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08/21/20New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
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/vm/ is a place to discuss all types of multiplayer games, whether on console, handheld, or PC, co-op or competitive, online or local.

Does this mean discussion of multiplayer games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vm/ is just a separate board specifically focused on multiplayer games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

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Multiplayer games includes (but is not limited to) Fighting games, First-person shooters, MMOs, Racing games, Sports games, Board & Card games, Party games, and any other genre of game that requires two or more players. Please post threads about single player games on an appropriate board.

Looking for players? Post a LFP thread. Advertising your game servers is allowed and encouraged! Just don't ask for money or spam the board.

Consider using Hamachi, ZeroTier One, or GameRanger for playing old-school LAN games.

File: splitwar.jpg (134 KB, 613x704)
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134 KB JPG
For December 10th's Official Vidya Night we will be playing Splitgate starting at 5PM EST!
For December 11th's Official Vidya Night we will be playing Dawn of War 2 starting at 5PM EST!
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Last Stand? Yeah I'd be down for a few games of that after a few normal matches.

File: 1635094643481.jpg (1.62 MB, 1500x2292)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Hold together, rollback will eventually come
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Will there be sex in it?
It works for americans but japan is a no-no
I'm SA, i can practice my shit Bullet & Makoto with you when you're available.
it's so weird seeing ranked full
Sure, I played a lot with some friends in the past but, I played so sporadically that I forgot almost everything.

File: negev_ban.webm (1.11 MB, 620x360)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB WEBM
>go on CSGO on alts (including primed alts)
>run in peoples' molotovs til they get banned
>block doorways so people have to teamkill us to escape
>do it with friend so we can't get kicked
>headshot them in spawn at 0:00 then when they fire back they get banned
>do this singleplayer sometimes
>stealth into mollies
>they don't get team damage warning so they keep going
>sometimes I get kicked
>check their steam for discord
>add them on discord on throwaways
>spam them with gore from efukt
>join server links and spam them with gore
>at least 25 disabled discord accounts
>something like 20 steam accounts
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Halo infinite
>spawn and immediately get into warthog or mongoose driver seat
>beep horn as quickly as possible until my vehicle is full
>fill vehicle with allies
>drive directly off cliff
>rinse and repeat until nobody on the team will enter a vehicle with me
>follow around repeat victims honking my horn until they die

I havnt laughed this hard in years bros
>bad company 2
>only servers that are still popping are the full size vehicle ones
>no FF
>but bullets still apply impact momentum
>hop in AA at spawn
>every faggot and their mothers rush for the helis
>the second thy leave the ground i lay into them with AA volleys
>by the third or fourth volley they're basically upside down and crash into the ground
>rinse and repeat until kicked
get out of there it's gonna blow

File: 1615535002036.png (493 KB, 471x405)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
eSports discussion
Upcoming tournaments:
Dec 2: IEM Winter
Dec 14: BLAST Premier: World Final
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fat white nerd gets btfo'd by based mutt
for me, there's a difference between your average ugly person and the average gamer nerd or whatever

for example, xyp9x and dupreeh for me are below average looking, but especially the last couple of years they look like your average joe you could encounter irl, while people like those Copenhagen flames kids and most NA pros give me that "virgin nerd" vibe, idk how else to describe it
another example, fat guys like dosia and snax look like they'd be truck drivers, teachers, who even though are ugly they'd have wives, kids etc. While kids like boombl4 and those C9 valorant guys look like perma virgins
inject GameSense

File: 1636337993122.jpg (340 KB, 1280x2012)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>ingame channel
>should I start playing EVE?
probably not
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I tune mine for more damage than range bruv
cmon man use scorch in good faith zz
ok how about walking back the barge buffs and doing some real rorqual nerfs
Did they really pussy out? confirmation?
Beams can't use scorch my nigga

