png (1.3 MB, 1310x822)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
me and my sea of thieves waifu
I fucking hate the meme.
nice, ty anon
File: 2butt.jpg (46 KB, 850x850)
46 KB
Real talk how easy is it to do small hacks on sot?
I really like the legendary thief title

File: WandererAboveTheSeaOfFog.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
Wanderer Edition
>IP: blocktism.com
>Pirate Link: https://mega.nz/file/oZNBiSwA#b4dY_cx73N_nCGdsglDjVvKMH_-TEyQu9Af-fReyfGY
>Mods: https://mega.nz/file/XsIxwQjJ#9vx2-uUdsU-S4qLk9-gBLVn2GBVnoJcAVU8vwToQt3s
To install go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder
>Last Thread >>320149

Since the last thread:
We are legit now, so buy the game. One person was banned. People are slowly progressing towards the steel age, and a few have already gotten there. Blocktism was confirmed to be one of the biggest VS servers.
Maldaris is preparing to update the mod pack - he's changing the world gen to make it generate more normal terrain in new chunks, which is expected to drop soon.
1.15 is in pre2, bears and tailor class were confirmed.
What did you build recently Anon?
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>sleeping depleting hunger
Do Not Do This
Why not?
ded srbrr
So tell me: how do you think your father being absent from your life affected you, Xeth? Why are you so angry at him?

File: 20210617_210315~2.jpg (1.05 MB, 2590x3118)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Could be black ice?
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shit game desu
why does reddit like black ice so much?
idk I just use matte black skin on all my guns and dark uniforms where possible. why would I want to look gaudy and vibrant in a fast TTK shooter
THANK FUCKING JESUS someone has enough self awareness
>black ice
you 12?

File: 1623628259369.png (377 KB, 1280x720)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
SRB2 Kart is a mod of a mod based on the Doom Legacy engine, turning the game engine into a kart racer akin to Super Mario Kart. It's a very lightweight game and runs on most all PCs. Use this thread to start netgames, join other anons, give help/tips, spritework, modding, feedback, etc.

>How to Play (v1.3)
1. Download the game below in 'Full Install (...)'
>Compiling on Linux
2. Unzip contents into a seperate folder
3. Load up 'srb2kart.exe'
4. That's it
>This looks like shit and it runs like shit
Get the Moe's Mansion/Birdhouse bootup. OpenGL supported.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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sorry for the hold up
File: brazil.png (180 KB, 846x519)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
I come back to this game a year later only to be met with horrible lag spikes and being disconnected.

Before everything ran smoothly.
File: 1503704161957.jpg (13 KB, 184x273)
13 KB
>track with split path (Blizzard Peaks, VR Corruption, etc.)
>1st goes one way, 2nd goes the other
>SPB immediately spawns even if 2nd is still right behind 1st
gotta cope with the SPB
nothing nothing is perfect buddy
File: path split.png (66 KB, 1000x1500)
66 KB

File: bf2.jpg (25 KB, 220x311)
25 KB
Hear about games like Squad and Insurgency all the time. Don't want to go full sim so no Arma for me.
Looking for a game like BF2 but more modern and with an active playerbase (at least in NA).
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Rising Storm 2 has enough players
File: 1609366899961.jpg (641 KB, 1040x1000)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
Assuming it's still populated, Planetside 2. If they weren't dead beyond decomposition, I'd say Homefront and Mag as well.

Ravenfield's similar to Battlefield, but it's single player only (minus an unstable MP mod) so it doesn't count.

I'm stretching here, but Halo Big Team Battle does give that combined arms feeling as well, mostly on the more vehicle heavy maps like Sandtrap.
bf4/5/1/6 suck so whats the point of playing anything past bf3
or just keep playing bf2
File: m1td98s0poq31.png (258 KB, 1280x720)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Basically you have two types of players in modern Planetside2

The xx(Gamertag)xx sweatlord tryfag batman wannbies who have been playing the game nonstop for three+ years.

And the newbs who feed for 1-2 hours and then quit because the catch up is too fucking insane.

Unless you wanna put hundreds of hours into a pretty meh game don't bother.
File: 9uzynfuqme541.jpg (101 KB, 744x703)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Motherfuckers sleep on battlefield 1 for some reason, but it's without a doubt the best looking and most balanced BF yet.

