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/vm/ is a place to discuss all types of multiplayer games, whether on console, handheld, or PC, co-op or competitive, online or local.

Does this mean discussion of multiplayer games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vm/ is just a separate board specifically focused on multiplayer games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vm/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

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Multiplayer games includes (but is not limited to) Fighting games, First-person shooters, MMOs, Racing games, Sports games, Board & Card games, Party games, and any other genre of game that requires two or more players. Please post threads about single player games on an appropriate board.

Looking for players? Post a LFP thread. Advertising your game servers is allowed and encouraged! Just don't ask for money or spam the board.

Consider using Hamachi, ZeroTier One, or GameRanger for playing old-school LAN games.

File: jig.jpg (550 KB, 1920x2560)
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Multiplayer jigsaws

Old: >>595446

Some sites to create your own puzzles:
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500 sfw
777 sfw
4set nsfw
Genshin sfw 1000
750 nr

Designated star citizen thread here.
Starting off the thread by asking what the comfiest ship is in your opinion, and why (if you don't already) isn't it your main ship?
For me, it's the old mustang beta (pic related). I dint main it because its not in the game anymore, so I currently stick with a starG.
Something about that fat piece of shit is just comfy in an industrial way. The refuelling ability it has now just makes it cooler.
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Just finished my first cave clearing bounty. Actually got a bit scared going down there lol. Glad I bought a flashlight attachment before doing it though.
Still looks like shit, having nothing covering the cargo completely ruins how it looks. Raft / Hull A gets away with it because they actually look like cargo ships while nomad looks like a pickup truck
File: fleetview.jpg (249 KB, 2560x1215)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Mixed it up this invictus
covering cargo adds weight, the cargo already comes in containers it doesn't need more cover
>looks like a pickup truck
you say that like it's a bad thing

File: 1629485863819.webm (63 KB, 290x278)
63 KB
>What is Worms?
Worms is a classic turn-based strategy game with astounding gameplay customization. Armageddon despite being released in 1999 still is getting support, with the 3.8 update releasing just last year.

Game goes on sale fairly often but you can also download the game for free here (all versions work with each other): https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dAXkqtQNjb_T5E5MSqXqZk0xzQdPdjY/

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with https://snoop.wormnet.net/snooper/, or if you'd like to be notified when when a /v/ lobby opens up, get https://worms2d.info/Great_Snooper

Lobbies and threads will be often be notified here and will usually be present at
Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/

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>Boyfriends were masters of the darkside.
i havent seen a single /v/ game hosted today..
File: 1628395839701.webm (798 KB, 638x752)
798 KB
Better use https://worms2d.info/Great_Snooper and add a notificator for when they show up
File: sanicworm.png (1.01 MB, 1037x722)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: 1641573856459.png (754 KB, 900x506)
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754 KB PNG

File: roadblockstshirt.jpg (29 KB, 400x400)
29 KB
I saw pic related when looking up Roblox on Google images and couldn't stop myself from making it into this thread's thumbnail for a laugh. It won't happen again I swear. That aside, let us all get back into discussing about the lego game of our childhood.
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I use 1 and 0.5, 0.1 sounds like a nightmare
Every roblox "combat" game plays like a dirty moba, you just press a button to instantly do your abilities while using shift-lock because lock on is too hard to code.
Mostly true until you realize that the fun of combat in most of those games it platforming/maneuvering around moves that would otherwise be very punishing
t. former ABD player (no i haven't played any other jojo game)
always 0.05 and 0.1 for me
1 and 0.5 when making brickbattle maps
just got banned for being homophobic bros

File: Coop.png (2.1 MB, 1444x950)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
Hey /vm/, friend just bought a PC. Recommend me some nice games to play with her.
She already has:
Pummel Party
Among Us
Sea of Thieves
2-4 player games would be optimal as we are a small group of frens.
Also, coop thread, I guess.
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File: 3399.jpg (337 KB, 1920x1080)
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337 KB JPG
Older Trackmania games are good and have a good track builder. Trackmania Nations Forever is free, you can get it directly from their site or on steam if you want. There's a friends list in-game too.

There's still some active servers and ping doesn't matter since there's no contact, it's really all about you and the track. Fullspeed tracks are a lot of fun, but they're unforgiving so not entirely newb friendly. You might need to find a patch to fix the textures, but I can't remember if that's for the steam version only or not.
divinity original sin 1 and 2.
I miss TNF with /v/ 10 years ago.

Talk about the game if you still play it, reminisce if you don't, ask questions if you want to learn more. Private server discussion also welcome.

>Official Site
>14 Day Trial

>What is it?
FFXIV with soul.

>Is it too late to start?
No. Finishing the story content is 100% doable solo thanks to NPC party members and it can be more or less treated as a single player game thanks to this and other systems which have decreased the grind to basically nothing.

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Pretty good. Tough Battle II was always my favorite boss track.
Asura is still the go to server right?
Phoenix these days. There is an LS there
Okay cool
Send a /tell to Grayth if you make a character there

Join the discord to play with other anons https://discord.gg/3AJ8Aa3F
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Is there any reason to use the basic Winfield or the basic Scottfield when the Swift versions exist?
If you're trying to use your scottfield as an uppercut replacement then the sway on the swift can fuck you up. That's the only reason.
Wait I had swift and spitfire mixed up. There is no reason to use base scottfield over swift unless you're so fucking broke you can't afford it.
Good shit my guy
Basic winfield is good for precision shots because it has less sway, extended mag winfield is useless compared to the swift.
Basic scottfield is too expensive to be worth using over the upgrades which are better in every way for hardly any more money.