>This MMO was fun 30 years ago, aha you can't disprove that!
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FF14 is fraud. They said "FREE TRIAL TILL LEVEL 60 OFFERING 100s Of hours of play at your own pace FREENESS" So at the same time the game + all expansions + "collectors edition content" was on sale for $50. I bought it while on sale betting on after the trial was up I'd buy it anyway to continue playing. Why I call the game a fraud scam is because while Asmongold got a few 100k people to play for absolutely free, I paid for the game yet cannot continue my account with a level 9 character on it unless I pay the monthly sub. Fuck that, I shouldn't be punished for paying $50 up front. I should get the same FREE UNLIMITED TRIAL UP TILL LEVEL 60 like all the people do who did not pay a cent. That would be like if World of Warcraft blocked your ability to freely play through levels 1-20 without paying $15 because you already bought the game. I know 1-60 in FF14 is a 200hr drag and I refuse to have the "rush through it" mentality in the forefront knowing I'm stuck paying $15 every time I chip away at that content while everyone else gets to do it at their own pace for free. I'm not filling a single month with a 200hr solo story grind, and I'm not paying $75+ extra to get to the point where the free trial ends, so fuck this scam game. I even bought it for PS4 and Steam because it ran like shit on the PS4. It ate away all my "purchase included game time" the moment I made an account to activate my paid for game Keys. Fucking paid like $80 to experience the first 3 hours of FFgay14. Would have rather dumped $80 on Genshin Impact, a single 5* character would have been far more worth the wasted money. Again, FF14s free trial is fraudulent and I threw my entire Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts collections on eBay/Mercari after being burned by shit company.
That was my first post in this thread, psychotic.
It's absolutely fucking bizarre. XIV does a lot of things 99% of MMOs DON'T do (like how you're punished for being in the radius of an AOE ability if you're in the area before it occurs, not while it's occurring) but if you bring this up at all, or god forbid you complain, you get met with autistic shrieking. Not 4chan autism but outright full-blown crippling autism.
>XIV does a lot of things 99% of MMOs DON'T do (like how you're punished for being in the radius of an AOE ability if you're in the area before it occurs
I hate this shit because it feels awful, but I will say at least it's consistent. If you're in the AoE when the cast ends, no matter what ability it is or when the explosion goes off, you got hit. It would be better, of course, if they timed the explosion to go off when the cast ends but imagine thinking XIV could make any part of its combat design worthwhile. It's one of the reasons I hated playing Scholar, because shields are awesome, but you had to have them off ahead of time if you wanted it to absorb an attack.
But I think XIV has a lot of problems that come as a compromise from having legendarily shitty netcode. Unless you live a mile from the data center, there's always problems with delays and the tick rate. Healing a tank about to die or activating a cooldown to absorb a hit are both things you have to do massively ahead of time thanks to the delays. Things like rage of halone not hitting until the animation is over, or trying to hit a moving mob with a melee ability are just frustrating.
>It's one of the reasons I hated playing Scholar, because shields are awesome, but you had to have them off ahead of time if you wanted it to absorb an attack.
according to breaddit SCH's shields were buffed and this is no longer a problem
I only just started playing though so no idea if it's true
SWTOR and Star Trek Online in my case, but that's mainly because I am familiar with and enjoy the settings, plus I like RPing

File: 1604709938762.jpg (130 KB, 900x675)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Consider playing Mabinogi
>What is Mabinogi
A fun once popular little old school Korean sandbox MMO from 2004 based around Celtic mythology with many different features.
>Features such as?
Ageing, character rebirthing, fashion contest, weight gaining, music playing and custom music creation, and a large verity of skills that don't always involve combat. Basically you can be and do whatever you want at your own pace, no treadmill level progressing.
>That's nice but the graphics look dated
What Mabinogi lacks in graphics it makes up for in SOUL with its large fashion and color customization
>Interesting Pet System?
You can play as your pet or fight side by side with them. There are a myriad of pets with different combat benefits or life skill benefits.
>Hows the Combat?
Over 10 different styles of combat varying from melee, ranged, and magic. The game's combat thrives in using multiple combat styles such as Puppetry and Chain Blades together.
Nexon has been surprisingly very generous with Mabinogi for awhile now, things that used to require money to do is free or given out through events in fact, they shower you in cashshop items from events. They actually love and still support the game after all these years. The only real greedy parts are the awful gear upgrading system but you can ignore that for over 60% of the game and the costume loot boxes if you're a whale.
>So the game still gets content after all these years