Fucking still play that shit. $5 for EA pass. DO IT

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Also, do you really want some fag you had to convince to play actually playing on the same game/server as you? Probably not.
File: file.png (288 KB, 460x215)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Old School MapleStory.
There's a pre-BB maple private server we're playing called MapleLegends. It's basically a revamped/better classic maple experience. We're a small, comfy guild thus far.
If anyone is interested, reply.
Lmao this game is total shit
why do you say so

Soku/PoFV/TPDP/SWR/iaMP and other 2hu games with netplay
>Download Soku here
>Download Autopunch here
>PoFV Netplay guide
>PoFV netplay tutorial
>Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams
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shit... how do I deactivate the lobby play then?
Go to Options in the Network menu and uncheck "Post to bot", that should make your host private
thanks! lets have that fight later then
Sure I'll play later
are you alive?

File: 20210509002500_1.jpg (119 KB, 1640x900)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Risk of Rain
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>262 posts since june 6
it's over hopoo, your reign of mediocrity ends now
Risky didn't deserve this
What did it deserve?
File: 1610309923684.png (62 KB, 500x492)
62 KB
never ever

>my 1st 3 days on the server
>literally the BEST private TBC i ever played
>classless server/build your own class
>chose PvE vs PvP at 20
>easy leveling

anyone here play there? i heard about it but never thought it'd be this much fun... coming from Turtle WoW which is complete shit in comparison with 10x less pop. i have very little time to play games, so this server fits into my schedule perfectly
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>thinking any wow servers would be cashshopless
they're all money hungry jews.
A man can dream.
go fucking kill yourself, you filthy fucking mongoloid cuckscension shill.
Fagscension is a scam ran by absolute niggers.
Educate yourself before you mindlessly shill, you nigger scum.
this is from 3 years ago, vanilla
server is now on BC
i dont give a shit about PvP, so boohoo
what server doesnt have bugs and casshop to survive?
ill finish the rest of the videos u posted. but if u should be angry at anyone, it is Blizzard who only even put out vanilla/BC because of $$$.
oh and... u mad?
rofl the clicking bug. good shit. the only thing i agree with so far is req. a phone # to join Discord. i left after that. still a nice server so far.
so at the end after talking shit about Ascention, this fucker just advertised his own server. lol

File: 1612693317295.png (1.15 MB, 1237x773)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
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Ganking Ventures in 0.4 space with a shitty Corax is top comfy
so i have a bunch of shit chars across a couple accounts that i don't use. what's the best way to transfer all their assets to a single char?
>make a corp
>invite all your alts to the corp
>rent a corp hangar in a station somewhere in highsec
>have all your alts haul shit to that station and drop it off in the corp hangar
>grab it out of the corp hangar with your main guy

bonus points if you decide to be lazy and pay Space Truckers to haul your shit for you. Might take a couple of days but there are a lot of desperate newfags that'll haul a full load shit across highsec for you for like 2mil.

extra bonus points if you set up the corp & corp hangar in a central location close to your missions, mining & pvp. there are some real comfy highsec backwaters and even comfier highsec islands that are perfect for basing out of.
neat, thanks. i'll set this up.
File: 1621147088705.png (187 KB, 777x660)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
to add, ever since I had a corp hangar in a smallcorp with 2-3 friends it's so fucking convenient that I cant go back.
i wish CCP could add a feature where you could have shared, seperated hangars like that, which you could grant individual friends/characters access too.

Just having a blueprints folder, minerals folder and ships folder and having all of your manufacturing etc automatically grab out of there is so fucking handy.
not to mention just having a shared ship hangar between all your characters.

