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08/21/20New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
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File: vm.jpg (695 KB, 1000x623)
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/vm/ is a place to discuss all types of multiplayer games, whether on console, handheld, or PC, co-op or competitive, online or local.

Does this mean discussion of multiplayer games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vm/ is just a separate board specifically focused on multiplayer games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

File: vm2.jpg (293 KB, 1023x758)
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Multiplayer games includes (but is not limited to) Fighting games, First-person shooters, MMOs, Racing games, Sports games, Board & Card games, Party games, and any other genre of game that requires two or more players. Please post threads about single player games on an appropriate board.

Looking for players? Post a LFP thread. Advertising your game servers is allowed and encouraged! Just don't ask for money or spam the board.

Consider using Hamachi, ZeroTier One, or GameRanger for playing old-school LAN games.

File: teammate nades for you.webm (2.24 MB, 1920x1080)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB WEBM
delayed until next patch edition
levering slug shell edition
new boss more annoying than the last new boss edition
getting resurrected to die immediately addition
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I don't like it because it feels like a shotgun is mandatory once you have the well spring
Because it's basically a BR mode (more king of the hill but pretty much the same functionally). I started playing Hunt because I was bored of the BR craze at the time and wanted something different. Also this >>219546
File: 159360.png (508 KB, 750x553)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Based, but for me it's the Martini Henry.
I want a legendary skin of a red coat in a pith helmet so badly.

He comes with a martini riposte, a saber, and you can't change them.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (77 KB, 616x353)
77 KB
Battlefront 2 is free to own on epic this week. Is /vm/ going to give it a try?
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so we create a group with anons here or what
404th clone division
just looked it up, couldn't find any info on them
Based and republicpilled
File: IMG_20210124_162120.jpg (67 KB, 595x841)
67 KB

File: well fug.jpg (239 KB, 1920x1080)
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239 KB JPG
RIP AXCZ, if you want to get cash you have to use a lot more boring and slightly less lucrative method now. Till next time, thargoid party ("conflict") zones.
Protip: You do not need Discord to start hunting aliens.

Also, they released a small Q&A on Odyssey which will be copypasted below.

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What are some good elite channels?
Thanks, how do you survive cz? I get mauled, im in a fed dropship.
I survive it by being one chunky boy (corvette or anaconda depending on mood)
Used to fly chieftain a lot but that was before CZ rework
When in doubt bring friends
you need something that can boost away if you get third partied, thats about it, also use fixed weapons and see which npc is getting mauled by your friendly npcs

File: bantcraft logo.png (104 KB, 598x598)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>What is bantcraft?
a survival vanilla minecraft server
>what makes bantcraft different?
we have no discord. we also have some funny plugins and a custom map.
>what is the purpose of bantcraft?
to meet awesome friends and build things

IP: bantcraft.serveminecraft.net
Version: 1.16.4
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I know that, didn't realize that you guys were doing it then, not April or May, but yea, idk if that is even something to consider, but you did a really good job on the mapmaking :)
Dead server
had 18 players 3 days ago
don't complain about playercounts on a server that's half a year old retard
allow users with pirated versions to join and i'll come over there and have fun and build things
File: file.png (702 KB, 1145x616)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
We are going to add /login next iteration since I fucking hate (((MS)))'s changes

File: haxball class 3.png (1.45 MB, 1772x9798)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Haxball is a top-down 2D soccer game that's played entirely in your web browser.

You can join the /hax/ room at: https://www.haxball.com/play?c=IX6WYWgrvr0
pass: shaw

Room link, stats, chat logs and replays available here:https://neinhold.github.io/
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I know nothing about the code so doubt I'll be able to help any further I'm afraid
>people defending a literal bronie

>>we get kicked off another board
Good, these threads have nothing been but cancer

based snitch
the old way i used to play was much more fun but it annoyed everyone until they grassed me up for some irrelevant bullshit

File: i.png (366 KB, 1540x1396)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
What are some good multiplayer shooters for potato pcs you can recommend?