I play fortnite. okay, you can stop booing. i play on an xbox series s. my aim is absolute shit. i usually just camp and avoid any players because i know i'm gonna be asswiped unless they're an absolute bot. when i shoot people i always miss and somehow turn the opposite way. i've been playing for around 5 months now. It's the same with any other fps game. garden warfare, cod, overwatch, valorant, whatever. can i get tips on how to have better aim and overall gameplay?
Ive only just started playing today and my aims just as bad, but what I have been trying to do is get the high ground.

File: 1652730120268.png (354 KB, 1000x1000)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Risk of Rain
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im going to sleep, thanks for hosting
File: curashu.png (274 KB, 2560x1440)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
File: file.png (31 KB, 2560x1440)
31 KB
sorry anon we went for a fast final after we lost the two of you. fireworks was the best part of the run though


File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (204 KB, 1280x720)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Anybody here still playing Chivalry 2 or Mordhau? Which one do you prefer? I'm currently enjoying chiv2 with my heavy mace.
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Yeah, I play the fuck out of Chivalry 2. I'm level 558. My Executioner Axe is level 228.
Except you CAN change your swing direction in Chiv 2.
He meant academically, not literally, retard.
You can bully any Highland user with the War Club or Glaive.
I'm gonna shit in your grandmother's mouth

Is Eve Online worth playing?
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All-out is a fucking goon altcorp retard
File: 610e7e356666c.jpg (33 KB, 567x408)
33 KB
>All-out is a fucking goon altcorp retard
>All-out is a fucking goon altcorp retard
>altcorp goon is a fucking All-out retard
Yea, the big blue do that.

File: 1596381617100.png (1.08 MB, 800x922)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
He did everything he could edition

New French cruiser line
New British BC line
(((economy changes)))
More bugs
New map
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File: 1535030277434.jpg (8 KB, 292x328)
8 KB
>shima line
>best visibility and torpedoes of any DD
yes, shima is a good carry ship
File: 1543768062978.jpg (67 KB, 600x600)
67 KB
>but dood 15 torbz xdd
>with torps and spotting only

File: file.png (429 KB, 616x353)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
>switched to mouse a year ago
>still struggle to track and control recoil
>meanwhile get mag dumped by someone hip firing
not sure if its my hand control or reflexs at this point
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Just played on og client and had to wait maybe 4 mins for a match, then the next match I waited less than minute for. I ragequit after that because every faggot in the lobby was running monarch, how the FUCK does this thing have hitscan machine gun, stunning laser that steals shield, a rocket salvo, ability that refreshes all your cooldowns, and a battery stealing execution. Absolutely no fun and the cocksuckers at respawn fucked the gun balance in the very last update before abandoning the game
literally every titan in the game makes gay lunatics rage
If you're getting hip fired to death, you also need to learn when to hip fire. ADS improves your aim but tightens your cone of vision and lowers your spread. If your opponent is moving at high speeds, you might often need to rely on that spread to catch them a few times.
I'm a former sponsored Counter-Strike Player.

Lower your sensitivity, that's my biggest advice. Despite what spergs think competitive FPS games are played with low sensitivity, I personally play with very low sensitivity. For instance, my mousepad is 44cm wide and 22cm (half the pad) spins me 180 degrees. So for me, half a pad I'm looking behind, full pad I spin a full 360. This is pretty slow but I'd start there and then work up.

Get a big fucking mousepad, I prefer a QCK Heavy. Put your entire forearm on the table, not just your wrist. Wrist playing is garbage, don't do it (You are NOT an exception).

Go into windows mouse settings and disable "enhanced pointer precision." This gets rid of mouse acceleration which you don't want. I personally also use the Mark C mouse fix which kills mouse accel in the registry just to make sure it's dead.

When you're aiming your mouse, don't pre aim corners when you walk around them, your reticle should always follow the corner of the wall as you round it, this means if someone is unexpectedly around the corner your reticle will fall on them as you turn the corner and you won't be at a disadvantage like you would be if you preaimed and had to overcorrect.

Typically you want a lower sensitivity in game and a higher DPI to get the sensitivity you want. Don't go crazy with the DPI though you should still have low sens. So like 2000 DPI and lowest in game sens or something like that. I personally run 1000 DPI and almost lowest sens in most game. But the process should be -> Lowest in game sens and then raise DPI to hit the sens you want. Keep in game at lowest. The reason for this is how mouses work but I won't get into it.
>i wasn't actually aiming i was just throwing the mouse around and pressing left click and missing all the time
>you actually have to consciously put the reticle on the enemy
lmao anon identify as frog

that's probably what strategy tards mean when they say that any games where you perform actions in real time "don't require you to think", and that games where you do nothing but compare numbers are big brained. they must think i am on autopilot, quite literally watching a movie

>complains about spergs
>is a sperg himself
everi tiem

lol lmao

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