File: unknown.png (185 KB, 755x680)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>playing with Euros

New event + map coming soon™. What we know so far:
>new map is somewhere called "Desalle"
>it's somewhere in the north but judging by the plantation house it's still in Louisiana
>much less swampy from what we've seen (rip gator legs)
>they're finally adding native american hunters
>potentially a bow weapon (could've been just a trailer thing)
>event seems to be themed around the supernatural abilities of the hunters and death
317 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
>martini nagant
my nigger
File: 1420167323067.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>solo matchmaking isn't fun anymore
Guess I'll quit, fuck these duos that know what they're doing
To me playing solo is all about wrecking havoc and sowing confusion. I bring a springfield marksman with explosive ammo, 2 chaos bombs, and concertina traps. Set the traps in random spots around a compound, make a ruckus, then wait for a duo to take the bait. Explosive rounds are doubly fun because as soon as one even hits near someone they freak the fuck out and start running in circles like a madman, then when they eventually kill me (because my loadout is ass) I can spectate them and hear them try and figure out what the fuck I was doing in a compound that the bounty wasn't even in with random bits of razorwire all over.
I quite like Solo provided that I don't end up in the middle of a firefight. Half the fun is just looking for money instead of bounties. The other half is >>346014, made me appreciate the Springfield even more.
My point is that they updated the matchmaking handicap on solos so that you're not put into such low MMR games anymore so people are better. I have yet to extract with a bounty after killing a player since

File: ephnel.jpg (153 KB, 850x1275)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Soulworker thread
>Download here
>didn't this game came out 3-4 years ago?
Old server by Gameforge shutting down, now the developer Liongames opens a brand new server for global players
>is there IP block
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Do not die /swg/.
There's really not much to discuss. Right now it's just farm LF until you get your weapon then just farm Primal for weapon/gear extensions, Daydream/DoD for zenny and farm your Brilliant title.
but yeah, kinda lacking
Standard or Extended Lunar weapon?
when in doubt always go for extended

File: hqdefault_1.jpg (35 KB, 480x360)
35 KB
City of Heroes is back from the dead! You will want the Sweet Tea launcher from http://files.thunderspygaming.net/sweet-tea/ to start. (Now if you're concerned about unknown software, you can submit this to any malware registry and it will come back clean. Security certificate is paid for but taking time.Also the game will NOT finish loading if you have an instance of CoH already running. ) And while that's getting set up you can watch a video that makes ALL gamers look good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECMnAaa83Jk...
In the meantime, I'm your OP and you can call me Shill. (You will anyway so why not own it?) I play mostly on the Thunderspy server and know the most about it. (Don't worry, there are plenty of choices in the next post.) But we are also alerting other servers about this thread in the hopes that they can give themselves fair representation as well.
And finally for those that don't know the game already, City of Heroes is an MMO about Superheroes/ Supervillains you create set in a modern city.
File: cohmmunity2.png (753 KB, 1067x1049)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
Next up is choosing a private server. Note that Sweet Tea comes pre loaded with many of these but you will want the sites for account creation instructions.
All of the servers on this list get along with, and help each other.
Thunderspy https://www.thunderspygaming.net/
Rebirth https://play.cityofheroesrebirth.com/
We Have Cake https://wehavecake.net/
Sanctuary http://sanctuary.host/index.php
Unity https://cityofheroesunity.com/portal/public/
Also check out the new community website at https://cohmmunity.com/cohmmunity/index.php/en/
File: over 9000.png (46 KB, 1215x233)
46 KB
Then there's these guys just to offer a full selection. Directly descended from the folks that kept the game hidden with lies, deceit, and gas-lighting for 6 years. And it will come as no surprise they don't get along with or help other servers.
Homecoming https://forums.homecomingservers.com/
Ask them about "the talks" for a laugh. Pic is from November 2019.
Homecoming is great and there's nothing your tears and DOS attacks can do to stop that.
And we have an event coming up on Thunderspy tomorrow night.

Moaning's Mayhem Mondays!

This event is intended to help both new players and folks new to "redside" (playing as a villain) get a feel for it while being able to ask a server veteran about the game and server.

The event starts at 10 pm EST on 6/21. My character Moaning Desire has 6 Mayhem missions earned across 6 zones and will form a team with those interested. Note that this means I can only take 7 other folks with me at any particular time. But If folks drop, then of course I can add someone else as we go along.

Mayhem missions seem to start out as a timed bank robbery, but you can add extra time by completing extra tasks called "side missions" within the Mayhem mission, beating up cops, and sowing general destruction like blowing up cars parked on the street. Actually you can blow up most things on the street!

So the loose plan is during each mayhem we will get the exploration badge on each map, do all of the side missions, complete the bank robbery and beat down the hero that tries to stop us while blowing up stuff to our heart's content.

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