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oops I'm blind lol
i might hop on and find out
i hope my yotsuba bros are on :3
File: 1635331540152.jpg (668 KB, 850x1208)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
do you have to pay to get mabinoogi premium? it's holding some of my stuff hostage in a bag
File: 1630221001888.png (112 KB, 292x416)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Bah, not enough points for pure windmill kino

What do you think about PlanetSide 2?
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Why does everyone hate fighting VS?
Laser guns and highest amount of sweats per faction
legacy butthurt from the days when the orion was op but all the players who whined about .75 ads still get stomped
important dentail hygiene

File: file.png (1.48 MB, 1366x767)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Thread for the Everquest Legacy Server (P99) set in the Classic Launch-Velious Timeline.
Download (PATCH IT FIRST also use the Batch file to launch it NEVER the Actual exe):https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=732d9c51d41479cb&id=732D9C51D41479CB%21391&authkey=!ALNT0Lmd_TdgG4E
Website (Register and download update here):https://www.project1999.com/
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Would I be interested? Yes. Do I have anything near that level? No.

Honestly, you might find folks who are just tired and only feel in the mood for mindless grind. Might be your best bet at those hours.
Server ticks happen every six seconds and are independent to the client. The reason mana and HP can go up and down is the client compensating for the prediction of the tick versus the actuality of the tick, which can be frustrating. This is exhibited a lot in spellcasting, where sometimes you'll stop to cast a spell but still be interrupted, so it's recommended you do an action that the server knows requires you being stationary like opening your spellbook or just sitting down and standing up quickly. Hope that helps, budster.
File: Praise.png (1.81 MB, 1431x941)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
>Fallen Leaves
Good times...

Warrior is very gear dependent, but being a Troll is really nice, too. Bards are a little squishy starting out and Paladins can be like pulling teeth early on because they're weaker Warriors at the onset. Bards eventually gain amazing ability to solo but that's a whole different subject.
>Would I be interested? Yes. Do I have anything near that level? No.
I think I also have a rogue/bard in the 30s.
>client compensating for the prediction of the tick versus the actuality of the tick
ah yes, the double-tick experiment

File: I just wanna race.png (256 KB, 1280x720)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
The best racing game on 4chan
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NX2000 is peak tryhard.
On trials maybe, in lobbies it's pretty ballsy to ride around in a rocket made of paper mache.
And this is coming from someone who actively uses a ship with a speed rating of 1.

>"IP range has been blocked due to abuse."
Who's been shitposting in my neighbourhood?
What does tryhard mean?
Not him but for me it just means using disproportionately meta tactics compared to the rest of a lobby/server/event where it either spoils it for most of the group or they just end up playing solitaire because they're so separate from what's happening.
I don't think it really applies to bNG because of the nature of lobbies. And in the case of time trials the point is literally to shave down time so why not use the best.
Just because I prefer to keep my records with slower ships so I can compare them to faster players with faster ships, dosen't mean everyone should use suboptimal crafts.
There's nothing wrong with trying hard, but if everyone's just dicking around, in certain games someone taking it too seriously can spoil the atmosphere or fun. But really where does that apply to Minesweeping hovercrafts?
I don't think many are dicking around but also even if you're tryharding very hard NX just isn't the silver bullet in MP, it's a really risky ship and really only works if you're lucky
Snake should totally ban it from time attack though

File: doomspire.png (1.87 MB, 1680x880)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
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Sussy bussy boomer fr fr Chipotle burrito metaverse fr fr
hello, what does everyone think of the trailer for the new after the flash game
File: effffffffff.jpg (6 KB, 320x180)
6 KB
rps are for fags

File: 2021-08-28_20-50-30.png (3.17 MB, 2264x1168)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
Catharsis edition.