I know about cs 1.6, sa-mp, mta, please don't suggest me these
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team fortress 2
try Openspades, it feels like WW I
No. Runs like shit and even when i was playing on a good PC the retarded lighting made it impossible to see people in 20 percent of interiors on top of terrible ADS and general visibility issues past 50 meters. AND on top of that the game boils down to grenade and rocket spam to the point that half the time you die it's because of some faggot who threw an explosive into your direction. Genuine garbage.
>team fortress 2
>ONLY if you have a decent cpu (anything more than a pentium). otherwise prepare for your pc to have parkinsons

File: BB.jpg (406 KB, 1280x720)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Please select your character!
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ggs then
and in finality
afraid of fighting games my ass
GGs and thanks for the host
imma have a mu-12 to bring to the lobbies next time
a basic one but a mu-12 nonetheless
File: MayBikini.jpg (298 KB, 657x850)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
I wanna see the doom posts now heh
I kind of want to learn Nu but I'm also not sure if I really want to learn another character

File: Grey.PNG.png (592 KB, 790x560)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Last thread is about to reach 500 post limit. Discuss anything about the platform.
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Found it, even though it looked much different before I still have my old ships saved from 2017/2018!

File: moonmans.png (34 KB, 352x352)
34 KB
File: spooky.png (181 KB, 1067x851)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
it works! holy shit
energy assault

File: ow.jpg (48 KB, 739x415)
48 KB
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>remove everything fun out of your game to please comptards
>nobody plays it
they announced overwatch 2 thats just a glorified game mode and 1 new character ages ago and its still not released, what the fuck went wrong?

i dont play Hots anymore, but even after the game died they got more new characters than overwatch
>make shit, extremely boring, updates
>over police a community that doesn't need policing
>band-aid tier "fixes"
>inability or unwillingness to fix the actual issues surrounding the game because it might "break the balance"
>while simultaneously destroying the fun in the game through previously mentioned unnecessary fixes
Blizzard are hacks that got lucky during one period of gaming and haven't put out anything actually good in over a decade, people need to wake up and stop sucking their dicks.

based digits confirm
TF2 was always better

File: Gunbound.png (3 KB, 118x117)
3 KB
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Yes and it's still fucked
I am transported back to 2004

>steam version

Provide a fucking link immediately or fuck yourself you piece of shit

I immediately found it, you're off the hook. Good bloke.

File: Risk of Rain.gif (595 KB, 500x375)
595 KB
595 KB GIF
Risk of Rain
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people seem to prefer to grab all the stuff with them rather than put it on the booru
i've seen my stuff reposted but only a few it actually went to the booru
upload it yourself, no one's gonna judge
Too busy drawing Risky stuff man.
This might be my last project on risky stuff.
File: chirr is an ape (bug).png (154 KB, 1242x1038)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>last project on risky stuff
risky will always be around for you anon, even if jannies are fags
whens starstorm

File: snut.png (695 KB, 638x1440)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
SCP is a free game you can download from steam:
We play every day. You wanna colonize, just post COLONIZE in the thread.
Anyone is welcome to join, including people that have never played the game before. A mic is highly recommended to play this game.
To join, choose direct connect and use the ip "twocows.tk"
The server itself has no rules and friendly fire is enabled
For updates of The List, please ask in the thread.
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with what software do you guys make streamables?
Shadowplay for capturing gameplay and vegas pro 14 for tweaking, editing and upscaling
OBS to record
Blender to edit
Definitely way better editing software than blender though, I'm just a weirdo who uses it that way
anyone want to pre-colonize on some random pubs before 7 tonight?
only if we speedrun getting banned

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I legit don't know a single person who has ever read a stephen king novel

seems like he or someone he knows just sucks people off for movie deals or some shit. and that's the only reason people know his name. is the movie adaptations of his books
fucking zoomers kys
Can't stop playing(and losing) as Emma.
Now I've won as Emma and it feels good. The recent change to give her ult 2 charges, with the cost of it no longer resetting her passive definitely made her a lot more fun to play.
I started a couple of days ago, game is fun and I got into it, even if I'm shit at it.

File: 1603439694486.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB PNG
What are some good co-op space games?


Also, may not be your thing, but Endless Space 2 is a fantastic game, and if you get some buds into it it's a great time.

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