>Pirate link ( 1.15.7 ): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qcFT7vpoqaUigWIHbFIwc-oMM9F_5Eqq/view
To install mods, go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder.
( 1.16 is going to be relased soon - watch out for any modlist or crack updates, as the current pirate link may be incompatible with the version the server runs on. )
>Last thread: ( >>430264 )

/vm/ SERVER:
>Modlist: https://mega.nz/folder/l0kgHbYJ#fqRORiaescwb75z_6necjQ
>I'm new to the game, what should I do when I join?
I'd suggest heading to any established settlement, with RimTown being the closest in proximity to spawn. Many of the players are cordial and will help you out, whether that be with gameplay advice or philanthropy. If you feel like you'd enjoy more of a solo experience, the handbook (hotkey "H") is your best friend. It isn't particularly a game-changer, but I'd recommend avoiding winters (hotkey "C" to see the ingame date); spring is the most optimal and forgiving season for new players as most crops will grow in this climate and you'd theoretically have enough time to prepare for winter. However, heading south will negate winters entirely. Sub-zero temperatures cease at around 10,000-15,000 blocks south, so you won't have to worry about freezing or the death of most of your crops. The easiest way to reach southern climates is to use the TL network of which terminates at around 50,000 blocks south - follow the South path from RimTown to (-180, 564) to get to the first station.
Don't be too discouraged if you find yourself struggling to survive at first - this game definitely isn't forgiving to firstcomers, however the multiplayer setting aids this exponentially.

R.I.P Frenzone.
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Doesn't seem that useful assuming you still need to chisel and mine every block
but why are you assuming that'd be the case with this function?
yeah but are we ever going to get the draw modes from Chisel & Bits
and maybe actual functionality ala littletiles

>decide on a whim to install Gmod for the first time in ~8 years
>excited for the nostalgia trip of returning to my favourite gamemodes and enjoying that late 2000s/early 2010s source engine ambience
>load into a darkrp server with a good playercount
>all the playermodels and guns are gaudy as shit, clearly imported from other games and clash with the source engine aesthetic
>there's like 50 different useless jobs, half of which cost money to play as and another third of which are just variations of "robber"
>walk into a secluded area and get mugged by a 14-year-old "VIP Donator" with a double-barreled shotgun using a playermodel that looks like it was ported over from the last Call of Duty game
>ragequit and try zombie survival instead
>gamemode has been completely overhauled to have a bunch of needlessly complex bullshit since I last played
>every weapon now has an upgrade tree that you have to collect "scrap metal" to advance and there's some kind of retarded teleportation mechanic that forces you to barricade around glowing crystal sigils planted throughout the map
>okay, maybe that's just one custom server
>join a different zs server I remember from when I used to play the game
>it's the same

Why? Why add all this dumb shit to something that was already simple and fun? Haven't these people heard the maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
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hory shet

Alright, here’s another good story from PoG. Most veterans will remember this story by the name “Moneygate”

As a community manager I was privy to information that regular users didn’t have access to. I could browse the ban logs, see hidden information of the forums, and manage IP Addresses of users at my discretion. One day I noticed that the Owner had permanently banned a well-known member without so much as a warning. Teamspeak, the Forums, the Servers, you name it – the guy was globally banned, with no chance to appeal. The reason for the ban was listed as “Soundbyte” so I naturally became curious. The Owner would usually loiter in his locked Teamspeak channel, so when I saw him there, I joined. I asked him about the ban reason and he told me, “I’m not going to tell you, and if you ask me again I’ll ban you too.” Big words for a small Chinaman. He was undoubtedly autistic, but never this aggressive. I decided that it’d be best to wait before asking him again.

A few months pass and he invites a few players to a private video call. After 15 minutes of pedantic conversation, he begins telling us why his previous community failed. Apparently, during a period of great stress (Midterms, server instability, etc.) he comforted himself by playing one song over and over again. The song? “Loadsamoney” by Harry Enfield. Less than a week later, he failed his midterms, his parents screamed at him, and the server died. Instead of accepting personal responsibility like an adult, he blamed his failures on a meme song. He told us that if he caught anyone playing a soundbyte of the song, he’d ban them permanently without hesitation. I finally had my answer.



I soon joined my friends in another voice channel to tell them what I had learned. It took all of four minutes for one of my friends to download the song and rig it to play over Teamspeak. So when he was ready, I did the only sensible thing I could think of; I clicked on my friend and dragged him straight into the Owner’s locked channel. And just like the Enola Gay over Hiroshima, my gay friend absolutely obliterated the gook with fire and fury. It took only 3 seconds to see the banned message flash over the Teamspeak ledger. And when the owner refused to reverse my friend’s permanent ban, I joined his channel and played the forbidden song. I was met with a temporary ban and demotion. What followed was more explosive than I could’ve possibly imagined.

As soon as my demotion was announced over the forums, a group of around 50 community members coordinated on another Teamspeak to weaponize their stupefying autism. The first wave would join the servers to play the song when the Owner was on. Then the second wave would play the song to him over Teamspeak. The last wave would post the lyrics to the song over the Forum’s IRC chat. The Owner would see and hear nothing but MONEY.mp3. Word got around, and within a day 100 additional members joined the revolution. The “Go” command was issued and the Owner ended up banning half of the active playerbase and gutting 1942RP leadership. People of Gaming never fully recovered in popularity and died two years later. I imagine that whenever the Owner hears the song now, he instinctively foams at the mouth and collapses in an epileptic fit.
around when did this happen? i resigned a few days before adolf took over as division leader for 1942rp (december 2014). my 2 division leaders were lightning (the guy who used to crack down on anyone playing as if job titles were in character) and juno (that latvian guy who was struggling to carry 1942rp on his back).

nial was really autistic. the only time he ever got on to a server with other players was when he felt like RDMing people. i had to politely explain to the players that that was the owner just RDMing everyone for the hell of it. i wouldnt doubt that he had another community previously. there were countless additional modes that he made for the community like that TTT server they had at one point, but none of them truly kicked off in popularity like 1942rp. i still have jamal realistic on my friends list. i dont know who from PoG is left on my friends list is because most of them wouldnt stop changing their names.

did you guys ever interact with Dotsy? he was banned basically the entire time i was a moderator, and made nonstop appeals (the guy was a very unique character in the community, and i didnt truly understand why until i met him one day).

heres another one i always had to explain to people
>get randomly arrested because some guy and his friend are in a massive wave of massive RDM and random arrests
>have to sit there for multiple minutes explaining to the jailor why i need him to unarrest me
>probably 95% of the time, people would understand and unarrest you so you could go do your job as an admin (way more work to do it while in the arrest state, and it didnt change if you suddenly tried to go answer a sit)
>the other 5% of the time, have to explain to some dip shit for the entire 3-5 minutes why i need him to unarrest me so the server doesnt die from the RDMing people, which will lead to him having no one to get bail money from
thats about the only situation i ever consistently broke RP in

File: Starbo.gif (76 KB, 272x276)
76 KB
Lone Rider is a faggot edition
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Sold out appears when you've got 9 of every card.
File: 1533939237339.png (128 KB, 543x435)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I see. I have like 3 of them all I guess.
OJ thread on /v/, host games there
/v/ lobby
There's a OJ thread on /v/ right now but it has no replies
Lobby is 100% QP juice

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